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THE 1957 PERISCOPE presents . . . LIFE at Eau Claire State Published by the GLORIA WOEST......................... Editor RONALD BLAKELEY................Assistant Editor Wisconsin ROBERT MICKELSON............Business Manager State College at Eau Claire STAFF: Darrel Gilbertson, Mary Margaret Scott, Mary Jane Mattson, Larry Smith. Lucille Radle, Audrey Steuver, Lori Van De Hey, Karen Sybcrs, Donna Weiss PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ron Blakeley, Jack Garbor, Gary Kunz, Jim Christoffersen, Doug Christiansen, Karen Boortz.• • • A freshman's view of Old Main is seen by Kaly Fulls, Jim Kolka, and Janis Zicr as Bill McGinnis lakes them on a campus tour. Life Goes To College Life goes to college — our college, Eau Claire State. Trunks, suitcases, and boxes are the harbingers of the impending return to school. The tree-lined driveways and the quiet hallways of the campus welcome the return of activity which the bustling students give them. Apprehensive freshmen explore the spots which arc to become familiar to them — the classrooms. Old Main, the Little Theatre, dorms, lounges, and South Campus. The "oldtimer" upperclassmen arc reunited in the Blugold Room. The increased enrollment brings class conflicts, long tally lines, and bulging classes. The oncc-quict campus becomes alive — classrooms arc busy, the football field is battered by Blugold scrimmages, the dorms and houses are a confusion of unpacking students. The 1957 Periscope would like to present life at Eau Claire State in 1956 and 1957. EAU CLAIRE’S “Old .Main” The Administration Building, better known as “Old Main” is the hub of activity at WSCEC. Classrooms, the Union, the Blugold Room, the auditorium, the cafeteria, the bookstore, and the publications offices, as well as the library and administration offices make this building a busy place.Not only beautiful, but a perfect spot for picnics, recreation, and lounging. South Campus provides Eau Claire students with a place to take advantage of the outdoors. Taking advantage of the Student Government picnic given during orientation week arc beanie-sporting freshmen. Marlys Larson, Betty Borne, and Audrey Schultz. In the background can be seen the barracks which serve as classrooms to accommodate the swelled enrollment. South Campus BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS Music Building Home base for band, orchestra, and choir in addition to music classes is this remodeled music building. Strains of Sousa and Sibelius drift from it as future musicians learn the “know-how" of music.Physical Education Building r r’" f- .::s; RRH ?! The center of WSCECs athletic program is the physical education wing of the multipurpose building east of Old Main. A structure that combines beauty with utility, it is the home of many championship Blugold basketball teams. It is transformed into a ballroom for the annual Junior Prom and provides room for all-school convocations. Campus School Fortunate are the students who receive elementary education training here. The observation deck which allows students to observe classes without disturbing them is a unique feature of this especially-designed building. I.ittle Theatre Broadway is transplanted to the college stage in this almost ideal setting. Guide Bill McGinnis is shown outside the I.ittle Theatre with Katy, Janis, and Jim. Students of drama and radio find here an excellent opportunity to learn by doing.Women’s Residence Hall A second home for out-of-town girls is this dormitory, completed last year. Housing 138 girls, it is also the scene of dances, teas, and other social activities. Comfortable. cheery rooms make staying at the dorm a pleasure. Memorial Hall Home away from home for some of the male population of WSCEC is Memorial Hall, formerly a women's dorm. It houses 60 men. and the downstairs rooms are used for social gatherings, as in former years. Campus House Framed by evergreens and bushes, this women's residence provides for six girls' living quarters. Conveniently located at the edge of the parking lot. it is close to campus facilities. ML IINo freshman escapes convocations since 85% attendance is required for graduation. The singing of the Alma Mater, here sung by Nancy Newburg. Carl Anderson. Irving Brown, and Mike MacKany. is a fitting closing for each convocation. ALMA MATER . . . Of all the schools within our state We love the gold and blue. For there are none can hope to rate Our college dear with you. The Chippewa River pays thee homage Bowing low before thy feet. And the scene it stirs out heartbeat Which the bluffs, the trees, the meadows make complete. And wc thy loyal sons and daughters Our love and fealty will swear To thee our Alma Mater, Our college of Eau Claire.TABLE OF CONTENTS September........................ 1 October ........................ 25 November........................ 43 December ....................... 57 January......................... 79 February........................ 85 March........................... 99 April...........................115 May ............................133 Few college campuses can compare with our college campus. Its beauty is pointed to with pride; its students find here opportunity for professional training, stimulation of the mind, and enjoyment of life This is our college — Eau Claire State. 7BAKKEN, ARNOLD; BIOLOGY; B.A. University of Montana; M.S., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin. FACULTY BA HR, LILLIAN; ROOM SUPERVISOR, GRADE 5; B.E. Illinois State Normal University; M.A. University of Minnesota. BAKER, FRANCES; ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AND CURRICULUM DIRECTOR; B.S., M.A., Library Supervisors Diploma, Columbia University. BANGSBERG, HARRY; HISTORY. PUBLIC RELATIONS; Luther College; M.A. University of Iowa; Candidate for Ph.D. at University of Iowa. BUCHHOLZ, ERNA; HEAD LIBRARIAN; Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire; B.A. Ripon; B.S. in Library Science, University of Denver. ANDERSON, DELIA; ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN; Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire; B.A. University of Wisconsin; University of Denver.CHRISTY, LEO; MUSIC. BAND; B.A. University of Illinois; M.S. University of Illinois; Ph.D. University of Indiana. COLLINS, J. OLIVER; CHEMISTRY; A.B. Muskingum College; M.S., Ph.D. Western Reserve University. DAHL, JULIA; ROOM SUPERVISOR. GRADE 2; Diploma, Wisconsin State College. Eau Claire; Ph.B. University of Wisconsin; M.A. University of Iowa. CLARK, W. PARKER; PHYSICS; Ph.B. University of Wisconsin; M.A. University of Minnesota; Additional work at University of Minnesota. COCHRANE, WILLIAM; HISTORY; B.E. St. Cloud State Teachers College; M.A. University of North Dakota; Candidate for Ph.D. at University of Minnesota. CLAWSON, ALICE; PHYSICAL EDUCATION; B S. Ohio State University; M.A. Texas State College for Women. FAY, MARCUS; BOTANY; B A.. M.A., Ph.D. University of Iowa.FOSTER, ROTH; ART; B.S. Northwest Missouri State College; M.A. Columbia University; Additional work at National College of Education. GILBERTSON, LESTER, ENGLISH; B.S. Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire; Ph.M. University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota. GANTNER, ROBERT; INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC; B.S. M. Oberlin Conservatory; M.S. Fort Hayes State; University of Wisconsin. University of Colorado. Arthur Jordan Conservatory. GRIMM, GRETCHEN; ART EDUCATION; Wisconsin State College, River Falls; B.S., M.E. University of Minnesota. GERBERICH. JOHN; BIOLOGY. BACTERIOLOGY; B.S., M.S. Kent State University; Ph.D. Ohio State University. GUNN, ROBERT; ENGINEERING, DRAWING, MANUAL ARTS; B.S. Stout Institute; M. A. University of Wisconsin. 10HENCH, LEE O. JOURNALISM. ENGLISH. PUBLICATIONS; A.B. Upper Iowa University; M.A. New York University; Additional work at University of Iowa, New York University, and Columbia University. HORNBACK, CHARLES. PRINCIPAL OF CAMPUS SCHOOL. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION; University of Chicago; B.E. Illinois State Normal University; M.A. University of Illinois. HIBBARD, RICHARD; POLITICAL SCIENCE, DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION; B.Ed. Wisconsin Stale College, Eau Claire; M.A. Northwestern University; M.A. Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; Ph.D. Northwestern University. HUBERT, CHARLOTTE; MUSIC EDUCATION; B.S.M. Oberlin; M.S. Potsdam. HINZ, IDA; PHYSICAL EDUCATION; B.S. Illinois State University; M.A. Colorado State College of Education. HOARD. RUTH; ROOM SUPERVISOR. GRADE 8; B.E. Wisconsin State College. Superior; M.A. Colorado State College of Education; Teachers College. Columbia. r JOHNSON, CALDWELL; VOCAL MUSIC; B.A. University of Iowa; M.A. Columbia University, University of Ohio, and Northwestern University. 11JOHNSON, RUTH: ENGLISH; A.B. University of Illinois; M.A. University of California, Columbia. University of Minnesota, and University of New Mexico. KOLKA, HENRY; GEOGRAPHY; B.E. Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point; Ph.M. University of Wisconsin. KOELSCHE, C IIARL E S; PHYSICAL SCIENCE; A.B.. M.S. University of California; Ed.D. Indiana University. KUEMMERLEIN, KENNETH; ART; B.S. University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee; M.E. University of Wisconsin. KJER, EARL; SPEECH. DRAMATICS; B.E. Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point; M.A. Northwestern University. University of Minnesota; Additional work at Northwestern University. KRAUSE, FLOYD; CHEMISTRY; B.E. Wisconsin State College. River Falls; M.S. University of Iowa; University of Minnesota. 12LEE, ROLAND; ENGLISH; B. A. Baldwin Wallace College; M.A., Ph.D. Ohio State Univer- sity. MATZ, ALICE; COLLEGE NURSE; R.N. Luther Hospital School of Nursing; University of Minnesota. 5 MAY, WALTER; MUSIC, ORCHESTRA; B.S. Diploma in Organ. B.S. in Education. Southwest Missouri State College; Ad-t ditional work at Conservatoire National dc Musique Deuxiemc Medaille d’ Harmonic Paris, France. LUCHSINGER, PERRY. CHEMISTRY; B.S. Wisconsin State College, River Falls; M.A. University of Iowa. M c N A M A R A, MARION; ROOM SUPERVISOR. KINDERGARTEN; Miss Woods Training School; B.S. Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire. M cMUL L E N. E L D O N; FRENCH. HUMANITIES. B A. University of Florida; M.A. Columbia University; Ccrtificat d -Etudcs, University of Montpellier. France; Diploma SS. University of Dijon, France; Candidate for Ph. D. Columbia University. MENARD, JOHN; MATHEMATICS; B.S. Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire; Ph.M. University of Wisconsin. 13 MEYER, KARL; HISTORY; A.B. West Texas State College, Valparaiso University, Indiana; M.A. University of Maryland; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin; Additional work at Basal, Switzerland. MILLER, VINE; HISTORY; B.A. Ripon; M.A. Columbia. MORRIS, JOHN; ENGLISH; B.A., M.A., University of South Carolina; Ph.D. University of Tennessee. NASH, ANNA; ROOM SUPERVISOR. GRADE 4; B E. De Kalb State Teachers College; M.A. University of Iowa. OLSON, ADOLPH; PHYSICAL EDUCATION; B.Ed. Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire; Ph.M. University of Wisconsin. University of Iowa. OLSON, CHESTER; ROOM SUPERVISOR. GRADE 7; B.S. Wisconsin State College, Lacrosse; M.A. University of Wisconsin; Additional work at University of Wisconsin. S 14PERSON, GERALD; HEALTH. PHYSICAL EDUCATION; B. A. Augsburg College; M.Ed. University of Minnesota; Ph.D. University of Minnesota. UGG, MELVIN; PSYCHOL-XjY, PHILOSOPHY; B.A. laker University; M.A., Ph.D. Pennsylvania University; Ph.D. )hio State University. ROWE. MARY, ROOM SUPERVISOR, GRADE I; B.S. Wisconsin Stale College, La Crosse; M.A. Northwestern, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin. PETERSON, ARTHUR: POLITICAL SCIENCE; B.A. Yale University; M.S., P.A. University of Southern California; Candidate for Ph.D. at University of Minnesota. RANDOLPH, A. W.; SECONDARY EDUCATION, B.S. Southern Illinois University; M. A., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin. RAMHARTE R, HAZEL; ROOM SUPERVISOR. GRADE 6. INSTRUCTOR OF ARITHMETIC METHODS: B. S. Wisconsin State College. Eau Claire; M.A. University of Minnesota, University of California. RUSCH, CARROLL; MATHEMATICS; B.A. Mission House College; M.A., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin. 15SAMPSON, HELEN; ENGLISH; B.A. Buena Vista College; M.A., Ph.D. University of Iowa. SCHNEIDER, JOSEPHINE; LIBRARIAN; B.A. Winthrop; M.A. University of South Carolina; Chicago University; M. A. in Library Science. University of Wisconsin I ibrary School. SPARKS. INEZ; PSYCHOLOGY; Wisconsin State College. Stevens Point: B.S.. M.A. University of Minnesota. Columbia University. University of California. SCHILDT, CARL; BIOLOGY; B.A. Wisconsin State College. Superior; M.S.. Ph.D. University of Wisconsin. SHEA. WALTER: SOCIOLOGY; A B. Morris Harvey College; M.S. University of Wisconsin; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin. STOWELL, EMILY; ENGLISH; B.A. University of Washington. Illinois College. SCHNEIDER. JOHN; SOCIOLOG B.A., M.A.. University of South Ca lina; Ph.D. University of Wisconsir TION. VISUAL AIDS; B E. Wiscon State College, Stevens Point; M.A. U. versity of Minnesota. STOWELL, ERNEST; SPANISH. GF MAN; B.A., M.A. University of Was ington; Ph.D. Centre dc Estudios Unive. sitarios, Mexico City College, Universit of California. National University Mexico.III ERL AND, LAURA; HISTORY; %.. M.A. University of Wisconsin. ANNER. GILBERT; PHYSIOGRA-HY. PHOTOGRAPHY; B.S. Wisconsin •late College. Eau Claire; M.S. Univer-:ty of Wisconsin. rHOMPSON, RUTH; ROOM SUPERVISOR. GRADE 3; B.S. Wisconsin State 'ollege, LaCrosse: M.S. University of isconsin. t — 3 5 SWEETSER. ALBERT; ECONOMICS. B.A. Harvard; M.A. New York University: Candidate for Ph.D. at American University. Washington. D.C. TAYLOR. JAMES; GEOGRAPHY; M. A. Syracuse University; Ph.D. Indiana University. THURSTON. ANNA; CHEMISTRY; A.B. University of Omaha; M.A. Columbia University, University of Nebraska. TANNER. ROWENE; CAMPUS SCHOOL HOME ECONOMICS; B.S. Wisconsin State College. Stout. THOMPSON, LYSANDKR; SOCIOLOGY. POLITICAL SCIENCE; B.A. Uni-versity of Illinois; M.A. University of Minnesota; Candidate for Ph.D. at University of Minnesota. VOSS. JAMES; PSYCHOLOGY; B.A. Valparaiso; M.A., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin.WAHLSTROM, LAWRENCE; MATHEMATICS; B.A. Lawrence College; M.A., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin. WALLIN. JAMES; ECONOMICS; Wisconsin State College. Plattcville: LL.B., B.E. University of Washington; Ph.M.. