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’68 People...2THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESENT THE 1968 BADGER Kathy Hinner-Editor Larry Roth-Business Manager4TABLE OF CONTENTS 112 Sports 142 Organizations 180 Living Units 246 Greeks 338 Administration 358 Colleges and Seniors 5PEOPLE ARE MADE OF. . . ''JEmotions Actions ThoughtsOutside, it was a bit cold, but not unpleasant. The evening lay protected under a shield of fog penetrated only by the heavy drops of a slow, sober rain. The street lamps coldly lit the wet cement floor of life, as their crystalline beams broke amidst the branches of barren trees into smoky shafts of light. I was passed, (almost forced off the sidewalk) by a businessman whose black hat and raincoat eagerly blended and disappeared into the darkness of some predetermined route. Having no desire to disappear ahead of myself. searched the mist rather casually as walked. At the end of Langdon. I noticed suddenly a young woman standing in a white raincoat. I was surprised by her beauty as she turned to look at me. Her hair was long, very blond and straight; her features were sharp, and, though I caught only a glance of her. they seemed possessed by that delicate grace which some women carry from childhood, which possesses all their movements and seems to flow through them as though through a poem. She seemed out of place here, on this corner, like a sad goddess. Her eyes flickered here and there as sporadic drops ran down the sides of night. As I crossed the street, she remained standing there, as if wailing for someone, with nothing to protect her marvellous hair from the damp. It seemed almost as if, though born in the clouds. Athena had been left here, stranded in a fog. I looked back to her a few times, and, feeling colder, fastened my raincoat, drawing the belt tight around me. Oddly enough, given the lateness of the hour, lights were on throughout the new insurance building that dominated the block. On the third floor was a man whose actions seemed nothing more than a pantomime. He seemed directed towards something beyond the window, something in the night which the window prevented his obtaining. He would scrape the glass clean, bend down to get a rag. then reach up and polish and polish, in furious little circles, as if trying desperately either to bore a hole through the window, or to eliminate it entirely. This, at least, is how his actions appeared to me. looking in. as it were, from the outside, but I suppose he was simply washing the windows. Tor he would soon move on to another, splash water on it, and repeat the whole process. Room after room, window after window, each held to view a different space of night. Each was merely cleaned; none were smashed or reached beyond. A ml, I wondered if he, not being able to feel it. knew just how heavy the rain outside had become. Moving on slowly. I looked down the street at the young woman, still waiting, then back to the man, still encaged by his actions. Both were isolated, in the night and my inability to bring these two out of their separateness, brought to mind my wanting and somewhere-waiting lover. Where would she lie on my path, where was she in the winter's rain? Would I pass her by chance, unspeaking, a shadow behind my steps? Would she start to wave, hesitate, and turn—afraid to attract my attention? I felt apart, thoroughly alone and the rain now fell as a fountain out of some minor demon’s hell. Searching my thoughts as I walked, I finally came to the front steps of my apartment. As I unlocked the door, felt certain that 1 would join my love only in a self-born sun; a morning created by a new unity of actions and the beauty of thought. 9 —Thomas DresellerLook deep into the future and you shall find. 1314Your hearts know in silence the secrets oj the days and the nights— The Prophet17the fountain of youth 182021Let us climb the heights and look upon the waves below.76the light of inspiration 27BADGER BEAUTIES30Diana Fuhrmann 32 Barbara Steinei33u 36Happiness is...3839 I am still searching.40the meeting place 4142You’re never really finished. 43wm4546Coach John Coatta 47We will fight on for her fame.4952 but there’s always tomorrow545660To be mobile is a law of nature.A beautiful day is to be used as you wish. 6263 M'tThat which seems vacant today will be filled tomorrow.6667Marat Sade Swan Lake69Helen of Troy71 Itzhak Perlmanover, on, around 72day in, day out 7475 jBo n b i ' ar OPPOSE THE CKi-u-f-iAn Wecy -J-o'L. fmprftye M«vn;3r £0+Vf! 4 jVr $ •• WJitf 76 -i DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST TOMORROW HAS BEEN CANCELLED C fi TA ir , 77Some go to get there, others just go. 7980Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction of life, it is life itself. Havelock Ellis 81828384You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. The Prophet 8586looking to the past 87909 9598 there was a calm as when the summer mistsand a cymbal-song that flew ahead of thought came dancing to my hear. Only to dieIs hope to freeze under concrete authority? 102iirnu 103104105iKiJ IUlf !S ? sill!- gr ; flf! rumiif i'-fe ?ziSc?t Ml iUfi ; ,H USi if Q Q CO CO t i 7 74 » ' i i c u ; : Em it ;;;; | ?5 t e r ? ? O to CO ■o 2gf i 5, _ F- f ££ 1 ?? I E _ •n co O' n c C CL =7 O 3 5" o 3 Q_Ail Editorial on A Tragedy of Errors Why Dow? Why Clubs? Why Blood? Why Gas? I Are You Dedicated To Change fOR 7 - S? for the Better? We Are!and will upon oursleves the painful tears of change;for the golden monarch will soon kneel to kiss the drowsy flower of sleep—7 the nightrated to Mel Walker.11411511611711?FOOTBALL One would think that writing a story about a team which didn't win a game all season is the most difficult task a sports writer faces, if the team really deserved its season record, it probably would be. But with the Wisconsin Badgers that was not the case. Although they managed one tie in ten games, this was an improved ball team over the past three years where a few games were won. Coach John Coatta inherited a team full of deficiencies and it can hardly be expected that he take care of them all in one season. He should up an offensive line so that it could afford the passer some time to find recievers and gave the running attach some new life. The defensive line showed great tenacity against the run but was weak on rushing the passer and with an inexperienced secondary this led to some easy touchdowns. 120121The offense was there but was plagued by bad breaks and inexperience. Even still the Badgers gave some good teams a tremendous fight that never would quit, and despite what connections, competant Sports Editorialist says, it was a team to be proud of and remembered, not for its record but for its perscrvercnce when everything went against it. This persevercncc is plainly shown by the fact that in only four games the Badgers lost by more than a touchdown, three of these games at the start of the year and two against nonconference foes. The last six Saturdays saw Wisconsin tie Iowa and lose to Northwestern Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan, and Minnesota. With the score, penalties, and fumbles going against them most of the time, the Badgers nearly came up with victories over Rose Bowl bound Indiana, almost Rose Bowl bound Minnesota, and Ohio State who never loses to Wisconsin at Columbus or on television. Reversing itself from previous years the team saved its best for the last quarter in all of these games but fell just short. Against Indiana it was a matter of an overthrown 10 yard pass in the final seconds to a wide open Mel Reddick that kept them from scoring the winning touchdown. Against Ohio State it was a matter of a scramble for a weakly thrown pass resulting in a pass interference call which subsequently gave Ohio State 122a touchdown to gain a two point decision. Against Minnesota it was a matter of getting in gear too late in the ball game. When the score went to 21-7 early in the fourth period and John Boyajian threw one of his four interceptions of the game most people turned off their radios. After that. Boyajian set a season high passing record as he connected with Stu Voight on a fantastic 51 yard touchdown. 123a fantastic 51 yard touchdown and desperately tried to pull a hat trick in the final minutes. All of these efforts did not go unnoticed as linebacker Ken Criter and tackle Tom Domres were picked on the all Big 10 defensive team, and center Wally Schocssow was picked on the academic all Big 10 team. With the spirit carried over from this year’s squad and a truly remarkable crop of freshmen, the next few seasons will be more indicative of Coach Coatta's fine capabilities. 124Mel Walker lead the team with five interceptions this year and spear-I headed a defense which allowed Minnesota only 33 yards passing before I he recicvcd an injury to his leg which required amputation. It is in his 0 memory as an athlete and hope for his future that the Sports Section of 1 this book is dedicated. 1967 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN FOOTBAl I H AM Bottom tow: W. Dyer. D. Bliss. T Domres. S. Wheeler. T. Schinke. C. Burt. J. Boyajian. G. Bucciarelli. D. Schumitsch. B. Grislcy. J Met . B. Frit . Second Row: W. Ridlon. T. McCauley. I- Hoffman. I Buss. W. Schoes-sow. M. Cavill. J. Ryan. W. Todd. B. Yanakos. (i. Reineck. K. Critter. B. Schaffner. G. Swalvc. Third Row: R Blake. T. Briggs. C Brown. F. Krcnzelok. J. Nowak. P. Chandler. G. Gaskill. I. C'anome. Ci. Pluff. K. Rudat. J. Smith. T. Moreau. L. I'rotta. M. Blair. Fourth Row B. Jack-son. D. Murphy. B. Monroe. 1.. Fields. J. Little. S. Voigt. F. Coleman. D. OBricn. M. Reddick. I.. Ritcherson. P. Higgins. J. Meeks. T. Roberts. M Walker. Hfth Row: B. Conroy. M Taylor. B. Courier. B Grootc. R Hcllickson. D. Hyslop. B. Lindsey. W. Settles. C. O Bricn. E. Holm. R. Schmidt. J. Schneider. A. Spittler. M. Barbuli. Sixth Row. R. Johnson, rramcr; F.. Kaescr. Equip. Mgr.: F. Marsh. Recruiting co ordinator: K. Mee. Assist. Coach; L. Ritcherson. Assist. Coach; H. Carl. Assist. Coach; J Coatta. Head Coach: D. Teteak. Assist. Coach: R. French. Assist. Coach: G. Felker. Assist. Coach: I.. Van Dyke. Fresh. Coach: J. O'Toole. Assist. Trainer.BASKETBALL 126The latest sign on the fence around the new art center reads “The Splendid Splinter Splits”. It marks the end of an era for Wisconsin basketball. It refers to Cocaptain, unanimous, all Big Ten Joe Franklin who left the Wisconsin all time records for scoring, field goals, and rebounds in a complete shambles. Though difficult to set records for defensive ability, Joe left little to be desired here either. His blocking of shots and stealing passes were just as exciting to Badger fans as his scoring but it was his rebounding that was the most electrifying. At 6'5" Joe rebounded better than most at 6'8" and cleared the ball as well as a 5'9" guard. He was a real pleasure to watch and will be missed greatly by the home town fans. Complementing Franklin’s talent was co-captain Mike Carlin whose aggressive ball handling and fine shooting went unheralded much of the time. None, however could forget his phenomenal steal from an unsuspecting Michigan player to pull out a one point victory for the Badgers. It seems as if there was a running battle between two other regulars to sec who could make the most difficult shot. As a result Chuck Nagle and Jim Johnson also endeared themselves to the home town fans. 127Wisconsin Varsity Basketball-Team-Bor cwi Row: M. Reddick, D. Black, Row: K. Burington, C. Nagle, D. Zink, A. Henry, E. Hendrickson, J. Franklin. M. Carlin, R. Johnson, J. McCallum, T. Mitchell. Second T. Voight, J. Johnson, D. Drayton, J. Schell. 128Nagle picked up his latest trick from Marquette’s George Thompson—a move that brought down the house when it worked. He would go up for a shot, find himself smothered by some immense foreward, and manage to hover in the air and to twist around his man for two points. Johnson's flying one hand jump shot while finding off defensive men with his other hand merely defied belief. Then there was Nagle’s fall away shot that he would take whether lie needed to or not. This was his high percentage shot, so why shouldn't he take it? Coach Ericson tried everyone at the fifth shot on the starting team but found his best results from Juniors John Schell or Tom Mitchell. Schell proved his worth in driving through the key—at 6'5" and 230 pounds it was an effective move. Nor did Mitchell’s behind the back dribbling and passing fail to get howls of approval from the highly partisan crowds. This describes Wisconsin basketball at home. The Giantkillers lost only two games at home all year, knocking off such powers as Florida State. Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan, and SMU. But on the road, it was another story. The only satisfying win on the road was over Marquette in the Milwaukee Classic—and that was by the narrowest of margins. Again, it was the same old story of hot and cold basketball— not by games but by minutes. The big difference was that the hot minutes outnumbered the cold minutes by a considerable margin at home and the reverse held true on the road. As a result the Badgers could manage a 13 win, 11 loss record and 7-7 in the Big Ten for a fifth place finish. 129SWIMMING SQUAD Coach John Hickman has plenty to be proud of this year. His Badger Mermen had their best season ever, taking 8 of their 9 dual meets and finishing 4th in the Big Ten Meet. They outswam Northwestern 70-51, Minnesota 79-44, Purdue 77-44, Illinois 66-46, and Michigan State 68-55. In the meets against Iowa and Ohio State the Wisconsin Varsity 1000 yard freestyle record was broken by Bill Swano while the Badgers swamped both teams 82-41 and 65-58 respectively. The only dual meet loss was incurred at the hands of powerful Michigan at the outset of the season. In the Big Ten Meet, the Mermen set seven school records while placing 4th. Captain Jon Lindlcy won the 200 yard Butterfly title in record 1:54.26 time. The Rockford, Illinois Senior was third in defense of his 100 butterfly title. The Mcdly relay team placed second while other relay teams were placing 4th in the 800 yard freestyle and 5th in the 400 yard freestyle. Badger All-American diver, Julian Krug finished 4th in both the one and three meter diving competition. In meet after meet the Mermen proved to be an exciting contingent and the fans who watched them perform at the Natatorium can remember this season as the year of the pool perfectionists. Swimming Squad-flof o n Row: J. Krug, M. Morris, W. Swano, J. Lindlcy, J. Hoycr, R. Grant , Second Row: F. Leather-man, J. Halpin, F. Hogan, D. Schwerin, D. Mc-Owcn, J. McCrary. J. Hickman. Third Row: J. Darda, J. MinslofT, S. McCoy, L. Stover, R. Brillhart, D. Seifert, M. Hatlcberg, D. Dunfield. 130Icc Hockey-Bottom Row: R. Vroman, R. Rutlin, M. Fitzgerald, A. M. Glcffc, D. Connor. J. Middclburg, D. MeFadyen, T. Obrodovich, Metro, C. Burroughs, R. PofTenroth, T. I.cnnartson, D. Smith, G. B. Teed, R. Leevers, J. Moran, B. DeHate, R. Johnson. Nelson, J. Carlson, L. Peterson. Second Row: B. Davey, R. Klipsic, 218 goals, 21 victories in 31 action packed games! The 1967-1968 Hockey team had their finest season. The Badgers moved a step closer to membership in the VVCHA by beating rugged Michigan Tech and MSU 4-3, and 5-3. The puckstcrs also shocked Colorado College twice, 4-3 and 6-2. Over 51,000 people watched Wisconsin compile a seven goal per game average. Bert DeHate was the most prolific scorer. His 47 goals made him the nations highest collegiate scorer and set the school record. He was assisted by Bob Poffcnroth who racked up 30 goals and 34 assists. Stingy Bob Vroman permitted only 92 goals to be scored against him and thus allowed many of the Wisconsin final scores to appear like those of a football game—17-0 against Michigan and 16-2 against the Irish of Notre Dame. ICE HOCKEY 131Wrestling Team-Bottom Row. R. Hatch, R. Knutilla, M. Nagel, R. Nicholas, M. Gluck, L. Kroner. Second Row: G. Marlin. R. Heinzclman, K. Heine, R. Hcllickson, G. Schmoock, G. Gaskill, K. Miller, D. Bull, A. Sicvcrtsen. Somcrsalling, twisting, flipping, and contorting, the 1968 Gymnastics team performed their way to a 10 win-2 loss season's record. Decisively defeating every non-conference team they encountered including Western Michigan, Ball State, and Northern Illinois, the Badgers also beat such conference foes as Indiana, Ohio State and Minnesota. At the Big Ten Meet, the UW squad finished fifth. Despite the lack of depth which prevented Wisconsin from competing with any of the three teams which tied for first, several fine individual performances were turned in by Pete Bradley on the bars and John Russo on the side horse, who qualified for the NCAA finals. With only three graduating seniors, some seasoned sophomores and juniors, and an aspiring freshman squad. Coach Bauer can look forward in anticipation to the 1969 season. m WRESTLINGGYMNASTICS Perpetuating last year's opening performance, the Wrestling team again won the State Collegiate Title. In the following meets, the Badgers piled up victories against such foes as Marquette, Illinois State, Northern Michigan, and Ohio State, while dropping some closely contested matches to Indiana State. Iowa, and Virginia Tech, to finish with an eleven win— eight loss record for the season in dual meet matches. In addition the wrestlers also placed first in a quadrangular meet, overturning Minnesota, Ohio and Purdue. In the Big Ten Tournament, Wisconsin placed sixth for the second straight year, while Mike Gluck, senior co-captain upset Michigan State's Dale Carr, for the Big Ten 145 pound title. Gymnastics Team. Bottom Row: S. Bates, R. Hcnncckc, J. Weber, C. Johnson, J. Russo, J. Mahn. Second Row: G. Bauer, M. Kann, R. Nyborg, P. Bradley. D. Lyons, D. Arnold, G. Goodman.Fencing Team-Bottom Row: C. Schwartz, B. Taubman, J. Dumphy, A. Schwenger. T. Sharkey. W. Schcibel. Second Row: R. Markowski, Mark WenzIafT. F. Bucksbaum, M. Robinson. W. Sanders, P. Michic, J. Schachner. Third Row: R. Halvorson. Dan Ostrander, J. Dillingcr, W. Bergman. Capt. Pat Laper, L. Posorske, Alan Ashley, A. Simonson. FENCING The slim margin of one point each by Wayne State, Michigan State, and Illinois in the Big 10 Meet, kept the Wisconsin Fencing team from a perfect season. Fifteen other opponents however, fell to the Badger swordmen and an honorable second place berth in the Big Ten Championship concluded a very satisfying season. Much of the credit must go to Bruce Taubman, who for the second year in a row won the Big Ten Foils Championship, and to Mike Robinson and Dick Odders, both placing second in Sabre and Epee respectively. Captain Pat Laper and two impressive sophomores. Charles Simon and Welford Sanders, were also very valuable assets to the 1968 Fencing Team.CROSS COUNTRY Cross Country Team-Bottom Row: C. Walter, B. Nelson. T. Thomas, A. Voss, G. Thornton, Capt. Ray Arrington, B. Brady, B. Gordon. B. Brenhan. The very unusual event of having three teammates crossing the finish line together for the number one position, occurred three times this season for the Wisconsin Cross Country team. Ray Arrington, Branch Brady, and Bob Gordon all tied for first place in the defeats of Michigan State, Northwestern, and Northern Illinois. Ohio State and Minnesota proved too tough; nevertheless, the Badgers had high hopes on improving their last year’s third in the Big Ten Championship. Unfortunately, Arrington injured his foot and was only able to place twenty-sixth; Gordon. Brady, Thomas, and Nelson placed fourth, tenth, thirty-third, and forty-first respectively, leaving Wisconsin fifth in total points. 1351967 Varsity Crew Team—Bottom Row: B. Blakeley, D. Ivaska. J. Halleran. Second Row: $. Bcrgum, D. Sams. D. Lange, J. Norsetter, N. Halleen, G. Farnham, T. Sv. B. Clapp. CREW Breaking a tradition of slow starts, the 1967 Crew took an early lead in the 2000 meter Cochrane Cup Race and retained it to defeat MIT and Dartmouth at Worchester for the Eastern Sprints. The oarsmen placed third in their trial heat but failed to qualify for the finals. Undaunted, they struck back at Annapolis to defeat a usually strong Navy eight and Washington University. On June 12th, the Badgers, as defending champions, traveled to Syracuse for the IRA Regatta, where in spite of a last minute spurt, they finished second to the best Penn crew in generations. During the summer, the crew flew to London, England to compete in the Grand Challenge Cup, the major event of the Henley Royal Regatta. Although they were defeated the trip was a first-rate experience and the team brought much respect for American collegiate sports. 136The Badger baseball team came from a mediocre 1966 season to place fourth in last year's Big Ten Competition, winning eleven and losing six. Despite a shaky start in San Antonio during early spring contests, Wisconsin matured quickly and came back to win seven of their last nine games, all against Big Ten Schools. This boosted their overall record to 18 - 15, for a better than .500 season average. Senior Garry Pinnow was a big man in the batter's box for the Badgers, hitting four home-runs and driving in seven more, while ending the season with a .308 average. Wisconsin was also represented on the Big Ten First Team by pitcher, John Poser, and second-baseman. F.d Chartraw, who also made the NCAA 4th District All-Star Team. The total team effort was manifested clearly throughout the season and is reflected in the improved record. Wisconsin should progress even more as its pitching staff matures and a Fine freshman team infiltrates the ranks of the varsity. BASEBALL 1967 Baseball Team—Bottom Row: R. Amundson. J. Nowicki, G. Kraft, H. Krafft. Captain; G. Pinnow. T. Huset, D. Sweeney. Second Row: F. Wegner. Assist. Coach; J. Costello. J. Scully. W. Brascndcr, T. Schinke. E. Chartraw. J. Poser, S. Oakcy. A. Mansfield. Head Coach. Third Row: M. Nickels. D. Krunrei. R. Meyer. M. Sctzer. D. Potter. T. McCauley, B. Schaffncr. J. Trcin. Fourth Row: M. Stillman. Assist. Coach; L. Primis, M. Gust. D. Schrocdcr. G. Baillie. D. Rosenow. G. Wald. 1371967 Varsity Tennis Team—Bottom Row: D. Blcckingcr. J. Unger, J. Siegel, E. Pilsbury, ID. Rogness. Capt.; ID. Young, B. Maxwell, J. Conway, A. Schoen, J. Powless, Coach. It was a satisfying season for the 1967 Tennis Team. They compiled a record of 11 wins and 5 losses, defeating opponents such as Princeton, Purdue, and Ohio State. Competing in the Florida Collegiate Tennis Meet, Wisconsin finished 4th in a field of 13 schools. May 18th found the Badgers at Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Big Ten Championship Meet where they placed 5th with a 66 point total. Sophomore Dan Blcckingcr won the number one singles title by defeating Chuck Brainard of Michigan State, 8-6, 7-5. He was also Wisconsin’s sole entry in the NCAA Championship Meet. TENNIS 1381967 Varsity Golf Team—Bottom Row: S. Anderson. I). Haskins. R Bauch. B. Badger. M. McFarland. B. Warfield. Second Row: J. Jamieson. Coach; M. Morgan. J. Schlatter. Co-Captain; J. Hogden. Co-Captain; B. Burnham. D. Nit . M. Remington. J. Mattson. In keeping with their fine achievements of the past, the 1967 co-captains of the Wisconsin Golf Team, John Hogden and Jim Schlatter, led their team to a respectable 7 win-2 loss-1 tic season. Edged out by only Minnesota and Iowa and tied by Michigan State, Wisconsin defeated Illinois, Northwestern and Northern Illinois twice, and the Wisconsin Alumni team. At the Big Ten Championship Meet, the Badger squad placed eighth. An outstanding performance was turned in by John Hogden, who placed fourth in individual competition with a 77-77-81 -73 score. John also represented the Wisconsin team at the annual NCAA Championship Meet. GOLF 1391966-67 Varsity Track Team—Bottom Row: R. Poole. T. Erickson, K. l.aligo-Olal, J. Rakocy, B. Bergemann. S. Whipple. B. Eraser. R. Stalling, 1). Harris. Second Row: G. Dick. M. Albrecht. B. Hawke. T. Franchcr. R. Arrington. B. Bush. C. Thorpe. T. lilies. T. Leslie, M. Butler, D. Bliss. Third Row: B. Hanson. S. Zchrcn, B. Nelson, B. Agger. A. Jackson. C. Sherburne. J. Raksony, B. Brady. B. Gordon. R. Walter, Head Coach; T. Bennett, Assist. Coach; B. Brennan, Assist. Coach. 140The 1967 Wisconsin Track team had a very successful season, winning four of five indoor dual meets. The cindcrmen then edged out Michigan State for the Big Ten Indoor Championship. and at Detroit, placed fifth in the NCAA Indoor Meet. Moving outdoors, the Badgers defeated Nebraska, Northern Illinois, Purdue, Northwestern, placed fourth in the Big Ten Outdoor Championship and tied for fifth in the 42nd Annual Central Conference meet held in Milwaukee. Badger successes were greatly aided by three outstanding sophomores-Ray Arrington (most valuable), Mike Butler (most improved) and Bob Hawke. Captain Steve Whipple. Brian Bergemann, and Aquinc Jackson, among others, also put out a tremendous effort in their respective fields. Co-captains elected for the 1968 season, Tom Erickson and Ricky Poole, can look forward to another successful season with a proven crop of returning veterans and an excellent freshman team to fill in any gaps. TRACK 141OrganizationsKditor-in-chicf Kathy HinncrTHE BADGER Associate Editor Peter Brown These ready and able individuals spend countless hours recording happenings at the University of Wisconsin. In order to relate events of the cloistered society of this institution of learning to worldly events, they were forced to be aware of current debates and discussion of a political and social world. Never let it be said that the Badger is all work and no play . . . Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween parties helped to relieve the steady pace of deadlines and layout demands. Editors—Bottom Row: B. Bradford. P. Brown, Second son, N. Bortz, C. Totto, Not Listed: A. Campbell, L. Row: M. Scbulsky. K. Hinner, B. Emery. Third Row: Mulder. J. Dyamond. D. Holtz. B. Kennedy, N. Taylor. B. Pedian, Back Row: B. Ettle-Productions—Bottom Row: C. Gannon. T. Ethier, D. Holtz M Moser. K. Kelso, M. Wilson. Copy—Bottom Row: C. Stewart. S. Sherwood, A. Campbell. Index—Bottom Row: M. Holsen. K. Mooij, L. Kennedy, S. Low. Organizations—Bottom Row: E. Pfund. L. Ahrensdorf. B. Leonard, B. Pedian, A. Raznikov. Sports—Bottom Row: B. Rosen. E. Orr. Standing: B. Beecher, C. Heino, B. Bradford. Greeks—Bottom Row: J. Priefer. J. Roufa. J. Gammul, Back Row: S. Nyreen. N. Taylor. 146Photography—Bottom Row: L. Tavcrnini. D. Otto. J. Jung. Y. Birturk. J. Scrnovitz, E. Tuckerman. W. Bairn. L. Mulder. Administrations—Bottom Row: D. Werthmier. C. Totto. Colleges—Bottom Row: S. SchuefTner. M. Chcrnof. Second Row: P. Phillips. S. Manis. Standing: P. Bloom. P. Cohen. M. Scbulsky. Missing: J. Friedman. Living Units—Bottom Row: J. Freint. J. Flazig, N. Bortz, L. McDonald. Seniors—Bottom Row: K. Juisman. B. Ettleson. G. Griffith. 147BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager I.arry Roth Organizations Manager—Ray Stangcland Since the Wisconsin Badger is a business organization, it is necessary to include the hard working, always available members of the business staff. The busiest season for them includes the first few weeks of school, at which time they gently and gracefully convince every student of the advantages of purchasing a Badger. During second semester current and past copies of the annual are placed on sale at the book store in case some unlucky soul missed his chance during first semester. 148 Sales Manager—Ron SievertMarcia Swenson. Secelary BADGER BOARD Although the myth that the editor and business manager of the Badger are infallible still survives, it is necessary to have an impartial board consisting of five elected students and three faculty members to provide a balance of power. Since the year book represents the entire student body at the university, the members of the board function as a sounding board for new ideas and to give advice on Badger policies. The editor and business manager form the link between the board and the business and editorial staffs. Badger Board-Bottom Row: Linda Sallee, David Arvold, Gayle Gordon, Vicki Gutgesell. Second Row: Mr. f'osdick. Second Row: Mr. Fosdick, Kathy Hinner, Larry Roth. Mr. Hawkes, Absent arc Mr. Churchill, Mr. Hachtcn. and Don Gibbs. 49CARDINAL With the questioned and questionaire events of the past year, on campus, within this nation, and throughout the world, the Daily Cardinal has had numerous chances to present student ideas on current events. The newspaper is student owned and student run, and represents the opinion of the campus; it encourages dispute and unity, discourages conformity and brainwashing. One of the top college newspapers in the country, the Cardinal is striving to maintain its excellence. Editor-in-chief Joel Brenner Scott Miller. Advertising Manager; Dave Loken. Business Printer A1 Heibing 150151 Sporls Editor Len ShapiroDOLPHIN SWIM CLUB Water, to the Dolphins, is a medium of work as well as frolic. Water ballet is carefully planned and thoughtfully executed so that one can see the grace and coordination which merits the title of Dolphins. Two annual water shows are produced, one at the Holiday Inn and the other, the Spring Water Show, which is a combination of water ballet and free style swimming. The Dolphins also sponsor a High School workshop and every year participate in an International Academy of Aquatic Art. Dolphin Swim Club—Bottom Row: R. Schrocdcr, P. Allison. J. Zoch M. Rabat. C. Sccfcld. E. Korst. Back Row: N. Silbcrman. D. Otto. G. Zank. Miss Hulbcrt, D. Olson. M. Lounsbury. C. Janicck. S. Smith, C. Daniel, D. Gonia.HOMECOMING Homecoming 1967 was the product of original thought and tradition. Yell Like Hell, the Homecoming Show. Homecoming buttons, presentation of the queen and her court at the football game and a pep rally at the Library Mall arc all part of the traditional Homecoming atmosphere. This year, for the first time, Homecoming floats were organized into a colorful parade which rode around the Square and down Langdon Street. The Homecoming Committee worked hard to boost spirit and to make Homecoming a memorable event. Executive Board—F ont Row: R. Bruskcwitz. G. Grumich. J. Wesoki, S. Katzman. Second Row: D. DcLong, C. Hamilton. L. Orr. S. Smith. S. Traisman. Back Row: G. Farnham. B. Blakely. B. Voss, B. Koch. 153Humorology—Bottom Row: S. Link. G. Short, K. Kutsch. D. Mirsky, L. Roth, T. Walter. S. Matison, P. Albert. B. Barnett. R. Emanuel, S. Granum. T. Barocci, M. Winter, R. Bjork, B. Kaplan, HUMOROLOGY Because of the increasing awareness of world events, Humorology has become less a comic revue, and more a satiric comment on world policies and social mores. This year the show produced by Kappa Alpha Theta and Chi Psi was concerned with discrimination and individuality while the Sigma Chi-Sigma Delta Tau show emphasized the business world representing a large monopoly game. Proceeds are given to charity and the contributions this year were the largest yet. 154International Club—Bottom Row: D. Ohlsson. A. Lana. P. Stansbery. O. Harris. R. Bansal. C. Dejoie. F. Sahyoun. T. Bidappa. Second Row: S. Ang. V. Szatolowicz, C. Palmer, M. Fish. M. Farhoomand. H. In a tense world where disruption of international relations can be disastrous, it is crucial that every effort be made to increase stability and understanding among nations. To this end the International Club is dedicated. 64 years old, the Club offers a myriad of activities to promote interaction among students from many lands. A radio show. International Week, lectures and parties are only a sample, but they all aim toward the Club’s motto of “Above All Nations Humanity". Kosmai, R. Senior. A. Khan. D. Johnson. V. Sahncy, R. Hersson, G. Schiffcr. INTERNATIONAL CLUB 155MARKETING CLUB The Marketing Club attracts commerce students who are interested in starting early in business. The club offers a challenge for each of its members and tries to give the student experience. One way this is accomplished is by means of the computer simulated marketing management game. Another is promotion of field trips to leading industries and business and finally by hearing speakers from various areas of commerce. Intercollegiate Marketing—Bottom Row: T. Ballilt. R. Boehm. R. Soules. R. L. Pinkerton, B. Taylor. W. Wcissman. Marketing Club—Bottom Row: G. Ogaralck, S. Schucnlcr, K. Schrocder, K. I inkcrtur, T. Hefty. R. Kamin, D. Harris. Second Row: G. I.cnser, James, B. Rann. E. Prisk, J. Handcrson. K. Frosch. Third Row: o. Marcus. A. Hammer, R. Ogic, G. Sorensen, T. Robertson. Fourth Row: B. Knobcloch. M. McCarty. T. Smith. K. Mescher. T. Eisele. R. Johnson. Fifth Row: B. Taylor. T. Babbitt. R. Boehm, T. Walter. W. Wcissman, R. Soules, S. Becker, B. Billings. 156 Featured this year for symposium speakers were Vance Packard, Dr. Allen Guttmachcr, Mark Lane, Dr. Edgar Fried-enberg, Dick Gregory and Wayne Morse. Each of these individuals was concerned with the “Now" attitude of our society. Controversial subjects arc the keywords of symposium. Everything from abortion law to mass media, from the CIA to the Kennedy assassination were the awakening topics of this year’s programs. SYMPOSIUM Symposium—Standing: J. Mayesh, Sitting: L. Weiner. S. Jubclircn. S. Katzman. J. Rosenbaum. K. Spitzer. 157Union. A meeting of mind and interest. A place to go— to sit in the Rath, to watch Marat-Sade—to see "Les Bel lets Africains”—to browse thru the Salon of Art—to plan ski trips—to go to the Medieval Festival—to watch Film flickers—to view a classic film cheap—to watch TV— to grabe a quick lunch—to attend a meeting—to listen to Romney or Nixon. The Union belongs to students, is directed by students in the interests of students. 159160WSA Directorate—Bottom Row: J. Gettleman. F. Chaimson, M. Myers. Klombcrg. J. Prizant. S. Shakman. J. Genshaft. Second Row: N. Wcllsfry. D. Bcllkowitz, J. Maycsh. J. The Wisconsin Student Association is a sort of maxi-organization which includes every aspect of the campus. The association produces Symposium, Peace Corps Week, Campus Chest, Parents Day and Homecoming, and also includes a Human Rights Committee. Not only do these students take money from fellow students for their many programs, but they also help them save some expenses with WSA chartered student flights and tours to Europe. 162 Michael Fullwood, PresidentVVSA Officers—Bottom Row: S. Richter. S. Davis. M. hull wood. WISCONSIN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Student Senate in action Student Senate 163Educational Affairs Committee New Economics Affairs Committee 164Public Relations CommitteeWomen's Recreation Association—Bottom Row.- S. Brei ten bach. J. Sweet. Second Row: J. Barager. A. Palmer. C. Wauters. B. Eskcr. Those who feel that Bascom Hill is just a little mound in the earth and therefore feel the need for more exercise, should join the Women’s Recreational Association. These mighty girls, for punishment not only walk up the hill, they are required to run up, and then return to Lathrop for some sit-ups and a few games of volleyball. But they aren’t selfish—they sponsor many programs to help others develop sportsmanship and physical fitness. WOMENS RECREATION ASSOCIATION 166Being primarily a service organization, the Beta Theta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega concerns itself primarily ! with service projects, such as sponsoring the UW Campus Carnival held at Camp Randall in the Spring, maintaining campus bulletin boards, and sponsoring the James A. Lovell Scholarship. Social events also make the scene with activities such as a PJ party. Homecoming festivities,, a hay-ride and “gemutliekeit” Christmas tree trimming party. This Spring APO sponsors a state-wide APO convention in Madison. ALPH PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega—Bottom Row: J Dymond. R. Boyd. D. Evcnson. K. I.cloo. J. Fefsguard. R DcBruin. J. Otto. President. Third Row D. Otto. Bierkc. R. Young. M. Pcrszyk. J. C'harlier. G. Smaficld. A. Schwcnger. W. Brown. T. Feldner. W. Keough. G. Dummer. R. Schwartz. J. Gordon. J. Sizer. Stco ui Row: B. Ullrich. W. Kudick. A. Ashley. R. Olshcr. D. CLOTHES FOR KENTUCKY ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS The Associated Women Students represents one of the most vital forces on the campus. By determining women’s hours or planning seminars on a variety of crucial current topics, AWS finds a place for women in today’s world. AWS sponsors Co-ed's Congress, the voice of the women students, a spring fashion show, and the Senior Swingout at the end of the school year. Through their efforts, AWS members have verified the fact that women do indeed enjoy an equal position in modern society. ft Associated Women Students—Sitting: K. Emmerling, R. Christensen. S. Wicmcth, J. Demaster. Standing: R. Shncidcr, G. Schwarz, S. Vinkovich. BADGER SKY DIVERS Look! It’s a bird, it’s Superman, no, it’s the Badger Skydrivers! This 25 member organization keeps itself busy contemplating the skies whether on the ground or in the air. Having recently organized an official team to represent the University, the Skydivers have already put on numerous exhibitions. All their time isn’t spent in the air, however. Once in a while the Skydivers come down to Earth and plan a heavenly party or two. Badger Sky Divers—Bottom Row: G. Zimmer. J. McNamarra. P. Row: J. Baltalio. P. Powers. J. Roche. B. Elliott. J. Zander, S. Svec, D. Hacuscr. C. Hess. B. Saxlcr. D. Patterson. J. Cook. J. Johnson. Second Bahr. G. Gray. S. Karp. tcrs. D. Price. L. Riley. Lying Down: F. Pankc. BROTHERHOOD OF PANTRY WORKERS Brotherhood of Pantry Workers—Bottom Row: G. Zafros. R. Heit-zinger. M. Frankowski. B. Burek, T. Van Veghcl. J. Giaccomo. D. Wat- Completing its second full year of operation, the BPW emerged as one of the world's leading organizations in the field of kitchen management. Hosting the Second Annual Kitchen Management Convention was the highlight of the year. Other events included the Homecoming Mashed Hash Bash, Fine Arts Weekend and traditional after parties (with no parties before) this year. The BPW bestowed the honor of initiation to two well qualified applicants and in his formal speech, our president uttered the now famous phrase, "The BPW is here to stay.” CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATIONS SCIENCE With the complexity of modern life, the need for guidance becomes stronger, and one means to overcome this is to belong to the Christian Science Organization. Throughout the year there are weekly testimonial meetings, an open house each semester, lectures and workshops, all aimed at increasing the student's knowledge and understanding of his religion. On such a large campus as Wisconsin, this organization surely helps provide the extra assurance so often lacking. Christian Science—Bottom Row: L. Strauss, B. Schumakcr, L. Knapp. I). Barnett. D. Christenson. W. Ezell. Second Row: D. Wasserman. C. Lamon. I). Ashley. S. Barnett. S. Schaeffer. Third Row: D. Stoebner, L. Saver. L. Greenberg, G. Jacobson. Fourth Row: L. Gorton. G. Strong. R. Mesing, B. Chase. B. Douglass. Fifth Row: Mrs. Wand. Mr. Wand, S. Haligas, D. Dormsficld, T. Masterson. Sixth Row: p. Shafer. K. Voss, C. Reynolds. P. Bishop. J. Moore.ETA KAPPA LAMBDA Eta Kappa Lambda- Bottom Row. M. Naus. D. Dorcnbas. L. Kores, R. Miller.- I). Moran. Second Rote: A. Miller. K. Mathison. B. Scharnkc. M. Swanson. K. LaC'roix. Eta Kappa Lambda is an honorary women’s society recognizing outstanding leadership, scholarship, and activities of those girls living in university-owned resident halls. It's a kind of resident halls’ honor society. Girls are eligible for membership after their freshman year. They must be active in dorm activities and offices, and they must maintain a designated academic average. Gamma Sigma Sigma—Bottom Row: S. Johnson. J. Dickinson. E. Bloch. I . Kingsbury. D. Hart. T. Montag, J. Wagner, W. Beals. Second Row: S. Swingley, C. Hetzel. B. Anderson. A. Mciden-reich. S. Dockery. L. Lcidersdorf. G. Gladous. M. Grudzinski. Third Row: M. Brown. M. Drgranc. C. Swalhcim, S. Zunz, M. DiNicola, L. Glcizncr. P. Neess. F. Kellor. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA University women find Gamma Sigma Sigma a fine way to serve humanity and to build strong friendships. This year its members worked with the mentally retarded at Madison East High, made favors for the children’s hospital, tutored students in South Madison, and played host to some Indian girls for the weekend. Though Gamma Sigma Sigma is primarily a service sorority, it is not without social life, highlights this year included a Halloween parly and a PJ party. 170r Horticulture Club—Bottom Row: H. Hasselkus. ID. Linde. ID. Donoghuc. Second Row: ID. Mueller. M. Mel strand. N. Senn. C. Behnke. K. Preg. R. Salnik. HORTICULTURE CLUB Once a month members of the Horticulture Club meet to discuss and learn more about the expanding field of agriculture. In addition to their meetings, the club holds an annual mum sale in the fall. A festive party captures a bit of the Christmas spirit, and a spring field trip and picnic round out the year's social events. The purpose of the club is to inform interested students of agriculture about the many aspects of horticulture and related fields. INTER-FRATERNITY ASSOCIATION Humorology and Greek Week are annual programs sponsored by the Inter-Fraternity Association. Such programs as these in addition to other welfare projects, represent the combined efforts of Greek fraternities to serve the campus and community. It serves as the one voice through which all fraternities speak. Becoming less introspective, the association has assumed the responsibility of directing attention toward the entire campus, rather than toward the individual fraternities. Inter-Fraternity Association—Bottom Row: P. Hoffman. R. Dana, W. Gilbert. M. Miller. S. DuBoff, J. lams, D. I.ieb. E. Jacobs. T. Mandlcr. L. Ford. Second Row: C. Randolph. D. Clegg. D. Barrows, S. Turner. J. Pullen, B. Hayward. R. LaFrancc. T. Mackic, C. Guevana. C. Field. T. Sanborn. B. Loring. D. Zazovc. M. IDobbcrfuhl. W. Kraujalis. E. Larson. Third Row: M. Ciotti. J. Slender. R. Fraser. J. Sweet. G. Proc-chcl. D. Scoon. D. Jackson. T. Dubbs, P. Ketterhagen. D. Ensch. B. Burek. G. Hanauer. W. Watson. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR STUDENTS IN ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS I.A.S.E.C.—Bottom Row: W. Spcllmcn, W. F.inbcrgcr, C. Caywood. Second Row: B. Folmcr. Third Row: S. Kraemcr. J. Wasieleski. T. Drake. J. Wick. K. Kvorning, B. McKee, R. Schraufnagcl, M. Taylor. MORTAR AND QUILL The Wisconsin Mortar Quill is the official publication of the School of Pharmacy. Through this organization, which is celebrating its 5th Anniversary, expresses student, faculty, and others opinions concerning pharmacy. There is also the M O Newsletter which features serious articles, not-so-serious articles, and the downright absurd. The Newsletter, also gives students not on the staff the chance to express their opinions. Mortar and Quill—Bottom Row: J. Miller. J. Ocstrcich. P. Manthc. A. Ellingson. D. Trcsp. S. Bonkowski, F.. Skorno, P. Fourncss.Panhcl—Bottom Row: S. Rolkc. J. Poss. J. Spindcl. J. Anderson. M. Frank. J. Thompson. P. Mocdcr. F. Mai. Second Row: O. John. R. New-berger. B. Forrester. I. Porter. S. Risch. C. Hamilton. S. Link. J. Han- son. K. Abbott. B. Buchholz, P. Hoffman. J. Hendrickson. C. Wcncr. J Graves. M. House, P. Guilfoylc. Reflecting the increasing campus political involvement. Pan-Hel has put new emphasis on a united Greek awareness of campus and social issues. Usual business meetings still include discussions of beer suppers, rush and Homecoming, however there arc increasing numbers of issues to be introduced. These discussions center around Greek responsibility to campus and national philanthropic and service projects and involvement in current campus issues. PAN HEL PI LAMBDA PHI LITTLE SISTERS Each year, Pi Lambda Phi chooses female counterparts to aid the fraternity. The girls help during rush, clean-up, parents days, homecoming entertainments and also emphasize the philanthropic aspect of the fraternity. Service projects include Christmas parties and trips to Central Colony. These lucky girls are able to see the notorious Pi Lambs at work and at play. Pi-Lambda Little Sisters—Bottom Row: A. Norris. S. McGee. L. Williams. S. Wells. M. Bortin. J. Foggy. C. Leutncr. Second Row: G. Bot-winick. L. Greenberg. M. Chase. D. Lubin. S. Greul. L. Goldberg. K. Kcsky. L. Bakkcn. P. Billerbcck. J Weber. Third Row: D. Altman. N. Kurzon. R. Weinberg. J. Barker. S. O'Malley. A. Karow, E. Schuster-man. B. Borst. K. Gannon.Polygon Board—Bottojn Row: R. Gygax. D. Zielinski. R. McElroy. J. T. Asbeck. R Becker. R. I.iska. D. Verheyen. J. Ferrcl. C. Meyer. J. Anderson. C. Van Slyke. Second Row: J. Dclwiche. A. NVanck. D. Shell. Albertson. R. Williams. G. Johnson. R. Friede. G. Doremus. POLYGON BOARD The Polygon Board is the synthesis of every' engineering society on campus. The function of the Board is to coordinate professional society activity on the engineering campus. They have aided the Wisconsin Engineers to win many awards and several distinctive honors. Every spring, the engineering students look to the lighter side with their traditional “St. Pat was an engineer" festivals, and their Wisconsin Engineering Exposition. LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA If you wear skirts and if you always wanted to be in a fraternity—SAE Little Sisters of Minerva is for you. But, besides liking boys, you have to be talented, energetic, and enthusiastic. The SAE Little Sisters aid the boys in various philanthropic projects, Homecoming preparations, and other campus projects. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity was the first national fraternity to organize a “Little Sister" program. Sisters of Minerva—Bottom Row: K. Floor, T. Kraus, A. Armstrong, B. Stack. J. Isroff. Second Row: I.. Rcagon, P. Rudolph. Mrs. Kellogg. C. Janicki, N. Mccr. B. Williams. Third Row: M. Gjertson. M. Richardson. J. Tillison, S. Cohn. B. Bussman. G. Pratt. L. Gardiner, B. Gunner. Fourth Row: J. Thompson. N. Knight. J. Hoppe. L. Scchafer, M. Bocsc. D. Fuhrman, S. Encrson. J. Ausman. 174The Blood Drive Committee, composed of civic-minded students and a faculty advisor, work to collect blood donations from student donors. Through periodic blood drives they contribute blood to eighty-seven hospitals in thirty-seven Wisconsin counties. In addition, generous contributions arc given to the Armed Forces. Surely the voluntary donations of both, the donors, and the committee members arc as widely appreciated and needed as any other campus social contributor. U.W. BLOOD DONORS University Blood Donation Committee—Bottom Row: I . Koncazny. H. Pcpcr. S. Negus. C. Dicrcks. Second Row: R. Shulstad. P. Balser. S. Worth. R. Foss. One of the major advantages offered to lettermen is that they get front row seats for the homecoming show. Actually “W” Club offers the opportunity for all letter holders to combine in one large organization. The Club plans a Parent’s Day, A “W” Club Day, a Dad’s Day, and a Freshman-Varsity basketball game. They meet every two weeks for business and also run the concession stands at sports events. In addition, they sponsor a scholarship program. “W” CLUB "W" Club—Bottom Row: M. Gluck. D. Young, P. Schoen, S. Pilsbury. R. Schaffncr, R. Whipple, W. Ridlon, D. Sahs. W. Scheibec. D. Ivaska. A. Polk, G. Schmoock, T. Fancher. A. Child. B. Brady. C. Robinson. M. Hatlcberg. Second Row: J. Nowicki, J. Dumphy. T. Schinke, M. Cavill, J. Pearce. W. Grislcy, T. McCauley. J. Tictz. W. Blakely. G. Farnham. R. Arrington, R. Bauman. G. Iverson. B. Hanson. R. Hawke, P. I.apcr. C. Heilman. J. Dillinger. 175WISCONSIN ENGINEER Wisconsin Engineer—Bottom Row: G. Mueller, D. Shell. M. Ingcman. D. Connlcy. Second Row: M. l.uitie a Christenson. M. Paulson. N. Frakr. Hard working? Perhaps. But fun has its place, too, remember? The ambitious young men who devote themselves selflessly to publishing the latest developments in the engineering and science colleges, publish eight copies of the Wisconsin Engineer per year. They also represent Wisconsin at the National ECMA conventions. But, the staff party is the event of the year—they can't work all the time. Wisconsin Forensic Union—Bottom Row: G. Tcnncrman, J. Wheeler, Rowley. H. Snyder. D. Chudnow, C. Beck. M. Smuklcr, B. Fcst i R. Rcsar. G. Merriman, E. Parks. K. Riley. Second Row: S. Vondra. S. Farmer, I.. Louthcrbeck, E. Godfrey. J. Gilbert. WISCONSIN FORENSIC UNION The Wisconsin Forensic Union is the official university organization for intercollegiate debate and forensic activities, The debate topic for this year is: Resolved, that the Federal Government should guarantee an annual minimum cash income to all citizens. But all work and no play makes a dull boy, so the participants balance academic with more frivolous activities including a spring banquet, and weekly meetings to temper the international debate and practice sessions. 176U. W. RIFLE TEAM U. V. Rifle Team—Bottom Row: T. Schoenlcbcn. W. Mitzke. C. Hustig, R. Chabalowski. W. Hallman. Second Row: K. l.amb, J. Wulfcrs. M. Fowler. R. Straight. F. Sand. J. Patch. D. Kelly. No, these boys are not recruiters. They are hunters and sportsmen out to improve their game. Not only do they practice on each other, they also take pot shots at competing teams who arc trying to horn in on their territory. Who knows, we may foster a new "rifleman" from our own midst. U.W. PISTOL TEAM Not all the clatter of gun-fire coming from beneath the Camp Randall bleachers is from the rifle team. Similarly plugging away, is the Wisconsin Pistol Team, a separate entity with a competitive schedule of its own. Though not as accurate as a rifle, the louder, faster firing pistol could make the showdown between these teams, a toss-up. A safe bet, however, would be to wait the results to be written up in the paper, rather than see the contest live. U. W. Pistol Team—Bottom Row: B. Folz, K. Moslander, R. Bcgoun. H. Golden. D. Courtney. C. Modscn. Second Row: S. Carlson. J. Mossey, K. Blocdcl. J. Collings, G. Vcchinski. F. Quinlan. 177U. W. Ski Team—Silling: R. Christianson. B. Arvold. B. Vig. Standing: C. Fox. G. Sagcmillcr. Skiing is rapidly gaining stature on the Madison campus. Though many students head for the slopes on weekends, few go as consistently as the six members of the Wisconsin Ski Team. Skiing competitively against other mid-western universities in five meets during the season, the team ranks near the top of the Central Intercollegiate Skiing Association standings. Except for a further recession of the glaciers, and Wisconsin emerging as a tropical resort, the Ski Team's bright future should be realized. U. W. SKI TEAM U. W. SOCCER TEAM Soccer Team—Bottom How: R. Marcks. S. Craw. D. Fromer Cant • C MdSmSi. tT M TubC0 I }aVScn- D Lundervold. A. Lana. J McDermott, L Jones. E. Peabody. Second Row: p. Wcintraub, Mr The Wisconsin Soccer Club completed its 1967 season winning 5 matches, losing one and tying 2. This season completed the team’s fourth winning year in its four year history. The opposing teams were from Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin colleges. Dave Fromer and Dag Lundervold were elected captains by their teammates. The leading scorer. Lundervold, was honored as the Most Valuable Player. Though not supported by the University Athletic Department, this young team has a bright future. Rcddan. Coach: J. Stcinbcr. J. Friedman. S. Wanguru. M. Jurik. A. Manewitz, M. Green, C. Billings. G. Dinolt. A. Tabrizi. M. Ogcdenbe. A. Turner. M. Johnson, Mgr.I WOMEN S PHYSICAL EDUCATION BOARD The Wisconsin Physical Educational Board is the executive council of the Wisconsin Physical Education Club. Activities of the club emphasize the furthering of ideas in the profession. Speakers participate in some of their programs to keep the girls in touch with what is currently happening in the field. The club's annual High School Days was held this year to show high school coeds around Lathrop Hall and to explain the University's program in physical education. Womens Physical Education Board—Bottom Row: C. Haug. M. Drake M. Curran. J. Sweet. K. Nixon. Second Row: S. Wulff. A. Palmer, k! Cone. P. McJoynt. Third Row: K. Bocbcl. R. Mansfield. The YMCA and YWCA work on many projects during the year. Their annual International Gift Fair was held this year in December. The proceeds from this fund-raiser help support events for the rest of the term. Among these are weekly Coffee Hours where current literary pieces arc discussed. During International Weekends, Foreign students get an opportunity to learn more about Americans by living in their homes for several days. This year the Y sponsored a New Student Weekend for freshman. Also, a weekly newspaper. The Torch, is published by the group. YMCA-YWCA YMCA-YWCA—Bottom Row: B. Wcnstrom. B. Manire. S. Kost, C. Rodriguez. C. Sartz. A. Schwenger. Klawitter. Second Row: K. Albert, S. Cole. B. Lampman. R. Keene, A.p 182 183185186 INTERDORM PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL—J. Poole. D. Hesse. E. Kurth. P. Grossman. M. Manhardl.Barnard—Bottom Row: H. Fuhrmann. N. Bolstad, J. Hintz. E. Eilbrachl, J. Kurth, A. Slapikcs. R. Bancck. M. Wilscy. S. Channing. A. Sternberg, K. Schultz. Second Row: M. Horton, S. Brccke, E. Grimstad. H. Sanchez, K. Senzig, A. Carter, I. Tanner, J. Porter, vice-pres.; E. Kurth, pres.; S. Trcvar-then, E. Haban. B. Losick, C. Wicks, S. ZefT. Third Row: K. Butlke, D. Bochlcr, J. Johnson. B. Webster. L. Sudlik, L. Adams. N. Hopkins. P. Buck. E. Gregg, M. Staab. M. Anthony, K. Trilschlcr. F.. Feldman. B. Lucbkc, M. Barney. C. Hanson, L. Susens. Fourth Row: J. Slecter, M. Krakora, B. Hofer, I.. Valdicck, D. Anderson, J. Pettingill. C. Englhoff. B. Bortz, A. Turlery, B. Kuckbuck, $. Schlisc, K. Slavik, D. Gruen. M. Fish. V. Szatalowica, V. Holubiw, M. Bach. BARNARD HALL 187CHADBOURNE HALL ISABEL ALVARDO who lives in Equador was adopted January, 1967 through the Foster Parents plan. GREER CHI-CHUN CHOW, a sophomore from Hong Kong, is spending her second year at the University as the guest of the girls of Chadbournc Hall. Campbell House—Bottom Row: P. Hamel. B. Bartel I, S. Bobrow, H. Mitchell. D. Rundquist. Second Row: S. Shaw. G. Heise, K. Hill. J. Sakamoto. J. Albec. C. Peltibonc. C. Swcney, B. Schaeffer, K. Zinsmaster, E. Grabow, N. Golz. Third Row: D. Underdahl, M. Dcsrochers, J. Kinslcr. J. Wendorf, C. Rill, L.. Driver. N. Kraska, L. Meyers. D. Dalbey, D. Anclam. B. Greene. J. Holzhuctcr, J. Tcply. Fourth Row: H. Moslavac, J. Walsh. S. Anderson, K. Grover. C. Dudley, S. St. Clair, J. Olson. P. Fitzgerald, C. Marks. S. Ryan, L. Buchen. 