University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI)

 - Class of 1919

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University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Cover

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QQTHWVEWQE QSLKQYT1 1 X515 KWXQX 3-kW'e.e+, LO-, Q.'V'D55e-IXNK'-E1Q,oW15W'X ' F MP Q .1 O 3 U ' ' : 1- , V, A, e X X I H-,'-xy I X "-- V , Z I , I" V 1 '14 "X V' Q ,gif 'b A '. Hfxx' ',, 4, gl! ,xc J' S - "' .-q facooc, ii' 1 fp' ll If Q Q. . i f ' Is 'li Aff i:..s 4 'nfs' ing wzwp Q47 95-1 " X K ' 0' '1 I 'Q ,3 Ui. 4 'I . 'Pm ' ' , y I v vi H x 604' ! in ,440 - Siam. , ,A 4 , fl-JJAh?... i l V. 3 Published by the students of the 1..a Crosse State Nor-mal School, 1919 Printed by Spicer and Buschman Engravings by Northern E'ng'x'aving Co. ,EA 1 1 s gig A V A WERE 0 NS. . 2 -Q J If 6 6 'J 7 9 r i f 8 - -M9 5 D ini: -yx Q bw X ia Xi - C 'N 0 'Q -, ,, k'!.L. MV' I I ' 'pf 6 ' .i -1 Y , : Decliealifm ...................... . . .. State Llozwcl of Education ...... ,Q ..... lflourrl of Regents of Normal Schools .. Oni' Normal .......................... President F. A. Cotton ............ . lfueully .................. A Seni4,n"s Soliloquy Class lilistory .tl .... . Senior Class Olhcers .. Qeiiicn' Class . ...... . Class of 1921 ....... .... Qluniui' Class .............. S. A. 'l'. C. ................ .. A Man :incl 11 Race Trzlck .... "'l'l1e" lva Hoyle .........,.. .. Spelling Love lntn the XVoi'lcl l'lcmcn':,1ble Gene, Aclieu ..... J. NV. ....,............. . An lilopeinent ......... Despair ......... Poems ............ Senior Voclvil .... Pliy lid. Club ......... . Sapplmiiia ....,.......... 1-21 S0L:ied:.1cl I-Iispaniezx .... 'I'i'eble Clef Club ........ Gibbons Club .......... Forinn ............, Huslcin .............. NV. C. A. Cabinet lixnicl ................ 'Vriolel Club .... . 0i'zit'm'y ........ Atblelies ......... Racquet Stall' ...... Our .Honor Roll . . .. Aluinni .......,... Poems .. ..... Snaps . G'I'111S ........ Snaps ............ Aclverlisemenls . .. 6 7 8 8 . 10 11 12-17 . 18 19 . . . Z0 . . . 21-38 . . . 39 . . . 40-41 . , . 43-49 . . . 51-53 . . . 53-56 . 56-59 . . . 59-60 . . . 60-62 . . . 62-64 . . . 64-65 . . . 64-67 69 70-73 74-75 . . . 76-77 . . . 78-79 . . , 80-81 . . . 82-83 . . . 84-85 . . . 86-87 . . . 88-89 90 91 92-98 41100-102 .....103-104 .....105-106 107 1C8 .....109-148 . 112 . 113 QE- ' iv 'fr .2ff.'f5:'Pff Fug ff f' 77k ,T-eff' H f i f 2701 --f if Y i:""A Z, f"1w5QmsQ?i2, .1-'Lx f . l 2.-' V lx, l p i OFCIDOF I L C1 lf I Cl' e Raccluet Staff of Nineteen Hun red Nineteen lx presents this Jlnnual to tlie N Faculti1, Stuclents, .Jllumni and friencls of the 1 La Crosse State Normal School 'lslg' wit the ho e that all readers ma incl in it V ll somethinq of peasure and profit. ' w ll i CT he Staff is cleeplq grateful to all who have made the publication of this book possible, and takes this opportunitq for expressing its appreciation of their l help and interest in our work. fi i -V, ll l X, il fit. 7'1" it l i i ll l i l 4. ..1 ff 'ra A A 1, B-F' ' i ,QW wg ru 2 t XX! 7X.-id! :tk -at ,Hur are 2 21314. .15-qfjwgf., .av iF-.."i'f-E-.. - 1" gf1'-:gi-iiify.. 41. I- 1. J-f.1f,g?:,f, ?' . QQ:-'93.-a . -' v P3 J:,3sg1Sf.3rf11. ' H4-,jr ' . 4, 2 e,-r1?2v,q+'.Q. .tr ff,- Q p1.-,,gx,-- .. , "4-,f---1-,.JaJ,,,.... . .W 1 V.-ue, I... .,-.- m,,.,.-., ...v . Q..-.N 3-11.9.1 x '-rvzp' . Y-gujayq-5: ,f-5 ,-1114-'.,. . -i112if'Q-316151.-2-'5'-f-1 L.. .. .gi ,g?v'r4J2,::. , 'mfs-. . msfifinr-x-fQ'.g--2-A-34.-,js 35.1 51 wg.. may-41.33-.zf9gfQ'-ff-Q.nfgf-..,y.,, J- -: -, - . iz-"-si1fg1h!? ny?Q"-?-f'?4g-.fffgggl-.1'..-Q..f::.-1'-lf-?Qga.3x . ' '3Q7?'i5?Q1i.fM-:!5'EQ!'f:'515fif?,f.v 132 -. H3641-'SQ-uw... .- --saw ' -'-sm-111.-'f-ig--J s'.:r-.-ww-P-:iw -' . 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Ramer ............. .... l liver Falls Mrs. Clara 17. Runge .... ...Baralnoo Charles S. Van Anken .... ..... I ,a Crosse ... ..... Madison VVillian1 Kittle, Secretary Henry Johnson, Treasurer. .. ... . .Madison 8 X -. .. 9 1 M 0 l , E VI' I ,', . A ' i ' I' ,X -.1 7, '-1 P.. 1--. ,'-., f'-. "'-.1 '--I bf 2., '-., IIN- xiii, 25-ff X. fat". If-.111-'r"2fA.?f 171-ffynr-' f"--J if af P.. m f"-p2Q2ffff" """"f2 Z1 ff--f"-f "ff ki ffjfyi fa 2 4 Lf. A fx, '-.f u, 7 1 Q 5 5 Q 1, -, f. s ' 5 1 f 1 1 Z 4 if 1 Q1 Z 4 5 4 , 1 ff E 2 Z 5555iZ,i.7 5Zf M 2 OUR NORMAL Home of learning! Light ol mlnty! I-Itnnblc cradle of thc free! Famccl to ns in thoughts of lwztnty. All thy sons shall honor three! North and South :irc aptly hlcnclcil East zntrl Xillcst tugetltcr chcur: All by ltontn' rccunnncitclccl Stand lor right' nor lcztrn to leur. Loyalty :intl love inspiring 'livery sun with lofty aint, Now to hone and duty liring' Guide nfs on to honest fznncg Thus with 1211117050 great and splcnslitl Ever onward, npwztrcl stczlr: Till uni' ctmrsc of Iilc: hc cnclctl May wc cvcr lux' tllcc cheer. Keep our hunncr dur nnstztinuml, VVZIVC lXiZll'00ll :intl Cjrzly ltlllily. Thus with loyal czutsc nnlcigncil. XYC can slztncl for thcc. nlwztyl Wlhilc with hope :incl love itiwczisiitg WTC arc joining heart :incl hztnrl Wfavc Maroon :incl Gray l1IlCC2I5lllQJQ Here! Oni' loyalty ccnlttnzttnl. -L. A. IJ. 10 'z 'J . ,I "32l'f.'iflc. f',,. .,-II: .II. II . w .,,f, .1-' ,-x ..--. T?fE12iQlf.jIlif2'1.: 'If -was:-,4n.g.'a--.'-Q -. -we -if "f . j1,.,j:,gT'i.QiII' qv. -. ,- --'fr-'i-yiljffa rx an-r, Lg.: '-7"f1,f. ,j1- '. xhfg ," ,,-fp,-- ' ':.x '- i'-H9-2.-mv .ff3?EF?-sl-?J 'ff gy , , ...,..,. . . .. -,, -:zuf:9,g..4V?uL- . ul.. 'mi ,r' Ig. I,...IV5,i: mg., fy 94, .,., -,g.:.l'.,Lr ,..,ub94,cg.IK. 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University of Wis A. M. l-larvard University Grades Seven and Eight Graduate Michigan Stnte Normal College li. S. 'i'C!lCilC1'S College of Columbia University ilk MIABFI I CITLKIN IRENE E.DENNnEN MYRTLE 'fnowiznmon - . J. ,. History and English Kindergarten Country School Dept. Graduate of Illinois State Graduate of State Normal Graduate of Superior Nor Normal University ' School, Oswego, N. Y. mal School A. B. University of Illinois Student Columbia Univer- Ph. B. University of Wis A.M. University ot Wis- sity cousin cousin 14 i "-.1 '- ' '- '. -. -. f- '-.f -- Q. '--. f--. 4--.f Ir," ,Q-'If--.Yr .arf ,ki gt' if--11...1fD?22L1?fZJ1f1,a ., 4 f, . .. . , . .f ,if , Q gr.. , If -.71 -of gf 5, ,ffl Z4 fg f Lf., 2-.. 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University of Wis. 15 NIABEL BARNETT History and English, Mod- el School Graduate of Indiana State Normal School Student Oakland City Col- lege Pl1.B. Univer. of Chicago . f.. ,"'. 1'-. ,"". "'-.1 "-J '-.f "if E., f.. Z,"--1 .L -.1 pt. 1,7 1.-A ,-.5 f'-iv, -.., -4 -fl ,,. ZX... If-,-I, .,Xf.,,bf pf ,fn ,4.f.,pf..Pff ff- 1"-if 'af PT. if.. 1. f--.1 pppfypf uf'-Q-- gm lf.. ,fb-7, ...X ak, fe Q 4 Lf. ,P-. , f'-I "J 'Y r 2 4 E Q ' '- ' '. -. -' - ' 1 - 5 Z . if . if 2 Z Z 1 2 2 2 5 Q , i 2 2 f Q W 1 ' 4 1 ' 4'5 Z 2 - l WAr.'rER J . W1'r'r1CH Director,Dept.ot Phy. lid. A. B. University of Wis- consin: Graduate, Phys- ical Education, Harvard University: Graduate of State Normal School of lllilwaukee, Wisconsin: Grad nate Student Phys- ical Education, Univer- sity of Wisconsin. LEON S. .louNs'roN Head of Department of Mathematics Grad. of Missouri State Normal Sch ., Kirks- ville,Mo. B.A. University of Mo. A.M. University of Mo. ' FRANK D EERXVESTER Dept. of Method and Prac. A. B. Butler College I-3. Di and M. Di, Narrens- burg, Mo. State Normal l-'d.M.and Pd. D. N.Y.U. Special Student, Psychol- ogy, I-Iarvard University and Universities of Jena and Berlin Student Chicago Univ. , lk., I ff. A ,I -.5 w lf'- I -tv., at , l Ronnm' NonR,.I11. Dept. of Phys. Educa- tion G. G. Normal College N.A G.U. Indianap- olis, Indiana SlZ11LlClltClllC2l.g'0 School of Dancing FRED W. l-IA LL G.G. Normal N.A. G. U. Indianapolis, Indiana 16 . 2. '-. 1'-. , "xl "-J '--' 'A 1, f-., .Z V 11.--, .71 ki, L. 141' ln. ,us Ir,-, .,, if ,.,. lf.- , z-. f-., 1'-., '-.1 '34 q '-Q 1-.l f-., f'-.1 a.. '4.A, if-if4'-,ff--J"-sf 'uf' 34 if. ZLlQQL2fJfbfb. '4 f., ,'-. ,' '-.1 "-f 'wc 3,2 f, 4 Q 54.311 --5-, X Q., ff.. ,'-.,- fy' Z3 I 2 2 ,Q ,. .. .E . y 1 f 1 1 4 2 5 5 I Q y, , Z ie! ee! 55 1 1 A Z 5 'r I BESSIE BELL I'IU'1'CI-IISON, Department of English A. 13. Northwestern University A. M. University of Wisconsin FACULTY MEMBERS WHOSE PICTURES WE WERE UNABLE TO SECURE MER'l'ON .LLYON JOSEPH W. I-IAKE I-lend ot the Dept. of Manual Training Head of the Department of Physics IRVING I-LKERCHIER LEONORA G. THOMPSON Principal of Washington School Physical Education ' ASs't Supervisor of Rural School Practice MARTHA HOBSON lE.A. .IENNER English I-lead of the Depztrtrnent of Biology LUCILE NICHOLS Mrs. L. K. ADKINS Assistant Librarian Dean of Women WILLIAM H. SANDERS HATTIE ANDERSON Head of the Department of Method and ' I--lend of the Department ot Latin Practice Cl-lARLO'I"I'lS ELIZAISIETH BUSSEY ALICE GORDON Assistant .Librarian Model School DORA E. CARVER AMELIA PETERS English Model School LAILA CARPER MAYBELLE CROSS Music Model School MAGDALENE M. I-IACKNER RENA M. ANGELL Physical Education Head of the Department of Drawing RAY M. Klil-CLER ADOLPH H. BERNHARD Athletic Coach Head of the Department of Chemistry 17 f i ,I f., Z-.. 1'-..,"-. 'Rf I'-.4 '-.f gf 'Q-., f-.,, AP, .Pi ,if-h ,,'.V,f,.?, -,Yr IXIJ,-QAJ,-.lyff-.,! if '-.1 -4 2. ,'-. f--. , f --,, -.1 2. f-.f--,f -. 'y' 'y -. 2 fa ,fum , , .V .X A 14. A' ,fm ,iyjyffkf ff ,, gf 24,15-.71"7"",f ff Z3 Q 4 gf. mf 3, y 5 2 g Q Q 4-J 3-. 2- 'uf'-f sz 5 92 9 Z Z "-.' '.f 3.1! , if ' , ' ' 5 gif," 22- fx E ,, 5 E 5 E 3.5 E ay 1 3 5 5 ' 5 7 3 2 A SENI'OR'S SOLILOQUY Oh, dear. I wish that I would die, And then I guess that all could see- 'Fhat I did hoe and dig and tryg Hut they put tcm much work on me. A "Punch" that makes the spirits rise, Alas. is far too tunic for mc. Nlfisli I could boss, l would surprise The "They" that put me up the tree. l wish I hadn't quaweled with -lack, It was his fault I clearly sec But if I only had him back- I know he'd gladly marry me. 18 krfr 7 vre4cbTIra WH of bm emvzmlfffallaemm :UNM md ard m ' f Emu aganif 'M MTV: ITIIJTJGH H rm he Jareclm X ill 1 X 'Bi' T-if ffl, T 'iff l Q ummm 1 , fs'f.wX 5 .xxxxxulxmw X Q' ew xisilix 1 1 1 1 li t l t 1 t X A 1 xxx NXXXXR 1 as 1 5 he o so P4 o "5-'1 m 1 fa ffl Q T' :P CD U3 o 'TU E NO At the beginning of the ,fall of 1917 the class of 1919 entered at a very dilli- cult time, due to war demands. JXltl1ot1g'li our numbers were fewer than of former years yet we were proud because we knew so many of our intended class members were members of the school of war. We had representatives from the city, surrounding towns and from far away. Ruth lisch was our president in our lirst year and surely proved ellicient for such work. .ln the fall we won the State Cham- pionship in football and while our boys were aided by others of the school, we were in majority on that team. As the year proceeded we captured two more championships. The Southern Basket- ball and only lost the State Champion- ship by a small margin, However, at the cud of the year we redeemed our- selves by wimiiug the State Champion- ship again, this time in track. The close of tl1e last year and the be- ginning of this year were marked by the incessant demands caused by the war conditions. All these demands were will- ingly met with by both the students and the faculty. The greatest contribution was the number of men the students and faculty gave to the cause. All those re- maining' in school gave gladly of time and money to the great cause. I The lirst of this year was marked by military unrest. The presence of the S. A. T. C. in our midst placed our school on a military basis and because of those duties school activities suffered even to the failure of publishment of our weekly paper. At their disbursement and the beginning' of a new semester things took up the regular run and with the return of old students from their-work abroad and local camps. the enrollment and ac- tivities became better. Also the revival of the weekly Racquet was carried on successfully. The work of this 1919 year has been aided and cared for by the ellicient work of our president, lVlerrill CSOXJ Maurer. The first Normal tournament of bask- etball was held in La Crosse, resulting in our championship of the state in basket- ball, thus redeeming' ourselves from our class failure of the preceding' year. The Fourth Annual Senior Vodvil was made a success by the hard work of lelerbert Xllheaton, who carefully man- aged it so that all were pleased. The editor of the Racquet and the An- nual and many of the staff are members of this class. all graduating in june. . If -.31 .If yi jxJ24..?ff..V,..yf-.Aff-:X LX-J3f'y,u.y 7- 1 'A ' "1 "r 'f V 12 -. '-. " f. -. '. '. 1 1, ,- , If , , , '11, if ,2j,pf2L,- . Zz... L-,..'J24,hL,'.Al! -uk. '-:ai 3.-' lt,-Lil' - ,,,,,, Z gf 14'-.f,.,'7, NZ-'rni-f Q , 1 YE. '--. "-.1 "-f 'u. "' f 2 E 2 Z Z! ,Qi ff, f-nf? Q 2 W 2 2. . Z 2 , 5 E E Z E 1 I 2 1 Q . f Z E , ' s .4 ' IQ Z 1 91- 1 bi 6 2 f Z I f 5 4 o:::z : 5 MERR1 LL MAURER PRESIDENT NIISS RUTH ESCH VICE PRESIDENT 20 Miss MAYSEL EVANS SECRETARY AND '1'Ill'EASURI'ER ANDREWS, MILIJNICID li .... Oslllcoslu 'l'1vo-Yum' lhy. hcl. 'l'1'cblc Clcl Club 1, 2 l'l1y. lflfl. Clllll l, 2 Y. W. Lf. A. 2 Hlllllfll' Vorlvil Z .x , ANUNDSON, AUNICS ......... 511111111 f'Pcp" - ' P1'i111111'y Course FOl'Lll'lI Z l3l.lSlilll 2 A Trcblc Clci 1. 2 l':Ol'lll1l If'l':1y, "'l'l1c Voice ol 1XuLl1o1'- ilyrr l l!.1XliNlI'l"l', l3.fXlQlSARA 12...l.2ll1C2lSlCl' 'I'1vo-Y1c:1.1' Pl1y. Ed. Course 1-'l1y. Ed. Club l. 2 IIANGSIZILRG, ORANDA C.. l.:1 Crosse rl'lll'CC-YCGII' High Sclmol C0lll'SC l'o1'11111 2, 3 Y W C' -N 3 .. .,.... IHXCON, Zl12l.l'l-IA IE. .......... Spz11'L:1 G1'z1111111:11' Gl'2lllC Course Y. XV. C. A. 1,2 Treble Clcf Club 2 Blxl-i'l'l'll2. GLJXDYS .......... lVi11o1m 'l'1vr1-Ycul' Phy. licl. Phy. lid. Club 2 Skflllill' Yorlvil 'l9 ,l ' 15' 'ls X I -W,..W, -- ' . - . ..1.,..1., W.,-.- ,i,.,-55 ug an -Q ,V5,.-.4131 . 1 '--:-11..,4 af.: 1 1 .. 1 '. . - ,--..-..1...,,, ,., .JJ-,, 3 L U El M 1 " jolll ' ' . .. 1 - - H 61.3 ' Q-vs. 'QS 1 a?U ff L.7jL4Il "' Z f 1' ' . 1 . 1 . A ll .1 'Q' 0 X 7 - ix W Xin!-fx,-2,.xJl 1,4jf4f,A,iQ 'Y 1 . ' , 12' C443-L 1 ,A ,H 17 'VlA,aU4Qv. Q-1-Q2"3f'l-fILf.g La lj X L, UN JV, V. L -.df1wLfbn, C M 5 I -1.-..cA,L,9b ' , .N .x , K W I N C11 V , li- U 'QE-' JC ' ,Y I ,A "il ., 1'xl 'Qi .P I 1 V . 5 1 V 4-J l rl El 1:1 1:1 Y . e 1 ide fu-.f it 3 .N 6 Y Y ,+,,.. . L...-L.::,,,t,v 1 ' s ,..., 1-1 1 ., ,.-.f .fm-1--?---- ..,F-.,,..,. .FQQ3 ,- V- -g fi. -1 -- 1, ,, Fig! . viii N I i 5, , g fi -g 1. f.f'1.- . Q " E. -f45Q,j::,? I tix: it 5. 1.1 1 V. T. . wi ST 1-M 51 9 4 gg '51 f Y-f ,. Y, ,' i .illrlxv-371' -4 '- Vl.,.g Q BERG, GERTRUDE .... ..... L Bangor Primary Course Y. WV. Cf A. :'lLl1'l1Jl1Ol1lZl BRANDENISURG, NVESLIEY W. 11.21 Crosse "Punch" College Course: Eclectic '16, '17, 'Buskiu '18, '19, Treas. '18, 'l93 Ln Sociedad l?l'ispaniea '16, 'l7g Geriuzul Club '16, 'l7g Glee Clubg Mgr. Foot'- hall 'ISQ Cheer Leader '17, 'l83 Class Track Meet '18, Y. M. C. A. '16, 'l7g Plays-"The New Co-Ed," 'l7: "The Lost Sill: Hat," '18g "Strong- 1'Iea1't," '17, "A Full I-louse," '19 1315.1-IOP, DORl.S L. ...... West Salem 'lhvo-Year Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club 1, 2 H SZ11H1ll1Ol1l2t5'2 Y. W. C. A. 1, Z AKLEY, ELLA ........ La Crosse GI'2l.l'l1l'll2ll' Grade lforum 1, Z XVomen's League KSee'y ZH ISLIXCK, CL.'XRlBlEL L. ..... liilllliilllllll Two-Ye:l.r Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed Club 1, 2 Y. W. C. A. 1,2 CCabinel 1, ZH 'Preble Clef Club 1 Forum Play "The Voiec ol Author- it-yn Womeifs League l UOSCI'll2R'li, CA'l'l-lERlNE.l..:i Crosse "Pal" 'l'hree-Year leligh School Course Gibbous Cluh 1, Z, 3 Forum l, 2g Vice-Pres. Z CALL, 11IAZl5l.. ......... .... N Veslby Primary Course Treble Clef Club 2 Sapplwouia Y. W. C. A. CAl.l,Al-IAN, MARIE ....... Columbus G'l'Fl11'lll'lZll' Grncle Gnbbons 1, Z C111 R1.S'l'l.fXNSON-, 1vl.A'UlJ12 ICVICLYN 1.11 Crosse TWO-YCZII' Pby. Erl. Play. lid. Club l, 2 COBURN, FRANCES ..... Wfesl Salem College Course Treble Clcl Club '17, '18, '19, Pres. '18, '19 Forum '19 Y. VV. C. A. Cabinel. '17, '18, '19 'l'rio1et Club '18, '19 .lJAl.'l'ON, MfXRG.l2RY ...... 1.11, Crosse 'lfwo-Year Phy, 1211. Gibbons 1, 2 Phy. lid. Club DEVINE, GRE'l"l'.fX ......... Edgerton "'lforcl1y" Two-Ycal' Phy. 1211. Plw. lid. Club Gibbons 1, 2 Treble Clcf Club 1, Z I, ...,. ,,,.,,C,,.,,,d,,,.,M,,,.,. A ' ,,....- .W , ,W ,, ,WC lf, ,Qu Um 0 ' , - . ! 'i x 45, Vjgf ful I W J'-, X fa A " .,, '. ' . 6 " .'3'ff ' ' . 1 . 1 ,, .. . ,, ... ,. , v- , . " " ,aff 1-J V, .1 ' ' gif' , ' 4 " ', A4 1 ' f ln 1 1 , . . X 5 L, ,, "' J P' u 'S r 14,7 . 1 , . K,-ke 'V' . ' :fl I!" lk. ix '-' Q-+3-...P-.1 1-ff 1'1" I 5. .52 f ' gr fl:"ff1,f, .4 - Ciawi Cfgfw' Laipjv ,IU 4'V'0M7 X' 574+ Olwkfbil 12' QW f W L 1 "Alu . -f-.vv- . .. .l. ,.., fn, -f 'v-''-- f. - .-' -'-Jlfr.-.f-'-f . T. V. A - ,lf-:Q ... .-.....h .. .Y ,,.,.1....-..T?J!v, . ..N -..-..i4:.0,,,.. H ww 4 P 'Q , , ol' dw 24 DENNY, ARTHUR C. ,..... 1.11, Crosse Two-Year Phy. Ed. Phy. Ecl. Club Pres. 3 Basketball 1. 2 ccillll. ZH Track 1, 2 DEUSS, WILMA ........... Sllclloygzm Two-Year Phy. liml. Plly. Ecl. Club DIXON, LALA .....,........ XVaupun 'lfllree-Yezu' High School Courscg Y. XV. C. A.: Racquet Vlfcclcly 1, 2, 33 Racquet Annual l, 3 3Sappl10uia 1, 2, 35 Chair. luforumliou Com. '17, Wal, , Se 'y '17, 'l8g Pres. '18, '19 L Lu-b MAL. drill' DTMF? IJREIER, I-IAZEI, l,. ........, Norwalk College Course DREPS, JOSEPH ....... . . .'l'll1llZl.l1 College Course La Sociedad I-liswmicn. .IESCI-l, RUTH E. .... .... l .11 Crosse College Course Forum 2 Buslciu 1, 2 Huslciu Play, "A lfull House" EVANS, IEEATRICE ....... La Crosse "Ben" Two-Year Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club Treble Clef Club 2 Y. W. C. A. 2 EVANS, MAVYSEI.. ...... .... l izmgor College Course Treble Clef Club I, 2 Triolet Club 2 Forum 2 Y. VV. C. A. Cabiueli l. 2 Trcas. Senior Class 2 ITLOCK, LOR.I2TTA ........ La Crosse Three-Year High School Course Forum 1, 2 FRANKLIN, LILAH' L. .... Lu Crosse Two-Year Phy. Eel. Phy. Ed. Club Y VV. C. A. 2 Treble Clef Club 1 FRANZMAN, MINNIE ,.... La Crosse Grammar Grade FRANKLIN, MLLDRED Ill., La Crosse Primary Course Y. W. C. A. 1,2 Treble Clef Club 1, 2 Scc'y 1 Tl fs-1 E Ll ev . 1 -' fi igT?kT 'AA QA: , - E:':g'1-4f"' Zi if :A 'TQ iff. gg 5. 15? El D li., . -ff . ... .. Q, - A .1 ..- .WW MW Qi 5. W .fd Q I. A 1 ll s- XJ, J. .gp 26 GETTS, HAZEL ..... Primary Course Sapphouia GUENTI-IER, ELSIE ....... Two-Year Phy. Ed. Pby. Ed. Club Forum 2 HANSEN, MATILDA Two-Year Phy. Ed Phy. Ed. Club HAFEN R1C'I'l'l'E.R, N l N A Two-Year Pby. Ed. Thy. Ed. Club Treble Clel Club Forum 2 l Editor Raequel Weekly HAN SEN, CELIA. .. .La Crosse .La Crosse - .La Crosse M. Aurora, Ill. Z ... .... C2lSlll0ll Two-Year Plhy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club Gibbous Club l, 2 Treble Clef Club I-IERMAN, ALlCE. .. Primary Course Treble Clef Club l Forum 1, 2 Y. NV. C. A. 1, Z ' ..... Sparta . lliiibf 'l'. RDY C RA' .... ..... L il Crosse ' . ai' H25 aliool Cor r c :QI l1l I-IARRISON, HELEN ......,... Wfiltoii 1 l In K Primary Course NX ff ' Treble Clei Club l, 2 . Y. W. C. A. 1, 2 X ' I-IESTER, MARION .... Preston, Minn. Primary Course JAMESON, lRENE HARLEY L21 Crosse Prinru' Course P. G. 'N-,X . y Sapplionia 'l7 Treble Clef Club '17 Senior Vodvil '17 Y. XV. C. A. JASPER, MARY ............ Cazcnovia Grannnar Grade Course JEGI, GRACE MARIJXN .... La Crosse Two-Year Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club Treble Clef Club 1 Forum 2 l l 1 l i li l I X . 114 2 , f"!Ei'E'-f732'2ii-2i'G1--2-554-E3e:'1 :.Q"'9:E: if ' flhlilif .L.e.1ils.i-.- ,J L-n.-1-g 1-r-11. ' - Y . - , v.,n'.L.',: if ,W Qi?-cl iff .MEL-. 'Ji ' ' :alia I --V aff. vm 0 ,l 'Q Q Fil .lr ., .Ur lj :E hw .- Qi. A' ll " 'YXBL "A ni' Lili TW 4 4 l l l 6905 rf My ' 1 'ifff??. 1 is ', w l B, . ., ' Wim E X ' El 1 ESQ: m V ,,.7,, -..N ,I , I I. -if . JOHNSON. .l.R.liNE A. ..... ..... l 'oln Two-Year Pliy. Ed. , Pby. Ed. Club , Y. W. C. A. l Sapplwuia l 1 KlN G, 1-I. IELEN .... ..... lYl2l1'l'Zl , College Course Forum 1, 2 Y. VV. C. A. I, 2 Lu Sociedad fl.-,lisp:.iuiczn. l, Z Spanish Play 1, 2 l l l KIRKEENG, CLARA O. ...., Roclclzuid Grammar Grade Course Treble Clel Club Sapphoniu Y. VV. C. A. l LEVY, RUTH R ....... ...... 1 ,ll cl-we wo-Year Pby. Ed. ww hy Ed. Club uskin 1, 25 Vice-Pres. l, Z 1 3 lay "Her Tongue" GA"-K' 6 411 u-euh-73 625246 f K - i A LISKOVEC, JOSEPH J. .... 1.3 C.-me cj? . pmzb L,'V , an-Ioan .nfs College Course - '1f'VV Football 1, 23 Basketball 1, Z 44' ji 'Track 1, 25 Buskin 23 Eclectic 1 ' all f ,Lf,rf,L Treas. Oratorical Association 2 f ixnf,-ZVL' Racquet VVcekly lg Racque'tAummlZ ,ff ,1 ff' A ' .Y f"'y"" K, LE TENDRE, ITLORIZNCE U. Je ' I I , ' . C'l1ippew11 Falls if !,.f ,- .XJ Two-Year Plly. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club Treble Clef Club I, 25 sec'y :mud treas. 2 Triolel Club 2 , Sapphouia l, 2 Senior Vodvil 2 l ' . .-.. Y :.-'-,1 28 lX'lCl'lUG1"l, GENEVIEVE "jenny" Two-Year Plzy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club Gibbons 1, Z Forum Annual Staff '17, '19 Racquet Weekly '19 MARVIN, FANNY ...... Duluth Mum Two-Year Pby. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club Racquet Annual 2 MAXVVELL, SARA ...... "Sallie" Two-Year Plly. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club MARCOU, PAUL I... . .. "Peanuts" Two-Year Pby. Edf Football 1, 2 Track 1, 2 Senior Vodvil 2 MAY, I-HELEN ,..... .... Three-Year High School Comse MORAN. 'DILSON ..... State Graded Course Buslcin Senior Vodvil '19 mfg Z J -I 1: .7' I . 'Q K ' " ' 4 ,fi 1 4.7 fy if 1 1 81 1. . "tt " ' 1 tl . Ff""" .1-5-iEtU""'1.vy-f-na.-rs-'rf-gg-:'y. h h ' :'f"f'T:fg"' -. . .., mags- , f ' M. . 1 ,Ig . lfz- 1 gg Q, . I3., 1'-1 , '11 E1-.r ' ffl, Q. : a .I .g '. " I .' Q .l -.1 . lu., , tail E1 "' ' 1 D asf, ft,...e,.... .. . . . 1Sl21'il' Q15'CF?g"-"7 1-QU!! Y 'L.3.E1'31f7xQ':'f1"Ti4""m ":5Q'fHi'l .1 ' '4.2."f,:'.1LP:J.:lf1..1ggl:T'-A .. '..?L'l.'g:.,..." ""-...T ' 1 'DU McNO1fVN, ELIZA I3E'l'l'l ..... Mauston Primary Course Y VV. C. A. Sapphonia MILLER, C11ARLOT'l'l2 C., La Crosse Primary Course Mootuz, IRENE ie. ........ Lit C.-we Grammar Grade Course' Treble Clef Club 1, 2 MORRISON, MARY ............ Viola Grammar Grade Course SilllDl1Olll21 MAURER, MERRILL ......... Arcadia "Sox" College Course, Pres. Senior Class '18, 19, Vice-Pres. Junior Class '17, '18, Eclectic '17, '18, Treas '17, '18, Y. M. C. A. '17, '18, Student Direc- tory Com. '17, '18, Men's League '17, '18, La Sociedad Hispanica '17, '18, '19, Sec'y '18, '19, .linskin '17, '18, '19, Cast "A F1111 1-louse", "Prince Chap", Senior Voc1vi1 '17, '18, Stu- dent Representative to State Ora- torical Contest '19, Tennis Club '17, '18, '19, Pres. '17, '18, Capt. Class B. li. Team '17, '18, '19, Class Track Team '17, '18, '19, State Champion- ship 'lfraclc Team 'I7-'18, Static Championship Football '.l'eam '18, State Championship 15. 13. Team '18-'19, Student Mgr. '18-19, Cheer Leader '17-'18, Capt. Track Team '19, Racquet VVee1c1y '17, '18, '19, Racquet Am1na1 '19, Bus. Mgr., Class Play '19. NEWBURG, JENNH3 lE....l.:u Crosse Two-Year Phy. lid. Gibbons Phy. Ed. Club NICK LAS, EST1-IRR .... .... D urand Two-'lieu r Phy Iffl Phy. Incl. Club A Gibbons 5up1Jlm11ia NEWMAN, IIDNA .......... La Crosse 6lEd!l Tllrce-Yuzu' High School Course Forum Y. W. C. A. Pres. Oruloricnl Ass'u' 19 O'Nl31'I., MAR V .............. Kilbourn Grammzlr Grade Course Gibbons PALMER, RUTH ,... Primary Course ....Bungor PA M M EL, G LAD Y S ........ "Brick" Two-Year Phy. lid. Phy. Ed. Club Gibbons '17, '18, '19 Forum '17, '18, '19 Chair. Progrzun Com. 'I PINCH, ESTHER ........, Grnmmzlr Grade Course Lu Crosse 8 . .Hillsboro 'FF' YJ Pr ,or 51315 ' ' 1 VJ, , -:,v. an - " 2' I. ' "" ' 3' I 'V 11 QQ gg .Le W , E wb-Qs. E1 if 'L-4 7 ' 5,51-ffir .1 12' ' 1 ' E'iilkff'P"'451,iif'k?g1lt?7 r J I V 1 ! 31 wwf ,r 'n s . - Af, WD' 37 . ff .WJUJ - L 521422, CQ , K 4521 5 bf., yff l "V x""l' 'J V5 .1-MG b 1 17' " - l sf' g','J.!! uv Q1 l , x. -.ff 1 l 1 l z 3402. 1:7 -: " , V f--r- --17,5 Q, :,' 5 --.L . -.. .-gm...--, ,- . ,, Y -, 1 . - .g.uL?f.:1......,.. I C if . in .Q CJ ,fS"Q"f'j"l 'IEC-" I ..,,, .,.,, A V. .-nm,,,.,,,, ,,. , , C9 l E' 'iffr l H IJ' 155 ld.. I 0 l 1 .QQ UNCH, NANNY ............ Hillsboro Grammar Grade Course PONVELL, THELMA E. .... Reeclsburg' HTl'lCll'I1n Two-Year Phy. Erl. Phy. Ed. Club RILEY, CECILIA .......... La Crosse Primary Course Gibbons Club Racquet Annual 'l9 ROGERS, VIVIAN S. ...... Lu Crosse "Viv" Primary Course Forum '17, '18, '19 SCANLAN, MARION ....... La Crosse Two-Year Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club Gibbons '18-'19 Racquet Weekly and Annual '19 SCHOFF, BESSIE ........... Kilbourn Grammar Grade Course Y. W. C. A. SCHREIN ISN, A'l,lE'I".l',li ....... Weslby "LCl.' Two-Yc:u' il'l1y. licl. 1.x .- Plly. Incl. Llulm Pusl 111 7 lfrmrmn 2 SCIIXVANZLIC, ANN M. .... l.:1 Crosse Gl'illHIll2l1' Grzulc Cuursc S'l'CEl.liY, MAE ...... Culcrzlinc, Illinu 'l'wo-Your l'l1y. liul. Phy. lid. iflulw fScc'y and Trans. 'l9,J 'llrclylc Clcl cllllg' 'IS-'IU fl'1'iulm:t Club 'IU Suuiqn' Vmlvil 'IU SHERNY, CIJXRIE... .... Viroquzl Prinmry CUIIVSC Y W C 'X . . ,1. Snpphonizl SKAAR MfXRGUlSKl'l'lE .... I.:x Crossac College Course Ln Socicclucl l"llSIJilIllC11 l, 2 'l'rclJlc Clcl' Club l, 2 ',l'riolcL Club 2 lrflflllll 2 Racquet XVcclcly :md Annual 2 Orcllcstm 1 Scc'y and 'l1l'CZlS. College Class 2 SMITH, ELLA lCl.'lZAlSl2fl'l-T Rccrlslmrg "Becky" 'l'wo-Year lilly. lfrl. 1"l1y. liml. Club ff- .. , -,. L..,,,i...,,4,--- k UL IE RE' -r- -- -A -A f "ff:1frw.'f-.1fA:f1..u... ds: - 'lj,Q,,, 'TQ'..M... "" -LLQH ' ll. if - l .,.. ,,....Vl.,g?3 l Na: ' ' ' -- '-" 'L1'f",w-1 ' lL1g..-.V ..,4 .-Qg..Q,.1a.,Q.gJl,...f 'l lfils ' l o A , ' lull las G? 'ileg l fx W-rf1.,Y.. YY5 ' . ,QW kodwyw 'l 'ffqlfkqo jx ' 151 fa' XL, ..,-1557! I JQZQVL' . ' L1-,A-Ivr, " V. , fbgwlk lv U J f J g!VL,,,:fL7 5 ' -' - ' " X "" "' l,j"15N:iiff-"Q llx-5 , -dl I-fl,-., V f l -l,. Al 1' lag gy-ff, 1A 1-. A KL -fbffwf ll- , l,,l Lai-14-11 ,' ff vi l.: ...m.YI f' 'U 5 V A Q-ii il l ' ' W'-4 +V , - ' f My-ff ' 1 3- ,uv "' J ' 33 A ,C .nn s aff' f vf ' 1. ly 1,-1. N - ' 'L 1, 1' I . . L0 ,V -, r. I f- . Ah .f 'AI Aff" f. Q ,Vi r :A , , .f ,',l t' JJ cf! I A 9, f' j jlf 'N f .1 jx C. If ,4 l I x ,GOA J . D- 1 f14,Vvf1,VCf. wifi 0fffC41,ouoh oi Am -M TM MQ 7 I 1 in lj 52 a ls' ' ' fav ., ' V--f 1 , '-1-7:5-,.,.- . ':""g' , - r H+' I l 34 SMITI-l, REIRECCA M .... Hliliot, Me. "Beclcy', Two-Yezu' Plly. lid. Plly. Ed. Club l Ruskin 1, Z Forum fl 'Liu Sflitll-Qililil lfllspzulicn Cl"rcs.J X. W, C A. Cust HSZllJZlIlO Siu Sol" STANGL, MALINDA IX. .... Ln Crosse Grammar Grzulc Course Gnbbons Club STARK, DORIS .............. Bayllelcl Two-'Yeal' Pby. fllcl. Phy Ecl. Club 'Preble Clel' Club l STATZ, TI-IERESA 'M ..... Milwaukee "Staclie" Two-'Year Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club STEENISERG, ALICE ...... LLL Crosse J Three-Year High School Course Forum CPres. 35 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3 Basketball 1, 2 STEVENSON, MARION .... Kilbourn Grammar Grade Course S'l'ORAND'I', AM IELTA. . . . Rural Course S'l'ClRKER.SON, LUCILIAE.. P1'i1nary Course Gibbons Supplloniu SULLIVAN, LORE'l"1'A .... Grzumuzu' Grzulc Course Gibbons Club . .Kilbourn La Crosse ,...'FOl'l1I1l1 TAYLOR. LAVINA MAY .... Asblancl "Skin" Two-Yczu' Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club Treble Clcl Club l, 2 Buskin 2 Tennis Club fScc'y and ',l'1'c:-ls. lj UI-IL, HELEN ......... .., Galesvillc College Course Treble Clcl' Club l Y. W. C. A. 1,2 VOSS, ROSE .............' ll- Primary Course Sapplmrlul GllJlJ0llS loominglon rxll 35775 -3" Lv, -.- .-LO..-1 .r5l'3i5ff7F-f?H?C'35E -5iw'QiY7Tf if' Q Tl' 1 ., ,'-Qz.12Au:f,nQ..s-w.s-fg-q'-1-A:':.-,-fI- - V 4 1 -- f .LLLQ --,sg H, ,f lfzkvh lv- If iff? if ' ff ' 'M A l':"ii' Q, E. . ' ' . wffj' cn Q l Q:-1 .-. r l 'il' ' fifllli 'L-GL f I ,C X , . f 1 H m w ,, ,,, 5 fl"-X p ll' mil K ,FH LU-L' K Apt, 343-i"P'-g, 'Lu-4.M.,cuL..LZ20j . 'ML : J - ZYYXA. Wvck . ,QW ?r'+'f'- ' Y '51 'I 1 ' 17 'ifii fr" ., .H : 1-.n .9'.LFk. .mlifl -3, . -.. 511+ '11, - :.gE7'i.Z-'f"""""" , '-at-5'5" .. ...L3,3L:'.i 11-'inif -i..'?., H- W WM E IW WALL, I?-ERTRESS ....... Wcyzluwcga Two-Yezu' Phy. Ed. Phy. Eel. Club VVALLTN, BEULAH L., -1 Prairie flu Chien Grzumnar Grade Course Treble Clef Club 1. Z Y. NV. C. A. l XVALSH, MARCELLA...Fonrl du Lac "Muse" Two-Year Plmy. V Ecl. Phy. Ed. Club Gibbous l, 2 Sappllonin 1, 2 CVicc-Pres 25 XVEBSTER, HAZEI. B. .'l1ul'l'nlo, N. Y. 'KSl1o1'ty" Two-Year Phy. lfrl. Plly. Ecl. Club 'orum 1, 2 CSec'y 25 VVomen's League Treble Clef Club l 'met Annual zmml Weekly 'l9 I-l, FLORENCE ......... Tomall Primary Course Gibbons Club VVESTLAKE, MYR'l'l',l2 ll. NVcst Salem 'l'wc1-Year Pby. Ed. Pby. Ed. Club VVl-IEATON, GLADY5 ..... La Crosse Two-Yczu' Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Club f XVI'll'l'E. LEAH MAE .... New Lisbon Primary Course . Y. W. C. A. 'l9 W I-T ITE, XVALTE R XV ....... College Course La Socieclacl Hispmlica X-VIKEN, ADELAIDE .,........ Sherry 'l'wo-Your Phy. lid. Phy. Ed. Club 'l'rcblc Clef Club 1 Y. W. C. A. 1, 2 l XVOIIICIES League l, . Supphouia l, 2 -J xv11.L1AMs. GRACE ........ Eu C1-we I Cirzumlmr Grad-c Course W,,fw'V , Treble Clcf Club l, Zig V-A fr ,. , . lg Of 'B R' Lx 'D' G . L, g,rV'f'LW"'wX' ', WOLF, E'l'I'lEL ..... ...Ln Crosse Primary Course ' I l sf C -Inj. - fag .,4q':.'- rr: , 'ef-1 S v 4. ' ' 1' mem . . . E .: -'li'-ff'1'i" . El r S :ff gi ii :Tilt-T-Y -f-.F-,-4.-C-:fi-...-,-- -v-,.-Q , -- . V - .'Nh:-.:1u:--1---WU. " ' . - , -ro?---' IQ!-...L '2L1'.-.' 