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. WALSH, GRACE; SPEECH; B E. Wisconsin State College. Superior; Ph.M. University of Wisconsin. Northwestern University. WARNER, DONALD; HISTORY; B.E., M.A. University of Minnesota; Ph.D. Yale University. WEEKS, ROBERT; ENGLISH: A.B., M.A. West Virginia University; Ph.D. Indiana University. WELKER. DAVID; SPEECH. RADIO. TELEVISION; B.E., M.A. University of Illinois; Ph.D. University of Minnesota. WICK. MARSHALL; MATHEMATICS. ELECTRONICS; B.S. Wisconsin State College. Eau Claire; M.A. University of Minnesota. WUORI. FREDERICK; ECONOMICS. ACCOUNTING; B.A. University of Minnesota; M.A. University of Minnesota; Ph.D. Georgetown University. THOMAS. BERNICE; HEAD RESI-DENT. WOMEN’S RESIDENCE HALL; Stout State College.. ADMINISTRATION DAVIES, W. R., PRESIDENT; Ripon College; M.A. University of Wisconsin, Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Minnesota PEDERSEN, STELLA; DEAN OF WOMEN, DIRECTOR OF STUDENT PERSONNEL SERVICES; B.E. Wisconsin State College, River Falls; M.A. University of Minnesota; Additional work at University of Minnesota. HAAS, LEONARD; DEAN OF INSTRUCTIONS; B.E. Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire; Ph.M. University of Wisconsin, Columbia, University of Southern California; Ph.B. University of Minnesota. ZORN. WILLIS; DEAN OF MEN. BASKETBALL; Wisconsin State College. Stevens Point; M.A. University of Minnesota, University of Colorado; Ph.B. University of Chicago. 19303 South Bew h lU M1 FI The first convocation of the year featured the Pittsburgh All-University Tamhoritzans. Here they do a spirited Slavic folk "dance to the lively accompaniment of guitars and tamboritzas. The girls’ vocal group of the Tamhoritzans sings a plaintive folk tune of the Balkan countries. Attired in native garb they presented authentic songs and dances to a receptive audience. in LOe= f Crrar CJUJ £ 5-VI4 3 20 Miscellaneous TAMBORITZANS APPEAR; LUMBERJACK JUMP HELD September social events were highlighted by the annual convocation featuring the Tambo-ritzans und by the Lumberjack Jump. The Tamhoritzans, a group of college students from Pittsburgh, include Rau Claire on their return trip to Pennsylvania from their summer camp in Minnesota. This year’s program had a rock and roll number as an added attraction. The Lumberjack Jump, sponsored by Phi Sigma Rpsilon, national social fraternity on campus, had Indian Summer weather for its affair. Coeds in Bermuda shorts were an asset to the scenery. Left: Dick Richardson leads a bunny hop at the Phi Sig Lumberjack Jump. This annual tennis court dance is one of the fraternity's social affairs.Bob Hcssler, bruising Hau Claire charger, jousts the Green Knights for the only Blugold marker. BLUGOLDS SURPRISED BY ST. NORBERT’S Eau Claire’s Blugolds lost their opening game of the 1956 season 26-7. They took a commanding 7-0 lead, but after that, the Knights lived up to their name by scoring four consecutive touchdowns. Eau Claire, losing the ball nine times, six on fumbles, three on interceptions, permitted the DcPerc team to score all four directly or indirectly on these breaks. Little did the Blue and Gold know, as they walked downheartedly from the Carson Park field, what thrills and chills the season held. A soggy field hampering the Eau Claire attack, LcRoy Ming grimaces with the impact of a tackle.With a Stout player coming up from behind. Jim Johnson snares a pass and takes off for the goal line. Later in the game he suffered an ankle injury which sidelined him the rest of the season. Blugolds Win Dad’s Night Game A scrappy Stout “11" gave the Eau Claire Blugolds a brief scare in a game that the Olsonmcn had to come from behind to win. Leading in the first half of the game 6-0, the Blucdevils of Stout played heads-up ball; in the third quarter the Blue and Gold turned the tables on them. First Jim Gleboff, Blugold halfback, raced 37 yards to tic the game at 6-all. A few minutes later Eau Claire’s big fullback Hcssler smashed the Bluedevil line and rolled 26 yards to put Eau Claire ahead 12-6. Once again the Blugolds scored on a TD plunge by Ted Devine. The final touchdown went to the Blucdevils to terminate the scoring at 18-12. Coach Ade Olson congratulates proud dads who were the honored guests of the evening. 22 ru+h m fried ChitkeH Our 6f€c a.Hy WorferBlugolds Humble Superior Hlugold halfback Ted Devine picks up yardage in the Superior game. Eau Claire stung the Superior Yellowjackets 20-6 with a sparkling combination of offense and defense. At halftime the Blue and Gold held a slim one-point lead, but swept back the second half with a two-touchdown attack. The winning offensive unit was led by Bollinger, Hessler, and Berseth. Blugold defensive standouts were Don Pierce, Don Gudmanson and Dave Hoehn. An unidentified Blugolder lowers his shoulder into a Superior attacker. and cferuL Established in ISO+ 23Blugold football co-captains Don Pierce and Jim Bollinger both received national recognition during the season. Tackle, Don Pierce was selected as a “Little All-American” member by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Jim Bollinger, quarterback, ranked in the top fifteen in the nation in total offense and in passing. 24 A 9S6LFRESHMEN Andahl, Mayling Aascn. Arnold Adler. John Alf. Stephen Allison. Jean Almquist. Alfred Ammcntorp, Carol Anderson, Grant Anderson. Janet Anderson. LeRoy Anderson. Lucille Anderson. Shirley Applcyard. Dale Armour. Allen Arnsdorf. Ed Aschebrook, Judith Ausman, Madison Baker. Lyle Baker. Mary Ellen Balcom, Ted Barnes. Robert Bartlett, Wayne Baskficld. Gerald Bassuever. Richard Beam. Rebecca Bebcl. Gene Becker, Frederick Benson. James Berg. Norman Bergh, Gary Berseth. Gerald Bibby, Lorraine Bible. Thomas Blcskachek. Brian Blicher. Carol Ann Blizzard. James Boda. Mary Boese. Deanna Boeumill, Michael Bolcy. James Books, Joan Borgwardt. Nolene Borne, Betty Brandt. Madeleine Brick. Judy Broeske. Marvin Broker, Scharlene Brown, David Brown, Irving Brown. Rueben Bunkclman. Vera Burg. Carolyn Burseth, James Burt, Donald Busch, Patrick Busch, Richard 25FRESHMEN Bushcndorf, Steve Butek. Leonard Butterfield, Bernice Button. Richard Bye, Judy Cahow, Douglas Calkins, Nancy Callcas, Barbara Campbell, James Canar, Marge Carney, Dale Carolan, John Carroll. Susan Casberg, Coleen Casey, Mike Caspersen, Gerald Catlin, Richard C'hickering, Sharon Chillstrom. Don ChristcJ, Allen Christensen, Doug Christensen, Paula Christianson, Robert Christoffersen, Jim Chumas. Connie Cihasky, Mike Clark, Judith Clark. Wayne Close. Steve Close, Winifred Comerford, Jack Couture. Mary Crisp. Melvyn Cull. Sally Cutsforth. Lowell Danielson, Barbara Demos, Peter Dennis. James Derochcr. Jack Devine, Ted Diederich. Elizabeth Donated. Henry Doughty. Wanito Drake, Douglas Dudansky, Lcora Ducschcr, Jack Dunbar. Walter Dutter, Ronald Eastenson, Bruce Eggen. Betty Eidc, Janice Eidc, Maurice Ellison. Leonard Elstran, W. E. Erdman, Dorothy Erickson. Duffy 26FRESHMEN • • • Evans, Ray Evjen. Clifford Fago, Helene Fandcl, Thomas Farmer. Richard Fellows, David Fclsch, Ronald Ferguson, Jan Fields, Dennis Fimreitc, Don Fischer, Donald Forcicr, Roger Franson, Suzanne Frcdcrickson, Roger Fried, Donovan Fritsch, Priscilla Fritz, Marie Fults, Kathryn Funk. Betty Galetka. Gordon Ganka. Mary Fran Ganong, Ronald Ganthcr. Donald Garnett. Gerald Gilbert. Nancy Gilbertson. Darrel Gobar, Marian Gocltl, Marietta Gotham. Mary Grabowski, Marie Grace, Judy Grendys, June Groat. James Guitc. Albert Gullard. Larry Gunderson, Carol Gunia, Virginia Gutknecht, David Habighorst. Karen Hable. William Hagen. Roger Hagness, Darlene Hake, Thomas Hall, Margaret Halls, Karen Halmstad, Dick Hamm, L. J. Hammer. Merlin Hanke. Lavern Hanson. Eugene Hanson, James Hanson. James S. Hanson. Mary Hanson, Sandra Hard. Connie Harvatine, Phil 27FRESHMEN Hasart, Ina Haugen. Gary Haugen. Steve Haunschild, Gerald Havenor, Harold Hcdler, Jackie Hcdlund, Jocelyn Hei, Jack Hei. Larry Heike. Arlene Heit, Clarence Heiberg. Jo-Ann Hcnch, Marietta Henderson. Gary Henderson Joyce Henning, Carol Hcrncss. Ervin Her ness, Everette Herrick. Roger Hickox. Priscilla Hillcstad, Carol - ) Hoard. Thomas Hocsly, Marcia Hoffman, Rhela Hohl, Paul Holman, Mary Holstein. Gary Hotchkiss, Roger Hovey, Nan Hovland. James Hoycr. Jacob Hoyt. Suzanne Huset. Sharon lida, Helene Jacobs. Roland Jacobson, Barbara Jacobson, Jerome Jacobson. Karen Jacobson, Marian Jahr, Lynton Jensen. Gordon John, Carole Johnson. Ardis Johnson. Audrey Johnson. Charles Johnson. Christine Johnson, Gary Johnson. Helene Johnson. James Johnson. Janet Johnson. Nancy Johnson, Roy Johnson. Thomas Johnson. Yvonne Jones, Harvey Jones. Marna 28FRESHMEN S' o, Joseph, Carol Kahle. William Kallcnbach. Marlys Kannel. Karen Kanstrup. James Kauffman. James Kcglcr. Eva Keller, Kenneth Kieser, D. V. Kiltie. Sandra Kinscl, Luura Kissling. Donna Kiawiter, John Klcmm, Donna Klofanda. Mary Alys Knight. Maureen Knutson. Norman Kohcl. Dave Kohlhcpp. Penny Kolka. James Komro, Jerry Konik. Sandra Korn. Donald Korn. Lorelie Korn, Patricia Kottke. Guen Kovcll, Sharon Kragness, Roger Krahenbuhl, James Kramer, David Kramer. Jeanette Kramer. Roger Krenz, Margaret Krumenauer, Lyle Kruppe. Russell Kuechenmcislcr, Juliana Kuepfer, Ruth Kufahl, Shirley Kusmirek, Patricia Lambert. Barbara Lane. Beth Larson, Marlys Larson. Raymond Lee. Nadine Lee, Richard Lcssard, l.ovan Lcuthc, David Lewis, Barbara Lokken, Barbara Long. Barbara Loschko. Jim Lott. James Lund, Arnold Luttrell. Karen McDonald. Bruce McFaul, Kip 29FRESHMEN McGuinc. Florence Mcllquham, Helen McKee. Terry McKccth, Dolores MeRoberts, Jean MacKany. Mike Mackay. Catherine MacKey, Robert MacLuughlin. Jean Mahla. Lester ’ Mango. William Manley, Gayle Manthey, Karen Manz. Carl Mathewson, Carol Matson, Gary Mattison, Frederick Mattson, Carolyn Maves, Claudia Meinen, Vernon Mcistad, Marlys Mellcm, Lynn Melville. Marlene Metz, Joan Miller. Jerry Missell. Janice Moe. Harold Moholt. Peter Mohr, Eva Moore, Ray Mork. Rosalie Muehl. Marilyn Murray. Aria Murdal, Gerald Nadaolski. Nancy Neill. Gary Nelson, Donna Nelson, Richard Nelson. Rodney Nielsen. Rolland Nix. Robert Nyberg, Chuck Nyberg. Marlys Nyht. Ardith Nysted, Bette Oberg. Ruth O'Brien, Maureen Odegard, Dick Ocstrcich, George Ogren, Dennis Olejniczak, Barbara Oliver, Charles Olson, Arvaal Olson, Bonnie Olson, Don Olson. Phil 30Olson, Roscann Olson. Verne Ondal. Arthur O'Neil. Sally O'Neill. Wallace Onstad. Karen Osterberg, Lindcs Ovsak. George Owens. Sally Parkhurst, Donna Parkhurst. Marlene Patrow, Ronald Paulson. Ronald Pedersen, Audrey Pcirson. John Perkins. Bill Petersen, Ruth Peterson. Mahlon Phillips. Ronald Pittman. Don Pittman, Norris Plabuta. Maynard Plaza. Joyce Plomcdahl. Darlene Plummer, Barbary Poirier, Donald Polzin. Larry Popko. John Porter. Lee Postl. Francis Potter. William Proctor. Elizabeth Proctor. John Prough. Wanda Przybylski. Edwin Pulvcr, Robert Radkc, Douglas Racthcr, Alfred Ragatz, Edward Randall, Vivian Rasmus, Virginia Reed. Mary Reese, Judy Reichc, Elaine Reinhold, Jane Reiter. Audrey Reiter, Thomas Rcnch, Donald Rickey. Marlin Ringstad. Benjy Ritter. Richard Rivard. John Rixford. Howard Robarge, Arlene Robbins. Ronald Roc, Judith 31FRESHMEN . . . Ronning. George Rood. Janet Rooney. Dennis Rostamo,- Mary Ann Rott jer, Margaret Rove raft, Cora Ann Rubenzer, Janice Rude. Carole Rumppe, Ella St. Arnault. Glenn Sainty. Norman Schcel. Robert Schcndel. Pat Schcrf, Natalie Schicfclbein, Gordon Schlecht. Richard Schlough, Gladys Schmidt. Louis Schofield. Bill Schrcibcr. Janet Schrcicr, Lorenz y. A A n I 7 . 7 '3 9 A asr f 7 w y. ■ j f') p -.