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PUBLISHED B Y THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MADISON Peter D. Brown — Editor m Ray Stangeland — Business Manager iiiHiaiiiilill iiiiiiiiir iiiii I N I Hi ' ,;: " I ' l I 1 1 ii • I I I " n : 11.1:1 ii rmt-rt imm m ■ agi» ' I li I .III I ! E c Ji o G C V O D ADMINISTRATIONS 104 D D GREEKS 130 D D LIVING UNITS 226 D D ORGANIZATIONS 290 D n SPORTS 338 D D COLLEGES AND SENIORS 370 D D INDEX 476 D lp0TP0C[HHI t 3 V U c m t H - SS ' - ) 6 Sarah Lewis ilBiiiSiiipi ' w ji c cs s •V ■p ■r:. S. Fischer e s . -«S£S-A..£eS: - S. Rosenberg 10 rf Tod Gilford .S 12 Jane Novotny 13 14 15 16 4- 17 65 ?=t=F i M i I i I crescendo } H a » 18 19 PROFESSOR Beauty, he said, (his lips smiled, his fingers pressed Lightly to his head). Is the spirit ' s sole rest. It ' s the tranquility of the hurricane ' s eye. The dawns golden tinge on the hills to the east, A fragment of sky Seen from a storm-tossed deck. A great beast Poised to spring. Beauty is never the merely Actual; Always the Concept, never the Thing. You might say, the Restrained Potential Not the object — the Implication. The Seeming. Not the Lover himself: the Hand at the Door, The Dropped Shoe. Not Laocoon screaming. But the Instant before. He said. And smiled at the sound of the beU. „ We were reluctant to go; we knew well It had been a moment. But we parted then; We to our homes, he to his desk Where he kept a few books Arid a bottle of gin. Kent Patterson 21 sei» i» 22 5% J P1St ' ' i- fel 24 And the soul if she is to know herself, must look into the soul: the stranger and the enemy, we saw him in the mirror Mythical Story, by George Seferis 25 26 Sleep enfolded you in green leaves like a tree you breathed like a tree in the quiet light in the translucent spring I watched your form: eyelids closed, eyelashes brushing the water. In the soft grass my fingers found your fingers I held your pulse a moment and felt elsewhere your heart ' s pain. Mythical Story, by George Seferis 27 u a O 28 29 H i Destruction 6- his henchman. Creation 31 Wander through the cycle of visions. 33 Like light and dark to father us. 34 35 For we exist as children of dreams. r JP jrv ' ' .- ' - ' " " - ' " ■ ' ■ " J " " " 1. .jj 1 -■- ' S «-t. ..— HR-s % ::mm:;7 ' - ' - ' ! Broken, and renewed. 38 b 39 i j- », :•»• 1 -Tir ' -Mir-i i . - ' •wiHIWPt; 43 ' 2..WV.. 46 Rusty photographs of buildings under construction, fog etched mirrors of eyes once bright with sky glean moments now too long ago to be forgotten Jim Rutke 48 They sat down on the conscience of a city, a nd it collapsed under the weightless bulk of thought. 1 1 n pawriir Ti«iii " " " » ' " ' 49 M 51 32 54 I - 55 THE DOG IN MAN The dog in man! I could hate myself. The foul odor rises. Entering my brain Through my nostrils. The dog in man! Shelby Kyles 56 57 38 PRESIDEHT face it. Toes are always ugly, especially when you forget them, and spend all your time dancing on your mouth. Stanley Cooperman 59 M nf a s si z iii, iiim ' ' " ' " " Uttf ■■ " R JJS " 11 - i -t Ilil w ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . n ' " l lillMMaMMM, iq ♦ wVl ' s i . " GOOD ROOVA «2 ' Dorms: An experiment in group living thatfailed. :.. . ,- ' ■ -- ■; .-.-j - . :r, 63 HOMECOMING 1969 Homecoming Queen Cwen Cerland, Homecoming Chairman John Tietz AS SYMPOSIUM 1969 TOM WOLFE SANDER VANOCUR CLARK KERR 66 LEROl JONES ROBERT THEOBALD SAUL ALINSKY 67 We search for our tomorrows like the wind, like the wind; 61 And wander through their waters in a song, in a song. 69 :Bg[B©qB B 3C[Tiq;» what sassy impulse makes you shake your hair Against the tan- gles of the wind? Janet Eyer 71 Errant spirits of an autumn day. Carefree as your smile. s a a »■ Ml Fall trembling to a golden ea Like this your smile must fad 72 I s I S » .« What is it then that explains your pride? 73 mm mm me ( m Daphne HUl I think I see a younger girl Walk through this winters sun. 74 75 76 77 78 h 79 WJ M ■■H EiLm E ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' ' w. 1 so lest we forget The Day after the Day After Valentine ' s Day I love you, spat the automatic weapons; then they yapped and spouted again: Love. Love. The american clasped his hanging guts and died. Slender, masseur-like, oriental fingers coaxed a valentine fi-om out the body ' s spent cavity. Untouched by wounds of love, he forged a shrine, a paper heart beneath a drab, buddha smile. That was yesterday. Today on exact location above a rice paddy, straffing cupids released a volley of arrows from impersonal quivers. A six-foot, two hundred pound okie, rummaged the slight, female-like frame of an enemy soldier. He exacted a printed heart the gods of love jealously surrendered. Claimed revenge and died. D. Flaherty 82 83 Know your enemies. 84 •B.arnTs nmTin iTnui NOTICE or CLASSIFICATION TtltolitOMCtUTUMt Gordon B,S» Roaelftip Ittot anBd (MUdU MIU) (UM •■■ SdMtIn BWTiM No. U IW LJ La6 lielurilMlii CiMi. 10-68 1-A by Locftl Bowtl unlMi otb«nrln cMckcd below; D br App« l Bowd TOto of to a bj PiMtdoot ppn 1 5 ME? o J e . OUdMnal ' i ilinlwil I B8S rorm 110 (Krr. »-»- n (ProTlous printlnit vn otaaoMU) (Appnnl not nqolnd) Ibid 8S 86 ' :-% , W sfc ■iW «c . ' f ' i L k Aft brain though it has shrunken con- siderably from lack of use, is still the size of a small pea, and even vibrates a little bit occasionally. Wm. Slaughter 88 k I % 89 e 1. ' ■«-0i _ i . . l - ;4 - l HfX ' 92 ' $.79 for most people, but for you students, $.98. " 93 94 Peler Pan (Mary Martin never looked so good.) 95 The Master hunts in sorrow through the shadows of a song. Once he saw a glittering light In the woodlands of the moon. 4 ». ' ' i. . »■ % f " « -- :; 99 :. 100 But it had turned to doom. All had turned to doom In the glittering woodlands of the moon. 101 102 T t ss mmmmmimmiii 103 3DOP11D1 TB3TIOI1H PRESIDENT HARRINGTON " That in this complicated age it is not enough to educate the young — the Univer- sity must also educate and re-educate the adults. Life-long learning is essential. " As the fourteenth President of the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Fred Harvey Harrington is a man who lives by his own words ... he lives the life of a scholar and devotes much effort to the dissemination of knowledge. Under his leadership the University ' s administration has been reconstructed: it ' s enrollment has grown to 60,000 students. Special programs have been set up for aid- ing the disadvantaged residents of the state, and the University ' s international projects have increased steadily. In the carrying out of his projects Dr. Harrington insists upon traditions of qual- ity, freedom, assistance to students, and service to the state. He believes that the University " should not be afraid to grow . . . although teaching and research are basic University responsibilities, the University must also render public service . . . help solve the problems of the day and play a part in the nation ' s effort overseas. " 107 ' I I ' ASSISTANTS TO THE PRESIDENT The assistants to the president, Robert Carbone and Dennis Blumer, act simultaneously as representatives of the president and as agents to the students, faculty and community. They are liasons who coordinate the staff work of all the University of Wisconsin campuses in an effort to keep the President ' s office running smoothly. Also acting as representatives for Legislative Relations, Public Relations, Student Affairs, Building Com- missions, and the program for higher educational aid, these men attend an almost endless array of meetings. Robert F. Carbone Dennis Blumer 108 • I I ' « I 2 • I ;] VICE PRESIDENTS Newly appointed this year, Vice President Robert Taylor will continue as coordinator of news and publica- tions on all campuses. He will aid in central administra- tive responsibilities, especially in planning and in policy concerning student activism. Charles A. Engman, Jr. is Vice President for Administra- tion, specializing in programs connecting the University with State and Federal governments. Robert Clodius had acted previously, as provost vice president of academic affairs, and professor of agricul- tural economics. Before his appointment to vice presi- dent of the University, Mr. Clodius also had served as associate dean of the Graduate School. Neil Cafferty is an active member of various educational organizations such as the Government Relations Com- mittee of the National Association of College and Univer- sity Business Offices; Mr. Cafferty is also the University ' s representative to supporting educational institutions. Robert Taylor Charles A. Engman Robert Clodius Neil G. Cafferty 109 ' I • 1 chancellor H. Edwin Yoang CHANCELLORS Chancellor Young at home no I l-. " - ■■■ Chancellor Young and his assistants serve as liasons between the President and the faculty members; the administration and the students; the University and the community. They deal with a great variety of af- fairs. It is within their province to preside over the campus budget, to head all building programs, and to handle the business dealing between the campus and the surrounding community. They are concerned with the University ' s academic personnel, whose policies and procedures affect the school and students. The Chancellors are further concerned with identify- ing the goals of all the University ' s campuses, as well as methods of attaining them. In this capacity, they attempt to coordinate the needs, with the facilities and resources available to each campus, in order to contrib- ute to the successfid functioning of the University as a whole. Robert H. Atwell James W. Cleary Bryant E. Kearl Ml DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS AND ASSISTANTS Steven Soffian, Assistant to Dean F. Chandler Young, Vice Chancellor for Student AfFairs 112 ' I I • I ' I ' I ' , " . ' ,■ Patricia B. Tautfest, Dean of Women W. Eugene Clingan, Dean of Student Affairs 113 I BOARD OF REGENTS The Board of Regents, the official policy- determining body of the University, must approve all major budget matters, appoint- ments to major administrative positions and appointments to professorial and associate professorial positions. Among the many deci- sions made by the Regents in the past year were policies concerning on-campus place- ment interviews and University expansion. The members of the Board number ten. Nine of these are appointed by the governor with the consent of the Senate for nine-year terms. The tenth member is the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. BOARD MEMBERS 1. Jacob F. Friedrick 2. Charles D. Gelatt 3. William C. Kahl 4. James W. Nellen 5. Muarice B. Pasch 6. Walter F. Renk 7. A. Matt Werner 8. Bernard C. Ziegler 9. Mrs. Howard Sandin 10. Gordon R. Walker I 114 • I • I • I 2] • I ;] BOARD OF VISITORS The Board of Visitors is a group of twelve citizens appointed by the Board of Regents, the Governor, and the alumni, to study issues of relevance to the University. This year the Board has concentrated on the University stu- dent. It developed a student proflle in which the ' 69 version of the UW student was studied with respect to qualifications, background, and interests. Special attention was given to student observations, criticisms, and desire for change, especially on the graduate level. This Board also sponsored a study of alumni attitudes toward the UW and did further work in the study of Center facilities and the school budget. Most recently, the Board ' s influence was evi- denced in the abolition of women ' s hours. I Board of Visitors — Bottom Row: Mrs. Conrad Elvehiem, M. E. Schneider, Mrs. John Walsh, Leonard V. Brady, Judge Christ Serephim. Second Row: Dale Clark, Rob- ert Howell, L. J. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Robert D. Johns, Richard Cates, F. F. Stender 115 • I I • ' 1 x • I Thomas Hoover SPECIAL SERVICES Theodore E. Crabb The management of an organization of nearly 35,000 students is no easy chore. For this reason the University employs several men to head the Special Services that keep the big machinery of the University running smoothly. Thomas Hoover, Registrar, has among his duties the task of maintaining accurate student records, com- piling senior summaries, and determining stu- dent residency status. John Kellesvig is responsi- ble for maintaining the University ' s admission policies; he interviews prospective students, organizes the summer registration program, and evaluates the applications of early and readmis- sion students. The man in charge of Student Health Service is J. D. Kabler. The Student Union, under the direction of Theodore Crabb, offers a wide range of atmospheres for dining and entertaining. The Office of Student Financial Aids is headed by Wallace M. Douma and the Student Counseling Service is directed by Ran- dolph Thrush. 116 John Kellesvig Randolph Thrush 117 ' I Returning alumni are welcomed to Alumni House, at the north end of Lake Street. 1968 winners of Distinguished Service Awards of the Wisconsin Alumni Association were: A. R. Curreri, M.D. ' 33; Karl H. Beyer, Jr., M.D. ' 43; Catherine B. Cleary ' 43; Fredric March ' 20; H. I. Romnes ' 28 and (not Shown) W. R. Kellett ' 22. 118 • I ' I Located on the south shore of Lake Men- dota, the new alumni house is the coordi- nating center of the University of Wiscon- sin Alumni Association. The objective of the association is to promote the best in- terests of the University. This aim is ac- complished through organized communi- cation among as many alumni as possible. Alumni contact is achieved through the Wisconsin Alumni magazine published ten times annually with 35,400 member-readers. Alumni contributions are distributed for scholarships, student programs, campus public relations, publications of the Alum- nus, and operation of the association itself. The Wisconsin Alumni Association also combines with the University of Wisconsin Foundation to provide the financial back- ing for some of the architectural structures on campus. When there is a better way of giving praise to our Alma Mater, the Wis- consin Alumni Association will provide it On Wisconsin! ' When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter ' you wouldn ' t believe it. To the wild, wonderful beat of a combo (not shown), freshman and new students dance at the Creek-Welcoming Beer Bash on the lawn of Alumni House. WISCONSIN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Officers of the Wisconsin Alumni Association for 1968-69 are shown here with Executive Director Arlie Mucks, Jr. (lefl, rear). Pictured are: (front, left) Raymond E. Rowland ' 25, President, St. Louis; and Mrs. James Geisler ' 37, Madison, Secretary; Rear: Arlie Mucks; Donald C. Slichter ' 22, Milwaukee, immediate past President; First Vice President Truman Torger- son ' 39, Manitowoc; and Harold Scales ' 49, Madison, Treasurer. President Rowland has recently retired as chair- man of the board of Ralson Purina Company, St. Louis. 119 The President ' s Club of the University of Wisconsin Foundation affords alumni and friends the opportunity to provide meaningful support for a variety of programs at the University. Chatting at the annual President ' s Club breakfast were (left to right): Dr. Karl H. Beyer, Jr., Irwin Maier, Hugh L. Rusch, and Allen M. Slichter. Robert B. Rennebohm, Executive Director 120 As the official fund-raising organization of the University, the Wisconsin Foundation is a tool by which benefactors seek to fi- nancially assist the University. Various con- tributors consist of student groups, alumni clubs, and corporate as well as private and community gifts. Working in cooperation with the Wisconsin Alumni Association, the Foundation gathers resources which are employed in such vital areas as scholarship funds, fellowships, special professorships, and student loan funds. Constantly seeking new ways to provide service to the Univer- sity, the Foundation directed its efforts along several new avenues during the past year. A campaign was planned to provide an endowed professorship in honor of Emeritus Professor Olaf A. Hougen, a member of the Chemical Engineering faculty. A project was undertaken to aid the College of Agriculture and Life Sci- ences in efforts to equip the Steinbock Memorial Library with a collection of books and periodicals which would benefit both the College and the agricultural and business communities. Through the finan- cial support of its benefactors, the Univer- sity of Wisconsin Foundation will continue to pursue and enlarge its efforts to aid the great educational institution that is Wis- consin. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN FOUNDATION R. C. Zimmerman, President 121 • I Biochemistry Building UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN RESEARCH FOUNDATION Molecular Biology — Biophysics Building The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, WARF, is best known for its role as a distributor of U.W. patents to the public. Organized in 1925 to develop patents and promote inventions useful to mankind, the Foundation has been implemental in funding research in previously unsponsored fields. Discoveries aided by WARF include: an impor- tant method of producing vitamin D; anti-coagulants to control blood clotting in heart disease; a new concept of rodent control with ' war- farin ' ; iron-copper compounds for prevention of nutritional anemias; effective fungicides; a new aid in brain surgery; and various other nutritional aids. In addition to research grants of more than $33 mil- lion, the Foundation has committed an additional $16 million to the construction of campus buildings and the acquisition of research equip- ment for the University. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees now headed by Walter A. Frautschi. Each of the trustees is an alumni of the University of Wisconsin, and none are members of the university faculty, staff, or Board of Regents. 122 • I I ' • I ' I I ' WARF Building New Chemistry Building Agriculture Library Sterling Hall Addition 123 124 DR. H. GOBIND KHORANA 125 I 126 Happy to spend all his time thinking and not having the time to take a vacation for twelve years, is the self-de- scription of Dr. H. Gobind Khorana, one of the three co- recipients of the 1968 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology. He shares the prize with Robert Holly of Cornell University and Marshall Warren Nirenberg of the National Heart Institute. A native of Raipur, India, Khorana received his B.S. in 1943 and his Ph.D. in 1948 at the University of Liverpool, England. His post-doctoral research included a fellowship at the Institute for Enzyme Research and a professorship in biochemistry. In 1964 he was awarded a Conrad E. Elvehjam professor- ship in the life sciences. Dr. Khorana ' s work has been directed toward synthe- sizing a simple gene, the basic hereditary " blueprint, " learning how genes work in embryonic development, and determining why some major diseases are genetically caused. This genetic work started over fifteen years ago. In Khorana ' s own words, " Everything that any living cell does — almost all of it is done by proteins . . . and the proteins are under the control of genes. We are trying to find out how genes direct protein synthesis . . . how genes that we can tame can direct, specify, or enable the manufacture of proteins. And it ' s really basically every- thing that anyone, human beings and all kinds of living animals, does that is done by protein molecules. The kind of proteins that one has, and therefore the ability one has, is determined by the genes that are his. " Dr. Khorana is quick to give credit to his colleagues by calling his re- search a " team effort. " Dr. H. Gobind Khorana, a co-director of the Univer- sity of Wisconsin ' s Institute for Enzyme Research, re- ceived the honor of being named co-recipient of the 1968 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology. His devotion to research has made him widely recognized as one of the world ' s leading workers in the molecular biology field. Dr. Khorana has received many other awards, in- cluding the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize for outstanding research in biochemistry, an award from Columbia Uni- versity for his research on the nature of the genetic code, and an American Chemical Society award for creative work in synthetic organic chemistry. At the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Khorana has no class responsibilities and spends all his time in research efforts. Recently he syn- thesized all sixty-four of the possible trinucleotides and confirmed that the genetic code is read in linear and consecutive manner. He has published over 200 articles on his work. 127 ! ' B U3)i 128 ,%t.. " » t 129 ©B ES ' 132 Violation 133 134 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Nobody can quite figure out how, but the Alpha Chi ' s managed to sneak through the locker rooms out onto the basketball court. Using ladders to make baskets is cheating! The Alpha Chi ' s did score legitimate points, however, with their Christmas party with the Alpha Delts from Madison ' s retarded children. Fancy footwork on the basketball court carried over to Humo exploits with the Delts. Luckily, the Alpha Chi ' s are all in good shape, lest their busy schedules turn them into basket cases. 1. R. Quackenboss 2. S. Morris 3. N. Watsm 4. M. Farmiloe 5. J.Carr 6. J. Christiansen 7. M. Terwilliger 8. Hera 9. C. Tope 10. J. Thousand 11. S. Sielaff 12. K. Wilson 13. P. VonEhren 14. J. Crimes 15. L. Marchetta 16. L. Flanagan 17. S. Harris 18. J. Kaether 19. J. Wendorff 20 E. Skarsten 21. K. Heller 22. C. Backus 23. S. Roethe 24. R. Lehman 25. H. Bower 136 26. C. Hacker 27. N. Hahn 28 J. Nagle 29. J. Hall 30. C. Nudd 31. J. Canepa 32. S. Stellor 33. N. Torhorst 34. A. Canepa 35. K. Coburn 36. L. Simmons 37. L. Montero 38. P.Huston 39. M. Ruth 40. J. Brunn L. Lewis P. Lutzow K. Swanson S. Hilty B. Westfall B. Borsum P. Rapp 48. M. Kaufman 49. K. easier 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 137 ALPHA CHI RHO Dearly beloved, the Alpha Chi Rho ' s gather on the football field to commend to the ground their hopes for this year ' s football-their dog bit the ball so no- body could play. Surely, they had been training by doing Homecoming with Alpha Xi Delta and carrolling at the University Hospital; and surely by scoring on exams, for their ranking is third among fraternities on campus. They don ' t know yet that even such a big dog won ' t be able to dig the grave for their coffin. Paws weren ' t made for Tartan Turf. 1. Pasha 2. D. Baxa D. Tweedale D. Lacourt S. Klein D. Campbell D. Davis 8. R. Otjen 9. D. Meiling G. Deverse F. Fischer P. Zeller 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 10 11. 12. 138 13. R. Reichert 14. J. Stenske 15. H.Janis 16. W. Arvold 17. G. Dummer IS. S. Eid 19. R. Kleinschmidt 20. W. Roegge 21. R. Marschke 22. R. McCullough 23. M. Spielman 139 ALPHA DELTA PHI Here stand the intrepid Alpha Delt ' s before setting out on their epic voyage across Lake Mendota in only a small dinghy with no radio to call for help if the weeds get them. Always brave and hearty souls, they took fourth place in Badger Bowl last year. To avoid sinking into tedium, they hold an Art Party, Spring and Winter formals, and an annual Christmas Party for retard- ed children. Tragically, they were not able to complete their brave trip when the T.V. set in the front cabin of their little dinghy broke down only twenty yards out to sea. 1. G. Bussey 2. D. Weeks Mrs. Sullivan C. Karr L. Bye K. Liska D. Geiger 8. R. McMillan 9. J. Tigae 10. M.Wilcox S. Hall R. Dove 13. M. Goldman 14. P. Mitchell 15. C.Campbell 16. J. Ludwig 17. J. VanVelzer T. Nelson P. Buehning B. Caputo M. Miller T. Pederson WH ' M ' 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 11 12 18 19. 20. 21. 22. 140 M . Reid E. Nordstrom O. Refsell 26. R. Steffen 27. B. Grewal G. Halldin W. Gleiss T. Bauer L. Hayes D. MacDonald 33. R. Smith 34. G. Woroch W. Loveland R. Merriam G. Henry 38. P. Behm 39. J. Gehrke 40. P. O ' Neill T. Sandbom D. Landis 43. B. Smith 44. D. Dexheimer 23 24 25 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 35. 36. 37. 41. 42. 141 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. L. Solin 2. S. Richman W. Rosenfeld K. Abhrams L. Dizak S. Baim 7. S. Wanger 8. J. Rosenthal 9. D. Weiss 10. S. Kaplan 11. R. Burstein 12. J. MiringofT 13. L.Packard N. Rosenbaum L. Weis A. Michlum L. Small S. Levey M. Kent L. Evans J. Blutter R. Ingber D. Sher J. Pious 25. J. Isroff 26. R. Saturn 27. B. Singer 28. E. Slayman S. Fox C. Bank 31. L. Meyerhoffer 32. J. Fredland N. Singer E. Eisenberg M. Freedman K. Buchbinder B. Cooper 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 29. 30. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. ALPHA EPSILON PHI These are the girls who live in the house that was built by AEPhi. The AEPhi ' s new house gave them added inspiration and enthusiasm for the activities of 1968-69. Last year they were first runners-up in Humo; this year they hoped to even better their record by joining forces with last year ' s victors, Sigma Chi. A Badger Beauty, SAE and Pi Lam little sisters, plus members of Symposium, Homecoming, and other W.S.A. committees helped pack their new abode with plenty of spirit. 142 38. D. Covrshon 39. N.Weiss 40. S. Shengold 41. J. Cerber 42. L. Meyers D. Graff M. Feldcher A. Ruderman B. Hoffman T. Seigal N. Cross A. Zimmerman P. Harris C. Lazar L. Carpenter L. White 54. D. Lubins 55. N. Neuman M . Chase H. Shonen D. Gershman L. Aland 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. F. Triffler 61. L. Gershman 62. D.Gordon 63. N. Schwartz 64. L. Coldschmidt 65. L. Stoner 66. C. Adier 67. K. Tauman 68. B. Braderman 69. M.Weinberg 70. J. Robey 71. N. Singer 72. J. Leno 73. M. Bolotin 74. A. Herman 143 ACACIA To tell the truth, we don ' t know which are the real Acacias, the fleshy fellows or their sinister shadows. If they could get together, maybe they could fly. More likely, they use the roof not as a launching pad but as a ref- uge fi-om the maddening crowd below. These Acacias did come down from their brick tower for their speaker program and their Veteran ' s Hospital Volunteer service, but with a sorority next door the view must have been more interesting from the rooftop. Acacia — Bottom Row: J. Porter, A. Garrison, J. Smith, H. Irwin, G. Mamula L. Quinn, K. VanDyke, J. Turner, M. Ballimuth, J. Giese, J. Abresch, P. Moertl, D. Strand, S. Greeter, W. Blandino, K. Leeds, G. Hanauer, H. Jockman. ALPHA CHI SIGMA People who say students only come to college to drink beer, protest, and make out should pay more attention to the devoted men of Alpha Chi Sigma. With such intensity of concentration, no wonder they have the highest fraternity G.P.A. Of course, if it ' s for a good cause, like their annual Easter Party for the Children ' s Hospital, they will tear themselves away from test tubes and formulae. Still minor distractions won ' t budge them from their search for better loving through chemistry. 1. D. Statz 20. T. Schulte 2. E. Blake 21. A. Koenig 3. R. Hopefl 22. L. Baird 4. M. Hall 23. M. Marks 5. B. Kandler 24. P. McWilliams 6. L. Schick 25. L. Kneeland 7. B. Johnson 26. R. Buchta 8. M. Gersh 27. J. Sherfinski 9. K. Petke 28. R. Guschl 10. Friend 29. M. Robin 11. Friend 30. D. Roberts 12. R. Guschl 31. D. Pelle 13. J. Stenson 32. T. Henzler 14. W. Dean 33. S. Augustin 15. D. Bathke 34. Friend 16. B. Ehrhardt 35. A. Marcus 17. J. Knutson 36. C. Tumquist 18. T. Wamock 37. J. Wasieleski 19. B. Epiey 38. J. Baumgartner ALPHA EPSILON PI Alpha Epsi lon Pi — Bottom Row: C. Gordon, M. Creenblat, J. Rothstein, L. France, E. Kotler, S. Guren, D. Singer, S. Vicar. Second Row: E. Blonz, L. Snyder, L. Lyttle, M. Hylan, D. Kunis, R. Schwartz, D. Kupper. Third Row: T. Factor, S. Wolff, M. Goldberg, R. Kohn, D. Lippman, J. Guttman. Fourth Row: B. Siegal, A. Schwartz, J. Tucker, M. Cohen, R. Barnett, R. Davidson, B. Entin, R. Levy, R. Smeyne. Fifth Row: M. Fagel, J. Weigler, K. Weiss, R. Ashram, I. Rosenthal, J. Ganek, K. Bronstein, S. Burg, B. Samson, J. Merl. Well, people are bound to get a little giddy when couped up in their base- ment long enough. Some can ' t endure the tensions as well as others. For instance, we understand the poor devil being pointed at smokes ten packs a day. But, despite appearances, the Alpha Epsilon Pi ' s are outgoing fellows. They put on Homecoming and Humo activities, as well as spring and winter formals. Although standing fourth in fraternity scholastic standings, they tended to go ape at a certain party. After displaying such spirit, we can hardly call them stay-at-homes. 145 1. T. Van Home 2. J. Christoph 3. L.Campbell 4. M. Meythaler 5. E. Kwan 6. K. Anderson 7. G. Overdier 8. S.Miller B. Lyngaas P. Blum A. Jennings 12. D.Miller 13. M. Corbett 14. G. Emerson 15. K. Harju 16. M. Sabourin 17. J. Reinke B. Rodriguez F. Ring N. Moore 21. D. Ebert 22. K. Mooij 23. Y. Piaquadio 24. K. Pfiffner 25. J. Struhar 26. S. Humphrey 9. 10 11 18 19. 20. 27. K. Brimm 28. L. Adams 29. C. Stanton 30. K. Schloemer 31. M. Kroncke J. Nolting S. Michaels A. Lemmer T. Vukoje 36. L. Brehmer 37. C. Thomas 38. J. Worm 39. G. Thompson 40. A. Wisson 41. M. Waseleski E. Durnford S. Ketchem 44. B. Jones 45. J. Haskell 46. N. Jones T. Moore K. Myers N. Goeser S. Thorsen 32. 33. 34. 35. 42. 43. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. B. Merrick 146 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Although this may look like it was taken on a lovely autumn day, actually, it was the dead of winter, 20 degrees below zero, with four feet of snow. However, through the miracle of instant replays, it appears to be autumn. The Alpha Gamma Delta ' s know where it ' s at; taking first place in Sigma Chi Derby Day competition, first in the Winter Carnival, and doing Homecom- ing with Phi Sigma Delta. Still, they don ' t fall behind in service projects, co-sponsoring Campus Carnival. Set the cameras rolling. ALPHA GAMMA RHO Neither rain, snow, nor sleet can keep these brave souls from having their BADGER picture taken. Nor can it keep Alpha Gamma Rho ' s from their parties among which are: Farmer ' s Ball, Hawaiian, Roman, Gangster, and Hippy parties. They ' ve also had a steady participation in Homecoming and Campus Carnival to keep them going. Even if it did sprinkle on them for this picture, the Alpha Gamma Rho ' s decided to let smiles be their umbrellas. They smiled, but they still got wet. J. Brown B. Dunn T. Klahn M. Luedtke 5. J. Goetz 6. D. Theno C. Marx B. Cnatzig R. Schroeder B. Hantke }. Karpinsky M. Bahman F. Buttel 14. L. Johnson 15. J. Zimmel 16. M. Doyle 17. J. Cull 18. R. Gygax 19. L. Johnson 20. D. Fahey 21. G. Bovre 22. D. Scheidt 23. T. Morris 24. M. Mueller 25. A. Tenneson 1. 2. 3. 4. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 148 26. G. Roemer 27. R. Daluge 28. V. Neff 29. J. Krahn 30. J. Sarbacker 31. D. Schroeder 32. L. Waddell 33. A. Schultz 34. J. Vande Berg 35. P. Radue 36. R. Genske 37. R. Ebert 38. D. Melvenams 39. N. Turner 40. P. Punswick 41. G. Margolofsky 42. P. Hartman 43. P. Priepke 44. B. Jette 45. J. Hoskens 46. R. Hillman 47. D. Sattler 48. S. Nelson 49. C. O ' Harrow 149 ' V ALPHA PHI Are they truly angels of the morning — or just angels in disguise? It ' s hard to say, for the Alpha Phi spirit glittered during Homecoming with the SAE ' s, and is now hoping to rise to the clouds in Humo with the DU ' s. The girls are participants in Angel Flight, Pom Pom Squad, Little Sisters of Minerva, Pi Lam Little Sisters, the BADGER, and the Big Sister program. So no won- der they needed a rest while walking across the lake. The only problem is, it ' s so hard to keep feathers clean and halos untarnished amidst all the earthy sand, leaves, and water. 1. K. Pechan 2. S. Shaw 3. B. VanderLeest 4. D.Dunn 5. E.Mai 6. I. Gilson 7. J. Mastin 8. L. Galle 9. L.Williams 10. J. Thueson 11. D. Slager 12. J. Homa 13. M. Tickler 14. C. Schneider 15. L. Willert 16. K. Floor 17. C. Grams N. A. Nielser B. Pedian E. Moe G. Pratt 8. Pool K. Pohl 24. B. Baker 25. P. Kenney 26. L. Lawlor 27. J. Wall 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. J I 150 wrmwit " i- m 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 28. K. Torgeson 29. M. Meinte S. Russler J. Willert K. Nixon S. Spriggle G. Eng 35. C. Romaker 36. B. Stormer 37. P. Pickard 38. K. Riesberg 39. L. Ingber 40. G. Laabs 41. D. Sinclair 42. P. Shanahan 43. C. Harrigan 44. M. Galvin B. Muske B. Johnson P. Doyle K. Bremmer 49. W. Kexel 50. S. Boltz 51. P. Ufer E. M. S. B. J. P. N.N. 45. 46. 47. 48. 52. 53. 54. 151 ALPHA TAU OMEGA This year Alpha Tau Omega is enacting a literary classic - The Return of the Native. After being stranded off campus for two years, the group is back with a new house and new members. They had a literal Homecoming this year and dedicated their new house. Already, the Alpha Tau Omega ' s have set up a Christmas party for Mendota State Hospital and a winter formal at the Lake Geneva Ski Lodge, all of which goes to show that you can come home again. After all, home is where the heart is. 1. J. Ring 2. D. Pankratz B. Reichmann D. Herbst D. Snyder 3. 4. 5. 6. G. Lukacek 7. R. Rhoedl 8. C. Trinko 9. W. Burbach 10. J. Kerzan 11. K. Cuenther 12. R. Krantz 13. G. Halperin ' Wi x ' :-- ■• W ■ ' " . - o ' • . ; . •.- t 14. M. Schult 15. H.Hart 16. P. Brugger 17. J. Berger 18. D. Schroeder 19. T. Dallman 20. J. Owens 21. B. Scott 22. G.Fleming 23. F. Rux 24. S. Naczinski 25. G. Liebl 26. E. Berman ».■..■«- !-».-! ■ .-»- . ' ■M t ' t -jp- ' L ' i " oJ J - . i-d " 1. V. Justice 2. B. Paulus 3. R. Collins 4. A. Nunemaker 5. L. Schwartz 6. D. Diebcl 7. C. Heiser 8. C. Novotny 9. S. Renard 10. K. Bradley 11. B. Budlong 12. P. Negbor 13. C. Janicek 14. L. Pocan 15. J. Markotic 16. J. Jasperson 17. M. Brown 18. A. Steensland 19. L. Meisenheimer 20. S. Bennett 21. M. Munger 22. M. Hensen 23. C. Nieber 24. C.Mitchell 25. A. Guardia 154 26. C. Feifarek 27. D. Ettlie 28. M. Mudge 29. L. Danzig 30. J. Monier K. Kemper S. Benda E. Webster 34. K. Anderson 35. E. Esch 36. J. Sielaff 37. J. Schmidt L. Kahn M. Mathison B. Millions 41. N. Kraska 42. J. Ledin 43. G. Crownhart 44. P. Schram S. Lueder V. Burley C. Wauters C. Nussbaum 49. P. Lament 50. D. Haight 51. J.Mills 52. S. Wandschneider 53. J. Menges 54. P. Greene 55. M. LaFoUette 31. 32. 33. 38. 39. 40. 45. 46. 47. 48. ALPHA XI DELTA Where else would you expect to find these girls who have members in Phi Kappa Phi, Crucible and Sigma Epsilon Sigma, but at the Memorial Li- brary? Here Alpha Xi Delta ' s have gathered for a short break fi-om booking to have their picture taken — or is it for a short break from having their picture taken to book? But scholastic ability isn ' t the only quality these girls possess. They joined Alpha Chi Rho in a frivolous Homecoming, chopped out first place for themselves in the ice carving contest for the Sig Ep Winter Carnival, and held their annual M ardi Gras costume party. BETA THETA PI Those eager men of Beta Theta Pi are preparing themselves for something exciting. Perhaps they are anticipating their co-ed pajama party, or channel- ing restless energy toward their winter formal at the Playboy Club. In an effort to find the key to a successful Homecoming, the Beta ' s joined forces with the Kappa ' s . . Humorology was performed with the girls of Gamma Phi. Enjoying sports, as well as parties, the Beta ' s won second place in Badg- er Bowl last year. 1. P. Hinderaker 2. F. Oswald 3. B. Rennebohm 4. K. Augustine 5. B. Johnson 6. L. Stover 7. R. Vig 8. " Mom " Hines 9. M. Plautz 10. J. Kelly 11. J. Steingart 12. L. Dorff 13. H. Wilkie 14. T. Jenson 15. C. Moarn 16. R. Schmidt 17. J. Thompson 18. G. McCartan 19. C. Hildebrand 20. B. Feind 21. B. Snyder 22. E. Albright 23. S.Colby 24. P. Easton F. Palm M. Fulwood 27. S. Condon 28. C. Markos 25. 26. 29. P. Lenz 30. R. Taylor 31. T.Jones 32. R. Peterson 33. G. Mueller 34. E. Thorpe 35. S. Bauman 36. A. Cohn 37. J. Clark 38. D. Thayer 39. T. Sanders 40. J. Paulus 41. J. Buchanan 42. H. Hanneman 43. S. Lord 44. J. Evans 45. M. Yanakos 46. J. Mack 47. W.Fritz 48. A. Kanis 49. S. Hilmer 50. C. Lucas 51. O. Thorpe 52. F. Ouinlan 53. B. Waddell 54. Ginger 55. Wooglin 156 CHI OMEGA If the University can scatter annexes all over the campus, why shouldn ' t the Chi O ' s have one too? They need a place to relax from doing Humo with the Evan Scholars, Homecoming with Sig Ep ' s, Campus Carnival, and their welfare projects for Southern Colony. And what better place to sit and watch the motorcycles and people parade up and down Langdon, than one ' s own porch? But if it gets any more popular, the Chi O ' s will have to install bleachers. 1. C. Mason 2. M. Cahill 3. C. Haug L. Dornoff K. Habeck L. Eberly 7. C. Auxier 8. B. Wilson R. Wendorf L. Schiess J. Samuel 12. K. Serwer 13. A. Waddell A. Shaw C. Benzenberg 16. K. Morbeck 17. B. Lonnborg 18. N. Wichtel 19. M. Skagen 20. B. Garnett 4. 5. 6. 9. 10. 11. 14. 15. 158 21. M. Pooley 41. M. Fish 22. J. Reed 42. M. Gurland 23. K. Hannan 43. M. Peterson 24. J. Bragdon 44. H. Holihan 25. N. Nielsen 45. L. Ahrensdorf 26. J. Foskett 46. J. Birkhauser 27. J. Brumblay 47. J. Lindsay 28. J. Barkley 48. A. Van Veen 29. P. Bullis 49. S. Sherwood 30. N. Lidicker 50. K. Numan 31. P. Rooney 51. S. Delahoyde 32. J. Stubbe 52. M. Deibel 33. S. Buchholtz 53. L. Curtis 34. C. Schimdler 54. M. Daneels 35. C. Groth 55. S. Buech 36. K.Abbott 56. B. Mosby 37. G. Berkeley 57. C. Dierks A -v r f -. n - -. 57 38. J. Halbach 58. J. Sommerfield A X Yj r m M ' ) ' HtAiJy , 39. J. Hallenberg 59. J. Ranallo 1 V33 (v 61? ) r U % 1 l C A r 40. M. Mundie 60. L. McDonald p5 CUA v i (wiil TW .1 hip pAJy B h m 1 1 I 1 1 f,r?iifti - I A a n SwrVr M ' " ! -i-.i J ) I ILJ— — IJiJ ; 1 )__iiP 1 159 1. M. Crotty 7. J. Stapleton 13. B. Welsh 19. J. Wray 2. F. Hudon 8. J. Roth 14. S. Lansing 20. P. Zeller 3. J. WhitehiU 9. A. Pig 15. G. Hunricksen 21. Miss Take 4. M. Kowppa 10. P. Martin 16. M. Caruso 22. A. Amony 5. B. Holtan 11. G. Bartholomew 17. C. Koosman 23. A. Reacher 6. P. Uiline 12. J. Kippert 18. M. Jastro 160 24. A. Cottschalk 25. J. ScheibI 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. C. Wright D. Vorce Friar Tuck The Bride The Groom G. Micholson B. Prichett J. Graber B. Chunky L. Wade 36. J. 37. S. 38. R 39. A 40. E 41. B 42. J. 43. T, 44. L, 45. J. 46. J. Remington Wright Jones . Koepke . Styles Lehner Hasenfus Wipperman Hony GalHgan Sherman CHI PHI Legend has it that in spring a young man ' s fancy turns to thoughts of love, but the Chi Phi ' s aren ' t bound by any such seasonal limitations. In their hearts the tender emotions spring ever anew, as we see in this touching scene of a young swain asking for the hand of his lady love. Speaking of swain, the Chi Phi ' s have an outdoor Pig Roast for fall rush. They were also Humor- ology finalists in ' 68 and took 1st place in Homecoming floats in ' 67- and why shouldn ' t they, if their artistic inclinations are as fine as their taste in women? il ' ffl t 1 1. = . ! 1 1 ' m i :iii w L i w CHI PSI What do the gentlemen of the Chi Psi Lodge see beyond the horizon? Is it a bird or is it a plane? No, it ' s nothing so spectacular. It ' s a reflection. The Chi Psi ' s, always eager, anticipate great success in Humo with the DCs. Active sportsmen, they have the honor of being hockey champs, and performing well scholastically, they placed sixth among the frater- nities. Caped Crusaders one and all, Chi Psi ' s are posed to defend America, motherhood, apple pie, and slaw and ardor. 162 1. M. Osterling 11. D. Fondrie 2. R. Kurrasch 12. P. Holsten 3. J. Segel 13. J. Maetzold 4. J. Roth 14. T. Lorenz 5. J. Neuberger 15. R. Stangeland 6. L. Lightning 16. R. Brumder 7. W. Hitch 17. G.Kay 8. D. Lonsdorf 18. D. Schmitt 9. D. Rockwood 19. L. Roth 10. T. Moore 20. T. Abbot 21. D. Brown 31. T. Orta 22. H. Christenson 32. P. Macbride 23. J. Wagen 33. P. McQwey 24. P. Hitch 34. T. Nusted 25. J. Blasingame 35. B. Anderson 26. R. Whitney 36. T. Dubbs 27. S. Kremers 37. G. Griese 28. T. Montgomery 38. G. Conway 29. T. Jensen 39. J. Stewart 30. J. Murray 163 1. L. Graves 16. P. Vogt 31. R. Burling 46. P. Mitchell 2. J. Hamm 17. R. Gates 32. B. Aulik 47. L. Gaulke 3. C. Misevich 18. P. Ehrke 33. T. Huber 48. M. Boese 4. C. Koeffler 19. A. Howley 34. C. Evans 49. J. Boheim 5. L. Scott 20. M. Hoppert. 35. Mrs. Matheson 50. L. Lake 6. E. Schmidt 21. S. Marshall 36. N. Taylor 51. S. Stone 7. M. Bear 22. M. Cuisinier 37. P. St. Louis 52. L. Baker 8. M. Muehrer 23. C. Orzac 38. A. Steinmetz 53. P. Reichardt 9. L. Uthineier 24. J. Blayney J. Holland 39. N. Czinsky 54. N. Correll 10. S.Clark 25. 40. B. Denton 55. C. Chun 11. M. Watkins 26. B. Bradley 41. N. Astrologes 56. J. Roddick 12. L. Arpe 27. D. Weidenfeller 42. K. Bogart 57. F. Guelzow 13. N. Borchers 28. B. Barlow 43. J. Bambery 14. C. Mahoney 29. G. Juneau 44. L. Mockrud 15. S. Godenrath 30. D. Morgan 45. C. Satory 164 DELTA DELTA DELTA The Ideal Body Co. displays a whole new line of Tri-Delts this season in any size, shape, or form you desire. The Tri-Delts set their gears in motion by taking part in Homecoming with the Alpha Delts. Participating in the Pan-Hellenic " Little Sister " program, running the annual slave day to raise money for a campus scholarship fund, and having a spring pledge class with the highest G.P.A. are just a few of the ingredients that keep their motors running. These models won ' t be called back to the factory. 4849 50 165 166 DELTA GAMMA Yonder set the DCs, just come up to the big city fur a look at what all ' s happenin ' on boomin ' , bustlin ' Langdon Boulevard. They even got their own group fur a-singin ' an ' a-strummin ' fur charitible performances and fur good, clean, folksy fun. Comes time for Humo an ' Homecomin ' they ' s right in there a-stompin ' and a-rompin ' , havin ' a gay ole time. But they better get their feet out ' a the road lest they gits ' em run over. 1. A. Gordon 33. L. Bell 2. C.Jacobs 34. P. Young 3. B. Peckarsky 35. M. Getzin 4. B. Blackburn 36. L. Worth 5. M. Basten 37. B. Tinberg 6. L. MacMullen 38. E. Bittner 7. D. Boss 39. J. Gose 8. S. Post 40. S. Smith 9. P. Gjetson 41. M. Hansis 10. K. Kalkofen 42. P. Mayland 11. K. Wave 43. C. Quisling 12. S. Spurgeon 44. K. Boyle 13. J. Batenburg 45. G. Kliefoth 14. P. Hessert 46. M. Hunt 15. L. Getz 47. N. Graham 16. K. Erickson 48. D. Brown 17. J. Delzer 49. S. Wells 18. D. Dix 50. P. Nelson 19. A. Ziebell 51. C. Lund 20. M. Nathan 52. A. Hart 21. P. DelFriend 53. L. Stockfleth 22. L. Meschter 54. C. Douglass 23. B. Rummler 55. C. Meyer 24. S. Geitz 56. D. Vesselinovitch 25. P. Rosenberry 57. S. Stevenson 26. S. Lobeck 58. M. Hacking 27. V.Woods 59. J. Cornelius 28. P. Schuette 60. T. Simon 29. J. Espenschade 61. A. Carroll 30. S.Woodford 62. P. Vlichny 31. S. Gruel 63. P. Kiefer 32. A. Norris 167 I J ' . t:rWM-im - :-mJ- r-e-s9,? -Ka ii ■iilSii 1. L. Jaskowski 17. R. Peterson 2. M. Elstad 18. P. Hayes 3. L. Victor 19. D. Darby 4. R. Levin 20. C. Earney 5. D. Primuth 21. B. Wagner 6. B. Frenz 22. E. Esser 7. J. Maronic 23. J. Clope 8. E. Schwebel 24. D. Sholund 9. R. Sellin 25. R. Zitlow 10. D. Swanson 26. C. Bennett 11. D. Derber 27. J. Bellin 12. G. Mordini 28. J. Butter 13. T. Wilson 29. J. Anderson 14. B. Haugh 30. G. Hanke 15. }. Keltenschnee 31. J. Henderson 16. L. Miles 32. D. Spitz 168 DELTA SIGMA PI After years of recommendations and counter-recommendations, the Univer- sity finally passed new hours regulations, but Delta Sigma Pi is too busy to take advantage of them. They have so many things happening at their house — Rose Formal, Spring Formal, Homecoming, Alumni Day, Student-Faculty Banquet — and so many things going on away — field trips, athletics, a party for the children ' s hospital — that frequently they all gather outside on their doorstep to wish on the evening star that their schedule might let up and let them get out. 169 DELTA TAU DELTA I say, old chap, ruddy fine group of gentlemen, what? Truly blueblooded blighters; ever ready for a challenging chess match or quick game of cricket. Albeit their heartier instincts incline them toward such jolly fun as Humo with Alpha Chi Omega, a spring break trip to Nassau, and a Roman Orgy Party, these stout-hearted fellows find time to sponsor a charity project for Mendota State Hospital. Such fine scions surely guarantee that the sun will never set on the British Empire — and Britannia still rules the waves. 1. K. Prom 26. S. Matson 2. H. Link 27. F. Litchfield 3. P. Benwitz 28. R. Weber 4. R. Fritz 29. R. Kozich 5. G. Merwin 30. J. Carlson 6. J. Robbins 31. D. Toy 7. T. Spahr 32. R. Spitzer 8. M. Steltzer 33. F. Shaffer 9. P. Bentley 34. M. Meiners 10. J. Allen 35. R. Stern 11. M. Zahn 36. S. Wagner 12. J. Tinnerman 37. S. Clinard 13. J. Flynn 38. J. Rychtarik 14. F. Sloan 39. N. Greenwood 15. P. Schneider 40. G. Lauters 16. J. Miller 41. D. Jackson 17. D. Scheicher 42. J. Berman 18. Kevin 43. R. Rivkin 19. R. Salmanowitz 44. D. Snowdon 20. M. Brusman 45. A. Nakamura 21. C. Strupp 46. M. Korell 22. S. Sorensen 47. J. Nelson 23. S. Zinc 48. J. Frank 24. M. Paulson 49. P. Hochenberg 25. W. Hoernemann 170 46 . 49 t ; til H . i Hl r i. . L A W 5r " fi ' -4 ' 1. R. Ridolfi 2. R. Perry 3. C. Hinners 4. Balloon girl 5. J. Turmo 6. K. Swanson 7. R. Goedjen 8. J. Kahler 9. F. Joachim R. Rasmussen 11. J.Gallagher 12. R. Voit 13. T. Keating 14. R. McClimans 15. B. Sather 16. J. SippI 17. R. Engleke 18. P. Katanyutanon T. Mahoney R. Hicks 21. UFO 22. S. Traisman 23. G. Crow 24. K. Paape 25. J. Vitqus 26. R. DelBalso 10 19 20 DELTA UPSILON We wouldn ' t say they were animalistic, but the D. U. ' s certainly got on well at the zoo. Having moved through Homecoming with Camma Phi Beta and Humorology with Alpha Phi, they purred along at their Bowery Party and spring formal. Unleashed at Badger Bowl, they took 4th overall. Elephants are supposed to have good memories, but the D.U. pledge class must have better since they had the highest scholastic average on campus. Still the D.U. ' s chose to visit the lion cage-King of the Beasts, and all that. 172 27. G.Day 28. W. Becker 29. M. Chmel 30. G. Weber 31. J. Holland 32. M. Gelbert 33. J. Blickensderfer 34. G. Nielsen 35. R. Foulkes 36. D. Seifert 37. D. Wiedeman 38. T. Weiler 39. J. Baker 40. R. Clack 41. N. Dennis 42. S. Miller 43. R. Johnson 44. M. McGrew 45. P.Hall 46. B.Hartley 47. G. Noeike 48. J.Jung 49. L. Seno 50. J. Paine 51. D. Johnson 173 DELTA ZETA . . . and in the main gallery appearing now through June is an assortment of lovely objects d ' art assembled for your viewing. The Delta Zeta ' s in a search for a more expressive way of projecting themselves, have sponsored the Pan- hellenic foreign exchange student from Sweden and have participated in Campus Carnival. These girls have as members both a finalist in the Miss Madison contest and the Panhel general rush chairman. They showed their artistic talents at Homecoming with Alpha Chi Rho. Delta Zeta ' s will un- questionably take their place as one of the great collections of our time. 1. G. Junion 2. C. Ray 3. B. Kuczmarski 4. L. Brose 5. M. Becker 6. L. Hemp 7. J. Eldowitz 8. S. Randolf 9. N. Nauertz 10. S. Mossman 11. C. Kuczmarski 12. L. Flowers 13. T. Jafferis 14. M. Bohl 15. S. Gillen 16. D. Zinda 17. T. Tonkin 18. M.Cobb 19. J. Kenyon 20. C. Dickman 21. C. Huettner 22. B. Boersma 23. N. Nehrer 174 24. H. Weisfield 25. P. Riley 26. F. Smith 27. E. Kurth 28. M. Pauly 29. M. Kozlousky ,J0. C. Knutson 31. K. Riley 32. D. Laymon 33. B. Schriner 34. K. Sprague 35. W. Spafford 36. N. Warnek 37. S. Thorsen 38. 1. Meinholdt 39. V. Szatalowicz 40. K. Madigan 41. L. Sieker 175 1. B. Voelker 2. B. Goodno 3. R. Walters 4. G. Barraneo 5. B. Kregel 6. B. Boyden 7. D. Becker 8. K. Gahan 9. B. Bien 10. S. DuBoff 11. H.Schick 12. L. Coleman 13. D. Linscott 14. B. Davidson 15. R. Henncger 16. D. Schneider 17. D. DeKarske 18. J. Oszewski 19. D. Koepke 20. Nancy 21. P. Hildebrand 22. J. Mathews 23. D. Bartdsie 24. B. Leach 25. A. Brignone 26. T. Farrel 27. M. Frankowski 28. T. Osman 29. P. Zlotocha 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. M. Grear R. Perry J. Knuteson M. Darkow J. Schmitt 176 EVANS SCHOLARS The men of Evans Scholars may have a common interest in golf, but this doesn ' t prevent them from participating in other intramural sports. In fact, they finished fifth overall in Badger Bowl, and took firsts in basketball and golf. Their talents in building helped them vt-in third place with SDT for Homecoming displays. Yet, with all this work they ' re not too busy to throw their Christmas and Hippie parties. They even find time to take in the nightspots about town, where the structures are faultless. 39. 40, 41 42, 43. 35. D. Voll 36. Bonnie 37. M. Matulle 38. R. Pruetz D. Karnosky M. Henckel J. DeGiacomo M. Folco C. Spaeni 44. M. Mogden 45. D. McGilligan 46. J. Phillippi 47. J. Bartosie 48. W. Mueckler 49. S. Goldberg 50. P. Manti 51. T. Robinson 52. P. Marcks 53. Jane 54. T. VanVeghel 55. D. Duchow 56. L. Valent 57. M. Paulson D. Winn G. Szymczak D. Walters S. Lovejoy R. Heitzinger D. Murphy D. Robey 65. J. Schneider 66. D. Heitzinger 67. T. Keating 68. J. Rompella 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 177 GAMMA PHI BETA Rarely does one find such a pure group of young ladies these days as the Camma Phi Beta ' s (but their beer suppers and formals are still a gas.) They didn ' t even need Platformate to win Homecoming with Delta Upsilon, nor did it take much pumping to get them going on projects in support of two camps for underprivleged children. They definitely do not look like service station attendents, with members in Pi Lam Little Sisters, Little Sisters of Minerva, Badger Beauties, and Mil Ball court — but how can they do so much without getting tanked up? 1. T. Hackmeister 37. M. Keese 2. M. Chapman 38. J. Gundlach 3. T. Tormey 39. M. Stass 4. C. Hamilton 40. N. Meer 5. N. Sanderson 41. L. Baker 6. L. Knapp 42. J. Sheets 7. J. Riesen 43. D. Campbell 8. C. Smith 44. K. Fritzsinger 9. K. Higgins 45. L. Daggett 10. D. Metz 46. C. Wheeler 11. C. Dorszynski 47. S. Nortman 12. L. Seehafer 48. T. Mulvey 13. H. Cooper 49. B. Miller 14. J. Younger 50. B. Bina 15. M. Joanis 51. M. Johnson 16. P. Smith 52. K. Wesson 17. M. Thimmesch 53. M. Smith 18. L. Schott 54. A. Amore 19. K. LeCrand 55. D. Dimatteo 20. S. Bonar 56. M. Antonious 21. S. Joanis 57. M. Finley 22. S. Vinkovich 48. A. Levine 23. K. Gannon 59. J. Eisenberg 24. T. Ethier 60. S. Weiler 25. L. Van Brunt 61. M. Geraldson 26. B.B. Callopy 62. T. Lanigan 27. A. Hutchinson 63. K. Herbolscheimer 28. J. Thuerer 64. C. Christiansen 29. P. Miller 65. B. Moran 30. K. Shicker 66. P. Fitzgerald 31. J. Steggert 67. S. Ryan 32. C. Svoboda 68. M. Dolden 33. N. Wolcott 69. J. Gunkelman 34. M. White 70. D. Cyzmoure K. Thorsen 35. C. Bliss 71. 36. C. Stevens 72. Pure ii 178 DELTA THETA SIGMA Ah, misseur, ze can-can is come to ze U.S. of A., non? Ze dancing mademoiselles, zey perform in front of ze Delta Theta Sigma maison for ze edification of all ze passers-by, just as in Paree. And what lovely dancers, eh? Mais les Delta Theta Sigma ' s, zey have other things to do, too. Zey have a fanners partee, a summer — how you say — peecneek? And alzo a spring formal and Christmas Partee. Les sports are popular with thees group, and again alzo, zey participate in zee Spring Animal Fair. Mais, zut allors! eet ees hard for ze -animals to compete with ze can-can! 1. B. Gresch 19. B. Larson 2. W. Hotz H.F. 20. H. Brokish 3. A. Criedanus 21. K. Netz 4. R. Scliwarz 22. M. Terry 5. M. Ries 23. D. Grabarski 6. J. Selin 24. R. Altor 7. B. Enters 25. P. Beere 8. P. Hafemeister 26. T. Miller 9. M. VanEss 27. D. Ensch 10. G. Wasrud 28. B. Cushman 11. C. Anderson 29. R. Bennett 12. Miss Calculation 30. J. Wasrud 13. S. Pamperin 31. D. Loken 14. J. Bellemore 32. D. Syth 15. D. Zondag 33. L. Berge 16. D. Paulson 34. D. Johnson 17. P. Ketterhagen 35. B. Hasse 18. J. Cushman 36. T. Cretney r Kappa Alpha Psi — Bottom Row: M. Bond, O. Francis, D. Hewlett, A. Jackson, M. Erving, V. Bailey, E. Ford, L. Vaughn, M. Conner. Second Row: A. Salter, D. Drayton, A. Henry, M. Reddick, C. W ilhite, R. Poole, R. Martin, A. Crumble. Third Row: T. Jefferson, T. Johnson, R. Richie, M. Walker, R. Arrington, T. Brown, M. Butler. KAPPA ALPHA PSI Following the history of mankind through the ages, the Kappa Alpha Psi ' s study an exhibition of African culture. Making their own mark on history, the Kappa Alpha Psi ' s exhibited talent in many activities. They had members on several of Wisconsin ' s inter-collegiate teams, including football, track, and cross country. Scholastically, their spring pledge class ranked eighth out of thirty-five fraternities, and, on the lighter side, they swung out at parties such as their yearly Sweetheart Ball. 181 1. M.K. Chest 2. A. Turley 3. K. Geary 4. A. Brinnen 5. K. Read 6. B. Greenspoon 7. B. Collins 8. M. Christopherson 9. E. Galarza 10. B. Wentz 11. D. Webb 12. M. Kepner 13. S. Heuer 14. M. Borten 15. D. Markham 16. L. Powers 17. K. MacDonald 18. N. Dahl 35. J. Barrett 19. C. Stewart 36. C. Grantz 20. P. Cummings 37. E. Korst 21. M. Mixter 38. M. Bertino 22. J. Kennedy 39. J. Pochop 23. S. Yahnke 40. A. Shockley 24. K. Schmitz 41. M. Stella 25. S. Sharpe 42. P. Wadzinski 26. J. Sevil e 43. M. Skopec 27. K. Angus 44. J. Cartwright 28. B. Taylor 45. L. Heller 29. M. Lemburger 46. J. Backer 30. S. Kagen 47. P. Schmidt 31. G. Kaiser 48. J. Vogel 32. C. Geoghegan 49. E. Pederson 33. B. Meyer 50. M. Coutre 34. P. Phipps 51. P. Otis 52. P. Sander 53. L. Kepler 54. M . Koepke 55. Mrs. Tyler 56. D.Hill 57. B. Hengelemann 58. S. Hansmann 59. J. Rennebohm 60. V. DeMet 61. L.White 62. M. Hastings 63. S. Branton 64. J. Meyer 65. N. Weinstein 66. N. Schultz 67. N. Brown 182 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Once again this year the Theta ' s walked off with the All-Campus Best- Dressed and Most-Poised award. Naturally there was no question that they ' d get it, for anyone can see they are paragons of pulchritude. Such beauty makes a father ' s heart swell with pride, so Theta ' s hold a Happy Pappy week- end to give their dads a treat. They teamed with the dashing devils of Pi Lam for Humo, and with those Theta Chi casanovas for Homecoming, which is all well and good, if only we could get the Theta ' s to bring back that award they walked off with. 183 f -9im ' 1 1. P. Scott 21. M. Meulheisen 2. J. Uran 22. S. Nyreen 3. L. Huffaker 23. T. Croy 4. S. Saunders 24. A. Molne 5. N. Colby 25. A. Machos 6. N. Chapman 26. D. Liebner 7. K. Godfrey 27. S. Kreblein 8. C. Burdekin 28. J. Shapiro 9. C. Blom 29. P. Donahue 10. D. Schoessow 30. L. Barker 11. L. Johnson 31. L. Strauss 12. M. Nelson 32. J. Kreuger 13. C. Weberg 33. V. Klindt 14. P. KoBishop 34. E. Burgraat 15. M. Redeker 35. S. Biel 16. D. Shouldice 36. K. Galko 17. C. Lamon 37. R. Flegel 18. H. Janis 38. 1. Tanner 19. S. Berns 39. K. Fitzgibbons 20. N. Grover 40. B. Leonard 184 r •»- KAPPA DELTA The Kappa Delta ' s were a real power center on campus this year. Their season was electrified by having Homecoming with Kappa Sigma and Humorology with Phi Sigma Delta, as well as being the hostess house for a Pan-Hel sponsored foreign student from Holland. The KD ' s reached for the sky and extended their magnetic friendship to an orphan in Hong Kong. That shows what you can do with electricity. POWER ENTER f w A fS Wm Xi PJ H Bf v H K ' mT ' . m V ' sk t Ih " ■CrpH K . tp ' wWi Q[g J Mam KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Ah, for the good old days, the days of speakeasies and bathtub gin. Kappa ' s may feel nostalgic for days of yore, but they ' re up-to-date on campus activ- ities, doing Homecoming with Beta Theta Pi and Humorology with Zeta Beta Tau. They ' re active in Pan-Hel projects and hold a Parents Weekend, as well as spring and winter formals. They also know all the latest dances, like the Lindy and the Big Apple. But, goodness sakes alive, to wear skirts above the knee is going a little too far! 186 1. L. DeAngelis 2. M. Vernon 3. B. Ranslow 4. L. Lawrence 5. C. Schmidt 6. S. Sell C. Meiklejohn }. Eskilson Mrs. Tilleman 10. FiFi 11. M.Abels K. Schutt P. Huffman C. Bjork 15. B. Keyes 16. C. Bricker M. Grossman S. Tharpe S. Houfek L. Hastings D. Fosdick S. McGee 23. C. Collings 24. M. Brightwell 25. L. Markham 26. B. Baeder C. Fullwood L. Stauffacher T. Vollrath J. Runft 7. 8. 9. 12. 13. 14. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. J. Leedom 32. J. Bidinger 33. B. Boardman 34. J. Jackson 35. L. Lew S. Bonady D. Haukom D. Rothberg L. Derfel S. Hamann 41. A. Worley 42. G. Short 43. S. Haller 44. S. Granum 45. K. Thomas 46. L. Schmidt 47. A. Long 48. B. Royer 49. S.Reynolds 50. P. Pukkila 51. L. Giordano 52. P. Granger 53. C. Brenzel E. Kaput M. Spraker 56. E. Hertel 57. S. Dvorachek J. Kimport A. Wackman G. English 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 54. 55. 58. 59. 60. 