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Monfmn Ho- Bama Iowa 3 Q Y o. Demo-rn Inman Z-w 3. , Copyrighted by LYMAN HUMPHREY and CHARLES BEGUN 1 ,,,f, Jw WN rr ,fi H. uiiiyw mn gm M-E sf gf A WMF HNF' -mi- ,, , Ml. Mm .1 W - KWUF, N wssmssf magma .Mr , ,hgw . mem K vw ,, x , , 5.911212 m '15 TEHCH EHS CULLEGE fm ww A me ms mama wa My ,Mm mam, 4 na fx, B any 'LV 1. ..,' ' H Q 9193! ,g-.mmw AA ss wh.. ,Aw ,A N ' 1 F. HEX. Q. . ,J V, It j A I A , P-,ki aiiftqse Y . 3 ,s 4: r? 1--f Mxigx :,,.t5.'r 2 .M s he me -Jag.: ... G .M eu T .Q '- 15 . .. : ,ff W? We ' i E '25-535 may xg ' ilk! ll wales? x5 E1 Y' m.. .QV a Cur alumni are the "students of the past." Some of them attended the college for a year, some for two years, and many graduated. A large number of these alumni are scattered throughout the United States -some even outside the United States. We have taken this group as representative of our great number of alumni in the field. They represent many vocations and lines of endeavor. The services they have rendered are great. We are proud of the alumni who have upheld the ideals of our college, and we show our pride by offering this slight bit of recognition. 1, LAMBERT HANSON-Teacher: served in the armyg attorney at lawg resides in Sparta. 2.DR. GUNNAR GUNDERSEN+Pron'iinent citizen of La Crosse: known for work in establishing Gundersen Clinic. fa a.KENNETH DOANE+Reccnt graduate: taught in Cashton two years. 4.WlLLI.AM H. STEVENSON---Attorney at Law: La Crosse: member of U. S. House of Representatives. 5.jOHN E. MULDERfProfcssor of Law at University of Pennsylvaniag editor of Bill of Rights Review. 6. HESTER HEMLEBEN+Head of Def pai-tment of History at Fordham University, New York. 7. HERBERT V. PROCHNCW-Assistaiit vicefpresident of First National Bank of Chicago. uplze if s ns- si sr nl!- na m7z E . E smart " , WWE 8.WILLIAM BAKER-Assistant coach at Logan High School in city. 9. FRANK PAMPERIN-Prominent merchant in La Crosse. l0.IOE LISKOVEC-Chemist at La Crosse Rubber Mills. 11. HAROLD BEATTY-Assistant coach at Logan High School in city. 12. DR. SIGURD GUNDERSEN-Prominent La Crosse citizeng helped in establishment of Gundersen Clinic. 13. WILLIAM SPEARS--Teacher, assistant coach at Logan High School in city. 14, DR. SYLVESTER WELCH-Head ol' Beaumont Hospital, Prairie du Chien, Wisf consin. Q ...qw 1 mm-fn--v--fr fffefsi-'31 Mi" ' " V l-- '-. M M--ng: Qkmf-gg: .gin 'riff' ia" V Hug.. -, .. .sw ., -.V--1 M ...- i'., --n ll1"'m:f?Z7vsw:igw1'f3' 'fall ful , '- H iz. H: fzisiofgfiffo-.gltiwfaai '- l . prix Q si,.s-film? V-1-3535 5!..r:!gf,f1.,' J 1-fr . Im QA .gigs 5.7 f ,l- A WM' JBQW' '. if , .7-.1 Wi,f.j.b-il-we A -,fi-iw W5 .i W Q I 'J' ' L We 2 n -asw- W- lf ' Qin Ev Q H' 4 .fi mg?" E-W 55d 1 G W . ll- we . J , l Elf 5 v.?:Nf5 .al le,-li Q 311' l We it .ill 22: li . I w lr l, L V' 'ITM ill' If ' 5 -Hi l.. , -1 N VF-Vi' ' ig Af, 51.4 """"' 'a - ii- iw uw H' . iiofzojgiylg MQW. K. .-1-I-1: ' - i'-?s...a5ffv, - ' ,f'3- I M A " "' " ""l-"'l. :Nl H, 1 ' afE'5'35of1 .:w5??.t1if , W Yu' . MLA., Y' im: - Mgrqf f yu Qfw LWMY,-Q:q . . - , -' "-1 "' we e -. "fax,-W-..4. .ui Q -M - 22. S ' lf' L42--f 1'i,'l'P3Q2.lf", w 4,-1 ., lui .S A ri MQ A -- L "Q .,,.T 7+ -l .- -'VT .1 5-4-1 Lil. W. CORRIGAN-JTeacher at Waul-:ef s a, FRED W. ZIRKEL-Teacher at West Allis. MEYER HOUSEFEHT--Physical Education teacher at Milwaukee. 2. HELEN C, DYSON-Teacher of English at La Crosse State Teachers College. 3.HOWARD M. JONES-Head of the Def partmcnt of English at Harvard. 4. DR. VICTOR C. IACOBSEN1AlbaUY Medical College, Albany, New York. DR. PAUL GATTERRAM-Doctor in La Crosse. MR. and MRS. 1. R, ROLFE-Residents of La Crosseg Mr. Rolfe teaches at the La Crosse State Teachers College. JUDGE R. V. AHLSTROM-County judge of Lu Crosse. L. W. MlLLERfTeacher of Physical Edu' cation at La Crosse State Teachers College. WILLARD HANSON-Teacher of science at Central High School. GENERAL R. M. IMMELL-State Acljuf tant General of Wisconsin. .WALT BUTTERWICK-Teacher at Junior High school in Sheboygan. HTS Q if si Q if sf' 1 gas! Mx ss H Em W Bmfmum E E a mam Bm j ,aww .H an an Km!-X ss as mg mam Ms ma as mam mm wa nf massagin- M Q H" U Qs .H .HH na 1 ms sa QP Exams Q ss mm My HU .ma zz L ss X an ,, . A MM, M., ,Wa ,, Q -mfs' Wigs '-xi-gfgqn W mf M Q Emi., gs sa .fm-:Hrs gs -1 1 ' 1 i W Y coooimce J a ,lm am. 55,-A. .f J, K 0 S a m ss m a ss ms ss msn SLE Em .ms gm P 4 mn XKQ "il EE' N my M M H H M ,nf ,lv H -1 E E sau w s ss a HE s mam .Af 5 3 na ss n m E m YKQ5-Quo' , I I X These people are the "students of now", the present, the potential future. They look at the work of those who were students before them, criticizing it, evaluating it, absorbing it. Eagerly they an' ticipate the time when they, too, can contribute to the world the products of their minds and inf dividuality. But until that time does come, the "students of now" continue to develop through learning and assimilation in their work and play. These people work hard. They study, dance, play, create, think, and better themselves and their fel' lovvmen by that work. Because of this active college program, and the interest of the individual himself, we have people with vvellfdeveloped personalities, personalities to meet the problems and situations of our fastfmoving age. A young student's philosophy tells him that the man who can fit into the social setfup of a nation is indeed the man suited to find the truths of living common to human knowledge and human association. .rf ,W TU Llvf Ka-'W r'3'sg1.,, W. fl-if--ff--2-,J 'r wwf: gi Q. A rm ' SWS mth- am E ,Q as-Qws Hinge . - V ogg: wi-Mg ' ' gg? X., ,, umm Max ., an rw n 1 n rms 'Yiwu auxin -- :am -un 'Dancing Cares Away" 'Beauty in Motio11,' 'Leisure is Pleasure" 'Becoming a Leadern 'A Study in News" 'Rewards for Activity" 'And the Boys Sing" 'Grand Dads, a Friend" "Behind Armual Scenesw From Our World of Sports" 'And the Parade Goes Ori' ,Q , - so MA an L- ,. W . . in , --5 if M, li gf 1 xv ,V 3 : N 1-1' Y - R ,4 - Q? 'f 'fl . , -4-rf" ' 15-."4 - .1 'w"' f M VXA 1, - --. wvX'f'-- 5- -- ., Q-N vf -A - 11-N, Q .3 ,, gr . -1- f , we y y-.. -.H .-4 - Q, A H--.-., ., f-,iw-'s ,.. 1 . - , ---was . o .Y --1..r-V - X ' X 511, lygk l,l2If'5,v-Eval A ' R-:2e4g9If.4 Q. L, 4-' '- ,,.-pw -, -. " -45,1 3" V, W1 'i"'J ..i5'ff1mz!f.'5a55F', fi'7""- f L, ' "FP 3? T25-Elly' iyrsiif- - V -,L ,Q r""'-1f.1Q'f'gh 5' U ' 4 '4 ,f- 27' A 4. ' , Q kfffngvk 4 , w .A ,Q 3'-, 1 - a ' ' , - gb - J'f5f:442'2 frT"f?2::- 'V v- , , 3-S7511.?TWi,5"-E4e':- 1 ' X -' '- .' ' if fxgvai-fr:--I g,.a.Lb' -X ' - jf' . :-, Q-f'z."Qw1-f" . 1 nszf-Eff -L--,za - . --.Qt " .-' 1- , Q--,w-1,-1 . g ' ig S f ' , ' g .. 5 5 -' 1 Q M X A W 3 f'5 Y 2 ., w , L3 51 f M 1 .f 5 f f 5 A 4 -H 'K fy-. I Q4 K E H.--2 .45 Www fgg A- ' V srw L w w W sg 'jay eww-A-Tagm v QW H JM - ri :3 , I f- 3 . A , 4 W . :K ' , - 1 H ' - aa 5 ' Q 'fi U-7 . , -' L - M A . - , ,- - ,--- LV , f - ,Q 1... jf I, a , -A Q V 1 ' Sh A if I. -fam' o"i.'rL ' -,ggwnfs-1-'f - ' .A sea LYMAN HUMPHREY CHARLES BEGUN PUBLICATIONS berg, P. N se Sitting: O. Oines, P. Bangs' Row Z: T. Helgeson, L. Andre, V. Bangsbcrg, M Killian, W. Froelich, Weiner, A. Bruha, D. Stul- ken, I. Wolf, 1. Sinnen. YEARBOOK LYMAN CHARLES RALPH ROY PAUL HUMPHREY BEGUN LOKEN WEINER WITZKE Ediwr Bus. Mgr. Assoc. Ed. Sports Ed. Senior Ed. ADELINE LOUIS IRENE ARDELL DR. ROSS HANSON KRUEGER WOLF BRUHA SPANGLER Alumni Ed. Org. Ed. Feature Ed. Faculty Ed. Bus. Advisor GENERAL STA FF . Killian M. Schmidley . Kramer M. Kissling Heiberg Bach Oines T. Helgeson Skemp B. Strzelczyk ordh us, R. Paul' Ri TAFF Row 3: J. Bach, J. Nicol, M. Schmiclley, A. Farris, R. Loken, E. Marcou, O. PAUL WITZKE Schlaak, L. Krueger, L. Humphrey, M. Kramer, M. GERALD MORIA RITY Scafe. Row 4: P. Witzkc, C. B gun. RACQUET GERALD PAUL JACK BETTY ROY MORIARITY WITZKE SCHOLLER SKEMP WEINER 1 Sem. Ed. 2 Sem. Ed. , Ed. Ed. Feature Ed. EDWARD JOHN VIRGINIA EMERSON MILFORD MARCOU MADSON SCHREINER WULLING COWLEY Sports Ed. Bus. Mgr. Exchange Ed. Ed. Adv. Bus. Adv. COLUMNISTS REPORTERS GENERAL STAFF BOARD OF P. Nordhus A. Hanson V., Bangsberg CONTROL D. Stulken R. Spratt C. Begun Dr. M. Cowley S. Williallls Sinnen I. Wolf Dr. E. Wfulling E. Lunde Nicol O. Schlaak M. Vaughn W. Froelich M. Scafe L. Nelson P- N0rhLlS R. Paulsen R. Loken M. Killian P. Witzke L. Andre N. Campbell L. Kreuger A. Farris G. Greiling Qawliff in Adam FAC ., .mi t .Yuma ss -uma 'M' Nw UILTTY l Rexford S. Mitchell. College years have individuality. Many elements-registration, fees, classes, quizzes, grades, activities, organizations, parties, often dates, and I hope, individual and professional growth-are common to all, but because they are common, they tend to merge in perspective. Thus frequently one, or at most a few experiences, come to char' acterize a year in our thinking. At other times the chief differentiating element seems to be not any one experience but a general background. This I think is true of 194O'41. Many of us remember this year as the one in which We were untied and undefeated in football or some other event or experience. But all of us will agree that a background of national crisis and national defense has colored the whole year and given it individuality. Out of it I hope has come a clearer conception of the duties and responsibilities of citif zenship and a deeper appreciation of our American heritage. Rexford S. Mitchell 16 1 f 5111 !JlHemnriam JOHN WILLIAM BEATH FROM THE FACULTY: With the passing of John Beath, long the head of the Rural Department, we have lost a teacher who was genuinely interested in students and untiringly devoted to the cause of rural education. We, his cofworkers, pay tribute to his memory. FROM THE STUDENTS: Mr. Beath, a sincere friend and educator, devoted his life to promoting the success of others. Ever kind and considerate, always helpful and amiable, he was a true guide to his students. His ideals, which he has left behind will ever stand as a monument to his memory, and will inspire many to serve in the fulfillment of his principles. CLARENCE W. REED Faculty members and students lost a real friend in the passing of Clarence W. Reed, chief operating engineer at the College. In his varied and exacting work he had a kind of personality that made friends of the students and faculty. It is going to be difhcult to iind a man to replace him. He was a rare fellow, interested in every student, never turning down requests for favors. 17 ' v LINCOLN K. ADKINS Matliematics B.A. George Peabody College for Teachersg l5.S., M.S., University of Chicago. ALVIDA MARIA AHLSTROM French B.A., M.A., Northwestern Uni' versityg Diplome cfenseigncment, University of Toulouse, Franceg Ph.D., University of Strasbourg, France. l Adkins Ahlstrom Angell Annctt Bangsberg RENA M. ANGELL Art B.Pd., State Teachers College, Ypsif lanti, Michiganq Pennsylvania Acad' cmy of Fine Arts. THOMAS ANNETT Music B.S., Missouri State Teachers Col' legeg B.ML:s., Northwestern Uni- versityg M.A., Ph.D., University of Cincinnati. 18 SARAH G. BANGSBERG Dean of Woanen Phoenixville, Pa. Hospital Gfildll are Nurseq M.D., WOITIEIIQS Medi cal College of Pennsylvania. AGNES BREENE Critic, Grades 3 and 4 Diploma, State Teachers College, Milxvaukeeg B,A., Wisconsin, CATHERINE CRAIL Assistant Librarian B.A., U.C, at Los Angelesg Library School, Wisconsin: M.A., Uni' versity of Miclmigan. r- GABRIELLA BRENDEMUHL English and Latin B.A., Carleton Collegeg M.A. Chi' cago. JESSIE CALDNVELL Supervisor, Elementary Grades Public Sclioolsg Education Diploma, State Teachers College, La Crosse, Wisconsixiz B.S., M.A., MILFORD COWLEY. Chemistry Diploma, State Teachers College, Eau Claire, Wisconsing Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D., University of Wisf consin. JOHN DARLING English and Social Science, junior High School B.S., M.S., State Teachers College Pittsburg, Kansas. Columbia. Breenc Brendemuhl Cowley Crail Caldwell Darling l i l i 1 1 l ' 19 ALICE DRAKE Rural Education HELEN DYSON English Diploma, State Teachers College, Eau Claire, Wisconsing Plu.B., Uni- M.A., Columbia. versity of Wisconsing M.A. Columf bia. GUY DUNNINGTON German and Mathematics JAMES A. FAIRCHILD Dean of Men B.A., M.A., Wasliington and Lee: Physics Ph.D., University of Illinois. Diploma, Illinois State Normal Uni- versity: B.A., Illinois. Drake Dyson Frazee Dunnington Fairchild Gautsch B.A,, University of Wisconsing OREN FRAZEE Biology Diploma, Indiana State Normal Schoolg B.A., M.A., Indiana FLOYD GAUTSCH Physical Education and Science Training School B.E., La Crosse State Teachers College: MA., Colorado State Col' lege of Education. 1 I l A l 1 l l l ZU XVILBUR GLOVER History B.A., Milton Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., Wisconsin. MARSHALL GOFF Cliemistry B.A., Tri State College: B.S., M.A., Michigan. Glover Goff Greene Holi Hoil Jackson LORA GREENE Accounting Registrar B.E., State Teachers College, Wliite water, Wisconsing M.A., Columbia. ELIZABETH HOFF Physical Education Critic B,A., Indiana State Teachers Col- legcg M.A., New York University. 21 ARTHUR HOFF High School Science Critic B.E., State Teachers College: Su periorg M.A., Iowag Ph.D., Minne sota. VIRGIL JACKSON Education, Psychology, Sociology B.S., M.S., Oregon Stateg Ph.D. Wisconsin. Knowlton Laux Leamer Lemaire EDGAR KNOWLTON English and Comparative Literature B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Harvard. WILLIAM LAUX History and Social Science B.A., M.A., Michigan. Lipov etz Lyon EMERY LEAMER Education, Psychology B.A., Nebraska, M.A., Chicago. MINNIE E. LEMAIRE Geography B.A., Wheaton College, M.A., Ph.D., Clark University. Z2 FERD LIPOVETZ Physical Education G.G., B.P.E., Normal College of the American Gymnastic Uniong B.S., Columbiag Rush Medical School, Chicago. MERTON I. LYON Mariual Arts Diploma, State Normal School, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, B.S. Stout Institute. LEON MILLER Physical Education Diploma, American College of Physical Education: B.E., State Teachers College, La Crosse, Wis- consing M.A., Iowa. JANE MOLLENCOP Physical Education l3.Sc., in Education, B.Sc., in So' cial Administrationg M.A., Ohio. MONTE PELTON Graduate Assistant in Chemistry B.S., La Crosse State Teachers College. OLIVE PLACE Mlzsic, Music Metliods B.S. in Education, Boston Uni' versityg M.A., Columbia. JANE POWER Ctitic, Grades 5 and 6 B.A. in Education, M.A. in Edu' cation, University of Washingtong S.S. Columbia. HANS REUTER Physical Education Certificate, Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union. Miller Pelton Power Mollencop Place Reuter 23 ELIZABETH RODGERS Physical Education Diploma, Sargent School for Pliysif cal Educationg B.S., M.A., Pli.D. Columbia. s JEAN ROLFE Education and Psychology Diploma, State Teachers College, La Crosse, Vv'isconsing Plx.B.. Pli.M.. Wisconsin. Rodgers l' Rolfe THEODORE ROVANG Biology B.A., St. Olaf Collegeg M.A Columbia. MARTHA SKAAR Lilrrarian B,A,, Diploma, Library School Wiscoxisinz M.A., School of Library: Service, Columbia. xovang Smith Skazir Spangler -, CLYDE SMITH Physical Education Athletic Coach B.A., Geneva Collegcg M.S., Physical Education, Indiana. ROSS SPANGLER Physics B.A., Berea Collegeg M.S., Pl1.D Iowa. 24 MARIE PARK TOLAND Speech B.S., Ottawa Universityg M.A., Pli.D., Iowa. GRACE TRIPP Principal and Matlieanatics College junior High School B.S., Drake University: M.A., Chicago. Toland Tripp Trowbridge Walters Wentz White MYRTLE TROVJIZRIDGE .l'listm'y Diploma, Illinois State Normal Uni' versity: B.A., Illinois: M.A., Wisf COHSIU. EVERETT L, WALTERS Secondary Education and Psych ology Diploma, Illinois State Normal Uni' versityg Pli.B., Wisconsing M.A., Chicago. 25 ANNA POST WENTZ Biology Diploma, State Normal School, Winoiia, Minnesota: B.A., M.S., Minnesota. ORRIS WHITE English B.A., Chicago: M.A., Wisconsiri r . ,v..,. 1 :M EMMA LUCY WILDER Physical Education Diploma, State Normal School, Ran' clolph, Vermontg Special Student, Posse Normal School of Gymnas- ticsg B.S., Pittsburgg Ecl.M., Har' vard University. LEONORE WILSON Kindergarten B.E., State Teachers College, Win ona, Minnesotag M.A., Minnesota. EDITH IRISH WING Social Science, junior High School Diploma, State Normal School, Madison, South Dakota: B.S., M.A., Minnesota. WALTER WITTICH Physical Education B,A., M.A., Wisconsin. 26 Whitney Wilder CLAYTON WHITNEY Geography Diploma, Ferris Institute, Michigan Diploma, Central State Teachers College, Michigang B.S., Michigan Wilson Wilig I l l l Wittich Wulling ' Flickinger EMERSON WULLING English B.A., Ph.D., Minnesotag M.A Harvard. NEVA FLICKINGER Primary Supervisor B.S., Northwestern University. FERN LEON MARQUARDT Sparta, Wisconsin Assistant Clerk fStenographe'r ROSE PENN Madison, Wisconsin B.A., University of Wisconsin Accounting Clerk ELIZABETH POLLACK Sparta, Wisconsin Sparta Business College hmiov Cle1k'Stenogmpl1er MARION M. RUNGE Mindoro, Wisconsin Graduate, Wisconsin Business University Marquardt Penn Pollack Runge 27 w .1 ffm . f. l , ., - - K N 1 .W MW G . . ., , , 2 X. 4 cfian SIEINIIICDIR xmmm-A W-., J 'fu . ??'X mam :yawn :ways za. hagwms m ss as -mms mnmawms m fmmx 2: mn mm spasm was ixgnmmssn nm-is af, ss, His mm ms M 588:88 wwf M mm M ss me E . A mms E . sa is m ms 39, as msn ms m ss ms ss ms 1 ss a a mx- T ss'- Mn -m W. W., ummm Hmmm am: m ss sfsm nm ss ss -ss ms my-: 2 mi . -mm am-63 ss-waxy-v Bm ,-lm .,g,.m.m. ss-.m-sm-s. m-mms, CLASS Lc-:May Butenhoff Wyss Dillon Niebuhr Prybylowsl-ni Dobbins SENICDR CLASS OFFICERS Lawrence Butenhoff Bernard LeMay Verna Wyss f Florence Prybylowski LaVer11e Niebuhr Clark Dobbins Mary Dillon President VicefPresident Secretary Treasurer Ser geantfat'Arms Invitations Chairman Budget Chairman HELEN M. ASP Floodwood, Minn. Physical Education, B.S. Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orches' tra, 1, 2, 3, 4: W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Head of Volleyball, 4. PATRICIA M. BARTELT La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 4: Racquet Stall, 1, 2, 3: Annual Stall, 1, 2: Freshmen Players, 1: Buslcin Club 2: 'LAS I Love Salt": Graduated U. of Wise consin, 1940. Asp Bach Barbeau JOHN B. BIRCHALL Madison Physical Education, B. S. Alpha Delta Theta, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3: "L" Club, 3, 4: Glec Club, 1: Epworth League, 1, 2, 3, 4: Asst Scoutmaster, 1: "Green Grow the Lilacsng M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary, 3: Football, 3: Track, 1, Z, 3, 4. Barrels Berg ARDELL BRUHA La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club, Z, 3: Debate, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff, 4: "Our Town". Dibby Birchall Bruliu IACOB O. BACH Coon Valley Secondary Education, B.S. Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4: Science Club, 2, 3: Sec. Ed. Club, 3, 4: Silver Masque, 3, 4: Variety Show, 3, 4, Men's Glee Club, 1, 2: Band, 1, 3, 4, Vicefpresident, 4: Annu tl Staff. 4: nlloth Your Houses", "Night of January 16th". L'Why the Chimes Rang", "Valley Forge", "Our Town", "Allison's Lad", 'iThe Youngest". JOHN L. EERG Holmen Secondary Education, B.S. Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4: Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: M.I.A.A., 4. FRANCYS M. BARBEAU La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sec, Ed. Club, 3, 4: Racquet Staff, 1, 2, 3, 43 Debate, Z, 3, 45 Fresh' men Players, 1: Variety Show 3, 4: Silver Masque, 4: "Our Town", "Mrs. Moonlight", 'LLittle Black 5ambo". ADALENE M. BIBBY La Crosse Secondary Education, B. S. Sec. Ed. Club, 3, 4. 31 HELEN M. BUELKE Juneau Physical Education, B. S. Alpha Phi Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3: Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4: Presi' dent, 4: Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. BLAYNE CALLAWAY La Crosse Elementary, B.S. Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club, 1, 2, 3. KATHRYN BURESH Green Bay Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 1, Z, 3, 4: President, 4: Delta Psi Kappa, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 42 Orchesis, 3, 4: "Who's Who in College", 4. CHARLOTTE C. CAREY Minneapolis, Minn. Physical Education, B.S. Transferred from U. of Minnesota, 3: Sigma Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Clerk, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 3, 4, Treasf urer, 3: Student Council, 4: Or' chesis, 3: W.R.A., 3, 4. LAWRENCE BUTENHOFF Wausau Physical Education, B. S. Transferred from Central State Teachers College, 2: Phi Kappa Ep- silon, 2, 3, 4: Vice-president 3, President 4: Senior Class President: Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4: M.I.A.A., 2, 3, 4. INGRID ANN CARLSSON La Crosse Elementary, B. S. Kappa Delta Pi, 4: Lambda Sigma Chi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3: Ele' mentarv Club, 3, 4, President, 4: W.R.A., 1, 4. 