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;•; ' ; ' :( , ; i;Ml;1; :{l:kv :;J?;; ;aY;;; ' ' r ■! ft ' ' i:■.■■: ' ■ ' ' ■ ■:;■■ ' (A c o u lA d) «o o 1964 badger shelly cohen, editor sharon putterman, associate editor roger keyes, business manager milt carr, sales manager ..1.1 .lH.;r» table of contents administration 187 colleges 203 organizations 269 sports 301 greeks 311 living units 359 seniors 42 1 Index 491 university of Wisconsin Social Studies Bulldlni; ' ■!!: Anr cll A hig cam- us comes down to little things — exam grades, fury at a football game . . . Marvin Foas Tom AnijcU Riiw Hall ifnriiii I ' oKs AJan DooUy a card game, some frtendly moments m the Rat. Tom Angcll Lev Kpnoirrr Marvin Foss There is a struggling intensity in the gasj ing breath of the trackman, the grimness of the foothall team. Van VIock Tom Amjell Professor ' Itotwein Study f)atterns arc quietly trttcnse. A young scnousncss spreads to thoughtful sorrow . . . Marvin I Kennedy Memorial Service Tom AngcU ■I mil Uuiill Tuiii A III , II tempered by the steadiness of ' peo ' file wondering, working, ex ' perimenting. I ' .tOS Senior Swlngout iMVr f l. . hi )unrrr ' j.« ' .m. Enriched, our lives continue. Tnm . iifj( ' ll 16 77 Science Hall Old huildings mingle with the new, mellowing, blending harsh concrete outlines. Veterinary sciences y V . . J ■• ' mt f Veterinary Science Wisconsin becomes a glorious jumble of architectural styles that somehow fit. 19 20 Hopefully awaltin); the construction of the Elvojhem Art Center, Professor Watrous in- spects part rif thr Rascom basement art col- lection. Klvojliem Art f ' enter Rean Feed Money-rat Sfng for the EJvehjem Art Center and other activities greet the students ' arrival on campus. 22 STUDENTS ROOM 108 Everything at Wisconsin seems to he either at the to of the hill or at the end of a line. »; %.. t Mm W ' ' - 23 wiiitinK fur timctabli- IliP Coop Crowded classrooms, nails, stores may overwhelm the new student . . . 25 26 I ' .k;. ' ! ir.S l!alii|Ui ' t until he realizes that Wisconsin is a friendly -flace, where students aren t just numbers. 27 " •WS 28 Large lectures are broken into smaller units; from there, students pursue a subject on their own. 29 Ways of studying vary from diligent library work, to sessioning, to lonely cramming. ■;; s i:- 4-ff " ac Aij ' ' i .« i w wniK« ' .y ■ t: L. .i .r f.J--. 31 32 Sometimes, studying ts just a pretense for sleeping, or daydreaming. ' ' m 33 pharmacy Undergraduate work seems relatively carefree to wjsconsin graduate students. 34 medical bacterioluiiy Long hours are sjient on theses, research -projects, independent study. 35 36 Whether he is a freshman or a Ph.D. candidate, the student can always ash for he1f , discuss a grade, or dissent with a lecture. NO SMOKING Even when universtty ties are almost broken, the Placement Service hel s the graduate enter a new world. X • wMvr ,«■ v Tw • v. VWVH V 4 ' ' 0 . H H0 CE A W7scons7n student has time to ■play chess, strum a guitar, or j)uzzle over an art exhibit. 41 " Dinner With a Professor " " - ' :h ' .:j ,- ' - ' i ll f The Wisconsin fnlon . i. M V •JA-W K irV- -ri m i Tn ■ 1 ' U " ■. i.t;- 770 Langdon, the Wisconsin Union- a big building with an amazing number of ersonaJittes planned to fit the student mood. IIourvrH HalUiiK. art show 43 Open house Lectures, workshops, tournaments, mixers, " Hungry U, " coffee hours, foreign films — 185 different activities coordinated by 16 Union committees and clubs. Beefeaters Iiil.TinilliiiiMl Chili " Hungry U " — the mock roaring twenties casino 45 Little Badgers 46 ' A Miin for All Seasons " Adding another dimension to student life, the Union jiresented the best of the performing arts through V ota-fieh. Browning, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Lotte Lenya. ItMlpli VuhiiM ' k gor Oistrakh Far Eastern Festival 47 Alvin Alley Dance Theater Structures Sonores MadlHon Downtown lKht felM.ikc Ilcll " Haf)py faces and hoarse throats followed a Homecoming weekend that gaily began with Jyladison Downton Night and " Yell -Like-Hell " 50 Button sales and harried float-building whooshed the days forward in a flurry of fire-game victory . . . 5 Winning ' Orook displny : Tlictn riii :infl I ' lii Oini Ka Wf] . r v If II -y c. J If 1 r-7: A ' : p — • that finally centered on Saturday ' s win. The camfius ivelcomed thousands of hapfuly partying students Homi ' comin Quet-n KstluT M» nttniirf and lu-r ffniri 54 After the Homecoming excitement, the m.cdtcaJ schoo] quietly acce ptea a visit from Robert Kennedy on behalf of the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation. 55 The campus was horrified when, weeks later. President Kennedy was assassinated. 56 Till ' lilt! ' I ' rrsliii ' lU .l.ilin KlI KiT.ilil Kcnni-ily ■- ' if. r " - , ' 4 ' wK Mpinorial service Memorial service Novemher 22, 1963— a nation mourned for its dead president. 58 But -fieople must continue living, creating, doing. The Orchesis Dance Concert and Dolphin water show were unique examples of students spending hours rehearsing, developing their talents. The SlinkiTB " w k ' - " 59 60 " The Caretakers " Wisconsin Players summer -plays were sujterseded only by their magnificent winter production of " West Side Story. " " Tlip Consul " 67 62 Hiimorolo iy executives with Mailison Kidily Camp ( ' liildren. Gaiiima I ' lii lieta ami Helta Tan Deita Kleiillne jinima Phi Rt-ta and Delta Tau Delta Humorology — the ■fieji ' fiy Greek show that donates all proceeds to the Madison Kiddy Camj . 63 Alpha Epsilon Thi and Pi Lambda Phi Si ma Pi ' lt.i Tail ami Chi Tsi 64 •4 J S ' i«i % Ml 1 4 y.ilM I ' .i ' lM Tmu unci K!i|i|i:i Alpliji Til. (11 65 Zcta Beta Tavi and Kappa Alpha Thcta Interact — " Siiznn " A leggy hyckhne introduced the show that hurst forth for two ha ' f)j)y hours. Beautifully-costumed, colorfully-set -productions were a tribute to Greek creativity. The winners: Alpha Epsilon Phi Pi Lambda Phi. Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Beta Tau. Dfltn Delta Delta and Alpha Delta I ' lii Av r- f ■ j tjl -j, .■■ ' ■■.■ ' ; ■■- ' ■ i Alpha Bpsilon Plii aii l I ' i Lamlnla I ' h SiKQia Delta Tan and I ' lii T ' si CmriTl " u till ' nial 68 69 Following the tuba ' s bold oompah, the University Bands smartly ste -( ;() ed-wf) every football game. I ' an-li.-l Hull Color and gatety went formal for Pan-heJ Ball. where every sorority presented tts Ideal Girl . ■•V: « I V 4 v ' XN 71 T-| Niny Hall 72 XltOTC iiic ' iiilH ' rK •IIm ' Uhh Xiivy Iljill iiIiiiih 73 Navy Ball Brass was polished and shoes shined for the military s two campus-wide dances. Navy Ball and Military Ball. The 1964 Badger Beauty semi-finahsts 74 First Row: Carol Kilffore, Bonnie Burbidge. Tia Nelson. Mary Andprson, I onna Schnpidorman. rcoiul Row: Sue Finch, Carol Somodi, Karon Itrindlpy, Nita Dorris. Third Row: Sharie Emmerich, Sue Royston. Alberta Statkus, Kathy Holt. Karon Iloi ' man, Ruthanne Strohn. Nile Kinch Carol Kilj ore 76 Mary Anderson Sharie Emmerich 77 tfiic Koyston Tia Xolson The 1964 Badger Beauties Carol Kilgore Mary Anderson Tia Nelson Sue Royston Shane Emmerich Sue Finch - ■ T ' ' W m I Carol Kilgore, Tia Nelson, Sue Royston Mary Anderson Sue Finch, Sliarie Emmerich Determination . . . desire . . . potential . . . power — with this the Badger gridders faced the ominous task of fumUing pre-season predictions which ranked them second in the nation. Rolling into gear . . . 80 Everytbing In riudlnpsB. 81 Johnson reflects the outcome of the season. rtiUlKcr defense hurls Purdue for a loss. 82 Smith craRlii ' H riKlit iiwkli- fur I ' .iidii ' T khIii. Safety!? Boilmaker strains against Badger secondary. " Bird " Nettles intercepts. The Badger macKine mowed down Western Michigan, 41-0, and charged over the fighting Irish, 14-9. Hope soared after the Badgers ' resounding defeats over Purdue and Iowa. Then it happened. Unbelievable. Wisconsin 10, OKio State 13 read the scoreboard as stunned Wisconsinites gazed in disbelief. Fronek ' s field goal and Silvestri s touchdown bad been insuffi- cient. Statistically tbe Bruhnmen gained more yards and made more first downs. But tney also made mistakes; costly mis- takes which, when recorded on the score- board, jolted them out of first place. At Michigan State the story repeated Itself in nightmarish dimensions. The Badgers, unable to overcome both Michi- gan State s ability and their own mistakes, were defeated, but not beaten, for they fought with the drive and determination Badgerbackers admire. And again the parts of the grid machine clicked into place. I ' aiir. In (Ilslicllcvlin; an , llsll. Hollnnrl ohrirns tlirouy:h tho lUickoyes. Leafblad snags a Buckeye receiver. Silvester g:rits his teeth and grinds away. 85 " I ' lnlii " Smith olusivi ' ly pscapps. Ki ' h-hnnit wiclils Ills " JI. ' l poumls t f iintwi ' .ss. Kurek ' s last effort — a combination of fierce determination, dogsed endurance, unflincliing drive. TKrough fierce pride and ferocious zeal the Cardinal and White came from behind with an electrifying assault in the fourth quarter to conquer North- western, 17-14. Wisconsinites had their choice of stars — Johnson, Fronek, Reichardt, Bowman, Wojdula, Brandt, Leafblad, or any others. Eleven men combined in a precise, well-powered machine. At Homecoming the students had pride, the team had power. . . . Ut ' icUardt makes a circus catch. TKey Kad potential, tut tKey lacked the con- sistent precision a grid machine needs to win — the precision the Illini manifested, the pre- cision the Gophers displayed. Yet, the Badgers had their moments; but a game is not mo- ments. It is sixty minutes. Hard to believe, even more dimcult for Badgerbackers to un- derstand, the nationally-ranked Badgers bat- tled their way to a tie for fourth place in the Big Ten. Fronck inlcrci ' in i; w It can ' t be. Pickens and Smith pursue an Illini. 89 Momentary hfsifation. then Holland spots an openins. While tlie Badgers toiled on tlie gridiron, the Harriers dashed over their course. Led by Captain Mike Manley, the cross country team posted a 4-1 record and placed second in the Big Ten Championship Meet. Terminating a successful season, the team won an invitation to the NCAA finals. T?A « V •: M Cagers anticipate Gus ' tip. The flash of speed moved from the field to the court as the fast-break cagers burst into action winning five of their pre-season games. However, unable to cope with Big Ten competition, the inexperienced cardinal and white dropped their first three seasonal games before defeating Iowa, 79-61. Captain Milie O ' Melia is poised in action. ' . Purdue fhiirpes l)y as KobiTts helplessly looks on. iff ' 92 C iSlP . ♦ ' ' f, r - . - V -« »• ' 4 » ' t From overjoyed Wis- consinitcs came congratulations to Hearden for his decisive l)askpt against Purdue. 93 With the return of Brans, Wisconsinites be- came optimistic, hoping that the additional height and shooting power would combine with the team s zeal, propelling them into the winning column. When the Badgers defeated the Boiler- makers in a one-point thriller, confidence soared but was quickly squelched by Northwestern and Ohio State. Nevertheless . . . Fight! Southpaw Ken Gustafsnn archos a shot for twi points. 94 Amid Wildrnt rivals Roberts tirives for a Uiy-iip. 95 The Badgers did not give up and Badgerbackers continued their support. Enthusiasm, however, was insufficient as the fighting five could not produce a winning combination and ended the season with a two-eleven record. Losing his puard, " ■(Ins " luis a clear shot from tlic arc. 96 The cagers were eager and determined but lacked experience — valuable experience gained this season. Ilfardcii If ' jivi ' s the court in liisKust. Hl! v BPVHBy H I r. " P Mto Uu 7 BPjS J 1 1 h|HhP " ' t ' - lii o (irains gapos in disln-liof. 97 O ' Melia and Biilicn concenlr; tries to puzzle it out. t ' - I ' M 111 ' - ariinii w Iiile Ileardon Y.whoY watches Russel tip the ■••v. I ' - ' ll to tlic Wolverines. 98 Fri ' .l l!i.i-rlilis|p. ' r;;iT slars in Imiiznncil Imis, Wl Mi-nn iii k ' wiiiijisi iir ' -|»:ir ' M ii iM-rt ' uriii. Mainlaiiiiu ' a huM - tlir t ' st of a wrest- ler ' s strength. Agility, brawn, and competi- tive spirit are the A,B,C, s of success in Wisconsin wrest- ling and gymnastics. With much drive, despite little depth, the gymnasts, paced by Fred Roethlisberger and Jim Hopper, gave a 4th-place per- formance in the Big Ten meet. Powerhouse Roger Pillath was the sole grappler to win in the Big Ten meet, as the matmen posted a mediocre 8-5 season. For a release. Wisconsin yets one point. - • f 4r 1 - " ? i .ji - - • T... 1;. ik.r . I ' l.s thi ' i);Kf iu till ' i;iiii Viilil liullnllj. On your mark 100 Entering competition in a new pool, the mer- men, led by Captain Jim Brophy, paced their way to a 4-4 Big Ten record. Sparked by determina- tion, the medley relay team established a new record in the 100 yard freestyle and Blanchard swam the 200 yard breast stroke in record time. Badser attempts to out-nianouvpr rival. With the whack of a stick, the puck sped across the ice, and hockey reappeared as a varsity sport. Posting an impressive 8-5-3 record the hockey team was a portrayal of eager individuals whose zip resulted in a commendable team effort. Thrilling Wisconsinites, . . . ]0] " OXNH! i 1 4 sticks! ' ;irt of ihc puiK — Wisconsin playrr rests in tin ponnlty liox. 102 Ron Lcszczynski led the team in scoring with sixteen goals. On the other end of the rink. Goalie Jim Duffy made 447 saves in fifteen games. Hoc- key gained the status of a Varsity sport because every player was a star. N . While the pucksters zipped across the ice, the foilsmen displayed their agility and finesse in the Memorial Shell. Sporting a young and inexperienced team, the fencers won five of their fifteen meets. Fol- lowing the fencing meets, the track team could be seen . . . 104 ■ . ».-. ' - ■ i i.ljitjr :i7 ' .i: -» i: ' L-i _ Ariclinr iriMti I ' .lll Ili-u.i- c.iin.s llircMiith for llihi.|:iils n-|a.v li-nin. Ili.uh Juiiii»fr IlnUlcn clears fV 4 " Xolson. a member of the ' 63 out- door track team, cleared the vault. Cutting the tape in many events, " Rut " Walter ' s aaaing machine " totaled a success- ful season of five wins, no losses. Oft ana running . . . 705 706 ■J ' iilll,.r;: ii..- . ' s ilii ' linish lim- c.r ili. ' twc.-milc i.-i.c. the thinclads traveled to Michigan for the Big Ten Meet. Hampered by injuries, the track team bowed to Michigan, 67-48. hut the agility of the athletes aroused interest in the spring season for many Wisconsinites. CpMi.lUn);. Si.rii.l.i .■x.ii-; Ills sir.iii;! Ii In lliniwlni; thi- shot put. 107 With the advent of spring, students drifted to the west end of the campus where the diamonds again became ahve. The action of individual stars and the interaction of nine men placed the Badgers in the first division of the Big Ten. In the fluctuat- ing season. . . . Iliiwi ' slid i ' s honii ' ]08 Reichardt maintained the best con- ference batting average ; Richter won a place on the 1963 all-conference team ; Krohn earned the title of Most Valuable Player; and the team posted an 8-6 conference record. Ki ' fltll t oht • ' llM ' Ilh ' H III) (111- ncrrw liall. I Ii ' nsin2: results brin;; sniil.-s to the faet-s uf the g )lfi ' rs and (; ' oarh .laiuii.- ' uu. While the hard ball was whipped around the diamond, golf balls were lofted over the greens. Carding their way to a highly successful season, the linksmen were undefeated until the Big Ten Championship Meet which Minnesota won by one stroke. Climaxmg the season was Iverson and Eberhardt ' s qualification for the NCAA Championship Meet and selection of Eberhardt for the All-American Golf team. V N 110 A ni ' t mRti foIIowB thrniiRh iifl ' T iitninlriK ii s ' rvi . f nil " 111 ' : Hit nv.i In a tJ4-t " oot shell strainin;; uarsnn-n united as a tuani. The oarsmen, delighting crew enthusiasts, com- piled a perfect record in single competition, there- by qualifying for two of the nation s top regattas in which they finished fifth. On the courts the performance vas not as flashy, but the netmen s pounding play and dogged de- termination won them the admiration of tennis fans. 772 Pep talks, cheer routines, and side-line coaching mark the competitive atmosphere of the Wisconsin Intramural program. The Greeks compete among themselves for the Badger BoWl while Dorms seek the Su- premacy Cup. All sports are played, includ- ing football, basketball, track, hockey, vol- leyball, baseball and badminton. Many groups compete within Intramurals — for in- stance, the annual Chi Phi Wiggish Bowl, the Greek answer to the Rose Bowl. The Intramural office provides opportunities for non-varsity athletes to participate in all sports. Wisconsin is a shorts-minded schooJ- whether participating, watching, skating on the lake, or skiing down Bascom. As thaw upon thaw finally melts Mendota, Hoofers can ' t wait to sail on the May-icy lake. lESWITTli « »-« 9 WT But until the caTn us can move outside, movies are a jinme source of relaxation. 117 778 Wfsconstn students can -fiarty anywhere — the Pub, the Union, or a mattress-hned fraternity living room. 779 RathBkellar f I f Three Bells A certain closeness comes from having places to go where old friends meet, and new ones are found. Pancake House }22 Folk Art Society Trends in music are readily a ' f)i)arent 123 124 and Wisconsin is enthusiastically perpetuating the folk music fever. " - J 126 727 Israeli folk dancing The twist IS out, the Beatle is tn — ana so 7s folk dancing. Uid CriiK.s Iili,i,(l Drivf A University student s enriched not only by the myriad of extracurriculars, but also by the opportunity to be a giving person. Puhhc health turned into j)rivate concern with the release of the smoking-cancer link. Concern for oneself went beyond health, sometimes reaching into the secret core of aloneness. 73? 732 But for many, sohtude meant hemg alone together. 733 734 MlHK VIh.-..ii :ij AWS Slyli- Slmw AWS Styli ' Sliow AWS Styli ' Show 735 Assoctated W omen Students — httle-lauded ongtnators of everything from a style snow to the new hours ruling. HK I IllJ p: AWS Exocutivo Council Stiuiont Suiiatc 736 WSA offlcp WSA Executives f 737 Another behind-the-scenes governing body is the Wisconsin Student Association, providing the university with exam files, a travel bureau, and mimeograph service. student Sonatc? 138 W.SA ciinimlttec IntiTvliws WSA all-c;unpus clrctinns WSA (•(nninit( ' ' i ' int ' ivii ' ws 739 WSA also handles camjius elections, Homecoming, Model UN, and Sym. osium During Mode? UN, delegates ' from various natrons earnestly try to solve the world ' s problems. 140 741 142 Wnllarc scmlnin Wallncc- " I Iiiivf ncviT ili ' Tu-d !i cmirt nnii ' r. Lunch with Lomax O-fyjyosing ideologies held forth at the 1964 Sym- osium, " Discourses in Dissent. ' Lomax Seminar 144 us Mock Political Convention took over Great Hall — Democrats were behind Johnson, while Republicans were " rantin for Scranton. Peace Corfis recruiters found hundreds of idealistic students who were . . . 146 U7 748 not only fnterested tn foreign affairs, hut were also involved in civil rights issues. Aliil»ama clnir h bombing demonstration with Nazi protest 150 IntiTiiat jonnl (Hniniu-t and Tea Shop at tlio lOe. ' t International Festival. Intrrnntionjil C nh dinnrp rnpst. Far-flung student inter- ests enconfpassed activities from Inter- national Cluh to Little International . 151 Little International 152 Thousands of students daily trudged Observatory Drive from dorms to classes. f Hw mv mmn t i oi r in 754 Dorm living created smaller identity groujis within a large university. UJ !». 156 •l » f f « •»% f« • ♦ 758 ».!• ' «n I,, lilt. I 159 Some students preferred living in indej endent houses, or eating in co-ofis. iinx ' U LaiUt-ru M!!!! !!!!!. EEEEEEEEEEEErEsE:!!!!!! ! " !! ' !- ii i«i ii ' i ' I ' ' iEEEEEEEESsESEEE5 ' ' ii ' ii ' iiiiiri II 1HIMIIIIIII===-=====SC===lllinil ltl|!-{ iinitT0iMMirr=zs==r=5SSSSSSini!irTrfi)i! " i II HIIIIIMIIII==========Z====lllllllllllllili (1; !! ' .!P! ' " ' M!===========5S=rS0llimi!!n!l( 1 1 i MMmjWJJ!— —===-- — — jj I M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - " ' 160 jylany found apartment jtrivacy desirahle. These students had the rjvjJege of raiding their own refrigerators, hut . 76? 162 ' Hi W S fiOIH h WtSVi: ' .. Puff W ' )OLlUSi.?Htli LI HI l yiON.SILK. fiAYON ■iYNmr C ' WIICM Hlu lk: LkvmiRlfiG MIOVLO MCI B. m ' ii DRYFP ' 9 they also discovered the necessity of learning how to sho , cook, and scrub floors. 163 These chores were handled without complaint by Wisconsjn s many married students . . . 164 t ' Vt .t ' • 765 for often they had greater res ' ponsihihties. 766 sorcrity nisli fratornity rush eon vocation ' m 1 fraternitj- rush convocation Life on Langdon Street beckoned for those eager to become Greeks. T68 fraternity rush convocation fralpiiilly rush To benefit the entire campus, I-F and Pan-hel sponsored Humorology, Symposium speaker Dwight MacdonaJd, and Union Forum speakers. fraternity rush I ' adfiy Murphy l)ay Being a Greek meant more than just beer su ers ana Humorology rehearsal breaks — fraterntti e s and sorortt es enriched the lives of many students. Alpha I ' lil, SAi; I ' lnldy Miirjiliy liiiy Alpha Phi Dad ' s Day 771 Fiji Island Pai ' ty ■Yell-LiliC-Hell " 172 When winter melts into spring, the campus blossoms with not-yet-tan students tn hermuaas ana sunglasses. 773 i V v . 174 175 Senioritis rises in direct fro-fiortion to the tem-f)erature. Although, classes and studying may he abandoned, joh interviews are diligently attended. 776 7 00 soon, graduation comes. Seniors become nostalgic ahout the university, about where they ' ve spent four years of their lives. 778 It s time to remember the eo Je, the places that meant so much. the H-T. the Rat. the f)harm . . . Pub lathskellar Rennebohm ' s J 80 Zoology labs and the fascinating innards of rats, or frogs. Remember Mat Conhns hoarse newspaper-selling voice, and Maxis sticky taffy apples. -., a .?A ' 1 com, snowless winter was magically transformed, turning Bascom Hill into a frothy white wonder. 781 fV! - Union Trrrace 782 lilirory mnll spring brought walks on the peaceful lake aths, Bahcock ice cream, a coke on the Union Terrace. ;- I,, ' ■, ■ .■ %z Remember the j)roud way it felt when everyone sang " Varsity. " 185 18 6 Enriched, our lives continue. 1 administration 188 Picsiilciu I ' nil H. Haningloii President Harrington Dr. Fred Ilarvcy Harrington believes that a university president nuist be- long to ilie students and facidty. Coni])leting his second year, the central adminislraiion diiector lias foinid that an iinporiani pait of his diuies in- clude recognizing alunuii anil ])resenting the face oi the University to the people of the state and woi Id. President H:ii i ington ' s plans lor the future indutlc exjiansion of the cam- pus, new emphasis on international relations, and provision lor more ad- vanced courses. 189 Governor John V. Reynolds Governor John W. Reynolds Wisconsin ' s Democratic Governor John V. Reynolds attended the University of Wisconsin as an undergraduate in economics and received his hnv degree from the university in 1947. As an active aliminus and as Wisconsin ' s chief executive, Governor Reynolds has a two-fold interest in university policy. This year he advocated the continuance of the former student tuition expenses and a legislative increase in the uni crsity builget, as well as further development in research and expansion of university facilities. Board of Regents - •J 9 m 1 ft Hi r ■ f ' .« • ' K -. c _mj ■ ■ 1 ' — lliiaiil ol Kvj i:iu%-I iisi lloir: An(;us K- Riuliucll, Klli ' . 1 ' . Jc[is ii, i(c ' i)r siil(iit. J.Koh I ' . I ' ricdriik. prcsidciil. Mall A. WciiKi. Srtotid Koir: t li.nlts 1). (.elalt, Arlhcr DcBardcleben. Gilbert C. Rohiif, (ail I ' .. SiciKci, Kciintili I., (.nciuiuisi, Mauikc I!. I ' asih. Sci in} as ihc polii iiKiking Ixxh lor ilu ' University ;uk1 its cciikTs is liii ' I ' iii fisilv Boiiiil oi Refills wliiili I ' curcsciils the |)((i|)l( ' (il ' is( Diisiii. Tlu ' icniiu ' inljcr boaril acts on ui (Himuiulaiions oi the (i. ' adminis- tration and sfis llu ' |)()li( Ini a|)])i ( in_n promotions, a|)]) ininu ' nls ol ])rolcssorN and assistant |)r()k ' ssois, lor ciianf iiig tiic nnii(idum. and lor aiiiptiiiR gifts and grants. University ixpansioii planning is another area demanding Regent attention ami (()o|)eiation with the Wisconsin C;o-ordinaiing Committee lor lligiier Educa- tion. Board of Visitors Board of Visitors— fin Ron-: Mrs. Bruno ' . Bitkcr. Iis, Jolm J, ;ilsh. Mis h,ui,| o. Junes. Mrs. L. J. Walker. Mrs. Robert D. Johns. Second Roxu: F. Frederick Slender, Dale R. Clark. Bidwcll K. Gage, Milton E. Schneider, Christ T. Seraphim, Floyd Springer, Jr. Absent- Mrs. James Hill, Jr. Although the Board of Visitors serves as a liaison be- tween the University and the people, it is mainly an advisory body set up to conduct research on proposed actions concerning both the Madison campus and the University centers. It then submits reports to the Uni- versity Board of Regents. The twelve-member Board of Visitors may initiate incjuiries into aspects not covered by the Regents, yet their findings must be approved by the policy-making Regents. Chosen for four-year terms, six members are appointed by the Alumni Association, three by the governor, anil three by the Board of Regents. Deans The University Dean for Public Service is a new position in ihe cen- tral administration. Dean Leroy E. Luberg ]3resents the total University program to the people through speak- ers, extension, and television, aiding the economy of the state in agricul- ture, industry, and law. University Dean for Student Affairs fartha Peterson serves as the student- facidty liaison to the regents and pres- ident. Creating long-range plans, she hopes to achieve student individuality dcs]jite the increase in campus size. Acting Dean of Students, Lewis E. Drake, along with student leaders, ])lans to strengthen stutlent organiza- tions. Dean Drake works closely with Acting Dean of Women, Patricia Tautfest and Dean of Men, Theodore Zillman. These three serve on many student-faculty committees and handle most daily (ampus problems. LcRoy Luberg. University Dean for Public Service Martha Peterson, University Dean for Student Affairs Lewis Drake, Dean of Students. 793 Theodore Zillman, Dean of Men. Patricia Tautfest, Dean of Women. 194 Vice-presidents Robert Clodius, icc-president and Acting Provost. Neil C:afferly, Vircprcsidtnl for Hiisincis All.iiis iiul A. V. I ' c-tcr- son, Vicc-prc-sidcnt and Tiust OITitcr. Neil C;t(reity, Vicc-])icsi(lciit for Htisincss Affairs, is responsible for the o|)er;itiiip; hiulgel ami day-to-day Uni- iisiiy biisiiK ' ss liiiu tiniis. Roliert L. Cloiliiis, virc-prcsi- ilciii of Acuit nii( Allaiis, develops teaching; ami research programs and sei es as , ling; Provost chief and adminis- irali e oflicer foi the Madison campus. .Mbcrt V. Peter- son. ' i( c-prcsidciil (il liiiantc and liiisl l ' ' iinds, is in (harge of planning and (niandiig campus building pro- jei Is and iinisiing trust hinds whose income may be ttscd l) llie I ' niv iisilv. Assistants to the President Karl Krill, Special Assistant to the President. Donald McNeil, Special Assistant to the President. Four assistants to the president carry out the policy decisions of the central administration. Robert Taylor, public relations direc- tor, supervises the University News Serv- ice and the University Publications in which the changing campus and new curriculum are presented to the state. George Field works for the president on special projects with the state legis- lature and state agencies. He is also the president ' s liaison to the alumni. Donald McNeil is in charge of raising funds, usually from industry, for large- scale special projects. Karl E. Krill plans for future research and academic devel- opment on campus. George Field and Robert Taylor, Assistants lo the President. Ray Hilscnhoff, Student Financial Adviser. Porter Rutls. Director of the Memorial Union. The SttKkiit Coimseling Centci ' with iwv. i)hintary t uiclancc foi solviiif sliitlciu ])iobleins is only one of the special services avaihibie to University students. Stiulent loans and scholarships are available to those with finan- cial nceil, while stiulent organizations may receive finan- cial advice. The Resilience Halls provide housing for over 25 per cent of the students, and the University News Service distributes news of campus happenings to state and hometown newspapers. Also offered are the services of the student infirmary, Wisconsin Union, and the housing bineaii. Special Services Jack Newman, Director of University News Service. William Thomas, Acting Director of Student Counseling Center. 197 Chester Allen, Acting Director of Housing Bureau. Newell Smith, Director of Residence Halls. Robert Bolin, Director of Loans and Undergraduate Scholarships. 198 •v- ' r | Robert Rcnncbohm. executive director of the Visconsiii Foundation, and James Bie, administrative secretary, review plans for the year ' s activities. Sludcni Mi[i|Hiil 111 ilic I l (liicin Ail (x ' nlci ImmuI l)ii c was liighlighlcd in May uiili ;in (luldixir " Ikan l " eed " . earning SSSO. In keeping with its avowed purpose " ... to collect and receive gifts, be(]ncsts, devises or other things of value for the benefit ol the I ' nivtrsiiy . . . " , the P ' oun- dation is presently (oiiihic ling a nation-wide campaign to raise .S.S,. ()0,()00 for the diisii ik lion of tiie Klvtiijcin Art Centei on ilic lower (aiii|)iis. With tiie gciuioiis siippoi I of loyal ahinnii and friends all o (r ihe woild, this iin])oitanl latilily is well on its way In l)( Milling a icalilv. University of Wisconsin Foundation Devising ways to raise money for construction of a conference-scininar room in the Elvehjem Art Center are members of the Class of 1915 Reunion Cximmittee: Seated: Russell F. Lewis, Beulah Dahle, Harvey V. Higley, chairman, Nat. P. Biart. Standing: Noble Clark, Capt. Jos. W. Bollenbeck, Joe VV. Jackson, and James S. Watrous, professor of art history. 199 Robert Rcnnebohm looks at the poster ilcsigneil by Prof. James .S. Watrous for the Elvehjem . rt Center. The University of Wisconsin Foundation was organ- ized in 1945 by a group of interested alumni as a private, non-profit corporation for the advancement and benefit of the University. Since that time, they have solicited and received gifts for scholarships, fellowships, profes- sorships, equipment, and special purpose buildings which are not provided for in legislative appropriations. These buildings include the Alumni House, the rededicatcd Carillon, the Wisconsin Center, which has proved to be an outstanding focal point for adult education, the Medi- cal Library, and now, the Elvehjem Art Center. he annual Alumni Dinner highlights June class reunions. 200 is(i nsiri Alumni Associalion i ' lesidcnl (ihurlcs (). Newlin is sliown at the nnhi uuli his (laughter Janet, a junior at the University, and Viee-presideiu Robert I.. Cikiilius. The Wisconsin Alumni Association, comprised of more than 25,000 former Badgers scattered throughout the world, sponsors a program of activities designed to bring alumni closer to tiicir University. Working closely with the administration, alumni have come to play an increasingly important role in the development of a changing University. and members for the " Alumni Fun " CBS television show arc David Susskind, ' 42, television roducer; William Beverly Murphy, ' 28, president of Campbell Soup Company; and Nat Hiken, 6, television writer and producer. l his group of Badgers went on the first .Association-sponsored European trip in the summer of 1963. Association president during the past year was Charles O. Newlin of Chicago. Arlie M. Mucks, Jr., executive director, is responsible for the management of the or- ganization ' s wide scope of activities including: alumni club programs, class reunions, student previews and scholarships, and an intensive informational program headed by the publication of the Wisconsin Alumnus magazine. Wisconsin Alumni Association Registrar The activities of Wayne L. Kuckkahn are concerned with two positions, Registrar and Director of Admissions. As Registrar, Mr. Kuckkahn handles the maintenance and certification of student records, and the registration of the entire student body. His responsibilities as Director of Admissions include carrying out admission require- ments stemining from the Admissions Com- mittee. Mr. Kuckkahn is also the director of a new High School Relations Department established by the University of Wisconsin on July 1, 1963. 202 Wauic Kuckkahn, Rcgistxu Secretary To The Faculty The assignment of class rooms, and management of the information office and faculty statistics are among the rcsponsiijilities of the Secretary to the Faculty. Final examination schedules, and publica- tion of time tables are only a few of the problems confronting Alden W. White. Mr. White, an alum- nus of the University of Wisconsin, acts as an cffi- cienc)- expert in the coordination of our commence- ment and preservation of all educational records. Aldcn Vliili-, Sr nl n l.i ,. I.i iill colleges Agriculfure Dean R. K. Frokcr 204 Couists ill home ilcsigii an- oircrci! bv the Sdiool dl IIotik Ki nomics, pan of the CiolUgc of AgiiciiliuK . Thr preschool lab gives stiulciKs a cliaiicc lo sliuly iliild diAclop- nu-nl. Graduate research projects are an important part of the College of Agriculture, serving as the base for the three-fold program of the college. There is the educational function which includes Genetics, Biochemistry, Home Econ omics, Poidtry and Husbandry, and Veterinary Science. To meet college growth, new buildings are being constructed, like the H. S. Russell Laboratories. The second program is departmental research. The experimental farm program serves to test principles of larniing in the state. Lancaster Farm in Cirant County is the newest of the eight farms. The county agent program combines the research and educational fimctions by presenting agricultural improvements to the people of the state. Many foreign students come to the University to do graduate work in agriculture. 205 Agriculture students leani the finer points of meat judging. -: i Alpha Zctn—fint Row: Dr. G. Beck, B. Olson, G. Borchaiilt, J. Oleson, D. Kiaiisc, J. McCaffrcc, D. Koch. Second Row: J, Caldwell, J. Greshik, G. .Schmidt, M. Paulsen, R. Claldwell. G. Biuscwitz, L. LaMar. Third Row: M. Sunde, A. Smith, T. Sharratt, D. Bewcy, B. McCown, R. Uschold, 1. .Stciiiei. W. Neuman. 206 Alpha Zeta Aljjha Zeta, honoiaiy agiicultural fraternity, recog- nizes good scholarship, leadership, and character among students in the School of Agriculture. At the annual spring Initiation Banquet, a freshman award and a .f500 sophomore scholarship are presented. The officers were Glen Borchardt, president; John Oleson, vice-president; Bob Olson, secretary; and Dan Krause, treasurer. Omicron Nu Omicron Nu is a national honorai society which promotes leadership, scholarship, and research in the field of home economics. Members are chosen on the basis of their grade-point average. The officers were Susan Guptill, president; Nancy Frank, vice-president; Yvonne Akeson, treasmer; and Jill Southworth, editor. Omicron Ku—First Roil ' : J. Southworth, ]. Stliiii(h. S. Guptill. N. Iiaiik, Y. Akeson. R. Newman. Second Row: B. Johnson, J. Moylc, .M. Curweii, S. MauciniaiiM, |. Gut In, ). I ' hillips, C ' . Ward, N. Bly. Phi Upsilon Omicron— f iii Row: C. Lande, M. ' atls, L. Williams, S. Mauermann, R. Rowald, C. Bishofbcigcr, C. Makela, M. Lewandowski, K. Anding. Second Row: J. Schurch, M. Moore, W. Brereton, J. Gutzler, J. Emden, J. Jordan, H. Hardiman, M. Mezera. Third Row: K. Walter. H. Burcalow, M. Owen, L. Ehrhardt, C. Rademacher, J. Streng, S. Fifrick. Phi Upsilon Omicron The purpose of Phi Upsilon Omicron, honorary pro- fessional home economics sorority, is to recognize and promote the development and leadership of its members. The professional project for this year was compiling and distributing a set of slides and a script to high school groups interested in home economics. 1963-64 officers were Shelby Mauermann, president; Roberta Rowald, vice-president; and Maryjo Lewandowski, treasurer. Agricultural Economics Society Comprised of students who are interested in agricul- tural economics, this society distributed a bulletin of seniors in the field to prospective employers and other graduate schools. A monthly guest speaker program, which aided in exploring opportunities in this discipline, and an annual spring picnic were planned by president William Herrmann, vice-president Ed Brooks, and sec- retary-treasurer, Russ Schuler. 