187 1. D. Royer 2. }. Strauss 3. L. Kraus 4. T.Yang 5. J. Schaden 6. C. Curran 7. A. Stone 8. D. Anderson 9. B. Morey 10. E. Engstrom 11. B. Dumke 12. J. Schackmuth 13. R. Whitman 14. J. Fritsch 15. C. Frazier 16. G. Wepner 17. P. Jacobsen 18. M.Kaplan 19. J. Hoff 20. D. Gustafson 21. B.Johnson 22. M. Borenstein 23. P. VanAkkeren 24. D. Metzler 25. M. Ludwig 26. D. Arndt 27. D. Larson 28. R. Stiphout 29. D. Robbins 30. W. Walraven 31. D. Burmeister 32. D. Brown KAPPA ETA KAPPA The Kappa Eta Kappa ' s are possessed of such bright ideas and electrifying energy that they ' ve been captured and interred in the electrical engineering building, from whence they power the generators that provide electricity all over campus. They dug a tunnel so they could get out to enjoy Homecoming, and their Founder ' s Day Banquet, as well as to carry on their project at Central Colony. But the sorry aspect of 30,000 University students groping their way through unlit buildings induced the KHK ' s to return to their posts. Then there was light, and it was good. 188 1. K. Kautzer 2. R. Repka 3. R. Kohlman 4. D. Armstrong 5. M. Calarowicz 6. M. Ripp 7. B. Finstad 8. T. Clasen 9. K.E. Prude 10. H. Borkovec 11. R. Schullz 12. R. Crook 13. D. Briggs 14. D. Schroeder 15. D.Richards 16. T. Maves 17. J. Good 18. B. Laird 19. A. Symbal 20. M. Lemberger 21. R. Adams 22. K. Kotenberg 23. G. Arneson 24. P. Ladwig 25. J. Van Heesch 26. K. Meyer 27. P. Nelson 28. B. Schroeder 29. S. Klatt 30. B. Bass 31. J. Oestreich 32. D. Koblenski 33. R. Hammes 34. P. Harkins 35. R. Higgins 36. A. Kimbel 37. J. Beilfuss 38. D. Goudy 39. T. Wyderka KAPPA PSI Observe the Kappa Psi ' s, nicely white-jacketed and stationed around the Historical Society Building. Moving the largest professional fraternity on campus has enabled the " Cactus-K ' s " to have an undefeated intramural football season, as well as a diverse professional program including drug abuse panels, poison prevention education, and the Big Brother project. They also have Kappa Psi-delic parties. Furthermore, they donate time to the campus sanity squad-which is why they ' re outside the Historical Library, ready to cart off students who crack up from too much studying. KAPPA SIGMA When the Kappa Sig ' s didn ' t show up for their Badger picture, we put a blood hound on their trail. Where do you suppose he found them — in a liquor store. Now, who would ever have thought of looking for them there? Normal- ly the Kappa Sig ' s are much too busy doing Homecoming with Kappa Delta, working on Campus Carnival, and having their Hawaiian or Prison Pledge parties, to do any drinking. Besides, the Kappa Sig ' s aren ' t those kind of boys — or are they? 1. Riley 2. A. Accomplice 3. T. Otis 4. G. Drake 5. W. Thompson 6. C. Decker 7. S. Schulz S. J. Runtas 9. R. Selvaag S. Schwenn M. Monk J. Muth R. Wilson 14. M. Varney 15. M. Broihahn 10 11 12 13 190 16. A. Loser 17. D. Haseley " " T. Holly H. Krause 20. D. Stoil 21. T.Doll 22. S. Kolkhorst 23. W. Kohl 24. R. Constead M. Buchholz C. Whitaker 27. J. Edgerton 28. B. Hayward 29. W. Singer 30. N. Didier 18. 19. 25. 26. 191 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA National expose ' s have driven the Mafia underground, only to reemerge by infiltration of such a fine, upstanding, high-principled, God-fearing group as the Lambda Chi Alpha ' s. Whether wearing sunglasses or standing sym- bolically behind a barred window, these fellows fit right in at the annual Casino party. In order to keep up a good front, they ' ve even taken to play- ing football, basketball, softball, badmitton, and organizing entertainment for inmates of Central Colony in the spring. Still, it does look a little odd when they all stay indoors every St. Valentines Day. 1. D. Goelzer 9. W. Matsomoto 2. D. Blalock 10. B. Schmidt 3. M. Rathsack 11. B. Brunette 4. M. Haslanger 12. T. Greenhalgh 5. W. Leuders 13. W. Spathelf 6. T. Schmieder 14. G. Kapke 7. B. Hill 15. M. Plumley 8. G. Mathes 16. Tiger 192 PHI KAPPA THETA Presenting Phi Kappa Theta, starring Rex, the wonder dog, with a supporting cast of his two-legged friends, direct from fresh triumphs in basketball, volleyball, softball, and bowling. Don ' t miss their annual performance: a two day Christmas bash, and the legendary St. Patrick ' s Day party, a tra- dition since 1922! Marvel at the splendor of the Phi Kappa Theta Campus Carnival booth! Wonder at the White Wizard ' s Canine Capers! And now, on with the show! 6. 7. 8. 1. B. Chapman 2. M. Peterik 3. J. Olson 4. Rex 5. J. Koziol B. Ennis T. Bochna J. Paulson 9. R. Wray 10. C. Siegel 11. M. Lobato J. Nikora D. Mushel P. Korten D. Verwoert S. Jordan T. Patton D. Resch I. Markowicz T. Siedow P. Rehse 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. PHI GAMMA DELTA Are the Fiji ' s going to bombard someone with water balloons, or are they gonna ' " Sack it to ' Em " as they did with Alpha Chi Omega for Homecoming? Besides water sports the Fiji ' s find time to participate in other sports and campus aflfairs; Bucky Badger, Hans Johnson, will confirm this fact. Their annual Fiji Island Party also adds to their amusement along with their formals and beersuppers. Taking time out from their fun and games, the Fiji ' s make visits to retarded children at Christmas time. They ' re also ex- perimenting with the first water-balloon sling launched astronaut to circle Madison and touch-down in a can of beer. ■ , t " V -! .V V-, ihp i -•%-,. m 1. E. Weiss 2. R. Huizanga 3. T. Thompson 4. M. Schuter 5. L. Wagner 6. L. Simonson 7. P. McGuire 8. D. Reichert 9. T. Godfry 10. R.Hall 11. K. Dimple 12. B. Layman 13. J. Johnson 14. M. Tobin 15. R. Kalinsky 16. B. Shuter 17. D. Hannah 18. D. Hayworth 19. B. Stevens 20. R. Buck 21. S.Fischer 22. T. Hake 23. B. Bosom 24. R. Holdem 25. B. Wood 26. G. Amuson 27. M. Hensley 28. T. Scmiddy 29. B. Cape 30. M. Drake 31. W. Byrum 32. C. Gutchenryderstein 195 PHI SIGMA DELTA Whether in social or all-campus afFairs, Phi Sig ' s come on strong as a solid unit. They can certainly offer their brothers more than a shoulder to lean on. Their efforts support not only social events but have led the way to bowling championships in Badger Bowl for the past two years and the highest GPA among fraternities. In support of charitable projects, Phi Sig ' s sponsor annually a Circus Day for Muscular Distrophy. Strong in campus leadership and in brotherhood, the Phi Sig ' s are a tough group to beat; still we ' d like to see what a well-placed bowling ball could do to their formation. 9 196 . ' .« J 1 — - Botton Row: M. Carpenter, R. Bairn, P. La Sha, R. Sheingold, F. Benson, G. Bairn, C. Roth- man, R. Sorman, H. Baiin, R. Voss. Second Row: R. Kagen, M. Helfand, F. Keene, P. Davis, W. Spatz, G. Sadoff, K. Sussman, B. Epstein, M. Cruskin, J. Goldstein. Third Row: L. Siegle, J. Himes, S. Gordon, M. Meyers, S. Kregstein, M. Burka, D. Grossman, E. Ferguson, B. Cohen, S. Schecter. Fourth Row: K. Moore, R. Newman, A. Dederman, D. Zazove, N. Semovity, J. Nathan, H. Abramson, P. Siegle, G. Sack, J. Moore. Fj J i Row: D. Chudnow, J. Friedman, R. Becher, S. Present, M. Shain, D. Goodman, E. Peigen, D. Wong, K. Matusow, D. Milch. 197 i c ■ 1 ' PHI SIGMA KAPPA If you ' re worried about national security, you can start sleeping easily again, knowing that the men of Phi Sigma Kappa are out there training, training to make the world safe for democracy. Of course, when not on the rifle range they divert their energies to pursuits of peace and charity, such as the Campus Carnival and blood drive. With such grand fellows protecting our glorious homeland, all we have to worry about is one dropping a shell and blowing Bascom Hill into the lake. 1. G. Burch 17. K. Sack 2. R. Allar 18. T. Fifrick 3. J. Williams 19. W. Kraujalis 4. J. Tappon 20. D. DeCidio 5. T. Kraujalis 21. E. Anderson 5. Q. Brown 22. R. VanderHeiden 6. T. Bunker 23. J. Norwell 7. B. Procter 24. L. Schopf 8. R. Lehmann 25. W. Boyd 9. R. Ott 26. R. Butler 10. M. Chester 27. R. Hansborough 11. K. Salzseider 28. L. Turnquist 12. J. Sardino 29. A. Ehrke 13. M. Johnson 30. E. Erdmann 14. A. Shell 31. M. Dobberfuhl 15. P. Larsen 32. S. Nelson 16. T. Cook 33. R. Blumereich 198 - PHI SIGMA SIGMA Dorn, W. Colman, D. Brown, B. Schibly, K. Weiss, L. Blauner . . . and now from high atop Madison ' s landmark, we present the Phi Sigma Sigma ' s asking the eternal question, " Who took the strings out of the piano? " Although not unstrung themselves, the Phi Sig ' s were all keyed up for Home- coming with Tau Epsilon Phi and Campus Carnival with TKE ' s. They were also atop the acedemic scale with the highest sorority over-all grade average, and we might also note that they held a cookie sale for the Mental Health Association. The Phi Sigma Sigma ' s look forward to performing on an even higher scale. 199 PI BETA PHI Decked out in sports attire of all descriptions, Pi Phi ' s belie the myth of the flabby American. The girls kept in good shape by exercising their artistic and musical talents during Homecoming with Chi Phi and Humo with SAE, and by out-dancing Fred Astaire at their Christmas and Spring formals. But their biggest achievement was having the only all-girl football team in Badger Bowl (with a 1 — 1 record, too) — those patrons of the pigskin, those Tartan turf terrors, the Pi Phi Passouts! 1. M. Marx 2. L. Reihansberger 3. K. Togstead 4. L. Shimon 5. L. Partleton 6. E. Huegel 7. L. Boekert 8. K.Hill 9. S. Bochert 10. N. Belvedere 11. K.Kelly 12. S. Sullivan 13. J. Maxfield 14. S. Riley 15. W. Howie 16. B. Stoner 17. L. Loughlin 18. J. Bonk 19. S. Best 20. W. Williams 21. N. Allin 22. C. Lord 23. C. Hoag 24. B. Brown 25. B. Kaufman 26. S. Dunlap 27. M. Lounsbury 28 29. K. Berns S. Benke 30. B. Binkert 31. Miss Take 200 32. B. Hammond 33. S. Radl L. Latzko M. Rife M. Westing P. Ledge M. Matera 39. G. Faver 40. C. Surmacz L. Truby D. Seitz H. Zwicki M. Benkendorf B. Birk 46. J. Gerstner 47. E. Burns K. Heise C. Olson N. Parker G. Sticka 52. M. Ehrensperger 53. L. Stalle 54. S. Libbish 55. J. Meisinger 56. R. Achen P. Treichel S. Crider 59. S. Doyle 60. M. Gjertson 61. M.Welsh 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 48. 49. 50. 51. 57. 58. 201 PI LAMBDA PHI Be it ever so humble, there ' s no place like home, or so it may appear as the omnipresent Pi Lams mug for the sake of their early-gauche picture. No slouches they, the Pi Lams came alive as the sun set, and embarked on social sprees such as their High School Harry and Hawaiian parties. Team- ing up with Kappa Alpha Theta, the Lammies gunned to improve upon their runner-up spot in Humo of last year. It seemed also that one brother was celebrating a victory of his own, though we question his minority group. 1. J. Goodman 2. S. Field D. Hart L, Bernstein C. S. Weber B. Davis R. Weil 8. B. Borenstein 9. G. Smith A. Ringel 11. D. Wald 12. M. D. Marcus, Esq. 1,3. D. Wolk, PhD 14. H. Slavick 15. P. Ettner 16. R. Gellis 17. M. Williams 18. H. Bernstein 19. S. Richmond 20. H. Wolkin 21. W. Smoich 22. N. Meister D. Fetter D. Popkin 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 10 23 24 202 25. H. C. Dube 26. S. Komhauser 27. L. Bubens 28. N. Blumenthal 29. J. Weiner 30. B. N. Barniker 31. T. Tabo 32. S. Anixter 33. Zee Boy 34. Chicken Man 35. J. Braiman 36. W. Gator 36. P. Brown 37. M. Srulovitz 38. P. Ledge 39. J. Tindell 40. T. Grombacher 41. J. Feinberg 42. J. Moriarty 43. M. Newelt 44. Big Herm 45. J. Sneider 46. P. D. Brown 47. Peter Brown 203 PSI UPSILON Holding their own around the table or around the campus, the Psi Upsilon ' s are determined to give their full attention to the business at hand. Celebrat- ing the year gone by, the year to come, or having a good ol ' time at their annual French Underground Party, the Psi U ' s were ready to rally for the cause. It wasn ' t all partying as this picture may suggest, however. The Psi Upsilons also competed in several intramural sports, football, volleyball, tennis, and basketball. Anyone for another round after we pick the fallen brothers up from the floor? 204 Psi Upsilon — Clockwise: T. Hoffer, R. Hedden, R. LaFrance, J. Meser, D. Good, T. Joern, J. Jorgenson, G. Ellis, R. Hale, M. Baxter, M. Harris, T. Adams, F. Buck, M. Mason, B. Osborne, R. Mateer, P. Havver, G. Ostermick, B. Bouda, A. Miller, R. Sandberg, J. Bruths, A. Stoffel, R. Lenz. 205 1. M. Shamburek 2. D. Szatkowski 3. T. Hendrickson 4. T. Ehle 5. D. Ossana 6. J. Middleburg 7. J. Hildreth 8. J. Nebel 9. P. Erskine 10. B. Zablow 11. J. Henderson 12. G. Schmitt 13. R. Schwarz 14. J.Miller 15. J. Loftin 16. J. Fedenia 17. M. Sprenger 18. S. Litscher 19. B. Baird 20. R. Carter S. Symmes T. Dwyer D. Moerschel 24. L.Klein 25. J. Winger 26. B. Henderson 27. J. Bode 28. J. Benson 29. G. Swinehart 30. R. Haagensen 31. B. Ingals 32. P. Deutsch 21. 22. 23. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Night falls, and the lovely SAE house is gaily lit for the evening ' s festivities. The carriages begin to arrive, and there are dozens of doormen gathered outside to . . . oops! Those aren ' t the doormen; those are the SAE ' s. Seems the doormen have never recovered from the infamous SAE Paddy Murphy party, much less from Humo with Pi Beta Phi or Homecoming with Alpha Phi. Even the old folk ' s Christmas party was too much. But the ever-ready SAE ' s are always raring to go — they just don ' t know where. 206 n 33. P. Beck 34. T. Harder 35. B. Jacob! 36. R. Palluch 37. G. Sagemiller 38. J. Liken 39. S. Sayles 40. P. Thompson 41. J. Mortenson 42. G. Jackson 43. J. Zipp 44. W. Oldenburg 45. H. Zassenhaus 46. B. Buckley 47. J. More 48. L. Sievertson 49. B. Hendricks 50. S. Towie 51. J. Harker 52. R. Hanson 53. D. Gorrell 54. R. Rassmussen 55. J. Bovinet 56. S. Wyss 57. R. Kruk 58. B. Hempke 59. T. Hareck 60. J. Conley 61. T. Wyss 62. J. Rauh 63. P. Hoffman 51 w 53,.„58„ ri « 207 SIGMA CHI Ahhh, those virile specimens of Sigma Chi are at it again. All they need do is gather together, and the concentrated sex appeal they exude makes females swoon. Such magnetism must have figured in Sig Chi ' s winning Homo three years in a row, 1966-68. Girls just flock to the Derby Day event they sponsor in spring — and in spring young men ' s thoughts turn to thoughts of . . . love? The more sensuous aspects of the Sigma Chi ' s are given an outlet at their Tom Jones and Bahama Blast parties. And in between parties — well, there ' s always Playboy to look at. 1. A. Sprague 11. P. McDevitt 21. J. Canepa 2. J. D. Thome 12. B. Hyatt 22. J. Wimberly 3. F. Hogan 13. R. Hart 23. K. Brown 4. S. Watsononski 14. B. Spangel 24. C. Gooding 5. B. Francour 15. C. Burr 25. B. Bryson 6. B.S. Shaffner 16. D. McOwensbad 26. J. Halvorson 7. N. Johnson 17. A. Bandit 27. J. Schweikart 8. J. Bickers 18. B. West 28. R. Andringa 9. T. McCoy 19. B. McLay 29. K. Rosener 0. J. Eidelman 20. T. Kamberos 30. B. Leesley 208 31. C. Nielson 41. P. Connely 51. 32. G. Culbertson 42. G. Hurdle 52. 33. E. Graft 43. J. Purcell 53. 34. B. Kaufman 44. D. Patterson 54. 35. J. Thompson 45. J. Phillips 55. 36. J. Soiully 46. J.C. McCarten 56. 37. B. Stoffer 47. R. Skidewski 57. 38. J. Emmerich 48. J. Schaller 58. 39. J.Krug 49. D. Jensen 59. 40. B. Freedman 50. P. Cuisinierski F. Gloss C. Risch P. Greenberg 54. J.Perez J. Pettit 56. T. MeCullough F. Leatherman J. Sweet M. Faggins 209 SIGMA DELTA TAU Could it be that the SBTs knew something we didn ' t about a notorious production of " Peter Pan? " Maybe so, but they weren ' t quite so secretive about the many activities which kept them out of mischief during the year. In addition to supporting an Indian orphan, the Sigma Delta Tau girls en- tertained orphan children with a party. Last year their combined efforts with the Sigma Chi ' s won them first place in Humorology. While the University ' s " Peter Pan " may not go on to Boll a victory, an SDT courthouse makes for a victory through acquittal. 1. V. Chez 16. D. Unger 2. L. Berg 17. J. Jacobs 3. F. Bix 18. R. Newberger 4. P. Hirsch 19. S. Weinstein 5. M. Chapman 20. M. Gross 6. J. Cellman 21. L.Zak 7. P. Newberger 22. R. Howard 8. J. Andalman 23. C. Becker 9. J. Goodman 24. B. Gelbert 10. F. Fireman 25. T. Sack 11. E. Katz 26. S. Cershon 12. M. Felix 27. J. Lohman 13. M. Newman 28. D. Schiffman 14. L. Wallens 29. H. Ehrenreich 15. L. Mandel 30. D. Epstein 31. C. Schweitzer 46. B. Blumberg 32. P. Rademacher 47. N. Zizook 33. R. Solkol 48. J. Kittay 34. A. Willis 49. M. Kornfeld 35. L. Rossen 50. M. Greenberg 36. S. Wallach 51. M. Hogan 37. B. Rothenberg 52. S. Breitman 38. P. Oshuns 53. D. Sauransky 39. B. Blahnik 54. K. Tolkan 40. J. Haber 55. S. Gordon 41. L. Mack 56. L. Landman 42. M. Krayton 57. B. St. Edmund 43. J. Peck 44. S. Paley 45. L. Berger SIGMA PHI EPSILON The early bird gets the tickets. With Wisconsin Rose Bowl tickets being so scarce this year, the Sig Ep ' s got in line really early, like maybe several decades too early. To ease their troubled minds, the Sig Ep ' s did Homecom- ing with Chi Omega and Songfest with Delta Delta Delta and again sponsor- ed their Winter Carnival. They watched T.V. all New Year ' s day, but oddly enough, couldn ' t see our team playing anywhfere. After firing off letters of protest to all the networks for such a gross oversight, the Sig Ep ' s settled back to wait. So much for spiders being the world ' s most patient creatvires. r ■I r 7S ' 212 1. C. Schneiter 11. R. Rasmussen 2. A. HopeH 12. L. Apperson 3. J. Fitts 13. B. Davis 4. P. Rowe 14. D. Richert 5. D. Beld 15. G. Brown 6. D. McElroy 16. R. Pease 7. J. Merton 17. L. Helmly 8. R. Back 18. D. Gordon 9. J. Seebert 19. K. Wiesner 10. R. Anderson 20. B. Poole 21. B. Bartlein 31. J. Zimmermann 22. D. Hussin 32. P. Dueker 23. R. Warren 33. M. Hayes 24. L. Panzer 34. E. Palmer 25. E. Elskamp 35. J. Nelson 26. J. Jacobs 36. G. Speerstra 27. J. Gotesky 37. J. Nelson 28. J. Graettinger 38. C. DeCock 29. J. Gempeler 39. D. Bone 30. G. Westfall 40. B. Jorpahl 213 Sigma Phi — Bottom Row: J. Haberstroh, R. Frazer, T. Thies, C. Barrett, T. Lyttle. Second Row: B. Zimmerman, J. Kunz, M. Gibson, S. Boyd, M. Tomczak, W. March, R. Brockman, T. Makie, L. Lewis, P. Olson. SIGMA PHI Bottoms up for the scholastically top-ranked fraternity on campus. What better reason to celebrate? Bon-vivants as well as scholars, the Sigma Phi ' s hold an annual Persian Kitty party and faculty tea. In sports they cheer on members of Wisconsin ' s crew, track, and baseball teams. Apart from celebrat- ing, they lend a helping hand to others through Campus Carnival and the student tutorial program. Confident that this year will be another enthusiastic success, the Sigma Phi ' s drink a hardy toast — Here ' s to you! 214 Why: TAU KAPPA EPSILON 1. L. Epstein 2. L. Singer 3. J.Casey 4. P. Hulstedt 5. M. Everson 6. A. Loser 7. B. Brack 8. A. Beske 9. J. Techman 10. D. Pas 11. T. Reids 12. B. PIzak 13. R. Ramsay 14. C. Batman 15. D. Wages 16. A. Coodtime 17. C. Crammateus 18. K. Knockers 19. W. Shultz 20. R. Marstow 21. D. Beske 22. D.Grant 23. S. Lewy 24. R. Robers 25. A. Jansen Roll out the barrel and you ' d squirt a lot of TKE ' s standing around it. We don ' t mean to imply that the TKE ' s spend all their time gathered around the spigot, but we did have a hell of a time getting them to turn around and face the camera. They ' re much easier to get going when it ' s their Bam Bash or Shipwreck party that beckons, or even when they ' re called upon to fix up the Atwood Community Center. Since the TKE ' s are the undisputed water balloon marksmen, we began to wonder if maybe those balloons weren ' t filled with brew — but, after all, would they waste it? Because! 215 THETA CHI Theta Chi ' s seem all fired up for something. Can it be the all-campus pot- pourri competition? Actually, these boys are quite athletic. They ' ve cap- tured the division championship in football and baseball. Along with their physical prowess, Theta Chi demonstrated agility in handling Homecoming with Kappa Alpha Theta ' s and Humorology with Tri Delt ' s, and while trek- ing off on their annual safari party. SARP (Sunday Afternoon Recreation Program) is one of the Theta Chi ' s community projects. But mostly, they like to go duck hunting— one guy hunts; everybody else ducks. 1. G.Cook 2. P. Beach 3. D. Pick 4. J. Petrarca 5. S. Turner D. Lieb S. Lewis J. VanDinter J. Schuetz P. Mockus 11. D.Lowe 12. R. Flood J. Graan L. Holden D. Greco 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 13. 14. 15. 216 16. D. Schlee 17. M. Marcucci 18. R. Smith D. Borghesi C. Smith 21. J. Barager 22. S.Walters 23. W.Horner B. Cibbs W. Schmeisser 26. S. Schearer 27. C. Nemeckay 28. J. Huhta 29. B. Zahn 30. W. Seabrook 19. 20. 24 25 2)7 THETA DELTA CHI If you want to see a Badger, then come along with me to the Theta Delta Chi basement and gaze upon their effigy of our illustrious mascot, Bucky. While the men of the house were downstairs pleading with Bucky for a victory, we spoke with Alfie, the only talking dog on campus, who is well- informed about fraternity (unctions. Alfie says the Miss Campus Chest fund drive, which the Theta Delt ' s sponsor, was again succussful this year, under the motto, " Campus Chest is not just a big front. " 1. A. Freeb 2. P. Patter 3. J. Feeble 4. A. Dog 5. Q. Squeek 6. S. Begre 7. A. Inebreate 8. W. Crockran 9. J. Rhinegold 10. No. 765322 R. Nixton J. Batguano S. Cream Cheese 14. H. Cream Cheese 15. D. Bagge 16. S. Sweet 17. D.Triton 18. M. Beast 11 12 13. 19. C.Fang 20. S. Tinkerbell 21. H. Piglette 22. C.Pike 23. D. Dandelion 24. M . Savage 25. T.Tim 26. C. Snort J. Prudence P. Pooh A. Swine M . Stalk T. Tetter B. Boggle No. 388338 34. K. Shilean 35. A. Blank S. Hagdew 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 36. 218 TRIANGLE It seems Triangle was beaten out by the Sig Ep ' s for 1st place in line for Rose Bowl tickets this year, but the undaunted men of Triangle promptly and neatly lined themselves up to await the sale of tickets for the 1984 Rose Bowl, confident that our team will be as fine then as it is now. To while away the time they held a Christmas Party for underprivileged children and organized a new engineering student picnic. Gee whilikers, with such swell fellows out there rooting our team on, how can we lose? 1. R. Braatz 14. J. Engstrom 2. R. Lislca 15. J. Femal 3. R. Edrinn 16. T. Parsons 4. J. Hendricks 17. J. Heilman 5. D. Sonnenberg 18. T. Frucha 6. J. Brady 19. J. Heidenreich 7. M. Benton 20. f. Grob 8. L. Carlson 21. ?. Reger 9. B. Kreul 22. D. Dickinson 10. J. Gallas 23. R. Aschenbrenner 11. R. Junge 24. J. Hall 12. J. Poehling 25. Oscar 13. B. Sheldon 219 ZETA BETA TAU Cosh a-rooney, those wild, zany ZBT ' s have gone and done it again! Imagine, them getting all gussied up in such wild, way-out, wierd costumes! And those funny masks they ' re all wearing! And their novel idea for a picture setting! Boy, those guys are certainly on the ball! Of course, they do have a serious side — there are Yard, Pajama, Roman Toga, " The Damn Thing " and " The Hell of It " parties, and there ' s serious drinking at all of them. But these fiin-loving fellows just can ' t resist clowning around as they did so amusingly for our photographer. 220 : 1. M. Levine 31. H. Goulash 2. P. Hytken 32. B. Loeb 3. A. Evans 33. B. Steinman 4. A. Engman 34. L. Goodman 5. J. Stender 35. J. Wass 6. A. Nurd 36. D. Hull 7. A. Nebbish 37. D. Redlick 8. A. Ortner 38. B. D. E. 9. B. Millman 39. B. Ginzburg 10. A. Gilbert 40. N. Chest 11. L. Greene 41. B. Hull 12. A. Pig 42. M. Sussberg 13. K. Nixon 43. A. Reich 14. M. Levin 44. A. Red 15. I. Carel 45. M. Cherniak 16. T. A. Edison 46. R. Boxtin 17. L. Roth 47. B. Leavitt 18. G. Klein 48. S. Deutsch 19. K. Polsky 49. J. Malsh 20. J.Hoff 50. R. Cohn 21. T. Geller 51. E. Grossman 22. J. Emstoff 52. S. Mikita 23. S. Barkon 53. J. Cat 24. J. Beanstalk 54. S. Maleman 25. S. Simon 55. J. Gershow 26. D. Lipps 56. L. Gross 27. A. Pledge 57. C. Gellman 28. B. Goisman 58. J. Asher 29. Paladin 59. ZBT Sweetheart 30. " Z " 221 222 i 223 ' i? ' ■-. - . ■» " HOUSE -4ii:i . 1 224 i ivm© oniT 32t 229 230 231 ALLEN HALL Allen Hall — Bottom Row: E. Lenok, J. Zemel, J. Deutch, J. Kush- ner, B. Wadler, B. Warshaw, B. Brown, E. Katz, E. Maiman. Second Row: M. Chemof, S. Arbetman, P. Kronick, R. Wilows, P. Hirsch, V. Chez, R. Howard, S. Human, D. Kolmas, G. Skolnick, C. Bank. Third Row: B. Kahn, R. Silverman, A. Barron, N. James, R. Silverstein, A. Cordon, B. Tobias, B. Rothenberg, M. Bayer, B. Corsky, S. Winograd, M. Schwartz, R. Weinberger, W. Altman, A. Eiferman. FouHh Row: C. Becker, P. Coldsmith, K. Wool, B. Weil, D. Block, S. Barr, W. Rosenfield, T. Marcus, B. Joseph, J. Lansky, J. Wiener, D. Chierm, M. Hootkin, D. L. Pious. 232 ■H m 1 " " l f B P 7 - ■, . M . f ' i ?ril h iH k f ' ■W a 3 Ann Emery — Bottom Row: T. Simon, M. Arnold, J. Quadaraia, P. Mayland, C. Backus, C. Satory, M. Cershon, S. Mishkui, D. Schmitz. Second Row: J. Leedom, S. Behnke, P. True, S. Wells, S. Wein, J. Wall, L. White, N. McKensen, B. Krieger, A. Brageau, L. Daggset, B. Taylor, L. Cafony, P. Doyle. Third Row: S. Arlhe, E. Bittner, J. Cartwright, K. Berne, G. Bing, E. Korst, M. Davis, P. Gerling, P. Meier, D. Kec, R. MacLaren, J. Lovett, P. Schuette, M. Kaplan, J. Amundson. Fourth Row: A. Sazame, S. Dairo, G. Perlich, J. Kimport, C. Masar, L. Cooper, S. Cotseretos, S. Bukei, M. Brady, N. Kaufer, P. Nigbor, G. Kaiser, J. Bidinger, L. Seitz, A. Ziebel. ANN EME3RY Ann Emery — Bottom Row: M. Meier, P. Kelly, P. Pruschen, P. Jafferis, A. Kimberly, J. Thuerer, E. Harvey, L. Gohlke, P. Primberger. Second Row: C. Sprenger, A. VonBriesen, D. Markham, D. Dix, M. Jenk, N. Buening, H. Lowe, K. Futzsinger, J. Karau, M. Hunt, S. Dann, S. Marshall. Third Row: M. Bongiovanni, P. Kelly, S. Cape, C. McDermott, C. Brusha, T. Vollrath, M. Moudry, N. Hurst, C. Quisling, A. Poser, B. Surflice, P. Keifer, J. Eskilson. Ann Emery — Bottom Row: P. Otto, P. Lutzow, S. Kescey, M. Brightwell, L. Goodfeed, C. Dannenfelser, K. McDonald, S. Cullen. Second Row: D. Bondehagen, K. Boviren, J. Saville, C. Ceilings, A. Heinze, B. Swanson, B. Burden, J. Meinberg, C. Williams. Third Row: C. Hart, N. Winston, N. Fletcher, G. Williams, B. Hufschmidt, E. Euclid, J. Snell, N. DePew, S. Englander, H. Usinger, M. Gabrir, M. McCabb. Fourth Row: G. Brooks, L. Miller, L. Meschter, N. Graham, B. Brindley, B. Braasch, J. Jeffries, N. DeShepper, M. Kelse, C. Schmerdler, J. Eisenberg, S. Pos t. BABCOCK HOUSE Babcock House — Bottom Row: T. Noll, Mrs. Pfeiffer, D. Palzkill, T. Brooke, G. Rindsig, C. Veum. Third Row: P. Sheahan, G. Travis, D. Lukaszewski, E. Atwood, T. Fuhrmann, R. Williams, D. Rees, C. Miller. Weiss, D. Kuhaupt, D. Thomas, A. Kohn, K. Marohl, R. Schomberg, Second Row: M. Richter, S. Merry, T. Rademan, D. Rowntree, J. R. Rutledge, J. Kron, M. Voss, K. Boltz, J. Springer, D. Peterson, T. Sutheimer, J. Schafer, P. Eastwood, D. Kron, J. Van Liere, D. Kendall, Johnson. Fourth Row: B. Pofahl, J. Vanderploeg, G. Daniels, P. O ' Leary, C. Knigge, S. Stark, B. Nusbaum, M. Solverson, Se Sy, G. Onan, G. S. Carlson, A. Tralmer, T. Wilson, J. Rutledge. 234 Barnard Hall — Bottom Row: R. Burnett, K. Throne, L. Vahldieck, P. CNeil. Third Row: G. Otto, J. Hammamura, P. Epp, E. Gary, J. Rudman, W. Wells, F. Criblecoblis, K. Roberts, A. Wonderland, P. Post, S. Zeff, K. Senzig, V. Harvey, M. Kalinoski, K. Korth, S. E. Eilbradct, S. Ellen. Second Row: J. Hammamura, M. Staab, D. Luck, S. Schlise, L. Kloety, H. Fuhrmann, F. Piazza, B. Kessvo, M. Gruen, P. Buck, J. Warzyn, E. Grimstad, R. Prosise, V. Schuknecht, Eberhardy. BARNARD HALL Barnard Hall— Bottom Row: M. Horton, S. Hamilton, L. Wilcox, J. Michael, J. Hintz. Fourth Row: L. Dinker, J. Lentz, C. DuPont, C. Torelsb, C. Davis, D. Shakman, S. Kehrer, B. Luebke. Second Row: Hanson, C. Smith, J. Johnson, B. Webster, D. Anderson, E. Dasler, K. Strombom, J. Slabis, R. Jackson, S. Persha, C. Taubert, L. Noble, H. Kuckkan, M. Knutson, B. Gregg. M. Bach, M. Schumacher, F. J. Grat, C. Yeanck, C. Knaak, J. Lembcke. Third Row: J. Fugina, P. Klinker, P. Anderson, L . Sudlik. Fifth Row: M. Barney, J. Kurth, S. Rolf, B. Alexander, L. Ferch, E. Feldman, B. Behling, D. Lee, J. Fried. ff I : I ' 69; V t -i2 .1t . CHADBOURNE HALL Chadboume Officers — Bottom Row: J. Nee, T. Martin, A. Thiel, S. Anderson, P. Premo, K. Nelson, L. VanVleet, B. Volkel, J. Mann. Second Row: J. Kraus, E. Koehler, L. Miller, B. Schaffer, J. Pynnonen, J. Anderson, R. Steensrud, A. Smith, B. Aide, C. Sweney, D. Cohen, M. Anderson. Third Row: V. Daggett, R. Kahn, P. Hill, C. Bishop, S. Behrens, A. Saben, K. PfifFner, J. Mann, P. Rucinski, L. Brehmer, A. Idzikowski, D. Holtz, R. Wendorf, J. Olson, J. Konkel. Fourth Row: J. Carow, L. Thomas, C. Buck, S. Ryan, S. Heal, L. Low, K. Molle, S. Lauer, L. Miklas, M. Brault, S. Brus, G. Nicolai, M. Much- leisen. Officers Breeze House — Bottom Row: J. Behrman, J. Folz, K. Lay, P. Luciani, L. Woodside, M. Brownlee, A. Dallman, A. Idzikowski, A. Zaeske, B. Tilly. Second Row: P. Premo, M. Wada, B. Bensch, O. Sdano, R. Holl, A. Kjervik, M. Kjervik, M. Lowe, D. Siedschlag, K. Anderson, S. Dahlquist, L. Korfmacher, J. Wallace. Third Row: M. Posson, J. Mueller, S. Hachikian, B. Mcmyler, P. Rucinski, P. Sierke, K. Hoefs, B. Sypnieske, V. Frisque, C. Bishop. A. Smith, E. Wemstrom, N. Paalu, E. Wiese, C. Sokolik, D. Herker. Fourth Row: A. Beast, K. Miller, J. Storer, N. Ehrlich, L. Miller, F. MacLeod, L. Gorton, G. Engel, S. Border, C. Dana, L. ClifFord, N. Wallace, A. Bensman, J. Baniield. Breeze House 236 Campbell House — Bottom Row: S. Bobrow, M. Meyer, M. Peterman, F. Peeples, C. Fullwood, J. Cellman, K. Stumpf, B. Wick, S. Berg- mann, S. Ryan, J. AbboH. Second Row: G. Jacob, C. Pettibone, L. Davis, C. Sweney, K. Hill, D. Watry, N. Golz, B. Bragg, J. Albee, L. Meyers, J. Brower, B. Olson, J. Sakamoto. Third Row: M. Bunce, E. Carthew, F. Marino, B. Schaeffer. W. Wolske, M. Black, D. Wendling, M. Chapman, J. Olson, M. Bobbins, J. Williams, R. Wendorf, E. Rindy, C. Schoblaski, L. Abrahamson, J. Shaw. Fourth Row: S. Shaw, L. Driver, J. Konkel, M. Vogel, M. Stemlieb, S. Anderson, J. Postel, S. Hirst, L. Holtz, S. Buchan, V. Schoephoerster, M. Kemen, C. Rill, N. Voss, N. Latton. Campbell House Murray House — Bottom Row: S. Blanshan, C. Henke, M. Briggs, C. Him, S. Thorsen, P. Sipp, B. Springer. Second Row: D. Cohen, S. Slavick, R. Brautmeier, B. Priefer, S. Smith, K. Thompson, D. Lunde, V. Vonier, S. Ramsey, T. Schwertfeger, M. Maitland, T. Stadelman. Third Row: L. Wilkas, C. Schmieder, M. Ablan M. Mattson, P. Pappas, A. Eaton. D. Ledanski, M. Soroka, B. Miller, P. Katalinich, J. Brown, P. Bruha. FouHh Row: B. Berry, D. Holtz, K. Brown, A. Langlois, K. Theisen, P. Miklas, C. Thomas, J. White, G. Nicolai, L. Prescott, K. Kelley, B. Volke. Murray House 237 Marlatt House — Bottom Row: M. Tiemann, S. Nicolai, J. Mueller, L. Low, B. Hindin, A. Doyle, J. Spike, M. Cregorius, K. Larsen, J. Klein. Second Row: B. Culesserian, N. Beirl, C. Cleason, N. Schmoll, L. Loughlin, K. Sheldon, J. Halter, M. Richter, C. Quiet, R. Kahn, C. Owen, S. Hill, S. Lauer, K. Davey, T. Martin. Third Row: K. Molle, J. Mann, L. Baraga, B. Bacon, C. Francis, K. Campbell, M. Barbeau, R. Schultz, P. Beer, D. Woods, K. Carey, K. Buamann, P. Coonen, M. Smith, S. Rufener. Marlatt House Rosenberry House — Bottom Row: J. Nee, J. Albee, B. Wames, C. Kruckenberg, N. Scherer, L. Luetscher, P. Bates, T. Schmook, K. Larson, P. Rulland, J. Taylor. Second Row: B. Monnot, C. Lathrop, L. Frantsen, K. Neu, S. Keirs, R. Johnson, D. Sheller, I. Neil, K. Bergant, L. Orr, P. Woest, S. Boysen, K. Koch, A. Anderson, N. Sug- den, K. Ziege, K. Simbrich. Third Row: M. Finley, S. Behrens, S. Meyer, B. Bartholomew, S. Thurston, A. Fenske, G. Kuntz, M. Basten, S. Ehnke, V. Hagen, S. Anderson, C. Buck, K. Rieck. Rosenberry House 238 Schoenleber House — Bottom Row: B. Lethlean, K. Fflffher, R. Zilisch, N. Chritton, S. Brus, C. Byrnes, J. Nelson, C. Kuester, C. Rogina, L. Schwartz. Second Row: P. Anderson, L. Erickson, C. Cook, B. Behlke, J. Mann, J. Kassam, D. Diebel, M. Domkle, D. Ray, K. Bush, J. Pynnonen. Third Row: S. Laird, J. Lemberg, N. Ericksen, Z. Graul, S. Miller, S. Thorson, R. Kirby, C. Grubis, S. Madian, L. Gobis, S. Shireman. Fourth Row: J. Cords, D. Winston, S. Hershcopf, L. Lund, N. Keipe, S. Yost, J. Knutowski, J. Mason, D. Roy, S. Becker, B. Niel- Schoenleber House Scott House — Bottom Row: K. Marano, M. Evrard, C. Benike, T. Petersen, J. Wynboom, B. Baeder, J. Fischer, B. Batten, J. Thalacker, A. Trumpf, K. Fritz. Second Row: R. Hemlock, B. Johnson, S. Sten- gert, E. Hawkins, E. Hardzinski, K. Nelson, J. Schoof, W. McCormick, W. Lotz, R. Sweet, L. Leake. Third Row: R. Kalweit, L. Ulz, N. Halverson, A. Steldt, S. Schuiz, A. Fisk, N. Wright, J. Haunschild, K. Bradshaw, K. Engelbretsen, M. Tyous, L. Walk. FouHh Row: R. Carter, D. MacAllister, B. VanDerHoogt, B. Herzog, L. Haukom, P. Hill, C. Hanke, S. Heal, A. Saben, A. Vorel, K. Kirst, S. Dodge. Scott House 239 Wallerstein House — Bottom Row: S. Koebler, M. Hochberg, C. Lowe, B. Kraemer, K. Hartman, S. Toepel, J. Rindfleisch, K. Long, M. Gregg, K. Cabrielson. Second Row: W. Eichel, K. Lefco, S. Sullivan, J. Schmitt, S. Davis, F. Fireman, M. Brault, J. Haakenson, D. Dorman, L. St. Pierre, C. Cleppe, M. Muehleisen. Third Row: C. Bamett, A. Schultz, A. Thiel, S. Casler, C. Coughlin, B. Herbst, M. Day, P. Lindcko, M. Flanagan, V. Cole, L. Thompson, S. Smith, L. Clatsey, P. Devine. Fourth Row: K. Kranz, M. Callimore. M. Steinhauer, J. Cuenveur, Dougal, L. Graf, J. Carow, P. Brill, B. Maresh, P. Untiedt, A. Cuis, M. Smits, J. Anderson, M. Abdoo, S. Kronick, J. Randolph. Wallerstein House Wilkinson House — Bottom Row: L. VanVleet, S. Bennett, D. Martin, J. Strickler, T. Walker, B. Stoll, R. Biddick, B. Bodin, E. Hussa, A. Hutchinson. Second Row: M. Clark, L. Thomas, B. Peterson, J. Barta, S. Hughes, N. Longhom, P. Freisinger, R. Steensrud, H. Lichtenwalner, K. Mayer, K. Behre. Third Row: S. Galles, M. Stapanian, M. Jansen, P. Hanson, D. Huske, B. Aide, W. Heser, M. Kahlenberg, C. Meissner, N. Janakiev, B. Gonzalez, S. Ameson, C. Horkey. Fourth Row: C. Starich, A. Karolik, J. Smerda, P. Bradley, K. Williams, J. Monestersky, S. Griffiths, S. Westphal, B. Lange, D. Henning, P. Beadle, B. Finzel. Wilkinson House 240 Wood House — Bottom Row: C. Teschner, H. Holihan, P. Prien, G. Welk, C. Skvorc, M. Wagner, L. Brehmer, N. Baley, L. Teple. Second Row: M. CoUopy, L. Laxton, C. Mooring, K. Langenohl, J. Schultz, M. Hancock, R. Cullickson, S. Thompson, S. Douglass, E. Mehler, R. Stuessy. Third Row: S. Schmidt, J. Hardiman, J. Altschwager, K. Miller, M. Tashner, K. Baker, J. Fulmer, B. Chang, A. Karr, N. Finnigan, I. Posner, M. Baugh, D. DerDerian, C. Ballweg, M. Wienkes. Fourth Row: F. Woller, B. Faultersack, E. Koehler, J. Bullis, R. VanDerHeuvel, L. Fosbender, D. Kramschuster, S. Machkovech, J. Munz, P. Langbecker, M. Morgan, M. Darby, K. Vallarta, S. Hagen. Wood House 241 DAVID SCHREINER HOUSE Legislature — Bottom Row: M. Jennings, C. Callahan, I. Behrnstedt, J. Jeffery. Second Row: J. LaCrosse, S. Jordan, J. Maeger, J. Nowicki, J. Kenyon, B. Lindsey, P. Macklin, P. Billerbeck, P. Sachse, S. Gregg, N. DeLaruelle, A. Hers, L. Westberg. Third Row: J. Utschig, L. Fitz, P. Reineking, M. Stewert, K. Olive, B. Bautz, L. Claypole, J. Dick, L. Asplin, K. Kiebsbach, K. Meyer, S. Houfek, C. Kanutson, C. Affeldt, J. Torkelson, B. Brown, V. Steele. RUST HOUSE Unit I — Bottom Row: J. Ziemann, B. Gibbs, N. Deharnelle, M. Wha- len, M. Lefebvre, A. Huston, L. Buchen, S. Dedinas, J. Kleinhans, B. Skibinski, C. Moran. Second Row: L. Vicars, D. Swiggums, A. Drinan, P. Weinstock, B. Thomas, D. Holifield, P. Latham, V. Maxwell, V. Murray, S. Callan, P. Macklin, A. Tideman, B. Brown, L. Kohl. Third Row: D. Paul, A. Loos, B. Pinch, J. Reis, L. Mzorohes, F. Chapman, C. Knutson, C. Weiland, K. Riley, C. Svoboda, B. Boutz, E. Wendt, L. Claypole, L. Grueschow, G. Schwerfeger, G. Hubred, J. Walton, P. Konopka, D. Walker. 242 ELIZABETH WATERS HALL David Schreiner House — Bottom Row: J. Weber, H. Raplcin, R. Bossany, E. Allen, T. Klein, E. Godfrey, L. Carrington. Second Row: P. Theisen, S. VanEss, C. Krueger, S. Kunze, R. Mittelstadt, S. West, R. Asplund, R. King, D. Jungeberg, D. Elmer, D. Roth, P. Wilson. Third Row: J. Wessing, K. Raddatz, W. Amans, K. Heisig, F. Ahlstrom, J. Kubokawa, G. Itellwig, R. Halvorson, D. Wegener, R. Schroeder, J. Shirmer, W. Pischke, R. Pyter, D. Kayon. Fourth Row: D. Kayon, P. Prust, E. Malin, J. Dove, G. Wagner, J. Leigl, R. Woodruff, S. Krugel, M. Witt, R. Legro, W. Gauthier, J. Lange, D. Kaste, R. Pawlick, R. McCutchin. Legislature Rust House — Bottom Row: W. Figi, M. Wagner, P. Bartlein, R. Checkai, D. Garity, R. Keppel, R. Fenner, M. Bill, P. Schiefelbein, J. Hendrickson. Second Row: W. Olson, J. Ceilesh, J. Perz, T. Stroik, R. Opperman, J. Standaert, W. Patterson, D. Dalton, E. Liegl, R. Ehr, R. Bates, G. Schmidt, T. Ackerman, M. Huenink, W. Peterson, M. Kubokawa, W. Leary, M. Biersteker. Third Row: D. Rhody, D. Stveland, T. Flammang, B. Alwin, C. Woods, R. Swanson, R. Mueller, Tree, A. Milewski, W. Houlberg, G. Turke, C. Biscardi, R. Koenecke, K. Mandl, D. Bjelajac, D. Kniselz, J. Emmerick, C. Massie, L. lorio. Unit I 243 Unit Two Bottom Row: J. Dick, L. Krivanek, S. Trant, B. Lutzko, J. Thome, S. Speltz, S. Rychlik, C. Liseh, J. Eggleson. Second Row: M. Appleyard, K. Urban, C. Anderson, S. Weiland, C. Rhodes, P. Vanselow, M. Olen, B. Miller, K. Grieb, A. Ritchie, P. Billerbeck, B. Nieft, C. Loge. Third Row: V. Justice, J. RohlofF, J. Rass, L. Fitz, P. Parker, G. Johnson, D. Lowenberg, M. Danko, K. Krueger, L. Kautza, K. Leuker, C. McNaughton, N. Martin, P. Kennelly, E. Seutzky, C. Swan, S. Christianson. Fourth Row: H. Hultgen, K. Weiszmann, J. Wilson, J. Johnson, K. Meyer, V. Kleist, A. Herbert, J. Kenyon, S. Lemanski, K. Michaelis, K. Krebsbach, D. Shouldis, P. Reineking, P. Diers, C. Callahan. Unit II Unit Three — Bottom Row: B. Bade, D. Wagner, S. Greenwood, J. LaCrosse, J. J. Mawald, I. Bohrnstedt, C. Wandschneider, E. Kazda, C. Schenk, P. Cash, C. Farrar, J. Pekarske, B. Greenwood. Second Row: M. Yasaitis, J. Jacobs, D. Ashton, S. Schueffner, M. Rumashik, P. Mattern, J. Nowicki, R. Simpson, D. Cartier, L. Wastberg, D. Barnes, J. Maves, A. Larsen, L. Davidson. Third Row: L. Schubert, S. Jordan, J. JefFery, K. Oline, L. Maddalozzo, K. Abel, B. Kaplan, K. Torgerson, S. Lewis, C. Karp, J. Halpern, E. Meyer, S. Engelman, B. Nim, B. Richwine, P. Kasten, C. Bauer, M. Foss. Fourth Row: V. Sweet, C. Schmidt, S. Houfek, J. Luettgen, J. Lonnborg, B. Miodoski, K. Dickinson, A. Omum, P. Stearns, J. Maurogenis, M. LaHave, A. Hess, M. Jennings, B. Scharnke, L. Dtake, P. Rogers, T. Thompson, C. Meyer. Unit III 244 Unit Four — Bottom Row: M. Taylor, G. Hoyt, G. Toman, P. Eith, K. Brehm, B. Huebner, P. Shiveler, A. Dog, A. Carroll, C. Affeldt, K. Welch, M. Krai. Second Row: K. Peterson, E. Farrey, J. Simpson, N. Jesse, L. Moore, J. Bast, P. Peterson, T. Wolverton, B. Fox, L. Loftin, K. Hammen, J. Wanless, S. Olson, L. Osplin. Third Row: J. Schipper, A. Miller, S. Saecker, V. Lienhard, E. Fabran, T. Goodson, K. Schicker, A. Rodent, M. Wasielewski, N. Lumen, S. Sell, P. Kantor, G. Goldberg, K. Clutter, D. Jones, N. Dunn, S. Wagner, C. Lampe, P. Sachse. Unit IV Unit Five — Bottom Row: M. Hyland, K. Remitz, S. Price, S. Sihobert, N. Boszhardt, M. Durst, Farnsworth 87th, M. Bertolino, Rosalinda, S. Helling, P. Rademacher, J. Wick, M. Patrick, E. Pick, V. Emery, K. Abelmann, B. Lindsey, D. Casey. Second Row: S. Coltman, J. Downey, C. Meissner, P. Kingsbury, N. Hamilton, K. Cyr, C. Seefeld, J. Bork, M. Hall, C. Nevenfeldt, K. Nelson, C. Jude, P. Hotter, C. Zwald, J. Torkelson, K. Dooley, B. Lipski, M. Stewart, M. Singer, M. Koepke. Third Row: R. Collins, A. Dean, S. Kranick, E. Tarant, K. Skinmetz, P. Weber, C. Block, D. Kraftchak, R. Taft, S. Magnussen, L. Kim, J. Werner, E. Jensen, K. Bennington, L. Rasmussen, J. Becker, L. Scheibee, A. Makovec, J. Kohn, J. Kempka, V. Steele, C. Beuchel, M. Whiteford. Fourth Row: J. Tappon, J. Kanters, S. Mossman, J. Norrand, L. Chan, N. McNaughton, M. Chapman, C. Williams, C. Jones, M. Kowerski, T. Pankonin, J. Fulmer, K. Kirby, R. Wendt, C. McCutcheon, C. Prestegard, T. Stark, V. Amosovs, J. Seaman, L. Baker, B. Bannick. Unit V 245 ADAMS HALL Noyes House — Bottom Row: G. Kempka, R. Staron, T. Erickson, W. Thompson, F. Matestic, W. Rosing, L. Matel. Second Row: G. Gil- bert, L. Servais, W. Koontz, J. Karrow, J. Locke, S. Cabel, R. Sal- nick, J. Luckfleld, J. Hanus, A. Loo. Third Row: S. Hamilton, G. Broderick, T. Kimball, A. Chin, K. Holm, M. Lam, J. Wentworth. Noyes House WLHA 246 Ochsner House — Bottom Row: G. Hill, M. Bereta, L. Posorski, R. Sheger, T. Sorenson, J. Knutson. Second Row: I. Rouner, J. Broldsh, J. Hardzinski, S. Derenne, D. Wiest, R. Kamroe, D. Nielsen, J. Broy, T. Conway, P. Schaefer. Third Row: W. Kohlhase, T. Wiedel, B. Anderson, P. Nehm, J. Schimpff, B. Fail, E. Olson, C. Gruietz- macher, R. Loss. Ochsner House Richardson House — Bottom Row: F. Chu, D. CLearv, Girl, D. Wait, H. Adam, Girl, J. Kemmerich, B. Backes, D. Erlandson, G. Kintzer, D. Warther. Second Row: R. Newbery, R. Abramson, J. Sromer, K. Attoe, J. Handley, F. Villarreal, J. Lam, R. Raschid, R. Finn, W. Feld- berg, M. Keyes. Third Row: T. Boettcher, J. Walsh, R. Lanctot, E. Delwiche, D. Thurow, D. Pollichek, R Adams, T. Watry, D. Gatzke, M. Silieki, E. Franzblau. Rlcliardsoii House 247 Kiekhofer — Bottom Row: M. Overmeyer, D. Kemmer, L. Walgenbach, M. Hammel, M. Ourada, L. Charnitz, D. Loomis, L. Degidio, M. Knitter. Second Row: M. Hessert, R. Young, M. Gjetson, M. Wein- traub, E. Raymond, N. Angel, B. Timm, B. Hays, N. Meyer, G. Mur- ray, P. Kohl. Third Row: T. Markham, D. Beczkalo, D. Czarnecki, J. Meudt, B. Freiburger, C. Alasta, C. Insrud, B. Waarum, J. Stoehr, K. Laitsch, }. Jacqmin, M. Jankowski, J. Curtis, J. Herman, K. Rastl. Fourth Row: N. Freidel, C. Nyhus, B. Niemier, I. Liang, B. Luedke, J. Lausch, P. Young, N. Foster, L. Ruttan, M. Teske, L. Zubko, S. Wisniewski, J. Shumaker, N. Roll, A. Wild. COLE HALL Kiekhofer House Buck House — Bottom Row: S. Woodrow, B. Zimmer, J. Seelman, P. Buck, S. Horky, M. Rubin, D. Schwantes. Second Row: C. Simmons, C. Isaacson, P. Gartner, E. Kayar, M. Cook, B. Nelson, J. Magnuson, B. Carlook, M. Reilly. Thi rd Row: L. Howard, D. Washington, M. Hasse, M. Jaquish, B. King, C. Martinelli, K. Keane, S. Storts, M. Anderson, S. Berg, G. Hamilton. Fourth Row: C. Palmer, C. Paulson, J. Bennett, K. Habeck, M. Wachs, P. Laszewski, A. Gilles, L. Paschke, G. Grosskopf, M. Miller, A. Johnson. Buck House 248 McCaffrey and Snow Houses — Bottom Row: I. Kramer, W. Bergman. G. Walkush, V. Coburn, D. Scribner, C. Zetzman, W. King. Second Row: T. Rickson, P. Laubach, C. Ahlhauser, C. Baker, C. Ternes, J Hoeft, S. Lison, A. Byk, J. Tobin, J. Gard, V. Blackman, D. Yatek Third Row: M. Larson, D. Vandry, D. Logterman, C. Smith, J Canepa, D. Spriggs, C. Terry, R. Lamp, L. Abramson, K. Gavinskf G. Jungenberg. McCaffrey and Snow Houses McCaffrey and Snow Houses — Bottom Row: B. Sonntag, J. Fisher, G. Hughes, K. Feingold, McElroy, S. Cole, D. Howman, B. Skelly. Second Row: C. Coppemhaver, C. Moldenhauer, C. Griffin, S. Bunny, G. Thurston, M. Irish, C. Slagg, J. Zeller, K. Kingston, L. Molthop. Third Row: R. Rooney, K. Schneider, G. Pahnke, D. Lippman, C. Ambach, M. Gustafson, K. Skaar, B. Ludwig, J. Bren, B. Berg, D. Jentz, R. Curtis. 249 Ross House — Bottom Row: I. Conklin, M. Syver, L. Lenz, S. Fart- worth, S. Mueller, J. Younger, S. Werner, J. Eder. Second Row: P. Henry, M. Kasten, M. Martin, M. Hanson, S. Protherse, M. Hooyman, L. Chesnick, S. Kalsaheur, B. Yochum, M. Varley. Third Row: M. Wheeler, E. Dineen, M. Malm, D. Ullmer, J. Schmitz, A. Donoghue, P. Martin, M. Buttke, S. Kuchera, S. Tilkens, A. Hogan. Fourth Row: D. Moran, B. Orovich, K. Wetzel, A. Zimmerman, M. Bosley, B. Free- man, J. Twining, L. Walters, L. Zahrt, L. Westphal. Ross House Mush you huskies, or we won ' t reach LHA ' til Monday! 250 Cool House — Bottom Row: K. Shannon, J. Calmenson, E. Masse, M. Halquist, J. Elliott, K. Ellingson, G. McCartan, J. Glennon, G. Bell, B. Brown. Second Row: L. Stepanivk, G. Shelton, S. Daehar, J. Trapp, C. Albertson, P. Fornell, J. Anderson, S. Dalebroux, K. Dick- son, N. Naovck, C. Lewis. Third Row: M. Parks, S. Ross, K. Grafur- allner, M. Bishton, G. Guldan, K. Alexander, P. Wogt, M. Ellsworth, N. Jsao, S. Thompson, D. Landerman, A. Brash, E. Olson, C. Weiss. Fourth Row: B. Brice, S. Lane, L. Wipperfurth, A. Basthemer, P. Glazer, E. Gottschalk, D. Green, C. Weiss, M. Morman, L. Joyce, J. Monthey, K. Beomudez, C. Harmon, L. Robb, D. Papp, K. Brown. ELM DRIVE A Cool House Bleyer House — Bottom Row: D. Jones, L. Thompson. Second Row: J. Moon, N. Mills, M. Lockwood, A. Parker, M. Scar, L. Bryant, D. Gross, C. Rouze, B. Petersen, J. Rife. Third Row: T. Coyle, L. Henk, M. Niederehe, M. Sarge, P. Kempinger, M. Leis, M. Hajost, K. Becker, T. Shapiro, C. Church, L. Dugenske, J. Thomason, N. Derrig, T. Morton. Fourth Row: D. Kiekhafer, M. Weber, E. Brown, M. Hill. Bleyer House 2S1 Elsom House — Bottom Row: P. Roach, G. Strawn, M. Lintner, M. Hensen, J. Bitney, S. Nicholsen, P. Horak, K. Rygasewizz. Second Row: P. Terrill, C. Olson, K. Klabon, T. Carlson, J. Elsom, M. Ken- nedy, R. Koch, J. Statz, C. Wilson. Third Row: M. Levi, J. Albright, L. Hott, S. Mosby, P. Krier, K. Young, R. Gilligan, P. Witt, B. Gil- bertson, B. Blahnik, T. Black. Fourth Row: S. Yu, C. Wiegand, L. Passineau, C. Sartorius, B. Transou, J. Liska, L. Kline, G. DeYoung, A. Kristal, K. Kowal, C. Bambach. Elsom House f ¥ . Bm V Midrw:: li ' )■ li BP IP P- - i itl.l ??■ ' ■ » Henmen House — Bottom Row: M. Reisch, D. Purns, H. Reep, S. Kerrigan, K. Christianson, M. Zautow, S. Barnes, B. Netson, M. Gor- ski, P. Bryers, S. Rerry, L. Koniak. Second Row: J. Mitchell, M. Stass, D. Urlakis, D. Green, V. Geister, S. Williams, C. Birr, B. McGrath, C. Sherazz, M. Watkins, S. BoskofT. Third Row: J. Stilwell, B. Floro, R. Prentice, S. Wagner, R. Gall, S. LaRue, C. Jergenson, R. Linton, D. Otis, S. Anderson, M. Budich. Henmen House 252 Kahlenberg House — Bottom Row: K. Bermadz, R. Schoril, C. Harmon, D. Dobbins, R. Gilligan, A. Lettow, E. Albright, M. Sugleman, R. Eskstein. Second Row: G. Burmeister, P. Sinn, B. Szudy, S. Feldman, F. Boyen, J. Bitney, L. Linde. Third Row: N. Moseley, G. Hobbet, J. Glassanet, W. Engel, G. Moore, R. Stillmank, M. Halquist, J. Babe, W. Patrick, T. Duffy, D. Pollock. FouHh Row: D. Yast, J. GerstI, J. Laabs, G. Lewandoioski, E. Ela, K. Trnka, J. Abresch, M. Salas, J. Nelson, A. Basthemer. ELM DRIVE B Kahlenberg House McNeel House — Bottom Row: T. Bennett, D. Maxey, S. Zaleski, J. Dezek, G. Vogt, A. Kaniss, J. Perri, T.H.E. Beaver, J. Asher, W. Cochise. Second Row: G. Bliss, G. Pomerening, D. Linder, M. Mc- Donald, P. Kane, B. Rotterty, J. Stumpf, R. Brown, J. Regis, S. Berlin, J. Morrison, T. Alt, M. Bender, K. Toson, P. Uppy, D. Kolberg. Third Row: H. Lindstrom, L. Evans, M. McEvilly, P. Klink, J. Chittero, R. Deal, D. Neinast, B. Drengler, D. Rasmussen, N. Pererson, B. Lind- gren, D. Selje, E. Elgart, D. Borger, R. Rasmussen, D. House, D. Costa, B. Devine, E. Rockier, K. Hallett, J. Wells. Fourth Row: R. Brownie, A. Spees, R. Bieri, B. Miller, T. Ambelang, J. Hacker, S. McCarthy, J. Jones, T. Cauber, R. Kacvinsky, T.H.E. Chief, Cricket, J. Aldrich, E. Antoniewicz, R. Simonsen. McNeel House 2S3 Phillips House — Bottom Row: B. Bellrichard, J. Pawlak, P. Sheldon, R. Wall, D. Seehaver, J. Techman, Z. Yuthorn. Second Row: G. Wekkin, D. Hirschinger, J. Stryzlowski, J. Montz, H. Hart, B. Yeib, K. Shewmake, D. Punko, C. Schmidt, J. Croasdaile. Third Row: S. Owen, J. Jenness, D. Becker, J. Giesen, S. Kornter, B. Schrank, J. Gadzik, P. Quinsland, G. Potts, G. Knapp, R. Baver, J. Johannes, M. Kozelka. ELM DRIVE C Phillips House Pyre House — Bottom Row: J. Noggle, D. Dopp, D. Quick, H. Feld- man, K. Ennis, D. Sheldon, D. Tuscher, M. Neuman, W. Yeung. Second Row: G. Rossman, D. Kehl, S. Parmentier, M. Reichert, K. Wendt, D. Bartlett, B. Donovan, P. Neuman, D. Winterbottom, E. Anderson, M. Klass, J. Lange, D. Tang, W. Borchardt. Third Row: C. Griswold, R. Cusliman, J. Beck, B. Possin, B. Mullica, K. Juedes, R. Kozich, B. Walgenbach, J. Cambre, J. Wilkinson, K. Koberstein, B. Oesterricher, D. Kolstad, J. Roth. Pyre House 254 Steve House — Bottom Row: R. Welsh, C. Cockhorse, J. Frietag, R. Hyland, G. Nash, A. Waldinger, R. Kenyon, B. Stratford. Second Row: B. Berry, M. Rhinerson, S. Anderson, G. Sather, R. Polak. Third Row: K. Mader, M. Bandow, R. Sonntag, W. Muehl, J. Larson, H. Kwok, M. Hastreiter, F. Snake, H. Green, S. Rubin, S. Hilmer, A. Sandler. Fourth Row: C. Vaughn, J. Belany, J. Dauel, J. Henken, T. Macht, L. Nosal, G. Dahlen, D. Gordan, D. Hanson, E. Pearson, P. Buckley, A. Philipsen. Fifth Row: O. Thorpe, R. Fraser, B. Higuchi, L. Baker, G. Peterson, J. Williams, M. Polzer, D. O ' Connell, L. Edel- stein, J. Gralow, D. Kealey, L. Oler, D. Irwin. Steve House Russell House — Bottom Row: H. Nelson, C. Overstreet, J. Mollner, K. Boles, T. Sleime, H. Washburn, J. Lowman, J. Jorgenson, O. Run- dell, A. Higginbotham, J. Upp, W. Hadler, K. Farnsworth. Second Row: M. Weiss, G. Lennart, L. Baldewicz, R. Koch, W. Chopra, M. Schwach, H. Katrichis, R. Koppman, J. Chabon, P. Erickson, B. Fritsch, J. Arnold, M. Stepner. Third Row: B. Alexejun, D. Bloom, J. SehlofF, M. Miller, D. Lesnick, S. Hui, C. Muench, B. Brennan, M. Baener, R. Lambert, J. Skarr, J. Orf, B. Levine, L. Bartholemew, B. Brinkman, B. Van Alstine, T. Tarazi, D. Westover, B. Schwartz, P. Markos. Fourth Row: L. Neckar, G. Lloyd, F. Unland, B. Razban, L. Duginske, F. Kamanskas, P. Nord, M. Kartman, V. Chopra, J. Ander- son, M. Dwyer, D. Cardin, M. Shinners, H. Komfved. Russell House 255 Chamberlin House — Bottom Row: W. Richardson, P. Laabs, S. Ber- man, G. Schultz, R. Smith. Second Row: J. Waldeck, J. Greichunos, T. Barao, R. Goehmann, D. Burton, P. MacGillis, K. Goldman. Third Row: R. Kessenich, A. Timm, D. Nohr, G. KaufFman, G. Stadele, E. Lai, P. Hoeper. Fourth Row: T. VanHandel, D. Kaprovic, L. Nue- mann, J. Hrncirik, H. Clay, D. Dettmann, B. Behl, T. Wittee, J. Richards. Fifth Row: L. Larsen, D. Herold, J. Bublitz, R. Lemanske, T. Pederson, J. Wurtz, N. Greyer, J. Schwartzburg, B. Adams, D. Padley. Sixth Row: B. Syverson, T. Glowacki, R. Merrifield. KRONSHAGE HALL Cliamberlin House ' ill ( ' . I • I " f ri ' lfl ' f ' ' f T ' l ! . i-. f.- ■- It! " : tT 1 « i-!j? » Bj Conover House — Bottom Row: C. Harte, S. Hirosharva, C. Durbin, J. Joseph, B. Busch, M. Christianson, J. Rosback, H. Sails. Second Row: P. Haller, W. Friedman, E. Weiss, S. Bessen, J. Kraut, E. Cal- chup, D. Brown. Third Row: J. Moorman, K. Hoar, L. Allen, S. Web- ster, J. Webster, J. Werbel, H. Wagner, R. Baudewyno, K. Hentz, T. Brookeno. Fourth Row: G. Reise, A. Bolla, J. Roth, S. Wong, K. Turner, C. Rizzo, A. HoUoway, J. Lischka, E. Li. Conover House 256 Cilman House — Bottom Row: C. Chaves, T. Klongland, R. Muelle r, C. Allen, R. Knox, R. Gunning, F. Gurd, K. Bierke. Second Row: F. Nible, A. Grub, G. Vanderheiden, B. McClellan, J. Neumann, A. Janura, A. Haeuser, L. Janowski, E. Olson, P. Buckley, B. Merholtz. Third Row: B. Rieckmann, A. Baron, T. Reinke, R. Zeitlow, J. Schultz, C. Heit, C. Handrich, J. Burns, R. Rosher, L. Urban, J. Lamers, M. Griffin. Fourth Row: D. Golueke, R. Cinus, B. Jensen, H. Leventhol, C. Jaschob, J. Allen, T. John, D. Robinson, T. Volz, S. VonHolzen, T. Ferber, J. Mayhew, K. Tesch. Gilman House Jones House — Bottom Row: G. Burmeister, M. Lieberman, M. Gafney, J. Bamett, C. Vanderpoel, T. Brown, K. Lai, G. Sambs, M. Johanik, B. Olson, B. Sedovic, B. Napiecinski. Second Row: P. Wong, A. Ver- Voort, B. Bussmann, R. Knuptbeck, H. Moritz, S. Schoening, P. Blankley, C. Bader, L. Matsuyama, W. Schmit, P. Henning, P. Van- Ess, J. Zietlow. Third Row: S. Haugland, M. Smolcich, R. Steiner, R. Grote, J. Low, G. Weber, D. Szatkowski, D. Rassich, J. Vorpaul, L. Hickman, M. Hauser, D. Fritz, P. Beitzel, C. Fial, G. Rindone, M. Marx, J. Henning. Fourth Row: L. Koll, J. Thies, D. McLauchlan, T. Halloran, F. Werner, J. Mohr, J. Shipley, L. Nack, R. Blakely, T. Budde, T. O ' Connar, A. Anderson, S. Salter, O. Tesch, R. Feckler, B. Davis, L. Scully, C. Fristack, E. Stine. Jones House 257 Mack House — Bottom Row: D. Loeffler, G. Snyder, L. Gary III, A. Voss, D. DeVos, B. Yarroch. Second Row: D. Kobenstein, M. Dubrin, B. Ewald, G. Booker, J. Kolody, G. Kuklinski, T. Chuckel, F. Cussel- man, T. Rueff, T. Johnson, B. Walker, D. Borski. Third Row: R. Bergmann, A. Rodewald, B. Beuscher, E. Teeysstia, E. Hildert, R. Rienks, P. Matthias, D. Warner, J. Coultas, B. Zimmer, E. Rappa- port. Fourth Row: K. Schmieder, R. Kolstad, L. Weiner, J. Hinkley, J. Kreger, A. Silon, B. Kessler, Charlie, B. Behrens, T. Strakle, M. Shwents. Mack House Showerman House — Bottom Row: J. Dysarz, P. Bensen, R. Bennett, C. Harvey. Second Row: M. Morgan, D. Gress, D. Niemann, P. Hat- tenbach, M. Boettger, J. Fukuya, C. Berger, M. Gustavson, S. Szabo, J. VanMunn. Third Row: D. Korab, B. Westfall, E. Spielman, A. Nel- son, A. Harvey, M. Lindauer, E. Albers, J. Wulling, D. DiFrancesca, L. Probst, S. O ' Brien, J. Heinz, H. Robertson, A. Machos. Fourth Row: P. Popper, T. Siegel, A. Fein, K. Nixon, K. Chack, A. Skarra, J. Travis, M. Zebell, B. Kaye, P. Pardini, P. Com, J. Gerber, J. Somers. Showerman House 258 Swenson House — Bottom Row: J. Jen, P. Van de Sand, B. Richards, L. Gonzalis, H. Hoffman, B. Sahan, M. Balamuth, I. Lehrmann, S. Ahlgne, J. Whitehill, C. Reiche, D. Fetter, T. Jones, D. Johnson, J. Tellanova. Second Row: C. Cooke, G. Zachariasen, S. Colburn, M. Thomas, J. Hagen, J. Campbell, G. Parker, G. Lawless, B. Peuse, J. Milisauskas, D. Hellwig, B. Purvis, S. SchafFer. Third Row: M. Eisen- stad, D. Kalscheur, J. Struve, C. Dewey, J. Walters, B. Kubly, J. Zaider, B. Buerki, J. Mehoff, M. Bruce, J. Friese, A. Hodneth, T. Heinze, C. Litka. Fourth Row: K. Ards, J. Shestock, W. Pauleon, C. Maaske, J. Leuck, J. Smith, J. Holton, D. Wilkening, L. Oetzel, T. Turman, R. Jaegur, R. Bennett, J. Anderson, B. Hedstrom. Swenson House Turner House — Bottom Row: D. Blumke, C. Linde, P. Sanders, A. Richter. Second Row: G. Tanck, T. Schneider, J. Abfall, J. Hauge- stuen, P. Price, L. Jacoby, D. Smith, B. Claggett, V. Steinbach, J. Foth. Third Row: K. Egloff, G. Roelke, T. Downes, D. Robinson, D. Vannes, J. Crick, A. Hannah, D. Dancey, J. Huhn, C. Chou, B. Long, P. Larkin, D. Boilini, J. Klein. Fourth Row: J. Hertel, M. Stern, P. Jacoby, D. Frazer, M. Brandt, R. Meier, R. Reagan, J. Cox, N. Graff, D. Garvin, B. Poindexter, R. Grusznski, J. Mohr. Turner House 259 Bierman House — Bottom Row: C. Rice, B. Widder, A. Strzewski, J. Wasieleski, D. Dvorachek, C. Davis, L. Buelow. Second Row: P. Brady, S. Armstrong, J. Fries, D. Grassec, J. Iseri, M. Suehs, L. Kust- lea. Third Row: C. Tenghom, M. Lee, K. Davey, D. Forte, C. Ried- ner, B. McDonald, J. Danielson, M. Snider, S. Haese, B. Tiedeman, N. Weis. Fourth Row: M. Mocadio, A. Megal, B. Brink, D. Fraser, P. Kennelly, R. Fallon, C. Swan, E. Edelman, D. Brescoll. SLIGHTER HALL Bierman House Gavin House — Bottom Row: L. Jacobs, P. Gillis, J. Lerman, L. Bruss, B. Mitchell, L. Stoetzel, K. Hanink, C. Graves, B. Kostin, C. Town- send, M. Mclntree, J. Tilidetzke, M. Rednour, S. Adams. Second Row: S. Graebner, A. Kurek, K. Nienow, S. Eichner, N. Anderson, K. Hilker, C. Woerfel, Y. Celmerowski, M. Lauermann, M. Marx, D. Liebner, P. Weiner. Third Row: G. Wenzel, E. Paulson, P. Ehrke, C. Gillette, C. Beck, A. Gordon, A. Amato, K. Carlson, C. Lake, K. Pasnikar, A. Szymanski, C. Smeaton. Gavin House 240 Goldberg House — Bottom Row: P. Shannon, K. Winn, M. Grosbier, M. Meiers, M. Krietzler, Malcolm, S. Hutchins, R. Eddy, B. Black. Second Row: L. Kilhaler, D. Young, S. Cieslak, M. Warrance, J. Strackany, K. Kaercher, B. Hankemeir, J. Asmus, K. Brookslaw, J. Greenbaum. Third Row: K. Mullins, C. Toltzman, M. Piefer, D. Wertel, P. Windau, L. Schwingle, K. Wolf, P. Giguere, M. Burman, B. Klimek, D. Benner. Fourth Row: B. Beik, K. Gorecki, M. Hussey, E. Thomas, D. Dustan, M. Hunt, J. Heiclen, C. Rizzo, J. Harrison, C. Kleiber, M. Zwaska. Goldberg House Luedke House — Bottom Row: M. Domnie, A. Lacosse, K. Ellickson, S. Bannister, H. Quarton, D. Bedein, S. Bannister, A. Smith. Second Row: K. Bednarski, H. Broderick, B. Barager, K. Schaefer, C. Luljak, K. Johnson, A. Murray, C. Tigre. Third Row: D. St. George, S. Palmer, L. Opaca, K. Knight, H. Rutz, S. Dopp, L. Walker, P. Ludwig, S. Doyle. Fourth Row: J. Siegel, E. Collins, K. Wichmann, C. Genz, K. West, K. Condon, M. Bottelson, M. Gynnild, B. Boser. Luedke House 261 Bryan House — Bottom Row: R. Roberts, S. Letts, R. Hanson, P. Kres- sin, S. Cup, E. Morgan, D. Beck, R. Kautz, J. Eidmoe. Second Rotv: S. Schmidt, A. Kotcharin, S. Behar, G. Schoenfeldt, S. Allon, S. Gille, B. Stellick, B. Karow, K. Schneider. Third Row: T. Barrie, M. Detert, M. B akula, T. Lindow, D. Fonstad. Fourth Row: C. O ' Malley, L. Stuckman, D. Cox, W. Froming, D. Fischer, C. Leadholm, R. Caliebe, T. Dombrowski, D. Feldmann. SULLIVAN HALL Bryan House Leopold House — Bottom Row: E. Bruggman, R. Guajardo, R. Alexejun, R. Buttke, L. Fitzgerald, K. VVachal, D. Garthier, J. Pfeffer. Second Row: D. Croskopf, D. Martin, D. Grenier, L. Woida, J. Manor, L. Whitmer, D. LaCount, T. McNamara, R. Witte, B. Calkins, B. Spring, J. Kleckner. Third Row: A. Thompson, L. Moen, D. Sayles, H. Koch, B. Kanetzke, T. Marra, G. Schumann, D. Donnenberg, K. Glaunert, K. Flagel, T. Stenborg, W. Leopoldo, E. Gauthier. Fourth Row: B. Bloss, M. Newell, D. Utrie, K. Kiehnau R. Lukes, D. Petranek, L. Mitchell, D. Koepar, K. Lauer, J. Grail, D. Konshak, J. Jaeger, J. Emmer, A. Leopold, D. Thielmann, T. Whittaker. Leopold House 262 Gregory House — Bottom Row: R. Wernlund, P. Heimberg, S. Drake, D. Mendelson, B. Wier, G. Northrup, D. Ryer, P. Bale, V. Wightman, S. Bank, B. Neuman, B. Bryson, T. Reagan, D. Nisler, T. Baumgart. Second Row: R. Markowski, J. Dickinson, J. Green, D. Zielinski, K. Zart, D. Brown, D. Antoiewski, J. Wetzel, B. Coleman, D. Sonnenberg, R. Johnson, F. Cash, A. Friend, T. Kaufman, J. Bates. TRIPP HALL Gregory House High House — Bottom Row: J. Mei, R. Draheim, R. Forrest, M. Sharkey, J. Preston. Second Row: M. Fitzgerald, D. Conto, J. Wil- son, L. Kasten, R. Kamps, C. Behnke, D. Dvorchek, R. Smart. Third Row: D. Freiboth, M. Walsh, G. Fenton, R. Henderson, E. Greene, W. Marten, T. Gallagher, D. Adams. Fourth Row: R. Bina, R. Hugl, G. Shapiro, G. Lyman, P. Thiele, S. Full, R. Kerr, R. Glove, N. Kulig, R. Behnke, H. Bruyere. High House 263 Langdon Hall — Bottom Row: D. Schwictenberg, M. Archibald. Second Row: J. Forster, J. Hall, P. Phipps, L. Marchetta, J. Gerrity, L. Lewis, J. Terp, S. Guy, M. Kimmerer. Third Row: N. Harris, L. Otis, C. Truesdale, R. Wiltierson, A. Huddleston, S. Adams, K. Brimm, S. Humphrey, J. Struhar, K. Kier, S. Smith. Fourth Row: R. Saylor, L. Com, E. Corn, V. Cross, L. Haiman, J. Ratthbun, L. Severson, E. Wentz, M. Gonnen, C. Cunningham, M. Holt, J. Crumps, J. King, A. Wilcox, M. True. Fifth Row: H. Freeman, L. VanBrunt, K. Peterson. LANGDON HALL Langdon Hall — Bottom Row: M. Monroe, J. Loenneke, E. Newman, S. Pascel, L. Anderson. Second Row: K. Gottlieb, C. Levendusky, C. Larson, S. Kernodle, L. Nelson, S. Lopez, B. Glaser, G. Chell. Third Row: A. Hoeffel, R. Burling, A. Saddlemire, S. Townsend, D. Mayer, P. Leonard, M. Stoddard, C. Chrenka, A. Stevens, S. Smith. 