'io,Qg5'-32752-'L"fl' J1:11'9i':Qf61i3-i1:.a..u1 fyvs.J..fCTc.A -.g,Q.Q as Vl W . on YQ. l .5 l l 1 M xr! ,-. -. 1--. '-.1 '-, w '4 -, Af-. -- ,. -,f wi gf-,, +L '-fx 2-.if-,f . , ,, .,4.f. ..,.,,.,,..Z ,-.f , a f. .1-, -,f f. .1. -. fn. 11,2 1.2.1,-..v1 .bf .af Jn. I,-,IA,fb?222,19fl1f,,a,, gf ,,4.x,If..b',,--,hi A 21 72 "- 'V V E V! E 2 .. .,, . , , , ' 5 . ' E f ' y Q 1 of E J Z 4 w4 zz GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES WE WERE UNABLE TO SECURE High School Course ' 1 lp B! E Allen, Dclsie an L" tvuj? ,tl V-4,L,Lf.V,L,fE. " ' W .Q,-X-.,QA.Af-fi fv 'Pu LN H, F College Course 'gg1L.a.-"-N"' J" fin-f Dickinson, I. David Immel, Orrie Hernsel, Paul Krcnz, Adolph Grammar Grade Course Rott, Ella Adv. Rural Ed. Course 3 1 Dingcr Cora Edwards, Mrie Gallagher, Myrtle Gillespie, Catllerine La Due, Gladys Larson, Hilda Lee. Florence Nichols, Fern Olstad, Alva Paulson, Alette . Paulson, Thesine Pcngra, Luella Slonikcr, Bernice VVinslow. Katherine Young, Verna 38 I v n X . - '-6 ' . if. 9-. '. -. 5 A ff... I, ff lv, S1 ,ff if fini,-,.J X .. 1 -J -1 Q.. f-, 1'-, 1 ' '. -.1 31 1-., f-. 1 X 1.' ,'-.Q 1 -.', -.,' L4 y, ,fb ICA If-.., -21 :f Iv., ,-., , 1 1 f ,- , - I - , - I . , . lf, , -. , -. - - - . I ' 2 1 -,- -.I '., '. I - R 2... 1-.-Q .b . 4 .wr .bf yf ju If-,R ," .Vx .P, wfff fe Q 1 l X W X I xl I Q X X X-' X bf x X X- ' C .P XX xxxxwll 4 ,-, . . . 4. '-.f . 'pf 5 . X 4. I.. r.. '.. 1 ' 5 1 X HRX xxhxx XXXXX XXXXXX , f 2 al Ea! 5 2 f IZ,,91A1z,,,, 4 2 E-? ag - ' I v ' 5 Q 'Z 4 E I 1 7 THE CLASS OF 1921 OFFICERS .President ........ . . ...... . . .. .john Dugan Vice President ......... .. ..... Jean McEvoy Secretary and Treasurer ...... Norine Conley At the llCg'llll1lllg' of the school year prospects were exceedingly bright for the junior class, because of the large en- rollment of S. A. T. C. students, the most of whom were juniors. Wfhen the mili- tary organization was clisbancled, we feared that we should lose all our male members. However, many of them re- turned, to school, swelling our hopes ot clelealing' the seniors in the various school contests. Although the junior class was not ot- Iicially organized until the latter part ot the school year, it has, nevertheless. con- tributed much to school activities. 'ln athletics we have been ably represented, for the entire basketball squad was com- posed ol juniors with the exception ol Warmer and Denny, and judging' from track reports we feel sure that the Inn- iors will do their share in the coming' lielcl meets. The junior class produeecl an orator, Miss lva May Stickney, who represented the school in the district ora- torical contest. In fact, the Juniors have boosted all school activities, so that we may look forward to a l1ve Senior class next year. How juniors "Get Away" With Class . Recitations Nntlestacl-Propouncling new theories in chemistry. Evjen-Establishing new dates in his-- tory. l-lowe-'Discovering' new organs ot the body in anatomy. Baum-Coining new words in Span- ish. Gay-Proving new formulas in trig? Sprain-Making new rules for sen- tence writing in college comp. 39 JUNIOR CLASS-GROUP ONE 1 l W' JUNIOR CLASS-GROUP TWO l'lf7z SNAP SHOTS lfflvf f ' v r .2,,.,b1f.:Af 7. 3,1-Jg4,.yj,..Vgf,yf-.Xf:?,f:AF.P,,. f,.v,4.'. If-...ff ,J-if B I lf... ,L4f4,-.f,,,,, , , 1, f ., . 1 . . 1 ll , 1 Z, . , . - ,f - 4 f 1, 4 Z. . . 1 f.f 1 . ff g Z f gf 4 '-f' mf X. f-. f'-.1 , 2 f 2 Q gvliiy' xy' 'P-1 Pu! g - 2 Z 2 Q 4. ., . , , Z 5 ef af Z , , , , INTRODUCTION For the first time in its life-perhaps 'for the last time. judging from the general success of the plan-the La Crosse Normal School became distinctly a military academy in the fall of 1913, ten years after the corne1'stone of the insti- tution was laid. ln order to avail itself of the ftheoreticalj brains of youth to be found in the American colleges for officer material, the government comman- deered the larger colleges and universities throughout the nation as army schools for the instruction of men for specialized branches of army work, and to observe the capabilities of the boys as revealed by their school work. As first planned, the S'l'UiDEN'l'S' ARMY 'l.'RAlNING CORPS was to be more on the order of the R. O. T. C. organization oif the universities, the men being in the service and uniforms, but not receiving pay or keep. As the war situation proceeded, the draft age was lowered to 18 years, and to avoid inconvenience and draft evaders, the original plan was radically modi- fied to include the induction of men into the S. A. T. C. as real soldiers, who re- ceived board, room, uniforms, and private's pay. The school was to run twelve months in the year, the time being divided into three month units, at the end of which there was to be a general day of reckoning when the men would be dis- posed of in one of five ways: flj transfer to an omcers' training camp, QZD transfer to a 11011-COl'l'l,S school, Q35 transfer to regular army cantonment as private-a penalty to be meted out to those who fell behind in the student army work, f4j 'transfer to a specialized branch of the army, or CSD retained in the school or another school for special scientific training such as medicine, engineer- ing, and the like, provided the student showed himself sufficiently inclined for tzhe work. No men were ever sent from the La Crosse unit, although eight men were picked for an officers' training camp and were all packed to leave a 'few days after the signing of the armistice, only to be disappointed at the eleventh hour by a telegram which came the night they were to go stating that the order had been cancelled due to the end of the war. Vlfhether the S. A. T. C. was a success or not we will not attempt to say here. Certain it is, though, that the student soldiers lacked keenly the incentive to academic work, for their rating as officer material was but remotely connected with the class work. lt was much more worth while in getting toward the goal of officer to study the l. D. R. a 'few minutes than an evening of supervised study on proving that confocal ellipses or hyperbolas are orthogonal or on "Los Tres Barcosf' Wfith but two hours a day of military drill, progress in this line could not be rapid or extensive. Both phases were so interfered with by the other that neither thrived. Yet we think that none arebsorry for having been in the "army" as we love to call it, and for the most part, look back upon the days with tender memories of a period of good ti1nes in spite of hardships and general good fellowship. I-.lad the war lasted longer, and the details of organization had time to work themselves out, perhaps the history of the S. A. T. C. would have been another story. An unprecedented organization such as that could not but have its blund- ers and faults, but with the change in administration from the hands of the com- mittee on education, the higher up administration would have been more satis- factory. s. A. T. c. UNi'r OO vQOAt +4444-.4++.+.4..a... . an 4QQ+4Q.aQ4....-..4-Q t o owavun ' S A I C o I l I I 2 .Q ,...Q++++.-q..vouon....4...oQ.f....+o+. OFFICERS Lieut. Fay L. Katlin ., .......... Comrnandant Lieut. Darrell F. Johnson.Personnel Adjutant Lieut. Wilfred Haunnnerson ..... Rifle Expert NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS In the S. A. T. C. there were, accord- ing to orders, no warrants 'tor non-coins issued, all the men being' privatesg but tor the purposes oi discipline and for managing the unit, the following were made acting' non-coins and held that dis- tinction at the time of discharge: Top Sergeants .......... J. Miller, A. Denny SergeantsQ'Wm. H. Brown, Jessup, Berg, Mc- Gill, Barlow, Pierce. Supply Sergeant ............... Brandenburg Corporals-Anderson, Benjamin, Calkins, Dol- lins. Harris, Howe, Marcou. M. Maur-er. McDonough, 'Pederson, Probart, Roellig. Sisson, Staples. Company Clerk ................... Longtine Calkins, Ralph Campbell, Robert Casberg, Earling 'Canuteson. Robert Casterline, Alvah Combelllick, Edgar Cook, John Crouse, Cyrus Cullman, Roy Dafhnrud, Milner Davidson, Norman Denney. Arthur Dickinson, J. David Desmond, Vlfilliam Dollins. Charles Evjen, Randolph M. Ender. Frank Farley, Frederick Figgie VVilfred Foss. Dewey MEMBERS Anderson, Howard Barlow, Frank P. Becker, Henry Bellerue, Thomas Benjamin, Roy Berg, Walter Bloom, Philip Borger, Herbert Bonsack, Clarence Boushea. George Brown, Dewey Brown, NV. Harold Brumley, Robert Buchanan. Howard Buehler, John Burrows, Earliest Baum. Walter Brandenburg, XVesley Frayn. Lynn Gillespie, John Graf. Leonard Graflis, Howard Graves, Clyde Gordon, Harvey Guertler, Alvin Hansen, Albert Harris, Grant Heafv. Gerald Heileman, Charles Howe, Arthur Jacobs, VVilliani Jansky, George U Jessup, 'lfalbert Johnson, George Johnson, Leonard ,lon-as, Walter Karis, Emil Kelly, Allan Keen-ey, Gardner Kimball, Harry Kimball, Leroy Klaye, Otto Knudson. Earl K. Knutson, Earl B. La Eluer, Ray Larson, Guy Limoseth, Orlando Liscovec, Joseph Long, Donald Longtine, Percy Marcou. Paul Maurer, Merrill Maurer, Rudolph Miller, Charles Miller ulius v I McDonough. Thomas McGill. George Moran, Wilson Nolop, Myron K. Olson, Obert Pederson, Ira Peterson, Cedric ZEZJZI Peterson, Elmer Pobreslo, Robert Prielipp, George Probart, Lewis l'uringtou, Clyde Pierce, Melvin Rall, Glen Reagan, Joseph R'CiSSCllZl.l.lC1', Albert Reibe, Donald Rink, Ray Rippe, Oscar Roellig, lfVillia111 Noels, Carlton Roettiger. l.i111111o11s Schori, Oscar SCill'Z1dCl', VVillard Schreiber, Erwin Scott, George S. A. T. C. UNIT Severson, Stuart Sl1crn1a11 Vernard Sinnnons, Sheldon Sisson. George Smith, Harold Smith Lorin Sonsalla, Ignatz Sovlie, Arthur Staples, jasper 'iiCZ!,Cl'lOl1t, 1'xl't'illl1' Thiel, Samuel Thill, l-Iarold 'l'l1o111pson, Harry Tonn. Martin XVeelcs, Russell X7VllCZli0l'l, Herbert Wlliite, Wztltex' XVl1ltEhOllSC, Allan VVl1itel1onse, Kenne th .!Xl'1ll-Y life i11 the S. A. T. C. ran on the l'ollowi11g prograni of the day: 6:30 First Call. 6:45 Revcille. 7 :0O l'l1'e:1lciast ' 7:30 to 9:30 Drill. 9:4510 12:00 Academic XIVOFIC. l2:l0 Mess. l:00 to 4:30 Acaclcmic Wo1'lc. 4- :3S Retreat. 6 :OO Mess. 7:15 Roll Call at Normal. 7:20 to 9:30 Supervised Study. 9:30 to 9:45 March or double time to NY". 10:00 Taps followed by inspection by niglht sergearit. l0:00 to 6:30 Eight hours sou11d sleep. 6:30 Same old grind begins for next day. Saturdays the schedule was al- On tered and at 9:00 the weekly inspection was held, 2111 awful ceremony i11 the full sense of tl1e term. The two i'lOL1l'S after inspection and before noon were spent i11 hikes and doing up all odd jobs which could be found for us. If we were lucky and hadn't been naughty during the week, we were generally able to get passes from Saturday noon until roll- call for study Sunday evening. THE DAY'S ROUTINE To live again I1 day of that good old life, we will start out of bed on a bound, at tl1e hrst 11ote of the cursed bugle, as pleasant dreams of home and mother vanish before our eyes, into the rows of lockers at the side of the barraclc room at the Y. M. C. A. and 111other's form melts i11to tl1e still sleeping body of a bunkie. Wfith a hurried scramble into clotl1es that would put' to shame the speed of il1'Cl'IlCIl responding to a night alar111, we wait at the tail end of a long li11e waiting for a chance at one of the two wash bowls afforded by the "Y," The li11e progresses slowly, and as we finally get to the position of but fifth or sixth, the Top's whistle blows, and we Hy back to our lockers in disgust, grab our rilles, tear dow11 two flights of stairs and stand. freezing, i11 line. "Line up," calls Miller, and all stand 111otio11less and quiet but tor the low monotone of 120 jaws chattering in the chill morning air. Wie always had to bring our rifles 'to this first formation. lVe inspected them, that is, we looked to see if tl1ere were any cartridges in the breech although we had never even seen E92 ammunition for the pieces, it had never even been issuedg in fact there was never any sent for us. Anyhow, we always looked to be sure: then we listened to the corps call off the names of those who were indisposed or missing in action. Having seen that our rilies were harm- less to begin the day, we toted them back up to the lockers, and double-timed over to the mess hall. The mess hall, in this army, happened to be the basement of the Masonic temple where we liled in three times a day for as many "squares," This formation, by the way, was the only non-compulsory formation we had, but it seldom had A. XV. O. L.'s. WVell, the breakfasts weren't anything extra, but they were line for an army camp, breakfast food, artificial milk, dogs, fried potatoes, bread and coffee. Some of the more elite of the student- soldiers breakfasted on ham and's at the Banner when the cook burned the oat- meal. After the lirst mess of the day, we re-turned to the barracks, folded our blankets .just so, swept out and cleaned upaccording to prearranged squad de- tails, again took the old Russians tour 1917 model Russian rifles which tipped the scales at some 15 pounds. It was not until after we had been issued these rifles that we thoroughly understood why the Russians had become disheartened and 'thrown down their weaponsj, and for the two hours of military reformed drill. If we were fortunate enough to bring our bayonets along, we patted our- the back while many a brave selves on soldier-in-t-he-making shivered from the thought of going through bayonet drill when, suddenly, remembering that his trusty stabbing steel was absent- mindedly left in the barracks. The business of the matutinal clean- ing-up of the barracks was a striking f N: y PK PRN tt Kir-ii-xttrt vial mmm ,xx ,. N ' Wt-sl xx X' 6,3 my t,,,,,ix t f t t w QXXX l l l X l N l l N l l l S . i t el l l S l. t l k 5 5 example of army efficiency. Given the two mops and the three brooms which the Y. M. C. A. furnished, swept and mopped thirty odd rooms, to say noth- ing of the large barrack room and the boy scout headquarters. Instruments of cleaning were at a premium. Brooms were secreted under mattresses, in lock- ers and behind doors for days at a time by enterprising corporals who wanted to be assured of passing room inspection for once in their army life. lt was not uncommon for a private to arise in the dead of night and grope into the store room to get a mop which he would hide under his bed until morning. thus making sure of first' chance at cleaning his room. THE Y. M. C. A. BARRACKS The second and third stories of the La Crosse Y. M. C. A. dormitories were given over to the S. A. T. C. at regular rooming rates although three men were put in a room as a rule and from 20 to 40 were housed in the large class rooms. The association furnished the space, one-half the beds, and a nominal amount of heat. Starting with the outside stu- dents, the ,i'YlllC2l,, hotel was filled as fast as accommodations could be made by Supply Sergeant Barlow. Wlhen all were placed, it was found necessary to house the members of the last few squads in the boys' pool room on the first floor. Headed by Sox Maurer, corporal and sole member of the Fighting Fourteenth squad, the little set- tlement of 5'O's soon came to be an in- stitution of its own with the title of "Boy Scouts." Sgt. VVeeks was appointed scout master, having charge over all the barrack details of 'the little army. Great in promise of a future home for our man's army were the beautiful white barracks with their green windows which the state erected in record time XX X -"' K Y4"TP'X ,.. . NN N' . x,,. -X xxxxxxxxxx tS.2fi.l x. X X x 'S lb Wx xyyx yxx1 ' it ty ii t i t t N .ll X N xnxx 1 2 at Seventeenth and State were the last word in ap- proved standard construction barracks with two stories ol sleeping space in the a dining' hall and kitchen in the second. and a lull set ol showers in the third. As heautilul barracks were never used. Even alter the made to occupy them but just one week helore we were to move in, demohiliza- tfor the statej streets. These large hnilding, with wedding' cake. our arinistgice, plans were all tion orders were received and it was de- cided by our superiors that we should stay in the original quarters. DRILL 'l'hat most' necessary of all army ac- tivities-drill-was conlined to two hours a day. lt took nearly a fourth oi that time to march out to the drill lield and prepare for work. An ideal place lor drill was ztllordccl hy the Normal ath- letic lield with its level surface and green f , , 5 through marchingtactics, manual ofarms, bayonet drill and the like. After the end ot the war, less attention was payed to offensive wartare and more stress laid on athletic drill. OFFICERS No story of the S. A. T. C. could be complete without a word in praise of the work of our connnandantt, Lieutenant Fay L. Catlin. Always acting conscien- tiously lor the good of the men in his company, Lieut. Catlin was respected by all and enjoyed true popularity with the La Crosse unit. In the report of the ar- my inspector who visited all the S. A. 'l'. C.'s in Wfisconsin, the La Crosse com- pany was found to have progressed the farthest in the matter of drill, and Lieut. Catlin received credit for having the best organized unit among the student ar- mies of the state. Our connnandant was well aided in his work by the personnel grass. lleginning' with setting-up ex- ercises :idministercd by Phy. lid. sol- adjntant, Lieut Darrell F. johnson and diers, the drill generally continued l,icnt. W'illred Haninmerson. N4 Mn us! Q r if till, S' ,mf 1: 0 5 1 qgxf v .XE pi ll iw 1 47 V. fu "-. 1'-. 1 '-. gf '-.1 '- ,-, 3 ,-.Q "nh 1 -.N -.1 -4 -h 1-5' , f.. f'-. 'J -.53 Zu: ,PQ,A-.-,ff-.,f"'-q'21,14 ua' X.,ff..?,f'-J 4 'w 4 f-, 1--, 'mf -- '-J bf P-. 'af "-' A- ZALJ, Z ki 1-,vf -,Af .4 :if ,-Q ,KA nl., f an Lf.. nf vi 242772 m Q 9 if-.,'1,"'-.f"p' 5 2 2 an Q 5 az 2 Q Z ,"-. 2 ' 5 2 5 Q 6 2 W! 5 af 5 Q , . 5 1 E 5 MEMORIES OF THE S. A. T.'s In fall we had the best of times, lor so it seems to me, The school was lilled with noises from the jolly S. A. T.'s W'e'd hear the bugle sounding through all the school room halls. And the rush of feet and elammering to answer its wild call. The roll call would be taken and we'd hear the answer come, 'iFirst squad all present, or fourth squad all but Tomi." They'd joke about the mess halls, or of the awful tea, But the thing that they enjoyed the most, was duty as K. l". The song, "K-k-k-katy" was burning in our ears, And as they sang "VVhen the 'Boys Come Home," our eyes would Kill with tears, And now when it's all over we sigh for just one time To hear them sing the song, "My Castle on the Rhine," They were a jolly bunch of boys, you all must surely say. They'd work and sing and smile away, the whole live-long day. They were given balls and dances and of course the girls were asked And now we can only sigh and think of the good old times that passed. The library is quiet, there's no loitering in the halls, KN-'e hearlno tramping' feet or the good old bugle calls. Attendance has been lowered and no khaki now we see So as we sigh we say "Farewell" to our good old S. A. T.'s. --Hedwig Anderegg. 48 Q 11 ,711 W' 1 ,,g,,, , --'li x we -Y--"' .Q , J ' 6 SE-W fd. Q- 'A T E Lf! ' 1? 1-L-Z 11? M11 757 7 MW f , .5 ' "' J l ' ' '.' K- ' J' f 1 M 1.155 ' X1 1 A049 If H X 1 11- if f 1 1 1-fs uf .Q GJ mf 1 P 1 1 I ' '-1 JW' " 'LA 11 1-IO .QL ff' 1 1 .sf 5:51119 A 1 'fp' 1-1 S 12: o 11" zz 052225212111 ,111 111 IQI5 I W 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 ' " f 1 f fi X 1 SNAP SHOTS ,-. . 1 l L i-J gl gas... ,J Y 1 w . LJ 1 D r' ' x f' 3 1' j F' ' 'W 1 ' ' ' E. - 1 f x I ' . rg r , F P r Y Y l , ' A- xv-J 1 W A- W W Al E5 ' w . ,"'-.1 "-1 "-I 3- if-. ,"- f'-. '-.1 "-' bf f-. X'-. -.2 P.. "-.A f '-.-,' f '-4 5, "T, lf, f-.,f'-.1 '-1 w.,' ,-,n 4., , 41 11. ,,,A.vff....ff..,f .21 ,xx1,-..4bLjQ,?,jQ,:,,2,, ff '-X '-f P-. f'-. ,"-.1 "-f' 'Z' y1Zf Q Z . , , .. -. ' . -. 4 4 ga! - ,J-if .fp ,ri fa Z fa 7 "'-.f 'H' 'J-. 5'-. -' E - 9 EJ 5 Z . ZX"-f'!"y'A'vf Q 7 E 2 T' E ., ,, f f , 5 f 2 2 Q ,, W 2 Z! 2 by fe 1 ' ' 5 1 f A MAN AND A RACETRACK In an obscure corner of The Avalon Daily News, under the column "Obitu- ary," appeared a little article which. for most readers, held no interest, if they noticed it at all. "Ml: W'illiam jackson, of Montary, formerly of Avalon, passed away at a local hospital Friday morning. His body will be removed to Montary for burial." Had the announcement read, "Biggest Crook in the Middle-west Dies," every- one would have queried the reason. To me this article was full of meaning. lt set my mind to thinking' of years gone by, when "Big Hill" jackson had been the most talked-of-man in the west. One cold winter morning, away back in the 9O's, a stranger arrived in Avalon. No one knew where he came from, who or what he was or anything' about him. ilfillll he proved himself a jolly good fel- low and soon became one of the most popular men of the town. 'l-le was always apparently flourishing' with money yet he did no work. Gradu- ally it became known that he was what might be termed "a horse-trader." It was rumored about town that this "Big flilill' jackson had the very finest herd of horses seen for many a year, out on the tract of land which he had purchased just outside of the city limits. This plot of ground lay to the southeast of the city and was in a beautiful region, with the bluffs rolling' away to the east and the quiet little village stretching out toward the west. jackson owned eighty acres. Early the following' spring the Village of Avalon received a shock. which did not render it prostrate, but set it into a whirr and hum of sudden activity. Wfil- liam jackson had let bids for a full mile race-track, a grand-stand, stables, a dancing pavillion, a half-mile pond, and innumerable other buildings. Avalon was to become the center of sporting' activities. The frost was hardly out before the ground had been broken. There were not enough men to be had in the city so laborers came from hither and yon to procure jobs. By the middle of May the project was in full swing. The railroad company had built an extension to the scene of action, and every day brought cars loaded with material. The street- car concern laid several miles of tracks out there that they might receive the nickels of the workers going to and fro as well as those of the prospective fans. On Sundays the grounds were liter- ally thronged with people who came 'for curiosity's sake. Men came on bicycles. families came in surreys, and others who were not so fortunate came on foot or by street-car. But come they must. "Big Bill' jackson was the most talked-of-man for miles. Even the newspapers of the larger cities were giving space in their columns to this horse-maniac. People said that he was crazy, that he could never make it go, but go it did and at a terrinc speed. The opening' was set for the first week of September. Already the announce- ments of the races had been sent broad- cast. The purses offered for the first, second, and third places crept away up into the thousands, so that the very best racers were attracted. Entries came from all over the United States and even Canada. At last only a week remained before 2-PX..-if-.:LTf..3i p ' .j4.y'J-fl,-gi-fx?-.xf. -.Z 'J-' f 4 3'-.J "-,f-git'-,f"y1 Cf.. LX.,2ypLpQ,22z2b2f--Q Z4 4. 1'-. 1"-,f '.' '7 'K P I f, ?4 2 5-.".f D, ,. f-. -.121 X2 I 4 2 QT., f...,,-.xffy ' 2 ' Q E Z 'I ' I, , , I , , Q ef aj ' , , ' 4 4 9 E the grand opening. The two hotels of the town had acquired floors, new furni- ture in the lobbies, and brilliantly deco- rated signs. Even the waitresses in the restaurants dressed up more than usual. Nearly every other house bore a shingle, "Rooms for Rent," "Board and Room," "Furnished Rooms" and so on. Crews were working double shifts, day and night, at the track in order that every- thing might be in readiness. As the days sped on the undertone of excitement and feverish haste continued to grow. The stores and roonting- houses had not Figured incorrectly. Two, three days ahead of time, strangers ap- peared about town. The railroad had not built its extension in vain for horses and equipment were arriving daily. Bet- ting was running high. Then the opening day dawned bright and clear. Early in the morning the trainers and jockies were seen hurrying about. "Hay, Jim, get a move on, and clean up that sulkyf' "W7here'd you put the brown halter?" "Aw, lind it yourself. I've got to tix up this blanket." Shortly before noon the promoter of all this commotion strolled into the sta- bles. "VVell, boys, what do you think of the track?" "Fine, Jackson, fine, best I've ever trotted a horse on. But, man, what do you want with such an immense stand? You don't s'pose you'1'e goin' to get a crowd to till that, do you? And what's the idea of that building over there with the sign, 'The Mintf painted on it?l' Wlith a slow smile, Jackson, thus ad- dressed, replied, "Haven't you been in there yet? Wlell, c'mon, boys, here we goin The place referred to was a bar-room, a short distance from the stand. It had been appropriately named, for the tile floor was inlaid with silver dollars in a star design. The walls were mirrors, re- Ilecting all the varied actions of the men. !Xlthough the races were not scheduled to be run until 2 p. m. the tables and chairs were already occupied. In one corner there was a group of men gath- ered about the table where the betting was going on. lt was toward this sport that Jackson directed his followers. The betting had been rather slow, but when Jackson ap- peared and introduced the jockies, in- terest was quickly aroused. True to na- ture, the jockies began landing their own individual horses with the result that the betting increased by leaps and bounds. Before they left nearly all the men in the room were crowded about the table. Upon stepping outdoors again, the promoter pointed to the grand-stand. 'Ift was already beginning to Iill up. Vehi- cles of all sorts were standing about the grounds and horses by the tens were fastened under the hitching-shed. The dining-hall was all a-bustle and a-stir. W-'ho had said this project would not be a success? l-Iere were men from San Francisco, New York, W'innipeg, New Orleans, rubbing shoulders, all after the sport and the money. An hour before starting-time "The Mint" seemed to have become truly alive with people. The smoke in the place was so thick that it was hard at first to distinguish anything. The tables and chairs were scattered about and over- turned. There was a low hum over all, accented now and then by 'the clink ol glasses or by an angry shout. "A hundred on No. S." "A hundred 'n fifty on No. S." "Another Fifty on No. 5 l" It was evident that the stake-holder could not manage alone, so "Big Bill" jackson, who had been standing back in 52 If-.1-ll'..,f -,J Lf int fu ,-,-lf..Jr.3., X ff' le-AJ,-...J,n,yf,,?: ,afA',fJQQQ,4,yJ,2,:s, 4-cl 'Q ff. 1"--.f""-' "nf "1 9+ Z jf' bf. Lf.. ,f-.,"-,f r 2 Z 3 Z Z2 'af X 9".,"'ff Ei 5 24 5 Q sf Z . 2 2 , 2 Q 4 , fi 2 5 4 1 Q ' 2 5 2 1 Q Q 2 ag E .g 3 , 4 - f 1 71 5 3 1 1 2 55 2 a corner, stepped quietly in and mo- tioned that he would help. HXh'lll1ll,S the matter here? Nobody's betting on No. 7? Say, fellows, that's my Trot, the best. bred racer on the tracks. l'll bet you Zl thousand to a hun- dred that Trot wins in that 2:20 heat. Who takes me up? You? "Seventy-live more on Trot." The money seemed to be literally roll- ing in and every ten or fifteen minutes the two stake-holders shoved whole handfuls of paper bills and silver into the big safe at their rear. The bets were running along lively on another race, when in burst one of the trainers with the message that the horses were coming on the track: thereupon followed a rush for the door. Several of the joekies were already putting their horses through the warm- ing-up process. There were five entries for this race, but so far only four had put in an appearance. Only a 'few min- utes remained before the gong. Then the Iifth came prancing out. a sleek brown beauty. Like wildfire the news spread that this was Qlackson's famous Trot H After a few turns about the track, the horses were lined up and tl1e signal "to go" sounded. Away they went! The brown kept easily in the lead. until near- ing the home stretch No. 5 started to gain considerably. The crowd in the grand-stand was standing up, cheering, some for the one horse, some for the others. The horses were approaching the curve. No. 5, in making a dash for tl1e inner side of the track. came so close to running into the brown that everyone held his breath for an instant. The horse's linal exertion was rewarded, however, by coming under the wire "just a nose ahead" of the leader. The silence was broken only by the regular hoof- bcats of the returning horses. A lull had fallen over the audience for there. out in front with the judges, stood several policemen, the mayor and two other strange men. Xkfhat was the matter? "XVait until the prizes have been awarded," shouted the people. "fackson's gone." "Gone? Gone where?" 'Leaving out the voluminous details and stating bare facts, Jackson was gone, so was the money in the safe and the money for the prizes. There were the two Easterners who had loaned Jackson the money and had now come for the overdue interest on a couple of cool mil- lions. But jackson was nowhere to be found. The police immediately threw a dragnet out, other cities were notified, rewards were offered for knowledge of his where- abouts, but to no avail. Talks of lynch- ing parties, tar and feathers and other pleasant things did not reach him. After a 'few weeks the men gave up all hope. The only thing to be done was to convert the unique playground and all its buildings into ready cash as rapidly as possible. As the weeks, months and years slipped by the search for this clever thief came to be more a fable than any- thing else. Now, some thirty years afterward, the public announcement of the death of "Big Bill" Jackson did not even cause a comment. Such is the power of time !