32 Buelke Buresh Butenhoif CLESSON COOK Waterville, N. Y. Physical Education, B.S. Beta Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: M.1.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Board of Control 3, Treasurer 4: "L" Club, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4: Gym Team, 1, 2, 3, 4. Callaway Carey GLENNA N. CROSS Rapid City, So. Dak. Physical Education, B.S. Lambda Sigma Chi, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4: Student Council, 4: W.R.A., 2, 3, 4, Board, 4: Pep Club, 2, 3: Band, 2, 3. Carlsson Cook Cross Deutrich Dillon Dobbins ERNEST A. DEUTRTCH La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sec, Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club, 2, 3, 43 Debate, 3: M.I.A.A., 3, 4. Elstad Farris MARY E. DILLON Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 3, 4: Delta Psi Kappa, 3, 4, SergeantfatfArms, 4: New' man Club, 2, 3, 4, Program Chair' man, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, Z, 3, 4: Science Club 2: Student Council, Z, 3, Secretary, 3: W.R.A., Z, 3, 4, President, 4: "Wl1o's Who in College", 4. Fenske Fischer Forsythe CLARK DOBBINS La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Alpha Delta Theta, 2, 3, 4, Vice' President, 2, 33 Sec. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4: "L" Club 2, 3, 4. President, 4: M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, Football, 1, 2, 3. ARTHUR S. FENSKE Sparta Rural Supervisor, B.S. Student Council, President, 4: Country Life Club, 3, 4: 4H Lead' ership Club, 1, 2: Anniversary Pageant, 15 Glee Club, 1, 2: Or' chestra, 1: Band, 1, 2, Librarian, 1, 2: M.I.A.A., 13 "Ivory Door". JOHN J. ELSTAD La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, 1, 2: M.I.A.A., 3. PHYLLIS L. FISCHER La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Sigma Lambda Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4: Program Chairman, 2. 3: Debate, 4: Glce Club, 1: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec' retary 4, String Ensemble, 2, 3: Variety Show, 4: "Our Town", "The Youngest", "Mrs. Moon- light". 33 AVRIL H. FARRIS Lodi Secondary Education, B.S. Beta Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 45 Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Sci' ence Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4: Glee Club, 2, 3: M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, Board of Control 3: Annual Staff, 3, 4: Racquet Staff, 4: Track, 1. HARRIET A. FORSYTHE Hartland Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, Z, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3: Delta Psi Kappa, 3, 4, Secre' tary, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Head of Hock' ey, 4. EDWARD C. GANSKE Spooner Physical Education, B.S. Phi Kappa Epsilon. 2, 3, 4, Presi' dent, 3: Athletic Board of Control, 3, 4: Phy Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4, "L" Club, 2, 3, 4: M.I.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Band, Ig Football, 2, 3 4: Golf, 1, 2, 3, 4. THEODORA I. HELGESCN Viroqua Secondary Education, B.S. Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, VicefPresif dent, 4: Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, 4: Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate, 1, 2, 3: Racquet, 4, Annual Stall, 3, 4: Silver Masque, 3, 4: "Both Your Houses", "Valley Forge". GLADYS E. GREILING Green Bay Physical Education, B.S. Delta Psi Kappa, 3, 4, Secretary 4: Sigma Lambda Sigma, 1, 2, 3 , 4, Sergeant-at-Arms, 2, Treasurer, 3, President. 4: Phy. Ed. Club, Z 3, 43 Orchesis, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: L.S.A.g W,R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 DAGNY HIERMSTAD Petoskey, Mich. Elementary, B.S. Elementary Club 4. 34 1 1 1 'i D w 5, if E I X Y Franke Ganser Ganske ROBERT B. FRANKE La Crosse 1g M.l.A.A., 1, 2. Greiling Hanna ADELINE M. GANSER West Allis Physical Eclucation, B.S. w.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Helgeson Hjermstad Homstad GEORGE W. HANNA Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Delta Theta, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary, 2, 3, President, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, Z, 3, 4: Science Club, 2: M.I.A.A., 2, 3, 4: Football, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, 2, 35 Track, 3, 4. ELINORE L. HOMSTAD Cashton Elementary. B.S, Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma Chi, 1, 2, 3, 4: Elementary Club, 3, 4: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3. Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 1, 2: Newman Club, 3, 4: Debate Alpha Phi Pi, 4: Phy. Ed. Clu 1 2, 3, 4: Newman Club, 1, 2, 3 LYLE 1, HOPE lanesville Physical Education, B.S. Beta Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4: President, 4: Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4: Student Council, 2: Annual Stall, 2: Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4: M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, VicefPresident Z, Sports Chair' man 3, Seasonal Chairman 4: Swim' ming Team, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4: Track 1, fl: Golf, 3, 4: "L" Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4. RUTH M. JAEGER Chicago, Ill. Physical Education, B.S. Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4: Phy Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club, 1, 2, 3, President, 3: Glee Club, 1, 'll W.R.A., 1, Z, 3, 4. Hope Humphrey Hurd LOUIS KRUEGER La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer, 3: Debate, 3, 4: Glee Club, 1, 2: Annual Staff, 3, 4. Jaeger johnson GERALD Z. LAETSCH Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Phi Kappa Epsilon, Z, 3, 4, Secre' tary, 3: "L" Club, Z, 3, 4, Vice' President 3: Phy Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3. 4: M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club, 1, 2: Football, 3, 4: Gym Team, 2, 3, 4: Track, 1, Z. Koops Krueger Laetsch LYMAN B. HUMPHREY La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Phi Kappa Epsilon, 1, 2, 3, 4: G. H.S., Z: Sec. Ed. Club, 3, 4: "L" Club 1, Z, 3, 4: Glee Club, 1, 2: Student Council, 3, 4: Annual Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 1, 2, Cofeditor 3, Editor, 4: Racquet Staff, 1, 2, L.S.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, 4: "Wl1o's Wllo in College", 4: Football Manager, 1, 2, 3: Basketball Manager, 1, 2, 3: Track Manager, 1, 2: M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4: "Elizabeth the Queen", "Outward Bound". DOROTHEA I. JOHNSON Dickinson, N, D. Physical Education, B.S. Phy. Ed. Club, Z, 3, 4: W.R.A., 2, 3. 4: "Green Grow the Lilacs Q- CLEO HURD Superior Physical Education, B.S. Play. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Or' chesis, 3, 4: Newman, 1, 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY KOOPS La Crosse Elementary, B.S. Buskin Club: Sigma Lambda Sig' ma: Elementary Club: W.R.A.: An' nual Stall: Racquet Staff. 35 ,L BERNARD LEMAY Milwaulree Physical Education, B.S. Phi Kappa Epsilon, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, "L" Club, 2, 3, 43 M.I. A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Board, 3, 4: Swimming Team, 1, 2, Co' captain, 31 Gym Team, 1, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2. ELIZABETH P. LUTIGER La Crosse Elementary, B.S. Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Treasf urer 3, President 4: Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 31 W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD W. LEVERENZ Sparta Secondary Education, B.S. Beta Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4: Sec. Ed Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club, 2 Club, 2, 3, 4, M.I.A,A., 1 v w -, 3, 4: Football, 1, -, 3, 4. MADELINE MATHISON La Crosse Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 2, 3, 41 Phy. Ed Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 4: Science Club, 2: Orchesis, 1 2. 3, 4g W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 Board, 4: Glee Club, 1, 2. 1 36 ESTHER LINSE Mondovi Elementary, B.S. Sigma Lambda Sigma, 3, 4. MARY JANE MOORE Appleton Physical Education, B.S. Phy. Ed. Club, 3, 4: W.R.A., 2, , 3, 4: Band, 2, 3, Orchestra, 2, 3. LeMay Leverenz Linse GEORGIA R. MOTT Grafton, N. D. Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 3, 4: W.R.A., 2, 3, 4: Band, 2, 33 Orchestra, 2, 3, Librarian, 3. Lutiger Matliison ERNEST E. MUECKLER West Allis Physical Education, B.S. Beta Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club, 3, 4g M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Board, 4: Silver Masque 43 "Valley Forgen: Track, 2, 3, 4: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. Moore Mott Mueckler Nader Nerby Nettesheim CHARLES NADER New London Physical Education, B.S. Phi Kappa Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Treasf uter, 3, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4g Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, M.1.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Secref tary, 4, Student Council, 3g Bas- ketball, 1, 2, 3, Tennis, 3, 4. Nordhus Nowak SHELDCN H. NERBY Holmen Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 2: M.1.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Bas' ketball, 1: Asst. Basketball Mana' ger, 21 Baseball, Z, 3, 4. O'Bricn Packman Paulson JEAN NETTESHEIM Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 43 Delta Psi Kappa, 3, 4, Chaplain, 43 Orchesis, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer, 1, 2, 3, 45 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: W.R.A., 1, 2, 3 4. MARY ELLEN O'BR1EN Eden Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 2, 3, 4: Delta Psi Kappa, 4: Phy Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman, 4: Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 41 W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4g Band, 2, 3: String Ensemble, 1. PHILIP B. NORDHUS Blair Secondary Education, B.S Phi Kappa Epsilon, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice' President, 4, Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4g Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice' President, 35 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3: Student Council, 3, 4: Racquet Staff, 3, 43 Racquet Board of Con- trol, 4g Buskin, 1, 23 Silver Masque, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4: "Night of Ianuf ary 16", "Valley Forge", "Our Town", "Dear Brutus", Variety Show. MAXINE M. PACKMAN Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 2, 3, 4g Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 W.R,A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchesis, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 1. 37 MARION K. NOWAK Green Bay Physical Education, B.S. Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Chair man, 3: Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchesis, 3, 4, W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 LUTHER R. PAULSON Mount Horeb Elementary, B.S. Science Club, 2, 3, 4, VicefPresi dent, 35 Debate, 2, 3, 45 M.I.A.A. 3, 4. FLORENCE A. PRYBYLOWSK1 Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 43 Sergeant- atfArms, 31 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchesis, 3, 4: W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Head of Basketball, 4. JANET M. RUGGLES La Crosse Physical Education, B.S. Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4, Vice' President, 4g Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, 41 Student Council 3, Or- chesis, 2, 3, 4, President, 4. NORMA RENNING Blair Elementary, B.S. Elementary Club, 2, 43 41-I Club, Z: W.R.A., 3, 4. MARGARET H. SCHMIDLEY Pond du Lac Physical Education, B.S. Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4, Treas' urer, 4, Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, Sec' retary, 4: Alpha Phi Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, Z: Orchesis, 2, 3, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g W.R.A., 1. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4: Newman Club, Annual Staff, 2, 3, 4. 38 Pederson Pfeifer Prybylowski JACK M. PEDERSON West Allis Physical Education, B.S. Beta Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3: M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 "L" Club, 2, 3, 43 Athletic Board 3, 4, Tracl-:, 2, 3, 4g Swimming, 1 2, 3, 4: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. Renning Riebe MAUDIE PFEIFER Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi: 3, 4, VicefPresident, 4g Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g W. R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Head of Swim- ming, 43 Orchesis, 3, 4. Ruggles Schmidley Schrader LEQNARD A. RIEBE Miles City, Mont. Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Delta Theta, 2, 3, 4: Chap' lain 3, Secretary 41 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Science Club, 1, 2: A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4: "L" Club, M'-I' . . 3, 4g Glee Clubg C.A.A. Training, Band, 2, 3: Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Football, 1, 3. ARVILLA O. SCHRADER Oconomowoc Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3: Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 43 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 1, 3, 4: W.R.A., 1, 1, 3, 4, Student Council, 3. f a VERA E. SCOFIELD La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. MILDRED SMALE La Crosse Elementary, E-.S. Lambda Sigma Chi, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3: Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, W.R.A., 4. Scoheld Seno Shelley DONALD C. STULKEN La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Phi Kappa Epsilon, 4, 5, See. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 3, Stu' dent Council, 3, 55 Racquet Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Copy Editor, 4, An' nual Staff, 2, 3, 4, Associate Edif tor, 3, Cofeditor, 4, Nat. Collegiate Press Rep., 4: Assembly Commit' tee, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Presi' dent, 2. Smale Sorenson BEVERLY M. TAARVIG La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sigma Lambda Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer, 2, VieefPresident, 35 Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club, 2, 3, 4: Student Council, 3, 4, Secretary, 4g Racquet Staif, 1, 23 XV.R.A., 1. Steele Stulken Taarvig LESLIE SENO Madison Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. 3, 4g M.1.A.A., 3, 4 Transferred from U. of Wisconsin, Q I! . ELLEN M. SORENSON Birchwood Elementary, B.S. Chi Lambda Chi, 1, Z, 3, Presi dent, 2, 3: Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: L.S.A., 3, 4. sw are a s ssl -is-i is as is-is BARTHAU B. SHELLEY New York City Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Delta Theta, 2, 3, 45 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: M.1.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Chairman, 3, Student Council, 4g Baseball, 1, 2g Basketball, 1. JOHN P. STEELE Valley Secondary Education, B.S. Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g Racquet Staff, 2, 3: Band, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 1, 2. ..M...s.-. K sag: BEE Kilim-H - HB S8nmE? 39 HELEN E. TECKAIVI Rice Lake Secondary Education, B.S. Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 45 Sigma Lamb' da Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, VicefPresident 4g Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 41 Student Council, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. KARL D. ULICHNY Cudahy Physical Education, B.S. Phi Kappa Epsilon, 2, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 45 M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4g Swimming, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 2, Football 2, 3, 4. GLENN G. THOMAS West Salem Secondary Education, B.S. Alpha Psi Omega, 45 Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice'President, 3, Presif dent, 4g Science Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 33 Debate, 3: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, "Who's Who in College", 41 Silf ver Masque, 3, 4: "Elizabeth the Queen", "Green Grow the Lilacsu, "Valley Forge", "Our Town", L'Mrs. Moonlight". HARRIETTE C. ULLEBERG Park Falls Physical Education, B.S. Phv. Ed. Club. 2. 3, 4: W.R.A., 2, 3, 43 Orchesis, 3: Band, 2, 3, 4. 40 ETHEL D. TORAASON La Crosse Elementary, B.S. Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g W. R.A., 3, 4. GORDON NVALKER Appleton Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Delta Theta, 2, 3, 4, Vice' President, 4: M.I.A.A., 45 "L" Club, 4: Fencing, 3, 4, Gym Team, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4. Teckam Thomas Toraason MILDRED L. WATERS Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Omega, 4, Sigma Lamb' da Sigma, 2, 3, 4: Phy. Ed, Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Silver Masque, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4: "Both Your Houses", "Valley Forge", "Night of january 16th", "Our Town", "The Youngest", "Mrs. Moonlight". Ulichny Ulleberg BETTY M. WATSON La Crosse Elementary, B.S. Lambda Sigma Chi, 4, Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club, 1: XV.R.A., 1, Z, 3, 4. Walker Waters NVatson Wegner Weiner Welch ARTNOLL L. WEGNER Milwaukee Physical Education, B.S. Beta Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3: Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: M.I.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4: "L" Club, Z, 3, 4, Secretary, 3: Annual Staii, 4: Football, 2, 3, 4. Wenzel Wyss Wilsey ROY J. WEINER Eau Claire Secondary Education, B.S. Alpha Delta Theta, 4: Sec. Ed. Club, 3, 4: Annual Stail, 4: Race quet Stall, 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 2, Sports Editor 3: M.l.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Witzke Wolf Wright KATHERINE M. WELCH Ripon Physical Education, B.S. Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4: Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman, 3: Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 3, Treasurer, 4g Phy. s , , Y, R.A., l, 2, 3, 4. Club, 1, 2 3 4 Secrctar 33 BETTY JANE WENZEL La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Sigma Lambda Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4g Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, President, 43 Sec. Ed. Club, 3, 4, Soc. Comm. Chm., 3: Forensics, 3: Silver Masque, 3, 4g "Night of January 16th", "Gammer Gurton's Needle", "The Youngest", "Dear Brutusuz Bessie Bell Hutchinson Scholarship. IRENE M. WOLF La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman, 3: Chi Lambda Chi, 1, 2: Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Sci- ence Club, 1, Z3 Debate, 2, 3, 4, Scccretary, 3, 43 W.R.A., 1, 2: Phy. Ed. Club, 3: L.S.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Pro- gram Chairman, 3: Annual Staff, 3, 4: Student Council, 4: Variety Show, 3: "Our Town". BERYL RAE WILSEY La Crosse Physical Education, B.S. Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4g W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Head of Recreational Games, 45 Racquet Staff, 2, 3: De- bate, 2: Band, 2, 3, 4. MARION D. WRIGHT Stoughton Physical Education, B.S. Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: W.R.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. 41 PAUL T. WITZKE La Crosse Secondary Education, B.S. Science Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman, 3: Sec. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4: Racquet Staff, 3, 4, News Editor 43 Annual Staff, 4: L.S.A., 3: M.l.A. A., 2. VERNA I. WYSS Black River Falls Elementary, B.S. Alpha Phi Pi, 3, 4, Secretary, 4: Elementary Club, 3, 43 Class Secref tary: Band, Z: Glee Club, 2, 3, 4g Euterpe, 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY A. CRAKER Holcombe Elementary Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3g W.R.A., 1, 2, 3. ZITA A. DWYER Kendall Elementary Country Life Club, 1, 2, Newman Club, 1, 2. LA VERNE A. DOERING La Valle Elementary Elementary Club, 1, 2, 35 Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, W.R.A., 3. MARY JANE ELSTAD La Crosse Elementary Alpha Phi Pi, 3g Elementary Club, 35 W.R.A. 42 Arneson Cook Cralcer CAROL H. ARNESON La Crosse Elementary Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3g W.R.A 1, Z, 3. Doering Dwyer, M. MARY COOK Rockland Elementary Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3g W.R.A 3. Dwyer, Z. Elstacl Ferguson MARGARET M. DWYER Kendall Elementary Country Life Club, 1, 2: Newman Club, 1, Z. ROSEMARY FERGUSON La Crosse Elementary Elementary Club, 1, 2, 33 W.R.A., 1, Z, 3. MAYDELL GRABHORN JEAN L. HAACK ESTHER J. HALL Stoddard Bangor Bangor Rural Primary Rural Country Life Club, 1, 2. Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, W.R.A., Country Life Club, 1, 2. ANNA HAAS A LILLIAN HALVERSON ADELLA I. HANSON Cashton Coon Valley Pigeon Falls Rural Rural Rural Country Life Club, 1. 2. Country Life Club, l, 2. Sigma Lambda Sigma, 23 Country Grabhorn Haaclc Hall GLADYS A. HANSON Cash to n Rural Country Life Club, 1, 2. Haas Halverson DORTHY HENRY Viroqua Rural Country Life Club, 1, 2. Hanson, A. Hanson, G, Henry Life Club, 1, 2, Euterpe, 1, 2, Glee Club, 1, 2. BERNICE A. HEROLD Stoddard Rural Country Life Club, 1, 23 Glee Club, 15 Chi Lambda Chi, 1. LOIS l. JENKS La Crosse Elementary Country Life Club, 1, 2. BIRDINE O, HORN Ettrick Rural Country Life Club, 1, 2. MARIORIE KEELER La Crosse Elementary Elementary Club, 1, 2, 33 Racquet Staffg Orchesis. LAWERENCE A. HOUSE La Crosse Rural Student Council, 1, 23 Country Life Club, 1, Z3 Glee Club, 1, 2. MAE B. KROENER Blair Elementary Elementary Club, 1, Z, 35 W.R.A., 3. 44 Herold Horn House GEORGE C. KUNZELMAN Alma Center Rural Country Life Club, 1, 23 President Jenks Keeler ELAINE MLSNA La Crosse Rural Country Life Club, 1, 2g Glee Club 1. Kroener Kunzelman Mlsna Mulder Nicbuhr, F. Niebuhr, L. BETTY MULDER Holmen Primary Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3g Sigma Lambda Sigma, 1, Glee Club, 1. Olson Owen FERNE D. NIEBUHR Wonewoc Elementary Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3g Science Club, 3. Pace Parker Rundahl LA VERNE NIEBUHR LILLIAN I. OLSON VV'onewoc Viroqua Elementary Rural Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3g Science Country Life Club, 1, 2. Club, 3. A RUTH A. PACE RACHEL PARKER Mondovi La Crosse Elementary Elementary Elementary Club, 2, 3, W.R.A., 3. Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3g W.R.A., 3. 45 BETTY OWEN Taylor Elementary Elementary Club, 2, 3g W.R.A., 3. HAZEL B. RUNDAHL Coon Valley Rural Chi Lambda Chi, 1, 23 Country Life Club, 1, 2, Glee Club, 1, Z. QIUANITA R. SLAVER REGIS V. SLUKA Sparta Gays Mills Rural Elementary Band, 1, 2: Country Life Club, 2, Lambda Sigma Lambda, 35 Elemenf "Night of January 16th". tary Club, 1, 2, 33 Newman Club, 1, Z, '53 W.R.A., 3. MARY L. THOMPSON GLADYS V. TWESME Curtiss Ettrick Elementary Rural Elementary Club, 2, 5, Glee Club, Country Life Club, 1, 2. 2, 33 Student Council, 2, 35 W.R. A., 3. 46 E l Sandwick Sherry Slavcr AUDREY M. SANDWICK Viroqua Rural Country Life Club, 1, 2g Euterpe Glee Club. Sluka Taubert ALICE SHERRY Viroqua Rural Country Life Club, 1, 2. Thompson Twesme Vaughn GERALDINE TAUBERT Wonewoc Primary Band, 1, Z, 3: Secretary and Treasf urer, 33 Euterpe, 2, 3: Lambda Sig' ma Chi, 2, 3: Elementary Club, Z, 3. MABEL B. VAUGHN Bangor Rural Country Life Club, 1, 2: Chi Lamb' da Chi, 1, Z: Student Council, 13 Racquet Board, 1. E w STELLA L. WEBB PHYLLIS R. WHEELER LENA E. WILLCOX Melrose Reeclsburg Elroy Rural Elementary Elementary Country Life Club, 1, 2. Elementary Club, 2, 3g W.R.A. 3. Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3. MALCCLM YOUNG EVELYN C. ZIETLCW Stratford Chaseburg Elementary Rural Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3: M.I.A.A., Country Life Club, 1, 2. 1, 2, 3. Webb Wheeler Willcox E E M E H B H - H l-' ff if H .X H . H 43 H z w ms .E M-gi-ggi. me .W i.iilQ:f - E 1 ..: 555. EEE., H H I L3 . Q - :rg f ' L W N ' Z7 . ffl: .... : :-...:::. -.-. g ...--.- I gg I ....... ,.., .....,...,. ,...... E ........,...,. Young Zietlow 4 W l 47 Q 4, . .sf umm , fx. QM M :ff , Q ,-gf M unix' Qigjf is M1 gig, vJ,,, N X, m,:f,g,,,4. ., 2 ygffgafy' UUE' . xl ,N .- Y fb V ? ,N fm-m,.:,f. H ,, V r my , I' V. L 3 kg. , Ll3 m any ., ,5 52.35556 ' gm Awe g.5v.gwsakms , :.Q.5,m: had H Ps ,JL ,N ' sfwgtgav wmig H? Iv M Mmug.. - K Q ?n,1fz?i1N3,A'-Y lj W ",,g,:,Ag iii ' V , yi, JCQQLQ. , , fl , 'A X1 .fr 'An' S1545 f' ? 1 JL, df'-fzgwhsi Lf. f. K - .M f f 2 A x,.,.,, Q, ibut ,Aiwa ae, 4:,55gEnm-wgzgxi 5xfE,m5gfg'iQ-2' my ws' ggtxgf Away, we 12 K--M ,MEN M4114 . .MF A wjygwsmawgcmg' Rajan? gnmsyggxe Eiannmw M:-Us f ' -mmm, :g, awagr 'fr' L mms.. MAE ' 'vw hi? E' '5g,W. .1 -' va? f Q., ,, al 1 N gf,-:,vig.44L ,pw 4 K Ng. -fig: '- -'wh ' 1. wg N eg nbiw r' 'WA sez r I Tw fs? , z gs I . , 4 :fl 1 it . 1 1 " ss 1 ATHQNS STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: A. Ferris, H. Teckam, I. Wolf, D. Jensen, M. M. Gunderson, A. Penske, T. Helgeson, R. Paulsen, I. Mueller, P. Nordhus, G. Thomas. Row 2: M. Devic, B. Bernatz, E. Dawes, S. Williams, P. Bull, E. Stowell, A. Hanson, F. Convis, G. Cross, A. Lenz, L. Humphrey. Row 3: B. Shelley, J. Quinn, L. A. House, G. Moriarity. The aim of the Student Council in its activities this year has been to promote the welfare of the student body and OFFICERS to foster democratic government Pfesldem ' ' ' Arthur S' Penske asavital r' htd t' , , . life par In eac S u en S V1cefP'res1dent james Quinn In cooperation with all the SCCTCIGW ' Beverly Taarvig other organizations in school, the council directed Homecomf Treasurm' ' ' Robert Paulsen ing activities. Cooperating to' . . Q ward the success of this event Sponsor ' President Mlttheu with the general chairman, James Quinn, were the follow- ing chairmen: parade, Beverly Taarvigg pre-homecoming, Arvil Farris, homefcoming dance, Alex MacNiveng invitations, Edith Dawes, boniire, Adrian Lentz. Profits were turned over to the Snodgrass Memorial Fund for the scholarship. Under President Fenske's direction, the Council collaborated with Delta Psi Kappa in editing a Student Handbook and Directory. A studentffaculty committee has investigated through student selffgovernment the eliminations of the library problem. Credit for this success goes to Lyman Hum' phrey, Wanda Waterstreet, and Arnold Wilhelm. Dr. Glover was the advisor. Plans for the decoration and administration of the new Social Room were ar' ranged by a studentffaculty committee. 50 PHI KAPPA EPSILON I Row I: B. Brunner, F. Lupie, K. Ulichny, A. Willielm, L. Butenhoff, I. Mueller, I. Moriarity, G. Laetsch E Ganske, B. LeMay. I Row 2: L. Humphrey, F. Werling, R. Hachmeister, R. Spangler, B. Ebert, N. Wulk, C. Nader, L. Kenney D. Larrabee, P. Nordhus. - Phi Kappa Epsilon consists of prominent college men who are active in extra curricular activities, besides maintaining a commendable academic stand' ing. The fraternity encourages academic achievement by presenting two scholarship keys to the freshman and senior member attaining the highest scholastic record. 1 In addition, this group holds bifmonthly meet' ings at the Fraternity House, where wellfknown speakers on social and edf ucational topics are heard. Its social functions in' clude an annual Home' coming breakfast, a Founf der's Day banquet, a fraternity mixer, and particif pating in a tri-fraternity formal. 51 OFFICERS G. E. P. f f Lawrence Butenhoff V. G. P. f f f Phil Nordhus G. H. S. f f Ned Wulk G. K. S. f f Jack Belden G. H. M. ' f Gerald Laetsch G. H. C. f f f Ed Ganske G. E. C. - f Charles Nader G. E. S. f f f Dale Larrabee G. H. T. f f Bob Ebert P. G. E. P. ffff Ed Ganske Student Council f Jerry Ivlueller Sponsor f f Dr. Ross Spangler Q0 ALPHA DELTA Tl-IETA OFFICERS President f , , , VicefPresident Secretary - Treasurer f , Advisor f George Hanna Gordon Walker Leonard Riebe Adrian Lenz Dr. Jackson Row l: L. Riebe, D. Hasbrouck, Dr. jackson, G. Hanna, R, McCoy. Row 2: C. Dobbins, A. Lenz, G. Walker, B. Shelley, G. Weiss, D. Mayo, G. Jacobson. The Alpha Delta Theta chooses for its members men who are outstanding in leadership, scholarship, and special abilities. A new fraternity, compared with the other men's groups, the Alpha Deltas have progressed rapidly to assume a position of equal rank with the older fraternities. Throughout the school year this fraternity is active in the college social func' tions, such as sponsoring student mixers and jointly sponsoring the triffrat mixer. An annual Homecoming banquet is held by the group to honor its former members. 52 W Y-no .W BETA SIGMA CHI President f f Lyle Hope I Vice President ' f jack Brown Treasurer f I Jack Pederson Secretary f f f Avril Farris I Recording Secretary f - Alex MacNiven Corresponding Secretary f f Art Wegner I SergeantfatfArms f f f Clesson Cook Outside Guard f f Clifford DeVoll Chaplain f f f f f Leo Smith Student Council Representative 1 f James Quinn Row 1: W. Loushine, E. Mueckler, A. Wegner, L. Smith, A. MacNiven, C. DeVoll, A. Farris, D. Leverenz, T, Rilling. Row 2: J. Brown, L. Hope, J. Pederson, R. Hanson, Dr. Wulling, E. Hughes, I. Koetting, I. Quinn, C. Cook. Beta Sigma Chi, the first social fraternity to be established at La Crosse Teachers College, has continued its influence on college activities. The Annual Alumni Breakfast was the feature of the Homecoming Celebration. 5 This was followed by the first semifformal dance of the season, the TrifFraternity Ball, L sponsored by the Betas in connection with the other fraternities. Later successful .Q 1. 1. .',.' functions included two allfschool mixers, the B E X Mixer and the D. O. Coate Scholf arship Fund Mixer. Q ., - n Further highlights of the year included the D. O. Coate Variety Show, the An' ' ' nual Fraternity Dinner Dance, and the Spring Picnic. Dr. Emerson Wulling, the faculty advisor, guides this fellowship group in its " endeavors to improve the social welfare of the college. 53 Katherine Buersch Maudie Pfeifer Verna Wyss - Tess Filner f f Rosilee Wheeler Mildred Luebke OFFICERS f President - VicefP1'esident f Secretary I - Treasiwer - Social Chairmcm Program Chairman ALPHA PHI Pl Maxine Packman Jeanne Nettesheim f Mary O'Brian Dorothy Kempske Margaret Walsh f Georgia Mott Row 1. K. Steuer, B. Rodenbeck, I. Spattholz., M. Vedvick, M. Matheson, D. Lintner, M. Packman, Miss Breen, V. Wyss, R. Wheeler. Row 2: M. Wright, E. Stowell, M. Luebke, I. Wolf, H. Buelke, A. Stephan, M. Walsh, A. Schrader, D. Kemske, L. Holstad, A. Meyer, K. Buresh. The Forum, a literary sorority, extends a broadening influence in the cultural life of college women, Members are selected on basis of scholarship, personality and individual abilities. Catering to the expression of individuality, the sorority reveals the originality of its members in its Tea Dance, Rush Teas, Homecoming Luncheon, QQ Spring Formal, Christmas Caroling, Spring Picnic, and Musical Matinees. ,QQ . . . . OO 0 o o 0?-i Its meeting time is devoted to furthering cultural development through programs including book reviews, musical programs, discussions of drama and literature, and reviews of stage and screen productions. 54 SIGMA LAMBDA SIGMA Gladys Greiling f - President f f f Helen Teckam Helen Teckam f f f VicefPresider1t f f ' Betty DOCkCIld0rff Betty Jane Wenzel f f Secretary f f Katherine Welch Katherine Welch - f Treasurer f f Adeline Hanson jean Axtel ' Katherine Gorman f ' Beverly Taarvig Charlotte Carey Gabriella Brendemuhl f f f f SergeantfatfArrns f f joane Mealey f 1 f - Historian f Katherine Gorman f f Student Council Beverly Taarvig f f f f f 1 f f Chapter Clerk Charlotte Carey f Sponsor f ' f Gabriella Brendemuhl Row 1: G. Greiling, K. Welch, C. Carey, Ruggles, M. Prokseh, B. Wenzel, I. Robinson, B. Taarvig, H. Bloomquist, E. Linse, Mealy. Row 2: C. Stephenson, P. Bull, M. Gunderson, K. Gorman, B. Dockendorff, D. Jensen, B. Gamble, A. Hanson V. Bangsberg, A. Hanson, M. Borrebek, J. Axtel. Www .iii B3 it A I N3 it Z I X W V ight' Sigma Lambda Sigma, known on the campus as the Sapphonian Literary Society, seeks to enrich the college life of its members through a cultural program in which literary interests, social experience, and a familiarity with parliamentary procedure play important parts. Projects of a varied nature offer opportunity for individual growth and the development of qualities of leadership, loyalty, and cooperation. Through the college year the Sapphonians also enjoy a varied range of social activities -an Anniversary Dinner, an All-College Christmas Tea, a Christmas Party, a spring formal, membership teas, an informal steak fry, and round out their social program with a Chapter Luncheon on Commencement Day. 55 DELTA PSI KAPPA Helen Mae Buelke f Janet Ruggles f , Gladys Greiling f Margaret Schmidley f f , Harriet Forsythe f Arvilla Schrader f 1 f f President Vice'President f Secretary - Treasurer - Corresponding Secretary Foil Reporter MafY Dillon ' SergeantfatfArms Helen Bull f f Student Council Jean Nettesheim - . , Chaplain Row 1: B. Logemann, F. Prybylowski, K. Buresh. Row 2: M. O'Brien, H. Forsythe, W. Waterstreet, I. Nettesheim, A. Butler, K. Welch, P. Bull, L. Kenzie, G. Greiling, A. Schrader, I. Ruggles. Raw 3: R. Jaeger, D. Kemske, M. Gunderson, M. Dillon, M. Luebke, H. Buelke, M. Walsh, J. Gray, M. Schmidley, M. Mohns, R. Wheeler. As the National Honorary Physical Education sorority of 'the college, Delta Psi Kappa engages in professional as well as social activities. Delta Psi Kappa endeavors to promote educational growth in the field of physical education, to recognize worthy members, and promote greater fellowship among women in this iield of activity. This group has a local project and contributes to a national one as well as aiding the social calendar by sponsoring a tea, homecoming alumni dinner, winter semi-formal dance, annual gingham dance, and a picnic. With the cofoperation of the Student Council, Delta Psi Kappa publishes the student directory and handbook each year. 56 V Row 1: C. Slmcrette, Gilbcrtson, D. Winetzki, E. jalm, G. Foxwell, E. Reuter. LAMBDA SIGMA CHI Betty Lutiger f Margery Hughes janet de Ranitz f Mona Mertes f Ellyn Reuter f Jane Gray f OFFICERS - President f f f Glenna Cross VicefPresident Wanda Waterstreet f Secretary f f f Betty Watson f Treasurer f Faith Convis Clerk of Chapter f Dorothy Melby Sergeantfat-Arms - Jane Gray l l l 1 Row 2: I. Padesky, M. Bohrnsteclt, W. Waterstreet, G. Cross, J. Mueller, B. Watson, M, Smale, M. Hughes, F. Convis, G. Taubert, H. DeZwarte. Q Row 3: D. Melby, E. Dawes, L. Doering, B. Bernatz, B. Skemp, M. Mertes, B. Lutiger, I. Tofson, J. Gray, E. Homstacl, 1. A. Carlsson, J. Sinnen. f As the Fine Arts sorority of the college, Lambda Sigrna'Chi, strives to promote the growth of four virtues-loyalty, friendship, leadership, and culture-as ideals worth attaining. The sorority endeavors to stimulate and influence the growing in- terest in the fine arts, not only of its members, but of the entire college. The social activities of Lambda Sigma Chi during the course of the year included the annual Homecoming dinner, theuannual allfcollegecard party, the annual Christf mas party, an allfcollege, Faculty Tea, a dance for the college students, a rummage sale, and several informal teas within the sorority. V y 57 KAPPA DELTA Pl President f Betty Jane Wenzel Vicefljresident f Theodora Helgeson SGCTCUW5' ' ' f Margaret Schmidley Historian Recorder f , Philip Nordhus Treasurer f f . John Berg Student Council f f Helen Teckam Counsellor f f ' Mr. E. L. Walters i Row 1: A. Hanson, K. Gorman, M. Bohrnstedt, B. Taarvig, P. Nordhus, B. Logemann, B. Wenzel, K. Welch, M. Schmidley. Row 2: H. Buelke, E. Homstad, L. Hope, A. Wegner, J. Bach, I. Berg, W. Waterstreet, F. Convis. Kappa Delta Pi is a National Honor Society in Education, established for the purpose of encouraging high intellectual and scholastic standards, and the recognition of outstanding contributions to education. Persons who exhibit commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals, a scholarship average of 2.00 or more, and leadership capabilities are invited to mem' bership in this society. In its regular monthly meetings, the Beta Tau chapter, in keeping with its custom of discussing problems of educational and social signiicance, conducted a series of panel discussions on the subject, "Democracy and Education." Social events of the year opened with a tea for prospective members at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Walters. Cn March 18 the society held its annual Founder's Day Banquet at the Linker Hotel, which was attended by members of the faculty and ar if W 4 R 5 JK 1: X as 2'-4' A' ua 11 the alumni. Mr. justin Williams, professor of history at River Falls Teachers Col' lege, spoke on "Democracy and the World Revolution." The social program included also a tea at the home of Miss Myrtle Trowbridge, honorary member, and the annual picnic. 58 FCRENSICS The debate organization of the La Crosse State Teachers College went through a very interesting year as far as all debaters were concerned. The squad consisted of the following students: Vera Baldwin, Francys Barbeau, Pat Brody, Ardell Bruha, Phyllis Fischer, Adeline Hanson, Theodora Helgeson, Louis Krueger, Irene Wolf, John Madson, Jason Nicol, Luther Paulson, Robert Paulson, Benjamin Talledge, and Betty Wenzel. Row 1: B. J. Wenzel, A. Hanson, I. Wolf. Row 2: B. Talledge, L. Paulson, Mr. Glover, Nicol, R. Paulsen. The squad members participated in various debates out of town. Part of the squad went to Eau Claire to a tournament debate. Other student debaters took part in a foursome at West Salem and Oshkosh. An all girl team met a girls' squad at Marquette University. Numerous debates were held around the city before audiences. Students were very well received by audiences. This type of procedure is relatively new at La Crosse State. Results have been beneficial and debaters have enjoyed doing it. Reorganization was discussed last year and steps were taken to formulate a club for all students interested in debate work. Apart from this club organization is to be a squad which is to be the goal for the members of the club. The social function of the organization was a picnic held May 19. This concluded the year's activity. 59 Avril Farris Luther Paulson john Berg f f Mae Hilliard f Leota Kenzie f Glenn Thomas f - President f Vicefllresident f Secretary f f Treasurer 1 Program Chairman Student Council - Advisor f SCIENCE 1 Paul Witzke Williani Gramenz LaVerne Niebuhr Ernest Deutrich f William Holak f Glenn Thomas Oren Frazee Row 1: L. Niebuhr, M. Nowak, M. Hilliard, L. Kenzie, A. Farris, A. Wieczorek, J. Koetting, J. Niebuhr, G. Thomas, Pittman. Row 2: J. Delplienich, W. Holalc, J. Berg, H. Kwiatkowski, D. Gautsch, M. Benrud, S. Nerby, H. Ristow, P. Charley, G. Pittm an. Row 3: W. Gramenz, I. Barth, P. Witzke. The Science Club is an organization of students who are interested in science. This club is under the direction of Mr. Oren Frazee. Subjects from all the fields of science are discussed at the monthly meeting of the Club, held on the first Monday of each month. Many outside speakers are invited to address the group during the course of the year. Such things as current science, new scientific books, special hobbies, or any scientinc topic of interest are discussed also. Each spring the Club holds a picnic as its one social event of the year. 60 CLUB SILVER MASQUE President f VicefPresident Secretary f Tveasmfer f Advisor ' Ottmer F. Slake f Robert Paulsen f Mildred Waters f Philip Nordhus Dr. M. Toland sans swi-as.. N -5: sri- -- - 1 x xr. Row 1: O. Slake, D. Warriner, G. Thomas, T. Helgcson, M. Waters, H. Seppanen. Row 2: P. Nordhus, I. Bach, R. Strzelczylc, R. Paulsen, E. Iviueckler. The Silver Masque, a new Honorary Dramatic Organization, was formed in 1940 for the purpose of awarding recognition to those participating in dramatic production at La Crosse Teachers College. Under the able advisorship of Dr. Marie Toland, director of dramatics, a feeling of good fellowship and reward for meritorious perform' ance in dramatics is being established. The Silver Masque works in cooperation with Alpha Psi Omega, the National Honorary Dramatics Fraternity, which is also part of the dramatic department in the college. Membership in the Silver Masque is acquired by active participation in onefact plays, threefact plays, direction of plays, and crew work, each individuals work being measured by a point system. When a candidate has twenty honor points which he has earned by participation in one of the above, he is elected to membership in the Silver Masque. The organizations slogan is, "There are no small parts-only small actors." 