264 Lowell Hall — Bottom Row: M. Cohodas, D. DeWitt, M. Jeffries, T. Lebowitz, E. Levin, M. Mogilner, E. Eisenberg, K. Tolkan, B. Land- ers, S. Shumow. Second Row: F. Bennett, D. Smith, L. Lifschutz, K. Kunder, H. Linkke, D. Boss, L. Silver, S. Richmond, L. Wasser- man, B. Horowitz, B. Armstrong, J. Craiewski, P. Corden. Third Row: D. Weiss, S. Schaergola, D. Sher, M. Ruff, R. Ingber, M. Kent, J. Pearle. Fourth Row: C. Rubin, A. Miller, D. Kahn, C. Ottenstein, S. Balkansky, L. Gordon, L. Sondel, L. Solin. Fifth Row: J. Rosenthal, J. Blutter, B. Singer. LOWELL HALL Lowell Hall — Bottom Row: F. Bix, R. Burstein, S. Shumow, B. Land- ers. Second Row: S. Balansky, R. Olin, J. Goodman, P. Cohen, E. Eisenberg, C. Padek, L. Wasserman, H. Linski, L. Silver, B. Arm- strong, K. Tolken, M. Kent, R. Ingber, B. Horwitz, M. Jefiries. Third Row: S. Gorden, L. Lifschutz, D. Boss, J. London, S. Richmond, D. Weiss, E. Slaiman, S. Schaengold, L. Sondel, M. Ruff, R. Nivick, L. Cohn, M. Bolofin, J. Smith, A. Leavitt, N. VanPusen. Fourth Row: J. Graiewski, P. Gordon, N. Kranich, C. Ottenstein, L. Bass, A. Miller, D. Kahn, M. Kornfeld, D. Sher, L. Solin, M. Mogilner, J. Pearle, S. Levy, L. Schartz, B. Greene, R. Hoffman, E. Levin, L. Seckel, M. Mertz, T. Lebowitz. Fifth Row: A. Cuardia, D. Dewitt, M. Cohodas, J. Fulwiler, N. Blech, C. Kunder, J. Kaplan, F. Bennett, J. Blutter, J. Rosenthal, D. Smith, B. Singer, Mrs. Farr, C. Rubin, L. Berg. 265 OGG HALL Adkins House Adkins House — Bottom Row: S. Coyne, J. Weisfuse, E. Sell, F. Marion, G. Veste, D. Carroll, S. Yuan. Second Row: P. Allen, D. Ramberg, D. London, J. Rieser, T. Wighlman, J. King, Siu-Chuen Wong, B. Berkovitz, B. Koeper. Third Row: J. Vrieslander, R. Holan, M. Levin, T. Itner, R. Collins, M. Poquette, H. Chow, S. Turpie, B. Davies, J. Holbus, D. Heuer, M. Courtney, S. Ethier, C. Caponetto. Fourth Row: T. O ' Niel, J. Black, T. Paral, J. Hime, T. Hockney, W. Ellefson, S. Goyke, R. Anderson, M. Regner, T. Elkan, M. Chow, S. Digiosia. »r:mmr.mur ' ' iii0 ( llS " SteiiM,«t.. y ■ ? : _v »W ' V . . ■ iS « ■-• ■ ' ' ii i Cairns House Cairns House — First Row: B. Cershman, S. Miazga, M. Lerner, D. Ringgenberg, S. Plaster, L. Argetsinger, J. Conant, M. Mey- thaler, Bonnie, S. Marshall, D. Nowicki, A. Ostrum, C. Fahl- strom, G. Lee, Nancy, D. Schmeidlin, C. Ferrin, T. Johnson, S. Engerrand, P. Stern, N. Holman, J. Gilbert, T. Arndt, L. Rambo, J. Hoyer, J. Wrolstad. Second Row: M. Kelly, M. Gorman, R. Kempfert, C. Harder, W. Alexander, S. Bothering, B. Gibson, W. Backhaus, W. Richards, P. Miazga, P. Handlos, D. Barry, D. Wieckert, J. Poklar, E. Zepezauer, S. Zogg, R. Thomasgard, M. Fitzgerald, W. Dornfeld, D. Wiser, R. Eising. 1. B. Gershman 2. M.Kelly S. Miazga M. Gorman R. Kempfert 6. C. Harder 7. D. Ringgenberg M. Lerner S. Plaster L. Argetsinger S. Rothering B. Gibson 13. J. Conant 14. M. Meythaler 15. W. Backhaus S. Marshall W. Richards Bonnie P. Miazga P. Handlos 21. D. Nowicki 22. A. Ostrum C. Fahlstrom D. Barry 3. 4. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 16 17 18 19. 20. 23. 24 25. G.Lee 26. D. Schmeidlin C. Ferrin T. Johnson 29. D. Wieckert 30. Nancy 31. J. Poklar 32. S. Engerrand 33. P. Stem 34. N. Holman 35. E. Zepezauer J. Gilbert T. Arndt L. Rambo S. Zogg 40. R. Thomasgard 41. M. Fitzgerald 42. J. Hoyer J. Wrolstadd W. Dornfeld W. Alexander D. Wiser 27. 28. 36. 37. 38. 39. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. R. Eising 267 Duggar House — Bottom Row: M. Johnson, L. Pines, A. Novy, M. Jackson, T. Steinert, R. Kurschner, M. Braun, J. Koerth, R. Sazama. Second Row: R. Weil, J. RossmeissI, G. Dallman, J. Faber, M. Brat- tebo, T. Mork, R. Siegrist, S. Stuckert, R. Sachs, A. Shulman. Third Row: C. Henke, R. Rowen, I. Altshuler, R. Holzem, T. Nicolai, T. Jensen, R. Kaufman, J. Johnson, T. Burney, J. Maxson, M. Dobrinska, A. Salter, R. Lee, J. Rosenthal, D. Parks, R. McNutt, D. Lonergan. Fourth Row: P. Fouchia, R. Kent, M. Mezera, H. Mason, G. Hagen, S. Miller, T. Colstad. Duggar House Fish House — Bottom Row: F. Marshall, P. Christianson, E. McCarthy, K. Genich, R. Wittenwyler, J. Eastwood, J. Quay, C. Netzow. Second Row: L. Rubin, J. Lowell, H. Engle, S. Behnke, A. Paja, J. Bayley, W. Light, S. Anderson, J. Waterman, M. Meyers, T. Jones, D. Egre, A. Bergum. Third Row: K. Matusow, T. Armstrong, D. Lewis, R. Brook, E. Henner, R. Quint, M. Whittier, D. Nachreiner, E. Rose, P. VanBerkle, S. Rode, D. Nelson, M. Taylor, J. Gloudemans, D. Caruso, T. Fiescko. J. Ibach, D. Siegel, A. Whole. Fourth Row: R. Cuffey, K. Garrod, D. Iwen, F. Porro. Fifth Row: T. Guy, D. Ennis, D. Shanks, J. Sorenson, M. Goss, J. Swineheart, J. Mazanet, A. VandeVen, J. Knicklebine, T. Vanderpool, M. Bartlein, B. Peterson, A. DeWall. Fisli House 268 Hohlfeld House Holfeld House — Bottom Row: J. Brook, T. Rathert, T. Szuhai, C. Fletcher, M. Adams, B. Jendusn, V. Swedosh, P. O ' Rourke, D. Sarchet, K. Campbell. Second Row: G. Kelchner, B. Cape, P. Eck, E. Mad- dler, R. Scherer, M. Kehrberg, P. Chernin, P. Neleson, J. Miklas, A. Winner, G. Sandrin. Third Row: J. Pendergast, D. O ' Day, D. Buratti, F. MeidI, T. Rademacher, R. McLean, G. Ott, G. Spilich, D. Mas- bruch, G. Benke, R. Zenter, M. Stehling, G. Hellickson, J. Wittenburg, B. Nelson, S. Goldschmidt, A. Corlett. Fourth Row: M. Lucas, R. Boeneske, N. Dake, P. Prowse, W. Mixdorf, G. Scott, R. Zarling, S. Drummond, S. Olson, G. Berg, J. Bennington. 269 Leith House-Sixth Floor — Bottom Row: J. Bezdechy, B. Tillinger, H. Rubenstein, G. Janscha, J. Legler, D. Harris. Second Row: J. Levy, W. Horner, M. Pleskatch, B. Hartman, R. Shapio, J. Berry, J. Colby. Third Row: A. Anderson, A. Federman, J. Oliver, R. Eickhoff, G. Rast- er, J. Miller, B. Entin, P. Piranio, G. Rovig, L. Kaplan, J. Lanvti, J. Spitz, J. Connelly. Fourth Row: J. Schroeder, J. Peters, J. Wisnefski, E. Dresher, E. Fromm, D. Podevels, D. Borzych. Leitti House Withey House — Bottom Row: F. Rasmussen, C. Dike, T. Dunphy, L. Cohen, M. Maxwell, B. Beales, L. Puhl, M. Lewis. Second Row: R. Walker, B. Schamke, J. Robl, C. Heintz, M. Bittrick, M. Johnson, P. Pleuss, L. Jaeck, J. Potter, L. Whiting, T. Kirkpatrick, T. Tysver. Third Row: G. Weidner, D. Sielaff, T. Demse, L. Meissner, E. Pinsley, D. Durchslag, S. Lancer, G. Hannah, B. Ciese, N. Moore. Fourth Row: A. Rothstein, G. Haven, J. Hohol, E. Westell, S. Sibley, S. Vogel, S. Anderson, G. Barney, D. Anderson. Fifth Row: H. Lyons, B. Josephberg, G. Prudhon, R. Johnson, D. Weingarten, B. Kuhn- muench, B. Schulz, C. Grimm, P. Nau, R. Reuteman, J. Rice, R. Hayek, G. Cook, B. Brophy, R. Rasmussen. 270 ' Page House — Bottom Row: E. Wuennenberg, L. Rusch, L. Epps, N. Roitman, M. McKenna, M. Johnson. Second Row: R. Handtow, A. Monday, D. Cohn, G. Bergmann, T. Kramer, R. Bartlett, J. Legler, G. Konrath, G. Roman, C. Chan, J. McGuire, S. Dvorak, M. Heger, J. Larson. Third Row: T. Schraeder, S. Brandt, T. Turtle, N. Kuchel- meister, N. Nelson, J. Nelson, P. Connell, J. Converse, J. Olig, D. Sa- tran, T. Pearson, P. Roy, B. Wolfe, M. Lerner. fourth Row: S. Engeike, D. Mills, A. Zupans, D. Huebner, R. Krueger, M. Nielsen, S. Wroi stad, J. Lund, J. Jensen, B. Boardman, J. Stillwell. Fifth Row: K. Bos- ton, D. VVeibel, D. Moen, R. Davis. Page House Leith House-Seventh Floor — Bottom Row: V. Mitchell, J. Smith, R. Ren- wick, T. Wolf, M. Grigitis. Second Row: S. Gilherny, K. Peterson, R. Wachtel, K. Dedecher, K. Nicholson, T. Seligman, J. Huebscher. Third Row: T. Riesing, T. Riesing, B. Thacker, B. Olson, M. Thorn, J. Grimm, K. Kubczak, L. Frei, R. Kuehl, J. Peters, P. Powers, A. Fields. Fourth Row: R. Eckels, J. Mimier, T. Wyss, J. Poppe. Withey House 271 SELLERY HALL Callahan House — Bottom Row: J. Webster, D. Birch, S. Ploger, G. Gfall, R. Sarow, B. Mills, S. Pasch. Second Row: S. Mattison, W. Handy, L. Merritt, S. Hansen, T. Dietscheit, L. Kedzior, D. Hager, C. Y. Luk. Callahan House Callahan House — Bottom Row: P. Haug, J. Olson, H. Backe, P. Merle, R. Kitagka, M. Raguse. Second Row: M. Varda, W. Novak, L. Armstrong, P. Spalding, D. Siegel, W. Dean, A. Widstrand, D. Young. 272 Detling House — Bottom Row: M. Livick. Second Row: J. Roughton, J. DePree, B. Hoffman, P. Porer, S. Stockwell, C. Braton, M. Sor- dahl, C. Katz, N. Foreman. Third Row: S. Kendall, C. Hamilton, B. Bums, R. Golub, S. Tessler, S. Skagon, B. Otto, L. Krause, K. Burke, B. Menacher, C. Burkeh. Fourth Row: M. McPeek, P. Harlow, S. Matthews, J. Lemens, M. Bronitsky, B. Wundrrlich, J. Briggs, J. Riesen, J. Fershko, M. Muenkel. Detling House Ely House — Bottom Row: D. Fever, T. White, B. Rheineik, D. Nil- son, J. Vander wherff, W. Sunderland, L. Libman, J. Nevermann. Second Row: H. Laufer, H. Dupre, A. Berk, T. Kent, P. Thompson, T. Hoesly, T. Hertzberg, R. Silverblatt, N. Sernovitz, P. Besch. Third Row: E. Radtke, J. Ryan, G. Gruen, J. Schick, A. Zeller, R. John, W. Hutchinson, B. Pecherman, D. Zimdars, A. Karnath, G. Cummimgs, B. Benson, M. Kussow. Fourth Row: S. Ware, D. Huebner, J. Kriek, S. Scheibel, R. Vander Zanen, S. Epley, M. Lemberger. Ely House 273 Ewbank House — Bottom Row: J. Cilardi, L. Trebec, C. LeClaire, B. Marold, T. Maijala. Second Row: T. Sousek, R. Tenhaken, G. Meseck, T. Cennerich, R. Aronson, E. Weiss, A. Straus. Third Row: J. Zeiger, J. Zucker, F. Mata, K. Cecil, L. Williams, T. Skubal, B. Lintner, R. Nelson, P. Flanagan, L. Busse, D. Leak, R. Ross, J. Fanagis, D. Weinberg, P. Husting, J. Follick, G. Larson. Fourth Row: C. Brown, J. Sanford, S. Riegal, M. Pritzkow, T. Vollsted, T. Skoronski, J. Ison, G. Schubert, R. Kramer. Ewbank House Fletcher House — Bottom Row: J. Rarick, R. Fishbein, J. Pansch, J. Sadowski, G. Heise, M. Moss. Second Row: L. Shimao, A. Brickson, M. Deighan, J. Miron, R. Li, S. Hirsch, E. Boutelle, R. Berman, J. Rimalover. Third Row: J. Resnick, R. Bendheim, A. Anderson, B. Home, E. Gardner, L. Grimm, J. Rothbard, N. Berkowitz, M. Long, S. Tharle, L. Grimm, J. Rodman, I. Bonde, T. Cohn. Fourth Row: S. Matthews, N. Young, Sheik, J. Healless, P. Fitzgerald. Fletclier House 274 Frisby House — Bottom Row: L. Kluba, N. Drew, L. Uthmeier, V. Cohn, B. Goldstein, J. Pearle. Second Row: B. Roberts, C. Baldwin, C. Stone, S. Clark, E. Grahn, C. Russell, R. Gordon, M. Jankins, E. Gonis, M. Rehnke. Third Row: S. Alefsen, J. Weinberg, S. Tucker, S. Koebernick. Frisby House mi». Gay House — Bottom Row: S. Siegal, J. Runft, P. Marks, G. Bernstein, J. Reinke, B. Belling, M. Grosspietsen. Second Row: E. Oppenheimer, P. Weber, R. Nager, H. Borgiel, Y. Wu, J. Winslow, D. Nelson, E. Bilanow, M. Marcus, B. Bartels. Third Row: J. Stubbe, F. Waldinger, P. Hodge, H. Ivey, N. Lloyd, M. Muente, J. Thomaun, K. Pujanauski, V. Gilbertson, K. Wrap, C. Utities, W. Oleson, J. Rarson, N. Ligh, J. Renner. Fourth Row: M. Rowley, E. White, R. Issing, S. Shole, A. Sweatbriar, C. Weade, K. McLean, H. Gesbeck, M. Ryan. Gay House 275 Cillin House — Bottom Row: D. Newberry, T. Green, L. Stuessy, B. Mitchell, T. Mathison, M. Zimmerman, G. Jacobson, B. Evans, O. Silverstein. Second Row: B. Sklanski, B. Hable, B. James, S. Peplin- ski, C. Chabowski, J. Perry, P. Soldatos, B. Stark, B. Schuh, A. Jaus, M. Elstad, J. Giesel. Third Row: D. Wickman, S. Hines, J. Mohr, K. Thyberg, U. Ziebell, J. Schluemer, V. Kempf, E. Shanahan, F. Small, W. Kuenzi, K. Miller. Fourth Row: J. Leicht, A. Stanford, B. Busche, B. Kehrii, S. Foltz, G. Fischer, A. Animal, J. St. Peter, D. Fox, K. Kubly. Gillin House Hazeltine House — Bottom Row: S. Gevelinger, M. Fieldo, M. Kit- tower, B. Neufeld, J. Draves, D. Kilmas, J. Scheets, S. Bernhardt. Second Row: L. Mislove, C. Altschuler, L. Simbach, N. Barnowsky, N. Shallert, E. Zankman, S. Wenger, P. Hoberg, G. Klieforth, D. Plainer, C. Coplant, T. Stiles, S. Hable. Third Row: S. Bartlet, M. Espy, P. Pooler, K. Peters, B. Hefty, J. Kannel, D. Hantak, J. Oppen- heimer, J. Roesch, M. Bandelin, C. Chrzan, J. Brockman, G. Alberts. Fourth Row: K. Steitz, S. Lavine, S. Glorioso, N. Gallau, B. Weber, S. Klosterman, J. Palmer, K. Eparvier. Fifth Row: J. Resnick. Hazeltine House 276 Jackson House — Bottom Row: R. Lozoff, D. Ellman, S. Konecky, D. Remley, K. Wise, M. Glustrom, D. Hanser, D. Schalk. Second Row: R. Dean, J. Hutchinson, R. Rettner, B. Hansen, R. Stiller, P. Thayer, M. Smith, A. Bach, D. Skudt. Third Row: B. Reidenbach, B. Zeis- mer, A. Gruenburg, K. Klarner, D. Sutter, B. Welsh, J. Martin, D. Nance, M. Binn, D. Schultz, J. Kozarek, R. Nimmer, W. Hulsether, J. Samsal, S. Stuebbe, D. Schiller, R. DeBruin, R. Goisman. Fourth Row: I. Ivankovich, T. Wyse, J. Reweda, L. White, M. Weisman, T. Roberts, L. Neufeld, D. Blank, B. Remley, J. Tessendorf, E. Weiss, R. Derschied, M. Sobol, R. Wilson, W. Wiese. Jackson House Nardin House — Bottom Row: B. Chase, C. Keshishian, S. RetzIafT, K. Hamilton, C. Meiklejohn, J. Clifford, S. Fay, N. McDonald. Second Row: J. Schultz, M. Barber, T. Katrine, J. Adam, S. Westfall, L. Loshack, D. Soglin, K. Shain, B. Sherman, M. Arnold, D. Craig. Third Row: K. Verriden, B. Loevinger, E. Deittelbaum, S. Brown, P. Huffman, L. Wilson, I. Fishbein, E. Witte, A. Anderson, S. Cullen, S. Silver. Fourth Row: D. Grochowski, C. Helmo, N. Janson, E. Wenel- berger. Nardin House 277 Paxson House — Bottom Row: G. Halldin, J. Teplin. Second Row: D. Sundby, L. Goodman, G. Grandall, B. Leafljlad, D. Dukershein, W. Gall, T. Gallimore, A. Goodman, D. Redlick, R. Shagam. Third Row: M. Akkerman, P. Bernander, L. Rufenacht, R. Rarasz, S. Specht, D. Kahn, T. Borusky, B. Marini, T. Mannlein, J. Ryan, D. Olson. Fourth Row: B. Blong, J. Morton, M. Sproole, R. Haimerl, J. Zuhlke, D. Jenkins, M. Shapiro, H. Lustig, J. Lynaugh, P. Schnake, R. Marcus, A. Muetterties, J. Hammes, R. Phillips, M. Razor, D. Barse, D. Browne, R. Haima, D. Dunford, P. Myer, H. Serwer. Paxson House Perkins House — Bottom Row: C. Lohman, J. Grosnick, S. Shum- way, B. Knelling, K. Rust, C. Ritter, J. Miller, K. Henderson, J. Hermann. Second Row: B. Marcus, M. Loebel, J. Bloomfield, S. Gilman, L. Hanson, S. Frost, M. Seidl, S. Knox, C. Hardin. Third Row: P. Staalson, L. McCormick, J. Best, S. Dolney, S. Shepherd, V. Blaskowski, M. Thedinga, H. Jacobs, J. Ganger, M. Borenstein, S. Swartz, M. Reynolds. Fourth Row: C. Hoon, A. Steinmetz, B. Corder, B. Knecht, L. Teich, K. Theil, P. Land, L. Guthrie, M. Mielke, A. Linderud. Perkins House 278 Perlman House — Bottom Row: M. Seltzer, K. Bennett, S. Flem- ing, J. Patt, K. Smith, B. Tweig. Second Row: T. Kaiser, P. Weiser, L. Lawden, S. Rybeck, J. Schellpfeffer, E. Kujawa, Barbie, T. North, M. Santini, C. Clark, S. Weiner. Third Row: T. Speer, M. Shiin, S. Johnson, T. Paget, W. Arnold, B. Baird, J. Ellestad, P. Linnen, D. Shultz. Fourth Row: S. Ramsey, J. Ranisavljevic, H. Freedman, R. Grossman, T. Abbot. Fifth Row: L. Foat, C. Holli- han, D. Adams, G. Deimer, D. Spitzbart, S. Jacobson, A. Peterson. Perlman House H 1 m. 1 M -Jt !, . ± -%m 1 Me |9£R| pr mjm 1 T ' j M f ' ■■r ' ' ' 1 1 n . K f lmt ■i a ' ' ' i ' ■ lik W ' J ' M i|KjR ppSJ ' Li r HlA f ' ■ J r r BL X ' ' SveM T F rl V BV S k. 1 H % Sm 1 ' : 1 ■w «• Pi Mr 1 L fflU If " 1 . f mp f _ Roe House — Bottom Row: C. Spransy, J. Bailey, S. Gauike, T. McCulloch, J. Huberty. Second Row: E. Korn, G. Brunette, S. Barkan, J. Jorgenson, R. Sabatke. Third Row: M. Clark, J. Calli- son, R. Weisman, G. Sell, J. Hasheck, G. Wegner. Fourth Row: J. VanDeurzen, G. Smulka, J. Franklin, M. Honeck. Fifth Row: B. Hirst, B. Hinkle, T. Herziger, S. Koch, J. Dwyer, D. Heinricy, C. Chapman, D. Curtis, L. Grossman, E. Brown. Sixth Row: J. Jonscher, A. Lowy, M. Burka, J. Peckarsky, T. Evans, M. Jacobs, N. Cummings, T. Jensen. Seventh Row: J. Wessler, A. Lincoln, R. Synchef. Roe House 279 Wales House — Bottom Row: J. Gross, S. Ruud, Arthur, White Cloud, K. Schober, B. Roaming, S. Krohn. Second Row: J. Dodbout, L. Klein, L. Rhodes, B. Limmer, L. Kraft, J. Dahl, C. Eaton, L. LobI, L. Schwam. Third Row: M. Boehm, D. Smith, M. Gray, D. Weis, S. Stein, L. Haag, E. Freedman, L. Steger, J. BladI, K. Weiner, K. Anderson, J. Dougherty, K. Krause. Fourth Row: P. Cleveland, K. Thorsen, S. Pressman, S. Sommers, M. Joanis, P. Moore, A. Tilden. Wales House 280 Whitbeck House — Bottom Row: D. Rinkle, S. Millard, D. Fuhrmann, J. ErnsdofT, J. Rozental C. Wilets, B. Bruskin, B. Adams. Second Row: E. Wendorff, B. Steil, M. Frost, D. Suokko, E. Cohen, R. Fondell, J. Charne, M. VanDyke, M. Wegnerum, L. Fleischen. Third Row: S. Stolphers, W. Lew, S. Derks, H. Pinkas, J. Herwitz, B. Kohl, R. Ro;wIand, M. Mally, R. Greedy, J. Schweolor, S. Kneubal, K. Ander- son, G. Markham. Fourth Row: M. Shamburek, J. Wack, J. Wsigley, S. Gord, I. Kaufman, R. Wilson, J. Cohen, E. Neilson, M. Giske. Fifth Row: D. Kemble, G. Ellison, B. Skelton. Whitbeck House J_ 1 r i Lf l oH 1 %f w " 2 « f 8 ' -r ' ¥ I »« f i ¥ ' f ' 1 if mi • V mjm =»«■ ■ i 1 281 Juaire House — Bottom Row: C. Hammang, R. Lingenfelter, J. Kaminski, M. Crelig, T. Jenkins, M. Jenkins, S. Osterndorf. Second Row: M. Murphy, V. Valley, C. Iverson, B. Parsons, L. Gessert, M. Hambsen, S. Bates, L. Lobas, M. Vandenberg, K. Dillon, S. Erickson, S. Morgan. Third Row: P. Peterson, M. Pauly, P. Willett, S. Hansen, J. Graves, J. Wendler, R. Zeitlin, B. Anderegg, R. Berow, D. Zinda. Fourth Row: M. Ruesch, V. Kuether, J. Mcintosh, F. VanNevel, P. Kniaz, D. Vogelsberg, J. Gehrman, B. Nutt, S. Schott, A. Meiling, K. Cook. WITTE HALL Juaire House MacLachlan House — Bottom Row: A. Thacher, M. Cuisinier, pine tree, B. Bouda, S. Barney, M. Bournique, A. Wold. Second Row: B. Witmer, W. DeGroot, J. Wentland, J. Bigelow, K. Marx, B. Stys, R. Safago, V. VandenBusch, E. Weill. Third Row: K. Betley, S. McClure, S. Lyman, E. Holdstein, C. Escobar, P. Christy, H. Schnyder, R. Frank, A. Durant. Fourth Row: L. Thurner, L. Adams, M. White, J. Reiter. Fifth Row: M. Wilson, N. Senn, P. Wegner, B. Demske, S. Hand, K. Pipitone, K. Tritschler, S. Gilbert, N. Andersen, L. Schumacher. MacLaclilaii House 282 Manning House — Bottom Row: L. Corrigan, J. Kurlan, C. Niemcek, C. Hirsch, W. Uhal, J. Goodman, C. May, C. Brockpahler. Second Row: T. Gladitisch, B. Binns, B. Kuck, S. Kaplan, J. Feinstein, M. Motley, J. Blumberg, K. Olson, F. Goldstein. Third Row: S. Lane, M. Heath, J. Helmer, J. DeLeers, P. Dwyer, N. Batteau, R. Kobs, K. Brennan, M. Gardiner, C. Arnold, S. Haney, B. Peterson. Fourth Row: C. Sine, L. O ' Donnell, M. Schroeder, D. Harmelink, S. Holl, K. Ludemann, J. Johnson, J. Crayne, P. Gitschel, M. Beauparlant, D. Lepianke. Manning House Martin House — Bottom Row: A. WhiteCloud, M. Fry, D. Rohrbach, C. Yirck, L. Fisher, J. Faanes, J. Resnick. Second Row: L. Frost, G. Weissenberg, S. Sachs, M. Denny, T. Majcer, L. Frost, J. Bolotin. Third Row: K. Fennema, B. Lautz, L. Grossman, A. Gonzalez, N. Leifer. Fourth Row: S. Sheedy, D. Hoffman, A. Lerner, D. Rusher, J. Firnrohr, D. Pomasl, B. Samet, E. Turer. Martin House 283 Patton House — Bottom Row: L. Damian, B. Rust, B. Whetstone, L. Pickum, K. Schmitz. Second Row: L. Roeming, N. Deibel, D. Jarnicke, L. Cershman, R. Jones, C. Churchville, P. Ambraziak, S. Ravek, M. Fischer, V. Dahlk, S. Anslan, L. Ferguson, K. Van- derVyst. Third Row: P. Wadzenski, D. Goldman, L. Hagopian, B. Shrake, E. Bradburn, M. Planner, S. Schultz, J. Case, S. Uffen- beck. Fourth Row: Coach Adler, K. Jenkins, J. Cooper, B. Blan- chard, A. Ruedebusch, P. Seeger, S. Lo, K. Schraufnagel, V. Werfers, L. Nickolson, M. Rysticken, J. Kortens, M. Barta. Patton House Pitman House — Bottom Row: M. Walker, M. Brunner, I. Roths- child, T. Cordon, B. Turner. Second Row: P. Borchert, J. Losick, S. Hagen, T. Vukoje, C. Kuglitsch, P. Moore, P. Lerner, D. Ves- tino, C. Brown. Third Row: M. Lindl, K. Frohmader, N. Dale- broux, J. Schley, K. Tadych, N. Albright, E. Bundi, M. Natera, C. Marks, L. Anderson, B. Kremer. Fourth Row: V. Nadler, C. Helz, B. Paine, K. Harju, M. J. Sabourin, R. Banda, C. Dees, P. Seager. Pitman House 284 Washburne House — Bottom Row: P. Charles, G. Fields, M. Knapp, G. Weatherwax, D. Moy. Second Row: M. Hartenberger, D. Bauer, K. Briggs, S. Coyne, B. Klokner, N. Studey, B. Wilan- sky, E. Simon, S. Rankin. Third Row: J. Rosenfeld, L. Bruske, J. Nehring, B. Bitters, J. Heiller, L. Bortney, K. Foley, A. Ophoven, M. Kubehl, J. Gaspardo. Washburne House Rawlings House — Bottom Row: K. Krauss, A. Engstrom, Arthur, Whitecloud, N. Bambery, E. Gates, K. Riesberg, S. Blake, N. Fallon. Second Row: S. Smith, E. Liss, K. Morgan, B. Dewel, J. Heiman, L. Morrison, M. VanRoy, M. Reinle, A. Zahorik. Third Row: P. Reichert, S. Morgan, E. Eisenberg, M. Clark, J. Roback, C. Solem, G. Sampson, C. Wagenske, B. Schwerman, J. Starz, R. MacDonald, K. Dahir. Fourth Row: J. Schilling, M. Hoppe, M. Smith, S. Li, C. Goetz, A. Warner, J. Youngblood, K. Mahr, N. Gerlach, A. McGinnity, S. Hall, K. Gouze. Fifth Row: S. Strehl, J. Sell, M. Sanna, J. Sobota, I. MacDonald, S. Luehrs, M. Mielke, C. Mader, V. Beale, S. Luhn, B. Mazlack, M. Weddig, J. Tuttle, J. Moore, K. Kuranz, S. Lobeck, S. Meitner. Rawlings House 285 The Towers — Bottom Row: W. Boxer, B. Cohn, A. Reiser, M. Gold- smith, L. Meierhoffer, J. Weiss. Second Row: G. Wagner, E. Roth, M. Sanders, P. Tytell, R. Batterman, A. Weinstein, S. Trobe, D. Johan- sen, R. Gortenburg. Third Row: D. Rose, S. Kaplan, B. Feingold, A. Waiter, B. Weintraub, J. Yanowitz, B. Lind, S. Sawyer, F. Ulmer, M. Phillips, M. Solochek, K. Renz. Fourth Row: M. Elbaum, E. Hochman. THE TOWERS Zoe Bayliss — Bottom Row: J. Burton, S. Kisselburg, S. Graf, S. Grant, S. Jackan, L. Beenan, K. Meacham, S. Williams, P. Nied, L. Mitch- ell. Second Row: C. Krause, R. Sheski, S. Silberhorn, Z. Massie, B. Ward, L. Zinthefer C. Olson, S. Miller, E. Hoff, P. Berg, A. Ederer, B. Runzheimer. Third Row: D. Newman, L. Moe, M. Hintz, M. Grihalva, T. Malone, K. Kvalheim, A. Buell, J. Schultz, B. Bekkum, D. Dean, D. Guse, J. Knoebel, E. Blahnik, L. Brunclik, S. Aumann, C. Alt. ZOE BAYLISS 286 Villa Maria — Bottom Row: R. Bencanann, E. Meyers, L. Nayer, N. Sagall, S. Honig, L. Roger, J. Kissel, S. Lake, P. Gartner. Second Row: S. Lepp, D. Miller, S. Thyne, T. Parker, A. Grossman, B. Koggan, R. Nathan, W. Wolcott, M. Casey. Third Row: I. Nelson, J. Cagan, R. Glaser, J. McDonald, J. Zandi, R. Corriere, M. Rock, K. Torres, E. Egbert, S. Miller. Fourth Row: S. Master, D. Gartner, A. Rubinstein, N. Gottlieb, J. Goldblum, L. Felman, S. Thomas, C. Allen. VILLA MARIA Susan B. Davis — Bottom Row: E. Moy, K. Kawatski, C. Murphy. Second Row: G. Reince, M. Woods, B. Beilke, V. Leyrer, N. Hiebing, B. Owen, L. Benzine, K. Sazama, C. Cleary, L. Stedl. Third Row: V. Larson, S. Berry, K. Gander, S. Hellenbrand, J. Koch, K. Capelle, S. Mitchell, L. Burkhardt, J. Guenther, T. Lewandowsld, S. Danes, C. Lemke, S. Handrow, D. Harling. Fourth Row: K. Welch, C. Leaf, J. Fedkenhauer, K. Major, B. Behlen, K. Cashman, S. Hver, D. Berndt, S. Weber, L. Schink, L. Widzinski, E. Wiegand, J. Argelander. SUSAN B. DAVIS 287 COCHRANE HOUSE Cochrane House — Bottom Row: J. Randall, K. Eichler, K. Hausman, P. Freike, N. Cendelman, C. Becker. Second Row: D. Bake, N. Cronik, K. Kaufman, L. Inderberg, S. Waisbren, M. Smilack, C. Kuehn. Third Row: B. White, M. Stimm, N. Mitz, A. Gilbert, C. Arkens, S. Tubbs. Fourth Row: A. Rennick, P. Hendrick, Mrs. Hen- drick, N. Sparr. 288 wis oJ 289 :iiiZ3Tioii;S ffiiySqoii iii 292 Peter D. Brown— Editor-in-Chief Barb Pedian — Assistant Editor The traditionally conservative BADGER staff made an unprecedented, if not total, transition to sarcasm and mud- slinging for this year ' s precious chronicle of activities at the great University. We could blame our sadistic copy on the marathon brainstorming sessions that rang-in many tired mornings, but admit- tedly, most of the staff was so intrinsically rotten that circumstances weren ' t really a factor. Our photographers had hang- ups, too, but we aren ' t complaining. The money the BADGER laid out for cheerleader shots must have paid off somewhere. The only group we can ' t evaluate is the business staff — we still haven ' t figured out if those financial wizards were guarding BADGER funds or their secretary behind the locked door of their private office. new IjfTTT I 1 Pi ' ■ ' iil flavors n m Business Staff — Dan Schmidt, Ray Stangeland, Business Manager; Jim Blasingame. 293 Seniors — Judy Frzekurat, Gretchen Stephens, Teddy Stephens, Jim Daniel, Mary Bayer. Copy — Bottom: C.J. Stewart. Second Row: Barb Swiontek, Joan Weinberg, P.K. Knain, Barb Knecht. Third Row: Barb Bust, Mary Lu Christoferson. Greeks — Rhonda Robinsin, Nancy A. Nielsen, Bonnie Pool. Badger Beauty Selection Committee — Bottom Row: Nancy Brown, Harley Schraeger, Steve G. Turner. Second Row: A. Jay Fredland, R. Frede- rick Goldman, Mike Tobin. Absent: Frank Ritter, Fred Goldberg. 294 Administration — Lois Rubin, Candy McDermott. Productions — Bottom Row: Katie Pechan. Second Row: Joan Torke, Sue Schuechter, Karen Pohl. Absent: Mary Moser, Jane Negas, Sandy Shaw. Colleges — Candy McClenahan, Pam Ufer, Mary Jo Vogel Living Units — Mimi Chemof, George Larscheid, Emmy Moe. 295 Gary Schneider — Organizations Pam Ufer — Colleges Emmy Moe — Living Units Judy Przekurat — Seniors 296 John Jung — Photography Candy Stewart — Copy 297 Rick Boxer, Bob Beecher — Sports Nancy Nielsen — Greeks Nancy Brown — Badger Beauties 298 Laura Jabbusch — Index BADGER BOARD Badger Board consists of both faculty who are knowledgeable in literature, photography or Hnance and student representatives who have worked on the BADGER. The Board reviews bids from publishing Arms and watches over progress and changes in the production of the BADGER. J 1 » F 1 H . - ' ■ R ■ : Joan Torke — Productions Badger Board — Front Rou?; Prof. Fosdick, Vicki Cutgesell, Bev Leonard, Prof. Hawkes. Second Row: Peter Brown, Doug Wertheimer, Don Cibbs, Howie Bairn, Ray Stangeland. 299 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Before the men of Alpha Phi Omega are attacked by hoards of screaming, ecstatic females, let us unequivocably state that the service the members offer is purely medicinal. More worthy projects occupy their time, like main- taining campus bulletin boards and sponsoring the James A. Lovell Scholar- ship. The spring Campus Carnival, Alpha Phi Omega sponsored, brings together diverse groups in a veritable orgy of charitable game-playing. But it does make one a trifle suspicious to note that number one on the list of Alpha Phi Omega social activities is a pj party — coed. Alpha Phi Omega — Bottom Row: D. Antoniewsid, F. Monique, M. Perszk. Second Row: J. Refsguard, D. Leioo, T. Dymond, K. Bierke, B. Paluch, R. Reimer, R. Young, J. Rasten, R. Naniot, M. Shaw, M. Ascot. Third Row: D. Lund, H. Chaplin, J. Buckowiecki, L. Schneider, G. Sma- field, B. Denor, W. Bergman, T. Feldner, R. Schwartz, D. Zeck, R. Keen- er. Fourth Row: D. Aronson, B. Kaplan, J. MeidI, L. Freidig, B. Board- man, D. Loshek, W. Kudick. 300 Baptist Student Union — Bottom Row: G. Broderick, N. Goodyear, M. White, E. Gaskill, K. Haile, D. Holifield. Second Row: W. Adebayo, J. Foster, H. Baldwin, H. Wiedemer, C. Applegate, R. Seymour. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Though it be written on the fence that " God is Dead " or " God lives — He just doesn ' t want to get involved, " for the Baptist Student Union the con- cept of a supreme deity still relates to the problems of a society thousands of years removed from the origin of the world ' s major religions. Faith doesn ' t mean blue laws and hell-Bre and damnation sermons, nor should it lead to prejudice and smugness. Today ' s religion seeks to teach men to get along with one another, and that is the major concern of the Baptist Student Union. Crucible (Lambda Phi Delta) is a junior women ' s honorary sorority whose members are selected because of achievement in service projects and because scholastic success. All members must maintain at least a 3.0 over- all grade point average. In the spring. Crucible holds a tapping ceremony at which new members are notified of their selection and welcomed into the group. CRUCIBLE] Crucible Bottom Row: J. Peronto, J. King, B treas.; P. Pikkila, pres.; C. Buchoinder, J. Poole. Second Row: P. Davis, V. Szatalo- wicz, R. Flegel, M. Rowntree, E. Pfund. 301 CARDINAL B. Cordon, News Editor; S. Reiner, Managing Edi- tor. " Hey, that sounds like a dirty one. Spell it. ' The Daily Cardinal has gained national recognition this year because of its bid for control of the Regents. The newspaper has been accused of various radical slantings in the past, but the major issue of the day appears to be their use of vocabulary. The University powers are trying to decide whether we should have a four-letter-word University or cause a quick exit for the Cardinal from the dungeons of the Journalism Building, the Cardinal ' s recent home. Good luck Cardinal. C. Craze, Editor-in-Chief 302 S. Miller, Business Manager; Steven R, Managing Editor B. Temldn, Assoc. Sports Editor 303 CAMPUS CARNIVAL While Ringling Brothers ' " greatest show on earth " resides in Baraboo, Madi- son ' s own " greatest " can be found in the Field House in late winter, under the name of Campus Carnival. Organized and executed solely for the benefit of local charities, the Campus Carnival, in its short two year ' s existence, has afforded the (un-loving an entertaining array of games and amusements, all constructed and manned by social, professional, and service iratemities, sororities, and organizations. Campus Carnival — Bottom Row: D. Loshek, J. Carter, M. Shaw, P. Nig- bor, R. Keener, H. Chaplin. Second Row: J. Bukowiecki, D. Young, L. Evenson, N. Sparr, E. Elgart, J. Refsguard. 304 Dolphin Swim Club — Bottom Row: M. Minnow, K. Carp, B. Barracuda, S. Shark, A. Algae, P. Pirhanah, C. Cuppie, S. Salmon, R. Snapper, M. Maid. Second Row: M. Tuna, A. Wives, D. Otto, L. Perch, M. Kabot, G. Trout, M. Mackeral, S. Squid, B. Meritz, Moby Dick. 1. dolphin-n. — any of the various cetaceans (genus dolphinius, family del- phinidae) having the snout produced into a beak. 2. bottlenose dolphin, commonly called porpoise, is the best known Ameri- can species. 3. either of two species of fish noted for brilliant colors when taken out of water. 4. UW Dolphin Club — collective n. — any of a group of mixed gender noted for its production of synchronized swimming shows. When wearing swim- suits, sometimes mistaken for no. 3. UW DOLPHIN CLUB 1969 E3NGINEERING EXPOSITION Almost like a county fair — but without the cotton candy — the 1969 Engineer- ing Exposition featured exhibits, speakers, and films demonstrating engineer- ing techniques and innovations. This event, held every two years, was ad- ministered by engineering students with faculty advice. They really did a great job, but maybe next time we can get them to include a ferris wheel. 1 r. kriin n mf Mi Engineering Expo — Bottom Row: L. Wykhuis, R. Eisemann, P. Holsten, M. Ingeman, D. Connies, G. Mitchell, J. Hol- man, A. Voss, E. Fonstad, W. Lehrmann. 305 ETHIOPIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Not nearly enough has been done to promote understanding be- tween peoples of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. The aim of the members of the Ethiopian Student Association is to help narrow this gap in human relations by familiarizing their Ameri- can friends and acquaintances with the special cultural and aesthetic standards of their homeland, and by applying them- selves to learning what makes America what it is. Ethiopian Student Association — Bot- tom Row: M. Assefa, Z. Asfaw, B. Kifleinahid, A. Waktola. Second Row: H. Wondwossen, W. Sileshi, W. Bekele, E. Areda. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Canmia Sigma Sigma is a national service sorority whose prime function is to serve the country, community, and campus through various projects. This year the girls have done a great deal to help the younger members of the community through work at the Oregon School for Girls, through work with socially and emotionally disturbed children at Mendota State Hospital, through volunteer efforts at the Salvation Army Day Care Center. They have served the campus through active participation in the campus elections and in the blood drive. Gamma Sigma Sigma — Bottom Row: N. Fiedelman, J. Pynnonen, L. Simon, T. Montag, B. Anduran. Second Row: S. Zunz, N. Beauchamp, K. Nichols, W. Weber, J. Dickinson, N. DeLaruelle, M. Nicholson. Third Row: M. Staab, P. Crochmal, D. Cuse, B. Runsheimer, J. Wehrenberg, D. Hart, C. Hetzel. GAMMA DELTA IOTA Appearances notwithstanding, the GDI ' s did try to be diversified. Besides post-game socials, O.G.A.H.D. ( " Oh, God, Another Homecoming Drunk! " ), and happy hours at Jingles ' , they attempted to break the monotony of their steady liquid diet with a semester-break ski trip. Such a heavy schedule might have induced less hardy souls to fall by the wayside (or maybe under the table), but the GDI ' s contend they were saved by their uncompromising loyalty. We suspect, however, that in this case conditioning was the decid- ing factor. Gamma Delta Iota — Bottom Row: C. Thompson, D. Cospodarek. Second Row: Harley, Travis, Timmer, Rock, Iggy. Thtrd Row: Hawk, Crazi- charlie, Rook, Jake, G. Peter, Major, D. Kazar, M. Czechanski, P. Kramer. Fourth Row: D. Soerens, T. Schroeder, Doc, T. Thelen, Peanut, J. Buett- ner, Bunter, C. Kazar, T. Spoon, Buck, G. Shoemaker, J. Shroeder. Fifth Row: P. Snyder, Father Domack, Spiritual Adviser; C. Richard, J. Lukes, J. Torke, Tom, Bones, Jingles. 307 HOMECOMING Homecoming is many things to many people: buttons, Yell Like Hell, floats, presentation of the Homecoming queen, the Homecoming Show, and, last but not least, an afternoon of football combat. The 1968 Homecoming committee was responsible for organizing all but the last of these. Their up-to-the-minute planning brought John Gary, Godfrey Cambridge, and the Fifth Dimension to Madison to highlight the Homecoming festivities. Bottom Row: A. Zussman, P. Schram, C. Hamilton, G. Anunson, K. Struckmeyer, J. Scully. J. Carone, M. Creenberg. Second Row: R. Boxer, A. Krug, J. Tietz, 308 Bottom Row: N. Kauzor, A. Hurst, C. Burchbinder, C. Klar, M. Baer, J. Cunkelman, G. Short, M. Gilbert. Second Row: H. Slavic, J. Pettit, C. Haworth, J. Rost, T. Wipperman, J. Wray, L. Roth, S. Watson. Behind the smiling faces of the Humorology Show stand many long hours of planning, rehearsing, and hard work. The 1969 Humorology committee was responsible for bringing together the efforts of the five best fraternity- sorority teams, three inter-acts, and student hosts into Humorology 1969. All the proceeds from the show are donated to charity. Thank you for the fine work, people. HUMOROLOGY 309 India Association — Bottom Row: R. Iyer, S. Malik, vice-pres.; N. Thapar, pres.; A. Khandwala, sec.; T. Dalai, treas.; A. Tuteja. The India Association is devoted to the ideal of promoting friendship and understanding between the U.S. and India. Each month the Association sponsors Indian movies and twice during the year presents cultural pro- grams to promote the interchange of ideas. In addition, their program in- cludes debates and the availability to Madison area schools of a speaker and slides on India. INDIA ASSOCIATION A.I.E.S.E.C. — Wisconsin is an organization for economics and business majors. Its basic activities consist of soliciting busi- ness firms in the United States and trying to get them to pro- vide summertime training jobs for foreign students. At the same time, Wisconsin students are given the opportunity to obtain jobs abroad, which A.I.E.S.E.C. conunittees there have provided through their solicitations. The A.I.E.S.E.C. trainee- ship experience can last from eight weeks to eighteen months. During this time, the student works for some foreign firm in the country in the field of his major. A.I.E.S.E.C A.I.E.S.E.C.— Bottom Row: T. Brill. Second Row: E. Pfund, B. Frenz, B. Yost, W. Pfeiffer, N. York, T. Schleck, R. Soules. r iw f ' II r B INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfratemity Council, or IF, as it is most widely known on campus, is the governing body of all fraternities on campus. As this central authority, IF has been working hard at improving Creek-non-Creek relationships on campus. In addition, the IF has put great effort into organizing, sponsoring, and aiding welfare and good will projects in the community. The new role of IF is to help unify the campus and to further this goal by channeling fraternity resources into all-campus projects. Interfratemity Council — Bottom Row: F. Buttel, C. Haworth, S. DuBofT, D. Blalock, D. Dana. Second Row: C. Rothman, K. Sussman, B. Schmidt, C. O ' Hartow, J. Patterson, A. Tenneson, T. Harder, S. Watson, T. Jones, S. Matson, T. Baker, D. Jacobs, J. Pullen, B. Jacobs, M. Marcucci, D. Wong. Third Row: P. Beere, C. Nielsen, B. Krai alis, T. Lyttle, C. Bauer, R. Bairn, P. Siegel, M. Chester, T. Kraigalis, F. Hudon, P. Pol- lack, G. Deverse, T. Dallman, P. MoertI, J. Fitts, F. Rus, B. Francovl, K. VanDyke, R. Randolph, G. Conway, R. Henneger, D. Murray, G. An- son. 311 MACE To the unknowing student, Mace might be associated only with club- wielding men-in-blue (blue power). The UW Mace, however, is a sopho- more and junior honor society whose members are selected on the basis of scholastic prowess and campus service, rather than the ability to withstand pain-inducing, crowd-controlling liquids. Besides, when it comes time to call a meeting to order, Mace officers have found electric cattle-prods more effective than canned pain. Mace — Bottom Row: J. Barnett, S. DuBoff, R. Coisman, R. Dana, M. Liebermann, K. Spitzer, J. Weingart, P. Brown, J. Mayesh, Chancellor H. E. Young. Absent: R. G. Stangeland, P. D. Q. Blasingame, P. Weil. 312 Mortar Board — Bottom Row: L. Schubert, sec; Mrs. B. Mathews, ad- viser; S. Rowley, pres.; K. Fishbeck, adviser; B. Nielsen, vice-pres.; L. Thompson. Second Rote: A. Prisland, P. Cuilfoyle, E. Marquardt, S. Porter, J. Ranallo, B. Harris, L. Eid uson, B. Schamke, J. Sweet, C. Sher- man, editor; W. Nelson. MORTAR BOARD This year Mortar Board ' s watchword was relevancy. As their service project, they worked toward improving the image of the University of Wisconsin in the Madison community as well as through the state. By speaking at various schools and at civic group meetings and by taking stands on cam- pus issues through letters to newspapers, they hoped to sketch a more ac- curate picture of what is happening on campus. Mortar and Quill — Bottom Row: P. Harkins, J. Oestreich, J. Van- Heesch. Second Row: R. Kohl- man, J. Adams, L. Hannemann. We really hate to dispell a time-honored fallacy, but Mortar and Quill is not an avocation of bricklayers and goose pluckers. Wisconsin Mortar and Quill is the official publication of the School of Pharmacy. Combining cover- age of a wide variety of activities in pharmacy with an interest in profes- sional journalism is great practice for deciphering doctors ' prescriptions. MORTAR AND QUILL 313 PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION Panhellenic Association — Bottom Row: M. Bear, M. Hastings, P. Cuil- foyle, pres.; E. BurggraafT, W. Colman, A. Hastings, C. Hamilton, D. Campbell, C. Jafferis. Second Row: K. Moou, I. Porter, N. Young, P. Panhel coordinates intersorority exchange dinners, officer education programs, and Panhellenic trips in an effort to get all seventeen campus sororities to work together and under- stand one another. The Council supports the YWCA Big Sister program, the Sunday Afternoon Recreation Program, and sponsors a foreign student each year who lives in a sorority house. Through dorm speakers, articles, and Creekspeak mag- azine, Panhel works to publicize the activities and aims of the Greek system. Every year Panhel and the Interfratemity As- sociation work together on Humorology to raise money for charity. Mansfield, N. Colby, A. Milne, E. Hertel, K. Hannan, C. Shannon, K. Swanson, J. Poss, J. Randolph, L. Bochert, J. Howard, E. Katz, P. Ufer M. Butchie. 314 Pi-Lambda Little Sisters — Bottom Row: A. Norris, S. McGee, L. Williams, S. Wells, M. Bortin, J. Foggy, C. Leutner. Second Row: G. Botwinick, L. Greenberg, M. Chase, D. Lubin, S. Greul, L. Cold- berg, K. Kesky, L. Bakken, P. Billerbeck, J. Weber. Third Row: D. Altman, N. Kurzon, R. Weinberg, J. Barker, S. CMalley, A. Karow, E. Schusterman, B. Borst, K. Gannon. And this bevy of beauties, ladies and gentlemen, is the Pi Lam Little Sister group who, despite their Hell-night (?) initiation, seem in quite good condition. For relaxation, the sisters (no pun) go on ski jaunts with their big brother namesakes and host assorted charitable activities for community orphanages and the Central Colony. Now, about that Hell- night . . . PI LAMBDA PHI LITTLE PHI ETA SIGMA Remember your freshman year? What fun! And remember the kind of grades you got? Eh? Horrible, dirty thought. Now, look respectfully upon these young men, for they are members of Phi Eta Sigma, an honorary fraternity for men finishing their freshman year with a 3.5. Gaze upon their dedicated faces — these guys even find time to tutor high school stu- dents. Stand in awe before their gilded grade transcripts . . . and eat your heart out Phi Etta Sigma — Bottom Row: W. Leary, vice-pres.; M. Bill, pres.; S. Hiles, treas. Second Row: E. Stanek, sec.; J. Liegl, R. Sweet. 315 PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi is unique among campus honor societies in that it chooses its members from all colleges and schools in the University and in that it stresses both scholastic achievement and active contribution to the cam- pus and civic community. The local chapter annually gives the B.H. Hib- bard Financial Aid Award to one of its own members for underwriting summer research and travel projects. The national Phi Kappa Phi organi- zation grants fifteen $3000 national fellowships for graduate work. Juniors Dean Judson Arnold Delores Eugenia Bier Michael Luther Bill James P. Blasingame Susan Lynn Bonar Rita Lynn Braver Sharon Briggs Thomas Lee Brill George Einar Bussey Gordon N. Camcross Sara Clarenbach Sylvia A. Edelbick Laura C. Falbo Vivian Ann Falk Timothy D. Fenner Laura J. Fitzsimmons Ruth C. Flegel MarjorieAnn Frank Stephen Earl Fuhs John Peter Gesinski Jr. Nancy Ann Goeser Robert Michael Goisman Karen Gunn Vicki Jean Gutgesell Pamela Sheri Haftel Steven Richard Haligas Irene E. Hegland Jean G. Heitz Steven Jon Hiles Dwight L. Jaggard Robert Andrew Keppel Scott Alex Kremers Katherine D. LeSac Joe Leslie Liegl Barbara Ann Lonnborg Bonnie Sue Loyd Terrence William Lyttle Dennis Lee MacDonald Karen Rene Macke Dennis M. Mackman Nancy Kutzner Maddox Francis E. Marion Linda Marie Mitchell Robert Philip Moser Cheryl Lynn Motel Andrea Mary Nassen Christine M. Olson Gerrit John Ostermick Beth Perlowin Ellen Kay Pfiind Deborah Karen Prowler Patricia Jean Pukkila Leah Annette Reimann James Thomas Remington Adrian May Rich Mary Anne H. Ripple Paul Rissman Donald J. Robertson Alan David Robock Richard Carl Rollefson Barry Landau Samson Phyllis Ruth Sawyer William J. Scanlon Robert M. Schmidt Lawrence Schneider William E. Showers John Frederick Shrake Stephanie T. Smuckler Bonnie Lynn Stack Marjorie Mae Steiner Barry Noland Temldn William H. Thedinga Alan William Voss Constance A. Weisse Mary M. Westing Steven Foster Weynand Ellen Marie Wiese Ann C. Worlev Gary Ward Woroch Paul Yuen Po Yee Barbara Ellen Zack Thomas Gene Zantow Susan Elizabeth ZefiF Seniors Susan Clara Abels Sue Lorraine Allen Nancy E. Allin Cheryl Anne Alt Karen Sue Alvstad Dennis R. Anderson Gregory M. Anunson Catherine L. Arends Thomas Clark Arends Howard Michael Baim Marsha Kay Barney Margaret L. Barrett Donald Eugene Baxa Darlyne Lynn Beliveau Lillian Agnes Benjamin Bonnie Jane Berg Anthony John Berken Brian Lee Billings Sheila M. Bingham Kenneth L. Blaedel Diane May Bochler Katherine G. Bolman Jane Bortnick Richard James Boxer Ruth Susan Bragman Barbara Ann Brainerd Stanley N. Breiby Daniel W. Briggs Todd Lewis Brouette John Luther Brown Susan Jane Brownell Jean Marie Brumbley Stanley Robert Caldwell Jr. Daniel Ray Caucutt Harry R. Chaplin Jr. Sheldon Lou Clark Susan M. Cunningham Joseph Roy DeBaker Bahram Cnehrazi Shirley Thorman Dom Gary Edwin Dummer Alice K. Dunwiddie Louise Helene Dybdal Ottilie T. Ehman Susan L. Eisenhower Dennis DeVries Ela Jane Kathryn Elfers Robert Verne Epiey Nancy Anne Erdman Linda Ellen Feinfeld Alice Jo Flick Jerry Alene Flieger Douglas R. Fonstad Donnie M. Franchino Frederick M. Freymiller Dena B. Frutldn Helga Fuhrmann Michael David Fullwood Robert W. Gandre Craig Louis Garrett Charles Daniel Gelatt Jr. Mary Elizabeth Gjertson Barbara Jane Glaser Jerry Leonard Glocke Mark Joseph Goldman Leonard Howard Goldner Barry J. Goodno Gail Green Jeffrey Barton Green Leslie Charles Grinnell Steven A. Gronemeyer Robert Ray Guth Gene Roger Hafermann Douglas Paul HafFer Alan Jon Hamel Barbara Ann Harris Arthur A. Haas Sue Ellen Haug Diane Sue Haukom Carol Ann Hennessy Steven Michael Heit Diane B. Herker Allen Lee Hieber Warren David Hiller Susan Mary Hilty Thomas Stone tiomig Craig Lee Hougum Holly June M. Hultgen Robert Peter Hurth Jr. Peter Bruce Idsvoog Carol Ann Jacak Jeffrey Wayne Jacobs Cheryl Sue Janiszewski Nely Lupovici Johnson Margaret Anne Junkerman Diane Ellen Kaplan Howard Michael Katz Beverly E. Kaufman Cora Rae Kessler Julie Marsh Koen Andrew L. Kosseff " Glen Corwith Kraatz Diane Gail Kreft Lila Mae Ruth Kurth Douglas John Laske William E. Lawson Sara Marie Lee Laurence Howard Lewis Steven Alan Lewis Thomas M. Lillesand Terrence John Lindow Norma Louise Linschitz Nancy Lee Lipp Robert Donald Lorenz Wayne Richard Lueders Laurie Ann Mandel Philip Miller Mandel Sharon L. Mantik Leonard J. Martiniak John A. McAuliffie Elizabeth Meiklejohn Peter J. Menconeri Carol Tiegs Miller Stephen Bela Miller Massoud Mishouil Mary Ann Mitterer Ruth E. Mode William Edwin Moore William Jaquith Morris Catherine Ann Myers Jonathan David Natelson Wendy Sue Nelson Margie Ann Nicholson William Robert Niedermeier Bemadette Anne Nielsen Richard N. Odders Gary Lee Oftedahl Sharon Lee Ohlhorst Philip Ryan OT,eary Patrick Noel Ontko Susan Paddock Carol Ruth Pasch Robert Krug Peet Carol Jean Peplinski Susan Donna Peters Thomas D. Peterson Beverly Anne Pokel Dale Joan Portnoy Sanger B. Powers Jr. Raymond Lee Prag Alice Pauline Radin Helen Rae Resnick Rene Elaine Resnick David T. Richards 316 Tim Harold Rose John Barkley Rosser Jr. Daniel Norman Roth Ingrid Ellen Rothe Susan B. Rowe Patricia F. Rudegeair Stuart William Rudnick Michael Gregory Ruotsala Ruth Ann Ruttenberg Barbara Jean Salvo Kenneth H. Salzsieder Barbara J. Schamke Diana Serena Scher Diane R. Schiffman Neil Milton Schlough Gary Bruce Schneider Thomas Paul Schneider Sharyn Kay Schober Thomas H. Schulte Dean Thomas Schultz Mary E. Schumacher Robert F. Schwehr Mary Monroe Schwertz Catherine A. Sherman Susan Claire Smith R. Eric Solem Monroe Alan Sprague Margie Lou Staab Ronald D. Stambaugh Paul Denison Stange Rebecca Fay Stipp Linda Sue Stoetzel Janice May Stroyny Judith Mae Sweet Lenore L. Sydnor Nancy Ann Taylor Mary Jane Thelen Lynn Ann Thompson Jon Robert Traver Leslie Ann Thompson Trudeau John Lee VandeBerg Jo Ann Voss Charles P. Waldrop Carlyle Hilton Wash Frances Katherine Wendtland Richard Elliot Wener Patricia Buchanan Werve Thomas R. Whitemarsh James F. Whiting Susan M. Miller Whiting Cary Glenn Wilson Louise J. Mandel Woodmansee Gordon Worley III Charlotte A. Yearick Ellen Jean Zervick Andrew S. Zimbalist PHI BETA KAPPA Probably the highest academic honor which any undergraduate can a- chieve, is being initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. Apart from having a cumu- lative G.P.A. of over 3.65, these honor-winners must also have made some contribution to the University community. Juniors Nancy Lou Albrecht Bruce Newell Cuthbert Lawrence Milton Foat Patricia Ann Firer James Frederick Golz William Henry Grosnick Leonard Joseph Martiniak Mark Chaim Mendelsohn Ann Florence Prisland Robert Julian Swan Joan Toni Weingard Seniors Thomas Neal Akey Richard Warren Cohen Robert Bruce Bamett Roy Clifford Baron Edward Fisher Bergman Elaine LeVine Brand Larry Dale Bucklin Ruth Christine Hope Duewel Bruce Franklin Fest Terrence Michael Flynn Craig William Friedrich Danny George Graf Mary Ann Groeneweg John Phillip Guequierre Jean Anne Hackel William Edwin Hale Linda Grace Hansen Wallace James Henkelman William Joseph Herron Susan Carol Hilgendorf Marina Ilona Haan Jaworski Karen Margaret Jorgensen Mary Eileen Justman James Edward Kakes Richard Alan Kester Anne Bryson King Don George Koepsell Candace Ann Kramschuste Karen Sue LaDouceur Jean Helen Lawton Richard John Lawton Norman Bruce Levy Connie Luck Lehman Karen Lynn Mannchen Thomas Roy Mayer Andrea Rochelle Meyers Albert Henry Norman Patricia Maxine Otto Mary Lee Pederson Richard Earl Peschel Merrilee Pfister Eileen Alt Powell Barton Gerald Prieve Claudia Schultz Prieve Eva Lynne Reich DavidCharles Rice Thomas Carl Russler Leslie Ann Saretzky Robert Jay Shansky Ann Elizabeth Sheski Marie Almeda Sieker Robert Frank Simons William Aaron Sokol Elise Sara Solomon Heather Anne Sperry Gerald Fred Spfittgerber Richard Robert Steinmetz Susan Rumsey Strong Richard Neil Sweet Lynne Swerdloff Margaret Jane Vergeront Rosemary Louise Weyeneth Thomas Ralph Wildman Carol Ann Wipperman Diane Masa Yamamoto 317 POLYGON ENGINEERING COUNCIL Although the Polygon Engineering Council is primarily concerned with student government in the School of Engineering, we would like to suggest that the talents of its members be put to better use. How about a guide serv- ice for the poor coed who comes to the Engineering Building for the first time, expecting to find a relocated English class? Even a map would help somewhat, but then, of course, the engineers would miss the chance to dis- play their gallantry. Better work on the guide idea. UiL J i Polygon Engineering Council — Bottom Row: D. Mitchell, M. Gillilan, W. Morris, P. VanAkkeren, J. Albertson, J. Walters, G. Doremus, R. Wagner. Second Row: C. Rolfs, W. Enters, J. Harms, P. CLear, T. Oet- tinger, D. Eley, T. VanAkkeren, J. Heilman, T. Jensen, S. Caldwell, C. VanSlyke. 318 I Physical Education Cluh— Bottom Row: S. Adams, R. Biddick, K. Cone, D. Jones. Second Row: J. Zirbel, K. Nixon, C. Haug, J. Sweet, B. Blaser. Third Row: J. Schaefer, A. Secret, President; K. Macke. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB And, here, front and center are members of one of the more noble women ' s groups: the body-building UW Phy. Ed. Club. Not a Twiggy among them, these active ladies had a busy year supporting Katie Winters. In other mo- ments they helped support the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City by drinking tequila. 319 PRE-MED SOCIETY Pre-Med Society — Bottom Row: Sch- neider, G. B. Second Row: J. Camp- bell, A. Blumberg, W. Epstein, H. Simon. No, Student Health is not the training ground for the UW Pre-Medical Society. This group ' s aim is to acquaint its members with " good " medical practices, ideas, and ethics. Activities include lectures, hospital tours, com- munity projects, and an annual pre-med dinner. With a membership of over 215 and assurance of no Student Health affiliation, we can be assured that campus med students are at least trying. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL The 1969 Senior Class Council can only be compared with those of the past in its efficiency, effectiveness, creativity, and accomplishments. In some of its more important accomplishments of the year, the Council voted to give a sizable donation to the Martin Luther King Fund as a Senior Class gift, contributed to Symposium, and tried a Senior Symposium of their own. About all those GDI ' s on the Council. . . . Senior Class council — Bottom Row: S. Hilty, J. Priefer, M. Full- wood, A. Amore, J. Weingart, R. Arrington, R. Schatz. Second Row: P. Shanahan, M. Goggin, J. Mayesh, S. Richter, M. Lehr- baumm, J. Stewart, G. Short. 320 Each year some lucky young lovlies are honored by being chosen by the men of SAE to be their very own little sisters. Then the new male members get to have them as pledge mothers. The little sisters assist in the annual Old Folks Party (Way Down Upon the Swanee River) and in formalizing the formals. They also are indispensible to public relations activities. Remem- ber, Wisconsin has incest laws. SAE LITTLE SISTERS SAE Little Sisters — Bottom Row: L. Montero, L. Lewis, H. Lowe, Mrs. Kellogg, G. Pratt, K. McDonald, N. Meer. Second Row: D. Cordon, J. Leno, N. Singer, S. Marshall, L. Lawrence, M. Everitt, P. Freike, D. Metz, B. Collins, A. Levine, J. Isroff. Third Row: S. Weinger, L. Scott, B. Miller, L. Seehafer, B. Stack, L. Regan, B. Knight, L. Loftin, C. Christiansen, S. Boeker, T. Lanigan. U.W. Soccer Club — Bottom Row: R. Marcks, S. Craw, T. Jones, T. La- Veen, B. Snyders, C. Canabal, B. Showers, A. Lana. Second Row: W. Reddan, J. McDermott, M. Vowinkle, M. Green, C. Billings, D. Bants- bacld, A. Richter, M. Jurek, T. Tucker, M. Johnson. U.W. SOCCER CLUB Through arduous self-discipline and a supreme effort of will, we are not going to make reference to " Sock it to em. " The UW Soccer Club deserves better than that in view of its seven won, one lost, one tied record for the season. It ' s hard to come up with catch phrases describing soccer games — for baseball you can use " Hitting the old horsehide, " and for football there ' s " punting the old pigskin, " but references to " playing with the old rubber " don ' t sound quite right . . . 321 Tau Beta Pi— Bottom Row: D. O ' Brien, G. Miller, P. Yec, M. Mishouil, D. Dosch, W. Hocilberg, J. Flach, D. Bentz, D. Kiesling, F. Sieker, R. Rosinska, J. Nelson. Second Row: K. Blaedel, R. Lorenz, J. Dent, B. Berg, B. Woods, G. Seversom, G. Vechinski, J. Gilray, M. Bill, M. Reed. Third Row: G. Jackson, P. Schaefer, R. Loss, R. Stiphout, L. Schneider, W. Morris, J. Mayer. TAU BETA PI Terribly Bright People? TaBleSpoon? All wrong— T.B.P. stands for Tau Beta Pi, a professional engineering society. Members staff a freshman tutor- ing program (and all freshmen need tutoring — especially by the opposite sex) and work toward a liberalized cultural program within the engineering department. This involves a great deal of work! Tau Beta Pi promotes un- derstanding and growth within the engineering profession as well as with other disciplines. 322 BLOOD DRIVE COMMITTEE Blood Drive Committee — Bottom Row: R. Foss, adviser; M. Spletter, N. Nielson, T. Selignam, J. Banfleld. Sec- ond Row: P. Hartman, M. Riese, P. Ross. With a tube in the arm and a doughnut in the mouth, each year scores of healthy young University sorts lay themselves down to donate pints of blood to the Red Cross Blood Drive. Both spring and fall the committee organizes a drive, each which brings in over 2,000 pints of bright red gore. In the im- mortal words of Bela Lugosi, " They vant to suck your blood. " The UW Poultry Science Club really should apply for a Colonel Sanders franchise. Unfortunately, this group is much too busy to enter the restaurant business. Instead, they ' re try- ing to further their knowledge in poultry science through movies, speakers, and Beld trips. They also sponsor chicken jokes. POULTRY SCIENCE Poultry Science — Bottom Row: L. Pennington, J. Brigham, R. Haller, G. Paton, H. Bird. Second Row: J. Toubl, J. Rieser, T. Fronk, S. Stillnak, K. Bhargava, K. Chow, G. Meyer. Third Row: J. Sebastia, C. Carter, L. Arrington, M. Wineland, T. Shen, D. Olsen, K. Poonacha. iW ' m - ' S ' i )mhi ' 1 ' t ' % 4 ft W H • • " ' tftflNi - V . . f - THE UNION ' _ « lb «» •- -. 325 Now, which was our bus number? Omar in International Club? That ' s " Funny! " Nice Feet! 326 Study? Beefeaters is not only a gin. . . . Excedrin headache number 652. 327 !KI lesau « ei 328 Oh, those out-of-state agitators! 329 Pistol Team — Bottom Row: B. Kidd, D. Holiday, B. Masterson, K. Car- son, R. Rogers, Maverick. Second Row: M. Dillon, Clyde, G. Hayes, G. Autrey, J. West, T. Ritter, J. Dillinger. Third Row: S. Shooter, A. Oakley, C. Jane, M. Barker, Paladin, Kitty, Bonnie, E. Taylor, M. Monroe, M. Sprague. U.W. VARSITY RIFLE AND PISTOL TEAMS Out for a little pot-shotting, the University of Wisconsin Var- sity Rifle and Pistol Teams are keeping in practice for the Big Ten Rifle and Pistol competition. The fiiror over gun-control legislation doesn ' t phase these intrepid sportsmen when they ' re out to bring down marksmanship trophies. They ' re having a little trouble finding weapons, though — seems the toy stores took all their guns off the shelves this year. U.W. Varsity Rifle Team — Bottom Row: S. Jones, T. Schoenleben, J. Hallman, D. Kelly. Second Row: M. Lamb, D. Wiltzius, M. Lentz, J. Patch. 330 U.W. Sid Team — Bottom Row: W. Arvold, G. Sagemiller, S. Lindsey, C. Fox, R. Vig. u.w. TEAM And here they come, barreling downhill on their Head slaloms, knocking over gates, falling off chairlifts, ogling snow bunnies, warming for hours in the chalet, signing up for instruction because the instructor is female, losing skis because they forgot their Arlberg straps and hitching rides downhill on the Sid Patrol rescue sledges — it ' s the UW sld racing team. Far across the ocean, Jean-Claude Killy trembles with fear at the prospect of having to compete with the likes of these up-and-coming racers. Why, they ' re dynamos on snow. 331 Wisconsin Engineer — Bottom Row: J. Crick, D. Vannes, C. GrafiF, A. Traeblood, E. Fonstad. Second Row: M. Mishouil, B. Pease, G. Zachariasen, D. Mitchell, M. Rasmussen, P. Egan, H. Wesler, D. Connley. WISCONSIN ENGINEE3R To be worthy of following in the footsteps of the great engineers of the Egyptian pyramids and the superb roadbuilders of the Roman Empire is ever the goal of the Wisconsin Engineer. Various fund-raising projects produced the wherewithal to send two members on a European tour in search of authentic ancient footprints, but the only prints that could be found turned out to have " P.F. Flyer " as insignias. Wisconsin Forensic Union — Bottom Row: C. Smart, J. Wheeler, K. Riley, M. Laskis, S. Agnew, F. Fan, D. Vancil. Second Row: P. Wegner, S. Von- dra, J. Orr, C. Beck, M. Mally, S. Stolper, E. Werdorff, D. Metzger, C. Chapman, E. Matrevek, K. Doran, D. Cwohman, A. Garrison. Debate and forensics are most pragmatic activities — they help you B.S. exams and bully underlings and are especially helpful when you come around to composing that vital letter home requesting money. Members of the Wis- consin Forensic Union mix in intercollegiate debating activities with a spring banquet and weekly practice meetings. They got their gift of gab from kissing the University ' s own blarney stone, which is located in the upper regions of Bascom Hall and is only occasionally rediscovered. WISCONSIN FORENSIC UNION One of the most popular and progressive organizations on campus, Sym- " T f | J T T T W f " posium, continued to offer UW students a comprehensive look at our 1 7 -L Xt J. .L V ks_ ■!