207 Agricultural Economics Society— fi« Roui: T. Traeder, W. Schomberg, T. Weyhmller, W. Herrmann, E. Brooks. S. Staniforth, R. Sambolah, R. Theis. Second Row: M. Ratzburg, D. Arnold, E. Morgan, E. Biewer. R. Schuler. E. Michael, S. Heth, W. Eustice, J. Fisher, G. Abdoullah. Agriciillinal aii l Extension V.d.—Hrsl Roif: R. Reiif, R. (olliy, J. Sniolki, D. Prill, R. Risky, J. Hcnsel. Second Row: V. Paddock, J. Kluelzman, A. Richtcr. I.. .Marlcll, J. Biaj g, ihird Row: J. Zininicinian, K. Heneker, U. Manthe, O, Kiaus, Fourth Row: D, Tiaastad, L. Kull. B. Staller. J, Kocpkf, J. Banliel. Agricultural and Extension Education Club The Agric:iiltur;il and Extension KthuaiioTi (llub. ioinieih known as FFA, Future Farmers ol America, was organi iil to l)enefu all indi iikials interested in agriculture. Open to graduate stuilents and luulergratls, the grt)up awards a scholarship to the outstanding sophomore member and sponsors exchange trips to other schools. Speaker programs and the sunnner picnic were planned by Robert Ruef, president; Riciiard Colby, vice-president; Duane Manthe, secretary; and Bernie Staller, treasurer. Agricultural Student Council— FiVji Rouk J. McCaffree, R. Colby, J. King, J. Oleson, N. Meier. Row Two: Dean Kivlin, T. Weilcr, D. Koch, E. Brooks, J. Bragg, R. Ruef. Roxu Three: D. Manthe, A. Gresch, A. Kull, M. Paulsen, R. Olsen, V. Herrman. Row Four: D. Krause, J. Zimmer- man, H. Aleckson, G. HalgelencI, J. Caldwell, G. Borchardt. Agricultural Student Council The Agricultural Student Council plans the programs and activities of all agricultural organizations on cam- pus and helps bridge the gap between students and faculty members. Some of these activities are a Mid- winter Ball, highlighted by the announcement of a queen, and a spotlight bancjuet which recognizes out- standing seniors and scholarship winners. John King, the council president, also represents the Agriculture campus in Student Senate. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Limited to graduates and undergraduates who are en- rolled in agricultural engineering, the club tries to keep students aware of any news in the field. In addition to the monthly meetings, a student-faculty banquet is held every spring. Officers were: Dan Krause, John Berger, John Rosenau, and Dave Kellesvig. American Society o£ Agricultural Engineers fin( Row: D. Krause, D. Erbach, D. Kellesvig, J. Rosenau, J. Berger. Second Row: J. Vincent. G. Schncn, J. Gruenewald, J. Tamayo, D. Hintz. Third Row: R. Stettler, G. Brusewitz, E. Kooistra, T. Hunsader. Fourth Row: A. Gresh, R. McVrther, W. Hankel, B. Brandt, D. Jeanquart. Fifth Roto: G. Vollbrecht, K. Behling. J. Doornink, R. Maly, P. Pulokas, R. Bawn, T. Lembeke, L. Hare, T. Priske. Sixth Row: M. Finner, R. Dachelet. G. Barrington, L, Linnerud, P. Bautz, R. Goetz. A. Erami, J. Halderson, W. Burca- low, M. Burkhardt, T). Henderson. Blue Shield 4-H The Blue Shield Club, organized for students majoring. in extension or 4-H Club work, offers programs aimed at developing social and functional skills, and teaching the value of rural living. Activities for the year included two week-end extension trips. Officers include Jim Bragg, president; David Viney, vice-president; Rita Benecker, secretary; and Larry Mar- tell, treasurer. Blue Shield 4-H— FiVif Row: T. Lerabcke, K. Kraft, K. Wilson. L. Marty, R. Benson, J. Dooniink. Second Roxv: A. Grcsch, J. Franckowiak, R. Bcnckcr, D. incy, J. Bragg. M. Lewandowski, K. Klausch, L. Martell, R. Ransom. Third Row: J. .Smollcr, B. Burcalow, R. Craig, R. Zarovy, J. Keopple, J. Martinson, P. Goetsch, A. Kramolis, E. Proctor, M. Jefferson, J. Herman, M. Martell. B. Thomson, A. Gaspardo. Fourth Row: D. Johnson, G. Seidler, C. Ander- son, J. Lembcke, N. Gerner, P. Bade, J. Olson, T. Dvorak, A. Waterworth, R. Lcmbcke, C. Martin, J. Barthel. Badger Crops and Soils Club— finf Row: Dr. J. R. Love. V. Lorciiz, R. Smith, J. King, G. Borchardt, L. Daniels, J. Franckowiak, D. Graetz, R. Stark, Dr. R. H. Andrews. Second Row: W. Gempeler, G. Garvoille, J. Doperalski, T. Buchholz, A. Hartwig, T. Tomlinson, L. Chaudoir, J. O ' Donnell, D. Owens, E. Theus, R. Gonske, T. Wen- ninger, R. Duerst. Third Row: B. Frazier, R. Siegel, W. Custer, C. Abdoullah, G. Krause, L. Binning, W. Bamdt, R. Schmitz, B. Miller, D. Heidel, J. Koppke, A. Bogenschneider. Badger Crops and Soils Club Home Economics Club Badger Crops and Soils Club is composed of students in soils, conservation, and other related fields. The club ' s monthly program consists of an interesting speaker in the agricultural field. Members also sponsor a University land-judging team which competes with the Big 10 schools. Club officers were: Glenn Borchardt, president; Jack King, vice-president; Lewis Daniels, secretary; and Jerome Frankowiack, treasurer. The Home Economics Club, college chapter of the American Home Economics Association, encourages cre- ativity in their field and promotes home economics in the community. In addition to the informative speakers at the monthly meetings, the club initiates graduating seniors into the AHA. The officers were: Sandra Fifrick, Teresa Dvorak, Barbara Swirin, Wilma Brereton, and Carol Anderson. 277 Home Economics Club— fi?s( Row: S. Jones, B. Swirin, W. Brereton. J. Keopple, S. Fifrick, T. Dvorak, C. Ander- son, J. Scorgie, A, Moncrief. Seco7id Row: M. Mezera, D. Meinholz, M. Richlau, J. Arena. J. Hermann, A. Gaspardo, B. Hammermeister, D. Wood, A. Pohlman, Mrs. Paschall, Mrs. Beach. Third Row: R. Rowald, K. Moore, L. Hol- lander, C. Christianson, S. Marbl, N. Du Bois, W. Hammermeister, J. Christ, B. Hammer, M. Hill, S. Bachhuber. Saddle and Sirloin-f rv Rmv: G. Schmidt, Dr. D. A. Wicckcit, G. Tiapp. B. Hcttiga, S. Balbe. N. First, H. Vincy, D, Koch. R. Rucf, H. Alcckson, R. Colby, K. Oakcy. K. Whiteside, B. Johnson, X. Kutchcra, M. JcfTcrson. Second Row: R. .Sippel, D. Nelson. L. Hollander, J. Herman, N. De Beukclor, L. Majcskie, R. Briiigc, G. Hclgcland, D. N ' usbaum, L. Clark, M. Grimme, D. Olson, C. Schultz. C:. Huschka, J. Christ. Third Row: E. Jensen. P. Farra. J. Lonergan, R. Destree, E. Brooks. G. Lintvedt, C Mashan. P. Fcniandcs, J. Barthel. N. Meier, R. Craig. F. Cox, L. Johnson. Foiutli Row: 1 ' . Eberle, .M. .Sonnad. W. Moeri, J. Kocpk, J. Grabarski, R. Cretney. J. Hamilton, R. Ransom. A. Hardie, J. Zimmerman, K. Baars. P. I ' ett. J. .Smoller. mUt Row: I.. Rasch. J. Knieger. M. Beilkc, ,S. Lobeck. R. Rowe, R. Black, B. Kncstihg, D. Traastad, J. Wilks. R. Zarovy. K. Taylor. R. Held. J. Doyle. Sixth Row: C. Heath, J. Oleson, R. Olson, G. Nelsestuen, R. Peterson, R. Kattestad, J. Grcshik, J. Caldwell, G. Reichardt, N. Yogcrst, F. Roscnow. Saddle and Sirloin Members of .Satkllc ami Siiloin work (o .siimulalc interest in the meat, animal, and daily stieiues as (.ll as in liM ' stotk piodiit lion. Ik ' sidcs spon- soliiif; a judging learn loi iiual and IJNeslotk. the dub also presents the Little Imeiiialional I.ivestot klloise .Show in March. The aiiangeinems for this veal ' s show have beiii made by the olheers: Heib Aletkson, Dave Viney, Dick (!oll)v, and (.leini .Schmidt. Horticulture Club— pint Roxv: L. Martell, R. Ramsden, L. Marty, J. Kruepkc, L. I auilici, J. Dickson, D. Heidel, R. Balge. Second Row: A. Giriacks, A. Boettcher, P. Ascher, G. Draheim, M. Paulsen, H. Meyer, F. Paulsen, G. Dawson, T. Hartberg. Third Row: D. Grant, A. Heiilel, R. McCown. Prof. E, R. Hassclkus, T. VVeiler, D. Dewsnap, G. Burt. Horticulture Club The Horticulture Club, started in 1960, offers the op- portunity to explore openings in the field of vegetable and fruit crop production. In addition to academic field trips, the club holds a socially oriented spring picnic and a Christmas party. Heading the main activities of the club were president, Thomas Weiler; vice-president. Brent McCowen; secretary, David Grant; and treasurer, David Dewsnap. Student Association of Landscape Architects Organized for those students specializing in landscape architecture, this association works primarily to familiar- ize students with the field and to stimulate further inter- est in it. Led by officers William Neumann, president; Kent Johnson, vice-president; Jim Wright, secretary; and Larry Burcalow, treasurer, group meetings featured three guest speakers of special prominence in architecture. Student Association of Landscape Architects— f iit Row: R. Stanley, G. Hammond, L. Burcalow, W. Neumann, G. Longenecker, J. Wright, L. Otjen. Second Row: R. Stein, A. Bessey, D. Hurtgen, P. Werth, P. Tresh. Third Row: W. Jacobsen, S. Soltteira, S. Seeliger. T. Murray, R. Kochn. Fourth Row: D. Buettner, D. King. F. Goold, L. Lamar, V. Cornelia. Fifth Row: T. Statz, J. Albert, A. Ciriacks, C. Stromberg, J. Kinder. Sixth Row: J. Larson, J. Kavemeier, VV. Moorman, P. Zoeller, A. Trayser, J. Lynch. Dean Envin Gaumnitz. 2U Maiiagciiiciii proldcms ]i]i(;lil arisi- in business arc discussed by commerce students. Commerce The commerce library is a favorite study place. 215 Graduate students in commerce work on a rescarcli project with Professor Fine. Today the field of business is demanding a broadened and diversified education from potential employees. Therefore, the School of Commerce requires two years of general education, usually in L S, Engineering, or Agriculture, before admitting juniors into Commerce. The school then emphasizes mathematics, training pro- grams, and motivational research. In the School of Commerce, students also deal directly with managerial and functional problems of Madison businesses, thereby gaining practical business experience. Using computers, they also codify statistics in market re- search for these companies. Finally, the school of Commerce is orienting its stu- dents toward graduate school by supplying theoretical knowledge in addition to technical training, complying with contemporary business demands. 1 f t " lgf •V ' _ Vi i 1 1 1 ' S Beta C.aniina Sigma— " (n Roir: J. Bower. W. Knight. F. Eluill. A. I, ins. . . Hunt, M. Bantmcris, V. Btranck, H. ,Soll)crg. Second Row: L. Runzlicimer, R. Schrocdcr, R. Howard, R. Howell. J. Howard, H. Thompson. R. Tcsch, E. Hershnian, W. VVtttstein. T. Mittelsteadt, R. Hawlcv, K. Zehms. 216 Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma, a national commerce honorary society founded at Wisconsin, is celebrating its fiftieth ;inni ersary. There are rigid requirements for member- .- liip, which is by election only. Initiation banquets and guest speakers, ranging from corporation executives to facidty members, highlight each year ' s events. Officers were Mike Bantuveris, president; Allan Hunt, vice presi- dent; and Angeline Lins, secretary. Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary fraternity for accounting majors, was organized to " foster a professional attitude toward accounting ami allied functional areas of busi- ness. " Activities incluiled joint meetings with Madison CPA ' s, field trips, and a spring dinner dance. Officers this year were president, James Kahl; vice-jiresident, fames Severence; secretary, Mike Fetge; and treasurer, Bill Wettstein. Ilcia Alph.i IM Inst llinr: M. Icslgc. C. MiAicii. I ' liil. |. C. (.jhson. |. Kahl, K. A. (..innuul , . Wiiisliin. ), .Severance. Sirotid How: I ' . .Salem, M. Salim, A. llas.san, M. MeKa , I ' lol. R. K. Iiitlle, I ' rol. !• ' .. J. Bowei. I hiid Kow: K. .elims. L. Run heimer. . . Nieiler, R. Kralovelz. I ' ouilh How: J. Hansen, .A. Wigrliers, C. Sherman, M. CJosman, P. VVeiner, I. C.eissler, Prof. E. J. Blakelv. Hflli Row: (... Peterson, R. SclntHcler, V. Axnick, I). Below, R. Beeknian, K. Swenson, 1). Sixlli Row: 1). RadlofI, 1). Masche, J. Topping. R. (;ranien, P. Ravid, I). Holz. Seiieiillt Row: W. Maurman, V. Wcileward, W. Derge, C Sperhl. Iif,lilli Row: I Nohavica. II. Neuendorf, J. Knczcl. R. i owcTS, J. Bellangcr, R. Arndt, T. C olleleer, S. I ' .iwn.ill. iulh Row: (.. I ' ahnei. | I ' l.iui . M ( .iiKciri. | I ' ollaid. J. .Anderson, J. Sefcrt, I). Eilmonds, P. May, V. Jarohs. Alpha Kappa Psi— First Roiv: M. Bantuveris, D. Schuette, G. Miller, G. Simmon, D. Pratt. R. Volgt, W. Hoffman. Second Row: K. Knauf. D. Pryse, S. Valinet, D. Huibregtse. R. Wilson, T. Reichert. W. Olson, R. Marshall. K. Rcicharot. Third Row: D. Schneider, D. OUhoff, W. Hanson, C. Jansch, C. Scheider, S. Darwin, S. Pitzner. Alpha Kappa Psi Insurance Society To promote business education and ideals within the I ' niversity is the purpose of Alpha Kappa Psi, a national professional fraternity. A field trip and speaker programs focusing on current business activities made the year interesting. Alpha Mu Chapter was led by Gary Simmon, president; Kenneth Prag, vice-president; Donald Schnei- der, and Howard Hoerl, secretaries; and Chuch Jansch, treasiuer. The purpose of the Insurance Society is to acquaint undergraduates and graduates with the insurance field. They have an annual banquet sponsored by the Wis- consin Association of Life Agents, as well as a speaker from the field at their meetings. Officers were Russell Mueller, president; Mike Franzen, vice-president; and Sue Wohld, secretary-treasurer. 217 Insurance Society— f iif Row: M. Franzen, G. Nelson, B. Varsik, J. Eich, S. Wohld. R. Mueller. Second Rotv: R. Hale, J. Bessert, D. Hcinze. T. Schowalter, G. Bivens. Third Row: A. Whitman. R. Morris, Prof. H. Solberg, B. Cook, D. Heineck, S. Kramer. Fourth Row: D. Hartkopf, R. Casper, J. Yaudes, F. Wickeham. ■s I Marketing CAiib—Finl Row: J. Tessciuioil, D. Williams, J. Evans, Prof. Hansen, Mr. Norton, S. Witt. Second Row: B. Ruzic, N. Lawrence, C. Berge, L. Gratz, S. Bachhuber, C. Melchert, B. Stiendor£, S. Krizan, D. Pratt. Third Row: B. Linder, J. Nixdorf, D. Roal, M. Balthazor, A. Poncini, F. Ogunbamowo, R. Markos, G. Geisler. 278 Marketing Club Marketing Club received a first-hand view of market- ing ' s practical side through lectures and field trips. Mem- bers were guests of the Sales and Marketing Executives of Madison at a diinier. The club, organized through the School of Commerce, was led by John Evans, president; Dick Williams, vice-president, Jeanene Lax, secretary, and Frank Kooistra, treasurer. Phi Chi Theta The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to provide education- al benefits for the women in commerce and economics and to promote further interest in the world of business. Activities included field trips, a Christmas party, and an annual March Founders ' Day Banquet. 1963-64 officers were Joyce Tamminga, president; Ellyn Hershman, vice president; Carol Brigham, secretary; and Jaunita Dewey, treasurer. Phi Chi I hclii- iri Row: J. M jij, I NhxIUi. I) ( .iih. K. | ihnscMi. J. la Rur. . I.ix ingsl.iii. Sci mid Row: M. Wilson. 11. ( oIIhvi. . Ru ii, J. Ocwcy, C. Brigham. J. lamiiiga, I.. Ilcisiiman, J. Beiman, J. lla|)[)k-. I ' hird Row: S. Fowler, J. .Sihaaf. I,. Ilillhardl. M. MiElnuirry, J. Hasemcicr, .S. Bablcr, N. Lawrence, B. X ' erner, L. Martin, C. Berge. fourlh Ruu ' : N. James, J. Wiltox, M. Benedict, B. Rohde, H., J. Weatherwax, K. Morrison, ,S. Fredriikson. |. Moats. Delta Sigma Pi 219 r ' ' ' - . • --4 ■.--, .-. ' . .. vr -■» v.- ■ «■■ ' _«♦ " .- -. Delta Sigina Pi— First Roxc: W. Danklefsen, R. Whitty, J. McWilliaras, G. Stewart, K. Martin, J. Griffin, G. Giosenick, R. Schuh. Second Row: T. Wojalin, H. Beiberstein, A. Wigchers, R. Weiss, C. Shubert, C, Beck, J. Holdrich, P. Ryan. Third Row: D. Gary, R. Green, D. Dukleth, R. Dietrich, J. Thies, J. Fitzgerald, P. Ketchpaw, F. Reimer. Delta Sigma Pi, a business administration and eco- nomics fraternity, has 116 active chapters. The main event of the year was a field trip to Chicago. The group visited places of business, such as the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Board of Trade. The group also heard speakers from the fields of insurance, accounting, and personnel management. During their annual Rose formal at the Edgewater Hotel, Mary Icenogle was crowned Rose Queen. Miss Icenogle will now go to the Delta Sigma Pi National contest, where she will compete with queens from other chapters. Officers for the year included Ken Martin, president; Gary Grosenick and Ron Schunk, vice presidents; Wayne Danklefsen, secretary; and Jim Griffin, treasurer. As the population faithfully multiplies anil the de- mand for more education increases, many new problems 220 face the educational system. The School of Education has already begun planning flexible and alternative programs. The emphasis of these new programs stress cjuality rather than quantity. For example, they base teaching certification on criteria other than the established course requirements. In past years, the Wisconsin Improvement Program ' s classrfM m accomplishments have included the discovery of questioning techniques that give much greater depth to learning, and the development of the nation ' s first multi-screen automated classroom. A just-completed major study involving about 1,000 elementary school pupils throughout the country ex- plored mental health in the classroom and the effects of teacher communication patterns on others. Another state- wide, university-wide contribution was made by the Re- search and Guidance Laboratory for superior students. The laboratory identifies and develops unusual potential among students from 9th grade through college. The an (lc| ailinciil of llic School of Kiliuatioii odcrs ciassis in ail iiiilal. Dean Lindley Stiles Learning the use of illustrative materials in teaching is important for student teachers. Education Dean Kun Wendt FOSTERING OF PROF 5(lQhWM| ENCCiufl GEM T OP.DEV :moft %D " ' te MA lKiNb ' this building:: ' is " dedicated ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' Engineering James I- ' .iilniaii. John lillar anil liaihaia liialc ilurk llu- opiiaiion o a hydraulic servo in a chcniital cngincciing laboialory. The once-distinct line marking the boundaries between Engineering and the Social Sciences is becoming more obscure as increased research proves their interrelationship. The College of Engineering is planning to have joint biological seminars on the graduate level combining the Space Sciences and Engineering as well as inter- disciplinai7 programs with the staffs from medi- cine, psychology, meteorology and other sciences not usually related to engineering. This year marked the third imit completion of the three million dollar engineering building. A few of the projects being requested in the 1965-1971 biennia are: an Engineering Research building, expansion of the Nuclear Laboratory and Engineering building unit No. 4. The college is nationally recognized as being among the top ten engineering colleges in the country. It has also contributed significantly to the literature through original research papers, reports and textbooks, as well as rendering val- uable service to the state on the basis of its re- search programs. The College of Engineering is rapidly expanding in order to meet the in- creasing demand by industry and government for additional engineers. A laboratory in minerals and metals engineering teaches the student concepts through actual experience. Students in Metals Engineering receive practical experience in the Metal Casting Laboratory. 224 Chi Epsilon, a national organization exclusively for civil engineers initiated Professor Harlan of the engi- neering faculty as this year ' s honorary member. Led by James Peterson, president; Thomas Dapp, vice-president; Dwight Zeck, secretary; and Peter Johnson, treasiner; Chi Epsilon invited several guest speakers from the field, including Mr. John Gammcl of Allis Chalmers. Chi Epsilon Chi Epsilon— firs Roxv: M. Quirk, R. Kreibich, P. Johnson, T. Dapp, J. Peterson, D. Zeck. T. Triggs. D. Farley, D. Forester. Second Roxc: D. Mezcra, J. Meyer, D. McMillen. J. Sherman. E. Ikiinborii. I). Walker. J. Blotz, G. Wendt. n mMM uvWE Hrv V . " B K, %- It ' ' ' E W P IIP y Wf H tS ' tffff ' - Wk Eta Kappa Nil— firs Roiv: G. Bergman, L. Wiederholt, A. Ball, R. Schacfer. Second How: B. Derusha. J. Desler, F. McElroy, E. Porwit, W. Amerson, J. Asmuth, J. Howe, W. Kruchten, D. Harden. Third Row: W. Hubrick. C. Kohlman, y. Boheim. J. Tennie, W. Walliiks, J. Lathers, E. Tenpas, M. Hintz, P. Brown, J. Kroesch, D. Hcrold, W. VViclebski. Fourth Roxu: P. Becker, J. Riek, L. Underkofler. J. Weber, J. Marquart, J. Apinis, D. Swart, D. Moses, J. Roemer, A. Scheer, D. Peterson, P. Tharman. Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu is a national association of electrical engineers. The society honors those men in the profes- sion who have outstanding activities and scholastic rec- ords. One project included visiting high schools in order to encourage interest in electrical engineering. Another project built instructional classroom displays. Officers were William Amerson, president; William Kruchten, vice-president; Bob Derusha, treasurer; and Frank Mc- Alroy, secretary. Pi Tau Sigma— fiVi Row: B. Foss, B. Cuppan, R. Krieger, M. Zoeller, G. Molgard, G. Scharpf, B. Jens, W. Zemke, J. Griiendler, R. Schilling, H Pi Tau Sigma 225 Pi Tau Sigma recognizes junior and senior men in mechanical engineering who have shown outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership in campus activi- ties. The F. M. Yoimg award was presented in the spring and a new honorary member was initiated. Offi- cers were Michael Zoeller, president; Roger Krieger and Bruce Cuppan, vice-presidents; and Craig Taylor, treas- urer. Prof. H. Harrison, C. Taylor, P. Stiles. Second Row: J. Williams . Beiitel. 1 au Beta Pi— fin Row: B. I ' nicr, E. I ' oiwit, S. Klabuiue. R. Schink, R. Czaplinski, J, Asmus. Secutul Roiv: J. Peterson. E. P. Mikol (Advisor), D. Walker, J. Teiinie, D. Wcsciibcrg, M. Shichan. H. Berry, R. Schacfer. Third Roic: D. Willard, W. Davis, E. Tenpas, J. A. Ricart, D. Werges, R. Norman, R. Kriegii, C;. Wolskc. D. Houscr, D. Delwiche, D. Peterson, C. Netwal, B. Foss. Fnurtit Row: J. Ellison, H. Kcclcr, J. Sherman, D. MtMillen, B. Cuppan, R. Scliilling, J. Desler, VV. Kriichten, N. Vandcr Linden, P. Thoma, P. Tharman. W. Mitkel- son. Tau Beta Pi Theta Tau Tail Beta Pi honors all engineering students who 226 maintain high scholastic records and character standards. . ctivities included offering tutors to all freshmen taking math, physics, chemistry, and mechanical drawing. Tau Beta Pi also sponsored a .Spring Blood Drive and a sojjhomore honors banquet. Officers included Don Wes- enberg, persident; John Tennie, vice-president; and Midiacl Shcchan, recording secretary. Theta Tau, a national professional engineering fra- ternity, is composed of men in all branches of engineer- ing, and strives to provide a satisfactory balance between social and professional development. The group spon- sored a series of lectures and technical speakers at its banquets. Social activities included hayrides, pledge parties, and a Founders ' day banquet. Officers were John Albright, president: Joseph Moviz o, vice-presicient; Ger- ald Bi jak, scribe; and Dwight Zeck, treasurer. Theta Tzu— First Row: G. Bi jak, O. Zeck, J. Movizzo, J. .Albright, R. Peterson, J. Beikwith. Second Row: P. Sesing, R. George. R. I.chner. I,. Norgaard, J. Peterson, S. .Schellin, D. Lucoff, S. .Anscll. Third Row: D. Casper, J. Bean, L. Soltis. J. Winkler, C. Barton, 11. Kruger, D. Seidl. J. Imhof. American Society Civil Engineers— fi7 s Row: L. Ingalls, S. Frcdrickson. J. Parisi, E. Doss, J. Holme, R. Nilles. Second Roio: L. Jost, M. Quirk, P. Johnson, K. Koseik, D. McMillen, R. Dopp, G. Wesolowsik, T. Triggs, Prof. E. C. Wagner, D. Forester, J. Murphy, A. Lorenz. Third Row: J. Kubasta. G. Gerdman, D. Mezera, J. AVolf. J. Sherman, E. Beinbom, D. Walker, J. Blotz, G. Wendt, T. Meilahn, T. Bee, G. Bizvak. Fourth Rou - R. Bennett. R. Lofy, R. Peterson. J. Peterson, D. Farley. T. Frailing. J. Beckwith, L. Wernigg. D. Schucffer. D. Bauer. T. Kingl, J. W ' halen. Fifth Row: J. Meyer. J. Baumgardt, K. Voigt. D. Zeck. T. Del.aat. D. Struckmcyer. J. .MBright. G. Schaefer. K. Konkcl, R. Carlson, i ' -. Brun. D. Kane. American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Civil Engineers members met and spoke with professional engineers on aspects of their field in industry and private practice. .Socially, members |)artici]}ated in Polygon Boards ' St. Patrick ' s Day Dance and activities. In A]jril, led by President Dennis Mc- Millen, they hosted the Midwest conference for ASCE students. Other officers were: Dick Clarkowski, vice- president, John Albright, secretary, and Dan Bauer, treasurer. American Institute of Chemical Engineers The American Institute of Chemical Engineers was organized to provide students of chemical engineering with data in cmrent acti ities of the chemical industry. Representatives from the industry spoke at the monthly meetings. Officers were Paul Mueller, president; Dwayne Oelke, vice-president: and Lerr) Krohn, secretary-treasurer. American Institute Chemical Engineers— F ji Rou : Prof. Sather, R. Borsum, L. Jacobs, L. Krohn, P. Mueller, D. Oclke, K. Kuehlthau, T. Koval, L. Peterman. Second Roie: J. Jensen. J. Harder, D. Rudd, X. Vandcrlinden, H. Oscni, T. Kennedy, . Pranica. J. Peterson, J. Rodcn- berg. Third Ron ' : T. Carvis, W. Koski, J. Christensen. M. Blanchet, R. Antonie. R. Schaefer. R. Ziminski. Fourth Row: T. Liong-Seng, P. Beilyet. R. Bortz. K. Scharpf. R. Peterson. W. Burri. Fifth Row: P. Woolhiser, I. Feiz, G. Grant. G. Steidtman, W. Davis. J. Krejci, C. La Chapelle, ' . Sodhani. Sixth Roto: R. Nezda, R. Kolda, C. Brugger, D. VVerges, F. Steffes, D. Jaeger, K. Wood, R. Vickers, J. McGinnity, G. Urben, M. Miske. 227 nstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers [[ l.l: Iirsl Ktnr: ). I iiiiiii-. I ' . I.cIcIa ii , . Ki lie li Icii, ). Dcski, (). I ' lliisoii, W. I hisiiis. (.. iS|Hi mail. I. Caiia. H. Ncciivalal, N. Macioiic, (.. C.iiictt. Second How: K. S alai, P. Viclan l, T. liaiiibs, C. lonslad, 1. Ohciiiii, 1 ' . lUckei, R. LaBlanc, T. l.aowig, J. llollc. Thiyd Hour B. Stiibhc. J. Wiilocli. B. Julsoth, P. Tharman, J. Schanibs, (;. Nctwal. (.,. Rasdi, J. Can. P. Tui inski. Fourth Hojo: P. Baitcll. D. Rylamlcr, R. Allen, 1). Neuhotf, J. Apin, 1). Swart, W AiiifiMdi, J. Rick. 1). PrtcTsiiii. W . I ' .iikiiisdii The purpose of tlic sludciU braiuh ol tlic IiistiliHc ol Electrical and Electronic Engineers is lo liirtlier the pro fessional development of the university student in the field. Tlieir activities included monthly program meetings, a paper contest, joint meetings wiih ihc Madison chapter, partic i])aiion in Uc annual ,Si. i ' .ii ' s day celebration, .iiu! the EE .Spiing Closcom iJaiujuci. IEEE officers were Wil- liam ' I ' hisius, presidiiit; [aincs Desler, i( e-|)iesideni: Oscai ' I ' linson, secreiary-tieasuier: (lary V ' ( iirns|)oiul- ing secretary; William Kniditcii and .Maik Van Dusei, i ' olygon lioard ri])r(s(iit,iti es; and Professor 1). W. Novotns , l.u iillx ad isor. Polygon Board— first Row: V. Wartinbee, R. Risley, J. Urban. Prof. J. A. Marks, D. Zeck. Second Row: J. Schultheis, D. Erbach, T. Frail ing, D. Kellesvig. J. Gallagher, M. Van Duser, W. Kruchtcn. Society of Automotive Engineers The Society of Automotive Engineers is a local student chapter of the professional engineering organization. The main concern of the members is the servicing and the safety design of automobiles. Activities of the past year included a road rally, a beer-drinking contest, and monthly speaker programs. Officers were chairman, Richard Fine: vice chairman, Lee Orens; secretary, Dave Trumpy; and treasurer, John Kranig. Society of Automotive Engineers— fiVsf Row: W. Wartinbee, J. Gallagher, L. Sorensen, Prof. A. H. Easton, R. Fine, N. Rodenkirch, J. Kranig, D. Trumpy. Second Row: D. Schaetz, G. Norland, B. Schasse, L. Miller, F. Reid, M. Thomas, A. Wilkins. Third Row: J. Repp, J. Weyer, D. Brawn, W. Briggs, J. Reksten, G. Zach, J. Rutenber, J. Kayser, J. Eagleburger. Fourth Row: J. Bartcl. R. Henry, R. VVelker, R. Newton, G. Scharpf, B. Clark, D. Keegan, W. McKenny. Polygon Board Polygon Board represents the engineers in Student Senate and co-ordinates the activities of the engineering school. It presents the triennial engineering exposition and also sponsors an annual St. Pat ' s Week, when the engineers enter their beards in a contest judged by the Badger Beauties. President is Joel Urban. 229 Triangl( 230 Triaiigli , .-,„■.■ M. Carroll. R. IJoisuiii, I), liinl. 1). Iiuiiipx, K, ' I. M. Il.illrcn. S, oii,l Hirw: V (.ihIhI, O. Sdi.ici . J. Halm. J. Williiiiiis. M. .Merrill, R. Ilocpfl. M. I ' auliis, R. Mitdicr. T. Bcrrong. Third Row: L. Schwaim-s. R. .Asdu-nljrciiiRr. J. .Si. Ongc, M. I ' ngcr. I ' .. Wros. R. . loicy. . I. Muliaclson. W. Porni. |. Hvrns. . . Zagrcxlnik. . I. Bcliling. 1.. an n kc, bourlh How: R. Schwcer, J. Ncucniiorf, V. Long. 1). .Sdiallcr. I». C;lark, R. lUycrsicdi, O. Ilcnihcl. . I.achcr. K. Hciikcl. l ' M)f. | ill. iiiciii. |. Iriik. Triangle is both a jirofcssional and social engineering fraternity. Tlie oigani atioii luiiliers interest in the field of engineering aiui also |)ians a so(i,il (alcndar to give its niember.s a broad icw ol lanipus lile. This year beer suppers, the annii.d .Si. Tairiik ' s Day celebration, and r.iuiu ' s Day were jjlanned b Robeii Horsnni, |)residenl; David .Stuinpx. vid-pnsidiiii; RoIhii l.aigei, recDrding se relai ; and Don Bird, lieasiner. The group also s])inl linu ' pl.iniiing lor llieii new house. Kappa Eta Kappa 237 Kappa Eta Kappa— f r5( Row: J. Kettner. C. Schmidt, M. Van Dusei, C. Kopper, I. Neblett, J. McCarthy, VV. Thisius, T. Devinc. Second Row: O. Peterson, P. Jacobus, E. Davis, D. Alf, G. Lutze, J. Ahrens, R. Foster, S. Nishi. Third Row: J. Dragon, T. Rehberg, R. Hart, D. Kreuger, D. Erdman, B. Unter, R. Volton, T. Horrall, R. Gering. Kappa Eta Kappa, a professional fraternity exclusively for electrical engineers, placed emphasis on social as well as academic activities. Bi-monthly meetings in- formed the men of new developments in engineering. These meetings featured speakers from the faculty and representatives from various engineering companies. The officers were Oscar Peterson, president, and Robert Foster, vice-president. Extension Division Dean I.oicntz H. Adolplison 232 A unique Extension Division program is run by the International Cooperative Center at the Wisconsin Center. Prof, . dlowe L arson, lii- ridur iif ilie center, is talking to the group while interpreters translate his remarks into i c different languages. Wl II I Mrs. ' irginia iMennes, Mrs. Lisa Hamilton, Mrs. Olga Zingale and Mrs. Kathym Reierson prepare to visit a higii school to augment the teaching they do via mail. The University of Wisconsin Extension Division has the most diversified program in the nation and serves over 235,000 people. Program flexibility is the key, and the Extension can change as educational needs change. Most of the program is within the state boundaries, but correspondence study results in world-wide distribution of courses for the Armed Forces. The Extension Division also provides instruction for the University Centers and operates credit classes, primarily graduate education and social work credit. On a non-credit basis, they hold in- formal instruction and sponsor the Institute and Con- ference Program, which is the heart of post-graduate work for technical and professional workers. 233 Leroy . ' serlind, Lanore Netzer and Jerry Dresang plan the route they will follow in Hying to their teaching assignments in other parts of the state. t.radualc siudtnls gel experience in lailio and television work at VVHA, the University station. Dean Jolin Willard. Research work is an imporlant area of graduate study. .. -- t.iadualc students in art experiment with new methods and ideas. Graduate Schoo Students from all over the world participate in the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin. Ad- anced instruction for qualified students and oppor- tunity to do research in a chosen field of specialization have resulted in the creation of new knowledge for which the University has gained a top national rating. Since 1880, the University has offered graduate work and to- day 77 departments offer doctoral degrees in four main areas: biological sciences, humanities, physical sciences, and social studies. 235 Research projects studying plants occupy the time of botany graduate students. Law Dean Cieoigc oiing 236 Lawyers are admitted to the Wisconsin Bar Assoiiatujn alter coTiipJeting their echnatioii The University of Wisconsin Law School, founded as the nation ' s first state-supported law school in 1867, now ranks among the ten largest. Plans for further expansion include a curriculum change in 1965 to include commercial codes and a new law school building which will open in fall 1964. Be- side classrooms and offices, the quadrangle structure will have imusual seminar rooms and a Moot Court. The old historic Dane County Courthouse furnishings have been preserved and will serve as part of the courtroom to be used by freshmen classes and prize competitions. Intellectual activity outside class work is available in the Wisconsin Law Review Journal competition and in serving as legal counsel for the Legal Aid Society. TS? cot Court gives law students a chance to practice what they have learned in class. A Dean H. Edwin Vouiis Letters and Science 239 .9A asnEs»HKo«w 4H«« ™ The College of Letters and Science provides 70 per cent of the campus instruction in 40 departments for undergraduate and graduate stutlcnts. It also carries out research in the humanities, social studies, and basic sciences. To meet the needs of better-prepared entering freshmen, new require- ments for the Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees will go into effect in fall, 1964. L S also offers a General Honors Program with intensified studies which challenge the better student. For those interested in a broad liberal education, there is the Integrated Liberal Studies Program. The University of Wisconsin is a large school. Among the many students, however, honorarx societies recognize those who arc outstanding for their academic excellence and cc)ntribntions in extracinricular acti ities. Phi Beta Kappa, a national honorary scholastic society, honors liberal arts students with grade-point averages above 3.(). Phi Kap])a Phi selects its members on the basis of both scholarship and acti ities. The junior men ' s honorary, Mace, also brings together men who are outstanding in scholarship and in campus affairs. Iron Cross, the senior men ' s honorary, recognizes students for their campus leadership. Phi Beta Kappa Juniors 1963 Nina Juan . inrljach C:arol Jane Coryell 240 ' ictoiia Wei-Mei Dawn Elkn C;luck Jonathan Sanuicl Golan Ju(l Ann (.ottschalk Carolvn Jean Hasz Robert Lewis Israel Mary Jeanne Reierson Steven Lewis Sapkin Nancy Carol Simonsen Jav Gordon Slein Janet Carole Wegncr Karen VVeiner Ann Elizabeth White Janice Rose Zemanek Seniors 1963 Jane l.aina Anu lell Mike Hanlnveiis Robert Louis Uarocci Rithard (ieorge Beery Patrick Rowland Bennett John Frederick Brensike Joan Lydia Brueggeman Barbara Jean Clark Jill Young Coelho Anne Toffee Cushman Beth Mary Darlington Cynthia Davis Diane Susan Dumdcy Dianne Marie Ecklund Bonita Lea Ehren Carol Helen Falk Judith Ann Fiedelman William Henry Fink .Susan C. Frakes Mary , . Gehl Beverly Irene Geske Olive Elizabeth Glacser Joan Edith Griffith Lanya Guttman Sharon Gielah Hadary Richard Jerome Harris James Donald Hart Margaret Denison Hunt Stephen Newell Jasperson Barbara Suiuiy Kay Richard C. Kleinfeldt Keinieth Stephen Kramer Hope Kramp Mark Laurence Ladcnson Helen M. Loehning James Norbert Long Eric Martin Luttrell Mary Florence Mansncrus William Matuszeski David Henry Nimmcr Ingeman Martin Ostcrgard Dyann Sydney Rivkin Francis Richard Salter Carol A. Schilz Margaret Karin Schlenk John David Scribner Gary Seiuier Janet Elinore Shagam James Alfred Sorenson Paul J. Strang Jacqueline Stresau C;regory Paul .Streveler Joan Carol Swiggum Thomas Edwin Todhuntcr Richard . Veinberg Hugh L. West Paul [iiseph Viesner Jean Chloe Wivel Paul M. Wolff Eleanor Gale Zeiler Elliott M. Zimmerman Phi Kappa Phi Juniors ( " aria A. Ahlstrom Jolin C. Altniann Anthony E. Atwell Elizabeth E. Bass James R. Bchnke Susan J. Bersch Solvcig M. Bjorke W ' ilma A. Biereton Chailene R. Cape Ko-Chuan Chi Judith M. Cohen Carol J. Coryell Terrlyn A. Dreblow Sandra L. Fifrick C:iifton C Fonstad, Jr. Randall J. Gall Michael J. Gallagher Susan G. Grundahl Betty A. Haack Ellen J. Hafstad Sue A. Harrington Patrick J. Hearden Richard C. Hoffman Janice M. Holloway iMary K. Holsteen Mary B. Ingrelli Jane E. Jesinski Richard E. Jones irginia M. Kemper Gary V. Kirk Susan W. Kissil Kathryn L. Kube Mark T. Kuge John D. Lien Marion L. Lundy Shelby J. Afauermann Brent H. McCown Linda L. Menke William P. Morse, Jr. Louise E. Moser Klawa Nepscha Robert Newman Jayne H. Newton Thomas L. Oberlin CTavle J. Orbcrg Elizabeth Paddock Ben Z. Pilch Victoria S. Pohle Priscilla E. Press Cheryl A. Rademacher Charles B. Rang Suzann K. Reetz Mary E. Riley Lucy A. Rogers John R. Rosenau Leonard S. Rubinowitz Carl J. Schneider Elizabeth M. Schowalter Mary J. Shealy Dean G. Taylor Julie A. Traver Kathleen Walter Villiam J. Wartinbee, Jr. Sally J. Wasser John D. Wegmann Kathleen J. Wcisz Donna J. Williams Susan J. Woerfel Seniors CheiTl L. Aaronson Stanley J. Adelman Virginia Allen Nina J. Aucrbach Judith J. Bagemihl Carla K. Barker Joel W. Barlow Donna M. Bathke Roger T. Becker Gail A. Belanger Thomas H. Bestul Hclmuth K. Beutel Kurt , . Bevreis Lynda D. Billhardt Carol A. Black William A. Block Norma J. Bly William G. Boehm Glenn A. Borchardt Thomas M. Bovkoff Alfred S. Bradford Glenn A. Breitung Susan G. Budlong William A. Burckhardt III Patricia J. Burks Lawrence S. Burstein Barbara K. Butz Beatrice A. Cameron Peter M. Carlson Claude M. J. Carricre Peter C. Carstensen Sondra S. Chez Richard C. Christcnsen Bonnie L. Christopherson Lois A. Chudnow Peter K. Cline Rochelle Cohen Carin S. Cooper Antonia Crago John M. Crowe Bonnie J. Currie Kathryn E. Darner Nora A. Deeley Steven O. DeVoe George E. Dix James A. Dueholm Marjorie A. Ebel Elliott Eisenbud Joan C. Emden Richard M. Erickson Bea C. Faber Gerald A. Faich Ronald K. Fisher Susan . Fisher Judith B. Freifeld Sandra E. Funke Ellen Gluck Thomas R. Goforth Janice M. Goodrich Aaron E. Goodstein Kay I. Gordon Cecile A. Gorski David A. Graves Mary J. Greenewald H. Jeff Greenfield Kaaren E. Grimstad Barbara J. 