61 OFFICERS President f f f f f ' Arlie Haugh VicefPreside'nt f - I . Jacob Bach Sec1fetaryfT1easure'r f Robert Gerletti Custodian ' ' f Virgil Major Social Chairman ffff- ff-f, T im Nugent Row One: G. Haddock, I. Holland, I. Harry, H. Brinkman, H. Church, W. Knight, G. Flemf ing, R. Gerletti, H. Hiller, J. Moss, E. jahn, N. Hedervernik Row Two: M. Smith, V. Major, V. Larson, W. Tietze, P. Olson, J. McLaughlin, R. Van Loon, J. Rhodes, T. Cahpe, H. Wells, R. Sprecher, L. Aarstad, G. Taubert, B. Lawsha, H. john' son, A. Gosnell Row Three: N. Smith, R. McDaniel, L. Sheldon, W. Cummings, B, Samp, I. Bach, R. Eide, E. jones, W. Myers, W. Holik, A. Haugh, A. Helgeson, R. Weisbecker, M. Homstad Row Four: T. Nugent, T. Jefferson, C. Solberg, M. Noll, H Carlberg, Mr. Annett The La Crosse Teachers College Band, directed by Dr. Thomas Annett, holds an important place in college activities. With Tim Nugent as drum major and a number of colorful drum majorettes, it has given a stirring atmosphere to all football games played on the home field. On numerous occasions it has traveled with the team to represent the college at other schools, the past season being marked by the trip to Whitewater, where marching ability was displayed. The band has also furnished musical entertainment for all basketball games at La Crosse and occasionally a group of the band members have supported the team at games away. Each year the band leads the Homecoming parade. Much preparation was put forth for the annual Spring Concert and an exchange assembly program with the Eau Claire Teachers College. Included in the latter trip were short programs at high schools along the way for the purpose of advertising La Crosse Teachers College. The college band consists of approximately fifty members. All college students who display interest are encouraged to take part in its activities. Each member has the opportunity to earn a letter which is awarded according to the individual attend' ance, performance, and interest in the band. 62 BAND ORCHESTRA President f-fff Doris Van Loon VicefP1esident-Stivdevit Council Margaret Devic Secretary fffff f f June Brown Se-rgeantfat-Arms Rodney Van Loon Publicity Chairman f . Marjorie Loos Social Chairman f f Doris Highberg Librarian f'f'-f'ff Philippa Richardson I Left to right: A. Fleming, M. Golf, D, Van Loon, D. Willey, D, Marking, B. Sweet, Rynning, H. Daly, M. Loos, W. Bohrnstedt, C. Keefer, Baures, P. Richardson, D. Hyberg, D. Low, Dr. Annett, Moos, M. Devic, Brown, M. Schreiber, G. Kroner, R. Van Loon, I I. Howland, P. Stry. Under the direction of Dr. Thomas Annett, the Orchestra has completed an- other successful year of activities, lending vivacity and harmony to the various school and outside affairs. Among these activities were: the participation in the annual Christmas program by accompanying the singing of Christmas Carols, the presentation of an assembly for the students of the Vocational School on March 26, and the sponsoring of an all-school mixer with the other music organizations of the school on March 7. After the group presented programs in Alma, Fountain City, and Eau Claire, it climaxed the year's program by playing for the June Commencement exercises at the college. 63 MEN'S GLEE CLUB Pfesidfm ' f f Jason Nicol VicefP'resident f f Ivlatthew Calderwood I Sec'reta1'yfTv'easm'er f f I-161-man Qlson Se1'geantfa1:fArms f john Woodworth Publicity Chairman f 1 Ralph Spears Social Chairman - Jghn Barth Student Council 1 Lawrence HOUSC I Lillrffltibwl ' ' f Herman Jothen Row 1: H. Facius, W. Myers, D. Mayo, Dr. Thomas Annctt, G. Thomas, A. Fleming, G. Jefferies, F. Evans. Row 2: M. Hanson, W. Bohrnstedt, M. Calderwood, N. Campbell, L. House, I. Nicol. Row 3: H. Olson, I. Woodworth, O. Genz, R. Spears, S. Wclds, H. Iothen. Row 4: W. Zemlick, G. Thompson, R. Bruchmzm, Barth, S. Bach. The purpose of the Men's Glee Club is solely one of extra-curricular work. Req' uisites for membership are based on ability and cooperation. The Glee Club is bale anced infas-much as combined singing will allow. The Annual Winter Classic is the presentation of the Messiah, with the cooperaf tion and aid of the church choirs of most of the churches of the city. Presentation of a spring program of semifclassical combined singing is the second big feature that the Men's Glee Club takes part in. Social functions for the year consist of a Wiener roast for the club members, a mixer, and rollerfskating party for the entire college. Awards are given to not more than a third of the Glee Club. The basis for awards is attendance. 64 WOMENS GLEE CLUB f f f f Marian Bohrnstedt Vice P1 esident-Student Council Mary Thompson Secretary Treasurer f ' Sehell Willianis Social Chairman f Leota Kenzie Puhlicitv Chairman Marjorie Kramer f Marion Fremlin Sergeant at Arms Mary Hogue Row 1: H. Teckam, P. Olson, M. Kline, G. Anderson, L. Doering, Lee, M, Craig Row 2: M. Thompson, A. Hanson, E. Berg, N. Mueller, W. Bohrnstedt, Dr. Annett, B Dockendorf, R. Johnson, M. Bogie, N. Railton, M. Bohrnstedt. Row 3: H. Rundahl, Brown, G. Forde, E. Zietlow, I.. Kenzie, M. Scafe, V. Kramer, D Sweet, M. Ward, V. Wyss, E. Anderson, G. Berger, M. Larson, E. Olson, B. Lawsha Row 4: M. Bossard, S. Williams, H. Blomquist, D. Haukland, F. Zitzner, A. Sandwick, B I?4W3I?SODi'M. Holmstad, M. Larson. M. VanC1eaf, A. Peterson, M. Brost, D. Hyberg . rem in. s The Women's Glee Club comprises a group of fiftyfone college women contribut ing to the cultural living of the college through singing and studying. The out' standing contribution is the presentation of Handel's Messiah in conjunction with the Men's Glee Club and the choirs of churches in and around La Crosse. Picnics or parties are given at various times during the school year. One all college mixer is sponsored and activities culminate with a colorful, picturesque Spring Concert given by mass chorus for the college and the city organizations. 65 EUTERPE Row 1: A. Hanson, V. Wyss, G. Foxwell, Miss Olive Place, J. Tofson, M. Wostal, M. Barrett, G. Tauhcrt. Row 2: M. Proksch, A. Peterson, E. Wiederlioeft, Lee, L. Kenzie, M. Bohrnstedt, H. Weeks, E. Stowell. Row 3: B. Schroeder, A. Sandwick, G. Anderson. L. Marking, B. Sweet, V. Baer, M. Larson, B. Swanson. The Euterpe Singers, a womens glee club of twenty selected voices, was organ' ized five years ago by its director, Miss Olive B. Place. During the past year they have sung for college functions, for organizations in or near La Crosse, and have pref sented a broadcast over WKBH. Each spring they go on a concert tour of surround' ing high schools, as well as sing at the college spring concert. At the close of the year the Euterpe Singers furnish special music for the Baccalaureate services and Corn- mencement exercises. 65 ORCI-IESIS President f f f Janet Ruggles SecretaryfTreasu'rer f f jean Nettesheim Costume Mistress f 1 f Mae Hilliard Sponsor f f Miss Jane Mollencop Row 1: K. Burcsh, Nettcsheim, E. Paduslry, D. Lintner, Mollencop, D. Willetzki, C. Steuer, P. Haney. Row 2: M. Zimmerman, M. Mathison, M. Paclcman, M. Nowak, D. Van Ostrand, J. Ruggles, E. Stowell, B Logemann. Row 3: J. Altliolz, L. Lawson, M. Hilliard, L. Kenzie, B. Rodenbeck, M. Schmidlcy, M. Pfcifer, G. Greiling F. Prybylowski. Orchesis, national honorary society in dancing, is one of the few organizations which has no national olhcers or dues. The original chapter was founded at the Uni' versity of Wisconsin many years ago. The purpose of the organization is to create and maintain more interest in "The Dance." The local chapter presents two programs each year--a Christmas program and a Spring Concert. E7 n L.S.AA OFFICERS Pfesidem ' ' ' f f Ernie Mueckler VicefPresident f Marie I-,ein SCCTCMT3' ' Madleine Mathison Treasurer f f Lyman Humphrey Program Chairman f , Irene Wolf Advisor f f Mr. Clyde smith Row 1: L. Groff, D. Hyland, M. Paeth, L. Marking, W. Bohrnstedt. Row 2: Rynning, D. Solie, M. Barrett, M. Emmert, I. Wolf, M. Gunderson, P. Olson, Brown, G. Ander son, D. Haukland. Row 3: D. Meir, V. Nelson, S. Skolos, M. Rehder, Spaltholz, B. Rodenbeck, Mueller, H. Asp, E Mueclcler, L. Humphrey. Row 4: N. Grady, W. Thomack, Spellum, W. Zemlick, O. Kelstad, R. Bruchmann, D. Hoffmann, S. Laur ence, R. Loken. The Lutheran Students Association is a member of the Lutheran Students Assof ciation of America. Every Lutheran student on the campus is a member of this organization, the purpose of which is to stimulate an interest in religious problems which occur in campus activities. Fellowship meetings are held consisting of group discussions, panel discussions, and speeches by various speakers such as missionary workers from foreign countries, and other pastors from churches around La Crosse. Several social functions are also part of the activities during the year. Meetings take place two Sundays a month at Trinity Lutheran Church, Sixteenth and Cass Streets, from 5:30 P. M. to 7:00 P. M., under the sponsorship of Pastor H. Stoffel. l ea THE NEWMAN CLUB Robert Strzelczyk f Betty Skemp f ' Waiida Waterstreet james Quinn f f Miss Lorna Greene Rev. D. C'Reilly f President f Betty Skemp VicefPresident Katherine Gorman Secretary Lorraine Mertens Treaswrer Marjorie Masters Adviser Miss Lorna Greene Chaplain Rev. D. O'Reilly Row 1: B. Doclcenclorlf, E. Wanner, P. Kukolsky, A. Wieczorek, B. Sweet, L. Andre, J. Bonadurer R umn M. Walslm, Miss Greene, M. Killian, M. Brost, K. Gorman, C. Scherette, P. Forcila. Row 2: L. Gautsch, P. Anderson, B. Skemp, B. Carey, D. Keenan, W. Waterstreet, Father O'Re1lly C Schwein er, T. Taylor, M. Keefe, I. Marcotte, M. Masters, R. MacDanie1s, H. Hanson, R. Anthony Row 3: C. Nader, E. Woychik, R. Rossiter, R. Woyclxik. The Newman Club is an organization of all Catholic students of the College, a club of Catholic culture and of Catholic action. Its program for the year includes a variety of interests-religious, social, and intellectual. A brief acquaintance with Catholic history, philosophy, and theology is the aim of the club to aid tremendously in giving students the proper perspectives. At the bimonthly Sunday meetings, which are held at the Knights of Columbus Hall, a supper is served for the benefit of outfofftown students. Besides the regular activities, the club has cooperated in holding a public card party, in participating in the St. Joseph Church bazaar, the Variety Show, and has held a picnic. 69 SPECIAL l l l 1 l 1 l G. Anderson K. Bahnson W. Bilben B. Brown I. Castor O. Dahlberg G. Eck L. Aarstad - - F. Adams R. Anthony P. Arenz R. BahnSon I. Becker W. Bohrnstedt D. Brinkman J. Brown E. Bruha L. Chapman P. Charley L. Dennison M. Devic B. Egeland R. Eide G. Allen W. Amundson E. Anderson A. Arneson J. Asfoor V. Baer I. Benedict B. Bersing D. Berthrong A. Britt R. Bruchman F. Brunner M. Bryhn R. Burgmaier L. Burns K. Christopherson Cremer D. Cycmanick B. Doud L. Dugan B. Dwyer C. Erb A. Fleming G. Fleming SPECIAL T. Freybler K. Fulsher A. Gosnell N. Grady M. Hanson R. Hauser D. Highberg J. Hillebrandt 1. Howland M. Keefe W. Krismer D. Larsen C. Loomis E. Lysaker R. Meir R. Meyer D. Gautsch D. Gmeiner M. Hebron D. Hoffman V. Keil R. Larson B. McIntyre V. Micliels L. Gautsch M. Hale O. Helsted M. Hague R. Kirkpatrick R. Low J. McLaughlin A. Miller V. Gikling V. Hamilton G. Herried M. Hoopes R. Koepcke W. Leary L. Marking W. Myers G. Glickman B. Hansen C. Hath H. Horner R. Kreutz B. Lindstrom R. Martin I. Nestingen SPECIAL A. Peterson D. Ranum V. Roscoe R. Scheid G. Selbo A. Sorenson R. Sveum W. Van Abel A. Pfaff E. Resler N. Roverud C. Scherr C. Skolos J. Spellem A. Thomaclc R. Van Loon R. Pieterick W. Riley B. Rude E. Schllahach N'. Smith R. Spratt W. Thomack B. Von Ruden G. Pittman H. Ristow J. Ruplin W. Schlicht C. Solberg R. Sprecher C. Thomas M. Waellenherg I Pittman H. Rogness I. Sayles I. Scholler D. Solie V. Starch W. Tietze D. Weist N. Railton N. Roob D. Schaller B. Schwenn E. Soppa M. Sullivan I. Tommerson W. Welch SPECIAL H. Wells D. Baptie S. Crail P. Finley C. Graf N. Hadoveinik E. Ness D. Wiederhoeft M. Addis I. Bartelt W. Cummings I. Flug I. Greenaway E, johnson C. Papenfuss H. Woods P. Anderson J. Barth J. Dwyer W. Froelich E. Guillaume P. Kukolsky W. Patros E. Woychik J. Wright M. Young J. Ash R. Austin H. Bach J. Bonadurer E. Britt K. Cichowski A. Evenson R, Faas H. Facius J. Funke M. Garin E. Giroux J. Hackett G. H'addock G. Haralson L. Lawrynk M. Main E. Marcou D. Rossitor B. Samp C. Smith SPECIAL K. Smith S. Welda G. Benz S. Cooley G. Johgnpn I. Nicole..- T. Tovsen R. Spears S. Wilk W. Erickson L. Iewett I. Robinson D. Waterman C. Kiefer M. Stilp S. Williams E. Andreasen L. Fischer I. Jungbluth W. Rose R. Whircing L. Dennison 193 W. Strittmater I. Wollan P. Bangsberg H. Fregin M. Kissling A. Ruud if: P. Stry M. Wostal I. Barth O. Genz R. Kleteqlca H. Schultz J. Heid I . W, .W H. Weeks R. Woyshik R. Behrens I. Holicky L. Krueger C. Slake S, Watkins SPECIAL The Special Division is one of the largest divisions numerically in college. It differs from the other divisions in that it is nonfprofessional, the members being at La Crosse State Teachers College to receive the cultural advantages of two or three years of college training before transferring to an' other institution. Some of these students will continue their Liberal Arts studies for a Liberal Arts degree while others are preparing to enter the professions such as law, medicine, engineering, etc. The interests of this large group of students are very diversified. Merely by leaing through the pages of this book one discovers the active role Specials play in the several organizations of the col' lege as dramatics, athletics, forensics, music, journalism, and in the social groups. - PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS President Charles Nader Vice President Scotty IVIcNiven Treasurer Doris Winetzki Secretary - Leota Kenzie Advisor Mr. W. J. Wittich The Physical Education Club is composed of physical education majors and minors. The Club sponsors educational and social programs. Outside speakers address the group at the meetings and at the annual banquet held in the spring. The Club participates in Homecoming, sponsors a social mixer. The Club this year acted as host to a group of university Northwestern physical education students at a winter outing. The Club endeavors to promote a higher degree of professional attitude toward the field of physical education. 75 PHYSICAL EDUCATION v M. Brost M. Clark L. Fetty W. Hamilton B. Heyman M. Koehne F. Martin H. Albertina V. Button P. Davis K. Filter M. Hanson W. Jenson H. Kuehl M. Masters L. Amanda B. Campbell G. Day B. Fleming P. Hanson M. Johnson B. Levenhagen D. Misiah P. Baron J. Bevre S. Christoplis L. Christis D. Devendorf M. Dobbert B. Foster E. Gregorich M. Hang I. Hemauer M. Kaus D. Keenan M. Loos L. Ludtke P, Moore B. Morris R. Braun D. Clark M. Eckstein A. Griffeth F. Heroux J. Keppel R. Manslce D. Neacy PHYSICAL EDUCATION V. Nelson R. Robbins D. Tetzloff H. Weyhmiller M. Boettcher M. Craig B. Gamble R. Hanson T. Nugent R. Rolsted O. Thompson L. Wildes A. Bone V. Des Iarlais I. Gray T, Held E. Peterson B. Rude M. Van Cleaf C. Wright F. Bradford H. De Zwarte S. Green L. Hoffman R. Pruchniewski L. Sheldon W. Waffensmith M. Zimmerman H. Brinkman P. Forciea M. Gunderson R. Hoffman Wnwppbw P1 Rhodes M. Richardson Stasnopalis W. Sroka Wagner R. Wallen Zum Buttel Carey I. Clausen Freese P. Gaertner Halford H. Hansen Hughes D. Kemske PHYSICAL EDUCATION F. Martineau C. Oren B. Rodenbeck E. Starks R. Wheeler I. Zehner I. Cameron R. Kennedy D. Meir J. Ott R. Sandburg A. Stephan H. Whitney H. Batcheldc B. Cronk J. Kenny L. Mertens E. R G. A. R. Pieper Schramka Storzer Wieczorek Ebert M. Kline K. Nelson M. Rehder R. Sengbush D. Sword A. Wilhelm H. Brokaw D. Engstrom W. Lousshine L. Marek R. Nyhagen I. Oesau G. Rabehl T. Rilling H. Seppanen J. Spaltholz M. Walsh F. Werling D. Winetzki H. Youngberg I. Brown P. Bull L. Graff J. Hagen PHYSICAL EDUCATION P. Haney M. Hilliard M. Hughes L. Kenzie R. Klorcs O. Knoll D. Larrabee A. Lenz D. Lintner M. Luebke B. Logemanu M. Mohns A. O'Bi'icn I. Quinn L. Riebe R. Strzelczyk I. Swain D. Van Ostrand M. Walsh N. Wulk Belden G. Borchart H. Buelke K. Buresh L. Butenhoff C. Carey G. Cross M. Dillon H. Forsyte A. Ganser 79 D. Jensen D. Lass B. Marshall P. Schwartz B. Walter H. Asp F. Cleveland E. Ganske L. Kenny P. Lammel M. Mertes C. Steuer W. Waterstreet I. Birchall C. Cook G. Greiling PHYSICAL EDUCATION D. johnson C. Nader M. Pfeifer L. Thompson L. Wilms W me G. Hanna G. Laetsch I. Netteshein F. Prybylowski K. Ulichney B. Wilsey D. Hasbrouck B. Le May M. Nowak J. Ruggles G. Walker M. Wright C. Hurd R. Jaeger M. Mathison M. Moore M. O'Brien M. Packman M. Schmidley A, Schrader M. Waters A. Wegner G. Jefferies G. More J. Pederson B. Shelley K. Welch SECONDARY EDUCATION G. Adams D. Bjellancl H. Blomquist I. Delphenich M. Erickson J. Halverson M. Hammond S. Lawrence L. Lawrynk S. Mattlles G. Moen K. Powers J. Riley V. Vance V. West M. Amunclson R. Anderson S. Bach I. Boheim M. Bosshard N. Campbell M. Ewing Grass G. Haertlein R. Hastings D. Haukland L. Koch B. Leland R. Loken V. Lucey A. Mohr M. Noll R. Page C. Sorenson B. Swanson G. Taylor C. Wiese B. Wiley J. Woodworth 81 J. Bernd O. Churchill J. Hall H. Kwiatkowski M. Marshall G. Phillips G. Thompson SECONDARY EDUCATION S. Andre V. Bangsberg G. Dileo T. Enger A. Fox J. Gosnell H. Grabow W. Gramenz H. Iothen M. Lassig B. Leland I. Mealy L. Mielke D. Mortimer O. Orr M. Paeth E. Reuter R. Sundet M. Spears D. Strehl R. Weaver G. Weiss N. Zarske 82 M. Borrebelc B. Brunner I. Caswell G. Foxwell L. Galstad R. Gerletti L. Hanke A. Helgeson F. Iafek V. Lodge V. Major J. Madson L. Nelson O. Oines H. Olson V. Schreiner F. Schumann C. Stall R. Stroede B. Talledge C. Vaaler W. Zemlick N. Ziemann Zimmermann SECONDARY EDUCATION F. Zitzner F. Convis A. Hanson M. Mclby H. Stewart J. Bach C. Dobbins L. Humphrey W. Coon A. Haugh D. Nashold R. Thul F. Barbeau J. Elstad L. Krueger C. Begun J. Finley W. Holak R. McCoy R. Walling J. Berg A. Ferris D. Leverenz I.. Bess M. Fremlin L. Howarth M. Proksch R. Weisbecker A. Bibby P. Fischer S. Nerby M. Bohrnstedt K. Gorman A. Kube H. Prussing E. Wiederhoeft A. Bruha D. Gardner P. Nordhus mp-sf: l"' ?'f'3"f' Cantlon Hanson Lupie Smith Deutrich Helgeson Paulsen SECONDARY EDUCATION D. Shallock L. Seno V. Scofield B. Taarvig H, Teckam G.Th0ma5 R. Weiner B. Wenzel P. Witzke I. Wolf OFFICERS Glenn Thomas f President f f Robert McCoy Margaret Borrebek f f Vice-pres. f f f jack Finley Katherine Gorman - - Secretary f I Marion Bobrnstedt Robert McCoy - Treasurer f f Arlie Haugh The Secondary Education Club is the organization of students enrolled in the Secondary Educaf tion course of the college. It aims to discuss problems of importance to its members as future high school teachers. The Club was reorganized this year to hold quarterly rather than monthly meetings. Superinf tendents of surrounding communities and members of the faculty speak at these gatherings on sub- jects pertinent to the members. To furnish social as well as professional interest, the organization holds an annual picnic, an allfschool tea, and a mixer. 84 ELEMENTARY S. Fuller C. johns I. Lee P. Richardson R. Snider B. Bill D. Haight M. Barrett I. Harry F. Kopp I. Marcotte E. Russell D. Willey M. Caucutt F. Hendrickson B. Bcdesscm E. Havlik M. Kramer I. Moos M. Scafe L. Daly L. Holstad B. Butrem S. Helgeson G. Lange E. Neubauer E. Senstad ' A. Adams ' R. Fleis M. Hyer E. Chcnowcth H. Heller M. Larson B, Olson J. Sinnen I. Barnes G. Forde G. Jacobson M. Emmett M. Jennings V. Larson R. Pace S. Skolos B. Bcrnatz I. Gilbertson E. Iahn' Il. ELEMENTARY L. Jenks M. Killian I. Lowe D. Melby ' M. Nottestad I. Padesky A. Peterson R. Quinn B. Skemp D. Van Loon M. Vedvik D. Warriner I. Axtell J. Barnes M. Calclerwood S. Craker I. Haack R. Johnson M. Kroener M. Larson R. Ormson B. Owen E. Padesky M. Rosendahl B. Sweet T. Taylor M. Thompson K. Troger A. Wild L. Willcox C. Arneson 86 L. Merkel L. Roellig M. Watson E. Dawes B. Lawsha C. Sherette E. Wanner B. Callaway I. Mueller B. Schroeder T. Felton E. Lucey R. Stluka P. Wheeler I. Carlsson ELEMENTARY . N 1 I 1944 za Sf 1 Q ,h, .ji ' ll M. Cook M. Elstad R. Ferguson E. Homstad M. Keeler I. Koetting B. Koops B. Lutiger E. Linse V. Machus B. Mulder F. Niebuhr L. Niebuhr R. Parker L. Paulson N. Renning A. Rieck M. Smale E. Sorenson P. Talledge C. Taubert E. Toraason B. Watson M. Young V. Wyss A. Solverson I. Wickstrom OFFICERS President f - Ingrid Ann Carlsson VicefPresident f f Betty Skemp Secretary f ' f Jean Axtel Treasurer f f Joyce Barnes Student Council ' Jane Mueller Advisor ' f Jessie Caldwell The elementary Club is an organization to which all students enrolled in the Elementary course automatically belong. The first Thursday in every month is the scheduled time of meeting and the place is the Girls' Lounge in the Main Building. The main purpose of this club is to act as a socializing factor among elementary students. A variety of programs are given including speakers, skits, etc. An annual Christmas party is given. 