■ JJVJ. changing society. Through its 1969 theme, " Juxtaposition — Progress and Despair, " Symposium created an out-of-the-classroom atmosphere which stimulated free and cogent thought. It is encouraging to note that one of Symposium ' s greatest problems vt as finding rooms large enough to hold the perenially large audience. Symposium — Bottom Row: A. Amore, K. Spitzer. Second Row: M. Levin, G. Nielsen, J. Gump, R. Braver, 333 «t W " CLUB Our athletes may not eat Wheaties, but " W " Club certainly must have a rec- ord grocery bill. This bunch of well-fed guys, every major " W " winner from all intercollegiate sports, not only gets a scrumptious banquet and a calorie- laden picnic, but also sponsors the concession stands at UW sports events. All is not gustatory pleasure, however. These men combat the pounds by working on Parent ' s Day, " W " Club Day, the freshman-varsity basketball game, and a scholarship program. " W " Club — Bottom Row: R. Nicholas, F. Lands, D. Vandrey, A. Voss, A. Jackson, D. Martell. Second Row: R. Knutilla, K. Heine, R. Arrineton, B. Hawke, pres.; B. Hanson, vice-pres.; W. Schoessow, treas.; J. Viktor, M . Hatleberg. third Row: D. McFadyen, C. Jacobson, D. Sahs, P. Resch, T. Mickelson, G. Jackson, K. Strickmeyer, J. Flack. Fourth Row: S. Voigt, T. Johnson, B. Erickson, D. Krumrel, M. Setzer, G. Baillie, T. Schinke, G. Reineck, J. Nowak, R. Schmidt. 334 Women ' s Recreation Association — Bottom Row: K. Saunders, K. Weiss, J. ZirbbI, L. Hanson, C. Wauters, K. Tritschler, J. Mann, B. Blaser, J. Sweet. Okay, men, stop drooling. Just because the Women ' s Recreation Association promotes recreational activities on campus doesn ' t mean you get to choose the sport. Physical fitness is serious business! These women not only spon- sored intramural tournaments but also sent several members to the Associa- tion ' s national conference in Tuscon, Arizona. . . . maybe physical fitness isn ' t such serious business, after all. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION 335 The Lakeshore Halls Association has traditionally served a dual role for its 3000 members: providing fmids for programs and services to its residents and representing the interests of its members to Residence Halls and the campus. In line with this latter role, LHA Cabinet and its officers have worked to make the dorms as " liveable " as possible by seeking to reduce the costs and restrictions involved with dorm living. This has been reflected in LHA efforts to revise the Res Halls contract, to expand lounge facilities, and to expand visitation policy. While progress has been made in these areas, LHA and other campus dorm organizations still must continue to " Give a damn — and show it. " LAKESHORE ASSOCIATION 336 337 8TPOB.XS 340 r 341 r. f?feW-V ;.sii(» y 342 343 344 In Memoriam: Ivy Williamaon 345 FOOTBALL 346 347 The 1968 Badgers did not win a football game. They did not tie a football game. They had nothing short of a dis- astrous season. The 55-7 drubbing at the feet of those speedy Arizona State Sun Devils seemed like an omen of things to come. But just one week later the Badgers bounced back in a thriller at Camp Randall against the Washington Husk- ies, missing the mark by a 21-17 deficit. What appeared to be a much-improved Wisconsin team failed to score in three consecutive losses. Michigan State " convinced " the Badgers 39-0. Utah State embar- rassed them 20-0, and at Iowa the Hawkeyes out- maneuvered them to the tune of a 41-0 rout. But Wisconsin apparently never gave up, at least spiritually. They lost a close one to Northwestern 13-10, and then played the most exciting Homecoming game in years against Indiana. But six missed field goal attempts proved costly, and Coatta ' s hapless warriors came out on the short end once again, this time 21-20. Mighty Ohio State invaded and then conquered Wis- consin, 43-8. The Badgers then travelled to Wolverine country and left with a deep 34-9 scar etched on their record. And they were leading at the half 9-7! With a huge pep rally to promote the " Spirit of 7-6 " (the last game Wisconsin won, in 1966, was against the Gophers by that score) and a tremendous first half effort, Wiscon- sin seemed as if it might stretch its 15-14 lead into a vic- tory against old rival, Minnesota. But the gods were against it, and the gridders lost in their final game by a depressing 23-15 score. At the close of the season Ken Criter was once again named to the All-Big-Ten and All-American squads. His outstanding efforts produced a total of 133 tackles, in- cluding 81 solos. Senior Wally Schoessow was nominated to be the honorary captain, and injury-plagued Wayne Todd finished his college career by setting this year ' s rushing mark, carrying 100 times and gaining 364 yards. At the annual banquet the entire team was honored. Special mention was made of Mel Reddick, who grabbed 34 passes, scoring one touchdown and gaining 375 yards. Nate Butler shattered the kickoff-retum mark by charg- ing 501 yards in 21 attempts. And so it went. If nothing else. Coach Coatta and his crew never appeared to let down on the field. But vic- tories are not made of emotions. It seems that weeds have flourished where a rose garden once bloomed; perhaps the entire garden will have to be dug up to save the few remaining buds. 349 350 Front Row, L to R — L. Buss, E. Hoffman, W. Schoessow, W. Yanakos, W. Todd, K. Criter, J. Ryan, J. Smith, G. Reineck, M. Cavill, G. Swalve, T. McCauley, Second Row — L. Ritcherson, M. Reddick, R. Schaflher, K. Rudat, J. Nowak, B. Jackson, P. Hig- gins, S. Voigt, D. Murphy, L. Fields, J. Borders, T. Shinnick, J. Schneider, Third Row — E. Albright, H. Alford, C. Ballweg, M. Barbuti, D. Billy, J. Briggs, C. Brown, G. Buss, M. Butler, N. Butler, R. Courier, D. Crooks, J. Davis, S. Zabkowicz, W. Yar- borough, Fourth Row — J. Dawkins, J. DeLisle, J. Eldredge, G. Engberg, J. Fedenia, R. Garvin, W. Gregory, R. Groote, R. Hy- land, A. Isom, T. Jefferson, J. Johnson, M. Klitzke, R. Busse, R. Young, Fifth Row — G. Kron, A. Lettow, R. S. Lindsey, M. McClish, M. McFarland, W. Majewski, R. Marks, D. Martin, J. Mearlon, J. Meyers, B. Monroe, M. Musha, G. Fluff, T. Roberts, D. Salmons, T. Scheid, Sixth Row — L. Sivertson, L. Trotta, J. Verhelst, D. Robey, G. Lanphear, Assistant Coaches R. French, F. Marsh, K. Mee; Athletic Director I. Williamson; Head Coach J. Coatta; As- sistant Coaches L. Ritcherson, H. Carl, G. Felker; Freshman Coach L. Van Dyke; Assistant Coach R. Schaefer; Trainer R. John- son; Assistant Trainer J. O ' Toole; C. Winfrey; R. Snell. f 351 1968 Cross Country Team — Bottom Row: B. Shaffer, A. Voss, D. Martell, F. Lands. Second Row: Coach Bob Brennan, K. Ward, B. Gordon, B. Brady, D. Vandrey, Manager S. Clark. CROSS COUNTRY The Badger Harriers improved last year ' s record with consistent running and a third place finish in the 54th annual Big Ten meet, held this year at Columbus, Ohio, in a downpour. Wisconsin posted a 2-2 dual meet record for the season, defeating Northwestern and Ohio State, but losing to Minnesota and Michigan State. Senior Branch Brady walked off with a pair of firsts and a pair of seconds in those meets. At the Big Ten meet Wis- consin finished third, an improvement over last year ' s fifth. 352 GYMNASTICS Coach George Bauer ' s ninth season as head coach saw a young Badger team take third in the Big Ten conference. This was a great effort by the team after losing to abnost all of the league schools in dual meets. The Badgers started quickly with four straight wins but lost mo- mentum as they stumbled to lose the next six out of seven meets. Several men stood out this year. Captain Pete Bradley, NCAA Champion All-American John Rus- so, and Don Dunfield showed excellent grace and deft- ness in their performances. The team will be losing only two men through graduation, making next year ' s pros- pects bright. 196S-69 Varsity Gymnastics Team — Bottom Row: D. Dunfield, J. Russo, P. Holsten, L. Scully, J. Weber, Coach George Bauer. Sec- ond Row: Amo Lascari, P. Bradley, D. Nyborg, D. Lantry, C. Johnson, D. Arnold, D. Wallschslaeger, J. Kugler. BASKETBALL 354 3SS 1968-69 Basketball Team — Bottom Row: C. Nagle, C. Sherrod, T. Mitchell, J. Johnson, J. Schell, K. Burington, D. Conlon, C. Manwaring. Second Row: V. Heinz, N. Ceminder, D. Zink, J. Foote, T. Voigt, C. Mayberry, E. Hendrickson, G. Richgels, A. Henry, J. DeCremer, D. Drayton, D. Brown, Coach John Powless. After drubbing some of the nation ' s basketball greats (Kentucky, Kansas, and Marquette), Coach John Pow- less ' Badgers finished with a mediocre 11-13 record. One big reason for our victories over Kansas and Kentucky was James Johnson ' s season high of 29 points in both games. The Big Ten race got off to a bad start when the cagers dropped the home opener to Purdue, 86-80. On the road they fared even worse, losing the next two at the hands of Michigan State and Ohio State. The first Big Ten victory came late, but the Badgers downed the Gophers of Minnesota at the Field House, 68-61. Wisconsin finished off North Dakota, 94-48, the largest margin of victory for the Badgers during the season. In the Big Ten, the cagers handed Michigan State a 76-64 defeat, the widest margin for the Badgers in Big Ten competition this season. Coach John Powless worked the entire squad during the North Dakota contest; hence 334 Jim Johnson and sophomore sensation Clarence Sherrod did not run away with the buckets during that game. The Badgers did a good job the rest of the season. Johnson was the team ' s leading scorer with 462 points and a sea- son average of 19.2. Sherrod, although only a sophomore, displayed moves throughout the season which amazed many and thrust him into the limelight as the Badger ' s second leading scorer with 300 points. Sherrod also held the individual rebound high by pulling 16 off the boards against Notre Dame. Revenge for Wisconsin came only once, against Ohio State, when the cagers outscored the Buckeyes in their second meeting, 77-73. Wisconsin played a host of sen- iors, all of whom displayed the drive necessary for at least moral victories. John Shell, Chuck Nagle, Tom Mitchell, and Ted Voight all contributed to the Badger effort. 357 SWIMMING In his eighteenth year as coach, John Hickman assem- bled a squad which included three College Ail-Ameri- can Swimming Team members. The result was another fine season for the Badger mermen as they finished up with a 6-2 dual meet record and placed 5th in the Big Ten Championship meet held at the Natatorium. In the earlier part of the season Wisconsin finished 4th in the Big Ten relays held in East Lansing. Once again the Badgers sent men to the NCAA Meet. In all, eight mer- men made the trip. The Badger ' s entered included Cap- tain Fred Hogan, Big Ten runner-up in the 50 yard free style; Doug McOwen, Dan Schwerin, John McCrary, James Halpin, and divers Don Dunfield, who placed second in the Big Ten one-meter competition, and Rick Schulze. Wisconsin ' s swimming future has been accorded another good outlook. A H 9 i% ' ' ' .COiSy A % xSJiHs m " ' c Hf. ' ° b •i ,ii fr 4 _ ' ' ' ' I ' m itom Row: D. Schwenn, L. Chesneau, J. McCrary, S. McCoy, F. Hogan, M. Hatleberg, F. Leatherman, D. McOwen, D. Dunfield. Second Row: Assistant Coach J. Darda, Manager J. Malloy, E. Grosh, T. McCoy, J. Halvorson, D. Patterson, P. Quinn, J. D. Gorrell, F. Newport, J. Liken, E. Selling, R. Schulze, Coach J. Hickman. 358 WRESTLING The Badger Wrestling team did not have a great season. However, the team was young and with experience should be very much improved next year. Going i nto the Big Ten meet the grapplers had compiled a 3-6 record with league schools. The team did have several high points. The men won the annual state collegiate title with 82 points and five individual champions: Mike Mc- Innis (130), Bob Nicholas (145), Ray Knutilla (152), Lud- wig Kroner (160), and Russ Hellickson (191). Russ Hel- lickson was named the meet ' s outstanding performer. In addition, Hellickson was undefeated and allowed only two points against him in fourteen bouts. Beating Illi- nois, Ohio State, and Purdue was sweet music to George Martin ' s ears as he eyes his 35th season. 359 HOCKEY 1968-69 Varsity Ice Hockey Team — Bottom Row: M. Cowan, D. Smith, K. Weiss, W. Thomas, J. Anderson, B. Vroman, B. PofiFenroth, M. Heatley, S. Henrickson. Second Row: D. Klipsic, Mark Fitz- gerald, Bert DeHate, J. Jagger, D. McFadyen, B. Leevers, D. Connor, 3«0 The 1969 Ice Hockey team was the most successful one in the history of the sport, here at Wisconsin. What seemed audacious last year was second natiu-e to this year ' s team. Answering the question " Who the heck is Michigan Tech? " the Badgers tied and defeated them in their own inpregnable arena. The squad also broke even in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association confer- ence — the pernicious league that said Wisconsin did not deserve to be on the ice with their members. The Badg- ers beat nationally ranked Denver and North Dakota in games that will long be remembered. Top performances for the team were shown by Bert DeHate, who will re- peat as national collegiate scoring leader. Bob PofPen- roth, Murray Heatley, and Jim Boyd. Bob Vroman and Wayne Thomas together had almost 800 saves. In the waning moments of the season t he ice-men lost twice, due to questionable officiating, which gave Michigan the Big Ten Championship. That was one of the few disap- pointments of the season, along with being kicked out of the Dane County Collesium so that the American Bowl- ing Congress contestants could get sloshed here in Madi- son, rather than some out-of-the-way place. J. Boyd, M. Tochterman, Coach Bob Johnson. Third Row: S. Miller, J. Fitzgerald, D. Young, J. Lloyd, D. Gilchrist, G. Nelson, M. Gleffe, C. Burroughs, Ron Rutlin, Don Addison. 361 FENCING Coach Archie Simonson ' s fencers had a successful season even though their 11-7 record was not impressive. Two losses by one point each to Ohio State and Iowa prevented the team from entering the Big Ten Meet undefeated. With fine preformances from team stalwarts, All- American captain Dick Odders and Jim Cartwright in the epee and Preston Mickie in the sabre, Wisconsin placed third in the Big Ten Meet. Also a great help to the team were Scott Bauman in the epee, Sheldon Berman in the foil and Gordon Bartholomew in the sabre. Even though a third place in the Big Ten was exceptional, the fencing team was just building this year. Of the sixteen members, thirteen are returning; the future looks bright. l-L... X 1 I - -— .ritt 1968-69 Varsity Fencing Team — ' Bottom Row: G. Bartholomew, W. Sanders, Captain R. Odders, P. Michie, C. Simon, L. Posorske, R. Halvorson. Second Row: B. Krieg, T. Watts, R. Marschke, M. Wegner, R. Markowski, A. Carli, S. Berman, Coach Archie Simonson. 362 CREW 1968 Varsity Crew — Bottom Row: Captain D. Ivaska. Second Row: A. Whitney, P. Resch, G. Iverson, J. Lorenz, J. Mimier, T. Mickel- son, G. Jacobson, D. Sahs. The 1968 Crew opened the season strong, but failed to meet the standards of past Wisconsin teams. In their two roles as defending champions, the Badgers placed second to Dartmouth in the Cochrane Cup Race and finished a disappointing fifth in the Eastern Sprints. The oarsmen came within three feet of upsetting perenially-powerful Washington and easily finished ahead of a strong Navy team on Lake Mendota ' s two thousand meter course. The Badger eight moved on to the IRA Regetta in Syracuse, where they had finished first and second the past two years. Wisconsin placed third behind Pennsylvania and Georgetown in the trial heat, and was ousted from championship competition with another third place in the final elimination heat. The Badger rowers then enter- ed consolation finals and narrowly missed overtaking UCLA for honors. 363 BASEBALL Front Row Left-to-Right: I.D. Thome, J. Scully, E. Chartraw, S. Oakey, L. Primis, T. Schinke, L. Jaskulski. Second Row: F. Weener, assistant coach; B. Erickson, T. Johnson, D. Krumrei, J. Trebbin, C. Baillie, M. Setzer, M . Nickels, " Dynie " Mansfield, head coach. Tnird Row: M. Stillman, ireshman coach; L. Pennington, M. Gust, T. Donovan, G. Wald, D. Billy, R.D. Boschulte. 364 m S ■ ii H ' . 1 The 1968 Badger Baseball Team again performed well in Big Ten competition, winning eleven and losing five to finish in third place. Wisconsin got oflF to a fast start winning their first three games and continued to progress throughout the season win- ning twelve of their last seventeen games. This gave them an overall mark of 18-9, for a .667 season percentage. Senior Tom Schinke was the Badgers ' big gun, blasting seven home runs and nineteen runs-batted-in, and boasting a .317 batting average. Also represented on the Big Ten First Team was second baseman R.D. Boschulte, who along with Schinke was named to the NCAA Fourth District All-Star Second Team. 365 TENNIS The 1968 Tennis Team compiled a record often wins and seven losses, winning eight dual meets by a 9-0 score and losing four duals by a 5-4 margin. The Badgers defeated opponents Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Purdue, and tied for third in the Florida Collegiate Tennis Meet in a field of fourteen schools. On May sixteenth, the Badger netters competed in the Big Ten Championship Meet held in Iowa City, where they finished seventh with a total of 59V2 points. Chris Burr and Don Young advanced to the number two dou- bles finals, but were eliminated by Michigan. Later, Skip Pilsbuty and Jim Siegel were defeated in the final match of the number one doubles playback. 366 STANDING (Left to Right): Coach John Powless; E. Pilsbury, J. Unger, C. Burr, D. Young, B. MaxweU, KNEELING: L. Adams, J. Colias, F. Ritzenberg, R. Black. STANDING (Left to Right): Coach John Jamieson; J. Remington, M. Plautz, M. Morgan, G. Rock, J. Mattson, J. Cartwright, S. Badger, KNEELING: B. Bumham, D. Haskin, R. Bauch, B. Leach, D. Nitz. GOLF The Wisconsin Golf Team had one of its finest dual seasons ever, winning nine and losing zero during the 1968 season. Wisconsin disposed of Iowa, North- western, Northern Illinois, and Notre Dame enroute to the imdefeated campaign. The Badger linksmen participated in the Big Ten Championship Meet held in Bloomington, Indiana, and finished ninth. Senior Mike Morgan had low score for the Badgers with rounds of 74-80-76-80 for a 310 total. 367 TRACK Wisconsin ' s 1968 track team had a very successful indoor season, easily winning all five dual meets. The Badgers won the Big Ten Indoor Championship for the second straight year, before settling for a mediocre thirteenth in the NCAA Championship. The cindermen continued to perform well during the outdoor campaign, defeating Ohio State and Purdue, winning the Univers ity of Texas — El Paso Invitational, and taking third in the Big Ten Outdoor Championship. They also placed fourteenth in the NCAA Outdoor, where Mike Butler and Ray Arring- ton qualified for the U.S. Olympic trials. Co-captains Butler and Arrington were accompanied to the Olympic trials by freshman Mark Winzenreed, who, along with a number of proven veterans and other excellent fresh- man prospects, should make the Badgers another strong contender for the conference indoor and outdoor meets in 1969. ■ » m 1968 Track Team — First ow. Left to Right: T. Leslie, B. Hewlett, J. Schmidt, R. Arrington, Co-Captain R. Poole, Co-Captain T. Erick- son, B. Hanson, C. Thorpe, L. Floyd, G. Thornton. Second Row: J. Nania, D. Peterson, T. Fancher, M. Albrecht, A. Jackson, M. Butler, G. Dick, C. Sherburne, M. Bond. Third Row: S. Voigt, J. Viktor, T. Thomas, B. Nelson, R. Gordon, B. Brady, S. Bednarek, T. Thies, S. Becker. Fourth Row: Manager S. Clark, C. Ploen, As- sistant Coach T. Bennett, Assistant Coach R. Brennan, Head Coach C. ' Rut ' Walter, R. Hawke, Manager A. Hoepfl. OOI L ' 372 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS The aim of the 1968-69 Senior class officers was " to bring a diversified senior class together. " Perhaps they would have had better luck with a less broad emphasis — like bringing the diverse senior class officers together. At any rate, these four did manage to cooperate on spending class funds; they not only selected a gift for the school and funded and originated a Senior symposium, but also purchased a page in the BADGER. Jim Weingart, President Bruner Dielhenn, Vice President Ann Amore, Secretary Ray Arrington, Treasurer 373 Agriculture today is both science and art, both the imagination and inspiration of industry. Agriculture today entails more than feeding and slaughtering animals, more than planting and har- vesting crops. It is more than crop rotation and scientific breed- ing. Agriculture must draw upon and give to industry and busi- ness, and it must consider morality and humanity. Better tech- niques of food production today won ' t suffice for tomorrow ' s millions of hungry people. Agriculture must and is preparing for the time when entirely new systems and radically new concepts of human nourishment will be necessitated. The School of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin edu- cates both the pragmatic farmers of today and the planners of the future. This year a new agriculture library, designed to give the student access to the history and the liiture of his Held, was opened. The facilities of the Ag School allow teaching of the best modes of production known and provides a base for experiments toward better ones far different from conventional ideas of filling the soil and tending stock. Agriculture students are trained to improve and advance beyond what they have learned. Dean Glenn S. Pound, the head of the School of Agriculture, is chan- neling its resources so as to be able to give answers to questions not yet asked. Dean Glenn S. Pound 374 . AGRICULTURE Yippee — Pig of the Year — Chicago — 1968 This wasn ' t his good side. 375 Agricultural and Extension Education Club — Bottom Row: D. Theno, C. Marx, R. Schroeder, pres.; R. Daluge, treas.; C. Scott, D. Meulmans, vice-pres. Second Row: J. Schafer, M. Williams, P. Schnieder, M. Currie, P. Turner, B. Sennhenn, sec.; M. Jensen, P. Randsom. AGRICULTURAL AND EXTE3NSION E3DUCATION CLUB Although the Agriculture and Extension Club stated its aim as " giving the ' pro- fessional student ' experience in leadership and training for his occupation, " these fellows did much to help their own members and other students on campus. The Ag and Extension Club provided campus food stands, exchanged with similar clubs at other universities, and held an all-ag campus picnic. AGRICULTURAL The many agricultural organizations involved in the agriculture fall cam- pus picnic, " Little IntemationaF Livestock Show, and community service projects looked to the Agriculture Student Council for advice and direc- tion. The group also assisted in providing speakers and arranging pro- grams for the home economics and the agriculture clubs. These men didn ' t neglect themselves, either; their annual Midwinter Ball was prob- ably the most " fiin " part of a well-rounded year. STUDENT COUNCIL Alpha Zeta — Bottom Row: R. Wiegand, G. Shook, L. Salter, P. CLeary, T. Lukaszewski, J. Schafer, C. Veum, C. Rindsig, D. Paulson. Second Row: G. Brooke, R. Ebert, W. Parr, J. VandeBerg, B. Biddick, D. Theno, R. Zondag, M. Perszyk, M. VanEss, G. Camcross, H. Koeppel, C. Carter, D. Rowntree. Third Row: A. Vlasak, W. Niedermeier, G. Mar- gelofeky, D. Palzkill, D. Hron, T. Wilson, J. Rutledge, D. Weiss, W. Resop, T. Fuhrmann, J. Rieser, N. Schlough. ZETA Alpha Zeta is an honorary agricultural fraternity whose membership selec- tion is based upon scholarship, leadership, character, and personality. Three professors act as advisers to the fraternity and help plan the year ' s activities, which include a tutoring system, a College of Agriculture course evaluation program, an annual banquet, and a high school visitation pro- gram. American Society of Agricultural Engineers — Bottom Row: H. King, M. Nikula, J. Schraeder, B. Stanek, treas.; B. Pohfal, D. Zielinski, D. John- son, T. Miller, R. Gygay, pres.; D. Hanson, M. Solverson, P. O ' Leary, A. Husain, Mr. Finner, adviser. Second Row: L. Berg , G. Thiede, G. Nim- mer, G. Werth, B. Cresch, vice-pres.; L. Johnson, A. Timm, J. Krafta, M. Luedtke, C. Beecher, D. Siedschlag. I AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS John Deere may not be General Motors, but its bright green tractors change with the times just as much as candy-apple red Corvettes. This year ' s Society of Agricultural Engineering used speakers, field trips, and the study of engineering techniques to explore methods of improving farm equipment The group also worked on projects for the engi- neering exposition. Rumor has it that one guy sub- mitted a design for a 4-speed, dual quad, posi-trac- tion, hemi manure spreader. Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council — Bottom Row: T. Miller, pres.; D. Sattler, vice-pres.; T. Lukaszewsld, sec.; R. Luckow, treas. Sec- ond Row: D. Thomas, C. Veum, G. Margelofisky, E. Capaul, W. Resop, H. Paluch, T. Fuhrmann, M. Boyle. Third Row: E. Court, J. Krahn, C. Carter, C. Sherman, D. Grabarshi, C. Marx, B. Larson, R. Alton, D. Palzkill, R. Schroedfer, D. Rowntree, P. Schneider, D. Mittelstadt, D. Welsch, G. Rindsig, P. O ' Brien. l9 Badger Crops and Soils— Bottom Row: P. Jung, G Clatz, G. Murgelofsky, J Wickert. Second Row: R Walgenbach, G. Dirks, P Oinonen, A. Brooks, F. Cash I. Zimmel. Badger Crops and Soils Club is an organization of students interested in learning more about conservation, specialty farm crops and types of soils — all relevant to their field of study, agriculture. Club activities include career days, field trips, picnics, and guest speakers in all phases of study. BADGER CROPS AND SOILS BLUE SHIELD 4-H Blue Shield 4-H continues 4-H activities on the college level by providing an opportunity for both social and recreational activities. During the spring and fall former 4-H members and other interested students work together at Blue Shield ' s Upham Woods Weekend Work Camp. Throughout the year they participate in such service programs as " Operation Contact. " Extension trips for recreation and leadership complete the campus 4-H schedule. Blue Shield 4-H — Bottom Row: T. Lewandowski, A. Strzeszewski, J. Ledin, T. Cretney, W. Gresch, J. Rutledge, K. Bradley, D. Meulemans, M. Williams. Second Row: P. Ramsden, S. Weiland, C. Sattler, S. Danes, R. Schultz, Z. Graul, P. Turner, D. Kron, J. Gruber, J. Lory, P. Schneider, R. Biddick, C. Ray, M. Currie, J. Viney, G. Roemer. Third Row: G. Wen- zel, J. Kroh, J. Wilson, L. Vogen, M. Rowntree, T. Johnson, B. Senn- henn, R. Daluge, B. Latsen, T. Splitter, C. Ray, C. Kepler. it j fl a, % 1SF ' « allKilBfc t?i- .i ' wyigi«lliiKE - V " •s Saddle and Sirloin — Bottom Row: D. Wiechert, adviser; D. Crabarsid, president; B. Larson, D. Thomas, D. Rowntree, D. Kendall, D. Aleckson, B. Nusbaum, C. Knigge, vice-pres.; A. Tralmer, E. Atwood, S. Carlson, D. Fahey, G. Bovre, J. Cull, M. Mueller, N. First, adviser. Second Row: G. Rindsig, B. Boersma, G. Travis, J. Nearoth, L. Leake, D. Weiss, R. Pofahl, D. Kron, M. Solverson, J. Kron, G. Carncross, J. Krahm, B. Setle, C. Marx, J. Hoskens, P. Ramsden, D. Paulson. Third Row: M. Sherry, D. Scheidt, J. Brown, P. Prust, D. Rees, R. Williams, M. Voss, J. Suthei- mer, S. Disd, J. Koenig, J. Sarbacker, T. Noll, N. Turner, C. Veum, H. Brokish, P. O ' Brien, G. Wasrud. Fourth Row: S. Stark, K. Boltz, D. SADDLE AND SIRLOIN Peterson, A. Kohn, M. Richter, M. Grundall, K. Marohl, T. Fuhrmann, P. Schneider, J. Gruber, P. Turner, R. Daluge, B. Sennhenn, M. Williams, D. Sauber, G. Brooke, G. Onan, K. Netz, J. Lory. Fifth Row: J. Timm, R. Hetts, S. Nelson, R. Robertson, A. Schueltz, S. North, D. Palzkill, G. Miller, R. Rutledge, T. Wilson, J. Rutledge, R. Ebert, D. Meulemans, S. Merry, B. Bark, D. Johnson, R. Schwenck, T. Cutney. Sixth Row: D. Kuhaupt, D. Gelhar, P. Priepke, T. Morris, T. Machan, D. Syth, M. Van- Ess, S. Pamperin, G. Sambs, R. Bennett, R. Schomberg, J. Cushman, M. Moslus, D. Frye, D. Loken, R. Cushman, R. Shulstad, R. Luckow. And we thought they were pulling our leg. . . . Yes, friends, the UW campus pig steering contest lives! Besides sponsoring this unique diversion, Saddle and Sirloin provided us with the Little International Livestock Show. This group not only did its best to enliven UW student life in general, but also remembered its own with seven member scholarships. Meanwhile, see you at the pig sty. STUDENT ASSOCIATION ARCHITECTURE OF LANDSCAPE In view of the controversy over the failure of our society to utilize the talents of its members, the University is taking fiill advantage of the Student Association of Landscape Architects. Unfortunately, there are those who question their choice of building architects. But although the landscape architects help decide on the aesthetic propriety of campus projects, and sometimes redesign existing campus atrocities, they are being shackled in pursuit of their fondest dream — level the whole area and let the woods grow back. Student Association of Landscape Architecture — Bottom Row: B. Mur- ray, adviser; A. Nicolette, T. Wilson. Second Row: D. Welsch, pres.; R. Schmicheal, G. Horelle, M. Crimme, vice-pres.; D. Holewinsia, R. Dix, : ' .v M. Ries, F. Reynolds, H. Hogan, R. Handschke, A. Pape. Third Row: L. Raduenz, P. Rasmussen, R. Eraser, L. Fandrei, W. Sedivic. " urn . JS Ahrens, Richard, B.S. in Biochemistry Aleckson, Donald, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Beecher, Craig, B.S. in Agriculture and Civil Engineering Biddick, Bradley, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Block, Ivan, B.S. in Agronomy Boots, Richard, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Bovre, Gregory, B.S. in Dairy Science Brindley, James, B.A. in Economics Buth, Robert, B.S. in Agricultural Economics Capaul, Irwin, B.S. in Agricultural Economics Carstens, William, B.S. in Dairy Science Cash, Francis, B.S. in Soils Cook, Charles, B.S. in Agricultural Economics Craig, Wayne, B.S. in Agronomy Cretney, Tim, B.S. in Dairy Science Cull, John, B.S. in Dairy Science Dirks, Glenn, B.S. in Soils Ebert, Rodney, B.S. in Agronomy Ensch, David, B.S. in Agronomy Fagel, Marvin, B.S. in Agronomy Fandrei, Loren, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Friedeck, Pamela, B.S. in Agronomy Gjertson, Mary, B.S. in Conservation Glatz, George, B.S. in Agronomy Grabarski, David, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Grover, Nancy, B.S. in Rural Sociology Gygax, Ralph, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering Hallman, James, B.S. in Poultry Science Handschke, Richard, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Harcus, Donald, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Henning, Darwin, B.S. in Institutional Management Hilker, Arthur, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Jensen, Jean, B.S. in Genetics Johnson, Collin, B.S. in Biochemistry Johnson, Larry, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering Johnson, Leonard, B.S. in Dairy Science Jung, Jr., Phillip, B.S. in Soils Keen, Gerald, B.S. in Agricultural Education Knigge, Charles, B.S. in Dairy Science Koehler, Richard, B.S. in Agronomy Koonce, Hal, B.S. in Agricultural Economics Kruse, Thomas, B.S. in Agricultural Journalism Laatsch, John, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Lampereur, Thomas, B.S. in Dairy Science Lederer, Ronald, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Lippmann, Leanne, B.S. in Bacteriology Lohuis, Michael, B.S. in Agricultural Economics Lory. James Carl, B.S. in Agricultural vAitnatinn and Dairy Science Luckow, Roger, B.S. in Agronomy Ludwig, Jim, B.S. in Biochemistry Lukaszewski, Tim, B.S. in Agronomy Macdonald, Kathy, B.S. in Food Science Mandala, Joseph, B.S. in Meat Science Meulemans, Dennis, B.S. Dairy Science 380 1 1 £7hZ mk :: k h Miller, Thomas, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering Mittelstadt, David, B.S. in Agronomy Neuroth, James, B.S. in Dairy Science Niedermeier, William, B.S. in Genetics O ' Brien, Patrick, B.S. in Dairy Science Oiford, Kenneth Paul, B.S. in Dairy Science Oinonen, Phil, B.S. in Soils Parr, Willard, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Paul, Kenneth, B.A. in Rural Sociology Paulson, Don, B.S. in Dairy Science Perszyk, Martin, B.S. in Wildlife Ecology Fokel, Beverly, B.S. in Biochemistry Radve, Paul, B.S. in Dairy Science and Agronomy Ramsden, Paul, B.S. in Dairy Science Rieser, Jim, B.S. in Poultry Science Roidt, James, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Rowntree, David, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Rutledge, James, B.S. in Agricultural and Extension Education mniini Lfc- ' f - ■- ' • Rux, Fredrick, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Schafer, Reuben, B.S. in Agricultural Education Schlough, Neil, B.S. in Dairy Science Schmiling, William, B.S. in Dairy Science Schroeder, Russell, B.S. in Agricultural and Extension Education SchwarzhofT, Robert, B.S. in Bacteriology Schwingle, Milo, B.S. in Dairy Science Sellin, Ronald, B.S. in Agricultural Economics Sherman, Catherine, B.S. in Rural Sociology Sieja, Jr., Stanley, B.S. in Dairy Science Skolitzky, Lawrence, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Smith, Wayne, B.S. in Dairy Science Storm, Allan, B.S. in Horticulture Sylvester, George, B.S. in Agricultural Journalism Theirl, Jean, B.S. in Dietetics Theno, Daniel, B.S. in Agricultural Education VandeBerg, John, B.S. in Genetics Veum, Cedric, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Wachter, David, B.S. in Biochemistry Webb, Thomas, B.S. in Dairy Science Wickert, James, B.S. in Agricultural Journalism Wilson, Thomas, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Winn, Robert, B.S. in Dairy Science Yanke, Charles, B.S. in Meat and Animal Science Zimmel, John, B.S. in Agronomy Zondag, Richard, B.S. in Horticulture 3B1 Dean Ervin A. Gaumnitz BUSINESS The School of Business, headed by Dean Erwin Gaumnitz, was found- ed as an organizational division of the University in 1900 to prepare undergraduates and graduate students for careers in all fields of busi- ness. Business entails more than accounting and management; it also includes public utilities, advertising, and urban land economics. The School is oriented toward making students aware of current problems and helping them learn how to solve them. Recent emphasis has en- couraged the student to narrow his studies and gain a complete under- standing of his particular field. If a Commerce graduate wants to enter the business world immedi- ately, the School has a Placement Bureau to arrange student interviews with representatives from industry, business, and government. If the graduate wishes to further specialize before beginning work or teach- ing, he can enter the graduate school and do advanced study. The world of business today is complex far beyond the comprehen- sion of the average citizen. It takes educated personnel to direct the workings of a multi-billion dollar economy, and the Wisconsin School of Business provides the training base for the men and women who will be in charge of the economic operation of this country. [|[iilS!SiSiiiii |i| ; 11111111111 ■ ' " i|||ICIIIIII Things have been awfully quiet around Commerce this year. 383 Pride glows especially brightly from the clean, sincere faces of the members of Alpha Kappa Psi this year. Past glories — informal parties and poker games — are overshadowed by the shining beacon of hopes each Alpha Kappa Psi envisions for himself since the great election of ' 68; Richard Nixon was an Alpha Kappa Psi. Whippee! Alpha Kappa Psi — Bottom Row: D. Caulkins, J. Barron, J. Heanev, R. Dike, J. Plechaty, J. Muir, R. Lawrence, L. Todd, P. Hoefer, L. Jungkans, T. Bass. Second Row: K. Keach, T. McSwain, D. Boyd, J. Smith, J. Loos, W. Leege, L. Robinson, M. Rehberg, D. Fischer, M. Murray, C. Nien- ow, K. Knuteson, S. Jacobson, J. Bums, T. Reinemann, J. Hoerr, G. Dah- len. Third Row: T. Coit, D. Mogenson, F. Pankratz, F. Rouse, J. Hines, R. Brechtl, J. Fieber, K. Sack, G. Miller, C. Hadden, W. Bartels, J. Har- rison, J. Ohimiller. PHI CHI THETA Nobody appreciates the girls in Phi Chi Theta more than the men in the School of Commerce. When all your classes are 95 per cent male, it ' s a relief to see a shapely body walk into the room — even if it does raise the curve. Phi Chi Theta, the women ' s business and economics organization, is in- volved in scholarship fund raising, professional meetings, and a Founder ' s Day dinner. These girls are almost enough to make a guy become an econ major. Beta Alpha Psi — Bottom Row: J. Schauss, S. Berlin, B. Ingalls, T. War- ton, R. Vanderweele, A. Hass, T. Thelen, R. Maigatter, R. Klein. Second Row: L. Felbab, K. Schultz, B. Blick, C. Krug, C. Brieske, M. A. Mit- terer, M. Jennings, K. Grant L. Chambers. Third Row: W. Bollom, V. Moore, K. MatschuU, B. Sefert, A. Coleman, S. Krumrel, S. H du, R. Grdth, D. Labott, R. Grahn, Westra, J. Duwe, Pitzner. Fourth Row: H. Johnson, M. Kalchthacer, S. Rowley, B. Dolfman, E. Karrels, T. Leahy, D. Houser, A. Pittman, J. Grosskopf, D. Carpenter, R. Cantwell, T. Klam- mer, H. Lindenberg, S. Lewis. 384 BETA ALPHA Accountants of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains and the bi-monthly Playboy jokes about you. We ' re a money-oriented soci- ety, so there ' s no excuse for accusing the accountants, who keep the records straight and production rolling, of being uninteresting. The members of Beta Alpha Psi, the professional accounting fraternity, surely dispell such archaic stereotyping. They ' re the vanguard of a whole new phalanx of fascinating accountants — poised and ready to sweep the business world with their suave new image. Everybody duck. Quack! Phi Chi Theta — Bottom Row: A. McCormick, M. Mitterer, D. Herker, K. Robertson, D. Albrecht, L. Felbab, M. Negri. Second Row: M. Anderson, S. Horochema, M. Walluks, L. Levinson, J. Jaspeason, L. Meiserheimer, N. Hewes, K. Grant. Third Row: T. Polashuke, S. Anderson, W. Frank, S. Hoffing, B. Blick, M. Jennings, L. Trojun. 38S Aghili, Parviz, B.A. in Accounting Albrecht, Betty, B.A. in Marketing Andersen, Steven, B.A. in Accounting Anderson, Susan, B.A. in Personnel Management Anixter, Steven, B.A. in Accounting Anunson, Gregory, B.A. in Marketing Backer, Joanne, B.A. in Marketing Baird, Lawrence, B.A. in Quantitative Analysis Barron, John, B.A. in Finance and Real Estate Bartlein, Robert, B.A. in Investment Beales, Robert, B.A. in Banking and Finance Beck, Ronald, B.A. in Real Estate Bellin, Gerald, B.A. in Finance Berg, Jeff, B.A. in Real Estate Bergdoll, Alice, B.A. in Accounting Bergen, Keith, B.A. in Real Estate Bertelsen, Mrs., Susan, B.A. in Marketing BestuI, John, B.A. in Accounting Braatz, Richard, B.A. in Finance and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Cantwell, Ronald, B.A. in Accounting Cantwell, Stephen, B.A. in Insurance Caywood, Clarke, B.A. in Industrial Relations Chaplin, Jr., Harry, B.A. in Marketing Chapman, William, B.A. in Finance Clark, Gary, B.A. in Finance Coleman, Alan, B.A. in Accounting Copeland, Richard, B.A. in Marketing Covelli, Gary, B.A. in Personnel Management Cox, William, B.A. in Accounting Dallmann, Thomas, B.A. in Finance Daniels, Thomas, B.A. in Insurance Davidson, Holly, B.A. in Accounting Davidson, Richard, B.A. in Finance Dolfman, Bruce, B.A. in Accounting Dorn, James, B.A. in Personnel Management Dorband, Frederick, B.A. in Finance 3«6 Eamey, Charles, B.A. in Accounting Easton, Paul, B.A. in Construction Administration Epstein, David, B.A. in Business Esser, Edward, B.A. in Finance Feldner, Thomas, B.A. in Marketing Femal, James, B.A. in Construction Administration Fergal, James, B.A. in Finance Fieber, John, B.A. in Finance Pons, Richard, B.A. in Marketing France, Lawrence, B.A. in Finance Frank, Wanda, B.A. in Finance Frasier, Larry, B.A. in Personnel Management Frenz, Byron, B.A. in Insurance Fritz, William, B.A. in Finance Gausche, Charles, B.A. in Quanitative Analysis Gehrke, John, B.A. in Marketing Grams, Michael, B.A. in Accounting Grant, Karen, B.A. in Accounting A k kT% MJX Goelzer, Daniel, B.A. in Accounting Cratch, Paul, B.A. in Real Estate Gray, Richard, B.A. in Business Greco, Donald, B.A. in Personnel and Industrial Relations Greenblatt, Michael, B.A. in Quanitative Analysis Grinde, William, B.A. in Accounting Haberman, Susan, B.A. in Marketing Harris, David, B.A. in Marketing Hass, Arthur, B.A. in Accounting Hayes, Patrick, B.A. in Quantitative Analysis Heaney, John, B.A. in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations Hellrood, Robert, B.A. in Insurance and Marketing Henninger, Howard, B.A. in Finance Herker, Diane, B.A. in Finance Herther, Shirley, B.A. in Accounting and Finance Hesse, Dana, B.A. in Personnel Management Hewes, Nancy, B.A. in Business Education Himebauch, Gregory, B.A. in Marketing Hinners, Charles, B.A. in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics Hirsch, Kenneth, B.A. in Accounting Hoelzel, James, B.A. in Accounting Hoerr, Jeff, B.A. in Accounting Hofling, Sally, B.A. in Marketing Hoffman, Peter, B.A. in Marketing Homig, Thomas, B.A. in Finance Howard, Vincent, B.A. in Business Organization and Management Jasperson, Jo Ann, B.A. in Marketing and Personnel Management Jennings, Mary, B.A. in Accounting Johnson, Don, B.A. in Personnel Management Johnson, Howard, B.A. in Accounting Johnson, Paul, B.A. in Marketing Johnson, Richard, B.A. in Marketing Johnson, Susan, B.A. in Accounting Kadison, Douglas, B.A. in Finance Karrels, Edward, B.A. in Business Kearns, Patrick, B.A. in Accounting 387 Kelps, Robert, B.A. in Finance Kno beloch, William, B.A. in Marketing, Public Utilities, and Transportation KoBishop, Patricia, B.A. in Personnel Management Kochan, Thomas, B.A. in Personnel Management Koehler, Karen, B.A. in Marketing Koehn, Donald, B.A. in International Business and Marketing Kotler, Edward, B.A. in Business Krohn, Gary, B.A. in Marketing Krug, Lyie, B.A. in Accounting Krumrei, Sharyn, B.A. in Accounting Leahy, Terry, B.A. in Business Lenarouzze, Richard, B.A. in Marketing Levine, Mary, B.A. in Finance Levin, Ronald, B.A. in Real Estate Lewis, Pixley, B.A. in Business Linnen, Thomas, B.A. in Accounting Lindell, James, B.A. in Business Loos, James, B.A. in Finance Loveland, Warren, B.A. in Finance Lueders, Wayne, B.A. in Accounting MacDonald, Urban, B.A. in Finance Madary, Howard, B.A. in Accounting Mader, John, B.A. in Accounting Mais, Joanne, B.A. in Accounting Markley, Douglas, B.A. in Construction Management, Real Estate, Urban Land Economics Marohnic, Jerome, B.A. in Accounting Mastricola, Dennis, B.A. in Business Matsoff, Martin, B.A. in Accounting McCarth, Michael, B.A. in Marketing McCoy, Stephen, B.A. in Business McDermott, John, B.A. in Business McEntire, Richard, B.A. in Production Management Menard, Dennis, B.A. in Finance Investment and Banking Mescher, Kent, B.A. in Business Milesky, Barbara, B.A. in Marketing Mitterer, Mary Ann, B.A. in Accounting Morton, Terry, B.A. in Accounting Muir, James, B.A. in Real Estate Murphy, Robert, B.A. in Finance Newell, Alan, B.A. in Accounting Nilles, Gary, B.A. in Accounting Nordstrom, Eric, B.A. in International Marketing Nowak, James, B.A. in Accounting Nyreen, Sandra, B.A. in Marketing Ogie, Robert, B.A. in Real Estate and Marketing Ohimiller, James, B.A. in Accounting Olafsson, Craig, B.A. in Business Oldenburg, Wayne, B.A. in Finance OIkowski, Leiand, B.A. in Accounting Olson, Paul, B.A. in Finance Paulson, Tim, B.A. in Accounting Pederson, Trygve, B.A. in Accounting Perry, Robert, B.A. in Business Peterson, Paul, B.A. in Finance 388 Peterson, Carl, B.A. in Acturial Science Prasad, Vikram, B.A. in Business Ramsay, Richard, B.A. in Accounting and Marketing Rasmussen, Vaughn, B.A. in Accounting Rehberg, Michael, B.A. in Marketing Reinemann, Thomas, B.A. in Marketing Reppe, Spencer, B.A. in Business Riba, David, B.A. in Personnel Management Ricks, Charles, B.A. in Marketing Rindfleisch, Ronald, B.A. in Personnel Management Ring, Jonathan, B.A. in Business Robertson, Kathleen, B.A. in Accounting and Transportation Roethle, James, B.A. in Accounting Rome, Scott, B.A. in Business Rosenthal, Ira, B.A. in Finance Roth, Daniel, B.A. in Finance Roth, Johneen, B.A. in Marketing Rubino, Marianne, B.A. in Business Education Ruotsala, Michael, B.A. in Personnel Management Ruskin, Dennis, B.A. in Real Estate Sack, Kenneth, B.A. in Quantitative Analysis Sagemiller, Gregory, B.A. in International Business and Marketing Sass, Richard, B.A. in Accounting and Finance Schmidt, Thomas, B.A. in Accounting Schmitt, Ronald, B.A. in Statistics Schneider, Jeffrey, B.A. in Marketing Schneider, Larry, B.A. in Accounting Schottenstein, James, B.A. in Marketing and Finance Schuessler, Susan, B.A. in Marketing Schwartz, Eric, B.A. in Accounting Seipel, Dennis, B.A. in Marketing and Accounting Shafer, Dawn, B.A. in Marketing Shafton, Joel, B.A. in Accounting Shepherd, William, B.A. in Marketing Sholund, Douglas, B.A. in Quantitative Analysis SnifHn, Edward, B.A. in Marketing mm tfTife i Snyder, Richard, B.A. in Personnel Management Spittler, Asher, B.A. in Personnel Management Stoefller, William, B.A. in Production Management Thelen, Thomas, B.A. in Accounting Traver, Jon, B.A. in Accounting and Finance Tucker. leffrev. B.A. in Business VanEss, Peter, B.A. in Marketing Verthein, John, B.A. in Finance Victor, Laurence, B.A. in Marketing Wald, Gary, B.A. in Business Wallace, Jon, B.A. in Finance Wasieleski, John, B.A. in International Business and Finance Waters, Richard, B.A. in Finance Webster, John, B.A. in Production Management Willard, Vicki, B.A. in Accounting Yahn, Sally, B.A. in Business Education York, Noreen, B.A. in Business Administration 389 EDUCATION Dean Donald J. McCarty 390 Nighttime education on campus . . . here and elsewhere. The School of Education of the Univer- sity of Wisconsin provides professional programs to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for a wide range of professional opportunities in the field of education. Depending upon the student ' s interest and plans, he may choose from programs prepatory to elementary school teaching, secondary school teaching of academic subjects, or the teaching of special sub- jects at both the elementary and second- ary levels. Nonteaching programs in- clude art for those interested in working professionally in the field of fine arts and design, dance as a Bne art, occupational therapy qualifying the graduate for pro- fessional work in registered hospitals, and the Agencies Program, designed to prepare students to direct physical edu- cation activities in social, industrial, and community agencies. Much of the responsibility for eradi- cating poverty, apathy, and bigotry lies with educational personnel because of the influence they exert over the nation ' s youth, and the Wisconsin School of Edu- cation is dedicated to training people to spread knowledge untainted by preju- dice. 391 Abbott, Kathie, B.S. in Spanish Abels, Susan, B.S, in Communicative Disorders AfHiolder, Thomas, B.A. in Latin Allin, Nancy, B.S. in Elementary Education Alvstad, Karen, B.A. in Mathematics Ambler, Mrs., Cathy, B.S. in Secondary Education Antaramian, Anna, B.S. in Speech Arends, Mrs., Catherine, B.S. in Elementary Education Arost, Lynn, B.S. in Elementary Education Arrington, Ray, B.S. in Physical Education Baldner, Michael, B.S. in Chemistry Baraban, Penny, B.A. in Elementary Education Barney, Barbara, B.S. in Art Bamett, Mrs., Nancy, B.S. in Elementary Education Beckman, Joann, B.S. in Art Behling, Kathy, B.A. in Spanish Seller, Terri, B.A. in English Benner, Dianne, B.A. in Elementary Education Benson, Barbara, B.S. in History Berkeley, Gail, B.S. in Elementary Education Beyer, Nancy, B.A. in Elementary Education Bingham, Elizabeth, B.S. in French Bladl, Joanne, B.S. in Elementary Education Bober, Christine, B.A. in Communicative Disorders Bober, Geraldine, B.A. in Latin Bogart, Karen, B.S. in Special Education Boheim, Judy, B.S. in Elementary Education Borchers, Nancy, B.S. in Economics Boysen, Mrs., Susan, B.S. in Elementary Education Bradley, Mary, B.S. in Behavioral Disabilities Bragman, Ruth, B.S. in Physical Education Brodbeck, Jane, B.S. in Elementary Education Bronstein, Linda, B.A. in Elementary Education Brownell, Susan, B.A. in Elementary Education Camell, Kim, B.S. in Art Carone, Jo Ellen, B.S. in Elementary Education Cavill, Michael, B.S. in Physical Education Cederberg, Nina, B.S. in Elementary Education Christiansen, Kari Lee, B.S. in French Churchill, James, ED 5, Faculty Cohen, Beryl, B.A. in Elementary Education Cosentine, Lynn, B.A. in English Cruice, Carolyn, B.A. in Speech Curran, Mary, B.S. in Physical Education DeKok, Ronald, B.S. in Art Deshur, Hedy, B.A. in Elementary Education Dicke, Mary, B.S. in Art Education Dike, Jody, B.S. in Elementary Education Dobberfuhl, Mark, B.S. in Economics Dombrow, Mrs., Helen, B.S. in Elementary Education Drapin, Nancy, B.A. in Art Education Dunning, Joyce, B.S. in Physical Education Dybdal, Louise, B.A. in English Eddy, Rosemary, B.A. in Elementary Education 392 Ehrenreich, Heidi, B.S. in Communicative Disorders Ehrlich, Nancie, B.A. in Elementary Education Eiduson, L., B.S. in Physical Education Elmer, Marilyn, B.S. in Elementary Education Ettleson, Barbara, B.S. in History Farness, Carole, B.S. in Physical Education Fischer, Susan, B.S. in English Fletcher, Joy, B.S. in Elementary Education Foltz, Kathleen, B.S. in Elementary Education Foote, Barbara, B.S. in Art Forton, Barbara, B.A. in Speech Therapy Franchino, Constance, B.S. in English Franz, Marian, B.S. in Elementary Education Frey, Mrs., Rita, B.A. in Spanish Fried, Susan, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Gadiel, Dalia, B.A. in French Galvin, Alice, B.S. in Secondary Education Gannon, Kristine, B.S. in Elementary Education t fAJrk _r,( d. Gaspardo, Jean, B.S. in Elementary Education Gease, Mary, B.S. in Art Geier, Karen, B.S. in Elementary Education Ceraldson, Martha, B.S. in Art Education Gilbert, Marsha, B.A. in Elementary Education Cilson, Iris, B.S. in English Class, Christine, B.A. in Speech Goldin, Joan, B.S. in Dance Therapy Golner, Marilyn, B.S. in English Goodman, Alane, B.A. in Speech Gorski, Suzanne, B.S. in Dance Greer, William, B.S. in Secondary Education Greicar, Donald, B.A. in History Crimstad, Emma Louise, B.M. in Music Education Grodin, Mrs., B.S. in Elementary Education Gross, Wendy Sue, B.S. in History Guth, Robert, B.S. in Secondaiy Education Guttormsen, Sandra, B.A. in Elementary Education Haller, Kathleen, B.S. in History Hammerstrom, Wayne, B.S. in Recreation Hamilton, Carol, B.S. in Secondary Education Hamre, Gilbert, B.A. in Speech Handrow, Susan, B.S. in Art Education Harrigan, Catherine, B.S. in Elementary Education Harris, Alana, B.M. in Vocal Education Harris, Cathy, B.S. in Art Haukom, Diane, B.A. in Elementary Education Haupt, Leslie, B.S. in Secondary Education Havey, Mrs., Rita, B.S. in Home Economics Education Heil, Mary, B.A. in Spanish Heine, Kenneth, B.S. in Physical Education Helfrich, Susan, B.S. in Art Herman, Robert, B.S. in Mathematics Hestad, Sally, B.S. in Secondary Education Heywood, Ann, B.S. in Secondary Education Hill, Pamela, B.S. in History 393 Hirsch, Michael, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Hipsh, Sharon, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Hoefs, Karen, B.S. in History Hoering, Virginia, B.S. in Mathematics Holtz, Janet, B.S. in Elementary Education Howell, Betty, B.S. in Spanish Humphrey, Ann, B.A. in English Huntington, Susan, B.S. in Art Imhoff, John, B.A. in Latin Immel, Hildegard, B.A. in German Ingber, Laurie, B.S. in Art Education Jackson, Aquine, B.S. in Physical Education Jacobs, Lois, B.S. in Natural Sciences Jadin, Diane, B.S. in History Janiszewsjum Cheryl, B.A. in French Johnson, Brent, B.S. in Physical Education Johnson, Jane Ann, B.A. in Elementary Education Johnson, Jennifer, B.M. in Music Johnson, Kay, B.M. in Music Education Johnson, Martha, B.A. in Speech Therapy Johnson, Stephen Pleck, B.S. in Natural Sciences Jones, Dian B.S. in Physical Education Jones, Meredith, B.S. in Secondary Education Jones, Nancy, B.S. in Art Jung, Judy, B.A. in Elementary Education Kaems, Frederic, B.S. in Art Kahn, Dale, B.S. in Art Education Kandler, Raymond, B.S. in Chemistry Kaplan, Barbara, B.S. in Art Education Kaput, Eileen, B.S. in Secondary Education Karlen, Yvonne, B.M. in Music Education Karsten, Barbara, B.S. in Elementary Education Kaufman, Beverly, B.S. in Physical Education Kav, Andrea, B.S. in Elementary Education Kelso, Katherine, B.A. in French Kemper, Karen, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Kemper, Katherine, B.S. in History Kepler, Connie, B.S. in Home Economics Education Kerndt, Marsha, B.A. in Elementary Education Kharasch, Ellen, B.A. in Elementary Education Kinder, Barbara, B.A. in Spanish Kleinschmidt, Caryl, B.S. in Elementary Education Klitzlde, Linda, B.A. in French Kimoto, Jennifer, B.S. in Special Education Klugman Marian, B.A. in Behavioral Disabilities Koen, Mrs., Julie, B.S. in Elementary Education Kolb, Mary B.S. in Secondary Education Koven, Michael, B.S. in Art Kraus, Tonya, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Krefl, Diane, B.S. in Elementary Education Kress, Marilyn, B.S. in Elementary Education Krieger, Kathleen, B.S. in Art Lalk, Mrs., Margaret, B.S. in History Lalor, Bonnie, B.S. in Elementary Education Lamon, Carol, B.S. in Elementary Education Lazar, Lauren, B.A. in Elementary Education Lazarus, Mrs., Pamela Jo, B.A. in Elementary Education Lee, Sara, B.S. in Elementary Education Leean, Darleen, B.S. in Elementary Education Lemke, Cheryl, B.S. in Art Education Lenfestey, Carol, B.A. in Elementary Education Levine, Mrs., Ileene, B.S. in Elementary Education Lipp, Nancy, B.S. in Ai.ierican Institutions Litel, Mary, B.A. in French Lounsbury, Martha, B.A. in Mathematics Luther, Cheri, B.S. in Chemistry MacLaren, Rose, B.S. in Art Mader, Mrs., Barbara, B.S. in Elementary Education Mahoney, Carol Ann, B.S. in Art Mandel, Laurie, B.S. in English Martay, Joan, B.S. in Elementary Education Martin, Susan, B.S. in Elementary Education McCallum, Jim, B.S. in Physical Education 395 V McLeod, Mrs., Judy, B.S. in Art Meade, Carole, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Merriman, Virginia, B.S. in Art Meyer, Constance, B.S. in Mathematics Michels, Alan, B.S. in Art Mierendorf, Roberta, B.S. in Elementary Education Milden, James, B.A. in History Miller, Donna, B.S. in Art Miller, Peggy, B.A. in Spanish Miller, Phyllis, B.A. in Elementary Education Miller, Susan Lynne, B.A. in Special Education Mills, Judith, B.S. in Art Mirsky, Jessica, B.S. in Elementary Education Miska, Mary Ellen, B.A. in Elementary Education Mitchell, Carol, B.S. in Mathematics Monroe, Charles, B.A. in Secondary Education Monthey, Mary Lou, B.A. in Secondary Education Moore, Nancy, B.S. in Home Economics Education Moser, Mary, B.S. in Elementary Education 396 Mueller, Dean, B.S. in Economics Myers, Catherine, B.S. in Secondary Education Naham, Sandra, B.S. in Elementary Education Narlock, June, B.A. in Speech Negus, Jane, B.A. in Elementary Education Nelson, Marilyn, B.S. in Elementary Education Nelson, Mrs., Wendy, B.S. in Secondary Education Newcombe, Stephen, B.S. in Art Education Newman, Elizabeth, B.S. in Art Nichols, Susan, B.S. in Art NiehofF, Carol, B.S. in Elementary Education Noot, Laurie, B.A. in French Novak, Janet, B.A. in Spanish Oinonen, Mrs., Charlotte, B.S. in Elementary Education Olsen, Carol, B.S. in Elementary Education Olson, Edward, B.S. in History Ostrov, Phyllis, B.S. in English Otis, Diana, B.S. in Elementary Education P ?!3fl IPIJSS ' P Otto, Cheryl, B.A. in English Ourada, Karen, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Overmier, Meta, B.A. in English Panagis, Madalyn, B.A. in Elementary Education Pasch, Carol, B.S. in English Passen, Ellen, B.S. in Spanish Patrick, Martha Ann, B.S. in Elementary Education Pearson, Jane, B.A. in Elementary Education Peck, Jane, B.S. in Elementary Education Peetz, Carolyn, B.S. in Elementary Education Perkins, Frances, B.S. in Secondary Education Perkins, Linda, B.S. in Elementary Education Petersen, Jean, B.A. in Elementary Education Pettit, Jeff, B.A. in Journalism Education Ploetz, Joan, B.S. in Secondary Education Pious, Joan. B.A. in Elementary Education Pollnow, Jill, B.S. in Elementary Education Poole, Rickey, B.S. in Physical Education Portnoy, Dale, B.A. in Elementary Education Posson, Mary, B.S. in Elementary Education Pouwels, Carole, B.S. in Recreation Prizant, Jaclyn, B.S. in Secondary Education Radl, Susan, B.S. in American Institutions Rasmussen, Roberta Jeanne, B.S. in Elementary Education Rauch, Jerilyn, B.A. in Elementary Education Rawlsky, Lynn, B.S. in Elementary Education Rayala, Martin, B.S. in Art Reger, Marcia, B.S. in Communicative Disorders Rehberg, Bonny, B.S. in Art Reihansperger, Mary Lynn, B.S. in Elementary Education Reineck, Gary, B.A. in Physical Education Reichardt, Priscilla, B.S. in Elementary Education Resnick, Rene, B.S. in Elementary Education Rhvner, Robert, B.S. in Commercial Art Ridberg, Nan, B.S. in Elementary Education Riemer, Sue, B.M. in Vocal Education 397 Rife, Margo, B.S. in Communicative Disorders Ritchie, Ann, B.A. in Elementary Education Robertson, Rhea, B.A. in Elementary Education Robinson, Linda, B.A. in Elementary Education Roethe, Caroline, B.S. in Speech Therapy Romano, Linda, B.A. in Elementary Education Rooney, Maureen, B.A. in Elementary Education Ross, Maria, B.S. in Elementary Education Ross, Miriam, B.S. in Art Rowe, Mrs., Frances, B.S. in Secondary Education Rowe, Mrs., Susan, B.A. in Elementary Education Rowley, Sandra, B.A. in Speech Rubin, Peggy, B.S. in Communicative Disorders Rubin, Sherry, B.S. in Elementary Education Rumachik, Mary, B.S. in English Runzheimer, Beverly, B.S. in Secondary Education Rutlin, Ronald, B.S. in Physical Education Sajowitz, Judith, B.S. in Social Work Salzwedel, Bradley, B.M. in Music Education Sawicki, Sharon, B.S. in Art Schaefer, Joan, B.S. in Elementary Education Schaefer, Jolene, B.S, in Physical Education Schamke, Barbara, B.S. in Latin and Spanish Schetter, Ann, B.S. in Home Economics Education Schiffman, Diane, B.S. in Elementary Education Schmidt, Mrs., Mary, B.S. in Elementary Education Schneider, Gail, B.S. in Art Scholar, Bonnie, B.A. in Communicative Disorders Schroeder, Signe, B.A. in Elementary Education Schueffner, Sharon Ann, B.S. in German and Sociology Schultz, Emily Jean, B.S. in Home Economics Education Seehafer, Lynn, B.A. in Speech Correction Shaevel, Evelyn, B.S. in History Shafrin, Linda, B.A. in Elementary Education Shanahan, Pamela, B.A. in Elementary Education Shaw, Sandra, B.S. in English Sherman, Mrs., Peggy, B.S. in German Sherwood, Anne, B.A. in Art Siegel, Ina, B.S. in History Simons, Jean, B.A. in Elementary Education Skalitzky, Mrs., Jane, B.S. in Behavioral Disabilities Smith, Susan, B.S. in Elementary Education Sommerfield, Joan, Carol, B.S. in French Sommers, Vicki, B.A. in English Splitter, Theresa, B.A. in English Spriggle, Sandra, B.S. in Mathematics Sprowl, Susan, B.S. in Elementary Education Stalle, Christina, B.A. in French Stauffacher, Donald, B.S. in Natural Sciences Stauner, George, B.A. in History Steele, Robert Wayne Michael, B.S. in Art Steinbrink, Kay, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Steinmann, Nancy, B.S. in Physical Education Steinmetz, Barbara, B.S. in Recreation Stelly, Mary, B.S. in French Stoetzel, Linda Sue, B.S. in Spanish Strackany, Judy, B.S. in Secondary Education Strelcheck, Steve, B.S. in Art Stys, Eh ' zabeth, B.A. in French Surmacz, Carol, B.S. in Dance Sweet, Judith, B.S. in Physical Education Tadych, Kathleen, B.S. in French Tesch, Donna, B.S. in Mathematics Thelen, Mary Jane, B.M. in Vocal Education Thompson, Karen, B.S. in French Thomsen, Nora, B.S. in Elementary Education Thorman, Shirley, B.M. in Music Education Thornbury, Nancy, B.S. in Art Tilly, Beverly, B.A. in Mathematics Todd, Wayne, B.S. in Physical Education Trenary, Anne, B.S. in Art Truby, Lana, B.S. in Elementary Education Turinsid, Joan, B.S. in History Ufer, Pamela, B.A. in Elementary Education Uran, Janet, B.S. in Elementary Education Urban, Constance, B.S. in Elementary Education Vissers, Sharon, B.S. in Art Vogel, Alan, B.S. in Art Education Voss, Joann, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Voss, Kristine, B.M. in Music Education Wallens, Lani, B.A. in Elementary Education Waller, Mrs., Diane, B.A. in Elementary Education Walton, Marilyn, B.S. in Elementary Education Wakukawa, Amy, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Watson, Nancy, B.S. in English Wauters, Anne, B.A. in Elementary Education Weinberg, Carol, B.S. in Elementary Education Weingart, James, B.S. in History Weinstein, Phyllis, B.S. in Secondary Education Weisenberg, Harriet, B.A. in Psychology B pf cJ I Weiss, Nancy, B.S. in Elementary Education Werbel, Judith, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Wesson, Kay, B.S. in Elementary Education Whitebook, Janis, B.S. in Elementary Education Wilkison, Holly, B.A. in Elementary Education Williams, Mary, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Williams, Suzanne, B.S. in Elementary Education Wilson, Sally, B.A. in French Wineland, Christine, B.A. in Art Wishner, Paula, B.S. in Elementary Education Wolcott, Nancy, B.S. in Home Economics Education Woolf, Melinda, B.S. in Occupational Therapy WulfF, Susan, B.S. in Physical Education Yanowitz, Judy, B.A. in Hebrew Youngberg, Pamela, B.S. in Elementary Education Zalk, Constance, B.A. in Elementary Education Zutter, Barbara, B.S. in Communicative Disorders Zwaschka, Mary, B.S. in English " There is the fascination of watching a figment of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to a plan on paper. Then it moves to reaHzation in stone or metal or energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it ele- vates the standards of living and adds to the comforts of life. That is the engineer ' s high privilege. " — Herbert Hoover Engineering has been defined as the profes- sion which adapts materials found in nature to more useful forms and harnesses natural forces to do man ' s work, at reasonable cost in both time and energy. Where the scientist ' s primary objective is to produce new knowl- edge, the engineer ' s goal is to create some- thing useful to man and society. The College of Engineering trains its students for the jobs necessary for the complexity of modem soci- ety. This sure beats working with people. Therefore, as any moron can see . . . 