‘"-u.crb Schroettcr. Delon Schucler, Ronald Schultz. Audrey Shuster. Darold Sequin. Watford Seidlitz, Donald Sires. Robert Skoug. Clara Slock. Rachel Smith. Elton Smith, Ian Smith. Larry Smith. Lea Smith, Roderick Solem. Karen Southard. Dale Southard. Donald Spanberg. Ronnie Staff, Gudrun Staff. Sharon Stamm. Rosemary Stanck. James Steele, Fred Steinmetz. Neil Stcinwand. Catherine Stucky, Ardycc Stuve, Audrey Sumner, Jack Swan, Lynn Swanson, Simone Syverson. Ardyth Szydcl, Esther Tail. Bill Thicssc. Ruby Thom, Mary Ann H 32. . . FRESHMEN Thompson. John Thompson. Judith Ihorson. Margaret Tiller. Sharon Tomlinson. Jean Traeder, Tom Turany, Joseph Turk. Thomas Tyrrell, Maureen Urness, Karen Vader. Donald Van l c Hey. Lori Van Ncvcl, Paul Ver Hagen, Jan Vesperman. Robert Vettrus, Donna Vlach, Daniel Von Haden, Agnes NVahl. Bob Wahlstrom, Gloria Wakh. Donald Wald. Selma Walker. James Wallace, Arch Walsdorf. John Watts. Harvey Wcihmullcr. Walter Weiss, Carol Welch, Betty Welch, Terrence Weltzicn. Janice Wenzel, Eugene Wcrlcin. Nancy Werts, Betty Westerberg. Dick Wickland. Richard Wiedenhoeft. Robert Wilcox. Donald Winn. Clark Winn. Jim Winnekins. Lin Winrich. Lonny Wintrone. Allen Wittren. Donald Wucherpfcnnig. Chester Wuestcncck, Carl Wyman. Ted Yankee. Larry Young. Ronald Young. Wayne Zahradka. Michael Zchm, Amy Zichr. Kenneth Zicr, Janis Zumbrock, WilliamEAU CLAIRE NUDGES U.W.- MILWAUKEE Eau Claire took command of the conference lead with River Falls and Platteville with the closest battle of the season, a five-point margin over Milwaukee 20-15. An outstanding performance was handed in by Blugold halfback. Bob Hesslcr; he carried the ball a total of 31 times for an amazing 183 yards. Jerry Bcrscth, Eau Claire freshman end, gathers in a pass. Jim Bollinger (13), Blugold quarterback, looks for a way out. 34BLUGOLDS UPSET RIVER FALLS Five thousand breathless fans sat through a furious display of football fireworks at the Eau Claire-River Falls game; only after a grueling struggle did the Eau Claire team triumph 35-21. The bristling Blugolds were paced by Don Pierce, Jim Bollinger, Ted Devine. Jerry Berseth. and Bob Hesslcr. The fourth quarter told the story as they scored two touchdowns. Bollinger to Berseth for 40 yards and Bollinger to Devine with Messier's conversion put the miracle men out of reach. Blugolds huddle for a breather in a hard-fought game. Tense faces of the Eau Claire squad await the outcome of a play.36 Collegt Players Open Season with “My Sister Eileen ” Aspiring career girls. Ruth (Shirley Eaton) and I ilecn (Sandra Welker) McKinney rent a Greenwich Village apartment from proprietor popolous (John Angelos) upon their arrival in the big city. Adding spice to the hilarious corner! Violet Shulton (Nancy l.udwic .akl who mcrly rented the apartment. Here laughingly rejects her friendly job Eau Claire Ekes Out La Crosse Win "Agonizing” is the one word describing the Blugold-Indian battle. It was Ade Olson’s Cinderella team that ground out victory in a heroic effort to retain the conference lead. The chagrined La Crosse fans saw their Indians lose the first football game to Eau Claire since 1948. Hessler of Eau Claire scored the game’s first touchdown with a two yard smash; halftime showed La Crosse leading 7-6. With a minute remaining, the mortified Eau Claire rooters saw La Crosse drive to a few short feet of the goal line, but time ran out. The Blugolds took a well-earned 12-7 win. Appearing to be applying ju-jitsu to a charging LnCrossc tackle is speedy Jim Bollinger, KC quarterback. Two Hau Claire tackles halt a bulldozing Indian runner in a desperate attempt to hang onto a slim lead. 37“Squash Oshkosh” Chosen 1956 Homecoming Theme... Commissioned with the task of making this homecoming the best were Bcrnic Nelson. Ruth Almcn, Rich Nauman. Marge Odash. and Joe Chisholm. Chosen from this group of junior and senior hopefuls was Marianna Meyers. The queen's court was Phyllis Gow, Rose Pribil. Marlene Hyllcngrcn. Nancy Ludwiczak. and Sandy Welker. Appearing in the homecoming skit was this panel of Blugold experts: Dick Wcghorn, Louise Tronsdel. Lcs Wiberg. Gretchen Solie, and Gordie Popple who asked the questions and got the answers (some answers) concerning the big game. Queen Marianna and King Don Gudmanson. captain of the football team, show off their homecoming pins which were the admittance to the kick-off dance. Bill ••Enthusiasm” Zorn, framed by the traditional freshman bonfire gives one of his inspiring pep talks at the kick-off of the festivities.... Homecoming Parade Features Campus Beauties Queen Marianna waves with a smile along the parade route. Sigma Pi Kappa's ‘Toast of the Team" by Darlyn Krepsky, Florence La Duke, and Jeanne Harvey captured first prize. A perfect fall day with clear blue sky and warm sunshine was arranged for the 1956 Homecoming Parade. A record entry of floats made this the biggest parade; the energy of the students made it the best parade, too. Led by the Blugold Band, the parade stretched down Barstow Street, colorful and exciting. It was something to be proud of — remember? 1UQL05 WILL SHINE TONIGHT Delta Zeta asks the Blugolds to “Ring in Victory." D.Z.'s Jane Thor- Residence Hall's optimistic theme is enhanced by Carol Burton, son, Joan Marcon. Rose Meisner, and Lou Ann Rake decorate Marion Gobar, and Mama Jones.ri Midi Popcyc ha» nothing on this creature, a creation of an imaginative organisation. 40 The freshman class entry had this rather mercenary theme. Humorous Themes Highlight Parade The College Players give Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet a new twist with their homecoming version of the balcony scene, with Jane Rcinholt and Doug Vogel as the famous pair. The giant economy size toothpaste was bought by the junior class for clever float. Oshkosh football players don't have a chance with this Blugold squash of W.R.A. The Blugold Hit Parade, featuring Eau Claire’s outstanding records, was the Canterbury Club's entry.rm Eau Claire Squashes Oshkosh in Homecoming Game Jim Bollinger, senior quarterback (13) barks out signals to his poised Blugold teammates. The Blugolds crushed the Oshkosh Titans 28-13 with well-knit offensive and defensive plays. This time the alert Eau Claire team jumped to a 16-7 halftime lead and then widened the margin with two more touchdowns in the second half. Blugold quarterback Bollinger connected on 10 of his 19 passes and once again Don Pierce was the defensive standout. The victory, while maintaining Eau Claire’s unblemished record made a successful homecoming even more successful. The Blugold Band, under the direction of Leo Christy, presents one of its halftime tributes to the team and our Alma Mater, as it goes into an E formation for the playing of the Pep Song and the Alma Mater. The climax to a fun-filled, exciting weekend was the Homecoming Dance, held at the Legion Auditorium. Here is a good sample of the enthusiastic crowd which danced to the music of Bob Leighton.SALES SERVICE WOOD MOTOR CO. PORTRAIT STUDIO 708 S. Farwell Street Eau Claire, Wis. S. W. Rahr, Owner 505 Dewey St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin Concrete • Cinder Waylite Building Blocks Eau Claire, Wis. Phone TEmple 26683 Rice Lake, Wis. - Phone 952 FEHR CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. 421956...SOPHOMORES Abramson. Gene Actor, Roberta Adams. Mary Alger, Richard Alitz, Orville Allman, Sally Amdahl, Richard Amundson, John Andersen, Jeanne Anderson. Claire Anderson, Gerald Anderson, Jane Anderson, Jerome Anderson. Marvin Anderson, Michael Anderson. Richard Andree, Louise Angelos, John Antholz, Bill Armstrong, John Backes, Clinton Badzinski, Kathleen Baker, Eugene Bartclt, James Bartlett. Donald Beauchamp, Doris Berg, David Berg, Marlys Biasing, Norman Blodgett, Bernard Bloedel, Phil Blum, George Bonus, Mary Boss, Gerald Boullion, James Bowman, James Boyd. Jon Britten, Anita Brotzman, Larry Burr. Donald Cahoon, James Cahow. Adam Campbell, Clarence Carl, DuWayne Carlson, David Carlson. JoAnn Chamberlain, Bill Chmcl, James 43SOPHOMORES Christenson, Ronald Christianson. Don Christianson. Floyd Christie, Kay Claflin, Paul Clcasley. El wood Cooney, Merton Crittenden, Patricia Crocker, David Cronk, Douglas Culver, Thckla Curtis, John Cyr, David Danen, Richard Davis, Phyllis Decker, Gordon DeLong, Paul DcLong, Ronald Derouin, Robert DcSota, Robert Dickclman, Marybellc Dickman, Urvin Dittmcr, Janis Doherty. Dan Donaldson, Barbara Dorsey, Mary Dougherty, Patricia DuBrava. William Duesturbcck, Bret Duncan, Thomas Dunn, Susan Eaton. Shirley Egan, Durwood Eifers, Romainc Elstad, Edward Emerson, Oveila Erickson. Ronald Erickson. Stephen Etten, Leon Fischer. Duane Fochs, Lyle Fontaine, Janet Fossum, Nona Fox, Vcrn Frey, Anthony Gaier, Gary Gannon, Richard Ganther, James 44...SOPHOMORES Garborg, Loren Gay, Richard Giese, Bruce Gilbertson, Camille Gilbertson, Donald Gilbertson, Juanita Glcboff, James Glomski, Robert Goethel. Walter Gocttl, Rachel Gorell, Wayne Gorges, Yvonne 9 n f Gorsegner, Leonard Grady, Lois Greene, Richard Greenlee, Thomas Gricsbach, Katherine Grindc, Jim Gude, Richard Gunderson, Lynda Hagen, Richard Hageness, Robert Hahn, Ervin Hales, Nan Jean Halverson. Gordon Handorf, Yvonne Hanson. Richard Harbour, Patricia Harz, Dixie Hedin, Frank Heebink, Roberta Heller, Lois Hendrickson, Larry Henning, Elsie Herried, Sonja Hestekind, Sonja Hill, Sharon Hoffman, Raymond Holmes, Joan Honda. Timothy Hovland, Ed Huff. William Humphrey, George Huus. Mary Irvine. John Israel, Dorothy Jackson, Keith Jacobson, David 45SOPHOMORES... fltlWVWt'VJ Jacobson. Janice Jensen, Jean Johnson, Duane Johnson. James Johnson. Marion Jokcla, Richard Jordan, William Justesen. Sandra Kaltenbach, Diane Kaufman. Evelyn Kelton, Arden Kittilstad, Mike Klann, Walter Klein. Barbara Klcist, Sharon Knutson, Marilyn Knutson. Mary Kolkind, Charles Krause. Richard Kubo, Judith Kuhlman. Jean Kunz, Gary LaGasse, Wayne Lange, Sallie Lawrence. Marjorie Lcisscs, David Lindeke. Harold Long, Rhodona Loomis, Iris Marcon, Joan Massic, Leonard McCoy. Anne McDonald, Michael McElroy, Mary McFadden, Robert Mcrlak, LcRoy Meyer, Ray Meyer, Robert Mickelson, Robert Micskc, John Miland, Larry Miller, Jean Moore, Chester Mueller, James Mundinger, LaVern Munz. Marilyn Myers, Ruby Myhers, Kay 46...SOPHOMORES Nelson, Joyce Nelson, Shirley Nelson, Thomas Ness, Allan Newburgh, Nancy Neuser, Joan Nickel, Nan Nielson, Sonja Ogunkoya, Christopher Okimoto, Ruth Oliver. Charles Olson, Aldcn Olson. Karen Olson, Sharon Olson. Thomas Omcmik. James O’Neill, Richard Osegard, Donald Ott, Mary Paulson, Sonja Payne, Thomas Peterson, Gayle Peterson, Sally Pevan, James Polder, Gordon Popple, Gordon Price, Charles Prill. Marleah Quevillon, Mercedes Radle, Lucille Rake, Louise Rasmussen, Robert Repaal, Judith Rostamo. Dale Rude, Myrna Rykal, James Sahr, Margaret Sanders. Richard Sathcr, Yvonne Schlci, Irene Schlesser, Arvilla Schlewitz, James Schmidtt, Jacqueline Schneider, I la Schreiber, Kay Schrocder, Joyce Schwoch, Wilma Scolcs, EllenSOPHOMORES... Scgcrstrom, David Selden, Jean Severson, Gerald Shicls, William Sivcrtson, Sidney Slcatcr, James Smith. Delores Smith, Mark Smyrski, Lawrence Solic, Gretchcn Sorensen. Sid Splatt, Marlene Steele, Thomas Stintze, Jeanette Switzer, Frank Suchow, Linda Syth, Ronald Tanner. Richard Tarr, Anita Thcirl, George Thomison, Dennis Thorson, Jane Toraason, Gale Tweeten, Emelie Valska, Robert Voegell. Corrine Volck, Gail Void, Ray Wadsworth, Richard Wagner, Ben Wagner, Jerome Walters, Jack Wasleski, Martha Watson. James Weigel, Richard Wcisheipl, William Weggen, Helen Welk. June Welker, James Wendt, Donald Wenzel, Jon Wergedal, Gerald West, Alta Wiberg, Leslie Wilson, David Wood, Mary Zalabsky, Joann 4849Being hauled down by a Stevens Point tackle is hard-running Bob Hesslcr, as another Pointer aids his teammate. "Meet the Champs” rang through the hallways of Eau Claire State the morning after the victorious Blugolds returned home. The Eau Claire team had come up with a clutch victory 13-7 over the Stevens Point Pointers to gain a dazzling 7-0 conference record. This was the first championship for Eau Claire’s gridders since 1948 and the first undefeated season. To open the first half Jim Bollinger hit Jerry Berseth with a 30 yard pass which Berseth iateraled to Ted Devine who picked up another 20 yards. Three plays later Bollinger swept left end from the 7 yard line and Bob Mackey converted. Ten minutes later Eau Claire marched from its 38 yard line to the Point 11 where Bollinger passed to Berseth for the winning score. Eau Claire Kennels’ Pointers . . . Win State Conference Co-Championship Ron Ganong is swept off his feet by overjoyed Blugold rooters and carried off the field. Gritting his teeth against the impact of a Pointer tackle, Pete Adler attempts a run as Don Pierce (40) comes to his aid from the side. . . . Congratulations, Blugolds! Row I: Pinky Schaaf. Jim Bollinpcr. Bob Hessler. Don Stumpf, Pete Adler. Don Gudmanson. Don Pierce. Wayne La Gassc, Vern Olson. LcRoy Ming. Roger Hedrington. Jim Grmdc. Jim Johnson. Row 2: Bob Giese, Jerry Berseth. Bill Elstran. Dave Hochn. Jim Guckenberg, Dan Doherty. Dick Hagen. Chet Moore. Darrell Fitch. Dave Kamish, Henry Hovland. Chuck Oliver. Jim Bowman, Robert Meyer. Coach Olson. Row 3: Bob Sathcr. Bob Morgan. Coach Person. Dave Kohcl. Bob Mackey. Dick Odegaard. Gary Johnson. Lynton Jahr. Bill Perkins. Hank Donatell. Bill Mango. Jim Dennis. Chuck Nyberg. Ron Ganong. Jim Krahnbuhl. Dorval Karlen. Unsung heroes of the football aggregate are the managers. Dorval Karlen and Ellis Christianson. They deserve, with the team, part of the glory. fellas! Far right: Co-captains Don Pierce and Jim Bollinger speak for the team. They, as well as the whole team, arc a credit to Eau Claire State. Congrats. Blugolds! The cheerleaders who followed the team to victory this year, cheering them on were Mary Ott, Wanda Prough. Karen Boortz. Nancy Ludwiczak. Peggy Primus. and Betty Greenlee.Sigma Pi Kappa Initiates 12 Pledges... Don Jordon. Sweetheart of Sigma Pi. is evidently enjoying being waited on by Sigma Pi Kappa pledges. Each year a lucky young man is chosen by the sorority to reign as Sweetheart. Sigma Pi Kappa actives approve the performances of pledges Marilyn Munz and Irene Schlci as they “do their stuff" in the Blugold Room. Also included on their agenda were performances on the landing. No. it isn't an Eau Claire student hard This poor homeless waif is Mary Ann Poor Barb Larson—jilted on her honey- up for money — it is Irene Schlci at the Rand, another of the initiates. moon. (It's all part of the game, of sorority's downtown initiation. course.) 