87 RU RAL R. Erbs G. Norris C. Stolfus A. Haas L. House M. Vaughn Z. Dwyer M. Becker M. Grabhorn E. Olson H. Sloulin L. Halverson E. Mlsna S. Webb A. Fenske E. Berg E. Hall L. Olson B. Smith G. Hanson H. Rundahl E. Zietlow G. Kunzelman L. Berg A. Lyhus P. Olson D. Henry A. Sandwick G. Twesme E. Black M. Bright V. Mades N. Mueller B. Rowe R. Smith G. Berger H. Frye B. Harold B. Horn A. Sherry J. Slaver R. Cullman M. Dwyer W. Wiederlmoeft COUNTRY LIFE CLUB OFFICERS George Kunzelmann f President f f Evelyn Zietlow Stella Webb f ViC6'PT6Sid671t f f Adella Hanson Pearl Olson f f Secretaryffreasurer f Elaine Mlsna Lawrence House f Student Council f f Mildred Becker The Country Life Club, an active rural organization for students interested in country life, aims to promote greater rural leadership, to dignify rural life, and to preserve an interest in it. Dramatics and panel discussions were the most outstanding features in the year's program. The Club was host on April 26 for the annual social gathering with the Wincbiia Rural Life Club. The club was represented by Miss Alice Drake, adviser, and Mr. Arthur Fenske at the National Country Life Club annual meeting at the Purdue University. 89 M. I. A. A. A. Wegner C. Nader C. Cook L, Hope E. Mueckler A. Farris I. Quinn R. Hackmeister L. Kenney N. Wulk S. MacNiven R. XVeisbecker L. Seno R. Ebert A. Lenz R. Strzelczyk BOARD OF CONTROL SPORTS MANAGERS President f-'f Art Wegner Volley Ball ff-f James Quinn Secretary f Charles Nader Basketball f jack Belden Treasurer f f Clesson Cook Golf f Roy Hachmeister Fall Sports Chairman f f Lyle Hope Tennis - Leo Kenney Winter Sports Chairman - Ernest Mueckler Horseshoe f f Leo Kenney Spring Sports Chairman ' f f Avril Farris Recreational Sports ' - Ned Wulk Swimming f f - MacNiven Bowling f Robert Weisbecker 'Touch Football- f Leslie Seno Kittenball f Robert Ebert Archery f Adrian Lenz Badminton - - Robert Strzelczyk The Men's Intrafmural Athletic Association fosters recreational activity for all men at college. Its roster of sports includes horseshoe, tennis, track, football in the fall, bowling, baseball and swim- ming in the winter, and volley ball, and soft ball in the spring. The good fellowship, sportsmanship, and social development achieved is equalled only by the wholesome fun enjoyed by the members of M.I.A.A. 90 W. R. A. OFFICERS HEADS OF SPORTS President "'f Mary Dillon Hockey fff' Harriet Forsythe VicefPresident f Mary O'Brien Volley Ball f Helen Asp Secretary I Marion Wright Swimming f Maude Pfeifer Treasurer f f f Arvilla Schrader Dancing Dorothy Winetzki Financial Manager - f Margaret Schmidley Basketball f Florence Prybylowski Publicity Manager f f Gladys Greiling Tennis f Madeline Mathison Student Council f - Maxine Gunderson Baseball f ' f Helen Buelke Miscellaneous Sports Secondary Chairman Elementary Chairman Rural Chairman f f Glenna Cross f Ellyn Reuter Rosemary Ferguson f f f jean Heid During the past year, the Women's Recreation Association was reorganized to include all women in the college. Under the new setfup, every college woman automatically becomes a member, a small amount of her registration fee being turned over to W.R.A. To facilitate the larger number of participants, a more widespread and varied program was given than in previous years. With such an excellent beginning, it is hoped that all college women will participate in some sport or activity during the year and thus make a more successful program. 91 "L" CLUB OFFICERS Clark Dobbins Bob Ebert President Jerry Laetsch Leo Smith VicefP'resident AIC Wegner Jack Brown Secretary Lyle Hope Gordon Borchardt 'Treasurer Jerry Mueller jerry Mueller Student Council Scotty McNiven Ben Walters Sergeant'atfA1'ms Hans Reuter Hans Reuter Advisor QE C. Begun I. Brown C. Cook C. Dobbins E. Ganske L. Hope T. Belden R. Carey C. DeVoll R. Ebert R. Hackmeister L. Howarth G. Borchart L. Kenney O. Knoll T. Held L. Humphrey L- Hanke 92 "L" CLUB Those men who have won their coveted "L" in any athletic sport or as a student manager and have met and filled the requirements set up in the constitution and by active members are eligible for membership to the NL" Club. As in the past the Club was again in charge of the successful home coming activities. The Club also sponsored a mixer and put on their annual dinner dance in May. Following the custom of other years the annual Play Day was held April 5 for students of surrounding high schools for the purpose of stimulating interest in our college, under the tutelage of the Club. To bring the school year to a grand climax the annual G. Laetch J. Mueller E. Piepcr L. Smith R. Strzelczyk B. Walter gala picnic was held and fun was had by all. ,g1'6WPI,,A B- LCMHY F- L1-'Pie D. Mayo L. Mielke E. Mueckler A. Wagner F. Werling A. NVilhelm J. Pappas 1, Pederson K. Ulichny G. Walker N. Wulk H. Reuter 93 -, 'pm ,, :gm 1' , , M5411 . lgwr. E kg 'Ewa uf! 'f' ' xabkm' fs ,., . ni , nwgs ,. f 5 1 1 1 P w 1 is "'g","34 , n ' , I+: ,..w1..:f., ,V . M E V, 1,. N xl M555 12: we "2ew,M2W N ' .wa-:uw f-Maas iw .m W ff: V11 fm ,L JW i' 1 K ., . all . X' . 1.. 4 ' , T2 i , "H .hx , I , , 1 .- 1 fggxf ww, , A , Amy , A, 5 .' A M , an ,Q ,A lx X Y . L, M' by 'Q ,, 'X 1 A 1 W M lffwslsg .. I Kg P ' 4 I ,N t s 7- in my G gt-Aft ,rfsjii ,,,.1iesQ.c,3 v-.V 'N-N .gTg+,.W2 Y Q 5 w , gg M415 M75 N VN. , gy H' I Q 9 -- -1 7 H My S ' ' , ax , W , ig- 'YQ 4 , ,T .W - . ' -1 nf' pw'-5, -1 ' -: .32 ,ff A wx 0 , Z W, D, by , , 1232 - T 'U 'w2glf5frfd2,a'iw-'5Q- ,,,, 9-rQ.QNW,, . fzif LWJ .QQQLQL1 wi: Xgimig NPV? Q-gms:-1-figgm 'Qi f lH'fJ2'f if 2' - H ' ii M N iw 'T 'V' I . af? 5 N 'A an: qv ,L , R -1 N ' ' 7:-xp, ,, 5-wif W L A Q i f T , i- . my A ,, A .A V' an L 'Q . ,t ii M ' W 1 N , 1 .f 'I-ffm,-. ' 1355. V' H wfmfi Cf' ' v IETIHCS THE IQLLO UNDEFEATED CHAMPIONS I -f I ,, X ,, I Mi M W W at-f. Front vow: Manager Iohn Zehner, Dale Larrabee, Gordon Borchart, Iaclr Belden, Edward Ganske, Cliff DeVoll, Leo Smith, Freshman Coach Monte Pelton. Middle row: Assistant Coach Floyd Gautsch, George Dileo, Ollie Knoll, Frank Werling, james Quinn, Wallace Coon, Dan Clark, Richard Lass, Fred Adams, Jack Pederson, Leon Hanke, LeRoy Miellre, Arnie Wilhelm, Karl Ulichny, Head Coach Clyde Smith. Back row: Trainer Don Lever- enz, Ed Pieper, Edmund Hughes, Russ Halford, Sherman Cooley, Ned Wullc, Bill Gramenz, Robert Ebert, Ben Walter, Art Wegner, Ted Held, Rodney Hanson, Harris Grabow, and Francis Lupie. SALUTING THE INDIANS ITH a charging line and a versatile backfield, the Indians enjoyed a highly sucf cessful season. Powerful run' ning plays were used intermitf tently with tricky passing to baffle the opposition. VERPOWERING and outsmarting their opponf ents repeatedly, the La Crosse eleven scored a total of 123 points in six games. Dick Lass led the Indian scoring parade with 42 markers and was folf lowed by Arnie Wilhelin and Leo Smith with 30 and 19 points respectively. OT to neglect our coachf ing staff for its excellent tutoring, we congratulate Head Coach Clyde Smith, his assist- ant, Floyd Gautsch, and the Freshman mentor, Monte Pelf ton, a former Indian star, a thousand fold. INDIAN SCORING RECORD Player Pos. Points Lass QHBJ f f 42 Wilhelni QFBJ f f 30 Smith QQBQ f 19 Quinn f f 6 Wegiuer QED f 6 Dileo QHBJ - f f 6 Borchart f f 6 Lupie f f f 6 DeVoll QI-IBD f 1 Pederson QCJ f 1 Total f f 123 SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 La Crosse 26 32 39 25 Opponents 3 0 O 6 96 MONG the students lost through graduation at La Crosse State are Karl Ulichny. Art Wegiier, jack Pederson, and Ernie Mueckler, all stand' outs whose loss will be keenly felt. ETTERMEN returning for the 1941 campaign are capable performers upon whom the coaching staff will greatly depend. Replacing the graduf ates will be no easy job, but with the veterans and the new' comets Clyde Smith and his co' horts will ind a host of matef rial from which to choose. ASTING fame has been achieved by the 1940 Indian football team which al- lowed its goal line to be crossed only once during the season. So we salute the 1940 undefeated champions of the Northern Conference. LA CROSSE 25 MILWAUKEE O COMBINING a strong passing attack with a powerful ground offensive, the Indians had little difficulty in annexing their first victory of the 1940 season. The visiting Green Gulls, last year's Southern Conference champs, never seriously threatened although they totaled nine first downs. La Crosse attempted 20 forward passes of which 11 were completed. Arnie Wilhelm, Dick Lass, and Gordie Borchart figured in the Indian scoring in a game which showed La Crosse State to be a strong title contender. LA CROSSE 19 STOUT 0 HOLDING a weak Stout Institute eleven at bay, the Indians registered their second consecutive win as well as their first conference victory of the season. Numerous fumbles by the La Crosse State team at inopportune times spoiled several scoring chances. Led by Arnie Willielni and Dick Lass, the Indians trampled the Blue Devils on the ground and soared over their heads in an air attack. The offense of Stout was all but a minus quantity as the ever alert defense of Clyde Smith's charges stifled its every attempt. LA CROSSE 20 SUPERIOR 9 ATTACKING with their usual vigor, the Indians dumped the visiting Yellow' jackets to hold undisputed first place in the conference standings. The Superior eleven took the lead in the first quarter on a field goal after which La Crosse made an amazing comeback to build up a comfortable advantage. In the fourth period the Indian goal line was crossed for the first and only time during the season as Americo Mortorelli, brilliant Superior back, scampered 64 yards to score for the Jackets. LA CRCSSE 7 WHITEWATER O MUFFING several scoring opportunities, the Indians tallied only one touchdown in winning their fourth consecutive contest of the year. After the La Crosse eleven had marched from its own 20 yard stripe to the hosts' one yard line, Arnie Wilhelm plunged for the score and Fran Lupie placekicked the extra point. The Indians totaled 15 first downs to the Quakers' one and were never seriously threatened by the Whitewater offense. LA CROSSE 35 RIVER FALLS O P ASSING and running through the bewildered Falcons at will, the Indians chalked up their third conference win of the season. Jim Quinn, Leo Smith, and Arnie Willielln crossed the River Falls goal line in a game which proved the Indians' power to be at its peak. The northern eleven failed to endanger the La Crosse scoring zone because of the alert Indian defense. Cliff DeVoll successfully filled the cleated shoes of the injured Dick Lass as he ran and passed effectively to aid the La Crosse State cause in its fifth consecutive triumph. LACROSSE 19 EAU CLAIRE O SANDWICHINC passes with running plays, the Indians trampled the Zornadoes at Eau Claire to cop their second consecutive conference flag. Led by Dick Lass who scored twice, and Leo Smith who tallied once, the La Crosse State eleven had little difficulty in protecting its perfect season record. The Eau Claire offense was held in check by the fighting Indian team. Thus ended a sparkling football season for L.C.S.T.C. H OO WN T T H E I D A N S T DEVOLL BORCHART SMITH PEDERSON WULK LUPIE COOLEY 98 LASS WILHELM DILEO LARRABEE GANSKE WEGNER ULICHNY 99 WERLING EBERT KNOLL QUINN BELDEN HELD WALTER 100 I w sf ss K vm as U V Qs' whip' mn mm 1.4 wav rx v. A rf 4 wi my aa an THE IQLIO LH HIGH SCORING TRIBE Front row: Cliff DeVoll, Leo Kenney, Wallace Coon, Ollie Knoll, Gordie Borchart. Back vow: Arnie Wilhelm, Ned Wulk, Lloyd Thompson, Harris Grabow, Fran Lupie. RAMBLING through most of their conference and nonfconference opponents, the La Crosse State five enjoyed a successful season. With a rec' Ord of six wins and two defeats in league play, the Indians finished second in the northern division conference standings. EMPLOYING a fast break resembling a blitzkrieg, Coach Clyde Smith's cagers totaled unusually high scores in seven games. On three occasions the Tribe totaled 70 points or more to trounce severely be' wildered competitors. La Crosse State totaled 788 points in the 15 game season. DYNAMIC floor play as well as accurate shots was also instrumental in the Hne brand of basketball displayed by the 1940f41 Indian quintet which compensated for its lack of heighth with spirit. A hard playing, hard driving, never tirf ing team was that of this school. THE SCORING RECORD Player Lupie, g f f Kenney, f f f Wulk, c - f DeVoll, g f f Borchart, f f Wilhelm, f f Knoll, g f f Thompson, f f Coon, f f f Grabow, c f Weiss, g f f Totals f f Total points average points Total points, average points F.G. F.T. T.P. 68 75 211 64 20 148 41 44 126 38 27 103 35 22 92 10 11 31 11 4 26 7 7 21 6 1 13 4 5 13 2 0 4 286 216 788 , La Crosse 788, per game, 52.5. opponents 640, per game, 42.7. 102 HIGH scorer for the La Crosse team was Francis Lupie, a native of the city, who tallied 211 points of the team total of 788. Leo Kenney folf lowed with a 148 point record for the season. Ned Wulk, Cliff DeVoll, and Cordie Bor' chart who completed the start' ing lineup totaled 126, 103 and 92 points respectively. CDNLY River Falls, Superior, and St. Marys defeated the Indians in the 15 game slate and the Tribe also triumphed over each of those three. La Crosse State presented a record of 12 wins and three reversals which is an admirable feat for any basketball team. TO look forward to a success- ful 1941-42 season is no wishful thinking. The entire roster will return for duty and will be bolstered by promising material from this year's Fresh' man squad. We salute the red hot, high scoring Indians of 194041. LA CROSSE 40 EAU CLAIRE 35 LA CROSSE 72 EAU CLAIRE 56 LED by Fran Lupie and Leo Kenney who tallied 14 and 11 points respectively, the Indians def feated the Zornadoes on the northern court. La Crosse took an early lead which it never relinf quished although Eau Claire drew dangerously close near the end of the contest. Eau Claire invaded the Indian gym later in the season and absorbed another defeat. The La Crosse five pulled away from the visitors midway in the first half and continued to administer a decisive drubbing. Cliff DeVoll sparked the Tribe with a 20 point total. LA CROSSE 50 STOUT 44 LA CROSSE 57 STOUT 46 ALTHOUGH faced with a stubborn Stout quintet at Menomonie, the Indians chalked up a victory in their Hrst meeting with the Institute. The lead changed hands several times, but with Gordie Borchart and Fran Lupie leading the way with 15 and 14 points respectively, the men of Smith emerged the winners. Stout again proved to be strong competition in the tilt played on the local floor, but the Tribe's fast break led by Fran Lupie and Leo Kenney with 15 points each offfset the Northerners' height advantage. LA CROSSE 60 RIVER FALLS 62 LA CROSSE 70 RIVER FALLS 38 COACH Clyde Smith's cagers were toppled in a heartfbreaker in their initial meeting with the Falcons. The Indians staged a sizzling rally in the late stages of the game but were unsuccess' ful in their attempt to close the gap. Ned Wulk led the La Crosse offense with 19 points. It was a different story, however, when River Falls invaded the local lair. The Falcons were hot in the opening minutes of the game, but soon were swept off their feet by the onrushing Tribe quintet. Fran Lupie and Leo Kenney led the La Crosse scoring with 18 and 15 points respectively. LACROSSE 36 SUPERIOR 61 LACROSSE 56 SUPERIOR 54 RAMPAGINC Yellowjackets stung the Indian five repeatedly at the Superior gym in administering a stiff defeat. Faced by a quintet out for blood, the small La Crosse team had little chance to show its power. Cliff DeVoll was the only Tribesman to penetrate the tight Superior defense as he tallied 10 points to pace the Indian offensive thrust. The Northerners invaded the La Crosse court and had things their own way until the closing stages of the tilt when a do-orfdie drive on the Indians' part tied the score with substitute Lloyd Thompson in the leading role. In the overtime period Fran Lupie brought his game total to 17 points as he scored the final and decisive basket. Cliff DeVoll followed Lupie with a 15 point total. LA CROSSE 48 PLATTEVILLE 41 LA CROSSE 46 PLATTEVILLE 23 GN the Miners' floor the Indians were forced to play at top speed to administer defeat to the hosts. There were 35 personal fouls called in the free scoring tussle which saw Fran Lupie and Gordie Borchart pace the La Crosse offense with 13 and 9 points respectively. The Tribe encountered little difficulty in stopping the Platteville five in the local gym. Leo Kenney with 12 points and Fran Lupie with 8 aided the Indians' cause offensively, while the defensive play of Cliff DeVoll was out- standing. LA CROSSE 56 WINONA 33 LA CROSSE '74 WINONA 33 STOPPINC the Wiiioiia offense repeatedly, the Indians downed the Gophers on the foreign floor. La Crosse was delayed in displaying its power by a shaky start, but once in the groove played inspired ball. Fran Lupie paced the Tribe with 14 points. Winona fared even worse in the meet' ing of the teams in the local gym. Brilliant playing and deadly shooting gave the men of Smith another feather in their headfdress. Fran Lupie again solved the Winoxia defense, this time for 24 points. LA CROSSE 39 ST. MARYS 29 LA CROSSE 41 ST. MARYS 53 STELLAR playing on the part of the Indians enabled them to triumph over the St, Marys quintet on the local floor. The visitors took an early lead after which the La Crosse Hve forged ahead and coasted to victory. Leo Kenney and Fran Lupie led the Tribe with 11 and 10 points respectively. The Redmen successfully avenged their earlier defeat by downing the Indians in the Minnesota gym. After a nip and tuck first half, La Crosse fell behind and didn't seriously threaten. Fran Lupie tallied 17 points to pace the Tribe. LA CROSSE 43 CARROLL 32 EXHIBITING the deadly fast break for which they were feared, the Indians stopped the Pioneers on the Carroll College floor. La Crosse held a comfortable lead at the half and staved off a Carroll rally in the final period. Fran Lupie tallied 16 points from his guard position to spark the Tribe to victory. 103 BORCHART LUPIE KENNEY DEVOLL WULK GRABOW THOMPSON COON WILHELM KNOLL 41, I , ua B. iw sa' 1 "lx ,xx ii- nr, ty. 'wfgff Q1 fx ,Z IQ f' "' ' 3 ,fd Q I' ' mx- H mmm mm gn 'ff X w uw! w 2 M f S BWV na , rv-iigx - we A Q ,, Hg. www 'Amt 'Rl x K H, w 1 nu 1 H V ,ui::,rfg ff,-u 1,135 Q X x x iw 5 has , u ww . 1 1 wma . -.. H 1 ffwfy gif, 2 4 i,'.1ff JK U: S , ,. X Ai? rf" 21331: -, N 4 f- NIH N, ,. xg N SW 'W 'A 25332 ss: QEEMPZHQ 1'E3b 5 F3 i N 511.4 w x 'iam-fm .QW-fss My Q THE IQLLO-LH STATE TANK CHAMPIONS Front row: Jack Brown, George Haertlein, Ralph Spears, Harry Batchelder, Bill Loushine, Bernard Brault, Francis Bradford, Royal Hachmeister, Ted Held. Back row: Coach F. I. Lipovetz, Don Keenan, Ralph Thul, Adrian Lenz, Orville Genz, Captain Lyle Hope, Clarence Scherr, Frank Martin, Jack Boheim. SALUTING THE INDIANS YEARS have been few since La Crosse State inauguf rated swimming as a major sport. After four years of existance and hard knocks, the Indian tankers finally won a state championship. DGING out its traditional rival, Milwaukee, by two points, the La Crosse team emerged from the water the best in the state for the 194041 sea' son. The state meet was held in the pool of Stout Institute. MONG those on the pres' ent swimming roster are two charter members of the team, jack Pederson, 194Of41 manager, and the reliable Lyle Hope, l940f41 captain. ECEIVING six set-backs in nine starts during the past season, the Indians were rated as dark horses for the state meet. Inspired to the height perfection by Coach Ferd Lipovetz, the tankers churned the water to defeat the favorites. THE SCORING RECORD Swimmer Points Bill Loushine f f 79.5 Frank Martin f f 59.67 Orville Genz ' f 40 Clarence Scherr - f 33 Ralph Thul ikjack Boheim f f 30.5 f f 27 - f 24 Bernard Brault Lyle Hope f f f 19.2 Jack Brown f f 18.67 Adrian Lenz ' f ll Ralph Spears f ' 10.5 :l'Harry Batchelder f f 5 Don Keenan f f 4 'l:Francis Bradford f f 1 Ted Held ffff 1 i5'Entered second semester 106 FOREMOST in the La Crosse scoring was Bill Loushine, captain-elect for the 194142 season, who tallied 79.5 points. Frank MHHID was runnerup in the scoring column with a 59.67 total. NLY four years ago Ferd Lipovetz issued a call to all men interested in swimming. During the first season the team earned a .500 rating with two victories in four meets. NDER the patient and inf structive guidance of Lip' ovetz the La Crosse State swim' mers steadily improved and be' came strong contenders but were always second best in the state until this year. ATED now as the best of its kind in Wisconsin, the Indian team looks forward to a successful l94lf42 season with several of its stars returning for another year of high spirited swimming. So we salute the state swimming champions of La Crosse State. THE IQLLO-LH LA CROSSE GYM STARS BOB SCHEID COACH REUTER ARCHER MOHR CLESSON COOK BRUCE CAMPBELL DAVE MAYO BERNIE LE MAY SALUTING THE INDIANS REATLY handicapped by the lack of material, not in quality but in number, the gym team had a season less eventful than its seasons in the past. There were only six members on the gym squad during the 1940f41 period of competition. The roster was comprised of three veterans, Clesson Cook, Bernie Le May, and Dave Mayo, all Class B competitors, and three freshmen, Bruce Campbell, Archer Mohr, and Bob Scheid, Class C. entrants. Le May copped first place in the Class B open com' petition at the Northwest Gymnastic Association meet at Minneapolis. ESTERYEARS have produced stronger gym teams at La Crosse State, but no coach could ask for better performers then Cook, Le May, and Mayo, the torchfbearers on this year's squad, who starred on those more successful teams. The freshman trio looked promising but inexperienced and is expected to improve sufficiently to Hll the vacated shoes of the former gym stars of this college. Only two meets were scheduled during the season, one with Luther College in which the Indians lost by a narrow margin, and the other at the N.Cf.A. classic at Minneapolis. ANY will bc the openings for newcomers next season with Cook and Le May lost through graduation and with Mayo the only polished experienced competitor returning. It is the be- lief of gym enthusiasts that Coach Hans Reuter will again produce his powerful gym teams as he has done in the past as soon as he is able to knit together a squad of experienced men. Reuter, for many years a top ranking coach and president of the N. G. A., this year declined the presif dency which was again offered him. So we salute the 19404941 gym stars of La Crosse State. 