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Margenau Stephen R. Moore Merri M. Morris Joyce A. Narveson Karen O. Nelson Mary A. O ' Connor Thomas C. Owen Peter A. Peshek Iris L. Petersen Richard L Peterson Polly H. Powrie Gerald D. Purchatzke Judy S. Ray Mary J. Reierson Jaime A. Ricart Mary Ann Roberton Rodney R. Rohda Robert H. Roscnfield Francis L. Rost Lofton L. Runzhcimer Carol A. Salzman Dorothy C. Sampe Susan H. Serota Robert W. Shirey Michael S. Sigal Nancy C. Simonsen Enrid A. Spring Jay G. Stein Hollis W. Thompson Susan Thomson Sharon L. Tobis James W. Torke Joanne L. Vanish Richard A. Weinberg Karen Weiner Barbara J. Williams 241 Class of 196} George I- " . Hrubccky Lyndon K. Allin Paul M. Woin Richaid O. Bceiy Thomas J. Aycock Kenneth F. Sicbel Hugh V. Richtcr 242 Class of 1964 Stephen R. Moore Alexander D. Spooncr Jr. H. Jeff Greenfield Dennis L. Dresang Andrew G. Wojdula Peter A. Bjork Peter M. Carlson William J. Campbell Richard F. Halverson Peter A. Peshek Roland J. Liebert Iron Cross Mace 243 Charles Brooke John Cobiirn David Cohen Gary Cole Michael Eisenscher Gary Kirk Roland Liebert Robert Newman Peter Peshek Robert Rosenfiekl Glenn Riniyan Steve Sobota Chris Sterling Glenn Schmidt Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Council— f is Row: B. Mathews. S. Yamamoto. L. Bcrmaii, B. Kushner, J. Joosse, G. ' Iahakis. Seco7id Row: T. Otto, G. Kiik, W. Buigdorf, M. Sigal, J. Kososki. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sie iia, the freshman men ' s honorary fraternity, recognizes all students with a 3.5 average for their first year. The group awarded plaques to the fraternity and men ' s dorm unit with the highest scholastic averages. President Gary Kirk planned and published a guide-to- study booklet. Phi Eta Sigma has promoted high scholar- ship in the freshman year with the motto: " Start well, end well. " Mortar Board Dressed in rap and gown, Mortar Board members silently fde into darkened living rooms. They summon a sleepy girl from her bed, saying: " Mortar Board is tapping. " This national women ' s honorary society taps junior students who ha e been outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and service. Group projects included discussion of further education for college alumnae, a Mortar Board award for an outstanding senior high school woman, and the spring initiation banquet honoring new members. Officers were Charmaine Tetik, president; Marilyn Wells, vice-president; and Mai7 Roberton, treasurer. 7i( Mortar Board— Fiii Row: M. Roberton, M. AVills, C. Tetik, B. Curric, P. Bciman. Second Ron ' : S. Cohen, K. Klumpar. T. Buiiyan, B. Nelson, J. Rosenbaum, C. Kommcl. C. Salzman. Olher metiiben: M. Domoto, S. Mulliken, S. Ogden, I. Peterson. B. Tatum, L. Yenser. Crucible— fns Row: A. Tonjes, M. Paulson, M. Bartonck. M. Bauman. J. Xevvlin, S. Bjorkc. Sk J. Falligant. D. Finnerty. M. Jennings, S. Fifrick. , A ' ., J. TaiAcr, Crucible Crucible, a society for junior women, honors students who have maintained over a 3.0 average and have shown outstanding leadership in campus activities. The group had a dinner with Mace, men ' s honorary, and sponsored Silver Survey, a fund drive to support the Senior Swing- out brunch. Officers were Mary Kay Bauman, president; Mary Paulson, secretary; and Jan Newlin, treasurer. Sigma Epsilon Sigma Sigma Epsilon Sigma is a freshman women ' s h onorary society for students with a 3.5 average for their first year. Activities included the presentation of a scholarship at Senior Swingout and a banquet for freshman women who have achie ed a 3.0 average during their first Uni- versity semester. Officers were Barb Gordon, president; Valerie Peterson, vice-president; Barb Hancock, secre- tary; and Marge Magnuson, treasurer. 247 Sigma Epsilon Sigma— First Ron ' : M. Knight. M. Burns, B. Gordon, M. Magnuson, R. Stelter, G. Wallace, M. Gertlcr, S. Swanson, G. Zimmerman. Second Row: C. Coutre, P. Hansen, J. Weber, I. Marple, L. Taylor, K. Olscn, L. Weber, B. Harrington, R. Peterson, J. Canada. Sigma Delta I ' l-lmt Huif: S. SlIIlis. E. Milk-r, C. Dibcig, I.. Rogers, J. Btriiat, S. Antnian, M. TlioniiJSOii, Siaitid R nr: I ' ldl Saiichez- Romcralo, Mrs. Herriott, T. Fonte, S. Miller, S. Paccy, M. Sloan, V. Johansen, Miss Ciplijauskaite. Third Row: Prof. Sacks. Dean Herriott, M. Ferrer. K. Nelson, C. Walsh, W. Cutlipp, L. Popkin, C. Bravo, S. Peterson, Prof. Muhihill. Prof. Kastcn, Prof. Beardsley. Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi, the national honorai society for outstanding Spanish students, was led by Sandi 248 Pacey, president. Activities included raising funds for a scholarship and for the publication of a Spanish cook- book. Other officers of the orginaztion included Sheri Miller, vice-president; Thomas Fonte, corresponding P 1 I L J secretary; Mary Fran Sloan, secretary; and Virginia tta IxaPPa LamDCld Johansen, treasurer. Eta Kappa Lambda is a women ' s residence halls organ- ization honoring students who have outstanding scholas- tic records and have shown leadership in dorm activities. Officers for the year were Judy Judd, president; Paulette Mittelstead, vice-president; Kay Walter, secretary; and Donna Thronson, treasurer. Eta Kappa I.amlKla-f! .s Row: K. Ruffe, M. Rosenberry, |. jtidd, K. Walter, D. Thronson. Sfcond Rojr: K. Klumpar. J. Schurch. S. .Serota, C. Britton, H. Millar, ,S. Bersch. jf r r. Phi Beta— First Rour M. Laney, G. Segal, M. Paulson. Second Row: K. Gross, B. Robertson. D. Silverman. Phi Beta Phi Beta is a professional sorority for women majoring or minoring in speech or music. The biggest project of the year, according to president Virginia Segal, was be- ginning a collaboration program with the Armed Forces to send a performing troupe of artists to U. S. overseas bases. Theater parties, guest speakers, and the annual program for the Oregon School of Girls were 1963-fi4 activities. Other officers were Mary Paidson, Debbie Sil- verman and Ericka Rehm. Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha lota is an international music fraternity open to all University women who are music majors or minors. President Lynn Hughes and the othe r officers planned the year ' s schedule which included co-sponsor- ship of the Badger Song Festival and participation in the American Music Concert. An open house, several meet- ings with guest speakers, and sponsored trips to Mil- waukee and Chicago completed the group ' s activities. 249 Sigma Alpha lota— First Roiu: J. Schmidt, M. Welsh. A. Steckelbcrg, J. Fronk. J. Christenson. M. Stuessy, S. Lautz, K. Ingcbritscn. Second Row: S. Brockhaus, K. Trnka. P. Honiig. E. Gilpatrick. L. Hughes, T. Larson, J, Grams, J. Lothe. Tliird Row: C. Dcmuth. S. Pomplun. S. Grundahl. K. Klausch. J. Albrccht. G. Pitkin, S. Larson, J. Wahlstrom, S. Segal. S. Stratman. S. Lcmke, Gilbert. Coranto Sigma Iota— Firs Row: J. Salins. C. Huschka. N. Shulman, C. Natvig, K. Bartholomew, K. PerscIIs. Second Row: G. Wiesehucgel, P. Press, K. Tancill, K. Ryan, D. Stit- gen. K. Schmill. E. Thacher, P. Crow. Third Row: P. Seale, J. Sic- ker, M. Levine, J. Nielson, B. Line- han, N. Gerner, C. Chyle. M. In- felise, P. Brown, D. Webb. 250 Coranto Sigma lota This year marks the 40th anniversary of Coranto, a professional journalism sorority. Its program includes guest speakers, two meetings with the alumnae group, a Pearl Hamilton Loan Fund, a December tea held for the School of [ournalism faculty, and an annual Spring Founders ' Day luncheon. Officers included Karen Ryan, president; Diane Stitgen, vice-president; and Karen Tan- cill, secretary. Theta Sigma Phi Under the leadership of president Marcia Brown, Theta Sigma Phi held a successful Matrix Banquet, an annual affair which honors outstanding Madison women. The girls also served as guides on Wisconsin High School Journalism Day, and presented a panel discussion of journalism education open to all journalism students. Other officers include Karen Tancill, vice-president: Bil- lie Boorman, secretary; Mary Crook, treasurer; and Diana Webb, historian. Theta Sigma I ' hi-FirsI Row: B. Linahan, E. Frank, D. Webb. B. Boonnan. M. Brown, K. Tancill, J. .Schurrh, J. Shipman, J. Johnson. Second Row: N. Bamctt, J. Voiing, P. Press, K. Schmill, P. Brown, S. Nye, P. Crow, S. Sappenfield, S. Fifrick, M. Watts, P. Berman. 25] Alpha C hi Sigmii—tirst J{oic: 1). Klaistiom. J. Mct.inniry. 1). McMuny, 15. alenliiie, 1). HildcbiamI, 1). Sthwcr, P. C.aipciittr, D. Goldsack. D. Reichard. Second Row: D. Hansel, D. Peii7. P. Quail, S. Hanke, D. Berryman. D. Neivelt, O. Levander, B. Beuhlcr, B. Pfeiffer. Third Row: B. Simon, H. Pfohl, J. Munch, G. Sergeant, J. Bahls, J, Beckman, D. Belonger, H. Sipe, T. Sakano, S. Curtis. Fourth Row: B. Mineo, R. Mancke, B. Wood, J. Barlow, K. Barnett, F. .Altpeter, D. Lenzer, N. Anderson, B. Bower, A. Seifert. Fijth Row: F. Fago, J. Bell, D. Zccher, L. Holmes, R. Shubkin, D. Kammcr, B. Bickes, D. Bixby, A. Mills. Alpha Chi Sigma In addition to regular social activities, Alpha Chi Sigma, a professional chemistry fraternity, held a buffet dinner for both new and graduate students in chemistry and chemical engineering. The house also sponsored two projects: a faculty-alumni get-together and an exam for freshman chemistry students. Richard Schwer served as president first semester. Bill Simon and his assistant, Dwaine Dlarstrom, held office during the second semester. .lii iiisiiiK (;iiil)- M A ' „i, ' . J. Schatfir. 1 ' . Fiild, I., W ' .giur. W. Will.iul, Mr. DiiiiTi. S. Siiiiili. R. Bixltci. S. Hauboldt. Stcond Roic: T Hcrmscn, R. Davis, E. Schaffcr, D. Lovaas, R. (.rcyson, G. (.ullikscn, R. Smith. K. Schmill, K. Bartholomew, P. Stale, R. Boelter. Third How: D. Roebkc, K. Kruegcr, J. Lincoln, C. Ringbakk, R. Bidlingmaici, D. Noyola. Advertising Club Under llie auspices oi the School of |oiiinalism, the Advertising Club began the year with a full-schedule field trip to Chicago. The group also had a dinner with the Nfadison Advertising Club in March, and held a spring picnic for all students interested in the field. Officers were Bill VVillard, president; Judie Neil- sen, vice-president; IJob Bocltcr, secretary; and .Sharon Smith, treasurer. y fiifci 253 Sigma Alpha Eta-firs« fioir; M. Reinkall. L. Weinkauf, S. Saichek, J. Entringer, L. Licklider, P. Larson, S. Chazin. X. Sherman, E. Landy, K. Fleming. Second Hour S. Golden, S. Sheridan, L. Bliss. M. Toebe, J. Wegener, R. Jacobs, G. Reasa, P. Powrie, B. Karabensh, J. Germono, Dr. Nelson, R. Goldberg. Third Row: S. Banks, J. Block. E. Derene, A. Davis. C. Hamilton. D. Zeff, K. Meyer, J. Jessen, Y. Nolle, J. LaMarsh, N. Heizer, H. Showers. T. Leibsohn. S. Dunn. M. McQuestion. Fourth Row: D. Margoles, N. Feingold, M. Stolper, C. Smith, K. Klingclhofer. J. W ' ilda, E. McArthur, L. Zimmerman. B. Miner. M. Cohen. C. Lobeck. B. Bluemke, E. Lauter, J. Keenan, K. Vanden Heuvel, M. Nelson. Sigma Alpha Eta Sigma Alpha Eta is a national organization com- posed of prospective speech and hearing therapists. Speaker programs were held and a service project initiated which included aid to handicapped children in the Madison area. Officers were Georgean Reasa, president; Rae Jacobs, vice-president; Polly Powrie, secretary; and Joe Germono, treasurer. Medi icine Acting Dean James Crow. 254 . M ili al Muiliiils nla in iln l iun);i ' at liarileen. Students in neurophysiology expcritnc iil with rabhits. Physiological chcmisliy is necessary for all who enter the medical field. 255 Medical students observe examples of pathological materials The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in- cludes in its program not only the medical students, but also the undergraduate students in the areas of medical technology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, x- ray technology, and nursing. Serving only 973 in 1958, the school has now expanded to train 1795. This year they received over 600 applications for the 100 positions available. Along with the rapid growth in educational training, this year over seven and one half million dollars in aid was received from outside sources like the National In- stitute of Health, private gifts and grants, and the National Heart Fund. The Wisconsin Medical School innovated a unique preceptorship program which has now been incorporated into the programs of more than twenty medical schools in the United States. Under this program a medical student spends two years in classroom training and two years in the hospitals. As a part of the fourth year, he is sent to work in a doctor ' s office for three months. Although the students are scattered throughout the state, two or three each year are sent abroad. 256 Alpha Delia Thct3— First Rnur K. Lewis. P. Puston. J, Frcv, K. Mcvcr, M. Rcicrson. R. Riclitoi. J. Schrader, J. Holm. M. Thompson. . Johnson. .S. Call. Second Rmr: L. Bakkcn, J. BabUitt, .S. Cahoon. K. .Srhaiulcr. G. A tsoloKski. C. Wiiss. M. White. L. Cummings. J. Dana. M. Gul- branclson, C. Bcrnheanlt. TliirrI Roji ' : S. Puis. P. Feick, N. .Schwaubeck. E. Brose. I,. Hinc, M. I.incleriiil. . Lewis, B. Pohle, J. Anderson. J. Schrocder. P. Guile. Fourth Row: I. Jarvanin, A. Winchell, M. Hackbart, M. Leac h, A. Larson, V. Miller. C. Radocha, J. Stampfi, P. Hanson. S. McNLihon. .S. Blankinhcim. Fifth Row: C. Longua. J. Jennings. B. .Spindlcr, J. Pacpkc, J. Hazen, R. Plenge, S. Brockman, G. Gilbert. B. Reimcr. Alpha Delta Theta Al|)ha Dflta Thcta is a national medical [cchnolog;y sorority whirh recently added the twenty-second chapter In its role. The officers were Mary Reierson, president: Ka .Mcyei. ife-])rcsident; Randi Richter, recoiding secretary: and Ellie Arne, treasurer. The yearly program of ADT included guest speakers from the medical school faculty, and a Founders ' day bancjuet. Alpha Tau Delta " To form a close bond of friendship, fellowship, mutual hel])fulness of understanding among college xvomcn in the nursing jiiofession " is the aim of Alpha Tau Delta. Sjjcakers. scholarshi]3s. and ser icc programs in state and uni ersity institiuions provided an active 1903-01 calendar. Officers were Burleigh Vette, president: Nan Freschl. ice-piesitlent: Mary Paulson, secretary; and [an Barberie, treasurer. Alpha Tau iMi:i-Firs! Row: S. .Slanlon, B. Vegner. B. ' ette. M. Niemcycr. A. Wilka, H. Gaidemak. K. Goede. Second Row: S. Smith. NL On, 1). Doolev. B. Ward, G. Oil. M. Hellrrud. R. Gzar. L, Treholirh. M. Brent. Third Row: D. Wechvatal, M. Wiltak, R. Marly, A. Larson, K. Danaber, P. Wailrovich. B. Gucll. J. Klinefelter, P. MeUher, J. Harsh, Fourth Row: F. .Smith, C. Bilinski. E. Pollock, E. Currie, A. Walerworlh, D., M. Hollis, K. Rudolf. E. Willems. C. McGillivray. Fifth Row: M. Peterson, M, Koerber, P. Schultz, B. Vavdc Hei, B. Mehlhorn. B. Gessner, B. .Abbott, K, Beyer, C. Brunkow. Sixth Row: B. Klass, L. Tuft. S. Schippcr, B. Simon, . . Kofel. H. Herman, J. Guyon, S. Hudson. Sei ' enth Row: S. Sparks, K. Schmidt, M. Ulicin. C. Endelman, S. ludvigscn, S. Robbins, J. Walek, M. Grunke, S IlnnniiiK Othcra— f )S( Row: R. Quam; T. Schuster; C. Keck, F. Fox, P. Burks, L. Loo, V. Allen. Secaiid Row: L. Cano, S. Bolitho, D. Dubielzig, J. Brenell, P. McPeek, ,S. Abraham, R. Benkert. D. Vaters, S. Lewis, S. Shroeder, C. Date, C. Nakanishi. Third Row: G. Strouse, M. Neiman, S. Brown, J. Smallman, L. Menke. J. Smith, J, Obst, S. Wegge, K, Petersen, S. Pant, K. Dings. P. Hall. Oth era Othera members were made more aware of the oppor- tunities available in then- field through movies and lec- tures. In October a potluck supper was held, and at the May banquet new officers were elected. Officers of the occupational therapy group were Carolyn Keck, presi- den; Pat Bucks, vice-president; Toni Schuster, secretary; and Lucille Loo, treasurer. Phi Theta Phi Theta, the professional physical therapy sorority, revamped their 1963-64 program to help the Madison Happy Hours Community Club. They also put on a program for Central Colony, and sold candy to raise money for a newly-established loan fund. As a personal project new club pins were designed. Officers for the year were Betty Krug, president; Helga Friedrickson, vice- president; Linda Hale, secretary; and Sandra Larson, treasurer. 257 Phi Theta— Ffisf Rou : K. Luedke, E. E ans, .S. Larson, . . Jackson, E. Schaeve, S. Martwick, C. Gruetzman. C. Kuykendall, F. McGivern, S. Nowicki, R. Lightfoot, S. Gaulke, D. Weber, E. Long, B. Gerlich. Second Row: L Brown, E. Erb, B. Wagner, C. Grochowski, P. Stegeman, J. Watson, S. Smail, M. Gralow, K. Christian. G. Ruege, K. Gronley, AL Thompson, D. Aschenbach, J. Lamm, D. Obermayr, S. Budlong. Third Row: S. Hassett, D. Milford, J. Verwohlt, H. Friedrichsen, V. Dewerth, . . Schlueter, K. Marx. K. Kohlnieicr, C. Anderson, S. Ritter. X. Morgan. P. Lyall, K. Gicse, P. Frankenstein, J. Roberts, C. Sullivan, J. Larson, B. Krug. Fourth Row: L. Repp, S. Chapman, M. Hughes. L. Hale. M. Bathke, S. Brouillard, K. Metzen, L. Gerard, K. Sanville, A. Quisling, D. Funk, C. Tygart, L. Amundsen, C. Hardgrove. J. Casey, E. Webster, S. Barrett, J. Kundraann, M. Brunner, S. Reetz, R. Graefe, G. Colwell, C. Kloeckl, M. Brown, M. Etzel, M. Riley. B . M i IT ' ff 258 Dcaii Aithui Mill. Pharmacy Inno ' ations in research facilities, instructorships, and students pro- grams niaile this a significant year for the School of Pharmacy. Additions to the Phaimacy building were com- ]}leted, doubling the laboraton ' s])ace, and a new Department of Pharma- cology was added. 1964 is also noteworthy because the first Pharmacy students of the " Fi e Year Plan " will graduate. The extra year added to the regidar 2-year Pre- Pharmacy and 2-year general Phar- macy program allowed time for pro- fessional specialization in one of these areas of study: commimity. hospital, industrial pharmacy, or the gratliiate school preparatory program. The in- dustrial ojjtion included the oppor- tunity for a siunmer training program sponsored by business organizations. The School of Pharmacy also re- ceived the university ' s " Knapp " scho- larship. This grant will allow Profes- sor Eckhard Kruger-Thiemer, Direc- tor of Research at the Tuberculosis Institute in Bristol, Germany, to teach and do research during the summer session. 259 260 Rho Chi Rho Ch ' —Fi,il Row: Ci. Sonncdeckii. 1.. iiiarsky, K. MillLi. J. Kucistcn. R. Carl. Second Row: K. Connors. E. .Sticb. R. Hammcl. K. Sanger, J. Merianos, A. Lemberger. Pharmaceutical Society Besides stri ine; to jiromotc pliarmacy fellowsliip. the Wisconsin Phainiaceiitical Society brings present prob- lems and opportunities in the field to the student. Dr. Perrin, Mr. William Sharp, and Mr. Lawrence Madland were several of the group ' s distinguished guest speakers. Two delegates attended the regional convention in Ken- tucky. Leading the group were Allen Liegel. president; Allen Swenson, % ice-president; Jane Karen, secretary; and Al Collins, treasurer. I ' harmaccmical Society— FiVi? Row: I.. Heimann. Dr. Sticb, A. Collins. A. Liegel. J. Karii, A. Swenson. R. Carl. Second Row: B. Dnescher, J. Peterson, S. Peterson, S. Weyenberg, C. Szabo, K. Volkniann, K. Krejici. Tliird Row: L. Vinarsky, K. Potter, J. Pitts, C. Koosmann, P. Niehol, D. Roscnow, J. Shcahan. Fourlli Row: R. Erickson, J. Radloff, R. Hall. II. Krcit , J. Boray. I ' . Mcrsberger. N. Naggott, M. Lippert, J. Keefcr, D. Nykancn. Fiflh Row: J. Kent, A. Wong, S. Finn, W. Schultz, P. Friederichs, K. Bredcl, J. Baiungartner. SixUi Row: R. Luttcrman, J. Licl- 70W, B. Malenaer, B. Tricbcl, J. Prover, T. I.ulxck, J. Veatch I.. I.aukc. Rho Chi. a national honorary pharmacy society, in- cludes both laciilt) and university students. President Richard Caii ouilincd the society ' s piu-jjose as maintain- ing outstanding scholastic achie ement in imdeigraduate study, and jjromoting interest in pharmacy graduate study. Other officers were Kenneth Miller, vice-president; Lynda Vinarsky, secretary; and James Kuersten, treasurer. ■ » ■.■ A ■ § A 1 i h «ti » w m m K J y ' .- ' WM iL V ' II - ■■=T V R!rN :j ' S f ■■ J miit A % 1 fW -■ ' 1 • ■V. f 11 r ■ §Y ' I J k y T " m i,l| 1 w k f afi . yJK .,_7 " J i i ,« fl r L J 1. JL w |f T 1 ' m Ltf ¥--W ► m ;AJ 4 1 Vl 1 H 1 ni r ( I « 1 f i 1 ii i ' 1 1 1 ■ ' : ' [: ' M ' « t r i m J k m 1 if M I K 26? .. H. -• Kappa Psi— fi)5( Roilk J. Beecroft, J. RadlofI, R. Yokel, M. Makoid, S. Finn, R. Hall, A. Swenson, J. Merianos, G. Voigt, J. Sheahan. Second Roir: J. Jcndusa, J. Boiay. N. Nagot, A. Liegel, L. Heimann, P. Friedcrichs, A. Wong. J. Hahn, C. Kapke. W. Devinc. Third Row: J. Keefer, R. Borchardt, VV. Lamm, VV. Julius, J. George, M. Moioffer, J. Lietzow, W. Schultz, R. Stcnzel, R. Posekany, W. Bemacchi, R. Blindt. Kappa Psi Kappa Psi, a pharmaceutical fraternity, was led by Sidney Finn, regent; Allen Swenson, vice-regent; Robert Hall, secretary; and Richard Erickson, treasmer. The fraternity held bi-monthly professional meetings and maintained displays in the pharmacy building. So- cial fimctions included a Homecoming display, " Yell-Like-Hell, " and house parties. ROTC Cadet Caplain David Fnislad. Commander of Rilly Mitchell Flight; Cadet Major Peter Janke. Commander of Arnold Air Society; Donna Kncppreth, Commander of Angel Flight; and Dennis Dresang, Commander of 92r)lh C det Group. Emphasizing leadership and management training, the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Reserve Officer Train- ing Corjjs function to select and train college men for com- mission in all military services. Each division has its own social organizations, which in- clude -Arnold Air Society, Nautilus Society, Pershing Rifles, and Scabbard and Blade, for which any qualified ROTC man is eligible. Interdivisional competition in rifle matches and drill com|)ctition and direction of the traditional Mili- tary Ball highlighted the year. The Joint Military Board also sponsors two scholarships for military men. Colonel J. S. Moncrief. Jr. Colonel R. S. Ho Captain F. A. Todd UlIlK I II lUUIItl ii -.nil r I t ' Mi III! i! Scabbard and lUa.l. .m ;..;, 11. lkins. R. Chickciing. O. Sinykin, D. VaIsh, R, HofTmanii, B. McCciwn. T. Holton, L. Fiildcr. Second Row: Capt. Lagcrstrom, Mas. V. Magill, G. Vard. J. Biazy. W. Wahl, G. Emerson, Col. Moncricf. Capt. Todd, Col. Hosman, Maj. Maaha. Third Roiv: P. Thoreson, L. Ingalls. R. Jcglum, D. Hiiitz, G. Wischmann, P. Crosland, D, Starritt, J. .Xpinis. G. Miller, A. Bradford, R. O ' Brien, G. Solveson, R. Towers, J. Lien. Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade, a national military society, is 264 conijjosed of ROTC unit members. The underlying pur- pose of the group is to promote inter-service understand- ing among the members of the armed forces. Their ac- tivities indude an Initiation Ijancjuet and the traditional " Dining-Iii. " an old service custom which originated in medieval England. Officers were Captain George Emer- son, 1st Lt. Bill Wahl, 2nd Lt. Joe Brazy, and 1st Ser- geant Dean Ward. Nautil US Nautilus, a student organization which includes all men who study under the naval ROTC program, co- ordinates the various social, recreational, and academic programs for all navy ROTC students. Functioning jjrimaril) as a social group. Nautilus this year directed efforts for the Navy Ball and worked with other grou])s in ])lanning Military Ball. Nautilus also sponsored their own Christmas smokers, company smokers, and their annual staff-student picnic in the spring. Offi- cers for the year were Lance Hanish, president: James Carpenter, vice president; John Suckow, secretary; and Wally Meyers, iieasurer. Nautilus .Society— fi ' js Row: J. Carpenter. I,. Uanisli. It. Ciiseo. W. Meyers. Second How: S. Beers. D llaivev. P. Ciosland. n. .Slanitt. R. Czaplinski, T. Swartz, J. Ahel. B. Burns. 265 Navy duty will take these Nautilus members o ei the entire earth. A Nautilus member hopefully navigates the course of his sum- mer cruise ship. S3rr « f ,0 i ' r. ?i y ' p Military Ball 266 Joint Military Board— fi i( Row: G. Emerson, J. Chapman, P. Jankc. D. Dresang. Second Roir: L. Hanish, J. Bailey, W. Braun, R. Rosenfield, K. ipp. Joint Military Board The Joint Military Board is composed of all campus military society jjresidents, in an effort to represent and coordinate the interests of all ROTC students. 196, -64 activities included instructor-exchange dinners, inlorma- ti e talks and Military Ball. Chaimian of the Board was Peter Janke; vice-chairman, John Chapman; and secretary-treasurer, George Emerson. Military Ball— " Unbelievable 64 " — was the largest all- campus spring event. Decorated in the spirit of Greek mythology, the dance was supjslemented by free beer and color photographs, Bo-Diddley, the election of a king, and announcement of the BADGER Beauties. Proceeds of the evening provided scholarship funds for military students. Bob Rosenfield was general chairman. Military ' Ball Committee— fir,! Hour P. Crosland, P. . spinwal!, R. Ramsey, R. Rosenfield, D. Walsh, R. Smith, P. Janke, Second Row: J. Carlson, K. Kesslcr, K. Hemaueii. H. Kafura. D. Grant, R. Gilbert, J. Scifert, C. Hubbard. P. Park. Third Row: D. Sinykin. H. Mevcrs. P. Stein. L. Fcigcn- bcrg, D. Weston, S. .Schocnfeld. Bl 9 ® ©. . ' Mi ' vV wif Jsxaa Pershing Rifles The Pershing Rifles, an honorary R.O.T.C. drill team, competed at the University of Illinois and entered the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. They reciprocated by hosting the Invitational and Regimental meets. Directing the drill team were the Executive Staff ' Officers, including Captain John Bailey, Ken Zipp, Bruce Whitmer, Peter McNaughten, and Bob Larget. The team itself was divided into three competing units; the Color Guard, who marched at sports events, was selected from these units. This year a special training squad was initiated and afliectionately named the Counter-Guerilla Platoon. Pershing Rifics-First Row: Capt. Ralls, Maj. Viterna, M. Quirk, J. Pitt, J. Bailey. K. Zipp, J. Wright, B. Whitmer. Sgt. Matzen. Second Row: P. McNaughten. H. Gempelcr, H. Kluender, D. Stair, G. Stevenson, D. Lockwood. J. Barber, S. Wolfgram. Third Row: T. Riechert, R. Roden, D. Rcichard, S. Borchard, H. Gempeler, P. OBrien, J. Zych, R. Braatz. Fourth Row: H. Schmidt, R. Burke, R. Lemburg, E. Lunde, H. Hambleton, T. McHugh, K. Swank, D. Weston. Fifth Row: T. Baumann, P. Park, D. Jenner, W. Hantke, R. Shaw, J. Melham, R. Gottsacker, J. Mallon. Sixth Row: M. Logghe, J. Conway, J. Eakins, B. Lehsman, D. Schoville, D. Dicrcks, J. Birch, W. Johnson. Seventh Row: C. Hurlbut, P. Neman, R. Pohl, T. Sol- dier, S. Thacker, M. Kling, G. Sling. Eighth Row: M. Schumann, D. Know, J. Vincent, J. Hewitt, K. Fee, S. Gumut, R. Fisher, R. Knudtson. f= " " T M «— L 1 rt- m m BtmSm — o - , m - - ' " ' - ,i „.v ., , j li M - ■■•1 [ ' rj -«,frf ' ' r . ,g f _in ' ■ : e f » ■T Hn l i ' ymr ff " . . i f Tr « 4 m • • t . 1 Vt; ¥ -■ • f- • • • sS ' HI — .• :%. • • ■■1 • 1 ¥ « ■ ' t A - ' M ' vW J- • • • « • dftr J ■■ ' • • " :t; k w 268 Rifle Team— fiVsf Row: M. Max, P. Biiiniiiuind, W. Robisch, P. Park, W. Carter. Second Hoic: C. Wilcox, R. Ramsey, L. Christensen, D. Gar- cia. T. Sharratt, D. Stair, J. Fitzgerald. Pistol Icam— First How: R. Olscn, J. Bowen, 1.. Cast. J. (Joiulgc, J. Goldschmidt. D. Michel, G. Foster, Capt. R. Ralls. Sr((iuil Row: . Williams. (.. Hyers. R. Keelian, (. ' .. Judy. C. Pfhiger. I.. Jiinnkaiis, 15. .Slialer, R. l ' asMia lit, R. Jaljlunka, II. Joyce, Capt. G. .SIkmi ill Varsity Rifle Team Captain James F. Fitzgerald, coach, and Tom Sharratt, team captain, lead the var- sity Rifle Team through a very successful year. The team traveled to Indiana Uni- versity, the University of Michigan, and Purdue University to participate in the Big Ten Rifle League. Other Big Ten schools partici])ating included Ohio State, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan State. The annual l)an(|iict for Rille Team members was held in May. Pistol Team The Univeisity Pistol Team is composed of both Varsity and ROTC members. The coadi. Captain Clcorgc Shearin, led the team to vidory in the Mid vcst Intercollegi- ate Pistol Team Championship and the Kxpcii Maiksinan National Sectional C:iiain| iiitisliips. The entire group traveled III 14ig 10 (oiupeting colleges. Officers are: C:huck Byers, presiilent; Joe Brazy, vice- prcsidini; and Bob Sliafcr, secretary. organizations Editor (.Rcnfield confers with night editor Alan Rubin. Hiiiincr headlines cry oul the iiiiinliing evciil ' . i[ N() ' 22 in riiiiii.ij iiin editors Avi Uass and Clail Hrn iin(;or. Night editor John Michael lays out the dummy. The Daily Cardinal Dynamic editor-in-chief Jeff Greenfield discusses printing policy. The Cardinal is something distinct from the University because it tells the students and the University about itself. The staff ' s independence from direct administrational control per- petuated the Wisconsin spirit of responsible student development. Editor-in-chief Jeff Greenfield did not hesitate to sound off on controversial issues, there- by spurring student reaction. Various campus opinions found expression on the editorial page. The Daily Cardinal is, however, more than commentary and reaction— it informs the students of University life in full. Whether the story was parties, pinnings, Dion Diamond and the civil rights issue, or Acacia ' s challenge to local autonomy, the Cardinal covered it. Launched this year was the monthly " Daily Cardinal " magazine. Issues covered the history of Sterling Court, the Greeks, Symposium, and the spring all-campus election. Work- ing toward full campus coverage were editors Gail Bensinger, Lynne .Abraham, Phyllis Her- man, Barb Ferguson, Paul Schweitzer, and John Gruber; business heads Bill Waller and John Wertymer; and photography editor Lee Kenower. 271 Typewriters in endless motion pro- pelled by V. Browne, R. Curwen, D. Katz, A. Rubin. In the background editor Greenfield politics with Asso- ciate editor Lynne . " Abraham. Vc diilii ' t l)ilic c that editor Shelly Colicii could submerge her carefree happiness long enough for the camera to capture this [lensive pose. In a world of perpetual motion, associate editor Sharon Put- terman couldn ' t stop organizing and tallying even while having her pidurc taken. Our gid lv copy staff is silenced by copy editor Judy Jensen. First Row: P. Craig, P. Templin, P. Ilolden, J. Miller. Second Roxf: E. Stamm, C. Davis, J. Johnson, L. . ' Vhlen. The main task of the index staff is looking for those ncvertobc- found names. S. Katz, editor, R, Pugh. B. Drosten, A. Weiss, C;. Hauboldt, J. Yost. Badger Boaid— •us lime: R. Keyes. M. Carr, J. Jensen. R. Cohen. Scroiul Row: Prof. Hawkes. Mr. Hilsenhoff, Prof. Boucr, S. Piitterman, T. Donegan, K. Lee. Is that doodling or merely casual cre- ativity that art edi- tor Karen Calkins seems so pleased about? The Wisconsin Badger The magic hours: 3:30 to 5:30. This is the time when over 50 students crowd into Memorial Union room 310 to pool their creative talents. Objective: the 1964 Badger. Vith a mass of pica sticks, layouts, uncropped pictines, blank paper, and the deadline calendar staring them in the face the staff began its work early in the fall. At times there was chaos— typewriters broke down, cameras dis- appeared and work seemed to mount daily. But by spring what had looked so impossible a few months earlier was finally a reality— the Badger had gone to press. 273 Living Units— G. May, Cohon, G. Brandivcin. D. Lemer, editor, S. Sports— R. I.ipski. R. Sugariiiaii. T. Drchlow, editor. Seniors— D. Kiulla, S. Miller, editor. B. Miner, B. Adams. Administration— W. Brcrelon. B. I ' addoik. editor. A . Mon- crief, r. llernisen. I ' mdurlion— W. .Selcnfriencl. R. Frankenstein. J. olleiidorf. N. Caplan. editor, N. Harris, E. ImccIim;iii. |. Rav. Organizations— L. Calder, editor, S. Reetz, E. Poppe. Artillery aimed, our ever-alert photography staff is ready to track down new per- spectives. First Row: L. Kenower, T. Angell, editor, H. Mee, J. Gilman. Second Row: C. Conway, M. Foss, A. Dooley. 275 Badger Attempting to control all matters of finance and organization, the 1964 BAD- GER Business staff buried itself in room 311 of the Union. In passing, one could occasionally see Roger Keyes, business manager, rushing off to meet with com- pany representatives or faculty advisors. Sales Manager Milt Carr found it neces- sary to evacuate the office in order to preside over the BADGER Board meet- ings. Chip Lee, advertising manager, al- though serious while soliciting ads, didn ' t seem to mind his duties when he and Jim Eagan presided over the BADGER Beau- ty Contest. Business manager Roger Keyes has that aggressive approach, but Milt Carr, sales manager, looks as if he has other techniques for selling those ' 64 Badgers. Bahai Club— - n ' A ' ' ig. S. Vainainali ' . J Ims I) I liompson, D. Reiiner, J. Browdcr. Second Row: R. Knglci. D. Nfonck, D. Dumblcton, Hi. Javid, M. I.aRoaiue, B. Scott, M. Dumbltton, N ' . Ratldatz. Baha ' i Club 276 Canterbury Club The purpose of the Baha ' i Club is to advance and teach the Balia ' i faith and to provoke thought about all religions. The club also promotes fellowship by sjjonsor- ing lectures, conferences, and social activities. Officers included chairman, Joan Fries; vice-chainnan, Steve Yamamoto; secretary, Ruth Engler; and treasurer, Don Reimer. •St. Francis House is the nucleus of the Canterbury Club, the Ejjiscopal Students ' Organization on campus. Following each Sunday night dinner, meetings are held which feature discussions, slides, lectures, and guest speakers. Afternoon teas and the annual Christmas ban- quet complete the club activities. Neil Radtke is presi- dcni of the group. CANTERBURY CLVR-Fiisl Row: S. . dair, B. Burns. C. Thatcher, M. Pehon, S. Small, S. Biidlong, N. Windsor, P. Madison. Second Row: N. Behrens, K. Rezin, K. Livingston, M. Cornwcll, Rev. White, Mrs. Otto, S. Keen, G. Eggleton, D. Bullock. N. Wood, K. McHenry. Third Row: W. Ortinaycr, T. Johnson, J. Litzler, T. Frank. . . Lin- coln, j. Kecnc, S. Spiccr, J. Fcnton, L Rule, S. Boyd, W. C:hristen. Fourth Row: J. Sdirocdcr, W. Hcrrliold, P. Park, R. Holdrcdgc, W. Barrett, P. Melzcr, R. Brown, D. Csgood, D. Robb, V, Boone, A. Owen. ri crw. J.U1 Christian Science Organization— f n( Rott ' : C. Mittelstcaclt. J. Mueller. N. Pealicids, A. Ilowcil, [. KiNdi, R. Swan. L. Saner. Second Row: R. Adams, Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. Kilgonr, L. E.serkain, W. Wahl, P. Mittelstcadt, K. Perkins, G. Jacobson, M. Bennett. Third Rou : J. Koch, B. Matthews. A. Kroncke. Fourth Row: Mr. Kilgour. R. Saiiercssig, Mr. Watson, T. Hutchison, L. Sorensen. G. Coghlan. J. Locther, M. Strong, B. Lehman. Fiflli Rozu: V. Bishop, M. Towsley. D. Moberg, D. Johnson, J. Wertymer, W. Krahn, R. Dinin, W. Holland, L. Schmidt, J. Howell, A. Parker. Christian Science Christian Science Organization is the only official campus activity of the First Church of Christ, Scientist. Services offered to the University community include Tuesday night testimonial meetings, Christian Science lectures, study room facilities, and workshop sessions on Christian Science. Officers were Bill Wahl, president; AcCOrlafori A rMnOn fl irlonf C Paul Mittelsteadt. vice-president; and Kathy Perkins, AVbbOCIdTea YY OFTien OTUOenTS secretary. AWS is the governing body of women students. During the simrmer the group sent the booklet " On Wisconsin " to new freshmen and transfers. Activities include a fall convocation, a fashion show, Career Day, Senior Swing- out in spring, and two scholarship presentations. The Legislative branch, Coed ' s Congress, and the Approval 4iv« ir „ ,,.:, -„ I r- , D a -r ■ ivf n v i-i Board worked to put the new hours program into effect. AWS executive C ouncil— f»5( Row: A. Tonjes, M. Flory, K. Klum- 1 ' ° par, A. Reeves, J. Mottl. Second Row: S. Fifrick, K. Fisbeck, S. Terwilliger, K. Zimmermann, P. Fobes, C. Bramson, P. Gardner. 