-M. M. "THE" IVA BOYLE "She's one of. the prettiest girls in the burg, curly-haired and blue-eyed. Don't worry,you'll never meet her,Roscoe. She doesn't take to small town fellows, does she, Tad?" said Boots, as the three sauntered up to the Payne home. At this, Roscoe could feel the rosy red in A 1'-.-, '-.5 3. 'cl' P.. ,-.h nn -.J '-.f zu 24 131. uf' ef Qf.. ff.,,ff-.f'uf':f7fi. ff.. 11,-A 1 ff.,-41 ak, 24. ff... ,fb ,ff,,a,, Z4 if-. 37 Zvi VQWZ fe I "Q, P- "-.f "J 3. Y 5 E 5 , 3 Z 1:1132-f,.,"M E ax 2 4 "-, 2-. '- 2 ' E fi 5 4 f , ' E 5 E Z Q , Z 2 ef nf Z 5 1 ' 9 6 7 his cheeks rush up around his temples. "Oh, I say, cut that out, please! I've heard enough about Iva Boyle's looks from you fellows to till a book," re- sponded Roscoe, trying to act at ease. life added with a determined look, "and l bet you ten bucks that llll meet your ideal dame and have a date with her be- fore l've been in "Chi" a week! At this, Tad gave Hoots a wink, for this was to be the robust Roscoe's freshman year at the "U" and he had no knowledge of city girls. "XX-iliat did you say she did there? Wfho are her folks? Where does she live? Roscoe hred at them. "'I'hat's for you to find out." Boots laughed. "But how in thunder am I to find her in that city when all I know is her name? You can at least write her and tell her l'm coming," said Roscoe, hurriedly. So the bet was agreed upon, the letter writ- ten and sent to the fair lady and Roscoe was given her picture to take with him. Not until the afternoon of the last day in the first week in Chicago did Roscoe find time to hunt for Iva Boyle. He quickly stepped into a hot, study tele- phone booth and picked up 'the directory. "Looks more like lVebster's diction- ary," he thought as he looked up HB." The light of hope in his eyes 'faded to dismal despair as he glanced down the list of many Boyles. Vllhich Boyle? Nothing to do but run down the list. He started at the top and gave his number to the sweet-voiced telephone girl. To his inquiry, "Is Miss Boyle in?" a cranky, rasping 'feminine voice barked back. ' "No, she ain't, and Illl thank you not to disturb my afternoon nap, young man." And bang went the receiver. He next tried VV. I. Boyle. A somebody with a peculiar, masculinely feminine voice and an "eye" for business evi- H rlently dicln't the "Miss" in R.oscoe's query-"ls Miss Iva Hoyle"-and an- swered before he could finish. "You have! I'm sorry. ls it on your neck or where? The doctor isn't in but I can tell you what to do. l know they are so painful. .lust get a bottle com- posed of equal parts of bella donna lini- ment and glycerine, also a piece of bella donna plaster, three inches square-cut a hole in the plaster the size of your boil and slip it over so that the boil pro- trudes. The-" "VVl1at! Tell me-who-" Roscoe snorted. but the crisp 'voice cut him off. "The plaster will stick better if you warm it a little hrst. Then daub the boil gently with the liniment. After that you can put on a small linseed-meal. poul- tice over the -U an angry succession of exclamations arrested the speaker and Roscoe managed to bluster out. -"I want a lady, Miss lva Royle-a lady," he shouted. "W'rong number. This is Dr. lTaye's office," the voice said curtly, and Roscoe heard the receiver at the other end of the line click mechanically. "Such a name for such a girl, any- how !" he growled and looked longingly at her pretty photograph. The next time a high pitched lisping voice piped out. "Mama ithn't here but hereth papa," "I said Miss Boyle l" Roscoe exclaimed with an accent on the "Miss," "VVell, my thithter ithn't here either. Thee workth at the Thauthage Factory." "XfVrong number," mumbled Roscoe, slamming down the innocent receiver. "I'l1 try I. C. Boyle," thought Roscoe, running his weary eye down the page 'til the whole place fairly swam with "Boyles." The beads of perspiration stood out like tiny bnbles on his fore- head. lrlow hot and stuffy the booth was! In response to his "May I speak to 54 X Www xxxxxv mx xi C4 -13 by : m- -:gg 3- my EQ G5 r-5'-1 52 C-Q Q .UF- - ne- ..'1 ' ,JA -v .,----.. h-I..-r-eg: -P-H ,nr-v ,,.l-LC ,JZ ,,,-,V ' f7f'+ ..y"2-fx..-Gi--"'e,,f""z'-'.' Q Q -"-.XT-G? ... "'41.Nr"2-.L ,-dv-"4 NC."-",I.'-.,-.D X. 1 ,,C,'2CCp:'s '..--J,--. YQ -A .,.. O-,,-H-, . Of--..-:-1 .Fc-. 7-.,,,.,.,., C: W-12 H-7:2-1.--w-1-fs-1,:v ,J .. 1 :ff -- 35" 1" ... Lf r" -J -xp. -::: -:Cm -:. L L. K HZ- '4::':-Q0 Z: f-f ft 431i 9'-gf-'T'Z""4SE IT: T 'L' Geri -if al-C UQ: G' 2 Sn- g,..w 34 :if 3: .' -1' If '4-f 4. .. 77:2 gpg'-of-+ :., T: 5-I '1 ,m ", :..-. -, ., -. : --if-4EfL..i1... f-+C g R -7'3" ',1'r,..a ':.'.Z1",Tf 5: ,J - - .10-e x..-.- H- ' -1 .-. j" A -- L L- HELP-'M il-' fs C -4-5 D 0..fZ,""4 7'-2 ,', m .1 r v-g F? r+ ca-:: IQ 5' Q2 :Q :3 :S-1 3,7235 L.,-1 C: C2 3 , -. ,L -. ... fm amz'-1 O, VE 1' QFD ...O rw- X- ,4 ,-. i-s F. .JDO-f-I rf: ..--U ,, .Fx . gg ,-,,, Q , M .1 -: .. .-1-A ,...-- A 4- 1- -1 Q ..i 23... ' .., .-s : A .. .. .P A-J: 2 ..- - .. :tm - -F f-2 7' LF fv '1- ,,: -54 Q un .: 3 ,N : N In :rt -. v. .-. f ..- f"'P2"'Y'f' 'Q "' F '- -H .QS S A f-f ,if F Q f-.,- P, --.1 'N V M- 5,E:- :-EPF5' EE- QE 0. c P-fr: r:J-5 :4.' i.. ir: r: Z ph "ls this Miss lva Bovle?" he asked, being careful to accent the "Iva," "lVl-er- yes, sure, don't you know my voice?" she asked pertly. Iva Boyle at last! Poor 'Roscoe gave the photograph an ecstatic squeeze. "l-lf don't know just what those fel- lows wrote in that letter but I'm the one they mentioned. You know who l am now, clon't you?" he began in confusion. "Perfectly, l'm just dying to see you," she gushed. "I-I have a definite purpose in call- ing you np," he stammered. "Aw g'wan. This is so sudden." Ros- coe heard a romantic sigh followed by a suppressed giggle. Wfas she this sort of a girl or was she making a fool of him? lf this was a put up trick, he'd show those fellows. So he went on des- perately. "I see there's a good show at the Gar- rick tonight." "Oh, l'd love to go. You're a dear, you are!" she cooed, and he got red un- der his collar. Suddenly a gruff voice broke in. HXlVl1O are you? 'What do you mean l 5 9 1 I 2 im iiiiiii X R.:-'X X xixxii x-eww GMX big,-'img x il' PS Nvnx xxil W N 5 f t t A MH W W by flirting with my little girl? You ought to be arrested!" the angry man bellowed. "Little girl! Flirting?,' Roscoe cried. He heard a faint peal of laughter and a voice saying to the irate father, "'.lfliat's a good joke on you, Dad. He thought he was talking to lva Boyle!" "You mean you said you were Iva Hoyle?" the man demanded, and a new succession of giggles affirmed his ques- tion. lille turned to the phone and mum- bled an apology. "Beg pardon, but you've got the wrong Hoyle." Roscoe was downright "mad" and was silently vowiug vengeance on his pals at home. After getting the next number, he demanded in a very curt voice. "Is Miss lva Boyle there?" A shaky voice weepingly replies: "She departed from us this morning." "X'Vhere did she go?" he demanded. Alter a gasp of astonishment the cheerful voice replied: "To-to Heaven. God willing." Dead! He hadn't dreamed of that. Wlould the exquisite corsage bouquet he had ordered have to be changed to a floral wreath? His heart almost stood still. Merely for something to say, Ros- coe asked what had caused her death. "Oh," sniHiled the sorrowful voice, "she was took with asthma and besides, you know, the poor old soul was going on eightyf, That straw almost broke the caniel's back. But like l3ruce's proverbial spider, Roscoe tried a seventh time. No one an- swered. XVith the receiver still at his ear, he blurted out: "XVell, Iva Boyle can go to-" , "She can. can she?" the sweet, cool voice of central retorted. "She can," Roscoe snapped. "Maybe I don't want to," the girl taunted. 55 fs. T ' 'J 'f 2. A 1-.A f-., "--.1 'J '. Z f 71. fif'-25:15 'iff Pi. if-.Qif2f'3f7Lff?f M-.fu lf... I.--.I ,Y Q.. ,flu fuiif-.,., ,,f,,,,, Q ff Qc. ii, X'-.,,"-.f 3' '-c, :gg Z gf, at :f..,f--f'-,f 2 2 I 2 Q def -sr at 2., f--Z 2 2 2 ay 2 Q Q--.,f 42 2 2 ' E Q . ' Q 5 , 5 5 , f 5 1 ' 7, Z 2 el E 21 52 f 1 f Z E "You! Hello-Hello-ls this cen- tral ?', he cried. "Yes," she laughed. "The one that has been getting me all these 11L111llJC1'S?U he queried, 'tand the one who got a peculiar letter a day or so ago," she added. "You mean you know,"-he gasped. "l know-," she mocked. And-you are-," he cried, giving a wild look at the lovely photograph trem- bling in his hngers. "I am-," she mimiced, trailing her voice on? in the same questioning tone H as his. "The Iva Boyle-," he almost whis- pered. "The Iva Boyle," she echoed sweetly. The date? The bet? The persistent fellow must have gotten them both be- cause some time later, Iva Boyle became Iva Payne.-HELEN SI-IADBCDLT. SPELLING LOVE INTO THE WORLD Mildred had been in a grouchy mood that morning. She had dressed herself carelessly, rushed downstairs, tumbled over a chair or two, barely answered her mother's kind morning greeting, and without a word of love and cheer to her little brother, who stood in the corner eyeing her with tearful amazement, she had opened the door and had walked out into the morning sunshine. It was not the first time that the little girl had acted that way. Little girls, like big girls, and big boys too, some of them Very big, have their unpleasant moods, when the balmiest air seems pois- oned and the warmest sunbeams cold. This was an unlucky morning of that kind. Poor Mildred! Outside the birds were singing sweet- ly but Mildred did not hear them. The sky was blue and the flowers in the meadows below the house looked like pieces ol' a fallen rainbow, but Mildred did not see them. All the world seemed misty and gray to her. Even the bright butterflies at her feet could not capture her attention. Near the house stood a sod-thatched shed, a relic from grandlathcr's days. On its flat: roof grass and flowers, mostly bnttercups and daisies grew even thicker than on the ground. Mildred had read a little about old Babylon from a book had borrowed at school and so in happier moods she called the root she her her "hanging gardensf' Nothwithstand- ing her bitter disposition on the morning we are describing she climbed the ladder and reclincd on a tult ol grass and dai- sies near the center of the "garden" She for could see the surrounding country miles and miles from thence. and even a strip ol the large lakes lar in the west-so blue that they seemed a, piece of the sky. The pretty little white houses and the red barns at the edges ol the green Fields, the black and red spotted cows who grazed in the mea- dows, the hills partly covered with birch, the river which silvered its way to the great lake at the horizon, all ol it blended into a scene from an earthly paradise. But Mildred did not see it. She saw only her own tears and her own ugliness, for she could not be beautiful with such bitter thoughts in her mind. 'From the lake and the river and the meadows she could gather no solace, The buttercups which bowed to kiss her hand where it lay among the clover and t'he daisies which seemed to dance like daffodils seemed as poor consolers as were -Iob's of old. Mildred's heart be- gan to tremble. Tears came to her eyes and tled down her cheeks. But the sun was warm and the wind hushed its lulaby, and so it happened, that after half an hour or so, despite her 56 v, ,.. f., ,-. , -xx, -.J -. rn ,Ah fr... , .V .gf .4 3- 1.4. A- ,..Vf-.V bd, Z f .J ku Ab' , -.V1 +21 -Y if. ,..'Jf.,! -.if -.3 -.4 ,f :Af fi ,2f,v,4..,,,..,x,...4f 31. ,214?L9fg5,Z,:Lzs 2' '-4 L1 '-J H' 24' A Q Z., , .., -. .f A 1.. , . I 3 7 Z Q4 2- ff-. f--.1 uf 2 I 2 f 2 Q 1 '4 B. s f ' f 7 - 5 fj E f ' 5 of 2 bf 4 E , p 1 1 bitterness and despite her sorrow. Mil- dred fell asleep among the buttercups and the daisies and the clover on her grandfather's old shed. and she dreamed there the most wonderful dream of her life. She thought she was in her "hanging gardens." which she of course was. and that her mood was exactly the one of her waking moments that morning. Every- thing around her seemed dreary and meaningless. 'lfiut there was a strange hue to all the world and even to the old roof. Mildred's eyes could see wonders in her dream that morning. At first she did not notice it, but when she had gazed at the landscape around her for a few minutes it changed into the leaves of a giant book in which the prettiest fairies in the world were writing strange char- acters. The woods were F's and VV's, and L's, the lake was a beautiful O and on the roof some of the daisies were A's and lE's, and some where T's and P's. Such a wonderful spelling book Mildred had never seen before, and in perusing it she quite forgot her sorrow. But the most wonderful wonders of all were the fairies. They had- wings like butterflies. Their faces looked exactly like the angel faces in the Christmas books, only they smiled a great deal more. And they were dressed in blue and red, and and green and yellow around their necks hung chains of pure gold. But all this was not so wonderful, for look that way all fairies in all dreams a.nd are attired that way. The greatest wonder was-what 'the fairies did. How such little creatures could move the oaks and the ehns as easily as if they had been twigs was rather inexplicable, but they did it nevertheless. Mildred watched them spelllong words and short words, good words and bad words. They seemed to be in a great hurry to find a 57 word which would satisfy them all. Some of the poor fairies were working so hard that they were perspiriug, and on the faces of all, despite the smiles, there was a certain anxious look. One of the fairies was spelling with the daisies and buttercups on Mildred's roof. "Little fairy," asked Mildred. "XVhy are you all in such a hurry, and what are you trying to find?', "We are seeking the most blessed and the most powerful word in the world," answered the fairy kindly, but without ceasing his work. "Just watch- what happens when we get different words. As soon as one of us gets the right word, if it is a princess-fairy she will be c1'owned Queen, if it is a prince-fairy, he will become King of all the fairies. Besides, there is also a prize and that is the reason we are all in such a hurry." And the little fairy began to work still harder. Mildred watched him, half laughing, half in pity. p At first the letters seemed only to spell unintelligible words, but before long they gathered meaning to them- selves. This increased Mildred's inter- est to such an extent 'that she raised her head and rested it on her hand, so that she should be able to look all around her and watch as many of the fairies as pos- sible. ln some of the fairies she was personally interested too, especially in the little prince who was working on her roof. She wished from the depth of her soul that he would hnd the mysterious word hrst of all the fairies. One of the fairies on a hill about half a mile from Mildred's home spelled the terrible word "Hate," The trees which formed the word seemed to crawl like snakes. The edges of the word glit- tered beautifully at first, but when Mil- dred looked closer, for she had wonder- ful eyes too, in that dream she could see -,j 7. s. --. ,--. ,-., -.., --.1 X ,.,,-.,,-2 fz. . 1 -., -.f uf y -f X 1-. "-., -.1 - , 1 if-., f --.,' '-,f 'Af fx P., ,Q ,f-., f--.1 Qpyzffff 1002-Q Ze. 1 af 'wf zfyffi wa Z 224-Z f-.U If'-.lfiyf 5 ZZ Q Q 4 4- 9-, 5-. s I 5 5 f Z Z' E 1 E 5 2 Z Z 5 .j 5 7 4 y, E 2 1 Q! 2 af fi Z 1 ' 7Ii5f 6iZ27II.Z7.'.Z5fi7i!! 75 that the crimson glimmer was from the forked tongues of the monsters. Mil- dred shuddered and closed her eyes. XVhen she looked up all the rest of the 'fairies had spelled the same word. Even the fairy on her own roof had done so, and the daisies seemed to have eyes like the yellow striped garden snakes. Mildred shrieked. But when she tried to raise herself up she found that she was tangled in the clover and couldn't move. The 'fairies were even more horror- stricken at the effect of the word, and so only a moment passed, and the scene was completely changed. This time they spelled "Pride" Im- mediately a wintry chill stiffened all. The petals of the daisies seemed like icicles. The trees did not rustle their leaves. A cold blast came from the north. The 'fairies shuddered and shattered the word. There seemed to be no order nor logic to the fairy-speller. At least there was no connection whatever between the words. for, behold! after "Pride" came "Fun.,' Mildred laughed uproariously. The cows jigged on the meadow, the trees boxed with one another, and the flowers jumped up and down. Never before, not even at circus, had Mildred seen such a clownish show. Even the venerable oaks totally lost their dignity and acted just as 'foolish as the willows. The fairies laughed too, but they were no sense nor not satisfied. There was harmony in the landscape such as "fun" created itg nor was there any harmony when they used "hurry," "sincerity,'l "kindness," and all the virtues. Some- times the right word seemed to be found. "Generosity,,' for example, made the world so beautiful that Mildred wept. The velvety beauty of the flower beds, the soft whisper of the breeze, the music of the woods, all of it seemed to blend like the chorus of an oratorio in a cathe- dral. 'Hut warmth was lacking, and there was a tinge of self-love. And so even "generosity" could not win the prize. The fairies kept on working. The last word had set Mildred a-tliink- ing. She wondered if she couldn't help her little prince-fairy out and win for him the kingdom. It seemed to her that he was the most beautiful of them all, and that he worked the hardest. There was no doubt in her mind that he deserved to win. But the more she thought the dizzier her brain became. This was perhaps the lucky incident that aided her. As we know. when a person is a little dizzy words come into the mind helter-skelter just exactly as they do in a spelling book, and the more the words the greater the choice. She whispered a number of words into the ear of the fairy and he spelled them, but all of them were fail- ures. At last .... She did not understand why she hadn't thought of it before. And she marvelled still more that the fairies had not thought of it. "Lovely By the gleam in the fairy's eye she knew at once that the prize was his. He spelled the word on the old shed, spelled it with clover blossoms. and daisies and buttercups. And, oh, how they gleamed and laughed in the sun. The buttercups were golden vessels, the daisies were gold nuggets lying in tiny heaps of sil- ver leaves, the clover blossoms were drifts of cloudlets. ln some mysterious manner the prince had telegraphed his word to the others. They all spelled "Love" At once the world seemed different. All the beauty of the other words, of "generosity," and "kindness," and "sin- - ,. 2. '--J'-,f -,1 af-., .2 ., '-.f '-,, bf -., ,-., ,-., --.1 y ,.. f., ,f-.,f- L-. "-.. f -.1 L4 ', 'fi if, 1'-.. '-.1 f u., ,-.. 4.. A ,c,.Jff,v,,....f -,aff 31' ,af-'ff-. QQjp,y1f2L2Q, '- 'J '. '. -. '-.f " 3 ' Z-f'-,f"e-",'wff'fi 5 - E 5, E Z'-.,,,'-.,,"'-ary , 2 5 , " 2 Q Z 1 2 2 5 2 Q : 1 2 1 4 y, Q E a E by 5 4 3 9 cerity," and the rest of them. was there, and besides a fulness in growth which welded together heaven and earth. ln the splendor of it all the fairies changed lo angels and they sang' the songs of the skies as they soared from beauty to beauty. The scene was indescribable even to Mildred. She was overwhelmed. il t seemed as if she had been carried to heaven and for the first time lived in the smile of Cod. ln the wonder and splendor Mildred had almost' forgotten her 'fairy 'Prince and the prizes he had won. Xllhat was the prize, anyway? All of the fairies assembled near the old shed. Mildred leaned over the eaves and listened to them. "His prize shall be the most: precious thing in the world," she heard someone say. Mildred wondered what "the most pre- cious thing' in the world" could be. It rnust be a stone which sparkles more than all the stars, she thought. She expected that the deliberations would last: a. long' while. But it seemed as if the prize had been decided before- hand, which very likely was the case, although she did not know anything about it. .flncl can you guess. . . . Mildred was so astonished that she nearly awoke. The prize was-Mildred. NVas she the most precious thing in the world? She, the grouchy little girl of this morning, the little girl who so often disobeycd her mother, so often 'for- got her Cod? Hut she did not have much time to wonder, for the little prince stood before her. He was a king' and an angel now, we remember. "You are my prize," he said, and his voice was sweeter than the little brook's when it leaps into the meadow. "I am your guardian angel now. You helped me to find the most miraculous word in the world. I shall help you to spell it into your heart and into the heart of others. W'hen all spell it there will be no ugliness anywhere .... " llflildred was so happy that she hardly dared to listen. But the words the angel spoke to her grew into her heart never- theless, She watched his lips as he spoke them, she thrilled at his celestial smile, she saw it slowly fade, as did the other fairies and all else, except the old roof and the flowers and the house on the knoll. She climbed down from her "garden" and ran into the house. "1 have dreamed the most, wonderful dream, mother," she said thoughtfully. The mo-ther was a little surprised at the change of mood and was interested in the reason for it. And so Mildred told her story. Vtfhen she had Finished there were tears in her IllOlIl'tC1',S eyes, tears of grati- tude aud tears of love. "God has spoken to you," she whis- pered. "He loves you even more than I do.'J "And l-Ie wants me to spell that Love into the world," said Mildred. "This is a wonderful world after all if a person only spells that word into it." Do you think Mildred's dream will heard that it did come true? I have come true in her life. If you ever meet her she will tell you. By the way, aren't you Mildred your- self?--IOI-IN I-IELMER OLSON. HONORABLE GENE, ADIEU! get that dilapidated e?" "Where did you remnant of a poodl "Oh, a nice man gave it to me. just wanted--if he only what l've always had a bath. I-Ie is so cute, don't you H think? "Sorry, but I really don't think so. It's 159 - ,. f. V-. f'-. " "-' "-' f-., Z gf rf... ,4.Vf..v, ,f X .Q ,qu ff.-,,.,.52,,,L,p,A,f,,,,, l gf QQ. ,'-.,-,"'.,,'-"af "ff ga Q 4 "1 'X A f'-. 1"-.1 312' 1 2 I 2 Z Z.---f,-,ill an-,YZ r g E ' Z E -Q Q' E 5 5 5 i I 2 if 1 5 ,4 Z , Z 2 ei 2 by Z f s ' 4 s 9 z:x:mZ f ' A 5 a regular tramp-wouldn't lick a cat. I-Iere comes the train! Yes, I'll hold the dog. Here, get my ticket, too?" A 'few minutes later the girls were seated in the car. - "X-Vell. from the looks of things, f'm not sure the dog is particularly fond of you. llfhat happened, anyway?,' "That pesky beast. Mrs. Gren was ex- citedly giving me directions and I couldn't devote quite all my attention to that poor cur, and before I was aware of it, had gotten loose-I guess the en- gine seared him. 'Course I felt respons- ible for the miserable creature and had to nearly miss getting on, in my mad chase after his fast-departing .f'Iighness." "I thought the brakie and baggage- man would tumble over laughing. You know, I really wouldn't have cared if it did get lost but think of the poor, dear thing without a home." "Enough! I was only hrst class en- tertainment for the C. M. K St. Paul railroad and nearly broke my fool neck catching that animal. Then you say you wouldn't have cared lu "I thank you, I thank you, Eugenia. You know I just adore animals and I love to befriend them. They are so in- telligent-but I wish he had a bath." "I-Iere's wishing you joy in the process and the ugly poodle too. IDon't ever start a Humane Rescue Mission around me again." "It was just too dear of you. l'm ever so grateful. I know what I'll do. I'll name him after you, Eugenia. I'll call him Gene." "Oh !" This in a miserable, desperate, exasperated groan. "You'll come bacl' and help me llfithout a string .. X him when we get off. he may be hard to handle. You will. won't you, please?" "If it was for anything but that worth- f less quadruped, I might. lfVell, I will, to please youf' "Eugenia, dear, l'm awfully ashamed to take that dirty dog," said Betty as she saw on the platform some critical friends watching and a sudden painful sense of impropriety seized her. "l won'l. That's alll l'll run away and let the train man throw him out if he wants to. See he's already laughing about us." "You go right and the friendless idol of your heart-" but Betty was gone. "Come, get your dog," called the bag- gageman to Eugenia, who was again left unwillingly to the rescue. There was no alternative. She must take it from the train. "Come to muzzer, 'oo 'ittle tweetums -nice now-that's a lovey-Give muz- zer ,oo nice pitty paws! Oh job! job! .lobl you had nothing on me. Yes, at last I got him-thanks!" "lVhere's lletty? Uh! here you are. lVill you-kindly-relieve-me of this dcspicalale-bruteP lfonorable Gene- Y! Adieu, adieu! -MARIE CAl.IQAl3lfAN. J. W. "I-Ii, fellows, Amy's got another letter from "the fair one l" This exclamation caused a number of khaki clad youths, who had gathered in the V. lVf. C. A. room, to saunter over to the objects mentioned, namely, 'Private .flimes and his newly opened letter. The envious group, however. was in the dim distance for all Amy was concerned, he sat absorbed. smiling and unconscious. The letter read, he drew from the envel- ope a small unframed picture. "Gee, he made a haul this timell' an- nounced one eager bystander, who could see only the back of the card. "XfVould you look at that photo l-eyes that look like the stars above fnot on a rainy nightl, hair that would vie with the best ! lf, -. 1 -. ef - ., .. -. -. -. - ,-. -. ,-, 4., , 11.21, ...ff-..Y, ,Xl X.. ,2.,'gbQgL29,y1,2,,,,, fi ,Q f'-. 1 "-.f' "-' 'w' Y. P172 fe i Z '14 uf rf. f-. X--.f f 2 I 2 Q dv' "-1+-1 'sf f - f a - 2 2 2--. f'- ' V 2 M 2 Q 7 if. if- ' 5 I ' 5 ' 7 1 f , ' 71 Q E Z 2 af Q Z 7 I ? 2 peroxide, nose that is modelled after the Grecian gods, then notice the superb chin, the dimples that play about her mouth, and-." "Aw, cut out that mush and move on l" snapped Aimes a trifle peevishly. "Can't a fellow have anything to himself?" "Can't we just see the picture? Wie won't hurt il, honest. l'Vish the girl that made my sweater would have put her name on, so I could write to her. Then wouldn't il just be showing her picture around camp ?-that is if she'd send me onef' and the unhappy youth sighed profoundly. "Oh, well, if you feel that way," con- ceded Amy, "why pass her around. l. tell you now, though, she isn't anything like vou said she was." As he was speaking Private Bob Wilkins by name, joined the outskirts of the group. lle had arrived in camp only the day before and was not very well acquainted. yet. lVhen the picture passed near him. he glanced over his neighbor's shoulder in nndisguised curiosity. He started slightly and made a move as if to ask to take it but thought better and remained silent. l--le lingered in the crowd, still unnoticed, in the hope of hearing something of the girl whose picture he had just seen. lrle was not disappointed. "Yup, she's some girl," Amy was say- ing. "Queer thing thoughg she never signs her name-only once she did-just the initials il. W."' t'l'he man in the rear started again and looked more puz- zled.l "Seems to be afraid somebody'll Ilnd out she's writing to me. .Poor girl, she says she's awful lonesome. too, and no wonder: she lives in Clayton, Mis- sou1'i. Never heard of it before." Bob had heard enough 3 he turned and left the room. 'During the succeeding days and nights he was puzzled, angry and jealous all in turn. l'9l'e was engaged a tall newcomer, to jlessie Waite before he joined the army some months ago. W'hy should she go sending pictures around to other men? Then, too, the picture was an old one: just the counterpart of the one she had given him three years ago. Heknew exactly where it was at this moment- in his old desk drawer at home. But why should she send an old picture in- stead of a much better new one? Wfas she trying to deceive him? l-le was un- able to settle the question. About a week after the incident in the V. room he obtained a four days' fur- lough and wenit home determined to "have it out" with jessie. As he walked up the broad steps of his own home, he saw his twelve year old sister jane, a child far too precocious, seated at the farther end of the porch, intently ab- sorbed in writing-well, what could she be writing? He tiptoed quietly up be- hind her, hoping to give her a little sur- prise, as well as End out what new prank she was up to. He did both. As he glaced over her shoulder, he read: "l'Jear Mr. Aimes: 'Tm so glad you like my photograph. ls it anything like you expected it would be? People say it does flatter me and makes me look older. My brother, Bob Wilkins, has just been transferred to your camp. Please try and End him and get acquainted, but please d011,t show him the picture or my letters, or men- tion me at all. He might think-" That was enough. " 'Ten-slum !" shouted Bob joyfully in j'ane's ear, so loudly that she jumped to her 'feet and upset the ink bottle in her fright. "Hello, jane! NVhat're you writing?" asked Bob innocently enough. "Oh, nothing," answered jane in con- fusion. 'Tm awful glad you came homeg but please go away now, Bob. l'm ter- ribly busy." 61 w. "-. 'Auf 'v E '-6 '., 7'-. '- v 2 ' jx :nf-.,,,f'.,,,..y,...y ax, .xr .ij'lPf'.,,.f:1zf.P:f.-L Z.: 7..v,f.Yf..,!,...x -.Di :Q 1sf'. iQQpQ2Lz9fyL,bL2s, Z4 I...