107 THE I9llI LA CROSSE DIAMONDEERS nil Front row: F. Werling, O. Knoll, W. Coon, G. Borchart, L. Smith, W. Loushine, S. Nerby. Middle row: A. Kube, D. Nashold, E. Pieper, B. Shelley, N. Wulk, F. Lupie, R. Hoffman, A. Wilhelm, L. Riebe, E. Ressler. Back vow: H. Rilling, R. Kreutz, I.. Lucltke, B. Leland, I. Allen, R. Sengbush. SALUTING THE INDIANS NEEDING little except some moral support, the La Crosse State baseball team looks forward to a successful season. Last year the Indians copped the conference championship with little trouble. The 1940 season record was eight wins and one defeat. A total of ten games is slated for the team this year, and several open dates may be filled in to add more thrills to the season. IMPRESSIVE was the hurling of Arnie Wilhelm during the 1940 campaign as he pitched himself to seven consecutive triumps. The star Indian moundsman chucked 65 innings during which he whiffed 56 batsmen, walked 17, allowed 41 hits and Z5 runs. His earned run average for seven games was 1.5 which is masterful pitching in any league. NEEDING only an experienced catcher, Coach Clyde Smith has a wealth of material from which to choose. Smith has his choice of Ned Wulk or Ed Pieper for first sackers, Gorclie Borchart or Ray Sengbush at the keystone bag, Bob Hoffman or Wallace Coon at the shortstop position, and Rod Hanson, Mel Hanson, Leo Smith, or Bill Loushine for the hot corner. ENGAGED in the outfield race are Fran Lupie, Bud Shelley, Russ Braun, Art Kube, Porter Davis, Les Ludtke, and Tink Rilling. Shel Nerby, formerly a moundsman, is leading the race for the receiver's position with plenty of competition from Ed Ressler, Marv Haug, Frank Werling, Ray Anderson, and Wilfred Van Able. In addition to Wilhelm on the firing line are Ollie Knoll, Don Nashold, and Bob Kreutz. So we salute the 1941 diamondeers. THE I9LlI LA CROSSE THINCLADS Front -row: T. Nugent, I. Pittman, K. Powers, G. Day. Middle row: G. Walker, R. Carey, C, Thomas, G. Haertlein, D. Gardner, B. Brault, E. Mueckler. Back row: Coach Gautsch, W. Cummings, Birchall, Keppel, Woodworth, L. Mielke, C. Cook, W. Sroka, L. Christus. SALUTING THE INDIANS OUBTFUL but not unskilled is the track team for the 1941 season. Coach Floyd Gautsch must find material to replace last year's stars who did not return for the 1941 campaign, jerry Mueller, Ted Wheelock, Bud Hughes and Waldemar Wiederhoeft, all lettermen who helped shoulder the weight of the 1940 attack. I quartet of monogram winners have returned, Ernie Muekler, Bob Carey, John Birchall, and Gordie Walker, all outstanding performers in their respective events. The loss of Bud Hughes is probably the greatest blow to Gautsch's hopes, for it was upon this Milwaukeean whom he def pended in the high jump and weight competition. CHEDULED for this season are six meets, two relays, two duals, an invitational, and a confer' ence classic. Other material reporting to aid the returning lettermen are Greg Adams, Bernie Brault, Bill Cummings, Gerald Day, DonleyDevendorf, Don Gardner, Clesson Cook, George Haertlein, john Kenney, Dave Mayo, and LeRoyMielke. HANDY men to have around also, and upon whom Gautsch will depend to round out the team, are Erling Odeguard, Roger Stoede, Bud Thomas, Jack Woechner, and john Zehner. Third place winners last year in conference competition, the Indians will be fighting hard to better the 1940 record. So we salute the 1941 La Crosse thinclads. THE I9llI LA CROSSE LINKSMEN First row: I. Kersey, A. Mac Niven, D. Kalus, E. Ganske. Second row: Coach Wittich, L. Hope, Bruins, G. Vfeiss, Sayer, R. Hachmeister. SALUTING THE INDIANS FACING a field of stiff competition this season, the golf team under the direction of Walter J. Wittich hopes to duplicate last year's feat of copping the state championship. In the state meet in 1940 the Indian linksmen were over 30 strokes below their closest opponents. With such a record the 1941 team anxiously surveys the possibilities for this season. N this year's team are such returning stars as Ed Ganske, Otto Weiss, Lyle Hope, and Roy Hachmeister, each better than he was during the 1940 campaign. In spite of this material and in spite of the addition of Dick Tausche, Coach Wittich is destined to feel the loss of Scotty Mac Niven and Danny Kalus. RAMBLING over their opponents at will last year, the Indians were feared by each competitor. Pictured above is this powerful and skilled aggregation of the 1940 season. The 1941 golf team does not have a mass photograph this year because the annual went to press before a photograph could be made. ENGRAVINGS at the bottom of the page show members of the present team in action. It is upon these golfers that the chances for a second consecutive state championship depend. Win or lose, these stars are everyone accomplished men on the golf course. So we salute the 1941 La Crosse linksmen. THE IQLH TRIBE COURT MARSHALS ' First row: W. Bohrnstedt, L. Kenney, C. Nader. Second row: D. Hoffman, S. Lawerence, D. Bertbrong, T. Held, Coach Miller. SALUTING THE INDIANS S for the ability of the 1941 tennis team, we may rest assured it rates high. The Indian courtiers last season were very strong and were runnersfup in the state tournament. Leo Kenney was the outstanding man on the 1940 team and is returning for another season of competition as are Charlie Nader and Ted Held. OMPLETING the 1941 roster are some very promising newcomers, Don Berthrong, Wayne Bohrnsteclt, Sid Lawerence, and Jumbo Hoffman. It is with these recruits that Coach Leon Milf ler plans to fill the vacancies left by the loss of last year's stars Bob McDonald, John Koetting, Mike Convis, and Bob Faas. EXCELLENT playing on the part of Leo Kenney has assured him of the number one position on the 1941 team. The rest of the players in their proper order following Kenney are Berthrong, Nader, Bohrnstedt, Held, Hoffman, and Lawerence. So we salute the 1941 tribe court marshals. k r I THE ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL WITTICH REUTER WHITNEY MITCHELL WEGNER MILLER SMITH KEMSKE DE VOLL ROVANG SALUTING THE INDIANS CTING more or less in the background but carrying plenty of weight is the athletic board of A- control. The complete athletic program of the college falls under the jurisdiction of the board. Among its duties are finances, sanction of schedules, and action upon the recognition of the various coaches concerning the distribution of letters. It is this board which is very active but of which we hear only little because of its silent working machinery. BOARD members number seven from the faculty and three from the student body. The students represented by Dorothy Kemske, Art Wegner, and Cliff DeVoll. Miss Kemske is active in girls' athletics, while Wegner is a football star and DeVolI shines on both the gridiron and the basketball court. . COMPLETING the board are the faculty members, three of whom hold oiices. Walter J. Wit' tich is the director of the board, Hans C. Reuter is the secretary, and Clayton A. Whitney serves as treasurer. Other faculty members are Theodore Rovang, Leon Miller, Rexford Mitchell, and Clyde B. Smith. So we salute the 194041 athletic board of control. II3 MEN'S INTRAMURAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION QPERATING under a new setfup the Men's Intramural Athletic Association enjoyed a very suc- cessful season and an unusually large turnout during the past year. Each male La Crosse State enrollee automatically became a M.I.A.A. member when he paid his tuition, whereas in the past it was necessary to pay a fifty cent registration fee to join the organization. There appear above photo- graphs of some of the M.I.A.A. supervisors. 114 Water Basketball was directed by Scotty MacNiven. Lyle Hope's "Water Lillies" def fended their title as champs with an enviable record of no defeats for the second consecutive season. Charlie Nader successfully defended his FALL SPORTS LYLE HOPE, Chairman The touchffootball tournament was conduct' ed under the supervision of Leslie Seno. The champions of the circuit were "Dopey's Did' dlersf' DOPEY'S DIDDLERS Porter Davis Lloyd Thompson Martin Dobbert Edward Ressler T John Keppel Melville Hanson Brian Rude Paul Schwartz Lester Ludtke M.I.A.A. ALLAMERICAN TEAM Lloyd Thompson-End Melvin Erickson-Center Leo Kenney-End Bill Loushine-Back John Woodworth-Back Gordon Rabehl-Back Robert Gerletti-Back title as tennis champion in the net tournament conducted by Leo Kenney. Bernard Samp copped the golf crown in a tournament supervised by Roy Hachmeister. Adrian Lenz had charge of fall archery which enjoyed a large turn-out. WATER LILLIES Lyle Hope Jack Brown Willialii Loushine Ralph Thul Orville Genz Robert Scheid James Benedict WINTER SPORTS The "Smoochers" and the L'Feather Mer' chants" tied for first place honors in the basket' ball league standings and in the tournament un' der the direction of Jack Belden. THE COfCI-IAMPIONS SMOOCHERS John Woodworth Clifford Thomas Robert Faas Richard Tausche Gregory Adams Russell Halford George Thompson wa agar Us www Q HWQQXEQH mm .a ' is s mama at s H s s aah was an Em as-as E is I B ,Q M agar :zz 5555 E san. is spa an as as isis gs R 2522: :Lass . . H - FEATHER MERCHANTS gg S2 :g'g.:3.g,..g,g W SEN 'MT' sms-iss s Q Carroll Sorenson jf.: B 'mfg W Bud Taylor 'gt E, . W5 sms ' 5- is is aw Porter Davis 2 wg 15? Lester Ludtke W M Robert Hastings Donald Gardner Roger Stroede Matthew Calclerwood Robert Weisbecker, chairman of the bowling tourney, was also a member of the pin champs, "Peelis Bad Boys." Brian Rude with an average of 165 pins was the champion individual bowler. PECK'S BAD BOYS Robert Weisbecker Robert Kreutz Henry Seppanen Brian Rude Monte Pelton Robert Hastings won the ping pong tournaf ment out of a field of 28 competitors. Ned Wulk supervised the classic. Robert Strzelczyk managed the badminton tourney in which he copped the crown. In mixed doubles Henry Seppanen and Margaret i-f was-is his Ms, as-is QQ . 's ppm- we -me is W. an Walsh downed Harry Batchelder and Marian Nowak for the championship. Jack Pederson's volley ball team won the title after a roundfrobin tournament conducted by james Quinn. PEDERSON'S TEAM jack Pederson Roy Bahnson Harris Grabow Ole Oines 116 Oliver Knoll Everett Lunde Bernard Le May QMWSQ ,, gagging Mammalia: grsfmzif' ' .gfwg is-. ,' .Q ' N--.M l ' , 1 ,Qs-W , 1. ,- I K Mfr' .q.'q'.q- f - ., Edina... ,asf-. 1 SPRING SPORTS Four sports highlighted the 1941 spring sport program, softball, horseshoe, archery, and golf. Because the annual went to press before the tour' naments were completed it is impossible to name the champions in each field. The softball league, under the direction of Robert Ebert, was comprised of six entrants, Beta Sigma Chi, Phi Kappa Epsilon, Jeiferson's Team, Sword's Team, Sends Team, and the "Clippers" A roundfrobin tournament was played and was followed by an elimination playoff. A large Held of entrants was attracted to the horseshoe tossing tourney supervised by Leo Kenney. Archery directed by Adrian Lenz, and golf supervised by Roy Hachmeister each saw a large field of participants as the spring M.I.A.A. atb, letic program swung into action. U ws, - 'LMA ......,,.,...r.. W. R. A. ACTIVITIES HOCKEY Another successful season of hockey was completed under the direction of Harriet Forsythe. In the annual class tournament the Sophs became champs by defeating the Juniors and Seniors. Watch out for them next year! The annual SeniorfAlumnae game proved to be a thriller, the score resulting in a tie, O'O. The alumnae of next fall will be 'gon guard." SOCCER A soccer tournament popped up in the form of a challenge, the juniors inviting the Seniors to a threefgame playfoif. The Juniors were taken, two games in a row. Let's see more soccer games in the future. 118 DANCE Orehesis, led by Janet Ruggles, enjoyed an eventful year. The Christmas program brought forth a new note and meaning to those many people who watched "The Juggler", "Childrens Prayer", and other colorful numbers. Doree Winetzki, the "Juggler", has been developing new talent for Orchesis through her junior Orchesis dance group. Here is an opportunity for those girls who desire to express themselves in dance and musical compositions. Come one, come all. SWIMMING Maudie Pfeifer working with Lyle Hope and the varsity swim team and outstanding W.R.A. swimmers put on the Nautical Review of 1940. Exhibition strokes, water ballet, comic relays, forma' tion and tandem swimming, comic and competitive diving featured the program. Splash parties and social swims attracted many mermaids and lifefguards during the year. 119 .mt .E . fZ.v . -mv f' rl fl T rl su sl lm ss asm warns s sims s a ssgrlss -as ss- gvfg- ss ,,3E.E,..rg:R:5sI Drain- -misses- .-:M an :ws M wuts. as nu nmgm lm ns -mga H ns gm- H Bw... VOLLEYBALL Each year a bigger and better sports program is conducted for the women, and volleyball under Helen Asp proved to be most popular. Mixed teams engaged in a round'robin tournament. Because of the large number of girls participating, two class teams for each class were chosen to play in a class singlefelimination tourney. Although the Freshmen put up a stiff battle, they lost to the Seniors. BASKETBALL Florence "Peanuts" Prybylowski ably arranged the very successful basketball season. Three diff ferent tournaments were played, mixed-teams, house, and class. The house tourney proved to be the most interesting-rivalry and fast play resulted in exciting games. Haines' House became the dark horse champs by defeating Dorm Two. In the class tourney-all honor and glory to the juniors! May they be as successful next year. 120 lF"' .f Q mn wa lm nm m-m 4 fum rar a 0 Q we we H-w U'E w . M gym H H mm :A M n um.. mn mm nm H mwigm mnmsmn u sms mam amnmxm msmsw naman a a B nm mm any msmgw :naman spa Emswwm smug xwkmnx ms nm a uma aww m BQEE -xlwii f W-S8-B83 I E WEEEQB -:my M Q' 'Mew .ga H N - ' A Z M . . ss 'V .. XX fi 1, wnai .swam U gow I .., PI' 1 xii ' H ' H 3 S.. 3' e - , -1-H .iz , Q w Ewa XM H Y L... - :.. , ., , Q 3 W is BWBW M ,,.Q ll Q A V Y In .E M M ,, Q, 5 Hugo, 1: E... .ww EW - - y,-w MW ., A w m :H F " A ww E - , A .' . ,Y :, -- -mamma Un Hows. ma ss is U1 2.1 i ,f-. . , I A x r r 'K H ws-ww - V, . af' , 1 Wxw rgEg,gf':' -'fEf-',?nwxem- L,', . HHHE1 H. 3-f., 7i95f1w2',h fr Nm rug-32 -ww -H-Si . :U'ff1A ' ' " iwm W.UT .rm- 1 . . . WINTER SPCRTS .K ggi' Skiing, skating, and tobogganing proved the favorite winter activities for many W.R.A. mem bers. The Sophomores enjoyed their morning outing at the golf club. W,R.A. aided in the enter tainment of the large group from Northwestern at the winter sports weekend in February. 121 SEASONAL SPORTS Bowling was enjoyed by many girls even though the season was short. Mixed bowling attracted some of the girls. Archery was held in the fall and again in the spring. We hope to see more out shooting next year. Badminton tournaments of singles, doubles, and mixedfdoubles brought forth many new players. All the above sports were under the direction of Glenna "Chris" Cross. A new activity under W.R.A. was handicraft, ably directed by Charlotte "Chuck" Carey. In the manual arts room the girls turned out everything from novelty pins to photo albums. Let's see this worthwhile activity continued. Tennis, a favorite spring activity, was handled this year by Madeline Mathison. A, B, and C flights provided an opportunity for players of all ability. A new feature this year was the doubles and mixed doubles tournaments. 122 HIKING AND HOSTELING Hiking and hosteling are two time-proven popular activities for many enthusiasts. The popular hiking spots are Grandad, Miller's, Cliffwood, and Smith Coulee. Those who have never slid down Devil's Path have a treat in store-ask the Dormites. Bikes are in evidence everywhere and the hostels at Holmen, Stoddard, and Green Acres bid you welcome. For those who like longer trips, bike up to Wiiiona, returning on the Wisconsin side. Beautiful! BASEBALL Baseball, that ever popular sport for everyone. Flight and class tournaments under the direc' tion of Helen Buelke will provide excitement and fun for all. The Seniors are out to defend their title held from last year. I 123 ii M V1 win-1-....g:"H 32 f :S V5 am X 2? 5 -1, I frm' 1 5 N? Q2 -Www fw4s.A.51,w, 2 ' Q - TmWr--- .fm L.: 53' ff' .:. . E V . QSY ., K Yiwu Y. , 'Y 'rv mn y -- , ..::.m'-x.:. z.:-f ..o-I- 1? 5 :.:--5. - - Q I ,L f I " CF 1 df URIES Ps: Kocfrfzu vwboes 41 A+ -I-he Game saver M Og7Ue PPG' D8H'q p ""7' "f"vrN m. Fwig K lf' Glee Club' Phi Kappa.. Epsilon 126 Ou1' gona Mon-rqfnq OFF S upex-for B. 71" . Hold Haul Line f x Walffnq For Hne Pax-ude , v n S.T.C. Queens Flouf Science Club SCCOYIJGVQ EJ- Club ,. 11 if Al PAL, 3' 71, N fx , 7? DA wx x00 'A"0:'f Super-for iaiol oul' Elernenharq Club SNQQWOX A Q Q ' . '24, , S , .Q -VE, Tiny yi, .A " Fimshfnq Touc,I'1esio'w'inninq Flood' - ' Rbral LHS Clbbv . A Bewildered Don Blond cutie Sports editor at work Business manager deluxe The slave driver Caught unawares The urzderpup Cuddles at it again Racket in the racquet office Corzcentratirzg on 128 .QP Ahhh! Coy? Oh, what a face! Sofofo big! Three old maids After the fire Wlzat, no--? M07'11i71s after Phifed lassitude Sm-ip poker 129 v .xr ffligf.-Q . ii ,Q . Q , W M2 .Y V as - I f " rt, li.: -Xe. .NM Colgates just advertising Gay Nineties Pleased Christening of Nlollyfffow Faculty songsters Carle, C.P.T. student Cats Outside reading Bluffevs 130 54.5 Wi, x ,X M , , uw Charge it Freshman debate just kids The come on! The three dopes Cigarette Ad Fenske explains Cutiefboy Star gazing 131 Qi'-ff 'Sf -1.5 3 w 9 l 9 Q , F o 4 Ovff ba y ! fx Ofv' V A Ban SY., ' 0 h I + f9 f'- QM ,I N N N iiwg E ,e-P:-fii . .""" yi ' - -if glwffzffixzfg xx V M3 C-93-13? -5: N l ' X"'Ffwg1'+-Po.QK.e?' '2' 9 0'r2f1if"9'f"',n9'5 ' - Q U 3 + + X y lnmm g , f , hiv E LN DUIHH 3 M ' - - .LY . . ' , 1 iiw 1X1'-f+f-- w a!gmeL l if lh'g3l,.:v-li5I7 E if - 'P Ig H?1'liff.. E,-M i + f 'T" ? ':7lg,LTfC.T1"'.,fT,"I'fQ'-'Jx ,,.lQ,X!'! M, H. , in 5 --...L wif-ral, 1 . M M Tnonn. mu-'Y'c.s ' J 44 C '- ,1 f - 1 2 L, 0 Wg, 1 6 0 ,ii ffm A ' M 1 ,JT is L. iliof-2 F' rff'?'E'E'?:R?f N, 3 4 Q N 4 hr'-Q fry I A , h 1 ftnj meanfe , .l, 2 X 1. f yngnej filo ,.... 'Feraefhe - his-'Perma-n - f I X X x i.. , N ' xy JQCK Pederson Yi 'qi I !""""- ,Ji '7-A t ,T T Kami? I . " X, ,f b ,,f"vX 1 V ff I-1, f K X ' lx N ,zlat-'II A A I S 'QA N most Gf' wi Nil P Z: " . i J . j' 1 if if X:.."4'9' jj " E2 , 0 A C Q 1 qi -R' + 16, W . :Q iw X VK 'Jig E 5 0 f s. -,-f"'Z?- A W l ., . Z' . .Q-5 9 , .1 . . g ' Y ig : . M M Z Lf -Y' i - -1-V .X- - E - W ,,,.,. I . fgjg if H, W V - .. ' ,M '- HH Q- HB - --zz . - I 3 i I ff ' ',x, :': 4 :': 9- :': - W . ,Qgk ffg ,4!5'UP 'J 3 t I 5 4 Mau-V4 . f -' - fifgiii - . ,g W I Z Mi- i-:X H -Wg: 5 .fx - Kr H gag V if 1 T, - W r - -3, .wwf wqffgggnwgg ,, .,'.W,f, 134 qflrf-5,415 -' X 1. 1 H Ig 'P 1 fl f W g A 14 K NFXMJXJ . gf! if 1' K J xi M40 ,,,,c,+ W ll I Q42 , , Q W Q ff Q ,U W X V- f f W Q QW S S MQM6 I X ii! X , xv f I . --,X .. . V . N A ,L W' ' " A -I -696.