400 A seagull ' s eyeview of the engineering campus. ENGINEERING Dean Kurt Wendt 401 American Foundrey Men ' s Society — Bottom Row: C. Lakshman, J. Mertz, E. Pilarsld, P. Basutkar, R. Knutil- la. Second Row: D. Keetschmer, L. Hepler, J. Jawo- wak, M. Cillilan, J. Harms, C. Loper. Third Row: A. Cesicki, T. Levin, D. Withey, D. Schjolberg, D. Le- Mahieu, C. Hildeman, H. Kunsmand, S. Sauer, D. La- Count, D. Wambold, G. Strong. The A.F.S. provides professional information in the field of metal processing to mechanical, metallurgical, and electrical engineers. The group deals with theories and practices of the professional world as they compare and contrast with the orientation provided in the classroom. Speakers from foundries and related industries are invited to speak about foundry and metal processing technology. AME3RICAN FOUNDRYMEN ' S SOCIETY AMERICAN SOCIETY Laugh now, devotee of the so-called white sox joke . . . but start saving. In five years these future civil engineers will be building bridges and roads. The American Society of Civil Engineers heard speakers on topics in its field, held a Christmas banquet with the parent chapter, and celebrated at a spring picnic. And, who knows, maybe they studied a little too — just for the eventuality that we stop patronizing them. OF CIVIL ENGINEE American Society of Civil Engineers — Bottom Row: F. Kennedy, R. Hy- slop, J. Heilman, S. Caldwell, T. Walsh, S. Breiby, D. Schultz, G. Hafer- mann, G. Bastian, W. Boyle. Second Row: J. Schellpfeffer, R. Voss, Erik, KamQord, W. Matsumoto, A. Steger, J. Haverberg, R. Land, W. Mead, F. Makhani, F. Berg, G. Koepp, S. Loth, G. Daul, C. O ' Malley, D. Viste, R. Rothbauer, W. Merry, G. Cottingham. Third Row: S. Johnson, D. Diedrich, J. Whitaker, A. Reimer, R. Kojis, R. Grilley, D. Braaksma, B. Goodno, T. Wilke, W. Krug, J. Lashua, W. R. Higgins, L. Makowski, J. Wied, K. Charles. American Society of Mechanical Engineers — Bottom Row: M. Raguse, J. Nelson, B. Fouock, R. Eisemann, E. Fonstad, G. Mitchell, M. Ingeman, Prof. N. Beachley, S. Jagodzinski, D. Hanser, B. Robbins, D. Mitchell. Second Row: M. Grady, D. Blumke, L. Beverung, P. Tadd, R. Saeger, R. Lukes, D. Wilson, D. Gauthier, G. Pech, G. Winohradsky, R. Lorenz, L. Teunissen, D. Miles, J. Tempke, A. Tabrizi, G. Skerven, G. Brady. Third Row: R. Pasch, F. Venz, D. Raitzer, N. Stachowicz, L. Servais, P. Holsten, D. Junker, G. Smith, L. Junker, J. Polacheck, K. Blaedel, A. Zwicky, S. Could, J. Rodriguez-Pujols, M. Bergman. Fourth Row: D. Heim, J. Zipperer, T. Schgenleben, K. Blaha, W. Tabbert, M. Nelson, W. Vogelsberg, M. Sprague, J. Muth, S. Stelter, D. Gumz, J. Bylander, J. Holman. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The world of technology is ever changing — so much so that even students find it difficult to keep apace. The ASME, in an attempt to relieve this problem, is designed to aid engineers in becoming acquainted with new de- velopments in the field of engineering. This professional group provides many educational programs, such as lectures, movies and plant tours which are excellent means of supplementing the engineering student ' s devel- opment. This mechanized world affords many elements upon which the ASME capitalizes for its interesting pro- gram of events. Eta Kappa Nu is the honorary electrical engineering fraternity. Its main interest is the promotion of student-faculty get-togethers and providing exposure to faculty members from other areas of the University. Among the fraternity ' s activities are student-faculty coffee hours, student-faculty bowling tournaments, and field trips. Eta Kappa Nu also sponsors an Outstanding EE Instructor Award and an Outstanding EE Sophomore Student Award. Zapp! ETA KAPPA NU Eta Kappa Nu — Bottom Row: P. Ewenko, R. Butler, R. Vernon, J. Trnka, R. Romon. Second Row: R. Christianson, D. Kaminsld, J. Foesch. D. Olson, T. Casper. INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND If anyone knows what makes the " Strawberry Alarm Clock " tick, the members of the Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronics Engineers do. These men meet monthly to hear speakers from industry and education and to participate in discussions. They also take plant trips aimed at enhancing their understanding of social and technological problems facing modem society. The Institute provides many op- portunities for increased communication among students, professors, and actual engineers in industry. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers — Bottom Row: D. Webb, W. King, J. Anderson, T. Leiber, W. Holewinski, J. Zietlow, R. Butler, J. Marra. Second Row: L. Koll, R. Marleau, K. Lai, R. Ritger, W. Adams, D. Otto, R. Wilke, W. Kujawa, J. Starr, C. Rolfs, P. Ewenko, R. Kitaoka, D. Ho. Third Row: J. Nieling, D. Martin, D. Josephs, D. Adams, K. Montague, T. Casper, G. Cauike, D. Kaminski, D. Eley, M. Saadat. THETA TAU Ready (to meet the foe), aim (for the top), and fire (up for the year to come. The Theta Tau ' s are prepared for sharp shootin ' against any foe. Yet all is not so serious. Last year the high caliber Theta Tau ' s attacked Campus Carnival and came up with a victory. The last request of these brave souls was to go down fighting, but the request was denied — there ' s enough vio- lence these days without them. Theta Tau — Bottom Row: B. Schoen, D. Jenks, Y. Woon, J. Jacques, D. Mitchell, J. Marra, T. Holden, J. Pertzborn. Second Row: D. Meer, J. Lamprs, B. Pottman, D. Falkenstein, S. Sauer, B. Pease, F. Powers, K. . :S» - V J ' r-:,0Sf - ' ' -f ' ct . , Theile. Third Row: A. Israsena, N. Eriksson, S. VanVleet, R. Kitaoka, C. Jablonka, P. Hardzinski, R. Eispmann, J. Schirrif, M. Gillilan, G. Hildeman, J. Whitaker, J. Witt, J. Janowak. I . ' ?«? -r i ' Z , PI TAU SIGMA Pi Tau Sigma — Bottom Row: L. Pinnow, R. Lorenz, D. Livermore, K. Blaedel, D. Raitzer, G. Miller, J. Nelson. Second Row: G. Vechinshi, G. Winohradsky, D. Bentz, L. Junker, D. Junker, J. Flack, B. Brunette, B. Pollock, N. Stachowicz. Pi Tau Sigma is the honorary fraternity for mechanical engineers. Its mem- bers may often be found either in the M.E. Building hunched over a slide rule or in the Amber Grid hunched over a glass of beer. 405 Contrary to the sanitation engineer- garbage collector analogy, the Society of Automotive Engineers is not a group of gas station attend- ants. Its members are real, college- type engineers, who are concerned with cars and racing. Special speak- ers, plant trips, and spring and fall rallies are all part of the program to broaden member ' s experience in their special field. When better cars are built, the Society of Auto- motive Engineers will build them. SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS Society of Automotive Engineers — Bottom Row:}. Rodriguez, P. Holsten, H. Weatherhead, L. Pinnow, G. Windradsky, J. Kramer, vice-pres.; A. Easton, adviser; R. Lorenz, H. Robbins, G. Skerven. Second Row: S. Jagodzinski, L. lunker, D. Junker, D. Heim, H. Sigworth, K. CuUen, D. Behlke, D. Cauthier, R. Lukes, K. Blaedel, A. Zwicky, T. Schoenleben, G. Brady. Third Row: D. Raitzer, C. Patterson, K. Blaha, W. Vogelsberg, M. Raguse, M. Grady, S. Stelter, K. Freeman, D. Gumz, G. Smith, J. Muth. 406 Albertson, Jo Ann, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Anderson, Bruce, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Anderson, Roger, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Baillie, Geoffrey, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Bard, James, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Basler, John. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Becker, William, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ben-Poorat, Shaaban, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Bentz, Delone, B.S. in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Beverung, Larry, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Bloss, William, B.S. in Mechanical Boerup, Chris, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Branch, Malcolm, B.S. in Engineering Mechanics Brunette, Bruce, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Busha, Ronald, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Carlson, William, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Casper, Thomas, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Christiansen, Robert, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Cook, Gary, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Crawford, Kent, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Cullen, Kenneth, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Dahlstrand, Paul, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Davis, Donald, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Davison, Clark, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Dymond, Thomas, B.S. in Civil Engineering Edrinn, Roger, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Eifler, Larry, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Eisemann, Jr., Raymond, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Eley, David, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ellis, George, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Engstrom, Everis, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Fafard, Leslie, B.S. in Civil Engineering Fell, William, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ferrel, James, B.S. in Minerals and .Metals Engineering Flack, Jeffrey, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Flink, Kenneth, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Foesch, John, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Fry, Kenneth, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Geiger, Dale, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Genskow, Larry, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Gibbs, William, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Gillilan, Michael, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering Gilray, John, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Graczyk, Stanley, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Gray, Gary, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Grilley, Ronald, B.S. in Civil Engineering Gumz, Dale, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Gust, Thomas, B.S. in Civil Engineering Hardzinski, Paul, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Hartwig, Kari, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Haverberg, John, B.S. in Civil Engineering Heilman, John, B.S. in Civil Engineering Heim, David, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Hendrickson, John, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering -c Mjth Ho, David, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ingeman, Mary, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Jackson, George, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Jagod nski, Stanley, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Janowak, John, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering Jaschinski, Peter, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Junker, Lawrence, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kahler, James, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Kaminski, David, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Kapitz, Darvin, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Karslaedt, William, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Kennedy, Francis, B.S. in Civil Engineering Kern, Robert, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kestly, John, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Kiesling, Dean, B.S. in Civil Engineering King, William, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Kippenhan, Jr., Herbert, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Koenig, Allan, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Koepp, Glenn, B.S. in Civil Engineering Korell, Mark, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Krueger, Wayne, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Kuehl, Gary, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Kujawa, William, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Lai, Kenneth, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Laper, Patrick, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Larson, W. Wade, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Lashua, James, B.S. in Civil Engineering Leiber, Thomas, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Levine, Jr., Raymond, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Lonergan, James, B.S. in Metals and Minerals Engineering Lunn, Terrence, B.S. in Civil Engineering Mackie, Thomas, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Mahn, Jeffrey, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Makhani, Faramarz, B.S. in Civil Engineering Makowski, Leonard, B.S. in Civil Engineering Marra, John, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Marsho, James, B.S. in Civil Engineering Matsumoto, Wayne, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering McDonald, John, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering McMillan, Robert, B.S. in Civil Engineering Mead, William, B.S. in Civil Engineering Meer, David, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Mellon, James, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Middleton, Richard, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Miller, Scott, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Mishouil, Massoud, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Mitchell, Gary, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Mixdorf, Robert, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Moeller, Thomas, B.S in Electrical Engineering Monahan, Michael, B.S in Electrical Engineering Montague, Kenneth, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Morey, William, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Muth, James, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Narlow, Douglas, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ■s Nechvatal, Henry, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Nelson, John, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Nelson, John Peter, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Nelson, Michael, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Nemke, James, B.S. in Civil Engineering Oppert, James, B.S. in Civil Engineering Pasch, Roger, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pinnow, Lane, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pischke, Walter, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Polacheck, James, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pollock, Bruce, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pope, Richard, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Raguse, Marvin, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Raitzer, Donald, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Rauschl, Dennis, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Rauwald, Robert, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Riebau, Mark, B.S. in Civil Engineering Riek, Jan, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Riley, Thomas, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Bobbins, Barbara, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Royer, Daniel, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Saadat-Melli, Mansur, B.S. in Electrica l Engineering Schaden, James, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Schmidt, Kennith, B.S. in Civil Engineering Schoenleben, Thomas, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Schreiner, Ronald, B.S. in Civil Engineering Schwartz, James, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Smith, Gary, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Sprague, Mike, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Starr, John, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Stelter, Sherman, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Stover, Larry, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tabbert, Wayne, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Tabrizi, Adel, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Tarasik, Michael, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Thimm, Thomas, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Xraisman, Steven, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Vannes, David, B.S. in Civil Engineering Van Slyke, Craig, B.S. in Minerals and Metals Engineering Vitkus, James, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Walters, Jay, B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Wegner, Edwin, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Wendricks, Bernard, B.S. in Civil Engineering Werlein, Michael, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Whiting, James, B.S. in Civil Engineering Wilke, Ted, B.S. in Civil Engineering Willie, Terrence, B.S. in Minerals and Metals Engineering Winohradsky, Guy, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Winter, William, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Wnuk, LeRoy, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Zwicky, Albert, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Armstrong, Larry, B.S. in Electrical Engineering 409 Chancellor Donald R. McNeil Few people are aware of the extent and variety of the programs offered by the University Exten- sion. Innovation in University outreach at Wis- consin has had a country-wide impact over the years. Residents address half a million questions yearly to the Extension ' s 322 area staffs, con- cerning problems in agriculture, financial rec- ords, small business administration, loans, deco- rating, civil defense, and many other subjects. Extension agents work with communities on im- proving sanitation systems, increasing mental health services, attracting and expanding in- dustries, developing touristry, and establishing new cultural programs. Correspondence courses taken through the Extension enable thousands who are unable to attend regular classes to ex- pand their academic interests. Special Extension programs, including the area approach to community reclamation, de- velopment of Wisconsin ' s resources, the geologi- cal and natural history survey, efforts to break the poverty cycle, and TV and radio educational programs, are the physical evidence of the Ex- tension ' s aim, to make the most of Wisconsin. Extension Paint Box Art Center Program 410 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN EXTENSION DIVISION ■ ■J-imm ■ y . - ; % ' ■ -ir:: w ' i 411 FAMILY RESOURCES AND CONSUMER . SCIENCES Is this a fugitive from the Pre-school lab? 412 Reflecting the changing needs of a chang- ing society, the department formerly termed Home Economics has changed its title to the Department of Family Resources and Consumer Sciences. It accepts as its pri- mary purpose the preparation of men and women for those professions that relate to the betterment of family and community life. The general objectives of the School are to offer a broad program of study that en- ables students to live and work effectively in a changing physical environment and a changing social order of global dimensions, and to obtain professional and preprofes- sional preparation for management, leader- ship, and teaching positions and for schol- arly, creative work. The name Family Re- sources and Consumer Services implies discovery, integration, and application of knowledge to human problems of individ- ual, family, and community concern. Em- phasis on education as a life-long process is reflected in graduate programs, programs of continuing education for professional persons, and programs of extended volun- tary and informal education for the citizens of Wisconsin. Dean Louise A. Young 413 PHI UPSILON OMICRON Phi Upsilon Omicrom — Bottom Row: C. Fuke, L. Rienks, M. Jensen, Vice President; K. Mitchell, President; D. Bochler, J. Ludvigsen, C. Kepler. Second Row: J. Ladine, N. Swensen, C. Joyce, C. Olsen, S. Hilty, M. Rowntree, L. Kustka, N. Erclman, B. Meyer. There ' s more to home economics than boiling an egg or sewing on a but- ton, as the members of Phi Upsilon Omicron will agree. Phi U ' s comprise a professional sorority for home economics majors whose interests ex- tend beyond the campus to the community. Projects undertaken have included working for Head Start and providing educational opportunities for Madison youth interested in home economics. This past summer the UW chapter hosted the National Phi Upsilon Omicron Conclave and continues to give service to the Madison area and the school of Family Resources and Consumer Resources. 414 OMICRON NU Pots and pans and dressmaking and diapers aren ' t all there is to home ec, despite what the average under-educated denizen of the east side of Bas- com Hill might think. The home economics honorary society, Omicron Nu, promotes leadership, scholarship, and research as their part in the world-wide home economics movement. They sponsor discussions and speakers about the role of home economics in research and higher educa- tion. So everybody dig out your old high school yearbooks and gaze respectfully on the Future Homemakers of America. Maybe some of those girls are now Omicron Nu ' s. Omicron Nu — Bottom Row: S. Towle, C. Detmer, B. Meyer, L. Rienks. Second Row: D. Bochler, C. Kepler, C. Hayden, S. Hilty, S. Lawson, L. Fischer. Third Row: K. Mitchell, M. Came, M. Ribbe, J. Williston, C. Olson, M. Hussey, N. Moore, D. Pringle, C. Finley, B. Harris, L. Kustka, S. Weiner. 415 Anderson, Catherine, B.S. in Child Development Baltzer, Dee, B.S. in Child Development Beatty, Barbara, B.A. in Related Art Berman, Janet, B.S. in Related Art Bochler, Diane, B.S. in Related Art Boebel, Kristine, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing Brainerd, Barbara, B.S. in Child Development Brehm, Frances, B.S. in Child Development Briske, Luane, B.S. in Related Art Case, Carolyn, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing Cofrin, Patricia, B.A. in Related Art Cook, Mrs., Patricia, B.S . in Retailing Crider, Susan, B.S. in Child Development Dale, Roberta, B.S. in Retailing DeMik, Carol, B.S. in Home Economics Education Doll, Barbara, B.S. in Related Art Edwards, Mrs., Candice, B.S. in Retailing Erdman, Nancy, B.S. in Related Art Fletcher, Laura, B.S. in Related Art Fuke, Cheryl Ann, B.S. in Child Development Gordon, Mrs., Susan, B.S. in Home Economics Education Grady, Carolyn, B.S. in Child Development Granger, Mrs., Donna, B.S. in Related Art Green, Janis, B.S. in Retailing Harrill, Susan, B.S. in Child Development Harvey, Anne, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing Hayden, Catharine, B.S. in Retailing Hays. Sharon, B.S. in Related Art Heatn, Mrs., Ann, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing Heck, Barbara, B.S. in Related Art Heinrich, Jean, B.S. in Retailing Heinsberg, Carolyn, B.S. in Retailing Hitty, Susan, B.S. in Retailing and Textiles and Clothing Jensen, Marie, B.S. in Home Economics Journalism Johnson, Barbara, B.S. in Home Economics Education and Related Art Kabat, Marcia, B.S. in Home Economics Journalism Klessig, Mrs., Lois, B.S. in Child Development Klipstein, Sandra, B.S. in Dietetics Knutowski, Judy, B.S. in Retailing Kocha, Sandra, B.S. in Retailing Learman, Carol, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing Leutner, Carole, B.S. in Retailing Linderud, Louise, B.S. in Interior Design Loefller, Cheryl, B.S. in Foods and Nutrition Lonergan, Jane, B.S. in Home Economics Education Miller, Mrs., Carol Lynn, B.S. in Home Economics Education Mitchell, Karen, B.S. in Home Economics Journalism Moran, Denise, B.S. in Retailing Nick, Marilyn, B.S. in Related Art Nieft, Barbara, B.S. in Retailing, and Textiles and Clothing Niemiec, Beverly, B.S. in Home Economics Education Nowak, Ann, B.S. in Child Development OIkowski, Mrs., Alice, B.S. in Retailing Pansch, Jane, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing, and Related Art Peterson, Karen, B.S. in Early Childhood Education Peterson, Kathrvn, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing, and Related Art Peterson, Martha Jane, B.S. in Child Development Piwonski, Marilynn Jo Ann, B.A. in Child Development Pouwels, Marie, B.S. in Institutional Management Powers, Patricia, B.S. in Pre-school Education Rahanian, Lucinda, B.S. in Related Art, and Interior Design Ramsey, Susan, B.A. in Related Art Rasmussen, Susan, B.S. in Retailing Reynolds, Susan, B.S. in Retailing Ricker, Mary Beth, B.S. in Retailing Ristow, Paulette, B.A. in Child Development Saltenberger, Janis, B.S. in Child Development Sanfanandre, Judy, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing Schmallenberg, Patricia, B.S. in Related Art Schott, Elizabeth, B.S. in Home Economics Education Schultz, Judith, B.S. in Retailing, and Related Art Shade, Julie, B.S. in Related Art Siner, Mrs., Marie, B.S. in Textiles and Clothing Smith, Mrs., Mary Jane, B.S. in Child Development Stegman, Diana, B.S. in Related Art Strauss, Lynn, B.A. in Related Art Strayer, Sarah, B.S. in Retailing Swensen, Nancy, B.S. in Retailing Teague, Gail, B.S. in Retailing Treichel, Paulette, B.S. in Child Development Trossen, Christine, B.S. in Child Development Trumpy, Cheryl, B.S. in Child Development Tyler, Patricia, B.S. in Child Development Vandeveid, Carol, B.S. in Child Development Van Home, Kristine, B.S. in Retailing Van Sickle, Janice, B.S. in Retailing Volk, Deborah, B.S. in Retailing Viney, Jane, B.S. in Retailing Wartinbee, Jane, B.S. in Related Art Whyte, Carolyn, B.S. in Child Development Wiggins, Katherine, B.S. in Related Art Williams, Katherine, B.S. in Home Economics Education Wood, Barbara, B.S. in Interior Design Worm, Jill, B.S. in Retailing Yost, Susan, B.S. in Retailing 417 GRADUATE SCHOOL Dean Robert M. Bock GRADIATE SCHOOL 418 GRADUATE SCHOOL DOWN STAIRS The Graduate School was established to ofFer advanced instruction and to involve the student actively in research in his Held. Sharing in in- vestigations with his professors, the student ac- quires the spirit as well as the methods of pro- ductive scholarship. Increasingly, training beyond the bachelor ' s degree is necessary, especially if teaching is the student ' s goal, and the Wisconsin Graduate School is noted for the high quality of its programs. As the body of knowledge expands, the area which one person can competently cover con- tracts. Specialization at the graduate level allows a student to thoroughly explore the field which interested him most in his undergraduate experi- ence. More important than the specific learning the graduate student obtains are the techniques of research, scholarship, and self-education which will carry him when his formal education is completed. 419 v».-w » " ♦ «X- i» •jdiiiiiiaii ' . --■ " ;• ' ■ ■ J ? H| ?i H K 1 1 ' ■ 1 11 ■ :::!SS:8JIK|||||» Dean Spencer L. Kimball 1.1 i 1 1 1 1 ililill1|Mli: ' 1 1 420 LAW The University of Wisconsin Law School has a national reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Fundamental to the school is the belief that law must be studied as it relates to society, not as a self-contained system. The School seeks to train men and women for the diverse and un- predictable roles which lawyers perform, not only within the practice of law, but also as public servants, civic and business leaders, teachers, and scholars. Candidates for law degrees, therefore, are expected to be sensitive to the dynamics of the social order and to bring to their professional education all the resources and techniques learn- ed as undergraduates. The Law School ' s intimate connection with the University and its frequent association with officers of the state government add experience to the total program of professional education. Wisconsin was the first midwest law school to adopt the case method of instruction and among the first American law schools to establish a three-year course. The Student Bar Association, the moot court, student court, and the Legal Aid Society give aspiring lawyers a chance to expand and exercise their learning while helping those in need of legal as sistance. Apfelberg, Robert S., J.D. Cherry, Steven E., J.D. Jones, John Hugh Jr., J.D. Kenny, Warren, J.D. Nathan, James, J.D. Schmelling, WilHam H., J.D. Schuiz, Robert, J.D. Siner, Jonathan P., J.D. Weiden, Michael, J.D. 421 LETTERS AND SCIENCE Dean Leon D. Epstein Letters and Science is the art of a broad education. The knowledge behind a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree is as all-encompassing and diverse as the world from which its studies came. Dean Leon Epstein has managed to give the School the direction and variety it needs. The " letters " of Letters and Science are of any language, from those of Old Norse to Tagalog-Philipino. The sciences range from the social disciplines of politics and anthropology to the practice and theory of chemistry and physics. The College includes the humanities, the social sciences, and the basic sci- ences, seventy per cent of the academic life on campus. The individual student can never frilly appreciate all that the School offers, but the opportunities are open and the pass-fail system encourages experimentation in fields not related to the student ' s major studies. Ten different students need ten different courses of study; the School of Letters and Sciences offers a variety of subjects large enough to produce the thousands of permutations needed to accomodate every L and S student ' s desires. 423 Pursuit . . . of Academic Freedom 423 Coranto Sigma Iota — Bottom Row: E. Allen, J. Przekurat, secretary; A. Kvalo, M. Spletter, pres.; J. Katzel, treas. Second Row: E. Rhode, B. Heffling, M. Evrard, P. Bates, R. VanEpps, C. Stangby, vice-pres. CORANTO SIGMA IOTA Coranto Sigma Iota is one of the two professional journalism sororities on campus. But besides being a professional sorority, the girls undertake service and social activities. They sponsor an annual Founder ' s Day Luncheon, schedule lectures for campus guidance, and enjoy beer suppers with other sororities and fra- ternities. They also handle the publicity for the Red Cross Cam- pus Blood Drive and help plan the annual journalism picnic. Phi Beta, a professional sorority for women in music and speech, is more than just a group that hosts after-show parties for the Wisconsin Players. These girls also entertain with their own music and speech talents in programs throughout the Madison area. Whether performing in such varied settings as homes for the mentally retarded, old folks ' homes, or churches, Phi Betas maintain the common goal of greater communica- tion — through the specifics of speech or the universality of music. PHI BETA Phi Beta — Bottom Row: J. Scribner, sec; J. Diederichs, pres.; L. Kostroski. Second Row: J. Christie, treas.; M. Gray. 424 I Phi Mu Alpha — Bottom Row: C. CHvens, P. Allaire, D. Bawden, R. Schumacher, treas.; L. Volz, pres.; D. Boigenzahn, vice-pres.; R. Thomp- son, sec. Second Row: J. Hoyer, J. Kirsch, L. Volz, T. Buenzli, T. Wool- len, R. Plum, S. Dohm, P. Tiboris. Third Row: S. Schroeder, J. Wilson, J. Kutz, R. Blankenburg, L. Haas, J. Farfrey, R. Herried, L. Keck. PHI MU ALPHA One might think that a fraternity composed of music majors who virtually live in music hall and list their " interests " as " music " would be a compara- tively single-minded group. Although Phi Mu Alpha admits to only two activities, Badger Songfest and an American Music Concert, we refuse to allow this " steadfast musician " myth to mar the BADCER ' s traditional dedication to truth. Sorry, men, but last winter we spotted one of your mem- bers in the Pub. You really should be more careful — had he been drinking from a cup instead of that tuba we probably would never have noticed him. Communication is of special importance to the University student whose scholastic success is due in part to how well he can receive and transmit ideas. Sigma Alpha Eta is especially aware of a lack of communication due to speech disorders. Meetings of this speech sorority feature speakers from different areas of speech pathology and audiology, all aimed at helping members in expanding their knowledge beyond their own specialties. Pro- fessional growth is encouraged by providing learning experiences outside of the normal course structure. SIGMA ALPHA ETA Sigma Alpha Eta — Bottom Row: S. Berkowitz, vice-pres.; J. VanHandel, sec; S. Abel, pres.; T. Peters, adviser; R. Saylor, L. Seehafer, K. Strobel. Second Row: B. Kozoll, C. Landsverk, R. Thubauville, B. Corder, J. Mm. Fugina, P. Rubin, C. Bober, C. Roethe, L. Zuckerman, J. Eden, C. Met- scher, P. Zembrosky. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Look here — a whole passel of burgeoning Julie Andrewses! The dulcet tones of the girls of Sigma Alpha Iota, the international professional women ' s music fraternity, betimes may waft gently o ' er the campus sward, uplifting and giving joy to all who hear them. The Badger Songfest gives the average tone-deaf clod a chance to sing along. Music hath charms . . . fc v ' Karli.nT K° " T ' iTi V " i ' " ' W " " " " Second Raw: J. Kraus, Y. Karlen, C. Kessler, A. Baker, J. Peronto, P. Hare, M. Matheson, I. Standorf, K. Voss, B. Dunne, J. Schmidt, G. Morse, S. Riemer. SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA Being a member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma isn ' t easy. There ' s the matter of being a freshman female with a 3.5 or better, but much more troublesome is living dovra the stereotype of the smart girl. Horn rim glasses, baggy clothes, and sensible shoes are what people expect, but those days are long gone (if they ever existed at all) and the Sigma Epsilon Sigma ' s show that a girl can study and still be a swinger. Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Bottom Row: R. Baneck, C. Buck, C. Callahan, S. Behrens, P. Buck, M. Peterson, A. Zimmerman, E. Weigand, J. Eder, S. Rimmert. Second Row: J. Barkley, S. Szabo, N. Winnik, G. Perlick, B. Kleinschmidt, D. Thornton, K. Keller, J. Kraut, P. Kilmer, L. Burt, K. Ziege. Third Row: M. Brody, J. Wall, F. Smith, D. Brescoll, P. Bohr, N. Kaufer, P. Nigbor, B. Hindin, D. Koepsell, L. Gorton, E. Thompson, C. FuUwood. THETA SIGMA A meeting of women where mah-jongg or bridge is not being played? Hard to believe, but true. Theta Sigma Phi members meet to share their mutual interests in journalism and communications. These well-informed young women have developed their professional society into an active and useful organization. Each year they work on their annual Matrix Table, Journalism Job Seminar, and help with journalism extension programs. They also pro- vide a Coffee Comer and a professional advancement program which in- cludes speakers and social action programs. The mah-jongg will come in later years. Theta Sigma Phi — Bottom Row: A. Kvalo, J. Rose, C. Sherman, vice- , pres.; M. Hughes, pres.; E. Rhode, treas.; J. Katzel, sec; B. Lonnborg. ! Second Row: M. Jenser, C. Murphy, B. Ruffling, S. Davis, R. Flegel, M. Lehrbaummer, W. Kedinger, B. Greenwodd, L. Kraemer, L. Beyler, J. Przekurat, C. Hutcheson, D. O ' Brien, K. Kovai. 427 Aall, Elisabeth, English Abrahamson, Lois, B.S. in Chemistry Achen, Randi, B.A. in English Adams, Jerome, B.S. in Chemistry Adams, Susan, B.A. in English Adier, Renee, B.A. in History Agatstein, Barbara, B.A. in English Ain, Sanford, B.A. in American Institutions Albers, Carole, B.A. in Mathematics Alfini, Lorraine, B.A. in Italian Allen, James, B.A. in Philosophy Allen, Richard, B.A. in Geography Alper, Norman, B.A. in Economics Alt, Cheryl, B.A. in Zoology Amore, Ann, B.A. in English Amunason, Coyleen, B.A. in Art History Anderman, Cheryl, B.A. in Music Anderman, Gretchen, B.A. in Social Work Anderson, Alma, B.A. in History Anderson, Robert, B.A. in Mathematics Anderson, Terry, B.A. in Geology Angus, Kate, B.A. in Mathematics Apfelberg, Mrs., Carol, B.A. in Social Work Arbour, Mary Ellen, B.A. in French Arends, Thomas, B.S. in Physics Arlein, Robert, B.S. in Mathematics Art, Deborah, B.A. in English Artman, Henry, B.A. in Zoology Ascher, Michael, B.A. in History Aucott, Richard, B.A. in History and Political Science Augustin, Stuart, B.S. in Chemistry Course Austgen, Robert, B.A. in Psychology Austin, Susan, B.A. in Social Work Averick, Barbara, B.A. in Psychology Avis, Nancy, B.A. in Psychology Bade, Mrs., Janet, B.A. in Social Work Bairn, Howard, B.S. in Chemistry Baim, Roger, B.S. in Zoology Bakken, Eileen, B.S. in Medical Technology Barkan, Lois, B.A. in Political Science Barkas, Alese, B.A. in English Bamett, James, B.A. in Economics Bamiker, Bruce, B.A. in Zoology Bamett, Richard, B.A. in History Barrett, Margaret, B.A. in Zoology Bartlett, David, B.A. in Political Science Bass, Nancy Ann, B.A. in History Bass, Rebecca, B.A. in Social Work Bastian, Sheryl, B.A. in English Bathke, Dennis, B.A. in History Batty, Doug, B.A. in History Baumann, Laurence, B.A. in History Beecher, Robert, B.A. in Political Science Beetham, Jean, B.S. in Zoology 428 . M h dfM Aii mkdTr L Behar, Steven, B.A. in English Beiler, Benny, B.A. in Economics Bell, Rosemary, B.A. in History Benda, Sally, B.A. in Social Work Benedum, Beverly, B.A. in Psychology Bennett, Deborah, B.A. in Psychology Bennin, Robert, B.S. in Zoology Benson, Fred, B.A. in Psychology Benson, James, B.A. in Economics Berger, Franklin, B.A. in Economics Berger, Michael, B.A. in Journalism Bergeron, Barbara, B.A. in Spanish Bergner, Martha, B.S. in Medical Technology Berkowitz, Susan, B.A. in Communicative Disorders Berkseth, Richard, B.S. in Astronomy and Physics Berman, Joyce, B.A. in Political Science Berman, Lorraine, B.A. in Art History Berman, Marjorie, B.A. in Art History 4 1 k Bemdt, Jack, B.S. in Physical Therapy Bernstein, Barry, B.A. in History Bertino, Madelyn, B.S. in Zoology Betz, Lorris, B.S. in Chemistry Beule, Carol, B.A. in English Beuscher, Gretchen, B.A. in History Bezoza, Ira, B.A. in History Bickers, John. 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in History Blecha, Michael, B.A. in Journalism Bochna, Anthony, B.S. in Chemistry 429 Boeldt, John, B.A. in History Boelter, James, B.A. in Mathematics Bohl, Mary Ellen, B.S. in Physical Medicine Boland, Terrence, B.S. in Zoology Bolotin, Susan, B.A. in Social Work Borger, Paula, B.A. in Political Science Borst, Barbara, B.A. in History Borsum, Elizabeth, B.A. in Ibero-American Studies Bortnick, Jane, B.A. in History Bouda, Brian, B.A. in Political Science Bowen, Barbara, B.A. in Art History Boxer, Richard, B.A. in History Brady, Allen, B.A. in Political Science Braham, Nancy, B.A. in Mathematics Brandt, Beverly, B.A. in Social Work Brehm, Gary, B.S. in Chemistry Brisbin, Richard, B.A. in Psychology Bronoel, Marie, B.A. in Zoology Brossow, Nancy Jean, B.A. in English Brown, Jo Anne, B.A. in Spanish Brown, Nancy, B.A. in Psychology Brown, Peter, B.A. in Economics Brown, Susan, B.S. in Physical Medicine Brown, William, B.S. in Mathematics and Geology Bruckman, Betty, B.A. in History Buntrock, Larry, B.A. in Zoology Burch, Gary, B.A. in Geology Burek, Brian, B.A. in Philosophy Burkholz, Jeanne, B.S. in Physical Therapy Burkart, Christine, B.A. in Social Work Burkert, Constance, B.A. in English Burroughs, Diana, B.A. in History Burstein, Mark, B.A. in History Buslik, Audrey, B.A. in History Callahan, Colleen, B.A. in French Campbell, Clarence, B.A. in Mathematics Campbell, John, B.A. in Chemistry Campbell, Sally Ann, B.A. in History Caplan, William, B.S. in Zoology Carlile, Jr., John William, B.S. in Meteorology Carlson, Carolyn, B.A. in Sociology Carlson, Cynthia, B.A. in Art History Carter, Mark, B.A. in Political Science Carter, Russell, B.S. in Physical Therapy Cartwright, Linda, B.S. in Physical Medicine Caruso, Rose Marie, B.A. in English Gates, Linda, B.A. in Psychology Caucutt, Daniel, B.A. in Psychology Cerutti, Meg, B.S. in Physical Medicine Chadwick, Dianne, B.A. in French Chapman, Faith, B.S. in Physical Therapy Chemik Janice, B.A. in English Chemof, Mimi, B.A. in History Chester, Lawrence, B.A. in Radio-TV and Film 430 3 35 Christensen, Lanny, B.S. in Mathematics Christenson, Dianna, B.A. in Economics Chun, Cheryl, B.S. in Anthropology Ciaglo, Suzanne, B.S. in Anthropology Ciezki, Ellen, B.A. in English Cisney, Mary Kae, B.A. in Social Work Clark, Sheldon, B.A. in Zoology Clement, Mrs., Dana, B.A. in Sociology Clement, Robbie, B.A. in Sociology Clifford, Jean, B.A. in Social Work Clinard, Steve, B.A. in History Coffey, Dennis, B.A. in English Cohen, Carlyn, B.A. in Italian Cohen, Stephen, B.A. in Political Science Coleman, William, B.A. in Philosophy Collentine, Thomas, B.A. in Mathematics Compton, Deena, B.A. in Journalism Conant, Judith, B.A. in English Conn, Constance, B.A. in Speech Cony, Steven, B.A. in Journalism Cooper, Dena, B.A. in English Corbett, Mary, B.A. in Linguistics Corbin, Penny Lee, B.A. in Social Work Corman, Dana, B.A. in Social Work Cornelius, Julie, B.A. in Sociology Correll, Nancy, B.A. in English Costello, 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Sociology 431 Davis, Robert, B.S. in Zoology Decker, Owen, B.A. in Geography Deguchi, Sharon, B.A. in Sociology Deibert, Larry, B.S. in Zoology DeMaster, Barbara, B.A. in Psychology DeMaster, Robert, B.S. in Chemistry Dennison, Terry, B.A. in Psychology DeNoble, Janice, B.A. in Speech DeNure, Mrs., JoAnn, B.S. in English DePree, Janet, B.A. in Psychology Derby, Douglas, B.A. in German DeVos, Daniel, B.S. in Physics Dexheimer, Dale, B.S. in Physics Dibble, Wendy, B.A. in Social Work Dickman, Carol, B.S. in Physical Therapy Dielhenn, Arthur, B.A. in Speech DIamini, Barnabas, B.S. in Chemistry Donahue, Mark, B.S. in Political Science Donouan, Gregory, B.A. in Political Science Dorff, Leon, B.A. in Economics Dorner, Kathy, B.A. in Social Work Dorner, Steven, B.A. in History Drosner, Diane, B.S. in Physical Therapy Duban, Thomas, B.A. in Economics DuBoff, Scott, B.A. in Spanish Duncan, James, B.A. in Indian Studies Dunning, Marsha, B.A. in History Dunwiddie, Alice, B.A. in Geology Dyson, 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Everson, Michael, B.A. in Chinese Eyer, Janet, B.A. in Social Work Faeman, William, B.A. in Zoology FaHt, Ronald, B.A. in Russian Farrand, Mrs., Laura, B.A. in French Fath, Mrs., Carol, B.A. in Journalism Fein, Lisa, B.A. in English Feinfeld, Linda, B.A. in Psychology Feinstein, Bonnie, B.A. in History of Culture Feintuch, Steven, B.A. in Mathematics Feldman, Richard, B.A. in Sociology Feldsher, Marlene, B.A. in Social Work Fenner, David, B.A. in Geography Fenton, Elizabeth Dagmar, B.A. in French Ferguson, Earl, B.A. in History Fiedelman, Nancy, B.A. in Social Work Field, Robert, B.A. in History T ' ryr HP «4 »ai kIm! ? Fields, Michael, B.A. in Philosophy Finfer, Lawrence, B.A. in History Finnigan, Thomas, B.A. in Public Address Fisch, Alison, B.A. in Anthropology Fisher, Ellen, B.A. in Chinese Fisher, Mrs., Joan, B.A. in Psychology Fisher, William, B.A. in Mathematics Fitt, Terry, B.A. in Economics Fjelstad, Ann, B.S. in Music Education Fleming, Grant, B.A. in History Fleming, Mrs., Marjorie, B.A. in Social Work Flieger, Jerry, B.A. in History Floor, Kristine, B.A. in Social Work Flynn, John, B.A. in Economics Foat, Lawrence, B.A. in Computer Sciences Fogel, Marcia, B.A. in History Folco, Mark, B.A. in Economics Ford, Edwin, B.S. in Mathematics Forman, Jane Zandra, B.A. in Comparative Literature Forrest, JoAnn, B.A. in History Forte, Darlene, B.A. in Sociology Fosdick, James, B.A. in Speech Fosdick, Mrs., Susan, B.A. in Speech Frahm, Michael, B.A. in Sociology Francour, Barton Alfed, B.A. in Latin- American Studies Frank, Stanley, B.A. in English Frederick, Kathryn, B.S. in Physical Therapy Fredericksen, Tom, B.A. in Zoology Fredland, Allan, B.A. in Philosophy Freed, Millicent, B.A. in Art History Frentzel, Linda, B.A. in Russian Friedman, Hyla, B.A. in English Friedmanj Louise, B.A. in French Frost, Jeffrey, B.S. in German Frumkin, Kerry Neil, B.A. in History Frutkin, Dena, B.A. in English 433 k iA Fuhrman, Caroline, B.A. in English Fuhrmann, Helga, B.A. in German Fullwood, Michael, B.A. in History Fulton, Barbara, B.A. in Psychology Furchtenicht, Judy, B.M. in Music Gadberry, Glen, B.A. in History Gallau, Nancy, B.S. in Physical Therapy Cammell, Janet, B.A. in English Gandy, Theodore, B.A. in Geography Gardner, Linda, B.A. in Psychology Gamett, Gregory Lee, B.A. in Biochemistr Gaskin, Paul, B.A. in Economics Gavin, Mary JoAnn, B.A. in Social Work Censhaft, Judy, B.A. in Social Work Gentile, Elizabeth, B.A. in History Gerber, Edee, B.A. in Social Work Gerlach, Mrs., Diana, B.S. in Medical Technology Gerland, Gwen, B.A. in Speech Gessow, Eugene, B.A. in Economics Ghastin, John, B.A. in Mathematics Gibbons, Craig, B.A. in Psychology Giesen, Susan, B.A. in Anthropology Gilardi, Jean, B.A. in English Gilbert, Adrienne, B.A. in Social Work Gilbert, Alan, B.A. in Speech Gillen, Sara, B.A. in Political Science Gillett, Nancy, B.A. in Sociology Gillette, Marianne, B.A. in Social Work Gilson, Mary Jean, B.A. in Psychology Gingold, Jacob, B.A. in Mathematics Glaser, Barbara Jane, B.A. in German Glass, Barbara, B.A. in History Class, David, B.A. in Mathematics Glassauer, Jeff, B.A. in Economics Goggin, Mike, B.A. in History Gold, Gerald, B.S. in History Goldberg, Judith, B.A. in English Goldenberg, Lloyd, B.A. in Political Science Goldberg, Stuart, B.A. in Speech Goldberg, Susan, B.A. in English Goldman, Frederick, B.A. in Philosophy Goldman, Mark, B.S. in Mathematics Goldweber, Elyse, B.A. in History Goldman, Susan, B.A. in Speech Goldner, Leonard, B.S. in Chemistry Goldring, Henry, B.A. in Economics Gollnick, Patricia, B.A. in English Goodman, John, B.A. in History Gordon, Arnold, B.A. in History Gordon, Brian, B.A. in Psychology Gordon, Stuart, B.A. in Political Science Gorski Jeffrey, B.S. in Chemistry Cottschalk, James, B.A. in Political Science Covin, Gerald, B.A. in Anthropology 434 r» k Craan, Jon, B.A. in Economics Graf, William, B.A. in Geography Graham, Vernon, B.S. in Geography Green, Jeffrey, B.A. in Philosophy Greenberg, Barbara, B.A. in English Greene, Bonnie, B.A. in Ibero-American Studies Greicar, Gary, B.A. in History Greif, Lillah, B.A. in Art History Gress, Donna, B.A. in Social Work Grimm, William, B.S. in Chemistry Grinwell, Leslie, B.A. in Asian Studies Gronewold, Sue, B.A. in French and History Grombacher, Charles, B.A. in History Grosnick, William, B.A. in Comparative Literature Grossman, Paul, B.A. in Political Science Groth, Christine, B.A. in Political Science Gryskiewicz, John, B.S. in Zoology Guenther, Arlene, B.A. in Political Science Gunkelman, Jo, B.A. in History Guschl, Randolph, B.S. in Chemistry Cute, Mary, B.A. in Social Work Guthrie, Clarence, B.A. in Music Gutstein, Joyce, B.A. in History Haack, Barry, B.S. in Geography Haberman, Michael, B.A. in History HafTer, Douglas, B.A. in History Hallenberg, Joan, B.A. in Social Work Haller, Sandra, B.A. in History Halverson, Keith, B.A. in German Hamacher, S., B.A. in Art History Hamel, Alan, B.A. in Geography Hamlin, Patricia, B.A. in Social Work Hammes, Michael, B.A. in Political Science Hanke, Marshall, B.A. in Economics Hansen, Martha, B.S. in Geology Hansen, Michael, B.A. in Economics fi S Hansis, Margaret, B.A. in Economics Hansis, Thomas, B.A. in Ibero-American Studies Hanson, Wayne, B.A. in Psychology Hanus, John, B.A. in History Hard, Nancy, B.A. in Social Work Hardoon, Jr., David, B.A. in History Hare, Dawn, B.S. in Music Harker, James, B.A. in History Harrington, Janet, B.A. in History Harrington, Mary, B.A. in Political Science Harris, Joy, B.A. in Social Work Harris, Mrs., Kelty Sue, B.A. in English Harrison, Ellen, B.A. in Psychology Hart, Donna, B.A. in Linguistics Harvey, Cynthia, B.A. in Psychology Haskell, Judith, B.A. in German Hatleberg, Mark, B.A. in Psychology Hastreiter, Richard, B.A. in English 435 Haubrich, James, B.S. in Zoology Haug, Mrs., Sue, B.M. in Music Havlik, Jacqueline, B.A. in Political Science Hayes, Barry, B.S. in Zoology Hayman, Sally, B.A. in French Heath, Kenneth, B.A. in History Heidenreich, Anita, B.A. in English Heintzberger, Edward, B.A. in Mathematics Heldman, Gary, B.A. in History Heller, Kaaren, B.A. in Psychology Heller, Lorelei, B.A. in Speech Hemmings, Richard, B.A. in Psychology Henderson, John, B.A. in Journalism Hendrickson, Mary, B.A. in Psychology Henneger, Richard, B.A. in Economics Henner, Melody, B.A. in Psychology Hennessy, Carol, B.A. in Psychology Herman, Howard, B.A. in History Herwitt, Donna, B.A. in Art History Hetzel, Carol, B.A. in Political Science Heuser, Diana, B.A. in Speech Heymann, Michael, B.A. in Hebrew Hiat, Roberta, B.S. in Medical Microbiology Hibner, Kary, B.A. in Social Work Hildreth, Jr., John, B.S. in Zoology Hill, Richard, B.A. in Political Science Hiltz, Patricia, B.A. in Correctional Administration Hinrichs, Jan, B.A. in Psychology Hintz, Cynthia, B.A. in Psychology Ho, Shumen, B.A. in Economics Hodgins, Patricia Ann, B.A. in Sociology Hoememann, William, B.S. in Mathematics Hofer, Marlene, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Hoffman, Patricia, B.A. in Journalism Hoffman, Peter, B.S. in Mathematics Hohman, Barbara, B.A. in Political Science Holihan, Craig, B.A. in Speech Holleway, Gail, B.S. in Physical Medicine Holliday, Susan, B.A. in Psychology Holmberg, Linda, B.A. in History Holtz, Deborah, B.A. in Computer Sciences Hoopes, Ann, B.A. in Anthropology Hoppert, Mardyth, B.A. in Psychology Horevitz, Ellen, B.A. in Speech Hougum, Craig, B.S. in Physics Howley, Ann, B.A. in English Hudon, Frank, B.A. in International Relations Huenefeld, Joanne, B.A. in Psychology Huffaker, Laurie, B.A. in English Huffman, Jane, B.A. in English Hullman, Deena, B.A. in Psychology Humphrey, John, B.A. in Italian Hung, Frank, B.A. in Computer Sciences Hurst, Alan, B.A. in American Institutions 436 Hurwitz, Gary, B.A. in History Husting, Edward C, B.S. in Geology Huston, Margaret E., B.A. in Art History Ihlenfeldt, Kay, B.A. in Social Work Ingraham, Stanley, B.S. in Economics Isaacson, Cynthia, B.A. in Psychology Isroff, Judy, B.A. in Social Work Ives, Sarah, B.A. in Botany Jackson, David, B.A. in Psychology Jackson, Sara, B.A. in Psychology Jacobi, Allen, B.A. in Political Science Jacobs, Bruce, B.A. in English Jacobs, Christine, B.A. in Journalism Jacobs, Eugene, B.A. in Sociology Jacobs, Jeffrey, B.S. in Chemistry Jacobs, Louis R. Jr., B.A. in History Jacobson, Jeannette, B.A. in Psychology Jacobson, Susan, B.A. in Social Work Jacoby, Jane, B.A. in Psychology Jan, Kathleen, B.A. in Social Work Jarman, Betty B.A. in Social Work Jennings, Mildred A., B.A. in Political Science Jensen, Guy, B.S. in Bacteriology Joanis, Susan, B.A. in Psychology Johanik, Michael, B.S. in Zoology Johansen, Donna, B.A. in Social Work Johns, Martha, B.A. in Psychology Johnson, Barbara, B.S. in Physical Therapy Johnson, James, B.A. in Economics Johnson, Kristi, B.A. in Social Work Johnson, Larry, B.S. in Meteorology Johnson, Marilyn, B.A. in History Johnson, Mary, B.A. in Speech Johnson, Monty, B.S. in Zoology Johnstone, Ricnard, B.A. in History Jones, Priscilla, B.A. in Russian Junior, Gail, B.A. in Art History Jurich, Georgia, B.A. in Economics Kahl, Linda, B.A. in Sociology Kaiser, Cathy, L., B.A. in Speech Kaiser, Kathy, B.A. in Social Work Kaiser, Louis, B.A. in Speech Kalik, Mildred, B.A. in Economics Kamberos, Arthur, B.A. in History Kane, Kathleen, B.A. in Psychology Kang, Gail, B.A. in English Kanter, Brian, B.S. in Biochemistry Kaplan, Diane, B.A. in History Kaplan, Steven, B.A. in Sociology Karr, Craig, B.A. in American Institutions Katers, Ronald, B.A. in Zoology Katz, Enid, B.A. in Social Work Katz, Janie, B.A. in History Katz, Jeffrey, B.A. in Speech 437 Kaufman, Linda, B.A. in Social Work Kauzor, Nancy, B.A. in Histon- Kaye, Martin, B.A. in Political Science Keefer, Patrick, B.A. in Journalism Kehoe, Donald, B.S. in Mathematics Keller, Linda, B.S. in Meteorology Kelley, Patricia A., B.A. in History Kelly, Michael, B.A. in Mathematics Kennedy, Julia, B.A. in Political Science Kennedy, Thomas, B.A. in Political Science Kenney, Sally, B.S. in Psychology Kepner, Melissa, B.A. in French Kerzan, John, B.A. in History Kessler, Phyllis J., B.A. in Journalism Kessler, Sue, B.A. in Art History Ketchum, Susan, B.A. in Correctional Administration Keyes, Katherine, B.A. in Political Science Kimball, Karen, B.A. in Psychology Kind, Bruce, B.A. in Mathematics King, Marianne, B.A. in Social Work Kinos, Wayne, B.A. in Philosophy Klamer, Kenneth, B.A. in Mathematics Kleiber, Alice, B.A. in Art History Klein, David, B.A. in Psychology Kleinschmidt, Robert, B.S. in Zoology Kleist, John, B.S. in Geology Klicko, Gloria, B.S. in Psychology Koch, Katherine, B.A. in Philosophy Koepke, Patricia, B.A. in English Kolpin, Charles, B.S. in Chemistry Koonce, Pat, B.A. in Social Work Kostroski, Lois, B.A. in Speech Korgh, Sarah, B.A. in Speech KowalofT, Nina, B.A. in Art History Kozlovsky, Mary Ann, B.A. in Psychology Kozoll, Barbara, B.A. in Communicative Disorders Kozoll, Harriet, B.A. in Journalism Kraemer, Lynn, B.A. in Journalism Krahn, Alice, B.A. in English Kraus, Judy, B.M. in Music Kraushar, Jonathan, B.A. in English Krauskopf, Thomas, B.A. in Biological Aspects of Conservation Kregstein, Steve, B.A. in Psychology Kreie, Gerald, B.A. in Social Work Kriewald, Gary, B.A. in English Kritzman, Lawrence, B.A. in French Kroll, James, B.A. in English Kromer, Mimsi, B.A. in English Krueger, Raymond, B.A. in Economics Kubisiak, Joan, B.A. in Zoology Kuehl, Ann Marie, B.A. in Psychology Kuetemeyer, Jane, B.A. in Social Work Kuhs, Richard, B.A. in Zoology Kurfirst, William, B.A. in Political Science 438 Kurowski, Patrick, B.A. in Speech Kusiel, Susan, B.A. in Anthropology Kuyken, Jim, B.A. in Political Science Kwan, Sandra, B.S. in Zoology Kyte, Nancy, B.A. in Spanish Laabs, Gretchen, B.A. in English Lake, Thomas, B.A. in Chemistry Lamont, Frances, B.A. in German Lampe, Patricia, B.A. in Speech Landauer, Bettie, B.A. in Political Science Lang, Jolene, B.A. in Political Science Lansky, Robin, B.S. in Medical Technology Lansky, Rosalyn, B.A. in English Lappin, Richard, B.A. in Economics Larsen, Kent, B.A. in Political Science Last, Thomas, B.A. in Zoology Laukman, Mary, B.A. in Psychology Laurent, Glenn, B.S. in Physical Therapy LaVetter, Kenneth, B.A. in English Lavin, Raphael, B.A. in English Lawlor, Linda, B.A. in Political Science Lawrence, Sara, B.A. in Political Science Lawson, Barbara, B.A. in Psychology Lazarz, Joanne, B.A. in Sociology Lazarz, W. Mark, B.S. in Chemistry Leach, Bradley, B.S. in Physics Leatherman, Frederick, B.A. in Anthropology LeBlanc, Vicki, B.A. in Social Work LeClair, Bonnie, B.S. in Physical Therapy Lee, Laurence, B.S. in Meteorology Lehrbaummer, Mary, B.A. in Journalism Leiser, Thomas, B.S. in Chemistry Lemke, Lana, B.A. in Spanish Leonhardt, Ronald, B.A. in Political Science Lenhard, Thomas, B.A. in Psychology Levin, Linda, B.A. in English f i? .