-I-.r-If-.., -3: .qi -,12 Z2 Z 34 'sf A f-.,'--,f , 2 5 a Q 5.5 a-2 X 4 4 2. f- 4 ' 1 2 s Z 4 I --J - 4 1 4 f Q ' 5 1 4 1 4 5 f 5 f 1 94 2' el 2 E W gi 6 1 Bob went. In his room he searched in that little desk drawer to confirm his beliefs. The picture was gone. HJ. XV.-jane Wfilkinsg I. XV.-Jessie Waite.. Ha, ha, that's good. Oh, well, guess I won't squealf' decided Bobg "not even to Private Aimes, as long as 'She' didn't write the letters and send the pictures."-RUTH ESCH. AN ELOPEMENT It was an ideal spring day-one of those days when everyone feels that spring has opened her lovely portals. Becky was unruly as was her seat-mate. Johnny Cormican. From their seats in the little schoolroom, they could look out across the school-yard to the road where vehicles pass. For each wagon that went by johnny made a mark on his desk, and Becky wished on each white horse who pulled a wagon. This pro- cess of wishing on a horse had to be done skillfully and quickly while the teacher's eye was not on her, and was very difh- cult for Becky. First, she wet her fore- iinger on the rosebud of a tongue she put forth. - Then she touched the moist forelinger to the centersof the palm of her left hand. After that she clinched her small list and brought it down smartly in the center of the left palm. On this particular Friday afternoon a large number of white horses passed. For that reason Becky was kept busy and Johnny busier, for more wagons passed than white horses. They had no time to study the "jography" lesson Miss Jones had assigned for their perusal. Miss Jones was the dragon who pre- sided over the little schoolroom by the road. "She was the tall and skinny," johnny said, "and awful strong." Johnny knew from experience how strong Miss jones was. But that was all over now. The School Board had decreed that no , ? teacher could punish with the rod in school district number two. Miss Jones had been unable to keep good 'order since that ordinance had been passed. For the fourth time she had told Becky to stop looking out of the window, and for the seventh time she had told her to stop making " those silly mo- tions." But Becky had already wished on two hundred white horses since Mary Perkins and she had started to keep count, and was very anxious to get her number to three hundred and nine-just one more than Mary Perkin's number. Becky did not really believe that Mary had three hundred and eight, but since Mary said she had wished on that many, Becky intended to get ahead of Mary while she was under Miss tlones' eagle eye. For the sixth time Miss jones told Johnny to stop cutting his desk. But -lohnny was incorrigible. NVhen he had linished cutting the mark upon which he was engaged at the moment. he would have made a circle of marks around the desk. Then he intended to carve a hr tree in the center. The carving he had already done excited the admiration of the whole schoolroom. During the re- cesses when johnny was compelled to stay in he made the most progress, for then Miss Tones was gone from the room and he had full sway. As he wanted Miss .lones to tell him to stay in, he deliberately disobeyed her command. But she said nothing. Her patience was not quite worn out yet. At ten-thirty, ten minutes before re- cess, Miss J'-ones' enduifance was .ex- hausted. She saw Becky rise from her seat. that was against her rules. Miss jones was about to admonish Becky. But just at that moment she saw johnny Cormican slide out of his seat and quickly turn it up. The next mo- ment there was a loud scream and then 62 if -4 Lf. f.. 1-.f--J v '-1 2-. 4-. 'sf'--' '-1 ff. "mf"-1"'f '-QQ ,fy Q41 ff.. ,mvf--.,,-... 41 -,fu ,aQt,fb4bfz,Z,LLJs P af -.ff X Ia.. ,ff-. ,fuyf 'nf Q -. 1-. -. -- -, ., 1--. -, 1 2 5 Lf. ff. "'-.f"-fwf YZ Z '2 2 2 Q Z. -.1 .1 ,. 1-. , f . 4 , - , i Q-1...,,f.,. 'nip' Q E ' W E Q X .A 2-.. ,' 5 ' 5 1 4 Z 2 Q-, 25 Z Z , fa f 'Becky was heard sobbing loudly as she sat on the floor under the desk where she and .lohnny were wont to sit. XN'hat was poor Miss jones to do? Obviously the Iirst thing to do was to pick up Becky for she did not pick herself up. This Miss jones did and while Becky grew quiet she thought quickly. johnny should he punished. of course, because he had deliberately hurt Becky's feel- ing-physically and mentally. And Becky, although she had been llLl1't- should he punished because she had stood up to look out of the window, for which ohiense Miss -lones had repri- manded her at least ten times. She took Becky up to her desk. Johnny she told to remain in his seat while she wrote a note for him. johnny knew what that meant. Izle was to be sent home. He was delighted for he would have a whole afternoon in the April sun- shine. 'l'o be sure, when he reached home and gave his mother the note he would be sent to bed without any snpperg but nevertheless the next day his father would take him to school and he would he reinstated in his old seat, if not rein- stated in Miss jones' favor. You see johnny's father was chairman of the School B'oard. But Becky was less un- concerned for this was her first experi- ence in being sent home with a little white note. She began to weep bitter tears of remorse. As Miss -loncs was hard and cruel she wrote on sereuely as if she did not notice Becky's tears. In a 'few minutes she looked at johnny and Becky seve1'e- ly. called to johnny to come forward, and then gave each a white envelope. the notes: take them 'to Then we shall see if you "1-lere are your parents. act up again as you did this afternoon," she said in a firm tone as Becky sobbed. Weeping did not affect tall, strong Miss jones. She slowly ushered her charges - 63 21 , , ea fa to the door, opened it and put Johnny and Becky forth in the cold wo1'ld. After they had walked a short dis- tance down the road, johnny began to realize his shortcomings. If he had not caused Becky to fall on the floor, all might be well with Becky. Of course, he did not care for himself, but he knew that Becky might be punished more se- verely than he would be. I-Iow was he to make up for all the trouble he had caused? It was too late to appeal to Miss Jones. She had made her decision. The only thing to do was for them to elope as Johnny and Mary Perkins had done once upon a time. But, would Becky elope?-that was the question. He determined to ask he1'. "Becky, I'm awful SO1'1'y I pulled up the seat," he said sadly. 'fYou're not any sorrier than I am, -liolnmy Cormican," Becky replied spirit- edly. "I think you're mean, so there." "But, Becky, I said I was sorry and I know what to do so that your pa won't do nothing to you." "Oh, what do you know to do 1 " Lee cy said in angry tones. "I'm not afraid to go home and tell my pa what I did any- way." "Yes, Becky, but it's lots more fun to elope-there, I said it and I didn't mean to 'tall," said Qlohnny. "Elope," exclaimed Becky, "let's, -lohnny. It's lots of fun. Mary Perkins told me it was. She eloped once." "NfVhere shall we elope to?" questioned Johnny. "Oh, let's just go along the road until we get to a 'farmer's house, and then after we eat supper the1'e, let's ask them if we can't stay all night." Becky's fer- tile brain began to work. "Yes, Becky, and then by the time we get back, your pa and ma will be so glad 'J 7 1 to see you that they won't say anything at all. 'They'll just scold Miss jones for u A If-.., '-.I 'bg 'sg jc, If.. ,., 1-.,, -.,, 'y yi an 2. f-,. ,-.,h '.,f -.,, -4 z., f-.,, -4, --5 '-4. Q f 3,1 ,fx ,,1,v,a..,,..Pff 34,,QQ5z,zf,Q2, if -,Q ,1..'.,,'-,Jr-,wi -.4 Z4 Q . 1 . . ,- . 1 it Z4 f 5 g Q-1 J-fx if-. rr".l "J J 5 2 Z 1 Q if "uf 2-f P- ,"'-ff 2 - 4 By 2 -2 Q 34 2 7 E 2 1 5 '-J ' I I f W 5 ,j 2 Z Q ,Q 4 4 91 : af 5 a 4 5 ' 5 5 9 2 making you run awayf' Johnny con- tinued. "Letls hurry so we get far away, Johnny," Becky said promptly. They started off at a quicker pace than before but the poor mistreated children could not keep up the fast gait for long. Their little feet became weary after they had trudged a long, long mile. They sat down to rest, at Becky's suggestion. After a few minutes they started on far- ther. The sun was slowly sinking-it was growing' late. At six-thirty they were three miles from home and there was no farmhouse in sight. A lone hawk dashed across the sky, shrieking. An owl called "To-whoo, to-Whoo." Becky linked her arm in lohnny's in the hope that he would protect her from the wild wood creatures who appeared from all manner of places along the road. At last a farmhouse greeted their tired eyes. As they turned from the road to go up the lane, something about the house seemed familiar to johnny. They walked up to the great, massive oak door and knocked. They heard footsteps and then the knob turned. The door opened wide. johnny flew into the motherly arms of the lady who had opened it. Becky be- gan to cry for there was no one to wel- come her with open arms. The lady seeing that, gathered Becky in her arms too, and both children wept away their sorrow on her clean white apron. After they were comforted johnny had time to explain to Becky that the lady was his Aunt Sarah. "Shell lix everything all right for us," johnny told Becky. And indeed Aunt Sarah did. After she had put her small charges to bed, she went to the phone. johnny heard her say just before he went to sleep, "Yes, they're here, poor dears. That aw- ful Miss jones sent them away from school and they were afraid to go home. You won't punish them will you? They have had their lesson." The next day when l visited the schoolhouse, l saw johnny in his old seat. He had carved the trunk of a lir tree in the center of his desk. Becky was looking' out the window as she had the day before. No doubt she had wished on live hundred white horses since her elopement. lVas it worth while, Miss jones? THE RHINE OF AMERICA Knowest thou the land where the Mississippi Hows, lfVhere the antlered deer guarded o'er his young and his does, VVhere the Wildcat in hiding looked down on his prey As the deer came to water at break of the day? Knowest thou the land of the "Father of Rivers," Vlfhere the Indian came hunting with arrow- laden quivers, Where the French Jesuits came to teach the wild horde The glory of God and the love of our Lord? Knowest thou the land of America's Rhine, W'hcre ,mingled with ivy is the wild-grape vine, VVhere bluffs, so tall would fain reach the sky So beautiful and splendid as colored with dye? Knowest thou that once thou hast left behind This land of great splendors and temperate clime, That thou wilt then wish to return to the land VVhere Mississippi flows o'er her golden sand? -Walter Baum. DESPAIR Lucy Gray, Zll11'lOSt exhausted, came in- to her poor, little room on the fourth floor of a large apartment house on the west side of Chicago. The room had a most desolate appearance. The walls were bare and cracked, and the few sim- 64 ?, ., 1 ., , ., ,-., , -. 1 .V .,, , A ,f-.,, -,fbf cf ., 5 -, f.. , ul 2. I 2,1 . '4 I.. f.. , '31 '-fyffzf 1lfI1vff, g "nf, V Vi 'if' ff" 'Suv' 'B' Z Q 4. 1--. f'--. ' '--' V. H.. w- f 2 f Z Z fy V 2 , " 5 Q ' .I ', V. 2 f f g 2' sf? 1 1 2 5 Q Q' 2 , f E 7 4 Q Z E ef 2 el 2 2 1 1 A 5 5 ple, necessary pieces of furniture were old and worn. A few soiled dishes, from which she had eaten 'her meager break- fast, were still on the table. The room was cold and disorderly, indicating that it was not a home, but merely a place in which some poor un fortunate being could eat and sleep. In one corner of the room there was a tabonrette, on which lay a corn cob pipe and some tobacco. '.l.'he pipe belonged to her uncle. I-le had been killed a week before in alstreet brawl. Although he had been cross and cruel, and Lucy Gray would have hated him if he had not been her dead mothcr's brother, the fact that there were no curses to bear or blows to dodge, added to her loneliness. Lucy Gray had been trudging all day long from one factory to another in search of employment. As she sat in her room she could hear, ring- ing in her cars, the various noises of the factories, from the hum of sewing ma- chines to the clanging of the iron in the foundries. She associated each of these various sounds with either a grnff or kind reply that she could not be used. She had no more money with which to buy bread or to rent a room. I-lcr land- lady had come to her that morning and had told her that if she did not pay the overdue rent she would have to go that night. As she had no funds, Lucy Gray, with tears on her cheeks and a lump in her throat, packed her few belongings in a battered telescope before going out into the world without a friend. She was too weak and sad to think of where she would go, but, if fate had not willed it otherwise, she most likely would have directed her steps toward the river. She slowly descended ,the four flights of stairs. As she reached t'he pavement, al- though her bundle was not heavy, be- cause of her weakness caused by a lack of food, she staggered and fell. The last sound she heard, as she sank to the ground, was that of distant singing. Vtihen Lucy Gray opened her eyes she was in a clean bed, surrounded by kind, sweet-'faced women. After she had been nursed back to health she donned the Salvation Army uniform and joined the workers of that benevolent organization. -X. Y. Z. "EACH GOLDEN STAR" OR "PARTING" From out our midst is gone a friend so dear T'l'l'2llL feeble memory strains and tries to bring Again his smile and lang'hter's hearty' ring, But only shows us. like a crystal clear Our comrade dreamed his dream. and's gone from here To "Carry On" amid the battle's roar And help to quench with speed its awful gore, And thus Democracy's fair name to- cheer. The hours we told, the parting' day drew near: Old Glory's call was only for her bestg Close nestled in our hearts was kept the sigih, And with a smile we cast away our fearg Each tried to cheer another, which help-ed the rest, ' And thus the time sped past, we said Good-bye. -L. A. D. AN OLD MAID'S WAR DITTY I love a bachelor lad, .His hair is llecked with gray, And often in the twilight I wonder if the angels won't com-e To take my lad away: For I dearly love this ladclie XA7hose hair is llecked with gray And hope that he'll come home some day. "Cho." My batchelor laddie left VVhen 'hate and murder sunk our ships Upon the open sea And Oh! I truly hope my lad Comes safely back to me. Comes safely back to me. I trust my lad is well And dream of him away On bloody helds of Franceg To help our boys along Till war has gone to stay. Kind friends his deeds may tell Vlfhen other heads grow gray But Oh! I wish him safe each day. -L. A. D. GS . r. ff, fi, ,"--, I "x1"'.,"".1 "jf Q., Zig, ,Xl ,a.,V,4.,,,f..,J,ay,--3, -X If-Jxaf., .D , .. .h . ,i D. .A .1 '.,1 'P ,D .. ,-.. .u , - Af yu ,tn ,muff .bf .41 x ,fu 11... I L Z,y1,2,,s ff '- ' V P. ff '-. 1 '-. ' '-.r 'fjfff 54- '42 f"'-- ' "-' 'J-T V- 152112. Z3 2 5 yi ,ak ,xf...,"-.,, -,f 7' 5 Q 1 g , Q Q '-: -. -. a 4 , f , 1 Z 4 . ' E I 4 'W 4 E ai : ay Z 2 Z 2 ' . E E f : 4 A SENIOR'S OCCUPATION DURING DEDICATION WAR TIMES li At earl dawn, to France my memory turns And somehow paints mid scenes of battle roar Of vermin seething trenches 'and awful gore- A soldier lad for whom my passion burnsg And then I calmly hide the heart that yearns Getting of bonds and stamps a goodly store, Endeavoring to boost Red Cross and more To feed the torch of Liberty that burns. Of wheat and meat, I gladly save my share. To Aliens, whispered tales, I ne'er give heed: Indeed! ours is the gleaming Ship of State, Old Glory waves triumphantly to dare Base tyranny of hate and crime the seed Be gone! and in oblivion find her mate. Ere the sun on our meridian is high A note I post for Sammy over there. No timid breath or sob or imaged care Or e'en a smothered wish or smouldered sigh, Dares cast a gloom on battle days gone byg With cheery haste I quote the latest fair, The patriot's songs, the hopes, the glorious sh-are VVe'll have when victory's won and peace is nigh. I bid my laddie forth to go with might To do his bit, elen give his all nor fear Thus can he help to spread the Master's plan Of loyalty, sublimity and rightg That we may better know when war shall clear God's Fatherhoodg the brotherhood of man. At evening w'hen the moon is in the sky And silvery radience soothes the clinging air In our sequestered nook, I breathe the prayer That I-Ie who rules and loves both low and high And notes the inother's pride and sweet- hearit's sighg lfVill guide our starry banner over there And keep our noble manhood pure and fair Despite the carnage, the hell where millions die- Our boys may "Carry On" till victo1'y's' won Which will insure a htm, a lasting peace. Some o'er the top may go, a few go "west" But may we ne'er forget a single one And when the smoke, the gas, the battles cease, America shall stand for all that's best. -L. A. D. They rise away beyond the dizzy height Of common dreams and gentle hope that sails Amid our daily mountain tops and valesg Those boys who left our midst and went to hght For truth, America and all that's right, XVith noble purpose brave, their manhood scales Imagination's height where memory fails To paint the vastness of uuselhsh flight. We dedicate to them this little book, And fondly hope that you who read may grow WVith us. and in our fellowship unite To grant to them the all important work Which like a fanned flame for all sh-all glow, And paint to years unborn their reach of riglht. -L. A. D. THE TIE THAT BINDS Let poets sing of glorious deeds, Of battles fought and Wong But this I make my earnest plea One spot in France fore'er shall be America to me. Some harps for Allenby do wake, Some sing of Flander's helds Now white with lilies' snow: I trust One spot in France foreler will be America to me The Nations' League can justly cleam A wealth of power for good, But I would ask this simple fee- One spot in France fore'er may be America to me. -L. A. D. USAPPHONIANSH OR "SMILES" Sapp'ho's girls are very happy, Sappho's girls are very true, Sappho's girls they steal away the sorrow As the sunbeams steal away the dew. Sapphds girls do have a st-eacly purpose That the light of truth alone may see, And the girls that fill my life with sunshine Are the ones that Sappho gives to me. -L. A. D. 66 . '. "-. 1'-. f'-. f"-.1 "-J '--' "X 3. f-., .Q t If frnlf .pf Q. 'sf' If.. ,.,.,r..J X., 34 5,5 !f,. , :-.- '-.V 1'-.., '-.1 '-4 'Q 1-.. f..t,'-..f jf 'ah 'Q , 1 rf ,cn I,-.Av,c.y,..?,f if X 5?,yp2fZ,2,:s .i .4 yn. ,uv .- , nh '. 1 3 7 I g ff, ,Q f--, f -.f 4' u. ijflg Z Z "4 'ff If., "f-,f"--' 5 2 5 E Z E 1 5 f 4 gf E ri E af X2 4 4 ' 5 5 5 2 WHEN HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF One day in April though many do not know, Miss Trowbridge had famous visitors from the days of long ago. Dickinson. Yates, King, I-lamilton, Pinckney and lvladison. Randolph, Franklin, Morris, Sherman, Gerry and Patterson. 'l'he father of his country also answered Madisoifs call lint this George VVashington seemed to know nothing at all. lle lirst got up and tried to make a speech Hut his "hemming" and "hawing" made the other members sereech. After a few moments of acting like a clown George heaved a sigh and in content sat down . Then up spoke Randolph ol Virginia a very noisy young man VVlio raved, gloriously on trying to make 'em fall for the Viginia plan llc was very witty, but this notice he'd better heed, 'l'o convince the convention he must first learn to read. Then Charles Pinckney, South Carolina, de- livered an attack of gas, XVhcn it comes to slow, soft speaking, there's no one in his class. 'He tried to tell them his plan was on the square llut regarding its adoption he didn't seem to care. Alter Pinckney Governor X7Villiam Patterson arose And showed which way the wind in his state blows. lfle skope so well, the members were sur- prised to hear him say, "XNell, l move we adjourn, but should l make off it's next day." That wasn't the worst, Miss Trowbridge is gettin bold l fear The members nearly collapsed to hear Ran- dolph called "my dear." Madison, who we are told wrote a book from things remembered in his dome l.istencd not at all-was planning how to spend his vacation back home, Nllhen lrlamilton got up and spoke. they all felt quite a dizziness Ilul. in spite of that he was alone in knowing his own business. lllorris listened silently, emitting only a series of grunts. I'd heard he had a lot to say, but this one acted like a dunce. Yates, another witty man from New York Sat, discussing with Hamilton the high price of pork l carried the idea things in those days were cheapg But from Yates' discussion prices must have been steep. Sherman's words came thick and fast, but judging from his talk , He must have escaped from an asylum While the warden was out for a walk. gave up in despair saying "That may all beg" lVhile Dickinson to Randolph yelled, " I sim- ply don't agree." For Randolph this straw must have been the last For a look of complete consternation o'er his visage passed. Gerry, strange stories to the convention did te And you should have seen the members Hy at the ringing of the bell. These men were so different from the ones of whom we heard, I can't believe that all those things really have occurred. This convention was held so we'd understand and our minds with knowledge store, But if such members came they'd be speedily shown to the door.-A. I. Lee. King , . - THE CHANGE Old Grandad crouches in the mist The fieecy clouds ride through the sky And so, I guess that thigs must be As they were, in the days gone by. The birds go chirping on the wing The river's ripples never cease, And ever after heavy storms lNe see the rainbow's bridge of peace. ticks clamly on, Our major clock ' ' The bells buzz forth their dizzy callg slowly der our gang A hush creeps K While walking down the echoing hall. there is displayed Upon the wall Our service Hag of ned and white. Among the stars of blue, the gold Mean some have gone to realms of light. -L. A. D. 67 SOME OF OUR HEROES 68 i W . E l l l . I l nv , I GIVE Q lll "lt"'lilllll'l'llllllll'll'll'llll'llllt"llllllll"lt""lllll 'lllllllll ,u x ,nts "" ll V N ii llllllll Illl lfillll'lmlllllllliulllll illllllllllll llllliill x -,..,..'A ... 454 hc- The third annual vaudeville was given by the members of the Senior class of 1919, lfriday evening, April 25. Xkfe are deeply indebted to Chairman Herbert NN'heaton and his assistant, Albert jones, who made the vaudeville the big success it was. From the time when the seven pretty faces looked out from between the cur- tains and welcomed us with "The Big Showf' the acts went off with plenty of "pep," snap and sparkle. The .Buskin playlet made a big hit and we wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to Dilson Moran for his earnest endeavor in the Game of Love-Never mind, Dilson, practice makes perfect and there's au- other time "a-coiningf' It was not long befo1'e we were pleasantly delighted with the full dozen chorus of the Triolet Club, who sang and danced "jealous Moon," and "You're Some Pretty Doll." Encorcs were "l-las Anybody Seen My Kitty?",and "He l-,lugged lfler and He Kissed Her in the Moonlight," wlhich the girls accompanied with their "Yukes" Celeste Bigelow, dressed as a little sailor boy, sang' "l Don't XfVant to Be No An- gel." and took the house by storm. The next act was a series of dances given by girls of the Phy. lid. depart- ment. Theresa Statz appeared in "Tre- pack," a Russian dance of great spirit. Sara Maxwell and Gladys llerthe gave an 'interpretative dance entitled, "A Let- ter Dancef' Paul Marcou appeared with lrlfannah .l-liggins in an act consisting-,of a bit of fun, singing and dancing. Paul's song, ".How're You Going to Wet Your VVhistle X-'Vl1CI1 the Xklhole Darn Wforld Goes Dry ?" created quite a sensation. Mr, Ql5l'all's 'famous troupe were as mod- est as their instructor and had to be coaxed up on the platform, yet it wasn't long before everything was going like clockwork amid a rapid succession of "ahs" from the audience. The Treble ClefAClub gave a grand finale to the vaudeville. The girls ap- peared in gypsy costume and sang "Car- meniau and "The Gypsy Boy." In brief the acts were: l. Triolet Club. song-"The Big Show" 2. HA Double S'huHfle" Jack Hilton, a college athlete ........ Harold Taylor Fred Summers, his friend. Robert Mullen May Singleton, Fred's fiancee ........ Catherine Riebe Belle Summers, Fred's sister .......... Clara VVeimar Dick Dentworth, Prof. of Entomology Dilson Moran 3. Cal A Singing and Dancing Act Triolet Club tbl Song "I Don't klvilllf to be No Angel" Celeste Bigelow 4. Dancing-Phy. Ed. Girls. Cab 'Ml'repak"-Theresa Statz thj Letter Dance Sara Maxwell and Gladys Berthe - J. Marcou and Higgins In latest song and dance hits 6: Tumbling Act Talbert Jessup VN-lilliam Brown Donald Dean Harold Taylor 7. Treble Clef Club Selected Songs' 43,51 al. Ly' ' v4'A1,Q.',L E? 3-Jhpi .1 ,jx Villa i ui PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB lt was in the year 1913 that the school of Physical Education was opened in the La Crosse Normal, under the di1'ec- tion of Dr. Carl B. Sputh. The enroll- ment of students that year was seven, few in number, but it was the quality of that class which laid the 'foundation for after years. The department has grown gradually every year, giving rise to a demand for more than one in- structor. Wlith a teaching staff of live inter- ested and capable instructors this year has been a combination oi pleasure and strenuous effort for the nine- ty-live students enrolled. Due to the transient stay of the S. A. T. C., to .Red Cross work, and to special war duties, both work and social life have been interrupted. The Phy. Ed. Club holds monthly meetings where a program is presented. The program has for its different num- bers, current events along' the lines of physical education. selections given by various members of the club as well as the amusement features, dancing and the reading of the "Tattler." Oh! you t'Tattler." Our most precious and closely guarded secrets are laid bare to public censure and criticism in your pages. Even our highly esteemed instructors be- come the butt of ridicule to satisfy the cynical as well as the humorous- meni- bers of the club. You're some "Tattler." The officers for this year have taken a deep and lasting interest in the welfare of the club. Mr. Arthur Denny was "there,' when it came to presiding at meetings. The ease, calm and that more or less "make haste with slowness" at- titude ot his permeated the room and held the attention of his listeners. There wasn't much he couldn't do-was there gir-ruls. Miss Helen Partridge proved to be an enthusiastic and co-operative vice president. In an organization in which things moved so swiftly events and financial affairs were rather hard to keep track of, yet our secretary and treasurer, Miss Mae Seeley, successfully met the demand. The duties of reporter tell to Miss Hanna Higgins. Was she busy? Ask Hannah. NN-'ith a wealth of good material and splendid possibilities the outlook for the coming year is very promising. The new "Phy. Ed. Buildingu will no longer remain a mirage, but bids fair 'to become a reality. The return of its contractor, Major Noble, from the service of his country, insures its completion. WAND DRILL BY PHY. ED. STUDENTS . - '-f P. -. -. 1'-, 'nf -. 5 Z rx ,fm 1 .ul .uf nf .4 ki A- ,R 1-.V xg! 41 l,.--lil...-11.3.1 34 ,ki ,fbQwl1l,2,J9,, '. 'A . A r, '. '. 'u ' ' 21, 21 yi 24272 fa i g.,y'-.ff""5.' E , 2 52 E 4 -. f-. fm, -.1 ' af 1 'V' f 4 4 n 2 5 4 1 , I Q g , f-. 4 5 4 5 Q 2 " X 5 I E 5 4 M 1 ' 1 1 Q1 ? Z E Q! by fi I I A " 5 5 111 S-ul fJuen'i-c-.ln 'I he H a wm- , K H-1 N X ,xy re T 4 5 v,..'21".Z'Jg' :.:x?,,rv 1 wk u-1 ef mn uflk' mum! hu-we U 4v.f LL' NSW f, 1' 4 Q3 E --K E ll : I . I ' , 1 X ' 5 : C ' I 5 3 7 IW, rg... F I K Ah if 1 , 4 ' .5 'W A , D: M , J Ill I E' I VW' Z! 3 L Q : l is -- E 2 Q IH ill 2 : MW..- ' . I - SAPPHONIA First Row-CStaudingj-Berg. Haensgen, Dixon, Getts, I. Liest, E. Blakley, Wfalsh, McEvoy Second Row-Sherry, Kirlceeng, Johnson. B. Clift. Morrison, Preston. Third Row+McNown, Holm, Harley, Miss Trow'bridg'e, Lewis, Bishop. VViken. Sitting-Cobb, M. Gallagher, Yeoman, Voss, Call, Storkerson, Berger. I fwpb ' lj OFFICERS Presidem .............. Vice- President ,... See'y and Treas. .. Faculty Advisor .. The Sapphonian is the only purely lit- erary society in the school. It was or- ganized during' the winter of l91O-ll. for the purpose of furthering the study of the best literature and developing' ease in addressing' an audience. Its special aim this year was to bring the members together for both social and literary work. A splendid dinner was given in the Domestic Science rooms at the first meeting' and nineteen new members were initiated. The "Kid" party, which was held in the gymnasium, was the big event of the year and will long' be remembered by all who were present. The society held 'its regular meetings bi-monthly in the Girls' Rest Room where, with the able assistance of Miss 'l'rowbriclge, the general business and prog1'ai'1'1s, many and varied, were sue- eessfully carried out. Due to the fact that so few of the old members returned to school this year, the club was rather 75 Rose Voss Marcella NValsh . . . . . .. Jean McEvoy Miss Trowbridge late in reorganizing' but when its ranks had again been filled, so potent a fae- tor in the school did it become that the name oi Sapphonian cannot but live and its presence be felt for 1919-20. MEMBERS Seniors Jean Meljvoy Lola Dixon Lillian Harley Rose Voss Hazel Getts Marcella VValsh Florence La Tendre Erma Liest Esbher Nieklas Hazel Call Edna MeNown Mary Morrison Adelaide WViken Juniors Fern Berger Dorothy Liest Myrtle Gallagher Irene Johnson Eileen I-Iaensgen Sigfried Holm Clara Kirkeeng Merle Dake Lucilc Storkerson Beatrice Clift Madge Cobb Sara Lewis Alta Yeoman Doris Bishop Clara Sherry ' Gertrude Berg Edna Anderson Margaret Preston , ,- gi -. . X h V 1 5 X N i ' 'xr - LA SOCIEDAD HISPANICA Top Row-Spettel, Berg, Shelby, Brandenburg, Hayes, Olson, Baum. Second Row-Gibson, R. Iegi, Harrier, Gay, Bronson, NfVhite, Bjornstad. A Third Row-Dreps. Hansel, Haeusgen, Miss W'ester, Edwards, Harris, Smith, Flocl Sitting-Berger, Skaar, Maurer, Smith, Sprayn, King, Brayton, Evjen,Stick11ey. f"--J"-,"':ff bfi '11, "fi Pi!