-vi -'Q"LYf' A V KR 5 1 y 4 A : M . k'WNv's' Hua:-lffgwi 4'-Txff ' 135 K 1 k. . ,lj N N Q Cheese cake? Dizzy Dean? The Dow house Rosie Margie Criss Shelley Sam Sebell Portrait of a student 136 M1 G. Moon Chinlq Going places fast Om gang The class W. R. A. W'e'Te off Up 41 fence Off to sail Rogues' gallery Spring cleaning Alice After a lmrcl clay's work? 137 fe nw ss- paw fa X I-T uma H X. gym- we am Foufrsome Not dancing? A cute one ss an ss- www-s ,my ,QT , AXSKTVW ia,-,X 5 ww E ss ' sf .A M? M -fm L ' na ss ss mama as w. m mm m na 1554 Q: gn m- an ima m a nm mm xl zz ' f : ' 1 2 ss Z.. H'- 1 ss rf ss B W f an M in 'r Romance How? Dow house in Packy and Pam Cleo and Bill 138 va A H ' V -Q uma, v'. ss mess v E ww ss - zz ss -lm an m a ms .s ms Her Man! action N19-41" Cute dog 5? fa gs ff K wma-.11 gs 1 E .f as am-Q-w 5 E S8 E E W 7 ' Wm WM :.:f H V W :,H.gQQM,,5 ' S335 W'm-'QP11-A J," Q.. , .4 ,Q1 W-me ., ...swf I : -gf -- 513 9 5 ' ri x., a.:-,fn,gS5g7:553g2 ,.: ' - -, .f'FQP4g-5, ge, I- Mg. is w is "fax -P-.S K." ,uf - fbvfaff 7mg e H 95 -t Y, 4 wifi..- '?57'H'L.3-M F?'W,Qmfp9QfW Q A' 'r ou, w ,-H,- 3, Aff- ja: f. 3' 'fffxh--wa I ' ' - . - 3 :ww we Mamma. anim K---Ms Us Us . Us :zz wma m w F P ww vw Em y.. m sw H yJ:5gws gm-mggm ms QE?w.,., vp. Beam w mfkwmw sf, s H ,sims Off to Milwalekee Student A Toast Twosome At Mitchells A hike Beezo Pals It's this way-Leo Bluffin' alone? Short Forseth House Suvming 139 3 1 4 I 140 W 141 ,, , Margie Goldust Twins Eddie juggle?-Dmfee Leaning Post Waiting at the gate for f f ? Irie Scene for a hike A 'record collection Cheerleaders Betty Doaj 142 F N Dow house A picnic Dottie Speak! A debate Beta Tumblers Concentration Practice teaching-remember? Bedtime story All school picnic At the game 143 A X Q"W ,- , .,,.. gf". ' Elm! l ,,M, i . . I :sap 42:-mg -."3'I"1J'Q','l' '?'I3-2,.f,ifE'?'Ev.":ff ...,. A--FE'l'1?"II Ml--H-Fx'-:-sis!-,inf , D ez-2'-3-".-:-jf! Q - .... , 14 ' M' 4 ps, .5 ,V f, 1 , ' W Q 'f 5 'sf ., ...,,,u .Q ,Q f . -?'5XA' ' " " '- -5 - f f 59, , gi X Y it fl. ffjiwf ,' e. 1 Y ,i lin,- , .::-N . gn- ,, Q - . . .. , ,,,-W 1 -may . Vu- . A11 armful Radiator cap A lectuve Ballet The quins Ma1'gie Lost in a fog Dot on the flying tvfapeze Happy thought Inow pronounce you Betty 144 Forest scene Coeds Dode Now look here! L.S.A. meeting place At the races A chat Cast of Dear Brutus Playboy We study Dear Brutus 345 i X At it again Glamour boys Studying Lab "and againn ?i-ng up 146 . is 5 -4-'.' -prmv' i Sweet William and Count Rumford Wolf Werling Teaching the tliree R's Marx Brothers Dapper Don An oldffasliioned "Lookout" Smoky Janie, ATK pledge Crack Mutt and Oolqle the dictator "Own Groucho . 147 Illlllllllllllll lllll llllllllll "La Crosse's Favorite" THE STAFF SUPER CREAMED Wishes to Thank All Those Who ICE CREAM Helped Make This Book 706 S. 16th Street Phone 857 La Crosse, Wis. Possible QUALITY MEATS Kienahss FINE SAUSAGES ower Shops I SCl1'lJ.l9e1'1Z Bros. KIENAHS 311 North 13th Street FOR FLOWERS WE sincerely thank ALL MERCHANTS who have helped us by advertising in our ANNUAL Patronize Merchants Who Have Advertised In This Section For Those Who Enjoy G O O D F O O D Bodega Lunch Club lnnunllulu lnnnnnlnuuannumanulnlnnulnnulunnn EVERYTHING IN MUSIC AND RADIO Largest Stock of Records Leithold Piano Co 221-223 Main Street Quality - Service Crerner'S Jewelry Store RJ 0 CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST ICI CPIAH ' Phone 3630 La Crosse, Wis. Modern Laundrq and Drq Cle.-:minq Co. 212-218 5TH AVENUE SO. "A Friendly, Dependable Cleaning Institution" Phone 388 EXCLUSIVE LICENSEES IN LA CROSSE AND VICINITY OF THE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED SANITONE DRY CLEANING SYSTEM uunnnulnunm nnnlnlnlnululIllIInnIuIlnlllnlunllnlnlln YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE More than a Store Li n Community Institution ' WISHES YOU SUCCESS Il0ERFlINGER'S Quahty Grocery The Heart 1802 State Street of , La Crosse IT PLEASES US TO PLEASE YOU WEISBECKER PRINTING CO. 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La Crosse, Wisconsin I llltl I Compliments of . . . Tires - Batteries - Lubrication STRAND RIVIERA RIVOLI M. Cities K001- A N D SeI'VlCe Mgtgr WISCONSIN Ethyl t Gas Leath 8: Company IN THE HOESCHER BLDG. CQMPLETE A Longer Run in Every Gallon HOME FURNISHERS . . . Linse Service Statlon . "Official Campus Station" Free Delivery- Terms Phone 3385-M 1805 State St. I am more than pleased with the pictures and the co- operation given by the studio. -L. Butenhoft Helen Asp says: "l'm very well satisfied with my pic- tures." Have your pictures done at Habermans il you would like to see yourself at your best. -Chris Cross Am very well pleased with my pictures. -Charles Nader Elayne Callaway says: "Very Well satisfied, and Broke". tl don't think we took all of it.l We like our pictures and are more than satisfied with them. -Mary Dillon-Maudie Pfeiffer -Kate Buresh-lean Netteshein "Ol-l, I LIKE THEM!" Those are the words we heard with just about every order We delivered. lt has always been our aim to completely satisfy each customer and we are confident that the Class of 1941 will never regret having given us the contract to make their photo- graphs. We want to thank the students for their co-operation and we have thoroughly enjoyed work- ing tor them. We Wish them every success. Sincerely, THE HABERMANS Haberrnans offered the Annual Staff the best in photog- raphy and the utmost in cooperation. -Charles Begun 152 l recommend Habermans for their courteous manners and concise workmanship. -Mildred Waters Work is O.K. -Ed Ganslce Best work that l have ever had done. -Glenn Thomas SUPERB - considering the subject. -S. H. Nerby Mabel Vaughn, La Verne Doerinq and Evelyn Zietlow all are satisfied with their pictures and like them very much. llnllnunu nnulnn uln uullnlll Roses Jewelry Store Serving LaCrosse Since 1856 COLLEGE GIFTS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS 310 Main Street K ep in Shape the Year 'Round by Bowling at the Air-Conditioned PLA - MORE LANES Across from the Market Square Compliments of H A R M O N Y C A F E Corner of Third cmd State Marv Janes Pure Oil Station NM: 'H Treat Your Car As You Treat Yourself Give It Nothing But the Best Pure A IT PAYS TO PLAY s 8. H sPoR'I' sr-1oP BORDEN'S Sport Clothing and Equipment for Every Occasion VISIT OUR PLANT ?e if it LSL! Jn, .ii .5 "tt' T f 1 A- E Dolly Madison Dairies Phone 3000 GO TO BORDEN'S FOR SODAS Aarstad, Lorraine, Viroqua . . Adams, Audrey, West Salem . . . Adams, Fred, Wauwatosa .... Adams, Gregory, La Crosse Addis, Michel, La Crosse Albertine, Harold, Sheboygan . Allen, George, La Crosse ..... Allen, John, Green Bay ...... Amenda, Lorraine, Milwaukee .. Amundson, Maynard, Hixton .. Amundson, William, La Crosse Anderberg, Helen, La Crosse . . Andersen, Forrest, La Crosse . . Anderson, Elaine, Westby .... . . Anderson, Gertrude, La Crosse . . . . . Perry, La Crosse . . . . Raymond, Taylor . Anderson, Anderson, Andre, Lorayne, La Crosse .. Andreasen, Earle, Sparta .. Annett, Margaret, La Crosse . . . Anthony, Roberta, La Crosse .. Arenz, Phyllis, La Crosse Argall, Jacquelyn, La Crosse Arneson, Ardis, De Soto Arneson, Carol, La Crosse Asfoor, James, La Crosse . Ash, James, La Crosse ..... Asp, Helen, Floodwood, Minn. . . Austin, Robert, La Crosse Axtell, Jean, Pepin ....... Bach, Haakon, Coon Valley .,....... Bach, Jacob, Coon Valley .... 13,31, Bach, Sverre, Coon Valley .......... Baer, Virginia, West Salem ......... Bahnson, Roy, Racine ....... Bahnson, Kenneth, Racine . . . Bangsberg, Paul, La Crosse .. Bangsberg, Virginia, La Crosse . . Baptie, David, La Crosse ..... Barbeau, Francys, La Crosse .. Barnes, Jean, Bangor ..,.... Barnes, Joyce, Bangor ....... Patricia, Elkhart, Indiana Baron, Barrett, Margaret, La Crosse . .. ane La Crosse Bartelt, J , ..., Bartelt, Patricia, La Crosse . . John H., La Crosse .. Barth, Barth, John E., Cedarburg ..... Batchelder, Harry, West Allis Becker, John, Bangor ......... Becker, Mildred, Bangor Bedessem, Betty, La Crosse Begun, Charles, La Crosse .. Behrens, Robert, La Crosse Belden, Jack, Racine .... Benedict, James, Sparta Benrud, Merlin, Ettrick Benz, Geraldine, La Crosse . Berg, Esther, Coon Valley .. Berg, John, Holmen ........ Berg, Lillian, Coon Valley Berger, Georgia, Portage .. Bernatz, Betty, La Crosse Bernd, John, La Crosse ..... Bersing, Beverley, Blair ........ Berthrong, Donald, La Crosse .. Bess, LaVerne, La Crosse ..... Bibby, Adalene, La Crosse .. Bill, Bernetta, Arcadia ....... Bilben, Warren, Waseca, Minn. Birchall, John, Madison ...... .. Bjelland, Dale, Merrillan IN .....62,7O ......85 ...70,96 ....81 ....73 ....76 ....70 ....76 ....8l ....70 ......65,70 65,66,68,7O ......69,73 ...13,69,82 ....52,74 .ffsbfvo ......vo ....70 .......86 .........70 .........73 ....31,68,91 .........73 ....55,86 .........73 58,61,62,83 ......64,81 ...13,66,70 .......7O .........7O ..13,74,112 ......55,82 .......73 ....31,83 .......86 .........85 .........76 ...66,68,85 ......31,73 ....6O,64 ......73 ...106 .....,.70 ..13,83,112 ...96,100 ......7O ......65,88 31,58,60,83 ......65,88 ...50,57,85 .......8l .......7O ...70,111 .......83 ....31,83 .......85 ..31,52,109 DEX Black, Eleanor, Onalaska .... Blomquist, Helen, La Crosse .. Boettcher, Mae, Appleton .... Bogie, Marjorie, La Crosse Boheim, J. ................... . Bohrnstedt, Marion, La Crosse Bohrenstedt, Wayne, La Crosse , Bonadurer, Janet, La Crosse Bone, Alvin, Evansville, Ill. ....... . Borchart, Gordon, Marion ....... Borrebek, Margaret, Galesville ..... Bosshard, Margaret, Bangor .. Bovre, James, La Crosse Bradford. Francis, Eagle River . . . Brault, Bernard, New London . .. Braun, Robert, Kohler ...... Brenner, David. La Crosse ...... Bridenhagen, Clem, Sturgeon Bay Bright, Miriam, Black River Falls .. Brindley, Halsey, La Crosse ...... Brinkman, Donald, La Crosse .... Brinkman, Hazel, Chippewa Falls Britt, Archie, La Crosse ,...... Britt, Edgar, La Crosse Brokaw, Hope, La Farge . . Brost, Mary, Medford .... Brown, Betty, La Crosse .. . . Brown, Jack, Milwaukee .. Brown. June, La Crosse Bruchman, Royal, La Crosse . Bruha, Ardell, La Crosse . Bruha, Eugene, La Crosse . Brunner, Bert, Stratford ........ Brvhn, Mildred, La Crosse ...... Buelke, Helen, Juneau ........ 32, Bull, Helen Mae, Slinger ....... Buresh, Kathryn, Green Bay ...... Burgmaier, Robert, La Crosse .... Burns, John, La Crosse ....... Burns, Larry, La Crosse .,... Butenholf, Lawrence, Wausau Butler, Alice, New London Butrem, Beverly, La Crosse .... Button, Velnetta, St. Francis .. 636 Cahpe ........................,. Calderwood. Matther, Brooklyn, Iowa Callaway, Blayne, Readstown Cameron, I., ....... ........... Campbell, Bruce F., Prairie du Chien Campbell, Norman C., Rockland . . . Cannon, Isabel M., Munising, Nlich. . Cantlon, Sheldon E., Ettrick ...... ..55,65,81 ......fffff6s ........86,106 57, 58, 65, 66, 83 4, 65, 68, 70,111 .........69,73 .96,98,102,108 .........55,82 .........65,81 ......76 ......106 ....106,109 .......76 . ...... 52 . .... 88 ....70 . ...... 62 ....52,70 .........73 ...........78 ......65,69,76 ......60,65,70 ..53,78,68.106 ......63,65,70 .....64,68,70 ...13,3L 70 83 .70 ......51, ,82 70 54, 65, 58, 79, 91 . . .5O, 55, 56, 78 32, 54, 56, 67, 79 ....32,51,79 .......85 ....76 .......6'2 .. .... 64,86 .. .... 22,86 .. ...... 78 . ...... 76 .... 64,81 79 Carey, Charlotte C., Minneapolis, Minn.. . .32, 55, Carey, Robert A., Berlin ........ . Carlberg, Helen C., La Crosse Carlsson, Ingrid Ann, La Crosse Castor, John E., La Crosse Caswell, Iva M., Whitehall Caucutt, Mary E., La Farge Chapman, Laura R., Tomah .,.. Charley, Peter S., La Crosse .... . Chenoweth, Ernestine, Blair .... Christopherson, Katherine, La Crosse Christoplis, Sam P., Sheboygan .. Christus, Louis D., Sheboygan .... Church, Harriet, La Crosse ...... Churchill, Opal L., Westby .... Cichowski, Karen U., La Crosse Clark, Dan P., Milwaukee .... Clark, Melvin E., Mosinee ...... . Clausen, Jane H., Hartland ...... Cleveland, Florence H., Austin, Minn. 154 .....69,77, 109 .....32,57,86 . .... 82 ......85 .......7O ....60,7O .. ...... 85 . ...... 70 . ....... 76 ....76, 109 .......6?. ....8l ......73 ........76 .....'76,96 . ...... 77 . .... 79 . . . .64, 74,106 INDEX-Continued Connell, Betty, Waukesha .................. Convis, Faith A., Chicago, Illinois .... 50, 57, 58,83 Cook, Clesson L., Waterville, N. Y., 32, 59, 79, 90, 109 Cook, Mary M., Rockland ................ 42,87 Cooley, Sherman G., Waukesha .......... 74, 96. 98 Coon, Wallace K., Walworth ...... 83, 96, 102, 108 Craig, Marjorie M., Austin, Minn. ........... 65, 77 Crail, Susan, La Crosse ....... 73 Craker, Shirley, Holcombe ..... . . . 42, 86 Cremer, John W., La Crosse . . . 70 Cronk, Betty J., Eau Claire Cross, Glenna N., La Crosse ........ 50, 57, 79, Cullman, Ralph, West Salem Cummings, William C., La Crosse Cycrnanick, Dorothy M., La Crosse ........... . .IffIfffffIvs 91 ......62,73,109 70 Dahlberg, Orville R., Racine . . . . . .70 Daines, Clayton R., Stoddard . . . . . . Daly, Leland J., Warrens ..... Davis, Porter G., Elkhorn .... . Dawes, Edith M., La Crosse ....... .,.. 5 0, 57,86 Day, Gerald L., Prairie du Chien . . . .... 76,109 Delphenich, John S., La Crosse ..... .... 6 0,81 Des Jarlais, Vernon M.. Menasha 77 Deutrich, Ernest A., La Crosse ....... .... 3 3, 83 Devendorf, Donley M., Wauwatosa .......... 76 Devic, Margaret S., La Crosse ............ 50, 63, 70 De Voll, Clifton H., Waukesha. .53, 96, 98, 102, 118 De Zwarte, Helen L., Plymouth ............. 57, 77 Dibley, Eunice L., Caledonia, Minn. ............ . Dickinson, Mary H., Sparta ..... ......... . ......85 ........76 Dileo, George, Republic, Penn. . . ..... 82, 96, 99 Dillon, Mary E., Milwaukee .... ..,. 3 3, 56, 79, 91 Dobbert, Martin H., Burlington . ........... 76 Dobbins, Clark E., La Crosse ..... . . .33, 52, 83 Dockendorff, Betty R., La Crosse . . . .... 55, 65, 69 Doering, La Verne A., La Valle . . ..... 42, 65 Doud, Barbara E., La Crosse . ....... 70 Dugan, Leroy E., La Crosse ..... 70 Dwyer, John F., La Crosse ..... ....... 7 3 Dwyer, Margaret M., Kendall . . .... 42,88 Dwyer, Zita A., Kendall ...... . . .42, 88 Dwyer, William J., Kendall. . . .......... 70 Ebert, Robert E., Milwaukee . . . . . .78, 90, 96, 100 Eck, George F., DesPlaines, lll. . . ........... .70 Eckstein, Margaret F., Ripon . .......... 76 Egeland, Betty A., Onalaska . . . . .... . .70 Eide, Richard N., La Crosse .. .... 62,70 Elstad, John J., La Crosse .... 33,83 Elstad, Mary Jane E., La Crosse .... 42,87 Emmert, Mary L., La Crosse ....... .... 6 8,85 Engstrom. Delores M., Virginia, Minn. ..... 78 Enger, Theodore E., Ettrick ..... .. .82 Erb, Charles E., Racine ....... . . .70 Erbs, Ralda M., Tomah ..... .. .88 Erickson, Melvin D., Goodman . . . .81 Erickson. Walter, La Crosse ........ ...74 Evans, Frank W., Prairie du Chien .... .. .64 Evenson, Arlene M., Spring Grove, Minn. . .. .73 Evenson, Gerald P., Holmen ........ .. . Ewing, Merlin, Holmen . . . . . . . .81 Faas, Robert W., La Crosse .......... Facius, Hans H., La Crosse ........ . ffIIIsAf Farris, Avril H., Lodi .......... 13, 33,53, 60, 83, Finley, Paul W., Ferryville .. Fisher, Phyllis L., La Crosse . . . Fleis, Ruth M., La Crosse Fleming, Arthur H., Bangor .. Fleming, Betty J., West Allis . Fleming, Gerald T., Sparta Flug, Joyce M., La Crosse ..... Flynn, Robert A., La Crosse .. .. Forciea, Patricia M., Milwaukee . Forde, Gladys L., Ferryville .... Forseth, Roald B., La Crosse .. Forsythe, Harriet A., Hartland Foster, Barbara A., Ivlilwaukee .. Fox, Aurilla E., Sparta .......... Foxwell, Grace M., Union Grove . . Franke, Robert B., La Crosse .. Freese, Cecile E., La Crosse Fregin, Herbert G., La Crosse .. Fremlin, Marion A., La Crosse . . . Freybler, Theresa M., La Crosse .. Froelich, William, Sayner ......... Frye, Harmon N., Richland Center Fuller, Shirley E., La Crosse .... Fulsher, Keith C., Tomahawk .. Funke, Joseph B., La Crosse .... Gaertner, Pauline L., Neenah .... Gamble, Betty M., Yankton, S. D. . . Galstad, Leo B., Westby ........ Ganser, Adeline Marie E.. La Crosse Ganser, A. M., West Allis ....... ....73.s3 ....3z,s3 .......s5 ..H7663 ..fff17s fQ11s6f77 ......65,s5 "55'56'rb' ... , , , III5if66f ffflssf . .... 13, 91 76 82 82 34 . . . . . .77 74 83 71 73 88 ....85 ....70 ....73 ....77 77 f ....... ffffsz '.1fQ1f1'.5l+f'79 Ganske, Edward C., Spooner . . 34, 51, 79, 96, 99, 110 Gardner, Donald T., Linden .... Garin, Marilyn L., La Crosse .... Gautsch, Donald H., La Crosse .. Gautsch, Lorraine G., La Crosse .. Genz, Orville F., La Crosse ....... Gerletti, Robert C., Sparta ..... Gikling, Vernon K., La Crosse .. Gilbertson, Jane C., La Crosse . Gilbertson, La Verne V., Mindoro Giroux, Edward J., La Crosse .. Gittens, Patricia K., La Crosse Gleiss, Marv M., Sparta ........ Glickman, Gladys F., La Crosse .. ........83,109 ........70 .60.69,7o ......6z,s2 "'IIffs5 ifffvz Gmeiner, Donald, La Crosse ............... . Gorman, Katherine, La Crosse . Gosnell, Janice M., Onalaska . . Gosnell, Anita F., Onalaska . . . Goyette, Delphine B., La Crosse . "fIfIIIsif 70 .. 70 . . .55, 58, 69, 83 82 71 Grabhorn, Madelle V., Stoddard . . . ..... 43, 88 Grabow, Harris, Watertown .... . . .62, 82, 96 Grady, Norman, La Crosse ..... ..... 6 8, 71 Graf, Caroline M., La Crosse ....... ........... 7 3 Grail, Lorrayne A., Wright, Minn. ........... 68, 78 Gramenz, William H., Tomah . . . . . .52, 60, 82, 96 Grass, Joe, Wauwatosa .......... ........... 8 1 Gray, Jane M., Wisconsin Dells . . . . . 56, 57, 77 Green, Shirley V., Greenaway, J., La Greiling, Gladys E. 79, 91 Guillaume, Eugenie, Gunderson, Maxine Guentner, Robert L Grifhth, Anne May, Abbotsford ................ Crosse .................... New Franken 31, 55, 57, 67, 56, La Crosse ................ 73 E., Janesville . . 50, 55, 77, 68, 91 ., La Crosse ........ ...... . . Portage ........ 73 73 90 Felton, Thelma F., Richland Center .............. 86 Fenske, Arthur S., Sparta .............. 33, 50, 88 91 76 Ferguson, Rosemary H., La Crosse .... 42, 87, Fetty, Lois I., Viola ........ ...... Fillner, Theresa I., La Crosse Filter, Katherine M., Bangor .. .76 Finley, Jack R., La Crosse ...83 Haack, Jean L.. Bangor ........ . Haas, Anna M., Cashton ....... Hachmeister, Roy J., South Milwaukee Hackett, Joan E., Williams Bay . . . . Haddock, Gordon, La Crosse ..... Haertlein, George, Milwaukee . .........43,86 88 43 '5i,b6fi6s,l1o ............4s .........62,7s . ...81,106,109 Hagen, Haight, Janice, Milwaukee .. Diane, Marshfield .. Hale, Marie M., Elroy .. Halford, James R., Hancock Hall, Esther J., Bangor ....... Hall, Jean A., La Crosse Halverson, John G., La Crosse Halverson, Lillian P., Coon Valley Hamil, Leora V., Wonewoc .... Hamilton, Warren ....... ...... Hamke, Leon A., Eagle River . . . Hammond, Mildred, De Soto .. Hanms. Leonard H., Reedsburg Haney, Patricia W., Milwaukee . Hanna, George W., Milwaukee . . Hansen Betty R., La Crosse .. Hansen Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Helen A., Menominee . Adella J., Pigeon Falls .... Adeline N., Ettrick ..... Gladys A., Cashton .. Hanson Mayfield, Holmen .... Hanson, Melville E., Viroqua . . Hanson, Phyllis G., Omra .... Hanson, Rodney C., Racine .... Haralson. George L., Black River Falls ........ 73 Harry, Joyce M., Alma .......... Hasbrouck, David L., New York Hass, Myron R., La Crosse ..... . Hastings, Robert H., Clinton .. Haug, Marvin T,., Superior Haugh, Arlie P., Hillsboro ...... Haukland, Dorothy, La Crosse Hauser, Robert A., La Crosse .. Havlik, Erma, Hillsboro ..... Hebron, Mary, Bangor ....... Heiberg, Virginia, La Crosse Heid, Jean, Buffalo, N. Y. ........ . INDEX-Continued ...78 ...85 .....71 ...77.96 ...43,88 .....s1 ......s1 ...4s,ss .QFLW6 ...s2.9s .....s1 ..ffIs'1.' 79 ...34,D2.80 ........69,76 ..43,55,66.83 ..55, 58, 59.83 ...43,65,88 .....64, 71 ......76 .....53,77,96 ........62,85 .....80 ......81 ...52,62,83 .....65,68 ......71 ...85 ...71 91 Held, Ted, Reedsburg ........ 77, 96, 106, 100. 111 Helgeson, Arlan, Holmen .......... Helgeson, Sharon, Viroqua ....... ........62.82 50 61 Helgeson. Theodora, Viroqua ...... 13, 34, , , S3 Heller, Helen, Portage .... .... Helstad, Orrin, Blair ......... Hernauer, Jerome, Helbert .... Hendrickson, Frances, Argyle .. Henry, Dorothy, Viroqua ...... Herold, Bernice, Stoddard .. Heroux, Francis, Oconto Herried. Grace, La Crosse Heth, Chester, La Crosse Heyman, Betty, Wausau Highberg, Doris, La Crosse Hillebrandt, James, La Crosse .. Hillard, Mae, Sheridan, N. Y., .... Hjermstad, Dagny, Petoskey, Mich. . . Hoffman, Darrell, La Crosse ...... Hollman, Lynn V., Pound .... Hogue, Mary E., Sheboygan . .. Holak, William H., Hillsboro ..... Holicky, Jeanette M.. La Crosse .... . Holstad. Lillian J., South Milwaukee Holland, J., ...............,..... Homstad, Elinore L.. Cashton ..... . ........62,85 .....76 ......85 ...56,88 ...34,88 .....76 ...71 ........71 .........76 ...63,65,71 ...........71 ..60,67,69.79 ..........,34 ....6S,111 ........77 .....77,108 ...60,62,83 .. ........ 74 ........85.54 ...........62 ..34,57,58,87 Homstad. Marion E., Cashton ............ 62, 65 Hoopes. Marjorie, La Crosse .................. 71 Hope, Lyle, Janesville ...... 