188I i Brecse House—Bottom Row: K. Kalkofen. M. McCullough. N. Jacobsen. J. I Dziondziak. C. Bishop. P. Rucinski, C. Winklcss. Second Row: R. Stokstad. A. I Smith, J. Katzel. K. Miller. L. Garlock. M. Johns. J. Banfield. N. Ehrlich. M. I Posson. L. Johnson. Third Row: J. Dunning. M. Antisdcl. T. Kaplan, K. I Hoefs. A. Idzikowski. C. Miller. M. Kray ton, J. McC'rcadic. E. Morris. J. I Mastin, P. Peckarsky. M. Kjervik. A. Kjervik. E. Wemstrom. Fourth Row: P. Premo. M. Terwilligcr. S. Belcher. F. Maclcod, C. Schoblaski. Z. Filter, S. j Vandermus. C. Evans. M. Ballwcg. M. Donaubaucr. A. Zeske. D. Bonar, S. Bowen. Breeze House Chadboume Officers—Bottom Row: J. Gaspardo, J. King. J. Albee, H. Wolcott. J. Poole. S. Spiclman, N. Ehrlich. L. Adams, S. Crane. Second Row: M. Meyer. S. Steinhauer, D. Gottwald. M. Stong, C. Dudley, Mrs. Smith. E. Wiese, R. Ruh, L. Cartwright. Third Row: S. Bonar, K. Miller, H. Moslavac, J. Walsh, G. Oven, G. Marquardt, L. Holmbcrg, N. Paalu, B. Lonnborg. C. Simmons, M. Barbian, C. Miller, M. Steiner, L. Johnson. Fourth Row: M. Adcs, G. Oucr-dier, B. Bartcll, M. Jahns, M. Posson, C. Mickel, L. Lambolcy. B. Brainerd, M. Smith, B. Miller. R. Steensrud, C. Kirchhoff. D. Dalbcy, N. Kraska, M. Gallimore. Campbell House 189Murray House—Bottom Row: J. Lucasson, M. Stong. S. Smith. S. Piotrowski, K. Hilt. J. Nelson. J. Platte. L. Holmberg. G. Marquardl. Second Row: L. Robinson. S. Konsari, B. Warner. G. Nicolai. M. Tanty. C. Bnckcr. J. Neveu. S. Crane. M. Sturzl. H. Sanders. S. Kivlin, B. Rodriquez. Third Row: B. Berry. D. Holtz. B. Tinberg, B. Albrecht. K. FilZgibbons, J. Williamson. J. Schey, B. Bonds. C. Classen. C. Roethc. K. Volkmann. Murray House Marlatt House—Bottom Row: C. Mollc. G. Books. B. Behling. M. Olsen, D. Clark, K. Webster. B. Biewer. C. Peplinski. Second Row: C. Guict. F. Kahn. K. Davey, M. Smith, M. Barbeau. N. Kraus, M. Christensen. G. Gcnrich, T. Martin, S. Nicolai, K. Lorch, H. Andcrcgg. Third Row: M. Habocck, J. Koplow, B. Hinden, M. Brady. M. White. G. Owen. R. Schultz. J. Mann, C. Smith. A. Doyle. Marlatt House 190 Rosenbcrry House—Botiont Row: I). Ucckc. R. Zilisch. K. Olson. R. Ennis. B. NVarncs. P. Bates. Second Row: I.. Rahanian. M. Jaeger. J. Shovcrs. C. Streiff H. Lipsky. C. Mickcl. H. Wcisenherg. N. Sugdcn. I . Jan . Third Row: J. Ham-mcrsley. J- Albcc. M. Lintner. L. Cartwright, C. Flinkow. S. Dahlquist. J. Peterson. E. Hamby. L. Grom. L. Woyahn. M. Moore. P. Woest. B. Gusinow. R. Hayutin. Fourth Row: M. Steiner. S. Ehmke. C. Kirchoff. G. Bengston. J Andrews. P. Hambuch. M. DcNoblc. E. Ecklund. M. Basten. c. Buck i Adams. K. Ziege. V. Daggett. A. Hcmauer. Rosenberry House Schocnlcber House—Bottom Row: M. Langbcckcr, D. May. S. Hass, R. Swartz. J. Kassam, G. Grubis, N. Chrilton. J. Poole. Second Row: B. Brainerd, J. Knut-owski. M. Anlonius, B. Nielsen. K. Pfil'fncr, S. Schober. P. Pricn. S. Libesch, J. Burkholz. Third Row: N. Belvedere. M. Kocha, S. Boettcher. C. Schweder. M. Robbins. T. Elliott, J. Gucnvcur, J. Simpson, P. Peterson. S. Wilson, B. Van Horne. M. Larme. Fourth Row: J. Bush. S. Yost. N. Wichtcl. J. Gile. G. Hill, B. Zacske, C. Vanvlcct. L. Jarbusch. S. Hill, D. Roy. D. Diebcl. J. Hilt. Schoenleber House J9tScott House—Bottom Row: S. Prcmetz. M. Evrard. K Nelson J. Bier. S. Charbogian. L. Kurth, L. Sacks. Second Row: R. Schultz, k. Dickson J. Kraus. A. Sabcn. K. Burns. G. Chi-Chun-Chow. T. Sack, M. Moore. P. Ran dolph. D. Hartley. Third Row: V. Sun. R. Carter. G. Gladous. R. Miller, B Schwcid. M. Barbian. J. Gaspardo. J. Swifka. C Miller. A. Vorcl. S. Heal. L Johnsrud. Fourth Row: J. Foggy. L. Haukom. M. Franz, K.Behling. D. Gott wald B. Buel, B. DcMaster. C. Novak. B. Tilly, C. Wcise. B. Hammcn. Scott House Wallcrstcin House—Bottom Row: K. Bcrns. E. Harvey. V. Kibrick, J. Hudson, B. Priefer, K. Lefco, S. Schnakc. Second Row: L. Thompson. C. Thorcson, J. Carow, J. Gubbins, J. Simon. J. King. S. Taira. B. Smart, G. Edwards. F. Bagheri. Third Row: G. Mattison. S. Schrocdcr. L. Prescott. J. Anderson, M. Warpehoski, V. Neubcrger. M. Stcinhaucr. J. Clifl'ord. R. Ruh, L. Lamboley. S. Edwards. A. Schultz. S. Milbaucr. Fourth Row: S. Sullivan, M. Olson, W. Clark. P. Benson. K. Schlocmcr. K. Long, C. Thomas. C. Otto, L. Reislad. E- Zerwick. M. Patrick, M. Gallimore, E. Riley, K. Christensen. Wallerstein House 192Wilkinson House—Bottom Row: J. Zaccard. H. Wolcott. J. Dodson. M. Lict'ert. J. Torkc. M- Stapanian. J. Stapanian. P. Vangen. Second Row: I’. Freisingcr. R. Steensrud. B. Miller. J. Barta. J Mielkc. J. Vergeront. .1. Miller. M. Koejan. W. Ruff. B. Hess. Third Row: M. Wittwer. S. Johnson. B. Meyer. E. Wiese. S. Hughes. J. Hassc. B. Pauli. D. Engan. S. Martin. K. Czchno. Wilkinson House Wood House—Bottom Row: L. Knapp. V. Armstrong. D. Babby. B. Droullard. C. Boiler, L. Brehmer. H. Holihan. S. Anderson. Second Row: S. Spiel man, L. Hemp, F. Wollcr, E. Hyzer. M. Theisen, K. Grove. K. Kalish. D. Degolier, M. Meyer. Third Row: S. Douglass. G. Overdccr. S. Bonar. R. Cooper. J. Cook. J. Ciunlach. L. Gallc. K. Serwer, K. Zingrebe. M. Adcs. B. Johnson. J. Jensen. Wood House 193Elizabeth Waters Legislature—Bottom Row: K. Peterson, M. Gunderson. K. Wiggins, I Bohrnstedt. A. Betzhold. P. Sachse. Second Row: K. Moser. B, Scharnke. Mrs. M. Adams. M. Manhardt. L. McCarthy. Third Row: E. Bennett. I.. Stockflcth. C. Schmidt. C. Coutts. Fourth Row: M. Ratner. M. Stew-art. B. Huebner. K. Meyer. P. Kingsbury. K. Gruber. S. Schucflher. P. Eregien, J. Hartman. S. Dyken. S. Vinkovich. L. Hinderyckx. C. Stanton. J. Vogel. D. Haakenson. I). Tamanaha. ELIZABETH WATERS HALL Legislature Unit One—Bottom Row S. Dyken. B. Brown. K. Zimbrich, S. Grcucl, 5 Brtckler, L. Schmidt. E. Bennett. Second Row: S. Crews. R. Dunn. I. Bohrn stedt K. Schickcr. S. McIntyre. F.. Secora, S. Secora. S. Ash. L. Schroedci Third Row: A. Bdtzhold. K. Fredricks. B. Meyer. P. Stapleton, K. Riley. A Ode nan. L. Stockflcth, R. Wojnicz. J. Krafft. K. Allan. P. Fregien. K. Kalmc D. Haakenson. Fourth Row: S. Finnegan. C. Knutson. J. Finley, S. Jordan. I Robb. J. Stoltz, R. Thubauville. S. Mommsen. S. Thayer. M. Nvhof. S. Kant zow, R. Wolberg, G. Markworth. P. Adams. Unit I 194Unit Two—Bottom How: M. Axt. D. Rhody. S. Paap. J. Andersen. L. Ticlscns. J. Borcnstcin. K. Wiggins. Second Row: C. Looser, J. Parson, K. Miller. C. Plapp. K. Mathison. K. Martinson. C. Rhodes. S. Mortman, L. Dornoff. B. Whitford. Third Row: J. Niujar. G. Hoover, C. Swan. J. Jeffery. K. Krebsbach. P. Weber. R. Rempe. L. Fitzsimmons. M. Currie. J. Miller. C. Larsen. D. Fraser. C. Reynolds. D. Haight. S. Briggs. Fourth Row: A. Ritchie. C. Liss. K. Steinmetz. E. Olson. B. l.cadholm. M. Ross. J. Dclwiche. M. Johnson. J. Voss. F. Keniston.J. King. F. Ring. Unit II Unit Three—Bottom Row: J. Pekarske, D. Hart, A. Dunwiddie, L. McCarthy. G. Maxwell. A. Ix ng. L. Borkowski. M. Gunderson. M. Bell. Second Row: M. Ratner, P. Money. N. LaMar. D. Powell. B. Jones. D. Ashton. J. Vin-kovich. J. Marrogenis. G. Bethke. K. Keidd. E. Larsen. Third Row: S. Munson. N. Kops. K. Moser. N. Yasaitis. J. Jacobs. B. Greenwood. N. Fosness. B. Buehlcr. J. Schueffncr. M. Jennings. M. Manhardt. C. Meyer. I.. Knutson. M. Dudzinski. Fourth Row: C. Wandschncidcr, B. Brockmann, J. Gruber, P. Rogers. C. Parker. S. Sell. K. Jorgensen. K. Hafstad, B. Scharnkc. R. Krull, J. Maager, J. Solvcrson. C. Stanton, E. Kazda, A. Stewart. Unit III 195Unit Four—Bottom Row: K. Jacques. L. Ellickson. L. Moore. K. Brehm. D. Porter. C. Coutts. D. Frank. Second Row: P. Schrocdcr. B. Huebner. J. Li. D. Krebs. J. Schmidt. P. Eith. P. Sachse. M. Newman. K. Meyer. K. Jordan. Third Row: J. Levine. K. Peterson. C. Dros. J. Harrill. J. Zuara. K. Grant. M. Binn. P Auc. J. Pearson. J. Schmidt. J. Desmarais. E. Rhode. C. Rathman. Fourth Unit Row. M. Edwards. K. Hartl. L. Uchytil. J. Marold. C. Novotny. F.. Meyer. V. Sommers. P. Chan. J. Huibrcglse. J. Schilling. M. Murphy. P. Brown. Unit Five—Bottom Row: M. Splcttcr. M. Mixter, C. Kleinschmidt. S. Yahnke. N. Boszhardt. C. Prcstcgard. E. Pick. N. McNaughton. S. Burnham, C. Forsberc, J. Hartman. Second Row: C. Bcuchel. D. Tamanaha. C. Block. C. McCutcheon. K. Kirby. P. Mattern. M. Rumachik. N. Bertolino. T. Pankonin. K. Itammcn, T. Ebnctcr. B. Wiese. J. Johnson. J. Wenger. Third Row: J. Halverson. S. Hamilton. N. Hamilton. V. Steele. C. Neucnfeldt. J. Adams. M. Rcichardt, L. Hindcryckx. M. Stewart. M. Ginger. M. Koepke. M. Hickman. K. Thorscn. R. Dale. M. Hall. B. Richwirc. A. Tully, M. Tiffy. Fourth Row. B. Baker. J. Kcmpka, P. Loghry, P. Kingsbury. S. Edwards. C. Vandcvcld, D. Molten. B. Lipski. B. Frey. D. Currier. C. Williams. G. Straw. M. Cline. L. Drake. Unit V IV6LHA President Dana Hesse LHA Cabinet198ADAMS HALL Favillc House—Bottom Row: G. Most, G. Hoerning. K. Heath, W. Niebauer. R. Baldwin. J. Fox. T. Bloom. A. Keshena. A. Lcisk. Second Bow: B. Crist. P- Gottlieb. J. Lccle. J. Crossfield. W. Morrissey. R. Dalugc. T. Meier. C'. Konsel. M. Mishouil. J. Kunick. B. Anderson. T. Sherman, D. Erlandson. Third Row: J. Adams. R. Buell. C. Patterson. T. l.oncrgan. K. Weinberg. P. Niebauer. A. Carli. W. Shaffer. G. Gerber. M. Marcus. J. Wainwright. Faville House La Follcttc House—Bottom Row: T. Misfcldt. R. Walbrun, M. Rosenberg. D. Labordc. J. Zichr. D. Heller. P. Dorman. R. Wertheimer. Second Row: D. Calcf. M. Wincland. D. l.aLuzcrne, J. O'I.eary, D. Brauncr. E. Marx. M. Post. J. Foley, J. Reich. Third Row: B. Pcdrick, T. Netzel. B. Winkler, R. Hamilton. L. Friske. A. Schiepan, A. Post.T. Small. R. Ericksmoen. La Follette House 199Ochsncr House—Bottom Row: R. Vanalstinc. G. Klinksiek. J. Golz. C. Berry, D. Borrcc. J. Schneider, E. Jenkins. J. Olson. G. Fitzgerald. W. Nelson. R. Loss. Second Row: R. Freeman. W. Heinz. I.. Wiskochil, J. Woltendcn. E. Stcingraber, M. Syrette. J. Brokish. D. Flanigcn. P. Schaefer. P. Michie. G. Hardzinski. J. Wirch. E. Opiola. R. Wagner. G. Wildman. C. Gructzmachcr. Third Row: J. Zwaldo. W. Bachcllcr. R. Rosinsky. J. Goldmark. P. Abel. M. Warschauer. T. Provis. R. Sacgcr. D. Beskc, R. Shimanck. J. Knutson. L. Porsorski. Ochsner House Richardson House—Bottom Row: M. Blloncr, D. Anderson, J. Danielson. G. Kihtzer. L. Krakcr, D. Hink. Second Row: .1 Hemmrich, T. Schell. R. Frircs. W. Paxton. R. Kohn. J. Stowe. J. Weber. Third Row: J. Lam. T. Martin. S. Thiele. D. Ihurow. R. Homa, W. Shaw. J. Walsh. M. O'Connor. F C'hu fourth Row: R. S. Wilcox. W. Backes. J. Field. J. Mohn. J. Greene. K. Attoe. H. Sommers. D. Proeber. Richardson House 200Tarrant House—Hot tom Row: S. Craw, W. Picpcnburg, M. Schlcich. L. Lee. M. Aucn. J. Lewis, E. Powell. D. Mosak. Second Row: P. Normington, C. Fredrickson, R. Jensen. R. Dietrich. M. Jaher. A. Knaapen. T. Marshall. D. Reimcr. S. Pamperin. G. Roberts. Third Row: D. Pfeifer. R. Swenson. T. Joy. S. Walsh. J. Cunningham. R. Dickson. T. McCoy. W. Olson. P. Feldman. Tarrant House Buck House—Bottom Row: A. Jorgenson. M. Kendrick. M. Yucngcr. A. Ryder, J Delzer, S. Woodrow. Second Row: V. Sybert. C. Hess, B. Zimmer. T. Montgomery. L. Willcrt, M. Holtz, B. Ziermann. K. Thiel. M. Chrisiopherson. J. Schmidt. Third Row: M. Miska, J. Sallenbergcr. M. Anderson. E. Mushlin. S. Berg. M. Wildman, S. Storts. D. Phillips. K. Bouton. R. Kautz. N. Knocrr. R. Micrcndorf, S. Hays. Fourth Row: M. Kelly. B. Barlow. A. Johnson. B. Herzog. M. Rubin. J. Scclman. J. Trimbcrgcr. M. Dicck, K. Keane. S. Sawicki. B. Fitzgerald. M. Lohmcycr. J. Moyer. B. Carlock. COLE HALL Buck House 201Kiekhofcr House—Bottom Row: L. Klug. N. Buening. M. Dolden. M. Gertrude, w lisa K Anderson. B. Swiontek. L. Martha. N. Tracey. Second Row: M. Pike I Felman. L. Sartori. L. Rhodes. M. Zebcll. M. Doe, G. Wright. V Coficld. L. Charnitz. B. Hoys. C. Ekvall. M. Schucbcl. M. Loberger Thud Row M. Williams. I. Liang. M. Krull. K. Cascio. B. Ballo. C. Nyhus. k. Lawrence J- Meudt. N. Roll. J. Lube. M. Hoppe. Fourth Row: B. Limmer. S Mishkin. J. lousch. K. Wojnovich. J. Schoultz. K. Zielinski. M. Kress. A. Bensman. G. Mickclsen. R. Starkins. N. Foster. P. Young. M. Weber. Kiekhofer House Ross House—Bottom Row: P. Bohr. K. Werth, N. Bonner, K. Ellickson, M. Carlsen, E. Fultcr. Second Row: Tigger. L. Parker, L. Rutherford. D. Zcllmcr. N. Stcrnbach, S. Lake. L. Mack. E. Kollis, P. MeTavish. B. Rumsey. Third Row: C. Sampe. K. Rhodes. P. Gorence, T. Schlacger, C. Hillman. C. Ken-drigan. A. Cancllos. C. Hastings. K. Ihlenfeldt. B. Greenfield. J. Fenton. Fourth Row: J. Zippercr. ML Varlcy, A. Carmichael. P. Martin. S. Green. J. Younger. D. Greening. B. Yochum. J. F.der. C. Klugman. Ross House 202Snow House—Bottom Row: D. Elllie. S. Randolph. J. Zcllmcr. J. Bruhn. S. Cahoon. M. Van Grunsuen. M. Van Germert. S. Hirsh. J. Aldag. J. Zakrashek. Second Row: J. Barmanlje. E. O'Gara. N. Oakes. S. Hill. K. Kiehnau. P. Schneider. C. Nicbcr. K Kingston. A. Stcckcl. J. Bartlett. Third Row: K. Brai-nard. E. Sharpe. J. Goldblom. M. Rotter. A. Sarbackcr. M. Russell. M. Sludge. V. Naylor. C. Conner. C. Griffin. E. Willson. C. Tcrncs. Fourth Row: K. Hendricks. E Walker. P. Blum. I. Mass. M. English. I.. Garvey. I . Mueller. S. Schiller. D. McCormick. L. Molthop. L. Vorpahl. Snow House Blcycr House—Bottom Row: B. Levine. M. Hill, B. Peterson. I.. Mittclstadt. L. Dugenske. Second Row: D. Anderson. C. Hammes, V. Bailey. C. Sankey. B. Shemin. L. Vaughn. R. Denncr.K. Meyer. M. Mancy. C. Snclling. Third Row: W. SpafTord. J. Hildebrand. C. Winnard. B. Morey. S. Mitten, D. Jones. J. Thomason. B. Ketterhagen. L. Thompson. K. Fichcr. S. Doehler. K. Smith. A. Warner. Fourth Row: C. Solomon. J. Klein. I.. Angus. S. Rott. E- Clark, M. I.ipman. E. Verwiebe, F. Brown, S. Christenson. M. Bortz. E. Darrow. ELM DRIVE A Bleyer House 203Cool House—Bottom Row: N. Birkinbine, J. Rimalovcr. P. Vogt. J. Wessel, C. Hoycr. M. Parks. Second Row: G. Fuchs. U. Richardson. K. Alexander. P. Latham. W. Weber. C. Johnson. J. Henries. J. Chapola. J. Olson. J. Friedeck. Third Row: M. Chan. B. Cooper. M. Deigman, G. Guldan. S. Ross. B. Bingen. B. Chicn. M. Williams. F.. Stawsky. M. Green. J. Farkas. I.. Slcpamuk. M. Grundeman. Fourth Row: C. Hoag. C. Lewis. A. Barthiscr. L. Joyce. E. Agerjord. J. Shumway. L. Hashcidcr. E. Meikeljohn, B. Baoh. P. Wang. B. Brown, K. Green. K. Shannon. Cool House FJsom House—Bottom Row: J. Trapp. S. Lamb. K. Kutil, L. Waukau, C. Ristow J. Wcsolowski. L. Norslicn. D. Mickelson. M. Olson. L. Kim. Second Row: M. Chu. R. Morgan. S. Nickolson. N. Schmitt. C. Heiscr. P. Robinscn. B. Sloanc. J. Green. L. Martin. O. Schocnkc. L. I.awlor, S. Anderson. Third e L,Mcl1’ P Hagan. - Foskett. A. McQuillcn. C. Roberts. L. F.ldridgc. S. Williams. A. Runde. J. Picha. R. Koch. 1.. Waldschmidt. L. Hubcn. Elsom House 204Hcnmon—Bottom Row: K. Gibson. K. McIntyre. O. Sepulveda. T. Bear. T. Chapman. R. Nelson. A. Van Veen. Second Row: G. Gergen. B. Werner. A. Muerman. R. Rapp. M. White. D. Urlakis. S. Ohlhorst. B. Harris. I). Otis. I.. Hirvcla, S. Kerrigan. Third Row: C. Evcland. M. Rcisch. G. Gregg. I.. Falbo. K. Brown. S. Morisato. K. Pfistcr. I.. Uthmcicr. S. Uyehara, S. Meier. Henmon House rcH seJJ r00TP ‘ Kahlenberg—Bottom Row: R. Hanneman, G. Vcncman. J. Glassaucr. T. Kuchl. R. Spence. T. Tigerman, D. Krey. G. Komp. Second Row: M. Sciglcman. B. Nowak. A. Kchrli, M. McNeely, G. Thurnbury, E. Krcnzxlok. J. Fellows. H. Hcnderickson. C. Reedabook, N. Smith. Z. Williams. T. Andre. T. Duffy. Third Row: C. Moarn. L. Linde. A. Lettow. R. Pohlman, J. Laabs. R. Tiedt, R. Waddell. K. Heppard, M.Salas. L. Stuessy, R. Schroeder. D. Finn. Fourth Row: P. Monahan. J. Kloibcr. C. Sherburne. R. Eckstein. S. Feldman. E. Albright, C. Lin-Lai, K. Jahnkc. R. Garezynski. M. Leslie. E. Gantt. ELM DRIVE B Kahlenberg House 205McNecl House—Bottom Row: M. Bender. D. Holly. D. Schwcrind. C. Jensen. T Alt T Scrleth. Second Row: H. Phillips. R. Lokken. D. Rollins. J Mikcls. J Morrison. L. Gorrcs. J. Rozcnthal, G. Daniel. R. Zastrow J McCrary. Third Row: G. Buss. C. Chan. R. Deal. R. Pederson. R Kacirnsky. J. Dezek. H. Lindstrom. T. Lorenz. M. Hcnschel. C. Smith. D. Dunficld. J. Hendrickson. J. Asher. C. Peeper. J. Schncidncr. McNeel House n tmu ARMY inurciKn Mead House—Bottom Row: R. Farrcl. K. Miller. J. Steinberg. J. Foskctt, C. Larncd. P. Quinn. S. Kerrigan, J. Shalck. D. Vandcr Zanden, J. Quintcnz, H. Puck. Z. Igor. Second Row: S. Koenig. M. Shaw, W. Woodard. R. Nelson, R. Vilinsky. T. Hawley, R. Hunt. T. Bauch. J. Malloy. R. Ogic. H. Gu. J. Walthcr. P. Pavclski. Third Row: G. Brown. R. Olah, P. Nevwald. C., G. McCartan. S. Fisher, G. Schwendingcr. R. Voss. D. Sarge, M. Vocbbcls, E. BischolT, K. Pavley, C. Woelffer. Mead House 206Millar House—Bottom Row: K. C harles. J. Stenske, R. Wellman. R. Cuisinicr. J. Griffiths. J. Heipp. M. Madorin. Second Row: R. Walgcnbach. D. West. S. Ujvarosy. H. Snyder. T. l o v. B. Frickson, D. Savage. D. Crooks. J. Olsen. S. Coutcrmarsh. Third Row: D. Zink. I). Leaver, T. Stewart. B. Bartclt. M. Vostcrs. D. Meixenspergcr. I’. Beinlich. R. Pete. R Webb. M. McCormick. E. Schneider. R. Wei nick. W Shirriff. Fourth Row. I). Davis. A. Cattanach, R. Christensen. J. Halpcrin. T. Davis. P. Eyssauticr. R. Wcltman. G. Hurcllc. A. Fngman. C. Woods. G. Carncross. T. Hajny. Millar House Phillips House- -Bottom Row: R. Kautz, R. Cushman. J. Madison. D. Erickson. J. Idzikowski, J. Seignemartia, D. Belt . C. Taylor. Second Row: M. Washington. S. Barnes, D. Hurldurt, R. Bauers, G. Weir, J. Thompson. J. Davis. J. Pfeifer. J. J. Good, W. Finch, A. Turner, B. Hirst, R. Bauer. M. Skare. Third Row: D. Linde, P. Gillespie, C. Rcimer. L. Klein. R. Zimmerman. C. Ballwcg. L. Frickson, J. Marsdcn, W. Birkrcm. M. Byrnes, J. Kramer, W. Thiel. D. Myhrc, D. Fischendorf. P. Bing-Larcmba. ELM DRIVE C Phillips House 207Kundcll House—Bottom Row: W. Gciscr. J. Ulinsky. R. Mosscr, S. Holtzman. J. L'pp, H. Milligan. S. Hilmer. B. Kong. P. Nord, M. Kartman. J. Mocllncr. C. Overstreet. Second Row: M. Schwach. L. Powell. A. C hopra. I.. Hanson. R. Omar, M. Cohen. F. Karnaufkus. L. McGee. F. Nelson. G. Thornton. M. Pritzkow, W. Adamezyk, B. Harding. Third Row: Tsc-Zung. J. Schwarcmcicr. W. Eucank. G. Moe. K. Wilson. I.. Ixong. L. Eubank. J. GrifFith. G. Wong. R. Barnett. C. Ballcinc. K. Mann. J. Santroch. S. Litschcr. Rundell House Conover House—Bottom Row. G. Cheek. S. Yarmolinsky. L. Fcucr. J. Koepp. W. Friedman. J. Kraut, J. Behling. Second Row: K. Okada. K. Latersen. G. Siegel. C. Hougen. M. Boyer. A. Backus. K. Davidson. S. Blake. D. Moron. S. Thorpe. K. Brown. Third Row: N. MacLuckie. L. Doherty. G. Nischke. N. Swenson. J. Moore. K. Picone. E. Rulsch. E. Grohn. J. Pryzekurat. G. Pom-merening. KRONSHAGE HALL 208 Conover HouseGilman House—Bottom Row: C. Yandrich. G. '’cot. R. Mueller. T. Klongland. D. Inda. J. Dempsey. Second Row: R. Stauder, B. Rcinka. M. Perszyk, D. Kahoon. F. Gurd. J. Terranova. Third Row: E. Gisske. E. Weill. C. Buefow, J. Omdahl. I). Metzger. C. Allen. R. Knox, I.. Johnson. R. Tyler, R. Feind. Fourth Row: R. Junceau. J. Benson, J. Mayer. F. Sarran, L. Nack. R. Fass-bendcr. T. Holden. J. Hollister. T. Oldani. Fifth Row: V. Russell. W. Morris. T. Olson. G. Brown. R. Jorgensen. S. Millar. K. Bicrkc. D. Warner, R. Schmidt. R. Rosher. W. Stretsbery. Gilman House Jones House—Bottom Row: M. Lieberman, G. Busch. R. Greiling, D. Schaad. K. Swartz, A. Blum. T. Brown, J. Menn, L. Chalker, C. Klein. Second Row: R. Christenson, L. Roll, W. Bussmann, J. Vorpahl, L. Fabian, M. Hilgart. E. Scruggs, P. Wong, M. Johanik, C. Vanderpoel, D. Lantry, L. Scully, G. Worthington, T. Eisele. Third Row: R. Butler, P. Bohman, M. Fowler, D. Grossman, F. Servatka. P. Ettcr. R. Kimpfbcck. L. Hickamnn. B. Brown, C. Bader, J. Thies. J. Chcrncy. T. O’Connor. D. Minahan. A. Anderson. D. Lesniak, J. Fullmer. Fourth Row: R. Snclling. P. Vancss. A. Brugger. O. Tesch. F. Bcrtling. G. Cox. R. Spiegel. M. Boehm. H. Fisher. K. Mcschcr. R. Johnson. J. Towers. P. Beitzel, G. Mueller, P. Wolfman, R. Olson, F. Werner. Jones HouseMack House—Bottom Row: G. Oxley. T. Gale. D. Cohn. I. Donohue. D. Kidd. K. Wolberg. G. Sylvester. A. Voss. R. Cox. T. Sawyer. Second Row: D Cooper. S. Hanson. J. Meissner. G. Stauncr. R. Mailhicsen, K. Freeman. J. Ellis. F. I.ootcrkid. R. Grote. R. Stallcr. G. Gardipcc. D. Laeffler, G. Tenner-mann. Third Row: D. Gilchrist. T. Moody. W. Thomas. B. Thompson, J. Carlson. J. Ghastin. B. Hcinlein. N. Eriksson. C. Brassington, R. Hackbarth, B. Anderson. J. Moc. Fourth Row: I.. Schraidcr. D. Romanowski. J. Robson. A. Spors. E. K. Van Driest, L. Neumann. J. Hcyn. J. Bradisse. T. Zimmar. M. Hansen. D. Kopccko.G. Hvamg. Fifth Row: P. Holsten. J. Ocstreich. Mack House Showcrman House—Bottom Row: R. Schlobin. Second Row: C. Albers. D. Gress, A. Harvey. J. Hcinze, J. Fukuya, P. Dussling. P. Haitenback, A. Fein. D. Nieman. Third Row: P. Williams. M. Perry. J. Nacglc. S. Frederick. A Field. L. Krok. J. Grcno. J. VanMunn, T. Kant. T. Siegel. C. Brown, K. Nixon. 1« s°r,cnson- Fourth Row: G. Moran. B. Spragcns. S. Szabo. S. Tomlin. L. Moehrkc. J. Vhcs. S. Hcpding, M. Gustavson. R. Heath, P. Burrows. M. Jefferson. Showerman House 210Swenson House—Bottom Row: I . Egan. D. Agger, E. Bradley, I . Kahn. T. Heinzc. R. McDowell. P. Paulos. R. Macom, F. Mueller. Second Row: c. Maaskc. D. Hoffman. R. Richards. K. Schier. J. Shcatock. J. Stchman. J. Carlile. R. Harris. E. Kroenske. R. Johnson. J. Ricks. H. Schlangcr, R. Benson. T. Bolzotl. E. Cornelius. Third Row: K. Sack. G. Wenzel. G. Gilman. M. Balamirth. L. Trevins. M. Bruce. S. Fisher. D. Thorn. W. Crawford. L. Laatsch. I. Woo. J. Struve. N. Skovcr. J. R. Smith. D. J. Johnson. Swenson House Turner House—Bottom Row: M. Tonkyn. J. Boyd. W. Maclean. H. Lam brccht, S. Henrickson. R. Aucutt. J. G. Cox. Second Row: L. Macicjcwski, T Roberts, T. Johnom. V. Stcinbach, J. Peissig, J. Rosche. D. Christie. R. Mac Lcich. Third Row: R. Hart. P. Frey. K. Wilkening, D. Vanncs, D. Frazer, J Rauh, N. Saman. R. Danccy, R. Hoppe. J. Crick. D. Robinson, M. Tabach nick, J. Foth. I.. Jacoby, C. Lucas, R. Henkelmann. Fourth Row: R. Villmow R. Animal. B. Kcllesvig, P. Neumann. R. Kojis. K. Pegloff, J. Greil. J. Worth ing, J. Gryskicwicz. J. Horlamus. B. Brunette. D. Smith. Turner House 211SLICHTER HALL Bierman House- -Bottom Row: S. Etian, M. McCord. V. Potratz, J. Wilson, K. Davcy. K. Sanger. R. Li. Second Row: N. Braham, D. Soine. S. Ritchc, J. Rux, I). Dvorachck. L. McConochic. L. Kustka. P. Tinglum, C. Caldwell. Bierman House Gavin House—Bottom Row: D. Schultz. S. Hilkcr, P. Koepkc. L. StOctzcl, Lord Jim, C. Lake. M. Harlz, C. Bruckner. S. MaCall. Second Row: A. Gordon. S. Schuppner, C. Spangler, L. Bartz. I.. Bruss. C. Dreger. L. Jacobs, N. Nauertz, C. Wocrfcl. M. Burman. K. Halvorson, P. Winterbottom. M. Mutchler. Third Row: S. Adams, M. King. J. Tilidetzke. P. Gillcs. P. Chittcro. C. Beck, R. Hendrickson, S. Sanders. N. Gillett, K. Prasnikar. N. Anderson. J. McCaul, L. Aronson. Gavin House 212Luedkc House—Bottom Row: E. Collins. K. Wichmann, G. Smetzer. S. Zclni. B. Melvin, C. Lehman. M. Gibson. Second Row: J. Siegel. B. Barager. K. Webb. N. Weiscnbach. M. Johnson. V. Grunow. K. Pague. B. Poe. V. Jarmon. Third Row: S. Dopp. S. Taylor. M. May. I Tcrlccke. E. Baker. C. Spcndlcr. I.. Ried. Luedke House Bryan House—Bottom Row: E. Morgan. P. Krcssin, J. Wcist. P. Connelly. C. Leadholm. F. Hasclow. R. Regner, P. Kurtz, T. Margcnau. R. Lee. Second Row: G. Emmerich, R. Vogel, D. Gerndt, I. Steuerwald, D. Funstad. R. Burg. S. Ensch. I.. Heine. D Landvalter. W. Hasse. D. Schroeder. Third Row: K. Arps. M. Bernstein. R. Wing. S. Crow. J. Jcrabck. M. Wampolc. J. Mehoff. S. Elbert. J. Piel. T. Mchlc. H. Kurth. T. Jordan. R. Bource. K. Gibson. G. Prcmo. B. Karow. J. Kennedy. Fourth Row: P. Eagcn. T. Mcntagc. A. Williamson. R. Bieri. K. Schneider. J. Edgcrton. M. Tarasik. J. Robbins. J. Kromm. D. Huelsbeck. K. Hennings. B. Beck, J. Merten. D. Beck. J. Pcaslcc. H. Wcslcr. SULLIVAN HALL Bryan House 213Leopold House—Bottom Row: D. Mocrshel, D- Mocckcr. T. Roberts. S. Hol-tan, B. Kocrpel. M. Glumstrom. M. McKenna. J. Liken. Second Row: P. Thompson. J. Pheffer. L. Caulkett. C. Hilgendorf. J. Marra. M. Schrcier. T. Marra. R. Ahrens. K. Glaunert. E. Bruggeman. Third Row: D. Jacschki. R. Lukes. K. Kiehnau. D. Crawford. J. Wachal, D. Kasper. R. Burckardt. W. Hanson. L. Junker. M. Burke. R. Wyrwas. L. Sicvcrtson. C. Curran. Fourth _ _ Row: G. Schoenfcldt. K. Wachal. R. Rottman. G. Himebauch, J. Kollath. J. I.POnnUl HoilSe Jaeger. D. Meer, G. Jablonka, J. Anderson. M. Blccha. C. Johnson, J. Toniolo. Jr T. Gorman. D. Konshak, D. Martin, R. Fintak. McCaffery House— Bottom Row: W. Fjitcrs. M. Winzenried. G. Iverson. G. Brandt. R. Lamp. P. VanLannen. J. St. Amant. J. Peranto. T. Hood. B. Roegge. J. Hake. I. Woods. Second Row: J. Veers. R. Fait. D. Gorrcll. S. Milne. B. Visscr. J. Appleyard. B. Host. M. McDowell, J. Cohn. R. Rooney. T. Zech. Third Row: D. Lee. D. Vandry. H. Lustig. P. Krolikowski. D. Jentz, G. Thurston, W Skclly. B. Ludwig. J. Tikalsky. F. Marion. G. Gilbertson. D. Martm. R- Herman. E. Keen. Fourth Row: M. Shapiro. M. Savage. R. Sonntag. J. Zeller, W. Hiller. N. Morien. D. Howman. S. Sabkowicz. K. Feingold. D. Squires. J. Holtman. S. Ehlc. D. Scribner. G. Hughes. A. Wolff. McCaffery House 214Olson House—Bottom Row: L. Horton, T. Tucker. S. Condon, K. Johnson, G. Fralick. B. Shutter. D. Larson, J. Mason. D, Junker. Second Row: I). Gieslcr. R. Hanrahan, R. Stcfl'ans. W. Walraven, B. Fiebig, P. Goemans. R. Chesebro. T. Then. K. Blaha. R. Betschler. Third Row: W. Bahnllelh. C. Hegclund. W. Grimm. M. Edclback. R. Kulhanck. J. Peterson. I). Brankow, T. Bydalck. A. Manewitz. R. Anderson. P. Rcinke. T. Mead. I'. Dombrowski. Fourth Row: D. Tommet. I). Kaetterhenry. P. Idsvoog. R. Rucsch. J. Pember-ton. S. Carmichael. J. Stearns. T. Varney. J. Gieryic. R. Kleppe. L. Bcncini, M. Fleming, K. Ward. Olson House Bashford House—Bottom Row: J. Muir, T. Wilke. R. Jacobi. R. Carter. T. Huibrcgtsc. B. Wcxlcr. Second Row. S. Nicks, D. Thiel. I.. Charles. D. Tessmer. M. Lobato. G. Markos, A. Wigfall, J. Davidson. Third Row: F.. Landing. T. Kaddatz. N. Lowry. J. Ruthenberg, R. Williamson, S. Jordan. W. Zinicwicz, J. Boll. TRIPP HALL 215 Bashford HouseBotkin House—Bottom Row: T. Daniels, S. Call, J. Kunz. W. Hendricks, J. Schrocdcr. D. Schmidlapp. G. Finct, S. Thomas. Second Row: T. Armstrong. J. Sokol. W. Opichka. K. Jungerberg. R. Sorensen, R. Majeska. M. Kissel. M. Barnett. M. Bailey, G. Bussey. W. Gable. K. Woolfc. Third Row: R. Meetz, R. Green. J. Boeder, R. Klcnk. W. Wegner. R. Basnan. J. Marsh. I. Mollitor. R. Angus. R. Brock. S. Chin. Botkin House Fallows House—Bottom Row: A. Dong. J. Berg. G. Rubinstein. W. Weber. Second Row: D. Paretsky, G. Williams. J. Lcidc. K. Klapstc. D. Schreiberg. Y. Spicchandlcr, C. Billings, J. Tubbs. R. Buckley. Third Row: W. Laney. L. Farris. M. Massey, S. Loer. R. Haugen. J. Brosseau, M. Thompson. D. Peters. T. Wcntzel. T. Last. T. Riley, D. Westover, F. Kaems. Fourth Row: J. Schmclzer, J. Cairo. R. Flum. B. McCrachen, M. Glenn. C. Olson. D. Forbes. J. Keel, F. Keip, J. Jacques, R. Turnquist, D. Colvin. Fallows House 216A Frankcnburgcr House—Bottom Row: R. Swearingen, J. Brusky, B. Woods, D. Rick, R. Hoffman, A. Roscnwald. T. Meyers. T. Sternberg, D. Radunzel, T. Mahoney, M. Mundshau, F. Braun. R. Ruchti, M. Wollcring, D. Douglas, T. Tiefenthaler, T. Sigerstad, D. Sharpcc, R. Hanson. J. Kugler. R. Swartz, W. Sanders, J. Gabrovic. P. Szymaszck, C. Yankc. E. Boggess. R. Moser. S. Martin, S. Schlcgel. G. Norris. M. Perez, H. Goldstrum. C. Yapp. J. Ruchti, K. Hagstrand. W. Gustafson. L. Rittman, R. Guenther. Frankenburger House 217 SSO Council—Bottom Row: C. Durochcr. B. Smith, vicc-prcs.; J. Wcrbcl. see.; P. Grossman, pres.: K. Pinnow, N. Theisen. Second Row: J. Jakstas, S. . McNamara. T. Frederick. P. Braucr. L. Nowicki. M. Piwonski. D. Brown. M. v OUIlCl McDonnell, N. Harris. R. Silberman. Third Row: T. VanFgcren, J. Wick. K. Bennett. J. Soman. D. Berger. J. Setter. W. Granger. VI. Becker, G. Weinner. SOUTHEAST STUDENT ORGANIZATION Social and Film Committee SSO Social and f ilm Committees—Bottom Row: S. McNamara. J. Jakstas. N. Hcidclbcrgcr. J. Wcrbcl. C. Hoffman. L. Ware. L. Nowik. Second Row: J. Walters. T. Mueller. D. Brown. J. Prunty, M. Wolcskc.Nightclub Committee ’ SON 'EYOND OINT SSO Nightclub Committee—Bottom Row: S. Rubin. M. Schwartz. M. Schra-meycr. C. Cody. L. Schultz. ( Coplan. Second Row: J Russowicllo. C. Miller, NV. Caplin. C. Yirck. I_ Schiess, L. Lee. L. Lagg. Third Row: S. Cony. S. Brchm. P. Hobcrg. G. Marsh. P. Grossman. R. Silberman, B. Smith. Third Row: R. Reichert, M. Terry, J. Furst. W. Granger. R. Picttc. Athletic, Publicity, Commons, Education Committees and SSO Athletic. Publicity. Commons. Education Committees—Bottom Row: K. Schober. J. Pyrck. F. Horn. L VanWyckhouse. Second Row: C. Durochcr. L. Thompson. R Hall. M. Jachnig. L. Lagg. N. Harris. Third Row: R. Salma-nowitz. A. Mokry. T. Hamblin. J. Wick. A. Einbcrgcr. W. Ihdc. R. Wollmcr. G. Smulka. R. Whislcr.Barr House—Bottom Row: B. Sowlc. K. Hermen. P. Porte. S. Sacia, M. Weiss, R. Giese. Second Row: J. Burdick. M. O'Connell. P. Grise, B. Wallin. S. Ncubarth. D. Weinberg. J. Rosch. T. Engles, J. Schneider. Third Row: K. Shcllene. M. Jabcrt. L. Olson, R. Brooks. D. Chaput. G. Schuenac, P. Mitchell. B. March, S. Levine. W. Kasdorf. P. Gracyk. Fourth Row: M. Klink. T. Sanders, R. French. R. Nosuane. D. Brckkc. R. Mackic. Fifth Row: D. Lein. B. Behrens, B. Boren. T. Pacctti. M. Licbner. R. McCall. L. Wellington, D. Stcnsby. W. Granger. D. Greco. R. Sclfridgc. J. Tuska. P. Wcinshcnker. OGG HALL Adkins House KEEP BRITAIN DRY OOITC I OUVCO Adkins House—Bottom Row: S. Rabb. R. Bccm. D. Schaucr. M. Avcrback, B. Witter. D. Shcrkow. B. Jezwinski. G. Steuck. P. Zukowski. M. Frommer. Id. Second Row: R. Czeszynski, M. Hankc. M. Faber. G. Gcipcl. F. Shansky, T. Wichtman. S. Schlonsky. M. Warner, M. Hannon. D. Hatch. A. Vcensira. S. Walter. J. Ncbcl. Third Row: E. Conn. T. Ittncr. D. Derbcr, B. Kastner. S. Franz. J. Ricscr. N. Reichardt. G. Vcspcrman. M. Courtney, R. Carroll, G. Wellman. B. Anderson. M. Schlocmcr. G. Vistc. Fourth Row: M. Costerisano. R. Erickson. B. Herman. F. Fox. S. Frigg. F. Brick. R. Jahn, D. Salmanowitz. Charlie. B. Rcnnock. D. Nicdfcldt. K. Kendall. J. Heim. D. Roder. Fifth Row: J. Holbus, F.. Sill, R. Anderson. G. Zcrnickc. Sixth Row: J. Lehman. L. Clay. G. Wcidncr. T. Hill, J. Jankc. Barr HouseBunn House—Bottom Row: J. Hayes. C. Saiher. J. Vocgcli. J. Bartclls. P. Lane, F. Barnes. L. Guzior. (J. Schneider, J. Jacoby. M. Superman. B. Smith. J. Modoff. Second Row: S. O'Flaherty. R. Adams. D. Westra. N. Guttormsen. R. Wells. D. Hamlin. B. Rust. C. Charusch, C. McDowell. D. Grover. T. O’Neil. Third Row: J. Buchanan. M. Mayer, .1. Vandenberg. E. Moss. J. Kass-ner. R. Pack. J. Sclora. C. Haslingcr. J. Newberger. B. LaPota. D. Kaye. I). Theidc. N. Kusccvich. J. Gallc. M. Rchbcrg. J. Bradley. B. Beiler. Fourth Row: B. Hitch. J. Foregger. B. Provis. L. Deutman. R. Edmonds. B. Wood, J. Bieck. R. Idom, B. Richey. J. Hawkins. I.. Teske. P. Hytkin. B. Adams. Runnoc. I). Horton. K. Anderson. Bunn House Cairns House—Bottom Row: W. Larson. W. Rcsop, T. Pamperin. K. Smith, B. Wernick, D. Grubich. S. Plaster. A. Ostrum. J. Stcnsvold. T. Schweitzer. Second Row: P. Hamburger. W. Berg. B. Schmidt. J. Scbrec, D. Fischer. M. Mcythalcr. M. Kelly. R. Hyack. M. Mcnachcm. S. Greguske. S. Gard, D. Spoerke. Third Row: M. Verhoeven. J. Clark. G. Schwenkc. R. Klavcr, T. Gibson. G. Margulis. T. Kuhnz. F. Groth, T. Sutter. D. Walker. R. Langsten. D. Stella. M. Brooks. S. Rothcring. D. Spoerke. Fourth Row: J. Duncanson. S. Fngerrand. P. Cohn. R. Alholm. D. Schaack. D. Mills. B. Schirmachcr. J. I.ubing D. Schmicdlin. J. Olsen. C. F.bcrdt. J. Marquardt. Fifth Row: K. La-Frcnicy. T. Zepezauer, H. Strauss. L. Argctsingcr. B. Backhaus. J. Frank. Sixth Row: D. Popkin, D. Susnjer. Cairns House 221Duggar House—Bottom Row: P. Steffen. S. Behar, B. RuntasD. Bice. D. 1 onergan. M. O'Keefe. I). Anderson. T. Colstad. B Dickinson. W Light. D. Heinz8 D. White. Second Row: D. Husstn. C. Berg. J. Hoc J. Grabawski. R. McNutt. K. Gardner. D. Parins. I. A. Peel. J. Kremers. L Strip. G Halperm. T Williams. K McLean. D. Lorber. D. Bice. Third Row: T. Jensen. J. Merl. M-Chinel. J- Goodkind. R Sazama. P. Kaufman. J. Champa Champagne. J. Myers. M. Mittcnthal. J. Ennon. G. Chetel. J. Kjclland. K. VanDchy. J Youngc. I Stacey. J. Weisman. Fourth Row: D. Kennedy. J. Rosenthal. L Perkins. M. Dobrinska. M Fukcy. D. Parks. D. Carroll B. Wendt. T. Steiner. U. P.rocanac. A. Anhalt. M. Pogcl. F. Schultz. S. Miller, hfth Row: R. Gurian. J. Koerth. T. Hastrcitcr. M. Heilbrunn. Duggar House Fish House— Bottom Row: J. Stccnwcg, 1. Idfusion. G. Griglak. D. Armstrong. L. Harth. C. Gibbons. S. Tennant. D. Battist. A. Marvin. I. Hulk, J. Wind. Second Row: J. Eversficld. K. Pischcr. B. Strickland, L. Mason. J. Fcdenia. B. Brannan. D. Perry. R. Munns, M. Ostcrling, R. Wittcnwyler, S. Rinsler. Third Row: P. Christianson. P. Lindsey, J. Randolph. J. Torke, E. Blake. M. Baxter. B. Bcisenstcin, W. Mach. J. Silver. D. Clegg. D. Iwen, j. Griffin, A. Daja. L. Rubin. S. Behnke. R. Rohde. J. Kovarik. J. Hoeflingcr, A. Horner. Fourth Row: J. Bach. R. Tramburg. R. Reader. A. Bergum, T. Palma. D. Reis. G. Kastcn. J. Scdlack. Q. Haasee. J. Ibach. L. Culver. E. Stanck. T. Herziger. J. Knickclbinc. T. Carhart, D. Wilson. Fish House 222Page House—Bottom Row: B. Nielsen. C. GulSchcnriUcr. M. Vance, D. Brown. P. Voorlas. M. Jacobson. S. Slater. R Twieg. T. Valeo. N. Rosenberg. Second Row: P. Laytin. T. Tondryk. D. Snvawley. I Brooks. M. Bincham. M. Schramcycr. S. Herndon. S. Marder, C. Chan. J. McGuire. J. Sagat. Third Row: R Davis. L. Schrciber. G. Roman. M. Holtz. B. Douglass. J. Stillwell. T. David. J. Grivas. G. Montie. R. Kirsch. M Gondcr. J. Nelson. J. Gayncs. C. Morris. J. Anderson. C. Trinko. B. Spodcn. Fourth Row: M. Ahmed. D. Scipel. J. Paston. C. Cody. D. Speckman. I Roy. P Wocrpcl. J. Jensen. I. Rusch. M. Becker. R. Nadler. J. Starke. G. Schmidt. M. Slcinmann. R. Cell-man. T. I.ciscr. Page House Callahan House—Bottom Row: D. Karl. R. Meyer. J. Smaler. B. Hansen. L. Fcldstein. R. Levis. R. Reichert. Second Row: B. Bfall. T. Mueller. J. Slavens. S. Mishlovc, K. Paape. W. Scabrook. R. Sacia. R. Flood. D. Pick. S. Klein. M. Peters. D. Young. Third Row: S. Janis. J. Maki. J. Jackson. M. Raguse. B. Zahn. K. Pinnow. F. Pinnow. F. Kocrncr. B. Zilske. T. I.yttle. J. Kleefisch. L Armstrong. C. Kantncr, J. Setter. Callahan House SELLERY HALL 223Dctlinc House—Bottom Row: T. Arst. E. Starr. J. Reiner. R. Abrams. Second Row U Pfund. B. Seidelmann. N. Winnik. K. Klus. C. Braton. N. Foreman. H. Gutrcich. C. Burkett. Third Row: C. Losey. P. Monroe. W. Ihde. M. Borkin, D Kovcra B VanZilc. C. Schocnwald. B. Menachcr. S. Kendall. M. Plotkin. S.' Lillian Fourth Row: B. Hoffman. J. Schuette. H. Schocn. D. Lewis. A. Kaplan. G. Katz. L. Sciltman. Delting House . JHJ akit Rbte Ribbon } Ewbank House—Bottom Row: K. Campbell. G. Naruo, B. Lataska, J. LaFavc. R. l.ang, J. Grob. B. Rapport. M. Solicn. Second Row: D. Phillips. G. Kohls. R. Rocpe, R. Halle. J. Joseph, P. Pfotcnhaucr. A. Nelson. J. Kuhlow. M. Pitt. M. Richfield. Third Row: A. Corlelt. D. Russell. 1. Goatboy. T. Deimer. J. Nic, J. Grucn, Anonymous. C. Hansen. C. Brown. J. Minnick, J. Merriman. J. Sanford. T. Vollslcdt, G. Schubert. L. Lataska. Fourth Row: B. Borchcrdt, B. Gibson. D. Jensen. J. Morey. G. Dummcr, J. Shebesta. P. Greenberg, C. Lataska. R. Bylander. D. Singstock, K. Charles. Ewbank HouseFletcher House—Hoi tom Row: I). Dunn. C. Docgc. K. Smith. M. Buchmann. W. Uncles. J. Pansch. S. Olden. Second Row: F. Straycr. C. Wuerslin. N. Harris. D. Catlin. M Smith..!. Sadowski. M Moss. J. Rutkovvski. M Marcus. B. Buranski. Third Row: J. Jacobsen. S. Zola. S. Wagan. R. Alt. D. Smith. .1 Nelson. S. Olson. I Levitan. C. Hcrshkaitz. K. I.aBrot. Fourth Row. I I a-Rocco. D. Vaughan. A. Martin. C. Grof. M. Grosspictsch. 1 . Mint . J Nelson. L. Ballwcg. D. Chance. R. Vilhauer. Fletcher House WITH Frisby House- Bottom Row: J. Andrews. R. Gassman. A. Canadca, C. Over-ton. C. Hurd. K. Schmidt. P. Mattcrn. Second Row: P. West. J. Levinson. B. Colbert. S. Larsen. S. Strupp. L. Curtis. S. Clark. Third Row: F. Steinig, P. Radvcnz, N. Beyer. G. Wcinstock, C. Russell. N. Hcidclbergcr. L. Lanzham-mer, I. Ingraz. S. Woodford. R. Gordon. C. Baldwin, C. Eckardt. Fourth Row: J. Schultz. J. Lcpidus. Griswold, A. Ertel. J. Ladouceur, J. Jakstas. E. Sweeney. M. Pobanz. C. Hoffman. Frisby House 225Gay House—Bottom Row: N. Wanck. J. Thomsen. J. Esker. L. Thompson. G. Pig. J. Runft. K. Skelton. B. Bowden. Prometheus. Second Row: C. Huettner, B. Denton. N. Ligh, S. Ncufeld. K. Kulawinski. D. Klcinschmidt. S. Grosskocn. S. Shultz. B. Burns. Third Row: M. Johnson. K. Pujanauski. S. Turauski, G. I.imbcrg. J. Romanowski. S. Zunz. L. Halm. N. Elkin, I.. Hbcrly. Fourth Row N. Bloom. P Karrcls. M. Cahill, J. Allington. P. Hanson. R. Sherman. M. Powell. W. Killberg, S. Renner. M. Dcibcl. M. Martin, N. Gray. Gay House Gillin House- -Bottom Row: M. Broihahn. D. Prohaska, W. Kuenzi, T. Bigelow. Second Row: T. Pesanka, T. Langetieg. J. J. Moriariy Jr.. X. Wicrwick. R. Siegel. L. Spector. J. Bailey. J. Geiscl. W. Frank. A. Mokry. Third Row: I. Gilson, S. Spaid, E. Stoeffhaas. D. Thornburgh. E. Eckhart. P. Schulte. G. I.amson. E. Jubclirer, D. Silvcrstcin. B. Hcrtel. J. Mohr. Fourth Row: K. Miller. R. Kagen, M. Elstad, K. Kubly. A. Rich man. S. Plotkin. J. Wing, L.. Szalcwski. G. Hafcrmann, D. Brisbin. Fifth Row: R. Sagunsky. S. Peplins ;i. R. Wollncr. B. Hablc, T. Hamblin. D. Newberry. Gillin House 226Hazeltine House—Bottom Row: J. Lapcr. W. Held. I . Hoberg. M. Kittower, K. Stcitz. Second Row: S. Schcchter. K. Hells. F. Peterson. I., l.ucbkc. L. Lawrence. C. Coplan. P. Mayerson. I-'. Hacmcr. A. Wisniewski. Third Row: L. Herriles. D. Simon. C. Karabensh. K. Nichols. ( . Hctzcl. M. I.owe, M. LaChapellc. J. Holland, K. Eparvicr. J. Knight. C. Ober. Fourth Row: R. Bristol!. S. Deppclcr. L. Schubert. T. Stiles. D. Olson. M. Born. .1 Malinsky. M. VanSlyke. J. Maxfield. K. Peterson. R. Block. D. Landmann.,1. Poss. Hazeltine House liPtrail Hohlfeld House—Bottom Row: M. Grady, R. Kaufman, B. King, W. Karg. J. Berg, R. Larson. R. Wray. E. Forrest, E. Smart, M. Malone, M. Ressner, G. Benge. Second Row: P. Werner. G. Wcidncr. J. Canepa, C. Fletcher, Trooper. S. Stroschcin. J. Schallcr. G. Spilich. G. Dennis. J. Hasenfuss. Third Row: D. Dafoe. R. Jendusa. R. Hara, P. Ducaker, R. Whislcr, D. Mocn, K. Kubezak. P. Whitsett. D. Swinford. A. Cosner, T. Davis, R. Timm. B. Klusmcycr. G. Kavalar, K. Johnson, D. Mahoney, A. Haines. Fourth Row: G. Goodman. D. Buratti, D. Masbruch, R. Antoine, S. Anderson, R. Kizewski. E. Hoffman, T. Stevens, G. Magnant, M. Caruso, J. Franzene. P. Zeller, D. Heuer, K. Susman, M. Kleczewski. Hohlfeld House 227Jackson House—Bottom Row. R. Blcttner, H. Kerns, J- Vena. M. Smith. I. Wysc. G. Thompson. IJ. Schalk. Second Row: J. Ko arck. B. Nesvig. B. Holzman. A. Klcinzahlcr. M Binn. J. Takayesu. J. Shilcrat. I.. Loewentntt. I). Skuldl P. Thayer. Third Row: C. Hermans. I .. White. D. Buchlcr. L. Pumpian. R Nimmer. S. Harris. J. Henderson. R. Stiller. J. Voss. M. Weisman. J. Fischer. J. I.oftin. R. Haagensen. L. Rothenberg. S. Nainion. Fourth Row: D. Juchniewich. R. Wachowski. W. Fietzer, R. Napoleon. D. Warshaw. J. Kaufman. R. Rocdl. S. Brink. R. Sarafinis. K. Halley. P. Ratctis. B. Nadler. J. Wick. Jackson House Mayhew House—Bottom Row: S. Vecke. B. Nelson. C. Meyer, M. Schanen C. Mendclson, R. Leonard, A. Cridlan, B. Kozarck. Second Row: N. Astrologes B. Urban. J. Fershko, F. Huppert, S. Tyykila, J. Pedersen, J. Peters, N. Hard akcr, K. Diltberncr, M. Rowald. G. Johnson. Third Row. L. Buckley. J. Carl son. C. Lake. S. Marshall. C. Thibezu, D. Metz, N. Czinsky. K. Polzshek. M King. D. Duckart. L. Strauss. D. Bletzingcr. Mayhew House 228Nardin House—Bottom Row: T. Krembs. I.. LaPointc. H. Selingcr. C. Barkan. Second Row: S. Salter. I). Craig. ('. Keinhard, J. Dcronto. J. Simbach. K. Uchytil, I). Krans. Ci. Martin. Third Row: J. Schultz, V. Waite. H. Borger. I. Kaplan. A. I.agin. E. Shacvel. M. Milquet. S. Geiger. Fourth Row: I). Gindsberg. M. Jacobs. V. Voyl. E. Fitzsimmons. K. Welch. I. Fishbcinc. L. Reddeman. P. Frstad. Nardin House Paxson House—Bottom Row: R. Petersen. R Epley, B. Leafblad. Second Row: C. Durochcr. B. Ellis. M. Gibson. P. Olson. T. lifrick, D. Wiltzius, 1.. Schocn-feldt. D. Richert. M. Rosenbush. R. Millman. S. Bauch. Third Row: A. Thompson. B. Sauer. J. Heidc, F. Abbredcris. B. Hillcstad. J. Gehrke. D. Kling C Maragos. D. Sundby. W. Gall. D. MacDonald. P. Buening. A. Mueucriies. Fourth Row: G. Halldin. J Hackbarth. M. McC'aw. R. Back. R. Phillips. J. Deffner. J. Appleby, C. Shugarl. D. Warner. Paxson House 229Perkins House—Bottom Row: S. Race. P. Allison. C. Wierzoa. M. Buis. K. Henderson. A. Goldberg. Second Row: S. Blanshan. K. Hinich. E. Zitzcr. B. Kuclling, C. Ritlcr. J. Miller. G. Eteweiler. E. Milstein. M. Hoh. P. Manoogian. Third Row: S. Dolney. L. Pu. K. Haffermann, S. Edlcbeck. J. Gauger, P. Rooney. J. Hursch. L. King. D. Little. Fifth Row: S. Slcltz. M. Culver, S. York. M. Martain. C. Whitfield. J. Olson. B. Bundc. N. Rubin. S. Elliott. L. Van Wyckhousc. Perkins House Perlman House—Bottom Row: W. Merry, G. Diemar. D. Baughman. B Brosier. E. Speer. M. Wellman. W. Hocl. H. Kcsselman, K. Smith. J. Stearns Second Row: B. Stern. F. Keene. S. Fleming, K. Paapc. R. Mannlcin. P Winncn. D. Johnson. M. Levin. D. Schultz. K. Ervin. S. Burns. Third Row T. North. L. Lowden. M. Miller. G. Hackbarth. F. Marshall. W. Hibbard. S Swanson. S. Johnson. T. Kaiser. K. Bennett. D. Willis. J. Huhta, P Moertl. L Kramer. Fourth Row. L. Foat. R. Bock. W. Arnold. R. Romcis. T. Gaicntan J. El lest ad, S. Rybcck. W. Stoehr, G. Cottingham. G. Zicmer. E. Michael. P Griswold. D. Wiser. T. Schcid. T. Pagel. Perlman House 230Roc Mouse—Bottom Row: M. Schlachter. J. Holcsovsky, A. Pristclski. T. McCulloch. T. Malcscvich. M. Honcck. J Mcttclka. B. Nicholson. S. Marring. M. Blank. J. Callison. R. Strauss. Second Row R. Nclboy. J. Fisher. R. Gar a. J. Lcnncrt. J. Wallace. D. Curtis. I). Hcinricy. I. Bogcnschncidcr. R Murphy. n „ II R. Sabatkc. I PccIZ. Third Row F. Kimball. J. Koenig. T. Schuyler. I). £1.0 e IlOUStf Rcsch. C. Howitt-Ficlds. R. Levin. R. Simmons. P. Bentley. G. Smulka. R. Thimm. BOOK Of M£t Wales Mouse—Bottom Row: S. Ruud. C. Burkert. K. Atkinson. K. Schobcr. M. Wang. C. Frcdcricksen. Second Row: E. Freedman. M. Williamson. I. Lobl. L. Bowman. H. Tompkins, L. King, J, Gross. P. Moore. L. Haag. I. Gilson. Third Row: J. Wunhoff. L Wilson. S. Krohn. A. Einberger. P. Schnorr. B. Bailer. N. Stupka, R. Lenz. Wales House 231Whitbcck House—Bottom Row: R. Meyst. J. Dobroski. D. Vcrwoeit. R. Hall. Second Row: J Harper. M. Mally. E. Cohen. J. McQuidc. J. Kutz. E. Everson. I.. Crccnficld. M. VanDyke. Third Row R. Rising, S. Derks. D. Koblcnski. R. Drcycr. J. Boelter, M. Berger. D. Slchlik, S. Kellogg. J. NVciglcy. A. Evans. M. Wegner. J. Zuhlke. Fourth Row: K Meier. J. Schwcdlcr. D. Foerst. G. Block. S. Wright, R. Schncigcr. J Downs. W. Weeks, A. Hcnkclman. J. C'randcll. Fifth Row: E. Wendorff. M. O'Brien, D. Congoon. B. Skelton. M. Fintel. W. Grocschcll. Whitbeck House Juaire House Bottom Row: L. Gesscrl. V. Boeringer. L. Simonson. D Vogc sberg. I Lund. J. Koch. B. Retzlaft'. P. Peterson. Second Row: C . Sever son. K. OBnen. S. Meyer. R. Levy. L. Kennedy. M. Thimmesch. G Proitc Nowicki A Shaw. I.. Arpe. N. Rccla. Third Row: P. Hiltz. C Lang. B Lunch. I Wheeler. C. Oeegan. M. Sheehy. S. Low. I Bochcrt. R Berow. P '"ett M- '-p1 Osterndorf. R Zcitlin. VI. ZumBrunnen. B. Benoy. Fotirtl Row: K Verhoeven. S. Bates. G. Lupi. S. Bing. CL Goris. M. Hacking. I) Kearns. M. Heier. R. Rosscll. C. Schaub. M. Lewis. B Andcrcgg. I . Karow WITTE HALL Juaire House 232Maclachlan House -Bottom How: M Krit lcr. B. Brock. J. Covurn. M. Hill, N. Anderson. H. Peterson. Second Row: R. Binder. N. Senn. M. White. L. Berkovitz. J. Edwards. S. Vissers. J. Zubarik, L, Alfmi. Third Row: S. Gilbert. M. Griffith. J. Hamilton. B. Hankcncier. D. Brown. J.Prunty. B. Bouda. D. Baldwin. L. Schwartz. I). Boyarski. K. Schmitz. K. Judson. Maclachlan House Manning Houso—Bottom Row: K. Edwards. M. Heath. N. Jaenickc. J Craync. E. Weiss. N. Nielsen. J. Grant. Second Row: J. Monicr. P. Bickoff. M. Malera, I.. Corrigan. C. Juneau. R. Gitchel. M. Werking, B. Muske. Third Row: J. Schumackcr. B. Robinson. P. Perras. N. Feigum. J. DcLeers. B. Lowell. L. O’Donnell. S. Johnson. J. Blumbcrg, M. Piwonski, E. I.ittman. J. Klish. Fourth Row: J. Richards. R. Bryan. L. Parris. L. Lee, P. Fitzsimmons. S. Lane. M. Showman. M. Nocr. K. Hirsch. D. Modjeski, N. LaFrancc. D. Morgan. Manning House ?33Washburne House—Bottom Row: D. Leean. S. Treviranus. E. Bishop. N. Stohl. F. Perkins. G. Hodgins. M. Rillcr. S. Bell. F. Leduc. Second Row: K. Johnson. M. Trcmont. P. Luecke. J Moore. M. Schlocmcr. S. Lobeck, C. Sime. P Miner. M. Hogan. E. Allen. L. Bortney. A. Dawson. C. Romakcr. C. Luljack. C. Landahl. Third Row: A. Antaramian. A. Vough. J. Shlcp. J. Tunic. S. Fitzsimmons. 1.. Pierce. D. Baltzcr. B. Bernstein. B. Lawson. L. Mack. M. Wright. T. Herzog. E. Giese. Washburn House Allen Hall—Bottom Row: P. Levy. J. Fairchild. B. Sciden. L. Wahl. R. Block, M. Newman. M. Chcskin. B. Schlanger. N. Newman. Second Row K. Jensen, R. Sulcman. G. Neubcrger. S. Older. C. Buchbindcr. I.. Friedman, N. Silbcr-man, I Gcndelman. L. Zclonky. M. Groupc. J. Miringoff, I. Packard. Third Row: S. Weiner. L. Schwartz, N. Gcndelman. N. Meyer. L. Cohn. S. Landc. M. Michaels. S. Ficland. Mrs. Barnard. S. Friedman. S. Taylor. K. Keyes. B. Fulton, J. Klchm. E. Maiman. J. Lczak. Fourth Row: P. Nathanson. R. Kramer. G. Cassell. J. Kittay. B. Kaplan. R. Fcinhandlcr. R. Sokol. A. Davis. J. Ncchcs, R. Striar. D. Epstein. S. Bamberger. M. Rosenfcld. H. Weingrad. S. Meyers. ALLEN HALL 236Carroll Hall—Bottom Bow: S. Symmcs. F. Antonc. H. Rodriguez. M Suss-bcr£, J. Fridman. W. Hitt. B. Gochring. Second Row: B. Paulson. J. Young. B. Zablow, j. Orlin. P. Hadcaischc. J. Wasserman. J. Mclka. K. Sherman. I). Rodriguez. P. Vazguez. E. Chavera. I'. Huehink, S. Jones. CARROLL HALL Cochrane House—Bottom Row: N. Swensen, L. vonSchcidt, C. Teglia, C. Lenfestey, N. Ridberg, S. Nelson. Second Row: J. Wright. N. Barnes. L. Indcr-berg. Mrs. Hendrick. H. Davidson. J. Weber. Third Row: T. Van Horne. L. Angsten, C- Tripp. B. Braasch, B. Parshley, M. Pasdirtz. J. Braun. Fourth Row: K. Voss. M. Laird. P. Neess. M. Drganc. J. Kearney. M. Ross. A. Tocpcl. L. Gray. COCHRANE HOUSE 237David Schreiner House—Bottom Row: G. Fox, R. Chapman. C. Michels. R. Halvorson. R. Hall. G. Koconis. D. Kasincr. T. Klein. Second Row: J. Weas-ner. D. Bolton. B. Ludwig, T. Elfers. L. Carrington, E. Vandcyacht. R. Asplund. R. Rcichardt, M. Plumb. Third Row: M. Corcoran. P. Wilson. I.. Czlapinski. D. Kennedy. G. Oftcdahl. D. Quam. B. Woodruff. G. Larson, C. Anderson. J. Lange. W. Wenzel. G. Rindsig. P. Theiscn. D. Jungcrbcrg. Fourth Row: G. Kotarski. J. Licgl, D. Roth. B. Pischke, E. Godfrey. R. Daughcnbaugh. C. Martell. K. Schultz. G. Wagner. N. Moseley. J. Burneister. J. Gossc. J. Weber. DAVID SCHREINER HOUSE Gilman House—Bottom Row: D. Spivack. J. Jaeger. B. Alderson. C. Lampe, L. Hubbard. Second Row: G. Greenberg. A. Furstcnburg, A. Green. V. Falk. B. Pronin, H. Kent. A. Newton, J. Ferbcr. Third Row: M. Lewis, J. Lang. M Zion. D. Rosenberg. S. Korey. D. Sirottc. D. Burton. C. Roma. M. Dessarn. B Hcssbcrg. L. Rockwell. GILMAN HOUSE 238Rust House—Bottom Row: S. Graf. P. Burke, see.: C. Woods, vicc-prcs.; J. Gruber. M. Bill. F,. Turkc. J. Shrakc. R. Yahnke. W. Huffman. I). Wilbur. D. Price, D. Vincent, C. Massic. S. I.icbl. Second Row: E. Allen. J. Brucr. M. Lenz. O. Hoitomt. C. Biscardi. pres.; 1.. Lawnoyc, G. Bothc. J. Bjelajac. R. Kocnccke, I). Schnell. D. Thomas. G. Schmitt. R. Mueller. G. Schumann. A. Gesicki. D. Bohm, R. Uaughtcr. M Murphy. Third Row: J. Kcllor. I., lorid. R. Knisely. P. Joossc. R. Nohr. D. Pollack. A. Moore. K. Mawdl. A. Milewski. H. Matson. D. Gruenert. I David. D. Heindl. treas.; T. Kennedy, G. Casanova, R. Swanson. J. Braun. J. O’Connor. W. Peterson. RUST HOUSE Susan B. Davis House—Bottom Row: C. Murphy. J. Pantel. G. Andcrcgg. N. Udclhovcn. B. Wick. A. Nelson. E. Weigand, N. Hiebing, B. Curtin. K. Kawalski. Second Row: B. Bchlcn, M. MeGlynn, F. Marquardt. L. Hesse. S. Zeug. S. Ranney, K. Cayo, I Kostroski, M. Woods. M. Laseckc. S. Handrow, S. Zalabsky. A. Tomasik, S. Haack, M. McNaughton. Third Row: M. Kochi. C. I. emke. I. Hcgland, J. Spcrlc. S. Strieker. B. Owen. C. Leaf. K. Major. K. Wise, J. Fedkenheuer, E. Babitz, N. Albrecht. V. Leyer. L. Knutson, P. Anderson, D. Mortwedt. J. Argelander, J. Peterson. J. Wcnslaff. M. Holzchuh. B. Pailing. D. Harling. SUSAN B. DAVIS HOUSE 239The Towers—Bottom Row: K. NVaxman. R. Russo. Second Ron-: N. Harsh-larger. P. Hananapcl. B. Brandt. I. Jadd. L. Epstein, H. Stensel. B. Blumberg, L. Mclnick. S. Burnstcin. Third Row: L. Rich. K. Hausman. R. Klciman. M. Kagan. I. Slotnick. N. Stern. A. Goodman. H. Smolen. M. Golncr. D. Craw-ford. Fourth Row: Christenson. S. Strauss. P. Tkac. S. Shaw, J. Bcnkoski. I.. Adcll. L. Lewis. C. Morse. P. Ehrkc, B. Matsumoto. P. Hecht, K. Kcskcy. F. Lomarr. the towers Y.M.C.A.—Bottom Row: B. Razban. S. Soria. J. Salinas. G. Jacob. L. Kracmcr. C. Johnston. D. Zcllmcr. J. Schwcikart, P. Lin. Second Row: R. McLcad. D. Nelson. S. Yang. R. Bojar. J. Harrington. E. Thicdc. C. Grambsch. M. Musha, S. Askcncttc. W. Nitzkc. T. Yonker. D. Haas. R. Runnoe. J. Maxwell, D. NVallschlacgcr. Third Row: F. Saed. R. Teetzcl. R Knox. R. Blanc. B. Larson. G. Splittgcrber. D. Ivaska. J. Landa. G. Nelson. R. Stahmcr. D. Lobergcr. R. Scnn. D. Machccl. B. Elmergrccn. J. Goolsbey. I). Klcssig, R. Harrington. S. Flistcr, B. Schccl. D. Opgenorth. UNIVERSITY YMCA 2i0Villa Maria—Bottom Row: B. Roscnfelil. R. Stcinzor. S. Kromc. S. Masters. J. Zandi, P. Ray. Second Row: B. Lundin, N. Haber. J. Kissel. N. Obin. A. Hcidcnrich, C. Bencducc. Third Row: K. Altman. D. Johnson. M. Plcssct. I). Groban. K. Torres. B. Garza, L. Gladstone. N. Sloan. P. Malone. V. Moore. D. Savadge. L. Estrada. S. Robertson. C. Eizen. B. Sibert. I.. Brown. VILLA MARIA Zoc Bayliss—Bottom Row: M. Monthie, Z. Massic, C. Schultz, J. Ramson. S. Rcksten, S. Jackan. N. Rottier. Second Row: C. Alt, L. Kutchck. K. Alustad, A. Egerer, M. Nagel. S. Williams. R. Sheski, M. Anderson, K. Mcacham. Third Row: K. Reynolds, D. Tcsch. C. Olson. L. Hauson. J. Olive, L. Reimann, S. Belekevich, B. Runzheimer, Mrs. C. Dopke. M. Krause. L. Beenen, A. Buell. M. Knoll. ZOE BAYLISS 241ANN EMERY Ann Emery—Bottom Row: F. Messert. L. Cooper. B. Moran. L. Mockrud, P. Grove. S. Weiss. B. Rummlcr. M. Bohannon. Second Row: F. Ulmer. G. Bing. B. Stcbcckcr. P. Nigbor, G. Gigot. J. Patesh. C. Meyer. N. Meyer. C. LcTellier. J. Weljs, K. Ware. Third Row: M. Brody, C. Schibly. M. Bongiovanni, P. Brown, M. Hcscr. N. Kaufcr. S. Ohlson. D. Kcc. G. Pitkin, D. Seitz. B. Saylor, J. Lovett. J. Spuigcon. M. Hastings. Fourth Row: S. Davis. K. Lunncy, P. Lutzow. J. Taitelman. S. Kcskcy. S. Radom. P. Reynolds. M. Terrien. M. Westing. J. Karau, N. Parker. T. Hickey. N. McKinvcn. J. Goldsmith. Ann Emery—Bottom Row: S. Grady. C. Douglas. I.. Flowers. A. I.cmmcr. E. Hymen. G. Pcrlick, A. Hcinzc, J. Jeffries. S. Bchnkc. K. Olm. Second Row: C. Quisling, A. Poser. V. Vollrath. N. Hurst, N. Cross. M. Moudry. S. Tnorpe. K. Erickson. J. Howard, C. Janicck. I.. LaPlant, P. Gcrling, P. Gcrling, S. Regcz. Third Row: M. Abels, P. Otto, P. Ceasar, C. Shalek. K. Arvold, S. Fleming. M. Benkendorf, J. Boynton. K. Kelley. D. Campbell. M. Curtis. Fifth Row: V. English. D. Johnston. H. Lowe. K. Fritzsingcr, N. Sanderson. P. Smith. M. Hughes. Mrs. Baker. P. Eckhardt, M. Nathan. C. Topp. B. Taylor, S. Kagen. B. Baker. J. Wall. nn. Emery-—Bottom Row: B. Branham. K. Gunn. E. Wake N. Meer, P. May. M. Berg, L. Hagstrand. J. Prewitt. Sec ond Row: C. Rothschild. C. Mason. J. Walker. M. Atkinson I ■ Koncazny. J. Kimport. D. Dalzcll, B. Wierdsma. W Wright, S. Megee. Third Row: C. Lund. D. Rothberg, A. Norris. A. Wackman, J. Hamm, P. Young. S. Panzer. L. Heller, S. Dann. M. Davies. E. Korst, L. Pertain.Babcock House—Bottom Row: D. Ramsdcn, G. Brooke. R. Koehler, T. Wilson, D. Kron. P. Ramsdcn. D. Craig. Second Row: R. Nusbaum, D. Dreischmeier. J. Sutheimer. W. Dreischmeier. Third Row: G. Schmoock. R. Rindsig, T. Radcman. R. Clark, M. Held. J. Vanderploce, G. Onan, P. Eastwood, L. Dam-crow, E. Atwood, J. Voss. T. Fuhrman. D. Stanck. C. Vcum. Fourth Row: R. Miller, H. Warmbicr, R. Rutledge. J. Rutledge, C. Kniggc, A. Tralmcr, D. Palzkill, D. Thomas, A. Hurtgen, A. Kau, H. Warmbicr, J. Lang, M. Grundahl, D. Weiss. Fifth Row: G. Miller, D. Aleckson, M. Solverson, J. Kron, R. Schafer W. Meyer, D. Rowntrec. D. Kendall. L. Skalitzky, P. O’Leary. T. Lukaszc-wski. BABCOCK HOUSE 243Langdon Hall—Bottom Row: L. Simon, V. Cross, S. Riordan. J. Hucncfcld. N. Schultz. E. Kuo, R. Reynolds. A. Robinson. M. Wolf, C. Chrenka. Second Row: E. Burack. D. Cohn, C. Thomas. P. Sanclli. B. Budlong. S. Adams, M. Schwertz. S. Sccrest. S. Brumblay, P. Trimberger, P. Miller. M. Stone. Third Row: L. Pcrinchicf, L. Goldwater. S. Larschcid. P. Hoffman. G. Snopek. B. Knight. K. O'.Mclia, D. Grant. J. Lee. M. Woodford, I). Schwichtcnbcrg. E. Brimm, C. Weberg. S. Humphrey. T. Stenzler. Fourth Row: J. l.ogclcr. P. Trimberger. L. Otis, E. Chcslcy. Fifth Row: P. Barnard. L. Markham. C. Trucsdalc. LANGDON HALL I angdon Hall—Bottom Row: I). Webb. E. Galarza. Second Row: C. Geiss. M. Ocker. C. Morris. J. Slrub. P. Kenny. B. Hcuscr. N. Montci. K. Ruchl. J. Flicgcr. Third Row: B. Glaser. M. Cobb, C. Curtis, C. Larson, B. Boardman, G. Botwinik, S. Blend. I). Ibert. K. Merriman, B. Royer. J. Schwcnncscn, J. Weller. S. Casey. S. Wulff, P. Dollard. Fourth Row. M. Morey. M. Curley. D. Rushing. K. Read. M. Archibald. S. Dickinson. C. Koeffler. C. Weiss. D. Wolfe, h. Szabad. B. Spenser, B. Walters. P. Pcotsch. E. Aall. M. Fricrdich. M. Foss. M. Goldworthy, L. Schwablc. Mrs. Hoopman. 244Lowell Hall—Bottom Row: A. Miller. I. Bernstein. E. Kaufman. E. Levin. L. Rocsing, J. Smith. T. Davis, P. Tytcll, Herman. Second Row: J. Miller. L. Goldberg. B. Silverstcin. D. Lambert. M. Gold. J. Anccll, N. Sagall. B. Fisch. J. Flanzig, S. Raff. Snoopy. J. Freint. Lawrence. Third Row: C. Adler. F.. Slaiman. J. Milens. J. Jacobs. L. Sherman. S. Mallin. K. Tolkan. N. Tonkcns, M. Stoner. B. Armstrong. Fourth Row: B. Fcingold, F. Goldstein. L. Seckel. A. Winick. J. Gross. S. Fondilcr, D. Schwartz, M. Freedman, B. Horwitz. H. Cohen. LOWELL HALL l.owcll Hall—Bottom Row: J. Jacobs. D. Canfield. L. Leavitt, J. Luck. G. Wolf. I.. Sherman. S. Mallin. D. Gordon. B. Hoffman. 1.. Karklin. B. Leeds. B. Schoc-man. Second Row: M. Fleischer, L. Zuckcrman, B. Rosenberg, K. Zukor. M. Title. S. Cohn. C. Beck. B. Weintraub, J. Kerman. M. Rosenthal. B. White. B. Hllcnbogcn, J. Potash. J. Back. M. Kerstcin. Third Row: T. Kelso. S. Nelson. W. Krueger. K. Goldstein. L. Levin. K. Zimring, M. Ratcliffc, S. Doggie, S-Kessler. T. Bear, S. Ball is. M. Monkey. C. Gegen. C. Schweitzer. S. Lee. P. Marshall. Fourth Row: S. Kray. A. Winick. M. Spector. B. Metzcnbaum. M. Berman. C. Cohen. M. Lcssncr, J. Jipson. B. Gilbert, S. Manis. I.. Meyers. C-Kundert.J. Fine. M. Felix. 245Greeks248249250251The versatility of the girls of Alpha Chi Omega can be readily seen by their diverse attire. They donned their work clothes for homecoming and teamed up with Delta Upsilon for a week-end of hard work and fun. The Alpha Chi Omega’s lived up to their nickname, “joy girls”, by swinging through humorology with Zeta Beta Tau. Garbed in black dresses, they mourned the passing of “Paddy Murphy” with the SAE's. From despair to laughter, these girls never stopped their social whirl which was topped off by their spring formal, Algee Island. 252i 1. N. Watson 2. D. Ellis 3. J. Reihman 4. C. Pctruzzi 5. K. Neff 6. B. Ducschcr 7. P. Johnson 8. S. Sprowl 9. A. Aphccris 10. C. Miller 11. J. Brown 12. C. Solski 13. W. Wright 14. G. Arendt 15. N. Stanford 16. K. Magill 17. R. Bell 18. S. Klingensmith 19. M. Ruth 20. J.Voss 21. S.Gow 22. M.Cantwcu 23. P. Hass 24. L. Lum 25. M.Weckcrly 26. J.Goldfeder 27. C. Monda 28. L. Fuller 29. L. Buchholz 30. B. Borsom 31. S. Clapp 32. R. Hunt 33. M. Hand 34. P. I.undquist 35. P. Lutzow 36. G. O'Neill 37. K. Ferree 38. P. Rapp 39. P. Randolph 40. K. Kcslcr 41. E. Shanen 42. S. Morris 43. J. Schumacher 44. C. Tope 45. J. Brunn 46. C. Beck •47. S. Lcist 48. P. Huston 49. C. Murphy 50. P. Koneazgy 51. J. Foggy 52. R. Lehman 53. S. Roeihe 54. V. Guenther 55. H. Wilkison 56. N. Schumacher 57. I.. Flanagan 58. C. Carpenter 59. C. Ludwig 60. V. Fordcn 61. J. Johnson 62. P. Mullins 63. J.Zuckcr 64. S. Sccrcst 65. B. Gunner 66. C. Haase 67. J. Ross 68. M. Farmilow 69. S. Hilly 70. M. Holtz 71. P. VonEhrcn 72. L. Baakcn 73. C. Solski 74. J. Grimes 75. K. Heller 76. G. Russo 77. J. Grares 78. D. Conlin 79. M.Turbey 80. J. Carr 81. J. Crutchfield 253ALPHA CHI RHO The men of Alpha Chi Rho look as if they are Egyptian slaves tugging this monumental statue to a tomb far in the distance. Would it be easier for a princess to walk past? The Chi Rhos already did team up with the Delta Zetas for Homecoming. Besides the usual bashes and beer suppers, they have their annual Cairo party and Christmas formal at the Holiday Inn. These boys arc also active around Madison in that they sponsor a puppet show for the children’s ward in the Madison General Hospital.I D. Ruskin T. Hefty T. Hovnisch V. Perry B. Kleinschmidt P. Zeller M. Spiclman D. Woll D. Hustad D. Barrows J. Meinert J. Schooly D. Twccdlc J. Kcstly R. Marschke J. Ross D. Weiss A. Purdue B. Havcnburg E- Mahnkc R. McCullough M. Stern S. Schocnc R. Reichert D. Davis 256 1. .R. McMillan 2. T. Sanborn 3. D. Swanson 4. D. Burke 5. R. Scott 6. D. Peterson 7. A. Seingpiel 8. T. Pederson 9. "Sgt. Pepper" 10. P. Buening 11. T. Clark 12. I.. Hayes 13. W. Bucrstattc 14. C. Pool 15. R. Janis 16. P. Bchm 17. K. Pauley 18. "Boggle” 19. J. Edwards 20. J. Ludwig 21. T. Nelson 22. D. Dexheimer 23. C. Karr 24. P. Keefe 25. R. Dove 26. "Jocko" 27. R. Levy 28. R. Dunham 29. T. Stcllmachcr 30. J. Evans 31. B. Smith 32. J. Beduhn 33. G. Kchl 34. R. Kerndt 35. J.Travcr 36. D. Colvin 37. M. Cobb 38. S. Feldman 39. Mrs. Sullivan 40. J.Vcrtine 41. L. Bye 42. M. Goldman 43. A. Zarsc 44. S. NewmanALPHA DELTA PHI Are the Alpha Delts in hot water? Not quite, although they may just miss being singed with their annual Hell’s Angel Party. The Alpha Delts manage to stay afloat by participating in campus activities—they even came in fourth in Badger Bowl! Along with the Kappas, they won an overall victory during Homecoming, dried behind their ears and plunged into activities such as a Christmas Party for retarded children and an Art party.ALPHA EPSILON PHI Those Monday night meetings spent glueing popsicle sticks together have finally paid off for the ingenious AEPhi’s as they gleefully reveal their latest project. It takes more than sticky fingers to hold these girls down as evidenced by their wide participation in campus activities. Two Badgci Beauties and members of the Senior Class Counsil, Homecoming, Humorology, and Symposium Committees are found under their graceful beams. Traveling in the best circles, the AEPhi's did Homecoming with with Delta Tau Delta and Humorology with Pi Lambda Phi. 1. L. Licbling 2. D. I.ubin 3. K. Tauman 4. 1. Porter 5. L. Weiss 6. J. Miringoff 7. L. Carpenter 8. S. Levy 9. N. Newman 10. C. Buchbinder II. L. Packard 12. H. Dcshur 13. P. Rudolf 14. B. Leeds 15. L. Stoner 16. B. Hoffman 17. C. Lazar 18. R. Saturn 19. N. Cross 20. N. Singer 21. N. Roscnbloom 22. A. Milchlin 23. S. Bairn 24. I). Harris 25. M. Feldsher 26. A. Zimmerman 27. C. Adler 28. N. Weiss 29. J. Plow 30. M. Bruch 1 31. D. Gordon 32. S. Cole 33. D. Feldman 34. L. Ahrcst 35. L. Kowal 36. B. Meyer 37. G. Klan 38. S. Cohen 39. S. Rosenthal 40. J. Roscnt'cld 41. K. Noskin 42. R. Braver 43. J. IssofT 44. L. Kaufman 45. B. Levy 46. D. Altman 47. M. Friedman 258 259ALPHA GAMMA DELTA While watching their ship conic in, the Alpha Gams aren't just taking it easy. This is undoubtedly the reason their ship is loaded down for the year. The major cargo was a Homecoming cartoon collage with the Theta Dclts and other loads contained a winter formal, beer suppers, and several service projects. What other surprises await the Alpha Gams in the other crates? Only time will tell. 1. L. Campbell 40. • L. McCarthy 41. y. B. l.ingus 42. 4. J. Everts 43. 5. B. Diefcnthalcr 44. 6. C. Schaubc! 45. 7. M. Michaels 46. 8. H. McGill 47. 9. D. Mertotes 48. 10. M. Wagner 49. II. N. Moore 50. 12. I.. Hipp 51. 13. M. Mcythalcr 52. 14. G. Behrens 53. 15. J. Wylie 54. 16. G. Thompson 55. 17. A. Kohn 56. 