-, ,af f,"'f,nnJ,-Ax'-1 :Lf ,Q'f-.fJ4'5-fh'P,riP'- l 1-,J -. ' . . .. .. . , , f. -. - ' Z, " 2225? "f Q Z4 ,Q lf'-.yr "-.1 ',.' IP. ,W A ., .1 ht ,H .I . f , , 6 , ,"'-P1 , g E 5 I 5 Q f 1'-. 5 5 , ' Z ff 1 5 . 5 2 5 La Sociedad Hispanica Shortly alter the advent of real en- thusiasm into the study ol what many Normalites deem the peer of foreign languages - Spanish - fertile minds quickly gave birth to the splendid idea oi adding another to Normal's student activities and, almost overnight, "La So- ciedad 'I lispanica' took its place in the ranks. All this took place away back in the dark ages of 1918 but so rapid has been the progress of this newcomer that instead of retaining its title of "the child in Normal's family of student activities" it 'has acquired the reputation of being one of the Normal's most active organi- zations. Formed primarily to assist Spanish students in their efforts to acquire ilu- ency in the Castillian tongue, it has gone beyond its original bounds and now em- braces practically every form of student activity. lts attempt on the stage has been successful and several times stu- dents and town folk have witnessed in- teresting comedies produced in the Span- ish tongue by both the advanced and be- ginning stuclenlts in that language. And it has gone farther than that. lt has delvecl into the mysteries ot society and many a rollicking time 'has been spent a1'ound the dinner tables of our Domes- tic Science department where "Chile con Carrie" and other choice Spanish bits were 'the order of the day. "Bluff par- ties" were a common occurrence and it is generally predicted by the enthusiastic Spanish students that the contemplated Spanish ball with its promised touch of Castillian color will outdistance any other annual event. However, due to Miss XNester's untir- ing edforts, the original mission of the society 'has not been overlooked in the bustle for entertainment and along with all the enjoyment which the club has brought to its members and visitors, a steady progress toward a more perfect understanding of the language and a greater fluency in the attempt to express ideas in Spanish is distinctly noticeable. Societies of the nature of La Socia- dad Hispanica, organized with the firm intention to make the acquisition of greater ease and efficiency in the s'tudy the outstanding aim, are planted in fer- tile ground and, unlike many which aim at the superficial only, will always find enthusiasm in their ranks and growth as the logical result. TREBLE CLEF CLUB - First Row-fStandingj-Bjornstad, Hansen, Kathary, Harmacek, Riebe, Christy, 'Willian1s, Taylor, Devine. Herried, Franklin. Second Row-Coburn, Kirkeeng. Holm, Seuty, Le Tendre, Mrs. XrVhelpley, Huff, Axnundsen. Christianson, B. Evans. VVhite, XV. Esch Third Row-Coppin, Moore, Harrison, I. Parfrey, Bacon, Partridge, Funke, Miller, M. Evans, R. Parfrey, Christopher. Sitting-Seeley, McDonald, Bigelow, Geisenheimer, VVallin, Skaar, Harley, VVein1ar, Conly, Andrews, Coughlin. , 7.4- - ments cram OFFICERS President ...... . ....... Miss Frances Coburn Sec'y and Treas. . .. Miss Florence Le Tendre Accompanist ....... Miss Marguerite Skaar Director .......... Mrs. Robert C, lNhelpley MEMBERS 4.-...s.., Fu st Soprano Williams, Moore, Seeley, McDonald, Le Tendrc, Chrisliianson, Edwards, Coppin, H. Hanson, Riebe. lrlohn. B. livans, Andrews, Devine, Christopher. Young, Bacon, C. Par- frey, R. Parirey, l. Hjornstad. Second Soprano Senty, Huff, Partridge, Kirkeeng, Harrison, Harmacek, Kathary, VV. Esch, Amundson, VVallin, Franklin, Bigelow, Geisenheimer. Contralto ' M. Evans, C. Miller, C. Hanson, Connelly, I-lerried, Coughlin, Coburn, B. Wfhite, Christy. The Treble Clel' Club is, as its name signilies, a musical organization and con- sists of lorly-live members, two officers, and au accompanist. Under the leader- ship oi Mrs. Whelpley, this organiza- tion has given some very delightful en- tertainments and through the many en- gagements iullilled has won wide popu- larity throughout the city. The kinds oi music rendered by the club have been many and varied. lt has given programs of the folk songs of Europe and the United States, of the National Anthems, of the popular war songs, oi the old songs that everyone loves, and of the works of the most cele- brated composers. In addition to its many urban engage- ments, the club has appeared on the Normal stage on the occasion of the "Sing Songl' and ot the local oratorical contest, and was featured in the Senior vodvil in a selection. The Annual liormal Dance, held in the Normal gyumasium on April 26, 1919, was as great a success as all other things that the organization has undertaken. .Regular meetings were held every Monday throughout the year and con- sisted of a short business meeting fol- lowed by practice. An additional hour on Tuesday morning was spent in prac- ticing. Early in the year a Treble Clef ot silver and blue enamel was selected for the club pin and from this the club derives its name. All that the club has gained it owes to the splendid guidance of its director, Mrs. XfVhelpley. Her ability as a choral director cannot be overestimated. Her wonderful personality has been in a large measure responsible for the co- operation and hard work which have earned for the club a reputation which stands First among the organizations of the school. "'I'-:XCXN -:Q Y? ypx Q i7-QAESS3 '-.Lixf -T NI .' -0-,NX QA PA W '-I. ' X' 'i Via .X X 7' ' fNlFQiii!f. l 5 9 iff' a -1.-5 QA I ff : 'f!6.xg """ 44 A ,sy Q12 1 . 4 . A V J. , V C ' 2: .- M A -f Sli, V J, J . ,pls V-4-Ai,-4 . 1 ,f-F-fx.: Y Wim' ,K 2 7 ' f , , GIBBONS CLUB Top Row-Scanlon, Riley, Sullivan, Hansen, Hayes, Preston, VValsh. Voss. Haensgen, M. Gallagher. Second Row-E. Rott, Lorrig, Baranowski, Nichlas, VVolfe, Devine, O'Neil, Stangl Third Row-Flanagan, Barron, Newburg, Miss Culkin, Miss Deneen, McHugh, Boschert, Poehling, Coughlin Sitting-Storkerson, W'elcl1, Callahan, Statz, Hurley, Higgins, Pan-nnel, Dalton. in O ihhnntt IITIT OFFICERS President ................. Theresa M. Statz Vice-President .... Marie Callahan Sec'y and Treas. . . . ....... Helen Hurley Faculty Advisor .... Miss Mabel Culkin Honorary Member Miss Irene Deneen The Gibbons Club is composed of the Catholic girls attending' the La Crosse Normal School. Its purpose is to pro- vide for the social and religious welfare of its members. The club was organized six years ago and has a membership of about lifty students. Meetings are held every two weeks and consist of a short business session and a program. The particular features of this year have been a Christmas Tea, Easter Party, a picnic and several lectures held at regular meetings. A Social Hour was also given under the auspices of the club for the entire school. MEMBERS Mary O'Neil Ella Rott Alta Yeoman Blanche Hayes Eileen Haensgen T. M. Statz Margaret Preston Katharine Rendler Violet Page Marcella VValsh Norine Conley Marion Hester Anna Birner Cecilia Hansen Marie Callahan Elma Wessling Margaret Coughlin Mary jasper Loretta Flock Florence VVelsh Catharine Boschert Gladys Pammel Jessie McHugh Dorothy Young Malinda Stangl Estella Lorrig Hannah Higgins Mae Barron Eliz. Flock Jennie Newberg Margery Dalton Marion VVelsh Helen Hurley Rose Voss Esther Nicholas Marian Scanlan Lucile Storkensen Gertrude Flannagan Gretta Devine Genevieve McHugh Marie Wolf Catharine Gillespie Cecilia Riley Viola Poehling Ida May Sticlcney Patricia Baramowsl 1 Myrtle Gallagher Loretta Sullivan Miss Losinski FORUM DEBATING SOCIETY ' Upper Row-A. Schreiner, R. Eseh, F. Coburn, A. Harmacek, K. Riebe, Amundson, B. McDonald, C. VVein1ar, R. Knutson. Second Row-G. McHugh, H. Evjen, L. Yost, C. Hardy,-O. Baugsberg, E. Bjornstad, E. Senty, G. Iegi, N. Connelly. Third Row-I. Brayton, N. Hafenrichter, M. Evans, R. Jegi, A. Herman, E. Blealdey, E. Guenther, B. Hayes, C. Black, L. Flock. Fourih Row-R. Smith, C. Boschert, R. Beckmire, Miss Wester, A. Steenberg, H. Webster, E. Harrier, V. Rogers, V. Poehling. G. Pamniel G. Palmer. ' 1 QD- o il? DU M? Q M -if 'E OFFICERS .President .................. Alice Steenberg Vice-President . .. Secretary ..... 'I'reasurer ........ Faculty Advisor 'During' this. its ninth year. the Girls' 'Debating Society has continued its cus- tomary prograin ol debates and literary discussions to which have been added many stunts, musical numbers and all that goes with interesting prograins, Miss Wester has been our most able as- sistant in making' these prograins so worth while. llesides the regular meetings, the members have enjoyed numerous social events and special entertainments-the smnptnous initiation dinner, the Forum formal party, and the play, "The Voice of Authority." As a result every HilTOl'l'llllllCH 'feels that she has made the acquaintance of new friends. has secured practical Catherine Bosehert Hazel Wlebster Regina Beelcmire . . . . .. Miss 'Wester knowledge and has 'found wholesome en- joyment. The number of members has been limited to forty-live, among whom are a number of xvide-awake Juniors with whom the wel fare of the "Forum" rests secure for the Coming year. SENIOR MEMBERS Catherine Boschert Claribel Black Regina BCClC1Tll1'C Ella Bleakley Oranda Bangsberg Loretta Flock Alice Herman Edna Harrier Lavina Jost JUNIOR Agnes Auumdson MI Sf! X . gg gf-' :Egg S3 Helen King Genevieve McHugh Gladys Pannnel Viola Poehliug Vivian Rogers Rebecca Smith Alice Steenberg Lillian Smith MEMBERS BUSKIN CLUB Top Row-Herriecl, Smith, Dickinson, Amurldson, Moran, Christopher. Second Row-Hurley, S1-caar, Siede, Brzindenburg, Funke, Taylor, Maurer, Harrnacek Liskovec. l ' A Bottom Row-G. Palmer, Poehliug, Levy, R. Esch, Schreiner, VVem1ar, Rlebe. KW fkflfi OFFICERS President ................. David Dickinson Vice-President .... ............ l Quth Levy Treasurer ......... .. Wesley Brandenberg Faculty Advisor .................. Mr. Coate Secretary .................... jasper Staples 'l"he Ruskin did not have any meet- ings while the S. A. 'l'. C. element was in existence, but on the day of deinobili- zation. Dec. l2. the club held its tryout, which resulted in the taking' in ot eigh- teen new ineinbers. XfVe held our Annual Forinal, Feb. 14, with decorations. programs and partici- pants carrying' out the idea of St. Valen- tine's Day. At the regular meeting, April ll, a short coinecly, "A Full House," was staged by six ol' the old ineinbers. The following' Monday it was presenlled in chapel before the whole school and voted a scream. THE CAST IS AS FOLLOWS Mr. ,links ...........,. Vlfesley Brandenburg Mrs. Qliuks .. ......... Helen Hurley Mr. Chase ...... Merrill Maurer Miss llrace .... ...... I Quth Esch Mr. Case ........ .. Donald Riebe Annie. the maid .,........... Rebecca Smith it . A u-pi.. As usual, we took part in the Senior vodvil and presented "A Double Shuf- llc." THE CAST OF CHARACTERS ,lack Hilton, college athlete .... Harold Taylor Fred Summers ............... Robert Mullen May Singleton, Fred's betrothed ..... .. Catherine Riebe Belle Stnntners, Fred's sister. . .Clara Weiiniai' Dick Wentworth, professor of Entomology WllSO1'1 Moran Wie 'feel greatly indebted to Miss Hob- son tor her untiring efforts in coaching, which no doubt made the plays the suc- cess they were. A SENIORS Ruth Esch Jasper Staples Helen Hurley George Kreutz Rebecca Smith Wesley Brandenburg Ruth Levy Merrill Maurer Viola Poehling Harold Taylor David Dickinson JUNIORS Robert Mullen Cora Herried joseph Liskovec Frieda Seide Margarite Skaar Catherine Riebe Agues Amundson Anne Harmacek Iva Mae Stickney K A i X X in V llllllyiw- 4 Donald Riebe Lavina Taylor Charles Schroder Serine Christopher Vllilson Moran Clara XVeimar Grace Funke John Dugan Grace Palmer Y. XV. C. A. CABINET Top Row-Jost, Evans, R. Jegi, Beckmire Bottom Row-Black, Dixon, Coburn, Miss VVcster, Steenberg. Conly, Kathary, Mrs. Whelpley, Senty, Skaar, Le Te11c.l1'e, Edwards, Geisenheimcr, Coburn Evans, Weimar, Bigelow, Seeley, McDonald MOTTO "l come that ye may have light and have it more abundantly." OFFICERS Miss Wfestcr..Chairman Advisory Committee Lola Dixon ,................... ...President llflasel Evans .. ........... Vice President Ruth ,legi .. .... Secretary and Treasurer The Y. XV. C. A. plays an important- part in the social and religious life of the school. In the fall, the girls, in co-oper- ation with other organizations, meet the trains and escort new students about the city. The association assists in the sup- port of a foreign missionary in Japan. lft also sends delegates to the Geneva conference, who return to inspire mem- bers by their enthusiasm. Each week a meeting' of a religious, musical or social nature is held. At these gatherings speakers from various cities are often present. A. japanese Bazaar is an animal event. On such occasion the girls endeavor to bring a bit of that foreign country to our school. Floral decorations rob the walls of one of the rooms of their bare- nessg while paintings, screens and like articles lead one to a veritable .lapan where kimonoed danies with the usual japanese coiffure complete the delusion. Articles imported from that far off land are on display and can be purchased from the attending' ladies. The proceeds of this bazaar form a part of the mis- sionary fund. Another annual event is a Kid Party. This is an aspect of the social life of the CABINET Regina lieckmire ............ Social Service Claribel Black ..... ......... S ocial . . . Bible Study ... Missionary ........Music Lavina -lost ...... Alice Steenberg Frances Coburn .. association. The verted into a play room where little girls and would-be-boys, gather to enjoy all day suckers, ice cream cones and a few enchanting' childhood games. At an early hour the children depart much to the amusement of the janitor, who al- ways manages to see each one safely out of the building. - Such social features as hikes often form a part of the program. Imaginary rattlesnakes, roasted wieners and sand- wiches keep the spirits sparkling till the evening hours when Qld Grandad is left to his solitary dreams. Dainty teas and parties also add to the social activities. The sick are visited, and the Y. XV. en- deavors to assist the needy by calling at the Home of the Friendless and joining other societies in furnishing 'Thanksgiv- ing baskets and Christmas presents. TURNING HISTORY'S PAGES The Young hVO1l1Z'tll,S Christian Asso- ciation of this Normal was organized in the winter of nineteen nine and ten with a membership of forty-seven. Through the assistance and co-operation of ,the president and faculty, it has grown to be one of the foremost organizations of this school. gymnasium is con- -L. A. D. i r if N 4 1 L F i rw .. , ., 12342. Ax . V1 1 ..,1g-w?"',.-ff Y -.gx -. HUG.- M ' ,gg 'eL:,w"1 , 'lm -13' . . 'Li Q! 'J IL, ,sg VZ. ' 2 'Ha THE BAND ia?-4 QQ After much worlc on the part of Pres. Cotton, an organization which could really be called a band took its place among the various organizations of the school. The army placed a gloomy aspect over the possibilities for such an organization, but when it was learned that there was to be a unit 'oi the S. A. T. C. in the school. the prospects brightened. Xlfith the co-operation oi the officers of the unit, regular practices were arranged and a very good start was made. Alltliougli there were a great many begjiimers, better progress than. was shown could not have been hoped for. All took to the work remarkably well. These men were taught by other mem- bers of the band who had had former experience. Then came the fatal blow. The Kaiser "quit his job" just when the men were in their prime. Not seeing' lit to remain in school, most of the men left as soon as the unit was discharged, This meant another start. Again, as a result of Pres. Cotton's efforts, another band was organized, but this time of a slightly diHerent composi- tion. There were not enough men in the Normal who were interested, to start, and rather than have a "bandless,' school an appeal was sent to the High School. This appeal was answered in a very hearty manner and a band of about forty members was the result. l3eginners now were evehn more in evi- dence, and much time was taken in their instruction, but again a rapid growth re- sulted. By the end of the year an or- ganization of no mean ability had re- sulted, and with so many young men in the school next year's prospects are of the best. Pres. Cotton instructed the basses, while Dewey Huber reigned over the cornets and altos. Baunfs work was much in evidence on the drums. Jessup had charge of the trombones. sn Nl rm 'gif 41 'N 6 ' xg!!-Xfl?7f 9 73 'xxx " ' Ns '-2'--IJ! 1 -. nf mg' ic S f-fi-' F Az? :ggi 1 z f 1' XJ 1? w 1- Y . J K . ,xx at , , ,xg 'uf Ni XJ K. .1 mi. WJ l , TRIOLET CLUB Top Row-Conly, Kathary, Mrs. Wlhelpley. Senty, Slcaar. Second Row-Le Tendre, Edwards, Geisenheimer, Coburn, Evans. Third Row-VVei1nar, Bigelow, Seeley, McDonald. The Triolet Club is a new organization consisting of twelve members. lt takes its name from the fact that it does trio work. A call came from the Agricultural college at Onalaska for a small group to sing at the Farmer's Institute. The group that went enjoyed singing to- gether so much that this club was organ- ized. Norine Conley was elected presi- dent and Elsie Mae Senty secretary. At the time of the oratorical contest, this club was chosen to represent our school at Oshkosh. The club ranked among the first of the musical organizations present. The numbers were greatly en- hanced by the beautiful violin obligatos by George Kreutz. The club has also appeared many times before prominent clubs and organ- izations of La Crosse. It has a varied repertoire, consisting of songs of the classics, songs of the war, songs ol the nations and songs of "pep" which are accompanied by ulceleles. For mascot the club chose a kitty cat whose song, "Has Anybody Seen My Kitty?" always assures a "hit." The success of the club is entirely due to the able and untiring leadership of Mrs. Xlfhelpley. MEMBERS First Soprano Bernice Macllonald Mae Sealey Irene Edwards Florence Le 'lfendrc Second Soprano Celeste Bigelow Elsie Mae Senty Doris Kathary Bessie Geisenheimer Contralto Frances Coburn Norine Conley Maysel Evans Clara Weimar Accompanist, Margarite Slcaar. Director, Mrs. VVl1elp1y. ' Q 1 ' . . J IN ,fu fr ' ,. f . V. f -. . -, ' '- -. - ,-. -. , -. 1, 9 1 ' ' 1 J - -5 .. r.. 1'-.A, -.1 - , ., 4 1 rf A X.. , alfa, P, A A- ,fa , .. I I '. f '- ! - 'f ' f. , 1 . 1 ., . , I . r , - IVA MAY STICKN 12 Y A great deal of enthusiasm and inter- est was given this year to the work in oratory. Six people tried out at the local contest held February 13, 1919, and each one showed more than ordinary ability, both in the compilation and in the de- livery of his oration. All ot the contest- ants 'felt that the benefit gained from the tryout more than repaid them for their time and work spent. Each of the stu- dents who entered the contest has gained not only a deeper appreciation of the thoughts and feelings of others, but a more intimate acquaintance with himself -his strong' and his weak points. ln this preliminary contest which was to de- cide our representative at the lnter- Nornial meet, Iva May Stickney won first place with her oration, "Ainerica's Greatest Problem" and Anne Harniacelf, whose subject was "Yesterday,s Utopia" was given second place. The entire list of contestants was as follows: 1 91 .Jf'.t, f4,l,,,,,,,,Q 2 5 2 , if E Q , E I Q 2 I ' Q W 5 5, 5 Q ,f ' fascia, x -XLYL' is 42 JK l71J.JT.C4..' ANNE HARMACEK "The League of Nations," Henry Becker. "The W'o1'1d Belongs to the Discon- ten'ted," Marian Scanlan. 'iAmerica's Greatest Problem," Iva May Stiekney. "T he Twentieth Century 1fVO11'1El.I1,H Re- gina Beckmire. "Our Duty to Our Returning Sol- diers," Margaret Coughlin. "Yesterday's Utopia," Anne Harma- cek. On March 21, 1919, the Inter Normal Oratorical contest was held at Oshkosh. Seven of the nine Normal schools ofthe state were represented. Contrary to all expectations La Crosse did not receive a place. Mr. 'Wallace Hohu of Milwaukee was awarded first place for his oration, "Peace for All," while Wihitewater, Platteville and Eau Claire got second, third and fourth places respectively. U if fjiclfo :ww wr - ' -vw - - . I ' Q ' ' A ,,.,- 'V 1. , -- -as . f L 5 L, L.,E.s--..-ing' , " . , A " s F' Top Row-Brandenburg, Mgr., Wfheaton, sub., Burroughs, sub.3 Liskovee, R. T., Tubby Keeler, Coach, Howe, L. T., Pobreslo, sub., Dugan, sub.g Schraeder, sub., Xkfittich, Director. Second Row-Marcou, L. G., Benjamin, L. E., Brown, R. H., McGill, F. B., Roellig, Q. B., Capt.g Schroeder, L. H., Rippe, R. E., , Roel, R. G., Berg, C. Bottom Row-Jonas, sub.3 Smith, sub., Thiel, sub., Maurer, R. H.g Pederson, R. T., Jessup, sub., Graf, sub., Kimball, sub. . . "-. 'M ' " I "-' "" -. 7 fi?-I, :xr 'ai-.1,4.'7:n-"':13fribff:xTfbqjfx'y2'i ' nh '. '. '4 r.. -, 11. -.., '. - . ,ax an "ul '+.. , ,- , if ,fav 14.311--.-41 r t. ,nu ,fJ52QfL1?fjL,,,,, jg 'Q ,-.4 , '-.,,' '-.f 3' '4' ali? 24 Z Z - I -1 Q f. -. 1 2 X4 1 4 Z f '4 2-. ff.. ,fb-.1 nf y 5 2 5 3 2 jf'-.1 '-.1 - f. f 5 4 . g 2 ' - ' ' L I f f 1 ' , 1 4 1 1 , 2 5 EllllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIE 1,1 QATHLETICSEQ 1,1 Despite the limitations imposed upon our school and all others by the war, we have gained probably far more in the way of athletic accomplislnncnt than during any two previous years. A school of the character of ours always attracts men to athletic ability, so we may attrib- ute to that source some of the success of our teams, but much more praise is due Coach "fl'ubby" Keeler for his hard and unceasing work. RAY KEELER, Coach "'l'ubby" has surely made aline record for our school, and incidentally for him- self, and we are all justly proud of him as a coach. During the past two years we have carried away four championships in ath- letics, and we have hopes of another, be- fore the close of the 1919 track season. Be that as it may, a championship is no small honor, and a school is usually con- tent with one once in awhile, not expect- ing one each season. Last year the football team won the championship from River Falls, and the track team ran away with the state title as it had done the year before. This win- ter our boys were undefeated on the gridiron, thus retaining the football title, and during the basketball season proved themselves to be beyond a doubt the best team in the state. Our school is now the foremost Normal in the state in line of athletics and our hopes are that it may continue to be during the coming sea- sons. Wihen comparing the work of the last two years with that of previous seasons, it must ,be reme1nbered that the material from which teams were to be selected was exceedingly scarce, owing to the hole in our male attendance, made by the demands of the army and navy. Of course all institutions were equally hard hit. but this does not disprove the fact that our teams were as good or better than ever before. 'We look with pride, and not regre't, upon the athletes who might have been with us, had they not gone into the bigger game of world war. We may note also that those men who have played the biggest PH.1'fS in the school's games were among the foremost of those who went from our institution into the nation's conflict. 'Previous to these 'two seasons our school never landed more than one ath- letic championship a year. True enough, it had gotten many like honors in other lines, and several times had outdone all its rivals in football, basketball or track. but never so often in so short a space of time. Wlhereas before we were on a par 93 'fp f "i':' 5 ' ' : "-"f 5 122221 : -'24 irfr 'SR S ' "2':"':'f' ':':' if :':5 "T'4 """" ..,A4,AAA:,:4,.,Q, .,.,,,,n ,,', ,,,, ,',,A M 2i2: fiZl E 2 5 ' X VIIIE fffgffi Eif X gg A X 630' ,K 52 -32' K, A lg is iwsl w Q Q 2 gf 'if I i W N 5 -'m5f5" s. A-1 fi "A AW - --- 41 ,.A. . ,A44,,,,,, ' .,.,..,. , ...: 2 "f"" -"'Q"2A-A- ....,A . .... A JAA i :fi,w ,.M Y"' 1: 3 53 11 ,','Yi :-513125 "" "" 1 f:111211f1" f"'- figiiiiiigig ifii 1'1 "11 i E,',::f1:1:1.- ,515155:iggiifiiiiiiiifii: 11V:EEEE2EE2i55?l5?E555E,15I'i'52,35Wf,:,"' "":"' iiiiiizazsliii 'f,f-"'f m ""': 1?ZiiggrgiiiiiiifiiiZEEEEEPZTE''1if:13Ei:gEi?fi ",-"' 5 351513253 1 5 3 5 -',"' :ii ""' Z f5f5fzjg,j,2i i 1:" 'irifififl ,,-, T ..::,:::f:::-if ' - hl Standing-Maurer, Burroughs, Hame. Roels, Barnbenlck, Bue er. Sitting-Brawn, Jessup, Denny lCapt.J, Huber, Rippe, Keeler, fcoachj. l V rf'-..,"'-,Il 11' B1 gf. 5-,v ,r.-J"-.,,"'bf . ,Q . f-. . f ., 1 . - . ,., f., . 1 . -. Z fl , .AX ..-, .Zz X A I-gg If-nl, 3, If yt. 1... an Q ja, ,hvf f--.,,f --,f uf je, X, ,P-.,,',9pLff21f21J-, 2 'Q 1'-, f"- ,"".1 "-f "4 'P' kg g, Z sf r. 2. f'- 1"-if 6 f 2 Q 1 f' R., -.f -i 2. ' 1 ' 5 , 2 4 gf... ,".- If-,. ry Q 2 ' Q 2 1 ' f, r r , , , f f 4 1, Z 2 +1 5 ey fi 9 2 Y with only the average institution, we may now, without boasting, call ourselves among the best. The season of 1917-18 was an eventful one and one not soon to be forgotten by the followers of the maroon and grey, for during the football season we for the lirst. time defeated our old rival, River lfalls. Near the beginning of the season our team came home from liubuque German college. defeated by "Sol" Butler and his huskies, but the defeat only helped pave the way for victory later in the fall, when we overwhelmed Platteville and defeated Wliitewater, thus winning the honors of the southern section. Only by such a victory could our school meet River Falls, and in the future the same rule will hold true, for l.a Crosse was taken out of the northern section and put in the southern section of the state, along with the Normals at Oshkosh, Milwau- kee, Platteville and Whitewater. llowever, having overcome all rivals in the southern section we met River lfalls in the Normal field, Thanksgiving Day, and our boys won the state cham- pionship. The basketball season developed some good men, and was a credit to our school. The team made a line record and some of its members were the nucleus of this year's live. ln track our school stands out as the undisputed leader of the state. For three consecutive years she has won the state meet, leading all other schools by a wide margin, never coming near de- feat. The season of 1918-1919 is at present of much more interest. Last fall the establishmen't of the A. T. C. in our city brought into our ranks several good men, who, with the nucleus left from the previous squad, were worked into a fast aggregation by Coach Keeler. Captain "Sonny" Roellig was an excellent quar- terback, and Brown, "Sox" Maurer, Schrader, Rippe and Kimball, all dis- tinguished themselves by their backfield work. To the great surprise of all many old men were back in the line and among them "Sonny" Berg at center, Liskovec, Benjamin and Peterson, all old men. l-lowe, a new man showedup well at tackle and Roels starred at guard, play- ing a remarkable defensive game all through the season. Marcou held down his old position at guard, playing as good a game as any man on the squad. Due to the restrictions imposed upon all S. A. T. C. units the 'team could not play the full schedule, but was able to play only four schools. Early in the sea- son Dubuque was played at La Crosse, and badly beaten. in payment for the defeat we received the previous season. Later in the fall Platteville was badly overcome and sent home with a 45 to 0 defeat. The big game on the home field was fought against the Camp Perry team, champions of the Great Lakes Naval Station League. The game was staged Thanksgviing Day on a field covered with several inches of snow which gave the heavy "gobs" a decided advantage over our men. In spite of severe obsta- cles and with splendid team work on the part of our players La Crosse outscored the navy men and took away a little of their over confidence. Milwaukee, claiming the champion- ship of the conference, challenged La Crosse to a post season game, the week after Thanksgiving. La Crosse, who then held the honors, accepted the prof- fered challenge, was undefeated by Mil- waukee, and hence still is champion. Those who witnessed the game in Mil- waukee know what a strong team we had. Our line held like the British at Ypres, and no one scored. The field was a veritable sea of mud, the men were so camouflaged after a few minutes of 1 W YV N27 W a' ,,. ff- ,"-. f --J' "' if 7 5-T ff- X- Z - -. -. - . 1, -. -. -. -f :K 1-. -. 4-. ,Z A .vu I lr... ,1..,. I1 -.P1 -.1 if.. Ifmffb 1 . 1 . 1 I g , . ., , , 1-. . 1 . , . 2,11 2 gn -.5 ,uc 1 ff N., uf -4 9 2 ,, 'I Z . 1 -. - ' 1 '- 1 - f X4 1 I 5 -1 af ff. f-. , '-,f 5 2 5 3 Z. 