52... Skyline Circus Features Chorus Line A bevy of Eta Phi beauties is this chorus line, part of the floor show entertainment at the annual Eta Phi Skyline Dance. They arc: Kirk Milligan. Roger Turenne. Adam C'ahow, Reed Newton. Jim Glcboff. and Urvin Dickman. Marilyn Monroe (alias Jim Glcboff). pushed by Dorv Karlen, makes his grand entrance to the floor show. The circus had real atmosphere, complete with a tumbling act. Chuck Thomson. Dorothy Isreal. Marion Hill, and Duane Johnson take time out from the festivities to pause for refreshments. They were sold at circus-style concession booths.Eau Claire Hosts Kappa Delta Pi Conference Dec Dawsc, toastmistress of the banquet, speaks to the group as President Davies. Bernic Nelson. Barbara MeDermid, Miss Pedersen, und Miss Sutherland listen. The annual regional convention of Kappa Delta Pi was held on the Eau Claire campus this year. Dr. Benjamin. the main speaker urged teachers towards leadership. Panel discussions on educational topics highlighted the conference. Officers of the Eau Claire chapter are: president. Bernard Nelson; vice president. Barbara MeDermid; secretary, Joan Colby; corresponding secretary. Jean Koch; treasurer, Sandra Jacobson; and historian-reporter, Phyllis Olson. Other members are: Glen Aumann, Kathryn Blumhardt, Dee Dawse, Clco Elbert, Carolyn Bryce. Natalie Holman, Marion Hocsley, Jean Kratovil. Elma Neys, Diane Schwctzcr. Darlyn Krepsky. Marilyn Heisz. Richard Siler, Louise Porter. Kathleen Sand. Ruth Van Meer, Nora Kocrpcr, Rose Pribil, Dorothea Thompson, Judith Ziegler, Agnes Maize, Jo Ann Op-sahl, Nora Jensen. Rachel Erdman, Jocelyn Gilbertson. Phyllis Gow. Arlene Bataglia, and Lillian Rcncckc. Dr. Harold Benjamin, Professor of the Education Department at Peabody College in Nashville, Tennessee, confers with Miss Laura Sutherland, advisor of the honor society. This banquet picture gives a composite group picture of the delegates who were present at the two-day conference....November Highlights Winners in the Minnesota Open Debate Tournament for Women were Jocelyn Gilbertson. Grctchcn Solic, Irene Schlci, and Rose Pribll. The Solic-Schlei team was undefeated but lost out on a break-down of team points. The veteran entry of Pribil-Gilbcrtson lost one debate and finished in third place. Politically-minded Eau Claire students cast their votes in a mock election sponsored by the Spectator, student newspaper. Here Carol John hands Rog Leonard a ballot as Gordie Decker places his in the ballot box. A hearty Flection Day supper, here served by Donna Weiss to hungry Newmanites was a Newman Club extra. “Why We Should Be Thankful." was the theme of the Thanksgiving Convocation speech given by the president of a local firm. John Lindner, Sr. Mr. Lindner, an immigrant. spoke from personal experience on his theme. The convocation is sponsored by the Inter-Faith Council.‘Alphus Prestley’ Appears at A.P.O. Dance Alpha Phi Omega, social and service fraternity, held its Fall Festival in the Union late in November. A colorful fall atmosphere was provided by the decorations and the music was supplied by the Rhythmaires. Refreshments were served throughout the night by fraternity members and the large turnout of students made the event a success. Shades of HI vis Presley! LcRoy Mcrlak was featured as intermisison entertainment, doing his version of Don't Be Cruel, ala “Alphus Prestley.” As the trombone blares and slides, Dec Dawsc and Dave Marsolck enjoy a little jitterbug and jazz.Adler, Peter Albrecht, George J U N I O R S Anderson, Audrey Anderson, Robert Annis, George Arntson, Wayne Bartig, Keith Bataglia, Arlene Almcn, Ruth Amundson, Harold Bauch, Joan Beebe, George Bcmcnt, Marion Bennett, Eric Berg, Harlen Blakeley, Ron Boehm, Ralph Boernke, Elaine Briggs, Sandra Brinkman, James Brunner, Jeanne Brunson, Richard Byers, Thomas Carlson, Helen Chumas, James Jr) o $4 r- ' ' " ' '! a JL Coaty, Neil Colburn, Jerry Crane, AnneCutler, Janet Devine, Charles Devine, June Hansen, Larry Hanson, Evan Difanis, Betty Dinnics, Donn Dowden, Darrell Harycki, John Hauge, Orville Drier, George Dutton. Carole Dutton, Thomas Hazelton, Lavon Hazelton, Richard Eaton, Robert Ek. William Elbert, Thomas Hcisz, Marilyn Helstad, Merlin El wood, James Fadness, Peter Faldet, Milan Herrmann, Alfred Hesslcr, Robert Falk, Loraine Falk, William Flynn, Ronald Hctland, Richard Higa, Hiroshi Frank, Donald Fredrick, Duane Freihcit, Merle Hillcstad, Stanley Hobbick, Harold Garber, William Gilbertson, Jocelyn Graham, James Hoepner, Dorothy Holcomb, Leroy Greenlee. Bette Grilley, Roger Groseth, Gary Holman, Natalie Honda, Timothy Gudmanson, Donald Haldeman, Leora Hamilton, Bill Honius, Ken Horn, Duanetr Hoveland, Hannah Isaacson, Darold Knar, Richard Knock, Gary Knutson, Betty Isaacson, Harold Jacobs, Hazel Kocrpcr, Nora Kohlin, Robert Krager, Blanche Jacobson, Betty Janies. Mac Kranzfelder. Betsy Krueger, Bertice LaBlanc, Maureen Jensen, Janice Johnson, Adecn Larsen, Barbara Larson, Barbara Larson. Joan Johnson, Dean Johnson, Diane Larson, Richard Larson, Rolland LaVigne, Robert Johnson, Ray Jordan, Don Lee. Robert Leonard, Roger Lester, Maurice Kaiser, Patti Kamish. David Lewis, Karol Lindrud, John Luddington, Pat Karlen, Dorval Keegan, Jay Ludwiczak, Nancy Lund, Solvcig McDonald, Donalce Kent, Janet King, Helen McEathron, Bert McGinnis, John Marsolck, David Kirkman, Denis Kjustad, Barbara Martinson, Dick Mattson. Mary Jane Mehls, CharlesMcis, Thomas Meyer, John Meyers, Marianna Reinhardt, Dave Ricci. Andrea Miller, Kay Ann Miller, Ralph Milligan, Kirk Richardson, Richard Ring, James Ming, LeRoy Morchinek, Margaret Morgan. Bob Ringhand. Eugene Robbe. Anne Muenich. Mary Newton. Reed Nielsen. Louise Rohr. Edwin Rost. Donald Nussberger, Ronald Olson. Marilyn Opdahl, Ncls Saltncss, Richard Sand, Kathleen Opsahl. Bob Ozolins, Edmond Pak, Chong Sathcr, Raymond Schccl, Carl Payne, Dean Persons, Glen Peters, Richard Schnocbelen, Nick Schumacher, James Peterson, Kay Pingcl. Virginia Plansky, Marylin Schweitzer, Diane Scott, Mary Porter, Louise Qualheim, Gordon Raihle, David Severson, Dale Severson, Donald Randall, Sophia Rathbun, George Rcineke, William Shea, Mary Shcrmo, DarleneSilvcrnail, Gerald Smith, Julie Titus, Aagot Tolin, Tom Treadway, James Smith, Kathryn Smith. William Tronsdal, Louise Turenne, Roger Vankat, Susan Sneen. Carol Solie, Elsie Van Mecr, Ruth Walker, Edwin Wangen, Donna Solum, Trcva Spindlcr, Arnold Warner, Sherman Wartolcc, Walter Weber, Gerald Stanley, Lee Steele, Ruth Weberg, Mcrvin Webster, Tom Weiss, Donna Stenberg, Audrey Stevens, Tom Welty, Sandra Whittaker, Alice Wisherd, Darrold Stone, Clarence Stucwcr, Audrey Woller, Janet Woest, Gloria Wood, David Stumpf, Don Thomas, Dorothy Wulff, Joan Young, June Young, William Thomas, Robert Thompson, Charles Zahn, Betty Zahradka, Carolyn ZempcI, Harold Thompson. Margaret Thur, Leonard Zich, Gladys Zichlsdorf, Rucben Ziemann, IrvinMistletoe Hop Held By Dorm Ardycc Stucky and Lucille Kringlc arc kept busy selling tickets at the Mistletoe Hop. The gentleman customer is Gordie Decker. A snail's eye view is this one of dancers dancing to the music of the Rhythmaires. Some people have the most interesting feet! GAMMA DELTA SPONSORS DINNER Gamma Delta, an organization of Lutheran students, sponsored a banquet at a Chippewa Falls church. Enjoying the food are Janice Jacobson. Diane Johnson. Bob Micklcson, Marlene Splatt, Earl Bennett, and other Gamma Del-tans.Eau Claire Loses Opener To Western Illinois 86-74 “Commencement Exercises" for the Eau Claire State quintet were much the same as for the football team. Western Illinois combined superb early season form, experience, height, and strength to jolt Eau Claire 86-74 in the opening game. The Blugolds kept even pace with the Illinois cagers throughout the first half but fell behind in the second half and were unable to overcome the lead of the visitors. Bob Morgan netted 17 points while Jim Bollinger and Leon Etten paired 13 each in the game. It’s Bob Morgan (25) staving off the attack of three Western Illinois men as he gains pos-sesison of the ball. I he 1956 57 Blugolds: Row I: Coach Zorn. Larry Erickson, Tom Webster, Dick Halmstead. Don Jordon, Jim Bollinger, Louis Schmitt, Gary Haugen. Dick Odcgard, LcKoy Nelson, Kirk Milligan, Jerry Person. Row 2: Manager Vic Bundgaard. Dennis Ogrcn, Gorden Galetka. Marvin Brocskc, Dick Greene, Leon Etten, Keith Bartig. Jon Wcnsel, Bill Perkins, Alan Brunkhorst. Wayne Gorell. Bob Morgan. Louis Kroll, Bob Hcvsler. iWesley Fellowship Has Christmas Party Barbara Heffner. Madeline Brandt, Sally Ifggcn, Beth l.anc, Roberta Gobar, Marlene, Mr. Horn-back, Marian Gobar. Phil Cassata. Miss White, Rev. Smith, and Mrs. Smith after a satisfying meal. Carols at Luther Hospital President Dick Alger, Adviser Walt Conners. Nola Blcncoc. and Jan Fontaine, State Representative, enjoy coffee, as the guests of cafeteria owners Mr. and Mrs. Gratz. Wesley Carollcrs Esther Szy. del. Mary J. Mattson. Betty Wcrts, Marlene Parkhurst. Sally F.ggen, Madeline Brandt. Phil Cassata, Nola Blcncoc. Laurie F.ggen, Betty Welch, and Marian Go-bar sing for l.uthcr patients.Eau Claire Sinks Navy Pier... Outlasts St. Norbert’s Tensed for ihe frcc-lhrow arc Bollinger (13), Erickson (24), Morgan (25). Eltcn (16), and Glockc (17). NAVY PIER VS. E.C. . .. The Blugold’s over-all strength proved too much as they routed the Chicago branch of the University of Illinois 82-52. The game presented Coach Zorn ample opportunity to insert reserve players. As the game ended, all but one of the fifteen Eau Claire players had placed his name in the scoring column. Leon Etten and Bob Morgan paced the evenly-divided scoring with 18 and 15 points, respectively. ST. NORBERT VS. E.C. . .. Eau Claire chalked up their first victory by a score of 83-80 over St. Norbert’s. The Blu-golds were content with a 43-43 halftime score after having led for the better part of the half. Two baskets by Dick Greene followed by-three free throws by Jim Bollinger enabled the Zornmen to stave off a final Green Knight rally. Morgan led the Blugolds with 17 points, followed by Bollinger and Greene with 16 each. Eau Claire forward. Bob Morgan (25) stag-leaps as he passes off. Jon Wenscl comes up from behind. Bollinger grimaces as he drives in for a basket against St. Norbert's.“You shouldn't have" says Mrs. Thomas, head resident of the dorm, as she opens her gift from the girls. Santa (Toots Hall) gels quite an enthusiastic welcome from Shirley Eaton. Residence Hall Has Early Christmas Visitor Pouring coffee at the Christmas party, a really formal affair, is Marilyn Plansky. Waiting their turns are Carolyn Burg, Janice Weltzein, Betty Welch, Kitty Steinwand. Linda Suckow. Yvonne Gorges, Lou Ann Rake, and Jane Thorson. No party would be complete without the singing of Christmas carols. The dormitc choir consists of Bernice Butterfield. Sandra Konik, Louise Andree, Nola Blencoe. Lois Everson. Lynda Gunderson. Sharon Klcist. Pat Harbour. Sharon Hill. Mary Rose Dunnigan. Diana Boesc, Nancy Johnson. Rachel Gocttl, Marian Gobar. At the piano are Carolyn Mattson and an unknown accompanist. 