18. C. Thomas 19. P. Hedrich 20. B. Esher 21. C. l.uthcr 22. B. Forton 23. A. Lemmer 24. T. Van Horne 25. P. Bucm 26. J. Hildebrand 27. S. l.oher 28. B.Jones 29. A. Wilson 30. N. Gocscr 31. B. Bennett 32. S. Humphries 33. E. Brimm 34. C. Anderson 35. S. Kctchum 36. J. Worm 37. K. McClintock 38. M. Erickson 39. K. Meyers T. Moore N. Ingcrsoll F. Ring K. Schlocmcr J. Pricfcr S. Rick N. Young J. Vernon G. F.mmcrson D. Robbinson M. Kronche E. Kwan J. Nocting J. Jorgensen S. Miller K. Mooy S. YohnALPHA GAMMA RHO Human graffiti? Far from it. By some fantastic coincidence the Alpha Gamma Rhos just happened to stop to rest against the fence when our photographer chanced to be passing by. No wonder they were tired out, they’ve enjoyed an Hawaiian Luau, a Roman Party, a Farmer's Ball, and two formats. But they had better stop watching the girls go by and move along before someone mistakes them for a clear stretch of fence and paints a message on them. 1. L. Johnson 2. B. Fraser 3. D. Donkey 4. D. Trost 5. F. Kooistra 6. G- Roemcr 2- D. Meulcmans M. Luedtkc .jj- C. Marx G. Margelofsky '• J. Nelson -• G. Volbrechi 13. M. Bohman 14. M. Miller 15. T. Franz 16. L. Ford 17. D. Sabo 18. J. Karpinski 262  7 .Th GreAT »0« nV IT AU HAW g 19. L. Weiss 20. P. Hartman 21. D. Nelson 22. K. Buringlon 23. F. Buttle 24. S. Nelson 25. J. Cull 26. J. Hoskens 27. N. DcBcukclar 28. P. Radue 29. ID. Wiltrout 30. M. Mueller 31. D. Sattlcr 32. J. Vandeberg 33. P. Preipke 34. C. O’Harrow 35. G. Bovre 36. L. Johnson 263ALPHA PHI The Etcetera shop is filled with a wide variety of gadgets and goodies and also with the Alpha Phis, whose time is filled with a wide variety of campus achievements and activities. They did Homecoming with Theta Gii, Humorol-ogy with Beta Theta Pi, and there were Alpha Phis on Mil Ball, Army Ball, Navy Ball, Little “I” and Homecoming courts. Maybe an Alpha Phi will yet replace Humphrey Bogart in poster popularity! •4 1. K. Hibncr 2. P. Krohn 3. C. Lcutncr 4. G. Pratt 5. D. Dunn 6. J. Hoppe 7. R. Robinson 8. B. Pedian 9. Mrs. Jefson 10. E. Mai 11. J. Wcisc 12. J. Weber 13. I. Gilson 14. B. Karrasch 15. M. Koenig 16. S. Shaw 17. D. Sinclair 18. S. Sprigglc 19. M. Gramowski 20. J. Hank 21. Visiting Diplomat 23. L. Williams 24. C. Clark 25. J. Negus 26. C. Lind 27. C. Harrigan 28. P. Ufer 29. H. Ehrlich 30. L. Wallens 31. J. Haldcmann 32. B. Kinder 33. M. Brewster 34. E. Moc 35. B. Pool 36. K. Swanson 37. C. Purdy 38. M. Weiss 39. S. Young 40. S. Moriarity 41. J. Smiles 42. S. Schuppner 43. B. Vandcrlecst 44. C. Crane 45. B. Muskc 46. J.Turinski 47. M. Gustarson 48. L. Willcrt 49. J. Goldsmith 50. M. Bongiovanni 51. E. Miller 52. W. Held 53. G. Laabs 54. C. Schneider 55. J. McCreadic 56. S. Phelan 57. K. Pechan 58. C.Johnson 59. C. Hafcmcistcr 2651. S. Frederick 2, M. LaFolletie 3. E.Esch 4. B. Marlier 5. S. Eidson 6. B. Stimpson 7. R. Nicolai 8. T. Kaplan 9. C. Heiser 10. P. l.conard 11. K. Bradley 12. J. Farnsworth 13. S. Lueder 14. L. Mueller 15. K. Anderson 16. J. Monier 17. S. Bennett 18. C. Nussbaum 19. A. Nuncmakcr 20. J. Rubow 21. L. Kent 22. J. Schmidt 23. D. Hoffstadter 24. N. Kraska 25. S. Wandschncidcr 26. L. Anderson 27. C. Anthony 28. J. Lucassen 29. P. Weiss 30. C. Mitchell 31. S. Renard 32. M. Mungcr 33. P. Einberger 34. B. Perlman 35. D. Haight 36. J.Siclaff 37. C. Janicck 38. C. Kohls 39. C. Kenney 40. M. Mathison 41. C. Kenney 42. K. Rezin 43. J.Jasperson 44. L. Maxwell 45. M. Hofer 46. C. Wood 47. B. Born 48. B. Hoad 49. C. Wauters 50. P. Tomci 51. J. Mills 52. G. Crownhart 53. B. House 54. J. Klein 55. C.Nicber 56. M. Reynolds 57. P. Knerr 58. D. Christenson 59. P. Greene 60. B. Millman 61. M.Gruzcnsky 62. A. Stccnsland 63. K. Kahn 64. R. Paulus 65. V. Burley 66. C. Van Boxtcl 67. D. Fischer 68. J. Godsey 69. P. Maloof 70. J. Led in 71. B. Whitford 266ALPHA XI DELTA The Alpha Xi Delta girls are ready for anything this year. After winning the 1967 Evans Scholars' Golf Tournament, and placing third in last spring’s Sigma Chi Derby Day, the girls looked forward to I lomecoming with Tau Kappa Epsilon. Their first semester ended with a Christmas formal at the Park Motor Inn and second semester was sparked with the Alpha Xi's annual "Mardi Gras" party. The Alpha Xi Deltas aren’t waiting for the Madison bus strike to end; they've got places to go! 1 R- Austgcn 2. C. Schwinn 3. K. Augustine 4. A. Pledge 5. C. Condon 6. P. Easton 7. J. Prcmo 8. R. Randolph 9. J. Stolper 10. B. Larson 11. J . Oros 12. B. Vigorous 13. M. Greenburg 14. S. Needle 15. A. Leigh 16. I). Christensen 17. G. Kurtz 18. B. Aldag 19. T. Jones 20. F. Vcrhagc 21. C. Robinson 22. L. Stover 23. G. Hildenbrand 24. E. Thorpe 25. A. Krug 26. [). Kimberly 27. R. Reynolds 28. j. Nania 29. H. Hanncman 30. A. Cohn 31. J. Mack 32. B. Murphy 33. J. Mestl 34. M. Full wood 35. P. Van Ness 36. I. Luvyou 37. F. Quinlin 38. A. Nass 39. L . Schwartic 40. B. O'Brien BETA THETA PI What can the Beta's be thinking about? Perhaps their roaring Saturday parties, or maybe Homecoming and Humorology with the SDT’s and Alpha Phi’s. From their facial expressions it seems they arc meditating on student affairs. Mike Fullwood, WSA president, is undoubtedly plotting his use of student power; and their two student senators and numerous committee members are reflecting upon the “good old days” of campus politics. But the Beta’s aren’t all work and no play—their formal at Aspen was fun for all, and they enjoy themselves just comtemplating the pleasures of life. 268269 ICHI OMEGA Elegance in action describes the Chi Omega’s who are pictured dressed to kill and streched out on those elegant Cadillacs. Chi Omega knows where the action is too. Those peppy girls are active in everything from the social scene to service projects. They slaved over a float and yelled like hell with Lambda Chi Alpha for Homecoming. When the cheering stopped, they put on serious faces and thought about serving their community. Not only are they actively outstanding as a group, but among them are outstanding individuals such as Karen Kutsch, who acted as Humorology chairman. 1. C. Curtis 2 B. Masby 3! D. Bcnzcnberg 4. C. Bcnzcnberg 5. K. Abbott 6. A. Shaw 7. N. Hard 8. P. Mansfield 9. 1.. MacDonald 10. J. Hendrickson II. S. Buech 12. M. Gurland 13. L. Pfeiffer 14. C. Dicrcks 15. B. Wilson 16. N. Scrvis 17. S. Schact 18. J. Urschcl 19. M. Danccls 20. J. Cochcms 21. S. Andrews 22. N. Schweitzer 23. C. Chase 24. J. Kanallo 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. P. Bull is M. Poolcy S. Sherwood J. Dike S. Monte N. Herns J. Olson S. Klosc S. Finger K. Miller G. Berkeley C. Haug N. Gray C. Groth M. Bocll J. Reed J. Halbach L. Harms B. Hames M. Peterson K. Homing K. Kutsch S. Negus N. Bortz49. K Hannan 50. J. Samuel 51. L. Schicss 52. M. Brandt 53. J. Hallenberg 54. N. Lidicker 55. A. Van Veen 56. L. Bartz 57. M. Deibel 58. J. Burkhauscr 59. A. Beach 60. S. Blacsing 61. C. Ostcrndorf 62. M. Johnston 63. P. Zeman 64. S. Cellmer 65. D. Nybcrg 66. Mrs. Grimmer 67. S. Wandschneider 68. R. Williams 69. C. Auxicr 70. H. Peper 71. S. Voskuil 72. K. Numan actionCHI PHI When in Rome do as the Romans do? This may be the philosophy of the Gii Phis this year but they also do a lot that the Romans didn't think of. Who needs Rome's glory when you build a first place Homecoming float with the Thetas and participate in Humorology with the DGs? The Chi Phis have their own Roman holidays, which they name "bashes", and they fire up with Nero at their parties and beer suppers. Julius Ceasar never had it so good! 1. S. Voss 2. W. Prichctt 3. R. Keller 4. J. Stapleton 5. T. NVipperman 6. J. Lloyd 7. A. Kocpkc 8. P. Madaio 9. J. Herman 10. S. Lansing 11. 12. R. Nicblcr J. Dillingcr 13. J. Roth 14. L. Turner 15. D. Kern 16. 17. B. Nesuig D. Grossfeld 18. G. Png 19. D. Duddlcston 20. L. Bushman 21. J. Shirman 22. D. Yargar 23. J. Hasenfus 24. E. Styles 25. J. Grabcr 26. B. Holtan 27. W. Godar 28. F.. Goldschmidt 29. D. O'Connell 30. J. Sandner 31. W. Norris 32. G. Connaughion 33. J. TarbcrtCHI PSI Denton, Texas, 1931. Hie lodge, a conclave of bank robbers, embezzlers and pool sharks, is laying low from the Madison syndicate. No doubt Bonnie and Clyde attempted some on-campus recruiting after seeing the undercover Homecoming float forged in collaboration with the Sigma Chi con artists and the "hot" Humorology caper with the Theta flappers. The XY gang blankets its underground activities with seemingly conservative fronts—the Union. C. Russell; the Badger, L. Roth, and R. S. Johannes, Senior class Treasurer. 2741. Horns Higgins 2. R. Seymour 3. A.B.C.D. 4. a. Weener 5. D. Arvold 6. B. Blackic 7. Rub-A-Dub Dubbs X. P. Mac Bride 9. Bugs Moran 10. H. McHugh 11. D. Lonsdorl' 12. C. ( ole 13. T. Read 14. T. Moore 15. D. Rockwood 16. R. Brumder 17. J Macizold IX. H. Christiansen 19. Radar Staneeland 20. S. Lonsdorf 21. G.Godbout 22. G. Conway 23. F. Petri 24. T. Nlustad 25. T. Wilson 26. B. Russell 27. J. Blasingamc 28. H. Kooncc 29. O. P. Hitch 30. L. H. Rothstein 31. K. L. Sicbcckcr 32. R. Snorkle 33. I.. Jacobs 34. J. Strader 35. J. Islcr 36. B. Soules 37. P. Bear 38. B. Hitch 39. B. Whitney 40. J.N'ewbergcr 41. A. Stranger 42. P. Igglet 275 I fDELTA DELTA DELTA Another protest rally on the Capitol steps? Not quite—a group of Tri Delts with an interest in civic responsibilities would be more like it. To further educational opportunities the Tri Delt's hold an annual spring slave day to raise money for a scholarship fund for some campus co-eds. Campus oriented activities include participation in WRA sports, homecoming, humorology, and, of course, various parties throughout the year.’ M. Sheehan S. Ciaglo M. Ferris C. Misevich E. Baker J Bell M. Crancr T. Obcrg S. Marshall C. Cruice C. Hayden J. La Marche P. Mitchell J. Weller S.Juenger G. Hoerig C. Peterson L. Mockrud N. Borchcrs M. Hoppert D. Landmann E. Schmidt S. Schiller M. Nelson P. Otto S. Godenwrath Mrs. Mathison N. Corrcll S. Pattinson C. Mahoney D. Morgan G.Juneau C. Wcdcmcycr D. FauIkes J. Hamm B. Borst C. Bieri B. Weisnicht B. Bird K. Voudath N. Czinsky C. Chun N. Taylor A. How ley P. Mocdcr D. Wcidcnfcllcr J. Poss P. Nimz P. Vogt 277DELTA GAMMA 1. K. Ware 2. M. Hacking 3. M. Hansis 4. G. Gordon 5. M. Nathan 6. L. Steffens 7. C. I.urd 8. C. Meyer 9. K. Skougaard 10. C. Stiles 11. J.Datcsh 12. L. Foster 13. P. Young 14. N. Jacobson 15. J. Fliegcr 16. N. Goldberg 17. K. O'Melia 18. P. McCullough 19. P. Reynolds 20. K. Kalkofcn 21. D. Brown 22. C. Quisling 23. A. Gunther 24. J, Baicnburg 25. L. Wirth 26. S. Slepenson 27. M. Richardson 28. S. Perry 29. P. Post 30. S. Smith 31. D. Koehler 32. C. Comstock 33. C. Freeman 34. 1.. Olsen 35. S. Lcininger 36. M.Claar 37. G. Gcrland 38. M. Tucker 39. C. Corlettc 40. J. Harrington 41. M. Moudry 42. L. Getz 43. K. Hendricks 44. L. Dickinson 45. A. Bizzio 46. K.Wcssel 47. S. Wells 48. K. F.rickson 49. B. Buccholz 50. M. Irwin 51. P. Dollard 52. M. Burlingame 53. J.Sloatmcn 54. L. Moldcnhaucr 55. K. Johnson 56. P. Nelson 57. S. Hoppe 58. C. Roberts 59. C. Stiles 60. L. Bruins The DG’s arc taking a welcome vacation at the Park Motor Inn (no discrimination against sailors there!). After dropping anchor in September, the DG's had a great shore leave filled with parties, beer suppers and formals. They laughed it up with the Chi Phi’s in Humorology and the Figi’s during Homecoming. Being a charitable ship, the DG's also took part in worthwhile service projects such as reading to the blind. Ship ahoy. Delta Gamma! 278DELTA TAD DELTA 1. I). Dougall 18. M.Zahn 2. J. Allen 19. P. Schcidcr 3. S. Sorensen 20. A. Stud 4. S. Clinard 21. M. Meiners 5. I). Toy 22. J. Frank 6. R. Reinhardt 23. P. Hochcnbcrg 7. T. Spahr 24. J. Miller 8. F. Litchfield 25. J. Tinnerman 9. M. Iscrmann 26. S. Perrone 10. M. Berstein 27. A. Nakamura n. D.Jackson 28. D. Schaeffer 12. J. Bcrmen 29. D. Scoon 13. S. Matson 30. B. Gentile 14. T. NVillic 31. B. Hernia 15. J. Carlson 32. S. Lott 16. D. Snowdon 33. D. Gibbs 17. M. Stcltzcr 280Waiting for a ride boys? The Dclts may not be successful at hitch hiking but they sure arc a success at inspiring good times. On a float or on a stage, the Delts are thumbs up all the way. How was Homecoming? Just ask the girls of Alpha Epsilon Phi if Fred Flintstonc doesn’t think they’re great. And Kappa Kappa Gamma will concur that the Delts put the humor in Humorology this year. Led by those famous hitchhikers Dave Scoon, President, and John Linnerman, Vice-President, the Dclts arc bound to get the lift they need.DELTA UPSILON Trying to stop a fire? With the athletic talents in the DU house, it shouldn’t be much of a chore. In fact, putting out a fire is probably mere relaxation after their normal campus activities. The DU’s had an unforgettable Homecoming with the Alpha Chi Omega’s and their Humorology show with the Pi Phi’s, was probably what started the fire. Spurred on by their fearless leader. Chief Roger McClimans, the Delta Upsalon's fire up for anything. W. Montag C. Shepard K. Kindschi T. Ldzarin M. Peepers F. Jokem P. Laper R. Rcdolfl J. Baker D. Marciniak L. Seno G. Crow S. Warren C. Himmcrs D. Seifert J. Kahlcr W. Johnson S. Harvey R. Johnson J. Sippl R. Boschultc D. Baker B. Man J. Gahallager P. Katanyutznon M. Gilbert J. Skornica J. Blickensdorfer R. Goedjen J. Tumo R. Zachkowski K. Swanson R. Voigt J. Petersen R. Schocngarth M. McGrcw T. Keating J. Schaeue S. Miller A. Stanford G. Weber W. Becker S. McCormick G. Warhorst D. Johnson R. McClimans J. Holland R. Rasmussen D. Holtan S. Traisman D. Chambermaid J. Richter 283DELTA ZETA To spotlight this year’s activities, the sisters of Delta Zeta have turned the cameras on themselves. Hie focus this year was clearly on social activities. Homecoming with Alphi Chi Rho really clicked, and a colorful float gained the girls third place after the final tabulation. Even through the precise eye of the camera it is hard to detect that this youthful chapter is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary. 1. L. Zimmerman 10. T. Jaflfcris 19. M. Cobb 2. M. Bohl 11. D. Geiger 20. K. Riley 3. C. Knutcson 12. L. Hogan 21. P. Riley 4. S. Haupt 13. I.. Sieker 22. 0. Jahn 5. L. Brose 14. E. Peterson 6. M. Pivck 15. M. Anthony 7. M. Riechcrt 16. S. Johnson 8. C. Hucttncr 17. L. Green 9. G. Junion 18. C. Pcctz 28423. I. Donough 24. B. Hedvall 25. D. Kile 26. J. Porter 27. K. Madigan 28. V. Szatalowitz 29. L. Flowers 30. M. Kozlovsky 31. V. Bucaida 32. T. Shearer 33. F.. Kurth 34. J.Vlics 35. M. Meyer 36. S. Rolkc 37. S. Schaefer 38. N. Wanek 39. S. Gillen 40. S. Robinson 41. J. Edlowitz 42. D. Layman 43. H. Wcisficld 44. I. Mcinholdt 45. N. Cox 46. C. Dickman 47. W. Spafford 48. R. Fish 2851. D. Walters 2. D. Winn 3. D. Voll 4. D. McGilligan 5. R. Marcks 6. D. Heitzingcr 7. B. Goodno 8. H. Schick 9. J.Oszcwski 10. M. Paulson 11. M. Hibbard 12. A. Brignone 13. R. Pructz 14. M. Folco 15. D. I.inscott 16. M.Cychosz 17. J. Knuteson 18. L. Valent 19. B. Leach 20. B. Voclker 21. P. Hildebrand 22. T. Keating 23. D. Bartosib 24. J. Van Eyck 25. D. Karnosky 26. B. Bicn 27. A. Henke 28. S. DuBoff 29. R. Hcnncger 30. D. Schwartz 31. D. Becker 32. T.VanVeghcl 33. R. Heitzingcr 34. M. Grear 35. B. Wildcnberg 36. J. Schneider 37. B. Krcgel 38. J. Pendleton 39. J. Rompclla 40. B. Boydcn 41. D. DeKarskc 42. M. Frankowski 43. J. DcGiacomo 44. B. Davidson 45. B. Bfildewicz 46. M. Nowakowski 47. P. Manti 48. S. Lovcsoy 49. D. Murphy 50. T. Hebblcwhite 51. B. Morrisey 52. D. Hell 53. J. Hlavacer 54. T. Engel 55. R. Weidner 56. D. Walters 57. E. Pachniak 286EVANS SCHOLARS Although a common interest in Golf binds the Evans Scholars together, they are by no means restricted from joining various other activities on campus. Having members on the golf and soccer teams, cheerleaders, and participating in all intramural sports, they also enjoy numerous waterfront activities. Along with their well-known talents for building Homecoming floats, the Scholars also do their share of enliving Langdon Street with numerous parties—among them the annual Golf Ball.1. V. Sommers 2. K. LeGrandc 3. B. Anderson 4. D. Campbell 5. M. Curran 6. D. Czsmore 7. M. Bohanon 8. L. Scchafcr 9. M. Johnson 10. S. Hamm 11. H. Wolcott 12. B. Losick 13. M. Laukman 14. J. Younger 15. C. Ruxton 16. C.Jordon 17. G.Sticnmeyer 18. D. Hu wen 19. N. Mccr 20. J. Whiteside 21. B. Miller 22. J. Garrity 23. J. Boynton 24. C. Miller 25. M. Chapman 26. J.Vcrgcront 27. S. Arrowinko 28. D. Metz 29. C. Niehoff 30. H. Gleiss 31. M. Evans 32. J. Thompson 33. S. Joanis 34. B. Shotwell 35. E. Alexander 36. J McCabe 37. P. Miller 38. T. Mulvcy 39. C. Christianson 40. C. Nadler 41. C. Christianson 42. C. Lind 43. C. Stevens 44. T. Hackmcister 45. 1.. Schott 46. C. Woboril 47. D. DiMatlco 48. J.Gunklcman 49. S. Schroeder 50. M. Thorson 51. A. Irvine 52. B. Bowen 53. M. Gcraldson 54. C. Janickc 55. K. Gannon 56. S. Weiler 57. A. Amorc 58. K. Vcrgcront 59. B. Schilling 60. S. Andrews 61. K. Anderson 62. M. Jones 63. A. Becker 64. L. Antonie 65. S. Vinkovich 66. 1.. Schocwc 67. M. Clapp 68. K. Wesson 69. S. Wilmcth 70. J.Spiclman 71. P. Miller Motorcycling seems to be the most desirable mode of transportation on campus and the Gamma Phi Betas aren’t to be left out among those who think cycling is great. Motorcycling isn’t the only thing which the Gamma Phis want to be in on. They have joined forces with the SAEs for Homecoming activities and their talents have been drawn together with AEPi for Humorology. One of their members has been chairman of Greek Week and others are Pi Lam Little Sisters and SAE Little Sisters of Minerva. 288289KAPPA ALPHA THETA The Thetas had spirit no matter what happened this football season. Those Thursday night dinners with football players were great. As for Homecoming, Thetas worked enthusiastically with the Chi Phis to build a first place float around the cartoon character, Scrooge McDuck. When Humorology reared its creative head, the Thetas, fired up after winning last year’s Humo with Sigma Chi, brainstormed with the Chi Psis. But all was not intra Greek in scope. A sedate Christmas formal was held at Taliesin in Spring Green, and the annual Happy Pappy’s remembered Theta fathers. 2901. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. C. Mcl.avry B. Hovser L. Conroy M. Christopherson B. Meyer C. Bowles S. Adler I.. Heller S. Kagen M. Stella B. Hcnglcman L. King K. Read N. Thompsen D. Choy F. LeSauvage B. Depres 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. M. Upham B. Taylor S. Vahnke K. Angus M. Miller A. Turley M. Mansheim E. Pederson S. Becker M. Mi. tcr J. Barrett J. Meyers E. Koehler A. Wei no M. Bortin C. Kim Cindy 1. M. Lyon 2. C. Janisewski 3. K. Mitchell 4. J. Rcznichck 5. N. Grover 6. S. Williams 7. K. Ceci 8. P. Smith 9. C. Mundschau 10. A. Bailen 11. J. Shelton 12. S. Saunders 13. L. Huffakcr 14. C. Radasky 15. L. Barker 16. P. Kobishop 17. M. Pfislcr 18. J. Shcdivy 19. K. LaDouccur 20. N. Ward 21. P. Erdman 22. H. Janis 23. J. Zclkc 24. K. Gaiko 25. R. Flcgcl Clothes! Clothes! Probably one of the most popular pastimes of coeds is adding the latest fashions to their wardrobes. The university chapter of Kappa Delta is not to be excluded from this segment of students. But the KD’s have taken time out from trying to shove more clothes into already crowded closets to participate in Homecoming festivities with the Phi Sigs. They have also postponed a shopping trip to give a party for the Oregon school for Girls. The chairman of The Model UN is among this industrious sorority. 29226. S. Krcblcin 27. M. Gross 28. I.. Milcher 29. P. Burdekin 30. M. Muehlheiscn 31. P. Scott 32. M. Rabat 33. G. Lanman 34. C. Burdekin 35. J. Uran 36. M. Pfisier 37. 1. Tanner 38. L. Perry 39. M. Nelson 40. C. Lamon 41. V. Klindt 42. C. Stathas 43. L. Johnson 44. L. Strauss 45. S. Nyrecn 46. J. Krcuger 47. N. Chapman 48. E. Bulaskas 49. A. MilneKAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappas to the rescue! Or do the Kappas need rescuing themselves. We don’t think so; they can take care of themselves. Under the care of Dr. Susan Reynolds and the Alpha Delts, called in as specialists, the Kappas nursed a Homecoming victory. The Kappas sang and danced through Humorology with the Delts and played volleyball Thursday nights. In case of an emergency, just call on the Kappas! 1. B. Hcuscr 2. L. Stauffachcr 3. S. O'Mai Icy 4. M. Perl 5. J. Kearny 6. S. McGee 7. M. Slone 8. B. Royer 9. S. Reynolds 10. P. Ramano 11. C. Larson 12. R. West 13. T. Vollralh 14. A. Schumann 15. F_ Hcrtcl 16. M. Cloulicr 17. L. Schmidt 18. B. Board man 19. B. Worm 20. S. Tcfit 21. C. Chang 22. S. Hamann 23. C. Bricker 24. S. Granum UNIVERSITY AMBULAI EMERGENCY.25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. r„ Kaput P Reese J. Heald A. Long S. Elliot J. Ausman M. Sprakcr S. Childs M. Hougan B. Usingcr B. Muvio D. Gilder M. Drake M. Taylor L. Lawrence M. Hodcl B. Dawc G. Short B. Forrester M. P. Manion G. English L. Hastings G. Granum B. Gentile B. Ranslow S. Dvorachck K. Piconc K. l.oops D. Johnston S. Enerson B. McEwan B. Mcullcr P. Pukkila C. Nolan B. Miller M. Smith I). Rothberg L. DcAngclis 295KAPPA SIGMA Every year sororities and fraternities have social affairs such as formals and beer suppers. 'Hie Kappa Sigmas don't sit back and watch while everyone else is partying. Scheduled this year have been a Fall Bash, their annual Prison Party and their well-known Hawaiian Party; these, with the usual week-end activities. The campus social life is not the only role in which the Kappa Sigs play a part. They are high on the list of winners of the various intramural sports. Even a busy group like this has time for a short nip. Drink up! 1. T. Holly 2. G. Wilson 3. P. DuChatcau 4. S. Kolkhorst 5. B. Schmidt 6. R. Sclvaag 7. T. Doll 8. B. Hug 9- B. l.undc 10. R. Warren 11. S. Schwcn 12. B. Brickbaucr 13. B. McCormick 14. T. Gandy 15. G. Govin 16. J. F.dgerton 17. C. Decker 18. B. Gonstcad 19. B. Murphy 20. T. Sacwert 21. J. Anderson 22. B. Hayward 23. C. Whitaker 24. M. Donahue 25. R. Goulet 26. A. Dope 27. J. Pullen 28. B. Singer 29. P. Pullen 30. P. Stephen 31. S. Cremcr 32. S. Kolkurst 33. B. Schmidt 34. P. DuChateau 35. M. Romeo 36. B. Gonstead 37. B. Hayward 38. T. Sacwert 39. F. Potlc 40. M. Donahue 41. J. Anderson 42. A. Dope 43. G. Govin 44. B. Brickbaucr 45. B. McCormick 46. T. Doll 47. B. Hug 48. E. Mateyka 49. B. Mayshy 50. D. Stoil 51. J. Runtas 52. G. Wilson 53. W. l.undc 54. R. Thomcy298 1. W. Lucdcrs 2. A. Hintz 3. M. Rohde 4. W. Matsumoto 5. M. Plumlcy 6. J. Green 7. D. Chaput 8. M. Rathsack 9. B. Kingman 10. B. Brunette 11. C.Wcrvy 12. S. Biancardi 13. D. Malzahn 14. B. Bartels 15. T. Kruse 16. T. McCabe 17. S. Schmidt 18. R.Gair 19. C. Possin 20. K. Ross 21. G. Kapke 22. M.Burson 23. F. Timm 24. J. Wiley 25. J. Buengcr 26. D. Goelzcr 27. M. Haslangcr 28. R. Hill 29. A. Pallcck 30. S. Michclstcttcr 31. J.Schmcidcr 32. W. Blalock 33. J. Mergener 34. A.Jock 35. T. Greenhaugh LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Down through the Union catacombs, the Lambda Chi Alpha’s have wound their way. Soon they came upon this cache of authentic, third dynasty, eskimo kayaks. Because they annually throw a Barbarian Party, they recognized the worth of the find. The profits from The kayaks financed a casino party fit for eskimo royalty. Athletes as well as archcaologists, the Lambda Chi’s participate in intramurals. They had planned an exhibition of paddling power but had to abandon the project due to a lack of authentic, third dynasty, eskimo kayak paddles. 299PHI GAMMA DELTA “Up the down stairs" is the byword of the Fijis, who make a habit of stepping outward and upward. This year their stepping out was accompanied by the DG sailor girls who combined with them for Homecoming. Their annual Fiji island party involved a lot of hotfooting as did their beer suppers and formals. As long as they don’t crush each other on the way up from their cavernous bar-room the Fijis can continue their upward march.B. Shiblcy D. Noonan A. Coulson W. Schutt F. Montero Mrs. Shcchorn G. Pasdirtz S. Weld J. Cam R. Shearer J. Ronan 12. G. Segerston 13. R. Slovens 14. B. Voss 15. P. Moran 16. G. Romney 17. A. Blurr 18. G. Kraalz 19. B. Davidson 20. D. Davidson 21. D. Skogan 22. T. McGrath 23. F. Turk 24. A. Lincoln 25. S. Bates 26. T. Finnegan 27. T. McGrath 28. J. MacDonald 29. R. Bauch 30. A. Nonymous 31. R. Christiansen 32. T. Stichman 33. S. Brumblay 34. G. Segerston 35. W. Clinkc 36. T. Finnegan 37. R. Shiblcy 38. B. Johnson 39. G. Cokins 40. A. Berg 41. V. Koch 42. M. Hensley 43. R. Konop 44. V. Shuburth 45. A. Bolb 46. B. Ware 47. D. Wood 48. S. Custer 49. D. Drake 50. C. Hayworth 51. D. Johnson 52. M. Bruhn 53. C. Bauer 54. S. Harms 55. D. NoonanPHI SIGMA DELTA It was twenty years ago today. Phi Sig taught the men to play They’ve been going in and out of style. But they're guaranteed to raise a smile. So may I introduce to you The act you’ve known for all these years. Phi Sigma Delta’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. 1. M. Kaufman 18. L. Siegel 35. 2. M. Friedman 19. G. Jacobs 36. 3. 6. Ferguson 20. S. Krcgstcin 37. 4. B. Loring 21. K. Susman 38. 5. A. Blumberg 22. M. Hclfand 39. 6. S. Zazovc 23. J. P. S. LaSha 40. 7. G. Sack 24. R. Sachs 41. 8. W. Epstein 25. P. Stern 42. 9. W. l_azarus 26. L. Davis 43. 10. W. Spatz 27. R. Bairn 44. 11. R. Herman 28. L. Frazin 45. 12. F. Benson 29. P. Milch 46. 13. J. Goldstein 30. M. Meyers 47. 14. H. Bairn 31. A. Swcrdlowc 48. 15. D. Wong 32. K. Moore 49- 16. G. Bairn 33. M. Babbitt 50. 17. B. Cohen 34. H. Abramson 51. M. Firscl D. Gill R. Beecher L. Wechslcr K. Frumkin R. Kagin S. Present R. Shcingold R. Sorman D. Goodman M. Schachcr N. Kausor S. WhitchiII I.. Levin T. Mandlcr Sgt. Chester M. Monroe 303I. 2 5! 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. ■ ■ 23. ' 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. D. Rand L. Kahn K. Weiss W. Colman I.. Lazar B. Polowoy I). Gorman D. Sinaiko I- Schmidt I. Siegel M. Pittlcman C. T rigger B. Slavitt B. Simon S. Goodstcin J. Jacoby H. Supon S. Rubin J. Ross R. Pinsker J. Krieger E. Siegel B. Lanes J. Gronick M. Perlman I). Brown A. Blauncr B. Sholar J. Sajowitz L. Blauncr S. Sheptow D. Schneider H. Essrick R Kraus N. Avis 304PHI SIGMA SIGMA On the sunny days of fall and spring, students leave their books and race to the outdoors to join some of the seasonal recreation. The Phi Sigma Sigmas are no different than anyone else and spend their time bicycling around Madison. When not relaxing on their bikes, the girls have diligently planned an “Apple Polisher's Tea” for faculty members and their annual Alumni Tea. Both the president of Panhel and the chairman of NSP are members of the Phi Sigma Sigma. It’s a shame winter is so long, those bikes must get rusty! 3051. S. Habcrman 2. S. Nock 3. V. Marx 4. T. Ely 5. C. Hoag 6. E. Burns 7. J. Schwcnncscn 8. M. Welsh 9. S. Radi 10. E. Hucgel 306PI BETA PHI Tired of spy films you can't stand and art films you can’t understand? There’s something new at the Majestic—Pi Beta Phi. The girls were cast opposite Evans Scholars for a Homecoming extravaganza and worked with Delta Upsilon on their Humorology spectacular. Midst a cast of dozens they have three cheerleaders, an NSA delegate and members of Phi Beta Kappa and Crucible. Anyone still complaining about the quality of movies these days? 11. J. Herrick 12. M. Westing 13. N. Parker 14. B. Hammond 15. B. Barker 16. D. Seitz 17. G. Faber 18. P. Balscr 19. L. Truby 20. L. Stallc 21. C. Olsen 22. C. Surmaez 23. M. Matcra 24. M. Pedersen 25. S. Riley 26. L. Kosemond 27. Mrs. Tiernan 28. N. Allin 29. J.Gierstner 30. B. Weber 31. R. Achcn 32. S. Best 33. M. F.hrcnsbcrgcr 34. P. Trcichcl 35. S. Bochcrt 36. C. Skaar 37. S. Adler 38. L. Nelson 39. B. Barker 40. L. Reihansberger 41. B. Warner 42. S. Benke 43. L. Torinus 44. L. Partleton 45. M. Sable 46. M. Benkendorf 47. J. VanSicklc 48. J. Maxfield 49. I- Thompson 50. M. RifePI LAMBDA PHI At work or play, no one will deny that the Pi Lams have enthusiasm. Aside from their first class Hawaiian parties, their High School Harry Party and formals, the Pi Lam actives also found enough time to be first in grades among fraternities and to organize and produce an original humorology skit with the AEPhi’s. Realizing the importance of well-directed exercise, the Pi Lams also finished third in the Badger Bowl competition. Was it, 'The House that plays together, stays together?" No cutting in line, Brothers.1. J. Shncider 2. B. White 3. 4. H. Bookey H. Slavick 5. G. Ringcl 6. J. Weber 7. L. Katz 8. J. Gershman 9. B. David 10. J. Weiner 11. M. Srulovitz 12. T. Lcvcnthal 13. T. Grombachcr 14. B. Barwiker 15. E. Plutzcr 16. G. Wald 17. G. Boxer 18. M. Becker 19. B. Barnett 20. R. Emanuel 21. S. Marcus 22. S. Becker 23. B. Bernstein 24. I. Spies 25. J. Moriarty 26. B. Blumcnthal 27. N. Hamburger 28. H. Bernstein 29. R. Oubc 30. K. Karl 31. J. Richman 32. A. Grubbic 33. S. Shwartz 34. S. Annexter 35. J. Tindcll 36. F. Baron 37. R. Cell is 38. K. Weisman 39. J. Braiman 40. D. Popkin 41. L. Newelt 42. S. Feinberg 43. M. Newelt 44. J. Fudenberg 45. L. Rubens 46. H. Garber 47. K. Sherman 48. E. Mitchcl 309PSI UPSILON Aitics arc full of old musty treasures and the brothers of Psi Upsilon seem to be looking for some in the upper tier of their house. But, besides looking for antique “goodies", the Psi U's keep busy in social and athletic activities. Their French Underground Party is as secretive as it is fun and Skid comes alive at their party of the same name. Parties, sports and attics all seem to be high on the activity calendar of the Psi U's. If this house keeps up the work, they just may find a family heirloom! 3101. R. 1.a France 2 B. Morris y N. Williams 4. J. Halvorson 5. D. Meyer 6. J. Kuhs 7. M. Mendenhall 8. A. Miller 9. R. Sandberg 10. D. Good 11. S. Brocker 12. A. Stolfcll 13. B. Bowda 14. D. Wcerhusen 15. D. Vizben 16. J. Pcizko 17. VV. Patterson 18. J. Pctack 19. R. Pfcil 20. K. Jones 21. J. Jorgensen r J. Carlcton 23! J. Holden 24. T. Anderson 25. T. Hoffer 26. T. Joern 27. R. Hale 28. R. Lenz 29. R. Hedden 30. S. Smith 311B. Zablow 10. B. Jacob S. Wyss 11. C. Carson R- Krueger 12. B. Ingalls S. Symmes 13. T. Harder B. Hemke 14. B. Buckley J. Schluetci 15. J. Rauh B. Kelehcr 16. B. Smith L. Kraker 17. T. Bauch R. Gordon 18. L. Sibley 19. J. Wincer 28. 20. J. Wilson 29. 21. J. Benson 30. 22. R. Haagensen 31. 23. C. Richter 32. 24. J. Loftin 33. 25. J. Acschlimann 34. 26. R. Schwarz 35. 27. S. Saylcs 36. D. Hutchison 37. D. Batty J. Bopc 38. J. More M. Gluck 39. B. Hendricks H. Zassenhaus 40. N. Ciaccio H. Hapeman 41. J. Mortenson W. Oldenburg 42. D. Ossana G.Jackson 43. R. Poluck B. Henderson 44. P. Hoffman W. Richter 45. D. Lytle 31246. 47. T. Dwyer D. Dana 55. B. Incalls 48. J. Zipp 56. C. Nagle 49. T. Wood 57. J. Babcock 50. T. Priscol 58. T. Drake 51. J. Bode 59. D. Arndt 52. J. Middelburg 60. T. Frey 53. J. Fcrrcl 61. J. Ryan B. Siehr 54. J. Hildreth 62. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Already seeing themselves as seasoned and successful grads, the SAE’s gather in front of the alumni center for a little early nostalgia. In honor of the late P. J. Murphy the fraternity has pledged to the University a tractor with a special attachment for sifting and winnowing. SAE’s placed second in the 1966-67 Badger Bowl and have many sportsters amongst them. They annually hold a Christmas party for elderly Dane county pensioners.1. M.Goggin 2. J. Bickers 3. J. Sweet 4. J. Burke 5. L. Primis 6. D. Vandcr Zander 7. K. Rosener 8. R. Armstrong 9. J. Schweickert 10. E. Thompson 11. B. Hyatt 12. J. Babbitt 13. K. Frazier 14. T. Gast 15. P. Barmanljc 16. J. Scully 17. C. Mahr 18. G. Rosenberg 19. R. Gooding 20. B. Swano 21. P. Heffernan 22. P. McDcvitt 31423. A. Anderson 24. B. Carlcton 25. S. Watson 26. R. Andringa 27. T. Fanccr 28. C. Ncilson 29. J. Barnett 30. J. Dahlic 31. J.Guicggcric 32. J. Thorne 33. J. I.anford 34. S. Taylor 35. r. McCullough 36. T. Rose 37. J. Pettit 38. A. Leonard 39. J. Phillips 40. F. Leatherman 41. T. Kamberos 42. J. F.idlcman 43. I). Goyne 44. T. Grodin SIGMA CHI Now you know where to find the Sigs! It seems a logical place to be since all of their activities are set in the deep, dark recesses of their leaky barroom. They actively participated in Homecoming with the Chi Psis, leading a roaring crowd in Yell Like Hell and winning the contest for the most original float. Annual parties include the yearly orgy—a Tom Jones party—and a more sedate athletic contest between sororities—Derby Day. About the only activity not centered in the barroom is the All Campus Blood Drive which the Sigs have won for sixteen consecutive semesters. Maybe the barroom ambrosia is good for the blood...? 315Ui illllUiiL ANTIFREEZE COOLANT NO MONEl |POWN Ride on Tire$ton ? The Safest TIRES You Can Suy m EASY Elk TERMS ,fJ0 MOWIV k DOWN liberal Tr. ?"] 3)61. D. Unger 16. P. Dickcrman 31. S. Gordon 46. L. Mandcl 61. J. Haber 2. I.. l)u Fine 17. M. Greenberg 32. P. Baraban 47. T. Saturn 62. $. Brcitman 3. S. Baum 18. R. Ncwberger 33. J. Jacobs 48. J. Kittay 63. 1 Xuckcrman 4. L. Greenberg 19. B. Bruckman 34. K. Eichlcr 49. E. Brown 64. N. Ehrlich 5. R. Hayutin 20. D. Portnoy 35. L. Wallens 50. C. Cohen 65. J. Schiller 6. S. Cooper 21. H. Ehrcnreich 36. W. Gross 51. A. Willis 66. J. Michaclson 7. S. Ncwberger 22. J. Ncmson 37. C. Schweitzer 52. L. Lvobanow 67. B. Massing 8. D. SchifTman 23. E. Rosenthal 38. T. Cole 53. J.Jacobs 68. R. Hirsch 9. L. Berger 24. M. Newman 39. M. Hogan 54. C. Zalk 69. J. Spindcl 10. S. Weiner 25. D. Savransky 40. E. Weber 55. T. Sack 70. S. Weiner 11. J. Peck 26. M. Weinstein 41. B. Harris 56. L Landman 71. S. Pearl 12. P. Albert 27. L. Morgan 42. P. Bcncck 57. R. Cohen 72. J. Joseph 13. J. Linden 28. B. Gilbert 43. S. Plax 58. F. Fishbein 73. S. Goldberg 14. M. Felix 29. K. Hack 44. B. Goldsmith 59. J. Lczar 74. D. Mirsky 15. S. Pluss 30. D. F.pstcin 45. J. Binder 60. J. Marks 75. Mrs. Kattre SIGMA DELTA TAU The girls of Sigma Delta Tau have taken over the gas station with typical zeal. From here, they directed their efforts toward Campus Chest, and succeeded in having their candidate, Frannie Fishbine, chosen Miss Campus Chest. They joined forces with Beta Theta Pi for an exciting Homecoming which was highlighted by having their entry, Jane Peck, crowned Homecoming Queen. They laughed through Humorology with Sigma Chi. In addition the SDT’s have taken pride in their support of an Indian orphan.SIGMA PHI EPSILON It’s visitation time at the Sig Ep house again and they certainly have the knack for making a girl feel at home. But girls, beware. When it comes to intramural sports, it's all over. Last year the Sig Eps rallied together in true fraternal spirit to place first in their division for football, basketball, and bowling, and they placed 9th in Badger Bowl. For fun. the Sig Eps stage the annual All-Greek Winter Carnival for competitive sororities, and they’ve planned Song Fest with the Pi Phis. VI SI TATI0“Mom" Palmer J.J acobs B. Babcock M. F.ldcr J. Hock S. Chester P. Ducckcr M. Warschaucr N. Parcscr G. Brown J. Lewis D. Bone R. Allan R. Bartlein P. Miller J. Sccbert Lorelei D. Gordon C. DcCock L. Apperson Beverly E. Mocrsfcldcr G. Westfall G. Donovan D. Hackbarth D. Manning J. Nelson K. Wiesner L. Panzer J. Gotesky T. Allen W. Lecocq J. Nelson R. Back D. Mark ley B. Davis J. Merten P. Drinka D. Williams L. Helmly J. Zimmermann J. Bartsch B. Sykes R. Schwa i J. Sweazy B. Shack Nancy G. Lockcn B. Summers T. Warminglon D. Me Elroy A. Hopcll T. Wood D. Monroe C. Orth R. Pease R. Anderson L. Bencini J. Hoppert320 1. B. Burck 2. S. Sommcrficld 3. D. Garbers 4. G. Bateman 5. S. Decker 6. T. Ricdcrcr 7. L. Chambers S. K. Brakken 9. P. Huistetd 10. L. Singer 11. R. Phelps 12. W. Plazk 13. J. I.citschuh 14. G. McLaughlin 15. W.Gchring 16. K. Kurtknackcr 17. M. Everson 18. J. Wilke 19. J. Lambrect 20. R. Robers 21. A. Beskc 22. J. Casey 23. D. Kittle 24. R. Ramsay 25. Mangle 26. T. K. Epsilon 27. PEC. Lcig 28. Diana SweetheartTAU KAPPA EPSILON If variety is indeed the spice of life, the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon have a veritable fruitcake on their hands. Activities at the TKE house run the gamut from the social to the public spirit. TKE’s element of whimsy is well illustrated by their traditional shipwreck party. The TKE’s put away their road signs in the spring, when they contributed to the Art Weekend. Homecoming with Alpha Xi Delta and Badger songfest with Alpha Chi Omega were additional ingredients in the potpourri of TKE life.THETA CHI What a better way to get away from it all than to visit the local riding stable. It did wonders for the Theta Chis. They returned in time riding high for Homecoming with the Alpha Phis. But once the Theta Chis get started, there’s no telling what they’ll do next. In addition to their winter and spring formals they’ve planned a Hell’s Angel party and their annual Safari Party. What a bunch of party boys! 1. M. Barbutti 2. B. Trosscn 3. T. Onosko 4. D. Smith 5. D. Borghesi 6. T. Curtiss 7. D. Hurd 8. J. Laatsch 9. J. Van Dintcr 10. L. Goldncr 11. J. Flood 12. S. l.ilicnfcld 13. E. Block 14. L. Holden 15. A. LcComptc 16. T. Conway 17. M. Marcucci 18. D. Schlcc 19. B. Schmcisser 20. M. Goldstein 21. P. Beach 22. P. Adam 23. G. Eichler 32224. G. Cook 25. B. Kern 26. C. Van Slync 27. D. Burgy 28. B. Seeger 29. D. Moreaux 30. S. Bcrndt 31. G. Kolpin 32. J. Peterson 33. J.Althoff 34. J. Barager 35. R. Flood 36. B. Courier 37. B. Ross 38. D. Greco 39. D. Wichern 40. D. Lieb 41. L. Rhiel 42. C. Smith 43. S. Turner 44. J.Graan 45. B. Scheutzc 323-' rcz.i£££r-. ZETA BETA TAU Ah, the comforts of home! In contrast to other fraternities which surround the ZBT’s, (see Chi Psi and Pi Lambda Phi) this worthwhile organization spends a major portion of time just sitting in the living room cultivating brotherhood. When they do get out of that part of the house, they adjourn to another section—hating to leave the old homestead. For instance their Roman Toga. Hell’s Angels and Nassau parties completely take over the entire house. Sometimes, the ZBT’s really do get a breath of fresh air—take their participation in Humo with the Alpha Chi’s. Yes. the ZBT’s arc certainly homebodies.10 L. Green F. Goldberg J. Mayesh J. Hirsch H. Schrager D. Gitt J. Frank J. Glasspiegcl J. Weinman S. Trunk B. Goisman F. Locb C. Cohen J. Hilb J. Malsh M. Kisenberg R. Fcllman M. Kastman A. Engman M. Frankcl B. Crane B. Lewi it T. Gcllcr A. Gilbert M. Blum B. Cohen D. Guggenheim J. Rosensweig J. Asher K. Szer A. Lurie J. Youngerman M. Chcrniack B. Turihin S. Stumlcr J. Levin L. Schccter E. Alshlef K. Polsky M. Hillor A. Koener B. Zoob C. Schniedcr T. Woll E. Bloom A. Freeman B. Swedlow J. Rudolph J. Doutsh L. Wolf J. Hoffman E. Grossman S. Dcuish L. Epstein J. Stender 325 ALPHA EPSILON PI Pausing for a moment in their daily workout, running up and down the Union steps twice, the AEPiscan beam brightly for our photographer without even breathing hard. They work to stay in shape for their Abner and Ape parties, and to clean the vines and banana peels from the house afterwards. AEPi’s pulled through to win Yell like Hell, which proves that exercise pays off in increased lung power. Truly these are the cream of America’s youth, sound in mind and in body, like the President wants. Just so he doesn’t find out about their parties. 1. B. Sampson 18. S. Applebaum 2. Fkotler 19. K. Bronstcin 3.’ T. Burg 20. Yogi 4. L. Reiner 21. M. Liberman 5. R. Davis 22. A. Schwartz 6. Mrs. Holmes 23. T. F-'clbcr 7. B. Pastan 24. M. Grccnblait 8. D. Singer 25. K. Weiss 9. J. Tucker 26. J. Halle 10. J. Rothstcin 27. F. Heilman 11. S. Ain 28. R.Faulb 12. S. Richter 29. C. Gordon 13. K. Bresslaucr 30. B. Kramer 14. M. Kovin 31. M. Highland 15. R. Grossman 32. 1. Bczoza j 16. J. Ross 33. J. Frank 1 17. D. Kuppcr Come on fellows, we didn’t know that your grades arc that bad. or we wouldn’t have asked you to pose for a picture! Or is this a protest of some kind? Madison, the nice quiet suburbia that it is simply can’t take it, and Vilas park is no place to start—those poor animals! Or is that the message? We know that all of the fraternity’s activities aren’t violent like beer suppers, formats, the Rose Queen contest and a clean up Madison campaign. Hey! Maybe that’s it, they're cleaning up Madison! DELTA SIGMA 1. D. Bernhardt 18. G. Bennett 2 J. Bcncsch 19. J. Rutter 3. E. Esser 20. J. Marohnic 4. R. Levin 21. C. Barney 5. W. Duddleston 22. J. Gwetschow 6. ‘ D. Sholund 23. B. Haugh 7. F. Rosa 24. R. Finstad 8. R. Sell in 25. L. Miles 9. D..Dcrbcr 26. T. Wilson 10. R. Richter 27. D. Anderson 11. T. Cesar 28. E. Schwebcl 12. J. Beilin 29. L. Victor 13. D. Taylor 30. D. Spitz 14. J. Pearson 31. J. Clope 15. D. Swanson 32. J. Mistclc 16. B. Frenz 33. G. Nahev 17. J. Fritz 34. W. Woehos PI 3271. J. Hausman 2. I Neuwald 3. K. Van Dorcn 4. J.Wasrud 5. G. Bertlcscn 6. H. Carstcns 7. T. Miller 8. D. Fnch 9. B. l.arson 10. R. Shulstad 11. J. Scnerson 12. P. Kctlcrhagen 13. A. Bay ley 14. R. Bergenc 15. J. Deppe 16. A. Greidanus DELTA THETA SIGMA The Delta Theta Sigma's never complain of a hard days work at the “office". They worked on the blood drive. Badger Bowl, National Conclave, and sponsored the Little International. These office boys always have time for a party, and they know how to throw them in a big way, for example, the barn party, the Framer’s Party, the Spring Formal at Wisconsin Dells, and the Christmas Party at the Children's Hospital. Always on the go, they entered a float and the “Yell Like Hell" contest with the women of Susan Davis House. 17. R. Peterson 18. T.Crelncy 19. W. Ziegler 20. R. Bennett 21. N. Beck 22. M. Rics 23. D. Flcsch 24. J. Cushman 25. D. Paulson 26. R. Schwenk 27. R. Handschke 28. T. Machan 29. W. Ganscr 30. W. Grcsh 31. R. Noble 32 P. Marty 33. R. Schwarz 34. D. Grabarski 35. P. NaweKAPPA ALPHA PSI With all the work involved in reactivating the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, these boys do deserve a relaxing afternoon in the Rathskeller. Re-established in 1967, after inactivity for five years, the Kappa Alpha Psis have now grown to a total of 26 members. Besides typical fraternity activities, they are kept busy representing Wisconsin in various intercollegiate teams such as track, football, and basketball. The Kappa Alpha Psis are also formulating plans for a Sweetheart ball and a spring picnic. 1. A.Jackson 2. C. Brunson 3. R. Harris Jr. 4. E. Harris 5. M. Ewing 6. V. Bailey 7. M. Butler 8. J.C. Hilton 9. R. Poole 10. L. Floyd 11. K. R. Stubbs 12. C. Patterson 13. M. Bond 14. A. Henry 15. R. Arrington 16. D. Drayton 17. A. Crumble 18. J. Franklin 19. T. Johnson 20. M. Reddick 21. T. Jefferson 22. M. Conner 23. R- Stalling 24. D. Hewlett 25. D. Kidd 329 1. R. Houge 21. R. Higgins 2. 13. Lattos 22. R. Gasset 3. 1$. Schrocdcr 23. K. Kautzer 4. W. Whitford 24. P. Fourncss 5. G. Huhn 25. J. Williams 6. R. Adams 26. R. Kob 1 man 7. K. Holm 27. P. Harkins 8. G. Nelson 28. J. VanHeesch 9. D. Prohaska 29. P. Adas 10. J. Berg 30. J. Ocstreich 11. R.Yokel 31. D.Johnson 12. D. Galarowicz 32. A. Kimbcl 13. M. Makoid 33. D. Briggs 14. J. Sanders 34. R. Anderson 15. A. Robinson 35. T. Wydcrka 16. H. Borkovcc 36. D. Goudy 17. R. Crook 37. T. Converse 18. S. Klalt 38. M. Collins 19. T. Chicilo 39. J. Gottbchuct 20. T. Coyne 40. T. Waves KAPPA PSI A pharmacist’s social and future professional life is enriched by being a member of Kappa Psi, the professional pharmacutical fraternity on campus. Speakers from many branches of the profession keep the members acquainted with what is going on in the field. Kappa Psi’s extracurricular program includes beer suppers, several annual formats, and professional intramural sports. Kappa Psi is also concerned with informing the public about pharmacy. Well-rounded pharmacists will be the product of this organization. 3301. s. Pollock 2. P. Mandcl 3. E. Strauss 4. S. Jubclircr 5. K. Grossman 6. J. Weiss 7. K. Grissman 8. R. Chrdnow 9. L. Baumann 10. T. Krauskopf PHI EPSILON PI The men of Phi Epsilon Pi scored high on the scholastic scale. They were proud to announce that they had the highest active average on campus: 2.94. All the men arc active in sports, but they are especially proud of Bob Chabalowski who is a member of the varsity rifle team. These versatile men designed a homecoming week-end. Their theme was Flower Children which included a light show and a blues band that cut loose in a fragrant flower-filled house. Not to be forgotton, arc the annual spring formal, the Alumni Party, and the pie eating contest. 331PHI KAPPA THETj . A. Bochna 2. R. Schnicdcr 3. 3.Nikora 4. S. Bcdnarck 5. K. Steiner 6. T. Sicdow 1. P. Korlcn S. W. Chapman 9. 3. Paulson 10. W. Ennis 11. 3. Koziol 12. R. Bess 12. 3. Lyons 14. D. Muschcl 15. T.PaUon 16. A. PapageoTge 11. Rex On camera or off, the Phi Kap's are always in the ime ight of cam’ activity. Among the many sets and backdrops for their weekend ac1 the “Hippy Happening,” the two day “Christmas Bash,” and in t spotlight during the spring semester, the “St. Pat was a Phi Kap” “His Master’s Voice” taking a break, the on camera performers fade out to take five around the taps. 332Finally the Phi Sigma Kappas arc changing their image and they have abandoned the den of iniquity on North Lake Street and are moving—with props— to a new location. One might ask what do they want now?—good weather for their formals, wealthy alums at their Founder’s Day festivities or is it a new bar?(maybc that’s why they hold their beer cans so proudly). Perhaps the fraternity is trying to show that they arc always full of Christmas cheer or that they want to convert to a musical fraternity. At any rate if they haven't been struck by a bolt of lightning they’ll still be around next year, still asking for more. PHI SIGMA KAPPA 1. G. Sargant 12. P. Wilson M. Dobberfuhl 13. K. Tomes y W. Kravjalis 14. P. Kearns 4. P. Hannah 15. R. Westley 5. T. Fifrick 16. D. I.achut 6. T. Blinker 17. J. Williams 7. K. Harrison 18. W. Boyd 8. J. Norwell 19. G. I.catherman 9. A. Kravjalis 20. R. Foust 10. M. Kraehl 21. E. Anderson II. T. Cook SIGMA ALPHA MU Picture the scene: our heroes, lined up neatly in their patched but clean clothes, heads held high and brave smiles on their lips. Ah, the pathos! Pity then, poor fellows, standing in their barren living room, with nary a stick of furniture against which to rest their weary backs. Perhaps that’s why they hold Hell’s Angels and Hippy parties—they have to dress that way! But no, the Sammys didn't burn their furniture to warm themselves, they’re just waiting for the trucks to bring their brand new furnishings. So dry your heartfelt tears, fond reader, for all’s well that ends. 1. NV. Crenshaw 2. R. Roscnfeld 3. A. Drunk 4. J. Ross 5. R. Rabbit 6. H. Sherman 7. D. King 8. L. Chester 9. H. Braxton 10. Weino 11. D. Kadusion 12. A. Screamer 13. T. Cole 14. L. Kaufman 15. P. Teich 16. M. Solow 17. K. Ross 18. D. Levin 19. S. Shargcl 20. S. Craig 21. A. Kasnett 22. M. Poo 23. J. Christ 24. I). Hondo 3341. R. Alcksandcr 2. R. Zimmcnmann 3. J.Alhcizcr 4. J. Schaub 5. P. Olsen 6. J. Habcrstroh 7. S. Boyd 8. T. Tnies 9. C. Garret 10. B. Brockmann 11. T. Lytllc 12. N. Gibson 13. T. Mackic 14. J. McSwccny 15. R. Frazer 16. H. Boysen 17. B. March 18. N. Mebee SIGMA PHI The men of Sigma Phi are rushing out to let off steam that has built up after a hard day of studying. Their steam seems to have created just the right amount of pressure because they have been consistently rated near the top of the I.F. scholastical ranking. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Therefore, Sigma Phi has their Persian Kilty party annually and a faculty-neighborhood tea. They participate actively not only in social and academic functions, but also in having representatives on the crew and track teams. 335StR! cesses THETA DELTA CHI Sometimes classes are extremely boring. The Theta Delta Chis seem to have found one of these inspiring lectures. Though not aroused in class, the Theta Delta Chis can get fired up about campus activities. Their annual sponsorship of Campus Chest Fund Drive was again a fruitful event this year. It was topped off with the election of another Miss Campus Chest. The Theta Dclts entered Homecoming competition this year with the Alpha Gams. Magna Carta was the theme of their most outstanding party. I. G. Anderson 2. J. Giravcs 3. C. Sanguinet 4. R. Meyer 5. W. Moir III 6. E. Sniffen 7. E. Larson 8. W. Warfield 9. C. Johnston 10. R.Jaeger 11. D. Clegg 12. A. Maximus 13. J. Glazier 14. T. Walsh 15. T. Meyer 16. R. Branch 17. S. Miller J. Eichsteadt 18. 19. R. Hohlweck 20. T. Rcinkc 21. J. Schott 22. C. Waldrop 23. D. Lokcn 24. R. Allen 336Acacia—J. Porter. K. Van Dyke. G. Hanauer. J. Schaucr. J. Smith. L. Ncl- Anderson. W. Watson. R. Rathbun. son. L. Quinn. J. Gicse, S. Greeter. H. Irwin. W. Blandino. D. Rahn. A. College life is full of many forces. “Shall 1 study, play cards, go to the Pub, or sit and worry about all the work I have to do?” This past year Acacia supplied more distractions for its members through activities such as a speaker program, a Head Start Christmas party, Intramural sports, a social program highlighted by a Homecoming party, bashes with other fraternities, and the annual pledge-active drinking contest. The fraternity also experienced a large increase in size. The problem of “What shall 1 do?” still existed, but nobody seemed to mind. ACACIA TAU EPSILON PHI This fraternal organization is well-known for the strong bonds of brotherhood which holds each brother to the next, with never a gap, never a waver. Each member carries some weapon in order to protest his brothers (or perhaps himself) from The Enemy. But since this campus could contain so many subversive enemies, it is best to watch out at all times. Only at beer suppers, formals or parties should you let down your guard. Walk outs are the worst—just look at all the characters who tagged along! Tau Epsilon Phi— Standing: D. Aguadliaman. V. Cong. B. Ellis, T. Katz. D. Weasel. A. Sanchez. C. Gucvicra. Climbing: T. Wonder. J. Licberman. R. Sturman, H. Tube. R. Wolff. A. Goy. Irving, V. Dec. D. Breeze.A dministrationp-Sj ■■ 340A specialist in American diplomatic history, Lincoln and the Civil War period, Dr. Fred Harvey Harrington came to the University as a history instructor in 1937. He became a full professor of history here, and later served as chairman of the history department. In August 1962, after the death of President Conrad A. Elvehjcm, Dr. Harrington was chosen by the Board of Regents as the fourteenth president of the University of Wisconsin. More than a figurehead of academia. President Harrington has also come to appreciate student dissatisfaction with present academic institutions in relation to society. In his speech before a management communication conference on campus-industry relations a year ago. President Harrington said, “There is a temptation for businessmen to be not as much in favor of change, and students don't like that—but they don’t condemn you.” He added, "Students today are restless and dissatisfied, but that’s what you want— that’s what you ought to want.” PRESIDENT HARRINGTON 341ASSISTANTS TO THE PRESIDENT Robert F. Carbone The assistants to the president, Robert Carbone and Robert Taylor, act both as representatives of the president and as agents to the students, faculty and community. Mr. Carbone is in constant contact with national and state educational agencies to keep the president informed on the latest developments of other education centers. Mr. Taylor is the official public relations counselor who handles press releases in addition to his advising capacity on general policy making. During the fall Dow protests, Taylor acted as the administrative adviser to Chancellor Sewell and Dean Kauffman. In addition these men arc involved in legislative relations, student affairs, the building commission, and the program for higher aid. Their cooperation aids the campus in fund raising for large scale special projects and in research and academic development on campus. The assistants to the president are the liasons who combine the staffwork for all the campuses that make up the University of Wisconsin and keep the presidents office a smoothly running, far-reaching educational endeavor. Robert Taylor ifranri !BS!BI 342Robert L„ Clodius As vice-president of the statewide university, Robert L. Cladius functions in the same areas as Presedcnt Harrington, which concerns working directly with the six chancellors and three specialized vice-presidents in university affairs. The duties associated with vice-president for the administration, Charles Engman’s title, include responsibility for special projects, Federal Programs, and university relations with industry. George Field, vice-president for University Development and State Relations, represents the university with state agencies and elected executive and legislative committees. Mr. Field is also coordinator for the fund-raising activities. Responsibility for the business operations of the university falls to Neil Caffcrty, Vice-President of Business and Finance and Trust offices. This includes university buildings and facilities and management of the university’s trust funds. Neil G. Cafferty Charles A. Engman. Jr. VICE PRESIDENTS George Field 343 Professor William H. Sewell, former chairman of the Sociology Department, succeeded Robbin W. Fleming last October and became the second Chancellor of the Madison campus. As Chancellor, Professor Sewell serves as the vital link between President and faculty, administration and students. Due to the growing controversy over student protests in Universities throughout the nation this link between the administration and students has become increasingly important. Wisconsin, however, has maintained its traditional stand on the freedom of students to voice their opinion. At a special state senate committee meeting, which investigated student protests, Chancellor Sewell stated: “We will not suppress freedom of speech . . we arc trying to guarantee constitutional freedoms to those who happen to disagree, whether of the right or of the left, in the majority or in the minority. This is what we do, must do, and intend to do.” Chancellor Sewell’s Vice-Chancellor for Administration, Robert H. Atwell presides over the campus budget, building programs, and business affairs between campus and community. Vice-Chancellor James W. Cleary takes care of academic affairs. He is most concerned with the handling of academic personnel, policies, and procedures. He is parliamentarian for the campus faculty meetings. Three years ago Cleary was elected to become a member of the American Institute of parleamentarians and is now considered a certified professional parliamentarian. Chancellor William Sewell 344 Robert H. Atwell James W. ClearyCHANCELLORS Wallace Lemon The newly created Office of Planning and Facilities is headed by Wallace Lemon. His responsibility is the initiation and coordination of the University’s planning efforts. His major concern is the physical expansion of all the University of Wisconsin campuses. Mr. Lemon’s job is also to identify the goals of the campuses and find a logical way of obtaining these goals. The individual campus is then left to decide what it will do with these recommendations. In this capacity he has consolidated the independent planning committees to form one compact office which coordinates the facility needs of each campus with the University as a whole. Not only does this busy man work in the area of development for the University, but he is the University liason to the State Coordinating Com-mitee for Higher Education. Before assuming his present role, Mr. Lemon had a key part in the planning of the mental retardation center to be built on the Madison Campus within the next two years. 345DEANS W. Eugene Clingan Joseph E. Kaufmann 346 Jane MoormanIn such a large university as Wisconsin, it is easy to feel at a loss when confronting the the many problems inherent in a student's life. To help correct this situation, the Dean of Student Affairs, Joseph F. Kaufmann, his three Assistants, W. Eugene Clingan, Jane D. Moorman, and Patricia Tautfcst, and Assistant to the Dean. John W. Cipperly. are always on hand to give advice and to help make the student's life a less confusing one. The various Deans are concerned with keeping students up to date on the University's rules and regulations, handling disciplinary actions, promoting good student-community relations, maintaining personnel records, and authorizing transfer and employment recommendations. As evidence in the Dow protests earlier this year, it is crucial that the students and the Administration understand one another and keep in close contact. Through careful consideration of the many issues on campus, the Deans of the Student Affairs can help bridge this gap of communications and maintain good university relations-with its students. Patricia B. Tautfcst 3 47 John CipperlyBOARD OF REGENTS The Board of Regents is a ten member body designated as the primary governing authority of the University of Wisconsin, which includes not only the Madison campus but all the university centers and the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. The board is composed of nine members who are appointed by the governor with the consent of the state senate and one member who is the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Their duties are numerous and varied. This past year has brought forth many vital decisions such as the appointment of William Sewell as chancellor of the Madison campus, enunciation of policies concerning on-campus recruiting interviews, and policies concerning the expansion of the university curriculum, and acceptance of grants and gifts. Their duties seem endless as they also approve the university president's election and appoint professors and associate professors. The Board of Regents must at all times attempt to look into the future and direct the university toward providing the essential tools which the graduating student shall need in building a more useful life. Back Row. Ictt to right: Bernard C. Ziegler. Charles D. Gclatt. Gilbert C. Rohde. Arthur DcBardelcbcn. Kenneth L. Grecnquist (President). Front Row. left to right: Jacob F. Fricdrick. Maurice B. Pasch. A. Mathew Werner. William C. Kahl. James W. Nellen. 348BOARD OF VISITORS The multi-faceted university is constantly expanding not only physically but with new and far-sighted ideas. The Board of Visitors is very much involved with the searching for better ways to improve the ever growing university. The professors who visit during examinations to make sure they arc being conducted properly are supervised through this board. In addition to interest in the academic life of the student, the Board of Visitors has studied campus life, operational programs and has prepared special reports of university activities. Through these observations and investigations, the board has been influential in perfecting the student counseling programs and the training of teaching assistants. Their domain includes the university centers and the Milwaukee campus. Their findings arc presented to the Board of Regents four times yearly, with a comprehensive report presented each May. The twelve member board, chosen for four year terms, receive their appointment on the basis of interest in public education and the university. Six members arc appointed by the Alumni Association, three by the governor, and three by the Board of Regents. Front Row. left to right: Mrs. Conrad Elvchjcm. M.E. Schneider. Mrs. John Walsh. Leonard V. Brady. Mrs. Bruno Bitker, Judge Christ Seraphim. Second Row. left to right: Dale Clark. Robert Howell. L. J. Fitzpatrick. Mrs. Robert D. Johns. Richard Cates. F. F. Slender. 