'Q'-.1 '-.1 '- PJ ' . ' 2 - 5 4 gin, rf... r,-E11-y , 2 E , Z E I ' , , Z if 5 5 2 5 i f s 41 q af , 5 1 Z E play that only by the direction of their motion could it be told, from the side lines, on which team they were playing. The whistle blew after an hour ot su- preme excitement and ehcort, ending a O to O frame, and a successful season. Fa Football Scores Dubuque 3, La Crosse 17, at La Crosse. Platteville O, La Crosse 45, at La Crosse. Radio team, Great Lakes 6, La Crosse 13, at La Crosse. Milwaukee O, La Crosse 0, at Milwau- kee. Our success in basketball was rather phenomenal as it was entirely unexpect- ed by most of the fans all throughout the season. During the winter our Five played several games with varying suc- cess, and with the injury of Roels, in the game played 'against Dubuque here, and the crippling received by the team in the second game with the Butlerites the prospects of a successful season were ex- ceedingly gloomy. Fortunately, for us, the men came back strong, and tor- tunately for ns also this year a new sys- tem was inagurated by which the state championsl'rip aggregation was selected in a tournament, instead of games dur- ing the season as had previously been done. The tou1'nament was held in La Crosse in February, and tor three days all the normals of the state fought tor the plaque which was awarded the win- ner. La Crosse defeated Stevens Point in the opening game, putting the local rooters in a jubilant mood. Thegames, which were all held in the I-lixon annex of the La Crosse High School, were interesting to everyone, and many of the games were remarkable ex- hibitions orf basketball. La Crosse defeated Stout the second afternoon of the meet, and in the even- ing of the same day overwhelmed the Eau Claire bunch. Wfhitewater defeated River Falls the afternoon ot the second day, and La Crosse and lllhitewater were left to play the linal game on Saturday evening. The final game was just after an interesting game for second honors in which River Falls beat Stevens Point. The La Crosse- VVhitewater game, while not one of the closest played in the three days, was the most notable showing of teamwork and good basketball exhibited during the tournament. Our live-man defense was never pierced in any degree, and our players worked the ball under the basket for the majority of their shots. It was in this game, probably, that some of the home boys earned their berths on the all-state teams. Everyone of the visitors was highly pleased with the tournament, which was conducted without a hitch. Wie owe a great deal of thanks to Mr. Wfittich and his staff for the good management of the event. The oflicials who conducted the games, men who are among the best judges ot the game in the country, chose an all- state team on which four local men were placed. They were Huber, guard, Rippe, guardg Brown, forward, Jessup, tor- ward. Captain Denny can be justly proud of his team's work, and he deserves no small share ot the credit himself for his excellent playing. The injury of Roels was a big loss, but Coach Keeler was luckily able to fill the gap and have subs to spare. Howe, Maurer and Buehler all helped make the season a success. '- b Scores by Games Crosse 20, Platteville 17. La La Crosse 23, Dubuque 20. La Crosse 17, Platteville 27. La Crosse 17, Dubuque 31. . . I--. 1"-, -,f 1. f-., Q . , fs-.f"-,' y af ,Q f'-. f., f-., --J y f. f-. Q., f-., 1'-.n '-.1 '4 ,4 z., f-.,, 'A-1 bf g., 1, 41 :fx ,q'J,f.V,4.,?, -,aff 77 :sf..,a1,Qj,pgp,yJ,L,Js ' 1 '. - . , , 9 4 'L' 5-,A f, 2 5 5 g 4 P , ' Z E 92 5 bl Q I f 7 E Tournament Games La Crosse 25, Stevens Point 21. La Crosse 35, Stout 17. La Crosse 36, Eau Claire 14. La Crosse 22, WVhitewater 5. Prospects--1919 Sox Maurer, member of the State Howe, Huber and Bambenek in the weights, Zahorick, McDonough, W'hea't- on, Schoen, Rippe and Staples in the mile and half-mile, Denny, Rippe, Mar- cou, Burroughs nad .Brandenburg in the high and broad jumps, Brown, Bur- roughs and Kreutz in the pole vault, Jessup, Liscovec, Rippe and Maurer in the hurdles, and Schrader, Bambenek, Championship Track team of last year, was elected captain of this year's "Cinder Demons" at a meeting-of Marcou, Bur- roughs and Maurer, the three "L" men of last year's team. Captain-elect Ern- est Burrows is not in school this yearf Prospects for another track champion- ship are very bright with the return of half-miler, Art. Renner. Practice has brought out Buff Taylor, captain of the 1916 track team, Liscovee, Buehler, Brown, Marcou and Maurer in the dashes. Meets with Dubuque and Wfisconsin are being scheduled. The State Track Meet takes places at Milwaukee the 31st of May. Here's hoping that Sox and his speed demons will bring another championship to La Crosse Normal. 'Three state cham- pionships a year. Wfhy not? Let's go, fellows. SNAP SHOTS t RACQUET STAFF Top Row-Baum, Evjen, Scanlon. ' Second Row-R. Esch, Skaar, Taylor, Lxskovec, Maurer, Dixon, McHugh, Riley, Hafenrichter Bottom Row-Seeley, Harmacek, Brayton, Wfebster, Kathary, XNheaton, Marvin. IA S16 Q uquj o X 543 l Anne I-larmacek. Editor A Merrill Maurer, Business Mgr. RACQUET ANNUAL STAFF ANNE D.HAR1uACEK, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Literary Snap Shots I Rzmclolpli M. Evjcn N 1 ryesley Bmndenburg Inez 'Waylon Lola DIXOU I-lfztrold Taylor A Albert -Toner, Illustrating ' D Gcncfvicvc Mel-luggli Alumnl itlllllly Marvin Cecelia Riley M31-Qual-ifg Skaal- .loscph Lislcovcc L - ' S. . T. C. Athletics . A. n Herbert xlvllfiiliflll Davld Dlckmson Organizations BUSINESS STAFF Hazel lwcbslcll Merrill Maurerj ............ Bus. Mgr Jqkes lVz1lter Baum. . . .... Circulatiqn Mgr Mm-ion Scaulon Mae Seeley ....... ...Asslt Cir. Mgr Doris Kath ary Paul Marcou Randolph Evjeu. ..... Advertising Mgr 101 .. r.,.,'... 2,1 '-v '-- '-f' 'h 2-.x 1'-. "J -K Z fx Q 14 lrf..l,f..y,'..7ff jtfufi-fkffxyif .J fn, :LQ ,qi f,'v,.,,., 'X .Yi lk",,.,.Q92,J,1L,,,,,,, if -., -.5 B.. f-.h 1'-.51 -.,' -P' kj!! Z, Z4. 1'-. "-. ' '-' Q f- wg! Q 1 2 2 Z gf, ff. fs 7 5 2 Q l 5 'f 3 I 4 Q Z 2 Z! 5 by 5 f 4 5 Z 71 f 4 THE STAFF-AN APPRECIATION It has been the custom, and it seems to me a very necessary one, to devote a lortion ol' this Annual to an apprecia- tion of those who have worked in its behalf. VVe have tried to give you a book that you would be proud to show, a book that is artistic, as well as clever and reminis- cent of school life. It we have suc- ceeded it is due entirely to the eiicorts of Genevieve MCI-Tugh and her assist- ants, Joe Liscovec, Fanny Marvin and Cecelia Riley. The cleverness, it you admit of any, was supplied by Marion Scanlan aided by Doris Kathary and Paul Marcou. VVe only hope you enjoy reading the spice one-half as much as they did writ- ing it, for in laughter over their own witticisms Doris sxvalloweed countless sticks of gum while Paul broke the Rac- quet box because he fell oh? his chair in a fit of mirth. Harold Taylor, VVesley Brandenburg and Albert Jones are responsible for the snap shots and they have certainly brought to light some "rare" as well as some very interesting ones. Herbert Xvheaton had a double burden in that he had to record two years ot athletics and the 'tact that we were so eminently successful in all lines of ath- Randolph Evjen had charge of that section which sets the standard of the book from a literary standponit. Part of the credit belongs to lnez Brayton and Lola Dixon. Throughout the course of the year the Racquet was splendidly managed. Merrill Maurer proved not only a very successful business manager but an in- valuable help wherever and whenever any was needed. Randolph Evjen took care of the "ads" in addition to other du- ties and the circulation was accomplished by Wfalter Haum and Mae Seeley with- out a hitch in spite ot many hindrances. It has been a source of pleasure as well as honor to me to work with a stall: so ready to co-operate with me, and so willing to help wherever needed. If this book has justified its aim, to present at a miininuun cost an artistic, clever an- nual that faithfully records the spirit ot the school year, it is this co-operation, this ready willingness on the part ot the staff that has made that justification possible. 1 take this opportunity of thanking' the staff and also lVlir.Coate and Mr. Wfhitney who gave much of their time and the benelt ot their maturer knowledge to the success of the Racquet for the year 1918-19. ' ANNE D. HARlVlfACEK, letics made his work much more heavy. Editor. WEEKLY RACQUET STAFF Editorial Staff Marion Scanlan ................ ,... ,I okes Anne D. Harmacek - Business Staff Nina M. 1-Iafenrichter ............,... Editors up--ll M . . H - V MW, Randolph Evjen ............. Associate Editor ilvulw A game' """"""" il-',ll?,I?iLbS Mia' Ruth Eseh. ..,.... . . .Locals 'and Personals V Va C1 mlm' " "" , cjufl QI? - ,Zi l' Lola Dixon Litel,,u,v Mae Seeley ................... Asst Cu. Mgi. Marguerite ' H """"" :::::'.A1m2nfi Randolph Evjen ............i L Xdvertising Mgr. Herbert VVheaton ..... ...... A ttlrletics - Genevieve McHugh... ..... Illufstrating Faculty Advlsors . Hazel Websftvei' ...... ..... O rganizations Mr. Coate ............., ............. L iterary jane Prendergast .... .......... T ypist Mr. Xvhitney .... ...Business 102 v. ,-. f-, ,-- , --.f --.1 . 5 fu. f'-.h 1 '.', -.1 'gk B, 'ft fn. "-.JC-.1 '-f k' 2.21 21' ,nl-',,.,Vf.7, .af if ,qi fp-f.f.yf.X,?: ff -,A 4, A.. f'-.,, '-.f '-, '-1 P., ,f-.,, '-.f 2,J,yL,2,,,,,,Z , Z, , .V1 .yf X ,A ff.. ,-2,1-.yfjlfgf 2 Q ff nf w. :fyffh ,Q Q -. . .U .I -.4 -. 3 X Z,-ali,"-..',"-.Pr f E 2 g ' E Q 2 1 f-- f 2 5 f 5 Q .1 f 5 I E f 2 , fa f, OUR HONOR ROLL CAPTAINS N. Erickson E. Kuehn L. li. Adkins Carrol Robb H. Everett M- LHf1'0111lJ0iSC l.. Atherton A. L. Struni A. Fagin G, Layman M. A. Goll' A. Hill T. Farley I-I, Leithold Chas. Hyde E. Krause A. Feinberg G. Lilly QI. R.. Moore B. Ferris L. Lee P. Fjelstad E. Lorentson LIEUTENANTS R. Fredrickson A, Lyons C. Becklold F. McCormick C. Fulmer L. Mahoney 5. llurronghs V. Milum P. Gatterdaxn M. Maine -I. Dulce li. Peterson O. Genrich I, Major 1'. 'Everett H. Plummer J. Gennsman VV. Malone li. Gatlerdzun NN. Reid G. Gibson H. Hayes l.. Grillln A. Sehubert T. Gibson H. Marshall li. Grounds A. 'lfhoinas NV. Glasbrenner I. Sutcliil . E. l-luebich A. Youngberg H. Gleason A. Meinert F. Hansen M. XlVClll'lZ'll' E. Gluesing E. Melziva C. Hatheld C. B. Moore W. Glue:-ning VV. Quillan G. Heineman O. Rubbit L. Goodman M. Miller R. lnnnell H. Hayes T. Grauer R. V. Morgan F. Jackson A. Nelson A. Gunderson D. Moore V. Jacobson R. Erickson B. Gunderson S. Moore A. Jameson F. Gore G. Halik E. Morris N. Kcllmnn H. Kanable L. Hansen A. Murphy R. Kindley L. Grillin C. Hanson VV. McCormick K. Kinnear l. Swaucutt I. Hanson F. McDonald E. 'Krause ' P. Tobey S. Harniss L. McGary R. lllillington Ensign Ahlstrom G. Hayes VV. McGlynn G. He ihner E. Naecller PRIVATES A. Heiwnan I. McKivergin james Baker E. Chzunbers M. Hrerried W. Niebuhr E. Arlclznns R. Chase H. Hodge A. Noetzel Jos. 'linker D. Clennnons K. Hoeppner F. Noll L. Adair C. Coburn A. Holthaus M. Ocksnee J. R. Ahbori M. Cohen O. Holway A. Olson L. BZlll1ISlJCl'g' B. Cowie C. Horning VV. Palachek j. llarczewski V. Cremer K. Houck O. Parkihill G. Baum H. Crider VV. Huber C. Paulson H. l3uuingarleu N. Cumpston C. Immell C. Phillips li. li. Ilerens B. Dahl G. Oliver H. Seward li. Hem' E. Dahl F. Jewell L. Pope O. Morse D. Dean E. B. Johnson E. Post P. llieber G. A. Deckert 'l'. johnson H. Procknow E. Bogda F. VVein1ar A. jones V. Bryan H. Bold bl. Desmond G. -lones VV Pust NV. Bonneville J. Dickens P. Joseph O. Babbitt .l. VV. Boyle D. Dickinson P. Kevin R. Randall li. i'7iI'Il.llClClllQlCl'g' H. Downey R. Keyes P. Reclpath VV. Bright L. Dressenclorfer C. Kirkpatrick F. R-eimers L. Brody H. Egstacl C. Klandrud A. Renner A. Brown L. VV. Rnder G. Kueck S. Richman XV. Byers A. Englehard G. Kreutz H. Riebe H. Call A. Erickson F, Kuehl M. Rowles 103 23-'I ,X-. 'L"'f4":-'I-"-6'iiifruf fy X., ,P-.. X'-..f",.f "-4' 'Q-fl.,P-.,,'bfLLZ,yJLbLJ,, 4' '-I li 'P-.f"'-"H:"'1' 24" nf Q 6 '--1 nf bf. ff. ,f--.fyff Q f 2 Q Clara Rnclen O. Vlferner M. Spettcl G. Melby N. Ruclie O. lV'histler I. Stanclilorll B. Jersey K. Salzer H. Vlfhite O. Stevlingson E. Munson L. Sanford O. O. VVhile ll-l. Stevlingson B. Christianson P. Sauhert D. Lewis S. Stenrlahl Oscar 'l"olJias J. Schell A. Nathanson A. Stoiber H. 'Fischer L, G. Schell M. lfVGiIl121l' L. Struck G. Schneyer VV. R. Schell J. C. 'Willianis E. 'fainter A. Saugstacl P. Schmidt M. Olson H. Taylor W. Holway E. Schncller M. Vtfeinar C. Thompson C. Rowlinson O. Schneyer NN. Lyons R. 'lSl1Olll1JSOll A. Faucet L. Schreiner H. Kirmse 'lf Thompson H. Von Rnrlen A. Schroeder G. Meyer A. Tillman W'. Gorclen E. Schultz M. Fisher H. Tolancl A. Fortncy M. Smith L. Hartz VV. Tomsicek G. F. Huston L. Smith E. Johnson C. Towner A. ,lensen K. Scott C. Holmes J. Dulleau A. Hitt L. Semsch G. Costeison J. Evans S. Sloggy F. Shane L. Fried ,ll S. Mitchell J.-B. Gallagher R. Shaw P. Caclby E. Vlfachter L. 'Whitbeclc H. Smith P. Henderson E. Peterson A. R. Foss O. Simenson I. McCann I-I. Jacobs N. Bleakley J. Vaughn E. Quinn A. Bellerue C. Vollmar W'. XVallcer O. l-lolnnan P. Sullivan B. Sivyer G. Waltel' T-fl. Sherwin I. Jackson I. Wieiier E. XVQ-:inke J. Caldwell M. Moen P. Jost C. Weissc O. Snodgrass R. Huber R. Baechler I. XVeisse Margaret Spence as, as 0:46 'it il 'A' 1975 MfQ5'71? ffl " if 'G i -.aww i M n 104 dllltwf l TO THOSE WHO HAVE ENTERED THE SERVICE BEFORE US While reviexring the history of this year, we should not forget you who were the life of the school in the days of its earlier history. This institution would not be what it is except for you. For your need it was founded, equipped, and enlarged. By your efforts and loyalty it has prospered. lt is you that we should thank in a large measure for the privileges which we enjoy, You have come and gone. Since your departure from this institution your work lies else- ufliere, but your spirit remains. There is no portion of the building but gives mute evidence of its former occupants. Wander into the text-book lilJ1'Zll'y and take the books from the shelves and turn the registration covers. There are your names as you traced them. Your hands have since become bolder: they now show mo1'e of the confidence that comes only from striving and wimiingg they swerve lessg your names lill less space and the symbols that make them are tinerg but these old marks a1'e yours and they are the milestones that mark your progress and hind you to us through common association and interest The worn rubber matting in the lib1'ary in front of the reserve desk pays its tribute to your impatient feet. The memorials in the building commemorate your ef- forts, even as they perpetuate the mem- ory of those whom you unseltishly sought to honor. And even the ivy, softening the bare outer walls and reach- ing out fartheruevery season, beautifully, though silently speaks of your loyalty and love for the Alma Mater. You feel a sense of 1'esponsibility for the progress and advancement of this school, and you put forth your best eHorts to promote its l1'llC1'CSf. We have d1'ained a beaker of grati- tude and memory. But the1'e is another thing that binds us to you. It is the fel- lowship of kindred hearts. The out- ward conditions are unlike, but the de- sires, purposes, and spi1'it of our endeav- ors have been the same. It has been good to feel that hearty grasp of the hand and note the depth of expression in the "glad to be back" so cordially spoken when you have come back to old asso- eiations. The student body is transient, the 'faculty personnel changes, methods and jokes may be different, but the school spirit is ever the same. It is with this spirit that we rally ZL1'OL1I1Cl. the lla- roon and Gray and "cheer till the echoes till t'he air." IN MEMORIAM l'l.allie Roberts, '13 ,lilirdine Bovee, '13 .Emma lrljornstedt, '15 Margaret Simmerling ,'ll erbert Carter, '18 Florence Felker, ack" Adams 105 . fu '. ' -. '., 3 nf - ' 1 fn -. 7 -Z' jf uf ,-..,,-., "-.faq A X.,--., 1. . . f . .1 ,K f. ., .1 . 4 Z f'-. 1 -.,' nf v, if '-. fr. -.J '-' J-. f'-. X'-, ' '-.f ZZ ,'f-. ,--. f'--f '--f af gf, A ,2f3p2Q2,,ff ffffff-- 2 1 -.4 pl., ,ax 1-.uf .Y .Pf k C Z 4.11.1 'af '-' 2-. f- s . 4 s - s Z ef. f-. V 2 M 2 'Q 4 "4 wi P- ' ' 5 2 : Q ' , 5 2 Z Q 5 , f 1 74 W 2 -J ak K2 4' fs 4 ALUMNI NOTES Our former teacher and an alumnae, Wfinnifred Keith, '11, is enjoying' a po- sition uuder Lieut. C. B Moore in the re- construction work at Fort Sheridan. Wlisconsin Normal Schools seem to have faith in La Crosse physical educa- tion students. Louis Kulcynski, '18, is coach at Superior, Harvey Grausnick. '17, at Platteville, and Arthur Strum, '16, is to be at Oshkosh Normal next year. Texas has recently claimed three ot our physical education alumnae, Edith Newburg, '18, Geraldine Buckley, '18, and Prudence Steers, '19, Howard Mumford Jones, '12, who is at present on the faculty of the Uni- versity of Montana 'has recently pub- lished a book of poems entitled "Gar- goyles" in which many scenes around La Crosse are depicted. La Crosse physical education students are not confined to teaching' in the United States. Eva Swinehart, '17, has a posi- tion in Panama. lrene Esch, '18, a graduate of the Uni- versity of NVisconsin, has a very desira- ble position as instructor ot domestic science and chemistry in the Normal school at Santa Barbara, California. TEACHES VVAR'S VICTIM HOW TO TALK ONCE MORE Miss XVinnifred M. Keith has the most interesting job in the world. She says so herself. She is occupational aid of the educational department at general hos- pital No. 28, Fort Sheridan. She and her two assistants, Margaret Schnittger and Eve Gillsbury, are teach- ing thirty bed-ridden soldiers, translat- ing letters some of them received from French girls, instructing them in French, and other things. Miss Keith's most unusual patient is Sergt. VVilliam Gibson, a Missouri farm- er boy who was wounded by shrapnel on the left side of his head. 1-le lost the power of speech. She is trying' to con- struct another speech center on the right l1Cl11lSP'l1C1'C of the brain, and already he can repeat three and four phrases. She "imitates" and repeats words to him, over and over again, until she can shape his lips correctly and utter them. Higgins-"1 shouldn't think those girls would allow the book to use their ages, would you? Marcou-"XMh'y, they ages. I-1igg'i1'1s-"Tl1ey do, Geraldine Buckley '18 Steers, '19, right on the -don't use their too. It says : and Prudence lirst page. K 1 2- a r ir s fllxp , ' l I W 1 l Corinne VVilbur 'lS. Magdalene 1-larmacek 'l5. Lulu Hester '17. Minnie 'lfranzmann '19, Irene Harley '17. Arthur Royle. George Hackner. George Crotty Byron McBroom. Lieut. Arthur Jamieson 'l,7. IA Clipping from the Chicago Tribunel 106 .h ,Z 3... I .I I .,' 1-.IM .AJ .' A 1'-.-,"-,f --.1 'af 3, H., ,4, f-,f-.,,"-.1 X a, '21 '-., 1 '--,f"".' '-4 'af Y, 2-.,f--.fy 'af T 1.4. ,au-ff.'v,4,yf.,,f if ,Qf,.,fb22L,4,2L,2LJs,Q Z4 if-. l,'i.y,f.,y,--.K Z3 I lf., P- '-.,, '-.1 'nf ? I 2 5 2 2 , 2 2 , 1 a 1 2 ,, Z a of 5 af fa Z I ' 9 ' 5 ? THE SENIOR VAUDEVILLE Ou Friday night, the 25th, the other night you know, At eight o'clock in chapel room, was given the Senior show, It was a vaudeville of the hnest type with first class features too And only stars of great renown were actors in the show. To bid the audience welcome, eight girls sang sweet and low, A song of how the audience should "Step in to the knee, The The The And Don' Vtfas and See the Show." Buskin club gave a playlet with a very interesting plan players being Taylor, Wei111a1', Mullan, Ricbe and llfloran. Triolet's features were some songs amongst them "You're so Pretty" also our old favorite of the runaway "Kitty, Kitty, Kitty." t W'anta Be No Angel Until I Can't Help Bein' One the song through which Sailor Bigelow brought the audience more fun Then came a Russian dancer with high boots Upon looking a little closer, we found it was Statzie, "A Letter Dance" which a story told, was danced with grace and skill By two Junior Phy. Eds., Bobbi-e and Sally Maxwell. Dean Taylor, Jessup and Brown played in a Phy. Eds. dream Some of the tumbling that they did almost made the people scream. The last stunt was a different one, the audi- ence gasped aloud, But just as the time came for action the bloomed old lights went ont. Paul Marcou and Hannah Higgins were Iirst class jokesters too, And their act of singing and dancing was done as professionals do Paul sang some songs relating to the coming hrst of July, Of "How Are You Going to VVet Your Whis- tle XVhen the VVhole Darn VVorld Goes Dry ?" A Fox comedy of "A Bathroom Mixupn was not enjoyed by everyone Then the hnals by the Glee Club and the Senior Show was done. The audience enjoyed the features and was pleased with the actors' skill. The only regret at the close of the show was that it was the close of the vaudeville. -Hedwig Anderegg. A FULL HOUSE In assembly there was given just the other day By ourl friend the Buskin Club just a little P ay- "A Full House" was the name of it and it was surely fine And all the players played their part the best of any time. There was Helen Hurley and Mrs. links the land-lady of the house, And Punch Brandenburg her reckless good- for-nothing spouse. He never did a thing worth while around the boarding place Until he brought a roomer home, the quiet Mr. Case, Don Riebe was the gentleman, who was so very quiet, ' But never minded any noise if he only had good diet. Rebecca Smith as Annie, the maid, was never known to shirk And did all the things around the place, which we commonly call work. Ruth Eseh played her part with skill as the lady Miss Emily Brace And her sad story of woe and tears was writ- ten on her face. Frivolity had prevented her from wedding her boy so brave ' And now her only fear in life' was death in a spinster's grave. Sox Maurer was the lover or brave Mr. Adon- iram Chase, Who because of a girl's heartlessness had been leading a batchelor's pace. In com-ing to the boarding house he surely. met his fate, For all his life time after this he was hitched up "with a mate." The coach sure was a good one to coach a play so Hue, And we hope we'll have the honor of seeing another some time. She gave it th-e right spirit and put in a lot of fung I'm sure a great deal of the credit goes to Miss Hobson -Hedwig Anderegg. SNAP SHOTS 3-,-S 475 lnmy ull ml was hi 1 mild fn in paplj: rallli fer I :Iliad hz some lakes franllfi in ,,-nf,-.34 -,Xi 1171, :Lin-I1-f., -5-TX:-.3 ,, z.,. ., ., I, 4, . If,.,?LZL!,,,., dfkiffff Q ?f.,,f-.,f--,f"'pZ 'mf ,,f.,,f..,X.,f--.f -' Z' "ff" 4 .i 1'-, 1'-.. '.' ". '. f f P' "f"f'2 A f 2 2 '-Q J-. 3, -. - , 1 f 4 gy' -,r at ,f 241 Q ? If-. 71. 3- 2 ' 5 E 5 Q 92 5 1 5 1 4 7x M 5 bf 9 . '4 T Z3 Q 5 'J 5 7? E E . , 3 4 Name Erna Meinert Marian Scanlan Nina Hafenrichter Ann Harmacek Merrill Maurer Paul Marcou Ruth Levy Lewis Probart Glen Rall STUDENT DIRECTORY Loafing Place Gymn Locker Room Everywhere Halls Racquet Office Brandy's Store Library And. 214 - RE-TECTED APPLICATIONS Serene Christopher: Chief Occupation Playing baseball "Proiishing" Loafing Talking Eluding the Faculty Being funny Playing tennis Sleeping Fussing Greatest Fault Studying Her wit Flunking Getting kicked out of classes lfVorking His crabby disposi- tion Getting A's Dancing Attending classes NEW ADDITIONS TO THE LIBRARY 1. How to tame a talking parrot, by Specialization-Chiropodist. Eating capacity-Unlimited. Good points-Promptness, elbows and fencing. Life-Serene. Reference-Mr. VV. l1Vittich. Mildred Andrews : Specialization-Manicuring. Length of 'fingernails-28 inches. Nationality-Oshkosh, by-gosh. Reference-Mr. McKay. B. Barnett C Specialization-Trapeze acting. M. Hester. 2. My trip to the telephone pole fgive three rings if you want the bookj, by H. Shadbolt. 3. Method of bobbing hair, by Eileen Haensgen. 4. My four years in teaching, by Flor- ence Le Tendre. 5. The art ot kissing, by Maude Chris- tianson. ClNith notes in Norwegiairj 6. How to get your patent, by Pat. Boschert. Girth of gastrovemeius-Zyl inches. Salary expected-Two bits a day. Hearing-I play a drum. Reference-Marinello Perfume Co. Marvin: I-Ieight-Three feet 2 inches. Character-Shady. Co'lor of hair-YVig, light brown. Lung capacity-Heavy. Arm strength-Can carry a basket. Reference-Mr. Derewester. Mrs. Vllhelpley Qdirecting-Massa's in de Cold, Cold Groundj- Already- down in the cornfieldf' ANONYMOUS Au Revoir thou caveman, Fare thee well, O, Cleopatra, Summon up that missing linklet. Oh! Beholld she threatens suicide. Et, tu Limburger? Cast aside all robes of sanity- To the iron cage for me. VVit'h fthe monkeys and the peanuts, Crack two kernels, please, for me. The "Black" river is "Jessup" to the "Levy." Several "Schreiners" were washed ashore, 110 "-1 uf gf. if-. ff.. 2-.,'-.fy 1. , ZF'-. X'-. "'-.f"'-,' 3. 7. 15. X"-.f",' 'FC 2--. 'f-. gf 21,1 ,Kuff-.v,-...1 .yi -,4 ,P-.2lf..'?2QL2912L1212z,, If. ,Pi 2975 fa '- '- '. r. -. -., ' 1 Z. 'I'-.f'--.ff",.' 'J-f 5 . E 5 , E Z -. ,-. -., -.1 . af f ff f X ?'..,'.,," , ' ' , 1 Z , " E Q 9 , A. .' s : 2 5 Q F f 2 s I 4 I Q Z 7 5 of 5 f ' Z 5 4 1 ff Q af , 3 5 1 r 3 2 A KISS Being an Animated Essay O11 An In- animate Subject l am a kiss. Single I am nothing. but divided by two, l am a whole lot. To get me people will beg. steal or borrow. Hut l. guess they donlt enjoy me because they always give me back. Some people say l make them happy and others claim l. make 'them sick. Every girl expects me and every fellow thinks it his duty to give me. Some get me For nothing and then again I might cost 525.000, It all depends upon the judge. I am usu- ally disposed of in the dark. Some get rid ol me quickly and others hesitate. l' am 'frequently distributed between man and wife. Wfhose husband and whose wife they are is another story. They say 'l am full of deadly germs. If that were true the whole world would be a graveyard. I may be deadly, but you don't see any millionaire undertakers. People have tried to get'a picture of me. I am hard to describe. I start like a pucker and end in a splash. Some 'fel- lows use me and get in right. Others use me and get in jail. I ani the most popular animal in the world. I am the same in all languages. lvlothers need me to give to their boys when they go to war. I am the only thing the govern- ment hasn't put ai tax on.-Ex. GOOD ADVICE Dr. Maroney says that our ideal should be: 8 hrs. ol' sleep, S hrs. of work, 8 hrs. of recreation and S dollars a day. Mr. INittick's got a shingle out Proclaiming him Phi. Ed. D. But from A. M. to late P. M. His omce is Mi. T. fl-low can you get a square meal oHi of a round table. WISE AND OTHERWISE "A long walk will give you a line ap- petite." "'l'hat's the reason I'm sitting still, I can't afford a iine appetite." .A stitch in time saves embarrassing exposure. BUT HOW WAS HE CURED? uI,lT1 troubled with a buzzing noise in my ears all the time." "Have you got any idea as to the cause?" "Yes, my wife wants an auto." - WHY MR. VVITTICH BOUGHT A UCAR77 I-Iis enthusiasm was aroused by Miss Anderson's beautiful description of the "Ffjjords." U A thrifty idea: "She is a proud beau- ty. Last night we parted in anger." "Going to make up?" "I guess so. But I think I'll stay mad about a week and spend some of my money on Vmyselff' BALD HEADED ROW FOR OLD MASTERS "I understand you have a number of the old masters in your gallery." . "Gallery ?-Nonsense, I've got 'em right down in the front row." "VV'hadda ya mean-camouflage?' "'l.'hey'1'e making the bottom of cups rough so you think you have sugar." I was at a party the other night and kissed a girl. She had me arrested and sued me for damages. She didn't get any damages out of me, t'hough, for I proved to the court that she 'had no sign up,-- "Look out for paint!" 111 SNAP SHOTS 'Posrnonm-s I MOG? T FST -'Q , JM mi VS. W NE mm EST H IIVEIITIDEHLIIT SA ,1 !' f ii A. az- ,..'-ff... ,sul ...lf -,-, ...T 3-R A. ff, Q41 ,f'f..,1"-.Jf-.y,":-1' 'yr'3.fI-J:-C, 1:-fyPf.?,"-. .5 . . . 1-, .' .t uh n Q .I '.. I -.- '.. , ,LK ,4..vf.,V, tk, -,f 24' A ,,Q. L2Zg,p,1L,,L,,, ff '4 zf. ,'-., "mf '-.f 'Y 1' ye ff, ' 2 Z - 1- -. .1 f. . I 4 I f Z Z f- f- -if 1 2 I 4 Q , -. N., -. -h r. a , , , 24... jf. If-..,"M! Q 3M Q Q 1, -. 1, f f f 1 3 , Q af af ' Z 1 f . ' 4 f Z 5 SONNET TO THE RURAL EDS. Beware The Rural Eds. have a little "l3irner" That they cook and fry and roast on. It cost them full, hve "Nichols" and The pawning of their "Ol-stad." But they are only "Young" on's Wfith a large percent of boys, Now fl'1C1'6,S "Paul's son" and "Ol's sonsi' And "Lar's son" and "Steven's sonn- And they all live over yonder ,cross the KCLCCYI Up the meadow path comes "Edward" Picking' "Myrtles" on the way, ldfhich he will bring to "Dinger" "Due" To "Stor andt" pack away. Now 'there's only two more names That we haven't worked in yet- The first is Bernice Slonike, And the other Cathrine Gillispe. Food for Thought ? If you were confronted by a revolver and given the command, "I-Iands up," which would be the more appropriate, raising the arms sideward upward or forward upward? Answer from one who knows: "Raise the arms forward upward by all means. If one raised his arms sideward upward you can easily see that the movement lwould expand the chest thereby leaving a thin wall for the bullet to penetrate. But using the forward movement a con- striction of the ngZlSll1'O11Cf11lLlS,, muscle takes place creating a thick wall and non-penetrative target for the objec- tive. The Seven Wonders of Normal l. Miss Carver. 2. The Triolet club. 3. Miss Hobson. 4. The Mannikin. 5. Our band. 6. "Qld Phy. Ed. building. 7. Empty halls. Of entrance to a Normal, but. being in, The football squadg beware of a kick. Give every man thy voice, but few thy pencilg Take each man's peanuts, but reserve thy age. Costly thy wig, as thy head can supply, But not expressed in parting, red, not gaudyg For the color often proclaims the mang And they in VVest Salem of the best butter and cheese Are of a most talented humor,-an asy- lum at that 5 For that oft increases your cortex and brain, And pulling teeth dulls the edge of a jack knife, And this above all,-if you see no sense to this, VVe thank you just the same For we have heard the same said of Milton. Addison looked into the Golsmith win- dow to see what he could Steele, but there was nothing except a little Bacon and Less Lamb. He had to be Swift for he could not run because of "Bun- yan," and if he was caught he would have to answer to the Pope, who, after raising' the Dickens, would preach to him of the place that Burns.