277 AWS Resident Aides A. W. S. Res. Aides— first Row: M. Rosenberry, V. GuUick, C. Morgan, K. Whitney, P. Fobcs, C. Demaria, C. Sherman, M. Cohen. Second Row: M. Hendry, B. Boice, J. Berne, D. Daitchman, J. Harsch, M. Villemonte, J. Waterstreet, R. Monthie, K. Bernstein, E. Stamm. Third Row: N. Abrams, M. Bluer, R. Read, S. Budlong, L. Killen, M. Newton, M. Srhraufnagel, G. Gulliksen. Bob Roscnfichl, WSA treasurer Carol Salzman, WSA secretary Wisconsin Student Association The Wisconsin Student Association, under the direction of Bill Campbell, president, Roland Liebert, ice-presiilent, Carol Salzman, secretary, and Bob Rosen- field, trcasiner, endeavored to make greater coniribtaions to the stiulent bod) this year. The newly-organized Student Travel Bureau offered charter flights to Etuope, New York, and vacation resort areas. WSA also sponsoretl the tradi- tional Homecoming festivities. Sympo- sium, Parents ' Weekend, the exam files, a scholarship fund jMogram, and an en- laigcd mimc()gra|)h serx ice for campus orgaiii ations. lih: Uill t;;iiii| btll. WSA pMviilciil RoI.lMcl WSA Mir |)irsi(lcnt Senior Class Council— First Rmr: K. Tan- cil, P. Pawrie, T. Bunyan, S. Donato, A. Wojdula, E. Harris, J. Marks, M. Mercer. Second Rou : J. Urban, S. Brewster, S. Meyer, R. Newman, J. Schullcr, V. Dawn, C. Ekstrom, K. Kessler, D. Demichaelis. Senior Class Council The Senior Class Council consists of the elected senior class officers and interview-selected seniors. Their spon- sor, Miss Emily Chervenik, entertained the council with dinners at her home, where they planned both January and June graduation excercises. The coimcil also published a " Senior Newsletter " three times this year and established a referendum policy for the selection of the senior class gift. Inter-fraternity Counci I-F, coordinator of all fraternity activities, spent much time showing that the houses already have local auto- nomy in membership selection with regard to race, color, religion, and national origin. I-F also sponsored Humor- ology and the Greek Scholarship Banquet. Officers were Gary Cole, president; Paul Aspinwall, first vice-president; Tim Egan, second vice-president; Bill Kundert, secretary; and Art Muchin, treasurer. 279 I. F. Coi nci — First Row: R. Wier, W. Kundert, A. Muchin, G. Cole, P. Aspinwall, T. Egan, J. Hallberg, E. Lump. Second Row: S. Kraut. J. F.ngstroni. J, Meier, D. Hanson, M. Lipton. A. Man, B. Popkin, J. Thompson, P. Shealy. L. Erickson, R. Sorrentino. Third Row: G. Bohrnstcdt, J. Elliott, J. Herrick, P. Crosland, S. Karp, T. Haworth, D. Sohlberg. R. Panter, L. Singer, A. Blair, B. Youth, D. Creasey, M. Fishman, C. Kantner. Fourth Row: E. Michelini, B. Maltby, W. Patchett, J. Boycs, D. Habighorst, J. Fara, M. Near. J. McCaffree, B. rhnin, T. Pampering, G. Ki ner, G. Cleveland. J 9 f - ■ r% m. m ' m l 1 jft. j = - Panhclk ' iiit C oimtii— Anj( Row: S. Fischer. M. K. Baiiman. J. Nevvliii. D. Iimscher, S. Bjoike, C. I liomas, C. Salzinan. Second Row: M. Richgcls, G. Knox. J. Morris. Miss Rogers. J. Roscnbauin. B. Currie, S. Chapiii. K. Jensen. J. Cliiilen. Third Row: E. Vinje, J. Traver, P. Gardner. J. Kelzenberg, K. Yoerg, S. Biipp. J. Ilink. B. Lustok, S. Warner. T. Petterson, S. Cook. 280 Panhellenic Association Pan-hel president Jane Rosenbaum was assisted this year by Bonnie Currie, vice-president; Georgia Knox, secretary; Jean Morris, treasurer; and Karen Jensen, rush chairman. The organization is composed of repre- sentatives from each of the 15 sororities. Working togeth- er with I-F, they attempt to further the Greek spirit. They sponsored a foreign student, EH Vinje of Norway, and furnished ilie chapel at Clcntral Colony. Jaiu- KosenliaiiiM, I ' nti Ik I Incsidiril I " . in Mil l(.ill-H cnirr. 1$. lustok. N. I arson, K. Calkins, S. Sarota. K. linen. M. Nelson. Southeast Dormitory Association The Southeast Dormitory Association was organized to provide the residents of Sellery Hall— and later, the entire Southeast dormitory area— with services, activities, and stu- dent government. The Southeast area now numbers 1100 members but will expand to over 3000 students by 1965. Temporarily, the legislative body of the organization is composed of presidents from each living unit and has con- cerned itself with jjlanning the year ' s activities and forming a permanent student government. Standing committees set up by the council are education, recreation, social, films, and finance. Among the year ' s events have been the fall " House Varming, " a dorm-wide Homecoming display, Symposium speakers, cancer and blood drives, a Sadie Hawkins day, and the first annual spring " Salad Bowl. " Association Officers— G. Wciidt. G. Sulkowski, K. ' oight. A. Peck. •1 V V V y 281 House Presidents ' Council— ■ni( Row: G. Rossiter, J. Pairan. C. Lobcck, B. Lcinoff, M. KlIIl). Sccuiul Row: J. Gwin, K. Wargin, J. Ranchino, G. Sulkowski, R. Slaby, A. Krause, M. Fleltcher, D. Aronson. Film Committee— T. DeLaat, J. Winkler, J. Dobkin, R. Dakin. Finance Committee— B. Johnson. J. Hickes, A. Henderson. in A 15iisiiKss SlafT— C. Antholt. C. Greene, M. Holsteen. R. Berthelscn. LHA 282 Aniliilioiis sludciils work (liliRcnlly for IMA. LHA Cabinet-f!r5( Row: P. Runkel, D. Ruston. R. Kalb, C. Pcttibone. M. Holstccii. S. Sobota, J. Rodkiewicz, R. Lecman, D. Sterns, G. Zwcifel, J. Frost. Second Row: B. Bong, C. Hegji, K. Lamm, D. Strong, S. Rieth, R. Brunkow. M. J. Mcnde, N. Jens, M, Fleming, D. Smith, C. O ' Loughlin, M, Norton, M. Masters, G. Dettwiler, N. Wcinstein, M. Gallagher. Third Rou ' : R. Anderson, D. Tredrea, C. Davis, H. Schultz, J. Grossman, P. Tilly, R. Thronton, P. Zuraski, P. Nichols. J. Block, J. Benson, T. Widder. Fourth Roiv: E. Richards, K. Johnson, R. Hanthe, W. Zabel, F. Fleishaucr, R. Skallebcrg. S. Bogard, J. Rowen, H. Dratch, B. Licbman. Lakeshore Halls Association Lakeshore Halls Association, under the competent leader- ship of President Steve Sobota and the Board of Directors, made campus life more enjoyable with their many worthwhile activities. LHA is a governing body consisting of one member from each of the forty-eight houses. Under the direction of Martin Peterman it provides a Bar Bell Club, Camera Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, and a Ham Radio Club, as well as valuable student government services. Other LHA-sponsored recreational and educational programs include the Dorm In- tramural program, the Film Committee which presents films every Thursday and Friday nights, WLHA radio station, the " Dormistory, " a dorm newspaper; the LHA barber shop and store, and a workshop for art students. Tutoring sessions are held for six and twelve weeks exams, and two libraries are run by the director of education, James Wildermuth. Also on the Board of Directors are: Chuck Antholt, administration director; John Candela, conmiunications; John Thresher, re- creation; and Rick Anthes, social. Craig Pettibone was vice- president. At home in the office are LHA executive president Steve Sobota and Craig Pettibone, vice-president. Barbell Club— Doiin imisclcmcn (lex their biceps and triceps. LHA The ping[)ong room provides after-class activity for all major and minor athletes. Radio club president Martin Peterman (right) and cohort work hard to perfect their trans- mission. LHA 285 The camera club members, directed by Bob Johnson (far left), watch for unusual developments. Barbur Miu))— Do you wain your flattop tiiinmcd, or perhaps a Princeton cut? Anything goes at the LH A barber shop. 7%6 LHA Shakespeare the easy way, or simply listening nj( vini nl-all can he found at the I-HA record libiary. Aflciiiociri slucl ble aks or l.isl niinuli ' lA.ini crams, ibe lictioMary is always axailabie in ilii I II bbiary. It ' s a constant job to keep the LHA store shelves fully-stocked. LHA Store 287 Yes, thcv even sell brand namesl The Lakeshore Halls Association Store is a necessary con- venience in the lives of busy college students. Owned and operated by LHA students, and located in the heart of the Lakeshore Halls area, the store offers the student customer every- thing from department store purchasing to typewriter and shoe repair service. Student store manager Gib Berthelsen was aided by Ron Gelet, assistant manager, Buzz Bekkadal, accountant, and Janis Kroll, secretary. Store manager Gib Berthelsen and Ron Green, assistant manager, happily anticipate the yearly profit. WVCA-Finl Row: N. Windsor, I. Tlionias. F. Bloom. P. Kitzerow, L. Woelffci, M. Cole, S. Quarles, E. Blodgettt. K. Altman, M. Dykstra. Second Row: J. Lulz, J. Chamtjers. P. Hoffmann, M. Quarles, K. lUickholtz, V. McCauslanci, E. Nicolaus, J. Bures, L. Owens. Third Row: B. Droster, J. Brown, D. Walker, L. Bands, D. Dixon. Y.W.C.A. The Y.W.C.A. is a fellowship of students, fac- iihy members, ahimni, and friends. The Asso- ciation promotes a sense of responsibility for increased imderstanding and practice of Chris- tian philosojjhy. The ' .W.(:.A. sjionsors Fresh- man (am|3. an infoinial fall orientation period at C amp Vakaiula the week before classes begin. It also holds tile International Gift Fair in the Union where gifts from different coimtries are sold to students and the public just before Christniiis. Other activities include retreats, cof- fee hours, international weekends and faculty firesides. Officers were Floise Ulodgett. president; Sally Quarles. vice-president; and Linda VVoens, secretary. YMCA Cabinet and Stall-First Row: R. Schumpert, P. Ivaska, R. Cowley, M. Handal, J. Hall, W. Oicn, L. Brown. Second Row: J. Hirsh, D. LeKander, D. Brye. P. Janke, R, Gosse, J. Wentymer, J. Lampman, D. Macalady, W. Driscoll, J. Sikes, P. Probasco. II O i?| f Y.M.C.A. As part of a national organization, the University YMCA attempts to promote better imderstanding and awareness among students. House president Bill Dien explained that the group participates in intramurals and also sponsors parties, dances, hayrides, and exchange dinners with other living units. Association president Mahendra Hundal, with vice- presidents Randy Cowley, Paul Ivaska, and housefellow Jim Hall, helped plan the YMCA ' s Centennial program, Washington-U,N. seminar, and the New York theater seminar. Both the YMCA and YWCA co-sponsor freshman camp, faculty firesides, and international student weekends. 289 University YMCA-First Row: R. Rahko, A. Cortes, M. Barman, B. Tapper, S. Ung, R. Patel, J. Quirk, W. Hartwig. J. Nowicki, A. Azefor, G. Chipman, R. Gosse. R, Meyer. Second Rote: D. Brye. F. Ainsworth, J. Lampman, T. Gregorius, P. Fuchs, R. Schneider. R, Anderson, C. Summers, D. Mitchell, F, Bachellor, C. Skeels, M. NfcPherson, D. Heck, J. Vright, J. Thornton. Third Rozr: W. Oien, J. Bade, C. Pietila, R. Barganz, W. Driscoll, M. Nakano, J. Tcske, J. Hirsch, J. Hucbner. J. Desnoyers, D. Macaladv, P. Breitweiser, N. Nelson. J. Nichols, L. Brown, D. Reid. Fourth Roic: D. Boutaleb, G. Chamberlain. R. Richter, H. Young. J. Howmiller. r. Rutschow, M. on Schneidermesser. B. Johnson. J. Erbstoeszcr. R. Argalander, M. Wolffs, P. Goebel. J. Harrington, R. Dahl, R. Tcgt, G. Rosenberg, J. Rothermel, K. Feldman, P. Ivaska, P. Probasco, J. Hall. Fifth Row: N. Hallcen, H, Olsen, J. Polcyn. B. Conway, R. Gosse, P. Cash, P. Mcnnes. E. Witzke, P. Correll. R. Witzel, K. Tabat, B. Koenig, R. Manthe, J. Behnke. W. Kind, D. Mueller, W. Ortmayer. R. Krause. i .h -ih n n " ,nA. Union Dirertorale— fiVj Row: J. Falligant. D. Murdoch, J. W ' ilkif, R. Halverson. S. Har- rington. J. Stoibcr, G. Krej- carek. Second Row: M. Bau- man, R. Olsen, V. Crownhan, R. Neuman, J. Longmire. K. McGrath, M. Jennings, B. Weng, G. Glushcnok, G. Schroeder. Union Directorate The Union Directorate, headed by Dick Halverson, chairman, Joan Wilkie, vice-chairman and Sue Harring- ton, secretar) ' , consists of all Union committee and club chairmen. The Directorate approved paid programming and established Union policy, which was especially ori- ented toward graduates and students living at home. The skiftskeller was used for informal lectures, music, and short movies, in a Directorate attempt to make the Union enjoyable for the entire University. Flying Club The Flying Club provides for its 50 members an op- portunity to receive economical flight instruction as well as fast transportation. This year has been particularly active, with the purchase of two new planes, and the establishment of a beginners ground school taught by the more experienced pilots. Officers are Dick Bray, presi- dent; Jim Evans, vice-president; Dick Goldberg, secre- tary; Dale Veerhusen, treasurer; and Dr. Ben Glover, faculty advisor. H ing C uh-Finl Roic: D. Ciollcnlmrg, D. Wcrhiisc-n, B. Stahl, D. . nlrim, F. Wilson. . Proctor. Second Ruir: R. Goldberg, VV. Emmons. D, .Vllcn, B. Kazik R. ZelenskI, D. Brook-s, J. Evans, S. Browne, A. Bryant. R. Bray. flli!i!in ' !( 291 Alpha Phi Omega— fnir How: M. (.(Kidiich, M. Karon, J. I ' omeroy, J. Foreyt, P. Sinsky, L. ncmns, M. Saigcnt, M. Monr. G. Daspit, W. Har- ris. Second Row: R. Smith, M. Trinko. M. Nelson, Prof. Dona, Dr. Holt. D. Zeck, J. Vollendorf. E. Staiger. Prof. Nielsen. C. Carlson. Third Row: D. Gardner, J. Xiemeyer, R. Board, S. Snook, O. Rohrstaff, D. Draheim, L. Pratsch. . . Schwengcr, R. Gall, J. Erbstoeszer, J. Skarsten, D. Lund, R. Plenge, M. Melaas. Fourth Row: F. Janes, J. Rynes, D. Wieckowicz, R. Coates, R. Peterson, D. Nelson. T. Burton, R. Bahr. D. Grant. J. Heeb, V. Martin, D. Paneitz, L. Scbranek. Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity dedicated to the principles of leadershi|j, friendship and service, actively participated in University activities this year. Highlighting the fall service program was their sponsorship of the Wis- consin Student Association ' s All-Campus Elections. They also worked with the Red Cross, Community Chest and the University Children ' s Hospital. Alpha Phi Omega meinbers often participated in activities on a moment ' s notice, such as Campus Chest and providing guides to help foreign instruc- tors. During the spring they hosted the Explorer-Senior Scout Careers Con- ference, at which the Scouts learned of career opportunities from experts, including a dozen faculty members. All was not work in the local chapter. Fraternity members also enjoyed a diversified social schedule ranging from informal house gatherings to Christmas and Valentine ' s Day parties. Red Cross— First Rote: K. Snow, S. Morgan, Prof. Foss, E. Parker, J. Stathus, K. Littcn. Second Row: B. Burbidge, M. Masters. R. Gall, R. Allin, K. l rson. S. Hiisting, C. Page. .S. McConahcy. Red Cross 292 The Red Ciross C ampus Unit enables the students to ]5articipate in Red Cross activities. The unit sponsors an all-campus blood drive each semester: the donated blood is then distributed to eighty-five hospitals in forty counties throughout Wisconsin. John Stathas and .Sally Nforgan served as co-chairmen of the group. Dolphins Technicpic and form were the important Dolphin themes this year. Club workshops and clinics stressed these basic elements of creative swimming, making their annual March watershow successful. During April they sponsored a trip to the International Academy of Aquatic Arts in River Falls, and another trip later in the year took them to Grand Rapids to help in a clinic workshop demonstration. A floor show at the Holiday Inn climaxed a fun-filled and unfor- gettable year. Jean Hille was president, Tanny Donaldson was vice-president, and secretary-treasurer was Bonnie Schroth. Dolphins— fir(( Rniv: P. Orton. .S. Ilclancy. L. Noback, R. Brackmann. 1 ' . Rose. K. Toplirk, K. Darner. M. Spiering, B. Bales. S. Boelim. j. Hille. Second Row: P. Holyoke. M. Robisoii. 1), MtCormick, J. Dean. ]. Anderson. K. Haas. .S. Heath. M. Lang. ,S. Porter, K. l.nedtke. Miss Greiner. Third Row: C. Roop, K. Kuehllhau, R. Saeia. R. Goiilette. C. Johansson. 1 ' . Ryan. I,. Voungsteadi, 1 " . Espenseheid. R. .Anderson, Patricia Haiic- tcr, , Iiss Carr. Nol Pictured: T. Venvoldi, li. .Sthrolh, H. Poons, H. Mill;n, S. Hines, G. Kiruaid, N. Laird, V. Laird. y . J. ITllrich. K. Kramer. K. Blanklcy, M. Colvin, S. Griffin, L. Otjen, .S. Yarne. Women ' s P. E. Oub— First Row: S. Blackadder, J. Nelson. S. Diabkin, J. Wiedmann. St-cotid Row: Miss Weber, M. K. C.leland, B. Minsloff, D. Mauerman, N. McGowan, G. Lauro, C. Kidwell. Women ' s Recreation Association The purpose of the Women ' s Recreation Association is to provide facilities and opportunities for recreation to all University women. The WRA sponsors Dolphins, the bowl- ing club, and the gymnastics club, as well as tournaments and some coed activities. They also back a pom-pom and balloon sale for Homecoming, giving the proceeds toward a scholarship for University women. The president is Mary Ann Roberton. Women ' s Physical Education Club The purpose of the Women ' s Physical Education Club is to provide professional and social functions for its members. This year a Big-Little Sister Program was or- ganized and professional s])eakers and panels stimulated interest and participation in the profession. A major function for the club was their annual High School Day in the spring. Officers included Jeri Nelson, Jill Wied- mann, Susan Drabkin, and Sheila Blackadder. 293 WRA Governing Board— First Row: Miss I ' archman. G. Herrbold, S. Drabkin, M. . . Roberton, K. Kliimpar. S. Krieck. S. Yates. Second Row: R. Markwortli, A, Blanche. P. Clrudcn. . I, I.einbivetler, J. Nelson. Africa SukIciU Inion— fns {{oic: A. Agenchu, J. Obi, S. Nwankpa, C. I ' waka, C. Offei. J. Maduewesi, M. Young, H. Mahroiis, O. Obba j. Second Hoic: H. cwgc, A. Scttcnda, Z. Jivani, N. Fedha, H. Oseni, G. Kalu, J. Tadercra. Third Roic: B. C.hivu. I. Banigo, B. Semo, F. Ogum- bainowo, B. Ayodcle, B. Salako, E. Utoh. Fourth Roic: I . Jordon, J. Mulia, M. Shawcr, S. Noah. Fifth Row: T. I.awson, B. Munzundu, A. Azc- for, S. Ihcukwumcre, Y. Said, S. Gumut, Y. Tadesse. Africa Union Africa Union is an organization for African students 294 and interested people of tfie University community. Two of its aims arc fostering good will among African stu- dents, and creating cordial relationships between African students and others. President Johnson Madewuesi pre- sided over the monthly dinner meetings held in the Union. Other f)fficers were: Joseph Taderera, vice-presi- dent; Oliver Obbayi, secretary; Helmy Mahrous, treas- urer; and Justin Obi, publicity secretary. International Club Orani ed in 1903, the International Club has had much success in realizing its aims: to ] rovide the opportunity for personal contacts, to encourage social and intellectual interchange and to promote mutual imderstanding among the students of all nationalities. The council, headed by Byron W ' eng, president; Marcia Bluel, vice-president; Bonibet Bahr, secretary; and Vishwa Shiikula, treasurer, ]jlanned an acti e year of social and cultural activities. IntcTnalif)nal C.lub— firs( Row: I.. Goulden, ' . Shiikla, M. Bind. B. Wciig. Mrs. Pdcrson. B. Balir. 1. Singh. Second Row: R. . nand, R. Fcr- nandts, . I. Ocslrtich, C. Mcissnar. (;. Bt-rry, I. CoUins. ' Fhird R nc: M. iibairi. |. Mimro, J. Maihuwisi. .S. tUpalel, G. Scan, M. Bt-g. © w i t t t i -t A Cappclla Choh— First Row: S. Pomplun. S. Page. M. Bliss, J. Chiistcnson, S. Brockhaus. G. Mitchell, K. Gross, J. Soulc, J. Wilson, K. Ingcbritsen. ' . Ginum, T. Dvorak, L. Edeand. Second Row: M. Seller, N. Gall, H. Clement. S. Sarig. M. Gurde, E. Erickson, L. Holpein. J. Hatch, M. Welsh, P. Stand- ridge, S. Leinke, S. Thiede, D. Overson. Third Row: A. Niemi, R. Loomer, J. Sinow, S. Atlas. M. Bocll, P. Ferry. J. Schmidt, K. Daggett, T. Moringey, J. Topping, D. Nelson, N. Palast, D. Walker, J. Moore. Fourth Row: L. SiUerman. M. Biirkart. R. Burkhaltcr. P. Rux. T. Winkler, B. Block, D. John- son, P. Hornig, C. Levenhagen, J. Hirschburg, D. Hill, D. Peterson, S. Otto, T. Brickham. K. Toepfer, T. Gregory, K. Steinhoff. A Cappella Choir The University of Wisconsin ' s seventy-member A Cappella Choir had many performances this year. The annual Christmas concert, Sunday music hours and short concert tours were included in their activities. The choir, directed by Professor J. Russell P axton, elected officers, Mark Seiler, president; Bill Block, vice-president; Merry Bliss, secretary; and Sue Lemke, treasurer. S iii|)liiJiu Ouhcsira— David Slollci. Fian(iiK- Cioaklcy, Janet Slapikcs. Jiulyann Chains. Slulh Paul, Ben Pilili. Sherman Shand, Olive Clacscr, Peter Tilly, Carole Ruth. Nancv Heiuler, Carolvn Kennev. .Stephanie l ' rl)an, Jon Teske. Maria Erickson, Nancy Podolske, Jan Schmidt, Catherine .Abel, Barbara Schnetze, Janel McCralh, KIkn Spathclf, Rnth Engler, Clarolyn Abcndroth, Judith Berigan, Tobias Hanks, Carole Aebischer, James Kuerston, Susan Scheel, Dennis Root, Suzanne Lautz, William Block, Nfark Berman, Thomas Rarick, Susan , yres, Lynn Hughes, Nancy Cochran, Mary Kay Gruns, Donald Sicgrist. Robert Quade, Charles Fuller, John Miller, Vah Bistrow, Judith Nelson, Bruce Rasmussen, Shcryl LaFayette, Gary Putnam, Sally Heine. Patricia Lyall. Jeffery Lucker, Richard Freednian, William Bender, Catherine Norris, Jane Kundmann, Thomas Buchhauser, James Boyd, Richard Mankowski, Benita Bell. Richard Watson, Vera Olson. Walter Fandrich. Susan Kowalsky, Miriam Roell. Susan Gersbacher. Santha Sarig. Riiih Pride. Jane Peters. Charlotte Thomas, Frank Frrantc, Wayne Williams, Karen Borca, Pierre LaPlante. Ronald klimko, . rthur Norris. William Richardson. Donald Breyer, Wayne Hartwig. (,ayle Kenall. Herri Cidlen, James Stinger. Eugene , nderson. Joanne . yres. Sandra Nadler. Diana .Armstrong. University Symphony The University .S ni])lii)n Orchcsiia, tomluiud l)y Piokssor Richard Church, consists ol talented iimsitians re])iesenting many ilillcrent university courses of siiiiK. The einht -nieinl)er orchestra piesented several excellent concerts tlnoiigh- oiit the year, inckidiiif a ,S( holais!ii|) Benefit Concert in late fall, and the tradi- licjnal s|)iiiif( concert. In Ma . sitideiu soloists displayed their talent in a Con- ceilD-.Viia (Concert, and .1 |)()ilii)n ol ihe gioii|] oll.ilioi .ilcd willi ihc Wistonsin Players in the nuisieal | ic)cliic tioii ol " West Side Story. " A newly-formed adjimct of the University Symphony was the Little Sviuphone. The re]jertoire of these highly-cjualified |jerformers re]jrc.sented the classical and bar oc|ue periods. The spring concert calendar included a series of four lecture- recitals presented by the K ' onp and Piofessor Chinch in the Wisconsin Center Auditorium. Men ' s Glee Club Men ' s Glee Club— firs Roio: V. Nelson, R, I.iind, R. VelofF, V. Jacobsen, D. Sorenson, D. Mitchell, J. Bartell, D. Lautz, T. McCullough, E. Maeder D. Schadebcig, M. Werner, F. Langlois, W. . nderson. Second Rozo: P. Thoreson, T. Rarick, J. Howard, J. Oswald, T. Schaffer, C. Martens, G Howcy, R. Blarney, O. Marshall, W. Fuller. S. Eckles, W. Reed, S. Benedict, D. Shortino, M. Kekstadt, T. Kriekard, VV. Richardson, R. Chamber lin. Third Roic: R. Holdredge, M. Harvey, J. VVoolscy, E. Rankin, W. Herrmann, D. Kline, C. Giesler, B. Schwarz, W. Petersen, R. Quisling, J Leiscnring, J. Tomaszewski, E. Clifford, T. Degerstcdt, J. Pcterchak, R. Meyer, J. Forde, B. Vance, S. Finnigan, R. Bross, M. King. Fourth Rou - M Spanglor, J. Grosnick, L. Hanson, J. Holsen, G. Riegler, J. Herrick, T. Edgren, M, Pariza, N. Bakker, B. Lindquist, R. Gevirtz, VV. Grainger, R Paul, R. Smith, R. Monk, M, J, Bakke, R. Bray, R. Weber, T. Woolsey, A. Landmark, J. Hooper. Men ' s Glee Club, directed by Mr, Becknell of the Uni- versity School of Mitsic is open to all interested University men, as well as music majors. Memorable events on the group ' s agenda were hosting the University of Illinois Men ' s Glee Club in a joint concert after the Wisconsin- Illinois football game, and the state-wide spring tour. President Paul Thoreson was assisted by Tom Voolsey, vice-president, and Richard Kirwin, librarian. Women ' s Chorus— ' irsf I{ow: J. Nell, G. Gcrsbach, L. Owens, J. Eising, ( ' .. C;licadle. N. (iuplill. J. Fronk. M. Keppcl, S. I utz, G. Hay, N. Bly. Second Row: M. Rinelli. S. Kurtz. T. Dvorak, S. Yates, S. Stratman, B. Greenwood, S. KIson, B. Ruzic, M. Price, L. Jorgenson, A. Sipple, C. Deniuih, M. I orin. S. Oisth. Third Rmc: C. Rothnian. S. Platis, C. Thayer. J. Wahlstrom. W. Rosen. K. Daggett. M. Wilhiir. M. Kuehl. C. Langor, .M. Gilherl, 1,. Steen, K. Klausch. N. I ' era. C Kenall. V. Ixwallcn. C. Crouch, t ' ourth Row: B. Schweer. ,S. Gninilahl, S. l.arsen. K. Hohinan. P. Barnes. ' . Sheller, J. Albiechl. I I liiiiiimi land, 15. Scluictze, J. Radkc, S. Pauls. L. Kruilson. I ' .. Case. J. Hart. 1). Kne|)| ulh, H. W ' edell. M. Bartos. Women ' s Chorus Women ' s Chorus is an oip;ani aii )n open to all women on lampiis. Under the dirertion of Professor Dale (iilbert, they sang at ban(|iieis, at high schools in Wisconsin (luring their sjiring concert tour, and in the Christmas Concert at Luther Memorial Church. .Susan Gnindahl, presi- dent, was assisted by X ' ciria .Shclici, ite-piesident; and Hc eily Rii ic. secretary-treasurer. x . ' f Badger Band— P. Cowle, E. Schaeve. 1. Staiulorf, B. Wenban. L. Wilson, S. Paul, k. Ehmke, M. Blank, L. Jorginson, N. Edison. .S. Arps, M. Lukoff, G. Struve, J. Turk, T. Rhiel, J. Haines, M. Janis, A. Mixdorf, R. McElroy, A. Grames, A, Klemp. F. Scott. M. Nelson, D. Olson, D. Robinson, A. Alaspa, B. McCorkle, M. Weil, D. Kemmcrud, S. Schultz, R. Groh, M. Cole. J. Schmidt, D. Lamer, M. Kuehl. R. Rowe, J. Schmidt, K. Sheperd, G. Wittkopp, R. Riidzinski, N. Marks, R. Ohlsen, N. Bakker, A. Arneson, S. Vaskal. R. Krueger, M. Keksladt. S. Stohl. S. Beers. P. Christensen, N. Siettmann, T. Zondag, W. Weidemann, R. Kreuzer, E. Gilpatrick, J. Pomeroy. T. Moungey, L. Miersch, C. Whitford, R. Ramsden, R. Rosenthal, R. Hvitfeldt, T. Sailor, J. Loether, D. Knope, R. Swanson, T. Peterson, M. Spangler, V. Prehn, D. Matiermann, J. Harris, R. Helm, J. Rutherford, G. Pritchard, D. Spicer, R. Stevens, R. Helm, M. Weil, D. Swanson, W. Wade, L. Siggelkow, R. Weiking, K. Ingebritsen, P. Lewitzke, J. DeVoe. University Bands Shining performances were given by the three University of Wisconsin bands: the Badger Band, the Cardinal Brass Band, and the Concert Band. The bands are composed of about 250 University men and women. Among their sjjccial performances, the Concert Band played for the mid-semester commissionary cere- mony before leaving on a five-day statewide mid-winter concert tour. The band also presented an Anni- versary Concert on Palm Sunday and played for graduation in June. The Badger and Cardinal Bands combined to present two spring Fountain Concerts on the Library Mall. Members of these two groups also entertained at all home basketball games. The men of all three bands, in jaunty new red and white uniforms, composed the marching band which brightened the Saturday afternoon football games. Concert Band— G. Maas, R. Rowald, J. Roberts, D. Scherf, S. Macall, R. Wileman, J. Robison, P. Madison, K. Vacha, R. Krueger, W. Fuller, K. Brigham, L. O ' Brien, A. Scheer, D. Sicgrist, D. Craig. C. Craig, W. Williams. R. Quade, F. Terranova, J. Glickman, J. Johnson, T. Mandernack, H. Arkin, C. Knobeloch, D. Webb. E. Laube, T. Clark, J. Lamm, G. Riegler, D. Finkelstein, J. Truby, E. Clifford, L. Galiano, J. Dennis, S. Lap- ham, R. Suchoski, R. Stephenson, D. Hensel, J. Rasmussen, J. Grams, T. Likover, J. Saecker, W. Brandt, R. Klimko, J. Roemer, D. Harvey, P. LaPlante, K. DeVoe, R. Loomer, K. Meives, R. Schneider, P. Wangsness, D. Strong, G. Wood, W. Hartwig, C. Cooley, D. Brcyer, J. Kreuzer, K. Trnka, T. Gregory, V. Nelson, J. Sapora. P. Hoff, C. Emerson, C. Siemers, W. Richardson, J. Klein, R. Smith, L. Marty, J. Leisenring, R. Johnston, J. Rosenau, W. Werth, D. Woolpcrt, J. Polcyn, P. Loughlin, M. Biggin, D. Anderson, L. .-Mien. J. Draper, G. Nfolholt, L. Downs, D. Mckinley. A. Riordan. Homecoming Committee— fi 5 Row: R. Teitcl, M. Richgels: Second Row: L. Rogers, W. Gill. J. Newlin, J. Esch; Third Row: L. Marriett, E. Turmo, R. Sherwin, J. Edl, K. Danow. Homecoming Homecoming, tliieclcil by Bill Gill, was touched off at ' " ell-like-HeH " when the vociferous Belt ' s and Tri Belt ' s triumphed. Bick Gregory, the Chad Mitchell Trio, and Maynard Ferguson entertained at the Homecoming Show where lister Montquire was crowned queen. Bisplay winners were Theta Chi and Chi Omega, Spooner and .Slichicr. Belta Sigma Phi and Susan B. Bavis. Highlight- ing the weekend was a hearty victory over Northwestern. Humorology The Humorology executive committee begins work early in the fall, handling all the arrangements of the production. Group tryouts were held March 1 for the March 19, 20, and 21 performances. Beside the five groups chosen during tryouts, the show included three interacts and a humorous M.C. Proceeds again provided University scholarships and were donated to the Madi- son Kiddie Camp, and the Empty Stocking Club. lliiirinrol()f;y- ' i s Row: J. (lore: L. FeigeiibeiK. ,S. I ' oole. M. I ' Vlix; Second Roic: E. Abelsoii; J. Jensen; M. Cohen; A. I.conarcl, sports ' arsity Foolball- )s Row: L. Howard, M. Gross, D. Kc-mpthorne, K. Bownran, A. Wojdula. L. Holland, W. Smith, J. Nettles, R. Pillath, J. Pumell. Second Row: D. Hciidrickson, B. Johnson, R. Paar, P. Bruhn, J. Heckl, H. Brandt, R, Frain, J. Hohman, A. Quacrna, S. Andrews, G. Howey. Third Rotv: L. Bernct, R. Jacoba i, R. Kurek, R. Lcafblad, G. McKinncy, F, Rcichardt, C. Silvcstri, R, Smith. E. von Hcimburg, S. Young, R, Farmer, . . Piraino. Fourth Row: C. Brooke, B. Frcimuth, J. Hennig, I), Hofiniaii. ' . Hackbart. 1). Fronek, M. Sachen, R. Marcin, B. Pickens, J. Jenson, J. Jones, J. Milek, B. Monk, - ' iflh Row: R. Alberts, I). Aulik. G. Beise, T, Brigham, T. Burns. C. Currier, T. Doinbrowski, J. Fenske. L, C;ale, J. Goeke, S. Goodman, R. Ciroiisman, J. Grud inski. .S .v ( Roir: Kquipment Mgr. . , Lamboley, P. Hambrick, N. Jenks, I.. Jung, M. London. J. I.vsaker. B. Rusch. B. Tanner. Irainer W. Bakke. Seventh Row: Assislanl tioathes F. Jacob). C:, aii Galder. P. Sliaw; Head Ckiach . I. Bruhn; Assistant Coaches F. Marsh, 1.. ' an Dyke, I). Teteak. Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin FOOTBALL ■II Western Michigan ... 11 Noire Dame 9 38 Ptirdue 20 10 Iowa 7 10 Ohio Slate 13 13 Michigan Stale .... 30 17 Northwestern 14 7 Illinois 17 Minnesota 14 FOOTBALL STATISTICS lOO.S Co-captains: Andy ' W ' ojiltila and Ken Bowman I ' JGl Co-caj)lains: Ron Lealblad and Ron Frain Most Valuable Player: Jim Purnell Sporisinanship Award: Bob Johnson Conferences Leading Scorer: Lou Holland Conference ' s Leading Receiver: Rick Reichardt Varsity Basketball— fMS( Row: Head Coach John Ericksoii. M. Ziiboi, D. Grams. M. O ' Melia, R. Johnson. D. Hearden. J. Bohen. C. Aslakson. D. Schultz. Asst. Coach J. Powlcss. Second Row: . sst. Coach D. Brown, M, Schmidlkofer, E. Terwilliger, K. Gustafson, T. Fitzpatrick, D. Roberts, K. Barnes, D. Kellihcr, P. Morenz, T. Gardner. H. Winn Senior Manager. Captain; Mike O ' Melia Most Valuable Player: Ken Gustafson Free Throw Award: Don Hearden BASKETBALL Wisconsin .... 85 Ohio State .... 101 Wisconsin 90 Michigan State 106 Wisconsin 63 Northwestern 76 Wisconsin 79 Iowa . . . 61 Wisconsin 81 Purdue . . 80 Wisconsin f)4 Northwestern 72 Wisconsin 74 Ohio State . 92 Wisconsin 80 Indiana . . 82 Wisconsin 59 Michigan . 103 Wisconsin 82 Indiana . . 108 Wisconsin 83 Purdue . . 97 Wisconsin 96 Minnesota 105 Wisconsin 73 on 2 Illinois . . Lost 11 97 I Varsity Ice Hockcy-firi( Hou-. S. Miller. C. Young. D. Keller. Second Roic: R. Gilbert. W. Reed. K. Grafton. T. French. J. Craig. J. Weiss. E. Gabona. Tliird Row: Coach John Riley. J. Russo, K. Ragatz. R. Lezczynski. R. Russe, C. VanDyke. Coach Art Thomsen. Manager V. Culver. Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin ICE HOCKEY . 6 St. Mary ' s . . . 13 2 St. Mary ' s . . . 12 3 Macalester . . . 2 2 Macalester . . . 7 12 Illinois Hockey Club 1 10 Illinois Hockey Club 10 Lake Forest . . 3 .S Lake Forest . . 1 fi Carleton . . . 1 9 Carleton . . . 2 7 Hamline . . . 6 5 Haraline . . . 4 9 Western Michigan 2 5 Western Michigan 8 4 St. Thomas . . 4 2 St. Thomas . . 3 VlH H Lost 5 Tied 3 Gymnastics— f n Row, Left to Right: Mgi. I.. Kicnlcii, Coach G. Bauer, D. W ' tipil. P. Bauer. F. Rocthlisberger. J. Zovnc. R. Porte, and Asst. Coach L. Kalakiaii. GYMN. lSTICS CROSS COUNTRY VV ' isconsin .... 74 LaCrosse State ... 38 Wisconsin . . . . 24 Minnesota . . . . 31 Wiscon.siii 46 Mankato State 66 Wisconsin . . 33 Michigan State . . . 25 Wisconsin 64 Chicago mini 48 Wisconsin . . . . 21 Iowa .... . . 37 Wisconsin 55 Iowa State 57 A ' isconsin . . . . 17 DePaul . . . . . 43 Wisconsin 52 Michigan State 60 Wisconsin . . 22 Northwestern . . . 38 Wisconsin 76 Ball State . 36 Big Ten Championship Meet— second place Wisconsin 74 Eastern Illinois 37 Wisconsin 68 Ohio State . 44 Wisconsin 60 Slippery Rock 20 Wisconsin 79 Chicago . . 33 Wisconsin 721 2 Indiana . . 391 2 Wisconsin 52 Michigan . . . 60 Wisconsin 49 Iowa . . . . 63 Wisconsin 661 2 Illinois . . 491 2 Wisconsin 661 2 Minnesota 491 2 A Von 10 Lost 5 Big Ten Championship Meet— 4th Place Cross Country; First Roir, Left to Riglit—B. Peterson, M. Manley, Captain; and J. Con- ners. Second Row, Left to Right— J. Weinert, D. Henrich, S. Tullberg, D. Peterson, F. I.og;ui. and G. Messina. Varsity Swimming: Fiisl Row: G. McMillan, A. Becker, P. Barry, J. Brophv, D. MacGregor. B. Johnson. Second Row: Asst. Coach Art Kruegcr, B. .Adams, A. Scifcrt, B. Klingbcrg. J. Cloningcr, B. Blanchard, Head Coach John Hickman. Third Row: D. Buchanan, J. Ruppel, J. P. Stouffer, J. Jaske, M. Marsh. 306 SWIMMING FENCING A ' isconsin 56 Notre Dame 47 Wisconsin 10 Shorewood F.C 17 Wisconsin 6.S Illinois . . . 40 Wisconsin 8 Shorewood F.C 19 Wisconsin 46 Ohio State . . 58 Wisconsin 17 Kansas 10 Wisconsin 38 Minnesota . . 62 Visconsin 27 Wichita . . Wisconsin 57 Pindiic . . . 48 Wisconsin 9 Air Force IB Wisconsin 38 Michigan . . 66 Wisconsin 12 Michigan-State 15 Wisconsin 31 Michigan State 74 (forfeited to Wisconsin) Wisconsin 58 Northwestern . 46 Wisconsin 11 Ohio State . 16 Wisconsin 66 Iowa . . . . 39 Wisconsin 12 Detroit . . 15 Big Ten Champ. Meet: Wisconsin 9 Michigan State 18 W isconsi n 5th Place Wisconsin 8 Iowa . . . 19 Wisconsin 16 Indiana . . 11 Wisconsin 10 Wayne State 17 Wisconsin 16 Chicago . . 11 Wisconsin II Notre Dame 16 Wisconsin 7 Illinois . 20 W( n 5 Lost 10 Fencing: First Row: S. Sokol. O. Rnsch. W. Hansen. E. Anderson, D. Weber, R. Blatthcrg. C. Hellman. Second Roxc: R. Hcndrickson, K. l.rrner, W. Olfman, Coach . . .Simonson, D. V st|)hal, (;. Verner, J. Morris, |r. Third Ron ' : R. Arnold. I ' . Nenscheler, R C:hislens(ii, J. Barton, J. Ma urkiewic . J. .Slater. I ii Uiiiiil 1 Wrestling: First Row: R. Reed, J. Sackerson, D. Nalley, R. Po%vell. iecond Row: B. Johnson, D. Pcinat, R. Paar, Asst. Coach N. Leitner. A. Boehm, A. Haubenschild, J. Milek, S. Martin, E. Beale, Coach G. Martin. Pillath. Third Row: WRESTLING Wisconsin 20 Cornell (la.) 13 Wisconsin . 26 State Coll. Iowa 5 Wisconsin 25 Superior State 3 Wisconsin . 9 Iowa .... 23 Wisconsin 8 Michigan . . . 23 Wisconsin 46 Minnesota 61 Ohio State . . 43 Purdue 38 Wisconsin 13 Illinois . . . 16 Wisconsin . 9 Indiana . . . 19 AV isconsin . 19 Purdue . . . 10 Wisconsin 11 Minnesota . . 17 Wisconsin . 8 Northwestern 21 Wisconsin . . 24 Wheaton . . . . 3 Wisconsin . . 21 Marquette . . 11 Wisconsin . . 24 Purdue . . . 10 TRACK Wisconsin . . 94 Ohio State . . . 47 Wisconsin . . Ill Iowa .... . 30 Wisconsin . . 86 Minnesota . 37 Wisconsin . . 86 Michigan State . . 50 Wisconsin . . 86 Indiana . . . . 35 Wisconsin . . 77 Chicago Track CI lb 58 Big Ten Championship Meet— Second Place 307 Big Ten Championship Meet— 5th Place Track: First Row: J. McGrath, R. Smith, G. Dix, B. Ackerman, E. Higginbottom, M. Manley, D. Peterson, D. Pride. Second Row: J. Mon- chan, T. Atkinson, J. Grudzinski, D. Seiberlich, B. Bergemann, B. Freimuth, J. Stemfield. Third Row: F. Logan, S. Tullberg, B. Holden, B. Patterson. T. Dakin, A. Montalbano, B. Heuer, J. Weinert, T. Carpenter. Fourth Roiu: Asst. Coach T. Bennett, Asst. Coach B. Brennan, B. Jenkins. J. Maiing. D. Rvisscll. B. Peterson, Head Coach C. Walter, Mgr. J. Miller. ARSI I V BASEUALl.