___i Levin, Linda E., B.A. in Sociology Levin, Mary, B.A. in Art History Levin, Myron, B.A. in Economics Levine, Marc, B.S. in Meteorology Levinson, Suzanne, B.A. in French Levy, R., B.A. in Italian Liberman, Joseph, B.A. in Psychology Liebl, R. Scott, B.S. in Zoology Lieberman, Mark, B.A. in Economics Lietman, Laurie, B.A. in Speech Lindauer, Marion, B.A. in Psychology Linden, Douglas, B.S. in Chemistry Lindow, Terry, B.A. in Psychology Lingenfelder, John, B.A. in Music Lingk, Gerhard, B.A. in Psychology Linschitz, Norma, B.A. in History Lipldn, Joanne, B.A. in Zoology Lippert, Catherine, B.A. in Art History 439 Lipsky, David, B.S. in Biochemistry Lipton, Elise, B.A. in Psychology Lisowe, Gary, B.S. in Political Science Llewellyn, Peter, B.A. in Sociology Lockwood, Stephen, B.A. in Political Science Loeb, Bonnie, B.A. in Social Work Loegler, Julianne, B.A. in History Loerke, John, B.A. in Economics Loewentritt, Lennard, B.A. in Economics Loewinthan, Fran, B.A. in English Lofthus, William, B.S. in Sociology Lohman, Jane, B.A. in Ibero American Studies Lord, Caroline, B.A. in Social Work Lorenz, John, B.S. in Zoology Loshek, David, B.A. in Journalism Lottes, Sandra, B.A. in Economics Luchsinger, Steven, B.A. in Economics Ludtke, Kathleen, B.A. in History Luebke, Martha, B.A. in Spanish Lueder, Sandra, B.A. in American Institutions Lueloff, Kathleen, B.A. in Social Work Lukes, John, B.A. in Mathematics Lumerman, David, B.A. in Economics Lundstrom, William, B.A. in American Institutions Lussan, Sue, B.A. in English Ljung, Ellen Jo, B.A. in English Lynch, Charles, B.A. in Psychology Macemon, Bonnie, B.A. in French MacLellan, Genevieve, B.A. in English Madas, John, B.A, in Speech Maertz, Ronald, B.S. in Biological Aspects of Conservation Mahlman, Jeanne, B.S. in Medical Technology Mahnke, Gail, B.A. in German Mai, Ellen, B.A. in Ibero American Studies Malone, Karen, B.A. in English Malsh, Jerry, B.A. in English Mandel, Phil, B.A. in Political Science Manhardt, Meryl, B.A. in History Manske, Pamela, B.A. in Philosophy Manta, Leo, B.A. in Economics Marcucci, Michael, B.A. in Economics Margolis, Diana, B.A. in Speech Marks, Jo, B.A. in Journalism Markworth, Grace, B.A. in English Marsden, Gary, B.A. in Speech Marks, Ann, B.A. in English Marks, Ira, B.A. in Philosophy Marold, Judith, B.A. in Linguistics Marshall, Thomas, B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Engineering Physics Martenas, Sandra, B.A. in History Martineau, Linda, B.A. in Speech Therapy Marvin, Alan, B.M. in Music Maseijian, Lorraine, B.A. in Social Work Mason, Joyce, B.A. in Social Work 440 Massing, Beverly, B.A. in Social Work Mastos, Theodore, B.A. in History Matera, Melinda, B.A. in Social Work Mathison, Marjorie, B.M. in Music Matras, Nancy, B.A. in Political Science Mattem, Patricia, B.A. in History Mattke, John, B.A. in English Mattson, Danny, B.S. in Zoology Mayesh, Jay, B.A. in History McCauley, Thomas, B.S. in Zoology McDermott, John, B.A. in Speech McDonald, Linda, B.A. in Speech McDonnell, Kathleen, B.A. in Comparative Literature McEachern, Sharon, B.A. in English McElroy, Donald, B.S. in Zoology McGilligan, Dennis, B.A. in Political Science McCrath, Todd, B.A. in History McGraw, Susan, B.A. in Social Work ▲; ii; , McKinven, Nancy, B.A. in Political Science McMillen, Milton, B.A. in Chemistry McNamara, Suzanne, B.A. in Communicative Disorders McPharlin, Sheila, B.A. in Speech McQuillen, Anne, B.A. in English McSorley, Barbara, B.A. in History Mechung, Jane, B.A. in French Meiklejohn, Elizabeth, B.A. in Mathema tics Meiners, Mark, B.A. in Economics Meier, Susan, B.A. in Psychology Melzer, Sara, B.A. in French Menzel, Walter, B.A. in Psychology Merriman, George, B.A. in Political Science Merten, James, B.A. in Speech Metz, Elizabeth, B.A. in International Belations Meyer, Elizabeth, B.A. in Psychology Meyer, Richard, B.A. in History Meyerdierks, Judy, B.A. in Zoology Meyers, Thomas, B.S. in Geology Michor, Arleen, B.A. in Social Work Mielke, Kenneth, B.S. in Meteorology Miko, Richard, B.A. in Economics Miler, Bette, B.A. in Physical Therapy Milfred, Kenneth, B.A. in Sociology Millen, Steven, B.S. in Zoology Miller, Gladys, B.A. in French Miller, Judith, B.A. in English Miller, Stephen, B.A. in Political Science Miller, Thomas, B.A. in English Millman, Paul, B.A. in History Milquet, Melinda, B.A. in English Mitchell, Dorothy, B.A. in Social Work Moehrke, Lorraine, B.A. in English Moesch, David, B.S. in Geology Mogck, Andrea, B.A. in Social Work Mohr, James, B.A. in Political Science 441 HT Montag, Terri, B.A. in Social Work Moore, Terri, B.A. in Social Work Moore, William, B.S. in Physics Moran, Linda, B.A. in Psychology Moriarty, Patricia, B.A. in English Morgan, James, B.S. in Philosophy Morisato, Susan, B.A. in Russian Morris, Alissa, B.A. in Social Work Morris, Claudia, B.A. in Psychology Morse, Claudia, B.A. in Psychology Morgan, Steve, B.A. in Psychology Morse, Ginevra, B.M. in Music Morton, Frank, B.A. in Psychology Mosby, Elizabeth, B.A. in History Mucks, Arlie, B.A. in Hebrew and Semitic Studies Mulford, Sarah, B.A. in English Mullen, Maureen, B.A. in English Munkwitz, Mrs., Susan, B.A. in Social Work Munnell, Jennifer, B.A. in English Musial, Linda, B.A. in Spanish Myers, Dianna Jill, B.A. in History Nadel, Robert, B.S. in Chemistry Napiecinski, William, B.A. in Psychology Nathan, Jack, B.A. in Economics Nelson, Douglas, B.A. in Political Science Nelson, Mary Jane, B.S. in Physical Therapy Nelson, Pamela Sue, B.S. in Physical Medicine Nelson, Russell, B.A. in History Nelson, Terry, B.A. in Psychology Nemer, Gail, B.A. in Speech Nemson, Jill, B.A. in Journalism New, Ronald, B.A. in Psychology Newberger, Sherry, B.A. in Social Work Newton, Glen, B.A. in Physics Nichols, Carol, B.A. in Social Work Nicholson, Dwight, B.S. in Physics Nicholson, George, B.A. in Psychology Nicholson, Margie, B.A. in English Niebauer, Peter, B.A. in Political Science Nielsen, Bent, B.A. in History Nishimoto, Clyde, B.A. in Comparative Literature Nissenbaum, Mrs., Jeanne, B.A. in Social Work Nordstrom, Roger, B.A. in Zoology Nowicki, Rita, B.A. in English Nowicki, Vernon, B.A. in History Numan, Kathleen, B.A. in Economics Nustad, Thomas, B.A. in Psychology Obin, Nancy, B.A. in History Obma, Patrick, B.A. in Psychology O ' Brien, Kathleen, B.A. in French Ocker, Margaret, B.A. in History Odders, Richard, B.S. in Psychology Odiand, Judy, B.A. in Spanish O ' Donnell, David, B.S. in Political Science A47 Oftedahl, Gary, B.A. in Molecular Biology Ohlhorst, Sharon, B.A. in Zoology Ohlson, Susan, B.A. in Art History Olsen, Judson, B.A. in Psychology Olsen, Roberta, B.A. in Social Work Olsen, Rolf Nils, B.A. in History Orr, Elizabeth, B.A. in History Ortn, Lois, B.S. in Physical Therapy Ortuzar, Ada, B.A. in French Owens, Garry, B.M. in Music Packer, Roberta, B.A. in History Paddock, Susan, B.A. in International Relations Paluck, Ronald, B.A. in History Pankratz, Douglas, B.A. in Zoology Panosh, Michael, B.S. in Zoology Parke, Robert, B.S. in Zoology Parkinson, Jean, B.A. in English Parris, Paul, B.A. in Psychology Parshley, Elizabeth, B.A. in English Pattleton, Lynn, B.A. in French Pastan, Robert, B.S. in Zoology Patterson, Alan, B.A. in History Paull, Barry, B.S. in Chemistry Paulson, Jack, B.A. in International Relations Peck, Joel, B.A. in Economics Peck, Madeline, B.A. in English Peckarsky, Barbara, B.A. in Zoology Pecor, Carole, B.S. in Correctional Administration PeCoy, Clarence, B.A. in Psychology Peet, Robert, B.A. in Botany Peterson, Carol, B.A. in Social Work Petersen, Ralph, B.S. in Meteorology Petersen, Richard, B.A. in Chemistry Peltz, Arvin, B.S. in Political Science Peltz, Suzanne, B.A. in Social Work Peplinski, Carol, B.A. in Math Perlick, Pamela, B.A. in Speech Therapy Perlman, Linda, B.A. in History Perlmutter, Alan, B.A. in Economics Peters, Roger, B.S. in Geology Peters, Sue, B.A. in Psychology Peterson, Thomas, B.A. in Psychology Pfaffenbach, Larry, B.A. in Sociology Pfiffner, James, B.A. in Math Pfleger, Sue Ann, B.A. in Journalism Phibbs, Judy, B.A. in Psychology Piotrowski, Susan, B.A. in Geography Pitt, Naomi, B.A. in Psychology Plenke, Sheilah, B.S. in English Pious, Janice, B.A. in Political Science Plumley, Michael, B.S. in Meteorology Pluss, Susan, B.A. in History Plutler, Edward, B.A. in History Podolsky, Steven, B.A. in History 443 Polzak, Rosemary, B.A. in English Pooley, Martha, B.A. in Political Science Poris, Michael, B.A. in Philosophy Porter, Idy, B.A. in English Porter, Susan, B.A. in Art History Porter, Susan, B.A. in French Post, Dianne, B.A. in Correctional Administration Powers, Sanger, B.A. in Social Work Powers, Sharon, B.A. in Sociology Prag, Raymond, B.A. in Botany Priefer, Janet, B.A. in Journalism Prisland, Ann, B.A. in History Pritchard, Richard, B.A. in Philosophy Przekurat, Judith, B.A. in Journalism Ptacek, Gerald, B.A. in Math Pujanauski, Cecilia, B.A. in English Quincannon, Jo Ellen, B.A. in Anthropology Raaths, Jack, B.A. in Anthropology RafFeld, Fern, B.A. in Sociology Raimer, Ellen, B.A. in International Relations Rannallo, Julienne, B.A. in French Randolph, Judy, B.A. in Social Work Rapp, Pamela, B.A. in Anthropology Ratcliffe, Mary, B.A. in History Ratzburg, Katherine, B.A. in English Ravin, Marilynn, B.A. in Computer Science Reik, Susan, B.A. in Social Work Reinelt, Eric, B.A. in International Relations Reinhardt, Richard, B.A. in Economics Reinisch, Mary Ann, B.A. in French Reisner, Edward, B.A. in American Institutions Reistad, Lorraine, B.S. in Medical Technology Renard, Susan, B.A. in Social Work Resimius, Owen, B.A. in French Resneck, Helen, B.A. in Psychology Reuhl, Kathryn, B.A. in History Rezin, Karen, B.A. in Social Work Rhode, Elaine, B.A. in Journalism Rhodes, Cheri, B.S. in Geology Richter, Steven, B.A. in History Richwine, Barbara, B.A. in Math Riflcin, Wendy, B.A. in History Riley, Eileen, B.S. in Sociology Riley, Patricia, B.S. in History Riley, Sharon, B.A. in Sociology Rindy, Cheryl, B.A. in Social Work Ringel, Gary. B.A. in History Ripp, Harold, B.A. in Sociology Risdon, Franceen, B.A. in Radio, T.V., Film Ritger, Edward, B.A. in Political Science Rittmann, Larry, B.A. in History Bobbins, Linda, B.A. in History Robin, Michael, B.S. in Chemistry Robinson, Barbara, B.A. in Psychology Mm m ' sm 9P Roeber, Beverly, B.A. in Math Rogers, Linda, B.A. in Psychology Rohm, Charles, B.A. in French Rohren, James, B.A. in Economics Rohrer, Linda, B.A. in Psychology Roland, Bruce, B.A. in Political Science Romonowski, Judith, B.A. in Social Work Rosen, Margaret, B.A. in Sociology Rosenthal, Linda, B.A. in Psychology Rosenwald, Allan, B.A. in Political Science Rosing, Wayne, B.S. in Botany Ross, Elaine, June, B.A. in Psychology Ross, James, B.A. in Spanish Ross, Judith, B.A. in Spanish Rost, Jonathan, B.A. in English Roth, Steven, B.A. in Psychology Rothstein, Joel, B.A. in Sociology Rothstein, Joel, B.A. in History Roy, Doris, B.A. in English Rubens, Allen, B.A. in History Rubin, Carol, B.A. in Hebrew Rubin, Robert, B.A. in Political Science Rudnick, Stuart, B.A. in Speech Rudolph, Bonnie, B.A. in French Rudolf, Charles, B.A. in International Relations Ruland, Raymond, B.S. in Astronomy- physics Rundquist, Elizabeth, B.A. in Social Work Ruskin. Lorraine, B.A. in Psychology Ruttenoerg, Ruth, B.A. in Economics Rybarchyk, Susan, B.A. in Speech Sadkovich, James, B.A. in History Salas, Michael, B.A. in Economics Salzberg, Bruce, B.A. in History Samuels, Judy, B.A. in Social Work Sanborn, Timothy, B.A. in Math Sanders, Shelley, B.A. in History Sandstrom, Mrs., Mary, B.S. in Physical Therapy Sanford, John, B.A. in French Sarazin, Wanetta, B.A. in Social Work Sather, Carl, B.A. in History Saunders, Suzanne, B.A. in Math-Russian Saylor, Rebecca, B.A. in Communicative Disorders Scanlon, William, B.S. in Chemistry Schaap, John, B.S. in Chemistry Schachtel, Joel, B.A. in Political Science Schaefer, Donald, B.A. in Philosophy Schaffer, Nancy, B.A. in Sociology Schatz, Dennis, B.S. in Astronomy-physics Schatz, Robert Bennington, B.A. in English Schechter, Larry, B.A. in Zoology Schilling, Paul, B.A. in Economics Schlee, David, B.A. in Political Science Schmidt, Elizabeth, B.A. in English Schmidt, Ellynn, B.A. in Speech 445 1 -P IP— n Schmidt, Karl, B.S. in Economics-History Schmidt, Kenneth, B.A. in Math Schmidt, Rhoda, B.A. in History Schmidt, Steven Carl, B.S. in Economics Schmidt, Susan, B.S. in Medical Technology Schneider, Gary, B.A. in Zoology i Schneider, Rita, B.A. in English Schneider, Roger, B.S. in Physical Medicine Schneider, Thomas, B.A. in Political Science Schober, Sharyn, B.S. in Medical Technology Schoemann, Sally, B.A. in Sociology Schoene, Stephen, B.A. in Economics Schoenke, Janet, B.S. in Physical Medicine Schott, Donald, B.A. in Economics Schranij Patricia, B.A. in Speech Sthraufnagel, Dean, B.A. in Zoology Schroeder, Linda, B.A. in Social Work Schubert, Lynda, B.A. in English Schuhmann, Alice, B.A. in Chemistry Schulte, Thomas, B.A. in Biochemistry Schultz, Diana, B.S. in Medical Technology Schultz, Holliday, B.A. in Social Work Schultz, Kathy, B.A. in English Schultz, Margaret, B.A. in Social Work Schumacher, Mary, B.A. in Computational Methods and Statistics Schveidler, Jacqueline, B.A. in Social Work Schwade, Floyd, B.A. in History Schwartz, Gerard, B.S. in Physical Medicine Schwarzbauer, Mary, B.A. in International Relations Schwebel, Edward, B.A. in Computer Science Schwertz, Mary, B.A. in Psychology Schwier, Paul, B.A. in Psychology Scott, Richard, B.S. in Geology Seaquist, Dennis, B.A. in Journalism Seckel, Laurie, B.S. in Physical Therapy Secrest, Susan, B.A. in Political Science Seeger, William, B.A. in History Sezzer, Eileen, B.A. in English Severn, Jacquelyn, B.A. in Economics Sexton, Marjorie, B.A. in English Seymour, Susan, B.A. in History Shaewitz, Murray, B.A. in History Shalek, Carol, B.A. in English Shandony, Michael, B.A. in Economics Shapiro, Ellen, B.A. in History Shaw, Michael, B.A. in Psychology SherHnski, James, B.A. in Chemistry Sherwood, Edward, B.S, in Naval Science Sherwood, Sally, B.A. in English Shkolnik, Ronald, B.A. in Political Science Shneider, Ruth, B.A. in History Short, Gail, B.A. in Social Work Shovers, Andrew, B.A. in Political Science Shriber, Rebecca, B.A. in Psychology 446 iiM :k I- i £k Sicher, Ronald, B.A. in Math Sidore, Rebecca, B.A. in Hebrew Siegel, Barara, B.A. in Social Work Siegel, Loren, B.A. in Political Science Siker, Larry, B.A. in International Relations Silberglitt, Mark, B.A. in Sociology Silberman, David, B.A. in Political Science Silberman, Nancy. B.A. in Speech Silverman, Ronala, B.A. in History Silberstein, Schary, B.A. in Psychology Silverwood, George, B.A. in Political Science Simmons, Barbara, B.A. in Economics Simon, Barbara, B.A. in Social Work Simon, Beth, B.A. in Social Work Simon, Roberta, B.A. in Spanish Simpson, Tina, B.A. in Psychology Sinaiko, Debra, B.A. in Political Science Sinclair, Diane, B.A. in History Singer, David Charles, B.A. in History Singer, Lawrence, B.A. in Geography Sitzler, Frederick, B.A. in German Skaar, Janet, B.A. in Music Skigin, Diane, B.A. in Zoology Skinner, Jane, B.A. in History Skolnick, Elaine, B.A. in Psychology Slade, Barbara, B.A. in Sociology Slade, Janet, B.A. in Social Work Sleber, Nancy, B.A. in History Slezak, Janis, B.A. in Russian Smerling, Martin, B.S. in Economics Smith, JoAnn, B.A. in Social Work Smith, Patricia, B.A. in English Smith, Steven, B.A. in Economics Smith, Susan, B.A. in French Smolen, Heidi, B.A. in English Smulka, Gary, B.S. in Math PIISHiP mk Snowdon, Donald, B.A. in Political Science Spheeris, Andrea, B.A. in Journalism Solem, Eric, B.A. in Psychology Solomon, Margaret, B.A. in Communicative Disorders Sommerfield, Steven, B.A. in History Snook, Deborah, B.A. in History Spector, Marilee, B.A. in Psychology Spector, Susan, B.A. in Social Work Sper, Leslie, B.S. in Chemistry Spiegelberg, LeeAnn, B.S. in Physical Therapy Spletter, Mary, B.A. in Journalism Spira, Margaret, B.A. in Geography Sprague, Monroe, B.S. in Chemistry Sprecher, Steve, B.A. in Political Science Sprong, Robert, B.A. in Political Science Srulovitz, M., B.A. in History Staenberg, Marc, B.A. in History Staab, Margie, B.A. in Anthropology 447 wm32 J ' Stangby, Carol, B.A. in English Stangeland, Ray, B.A. in Zoology Stansbery, Pamela, B.A. in Political Science Star, Philip, B.A. in History Stauder, Richard, B.A. in Conservation Stella, Marilyn, B.A. in English Stenzler, Terry, B.A. in History Stephenson, Susan, B.A. in English Stern, Lilly, B.S. in Physical Therapy Stern, Sandra, B.A. in Speech Sterzinger, Steven, B.A. in Economics Stewart, Cynthia, B.A. in History Stewart, Jay, B.A. in Political Science Stickland, William, B.S. in Math Stimart, Patrick, B.S. in Chemistry Stittleburg, Philip, B.A. in Political Science Stockwell, Richard, B.A. in Political Science Stone, Sally, B.A. in History Stonecipher, Charles, B.A. in Philosophy Streblow, Susan, B.S. in Physical Therapy Strobel, Kay, B.A. in Speech Therapy Stroyny, Janice, B.A. in Psychology Sullivan, William, B.S. in Zoology Summeril, Carol, B.A. in Spanish Svec, Sandra, B.S. in Meteorology Swan, Robert, B.A. in History Sweet, James, B.A. in Journalism Swenson, David, B.S. in History Quatinetz, Paul, B.A. in English TackefF, Jo, B.A. in Political Science Tannenbaum, Peggy, B.A. in English Tappon, Jimmy, B.A. in Math Tarbert, James, B.A. in Psychology Tarkow, Stanley, B.A. in Economics Tarring, Sandra, B.A. in Psychology Tatarsky, Nadeen, B.A. in Speech Tayback, Cordon, B.A. in History Taylor, Lawrence, B.S. in Physics Taylor, Nancy, B.A. in Economics Taylor, Robert, B.A. in Economics Teetzel, Roger Scott, B.A. in American Institutions Thaler, Robert, B.A. in Speech Thiesenhusen, Charles, B.A. in Botany Thomas, Jacqueline, B.M. in Music Thompson, James Stacy, B.A. in Geography Thompson, Lynn, B.A. in Computer Science Thompson, Peggy, B.A. in French Thompson, Teresa, B.A. in English Thompson, Stephen, B.A. in Political Science Thorpe, Erik Josef, B.A. in Speech Thorsen, Kristi, B.A. in French Thorsen, Marie, B.A. in English Thorstad, Carlene, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Tillman, Patricia, B.A. in Psychology 448 Tkac, Pamella, B.A. in Philosophy Tobin, Susan, B.A. in Journalism Tolkan, Steven, B.A. in Psychology Tomlin, Sandra, B.S. in Physical Medicine Tomlinson, Pamela, B.S. in Math Tortorice, Loretta, B.A. in Sociology Toy, Dennis, B.S. in Zoology Trantow, Peter, B.A. in Economics Trask, Haunani-Kay, B.A. in Medical Technology Traska, James, B.S. in Applied Math and Engineering Physics Trossen, Brian, B.A. in Philosophy Treviranus, Susan, B.A. in Spanish Trinkaus, Tanya, B.A. in French Trotta, Lee, B.A. in Geology Tsai, Michael, B.A. in Economics Tse, Gloria, B.A. in Social Work Tse, Helena, B.A. in Social Work Tucker, Emma, B.A. in Russian Turke, Terry, B.S. in Bacteriology Turner, Steven, B.A. in History Tutkowski, Merrie Christine, B.A. in English Twitty, Diane, B.A. in History Ulmer, Frances, B.A. in Economics Urger, Diane, B.A. in Social Work Urschel, Janet, B.A. in Ibero-American Studies Uandenplas, Cynthia, B.A. in Internationa! Relations Vandermus, Sandra, B.A. in Social Work VanSicklen, Sally, B.A. in Art History Van Veen, Annette, B.A. in Journalism Van Veghel, Thomas, B.A. in Economics Van Velzer, John, B.A. in History Vedder, Lorene, B.A. in Zoology Vena, Michael, B.A. in Journalism Venturini, Joy, B.A. in English Verhage, Frederick, B.A. in Political Science Vesselinoritch, Dushanka, B.A. in Zoology Victor, Steve, B.A. in English Vierra, Dennis, B.A. in Economics Volkmann, Margaret, B.A. in French Wagner, Ardys, B.A. in English Wagner, Rebecca, B.A. in Portuguese Wahler, Yvonne, B.A. in Psychology Wake, Katharine, B.A. in English Wales, Stephen, B.A. in Political Science Waldrop, Charles, B.A. in History Walker, Nancy, B.A. in Speech Wallace, Timothy, B.A. in Theatre Wallens, Laura, B.A. in Sociology Wallenstein, Roberta, B.A. in History Walters, Steven, B.A. in Journalism Walther, Linda, B.A. in Anthropology Wandschneider, Susan, B.A. in Social Work Wandschneider, Susan R., B.A. in Theatre Wash, Carlyle, B.S. in Meteorology 449 drAd Waterworth, Kathryn, B.S. in Zoology Watrud, Susan, B.A. in Journalism Watson, William, B.A. in Zoology Weber, Fredric, B.A. in Math-Philosophy Weber, Janice, B.S. in Physical Medicine Weber, Judith, B.S. in Computer Science Weber, Virginia, B.A. in Communitive Disorders Weeks, Douglas, B.A. in Zoology Wegner, Kathryn, B.S. in Physical Medicine Wegner, Lynnan, B.A. in Art History Weil, Steven, B.A. in History Weiler, Sally, B.A. in Sociology Weiss, Martha, B.A. in Psychology Weissman, Ellen, B.A. in English Weld, Stephen, B.A. in American Institutions Welnick, Richard, B.A. in Biochemistry Welsh, Marcia, B.A. in Social Work Welstein, Donna, B.A. in History Wener, Richard, B.A. in Psychology Wenninger, Richard, B.A. in Political Science Wertsch, Jacqueline, B.S. in Zoology Werve, Frances, B.A. in English- Journalism White, Barbara, B.A. in Social Work White, Douglas, B.A. in History White, Lawrence, B.S. in Meteorology Whiting, Mrs., Susan, B.A. in English Wierdsma, Barbara, B.S. in Chemistry Willde, Lucy, B.A. in History Willdns, Allen, B.A. in Economics Williams, David, B.A. in Economics Williams, Margo, B.A. in Radio and T.V. Williams, Susanne Marie, B.A. in Anthropology « Willis, Alta, B.A. in Journalism S Wilson, Cary, B.A. in History Winans, Susan, B.A. in History Wind, Jeffrey, B.A. in International Relations Wing, Robert, B.A. in Political Science Wilke, Mrs., Jill, B.S. in Occupational Therapy Wilson, Martha, B.A. in Journalism Winkel, Richard, B.A. in Political Science Winn, Dennis, B.A. in Economics Wirth, Linda, Marjorie, B.A. in International Relations Wisner, Steven, B.A. in Zoology Wisniewski, Gerald, B.S. in Psychology Wittier, Janet, B.A. in English Woboril, Cynthia, B.A. in Social Work Wojahn, Kathryn, B.M. in Music Wolfe, Jane Sue, B.A. in Psychology Wolfson, Francine, B.A. in English Wonn, Stephen, B.A. in Political Science Wood, Dennis, B.A. in History Woodside, Lucille, B.A. in Political Science Worley, Gordon, B.A. in Math Wright, Sandra, B.A. in Sociology 450 Wright, JoAnne, B.S. in German Wright, Mary, B.A. in Political Science Wuhrman, Gary, B.A. in Economics Wyler, Deborah, B.A. in Social Work Wynn, Gregory, B.A. in Political Science Wyss, Stephen, B.A. in Political Science Yarmuth, Barbara, B.A. in Sociology Yarroch, William, B.A. in Social Work Yearick, Charlotte Anne, B.A. in Math Yordi, Arlene, B.A. in French Young, Pamela, B.A. in English Young, Richard, B.S. in Applied Math and Physics Young, Steven, B.A. in English Younger, Jennifer, B.A. in History Yu, John, B.A. in Math Yuen, Henry, B.A. in Economics Zachow, Charles, B.A. in English Zarse, Allan, B.S. in Applied Math and Physics Zassenhaus, Harold, B.A. in Economics Zazore, Daniel, B.A. in Political Science Zerwick, Ellen, B.A. in Sociology Ziegahn, Barry, B.A. in Economics Zimbler, Rona, B.A. in History Zimdars, Dennis, B.A. in Computer Science Zimring, Kay, B.A. in Math Zinsmeister, Mary, B.S. in Medical Technology Zipp, Carolyn, B.A. in English Zitzner, Duane, B.A. in Math Zuber, Richard, B.A. in Computer Science Zucker, Jill, B.A. in Social Work Zupans, Maija, B.A. in Psychology Zussman, Alan, B.S. in Speech Zussman, Richard, B.A. in English kdQ 451 MEDICINE The detailed body of knowledge in the medical sciences has reached a degree of quantity inappropriate to be encompased in four years of medical school. Accordingly, Wisconsin emphasizes basic principles and skills, sound attitudes, and the acquisition of essential habits for learning by participating rather than by didactic teaching, achieved through close faculty -student relationships. A rigid delineation of departmental programs only leads to a compartmen- talized knowledge in the student. Therefore, both faculty and students make a conscientious effort to relate the various disciplines. Medical knowledge can no longer be imparted through textual sources alone; new techniques and treat- ments necessitate instruction in modemly equipped laboratories and surgical rooms. To keep pace with change in medical science, the University of Wiscon- sin Medical School recently revised their entire curriculum and teaching pro- cedure in order to introduce students early to widely diversified areas and to get them into training before internship. Dean Peter L. Eichman 452 Phi Theta — Bottom Row: K. Wegner, S. Secora, J. Schoenke, L. Stem, P. Nelson, G. Halloway, J. Bilg, N. Callau, D. Drosner. Second Roiv: B. Luebke, M. Sarge, L. Orth, J. Greenbaum, R. Carter, M. Cerutti, Mrs. S. Campbell, M. Costello, L. Foley, M. Mixter, C. Dana. Third Row: S. Rufener, M. Bubrice, D. Gourlie, S. Tomlin, M. Boyle, D. Nobel, B. Rumey, G. Schwartz, S. Btouen, K. Schmidt, J. Berendt, W. Nielson, B. Johnson, C. Dickman, C. Topp, T. Northey. Fourth Row: J. Burk- holtz, J. Pederson, F. Chapman, C. Lieberman, B. Miler, S. Streblow, N. Crowell, P. Kemkinger, K. Brel, R. LeClair, L. Sechel, E. Honigs- berg, R. Ruppel. Phi Theta is the association of students in the physical therapy program. It promotes activities of interest to its members, inviting guest speakers to widen the girls ' knowledge in physical therapy. Service projects with the Madison Community Center and Central Colony patients give students a chance to apply the techniques learned in the classroom and help them understand the special problems involved in working in physical therapy. PHI THETA Holden, Gene, M.D. Krembs, F. Greg, M.D. Lukens, Sara, M.D. Marcus, Eric R., M.D. Paulsen, Frederic, M.D. Woodford, John, M.D. NURSING " What O? " 4S4 The foundations of professional education required in Wisconsin ' s School of Nursing program provide a basis for the graduate to progress rapidly to positions of increasing responsibility and leadership in nursing and to prepare her for graduate study. As a member of the health team the professional nurse collaborates with other members in the formulation of goals and plans for patient and family care and or community health in establishment of criteria for evaluating care. The UW professional nursing student accepts the re- sponsibility for continuing growth as an individual, a citizen, and a mem- ber of the nursing profession. Professional nursing, with deep roots in the past, provides expanding career opportunities for young men and women as the world requires and demands broader health services for human beings of all ages, races, and creeds. Graduates of the School of Nursing are contributing nursing care in small conununity hospitals, large medical centers, in a remote village in Laos, a maternity hospital in Afghanistan, as rural nurses in northern Wisconsin, and in the military services. Dean Helen L. Bunge 455 ALPHA DELTA THETA As a national professional sorority, Alpha Delta Theta combines business and pleasure for medical technology students. On the business side, A.D.T. provides an orientation program for new medical technology students. Guest speakers discuss their spe- cializations at meetings. Recreational activities include beer suppers and parties. But this isn ' t all that interests these girls. Their service projects, such as acting as aides at the Children ' s Hospital, allow them to use their medical interests in a philan- thropic manner. Alpha Delta Theta — Bottom Row: B. McKeever, E. Bakken, vice-pres.; M. Bergher, pres.; R. Lansky, treas.; J. Barr, S. Schober. Second Row: S. Simonson, N. Wanek, M. Nuesse, K. Kraus, G. Brass, L. Reistad, M. Hall, J. Mahlman. ALPHA TAU DELTA Alpha Tau Delta — Bottom Row: K. Pfister, S. Horky, B. Albert, L. Kloety. Second Row: S. Zaiabsky, S. Belekevich, C. Tripp, N. Maddox, M. Knutson, E. Marquardt, treas. Third Row: G. Natirg, pres.; C. Richey, P. Poltz, D. Frank, C. Bera, B. Leadholm, vice-pres.; L. Frahm, K. Obviously disregarding doctor ' s orders, the women of Alpha Tau Delta left their classrooms and braved countless germs to social- ize at beer suppers, picnics, social hours, and their formal. They forfeited sleep for the sake of Campus Carnival and the Oregon School for Girls, and just to prove that good nutrition could over- come their " weaker sex " handicap these ever-ready nurses hired themselves out for a slave day. They survived the year, but we ' ve heard rumors that the hospital was a little short-handed. Lawrence, P. Scheide. Fourth Row: K. Tucker, P. Lueck, N. Oakes, M. Barney, L. Wilford, B. Kessro, K. Theisen, C. Orde, L. LaBine, B. Brown, L. Bradfford. Fifth Row: N. McBrair, S. Johnson, S. Mueller, P. Young. STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL, SCHOOL OF NURSING With an awareness of the need for contact between students and faculty, the Student-Faculty Council of the School of Nursing constitutes a forum of communications. The council provides the necessary leadership to plan school activities, encourage the participation of students in University organizations, and interest the students in community involvement. The council sponsors a Big-Little Sister program to develop communication between the University student and the community teen-ager. In addition to its civic concerns, the council provides a Parents ' Day Coffee Hour and an All-School Convocation at the end of the year. Nursing Student-Faculty Council — Bottom Row: H. Marsh, S. Mueller, E. Marquardt, B. Leadholm, L. Crahm. Second Row: B. Behlen, V. Schoephoerster, M. Donkle, L. Cobis, H. Cold, S. Johnson, N. Oakes, P. Lasky, adviser; L. O ' Donnell, L. Christian. Albert, Roberta, B.S. Bach, Patricia, B.S. Bardenwerper, Ruth, B.S. Barney, Marsha, B.S Barrett, Judy, B.S. Behlke, Kathy Ann, B.S. Bengtson, Grace, B.S. Bera, Carol, B.S. Boehler, Shirley, B.S. Boerger, Barbara, B.S. Boese, Mary, B.S. Breitenstein, Carol, B.S. Brigham, Joan, B.S. Brockman, Judith, B.S. Burg, Donna, B.S. Burrows, Terry, B.S. Butler, Rosanne, B.S. Carey, Elaine Marie, B.S. Charusch, Cynthia, B.S. Clarke, Patricia, B.S. Coleman, Sue Anne, B.S. Cook, Laura, B.S. Corning, Sandra, B.S. Curran, Constance, B.S. DeGroot, Jane, B.S. Diercks, Carol, B.S. Doede, Donna, B.S. Dorn, Kendra, B.S. Drake, Barbara, B.S. Dressier, Mrs., Diane, B.S. Eisenberg, Phylis, B.S. Espenshade, Jean, B.S. Ewald, Paula, B.S. Fahey, Judy, B.S. Fehl, Elaine, B.S. Frahm, Lynda, B.S. Freeberg, Betty, B.S. Gnat, Jane, B.S. Grant, Joell, B.S. Gulesserian, Mrs., Barbara, B.S. Hanson, Sharon, B.S. Harms, Linda Faye, B.S. Hawe, Gloria, B.S. Hoehn, Kathryn, B.S. Hoffmann, Patricia, B.S. Jacak, Carol, B.S. Kehrberg, Kathryn, B.S. Klose, Susan, B.S. Kluz, Linda, B.S. Koerper, Mrs., Susan, B.S. Kukachka, Mrs., Cynthia, B.S. Leadholm, Barbara, B.S. Lehmann, Cheryl, B.S. Liss, Constance, B.S. 458 Lynch, Susan, B.S. Mantik, Sharon, B.S. Marquardt, Eileen, B.S. Marx, Linda, B.S. Mathie, Kathleen B.S. McBrair, Nancy, B.S. Merrill, Lynn, B.S. Miller, Kay, B.S. Mitchell, Pamela, B.S. Mueller, Sue, B.S. Natvig, Glenda, B.S. Oakes, Nancy, B.S. Orde, Claudia, B.S. Owens, Donna, B.S. Parker, Jane. B.S. Petersen, Sally, B.S. Peterson, Joyce, B.S. Reiker, Lynn, B.S. pp a Renwick, Eliza, B.S. Reynolds, Phoebe, B.S. Ryan, Patricia B.S. Sara, Elizabeth, B.S. Schmidt, Laurie, B.S. Schuchard, Cayle, B.S. Schwarze, Lila, B.S. Sidwell, Mrs., Lenette, B.S. Spredemann, Beverly, B.S. Sullivan, Gail, B.S. Swanson, Pamela, B.S. Theisen, Kay, B.S. Thomas, Constance, B.S. Tiffany, Carolyn, B.S. Tripp, Cheryl, B.S. Tucker, Kathy, B.S. VanderVelden, Ellen, B.S. Wanta, Sandra, B.S. Wess, Diane Carol, B.S. Wendt, Roselyn, B.S. Werwie, Joanne, B.S. Wilford, Linda, B.S. Young, Nancy, B.S. Zielinski, Evelyn, B.S. 459 KAPPA EPSILON Dean David Perlman Since the emergence of pharmacy as a profes sion distinct from medicine, ad- vances in research and administration of cures and preventatives for all peoples has expanded. Still, much needs to be done to eradicate disease and treat incurable abnormalities, and the School of Pharmacy trains specialists to deal in the practice and theory of modern pharmacy. The practicing pharmacist is re- sponsible for compounding and dis- pensing drugs according to prescrip- tion and for distributing other medi- cations and health supplies. In order to live up to the professional trust placed in him, he must be an expert concerning drugs available for con- sultation with both physicians and laymen. The research pharmacist to- day is concerned with cures for mala- dies once considered impossible to treat at the cause. Pharmacy offers a modern opportu- nity and challenge for service on the public health team. The neighborhood pharmacist and the research pharma- cist are working together for a more healthful society. 460 PHARMACY As a service to all the foxy young men who come to college looking for a potentially-rich wife, the BADGER presents the women of Kappa Epsilon, a professional pharmacy fraternity for women. (Now we know why drugs are so expensive.) These girls do take off those white lab coats occasionally, you know, and their social chairman is ever active in arranging extracur- ricular activities. So what ' s keeping you? Kappa Epsilon — Bottom Row: P. Fregien, D. Valaitis, S. Haas, S. Sch- roeder, J. Miller, pres.; P. Kehrer, P. Goetsch, treas.; L. Dittman. Second Row: A. Wilson, S. Bartlelt, J. Reichert, C. Smith, M. Kedzierski, I. Mein- holdt, J. Heald, I. Berzins, C. VandenBoogaard, S. May, C. Markham, J. Mason. Third Row: M. LaHaie, V. Blaskowski, G. Buchanan, A. Elling- son, E. Selbo, J. Hintz, K. Coleman, S. Bonkoski, L. Loeffler, S. Lange, K. Davidson, P. Sawyer, C. Langer. 461 RHO CHI SOCIETY Jlliarmat}) Honur Sntirtii ADVISER: OFFICERS: Dr. Glenn Sonnedecker President Daniel Briggs Vice-President Ken Look Secretary Joseph Toniolo Treasurer Dennis M. O ' Brien Historian Florence Fang Faculties Eunice Bonow (UWM) Louis Busse William Blockstein Kenneth Connors Coryce Haavik Robert Hammel S. Morris Kupchan August Lemberger Robert N. Morris Pasupati Mukeijee Richard Ohvall David Perlman John Perrin Joseph Robinson Charles F. Ryan Charles Sih Glenn Sonnedecker Arthur Uhl John Windheuser Dale Wurster Graduates Jurgen Von Bredow Gerad Carey Jodan Cohen Allan C. Collins Samuel L. Forusz Wen Hai Hong David Henning Martin Infeld John Kent Ken Look Lloyd Matheson Hewitt W. Mathews Jerry Moniot James Opperman Charles Pearson George Peruzzotti Albert Rankell Jeffery Schwartz James Sheahan Bruce Stein Matthew Suifness Richard J. Washkuhn Undergraduates Reuben J. Adams Dennis R. Anderson Richard A. Brandner Daniel Briggs Arlene M. Ellingson Florence P. Fang Douglas R. Posted Jerry L. Glocke Alan L. Hanson Kathleen Hickson Richard L. Higgins Patricia C. Kenrer Emory W. LofHn Elroy A. Lenz Judith A. Miller Dennis M. O ' Brien Kenneth H. Salzsieder Joseph G. Toniolo Dolly M. Valatis Trot on down to your local drug store. If you live in a classy area, it will actually sell drugs and have a druggist. And if you live in a really classy area, the druggist might be a member of Rho Chi, national Honorary Pharmaceutical Society. The group is oriented toward encouraging graduate study in pharmacy and annually presents the ever-popular Kremers Memorial Lecture. 462 WISCONSIN PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY The University of Wisconsin Pharmacuetical Society was formed to create better understanding of the pharmacy profession and to promote an active interest in its advancement through modern science. A fellow- ship among those interested in pharmacy, this society realizes that all work and no play is no fiin. In addition to monthly meetings, the U.W.Ph.S. scheduled a fall picnic and a spring formal for the entire pharmacy school. Pharmacy Society — Bottom Row: G. Timm, A. Baker, E. Skorno, P. Fregien, I. Berzins, E. Brantmeier, J. Clocke, vice-pres.; S. Schroeder, sec.; R. Cassett, pres.; D. Neumann, treas.; S. Bartelt, L. Loeffler, P. Coetsch, S. Lange, S. Haas, K. Davidson, C. Markham, J. Miller, J. Bartel. Second Row: D. Valaitis, M. Kedzierski, S. Evenson, D. Mano- sky, L. Lochen, M. Sielaff, C. Smith, E. Selbo, A. Ellingson, J. Reichert, P. Kehrer, K. Coleman, S. Bonkoski, P. VonEhren, S. Palmer, J. Heald, M. Moyer, J. Hintz. Third Row: P. Writt, J. Staum, B. Peters, R. Kohl- man, B. Schroeder, J. VanHeesch, R. Jensen, R. Higgins, D. Briggs, J. Lippow, T. Flowers, G. Cullikson, J. Rasch, D. Matteucci, R. Wiesner, G. Kilmer. Fourth Row: A. Hoped, P. Idsvoog, G. Vanderpoel, H. Bor- kovec, K. Kotenberg, D. Koblenski, D. Prohaska, S. Klatt, L. Hannemann, A. Symbol, J. Erickson, E. Lenz, D. Blank, K. Salzsieder, G. Halvorson, J. Good, D. Kaye, R. Adams. 463 tMd . Adams, Reuben, B.S. in Pharmacy Ameden, Dennis, B.S. in Pharmacy Amundsen, William, B.S. in Pharmacy Amundson, Marvin, B.S. in Pharmacy Anderson, Dennis, B.S. in Pharmacy Augat, William, B.S. in Pharmacy Backe, Howard, B.S. in Pharmacy Barber, Lawrence, B.S. in Pharmacy Bell, Kathleen, B.S. in Pharmacy Berg, James, B.S. in Pharmacy Blank, Dudley, B.S. in Pharmacy Bonkosld, Sharon, B.S. in Pharmacy Borkovec, Harold, B.S. in Pharmacy Briggs, Daniel, B.S. in Pharmacy Bushman, Cordon, B.S. in Pharmacy Calkins, Jay Scott, B.S. in Pharmacy Coleman, M. Kerry, B.S. in Pharmacy Collins, Dennis, B.S. in Pharmacy Cooley, John, B.S. in Pharmacy Crool Richard, B.S. in Pharmacy Dawiedczyk, Dennis, B.S. in Pharmacy Dittman, Lucille, B.S. in Pharmacy Dodd, Claudia, B.S. in Pharmacy Duehring, David, B.S. in Pharmacy Ellingson, Mrs., Arlene, B.S. in Hospital Pharmacy Erickson, James, B.S. in Pharmacy Fale, Randall, B.S. in Pharmacy Flowers, Thomas, B.S. in Pharmacy Fonstad, Douglas, B.S. in Pharmacy Foster, Mary Ann, B.S. in Pharmacy Geiger, Tim, B.S. in Pharmacy Collash, Fred, B.S. in Pharmacy Hall, Charles, B.S. in Pharmacy Halvorson, Greg, B.S. in Pharmacy Hanson, Alan, B.S. in Pharmacy Heald, Judith, B.S. in Retail Pharmacy Higgins, Ri chard, B.S. in Pharmacy Hintz, Judith, B.S. in Pharmacy Holm, Richard, B.S. in Pharmacy Houge, Richard, B.S. in Pharmacy Hunt, Dennis, B.S. in Pharmacy Jankowsld, Raymond, B.S. in Pharmacy Juech, Thomas, B.S. in Pharmacy Karpinske, Gordon, B.S. in Pharmacy Kehrer, Patricia, B.S. in Pharmacy Kohlman, Robert, B.S. in Pharmacy Laird, Bruce, B.S. in Pharmacy Lenz, Elroy, B.S. in Pharmacy Maves, Terry, B.S. in Pharmacy Melms, Tom, B.S. in Pharmacy Meyer, Monica, B.S. in Pharmacy Miller, Judith, B.S. in Pharmacy Moritz, Thomas, B.S. in Pharmacy Neumann, Donald, B.S. in Pharmacy 464 T P P fJWM Nitka, James, B.S. in Pharmacy O ' Brien, Dennis, B.S. in Pharmacy Oestreich, Jeffrey, B.S. in Pharmacy Orlowski, Gregory, B.S. in Pharmacy Ott, Edward, B.S. in Pharmacy Palmer, Sally, B.S. in Pharmacy Payne, Lloyd, B.S. in Pharmacy Peters, Blackburn, B.S. in Pharmacy Rebn e, Jim, B.S. in Pharmacy Reichert, Josile, B.S. in Pharmacy Remiker, Ronald, B.S. in Pharmacy Repka, Robert, B.S. in Pharmacy Richards, Dennis, B.S. in Pharmacy Robinson, Andrew, B.S. in Pharmacy Rowe, Donn, B.S. in Pharmacy Salzsieder, Kenneth, B.S. in Pharmacy Schallder, Harold, B.S. in Pharmacy Schmidt, Cathy, B.S. in Pharmacy £ii.WM.% 1S5 Schroeder, Brent, B.S. in Pharmacy Schroeder, Shari, B.S. in Pharmacy Schulfz, Robert, B.S. in Pharmacy Selbo, Emilie, B.S. in Pharmacy Silberg, Ronald, B.S. in Pharmacy Sime, Rick, B.S. in Pharmacy Skorno, Elfrieda, B.S. in Pharmacy Smith, Arthur, B.S. in Pharmacy Smith, Claudia, B.S. in Pharmacy Soceka, Jr., John, B.S. in Pharmacy Staum, John, B.S. in Pharmacy Taege, Will, B.S. in Pharmacy Timm. Gary, B.S. in Pharmacy Toniolo, Joseph, B.S. in Pharmacy Valaitis, Dolly, B.S. in Pharmacy Van Heesch, John, B.S. in Pharmacy Van Vonderen, Carl, B.S. in Pharma cy Whitford, William, B.S. in Pharmacy Writt, Peter, B.S. in Pharmacy Wyderka, Terry, B.S. in Pharmacy Yung, Anita, B.S. in Pharmacy Zimmermann, Gerald, B.S. in Pharmacy 465 AIR FORCE ROTC Colonel J. Tod Meserow Air Force ROTC cadet obtains a navigational fix during an orientation flight. Cadets get a briefing on future space programs 466 Angel Flight — Bottom Row: R. Bardenwerper, L. Fitzsimmons, K. Krause, B. Miller, J. Minsch, L. Maserjian, T. VanHome, E. Sch- midt, B. Poull, M. Mudge. Second Row: J. Ernsting, adviser; G. Perlick, K. Dickson, S. Keirs, G. Dedula, L. Thomas, N. Chritton, B. Bina, N. Hurst, N. Kraus, B. Herzog, P. Martin, K. Canser, C. Lathrop, S. Bennett, C. Conn. Third Row: K. Mooit, S. Shaw, C. Bishop, L. Walther, R. Steensrud, P. Hambuch, K. Ziege, L. Kuntz, K. Tucker, S. Boettcher, R. Zilisch, M. Steiner. ANGEL FLIGHT What plane could get off the ground without a stewardess? It seems the Air Force is well aware that a charming smile and a feminine helping hand are necessities. For that reason the Air Force cadets enlist the help of these young women who cheerily serve them, the University, and the entire Madi- son area — in that order. What more can we say? Funniest thing — I was, like, standing talking to this cat, talking about flying, dig?, and come to find out he was talking about flying with airplanes. Not even airplane glue, just airplanes. Like, can you really go up on those things? This Arnold Air Society bag of his, it aims to further interests in AFROTC and make cadets better aerospace citizens. Like, that ' s fine and good, but who ' s this Arnold cat? ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Arnold Air Society — Bottom Row: J. Ammerman, D. Chardavoyne, D. Goddard, W. Graf, R. Popel, G. Disch. Second Row: Capt. J. Ernsting, adviser; J. Paschkewitz, M. Ross, J. Barager, F. Venz, R. Bender. 467 THUNDERCHIEF SQUADRON No, the Badger Thunderchief Squadron is not a movie starring Humphrey Bogart, and it isn ' t the title of a war comic like the ones you used to collect by the hundreds. It is a group of freshman and sophomore AFROTC cadets who want to develop leadership qualities and military bearing. They train and furnish the AFROTC color guard and serve as Provo Corps at Air Force and Mil Balls. But isn ' t their name provocative? Staff Bottom Row: N. Wirtz, Bts. Staff; C. Nemeckay, Bts. Staff; W. E. Leary, Bts. M ' or; J. M. Harrison, Major Adviser; L. Hepler, Bts. Capt.; P. Yec, Bts. Capt. Badger Thunder Chief Squadron — Bottom Row: D. Pritzkow, D. Satran, W. Spring, K. Rosener, T. Small, W. Thiel, J. Haugen, K. O Brien. Sec- ond Row: J. Censky, J. Nichols, W. Peterson, E. Turke, R. Knisely, M. Pritzkow, G. Roman, M. Skelton, J. Tobin. Third Row: C. Palmer, R. Weil, D. Dunford, L. Keck, H. Beaver, P. Daspit, S. Johnson, J. Everson, C. Linde. Fourth Row: E. Hennen, R. Jacobson, T. Wolf, K. VanBrock- lin, D. Maier, V. Paris, R. Rockwell, R. Thomsen, B. Pat. Fifth Row: T. Maigala, G. Wetzel, R. Girdharry, D. Reeson, G. Wilmoth, W. Patter- son, J. Schirmer, P. Eyssautier. 468 Scabbard and Blade — Bottom Row: S. Gronemeyer, M. VanCleave, R. Fons, M. Branch, Lt. T. Lynch, adviser; C. Jackson, A. Kimbel, R. Specht, J. Rausch. Second Row: D. Creiling, J. Dodge, S. Shoemaker, R. Polak, D. Lewy, D. Robertson, K. Lewis, C. Nemezkay, V. Cnidzina, T. Mackie, M. HafTermann. Third Row: D. Curron, R. Larimer, J. Surak, J. Patch, B. Hinkle, C. Sather, J. Stapleton, J. HuettI, R. Rottman. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is not necessarily for the bellicose young man who dreams of swords and Errol Flynn. Indeed, its purposes are quite peaceable and constructive. Members are from all three branches of the service (Marines don ' t count) and strive to relate the various services in their role of national defense. Activities range from speaker programs concerning important aspects of military life, to decorating for Military Ball. Members can also perform and compete on the rifle, pistol, or saber teams. JOINT MILITARY BOARD Communication tends to be a problem in many organizations bound by formality. Realizing that inter-communication be- tween the various ROTC training pro- grams and administrations will bring more effective activities, the Joint Military Board functions to coordinate the cadet programs. Several inter-service activities are held each year; the Board directs Military Ball, Chan- cellor ' s Review, and several smokers. Bet ' cha never thought ROTC types smoked, didja? Joint Military Board — Bottom Row: C. Jackson, S. Gronemeyer, R. Leonhardt. Second Row: C. Ricks, W. Graf, J. Foerster, W. Leary, J. Gordon. 469 I wonder if it ' s this easy in the D.M.Z.? Colonel Edwin G. Pike ARMY ROTC Army ROTC training is greatly extended beyond usual drills and classes through Pershing Rifles, an organization aimed at developing more fully, the traits of leadership and character in a military environment. The group also serves as the representative for the Army ROTC on this campus and over the entire mid- west. Color is added at football and bas- ketball games as well as civic (unctions by the Pershing Rifles ' Color Cuard. Several drill teams are still another facet of Pershing Rifles. They participate in drill meets on other campuses. Army thoroughness is also devoted to organ- izing social events during the year and the Pershing Rifles has a series of ban- quets, dances and beer bashes. 470 PERSHING RIFLES COMPANY C-2 Pershing Rifles Company C-2 Staff— Bottom Row: Maj. F. Hanson, D. Lewy, J. Surak, K. Bogart, C. Ricks, Commander; M. Thimmesch, P. Larsen, T. Maddox, SMJ W. Schultz. Second Row: S. Ricketts, S. Plzak, W. Robbins, D. Tobin, M. Herman, J. Finch. Third Row: R. Zastrow, R. Plzak, D. Schroeder, D. Spira, J. Rhode, R. Kuhs. Pershing Rifles Company C-2 Pledges and Actives — Bottom Row: M. Thimmesch, D. Kline, M. Lentz, D. Smith, A. Ostrum, S. Stewart, T. Fleming, K. Bogart. Second Row: D. Johnson, M. Schwach, D. Lapce- wich, M. Kosowsky, W. Anderson, D. Thorp, M. Dalmat. Third Row: D. Desjarlais, J. Pierce, D. Nelson, K. Ketterhagen, M. Sharkey, T. Smith, I. Schwartzburg. Fourth Row: T. Molitor, K. Boltz, K. Conway, W. Os- borne, T. Pellitteri, R. Taylor, M. Niss, M. Langley. Fifth Row: J. Marsh, D. Stahl, T. O ' Malley, J. Ricks, R. Harris, D. Plzak, T. Ambelang, T. Husman. NAVY ROTC Captain Clarence E. Olson 472 Nautilus Society — Bottom Row: S. Miller, R. Specht, N. Huston, vice- pres.; Lt. T. Lynch, adviser; J. Foerster, pres.; J. Kidd, sec.; D. Curran, treas.; R. Gray. Second Row: V. Steinbach, J. Heleniak, R. Herb, R. Cushman, K. Schier, P. Madaio, D. LaCourt, W. Patrick. The Nautilus Society is the honorary Navy ROTC organization which sponsors all NROTC social and service events during the academic year. Two large social events include Navy Ball in the winter and Military Ball in the spring. Primary interests of the Nautilus Society are promotion of NROTC projects at the University and maintenance of NROTC prestige in campus events. NAUTILUS SOCIETY I don ' t know; I can ' t read either. 473 ORGANIZATIONS Agricultural Extension and Education Club 376 Agricultural Student Council 376 Air Force ROTC 466 AISEC 310 Alpha Delta Theta 456 Alpha Kappa Psi 384 Alpha Phi Omega 300 Alpha Tau Delta 456 Alpha Zeta 377 American Foundrymen Society 402 American Society of Agricultural Engineers 377 American Society of Civil Engineers 402 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 403 Angel Flight 467 Army ROTC 470 Arnold Air Society 467 The Badger 292 Badger Crops and Soils 378 Badger Thunderchief Squadron 468 Baptist Student Union 301 Beta Alpha Psi 385 Blue Shield 4-H 378 Campus Carnival 304 Coronto 424 Crucible 301 Daily Cardinal 302 Dolphins 305 Engineering Expo 305 Eta Kajppa Nu 403 Ethiopian Student Association 306 Gamma Delta Iota 307 Gamma Sigma Sigma 306 Homecoming 308 Humorology 309 India Association 310 Inter-Fraternity Council 311 Joint Military Board 469 Kappa Epsilon 461 Mace 312 Mortar Board 313 Mortar and Quill 313 Nautilus Society 473 Navy Society 473 Navy ROTC 472 Omicron Nu 415 Pan Hellenic Council 314 Pershing Rifles 471 Phi Beta 424 Phi Beta Kappa 316 Phi Chi Theta 384 Phi Eta Sigma 315 Phi Kappa Phi 317 Phi Mu Alpha 425 Phi Upsilon Omicron 414 Physical Education Club 319 Pi Lamb Little Sisters 315 Polygon Board 318 Pre-Medical Society 320 Rho Chi Society 462 Saddle and Sirloin 379 Scabbard and Blade 469 Senior Class Council 320 SAE Little Sisters 321 Sigma Alpha Eta 425 Sigma Alpha Iota 426 Sigma Epsilon Sigma 426 Soccer Club 321 Society of Automotive Engineers 406 Student Association of Landscape Architects 379 Student-Faculty Council 457 Symposium 333 Tau Beta Pi 322 Theta Sigma Phi 427 The Union 325 U.W. Blood Donors 323 U.W. Pharmaceutical Society 463 U.W. Pistol Team 330 U.W. Poultry Science Club 323 U.W. Rifle Team 330 U.W. Ski Team 331 W. Club 334 Wisconsin Engineer 332 Wisconsin Forensics Union 332 Women ' s Recreation Association 335 COLLEGES Agriculture 374 Business 382 Education 390 Engineering 400 Extension Division 410 Family Resources and Consumer Sciences 412 Graduate School 418 Law 420 Letters and Sciences 422 Medicine 452 Nursing 454 Pharmacy 460 ROTC 466 474 UNIVERSITY GREEKS DORMITORIES Adams 246 Barnard 234 Chadboume 236 Cole 248 Elizabeth Waters 243 Elm Drive A 251 Elm Drive B 252 Elm Drive C 253 Kronshage 256 Ogg 266 Selleiy 272 Slichter 260 Sullivan 262 Tripp 262 Witte 282 INDEPENDENT HOUSES Allen 232 Ann Emery 233 Babcock 234 Cochrane 288 David Schreiner 242 Langdon 264 Lovi ' ell 265 Rust 242 Susan B. Davies 286 Towers 286 Villa Maria 287 Zoe Bayliss 287 Alpha Chi Omega 136 Alpha Chi Rho 138 Alpha Delta Phi 140 Alpha Epsilon Phi 142 Acacia 144 Alpha Chi Sigma 144 Alpha Epsilon Pi 145 Alpha Camma Delta 146 Alpha Gamma Rho 148 Alpha Phi 150 Alpha Tau Omega 152 Alpha Xi Delta 154 Beta Tau Pi 156 Chi Omega 158 Chi Phi 160 Chi Psi 162 Tri-Delta 164 Delta Gamma 166 Delta Sigma Pi 168 Delta Tau Delta 170 Delta Upsilon 172 Delta Zeta 174 Evans Scholars 176 Gamma Phi Beta 178 Delta Tau Sigma 180 Kappa Alpha Psi 181 Kappa Alpha Tau 182 Kappa Delta 184 Kappa Kappa Gamma 186 Kappa Sigma Kappa 188 Kappa Ps! 189 Kappa Sigma 190 Lambda Chi Alpha 192 Phi Kappa Theta 193 Phi Gamma Delta 194 Phi Sigma Delta 196 Phi Sigma Kappa 198 Phi Sigma Sigma 199 Pi Beta Phi 200 Pi Lambda Phi 202 Psi Upsilon 204 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 206 Sigma cm.... 208 Sigma Delta Tau 210 Sigma Phi Epsilon 212 Sigma Phi 214 Tau Kappa Epsilon 215 Theta (5fci . . 216 Theta Delta Chi 218 Triangle 219 Zeta Beta Tau 220 475 INDEX Aall, M. 428 Abbott, J. 237 Abbott, K. 158,392 Abbott, T. 162,279 Abdoo, M. 240 Abel, K. 244 Abelmann, K. 245 Abels, M. 187 Abels, S. 316,425,392 Abendschein, S. Aberle, J. Abfall, J. 259 Abhrams, N. 142 Ablan, M. 237 Abraham, R. 247 Abrahamson, L. 428 Abramson, H. 196 Abramson, L. 236,249 Abresch, J. 144 Achen, R. 201,428 Ackerman, T. 243 Adam, H. 247 Adam, J. 277 Adams, B. 256,281 Adams, D. 279,404 Adams, J. 313,428 Adams, L. 282 Adams, M. 269 Adams, R. 247,462,463,464 Adams, S. 261,265,318,428 Adams, T. 205 Adebayo, W. 300 Adler, C. 142 Adler, R. 428 Affelcft, C. 242,245 Affliolder, T. 392 Agatstein, B. 428 Aghili-Kermani, P. 386 Agnew, S. 332 Ahlhauser, C. 249 Ahlstrom, F. 242 Ahrens, R. 380 Ahrensdorf, L. 158 Aide, B. 237 Ain, S. 428 Akey, T. 316 Akkerman, M. 279 Aland, L. 142 Alaspa, C. 248 Albee, J. 236,238 Albers, C. 258,428 Albert, R. 456,458 Alberts, G. 276 Albertson, C. 251 Albertson, J. 319,406 Albrecht, B. 386 Albrecht, D. 384 Albrecht, N. 317 Albright, E. 156,253 Albright, J. 252 Albright, N. 284,285 Aleckson, D. 379,380 Alefsen, S. 275 Alexander, B. 235 Alexander, K. 250 Alexejun, R. 255,262 AMini, L. 428 Allaire, P. 425 Allar, R. 198 Allen, C. 257,287 Allen, E. 242,424 Allen, J. 170,256,428 Allen, L. 257 Allen, P. 266 Allen, R. 428 Allen, S. 316 Allin, N. 201,316,392 Allon, S. 262 Alper, N. 428 Alt, C. 286,316,428 Alt, T. 253 Altman, D. 315 Alton, R. 376 Altshuler, D. 276 Altshuler, I. 268 Alvstad, K. 316,392 Alwin, D. 243 Amans, W. 243 Amato, A. 260 Ambach, C. 249 Ambelang, P. 470 Ambelang, T. 253 Ambler, C. 392 Ambroziak, P. 285 Ameden, D. 464 Ammermann, J. 466 Amore, A. 178,320,333,428 Amosovs, V. 245 Amundsen, W. 464 Amundson, C. 428 Amundson, G. 194,308 Amundson, J. 232 Amundson, M. 464 Ancell, J. 73 Andalman, J. 210 Anderegg, B. 283 Anderman, C. 428 Anderman, G. 428 Anderson, A. 238,257,271, 274,277,428 Anderson, B. 162,246,406 Anderson, C. 244,416 Anderson, D. 188,235,271, 316,463,464 Anderson, E. 198,255 Anderson, J. 168,255,259, 404 Anderson, K. 154,236,281 Anderson, L. 264,285 Anderson, M. 249,385 Anderson, N. 261,282 Anderson, P. 235 Anderson, R. 212,266,406, 428 Anderson, S. 236,239,253, 255,269,271,384,386 Anderson, T. 428 Andringa, R. 208 Anduran, B. 306 Angel, N. 248 Angus, K. 182,428 Anixter, S. 202 Anixter, S. 386 Anslow, S. 285 Anson, G. 311 Antaramian, A. 392 Antoniewicz, E. 253 Antoniewski, D. 263,301 Antonius, M. 178 Anunson, M. 316,386 Apfelberg, C. 428 Apperson, L. 212 Applegate, C. 300 Appleyard, M. 244 Arbetman, S. 232 Arbour, M. 428 Archibald, M. 265 Areda, E. 306 Ards, K. 259,316 Arends, C. 392 Arends, T. 316,428 Arendt, G. 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Block, C. 245 Block, D. 243 Block, I. 380 Blom, C. 184,428 Blong, W. 278 Blonz, E. 145 Bloom, D. 255 Bloomfield, R. 278 Bloss, W. 262,406 Blum, P. 146 Blumberg, B. 210,320 Blumberg, J. 283 Blumenthal, N. 202 Blumke, D. 259,403 Blumreich, R. 198 Blutter, J. 142,264 Boardman, B. 300 Boardman, B. 271 Boardman, R. 187 Bober, C. 392,425 Bober, G. 392 Bobrow, S. 236 Bochert, L. 314 Bochert, S. 201 Bochler, D. 316,414,416 Bochna, A. 193,428 Bock, G. 258 Bode, J. 202 Bodin, B. 240 Boebel,K. 416 Boehler, S. 458 Boehm, M. 280 Boeker, S. 321 Boekert, L. 201 Boeldt, J. 430 Boeneske, R. 269 Boelter, J. 430 Boerger, B. 458 Boersma, B. 175,379 Boerup, C. 406 Boese, M. 164 Boettcher, S. 466 Boettcher, T. 247 Boettger, M. 258 Bogart, K. 164,471,392 Boheim, J. 164,392 Bohl, M. 175,430 Bohr, P. 426 Bohmstedt, I. 244 Boigenzahn, D. 425 Boilini. D. 259 Boland, T. 430 Boles, M. 255 Bolla, A. 257 Bolman, K. 316 Bolotin, J. 283 Bolotin, M. 142 Bolotin, S. 430 Bolton, K. 234,379,471 Boltz, S. 151 Bonady, S. 187 Bonar, S. 178,316 Bonde. 1. 275 Bondehagen, D. 233 Bone, D. 212 Bongiovanni, M . 