-Ex. Miss Trowbridge Qin Hist. classi- "W'hat are the children of the Czar called?" R. V.-"Czardines, I guess." Two laborers, an Italian and an Irish- man, boarded a street car. VVhen the conductor asked for ll cents, the Itlian with some hesitation paidg but the Irish- man said, "Moi'be yez, kin play that on the hand orgin but yes can't play it on the harp." 114 I- :M State Normal School La Crosse, Wis. COURSES OF STUDY 1 For graduates of Four Year High Schools: A Two-year Course for Teachers in Primary Grades. A Two-year Course for Teachers in' Grammar Grades. A Two- ear Course for Princi als of State Graded Schools. Y P 'l'l1ree-year Courses for the preparation of High School Principals and , 1 1 each ers . 'l'wo-year College Courses as follows: 1. Letters and Science. 2. Commerce. 3. Law, Journalism and Pre-Medical. 4. Engineering. 5. Agriculture. 6. Home Economics. A Two- 'ear Course in Ph sical Education. 5 Y A Three- fear Course in Ph sical Education. 5 A One- ear Course for Countr School Teachers. Y Y A Two-year Course for Country School Teachers. For College Graduates: A One-year Professional Course. A One-year Course in Physical Education. 3 For Graduates ot the Elementary Country School Course: A One-year Course including first grade certificate subjects. LThis course will be offered one year only, 1919-1920.1 For further information regarding above courses, address F. A. COTTON, President i' FE 115 r i N1 XXX xxxx,,xxxxK ' X3 pc X . .,x,x,,,x,, !'flw3"k W QNX X XR is-3 PQ x xyxxxx !X t t i t It :EZ POZ' 5 H 'JO D-lp '-E FD: Qu-+5 E in-4 '55 son. L' JH ..: -1 Q' Sglgswaggge Ill --" U20 '.- .-J-- - sf MQ.--E--29 IP ,-'-'Q c, P+ - ,L:A-Omryn Cf. 'U ,J 1-f..-. ,m,... 'UQF52 "-m9:O - H . . nu"fQ+-i-. .-fOr! .J-f ..o 'rf-' f-f eg -O O2 O 2.5 0.3 ms.. QCD ,..fg O0 HAD-1 5, 5' if :M GS -I1-Q f'.... im . H V ,-fs,-, Q5 .-1 rr- me Fig O' .4 O f- -' " O -15' ,..n 5' .- w .- .. Q 22 : .Em LQ Egg' 5 'U' 35' 3 5-E 1-so Ee w .sm A23 3 3-li .d -1. 1 ra shocks That flesh is heir to-'tis a consumma- tion Devoutly to be wish'd. To blister,-to walk,- To walk! Perchance to slideg ay, there's the rub. CENSORED! Dear jiosie: fl am now a full fledged Phi. Ed. and haven't anything else to do so I tho't I would write you an epistle tthat's the latest word for letter here at school- josiej. I am now pretty well started on my course. josie-and I like my teachers very much especially Mr. Long. I-Ie has given some very valuable talks on keep- ing on your feet. I also like most of the boys very much, Josie. XVe have tall ones and short ones -there is one fellow out her by the name of Brandy that's just started to wear long pants-he certainly looks out of place. Another by the name of Shorty Dean and Oh! josie-I'm just crazy about him-hels just my height- only he always seems to be occupied and l never get a chance to talk with him- josie. Oh! I forgot to tell you josie-I've got a boil on my nose-and it hurt me just terrible, but after applying some of Mr. XVittick's tthat's our Phi. Ed. Direc- , f.fz::Q::Q 5 torj famous salve, I awoke in the morn- ing with another boil. W'ell, josie-time passes on and one night we were rudely awakened from our slumber by the lire hose which was on its way to the Normal to extinguish tthat means to put out! the gases from lthe burning coal. The faculty tthat means the teachers, josiel-are holding a meeting to-nite to decide if they'll change their system of electricity for gas. You see, josie, this is a conserva- tive school. Do you notice any improvement in my English, josie? l'm taking it from Miss llutchy, and I really feel that my Eng- lish is almost perfect now. Love to all of you and tell your Ma that l haven't forgot her cookies, but I don't suppose she makes any more, eh, josie? As ever. 'MA l-SEL. P. S. Once in a while I forget my grammar, but I donlt suppose you'd no- tice it anyways, jiosie? Give thy hands no washing, Nor any unproportion'd face its paint. Be thou gauky, but by no means graceful The shoes thou hast, and their shoe- - strings tied, Grapple them to thy feet with buttoned spatsg But do not dull thy tongue by biting lingernails Of each new-hatched, unfledged ,Kame- rad. Shee'l learn to smoke a cigarette And drink a glass of wine, She'll get a breakfast. lunch, or tea. An appetite to dine, She'll flirt in dress decolette, She'll think a kiss no sing And that's the kind of summer girl Alas! that seems to win. 116 1 M Y N 1 GIRLS' CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row-Student Mgr. A. VViken, A. Harmacek, I. Johnson, Coach Thompson, C. Black, Faculty Mgr. Mrs. Hackner. Second Row-D. Kathary, M. Scanlon CCapt.j, N. Hafenrichter, E. Smith. ' THE HIGH COST OF LOVIN' Why do you rise against the prices of food. Wliy rise against the High Cost of Living, VVhen every young chap who's a hit of a "dude," Must part with his cash in spending and giving. Th'ere's dances on Friday and movies on Monday, There's flowers and vodville. candy and sunrlaes. The light bills are high and the landlady kicks, Wie skip classes and Hunk and there's tutors to pay And the governor's slow in sending the checks, And we've nothing to keep us till next pay dav. Vlfe send home to sister, we send home to mother, We send home to uncle, and we send home to brother, A Oh, the High Cost of Living is only a joke, But the High Cost of Loving, Ye Gods, boys, I'm broke.-Sox. Does Warmth Expand? They went into a movie show In -time to see the startg And prim, precise and proper quite, They sat thus far apart. Tint oh! 'the hero wooecl the girl, Twice oh! he stole a kissg And when the lights came on again They sat up close like this.-Ex. T. Powell-"My brother's a K. P. oe- enlist." "Trag."-"That so? Tlvllill does he do? Powell-"Picks the eyes out ot po- tatoesf' Sid Burroughs--"XNhen I look at you I see a crazy man." Art Denny-"I didn't know my face was a mirror." 118 ' , Zy,...,1f.lZi,...K: -319341. 3,,3x., ,-. AZ J Z H g . -4 Q.. f.. 12, , -.J -.1 3. f.-, '21 '. '. g.f .I 1,2 , ui, .h 1 .,1 an 4. ,it fn., .J .7 ,,,4f 1,f,,,,,, Z' '4' if- 1"-. ff'-.ff",' "-1' 1 Q y wx 'sf bf. 2-. ,f-- 1 fe f 2 Q 9-f-.1 at 2 . - Q f... If-.-, ' Q 5 I a 5 V, -I 1, 1 , f 1 1 f , 1 , 5 I I 4 . 5 !5 E NF EF Heard at Can1p Robinson lVl'emher of Triolette club-That of- hcer you introduced me to took me to dinner. 'He was quite gallant and re- marked about my hirdlike appetite. Another Member-He ought to be a good judge of that because he runs an ostrich farm when he's out of the army. Mr. Jenner fin physical classj-Now let's close our hooks. One young lady failed this morning because she read her recitation out of the book and read the wrong thing. Heard at Class Play Practice Miss Hobson Qto Sergeant Shuter whom she wanted to stand in the mid- dlej-"Shoot 'er in the middle !" D s SAVE MONEY ' By getting your Station- ery, Note Books, Kodaks and Supplies, Fountain Pens, Films developed for lOc, at . .Begun, Ph. G. The REXALL Drug Store MAJESTIC BLDG. LA CROSSE, WIS. Do Not Forget We carry the finest and most complete- line of hats and caps in the city. La Crosse Hat C Works ' 526 Main Street La Crosse Wisconsin Special Courses Offered at L. C. N. S. 1. Technique of jamming at the lunch room. 2. Method of dressing 111 three mm- utes for gym. 3. How to make peanuts out of peu- nies. 4. Swimming. 5. Voice culture. 6. How to weigh yourself on various scales. JCIIIICI'-HhMll3.lI,S a germ?" Celeste B.-"It's an 01'g8.1'1lS1Tl.u Jenner-"XVhat's an O1'g'21H1Sl11?H Celeste B.-"A germ." enuer-"I su ose 111 France the 'd PP call it a parasite." 119 ,-. f-. "-.f '-, w '4 '. f-. , at If ff. ,"-. 1'--.f'-A,"-."x"2. K-Ji--f'--f ga , -.f -.f -, x f. ,-, 21 -.1 .1 f-. ff ,vu ,ci--,f..v, , at 121211-bL??2Qj9,2J,2,Jp,, ,Liu lf..-J,'4.h,f-.uf M 4 yi,,,W' 5 Q g 5 Pfnj-.,,'W' , ig 2 , ?2 5 2 5 2 'Z f ' 5 f I 5 I Z Q Q 1 42 2 bl 3 2 5 ? 4 MEQQ if :. -. .L fy 'ff 5 U' . 'll,. , Z 'Q - 4' ,I ., K U Q K ,, - 0 , .. lx AsSle7EKeclFlomxZqox,, lab.. s .v- , "" X x fig f if H , ' ' ' 1. f -lu I ,. V mi D Ajax, :L K 1 . , , . , . f M. , , xx, c my Wm Q gf k.. ..:n I ,,- fl I J x'I W iff? I " W E3 f H Y . 4462 K Q 1. 1 f 'A V fc, , A F- -3-L MRWQM-.k's Fond- , U 7 V Ehimqhyg 'Mg bsguhful Qardnus. X9 . I Q Ji i7 fl X ff , 'Z I A i I I ' 2? ' y ' gs nw ,I ll IW lar! P I l ' 6 271' 2 wi U -739 5,6 v 1 A , 2 V xy' "Af ll' I1 x ' . N X1 x -7 , X K f -'J f 3 , 1. I X f fi M ff 5124, V ,f -v, M, A, U LZ' 1 nil, ,1'nm,a,17 'T - o nissan J'evI:ov i5m?5'v lenvvyedvnavv Bwifmhsnxi Nw-.Speed he' Sei 'Hur shud! I X '1 '1 5 L Keg nuke Q1 TlwquTe im.Teqd OiT'N22nvQeran6 mm-9 Ailhmudmiihi 'rf.1UxiS- S116-"Ge11e1'z1llv S Jeakino' women Dewcv wanted to show hc's 21 man, 1: ' 6 ' a1'e- So to grow a mustache he began He-"They certainly are." But Mary said "No I" She-"Are what?" So the thmg had to go. He-"Generally speaking." But we are all convinced ITLLIIJCI' can 120 4' SK Season f 1 9 1 9 0 'QP 1 f' I k I it lll X Xa U t 'i , if f X K ' 3 , H ' Qi tiff ff 'WL 'lp t rGl'l'f I y '.. .' 11 i I i H ffltfi X f , f J X t ' W af s 1' U i ' FE' '. i!,l! lk ,L 1 fwgfigaf. , , J l l x I Copyright 1919 Hart Sclmffner 8 Man: Where young men find the new styles- We call this a young men's store. We want the young men to look upon it as theirs-a place where they'll final up-to -the-minute styles: new fabrics: plenty to choose from, and our assistance in making their choice. The Newest Furnishings- . Whatever it is you need, you'll find us ready for you with merchandise that combines style and qualityg neckwear and shirts in colorful patternsg gloves, hosiery-all well mailer- the kind that will wear. STAVRUM Q FRASER 419 MAHN STREET LA CROSSE i' - 714 121 ' . rv '. 2 ', '- '. at '-., f-.. mf H4 '1 1--., --.f 'ah 3... gf., , 4 Z1 :Lf ,fx !f-f.v,1..,- ff -.yff -.41 ,317 ,riQjQgp,21z2,Js, Z' :f Lf- kiwi Ze Q, '-,f "fl 2-,. f'-..,'f. " , 2 1 49 f--.1 , M 2 , 'f 2 Q 4 ,"- in f' E 5 Z 5 Z. Q --1 5 1 1 f ea' Q f 1 f f I , 9 Z7iZ If L ' JINGLES In a parlor there were three- Sarah M., a parlor lamp and he. Two's a company, without a doubt, And so the parlor lamp went out. Beneath the moon Tonn told his love, The color left her cheeks, But on the shoulder of his coat It showed up. plain for weeks. Our Baker is a toiling mang He works from sun 'to sun. It really seems as if his work 'Was never quite all done- 'Why is it that he works so hard? Is what you want to know- To tell the truth, it is because Our "Let"-she kneads the dough. A sailor named Taylor was wrecked on a Whaler. The sea was about to prevail, Wfhen lucky for Taylor the foundering whaler Caught up with a slumbering whaleg "In order to sail her to harbor," said Taylor, "Myself I'll avail o' this gale." So Taylor, 'the sailor, the sail o' the Whaler Did raise o'er the tail o' the whale. FRUITLESS I know a maid, she is a PEACl'l'. XVith her I made a DATE, She is the APPLE of mine eye, But here I sadly state She does not care a FIG for me, Alas, my cruel tate. The dainty maid has CHERRY lips And LEMQN-colored hair, She wears a bright burnt-ORANGE gown, But, oh, to my despair, She will not answer yes to me, So we may be a "PEAK"-Ex. From Good English "Weak" Said a bald headed man to a waitress bold: KK Y See here, young' woman, my eocoas cold V' She scorn fully answered: "l can't help that. If the blamed thmU"s chilly, nut on your P1 f - hat V' Said the bald headed man to the wait- ress keen : "Young woman, I don't know what you mean." The scornlul lady replied: "Your green. lt it's cold, clamp the lid upon your bean."-Ex. "XN'ill you kindly remove your hat?" he said. "Certainly not," said she. "I thoufrht that maybe von would " he E C.. H . g said. "The price tag' shows," said he, "And a beautiful hat like that," he said, "Seems awfully cheap at '3'." But she only said, though her face grew red, "You cannot play tag with me."-Ex. A Little Sarcastic 'Twas Maurer who the silence broke: "l.orraine, why are you like a tree?" "Because, because-l'n1 board," she spoke. "Oh, no, because you're woo'd,', said he. "W'hy are you like a tree?" she said: "I have a-heart!" he said so low. Her answer made the young man red- Hliecause you're sappy, dont you know?" "Once more," she asked, "Why are you now A tree?" He couldn't quite'perceive, "Trees leave sometimes, and make a bow, And you may also bow-and leave." 122 ,-. -. '--.1 --, -s '. -, r., -. -- , J .,, -,j :in ,'-.. f--,f'-.,'-.fx ,Q K,J1..,--. fa , ..1 .J ., -4 ,. I.. I.. .., .1 A f.. ,., ,.- , f3i:5Q222ffff"e'f'f' 4- -,Q ,ul fu.. ,-...I .uf at I4 gg 4 Z .yi XX ,yfijf-f-Alf-.yf1.,y 5 2 Z E 5 ' 1 4 v 2 2 Z 52ZfI55Z5 59f ilfzlllltll'-HSIQ' Smith, l want you to 1-l. kuow a sure cure for homesick- ordcr :L lon or so ol new type, Z's and ness. another All-XX'l1at is it? Y's and X's. 'lilley ure starting' war in Rttssiaf' First xX1'tist-"lah-ext doing anything' lately? Secorltl-"Ulm l knocked olit' a couple ol girl's heads last week and linishccl oft' the mayor ol NlillCllllUllll'l.H Old l.acly-"Bolsheviks l" MICKY Forum, witty Forum VVith your girls so very true: ln your dancing so entrancing '.l'hcrc's nothing' the matter with yon. Club gay. in the school clay Like El fairy spirit you grewg Wlitly Forum, witty lforum il-Get your hair lnoblned. Then every time you think ol home it makes you sick. Mr. Deerwestcr-'iHod did the nest building' instinct originate in the swallow species?" S. Maxwell-"'l'he 'first swallow started it." Miss Hobson-NO! Mr. Gay w0n't do. l'le's too frivolous. Au economic problem: The Rise and lfall of the "Dough," who can help failing in love with you ?-I.. D. as are C. E. SCHWARTZ BARBER SHOP OPPOSITE MAJESTIC THEATRE' ' as ' 123 - . va ,-,. fu., f -.xl -.uf-.-1 '-.1 -2 ,I . ,' fr 'ul bf Pf f. ,'-. f'-, "H ff'-.1 '31 lf A. f,-u I ...J , .yn .fi ,hu f..-I -,bf . .ti W ,aft ,4,Vf..V,4..Pf -.PT ,a.,,,iQLJL15,2L,:,z,, 74' 'f ff. X--. ,"'-.f E' 'if Oki Zh Q Z "ff f. fe "ff K 1 Q , . ., .h . . , , , gl , E 42 E Q Q' f 2 Q , . W 5 Z! E bf K ' ' Z 4 f 5 'P WHAT L. C. N. S. IS SINGING 1. "Peeking through the knot hole of papa's wooden leg."-Let. Schreiner. 2. 'Tm always chasing Rainbows."- Chic Schroeder. 3. l'lVe must cut Ruth's toenails for she's tearing all 'the sheets," 4 keys.-G. Harris. 4. " ,N everything?-Xmas. 5. "Carry nic back to old Virginief' -Mary jasper. 6. "Li'l Liza lane."-.lane Rockhill. 7. "Sorter Miss You." 3 keys.-G. Kreutz. 8. "XN7hen you wore a tulip I wore a big red rose."-Mrs. I-Iackner. 9. "XVait till the cows come home."- Prudence Steers. 10. "Basket of Roses"-Fanny Mar- vm. 11. l'Everybody ought to know how to do the tickle toef'-Miss Thompson. 12. "The dirty dozen."-The Triolet Club. 13. "Daddy Long Legs" Cwaltzj-Mr. E. D. Long. 14. "The original -Ed. Zahorick. 15. "Drifting apart."-Lorraine Bur- don. - 16. "Oh -lohnny 1"-Irene johnson. 17. "I didn't raise my Ford 'to be a jitneyf'-Tubby Keeler. 18. "Come on, papa."-Mr. Wfhitney. 19. "As you were."-Mr. XVittich. 20. "OlReilly, you're looking quite well."-Cecelia Riley. 21. "That's where my money goes."- The married men of our faculty. Milwaukee Blues." Wfhy is man like a kerosene lamp? I don't know. V Vlfhy? Because he isn't especially brightg he is often turned downg he generally snrokesg and he frequently goes out at night. L. C. N. S. Shakespearian Theatricals A Midsummer Night's Dream-Sum- mer school. The Tempest-Sox Maurer. A Comedy of Errors-Mr. ,lenncr's Sth hour physiology class. Much Ado About Nothing-Theresa Statz. Measure for Measure-Exams. l-lamlet-Dreps. Love's Labor Lost-Getting a posi- tion. As you like it-An eastern vacation. Romeo and -luliet-Margnerite Skaar and Sox Maurer in 'the Spanish play. Two Gentlemen ot Verona QLaCrossel -A. Gunderson and Paul Gatterdam. Merchant of Venice-Punch. Macbeth-Mac. All's well that ends well-The Phy Ed. building. Taming of the Shrew-Cnr ical gardens. , There are meters on pigs, And meters on tone: But the best of all meters Is to meet her alone-Probart. zoolog- A Franklyne wende on a pilgrimage, The public schools for to teachie. She never forgot her little planie That holpen her when that she ilorgetie. Faculty vs. Champs Game . Referee-"Foul 1" Dugan-"NfVhere are the feathers?" Coate-"This is a picked team." One name fullg one brain empty. Like what king may they be reckoned? That's quite easy-it is Philip That old king: "Fill up" the second. History Teacher-"What was the First kind of ship the world ever knew?" Fusser-"lfVhy, courtship." 124 + H :ir SI- Quaiitq Reinforceni bg Service Satisfaction Assured C. L. Co man Lum er Gomfaanif La Crosse, Wisconsin Main Office, 110 Horth Fifth Street llards and Retail Gffice, Corner Second Street and Cameron Avenue i 91'- 125 f ,-. 5'-. ff'-. 'K'-.1 "-1' 'E' i'-5 "J-' .If 7'-. '-.1 -.5 Z. ,Q "-,-1'w,','.,".,, -.,, -.1 fy f.,-,H-.l . !,'...,,f -If If-.R ,'f..-I,-.tiff-,Pff ,if..,f..7,4Zi:?L ff., f J' '-.1 2, gf 2. ,Q f'-.J '-.f "ff'f ' ""' i '- '- '. f. '. "., " Z 4' ,fm ,f-,bf Q E 4 5 Q "- ', f- f , , 2, Eff! 5 5 E E Q 7 2 E - 7 E 7 4 Q 1 1 Q! 2 ak E 2 I I 5 1 5 55ff!5f? f ' 4 Nothing Has Come Between Us: Mr. Witticlc and his Ford. Mrs. Hackner and her husband. joe L. and Viola Poeling. Mary jasper and her hat. Paul and his peanuts. Ernest Long and his announcements. Mrs. Nifhelpley and her voice. Rippe and Roels. -Miss Thompson and her dancing' Seniors and their diplomas. Dreps and his music. Mr. Long' and his locks. Mr. Lyons and the grasshoppers. Basketball team and the state champ. The Phy. Eds. and HJll1'l.n The school and its plum line. girls. X Extracts From Examination on the History of Physical Education Prehistoric man was a savage brute He had to light to protect himself from other animals. The American Playground Associa- tion is a very hue bureau for teachers. Little light Mr. Ilall was tied to the wall, Resting his weary limbs He took olif his coat and untied the rope. And said, "XYhoill lend me a pin?,' A CURE Any one troubled with night mare will lind a halter in the barn. JO TE HARDVVARE CO. FINE CUTLERY AND TOOLS LA cRossE, VVISCONSIN BANNER LU CH EVER CLOSED 324 Main Street La Crosse, Wis. if it 126 'if Bk HOME OF LA CROSSE RUBBER MILLS CO 'X'ff?'rffLf ' , ML M ln. . .,,.,..,.,., . , -e Y L- I -1 ---... , , Pfx? ..,.,.,.-AN. N mv., . , H -A s,,,q4..M-ef' ,J-1-'x,.r'v7-J ijjjggglh-3 ,.. ..qs:1i3i,.,.,v-.N- "E.:':- f-1-.-if-if-i,g.----A . A-fe --,,+,A. -f-fx.q'n-ey :ffm -me 1 A , ' ' 471: 'V Lin ---"F ??i V Y :gn u ' A -j4!J' 1HfFi"' uuuu""'u'j:F::Z 4 , ., J f.Q-msfffwk ,n 5iEl':',:'-f- ' feff- H agggeg . . H' " 1 '. il I :if if f - - ' :V , ' 5 . ,I Q , gagE E?i1La 3.11, ,f , : -'l.'.. f-gr Qfff "?g5g5Y4gg+',?3:f' i ,e J 1' X V, 1 .- A - 'A fi 5X tk gg I. ',..4 'b 435345, ,QAg .',1.,I',e -. A . is X . '-. r - , - p1-- 4, f' " ' rr- NN '- XB"-. 9 ' ' ' Z ,H ,., nil 1 x ' f -'f X , . ., 2 ' - -L ww RQ- A E , , ,Fw W1 4 - . ,A , ,av ,fm mq . we - A ff - - 1 ' '11 .4 -'E 'f r"7' '- Qi Mu Y v A 1 -. 1... ,Jax V ' X ' ffm .R X, is Y -1 X, sig,, . 1,4 ,lf , I ' yv-:X F ' A , f d" f' ' 11,1 ff f" 5, 435 ffmflily X ' W- fi! "4 "fr .--11 -. 'V , 5 g:4".gu.' Wu w'- 0 .i , , , H A I ,1 " Xgfgifiaefx X A XL K A, -'- 1, 4, -631,96-.R -:X x ,. f Q01 ., - - ,4ifkf,4,fv.,,m?3'ZAj,nqp, Q 'V .A f ' w?"G N - I' . -1 ' A -sf. ,SQ - ,,, x - , L .., 4, .- X 6 4 XXX wb if I Eg ETF... XNENEBN u Ei 6 My Q A E i n MX ff W ,Mg-X Nj WM!! X MANUFACTURERS OF Rubber Boots, Shoes and Tennis Shoes YOUR DEALER HAS THEM. LA CROSSE RUBBER MILLS CO. LA cRossE, WIS. vie 'k 127 !4gZ22ZZ??ZZZ2zZ? . r. lf'-..1"".,' 3,1 I'-.5 3-.iff-. f . f -. -. . . . . ' 21 Jak? fxfes1.affwv2MMMMeH- 422 44 Ii. 1'-, 1'-.sf '.f 'yh 24. rZZ f '-f 'ff nf- f-.f--.f 2 f f Q 4. '--.1 xf ',.' 5 , s 4 - : Z gf. x-. f-. , V 5 ef 5 1? 4 34. 7- 5 ' 5 5 5 2 42 -f -ef as 9 " GYMNASTIC ROMANCES WITH VARIATIONS Dedicated to Miss Hutchison who has so long labored and suffered with us. In two acts and a headache. The author makes grateful acknowl- edgment to 2 Mildred Andrews, who by remaining silent told all she knew. Glen Rall for all details on love mat- ters. Miss Cl'1I'lS'tOIJl'1Cl'SOI1 for her serene il- lustrations to be drawn at a 'later date. S. O. S. Due to the scarcity of mem- bers of the male sex, the romances will be limited. Thanking you in advance 'lor your kind attention, we remain, here. The reasons for writing this drama are the following: First, it is to be an instructive pamphlet on wlhy t-he ocean is so near the shore: Second. to tell why the angels fwho had wingsj walked up -lacob's ladder. If you still don't understand why we have written this page I-Iawkshaw or look up reference 617, Encyclopedia Brittanica. ACT I. SCENE II. ARTICLE IV. Amended and Censored by Sarah Lewis Entering the gym., foil in hand our hero, Roels, jumps on his horse and sets out in pursuit of the buck. He sees in the distance a parallel bar and hastens for a drink. Clt is not yet july 1.3 lelearing noises that sound like a lady in distress, for voice culturej he gallops into the small gym, and iinds another 'Freshman has sprained her ankle. The hero has alwayslbeen an admirer of the fair sex, but she captured his heart im- mediately. CThe name of the heroine is to be kept secret in order to complicate the pl0t.j XVe will call her "Kate" for the present. Applying his knowledge of psychol- ogy 'Reels instantly cures her health. From now on the romance develops rapidly. Because of the shortage of cheese they decide to elope the same night. "lVhen the dumbell strikes eight, Meet me at the poles, Kate." "Yes," she cried, "and l will cast vote leletore you get my goat." my This intermission. If it's geeting dry you'lI hnd a drinking fountain in rear of the room. Act V But histl This play also includes a villain, our own dear Ed, who has tried to win her on Shlitz for many years. Of course to make a short story long Ed. overhears the lovers. XfVe will now quote his favorite song: the "O Mother, I see a shining light that makes my face grow pale." " 'Tis but Milwaukee's lights, my dear, she's full of ginger ale." "O Mother what 'funny sounds are these, go ringing through my head?,' "They are no sounds at all, my dear, Cheer up, your brains are dead? P. S. This is an old German lullaby. Due to the fact that she had to get a "new comb" from Erma Csee reference 37, Hygiene of the Dressing Roomj Kate was a trifle late and they were not able to elope until 10 o'clock. Getting their horses from the stall bars, Kate gracefully UH mounted to a riding seat, tibeg pardon Mr. Nohr, we mean a cross seatj and they dashed off. Ed being very popular among the Phy. Ed. junior girls gets them to help him. They all board the Flying Dutchman 128 ' fi'-X 'bf ki Lf., 2i.,'4'3f"y"'y'Xjf '. ". 1 '-.I L4 'A .Q "Pg Q.. P.. ,'.. , D ' J ,J-iv, -.utr .-,ff ti. , ?2QgQf2112,, 1 '- '. v. ,-.I , -.J -. A, Q 1 f g'2lv,'f,'?ff ,itil lfuiygfm Z,,"'.af -.211 gf :gp 5 2 2 gi 2 Q Z"-f ' ' 5 I E 1 6 l ' E f 1 f ' 3 2 '32 E af 5 E I ' I I and with the giant stride g'ive ehase. Our Representatives to the Russian tlid. being' a sprinter falls iJCi'I1l1Ci.l Bolsheviki Horrors! the lovers are confronted by P1-ggident-Bai-ezewski XValte1' Isa- , ,. . - . . 7 a Wall. Ah! Mr. Wittieh and Lizzie dm-Q, eoine change-stepping' along Cniust be rainyj and save the day, as they all go over a roek hill, poor Kate is rudely jolted out, losing' her "bar and net." The Flying' lilutehinan now close behind pieks her up. A Maxwell, who could not make good time. because her carburetor had a sys- tolic nnn'nnu', passes by. "Let" is at the wheel and she is taking' Claribel to Sing' Sing' to have her voiee tested. But they decide to ehoin in the chase. Pzuil Mareou is seen approaching on a horse with three pomniels on it. tGladys is hanging' in aniplilied liith to its neek.j "Stop them," lid cries, "they are also eloping'." 'By this time. Kate. who took tumbling' from Mr. llall, hnds a method of escape. The Lizzie is near and. executing' a elev- er fete, Kate leaps into it. They dash to the new Phi. Ed. build- ing: M r. W'ittiek, knowing of the under- ground subway, is able to reach the building' before the villain. The chasers not knowing that there was water in the swimming' pool. fall in ! ' The Hero and Heroine dash to our conservative bishop. There they meet Paul and Gladys and a triple wedding' follows. tCan't equal IX-'liss Harn1aeek's howeverfj For those deserving' to know who the heroine is, we will give you this much inlo1'1natio11: Xlfhen Reels made a scissors vault, he cut oil the heroine's hair. ,Russel your neuroues! -E. N. M. Qliinis 129 Secretary and Treasurer-Baronow- ski, Patricia Agatha. club swiugingj the left leg' Cmeaning' elubj-Raise! Mareou-XV hat do you think I have, a club foot? Andrews tteaehing' Miss Hutchison Qglaneing anxiously aroundj-There are so many thing's I'd like to tell you, but- Dean, to the other man in the class- Come on Ed! Let's get out and they can have a eonhdential talk. fif EE 1 s 4 SEASONABLE f00lWEI-lR Daily Arrivals of Most Desirable Shoes POPULAR PRICES W. G. NIOSS MAIN AND SECOND iii iii , 7, ,.. f.. -.Q -.- -,Q , 2,1 '. . 'ua 'wi :fi 1. '--.f'y"Xf ff'-. ' i'-1' Ay AZ, X 7-. ff-.174-,ff",' "if fy'-. 'iyn'-.' A fav, ...J ..-41 ZX fu' ,AL ,,,,,s,, 52 'uf 'vi fifhk fu Q Z ,wh X-.N If..-ff-.-1 -,f 2 5 Q 5 Q Q' 4'-1 'a-. f- ,"- E 2 4 Zy s 2 V-sf'-.1 , 2 I , ' H Z Q , 5 -f 5 7 Q Z 5 Q 1 VZ 5 af 4 3 1 , - 4 4 ::4:f :: 5 JUST A FEW SAMPLES Paris Art Shops, Fourth Avenue, New York City. Dear Sirs:-I have read your adver- tisement in the La Crescent Review and wish to apply for a position as a model in your studio. As to my stature, I am well gifted. having a beautiful soprano voice and Venus de Milo arms. I have had a great deal of experience, being in a soda fountain act for the past year on a vodvil circuit. For reference I refer you to the North La Crosse Bottling Xaforks. Hoping this letter is not dry I beg to ' Yours falsely, ELIZABETH MAE SEELEY. Victor Phonograph Co., 22-24 jackson Blvd., Chicago, Ill. Gentlemen: I have tried the new art of producing aesthetic dancing by means of your phonograph. It has been very successful, especially for guests. who come in of an evening. I received my training under Lenora 'l'hompson, who was kind enough to give me special attention in classes. If you can use my services kindly inform me at your earli- est convenience. I-IAZEL XKIEBSTER. remain, Dear Sir: I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the position OI inspector of physical training in the state of Rest. Besides having' had actual experience in all lilies of the work, I have also taken advantage oi the opportunity odered the students of the La Crosse State Normal School, og observing the work from the balco- nies. EDWARD ZAHORIK, "The Milwaukee Kid." International lVlatrimonial Bureau. Gentlemen 1 I wish to secure your help in Finding' a person of the opposite for I have 'found the telephone method unsuccess- ful. The only requirement necessary is that his name be dilferent from mine. as I wish, above all things, to change my name. CORNELIA CI4IRlS'l',lANSON. Money Creek, lVIinn. ' Dear Sir: I should like to apply for the position of Physical Director in the public school ol' your village. I wish also to recom- mend Mr. joseph Baker 'for the posi- tion of janitor in the same school as our interests lie along the same channel. ALETTE SCHREINER. Artcralt Studio Co., I-Iollywood, Cal. Dear Mary Pick lord: I-Iearing of your lack of experienced actors I am about to submit myself tor the benelit of the world. I am a lovable character, susceptible to lits of beauty. Ii your vacancies in this line are not Iilled by the time this appeal reaches you please respond as soon as possible. En- closed you will hnd a stamp tor return Your devoted, NINA M. HAVENRICI-l'l',ElQ. THE ALL STATE FUSSING TEAM letter. Age I-Ieight Opponent Dreps, guard ..... I8 16" .... Mary jasper Brandenburg, g. . . .26 3' 2" . .Thelma Powell Probart, forward ..l7 6' 2" ..... Sarah Lewis Dugan, forward ...24 2' 3" MildredAndrews Dean center ..... 16 7' l"...l7anny Marvin Roelsi, sub. .. ..Withheld .... not yet picked Tayloigsub., to be decided later.uot yet picked M. Scanlan fin pepless gym classj- Wlhy d-on't they pass the ginger snaps? 130 piccem K glguschmam Lfcfbfaenumpnffess pmimihems ll Nlznimm Slbpfeelk, Leu CHU-oss4e 5 32 5 lr . L I " ?iTv rl 0 5 L: ,-:E-: 53 E .-'zz-.--.: E5 EA-:E if 131 . r.. '.' my -. 3 -4 '. - ' ' -' .. v if at :AT 195- 1,1 31,4-.ul .-hi, .yf-.X,-:xi-,If-Jg.P,f... '. '. '. ' -, .. -. -, -. - . -. 1'-, -.. if -,,- ,qi lf... ., , .41 pf. K.-Jf-.,,f2QZ,yg,,g,,, if -.,' -.1 Q, X. f'-, ,"., I -.J 'fjfxff Q 44. f--.,"'-. ' '--f 'X w. ,fyff A Z 2 5 '-q 5-, 14. f". , '-.f 1 2 f 2 2 1 b. X , -.1 - 1. f 1 1 1 4 Z'-f a' y f- "- 5 - 5 4 ' f Z Q'--,f-., V s 4 E Q 2 ' 2 5 Q 4 ' : 5 5 4 Q , 4 Z l f , ?f 5 ef Z! 5 2 f 9 1 1 Hou.-TJ End 1:T'R'LL 'rn one I-was-on -L 11 Q ' 1 B ,,,, ' ii I F 1 S. ' - It '-u Wkenffkc bf-Um frfim-4,1l. .4tg.u.i1 wake- -1.v..4 .r.-,.. rev TM' 541-nl-iv: he-vu6v1-r.J?11n-K-fhv mu 4- -L1-when-.5 ay we ....'+g-emo M4-lm B-W w-- 9,.1,f r by . '5 1 -Qzilii T A Eff: Q X-X X 1 lx yu 7 ,1 5, L. . f I THFWIJE Jrunrnrmmnfrns 3 Z5 may y v V, mnmam nfizofemigtnt umm 4, I y,, w I KIND nvmif wr !"XlDHlC,llT' ,fy ,fjgy CAJOLINE X 'X N t N o 1 1 ff . ,92:'1, " .. '- K . LQ A - lim Il' f lT'I!'i1 a -gag" ' A NW"lt+Yii2JWl"lQG'- I 2 Q M L. 7 g . , I at Time I boqx N ? -il i nh' H K ' ' an I WLI .y It ., ,. 