— is fioic. Asst. Coach Fred Wcgnci. J. Hooson, R. Henrici, R. Kiohn. J. Klein schmidv. P. Richter, K. Schuriiig, J. Mcrlct. D. Howe. M. Strand. Second Row: Freshman Coach Gene Cal- houn. B. Eckl. T. Krcbsbach. L. Schultz. C. .Adier. J. Benlivegna. I., l.amboley, A. Nau. D. Tymus, L. Kra- jewski. Third Ron ' : D. Baker, T. Sheil, L. Tobert, F. Rcicliardt. J. Romary, I . Weiscnsel, (;. Higgins, B. Hardtke, B. Hendricks, J. Magnuson, Head Coach Art " Dynie " Mansfield. GOLF Wisconsin Opponents 27 Rockford College 21 . Alumni 15 18 . Illinois 6 31 . . . Iowa . . 17 3O1 2 . Minnesota . 171, 34 . Northwestern 14 22 . . . Iowa . . 14 27 . Northern Illinois 9 22 . Southern Illinois . 14 26 . . Minnesota . . 22 361 2 . . Iowa . . . 11. , 26 . Northwestern 10 24 . . Purdue . . 18 20 . . Indiana . . 16 1,5 . Michigan State . 15 Won 14, Lost 0, Tied 1 I 2 8 5 6 9 8 12 B.ASEBALL Ohio State Indiana Indiana Northwestern Northwestern lillinois Purdue Purdue Nortluin Illinois Northern Illinois Minnesota Iowa Iowa Michigan State Michigan Michigan (10) 1 2 2 II 3 2 4 7 1 5 15 7 7 3 7 Won 16 Lost 14 Fifth Plact Captain: John Kleinschmidt Most Valuable Player: Ronald Krol Big Ten Championship Meet— 2nd V.AR.SI FV GOLF ' V.. M First Row: L. Melik. J. .Mpert, D. Turner, S. Herrick, B. Brimmer. J. Holt. Second Row: Coach J. Jamieson. B. Ivcrson, B. Johns, T. cuthen, T. Ivcrson. R. Ebcrhardt, D. Gram.s. m ¥J syf N, . VARSITY TENNIS TEAM- Firsl Rou; Left to Right: L. Ricieout, G. Kirk, W. Eiscman. Second Row, Left to Right: L. Rubinowitz, D. Oberlin, T. Obeiiin, Head Coach D. Clark. Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin TENNIS Northwestern . 2 Michigan . . 3 Ohio State . . Southern Illinois 4 Michigan State 5 Illinois 5 Minnesota . 4 Iowa . . . Northwestern 3 Piudue . . 1 Notre Dame Won 2, Lost 9 9 7 6 9 5 4 4 5 9 6 8 CREW Partici- Placecl jxints Wisconsin 1 .... 2 Wisconsin I .... 3 Wisconsin 5 .... 5 Wisconsin 1 .... 2 Wisconsin 5 .... 15 VARSITY CREW TEAM-F r5( Roiv: L. Hurwitz. Second Roiv, Left to Right: B. Losching, D. Reiner, G. Kroncke, B. Logterman, A. Hegg- blom, M. Utecli, V. Johnson. T. Willett. " W " club W ( -fiont Row: VV. Ivciseii, T. CluMgaii. M. O ' Mclia, D. MacGiegor, R. Nallcy. Bacit Roir: 15. J. Alpcrl, R. Sthlicht, J. Milck, R. Hcnns, P. Briihn, I.. Beinet, T. Ivcrscn, 1 ' . Barrel. . ckerman, The " W " Club proved that the pursuit of athletic and acatleinic excellence can work hand in hand. They sjjonsored Freshman-Varsity Football and Basketball games, " W " Club Day and Dads ' Day. The letter-winners also selected the Homecoming chairman, guarded Homecoming displays and |)lanncd the .S])ring Dance and the , n- niia! .Spring Awards Ban(juet. U|)on graduation, a member may join the National " V " (Jul) wliiih has its own officers and cliih iodiu in Cam]) Rantlall. Through the efloits ol the yMinnni " W " Club, many of the nations exteptional aliiletes have foiuid their way to tile Wisconsin rf)ster. Officers were: Tom (ireagan. |)residenl; Da iil (irams, viic-presidenl; Mike () ' Mclia. iiiaMiicr; ,inil I.dii Jioll.ind. m( letary. greeki 3?2 sorority i iivli frjit ' i iiil nivl) ococia First Row: S, Ruesch. D. Duquette, C. Kantncr, L. Nelson, L. Buck. Second Row: B. Hciclel, R. Thaiman, L. Waldorf, N. Gingery, J. Lippmann, J. Bellas. Third Roir: Y. Dirnbaucr. F. Rabat, T. oss, D. Hunter. The members of Acacia cheerfully manifested the Christmas spirit and their motto of " human service " by sponsoring a Christmas party for the Washington Orthopedic School. According to social chairman Dave Duquette, this was just one of many successful events of the social season. The spring formal, held in May, proved to be a memorable occa- sion, as well as the Homecoming party with Acacia alums at the Madison Inn. At this gathering, the Wisconsin chapter held the honor of hosting the Acacia national president. In the spring of 1963. Acacia initiated a new Seven Point Program in- corporating primary emjjhasis on an academic program, but also containing a well-rounded social program. This new frontier boosted the fraternity to a pros])erous )ear. President: Carl Kantner Vice-President: Larry Nelson Secretary: Stanley Ruesch Treasurer: Fred Kabat -f V V r-i1i " Jm ' mirm ' At First Row: K. Iverson, S. Erickson, S. Fisher, M. Biyaiu, A. Babiarz, P. Chamberlin, G. Swisshelm, T. Bunyan, Mrs. McCormick, K. Calkins, P. Shcrvev, S. Cook, K. Kaiser, V. Valessares, D. Boltz. Second Ron ' : K. Corbet, B. Duescher, S. Larkin, L. Martin, S. Bruhy, J. Paske, M. N. Wenncche, C. V ' esterdahl, M. Zajicek, P. West, C. Matagrano, S. Page, S. Frank, K. Kuhlman, C. Wilkinson, B. Braun. Third Rou): J. Becker, J. Spain, C, VonScheidt, K. Carlson, J. Duke, J. Johnson, J. Sharp, M. Wilson, M. Hibscher, J. Lipke, M. Maclntire, K. Lovre, L. Stranney, V. Oglesby. Fourth Row: S. Hirk, P. Taylor, A. Fisher, K. Olson, D. Reiser, M. Owens, L. Edland, M. Hoenig. L. Halverson, J. Lindster, S. Graham, L. Mokrejs, V. Morris, B. Frietag. Fifth Row: K. Greenwald, K. Kleinfelter, J. Kreiling, A. Borst. M. Major, M. Bergerson, S. Roysron, L. Rogers, J. Docring, S. Smith, P. Burks, M. Katz, .M. Berger. alpha chi omega The Alpha Chi ' s special project, raising $300 for the Elvchjem Art Center, kept the girls industrious throughout the year. This enthusiasm permeated the sprees of the social season as the Alpha Chi ' s combined buoyant spirits with the Evans Scholars in Homecoming and entered Humorolf)gy with the Alpha Tau Omega ' s. Their ingenuity transformed the East Side Businessmen ' s Club into a ]);iia(iise " . lgae Island " lor the traditional spring formal. Topping the roll call with (.impiis lionois wire: Lucy Rogers, Hoine- comitig committee secretary and WSA |)id)li( lelaiions chairman; Karen Calkins, Pan-hcl Ball general chaiiiiiaii; Tina Bunyan, Senior Class vice presideni nid member of Mortar i '; I ' .sihii Monlguire, Homecoming Queen; and Vivian Valessares, the AWS l.isliion sliow mnciid (liaiiinaii. President: Tina Bun an Vice President: Mary Bryant Secretary: Esther Montgiiirc Treasurer: Polly Chamberlin 1 t ..n. v.. % 1 . « ., ' 5r Firsl Rou : C. Johnson, G. .Schvvabcl, J. C.ogan. A. Bell, R. Hill, J. Beiger, S. Haas, R. Wcbcr, VV. Peterson. Second Row: P. Larme, R. Nouander. D. Kidd, D. Lindeman, E. Michelini, S. Herrick, J. Zych, H. Martindale, P. Berger, A. Moir. Third Roiv: P. Wertsch. T. Forrest, R. Cusick, S. Porter, D. Berg, F. Dorwer, D. Coleman, J. Due, D. Draheim, J. Benson. 315 The " Crows " proudly rejoined fraternity row with the acquisition of Lincohi Lodge at the corner of Lake and Langdon. From this new van- tage point the chapter ' s social program boomed— toasts to each football victory, theme parties, a Christmas formal, Caiio party, spring weekend, and variations on a Bacchanalian theme. The house athletes also sallied forth, proudly canning the " Crow Ban- ners " into the maelstrom of interfraternity competition. Personal plaudits for campus activities go to Duane Kidd and Peter Dennis, justices of the student court; Bob Cusick and Jen7 Manczak, WSA committee chairmen; Dave Draheim, Alpha Phi Omega service committee chairman; John Berger, ASAE president; Jerry Schnabel, IFC " solon. " Pete Berger, skydiving; and Paul Vertsch, fencing. President: John Berger Vice-President: Alan Bell Seaetary: Shaun Haas Treasurer: James Cogan The spirit of ilic Alpha Deli ' s flourished as they joined forces with the Alpha Phi ' s in the HoniecoininK dis])hi , and with the Alpha Gam ' s in " Veil Like Hell. " This special gaietv pervaded throughout the year as the members flung themselves into the flurry of beer parties, the Christinas formal, .Spring Rite, and a variety of theme parties, inchnling the second aiuuial .Ski Lodge party. In early sjiring the .-Mpha Delt ' s and Tri Delt ' s ])ooIed their talents in diligent jjrepara- tion for Humorology. . s winners in the l!H)2-r),S Badger Bowl, the Alpha Delt ' s again entered the rigorous competition to defend their championship. Special commendation for campus activities go to Bill Willard, IF public relations chairman: Bob M(mk, member of the football team; and Charles Thomson, high jumper for the track team. President: Richard Jurack Vice-President: Ron Bort Secretary: Dave Truesdale Treasurer: Dave Pratt alpha delfa phi First Row: B. Mcnzcl, G. Gcrndt. J. Evans, R. Podolske, D. Pratt. R. Jurack. B. Sullivan. R. Bortz, J. Truesdale, R. Hahnel, R. Rohda, D. .Swanson. Second Row: W. anger, L. Lathrop, K. Kruegcr, J. Kaslorff. ]. Hatch, T. Ramsey, D. .Spatz, R. Peary. P. Colloloii, D. Ruliffson, J. Schaefer. C. Thompson. Third Row: R. Kramer. J. Spencer, D. Hanson. W. Stewart. J. Mikalson. D. Jolivctte, D. Seehafer, J. McCullough, C. Jones, T. Fuss, T. Mather, K. Berquist, A. Gris- chke, C. Skihba. Fourlli Row: J. Bcisner. R. I.asco, A. Johns, R. Monk. D. Roebkc, R. Graebner, C. Tra is. J. Carter, W. Weiler, V. Couch. M. Lipton, C. Swetil. A. DcLisle. ««« HgfTI " !! ttL ttSTW « -l After a rather hectic beginning for the AEPhi ' s, culminated by the ])ledging of thirty coeds, the girls thought the year would settle down and become routine. However, there was no sitting still for any of them. ' hen time was taken ofT from studying, it was filled with activities like Homecoming with the Fiji ' s, Humorology with the Pi Lam ' s, the two traditional house dances, a breakfast honoring the seniors, hosting the conclave in the s]jring, and attending the sorority retreat at the Dell View in Wisconsin Dells. Carol Salzman, WSA secretary and member of Mortar Board: Sharon Putterman, associate editor of the BADGER; and Marcia Cohen, Hum- orology kick line chairman prove that study, sorority life, and campus activities are a good mixture for AEPhi ' s. President: Ellen Lopinsky Vice-President: Jill Lewin Secretary: Nan Freschl Treasurer: Sue Amman alpha epsilon phi First Roil ' : F. Caplan, S. Haspel. S. . ntman. S. Piitterinan, I,. Hantovcr, I. Lifschultz, N. Fre !chel, J. Bemat, Mrs. Miler, E. Lopinsky. A. Yelen, M. Wolf. J. Lewin, J. Chutkow, J. Marks, J. Spiegel. Second Row: L. Grossmann, K. Misch, R. Schlozman, G. Abraham, J. Milesky, B. Lustok, S. Brodky, C. Feld- man, A. Adler, E. Janowitz, R. Gillman, C. Salzman. Third Roic: J. Schwartz, L. Pinciis, H. Suckle. C. Silver, M. Cohn, J. Peckarsky, M. Raufer, C. Kant, K. Fricdland, J. Edleman, S. Ackcrman, R. Bloom, M. Spector, B. Holzman, J. Frishbcrg. B. Barbakow. Fourth Rmo: M. Katz, L. Lipman, K. Feigen- baum, E. Friedman, J. Cohen, N. Sidon, K. Zinn, T. Love. E. Brooks. N. Feingold, N. Marks, S. Halpern. Fifth Row: J. Basser, K. Miller, T. Tarnof, J. Markstein, B. Baer, J. Moore, M. Shushan. D. Schneideniian. C. Bramson. D. Cohen, J. Feinberg. L. Sce. ' isel. S. Yeddis. Sixth Row: M. Goldstein, B. Lando, D. Zutz. J. Lelcwer, S. Helfant. M. Reicher, S. Fell, N. Pollock, S. Meyer, K. Lehman. E. Luria. J. Baer, S. Keir. alpha epsilon pi lir l How: J. Shcr. H. Kriimci. C. Salinmr. H. WolM, Mrs (.liiimiiii, M. Irldniaii, H. Rashkow. R. Kabakcr. I). Kiiscv. H. Hvown. Stcoiid How: M. Pierce, S. (.oldniark, R. I.caxitt, R, Riitlcnlnirg. C. Chcsiicy. J, AliKil. M. Iilix. A. Mi)lis. N. Ross. Tliird Row: M. Rootbtig, H. (hotsky. S. Bcirit. J. Schwartz, I.. Cold, B. Balis. C. Perlman, B. Frankenstein, D. LilKrinan, G. Dienstag, A. Newman. Fourth Row: M. Ettenger, D. Kaplan, J. Rotenbci-g. K. Joseph, M. Donniger, M. Pessin, R. Levin, J. Lazarus, M. Fishnian, H. Lcnvin. Fiflli Row: R. Brief, A. Braiisc, F. Fisher. M. Kcllncr. T. Stern, K. Rcilinan. D. I vin, M. Grant, B. Goldstein. Sixlli Row: S. Selcnfricnd, A. Sorkin, M. Goldblatt, L. Arst, S. Litwin, M. Hclfand, J. Friedman. U. Ory, L. Windevbaum. It llic: men ol , l|ili.i Ipsildii Pi wcic in sil down imd c ;ilii:ilc tliis past year, ihey would (omc in ihc (oiuiiision ilmi ii was oiu ' of ihc besi ever. .SiicTcssful sixial aciivinCs iiKlndiil llumorology wiili lite Ti Phi ' s, Homcfomiiif; wiili Clai loll I lall. .nnl ilir iwd hapU ' i ' tlanrcs. one ;il Hrow n ' s Lake Resoi i and ilic oilu i at ilic I lolid.i Inn. Ihc .SDT ' s joined the hroih- crs ff)r a general (lean-ii|) ser i e |)i()ie i ai ihe . iwiind ConnmniiiN Center, an activity from wiiich everyone deii ed some f ooil. Tlie AKPi ' s were arii e on (ampns wiih N ' eil Caplati. oifjani aiions Edi- tor for ihe P.. I)(;i ' .R: Miles Kelix. i)ui)ii(ii ( of llnnioiologv; and Mike Grant, IF pnhlicnions ( President: Marty Fcklnian Viee-Piesident: Robert VVoltl Serreiary: Howaril Kianier Treasuiei : lltute Rashkow alpha afrnnA delta First Row: C. VVelxr, S. Larsen, D. Williams, S. Foote, B. Christopherson. J. Gibson, L. Germuga, S. Boice, B. Raddock, S. Bupp, A. Jackson, S. Miller, K. Carroll, P. Mumey, P. Tobin. Second Rozc: J. Christoph, B. Forester. J. Kock, S. OMeara, P. Porter, J. Rhode, S. McCaskill, M. Burke, L. Watson. C. Bauer. K. Fleming. E. Shipmann. B. Levake. S. Schmitt. M. Short. Third Row: C. Haugh. S. Erland, J. Peck. G. Hollister. P. Nylon. L. Kavelock, S. Soltis, S. .Spear, K. Brandhorst, J. Paust, M. Wynboom, D. Armstrong. L. Wage. N. McFate. B. Boice. M. Marks. Fourth Row: B. Badeau, M. Hansen, P. Nylon, D. Smith, A. Fcnstermacher, C. Muth, M. Myers. C. Lobeck, B. Ela, A. Moncricf. C. Cox, D. Hughes, A. Rateike, I. Lehrmann, C. Long. Alpha Gamma Delta is a name that means friendship, learning, activi- ties, work, and good times to every member. Homecoming with Sigma Phi Epsilon, Humorolog) ' with Theta Chi, the winter formal at the Holiday Inn, the spring dance at The Embers; the skit presented by the seniors at the jjicnic held in their honor, the party given by the pledges for their active sisters, the interchange of ideas when they visited the Wisconsin State Training School for Girls— these activities contributed to the meaning of sorority. The sorority also contributed to the campus. Sue Foote was executive secretary of Humorology; Betsy Paddock served as administrations editor for the BADGER, as well as being a member of Phi Kappa Phi with Donna Williams. President: Sandy Boice Vice-President: Pat Tilg Secretary: Alice Jackson Treasurer: Helen Hesse ' fc ? . iC:, , • ? I - ' t rjftrf f ' .? ' ' Fi7i Roic: J. CaUlwell, T. Weyhmiller, R. Schuler, D. Maaske, D. Dickson, J. McCaffrce, G. Borchardt, G. Case, L. Kull. Second Rou ' : R. Uschold, A. Massie, R. Stutkmon. F. Koolstia, J. Wilks, E. Pricpke, R. Antoneiwicrz. K. Krafi. Third Row: R. Wangen, J. Hartman, J. King, E. Koolstra. N. Salm, G. Morris, O. Krause. D. Manthc, K. Baars. Fourth Row: D. Nelson, J. Bartlu-1. R. Stallcr, J. Frii-tag. D. Kcllcsuig. J. Greshik, M. Panlscn, S. .Srhustcr. J. Kot-pkc. alpha gamma rho AGR ilitrers Irom otiicr natioii:il Iraicrnitics hcrause its members must be in the .Sihool of Vgricullmx-. Oilui ili.m ili,ii, ihe emphasis placed on studies and social activities is liie same as any Greek organization. For example. Homecoming cntliusiasm for the display and " Yell Like Hell " was shared with Delta Zeia. On Paieni ' s Day ihcy scr ed dinner to 120 ])eople. On lampus. [iiii l( (iaffrcc vas a .Suidcnl SciliIdi and a (l(lct;al ion from the house was seiil lo ihe model I ' . , i louse spiril was present when another sport, ol!cvl)all, was added lo their list of intramural activ- ities. In the field of agrifuliuic duv weie icpresented 1) Cden Borchardt, president of both (:rr)ps and Soils and . lpha Zcia, the agriculture honor- ary; and Jack King, Ag ,Stuilent ( )iMuil piesiilenl. President: Jim McCafTree Vice-Piesident: Dave Maaske Secrctaiy: Jim McGaklwell Treasurer: Russell Sduder C A : 3r First Roiu: J. Johnson, S. Franzen. D. Bainbridge, K. Engel, J. Hoffland, B. J. Currie, G. Crownhart, Mrs. Robinson, B. Pohle. S. Sheridan, S. Dunning, M. Leach, M. Boyes, M. Stolper, K. Speer, P. NaUed, M. Hasenbach. Second Row: J. Jensen, S. Grandgeorge, S. Sisson, V. Mader, B. Pool, C. Weiss, P. Holden, L. Larkin, B. McCorraick, H. Hurst, J. Newlin, H. Wdner, J. Yost, L. Lund, S. Keck, M. Moss, J. Restagnno. Third Row: N. Chadek. C. Eichler, M. Beniak, B. Christgau, J. Wolfe, S. Makowski, J. Tann, D. Muenzer, S. Hurth, S. O ' Keefe, S. Smiles, S. Hanson, R. Pugh, J. Hess, M. Vanderleest . M. Rylander. Fourth Row: J. Calder, J. Leuenberger, P. Putnam, L. Otjen, M. Rhein, J. Ritzenthaler, L. Calder, J. Ritzenthaler, J. McDonald, J. Laak. C. Holmes, J. Owen, M. McCann, K. Vogel, A. Heidner, A. Hoffstetter, K, Haas. alp ' ba phi The Alpha Phi ' s began their successful year by winning a second place in Homecoming displays with the Alpha Belt ' s. Next came their biennial Dad ' s Day. The fathers enjoyed a typical football weekend with the game, a banquet, and fraternity hopping. Then they usurped the second floor of the house for the night. The Phi ' s also entered Humorology with the SAE ' s. Members active in campus affairs included: Bonnie Currie, vice-presi- dent of Pan-hel and member of Mortar Board; Jan Newlin, Homecoming decorations chairman and New Student Program co-chairman; Sue Barna, AWS fashion show personnel chairman; Ginger Crownhart, Union social chairman; Lin Calder, BADGER organizations editor; and Judi Jensen, Humorology programs chairman and BADGER copy editor. The chapter also continued their Cardiac Aid program and sponsored an Italian foster child. President: Ginger Crownhart Vice-President: Sue Tolkmith Secretary: Sally Fant Treasurer: Ann Baker Tlic men of Alj)lia Tau Omega began ilicir year of success— scholas- tically, socially, and athletically— by entering the Homecoming com- |)etition with the Gamma Phi Beta ' s. They went on to beat the Evans Scholars 7-6 in their annual Toilet Bowl football tournament. The ATO ' s have many captains to boast of— Mike Manley, cross country; Jim Brophy, swimming; and John Kleinschmidt, baseball. They have also triumphed in becoming the all-fraternity football champs. Academic honors veni to Dave Schweit er and Rich Hoffman, members of Phi Kappa Phi. To round out a full social calendar, the ATO ' s entered Humorology with the Alpha Chi Omega ' s and held their pool-side winter formal at the Holidav Inn. President: John Fara Vice-President: John Laird Secretary: Rich Hoffman Treasurer: Rick Towers alpha fau omega First Row: R. Fusch, R. Towers, R. Lowe, J. Faia, R. Coiliran. C. Sulhriland, J. Laird, C. Teske, W. Boettger. Second Rou : T. ScheitUcr, J. Hahn, J. KCTvlev, K. Heckert, R. Hovswill. V. Bergelin, J. Suhr, B. Hamnicl. Third Rozii: J. House. R. Hoffmann, J. Malcom, M. Manley. T. Oswald, J. Plaiilz, R. Backman. V. Norbcr . K. Kline. Fourth Row: C. Kincr, T. Der-ic. R. Froeb, P. Nans, J. Brophy, K. Fclbingcr, H. Schmit. R. Farrell, R. Vhite. 3J f f- f ' ' f f iV -3- The Alpha Xi Deha ' s had a tremendous year both as a chapter and individually. Their policy requiring an activity per member was exem- plified by Georgia Knox, Pan-hel secretary; Fran Vaughan, assistant AWS secretary; Marcia Richgels, chairman of Homecoming arrange- ments; and Sherry Nye, general chairman of the Union fall open house and co-chairman for Parents ' Day. Mary Ann Roberton headed WRA and was the AWS booklet editor. The Alpha Xi officers planned a weekend officers ' training retreat intermingled with skiing at a lodge. The active chapter participated in the Easter Seal program. Not to be outdone, the pledges aided the alums with work in the Neurological Center and spent a day at Camp Brandenburg helping in its program to combat juvenile delinquency. President: Donna Milford Vice-President: Mary Ann Robertor Secretary: Judy Streng Treasurer: Betty Gardner alpha xi delta First Row: G. Blindheim, D. Treiber, M. Richgels, J. Guyon, A. Herman, J. Jolliffe, M. Roberton, Mrs. Clorn, D. Milford, B. Gardner, N. Hevsinkueld, J. Streng, F. Vaughn, G. Knox. Second Row: D. Coffman, L. Roberts, M. Revwee, M. Smits, K. Zacher, S. Gaboon, M. Welsh, S. Nye, J. Holland, S. Lars en, A. Hamilton, P. Borchers, S. Hassett. Third Row: K. Jarvis, J. Jacob, A. Jackson, J. Nemec, F. Allen, J. Laine, J. Reiser, B. Sawczuk, M. Rinelli, K. Phillips, L. Baymiller, P. Lail, G. Behrens, J. Allen. Fourth Row: D. Peterson, C. Lewis, L. Roll, P. Ahlgren, E. Rabas, B. Schmidt, S. Miller, K. Nelson, B. Wil- liams, J. De La Hunt, B. Haack, P. Feingold, H. Pfeiffer, K. Logan, A. Stinebrink. Fifth Row: F. Newkirk, K. Klingelhofer, E. McArthur, C. Cummings, C. Luchs, S. Capron, J. Febock, N. Milas, V. DeWerth, V. McCausland, S. Lillard, M. English, S. Shaw, J. Schmidt, C. Grochowski, C. Phinney. ;Wa|, P -- j ff1 lirst How: (,. Wright, K. Oiiintcnz. (.. Sclionalh, R. I iiiiil. R Paul, R. Raiild], R. Bell, M. Ison. M. OMclia. J. Hi rmann. Second Row: I " . Rvaii, B. Jones, li. Scclig, P. Blackwcll, . 1. Adam, A. Pcriiia. R. Broiinliani, | .Anderson, N. Goldman. Tliirti liotr: R. Scdillo, M. Ilamillon, B. nefiut, R. Ta.sker. D. Krcincr, S. (iarmagcr, I). Taylor, M .Sdimidt. I-owlli How: I). Ilolloway. T. Klcmme, R. Kimbcll. P. SoTnTTuifuld. V.. iniincrman. J. Hadlev, J. Blahnik. J. BurgMi-ger. Fijth How: W. Korath, D. Gee, K. Gustafson, N. Meiers, T. Johnson, J. Jaskc, J. Carlson. The Heia ' .s ended llieir " sil on the porch and watch the girls go by " social life with a Honietoniing party .starling Johnny and the Hurricanes. They shared i licit festivities with the Kappa ' s. The foolbal! team included Beta ' s Arnie Quaerna, Greg Howcy, and Brian Adams. But this versatile house of alhlelis also included Mike O ' Melia, Dave Grams, Ken C;usi:ifson, atul Mike .Sc liinidikofcr, basketball team; Gary Kirk, tennis team; atid Dave Macf;tcgor, Ned C;oldnian, John Jaske, and John Clonigcr, swinunitig team. Ken .Seibel coached the fiesh- man football team. Other .social events inc luded Triad, a winter formal with the Phi Delt ' s and the .Sigma Chi ' s. They liad Ilitmoiology with the DG ' s. Sam Donato was Senior Class President, and had studied in Not way as a Sunmier Reveisc Valient. President; Dick Lund Vice-President: Gcoige Schonath Secretary: Bruce Seclig Treasinxr; Bob Paul cfft ofniga First Row: B. Bcemink, B. Schneider, S. Hudson, K. Kuelthall, Mrs. Grimmci, R. Bcnkcrt, R. F,. inje, K. Potter, N. Moslander, M. Greenwald, B. Wedell. Second Roxu: M. Gardner, J. Robertson, M. Weller, M. Peters, M. Nelson, B. Simpson, S. Chapin, L. Tepaske, N. Schreiner, A. Dice, J. Vanish, P. Clark, N. Rittschof, H. Hardiman. Third Row: M. Boell, E. Sommerfield, P. Lichty, L. Pari, S. Pfister, J. Jenkins, B. Caauwe, B. Strobl, J. Kapke, M. Frey. M. Moran, B. Morgan, B. Drover, R. Nourse. Fourth Row: E. Bond, C. Chapman, J. Eckstein, G. Lowrie, J. Lonberg, A. Groce, J. Pfister, M. Mead. S. Gehl, J. Carmen, L. Lacey, P. Greehalgh, S. Stevens. Fifth Row: S. Booth, C. Hunkel, B. Beckwith, M. Hanapel, C. Addud, J. Swan, M. Sracdstad; R. Curry, P. Falci, L. Vinger, D. Anderson, C. Sharp, L. Karn. Geographic background in the Chi Omega house this year ranged from Milwaukee to Bergen, Norway with the addition of the Pan-hel foreign student, Eli Vinje. The Chi O ' s joined with the Theta Chi ' s for Homecoming and with the Lambda Chi ' s for the annual Easter party entertaining crippled children. Also on the social calendar this year was the winter fonmal at the Lorraine Hotel and the spring formal held at the Park Motor Inn. Representing the Chi Omega ' s in outside activities were Mary Flory, vice-president of AWS; Jean Stoiber, Union Theater Committee chair- man; Beth Verner, Pan-hel Ball financial chairman; Marty Palmer, pro- motions chairman of Humorology; Sara Chapin, Pan-hel corresponding secretary; and Myra Nelson, Pan-hel Ball promotions chairman. At Senior Swingout the Chi O ' s presented a social science scholarship to a co-ed with high academic standing. President: Ruth Benkert Vice-President: Karen Keulthan Secretary: Helga Friedrichsen Treasurer: Karen Cotter H l0i i P ' ' r H UJ Hi Hl H 1 1 4aa ,= it 1 LX ' JM? T m If • it i First y ou ' .- M. Laroquf, J. Hildcibiaiu. D. Grohusky, M. Lintncv, J. Stoddard, P. VanEvery, G. Beise, G. Scherkenbach, B. Claus, Second Row: J. Gillett, M. Anderson. B. Caney, P. Wotzak, G. Sorenson, P. Brync, S. VVilincth, J. Fritz, M. Goodson, G. Pauly. Third Rou ' : A. Sparr, P. Mathews, B. Dailev, R. Connit, J. Marker, R. Sugarman, J. Baker, S. Muzik, B. Hogc. Fourth Row: D. Jones, D. Gagen, K. Murillo, B. Bcndingcr, B. Foley, J. Orauetz, J. Mag- nuson, S. Behrens, J. Orauetz. cWi phi Comj)Ieic with decorations provided by Esquire magazine, the 17th annual Es(juire party was a major event on the Chi Phi social calendar. A jnirple flying saucer won the Chi Phi ' s and the Pi Phi ' s a third place in Homecoming. The chapter joined the Kappa ' s for Humorology and rounded out their party schedule in the spring with tlie 6th annual Hawaiian party with the Chi Psi ' s. The pr)]itical scene also saw action this year as the entered the mock ]jolitical convention and represented Russia in the Model U. N. Participating in sports were Dennis Gillespie, Jon Stoddard, and Bill Schwaab, crew; Ray Marcin, liob Freimuth, and Grant Beise, football. Dave Grohusky and Joe Hildbrant, Phi Eta Sigma, and Bruce Bcndingcr, Cardinal Board, contributed to Chi Phi campus standing. President: Jon Stoddard Vice-President: Pete VanEvery Secretary: Mike Lintner Treasurer: Don Demitros m, y % %- % First Rou ' : D. Van Dyke, B. Heath, A. I ' histcr, L. Smith, P. Schoencckcr, L. I ' oterson, R. Read, B. Haring, li, Bermcl, B. Jasper. Second liuw: (.,. Heiuleisuii, J. Steinman, T. Lunde, B. Bergeman, T. Cxjllins, C. Elmberg, R. Simonson, B. Chambeilin, N. Biazeau, B. Mclnvaille, D. Keeley, G. Cole. Third Row: J. Tye, C. Schrank, T. Sloan, S. Somerville, S. Ware, B. Darling, P. Brumaster, S. Youngberg, D. Dixon, D. Schwaab, D. Connor. Fourth Row: M. Freck, C. Nusslock, B. Darling, J. Feeney, J. Winston, B. Holden, B. Ghana, D. Knox, D. Halverson, S. McConahey, J. Barry. chi psi The Chi Psi ' s again complied with the demand of avid campus skiers by organizing a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado during semester break. The Chi Psi ' s collaborated with the Sigma Chi ' s for Homecoming this year. In addition to Humorology with Sigma Delta Tau, the social life of the Chi Psi ' s was heightened by the winter fonnal at the Chanticleer and the spring formal at Del-View Lodge. Chi Psi ' s active on campus included Dick Halverson, Union president; Judson Rikkers, Pre-Med Society president; Gary Cole, Interfraternity rush chairman; David Knox, co-chairman of NSP and chairman of College Bowl; and Tom Tinkham, student senator. Participating in sports were Twigs Terwilliger and Ed Wimbush, basket- ball; Bill Holden, Bryan Bergemann and Ed Wimbush, track; and Jim Henning, football. President: Perry Schoenecker Vice-President: Bill Darling Secretary: Rolf Simonson Treasurer: Link Smith The Tri Deh ' s successfully teamed witli Delta Tau Delta for Home- coming this year, winning first place in " Yell-Like-Hell " and the overall Homecoming trophy. High spots on the social calendar included the winter formal at the Ciianticleer, Delta Dadd) Day, Hiiniorology with tiie Alpha Delt ' s, and a trip to the Minnesota game with the Delt ' s. The Tri Delt ' s were well represented on campus by Solveig Bjorke, NSA dc]5artment director, WSA Exec Board, student senator. Crucible, and Student Faculty Human Rights Committee; Whitney Gould, Cardinal Board: Paula Emrich, cheerleader; Virginia Segal, president of Phi Beta; Nancy Larson, decorations chairman of Pan-hel Ball; Kay Meyer, cheerleader and vice-president of Alpha Delta Theta; Jean Schwarte, productions chairman of the AWS fashion show; Terri O ' Hern, social chairman of NSP; and Helen Tolversen, society editor of Greek Speak. President: Helen Tolversen Vice-President: Lynn Loots Secretary: Mary Watts Treasurer: Kay Meyer delta delta delta First Row: C. Davie, M. Dempsey, S. Stein. S. Darnell, B. Raeuber, M. Watts, L. Loots, A. Schoessling, Mrs. J. Barnard. H. Toversen, N. Larson. K. Meyer, M. Thompson, N. Padrobsky, M. O ' Melia, J, Hartzell, T. Cory. Second Row: J. Struthers, J. Vogel, P. Chidcster. M. Religa. J. Noonan, M. Carlson, J. Ritter, S. Johnson, A. Reinkc, C. Johnson, S. Slicrman, J, Hcile, N. Knight, S. Bjorke, C. Fisher, S. Sundene, D. .Sommerer, E. Banka, B. Benton, K. Galvin. M. Updr- graff. Third Row: M. Peterson, C. Cooper, J. Gillette, P. Emrich, T. Raun, L. Assenheimer, V. Crittenton. M. Moore, J. .Schwarte, A. Fennelly, J. Moore, E. .Spring. T. OHcrn, C. Ladd, L. Lylle, D. Kins, C. Shagass, C. Cameron, N. Reamer. Fourth Row: S. Fredrickson, J. Jacobchick, N. Best, M. Mc.Mpinc, K. Bcwilz, K. Holt, S. Westphal, S. Stimson, R. Valentine, P. Orton, M. Martinson, A. Lewis, C. Solie, S. Carmody, P. Hughes, K. Boyle. Fifth Row: B. Mork, W. Gould, K. Murphy, J. Johnson, S. SchuUz, N. Droege, J. LaCx)urt, L. Pera, B. Hansen, E. Olson, S. Heath, B. Lamb. G. Segal, M. Wessman M. Vye, J. Martin. The DCs have a unique housing solution. Situated behind the main house is the DG Annex where ten girls reside in a separate unit. Activities for the year inckided Homecoming with the Kappa Sig ' s and Humorology with the Beta ' s. Once again the DG Combo enter- tained at parent ' s weekend, rush, and most fraternities during the year. DG ' s participating in campus activities were Emily Harris, secretary of the Senior Class, and Stephanie Ogden, a Mortar Board member and student representative on the Human Rights Commission. Paula Opper- mann was arrangements chairman of Humorology, while Carol Lipman was Pan-hel Rush secretai7. Liz Turmo was downtown night chairman for Homecoming. President: Barb Bitzer Vice-President: Mary Reierson Secretary: Emily Harris Treasurer: Sally Meyer A T delta gamma First Row: K. Church, K. Yoerg, M. Blessent, L. Turmo, E. Harris, P. Welch, C. Lipham, Mrs. Heezen, M. McCord, K. Lunde. D. MacKenzie. Second Row: N. Ramstack, L. Moses, M. Griggs, M. Cummings, B. Graham, J. Matter. M. Erickson, J. Markley, P. Goss, E. Eaton, B. Eck. Third Roiv: C. Meyers, N. Wads- worth, M, Bussey, S. Campbell, S. Wellenkotter, K. Brussat, L. Wegner. S. Blake, J. Holiman, L. Wilson, G. Lopata. Fourth Row: C. Turmo, L. Patton. S. Warner, J. Galley, C. Sherman, J. Cronin, K. Whitney, S. Larimer, N. Lunde, S. Koetchevar, C. Miller. Fifth Row: L. Bernard, L. Hopkins, P. Opperman, B. Shively, G. May, J. Bell, L. Reeves, T. Dykstra, B. Freese, P. Rhode, P. Welch, K. Falkenberg. delta fau Self a i tint How: J Syslack, R, Eblwtt. R. Hockney. W fclcis, J 1 dl, Mis (,i)nsigiiv, C. Mcicr, VV. I ' atrhclt, 1). I iigrl. J. Ilynn. Sffonrf flowi; W. Biljahn, J. Cad- baw, L. Wciidliiig, A. Atwcll, C. Harrison, J. Walker, J. Halimcisicr, R. Halt-. F. I gan, C. Pierce. J. Zakrajsluxk, I,. Hainm, J. ovne. R. Corn,-. Third Row: J. Boyes, P. nrummund, J. MacLeod, I " , Wong, W. Widmoyer, J. Mainvaiing, J. Voss, M. Kerschen.steincr, H. Nickolai, K. Davics. R. Connan. R. Menapacc. W. Zdun, O. Cabsch. tourlh Row: O. Brown, J. Scngslock, L. C:arlson, B. Wil.soii, J. Woodford. S. Weber, M. McCarlliy, D. Strand, D. Hem, C. Rciss, L. Dallia, J. Bcnn, P. Middleton, T. Smith, J. Pollnow, R. Vernon. The Delta Tau Delia ' s led an active year on campus. Al Spooner served as Interfraternily president. The head of the New Student Week Prop;ram was Don Murdock. Jack Kdl was Iloineconiing Pep Rally chaimian. Bob Hockney was cheerleading (.ipiMiii. while Jack Hoyes and Dave Engel were members of the squad. Mike Sachen was on the football teain, Jerry Zovne was on the gymnastics team, and Fred Logan was on the track team. The chapter had various speakers to dinner during the year including Professor Salter of the Political Science department. The main social events were the Roman Party and the spring formal held at Lake (iencva. 