233 Bonk, J. 201 Bonkoski, S. 461,463,464 Boots, R. 380 Borchardt, W. 254 Borchers, N. 164,392 Borchert, P. 284 Border, S. 236 Borenstein, M. 188,278 Borger, D. 253 Borger, P. 430 Borghesi, D. 216 Borgiel, H. 275 Bork, J. 245 Borkovec, H. 189,464 Borski, D. 258 Borst, B. 314,430 Borsum, E. 136,430 Bortin, M. 182,314 Bortney, L. 285 Bortnick, J. 316,430 Borusky, T. 278 Borzych, R. 270 Boser, B. 261 Boskoff, S. 252 Bosley, M. 250 Boss, D. 167,264 Bossany, R. 242 Bosse, M. 458 477 Boston, K. 271 BoHelson, M. 261 Bouda, B. 204,282,430 Boumique, M. 282 Boutelle, E. 275 Bovinet, J. 206 Bovre, G. 148,379,380 Bowen, B. 430 Bowen, K. 233 Bower, H. 136 Boxer, R. 308,316,430 Boxer, W. 286 Boxtin, R. 220 Boyd, D. 384 Boyd, S. 214 Boyd, W. 198 Boyden, W. 176 Boyen, F. 253 Boyle, B. 376 Boyle, J. 402 Boyle, K. 167 Boysen, S. 238,392 Braaksma, D. 402 Braasch, B. 253 Braatz, R. 219,386 Brack, B. 215 Bradburn, E. 284 Braderman, B. 142 Bradford, L. 456 Bradley, B. 164 Bradley, K. 154,378 Bradley, M. 392 Bradley, P. 240 Bradshaw, K. 239 Brady, A. 430 Brady, B. 260 Brady, G. 219,403,406 Brady, M. 232 Bragdon, J. 158 Brageau, A. 232 Bragg, B. 236 Bragman, R. 316,392 Braham, N. 430 Braiman, J. 202 Brainerd, B. 316,416 Branch, M. 406,468 Brandt, B. 430 Brandt, M. 259 Brandt, S. 271 Brantmeier, E. 463 Branton, S. 182 Brash, A. 250 Brattebo, M. 268 Brault, M. 237,240 Braun, M. 268 Brautmeier, R. 236 Braver, R. 316,333 Brechtl, R. 384 Brehm, F. 416 Brehm, G. 430 Brehm, K. 245 Brehmer, L. 146,237 Breiby, S. 316 Breitenstein, C. 458 Breitman, S. 210 Bren, H. 249 Brennan, B. 255 Brennan, K. 283 Brenzel, C. 187 Brescoll, D. 260,426 Brice, R. 250 Bricker, C. 187 Brickson, A. 275 Brieske, G. 384 Briggs, D. 188,316,463,464 Briggs, J. 272 Briggs, K. 285 Briggs, M. 237 Briggs, S. 316 Brigham, J. 323,458 Brightwell, M. 187,233 Brignone, A. 176 Brill, P. 240 Brill, T. 316 Brimm, E. 264 Brindley, B. 233 Brindley, J. 380 Brinen, H. 182 Brink, B. 260 Brinkman, R. 255 Brisbin, R. 430 Briske, L. 416 Brockman, J. 276,458 Brockman, R. 214 Brockpahler, C. 283 Brodbeck, R. 392 Broderick, G. 246,300 Brody, M. 426 Broihahn, M. 190 Brokish H. 247,379 Bronitsky, M. 272 Bronoel, M. 430 Bronstein, K. 145 Bronstein, L. 392 Brook, J. 269 Brooke, G. 234,376,379 Brookens, T. Brookeno, T. 257 Brooks, A. 378 Brooks, G. 233 Brooks, R. 269 Brookshaw, K. 261 Brophy, W. 271 Brose, L. 175 Brossow, N. 430 Brouette, T. 316 Brower, J. 236 Brown, B. 201,232,245,250, 456 Brown, C. 274,285 Brown, D. 163,166,188,199, 257,263 Brown, E. 251,279 Brown, G. 212 Brown, J. 148,236,379 Brown, J. 430 Brown, J. 316 Brown, K. 208,237,250 Brown, M. 154 Brown, N. 182,430 Brown, P. 202,312,430 Brown, Q. 198 Brown, R. 202,253 Brown, S. 430 Brown, T. 256 Brown, W. 430 Browne, D. 278 Browne, S. 277 Brownie, R. 253 Brownell, S. 316,392 Brownlee, M. 236 Broy J. 247 Bruckman, B. 430 Bruggeman, E. 262 Brugger, P. 152 Bruha, P. 237 Brumblay, J. 158,316 Brumder, R. 163 Brunclik, L. 287 Brunette, B. 192,405,406 Brunette, G. 279 Brunn, J. 136 Brunner, M. 204 Brus, S. 237,238 Bruske, L. 285 Bruskin, B. 280 Brusko, C. 233 Brusman, M. 171,428 Bruss, G. 456 Bruss, L. 260 Brusse, A. 428 Bruths, J. 204 Bruyere, H. 263,428 Bryant, L. 251 Bryant, S. 428 Bryce, M. 428 Bryce, P. 428 Bryers, P. 252 Bryson, R. 263 Bryson, W. 208 Bubews, L. 202 Bublitz, J. 256 Bucciarelli, G. 428 Buchan, S. 236 Buchanan, C. 461 Buchanan, J. 156 Buchbinder, C. 142,301,308 Buchen, E. Buchen, L. 243 Buchholtz, S. 158 Buchholz, D. 190 Buck, C. 2374238,306,476 Buck, F. 204 Buck, P. 234,248,476 Buckley, P. 255,256 Buckley, R. 206 Buckowiecki, J. 300 Bucksbaum, F. 428 Budde, T. 257 Budich, M. 252 Budlong, B. 154 Buech, M. 158 Buechner, R. 428 Buell, A. 286 Buelow, L. 260 Buening, N. 233 Buening, P. 140 Buenzli, E. 425 Buerki, R. 259 Buettner, J. 307 Buffo, J. Buglass, W. 263 Bugman, M. 403 Bukei, S. 232 Bukowiecki, J. 304 Bukowski, W. 428 Bullis,J. 241 BuIIis, P. 158 Bunce, M. 236 Bundi, M. 284 Bunker, T. 198 Buntrock, L. 430 Buratti, D. 269 Burbach, W. 152 Burch G. 198,430 Burdekin, C. 184 Burden, B. 233 Burek, B. 430 Burg, D. 458 Burg, S. 145 Burggraaff, E. 184,314 Burka, M. 196,279 Burkart, C. 430 Burke, K. 272 Burkeb, C. 272 Burkhardt, M. 287 Burkholz, J. 430 Burley, V. 154 Buriing, R. 164,264 Burman, M. 261 Burmeister, D. 188 Burmeister, G. 253,256 Burne, B. 272 Burnett, R. 234 Burney, T. 268 Burns, E. 201 Burns, J. 256,384 Burr, C. 208 Burroughs, D. 430 Burrows, T. 458 Burstein, M. 430 Burstein, R. 142,264 Burt, L. 426 Burton, D. 256 Burton, J. 286 Busch, G. 257 Bush, K. 239 Busha, R. 406 Bushe, B. 276 Bushman, G. 464 Buslik, A. 430 Busse, L. 274 Bussey, G. 140,316 Bussmann, B. 257 Buth, R. 380 Butler, R. 198,403,404,458 Buttel, F. 148,311 Buttke, M. 250 Buttke, R. 262 Bye, L. 140 Byk, A. 249 Bylander, J. 403 Byram, W. 194 Byrnes, C. 239 Cagen, J. 287 Cahill, M. 158 Cafony, L. 232 Calchop, E. 257 Caldwell, S. 318,402,316 Calkins, B. 262 Calkins, J. 464 Callahan, C. 243,244,426 Callahan, C. 430 Callan, S. 243 Callau, R. 276 Callison, J. 279 Callopy, B. 178 Calmenson, J. 251 Cambre, J. 254 Campbell, C. 140,430 Campbell, D. 130,178,314 Campbell, J. 259,320 Campbell, J. 238 Campbell, J. 428 Campbell, K. 269 Campbell, L. 146 Campbell, S. 428 Canepa, A. 137 Canepa, J. 137,208 Cantwell, R. 385,386 Cantwell, S. 386 Capaul, I. 376,380 Cape, S. 233 Cape, W. 194,269 Capelle, K. 287 Caplan, W. 430 Caponetto, C. 226 Caputo, B. 140 Cardin, D. 255 Carel, I. 220 Carey, E. 458 Carey, K. 238 Cariile, J. 430 Cariock, B. 248 Carlson, C. 430 Carison, J. 171 Carison, K. 260 Carlson, L. 219 Carlson, S. 379 Carison, T. 252 Carison, W. 406 Camcross, G. 316,379 Came, M. 415 Carnell, K. 392 Caron, J. 240,308 Carone, J. 392 Carow, J. 237 Carp, K. 304 Carpenter, A. Carpenter, D. 385 Carpenter, L. 142 Carpenter, M. 196 Carr, J. 137 Carrington, L. 242 Carroll, A. 166,245 Carstens, W. 380 Carter, C. 323,377 Carter, J. 305 Carter, M. 430 Carter, R. 206,239 Carter, R. 430 Carthew, E. 237 Cartier, D. 244 Cartwright, J. 182,232 Cartwright, L. 430 Caruso, D. 268 Caruso, M. 160 Caruso, R. 430 Gary, E. 234 Case, B. 218 Case, C. 416 Casey, D. 245 Casey, J. 215 Casey, M. 287 Cash, F. 263,378,380 Cash, P. 243 Cashman, K. 287 easier, C. 240 easier, K. 137 Casper, T. 403,404,406 Gates, L. 430 Cauber, T. 253 Caucutt, D. 316,430 Caulkins, D. 384 Cavill, M. 392 Caywood, C. 386 Cecil, K. 274 Cederberg, N. 392 Cefalu, J. 242 Celmerowski, Y. 260 Censky, J. 468 Cerutti, M. 430 Chabalowski, C. 276 Chabon, J. 255 Chack, K. 258 Chadwick, D. 430 Chambers, L. 385 Chan, C. 271 Chan, L. 245 Chang, B. 241 Chaplin, H. 300,305,316,386 Chapman, C. 279,332 Chapman, F. 243,430 Chapman, M. 178,210,237, 245 Chapman, N. 184 Chapman, R. 193 Chapman, W. 386 Chardavoyne, D. 461 Charles, K. 402 Charies, P. 285 Chame, J. 280 Chamitz, L. 248 Charusch, C. 458 Chase, B. 277 Chase M. 142,314 Chaussee, J. Chaves, C. 256 Checkai, R. 242 Chehrazi, B. 316 Cherniack, M. 220 Chemik, J. 430 Chemin, P. 269 Chernof, M. 232,428 Chesnik, L. 250 Chester, L. 430 Chester, M. 198,311 Chez, V. 210,232 Chin, A. 246 Chittero, J. 253 Chmel, M. 172 Chopra, V. 255 Chopra, W. 255 Chou, C. 259 Chow, M. 266,323 Chrenka, C. 264 Christensen, H. 162 Christensen, L. 430 Christenson, C. 178,321 Christenson, D. 430 Christiansen, S. 137 Christiansen, K. 392 Christianson, K. 252 Christianson, L. 457 Christianson, M. 257 Christianson, P. 268 Christianson, R. 403,406 Christianson, S. 244 Christie, J. 424 Christoph, J. 146 Christopherson, M. 182 Christy, P. 282 Chritton, N. 239,467 Chrzan, C. 276 Chu, F. 247 Chuckel, T. 258 Chudnow, D. 196 Chun, C. 164,428 Church, C. 251 Churchill, M. 392 Churchville, C. 284 Ciaglo, S. 430 Cieslak, S. 261 Ciezki, E. 430 Cinus, R. 256 Ciske, M. 281 Cisney, M. 430 Clack, R. 172 Claggett, W. 259 Clarenbach, S. 316 Clark, C. 164,279 Clark, G. 386 Clark, J. 156 Clark, M. 240,279,285 Clark, S. 275 Clark, S. 316,430 Clarke, P. 458 Clasen, T. 188 Claussen, J. Clatsey, L. 240 Clay, H. 256 Claypole, L. 243 Cleary, C. 287 Clement, D. 430 Clement, R. 430 Cleppe, C. 240 Cleveland, P. 280 Clifford, J. 277,430 Clifford, L. 236 Clinard, S. 171,430 Clope, J. 168 Clutter, K. 245 Cobb, M. 174 Cobum, K. 137 Cobum, V. 249 Cockean, W. 253 Cockhorse, C. 254 Coffey, D. 430 Cofrin, P. 416 Cohen, B. 392 478 Cohen, C. 196,430 Cohen, D. 236,237 Cohen, E. 2S1 Cohen, J. 281,462 Cohen, M. 145 Cohen, R. 317 Cohen, S. 430 Cohn, A. 156 Cohn, B. 286 Cohn, D. 271 Cohn, L. 271 Cohn, R. 220 Cohn, T. 274 Cohn, V. 275 Cohodas, J. 265 Cohodas, M. 265 Coit, T. 384 Colburn, S. 259 Colby, J. 270 Colby, N. 184,314 Colby, S. 156 Cole, S. 249 Cole, V. 240 Coleman, A. 385,386 Coleman, B. 263 Coleman, K. 461,463 Coleman, L. 176 Coleman, M. 464 Coleman, R. 263 Coleman, S. 458 Coleman, W. 430 Collentine, T. 430 Collings, C. 186,233 Collins, B. 182,321 Collins, A. 462 Collins, D. 464 Collins, E. 261 Collins, R. 154,245,266 CoUopy, M. 241 Colman, W. 199,314 Colstad, T. 268 Coltman, S. 245 Compton, G. 430 Conant, J. 226,430 Condon, S. 156 Cone, K. 319 Conklin, 1. 250 Conley, J. 206 Conn, C. 430,467 Connell, P. 271 Connelly, J. 270 Connelly, P. 208 Connies, D. 305 Connley, D. 332 Connors, K. 462 Conto, D. 263 Converse, J. 271 Conway, G. 162,311 Conway, K. 471 Conway, T. 246 Cony, S. 430 Cook, C. 198,380 Cook, G. 216,239,271,407 Cook, K. 282 Cook, L. 458 Cook, M. 248 Cook, P. 416 Cooke, C. 259 Cooley, J. 464 Coonen, P. 238 Cooper, B. 142 Cooper, D. 430 Cooper, H. 178 Cooper, J. 284 Cooper, L. 232 Copeland, R. 386 Copenhaver, C. 249 Coplant, C. 276 Corbett, M. 146,430 Corbin, P. 430 Corlett, A. 269 Gorman, D. 199,430 Corn, E. 264 Corn, L. 264 Com, P. 258 Cornelius, J. 166,430 Coming, S. 458 Correll, N. 164,430 Corriere, R. 287 Corrigan, L. 283 Cosentine, L. 392 Costa, D. 253 Costello, M. 430 Cotsirilos, S. 232 Cotter, P. 430 Cottingham, G. 402 Coughlin, G. 240 Coultas, J. 258 Court, E. 377 Courtney, M. 226 Coutre, M. 182 Covelli, G. 386 Govrshon, D. 142 Cox, D. 262 Cox, J. 259 Cox, V. 430 Cox, W. 386 Coyle, L. 430 Coyle, T. 251 Coyne, S. 266,285 Craig, D. 277 Craig, R. 430 Craig, W. 380 Craw, S. 321 Crawford, K. 406 Grayne, J. 283 Greacy, C. 430 Greedy, R. 281 Gretney, T. 378,380 Crick, J. 259,332 Grider S. 201,416 Groasdaile, J. 254 Crocker, J. 430 Crocker, M. 430 Grockran, W. 218 Crook, R. 188,464 Cross, N. 142 Cross, V. 264 Grossman, E. 283 Grotty, M. 160 Crow, G. 172 Growell, N. 430 Grownhart, G. 154,430 Groy, T. 184 Gmice, C. 392 Gmmps, J. 264 Guffey, R. 268 Guisinier, F. 208 Guisinier, M. 164,282 Culbertson, G. 208 Cull, J. 142,379,380 Gullen, K. 406 Gullen, S. 233,277 Culver, M. 430 Cummings, M. 182 Cummings, N. 279 Cummings, S. 273 Cunningham, G. 264 Cunningham, S. 316,430 Curran, G. 188 Curran, C. 458 Curran, D. 473 Curran, J. 430 Curran, M. 392 Gurrie, M. 376,378 Gurron, D. 469 Curtis, D. 279 Curtis, J. 248 Curtis, L. 158 Curtis, R. 249 Curtis, T. 430 Cushman, H. 379 Gushman, J. 379 Cushman, R. 473 Cusick, M. 430 Gusliman, R. 254 Gusselman, F. 258 Guthbert, B. 317,430 Cutney, T. 379 Cyzmoure, D. 178,430 Czarnecki, D. 248 Gzeskleba, R. 430 Czinsky, N. 164 Daehar, S. 250 Daggett, L. 178,232 Daggett, V. 237 Dahir, K. 285 Dahl, J. 280 Dahl, N. 182 Dahle, M. 431 Dahlen, C. 255,384 Dahlk, V. 284 Dahlquist, S. 236 Dahlstrand. P. 407 Dairo, S. 232 Dake, N. 269 Dale. R. 416 Dalebroux, N. 284 Dalebroux, S. 250 Dallman, A. 236 Dallmann, G. 268 Dallmann, T. 152,311,386 Dalmat, M. 471 Dalai, T. 310 Dalton, D. 242 Daluge, R. 148,376,378,379 Dalzell, D. 431 Damian, L. 284 Dana, G. 236 Dana, R. 311,312 Dancey, R. 259,431 Daneels, M. 158,431 Danes, S. 287,378 Daniels, G. 234 Daniels, T. 386 Danielsen, J. 260 Danikas, P. 431 Dankner, D. 431 Danko, M. 244 Danz, D. 431 Danzig, L. 154 Darby, D. 168 Darby, M. 241 Darkow, M. 176 Dasler, E. 235 Daspit, P. 468 Davel, J. 255 Davey, K. 238,260 Davidson, B. 176 Davidson, H. 386 Davidson, K. 460,463 Davidson, L. 244 Davidson, M. 431 Davidson, R. 145,386 Davies, R. 266 Davis, B. 212,257 Davis, C. 235,260,431 Davis, D. 139,407 Davis, T. 431 Davis, L. 237 Davis, M. 232 Davis, P. 196,301 Davis, R. 196,271,432 Davis, S. 240,427 Davison, G. 407 Dawiedczyk, D. 464 Day, G. 172 Day, M. 240 Deal, R. 253 Dean, A. 245 Dean, D. 286 Dean, R. 277 Dean, W. 272 Deangelis, L. 186 DeBruin, R. 277 Decker, C. 190 Decker, O. 432 DeCock, G. 212 Dedecker, K. 270 DeDerman, A. 196 Dedinas, S. 243 Dedula, G. 466 Dees, C. 284 Degiacomo, J 176 DeGidio, D. 198 DeGroot, J. 458 Degroot, W. 282 Deguchi, S. 432 DeHamelle, N. 243 Deibel, M. 158 Deibel, N. 284 Deibert, L. 432 Deignan, M. 274 Deimer, G. 279 Deitelbaum, E. 277 DeKarske, D. 176 Dekok, R. 392 Delahoyde, S. 158 DeLaruelle, N. 243,306 DelBalso, R. 172 DeLeers, J. 283 DelFriend, F. 166 Delvriche, E. 247 Delzer. T. lfi« 479 DeMaster, B. 432 DeMaster, R. 432 DeMet, V. 182 DeMik, C. 416 Demse, T. 271 Demske, B. 282 Dennis, N. 172 Dennison, T. 432 Denny, M. 283 DeNoble, J. 432 Denor, R. 300 Dent, J. 322 Denton, B. 164 DeNure, J. 432 Depew, N. 233 DePree, J. 273,432 Derber, D. 168 Derby, D. 432 DerDerian, D. 241 Derenne, S. 246 Derfel, R. 186 Derks, S. 280 Derrig, N. 251 Derscheid, E. 277 DeSchnepper, N. 233 Deshur, H. 392 Desjarlais, D. 471 Detert, M. 262 Detmer, C. 414 Dettmann, D. 256 Deutch, S. 232 Deutsch, P. 206 Deutsch, S. 220 Deverse, G. 139,311 Devine, P. 240 Devine, W. 253 DeVos, D. 258,432 DeWaal, A. 268 Dewel, B. 285 Dewey, C. 259 DeWitt, D. 265 Dexheimer, D. 140,432 DeYoung, V. 252 Dezek, J. 253 Dibble, W. 432 Dick, J. 243,244 Dicke, M. 392 Dickinson, D. 219 Dickinson, J. 263,306 Dickinson, K. 244 Dickman, C. 174,432 Dicks A. Dickson, K. 250,466 Didier, N. 190 Diebel, D. 154,239 Diederichs, J. 424 Diedrich, D. 402 Dielhenn, A. 432 Diercks, C. 158,458 Diers, P. 244 Dietsche, T. 272 Difrancesca, D. 258 DiGiosia, S. 266 Dike, C. 271 Dike, J. 392 Dillon, K. 282 DiMatteo, D. 178 Dineen, E. 250 Dinker, L. 235 Dirks, G. 378,380 Disch, G. 467 Disch, S. 379 Dittman, L. 460,464 Dix, D. 166,233 Dix, R. 379 Dizak, L. 142 Dlamini. B. 432 Dobberftihl, M. 198,392 Dobbins, D. 253 Dobrinska, M. 457 Dodd, C. 464 Dodge, J. 468 Dodge, S. 239 Doede, D. 458 Dohm, S. 425 Dolden, M. 178 Dolfman, B. 385,386 Doll, B. 416 Doll, T. 190 Dolney, S. 278 Dombrow, H. 392 Dombrowski, T. 262 Domnie, M. 261 Donahue, M. 432 Donahue, P. 184 Donkle, M. 239,457 Donnenberg, D. 262 Donoghue, A. 250 Donovan, G. 432 Donovan, W. 254 Dooley, K. 245 Dopp, D. 274 Dopp, S. 261 Doran, K. 332 Dorband, F. 386 Dorff, L. 156,432 Dorman, D. 240 Dorn, J. 386 Dorn, K. 458 Dorn, R. 199 Dorner, K. 432 Dorner, S. 432 Dornfeld, W. 266 Dornoff, L. 158 Dorszynski, C. 178 Dougherty, J. 280 Douglass, C. 166 Douglass, S. 241 Dove, J. 242 Dove, R. 140 Dovejoy, S. 176 Dovvnes, A. 259 Downey, J. 245 Doyle. A. 238 Doyle, M. 148 Doyle, P. 150,232 Doyle, S. 200,261 Draheim, R. 263 Drake, B. 458 Drake, G. 190 Drake, L. 244 Drake, M. 194 Drake, S. 263 Drapin, N. 392 Draves, J. 276 Drengler, W. 253 Dresher, E. 270 Dressier, D. 458 Drew, N. 275 Drinan, A. 243 Driver, L. 237 Drosner, D. 432 Drummond, S. 269 Duban, T. 432 Dubbs, T. 162 Dube, R. 196 Duboff, S. 176,311,312,432 Dubrin, M. 258 Duchow, D. 176 Duehring, D. 464 Dueker, D. 212 Duescher, B. 238 Duffy, T. 253 Dugenske, L. 251,255 Dukerschein, D. 457 Dumke, D. 188 Dummer, G. 139,316 Duncan. J. 432 Dunford, D. 278,468 Dunn, D. 150 Dunn, N. 245 Dunn, W. 148 Dunne, E. 426 Dunning, J. 392 Dunning, M. 432 Dunphy, T. 271 Dunwiddie, A. 316,432 Dupont, C. 235 Dupee, M. 273 Durant, A. 282 Durbin, C. 257 Durchslag, D. 271 Dumford, E. 146 Durst, M. 245 Duston, D. 261 Duwe, T. 385 Dvorachek, D. 260,263 Dvorachek, S. 186 Dvorak, S. 271 Dwyer, J. 279 Dwyer, M. 255 Dwyer, P. 283 Dwyer, T. 206 Dybdal, L. 316,392 Dymond, T. 300,407 Dysarz, J. 258 Dyson, P. 432 Eamey, C. 168,387 Easton, A. 406 Easton, P. 156,387 Eastwood, J. 234,268 Eaton, A. 236 Eaton, C. 280 Eberhardy, C. 432 Eberhardy, M. 234 Eberly, L. 158 Ebersole, A. 432 Ebert, D. 146 Ebert, L. 432 Ebert, R. 148,376,379,380 Eck, P. 269 Eckels, R. 270 Eddv, R. 261,392 Edelstein, L. 255 Eden, J. 425 Eder, J. 250,426 Ederer, A. 286 Edgerton, J. 190 Edison, R. 220 Edlebeck, S. 316 Edrinn, R. 219,407 Edwards, C. 416,432 Edwards, J. 432 Egan, P. 332 Egbert, E. 287 Egeloff, K. 259 Egerer, A. 432 Eggleson, J. 244 Egre, D. 268 Ehle, T. 206 Ehman, O. 316 Ehmke, S. 238 Ehr, R. 242 Ehrenreich, H. 210,393 Ehrensperger, M. 200,432 Ehrke, P. 260 Ehrlich, N. 236,393 Eich, K. 432 Eichel, W. 240 Eichner, S. 260 Eickhoff, R. 270 Eid, S. 139 Eidelman, J. 208,432 Eiduson, L. 312,393 Eiferman, A. 232 Eifler, L. 407 Eilbracht, E. 234 Eisemann, R. 305,403,407 Eisenberg, E. 142 Eisenberg, E. 264,284 Eisenberg, J. 178,233 Eisenberg, P. 458 Eisenhauer, S. 316 Eisenstadt, M. 259 Eising, R. 266 Eispman, R. 404 Eith, P. 245 Ela, D. 316 Ela, E. 253 Elbaum, M. 286 Eldowitz, J. 174 Eley, D. 318,404,407 Elfers, J. 316 Elgart, E. 253,304 Elkan, A. 266 Elkind, L. 199 Ella,!. EUefson, W. 266 Ellen. S. 234 Ellenbecker, C. EUestad, J. 279 EUestad, L. 432 EUickson, K. 261 Ellickson, M . 432 EUingson, A. 460,463,464 Ellingson, K. 250 Elliott, J. 250 Ellis, G. 204 Ellis, G. 407 Ellison, C. 280 EUman, D. 277 Ellsworth, M. 250 Elmer, D. 242 Elmer, M. 393 Elsa, J. 432 Elskamp, E. 212 Elson, J. 252,432 Elstad, M. 168,276 Emerson, G. 146 Emery, V. 245 Emmer, J. 262 Emmerick, J. 208,242 Emmons, B. 432 Eng, G. 150 Engeike, S. 271 Engel, G. 236 Engel, H. 268 Engel, R. 432 Engel. W. 253 Engelbretsen, K. 239 Enge ike, S. 168 Engelman, S. 244 Engerrand, S. 266 Englander, S. 233 English, V. 186,432 Engman, A. 220 Engstrom, A. 285 Engstrom, E. 188,407 Engstrom, J. 219 Ennis, K. 192,?E .. Ensch, D. 26«.t» ' a Enters, W. 31 ' fc .i Entin, B. 145;2f(« ' Epley, R. 316,432 Epley, S. 273 1 . Epp,P. 234 " ' ' Epps, L. 271 Eppstein, D. 210 Epstein, B. 196 Epstein, D. 387 Epstein, L. 214 Epstein, S. 432 Epstein, W. 320 Erbach, W. 432 Erdman, E. 198 Erdman, N. 316,414,416 Ericksen, N. 239 Erickson, B. 334 Erickson, J. 463,464 Erickson, K. 166 Erickson, L. 239 Erickson, P. 255 Erickson, S. 282 Erickson, T. 246 Eriksson, N. 404 Eriandson, R. 247 Emstoff, J. 220,280 Erskine, C. 206 Erstad, P. Ersting, J. 466 Esch, E. 154 Escobar, C. 282 Eskilson, J. 186,233 Eskstein, R. 253 Espenshade, J. 166,458 Esser, E. 168,387 Essrick, H. 199,432 Ethier, M. 178,432 Ethier, S. 266 Ettleson, B. 393 Ettlie, D. 154 Ettner, F. 196 Euclid, P. 233 Evans, A. 220 Evans, J. 156 Evans, J. 433 Evans, L. 253 Evans, T. 279 Evans, W. 142,276,433 Evans, W. 433 Evenson, L. 304 Everhart, S. Everitt, M. 321,433 Everson, J. 468 Everson, M. 433 Evrard, M. 214,239,424 Ewald, B. 258 Ewald, P. 458 Ewenko, P. 404 Eyer, J. 71,433 Faanes, J. 283 Faber, J. 268 Fabran, E. 245 Factor, B. 145 Fafard, L. 407 Fagel, M. 145,380 Fagman, W. 433 Fahey, D. 149,379 Fahey, J. 458 Fahlstrom, C. 266 Fail, B. 247 Falbo, L. 316 Fale, R. 464 Falit, R. 433 Falk, V. 316 Falkenstein, D. 404 Fallon, N. 285 Fallon, R. 260 Fan, F. 332 Fandrei, L. 379,380 Fang, F. 463 Farmiloe, M. 136 Famess, C. 393 Famsworth, K. 245,255 Farrand, L. 433 Farrar, C. 244 Farrell, T. 176 Farrey, E. 245 Fartworth, S. 250 Fath, C. 433 Fauless, J. 156 Faultersack, B. 241 Faust, S. Faver, G. 201 Fay. S. 277 Feckler, R. 257 Fedenia, J. 206 Federman, A. 270 Fedkenheuer, J. 287 Fehl, E. 458 Feifarek, C. 154 Fein, A. 258 Fein, L. 433 Feinberg, J. 203 Feinberg, M. 274 Feind, R. 156 Feinfeld. L. 316,433 Feingold, B. 286 Feingold, K. 249 Feinstein, B. 433 Feinstein, J. 283 Feintuch, S. 433 Felbab, L. 384,385 Feldberg, M. 247 Feldberg, W. Feldcher, M. 142 Felder, F. Feldman, E. 235 Feldman, H. 254 Feldman, R. 433 Feldmann, D. 262 Feldner, T. 300,387 Feldsher, M. 433 Felix, M. 211 Fell, W. 407 Felman, L. 286 Femal, J. 219,387 Fenner, D. 316,433 Fenner, R. 242 Fenske, A. 239 Fenton, E. 433 Fenton, G. 263 Ferber, T. 256 Ferch, L. 235 Fergal, J. 387 Ferguson, E. 197,284,433 Feronto, J. 301 Ferrel, J. 407 Ferrin, C. 266 Fershko, J. 273 Fetter, D. 203,259 Fever, D. 273 Fial, T. 257 Fieber, J. 384,387 Fiedelman, N. 306,433 Field, R. 433 Fields, A. 270 Fields, J. 285 Fields, M. 276 Fields, M. 433 Fieschko, T. 268 Fifrick, T. 198 Figi, W. 242 Finch, J. 470 Finfer, L. 433 Finley, C. 415 Finley, M. 178,238 Finn, R. 247 Finnigan, N. 241 Finnigan, T. 433 Finstad, B. 189 Fireman, F. 210 Firer, P. 317 Fimrohr, J. 283 Fisch, A. 433 Fischer, D. 262,384 Fischer, F. 138 Fischer, G. 276 Fischer, J. 239 Fischer, M. 284 480 Fischer, S. 195,393 Fish, M. 159 Fishbein, I. 277 Fishbein, R. 312 Fishbein, S. 274 Fisher, E. 433 Fisher, J. 249 Fisher, J. 433 Fisher, L. 283 Fisher, W. 433 Fisk, A. 239 Fitch, P. 163 Fitt, T. 433 Fitts, J. 213,311 Fitz, L. 243,244 Fitzgerald, B. Fitzgerald, J. 263,266 Fitzgerald, P. 178,274 Fitzgerald, W. 262 Fitzgibbons, K. 185 Fitzsimmons, L. 316,466 Fjelstad, A. 433 Flack, J. 327,335,407 Flagel, K. 262 Flammang, T. 242 Flanagan, L. 136 Flanagan, M. 240 Flanagan, P. 274 Flanner, M. 284 Flegel, R. 185,301,316 Fleischer, L. 280 Fleming, G. 153,433 Fleming, M. 433 Fleming, S. 279 Fleming, T. 471 Fletcher, C. 269 Fletcher, J. 393 Fletcher, L. 416 Fletcher, N. 233 Flick, A. 316 Flieger, J. 316,433 Flink, K. 407 Floger, E. 272 Flood, R. 217 Floor, K. 151,433 Floro, B. 252 Flowers, L. 175 Flowers, T. 462,464 Flynn, J. 171,433 Foat, L. 279,317,433 Foerster, J. 469,472 Foesch, J. 403,407 Fogel, M. 433 Foggy, J. 315 Foico, M. 176,433 Foley, K. 285 Follick, J. 274 Foltz, K. 393 Folz, J. 236 Fons, R. 387,468 Fonstad, D. 262,316 Fonstad, E. 305,333,403 Foote, B. 393 Ford, E. 433 Foreman, N. 273 Forman, J. 433 Fornell, P. 250 Forrest, J. 433 Forrest, R. 263 Forster, E. 264 Forte, D. 260,433 Forton, B. 393 Forusz, S. 463 Fosbender, L. 241 Fosdick, D. 186 Fosdick, J. 433 Fosdick, S. 433 Foskett, J. 159 Foss, M. 244 Foss, R. 322 Foster, D. 463 Foster, J. 300 Foster, M. 464 Foster, N. 248 Foth, J. 259 Fouchia, P. 268 Foulks, R. 172 Foundrie, D. 163 Fox, B. 245 Fox, D. 276 Fox, S. 142 Frahm, L. 456,458 Frahm, M. 433 France, L. 145,387 Franchino, C. 316,393 Francis, C. 238 Francoul, B. 311 Francour, B. 209,433 Frank, D. 456 Frank, J. 171 Frank, M. 316 Frank, R. 282 Frank, S. 433 Frank, W. 384,387 Franklin, L. 279 Frankowski, K. 176 Frantsen, L. 238 Franz, M. 393 Franzblau, E. 247 Eraser, R. 255 Frasier, C. 188 Frasier, L. ?« S=,j, Frazer, D. Frazer, R. .9 Frederick, K. " 3 Fredericksen T. 433 Fredland, A. 12,433 Freeberg, B. 4j8 Freed, M. 433 Freedman, B. 209 Freedman, E. 280 Freedman, H. 279 Freedman, M. 142 Freeman, A. 264 Freeman, B. 250 Freeman, K. 406 Fregien, P. 461,462 Frei. L. 270 Freiboth, D. 263 Freiburger, B. 248 Freidel, M. 248 Freidig, L. 300 Freisinger, P. 240 Frelke, P. 288,321 Frentzel, L. 433 Frenz, B. 168,310,387 Frey, R. 393 Freymiller, F. 316 Fried, S. 235,393 Friedeck, P. 380 Friedman, H. 433 Friedman, J. 197 Friedman, L. 433 Friedman, W. 257 Fries, J. 260 Friese, J. 259 Frietag, J. 255 Frischtak, C. 257 Frisque, V. 236 Fritsch, B. 255 Fritsch, J. 188 Fritz, D. 257 Fritz, K. 239 Fritz, R. 170 Fritz, W. 156,387 Fritzsinger, K. 178 Froggins, M. 209 Frohmader, K. 284 Froming, W. 262 Fromm, E. 270 Fronk, T. 323 Frost, J. 433 Frost, L. 283 Frost, M. 280 Frost, S. 278 Frumkin, K. 433 Frutkin, D. 316,433 Fry, K. 407 Fry, M. 283 Frye, D. 379 Fugina, J. 235,425 Fuhrman, C. 434 Fuhrmann, D. 280 Fuhrmann, H. 235,316,434 Fuhrmann, T. 234,376,379 Fush, S. 316 Fuke,C. 414,416 Fukuya, J. 258 Full, S. 263 Fuller,!. 311 FuUwood, C. 186,237,426 Fullwood, M. 156,316,320, 434 Fulmer, J. 241,245 Fulton, B. 434 Fulwiler, J. 265 Furchtenicht, J. 434 Futzsinger, R. 233 Gabel, S. 246 Gabrielson, K. 240 Gabrir, M. 233 Gadberry, G. 434 Gadiel, D. 393 Gadzik, J. 254 Gaftiey, M. 257 Gahan, K. 176 Galarowicz, M. 189 Galarza, E. 182 Galko, K. 184 Gall, R. 252 Gall, W. 278 Gallagher, J. 172 Gallagher, T. 263 Gallas, J. 219 Gallau, N. 434 Galle, L. 150 Galles, S. 240 Galligan, J. 160 Gallimore, M. 240 Gallimore, T. 278 Galvin, A. 393 i Galvin, M. 150 Gammell, J. 434 Gander, K. 287 Gandre, R. 316 Gandv, T. 434 Ganek, J. 145 Gannon, K. 178,315,393 Ganser, K. 466 Gard, J. 249 Gardiner, M. 283 Gardner, K. 274 Gardner, L. 434 Garity, D. 242 Gamett, B. 158 Gamett, G. 434 Garrett, C. 316 Garrison, A. 144,332 Garrod, K. 268 Garthier, D. 262 Gartner, P. 248,286 Gartner, D. 287 Garvin, R. 259 Gary, L. 258 Gaskill, G. 301 Gaskin, P. 434 Caspardo, J. 285,393 Gasser, J. 284 Cassett, R. 462 Gates, E. 285 Gates, R. 164 Gator, W. 202 Gatzke, D. 247 Gauger, J. 279 Gauike, G. 404 Gauike, L. 164 Gauike, S. 279 Gausche, C. 387 Gauthier, D. 403,406 Gauthier, E. 262 Gauthier, W. 242 Gavin, M. 434 Gavinski, K. 249 Gaudemans, J. 268 Geary, K. 182 Gease, M. 393 Gehrke, J. 140 Gehrke, J. 387 Gehrmann, J. 282 Geier, K. 393 Geiger, D. 140,407 Geiger, T. 464 Geister, V. 252 Geitz, S. 167 Gelatt, C. 316 Gelbert, B. 210 Gelhar, D. 379 Geller, A. 220 Cellis, R. 202 Gellman, J. 210,237 Celman, C. 220 Gempeler, G. 213 Gendelman, N. 288 Genich, K. 268 Gennrich, T. 274 Genshaft, J. 434 Genske, R. 148 Genskow, L. 407 Gentile, E. 434 Genz, C. 261 Geoghegan, C. 182 Geraldson, M. 178,393 Gerber, E. 434 Gerber, J. 142,258 Gerlach, D. 434 Gerlach, N. 285 Gerland, G. 434 Gerrity, J. 264 Gershman, B. 266 Gershman, D. 142 Gershman, L. 142,284 Gershon, M. 232 Gershon, S. 210 Gershow, J. 220 GerstI, G. 253 Gerstner, J. 201 Gesbeck, H. 275 Gesicki, A. 403 Cesinski, J. 316 Gessert, L. 282 Gessow, E. 434 Getz, L. 167 Getzin, M. 167 Gevelinger, S. 276 Gfall, G. 272 Ghastin, J. 434 Gibbons, C. 434 Gibbs, B. 216,243 Gibbs, W. 407 Gibson, B. 266 Gibson, M. 215 Giese, J. 144 Giese, R. 271 Giesel, J. 276 Giesen, J. 254 Giesen, S. 434 Giguere, P. 261 Gilardi, J. 274,434 Gilbert, A. 220,288,434 Gilbert, A. 434 Gilbert, G. 246 Gilbert, J. 266 Gilbert, M. 172,308,393 Gilbert, S. 282 Gilbertson, B. 252 Gilbertson, V. 275 Gilheany, S. 270 Gille, S. 262 Gillen, S. 174,434 Gilles, A. 248 Gillett, N. 434 Gillette, C. 260 Gillette, M. 434 Gilligan, R. 252 Gillilan, M. 318,402,404,407 Gillis, D. 260 Gilman, S. 278 Gilray, J. 322,407 Gilson, I. 150 Gilson, I. 393 Gilson, M. 434 Gingold, J. 434 Ginonen, P. 378 Ginsburg, B. 220 Giordano, E. 187 Girdharry, R. 468 Gitschel, P. 283 Gjertson, M. 201,380,316 Gjetson, M. 166 Gladitsch, T. 283 Glaser, B. 264,316,434,434 Glaser, R. 287 Glass, C. 393 Glass, D. 434 Glassanet, J. 253 Glassauer, J. 434 Glatz, G. 378,380 Glaunert, K. 262 Glazer, P. 250 Gleason, C. 238 Gleiss, W. 140 Glennon, J. 251 Glocke, J. 316,462 Glorioso, 276 Gloss, F. 208 Glove, R. 263 Glowacki, T. 256 Glustrom, M. 277 Gnat, J. 458 Gnatzig, W. 142 Gobis, L. 239,457 Coddard, D. 467 Godenrath, S. 164 Godfrey, E. 242 Godfrey, K. 184 Godfrey, T. 195 Goedjen, R. 172 Goehmann, R. 256 Goelzer, D. 192,387 Goeser N. 146,316 Goetsch, P. 461,462 Goetz, C. 285 Goetz, J. 142 Goggin, M. 320,434 Goisman, R. 270,277,312,316 Gold, G. 434 Gold, H. 457 Goldberg, G. 245 Goldberg, J. 434 Goldberg, K. 145 Goldberg, L. 315 Goldberg, S. 176 Goldberg, S. 434 Goldberg, S. 434 Goldblum, J. 287 Goldenberg, L. 434 Goldin, J. 393 Goldman, D. 2S4 Goldman, F. 434 Goldman, K. 256 Goldman, M. 140,316,434 Goldman, S. 434 Goldner, L. 316,434 Goldring, H. 434 Goldschmidt, L. 142 Goldschmidt, S. 269 Goldsmith, J. 196 Goldsmith, M. 286 Goldsmith, P. 232 Goldstein, B. 275 Goldstein, F. 283 Goldweber, E. 434 Gollash, F. 464 Gollnick, P. 434 Golner, M. 393 Golub, R. 273 Colueke, D. 256 Golz, J. 317 Golz, N. 237 Gonis, E. 275 Gonnen, M. 264 Gonstead, R. 190 Gonzales, A. 283 Gonzales, L. 259 Gonzalez, B. 241 Good, D. 204 Good, J. 189,462 Goodfeed, L. 233 Gooding, C. 208 Goodman, A. 278,393 Goodman, D. 196 Goodman, J. 202,210,265, 283 Goodman, J. 434 Goodman, L. 220,278 Goodno, B. 176,402,316 Goodson, T. 245 Goodstein, S. 199 Goodyear, N. 301 Gorder, B. 279,425 Gordon, A. 166,232,260 Gordon, A. 434 Gordon, B. 434 Gordon, C. 145 Gordon, D. 142,212,255,321 Gordon, J. 469 Gordon, L. 265 Gordon, P. 265 Gordon, S. 196,210,265,275, 302,434 Gordon, S. 416 Gordon, T. 284 Gorecki, K. 261 Gorman, M. 266 Gorrell, J. 206 Gorski, J. 434 Gorski, M. 252 Gorski, S. 393 Gorsky. B. 232 Gortenburg, R. 286 Gorton, L. 236,426 Gose, J. 167 Gospodarek, D. 307 Goss, M. 268 Gotesky, J. 213 Gottlieb, K. 264 Gottlieb, N. 287 Gottschalk, E. 250 Gottschalk, A. 160 Goudy, D. 181 481 Cou ld, S. 403 Grassel, J. 260 Greer, W. 393 Grombacher, A. 435 Guardia, A. 154,265 Gouze, C. 285 Grat, J. 235 Gregg, E. 235 Gronemeyer, S. 316,468,469 Gronewo d, S. 435 Guelzow, F. 164 Goyke, S. 266 Gratch, N. Gregg, M. 240 Guenther, A. 435 Craan, J. 216,435 Gratch, P. 387 Gregg, S. 243 Cronik, N. 288 Guenther, J. 287 Grabarski, D. 380 Craul, Z. 239,378 Gregorius, M. 238 Grosbier, M. 261 Guenther, K. 152 Grabarski, R. 379 Graves, C. 260 Greicar, D. 393 Crosnick, H. 317 Guenveur, J. 240 Graber, J. 160,376 Graczyk, S. 407 Graves, J. 282 Greicar, G. 435 Grosnick, J. 278 Guilfoyle, P. 312,314 Graves, L. 164 Greichunos, J. 256 Grosnick, W. 435 Guis, A. 240 Grady, C. 416 Gray, G. 407 Greif, L. 435 Gross, J. 280 Guldan, G. 250 Grady, M. 403,406 Graebner, S. 260 Gray, M. 280,425 Greiling, D. 469 Gross, L. 220 Gulesserian, B. 238,458 Gray, R. 472 Grelig, M. 282 Gross, M. 210 Gullickson, G. 462 Graethnger, J. 213 Gray, R. 387 Grenier, D. 262 Gross, W. 393 Gullickson, R. 241 Graf, L. 240 Graze, G. 302 Gresch, W. 376,379 Grosskopf, G. 248,262 Gump, J. 333 Graf, S. 286 Grear, M. 176 Gress, D. 258,435 Grosskoff, J. 384 Gumz, D. 403,406,407 Graf, W. 467,468,435 Greco, D. 216 Greuel, S. 315 Grossman, A. 286 Gundlach, J. 178 Graff, C. 332 Graf f; D. 142 Graff, N. 259 Grafuraller, K. 250 Graff, E. 208 Graham, N. 167,233 Graham, V. 435 Grahm, L. 457 Grahn, E. 275 Grahn, R. 384 Graiewski, J. 265 Grail, J. 262 Gralow, J. 255 Grams, C. 150 Grams, M. 387 Crandall, G. 278 Granger, D. 416 Granger, P. 187 Grant, D. 215 Grant, J. 458 Grant, K. 384,385,387 Grant, S. 286 Grantz, C. 182 Cranum, S. 187 Greco, D. 387 Green, D. 250 Green, G. 316 Green, H. 255 Green, J. 262 Green, J. 416 Green, J. 316,435 Green. M. 321 Greenbaum, J. 261 Greenberg, B. 435 Greenberg, L. 315 Greenberg, M. 210,308 Greenberg, P. 208 Greenblatt, M. 145,387 Greene, B. 265,435 Greene, D. 252 Greene, E. 263 Greene, L. 220 Greene, P. 154 Creenhaigh, T. 192 Greenspoon, B. 182 Greenwood, B. 244,427 Greenwood, N. 170 Greenwood, S. 244 Grewal, B. 140 Greyer, N. 256 Grieb, K. 244 Griese, G. 162 Griffin, C. 249 Griffin, M . 256 Griffiths, S. 240 Grigitis, M. 270 Grihalva, M. 286 Grilley, R. 402,407 Grimes, J. 136 Grim, L. 274 Grimm, C. 271 Grimm, J. 270 Grimm, W. 435 Grimme, M. 379 Grimstad, E. 235,393 Grinde. W. 387 Grinnell, L. 316,435 Griswold, C. 254 Grob, J. 219 Grochowski, D. 277 Grodin, B. 393 Grombacher, 202 Grossman, D. 196 Grossman, E. 220 Grossman, L. 279 Grossman, M. 187 Grossman, P. 435 Grossman, R. 279 Grosspietsch, M. 275 Grote, R. 257 Groth, C. 158,435 Grover, N. 184,380 Gruber, J. 378,379 Grubis, G. 239 Grudzina, V. 469 Gruel, S. 167 Gruen, D. 235 Gruen, G. 273 Grueneberg, R. 277 Grueschow. L. 243 Gruetzmacher, C. 247 Grundahl, M. 379 Gruskin, M. 196 Grusznski, R. 259 Gryskiewicz, J. 435 Guajardo, R. 262 Gunkelman, J. 178,308,435 Gunning, R. 256 Gurd, F. 256 Guren, S. 145 Guriand, M. 158 Guschl, R. 435 Guse, D. 286 Gust, T. 407 Gustafson, D. 188 Gustafson, M. 249 Gustavson, M. 258 Gute, M. 435 Gutgesell, V. 316 Guth, R. 393 Gutchenryderstein, C. 195 Guthrie, C. 435 Guthrie, L. 278 Gutstein, J. 435 Guttman, J. 145 Guttormsen, S. 393 Guy, S. 264 Guy, T. 268 Gygax, R. 142,377,380 Haack, B. 435 482 Haag, L. 280 Haagensen, R. 206 Haakenson, J. 240 Haas, L. 425 Haas, S. 460,463 Habeck, K. 158,248 Haber, J. 210 Haberman, M. 435 Haberman, S. 387 Haberstroh, J. 214 Hable, S. 276 Hable, W. 276 Hachikian, S. 236 Hachmeister, T. 178 Hackel, J. 317 Hacker, C. 136 Hacker, J. 253 Hacking, M. 167 Hadden, C. 384 Hadler, W. 255 Haese, S. 260 Haeuser, A. 256 Hafermann, C. 402,316 Haffer, D. 316,435 HafTermann, M. 468 Haftel, P. 316 Hagen, J. 259 Hagen, S. 240,284 Hager, D. 272 Hagopian, L. 284 Hahn, N. 136 Haight, D. 154 Haile, K. 300 Haima, R. 278 Haiman, L. 264 Haimerl, R. 278 Hajdu, S. 385 Hajost, M. 251 Hake, J. 195 Halbach, J. 158 Hale, W. 317 Hale, R. 204 Haligas, S. 316 Hall, J. 136,219,264 Hall, M. 245,456 Hall, P. 172 Hall, R. 195 Hall, S. 140,285 Halldin, G. 140,278 Hallenberg, J. 158,435 Haller, K. 393 Haller, P. 257,323 Haller, S. 186,435 Hallett, K. 253 Hallman, J. 380 Halloran, T. 257 Halperin, G. 152 Halpem, J. 244 Halquist, M. 251,253 Halter, J. 238 Halverson, J. 208 Halverson, K. 435 Halverson, N. 239 Halvorson, C. 463 Halvorson, R. 242 Hamacher, S. 435 Hamamura, J. 235 Hamann, S. 186 Hambsch, M. 282 Hambuch, P. 466 Hamel, A. 316,435 Hamilton, C. 178,273,314, 393 Hamilton, G. 248 Hamilton, K. 277 Hamilton, N. 245 Hamilton, S. 235,246 Hamlin, P. 435 Hamm, J. 164 Hammang, G. 282 Hammel, M. 248 Hammen, K. 245 Hammerstrom, W. 393 Hammes, C. 435 Hammes, J. 278 Hammes, R. 189 Hammond, B. 201 Hamre, G. 393 Hanauer, G. 144 Hancock, M. 241 Hand, M. 72 Hand, S. 282 Handley, J. 247 Handlos, P. 266 Handrich, C. 256 Handrow, R. 271 Handrow, S. 287,393 Handschke, R. 379,380 Handy, W. 272 Haney. S. 283 Hanink, K. 260 Hanke, C. 239 Hanke, G. 196 Hanke, M. 435 Hannah, A. 259 Hannah, D. 195 Hannah, G. 271 Hannan, K. 158,314 Hannay, C. Hanneman, H. 156 Hannemann, L. 313,463 Hansbrough, R. 198 Hansen, D. 277 Hansen, L. 317 Hansen, M. 435 Hansen, S. 282 Hanser, D. 277,403 Hansis, M. 167,435 Hansis, T. 435 Hansmann, S. 182 Hanson, A. 462 Hanson, C. 235 Hanson, D. 255,274,334,377 Hanson, L. 278,334 Hanson, M. 250 Hanson, P. 240 Hanson, R. 207,262 Hanson, S. 272,458 Hanson, W. 435 Hantak, D. 276 Hantke, B. 148 Hanus, J. 246,435 Harcus, D. 380 Hard, N. 435 Harder, C. 266 Harder, T. 207,311 Hardiman, J. 241 Hardin, C. 278 Hardoon, D. 435 Hardzinski, E. 239 Hardzinski, J. 247 Hardzinski, P. 404,407 Hare, P. 426,435 Hareck, T. 207 Harju, K. 146,284 Harlow, P. 273 Harker, J. 435 Harker, J. 207 Harkins, P. 189,313 Harleberg, M. 334 Harling, D. 287 Harmelink, D. 283 Harmon, C. 251,253 Harms, J. 318,402 Harms, L. 458 Harrigan, C. 150,393 Harrill, S. 416 Harrington, J. 435 Harrington, M. 435 Harris, A. 393 Harris, B. 312,316,415 Harris, C. 393 Harris, D. 270,387 Harris, H. 471 Harris, K. 435 Harris, L. 435 Harris, M. 204 Harris, N. 264 Harris, P. 142 Harris, S. 136 Harrison, E. 435 Harrison, J. 261,384 Hart, A. 167 Hart, C. 233 Hart, D. 202,306 Hart, D. 435 Hart, H. 152,254 Hart, R. 208 Harte, C. 257 Hartenberger, M. 285 Hartley, B. 172 Hartman, K. 240 Hartman, P. 148 Hartmann, B. 270 Hartwig, K. 407 Hartzman, M. 322 Harvey, A. 258,416 Harvey, C. 258 Harvey, C. 435 Harvey, V. 235 Haseley, D. 190 Hasenfus, J. 160 Hasheck, J. 279 Haskell, J. 146,435 Haslanger, M. 192 Hass, A. 316,385,387 Hasse, M. 248 Hastings, A. 186,314 Hastings, M. 182,255,314 Hastreiter, R. 435 Halleberg, M. 435 Hattenbach, P. 258 Haubrich, J. 436 Haug, C. 158,318 Haug, P. 272 Haug, S. 316,436 Haugen, J. 468 Haugestuen, J. 259 Haugh, W. 168 Haugland, S. 257 Haukom, D. 186,316,393 Haukom, L. 239 Haunschild, J. 239 Haupt, L. 393 Hauser, M. 257 Hausman, K. 288 Haven G. 271 Haverberg, J. 402,407 Havey, R. 393 Havlik, J. 436 Havver, P. 204 Hawe, G. 458 Hawke, B. 335 Hawkins, E. 238 Haworth, C.311 Hayden,C. 415,416 Hayek, R. 271 Hayes, B. 436 Hayes, L. 140 Hayes, M. 213 Hayes, P. 168,387 Hayman, S. 436 Hays, B. 248 Hays, S. 416 Hayward, B. 190 Hayworth, D. 195 Heal, S. 237,239 Heald, J. 461,463,464 Heaney, J. 384,387 Heath, A. 416 Heath, K. 436 Heath, M. 283 Heck, B. 416 Hedden, R. 204 Hedstrom, R. 259 Heffling, B. 424 Hefty, B. 276 Heger, M. 271 Hegland, I. 316 Heiclen, J. 261 Heidenreich, A. 436 Heidenreich, G. 219 Heil, M. 393 Heiller, J. 285 Heilman, J. 219,318,403,407 Heim, D. 403,407 Heimann, J. 285 Heimberg, P. 263 Heine, K. 335,393 Heinrich, J. 416 Heinricy, D. 279 Heinsberg, C. 416 Heintz, C. 471 Heintzberger, E. 436 Heinz, J. 258 Heinze, A. 233 Heinze, T. 259 Heise, G. 274 Heise, K. 201 Heiser, C. 154 Heisig, K. 242 Heit, C. 256 Heitz, J. 316 Heitzinger, D. 176 Heitzinger, R. 176 Heldman, G. 436 Heleniak, J. 472 Helfand, M. 196 Helfrich, S. 393 Hellenbrand, S. 287 Heller, K. 136,436 Heller, L. 182 Heller. L. 436 Hellickson, G. 269 Helling, S. 245 Hellrood, R. 387 Hellwig, D. 259 Helmer, J. 283 Helmly, O. 213 Helmo, C. 277 Helz, C. 284 Hemke, R. 207 Hemlock, R. 238 Hemmings, R. 436 Hemp, L. 174 Henckel, M. 176 Henderson, B. 206 Henderson, J. 196,206 Henderson, J. 436 Henderson, K. 278 Henderson, R. 263 Hendrick, P. 288 Hendricks, J. 219 Hendricks, W. 207 Hendrickson, J. 242,436,407 Hendrickson, T. 206 Hengelmann, B. 182 Henk, L. 250 Henke, C. 236,268 Henkelman, W. 317 Henken, J. 255 Henneger, R. 176,311,436 Henner, L. 268,436,468 Hennessy, C. 316,436 Henning, D. 240,380,462 Henning, J. 257 Henning, P. 257 Henninger, H. 387 Henry, G. 140 Henry, P. 250 Hensen, M. 155,252 Hensley, M. 195 Hentz, K. 257 Hepler, L. 402,469 Herb, R. 472 Herbert, A. 244 Herbolsheimer, K. 178 Herbst, B. 240 Herbst, D. 152 Herf, S. 316 Herker, D. 236,316,384,387 Herman, H. 436 Herman, J. 248,278 Herman, R. 393 Hermann, A. 142 Herold, D. 256 Herried, R. 425 Hers, A. 243 Hershcopf, S. 238 Hertel, E. 186,314 Hertel, J. 259 Herther, S. 387 Hertzberg, T. 273 Herwitt, D. 436 Herwitz, J. 280 Herziger, T. 279 Herzog, B. 239,466 Hess, A. 244 Hesse, D. 387 Hesser, W. 240 Hessert, M. 167,248 Hestad, S. 393 Hetts, R. 379 Hetzel, C. 306,436 Heuer, D. 266 Heuer, S. 182 Heuser, B. Heuser, D. 436 Hewes, N. 384,387 Heymann, M. 436 Heywood, A. 393 Hgaen, G. 268 Hiat, R. 436 Hggen, V. 238 Hibner, K. 436 Hickman, L. 257 Hicks, R. 172 Hickson, K. 462 Hieber, A. 316 Hiebing, N. 287 Higginbotham, A. 255 Higgins, K. 178 Higgins, R. 189,462,464 Higgins, W. 402 Higuchi, B. 255 Hiken, C. 72,73 Hildebrand, G. 156 Hildebrand, P. 176 Hildeman, G. 402,404 Hildert, E. 258 Hildreth, J. 206,436 Hiles, M. 315 Hiles, S. 316 Hilgendorf, S. 317 Bilker, A. 380 Milker, K. 260 Hill, D. 74,182 Hill, G. 247 Hill, K. 201,236 Hill, M. 251 Hill, P. 237,239,393 Hill, R. 192,436 Hill, S. 238 Hiller, W. 316 Hillmann, R. 148 Hilmer, S. 156,255 Hilty, S. 136,316,320,414, 415 Hiltz, P. 436 Himebauch, G. 387 Himes, J. 196,266 Hinderaker, P. 156 Hindin, B. 258,426 Hines, J. 384 Hinkle, B. 279,468 Hinkley, J. 258 Hinners, C. 172,387 Hinrichs, J. 436 Hintz, C. 436 Hintz, J. 235,460,462,464 Hintz, M. 286 Hipsch, S. 394 Hirosharva, S. 257 Him, G. 236 Hiron, J. 274 Hirsch, C. 283 Hirsch, K. 387 Hirsch, M. 394 Hirsch, P. 210,232 Hirsch, S. 274 Hirschinger, D. 254 Hirst, B. 279 Hirst, S. 236 Hitch, P. 162 Hitch, W. 162 Hitty, S. 316 Ho, D. 404,408 Ho, S. 436 Hoag, C. 200 Hoar, K. 257 Hobber, G. 253 Hoberg, P. 276 Hochberg, M. 240 Hochenberg, P. 170 Hochman, 1. 286 Hockney, T. 266 Hodge, M. 275 Hodgins, P. 436 Hodnett, A. 259 Hoefer, P. 384 Hoeffel, A. 264 Hoefs, K. 236,394 Hoeft, J. 248 Hoehn, K. 458 Hoelzel, J. 387 Hoeper, P. 256 Hoerig, V. 394 Hoernemann, W. 170,436 Hoerr, J. 384,387 Hoesly, T. 273 Hofer, M. 436 Hoff, E. 286 Hoff, J. 188,221 Hoffer, T. 204 HofFing, S. 384,387 Hoffman, B. 273 Hoffman, H. 259 Hoffman, P. 142,207,387, 436 Hoffman, R. 265 Hoffmann, D. 283 Hoffmann, P. 458 Hogan, A. 250 Hogan, F. 208 Hogan, H. 379 Hogan, M. 210 Hohansen, O. 286 Hohman, B. 436 Hohol,J.271 Holan, R. 266 483 Holbus, J. 266 Holdem, R. 195 Holden, L. 216 Holden, T. 404 Holdstein, E. 282 Holewinski, D. 379 Holewinski, W. 404 Holifield, D. 243,300 Holihan, C. 279,436 Holihan, H. 158,241 Holl, R. 236 Holl, S. 283 Holland, J. 164,172 Holliday, S. 436 Holloway, A. 257 Holloway, C. 436 Holly, T. 190 Holm, K. 246 Holm, R. 464 Holman, J. 305,403 Holman, N. 266 Holmberg, L. 436 Holsten, P. 162,305,403 Holt, M. 264 Holtan, B. 160 Holtman, J. 259 Holtz, D. 237,436 Holtz, J. 394 Holtz, L. 236 Holtzman, S. 276 Holzem, R. 268 Homa, J. 150 Honeck, M. 279 Honer, M. 274 Hong, W. 462 Honig, S. 287 Hony, L. 160 Hoon, C. 278 Hoopes, A. 436 Hootkin, M. 232 Hooyman, M. 250 Hopefl, A. 213,463 Hoppe, M. 285 Hoppert, M. 164,436 Horak, P. 252 Horevitz, E. 436 Horkey, G. 240 Horky, S. 248,456 Homer, W. 216,270 Homig, T. 316,387 Horochena, S. 384 Horowitz, B. 265 Horton, M. 235 Horwitz, B. 265 Hoskens, J. 148,379 Hott, L. 252 Hotter. P. 245 Houfek, S. 186,243,244 Houge, R. 464 Houghlin, L. 238 Hougum, C. 316,436 Houlberg, W. 242 House, D. 253 Houser, D. 385 Howard. J. 314 Howard, L. 248 Howard, R. 210,232 Howard, V. 387 Howell, B. 394 Howie, W. 200 Howley, A. 164,436 Howman, D. 249 Hoyer, J. 266 Hoyer, J. 425 Hoyt, R. 245 Hmcirik, J. 256 Hron, D. 376 Huben, J. 265 Huber, T. 164 Huberty, J. 279 Hubin, C. 265 Hubred, G. 243 Huddleston, A. 264 Hudon, F. 160,311,436 Huebner, B. 245 Huebner, D. 271,273 Huebscher, J. 270 Huegel. E. 201 Huenefeld, J. 436 Huenink, M . 242 Huettl, J. 468 Huettner, C. 174 Huff; L. 436 Huffaker, L. 184 Huffling, B. 427 Huffman, J. 436 Huffman, P. 186,277 Hufschmidt, B. 233 Hughes, G. 249 Hughes, M. 427 Hughes, S. 240 Huhn, J. 259 Huhta, J. 216 Hui, S. 255 Huizenga, R. 195 Hull, B. 221 Hullman, D. 436 Hulsether, W. 277 Hulstedt, P. 215 Hultgen, H. 244,316 Human, S. 232 Humphrey, A. 394 Humphrey, J. 436 Humphrey, S. 146,264 Hung, F. 436 Hunricksen, G. 160 Hunt, D. 464 Hunt, M. 167,233,261 Huntington, S. 394 Hurelle, C. 208 Hurst, A. 308,436 Hurst, N. 233,466 Hurth, R. 316 Hurwitz, G. 437 Husain, M. 377 Huske, D. 240 Husman, T. 471 Hussa, E. 240 Hussey, M. 261,415 Hussin, D. 213 Husting, E. 437 Husting, P. 274 Huston, A. 243 Huston, M. 136,437 Huston, N. 472 Hutcheson, G. 427 Hutchins, S. 261 Hutchinson, A. 178,240 Hutchinson, J. 277 Hutchison, W. 273 Hyatt, R. 208 Hyer, S. 263,287 Hylan, M. 145 Hyland, M. 248 Hyland, R. 255 Hyslop, R. 402 Hytken, P. 221 Ibach, J. 268 Idsvoog, P. 316 Idzikowski, A. 236,237 Ihlenfeldt, K. 437 Imhoff, J. 394 Immel, H. 394 Inderberg, L. 288 Infield, M. 462 Ingalls, R. 206,385 Ingber, L. 151,394 Ingber, R. 142,263,265 Ingeman, M. 403,408 Ingemann, M. 305 Ingraham, S. 437 Insrud, C. 248 lorio, L. 242 Irish, M. 249 Irwin, D. 255 Irwin, H. 144 Isaacson, C. 248,437 Iseri, J. 260 Ison, J. 274 Israsena, A. 405 Isroff, J. 162,321,437 Issing, P. 275 Itellwe, G. 242 Ittner, T. 266 Ivankovich, 1. 277 Ivey, H. 275 Iwen, D. 268 Jabusch, L. 378 Jacak, C. 316,458 Jackan, S. 280 Jackson, A. 334 Jackson, A. 394 Jackson, D. 170,437 Jackson, G. 206,322,334,469 Jackson, G. 408 Jackson, J. 186 Jackson, M. 268 Jackson, R. 235 Jackson, S. 437 Jacob, G. 237 Jacobi, A. 437 Jacobi, R. 206 Jacobs, B. 437 Jacobs, C. 166,437 Jacobs, D. 311 Jacobs, E. 437 Jacobs, H. 278 Jacobs, J. 210,212,244,437 Jacobs, J. 316 Jacobs, L. 162,260,394,437 Jacobs, M. 279 Jacobs, S. 311 Jacobsen, B. 279 Jacobsen, P. 188 Jacobson, G. 276,335 Jacobson, J. 437 Jacobson, R. 468 Jacobson, S. 384,437 Jacoby, J. 259,437 Jacoby, P. 259 Jacques, J. 404 Jadin, D. 394 Jaeck, L. 271 Jaeger, J. 262 Jaeger, R. 259 Jafferis, T. 174,314 Jaggard, D. 316 Jagodzinski, S. 403,406,408 James, N. 232 James, R. 276 Janakiev, N. 240 Janis, H. 138,155 Janis, H. 184 Janiszewski, C. 316,394 Jankins, M. 275 Jankowski, M. 248 Jankowski, R. 464 Janowak, J. 408 Jannenfelser, C. 233 Janowski, L. 404 Jans, W. 276 Janscha, G. 270 Jansen, A. 215 Jansen, M. 240 Janson, N. 277 Janura, A. 256 Jaquish, M. 248 Jarman, B. 437 Jamicks, D. 284 Jaschinski, P. 408 Jaschob, C. 256 Jaskowski, L. 168 Jasperson, J. 155,384,387 Jastro, M. 160 Jastrzembowski, M. Jaworski, M. 317 Jawowak, J. 402 Jeffery, J. 243,244 Jeffries, J. 233 Jeffries, M. 264 Jen, J. 259 Jendusa, R. 269 Jenk, M. 233 Jenkins, M. 282,437 Jenkins, T. 282 Jenks, R. 404 Jenness, J. 254 Jennings, A. 146 Jennings, M. 243,244,384, 387 Jensen, B. 256 Jensen, D. 208,278 Jensen, E. 245 Jensen, G. 437 Jensen, J. 271,380 Jensen, M. 376,414,416,427 Jensen, R. 463 Jensen, T. 156,162,268,318 Jentz, D. 249 Jergenson, C. 252 Jesse, N. 245 Jette, B. 148 Jewsen, T. 279 Joachim, F. 172 Joanis, M. 178,280 Joanis, S. 178,437 Jochmann, W. 144 Joem, J. 204 Johanik, M. 257,437 Johannes, J. 254 Johansen, D. 437 John, R. 273 John, T. 256 Johns, M. 437 Johnson, A. 248 Johnson, B. 150,156,239,394, 416,437 Johnson, B. Johnson, C. 380 Johnson, D. 172,259,377, 379,387,470 Johnson, G. 244 Johnson, H. 385,387 Johnson, J. 194,244,268,283, 394 437 Johnson, K. 261,394,437 Johnson, L. 148,184,377,380, 437 Johnson, M. 178,198,268, 271,321,437 Johnson, M. 395 Johnson, N. 208 Johnson, N. 316 Johnson, P. 387 Johnson, R. 172,238,262,271, 387 Johnson, S. 279,387,402,395, 457,468 Johnson, T. 234,258,266,334, 378 Johnstone, R. 437 Jonas, R. 161 Jones, B. 146 Jones, C. 245 Jones, D. 245,251 Jones, D. 395 Jones, J. 253 Jones, M. 395 Jones, N. 146,395 Jones, P. 437 Jones, R. 284 Jones, T. 156,259,268,311, 321 Joscher, J. 279 Jordan, S. 243,244 Jorgensen, J. 279 Jorgenson, J. 204,255 Jorgenson, K. 317 Jorpahl, B. 213 Joseph, B. 232 Joseph J. 257 Josephberg, R. 271 Josephs, D. 404 Joyce, C. 21,414 Joyce, L. 251 Jude, C. 245 Juech, T. 464 Juneau, G. 164 Juneau, J. 172 Jung, J. 395 Jung, P. 378,380 Junge, R. 219 Jungeberg, D. 242 Jungenberg, G. 249 Jungkans, L. 384 Junion, G. 174,437 Junker, D. 403,405,406 Junker, L. 403,405,406,408 Junkerman, M. 316 Jurich, G. 437 Jurik, M. 321 Justice, V. 155 Rabat, M. 416 Kacvinsky, R. 253 Kadison, D. 387 Kaems, F. 395 Kaercher, K. 261 Kaether, J. 136 Kagen, R 196 Kagen, S. 182 Kahl, L. 437 Kahlenberg, M. 240 Kahler, J. 172,408 Kahn, B. 232 Kahn, D. 265,278,395 Kahn, L. 154 Kahn, P. 238 Kahn, R. 237 Kaiser, C. 437 Kaiser, G. 182,232 Kaiser, K. 437 Kaiser, L. 437 Kaiser, T. 279 Kakes, J, 316 Kalchthaler, M . 385 Kalik, M. 437 Kalinoski, M. 235 Kalinsky, R. 195 Kalscheur, D. 259 Kalscheur, S. 250 Kalweit, R. 239 Kamberos, T. 208,437 Kamfjord, E. 402 Kaminski, D. 403,404,408 Kaminski, J. 282 Kamps, R. 263 Kamroe, R. 247 Kandler, R. 395 Kane, K. 437 Kane, P. 252 Kanetzke, W. 262 Kang, G. 437 Kaniss, A. 156,253 Kannel, J. 276 Kanter, B. 437 Kanters, J. 245 Kantor, P. 245 Kanutson, C. 243 Kapitz, D. 408 Kaplan, B. 244,300,395 Kaplan, D. 316,437 Kaplan, J. 265 Kaplan, L. 270 Kaplan, M. 188,232 Kaplan, S. 437 Kaplan, S. 142,283,286 Kaprovic, R. 256 Kaput, E. 186,395 Karau, J. 233 Karlen, Y. 426,395 Kamath, A. 273 Kamauskas, F. 255 Kamosky, D. 176 Karolik, A. 240 Karow, A. 314 Karp, C. 244 Karpinske, G. 464 Karpinsky, J. 148 Karr, A. 241 Karr, C. 140,437 Karrels, E. 385,387 Karrow, J. 246 Karstaedt, W. 408 Karsten, B. 395 Kartman, M. 255 Kassam, J. 239 Kaste, D. 242 Kasten, L. 263 Kasten, M. 250 Kasten, P. 244 Kaster, G. 270 Katalinich, P. 236 Katanyutanon, P. 172 Katers, R. 437 Katrichis, H. 255 Katz, C. 273 Katz, E. 210,232,314 Katz, E. 437 Katz, H. 316 Katz, J. 437 Katz, J. 437 Katzel, J. 424,427 Kaufer, N. 232,426 Kaufftnan, G. 256 Kaufman, B. 200,316,208, 395 Kaufman, 1. 280 Kaufman, L. 438 Kaufman, M. 136 Kaufman, R. 268 Kaufman, T. 262 Kaufmann, K. 288 Kautz, R. 262 Kautza, L. 240 Kautzer, K. 189 Kauzor, N. 308,438 Kawatski, K. 286 Kay, A. 395 Kay, G. 162 Kayar, E. 248 Kaye, B. 258 Kaye, D. 463 Kaye, M. 438 Kayon, D. 242 Kazda, E. 244 Keach, K. 384 Kealey, D. 255 Keane, K. 248 Kearns, P. 387 Keating, T. 172,176 Kec, D. 232 Keck, L. 425,468 Kedzierski, M. 461,463 Kedzior, L. 272 Keeffe, P. 438 Keen, C. 380 Keene, F. 196 Keener, R. 300,304 Keese, M. 178 Keetschmer, D. 402 Kehl, D. 254 Kehoe, D. 438 Kehrberg, K. 458 Kehrberg, M. 269 Kehrer, P. 461,462,464 Kehrer, S. 235 Kehrli, B. 276 Keiffer, P. 233 Keipe, N. 239 Keirs, S. 238 Kelchner, G. 269 Keller, L. 427,438 Kelley, P. 438 Kelly, J. 156 Kelly, K. 200,236 Kelly, M. 266,438 Kelly, P. 233 Kelps, R. 388 Kelse, M. 233 Kelso, K. 395 Keltenschnee, J. 168 Kemble, D. 280 Kemen, M. 237 Kemley, D. 276 Kemmer, D. 248 Kemmerich, J. 247 Kemof, V. 276 Kemper, K. 395 Kemper, K. 154,395 Kempka, J. 245,246 Kempfert, R. 266 Kempinger, P. 251 Kendall, D. 234,379 Kendall, S. 273 Kennedy, F. 402,408 Kennedy, J. 182,438 Kennedy, T. 438 Kennelly, P. 244,260 Kenney, P. 150 Kenney, S. 438 Kent, J. 462 Kent, M. 142,265 Kent, R. 268 Kent, T. 273 Kenyon, J. 174,243,244 Kenyon, R. 255 Kenzior, L. 272 Kepler, C. 182,378,414,395 Kepner, M. 182,438 Keppel, R. 242,316 Kern, R. 408 Kemdt. M. 395 Kemodle, S. 264 Kerr, R. 262 Kerrigan, S. 252 Kerzan, J. 152,438 Keshishian, C. 276 Keskey, K. 315 Keskey, S. 233 Kessenich, R. 256 Kessler, C. 316,426 Kessler, P. 438 Kessler, R. 258 Kessler, S. 438 Kessro, B. 235,456 Kestek, R. 316 Kestly, J. 408 Ketchum, S. 146,438 Ketterhagen, K. 470 Kexel, W. 150 Keyes, B. 186 Keyes, K. 438 Keyes, M. 247 Khandwala, A. 310 Kharasch. E. 395 Kiebsbach, K. 243 Kiefer, M. 260 Kiefer, P. 166 Kiehnau, K. 262 Kiekhaefer, F. 251 Kier. K. 264 Kiesling. D. 322,408 Kifleinahid, B. 306 KUhaler, L. 260 Kilmas, D. 276 Kilmer, G. 463 Kilmer, P. 426 Kim, L. 245 Kimball, K. 438 Kimball, T. 246 Kimbel, A. 189,468 Kimmerer, M. 264 Kimoto, J. 395 Kimport, J. 186,232 Kind, B. 438 Kinder, B. 395 King, A. 316 King, B. 248 King, H. 376 King, J. 264,266,301 King, M. 438 King, R. 242 King, W. 249,404 King, W. 408 Kingsbury, P. 245 Kingston, K. 249 Kinos, W. 438 Kintzer G. 247 Kippenhan, H. 408 Kippert, J. 160 Kirby, K. 245 Kirby, R. 239 Kirkpatrick, T. 270 Kirsch, J. 425 Kirst, K. 239 Kissel, J. 286 Kisselburg, S. 286 Kitaoka, R. 272,404 Kittay, J. 210 Kittower, M. 276 Kizewski, R. 208 Kjervik, A. 236 Kjervik, M. 236 Klabon, K. 252 Klahn, T. 148 Klam, J. Klammer, T. 385 Klancnik, F. Klar, G. 308 Klamer, K. 276,438 Klass, M. 254 Klatt, G. 463 Klatt, S. 189 Kleckner, J. 262 Kleiber, A. 438 Kleiber, C. 260 Klein, D. 438 Klein, G. 220 Klein, J. 238,259 Klein, L. 280,206 Klein, R. 385 Klein, S. 138 Klein, T. 242 Kleinhans, J. 243 Kleinschmidt, C. 395 Kleinschmidt, R. 138,426, 438 Kleist, J. 438 Kleist, V. 244 Klessig, L. 416 Klicko, G. 438 Kliefoth, G. 166,276 Klimek, B. 260 Klindt, J. 184 Kline, D. 470 Kline, L. 252 Klink, P. 253 Klipstein, S. 416 Klitzkie, L. 395 Kloety, L. 234,456 Klokner, B. 285 Klongland, T. 256 Klose, S. 458 Klosterman, S. 276 Kluba, M. 275 Klugman, C. 395 Kluz, L. 458 Knapp, G. 254 Knapp, L. 178 Knapp, M. 285 Knecht, B. 278 Kneubuehl, S. 280 Kniaz, P. 282 Knickelbine, J. 268 Knigge, C. 234,379,380 Knight, B. 301 Knight, K. 260 Knisely, R. 243,468 Knitter, M. 248 Knobeloch, W. 388 Knoebel, C. 286 Knox, R. 256 Knuptbeck, 257 Knuteson, J. 176 Knutilla, R. 334,402 Knutowski, J. 316 Knutson, C. 175,235,243 Knutson, J. 247 Knutson, K. 384 Knutson, L. 456 Koberstein, D. 258 Koberstein, K. 254 Kobishop, P. 184,388 Koblenski, D. 189,463 Kobs, R. 283 Koch, D. 252 Koch, H. 262 Koch, J. 286 Koch, K. 438 Koch, K. 238 Koch, M. 175 Koch, R. 255 Koch, S. 279 Kocha, S. 316 Kochan, T. 388 Koebemick, S. 275 Koebler, S. 240 Koeffler, C. 164 Koehler, E. 237,241 Koehler, K. 388 Koehler, R. 380 Koehn, D. 388 Koen, J . 316,395 Koenecke, R. 242 Koenig, A. 408 Koepcke, A. 160 Koeper, W. 262 Koepke, D. 176,245 Koepke, M. 182 Koepke, P. 438 Koepp, G. 402,408 Koeppel, H. 376 Koepsell, D. 426 Koepsell, D. 316 Koerper, S. 458 Koerth, J. 268 Kohl, L. 243 Kohl, P. 248 Kohl, R. 280 Kohl, W. 190 Kohlhase, W. 247 Kohlman, R. 189,312,463, 464 Kohn, A. 234,379 Kohn, J. 245 Kohn, R. 145 Kojis, R. 404 Kolb, M. 395 Kolberg, D. 253 Kolkhorst, S. 190 Koll, L. 257,404 Kolmas, D. 232 Kolody, J. 258 Kolpin, C. 438 _:olstad, D. 254 Kolstad, R. 258 Konecky, S. 276 Koniak, L. 252 Konkel, J. 236,237 Konopka, P. 243 Konrath, G. 270 Konshak, D. 262 Koonce, H. 380 Koonce, P. 438 Koontz, W. 246 Koosmann, C. 160 Koppman, R. 255 Korab, D. 258 Korell, M. 170,408 Korfmacher, L. 236 Korn, E. 279 Kornfeld, M. 210,265 Kornhauser, S. 202 Kornter, S. 254 Korst, E. 182,232 Korten, P. 193 Kortens, J. 284 Korth, K. 234 Koscwsky, M. 170 Kisseff, A. 316 Kostia, B. 260 Kostroski, L. 424,438 Kotcharin, A. 262 Kotenberg, K. 189,463 Kotler, E. 145,388 Kough, S. 438 Koval, K. 426 Koven, M. 395 Kowal, K. 252 Kowalofr, N. 438 Kowerski, M. 245 Kowppa, M. 160 Kozarek, J. 276 Kozelka, M. 254 Kozich, R. 170,254 Koziol, J. 193 Kozlovsky, M. 174,438 Kozoll, B. 425,438 Kozoll, H. 438 Kraatz, G. 316 Kraemer, B. 240 Kraemer, L. 426,438 Kraemer, P. 162 Kraft, L. 280 Krafta, J. 376 Kraftchak, D. 245 Krahn, A. 438 Krahn, J. 148,376,379 Krai, M. 241 Kramer, 1. 249 Kramer, R. 274 Kramer, T. 270 Kramschuster, D. 241 Kranich, N. 245,265 Krantz, R. 152 Kranz, K. 240 Kraser, D. 260 Kraska, N. 154 Kraujalis, A. 198,311 Kraujalis. W. 198,311 Kraus, J. 237,426,438 Kraus, L. 188 Kraus, N. 466 Kraus, T. 395 Krause, C. 286 Krause, H. 190 Krause, K. 280,285,456,466 Krause, L. 273 Kraushar, J. 438 Krauskopf, T. 438 Kraut, J. 257 Krayton, M. 210 Kreblein, S. 184 Krebsbach, K. 244 Kreft, D. 316,395 Kreger, J. 258 Kregstein, S. 196,438 Kreie, G. 438 Kremer, B. 284 Kremers, S. 316 Kress, M. 395 Kressin, P. 262 Kreul,R. 219 Krieck, J. 272 Krieger, E. 232 Krieger, K. 395 Krier, P. 252 Krietzler, K. 261 Kriewald, G. 438 Kristal, A. 252 Kritzman, L. 438 Krivanek, L. 244 Krohn, G. 388 Krohn, S. 280 Kroll, J. 438 Kromer, M. 438 Kron, D. 234,378,379 Kron, J. 234,378,379 Kroncke, M. 140 Kronick, P. 232 Kronick, S. 240 Kruckenberg, C. 238 Knieger, C. 242 Krueger, K. 244 Krueger, R. 438 Krueger, W. 408 Knig, A. 308 Krug, C. 385 Krug, J. 208,184 Krug, L. 388 Krug, W. 402 Krugel, S. 243 Kruk, R. 206 Krumrei, D. 334 Krumrei, S. 385,388 Kruse, T. 380 Kubehl, M. 285 Kubisiak, J. 438 Kubly, B. 259 Kubly, K. 276 Kubokawa, J. 272 Kubokawa, M. 242 Kuchelmeister, J. 271 Kuchera, S. 250 Kuck, B. 283 Kuckkan, H. 235 Kuczmarski, B. 174 Kuczmarski, C. 174 Kudick, W. 300 Kuehl, A. 438 Kuehl, G. 408 Kuehl, R. 270 Kuehn, C. 288 Kuelling, B. 278 Kuenzi, W. 276 Kuester, C. 239 Kuetemeyer, J. 438 Kuether, V. 282 Kuglitsch, C. 284 Kuhaupt, D. 234,379 Kuhnmuench, R. 270 Kuhs, H. 471 Kuhs, R. 438 Kuhsmand, H. 402 Kujawa, E. 279 Kujawa, W. 404,408 Kukachka, C. 458 Kuklinski, G. 258 Kulig, N. 262 Kundert, C. 265 Kunis, D. 145 Kuntz, G. 238 Kuntz, L. 466 Kunz, J. 214 Kunze, S. 242 Kupper, D. 145 Kuranz, K. 285 Kurek, A. 260 Kurfirst, W. 438 Kurlan, J. 283 Kurowski, P. 439 Kurschner, R. 268 Kurth, J. 235 Kurth, L. 316 Kurth, M. 175 Kurzom, N. 315 Kushner, J. 232 Kusiel, S. 439 Kussow, R. 272 Kustka, L. 414 Kustles, L. 260 Kutz, J. 424 Kuyken, J. 439 Kvalo, A. 424,426 Kwan, E. 146 Kwan, S. 439 Kyalheim, K. 286 Kwok, H. 255 Kyte, N. 439 Laabs, G. 151,439 Laabs, P. 256 Laatsch, J. 380 LaBine, L. 456 LaCosse, A. 261 LaCount, D. 262,402,472 LaCrosse, J. 244 Ladine, J. 414 LaDouceur, J. 317 Ladwig, K. 189 LaFollette, M. 154 LaFrance, R. 204 LaHaie, M. 244,461 Lai, E. 256 Lai, K. 257,404,408 Laik, M. 395 Laird, B. 189,464 Laird, J. 239 Laitsch, K. 248 Lake, L. 164 Lake, S. 287 Lake. T. 439 Lakshman, C. 402 Lalor, B. 395 Lambert, R. 255 Lam, J. 247 Lam, W. 246 Lamers, J. 257 Lamon, C. 184,395 Lamont, F. 154,439 Lamp, R. 249 485 Lampe, C. 245 Lampe, J. 404 Lampe, P. 439 Lampereur, T. 380 Lane, A. 321 Lancer, S. 271 Lanctot, R. 247 Land, R. 278,402 Landauer, B. 439 Landerman, D. 251 Landers, B. 265 Landis, D. 140 Landman, L. 211 Lands, F. 334 Landsberk, C. 425 Lane, S. 251,283 Lang, J. 439 Langbecker, P. 241 Lange, B. 240 Lange, J. 242,254 Lange, S. 461,463 Langenohl, K. 241 Langer, C. 461 Langley, M. 471 Langlois, A. 236 Lanigan, T. 178,321 Lansing, S. 160 Lansky, J. 232 Lansky, R. 439,456 Lansky, R. 439 Lanuti, J. 270 Lapcewich, D. 471 Laper, P. 408 Lappin, R. 439 Larimer, R. 468 Larkin, P. 259 Larsen, A. 244 Larsen, C. Larsen, K. 439 Larsen, L. 256 Larsen, P. 198,470 Larson, B. 377,379 Larson, D. 188 Larson, G. 264,274 Larson, J. 255,270 Larson, K. 238 Larson, M. 249 Larson, V. 287 Larson, W. 408 Larue, S. 252 Lasha, P. 196 Lashua, J. 402,408 Laske, D. 316 Laskis, M. 332 Last, T. 439 Laszewski, P. 248 Latham, P. 243 Lathrop, C. 238,466 Latsen, B. 378 Latton, N. 237 Latzko, L. 201 Laubach, P. 249 Lauer, K. 262 Lauer, S. 237,238 Lauermann, M . 260 Laukman, M. 439 Laurent, C. 439 Lausch, J. 248 Lauters, G. 170 Lautz, B. 283 Laveen, T. 321 LaVetter, K. 439 Lavin, R. 439 Lavine, S. 276 Lawden, L. 279 Lawless, C. 258 Lawlor, L. 439 Lawrence, 1. 187 Lawrence, K. 456 Lawrence, L. 321 Lawrence, R. 384 Lawrence, S. 439 Lawson, B. 439 Lawson, S. 414 Lawson, W. 316 Lawton, J. 317 Lawton, R. 317 Lawyer, J. Laxton, L. 241 Lay, K. 236 Laymon, D. 17 5 Lazar, C. 142 Lazar, L. 395 Lazarus, P. 395 Lazarz, J. 439 Lazarz, W. 439 Leach, B. 176,439 Leadholm, B. 457 Leadholm, C. 262 Leaf, C. 287 Leafblad, W. 278 Leahy, T. 384,388 Leak, D. 274 Leake, L. 239,379 Learman, C. 416 Leary, W. 212,315,427 Leatherman, F. 208,439 Leavitt, A. 265 Leavitt, R. 220 LeBlanc, V. 439 Lebowitz, P. 265 LeClair, B. 439 LeClaire, C. 274 Ledanski, D. 236 Lederer, R. 380 Ledge, P. 201,202 Ledin, J. 154,378 Lee, D. 235 Lee, G. 226 Lee, L. 439 Lee, M. 260 Lee, R. 268 Lee, S. 316,395 Leean, D. 395 Leedom, J. 187,232 Leeds, K. 144 Leege, W. 384 Lefco, K. 240 Legler, J. 270 LeGrand, K. 178 Legro, R. 242 Lehman, C. 317 Lehman, R. 198 Lehmann, C. 458 Lehmann, R. 137 Lehner, R. 161 Lehrbaummer, M. 320,427, 439 Lehrmann, 1. 258 Lehmiann, W. 305 Leiber, T. 404,408 Leicht, J. 276 Leifer, N. 283 Leigl, J. 242 Leis, M. 251 Leiser, T. 439 Leloo, D. 300 LeMahieu, D. 402 Lemanske, R. 256 Lemanski, S. 244 Lembcke, J. 235 Lemberg, J. 239 Lemberger, M. 182,189,273 Lemens, J. 273 Lemke, C. 287,395 Lemke, L. 439 Lemmer, A. 146 Lenarduzzi, R. 388 Lenfestey, C. 395 Lenhard, T. 439 Lennart, G. 255 Leno, J. 142,321 Lenoir, G. 232 Lentz, J. 235 Lenz, D. 463 Lenz, E. 462,464 Lenz, L. 251 Lenz, M. 471 Lenz, R. 204 Leonard, B. 184 Leonard, P. 264 Leonhardt, R. 439,468 Lepianka, D. 283 Lerman, J. 260 Lerner, A. 283 Lerner, M. 226 Lerner, M. 271 Lerner, P. 284 LeSac, K. 316 Lesnik, D. 255 Lethlean, B. 239 Lettow, A. 253 Letts, S. 262 Leubner, J. 258 Leuders, W. 192 Leuker, K. 244 Leutner,C. 315,416 Levendusky, C. 264 Leventhal, H. 257 Levi, M. 252 Levin L. 439 Levin ' M. 220,226,333,439 Levin, M. 439 Levin, R. 168,265 Levin, R. 388 Levin, T. 402 Levine, A. 178,321 Levine, B. 255 Levine, 1. 395 Levine, M. 221,439 Levine, M. 388 Levine, R. 408 Levinson, L. 384 Levinson, S. 439 Levy, J. 270 Levy, N. 317 Levy, R. 145,439 Levy, S. 142,265 Lew, W. 187,280 Lewandowski, G. 253 Lewandowski, T. 287,378 Lewis, C. 251 Lewis, D. 268 Lewis, K. 468 Lewis, L. 137,214,264,316, 321 Lewis, M. 271 Lewis, P. 388 Lewis, S. 216,244,316,385 Lewy, D. 468,470 Lewy, S. 215 Leyrer, V. 287 Li, E. 257 Li, R. 275 Li, S. 285 Liang, 1. 258 Libbish, S. 201 Liberman, J. 439 Libman, L. 273 Lichtenwalner, M. 240 Lidicker, N. 159 Lieb, D. 216 Liebergen, M. 312 Lieberman, M. 256,439 Liebl, G. 153 Liebl, R. 439 Liebner, D. 184,261 Liegel, E. 242 Liegl, J. 315,316 Lienhard, V. 245 Lietman, L. 439 Lifschutz, L. 265 Ligh, N. 275 Light, W. 268 Liken, J. 206 Lillesand, T. 316 Limmer, B. 280 Lincoln, A. 279 Lindauer, M. 259,439 Linde, C. 259,468 Linde, L. 253 Lindeke, P. 240 Lindell, J. 388 Linden, D. 439 Lindenberg, H. 385 Linder, D. 253 Linderud, A. 278 Linderud, L. 416 Lindgren, D. 253 Lindl, M. 154 Lindow, T. 262,316,439 Lindsay, J. 159 Lindsey, B. 243 Lindsey, R. 245 Lindstrom H. 253 Lingenfelder, J. 439 Lingk, G. 439 Link, H. 170 Linkke, H. 265 Linnen, P. 279 Linnen, T. 388 Linschitz, N. 316,439 Linscott, D. 176 Linsk, H. 265 Lintner, M. 252 Linton, R. 252 Lipkin, J. 439 Lipp, N. 316,395 Lipperer, J. 403 Lippert, C. 439 Lippman, D. 145,249 Lippmann, L. 380 Lippow, J. 463 Lipps, D. 220 Lipski, B. 245 Lipsky, D. 440 Lipton, E. 440 Lischka, J. 257 Lisett, C. 244 Liska, J. 252 Liska, K. 140 Liska, R. 219 Lison, S. 249 Lisowe, G. 440 Liss, C. 458 Liss, E. 285 Litchfield, F. 171 Lite], M. 395 Litka, C. 258 Litscher, S. 206 Livermoss, D. 405 Livick, M. 273 Ljung, E. 440 Llewellyn, P. 440 Lloyd, G. 255 Lloyd, N. 275 Lobas, L. 282 Lobato, M. 193 Lobeck, S. 166,285 Lobl, L. 280 Lochen, L. 463 Locke, J. 246 Lock wood, M. 251 Lockwood, S. 440 Loeb, B. 220,440 Loebel, M. 278 Loeffler, C. 416 Loeffler, D. 258 Loeffler, L. 461 Loegler, J. 440 Loemneke, J. 264 Loerke, J. 440 Loevinger, B. 277 Loewentritt, L. 440 Loewinthan, F. 440 Loffin, E. 462 Lofthus, W. 440 Loftin, J. 206 Loftin, L. 245,321 Loge, C. 244 Logterman, D. 249 Lohman, J. 211,440 Lehmann, C. 278 Lohuis, M. 380 Loken, D. 379 London, D. 226 London, J. 265 Lonergan, D. 268 Lonergan, J. 408 Lonergan, J. 46 Long, A. 187 Long, B. 259 Long, K. 240 Long, M. 275 Longhorn, N. 240 Lonnborg, B. 159,316,427 Lonnborg, J. 244 Loo, A. 246 Look, K. 462 Loomis, D. 248 Loos, A. 243 Loos, J. 384,388 Loper, C. 402 Lord, C. 201,440 Lord, S. 156 Lorenz, J. 440 Lorenz, R. 316,322,403,405, 406 Lorenz, T. 162 Lory, J. 380,378 Loshek, D. 304,440 Loshek, J. 300 Losick, J. 284 Loss, R. 247 Loth, S. 402 Lottes, S. 440 Lotz, W. 239 Loughlin, L. 201 Lounsbury, M. 201,395 Loveland, W. 140,388 Low, J. 256 Low, L. 237,238 Lowe, B. 321 Lowe, C. 240 Lowe, D. 216 Lowe, H. 233 Lowe, M. 236 Lowell, J. 268 Lowman, J. 255 Lowy, A. 279 Loyd, B. 316 LozofT, R. 277 Lubin, D. 142,315 Lucas, C. 156 Luchsinger, S. 440 Luciani, P. 236 Luck, S. 234 Luckfield, J. 246 Luckiesh, R. 377 Luckow, R. 379,380 Ludeman, K. 283 Ludtke, K. 440 Ludvigsen, J. 414 Ludwig, B. 249 Ludwig, J. 140 Ludwig, M. 188 Ludwig, P. 261 Luebke, B. 235 Luebke, M. 440 Lueck, P. 456 Lueder, S. 154,440 Lueders, R. 316 Lueders, W. 388 Luedtke, B. 248 Luedtke, M. 149,377 Luehrs, S. 285 Lueloff, K. 440 Luettgen, J. 244 Luhn, S. 285 Luk, C. 272 Lukacek, G. 153 Lukaszewski, T. 235,376,37 ' 380 Lukes, J. 440 Lukes, R. 403,406 Luljack,C. 261 Lumen, N. 245 Lumerman, D. 440 Lund, C. 167 Lund, J. 271 Lund, L. 239 Lund, P. 300 Lunde, D. 236 Lundstrom, W. 440 Lunn, T. 408 Lussan, S. 440 Lustig, H. 278 Luther, C. 395 Lutzke, P. 244 Lutzow, P. 137,233 Lyman, G. 263 Lyman, S. 282 Lynaugh, J. 278 Lynch, C. 440 Lynch, S. 459 Lynch, T. 468,472 Lyngaas, B. 146 Lyons, H. 271 Lyttle, L. 145 LyttIe,T. 214,311,316 Maaske, C. 259 MacAllister, D. 239 MacBride, P. 163 MacDonald, D. 140,316 MacDonald, E. 285 MacDonald, K. 380 MacDonald, R. 285 MacDonald, U. 388 Macemon, B. 440 Macgillis, P. 256 Machan, T. 379 Machkovech, S. 241 Machos, A. 184,258 Macht, T. 255 Mack, J. 156 Macke, K. 316,318 Mackie, T. 408,468 Macklin, P. 243 Mackman, D. 316 MacLaren, R. 232,395 MacLellan, G. 440 MacLeod, F. 236 MacMullen, L. 166 Madaio, P. 472 Madary, H. 388 Maddalozzo, L. 244 Madden, N. 316,456 Maddox, T. 471 Mader, B. 395 Mader, J. 388,440 i 486 Mader, K. 255 Madigan, K. 175 Madler, E. 269 Maeger, J. 243 Maertz, R. 440 Maetzold, J. 163 Magnuson, J. 281 Magnussen, S. 245 Mahlman, J. 440,456 Mahn, J. 40S M ahnke, C. 440 Mahoney, C. 164,395 Mahoney, T. 172 Mahr, K. 285 Mai, E. 151,440 Maier, D. 468 Maigatter, R. 385 Maijala, T. 274,468 Maiman, E. 232 Mais, J. 388 Maislen, M. Maitland, M. 236 M jcen, T. 283 M or, K. 287 Makhani, F. 402,408 Makovec, A. 245 Makowski, L. 402,408 Malin, E. 242 Mally, W. 280,332 Malm, M. 251 Malone, K. 440 Malsh, J. 220,440 Mamula, C. 144 Mandala, J. 380 Mandel, L. 210,395 Mandel, P. 440 Mandell, L. 316 Mandell, P. 316 Mandl, K. 242 Manhardt, M. 440 Mann, J. 237,238,239 Mannchen, K. 317 Mannlein, T. 278 Manor, J. 262 Manosky, D. 463 Mansfield, P. 314 Manske, P. 440 Manta, L. 440 Manti, P. 176 Mantik, S. 316,459 Marano, K. 239 March, W. 214 Marchetta, L. 136,264 Marcks, R. 176,321 Marcucci, M. 216,311,440 Marcus, B. 278 Marcus, M. 202 Marcus, P. 275 Marcus, R. 278 Marcus, T. 232 Marek. S. 273 Maresh, B. 240 Margelofsky, G. 148,376,377 Margolis, D. 440 Marini, W. 278 Marino, F. 237 Marion, F. 266,316 Markham, C. 461,462 Markham, D. 182,233 Markham, G. 280 Markham, L. 187 Markham, T. 248 Markley, D. 388 Markos, G. 156 Markotic, J. 155 Markowitz, 1. 