349With an ever-growing emphasis on education in the United States, the problems of admission to a University have grown more complex and have continually needed to be redefined. The central administration of the University is constantly bringing up to date its admission policy to maintain the school’s excellence and, in Madison, Director of Admissions Wayne L. Luckkahn is responsible for carrying out this policy. Mr. Kuckkahn, who received his bachelor’s degree at the University' of Wisconsin at White-water and his Master's degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, directs his staff towards instituting the various activities of the admissions office. Among the many varied responsibilities of the office are interviewing prospective students, organizing the summer registration program, and evaluating applications for early and re-admission students for the different colleges of the University. SPECIAL SERVICES Can you imagine having the responsibility for settling thirty-three thousand students in academic orderliness? This is the duty of Thomas Hoover, the University’s registrar. Establishing an organized system for registration is only part of the work put out by the registrar’s office. Maintaining accurate student records is also essential, as anyone who has transferred credits or added and dropped courses knows. Graduating seniors are helped along by another function of the registrar’s office: by compiling senior summaries which show exactly how much the student has completed of the requirements needed for graduation. Determination of residency status and the consequent assessment of fees are also handled by the registrar’s office, an important function touching every student at the university. Thomas Hoover Wayne KuckkahnDr. John D. Me Masters, Student Health Service Porter F. Butts. Director of the Wisconsin Union Special Services on the university campus arc designed for the whole student population, not simply specialized groups. The Student Union provides a range of dining atmospheres from any variety of productions, and serves as a vital center of every major student activity on campus. Any number of students may apply to Student Financial Aid for assistance to facilitate his years at college. If he finds that pressure from home and social life exceeds his ability to cope with them, a student can easily discuss his problems with a staff member of the Student Counseling Service. Finally, if physical problems ail a student, he may seek assistance from a doctor at the Student Health Service. Each of these special services is geared to the student body, regardless of the individual student's personal beliefs and differences. Thus, such vital services attract and provide outlets for a heterogeneous student body. Wallace Douma. Office of Student Financial Aids Randolph Thrush, Director of the Student Counselling CenterWISCONSIN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Retiring Alumni Association President, John J. Walsh, passes gavel to new President. Donald C. Slichlcr. at annual meeting of the board of directors. Mr. Arlic Mucks. Executive Director 1967 winners of Distinguished Service Awards presented by the Alumni Association. Front Row: Prof. William B. Sarles; Kete D. Huber; UW President Emeritus Edwin B. Fredv Back Row: William B. Murphy; Rudolph C. Zimmerman; Prof. John H. Van Vlcck; Lloyd G. Larson. 352As each class graduates, a part of its life at the University is ended. However, through the efforts of the Wisconsin Alumni Association another role is just begun. Hie Alumni Association sponsors traditional activities such as class reunions and local alumni clubs. In addition it encourages undergraduates by honoring worthy students with 5 scholarships. The face aspects of the campus is showing the effects of the Alumni Association. The Alumni House, on the shore of Lake Mcndota, was just opened this fall. The site of the Elvehjem Art Center is undergoing a transformation which promises to yield one of the most architectrually distinguished buildings on-campus. Financially backed entirely by donations from the Wisconsin Alumni Association, its impact is being felt throughout the University. It is the spirit that is Wisconsin. 1967 Alumni Administration Award presented to the Wisconsin Alumni Association by the American Alumni Council in conjunction with the Scars-Rocbuck F-oundation. Dignitaries participating in Alumni House ribbon cutting ceremony: Robert B. Renne-bohm. executive director. University of Wisconsin Foundation; Ralph C. Zimmerman. President, University of Wisconsin Foundation; UW Pres. Fred Harvey Harrington; John J. Walsh. President. Wisconsin Alumni Association; Walter A. Fraulschi. Chairman. Alumni House Committee; and Arlie M. Mucks, Jr., Executive Director. Wisconsin Alumni Association.'V: The board of directors of the Foundation meets regularly during the year to formulate Plans and policies, and to initiate programs for the benefit of the university. Left to right: resident R. C. Zcmmcrman (back to camera). Robert B. Rcnncbohm, Frank V, Birch. R. M. Stroud. Irwin Maicr. Gordon R. Walker. William J. Hagenah (back to camera). 354 R. C. Zimmerman. President of the FoundationUNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN FOUNDATION To meet the many and diverse needs of a huge university such as this, there is one un-disputable fact—it needs money. The University of Wisconsin Foundation meets this need in its capacity as the official fund-raising organization of the university. Working with alumni, members of the community and other organizations, the foundation has campaigned long and hard to produce the funds which have financed such projects as the Wisconsin Center, the New Alumni House, and the Elvejhcm Art Center now under construction. Not only does the money go to building enterprises but also for purchasing equipment, establishing student loan funds, scholarships, and fellowships. The scholarships encompass many different fields as arc evidenced by the Burlingame Memorial Scholarship for law, the Helfaer Scholarship for medical school, and the University Symphony Orchestra Scholarship for music. Without these funds, many deserving students might not be able to continue their education at the university. Without the Wisconsin Foundation, therefore, many of the goals of the University would be long delayed or possibly never realized. 355ALDEN WHITE A clear head, an honest but courteous tongue, a compassionate heart. Aldcn White was born in Rcwey, Wisconsin, on November 10, 1901, and died in Madison on November 14, 1967. He graduated from the University with a B.A. degree in 1926. In 1931 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Faculty, in 1943 Acting Secretary', and in 1946 Secretary of the Faculty, a position he held until his death. His own conscience, and sometimes the hecdlcssness of his colleagues, made this a post of many burdens. There arc few persons who have more modestly and more effectively served the University. He was a master of details—but details did not master him. For years he assigned rooms for classes, for examinations and for special occasions. This was done without flaw, but with great consideration of the needs and even of the tastes of those who used these rooms. His minutes of the faculty meetings, both university and college, were concise but accurate and adequate, and almost passionately calm. He and his wife befriended countless students, especially foreign students—again, in terms of individual needs intelligently understood. Few knew, as he did, the rules of the Regents and of the Faculty, or the customs and traditions of the University. Even more important, he knew the rationale behind all of these, that is, when such a rationale existed. It was hard to comprehend how one did so much with so little bustle. He had time to talk—more time sometimes than you had. He had time to participate in the coffee-break. He patiently suffered endless interruptions yet seldom was his office a bottleneck. We will miss a fine, public servant. We will also miss a friend. He was kind and quietly warm in his relations with all persons without regard to the distinctions that sometimes separate the University community; and it was by individuals in the service staff, in the office, in the faculty, in the adminis- tration, in the student body and among the alumni that he was beloved. In his lack of pretentiousness, he was a humble person. He was also a proud person. He was proud of the State of Wisconsin and particularly of the southwest portion of the state with its sturdy Cornish stock. He was proud of the University of Wisconsin where he received his bachelor’s degree and of which he was an officer for thirty-six years. He was proud of his wife, his son and his daughter. He would boast about the state, the University and the family. He would not boast about the key position he held in the faculty nor the unstinted devotion he brought to it—but of that he must also have been proud. by Mark H. Ingraham November 16, 1967 356357Colleges and Seniors•VSENIOR CLASS COUNCIL Senior Class Council—Bottom Row: J. Goggin. L. Korcs. C. Nolan. T. Wesocky. B. Barnett. N. Widctt. J. Ductsch. L. Epstein. N. Wellsfry. A. M. Swanson. M. Geigerman. Second Row: E. Bergman. D. Schwartc. J. Homsquist. R. Stevert. As the year progresses and the flurry of activities so typical of the senior class starts snowballing, there exists a definite need for a stable unifying force. This is where the Senior Class Council comes to the rescue. The 35 member Council has such functions as organizing two formal graduation ceremonies, keeping seniors informed of pertinent information, raising funds for the senior class gift to the university and working with the University Placement Service. CommencementSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President—John Goggin Vice President--Michael Geigcrman Treasurer—Richard Johannes Secretary—Toni Walter Senior class officers for 1967-68 fulfilled the traditional functions plus more. Besides working with the Deans, planning the Senior Class Show, commencement exercises, and the Senior class gift, these officers, who were elected last spring, have given their status a broader base. Most important they have tried to aid in the interpretation of the campus elections and referenda to help the students understand the issues of this campus. 361Agriculture Hall AGRICULTURE 362Dean Glenn S. Pound Agriculture is a science and an art. It is industry’s imagination and inspiration. Agriculture is no longer simply a matter of planting the earth with seeds and providing fodder for the animals; nor can it be confined to crop rotation and scientific breeding. The practice of agriculture must draw upon and give to industry and business; it must consider morality and humanity. Better techniques of food production today won’t suffice for tomorrow’s generations. Agriculture must prepare and is preparing for the time when entirely new systems and radically new concepts of human nourishment will be necessitated. The School of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin educates both the pragmatic farmers of today and the planner’s of the future. Its facilities allow teaching of the best modes of production known and provides a base for experiments towards better ones far different from conventional ideas of tilling the soil and tending the stock. Agriculture students are trained to improve and advance beyond what they have learned. Dean Glenn $. Pound, the head of the School of Agriculture is channeling its resources so as to be able to give answers for questions yet unasked. Before ... After. 363 Agriculture Business Club—Bottom Row: Dr. Kimball, N. Beck. K. Bcrgcnc. R. Rindsig, I. Capaul. Second Row: S. Staniforth. R. Koehler. Extending and educating themselves in agriculture and related fields is the purpose of this club. It is open to students of both the College of Agriculture and the School of Home Economics. The Agriculture Extension and Education Club hosts speakers from various fields, and its members are involved in many community service projects. What better way to learn and serve, than a coed club?! C. Cook, S. Pamperin. G. Brandenburg. R. Abrahams. A. Milker. R. Shulstad, L. Jacoby. W. Custer. J. Wickcrt. J. Buchner. AGRICULTURE BUSINESS CLUB AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION AND EDUCATION CLUB Agricultural Extension and Education C lub—Bottom Row: K. Polocnik. I). Mculcmans, K Williams. D. Theno. J. Rutledge, C. Ray. M. Jensen. M. Currie. Second Row: P. Priepke. W. Gnatzig, H. Thiede. B. Sennhenn. J. Ludvigsen. K. Rhodes. M. Turner. M. Williams. B. Dolata. J. Christ, Through the efforts of Alpha Zeta, a course—evaluation program for the Agriculture campus was set up last year. It’s own members certainly aren’t trying to decide which courses should be avoided, for they all must maintain at least a 3.0 for three semesters. Alpha Zeta's visit high schools to explain and to recruit for the Agriculture School, and they run a tutoring service to explain things to students who might otherwise end up as recruits. C. Whyte. W. Geiser. Third Row: M. Lindquist. T. Franz. G. Sylvester, C. Behnke, M. Stewart. M. Saah. F. Buttel. R- Schrocdcr. K. Bocbcl. C. Marx. J. Schafer.Agriculural Student Council—Bottom Row: K. Van Doren. J. Voss. R. Shulstad. D. Flcsch. D. Linde. W. Gresch. Second Row: T. Kennedy. II. Carstens. B. Biddick. L. Skalitzky. H. NVarmbicr. G. Rindsig, W. Meyer, J. Severson. J. Heller. C. Knigge. D. Moths. Third Row: D. Schwartz. I). AGRICULTURAL STUDENT COUNCIL There’s more to agriculture than hosing and sowing, and therein lies the purpose of the Agriculture Business Club. Speakers from agriculture—related fields of industry and invited to their monthly meetings to acquaint the members with business opportunities. The modern agricultural student has a range of career choices; he isn’t limited to plowing and milking. The Agriculture Business Club operates to familiarize him with the variety of fields open to him. Alpha Zeta—Bottom Row. Dr. Kauffman, D. Wiltrout, D. Considinc. J. Voss. R. Rindsig. L. Ford. H. Warmbier. R. Noble. C. Veum. Dr. Satter. Second Row: L. Skalitzky. R. Schafer. D. Huntress. C. Carter, N. Sch- Wiltrout. J. McAuliflc. S. Vidhuber. W. Wilson. T. Miller, K. Struck-mcycr. R. l.uckow. L. Johnson. L. Ford. R. Ringsig. J. Zalewski. J. Bal- fanz. Various agriculture and home economics clubs invite speakers, perform community services, run the fall agriculture campus picnic and organize the "Little International” Livestock Show. Within such activities there would undoubtedly be collisions among different organizations if it weren’t for the Agriculture Student Council, directing and disentangling. To reward themselves for jobs well done, they hold a Midwinter Ball which really rounds off the season. ALPHA ZETA lough. A. Vlasak. J. Heller. R. Ahrens, R. Whiting. J. Zalewski. G. Hasemkamp. B. Biddick, M. Schwingel. J. McAuliffe, P. O’I.eary. J. Buttke. BADGER CROPS AND SOILS Badger Crops and Soils—Bottom Row: E. Kissinger. P. Vinje. B. Jaquish. P. Berger. C Kudcsill. V. Burcalow, I. Cretncy. G. Dirks. J. Zimmel. D. Koehler. Second Row: J. Wickcrt. I. Block. G. GlatZ. J. Sund. R. l.uckow. Members of the Badger Crops and Soils Club are interested in promoting research in field crop production and soil management. They accomplish this goal with the help of speakers, tours, and judging contests at Purdue, Indiana last October where the club placed fifth in the Regional Soils Judging Contest. But all is not work. In the spring the club holds its annual banquet to reward its members for their dedicated time. P. Oinoncn. P. Jung. B. Byrnes. J. Kaap. F. Cash. D. Dvorachek. D. Jeffers T. Norman. BLUE SHIELD 4-H 4-H, like social security, is something that its members can retain for a lifetime. It continues from high school 4-H Club to college with the Blue Shield 4-H and does approximately the same type of service projects; extension programs, trip to rural areas and outings with area youth groups. Their work on campus includes helping with the Little International Show and sponsoring a queen candidate. These projects and social activities acquaint Blue Shield 4-H members with local chapters. Blue Shield 4-H—Bottom Row: W. Grcsch. T. Cretncy. C. Kniggc. J. Severson. C. Whyte. D. Kron. K. Williams. Second Row: K. Potocnik. J. Gaspardo, K. Rhodes. B. Scnnhenn. K. Bradley. J. Christ. M. Currie. C. Ray. M. Williams. M. Turner. Third Row: J. Kron. R. Rutledge. H. Warn-bier. P. Schneider. M. Grundal. H. Thiede. J. Rutledge. F. McGibbon. M. Lindquist.I i Dne of the most active groups on campus, Saddle and Sirloin s definitely not just some tasty meal. Through educational and entertaining activities, such as participation in Little Intcrna-lliional. horse shows, a pig steering contest and a judging contest n Chicago, the members find the time and opportunity to learn I nore about their fields. SADDLE AND SIRLOIN D. Sabo. G. Zwcttlcr. F. Gibbon, H. Thicdc. P. Schneider, B. Parr. N. Meyer. D. Rownircc. I . Craig. R. Luckow. Fifth Row: R. Bennett. P. Bccrc. H. Warmbier. A. Kau. D. Scheldt, L. Johnson. N. De Beukclar. S Nelson. J. Hoskens. E. Borre. Sixth Row: P. Keiterhagen. i. Ford. R. Cushman. J. Cull. P. Priepke. D. Mculcmans. W. Gratzig. laddie and Sirloin—Bottom Row N. First. I). Wieckert. I). Saltier. G. .intvedt, D. Wiltrout. L. Skalitzky. J. Heller. I). Flesch. D. Schultz. J. -chafer. Second Row: M. Williams. R. Bergene. C. Yankc. I.. Damerow. Kron. C. Knigge. R. Nusbaum. G. Onan. J. Voss, J. Rutledge. Third {on-. B. Sennhenn. M. Martins. P. Turner. T. Machan. C. Sherman, I), deck son. D. Thomas. R. Rutledge. I). Veum, H. Warmbier. Fourth Row: I If you’re a landscape architect major, you're most likely a ncmber of the Student Association ot Landscape Architects. The association boasts full membership of the L.A. student ody, which equals one hundred members. Besides tromping iround junk yards looking for usable material for a natural composition project, the landscape architects decide whether the :ampus is being designed properly, and often they redesign :ampus areas. They went to Expo ’67 last year. Student Association of Landscape Architects- Bottom Row: J. Robinson. M. Grimme. P. Chapados, H. Swart. K. Struckmcycr, W. Wilson. Second STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Row: L. Vailc. F. Rux, W. Tishlcr. S. Dunn. E. Kuhlmcy. G. Gumz, D. Mittclstcadt. R. Gutzman. G. Giese. T. Churchill.ABRAHAM. K.. B.S. in Agricultural Economics BERGEN I-. R.. B.S. in Meat Science BOUTALEB. D.. B.S. in Horticulture BOYKE. J.. B.S. in Dairy Science BRAKKEN. K.T., B.S. in Soils BRANDENBURG. G.. B.S. in Agricultural Economics BRUSKY.J.. B.S. in Dairy Science BUCHNER. J.. B.S. in Agricultural Economics BULLIS. R.H.. B.S. in Agricultural Economics BURT, C-. B.S. in Agricultural Economics CAMPBELL, R.. B.S. in Agricultural Economics CARSTENS. H., B.S. in Agricultural Economics CHAPADOS. P . B.S. in l andscape Architecture CHURCHILL. T.J.. B.S. in Landscape Architecture CONWAY. R.. B.S. in Agronomy DAMEROW. I. . B.S. in Dairy Science DEBEUKELAR. N.. B.S. in Agriculture Education EBERHARDT. R.. B.S. in Agriculture Education EI.ESCH. D.. B.S. in Agriculture FORD. L.J.. B.S. in Dairy Science GANSER. V„ B.S. in Agriculture Education GF.ISER. W„ B.S. in Agriculture Ext. Education GIF.SE. G.. B.S. in Landscape Architecture GREIL. G.. B.S. in Meat and Animal Science HAMMES, O.. B.S. in Dairy Science HASF.NKAMP. G.. B.S. in Agriculture Economy HASSE. P.G., B.S. in Dairy Science HELD. M.. B.S. in Dairy Science HELLER. J.. B.S. in Dairy Science HITT. W., B.S. in Rural Sociology HODGE. J.. B.S. in Meat and Animal Science HURTGF.N. A.. B.S. in Dairy Science JACOBY. L., B.S. in Agriculture Economics JAQUISH, W.A.. B.S. in Agronomy JEANQUART. L.E.. B.S. in Agriculture Ext. Education JEFFERS. D.. B.S. in Agronomy JOHNSON. L.P.. B. S. in Dairy Science KAAP. J.. B.S. in Soils KAU. A.. B.S. in Dairy Science KAUER. L.. B.S. in Agronomy KENNEDY. TJ.. B.S. in Dairy Science KOOISTRA. E.. B.S. in Dairy Science KUKACHKA. R.. B.S. in Soils LATIGO-OLAL. K.A.. B.S. in Biochemistry LAUPP, C.. B.S. in Agricultural Journalism I-AVERTY. D.. B.S. in Meat Science LINDE. D.. B.S. in Horticulture LINTVEDT, G.. B. S. in Dairy Science LOBECK, S.. B.S. in Meat Animal Science LOYE, L.L., B.S. in Agriculture Economics LUTTROPP. K.. B.S. in Agricultural Journalism MCCARTHY. M.. B.S. in Landscape Architecture MEYF. R. W.. B.S. in Poultry Science 368MILLER. M.S.. B.S. in Turf Management PELTON. F.. Jr., B.S. in Agriculture Economics PETERSON. L., B.S. in Agronomy RADI.ER, W.. B.S. in Landscape Architecture RAUSCH..I.D- B.S. in Bacteriology RINDSIG. R.. B.S. in Dairy Science RUDESILL.C.. B.S. in Soils SABO. D.. B.S. in Dairy Science SCHMOOCK. G.. B.S. in Dairy Science SCHULTZ. A.. B.S. in Meat Animal Science SCHWALBE, C. B.S. in Bacteriology SHNFT. D.. B.S. in Meat Animal Science SEVERSON. J.. B.S. in Agricultural Journalism SHAW. D.. B.S. in Meat Animal Science SHULSTAD. R.. B.S. in Agriculture Economics SPITZKR. R.. B.S. in Meat Animal Science STFFI-FNHAGF.N, W., B.S. in Meat Animal Science STEINHAUER. W.. B.S. in Agriculture Extension Ed. STRUCKMEYER. K.. B.S. in Undscapc Architecture SWART. J.W.. B.S. in landscape Architecture THOMSON. K.. B.S. in Dairy Science TIF.TZ. J.. B.S. in Landscape Architecture VAILE. L.G.. B.S. in Landscape Architecture VOSS. J.M.. B.S. in Agricultural Engineering WARMBIER. H.F.. B.S. in Agriculture Economics WARM BIER. H.. B.S. in Food Science Industries WEISS. L.. B.S. in Horticulture WHITING. R-. B.S. in Food Science WINELAND. M.. B.S. in Poultry ZALEWSKI. J.C.. B.S. in Agronomy ZOERB. D.. B.S. in Rural Sociology ZUHLKE, T.A.. B.S. in Dairy Science ZWETTLER. G.F.. B.S. in Dairy Science 369The Commerce building, much talked about and photographed on campus this year, is the scene of a much larger process—the School of Business. Headed by Dean Erwin Gaumnitz, this college prepares undergraduates and graduate students for all fields of business. Our School of Business was founded as an organizational division of the University in 1900, and has since accummulated fine facilities for students in areas from public utilities, to advertising, to urban land economics. Students in this school are oriented with an awareness of current problems and an ability to solve them. Careful preparatory study in the first two years is the groundwork for the students, followed by actual admission into the School of Business in their junior year. The curriculum of the last two years is designed to help the student narrow his studies for a complete understanding of his field. To aid graduating students, the college has also organized the Placement Bureau. This bureau arranges student interviews with representatives from business, industrial, and governmental agencies. Nearly four thousand interviews are set up annually, and many business graduates get their first positions through the bureau. With the combined help of the Business School faculty, the outside organizations on campus, the financial aid available, and the sophisticated philosophy of the school, each graduating business student is well prepared. The Commence building remains open at night for study purposes. BUSINESS 371BETA ALPHA PSI To prevent business students from becoming stereotyped businessmen, AKP sponsors multi-interest activities. There arc informal parties and poker games— cigars allowed—plus a central theme of what to expect in the business world. Since courses in After—Dinner Speeches or During—Dinner Jokes are not offered in the business school, Alpha Kappa Psi helps to fill the gap. Alpha Kappa Psi—Bottom Row: L. Todd, J. Barron, D. Baker, M. Reh-berg. J. Sara. J. Teurucht, M. Ullmer, J. Zimmer. C. Winkc. Second Row: L. Schneider. J. Hocrr, R. Abraham, J. Muir, D. Boyd. K. Keach. R. Dike. K. Sack. G- Gustavson. R. Bauch. R. Lcnburg, P. O'Brien. Third Row: T. Coil, W. Arndl, J. Hcany. J. Plechaty, T. McSwain. E. Gilbertson. L. Totten, J. Stangel. R. Abler, J. Buchner, P. Hocfcr. The University of Wisconsin campus is noted for many unique happenings which we need not go into here. One of the most outstanding of these which we are able to describe is Beta Alpha Psi, the only national accounting fraternity. Their goal is to promote the professional aspects of accounting which they accomplish through speakers and through business meetings. PHI CHI THETA Beta Alpha Psi—Bottom Row: J. Buzzell, E. Virnig, A. Peterson. T. Klammer, P. Fischer, H. Ingalls, R. Houser, B. Dolfman. E. Karrcls, J. Hamrc. Second Row: D. Holy, C. Nelson, C. Brickbaucr. M. Barocca, A. Bcrgdoll, M. Mitterer, Prof. G. Brieskc. M. Jennings. K. Will, K. Langstcn. C. Krug, B. McKee. Third Row: T. Leahy, J. Mulhcrn, H. Watkins, R. Grahn, D. Ziegler. R. Holzrichter, L. Epstein, A. Topp, L. Kahler. T. Taylor, R. Freymiller, J. Duwe. P. Ambelang, K. Swenson, W. Dille. R. Pitzner. Fourth Row: T. Morton, D. Carpenter, R. Tubbe-sing. A. Hass. D. Grams. D. Johnson, J. Hcidgen, R. Vanderweele. K. Gumbingcr. D. Robertson. J. Wcisman. L. Krug. W. Grinde. R. Groth.Phi ( hi Theta—Bottom Row: A. McCormick. V. Bucarda. S. Johnson. J. Habcck. C. Brickboucr. S. Yahn, G. Hastrcitcr. N1. Rubino. Second Row: K. Lecman. M. Holzschuh. L. Trogun, T. Littcl. B. Wilson. S. Schucsslcr. N. Calhoun. D. Hcrkcr. K. Robertson. K. Grant. J. Schmidt. M. Mcythalcr. P. Kobishop. I.. Schmidt. Since few girls arc found in the Commerce School (as compared to Elementary Education and English) Phi Chi Theta, a national professional fraternity, gives these chosen few a chance to get together! Their main events consist of traditional annual happenings such as the Founders’ Day celebration in March and the Senior Sendoff in the spring, where awards are given and the seniors are honored. ALPHA KAPPA PSI O ABLER. R. C.. B.B.A. in Accounting Finance AEGKRTER. D.. B.S. in Business Construction Adm. AMMONS. M.. B.B.A. in Marketing AYERS. K.. B.B.A. in Marketing BABBITT, T. J.. B.B.A. in Marketing BAKER, D., B.B.A. in Finance BAKER. T.. B.A. in Marketing BECKER. M.. B.B.A. in Finance BECKER. S. S„ B.B.A. in Marketing BEDU'HN. J. R.. B.B.A. in Marketing BEITZEL. P. W.. B.B.A. in Marketing Transportation BERGER, S., B.B.S. in Marketing BLANKE, D. E.. B.B.A. in Accounting BOEHM. R., B.B.A. in Marketing BOETTCHER. G.. B.B.A in Accounting BORN, B.. B.B.A. in Real Estate BRICKBAUER, C., B.B.A. in Accounting BRUSSEL, J., B.B.A. in Accounting BUCAIDA, V., B.B.A. in Quantitative Analysis BURCKARDT, M., B.B.A. in Marketing BURHANS, C.. B.B.A. in Marketing BURKE. D.. B. B.A. in Marketing BURKHALTER. R.. B.B.A. in Accounting Risk Mgt. CAIN, S.. B.S. in Finance CALHOUN, N., B.B.A. in Quantitative Analysis CHALMSON, F.. B.B.A. in Marketing CLARK. T., B.B.A. in Finance . Marketing CONDON. G. C., JR.. B.B.A. in Finance Invest. Acc. COOPER. C.. B.B.A. in Business Education DF.COSTE'R. J. W.. B.B.S. in Const. Administration DEUTCH. A., B.B.A. in Accounting DEUTSCH, J., B.S. in Accounting DIMATTF.O, D.. B.B.A. in Finance DONIGER. M., B.B.A. in Finance InsuranceDRET7.KE. B.. B.B.A. in Business Education DUDDLESTON. W.. B.B.A. in Personnel Management DUSTIN. R.. B.B.A. in Personnel Management EISELE. T.. B.B.A. in Marketing ENDF.RS. R.. B.B.A. in Accounting EPSTEIN. I... B.B.A. in Accounting ERDMAN, J.. B.B.A. in International Business Marketing FE1NKR, M.A.. B.B.A. in Urban Land Economics GARBUTT, R.. B.S. in Marketing GERLACH, R.H., B.A. in Accounting GILBERTSON. F... B.B.A. in Finance GOHR. F.B.. JR., B.B.A. in Personnel Management GOLDMAN. D.. B.B.A. in Marketing GUTOWSKI. J.. B.B.A. in Production Management HAACK. T.. B.B.A. in Finance HABECK. J.E.. B.B.A. in Quantitative Analysis HAFERBECKER. R.. B.B.A. in Marketing HAFFELE. R.. B.B.A. in Accounting HARR. D.J.. B.B.A. in Accounting HENDERSON. J., B.B.A. in Marketing HEPPARD. K.. B.B.A. in Personnel Management HOHLWECK, R.. B.B.A. in Banking Investment HORN. G.M., M.B.A. in Accounting HUGHES. W.F..JR., B.B.A. in Marketing JAMES. F.L., B.B.A. in Marketing JOHNSON. D.E.. B.B.A. in Accounting JOHNSON. G.. B.B.A. in Risk Insurance JOHNSON. S.. B.B.A. in Marketing JONHS. D.. B.B.A. in Management KAHLER. L.. B.B.A. in Accounting REACH, K.. B.B.A. in International Business KELLNER. T.. B.A. in Finance KEMMERER. K.. B.B.A. in Marketing KLEMME. H.. B.B.A. in Business Education KORT. W.. B.B.A. in Marketing KRUG. C.. B.B.A. in Accounting KURTZ. G., B.B.A. in Finance I.ABOW. H.. B.B.A. in Marketing LANGSTEN, K.. B.B.A. in Accounting LARKIN. R.M.. B.B.A. in Personnel Management LAUTF.RBACH, D.. B.B.A. in Finance LAZARUS. B., B.B.A. in Marketing I.EEMON, K.. B.B.A. in Personnel Management I I NBURG, R.. B.B.A. in Marketing and Personnel LENOIR, G., B.B.A. in Marketing MCKEE, B., B.B.A. in Accounting MAR I Y, J.. B.B.A. in Actuarial Science MARX. S.. B.A.A. in Marketing MATISON.C.. B.B.A. in Marketing MICHEL.SON. P R.. B.B.A. in Finance Real Estate MINER. P.. B.B.A. in Personnel Management MORSE. J.. B.B.A. in Real Estate OGOR .ALEK. G., B.B.A. in Marketing OLSON. O.. B.B.A. in Accounting 374OZARK. J., B.B.A. in Actuarial Science PACHNIAK. E.C.. B.B.A. in Finance PATTINSON, S.. B.B.A. in Finance PERKINS. I... B.B.A. in International Marketing PITZNER. R.. B.B.A. in Accounting PLATE. R.. B.B.A. in Finance PRESCOTT. B.. B.B.A. in Business Education RAVID, S., B.B.A. in Diversified Business REIN HARD. K.. B.B.A. in Marketing RHUTASEL. D.. B.B.A. in Accounting RICHTER. R.. B.B.A. in Marketing ROSA. F.. B.B.A. in Marketing 4 i W'.hk; t ROTH BART, G.. B.B.A. in Accounting SARA. J.. B.B.A. in Finance SCHELL C.. B.B.A. in Marketing SCHENK AT, R.. B.B.A. in Marketing SCHMIDT. L.. B.B.A. in Investments SCHMITT. D.. B.B.A. in Accounting SCHNEIDER. H.. B.B.A. in Marketing SCHROEDER. K.J.. B.B.A. in Mktg. and Pcrs. Management SCHULTZ. R.. B.B.A. in Finance SCOON. D.. B.B.A. in Finance SERNOVITZ. J.L.. B.B.A. in Transportation SHAUGHNESSY. R.J.. III. B.B.A. in Production Management SHEARER. R.. B.B.A. in Finance SOBEK. M.. B.B.A. in Accounting SORGE. D.. B.B.A. in Accounting SOULES. R., B.B.A. in Marketing SPINDLER. E-. B.B.A. in Accounting STANGEL. J.. B.B.A. in Accounting STAPLETON. T.S.. B.B.A. in Insurance STONE. F.L.. B.B.A. in Investment Finance SURPRISON. P.. B.B.A. in Accounting TAYLOR. B. F . B.B.A. in Marketing TEVRUCHT, G.. B.B.A. in Accounting THOMAS. S.. B.B.A. in Operations Research THOUSAND. W.. B.B.A. in Accounting TOCKE, S. A.. B.B.A. in Personnel Management TUSZKA. M.. B.B.A. in Accounting ULLMER. M.. B.B.A. in International Business and Mktg. VAN NELSON, T., B.B.A. in Personnel Management WALTER. T.. B.B.A. in Marketing WEIGEL R- K.. B.B.A. in Finance Investment and Banking WEISMAN. J.. B.B.A. in Accounting WICHERN. D. K.. B.B.A. in Accounting WILMETH. S.. B.B.A. in Marketing WINKE. C.. JR.. B.B.A. in Insurance and Finance WOCHOS. T.. B.B.A. in Finance WOCHOS. W.. B.B.A. in Marketing WOLD I. R.. B.B.A. in Risk Management WYLIE. J.. B.B.A. in Business Education ZIEGLER. R. K.. B.B.A. in Accounting ZIMMER. J.. B.B.A. in Transportation Marketing ZUHI.KE, J.. B.B.A. in Personnel Management 375Research and development of the educational system arc among the main goals of the university’s school of education. Revolution is an important word in the vocabulary of the instructors of the school and through the large Education Research Center, now rated second in the nation, attempts are being made to discover new and better methods of instruction. In order that education majors have an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge, the school of education offers both the block system and internship programs of student teaching. This practical experience, given in the Madison area public schools, permits a future teacher to evaluate his effectiveness, improve on his weaknesses and generally be better prepared as a teacher in a full-time capacity. Within the university itself, the relation of the school of education to other schools is one of mutual interest and cooperation. That is, any instructor on this campus who teaches a course which will help a student toward teacher certification is considered a member of the school of education’s faculty. Interest in educational problems, however, is not limited to just this university or even the United States. Demonstrating concern with world-wide education, the school is currently sponsoring a program in Nigeria which is geared to upgrade the instruction level there. 376Dean Donald J. Me Carty ABRAMS, E-, B.S. in English ABRAMSON. S.. B.A. in Speech Therapy ADl.ER, J., B.A. in Elementary Education AFFELDT, G. JR., B.S. in Elementary Education GRAHAM. M.. B.S. in Art 377ALBF.RT. N.. B.S. in Art ALK1RE. K . B.S. in Dance ANDERSON. J.. B.S. in FJementary Education ARDERSON. R.. B.S. in Speech ARPE. M.. B.A. in Elementary Education BACKER. I... B.S. in Elementary Education BAILEY. M.. B.S. in English BANK. A.. B.A. in Special Education BARAGER. J.. B.S. in Physical Education BARCZAK. C , B.A. in Elementary Education BARRY. P.. B.S. in English BARNE. K.. B.S. in Speech BEACH, A., B.A. in Elementary Education BECKER. L.. B.A. in German BECKER. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education BKGOUN. R.. B.A. in Elementary Education BEHRENS. G.. B.S. in Latin BELIVEAU. D.. B.S. in Physical Education BENSON. P.. B.A. in Elementary Education BERGMAN, P.. B.S. in Economics BERNSTEIN. G.. B.S. in Mathematics BERRES, J-. B.S. in Elementary Education BIER I. B.. B.A. in Art Education BISMAN. J.. B.A. in Hebrew BLANKF.NHEIM. L.. B.S. in Elementary Education BLUM REICH. S.. B.S. in Elementary Education BOEBEL. K-. B.S. in Physical Education BOERINGER. B.. B.A. in Elementary Education BOETTGER.C.. B.A. in Elementary Education BOHAC. J.. B.S. in Special Education BOND. S.. B.S. in Physical Education BOOTH. M.. B.S. in History BOOTHROYD. S-. B.A. in Elementary Education BORENSTEIN. R.. B.S. in Elementary Education BOSBEN. P.. B.A. in History BOWER. J.. B.S. in Elementary Education BOWLES. C.. B.A. in English BRADY. M. M.. B.S. in History BRAND. E.. B.A. in Natural Science BRANDT. M.. B.S. in Speech Therapy BRAUMAN, A.. B.S. in Elementary Education BREITENBACH. S.. B.S. in Physical Education BRESLIN. D.. B.S. in Special Education BROWN. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education BRUINS. L.. B.A. in French BUCHHOLZ. B.. B.S. in French BULLIS.G., B.A. in French BURMEISTER. L.. B.S. in Elementary Education CARLIN. C.. B.S. in History CASPER, C.. B.S. in Elementary Education CELLMER. S.. B.S. in Elementary Education CHASE, J.. B.S. in Elementary Education CHRISTENSEN. J.. B.A. in Elementary Education CHRISTENSEN. R.. B.A. in English 378CHRISTIANSEN. C.. B.S. in Physical Education COLE. C.. B.S. in Natural Science COLE. S.. B.A. in English CONGDON.S.. B.A. in History CONWAY. A.. B.S. in Speech Therapy COOK. D.. B.A. in English COR LETT. ('.. B.S. in Elementary Education COX. N.. B.S. in Elementary Education CUNNINGHAM. E.. B.A. in Elementary Education CZEREDINSKI. D.. B.A. in Natural Science DAVIS, B.. B.S. in Education DAVIS. M.. B.A. in English DELLMANN.C. B.A. in English DEPREZ. J.. B.S. in English DES ROOMERS. E. M.. B.A. in Communicative Disorders DIEFENTHALER. R.. B.S. in Occupational Therapy DOHERTY. A.. B.S. in American Institutions DOVE:. M. I... B.S. in Mathematics DRAKE, M- L.. B.S. in Physical Education DRANKOFF. J.. B.S. in Physical Education DUMBAULD. J.. B.S. in Art DYER. C.. B.S. in English EIDSON. S.. B.S. in Physical Education EINBERGER. P.. B.S. in Art ELSON. M., B.S. in Elementary Education ENGEL. K.. B.S. in Special Education ERICKSON. M. A.. B.S. in French ESKER. E.. B.S. in Physical Education ESSER. S.. B.S. in Elementary Education FANDUZZI, R.. B.A. in Italian FARNSWORTH. J.. B.S. in Elementary Education FASSLER. R.. B.S. in Elementary Education FAULKES. D.. B.S. in Dance FEICK. C.. B.A. in Math FELD. R. A.. B.S. in History FEI.DMAN. R. H.. B.S. in History FENSKE.C.. B.S. in History FISCHER. D.. B.A. in French FISHER. D.. B.S. in Elementary Education FLOTTUM, K.. B.A. in English FRAHM, R. A.. B.A. in English FRANK. M., B.S. in Elementary Education FRAZIER, I... B.A. in Elementary Education FRIF.DBF.RG, B., B.A. in German FULLER. L.. B.S. in English JANICE. G., B.A. in French GAEKE. J.. B.S. in Art Education GLEIXNER. L. M.. B.A. in French GOLDSMITH. B.. B.S. in English GOLDSTEIN, F., B.S. in Elementary Education GOSE, J., B.A. in Elementary Education FRAF. J. A.. B.S. in English GRANUM. G. L-, B.S. in Spanish GROPPER. K.. B.S. in Art 379GROSS. M., B.S. in Special Education GUTHEIM. B.. B.S. in French HANNAPF.L. I ., B.S. in Special Education HANSEN. S.. B.S. in Art Education HARBORT. V.. B.S. in Elementary Education HARRIS. R. JR.. B.S. in Physical Education HAVNEN. K-. B.S. in German HEIKKINEN, M.. B.S. in Zoology HELMERICH. F.. B.S. in Physical Education HENRY. D. U B.A. in Mathematics HERMANSON. M.. B.S. in History HIRSCH, A.. B.A. in History HOFFMAN. P.. B.S. in Secondary Education HOFFMAN. S. B.. B.A. in Elementary Education HOLMAN. P. C.. B.S. in American Institutions HOLMES. S.. B.S. in Physical Education HOI.MQUIST. A. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education HORN. I... B.A. in Education HUNTINGTON. L-. B.S. in Elementary Education IRVIN. M.. B.S. in Speech Therapy JADD. L.. B.S. in Elementary Education JAFFE, J., B.S. in Elementary Education JASPERSON. P. S.. B.S. in Elementary Education JAWORSKI. M.. B.S. in Russian JENSEN. E.. B.S. in Occupational Therapy JONES. J.. B.A. in Elementary Education JORGENSEN. J.. B.A. in Elementary Education JUNKER. I... B.S. in Math KAHN. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education KAUFMAN. K.. B.A. in Elementary Education KF.TAY. S.. B.S. in Elementary Education KIESER. A.. B.S. in Elementary Education KLAUS. D.. B.S. in Occupational Therapy KLAYMAN. S., B.S. in Elementary Education KLEIS. M.. B.A. in Biology KLEMAN. D.. B.S. in Elementary Education KLEMM. D. K., B.A. in Elementary Education KOHN. A.. B.S. in Spanish KORTH. M.. B.A. in Elementary Education KOSOSKI.C. A.. B.S. in Elementary Education KOTTLER, B. J.. B.S. in F.lcmcntary Education KOVAL. P.. B.S. in Elementary Education KRF.UL, M., B.A. in Communicative Disorders KRAYF.R, S.. B.S. in English KROHN. J.. B.A. in Spanish KRUG. H.. B.A. in Elementary Education KUBF„ E. A.. B.S. in American Institutions LACROIX. K.. B.S. in Speech Therapy LADWIG, N.. B.A. in English LARSCHE1D. S.. B.S. in Elementary Education LATTS, B.. B.A. in Elementary Education LAWVER. D.. B.S. in Speech Education LEE. D.. B.A. in Speech LITTMAN. J-. B.S. in Elementary Education 380LORBETSKE. A.. B.A. in English LUCK. C. B.A. in Math MCELROY. G.. B.S. in Art Education MCJOYNT, I .. B.S. in Physical Education MCN1TT. D.. B.S. in Art MCPEEK. J.. B.A. in Elementary Education MACDONALD. P.. B.S. in Special Education MAEDER. E.. B.S. in Art MANHELM. B.. B.S. in Art Education MANSFIELD. K.. B.S. in Physical Education MARQUARDT. P.. B.S. in English MARQUARDI. L, B.S. in Communicative Disorders MAR .ULLO. M.. B.S. in Art MASTERS. S.. B.S. in Math MEIER. D.. B.S. in Speech Therapy MEROTES. D-. B.S. in Elementary Education METTEN, D.. B.S. in Elementary Education MILLER. S. K-. B.A. in Biology MOEDF.R. P.. B.S. in French NOERSFEl.DER. F... B.S. in English MONTE, S.. B.S. in Communicative Disorders MARTSON. J.. B.A. in Elementary Education MUELLER. S.. B S. in English MULLEN. P. E., B.S. in Elementary Education MULLINS, P.. B.A. in Speech Therapy MUNDBROT. J.. B.S. in Elementary Education MURPHY. J.. B.S. in English MYHRES. E-. B.S. in Physical Education NAFFIER. J.. B.S. in Elementary Education NELSON. J.. B.S. in Physical Education NOFFKE. J.. B.S. in English NOSKIN. K.. B.A. in English NOVAK. C.. B.A. in Chemistry OESTREICH, S.. B.S. in History OLSEN. M., B.A. in Art Education O'NEILL, G., B.S. in French OPELT, M. A.. B.S. in German OUELLETTE. M. L.. B.A. in Vocal Education PAJALA, J., B.S. in Special Education PARKER. B.. B.S. in Elementary Education PEARCE. E.. B.S. in Behavioral Disorders PEARL. S.. B.S. in Elementary Education PEDDICORD. C.. B.S. in History PEERENBOOM. L., B.A. in English PETERSON, E.. B.S. in English PFUND, L., B.S. in Spanish PICKUS, T. A.. B.S. in Communicative Disorders PIERCE. G.. B.A. in English PINKERT. P-. B.S. in Latin PIVEK. M., B.A. in Latin PLAX, S., B.S. in Elementary Education POLK. M.. B.S. in English POMAINVILLE. M., B.S. in English PORSCHE, B. A., B.S. in Elementary Education 381PORTF.R, A. M., B.A. in Mathematics PORTER. J.. B.A. in History POTTER. D. I... B.S. in Natural Science PREMO. J.. B.A. in Secondary Education PREYS .. C.. B.S. in Speech PRICE. B.. B.A. in French PRICE, N.. B.S. in Elementary Education PRIEBUSCH. I... JR.. B.S. in Mathematics RENVEY. I .. B.S. in English REZNICHEK, J K.. B.S. in Recreational Leadership RHEINGANS. A.. B.S. in Elementary Education RIETER. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education RISSEEUNV. J.. B.S. in Art ROBINSON, E. A., B.A. in English ROHDE. W.. B.S. in History ROMANO, P.. B.S. in Art Education RUBIN, B.. B.S. in Elementary Education RUSSELL. B.N.. B.S. in Recreation RUTHERFORD. J.. B.S. in German RUX, R.. B.A. in Spanish SAFDI. L.. B.S. in Special Education SAKLAD. B.. B.S. in Elementary Education SAKS. S.. B.S. in English SALLEE, L. D.. B.A. in Elementary Education SCHAUMBURG. H.. B.A. in Elementary Education SCHELLIN, E. O.. B.S. in American Institutions SCHILLER. J.. B.S. in French SCHILLER. S.. B.S. in German SCHNEIDERMAN. C.. B.S. in Speech Therapy SCH RANK. D.. B.S. in Natural Science SCHRAUFNAGEL. R.. B.S. in American Institutions SCHUETZE. W.. B.S. in Secondary Education SCHULTZ, A.. B.S. in Elementary Education SCHUMANN. J., B.S. in Geography SCHUTr. M., B.S. in Elementary Education SCHWAB. M., B.A. in Mathematics SCHWARTZ, M.. B.A. in French SCHWEITZER. N.. B.A. in Elementary Education SCULLY, J.. B.S. in Physical Education SEROTA, M. E., B.S. in Special Education SESTO, G. F.. B.S. in English SHEPANFK. S.. B.S. in Art SHOTWELL. B.. B.A. in Elementary Education SIEGEL. J.. B.S. in History SILVERS. J., B.S. in Behavioral Disabilities SKUHRA. J. M.. B.S. in Special Education SKURNICK. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education SLOAN. A. R.. B.A. in Elementary Education SLOTA, K.. B.S. in Elementary Education SMEDSTAD. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education SMILES. J.. B.S. in Art SNARTEMO. K., B.S. in Behavioral Disabilities SOBEL, B.. B.S. in Special Education SONEN. B.. B.S. in Dance Therapy 382SPRINGER. C.. B.S. in English STASKO. R. P.. B.S. in Elementary Education STEFANI. S. I... B.S. in Art Education STEINBACK. B.. B.S. in Speech Therapy STITGEN. D.. B.S. in Elementary Education STONE, L. J-. B.S. in Elementary Education SUl.LIVAN. J.. B.A. in Elementary Education SURI US. R.. B.A. in Spanish TARIFF. A.. B.S. in Elementary Education TAYLOR. F. S.. B.A. in Elementary Education TAYLOR. P.. B.S. incommunicative Disorders THOMAS. M. A.. B.S. in French THOMPSON, J. NL. B.S. in Elementary Education TIMM. K.. B.A. in English TIMMER. B.. B.S. in Speech Therapy TOM El. C. B.S. in Elementary Education TOMEI. P-. B.A. in English TUCKER. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education TURBEY. M. G.. B.S. in French TURKE. K.. B.A. in Mathematics TURNER. E.. B.S. in Art Education TYYKILA. S., B.A. in Elementary Education UHAL. M.. B.S. in Elementary Education UHLIG. D.. B.A. in English USINGER. B., B.S. in Art Education USOW, R., B.A. in Elementary Education VAN KIRK. 8.. B.S. in History VOGT. G.. B.S. in History VOI.TZ, K.. B.S. in Speech WALLENDER. F.., B.S. in Physical Education WANDREY. S-. B.A. in Speech WEBER. J.. B.S. in Speech Therapy WEDEMEYER. C.. B.A. in English WEIDEMANN. W. S.. B.A. in Art WEINER. B.. B.S. in Elementary Education WEISF., J.. B.S. in Elementary Education WHITE, P.. B.A. in Speech WIEDERHOF.FT, A.. B.S. in Mathematics WIESE. B.. B.S. in Art Education WILLI. S., B.A. in German WILLIAMS. D.. B.S. in Art WITZKE. D.. B.S. in Social Studies WOGSLAND. L.. B.S. in Italian WONG. E.. B.A. in Elementary Education WOODRICK. C. C.. B.S. in Art WOODROW. S.. B.S. in Art Education WOODWORTH. T.. B.S. in Mathematics WOZNIAK. D.. B.S. in Latin YOSS. E., B.S. in Recreational Leadership ZELLER. B.. B.S. in Elementary Education ZEMBRUSKI. S.. B.S. in Elementary Education ZIEBARTH. K. J.. B.S. in Elementary Education ZUCKER. S.. B.S. in Communicative Disorders ZUHLKE. B.. B.S. in Elementary Education 383 Wisconsin’s School of Engineering has one of the best, if not the best, engineering programs in the nation. The department of engineering is also one of the largest in the nation encompassing such fields as civil, mechanical, electrical, automotive, and chemical engineering. Though engineering classes may be a long walk’s distance from the dorm or fraternity house, and though the presence of the other sex is missed, graduating from Wisconsin’s school of engineering is well worth the time and hard work. Nearing graduation the engineering student may find himself flying out to San Francisco, all expenses paid, for an interview with a top business or manufacturing company. Dean Kurt Wendt 384385KAPPA ETA KAPPA In addition to the general theory that Kappa lita Kappa is a professional engineering fraternity, an amendment must be offered. It is obvious to all that the men of Kappa Eta Kappa arc the largest professional fraternity on campus, and that they participate in the annual Engineering Exposition besides sponsoring numerous speakers and programs. But it is also becoming increasingly obvious that the members are really social human beings too with beer suppers, etc. Kappa Eta Kappa—Bottom Row: P. Ncustcdtcr. D. Bahr. Second Row: Row: P. Brusius. W. Belknap. J. Fritsch, R. Johnson. D. Burmcistcr, R. W. Kissel, C. Frazier, T. Yang. D. Moritsch. E. Engstrom. R. Arndt. D. Whitman. E. Veal. D. Gustafson. J. Schadcn, T. Thompson. R. Gross. Metzler. K. Cash, R. Zunkc, D. Robbins. R. Raitcr. D. Royer. Third 386Triangle—Bottom Row: B. Sheldon. K. Nine. R. Edrinn. R. Braat . D. son. G. Hcidcnrcich. R. Shell, J. Rousseau, W. Majerle. R. Groth R Dickinson. T. Parsons. R. Wagner. M. Meyer. M. l.uttig. T. Disch. 1. Aschenbrcnncr. D. Driver. R. Wciland. J. F.ngler. L. C raker J. Femal Langley, J. Johnston. J. Hall. Second Row: Oscar. L. Carlson. R. Hclgc- R. Dcffncr. J. Hendricks, R. Liska. Triangle is a social-professional fraternity for engineers, architects and scientists. It works the unique line of giving the professional man a social outlet. Such outlets include the Saint Patrick’s Day chug contest with the law students, a freshmen orientation picnic for engineers, Parent’s Day tours of the engineering campus and a Christmas party for the children of the South Side Community Center. TRIANGLE 387American Foundrymen's Society—Bottom Row: M. Titi. J. Mertz, G. Dorcmus, Second Row: N. Berry. B. Nelson. B. Rosenthal. E. Plchn. D. Withey. Building bridges through educational opportunity gives the members of A.S.C.E. a chance to meet the challenge of practice through the theory of classroom experience. The society invites professional men as speakers in order to provide a unique opportunity to correlate classroom theory with actual engineering practice. The society also promotes student-faculty communications, provides services, and participates in the St. Patricks festivities and Engineering Exposition. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics—Bottom Row I) Kapitz. J. Zirlkowski. R. Ham. J. Dclwich. R. Ham. R. McBride. Second AMERICAN FOUNDRYMEN’S SOCIETY Metal casting may not sound like the duties of metallurgical, mechanical or electrical engineers, but it happens to be one of their main interests. The American Foundrymen’s society is out to understand and hear about all of the various facets of the three fields of engineering. Although these professionals may not cast the metals themselves, they arc needed to direct it. Row: R. Jahnke. R. Zinamcistcr. R. Nimmcr. T. Bunder. D. Eley. D. Shell, M. Groenicr. Prof. Schlack.American Society of Civil Engineering—Bottom Row: R. Becker. R. J- Schladwcilcr. D. Brenden. G. Finstad. Third Row: C. Eggener, S. Weiland. T. Asbeck. L. Craker. D. Braaksma. J. Madary, T. Lillcsand. Brciby. J. Heilman, J. Lucht. J. Oppcrt. T. Parsons. K. Charles. D. P. Monkmeyer. Second Row: F. Makhani. K. Montgomery. T. Walsh. Vanncs, G. Bastian, T. Kuncs, V. Licbc. L. Geisslcr. G. Bagdon. L. Carlson. M. Meyer. B. Goodno. S. Caldwell. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS The 1967 Engineering Exposition was especially fruitful for the A.I.A.A., pictured here with their Space Flight Simulator which merited a first place trophy for the best student exhibit. A.I.A.A. provides the engineering student with the opportunity to associate with other students interested in aerospace and talk with people directly involved in space exploration through its regular speaker programs. These programs often include recent films of the latest space triumphs. Univac and Operation Match are credited to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Without this club's members such creations would be no more than numerous nuts, bolts, screws, and light bulbs. These innovations are signs of modem times and engineers in the Society arc kept well informed of the times through technical meetings, engineering expositions and trips that the club organizes. A well rounded schedule is completed by the annual celebration of St. Pat’s Day. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS American Society of Mechanical F.nginccrs- -Bottom Row: A. Zwicky. B. Ayodclc. J. Lemke. A. Brooks. M. Ragusc, F. Graninger. I). Arcnz, K. Blaha, J. Holman. Second Row: E. Fonstad, R Pckarskc. Third Row: D. Hanson. B. Swacina, D. Faitzer, T. Winter. T. Cape. D. Vcrhcyen. M. Ingenan. G. Mitchell. S. Reksten. Fourth Row: G. Henry, C. Pavlak. R. Williams. R. Acker. B. Pollick. R. Ziebell. J. Husak, J. Deniic. S. Jagodzinski, N. Ditter. P. Aschcnbrcnncr. R. Blair. J. Falck.CHI EPSILON Chi Epsilon is the only national Honor Fraternity for Civil Engineers. The fraternity chooses its new members each semester on the basis of character, scholarship, and sociability. Aside from their business meetings, Chi Epsilon has social activities such as, their Christmas Banquet. In order to facilitate intradepartmental workings. Chi Epsilon provides services like their faculty-member phone book and their available study room listings. Practical scholarship is the hallmark of Chi Epsilon. Chi Epsilon- Hot: m Row: J. Ncmkc. R. Dupuis. J. Ncimcycr. D. Kiefer. T. Scheller. T. Lillesand. T. Asbcck. N. Hutzler, M. Davister. D. Schultz. Second Row: R. Whipple. F. Stein. D. Braaksma, S. Caldwell. K. Jurkowski. D. Swanson. J. Schadwcildcr. J. Heilman. J. Whiting, A. Fox. C. Eggner, S. Brciby. Eta Kappa Nu—Bottom Row: T. Borrcc. D. Cooper. W. Belknap. H. R. Christianson. D. Olson. D. Rowan. R. Shimaner. Schmidt. J. Foesch. Second Row: W. Bratlcy. R. Grcnzow. T. Brcnnom. ETA KAPPA NU Electrical engineering students arc recognized for academic achievement by being elected to Eta Kappa Nu honorary fraternity. The fraternity gives an Outstanding Sophomore award and also acknowledges faculty excellence by presenting a Distinguished Instructor award. Current research is discussed by speakers and members at regular meetings. Afterwards, Eta Kappa Nu sponsors coffee hours with faculty for the benefit of both teacher and student. These functions help the development of the individual in his field. 390Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers—Bottom Row: D. Tang, G. Johnson, T. Leiber. J. Guetzkc. R. Hcnscl. R. Donncr. S. Smith. J. Schmoock. T. Kulas. H. Schmidt. Second Row: J. Zcillow. K. Lai, G. Obviously with a name like this, the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers have no time for a socializing atmosphere. The organization is composed of sophomores through graduate students who attend monthly meetings, listen attentively to speakers and receive the monthly publication published by the National Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers. Zander. D. Chcrncy. R. Schwchr. G. Vcspcrman. R. Ncumcycr, W. Adams. R. Kohls. T. Hagcnsick. I). Rowan. R. Shimanck. D. Cooper, D. Bahr. R. Butler. INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS The Society of Automotive Engineers is one of the most active engineering organizations. Besides meeting for business once a month, the Society also plans a sports car road rally each semester, which includes the whole campus, and holds a plant tour tring the fall semester to familiarize students with their field. Society of Automotive Engineers—Bottom Row: J. Tcnwinkcl. A. Perkins. A. Wanek, C. Wissink, W. Gross-Handler, A. Zwicky, R. Acker, R. Uska, M. Maes. B. Ayodele. J. Kuehni. Second Row: R. Zicbcu. T. Winter. D. Podcvcls, J. Kramer, W. Kandler, J. Froming, J. Husak, D. SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS Vcrhcycn, L. Christensen, J. Muth, R. Myott, R. Jungc. G. Winohrad-sky, K. Blaha. J. Kleist. Third Row; M. Raguse. J. Dcntici. D. Hanson. D. Smith. B. Pollock, F. Graninger, D. Arcnz, C. Paulak, J. Baslcr, R. Welker, N. Dittcr, P. Aschcnbrcnncr, Z. Dobovisek, D. Raitzer.Pi Tau Sigma—Bottom Row: A. Perkins. P. Doolan. W. Grosshandlcr. W. Nelson, D. Livermore. R Kern. D. Bcntz. R. Jahnkc. G. Young, R. Lorenz. Second Row: V. Gibbs. R. Acker. R. Blair. D. Green. R. Jun- Pi Tau Sigma is an honorary mechanical engineering fraternity which meets regularly for business meetings led by President David Wcrvc with the aid of the faculty advisor Prof. Donald Livermore. A number of professional seminars arc held which introduces members to problems and also the different applications of their education to the field of mechanical engineering. Among their awards are the Outstanding Teacher Award and the F.M. Young Award. ger, R. Williams. L. Junker. M. Korell. N. Stachowicz. B. Pollock. R. Bolt . S. Lewis. J. Flack. P. Dahlstrand, P. Aschcnbrenner. K. Blaha, K. Blaedcl. PI TAU SIGMA TAU BETA PI The goals of this professional engineering society are many. They tutor freshmen engineering students, recognise alumni and students who have made contributions to their field, besides trying to foster an understanding and a feeling of growth within the profession. Last but not least, the society is interested in a liberal culture program within the engineering department. Well, you never can tell, everyone always said the horseless buggy would never catch on! Tau Bela PI -Bottom Row: I). Green, E. Ellingson. W. Houlberg, L. Junker. W. Morris, L. Johnson. T. Ballwcg, J. Grundmann, H. Schmidt. Second Row: R. Romon. M. Korell. A. Hieber. P. Doolan. M. Gluck. J. Flack. J. Dillingcr. Prof. O. Uychara, S. Smith. J. Nlarra, J. Trnka. Third Row: R. Williams. W. Nelson. W. Grosshandlcr. R. Acker, E. Stjcrn- strom, D. Bcntz, J. Niemeyer. J. Focsch, B. Goodno. P. Schaefer. G. Young. R. Lorenz. C. Eggncr. S. Brciby. A. Fox. R. Butler. FOURTH Row: R. Junker. J. Schmoock, J. Ncmkc. K. Blaedcl. J. Drost. R. Dupuis, J. Whiting. T. Schcllcr. T. Asbcck. T. Lillcsand. M. Davistcr. J. Heilman, S. Brown. R. Pope. D. Rowan. R. Shimanck. D. Dosch.Theta Tau—Bottom Row: P. Stcitz. J. Witt. W. Yoon. A. Bultcrworth. D. Nlecr, J. Nicmcycr. B. Weber. T. Holden. D. Roseth. J. Klci t. V. Licbc. Second Row: A. Perkins. J. Janowak. D. Cooper. S. Sauer. D. Life has several sides, seamy, healthy, social and professional. There are no clubs which combine the seamy sides of life, but Theta Tau has combined the last two sides in making a social and professional engineering fraternity. On the professional side, the fraternity has such functions as Engineering Exposition and a Founder’s Day Banquet. On the social side, they have several parties as well as a large semi-formal initiation in December and May. Jahnkc. N. Erickson. I). Mitchell. J. Nielson. B. Pfeiffer. J. Schlad-weilcr. T. Garber. J. Van Vleet. G. Jablonka. D. Falkenstcin. R. Peterson, R. Jahnkc. E. Ellingson. THETA TAU ADAMCZYK. W. F.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ALLER. B. L.. B.S. in Chemical Engineering ARENZ. D. R.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ARPE. W.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering AXT. J.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering AYODELE. B.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BAGDON. G.J.. B.S. in Civil Engineering BAHR. D.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering BALLWEG. T.G.. B.S. in Nuclear Engineering BARNES. M.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering BELKNAP. W.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering BENESCH. G.. B.S. in Civil Engineering BERNHARDT. D., B.S. in Chemical Engineering BOF.X, M.W., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BORREF., T.A.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering BRATLEY. WAV., B.S. in Electrical Engineering BREITWISCH, G.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BRENNOM. T.R., B.S. in Electrical Engineering BROOKS. A.J.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BRUNKOW, R„ B.S. in Chemical Engineering BUBOLZ, R., B.S. in Civil Engineering BUF.HRING. W„ B.S. in Nuclear Engineering BUTTERWORTH. A.L., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering CAPE, T., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering CARLSEN, T., B.S. in Civil Engineering CARLSON. J.. B.S. in Chemical Engineering CASPER. T.J.. B.S. in Civil Engineering CLAUSEN. J.. B.S. in Civil Engineering CONNON, K.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering CONWAY. J. JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering 393 COOPER. D.. B.S. in Electrical EngineeringCRAKER, L.. B.S. in Civil Engineering DASPIT. E.J.. B.S. in Civil Engineering DEFENER. R.. B.S. in Chemical Engineering DESROSIF.RS. A.. B.S. in Civil Engineering DILLINGER. J.