35, 53, 58, 90, 106, 110 Horn, Birdine, Ettrick ..... . . . . . Horner, Helen, La Crosse .... ..... House, Lawrence, La Crosse . . . . . Howarth, Loren, Wausaukee .. Howland, Jack, Onalaska .......... ........44,S8 ..44, 50, 64, 88 .......63.71 Hudovernik, Nonavee, Kendall ........ ...,. 6 Z, 73 77 Hughes, Edmund, South Milwaukee ....53, ,96 Hughes, Margery, Milwaukee .... Humphrey, Lyman, La Crosse ..12 Hurd, Cleo, Superior .......... Hyer, Meryle, Elroy ..... Hyland, D., La Crosse Jacobsen, Gordon, Hixton Jaeger, Ruth, Chicago ..... Jafek, Ruth, Chicago ..... Jahn, Elaine, La Crosse ..... Jefferies, Gordon, Viroqua .. Jefferson, Ted, Sparta ..... Jenks, Lois, La Crosse .... Jennings, Marjorie, Blair Jensen, Dinnie, Brodhead Jensen, Wilbur, Racine Jewett, Lucian, Bangor . .. . . . . . Jirik, Edna, Antigo ............. Johns, Carol, La Crosse ......... Johnson, Dorothea, Dickinson, S. D. Johnson, Harriet, Gays Mills Johnson, E., Coon Valley ...... Johnson, Ruth, La Crosse .. Jones, Eleanor, Holcombe Jothen, Herman, Cashton .. Jungbluth, John, La Crosse .. . Kaus, Mairon. La Crosse Keifer, C., Tomah .......... Keefe, Maryrose, West Salem Keeler, Margery, La Crosse Keenan, Donald, Delovan ..... Keil, Virginia, La Crosse Kelstad, O., .... ........ .... Kemske, Dorothy, La Crosse Kennedy, Dick, Abbotsford .. . Kenney, John, Waukesha ....... Kenney, Leo, Waukesha ...... 5-1 ........57,79 35,50,51,6S,S3 ........35,80 .....85 ....68 ....35, 56, 80 ....35, 56, 80 ....57,85,62 .....64,80 .......62 ....44,85 '55 ....h0,.., 79 ......76 ...74 83 fffisfsb .....6z .....76 ...65,86 .......62 ....64,8Z .....74 ......69, 76 .....63 71 87 . ....... 44, ....69,76, 106 .54, 56, 77,113 79 90102111 6, 63, 636, ei, 79 Keppel, John, Sheboygan . . . ..... . . . . Kenzie, Leota, Beloit ....... . .J Keppel, Robert, Mindoro Killian, Marcella, La Crosse .. Kirkpatrick. Robert, Blair ...... Kissling, Miriam, Oconomowoc .. Kletecka. Razy, La Crosse .. Kline, Mary, Sparta ...... Klores, Reata, West Allis ....... Knight, Willis. Ettrick ......... Knoll, Oliver, Beaver Dam . .5Z, 79 Kock, LaVon, La Crosse ......... Koehne, Mary, 'Appleton . . . . . . Koepche, Robert, La Crosse .. Koetting, John, Milwaukee . . . Koops, Beverly, La Crosse .. Kopp, Faye, Galesville ....... Kramer, Marjorie, La Crosse .. Kreutz, Robert, La Crosse Krisruer, W., La Crosse Kroner, George, La Crosse . Kroner, Grace, La Crosse Krueger, Lloyd, Sparta .... Krueger, Louis, La Crosse Kube. Arthur, Tomah ........ Kuehl, Harry, West Allis .. Kukolsky, Priscilla, La Crosse Kunert, Marian, La Crosse ....... Kunzelman, George, Alma Center .. Kwiatkowske, Henry, Mauston ...... Laetsch, Gerald, Milwaukee .. Lange, Grace, La Crosse Larrabee, Dale, Hertel .... Larsen, Donald, La Crosse Q Qsibb s 11311 .76, 109 13,86,69 . ..... 70 ......74 ......74 ...65,77 ......79 ......62 ,102,106 ......76 ......71 5'5,60,87 35 87 .Alas 13. 85, 65 ..71,108 ......71 .....63 ......63 ......74 13,35,83 ..s3,1os ......76 ...69.73 .fllihfss ......6o 35,511.80 ......85 79.96.99 ......71 Larson Larson Larson Larson, Margaret, La Crosse .. Marjorie, La Crosse . Robert, Sparta .... Verna, Cashton ..... Lass, Richard, Milwaukee .. Lassig, Margarette, La Crosse . Lawrence, Sidney, La Crosse .. Lawrynk, Lyndon, Stoddard .. Lawsha, Beth, Wonewoc Lawson, Lois Jane, Luck .. Leary, Wayne, Waupun .. Lee, Jeanette, Cashton .. Leland, Beverly, Sparta .. Ieland, Byron, Sparta .... Lemel, Patricia, Beloit ..... LeMay, Bernard, Milwaukee . Levenhagen, Betty, Milwaukee . Lenz, Adrian, Sheboygan Leverenz, Don, Sparta .... Lindstrom, Betty, Elroy Linse, Esther, Mondovi ....... Lintner, Dorothy, Stevens Point . Lodge, Verna, Lyndon Station .. Logemann, Lillian, Milwaukee Loken. Ralph, Taylor ....... Loomis, Charles, La Crosse . . . Loos, Margery, Green Bay .. Loushine, William, Chisholm .. Low, Richard, La Crosse .... Lowe, Joyce, La Crosse .... Lucey, Eleanore, Ferryville . Lucey, Verona, Ferryville Ludtke, Lester, Elkhorn ....... Luebke, Mildred, Milwaukee .. Lunde, Everett, Westby ....... Lupie, Francis, La Crosse ..51 Lutiger, Betty, La Crosse ..... Lyhus, Allnyra, Westby ...... Lysaker, Ethelmae, La Crosse . Machus, Vivian, Sparta ..... Mac Niven, Alex, West Allis . . Mades, Vernetta, Sparta ..... Madson, John, La Crosse Main, Milton, Hortonville .. Major, Virgil, Cashton .... Manske, Raymond, Fox Lake . Mara, Marie, Prairie du Chien Marcotte, Irene, La Crosse . Marcou, Edward. Onalaska .. Marek, Lillian, Milwaukee Marking, LuVerne, Owen .... Marshall, Bessie, Gillingham Marshall, Margaret, Milwaukee Martin, Frank, Racine ....... Martin, Roger, La Crosse Martineau, Florence, Oconto . Masters, Marjorie, Sheboygan .. Mathison, Madeline, La Crosse . Matthes. Sydney, Viola ....... Mayo, David, La Crosse ...... McCoy, Robert, La Crosse .... McDaniel, Rosemary, New London . INDEX-Continued ....65.66,86 ....65,85 . ....... 71 .......62,85 ....79,96,99 ............82 .....68,81.111 .......73,81 ....62,65.86 ........67 ....65,66,85 ........82 .....81,108 .........79 ....36,51,80 ...5O, 79, 90, 106 ......36,53,83 71 111136. Si' 67 86 .. .... 54, ,79 .. ............ 82 .. ...56, 58, 67, 79 68 S1 ......13, , ......,......71 ...........63,76 ...51,77,106,108 ..........63,71 ............86 .....86 .........81 ..........76,108 ........54,56,79 83,96,98.102.108 ........36,57,86 ..............88 . ....... 71 ...53,9O,11O .......8'l .....73 ....62,82 .....76 .... .85 .........13,73 .....63,66,68,71 II "ffIffIIi6fs1 .....76,106 .......7l 78 ............69,76 ...36, 54, 67, 80,91 .. ..,...... 52, 64 McIntyre, Beverly Ann, La Crosse ..... McLaughlin, John, Bloomington Mealy, Joane, La Crosse ...... Meir, Richard, La Crosse Melby, Dorothy, Westby ...... Melby, Marvin, Westby ...... Merkel, Lorraine, Marshfield Mertens, Lorraine, Fond du Lac Mertes, Mona, Kewaskum ......... Meyer, Robert, Wausau ....... .... 52,83 . . . .62, 69 71 .. .... 62,71 ......55,82 ....68,71,78 .....57.86 83 85 .. ....... vs 79 ....h7, .....54 Meyer, Robert, La Crosse Michel, Frederick, La Crosse . . Michels, Viva, La Crosse .... Mielke, LeRoy, Waukeslua Miethke, John, Milwaukee . .. Miller, Albert, La Crosse . .. Misiak, D., ............ . Mlsna, Elaine, La Crosse . . Moen, Gordon, Cashton . . . Mohns, Mona, Union Grove Mohr, Archer, Alma ....... Moore, Mary, Appleton .. Moore, Phyllis, Merrill Moos, Joann, Onalaska ..... Moriarity, Gerald, La Crosse Morris, Betty, Seneca ....... ....7i 'fffffffvi sz,96,io9 ..IAAf 71 76 88 ....81 ...56,79 ......81 .....36,80 ...62,63,85 ...13,50,51 ........76 Mortimer, Duane, Wonewoc Mott, Georgia, Grafton, N. D. ..... . Mueckler, Ernest E., West Allis 36, 53 Mueller, Jane R., La Crosse ........ Mueller, Jerry, Milwaukee ........ Mueller, Norma, Paw Paw, W. Va. . Mulder, Betty F., Holruen ..... . Muller, Marilyn Mae, Milltown . . . Myers, Warren L., Bloomington ..... Nader, Charles P., New London . .37 Nashold, Donald K., Fall River Neacy, Dorothy, Milwaukee ....... Nelson, Kathryn E., Kaukauna .. Nelson, Lois E., La Crosse ...... Nelson, Viola I., Centuria Nerby, Sheldon, Holmen Ness, Eleanore, La Crosse .. Nestingen, Ivan, Sparta ..... Nettesheiin, Edythe, La Crosse Nicol, Jason, Tomah ..... Niebuhr, Ferne, Wonewoc .. Niebuhr, La Verne, Wonewoc .... Noll, Marjorie, Alma ........... Nordhus, Philip, Blair ..13 Norris, Gertrude, Westby . Nottestad, Mary, La Farge Nowak, Marian, Green Bay .. Nugent, Tim. Milwaukee Nyhagen, Robert, Stoughton . O'Brien, Alice, Eden ..... O'Brien, Mary, Eden ....... , 37, 50 Oesau, Joan M., New Holstein .. Oines, Ole P. J., Galesville .... . Olson, B., La Crosse .......... Olson, Eleanor, Black River Falls Olson, Herman, Galesville ..... Olson, Lillian, Viroqua ......... Olson, Maynard, West Salem .. Olson, Pearl, Westby ......... . . Oren, Clarice, Minneapolis, Minn. Ormson, Romelle, New Lisbon .. Orr, Orma, Bagley .......... Ott, Joseph, Chilton ....... Owen, Betty, Taylor .. Pace, Ruth A., Mondovi .... Packman, Maxine, Milwaukee . .. Padesky, Elizabeth, La Crosse . .. Padesky, Jeanne, La Crosse . .. Paeth, Maurice, Wilton .... . . Page, Richard, La Crosse .... Papenfuss, Carl, La Crosse .. Pappas, John, La Crosse Parker, Rachel, La Crosse .. Patros, Wilson, La Crosse . 157 ........36,8O ,68,61,9O. 109 ........57,85 ........5O,51 S8 ....65, ...45,87 .....62,64.71 ,51,69,90,111 sz 76 .....78 ........82 77 ........68, ....37,60, 108 73 IIIIIIIII71 ...13,59, , 45 64 .,60. ......45,60. , 58, 61, 83, 74 87 87 .........62,81 S8 86 ...37.60,67 ..62,76,l09 .fiii,s6,isf91 ...........7s ....13,82,112 .....65.88 ...6-4,82 ......45,88 ss ..62,65, .88 . ...... 86 .....82 ......78 45 86 ........45,85 ..37, 54, 67,80 ,86 67 .....57,86 .....68.82 ......81 ....73 .....45,87 ......73 Paulson, Luther, Mount Horeb . . . Paulsen, Robert, La Crosse ..... Pederson, Jack, West Allis ........ Peterson, Arthur, New Lisbon . . . Petersen, Esther, Racine ...... Peterson, Attrude, La Crosse Pfaff, Anna, Mindoro ....... . Pfcifer, Maudie, Milwaukee . Phillips, Georgienne, La Crosse . . . Pieper, Edgar, Beaver Dam ,..... Pieterick, Raymond, Independence INDEX-Continued .......37,59, 87 .50, 59, 61, 83,13 38, 53, 80, 96, 98 ..........66, 86 .......65,72 72 ....38,67,80,91 52, 78, 96, 108 Pittman, John, La Crosse .............. 60, 72,109 Pittman, Gilbert, La Crosse ...... ...... 6 0, 72 Powers, Kenneth, Benton Proksch, Marjorie, La Crosse .... .....81.109 ....55,66,83 Pruchniewski, Roman, La Crosse ....... .... , . .77 Prussing, Harriet, Fountain City .............. 83 Prybylowski, Florence, Milwaukee . . 38, 56, 67, 80, 91 Quinn, James, Swan Lake N. Y., 50, 53, 79, 90, 96, 100 ' 69 80 Schmidley, Margaret, Fond du Lac 13, 38,56, 58, 67. 80, 91 Scholler, John, La Crosse .................... 72 Schrader, Arvilla, Oconomowoc . .38, 54, 56, 80, 91 Schroeder, Barbara, Cashton ................ 66, 85 Schramka, Ruth, Milwaukee . . ............. 78 Schreiber, Marion, La Crosse . Schreiner, Virginia, La Crosse Schultz, Herman, La. Crosse ....... Schumann, Frederick, Watertown Schwartz, Paul, Wonewoc ......... Schweiner, Clarence, Luxemberg Schwenn, Betty, La Crosse ....... ...63 ...82 ...74 ...82 .....79 .....69 ......72 Scofield, Vera, La Crosse ..... . . . 39, 84 Selbo, Gordon, La Crosse .... ...... Sengbush, Raymond, Elkhorn . . .... 78, 108 Seno, Leslie, Madison ........ . . . 39, 84, 90 Senstad, Elizabeth, La Crosse .............. 85 Seppanen, Henry, La Crosse ................ 61, 78 Shelden, Lois, La Crosse .................... 76 Shelley, Barthau, New York City . . 39, 50, 52, 80, 108 57 69 86 Sherette, Carmen, Phillips ............ . , , Steele, Quinn, Ruth, Cashton ..............,..... , Rabehl, Gordon F., Waupun . . ...... 78 Railton, Norma L., Dallas ...... . . . . .65, 72 Ranum, Donald T., La Crosse ......... . . .52, 72 Rehder, Marianne E., Red Wing, Minn. ...... 68, 78 Renning, Norma C., Blair .......... ..... 3 8,87 Resler, Edward M., Independence ............ 72 Reuter, Ellyn M., La Crosse ..... ...... . 57,82,91 Rhodes, June E., Beaver Dam .............. 62, 77 Richardson, Martha K., Chippewa Falls ........ 77 Richardson, Phillippa B., Spring Green ...... 63,85 Riebe Leonard A., Miles City, Mont., 38, 52, 79. 108, 112 Rieck, Anita E., Mondovi .................... 87 Riley, Jeanne P., La Crosse . . . ........ . . 81 Rilling, Henry M., Grafton . . . .... 53, 77, 108 Ristow, Harvey H., La Crosse .... ...... 6 0. 72 Robbins, Robert J., Chicago, Ill., .............. 77 Robinson, Joyce L., Trempealeau .......... 55.74 Rodenbeck, Betty C., Port Washington 54, 67, 68, 77 Roellig, Lucille E., La Crosse ................ 86 Rogness, Howard L., Ettrick ....... ......... 7 2 Rolstad. Ruth A., Barron . . . . . . .77 Roob, Norma M., La Crosse . . ..... 72 Roscoe, Vivian L., La Crosse .... ..... 7 2 Rose, Walter G., La Crosse ..... ..... 7 4 Rosenberg, Eva M., Elk Mound . . . . . . . . Rosendahl, Myrtle. La Crosse . . . .... . .86 Rossiter, Richard D., La Crosse .... ...69,73 Roverrud, Nora A., Decorah, Iowa . . . .... .72 Rude, Beverly J., La Crosse .................. 72 Rude, Brian A., Washburn .................. 77 Ruggles, Janet M., La Crosse ...... 38, 55, 56. 67, 80 Rundahl, Hazel B., Coon Valley ........ 45, 65,88 Ruplin, Joseph W., La Crosse ................ 72 Sherry, Alice, Viroqua . . .......... 46, 88 Sinnen, Joyce, La Crosse . . . 13, 57, 85 Skemp, Betty, La Crosse . . .57, 69, 86 Skolos, Carlyle, Westby . ....... 72 Skolos, Sylvia, Westby . . . 68, 85 Slaver, Juanita, Sparta . . ..... 46, 88 Sloulin, Helen, La Farge ......... 88 Smale, Mildred, La Crosse . . . 39, 57, 87 Smith, Barbara, Bangor . ........ 88 Smith, Claribel, Galesville ...... 73 Smith, Kenneth, La Crosse . ..... 74 Smith, Marion, La Crosse ............ .62 Smith, Norma, Elroy .... .......... 6 2, 72 Smith, Leo, Sandstone, Pa. ...... 53, 83, 96, 98, 108 Smith, Ruth, La Crosse ..... ............. 8 8 Snider, Soder, Ruth, La Crosse ..... Margaret, Three Lakes Solberg, Clayton, Ettrick .... Solie, Doris, La Crosse ...... Soppa, Edward. Arcadia Sorenson, Arnold, La Crosse Sorenson, Carroll. Iola ..... Sorenson, Spaltholz, Spears, Spears, Spratt, Janet, Milwaukee Marjorie, Bruce ..... Ralph, La Crosse .... Roger, La Crosse .... Ellen, Birchwood .. . Sprecher, Robert, Independence . Spellum, John R., Coon Valley .. Sroka, William C., Portage ....... Starch, Starks, Vera L., Stoddard ...... Henry E., Taylorville Stasnopolis, Alex, Beloit .... John P., Valley ........ ...62,72 ...68,72 .....72 .....72 ..........39,87 ....54,67,68, 78 ....64,74, 106 .....62.72 ...68,72 ....77,109 .....78 .....77 .....39 Russell, Elaine V., Onalaska .... Ruud, Albert H., La Crosse .. Rynning, Jeanette, La Crosse . Samp, Bernard, La Crosse ...... Sandberg, Romelle, Hopper, Minn. ......85 .....74 ...63.68 ......62,73 Sandwick, Audrey, Viroqua ......... 44, 66, 65, Sayles, John, La Crosse ......... ........... Scafe, Marian, Black River Falls . . . .13, 65, Schaller, Dorothy, Onalaska .... Schallock, Donald, La Crosse .. Scheicl, Robert, Sparta ...... Scherr, Clarence, Milwaukee .. Schlaak, Ottmer, Oshkosh .... Schlabach, Ellen, La Crosse .. Schlicht, Walter, Stoddard .. Schluter, Joan, Baraboo .... ......84 ......72 ....72.106 ...13,61,74 ........72 ......72 Steinmetz, Frances N., La Farge . . . Stephan, Amelia F., Bloomer ...... Stephenson, Candace A., La Crosse . .. Iffilifva .55 Steuer, Cathryn M., Milwaukee ..... . . . 54, 67, 79 Stewart, Harold G., Richland Center . ..... 74,83 Stilp, Margaret, La Crosse ......... ...... Stluka, Regis V., Gays Mills ........ . . .46, 86 Stolfuss, Castella J., Hokah, Minn... Stoll, Carole E., Cashton ....... .. .....88 . ...82 Storbakken, Helen M., Westby . . . ....... . . . . Storzer, Georgia, West Allis .................. Stowell, Elaine, Enderline, N. D. ...... 50, 54, 66, Strehl, Dorothy L., La Crosse . . . ....... . . . . Stroede, Roger A., Wisconsin Dells . . 63 Stry, Paul E., La Crosse .......... ....... , 78 67 82 Strittmater, Wallace, La Crosse .......... 74 90 Strzelczyk, Robert E., Milwaukee . .... 61,79, Stulken, Donald C., La Crosse . . . Sule, Peter C., La Crosse ....... Sullivan, Margaret M., Montreal . Swan, Forrest E., La Crosse ..... Swanson, Beulah C., Cashton . . . . Sundet, Ruth G., La Crosse . Sveum, Robert H., Westby Swain, lsmya J., Beaver Dam Sweet, Betty M., La Crosse ....... Sword, Dean F., Neenah ..... . Taarvig, Beverly M., La Crosse .. Talledge, Benjamin I., Westby .. Talledge, Phyllis, Westby ....... Taubert, Geraldine, Wonewoc Tausche, Richard A., La Crosse . . . Taylor, George F., Iola ......... Taylor, Therese E., Lynden Station Teckam, Helen E., Rice Lake .... Tetzlafl, Doris E., Watertown .. Thomack, Alwin W., La Crosse . . . Thomack, Walter K., La Crosse .. Thomas, Clifford B., La Crosse . Thomas, Glenn G., West Salem 40 Thompson, Arby L., Lodi ....... Thompson, George L., La Crosse . Thompson, Lloyd E., Elkhorn Thompson, Mary L., Curtiss Thul, Ralph, Lawrenceville, lll. . . Tietze, Vkfilliam, La Crosse Tofson, Ioyce, West Salem .. Tommerson, jean, La Crosse . Tovsen, Elwood, La Crosse .. Toraason, Ethel, La Crosse Troger, Katherine, La Crosse .. Twesme, Gladys, Ettrick ..... INDEX--Continued ....13,39 . ...lfiffivz .....65,66,81 fffffffIf"fv9 as 63,65,66,69 ...39,55, 58,84 .........59,82 87 .... . , ,62,66,87 .81 .........s6,s6 .. . .40, 55, 65, 84 77 . ......... 72 . . .68, 72 . .72, 109 ,50i60,61,64,84 lllllilskfiifsi . .... 80.102 . . .40, 65, 86 .. .83, 106 62 72 "1ff..i57 ..... .72 66 ..... , is 74 .....40,87 86 ,88 Ulichny, Karl, Cudahy ............ 40, 51, 80, 96, 99 Ulleberg, Harriette, Park Falls ................ 40 Vance, Vivian, Readstown ...... .... 8 1 Vaaler, Christopher, Spring Grove .. ...... 82 Van Able, Wilfred, Kaukauna .... ........ 7 2 VanCleaf, Marjorie, West Allis . . . ...... 65, 76 Van Loon, Doris, Onalaska ...... . . .62, 63, 86 Van Loon, Rodney, Onalaska ...... ..... 6 3,72 Van Ostrand, Dulcia, Amasa, Mich. Vaugh an, Mable, Bangor ....... Vedwick, Margaret, Seneca .... . . Waffensmith, Winifred, Prairie du Wagner, Charles, Milwaukee ..... Waldenberger, Marie, Onalaska .. Walker, Gordon, Appleton ...... Walling, Riley, Reedsburg ...... Walsh, Margaret M., Milwaukee . . . .. .... 67, 79 ....46, 88 ..... .72 Chien ...... 77 ffffffffffffvz ..40,52,80,109 'ffffffffsbfvs Walsh, Margaret P., Antigo ............ 54, 56, 79 Waller, Robert, Prairie du Chien .. Walter, Benjamin, Mauston ....... Wanner, Edith, La Crosse ..... Ward, Margaret, Onalaska . Warriner, Doris, Sparta .... Waters, Mildred, Milwaukee Waterman, Dale, La Crosse ..... Waterstreet, Wanda, Milwaukee ..56,57, ....79,96,100 ......69,86 .......65 ......61,86 ......40.61,80 58,69,79 Watson, Betty B. W., La Crosse . . .... 40, 47,87 Watson, Grace, Appleton ....... ........ Watson, Mary, Appleton ..... ....... 8 6 Weaver, Ralph, Watertown . . .......... ..... 8 2 Webb, Stella, Neillsville .................. 47,88 Weeks, Harriet, La Crosse ................ 66,74 Wegner, Artnoll, Milwaukee 53, 41, 58, 80, 90, 96, 99 Weiner, Roy J., Eau Claire ........ l3,41, 52,84 Weisbecker, Robert, La Crosse .......... 62,825.90 Weiss, john G., La Crosse .... .... 8 2,110,52 Weiss, Lucia M., La Crosse ..................... Weist, Darwin, La Crescent, Minn. ............. 72 Welch Katherine, Ripon ........ 41, 55, 56, 58, 80 Welch, William, La Crosse .... ............... 7 2 Welda, Spencer, Mindoro ................ 64. 74 Wells, Howard, Tomah .................. 62, 73 Wenzel, Betty Jane, La Crosse 39, 41, 58, 59, 84, 100 Werling, Frank, Fort Wayne, Ind. .... 51, 78, 96, 108 81 West, Virginia, Centuria ............ . ..... . . Weyhmiller, Harriet, Loyal Wheeler, Phyliss, Reedsburg . .. ....... 47, 86 Wheeler, Roselee, Reedsburg . . . .... 54, 56, 78 Whitney, Harriet, Rice Lake . .. ...... . .78 Whitting, Richard, Beloit ....... ........ 7 4 Wieczorek, Angeline, West Allis .. .... 60, 69, 78 Wiederhoft, Edith, La Crosse .......... 66,73,83 XViederhoft, Waldemar, La Crosse .. . ....... 88 Wiese, Charlotte, Almond ........ ....... 8 1 Wild, Arnold, Beaver Dam ..... ...86 Wildes, Laverna, Tomah .... ............... Wiley, William, Oblong, Ill. .................. 81 Wilhem, Arnold, West Allis .... 78 96 99 102 108 Williams, Sebell, Black River Falls i. . .,. . .5O, 65, 74 Willcox, Lena, Elroy .................... 47, 86 Willey, Dorothy, La Crosse .... . . . .63, 85 74 Wilk, Stanley, Alma ........ ..... Wilms, Lucille, Waupun . . .......... S0 Wilsey, Beryl, La Crosse . .. ......... 41, 80 Winetski, Dorothy, Wausau .......... 57, 67, 78, 91 Witzke, Paul, La Crosse ............ 13, 41, 60, 84 Wolf, Irene, La Crosse .... 13,4l, Wollan, Gerald, La Crosse ....... Vlfoods, Harry, La Crosse ....... Woodworth, john, La Crosse .. Wostal, Marjorie, La Crosse . Woychik, Edmund, Arcadia Woychik, Roman, Arcadia Wright, Jeannette, La Crosse .. Wright, Catherine, Mondovi .. Wright, Marion, Stoughton .... Wulk, Ned, Marion ........... Wyss, Verna, Black River Falls . . . 50, 54, 59, 68, 84 .....64,8l, 109 .......66,73 ........69 ....69,73 ....41,73 ffIffffifs6f91 ..51,79,90,102 ......41,66,87 Young, Malcolm, Auburndale .... .... 4 7, 87 Youngberg, Helen, Lindstrom, Minn. ..... 78 Young, Marjorie, Wautoma ..... . . .73 Zarske, Newland, Prairie du Sac . Zehner, john, Eagle River ....,... Zemlick, Warren, La Crosse .... Ziemann, Norman, La Crosse Zietlow, Evelyn, Chaseburg ..... Zimmerman, Marjory, Milwaukee . Zimmermann, Wallace, Milwaukee Zitzner, Fern, Viroqua ........ Zum Buttel, Dorothy, Sheboygan . .,..78, 96,112 ....64,68,82 ....47,65, 88 . . ........ 67 82 .. .... 83,65 .. ...77 HAMM ERSMITH-KO RTMEYER CO Engravers 81 Printers Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mouifnm ? ? v No. 3mm-ra So. Innova X -VN I-wa UT! +55 Illllhlh jntrmumm wYome V4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 24 44 4. p F 5 ., . E 5 L . 'J 44 W Q I, 4 4 3 . 1 .4 1 4 ! x x i 4. r a 1 I 4 44 L ,44 44 r 14. I 4 4 1

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