'A kffz : ll ib X H ' X .. -f X I I' --if tw' Q-Q! I .Rm .fl , Q ,A r- xx ' i If I-D If Q n lao Fnllalwr A Al' in--i.1'i4nlL gi 5 3 ,6 H A NY r 1 Nil' WCl4LT'Zxl'u XQT m in sv - o 1-L N ' -' - ' ' Inmate 13's Latest Composition And the murmur of the sloogoo, As it hahhled to the vlots. Arid thinking, jinkiug, giulcing' ' I once more bowed to sliclge, And nevermore be jidgits To the cztdjit that I fliclgef' "VVhile clreaming on my slajulc . In the merry month of jemph, The clock struck half-past jijik, For the hour was almost rumph. The stars up in the coojelc INe1'e singing' soft and slootch, Euvoi As the birdlets twittered gaily there "So listen to my gozo And zozo to the mux, The clear, dead days of lozo, A song' like lcootchy-kootch. I thought of my dear cadjuk, Wfhile tears streamed clown my flots And the glass eye of 'the Chix." 132 . -,A P-.Iv f. "nu 1,1 ,l 5 .',,..AP,f-nz, 14: :,i'!,4u r:.J1-.aff :if gf-., , --.,f '-,f --ff LQ g.. 1--.24-.f--,g x,,i..,'A-. Z "-. X'-. "A-.1 A'--r' "rf P. ,K 7'--.f'4-'2?if"j' """" ' 7 af 'pa Q-fx rev, '-,I V" I Q 5 Q Q 'af N2-fi X. f"-Z iz 2 az A5 Z 6 .i f .lf 5' 1 Z 5 5 Q 4 5 1 f 5 Q ! 4 I E I Z 7x Z E ef E ef - Z2 ' I I 4 2 , 5 2 Do we grieve and fret, Oh, no, But the nearing of the lost time Wfe shall see it come and go. But why should we sit and ponder LACROSSEHAHA ln the halls ol La Crosse Normal By the shores of Mississippi Xl hum, old Cnanclad smiles upon us when fm. years to Come and go l'Vl1Cl'C H10 lilflkfk 1'1VC1' 111115 HWHY '.l'here will be this self same feeling' There will be this sturdy clan As in nineteen hundred nineteen Did so loyally disband. Two long years we've watched the sun - Lives a staunch and sturdy tribe Lives a faithful loyal tribe Of true fellownien and classmates H rise Question: XV hy do the leaves turn red I-ligh o'er the head by Grecian tower ih the fah? e And there sink once more and leaves us Ahswel-3 They hhlsh to thihk how After one day's work had passed us. gy-CCH they have been all 511111111911 But we never saw it leave us -- Lenny was a lady, Lenny now is bent On a "tall" and stately Hackner Wfithout thinking' with regret That it was just one more niche Carved within our education. Not upon the education Vkfho is very Len-ient. If H4 x WEBB'S BARBER SHOP THIRD AND MAIN as :E NT x Are You Sharing in the Opportunity Offered for Physical, Mental and Moral Development IN THE La Crosse Young Men's Christian Association Which stands for a Clean Manhood for every man and boy in La Crosse f En 133 5E - , 'P' v. ,-. f-. 1'-.J '-., '-.1 '-.1 5, f. Z "'- f"-X "-' 'v' Lf. f-. f--f'-.f af X e-,Z -,j Q.. ,-.1 f-.if '-.1 nf -4 2-., f-.., y --5 L., 'Q 4 ,.. If-..A,"-.If '-.1 'u,. " 5 E 5 2 Q if H.. r. f-.f'-,Z if 1 az S Z Zh? yi '27 2 Z 5 2 5 2 5 5 5 5 Q ' ' I 1 Z 2 Z! 5 af Z Z I f E Z 5 7 DICTIONARY 1. Assembly: A collection of chairs arranged so that the persons in the bald headed row are in no danger of gas attacks from the platform. Note: The faculty sit on the plat- form. 2. Band: A congregation of individuals show- ing the numerous culture epoch per- iods. It is still on the fundamental "The voice that once through La Crosse llalls echoed high above the class work. l3. l.ibrary: Daily club room xrhcre those of the various types of suggestions come and expcctorate their interior ideas. 14. l.ost Book Shelf: ll-lhere l'lawkshaw's "world famous detective" fails. 15. Lunch Room: ,ln a dietist's diary we found the plateau experiencing recapitulation of f0ll0WlUYf' ' - the lips Food Origin Insertion Action ' Hash Too numer- Upper Disturbing 3. Barracks: Empty space surrounded by port holes. lt is situated next to a messy ons to men- palate tion Cabbage Head base Neck Cont- Chilly hall. Salad of skull sidej 4- ., , Meat Dried Base of Prevailing ' 4' Llabb Room' Loaf bread septum An ideal room where there is "Rust- ling of leaves" and a predominating air of incognito. 5. Cloak Room: NVhere you must keep close watch on your umbrellas, false teeth and oth- er trifling assets. 6. D1'CSSl1lg' Room 1 Literally speaking it is a place where the salad gets 'the finishing touches. Note: Dressing of the rank. 7. Dormitory: Enrollment limited to just a few. For particulars ask "Old joe." He hangs in the window day and night. 8. Dr. Garrett: Her name is higher tha11 her stature. 9. Educational Gymnastics: Wlherein we learn the technique of the horse and other animals. 10. Glee Club: See paragraph on "She Sings Be- cause She's Fond of Yellingf' 11. Grand Dad: Q15 Chaperone of all bluff partiesg QZJ An elevation where different species come face to face with Cupid. 12. Hall 1 16. Model School: ilfnvented by Dora E. Carver in the year following the year after the year that Mr. Jenner stubbed his toe. 17. New Phy. Ed. Building: This is an incomplete dehnition. 18. Presiden't's Room: . . l3arrister's Annex, a place where cross examinations are held. For further particulars see a victim. 19. Playground: A placewhere you can take the fly- ing Dutchman to all points going South. 20. Reserve Book l.ibrary: A place where you can deposit your money for future use. 21. S. A. T. C.: A select group ol ditto clad men, frequenting the nights. 22. Y. XV. C, A. Room: Lounging room for the mentally fatigued and Physically wrecked peda- gogues. Never empty. Ad.ditional-- Furnace Room' Desert of camels, engulfed in un- oxigenated air. 134 X, 4. 4. 1. Remington Typewriter Co INCORPORATED 601 MAIN STREET We invite all Who Write to look over our Complete Line of Typewriters CA Machine for Every Purposej And to avail themselves of our unrivaled service. Machines for Rent. We Repair all makes of Typevvriters. Public Stenographers. 135 7.,f"':,f'y.f,.Q:f.,jiy2f..,Q-if,qfyffjffjfif-,qi': A 2,-.Jah-.,f..,!,,.,X -.pi :qu ,Xurf..-,fQQ92L19,yL,2,g,,,, X, -1 ,-. ,'v. ,' '-.f '-' '4 P if Q 2 4-J,.,I., '..,, .X A 2. 1 5 P 2 Q J 2 24 Z"--,f"'-f",' , ?f 2 - 4" E Q 5 Z-f E BZ 4 E After man came womzm-:md she has Miss H ohscjm Cin eomp.j-Why have been after him ever since. Wm-ds roots?" ' Q r Jr N 1 - L , 1 1 1 1 x My Latest 130016 HHOW to SCC Eu- 4.lgrll:!11 Io nmlxe the I.u1ggu.1g,e rope as Q. Box Cai' Tourist."-Huteliy. 91 UW' The Tiutinabulation of Bessie Bell- XVWUCI1 U11 fC11Ci11Qi5-131019 011 the Bell-Bell! left foot and shake with the right." ibm vine Carmufll H'0OL:C.a'.1-ioalcsi-Ui Euavqbodq P11475 ho Ulzlq, - igkf- ,QS-waq-j'O-The - Si AQ.Show.vm A - qe'i'-Q,-,glimPSe 3251, alll-I-U'oS'Fe.da'Ll4Ji ' 1 S ' l 'T' -Z'u 1 -please, G IJon'5,l-F bioi1f:l.1+Le- fYU.f7'XiQ' Q 'J 13 A-Til' 53"-2Ll'1o-fvnd,,.ZQ 'X .,, X .M Jr X , V 1 f ikji A Q Q 82 1- f -. , K - X ld i J.: X QIEX 1 Q,-2 Qax A .X 63 X LN, 1 -'If' X , '-, li Lulu ' fi I s X- x f K i J- , 'ef' f 1? 5 ! 1 A Cl : ef f Q0 X Y 3 if fki ' In JJ. 9 2 ef-, , .,-- Yi.,0u'J -io5Tf'av-Siicp. ,Df0v.'H19.AGQ5'- D0 aT-fn iss-The -Sm..kG-Qhavmevf B2 DU ww- :Q FWUQP 0 M1613 l fDlrQd1bf1omfThQ-Liindo ofizles- A p ' 1 . Q ,NU ,UW Z if " ' i . ' Vi! Gp ff' I ' on D. If Q K V I' 5 AA. I I . , a . ' ' 1 i X , H Q V99 Keg .., i "M ' Y : -:fg5'.-'::..-rr "-" 'if i lg? f i JC-U lla 1, I N r 3' 4 ,L , . 9-I I 1 'e Sxqjce '77ugis,c. Ejskggm EQA3 R T Q 136 l v 4 4 - 4 r. , . . 1 . ,f , f.. .., . f,j,,,,,,,Q 2'-.D 1"-.,' '-,f 'gf' '21 ,P-,b 14-,,1f"y'QQ2?fff'f, " 44. If--If--.I 1 '-,f yi' I-yZ A Q V M Q ! E f 5 Z Q Z 2 22 E by E Q Three-Qfqggqg-alll-'ekelimmxiidi 'lliglfgi k -ill-Q ,-uh 1 ' Z Pfhomxogiihialibmmu n3QlvXs -G . ,- X X b I ,, . if f .i - ,i E x if ff X 'iii 1lik'..Qam5.3iM ! P9 ggizigee owl' xx-1 K 1 , if 'I f fl f .f I l , P 5 X I 1-'1 M- ' Qxxv 1 1' - -1 4- , - P ' , kb iqgi611.gji.53g2.iaOaa.lFq+si f f fll f Qf f ' ' 1 r Q9 1 f 1 i ll '35 ll l j 1 1 P- 'll-ff 1-6.2.3 - Eziilfi vlwakhiigmf- .'fhfgi:Awg,S.iLis9a'5L!i1.41fLi15.l llif-gl9::llj:gfi'mftff13fidfixiky-25 L 6 Zfvgdgvgecj-Bqjke-Sfvokq-NRM! J C1 I . I I i . N ,fff -,. 1, , V D 'J ! I X XMI" J .UWM WIW illlmllll K llllllv l X l 1. N A-.fa K' ' - 5 fr i 4 1 , QNQQ fi gi K' f f f M Nf . - ' Xi ul . il 'll V .:'3.QlllIl.., 5 L . Vgj Q 1 .,ux . X Our "To Hire" List . Maxwell' . Starz. 3. Page. 4. lirzmlclin. l 2 5. Mr. NViltick's Ford fContiuued on 137 next pagej Miss Thompson Cto future pedagogues of Phi. ECU-"Now you want to watch your stride positions, people. Always correct Z1 small one as Miss Powell and many of the Cllildren will do." QVVill Miss Powell rise and spell cat pleasej . ' . Vu "'. 'xx' "- "-' "' A' . -. . ? . !,?,f.,Xf bf' fpf-J,4.-. If..,J,iyf..,.ff-.iffy-fi',2f.y,f.,l .I .I .., . ,Q pu .V .V -..f u ,S 5' ,wx A-Av, . gg ff. iq.-If-..v,4..yf ,X IX.. bZL,p,zJ,,,,s '4 P- fm '-.1 '- "' 2 5 2 7 gm-..f -.f -' f. 2 5, 1 4 - 4 Q 4,-4, f., 1-. fy, Z 3 5 VJ 5 3 , V, V .t '.- 4 s , , 1 effeyf' 2 'gg 5 ea 5 ,Z Q r I 4 gm , 5 4 ' , 1 Q E r 1 6 5I5ZZIfJiZ Z A-lhevvir -Q0 - 'L cbwwo- mlmifhlimia ,vt owuiw, uqfp 1m-.e....,t..r,..Q fflf 'Thrswqw - on ,.. ',V- ,gf ff lirtfl llnlgl .M WJ. twiltm. ggi? .Slxeifl --llelessmi' in .11-CT' 4 -vm-vw'l9 " "SETTING UP" EXERCISES 1. Simple movements of two parts: Sox and Lorraine. Doris Stark and L. Mc fabsentecj. Let. and Baker. Beulah Wfallen and L. Engelhard. Elsie G. and H, Buchanan. Marg. D. and H. Kimball. K. I-Iaebich and Baker. Inez B. and R. Evjen. Grace P. and Kevin. Adelaide XV. and Brown. Claribell B. and Everett. 2. Simple movements of two parts, taken in alteration with a third. H. Higgins, Jessup, Miller. P. Hensel, Maxwell, L. Taylor. I. Stickney, Gay, Kreutz. 3. Four movement sequence ol two parts. Sarah M., Denny, Miller, Hensel. Buff T., Wfheaton. 'l.'aylo1', XVebster. Rippe, Statz, Christmas, Wfebster. Jessup, Jennie, Meinert, Pat. Levy-Jameson, Harris, Gatterclam. 4. Four movement sequence of two parts in alternate with a third. Punch, Mary C., Amundson, XVicl:en Jegi. Christianson, Alf. G., Baker, Dreps, A. Gorder. A The following' could not partake in the above exercises, because they were "en- gagedn in other work: H. Hill, G. De- :F M4 lgiiiiakixuuigiim gag I W., ,, fm' ff ' fe-Q 145 if ,if "QL f fi 4i:l"-LIJJFX 'I N l Q559f'ft4QQWl 9541-3 1 . mv lg -4+'4 5-"ll il" A ,?','ggjA4'- A- I6 0l4l'fr3'flf2 fhltffl7'ftIIill5L'-.4 vine, T. Powell. G. Berthe. Pat. March l7, 1923-Fancy steps: L Taylor and .Paul Marcou. GET YOUR CAMERAS FILMS CANDY CIGARETTES CIGARS POWDERS CREAMS SODAS SUNDAES DRUGS CHEMICALS BOOKS AND STATIONERY AT HOES-CHLERS MAIN AND FIFTH 72 138 5 1 f 9 ,- 'l' al: :li BE CUR IDEA is, to offer nothing We can't deliverg and deliver' everything We offer. The best of merchandise, and satis- faction guaranteed. an Attractive New Styles in Young en's Suits and Overceats, The waist-seam models lead, of courseg they are the big hit with the young fellows. Single and double breasted styles. HART, SCHAEENEN Xt MARX and our own guaranteed brand THE CONTINENTAL SPECIAL We show a great variety of very spirited types in these famous clothesg very ultra styling. New colorings- tans, browns, greys, blues, iridescent weaves. Special S variety at........ Others at 325, S30, S40, S45 T A ,,.W.-., .nw Fifi . g- ..."'i' ?11:"i ,,53.' ,A xv-,E,....r Wqzavcv. .- afnmgg' .,-?Pff..gage EQfi'1937514g57'Z1:1:'1f - .235 K ' . "ii:-1 :-. .-1113121221-"'.-1-ali '- - 515, . ,-:-1g:3:4:-:-.-.--, . ' l .I if , '121321.-"2:11111i:T:iiEi:5'T"1s H:5:1'i""E""1"? - 525:25 ,-:3:211",Z , ."' 'f1Y1Ew11:1:1's:1.'4'--bf. V ..i:g.- . :3:,:'Z:3:'y.z-L51-4' -15:3 U, V , ff, gf N 'N '- - . :fe . - .fi ' 4521- - 11:-ii i - 3 ,2 QM. I I 6,.f2e:a:z11'e:. ,12e?Ks5f-is- ','::, fag, .. ' W' 2- 1111: ae- Vil'-f5.'4" ' -lralf-3" . Z. " ""l -P .1G+5' it . .4 -151221-1:.:-' -1 --:Ia-2-1-. , ister. ge: 'E1215 zgagtga 253:31- vi' 4.I" - -M ktfi' Y X . . ,, .,... .,.., . , N- I 4. 5.1. 'F - f'.-: -'f' 1X 23:11 -f -:-1 11:5 9 r N ,111-11111: . ' - A 3 'E -:g:f":' - . - I ,:Q:322:1:22 3' .g.g. . . ' - " fgQ,.,w -A ffl' 1.. ' T "3yg?,3a? .9 N V: f'f'?:E1j-its .ft 3.1. ,, ,.:3:2" Sq . gs. ,.:-:- --f A Q3 -5-1-r:',, .' 'R'-' g-S: -11-g.1f1'lg11.S" 54.-251. ..f:': . x.-,f. ,c, ,. ., .,, gm eg. ..1. WA.-. - . tvqqr-.pew 0- v 55' ,. ' x, 1.3.-:fu :-' .-sig.:-:Q r sviesxff' fiat ifsf.rf'113:3.3345:?3:'a:3i::5:rf 1:f,g:?.1:1f",+y5fi'Qi:2:-. " . far . A 'HW 1. 5 A, ff i' Wit x 1'. WW - . ..Sl ft :1'2.' '. " :2'ifq9kas:e:"-gg 4-:fa-s. Q.,--1 '-'ez-.135-. ' - I as L14 -111 '- A if. 55- , - . X Q4 Eli?-il :' - ' 34513: at- il E' wie- 'W-:a 'iris 3921:-' V. 5 , Wifi-11? ""5iT2 ' l 11' 25' lv-' Q- .1 A-1 - "Ev-. ' A ax ",- eg g-'g". we , fx' N 1i1:1E1:1.1z .' -wi ,-1-z::i11" - .-.EZ ' E P A Q 4 The Continental La Crosseis Greatest Clothing Store Cor. Fourth and Pearl Sts. HENRY NUBOEHM, Manage,- 139 - x v., ,-.R "-,-1'-E, '-., '-.1 -.f gh- f., A Q H534 ki. '--1tfwffiff..ff-ff-,:":4 Z1 '--,f 54. Q., 11'-.-f,.".""f,'?.' 'z-f. ,Q-,,,f-..QQ2Q,zj,:2,,Z 41... , .V .af 2.4. ,Av ,faq ,NRI .ufizfp I Z4 5' f'--J V' F- fiffk fa zu '.- .N .i '.-1 '. ' f 2 1 5 ? Z-4,13 if .711 :ki 13,1 E Q E 4, ay, .,., -P' f 5 f, 5 5 5 Z 5 , - 4 4 f LATEST LITERARY GEMS "After Dark"-A spicy novel, con- taining' some startling revelations taken from first hand observations.-LaVina Taylor. "High Life Below Stairs"--A unique sketch, full of action, personal reminiscences Tobie and Brownie. "Object of Interest"-An phy by Carl Lemke. "King of Dunnnies"-BV Wfalter combined with of the authors. autobiogra- Xvhite. A very interesting autobiogra- phy. "Mark and Brainsn-By Theresa Statz. A short treatise containing some valuable suggestions. "The Story of Bad Boy"-A clever and realistic tale by Randolph Evjen. "NVoman"-The fairest work of the great author. The edition is large and no man should be without a copy. E46 "One Night in the Corridorf' or "NVhat the janitor Heard"-A sparkling story in Mads own inimitable style, based on observations made the night of the Forum formal. "How Milwaukee Entertains"-The book the public has long been waiting' for. An accurate and detailed account of the experiences of the football tcarn at llflilwaukee. 'Introduction by I. Peterson and some very interesting chapters by T. hlessup. "Arms and the Man"-By Gladys Wheaton. A very clever take-off on the well known play. The writer shows that her knwoledge is drawn from close con- tact with her subject. "Lodgers and Dodgers"-A collection ot short stories by our hall fusscrs. "The Corridor as a Race Track," or "The Eluding of E. D. Longl'-By "Sox.l' Readers will lind this story very true to life and 'full ol action. BK COMPLIME T OF THE BA KS OF LA CROSS . BK 140 ! 46 - NK SPRING OPENING Don't fail to look over my OF Supply of WALLPAPER. WATER WINGS Beautiful Grecian Designs. G. DEVINE B. WALL. If your hands seem "Black" Dealer in a few applications of 'fWickensl' famous automatic dirt remo- ver will eradicate said frosting in due time. R E A L E S T A T E J. NEW BURG License appl'd for. PIANOS TUNED without any keys. Notes may be given in part payment. BERNICE MCDONALD Teeth Extracted with little pain. Get your tooth back if not satisfied. IRA PETERSON D U T C I-I S T E W Every Sat. Nite in my back yard. Public kindly invited. GRACE JEGI. BUSINESS NOTE: Ann was called from her clam shell stand because "her ma's sick" fl-Iarma- cekj -I :K fl- ' Q v., ,-., f-.A 1--.J '-., '-.f '--f 3. f. . ft-.f'w' bf 5 ff- ,'-- 1'-. "--f'-.1 Y X 2. f-.A 1 f '-4 '- V '-f 14 7'-. 'A-.1 "J 'af L-. 'Q ' l :hi 14... lff,.J,f..,P-ff -,aff 'X' ,Pit If "4 if ,"- "'- 1 "-f 'v 'P' ki, Z, 2 guy, -.., -Y P' Q.. ,AM Q f 2 f f. '-.-, '-.1 'yu ' , 4 , ' Q 4 ' I ' ' I I y, Z 5 ,Z E f 4 2 ff 1 of 2 24, . 5 2 4 5 5 f f Z !!5 2 SHORT SAYINGS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE Mr. Cotton: More action than say- ings. Mr. Long: "Now I've got a little boy at home." Miss Angell: "That isn't half had." Miss Thompson: "Hurry, hurry, hurry." Mrs. I-Iackner: "Do you see? II not, consult an oculistf' Mr. Wfitticlcz "Limit your move- ments' Mr. Johnston: "Ye- an-f' I Mr. Keeler: "XN'ell-at-I'1n not used to making speeches." "I-l'utchy": "Now, don't start out with Well." Miss Nichols: "Two weeks for you." 1, "F Lunch Room Menu I-Iow clear to our hearts are those meals of the lunch room. W'hen Hun pangs of hunger present them to view. The soup :incl potatoes. boullion cle to- nmtoes And every loved dish which our appe- tite knew. O, the chatter and lztughter :Lt eight min- utes after When we hurry to race there :Lheacl of them ull. But ere we begin it we stop for :L minute To glance at the menu that lizmgs on the wall. That bulletin menu, that 'black paper lllCIll.l. That clear lunch room menu tha't's hung on the wall. il? OTTO GUDENSCHXVAGER FRANK BIS1-IOFSKY LA CROSSE CYCLE HOP BICYCLES, SUNDRIES AND REPAIRING 603 MAIN STREET LA CROSSE, NVIS. 51 BE TO ELECTRIC CO. CONSTRUCTION ...... REPAIRS ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND SERVICE FOR HOME, OFFICE, FACTORY OR AU'I'OM.Ol3lLE EK 142 El 'K "uf '-- Y- P I 1, . 4 4 5 ' s f 5 Q 1 1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Results Guaranteed One Cent Per Xkforcl for Each Insertion, XVJXNTED-An antidote for giggling for use no my Sth period class.-Mr. Ienner. NOTED LECTURER TO GIVE FREE TALK A lecture on "The Art of Loving will be given by the experienced Paul Hensel. The 'talk will be concerned mainly with "abstinence in kissing." N'VJXN'I'EID-A little more work as we do not like to tztke at credit 'lor nothing. -Eng. Lit. Classes. W'!XN'l'ED-Someone to take my classes while I look alter the nlluirs of the Ilzicqnet.-Mr. XVhitney. XN'AN'I'ED-A few extra assembly periods in which to practice some songs. -lX'lrs. Wlhelpley. NVAN'I"EliD-A pair ol held glasses for use in the librztry.-'IVl1iss Nichols. lQ.OS'I'-KX student seen fnssing' in the hall lost truck of behind the screen in the ziud.-lXlr. Long. l.OS'I'-lXfI'y observers while dissect- ing :L specimen.-IVIr. Jenner. l'.OS'I'-My sweet disposition.--Miss 'I'hompson. , FOR SALE-A large number of A's and I3's.-Glen Rall. FOR SALE-Several copies of my valuable booklet, "How to l3luIT." Im- mediate success assured. Ilns been used to great advzmtzige.-Ann I-Iztrmztcek. FOR SA'I.fE-One complete gym out- lit ztI'ter -lune 13th.-M rs. Iflackner. 'FGUNIEJ-A good student.-'I'he Ifztcnlty. LESSONS BY CORRESPONDENCE How to Acquire Wit On receipt of a stamped, addressed en- velope I will send you ai list of books containing witty remarks for every oc- casion.-Paul' Mzircou. 1:21 f IINIIEII H0lEI BARBER SHOP AND TURKISH BATHS Commodious, Steam Heated Electrically Lighted and Perfectly Ventilated. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Turko-Russian, Medicated Va- por, Electric, Salt and Plain Baths and Massage. All Water Used is Filtered. New Telephone 318 Main St. La Crosse, VVis. s , VI: EE f . nf - 'f J. 2- . A ' 1- '. "2 'u '. '-. f Rf '- . -.,' -.1 -4' pf 4 A ruff'-.,,"-.1 - f '- 4 21 ". 1 -. 1 -, ' 2 -.1 A f. "-. 1 ' 1. . '- 1 . . .f If f- f- -.1 - 1 ff'-. 1 '-X jf 'f. if ,'-. 1'-.J '-.f ",.' 'J-T f'-. "-. "'-. f 1 ,f 1 , ,' f ,. f ,- , 1 1 Z - , -. -. 2 - f. -. -J 21'-, '-.1 '- T 1-. -. 1'-,, " ,241 Z f 1 .. -.f V , fff f, Q ?4'-x "X X 2- fyyfffe K2 i .5 f-.Q fn- '.-1 '. 'f f , Z pf X. f1.,"'A if E id 2 Q 4 "Q 'rf P- s " 5 2 5 2 5 5 5 f 2 Z 2 EJ E aj Z 5 5 ' 5 5 4 i: 4gz1::x ' 2 IN THE PHI. ED. CORNER Oh Ling! thou shonld'st be living' at this hour- The Phy. Eds have need oi thee Their gym is Z1 pen of running' water Plasteon, mask and toil: dumbell and The heroic swings of our clubs. Have forfeited their ancient Swedish count For "In time-Begin ll' Number one on window side: "Did ll hurt you?" Number two near stall bars: UNO. you didn't touch me-you just grazed my quarte. What to do in the morning'-Get np! NOTICE Our balancing exercises will cease to exist after july 1. llztve you ever seen at jumping' rope Will some one be so kind to define Meehztno-Therztpy forms. 'iAye! There's the Rub!" Some people keep their money in rt squat vault. We heard that "Lindy Lee" turned over in her grave and that the "Tzirzm- telles" bit harder than ever this year. W'hy cull, us :L bluff? Wie only have one Hill. Even if Prohibition does go into elleel 'luly l Mr. lVittieh has received permis- sion to retztin our parallel bars. Sense of Home Liie: Two horses are kept neztr the Stall Bars. Clothes Pressed While Your Swimming' Let 'Me Take That Antliroinetrieal Measurement For Your New Spring Suit L. A. TAYLOR The house maid's knee has nothino' on 6 the "C-lreek Kneef' "Everytime she spit she spit It briek.' -Sl1ZlliCSlJC2ll'C. JOHN C. B NS WHOLESALE FRUIT HOUSE LA CROSSE, WIS. 144 -1- vi- I-IE ELITE HOME-MADE ICE CREAM AND CANDIES SOFT FANCY DRINKS AND SUNDAES GUS PAPPAS 412 Main Street .:. La Crosse, Wis. Commellcernent lothes : 22 f-'Vg .-.34-zl:-I -.cgi gg.alfi'v '- .,,:f: - , ., sg, - J ff? 5. . '- g . .' -4:5131 , 'iE55fE5' R :s2fi5?f?5f2f?s: .Im 'Q ,f 'gizizftigf 5:3kr1g:g:5:rI5 :- - fErE:5:r 2.3, xf:?7:2:fi.--L-1-: :2:1:S'212:-:I:. -I-.-x 5 - 4115 5:2 -:'-Q- -:f:7:1:1 :?:I:I-S+:-5-: g:-.7'-:- '.f:3:.: Ig: ':f,-F. -15176 ,-'-:4:-:7:-!'i:3:f': '-: P -' 'c -:2:j.:Q15" Iilifiifririrfrkffr ISI' 'A V if- "4'f1i5- .-E52: "3f525fffEfi!f9 ff' 2511 ? ': -35 3 if?-' 'ffif-I .f'i:" ' '1:2:?:?:7:7:S- :' x- ': .1551 ,:-:T . 'f:-:':-sr:-ag., 115:-" .441 ', :4 wzfiifiiif .25i5EfEfE5EiiE' 2 " isis ., -,.-:1E151E:1" , f ,:rE1E15r52:15fE:3S5 E5 '2ErEr. ,Earl ...:f5Y:1ifE1E223-L? . 5552-1:sf1a4:s:5:1:s:sZfE vf:s:s.5s:s:. 'M K ,:gZ:5:5:g:g1g1g:5 .25 : -5:5g3- Q15:51,. wg ' 1 :N-fff3fif1i1f:f:f:f: 1533 52: "iii:- - ?:5:'::::g:::::g:f:::5f: :1' ::::.g:5:2:, :girl -.,-:-z-."'-Efilil:-gl?" ' .'Ef5251Efi1Effff12 4 5:1'1":2:2: 11:5 i'E2511" 4fErE2EfE:5:5EgE1 'EQQEISII E 125-1 iii-51:2 'bifiifirflifiiiiff -'E1jfi5i5E5 Alffff. .42i2f25111f2frf:1' '2:1:7:271 -MS" f2:r-'...-.A ,, , -a .-L, ' :-:-:-a ko:-24' 2-:?:+.' 1.-:-:-.:::f?v vga - :mf-:F:?Er2'L - . gifiifiif i151z'?""'1rf fiS?55s2s?55z,sSs:f.:fer Iifisfsfsisiifisfiiif fi i I5ZE5Eg55:r'kfgfg5E5f. 53gEg'j" ,i:- gg-2-112 ' 159374 P ' ":I:2:-, ffl:-:1:f:-1351, HZ- ','' , i:f:f." 'f"f:2:f:J:1 ':5'3: '5'Rif:f:5:5:ifili" if. Qfriffif' 25:51 'l55:5.5inl..i1i' ., 'ilffv ':2:1f1:fif: 33:1 :7:f:1 ' :f:v:--I-mv: -- Z-:-:-, :4:-:-:-:- +2 -I+:-:.: 5-L-59"-g.,., "g. :-:-:-:4:- q',-i- 1:-1. '55:j- .5 igzgqff- :3:5z5:gg2 11515: 22522 12525555 22 gf VLQQP' '55, ': 11555: s z ififi- L' 'ic ..... . 5:3 sa? Sfmirig ifiranh Clilnilyes The newest and niftiest styles beautiful clark Fabrics and Blues, saving prices 2h325.00, 51530.00 353500, 3540.00 Silk Shirts, New Ties and Soft Collars. Fan cy Silk Hose La Crosse's Largest Clothing' House in at l- 145 Z I -,. Qi IQ., ,Q ,f-,Jf-.,, -2, - ff..-I -,yr .bil -P. 24" ,kv ,-,Q rnvlr-.-, Z- ff... 9- fx , -.x -.8 1 '-4 - h '-fi fn-A "nl, yu ti- ,W Z1 :Lf If-f.v,1.,..lf NPT' ni IZA. ,135 k92Qi512L,2,Jp 4' '-4 11, ,f--f'-,I 24 wyya Zo Q Z '--f 3' 14. 2-. f--,f fe Z 2 Z ' x - . 1 - ' f . 9 "f. X P- ' ' 1 2 : 4 e' 2 2 f Q 3 1 f 4 59 . '5 4 Try "THE STORE" Room BRANDYSS HOTEL DANCING Seventh period every afternoon Good Things to Eat Good Entertainers It's the Real Thing to do Now VISIT "Tl-IE STORE" ROOM PROGRAM Riebe's Famous Sons of Syncopation Exponents of the Lost Beat Cal Twenty Minutes Under an Umbrella Qbj Sleepers Awakened The Thompsonian Dancers Cal Mademoiselle Beuhler, Premiere Danseuse In a Dance Drama "Little Eva visits Fairyland" Chl Mademoiselle lol. Wfehster and E. Nicklas Co-stars in an Oriental Dance fel Dainty Fanny Marvin,,Greel: Dancer In an interpretive dance, 'iThe Birth of Aphrodite" KATCH E. TOONS MUSIC PUBLISHER LATEST SONGS BY NORMAL ' COMPOSERS "Step Vllith Pepl' ...... Miss Hutchison "Last Night the Nightly Wfail Wloke Me" ............... Robert Nolir, lr. "Ever XN'ith Thee" ............ Brownie "See at Your Feet" ..... "Shorty" Dean "Pm Always Chasing Rainbows". . . ......................Doris Gilliam "My Moustache" ..... ........ R flr. Hall "Smiles', ............,. Anne l-larmacelc Marguerite Skaar in HPIANOFLAGEU Famous Monologists in Original Selections Sara Maxewll-Clothes Make the Lady Ed. Zahorik-Girls I Have Fussed Wfalter XVhite-XVild Life Mildred Andrews-Popularity MOVlES "EVERY STUDENT" A Modern Morality Play. Cast of Characters Pleasure ............ Anne lflarmacek Modesty . .. ......., Lavina Taylor Style ..... ..... l Tobt. Nohr, hlr. Youth ...... Randolph Evjen Dimples .... . . . ,Florence Le Tendre Grace .. ...... Gladys 'Berthe Bluff . . . ......... Walter 'Baum Love . . . . . . XVesley Brandenburg Truth .. ........... Lola Dixon Flirt ..... .,.......,. B flr. Hall XVork ....... .. Oscar Rippe Experience . . . . ,lra Peterson 7k EE DIAMONDS From an Investors View Point ill Suppose that you are going to pay us 35100.00 for a Hne, snappy, blue while diamond of the lirst water. Ill At the end of ten years it will have increased in value more than the interest on the mon- ey amounts to and more. lll Then you will have had the pleasure of wearing it for nothing and your investment is still secure. Prestige the reflection of Quality. GED. B. RUSE, Inc. JEWELERS 310 Main sr. EE BE ,.,-ali'-.zffltkzj lk? X J .1 1, -. 1 . .1 .1 1 f f .1 . -I f ,- 'A 1. ., .1 ,. 1. . -.1 Af .A fn. 1-.l ,-.IJ ..,, .., y ,W ffm, -.J 2Q,9,jLfa,Jk,, Z, 1 -V -yr kg- A ,mi ,'.' , 391,111 Q Z "4 ". in "'. 'nf '- ' I 5 1 2 ? 21' "1-ff .351 if fx' 5 J E Q42 E df'-.,f '-.f ",' , W : , " 5 Z 7 1 g 5 5 I 'i , . Q 1 92 2 bf E 3 Z THE REX l-IIGH CLASS VAUDEVILLE La Crosse, XVisconsin NEWS AN D PROGRAM. llublished at the Expense of our Patrons Director: Miss Mar-tha Hobson lw-Zll1Elg'Cl'I M. ,IQ Lyon TO OUR PATRONS Each act will be announced from the stage by the director. Please be very quiet as any noise will disturb said di- rector. A The lllZl.111lg'C1' requests that all those who are not in their seats please hand him an excuse as he passes down the aisle, Ladies over six feet in height are po- litely requested to remove their hats. Retiring room CNO. 2145 will be found to the right where hats, wraps, etc., may be left 'free of charge. Open at all hours and always someone there. Miss E. llfleinert, matron, in constant attendance. Notice:-"Look around you and eare- fully locate the nearest exit. lin ease you are bored creep tdo not runj to that exit. For particulars see -I. Buehler or eonsult any member of the physiology class. KRAUSE CLOTHI G COM PAN hird and ain La Crosse, Wis. FAMILY OUTEITTER See Qur New Home VR 4: ,-. P'-. X'-. l,"'-fr"'1,'.I?l "Y "X 'af Vs,"-., f ff jg. ,fb-Jr.-v,A..P., -,af fa.-',fJQ?Qj9,yL,p,g,,,b Zn' K. gf. 1"--.f",' E' 24275, Zz Q '. '. ' . '. -5 f ,f-.- fren, rx we E ,Z -9 ,'-. 2-. '- 2 2 E 2 2 ff a f Q Z E ZZ E Z! ' Z 5 5 ' ' 5 5 5 : 2 BRIGHT SAYINGS OF CHILDREN Mr. Long fIn Psyehologyj-"Oh, I forgot to bring your quiz papers. By the way. they were pretty bad. But I don't think they'll spoil before Monday. though." Candidates Apply for Various Places Mr. Deerwester-"If we saw a num reaching for the moon we'd think him a candidate for an insane asylum, would we not?" and then we talk of men with high ideals as models to follow. IfIutehy-"Ot what period ot English History did Scott write?" Denny-"It was mostly during' the time of the tlcjniglitf' Wfittieh fatter demanding a clearance of-the eorridorj-"People, I want you to keep out of the corridor! Wfe are not running a matrimonial bureau here l" Miss Keith-"Say, Br. Baum. ean't you keep still?" Baum-"Sure," Miss Keith-"Let's hear you then." Seandy Qwatehing Miss Thompson dance-she has just fallenj-"XN'liy don't you go in and assist her Mae?" Mac-"Oh, I'd rather go in as her aunt." EK ' U Huber- Mary, soniething has trembling' on my lips for some time." Mary C-"Yes, l noticed. Why don't you shave been it off?" tConaly had failed to jump over the buek alter several atteniptsj .lieuhler-'KWhat's the matter?" Conaly-"Stage fright, I guess." lfleteher-"No buck fever." Mr. Nohr-"Why, when I was in eol- lege we had a corpse to study anatomy from." Jennie N.-"A really dead eorpse?'l Sanford-"You certainly are not mili- tarist, Maurer." Sox?-"How do you igure San'lord-"l'ieeause you are not pre- pared." ' 1' ju Dr. Bernhard-"You people have a iew moments before laboratory period. liDon't any of you want a drink?" Sprain-"XiVhat have you got?" Mr. Hall Cfto class of gymnasts lying' on the 'floorj-"Now raise and extend your knees alternately as if you were riding' a bicycle. In time-Begin! One student stopsj W'hat's the mat- ter, can't you do the exercise? M.areou-"Oli, l'm just eoastingf, SEE OUR NORMAL SCHOOL PINS AND RINGS E. . PA R K E R JEWELER MAJESTIC THEATRE BUILDING sf EE t 143 EK Your Photograph is a mirror of Swcct remembrance. Have one taken oftener. Motl Stud'o 1 Superior Wool Fabrics and Correct Tai- loring, Like Thorobred People, Require No Sponsor. VVhile Von Wald-Bedessem's clothing and tailoring store specializes on that kind of clothing that identifies the thorobred type of men, its chief claim to unique distinction lies in its values. True, this beautiful store has won spontaneous approval, but that, after all, is but an appropriate setting for the values. Prices may mean nothing or much according to what you receive for the price you pay. Here you may decide on an outlay of S40 or less or 5960 or more. The beauty of our showing of line woolens and ready to wear clothing is, that whatever your price limitations you can rest assured that the quality of fabric and the tailoring are above criticism. VON WALD-BEDESSEM DIAKERS OF FINE CLOTHES 422 Main Street La Crosse, WVisc0nsin Bi- EE 1-L9 ' ' . ff ,ff E F? Q x P if -11..c..df,,,.w'f'..4e,,.f+1si..-.' 'mix' , -av.-mi' A 5 - Mf- Z .f V A .-'7 X ' , , -. ff' ' '- We Lf 1 ,Y Y V 'fr w I -Aff , - ' fr' 'Z bf , . ' , X . , - ' -cf - , K "' , A N .. 1, ' , . . 'fx , - 74" "fu K .-'4'L.f-,1.Q"1l. ,.-Q-Q,-f I y 'L 0 ' L ' V ' 1.f -,bivgw-41ml " ' 'Lf fd-' " Q QL' f M j - 1 I' X ' .,,"'-,I "I '35 if-.I 2-., f'-. "--,fgq 'bi 7,2--. 4,111 if-V:niJzi.,,,-,y,'f. 1 'ug an ,'.. '-.if '-.1 'v jf ,, g if ,Q f ,f ,. ,f. 'ffm K2 Q f '-h ff. fn- -uf -.,, f 3 1 3 Z 5'-Kiln:-ff N2-T gif. fii ,X 5 2 2 .. , .Q I ., .X , , , , Z ' 2 f 'Z Z 'K 5 I 3 I Z f 1 , 1 gf E aj : .g X4 . Z 1 wg E 5 4 Z Z 7 Z SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FORG CLASS NAME ADDRESS Q -,, ,,,,,.:,r J, 52, ., L. J V Ji " J W LY?- ij, 1151-ai'?.f asa TQf: 4J,, -- . " ., - ,- 11' RL , . , .agus - jfifmle.- W ILYJJA? 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A L .N , ' 4 1 4 5 ' 4'4 f V 4' 43 4 V .t 4U i

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