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering DOOLAN. P.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering I)U CHATEAU, P.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering EH LEY, K.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ENDRES. T.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering GARBER. T.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering GARDNER. T.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering GILLETTE, J.. B.S. in Nuclear Engineering GLUCK. M., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering GRKNZOW. R.I... B.S. in Electrical Engineering GRIGLAK. W., B.S. in Civil Engineering GROTH, J.F., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering GUN I A. D.. B.S. in Chemical Engineering HAAS. J.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering HAGENSICK, T.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering HANSEN, P.J.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering HANSON. D.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering HARPER. R.J.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering HARRINGTON. T.. B.S. in Civil Engineering HENGLE.J., B.S. in Nuclear Engineering HERNDAY. P.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering III Kill . G.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering IIESTERMAN. J.F.. in Civil Engineering HIEBER. A.I... B.S. in Electrical Engineering HUG. W.. B.S. in Civil Engineering JACOBSON. D.W., B.S. in Mechanical linginccring JAHNKE, R.C.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JAWORSKI. M„ B.S. in Electrical Engineering JUNKER, R., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JURKOWSKI. K.. B.S. in Civil Engineering KLEIST, J.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering KOHLS. R.J.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering KRAUSE. C., B.S. in Electrical Engineering LANDWEHR, P.. B.S. in Civil Engineering LE KANDER, D.J.. B.S. in Nuclear Engineering LIEBE. V.H.. B.S. in Civil Engineering LUCHT. J.. B.S. in Civil Engineering LUDKE, R.I... B.S. in Industrial Engineering MC CAW, M.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering MC ILRATH. W.F.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering MEISSNER, R. III., B.S. in Chemical Engineering MELREIT. R.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering MERTZ. J.. B.S. in Metal Engineering MEYERS. D.A.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering MILLER. D.N.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering MILLIGAN. T.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering MOMSEN. B.. B.S. in Nuclear Engineering MONTGOMERY. K.. B.S. in Civil Engineering MORITSCH. D.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering MORRIS. M.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering 394MYOTT. R.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering NELSON. W.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering NEUENDORF. A.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering NIELSEN. J.D.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering N1EMEYER, J.A.. B.S. in Civil Engineering NOWIC'KI. J.A.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering PATTERSON. D.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering PAUI.US. I... B.S. in Civil Engineering PESS1G. I... B.S. in Civil Engineering PEKARSKE. R.J.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering PERKINS. A.L.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering PETERSON. M.S.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering QUAM, D., B.S. in Civil Engineering RASMUSSEN.G.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering REED. J.. B.S. in Chemical Engineering REKSTF.N, S.E.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering RICHARD. T.. B.S. in Engineering Mechanics RIETH. D.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering ROSS. B.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering ROTH. L., B.S. in Civil Engineering ROTTIF.R. R.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering SCHELLER. T.. B.S. in Civil Engineering SCHLADWEILER. J.. B.S. in Civil Engineering SCHMIDT. H.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering SCHOENFELD. J.. B.S. in Civil Engineering SCHWEHR. R.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering SHELL. R.. B.S. in Engineering Mechanics SHIMANEK. R.W.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering STEINKE. R.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering STEITZ. P.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering STRADER, J.. B.S. in Chemical Engineering STUM PE. C.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering SWACINA. B.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering SWANSON, D.. B.S. in Civil Engineering TENWINKEL, J.L.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering TILLS. J.. B.S. in Nuclear Engineering TSCHOHL, C.C., B.S. in Electrical Engineering ULLINSKEY. J., B.S. in Civil Engineering VAN DAE. P. III., B.S. in Electrical Engineering VF.RHEYEN, D., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering VESPERMAN, G.C., B.S. in Electrical Engineering VOLLBRECHT, G.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering WALSH. T.. B.S. in Civil Engineering WEBF.R. W.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering WEI HER. G.. B.S. in Civil Engineering WEI LAND. D.A.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering WERONKE. R.. B.S. in Engineering Mechanics WERVE. D.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering WEXLER. S.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering WOGSLAND. W.. B.S. in Nuclear Engineering WORTNER. C. R.. B.S. in Electrical Engineering YOUNG. G.. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ZANDER. G., B.S. in Electrical Engineering ZUROSKI, P.D.. B.S. in Civil Engineering 395UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN EXTENSION DIVISION The Extension Division brings knowledge to those unable to attend in person.1 Chancellor Donald K. McNeil Christmas preparations in the lobby An all-inclusive department, the Extension Division offers courses from almost every school on campus. Students who take courses through the Extension Division are deprived of the privledge of 7:45 and 4:30 classes, and they also lose the opportunity to climb Bascom Hill. These courses are offered in order to allow businessmen, busy housewives and handicapped persons the chance to obtain an education through correspondence and night courses. Taped lectures and television classes arc also offered. An increasing number of employees are finding their jobs challenged by those who have had a more extensive education. Since most of these people would find it impossible to attend daily classes at the University, the Extension Division opens their courses to them. Through this department everyone has the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest and most efficient methods. Being held at convenient hours, the areas of study range from history to engineering. Education can now be extended to all. 397GRADUATE SCHOOL Wisconsin's Graduate School is one of the best in the country. Dean Robert M. Bock 398It's tough to get in. The importance of an education is becoming increasingly obvious. Fifty years ago, the average citizen was satisfied with a grade school or high school education; now the trend toward an attitude of “the more education the better” is becoming more prevalent. The University of Wisconsin is as well known for the calibre of its Graduate School as for its undergraduate program. An undergrad’s only contact with the Graduate School is through the Teaching Assistants who instruct the students during quiz sections. As the student proceeds through his supposed first four years, he becomes more aware of the excellent opportunities in the Graduate School. Not only will he be given a chance to further his knowledge, he will have close-contacts with professors who are experts in their special fields. Suddenly released from the cloistered atmosphere of an undergraduate program, the graduate student must become cognizant of the world around him. It is his opportunity to earn a degree which will earn him respect once he is out of school, and to specialize in one particular field in which he can maintain interest throughout his professional experience. 3000 GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY These bulletins help both grads and undergrads. 399 400 Textile fabrics arc being created.There is a great need for educated people who can apply their energies and minds toward al-liviating and raising the standard of living. Part of this much needed work force will be supplied by graduates of the university’s School of Home Economics. Studying such diversified topics as foods and nutrition, home management and family living, and textiles and clothing, these graduates will be of assistance in any community. Established first as department in the College of Agriculture in 1903, it was later transfered to the College of Letters and Science where, in 1951, it became the School of Home Economics and an administrative unit within the College of Agriculture. With any vocation, it is necessary to have more than just classroom notes to do the job correctly. This school recognizes this need and has established several aids for the home economics major. The Home Management House, equipped as a laboratory for instruction in management problems, gives students an opportunity to apply classroom principles to a particular situation and to integrate them with management's. Similarly, the school also runs the university’s Preschool Laboratory for the purpose of instruction and research in child development. 401Home Economics Club—Bottom Bow: C. Ray. B. Brainerd. I.. Hash-eider, K. Potocnik. H l.usikka. C. Olson. H. Thiede. Second Row: M. Jensen. D. Hartley. S. Kocha. S. Hays. J. Saltcnbcrgcr. K. Williams. P. Cohen. K. Kuitek. A. Nowak. M. Turner. Third Row: B. Dolata. K. Boebel. K. Rhodes. D. Slegman. M. Williams. S. Nicolai. L. Strumcnski. C. Whyte. B. Sennhenn. Although the title "Home Economics Student Council" may conjure up the vision of the homemakers brigade, this would only belittle the serious purpose of the organizaton. Actually, the Council was established to promote the interests of the Home Economics student body, to maintain and increase good relations between students and faculty and to coordinate the various activities of the School of Home Economics. HOME ECONOMICS STUDENT COUNCIL HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The members of the Home Economics Club learn about child development through interior design by having professional speaker, conterences, workshops, and field trips. An affiliate of the American Home Economics Association, the University’s chapter sends representatives to this convention, and to the Midwest Conference. Members participate in campus activities such as Hospitality Days and Operation Contact. The girls also work with children in the Madison Head Start Program. Home Economics Student Council--Bottom Row: P. Lindl. B. Sennhenn. K. Houlberg, M. Jensen, K. Potocnik. L. Lusikka. J. Burgess. S. Klip. B. Dolata. B. Hammer. N. Moore. S. Rosmusser. Second Row: C. Houfc. stein, J. Krause. J. Schmil. K. Boebel. D. Moran. K. Adams.Phi Upsilon Omicron is a professional sorority with chapters on most campuses. The sorority holds business meetings bimonthly to discuss problems, interests and activities of the field. In 1968, the U. W. chapter will be the hostess chapter for the national conclave which will be held here in June for all Phi U chapters. PHI UPSILON OMICRON Phi Upsilon Omicron—Bottom Row: S. Smith. J. Ludvigscn. J. Klip-stein, J. Krafft. M. Gullichson, J. Hilly. Second Row: P. Brown. G. Wright. M. Pearson. B. Brainaw. L. Lusetta, S. Kocha. J. Olive. C. Cortin. N. Moore. K. Kvitck. S. Schmolcsky. N. Swenson. 403ANTHONY. C.. B.S. in Textile Clothing ANTISDF.L. M . B.S. in Related Arts BACK. P.. B.S. in Textiles Clothing BAG1.FY. ('.. B.S. in Pre-School Kintergarten F.ducation BERKMAN. J.. B.S. in Related Arls BLAISDELL. B.. B.S. in Related Arts BOHNSACK. L.. B.S. in Food Nutrition BORK. M.. B.S. in Home Economics Journalism BRANDT. I... B.S. in Related Arts BROWN. P.. B.S. in Interdepartmental Home Economics CHESNIK. B.. B.S. in Retailing CHRIST. J.. B.S. in Textiles Clothing CHRISTENSEN. K.. B.S. in Related Arts COHEN, P., B.S. in Home Economics Journalism DETTMANN. E.A.. B.S. in Child Development DOLATA. B.. B.S. in Home Economics Ed. Extension DROS, C., B.S. in Textiles Clothing DUMESIC, M.. B.S. in Dietetics DUNN. R.. B.S. in Child Development ECK. J.. B.A. in Child Development Kindergarten FARQUHAR. J.. B.S. in Related Arts J ORDON. V.. B.S. in Related Arts FUNK. D.. B.S. in Child Development GOLDBERG. N., B.S. in Textiles Clothing GRATTON. A.. B.S. in Home Economics Education GULLICKSON, M.. B.S. in Home Economics F.ducation HAFEMEISTER. C.. B.S. in Related Arts HAMILTON. J.A.. B.S. in Pre-school Kindergarten HASENZAHL. M., B.S. in Child Development HEDLUND, I... B.S. in F.ducation HEIKKINEN. M.. B.S. in Related Arls HOAD. E.. B.S. in Related Arts HOFFMAN. J.. B.S. in Home Economics HOFFMAN. P.A., B.S. in Related Arts HOFFSTADTER. D.. B.S. in Retailing HOWLBF.RG. K.. B.S. in Home Economics Education JEFFERSON. M.. B.S. in Child Development JENK.C.. B.S. in Related Arts JENSEN. K.. B.S. in Related Arts KAHLF.R. K.. B.S. in Textiles Clothing KI.IPSTE1N. S.. B.S. in Dietetics KRAFFT, J., B.S. in Dietetics KRAUSE, J.. B.S. in Home Economics Journalism KRF.GER. C.. B.S. in Child Development KV1TF.K. K.. B.S. in Experimental Foods LEE. K.. B.S. in Education LF. SAUVAGE. F.. B.S. in Textiles Clothing LUNDQUIST. S.. B.S. in Home Economics Education LUSIKKA. H.M.. B.S. in Institutional Management MARINEAU. B.. B.S. in Retailing MARLIER, B.. B.S. in Retailing and Textile Clothing MARTIN. S.. B.S. in Home Economics Education MATTISON. J.. B.S. in Retailing MEIF.R. N„ B.S. in Pre-school Kindergarten 404MERRIAM. P.. B.S. in Child Development MINASH. J.. B.S. in Textile Chemistry MIRSKY. D.. B.S. in Pre-school Kindergarten NELSON. G.C.. B.S. in Related Arts OAKS. R.. B.S. in Related Arts OLIVE. J.. B.S. in Dietetics PAGE. J.. B.S. in Home Economics Education PABIAN. P.: B.A. in Related Arts PEARSON. M.. B.S. in Home Economics Education PETERSON. K.. B.A. in Home Economics Education POLKINGHORN. K.. B.S. in Home Economics Education POTOCNIK. K.. B.S. in Home Economics Journalism RASMUSSEN, S.. B.S. in Home Economics Education RIES. PJ., B.S. in Child Development ROBINSON. P.. B.S. in Dietetics SCHLOEMER. M.. B.S. in Dietetics Institution Management SCHMIT. J.. B.S. in Retailing SCHWARTZ. S.. B.S. in Experimental Foods SHIRLEY. NL. B.S. in Pre-school Kindergarten SLATTERY. N.. B.S. in Home E-conomics Education SMITH. S.L.. B.S. in Experimental Foods STRUMINSKI. L.. B.S. in Dietetics TARALLO. J.. B.S. in Textile Clothing and Retailing U'RF.N.G.. B.S. in Pre-School Kindergarten VANCAMP. M.. B.S. in Home Economics VOGEL. P.. B.S. in Child Development WEISS. P.. B.S. in Experimental Foods 405BARTELL. JEFFREY. J.D. CHERNER. PAUL J . J.D. CHERNOF. STEPHEN I... J.D. CHRISTIANSEN. KEITH. J.D. FRANKLIN. DAVID. J.D. GROENEWEG. THOMAS. J.D. HANSHER. DAVID. J.D. JONES. LANCE B . J.D. KUBASTA. THOM AS. J .D. LEVINE. ROBERT. J.D. MARTIN. ELMER D.. Ill, J.D. OLSON. JAMES H . J.D. 406LAW Protests against Dow Chemical Company, civil liberties and their enforcement, termination of a bus strike—all these and many more are problems a potential lawyer may be expected to solve. Established in 1867 as the nation’s first state Law School, it is now one of the ten largest in the country. In addition to providing a solid knowledge of law in the classroom, the law school also offers its students many opportunties to enrich their pre-practicing education. The Student Bar Association, among other things, keeps law students informed by publishing a school paper The Advocate, sponsoring a speaker's program and pre-law club, participating in state-wide pre-law activities and even helping student wives gain a better understanding of their husbands’ work by organizing a Law Wives Club. The moot court is another place where aspiring lawyers can sharpen their knowledge and experience arguing a case. Student juries are selected from the university-at-large and the law students can receive feedback on the effectiveness of their presentations of the case. The Law School’s avowed humanitarian interest is evident in the functions performed by the Legal Aid Society. The Society provides free legal assistance for county residents who arc unable to pay a lawyer’s fee. Dean George H. Young PETTIBONE, CRAIG B..J.D. PORTER. JOHN W., JR.. J.D. ROTH, GEORGE. J.D. RUSSELL. VICTOR W..J.D. SCHOENEELD. STEPHEN. J.D. SENSENBRENNER. JAMES. J.D. SMIIJANIC. DOUGLAS. J.D. TURK. HARRY. J.D. WHITE. JONATHON. J.D. 40740$Dean Leon Epstein Letters and Science is the art of a broad education. The knowledge behind a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree is as all encompassing and diverse as the world from which its studies come. Dean Leon Epstein has managed to include an array of subject choices that would entice any would be scholar. The “letters" are of any language, from Intensive Xhosa to second year Tagalog-Pilipino. And the sciences range from the social disciplines of politics and social work to the innovations of chemistry and physics. The college itself embraces the humanities, the social sciences, and the basic sciences; seventy per cent of the academic life on campus. Perhaps the greatest regret is that one can not experience even a substantial fraction of the available opportunities in the School of Letters and Science. However, the new pass fail system has opened the door to many students who desire a taste of the temptingly exotic in academic pursuit. The world of Letters and Sciences holds many mysteries of life; interesting each one to a different degree. The University has certainly suceeded in creating a haven for any scholar who desires a vast and diversified education opportunity. 409Alpha Chi Sigma—Bottom Row: P. Notz, R. Zimmerman. J. Winiger. G. Wagner, $. Frazer. D. Kidd. M. St. John. K. Hartwig, I). Smith. Second Row: R. Roscra. M. Gramowski. R. Btichta, J. Sherfinski. C. Tumquist, R. Ciuschl, J. Wasiclcski. Third Row: D. Howard. M. Marks. I). Bathke. T. Hcnzlcr, T. Grambsch. J. Knutson. What color does litmas paper turn after it’s been dipped in beer? Ask the men of Alpha Chi Sigma. This professional fraternity is open to men in Chemistry and related fields. Monday night meetings are opportunities to hear speakers talk on various scientific subjects. But their scientific life is abandoned on occasion to partake in their beer suppers and Saturday night costume parties. Alpha Chi Sigma give thanks by maintaining a foster child. ALPHA CHI SIGMA CORANTO SIGMA IOTA A professional journalism sorority, Coranto Sigma Iota, is kept busy throughout the academic year by sponsoring such activities as a welcoming tea for Journalism School faculty members, a Founders' Day Luncheon, and a series of professional lectures to enlighten and aid perspective journalists. In addition they handle the publicity for the Red Cross campus blood drive, and help plan the annual journalism picnic. Coranto Sigma lota—Bottom Row: E. Rhode, H. Dunlop. B. Bennett. C. Splcttcr. M. Meier. M. Maxim. J. Przekurat. A. Goldinbcrg, E. Hcin- Schmid. A. Hcdbacki. C. Buza. Second Row: H. Levin. J. Katzcl. M. richs. S. Pflcgcr. B. Rcntmccstcr, M. Harrison. 410Crucible—Bottom Row. B. Scharnkc. P. Guilfoylc, I.. F.kleson, I. Schubert. Second Row: E. Krcinz M. Nans, S. Hilly. M. Chudnow. K. Kcm- Per. A. Prisland. W. Preiss, J. Prizanc. CRUCIBLE Crucible, also known as Lambda Phi Delta is an organization founded on this campus in 1904 to recognize outstanding service, scholarship, and accomplishment in Sophomore women. New members are selected each year, and once initiated, the girls must continue their hard work and active campus life. Perspective sisters must have a three-point average and must be active in extra-curricular activities in order to be eligible for membership. There are many organizations which arc open to the students of the University and which choose their candidates from the student body. Among them is Mace. Mace selects it members from the second semester sophomore and first semester junior men. who have excelled scholastically and have been active in student affairs. Its function is to recognize and bring together these people in order that they may help one another to broaden his views. MACE Mace—G. Worley. I. O'Neil. M. Fullwood. S. Richter. J. Maycsh.MOTAR BOARD Mortar Board is an honorary society for senior women which recognizes outstanding scholastic and service contributions to the campus. The society is chosen every spring by the members from that year and the chosen few are notified of their selection by the traditional "tapping" which occurs in the wee hours of the morning. The girls have bi-monthly meetings with faculty or the University Administration, participate in Senior Swingout and engage in several service projects. Mortar Board- Bottom Row: J Loos. N. Naze. M. Kastcr. S. Enerson, B. Harris. Second Row: G. Bernstein, P. Bernstein. P. Brodhahagen, K. Christensen, J. DeMaster, J. Kraffi. P. Braun. Phi Beta—Bottom Row: K. Mathis. S. Spiclman. E. Schcyc. D. ( . Anderman. Second Row: C. Fritz. J. Kabcrna. L. Lietman. J. Gold. K Marshall. PHI BETA To promote the highest achievement in speech, music, and drama, the women of Phi Beta contribute to the arts both on and off the stage. On stage many of the Phi Betas appeared in such university productions as Marat Sadc and Camelot. They also gave performances for the University Children’s Hospital and Black Hawk Country Club. Holding receptions for the Wisconsin Players' cast and crew is one of their special activities. 412PHI BETA KAPPA Scholastic achievement is an asset to be admired. The members of the Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, a national honorary society for accomplishment in the liberal arts, must have more than a high academic record. A key from this organization represents hard work, initiative, and other attributes which will assist these men and women towards a successful future. Because of Phi Beta Kappa’s high standards, it is an outstanding honor for any student to have earned one of its keys. Juniors—1967 David S. Arvold Jr. Joseph C. Bradley Jr. Dieter R. Enzmann Marilyn J. Klcis Tom E. Knoblauch Ronnie S. Leith John J. Rank Barbara J. Stoops John F. Witte Seniors—1967 Martin J. Becker Elaine L. Benin Sandra L. Borchardt Barbara K. Brockett Stanley B. Chung Samuel M. Cohen Stephen J. Cummings Lorin R. Daggett Marie C. Daniels Jeffrey P. Davis Madclon J. DeYoung Mary B. Dick Charlotte A. Eimcrmann Terrence J. Elfers Michael J. Falconer Francis P. Ferguson Dennis L. Fisher Charles B. Friedman Michael R. Garcy Daille C. Geist Naomi Glaubcrman Susan T. Gonzo Sharon M. Gutcn Peter S. Hawkins Ellen M. Hcidt Terrance V. Herbst Rosanne I. Hesse Patricia J. Huntsman Margaret W. Jcrinic Lavon R. Johnston Christopher T. Kolb Richard J. Kos John M. Kraft Gary L. Lachmund Thomas P. Laughrcn Robert A. Lyle Prudence N. Mahoney Dclmar Marshall Patricia A. Martens Richard A. Meier Jacqueline A. Metzler John J. Ney David W. Palmer Virginia G. Parshall Linda L. Petersen Jean M. Pctith Gary J. Pctz Judith Prince John W. Rowe Ruth A. Saunders Frances E. Sharpe John M. Sherfinski Joan Skolnick Lynn E. Sternberg Linda R. Stewart Suzanne K. Stoltcnberg Catherine A. Suppan Kath J. TcStrakc Glenn L. Tiedcman Karen I. Waisman Helen P. Wang Kenneth E. Witt Lloyd C. Wittstock Nancy Woolridgc Since the freshman year is supposedly the toughest, this society was formed to honor the hardworking members of this class. Not every freshman is honored; only those male students who finish the year with a 3.5. The group docs more than study though, for they sponsor various campus lectures besides tutoring high school students. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma—Bottom Row: R. Swinchart. T. Ballwc. S. Miles. Second Row: i. l.icgl. W. Leary. T. Fenner. M. Bill.Sigma Alpha Eta- Bottom Row: C. Whitehead. B. VanKirk. T. Mar- VanMandel. B. Timmer. I Pickus. S. Abels. C. DcsRochcrs. C . Bober, quardt. S. Zuckcr. K. LaCroix. R. Saylor. Second Row E. Bcnach. J. M. Solomon. E. Kho. P. Mullins. J. Weber. J. Ishibashi. B. Stcinback. Sigma Alpha Eta, the speech therapy fraternity was formed in order to give students in the field of communication disorders a better understanding of their field. The society holds monthly meetings which feature a guest speaker and an annual Spring banquet. If these meetings aren’t enough for ambitious members, they are also able to attend the annual meetings of the Wisconsin and American Speech and Hearing Associations. SIGMA ALPHA ETA SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota—Bottom Row: B. Dunne. M. Mathison. S. Iliff. Y. Karlen. J. Johnson, (i. Krcinz. Second Row: R. Miller. M. Hackbarth. S. Haupt, J. Pcronlo. M. Thclcn. C. Kessler. Sigma Alpha Iota is the international professional women’s music fraternity. One may sing along with them at their annual Badger Songfcst or their American Music Concert. The members put music into the hearts of many through their varied service projects, such as giving one hundred thirty fluto phones to an orphanage in Viet Nam! Whatever their particular field of musical endeavor, they do their best to keep the campus on a happy note.Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Bottom Row: S. Voss. ('. Sampc. I). Maples. B. Knutson, Botwincck, I.. Kennedy. S. Zcff. L. Fitzsimmons. M. Steiner. Mueller. L. Rcimann, M. l.intner. J. Heitz, Second Row: I.. Danzig. S. C. Olson. Bennett. E. Freedman. S. Briggs. J. Gerstner. N. Goescr. F. Pfund. I.. SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA Hard working freshmen girls with a 3.5 or higher obtained in their freshman year are eligible to join this honorary sorority, Sigma Epsilon Sigma. In addition, a scholarship is awarded each year to one of these deserving young ladies, and an annual luncheon is given to honor all the members. The sorority also sponsors a service project with Phi Eta Sigma. Together they organize a tutoring program for Madison area public high schools. It is a hectic year for the members of Theta Sigma Phi, a professional organization for women in communication. Open to any woman in Madison who is willing to give both time and energy, the local chapter. Beta, is a welcomed addition to the city. Combining their own talents with the resources found in Wisconsin, they have planned high-school editor days, arranged for professional speakers, and held career days for the youth. Each year outstanding women in Madison arc honored at their Matrix banquet. THETA SIGMA PHI Theta Sigma Phi—Bottom Row: K. Burns. K. l.uttropp. M. Harrison. A. Goldcnberg. S. Rolkc. Second Row: N. Epstein. P. Cohen. M. Maxam. J. Kenyon. A. Hcdback. P. Meier. H. Levin. C. Sherman. 415PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi is an honor society recognizing superior scholarship in all fields of study on the campus as well as "commendable community service”. Among the opportunities offered is the B. H. Hibbard award which is designed to encourage Phi Kappa Phi student members to enrich their educational programs through summer projects. The president is Professor Emma Jirdre, vice-president Professor Wilson I heide and the student representative is Joyce Krause. JUNIORS—1967 SENIORS—1967 I. Bcnzigcr R. Aldag J. Altersohn M. Bohl T. Asbcck J. Brenner D. Baker J. Burkholz D. Balsigcr M. Chudnow D. Baughman B. Cuthbert S. Becker R. DeMastcr P. Bctzcl C. Diercks J. Blasczyk P. Dyson N. Bliss L F.iduson S. Blumrcich J. F.ngcbrclson E. Bohmstedt J. Fspcnshadc J. Bower D. Goclzcr J. Bradley G. Hagen F. Braun G. Hasircitcr M. Brown J. Heilman D. Bruski B. Hcrtcl V. Bucaida D. Holtz L. Bucklin W. Houlberg S. Cain L. Jacobs J. Caruso M. Jones L. Cohen M. Raster C. Cottam K. Kemper S. Crane R. Kcstcr M. DcHuszar J. Kocrth L. Dcrrickson M. Korell J. Dillingcr R. Kurtz A. Doherty S. I.ocr D. Doughty T. Lukaszewski M. Drake J. Lutz R. Dupuis E. Marquardt A. Ellingson J. Mayesh R. Enders J. Mohr S. Enerson C. Myers K. Engel M. Naus L. Epstein R. Olsen E. Eskcr D. Otis R. Fcndrick B. Pailing B. Fcst R. Pastan R. Field R. Petersen T. Forcggcr A. Prisland R. Frahm J. Ranallo J. Franczyk S. Richter M. Gabavics E. Ritgcr M. Gluck C. Ruppcnthal J. Gold D. Schatz N. Goldberg L. Schmidt A. Good L. Schubert L. Green M. Sexton N. Grecnquist J. Shcrfinski J. Grodin S. Sprccher J. Haldcman P. Ufcr J. Hansel C. Vcum H. Hanson S. Vilhauer D. Harr L. Wallens N. Weinstein G. Worley B. Harris E. Ruben J. Haugh R. Ruchti R. Herman M. Rumscy J. Herrick L. Sarctzky L. Hesse T. Schcllcr G. Hodlick D. Schcnkcin T. Hocltcr J. Schmoock J. Hofcr C. Schoenwald R. Hoffmann M. Schutt R. Horn E. Seidel N. Janis R. Shansky G. Johnson R. Shimanck L. Johnson M. Sicker C. Jolivettc J. Silverman M. Kann A. Sinclair E. Kaufman J. Smith M. Raster P. Smith F. Kellor S. Smith A. King S. Sticr J. Kuchn P. Stravinski K. Kutsch M. Sumnicht J. LaFond R. Swinehart N. Lardy F. Taylor B. Latts A. Tcaley D. Lavcrty G. Tcinkaus S. Lavinc M. Turbey J. Longbrakc R. Turcott S. Lundquist M. Turman H. Lusikka M. Tuszka K. I.ultropp J. Ullmann P. Majeski M. Vcrgcront M. Marsh J. Virgint R. Matthews P. Voegcli P. McJoynt B. Wald M. Meier D. Walton J. Metzlcr E. Wear R. Miclkc C. Wcdcmcycr A. Miller J. Whiteside J. Miller J. Wiater G. Mitchell A. Wiederhoeft E. Moersfcldcr K. Will L. Munro P. Wilson N. Naze M. Winter G. Nelson B. Wise J. Newton T. Worrell J. Nicmeycr G. Wright D. Otto D. Yamamoto J. Ozark G. Young E. Pachniak L. Zimmerman J. Page T. Zuehlkc J. Pearce H. Zurndorfcr M. Pederson W. Pepcr B. Perlman D. Quam A. Rodriquez 416ABRAMS. P.S.. B.A. in History ADAM. P.. B.A. in Social Work ADLER. R.S.. JR.. B.A. in Political Science AESCH1.IMANN. J.E.. B.A. in Economics AGRAN. M.S.. B.A. in Political Science ALANIZ. R.. B.A. in Ibero-American Studies ALBERT. K.. B.A. in Zoology ALBERT. P.. B.A. in Art History ALBERT. P.. B.A. in Social Work AI.DAG. R.. III. B.A. in Economics ALEXANDER. E.. B.A. in Journalism ALEXANDER. J.. B.A. in History p ■R'l £JSk ALEXANDER. J.. B.M. in Music ALLEN. T.. B.A. in International Relations ALLENZA, A.. B.S. in Biochemistry ALPERT. N.. B.A. in English ALTMAN. R.. B.A. in Political Science ANDERSON. L.J.. B.A. in Linguistics and French ANDERSON. P.. B.A. in Social Work ANDERSON, R.. B.A. in Psychology ANDREWS. L.. B.A. in Social Work ANDRUS. J., B.A. in Meteorology ANG, S-L.. B.A. in Geography ANGSTEN. L.. B.S. in Physical Therapy ANTMAN. H.. B.A. in Political Science ARCHER. M.. B.A. in English ARNST. D., B.A. in Speech Pathology ARROWOOD. T., B.A. in Psychology ARVOLD. D.S.. B.A. in History AUSLANDER. J.. B.A. in Social Work AUTEN. J.. B.A. in English AYERS. W.. B.A. in Economics BABBIT .. J.. B.A. in Psychology BABCOCK, C, B.A. in English BACCHOBF.R. T.. B.A. in Psychology BAEHR. Y.. B.A. in Psychology BAGHERI, F.. B.S. in Zoology BAHN. S.. B.A. in Russian BAILEN. A.. B.A. in Speech BAILEY. C.. B.A. in History BAIR. R.. B.A. in History BALISTRER1. T.. B.A. in English BALLWEG. K.. B.A. in History BALSF.R. P.. B.A. in Art History and Spanish BALSIGF.R. D.. B.A. in Mathematics BANKS, M.. B.A. in English BARDEEN, J.. B.A. in Speech BARKER. B., B.A. in French BARNARD, P.. B.A. in Speech BARNETT. R.B.. B.A. in English BARNETT, R.D.. B.A. in Mathematics BAROCCI, T.A.. B.A. in Economics BARON. R.. B.S. in Zoology BARRETT. K.. B.A. in Mathematics 417 BARTELL. JAYME. B.A. in Psychology BARTH. ROBERT G.. B.A. in Economics BATES. HARRY I.. B.S. in Mathematics BAUCH. ROBERT. B.S. in Economics BAUMAN. SAI.EY. B.M. in Music BAUMGARTEN. EDWARD. B.A. in Computer Sciences BECKER. ALLAN R.. B.A. in History BECKER. DOUGLAS. B.A. in History BECKER. MARY. B.A.. in Anthropology BECKER. MARY. B.A. in American Institution BEHHKE. DANIEL J.. B.A. in English BEHNKF., VANICE. B.A. in Social Work BF.LKOWJTZ. DAVID F.. B.A. in History BELL. JACQUELINE. B.A. in Social Work BELLMAN. ROBERT, B.A. in History BENACH. ELIZABETH. B.A. in Comminicalivc Disorders BENISH. MARY LOU. B.S. in Physical Medicine BENZENBERG. DIANE. B.A. in Journalism BERGER, CAROL. B.S. in Medical Technology BERGMAN. EDWARD. B.A. in Geography and History BERIGAN. LINDA. B.S. in Occupational Therapy BERKON. FREDERICK. B.A. in History BERKOVER. ROSALYN. B.A. in English BERMAN. JUDI. B.S. in Art BERN. JANICE. B.A. in History BERNAS, GERALD. B.A. in Mathematics BF.RNSTF.IN. ANITA. B.A. in Spanish BERQUIST. KENNETH. B.S. in Economics BICKELMAN. HARRIET. B.A. in History BICKFORD. DAVID. B.A. in Scandinavian Studies BIDDULPU. HANNAH. B.A. in History BIERL CHRISTINA. B.A. in Sociology BINDER. JAYNE. B.A. in Social Work BINK. KATHLEEN. B.A. in Social Work BIRCH. MARY L.. B.S. in Chemistry BISCHOF. WILLIAM W.. B.S. in Zoology BLACKMUN. ELLEN V.. B.A. in French BLAKF.I.Y. WILLIAM. B.A. in History BLANKENSHIP. JOYCE. B.A. in Social Work BLOCH. ELLEN. B.A. in Psychology BLODGETT. JUDITH. B.A.'in Psychology BI.OF.DORN. MICHAEL. B.A. in Social Work BLOOM. JACK. B.A. in Economics BLOOM. PHYLLIS. B.A. in Psychology BOCK. WILLIAM. B.A. in Political Science BOEHM. DIANE. B.A. in Social Work BOELL. MIRIAM. B.M. in Vocal Education BOGARD. STEVEN. B.S. in Political Science BOHAC. PENNY. B.A. in Spanish BOLAND. JOHN. B.A. in History BOLI.OW. KATHLEEN. B.A. inHistory BOSZHARDE. SUSAN. B.A. in History BOTHE. GARY. B.A. in Psychology BOIT. SUSAN. B.A. in Social Work 4)8BOWERS. JOHN. B.A. in Social Work BRACHMAN. JUDY. B.A. in English BRADFORD. WILLIAM. B.A. in Mathematics BRADLEY. JOSEPH. B.A. in History BRAND. BRUCE. B.S. in Art BRAUN. DIANE. B.A. in French BREITENGROSS. JOHN. B.A. in Economics BREITWEISER. PAUL. B.S. in History BRF.M. THOMAS. B.S. in Economics BREN. HARWOOD. B.B.A. in Accounting BRENNER. ROBERTA I... B.A. in Speech BRESLAUER. KENNETH. B.S. in Chemistry BRESLER. RENEE. B.A. in English BRETT. JEAN. B.A. in History BREWSTER. MARCIA. B.A. in International Relations BREYF.R. DONALD W.. B.M. in Music BROCKETT. BARBARA. B.S. in Chemistry BRODHAGEN. PATRICIA CARLSON. B.A. in Social Work BROWN. LINDA, B.S. in Computer Science BROWN. SUSAN J.. B.S. in Physical Therapy BROWNE. CAROL P.. B.S. in Zoology BRUECKBAUER. ROBERT, B.S. in Political Science BRUESEWITZ. GISELA. B.A. in English BRUNSELL. ANNE. B.S. in Sociology BRUNSON. CAROL. B.A. in Psychology BRUSKI. DALE. B.S. in Physical Therapy BUCHER. DIANA. B.A. in History BUEHLER. DONALD. B.S. in Chemistry BUELL. ROBERT A.. JR.. B.S. in Chemistry BULL. DENNIS. B.S. in Psychology BULLIS. ROGER. B.A. in Speech BURKE. FRANCIS. B.A.. in Economics BURLINGAME. MARGO. B.S. in Physical Therapy BURNKRANT. JANIS. B.A. in Social Work BURSTEIN. MARILYN. B.A. in History BURTON. DRURY. B.S. in Chemistry BURTON. RITA. B.A. in Speech BUSS. MARY LYNN. B.A. in Asian Studies BUZA. CAROLYN. B.A. in Journalism BYCZYNSKI. EDWARD. B.A. in Political Science BEGF.R. SUSAN. B.A. in Social Work CAMPBELL. ALLISON. B.A. in English CAMPBELL. JUDITH. B.S. in Art CANT. JOHN. B.A. in Political Science CARLETON. JON R . B.A. in History CARNAHAN. JANET, B.A. in Psychology CARPENTER. CAROL. B.A. in Social Work CATL1N. STEPHANIE. B.A. in Economics CECI. KATHLEEN. B.S. in Physical Therapy CF.GAI.A. DONALD. B.A. in Speech CHABAI.OWSKI. ROBERT R.. B.S. in Zoology CHANG. CHRISTINE. B.S. in Occupational Therapy CHAPIN. JOHN. B.A. in European History CHARBOGIAN. SHARON. B.A. in History 419CHOY. DIANE. B.A. in English CHRISTOFFEL. THOMAS J.. B.A. in Speech CHUDNOW. ROBERT, B.A. in Zoology Cl.AAR. M.A.. B.A. in International Relations CLAPP, SUSAN. B.A. in Social Work CLAUSEN. MARILYN, B.A. in English CLUIE. SUSAN. B.S. in Physical Therapy COHEN. CHARLES I.. B.A. in History COHEN. ELLEN N.. B.A. in English COHEN. JOYCE. B.A. in Social Work COHEN. LINDA. B.A. in History COHEN. ROBERT. B.S. in History COHEN. SHARON. B.A. in English COHEN. SHERI. B.A. in Speech COLEMAN. MURIEL. B.A. in Political Science COLEMAN. ROBERT, B.A. in Zoology COLHOUN. JOHN. B.A. in History COMSTOCK. CAROL. B.S. in Occupational Therapy CONEN. GERALD. B.A. in History CONOVER. BETH. B.A. in Psychology CONROY. LINDA. B.A. in Art History CONROY. WILLIAM. B.A. in Economics CONVERSE, JAMES H.. B.A. in Political Science COOPER. LUCY. B.A. in History COOPERSMITH. JANET. B.A. in Psychology COOTWAY. GARY. B.A. in History CORCORAN. SARA. B.A. in Mathematics CORREA. LOUIS. B.A. in English COTTAM. CYNTHIA. B.A. in German COULSON. ANDREW. B.A. in English COUITT, NANCY. B.A. in Speech COYNE. TERRANCE. B.S. in Zoology CRABB. RONALD RICHARD. B.A. in Economics CUMMINGS. MARGARET. B.S. in Occupational Therapy CURTIS, LEE. B.A. in Mathematics CURWEN. RANDALL. B.S. in Journalism DAHNKE. DAVID. B.A. in Social Work DAMAST, GLORIA. B.A. in History DANCIK. TERRI. B.A. in Sociology DANZIGER, KATHLEEN. B.A. in History DAVIS. DIANA MAE. B.A. in Social Work DAVIS. SUSAN. B.A. in Political Science DAVIS. TERRY, B.S. in Sociology DAWE. BARBARA. B.A. in Ibero-American Studies DEANS. THOMAS. B.S. in History DEATON. RICHARD. B.A. in Economics DF. HUSZAR. MARGUERITE. B.A. in Comparative Literature DE MASTER. JEAN. B.A. in Psychology DEMIEN. CHERYL. B.S. in Medical Technology DE NICOLA. MARGARET ANN. B.A. in Psychology DENNENBERG. RONALD. B.A. in Chemistry DENNIS. JOHN, B.S. in Botany DENNY. DAVID. B.A. in Anthropology DESPRF.S, BARBARA. B.A. in Correctional Administration 420DF.TRA. JANE. B.A. in English DEUPREE. ROBERT. B.A. in Astronomy-Physics DEUTSCH. LAWRENCE JAY. B.A. in History DICK. ROBERTA. B.A. in Italian DICKEY. WALTER J.. B.A. in English DICKINSON. LYNN. P.H.M. DICKS. DENNIS. B.A. in Political Science DIPPERT. WILLIAM. B.A. in English DITTMAN, DENNIS. B.S. in History DOCKERY. SALLY. B.S. in History DODGE. ELLEN. B.A. in Political Science DOUGHTY. DALLAS. B.A. in Asian Studies DRURY. ALLAN. B.S. in Geology DUEWEL. CHRISTINE. B.A. in Comparative Literature DURRETT, JAMES B.. JR.. B.S. in Geology DUVALL. ANDREW. B.S. in Psychology ECK. NANCY. B.A. in Social Work EDGREN. THOMAS G.. B.S. in Geography EDLUND. JAMES. B.S. in Journalism EGGERT. MARJORIE. B.A. in Italian EHLINGER. EDWARD P.. B.A. in Economics EINHORN. JUNE. B.A. in Italian EISENBF.RG. ROBERTA. B.A. in Mathematics ELFERS. TERRENCE. B.A. in Ibero-American Studies ELLESTAD, SALLY. B.A. in English ELLIOT. SUZANNE. B.A. in Spanish ELLIOTT. MARYANN. B.S. in Occupational Therapy ELLIOTT. PATRICIA. B.M. in Voice EMANUEL. RONALD. B.A. in Economics EMMERICH. MARILYN. B.A. in Psychology ENBERG, CAROL. B.A. in Psychology ENERSON. SUSAN. B.A. in Political Science ENTIN. FREDRIC. B.A. in Psychology ENZMANN. DIETER. B.A. in Psychology ENDMAN, PAULA. B.A. in Sociology ERICKSON. GAY. B.A. in Linguistics ERICKSON. LINDA. B.A., in Political Science ESRICK. SHEILA. B.A. in French EVANS. MARYELLEN. B.A. in English EVF.NSON. DAVID. B.S. in Zoology EVENSON. JAMES. B.A. in Social Work EVERETT. JANICE. B.A. in Social Work EVERSON. ROBERT L„ B.S. in Zoology EVERTS. JANE. B.A. in Anthropology EVERTS. JANE. B.A. in English EWALD, WILLIAM J.. B.S. in Political Science EWIG, RUSSELL. B.A. in Latin American Studies FARNHAM. GREGORY. B.A. in American Institutions FARR. RONALD. B.A. in Political Science FATH, RICHARD. B.S. in Computer Science FELCH, JOYCE. B.S. in Social Work FELDMAN, SHERYL DEDE. B.A. in Social Work FENDRICK. REED JACKSON. B.A. in History 421FF.NNF.R. WILLIAM E„ B.S. in Geology FIELD, ARTHUR, B.A. in American Institutions FIERBERG. JERI. B.A. in English FIGATNER. ILENE. B.A. in English FINCH. WILLIAM. B.A. in Psychology FINE, SUSAN. B.A. in Psychology F1NEG0LD, BARBARA. B.A. in Psychology FISH, RITA. B.A. in Sociology FISHER. ELI.F.N, B.A. in History Fins. SANDRA. B.A. in Speech FIT7.F.RALD, PHILIP, B.A. in Political Science FLANAGAN, KATHLEEN. B.A. in Medical Technology FLF.ISCHMANN. MARC. B.A. in Political Science and Criminology FLORENCE. PRISCILLA. B.A. in Social Work FLYNN. TERRENCE M.. B.A. in German FOLSTAD, NANCY. B.S. in Political Science FORSZF.N, KATHY ANN. B.A. in International Relations FOSTER. PF.TF.R. B.S. in Social Work FRANCE. JOHN, B.A. in Economics FRAZER. SAMUEL. B.S. in Chemistry FRAZIER, KENNETH. B.S. in History FRAZIN. LAWRENCE. B.S. in Zoology FRF.RES, KATHLEEN. B.A. in English FREUND. MARY. B.A. in Journalism FRIEDMAN. DAVID R.. B.A. in Political Science FRIEDMAN. ETHEL. B.A. in French FRIEDMAN. MARTIN. B.A. in Chemistry FRIEDMAN. RICHARD. B.S. in Psychology FRIEDRICH. CRAIG W„ B.A. in International Relations FRIERDICH. MARCIA. B.A. in English FRITZ. PRISCILLA, B.S. in Physical Medicine FROEHLICH. JULIE. B.S. in Medical Technology FRYXELL. JON. B.A. in Economics FUERST, RUTH. B.A. in French FUHRMANN. DIANA. B.A. in English FUTRELL. MICHELE. B.S. in Philosophy GABRILSKA. JOAN E.. B.A. in American Institutions GAMBER. RONALD, B.S. in Psychology GARDNER. LAURIE. B.S. in Art GARFIELD. FRANCES, B.A. in English GASKII.L, GLENN, B.A. in Economics GATSKE. JAMES. B.S. in History GAUTHIER. KATHLEEN A.. B.A. in Sociology GAZELEY. LAWRENCE. B.A. in Political Science GEIGER. DIANE. B.A. in Psychology GEIGER MAN. MICHAEL. B.A. in Political Science GEISS. CHERYL C. B.A. in French GERI.ACH. JAMES. B.A. in English GETTLEMAN, JEFFREY. B.A. in Political Science GIGSTEAD, GAIL. B.A. in Political Science GILBERT. PENNY. B.A. in History GILLEN. SARA. B.A. in Political Science GILLETT. SUSAN. B.A. in Social Work GILLMAN, LYDIA. B.A. in Art History 422GILMAN. GARY. B.A. in Political Science GILMORE. JAMES B.. B.S. in Political Science GINGRAS. MICHAEL D.. B.S. in Political Science GLADOUS. GAYLE. B.A. in Psychology GLASBERG. ROXANNE. B.A. in French GI.EISS. HARRIET. B.A. in History GLITZ. MARILYN. B.A. in Political Science GODBOUT. GREGORY. B.A. in History GODSEY. JOYCE. B.A. in English GOEDECKE. SHARON. B.A. in Philosophy GOGGIN. JOHN P.. B.A. in English GOKEY, ANN. B.A. in History GOLDBERG. JUDITH C.. B.A. in English GOLDBERG. MARLENE F.. B.A. in Political Science GOLDEN. HOWARD. B.A. in Economics and Speech GOLDEN. RANDEE. B.A. in Speech GOLDENBERG. ARLINE J.. B.A. in Journalism GOLDFEDER. JANICE. B.A. in French GOLDHAGEN. CLAIRE. B.A. in International Relations GOLDMAN, MICHAEL S.. B.A. in History GOLDSTEIN. KAY. B.A. in English GOLLUB. ANNE. B.A. in Psychology GOMBERG. SAMUEL. B.A. in Political Science GONIA. DEIRDRE. B.A. in French GORDON. GARY. B.A. in English GORDON. GAYLE. B.A. in Political Science GORDON. JONATHAN. B.A. in History GORDON. JUDITH. B.A. in Sociology GORELIK. JUSTIN P.. B.A. in Slavic Language GOSF.WEHR. EUGENE F.. B.A. in Economics GOVIN. CHARLES. JR.. B.A. in Geology GRAHAM. CONSTANCE. B.S. in English GRAVES. JOHN M.. B.A. in Economics GREENE. RICHARD. B.A. in History GREENGARD. LAURIE. B.A. in Asian Studies GRF.ENQUIST. NANCY. B.A. in French GREENWOOD. ROBERT J.. B.A. in Journalism GRIFFIN. LA CHARTON. B.A. in Ibero-American Studies GRODIN. JAMES. B.A. in History GRONIK. JUDITH. B.A. in Social Work GROSS. PAULA. B.A. in Zoology GRUENDEMANN. MARF.NF. I... B.S. in Sociology GRUMICH. GREG. B.A. in Economics GRUZENSKY. MARY. B.A. in Social Work GUENTHER. VIKKI. B.A. in Social Work GUEQUIERRE. JOHN. B.A. in Economics GUNVILLE. J. MICHAEL. B.S. in Geography GYARMATY. STEVEN. B.S. in Zoology HAAS. PATRICIA A.. B.A. in Social Work HACKBARTH. MARCIA. B.M. in Vocal Education HADLEY. JANE. B.A. in History HAMER, MICHELLE M.. B.A. in English HANCOCK. CURTIS. B.S. in Chemistry HANEWELL. MARY. B.A. in Speech 423 HANSEL, JOHN. B.A. in Economics HANSEN. JEFF. B.S. in History HANSEN. JULIE. B.A. in Social Work HANSON. JOANNE. B.A. in English HANSON. PAUL D.. B.S. in Chemistry HARRINGTON. JANE. B.A. in Social Work HARRIS. BARBARA. B.A. in French HARRIS. DENIS. B.S. in Biochemistry HARRIS. ENA A.. B.A. in Communicative Disorders HARRISON, MARCIE. B.A. in Journalism HARSHBARGER. NANCY K., B.A. in English HARTENBF.RG. JOANN. B.A. in Art Art History HARTLEY. PAUL. B.A. in Philosophy HARTMAN. ANTHONY J.. B.A. in Russian HARVEY. STEVEN, B.S. in Economics HAUGEN. JOHN R.. B.A. in History HAUGH. JANE ANNE. B.A. in Economics HAUPT. SUSAN. B.M. in Music Education HAUTER. R. SCOTT. B.A. in Mctcrology HEAGY. WILLIAM. B.S. in Zoology HEDBACK. ANNE E.. J.B.A. in Journalism HEDBERG. ESTHER. B.S. in Chemistry HEFTY. THOMAS. B.A. in Economics HEHLING. EILEEN. B.A. in Sociology HEINI.EIN, SUSAN. B.A. in Social Work HEINRICHS. ELLEN. J.B.A. in Journalism HELL. DAVID. B.A. in Economics HENDERSON. REBECCA. B.A. in Social Work HENDRICKSON. HAROLD. B.S. in Zoology HENZ. JOHN F.. B.S. in Mctcrology HERDRICH. PAULA, B.A. in Political Science HERMAN, Robert. B.A. in Zoology HERRERA. ALBERTO. B.S. in Political Science HERRICK. JEANNE. B.A. in Advertising HERRICK. SUSAN J.. B.S. in Physical Therapy HESSE. LAURA MAE, B.A. in Russian HEYER. PAMELA. B.A. in Social Work HIGI.F.Y. SUZANNE L.. B.S. in Physical Therapy HILB. JAMES H.. B.A. in History HILDEN. ANNA, B.A. in Russian HILL, DONNA. B.A. in Spanish HILLARY. ROBERT P.. B.A. in Spanish HILTON. MELANIE. B.A. in English HINNER, KATHY. J.B.A. in Journalism Advertising HIRSCH. DANIEL. B.A. in Speech HIRSCH. REBECCA. B.A. in Sociology HIRSCH. SHERRY. B.A. in Social Work HODEL. MARY ANNE. B.A. in Political Science HODGINS. PATRICIA ANN. B.A. in Psychology HODUCK. GEORGIA. B.A. in Social Work HOELTER. TIM, B.A. in History HOGAN. CAROLYN K.. B.A. in History English HOGAN, LANA. B.A. in Social Work HOGF.NSON. EDWARD. B.A. in English es'lp 424HOPP. ROBERT, B.A. in Economics HOPPE. CHERYL. B.A. in Political Science HOPPERT. JONATHAN H.. B.A. in Zoology HORWITZ. STEVEN. B.A. in Economics HOUSER. REBECCA PENN, B.A. in American Institutions HOWARD. LOWELL. B.S. in Chemistry HOWELL. BARBARA. B.A. in Psychology HUBBELL. ROBERTA. B.A. in Social Work HUGGINS. VICTORIA. B.A. in Mathematics HUNSAKER. SHIRLEY. B.A. in Conversation HUNT. CHARLES. B.A. in Political Science Philosophy HUNT. ROBIN. B.A. in Speech HUPPLF.R, DAVID. B.S. in Applied Math Physics HURD. DAVID. B.S. in Zoology HUSBY. MARGARET, B.S. in Physical Therapy HUSTAD. GERALD. B.S. in Chemistry HUTCHINS. ALAN. B.A. in History HUVF.N. TIMOTHY. B.S. in Social Work IAMS. JAY. B.A. in Political Science IRWIN. MURIEL B.. B.A. in Political Science ISF.RMANN. MICHAEL R . B.A. in Economics ISHAM. GEORGE. B.A. in Zoology IVASKA. DAVID. B.A. in African History IZENSTARK. ROBERT. B.A. in History JACOBS. PAUL. B.A. in Political Science JACOBSON. SUSAN. B.A. in Social Work JACOBY. EVELYN. B.A. in Psychology JAFFE. STEPHANIE. B.A. in Social Work JANAC. RICHARD JOHN. B.A. in Speech JANIS, N. RICHARD, B.A. in History JOHANNES. DAVID. B.A. in Geography JOHANNES. RICHARD. B.A. in Chemistry JOHNSON. BARBARA. B.A. in Journalism JOHNSON. DEBORAH L.. B.A. in Spanish JOHNSON. SHERRI. B.A. in Social Work JOHNSON. SUSAN. B.A. in Political Science JOHNSTON. FLORENCE N.. B.A. in International Relations JOHNSTON. LAVON, B.A. in Mathematics JOLIVETTE. CHERYLE L.. B.A. in Physics JONJAK, STANLRY ROY. B.A. in English JORGENSEN. KAREN. B.A. in Russian JOSEPH. JUDITH. B.S. in Physical Therapy JUBELIRER, DAVID. B.A. in Anthropology JUBF.LIRER. SHEILA. B.A. in Comparative Literature JUDAY. NANCY, B.A. in Political Science JUSTMAN. MARY. B.A. in Spanish JUSTMANN, NORMA. B.S. in Medical Technology KABERNA. JEANNE. B.A. in English KAFURA. JANE. B.A. in History KAGAN. MIRIAM. B.A. in Political Science KAHL. SUSAN, B.A. in Zoology KAISER. LOUIS D.. B.A. in Speech KAKES. JAMES. B.A. in Economics KALISH, EDWARD A., B.A. in Economics a25KAMKE. JUEL. B.S. in Art KANE, ELLEN. B.S. in Physical Therapy KAPLAN. BARRY. B.A. in Political Science KAPLAN. RICHARD PAUL. B.A. in Psychology KAPLAN. MYRA TINA, B.A. in Social Work KAPTUR. MARCIA C.. B.A. in History KARAN. ORV. B.S. in Psychology KARNAFEL. ARLENE. B.A. in English KATZ. AMY. B.A. in History KATZ, ROBERT. B.A. in Political Science KATZF.N. ROBERT. B.S. in Zoology KATZMAN. LOUIS. B.S. in Zoology KATZMAN. SUSAN. B.A. in History and English KAUFMAN. ELAINE. B.A. in Art History KAUFMAN. LESLIE. B.A. in Speech KAUPANGF.R. PAULETTE. B.A. in Social Work KAY. LARRY ALAN. B.A. in Political Science KEERL. THOMAS. B.S. in Chemistry KELLETT, JAY A.. B.A. in Geology KELLEY. TIMOTHY. B.S. in History KELLOGG. MICHAEL. B.S. in Chemistry KELLY. KATHLEEN. B.S. in Computer Science KELLY. SHARON. B.S. in Medical Technology KENER. LAWRENCE. B.A. in Political Science KENSICKI. KAREN. B.A. in Psychology KERWIN. CAROLE. B.S. in Philosophy KESSLER. JF.RROLD, B.A. in History KESTER. RICHARD. B.A. in Political Science KINDSCHL KIM. B.A. in Sociology KIRKHAM. WAYNE. B.S. in Zoology KITCHEN. JOHN. B.A. in French KLAPRAT. ANNE MARY. B.S. in History Kl.AR. GAIL. B.S. in Art KLEEMAN. DIANE. B.S. in Psychology KLINE. JANET. B.A. in French KI.INGENSMITH, SUSAN. B.A. in History KLODY. ROZAI.YN, B.A. in Psychology KNOPE, DAVID E.. J.B.A. in Advertising KNUTSON. THOMAS, B.A. in Political Science KOCOUREK, PAUL. B.S. in Economics KOECHEL. KRIS. B.S. in Occupational Therapy KOEHLER. DONNA. B.A. in English KOEN. ROBERT. B.A. in Psychology KOEPSF.I.L. DON. B.S. in Chemistry KOHLS. CAROLYN L.. B.A. in Spanish KONG. BEVERLY. B.A. in Psychology KOOS. MARJORIE. B.A. in English KORES. ELIZABETH. B.A. in Sociology KORNBLITH. CATHY. B.A. in Psychology KORR. BETTY. B.A. in Mathematics KOSCHNICK. MARGARET. B.A. in International Relations KOTTKF.. ROBERT. B.S. in Physics KOUI.A, BRIAN. B.A. in Economics KOVARIK. JOHN. B.A. in Chinese 426KRAHN. ADELAIDE. B.S. in Psychology KRAMER. STEVEN. B.A. in Psychology KRAMSCHUTF.R. CANDACE. B.A. in Social Work KRATOOHWILL. BARBARA. B.S. in Chemistry KRATZER. JEAN. B.A. in Spanish KRAWITZ. GAIL. B.A. in Social Work KREBS. KAY. B.S. in Zoology KREJCHAREK. DONALD J.. B.A. in French KREMBS. PETER J . B.S. in History KRIEGER. FRANCIE. B.A. in English KRINSKY. GA1I. B„ B.A. in Sociology KRISTAN. PAMELA. B.M. in Piano KRONEMAN. SHARON. B.A. in French KRUGER. RODERICK. B.S. in Zoology KRUEGER. WENDY, B.A. in Philosophy KRUG, JULIAN. B.A. in Economics KRUTZA. CHERYL. B.A. in Political Science KUBLY. BETH, B.A. in Chinese Area Studies KUHRT. MICHAEL. B.S. in Biochemistry KUKLINSKI. JAMES. B.S. in Political Science KULLMANN. LYNN. B.A. in Sociology KUTSCH. KAREN. B.A. in Economics I.ADOUCEUR. KAREN. B.A. in Economics LAES. RONALD. B.S. in Geography LAMB. GLENDA, B.A. in Social Work LAMB. KENNETH R.. B.S. in Anthropology LANDAU. MARK. B.A. in Psychology LANGENMARK. JAMES. B.S. in Physics LANGLEY. PETER. B.A. in Political Science LANMAN. GERRY. B.A. in English LAPIN, GLORIA. B.A. in French Area Studies LAROY, NICHOLAS. B.A. in International Relations LARSEN. KAREN. B.A. in Psychology LARSF.N. ROBERT, B.A. in Psychology LARSON. GREGORY. B.S. in Zoology LARSON. ROBERT. B.A. in Social Work LATHROP. MARY. B.S. in Chemistry LATHROP. RICHARD D.. B.S. in Geology LATHROP. RICK. B.A. in Psychology LAUFMAN. RUTHANN. B.A. in Computer Science I.AVINE. SHARON LYNN. B.A. in French LAWTON. JEAN. B.A. in History French LAZAR, BARBARA. B.A. in Spanish LAZAR. MICHELE, B.A. in Psychology I.EBOW. LORA. B.A. in Mathematics LEETE, JOHN, B.S. in Chemistry I.EININGER. SUSAN. B.A. in International Relations LEISCH. GREGORY. B.A. in Political Science LEITH. RONNIE SUE. B.A. in Medical Microbiology LEJEUNE. DIANA. B.S. in Psychology LEKLF.M, JOHN. B.A. in International Relations LEONHARD. CHRISTINE. B.M. in Applied Music LEPINSKI. JOHN. B.A. in Psychology LEPINSKI, MARY BETH. B.S. in Medical Technology 427LESTER. SHARON. B.A. in Social Work LEVIN. HELENE. B.A. in Jornalism LEVIS, RICHARD G.. B.S. in Political Science LEWANDOWSKI. JUDITH ANN. B.A. in English LEWELLING. HENRY P.. B.S. in Political Science LIND. CYNTHIA. B.A. in Spanish LINDREW. GERALD. B.A. in History LINK. SUSAN. B.A. in English LINN. SHARON. B.A. in Psychology LIOTTA. MARC F.. B.S. in Philosophy LIPMAN, DANIEL. B.A. in Political Science I.ISBERG. KENNETH. B.S. in Zoology LIVIE. LYNN. B.A. in Social Work LLOYD-JONES. KIMBALL. B.S. in History I.OCHKN. GREGORY. B.S. in Zoology LOEB. FRED. B.A. in History LOEW. ROBERT E.. B.S. in Psychology I.ONGBRAKE, JULIA. B.A. in German LOOS. JANE. B.A. in French LORE. EILEEN. B.A. in French LOTT. SPENCER L.. III. B.A. in History LOTT. VIRGINIA. B.A. in English LOUDERMAN. JANET. B.A. in English LOWELL. BARBARA. B.A. in Spanish LOWENSTEIN. JANE. B.A. in Speech LUCK. LEON EUGENE. B.A. in Mathematics LUDWIG. KRISTINE. B.S. in Medical Technology LUM. LYNN. B.A. in History LUND, KAREN. B.A. in Spanish LUPA, NEIL. B.A. in Political Science LUTZ, JOHN. B.S. in History LYLE. ROBERT A.. B.A. in Mathematics LYNETT. MICHELE. B.A. in Speech LYON. MICHELE. B.A. in English LYONS. JAMES S.. B.A. in Psychology McCABE, COLLEEN, B.A. in Social Work McCABE. JOAN. B.S. in Medical Technology McCORD. MARTHA JEAN. B.A. in Theatre McCORMICK. BRIAN. B.A. in History McCOY. BRUCE ROBERT. B.S. in Political Science MCDONALD. GWYNETTE. B.A. in Sociology McDONNELL. MARY. B.A. in History McELWEE. KATHERINE. B.A in Psychology McGOECH. PATRICIA. B.A. in French McINTOSH. DAVID. B.A. in English McINVAILLE. THOMAS. B.S. in Art History McLAURY. CATHY. B.A. in Economics McI.IMANS. ROGER K.. B.S. in Economics mcmullen. e. Wallace, b.a. in Music McSWF.ENY. AUSTIN JOHN. B.A. in Psychology MAASS. R. ANDREW. B.A. in History MACK. PAUL. B.A. in Ibero-American Studies MADSON. MARY. B.A. in Spanish MAERTZ. BARBARA. B.S. in Physical Medicine 428MAGIDSON. ISABEL R.. B.A. in French Economics MAGILL. ELLEN. B.A. in Social Work MAGRITZ. STEVEN. B.S. in Chemistry MAHER. DAVID. B.S. in Geology MAHNKE, CYRUS. B.S. in Bactierology MAHONEY. MAUREEN. B.A. in History MAINLAND. MARTHA. B.A. in Social Work MANDI.ER. THOMAS YALE. B.A. in Political Science MANHOFF. DAVID. B.A. in Journalism-Advertising MANIS. HAROLD J.. B.A. in Psychology MANIX. DANIEL. B.S. in English MANNING. DANIEL. B.A. in Psychology moo m MANSFIELD. ELLEN. B.S. in Chemistry MANSHEIM, BERNARD. B.A. in English MANZ. PETER. B.A. in International Relations MAPLES. GARY D., B.S. in Economics MARAGOS. NICHOLAS E.. B.A. in Chemistry MARCELLO. JOHN. B.S. in Economics MARCUS. MAXINE. B.A. in History MAROTZ. BARBARA. B.A. in Psychology MARSHALL. KATHLEEN A.. B.A. in Speech MARSHALL. PAULA. B.A. in English MARTINAITIS, JOHANNA. B.A. in English MARVIN. PATRICIA. B.S. in Medical Technology MARX. EDWARD A., B.S. in Psychology MATHER. MARILYN. B.A. in Journalism MATH ISON. KATHLEEN. B.A. in Social Work MATHOS. KATHY. B.A. in History MATLIN. ELLIOT I.. B.A. in History MATTHEWS. RODERICK. B.A. in Economics MAYER. DEBORAH. B.A. in Psychology MAYER. RICHARD. B.S. in Economics MEADOWS. STEPHANIE. B.A. in Social Work MEDRESS. HARVEY. B.S. in Chemistry MEEKER. JOHN R.. B.S. in Speech MEIER. MARGARET. J.B.A. in Journalism MERRY. MICHAEL. B.A. in Economics METZLER. JACQUELINE. B.A. in Psychology MEYER. SHARON. B.S. in Physics MEYER. STEVEN P.. B.S. in History MICHAEI.SON. JUDITH. B.A. in English M1ESSNER. BARBARA. B.S. in Physical Therapy MILBOURNF.. ROBERT H.. B.A. in Economics MILLER. ANN. B.A. in Geography MILLER. ELLEN, B.A. in American Institutions MILLER. INETTE. B.A. in Psychology MILLER. LAURA, B.A. in Social Work MILLER. MARILYN J.. B.A. in French MILLER. RENEE. B.M. in Applied Harp MILLIGAN. FRED, B.A. in Philosophy MINNICK. SAUNDRA. B.A. in Psychology MISFELDT. THOMAS J.. B.A. in Psychology MI.OT. MICHELE. B.A. in Chemistry MORAN. JOHN. B.A. in Chemistry 429MORGOVE. MICHELLE, B.A. in Sociology MORRISEY. ROBERT. B.A. in Speech MORTENSEN, SANDRA. B.S. in Medical Technology MOSELEY. LORNA. B.A. in Art History MOSLANDER. KENNETH. B.A. in Philosophy MOTF.R. LEE, B.A. in Political Science MULDER, LEE. J.B.A. in Journalism MULLEN. DENNIS, B.S. in Molecular Biology MULLETT, MARGERY. B.S. in Physical Therapy MULLINS. ANITA. B.S. in Physical Medicine MUMFORD. NAPOLEON. B.A. in Social Work MUNDIE, MARY. B.A. in Economics MUNRO. LISA. B.A. in Sociology MORGAN. DAVID. B.S. in Meterology MUSCHEL. GEORGE. B.A. in English MYERS. MARCIA. B.S. in English NADLER. DONALD. B.A. in Political Science NEEDELMAN, A.. B.S. in Zoology NEHR. MICHAEL. B.S. in Speech Pathology NELSON. GARY. B.A. in Geography NELSON. KATHRYN. B.A. in German NELSON. PAMELA. B.S. in Physical Therapy NEUMANN, CAROL, B.A. in Mathematics NICHOLS. RONALD. B.S. in Zoology NICOLA. FRANKLIN. B.A. in English NIES, BARBARA, B.S. in Occupational Therapy NIMZ. EVELYN. B.A. in Linguistics NIPPERT, SHARON. B.S. in Physical Therapy NOEL, ROBERT, B.A. in Political Science NOERR. MARTHA. B.A. in Philosophy NOLAN. CHRISTINA. B.A. in Anthropology NOONAN. DANIEL, B.A. in Speech NORF.EN. PATRICIA, B.A. in Zoology NYERS. STEPHAN. B.A. in Sociology NYGARD, DANTON. B.A. in Chemistry NYSTROM, MICHAEL, B.A. in Mathematics OAKLEY. DEBORAH. B.A. in Political Science OAKEY, STEVE, B.A. in Journalism OBERG. ELLEN. B.A. in Psychology O BRIEN. PATRICK, B.S. in Economics O’CONNOR, JOSEPH. B.A. in International Relations OLSEN. LYNN. B.A. in Speech Therapy OLSHER. ROBERT, B.A. in Political Science OLSON, JOANNE, B.A. in Sociology OLSON, MICHAEL. B.S. in Zoology OLSON. THOMAS. B.S. in English ORTH. JEFFERY. B.A. in History OSHIRO, INA. B.A. in Sociology OTTO. DAVID, B.A. in International Relations OTTO, JONATHAN. B.A. in International Relations OTTO, PATRICIA. B.S. in Physical Therapy PAGEL. BRIAN, B.A. in Political Science PALZER. THOMAS, B.S. in Chemistry PANKE. KATHLEEN. B.S. in English 430PANEER. SUZANNE. B.A. in Zoology PARSCH. LUCAS. B.A. in German PATTERSON. JAMES. B.A. in Economics PATTERSON. JOHN. B.A. in Economics PAUL. WENDY. B.A. in Sociology PAULSON. JEAN. B.A. in Political Science PAULSON. THOMAS J.. B.M. in Music and Education PAWLISCH, JUANITA S.. B.A. in Speech Therapy PEARCE. JAMES. B.A. in Economics PEDERSON. MARY. B.S. in Zoology PEEVY. CHARLES. B.S. in History PELIKAN. BONNIE. B.A. in International Relations PELTZMAN. ROBERT. B.A. in History PEPF.R. HARRIETTE. B.A. in Social Work PERLMAN. BARBARA. B.A. in Psychology PERRY. DONALD. B.A. in Chemistry PERRY. MARJORIE. B.A. in English PERRY, SUZANNE C.. B.A. in Spanish PERKO. LEE. B.A. in Physics PF.SSIN. STUART M.. B.S. in History PETASNICK. WILLIAM. B.A. in Political Science