66Memorial Hall Christmas Party Doubles as Farewell Party In behalf of Ihc boys from Memorial Hall. Al Christcl presents Lorenzo Guzman with luggage from them. Lorenzo, a student from Mexico, left to study art in Minneapolis. Admiring Lorenzo's luggage arc Hall residents (row I) Ben Wagner. Dave Fellows, Mike Zahradka. Dick Busch, Maynard Plahuta. Harry Donatell, Bill liable. Lynwood Winnekins. Dale Applcyard. NeU Opdahl, Ron Robbins. Row 2: Bob Weidenhoeft, Lynton Jahr. Jim Groot, lorn Steele. Jack Dcrochcr. Dale Carney. Jim Bartlett. Al Christel. Bill Tail, Gary Henderson. Gary Haugen. Rod Smith. Ken Keller. Doug Vogel. Dennis Ogren. Bill Schofield. I 67Posing in front of the fireplace in Miss Walsh’s home arc Josh Gilbertson. Jim Johnson. Dave Kaihlc. Dec Dawse. Rose Pribil, Paul Bark. Mrs. Walsh. Mish Muni, Ray Johnson. Janet Cutler. Maggie Vesperman, Miss Walsh. Andre LeTendre. Dick Siler, Kay Mergen. Pouring coffee for her debate partner. Josh Gilbertston. is Rose Pribil. Officers of Pi Kappa Delta, national speech fraternity arc: President. Kay Mergen; vice president, Mary M. Scott; secretary, Irene Schlei. and treasurer. Ray Johnson. Not pictured is Lcs Wiberg, historian. Pi Kap Reunion at Christmas Miss Grace Walsh, speech coach at WSCEC, had as her guests at a Christmas party, members of Pi Kappa Delta, national speech fraternity. Among the other activities of the organization are: sponsorship of a Speaker’s Bureau for Wisconsin State College; cooperation with the college in providing free ushering service for the College Forum; campus sponsorship of the 6th International Debate, debates with Princeton and Harvard, and cooperating agency for the High School Debate Tournament and the Eau Claire Speech Meet. The chapter was represented at National Pi Kap convention and tournament scheduled for South Dakota State College at Brookings on April 14-18. At the annual reunion of Pi Kap were Jim Benson. Jim Guck enberg. Allan Ness, Grctchcn Solie. two young guests, and Jim Welker.Delta Zeta Pledges Entertain Actives Delta Zcta, national social sorority on campus, had its first Christmas party since its organization, which was in February, 1956. Actives were entertained by pledges with a program of songs and readings. Pledges were also busy in previous weeks doing special deeds as part of the “Help" program. Instead of the usual “Hell Week," D.Z. pledges have "Help Week," during which time they make themselves available to Miss Pedersen and actives. A quartet composed of pledges Sharon Hill. Nora Kocrpcr. Andrea Ricci, and Connie Wood did a parody of “Tonight You Belong to Me" which was changed to ''Delta Zeta. the Best Sorority." Verses adapted from well-known songs were used to spell out "Delta Zeta." A section of the group shown here arc Dorothy Israel. Marilyn Heisz. Janice Morris, and Sharon Hill. A special song dedicated to the actives, a take-off on another popular song, was a highlight of the party. It was done by the entire pledge group: Joan Marcon. Jan Dittmcr, Janice Morris, l.ynda Gunderson, Marilyn Heisz. Nora Kocrpcr, Andrea Ricci. Connie Wood. Lou Ann Rake, Dorothy Israel. Sharon Hill. Kathy Sand. Gloria Wocst. and Peggy Primus. A fitting close to the festivities was the reading of Peter Marshall's famous Christmas sermon by Kathy Sand. Actives listening so intently arc Nancy Ludwiczak. Betty Greenlee. Mary Mattson. Marion Hill, Miss Kowe (adviser to the group! and Marlene Hyllcngrcn. 69Sigma Pi Kappa Sponsors Winter Formal Providing interest to the advertising for the Winter Formal arc sorority girls Phyllis Gow, Jeanne Harvey. Betty Difanis. Rose Pribil. and Marianna Meyers. : The afternoon before the big night ... Sigma Pi Kappa girls pitch in to transform the Union into a Winter Wonderland. 70 Busily painting posters in the Blugold Room are Darlyn Krspsky. Betty Difanis. Kay Mergen. and Rose Pribil. As other couples dance around them, Tom Tolin and Jan Jenquin seem to be enjoying the music of George Day.Christmas Season Highlights Phi Sigs Dick Richardson, Jerry Anderson. Jim Treadway. Dave Smith, Roger Leonard, Fred Hake, Ed Znhn. Tom Greenlee, and Dick Danen gel in the Christmas spirit as they carol at Dean Haas’ home. Shakespeare is brought to Eau Claire by Players. Inc., who presented Henry IV. Falstaff, in the center, boasts of his exploits to his tavern cohorts. Under the direction of Professor Caldwell Johnson, the Eau Claire State College Choir appearing at the annual Christmas convocation, contributes beautiful Christmas music. The convocation is sponsored by the Interfaith Council, representing religious organizations on campus.Southern Drama, ‘Little Foxes’ is... Toasting a business deal with financier Marshall (l.onny Winrich) are the main character in the play, Regina Giddcns (Dee Dawse) and her brother Ben (Tom Turk) who arc trying to retain the family fortune. The return of Regina's husband Horace presents problems since he declines the offer. Welcoming him is Regina's sister-in-law Birdie (Gret-chcn Solic) Oscar's wife. Also figuring in the picture is Oscar's son (Dick Siler) who is offered in marriage to Regina's daughter, Alexandra (Louise Tronsdal). Oscar (Ted Balcom) Regina's other brother. is quite irate over the fall-through of the business deal, as his wife, an alcoholic, cringes in the background.... Second College Player’s Offering Horace, who has a heart condition, here talks with Regina. She succeeds in exciting him into a heart attack of which he dies. Quite smug over her little triumph. Regina twists her brothers around her finger, but in the end is left alone with her riches.Kathy Rayburn. corresponding secretary, pours coffee for I)r. Schneider. Young Dems adviser. Mr. Andreson. Jim Watson, and Mary Margaret Scott, treasurer, roast a few marshmallows in the fireplace. Young Democrats Have Christmas Party and Roger House. Tom is on the executive board. Don is vice chairman. Another absorbing discussion takes place between George Albrecht and Vern Sccgcr. chairman of Young Dems. “Republicans never had it so good" laugh Charles Devine, June Devine and Jim Watson. June and Charles are also on the executive board.Spectator Hosts High School Press Conference The seventh Wisconsin Chippewa Valley School Press Association met at the college, with the publication department acting as host. The program included sections on yearbook and newspaper problems and round table discussions led by students. Prints from the photography contest were displayed as well as winning yearbooks and newspapers. Putting out the college newspaper arc these industrious workers: Irvin Zicman, Wall Wartolce. Kevun Donahue, and co-editors. Dave Wood and Gene Ringhand. Here they become the “Big Five" of the high school press conference.BLUGOLDS DROP TWO During (he air trip to Nebraska, Coach Zorn considers some correspondence. Eau Claire faded quickly from the tournament scene when they dropped their first two games 69-62 to St. Francis of Brooklyn and 60-55 to Rockhurst of Kansas City. In the opener, a cold 35 percent shooting average meant defeat for the Blugolds. Leon Ettcn, Eau Claire center, sparked his teammates with 28 points, Bollinger with 12. Against Rockhurst, another seeded team, proved to be too strong for the Blugolds, as they led throughout the entire second half. Morgan collected 18 points for top Blugold scorer. 76 Leon Etten leaps high to net two in the first game of the NAIA tournament at Omaha. Nebraska.. . AT N.A.I.A. TOURNAMENT Eau Claire forward Leon Ellen works in ihe key against the Kockhurst opposition as Bob Morgan stands by. Trying a layup as Rock-hurst players move aside is Bob Morgan. Leon Etten (16) and LcRoy Nelson (21) are in the background. 77For- All Sour Academic NtecL. At 4be College S4ore Of Dow »W t wm ,.. eau cloiVc boo K and 54a+IcHcry Cam pany T£ 5 930 at the C5S «rsf-l2-.3 fej-»ct - J) dnu A. I 31 South TVqlTfirloW rvnuAEau Claire Exceeds 100; Trounces LaX 101-81 Futile arc the Indian attempts to stop a drive-in by Leon Etten, as all wait expectedly under the basket. A red-hot Blugold squad, shooting at a 50 percent clip started the new year right by awing the La Crosse quintet with a 101-81 triumph. This win was the first for Eau Claire in conference play. Bob Morgan and Leon Etten burned the cords for 27 each. In the first half they had 41 of Eau Claire's 52 points between them. The LaCrosse fast-break could not keep pace with the accuracy of the Blugold shooting and the tough rebounding of Etten and Glocke. During the final 10 minutes Coach Zorn played his second string. Freshman Bill Perkins scored on a jump shot to put the Blugolds over the 100 mark. 79High Schools Compete at Eau Claire Tourney Roberta Gobar. a volunteer timekeeper, rushes in with her ballot as a round of debate ends. Efficiency is a by-word in the Eau Claire speech meets. Phyllis Gow and John Angelos mark charts as Norman Biasing and Irene Schici check in the ballots. Checking the final results before printing them. Miss Walsh goes over the charts with Paul Van Ncvcl. Jim Bensen. Jim Welker, and tournament manager Mary Margaret Scott. 80Delta Zeta Honors Faculty At Tea An affair which is hoped to become an annual event was sponsored by Delta Zeta sorority in the Coed Lounge early in January. Members of the sorority mixed with the faculty members to acquaint them with the sorority, its purposes. and its activities. I Delta Zeta president Wanda Lahn points out chapter scrapbook to Miss Foster, one of the faculty members who were present at the Delta Zeta Faculty Tea. Miss Bahr looks on. Pouring coffee for Dr. Hmans of the education department is Karen Boortz. another Delta Zeta member. 81Blugolds Outlast Falcons The Zornmen edged the River Falls Falcons 92-89 to score their second conference win. Eau Claire’s VVensel broke the 70-70 tie with a pair of free throws and headed the Blugolds toward victory. Bollinger picked up 21 points, Ettcn 15, Erickson 14, Greene 12 and Morgan 12. The Eau Claire leads were too close for comfort and it was anybody’s game until the final minutes. A shot by Jim Bollinger arches over the reach of a leaping River Falls player. Two River Falls Falcons step aside to allow Duffy Erickson to drive toward the basket. 82 NW.R.A. Sponsors Copper Carnival, Coed Night Bill Zorn tries his luck at one of the Copper Carnival booths. The clown adding to the circus atmosphere is Toots Hall. Gaily decorated booths, including a powder puff throwing booth, a miniature bowling booth, and many other challenged gambling students at a penny a try. A feature of the event was the cakewalk. Another W.R.A. activity was the Coed Night. Badminton, here played by Rachel Goettl and Jake Knopps, was one of the popular attractions, as well as volleyball, ping ping and shufflcboard. Dixie Harz and Betty Welch team up for a wicked table tennis game. The event, an annual affair of W.R.A. was well-attended by members and their friends, both male and female. 83For those who didn’t want to dance and for avid card sharks, there was card playing at the dance. These card sharks arc Lynda Gunderson, Carol Rohrshack a male friend, and Shirley Nelson. Lynda is a DZ. DELTA ZETA GIVES ‘FAMOUS PEOPLES’ DANCE The floor show during intermission featured a pantomime called "Daddy-O” by Gloria Wocst. Enjoying the entertainment before the rest of the program are other DZ’s Jane Thorson, Marion Hill, Jan Dittmer, Marlene Splatt, Janice Morris, Dorothy Israel, Sharon Hill, Sandy Wyman, Mary Mattson, Rose Meis-ner, Karen Boortz, and Wanda Lahn. They later presented song parodies in honor of faculty members with February birthdays. 84. Eau Claire Humiliates Superior Supposedly leading a conga line of basketball players is Leon Ktten as he looks for a pass receiver. Avenging a previous defeat, the Eau Claire Blu-golds buried the Superior Yellowjackets in a shower of points to gain their fifth conference win of the season. Eau Claire surged into the lead with a first half shooting display and at one time in the game controlled a 28 point lead. The big guns for the evening were Etten and Morgan who shared the scoring crown with 24 points each. The final score was 91-66. Morgan. Eau Claire forward, jump shots from the key. Mixed reactions to a play arc shown on the faces of Blugold cheerleaders Peggy Primus. Karen Boortz, Mary Ott, Nancy Ludwiczak, Betty Greenlee, and Wanda Prough.After hours of tallying, you may reach the line before the business office ... Ian Smith and Pat McCartin finally got there. Checking cards are Mr. Tanner and Mr. Bangsberg. Second Semester Enrollment Reaches 1267 For those in the back of the line it’s a long way to the front ... exasperation personified! 86By mid-afternoon, if you're lucky, you can reach the office to pay your fees .., Donna Wangen relinquishes hers to Mr. May. For non-residents living in Memorial Hall or Residence Hall, there is the room rent item ... John Apker gets out his checkbook again. The end of a long, weary day — the textbook library at last. By this time, of course, there arc no books left ... Barbara Klein. Holland Larson. Myrna Rude and Dave Smith try to salvage some for weary registrants. 87Eau Claire Defeats U.W.-M., Ties For Second A bit of fireworks added excitement to the game as Duffy Erickson (24) tries to settle a little dispute. Eau Claire squeezed by Milwaukee’s quintet 95-90 with a bit of clutch work at the charity line by Glocke and Bollinger in the final minute of play. Jon Wensel, substituting for first stringer Morgan, proved the Eau Claire reserve strength was ample. Bollinger and Ettcn netted 28 and 27 respectively. Time out is taken for "hep and pep." by Coach Zorn. Gathered around are Etten. Erickson, and Glocke. Gamma Delta Host For Winter Camp A Stevens Point Gamma Deltan goes through the registration line. Eau Claire workers are Sally O’Neil. Dale Johnson. Jan Woller, and Mrs. Dorval Karlen. New Gamma Delta officers of the Eau Claire chapter are: secretary. Judith Aschcbrook; treasurer. Marlene Splatt: vice president. LaVern Henke: Christian Growth chairman. Margaret Sahr. and president. Jan Woller. Officers from all over the state, composing the executive board met in the Coed Lounge. Eau Claire representatives were Jim Schumacher. Bob MickeUon, and Roger Turenne. The Eau Claire chapter of Gamma Delta, Lutheran student organization sponsored a winter camp for Gamma Delta chapters throughout the state. Fun was combined with business in this weekend affair. Enjoying the fresh air and getting a little dancing in are these delegates from all over the state. 