193 Markowski, R. 263 Marks, A. 440 Marks, C. 284 Marks, I. 440 Marks, J. 440 Marks, P. 275 Markworth, G. 440 Marohl, K. 234,379 Marohnic, J. 168,388 Marold, J. 440 Marquardt, E. 312,456,457, 459 Marra, J. 404,408 Marschke, R. 138 Marsden, G. 440 Marsh, H. 457 Marsh, I. 471 Marshall, F. 268 Marshall, S. 233,266,321 Marshall, T. 440 Marsho, J. 408 Marston, R. 215 Martay, J. 395 Martell, D. 334 Marten, W. 263 Martenas, S. 440 Martin, D. 262,404,240 Martin, J. 277 Martin, M. 250 Martin, N. 244 Martin, P. 160,250,466 Martin, S. 395 Martin, T. 237,238 Martineau, L. 440 Martiniak, L. 316 Martinelli, C. 248 Marx, C. 148,282,376,379 Marx, L. 459 Marx, M. 200,257,260 Masbruch, D. 269 Maseijian, L. 440,466 Mason, C. 158 Mason, H. 268 Mason, J. 239,440,461 Mason, M. 204 Masse, E. 251 Massie, C. 242 Massie, Z. 286 Massing, B. 441 Masters, S. 287 Masterson, B. 246 Matestic, P. Mastin, J. 151 Mastos, T. 441 Mastricola, D. 388 Mateer, R. 204 Matel, L. 246 Matera, M. 200,441 Mathes, G. 192 Matheson, L. 463 Mathews, D. Mathews, H. 463 Mathews, J. 176 Mathie, K. 459 Mathisen, T. 276 Mathison, M. 154,426,441 Matrejek, E. 332 Matschull, K. 385 MatsoiT, M. 388 Matson, S. 170,311 Matsumoto, W. 192,402,408 Matsuyama, L. 257 Mattem, P. 244,441 Matthews, S. 273,274 Matthias, P. 258 Mattison, S. 272 Mattke,J. 441 Mattson, D. 441 Mattson, M. 236 Matulle, M. 176 Matusow, K. 196,268 Maves, J. 244 Maves, T. 189,464 MavTogenis, E. 244 Mawald, J. 244 Mawhiney, D. Maxey, D. 253 Maxfield, J. 200 Maxson, J. 268 Maxwell, M. 271 Maxwell, V. 243 May, C. 283 May, S. 461 Mayer, D. 264 Mayer, T. 317 Mayesh, J. 312,320,441 Mayhew, J. 256 Mayland, P. 166,232 Mazlack, B. 285 McAuliffe, J. 316 McBrair, N. 457,459 McCabe, M. 233 McCallum, J. 395 McCartan, G. 156,251 McCartan, J. 208 McCarthy, L. 269 McCarthy, S. 253 McCartney, M. 388 McCauley, T. 441 McClellan, W. 256 McClimans, R. 172 McClure, S. 282 McCormick, A. 384 McCormick, L. 278 McCormick, W. 238 McCoy, S. 388 McCoy, T. 208 McCulloch, T. 279 McCullough, R. 138 McCuUough, T. 208 McCutcheon, C. 245 McCutchin, R. 242 McDermott, C. 233 McDermott, D. 321 McDermott,]. 388,441 McDevitt, P. 208 McDonald, J. 287,408 McDonald, K. 233,321 McDonald, L. 158,441 McDonald, M. 253 McDonald, M. McDonald, N. 277 McDonald, R. 260 McDonnell, K. 441 McEachem, S. 441 Mcelroy, D. 213,441 McEntire, R. 388 McEvilly, M. 253 McFadyen, D. 334 McGee, S. 187 McGilligan, D. 176,441 McGinnity, A. 285 McCrath, B. 252 McGrath,T. 441 McGraw, S. 441 McGrew, M. 172 McGuire,J. 271 McGuire, P. 195 Mclntee, M. 260 Mcintosh, J. 282 McKeever, B. 457 McKenna, M. 271 McKinven, N. 441 McLauchlan, D. 257 McLaughlin, D. McLay, B. 208 McLean, K. 275 McLean, R. 269 McLeod, B. 396 McMillan, R. 140,408 McMillen, M. 441 McMyler, B. 236 McNamara, S. 441 McNamara, 262 McNaughton, C. 244,245 McNutt, R. 268 McOwen, D. 208 McPeak, P. 273 McPharlin, S. 441 McQuillen, A. 441 McSorley, B. 441 McSwain, T. 384 McWey, P. 163 Meacham, K. 286 Mead, W. 402,408 Meade, C. 396 Mechling, J. 441 Meer, D. 404,408 Meer, N. 178,321 Megal, R. 200 Mehler, E. 241 Mehler, L. Mehoff, J. 259 Mei, J. 263 Meidl, F. 269,300 Meier, P. 232,261 Meier, R. 259 Meier, S. 441 Meierhoffer, L. 286 Meiklejohn, C. 187,277,441 Meiklejohn, E. 316 Meiling, A. 282 Meiling, D. 138 Meiners, M. 170,441 Meinholdt, 1. 175,461 Meinte, M. 187 Meisenheimer, L. 155,384 Meisinger, J. 200 Meissner, C. 240,245 Meissner, L. 271 Meister, N. 202 Meitner, S. 285 Mellon, J. 408 Melms, T. 464 Melvenams, D. 148 Melzer. S. 441 Menacher, E. 273 Menard, D. 388 Menconeri, P. 316 Mendelson, D. 263 Menges, J. 154 Menzel, W. 441 Merholtz, W. 256 Merl, J. 145 487 Merle, P. 272 Merriam, R. 140 Merrick, B. 146 Merrineld, R. 256 Merrill, L. 459 Merriman, C. 441 Merriman, V. 396 Merritt, L. 272 Merry, S. 234,379 Merry, W. 403 Merten, J. 213,441 Mertz, J. 402 Mertz, M. 265 Merwin, G. 170 Mescher, K. 388 Meschter, L. 166,233 Meser, J. 204 Meserow, T. 467 Metscher, C. 425 Metz, D. 178,321,441 Metzger, D. 332 Metzler, D. 188 Meulemans, D. 378,379,380 Meulheisen, M. 184 Meyer, B. 182,414 Meyer, C. 166,244,396 Meyer, E. 441 Meyer, G. 323 Meyer, J. 182 Meyer, K. 189,240,243 Meyer, M. 237,464 Meyer, N. 248 Meyer, R. 441 Meyer, S. 238 Meyerdierks, J. 441 Meyerhoffer, L. 142 Meyers, A. 317 Meyers, E. 287 Meyers, L. 142,237 Meyers, M. 196,268 Meyers, T. 44 Meythaler, M. 146,266 Mezera, M. 268 Miazga, P. 266 Miazga, S. 266 Michael, J. 235 Michaelis, K. 244 Michaels, S. 146 Michlin, A. 142 Michor, A. 441 Mickolson, G. 161 Middelburg, }. 206 Middleton, R. 408 Mielke, K. 441 Mielke, M. 278,285 Mierendorf, R. 396 Miklas, J. 269 Miklas, P. 236 Miko, R. 441 Milch, D. 196 Milden, J. 396 Miler, B. 441 Miles, D. 403 Miles, L. 168 Milesky, B. 388 Milewski, A. 242 Milfred, K. 441 Milisauskas, J. 259 Millard, S. 280 Millen, S. 441 Miller, A. 204,244,265 Miller, B. 178,244,252,253, 321,236,466 Miller, C. 316,416 Miller, B. 146,287,396 Miller, G. 234,322,379,384, 404,441 Miller, J. 170,206,270,278, 441,461,462,464 Miller, K. 236,241,276,459 Miller, L. 233,236 Miller, M. 140,248,254 Miller, P. 178,396 Miller, S. 146,172,239,268, 287,302,3 1 6,396,408,44 1 , 472 Miller, T. 376,377,381,441 Millman, P. 441 Mills, D. 271 Mills, J. 154,396 Mills, N. 251 Mills, R. 272 Milne, A. 314 Milquet, M. 441 Mimier, J. 270 Minsch, J. 466 Miringoff, J. 142 Mirsky, J. 396 Misevich, C. 164 Mishkin, S. 232 Mishlove, L. 277 Mishouil, M. 316,322,332, 408 Miska, M. 396 Mitchell, B. 260 Mitchell, C. 155,396 Mitchell, D. 318,332,403, 404,441 Mitchell, G. 305,403,408 Mitchell, J. 452 Mitchell, K. 414,416 Mitchell, L. 262,286 Mitchell, L. 316 Mitchell, P. 140,164,459 Mitchell, V. 270 Mittelstadt, D. 376,381 Mittelstadt, R. 242 Mitterer, M. 316,384,388 Mitz N. 288 Mixdorf, R. 408 Mixdorf, W. 269 Moarn, C. 156 Mockrud, L. 164 Mockus, P. 216 Mode, R. 316 Moe, E. 151 Moe, L. 286 Moehrke, L. 441 Moeller, T. 408 Moen, D. 262,271 Moershel, D. 206 Moertl, P. 144,311 Moesch, D. 441 Mogck, A. 441 Mogden, M. 176 Mogenson, D. 384 Mogilner, J. 265 Mohr, J. 252,259,276,441 Moldenhauer, C. 249 Molitor,T. 471 Molle, K. 237,238 Mollner, J. 255 Molne, A. 184 Molthop, L. 249 Monahan, M. 408 Monday, A. 271 Monestersky, J. 240 Monier, J. 154 Moniot, J. 463 Monique, F. 300 Monk, M. 190 Monroe, C. 396 Monroe, M. 264 Montag, T. 306,442 Montague, K. 408 Montague, R. 404 Montero, L. 136,321 Montgomery, T. 163 Monthey, J. 251 Monthey, M. 396 Montz, J. 254 Mooij, K. 146,314,466 Moon, J. 251 Moore, G. 253 Moore, J. 196,285 Moore, K. 196 Moore, L. 245 Moore, N. 146,271,396,414 Moore, P. 162,280,284 Moore, T. 146,442 Moore, V. 385 Moore, W. 316,442 Mooring, C. 241 Moorman, J. 257 Moran, B. 178 Moran, C. 243 Moran, D. 250,416 Moran, L. 442 Morbeck, K. 158 Mordini, G. 168 More, J. 206 Morey, W. 188,408 Morgan, E. 262 Morgan, J. 442 Morgan, K. 285 Morgan, M. 241,258 Morgan, S. 285,442 Moriarty, J. 202 Moriarty, P. 442 Morisato, S. 442 Moritz, H. 257 Moritz, T. 464 Mork, T. 268 Morman, M. 251 Morris, A. 442 Morris, C. 442 Morris, S. 136 Morris, T. 148,379 Morris, W. 316,318,322 Morrison, J. 253 Morrison, L. 285 Morse, C. 442 Morse, G. 426,442 Mortenson, J. 206 Morton, F. 442 Morton, J. 278 Morton, T. 251,388 Mosby, E. 158,442 Mosby, S. 252 Moseley, N. 253 Moser, M. 396 Moser, R. 316 Moslus, M. 379 Moss, M. 274 Mossman, S. 175,245 Motel, C. 316 Motley, M. 283 Moudry, M. 233 Moy, D. 285 Moy, E. 287 Moyer, R. 462 Mudge, M. 154,466 Mueckler, W. 176 Muehl, W. 255 Muehleisen, M. 237,240 Muehrer, M. 164 Mueller, D. 397 Mueller, G. 156 Mueller, J. 236,238 Mueller, M. 198,379 Mueller, R. 242,256 Mueller, S. 250,456,457,459 Muench, C. 255 Muenkel, M. 273 Muente, M. 275 Muetterties, A. 278 Muir, J. 384,388 Mulford, S. 442 Mullen, M. 442 Mullica, W. 255 Mullins, K. 261 Mulvey, T. 178 Mundie, M. 158 Munger, M. 155 Munkwitz, S. 442 Munnell, J. 442 Munz, J. 241 Murgelorsky, G. 378 Murphy, C. 287,427 Murphy, D. 176 Murphy, M. 283 Murphy, R. 388 Murray, A. 261 Murray, B. 379 Murray, D. 311 Murray, G. 248 Murray, J. 163 Murray, M. 384 Murray, V. 243 Musial, L. 442 Muske, B. 151 Mussehl, R. 193 Muth, J. 190 ,403,408 Myer, P. 278 Myers, C. 146,316,397 Myers, D. 442 Mzorohes, L. 243 Nachreiner, D. 268 Nack, L. 257 Naczinski, S. 152 Nadel, R. 442 Nadler, V. 284 Nagle.J. 136 Naham, S. 397 Nakamura, A. 170 Nance, D. 277 Naniot, R. 300 Naovck, N. 251 Napiecinski, W. 257,442 Nariock, J. 397 Narlow, D. 408 Nash, G. 255 Natelson, J. 316 Natera, M. 284 Nathan, J. 176,442 Nathan, M. 166 Nathan, R. 287 Natvig, G. 456,459 Nau, P. 271 Nauertz, N. 174 Nayer, L. 287 Nearoth, J. 379 Nebel, J. 206 Nechvatal, H. 409 Neckar, L. 255 Nee, J. 237,238 Neff, V. 148 Negri, M. 280,384 Negus, J. 397 Neher, N. 174 Nehm, P. 247 Nehring, J. 285 Neil, I. 238 Neilson, E. 280 Neinast, D. 253 Nelson, A. 258 Nelson, B. 248,268,269 Nelson, D. 275,442,471 Nelson, H. 255 Nelson, I. 287 Nelson, J. 170,213,239,253, 266,271,403,405,409 Nelson, K. 239,245 Nelson, L. 264 Nelson, M. 184,397,403,409, 442 Nelson, N. 271 Nelson, P. 166,188,269,442 Nelson, R. 274,442 Nelson, S. 148,198,379 Nelson, T. 140,313,442 Nelson, W. 313,316,397 Nemeckay, C. 216,469 Nemer, G. 442 Nemke, J. 409 Nemson, J. 442 Netson, B. 252 Netz, K. 379 Netzow, C. 268 Neu, K. 238 Neuberger, J. 163 Neufeld, L. 276 Neufeld, R. 276 Neuman, B. 263 Neuman, M. 254 Neuman, N. 142 Neuman, P. 254 Neumann, D. 463,464 Neumann, J. 256 Neumann, L. 256 Neuroth, J. 381 New, R. 442 Newberger, P. 210 Newberger, R. 210 Newberger, S. 442 Newberry, D. 276 Newbery, R. 247 Newcombe, S. 397 Newell, A. 388 Newelt, M. 202,262 Newman, D. 286 Newman, E. 264,397 Newman, M. 210 Newman, R. 196 Newton, G. 442 Nibbe. F. 256 Nicholas, R. 334 Nichols, C. 442 Nichols, J. 468 Nichols, K. 306 Nichols, S. 397 Nicholson, D. 442 Nicholson, G. 442 Nicholson, K. 270 Nicholson, M. 306,317,442 Nicholson, S. 252 Nick, M. 416 Nickolson, L. 284 Nicolai, S. 238 Nicolai, T. 268 Nicolai, V. 236,237 Nicolette, A. 379 Niebauer, P. 442 Nieber, C. 154 Nied, P. 286 Niederehe, M. 251 Niedermeier, W. 316,377, 381 Nieft,B. 244,416 Niehoff, C. 397 Nieling, J. 404 Nielsen, B. 239,312,442 Nielsen, B. 317 Nielsen, C. 208 Nielsen, G. 172,311,332 Nielsen, M. 271 Nielsen, N. 151,158,322 Niemann, D. 258 Niemcek, C. 283 Niemier, B. 248,416 Nienow, C. 384 Nigbor, P. 154,232,304,426 Nikora, J. 193 Nikula, M. 377 Nilles, G. 388 Nilson, D. 273 Nimmer, G. 377 Nimmer, R. 277 Nishimoto, C. 442 Nisler, D. 263 Niss, M. 471 Nissenbaum, J. 442 Nitka, J. 464 Nivick, R. 265 Nixon, K. 151,220,258,318 Noble, L. 235 Noelke, G. 172 Noggle, J. 254 Noll, T. 234,379 Nolting, J. 146 Noot, L. 397 Nord, P. 255 Nordin, B. 245 Nordstrom, E. 140,388 Nordstrom, R. 442 Norman, A. 317 Norris, A. 166,315 North, S. 379 North, T. 279 Northrup, G. 263 Nortman, S. 178 Norwell, J. 198 Nosal, L. 255 Novak, J. 397 Novak, W. 272 Novotny, C. 155 Novy,A. 268 Nowak, A. 416 Nowak, J. 334,388 Nowicki, D. 266 Nowicki, J. 243,244 Nowicki, R. 442 Nowicki, V. 442 Nudd, C. 136 Nuesse, M. 456 Numan, K. 158,442 Nunemaker, A. 155 Nusbaum, R. 234,379 Nussbaum, C. 155 Nustad, T. 162,442 Nutt, B. 282 Nyhus, C. 248 Nyreen, S. 184,388 Oakes, N. 456,457,459 Obin, N. 442 Obma, P. 442 O ' Brien, D. 322,465 O ' Brien, D. 426,462 O ' Brien, K. 442,468 O ' Brien, P. 376,379,381 O ' Brien, S. 258 Ocker, M. 442 O ' Connell, D. 255 O ' Connor, T. 257 O ' Day, D. 269 Odders, R. 317,442 Odiand, J. 442 O ' Donnell, D. 442 O ' Donnell, L. 457,283 Oestreich, J. 188,312,465 Oestreicher, L. 254 Oettinger, T. 318 Oetzel, L. 259 Offord, K. 381 Oftedahl, G. 316,443 Ogie, R. 388 O ' Harrow, C. 148,311 Ohihorst, S. 316,443 Ohimiller, J. 384,388 Ohlson, S. 443 488 Oinonen, C. 397 Oinonen, P. 381 Olafsson, W. 388 Oldenburg, W. 206,388 O ' Leary, D. 247 O ' Leary, P. 234,317,318,377 Oler, L. 255 Olig, J. 270 Olin, R. 265 Oliver, J. 270 Olkowski, A. 416 Olkowski, L. 388 01sen,C. 397,414 Olsen, D. 323 Olsen, E. 256 Olsen, J. 493 Olsen, R. 493 Olson, B. 257,270 Olson, C. 200,252,286 Olson, D. 403 Olson, E. 247,251,397,472 Olson, J. 193,237 Olson, K. 283 Olson, L. 272 Olson, P. 214,278,388 Olson, S. 245,269,237 Olson, W. 242,275 Olson, W. 275 O ' Malley, C. 262,402 O ' Malley, S. 315 O ' Malley, T. 471 Omum, A. 244 Onan, G. 234,379 O ' Neal, C. 235 O ' Neil, T. 266 O ' Neill, P. 140 Ont, R. 198 Ontko, P. 162,317 Ophoven, A. 255 Oppenheimer, J. 276,462 Oppenheimer, L. 275 Opperman, R. 242 Oppert, J. 409 Orde, C. 456 Orf, J. 255 Orlowski, G. 464 O ' Rourke, P. 269 Orovich, B. 250 Orr, B. 443 Orr, J. 332 Orr, L. 238 Orth, L. 443 Ortner, A. 220 Ortuzar, A. 443 Orzac, C. 164 Osborne, W. 204,471 Oshuns, M. 210 Osman, T. 176 Ossanna, D. 206 Osterling, M. 163 Ostemiick, G. 204 Ostemdorf, S. 282 Ostrov, P. 397 Ostrum, A. 266,471 Oswald P. 156 Oszewski, J. 176 Otis, D. 252,397 Otis, P. 182 Otis, L. 264 Otis, T. 190 Otjen, R. 138 Ott, E. 465 Ott, G. 269 Ottenstein, C. 265 Otto, B. 273 Otto, C. 397 Otto, D. 404 Otto, G. 235 Otto, P. 233,317 Ourada, K. 397 Ourada, M. 248 Overdier, G. 146 Overmier, M. 248,397 Overstreet, C. 255 Owen, G. 238,443 Owen, R. 287 Owen, S. 254 Owens, D. 459 Owens, G. 425 Owens, J. 152 Owohman, D. 332 Paalu, N. 236 Paape, K. 172 Packard, L. 142 Packer, R. 443 Paddock, S. 316,443 Padek, C. 265 Padley, D. 256 Pagel, T. 279 Pahnke, G. 249 Pailing, B. 284 Paine, J. 172 Paley, S. 210 Palm, P. 156 Palmer, C. 248,469 Palmer, J. 276 Palmer, S. 261,463,465 Paluch, H. 377 Paluck, R. 206,443 Palzkill, D. 235,376,377,379 Pamperin, S. 379 Panagis, M. 397 Pankonin, T. 245 Pankratz, D. 152,443 Pankratz, F. 384 Panosh, M. 443 Pansch,J. 416 Panzer, L. 213 Pape, A. 379 Papp, D. 251 Pappas, P. 236 Paral, T. 266 Pardini, P. 258 Parfrey, J. 425 Paris, V. 468 Parke, R. 443 Parker, A. 251 Parker, G. 259 Parker, J. 459 Parker, N. 200 Parker, P. 244 Parker, T. 287 Parkinson, J. 443 Parks, D. 268 Parks, M. 251 Parmentier, S. 255 Parr, W. 376,381 Parris, P. 443 Parshley, E. 443 Parsons, B. 282 Parsons, T. 219 Pas, D. 215 Partleton, L. 200 Pascel, S. 264 Pasch, C. 316,397 Pasch, J. 274 Pasch, R. 403,409 Pasch, S. 272 Paschke, L. 248 Paschkewitz, J. 467 Pasnikar, K. 260 Passen, E. 397 Passine au, L. 252 Patch, J. 468 Paterson, L. 443 Patrick, M. 397 Patrick, W. 245,253,473 Patt, J. 279 Patterson, A. 443 Patterson, C. 406 Patterson, D. 208 Patterson, J. 311 Patterson, W. 242,468 Patton, T. 193 Paul, D. 243 Paul, K. 381 Paull, B. 443 Paulson, C. 248 Paulson, D. 376,379,381 Paulson, E. 260 Paulson, J. 193,443 Paulson, M. 170,176 Paulson, T. 388 Paulson, W. 259 Fauluck, L. 300 Paulus, R. 155 Paulv, M. 174,282 Pawlak, J. 254 Pawlik, R. 242 Payne, L. 465 Pearle, J. 244,265 Pease, R. 212 Pearson, C. 255,462 Pearson, J. 397 Pearson, T. 271 Pease, B. 332,405 Pech, G. 403 Fechan, K. 150 Pecherman, R. 273 Peck, J. 210,397 Peck, J. 443 Peck, M. 443 Peckarsky, B. 166,443 Peckarsky, J. 279 Pecor, C. 443 PeCoy, C. 443 Pederson, E. 182 Pederson, M. 317 Pederson, T. 140,256 Pederson, T. 388 Pedian, B. 150 Peebles, J. 237 Peet, R. 316,443 Peetz, C. 397 Peigen, E. 196 Pekarske, J. 245 Pellitteri, T. 471 Peltz, A. 443 Peltz, S. 443 Pendergast, J. 269 Pennington, L. 323 Peplinski, C. 276,316,443 Pererson, N. 253 Perez, J. 208 Perkins, F. 397 Perkins, L. 397 Perlick, G. 232,427 Perlick, P. 443 Perlman, L. 443 Perlman, M. 199 Perlmutter, A. 443 Perlowin, B. 316 Peronto, J. 426 Pern, J. 253 Perry, J. 276 Perry, R. 172,176,388 Persha, S. 235 Perszyk, M. 301,381 Pertzborn, G. 404 Pervzzotti, G. 463 Perz, J. 242 Peschel, R. 317 Peterik, M. 193 Peterman, M. 237 Peters, B. 463,465 Peters, J. 270 Peters, K. 276 Peters, R. 443 Peters, S. 316,443 Petersen, B. 251,283 Petersen, J. 397 Petersen, R. 443 Petersen, R. 443 Petersen, S. 459 Petersen, T. 239 Peterson, A. 279 Peterson, B. 240,269 Peterson, C. 443 Peterson, D. 379 Peterson, D. 235 Peterson, G. 255 Peterson, J. 459 Peterson, K. 244,264,270, 417 Peterson, M. 158,417 Petersen, P. 244,282,380 Peterson, R. 156,168 Peterson, T. 316,443 Peterson, W. 242,468 Petranek, D. 262 Petrarca, J. 217 Pettibone, C. 237 Pettit, J. 208,397 Peuse, B. 259 Pfaffenbach, L. 443 Pfeffer, J. 262 Pfeifer, J. 310 Pfiffner, J. 443 Pfiffner, K. 146,237,239 Pfigen, J. 199 Pfister, K. 456 Pfister, R. 317 Pfleger, S. 443 Pfund, E. 301,316 Phibbs, J. 443 Philippi, J. 176 Philipsen, A. 255 Phillips, J. 208 Phillips, M. 266 Phillips, R. 278 Phipps, M. 182,264 Piaquadio, Y. 146 Piazza, F. 234 Pick, E. 245 Pick, R. 217 Pickard, P. 150 Pickus, L. 284 Pierce, J. 471 Pikkila, P. 301 Pilarski, E. 402 Pinch, B. 243 Pines, L. 268 Pinkus, H. 281 Pinnow, L. 405,406,409 Pinsley, E. 271 Pinzel, B. 240 Piotrowski, S. 443 Pipitone, K. 282 Piranio, P. 270 Pischke, W. 409 Pischke, W. 242 Pitt, N. 443 Pittleman, M. 199 Piwonski, M. 417 Plaster, S. 266 Plautz, M. 156 Plechaty, J. 384 Plenke, S. 443 Pleskatch, M. 270 Pleuss, P. 271 Ploetz, J. 397 Pious, D. 232 Pious, J. 142,397,443 Plum, R. 425 Plumb, M. Plumley, M. 192,443 Pluss, S. 443 Plutzer, E. 443 Plzak, D. 215,471 Plzak, R. 471 Plzak, S. 471 Pocan, L. 154 Pochop, J. 182 Podolsky, S. 443 Poehling, J. 219 Pofahl, R. 235,379 Pohl, K. 150 Pohfal, B. 377 Poindexter, W. 259 Pokel, B. 381 Poklar, J. 266 Polacheck, J. 403,409 Polak, R. 255,468 Polatsek, H. 384 Pollack, P. 311 Pollichek, D. 247 Pollock, B. 405,409 Pollock, D. 253 Polsky, K. 220 Poltz, P. 457 Polzak, R. 444 Polzer, M. 255 Pomasl, D. 283 Pomerening, G. 253 Pondell, R. 280 Pool, B. 150 Poole, J. 301 Poole, R. 397 Pooler, P. 276 Pooley, M. 158,444 Pope, R. 409 Popel, R. 467 Popkin, D. 202 Poppe, J. 270 Popper, P. 258 Poquette, M. 266 Porer, P. 273 Pons, M. 444 Porro, F. 269 Porter, I. 314,444 Porter, J. 144 Porter, L. 312 Porter, S. 444 Portnoy, D. 397 Poser, A. 233 Posner, I. 241 Posorske, L. 247 Poss, J. 314 Possin, B. 254 Posson, M. 236,397 Post, D. 444 Post, P. 234 Post, S. 167,233 Postel, J. 237 Potter, J. 271 Pottman, B. 405 Potts, G. 254 Poull, B. 466 Pouock, B. 403 Pouwels, C. 397 Pouwels, M. 417 Powell, E. 317 Powers, F. 405 Powers, L. 182 Powers, P. 270,417 Powers, S. 444 Prag, R. 444 Pratt, B. 150 Pratt, G. 321 Premo, P. 236,237 Prentice, R. 252 Prescott, L. 236 Present, S. 196 Pressman, S. 280 Prestegard, C. 245 Preston, J. 263 Price, P. 259 Price, S. 245 Prichett, W. 161 Priefer, B. 236 Priefer, J. 444 Prien, P. 241 Priepke, P. 379 Prietz, P. Prieve, B. 317 Primuth, D. 415 Prisland, A. 312,444 Pritchard, R. 444 Pritzkow, D. 468 Pritzkow, M. 274,468 Prizant, J. 397 Probst, T. 258 Proctor, B. 198 Prohaska, D. 463 Prom, K. 170 Protherse, S. 250 Prowler, D. 316 Prowse, P. 269 Prucha, T. 219 Pruetz, R. 176 Prust, P. 242,379 Przekurat, J. 424,427,444 Ptacek, G. 444 Puhl, L. 271 Pujanauski, C. 444 Pujanauski, K. 275 Pukkila, P. 187,316 Punswick, P. 148 Purcell, J. 208 Pums, D. 252 Purvis, R. 259 Pynnonen, J. 237,306 Pyter, R. 242 Quackenboss, R. 136 Quarton, H. 261 Quay, J. 269 Quick, D. 254 Quiet, C. 238 Quincannon, J. 444 Quinlan, F. 157 Quinn, L. 144 Quinsland, P. 254 Quint, R. 269 Quisling, C. 167,233 Raaths, J. 444 Rabinowitz, S. 199 Raddatz, K. 242 Rademacher, P. 210,244 Rademacher, T. 269 Rademan, T. 234 Radin, A. 316 RadI, S. 200,397 Radue, P. 148,381 Raduenz, L. 379 Raffe, L. 199 Raffeld, F. 444 Raguse, M. 272,403,406,409 Rahanian, L. 417 Raimer, E. 444 Raitzer, D. 403,405,406,409 Ramberg, D. 266 Ramsay, R. 215,389 Ramsden, P. 378,379,381 Ramsey, S. 236,279,417 Ranallo, J. 158,313,444 Rand, D. 199 Randall, J. 288 Randoir, S. 174 Randolph, J. 240,314,444 Randolph, R. 311 489 Ranisavljevic, J. 279 Rankin, S. 285 Ranslow, E. 13,187 Rapkin, H. 242 Rapp, P. 136,444 Rappaport, E. 258 Rasch, J. 463 Rasmussen, D. 253 Rasmussen, L. 245 Rasmussen, M. 332 Rasmussen, P. 271,379 Rasmussen, R. 172,206,212, 271 Rasmussen, R. 253 Rasmussen, S. 417 Rasmussen, V. 389 Rass, J. 244 Rasten, J. 300 RastI, K. 248 Ratcliffe, M. 444 Rathert, L. 269 Rathsack, M. 192 Ratzburg, K. 444 Rauh, J. 206 Rausch, J. 468 Rauschl, D. 409 Rauwald, R. 409 Ravasz, R. 278 Ravek, S. 284 Ravin, M. 444 Rawlsky, L. 397 Ray, C. 174,378 Ray, D. 239 Rayala, M. 397 Raymond, E. 248 Razban, B. 255 Razor, M. 278 Read, K. 182 Reagan, T. 263 Redden, W. 321 Redeker, M. 184 Redlick, D. 220,278 Rednour, M. 260 Redtke, E. 273 Reed, M. 322 Reep, H. 252 Rees, J. 234,379 Reeson, D. 468 Refsell, O. 140 Refsguard, J. 301,304 Regan, L. 321 Reger, M. 397 Reger, P. 219 Regis, J. 253 Regner, M. 266 Rehberg, B. 397 Rehberg, M. 384,389 Rehm, J. 465 Rehnke, M. 275 Rehse, P. 193 Reich, A. 220 Reich, E. 317 Reichardt, P. 164 Reiche, C. 259 Reichert, J. 461,463,465 Reichert, M. 254 Reichert, P. 285,397 Reichmann, E. 152 Reidenbach, R. 277 Reids, T. 215 Reihansperger, M. 200,397 Reik, S. 444 Reiker, L. 459 Reilly, M. 248 Reimann, L. 316 Reimer, A. 402 Reimer, R. 301 Reince, G. 287 Reineck, G. 334,397 Reineking, P. 243,244 Reinemann, T. 384,389 Reiner, S. 302 Reinhardt, R. 444 Reinisch, M . 444 Reinke, J. 146,275 Reinle, M. 285 Reis, I. 243 Reisch, M. 252 Reise, G. 257 Reiser, A. 286 Reisner, E. 444 Reistad, L. 444,456 Remiker, R. 465 Remington, J. 160,316 490 Remitz, K. 245 Remley, W. 277 Renard, S. 154,444 Rennebohm, J. 182 Rennebohm, R. 156 Renner. J. 275 Rennick, A. 288 Renwick, E. 459 Renwick, R. 270 Renz, K. 286 Repka, R. 465 Reppe, S. 389 Rerry, S. 252 Resch, D. 193 Reschj P. 334 Resimius, G. 444 Resneck, H. 316,444 Resnick, J. 276,283 Resnick, R. 316,397 Resop, W. 376,377 Rettner. R. 277 Retzlaff, S. 277 Reuhl, K. 444 Reweda, J. 277 Reynolds, M. 278 Reynolds, P. 379,459 Reynolds, S. 186,417 Rezin, K. 444 Rheineck, R. 273 Rhinerson, M. 255 Rhode, E. 424,427,444 Rhode, J. 470 Rhodes, C. 244,444 Rhodes, L. 280 Rhody, D. 242 Rhoedl, R. 152 Rhyner, R. 397 Ribbe, M. 414 Rice, C. 260 Rice, D. 317 Rice, J. 271 Rich, A. 316 Richards, D. 189,316,317, 465 Richards, J. 256 Richards, R. 379 Richards, W. 266 Richardson, W. 256 Richert, D. 212 Richey, C. 456 Richman, S. 142 Richmond, S. 202,265 Richter, A. 259,321 Richter, M. 234,238,379 Richter, S. 320,444 Richwine, B. 244,444 Ricker, M. 417 Ricks, C. 389,469,471 Ricks, J. 471 Rickson, T. 470,249 Ridberg, N. 397 Ridolfi, R. 172 Rieck, K. 238 Rieckmann, W. 256 Riedner, C. 260 Riegel, S. 274 Riek, J. 409 Riemer, S. 397 Rienks, L. 414 Rienks, R. 258 Ries, M. 379 Riesberg, K. 150,285 Riesen, J. 273 Rieser, J. 266,323,377,381 Riesing, T. 270 Rife, J. 251 Rife, M. 201,398 Rifkin, W. 444 Riley, E. 175,444 Riley, K. 175,243,332 Riley, P. 444 Riley, S. 200,444 Riley, T. 409 Rill, C. 237 Rimalover, J. 274 Rimmert, S. 420 Rindfleisch, J. 240 Rindfleisch, R. 389 Rindone, G. 257 Rindsig, G. 234,376,377 Rindy, C. 444 Rindy, E. 237 Ring, F. 146 Ring, J. 152,389 Ringel, A. 202 Ringel, G. 444 Ringgenberg, D. 266 Ripp, H. 444 Ripp, M. 189 Ripple, M. 316 Risch, C. 208 Risdon, F. 444 Risser, L. 414 Rissman, P. 316 Ristow, P. 417 Ritchie, A. 244,398 Ritger, E. 444 Ritger, R. 404 Ritter, C. 278 Rittmann, L. 444 Rivkin, R. 170 Rizzo, C. 257,261 Roach, P. 252 Roback, J. 284 Robb, L. 251 Robbins, B. 403,406,409 Bobbins, D. 188 Robbins, J. 170 Robbins, L. 444 Robbins, M. 237 Robbins, W. 470 Robers, R. 215 Roberts, B. 275 Roberts, K. 235 Roberts, R. 262 Roberts, T. 277 Robertson, D. 316,468 Robertson, H. 258 Robertson, K. 384,389 Robertson, R. 379,398 Robey, J. 142 Robey, R. 176 Robin, M. 444 Robinson, A. 465 Robinson, B. 444 Robinson, D. 256,259 Robinson, L. 384,398 Robinson, T. 176 Robl, J. 271 Robock, A. 316 Rock, M. 287 Rockier, E. 253 Rockwell, R. 468 Rockwood, D. 163 Roddick, J. 164 Rode, S. 268 Rodewald, A. 258 Rodman, J. 274 Rodriquez, B. 146 Rodriquez, P. 403,406 Roeber, B. 445 Roelke, G. 279 Roemer, G. 148,378 Roeming, B. 280 Roeming, L. 284 Roethe, C. 398,425 Roethe, S. 136 Roethle, J. 389 Roger, L. 287 Rogers, L. 445 Rogers, P. 244 Rogina, C. 239 Rohloff, J. 244 Rohm, C. 445 Rohrbach, D. 283 Rohrer, J. 445 Roidt, J. 381 Roitman, N. 271 Roland, B. 445 Rolf, P. 235 Rolfs, C. 318,404 RoUefson, R. 316 Romaker, C. 150 Roman, G. 271,468 Romano, L. 398 Romanowski, J. 445 Rome, S. 389 Romon, R. 403 Rompella, J. 176 Rooney, M. 398 Rooney, P. 158 Rooney, R. 249 Rosback, J. 257 Rose, D. 286 Rose, E. 268 Rose, J. 427 Rose, T. 317 Rosen, M. 445 Rosenbaum, H. 142 Rosener, K. 208,468 Rosenberry, P. 166 Rosenfeld, W. 142 Rosenfield, W. 232,285 Rosenthal, I. 145,389 Rosenthal, J. 142,264,265 Rosenthal, L. 445 Rosenwald, A. 445 Rosher, R. 256 Rosing, W. 246,445 Rosinsky, R. 266 Ross, E. 445 Ross, J. 445 Ross, M. 398,467 Ross, P. 322 Ross, R. 274 Ross, S. 251 Rossen, L. 210 Rosser, J. 317 Rossman, G. 254 Rossmeissl, J. 268 Rost, J. 308,445 Roth, D. 242,317,389 ? " " Roth, E. 286 Roth, J. 160,162,254,257 Roth, J. 389 Roth, L. 162,220,308 Roth. S. 445 Rothbard, J. 275 Rothbauer, R. 402 Rothberg, D. 186 Rothenberg, B. 210,232 Rothering, S. 266 Rothman, C. 196,311 Rothschild, I. 284 Rothstein, A. 271 Rothstein, J. 145,445 Rotterty, B. 253 Rottman, R. 468 Rouner, I. 247 Rouse, F. 384 Rouze, C. 251 Rovig, G. 270 Rowe, D. 465 Rowe, F. 398 Rowe, M. 275 Rowe, P. 212 Rowe, S. 317,398 Rowen, R. 268 Rowland, R. 280 Rowley, S. 313,385,398 Rowntree, D. 234,377,379 Rowntree, M. 301,378,381, 414 Roy, D. 239,445 Roy, P. 287 Royer, D. 188,409 Royer, E. 186 Rozental, J. 280 Rubens, A. 445 Rubenstein, A. 287 Rubenstein, H. 270 Rubin, C. 445 Rubin, L. 268 Rubin, M. 248 Rubin, P. 398,425 Rubin, S. 199,255,398 Rubino, M. 389 Rucinski, P. 236,237 Rudegeair, P. 317 Ruderman, A. 142 Rudman, J. 235 Rudnick, S. 317,445 Rudolf, C. 445 Rudolph, B. 445 Ruedebusch, A. 284 Rueff, T. 258 Rufenacht, L. 278 Rufener, S. 238 Ruff, M. 265 Ruland, R. 445 Rulland, P. 238 Rumachik, M. 244,398 Rummler, E. 166 Runde, R. Rundell, O. 255 Rundquist, E. 445 Runft, J. 186 Runtas, J. 190 Rybeck, S. 279 Rychlik, S. 244 Rychtarik, J. 170 Rygasewicz, K. 252 Rysticken, M. 284 Saadat-Melli, M. 404,409 Sabatke, R. 279 Saben, A. 236,237 Sabourin, M. 146,284 Sachs, R. 268 Sachs, S. 283 Sachse, M. 243,245 Sack, K. 198,384,389 Sack, T. 210 Sadkovich, J. 445 Sadoff, G. 196 Sadowski, M. 274 Saecker, S. 245 Saeger, R. 403 Safago, R. 282 Sagall, N. 286 Sagemiller, G. 206,389 Sahan, B. 259 Sahs, D. 334 St George, D. 261 St Louis, P. 164 St Peter, J. 276 Sajowitz, J. 398 Sakamdta, J. 237 Salas, M. 253,445 Sails, H. 257 Salmanowitz, R. 170 Salnick, R. 246 Saltenberger, J. 417 Salter, A. 268 Salter, L. 376 Salter, S. 257 Salvo, B. 317 Salzbere, B. 445 Salzsieder, K. 198,462,463 465,317 Salzwedel, B. 398 Sambs, G. 257,379 Samet, R. 283 Sampson, B. 316 Sampson, G. 285 Samsal, J. 277 Samson, B. 145 Samuel, J. 158 Samuels, J. 445 Sanborn, T. 140,445 Sandberg, R. 204 Sander, P. 182 Sanders, M. 286 Sanders, P. 259 Sanders, S. 445 Sanders, T. 156 Sanderson, N. 178 Sandler, A. 255 Sandrin, C. 269 Sandstrom, M. 445 Sanfanandre, J. 417 Sanford, J. 274,445 Sanna, M. 285 Santini, M. 279 Sara, E. 459 Hunt as, J. litv " " " j . " - " TiV c Runzheimer, B. 287,306,398 " " " ' •, ' 7?o ,-„ Ruotsala, M. 317,389 Sarbacker, J. 148,379 Rus,F. 311 Rusch, L. 271 Rusher, D. 283 Ruskin, D. 389 Ruskin, L. 445 Russell, G. 275 Russler, S. 150 Russler, T. 317 Russo, ). Rust, B. 284 Rust, K. 278 Ruth, M. 136 Sarchet, D. 269 Sardino, J. 198 Saretzky, L. 317 Sarge, M. 251 Sarow, R. 272 Sartorius, C. 252 Sass, R. 389 Sather, B. 172 Sather, C. 468,445 Sather, G. 255 Satory, C. 232 Satran, D. 468 Rutledge, J. 234,377,378,379,Sattler, C. 378 381 Rutledge, R. 234,379 Rutlin, R. 398 Ruttan, L. 248 Ruttenberg, R. 317,445 Rutter, J. 168 Rutz, H. 261 Ruud, S. 280 Rux, F. 152 Ryan, J. 273,278 Ryan, M. 278 Ryan, P. 459 Ryan, S. 237,178 Sattler, D. 148,376 Satran, D. 271 Saturn, R. 142 Sauber, D. 379 Sauer, S. 402,404 Sauk, M. 196 Saunders, S. 184 Saunders, S. 445 Saville, J. 233 Savransky, D. 210 Sawicki, S. 398 Sawyer, P. 316,461 Sawyer, S. 286 Sayles, D. 262 Sayles, S. 206 Saylor, R. 264,425,445 Sazama, K. 287 Sazama, R. 268 Scanlon, W. 316,445 Schaap, J. 445 Schachtel, J. 445 Schackmuth, J. 188 Schaden, J. 188,409 Schaefer, D. 445 Schaefer, J. 318,398 Schaefer, J. 398 Schaefer, K. 261 Schaefer, P. 247,322 Schaeffer, B. 237 Schaengold, S. 265 Schafer, R. 234,376,381 Schaffer, N. 445 Schaffer, S. 259 Schaffner, D. 277 Schallder, H. 465 Schaller, J. 208 Scharnke, B. 271,312,398, 317 Scharnke, R. 244 Schatz, D. 445 Schatz, R. 320,445 Schauss, J. 385 Schear, S. 216 Schechter, L. 445 Schechter, S. 196 Scheets, J. 276 Scheibel, W. 273 Scheible, J. 161 Scheible, L. 245 Scheicher, D. 170 Scheidt, D. 148,379 Scheiter, G. 213 Schellpfeffer, J. 279,402 Schenk, C. 244 Scher, D. 317 Soberer, N. 238 Scherer, R. 269 Schetter, A. 445 Schgenleben, T. 403 Schibly, B. 194 Schick, H. 176 Schick, J. 273 Schieble, M. 245 Schiefelbein, P. 242 Schier, K. 472 Schiess, L. 158 Schiffman, D. 317,210,398 Schiller, D. 277 Schilling, J. 285 Schilling, P. 445 Schimpff, J. 247 Schink, L. 287 Schinke, T. 334 Schipper, J. 245 Schirmer, J. 468 Schjolberg, D. 402 Schlanger, B. 199 Schleck, T. 310 Schlee, D. 216,445 Schley, J. 284 Schlise, S. 235 Schloemer, J. 276 Schloemer, K. 146 Schlough, N. 317,376,381 Schmallenberg, P. 417 Schmeisser, W. 216 Schnxjcheal, R. 379 Schmiddy, T. 195 Schmidler, C. 158 Schmidt, B. 192,311 Schmidt, C. 186,244,254,465 Schmidt, D. 162 Schmidt, E. 164,445 Schmidt, E. 445 Schmidt, G. 242 Schmidt, J. 154,240 Schmidt, K. 446,466 Schmidt, K. 446 Schmidt, K. 409 Schmidt, L. 186,199 Schmidt, L. 459 Schmidt, M. 398 Schmidt, P. 182 Schmidt, R. 156,316,334,446 Schmidt, S. 241,446 Schmidt, S. 446 Schmidt, T. 389 Schmieder, C. 192,230 Schmieder, K. 258 Schmiling, W. 381 Schmit, W. 257 Schmitt, G. 206 Schmitt, J. 176 Schmitt, R. 389 Schmitz, D. 232 Schmitz, J. 250 Schmitz, K. 182,284 Schmoll. N. 238 Schmook, T. 238 Schnake, P. 278 Schneider, C. 151 Schneider, D. 176,199 Schneider, G. 213,320,398 Schneider, G. 317,446 Schneider, J. 176 Schneider, J. 389 Schneider, K. 249,262 Schneider, L. 389,322 Schneider, L. 316 Schneider, P. 170,376,378, 456 Schneider, R. 446 Schneider, R. 446 Schneider, T. 259,300,446, 317 Schnyder, H. 282 Schober, K. 280 Schober, S. 317,456,446 Schoblaski, C. 237 Schoemann, S. 446 Schoen, R. 404 Schoene, S. 446 Schoenfeldt, G. 262 Schoening, S. 257 Schoenke, J. 446 Schoenleben, T. 409,406 Schoephoerster, V. 237,457 Schoessow, D. 184 Schoessow, W. 334 Scholar, B. 398 Schomberg, R. 234,379 Schopf, G. 239 Schopf, L. 198 Schott, D. 446 Schott, E. 178,417 Schott, S. 282 Schottenstein, J. 389 Schraeder, T. 271 Schram, P. 154,446,308 Schrank, R. 254 Schraufnagel, D. 446 Schraufhagel, K. 284 Schreiner, R. 409 Schribner, P. 249 Schribner, J. 424 Schriner, B. 175 Schroeder, B. 189,463 Schroeder, B. 465 Schroeder, D. 148,152,471 Schroeder, J. 270,377 Schroeder, L. 446 Schroeder, M. 283 Schroeder, R. 148,242,376 Schroeder, R. 381 Schroeder, S. 425,461,463, 465 Schroeder, S. 398 Schubert, G. 274 Schubert, L. 244,313,446 Schuchard, G. 459 Schueffner, S. 398 Schueller, S. 389 Schuette, P. 166,232 Schuetz, K. 216 Schuh, R. 276 Schuhmann, A. 446 Schuknecht, V. 235 Schult, M. 152 Schulte, T. 317,446 Schultz, A. 148,240,378 Schultz, D. 277,402 Schultz, D. 317 Schultz, D. 446 Schultz, E. 398 Schultz, C. 256 Schultz, H. 446 Schultz, J. 241,256,277,286 Schultz, J. 417 Schultz, K. 385,446 Schultz, M. 446 Schultz, N. 182 Schultz, R. 189,238,378 Schultz, R. 465 Schultz, S. 284 Schultz, W. 471 Schuiz, B. 271 Schuiz, S. 190,239 Schumacher, L. 282 Schumacher, M. 235,317,446 Schumacher, R. 425 Schumann, G. 262 Schusterman, E. 315 Schutt, K. 187 Schutter, M. 195 Schveidler, J. 446 Schwach, M. 245,471 Schwade, F. 446 Schwam, L. 280 Schwantes, D. 248 Schwartz, A. 145 Schwartz, B. 255 Schwartz, E. 389 Schwartz, G. 446 Schwartz, J. 409,462 Schwartz, L. 154,239 Schwartz, L. 265 Schwartz, M. 232 Schwartz, N. 142 Schwartz, P. 300 Schwartz, R. 145,206 Schwartzburg, J. 256 Schwarzbauer, M. 446 Schwarze, L. 459 Schwarzhoff, R. 381 Schwebel, E. 168,446 Schwehr, R. 317 Schweikart, J. 208 Schweitzer, C. 210 Schwenck, R. 379 Schwenn, S. 190 Schweolor, J. 280 Schwerman, B. 285 Schwertfeger, G. 243 Schwertfeger, T. 236 Schwertz, M. 446,317 Schwichtenberg, D. 264 Schwier, P. 446 Schwingle, L. 261 Schwingle, M. 381 Scott, C. 376 Scott, G. 269 Scott, L. 164,321 Scott, P. 184 Scott, R. 446 Scully, J. 208,308 Scully, L. 257 Sdano, C. 236 Seabrook, W. 216 Seager, P. 284 Seaman, }. 245 Seaquist, D. 446 Sebastian, J. 323 Seckel, L. 265,446 Secrest, S. 446 Sedovic, W. 257,379 Seefeld, C. 245 Seeger, P. 284 Seeger W, 446 Seehafer, L. 178,321,425,398 Seehaver, D. 254 Seelman, J. 248 Sefert, B. 385 Segal, A. Sehloff, J. 255 Seifert, D. 172 Seipel, D. 389 Seitz, D. 201 Seitz, L. 232 Selbo, E. 461,463,465 Seligman, T. 322 Seligson, D. 220 Sell, G. 279,266 Sell, J. 285 Sell, S. 186,245 Sellin, R. 168,381 Seltzer, M. 279 Selvaag, R. 190 Sendrick, P. 288 Senn, N. 282 Sennhenn, B. 378,376 Seno, L. 172 Senzig, K. 235 Semovitz, N. 196 Servais, L. 403,246 Serwer, H. 278 491 Serwer, K. 158 Sesy, 234 Seth, A. Setle, B. 379 Seton, L. Setter, M. 335 Setzer, M. Seutzky, L. 244 Severn, J. 446 Severson, E. 322 Severson, L. 264 Seville, J. 182 Sexton, M. 446 Seymour, R. 300 Seymour, S. 446 Sezzer, E. 446 Shade, J. 417 Shaevel, E. 398 Shaewitz, M. 446 Shafer, D. 389 Shaffer, F. 170 Shaffner, B. 208 Shafnn, L. 398 Shafton, J. 389 Shagam, R. 278 Shain, K. 277 Shain, M. 196 Shakman, D. 235 Shaiek, C. 446 Shallert, B. 276 Shamburek, M. 281,206 Shanahan, P. 320,151,398 Shandony, M. 446 Shanks, D. 268 Shannon, C. Shannon, E. 314 Shansky, R. 317 Shannon, K. 251 Shannon, P. 261 Shapiro, E. 446 Shapiro, G. 263 Shapiro, J. 184 Shapiro, M. 278 Shapiro, T. 251 Sharkey, M. 263,470 Sharpe, S. 182 Shaw, A. 158 Shaw, J. 237 Shaw, M. 304,300,446 Shaw, S. 237,466,151,398 Sheahan, P. 234 Sheedy, S. 283 Sheets, M. 178 Sheger, R. Sheingold, R. 247 Sheldon, B. 219 Sheldon, D. 254 Sheldon, K. 238 Sheldon, P. 254 Shell, A. 198 Sheller, D. 238 Shelton, G. 251 Shengold, C. 142 Shengold, R. 196 Shenkin, E. Shepherd, S. 278 Shepherd, W. 389 Sher, D. 142,264,265 Sherfinski, J. 446 Sherman, B. 277 Sherman, C. 317,313,376, 381 Sherman, G. 427 Sherman, J. 161 Sherman, P. 398 Sheptow, S. 199 Sherry, M. 379,379 Sherwood, D. 398 Sherwood, E. 446 Sherwood, S. 446 Sheski, A. 317 Sheski, R. 286 Shestock, J. 259 Shewmake, K. 254 Shicker, K. 178 Shimon, L. 201,274 Shinners, M. 255 Shireman, S. 238 Shirmer, J. 242 Shiveler, P. 245 Shkolnik, R. 446 Shneider, R. 446 Shockley, A. 182 Sholund, D. 168,389 Shoman, N. Shonen, H. 142 Shooki, G. 376 Short, G. 187,320,446,308 Shouldice, D. 244,184 Shovers, A. 446 Showers, W. 316 Shrake, B. 284 Shrake, J. 316 Shriber, R. 446 Shulman, A. 268 Shulstad, R. 379 Shultz, D. 278 Shumaker, J. 248 Shumow, S. 264,265 Shumway, S. 278 Shwents, M. 258 Sibley, S. 270 Sicher, R. 447 Sidore, R. 447 Sidwell, L. 459 Siedow, T. 193 Siedschlag, D. 236 Siedschlag, D. 377 Siegel, B. 145,447 Siegel, G. 193 Siegel, D. 268 Siegel, E. 199 Siegel, F. 310 Siegel, I. 199 Siegel, I. 398 Siegel, J. 261 Siegel, P. 447 Siegel, S. 275 Siegel, T. 142,258 Siegle, D. 196 Siegrist, R. 268 Sieja, S. 381 Sieker, F. 322 Sieker, L. 175 Sieker, M. 317 Sielaff, D. 270 Sielaff, J. 154 Sielaff, S. 136 Sieleff, M. 463 Sierke, P. 236 Sievertson, L. 206 Sihobert, S. 245 Silberg, R. 465 Silberglitt, M. 44 7 Silberhorn, S. 286 Silberman, D. 447 Silberman, N. 447 Silberstein, S. 447 Sileshi, W. Silieki, M. 306 Sill, A. 247 Simon, E. 285 Silon, A. 258 Silver, I. 264 Silver, L. 265 Silver, S. 277 Silverblatt, R. 273 Silverman, R. 232 Silverman, R. 447 Silverstein, O. 276 Silverstein, R. 232 Silverwood, G. 447 Simbach, L. 276 Simbrich, K. 238 Sime, R. 465 Simmons, B. 447 Simmons, C. 284 Silberhorn, S. 286 Simmons, K. 136 Simon, B. 447 Simon, B. 447 Simon, E. 199 Simon, H. 320 Simon, L. 306 Simon, R. 447 Simon, S. Simon, T. 220,166,232 Simons, J. 398 Simons, R. 317 Simonsen, R. 253 Simonson, J. 245 Simonson, L. 195 Simonson, S. 456 Simpson, R. 244 Simpson, T. 447 Sinaiko, D. 199,447 Sinclair, D. 151,447 Sine, C. 283 Siner, M.417 Singer, B. 264,142,265 Singer, D. 145 Singer, D. 447 Singer, L. 214,447 Singer, M. 245 Singer, N. 321,142 Singer, W. 191 Sipp, P. 236 Sippl, J. 172 Sitzler, F. 447 Skaar, J. 447 Skaar, K. 249 Skagen, M. 158 Skagen, S. 273 Sklanski, R. 276 Skalitzky, J. 398 Skarr, J. 255 Skarra, A. 258 Skarsten, E. 136 Skelly, B. 249 Skelton, B. 281 Skelton, M. 468 Skerven, G. 403,406 Skibinski, E. 242 Skigin, D. 447 Skinmetz, K. 254 Skinner, J. 447 Shoemaker, S. 468 Skolitzky, L. 381 Skolnick, G. 232 Skolnick, E. 447 Skopec, M. 182 Skorno, E. 465 Skorno, E. 462 Skubal, A. 274 Skudt, D. 277 Skvorc, C. 241 Skuldt, D. 277 Slabis, J. 235 Slade, B. 447 Slade, J. 447 Slager, D. 151 Slagg, C. 249 Slaiman, E. 265 Slavick, H. 202 Slavick, S. 236 Slayman, E. 182 Sleber, N. 447 Sleime, T. 255 Slezak, J. 447 Sloan, F. 170 SmaPield, G. 300 Small, L. 142 Small, T. 468 Smart, C. 332 Smart, R. 263 Smeaton, C. 260 Smerda, J. 240 Smerling, M. 447 Smeyne, R. 145 Smflack, M. 288 Smith, A. 236,261 Smith, A. 465 Smith, B. 140,240 Smith, C. 285,463,216,178, 406,249 Smith, C. 465 Smith, C. 235 Smith, D. 259,265,280,471 Smith, E. 199 Smith, F. 175,426 Smith, B. 202,403 Smith, G. 406,409 Smith, J. 144,259,265,270, 384 Smith, J. 447 Smith, K. 279 Smith, M. 178,238,277,417 Smith, P. 447 Smith, R. 140,256,216 Smith, S. 160,236,284 Smith, S. Smith, T. 471 Smith, W. 381 Smits, M. 240 Smoich, W. 202 Smolcich, M. 257 Smolen, H. 447 Smuckler, S. 316 Smulka, G. 447,279 Sneider, J. 202 Snell, J. 233 Snider, M. 260 Sniffin, E. 389 Snook, D. 447 Snowdon, D. 170,447 Snyder, B. 156 Snyder, G. 258 Snyder, L. 145 Snyder, P. 152 Snyder, R. 389 Snyders, W. 321 Sobol, M. 222 Sobota, J. 285 Soceka, J. 465 Soglin, D. 277 Sokol, R. 210 Sokolik, G. 236 Soldatos, P. 276 Solem, C. 284 Solem, E. 317,447 Solin, L. 142,265 Solochek, M. 286 Solomon, E. 317 Solomon, L. Solomon, L. Solomon, M. 447 Solomon, W. 317 Solverson, M. 379,234 Somers, J. 258 Sommerfield, J. 398,158 Sommerfield, S. 447 Sommers, V. 398 Sondel, L. 265 Sonnenberg, D. 263,219 Sonntag, R. 249,255 Sorensen, S. 170 Sorensen, T. 246 Sorenson, J. 268 Sorman, R. 196 Soroka, M. 236 Soules, R. 310 Sousek, T. 274 Spaeni, G. 176 Spafford, W. 175 Spahr, T. 170 Spalding, P. 272 Spanagel, R. 208 Sparr, N. 304 Spathelf, W. 192 Spatz, W. 196 Specht, S. 278 Spector, M. 447 Spector, S. 447 Speer, E. 279 Speerstra, G. 213 Spees, A. 253 Speltz, S. 244 Sper, L. 447 Sperr, N. 288 Sperry, H. 317 Spheeris, A. 447 Spiegelberg, L. 447 Spielman, E. 258 Spielman, M. 138 Spike, J. 238 Spilich, G. 269 Spira, D. 421 Spira, M. 447 Spittler, A. 389 Spitz, D. 168 Spitz, J. 270 Spitzbart, D. 279 Spitzer, K. 312,332 Spitzer, R. 170 Spletter, M. 322,447,424 Splitter, T. 398,378 Splittgerber, G. 317 Sprague, A. 208 Sprague, K. 175 Sprague, M. 409,402 Sprague, M. 317,447 Spraker, M. 187 Spransy, C. 279 Sprecher, S. 447 Spredemann, B. 459 Sprenger, M. 206 Spriggle, S. 151,398 Spriggs, D. 249 Spring, W. 262,468 Springer, B. 236 Springer, J. 234 Sprong, R. 447 Sproule, M. 278 Sprowl, S. 398 Spurgeon, S. 166 Sromek, J. 247 Srulovitz, M. 447 Staab, M. 306,317,235,447 Staalson, M. 278 Stachowicz, N. 402 Stack, B. 316,321 Stadele, G. 256 Stadelman, T. 236 Staenberg, M. 447 Stalle, G. 398 Stalle, L. 201 Stambaugh, R. 317 Standorf, L. 426 Stanek, E. 315 Stanffacher, L. 187 Stangby, C. 448,424 Stange, P. 317 Stangeland, R. 162,448 Stansbery, P. 448 Stanton, C. 146 Stapanian, M. 240 Stapleton, J. 160,468 Star, P. 448 Starich, C. 240 Stark, B. 276 Stark, S. 234 Stark, N. 378 Stark, T. 245 Staron, R. 246 Starr, J. 409,404 Stass, M. 178,252 Statz, J. 252 Stauder, R. 448 Stauffacher, D. 398 Staum, J. 465 Stauner, G. 398 Stearns, P. 244 Stedl, L. 287 Steele, R. 398 Steele, V. 245,242 Steensland, A. 155 Steensrud, R. 237,466 Steffen, R. 140 Stegemann, A. 402 Steger, L. 280 Steggert, J. 178 Stegman, D. 417 Stehling, M. 269 Steil, R. 281 Stein, E. 280 Steinbach, V. 259 Steinbeck, S. 472 Steinbrink, K. 398 Steiner, M. 316,466 Steiner, Z. 257 Steinert, B. 268 Steingart, J. 156 Steinhanes, M. 240 Steinman, B. 280 Steinman, N. 398 Steinmetz, A. 278 Steinmetz, B. 398 Steinmetz, R. 317 Steitz, K. 276 Steldt, A. 239 Stella, M. 182,448 Stellick, R. 262 Stellor, S. 136 Stelly, M. 399 Stelter, S. 409,406 Steltzer, M. 170,403 Stender, J. 220 Stengert, S. 239 Stenske, J. 138 Stenzler, E. 448 Stepaniuk, L. 251 Stephenson, S. 448 Stepner, M. 255 Stem, L. 448 Stern, M. 259 Stern, P. 266 Stern, R. 170 Stern, S. 448 Sternlieb, M. 237 Sterzinger, S. 448 Stevens, A. 264 Stevens, A. 195 Stevens, C. 178 Stevenson, S. 167 Stewart, C. 182,448 Stewart, J. 162,321 Stewart, J. 448 Stewart, M. 243,245 Sticha, B. 201 Stickland, W. 448 492 Stiles, T. 276 Stiller, R. 277 Stillman, S. 323 Stillmank, P. 253 Stillwell, J. 271 Stilwell, J. 253 Stimart, P. 448 Stimm, M. 287 Stine, E. 257 Stiphout, R. 188,322 Stipp, R. 317 Stittleburg, P. 448 Stockfleth, L. 167 Stockwell, R. 448 Stockwell, S. 273 Stoeffler, W. 389 Stoehr, J. 248 Stoetzel, L. 317,260 Stoffel, A. 204 Stoil, D. 190 Stoll, B. 240 Stolper, S. 332,281 Stone, A. 188 Stone, C. 275 Stone, S. 164,448 Stonecipher, C. 448 Stoner, B. 301 Stoner, M. 142 Storer, J. 236 Storm, A. 381 Storts. S. 249 Stouffer, B. 208 Stover, L. 156,409 Strackany, J. 261,317 Strakle, T. 258 Strand, M. 144 Stratford, B. 255 Straun, G. 252 Strauss, A. 274 Strauss, J. 188 Strauss, L. 184,199,417 Strayer, S. 417 Streblow, S. 448 Strehl. S. 285 Strelcheck, S. 399 Strickler, J. 240 Strickmeyer, K. 334 Strobel, K. 448,425 Stroik T. 242 Strombom, K. 235 Strong, S. 317 Stroyny, J. 448,317 Strozewski, C. 378 Struckmeyer, K. 308 Struhar, J. 146 Strupp, C. 170 Struve, J. 259 Strzyzewski, J. 254 Stubbe, J. 158,275 Stuckert, S. 268 Stuckman, L. 262 Studey, N. 285 Stuebbe, S. 277 Stueland, D. 242 Stuessy, L. 276 Stuessy, R. 241 Stumpf, J. 253 Stumpf, K. 237 Styles, E. 161 Stys, E. 282,399 Sudlik, L. 235 Suehs, M. 260 Sueden, N. 238 Sullivan, C. 459 Sullivan, S. 201,240 Sullivan, W. 448 Summeril, C. 448 Sunderland, W. 273 Suokko, D. 281 Surak, J. 471,468 Surmacz, C. 201,399 Surplice, B. 233 Sussber, M. 220 Sussman, K. 196,311 Sutheimer, J. 234,379 Sutter, D. 277 Svec, S. 448 Svoboda, C. 178,243 Swan, C. 244,260 Svf an, R. 448 Swanson, B. 233 Swanson, D. 168 Swanson, K. 136,314 Swanson, K. 172 Swanson, P. 459 Swanson, R. 242 Swartz, S. 278 Swedosh, V. 269 Sweet, B. 58 Sweet, E. 315 Sweet, J. 448,313,318,334 Sweet, J. 317,399 Sweet, M. Sweet, R. 239,317 Sweet, V. 244 Sweney, C. 237 Swensen, N. 414 Swenson, D. 448 Swenson, N. 417 Swerdloff, L. 317 Swemoff, J. Svtaggum, D. 243 Swinehart, G. 201 Swinehart, J. 268 Sydnor, L. 317 Sylvester, G. 381 Symbal, A. 189,463 Symmes, S. 206 Syiichee, R. 279 Syrieski, B. 236 Syth, D. 379 Syver, M. 250 Syverson, W. 256 Szabo, S. 258,426 Szatalowicz, R. 175 Szatkowski, D. 206,257 Szatalowicz, V. 301 Szudy, B. 253 Szymanski, A. 260 Szymczak, E. 176 Tabbert, W. 409 Tabo, T. 202 Tabrizi, A. 403,409 Tadd, P. 403 Tadych, K. 284,399 Taege, W. 465 Taft, R. 245 Tanck, G. 259 Tang, D. 254 Tannenbaum, P. 448 Tanner, 1. 184 Tappon, J. 198,245,448 Tarant, E. 245 Tarasik, M. 409 Tarazi, T. 255 Tarbert, J. 448 Tarkow, S. 448 Tarring, S. 448 Tashner, M. 241 Tatarsky, N. 448 Taubert, C. 235 Tauman, C. 142 Tayback, G. 448 Taylor, B. 182,232 Taylor, J. 238 Taylor, L. 448 Taylor, M. 245,268 Taylor, N. 164,317,448 Taylor, R. 156,448,471 Teague, G. 417 Techtman, J. 215,254 Teetzel, R. 448 Teeysstia, E. 258 Teich, L. 278 Tellanova, J. 259 Temkin, B. 302,316 Tempke, J. 403 Tengbom, C. 260 Tenhaken, R. 274 Tennessen, A. 148,311 Teple, L. 241 Teplin, J. 278 Ternes, C. 249 Terp,J. 264 Terrill, P. 252 Terry, C. 249 Terwilliger, M. 136 Tesch, D. 399 Tesch, K. 256 Teschner, C. 241 Teske, M. 248 Tessendorf, J. 277 Tessier, S. 273 Teunissen, L. 403 Thacher, A. 282 Thacker, B. 270 Thalacker, J. 239 Thaler, R. 448 Tharle, S. 274 Tharpe, S. 186 Thayer, D. 156 Thayer, P. 277 Thayer, R. 277 Thedinga, M. 278 Thedinga, W. 316 Theirl, J. 381 Theisen, K. 236,456 Theisen, K. 450 Theisen, P. 242 Thelen, M. 317,399 Thelen, T. 317,385,389 Theno, D. 148,376,381 Thiede, E. 377 Thiel, A. 237 Thiel, J. 240 Thiel, K. 278 Thiel, W. 468 Thiele, K. 404 Thiele, P. 263 Thiesenhusen, C. 448 Thimmesch, M. 178,470,471 Thorn, M. 270 Thomas, B. 243 Thomas, C. 146,236 Thomas, D. 234,376,379 Thomas, E. 261 Thomas, J. 448 Thomas, K. 186,287 Thomas, L. 237,240,466 Thomas, M. 259 Thomasgard, R. 226 Thomason, J. 251 Thome, J. 244 Thompson, E. 426 Thompson, G. 146 Thompson, J. 156,208,448 Thompson, K. 236,399 Thompson, L. 240,317,251, 448 Thompson, P. 206,273,448 Thompson, S. 241,251,448 Thompson, T. 244,448 Thompson, W. 190,246 Thomsen, N. 399 Thomsen, R. 468 Thorman, S. 399 Thornbury, N. 399 Thorne, J. 208 Thornton, D. 426 Thorp, D. 471 Thorpe, C. 156,255 Thorpe, E. 156,448 Thorsen, K. 178,280,448 Thorsen, M. 448 Thorsen, S. 146,175 Thorson, S. 236,238 Thorstad, C. 448 Thousand, J. 136 Throne, K. 235 Thubauville, R. 425 Thuerer, J. 178 Thuesen, J. 150 Thumer, L. 282 Thurow, D. 247 Thurston, G. 249 Thurston, S. 238 Thyberg, K. 276 Thyne, E. 287 Tiboris, P. 425 Tickler, M. 150 Tideman, A. 243 Tiedeman, B. 260 Tiemann, M. 238 Tietz, J. 308 Tiffany, C. 459 Tigre, O. 261 Tilden, A. 280 Tilidetzke, J. 261 Tillinger, B. 270 Tillman, P. 448 Tilly, B. 236,399 Timm, A. 256,377 Timm, B. 248 Timm, G. 465 Timmer, J. 379 Tinberg, B. 167 Tindell, J. 202 Tinnerman, J. 170 Tkac, P. 449 Tobias, B. 232 Tobin, D. 470 Tobin, J. 249 Tobin, S. 449 Todd, D. 384 Todd, W. 399 Toegge, W. 138 Toepel, S. 240 Togstad, K. 201 Tolpn, K. 210,265 Tolkan, S. 449 Toltzman, C. 261 Toman, G. 245 Tomlin, S. 449 Tomlinson, P. 449 Toniolo, J. 462,465 Tonkin, T. 175 Tope, C. 136 Torgerson, K. 151,244 Torhorst, N. 136 Torkelson, J. 243,245 Tormey, T. 178 Torres, K. 287 Tortorice, L. 449 Toson, K. 253 Toubl, J. 323 Towie, S. 206 Townsend, C. 260 Townsend, S. 264 Toy, D. 170,449 Traisman, S. 172,409 Tralmer, A. 234,379 Transou, B. 252 Trant, S. 244 Trantow, P. 449 Trapp, J. 250 Trask, H. 449 Traska, J. 449 Traver, J. 258,317,389 Travis, G. 234,379 Trebec, L. 274 Treichel, P. 201,417 Trenary, A. 399 Treviranus, S. 449 Triffler, F. 142 Triger, C. 199 Trinkaus, T. 449 Trinko, C. 152 Tripp, C. 456,459 Tritschler, K. 282,334 Trnka, J. 403 Trnka, K. 253 Trobe, S. 286 Trogun, L. 384 Trossen, B. 449 Trossen, C. 417 Trotta, L. 449 Truby, L. 399 Trudeau, L. 317 True, M. 264 True, P. 232 Trueblood, A. 332 Truesdale, C. 264 Trumpf, A. 239 Trumpy, C. 417 Tsai, M. 449 Tse, G. 449 Tse, H. 449 Tubbs, S. 288 Tucker, E. 449,456 Tucker, J. 145,389 Tucker, K. 459,466 Tucker, S. 275 Tucker, T. 321 Turer, E. 283 Turinski, J. 399 Turke, E. 242,468 Turke, T. 449 Turley, A. 182 Turman, T. 259 Turmo, J. 172 Turner, J. 144 Turner, K. 257 Turner, N. 379 Turner, P. 376,378 Turner, R. 379 Turner, S. 216 Turner, S. 449 Tumquist, L. 198 Tuscher, R. 254 Tuteja, A. 311 Tutkowski, M. 449 Tuttle, J. 285 Tweedale, D. 138 Twieg, R. 279 Twining, J. 250 Twitty, D. 449 Tyler, P. 417 Tysver, T. 271 Tytell, P. 286 Ufer, P. 314,399 Uhal, W. 283 Uihlein, P. 160 Ullmer, D. 250 Ulmer, F. 286,449 Ulz, L. 239 Unland, F. 254 Untiedt, P. 240 Upp,J.254 Uppy, P. 253 Uran, J. 184,399 Urban, C. 399 Urban, K. 244 Urban, L. 256 Urger, D. 449 Urlakis, D. 252 Urschel, J. 449 Usinger, H. 232 Uthmeier, L. 164,275 Utities, C. 275 Utrie, D. 262 Utschig, J. 243 Vagelsberg, W. 308 Vahldieck, L. 235 Valaitis, D. 462,465 Valent, L. 176 Vallarta, K. 241 Valley, V. 282 Van Akkeren, P. 188,318 Van Akkeren, T. 318 Van Alstine, B. 254 Van Berkel, P. 268 Van Brocklin, K. 468 Van Brunt, L. 178,264 Vancil, D. 332 Van Cleave, M. 468 Vandeberg, J. 148 Vandeberg, J. 317,376,381 Vandenberg, M. 282 Vanden Boogaard, C. 461 Vanden Busch, V. 282 Van Den Heuvel, R. 241 Vandenplas, C. 449 Vanderheiden, G. 256 Vanderheiden, R. 198 Vander Hoogt, B. 239 Vander Leest, B. 151 Vandermus, S. 449 Vanderploeg, J. 234 Vanderpoel, C. 257 Vanderpoel, G. 463 Vanderpool, T. 268 Vander Velden, E. 459 Vander Walde, J. Vander Weele, R. 385 Vander Werff, J. 272 Vander V ' yst, K. 284 Van De Sand, P. 259 Van Deurzen, J. 279 Vandeveld,C.417 Vande Ven, A. 268 Vandeyacht, E. Van Dinter, J. 216 VanDoren, K. 311 Vandrey, D. 249,334 Van Dyke, K. 144 Van Dyke, M. 280,379 Van Epps, R. 424 Van Ess, M. 376 Van Ess, P. 257,389 Van Ess, S. 242 Van Handel, J. 425 Van Handel, T. 256 Van Heesch, J. 189,313,463, 465 Van Home, T. 146,417,466 Van Liere, R. 234 Van Munn, J. 258 Vannes, D. 259,332,409 Van Nevel, F. 282 Van Roy, M. 285 Vanselow, P. 244 VanSickle, J. 417 Van Sicklen, S. 449 Van Slyke, C. 318,409 Van Veen, A. 158,449 Van Veghel, T. 176,449 Van Velzer, J. 140,449 Van Vleet, C. 387 Van Vleet, L. 237,240 Van Vleet, S. 404 493 Van Vonderen, C. 465 Varley, M. 250 Vamey, M. 190 Vasselinovitch, D. 167 Vaughn, C. 254 Vechinski, G. 322,404 Vedder, L. 449 Vena, M. 449 Venturini, J. 449 Venz, F. 402,466 Vergeront, M. 317 Verhage, F. 449 Vernon, M. 187 Vernon, R. 402 Verriden, K. 277 Verthein, J. 389 Ver Voort, A. 257 Verwoert, D. 193 Vesselinovitch, D. 449 Vestino, D. 284 Veum, C. 234,376,379,381 Vicar, S. 145 Vicars, L. 243 Victor, L. 168,389 Victor, S. 449 Vierra, D. 449 Vig, R. 156 Viktor, J. 334 Villarreal, M. 247 Viney, J. 378,417 Vinkovich, S. 178 Vissers, S. 399 Viste, D. 402 Vitkus, J. 172,409 Vlasak, A. 376 Vlichney, P. 167 Voelker, B. 176 Vogel, A. 399 Vogel, M. 237 Vogel, S. 271 Vogelsberg, D. 282 Vogelsberg, W. 402 Vogen, L. 378 Vogt, G. 253 Vogt, P. 164 Voigt, S. 334 Voit, R. 172 Volk, D. 417 Volke, B. 236 Volkmann, M. 449 Voll, D. 176 VoUrath, T. 187,232 Volz, L. 425 Volz, T. 256 VonBriesen, 232 Von Ehren, P. 136,463 Von Holzen, S. 256 Vorce, D. 161 Vorel, A. 239 Vorpahl, J. 257 Voss, A. 258,304,316,334 Voss, J. 317 Voss, J. 399 Voss, K. 399,426 Voss, M. 234,379 Voss, R. 402 Vowinkle, M. 321 Vrieslander, J. 266 Vukoje, T. 146,284 Wachal, K. 262 Wachs, M. 248 Wachtel, R. 270 Wachter, D. 381 Wack, J. 281 Wackman, A. 187 Waddell, A. 158 Waddell, R. 156 Wade, L. 161 Wadler, B. 232 Wadzinski, P. 182,284 Wagen, H. 162 Wagenske, C. 285 Wages, J. 215 Wagner, A. 449 Wagner, B. 168 Wagner, D. 244 Wagner, G. 242,286 Wagner, H. 257 Wagner, L. 195 Wagner, M. 241,242 Wagner, R. 318,449 Wagner, S. 170,245,252 Wahler, Y. 449 Waisbren, S. 288 Wait, D. 247 Wake, K. 449 Waks, S. 449 Wakukawa, A. 399 Wald, D. 202 Wald, G. 389 Waldeck, J. 256 Waldhaum, S. 199 Waldinger, A. 254 Waldinger, F. 275 Waldrop, C. 317,449 Walgenbach, B. 254 Walgenbach, L. 248 Walgenbach, R. 378 Walker, B. 258 Walker, D. 239,243 Walker, L. 261 Walker, M. 284 Walker, N. 449 Walker, R. 271 Walker, T. 240 Walkush, G. 249 Wall, J. 151,426 Wall, J. 232 Wall, R. 254 Wallace, J. 236 Wallace, J. 389 Wallace, N. 236 Wallace, T. 449 Wallach, S. 210 Wallens, L. 399 Wallens, L. 449 Wallenstein, R. 449 Waller, D. 399 Walluks, M. 384 Walraven, W. 188 Walsh, J. 247 Walsh, M. 263 Walsh, T. 402 Walters, D. 176 Walters, J. 259,318,409 Walters, L. 250 Walters, R. 176 Walters, S. 216,449 Walther, L. 449,466 Walton, J. 243 Walton, M. 399 Wambold, D. 402 Wandschneider, C. 244 Wandschneider, S. 154,449 Wanek, N. 456 Wanger, S. 142 Wanless, J. 245 Wanta, S. 459 Warda, M. 272 Ware, K. 166 Wamek, N. 175 Warner, A. 285 Warner, D. 258 Wames, B. 238 Warshaw, B. 232 Warther, D. 247 Wartinbee, J. 417 Warton, T. 385 Warzyn, J. 235 Wash, C. 317,449 Washburn, H. 254 Washington, D. 248 Wasieleski, J. 260,389 Wasielewski, M. 146,245 Wasrud, G. 379 Wass, J. 220 Wassenaar, D. Wasserman, L. 265 Wastberg, L. 244 Waterman, J. 268 Waters, R. 389 Waterworth, K. 450 Watkins, M. 169,252 Watrud, S. 450 Watry, D. 237,247 Watsm, N. 136 Watson, N. 399 Watson, S. 208,311,406 Watson, W. 450 Wauters, A. 154,334,399 Weatherhead, H. 406 Weatherwax, G. 285 Webb, D. 182,404 Webb, T. 381 Weber, B. 276 Weber, C. 202 Weber, F. 450 Weber, G. 257 Weber, J. 242,315,450 Weber, M. 251 Weber, P. 245,275 Weber, R. 170 Weber, S. 287 Weber, V. 450 Weber, W. 306 Weberg, C. 184 Webster, B. 235 Webster, D. 272 Webster, E. 154 Webster, J. 257 Webster, J. 389 Webster, S. 257 Weddig, M. 285 Weeks, D. 140,450 Wees, D. 459 Wegener, D. 242 Wegner, E. 409 Wegner, G. 279 Wegner, K. 450 Wegner, L. 450 Wegner, P. 282,332 Wehrenberg, J. 306 Weibel, D. 271 Weidenfeller, D. 164 Weidner, G. 271 Weigand, E. 426 Weigler, J. 145 Weil, B. 232 Weil, R. 202 Weil, S. 450 Weiland, C. 243 Weiland, S. 244,378 Weiler, T. 172 VVeiler, S. 178.450 Weill, E. 282 Wein, S. 232 Weinberg, C. 399 Weinberg, J. 232,275 Weinberg, M. 142 Weinberg, R. 315 Weinberger, R. 232 Weiner, B. 426 Weiner, J. 202 Weiner, L. 258 Weiner, P. 260 Weiner, S. 199,279,414 Weingart, J. 312,320,399 Weingarten, D. 271 Weinger, S. 321 Weinstein, A. 286 Weinstein, P. 319 Weinstein, S. 210 Weintraub, B. 286 Weintraub, M. 248 Weis, D. 280 Weis, L. 142 Weis, N. 260 Weisenberg, H. 319 Weiser, P. 279 Weisfield, H. 175 Weisman, R. 277,279 Weiss, C. 251 Weiss, D. 142,234,265,376 Weiss, E. 194,257,274,277, 450 Weiss, J. 286 Weiss, K. 145,199,334 Weiss, M. 254 Weiss, N. 142,399 Weisse, C. 316 Weissenberg, G. 283 Weiszmann, K. 244 Wekkin, G. 254 Welch, K. 245,287 Weld, S. 450 Welk, G. 241 Wells, J. 253 Wells, S. 167,232,315 Wells, W. 235 Welnick, R. 450 Welsch, D. 376,379 Welsh, M. 201,450 Welsh, R. 254 Welsh, R. 160,277 Welstein, D. 450 Wemstrom, E. 236 Wendler, J. 282 Wendling, D. 237 Wendorf, J. 136 Wendorf R. 158,237 Wendricks, B. 409 Wendt, E. 243 W endt, K. 254 Wendt, R. 245,459 Wendtland, F. 317 Wener, C. 199,317 Wener, R. 450 Wenger, S. 276 Wenninger, R. 450 Wentland, J. 282 Wcntworth, J. 246 Wentz, E. 182,264 Wenzel, G. 260,378 Wepner, G. 188 Werbel, J. 257,399 Werfers, V. 284 Werlein, M. 409 Werner, F. 257 Werner, J. 245 Werner, S. 250 Wernlund, R. 263 Werrance, M. 261 Wertel, D. 261 Werth, G. 377 Wertsch, J. 450 Werve, F. 450 Werve, P. 317 Werwie, J. 459 Wesler, H. 332 Wessing, J. 242 Wessler, J. 279 Wesson, K. 178,399 West, K. 261 West, S. 242 West, W. 208 Westberg, L. 243 Westell, E. 271 Westfall, B. 136,258 Westfall, G. 213 Westfall, S. 277 Westing, M. 201,316 Westover, D. 254 Westphal, L. 250 Westphal, S. 240 Wetzel, J. 263 Wetzel, K. 250 Weum, C. 376 Weyeneth, R. 317 Weynand, S. 316 Whalen, M. 243 Wheeler, J. 332 Wheeler, C. 178 Wheeler, M. 250 Whetstone, B. 284 Whitaker, C. 190 Whitaker, J. 402,404 White, B. 275,288,450 White, D. 450 White, J. 236 White, L. 142,182,232,277, 450 White, M. 178,282,301 White, T. 272 Whitebook, J. 399 Whiteford, M. 245 Whitehill, J. 160,259 Whitemarsh, T. 317 Whitford, W. 465 Whiting, J. 409 Whiting, L. 271 Whiting, S. 317,450 Whitman, R. 188 Whitmer, L. 262 Whitney, R. 162 Whittaker, T. 262 Whittier, M. 268 Whyte,C. 417 Wichmann, K. 261 Wichtel, N. 158 Wick, B. 237 Wick, J. 245 Wickert, J. 378,381 Widder, B. 260 Widstrand, A. 272 Widzinski, L. 287 Wieckert, D. 266,379 Wied, D. 402 Wiedel, T. 247 Wiedeman, D. 172 Wiedemer, H. 300 Wiegand, C. 252 Wiegand, E. 287 Wiener, J. 232 Wienkes, M. 241 Wierdsma, B. 450 Wiese, E. 236,316 Wiese, L. Wiesner, K. 213 Wiesner, R. 463 Wiesse, C. 316 Wiest, D. 247 Wiggins, K. 417 Wightman, T. 266 Wightman, V. 263 Wilansky, B. 285 Wilcox, A. 264 Wilcox, L. 235 Wilcox, M. 140 Wild, A. 248 Wildman, T. 317 Wilets, G. 280 Wilford, L. 456,459 Wilkas, L. 236 Wilke, J. 450 Wilke, R. 404 Wilke, T. 402,409 Wilkening, D. 259 Wilkie, H. 156 Wilkie, L. 450 Wilkins, A. 450 Wilkinson, J. 254 WilWson, H. 399 Willard, V. 389 Willert, J. 151 Willert, L. 151 Willett, M. 282 Williams, C. 232,245 Williams, D. 450 Williams, G. 240 Williams, J. 198,232,237,254 Williams, K. 417 Williams, L. 151,274,315 Williams, M. 202,378,379, 399,450 Williams, M. 376 Williams, R. 234,379 Williams, S. 286,252,399 Williams, T. Williams, W. 200 Williams, Z. Willie, T. 409 Willis, A. 210,450 Willis, D. 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Administration: Editor: Candy McDermott, Lois Rubin, Tom Lackey Organizations: Editor: Gary Schneider, Debbie Ehrenberg, HalH Guetrich, Lynn Stoner, Liz Orr Greeks: Editor: Nancy Nielson, Bonnie Pool, Cindy Schneider, Ronda Robinson, Iris Gilson Seniors: Editor: Judy Przekurat, Mary Bayer, Ted Stephens, Gretchen Pom- merining, Jim Daniel. Colleges: Editor: Pam Ufer, Candy McClenahan, Mary Jo Vogel, Liz Baker, Jane Friedman Index: Editor: Laura Jabbusch, Sue Schmidt, Sue Griffin, Rita Gullickson, Carol Vanvleet Living Units: Editor: Emmy Moe, Mimi Chernof, George Larscheid Sports: Editors: Bob Beecher, Rick Boxer Copy: Editor: Candy Stewart, Barb Swiontek, Joan Weinberg, P.K. Knain, Barbara Knecht, Barbara Rust, Mary Lu Christopherson Badger Beauty Selection Committee: Editor: Nancy Brown, Harley Schrae- ger, Steve A. Turner, A. Jay F redland, R. Frederick Goldman, Mike Tobin, Frank Ritter, Fred Goldberg Photography: Editor: Jon Jung, Yavuz Birturk, Tom Lackey, Milt Leidner, Lucio Taveiiiini, Elliot Tuckerman, Jay Tieger, Jay Myers, Warren Metz- ger, Deedee Hoopes, Kurt Westbrook, Irv White, Allen Miller, Don Schaf- fer, Benny Beiler, Don Church, Robb Johnson, Robert Bauman, Mickey Pfeger, the Daily Cardinal, Sports News Service, Wisconsin State Journal, University News Service BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager: Ray Stangeland Organizations Manager: Dan Schmidt Sales Manager: Jim Blasingame Secretary: Sue Herbst 496 The 1969 Badger was printed by Paragon Press of Montgomery, Alabama. The offset photo litho- graphic process was used to print the book on 80 lb. Patina Stock paper. The cover was manu- factured by Durand Manufacturing Co. of Chi- cago. Senior portraits were taken by Delma Studios of New York. All group pictures were photographed by Milt Leidner of Madison. A special thanks goes to the Los Chibchas Stables for use of their facilities. Thanks goes to Quixote, the University of Wis- consin literary magazine, for allowing us the use of their literary resources. Copy on page forty-eight by Shelby Kyles. Copy on the following pages by Thomas Dresher: 30-39, 71-74, and 96-101. 497 Jay Myers Lucio Tavemini Yavuz Birturk 498 PHOTOGRAPHERS -E Jon Jung Tom Lackey ■F CLASS ROLL ISkff n 5M06T ■ ' - ' • • P ' KNICWfMAMg ; IS ' ' i ?; ! COOi PHRRMRCISTS ritL SCRIPTS •• 1 1 YC ' L Jl ' ' ' •• ' ' SCRIPTS n r N ' r 1] " " " HHRMHCISTS i 1 ;. ,- . BUV STORES RNO HIRE GOOD PHBRnpcisTs as FLUNKIES . " phmmacSL KVOit To tACh f, i 502 503 i Wf. ••• ' » . :i,-; i 4 % - r H : ' . ?{} ' ¥ - - P r S. i

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