PETERSEN. TERRY. B.S. in History PETERSEN. RUBY V.. B.A. in Speech PETERSON. DEAN S.. B.S. in History PETERSON. ROBERT. B.S. in Political Science PETERSON. TERRY A.. B.A. in German PETTY. TERRYL. B.A. in Sociology PFIFFNER. JAMES P.. B.A. in Political Science PFISTER. MERRILEE, B.A. in History of American Culture PHILLIPS. CHARLES. B.S. in Political Science PITKIN. GRETA. B.M. in Music PLATT. NANCY. B.S. in Occupational Therapy POGER. MARSHA. B.A. in Psychology POMERANZ. JACK. B.S. in History PORTNER. I.YNELI. G.. B.A. in Social Work POSER. JOHN. B.A. in Psychology POTRATZ. VICKI. B.A. in German POTTER. SUE ELLEN. B.A. in International Relations PRATT. RANDA. B.A. in Speech Therapy PREYSZ. LOUIS R. F.. III. B.A. in Spcecn PRICE. LINDA. B.A. in Social Work PRIMIS. LANCE. B.A. in English PROCHNOW. JUDITH. B.A. in Social Work RADER. JACQUELYN. B.A. in Social Work RADUE. MARILYN. B.S. in Medical Technology RAILTON, JOSEPH A.. III. B.A. in Sociology RAINERI. JENNIFER. B.A. in English RAMSON. SHEILA. B.A. in Sociology RANDOLPH. NANCY. B.A. in Political Science RANK. LYNN. B.A. in Social Work RAPAPORT. MARK. B.A. in History RAPHAEL. WILLIAM. B.A. in History RAPPEPORT, LYNNE. B.A. in History RASMUSSEN. NANCY. B.S. in Psychology 431ri iiMiM RASMUSSEN. STEVEN. B.S. in Mathematics RAUSEN. PHYLLIS. B.A. in History RAVENTOS. SALVADOR. B.S. in French REARDON. MARY. B.A. in English REBERNICH. WILLIAM. B.A. in History RELLES, NATHAN. B.A. in Computer Science REPP, LOIS. B.S. in History RESAR. ROGER, B.S. in Zoology RESNESKE. MICHAEL R.. JR.. B.A. in Computer Science RF.SMICK. RONALD. B.A. in Art History REYNOLDS. CANDACE. B.A. in Spanish REYNOLDS. CARLA. B.S. in Art REYNOLDS. MARY JANE. B.A. in Economics REYNOLDS. RUTH. B.A. in Social Work RHODE. LINDA. B.A. in Journalism RICE. J. DAVID. JR., B.A. in Political Science RINELLI, CARA. B.A. in Italian RINGER. RUTHANN. B.A. in History ROBBINS. LORRAINE. B.A. in Social Work ROBINSON. CLYDE. III. B.A. in English ROBINSON. DELANE ANN. B.A. in Political Science ROBINSON. HOWARD. V.A. in Psychology ROBINSON. MARY. B.A. in History ROBINSON. MARYLOU. B.A. in Political Science ROE. MARY. B.A. in History ROGERS, ROBERT, B.A. in Political Science ROGERS. SHERYL. B.M. in Music ROKOS. JAMES. B.S. in Chemistry ROMBERG. STECEN F.. B.A. in Economics ROSEN. BRUCE. B.A. in History ROSENBERGER. GARY, B.A. in Psychology ROSENOW, EVAN C.. B.A. in Zoology ROSENOW. FREDERICK. B.A. in Economics ROSS, WENDY. B.A. in Political Science ROSSING, DON. B.A. in History ROWE. ART. B.S. in Botany ROYCE. CONNIE. J.B.A. in Journalism RUBEN, ELLEN. B.A. in Psychology RUBIN. BARBARA LEE. B.A. in English RUBIN, LARRY. B.A. in Philosophy RUBINSTEIN, RICHARD. B.A. B.S. in Mathematics RUCHTI, RANDD. B.S. in Physics RUDOY. HELAINF., B.A. in Speech RUFF. CONNIE C.. B.S. in Psychology RUMSF.Y, MARY JO, B.S. in Zoology RUSSELL. C. BRUCE. B.A. in Speech RUSSELL, DENNIS L.. B.A. in Political Science RUSSELL. JANE A.. B.S. in Physical Therapy RUSSELL. JANE M., B.S. in Art RUSSIF.R, THOMAS C., B.A. in Economics RYAN. TIMOTHY. B.A. in History SAILOR. TIMOTHY. B.M. in Music Education SAKRISON. JEAN. B.A. in English til dAl 432SALK. STEPHEN. B.A. in History SAMUELS. REYSA. B.A. in Social Work SAND. FRED. B.A. in Classical Humanities SANDERS. WILLIAM. B.A. in Speech SANDOK, PAUL. B.S. in Zoology SANDOW. JO BETH. B.A. in History SANNES. VALERIE. B.A. in Psychology SARGENT. KATHLEEN. B.A. in Sociology SARTZ, CAROL. B.A. in Social Work SAUNDERS. RUTH. B.A. in Botany SAUNDERS. THOMAS. B.A. in History SAUNDERS.. STECEN. B.A. in Psychology SAXLER. WILLIAM. B.A. in Economics SAZAMA, THOMAS. B.A. in Political Science SCHANEN, MICCA. B.A. in French SCHANKE. MARY. B.S. in Medical Technology SCHECTER. MICHAEL. B.A. in Political Science SCHEIN. LAWRENCE. B.A. in Mathematics SCHER. DIANE. B.A. in History SCHEYE. ELAINE S.. B.S. in English SCHILLING. ('ARIA, B.A. in Social Work SCHLAN. HARRIET. B.A. in Art History SCHLUCKBIER. DIANNE. B.A. in Spanish SCHMID. STEVEN I... B.S. in Sociology SCHMITT. ROBERT K.. B.S. in Political Science SCHNEIDER. CYNTHIA. B.A. in English History SCHNEIDER. ERIC J.. B.S. in Economics SCHOEFFEL. JON M., B.A. in Political Science SCHOEN. ARMUND. B.A. in Spanish SCHOENFELD. LESLIE. B.A. in Speech Therapy SCHOENWALD. CAROLYN. B.S. in Geology SCHOENWETLF.R, JODY. B.A. in Psychology SCHOFLER. PATRICIA. B.A. in History SCHOPEN, CAROL. B.A. in Psychology SCHRIBER. MICHAEL. B.A. in History SCHRINSKY. DANIEL. B.A. in Philosophy SCHROCK. LINDA. B.A. in Spanish SCHROEDER. GARY. B.S. in Mathematics SCHROEDER. MARGARET. B.S. in Medical Technology SCHROEDER. PATRICIA. B.A. in English SCHROEDER. THEODORE. B.A. in Meteorology SCHROEDTER. GREGORY J.. B.A. in Political Science SCHUCH. JONATHAN. B.A. in Economics SCHULMAN. ALAN ARTHUR. B.A. in History SCHWAI.B. ELLEN LOUISE. B.A. in English SCHWARTZ. ALAN. B.S. in Sociology SCHWARTZ. CHARLES. B.A. in Economics SCHWARTZ. CHARLES. B.A. in Zoology SCHWARTZ. SHEILA. B.A. in English SCHWARZ. GAIL. B.A. in French SCRIBNER. JEAN. B.M. in Applied Voice SEBULSKY. MILDRED. B.A. ip Political Science SEIDL, CAROL. B.A. in English 433SEUAN. JF.RRY, B.A. in Sociology SELWYN. JEFFREY. B.A. in Zoology SETTON. GEORGE. B.A. in English SHACKELFORD. TERRY J.. B.S. in Geology SHAGAM. DIANE. B.S. in Zoology SHAKMAN. STUART. B.A. in Geography SHALLUE. JUDITH. J.B.A. in Journalism Advertising SHANSKY. ROBERT. B.A. in Economics SHAPIRO. LEONARD. B.S. in Journalism SHARPE. FRANCES E.. B.A. in Sociology SHAVE. MARILYN. B.S. in Physical Therapy SHAW. COURTNEY, B.A. in English SHEEHAN, MAUREEN, B.A. in Political Science SHERFINSKI. JOHN M.. B.A. in Physics SHERRY. A R LETT A. B.S. in Medical Technology SHORF.Y. LEROY. B.A. in Political Science SHUSTER. MICHAEL. B.A. in History SIEGEL. NANCY. B.A. in History SIEGMAN. HUGH. B.A. in Political Science SIEVERT, RONALD. B.A. in Journalism SILVER. FRED. B.A. in Psychology SILVER. HOWARD. B.A. in Business SILVERMAN. JUDITH. B.A. in Journalism SILVERMAN. ROBERT. B.A. in Political Science SIMON. ALICE. B.A. in English SIMON. BONNIE B„ B.A. in Psychology SIMON. JEFFREY. B.A. in Psychology SIMPSON. LESLEY. B.S. in Art SINCLAIR. ALLEN. B.S. in Chemistry SINHA. NANCY G., B.A. in Indian Studies SINGSTOCK, SHARON. B.A. in Social Work SLADE, EUGENE. B.A. in History SLOTNICK. ISABEL. B.A. in Speech Therapy SMERLING. MARTIN, B.S. in Economics SMILEY. ELAINE. B.M. in Vocal Education SMITH. JANET, B.A. in Political Science SMITH. JOANNA. B.A. in Economics SMITH. KAY ELLIN. B.A. in Psychology SMITH. LESLIE. B.A. in Social Work SMITH. MAUREEN. B.A. in Political Science SMITH. MICHAEL J.. B.A. in Psychology SMITH. PHILIP. B.S. in Chemistry SMITH, STEPHANIE, B.A. in Social Work SOBIN. PAULA, B.A. in Social Work SOLL. MARTIN. B.S. in Political Science SOLVERSON. JANET. B.A. in Mathematics SOMAN. JAMES. B.S. in History SONKING. JUDITH. B.A. in Social Work SOPHER. SHARON. B.A. in Speech SORENSON. DIANE. B.A. in Psychology SORENSON. CUR TIS J., B.S. in Geology SPAHR. ROBER T C., B.S. in Social Work SPECTOR. TAMAR. B.A. in Psychology SPIELMAN. JUDI, B.A. in Sociology 434SPIERER. BARBARA. B.A. in Social Work SPINDEL. JANIE. B.A. in Spanish STAGMAN. BARRY. B.A. in Italian STANDORF. IRENE. B.M. in Music Education STARR ITT. JOHN. B.A. in History STATHAS. CAROLYN. B.A. in Music STEINBERG. MICHAEL. B.S. in History STEINER. EDWARD. JR.. B.A. in History STEINER. JOEL H.. B.A. in History STEINER. RICHARD. B.A. in Economics STEIN METZ. RICHARD R.. B.A. in Spanish Art History STERN, MARTHA. B.A. in Psychology STERN, MICHAEL. B.S. in Philosophy STERNBERG. LYNN. B.A. in Zoology SIEUDEL. CHARLOTTE. B.S. in Medical Technology STIFTER. JAMES. B.S. in Psychology STILES. CHRISTINE. B.A. in English Sociology STILLER. ANDREW. B.S. in Zoology STOCKS. MARGIE. B.A. in Psychology STOEHR. BARBARA. B.A. in Computer Science STONE. LYNN CONSTANCE. B.A. in Speech STRAIGHT. RONALD. B.A. in Economics SPRANG. SANDRA SUE, B.S. in Chemistry STRATTON, JAMES. B.A. in Psychology STRAUB. BETH. B.A. in Social Work STRAUB. JOHN, B.A. in History STRAUSS. ERIC. B.A. in Political Science STRAUS. SPIER WIN, B.A. in Psychology STREICH, MORRIS. B.A. in Economics SUMNICHT. MARY. B.A. in Spanish SUNKEL. WARREN F... B.S. in Mctcrology SUPON. HELENE K.. B.A. in History SUSCHIL. ANTHONY. B.S. in Zoology SWALHF.M, CLF.ONE, B.A. in Social Work SWANSON. MARTHA. B.A. in Computer Science SWEET. KENNETH. B.A. in Political Science SWERDLOFF. LYNNE. B.A. in Psychology SWINEHART. ROBERT. B.S. in Physics SWINGLEY. SUSAN. B.A. in Psychology TAYLOR. MARQUIS. B.A. in History TAYLOR. STEVEN. B.A. in Political Science TECLER. KENNETH. B.A. in Political Science TEN EYH, ROBERT S., B.A. in Economics TESKER, KATHLEEN. B.S. in Mathematics TESSMANN. MARY. B.A. in Social Work THEUNE, LAUREL. B.A. in Social Work THOMAS. SHARON. B.A. in History THOMPSON. CHRIS. B.S. in Zoology THOMPSON. NANCY. B.A. in English THOMPSON. SHARON R.. B.A. in Social Work THOMPSON. SUSAN L„ B.A. in Radio and Television THORSON, GERALD L.. B.S. in Geography THORSTAD. DIANE. B.S. in Political Science TIETSORT. DAVID. B.A. in Mathematics 435TICKO. DAVID. B.S. in Chemistry TOEPEL. ELIZABETH. B.M. in Music Education TOFT. THOMAS. B.A. in Philosophy TOPOLSKY. JOAN. B.A. in History TRECROCI, ERNEST. B.S. in Journalism TRINKAUS. GREGOR. B.A. in History TRUDING. ROBERT. B.A. in Molecular Biology TSURU. JAMES. B.A. in Geography TUCKERMAN, ELIOT, B.A. in Psychology TURK. ELLEN. B.A. in History TURNER. JUDITH. B.A. in History TZESES, MARGERY F.. B.A. in Correctional Administration ULLMANN. JOHN. B.S. in Physics ULLMAN. WILLIAM. B.A. in Psychology ULLRICH. BERNARD. B.A. in Psychology UPHAM. MON IE. B.S. in Speech USNICK. JOHN. B.A. in Economics VAN BOX I EL. CAROL. B.S. in Occupational Therapy VAN EYCK. JAMES P.. B.A. in Journalism VEIT. LAUREEN, B.S. in Physical Medicine VERGERONT, MARGARET. B.A. in English VIOLA. RONALD. B.S. in Psychology VIOLETTE, RICHARD. B.S. in Mathematics VOEGELI. PAUL W.. B.A. in History VOGEL. DAVID. B.S. in Psychology VOLLBRECHT. RICHARD. B.A. in Speech VOSS. CONNIE. B.S. in History VOSS. JOHN E.. B.A. in Psychology WAGMAN. IDA. B.A. in Sociology WALD. BRUCE. B.A. in Philosophy WALDMAN, BARBARA. B.A. in Communicative Disorders WALLING. JULIE. B.S. in Physical Therapy WALMANN. STEVEN C.. B.A. in Economics WALTERS. BARBARA. B.A. in American Institutions WALTHERS. ROBERT. B.A. in English WARNER. PATRICIA. B.A. in Social Work WARWICK. JAMES F„ B.A. in History WARWICK. MARY. B.A. in French WATSON. MARY M.. B.A. in Sociology WATTO. JUDY. B.A. in Political Science WEBB. KATHLEEN. B.A. in Social Work WEBER. ARLYN. B.A. in English WF.BER. AR T. B.S. in Mathematics WEBER. BRUCE, B.S. in Mathematics WEBER. MARGARET. B.A. in Social W'ork WFBF.R. NANCY. B.A. in English WECKERLY. MARTHA. B.A. in Social Work WEINBERG. MARTIN. B.A. in History WEINER. LARRY. B.A. in Economics WEINMAN. JEFFREY. B.A. in Political Science WEINSTOCK. STAN. B.A. in Psychology WEISNICHT. BONITA. B.A. in Social Therapy WEISS. JF.ANE. B.S. in Medical Technology WEISS. VALERIE G., B.A. in French 436WELCH. BARBARA. B.A. in Communicative Disorders WELLMAN. NANCY. B.S. in Physical Therapy WELLSFRY. NORVAL. B.A. in Psychology WESOKY. JACK. B.S. in History WESTPHAL. EDWARD F.. JR.. B.A. in Psychology WHITEHILL. STEVF.N. B.A. in Computer Science WHITESIDE. JEAN. B.A. in German WIATF.R. JANICE. B.A. in Biochemistry WIDETT. NEAL. B.A. in History WILDER. ELIZA. B.A. in History WII DM AN. THOMAS R.. B.A. in French O 0(1 li Mb. WILLIAMS. ARTHUR. B.A. in Italian French WILSON. ROBERT. B.S. in Anthropology WINDER. CAROL. B.S. in Medical Technology WINK. JANICE. B.M. in Music Education WINTER. MARTHA. B.A. in Social Work WIPPFRMAN. CAROL. B.A. in Russian WIRKA. DAVID. B.S. in Social Work WISE. BARBARA. B.A. in Political Science WITT. HELEN. B.A. in Zoology WOLF. LOUIS. B.A. in Economics WOLF.SKE. MARY. B.S. in Zoology WONG. CHRISTINA. B.S. in Medical Technology WONG. PAUL. B.S. in History WURL. THOMAS L.. B.S. in Economics WYNHOFF. PETER. B.A. in Speech YAMAGATA. HARVEY. B.A. in English YAMAMOTO. DIANE. B.A. in Chemistry YATES. NANCY. B.A. in English YONKER. TERRY L.. B.S. in Meterology YOUNG. BARBARA. B.A. in Sociology YOUNG. JOHN. B.M. in Music History ZAFROS. GREGORY. B.S. in Sociology ZANZIG. JOHN. B.S. in History ZARLING. MARJORIE. B.A. in Psychology ZBIKOWSKI. KAREN. B.S. in Physical Medicine ZF.FH. FILFEN. B.A. in Social Work ZEHMS, JANET. B.S. in Physical Therapy ZELKE. HELEN. B.A. in English ZEMLICKA. RONALD. B.A. in History' ZEN'NER. DONNA. J.B.A. in Advertising ZENTNER, KEITH D.. B.A. in Speech ZIMMERMAN. FRED. B.A. in Psychology ZIMMERMAN. LETTIE. B.A. in Psychology ZUEHLKE. TERRI, J.B.A. in Journalism ZUSSMAN. ALAN, B.A. in Speech 437MEDICAL SCHOOL The Medical School Library is the source of knowledge for many U.W. med students . . . . . . such as this industrious one. 438Information can easily be obtained at the library desk. The career for which the young men and women of the University of Wisconsin Medical School have embarked means more, deserves more than a stolid nod of approval from an unconcerned society. Medical knowledge can no longer be imparted through textual sources alone; new techniques and treatments necessitate instruction in modernly equipped laboratories and surgical rooms. To keep pace with changes in medical science, the University of Wisconsin Medical School recently revised their entire curriculum and teaching procedure in order to introduce students early to widely diversified areas and to get them into the hospitals for on-the-spot training before internship. The paramedical educational programs— Medical Technology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy. X-ray Technology and others—are also under the School of Medicine, and the continuing research in these fields is symbolized by the new Cancer Research Building. Programs and facilities, no matter how high their quality, cannot guarantee that a doctor will be a good one. The addition of the adjective “good” rests on the efforts, the fortitude and competence, of each individual medical student; these qualities arc the intensification of the forces that make someone decide to be an M.D. This lounge is used for relaxation, bull sessions, and even studying.President—Gregory Garnett Vice-President—Bruce Hcrtcl PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY The Pre-Med Society is aimed at acquainting pre-med students with various aspects of the medical field. Speakers let members know of new technique and new openings in different areas of the profession. Tours of hospital wards and labs help students to realize the importance of hospital routines and habits. ■uo From the Pre-Med Society these students move into medical school. Phi Theta—Bottom Row: M. Shave. J. Zchms. J. Russell. M. Benisk. Husby. B. Micssncr, E. Kane. D. Noble. P. Nelson, K. Wegner. N. Gal- D. Bruski. J. Joseph. J. Miller. Second Row: S. Sccora. L. Angsten. M. lau. B. Johnson. J. Schocnkc. All activities of Phi Theta arc voluntary work which is done off campus. Functions of the society are aimed toward a better understanding of the field, its responsibilities and goals. "The Whirlpool", a monthly newspaper put out by the sorority, keeps members up to date with new technique and job openings. PHI THETA 1 i ATWELL. ANTHONY E.. M.D. BABBITZ. ALLEN H.. M.D. GALL. RANDALL. M.D. LEVIN. MICHAEL. M.D. O'LAVIN. BLAKE. M.D. WF.NDI.ING. LYLE. M.D.NURSING Even the nurses have to sleep! Dean Helen L. Bunge Although few nurses attain the fame of Florence Nightingale, each certainly plays a vital role in working on every health team. Not wanting to isolate themselves in only nursing, however, students spend their first two years taking Letters and Science courses which will not only supplement their later training, but also allow them to expand into other areas of their choice. Junior and senior years arc spent taking more intensive courses which are more specifically related to actual nursing. Considerable time is also spent working in the University Hospital where students can actually apply their knowledge and learn from those who have worked in the profession for some time. The field of nursing is quite extensive. There arc various specialized areas into which each student may enter. Whether one is interested in psychiatric work, public health, obstetrics or surgery there arc appropriate courses in each area. In addition to classroom learning and practical training in hospitals, there are organizations such as Alpha Tau Delta, the Student-Faculty Council of the School of Nursing, and Alpha Delta Theta, will benefit her both intellectually and socially. These nurses are explaining the procedures to a student nurse. With the aid of nurses, many people's lives are saved. 443ALPHA TAU DELTA Picture yourself lying in the infirmary about mid-December, suffering grotesquely from boredom, gloomily reflecting on Christmas vacation starting without you. when-hark! the strains of lovely carols assault your ears. It’s the girls of Alpha Tau Delta, a professional sorority for nursing students. Members also engage in service projects for the state school for girls, and hold educational programs to further their own professional knowledge. Alpha Delta Theta—Bottom Row: J. McCabe. C. Steudel. M. Schanke. M. Bcrgner. C- Dcmien, M. Dial. J. Mahlmann, R. I.ansky. Second Bow: p. Schrocdcr. M. Zinsmcistcr. M. Radue. H. Kiewig. K. Flannagan. C. Ludwig. S. Schmidt. L. Raisted, D. Schultz. S. Meier, C. Berger, B. McKccvcr. Third Row: J. Weiss. C. Wong. S. Taira. B. Pailing. M. Habek, K. Schmidt. E. Bakken. J. Barr. J. Brun, D. Jurmann, K. Burke. Student-Faculty Council—Bottom Row: Mrs. Straus. B. Slavik. A. A. Hackbarth. H. Hcrwig. D. Hcucr. V. Skaar. Miss Smith. T. Shearer. Tcaley. C. Thomas. J. Fahey. P. Pickard. S. Vinkovich. Second Row: Mrs. Marsh. L. Stump. M. Brown. E. Marquardt. C. Siegel. Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Theta is the local chapter of the national medical technologists' sorority. Activities range from beer suppers to guest speakers to Christmas parties for hospital bound children. The aim of the sorority is two-fold; first to familiarize the student with medical techniques and secondly to prove to members that the field is rewarding combination of hard work and some play. STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL, SCHOOL OF NURSING 444With the advancements in medicine today it is necessary to maintain a free flow of information between concerned members of the profession. To promote this communication the Student-Faculty Council of the school of Nursing facilitates the exchange of information among nursing students, faculty, and student body. Within the nursing school, the big sister-little sister program orients freshman students and professional news is updated in the spring with a symposium on current topics. ALPHA DELTA THETA Alpha Tau Delta—Bottom Row: K. Kruger. K. Davis. R. Inman. M. Brown. A. Nasscn. S. Grady. S. Johnson. J. King. Second Row: G. Sullivan. R. Senior, S. Taft. J. Hefty. D. Dorenbos, J. Dickerson. M. Roberts. H. Hcrwig. K. Geisicr. L. Lenar. D. Cook. L. Kloety. Third Row: M. Lascckc. S. Zalabsky, J. Wallcy. P. Tuckwcll. G. Schuchard. L. Wilford. M. Roack, M. Jones. D. Zernov. S. Lunker, C. Bartz, K. Heohn. M. Arnsdorf. J. Simbach. S. Bclckcvich. M. Ross, N. Oakes. S. Mueller. L. Frahm. Fourth Row: P. Hackbart, I.. Milass. M. Knutson. C. Hafcman. B. Lcadholm. A. Hackbarth. J. Delacy. C. Tripp. B. Price. C. Spindlcr, C. Siegel, B. Slavik. V. Stone. M. Pasdirtz. C. Bcra. E. Marquardt. T. Shearer. L. Schmidt, M. Barney, N. McBrair. 445ALANIZ. KARF.N, B.S. ANSFIELD. ROBERTA. B.S. ARNSDORE. MARGOT. B.S. ASHTON. DOROTHY. B.S. AYRES. JEANNE, B.S. BAUER. CAROLE. B.S. BAUMGARTNER. MARGARET. B.S. BLISS. NANCY, B.S. BOSSO. DIANE. B.S. BUSSE. KATHLEEN. B.S. CHRISTY, CHERYL. B.S. COOK. DOROTHY. B.S. CURTISS. PATRICIA. B.S. DASHCUND. NAOMI. B.S. DELACY. JOANNE. B.S. DICKERSON. SALLY, B.S. DISCH. JOANNE. B.S. DOMBROWSKI. JUDITH. B.S. DORENBOS. DONNA. B.S. EDELMAN. SHIRLEY. B.S. GAMMEI.L, JOAN. B.S. GANTT. BEVERLY, B.S. GEISLER. KATHY. B.S. GREENBAUM. ANNE. B.S. HACKBART. PATRICIA. B.S. HACKBARTH, ANN. B.S. HAFEMAN. CHERYL. B.S. HANSEN. KATHY. B.S. HANSON. SANDRA, B.S. HASTINGS. CATHERINE. B.S. HEFTY, JUDITH. B.S. HERRMAN. LINDA. B.S. HERWIG, HELEN, B.S. HOH, SUSAN. B.S. ISAACSON. SANDRA. B.S. JIRGL, ROBERT. B.S. JONES. MARTHA, B.S. JUNEAU. MARY. B.S. KAYLOR. LEONE, B.S. KINDT. KAREN. B.S. KNOBLAUCH. CLARE. B.S. KRUGER. KATHLEEN, B.S. KUHLOW, CARROL. B.S. LENAR. LOUISE. B.S. MALER. BARBARA. B.S. MALER. VALERIE. B.S. MANEK, SANDRA. B.S. MYRON. SHERRY. B.S. NEGUS. SANDRA. B.S. NEUMEIER. MARIANNE. B.S. PETINIOT. PEG. B.S. PRICE. BARBARA. B.S. PRITCHARD. LYNN. B.S. REEDER. LYNN. B.S. 446ROARK. MARCIA. B.S. ROBERTS. MARCIA. B.S. ROBERTS. LAURIE. B.S. ROBERTS. MARY JANE. B.S. SCHOMBERG. KAY. B.S. SENIOR. ROSEI.YN. B.S. SIEGEL. CHARLOTTE. B.S. SLAVIK. BARBARA. B.S. SPINDLER. CHERYI.. B.S. STONE. VIRGINIA. B.S. STUMP. LAWRENCE. B.S. TAFT. SHEILA. B.S. TEALEY. ANNETTE, B.S. VINJE. SHEILA. B.S. WEINSTEIN. JANE. B.S. WEST. ROSALIND. B.S. WICKS. CAROL. B.S. WINKLER. PENNY. B.S. WITCZAK. MARY. B.S. ZUNKER. SHARON. B.S.This student methodically tests the chemical. This apothecary bottle symbolizes the school of Pharmacy. This future pharmacist is preparing a drug during lab. Founded in 1883, the Wisconsin School of Pharmacy has progressed along with the latest developments in the science of pharmacology. The school’s largest graduate and research facilities not only research the most recent drug discoveries but also strive to remain ahead in research and educational methods. Gone from the school’s sole concern is a panacea for whooping cough; today's students and faculty are perfecting drugs to help combat cancer, heart disease, and afflictions that at one time medical men felt to be insurmountable conquests. With an enrollment approaching 600 students the Wisconsin School of Pharmacy represents an example of continuing progress in an age of scientific awareness'and innovation. 448PHARMACY You can find this out-of-the-way building at the corner of University and Charter. 449Kappa F.psilon—Bottom Row: C. Wasielcwski, J. Miller. D. Valaitis, S. Schroeder. S. Sticr. J. Rcichcrl. J. Heald, S. Bonkowki. P. Manthe. I. Mcinholdt. Second Row: I.. Dittman. M. Kcdzierski, L. Lochcn. P. Koetsch, C. Vandcn Boogaard. L. Reynolds. E. Selbo. J. Biiettncr. L. Smith. P. Valaski, M. Frey. M. Coleman. A. F.llingson. C. Smith, J. Statistics show that the incidences of hypochondriac young men increases drastically when the pharmacist behind the counter filling the prescription is a Kappa Epsilon girl. Members of this professional pharmaceutical fraternity for women work to unite women in pharmacy, carry out service projects for the university children's hospital and commemorate their founder's day with a May banquet. Hintz, P. Kchrcr. F.. Skorno. Third Row: A Yung. L. Locfflcr, S. May, P. Chan. M. Koenig. S. Siemers. K. Davidson. S. Lange. P. Fregicn, S. Meyer, S. Haas. G. Ting. F. Fang, G. Snopck. C. Markham. T. Miler. I. Gerzins. KAPPA EPSILON RHO CHI SOCIETY Want a really great bottle of aspirin? Then see to it that your friendly neighborhood druggist is a member of Rho Chi, national honorary pharmaceutical society. Besides honoring outstanding pharmacy students, the group is oriented toward encouraging interest in pharmaceutical studies of the postgraduate level. High point of the year is the Kremers Memorial Lecture—at least, for the very dedicated. Rh° Society—-flo ftwi Row. Y. Ayncchi. D. Forbes, G. Nelson, G Conard, S. Sticr. D. Michalski. Second Row: J. Sheahan. M. MaKoid J. von Brcdow. T. Brown. M. McCorthy, S. Schmidt. C. Pearson. T. Trcsp. ■450Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society—Bottom Ron-: G. Kohl. G. Nelson. D. Kaye. D. Duchring, D. Ameden. W. Vergowe, R. Kohlman. B. Schrocdcr, D. Michalski. H. Borkovee, G. Halvorson. T. Wyderka. Second Row: S. Klatt. P. Fourness. P. Kchrcr. S. Schrocdcr. E. Skorno, S. Palmer. G. Huhn. T. Gaginclla. A. Ellingson. R. Gassett. C. Wasic-fewski. P. Manthe, R. Adams. Third Row: D. Forbes. M. Makoid. R. Crook. R. Higgins. R. Yokel, D. Briggs. J. Van Hccsch. W. Whitford, T. Maves. S. Schmidt. R. Schwandt. M. McCarthy. P. Adas, T. Brown. T. Zago?.cn. D. Tresp. T. Rasmussen. K. Sal sicder. J. Beil fuss. J. Cestrcich. Fourth Row: T. Milcr. E. Selbo. J. Miller. S. Haas. L. Loef-Her. C. Markham. M. Kedzierski. S. Lange. M. Frey, S. Stier, C. Smith. G. Snopek. J. Buettner. L. Dittman. J. Reichert, J. Heald. M. Coleman. S. Bonkoski. The Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society is an organization which helps pharmacy students develop the professionalism expected in their field. Society members, to further this goal, also participates in both the American and Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Associations. To promote pharmacy on campus, the society sponsors scholarship awards and also hopes to have scholarship grants available soon. WISCONSIN PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY 451ABBREDF.RIS. FRANK. JR.. B.S. in Pharmacy ANDERSON. RICKIE. B.S. in Pharmacy ATKINSON. ROBERT. B.S. in Pharmacy AUSTIN, ROBERT. B.S. in Pharmacy BABCOCK. JO. B.S. in Pharmacy BAILEN. WILLIAM. B.S. in Pharmacy BARANOUCKY. TONY. B.S. in Pharmacy BARTIG, DONALD, B.S. in Pharmacy BAUMANN. RICHARD. B.S. in Pharmacy BORGER. ROBERT. B.S. in Pharmacy BROUII.LARD, SHARON, B.S. in Physical Medicine BROWN. THOMAS. B.S. in Pharmacy BYKOWSKI. KENNETH J.. B.S. in Pharmay CHANDLER. MICHAEL. B.S. in Pharmacy CHICILO, THOMAS. B.S. in Pharmacy CONVERSE. THOMAS A.. B.S. in Pharmacy DELVAUX. RONALD A.. B.S. in Pharmacy FOCHS. TERRANCE. B.S. in Pharmacy FORBES. DAVID. B.S. in Pharmacy FOUR NESS, PETER. B.S. in Pharmacy GALLO. JOHN. B.S. in Pharmacy GUETH, KARL. B.S. in Pharmacy HERRICK. JAMES D.. B.S. in Pharmacy HUHN. GERALD. B.S. in Pharmacy JACKSON. F.BEN, B.S. in Pharmacy JOHNSON. DON. B.S. in Pharmacy KOTOWSKI. RICHARD. B.S. in Pharmacy KUNDE. DENNIS H„ B.S. in Pharmacy LF.UPOLD. THOMAS. B.S. in Pharmacy LUTGEN. PHILIP. B.S. in Pharmacy MAKOID, MICHAEL C.. B.S. in Pharmacy MALMON. NORMAN. B.S. in Pharmacy MANTHE. PAULA. B.S. in Hospital Pharmacy MICHALSKI, DON. B.S. in Pharmacy MILER. TRUDI. B.S. in Pharmacy NELSON, GREG. B.S. in Pharmacy NELSON. THOMAS I... B.S. in Pharmacy OLSON. BRIAN R., B.S. in Pharmacy PERSTEN, MICHAEL. B.S. in Pharmacy PLOETZ. PAMELA. B.S. in Pharmacy RASMUSSEN. TERRY A.. B.S. in Pharmacy REISER. RAOUL. B.S. in Pharmacy SAWYER. TOM R.. B.S. in Pharmacy SCHMIDT, STEVEN. B.S. in Pharmacy SCHWANDT. ROBERT. B.S. in Pharmacy SHAMBEAU, SUSAN. B.S. in Pharmacy STIER. SANDRA. B.S. in Pharmacy I RF.SP. DENNIS F., B.S. in Pharmacy WANGARD. JAMES. B.S. in Pharmacy WASIELEWSKI. CAMILLE. B.S. in Pharmacy WAWRZYN. RONALD. B.S. in Pharmacy WILLIAMS. JOHN, B.S. in Pharmacy WISNER. DUANE. B.S. in Pharmacy YOKEL. ROBERT. B.S. in Pharmacy 452ARMY ROTC Colonel John R. McLean Members of the University’s Army ROTC program arc trained as officers and thus receive fringe benefits. The flight training program, for example, can qualify a young man for a private flying license and attendance at a summer camp can help acquaint the potential officer with army life. Being in Army RO I C gives the student a chance to be in Pershing Rifles, an associated organization. Company C-2 sponsors drill teams which compete intercollegiatcly, and provide a color guard for football and basketball games. ARMY ROTC INS'PUCTOS GROUP i! I have a class in t-16! What a walk!PERSHING RIFLES COMPANY C-2 Pershing Rifles Company—Bottom Row: Cpt. F. Hanson. C. Ricks. C. Iverson. P. Larsen. K. Schultz, R. Plzak. D. Spira. Sgm. W. Conner. Second Row: R. Zastrow, W. Maddox. W. Robbins. M. Kosowski. D. Mattson. D. Crooks. Third Row: J. Rhode. D. Ncnahlo. B. Stewart. D. Ihorp. M. Lantz. M. Lenz. S. Groncmcycr. Fourth Row: i. Finch, C. Swanson, C. Sathcr, D. Tesch. R. Kuhs, D. Derber Fifth Row: T. Molitor, J. Marsh, R. Marris. Sponsor—Jayne Reed. Chi Omega Co-Sponsor—Mctlc Pederson. Phi Beta Pi NAVY ROTC The men in Navy ROTC obtain practical experience. DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL SCIENO This is a familiar entrance for many U.W. students. Captain Clarence E. Olson The guns of the Navy at rest for the moment . . .Nautilus Society—Bottom Row: T. Lynch. G. Burch. A. Field. D. An- Cushman. K. Lewis. L. Hclmly. B. Morgan. T. Grambsch. derson. J. Pearson. Second Row: L. Klein, N. Huston. K. Levinson. R. The Navy ROTC unit is organized to train young men to be officers who are also obtaining their degrees. In order to further this goal, many of the students in Navy ROTC have been awarded scholarships by the Navy. But Navy men don’t always worry about navigation and drill. Participation in the Nautilus Society, the professional and social organization for midshipmen, offers an opportunity to expand in other areas. Meetings provide extra professional education and orientation for future naval officers while the annual Navy and military balls, and sponsorship of the reception after the Chancellor’s review help round out their social activities. NAUTILUS SOCIETY This Navy officer is conducting a ROTC class. 457AIR FORCE ROTC Yes, sir! Colonel J. Tod Mcscrow The Air Force drill team practicing in the shell. 458Air Force ROTC prepares men for a commission in the Air Force after graduation. Cadets arc trained in military conduct and in the functions of the service itself. Cadets in the Arnold Air Society gain supplementary officer training and an abundant social life. Speakers from different Air Force commands acquaint the cadets with officer functions and help them to decide which field to enter. Service projects of the Society have included taking children of active servicemen to football games. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Arnold Air Society—Bottom Row: C. Anderson. J. Whiting, W. Gold-strohm. J. Callen. D. Schafer. G. Rcif, R. Everson. J. Ammcrman. Second Row: J. St. John. R. Topel. C. Gauschc. K. Kicsling, D. God- dard. J. Grob, R. Merrifield, J. McLean. P. Jung. P. Christensen. A. Baars. J. Kalcr. 459Thundcrchicf Squadron—Bottom Row: R. Buncr, J. Haugen, P. Eyssau-ticr. D. Jackson. S. Clark. R. Hamilton, E. Marx. W. Peterson. Second Row: S. Call. C. Handrich, R. Tungc. E. Turke, A. Turner, W. Thiel, P. Reichert, T. Smull. H. King. Third Row: R. Ausderan, D. Mittnacht, K. Rosencr. G. Kotarski. J. Rerez. D. Jefferson, G. Roman. R. Grady. G. Netter. Fourth Row: B. Hinkle, N. Wirtz, D. Schmidt, D. Haas, G. Pertzburn. C. Ncmcckay, S. Pearson. P. Nee. THUNDERCHIEF SQUADRON Leadership drill is the main function of the Badger Ihunder-chief Squadron—an extracurricular organization of the Air Force ROTC. The freshmen and sophomore cadets receive advanced training and insight into the Air Force ROTC program. They provide a color guard for sports events and are currently building a drill team for intercollegiate competition. Although emphasis is on military training, the members entertain themselves with speakers and social functions. Thundcrchicf Staff—M. Ruotsala, L. Carnahan. Capt. Ernsting. Commander J. St. John, J. Ammerman. R. Topcl. ‘cs- ? sws. •ISCUl Angel Flight—Bottom Row: S. Lane. L. Kantz. K. Krause. C. Flinkow, T. VanHornc. T. Minsch. B. Wagner. K. Bogart. E. Schmidt. K. Tucker. R. Reed. S. Braun. T. Fitzsimmons. K. Mooij, M. Steiner, S. Schiller. J. Harrington. P. Sache. R. Bardenwerper, L. Maserjian. Maj. Millhacm. Second Row: K. Olsen. A. Armstrong. P. Hambuch. ANGEL FLIGHT It is said that a woman is always behind a great man—well the Air Force RO I C cadets have Angel Flight members to aid them. Besides giving angelic service to the cadets, they also help the University and Madison whenever possible throughout the year. All University women, after their first semester freshman year, are eligible for membership. With all those pretty faces backing them up. the Air Force ROTC members should become great men. ‘‘United we stand—divided we fall.” This motto might be appropriate for the Joint Military Board since it binds together and coordinates the University's ROTC programs. Under the jurisdiction of this board falls the general governing of inter-service activities as well as its playing a part in the military ball, Chancellor’s review and various smokers. As can be easily seen, the Joint Military Board plays an important role in the cadet's training and activities. JOINT MILITARY BOARD Joint Military Board—Bottom Row: R. Westley, J. St. John. L. Curtis, K. Schultz. Lt. I.ynch. Second Row: J. Callcn, D. Harr, J. McLean. J. Devine. H. Lcwelling, R. Chabalowski. A. Field. 461SCABBARD BLADE The Scabbard and Blade Society, although the title connotes an 18th century group of swashbucklers, actually was organized to promote unity among the campus military services. A national organization with members elected from the three services, Scabbard and Blade helps develop their goals through participation with other groups in pistol, rifle and sabre teams, Guidon Society and Military Ball. Also, to further excellence in Military education, the Society anually gives an Outstanding Sophomore ROTC Student Award. Scabbard and Blade—Bottom Row: D. Maritsch. C. Anderson, R. Spccht. J. Devine. G. Jackson. D. Krejcarck, C. Cole, A. Kimbcl. T. Wcstlcy. L. Curtis. H. Lcwclling. J. Meeker, R. Chabalowski. R. Enders. Mackie, T. VanNelson. M. Haffcrman, J. Rausch. Second Row: K. Schultz, G. Jungwirth, M. VanCleavc, L. Asmus, R. 462 Attention!MILITARY BALLS Woops! Wrong room. I guess! I could have danced all night.” Boy, can those officers dance! Air Force Ball Queen—Amber Armstrong 463COLLEGES Agriculture........... Business ............. Education............. Engineering .......... Extension Division.... Graduate School....... Home Economics........ Law .................. Letters and Science... Medicine ............. Nursing............... Pharmacy.............. ROTC ................. ORGANIZATIONS Agricultural Business Club.......... Agricultural Extension and Education Club Agricultural Student Council........ Alpha Chi Sigma..................... Alpha Delta Theta................... Alpha Kappa Psi..................... Alpha Phi Omega..................... Alpha Tau Delta..................... Alpha Zcta.......................... American Institute of A. and A...... American Foundrymcn Society......... American Society of Civil Engineers. American Society of Mechanical Engineers . Angel Flight........................ Arnold Air Society.................. Associated Women Students........... Badger Crops and Soils.............. Badger Thunderchief Squadron........ Beta Alpha Psi...................... Blue Shield 4-H..................... Brotherhood of Pantry Workers....... Chi Epsilon.............................................390 Christian Science Society...............................169 Coronto ................................................410 Crucible .............................................. 411 Daily Cardinal......................................150-151 Dolphins............................................... 152 Eta Kappa Lambda........................................170 Eta Kappa Nu............................................390 Gamma Sigma Sigma.......................................170 Homecoming ............................................ 153 Home Economics Club.....................................402 Home Economics Student Council..........................402 Horticulture Club.......................................171 Humorology..............................................154 Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers.......391 Inter-Dorm President's Council..........................186 Inter-Fraternity Council................................171 International Club......................................155 Joint Military Board....................................461 Kappa Epsilon...........................................450 Kappa Eta Kappa ........................................386 Kappa Psi...............................................330 Lakeshore Halls Association.............................197 Mace ...................................................411 Marketing Club..........................................156 Military Ball ..........................................463 Mortar Board............................................412 Mortar and Quill........................................172 Nautilus Society........................................457 Pan Hellenic Council....................................173 Pershing Rifles.........................................455 Phi Beta................................................412 Phi Beta Kappa..........................................413 Phi Chi Theta ..........................................373 Phi Eta Sigma...........................................413 Phi Kappa Phi...........................................416 Phi Theta.............................................. 441 Phi Upsilon Omicron.....................................403 Pi Lamb Little Sisters..................................173 Pi Tau Sigma........................................... Polygon Board...........................................174 Pre-Medical Society.....................................440 Rho Chi Society.........................................450 Saddle and Sirloin......................................367 Scabbard and Blade......................................462 Senior Class Council....................................360 Senior Class Officers...................................204 SAE Little Sisters......................................174 Sigma Alpha Eta.........................................414 Sigma Alpha Iota........................................414 Sigma Epsilon Sigma.....................................415 Ski Divers..............................................168 Society of Automotive Engineers.........................391 Southeast Student Organization..........................219 Student Association of Landscape Architects.............367 Student-Faculty Council, School of Nursing..............444 Symposium...............................................157 Tau Beta Pi............................................ 392 Theta Sigma Phi ........................................415 Theta Tau...............................................393 Triangle ...............................................387 Union...................................................158 U.W. Blood Drive Committee ............................ 362 370 376 384 396 398 400 406 408 438 438 448 454 364 364 365 410 444 372 167 445 365 388 388 389 389 461 .459 168 366 460 .372 .366 . 169 464VV. Club 175 Wisconsin Badger......................................144 Wisconsin Blood Donation Committee....................175 Wisconsin Engineer....................................176 Wisconsin Forensics Union.............................176 Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society......................451 Wisconsin Pistol Team.................................177 Wisconsin Rifle Team..................................177 Wisconsin Ski Team....................................178 Wisconsin Soccer Team.................................178 Wisconsin Student Association........................ 162 Women's Physical Education Board......................179 Women's Recreation Association........................166 YMCA..................................................179 YWCA..................................................179 UNIVERSITY DORMITORIES Adams .................................................. 199 Barnard .................................................187 Chadbourne ..............................................188 Cole ................................................... 201 Elizabeth Waters.........................................194 Elm Drive A............................................. 203 Elm Drive B..............................................205 Elm Drive C..............................................207 Kronshagc ...............................................208 Ogg......................................................220 Sellery .................................................223 Slichter.................................................212 Sullivan.................................................213 Tripp ...................................................215 Witte ...................................................232 INDEPENDENT HOUSES Allen.................................................. 6 Ann Emery.............................................242 Babcock ..............................................243 Carroll ..............................................237 Cochrane .............................................237 David Schreiner.......................................238 Gilman................................................238 Langdon ............................................. 244 Lowell ...............................................245 Rust..................................................239 Susan B. Davies.......................................239 The Towers............................................240 Villa Maria...........................................241 YMCA..................................................240 Zoc Bayliss...........................................241 GREEKS Alpha Chi Omega.....................................252 Alpha Chi Rho......................................254 Alpha Delta Phi.....................................256 Alpha Epsilon Phi...................................258 Alpha Epsilon Pi....................................326 Alpha Gamma Delta...................................260 Alpha Gamma Rho.....................................262 Alpha Phi...........................................264 Alpha Xr Delta......................................266 Beta Theta Pi.......................................268 Chi Omega...........................................270 Chi Phi.............................................272 Chi Psi.............................................274 Delta Delta Delta.................................. 276 Delta Gamma.........................................278 Delta Sigma Pi......................................327 Delta Tau Delta.....................................280 Delta Theta Sigma...................................328 Delta Upsilon.......................................282 Delta Zcta .........................................284 Evans Scholars......................................286 Gamma Phi Beta..................................... 288 Kappa Alpha Psi.....................................329 Kappa Alpha Theta...................................290 Kappa Delta.........................................292 Kappa Kappa Gamma...................................294 Kappa Sigma.........................................296 Lambda Chi Alpha....................................298 Phi Epsilon Pi......................................331 Phi Gamma Delta.....................................300 Phi Kappa Theta.....................................332 Phi Sigma Delta.....................................302 Phi Sigma Kappa.....................................333 Phi Sigma Sigma.................................... 304 Pi Beta Phi.........................................306 Pi Lambda Phi.......................................308 Psi Upsilon.........................................310 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.................................312 Sigma Alpha Mu......................................334 Sigma Chi.......................................... 314 Sigma Delta Tau ....................................316 Sigma Phi...........................................335 Sigma Phi Epsilon...................................318 Tau Kappa Epsilon...................................320 Theta Chi...........................................322 Theta Delta Chi.....................................336 Zeta Beta Tau.......................................324 465a o g a cc a a o - 3 5 oo ,;n««nn2 g-3S«S3Spj2 Mj’.Zia! »vj apipi'P «■ e c = c C cr 5 C £'5 -• . - _8 Is'r |iz: gj[gaf3 •? » fe W% r e 8 2 s9 3 § V 00 «•» c -E a « !s _; 35 Q’twO- ffsSISIII-i 443 I « Birch. M. 418 Bird. B. 277 Birkinbine. N. 2l 4 Hirktem. YV. 207 Birturk, Y. 147 Uiscardi, C. 239 Bivchof. YV. 418 BiKhoB. E. 206 Bishop, C. 189 Bishop. E. 236 Bishop, P. 169 Bisman, 3. 378 Bizzio. A. 278 Bjclaiac. 3 . 239 Bjork. K 154 Blackmon. E. 418 Blacdcl. K. 39 Blacsing. S. 271 Blaha. K 215. 389. 190. Blair. M. 124 Blair. R. 389. 392 Blaisdell. B. 404 Blake. E. 222 Blloncr. M. 200 Bloch. E. 170. 418 Block. C. 196 Block. E. 322 Block. G. 232 Block. I. 366 Block. K. 227. 236 Blodircll. J. 4|8 Blocdcl. K. 177 Blocdorn. M. 418 Bloom. E. 325 Bloom. 3. 418 Bloom. N. 226 Bloom. P. 147. 418 Bloom. T. 199 Blum. A. 209 Blum. M. 325 Blum. P. 203 Blumberg. A. 303 Blumberg. B. 240 Blumbcrc. J 233 Blumcnlhal, II 309 Blumrcich. R. 378 Blumrcich. S. 416 Bogard. S. 418 Bogart. K. 461 Bogcnxchncidcr. I.. 231 Boggess. E. 217 Bohac. J. 378 Bohac. P. 418 Bohannon. M. 242. 288 Bold. M 284. 416 Bohm. D. 239 Bohman. M. 262 Bohman. P. 209 Bohnsack. I.. 404 Bohr. P. 204 Bohrnstedt. E. 416 BohrnMcdi. I. 194 Bojar. R. 241 Boland. J. 418 Boll. J. 215 Boiler. C. 193 Bollow. K. 418 Bolstnd. N. 187 Bollon. 1 . 238 Boll , R. 392 Bolzotl, T. 211 Botkin. M. 224 Borkovcc. H. 330. 451 Borkowski. 1.. 195 Born. B. 266. 373 Born. N. 222 Borre. E. 367 Borrec. D. 200 Borree. T. 390. 393 Borsom. B. 253 Borxt. B. 173. 277 Bolin. M. 173. 234. 291 Bortney, I.. 236 Bortz. B. 187 Borlz. M. 203 Borlz. N. 145. 147. 270 Bosben. P. 378 Boschultc. R. 283 Bowc. I). 446 Boszhardt, N. 196 Box hardl. S. 418 Bolhe. G. 239. 418 Boll. S. 418 Bolwmick. G. 173. 414. 244 Bouda. B. 233 Boysen. II. 335 Braakxma. D. 389. 390 Braavch. B. 237 Braalz. R. 387 Brachman. 3. 419 Bradford. B. 145. 146 Bradford. W. 419 Bradisse. I 210 Bradley. E. 211 Bradley, 3. 221. 413. 416. 419 Bradley. K 266. 366 Brady. B 140. 175 Brady. M. 190. 378 Braham. N. 212 Braiman. J. 309 Brainard, K. 203 Br.unaw. B. 403 Brainerd. B. 188. 191. 403 Brakken. K. 320. 368 Branch. R 336 Brand. B. 419 Brand. E. 378 Brandenburg. G. 365. 368 Brandi. B. 240 Blake. R 124 Boardman. B. 244 294 Blake. S. 208. 234 Bober. C. 414 Blakely. B. 136. 153 Bobrow. S. 189 Blakely. YV. 175.418 Bochcri, L. 232. 307 Blalock. YV. 299 Bochler, D. 187 Blandino. YV. 337 Bock, R. 230 Blanc. R 241 Bock. YV. 418 Blank. M. 231 Bode. 3. 313 Blanke. D. 373 Bocbel. K. 179, 364. 378. 402. Blankcnhelm, L. 378 403 Blankenship. 3. 418 Boeder. 3. 216 Blanshan, S. 230 Boehm. D. 418 Blasczyk, J. 416 Boehm. K. 235 Blaiingame. 3. 275 Boehm. M. 209 Blauncr, A. 304 Boehm. R 156. 373 Blauner, L 304 Bocll. M. 270. 418 Blecha. M. 214 Boelter. 3. 232 Bleckingcr, D. 138 Boenngcr. B. 378 Blend. $. 244 Bleltner. R. 228 Boeringer. V. 232 Boesc. M. 174 Bletzingcr, D. 228 Boettcher. G. 373 Blickensderfer. 3. 283 Boettcher. S. 191 Bins. D. 124. 140 Boettger. C. 378 Bliss. N. 416. 446 Boex. M. 393 Bonar. D. 189 Bouree. R. 213 Bonar. S. 188. 193 Boutaleb. D. 368 Bond. S. 378 Bouton. K. 201 Bonde. M. 329 Bovre, G. 263 Bonds. B. 190 Bowda. B. 311 Bone. D. 319 Bowden. B. 226 Bongiovanni. M. 242. 265 Bowen. B. 288 Bonk. J. 235 Bowen. S. 189 Bonkoski. S. 172. 450. 451 Bower. 3. 378. 416 Bonner. N. 204 Bowers. 3. 419 Bookey. H. 309 Bowles. C. 291. 378 Books. G. 190 Bowman. L. 218. 231 Booth. M. 378 Boxer. G. 309 Boothroyd. S. 378 Boyajian. 3. 124 Borchardt. S. 413 Boyarski. D. 233 Borcherdl. B. 224 Boyd. I) 373 Borchert. N. 277 Boyd. 3. 211 Boren. B. 220 Boyd. R. 167 Borenstcm, 3. 195 Boyd. S. 335 Borenstein. R. 378 Boyd. YV. 333 Borger. 11. 229 Boydcn. YV. 286 Borger. R 452 Boyer. M. 208 Borshcsi. D. 322 Boykc. 3. 368 Bork. M. 404 Boynton, 3. 242. 288 Brandi. G. 214 Brandi. L 404 Brandi. M. 271. 378 Branham. B. 242 Brankow, D. 215 Brannan, R. 222 Brasendcr. W. 137 Brassington. C. 210 Bralley, YV. 390. 393 Braton. C. 224 Brauer, P. 218 Brauman. A. 378 Braun. D. 419 Braun. F. 416 Braun. J. 237, 239 Braun. P. 412 Braun. S. 234. 461 Brauner. D, 199 Braver. R. 258 Braxton. H. 334 Brecke. S. 187 Brehm. K. 196 Brehm. S. 219. 234 Brehmer. L. 193 467Brelby, S. 389. 392. 390 Brcitenbach. S. 166. 378 Breitcngross, J. 419 Brciunan, S. 317 Breitwciscr, P. 419 Breitwisch. G. 393 Brckkc. D. 220 Brcm, T. 419 Bren. H. 419 Brcnden, D. 389 Brenner. J. 150. 416 Brenner. R. 419 Brennom, T. 390. 393 BresUuer. K. 326. 419 Bresler. R. 419 Breslin. D. 378 Brett. J. 419 Brewster, M. 265. 419 Bteycr. O. 419 Brick. F. 220 Brickbaucr, B. 296. 373 Bricker. C. 190. 294 Brickler. S. 194 Briggs. D. 330. 451 Briggs. S. 195. 414 Brigs . T. 124 Bngnonc. A. 286 Brimm, E. 261, 244 Brink. S. 228 Brisbin. R. 226 Bristol), R. 227 Brock. B. 233 Brock. R. 216 Brockcr. S. 311 Brocken, B. 413. 419 Brock mann, B. 195, • Brodhagen, P- 412. 41 Brody. M. 242 Broihahn. M. 226 Brokish. J. 200 Bronstcm. K. 326 Brooke, G. 243 Brook . A. 389. 393 Brooks. M. 221 Brooks. R. 220. 233 Brove. L. 284 Brosier. B. 230 Brosscau, J. 216 Brouillard, S. 452 Brown. B. 194. 204. 209 Brown. C. 124. 210. 224 Brown. D. 218. 223. 233, 278, 304 Brown. E. 317 Brown. F. 203 Brown. G. 206. 209. 319 Brown. J. 253 Brown, K 205. 208 Brown. K. 205. 208 Brown. I.. 241. 419 Brown. M. 170. 378. 416. 444. Brown. P. 145. 196, 242. 403. 40-1 Brown. S. 234 . 392. 419 Brown. T. 209.450.451.452 Brown, W. 167 Browne. C. 419 Bruce. M. 211 Bruckman, B. 317 Bruckner, C. 212 Brueckbauer. R. 419 Bruell. M. 258 Bruer. J 239 Bruescwitz. G. 419 Bruggcman, E. 214 Bruggcr. A. 209 Bruha. J. 203 Bruhn. M. 301 Bruins. I.. 278. 378 Brumblay, S. 244, 301 Brumder. R. 275 Brunette. B. 211. 299 Btunkow, R. 393 Brunn, J. 253. 444 Brunsell. A. 419 Brunson. C. 329, 419 Brusius. P. 386 Bruskcwitz, R, i$3 Bruski. D. 416. 419. 441 Brusky, J. 217. 368 Bruss. L. 212 Brussel, J. 373 Bryan, K. 233 Bubo!z, R. 393 Bucaida. V. 285. 373. 416 Bucciarelli. G. 124 Buchanan. J. 221 Buchbindcr. C. 236. 258 Buchen. I.. 189 Bucher. D. 419 Buchholz. B. 173. 278. 378 Buchholz, 1.. 253 Buchner. J. 365. 368. 373 Buchta. R. 410 Buck. C. 191 Buck. P. 187 Buckley. B. 312 Buckley. L. 228 Buckley. R. 216 Bucklin, L. 416 Budlong. B. 244 Bucch. S. 270 Bitchier, B. 195 Buchler. D. 228.419 Buchmann. M. 225 Buchrmg. W. 393 Bucl. B. 192 Buell. A. ’41 Buell. R. 199. 419 Buclow, C. 209 Buem. P. 261 Bucnger, J. 299 Buening. N. 204 Buening. P. 229. 256 Bucrstattc. W. 256 Bucttncr. J. 450. 451 Bulauskas. E. 292 Bull, D. 419 Bullis. G. 378 Bulbs. P. 270 „ Bullis. R. 368. 419 Buis. M. 230 Bunde, B. 230 Buncr. R. 460 149 Bunker. T. 333. 388. Burack. F.. 244 Buranski. B. 225 Buratti, I). 227 Burcalow. V. 366 Burch. G. 457 Burckardt. M. 373 Burckardt, R- 214 Burdekin, C. 293 Burdekin. P. 293 Burdick. J. 220 ,?0 Burcr. B. 169. l7 . Burg. R. 213 468Burg. T. 326 Burgess. J. 402 Burgess. M. 235 Burgy. D. 323 Burnans. C. 373 Burington. K. 263 Burke. D. 256. 373 Burke. F. 419 Burke. ). 314 Burke. K. 444 Burke. M. 214 Burke. P. 239 Burkert. C. 231 Burkett. C. 224 Burkhalter. R 373 Burkhauscr. J. 271 Burkholz. J. 191. 416 Burley. V. 266 Burlingame. M. 27k. 419 Burman. M 212 Burmeistcr. D. 386 Burmcistcr, J. 238 Burmeistcr. 1. 378 Burnham, B. 139 Burnham. S. 1% Burnkrant. J. 419 Burns. B. 226 Burns. E. 307 Burns. K. 192. 414 Burns. S. 230 Burnstcin. S. 240 Burrows. C. 210 Burson. M. 299 Burstein. M. 419 Burt. C. 124. 36k Burton. D. 238. 419 Burton. R 419 Busch. G. 209 Bush. B. 140 Bush. ). 191 Bushman. L. 273 Buss. G. 206 Buss. L. 124 Buss. M. 419 Buuc, K. 446 Bussey, G. 216 Bussmann, B. 174 Bussmann. V. 209 Butler. M. 140. 329 Butler, R. 209. 391. 392 Buttel. F. 263. 3M Butlcrwofth. A. 393 Buttke. J 365 Buttke. K. 187 Bum. C. 410. 419 Biuzcll. J 373 Byczynski. E 419 Bydalck. T. 215 Bye. L. 256 Bykowskt, K. 452 Bylander. K. 224 Byrnes. B. 366 Byrnes. M. 207 Cahill. M. 226 Cahoon. S. 203 Cain. S. 373. 416 Cairo. J. 216 Caldic, S. 390 Caldwell. C. 212 Caldwell. S. 389 Calcf. I). 199 Calhoun. N. 373 Call. S. 216. 460 fallen. J. 459. 461 Callison. J. 231 , . Campbell, A. 145. 146. 419 Campbell. D. 242. 288 Campbell. J 419 Campbell. 1.. 261 Campbell, R. 36S Canadco, A. 225 Cancllos, A. 204 Cancpa. J. 227 Can held, D. 245 Canoma, T. 125 Cant. J. 419. 301 Cantwcu. M. 253 Capaul. I, 365 Cape. T. 389 Caplin. W. 219 Carhart. T. 222 Carleton. B. 315 Carlcion. J. 419. 311 Carli. A. 199 Carlilc. J. 211 Carlin. C. 378 Carlin. M. 129 Carlock. B, 201 Carlscn. M. 204 Carlsen. T. 393 Carlson. J, 131. 210. 228. 2S0. 393 Carlson. L. 387. 389 Carlson. S. 177 Carmichael. A. 204 Carmichael. S. 215 Carnahan, J. 419 Carnahan, L. 460 Carncross. G. 207 Carow. J. 192 Carpenter. C. 253, 419 Carpenter, D. 373 Carpenter. L. 258 Carr. J. 253 Carrington. L. 238 Carroll, A. 235 Carroll, D. 222 Carroll, R. 220 Canon. J. 234 Carson. C. 312 Carstens. H. 328. 365. 368 Carter. A. 187 Carter. C. 365 Carter. J. 235 Cater. R 192. 215 Cartwright. ). 134 Cartwright. I.. 188. 191 Caruso, J. 416 Caruso. M. 227 Casady. E. 234 Casanova. G. 239 Cascio. K. 2(W Casey. J. 320 Casey. S 244 Cash. F. 366 Cash. K. 386 Cash. P. 235 Casper. C. 378 Casper. T. 393 Cassell. G. 236 Catlin. D. 225 Call in, S. 419 Cattanach. A. 207 Cnulkctl. L. 214 Cavill. M. 125. 175 Cayo. K. 239 Caywood. C. 172 Ceascr. P. 242 Ccci, K. 292. 419 Cegala, D. 419 Ccltmcr. S. 271. 378 Cesar. T. 327 Chalker. L. 209 Chamberlin. I . 283 Chambers. L. 320 Champagne. J. 222 Chan. C. 206. 223 Chan. M. 2W Chan, P. 196, 450 Chance. I). 225 Chandler. M. 452 Chandler. P. 125 Chang. C. 294. 419 Channing, S, 187 Chapados. P. 368. 367 Chaplin. J. 419 Chapman. M. 288 Chapman. N. 293 Chapman. R. 238 Chapman, T. 205 Chapman, W. 332 Chapola. J. 204 Chaput. I , 299. 220 Charbogian, S. 192. 419 Chardnow, R. 331 Charles. K. 207. 224. 389 Charles. L. 215 Charlier. J. 167 Charnitz, L. 204 Chartraw, E. 137 Charusch. C. 221 Chase. B. 169 Chase. C. 270 Chase. J. 378 Chase. M. 173 Chavcra. E. 237 Check. G. 208 Chabalowski. R. 177. 419. 461. 462 Chaimson. F. 162. 373 Chcrncr. P. 406 Chcrney. D. 391 Chernev. J. 209 Cherniack. M. 325 Chcrnof. M. 147 Chcrnof. S. 406 Chcsebro. R 215 Chcskin. M. 236 Chcslcv. F.. 244 Chesmk. B. 404 Chester. !.. 334 Chester. S. 319 Chctcl. G. 222 Chicilio. T. 452. 330 Chicn, B. 204 Childs. S. 295 Chin. S. 216 Chin-Chun-Chow. G. 192 Chincl. M. 222 Chillero, P. 212 Chopra. A. 208 Choy. D. 291. 420 Chrenka, C. 244 Christ. J. 334. 364. 366. 404 Christensen. X. 275 Christensen. J. 378 Christensen. K, 192. 40J Christensen. I.. 390 Christensen. M. 190 Christensen. P. 459 Christensen. R 168. 207. 301. 378 Christenson. A. 177 Christenson. C. 240 Christenson. D. 169. 266. 268 Christenson, K 412 Christenson. R. 209 Christenson. S. 203 Christiansen. C. 288. 379 Christiansen. K. 406 Christianson, P. 222 Christianson. R, 178. 390 Christie, I). 211 Christoncl, T. 420 Christophcrson. M. 201. 291 Christy, C. 446 Chruton. N. 191 Chu, F. 200 Chu. M. 204 Chudnow, D. 176 Chudnow, M. 411. 416 Chudnow. R, 420 Chun. C. 277 Clapp. B. 136 Clapp. M. 288 Clapp. S. 420. 253 Clark. C. 221. 256. 265 Clark. D. 190 Clark. E. 203 Clark. R. 243 Clark. S. 225. 460 Clark. T. 373 Clark. W. 192 Classen. C. 190 Clausen. J. 393 Clausen. M. 420 Clay. I.. 220 Clegg. D. 171. 222. 336 Cliltord. J. 192 Clinard. S. 280 Cline. M. 196 Clinkc. W. 301 Clopc. J. 327 Cloutier. M 294 ( lute. S. 420 Cobb. M. 244. 256. 284 Cochcms. J. 270 Cody. C. 219. 223 Coficld. V. 201 Cohen. B. 303. 325 Cohen. C. 245. 325. 420. 317 Cohen. E. 232. 420 Cohen. H. 245 Cohen. J. 420 Cohen. L. 151. 416. 420 C'olien. M. 208 Cohen. P. 147, 403. 404. 414 Cohen, R. 317, 420 Cohen. S. 258. 413. 420 Cohn. A. 268 Cohn. I . 210. 244 Cohn. J. 214 Cohn. L. 236 Cohn. P. 221 Cohn, S. 174. 245 Coil. T. 373 Cokins. G. 301 Colbert. B. 225 Cole. C. 275. 379. 462 Cole. S. 179. 258. 379 Cole. T. 317. 334 Coleman. F. 125 Coleman. M. 420. 450. 451 Coleman. R. 420 Colhoun. J. 420 Col lings. 1. 177 Collins. E. 213 Collins. M. 330 Colman. V. 304 Colstad. T. 222 Colvin. D 256. 216 Comstock. C. 27s. 420 Conard. G. 4SO Condon. C. 268 Condon. G. 373 Cone. K. 179 Concn. G. 420 Congdon. S. 379 Congoon. D. 232 Contois. D. 253 Conn. E. 220 Connaughton. G. 273 Connelly. P. 213 Conner. C. 203 Conner. M. 329 Connley. D, 176 Connor. D. 131 Connor. K. 393 Conover. B. 420 Conroy. L. 291. 420 Conroy. W. 125. 420 Considinc, D. 36S Converse. J. 420 Converse. T. 330. 452 Conway. A. 379 Conway. G. 2'15 Conway, J. 138. 393 Conway. R. 368 Conway. T. 322 Cony. S. 218. 219 Cook. C. 365 Cook. D. 379. 445. 446 Cook. G. 322 Cook. }. 168. 193 Cook. T 333 Cooper. B. 201 Cooper. C. 373 Cooper. D. 210. 391. 393. 390 Cooper. I.. 420. 242 Cooper. R. 193 Cooper, S. 317 Coopersmith, J. 420 Coot way. G. 420 Coplan. C. 219. 227 Corcoran. M. 238 Corcoran. S. 420 Corlctl. A. 224 Corlctt. C. 278. 379 Corman. D. 304 Cornelius, E. 211 Cornwall. C. 29. 30 Correa, L. 420 Correll. N. 277 Corrigan. L. 233 Cortin. C. 403 Cosncr. A. 227 Costello. J. 137 Costcnsano, M. 220 Cottam. C. 420. 416 Cottingham. G. 230 Couitt, N. 420 Coulson. A. 301. 420 Courier. R. 125. 323 Courtney. D. 176 Courtney. M. 220 Coutcrmarsh. S. 207 Coutts. C. 194. 196 Covurn. J. 232 Cowan. M. 131 Co . G. 209 Co . I. 211 Co . N 285. 379 Co . R, 210 Coyne. T. 330. 420 Crabb. R. 420 Craig. I) 229. 367 Craig. R. 243 Craig. S. 334 Crakcr. L. 387. 389. 394 Crandell. J. 232 Crane. C. 265 Crane. K. 325 Crane. S. 188. 416. 190 Crancr. M. 277 Craw. S. 201. 178 Crawford. D. 214. 240 Crawford. V. 211 Oaync. J. 233 Cremcr. S. 296 Crenshaw, W. 334 Cretncy. T. 328. 366 Crews. S, 194 Crick. J. 211 Cridlan, A. 228 Crist. B. 199 Critcr. K 125 Crook. R 330. 451 Crooks. D. 207. 455 Cross. N 258. 242 Cross. V. 244 Crossficld. J. 199 Crossman. L. 234 Crow.G. 283 Crow. S. 213 Crownhart. G. 266 Cruicc. C. 277 Crumble. A. 329 Crutchfield. J. 253 Cuisinicr. R. 207 Cull. J. 263. 367 Culver. L. 222 Culver. M. 230 Cummings. M. 420 Cummings. S. 413 Cunningham. E. 379 Cunningham. J. 201 Curley. M. 244 Curran. C. 214 Curran. M. 179. 288 Currie. M. 195. 361. 366 Currier, t . 196 Curtin. B. 239 Curtis. C. 270. 244 Curtis. D. 242. 231 Curtis. 1.. 225. 420. 461. 462 Curtis. T. 322 Curtiss. P. 446 Curwen. R. 420 Cushman, J. 328 Cushman. R 207. 367. 457 Custer. S. 301 Custer. W. 365 Cuthbert, B. 416 Cychosz. M. 286 Czehno. K. 193 Czercpinski. D. 379 Czeszynski, R. 220 Czinsky. N. 228. 277 Czlapinski. L. 238 Czsmore. D. 288 Dafoe. D. 227 Daggett L. 413 Daggett. V. 191 Dahlie. J. 315 Dahlquist, S. 191 Dahlstrand. P. 392 Dahnke, D. 420 Duja, A. 222 Dalbey. D. 189. 