89Eau Claire Places Third Tournament Managers Jim Johnson and Diane Schweitzer, with the help of Jim Welker and Gordie Decker check registrations for the speech meet, one of the largest speech events in the area. In competition with 32 schools from a five-state area and also Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, Rose Fribil and Jim Johnson of the Eau Claire squad took first places. With other points compiled by teammates, Eau Claire placed third in the sweepstakes. Miss Pribil won in extemporaneous speaking and discussion, while Johnson won in narrative reading. Northwestern University won the sweepstakes trophy. Members of the Art Club lend assistance to the speech department by making the decorations for the banquet. Under the direction of their adviser, Miss Foster, Barbara Frielc, Roberta Heebink, Kay Christie, and Dick Richardson arc shown at work. 90warn . in 13th Annual Speech Meet Winner of the after-dinner speaking contest was Ken Kersten of Marquette University. Proof of the tiring effects of a speech tournament is this sleeping beauty, oblivious of the banquet doings. Miss Walsh, at the Student Government reception following the tournament, stops to talk with visiting debaters.Phi Sigs Choose Mary Ann Rand Queen of Hearts Crowned “Queen of Hearts" at the Phi Sig Valentine dance is Mary Rand. Doing the honors was Phi Sig president, Bob Bailey. The dance, held during the speech meet, enjoyed a large attendance.L Ski Club Goes To Telemark Ski enthusiasts ready for the downhill run arc Ronny Blakeley, Dave Marsolck, Adc Olson. Tom Keith, Yvonne Gorges, and Dixie Harz. Good advertisement for the Telemark Ski School is provided by Eau Claire skiers Kay Goff, Joan Marcon, and Dixie Harz. The Ski Club spent the weekend up at the winter ski resort. Joanie Marcon seems to be having a little trouble maneuvering, but ski coach Olson is right beside her in case of accident.Blugolds Win Close One... Defeat St. Ambrose, 65-62 Bogey man ladies by this St. Ambrose man apparently have little effect on Leon Etten as he drives around him. Coming from behind in a tough battle, Eau Claire whipped St. Ambrose for the eleventh win of the season. It was Carl Glocke who tipped in the rebound to “ice” the game with 30 seconds to go. Standouts for the evening were Eetten, Glocke, and Wensel who together picked up a large share of the total Blugold scoring and controlled the backboards for the home team. Etten paced the attack with 26. The final score was 65-62. Lou Casscra, broadcaster of Blugold games, supplies the play-by-play account of every thrilling game.r College ! Symphony Presents Concert i t Walter May. director of the College Symphony, goes through a few rough spots in its final practice. All set for the performance. Orchestra members arc: Row I: John Haanstad. Eva Dahl. John Klawitcr. Dr. S. A. Milavitz. Tony Bennett. Vivian Randall. Mary Eleanor May. Robert Gantncr. Row 2: MyrncI Wojncr. Charlotte Hubert. Robert Bjcrke. Greta Helbig. Janice Jacobson, Betsy VanKat, Mary Jane Mattson. Hartley Clark. Sally Hibbard, Harry Nordstrom. Herbert Merrill. Nick Schnoebclcn. William Wallace. Sally Nordstrom. Row 3: Eugene Vuicich. William Antholtz. Betty Jacobson. Katherine Gricsbach. Mary Ann Fenzel. Rachel Erdman. Christy. John Bjcrke, John Barland. Albert G. Swectscr. Row 4: Dr. M. A. Marvelli. Nancy Patchin. Bradley Eastcrson. Doris Vincent. Ruth Van Mccr, Yvonne Brunstad. Sally Cull. Jeanette Stintzi. Dick Sanders. Norman Sainty, Richard Haz- clton. Dr. R. O. Hokkancn. Sophia Randall, William Perkins, Dale Johnson, David Reinhardt. Leo Erickson. Compliments of Churchill Tire Company and Johnson-Hulcat Clothiers 95Eau Claire Pours Over River Falls, 89-73 Eau Claire kept title hopes alive by downing the River Falls Falcons 89-73. The scorching hot Blu-golds hit .500 of their shots and lengthened their lead to 26 points late in the second half. Bollinger led his teammates with 26. Glockc netted 19, and Etten poured 17 through the hoops. The hopeful Winter Carnival crowd was not disappointed. ''Contortion” might be an appropriate title for this shot of Jon Wenscl Dick Greene seems to be sending a petition heaven- as he tries to get clear of his guards. ward, as LeRoy Nelson and Keith Bartig hope. Blugoid fans watch their team with expectation and anticipation.Winter Carnival Features . . . Square Steppers, Y.G.O.P. Stunt Night Donna Nelson and Jim Elwood in Ihc background and Sophie Randall and Gale Toraason in Ihc foreground were part of Ihc Square Stepper show. Another feature of the Winter Carnival was the Young Republican Stunt Night. A take-off on “The Bad Seed" was the YGOP offering, starring Tools Hall and featuring the "Bad Humor Man" Keith Jackson. A special Winter Carnival attraction was the Square Stepper show at half-time, under the direction of Miss Ida Hinz. their adviser. Their colorful peasant costumes added to their well-done folk dances.Yvonne Gorges and Leon Etten... Reign Over 1957 Winter Carnival Popular campus band, the Rhythm-aires. made up of college students, played for the dance following the game. Elected King and Queen of the Winter Carnival were Yvonne Gorges, representing Women's Residence Hall, and Leon Etten. Sigma Pi Kappa candidate. Real Winter Carnival weather was on hand for the crowning of the king and queen — a blizzard, in fact. Last year's king and queen. Kirk Milligan and Shirlec Marlin did the crowning honors.'mmStudy, Study, Study Just about any hour of the day you will find students studying in the library. Often you have to come early to get a scat! Amidst all the social life and activities, Eau Claire also has an academic life. This aspect of college life, is of course, the most important, since the main purpose for your being here is to gain knowledge. The PERISCOPE would like to take you on a pictorial tour of familiar places, giving you a glimpse of academic life at WSCEC. Frc-cnginecring students arc familiar with the barracks since this is where drawing classes arc held. Here Dick Anderson and Tom Duncan go over a problem together.Study, Study, Study Pre-nursing students learn the fundamentals of anatomy from biology professor Dr. Carl Schildt. Bob MeFadden, typography student, with the assistance of Professor Lee Hcnch, prepares the priming press. Batting the birdies arc these womens physical education students. i r Eau Claire Rolls Over Stout 98-76 Two Stout players strain to prevent a basket by Jon Wcnsel. 102 Eau Claire proved too strong for the valiant “5” from Stout as they closed the season in a blaze of glory. The Blugolds led most of the way and by the third quarter they controlled a 72-43 margin. Bob Morgan, back in form after spraining his ankle, connected with 23; Bollinger. unbeatable little guard, added 19 in his finale and Ettcn chipped in with 15 points. Tom Webster is involved in a flurry of arms as he struggles to get the ball.Zornmen Finish Second in Conference RECORD EC Western Illinois.......... 74 St. Norbert’s............ 83 Univ. of III.. Chicago ... 82 Superior ................ 70 St. Francis, Brooklyn ... 62 Rockhurst, Kansas City.. 55 St. Cloud ............... 88 Lincoln Univ..............69 La Crosse.................101 River Falls.............. 92 St. Norbcrt’s ........... 88 Plalteville ............. 76 Oshkosh ................. 90 Stout.................... 75 Superior ................ 91 La Crosse ............... 77 Whitewater............... 86 Milwaukee ............... 95 St. Ambrose.............. 65 River Falls.............. 89 Stout.................... 98 103 fLiterary Magazine, The ‘Tatler’, Published Checking copy, editing, typing, and many other jobs went into the make-up of this Eau Claire "first.” Kate Biumhardt and Dave Wood check copy while Kathy Rayburn types. Kathy Rayburn. Dick Siler, and Dr. Ixhman get ideas from literary magazines of other colleges. Congratulations to the members of Sigma Tau Delta English fraternity for their efforts: Jan Cutler, Lillian Rencckc. Kate Biumhardt. Kathy Rayburn, Darlyn Krcp-sky. Charles Ivey, Myron Peck, Diane Schweitzer, Rolland Lur-son, Dick Siler, Dave Wood. Bob Hablc, and Sandy Welker.. . . Dr. Warner Speaks I.R.C. Canada and her part in world politics was the topic of Dr. Donald Warner's talk at IRC. Dr. Warner is a history professor at WSCEC. IRC members arc: Walt Wartolcc, Dick Petersen. Ralph Winter. Darrel Natzke. and Donna Wangen. Dr. Warner's talk included a discussion of the potential value of Canada in North American affairs. Listening arc Ray Johnson. Richard Wadsworth. Eddie Walker. John Cesafsky, Joan Marcon. Evelyn Kaufman, and Lois Grady. A fall project of IRC was the World University Student drive of which Jan Cutler and Bob Southard were co-chairmen. Their purpose was to raise money for the educational assistance of European and Asian students. . . v -4L.S.A. Meets at Grace Church Pastor Mark Gravdal. minister at Grace Lutheran Church, also a well-known speaker, speaks to LSA on Evangelism and the need for effective witnessing on the college campus. s 106 Held at the Grace Church Chapel, the meeting was well-attended by LSA members. The group, which provides spiritual guidance for Lutheran college students, is also one of the largest on campus.Photo Club Sponsors Contest Lens Club Formed Wanda Lahn poses for members of the Photo Club. Taking the picture is Gary Kunz. while Jack Garber and Dick Richardson kib-bitz. The club's purpose is to promote and create interest, knowledge. and skill in all types of photography. This year it again conducted a "Miss Photogenic" contest. A step up from the Photo Club is the newly-formed Lens Club. It consists of more experienced photographers. Those in the group arc Jim Christoffersen. Jack Garber, Ron Blakeley, Gary Kunz. and photography instructor. Gil Tanner. 107Miss Photogenic Hopefuls . . . BETTE GREENI.EE JANICE DITTMER ROBERTA HEEBINK JANICE JACOBSON DIANE JOHNSON KAREN KEMMA CAROLYN MATTSON MARY JANE MATTSON DONNA NELSON LOUISE NELSON SALLY PETERSON 108 LUCILLE RADLE MARY ANN RAND VIVIAN RANDALL JANET ROOD PAT SCHENDEL JANE THORSON. . . “Miss Photogenic” . . . Diane Schweitzer 109‘Sabrina Fair’, Romantic Comedy, Before the arrival of Sabrina, we arc introduced to Grctchcn (Jeanne Anderson) divorced wife of David Larrabce (Doug Vogel) who is seeing a lot of his brother, Linus, Jr. Tom Dutton. Their "aunt" Julia, (Kay Morgen) and their mother (Nancy Luwiczak) disapprove of the situation. Both David and I.inus arc attracted to Sabrina and the plot thickens upon the arrival of an old Parisian beau, Paul (Jim Welker). Here Sabrina has just scraped her knee in an attempt to flee from David and Linus when Paul arrives. Sabrina Fairchild (Kay Ann Miller) bounces into their lives, fresh from Paris, bringing a singing parakeet that doesn’t sing. Aunt Julia does a little number to encourage him.Presented By College Players To the surprise of everyone. Mrs. Larrabcc. David, Julia. Sabrina, and Mr. l.arrabcc (Dick Richardson) it turns out that Sabrina's father (John Angelos) has money — over a million dollars, in fact. Sabrina, an overnight millionairess, and Linus at last settle their differences and of course, everyone lives happily ever after.Scherzo Club Initiates Toastmaster Dick Hazelton apparently told a joke that went over with some and with others ... well? They are Dave Fellows. Jan Jacobson. Bill Antholz, Lester Mahla, Vivian Randall, Jackie Schmidt, Miss Hubert, Lucille Radlc, Sophie Randall, Kathryn Smith, and Ruth Van Mcer. On the entertainment agenda was a solo by Bill Antholz, one of the Scherzo Club initiates. Accompanying him was Jan Jacobson. Activities of the group include recitals by members. 112 K ANew Members at Banquet Dick Sanders, Scherzo Club president, swears in the new members of this campus musical group. Any student who is interested in music and participates in music activities is eligible for membershp. Members taking the Scherzo Club pledge arc Jeanette Slintzi, Vern Fox, Jackie Schmidt, Dale Johnson. Janice Jacobson, and Bill Antholz. 1131fyee To be Fir$f fa liian, Fa Ii'ioH Eau Claire's Friendly Men's Store 202 S. Barstow . . . TE 5-3433 “The ONE-STOP MUSIC SHOP" 217 S. Barstow - Eau Claire TE 2-5533 |f. t L- SLjb. Men’s Clothing at its Best 208 Eau Claire St. TE 2-7748 M) QJMRE UfW ivv | HIM SUPER MARKET and VARIETY STORE 403-407 Walker Ave., Putnam Heights At the Top of State Street Hill 114Baseball, Tennis Herald Spring’s Arrival When the netmen take out their tennis rackets and the diamond men take out their bats and balls, spring is sure to arrive at WSCEC. A new system of organization in the baseball loop divides the conference into northern and southern halves, Eau Claire playing college teams in the northern part of the state. Five teams are on the schedule: Stevens Point, I.a Crosse. River Falls, Stout and Winona. Tennis competition is in the process of being revived here, according to Coach Adc Olson, and at this printing, no matches had been scheduled. Veteran tennis team members "Skip" Silvcrnail and Stan Hillcstad arc signs of spring as they start spring tennis workouts. Spring is really here when baseball training begins. Pitchers Bill DuBrava and Don Jordon. former EC Braves pitchers, talk with Coach Jerry Person about pitching styles. Looking on is Jim Schlcwit ..Kappa Delta Pi, Student Government Meet Kappa Della Pi members, Row I: Sandra Jacobson, Diane Schweitzer, Barbara McDermid, Clco Elbert, Louise Porter, Bcrnic Nelson. Row 2: Kathy Sand. Marilyn Heisz. Phyllis Gow. Lillian Rencckc. Joan Colby, Natalie Holman. Elma Neys. Kate Blumhardt, Nora Koerper. Ruth Van Mccr, Nora Jensen. Phyllis Olson. 