1 he Dell ' s teamed up with the Tri Dell ' s for Home- coming and with the Ciaiiiin;! Phi ' s foi 1 lumoinlogy. President: Jack Edl Vice-President: Jerry Meier Secretary: Bill Patchctt Treasurer: Fr:uicis Rost delta tHekiS gma i First Row: J. Franckoiviak, D. Erbach, D. Krause, A. HartUe, E. Steineer, G. Schoen, D. Colby. Second Row: D. Arnold, D. Koch, L. Johnson, B. Riief, D. Viney, D. Garbers, J. Bragg, W. Wipf. Third Row: R. Robinson, J. Zimmerman, J. Hamilton, D. Stark, J. Adamec, W. Herrmann, G. Machan. Fourth Row: L. Marty, G. Draheim, R. Kattestad, F. Nielson, A. Gresh, C. Mcider, J. Rosenau. Although they are a national social fraternity, the Delta Theta Sigma ' s pledge only students in the School of Agriculture. The year ' s activities started with the National Conclave held in Madison at the Park Hotel. This year ' s outstanding akim, chosen Homecoming weekend, was Robert Muckenhurn, Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture. A conclave dinner-dance was held Homecoming weekend at the Holiday Inn. The annual Farmers Party was slated, as well as other successful theme parties. Representing the Delta Theta Sigma ' s on campus were Don Krause, president of American Society of Agricultural Engineers; Robert Ruef, president of Agriculture and Extension Education Club; Bill Herrmann, president of Agriculture Economics Society; Jim Bragg, president of Blue Shield; and Duane Koch, chairman of Little International. President: Dan Krause Vice-President: Don Erbach Secretary: Ronald Peterson Treasurer: Arden Hardie % i. B J- ,4- ' - ? ,m H If -» ' TT ■Hf _ -_Tl, tt ll 9Tl w muj ff fJM » »i n9| MP JR K W- «- ' ' rf -k " i tw «. . ., . • r -fib E7 atko ' aiM ' T ' H 1 m f i H ' " ' » 1 ■ r 1 % «K gll First Row: R. Frank, W. Elman, J. Veatch, R. Engelke, J. Cheek, R. Morris, A, Parroni, M. Schaefer, D. Heller, R. Yankow. Second Roir: G. Jeffers, W. Murray, R. Koehn, S. Small II, R. Jones, L. Perry, V. Wcdcl, R. Mueller, J. Milek. Third Row: W. Schley, J. Papke, J. Batiste III. R. Wawrzyn, W. Gunderson, J. Helton, B. Pcrronne, B. Shaw, M, Marsh, D. Hoffman, Four th Row: R. Wallber, W. Filbert, B. Busse, R. Miller, J. Esch, R. Jenkins, A. Topp, T. Windav, T. Gaasser, J. Voelker. Fifth Row: D. Alfonse, N. Sathei, R. Fuller, R. Casper, C. Ruedebusch, E. Laskos, D. Mikelina, B. Dr)biirg, R. Quisling. delfcr upsilon Sirens ami bells on Langdon? The DU initiates rode in a fire engine to " Yell-Like-Hell " where they cheered with their actives and the Alpha Xi Delta ' s. Continuing the tradition, the DU ' s held an open house for about 300 alumni. Dixie Bashes, a spring Parents ' Day, and the annual Stag Day Dinner given by the Milwaukee Athletic Club were also held. The DU ' s were Badger Bowl bowling champions and football division winners. As a group, the DU ' s h.ul a scholarshi]i rating of second among the Greeks; as individuals, members were in many campus activities in- cluding " Bucky " Small, co-chairman of the University Parents ' Day; Tom Gasser, Interfr aternity Rush chairman; Duncan HolTman, foe Milec, varsity football; Chuck Ruedebusch, Dave Mikulina, crew; Mark Marsh, swim- ming; and Lee Zeilsdorf, baseball. President: John Cheek Vice-President: Dan Habighorst Secretary: Tom Gasser Treasurer: James Hoyt csaw PHR ' i T 1 i s i _ — i-- - l s - - ■ X ■ .V--- [(? »a. i fn-5« Ro7d; S. Stein, C. Thomas, L. Noback, L. Zimmerman, J. Morris. M. Ebel, Mrs. McAlister, S. Hanauer, J. Ames, L. Yeoman, P. Fobcs. B. Bishop. R. Kiley. Second Row: C. Hulder, J. Rust, J. Happle, S. Gillette, D. Hawkins, C. Sigger, C. Larson, B. White, B. Kuecken, T. Dvorak, K. Blankley, P. Hammers, L. Cossman, E. Fisher. Third Row: N. Grizzell, C. Stevens, C. Monum, S. Lapp, H. Hathaway, G. Welch. S. Stanley, N. Headen, B. Freeman, C. Deutsch, G. Camp, G. Johnson. P. Gruden. Fourt.h Row: J. Larue, J. Miller, G. Ziel, M. Randall, K. Sidell, M. Heisig, M. Robbins, S. Pauls, J. Frey, M. Curwen, S. Wood, K. Frieburg, J. Poetz. delta zefa The Fuller-Wood folk singing trio highlighted the Delta Zeta open house after the Illinois football game. A Homecoming display and " Yell- Like-Hell " cheer planned with the AGR ' s, a homecoming brunch for alums, and a " My Heart Belongs to Daddy " weekend were enthusiastically enjoyed in addition to the annual " DZ Man " winter formal and the spring Rose Queen formal at the Park Motor Inn. Besides winning the trophy for first place in the All-Campus WRA Swim Meet, the Delta Zetas were in many campus activities. Nancy Headen was a 1963 Badger Beauty; Jean Morris was Pan-hel treasurer and secretary of the Union Social Committee; and Patti Fobes was AWS resident aides chairman. Membership in honorary sororities was held by Marge Ebel and Sue Hanauer, Phi Kappa Phi; Mary Jo Curwen, Omicron Nu; and Terry Dvorak, Phi Upsilon Omicron. President: Marge Ebel Vice-President: Jan Long Secretary: Patti Fobes Treasurer: Sue Hanauer A rewarding Dad ' s Day and a Homecoming display plus " Yell-Like- Hell " cheer with Alpha Chi Omega started the social year of the Evans Scholars. Then came exciting Dixie Bashes; a Christmas Party for the actives given by the pledges; an Easter party for needy children; dinners with professors; a spring Parents ' Day; and the annual spring formal at Dell View. Besides competing for the Badger Bowl title, the Scholars were active in many campus organizations. Terry Collins served as chairman of the Union Forum Committee. The sixty-two members have Western Golf Association scholarships awarded on the basis of high school scholarship and activities. The arquette and UW Scholars fiercely compete for the WGA-sponsored traveling sports trophy. President: Bob Giangiorgi Vice-President: Dan Demichelis Secretary: Carl Sanfelippo Treasurer: Bob Adams evans scholars First Row: T. Johnson, R. Dachelet, J. Ring, T. Dapp, C. Sanfelippo, J. Demichelis, R. Giangiorgi, R. Adam, M. Hackett, J. Stummer, J. Van Domelan, J. Klein, K. O ' Lcary. Second Row: R. Sjogren, J. Gundlach, T. Collins, M. Harten tein, W. Ehren, R. Wolf, P. Cunningham, E. Saur, J. Kraft, J. PhilUps, S. Price, J. Pecor. Third Row: J. Hlavacek, J. Bristol, J. Repine, D. Bristol, T. Carvis, D. Keller, B. Hartman, T. Robey, W. Brow n, B. Munson, J. Mazanet, M. Mlskc, L. Becker. Fourth Row: D. Holy, J. Nick, G. Roth, R. Kniaz, K. Theine, B. Stratheam, D. Linscott, R. Kreibich, J. Weber, J. O ' Keanc, F. Good- rich, L. Timm. Frequent callouts and beer suppers initiated the social season of the Gamma Phi ' s this year. " Yell-Like-Hell " and Homecoming with Alpha Tau Omega and the Badger Song Festival with Lambda Chi Alpha added to the fun, climaxed by a successful winter formal at the West Side Business Men ' s Club. Working with the Delta Tau Delta ' s for Humorology augmented the excitement of the spring semester. AWS offices were well-filled with representatives from Gamma Phi Beta. Konnie Khimpar was president, Judy Mottl was judicial chairman, Ann Tonjes served as treasurer, and AWS activities chairman was Sara Terwilliger. Jane Rosenbaum was Pan-hel president, and Julie Traver served as president of Sigma Epsilon Sigma. President: Marilyn Wells Vice-President: Charlotte Whalen Secretary: Lucia Swannson Treasurer: Sara Terwilliger gamma phi beta First Row: J. Wells, L. Studley, P. Larson, A. Tonjes, C. Whalen, M. O ' Connor, S. Terwilliger, P. McVitty, M. Wells, B. Rowan, L. Swanson, M. Sedgwick, J. Rosenbaum, M. Roth, P. Grassman. Second Row: S. Warych, K. Milbum, J. Dana, C. Hardgrove, L. NicoU, S. Gloppen, D. Lautenberg, W. Chapman, M. Fahsl, J. Mottl, S. Gutheil, L. Owens, K. Klumpar, P. Hartman, C. Wagner. Third Row: D. Marton, M. Kerwin, J. Baechle, M. Schmidt, M. Massey, M. Heibel, S. Goebel, J. Traver, K. McGarrity, L. Taylor, M. Bernauer, G. Kenall, A. Sipple, P. Wojahn, P. Russell. Fourth Row: A. Nicklas, P. Straub, A. McCullough, P. Hurlbut, J. Stiedemann, M. Rowan. K. Guttormsen, C. .Shoewe, S. Jensen, M. Anderson, J. Sedgwick, J. Grosshandler, B. Bolton, M. Sprague. Fifth Row: S. Husting, P. Wesson. K. Madland, B. Scherbel, M. Thompson, S. Sarig, P. Wolcott, S. Ritter, J. Wahrenberger, J. Wells, N. Edwards. S. Kinnamon, C. Somodi, P. Pratt, S. Saunders. Sixth Row: B. Wing, R. Strohn, S. Carisch, J. Lyon, K. Miller, N. Tvedten, M. Kade, M. Wilbur, L. Mac- Kenzie, M. Dushek, C. Howe, S. Christman. P. Lovshin, C. Widmer, M. Sprague. kappa dipha psi First Row: I.. Holland, G. Ryan, D. Savage, J. Cannon. Second Row: D. Smith, R. Smith, R. Younkins, R. Pickens, R. Johnson. Kappa Alpha Psi, deactivated on tliis campus in 1951, has been re- activated this year. Don Smith, already a member of the fraternity, plus nine new pledfres put the chapter on its feet. Their main goal is the build- ing of a house which they hope to start next year. I ' he choosing of the Kappa Sweetheart at their spring formal is the season ' s main social event. The Kappa Alpha Psi ' s are working with the N.A.A.C.P. as well as other civil rights gioujis. The fraternity can claim many great names fir)in the Wisconsin grid- iron for itself. Among them are L.oiiis Holland, who is also track star; Bobby Johnson, Ron Smith, and Bob Pickens. President: Daniel Savage Vice-President: Robert Younkin Secretai7: Joseph Cannon Treasurer: Joseph Cannon kap alphcifhefa First Row: L. Barker, S. Hopkins, S. Yame, J. Kelzenberg. J. Marker, B. Adams, M. Evans, J. Johannsen, Mrs. Gauchat, S. Saxon, P. Knox, M. Mercer, S. Mulliken, J. Hans, J. Thompson. Second Row: S. Gohdes, B. Neilson, A. Rattray, C. Coutre, L. Peters, M. Anderson, M. Upham, M. Zaeske, P. Mueller, S. Sheaffer, K. Gerade, J. Bennet, T. Brown. S. Sappenfield. C. Rengel. Third Row: T. Pertain, F. Murphy, J. Wakefield, B. Brown, S. Holland, C. Hastings, J. Davis, B. Gerber, M. Lenz, P. Jacobs, J. Jeske. S. Dawson, S. Grumpelt, B. Ballon, M. B. Cant, S. Tangcman. Fourth Row: K. Holmgren. J. Wichman, C. Rabinkoff, D. Allen, C. LeDain, S. Cann, B. Norton, Flobell, M. Engman, J. Elsted, D. Sartz. P. Hawkins, M. B. Meloy, V. Dyer, B. Jones. Fifth Row: K. Troedsson, B. McDougall, S. Harrington, S. Spector, C. Mack, G Albers. M. Walls, B. Bancroft, D. Long, N. Dahl. P. Melby, S. Cross, L. Quirk, T. Marks, L. Menke, A. Lebrios. The social calendar of the Theta ' s was dotted with many exciting events this year. They participated with Sigma Alpha Epsilon in " Yell- Like-Hell " and the builcling of a Homecoming display. The winter formal held at the Holiday Inn was highlighted by the crowning of the Theta Snowman, and practicing with ZBT for Humorology added to Theta spirit throughout the year. The ]5hilanthropy of the Theta ' s was directed in the adoption of a foster child and the support of the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita, Kansas. Individual Theta ' s did not neglect campus activities. Sally Saxon and Judy Hans were 1963 Badger Beauties and Sallie Mulliken was tapped by Mortar Board. Sue Harrington worked on the Union Directorate, Sue Hopkins was a member of the Student Senate, and Duck Mercer was a representative to the Senior Council. President: Jinky Johannsen Vice-President: Pam Knox Secretary: Judy Hans Treasurer: Mary Flaherty ijyLiiLiffltwB ' ipB First Roiv: K. VVelsch, S. Wirth, M. Timni. P. McMillan, B. Bender, K. Latkin, M. Brown, B. Willems, K, Meyer, J. Thompson, S. Rank, K, Mctzen, J. Chillcn, J. Barberie, M. Moll. Second Row: K. Persells, S. Waning, P. Hassler, M. Feldet, B. Bader, I. Dencen, J. Johnson, L. Siiring, J. Edgccumbe, L. Norton, R. Olson, J. Rundell, M. Lilja, S. Prastka. Third Row: D. Millett, S. Foth, L. Eserkaln, S. Froyd, S. Willison, L. Taylor, F. Ucello. J. Barker, C. Tobin, B. Kclbcr, S. Pierce, S. Frank, B. Steindorf. K. Cihla. S. Foster, K. Anderson. Fourth Row: K, Huckstead, K. Rabat, J. Appett, D. Kudla, Nf. Spooner, S. Heine, S. Krizan, D. Fairchild, K. Nielsen, M. Alt, J. Olsen, C. Henderson, S. Collins, J. Shelton, P. Shurts. cappa delta Under the leadership of their president, Kay Larkin, the Kappa Deha ' s enjoyed a very successful year. Beer su])pcrs and callouts were just a few of the social events in which the girls participated. " Yell-Like-Hell " and the building of a Homecoming display with the Thcta Delt ' s added to first-semester fun, ending with a successful winter formal at the Abby Resort in Lake Geneva. The Kappa Delta ' s enthusiastically supported a children ' s hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and hired a speech rorrectionist for the patients there. Individual members enjoyed participating in many campus activities. Kay Larkin was the Delt Sweetheart, and Marcia Rrown was president of the Heta chapter of Thcta .Sigma Phi. Marcia was also the Panhcllenic editor anil iiiiKr of the Margaret Garner VVinsion Journalism Scholar- ship Award. President: Kay Larkin Vice-President: Marcia Brown Secretary: Betty Bender Treasurer: Betsy Willems First Row: M. Tjoflat, C. Antonius, D. O ' Melia, G. Morris, P. Haller, P. Powrie, M. Palaith, Mrs. Hicks, S. Thomson, B. Behnke, S. Serota, C. Moudry, S. Scarnecchia, S. Aanes, N. Woolridge. Second Row: J. Dickenson, C. Aho, C. Aho, A. Hall, N. Krell. S. Sinn, J. Field, C. Wilkening, D. Crichton, L. Schaef, S. Morgan, M. Hayes, H. Richards, Third Row: K. Litten, T. Pederson, L. Twiss, J, Ballentine, S. McLauchlin, A. Hobbins, J. Shapiro, T. Woods, B. Apple- bee, D, Irmscher, J. Wilkie, B. Wilkie, S. Wilson, M. Haase. Fourth Row: B. Murdoch, S. Bitker, C. Hicks, L. Grimes, C. Arnold, D. Kalsched, D. Brabham, J. McNeil, L. Mottl, L. Ludwig, C. Berkey, A. Wharton, L. West. Fifth Row: K. McCreery, S. Billick, N. Otley, A. Statkus, S. Sinn, P. Tucker, D. Drott, T. Radford, J. Wall, P. Flatten, D. Gale, A. Rose, K. Walton. kappa kappa gamma Frequent social events highlighted the year of the Kappa girls. Along with weekend beer suppers they entered " Yell-Like-Hell " with Beta Theta Pi and built a Homecoming display with Zeta Beta Tau. The spring semester brought Humorology with the Chi Phi ' s. The philanthropy of the Kappa ' s was concentrated in supporting a Greek boy and sponsoring a Christmas party for crippled children. As a major sorority activity the girls also studied. the histoi7, literature, and music of nineteenth century Europe. Campus activities were not forgotten. Joan Wilkie was vice-president of the Union, Penny Haller was a cheerleader, and Claudia Aho served as an NSA delegate. V President: Susan Thomson Vice-President: Margot Palaith Secretary: Polly Powrie Treasurer: Susan Serota Dave Lacroix, social chairman, and Art Lucey, public relations chair- man, amply filled the Kappa Sig social calendar. To begin the year, the Pi Phi ' s helped them celebrate the annual Pledge Prison Party. Home- coming weekend they joined the DCs for the display and " Yell-Like- Hell. " Other social activities included a Farm Party in the fall and a spring Hawaiian Party. Besides house participation in the intramural program, several mem- bers gained individual fame. Rig Ten champions included both Don Hendrickson and track star Steve Muller. President Ted Templeton reported that along with the very success- ful social and athletic achievements. Kappa Sig also claimed high scho- lastic honors. Jack Holberg was chosen for membership in Phi Kappa Phi, an honorary fraternity. President: Ted Templeton Vice-President: Bob Coutre Secretary: Harry Kingsberry Treasurer: Chip Burghardt kappa sig ma First Row: T. Krautkramcr. K. Paasch, A. Lucey, C. Burghaixlt. H. Kingsbury, Mrs. Matheson, T. Templeton. R. Coutre. J. Hallberg. J. Pullcn, J. Isakson. Second How: J. Sackerson, L. Carter, J. Morrow, C. Ofcnloch. W. Nicklcs, P. Woodman, D. O ' Donnell. C. Karr, D. Nellins, J. Neuliauscr. J. Blask. Third Row: J. Able, E. Knauf, S. Anderson, B. .Schccle, J. McCormick, R. Mabie, D. Hansen, C. Stein, T. Callahan. W. Leisk, P. Speakman. Fourth Row: . Stefl, T. Benz, R. Howell, T. Ragus, J. Ragus, S. Chester, J. Rothe, M. Crook, M. Mann, D. Kraemer, R. Kutsche, D. LaCroix. The Lambda Chi ' s got off to an energetic start with the annual Barbarian Party in the fall, complete with a mischievous torch-carrying, peace-disturbing mob on Langdon Street. They harmonized with the Gamma Phi ' s for Badger Song Fest, entered Homecoming with the Alpha Xi ' s, and marked off the social calendar with the spring formal. Emphasizing philanthropy, they joined the Theta ' s in putting on a Christmas Party for underprivileged children and carolling at the Children ' s Hospital. They also sponsored an Easter party for crippled children with the Chi Omega ' s. The fraternity was active in IF sports and was represented on campus by Bill Kundert, IF secretary; John Klein and Larry O ' Brien, band members; Gene Nessina, cross-country; and Paul Morrisson, baseball. President: John C. Klein Vice-President: Walter Meyers Secretary: James C. Thompson Treasurer: Robert Shoenke lambda chi alpha First Roxu: P. Shealy, D. Welker, J. Thompson, J. James, L. O ' Biicn, J. Klein, S. Ottery, W. Meyers, R. Schoenke, R. Suhr, J. Kinder. Secotid Row: D. Fay. R. Suchoski, D. Lautz, J. Hintz, H. Mosher, F. Tanner, F. Brueggeman, C. Specht. L. Paulson. 1. Huseby. J. Stanniforth, J. Field. Third Rmc: M. Chandler. W. Kundert. G. Meyer, T. Lar- son. J. Clabaugh, P. Vilcy, G. Ehn, M. Schnur, D. Kundc, J. Pristelski, R. Ragonski, R. Reimer. D. Elger. 341 phi delta ' V L i S I ' int How: W. Loppiiow, A. VVojdula, S. Rrcwstci. R. Allison, S. I ' lattT. D. Johnson, H. Brandt, D. Tzakis, R. Kurck. Second Row: A. McGonnell, R. RaiclifT, R. Hackney. M. Parentice, R. Maxwell, J. Mason, B. Bade, T. Roeslcr. n. Day. Third Row: J. Lehman, R. Holion. C. Burke, H. Keating. R. Ponder. R. Lehman. H. Wolfe. J. Raiiman. L. .Archer. Fourth Row: C. White, D. Kaul, B. Lewis, G. Miner, N. McMastcr, R. nallniann, J. Holiman, T. Ahrens, P. Chcssler. The Phi Belt ' s embarked on an eventliil year wiiii enipha.sis on many activities. They participated in Homecoming with the SDT ' s, sponsored a winter and spring for mal, and comjieled in the Badger Howl. Their annual community service project was a major spring activity. The un- orthodox " She Delta Theta " party gave the girls a chance to prove tluni- selves by going through :i luotk llcll Week :m(l being inilialed inio a mythical Iraiernity. There was much action on v sjiurts scene this year. Andy Wojdula, treasurer of the .Senior Class, was (o-iaptaiti of the football team. The following Phi Belt ' s were also on the team: C. Silvestri. R. Frain, B. Smith, R. Kurek, J. Hohman, H. Brandt, J. I ' linuli. ami R. Leafblad. Phi Belt ' s were also on the golf and swimming teams. President: Steve Plater Vice-President: Bob Allison III Secretary: Dave Johnson Treasurer: Harold Brandt phi gamma delfa First Row: D. Rudolf, T. Crcagan, T. Donegal), D. Sohlberg, Mrs. Best, P. Schmutzler, T. Hovde, J. Hendricks, M. Touhey, T. Rysticken. W. Wartinbcc. Second Roiv: J. Knoska, L. Hall, M. Woodke, J. Galbraith, J. Holt, J. Miller, S. Smith, T. Clark, W. Zaeske, B. Bradley, S. Edwards, R. Kadlec. Third Roxv: R. Hernis, J. Dwinell, P. Fowler, J. North, W. Marling, T. Peterson, P. HoUister. J. McGaan, D. Anderson, S. Champion. Fourth Row: M. Savidusky, D. Storm, N. Smith, T. McKenna, E. Johnson, T. Wiese, R. Draper. R. Holdridge, R. Bauman. J. Schuman, P. Bruhn, L. Bernet. " The Phi Gam House is located at the far end of Langdon Street, but the girls don ' t mind the walk. " This Fiji comment denotes the optimistic atmosphere that pervaded a prosperous year. They shared the Homecoming festivities with the AEPhi ' s, entertained the alums with the annual spring " Pig Dinner, " threw a Pearl Harbor Party, and wrapped up the social events with the Fiji Island Party, featuring South Sea Island decor, sarongs, and soft music. They also sponsored a Christmas Sing at Mendota State Hospital. Participating in every intramural sport from water polo to volleyball, the fraternity was represented on varsity teams by: Brigham, Bruhn, Bernet, football; V. Johnson, crew captain: T. Creagan, " W Club " president. President: Steve Moore Treasurer: Paul Schmutzler Secretary: John Hendricks » ' 9 V: ' -j j li ' 14 A Hi rtHf ' A. - A P " fe . A tli f •V •H a ' I • ■ ai lass . firs Row: P. Barman. L. Schlinger. R. Glenncr, A. Vaisbrot, M. Dolske, J. Wegmann. Second Row: J. Neumeicr, R. Paska. T. Triggs, R. Kobussen, R, Biaycr, J. Hartlaub. Third Row: D. Reich, P. Stein, E. Bangs, W. Lasek, C. ahn. 344 phi kappa fheta i S: v; President Anthony Waisbrot led the Phi Kappa Theta ' s to a fun-fdled year highUghted by both social and campiis-wide activities. They entered the Homeconiinp; festivities with Unit IV of Li Waters and s]3onsored two gala events, the winter formal at the Viking Town Motel and the spring formal at the Wisconsin Dells. An annual secret, the Gninrohed Party with " sjietial decorations " was a successful spring activity. Even alums shared in the gaiety with green beer, brogue, and banter at the St. Patrick ' s Party. The fraternity as a whole participated in the Blo od Drive on campus and was represented in the IF Intranuirals in bowling, baseball and basket- bail. An outstanding member of the Phi Ka])|)a Theta ' s, Tom Wegmanr was honored with membership in Phi Beta Kai)]ja. President: Anthony AVaisbrot Vice-President: Thomas Sandholm Secretary: Michael Dolske Treasurer: John Wegmann i I %♦ ;, f: t First Row: B. Popkin, M. Levy, G. Meister, J. Goldberg, S. Field. S. Karp, S. Miller, M. Feinberg. Secotid Row: B. Schwartz, B. Levine, S. Kahn, B. Johnson, J. Hipp. J. Mendel, R. Porte, M. Litt. Third Row: E. Tash, J. Aaron- berg, J. Sinew, B. Lulow, J. Zizmor, S. Bloomberg, S. Schneider, B. Sigman. Fourth Roxf: K. Klinger, B. Polster, R. Seligman, P. Lasha, B. Schalslaper, S. Salomon, P. Reiner, 345 phi sigma delta The purpose of every college student is to get good grades and still have fun. The members of Phi Sig have accomplished this with a great deal of success. Scholastically the group set an all-time all-campus record with an overall 2.967 GPA. The major social events of the year included a " Tahitian Twist " in which a jungle sprouted overnight in the living room, a " come as you are party " entitled " Cool, " a spring formal at Oakton Manor, and the wildest party of the year, " Battle of the Bands. " A Home- coming display of rockets, satellites, and moons kept the Phi Sigs ' " Telescope on Tomorrow. " The Alumni and Parents ' Clubs helped redecorate and partially refurnish the house. Finally, the bowling team, one of the best on campus, paced the fraternity to a successful athletic season. President: Sandy Karp Vice-President: Steve Field Secretary: Sandy Miller Treasurer: Barry Popkin Phi Sigma Ka]jpa received many awards this year, including the Out- standing PSK C;hapter Award, numerous athletic honors, and the highest improvement in scholarship. Inili i(lu;il honors included the Hloss Award received by Jay MiKlull, ;ind tiie NASA fellowship given to Toby Mitchell. Tile Phi Sigma Kappa ' s were not lacking in social activities. Highlights included a fraternity-sorority ski weekend, the winter formal, the Gamma Phi Beta Pledge Rumble, and a Homecoming party. They held their spring formal on May 16th at the Wisconsin Dells, and the Cuba Club hosted their annual Founder ' s Day Banquet on March 14th. Other officers who helped make the year rewarding were Thomas Kriekard, athletic chairman, and Steve Kraut, social chairman. President: James Burke Vice-President: Rudy Flecge Secretar) ' : Thomas Kincaid Treasurer: David Krueger phi gflna kappa First How: R. Nfassy, D. Center, T. Kincaid. R. Ilccgc. J. lUirkc, 15. Kiucger, L. LaFountain, J. Mitchell, T. Mitchell. Second Row: R, Dulin, J. Rudd, T. Kriekard. J. Dahl. R. Jidseth, R. Baitinger, D. Harvey, F. Mitchcl, H. Mcinhcit. K. Hurst. Tliird Row: T. Schocnick, J. Engstrom, D. Cinccra, S. Kraut, C. Schaefer, W. Lowell, J. Hiujuct, VV. Cuthbcri, D. Schultz, L. .-Vsmus. The Pi Phi ' s became interested in many college activities this year. Karen Jensen served as Pan-hel general rush chairman, Mary Kay Baunian was chainnan of the Union News Bureau, and Kathie Fish- beck was chairman of the AWS Academics Committee. Other outstand- ing Pi Phi ' s included Char Tetik, president of Mortar Board, and Lynn Marriett, WSA department director. Because they were first in scholar- ship in 1963 the chapter worked hard to maintain this honor. Many social events filled their calendar as the girls attended beer suppers, entered " Yell-Like-Hell " and the display competition with the Chi Phi ' s, and Humorology with the AEPi ' s. The Christmas formal, featuring a ski theme, was held at the Dells. President: Barb Tilly Vice-President: Lynne Cowden Secretary: Jill Sligh Treasurer: Lynn Marriett First Row: B. Tatiiin, K. Chilcutt. S. Emmerich. B. Glceson, M. Jansky, K. Snow, C. Tetik, B. Tilly, Mrs. Hart, M. Borosage, L. Marriett, K. Jensen, A. Haberman, L. Cowden, B. Sliemian, M. Lippolt, N. Himsel. Second Row: S. Roop, J. Olson, M. Manse, J. Conner. C. Peterson, M. Ingram, C. Rusch, B. Knoop, N. Sullivan, C. Koosman, G. Stevenson, J. Scluiler, C. Black, J. Schwennesen, B. Regez, J. Bagemihl, C. Peters. Third Roiu: K. Binns, T. Nelson, M. Eichoni, B. Morgan, D. Davidson, G. Dickinson, S. Dorman, S. Hovda, J. Banker, G. Schiller, M, Pusch, M. Lawson, K. Larson, G. Soman, V. West, J. Long, L. Rennie. Fourth Row: B. Natwick, L. Holcomb, L. Cowan, P. Phelps, M. Broadfoot, A. Quisling. L. Gerard, S. Lazarus, S. Bradley, C. Sloan, S. O ' Neal, J. Amey, K. Brindley, K. rueller, S. Lipton. Fifth Row: N. Dallich, C. Burton, S. Hallenberg. J. Quick, K. Nelson, J. Soule, H. Millar, M. Ray, N. Morgan, K. Winner, K. AUie, C. Williamson. B. Affre, M. Icenogle, D. Rosenow, P. Shane. Sixth Row: J. Fishbeck, M. Bruhn, C. Hayden, B. Busse, S. Edgrcn. K. Fishbeck, M. FoUstad, M. Hosman, C. Howes, C. Schuman, M. Manske, B. Burbidgc, M. Smith. P. Lippolt, M. Thompson. pi lambda phi ■ ' iVi liou ' : T. Olshansky, B. Eggcncr, R. Shciwiii, M. Miyir, 1!. H.iiinaii, R. I.iiliai, C:. SluriiKiii. J. Sapci, Mrs. l.cwiiisohn, A. Biustiii. R. Kiittiiinaii, M. Kt-s- sclinan. 15. Ilyiiian. S. Holdcn, I.. Fcigeiiberg. SrromI Hi)ir: R. Roscnliild, I ' . I idillcr, S. SchiKidfr. S. Sadicr. R. rislici. A. Lipson. R. Rounick. A. Kiigcr. N. Kauiii, K. Aljclson. S, Addis, A. Miuliin. V.. Wcidtnfcld. J. Krigii, H. CJould. J. VValdmaii, A. Rashkin. M. Rrom. Third Row: A. Lciianl. L. Ki-m. F. Zuerner. K. Wolf. J. Markofl. j. Dolgin. M. HaiiDw, M. Smith, J. Alhcrl. H. Oolnick, 1.. Sliapiro. R. Forinan, J. C; x)drich, R, Gordon, R. Pantcr. 1.. I ' erl- son. Fouilh Row: B. Eiscnslcin, R. DavLs. . . Taiiiow. A. ' -idcr. I . (osia, V. Sagalovildi, A. Ucnv, |. Kojjpfl, M. Ackcrnian, L. Rudnick, I.. Swaitz, W. Kalz, E. Gcssen. J. Mitchell. Fiflh Row: R. Cold, M. Simon, . I Suin. J I ' nlow. K. Kricchnaii. 11. (U luii. J. loiman. M. Rtilci. J. Cluck, J. Weil. R. Sussnian. A. Mandtl. D. W..!(r. I Siicidcr, The Pi L;iin ' s spent ihc 196. -64 season witli :i lull sclicdulc of social activity and tanipus affairs. Homecominf;; ban(iuti, a spiinj iDinial. Hmnor- ology with the AEPhi ' s. and the Hawaiian Pany— j rass skirts, w.iii i ac livity. and a I.uau— hif hligliicd ilu social calendar. Mcmhers aLli c in i;iin|)iis affaiis included: I ' .ob Rosenlitld, V ' ..S., . treasurer and Mil l ' .,ill (iur;il li.iiiin.m; Sicm S.kIki. .Symposiimi general r.hairnian; Kdward VViidenlcld, V.,S., . delegate: l.oii lcigeid)eig, Ilinnor- ' " 87 RL ' neral chairman; Skip Hoklcn, SI.IC (oininiinc diaiiman; Ron Fisher, IF investigations chairman; and Al llunioiology tickets chairman. The tiied lo follow in ihc I ' .KiH-d. ' t liadiliun nl Ki in I luinoiology, 2nd in grades, and 3rd in Badger liowl. President: Joel Saper Vice-President: Michael Field Secretary: Dick Davis Treasurer: Micky Krom I psi upsilon First Row: T. Calvin, P. Brown. L. Erickson. R. Dregcr, R. Hammett. J. Damrow, T. Lalk, J. Olsen. Second Row: G. Fennedy, A. Kosack, C. Bayer, T. McKensic, R. Decker, S. Smith, M. Kiimmer. Third Row: P. Flury, S. Miclke, C. Leidit, H. Gold. D. McCaffrey, T. Lubitz, W. White. Fourth Rozc: J. Hawkins, J. Hiissa, W. Suydackcr, J. Logli, J. Holdcn, J. Schultheis. R. Stehr. The residents of 222 Lakelawn Place actively participated in the 1963-64 campus life. Their social season included a winter formal at the Sands Hotel in Milwaukee and a spring formal at Ishnala. Entering the house through a sewer, the beret-adorned Psi U ' s and dates enjoyed the annual French Underground party. The Christmas spirit was not neglected when the Psi U ' s brought gifts and entertained at the University Hospital Chil- dren ' s Home. Athletically they participated in basketball, golf, baseball, and placed second in IF football. The fraternity boasted John Holden, IF investigation committee; Jeff Hawkins, WSA personal contact committee; Richard Perlman, CARDINAL staff; and David Kinnaman, Phi Beta Kappa. President; Richard Dreger Vice-President: Link Erickson Secretary; John Hussa Social Chairman; Rick Hammett :m ■P ' %.4T ' m V( . . ' ■♦• » r- S rm , ; First Roiv: T. Fcnzl, D. Linden. T. Holton. D. Pitscli, G. Emerson, Mrs. Ball. W. Busby, W. Dryburgh. R. Heilman, G. Ritzman, T. Kglinski. R. Johnson. Second Row: H. Jebcns, R. SIcdger, J. Boheim. R. Marlow, J. McKichan, W. Maltby, J. Hoppin, D. McDonnel, R. Stack, V. Nohl, A. , usman. Third Rou : K. Peterson, R. Noah, AV ' . Oltman, T. Kennedy, D. Enerson, M. McFarlane, W. Herman, R. Reznichek, S. Johnson, T. Gardner. Fourth Row: G. Ihiger, B. Traverse, D. Hunter. P. Volt. G. Qualley, D. Roberts, S. Haagenson, T. .Atkinson. A. Noreliiis, J. Rosemiirgy. D. Kamm. c« ' . ' ' -!i«seaflEiH E£t: sigma alpha epsilon Diiiiug the past year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has participated in all pha.scs of fraternity endeavor. They were a strong contender in intra-fraternity sports and enjoyed an active social program. The house held the annual " Paddy Murphy " party with Alpha Phi to mourn their ill-fated brother. SAE and Kappa Alpha Theta " Yelled-Like-Mcll " during the Homecoming weekend. As pan of a jniijlic service program the chapter gave their annua! OKI Folk Christmas party for Dane County pensioners. They joined , li)Iia Phi in the spring lor liinnoroiogy ami were also re])resented on eigiit varsity sports teams. Active on (.inijiiis was George Kincison, presitlent of Scabbard anil Blade, an lioiioi;iiy iinlitary society. President: George Emerson Vice-President: Walter Scott Dryburg III Secretary: AI Norelius Treasurer: Bill Ikisby ■ V %? ' Tr « V WS J .:. ri3cj fiij( ifoic; R. Anderson, A. Evans, J. Dulley, C. Vance, P. Barrick, R. Meyer, T. Goforth. L. Majeski. T. Schmidt, K. Hemauer, V. Broivn. Second Row: D. Hiihn, R. Brown, A. Roethe, J. Lawrence, D. Short, T. Yaudes, D. Pearson, D. Walsh, S. Gaarder, V. Martin, D. Schnarsky. Third Row: D. .Anderson, J. Speer, S. Rodman, G. Wolfe, W. Schmidt, T. Dombrowske, W. Gaffney, T. Cahill, D. Grieser, R. Anable, R. Allin, J. Kirsch. Fourth Row: H. Taylor, J, Pennwarden, R. Phemister, T. Dixon, G. Gries, B. Leister, R. Bachhuber, M. Bonady, J. Lynauch, J. Stouffer. Sigma cni " There is nothing Uke a dame! " — consequently the Sigma Chi pledges, dressed in skirts and high socks, enjoyed an " interesting " Homecoming weekend with the men of Chi Psi. In " Yell-Like-Hell " however, the soprano part was not quite as outstanding as the rollers in their hair. Carrying chairs, pillows, golf clubs and other necessary paraphernalia, the Sigma Chi ' s moved into their new fraternity house on Langdon Street last February. Aside from a new house, a Derby Day was initiated which featured competitive activities among the fraternities and sororities. High- lighting the year was the annual Sweetheart Formal. The spring formal in Bermuda and beer suppers, informal weekend parties and callouts supple- mented their active social calendar. President: Tom Goforth Vice-President: Rick Meyer Treasurer: Joel Kirsch Secretary: Lee Majeskie The SDT ' s, starting off a long chain of sorority houses on Langdon Street, do much to contribute to the spirit of the University, . side from the beer suppers which are held nearly every Friday night, the Sigma Delta Tau ' s built their Homecoming float with the Phi Belt ' s, and rom])ed through Humorology with the Chi Psi ' s. Their elegant winter formal was held at the Edgewater Hotel preceding Christmas vacation. The girls also supported an or|)han overseas. Many of the girls in the chapter are also active on campus. Linda Tell and Amy Blue are both on the cheerleading squad. Judy Gore is the judging chairman of Humorology 9Cy . Even with the flun7 of social and campus activities, the girls did not neglect to maintain their excellent scholastic rating. President: Katherine Berger Vice-President: Rosanne Goldstein Secretary: Carol Shaw Treasurer: Roberta Pollock I sigma delfa tau First Row: S. Libcrman. J. Friedman, J. Gore, L. Lazar, S. Fischer, M. Katclicr, P. Friedstein, R. Goldstein, Mrs. Sullivan, K. Berger, F. Rosenfeld, L. Shaw, L. Tell. D. Zcff, D. Cohen. J. Sakin, Second Row: D. Wiener, H. Cohn, A. Blue, M. Cohen, R. Rhien, V. Copelan. A. Sharpe. J. Berger, F. Robinson, A. Mor- ris, E. Goulde, n. Ciaplan. S. Kimball, L. Gorin, C. Silverman, J. Rubin. Third Row: T. Weller, R. Silverman, K. Solomon, P. Factor, M. Wolfe. R. Ex, S. Furth. J. Bernstein, B. (lolfricd, L. Sauce, P. Iceberg, S. Shapiro, K. . irin. cn, L. Gorman, B. Friedman, R. Herwitz, B. Goldstein. Fourth Roxo: P. Cohen, L. Weiss, A. Schincr, S. Rosenthal, J. Bloom, A. Rcid. C. Siilker, E. Radutzky, H. Halprin, J. Grossman, J. I.indcnbaum, B. Caplan, E. Waxman, D. A ienig. T. Zenner, D, Stone, B. Klicnman. C l),i i(l -i The pride of the Sigma Phi ' s is their non-Langdom Street intellectual atmosphere and the fine upkeep of their fraternity house. The Sigma Phi ' s, however, also participate in many social functions. Their main events are their annual Christmas football game between the pledges and actives, which the actives invariably win, and their Persian Kitty Party. They also run a spring charity project with a sorority on campus. As well as being president of his fraternity, Tim Egan is also chairman of the Interfraternity pledge training program. John ISfichael is night editor of the Daily Cardinal. President: Tim Egan Vice-President: Don Domrath Secretary: John Curtis Treasurer: Paul Striby signer phi 353 First Rmi ' : D. Hintz, S. Rich, L. Downs, T. Lochney, R. Eitel. Second Row: J. Curtis, B. Burckhardt, A. Huse, T. Egan, D. Domrath, D. Kozich. B. Mauske. Third Row: B. Palcer, B. Crisafalli, P. Stiieby, R. Stephenson, F. Blaii. D. Zillman, T. Hinke, B. Kurtenacker, S. Eckles. sigma phi epsilon First liiw: I ommas; Srrnmi Rnu ' : ]. Ikskind, 1 ' . Knoch, M. Daiiilickain, R. icUilc, R. Hughes, R. .Sontntino. J. I ' unk, D. Hoppcrt, C. Jaliii. Third liov: R. Miller, C. .Shccrar, J. Nfiirphy, B. La Due, R. U-c, J. I reckiiian, J. Nelson, B. Walil, J. Hcikl. Fourlh Rtm : J. Bailey, D. Sehoi-g, j. Hawkins. Nt. Kncstri k, I). Moran, B. ,Swan.son, T. Hughes, J, Ban , li. I h.Mnas. I-iflh Row: R. Slelling, B. Wangard. V. .Slepaniak, R. Weir. B. Young, G. Pul . K. Swank, J. Putz. Sixlli Row: I). Bennett, P. Robbins, K. .SliK-lling, B. Biaun, P. Card, D. Elwing, I. Bollnow, D. Jensen. The Sig Ep ' s initiated the 1963-64 year with Founder ' s Day held early in the fall. All members of every chajUer in the state gathered here for a woriliuliile weekend. Shortly after iliis event, the Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s joined forces with Alpha Gamma Delta in Iniilding a Homecoming float at the Sig Ep house. Their ainiiial sjiring Polynesian |:)arty developed an enticing South Sea Island theme. They also teamed up with the Kappa Delia ' s for the Badger Song Fest. J(x;l Heckel is part of the Varsity fcnnball team and an afTdiale of the Male Badger Clidj. Larry Dolph partic ipated in track and fencing matches. Five of the boys, Fred Knoch, Bill lioehm. Tom liollow, Tim Swan, and Bob Sorrentino, played a major role in I he MKiL ' C). ' ! Marcsfoot pnxhution. President: Robert Hughes Vice-Presiilent: Bob Sorrentino Secretary: Wayne Grit macher Treasurer: Jim Funk fau kappa epsilon I ' list Row: J. Schoening, J. Vickman, R. Giese, W. Doos, P. Schmidt, E. Lump, R. Rather, R. Kiiollenberg, B. Critides. Second Roui: D. Hierl, L. Loido ' it, P Aspinwall, J. Holsen, D. Loiterer, J. Cech, W. Burri, F. Kirking, J. Slater. Third Row: L. Gcbhart, M. Blomquist, H. Jacobson, G. Dethloff, G. Sather, D. Drctzkc, R. Ziminski, G. Kisch, M. Fenik, S. Valinet. Fourth Roxv: D. Marino, R. Marks, M. Barber, M. Rath. M. Pariza, T. Roberts, E. Hilbert. K, Stewart, J. Barry, R. Hicbing. The Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s started the fall season by celebrating Home- coming at the Holiday Inn. They also held their annual Christmas party at a neighborhood house, to the enjoyment of many children. During the spring semester the boys worked on Humorology with the girls from Alpha Xi Delta. They also held their annual Shipwreck Party, the last party of the school year. Also contributing to the social gaiety was their spring formal. Adding to the strength of the fraternity as a whole, individual members did much to enhance the fellowship. Many of the boys were active in the professional groups as well as other clubs on campus. Paul Aspinwall was vice-president of the Interfraternity Council. President: Edward Lump Vice-President: Bill Doos Secretary: John Vickman Treasurer: Robert Giese El KfK lg V n ' f 4 i 1 f ? f 1 L 1 1 1 ' ft 1 r i [ ■f tf F u v ' ff n ki First Row: J. Burlcy, W. Hansen, J. Ka enieicr, D. M ;x)ic, T. Pampciin. D. Creasey, T. Hirsig, J. Zerwick. Second Row: W. Carter, J. Tozier, J. Burg, J. Lcatherwood, R. Ray, L. Jost. D. Birch. R. Goldberg, S. Brown, D. Even. Third Row: N, Jahn, S. Vite, S. Sokol, J. Hood, M. Sabraw, M. Mueller. R. Bohlman, K. Carnell, J. Jungwirth, R. Wadsworth. Fourth Row: D. Cunningham. T. Ray. W. Gee, W. Tesnow, K. Christiansen, T. Brussat, J. Andryaak G. Wisdiinann, A. Thielen, J. Andrews. fheta cni jiiii Long, social chairman, and John Zerwick, publicity chaiiman, planned many activities for the Theta Chi ' s. The African Safari Party and ilic Roaring Twenties Party liighlighted the early fall. On Home- coming weekend the Theta Chi ' s joined the Chi Omega ' s for the display and " Yell-Like-Hell. " Second semester included Humorology with the Al|)ha Gam ' s. President Harrington, a Theta tJii alumnus, was honored by the brothers at a reception on November 17th. Many University officials were invited for the occasion. Other activities included Ahuuui Week and Parents ' Weekend. In varsity sports Bill Hansen represented the house on the fencing team. President: Theodore Pamperin Vice-President: George Wischmann Secretary: Steve Vite Treasurer: Dan Creasey Fint Row: B. Adams, J. Wertymer, L. Jacobs, K. MtCIintock, Troubles, J. Klauser; B. Lindquist, D. Watt. J. Sullivan, P. Jacobs, Second Row: R. Dintcinann, ' . Turbgey, J. Curtin, J. Oswald, F. Langlois, D, Luttiopp, B. Waller, D.Barcz. Third Row: M. Egre, B. Albert, T. Kilton, B. Stoelting, B. Irvine, T. Willoughby, D. Bussalacchi, F. Wertymer, A, Watson, C. OIney. Fourth Row: P. Behr, T. La Plante, R. Anderson, W. Bussc, D. Ackerman, E. Pribblc, C, Summers, R. Goedjen, G. Buenzli. Fifth How: K. Smith, C. Stansberry, J. Klopatek, S. Smith, R. IngersoU, A. Montalbano, B. Goldberg, P, Brady, B. Gill. tnefa delta chi The year started out with much emphasis on Homecoming since Bill Gill, social chairman, was also general chairman of Homecoming. The house participated with the Kappa Delta ' s in both the display and in " Yell-Like- Hell. " The Theta Delt ' s were represented on campus by John Wertymer, a member of the CARDINAL advertising staff and Bill Waller, business manager of the CARDINAL. In Wisconsin sports the Theta Delt ' s were represented on the track team by Al Mantalbano and Bill Gill. Don Ackennan was a member of the wrestling team and the crew included Roger IngersoU, Jeff Klopatek, and Steve Smith. President: Keith McClintock Vice-President: Dave Watt Secretary: Lou Jacobs Treasurer: Barry Lindquist Roger Perlmuter, social chairman, boasted a busy year for the ZBT ' s. Inchided in the celebrations were the annual Toga and Hobo parties in the fall. Homecoming activities were planned with the Kappa ' s for dis- play and the Alpha Phi ' s for " Yell-Likc-Hell. " In the spring they enjoyed the Chinese party and the ZBT and Phi Delt weekend. Second semester also included Humorolog) ' with the Theta ' s. On campus, Charles Zucker was a staff member of the Daily CAR- DINAL and Joel Oppenheim represented District VII as a Student Senator. Tom Manaster was in charge of the training committee of the New Student Program, Jeff Eastman worked on the publicity for Symposium, and Bernard Rosenblatt was chairman of the WSA Scholar- ship Committee. The ZBT ' s were also represented in sports by Wally Eiseman, a member of the tennis team. President: Louis Levey Vice-President: Sanford Narrow Secretary: Richard Schwachter Treasurer: Lari7 Singer i zefa ou First Row: S. Shocn, J. Oppenheim, W. Eiseman, I. Dresner, M. Lerner, M. Ritkin, L. Soil, J. Ro s, L. Levey, Mrs. S. Goodkind, S. Narrow, G. Roth, L. Goo iman. B. Small. D. Mandcl, R. Jacobs. Second Row: D. Hcymann, B. Abvohams, A. Greenwald, J. -Sanford, B. Ross, L. Herman, R. Rubin. D. Harris, H. Yamagata, B. Cooperman, S. Chafetz, G. Levin, D. Caplan, H. VVeinzimmer, A. Blair, D. Diiitch. L. Singer. Third Row: T. Manaster, S. Colton, E. Stone. H. Jacobson, B. Grossweiner, R. Dickernian. B. (lordon, B. Mcdow, M. Tucker, M. Smerling, H. Borkin. B. Mandell. D. Becker, G. Davis. M. Gersien. Fourth Roif: R. Golden. G. . mdur, M. Ragir, K. Latimer, J. .Auslander, D. Berkson, B. Goldware, D. Lcvine, E. Ruder man. S. Schlussel. L. Fcldman, H. Rose. S. Greenspan, J. Goldberg, R. Kaufman, B. Porter, Fijtii Row: A. Schriber, J. Eastman, R. Roberts, H. Margolis, M. Lavin, J. Hirschberg, S. Scull, T. Frank, B, Jacobson, S. Schwartz, C. Zucker, D. Bemslcni. L. WoKT, M. Finedman. iving units Baiiianl Hall-f ;.v Roir: B. Epp, M. Nc-iman, N. Wood, D. Abeiiin, M. Gilbert. G. Penlicld. Miss Ellingwood, B. Gordon, A. Rosenberg, H. Millar, S. Stickel, N. Davis. Second Row: N. James, J. .