188 Dale. R. 196 Daluge. R 199 Dalzell. D. 242 Damast. G. 420 Damcrow. L. 367. 368. 24} Dana D. 313 Dana. R. 171 Dancey. R. 211 Dancik. T. 420 Dancels. M. 270 Daniel C. 152 Daniel. J. 206 Daniels. M. 413 Daniels. T. 216 Danielson. J. 200 Dann. S. 242 Danzig. L. 414 Danziger K. 420 Darrow. E. 203 Dashcund. N. 446 Daspit. F.. 394 Datesh. ). 278 Daughcnbaugh. R. 238 Davcy. K. 190. 212 David. B. 309 David. L. 239 David. T 223 Davidson, B. 286. 301 Davidson. D. 301 Davidson. H. 237 Davidson. J. 215 Davidson. K 208. 450 Davies. M 242 Davis. A. 236 Davis. B. 319. 379 Davis. D. 207. 255. 420 Davis. ). 206. 413 Davis. K. 445 Davis. L. 303 Davis. M. 379 Davis. R. 223. 326 Davis. S. 163. 242. 420 Davis. T. 207. 245. 420 Dasistcr. M. 390. 392 Dawc. B. 295. 420 Dawson. A. 236 Deal. R. 206 I eangelis. L. 234. 295 Deans. T. 227. 420 Deaton. R 420 De Beukelar. N. 263. 368. 367 De Bruin. R. 167 Decker. C. 296 Decker. S. 320 Dc Cock. C. 319 Dc Coster. J. 373 Dcegan. C. 232 Deflncr. J 229 Dc finer, R. 387. 394 Dcgiacomo. J. 286 Dc Gollcr, D. 193 De Huszar. M. 420 Dcibcl. M. 270. 226 Dcigman. M. 204 Dejoie. C. 155 Dc Karskc. D. 286 Dcl.acy. J. 445. 447 Dehuszar, M. 416 Dc Leers. J. 233 Dclin. B, 218 Dcllmann, C. 379 Dc Long. D. 153 Delvaux, R. 452 Dclwichc. J. 174. 195. 388. 389 Dclzer. J. 201 Dcmashcr. 3. 412 Dcmaxtcr, B. 192 DcMastcr. J. 168. 420 DcM aster. R. 416 Dcmicn. C. 420. 444 Dempsey. J. 209 DcNicola. M. 420 Denicolay, P. 234 Dennenberg. R. 420 Denner, R. 203 Dcnnin. J. 420 Dennis. G. 227 Denny. M. 420 DeNoblc. M. 191 Dcntici, J. 389. 390 Denton. B. 226 Deppe. J. 328 Dcppclcr. S. 227 Dcprcs. B. 291 Dcprcz, J. 379 Derbcr. D. 220. 327. 455 Derks. S. 232 Dcronto. J. 229 Derrickson. L. 416 Dcshur. H. 258 Dcsmarais. J. 196 Despres, B. 420 Des Rochets. C. 414 Des Rochers. M. 189. 3-9 Dcsrosiers. A, 394 Dessain, M. 238 Detmer. T. 224 Delta. J. 421 Dcttmann. E. 404 Deupree. R. 421 Deutch. A. 373 Dcutman, L. 221 Deutsch. J. 373 Deutsch. L. 421 Deutsch. S. 325 Devine. J. 461. 462 Dewey. K. 234 Dcxhcimcr. D. 256 Deyoung. M. 413 Dezek. J. 206 Dial. M. 444 Dick. G. 140 Dick. M. 413 Dick. R 421 Dickerman. P. 317 Dickerson. J 445. 447 Dickey, W. 421 Dickinson. C. 278 Dickinson. D. 387 Dickinson, J. 170 Dickinson. L. 421 Dickinson. R. 222 Dickinson. S. 244 Dickman, C. 285 Dicks. D. 421 Dickson. K. 192 Dickson. R. 201 Diebel. D. 191 Dieck. M. 201 Diefcnthalcr. R. 261. 379 Diemcr. G. 230 Diercks. C. 175. 270. 416 Dietrich. R. 201 Dike. J. 270 Dike. R. 373 Dille, W. 373 Dillinger. J. 175. 273. 392. 394. 416 DiMatteo. D. 288. 373 DiNicola. M. 170 Dinolt. G. 178 Dippcrt. W. 421 Dirks, G. 366 Dlsch, J 446 Diseh. T. 387 Diltbcrner, K. 228 Dittcr. N. 389. 390 Dittman, D. 421 Dittman, L 450. 451 Dobberfuhl. M. 171. 333 469Dobovisck. Z. 390 Dobrintka. M. 222 Debroski. S. 232 Docker)’, S. 170, 421 Doedge. C. 225 Dodge. E. 421 Dodson. J. 193 Doe. M. 204 Dochler. S. 203 Doherty. A. 379. 416 Doherty. L. 20S Dolata. B. 364. 402. 403. Doldcn. M. 204 Dolfman. B. 370 Doll. T. 296 Dollard. P. 244. 278. 414 Dolncy. S. 230 Dombrowski, J. 446 Dombrowski. T. 215 Domrcs, T. 214 Donahue. M. 296 Donaubaucr. M, 189 Dong. A. 216 Doniger, SI. 373 Donner. R. 391 Donoghue. D. 171 Donohue. T. 210 Donovan. G. 319 Doolan. P. 392. 394 Dopj . S. 213 Doremus, G. 174. 388 Dorcnbos. D. 170. 445. 446 Dorman. P. 199 Dormsfield. D. 169 DornolT. L. 195 Dosch, D. 392 Dougall. D. 280 Doughty. D. 416. 421 Douglas. C. 242 Douglas, D. 217 Douglass. B. 169. 223 Douglass. S. 193 Doutsh. J. 325 Dovali. W. Dove. M. 379 Dove. R. 256 Dow, T. 206 Downs. ). 232 Doyle. A. 190 Drake. D. 301 Drake. L. 196 Drake. M. 179, 295. 379. 416 Drake. T. 172. 314 DrankolT. J. 379 Drayton. D. 329 Drcger. C. 212 Drcischmeier. D. 243 Dreischmcicr. W. 243 Drctzfcc. B. 374 Drcyer. R. 232 Drganc. M. 237 Dnnka. P. 319 Driver. D. 387 Driver. L. 189 Dros. C. 196. 404 Drost. J. 392 Droullard. B. 193 Drury. A. 421 Duban. T. 171 Duboff. S. 171. 286. Duchateau. P. 296. 394 Dockart. D. 228 Duddleston. D. 273 Duddleston. W. 327, 374 Dudley. C. 188. 189 Dudzinski. M 195 Dueckcr. P. 227. 319 Duehring. D. 451 Duescher. B. 253 Ductach. J. 460 Duewel. C. 421 Dully. T. 205 DuFinc. L. 317 Dugenskc. L. 203 Dumbauld. J. 379 Dumesic, M. 404 Dummcr. G. 167. 224 Dumphy. J. 175 Duncanson. J. 221 Dunfield. D. 206 Dunham. R 286 Dunlop. H. 410 Dunn. D. 225, 265 Dunn. R. 194. 404 Dunn. S. 367 Dunne. E. 414 Dunning. ). 189 Dunwiddic. A. 195 Dupuis. R. 390. 392. 416 Durochcr. C. 218. 219. 229 Durrctt, i. 421 Dussling. P. 210 Dustin. R. 374 Dutko, M. 235 Duvall. A. 421 Duwc, H. 373 Dvorachek. D. 212. 366 Dvorachek. S. 295 Dwyer. T. 313 Dyamond. J. 145 Dyer, C. 379 Dyer. W. 124 Dykcn. S. 194 Dymond. ). 167 Dyson. P. 416 Dziondziak. J. 189 Eagcn, P. 213 Eaitzer, D. 389 l-arncy. C. 327 Eastman. M. 325 Easton. P. 268 Eastwood. P. 243 Ebcrdt. C. 221 Ebcrhardt. R 368 Ebcrly, L. 226 Ebert. D. 244 Ebneter. T. 196 Eck, J. 404 Eck. N. 421 Eckardt. C. 225 Eckhardt. P. 242 Eckhatl. E. 226 Ecklundc. E. 191 Eckstein. R. 205 Edelback. M. 215 Edelman. S. 446 Eder. J. 204 Edgerton. J. 213, 296 Edgren. T. 421 Edlebeck. S. 230 Edlowitz. J. 285 Edlund. J. 421 Edmonds. R 221 Edrtnn. R. 387 Edwards. G. 192 Edwards. J. 256. 233 Edwards. K. 233 Edwards, M. 196 Edwards. S. 192. 196 Egan. P. 211 F.gcrer, A. 241 Eggencr, C. 389, 390. 392 Eggert. M. 421 Ehlc. S. 214 Ehlinger. E. 421 Ehmkc. S. 191 Ehrenrekh. H. 317 F.hrcnspcrgcr, M. 307 Ehrogott. R. 234 Ehrke. P. 240 Ehrlich. H. 265 Ehrlich. N. 188. 189, 317 Eichlcr. G 323 Elchler. K. 230 Eichstacdt, J. 336 Eidelman. J. 315 Eidson. S. 266. 379 Eiduson. I.. 411. 416 Eilbracht, E. 187 Eimerman. C. 413 Einbcrger. A. 218. 219. 231 Einberger. P 266. 379 Einbcrger. W. 172 Einhorn. j. 421 Eisele. T. 156. 209. 374 Eising. R. 232 Eith. P. 196 Ei en. C. 241 Ekorno. E. 172 Ekvall, C. 204 Elbert. S. 213 Elder. M. 319 Eldridge. L. 204 Eley. D. 388. 389 Elfcrs. T. 238.413. 421 Ellenbogcn, B. 245 Ellestad. J. 230 Ellestad. S. 421 Ellicksoo. K. 201 Ellickson. I.. 196 Ellingson. A 172, 416. 450. 451 Ellingson. E. 392. 393 Elliot. S. 295. 421 Elliott. M. 421 Elliott. P. 421 Elliott. R 168 Elliott. S. 230 Elliott. T. 191 Ellis. B. 229. 337 Ellis. D. 253 Ellis. J. 210 Elmcrgreen. B. 241 Elson. M. 379 Elstad. M. 226 Ely. R. 200 Ely. T. 307 Emanuel, R. 154, 421 Emery. R. 145 Emmanuel. R. 309 Emmerich. G. 213 Emmerkh, M. 421 Emmerling, K. 168 Emmerson. G. 261 Enberg, C. 421 Ench. D. 328 Endcrs. K 374. 416. 462 Endman. P. 421 Endres, T. 394 Enerson. S. 174. 295. 412. 416. 421 Eng. G. 273 Engan, D. 193 Engebretson. J. 416 Engel. G. 234 Engel. K. 379, 416 Engel. T. 286 Engles. T. 220 Englhoff. C. 187 English. G. 295 English. M. 203 English, V. 242 Engman. A. 207. 325 Engstrom, E. 386 Engslrom, S. 235 Ennis, R. 191 Ennis. W. 332 Ennon. J. 222 Ensch. S. 213 Enters. W. 214 Enlin. F. 421 Enzmann. D. 413. 421 Epnrvicr, K. 227 Epley, R. 229 Epstein. D. 236. 317 Epstein. L. 240. 373. 374. 325. 416. 460 Epstein, N. 414 Epstein, W_ 303 Erdman. J. 374 Erdman, P. 293 Ericksmoen. R. 199 Erickson. B. 207 Erickson, D. 207 Erickson. G. 421 Erickson. K. 242. 278 Erickson. L. 207. 421 Erickson. M. 261. 379 Erichson. N. 293 Erickson. R, 220 Erickson. T. 140 Eriksson. N. 210 Erlandson. D. 199 Erstad. P. 229 Ertel. A. 225 Ervin. K. 230 Esch, F.. 267 Esher. B. 261 Esker. B. 166 Esker. E. 379. 416 Esker. J. 226 Espcnshade. J. 416 Esrick, S. 421 Esser. E. 327 Esscr. S. 379 Essrick. H. 304 Estrada. L. 241 Eteweilcr. G. 230 Ethier. T. 146 Elian. S. 212 Elkin. N. 226 Etter. P. 209 Eltlcson. B. 145. 147 Ettlic. D. 203 Eubank. L. 208 Eucank. W. 208 Evans. A, 232 Evans. C. 189 Evans. J. 256 Evans. M. 288. 421 Evcland. C. 205 Evcnson. D. 167. 421 Evenson. J. 421 Everett. J. 421 Eversf.eld. 3. 222 Everson. E. 232 Everson. M. 320 Everson. R. 421. 459 Evctts. J. 261. 421 F.watd. W. 421 Ewig. R. 421 Ewing. M. 329 Eyssautticr. P. 207. 460 Ezell. W. 169 Faanes, J. 234 Faber. G. 234. 307 Faber. M. 220 Fabian. L. 209 Fahey. J. 444 Fairchild. J. 236 Fait. R 214 Falbo. L. 205 Falck. ). 389 Falconer, M. 413 Falk. V. 238 Falkenstcin. D. 393 Falkevagc. G. 234 Fanccr. T. 31$ Fancher. D. 175 Fang. F. 450 Farhoomand. M. 155 Farkas. J. 204 Farmiloe. M. 253 Farnham. G. 136. 153. 17$ Fanduzzi. R. 379 Farnham, G. 421 Farnsworth. J. 266. 379 Farsjuhar. J. 404 Farr. R 421 Farrell. R 206 Farris. I.. 216 Fassbender. R. 209 Fasslcr. R 379 Fath, R. 421 Faulb. R. 326 Faulkes. D. 277, 379 Fcdcnia. J. 222 Fcdkcnheuer. A. 239 Fefsguard. J. 167 Fehl. E. 235 Fcick. C. 379 Feigum, N. 233 Fein. A. 210 Fcinbcrg. S. 309 Fcind. R. 209 Feincr. M. 374 Feingold. B. 245 Fcingold. K. 214 Fcmhandlcr. R. 236 Felber. T. 326 Fetch, J. 421 Feld. R. 379 Feldman. D. 258 F'cldman. E. 187 Feldman. P. 201 Feldman. R. 379 Feldman, S. 205. 421. 256 Feldncr. T. 167 Feldsher. M. 258 Feldstein. I.. 223 Felix. M. 24$. 317 Fcllman. K. 325 Fellows. J. 205 Fclman, L. 204 Femal. J. 387 Fcndrick. R. 412. 416 Fenner. T. 413 Fenner, W. 422 Fenskc. C. 379 Fenton. J. 204 Ferbcr, J. 238 Ferguson. E. 303 Ferguson. F. 413 Ferrec. K 253 Ferrcl, J. 174 Ferris. M. 277 Fcrshko. J. 228 Fcst. 8. 176. 416 Feuer. L. 208 Ficher, K. 203 Fiebig. W. 215 Fieland. M. 236 Field. A. 210. 422.457. 461 Field. C. 171 Field. J. 200 Field. R 416 Fields, L. 124 Fierberg. J. 422 Fietzcr. W. 228 Fifrick. T. 229. 330 Figatncr. I. 422 Filter. Z. 189 Finch. }. 455 Finch, V. 207. 422 Fine. i. 245 Fine. S. 422 Fmcgold. B. 422 Finet. G. 216 Finger. S. 270 Finley. ). 194 Finn. D. 20$ Finnegan, S. 194 Finnegan,T. 301 Finstad. G. 389 Finstad. R. 327 Fintak. R. 214 Fintel. M. 232 Firscl, M. 303 First. N. 367 Fisch, B. 245 Fischendorf. I). 207 Fischer. D. 221. 266. 379 Fischer. J. 218. 228 Fischer. P. 373 Fish. M. 155, 187 Fish. R. 285. 422 Fishbein. F. 317 Fishbein. I. 229 Fisher. D. 379. 413 Fisher. E. 422 Fisher. H. 209 Fisher. J. 231 Fisher, L. 234 Fisher. S. 206. 211 Fitts. S. 422 Fitzgerald. B. 201 Fitzgerald. G. 200 Fitzgerald. P 189. 422 Fitzgibbons. K. 190 Fitzsimmons. E. 229 Fitzsimmons. L. 195. 414 Fitzsimmons. P. 233 Fitzsimmons. S. 236 Fitzsimmons. T. 461 Flanagan. K. 422. 444 Flanagan. L. 253 Flanigan, D. 200 Flanzig, J. 245 Flazig. J. 147 Flegel. R. 292 FIcishcr. M. 24$ Fleischmann. M. 422 Fleming. M. 215 Fleming. S. 230. 242 Flesch. D. 328. 36$. 367. 368 Fletcher. C. 227 Flieger. J. 244. 278 Flinkow. C. 191. 461 Flistcr. S. 241 Flood. J. 322 Flood. R. 223, 322 Floor. K. 174 Florence. P. 422 Florey. M. 244 Flottum. K. 379 Flowers. L. 242. 285 Floyd. L. 329 Flum, R. 216 Flynn. T. 422 Font. L. 230 Fochs. T. 452 Focrst, ). 232 Focsch. J. 390. 392 Foggy. J. 173, 192 Folco. M. 286 Foley. J. 199 Folmcr. B. 172 Folstad. N. 422 Folz, B. 177 Fondiler, F. 245 Fonstad. E. 389 Forbes. D. 216. 450. 451. 452 Ford. L. 177. 262. 365. 367. 368 Fordon. V. 253. 404 Foicgger. J. 221 Forcgger. T. 416 Foreman. N. 224 Forman. P. 23$ Forrest. E. 227 Forrester. B. 173. 295 Forsberg. C. 196 Forszcn. K. 42? Forton. B. 261 Foskctt. J. 204 . 206 Fosness, N. 195 Foss. M. 244 Foss. R. 17$ Foster. I.. 278 Foster. N. 204 Foster. P. 422 Foth. J. 211 Fourncss. P. 172. 416. 451. 452 Foust. R. 333 Fowler, M. 209 Fowlers. M. 177 Fox. A. 390. 392 Fox. C. 178 Fox. F. 220 Fox. G. 238 Fox, J. 199 Fox. M. 151 Frahm, L. 44$ Frahm. R. 379, 416 Frakr. N. 176 Fralick. G. 215 France. J. 422 Franchcr. T. 140 Franczyk. J. 416 Frank. D. 196 Frank, J. 221. 380. 325. 326 Frank, M 173, 379 Frank. W. 226 Franken. M. 325 Franklin. D. 406 Franklin. J. 329 Frankowski. M. 169. 286 Franz, M. 192 Franz. S. 220 Franz. T. 262. 364 Franzenc. J. 227 Fraser, B. 262 Fraser, D. 232 Fraser. R. 140. 171 Frazer. D. 211 Frazer. R 335. 410 Frazer. S. 422 Frazier. C. 386 Frazier. K. 314. 422 Prazin, L. 303. 422 Frederick. S. 210. 266 Frederick. T. 218 Frcdcrickscn, C. 231 Fredricks. K. 194 Fredrickson. C. 201 Freedman. E. 231. 414 Freedman. M. 245 Freeman. A. 325 Freeman. C. 278 Freeman. K. 210 Freeman. R. 200 Fregicn. P. 194. 450 Freidich. P. 235 Frcint. ). 245 Frey. M. 450. 451 Frey. P. 211 Prey. T. 314 Preymiller. F. 73 Friedberg. B. 379 Friede. R. 174 Friedcck. J. 204 Friedman. C. 413 Friedman. D. 422 Freint. J. 147 Freisinger. P. 193 French. R 220 Frcnz. B. 327 Freres. K. 422 Freund, M. 422 Frey. B. 196 Friedman. F.. 422 Friedman. J. 147. 178. 237 Friedman. L. 236 Friedman. M. 258. 303. 422 Friedman. R. 422 Friedman. S. 236 Friedman. W. 208 Friedrich. C. 422 Friedrich. J. 235 Frierdich. Nl. 244. 422 Prigg, S. 220 Frircs. R. 200 Friske. 1.. 199 Fritsch. J. 386 Friisch. R. 124 Fritz. B 124 Fritz. C. 412 Frilz. J. 327 Fritz. P. 422 Fritzsinger. K. 242 Froehlich. J. 422 Fromcr, D. 178 Fronting, J. 390 Frommcr. R. 220 Frosch. K. 156 Frumkin. K. 303 Frunk. S. 325 Fry. M. 234 Fryxell. J. 422 Fuchs. G. 204 Fudcmberg. 3. 309 Fuerst. R. 422 Fuhrman. D. 31. 32. 174, 422 Fuhrmann. H. 187 Fuhrmann. T. 243 Fukcy. M. 222 Fukuya. J. 210 Fuller. 1.. 253. 379 Fullmer. J. 209 Fullwood. M. 162. 163.268.411 Fulton. B. 236 Funk. D. 404 Funstad. D. 213 Furst. J 219 Furstcnbcrg. A. 238 Futrell. M. 422 Fuller. E 204 Gabavio. M. 416 Gable. W. 216 Gabrilska, J. 422 Gabrovic. J. 217 Gaeke. J. 379 470Gaginella. T. 451 (iahalkgcr. 1. 213 Gair. R 299 Gajcntan. T. 230 Galarowicz, IJ. 330 Galarza. E. 244 Gale. T. 210 Gaiko. K 293 Gall. R 441 Gall. W. 229 Gjilan. N. 441 Gall . J. 221 Callc. L. I9J Gallimorc. M ISS. 192 Gallo. J. 452 Camber. R. 422 Gammell. ). 23 . 446 Gammul. J. 146 Caml . T. 296 Gannon, C. 146 Gannon. K. 175. 288 Ganger. V. 28. 56 Garni. B. 446 Gann. b. 205 Garber. M. 309 Garber. T. 393. 39 Garbers. D 320 Garbutt. R 374 Garczynski. R. 205 Card. S 221 Gardiner. L. 174 Gardrpee. G. 210 Gardner. K. 222 Gardner. L. 422 Gardner. T. 394 Carey . M. 413 Garfield. F. 422 Garlock. L. 189 (iarrcil. C. 335. 440 Garriciy. J. 288 Garsej, I. _2Q3 Gar a. B 241 Garza. R. 231 Gaskill. G. IK. 422 Gaspardo. 1. 188. 192. 366 Gassed. R. 330. 451 Gassman. R 225 Gast. T. 314 Gaiske. J. 422 Gauger. J. 230 Gausche. C. 459 Gauthier. K. 422 Gaynes. i. 233 t A. Gegcn. C. 245 Gelding, W, 320 Gchrke. J. 229 Geiger. D. 284. 422 Geiger. S. 229 Gcigcrmnn. M. 422. 460. 461 Gcipcl. G. 220 Gciscl. ). 226 Gciscr, W. 208. 364. 368 Gcisier. K. 445 Ceisler. K. 446 Geiss. C. 249. 422 Geissler. I.. 389 Gcisi, D. 413 Ccllis. R 309 Gcllman. R. 223 (idler. T. 325 Gcndclman. L. 236 (iendclman. N. 236 Gennch. G. 190 (icnvhafl. J. 162 Ccniilc. B. 280. 295 Gcraldson. M. 288 Gerber. G. 199 Gcrgcn. G. 205 (ierlach. i. 422 GerUh. R 374 Gcrland, G. 278 Gcrling. P. 242 Ccrndt. D. 213 Gershman. J. 309 Gersiner. J. 414 Ccntude. M. 204 Ger ins. I. 450 Ccsicki. A. 239 Gcsscrt. L. 232 Gcdlcman. J. 162. 422 Getz, L. 278 Gcumsirom. M. 214 Geyer. M. 235 Ghastin. J. 210 Giacomo. J. 169 Gibbon. F. 367 Gibbons. C. 222 Gibbs. I). 280 Gibbs. W. 392 (iibson. B. 224 Gibson. K 205. 213 Gibson. M 229. 213 Gibson. N. 335 Gibson. T. 221 Gicrstner. J. 307 Gicryic. J. 415 Gicse, E. 236 Gicse. G. 367. 368 Giesc. J. 337 Gicse. R. 220 Gicscn. S. 234 (i.eskr. I). 215 Giganlc. C. 234 Gigot, G 242 Gigsrcad. G. 422 (iilbcrl. A 325 (iilbcrl. H 245. 317 Gilbert, J. 176 Gilbert. M. 283 Gilbert. P. 422 Gilbert. S. 233 (iilbcrl. W. 171 Gilbertson, b. 373. 374 Gilbertson. G. 214 Gilchrist. I) 210 Gilder. I). 205 Gilc. J. 191 Gill. I). 303 Gillen. S 285. 422 (.Hies. P 212 Gillespie. P. 207 (illicit. N. 212 Gillcll. S. 422 Gillette. J. 394 (oilman, I 422 (.ilman, G. 211. 422 Gilmore. J. 422 Gilson. I. 226. 231. 265 Gimla. J. 234 Ginger. M. 196 (iingras. M. 423 Ginsberg. D. 229 Gisskc. E. 209 Citchd. R. 233 Gjcrtson. M. 174 Gladdus. G. 192. 170.423 Gladstone, L. 241 Glasberg. R. 423 Glaser. B. 244 Glasspiegel. J. 325 Glatz, G. 366 (ilaubcrman. N. 413 Glaunert. K. 214 Glazier. J. 336 Gleiss. H. 288. 423 Glcixncr. L. 170. 379 Glen. M. 216 Gin . M. 423 Gluck. M. 175. 312. 392. 416 (inat ig. W. 364 Goalboy. J. 224 (iodar. W. 273 Godbout. G. 275. 423 Goddard. I . 459 Godcnralh. S. 277 Godfrey. E. 176. 238 Godman. D. 234 (iodscy. J- 266. 423 Gocdcckc. R. 423 Gocdjcn. R. 283 (iocUer, 1). 299. 416 Gocmant, P. 215 GiKhring. B 237 Goeser. N. 261.414 Goelsch, P. 450 Goggin. J. 423. 86(1. 61 Goggin. M. 31 Gohr. F. 374 (ioisman. R 325 (iokey. A. 23 Gold. J. 412. 416 Gold. M. 245 Goldberg. A. 230 Goldberg. F. 32 Goldberg, J. 23 Goldberg. L. 173. 245 Goldberg. M. 423 Goldberg. N 278. 404.416 (ioldberg. S. 317 Goldblum. I. 203 Golden. H. 423 Golden. R. 423 Goldcnbcfg. A 414. 423 Goldfcdcr. J. 253. 423 Coldhagcn. C. 423 Goldinbcrg. A. 410 Goldman, l . 374 Goldman, M. 256. 423 (ioldman, N. 234 Goldmark, J. 200 Goldncr. L. 322 Goldschmidt. E. 273 Goldsmith. B. 317. 379 Goldsmith. I. 242. 265 Goldstein. F. 2 5. 379 Goldstein. I. 303 Goldstein. K. 2 5. 423 Goldstrohm. W. 59 Goldstrom. H. 217 Goldwatcr. L. 244 394. Gollntck. P 23 Gollub. A. 423 Golner. M. 240 Golz, J. 200 Golz. N. 189 Gomberg. S. 423 Gonia. lY 152. 423 Gondcr. M. 223 Gonstead. R 296 Gonzo, S. 413 Good. A. 416 Good. D, 311 Good. }. 207 Gooding, R. 31 Goodkind. J. 222 Goodman. A. 2 0 Goodman. D. 30} Goodman. G. 227 Goodman, J. 235 Goodno. B 286. 389. 392 Goodstcin. S. 30 Goolvbcy. J. 2 1 (iordon. A. 212 Cordon. B. 1 0 (iordon. C. 326 Gordon. D. 258. 2 5, 319 Gordon. G. 278. 23. 1 9 Gordon. J. 167. 23 Gordon. R 225. 312 Gordon, S. 317 Gorelik. J. 423 Gorenc. P. 20 Gorsi. G. 232 Gorman. T. 214 Gorrell, J. 21 Gorres, L. 206 Gorton. L. 169 Gose. J. 379 Gosewehr. E. 23 Gosse. J. 2)8 Gotesky. J. 319 Gottbchuet. J. 330 Gottlieb. P. 199 Gottwald. D. 188. 192 Goody. I). S15 Goulet. R. 2% Govin, C. 23 Govin. G. 2% Cow. S. 253 Goy. A. 337 Goyne. D. 315 Graan. ). 323 Grabarski. D. 328 Grabcr. J. 273 71Grabow, E. 189 Grabow ski. B. 235 Grabowski. J. 222 Graczyk. P. 220 Grady, M. 227, 234 Grady. R. 460 Grady. S. 242. 445 Graf. J. 579 Graf. S. 239 Graham. C. 423 Graham. M. 376 Grahn. R. 373 Grambseb. C. 241 Grambsch. T 410. 457 Gramowski. M. 266. 410 Gram . D. 373 Granger, W. 218. 219. 220 Graninger. F. 389. 390 Gram. D. 244 Grant. I. 233 Gram. K. 196. 373 Granum. G. 379 Granum. S. 154. 294. 295 Grate . J. 253 Gratton. A 404 Grains. W. 367 Grave . J. 173. 423 Gray. G. 168 Gray. L. 257 Gray. N. 226. 270 Grare. G. 150 Grear. M. 386 Greco. D. 220. 323 Green. A. 238 Green. D. 392 Green. J. 2W. 299 Green. K. 204 Green. L 284. 325. 416 Green. M. 178, 204 Green. R. 210 Green. S. 201 Grecnbaum. A. 446 Greenberg. G. 238 Greenberg. L. 169. 173. 317 Greenberg. M. 317 Greenberg. P 224 Grecnblatt. M. 268. 326 Greene. B. 189 Greene. I. 200 Greene. P. 266 Greene. R 423 Greenfield. B. 204 Greenfield. L. 232 Grccngard. L 423 Grcenhalgh. T. 299 Greening, D. 204 Grcenquist. N. 423 Grcenquist. N. 423. 416 Greenwood. B. 195 Greenwood. R. 423 Greeter. S. 337 Gregg. E. 187 Gregg. G. 205 Gregu kc. S 221 Grcidanut. A. 328 Greil. G. 368 Greil. J. 211 Grciling. R. 209 Greno. J. 210 Grcn ow. R 390. 394 Gresch. W. 328. 365. 366 Gres . D. 210 Greuel. S. 173 Greuel. S. 194 Griffin. C. 203 Griffin. J. 222 Griffin. L. 423 Griffith. J. 208 Griffith. G. 147 Griffith. M. 233 Griffith . J. 207 Griglak. E. 222 Gnglak. W. 394 Grime . J. 253 Grimm. W. 215 Grimmc. M. 367 Grimstad. E. 187 Grinde. W. 373 Grise. P. 220 Grisley. B 124.175 Gris man, K. 331 Griswold. C. 225 Gruwold. P. 230 Gnva . 3. Grob. J. 224. 459 Groban. D. 241 Grodm. 3. 416. 423 Grodin. T. 315 Groenweg. T. 406 Groenier. M. 388. 389 Groeschell. W. 232 Grof. C. 225 Grohn, S. 208 Grom. L. 191 „ Grombacker. T. 309 Gronemcyer. S 455 Groner. B. 234 Gronik. J. 304. 423 Groote. R. 124 Cropper. K. 379 Grothandler. W. 391. 392 Grot . J. 231. 245 Gross. M. 235. 293. 380 Gros . P. 423 Grow. R. 386 Gros . W. 317 Gros feld. D. 273 Grosskoen. S. 226 Grossman, D. 209 Grossman. E. 235 Grossman, P, 186. 218. 219 Grossman. R. 326. 331 GrosspielKh. M. 225 Crote. R. 210 Grorh. C. 270 Groth. F. 221 Groth. J. 394 Groth. R. 373. 387 Groupc. M. 236 Grove. K. 193 Grove. P. 242 Grover. D. 221 Grover. K. 189 Grover. N. 292 Gruber. J 195, 239 Gruber. K. 194 Grubich. I). 221 Grubis. G. 191 Gruen. D. 187 Grucn. J. 224 Gruendcmann. M. 423 Grucncrt. D. 239 Gruet macher. C. 200 Grumkh. G. 153. 423 Grundahl. M. 343. 366 Grundeman. M. 204 Grundmann. J. 392 Grunke. K. 235Grunow. V. 213 Gruzenxky. M. 266. 423 Gryskicwicz, 3. 211 Cu. H, 206 Cubbing 3. 192 Gueniher, R. 217 Guenther. V. 253. 423 Gucnveur. J. 191 Gucquicrre. 3. 423 Gueth. K 452 Guetzkc. 3. 391 Gucvana. C. 171 Guevicra. C. 337 Guggenheim. D. 325 Guicggcric, 3. 315 Guiet. C. 190 Guilfoyle. P. 173. 411 Guldan. G. 204 GulliCkson, M. 403. 4 M Gumbingcr. K. 373 Gum . G. 367 Gunderson. M. 194. 195 Gundlach. 3. 193 Gunia. I). 394 Gunkelman. 3. 288 Gunn. K. 242 Gunner. B. 174. 253 Gunther. A. 228 Gunville. J. 423 Gurd. F. 209 Gurian. R. 222 Gurland. M. 270 Gusack. N. 235 Guschl. R 410 Gusinow, B. 191 Gust. M. 137 Gustafson, D. 386 Gustafson. II. 235 Gustafson. V. 217 Gustaveson. G. 373 Gustavson. M. 210 Guten. S 413 Gutgesell. V. 149 Gutheim. B. 3 0 Gutowski, 3. 374 Gutreich. H. 224 Gutschcnritter. C. 223 Guttormsen. N. 221 Gutzman. R. 367 Guzior. 1.. 221 Gwetschow. 3. 327 Gyarmaty. S. 423 Gygax. R. 174 llaack. S. 239 Haack. T. 374 Haag. L. 231 Haagensen. R. 228. 312 llaakenson, D. 194 Haas. D. 241. 460 Haas. 3. 394 Haas. P. 423 Hass S. 450. 451 Haase. C. 253 Haban. E. 187 Habeck. 373. 374 Haber. 3. 317 Haber. N. 241 Haberman. S. 307 Habcrstroh. 3. 335 liable. B. 226 Haboeck. M. 190 Hack. K. 317 Hackbatt. P 445. 446 Hackbarth. A 444. 445. 446 Hackbarth. D. 319 Hackbarth. G. 230 Hackbarth. 3. 229 Hackbarth. M. 414. 423 Hackbarth. R 210 Hacking. M. 232. 278 Hackmcister, T. 288 Hadeaische. P. 237 Hadley. 3. 423 Haemer. F. 227 Haen. N. 235 Hacuser, P. 168 Hafeman. C. 445. 446 Hafemeister. C. 265. 404 Haferbccker, R. 374 Hafermann, G. 226 Haffele. R. 374 HafTermann. K. 230 Haffcrmann. M. 462 Hafstad. K 195 Hagan. P. 204 Hagen. G 416 Hagensick. T. 374. 391 Hagstrand, K. 217 Hagstrand. 1.. 242 Haight. I). 195. 266 Haines. A. 227 Hajduch. R. 235 Hainy, T. 207 Hake. 3. 214 Halbach, 3. 270 Haldcmann. 3. 265, 416 Hale. R. 311 Halgrimson. P. 235 llaligas. S. 169 Hall. 3. 387 Hall. M. 196 Hall. R. 219. 232. 238 Halldin. G. 229 Halle. 3. 326 Halle. R. 224 Halleen. N. 136 Hallenberg, 3. 271 Halleran. 3. 136 Halley. K. 228 Hallman. W. 177 Halm. L. 226 Hal per in, G. 222 llalpcrin. 3. 207 Halverson. 3. 196 Halvorson, G. 451 Halvorson, K. 212 Halvorson. R. 238 Ham. R. 388. 389 Hamann. S. 291 Hamblin. T. 219. 226 Hambuch. P. 191. 461 Hamburger, N. 309 Hamburger. P. 221 Hamby. E. 191 Hamel. P. 189 Hamer. M. 423 Hames. B 270 Hamilton. C. 153. 173 Hamilton. 3. 223. 404 Hamilton. N. 196 Hamilton. R. 199. 460 Hamilton. S. 196 Hamlin. I). 221 Hamm. 3. 242. 277 Hamm. S. 288 Hammer. A. 156 Hammen. B. 192. 402 Hammersley. 3. 191 Hammes. C. 203 Hammes, O. 368 Hammond. B. 307 Hamrc. 3. 373 Hananpcl. P. 240 Hanaucr. G. 171. 337 Hancock. C. 423 Hand. SI. 253 Handerson, 3. 156 Hand rich. C. 460 Handrow. S 239 Handschke. R 328 Hanewell. M. 423 Hank. 3. 265 Hanke. M. 220 Hankeneicr. B 223 Hannah. P. 333 Hannan. K. 270 Hanna pel. P. 380 Hanncman, H. 268 Hanneman. R 205 Hannon. M. 220 Hanrahan. R. 215 Hansel. 3. 416. 424 Hansen. B, 223 Hansen. C. 224 Hansen. 3. 424 Hansen. K. 446 Hansen. M. 210 Hansen. P. 394 Hansen. S. 380 Hanser. 3. 173 Hansher. D. 406 Hansis. M. 278 Hanson. B. 140. 175 Hanson. C. 187 Hanson. D. 389. 390. 394 Hanson. H. 416 Hanson 3. 424 Hanson. L. 208 Hanson. P. 226. 424 Hanson. R. 217 Hanson. S 210. 446 Hanson. W. 214 Hapeman. H. 312 Hara. R. 227 Harbort. V. 380 Hard. N. 270 Hardaker. N. 228 Harder. T. 312 Harding. B. 208 Hardzinski, G. 200 Harju. K. 235 Harkins. P. 330 Harling. D. 239 Harms. L. 270 Harms. S. 301 Harper. 3. 232 Harper. R. 394 Harr. D. 374. 416. 461 Harrigan. C. 265 Harrill. 3. 196 Harring. S. 231 ... Harrington. 3. 241. 278. 424. 461 Harrington. R. 241 Harrington. T. 394 . Harris. B. 205. 317. 412. 416. Harris. D. 140. 156. 258. 424 Harris E. 329. 424 Harris. N. 218. 219. 225 Harris. O. 155 Harris. R. 211. 329. 380 Harris. S. 228 Harrison. K 333 . Harrison. M. 410. 414. 424 llarshbarger. N. 240. 424 Hart. 13. 170. 195 Hart. R. 211 Hartcnbcrg. 3. 424 Harth. L. 222 Hard. K. 196 Hatley. D. 192. 403 Hartley. P. 424 Hartman. A. 424 Hartman. 3. 194. 196 Hartman. P. 263 Hart wig. K. 410 Hart . M. 212 Harvey. A. 210 Harvey. E. 192 Harvey. S. 283. 424 Hascnfus, 3. 273 Hasenfuss, 3. 227 Hascnkamp. G. 368 Hascnzahl, M. 4iM Hashcider. L. 204. 403 ll.isl.mgcr. M 299 Hass. A. 373 Hass. P. 253 Hass. S. 191 llavse. 3. 193 llassc. P. 368 Haxse. W. 213 llassclkus, E. 171 Hasslinger. C. 221 Hastings. C. 204. 446 Hastings. L. 295 Hastings. M. 242 Hastrciic . G. 373. 416 llastreitcr, T. 222 H itch. I). 220 llatlcbcrg. M. 175 Hattcnbach. P. 210 II a tig. C. 179. 270 Hagen. 3. 424. 460 Haugen. R. 216 Haugh. B. 327 Hauith. 3 416. 424 liaukom, L. 192 Haupt. S. 284 . 414 . 424 llausman. 3. 328 llausmnn. K, 240 llauson. L. 241 Hauler. R. 424 Havcnburg, B. 255 llavncn. K. 380 Hawke, B 140 Hawke. R 175 Hawkins. 3. 221 Hawkins. P. 413 Hawley. T. 206 Hayden. C. 277 Hayes. 3. 221 Hayes. L. 256 Hays. S. 201. 403 Hayutin. R. 191. 317 Hayward. B. 171. 296 Hayworth. C. 301 Hcagy. W. 424 Heal. S. 192 Hcald. 3. 295. 450. 451 Heaney. 3. 373 Heath. K. 199 Heath. M. 223 Heath. R. 210 llebeck. M. 444 Hcbblewhitc. T. 286 Hecht, P. 240 Hedback. A 410. 414. 424 Hcdbcrg. E. 424 Hcddcn. R. 311 Hcdlund. L. 404 Hcdrich. P. 261 Hedvall. B. 285 Heffcrnan. P. 314 Hefty. 3. 444. 446 Hefty. T. 156. 255. 424 llcgelund. C. 215 Hcgland. I. 239 E. 424 Heibing. A. 150 Heide. 3. 229 Hcidelbcrgcr. N. 218. 225 Heidenreich. A. 170. 243 Hcidgcn. 3. 373 Heier. M. 232 Heike. 3 235 Heikkinen. M. 380. 404 Hcilbrunn. M. 222 Heilman. 3. 389. 390. 416 Heim. 3. 220 Hcitzingcr. D. 286 Heidi. E 413 Heinlcin. B. 210 Heinlcin. S. 424 Hcitzingc . D. 286 Hcinricns. E. 424 Heinricy. D. 231 Heinz. D. 222 Hcinze. A. 242 Hcinze. T. 211 Heipp. 3. 207 Held. M. 243. 368 Held. W. 227 Helfand. M. 303 Helgeson. R 387 Hell. D. 424 Heller. L. 242 Heilman. F. 326 Heller. 3. 368 Heino. C. 146 Heinrichs, E. 410 Hcidenrctch. G. 387 Heilman. 3. 392 Heine. L. 213 Heinz. W. 200 Hcinze. 3. 210 Heist, G. 189 Heiser. C. 204. 266 Held. K. 234 Heilz. 3. 413 Heitzingcr, R. 169. 286 Held. D. 265 Heller. D. 199 Heller, 3. 365. 367 Heller. K. 253 Heller. L. 291 Hell. D. 286 Hellickson. R. 124 Heilman. C. 175 Helmetich. F. 380 Hclmly. L. 319. 457 Hemauer. A. 191 Hemke. R. 312 Hemmrich. 3. 200 Hemp. L. 193 Hcndcrickson. E. 205 Henderson. B. 312 Henderson. 3. 228. 374 Henderson, K. 230 Henderson. R. 424 Hendricks. 3. 387 Hendricks. K. 203. 278 Hendricks. R. 312 Hendricks. W. 213 Hendrickson. H. 424 Hendrickson. 3. 270 Hendrickson. 3. 173. 206 Hendrickson. R. 212 Hengelmann. B. 291 Hemtlc. 3. 394 Hcnkclman. A. 232 Hcnkclmann. R. Hcnneger. R. 286 Hennings. K. 213 Henries. 3. 204 llcnriksen. S. 211 Henry. A. 329 Henry. D. 380 Henry. G. 389 Henschel. M. 206 Hcascl. R. 391 Hensley. M. 301 Hen , ). 424 Hcnzicr, T. 410 Heohn. K 445 llepding. S. 210 Heppard. K 205. 374 Herbert. N. 235 Hcrbst. T. 413 Hcrdrich. P. 424 Herker. D. 373 Herman. B. 220 Herman. 3. 273 , ... Herman. R 214. 303. 416. 424 Hermans. C. 228 Hermanson. M. 380 Hermen. R. 220 Hcrnday, P. 394 Herndon. S. 222 Hernia. B 280 Herrera. A. 424 ,, Herrick. 3. 307. 416. 424. 452 Herricks. S. 424 Hcrrites. L. 227 Herman. L. 227 Hcrshkovitz, C. 225 Hcrsson. R. 155 Hertel. B. 226. 416. 440 Her tel. E 294 Hertel G. 394 Herwig. H. 444.445. 446 Herziger, T. 222 Hcrzing. T. 236 Herzog. B. 201 Herzog. T. 236 Hcscr. M. 242 Hess. B 193 Hess. C. 168. 201 Hcssberg. B. 238 Hesse. D. 186. 196 Hesse. L. 239. 416. 424 Hesse. R 413 Hesterman. 3. 394 Hctts. R 227 Hetzel. Z. 170. 227 Heucr. D. 227. 444 Hcuser. B. 244. 294 Hewlett. D. 329 Hcyer. P. 424 Heyn. 3. 210 Hibbard. M. 286 Hibbard. W. 230 Hibner. K. 265 Hickamann. L. 209 Hickey. T. 242 Hickman. M. 196 Hieber, A. 392. 394 Hicblng. N. 239 Higgins. H. 275 Higgins. P. 124 Higgins. R 330. 451 Highland. M. 326 Iligley. S 424 Hifb. 3. 325. 424 Hildebrand. 3. 203. 261 Hildebrand. P. 286 Hildcn. A. 424 Hittenbrand. G. 268 Hildreth. 3. 313 Hilcs. S. 413 Hilgendorf. C. 214 Hilker. A 365 Hilker. S. 212 Hill. D. 424 Hill. G. 191 Hill. K. 189 Hill. M. 203. 223 Hill. R. 299 Hill. S. 191. 203 Hill. T. 220 Hillary. R. 424 Hiller. W. 214 Hillcstad. B. 229 Hillman. C. 204 Hillor. M. 325 Hilmer. S. 208 Hilt. 3. 191 Hilt. K. 190 Hilton. 3. 329 Hulton. M 424 Hilly. 3. 403 Hilly. S. 253. 411 Hilt . P. 232 Himcbauch. G. 214 Himmers. C. 283 Hindcryckx. L 194. 196 Htndin. B. 190 Hinich. K. 230 Hink. D. 200 Hinkle. B. 460 .. 149 Hmner. K. 144. 145 . 424. Hintz. A. 299 Hintz. 3. 187. 450 Hipp. L. 261 Hirsch. D. 424 Hirsch. 3. 325 Hirsch. K. 223 Hirsch. R. 317. 424 Hirsh. S. 203 Hirst. B. 207 Hirvela. L. 205 Hitch. B. 221 Hitch. O. 275 Hitt. W. 237. 368 Hlavacek. 3. 286 Hoad. B. 266 Hoad. E. 404 Hoag. C. 204. 307 Hoeng. G. 277 Hirsch. A. 380 Hoberg. P. 219. 227 Hochenberg. P. 280 Hock. 3. 319 Hodel. M 295. 424 Hodge. 3. 368 Hodgins, G. 236 Hodclns. P 424 Hodlick. G. 416. 424 Hoe. 3. 222 Hoefer. P. 373 Hoeflinser. 3. 222 Hoefs. K. 189 Hoehn. K. 235 Hoel. W. 230 Hoelter. T. 416. 424 Hoerig. G. 277 Hocming. G. 199 Hoerr. 3. 373 Hofer. B. 187 Hofcr, 3. 416 Hofer. M. 266 Hod. B. 235 Holler. T. 311 ......... Hoffman, B 224. 245. 258 Hoffman. C. 218. 225 Hoffman. D. 211 Hoffman. E 124. 227 Hoffman. 3. 325. 404 Hoffman. P. 170, 173. 244. 312. 380. 414 Hoffman. S. 380 Hoffmann. R. 217. 416 Hoffstadtef. D. 266 Hogan. C. 424 Hogan. L. 284. 424 Hogan. M. 236. 317 Hogden. 3 139 Hogenson. E. 424 Hoh. M. 230 Hoh. S 446 Hohlwcck. R. 336, 374 Hoitomt. O. 239 Holbus. 3. 200 Holden, 3. 311 Holden. L. 322 Holden. T. 209. 393 Holesovsky, 3. 231 Hohhan. H. 193 Holland. 3. 227. 283 Hollister. 3. 209 Holly. D. 206 Holly. T. 2% Holm. E. 124 Holm. K. 330 Holman. 3. 389 Holman. P. 380 Holmbcrg, L. 188. 190 Holmes. S. 380 Holmquist. A. 380 Holsen, M. 146 HOlsten, P. 210 Holt. M. 223 Holtan. B 273 Holtan. D 283 Holtan. S. 214 Holtman. 3. 214 Holtz. D. 145. 146. 190. 416 Holtz. M. 201. 253 Holtzman. 3. 208 Holtzman. S. 187 Holubiw. V. 187 Holvorson. 3. 311 Holy. I). 373 Holzhoeter. 3. 189 Holzman. B 228 Holzrichtcr. R. 373 Holzschuh. M. 239. 373 Horn. F. 219 Homa, R. 200 Homauist. A. 460 Hondo. O. 334 Honcck. M. 231 Hood. T. 214 Hoover. G. 195 Hoped. A 319 Hopkins. N. 187 Hopp. R. 425 Hoppe. C. 425 Hoppe 3. 174. 265 Hoppe M. 204 Hoppe. R 211 Hoppe. S. 278 Hoppert. 3. 319. 425 Hopperi. M. 277 Horlamus. 3. 211 Horn. G. 374 Horn. L. 380 Horn. R. 416 Horne. T. 237 473Horner. A. 222 Horton. D. 221 Horton, L. 215 Horton. M. 187 Horwitx, B. 245 Horwitz. S. 425 Hoskens. J. 263. 367 Host. B. 214 Houfe. C. 402 Hougc. R. 330 Hougen. C. 208 Hougen. M. 295 Houlberg. K. 402 Houlberg. W. 392. 416 House. B. 266 House, C. 234 House. M. 173 Houser. R. 373. 425 Homing. K. 270 Hovnisch, T. 255 Houser. B. 291 Howard. I). 410 Howard. J. 242 Howard. L. 425 Howell. B. 425 Howitl-Fields, C. 231 Howlberg. K, 404 Howlcy. A. 234. 277 Howman. D. 214 Hoyer. C. 204 Hoys. B. 204 Hrost. L. 258 Hubbard. L. 238 Hubbell. R- 425 Huben. L. 204 Hudson. J. 192 Huebner. B. 194. 196 Hucgel. E. 307 Huclsbeck. D. 213 Hucncfeld. J, 244 Huenink. T. 237 Huetincr. C. 226. 284 Hutfaker. L. 292 Huffman. W. 239 Hug. B. 296 Hug. W. 394 Huggins. V. 425 Hughes, G. 214 Hughes. M. 242 Hughes. S. 193 Hughes. W. 374 Huhn, G. 330. 451. 452 Huhta. J. 230 lluibregise. J. 196 Huibregtsc. T. 215 Huistctd. P. 320 Hulk. I. 222 Humphrey. S. 244 Humphries. S. 261 llunsaker. S. 425 Hum. C. 425 Hum. R. 206. 253. 425 Huntington. L. 380 Huntress. D. 365 Huntsman. P. 413 Huppcrt. F. 228 Huppler. D. 425 Hurd. C. 225 Hurd. D. 322. 425 Hurd. S. 234 Hurelle. G. 207 Hurlburt. D. 207 Hurseh. J. 230 Hurst. N. 242 Hurtgcn. A. 243. 368 Husak. J. 389. 390 Husby. M. 425. 441 Husel. T. 137 Hussin. D. 222 Hustad, D. 255 Hustig, C. 177 Huston. N. 457 Huston. P. 253 Hutchins. A. 425 Hutchison. D. 312 llutzicr, N. 390 Huvcn, T. 425 Huwcn, D. 288 llvamg. G. 210 Hyack. R. 221 Hyatt. R. 314 Hymen. E. 242 Hyslop, D. 124 Hytkcn. P. 221 Hyzcr, E. 193 lams. J. 171. 425 lbach. J. 222 Idom. R. 221 Idfuslon. I. 222 Idsvoog, P. 215 Iddkowski. J. 189. 207 lhde. W. 219. 224 Ihlcnfcldt, K. 20 Iliff. S. 414 Incalls. B. 314 Inda. D. 209 Indcrberg, L. 237 Ingalls. B. 312 Ingalls. H. 373 Ingeman. M. 176. 389 Ingersoil, N. 261 Ingraz. 1. 225 Inman. R. 445 lorid. L. 239 Irvin. M. 380 Irwin. H. 337 Irwin. M. 278. 425 Isaacson. S. 446 isermann, M. 425. 280 Isham. G- 425 Ishibashi. J. 414 Isler, J. 275 Isrott. J. 174. 258 Itammen. K. 196 Inner. T. 220 Ivaska. D. 136. 175. 241. ‘‘25 Iverson. C. 455 Iverson. G. 175. 214. 425 I wen, D. 222 Izenstark, R. 42S Jabbusch. L. 191 Jabert. M. 220 Jablonka. G. 214. 393 Jackan. S. 241 Jackson. A. 140, 329 Jackson. B. 124 Jackson. D. 170. 280. 460 Jackson. E. 452 Jackson. G. 312. 462 Jackson. J. 223 Jacob. B. 312 Jacobi. R. 215 Jacobs, E. 171 Jacobs. G. 303 Jacobs. J. 195, 245. 317. 319 Jacobs. L. 212. 275. 416 Jacobs. M. 229 Jacobs. P. 425 Jacobsen. J. 225 Jacobson, D. 394 Jacobson. G. 169 Jacobson. M. 223 Jacobson. N. 189. 278 Jacoby. J. 221. 30 Jacoby. L. 211. 368. 385 Jacques, J. 216 Jacques. K. 196 Jadd. L. 240. 380 Jaeger. J. 214. 238 Jaeger. M. 191 Jaehnig, M. 219 Jaenicke. N. 233 Jacschke. D. 214 Jaffe. J. 380 Jaffe. S. 425 Jafferis. T. 284 Jagodzinsky. S. 389 Jahn. O. 173. 284 Jahn. R 220 Jahnke. K. 205. 393 Jahnkc. R. 388. 389. 392. 393. 394 Jakatas. J. 218. 225 James. F. 156. 374 Janac, R. 425 Janice. G. 379 Janicek. C. 152. 174. 266. 288. 324 Janis. H. 425 Janis. N. 416 Janis. R. 256. 292 Janis. S. 223 Janiszewski. C. 292 Janke. J. 220 Janowak, J. 393 Janz, P. 191 Jaquish. M. 366 Jaquish. W. 36S Jarman. V. 213 Jaspcrson. J. 266 Jasperson. P. 380 Jaworski. M. 380. 394 Jcanquart. L. 368 Jeffers. D. 368 Jeffers. J. 242 Jeffers. L. 366 Jefferson. I . 460 Jefferson, M. 210. 404 Jefferson. T. 329 Jeffry. J. 195 Jendusa, 227 Jenk.C. 404 Jenkins, E. 200 Jennings. M. 195, 373 Jensen. C. 207 Jensen. D. 224 Jensen. J. 193. 223 Jensen. K. 380. 404 Jensen. M. 364 . 402. 403 Jensen. R. 201 Jensen. T. 222 Jentz. D. 214 Jerabek. J. 213 Jcrinle. M. 413 Jezwinski, B 220 Jipson. J. 245 Jirgl. R, 446 Joachim. F. Joanis. S, 288 Jock. A. 299 Jocrn. T. 311 Johanlk. M. 209 Johannes. D. 425 Johannes. R, 425. 461 Johns. M 188. 189 Johnson. A. 201 Johnson. B. 193. 301. 425. 441 Johnson. C. 133. 214. 265 Johnson. D. 155. 241. 330. 373. 374. 401, 425. 452 Johnson. D. Johnson. G. 174. 228. 374. 391. 416 Johnson. J. 129, 168. 187. 211. 288. 293. 414 Johnson. K. 227. 236. 278 Johnson. L. 188. 189. 209. 262. 29J. 367. 368. 392. 416 Johnson. M. 178. 195. 213. 226. 271. 288 Johnson, P. 253 Johnson. R. 124. 129. 209. 211. 215. 283. 386 Johnson. S. 170. 193. 230. 233. 284. 373. 374. 425. 445 Johnson. T. 329 Johnson. W. 283 Johnsrud. L. 192 Johnston. C. 241. 336 Johnston. D. 242. 295 Johnston. F. 425 Johnston. J. 387 Johnston. L. 413, 425 Jolivette. C. 416. 425 Jones. B. 195. 261 Jones. D. 203. 374 Jones. K. 234. 311 Jones. L. 406 . Jones. M. 288. 416. 445. 446 Jones, S. 237 Jones, T. 178. 268 Joosse. P. 239 Jordan. K. 196 Jordan. S. 194. 2IS Jordan.T. 312 Jordon,C. 288 Jorgensen. J. 261. 311. 380 Jorgensen. K. 195. 425 Jorgensen. R. 209 Jorgenson. A. 201 Joseph. J. 224. 317. 425. 441 Joy. T. 201 Joyce. L. 204 Jubclirer. D. 425 Jubclirer. E. 226 Jubclirer. S. 157. 331. 425 Juchniewich, D, 228 Juday. N. 425 Judson. K. 233 Juenger. S. 277 Juisman, K. 147 Junceau, R. 209 Jancau.C. 233 Juneau, M. 446 Jung, J. 147 Jung. P. 367. 459 Junge, R. 390 Junder. R. 392 Jungerberg. D. 238 Jungerberg. K. 216 Jungwirth. G. 462 Junion. G. 284 Junker. D. 215 Junker. L. 214. 380. 392 Junker. R. 392. 394 Jurik. M. 178 Jurkowski. K 390. 394 Jurmann. D. 444 Justman. M. 425 Kaap. J. 366. 368 Rabat. M 152. 292 Kabcrna. J. 412. 425 Kabisiak. J. 234 Kacirnsky. R 206 Kaddatz. T. 215 Kadutian. D. 334 Kaems. F. 216 Kaeier. E. 124 Kaetterhcnry. D. 215 Kafura, J 425 Kagan. M. 240. 425 Kagen. R. 226 Kagen. S. 242. 290 Kagin, R. 02 Kahl. S. 425 Kahler. J. 282 Kahler. K. 404 Kahler. L 373. 374 Kahn. E. 190. 266 Kahn. L. 304 Kahn. M. 380 Kahn. P. 211 Kahoun. D. 209 Kaiser. L. 425 Kaiser. T. 230 Kakes. J 425 Kaler. J. 459 Kalish. F.. 425 Kalish. K 193 Kalkofen. K. 189. 278 Kalmoe. K. 194 Kamberos. A. 314 Kamenick. R. Kramin. R. 156 Kandler. W. 390 Kane. E. 441. 446 Kann. M. 416 Kant. T. 210 Kantncr, C. 223 Kantz. L. 461 Kantzow. S. 194 Kapitz. D. 388. 389 Kapke. G. 298 Kamkc. J. 446 Kaplan. A. 224 Kaplan. B. 155. 236, 446 Kaplan. D. 235 Kaplan. D. 235 Kaplan. I. 229 Kaplan. M. 446 Kaplan. R. 446 Kaplan. T. 189. 266 Kaput, E. 294 Karabensh. C. 224 Karan. O. 446 Karau. J. 242 Karg. V. 227 Karim. A. Karklin. L. 245 Karl. D. 223 Karl. K. 308 Karlen. Y. 414 Karnafcl. A. 446 Karnaufkas. F. 208 Karnosky. D. 286 Karon. B. 213 Karow. A. 173 Karow. D. 232 Karp. S. 168 Karpinsky. J. 263 Karr. C. 256 Karrasch. B. 264 Karrels, E. 373 Karrels, P. 226 Kattman. M. 208 Kasnett. A. 334 Kasper. D. 215 Kassam, J. 191 Kassner, J. 221 Kasten. G. 222 Raster. M 412.416 Kastner, D. 238 Kastner. R. 220 Katanyutanon, P. 282 Katz. A. 446 Katz. G. 224 Katz. L. 308 Katz. R 446 Katz. T. 336 Katzel. J. 189.410 Kaizen. R 446 Katzman. L. 446 Katzman. S. 153. 157 Kau. A. 243. 67. 368 Kaub. S. 446 Kauer, L. 368 Kaufcr, N. 242 Kaufman. E. 245. 416, 446 Kaufman. J. 228 Kaufman. K. 380 Kaufman. L. 258. 334. 446 Kaufman. M. 302 Kaufman. P. 222 Kaufman. R. 227 Kaufman. S. 446 Kaupanger. P. 446 Kaulz. R. 201. 207 Kauzcr. K. 330 Kauzor. N. 302 Kavalar. G. 227 Kawatski. K. 239 Kay. L. 446 Kaye. D. 221. 451 Kaylor. L. 446 Kazda. F.. 195 Reach. K. 373. 374 Keane. K. 201 _ Kearney. J. 237. 294 Kearns. D. 232 Kearns. P. 332 Keating. T. 283. 286 Kec. D. 242 Ked ierski. M. 450. 451 Keefe. P. 256 Keel. J. 216 Keen. F.. 214 Keene. F. 230 Keene. R. 178 Keerl. T. 446 Kehl. G. 256 Kehren. P. 450. 451 Kehrli. A. 205 Keidl. K. 195 Keil. R. 216 Keitcrhagen. P. 367 Keleher. R. 312 Keller. R. 273 Kellesvig. R. 211 Kelicit. J. 446 Kelley. K. 242 Kelley. T. 446 Kellner. T. 374 Kellogg, M. 446 Kellogg. S. 232 Kcllor. F. 171. 416 Kellor. J. 239 Kelly. D. 176 Kelly. K. 446 Kelly. M. 201. 221 Kelly. S. 446 Kelso. K. 146 Kelso, T. 245 Kcmmerer. K. 374 Kemper. K. 410. 416 Kempka. J. 196 Kendall. D. 243 Kendall. K. 220 Kendall. S. 224 Kendrick. M. 201 Kcndrigan, C. 204 Kener, L. 446 Keniston. F. 195 Kennedy. I). 222. 238 Kennedy. J. 213 Kennedy. L. 145. 146. 232. 414 Kennedy. T. 239. 365. 368 Kenney. C. 266 Kenny. P 244 Kcnsicki, K. 446 Kent. H. 238 Kent. L. 266 Kenton. J. 414 Keough. W. 167 Kerman. J. 245 Kern, B. 322 Kern. D. 273 Kern. R. 392 Kern. S. 234 Kerns. H. 228 Kerrigan, S. 205. 206 Kerstcin. MJ45 Kerwin. C. 446 Keshena, A. 198 Keskey. K. 173. 240 Keskcy. S. 242 Kesler. 253 Kcsselman. H. 230 Kessler. C. 414 Kessler. J. 446 Kessler. S. 245 Kester. R. 416. 446 Kestly, J, 254 Kctay. S. 380 Kctchum. S. 260 Ketterhagen, P 328 Ketterhagen. B. 203 Keyes, K . 236 Khan. A 155 Kho. E. 414 Krbrick. V. 192 Kidd. D. 210. 328. 410 Kiefer. D. 390 Kiehnau. K. 203. 215 Kiescr. A. 380 Riesling. K. 459 Kieweg, H. 444 Kihtzcr. G. 200 Kile. C. 284 Killbcrg. W. 226 Kim. C. 290 Kim. L. 204 Kimball. F. 231 Kimbcl, A. 330. 462 Kimberly. D. 268 Kimpfbeck. R. 209 Kimport. J. 242 Kinder. B. 265 Kindschi. K. 446 Kindt. K. 446 King, A. 416 King. B. 227 King. D. 334 King. H. 460 King. J. 192. 195. 189. 445 King. L. 230. 231. 290 King. M. 212. 228 Kingman, B. 298 Kingsbury, P. 171, 19 . 106 Kingston. K. 203 Kinsler. J. 189 Kirby. K. 196 Kirchhoff. C. 189. 191 Kirkham. W. 446 Kirsch. R. 223 Kissel. J. 241 Kissel. M. 216 Kissel. W. 386 Kivsinger, E. 366 Kitchen. J. 446 K.ttay. J. 236. 317 Kittel. D. 320 Kittower. M. 227 Kivlin, S. 190 Kizewski. R. 227 K jell and. J. 222 Kjervik. A. 189 Kjcrvik. M. 189 Klammer. I. 373 Klan. G. 258 Klaprat. A. 446 Klapstc. K. 216 Klar. G. 446 Klatt. S. 330. 451 Klaus. D. 380 Klaver. R. 221 Klaw itter. C. 178 Klayman. S. 380 Kleczcwski, M. 227 Kleeffsch, J. 223 Klcemann. D. 446 Klchm, J. 236 Kleiman. R. 240 Klein. C. 209 Klein. J. 203. 266 Klein. L. 207, 457 Klein. S. 223 Klein. T. 238 Kleinschmtdt, B. 254 Klclnschmidi. C. 196 Kleinschmidt. D. 226 Klcinzahtcr. A. 228 Kleis. M. 380. 413 Kleist. J. 390. 393. 394 Kleman. D. 380 Klemm. D. 380 Klemme. H. 374 Klcnk. R. 216 Kleppc. R. 215 Klessig. D. 241 Klindt. V. 292 Kline. J. 446 Kling. 1 . 229 Klingensmith. S. 252. 446 Klink. M. 220 Klinksick. G. 200 Klipstcin. J. 402 Klipstcin. S. 402. 401 Klish. J. 233 Klody. R. 446 Kloet. L. -145 Kloiber. J. 205 Klomberg. J. 162 Klongland. T. 209 Klosc. S. 270 Klug. I. 234 Klug. L. 204 Klugman, C. 204 Klus. K. 224 Klusmeyer. R. 227 Knaapen. A. 201 Knapp. L. 169. 193 Knerr. P. 266 Knickelbine. J. 222 Knigge. C. 243. 365. 366 Knight. B. 244 Knight. J. 227 Knight. N. 174 KniscTyTR. 239 Knobcloch, W. 156 Knoblauch. C. 446 474. Knoblauch. T. 413 Knoerr. N. 201 Knoll. M. 241 Knopc, D. 446 Knox. R 209. 241 Knuleson. J. 284. 286 Knutowski. J. 191 Knutson, C. 194 Knutson. J. 200. 410 Knutson. I . 195.239.441 Knutson. M. 445 Knutson. T 446 Kobishop. R. 292 Kobishop. R. 292 Koblcnski. I . 232 Koch, R 153. 204 Koch. W. 01 Kocha. M. 191 Kocha. S. 234. 402 Kocjan, M. 193 Koconis. G. 238 Kocourck, P. 446 Koechel. K. 446 Koefflcr. C. 244 Kochi. M. 239 Koehler. D. 278. 366. 446 Koehler. E. 290 Koehler. R 243. 365 Koen. R. 446 Koenecke. R 239 Koener. A. 324 Koenig. M 264. 450 Koenig. S. 206 Koepke. A. 272 Koepkc. M. 196 Koepke. P. 212 Koepp, J. 208 Kocpsell. D. 446 Koerner. F. 233 Koerpel. B. 21$ Koerth, ). 222. 416 Koethe. C. 190 Kohl. G. 451 Kohtman. R 330, 451 Kohls. C. 266. 446 Kohls. G. 224 Kohls. R. 390, 394 Kohn. A. 260, 380 Kohn. R 200 Koiis. R. 211 Kolb. C. 413 Kolkhorst. S. 296 Roll. L. 209 Kollath. J. 215 Kollis. E. 204 Kolpin. G. 322 Komp. G. 20$ Koneasny. P. 17$. 242. 252 Kong. B. 208. 446 Konop. R. 300 Konsari. S. 190 Konsel. C. 198 Konshak. D. 21$ Koolstra. E. 369. 262 Koonce. H. 27$ Koos. M. 446 Kopecko. I). 210 Koplow. J. 190 Kops. N. 195 Korell. M. 392. 393. 416 Kores. E 446 Korcs. L 360. 171 Korey. S. 238 Korn. C. 234 Kornblith. C. 446 Korr. B. 446 Korst. E. 152. 242 Kort. W. 374 Korten. P. 332 Korth. M. 380 Kos. R 413 Koschnick, M. 446 Kosma, H. 155 Kososki, C. 380 Kosowsky. M, 45$ Kost. S. 178 Kosiroski. L. 239 Kotarski. G. 238. 460 Kotowski. R 452 Kottkc. R 446 Kottler. B. 38U Koula. B. 446 Koval. P. 380 Kovarik, J. 222. 446 Kovera. D. 224 Kovin. M. 326 Kowal. L. 258 Kozarck. B. 228 Kozarck. J. 228 Koziol. J. 332 Kozlovsky. M. 284 Kraatz. G. 300 Kracht. M. 332 Kraemer. L. 241 Kraemer. S. 172 Kraencr. P. 234 Kraflt. H. 137 ... KrafTt. J. 194.403. 404. 41. Kraft. G. 137 Kraft. J. 413 Krahn. A. 447 Kraker. L. 200. 312 Krakora. M. 186 Kramer. B. 326 Kramer. J. 207. 390 Kramer. L. 230 Kramer. R. 236 Kramer. S. 447 Kramschuster. C. 447 Krant. D. 229 Kraska. N. 189. 266 Kratochwill. B. 447 Kratzcr. i. 447 Kraujalis. W. 171 Kraus. J. 192 Kraus. K. 24$ Kraus. N. 190 Kraus. R. 304 Kraus. T 174 Krause. C, 179, 394 Krause. J 402. 404 Krause. K 461 Krause. M. 241 Krauskopf. T. 330 Kraut. J. 208 Kravjalis, A. 332 Kravjalls. W. 332 Krawitz. G 447 Kray. S. 245 Krayer. S. 380 Krayton, M. 189 Kreblein. S. 292 Krebs. D. 196 Krebs. K 447 Krcbsbach. K. 195 Kreger. C 404 Kregstein. S, 302 Kreinz. E. 410. 414 Krejcarek. D. 447. 462 Kregel. B. 286 Krembs. P. 447 Krcmbs. T. 229 Kremers. J. 222 . Krenzelok. E. 124. .0. Kress. M. 204 Krcssin, P. 213 Kreugcr. J. 292 Kreul. M. 380 Kubly. B. 447 Kubly. K. 226 Kuchuck. B. 186 Kudick. W. 166 Kuehl. T. 20$ Kuehn. J. 416 Kuehn. L. 235 Kuehm. J. 390 Kuelling. B 230 Kucnzi. W. 226 Krey. D. 205 Krieger. F 447 Krieger. J. 304 Kr.nsky. G. 447 Kristan, P. 447 Kritzler. M. 233 Krocnckc. E. 211 Krohn, 3. 380 Krohn. P. 264 Krohn. S. 231 Krok. L. 210 Krolikowski. P 215 Kronsc. S. 241 Kromm. J. 213 Kron. D. 243. 366 Kron. J. 243. 366. 367 Kronche. M. 260 Kroncman. S. 44. Krueger. J. 234 Krueger. R. 312 Krueger. W. 24$. 447 Krug. A. 268 Krug. C. 373. 374 Krug. H. 380 Krug. 3. 447 Krug. L. 373 Kruger. K 445. 446 Kruger. R 447 Krull. M. 204 Krull. R. 195 Krumrei. D. 137 Kruse. T. 299 Krutz. G. 299 Krutz. S. 234 Krutza. C. 447 Kubasta. T. 406 Kubczak. K. 227 Kube. E. 380 Kugler. J. 217 Kuhlmey. E. 366 Kuhlow. C. 446 Kuhtow, J. 224 Kuhnz, T. 221 Kuhrt. M. 426 Kuhs. J. 310 Kuhs. R 455 Kukachka. F 369 Kuklinski. J. 426 Kulas. T. 390 Kulawinski. K. 226 Kulhanek, R. 215 Kullmann. M. 426 Kunde. D. 452 Kundert C. 24$ Kunes. T. 388 Kunick. J. 198 Kunz. I. 216 Kuo. E 244 Kupper. D. 326 Kurtenacker, K. 320 Kurth. E. 186. 284 Kurth. H. 213 Kurth. L. 192 Kunz. G. 268, 374 Kurtz. P. 213 Kurtz. R 416 Kurzon. N. 173 Kuscevich. M. 221 Kustka. L. 212 Kutchek. L. 241 Kutil. K 204 KutKh. K 154. 270. 416. 426 Kutz. J. 232 Kvitek. K 402. 404 Kvormng. K. 172 Kwan. E. 260 Laabs. G. 26$ 475Laabs. J. 205 Laatsch. J. 322 Laatsch. L. 211 Labordc. D. 199 Labow. H. 374 La Brol. K. 22$ La Chapellc. M. 227 Lachmund. G. 413 Lachu!. D. 333 La Croix. K. 170. 380. 414 LaDouceur, K. 292 Lai. E. 210 Lai. K. 391 Laird. M. 239 Lake. C. 212. 228 Lake. S. 204 Laluzcrne. D. 199 Lam. J. 204 La Douceur. J. 225 La Douceur. K 426 Ladwig. N. 380 Laeltler. D. 210 Lae . R. 426 La Folletle. M. 266 La Fond. 3. 416 La France. N. 233 La France. R. 171. 311 La Frenier. R. La Frenier. K. 221 Lagc, L. 219. 234 Lagin, A. 229 La Mar. N. 19$ La Marche. J. 277 Lamb. G. 426 Lamb. K, 177 Lamb. S. 204 Lambert. D. 245 Lamboler. L. 188. 192 Lambrecnt. H. 211 Lambrechi. M. 320 Lamon, C. 169. 293 Lamp. R. 214 Lampe. C. 238 Lambert. B. 179 Lamson, G. 226 Lana. P. 15$. 178 Landa. J. 241 Lartdah). C. 236 Landau. M. 426 I.ande. S. 236 Landing, E. 215 Landman, L. 317 I.andmann, D. 227. 277 Landyatter. D. 213 Landwehr. P. 394 Lane. P. 221 Lane. S. 233. 462 Lancs. B. 304 Laney. N. 216 Landlord, J. 315 Lang. C. 232 Lang. J. 243 Lang. J. 238 Langbecker. M. 191 Lange. D. 136 Lange. J. 238 Lange. S. 450. 451 Langcmak, J. 426 Langetieg, T. 226 Langley. M. 387 Langley. P. 426 Langrcck. K. Langstcn. K. 373. 374 Langsten. R, 221 Lanigan. T. 234 Lantry, D. 209 Lamman, G. 293. 426 Lansing. S. 273 Lanlz. M. 455 Lanzhammer. L. 225. 225 Lapcr. J. 277 Lapcr, P. 134. 175. 283 Lapin. G. 426 Lapin. W. 218 La Plant. L. 242 La Pointc, L. 229 La Pota. B. 221 Lardy. N. 416 Larkin. R. 374 Larmc. M. 191 Larmcr, L. 176 Lamed. C. 206 La Rocco, T. 225 Larongc. C. Larry, J. Laroy, N. 426 Larsheid. S. 244 Larsen. B, 195 Larsen, E. 195 Larsen, K. 426 Larsen. P. 45$ Larsen, R. 426 Larsen. S. 225 Larson. B. 241. 328 Larson. C. 244. 294 Larson. D. 21$ Latson. E. 171, 336 Larson. G. 238. 426 Larson. R. 227. 426 Lasha. J. 303 Larson. W. 221 Lasccke. M. 239. 44$ Lataska. B. 224 Lataska. C. 224 I.ataska. L. 224 Last. T. 216 Laicrson. 208 Latham, P. 20 Lathrop, M. 426 Lathrop. R. 426 Latlgo-Olal. K. 368. 140 Latts. B. 380. 416 Latzkc. C. I.aucr. J. Laughren. T. 413 Laukman, M. 288 Laupp. C. 368 Lauterbach. D. 374 La Veen. T. 178 Laverty. D. 368. 416 Lavmc. S. 416. 426 Lawlor, L. 204 Lawnaye, L. 239 Lawrence. K. 20 Lawrence. L. 227. 295 Lawson. B. 236 Lawton, J. 426 Lawyer. D. 380 Laymon. D. 28$ Laytm. P. 223 Lazar. B. 426 Lazar. C. 258 Lazar. I- 304 Lazar. M. 426 Lazarus. B. 374 Lazarus. W, 303 Leach. B. 286 Leadholm. B. 19$. 445 Leaf. C. 239 Leafbled. B. 229 Leahy. M. 234 Leahy. T. 373 Leary, W. 413 Leatherman. F. 130. 315 Lee. R. 213 Lee. S. 245 Lccan. D. 236 Leeds. B. 24$. 258 Lecman. K. 373 Lecmon. K. 373. 374 Lcete. J. 199. 426 Lcevcrs. B. 131 Lcfco. K. 192 Lc Grand. K. 288 Lehman. C. 213 Lehman. J. 220 Lehman, R. 253 Lciber. T 391 Leichter. H. Leide. J. 216 Leidcrsdorf, L. 170 Leifer. A. 268 Lein. D. 220 Leinmger. S. 426. 278 Leisch, G. 426 Leiser. T. 223 Leisk. A. 199 Leist. S 253 Leith. R. 413. 426 Leitschuh. J. 320 Lejeune. D. 426 Lc Kander, D. 394 Leklew. J. 426 Lelod. D. 167 Letnke. C. 239 Leonard. M. 234 Leonard. P. 266 Leonard. R. 228 Lcong. L. 208 Leonhard. C. 426 Lcpidus. j. 225 Lcpinski. J. 426 Lcpinski. N. 426 Lc Sac. K 235 Le Sauvagc. F. 291. 404 Leslie. M. 20S Leslie. T. 140 Lesniak. D. 209 Lessncr. M. 325 Lester. S. 428 Le Tcllier. M. 242 Lcttow. A. 205 Leupold. T. 452 Leutner. C. 173. 265 Levcnthal. T. 309 Levin, D. 334 Levin. E. 24$ Levin. H. 410. 414. 428 Levin. J. 325 Levin, L. 303. 32$ Levin. M. 230. 441 Levin. R 327. 231 Levine. A. 288 Levine. B. 203 Levine. B. 203 Levine, J. 196 Lewis. K. 457 Lewis. L. 234 Lewis. M. 232. 238 Lewis. S. 234. 392 Lcwilt. B. 325 Lcyer. V. 239 Lczak. ). 236. 317 Li. J. 196 Li. R. 212 Liang. I. 20 Liberman. M. 326 Libesch. S. 191 I.ichtman, J. 29. 31. 234 Lidicker. N. 271 Licb. D. 171. 323 V. 393. 394. 389 Licberman. i. 237 Liberman. M. 209 Licbl. S. 239 Liebling. I. 258 Liebner. M. 220 Liefer t. M. 193 Licgcl, J. 238. 413 Lietman. L. 412 Ligh. N. 226 Light. W. 222 Liken. J. 214 Lilienfeld. S. 322 Liljenfeldt. D. 234 Lillesand. T. 389. 390. 392 Lillian. S. 224 Limberg. G. 226 Leatherman. G. 333 Leaver. D. 207 Leavitt. L. 245 Lcbow, L. 426 Lecocq. W. 319 Lc Compte. A. 322 Leddy. L. 235 Ledin. J. 266 I.educ. F. 236 Lee. C. 206 Lee. D. 214. 380. 412 Lee. J. 244 Lee. K 404 Lee. L. 201. 219. 233 cmke. i. 389 emke. I. 234 emmer. A. 242. 261 cmar. L. 445. 446 cnburg, R. 373. 374 enfestrey. C. 237 ennart. J. 231 ennartson. T. 131 cnoir. G. 374 enser. G. 156 enz. M. 239. 455 cnz. R 231. 311 eonard, A. 325 conard. B. 146 Levine. S. 220 Levinson. J. 22$ Levinson. K. 457 Levis, R 223 Levitan. I.. 22$. 428 Levy. B. 258 Levy, P. 236 Levy. R. 218. 232. 256 Levy. S. 258 Lewandowski. J. 428 Leweling. II. 428. 461. 462 Lewis. C. 20 Lewis. D. 224 Lewis. J. 201. 319 Limmer. B. 204 Lin. P. 241 Lincoln. A. 301 Lind. C. 288. 428 Lind. C. 265 Linde. D. 171, 207 Linde. D. 36$. 368 Linde. L. 205 Linden. J. 317 Lmdl. P 402 Lindlcy. J. 130 Lindquist. J. 366 Lindquist, M. 364 Lindrew. G. 428 476Lindsey. M. 124 Lindsey. P. 222 Lmdstrom. H. 206 Lingus. 8. 261 Link. S. 154. 173 Lin-Lai. C. 20$ Linn. S. 428 Linscolt. D. 286 Lintner. M. 191.414 Linivedt. G. 367. 368 Liotla. M. 428 Lipman. M 203. 428 Lipski. H 428 Lipsky. F.. 191 Lisa. W. 204 Lisbcrg. K.428 Liska. R. 174. 387. 390 Liss.C. 195 Litchfield. F. 280 Lilschcr. S. 208 Littel. T. 373 Liltcil. E. 204 Little. D. 230 Little. J. 124 Liltman. E. 233 Littman. J. 380 Livermore. D. 392 Livie. L 428 Lloyd. J. 273 Lloyd-Jones. K. 428 Lo. M. 232 Lobato. M. 215 Lobeck. S. 236. 368 Lobcrger. D. 241 Loberger. M. 20 Lobl. L. 218. 231 Lochcn. G. 428 Lochen. L. 450 Locken. C. 319 Loeb. F. 32$. 428 I.oeffler. L. 450. 451 Loer. S. 216. 416 Looser. C. 19$ Locw, R. 428 Loewentrilt. L. 228 Loftin. J. 228. 312 Logelcr. J. 244 Loghry. P. 196 Loher. S. 261 Lohmcyer. M. 201 Lokcn, D. 150. 336 Lokken. R. 206 Loncrgan. D. 222 Lonergan. T. 199 Long. A. 195. 295 Long. B. Long. K. 192 Longbrake. J. 416. 4.8 Lonnborg. B. 188 Lonsdorf. D. 275 Lonsdorf. S. 275 Loops. K. 29$ LOOS. J. 412. 428 Looderkind. F. 210 Lorber, D. 222 Lorbetske. A. 380 Lorch. K. 190 Lore. E. 428 Lorenz. R. 392 Lorenz. T. 206 Loring, B. 171. 303 Losey, G. 224 Losick. B. 187. 288 Loss. R. 204 Lott. S. 280. 428 Lott. V. 428 Louderman. J. 428 Lounsbury, M. 152 Loutherback. L. 176 Lousch. J. 20 Lovesoy. S. 286 Lovett. J. 242 Lowe. M. 221 Low. S. 146. 232 Lowden. L. 230 Lowe. H. 242 Lowell. B. 233. 428 Lowenstein. J. 428 Lowry. N. 215 Love. L. 368 Lube. J. 20 Lubin. D. 173. 258 Lubing. J. 221 Lucas. C. 211 Lucassen. J. 190. 266 Lucht. J. 389. 394 Luck.C. 380 Luck.L. 428 I.uckow. R. 365. 367 Ludke. R. 394 Ludvigsen. J. 364. 403 Ludwig. B. 214. 238 Ludwig, C. 253 Ludwig. J. 256 Ludwig, K. 428 Luebke. B 187 Luebke. I 227 Luccke. P. 236 Luedcr, S. 266 Lueders. W. 299 Lucdtkc. M. 262 Luehrs. S. 235 Lukaszewski, T. 243.416 Luljak. C. 236 Lum. L. 253 Lunch. B. 232 Lum. C. 428 Lund. C. 242 Lund. K. 428 Lund. L. 232 Lunde, B. 296 W. 296 Lundcrvold. D. 178 Lundin. B. 241 Lundquist, S. 404. 416 Lupa. N. 428 Lupi. G. 232 l.urd. C. 278 LundquiM. P. 253 . Lusikka. 11.403. 404. 416 Lusikka. L. 402 Lusetta. L. 403 Lustig. H. 214 Lutgcn. P. 452 Luther. C. 261 Luttig. M. 176. 387 Luttrop. K. 368. 414. 416 Lutz. J. 416. 428 Lutzow. P. 242. 253 Luobanow, L. 317 Lyle. R. 413. 428 Lynch.T. 457 l.ynett. M. 428 Lynn, M. 428 Lyon. M. 292 Lyons, C. 133 Lyons. J. 428 Lyons. J. 332. 428 Lutlc. D. 312 Lyttlc. T. 223. 335 Siaager J . 194 Maaskc C. 211 Maass R. 428 MaCall. S. 212 Mac Bride P. 275 Mac Donald D. 229 Mac Donald J. 301 Mac Donald L. 270 Mac Donald P. 381 Mach. W. 222 Machan. T. 328. 367 Machccl. D. 241 Maciejcwski L. 211 Mack. J. 268 Mack. L. 236. 204. 209 Mack. P. 428 Macke. K. 414 Mackic. R. 220 Mackic. T. 171. 33$. 462 Mac Lean. W. 211 Mac Leish. R. 211 Mac Lcod. F. 189 Mac Lucfcic. N. 208 Maconi, R. 211 Mada.O. P. 273 Madary. J. 389 Maddox. W. 45$ Mader. B. 218 Madhofl. J. 218. 221 Madigan. K. 285 Madison. J. 207 Madorin. M. 207 Madson. M. 428 Maeder. E. 381 Maertz. B. 428 Macs. M. 390 Mactzold, J. 275 Magidson. I. 429 Magill. E. 429 MagiII. K. 253 Magnant. G. 227 Magritz, S. 429 Maher. D. 429 Mahlman. J. 444 Mahnke. C. 429 Mahnkc, E. 25$ Mahoney. C. 277 Mahoney. D. 227 Mahoney. M. 217. 429 Mahoney . P. 413 Mahr. C. 314 Mai. E. 173 Maiman. E. 236, 265 Mainland. M. 429 Majerle. W. 387 Majeska. R. 216 Majcksi. P. 416 Major. K. 239 Makhani. F. 389 Maki. J. 223 Makoid. M. 330. 450. 451. 452 Mater, B. 446 Malcr, V. 446 Malcscvich, T. 231 Malinsky. J. 227 Mallin. S. 245 Malloy. J. 206 Mally, W. 232 Malmon. N. 452 Malone. M. 227 Malone, P. 241 Maloof. P. 266 Malsh. J. 325 Malzahn. D. 299 Mandel. L. 317 Mandler. T. 171. 303. 429 Manek. S. 446 Mancwitz. A. 178.215 Mancy, M. 203 Manhardt. M. 186. 194 Manhcim. B. 381 Manhofl. I). 429 Mamon. M. 295 Manire. B. 179 Manis. H. 429 Manis. S. 147, 245 Manix. D. 429 Mann. J. 190 Mann. K. 208 Manning. D. 319. 429 Mannlcm, R. 230 Manoogian. P. 230 Mansfield, E. 429 Mansfield. P. 270 Mansfield. R. 179, 381 Manshcim, B. 429 Mnnshcim. M. 291 Manthc. P. 172. 450. 451. 452 Manti. P. 286 Manz. P. 429 Maples. D. 414 Maples. G. 429 Maragos. C. 229 Maragos. N. 429 Marcello. J. 429 March. B. 220. 335 Marciniak, D. 283 MarckS, R. 178. 286 Marcucci. M. 322 Marcus. M. 199. 22$. 429 Marcus. S. 309. 156 Martier, S. 223 Margclofsky G. 262 Margcnau, T. 213 Margulics, G. 221 Manneau. B 404 Marion. F. 214 Maritsch. D. 462 Markham. C. 450. 451 Markhan. L. 244 Marklcy. D. 319 Markos. G. 21$ Marks. G. 189 Marks. J. 317 Marks. M 410 Markworth, G. 194 Marlier. B. 266. 4tSl Marotz. B. 429 Marold. J. 196 Marothnic. J. 327 . Marquardt. E. 239. 416. 444. 445 Marquardt. K. 188. 190 Marquardt. M. 221 Marquardt. P. 381 Marquardt. T. 381. 414 Marra. J. 214. 392 Marra. T. 214 Marrogems. J. 194 Marschke. R. 255 M.irsdcn. J. 207 Marsh. F. 124 Marsh. G 219 Marsh. J 216. 45$ Marsh. M. 416 Marshall. D. 413 Marshall. F. 230 Marshall. K. 412. 429 Marshall. P. 245. 429 Marshall. S. 228. 234. 277 Marshall, T. 201 Martain. M. 230 Martell. C. 238 Martens. P. 413 Martha. L. 204 Martin. A. 225 Martin. D. 214 Martin. G. 229 Martin. L 204 Martin. M. 226 Martin. P. 204 Martin. S. 193. 217. 40 Martin. T. 190. 200 Mariinailis. J. 429 Marlins, M. 367 Martinson. K. 194 Marty. J. 347 Marly. P. 328 Marvin. A. 222 Marvin. P. 429 Marx. C. 364 . 262 Marx. E. 199. 429. 460 Marx. S 374 Marx. V 307 Mar ullo. M. 381 Masburch. D. 227 Mascrjian. L 461 Mason. C, 242 Mason, J. 215 Mason. L. 222 Mass. I. 203 Massey. M. 216 Massie. C. 239 MaSSic. Z. 241 Massing, B. 317 Masters. S. 241. 381 Masterson, T. 169 Mastin. J. 189 Matera. M. 233. 307 Mateyka, E. 296 Mather. M. 429 Mahtis. K. 412 Mathison. M. 266 Mathisen. R. 210 . Mathison. K 120. 194. 429 Mathison, M. 414 Mathos. K. 429 Malison. C. 154. 174 Matlin. E. 429 Matson, E. 239 Matson. S. 280 Matsumoto. B 240 Matsumoto. W. 299 Mattern. P. 196.22$ Matthews. R 416. 429 Maul ton, G. 192 Mattison. J. 404 Mattson. D 455 Mattson. J. 139 Maves. T. 330. 451 Mawdl, K 239 Maxam. M. 410. 414 Max field. J. 227. 307 Maximus. A. 336 Maxwell. G. 1 44 Maxwell. J. 241 Maxwell. L. 266 May. D. 191 May. M. 213 May. P. 242 May. S. 450 Mayer. D. 429 Mayer. J. 192 Mayer. K. 209 Mayer. M. 221 Mayer. R. 429 Maycrson. P. 227 Maycsh. J. 157. 162. 32$. 416. 411 Me AulilTe. J. 36$ Me Bee. N. 33$ Me Brair. N. 445 Me Bride. R. 388, 389 Me Bride. S. 234 Me Cube. C. 234 Me Cabe. J. 288. 428. 444 Me Cabe. T. 299 Me Call. R. 220 Me Cartan. G. 206 Me Carthy. L. 194. 261 Me Carthy. M. 368. 450. 451 Me Catty. M. 156 Me Caul. J. 212 Me Cauley. T. 124. 137. 17$ Me Caw. Si. 229. 394 Me Clintock, K. 261 Me Conochic. L. 212 Me Cord. M. 212. 428 Me Cormick. A. 373 Me Cormick. B. 296. 248 Me Cormick. 1). 203 Me Cormick. M. 207 Me Cormick. S. 283 Me Cown. B. 428 Me Coy. T. 201 Me Crackcn. B. 216 Me Crary. J. 206 Me Creadie. J. 189. 265 McCullough. M. 189 Me Cullough. P 278 Me Cullough. R. 255 Me Collough. T. 231. 31$ Me Cutcheon. S. 196 Me Dermott. J. 178 Me Devitt. P. 314 Me Donald. E. 23$ Me Donald. G. 428 Me Donald. L. 147 Me Donnell. M 214. 234. 428 Me Dowell. C. 221 Me Dowell. M. 218 Me Dowell. D. 211 Me Dowell. T. 235 Me Elroy. D. 319 Me Elroy. K 174 Me Elwee. K 428 Me Erroy. G. 381 Me Ewan. B 29$ Me Farland. T. 139 Me Gee. L. 208 McGee. S. 173. 242. 294 Me Gibbon. F. 366 Me Gill. E. 261 Me Gilligan. D. 286 Me Glynn. M. 239 Me Goech. P. 428 Me Grath. T. 301 Me Crew. M. J83 Sic Guire, J. 223 Me Hugh. H. 27$ Me llrath. T. 394 Me Intosh. D. 428 Me lntyre. K. 205 Me lntyre. S. 194 Me Invaille. T 428 Me Joynt. P. 179, 381. 416 Me Kcc. B. 172. 373. 374 Sic Keever. B. 444 Me Kenna. M. 214 Me Kinvcn, N. 242 Me Laughlin. G. 320 Me Laury. C. 291. 428 Me Lean. J. 454. 459. 461 Me Lean. K. 222 Me Leod. R. 241 Me Limans. R. 283. 428 Me Millan. R 256 Me Mullen. E. 428 Me Namara. J. 168 Me Namara. S. 218. 234 Sic Naughton. M. 239 Me Naughton. N. 196 Me Neely. M. 20$ Me NItt. D. 381 Me Nutt. R. 222 Me Peek, J. 381 Me Quidc. J. 232 Me Quillan. A. 204 Me Swain. T. 373 Me Sweeny. A. 33$. 428 Me Tavish. P. 204 Meacham, K. 241 Mead. T. 21$ Meadows. S. 429 Medress. II. 429 Meeker. J. 429. 462 Meeks. J. 124 Meer. D. 214. 393 Meet. N. 174. 242. 288 Meetz. R. 216 Mchle. T. 213 Mehoff. J. 213 Meier. D. 381 Meier. K. 232 Meier, M. 410. 416. 429 Meier. N. 404 Meier. I 414 Meier. R 413 Meier. S. 205. 444 Meier. T. 199 Meiklejohn. E. 20 Meinert. J. 25$ Meiners. M. 280 Mcinholdt I. 285.450 Meissner. J. 210 Meissner. R 394 Meixensperger. D. 207 Mclka. J. 237 Melniek. L. 240 Melrelt. R. 394 Melstrand, M. 171 Melvin. B. 213 Menachem. M. 221 Menachcr. E. 224 Mendelson. C. 218. 228 Mendenhall. M. 311 Menn. J 209 Mcntage. T. 213 Mcrgerer. J. 299 Merl. J. 222 Mcrotes. D. 261. 381 Merriam. P. 405 Merrificld. R. 459 Mernman. G. 176 Merriman, J. 224 Merriman, K. 244 Merry. M. 230 Merten. J. 213. 319 Mertz. J. 388. 394 Metcher. K. 156. 209 Meschicr. L. 235 Meserow. S. 458 Mesing. R. 169 Mcsscrt. F. 242 Mestl. J. 268 Mettclka. J. 231 Metten. D. 196. 381 Metz. D. 228. 288 Metzenbaum. B. 24$ Metzger. D. 209 Metzler. D. 386 Metzler. J. 413. 416. 429 Meudt. J.204 Meulemans. D. 262. 364 . 367 Meyer. B. 193. 194. 258. 291 Meyer. C. t74. 194. 228. 242. 278 Meyer. D. 311 Meyer. E. 196 Meyer. K. 196.203 , Meyer. M. 188. 193. 285. 387. 389 Meyer. N. 236. 