116 V Legislator Dave Smith listens as chief executive Jim DeJung makes a proposal to Student Government. Louise Tronsdal, vice executive, and Rose Pribil, secretary, are hard at work. Student Government is the voice of the student body of WSCEC. Through this organization, students arc represented and their opinions arc heard. This body allocates student money, correlates and regulates student activities, and docs all things incidental to the general welfare of the student body.E.C. Inter-Varsity Guest of Stout Group Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship members. Row I: Ellen Larson. Marian Jacobson, Audrey Stenberg. Row 2: Dennis Forncll. Irvin Zieman, Joseph Reid. Keith Olson, Louise Andrec, Gary Herum. Barbara Klein, Dave Fellows, Norman Dearth, David Brown. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a religious organization for all faiths, were the guests of the Stout Inter-Varsity. During the year they organ- ized a Gospel Team which conducted services at various area churches. They also conducted the annual Christmas seal drive. Officers are: Keith I Olson, vice president; Irvin Zieman, treasurer; Dennis Fornell, president; Barbara Klein, secretary.Sigmo Gamma Zeta Has . Get Acquainted Tea Preparing for the tea are Miss Delia Anderson. Jan Woller. It was held at Mrs. Kessler’s home. Officers and members of Sigma Gamma Zeta confer on business. They are: president, Lois Wcbcrt; vice president, Lillian Rcneckc; members Joan Bauch and Connie Hard; treasurer. Joan Knudtson. Tier the refreshment, guests listened to a book report by Miss ampson and sat in on a short meeting. The organization is open ' ----and returning students.Newman Club Sponsors Spaghetti Supper "Spaghetti, coming up" — lots of it. too, for the Newman Club spaghetti supper. Waiting to be served are Ruth Petersen. Jean Anderson. Nancy Ncwburg. and Pat Finnelly. Hungry Newmanites slurp up the spaghetti. The supper. held at Regis High School, is a money-raising project for a chapel. The “Wheels" — out-going Newman Club president Rose Pribil gives new president George Drier some tips on parliamentary procedure.Jocelyn Gilbertson and Rose Pribil, Eau Claire s representatives in the West Point Nationals. An added attraction of the debate program was the Sixth International Debate between Josh and Rose and British debaters Meirion Davies und Gareth Morgan. Forensic Squad Has Another Successful Year Wisconsin State College offers a complete schedule of intercollegiate speech training which includes discussion, debate, extempore speaking, original oratory, narrative reading, and after-dinner speaking. There are no cuts from our squad and all of its members are assured of intercollegiate experience. The intercollegiate schedule this season has produced the following results: Minnesota Women’s Tournament, 2nd and 3rd places. Bradley University Tournament, 7 superiors and 25 exccl-lcnts. Jim Johnson won after-dinner speaking. Northwestern University, Pribil and Gilbertson undefeated went into quarter-finals. River Falls "B” Tournament, Grctchcn Solic on All-Tournament team. Jim Johnson won after-dinner speaking. Red River Valley, 2nd place, Pribil-Gilbcrtson on All-Tourney team. Eau Claire Speech Meet. 3rd place. Jim Johnson won narrative reading. Rose Pribil won extemp speaking, discussion. Northwest Tournament, 1st place, Pribil-Gilbcrtson. Delta Sigma Rho, U.W., Grctchcn Solic won newscasting. Solic-Schlci undefeated in debate. Lcs Wiberg 2nd in discussion. Pribil 2nd in State Orotorical. Heart of America Tournament, 1 of 18 schools in U. S. invited. 4 schools remaining, EC eliminated. West Point District 4 Tournament, Received invitation to West Point national. Remaining tournaments at press time: Notre Dame University Tournament; West Point National for five winners from District 4. 120Tt :2£8f » v V I tAThe Periscope Visits . . . Dormitcs take lime for a little relaxation in the lounge. They are: Yvonne Gorges, Diane Kaltcnbach, Lou Ann Rake, Virginia Gunia, Kay Schrcibcr, Sharon Olson, and Joanne Zalobsky. Having a little hen session arc: Ann McCoy, Rosalie Mork, Pat Schendcl, Joyce Plaza, Oveila Emerson. Louise Andree. Carolyn Mattson, Sally O’Neil. 122Women’s Residence Hall Girls and their friends: I.ouise An-dree, Joyce Plaza. Ovcila Emerson. Rachel Goettl. Lucille Radle, Donna Long. T-V fans Betty Welch. Delores Kievan. Beth Lane, Lori Van Dc Hey. Diane Kat-tcnbach. Sharon Olson. Joanne Zalobsky.Letter Club Meets Row I: Vic Bundgaard, Jim Kolka, Ted Devine. Kirk Milligan. Dick Odegard. Jim Gleboff. Row 2: Jerry Berseth, Carl Glockc, Don Stumpf, Dorval Karlen. Tom Webster. Bob Hagenevs. l.con Etten. Row 3: Roger Hedrington. Chet Moore. Letter-winners in football, basketball, and baseball arc organized in the Letter Club. Every student in the college who is awarded a major or minor “E" for active participation in any one of these sports, in addition to track, golf, and tennis, and is in good scholastic stand- ing at the end of the semester in which he wins an award is a member of the Letter Club. One of the major activities of the organization is the selling of programs at football and basketball games. Row 1: Don Jordon, Don Pierce, Dave Hoehn, Pete Adler. Hank Donatcll, Leon Etten. Row 2: Jon Wenscl, Bob Morgan. Wayne La-Gassc, LcRoy Ming. Bob Hessler. Jim Bollinger. Keith Bartig. Row 3: LcRoy Nelson, Jim Mattson, John Harycki. 124 I Pi Delta Epsilon Sponsors Publications Banquet I President Gene Ringhand is shown accepting the charter of the Eau Claire chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon from the National Secretary Edward McDonald. With him are Dave Wood, vice-president. and Mr. Lee O. Hcnch, adviser. The newly-organized chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon this year has undertaken the sponsorship of the annual publications banquet. The awards for outstanding work in journalism, both on the Spectator and on the Peri- scope are at this time given. Pi Delta Epsilon is a national honorary journalism fraternity whose purpose it is to encourage better journalism and to recognize outstanding contributors to the field. Members and alumni of Pi Delta Epsilon at a get-together arc: Row I: Dave Wood. Mary Jane Mattson. Gloria Wocst (secretary), Jan Cutler. Rose Studebaker. Walt Wartolcc (treasurer) and Gene Ringhand. Row 2: Virgil Wadleigh. Mary Ann Microw, Kevan Donahue. Ruth Nelson. Darlene Schcrmo, Rose Pribil. Lois Morrell. Roycc Kobarge. and Ron Blakeley. 125Jim Kolka Shows Slides at U.S.F. - Study Group Meets At a meeting held at the Presbyterian Church. USFcr Jim Kolka shows his slides that were taken on his trip to Japan last summer. USF (United States Fellowship) consists of students who belong to the Congregational. Evangelical and Reformed, or Presbyterian Churches. A new experiment this year, the USF study group, under adult leader. Dr. Carroll Rusch, met twice a month to discus the book. CHOSEN PEOPLES. Members pictured above: Gloria Wocst, Mary Reed. Judy Roe. Jim Gudc. Dr. Rusch. Bob Rasmussen, and Jim Kolka. 126when you type on o SmithCorona Mac’s Typewriter Company 311 South Barstow 2)iaf. Tfc5'gy«ia«wr2-a z 506 Bellinger Dial 2-1627 MUVUAMP 318 Bellinger M W. Willow Eau Claire Chippewa Falls Te 2-1691 Pa 3-7592 SKU irvt y- 318 South Barstow St.Canterbury Club Has Supper Canterbury Club members met at the home of their advisor. Bill Zorn, for a ham dinner. They arc: Row I: Anne McCoy, Thekla Culver, Phyllis Gow, Joanne Zalobsky. Row 2: Julie Smith, Rosaline Mork, Karen Olson, Joan Books. Row 3: Mr. Zorn, Phyllis Davis. Charles Spelbring, Judy Kubo, John Curtiss, Ted Balcom. Canterbury Club officers are John Curtis, treasurer: Charles Spelbring, president; Judith Kubo. secretary, and Joanne Zalobsky. program chairman. 128Le Salon Francois, Pi Delta Phi Have Joint Meeting French Club members in a discussion arc Reuben Ziehlsdorf. Gordon Halverson. Sally Cull. Nancy Na-dolski, Betsy Proctor, and Arvilla Schlcsser. The presentation of a French playlet was the order of business at a French Club meeting. French Club members conduct the meetings in French in order to facilitate their learning of the language. Meeting with them was Pi Delta Phi. honorary French society. 129The Periscope Salutes MABEL CHIPMAN Auditor Many times, through no particular fault of anyone, the work of certain people, although worthy of recognition, goes unnoticed. These people arc important to the life of the college since they in no small measure contribute to its existence. They are not irreplaceable, but they do their jobs efficiently and well. To these people, we dedicate the 1957 PERISCOPE. IVA DELLE CHRISTIANSON Secretary. Dean of Admissions 130 GRACE FELLAND Secretary, Dean of MenIVA KESSLER Secretary. Placement Office DOROTHY PENN GILBERTSON Student Admissions Examiner JANE WHITE Library Assistant GERALDINE WING Secretary. President LAWRENCE ZIEHME Account Clerk, Administration Office 131HOrtL EflUCLHiet fc KuAy S3 and M land Aucnue Otuned awlamHwl serve tTwo Year Elementary Graduates LAVONNE ANDERSON Rice Lake Epsilon Zcta 1,2 See. 2; W.R.A. I MARILYN ANDERSON Dallas I.R.C. 1; Young Republicans 1,2; L.S.A.; F.T.A. 2; Epsilon Zcta 1,2. Treas. I CORRINE BACH Thorp Epsilon Zcta 1,2; Newman Club 2 KAREN BEATY Blair L.S.A. 2; Sigma Gamma Zcta 2; Epsilon Zcta 2 NOLA BLENCOE Hixton Epsilon Zcta 1.2; F.T.A. 2; Wesley Fellowship 2 ANN MARIE BOERNKE Fall Creek Gamma Delta 1,2; Epsilon Zcta 1,2; Young Republicans I ADE1.1. BREHM Colby Gumma Delta 1.2; Epsilon Zcta 1.2 HARRY CHANNING Bloomer L.S.A. I; Epsilon Zcta 1.2 133Two Year Elementary Graduates... BARBARA DONA I DSON Eau Claire Newman Club 1.2; Epsilon Zcta 2; New Student Committee MARY ROSE DUNNIGAN Black River Falls Newman Club 1,2; Epsilon Zeta 1,2; Sec. I, Vice President 2 LAURIE EGGEN Barron Wesley Fellowship 1,2; Epsilon Zeta 1.2; W.R.A. I BARBARA EMERSON Eau Claire Epsilon Zeta 2; W.R.A. 2; L.S.A. 2 LOIS EVERSON Whitehall L.S.A. 1,2; Epsilon Zeta 1,2 JOAN FROSETH Eau Claire Young Republicans I; Epsilon Zeta 2 BEVERLY GAVIN Bloomer F.T.A. 2; Epsilon Zeta 1.2 KAY GOFF Bruce U.S.F. 2; Ski Club 2; Young Republicans 2; Epsilon Zeta 2 134Two Year Elementary Graduates PATRICIA HARTWELL Eau Claire U.S.F. 1.2; Epsilon Zeta 1.2; Young Republican I JEANNE HARVEY Bruce Epsilon Zeta 1,2: Pres. 2; Newman Club 1,2; Sigma Pi Kappa 2; Square Steppers 2 LILLIAN HELWIG Eau Claire Epsilon Zeta 2 EVELYN KAUFMAN Humbird Epsilon Zeta 1.2; Newman Club 1,2; F.T.A. 2: Young Democrats 1,2, Rec. Sec. 2 LOIS KRIENKE Fairchild Epsilon Zeta 1.2; Gamma Delta 2: Young Republicans I FLORENCE LA DUKE Mondovi Epsilon Zeta 1.2; Sigma Pi Kappa 2 JUDITH MARTEN Mondena L.S.A. 1.2; W.R.A. I; Epsilon Zeta 1,2; Square Steppers 2 DELORIS MISSELL Strum Young Republicans I; L.S.A. 1,2; Epsilon Zeta 1.2 135Two Year Elementary Graduates JANICE MORRIS Black River Falls Ski Club I; Epsilon Zcta 1.2: Delia ZeU 2: Wesley Fellow -ship 1; Young Republicans I KAY MYHERS Strum Young Republicans I; Epsilon Zcla 2: I..S.A. 2 ORRINNE OAKl.AND Colfax Epsilon Zcta 1,2; Young Republicans 2: 1..S.A. 1,2; Choir 2; F.T.A. 2 MARY OPPEGAARD Blair Epsilon Zcta 2; Choir 1; L.S.A. 2; Sigmu Gamma Zcta 2 PEGGY PRIMUS Fairchild W.R.A. I; Young Republicans 1.2; Newman Club 1.2; Epsilon Zcta 2; O.R.C. 2; Cheerleader 1,2 MARY ANN RAND Black River Falls Wesley Fellowship I; Epsilon Zcta 1.2; Young Republicans I; Sigma Pi Kappa. 2; Epsilon Zcta 1.2, Pres. I; Dorm Pres. 2 JIM RYKAL Cadott Epsilon Zcta 1.2 136...Two Year Elementary Graduates YVONNE SATHF.R Elcva Young Republicans I; 1..S.A. 1.2; Epsilon Zcla 1,2 I LA SCHNEIDER Colby Gamma Delta 1.2; Young Republicans 1; Epsilon Zeta 1,2 I.INDA SUCKOW Ncillsvillc New Student Comm.; Epsilon Zeta 1.2. Vice Pres. 2: Young Republicans 1,2 KAREN SYBERS Tony Newman Club 1,2; Epsilon Zeta 1,2; Periscope 2 MARILYN VELIE Eau Claire Epsilon Zeta 1.2; F.T.A. 2 EM ELI E TWEETEN Oconomowoc L.S.A. 1.2; Epsilon Zeta 1.2 ROBERTA WEIHER Bruce Gamma Delta 1; I..S.A. 2: F.T.A. 2; Epsilon Zeta 1.2; Young Republicans 1,2; Ski Club 1.2 137Four Year Graduates CAROL AAMODT Rice Lake Elementary BERNARD ABRAHAMSON Fairchild Secondary Major: History Minors: Physical Education. Sociology Basketball 1.2; Track I; YGOP 2.3.4 Vice Pres. 2.3; IRC 3.4 Pres. 3; Ski Club 4; Newman Club 3,4; Alpha Phi Omega 3.4; Letter Club 2,3,4 LORNA ALLMAN Elementary Schcrio Club 1.2,3; Art Club 1.2,3 Treas.; Primary Club 2,3.4 See. and Treas.; F.T.A. 4; Choir 1.2,3,4 GLENN AUMANN DONALD BENEDICT Loyal Secondary Major: History Minors: Math. Sociology Young Democrats BARBARA BERGH Eau Claire Elementary F.T.A.; Primary Club 138Four Year Graduates JOHN BJERKE Gilman Secondary Major: Biology Minors: Chemistry. History ' Band 1,2,3.4; Choir 1.2,3.4; Orchestra; Scherzo Club 1.2,3,4 KATHRYN BLUMHARDT Mondovi Secondary Major: English Minors: History. Psychology U.S.F.; Sigma Tau Delta 3.4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Dramatics I; Class See. 3; Le Salon Francaisc 1.2 JAMES BOLLINGER Mondovi Secondary Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Education Football; Basketball; Baseball Letter Club Pres. 4; Eta Phi 1,2.3.4; Prom King 3 KAREN BOORTZ Cameron Elementary L.S.A.; Primary Club; F.T.A. 3.4; Delta Zeta 3.4; YGOP 4 I JOHN BOWMAN Eau Claire Secondary Major: History Minors: Economics. Geography Baseball; Letter Club WILLIAM BRIMER Mcnomonie Liberal Arts Major: Economics Minors: Mathematics, History 139Four Year Graduates... KENNETH BRIST Eau Claire Secondary Major: History Minors: Political Science, Sociology CAROLYN BRYCE Eau Claire Elementary HELEN CARLSON Elementary WILLIAM CARSON Tomah Secondary Majors: Physical Science. Social Science Phi Sigma Epsilon 3.4; F.T.A. 4; U.S.F. 3,4; Delta Sigma Phi 1.2 ROCHELLE LAUTENBACH CATLIN Loyal Secondary Major: Music Minor: Geography L.S.A. 1,2,4; Sigma Gamma Zcta 4; Scherzo Club 2.4 LARRY CAUCUTT Ossco Secondary Major: History Minors: Biology. Geography 140...Four Year Graduates JOHN CESAFSKY ELLIS CHRISTIANSON Eau Claire Secondary Majors: Mathematics. Social Science Football 2.3.4: Math Club 2.3.4; Photo Club 1.2 NEIL COATY New Auburn Elementary JOAN COLBY Greenwood Elementary Newman Club 1,2,3.4; Art Club 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4: F.T.A. 3.4 PHYLLIS DALLMAN Bloomer Elementary Minor: Psychology L.S.A. 1.2,3.4; F.T.A. 3.4 See.; Primary Club 3.4 Vice Pres. DELORES DAWSE Eau Claire Secondary Majors: English and Speech Forensics 1.2.3; Choir 1.2,3.4; Pi Kappa Delta 1.2,3,4; Sigma Tau Della 3.4; National Collegiate Players: College Players 1,2.3.4; Newman Club 1.2,3.4; Sigma Pi Kappa 2.3,4; Kappa Delta PiFour Year Graduates... ROBERT DEHT2 Mondovi Secondary Broadficld Social Science Young Democrats 2.3.4 CLEOPATRA ELBERT Eau Claire Elementary Minor: Art Gamma Delta 1.2.3,4; Primary Club 3,4; F.T.A. 3,4; Sigma Gamma Zeta 1,2.3,4; O.R.C. 