-Mien, L. Loo, J. Larson. L. Hodges, D. Palmcrt, W. Lippnian, J. Kester, J. Twite. C. Shahecn, S. Weyenberg, H. Showers, P. Borchers. C. Cesario. Third Row: D. Bauer, R. Schaffer, S. Philips, A. Raven, L. Bartz, J. Huseth, G. Pitkin, L. Turnquist, J. Streng, C. Stcube, I. Bek- kedal. G. Abernoth. S. Sleeter. Fourth Row: E. Zenke, M. Baertschy, C. Nel son. K. Altman, S. Pasano, J. Newton. J. Hartjes, S. Swanson, S. Warming, B. Wright. C. Gardner, C. Ruth, K. Davis, F. Trachtenberg. Fifth Roxv: M. Teplc, P. Kitzerow, M. Ray. P. J. Wood, V. Brandt, R. Zarins, L. Walraff, I. Marplc, C. Timlin, C. Fiss, J. Fchirwary, N. Longhorn. J. Katz, N. Lewis, M. BuUis. 360 Barnard Hall Barnard Hall is one of the smallest University women ' s- Hving units. However, the girls entered the Homecoming spirit so enthusiastically that ihey won second j)lace for their display with Jones House. Jeanette McDonald placed as a finalist in the Navy Rail Queen contest. The year ' s activities includeil the animal Christinas tea on December 1,5, a moilier ' s weekend in the spring, and a house formal. Barnard ended the year with an honors haiKjiiet for those sliidenls in the iiousc who had achieved excellent scholastic standing dming the year. OfTucis were Marcia Gilbert, prcsidcni; Barbara Jones, i(e-|)resideiU; Dorothy Aberlin, secretary; and Arlene Rosenberg, treasurer. Al 4 Chadbouinc Hall ()flictrs-f is( flotc; S. Holland, M. Moss, J. Bell. L. Assenheimer, K. Schuettc, J. Conner, N. Cohen, M. McAlpine, V. Schafer, M. Czajka, J. Eckstein, F. Sample. Second Row: J. Salins, N. Albright, J. Hasemeier, A. Hamilton, S. Brodhager. S. Jensen, P. McPeek, D. Turner, K. Diefender, M. LShealy, E. Soukup, M. Hill. Third Row: E. Gelin, S. Spanagel, S. Williams, K. Harker, P. Ploetz, T. Mandernack, D. Zutz, G. Baerwald, S. Hall, K. Koge S. Murphy, S. Rehder, L. Westphal, S. Pfister, M. Kuehl, V. Wean. Fourth Row: A. Gaspardo, S. Andrews, C. Meier, R. Hynek, C. Coutre, K. Cihla, N. Guptill, J. Fifrick, J. Klinefelter, V. Close, L. Welch, H. Fink, G. Wallace, K. Klipstine, S. Moyle, C. Phinney, L. Rutz. Chadb ourne Hall Chadbourne girls enjoyed a prosperous year filled with the social and_ intellectual activities which are so important in maintaining campus-student relationships. They entered Homecoming with Phillips House and walked off with third prize for their display, got into the Christmas spirit with a " Mistle- toe Magic " formal, and sponsored an art show during the spring. The seniors, joined by parents and professors, were honored at a spring tea. Once a week the girls had an opportunity to hear various professors speak at dinners. Making all this possible were the dorm committees who worked hard to make the year successful. 361 Chadbourne Hall Staff-first Rozu: P. Craig, N. Taylor, E. Bone, K. Schneider, J. Schurch, G. Eaton. Second Row: C. Grachen, D. Wolowitz, E. Ryder, M. Rodewald, M. Gebelein, E. Ryder. ■ ' . »- -:f 4 J It I ' ■ ) linisc House— firir fioic; K. Kohlcr, C. Caucutt, J. Geminer, B. Schrocder, S. Strauss, L. Atwood, P. Rehm, A. Rattray, M. Wohlust, P. Specr, Stcond Row: J. Fishbcck, M. Smith, C. Burton, E. Gclin, S. Murphy, M. Shcaly, E. Ryder, G. Wallace, M. Ruehl, M. Hill, V. Schafer, H. Fink. Third Row: A. Luedtkc, 1). Thicding, K. Bewitz, S. Babler, A. Walker, S. Riechert, A. Mixdorf, S. Flug, G. Haubolt, K. Gcracie, A. Vhite, S. Nelson, S. Nelson, S. Mutchow, S. Sparling. Fourlli Roiu: G. Peterson, S. Marron, J. Bell, S. Clope, L. Gruber, M. Bathke, K. Rabat, C. Lukoff, S. Small, C. Albcrison, D. Waxer, J. Krull, K. Malpede, C. Schwartz. Breese Hall Breese House began an eventful year combining with Jones House for a freshman welcome picnic. Beer sup- jjers and a Big-Little Sister Banquet also made dorm 362 living fun. Maureen Hill was Coed ' s Congress represen- tative, and Ellen Gelin, secretary, was co-editor of the Chadbourne newspaj er. Other officers were: Mary Jo Shealy, president; Joie Canada, vice-president; and Marilyn Kuehl, treasurer. Campbell House Campbell House welcomed their new freshmen with the theme " Badgerland. " During the year they sponsored a Christmas project for retarded children, had a success- ful mixer with Sullivan House and participated in dorm intramurals. President Ellen Soukup was aided by Kay Klipstine, vice-president, and Louise Rutz, treasurer. Campbell House— fin Rmir K. Buchholtz, M. Silbcr, C. Philipps, M. Rcliga, S. Skutley, K. Kohlmeier. K. Wells, B. Finder, P. Magnusson. Second Row: I). Heerhojd, B. Egan, L. Rut , J. Fkkstein, C. Meier, E. .Soukup, C. Cirachen, K. Klipstine, S. Rehdcr, J. Peterson, S. Haug, S. Nikora. Third Row: J. Anderson, R. (Jreenberg, D. Collraan, S. Schalfer, B. Janicki, K. Conway, C. Schubert, J. Nicft, J. Jameson, S. Joos, J. Hindin, D. Cunningham, S. Poulscn, B. Wandrey. Fourth Row: S. Arndt, M. Elya, T. Rhiel, V. Orlow, F. Scott, S. Jawitz, B. Pcrraut, J. Smallinan, J. Longuevillc, J. Bcrigan, S. Evcnson, M. Summerill, M. Cherry. f JiP JiM ' » Marlatt House— Fn5( Roiv: M. laiison. [. Aiulcugg, A. Riiiluit, M. Pavlat, J. Owen, N. Vogel, C. Daniel, B. Christgau, J. Redfiekl, B. Vandeveld, M. Hamlin, J. Vosmck. Second Row: C. Huschka, C. Langenl)eig. V. Berg, S. Holland, G. Bell, C. Coutre, G. Eaton, A. Hamilton, P. Ploetz, S. Rasmussen, D. Russler, L. Jorgenson. Third Row: B. Schmidt, S. Miller, R. Tepper, K, Himter, J. Nemec, R. Palaitis, S. Beuthin, J. Peterson, C. Hennig, E. Treen, C. Hayden, C. Anderson, N. Highland, S. Shaw. Fourth Row: N. Overholt, B. Harris, M. Perry, S. Wiernick, K. Haakenson, J. Hart, L. Wicse, A. Heidner, B. Meyer, N. Wollridge, M. Fuersten, P. Klenke, P. Pick. Marlatt House The theme, " These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things, " ushered in Marlatt House freshmen. They had a Father ' s Weekend in February and gave a party for a Madison family at Christmas. Carol Anderson was a member of Student Senate. Many girls were initiated into honor organizations during the year. Ann Hamilton was presi- dent; Sherry Coiure, vice-president; Sally Holland, secre- tary; and Karen Olsen, treasurer. Murray House Murray House was honored by placing second in scholarship at the end of the semester. They entertained their mothers on Mom ' s Day during December and held house jjarties and buffet suppers during the year. Officers organizing the various social events were: Ellen Stella, president; Jane Klinefelter, vice-president; Sue Andrews, secretary; and Victoria Wean, treasurer. 363 Murray Ho Kc— First Row: S. Lynch, M. Geller, D. Fox, J. Birkenstock, L. Nemec, C. McCool, D. Binder, M. Jefferson. Second Row: B. Natwick, B. Benson, D. Hntnik, V. Wean, S. Andrews, J. Klinefelter, F. Keslar, M. Czajka, L. Westphal, S. Scheid, M. Werning, J. Olson, Third Roiu: A. Eckstein, K. Klausch, C. Clore, M. Schoof, C. Barta, M. Wynboom, A. Bosnia. M. Wuilleumier, S. Ricgel, B. Seidita, K. Turner, P. Mulligan, M. Mulligan, J. Dcmming. Fourth Row: B. Schuetze, M. Davis, N. Wraight, P. Stcmpcr, B. Byrne, J. Saecker, V. Carlin, J. Weber, E. Stella, L. Klein, K. Hanville, C. Lictert, S. Bersch, A. Holstein. ©•9 J) t il Rosinhiirv House— First Row: J. Motile, J. Roncke, L. Galiano, S. Gianilgeorge, N, Surmacz, G. Bunker, M. Biotkman, S. Field. Second Row: C Orcdson, L. Thuma. B. Schcrbcl, K. Cihla, K. Eggert, J. Hascmeier, D. Wolowitz, N. Guptill, M. Moss. T. Mandernack, F. Joseph, K. Rasmussen. Third Row: M. Schmidt, J. Biikenstock, J. Johnson, M. Strieker, B. Traisman, J. Berd, J. Cleveland, C. James, E. Poppe, S. Leidholdt, V. Ham- njcrmeistcr, L. Jensen, D. Hunt, J. Olson. Fourth Row: D. Pfeil, N. Zimmer, F. Gurvitz, B. Frisch, N. Scheunemann, J. Obst, A. VogI, M. Bruhn, B. Drill, D. Rcddeman, P. Price, E. Macgregor, N. Ebbott. Rosenberry House Rosenberi7 House hud an active schedule as Merideth Moss, social chairman, organized buffet dinners, listen- ing parties, and a Christmas party for orphans. Sandy 364 Yield was a semi-finalist in the Homecoming Queen contest and Katy Eggert, treasurer, was also co-supervisor of the Chadbourne cafeteria. Other officers were: Jane liasemeier, president; Nancy Guptill, vice-president; and Kathy Cihla, secretary. Schoenleber House Schoenleber House, under the leadership of president Sandy Brodhagen, gave a Big Sister-Little Sister Banquet, had a listening party with Wisconsin Hall, and sponsored a Christmas service project. Many of the girls were in honorary sororities, including Mary Baker, Judy Weber and Suzanne Reetz. Other officers were: Toni Schuster, vice-president; Nancy Steele, secretary; and Sue Pfister, treasurer. Schoenleber House— ; in( Roiv: B. Petak, L. Pfund, M. Rooney, J. Yurtis, B. Luhnian, S. Sisson, H. Roberts, J. Dcnner, A. Hcrzog, B. Klass, K. Nussbaum, C. Stephenson. Second Row: C. Weaver, S. Plenke, S. Leeder, M. Thompson, S. Shambeau, R. Bates, S. Brodhagen, J. Sthurch, L. As- senheimer, S. Pfistcr, N. Steele, B. McAvoy, J. Feld. Third Row: M. Rundell, B. Backus, J. Moore, V. Mader, J. Schoenick, B. Fergal, L. Loeb, J. Schwartz, L. Kavlock, J. Waldo, P. Farris, S. Greene, C. Kroon, S. Schipper. Fourtli Row: J. Jorgensen, C. Woodruff, K. Swinbank, P. Nylon, K. Brekkc, J. Weber, M. Beuthel, S. Honaker, I). Drotl, K. Gallin, B. Fox, S. Capron, J. Minash, J. Jenkins, C. Miller. f - ' ♦ «% » ' l ' » t i ' t ' fi l- ' . 4 .t.%-i ' :4. rf , w ' .. Scott House— First Rou ' : N. Larson. S. Siegel, E. Ahrens, S. Sabatke, S. Guptill, M. Lang, J. Porter. Second Row: M. Weiss, G. Baerwald, S. Spanagel, P. McPeek, M. Rodewald, S. Moylc, F. Sampe, K. Marker, J. Conner, L. Mazur. S. VVisch. Third Row: P. Miner, P. Newman. S. Sanner, R. Czar, C. Parins, J. Wolfe, M. Janzer, S. Thompson. G. Payne, R. Nourse, B. Gottfried, S. Ross, S. Mitchell. Fourth Row: J. Rauwerda. K. Anderson, E. Koonz, R. Klatt, L. Scheir, J. Klauzar, G. Steele, K. Petersen, M. Sweet, M. Nelson, M. Sass, J. Schmidt, J. Gilbert, S. Carmody, D. White. Scott House A Hootenanny and a Popcorn Party for the incoming freshmen began the year at Scott House. They also had a beer supper with Alpha Gamma Rho and entertained their fathers on Father ' s Weekend in February. Sue Spanagel, secretary, was initiated into an honor sorority. Other officers were: president, Pat McPeek; vice-presi- dent, Sandra Moyle; and treasurer, Florence Sampe. Wallerstein House Wallerstein House sponsored a whirl of social activi- ties this year. Buffet dinners, listening parties, and beer suppers were planned by the officers: Kathy Diefenderfer, president; Lois Welch, vice-president; Cindy Phinney, secretary; and Arlene Gaspardo, treasurer. Included in the festivities were a Mother ' s Weekend in April and an annual Christmas party. Two girls in campus activi- ties were Sybil Brandt, Orchesis, and Santha Sarig, Uni- versity Symphony. 365 Wallerstein House-First Row: G. Sengpiel, H. Garber, N. Knight, J. Rossiter, N. Gratch, J. Harding, J. Nelson. Second Row: M. Cleland, C. Buchler, J. Pasaka, C. Phinney, K. Koge, N. Taylor, K. Diefenderfer, K. Traut, C. Stupar. M. Flugstad, J. Person. Third Row: B. Bergman, J. Pfister, S. Higgins, J. Shiffman, B. Edcr, S. Sarig, M. Stewart, D. Davidson, B. Schilf, J. Vallier, S. Thornquist. J. Barry, P. Elwood. Fourth Row: K. Rezin, S. Billick, M. Hannapel, A. Waterworth, M. Debus, J. Imber, K. Karrels, S. Wegner, S. Swecd, G. Murkowski, N. Brcnnan, J. Feather- stone, K. Jarvis. , ' jr-,sf;mpx}fi f. ' 0%$ ' m p • o m. •I l . WW © ® 6 f f1 f! l«;4Ei I t 1 i »»t f ! I 4 if. »- 1. .».«.« i. L« no - Wilkinson House— - ' ns floic: G. Scheller, C. ,Sk (iu. J. I)cm)c, J. Pcil, N. Stein, C. Miller. J. Lalich, K. Docpkc, S. Bakke, S. Knoke, B. Kramer. Second Row: C. Gunning, K. Kester, M. Dove, J. Salins, J. Fifrick, P. Craig, S. Jensen, D. Zutz, K. Schuette, R. Hynek, M. Gosse. Third Row: C. Krueger, M. Wcnniger, M. Vcrnor, E. Cykner, C. Kowalczyk, A. Kronick, P. Holyoke, L. Davics, U. Armstrong, S. Roop, M. Schanen, J. Ott, S. Hennig, S. Yates. Fourth Row: P. Grover, L. Hopkins, C. Howe, S. Soltis, P. Madison, N. Gustin, S. Larsen, C. Bagwell, D. Lejeune, C. Fischer, M. Lcvine, AV. . lbert, J. Vohn. Wilkinson House Wilkinson House social chairman Kay Schuete organ- ized a listening party with Chamberlin House and a buffet dinner with La Follette House. They invited their mothers to stay for a February weekend, and entered the Christmas sjiirit during December by doing good deeds for one another in Elf Week. President this year was Sandy Jensen; vice-president, Judy Fifrick; secretary, Judy Salins: and ireasiner, Rita Hynek. Wood House Wood House boasted the highest grade point in Chad- bourne Hall and placed in " Yell-Like-Hell " with Phil- lips House. Active in philanthropy, they contributed canned goods for Thanksgiving and gave a Christmas party at an old folk ' s home. Social chairman Nonna Cohen arranged a successful Den Party with Botkin House and a few dance mixers. Officers included: Doro- thy Timier, president; Virginia Close, vice-president; Sarah Williams, secretary; and Nancy Albright, treasurer. Wood House-First Row: K. .Smith, C. Date, M. Palmer, S. Weber, J. Fry, M. Lowe, K. Weisz, J. Weber, S. Nonken, M. Stolbcrg, M. Cornelius, K. Kokcnus. Second Row: J. Robichck, P. Icke, L. Mieike, N. Albright, S. Hall, V., M. Gebelein, 1). Turner, S. Williams, N. Cohen, J. Mc- Neil, D. Dittrich. Third Row: G. Johnson, M. Wilber, P. Prentiss, M. Mantz, A. Maxwell, J. Montgomery, P. Sietlschlag, M. Storck, K. Thulin, S. Ehrlish, J. Aiulerscn, S. Arnold, C. Wilson, J. Steitz. Fourth Row: J. Bjurman, P. Willmer, K. Woods. M. Richards. J. Rosenbaum, K. Ehnike, M. Thurow, J. Blakily. S. Schueller. M. Blank, R. Pietcrs, S. Plattis, S. Ketterhagen, M. Johnejack. Eliz. Waters Officers— fir5 Roiv: S. Fotli; L. McDermid, I. Leiirmann. Second Row: C. Taylor, K. Krueger, B. Sumnicht, M. Pelton, N. Moon, K. Woodend, K. Persells. Third Row: J. Oyama, L. Weber, J. Doerscli, P. Sommer, L. Jensen, K. Huckstead. S, Barnett. G. Jones, L. Mag- nnson, L. Querry. Fourth Row: S. Kellom, R. Rudolpli, C. Husman, P. Bringe, K. Uhle, D. Hagan, N. Kirkpatrick, C. Klug, D. Sartz, M. Lang, E. Long. 367 Elizabeth Waters ►:?« T SSS Eliz. Waters Slalf— fi s( Row: P. I ' icolle, Miss Allan, Miis Freed, K. Montesano. H. Kramp. Second Row: M. Ccif. S. Porter, J. Leonard, C. Coflman, S. Probasto, Unit I 368 Senator Christine Taylor and representatives Jose- phine Oyama, Lynn Weber, Judy Doersch, and Ellen Traschsel coordinated the year ' s activities of Eliz. Waters Unit I. Exchange buffet dinners with Noyes and Millar Houses, Homecoming with Conover and listening parties with Olson and Conover Houses were successful social events. Many floor theme parties and a bake sale were also a part of their 63-64 calendar. Eliz. Waters, Unit l-First Row: H. Barg, M. Burns, C. Anderson, J. Leonard, C. Taylor, J. Doersch. B. Dribble, P. Brogden, C. Schroeder, M. Mucnch. Second Row: J. Inouye, O. Faraca, M. .Sigante, G. Rentmeester, M. Coleman, C. Newell, P. Rocd, A. Reynolds, J. Olson, K. Cowman, M. Wcick. J. Sachs. Third Row: C. Carpenter. R. Bobcrski, S. Pitzer, J. Vogle, M. Wilson, P. Lohr, G. Meyst, A. Russo, P. Wakeman, J. Buelow, K. Martin. f. Kovac, M. Trccce. Fourth Row: I . iiclilkc. B. Hoeni, S. .Sioiigaard, N. Wilson, S. Taylor, L. Elger. C. BU om iuist. J. Spilincr. B Jones. M. Dunn, L. Nesslar. K. Webb, V. Boliii. — Ti—r-g- jwju uiy Eliz. ' Waters. Unit U— First Row: C. Tesch, N. Kellogg. S. Jepsen, R. Rudolph. S. 1-oth, P. I ' icotlc. S. Qiiam. A. Josephson. A. Rateike. Second Row: D. Webb, J. Hooker, M. Meade, R. Melrose. J. Kupfer, K.. Plantico. J. Laster, M. Lindgren, M. Gulbrandson. H. Eloranta. Third Row: C. Spring. B. Jacobson. D. Funk. M. Johnson, N. Toft, S. Guenther, S. Hageman, J. Butler, R. Turner, K. Sanville, M. Vraney. Fourtli Row: K. Uhle. L. Barkovv. H. Kletzien, D. Dunlop. E. Hohman. S. Jensen. J. Gohs, G. Tibbitts. 1 ' . Bredahl, M. Steadnian. M. Cornwcll. Unit II Unit III Unit II teaiiictl ivith Fallows House of Tripp Hall to work on a display for Homecoming and " Ycll-Like- Hell. " Excliange dinners ith Phillips and Richardson Houses, as well as a beer supper with Kappa Eta Kappa, were held. Karen Krueger acted as Unit II senator, assisted b unit representatives Karen Uhle, Sharon Kellom, Rosemary Rudolph, and Connie Husman. Unit III, like most Eliz. Waters Units, enjoyed the dorm-wide Christmas dance and other unified activities. They also held exchange dinners with Rundell and Fallows Houses; a buffet dinner with McCaffrey House at the Pine Room; and a listening party with High House. Senator for Unit III was Barbara Sunmicht, with representatives Nancy Kirkpatrick, Constance Bringe, Donna Hagan, and Linda Allien. 369 Eliz. Waters. Unit 111— First Row: J. Palmer, K. Cadcniartori, J. Morris, G. Eastin, N. Furstenberg, J. Suhr. Secorjd Roic: J. Ruhr, S. Bren- nan, S. Luedtke, N. Cerf, B. Sumnicht. H. Kramp, C. Bringe, K. Persells, E. Banka. Third Row: J. Nell. S. Frey, C. Calm. G. Rosemann, L. Knox. V. Strubb. J. Bookhamer, J. Benning, P. Bostwick. J. Kranse, C. Berkey, H. Erwin. Fourth Row: C. Birch. L. Ahlen. P. Templin, A. Brunsell, D. Kudla, S. Ricker, M. Wittak, P. Lynch. S. Haase, E. Rooney, C. Needen. Fijth Row: J. Heidman, L. Rand, R. Rusch, A. Everhart, K. Mawliinngy, K. SUNtns, C:. Behrcns, .V. Douglass. P. Palecck. S. Kubly, C. Hawe. p € pJ(f tlii. W ' alcis Unit I — dj loic. S. Katli. A. liniiicttc. M. Lang, S. Poller. M. I ' clloii. E. Long, C. Strousc, C. Lock, S. Gucmber. Second Row: S. Licbcck, C. Eimermann, M. Nelson, B. Link, M. Hazelwood, K. Osteihoff. J. Eising, J. Houlihan, S. Schroeder. Third Row: M. Olson. C. Jones. C. Grotc, M. Ferris, J. Quick. B. Reck, B. Falk, C. Mueller, M. Maurcr, S. Gillett. Fourlh Roxv: T. Olson. J. Bawdcn, L. Young. J. eliniskar, P. McAllister, S. Alcalay, .S. Phelan. J. Baldwin, C. Kneupprclh, S. Heath, K. Vahovius. 370 Unit IV Unit IV, led by senator Marge Pelton and unit repre- sentatives Mana Lang, Ellen Long, Carol King, and Diane Sari , held many exchange buffet dinners, beer su])])ers and unii theme parties. They took part in Homecoming with Phi Kappa Theta, and rallied with Frankenbiiiger House o£ Tripp Hall in the annual Hopscotch Tournament, which included a torch jjaiadc, exchange serenading, ami the winner ' s trophy. Unit V Unit V of Liz Waters planned social activities, includ- ing several listening parties. They participated in Home- coming by building a display with Gilman House of Kronshage Hall and joined in " Yell-Like-Hell " with Bashford House of Tripp Hall. Nancy Moon presided as imit senator, aided by Linda Owens, social chairman; and Linda Magnuson, Gwyneth Jones, Linda Querry, ami i- ' cli( ia Zieiinski. imit rcprcsentati ' es. Eliz. Waters Unit — First Row: J. Roberts. B. RoUefson. H. Hilton. C:. Roihinan, P. .Surprison, M. Hulhurl, L. Graebner, A. Onosko, P. Tribbey. Second Row: D. Popowsri, M. Myers. L. Qucii). G. Jones. K. Montesand, C. CoIIman, I ' . Zieiinski. N. Moon. I. Lelirniann, L. Owens, J. Burr, J. Mayer. Third Rour P. Fisher. L. Leopold. R. Last. G. Szabo, S. Petersen, K. Gonnelly, S. Srurlack. D. Renk, J. Eich, J. Pavlick, .S. Gollins. ,S. Yirniibcsh, M. ' aii Roo. li. Abbott. Foinlli Row: L. VVielgus. K. ' o!kman. S. Hanson. M. Fittoii. J. Stirdcniann, A. Reirson, .S. Turiier. P. .Standridge. J. . chlor, S. W.iis. I.. Iloivic, 15. Dros, K. Milestone. I). Aliii( , |, Johaiiseu. G 1 aum I illli liir.r: K. Rein- hold. M. Krueger, S. C;handler, C. Gook. G. Boss. NL Novasic. L Kade. B. Wing. .S. Garisih. S Powell. M. (.ardiui. K. KurnM . 1 " . I ' aliner. (,. .Miller. M. .McOlash. N. Jack. w " IX ' m fh % [Vii Callahan House— First Rou ' : A. Peck. A. Rupiiglit, C. Ashenbiennci. G. Suldowski. L. Davis, A. Brazcner, L. Ware. B. C:ulvei. Second Roir: J. Roscnow, .S. Jablo, N. Armour. M. Spcctor. S. Satlier, R, Hansen, J. Berger, M. Zinnen, G. Ouist, V. Ohhicli, J. Vhalen. Third Row: C. Bchnke, J. Aegerter, D. Schofeild, B. Tuckis, T. Olson, T. .Thoss. G. McGoey, D. Axness, G. Hocrig, B. Abbinanti. Fourth Row: J. Starr. . . Sweet. D. Scidl. M. Mandcl, R. Sacia, G. Zafros, B. Nelson. R. Braincrd. V. Petersen. Sellery Hall Callahan House Detling House Callahan House began its active year by teaming with three other Sellery houses for Homecoming ' s " Yell-Like- Hell " and the creation of a prize-winning display. Other social events including informal parties, participation in intramurals, and listening parties were under the direc- tion of j)resident, Eugene Sulkowski; vice president, Larry Davis; secretary-treasurer, Norm Lenbmg; and social chairman, Gary Ashenbrenner. Several- beer suppers, listening parties, open houses, and a Christmas party were held by Detling House. Highlights of their activities were touch football games with other Sellery Houses. Efforts were led by Nancy McGowan, president; Victory Johnson, vice president; Ellen Rossman, treasurer; Elizabeth Miller, secretary; and Pat Albers and Pam Hart, social chairmen. 371 Detling House— f!rs( Row: G. Browder. J. Skolnick. L. Ziffer, G. Anderson, E. Kenzian, P. .Mbcrs. D. Jone s, P. Hart. Second Roic: E. Dunne, K. Krause, K. Battles, J. .Stegman, G. Matkin. I,. .Schwartz, N. Shubat, L. Hoffman. Tliird Row: S. Wimby, D. Johnson, N. Barber, R. Krkila. G. Kincaid. B. Dahnis, S. Cheiten, S. Simmons. ■ ' • - ki 6. ' I ' UiW tn uiw 1.1 Huiiic- 1(1 Kij-w. M. lluikail. G. Pcnitk. R. .Slalj , J. C. Mallhcws, T. Babicky, J. Client, J. Eckcrt. SecomI Row: J. Asimis. J. I ' homos, M. Melcher, D. Boots, D. Curran, N. Bctley, B. VanSlyck, K. Afeyers, B. Johnson, J. Libit. Third Row: J. Siifter. A. Kuppeismith, n. avadil. II. Krctil, R. lang. H. Rifkin. M. .Schafcr, C. Rcnnickc. F. Klaubei. Fourth Roxv: R. Hohiies. D. Hansen. L. . ndicsen. J. Weiss. I). Witt. D. Moilzclcwski. I. I yon. D. Hyikas, J. Ramsey. Ely House Ewbank House 372 Ely House began a diversified year with a niimlicr of hootcnannies, and exhibited its generosity by to]Jijing otlier Sellery units in C ampus Chest and blood dona- tions. Den speakers, folk, singing, as cll as informal parties were arranged by Ronald .Slaby, president: Gerry I ' ctritk, vice-president; (;luick .Matthews ami |im Cihciit, social chaiinien; and Toiii Habicky, secretary-treasurer. Ewbank House had a social event scheduled almost every weekend. The busy calendar included listening parties, open houses, a hayride, and an old-fashioned Halloween party featuring authentic ghosts. Under group consideration was a University-approved snow- ball fight. Serving as officers were: Al Krause, president: Bob Guttschow, vice-president: Ron Borghesi, social chair- man; and Ron Lemberg, secretary-treasurer. Ewbank House— FirU Roxr: |. Biiitla, R. I.crnbc rg. ). Robinsnn. E. Noiin. K. Robinson. C. Ingwcll, R. Gios.scnbach. Second Ro-.r: M. ■MfCrory, N. Slcrrer, . . Krause. P. Bjoik, J. Sweiisoii. L. Andiison. V. Pollock, G. ' ojct. Third Rotr: M. Popvth, P. Eiilf cn. R. Pelton, J. Riihland, D. Aschcnbrenner, J. Baumgaitncr. R. Wink. J. Mathwig. D. Wolhos, I.. Giegeison, J. Van de Wiel, R. Mueller. Fourth Row: I. Dcrlcth, S. Pniedeily. D. ales. K.. Mess, T. Biiinlirow. j. Ea aius, M. I.aufnian. R. Mandell. R. Pratt. W. Bard. G. l.indgien. R. Pries. Fifth Row: R. Gtitlschow, R. Porte. R. Peterson. W. Retteit, |. Bowman. J. (.eigcn. K. lirakinbusch. R. Holtzhoyter. R. Haas. 1). Peterson. 3. ft ® © © f © © ( I Fletcher Home— First Roir: L. Roll, P. C ' laik, C. Lobcck, B. Nelson. I,, ingei, K. Kiss, M, Olscn, Second Row: J. Kavon, M. McDonald. J. Marder, J, Sahr, C. Kuykendall, J. Clic edden, F. acarello, S. Decker. Third Roic: S. Stcidle, J. Dovle, J. Carlstein, J. Mandelker, W. Smilli, K. Bonacci, K. Crubaugh, S. Bolitho, K. Holl. Fourth Row: C. Bilinski, J. Sicker, M. Hcntschel, J. Agin, G. Perkins, K. Johnson, K. Lundeen, J. Delahunt. Fletcher House Frisby House Fletcher House began its social activities by scheduling a September picnic with Gillin House of Sellery. They took ]3art in Homecoming, and sponsored open houses, coffee hoius with Jackson and Callahan, " Happy Hours " with Callahan, and a beer supper with Delta Theta Sigma. Officers were Christine Lobeck, president; Lynne Roll, vice-president; Phyllis Clark, secretary-treasurer; and Lynn Vinger, social chairman. Frisby ' s activities during the past year were organized by Edith Ericson, president; Marilyn Purdy, vice-presi- dent; Gail Roach, secretary, and Susan Solomon, treas- urer. Judicial chairman was Cheryl Pasqualucci, and Martha Filer was Frisby ' s social chairman. These girls participated in Model U.N., the all-dorm Sadie Hawkins Day, and many beer suppers. Also included in this year ' s activities was a Christmas party. 373 Frisby House—First Row: C. Pasqualucci, G. Roach, M. Purdy. D. Hallace, E. Ericson, D. Bruch. M. Weil, M. . kemann. Second Row: E. Bar- nett, J. Godager. L. Voungquisl, N. French, B. Brown. S. Dolknmaier, J. Stone, M. Boldt, J. Smith, J. Montgomery, I. Wasberg. J. Hansen. Tliird Row: J. Greenberg. N. Brick, E. Roberts. E. Rabas, C. Scheela. K. Gottesfeld, I. Stahl, B. Landmark, L. Boelk. C. Cheadlc, M. Mar- quardt, A. Reich. Fourth Roie: G. Birmingham, K. Kanzclberger, E. Hiat, S. Gitclson, S. Solomon, M. Allen, P. Nimmer, S. Thorndike, S. Caliendo, J. Bergner, K. Harvey, G. Mitchell. 9 ©_©J f t C.av Hounc— Vis A ' oii . S. Stralinan, R. Abiains. 11. ClIjIci, J. Kigciilckl, J. Katz, I,. Wcinkaiil. X. Hilts, S. Bunlctt. R. Webci . J. Micklin, A. Blum. S. Levine. .S. Lemke. Second Row: S. Smith, E. Popanz. S. Heiiser, J. Hackbarth, P. Johnson. G. Steffen, .S. Foster, J. Jessen, C. Teskc, C. McCabc, R. Giillcv. Third Row: S. Gciend. B. Crane. .S. Radloff. S. Lane. J. Stampfl. J. I ' erlman. A. Smith, E. Shipnian. A. Prijic, P. Weber. Gay House Gillin House The CJay House social calendar ieatiired listening parties, open houses, a Homecoming display, and a ' C:hristmas party. The special event of the year was their graduate-student exchange dinner. Officers were ])resi- dent, Roiicrta Weber; i(e-presitlent, fean Micklin; secretary, .Sue liiiKkii; treasurer. |ane Marker; and Sue Levine and L ini W ' cinkaiil, social chairmen. Gillin House men organized before they moved in this fall, getting a head start on activities which included intramurals, open houses, and listening parties. They also had a " Voodoo Party " and a " Harvard Party, " which ejjitomi ed vai if)us Harvard scandals. Gillin House officers were Gary VVendt, jiresident; Dave Aronson, vice-president; Stu Schmidt, social chaiinian, and Don Mogoson, secretary-treasurer. {.illin House— First Row: T. Kofler, (;. Fenrick. R. Simpson, S. Sclimidt. C;. VVcndt, D. Aronson. B. Tcsch, J. Topping, B. Stcn cl, P. Carl- son. Sfiotid Row: M. .MacFarlanc, J. Renncljohni. K.. R()l)eils. I ' . Niihols, J. (;ianiinzio. G. Rattniann, G. Slcchmesser. B. .Marx, 1.. Via el. B. Shriin|)f, B. Clovelli. Tliird Row: I). Ziemaiin. 1.. Sduuncmann, M. Kiihii, ). McA ' av, ). Rallmann. B. Sc hcuiuni.inn. |. Vagow, I). I icko, R. oshi(la. (.. Cornell, 11 Mm lilbaucr. 1 ' H ! ff (fr 0 f 1 41 1% y • A 9 § 9f Hazeltine House— First Roio: M. Herrell, K. Best, S. Zeiss, K. Kslien, S. Rcineit, C. Stevenson, K. Beny. Second Row: M. Schmid, W. Love- less. K. Larson, C. Kite, B. Anklam, L. Zirbel, M. Afuster, B. Lane. Third Row: D. Hanson. I ' . Javorka, C. Fiei, J. Younger, C. Kurlansky, V. Willoughby. M. Marks, P. Fratt. Fourth Roxv: J. Salzman, .N. Stechow, M. Martineau. D. Obermayr, P. Waitrovich, S. Scott, C. Bicknell N. Swain. l. Montgomery, D. Jorgensen. Hazeltine House Hazeltine House, led by president, Mary Kelley; vice- president. Gay GifFord; secretary, Kathie Herrell; treas- urer, Kathy Berry: and social chainiien, Kathy Eslien and Ellen Jacobs, held snccessfid social events which included many listening ])arties, a Halloween dance, a holiday tree-trimming party, and a special " traying party " for the year ' s first snowfall. They joined with other Sellery units for Homecoming and open houses. Jackson House Jackson ' s activities this year were organized by John Gwin. ]5resident; Robert West, vice-president; Eric Danielson, secretary; and Bill Lalasz, treasurer. This 375 Sellery Hall unit jxirticipated in Model U.N., held open houses with girls ' units, spent a day at Devil ' s Lake, and had a Stag Picnic at Burr Oaks Park. The boys were also active in intramural sports. Especially outstanding parties included a hayride at Nob Hill and a Pajama Party. Jackson House— fns Row: K. Krabbe, E. Erickson, D. Olson, R. West. J. Gwin. P. Dohr. E. Danielson, D. Batalden. Second Row: D. Gilpin. J. Gurtz. D. Westphal, R. Zwygart, D. Eisenstcin, R. Fish, T. Delart. L. Kahn. W. Arpe, C. Brugger. Third Roxv: E. Weinstein, A. Teplin, S. Ripley, G. Hanrahan, L. Spletter. R. Rohwcr, T. Gregory, N. McClure, R. Silberg. Fourth Row: N. Peroft, S. Narackawa, W. Reis, R. Ludke, B. Bland, D. Rash, D. Long. n C% M.uhcws House- (i,W iou ' . k. W.ilui. R. Rcicl. .M. RunktI. J. Nicastiii. M. Moigan, J. Pfciltcr, E. Smart. Second Roic: M. I ' liMcr, M. Casely, H. Schultz, S. Antoniicau, K. Skarsten, S. Suleiman. J. Laak. P. Gebhardt. Third Roiu: J. Dobkin, M. Danielson. B. Rcilcr. B. C:liiislian. G. Black, T. Cullen, K. Meyer. J. Siegmann, F,. Richards. A. AVilsey. Fourth Hour L. Cllasner, L. Ferris. S. Epstein. J. Howard, B. Haack. M. Wise, B. Czechorski, J. Wagner. 376 Mayhews House . l.i lii. vs House women, led by president, Mary Morgan: vice president, Margie Runkel; secretary- treasurer, Rlioila Reid; and social chairman, Kay Walt- ers, enjoyed a diversified social schedule, including their " Bolster Hash " dance in the Sellery cafeteria. Various orientation events commenced the active semester— open houses, coffee hours— and Christmas caroling highlighted the holiday season. Nardin House The girls of Nardin House learned about the interest- ing customs of Pakistan and Sudan from their foreign residents. This Sellery unit for graduate students and senior women held listening parties, den speakers, and several Friday evening " beer dances " in the cafeteria. Sue Keen and Lee Brandt served as co-chairmen of the governing committee. Nardil! I1chim- im lioir: M. BrcnI. R. M.iil , S. Keen. |. Ciiiukrson, S. Bessey. L. Kectih. B. (.criiili. Second Row: S. .Mimed, C. Slaveness, I.. I liDinpvin. B. Klio. J. I ' airaii, S. .Aigncr. M. (.andcll. Third Row: E. May, K. ogl. ). Roue. R. Fiiisciii. J. Sclkurt. B. Fabcr. J Watson. Paxson Houx— First Row: G. Kind, R. Dakin. J. Tniljy, J, Herning, K. Vaigin, H. Slcin, |. Hcinritz. V. Peters. Stinky. Second Row: C. Bergendorf. R. Perlman, D. Feingold. T. Goebel. P. Duchateau, M. Mathiak. M. Barnes. H. Bock. Third Row: P. Scoll, W. Homstad. T. Parks, T. Ebert, R. Smuckler, D. Osten. K. Rcichardt. J. Muen- chow. Fourth Roiv: M. Carlson, C. Toerandsen. J. C atziolis, R. Woiil. J. Wcstplial. L. Hillary, R. Lorencc. J. Netturn. Paxon House Paxon House men held a special off-campus party at Turner Hall, which featured live music and entertain- ment. Other social events included listening parties and open houses. Officers Kenneth Wargin, president, Harold Harlowe, vice-president, Dale Schultz and John Heinritz, social chairmen, and Wayne Peters, secretai7, directed participation in intramurals and the Homecoming dis- play. F.i ilk- House— • ' ij Half: 15. Hall, R. Wliitchousc, S. Benedict, S. Wolfe, | I ' hillips, . Shdckley, R. Berg, A. Rionlaii, I. idlin. Scinnri Roiv: T. Harrington, R. Kolb. R. Bcllowe, R, Grcnzow, F. Daniclsen, W. Thomas, V. Vadenberg, P. Caulkett. Tliird Row: C. Weibel, W. Nelson, K. Bor- kcnhagen. M. Maelinies, W. Thomson, W. Riisch, B. Bciidingcr, R. Kiielthau. Fourth Row: C. Forester, D. Bauer, D. Dcvroy, J. Dassow, R. Willis, R. Lain, D. Schwimmer, C, Gaugei. Adams Hall 378 Faville House The Fa illc ' Rock sits in the house den to remind piesidcm Ciiuick PhilHps and other Faville House resi- dents ot an active year. Both semesters were filled with IM sports and house parties, including some hayrides and the Christmas ])arty. Helping with the house manage- ment were Bill Shockley, vice-president; Dallas Forester, secretary: Wally .Axnick, treasurer; Steve Benedick, social chairman; and Diiane Hint , athletic chairman. La Follette House For the fourth consecutive year, the " Lushes " were first in Adams Hall football. Gordon Thiede, athletic chairman, also led them in other intraminal sports. President Glenn Rasch and his cabinet— Gordon Pier- pont, vice-president; Carl Ryba, ireasiner; and Paul Benner and Ray Robinson, social chairmen— were cred- ited with the interesting social activities for LaFollette. They included a house banquet, a pajama party, and a hayride. La Follette House— First Row: J. Fletcher. W. Beranek, R. Starck, R, Knulson, T, Kennedy, C. Thiede, L. Schcller, R. Yersin, D. Quintenz. Second Row: R. Hansel, R. Gohr, M. Clallagher, F. Reinke, R. .Sleurnagel, T. I ' laiii, J. Klo ning, K, Uerson. Tliiyil Row: 1.. Asnuis, H. Klueiidei, C:, Rvba, G. Moritz, J. Hanson, T. Harmon. i ' IV %-%r % • . 0 ' Noyes House— Fiisl Rou ' : K. Magnesun, P. Pictiowski, L. Schmalz, E. Chin, J. Diagcr, E. Koopman, J. Gticrty. D. Trapp, L. Mast. Second Roic: J. Aikciilxig, D. Driver, R. Alliens, B. Heebiiik, D. Le Cloux, J. Olcn. Third Roiu: T. Schmalfedlt. t.. Paccy, D. Kusche. V. Miller, R. De Groot, B. Ihlenfcldt. fourtli Row: W. Keszthely, R. Frint, B. Zabel, J. Wolske, M. Sonnenberg, C. Paliwotia, T. Vonker, K. Bykowski. Noyes House Under the direction of president Ed Koopman, Noyes house had a year filled with scholarship, sports, and so- cial events. With the other officers— Larry Schmalz, vice- president-secretaiy; and Jack Gherty, treasurer— the men helped John Drager and Dave Trapp organize the pa- jama, Christmas, and record parties, the Homecoming dinner-dance, and participated in dorm athletics led by Pete Pietrowski. Ochsner House Taking ad antage of the coming Presidential election, Ochsner House based its den speaker program on the possible candidates. However, politics were not the men ' s only interest. There were IM sports, the annual inter- house football game, and the house parties. Working on general house business were John Clapper, president; Don Vande Yacht, vice-president; Roger Traxel, secre- tary; and Roger Davis, treasurer. 379 Ochsner House-First Row: C. Drury, D. Smith, R. Traxel, B. Giorgio, V. Malek, D. Vancleyacht, S. Rieth, J. Koshak. Second Roxf: M. Nee, T. Price, R. Suzuki, R. Herbert, R. Mayer, M. Mann, D. Charlton. Third Rou ' : R. Loellcl, R. Frye, R. McClelland, J. Mills, R. Heuel, D. Barnes, P. Bogenschneidor. i i J ! i 11 UK ' I M 1 jll ' ' JL tV T T ' lii ' ii, iv ' dt i ■ : im Jt tm I i Richiirdsoii Housi-— f i.v Hmr: G. Boda. K. Eiigelbrachl, 1). t;hi istiiiSLii. P. Wicsiicr. H. (.win, (.. Locrtschcr, T. Hcnclrickscm. Second Roif: G. Schub. R. Christian, M. Jiistl, J. Rc nol(ls, T. Kovacic, I), Kivcla, P. Given, R. Racthcr. Tliiirl Roir: R. Ehlcnfcldl. R. Stulibc, L. Thomas, A. Hays, . I.Lislcr, J. Ostcrtag, J. Lobas, G. Norland, 380 Richardson House Richardson men had a busy schedule this year, divid- ing; their time between many interests. In athletics they took |)art in five sjiorts. Social activities were also plenti- ful; included were hayrides, a Homecoming display, and scxcrnl Iiousc parties. Officers were: Dennis Christensen, president: Hiii h C. in, ice-president: Pete Forster, secre- tary; and Ken LngtJbrccht, treasurer. Siebecker House Social chairmen John Dwinell and Bill Norris planned the Eskimo Hayride which highlighted the fall season. .Also included in the Siebecker House social calendar uere house parties and buffet suppers. Pete Schmit was in charge of the house athletic program. Coordinating the acti ities of the entire unit were Roger Siniuiilak, president: Jon Srhuck. vice-president; and Tom W ' eiler, business manager. i| Siebc-ckcr Housc-FirsI Row: F. Johnson, J. nohcrly. P, Odell. Sermicl Row: J, Dwindl, G. Cowan, J. Rodkicwicz. Thiifl Row: I). Hasc, J. .Schlallcr, T. Prochaska, Fourth Row: R. Pick, V. Norris, T. Brines. Fifth Row: J. Lubeno, T. Ringe, S. .Sills. .S . Row: C. Scheidcr, G. Gross, T. Barbee. Scvrntli Row: E. And)ersoti. V. lulUr, R. Rnd inski. 11 ' ! ' a ti 1 ! m i " ' i»rir ll « ' !!