242. 367 Meyer. R 137, 223. 336 Meyer. S. 218. 232. 429. 450 Meyer. T. 336 Meyer. W. 243. 36$. 368 Meyers. D. 394 Meyer . J. 291 Meyers. K. 261 Mayers. L. 189. 24$ Meyers. M. 303 .Meyers, S. 236 Meyer . T. 217 Mey»». R- 232 , Meythalcr, M. 221. 261. 373 Michael, E. 230 Michael . M. 236. 261 Michaclson, J. 317, 429 Michalski. D. 450. 451. 452 Michel . C. 238 Michelson. P. 374 Miehelstetter. S. 299 Michie. P. 200 Mickel. C. 188. 191 Mickelson. D. 204 Middlcburg. J. 313 Slielkc. J. 193 Mielkc. R. 416 Mierendorf. R 201 Micssncr. B. 429, 441 Mfkeb. J. 206 Mila . L. 44$ Milbauer. S. 192 Milbouriic. R 429 Milch. P. 303 Milen . J. 24$ Milcr. T. 450. 451. 452 Mile . L. 327 Milewxki. A. 239 Millar. S. 209 „ . ... Miller. A 170. 24$. 311. 416. 429 Miller. B. 188. 193.288-29$ Miller. C. 188. 189. 192. 218. 219. 253. 288 Miller. D. 394 Miller. E. 265. 429 Miller. G. 243 Miller. I. 429 Miller. J. 172. 193. 194. 230. 24$. 280. 416. 441. 450. 451 Miller. K 188. 189. 194 . 206. 226. 270 Mi'ller.' M4 171. 230. 262 . 291. 369 429 Miller'. P. 234. 244 288. 319 Miller. R. 170. 192. 243.414. 429 Miller. S. 150. 222. 261.283. 336. 381 Miller. T. 328. 36$ Milligan F. 429 Milligan. H. 208 Milligan, T. 394 Millman, B. 266 Millman. R. 229 Mills. D. 221 Mills. J. 266 Milne. A. 293 477Milne. S. 214 Milquet. M. 229 MilHein, E. 230 Minahan. D. 209 Minash. 3. 405 Miner, P. 236. 374 Minnick. J. 224 Minnick. S. 429 Mmsch, T. 461 Mint . L. 225 Miringoff. J. 236. 258 Mirshy. D. 154. 317. 405 Miscvtcb, C. 277 Misfeldt. T. 199. 429 Mishkin, S. 204 Mivhlove. S. 223 Mishouil. M. 199 Miska. M. 201 Miitelc, 3. 327 Mitchel, E. 309 Mitchell. C. 266 Mitchell. D. 389. 393 Mitchell. G. 416 Mitchell. H. 189 Mitchell. K. 292 Mitchell. M. 234 Mitchell. P. 220. 277 Mitchlin. A. 258 Middle. M. 235 Mittelstadt. D. 367 Middelstadt. L. 203 Mitten. S. 203 Mittenthal, M. 222 Mitterer. M. 373 Mittnacht, D. 460 Mixter. M. 196. 291 Mlot. M. 429 Moarn. C. 205 Mockrud. L. 242. 277 Modjeski. D. 233 Modoff 3. 221 Moc. E. 265 Moe. G. 208 Moe. I. 210 Moe. P. 230 Moccker. D. 214 Moeder. P. 173. 277. 381 Mochrke, L. 210 Mocllner. i. 208 ,ai Moersfelder, E. 319. 381. 416 Mocrshel, D. 214 Mocrtl. P. 230 Mohn. J. 200 Mohr. J. 226.416 Moir, W. 336 Morky. A. 219. 226 Moldenhaocr. L. 278 Molitor. T. 216. 455 Molle, C. 190 Molthop, L. 203 Mommies. S. 194. 394 Monahan. P. 205 Monda. C. 253 Money. P. 194 Momer. J. 233, 266 Monkey. M. 245 Monkmeycr. P. 389 Monroe. B. 124 Monroe. D. 319 Monroe. M. 303 Monroe. P. 224 Montag, T. 170 Mon tag. W. 283 Montci, N. 244 Montero. F. 301 Montgomery. K. 389. 394 Montgomery. T. 201 Monthie. M. 241 Montie, G. 223 Moody. T. 210 Moo® K. 146. 261. 461 Moore. A. 239 Moore. I. 169. 208. 236 Moore, K. 303 Moore. L. 196 Moore. M. 191. 192 Moore. N. 261. 402. 403 Moore. P. 231 Moore. T. 261,275 Moore. V. 241 Moran. B 242 Moran. D. 170. 402 Moran, G. 210 Moran. J. 429 Moran. L. 235 Moran. P. 301 More. J. 312 Moreau. T. 124 Moreaux. D. 323 Morey. B. 203 Morey. 3. 224 Morgan. B. 457 Morgan. D. 233, 277, 430 Morgan. E. 213 Morgan, K. 235 Morgan, L. 217 Morgan. M. 139 Morgan, K. 204 Morgove. M. 430 Moriarty.3. 226. 309 Moriarty. S. 265 Morien. N. 214 Moritato, S. 205 Moritsch. I). 386. 394 Morrit. B. 311 Mornt. C. 223. 244 Morris. E. 189 Morrit. R 394 Morris, S. 253 Morris. W. 209. 392 Morrisey. R. 286. 430 Morrison. J. 206 Morse. C. 240 Morse. J. 374 Monensen. S. 430 Mortenson. 3. 312 Mortman. S. 194 Morton. T. 373 Mortson. 3. 381 Mortwedt. D. 239 Mosak. D. 201 Mosby. E. Moseley. L. 430 Moseley. N. 238 Moser. K. 194 Moser. M. 146 Moser. R. 217 Moslander. K 177, 430 Moslavac. II. 188. 189 Moss, E. 221 Moss. M. 225 Moeesr. R. 208 Mossey. J. 177 Most. G. 199 Motet. L. 430 Moths. D. 365 Moudry. M. 242. 278 Moyer. 3. 201 Mudge. M. 203 Muehlciten. L. 293 Mueller. B. 295. 414 Mueller. D. 171 Mueller. F. 211 Mueller. G. 176. 209 Mueller. L. 203. 266 Mueller. M. 263 Mueller. R. 209. 239 Mueller. S. 381. 445 Mueller. T. 218. 223 Muermann. A. 205 Mucitertic . A. 229 Muir. J. 215. 373 Mulder. L. 145. 147. 430 Mulhcm. 3. 373 Mulkcen. A. Mullen. D. 430 Mullen. P. 381 Noerr. M. 430 Noffice. 3. 381 Nohr. R. 239 Nolan. C. 295. 430. 460 Noltie. M. 234 Noonan. D. 301. 430 Nord. P. 208 Norman. T. 366 Normington. P. 201 Norris. A. 173. 242 Norris. G. 217 Norris. W. 273 Norsetter. 3. 136 Norslien. L. 204 North. T. 230 Norwell. 3. 333 Noskin. K. 381. 258 Nosuane. R. 220 Not , P. 410 Novak. C. 381. 192 Novotny. C. 196 Nowak. A. 403 Nowak. B. 205 Nowak. 3. 124 Nowakowski. M. 286 Nowicki. 3. 137. 175. 395 Nowicki. I.. 218. 232 Nowiki. L. 218 Nuesse. M. 235 Numan. K. 271 Nuncmakcr. A. 266. 414 Nusbaum, R. 243. 367 Nussbaum. C. 266 Nwosu, S. 178 Nyberg. D. 271 Nyborg. D. 133 Nyers. S. 430 Nycard. D. 430 Nyhof. M. 194 Nyhus. C. 204 Nyrcen. S. 293. 146 Nystrom. M. 430 Oakes. N. 203. 445 Oakey. S. 137.430 Oakley. D. 430 Oaks. R. 404 Ober. C. 227 Oberg, E. 430 Oberg. T. 276 Obin. N. 241 O'brien, B. 268 O'Brien. C. 124 O'Brien. D. 124 O'Brien. K 232 O'Brien. M. 232 O'Brien, P. 373. 430 Obrodovich. T. 131 Ockcr. M. 245 O'Connell. I). 273 O' Connell. M. 220 O'Connor 3. 239. 430 O'Connor. M. 200 O'Connor. T 209 O'Donnell. L. 233 Oestreich. 3. 172. 210. 330. 451 Ocstreich. S. 381 O'Flaherty, S. 221 Oftedahl. G. 203. 238 Ogaralek.G. 156 Ogedengbe. M. 179 Ogie. R. 156. 206 Ogorxalek. G. 374 O'Harrow. C. 263 Ohlhorst. S. 205 Ohlson. S. 243 Ohlsson. D. 155 Oinonen. P. 367 Okada. K. 208 O'Keefe. M. 222 Olah,R. 206 O' Lavin. B. 441 Oldani. T. 209 Olden. S. 218. 225 Mullen. M. 430 Mullins. A. 430 Mullins. P. 253. 381. 414 Mulvey. T. 288 Mumford. N. 430 Mundbrot. 3. 381 Mundie. M. 234. 430 Mundschau. C. 292 Mundschau. M. 217 Munger. M. 266 Munns. R. 222 Munro. L 416.430 Munson. S. 194 Murphy. B. 268. 296 Murphy. C. 239. 253 Murphy. D. 124, 286 Murphy. 3. 381 Murphy. M. 196 Murphy. R. 231 Murray. M. 239 Musehel. G. 430 Musha. M. 241 Mushel. D. 332 Mushlin. E. 201 Muskc. B. 233. 265 Mutchlcr. M 212 Muth. 3. 390 Myers. C. 416 Myers. 3. 222 Myers. M. 162. 430 Myhre. D. 207 Myhres. E. 381 Myott. R. 390. 395 Myron. S. 446 Nadler. B 228 Nadlcr. C. 288 Nadler. D. 430 Nadler. R. 223 Naegle. 3. 210 Naf iger. 3. 381 Nagatani. R. Nagel. M. 241 Nagle. C. 129. 314 Nahcy. G. 327 Naimon. S. 228 Najjar. 3. 195 Nakamura. A. 280 Nania. 3. 268 Napoleon. R. 228 Naruo. G. 224 Nass. A. 268 Navse. P. 328 Nassen. A. 445 Nathan. M. 242. 278 Nathanson. P. 236 Nauertz. N. 212 Naus. M. 170. 411. 416 Naylor. V. 203 Naze. N. 416.412 Nebel. 3. 220 Nee. P. 460 Neches. 3. 236 Ncedelman. A. 430 Needle. S. 268 Nees. P. 237 Neess. P. 170 Neff. K. 253 Negus. 3. 265 Negus. S. 175. 270. 446 Nehr. M. 430 Nciber. C. 203 Neilson, C. 315 Neimeyer. 3. 390 Nciwidett. 3. 460 Nelson. A. 224. 239 Nelson. B. 140. 228, 338 Nelson, C. 373 Nelson. D. 218. 241.263 Nelson. F. 208 Nelson. G. 131. 241. 330. 405. 416.430.450.452 Nelson. 3. 190. 223. 225. 262. 319, 381 Nelson. K. 192 . 234 . 430 Nelson. L. 307. 337 Nelson. M. 277. 293 Nelson. P. 278. 430. 441 Nelson. R. 206. 205 Nelson. S. 263. 245. 237 Nelson. T. 452. 456 Nelson. W. 200. 392. 395 Nemeckay. C. 460 Nemke. 3. 390. 392 Nemxon. 3. 317 Nenahlo. D. 455 Neotlng, 3. 261 Nergowe. W. 451 Ncsuig. B, 228. 273 Netboy. R. 231 Netter. C». 460 Net el. T. 199 Neubarth. S. 220 Ncuberger. G. 236 Neuberger. V. 192 Neuendorf. A. 395 Neuenfeldt. C. 196 Neumann, C. 430 Neumann. L. 210 Neumann. P. 211 Neumeicr, M. 446 Neumcyer. R. 391 Ncustcdtcr. P. 386 Neuwald. P. 328 Neville. 3. 190 Nevwald. P. 206 Newberger. 3. 221 Ncwbergcr. R 173. 317 Ncwbetger. S. 317 Newberry. I). 226 Newell. L 309 Newell. M. 309 Newfcld. S. 226 Newllauser. P. 235 Newman, M. 196. 236. 317 Newman. N. 236. 258 Newman. S. 256 Newton. A. 238 Newton. 3. 416 Ney. 3. 413 Nic. 3. 224 Nichols. R. 430 Nicholson. B. 231 Nicholson. S. 2(M Nickels. M. 137 Nicks. S. 215 Nicola. F. 430 Nicolai. G. 190 Nicolai. R. 266 Nicolai. S. 190. 403 Niebauer. P. 199 Niebaucr. W. 199 Nieber. C. 266 Niebler. R, 273 Niedfeldt. D. 220 N'iehoff. C. 288 Nielsen. 223. 395 Nielson. B. 191 Nielson. 3. 393 Nielson. N. 233 Niemann. D. 210 Nicmeyer. 3. 392. 393. 395. 416 Nies. B 430 Nigbor. P. 242 Nikora. 3. 332 Nlrnmer. R 228. 388. 389 Nim . F.. 430 Nimz. P. 277 Nippert. S. 430 Nischke. G. 208 Nitz. D. 139 Nitzke. W. 241 Nixon. K. 179. 210 Noble. D 441 Noble. R 328. 365 Nock. S. 307 Noel, R 430 Oldenburg. W. 312 Older. S. 236 O' Leary. 3. 198 O'Leary. P 243. 365 Olive. . 241.402. 404 Olm. K. 243 Olsen. C. 306 Olsen. 3. 207. 221 Olsen. K 461 Olsen. L. 278. 430 Olsen. M. 190. 381 Olsen. P. 335 Olsen. R. 416 Olsher, R. 167. 430 Olson. B. 452 Olson. C. 216. 241. 403, 415 Olson. D. 152. 227. 391 Olson. E. 195 Olson. 3. 189. 200. 204. 230. 270. 406. 430 Olson. K. 191 Olson. L. 220 Olson. M. 192. 204. 430 Olson. O. 374 Olson. P. 220 Olson. R. 209 Olson. S. 225 Olson. T. 209. 430 Olson. W. 201 Oltean.C. 235 O'Malley. S. 173. 294 Omar. R. 208 Omdahl. 3. 209 O'Melia. K. 245. 278 Onan. G. 243. 367 O'Neil. L. 411 O'Neil. T. 221 O'Neill. G. 252. 381 Onosko, T. 322 Opelt. M. 381 Opgenorth. D. 240 Opichka. W. 216 Opiola. E. 200 Oppert. 3. 389 Orlin. 3. 237 Oros. 3. 208 Orr. E. 146 Orr. L. 153 Orth. C. 318 Orth. 3. 430 Oshiro, I. 430 Ossanna. D. 312 Oslcrling. M. 222 Osterndorf, C. 270 Osterndorf. S. 232 Ostrander. D. 134 Ostrum. A. 221 Ot ewski. 3. 286 Otis. D. 205.416 Otis. L. 245 O'Toole. 3. 125 Otto. C. 192 . .,0 Otto. D. 147. 152. 166.416.4- Otto. 3. 167. 430 Otto. P. 243. 276. 430 Oube. R. 308 Ouellette. M. 381 Ouerdicr, G. 188 Oven. G. 189 Overdier. G. 193 Overstreet. C. 208 Overton. C. 225 Owen. B. 239 Owen. G. 190 Oxley. G. 210 Ozark. 3. 374. 416 Paap. S. 195 Paape. K. 223. 230 Pabian. P. 405 Pacetti. T. 220 Pachniak. E. 286. 375, -» 6 Pack.R. 221 Packard. L. 236. 258 Padlu. N. 188 Page. 3.405. 416 Pagcl. B. 430 Pagel. T. 230 Pague. K. 213 Palling. B 239 Pajala. 3. 381 Palleck. A 299 Palma. T. 222 Palmer. A. 166. 179 Palmer, C. 155 Palmer, I). 413 Palmer, S. 451 Palzcr. T. 430 PalZklll. D. 243 Pampcrin, S. 201, 365 Pamperin. T. 221 Paneer. S, 430 Panke. F. 430. 169 Pankonin, T. 196 Pansch. 3. 225 Pantel. 3. 239 Pantzer. L. 319 Panzer. S 242 Papageorge. A. 332 Parcser. N. 319 Paretsky. D. 216 Parins. D. 222 Parker. B. 381 Parker. C. 195 Parker. L. 204 Parker. N. 242. 307 Parker. P 235 Parks. D. 222 Parks. E. 176 Parks. M. 204 Parr. W. 367 Parris, M. 233 Parseh. L.431 Parshall. V.413 Parshley. E. 237 Parson. 3. 195 Parwons. T. 387. 389 Partleton. L. 307 Pasdirtz. G. 301 Pasdirtz. M. 237.445 Pastan. R 326. 416 Paston. 3. 223 Patch. 3. 177 Patesh. 3 242 Patrick. M. 192 Patterson. C. 199. 329 Patterson. D. 168. 395 Patterson. 3. 431 Patterson. W. 311 Pattinson. S. 277. 375 Patton. T. 332 Paul. W. 431 Paulak, C. 390 Pauley. K. 256 Pauli. B. 193 Paulos. P. 211 Paulsen. 3. 332 Paulson. B. 237 Paulson. D. 328 Paulson. 3. 431 Paulson. M. 176. 286 Paulson. T 431 Paulus. L. 395 Paulus. R. 266 Pavelski. P. 206 Pavlak. C. 389 Pavlcy. K. 206 Pawlisch. 3. 431 Paxton. W. 200 Peabody. E. 178 Pearce. E. 381 Pearce. 3. 175. 431. 416 Pearl. S. 381. 317 Pearson. C. 450 Pearson. 3. 196. 327. 457 Pearson. M. 403. 405 Pearson. S. 460 Pease. R. 319 Peaslec. 3. 213 Pechan. K. 265 Peck. 3. 317 Pcckarsky. P. 189 Peddicord. C. 381 Pedersen. 3. 228 Pedersen. M. 307 Pederson. E. 291 Pederson. M, 431. 416. 455 Pederson. R 206 Pederson. T. 256 Pedian. B. 145. 146. 265 Pedrick. B. 199 Peel. A. 222 Peeper. C. 206 Peepers. M. 283 Pecrcnboom. L. 381 Peetz. C. 284 Pcetz.T. 231 Pecvy.C. 431 Pcglofl. 211 Pcissig. 3. 211 Pckarske. 3. 195 Pekarske. R. 289. 295 Pelikan B 431 Pelton. E. 369 Peltzman. R. 431 478Pcmbction. J. 215 Pendleton. J. 286 Pool. G. 205 Peotsch. P. 244 Pcpcr.H. 174. 271.431 Peper. W. 416 Pcpl inski. C. 190 Peplinski. S. 226 Peranto. J. 214 Pete . M. 217 Pcrinchicf. L. 244 , Perkinds. A. 390. 393. 395 Perkins, F. 236 Perkins. L. 222. 375 Petko. L. 431 Perlic. G. 242 Perlman, B. 266. 416 Perlman. M. 304 Peronro. J. 414 Perms, P. 233 PerroiK. S. 280 Perry. D. 222.431 Perry. L. 293 Perry. M. 210.431 Perry. S. 278.431 Persten, M. 452 Pers yk. M. 167. 209 Pert, M. 294 Pertain. L. 242 Pertzborn. G. 460 Pesanka, T. 226 Pessijr. L. 395 Pessin, 431 Petack. J. 311 Pclasntck. W. 431 Peterson. B. 203 Peterson, C. 277 Peterson. I). 256 . . Peterson. E. 233. 2 . - Peterson. J. 191. 215. 239. 323 Peterson. K. 194. 196. 227. 405 Peterson, L. 369 Peterson. M. 270. 395 Peterson, P. 191.232 Peterson. R. 328. 393. 431 Peterson. T. 431 Peterson. W. 239. 460 Petiniot. M. 476 Pelith.J. 413 Petti. F. 275 Petru zl. C. 253 Pcttibonc. C. 189. 41)7 Pctlinglll,). 187 Pettit. 1). 315 Petty. T. 431 Pet . G. 413 Pet ko. J. 311 Pevrv. W. 255 Pfeifer. I). 201 Pfeifer. J. 207 Pfeiffer. B. 393 Pfeiffer. L. 270 Pfcil. R. 311 PfilTner. J. 431 Pfiffner. K. 191 Pfiuer. K. 205 ... Pfister, M. 292. 293.431 Pflcgcr. S. 410 Pfotenhaucr. P. 224 Pfund. E. 224. 414. 146 Phillips. R. 229 Pieha. J. 204 Pick. E. 196 Pick. R. 223 Pickard. P. 444 Pickui, T. 381. 414 Picone. K. 208. 295 Picl. J. 213 Pie pen burg. W. 201 Pierce, G. 381 Pierce, L. 236 Piette. R. 219 Pike. M. 204 Pllsbury. B. 138. 175 Pinkert. P. 381 Pinkerton. R. 156 Pinnow. F. 223 Pinnow. G. 137 Pinnow. K. 218. 223 Pinsky. R. 304 Piorrowski, S. 190 Pirocanac. 17. 222 Pischct. K. 222 Pischke. W. 238 Pitkin. G. 242. 431 Pitt, M. 224 Pittleman, M. 3W Pil ner, R. 373. 375 Pivek. M. 284. 381 Piwonski, 218. 233 Plapp. C. 195 Plaster, S. 221 Platin. $ 226 Platt. N. 431 Platte. J. 191 Plumlcy. M. 299 Post, A. 199 Muss. S. 317 Post, M. 199 Plulzcr. E. 309 Post. P. 278 Pl ck. R. 455 Potash. J. 245 Poban . M 225 Potocmk, K. 364, 36 Podcvcls. 1). J9I 403. 405 Pogel. M. 222.431 Pot rat . V. 212.431 Pohlman. R.205 Pottc, F. 296 Polk, A. 175 Potter, 1). 137. 382 Polk. M. 381 Potter. S. 431 Polkinghorn, K. 405 Powell. O, 195 Pollack. B. 390 Powell, E. 201 Police. I). 239 Powell. L. 208 Polick. B. 389 Powell. M. 226 Pollock. B. 392 Powell. T. 235 Pollock. S. 331 Powers. P. 168 Poloway. B. 304 Prasmkar. K. 212 Poluck. R. 312 Pratt. G. 174. 265 Polsky, K. 325 Pratt. R. 431 Pol shck, K. 228 Pub, H 171 Pomafnvillc. M. 381 Pretpke. 263 Pomcran , J. 431 Preiss. W. 41! Pommerening. G. 208 Prcmcl7. S. 192 Poo. M. 334 Pfemo, G. 213 Pool. B. 265 Premo, J. 268 Poole, J. 186. 188, 191 Premo. P. 189. 382 Poole, R. 140. 329 Prescott. B. 375 Pooky, M. 270 Prescott. L. 192 Pope. K. 392 Present, S. 303 Popktn. D. 221, 309 Prcslegad. C. 196 Porsche. B. 381 Prewilt. 3. 242 Porsorski. L. 200 Preys , C. 382 Pone. P. 220 Preys . L 431 Porter. A. 382 Price. B 382. 445. 446 Porter. D. 196 Price. D. 169. 239 Pete. R. 207 Peters. D. 216 Peters. J. 228 Peters. M. 22J Petersen. D. 431 Petersen. J. 283 Petersen. L. 413 Petersen. R. 229. 416. 431 Petersmeyer. T. 431 Peterson. A. 373 Pfund. L. 381 Phcfler. ). 214 Phelan. S. 265 Phelps. R. 320 Phillips. B. 201 Phillips. C. 431 Phillips. D. 224 Phillips. H. 206 Phillips. J. 315 Phillips. 147 Plax. S. 317. 381 Plazk, W. 320 Pitch a ty, ). 373 Plehn. E. 383 Plesset. M. 241 Ploet . P. 452 Plotkm. M 224 Plow. J. 258 Plutf. G. 124 Plumb. M. 238 Porter. I. 173. 258 ... Porter. J. 285. 337. 382. 407. 187 Portner. L. 431 Portnoy. D. 317 Poser. A. 242 Poser. 137.431 Pom. J. 173. 227. 277 Possin. C. 299 Posson. M. 188. 189 Price. L. 431 Price. N. 382 Prichctt. W. 273 Pricbuich, L. 382 Pricfee, » Priefer, J. 146. 261 Pricn. P. 191 Priepke. P. 564, 367 Prim Is, L. 137, 314, 431 Prince. A. 413 479PfiscoU, T. 313 Prisk. E. 156 Prisland, A. 416. 411 PristclsJci. A. 231 Pritchard. L. 446 Pritzkow. M. 208 Prizanc, J. 411 Prizant, J. 162 Prochnow. J. 431 Proebcr. D. 200 Proechel, G. 171 Prohaska, D. 226, 330 Proltc, G. 232 Pronin, B, 238 Provis. W. 200, 221 Pruetz, R. 286 Prunty. J. 218. 233 Przekurat, i. 208. 410 Pu. L. 230 Pock. H. 206 Pulanauskl, K. 226 Pullet. J. 170, 290 Pullen. P. 296 Pumpian, L. 228 Purdue. A. 255 Purdy. C. 265 Pyrek, J.219 “ am, D. 238. 395. 416 i ini an. F. 268, 177 $ Hilling. C. 242. 278 abb. S. 220 Race, S. 230 Radaiky. C. 292 Raddick. M. 329 Rademan, T. 243 Rader, i. 431 Radi. S. 307 Radler, W. 369 Radom. S. 242 Raduc. M. 431 Radue, P. 263. 444 Raduenz. P. 225 Radunzel. D. 217 Ragus. M. 223 Raguse. M. 389. 390 Rahanian, L. 191 Rahn, D. 337 Rahdy. S. 234 Railton. J. 431 Raineri. J. 431 Raiited L. 44 Ratter. R. 386 Raitzcr, D. 390 Rakocy, J. 140 Raksany, J. 140 Ramano. P. 294 Ramsay. R. 320 Ram.idcn, D. 243 Ramidcn. P. 243 Ramion, ). 241 Ramson, S. 431 Ranallo. J. 270, 416 Rand. D. 30» Randolph. C. 171 Randolph, J. 222 Randolph. N. 431 Randolph. P. 192, 253 Randolph, R. 268 Randolph. S. 203 Hank, J. 413 Rank. L. 431 Rann. B. 156 Ranncy, S. 239 Ranslow. E. 295 Rapaport, M. 431 Raphael. W. 431 Rapp. P. 253 Rapp. R. 205 Rappcport, L. 431 Rapport. B. 224 Raich. D. 234 Rasetow, F. 213 Ralmutscn, G. 395 Rnsmuiscn, N. 431 Rasmussen, R- 2W -Raimuiscn, S. 405, 43-Raimuncn. T. 451. RatclifTe. M. 245 Ratclis. P. 228 Rathbun. R. 337 Rath man. C. 196 Rathsack. M. 299 Ratner. M. 195. 194 Rauh. J. 211. 312 Rausch. J. 369. 462 Rausen. V. 432 Ravcmoi. S. 432 Ravid. S. 375 Ray. C. 364. 366. 403 Ray, P. 241 kazban, B. 241 Raznikov. A. 146 Read, K. 244, 291 Read. T 275 Reader. R. 222 Reason. L. 174 Rcadon. M. 432 Reardon. M. 432 Recla. N. 232 Reddsman. L. 229 Reddick. M. 124 Redolfi, R. 283 Reed, J. 270. 39S, 455 Reed. R. 461 Reedabook, C. 205 Reeder, L. 446 Ree-sc, P. 295 Regan, L. 30. 33 Regez, S. 242 Renner, R. 213 Rehbcre. M. 221. 373 Reich. ). 199 Reichardt, M. 196 Rckhardt. N. 220 Reichardt, R. 238 Reichert, J. 4J0. 451 Reichert, P. 235, 460 Reichert. R. 219. 223, 255 Reidcr. R. 235 Reif. G. 459 Rcihaniperger. M. 307 Rciher. J. 326 Reihman. J. 253 Rcimann, L. 241, 414 Reiner, J. 224 Rcimer. C. 207 Reimcr. D. 201 Rcineck, G. 124 Rcinhard. C. 229 Rinhard. K. 375 Reinhardt, R. 280 Rcinka, W. 209 Reinkc. P. 215 480Relnke. T. 336 Rcix. D. 222 Reisch, M. 205 Reiter. R. 452 Rcistad. L. 192 Rcksten. S. 241. 389. 395 Relies. N. 432 Remington. M. 139 Rempe, R. 195 Renard, S. Rennc. J. 301 Renner. S. 226 Rcnnock. B. 220 Rentmeejter. B. 410 Repp. L. 432 Rcrer, J. 460 Resar. R. 176. 432 Retch. D. 231 Resheskc. M. 432 Resmick. R. 432 Resop. W. 221 Ressner. M. 227 Ratzlaff. B. 232 Rewcy. M. 382 Reynolds. C. 169. 195. 432 Reynolds. K, 241. 432 Reynolds. M. 266. 432 Reynolds. P. 242. 278 Reynolds. R. 244. 268. 432 Reynolds. S. 294 Reynolts. L. 450 Rczin, K. 266 Reznichck, J. 292. 382 Rlicingans. A. 382 Rhtcl. L. 323 Rhode. E. 196. 410 Rhode. L. 234. 432 Rhodes. C. 195 ... Rhodes. K. 2(M. 364. 366. 403 Rhodes. L. 204 Rhody. D. 195 Rhutasel. D. 375 Rice. J. 432 Rich. L. 240 Richar, T. 395 Richerds. J. 233 Richards. R. 211 Richardson. M. 174, 278 Richardson. U. 204 Richer, t. D. 229 Richey. B. 221 Richfield. M. 224 Richman. A. 226 Richman. J. 309 Richmond. V. 235 Richter. C. 312 Richter. R. 327. 375 Richter. S. 163. 326. 411. 416 Richter, W. 312 Rick. D. 217 Rick. S. 261 Ricks. C. 455 Ricks. J. 211 Ridbcrg. N. 237 Ridlon. V, 124. 175 Ricchcrt. M. 284 Ried. L. 211 Ricdcrer. T. 320 Ries. M. 328 Rict. P. 405 Ricsbcrg. K. 235 Rieser. J. 220 Rieter. M. 382 Rieth. D. 395 Rife, M. 307 Riley, E. 192 Riley. K. 176, 194. 284 Riley. L. 169 Riley. P. 284 Riley, S. 307 Riley. T. 216 Rill. C. 189 Rimalovcr. J. 204 Rindsig, G. 238, 365 Rindsig. R. 243. 365. 369 Rinclli. C. 432 Ring. F. 261 Ringel. G. 309 Ringer. R. 432 Rinsler. S. 222 Riordan. S. 244 Risch, S. 173 Risseeuw. J. 382 Ristow. C. 204 Ritchc. S. 212 Ritcherson, L. 124 Ritchie. A. 195 Ritgcr. E. 416 Ritter. C. 230 Ritter, M. 236 Riltmann. L. 217 Rivard, A. 235 Rizzo. P. 234 Roach. M. 445 Roasrk. M. 447 Robb. L. 432 Robbins. D. 386 Robbins. J. 213 Robbins. M. 191 Robbins, W. 455 Robert. R. 320 Roberts, C. 204. 278 Roberts. G. 201 Roberts. L. 447 Roberts, M. 445. 447 Roberts, T. 124. 211. 214 Robertson. D. 373 Robertson. K. 373 Robertson. S. 241 Robertson. T. 156 Robinson. P. 204 Robinson, A. 244. 330 Robinson, B. 233 Robinson. C. 175. 268. 432 Robinson. D. 211. 261. 432 Robinson. E. 382 Robinson. 11. 432 Robinson. J. 367 Robinson. L. 190 Robinson. M. 432 Robinson. P. 405 Robinson. K. 265 Robinson. S. 234. 285 Robson. J. 210 Roche. J. 168 Rockwell. L. 238 Rodcr. 1). 220 Rodrigue . A. 179. 416 Rodriguez. B. 190 Rodriguez, I). 237 Rodriguez. E. 237 Roc. M. 432 Rocdl. R. 228 Rocggc. W. 214 Rocmer. G. 262 Roepc. R. 224 Roesing. L. 245 Rocllic. S. 253 Rogers. P. 195 Rogers. R. 432 Rogers. S. 432 Rogncss. ! . 138 Rohde. J. 455 Rohde. M. 299 Rohde. K. 223 Rohde. V. 382 Kokos. J. 432 Rolkc. S. 173. 285. 414 Roll. N. 204 Rollins. D. 206 Roma. C. 238 Romaker. C. 236 Roman. G. 223. 460 Romano. P. 382 Romanoski. D. 210 Romanowski. J. 226 Romberg. S. 432 Romcis. K 230 Romeo. M. 296 Romney. G. 301 Romcn. R. 392 Rompclla. J. 286 Rooney. R. 214. 230 Rosa. F. 327. 375 Rosch. J. 220 Rosche. J. 211 Rose. T. 315 Roscmond. L. 307 Rosen. B. 146. 432 Rosenbaum. J. 157 Rosenberg. B. 245 Rosenberg. D. 238 Rosenberg. G. 432 Rosenberg. G. 314 Rosenberg. M. 199 Rosenberg. N. 223 Roscnbloom. N. 258 Rosenbush. M. 229 Rosener, K. 314. 460 Rosenfcld. B. 241 Roscnfcld. J. 258 Rosenfcld. M. 236 Roscnfcld. R. 334 Rose now, D. 137 RosenOW. E. 432 Rose now. F. 432 Rosensiveig, J. 325 Rosenthal. B. 388 Rosenthal. E. 258. 317 Rosenthal, J. 222 Rosenthal. M. 245 Rosenwald. A. 217 Rosera. R. 410 Rosher, R. 209 Rosinsky, R. 200 Rosmusscr. S. 402 Ross. B. 323. 395 Ross. J. 253. 255. 304. 326. 334 Rom. K. 299. 334 Ross. M. 195. 445 Ross. W. 432 Rosscll. R. 232 Rossing, D. 432 Roth. D. 238 Roth. G. 407 Roth. J. 273 Roth. L. 154. 275. 395. 149 Rothbart. G. 375 Rothbcrg. D. 242. 295 Rothcnbcrg, L. 228 Rothcring. S. 221 Rothschild. C. 242 Kothstcin. J. 326 Rottier. N. 241 Roltier. R. 395 Rottman, R. 214 Roufa, J. 146 Rousseau. J. 387 Rowald. M. 228 Rowan. D. 390. 391. 392 Rowe. A. 432 Rowe. J. 413 Rowley, S. 176. 235 Rowntrec. D. 243. 367 Roy. D. 191 Roy. P. 223 Roycc, C. 432 Royer. B. 244. 294 Royer. I). 386 Rozcntal. J. 206 Ruben. E. 416. 432 Rubens. L. 309 Rubin, B. 382. 432 Rubin. L. 222. 432 Rubin. M. 201 Rubin. N. 230 Rubin. S. 219. 3M Rubino. M. 373 Rubinstein, G. 216 Rubinstein. R. 432 Kubow. J. 266 Ruchl, K. 2-14 Ruchli. J. 217 Ruchti. R. 416. 432 Rucinski. P. 189 Rudat. K. 124 Rudcsill. C. 366. 369 Rudolf. P. 258 Rudolph. J. 325 Rudolph. R. 174 Rudtsnla. M. 460 Rudoy, 11. 432 Rucsch. R. 215 Rufl, C. 432 RulT. W. 193 Ruh. R. 188. 192 Kulsch. E. 208 Rumaehik. M. 196 Rummlcr. B. 242 Rumscy. B. 204 Rumscy. M. 416. 432 Rundc. A. 204 Rundouisi. I). 189 Runfi. J. 226 Runnde. C. 221 Runndc. R. 241 Runias, B. 220 Runlas, J. 296 Runzheimer. B. 241 Ruppenthal. C. 416 Rusch. L. 223 Rushing, D. 244 Kuskm. D. 255 Russell. B. 275. 382 Russell, C. 432 Russell. D. 224. 432 Russell. J. 432. 440 Russell. M. 203 Russell. V. 209, 407 Russier. T. 432 Russo. G. 253 Russo. R. 240 Russonielto. J. 219 Rust. B. 221 Ruth. M. 253 Rulhcnberg. J. 215 Rutherford. J. 235. 382 Rutherford. L. 204 Rutkowski. J. 225 Rutledge. J. 243. 364 . 367 Rutledge. R. 243. 366. 367 Rutter. J. 327 Rutz. R. 382 Ruud. S. 231 Rux. F. 367 Rux, J. 212 Ruton. C. 288 Ryan. J. 124. 314 Ryan. S. 189 Ryan. T. 432 Rybcck. S. 230 Ryder. A. 201 Saah. M. 364 Sabatke. R. 231 Sabcn. A. 192 Sabkowitz. S. 214 Sable. M. 306 Sabo. D. 367, 368 Sabo. W. 262 Snbourin. M. 235 Sachc. P. 461 Sachs. R. 302 Sachs. S. 234 Sachse. M. 194 Sachse. P. 197 Sacia. K. 222 Sacia. S. 220 Sack.G. 302 Sack. K. 211. 372 Sack, T. 192. 317 Sacks. L. 192 Sadowski. J. 225 Sacd. F. 240 Sacgcr, K. 200 Saewcrt. T. 296 Safdi. L. 382 Sagall. N. 245 Sagat. J. 222 Sagcmillcr, G. 178 Sagunsky. R. 226 Sahncy. V. 155 Sahs, D. 174 Sahyoun. F. 155 Sailor. T. 432 St. Amant. J. 214 St. Clair. S. 189 St. John. J. 459. 461 St. John. M. 410 Sajowitz. J. 304 Sakamoto. J. 188 Saklad. B. 382 Sakrison. J. 432 Saks. S. 382 Salas. M. 205 Salinas. J. 240 Salk. S. 433 Sallee. L. 382. 149 Salmanowitz. D. 220 Salmonowitz. R. 219 Sal nick. K. 171 Salomon, A. 171 Saitenbergcr. J. 201. 403 Salzticdcr. K. 451 Saman, N. 211 Sampc. C. 204. 414 Sampson. B. 326 Sams. D. 136 Samuel. J. 270 Samuels. R. 433 ,, Sanborn. T. 171. 256 Sanchez. A. 336 Sanchez, H. 186 Sand. F. 176. 433 Sandberg. R. 310 Sanders. H. 190 Sanders. J. 330 Sanders. S. 212 Sanders. T. 220 Sanders. W. 217. 433 Sanderson. N. 242 Sander. J. 273 Sandok. P. 433 Sandow, J. 433 Sanclli. P. 244 Sanford. J. 224 Sanger, K. 213 Sanguine!. C. 336 Sankey. C. 203 Sanna. M. 235 Sanncs. V. 433 Santroch. J. 208 Sara. J. 372, 37S Sarafinis. R. 228 Sarbackcr. A. 203 Saretzky, G. 416 Saretzky, L. Sargant. G. 332 Sargc. I). 206 Sargent. K. 433 Sarran. F. 209 Sarlori. L. 204 Sartz. C. 178. 433 Sathcr. C. 221. 455 Sattcr. S. 229 Satterfield, M. 234 Saltier. D. 263. 367 Saturn. R. 258 Saturn. T. 317 Sauer. B. 229 Sauer. S. 393 Saunders. R. 413. 433 Saunders. S. 292. 433 Saunders, T. 433 Savadge. D. 240 Savage, D. 207 Savage. M. 214 Saver. L. 169 Savransky. 1 . 317 Sawicki. S. 201 Sawyer. T. 210. 452 Saxicr. W. 168. 433 Sayles. S. 312 Saylor. R. 242. 414 Sazama, R. 222 Sazama. T. 433 Schaad. D. 209 Schaack. D. 221 Schachcr. M, 302 Schacht, S. 270 Schaden. J. 386 Schadwcilcr. J. 390 Schaefer. P. 200. 393 Schaefer. S. 284 SchacITcr. B. 188 Schaeffer, D. 280 Schaeffer, S. 169 Schaevc. J. 282. 367 Schafer. D. 459 Schafer. R. 242. 364 Schafer, J. 364 Schalfncr. B. 124. 137 Schallncr. R. 174 Schnlk. D. 228 Schaller. J. 227 Schanen. M. 228. 433 Schankc. M. 433. 444 Seharnke. B 171, 19$. 194. 410 Schalz. D. 416 Schaub. C. 232 Schaub. J. 33$ Schaubel. C. 260 Schauer. D. 220 Schauer. J. 336 Schaumburg. H. 382 Schcar. S. 372 Schcchter M. 433 Schcchter. S. 227 Schcctor. L. 324 Schccl, B. 240 Schcibcc. W. 174 Schcid, T. 230 Scheldt. I). 367 Schcin. L. 433 Schciss. L. 234 Schell, C. 375 Schell. T. 200 Schcllcr. T. 390. 393. 395. 416 Schcllin. E. 382 Schcnkat. R. 375 Schcnkcin. D. 416 Schcr. O 433 Schcutzc. B. 323 Schcy. J. 190 Schcyc. E. 412. 433 Sehibly. C. 242 Schick. H. 286 Schieker. K. 194 Schiepa. A. 198 Schicr. K. 211 Schicss. L. 219. 270 Schiffcr, G. 155 Schiffman, D. 317 Schildcr. S. 276 Schiller. J. 317, 382 Schiller. S. 201. 382. 461 Schilling. B. 288 Schilling. C. 433 Schilling. I. 197 Schinkc. T. 125. 137. 174 Schirmachcr. W. 221 Schlachtcr. M. 231 Schladwcilcr. J. 388. 393. 395 Schlacgcr. T. 204 Schlan. H. 433 Sehlangcr. B. 236 Schlangcr. II. 211 Schlatter. J. 139 Schlee. I). 322 Schlcgel. S. 217 Schlcich. M. 201 S. 186 Schlobin. R. 210 Schlocmer. K. 192. 260 Schlocmer, M. 220. 236. 405 Schlonsky. S. 220 Schlough, N. 364 Schluekebicr. D. 433 Schlueter. J. 312 Schmeidcr. J. 298 Schmcisser. B. 322 Sehmelzcr. J. 216 Schmid. C. 410 Schmid. S. 433 Schmidlapp, D. 216 Schmidt. B. 221. 296 Schmidt, 460 Schmidt. E. 276. 461 Schmidt. G. 223 Schmidt. H. 390. 393, 395 Schmidt. J. 197. 201. 266. 372 Schmidt. K. 22$. 234. 444 Schmidt. L. 194. 234. 372. 375. 294. 416, 445. 304 Schmidt. P. 235 Schmidt. R. 125. 209 Schmidt. S. 298. 450. 451. 452 Schmidt. T. 194 Schmicdlin. D. 221 Schmit. J. 402.405 Schmitt. D. 375 Schmitt. G. 239 Schmitt. L. Schmitt. N. 204 Schmitt. R. 433 Schmitz. K. 233 Schmolcsky, S. 402 Schmoock. G. 174. 242, 368 Schmoock, J. 390. 393. 416 Sehnakc. S. 192 Schneider. C. 26$. 324. 433 Schneider. D. 304 Schneider. E. 207. 433 Schneider. G. 221 Schneider. H. 375 Schneider. J. 12$. 200. 206, 220. 286 Schneider, K. 213 Schneider, L. 372 Schneider, P. 203. 280. 366. 367 Schneider. R. 168. 332 Schnciderman. C. 382 Schncigcr. R. 232 Schnell. D. 239 Schno.-r. P. 230 Schobcr. K. 219. 231 Schobcr. S. 191 Schoblaxki. C. 188 Schoeffcl. J. 433 Schocman, B. 244 Schocn. A. 138. 434 Schoen. II. 224 Schocn. P. 174 Schocnc. S, 254 Schocnfeld. J. 395 Schocnfeld, I.. 433 Schocnfeld. S. 406 Schoenfeldt. G. 214 Schoenfeldt. L. 229 Schoengarlh. R. 282 Sehoenkc. J. 441 Schocnkc, O. 204 Schoenleben. T. 176 Schocnwalk, C. 224. 416. 433 Schocnwettcr. J. 433 Sc hoe now. W. 12$ Schoewe. L. 288 Schollcr. P. 433 Schomberg. K. 447 Schoolcy, J. 254 Schopen, C. 433 Schott. J. 336 Schott, L. 288 Schoultz, J. 204 Schrager. H. 324 Schraider, L. 210 Schrameycr, M. 219. 222 Schrank. D. 382 Schraufnagcl. R. 172. 382 Schrcibcr. L. 222 Schreiberg. D. 216 Schrcier. M. 214 Schribcr. M. 433 Schrinxky. I). 433 Schrock. L. 433 Schroedcr. B. 330. 451 Schrocder. D. 194. 137, 213 Schroedcr. G. 433 Schrocder. J. 216 Schroedcr. K, 156. 375 Schrocder. M. 433 Schroedcr. P. 197. 433. 444 Schroedcr. R. 152, 20$. 364 Schroedcr. S. 192. 288. 450. 451 Schroedcr. T. 433 Schroedter. G. 433 Schubcre. L. 411 Schubert, G. 224 481Schubert. L. 227. 416 Schuch. 3. 433 Schuchard. G. 445 Schuebel. M. 204 Schucffncr, 3. 195 Schueffner. S. 147. 194 Schucnae. G. 220 Schuenler, S. 156 Schucssler, S. 373 Schuettc. J. 224 Schuetic. W. 382 Schulman. A. 433 Schulle. P. 226 Schultz, A. 382. 368 Schultz. C. 240 Schultz. D. 212. 230. 367. 390. 444 Schulle. F. 222 Schulle. J. 225. 229 Schulle, K. 186. 238. 455. 461. 462 Schulte, L. 218, 219 Schulte. N. 244 Schultz. R. 190. 375 Schultee. A. 192 Schulz, R. 192 Schumacher, 3. 252 Schumacher. N. 252 Schumaker, B. 169 Schumaker. 3. 233 Schumann. A. 294 Schumann. G. 239 Schumann. 3. 382 Schumitsch. D. 125 Schuppner, S. 212, 265 Schusterman. E. 173 Shult. M. 382. 416 Schull, W. 300 Schuyler. T. 231 Schwab. M. 382 Schwable. L. 244 Schwach. M. 208 Schwai. R 318 Schwalb. E. 433 Schwalbe. C. 368 Schwandt. R. 451. 452 Schwarcmcicr. 3. 208 Schwartc, D. 268. 360 Schwartz. A. 326, 433 Schwartz. C. 433 Schwartz. 1). 286. 244. 364 Schwarte. G. 168 Schwartz. I- 233. 236 Schwartz. M. 219. 382 Schwarte. R. 166 Schwartz, S. 308. 405. 433 Schwarz. G. 433 Schwarz. R. 312. 328 Schwebcl. E. 326 Schwcder. K. 191 Schwcdlcr. 3. 232 Schwehr. R. 390. 395 Schwcid. B 192 Schweikari. 3. 240, 314 Schweitzer. C. 244. 317 Schweitzer. 3. Schweitzer. N. 270. 382 Schweitzer. T. 221 Schwendiniter. G. 206 Schwenser. A. 166. 178 Schucnk. R. 328 Schwcnke. G. 221 Schwenn, S. 296 Schwcnnescn. J. 244 . 306 Schwerin, D. 206 Schwcrtz, M. 244 Schwichtcnberg. D. 244 Schwinn. C. 368 Scoon. I). 171. 280. 375 Scott. P. 292 Scott. R. 256 Screnock,C. 235 Scribner, I . 214 Scribner. 3. 433 Scruggs. E. 209 Scully. 3. 137, 382. 314 Scully. I.. 209 Seabrook. W. 222 Searles. S. 234 Scbrcc. 3. 221 Sebulsky. M. 433. 145. 147 Seckcl. L 244 Secora. E. 194 Secora. S. 194. 441 Secret!. S. 252. 244 Sedlack, J. 222 Seebert. J. 318 Secfeld. C. 152 Seeger, W. 322 Seehafer. L. 174. 288 Seclman, 3. 201 Scgerstcn. G. 300 Seidel. E. 416 Seidelman, B. 224 Seiden. B. 236 Scidcnberg. D. 433 Seidl. C. 433 Seifert. D. 282 Scigleman, M. 205 Seignemartin. 3. 207 Seigpiel. A. 256 Scipel. D. 222 Seittman. L. 224 Seitz. D. 306. 242 Selbo. E. 450. 451 Selfridgc, R. 220 Selingcr, If. 229 Seljan, 3. 434 Sell. 3. 235 Sell. S. 195 Scllin. R. 326 Selora. 3. 221 Selvaag. R. 296 Selwyn. 3. 434 Senerson, 3. 328 Senft. D. 368 , ... Senior. R. 445. 447. 155 Senn. N. 171. 233 Icnnhennt'B. 402. 366, 367. 365 Seno. L. 282 Sensenbrenner. 3. 406 Senzig. K. 186 Sepulveda. O. 205 Serleth, T. 206 Scrnovitz. 3. 375. 147 Scrota. M. 382 Servis. N. 270 Serwatka. F. 209 Serwer. K. 193 Sesto. G. 382 Scton. L. 235 Setter. 3. 222. 218 Settles. W. 125 Setton. G. 434 Setzer. M. 137 Severn. 3. 364 Severson, C. 232 Severson. 3. 366. 368 Sexton. M. 416 Seymour. R. 275 Seymour, S. 235 Shack. B. 318 Shackelford. T. 434 Shaevel, E. 229 Shafer. P. 169 Shaffer. W. 198 Shagam. D. 434 Shakman. S. 162. 434 Shalck. C. 242 Shalek. 3. 206 Shalle. 3. 434 Shambeau. S. 452 Shanen. E. 252 Shannon, K. 204 Shansky. F. 220 Shansky, R. 416. 434 Shapiro. L. 434. 151 Shapiro. M. 214 Shargel. S. 334 Sharpe. E. 203 Sharpe. F. 413. 434 Sharpee. D. 217 Shaughncssy. R 375 Shave. M. 434,441 Shaw. A. 270. 131 Shaw. C. 434 Schaw. D. 368 Shaw. M. 206 Shaw. S. 188. 264. 240 Shaw. W. 200 Sheahan.3 450 Shearer. R. 300, 375 Shearer. T. 284. 444. 445 Sheatock. 3. 211 Shebesta. 3. 224 Shedivy. 3. 292 Sheehan. M. 276. 434 Sheehy. M. 232 Sheingold. R. 302 Sheldon. B. 386 ... Shell. D. 174. 389. 388. 176 Shell, R. 387. 395 Shellenc. K. 220 Shelton. L. 292 Shemin. E. 203 Shcpanck. S. 382 Shepard.C. 282 Sheptow. S. 304 Sherburne. C. 205, 140 Shewftnski, 3. 413. 410.416, 434 Sherkow. D. 220 Sherman. C. 414. 367 Sherman. H. 334 Sherman. K. 308 Sherman. L. 244 Sherman. R. 226 Sherman. T. 198 Sherr. K. 237 Sherry. A. 434 Sherwood, S. 270. 146 Sheski. R. 240 Shibley. R. 300 Shilcrat. 3. 228 Shimanek. R. 390. 393, 416. 200. 395 Shirley. M. 405 Shirman. 3. 273 Shirrifl. W. 207 Shlcp. 3. 236 Shneider. 3. 308 Sholar. B. 304 Sholund. D. 327 Shorey, L. 434 Short. G. 294. 154 Shotwcli. B. 288. 382 Shovers. 3. 191 Showman. M. 233 Shrake. 3. 239 Shuburth. W. 300 Shugart. C. 229 Shulstad. R. 174. 328. 364. 368. 36 5 Shumway. 3. 204 Shutter, M. 434 Shuter. B. 214 Sibert. B. 240 Sibley. I.. 312 Sicbeckcr. K. 275 Sicdow. T. 332 Siegel. C. 444. 445. 447 Siegel. E. 304 Siegel. G. 208 Siegel. I. 304 Seigel. 3. 213. 138. 382 Siegel. L. 302 Siegel. N. 434 Siegel. R. 234. 226 Siegel, T. 210 Sicgman. H. 434 Siehr, W. 312 Steker. L. 281 Sicker. M. 416 SiclafT. 3. 266 Sicmcrt. S. 450 Sievert. R. 360. 434. 148 Sievertton, L. 214 Sicgerttad. T. 217 Silberman N. 236, 152 Silberman. R. 2)8. 219 Sill. E. 220 Silbcr. F. 434 Silver. H. 434 Silver. 3. 222 Silverman. 3. 416. 434 Silverman. R. 434 Silvert. 3. 382 Silverttein, B. 244 Silvcrstcin. D. 226 Simbach. 3. 229. 445 Simc, C. 236 Simmoni, C. 188 Simmont. R. 231 Simon. A. 434 Simon. B. 304. 434 Simon. D. 227 Simon. 3. 434. 192 Simon. L. 244 Simonson. L. 232 Simpson. L. 434 Simpson. 3. 191 Sinaiko. D. 304 Sinclair. A. 416. 434 Sinclair. D. 264 Singer, B. 296 Singer. D. 326 Singer. L. 320 Singer. N. 258. 235 Singstock, D. 224 Singstock, S. 434 Smha, N. 434 Sippl. 3. 282 Sirotta. D. 238 Sizer. 3. 166 Skaar. C. 306 Cl tir V 444 Skaiitzky. L. 367. 364. 242 Skelton. K. 226 Skare. M. 207 Skclly. V. 214 Skelton. B. 232 Skelton. K. 226 Skogen. IX 300 Skolnick. 3. 413 Skornica. 3. 282 Skorno. E. 451, 450 Skougaard. K. 278 Skovcr. N. 211 Skovgaard, K. 234 Skuhra. 3. 382 Skuldt. D. 228 Skurnick. M. 382 Slade. E. 434 Slager, D. 235 Slaiman. E. 244 Slapikct. A. 186 Slater. S. 222 Slattery. N. 405 Slavers. 3. 222 Slavick. H. 308 Slavik. B. 444. 445. 447 Slavik. K. 186 Slavitt, B. 304 Slechlor. G. 187 Sloan. A. 382 Sloan, N. 240 Sloane. B. 204 Sloatman. 3. 278 Slota. K. 382 Slotnick. I. 240. 434 Smafield. G. 166 Smaler. 3. 222 Small. T. 198 Smart. B. 192 Smart. E. 227 Smawley. D. 222 Smedttad. M. 382 Smerling, M. 434 Smetzer. G. 213 Smidt. E. 234 Smiles. 3. 265. 382 Smiley. F.. 434 Smiljanic. D. 406 Smith. A. 188 Smith. B. 221. 256. 312 Smith. C. 190. 206. 322. 457 Smith. D. 211. 225. 322. 390. 410 Smith. 3. 125. 244. 336. 416. 434 Smith. K. 203, 221. 225. 230. 434 Smith. L. 434. 450 Smith. M. 188. 190. 225. 228. 294. 434 Smith, N. 205 Smith. P. 242. 292. 416. 434 Smith. R. 211. 218. 219 Smith. S. 152. 153, 310 Smith. T. 156 Smolen. H. 240 Smucklcr. M. 176 Smulka. G. 219. 231 Smuil, T. 460 Snartemo, K. 382 Snclling. C. 203 Snclling, R. 209 Sniffin. E. 336 Snopck. G. 244.450. 451 Snorkle. R. 275 Snowdon. D. 280 Snyder. H. 176. 207 Sobck. M. 37$ Sobel. B. 382 Sobin. P. 434 Some, D. 213 Sokol. 3. 216 Sokol. R. 236 Solem, S. 234 Solien. M. 224 Soil. M. 434 Solomon. C. 203 Solomon. M. 414 Solow, M 344 Soltki, C. 252 Solverson. 3. 19$. 23$. 434 Solverton. M. 243 Soman. 3. 218. 434 Sommerfield. S. 320 Sommers. II. 200 Sommers. V. 197. 288 Sonen. B. 382 Sonking, 2. 434 Sonntag. R. 214 Sopher, S. 434 Sorensen. G. 156 Sorensen. R. 216 Sorensen. S. 280 Sorensen, T. 234 Sorenson, C. 434 Sorenson. D. 210. 434 Sorec. D. 375 Soria. S. 240 Sorman, R. 302 Soule . R. 156. 27$. 375 Sowle. B. 220 Spafford. W. 203. 284 Spahr. R. 434 Spahr. T. 280 Spa id. S. 226 Spangler. C. 213 Spatz. W. 302 Spec hi. R. 462 Spcckman. D. 222 Spector. L. 226 Spector, M. 244 Spector. T. 434 Speer. E. 230 Spellman. W. 172 Spence. R. 20$ Spencer. S. 234 Spendler. C. 213 Spenser. B. 244 Spcrle. 3. 239 Spicehandler. Y. 216 Spiegel. R. 209 Spielman, 3. 288. 434 Spiclman, M. 254 Spielman. S. 188. 193. 412 Spierer. B. 435 Spihch. G. 227 Spindel. 3. 173. 317, 43$ Spindler. C. 44$. 447 Spindler, E. 375 Spira. D. 455 Spittler. A. 125 Spitz. D. 326 Spitzer. K. 157 Spitzcr. R. 368 Spivack, D. 238 Splettcr. M. 197. 410 Splittgerber. G. 241 Spodcn. W. 222 Spocrkc. D. 221 Spors. A. 210 Spragens. B. 210 Spraxcr. M. 294 Sprecher. S. 416 Spriggle, S. 264 Springer. C. 383 Sprowl. S. 252 Spuigcon. 3. 242 Scjuiers. D. 214 Srulovitz. M. 308 Staab. M. 186 Stacey. T. 222 Sluchowitz. N. 392 Stack. B. 174 Stagman. B. 435 Stahmer. R. 240 Stalle. L. 307 Staller. R. 210 Stalling. R. 300. 328 Standorf. I 43$ Stanek, D. 242 Stanck. E. 222 Stanford. A. 282 Stanford. N. 252 Stangcl. 3. 372. 375 _ Stangeland. R. 148. 27$ Staniforth. S. 364 Stansbery. F. 155 Stanton. C. 194. 19$ Stapanian. 3. 193 Stapanian, M. 193 Stapleton. P. 19 Stapleton. T. 375 Starke. 3. 222 Starkin . R. 204 Starr. E. 224 Starritt, 3. 435 Staxko. R 383 Stalha. C. 292. 435 Staudcr. R. 209 Slaffacher, I.. 294 Stauncr. G. 210 Stawxki, E. 204 Stearns. 3. 21$. 230 Stebecker, B. 242 Sleckel. A. 203 Steele. V. 197 Slecntland, A. 266 Stcensrud. R. 188, 193 Stcenweg. 3. 222 Slcfani, S. 383 Stelfans. R. 21$ Stctfcn. P. 222 Steffenhagen. W. 368 Stclfens, L. 278 Stegman, D. 402 Stehman, 3. 211 Stein. F. 390 Steinbach, V. 211 Steinback. B. 383. 414 Steinberg. 3. 179. 206 Steinberg. M. 435 Steiner. B. 30. 33 Steiner. E. 435 Steiner. 3. 43$ Steiner. K. 332 , Steiner. M. 188, 191, 414. 461 Steiner. R. 300. 435 Steiner. T. 222 Steingraber. E. 200 Steinhautr. M. 192 Stcinhaucr, S. 188 Steinhaucr. W. 369 Stcinig, E. 225 Steinkc. R. 395 Steinman. M. 222 Steinmelz, K. 195 Stcinmctz. R. 435 Steinzor, R. 240 Steitz. K. 227 Steitz. P. 392. 39$ Stella. D. 221 Stella. M. 290 Stellmacher. T. 256 Steitz. S. 230 Stcltzcr, M. 280 Slender, 3. 171. 324 Stcnsby. D. 220 Stensel. H. 240 Stcnske. 3. 207 Stenjvold. 3. 221 Stenzler, E. Stenzlcr. T. 244 Stepaniuk. L. 204 Stephen. P. 296 Stephenson. S. 278 Stern, B. 230 Stern. M. 254. 435 Stern. N. 240 Stern. P. 302 Sternbach. N. 204 Sternberg. A. 186 Sternberg. I.. 413, 435 Sternberg. T. 217 Steuck. G. 220 Stcudel. C. 43$. 444 Steuerwald. I. 213 Stevens. C. 288 Stevens. T. 227 Stewart. A. 195 Stewart. B. 455 Stewart. C. 146 Stewart. L 413 Stewart. M. 194. 197. 364 Stewart. T. 207 Snchman. T. 300 Stickland. W. 222 Stienmeyer. G. 288 Stier. S. 416. 450. 451.452 Stiff. C. 278 Stifter. 3. 435 Stiles, C. 43$ Stiles. T. 227 Stiller. A. 43$ Stiller. R. 228 Stillwell. 3. 223 Stimpson. B. 266 Stitgcn, D. 383 Stjernstrom. E. 392 Stockfleth. L. 194 Stock . M. 435 Stoebner. D. 169 Stoeffhaas. E. 226 Stoehr. B 43$ Stoehr, W. 230 Stoetzel. I.. 213 Stohl, N. 236 Stoil. D. 296 Stockuad. R- 188 Stollfcll. A. 310 Stolper. 3. 268 Stoitenberg. S. 413 Stoltz, 3. 194 Stone. F. 375 Stone. L. 383. 43$ Stone. M. 294. 244 Stone. V. 44$. 447 Stoner. L. 258 Stoner. M. 244 Stong. M. 188. 190 Stoop . B. 413 Storts, S. 201 Stover. L. 268 Stover. 3. 200 Strackany. 3. 395 Strader. 3. 275 Straight. R. 176. 435 Strang. S. 43$ Stratton. 3. 435 Straub. B. 43$ Straub. 3. 43$ Strauss. E. 330. 43$ Strauss. R. 231 482Strauss. S. 240. 435 Susnjer, D. 221 Syrett. M. 200 Tcrlccke. L. 213 Sussberg. M. 237 S abad. E. 244 Tcrnes, C. 203 Stravinski. P. 416 Suthcimcr. J. 242 Szabo. S. 210 Tcrranova. J. 209 Straw. G. 197 Sutter. T. 221 Szalcwski. L. 226 Terrien. M. 242 Sirayer. F. 225 Streich. M. 435 Svec, S. 168 Szatalowicz, V. 186. 155. 284 Terry. M. 219 Swacina. B. 388. 395 Szymas ck. P. 217 Terwilligcr. M. 189 StreifT. C. 191 Swalhcim. C. 435 Tabachnick. M. 211 Tcsch. D. 241. 455 Stretsbery. W. 209 Swalve. G. 125 Taber. M. 178 Tcsch. O. 209 Striar. R. 236 Swan. C. 195 Tabriz!. A. 178 Teskc. I.. 221 Strieker. S. 239 Swano. W. 314 Tadych. K. 235 Tcsker. K. 435 Strong, G. 169 Swanson, C. 455 Taft. S. 445. 447 Tcssmer. D. 215 Stroschcin. S. 227 Swanson. D. 256. 326. 390. 395 Taira. S. 192. 444 Tcssmann. M. 435 Strub J. 244 M 369 Struckmeyer. K. Struminski. L. 402. 405 Swanson. K. 265, 282 Taitclman. J. 242 Tcurucht, J. 373 Swanson. M. 171. 360. 4)5 Takaycsu. J. 228 Takilf, A, 383 TeVrucht, G. 375 Swanson. R. 239 Thayer. P. 228 Strupp. S. 225 Swanson. S. 230 Tamanaha. D. 194. 196 Thayer. S. 194 Struve. J. 211 Swart. II. 366 Tans. D. 391 Theisen, M. 193 Stubbs. K. 328 Swart. J. 369 Tankcrsley, G. 234 Theisen. N. 218 Stuessy. L. 205 Swartz. K. 209 Tanner. I. 293 Theisen. P. 238 Stumler. S. 324 Swartz. R. 191. 217 Tanty. M. 190 Thelen, M. 414 Stump, L. 444. 447 Swearingeg. R. 217 Tarallo. J. 405 Thcno, D. 364 Stumpf. C. 395 Sweazey. J. 318 Tarasik. M. 213 Theo,T. 215 Stupka. N. 231 Swcdlow, B. 324 Tarbert. J. 273 Theunc, L. 435 Sturman. R. 336 Sturzl. M. 190 Sweeney. D. 137 Tauman. K. 258 Thibeau. C. 228 Thompson. C. 435 Thompson. E. 314 Thompson. G. 228. 261 Thompson. J. 173, 174. 203, 207. 288. 383 Thompson. L. 192. 218. 219, 203. 226. 307 Thompson. M. 216 Thompson. N. 235 Thompson. P. 214 Thompson. T. 386 Thomsen. J. 226 Thorcson, C. 192 Thornburgh. D. 226 Thorne. I. 315 Thornton. G. 208 Thoro. D. 211. 455 Thorpe. C. 140 Thorpe. S. 208. 242 Thorsen. K, 196 Thorson, G. 435 Thorson. M. 288 Thorstad, D. 435 Thousand. W. 375 Styles. E. 273 Sudlik. L. 186 Sugden. N. 191 Sulcman, R. 236 Sullivan. G. 444 Sullivan. J. 383 Sullivan. S. 192 Summers. B. 318. Sumnicht. M. 416. 4 5 Sun.V. 192 Sund. J. 366 Sundbv. D. 229 Sunkel. W. 435 . Superman, M. 221 Supon. H. 304. 435 Suppan,C. 413 Surfus, R. 383 Surmacz. C. 306 Surpnson, P. 375 Suschil, A. 435 Susens. 1.. 186 Susman. K. 227. 302 Sweeney. E. 225 Sweet. J. 166. 171. 178. 314 Sweet. K. 435 Sweney. C. 188 Swcnscn N. 237 Swenson, K. 372 Swenson. M. 149 Swenson. N. 208, 402 Swenson. R 201 Swcrdloff, L. 435 Swcrdtowc, A. 302 Swifka, J. 192 Swinehart. R 412. 416. 435 Swinford. D. 227 Swingley. B. 171. 435 Swiontek. B. 204 Sy. T. 136 Sybcrt. V. 201 Symmes. S. 312 Sykes. B. 318 Sylvester, G. 210. 364 Symmes. S. 237 Tavcrnini. L. 142 Taylor. B. 156. 242. 291. 375 Taylor. C. 207 Taylor. D. 327 Taylor. F. 383. 416 Taylor. M 124. 172. 295.435 Taylor. N. 145. 146. 277 Taylor. P. 383 Taylor. S. 213. 236. 315. 435 Taylor. T. 373 Tcaley. A 416. 444. 447 Tcelcr, K. 435 Teetzcl R. 241 Teflt. S. 294 Tcglia. C. 237 Teich. P. 334 Tcinkaus, G. 416 Ten Eyck. R. 435 Tennant. S. 222 Tcnnermann. G. 176. 210 Tcnwinkcl. J. 390. 395 Teply, J. 189 Thiede, D. 221 Thiede. E. 241 Thiede. H. 364 . 366. 367. 403 Thiel. D. 215 Thiel. K, 201 Thiel. W. 207, 460 Thiele. S. 200 Thierl. S. 234 Thies, J. 209 Thies, T. 140 Thimm. R. 231 Thimmesch. M. 232 Thomas. C. 192. 244. 261. 444 Thomas. D. 239. 243, 367 Thomas. M. 383 Thomas. S. 216. 375. 435 Thomas. V. 234 Thomas. W. 210 Thomey. R. 296 Thompsen. N. 291 Thompson. A. 229 Thompson, B. 210 Thumburg, G. 205 Thurow. D. 200 Thurston. G. 214 Ticko. D. 436 Tidelnan. A. 194 Tiedeman, G. 413 Tiedt. R. 205 Ticfenthaler. T. 217 Tielens. L. 195 Tieisort. D. 435 Tieu, J. 175. 124 Tilly. M. 196 Tigerman. T. 205 Tigger, 2W Tikalsky, J. 214 Tilidetzke. J. 212 Tillison. J. 174 Tills. J. 395 Tilly. B. 192 Timm. F. 299 Timm, K. 383 483Timm. R. 227 Timmcr. B. 383. 414 Tinbcrg, B. 190 Tindell. J. 309 Ting. G. 450 Tinglum. P. 212 Tinnerman, J. 280 Tishler, W. 367 Tili. M. 388 Tillc. M. 245 Tkac. P. 240 Tnies. T. 335 Tockc. S. 375 Todd. L. 373 Todd. W. 124 Toe pel. A. 237 Toepel, E. 436 Tofl. T. 436 Tolkan. K. 245 Tomaskik, A. 239 Tomes. K. 333 Tomei. C. 383 Tomei. P. 266. 383 Tomlin. S. 210 Tommet. D. 215 Tompkins. H. 231 Tondryk. T. 223 Toniolo. J. 214 Tonkens. N. 245 Tonkyn. M. 211 Tope. C. 253 Topel. R. 460 Topolsky. 1. 436 Topp. A. 373 Topp, C. 242. 459 Torinus. L. 307 Torkc. J. 193. 222 Torres. K. 241 Toitcn. L. 373 Totlo, C. 145. 147 Towers. J. 209 Toy. D. 280 Tracey. N. 201 Traisman, S. 153, 283 Tralmcr. A. 243 Tramburg. R. 222 Trapp. J. 204 Traver. ). 256 Trccroci. E. 436 Treichel. P. 307 Tremont, M. 236 Tresp, D. 172. 451.452 Tresp. T. 450 Trcvarthen, S. 187 Trevins, 1,. 211 Treviranus, S. 236 Triger, C. 304 Trimbcrgcr, J. 201 Trimbcrger. P. 244 Trlnkaus, G. 436 Trinko. C. 223 Tripp. C. 237. 445 Tritschler. K. 187 Tmka. ). 392 Trogun. L. 373 Trossen. B. 322 Trost. D. 262 Trolla. L. 124 Truby. L. 307 Trading. R. 436 Truesdale. C. 244 Tschohl, C. 395 Tsc-Zung, 208 Tsuru, J. 436 Tubbcsing. R- 373 Tubbs. J. 216 Tucker. 3. 327 Tucker. K. 461 Tucker. M. 278. 383 Tucker. T. 215 Tuckcrman. E. 147. 436 Tuckwell. P. 445 Tuhus. T. 235 Tully, A. 196 Tulstoy. L. 218 Tunge, R. 460 Turauski. $. 226 Turbey. M. 253. 383. 416 Turcott, R. 416 Turihin. B. 325 Turin ski. J. 265 Turk, E. 436 Turk. F. 301 Turk. H. 407 Turke. E. 239. 460 Turkc. K. 383 Tuley. A. 187. 291 Turman. M. 416 Turner. A. 178. 207. 460 Turner. B. 235 Turner. E. 383 Turner. J. 436 Turner. L. 273 Turner. M. 364. 366. 403 Turner. P. 367 Turner. S. 171, 323 Turno. J. 283 Turnquist, C. 410 Turnquist. R. 216 Tusin. 8. 218 Tuska. J. 220 Tuszka, M. 375. 416 Tutkowski. M. 235 Tuttle. J. 236 Tweedlc. D. 255 Twicg. R. 223 Tyler. R. 209 Uaughter. R. 239 Uchylll. K. 229 Uchvtil. 1.. 196 Udelhoven. N. 239 Uecke, D. 191 484 Uecke. S. 218 Ufcr. P. 265. 416 Uhal. M. 383 Uhlig. D. 383 Ujvarosy. S. 207 Ullinsky. J. 208 Ullinsky. J. 208 Ullman, W. 436 Ullmann. J. 416. 436 Ullrich. B. 167. 436 Ullmer, M. 375. 373 Ulmer. F. 242 Umcles. W. 225 Underdahl. D. 1»9 Unger. D. 317 Unger. J. 138 Uphnm. M. 291. 436 Upp. J. 208 Urban, B. 218. 228 Urbaniak. M. 235 Uren. G. 405 Urlakis. D. 205 Urschel, J. 270 Usingcr. B. 295, 383 Usnick, J 436 Usow. R. 383 Uthmeier. L. 205 Uyehara. S. 205 Vahnke. S. 291 Vaile. L. 367. 369 Valaitis. D. 450 Valaski. P. 450 Valdieck, I.. 187 Valent. I.. 286 Valeo. T. 233 Vanalstinc. R. 200 Van Boxtel. C. 266 Van Camp. M. 405 Vance. M. 233 Van Cleave. M. 462 Van I)ac. P. 395 Vandeberg. J. 263 Van Dchy. K. 222 Vandenbcrg, ). 221 Vanden Boogaard, C. 450 Vander Lecst. B. 265 Vandermus. S. 189 Vanderploeg. H. 243 Vandernocl. C. 209 Vander Wcele. R. 373 Vander Zanden. I). 206, 314 Vandeveld. C. 196 Vandeyacht. E. 238 Van Dinter. J. 322 Van Doren. K. 328. 365 Vandrey. D. 214 Van. Driest. K. 210 Van Dyke. K. 337 Van Dyke. M. 232 Van Egeren. T. 218 Van Ess. P. 209 Van Eyck. J. 436. 286 Van Gcmert, M. 203 Vangen. P. 193 Van Grunsven. M. 203 Van Handel. J. 414. 235 Van Heesch. J. 330. 451 Van Horne. B. 191 Van Horne. T. 461. 261 Van Kirk. B. 414. 383 Van Laanen. P. 214 Van Licshout. M. 234 Van Munn. J. 210 Vannelson. T. 462. 375 Vannes. D. 389. 211 Van Ness, P. 268 Van Sickle. J. 307 Van Sicklen. S. 235 Van Slyne. C. 323. 177 Van Slyke. M. 227 Van Veen. A. 271. 205 Van Veghel. T. 169. 286 Van Vlcct. C. 191 Van Vice!. J. 393 Van Wyckhousc. I.. 219. 230 Van Zilc. 11. 224 Varley. M. 204 Varney, T. 215 Vaughan, I). 225 Vaughn. 1.. 203 Vazcuez, P. 237 Veal. E. 386 Vcchinski, G. 177 Vcckc. S. 228 Vcenstra. A. 220 Veers. J. 214 Veil. L. 436 Vena. J. 228 Vencman. G. 205 Vergeront, J. 193. 288 Vergeront, M. 416. 436 Verhagc, F. 268 Verheyen, D. 174, 389. 390. 395 Vcrhocvcn, K. 232 Vcrhocvcn. M. 221 Vernon. J. 261 Verthein. J. 256 Vcrwiebe, E. 203 Verwoerl. D. 232 Vcspcrman. G. 220, 391. 395 Veum, C. 243, 365, 367. 416 Victor. L. 327 Vielhuber. S. 365 Vic, R. 178 Vilhaucr. R. 225 Vilhaucr. S. 416 Vilinsky. R. 206 Villmow. R. 211 Vincent. D. 239 Vinjc. P. 366 Vmje. S 447 Vinkovich. J. 195 Vmkovich. S. 168. 194. 288. 444 Viola. R. 436 Violelte. R. 436 Virgin!. J. 416 Virnig. E 373 Vissers. S. 233 Vine, G. 220 Vizberg D. 311 Vlasak. A. 365 Vlies. J. 210. 285 Voebbcls. M. 206 Vocgeli. J. 221 Vocgcli. P. 436 Voclker. B. 286 Vogel, D. 436 Vogel. J. 194 Vogel. P 405 Vogel. R. 213 Vogelsbcrg. D. 232 Vogt. G. 383 Vogt. P. 204. 277 Vogt. V. 229 Voigt. R. 283 Voigt. S. 124 Volkman. K. 190 Voll. D. 286 Vollbrecht. G. 262. 395 Vollbrecht. R 436 Vollrath. T. 294 Vollrath. V. 242 Volt . K. 383 Von Bredow. J. 450 Vondra. S. 176 Von Ehren. P. 253 Von Scheidt. I.. 237 Voorlas. P. 233 Vorcl. A. 192 Vorpahl. J. 209 Vorpahl. L. 203 Votkuil. S. 271 Voss. A. 210 Voss. B 153. 301 Voss. C. 436 ,,, ... Voss. J. 195. 228. 243. 253. 365, 367. 369. 436 Voss. K. 169. 237 Voss. R. 206 Voss. S. 273. 414 Voslers. SI. 207 Vouch. A. 236 Wachal. J. 214 Wachal. K. 214 Wachowjki. R. 228 Wackman. A. 242 Waddell. R. 205 Wadzinski. P. 234 Wagan. S. 225 Wagman. I. 436 Wagner. B. 461 Wagner. G. 238. 410 Wagner. J. 170 Wagner. .M. 261 Wagner. R. 200. 387 Wahl. I- 236 Wainwright. J. 199 Waisbrcn. B. 134 Waisbren. S. 235 Waisman. K. 413 Waite. V. 229 Wake. E. 242 Walbrun, R. 199 Wald. B. 416. 436 Wald. G. 137. 309 Waldman. B. 436 Waldrop. C. 336 Waldschmidt. L. 204 Walgenbach. R. 207 Walker. D. 221 Walker. E. 203 Walker. J. 242 Walker. M. 124Wall. J. 242 Wallace. J. 231. 234 Wallen. I.. 265 Wallender. E. 383 Wallens. I.. 317. 416 Walley. J. 445 Wallin. B. 220 Walling. J. 436 Wallschlacgcr. D. 241 Walmann. S. 436 Wal raven. W. 215 Walsh. J. 188. 189. 200 Walsh. S. 201 Walsh. T. 336. 389. 395 Waller. R. 140 Waller. S. 220 Waller. T. 154. 156. 375. 461 Wallers. B. 244. 436 Walters. D. 169. 286 Wallers. J. 2IS Walther. J. 206 Wallhcrs. R. 436 Walton. D. 416 WamtsoJc. M. 213 Wandrey. S. 383 Wandschneider. C. 195 Wandsehneider. S. 266. 271 Wane!;. A 174. 390 Wane :. N. 226. 285 Wans. H. 413 Wang, M. 231 Wang. P. 204 Wangard. J. 452 Wanguru. S. 178 Ward. K. 215 Ward. N. 292 Ware. B 301 War-. K. 242. 278 Ware. 1. 218 Warfield, B. 139 Warfield. W. 336 Warmhler. II. 243. 365. 366. 367. 369 Warminglon. T. 319 Warner. A. 203 Warner. B. 190. 307 Warner. D. 209. 229 Warner. M. 220 Warner. P. 436 Warncs. B, 191 Warpehoski. M. 192 Warren. R. 296 Warren. S. 283 Warshaucr. K 235 Warshauer. M. 200, 319 Warshaw, D. 228 Warwick. J. 436 Warwick. M. 436 Washington, SI. 207 Wasicleski. 3. 172. 410 Wasielcwski. C. 450. 451. 452 Wasrud. J. 328 Wasserman. D. 169 Wasscrman, J. 237 Watkins. 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B. 222 Wcner. C. 173 Wenger. J. 196 WcnslalT. J. 239 Wcnslair, V. , Wcnstrom. B. 179 Wcnuell. T. 216 wenzcl. G. 2n Wenzel, w. 238 Werbel. J. 218. 235 Werking. M. 233 Werner. F. 209 Werner, G. 205 Werner. P. 227 Wernick. B. 221 Wcronkc. R. 395 Wcrth. K. 204 Wertheimer. R, 199 Wervc. D. 395 Wervy. C. 299 Weslcr. H. 213 Wcsoki. J. 153 Wesoky. J. 437. 460 Wesolowski. J. 204 Wesscl. J. 204 Wcssel. K. 278 Wesson. K. 288 West. D. 207 West. P. 225 West. R 447. 294 Westfall. G. 319 Westing. M. 242. 307 Westley. R. 333. 461.462 Wcstover. D. 216 Wcstphal. E. 437 Wcstra. D. 221 Wcxlcr. B. 215 Wcxlcr, S. 395 Wheeler. J. 176 Wheeler. L. 232 Wheeler. S. 124. 234 Whetstone. B. 234 Whipple. R. 175. 390 Whipple. S. 140 Whlslcr. R. 219. 227 Whitaker. C. 296 White. B. 245. 309 White. C. 366 White. D. 222 White. J. 407 White, L. 228 White. M. 190. 233 White. P. 383 White. W. 205 Whitehead. C. 414 Whitehill. S. 303 Whiteside. J 288. 416, 437 Whitfield. C. 230 Whitford. B. 195. 266 Whitford. 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L. 173. 265 Williams. M. 204. 364. 366. 367, 403 Williams. N. 311 Williams. P. 210 Williams. R. 174. 271. 389. 392 Williams. S. 204. 241. 283 Williams. T. 222 Williams. Z. 205 Williamson. A. 213 Williamson. J. 190 Williamson. M. 231 Williamson. R. 21} Willie. T. 280 Willis. A. 317 Willis. D. 230 Willson. E. 203 Wilmcth. S. 288. 375 Wilscy. M. 187 Wilson. A. 235. 261 Wilson. B. 270. 373 Wilson. D. 222 Wilson. G. 296 Wilson. J. 212. 312 Wilson. K. 208 Wilson. 1.. 231 Wilson. M. 146 Wilson. P. 238. 333. 416 Wilson. R. 437 Wilson. S. 191 Wilson. T. 243. 275. 327 Wilson. W. 365. 367 Wiltrout. D. 263. 365. 367 Wiltziut. D. 229 Winccr. J. 312 Wind. J. 222 Winder. C. 437 Wincland, M. 199. 369 Wind. J. 226 Wing. R. 213 Wimck. A. 245 Winigcr. J. 410 Wink. J. 437 Winkc. C. 373. 375 Winkler. B. 199 Winkler. P. 447 Winkless. C. 189 Winn, D. 286 Winnard. C. 203 Winncn. P. 230 Winnik, N. 224 Winohradsky. G. 390 Winter. M. 154 . 416. 437 Winter. T. 3S9. 390 Wintcrbottom. P. 212 Winzenried. M. 214 Wipperman. C. 437 Wipperman. T. 273 Wtrch. J. 200 Wirka. D. 437 Wirth. I.. 278 Wirtz. N. 460 Wise, B. 416. 437 Wise. K. 239 Wiser. 10. 230 Wivkochil. L. 200 Wisner. D. 452 Wisniewski. A. 227 Wissink. C. 390 Witczak. M. 447 Wither. D. 388 Witt. H. 437 Witt, J. 393 Witt. K. 413 Witte, J. 413 Wittcnwylcr. R. 222 Witter. B. 220 Wittstock. I.. 413 Wiltwer. M. 193 Witzkc, D. 383 Woboril. C. 288 Wochos. T. 375 Woehos, W. 327. 375 WoelfTer. C. 206 Wocrfcl. C. 212 Woerpel, P. 223 Wocst. M. 191 Wogsland. I. 383 Wogsland. W. 395 Wojmicz. R 194 Wojnovich. K. 204 Wolbcrg, K. 194 Wolcott. II. 188, 193. 288 Wolcott. K. 210 Woldt. R. 375 Wolcske. M. 218.437 Wolf. I.. 325. 437 Wolf. M. 244 Wolfe. I). 244 Wolfendcn. J. 200 Wolff. A. 214 Wolff. R. 337 Wolfman. P. 209 Wolfram. N. 235 Wolfson. F. 234 Wolf. G. 245 Woll. D. 255 Woll. T. 325 Wollcr. F. 193 Wollerlng. M. 217 Wollmcr. R. 219 Wollncr, R. 226 Wonder. T. 337 Wong. C. 437, 444 Wong, I). 303 Wong. E. 383 Wong. G. 208 Wong. P. 209. 437 Wonn. S. Woo. I. 211 Wood. B. 221 Wood. C. 266 Wood. I). 301 Wood. T. 312. 319 Woodard. W. 206 Woodford. M. 244 Woodford. S. 225 Woodrlck, C. 383 Woodrow. S. 201. 383 Woodruff. B. 238 Woods. B. 217 Woods. C. 207. 239 Woods. I. 214 Woods. M. 239 Woodworth. T. 383 Woolfc. K . 216 Wool ridge. N. 413 Worley. G. 411. 416 Worm. B. 294 Worm. J. 261 Worrell. T. 416 Worth. S. 175 Worthing. J. 211 Worthington. G. 209 Worlner. C. 39} Woyahn. L. 191 Wozniak. D. 383 Wray. R 227 Wright. G. 20 . 403. 416 Wright. J. 237 Wright. M. 236 Wright. S. 232 Wright. W. 242. 253 Wuershn. C. 225 Wulfers. J. 177 Wulff, S. 179. 244 Wunhoff, J. 231 Wurl. T. 437 Wursthorn, P. Wydcrka, T. 330. 451 Wylie. J. 261. 375 Wynhoff, P. 437 Wyrwas, K. 214 Wyse. P. 228 Wyss. S. 312 Yahn. S. 373 Yahnkc. K. 239 Yahnkc. S. 196 Yamagata, II. 437 Yamamoto. I). 416. 437 Yanakos. W. 125 Yandrkh. C. 209 Yang. S. 241 Yang. T. 386 Yanke. C. 367. 217 Yapp. C. 217 Yarger. D. 273 Yarmolinsky. S. 208 Yasait.s. N. 195 Yates. N. 437 Yirek. C. 219. 234 Yochum. B. 20 Yohns. S. 261 Yokel. R. 452. 330. 4}| Yonker. T. 241. 437 Yoon. W. 393 York. S. 230 Yoss. E. 383 Yost. S. 191 Youdalh. K. 277 Young. B. 437 Young. D. 138. 175. 223 Young. G. 395. 392. 416 Young. J. 237. 437 Young. N. 261 Young, P. 204. 278, 242 Young. R. 167 Young. S. 265 Younge. i. 222 Younger. J. 204. 288 Youngcrman. J. 325 Yuenger, M. 201 Yung. A. 450 Zablow. B. 237, 312 Zaccaro. I. 193 Zachkowski. R. 283 Zacskc. B. 191 Zafros. G. 169. 437 Zagozcn, J. 451 Zahn, M. 280 Zahn. W. 223 Zakrajsheck. J. 203 Zalabsky. S. 239. 445 Zalcwski, J. 365. 369 Zalk. C. 317 Zander. G. 395. 391 Zander. J. 168 Zandi. J. 241 Zank, G. 152. 234 Zanzig. J. 437 Zarllng. M. 437 Zarsc. A. 256 Zassenhaus, H. 312 Zastrow. R. 206. 445 Zazovc. I). 171 Zazove. S. 203 Zbikowski. K. 437 Zebell. M. 204 Zech.T. 214 Zceh. E. 437 Zen, S. 187. 414 Zchms. J. 414. 437 Zehrcn, S. 140 Zcimcr. G. 230 Zeitlin. R. 232 Zcitlow. J. 391 Zelkc. H. 437 Zclkc. J. 293 Zeller. B. 383 Zeller. J. 214. 235 Zeller. P. 227. 255 Zellmer. D. 204, 241 Zcllmer. J. 203 Zelm. S. 213 Zclonky. L. 236 Zeman. P. 271 Zembruski. S. 383 Zemlicka. R. 437 Zenner, D. 437 Zentncr. K. 437 Zepezauer. E. 221 Zernkke. G. 220 Zernov. D. 445 Zerwick. E. 192 Zeskc. A. 189 Zeug. S. 239 Ziebarth. K. 283 Zicbell. K. 389 Ziebcn. R. 390 Ziegc. K. 191 Ziegler. D. 373 Ziegler. R 375 Ziegler. W. 328 Zichr. J. 199 Zielinski. D. 174 Ziclnski. E. 204 Zicrmann. B. 201 Zilisch. R 191 Zilske. B. 223 Zimbrich. K. 194 Zimmar. T. 210 Zimmcl, J. 366 Zimmer. B. 201 Zimmer. G. 168 Zimmer. J. 373, 375 Zimmerman, A. 258 Zimmerman. F. 437 Zimmerman, J. 319 Zimmerman. I . 284. 416.437 Zimmerman. R. 207, 335. 410 Zimring. K. 245 Zinameisler. R. 388. 389 Zingrebc. K. 193 Ziniewici. W. 215 Zink. D. 207 Zinsmastcr. K. 189 Zinsmcister. M. 444 Zion. M. 238 Zipp. I. 313 Zubarik. 3. 233 Zuckcr. J. 253 Zucker. S. 383. 414 Zippercr. 1. 204 Zirlkowski. J. 388. 389 Zirzer. E. 230 Zoch. J. 152 Zocrb. D. 369 Zola. S. 225 Zoob. B. 325 Zuckerman. L. 245. 317 Zuchlke. T. 369. 416. 437 Zuhlke. B. 383 Zuhlke. J. 262. 375 Zukor. K. 245 Zukowski. P. 220 ZumBrtmnen. M 232 Zunke. R. 386 Zunker. S. 447 Zunz, S. 170. 226 Zuraski. I . 395 Zurndorfcr. II. 416 Zussman. A. 437 Zwadto. J. 200 Zwettler. G. 367. 369 Zwkky. A. 389. 390 485EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief: Kathy Hinner Associate Editor: Peter Brown Assistant Editor: Bob Emery Productions: Editor: Debbie Holtz. Martha Wilson, Kristine Gannon, Terry Ethier, Mary Moser, Douglas Wertheimer, Miriam Ross, Susan L. Schechtel, Ellen Hesse, Kathy Kelso Administration: Editor: Connie Totto, James Habcrstroh, Barbara Shindcll, Susan Kraus, Ann Amore. Karen Robbin, Linda Kohl, Douglas Wcrthmcicr Organizations: Editor: Barbara Pedian, Amy Raznikov, Ellen Pfund, Randy Wagner. Lana Ahrensdorf, Beverly Leonard. Bill Raphael, Shiela Jubclircr Greeks: Editor: Nancy Taylor. Sue Ciaglo, Sandy Nyreen, Janet Gammell, Jackie Roufa, Jan Pricfer, K. Neil Frumkin, Nancy Weinstein, Priscilla Reichardt Seniors: Editor: Barb Ettleson, Gail Griffith, Mimi Davis, Sharon Blend, Sharon Zunz, Donna Zenncr, Carolyn L. Kohls, Kathryn Huismon, Ginger Naylor Colleges: Editor: Millie Sebulsky. Phyllis Bloom, Penny Phillips, Jane Friedman. Mimi L. Chernof, Paula Cohen, Sharon A. SchuefTner. Sue Manis Index: Editor: Bonnie Kennedy, Sally Raff, Karel Lee Mooij. Barb Nies, Carol Cohen, Tom Kruse, Wendy Gross, Janet Kline, Jane Samuel, Julie Barkley Living Units: Editor: Norine Bortz, Marianne Peterson, Grace Markworth, Linda McDonald, Julienne Ranallo, Bobbye Sunday, Jane Flanzig, Jill Freint, Jody Dike Sports: Editor: Bill Bradford and Bruce Rosen, Robert Beecher, Elizabeth Orr, Chris Hcino Copy: Editors: Jane Dymond and Alison Campbell, Sheila Lubin, Lorelei Heller, Mary L. Johnston. Bobbi Kalmanson, Sally Sherwood. Cookie Fuhrman, Mary Ades, Laurie Lew Photography: Editor: Lee Mulder. Howard Bairn, Yavuz Birturk, Lucio Tavernini. Marvin Foss, Doug Otto. Judi Weller, Linda Lee, Skot Weideman, Phil Sharrow, Jim Scrnovitch, Elliot Tuckerman Contributing Photographers: John Pctrucci, Danny Warschaucr, Duane Hopp, Sports News Service. University News Service, University Photo Lab, the Daily Cardinal, Wisconsin State Journal, Peter Egan. Lisa Fein, Frank McAdams, Phil Sharrow, Steve Burns, Milt Leidncr BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager: Larry Roth Organizations Manager: Ray Stangcland Sales Manager: Ron Sievert Secretary: Marsha Swenson Badger Beauties: Joel FrankThe 1968 Badger was printed by Paragon Press of Montgomery. Alabama. The lithographic process was used to print this book on an offset process of 80 lb. Calais Paper. The introductory section was printed on ivory Mohawk Superfine Paper. The cover was manufactured by Durand Manufacturing Company of Chicago. Senior portraits were taken by John Petrucci and Danny Warschauer of Delma Studios of New York. All group pictures were photographed by Milt Lcidner of Madison. The cartoons on the division pages were drawn by Bednar Studios, also of Madison. 487 Charlie Pilz and Dick Hickey, both representatives from Paragon Press, check over proofs.

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