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Art Club 1,2,3.4 Pres.; Kappa Pi 4 JOAN ELLINGSON Colfax Elementary L.S.A. 1.2,3.4; Art Club 1.2.3,4; F.T.A. 4 RACHEL ERDMAN Fairchild Secondary Major: Music Minor: English Sigma Pi Kappa 2,3.4; Band 1.2,3.4; Choir; Schcr .o Club ARLIE EVERSON Mondovi FLOYD FAHLGREN Mondovi Liberal Arts Major: Geography Minors: History. Speech Choir 1.2,3.4 142... Four Year Graduates MARY ANN FENZL Park Falls Elementary Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3.4; Newman Club 2.3.4; Primary Club 3.4; F.T.A. 3,4 DENNIS FORNELt. Barron Secondary Major: Broadfield Social Science Minor: Geography JOANNE GANONG Eau Claire Elementary MARY JO GARSKA Shawano Elementary Newman Club 1,2,3.4; Choir 1.2,3,4 ROBERTA GOBAR New Lisbon Elementary F.T.A. 3.4; Primary Club 3.4; O.R.C. 4; Band 1,2: Wesley Fellowship 1,2,3,4; Interfaith Council 4 GREGORY H. GREEN Fall Creek Secondary Major: Mathematics Minors: History. Physical Education Basketball 1,2; Letter Club 143Four Year Graduates ROBERT HABLE Bloomer Secondary Major: English Minors: History, Chemistry Sigma Tau Delta 3,4 FRED HAKE Rice Lake Secondary Major: Social Science Minors: History. Economics Newman Club; Phi Sigma Epsilon: YGOP; IRC JON HARDT Marshfield Secondary Majors: Mathematics. Physical Science Sigma Delta Pi; Math Club: Union Board; Ski Club; Track; Dramatics MRS. FRANCES HARVEY Eau Claire Elementary GLEN HEATH Durand Elementary JOSEPH HEBERT Chippewa Falls 144Four Year Graduates BARBARA HEFFNER Barron Secondary Major: Music Minor: English Wesley Fellowship; Scherzo Club TRUMAN HICKETHEIR Bloomer MARION HILL Brill Secondary Major: History Minors: English. Geography Delta Zeta 3.4; Choir 1.2.3 JOAN HOARD Mosincc Secondary Majors: English. Speech Pi Kappa Delta Treas. 3; College Players CHARLES HOEHN Eau Claire Secondary Major: Biology Minors: Physical Education. History Football 1.2; Eta Phi Vice Pres. 4 MARION GRAY HOESI.Y Elk Mound Elementary Sigma Pi Kappa 2.3,4; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4 14iFour Year Graduates NATALIE HOLMAN Fairchild Elementary LSA; YGOP; Epsilon Zcta; Sigma Pi Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi ROGER HOUSE Eau Claire . Secondary Major; Biology Minors; Physical Education. History Football I; Student Govt. 2.3. Vice Exec. 2. Del. at Large 3; Class Officer 3; Voting Dcm. Treas I, Vice Pres. 2. Pres. 3. State Exec. Board; IRC 1.2.3 MARLENE HYLLENGREN Rice Lake Elementary Delta Zcta 3.4; Primary Club 2.3.4; LSA; FTA 4 HAZEL JACOBS Eau Claire Elementary SANDRA OSTRUM JACOBSON Barron Elementary Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Delta Zcta 3.4; Square Steppers 1.2,3; Choir 2.3; LSA THOMAS JAKEL Colby Secondary Major: History Minors: Physical Education. Geography Phi Sigma Epsilon 2.3.4; Newman Club 1.2,3,4; Baseball I.2.3.4 146... Four Year Graduates ROBERT JANKE Eau Claire Liberal Arts Major: Geography Minor: Psychology YGOP 1.2.3: Photo Club Track 3; Tennis I JEROME JOHNSON Eau Claire Secondary Major: History Minors: English. Economics Eta Phi 2.3.4 Pres.; Photo Club 3 ROBERT JOHNSON Eau Claire Liberal Arts Major: Broadficld Social Science Minor: Geography Intramural Basketball; Photo Club JOYCE KAPHINGST Menasha Secondary Major: Broadficld Social Science Minor: Spanish LSA See.; Spanish Club See. 4: FT A 4; Band THOMAS KELLY Eau Claire Secondary Major: Mathematics Minors: Physics. Economics IRC 1.2.3; FTA 3; Math Club 2.3; USF 1.2 KAREN KEMNA Eau Claire Liberal Arts Major: Speech Minors: Psychology. Sociology 147Four Year Graduates... GEORGE KNUDTSON Eau Claire Elcmcniary Student Govt. 3,4 Justice 2; Phi Sigma Epsilon 2.3.4; Art Club 2 JEAN KOCH Minoequa Elementary Kappa Delta Pi 3.4 See. 4; FTA 4; l.SA 1.2 FRANK KINSMAN JR. Eau Claire Liberal Arts Major; Broadficld Social Science Minor: Speech Phi Sigma Epsilon 2,3.4 GERALD KNUDSON Eau Claire Secondary Major; Social Science Minors: Biology. History I.SA 1,2.3.4; IRC 2.3 JEAN KRATOVIL Eau Claire Elementary DARLYN KREPSKY Kohler Secondary Major: English Minors: History. Psychology Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Pi Kappa; College Players; Sigma Tau Delta I 148 BL-Four Year Graduates LOUIS KROLL Cecil Secondary Major: History Minors: Physical Education. Geography Baseball; Football I; Basketball 1,2; Letter Club 2.3.4 WANDA LAHN Fairchild Elementary Delta Zeta 3.4 Pres. 4; FTA 4; Primary Club 4; Newman Club 1.2,3,4; Prom Attendant: Art Club; Spanish Club; WRA; Ski Club; Young Dems; ORC; Spectator DONALD LAMONT Eau Claire Secondary Majors: Social Science, History Class Vice Pres. I; Gamma Delta; Football; Golf; Student Govt. I; Young Dems; Ski Club DONALD LARSON Rhinelander Secondary Major: Speech Minor: Art STANLEY LARSON Mondovi Secondary Majors: History. English Dramatics; YGOP 1.4; Sigma Tau Delta 4; LSA 4 NANCY LIEHE Chippewa Falls Elementary Sigma Pi Kappa; FTA 14Four Year Graduates... BARBARA McDERMID Eau Claire Elementary Kappa Delta Pi. Vice Pres.; Sigma Pi Kappa. Historian BILLIE MALONEY Barron Elementary Primary Club 4; FTA 4 ALFRED MARSHALL Chippewa Falls Secondary Majors: Geography. Social Science Eta Phi 2.3.4: Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Photo Club: Ski Club MARY A. MATTSON Whitehall Elementary Delta Zeta 3.4; LSA; Choir AGNES MATZE Eau Claire Secondary Majors: Mathematics, Physical Science Newman Club; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Math Club ROSE MEISNER Shawano Secondary Major: Mathematics Minors: History. Library Science Math Club 1.2.3; Gamma Delta; Delta Zeta 3.4; Class Sec 4; Choir 3; FTA 4 I 150Four Year Graduates DONAI.D MENSE Mcnomonic Liberal Arts Major: Economics Minors: Sociology. History KATHRYN MERGEN Fcnnimorc Secondary Majors: Speech. English College Players; Sigma Pi Kappa 2,3.4; Pi Kappa Delta; Newman Club Student Govt. 3: Band I BARBARA FRIELE MEYER Birchwood Elementary Minor: Art Band 1.2; Scherzo Club 1.2: Wesley Fellowship 1.3; ISA 2; FT A 3.4; Art Club 1.2.4; Delta Zeta 3.4; Ski Club 2 ROBERI MEYER Eau Claire Liberal Arts Major: Economics Minors: Political Science. Sociology NANCY MIEROW Eau Claire Liberal Arts Major: English Minors: Biology. Sociology DARRELL NATZKE Thorp Secondary Majors: Social Science. History Gamma Delta 4; IRC 3.4; Intervarsity 2,3.4; Young Dcm. 3.4 15Four Year Graduates BERNARD NELSON St. Paul. Minn. Secondary Major: History Minors: Political Science, Geography Kappa Delta Pi 2.3.4 Pres. 3; Eta Phi; Photo Club; Homecoming chrm. 4: Forensics 1.2; Pi Kappa Delta LEROY NELSON Phillips Secondary Major: Mathematics Minors: History. Physical Education Basketball; Letter Club; Baseball; Eta Phi El.MA NEYS Euu Claire Elementary Minors: Art and Psychology Primary Club 3.4; FT A 3.4; Sigma Gamma Zeta; Art Club 2.3.4; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; IRC 2.3; ISA; Kappa Pi 4 JOHN NICKERSON Phillips Liberal Arts Major: History Minor: Sociology Gamma Delta MARJORIE ODASH Rice Lake Elementary WRA 1,2.3.4 Sec. 4; Newman Club; FTA 4; Primary Club 3.4; Square Steppers 2,3.4; Chrm. of Soc. Comm. 4 PHYLLIS OLSON Cameron Elementary LSA; Treas. 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Historian 4; Primary Club 2; FTA 3.4; YGOP 4; Choir 1,3.4 152Four Year Graduates JOANN OPSAHL Cameron Klcmcntary l.EO OTTMAN Elmwood Liberal Arts Major: Chemistry Minors: Mathematics. Physical Education Letter Club; Baseball I RICHARD PETERSON Mondovi Liberal Arts Major: History Minor: Political Science YGOP 2.4; IRC 3.4; Wesley Fellowship 4; Intramural Basketball 1.4; French Club 2.3; Student Govt. 4; Alpha Phi Omega 3.4 DONALD PIERCE Fau Claire Secondary Major: Broadficld Social Science Minor: Physical Education Football 1.2,3.4; Letter Club ROSEMARIE PRIBIL Grantsburg Secondary Major: Speech Minors: Sociology. History Forensics; West Point Nat’l. Debate 3.4; Pi Kappa Delta 1.2,3.4 Sec.. Pres.; Newman Club Pres. 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3.4; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Sigma Pi Kappa 3,4; Spectator 2.3.4; Periscope 2; Student Govt. 3.4 Sec.; FT A 2.3.4 State Pres.; Class Sec. 2; Homecoming Attendant 4; YGOP 2,3,4 DUANE PROBST Eau Claire Secondary Major: Broadficld Social Science Minors: Geography, Sociology Class Vice Pres. 3; IRC 1.2; Football 1.2; Ski Club 1.2; YGOP 3.4; Student Govt. 3 15Four Year Graduates... KATHRYN RAYBURN Durand Secondary Major: English Minors: Speech. French FI'A 1.3,4; Newman Club 2,3.4; Sigma Tau Delta 3.4; Pi Delta Phi 3.4; Lc Salon Francatse 2.3.4; Young Dem. 2.3.4 ui i.ian rf:nf:ckk Chicago. III. Secondary Major: English Minors: Speech. History Sigma Gamma .eta 3.4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4; Newman Club 3.4 PHILLIP RINGLIEN Hixton Secondary Major: English Minors: History. Biology DANIEL ROBERTSON LEON SALANDER Eau Claire Secondary Majors: Biology. Mathematics CARL SAMDAHI. White Bear Lake, Minn. Liberal Arts Major: Economics Minors: History, Psychology Young Dems.: Ski Club: Choir 154Four Year Graduates Al.VA SANDLER Ossco Elementary Kappa Pi 4; USF; Band 1.2.3 ROBERT SATHER Eau Claire Secondary Major: Social Science Minors: History. Economics, Physical Education Ski Club. Golf. Tennis JAMES SC'HRIVER Eau Claire Secondary Major: History VERNON SF.EGER Prentice Secondary Major: Broadficld Social Science Minor: English Young Dem. 2.3.4; IRC 1.2: Student Court 2.3,4 ROGER SHEPI.ER Eau Claire Secondary Majors: History. Geography SUSAN SIEGER Ladysmith Elementary WRA: USF; Primary Club: FTA 155Four Year Graduates... RICHARD SILER Mcnomonic Secondary Major: English Minors: Speech. French Forensics 1.2,3,4; Lc Salon Francais 2,3,4 Pres. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Sigma Tau Delta 3.4 Vice Pres. 3. Pres. 4; Pi Kappa Delta; Eta Phi 3,4; Traveling Players 2,3.4; National Collegiate Players 3,4; Speech Tourn. Mgr. 4; Spectator 3.4; Pi Delta Phi 4; LSA 1.4 IRVIN SMEMO Hau Claire Secondary Major: History Minors: English, Geography LSA 1,2,3 DARLENE SMITH Eleva Secondary Major: History Minors: French, Library Science Periscope 2,3,4; FTA 4; Quad Club 3; Lc Salon Francais 1.2,3,4 RICHARD SNEEN Stanley ARNOLD SPINDLER Durand Pre-Professional Major: Economics Minor: Speech WILLIAM STEINEKE Beaver Dam Secondary Major: Physical Science Minors: Mathematics, Sociology Phi Sigma Epsilon 4; IRC 1.2; Math Club 4 156...Four Year Graduates DWIGHT STEVENS Menomonie Secondary-Major: Speech Minors: Sociology. Physical Education DOROTHEA THOMPSON Chippewa Falls Secondary Majors: Mathematics. Physical Science Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; YGOP 3 MARGARET VESPERMAN Rice Lake Secondary Major: Speech Minors: History. English JAMES VOLL Eau Claire FRED WAGNER Claire Secondary Major: History Minors: English. Latin NANCY WAGNER Menomonie Elementary 157Four Year Graduates... JOHN WALL Chippewa Falls GUY WARDEN Eau Claire Liberal Arts Major: Economies Minors: History, Geography Phi Sigma Epsilon 1.2.3,4 Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3 CAROL WARNER Chippewa Falls Elementary FTA 4: Primary Club 4; Canterbury Club 1.2,3,4 RICHARD WEGHORN Spring Valley Secondary Major: Speech Minors: English. Sociology Radio 3,4; Drama 3,4 GORDON WELCH Boyccvillc SANDRA WELKER Owen Secondary Majors: Speech. English 158... Four Year Graduates I.AVERN WOLLOM Kau Claire Elementary Majors: ROGER YEAGER Minong SccoihI.ii Mathematics. Physical Math Club Science EDWARD ZAHN Beaver Dam Secondary Major: Speech Minors: History. Sociology Student Govt. 3,4; College Players 2,3.4; National Collegiate Players 3,4 Pres. 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon 4; Class Vice Pres. 4; Newman Club 2,3,4; Variety Show I; Prom Attendant 3; IRC 2 HAROLD ZEMPEL Ossco Elementary JUDITH ZIEGLER Eau Claire Liberal Arts Major: Mathematics Minors: French. Psychology Lc Salon Francaise 1.2,3.4; Pi Delta Phi; ORC; Kappa Delta Pi 15 COMMENCEMENT Commencement ... the beginning and the end ... for seniors, the end of their college life and the beginning of their careers ... for underclassmen, the end of the year, the beginning of summer vacation ... for all, the end of a year of fun, excitement, work, and learning ... 1956 and 1957 at Eau Claire State. 160

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University of Wisconsin Eau Claire - Periscope Yearbook (Eau Claire, WI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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