■■ IB ' 1: ' LC li Tarrant House— f;n Rou ' : T. Schiflmachcr, M. Kummciow, C. Ostcv, D. Allimiuliiigcr, R. Lacsci. D. Lccman. E. Jakcl. Second Row: J. Bowman. D. Jacobs, R. Abbott, A. Duvall, J. Guth, L. Buttles, G. Fillus. G. Jagodinsky, A. Keller. Third Row: P. Kuchn, G. Vittkopp. W. Becker, R. Brou, J. Linton, J. Lowe, W. Pierpont, G. Loynd, C. Campbell, J. McCue. Fourth Row: C. Baker. R. Arvesen, J. Rasmussen, R. Braatz, S. Hirs- horn, R. Welker, D. Riedemann, J. Cagney, R. Rommelfanger. Tarrant House Chuck Osier headed the " Terrors " this year, with the help of Mike Sacher, vice-president; and ' ard Davis, secretary-treasurer. Participation in domi athletics was under the direction of athletic chairman, Bob Laeser. Several activities were also planned by Max Kummerow and Tom Schiffmacher, social chairmen. The den speak- er program, which included some Young Socialists, brought various facets of campus life to the house. Winslow House Vinslow House, though small, was led through a big year by Roger Buchholz, president. Backed up by Chuck Maltese, vice-president: Bill Saphir, secretary-treasurer; and Ray Bergwin, social chairman; the " Falcons " had a number of parties, a Homecoming display, and den speakers co ering a host of controversial subjects. Ath- letic chairman Joe Kloiber watched as his men took second place in Adams football. Winslow House— First Row: T. Heisz, B. .Saphir. C. Maltese, B. Busholz, R. Bergwin. J. Kloiber. Second Row: S. Greenspan. D. Wolff, W. Smith, J. Kloiber, A. Simon. TItird Roie: V. Graham, R. Jahnkc, NL Asenbrcnner, T. Hagestad. B. Brandt, T. Reed, B. Williams. Fourth Row: T. Wakcman, D. Mason, D. Schultz. J. Nicholson, B, Pong. J. Thresher, S. Urbas. f Buck House— ■!« Roic: J. Silkcs, J. Wcathtiwax. R. Curry, B. Trocmcl, Mrs. Scott, B. Harman, J. Mocllcr, P. Porter, P. Runkel. Second Row: P. Strassau, A. Gratnes, J. Weller, S. Milnea, J. Boldt. D. Gallagher, K. Tanner, F. Lena, P. Nicss, J. Siker, J. Joy, M. Harzbcrg. Third Row: M. Brunner, S. Bovie, B. Scverson, L. Theriiig, R. Rimel, S. Theurcr, M. Kust. M. Frankcl. S. Mil . Fourlli Roiir S. .Schacfer. B. Schweer, B. Strohn, C. Bennett, K. Stolhaiul, J. Scharp, L. Enrke, S. Schaffcr, N. Steld, M. Koch. Cole Hall 382 Buck House Proving iheir atlileiic prowess, Buck House tromped Showcrman House in the annual football game and went on to challenge Leopold House— this time to see who could contribute more for the Blooil Drive. Ihey also participated in exchange diimers throughout the year and gave a C;hristinas gift to a needy famil). Officers were: jay . IolIcr, j)residem; Penny Porter, vice-presi- dent: W Irocmel, secretary; and l ita Currey, treasurer. Kiekhofer House Kiekhofer House presented the Queen of Cole Hall Formal, Kate Felker, during December. Social chairman Millie Owens arranged the activities, including Home- coming with Swenson House, " Vell-Like-Hell " with Ochsner, and an annual (Christmas party. President Mari- anna Porter worked with vice-president Molly Smith, secretary Leonore Senzig, and treasurer Kay Kussmaul to make the year successful. Kiekhofer House— fir.(( Row: P. Bade, M. .Smith, M. Owens, I,. Carle, S. %m i. N. Porter, J. Feldnian. K. Kussmaul. L. .Senzig. Second Row: D. To- pic, P. Feick, K. Inman. C. .Schlatter, R. .Shapiro, P. .Saks, A. Staveness, J. Franke, B. Mon, C. Bansemcr, K. Holmes. C. Johnson. Third Row: D. Freed. J. Hallenbeck. K. .Seller, B. Gabel, P. Rehahn. J. VVavro. J. (JanI, (. ' .. Paulson. B. .Sheldon. B. l.owe. K. Zimmerman. Fourth Roxc: ]. Kerr, J. Rohison, .M. Bahliy. R. Schaefer. L. (hniter, A, Jerome, J. Turk. K. Lucas. R. Nielsen, M. Weavers, J. McC:hesnev. K. Felker. ■y MiW. Ross House— f 1)1? Rorr: K. Cofai, J. Xejcdlo, L. Moian. B. Woods, P. Dantoiic. Second Row: G. Boldt, M. Burns, M. Joistad, J. Loftus, B. Mins- lofif, E. Haiic. I). Miller. ' . Oswald, M. Mende. Tliird Row: J. Walrath, S. Narf, P. Mobcrg, J. Kuchndorf, E. Miles, J. Knaapen, H. Clement, J. Baechle, S. Rulkowski, M. Follstad, R. Foster, E. Andersen. C. Arter. Fourth Row: M. Daniclsen, S. C.uten. M. Gjetson, B. Plitt, I. . ig ne, M. Stritzel. J. Rubeck, D. Grahn, S. Anderson, J. Paulson, S. Meyer, B. Zulliger, N. Brinen. Fifth Row: P. Orton, J. Anderson, N. Roberts, S. Isensee, P. Scale, J. V ' anBolhuis, N. James, S. Wood, R. Kalass. M. Lembezeder, C. Dickson, M. Oharrow, P. Laney. Ross House Ross House had a j rosperous year with Maggie Jor- stad and Eilie Haire working together over social activi- ties. They had biiftet dinners with Olsen and Sidlivan Houses, tried to show up Bryan House in a touch foot- ball game, built the Homecoming display with V ' inslow House, and sponsored a ser ice project for the Christmas holidays. President was Beth Minsloff; vice-president, Maurita Burns; secretary, Donathy Miller; and treasurer Gayle Boldt. Snow House The annual LHA activity trophy went to Snow House this year. They participated in the Homecoming festivi- ties with McCaffrey House, had a Mothers weekend dur- ing the spring, and enjoyed a full calendar of social events including a Christmas party, buffet dinners and intramurals. President Rachel W ' ileman was assisted by Dee Babbitt, vice-president; Joyce Nordgren, secretary; and Charna Endelman, treasurer. 383 Snow House— First Row: B. Webster, C. Kelly, J. Pier, R. Wileman, M. Mullins, C. Endelman, K. Tewinkel, C. Horrall, C. Spaulding. Second Row: B. Hurd. J. Boerger, N. Eagle, M. Yoder. K. Frank, N. MyrvoUl, N. Klopf. M. Hofvedt, V. Stewart, B. Scheuffner, S. Woodrow, B. Greenwood, S. .Smith, E. MacDonald. Third Roic: R. Stelter, D. Pischke, R. Peterson, S. Kegler, E. Laskin. F. Coakley. B. Hoglund, S. Schmidt, C. McDonough, C. Dodd, G. Klicko, L. Baumgarten. C. Jurischica. Fourth Row: C. Watson, A. Wenger, L. Reno, K. Ogilvie, A. Brandes, B. Byrnes, K. Britz, K. Sargent, B. ' arsik, C. Shagass, R. Andre, L. Berg, K. Krause. r.. lilixci Housc- -7Mf Hdu-: . Virigan. J, Fabcr, I,. Hanson, P. A oll (iil. B. Scigal, M. Ikiuhicks. Second Ruu: S. Felilmaii. L. Baidccn. 1.. C:loiscr, J. Plishka. M. MmlUr. ). lirulii, [. Avres. C. Hartwig, J. Wycofl. K. Arnold. Tliird Row: G. Marrow, K. Dobbs, A. Bonacci, D. Hogan. K. Flana- gan, S. Cuhcr. M. Ibis. .S. Wolf. 1.. ' an Drtcsc, M. Corr. B. Albrcchl, B. RIostciman. A. Klostcrman, N. Dunikc. Fourth Row: S. Schluetcr, D. Davis, J. .SchuMUichcr. ' . Rav. 1,. Ptarson. B. Runo. X. Wollcott. N. Jens, J. Boris, B. I.indcrmcr, N. Kurek, B. Kuinn. M, Koepke, Fijlh Row: S. Kocbc-1. C. Truhlar. M. Kanurliiig. C. Jameson, N, Cox, S. Wachs, J,, K. K llog, K. Mills. S. Tarnow. E. Case. K. .Anderson. J. AlLschwager. Elm Drive A Bleyer House 384 Bleyer House took ail aiuage of Tun n games " this year with a jump-rope contest against Leopold House. Bleyer also challenged Hashford House to try its skill in a game of jacks. Kuflct dinners, exchange suppers. Mother ' s and Dad ' s Da s, and house jjarties were organ- ized by Jean Ayies, ]3resident. Other officers were Judy Plis ka. ice-president: Lou Ann Klossner, secretary: and Carol Hartwig. treasiner. Cool House The girls of Cool House enjo)ed the company of two foreign students from Singapore, Juliet and Juliana Tan. who danced in the Visconsin State Ballet. An annual hopscotch tournament, St. Nick ' s Day, Santa Lucia Day during December, a Little Sister ' s week-end and Mother ' s week-end rounded out the rest of the year. Officers were: Mary Millar, president: Marilyn Messer, vice-president; Sally ' egner, secretary; and Rena Plenge, treasurer. Cool House— -I ' lA Row: S. Frisblcr, ' , Nelson. 1). llillir. J. Tan. .M. I.a erwitli. . J iln son. J. Martinson. Second Roic: J. Hoge, R. Plenge. J Currcri, M. Millar. P. Col: M. Mecser, .S. Wcgner, (;. Clallo, J, Pitt, M. Masters, Third How: J. Tan, K. Kops, P. Kane. N ' . Gurkowski, A. N ' ach rcincr. J. Bednar , I). Kjervik. F.. Drews, S. Bell, N. Rathert, N. Plappert. .S. Mann, .S, Brockman. M. Rnd inski, Fotirlh Rmr: C. Oslund. C .SchwarlJ!, S. Wheeler. M. Freitag. [. .Seekar, J. Bahr, B. Land, M. Dcmuth, I.. Leonard. ,S. Fedirer. R Ollnumn, K. I.ehnul. II. Hibbott. I. Slandorf, Fiflh Row: j. Foglesong. S. Olsen. S. lialk. |. Johnson. K FreNMiillai. C. Woodriek. M. Snippen, J. Olloid, [ Hitkelhier, L, Miersch, J. Meyer P. ilohnes. a. Ml » f t t t t t ' - f r -f il t t f f t f ,t t « . 21 f f t t f % Elsom House— f!rs( Ron : L. Knutson, J. Gute, M. Pongratz, K. Hambach, B. Gcrke, D. Neumann, K. Scheller, D. Davis, J. Calder. Second Roxo: J, Boettchcr. C. Johnson, M, Mankowski, H. Lifton, C. Oli er, M. Ingrelli, J. Martin, S. McCaskill, D. Lange. A. Thielke. S. Collins. Third Row: N. Kutchera, K. Langreck, P. Coughlin, M. Grbich, K. Manthci, S. Vallenkotter, E. Hopkins. J. Verch. M. Wilkens, M. Heberling, B. Beitscher. Fourth Row: L. Lewis, M. Carnelly, C. Boyd, C. Scheer, N. Mclntyre, C. Bates, N. Nicpon, C. Henkel, B. Guell. Elsom House Elsom House began the year picnicking with Steve House and playing a tied football game with Kahlen- burg, both traditional events. They shared Homecoming with Chamberlin and " secret angels " made the Christ- mas holidays cheerful. President Kathy Hambach led the girls through an active year and was assisted by Doris Neumann, vice-president; Kathy Wittwer, secretary; and Chris Biebel, treasurer. Henmon House Henmon House enjoyed a variety of social activities this year. Social chairman Jane Rutledge organized buf- fet dinners and a listening party with Steve House. Their sports skill was challenged by the annual Toilet Bowl, a football game with Bashford House. Unfortu- nately, the boys proved more powerful by two points. Mary Holstien was president; Betty Forrester, vice-presi- dent; Margaret Savides, secretary; and Mary Lou Kue- ster, treasurer. 385 Henmon House— Rrs? Row: J. Wootton, K. Creighton. B. Forrester, M. Holsteen, F. .Stratton, S. Hendricks. M. Kuester, C. O ' Loughlin, M. Garbel- man. Second Row: G. Papierniak, M. Ullrich, P. Hausmann. B. Pool, J. Markstrum, R. Arnhokl, B. Marty, P. Browne, S. Nye, B. Betts, D. Ham- den, S. Zalud. Third Row: S. Burmester, M. Shrier, K. Krause, P. Monroe, M. Gallics, S. Fcight, V. Chen, P. Lewitzke. P. Stamm, M. Conklin, F. Ruda, S. Schneider, G. Gramza, C. Leonard. Fourth Roxr: L. Mueller, K. Moore, S. Delaney, E. Heffran, C. Lehnertz, L. Lee, D. Bollenbach, A. Bur- germeister, P. Kehoe, D. Schncibcrg, C. Kike, J. Schmidt. .J KKbkjJi i lttJij Kahlcubcig Huusl— fi ' jif Row: V. Grafcnslein, C. Brooks, B. Lcpp, T. Shcard, B. Trump. Second Rour J. Carrivcau. B. Hoccvar, B. Licbman. L. Guntly, J. Hansen, T. Krohn, T. Mann, L. Carlson, G. Vesperman, J. Schuemann. Third Row: K. Stcffcn, K. Hcpparci, J. Matt, G. Hoflfmann, B. Rosccky, D. Paulson. R. Gambcr, J. Fcrnim. D. Storti, R. Wanless, R. Miclke, T. Roesler, T. Hoffman. Fourlli Row: G. Anderson, D. Kacppler, L. Allen, T. Griffith, M. Grip, J. Schwciger, K. McMillan, P. Horwitz, D. Sweeney, J. Jones, J. Reinholz, K. Fee. Fifth Row: C. Revie, M. Dries, J. Multer, D. Baehr. M. Dana, T. Schoencck, W. Werner, J. Rice, M. Ansfield, G. McMillan, P. Haney. 386 Elm Drive B Kahlenberg House The Elm Drive B party room was festively decorated for the Kahlenberg House traditional Christmas ])arty. As well as holding record parties and being active in I-M sports, the house faced tough competition in the annual hopscotch tourney against Cool House. Jack Hansen was president; Peter Schwabe, vice-president; John Multer, secretary; and Mike Libman, treasurer. McNeel House McNeel House combined brains and brawn as mem- bers strove to maintain their top scholastic standing in house competition while bringing home the 1963 Elm Drive Football League championship. Allan Zagrodnik, president, aided by Russell Draeger, vice-president, Dale Bohl, secretary, and George Schamber, treasurer, organ- ized all house activities, including the successful fall hayride and parties at Hoyt Park. McNeel Housc-firi( Row: A. Nicmi. N. Nagott. J. Hurd, H. Christenson, J. Scars, A. Zagrodnik, J. Cook, R. Sippcl. H. Rose. Second Roic: H. Arm- strong, J. Turner, J. Donner, R. Zinsmeister, B. Karrasch. J. Beck, R. Chcahr, F. Disbrow, D. Klein, W. Ricken, C. Karr. Third Row ' : J. Ulezclski, D. Crook, R. Shaw. P. Rasmusscn. J. Decostcr. D. Moberg, B. Jeffrey. E. Brcdel, G. Schamber. A. Counscll. Fourth Row: R. LaFond. N. Kent, T. Hudak, R. Rogers, D. Wilson, T. Thurow, D. I.indstrom. T. Tucker, P. Bishop, W. Cowen, M. Donahue. I I 1 lisi 1 X " j MiL I Mead House— fin Rou ' : J. McPherson, C. Kohlman. K. Johnson. W. Hoffman, B. Forster, K. Lofgren, S. Ewcn, R. Richter, P. Hansen. Second Row: D. Wright, J. Martocci, R. Moore, A. Biitterworth, T. Rice, J. Veiss, L. Schmidt. T. Mueller. T. Murphy. J. Kenny, G. Freiberg. Third Row: J. Anderson, D. Busse, S. Borchardt. W. Heagy. D. Osgood, P. Hcil. J. Dando. P. Dobrogowski. P. Trapp. J. Hatch, J. Meyer, T. Lux. Fourth Row: D. Fischer. B. N ' icastro. T. Witasck, J. Keller, J. Stichman. J. Booth, V. Dippert, C. Guthrie. G. Loda, J. Young, S. Krueger. Mead House A football battle with Ross House began the year for Mead House. Coffee hours, watching parties, and an im- promptu hootennany were added highlights to the foot- ball weekends. Officers were: Bill Hoffman, president; Jim Jaeschke, vice-president; Bill Schmelling, secretary; and Curt Kohlman, treasurer. Millar House The annual semester parties at Nob Hill and a romp- ing pajama party in December were coordinated by Law- rence Lovelace, Millar House president. The traditional spring house banquet was held at the Cuba Club. Sports fame was won by placing second in the all-dorm football play-off. Other officers were Alton Schwark, vice-presi- dent; Bob Norman, secretary; David Storm, treasurer. 387 Millar House— firj( Roiv: R. Yossa, M. Peterson, W. Boyd. T. Bowlby, B. Ellman, S. Magritz, P. Stocking. J. Whitman, K. Christiansen. Second Row: G. Goldsmith, G. Rand, T. Brom, A. Schwork, D. Storm, T. Reiten, L. Lovelace. J. Schroeder, A. Erami, D. Norris, D. Williams. Third Row: J. Mergncr. D. Meszaros, S. Moss, T. Heller. S. Donavan, T. Speth. P. Christensen, B. Grosshardler, T. Neubauer, P. Butzine, A. Buncis, R. Larson, A. Arplac, S. Moss, J. Madary, J. Prohaska, R. Postel. Fourth Rotv J. Bucholz, W. Widmann, R. Carlson, L. Farris. J. Gehlhar, R. Hantke, A. Kip- nes, J. Hetterick, D. Holt, P. Rodgors, J. Drzcwiecki. R. Effa, N. Schneider, J. Marcello. Fifth Rozo: M. Langhor, R. Waddington, G. Pribble, R. Fern, J. Gunz. K. Uronq. J. Harry, A. Gruber, R. Norman, P. Adus, 1. Levine, J. McAlvay, G. Switzer. 1 .JJ l fV ' - | v it ■ ' Jm i M ' ■y k fin jj S ' " B i F r l KS X " ' Ei ' H. 11 mm ■ywjHiH ii IB K7. AvM Z i kl L0[ W m k IB rtffti M riiillips House— f 1 5 Row: S. Scidniaii. C. Hemliick, H. Silicani. A. Zachary, J. Proebcr, J. Oppermann. R. Lemke. Second Row: M, Copcly, J. Briiggink, L. Slohlgren, R. Heidel, S. Hcgcflus, E. Ptacek, P. Markos, L. MancI, R. Malen. Third Row: G. Barber, R. Schwartz, J. Dentici, D. Gordon, P. Gross. S. Ravnui, M. I.ippcrt. J. Jacques, F. Boak, P. Jacobsen, D. Fisher, R. Mussehl. B. Muenter, R. Markos. Fourth Row: T. Eckl, T. Meyer, B. Oman. T. Hrirkham, W. Miller. J. Kenny, P. Setzer. G. Lisowe, L. Ngan. G. Mankin, D. Denil. K. Shepherd. Fifth Roxv: D, Reinken. S. Weger, D. Hoesly, L. Bronian. S. Whipple, J. Kuhleraeier, R. Schneider, L. Weiss, G. Neumann. R. Johnson, J. Howe, R. Meissner, R. Wines. Elm Drive C 388 Phillips House Phillips House was led through another enterprising year by president Bob Heidel. Assisting him were John Bruggink, vice-president, and Ed Ptacek, secretary-treas- urer. House members combined their ingenuity with Chadboume Hall in the Homecoming display and cheered themselves to third place in " Yell-Like-Hell " with Wood House. A (;hiistmas party highlighted the social season. Pyre House Pyre House, led by Gerald Meyer, president, opened the year with the 5th annual " Pyre ' s Inferno " party. Thus began a successful season of social activities in- cluding the annual Devil ' s Lake outing and the Squire ' s Banquet. With the added leadership of Mark Kuge, vice- president: Harry Topalian, secretary; and Thomas Fitz- gibbon, treasurer, Pyre House earned the I-M bowling championship. Pyre House— First Row: G. Steindorf. C. Kolb, H. Topalian, A. Dooley, S. Britten, G. Meyei. R. Whitmer. T. Keerl, J. Meyer. Secojid Roic: D. Walker, J. Thiclman, T. Hebblewhite. M. Price, M. Kucker. C. Alward. J. Schafer. R. Buege, R. Yokel, W. Belknap, A. Goldsmith. Third Row: F. Waedt, J. Ashman, T. .Soukup, J. Axt, T. Petersen, J. Nielsen. R. Hague. D. Petranek. R. Gilbertson. .A. Kohnle. G. Nelson, Fourth Row: L. Weiizel, D. Berg, J. .Aller. R. Felsncr, L. Krusienski, C. DeYoung. H. Steindorf, T. I ey. 1). Clapp. L. Hakanen, nH ' ■ 1 IM i SI ift UlkA mu !• urn kiU w Ru.idell House— First Rouk D. Malzahn, S. Blatnik, G. Beling, G. Davidson, T. Habcl, R. Jenkins, J. Tonn. J. Free. Second Ron ' : R. Messman. L. Chicker ned, R. Kolkmann. R. Tullis, H. Shupita, S. Chin Bun, K. Stahl, G. Abdoullah, R. Sciser. Third Rmr: R. Lund, S. Ihcnkumerc, D. An- derson, W. Walters, J. Charlton, W. Adamczyk, G. Zeller, D. Rusch. Rundell House Rimdell House men could often be heard on campus, lifting spirited voices and singing the infamous house song " How ' s Your Mother? " This melodic tune pervaded many fiui-filled parties, including the annual " Killing of the Barrel Party, " planned by social chairmen Mark Zuber and Mark Greensides. House officers included Glenn Davidson, president; Ed Behling, vice-president; and Rick Messman, treasurer. Steve House Steve House enjoyed a lively year of activities under Jim Sugar, president. The social calendar was dotted with events: listening parties, a Christmas party, a bowl- ing party at Hilldale, and a picnic party at Devil ' s Lake in the spring. Members were enthusiastically active in I-M bowling and basketball. Dick Goldberg was vice- president; Roger Chellevold, treasurer; and Elliott Fried- man, secretary. 389 Steve House— First Row: G. Guepentrog, R. Albrecht, R. Hanson, F. Wilson, D. Schucttcr, J. Sugar, G. Marotz, T. Huntermark, M. Liethen. Second Row: D. Schueltpelz, L. Shrank, N. Palash, W. Geib, C. Dudey, P. Lettmaa, P. Weddig, M. Stein, H. Dratch. Third Row: B. Hemment, J. Rail- ton, D. Dixon, S. Hauge, P. Dopp, H. Wong, F. Shekore, K. Berkholtz. Fourth Row: K. Larson, T. Jankowski, M. Resheske, T. Kulas, F. Cald- well, B. Anderson, D. Kos, H. Larson. m w 1B I vm r If ri ■S i f-.- f Wiim 3 ' • ' ■K ' hf aU " if Im L i J Vj J m i£. ffb. w V fftf? r?f Chambcrlin House— fi« Ron ' : J. Paulos. J. Rakocy. T. Hinncndacl, J. Fcastcr, D. Bociger, E. Turner, G. Engebose. Second Row: A. Minar, M. Monroe, R. Matchette, J. Valenta, R. Zcrmuehlen, R. Bahr. P. Wong, J. Galazen, D. Hunt. Third Row: U. Nknown, D. Balccr, J. Reed, J. Pettin- ger, M. Rosenthal. K. Bainhart, R. Schwcrtfegcr, B. Frenz, R. Lentz, P. Winiger, B. Finn, E. Turbiner, J. Larme, D. Graetz. Fourth Row: D. Nehr, D. Sanders. K. Schaefer, E. Jackson, G. Bultman, R. Rademacher, R. Bauch, D. Rhutasel, J. Rozmiarek, A. Oesterich, D. Olson, T. Fan- ning. Fifth Row: A. Bogenschneidcr, R. .Munson, R. Hartung, S. Christodoulou, R. Bscherer, A. Hendrickson, R. Zoglraan, J. Eells, R. Re)-nolds, W. Bosnia, D. Updike. Kronshage Hall 390 Chamberlin House " AuUiinn Leaves " was the theme of the Chamberlin fall house party, with the annual Christmas party soon following. The active social season was planned by Gene Bloedorn, president; Richard Greene, vice-president; and James Valenta, treasurer. Other events included a party al Nob Hill and the Spring House Banquet. The house contributed $25 to the Art Salon Purchase Award. Conovcr House— First Row: R. Lincoln, L. Osuch, F. Kraus, B. Ayodele, C. Schleifc, P. Peshek, B. Tans, J. Ruffolo, J. Jensen, R. Anthcs, W. Kruger, G. Bedell, L. Melan , R. Weiland, T. Biasing, G. Karp. M. .Sabraw, J. Hood, T. Buchholz, T. Itrubecky, P. MeCahan, R. Meehan, J. Rcttmann. A. Drayle Meyers, W. Zemke, G. I.andvaller, J. Bloom, B. Stliilke. J. Kaye, A. Thielen, Conover House Conover House men combined all resources of craft- iness and wit in their notorious attempt to steal the Showerman House dragon. Other activities which kept them busy included a festive Christmas ilance, a hayride, and a caroling party. The house was well represented in campus politics by Steve Barney and Pete Peshek. Paul Hohenfeldt served as president, Floyd Rohde as vice- president, and Jim Jensen as secretary-treasurer. Heytcr, G. .Struve, F. Gates, R. Lee. Second Row: D. Koehler, J. Bailey. Third Row: B. Tulloch, J. DeGlcene, S. Ault, B. Kelley, J. , L. Rasch, N. Halsey. Fourth R(nf: B. Tulloch, D. Wallace, B. Kissel, r, T. Kessenich, G. Pacctti, I). Landmann, J. Carver. Fifth Rmr: D. R. .Schultz, B, Bieske, B. Kornitz. A. Dtniham, E. Rice, G. Rinehardt. R m if I BSi II? f - S Ml 3 1:5, F l f - § ' V vS 9 ' f f f T I f rftf Gilman House— •Vii Roiv: J. Odders, A. Nardi, D. Vaslow, J. Flaherty, L. Larson, T. Landman, W. Granert, C. Hubbard, M. Steenson, C. Cox. Second Row: J. Knox, J. Murphy, D. Mueller, J. Weaver, D. SchuelTner, S. Miller, L. Van Dyke, T. Berrong, K. Witkins, S. Turoff, B. Mjaanes. Tliird Roif: J. Stinger, R. Brunkow, T. Vickman, R. Haffele, J. Schonfeld, G. Brun, S. Custer, P. Peterson, W. Novak, C. Ruedebusch. M. Blohm, • D. Sherwood, R. Bierdan, M. Vignieri, B. Berryman, R. Stevenson. Fourth Row: L. Ramsdcn, L. Viste, T. Mechelke, D. Freitag, L. Gust, L. Bar- rish, P. Stcitz, T. Schweizer, C. Koehn, W. Steffin, J. Georgia, A. Brawn, D. Cooper, W. Schroldcr. Fifth Row: J. Eatkins, J. Olson, T. Peterson, C. Leight, D. Lcight, J. Mayr, R. Mills, S. Nyers, R. Renard, J. Brownler, R. Draper, L. McClanathan. Gilman House The Gilman House list of fall social events was topped with the annual picnic at Picnic Point. From here mem- bers embarked on a fun-filled year of acitivities with the aid of Jon Buth, president, Tom Berrong, vice-president, and Leroy Van Dyke, secretary-treasurer. The house spon- sored a Homecoming display with Liz Waters Unit IV, combined spirits with Conover House for a Christmas party, and planned several theme parties. Jones House Jones House president Phil Becker led the house in a year of thriving activities. Winning second in the Home- coming display with Barnard Hall, a football game with Ross House, and the " Knarlie " party were just a few of the social successes. The house represented Russia in the Model UN, and hosted five guest speakers during the year. Jim Anderson was vice-president. Bob Schafer was secretary, and Mike Rensink served as treasurer. 391 Jones House— f i.s Roxo: A. Koepkc, J. Lawton, R. Harris, R. Kolda, D. Pancitz, T. Korinek. Second Row: T. Hunsader. J. Anderson, T. Smith. R. Shafer, G. Bennett, P. Becker, R. Pohl. D. Peterson, M. Rensink. Third Roitr J. Fjclstad. R. Rauschenbcrger, J. Wyss, F. Spoerle, H. McMahon, B. Badger, J. Roethe, P. Beitzel, J. Davenport, N. Engelhart. T. Brookshaw, J. Nelson, L. Zabka, W. Wittc, L. Gold. A. Peterson. Fourth Row: R. Fassbender, J. Krautkramer, J. Skarstcn, R. Zao, R. Holzrichtcr. J. Tomaszewski, J. Steele. B. Jones, . . Nau, J. Hoffman. D. McClelland, E. Zimmerman, T. Schwalm. Fifth Roiv: R. Tews, D. Weiss, H. Riggert, R. Lambert, R. Stalling, T. Lockney, S. Champion, P. Reddin, D. Meyer, T. Burton, D. Ruston. R. Hendricks, R. Maslowe. ill 0r n fp n n ( ■ r ' Mack House— First How: T. Saegcr, W. Weiland, E, Spring, J. Wvatt, P. Swanson. M. Shiiman, G. Steele. P. Hollisler, G. Tielcns. Secotid Row: C. . Nauman, D. Jenkins. C. .Aningo. D. Meltzer, L. Schmidt. C. Krausc, A. Salako, D. DuBard, F. Stehling. J. Conway. R. Wciking. W. Bratley, K. Com- ing. Third Roic: J. Delany, P. Sass, P. Andersen. J. Chri,stensen, R. Krueger, J. Redilin. W. Tacgc, W. Rohde. W. Muszynski, G. Bcrtelsen, S. Ebcrly. Fourth Row: L. Teynor. T. Vinklcr, D. Larson. J. Garskc, R. Kuczynski, M. Hines, R. Roseiitlial, E. Miiehl, M. Radtke, B. Sequin, L. Jung, S. Tadevich, W. Van Cleaf. 392 Mack House .M:irk House ' s social calendar iritlicatetl many fiin- filled weekends. Members combined with Tarrant House for a holiday party, defied ice and snow for the annual " Ip;loo Party, " and planned several theme parties. Sher- wood Forest was the scene of the house banquet. The house ranked high in I-M bowling. Officers were Merlin Schumann, president; Pat MaGinn, vice-president; Pete Stanskas, secretary; and Paul Swanson, treasurer. Showerman House Showerman House bowed to Buck House in their an- nual Powder Puff Bowl football gaine. But this was the only defeat in a season of social feats like the Homecom- ing party " Scheherazade, " a spring house banquet, and the annual spring picnic. The house was also active in I-M s])orts. Dave Brechwald, president, along with Jack Tans, vice president, and Steve Danielson, secretary- treasurer, led the activities. Showerman House— fiV(( Row: M. Linslroth, J. Brcrcton. G. Carari, E. Shenke. R. Bill, G. Gcrdman. C. Olsen, C. Swetil. R. Sutton. Second Row: 1). Fischel. J. Siner, D. Brechwald. D. Silberman. D. Berthelsen, F. Kruger. P. Turzinski. J. Steflenhagcn. B. Noiser. Third Roic: J. Eisenach. E. Nelson. C. Emerson, G. Erickson, R. .Schneider. B. Fait, L. Batterman, R. Lofy, R. Ruppel. M, Johnson, P. Groth, Fourth Row: T). Thompson, J. Brussock, G. Jackson, J. Bell, M. Krueger, B. Mast, P. Johnson, T. Golinski, J. Knoska, J. Began, S. Bogard, D. Paterson. Fifth Row: B. Stcne- man, B. I.eisk, J. Wienke, G. LaCroix, B. Kaiser, P. Hahn, M. Ncubcrt, E. Kohn, E. I ( wis. | Doncheck, J. Thomas, R. Board. JfJli 1 n j vA m m tr .J lVJ!» ' 4 3i - Swcnson House— f!ri( Row: R. Amundson, J. Paulick, E. Loke, D. Witt, K. Wood, C. Kupsky. Second Rouk C. Emanuel, J. Rebholz. J. Goldfarb. J. Stuckey, L. Poehlman, C. Weiss, F. Vanecek, F. Fleishauer, H. Chambers. Third Row: J. Birch, L. Maack, J. Beecroft, S. Nafziger, N. Debuke- lar, B. Hietpas, M. Them, J. Tracy, B. Granger, B. Eraser, J. Forde, D. Darwin. Fourth Row: B. Hantke, T. Collins, S. Goldmark, G. Hindman, J. Goren, B. Levy, B. Altery, D. Terrill, A. Bondehagen, L. Reissig, J. Andrews, R. Groth. Fifth Rojv: R. Yates, C. Burt, D. Schultz, M. Hoffman, T. Carlson, M. Bahn, T. Zondag, C. Nason, K. Holz, E. Stephenson, D. Montquirc. R. Christcnsen. Swenson House Swenson House highlighted a year of fun by capturing the All-Dorm Football Championship early in the fall. Under the leadership of Larry Poehlman, jjresident, other successful undertakings included the house Stag Banquet and Devil ' s Lake Spring Picnic. Members spent a gay evening of night-clubbing at the annual " Club Norge " party. Other officers were Frank Vanecek, vice- president, and Howard Chambers, treasurer. Turner House Turner House ' s fall season included a party for fresh- men during Orientation Week and a Homecoming dance held at the Ivy Inn. During winter the Christmas-spirited members sponsored a " Happy Hours " Christmas party for all in alids in Madison. The social season was rounded out with a picnic at Devil ' s Lake in the spring. Officers were Rod Nelson, president; Steve Vanek, vice- president, and Jerry Stoddard, treasurer. 393 Turner House— F»5( Row: R. Cherwenka, W. Kenney, D. Berryman, R. Schuiz, R. Nelson, K. Mitchell, J. Leisenring, R. Jones, N. Roets. Second Roxv: J. Beil, C. Holden, E. Hansen, J. Amble, D. Bruss, D. Giarusso, R. Brotherhood, T. Crossett, R. Woldt, N. Nelson, R. Steinhelper, C. Albert, B. .Schultz, J. Blencoe, J. Grabarski, R. Christensen, J. Stoddard, R. Lawrence, J. Heeb. S. Mannell, H. Leffingwcll, P. Wieland. Fourth Roiv: D. Sharpc, D. Olson, E. Horton, J. Bartel. C. Hcgji, S. Vanek, T. Lonsdale, J. Ranney, G. Ludvigson, J. Schmoock. 1 ■ r s .V m. ' i ' m -I lu t ■ I i ' ' ' ■ I ■m 394 Hiirman Mdusc— ii s Haw: M. McCailLii, B. Thomson. M. Ebling, ' . Petersen, Mrs. C. Marshall, V. Eich, J. .upancic. M. KcUcy. M. Thompson, J. Ritter. Second Row: G. Tse, M. Wagner, N. Bailey, S. Burrill, J. Elstad, J. Jones. S. Lewis. D. Rcttke, J. VVeins. S. Thresher. Third Row: J. Netz, R. Richards. C. Kenney, J. Beduhn. K. Smith. J. Hazen. J. Paepke. L. Bcatty. M. Melcher. J. Schelly. Fourth Row: K. Olsen, S. Arps, M. Harris, N. Dol- phin. S. Macall, M. Perry. P. Robertson. B, Battennan. S. Abramson. Slichter Hall Bierman House Slichter Hall is composed of I ' .Xi girls in four houses. I lowever, the dorm has only one set of officers, with floor chairmen taking care of individual house business. The floor chairmen for first floor, Bierman, were Lori Beatty and Judy Zupancic. The girls can also claim Marcia Hu])|)lcr. social coordinator. Under her direction donn j)aMiLs and acti ities were successfully planned, executed, and attended. Gavin House Ga in fall activities began with two football coffee hours, including an o]3en house, and the Home- coming display with Spooner House. Their astronaut Bucky Badger won first prize for residence halls decora- tions. Ga in House was led by Lois Hansen and Rosanne Hess, while V ' al Peterson and Nancy Gow were officers of Slichter Hall. Gavin House- Fi ' is Row: M. Rocsser, L. Ruef, M. Norton, G. Brens. M. Peterson, N. Gow, L. Hanson, R. Hesse, S. Cavender. Second Row: A. Stokstad, M. Martell, S. Fein, 1-. Ra.smussen, J. Logerquist. S. Pearson, S. .Schlintz, A. Leflel. I., (.orden. ' I ' lntd Row: I.. Gieringer, M. Madson. J. Nelson. J. Jipson, B. F.ssock, C. Gross. K. Christian, J. Miyrr. |. C ' .iipcnier. A Ji: .ik, 1 - .- - -.-=iJlk • li ' " . ■ s E S 1 — " nam kJ-i H H m . B ) r l -;--!: 1 J 1 1 i , Wl (• ■ i: 1 ,. " r J. ! 1 ■ I « i- T " F " JL I Goldberg House-f )s( Roir: P. Ncef, D. Olson, M. Rice, t. Sluiits, J. Polich, IV Smith. G. Johnson, C. Craig, M. Carlson. Second Row: L. Herrman, S. Castagna, H. Stillman, K. Laivton, S. Haney, L. Thorstensen, K. Ley, A. Korth, V. Hrees. Third Rou ' : B. Wheeler, S. Burman, L. Repp, S. Woerfer, L. Korsch, S. Johnson, C. Ander- son, V. Isaacs, L. Hirai. Fourth Roio: B. Williams, B. Larson, E. Olson, J. Mahr, S. Hingiss, E. Williams, D. Bchnke, M. Wondreis, B. Hettinga, G. Carter. Goldberg House Winter acti ities were highlighted by two events. Christmas was a happy time for Slichter coeds, with " angel-sinner " week, door decorations, and the big Christmas party, " Fantasy in White. " Around Saint Valentine ' s Day, the girls held the traditional Slichter Sweetheart Formal. Margaret Shiirts, living in Goldberg, acted as dorm treasurer, and Susan Woerfel and Mary Rice were the floor chairmen. Luedke House Fourth floor girls, luider the leadership of Bev Sawczuk and Sandy Peck, helped the rest of the dorm prepare for the spring events— the faculty tea, the recognition banquet, and Slichter parents ' Weekend— as well as all other activities. Dorm president Klawa Nepscha, a Luedke resident, tied all the dorm events together to provide for a smoothly functioning organization. 395 -mi-t Luedke House— f()i( Rotf: M. Hartman, B. Sawczyk, B. Hanson, B. Zahn, A. Ulrich, J. Krehbiel, K. Nepscha, S. Peck, V. Linley, J. Radke. Second Row: N. Berger, C. Sullivan, M. Thomas, G. Dettwiler, C. Lindgren, S. Klessig, K. Kaiser. K. Olsen, D. Henselin, M. Stucssy, B. Davis, N. Linderud. Third Row: P. Thompson, L. Borchardt, J. White- back, C. Fitzgerald, J. Unger, C. Gruetzman, S. Drake, K. Galby, G. Seidlcr, J. Rhoades, T. Goettsch. ■nni:::! mp. T ybtii« ji _ir L„. .IT f f ff f . - Bivaii Ilousi— -ns Ron: D. (.a in. F. Milad. J. ll.i.vst, II. WcUaucr, T. Sharratt, R. Galloway, J. Meyer, J. Simmons, H. Lauda. Second Row: S. Schroedcr, D. Anderson. B. Buhmann, M. McDermitt, J. Wcyer, R. Parshall, W. Widmoyer, L. Hamm, W. Buchholz. Third Row: J. Petersen, J. Goetsch. G. Reinhard. W. Bacbler, R. Lcwicki, D. Hancwall, W. Pcrozzi, N. Krivanek, D. Diercks, D. Cropsey, W. Johnson. Fourth Row: B. Wilson, S. Lobeck, J. Frank, J. Lallensack, C. Mahnke, V. Cogger, D. Rollay, E. Gursky, T. Gardner, K. Gueth, R. Nelson, A. Scheodr. Sull ivan Hall Bryan House Br) ' an House, led by officers Charles Aslakson, presi- dent; Jerry Kurtz, vice-president; Thomas Sheratt, secre- tary-treasurer; and social chairmen Jack Wellaner and 396 Gene Phiese, participated in intramural basketball, bowl- ing and football. In addition they held an annual Christ- mas party at a lodge, a traditional hayride, listening parties, and planned various activities with Ross House of Cole Hall. Leopold House Leopold House men defended their " Supremacy Cup Title " in intramural sports and planned numerous par - ties, including " Garbageman ' s Ball, " " Remember Pearl Harbor Day, " and a special Homecoming party in the Rose Taylor Room. Their officers included Brian Rinelli, president; Marty Peterman, vice-president; Brian Nolan and Tom Fischer, social chairmen. Leopold Housv-First Row: J. I.oether, A. Alaspa, E. Richards, M. Pelcrman, S. Rinelli, J. OMeara, T. Wcrblow, B. Fox, K. Schadcberg, W. .Anderson. Second Row: W. .Sharpcc, R. Peterson, R. langcr, R. Deancr. S. Bergum, R. I.ewke, K. Barnes, H. Arkin, R. Wcllaucr. G. Good- man. M. Babich, J. I.ucht. Third Rtjw: K. Kitelingcr. R. Sharpcc, J. Kiihlman, T. LcMoine, B. Horn. E. (Motbeck, J. Somcrs, D. Gast, S. Levcn- berg, R. Wilcox. M. Donahue. R. Horn. Fnurlh Row: 1). Kussow, 1). Froiick, J. Krzcwina. I), l.ange, E, Blick. M. Royster, P. Van Ness, R. Jaeger, 1). Boyd. R. .Solcm, J. .Schneider. McCaffrey House— First Ron ' : T, Michcls, J. Alpert, A. Jablonowski, 1). Ganswindt, J. Frantz, C. Koiistad, R. Stone, M. Pautsch, N. Weinstein, R. Hyman. Second Row: J. Blanchard, T. NoflFke, T. Kingl, J. Bullis, B. Fait, J. Pansch, D. Dixon, L. Bartz, J. Davis, B. Clement, G. Oedewaldt. Third Row: L. Kueter, T. Pawloski, S. Foster, G. Pike, J. Barcus. H. Thomas, B. Pagel, P. Bullock, R. Rodgers, T. Prawdzik, G. Krueger. Fourth Row: R. Jablonka, B. Holt, J. Kittelscn, J. Lederman, P. Horswell, G. Langlcy, H. Kreklow, P. McCoy, J. Martens, G. Gafke, A. Booth. McCaffrey House McCaffrey House social highlights featured a " Lost Wages Casino Party, " a house picnic at Devil ' s Lake, coffee hours, participation in Homecoming, and their traditional hayrides and Christmas banquet. House ef- forts were led by officers Clifton Fonstad, president; Rick Stone, vice-president; Donald Ganswindt, treasurer; Merle Pautch, social chairman; and L. Jablomowski, secretary. Olson House Olson House social activities included buffet suppers with women ' s units, a number of listening parties, and informal parties which often featured live entertainment. The men of Olson House, who initiated their own news- paper, were directed by John Roemer, president; Gary Grant, vice-president; Steve Banks, secretary; Richard Beckman, treasurer; and Walter Oechlein and Brian Chimilewski, social chairmen. 397 Olson House— First Row: M. Hermanson, D. Ruston, W. Oechslein, B. Chmielewski, J. Roemer, R. Beckman, P. Meagher, L. Rippe. Second Row: J. Morse, C. Rhodes. G. Gadberry, R. Reich, P. Runke, M. Lukoff, S. Wexler, B. Hanson, H. Rasmusson. Third Row: D. Strong, K. Rensink, R. Wagman, W. Dohmcn, A. Balls, W. Orr, T. Karakash, P. Yu. Fourth Row: R. Wadsworth, J. Altman, T. Fronek, J. Niemeyer, J. Lozelle, M. Gary, W. Brandt. ft i X :A IJashfoKi Housi- -;) ' . Ruw: M. Boyce. G. Bosciischncidci, D. Dannei, J. Kieuscr, G. Stulgallis. J. Zawodny, L. Carter, A. Weiss, W. Deri. Second Row: A. Haase. J. Haiiev. R. Curwen, P. Goshgariaii, D. Wtipal, I,. .Sebastian, B. Muiinib. Third Row: R. Stamper, R. Schunck, B. Hug, J. Latzke, G. Biveiis. D. Brugger, K. Lamm. J. Fraiike, J. BliiU. Fviiilli Roiv: B. Bliiil, G. Peterson, G. Wcrhane. R. Liebl. R. Baumann. J. Schocnfcid, M. Alt, J. Wacek, T. Rusch. Tripp Hall 398 Bashford House " Yell like Hell " with Liz Waters V, a party at Nob Hill, and the .Mjsinc Affair were highlights of the year for liashford men. One house trailition was the weekly " Jacques " games, emphasized by defeating Henmon House in football and retaining the " toilet bowl " tro])hy. Jim Gross, president; John Mitby, vice-president; and Jim Wacek, secretary-treasurer, were in charge of all house activities. Botkin House Botkin House activities consisted of participation in several intramural sports, some house parties, a listening party, and a Stage Picnic. Officers were Lynn Vesser, president; Craig Pier, vice-president-secretary; Claude Oucllette, treastuer: Don Pine and Henry Moeller, social chaiinien; and Bob Jones and Ernest Niemann, athletic chairmen. Botkin House— firs( Roir: C. Ovellette. L. Vceser, C. Pier, J. I.aschenski. E. Niemann, J. Miller. D. Zechcl. Second Row: T. Arisawa, K. Wilson, 1.. Voungsteadt, R. McElroy, I). Cloodgor, J. King. Third Row: C. Voibrecht, M. Beilke, H. Moeller, T. Fit patrick, A. January. C. Johansson. Fallows House— Fint Rotf: M. Fry, M. Naumann, J. Gocke, J. Hairison, A. MacRenzie. J. Peterson, D. Kailing, R. Anderson. Second Row: D. Kapadia, B. Peterson, S. Wagner, A. Bushey, R. Meng, R. Wruwink, C. Judy, J. Schmitz, A. Rowe. Third Row: T. Riley, J. Chanberlain, C Petti- bone, R. Lickwarz, R. Paulsen, P. Bauer, B. Larson. J. Bieleteldt. Fourth Rour K. Szaldi, J. Chamberlain, L. Farris, W. Blakely, P. AVilson, P. Cupery, B. Cape, R. Woodmansee. Fallows House Academics, athletics, and activities were all emphasized by the Fallows Kats. The men worked to maintain a high house grade-point while Jim Goeke encouraged participation in IM sports. Social chairman Myron Fry worked on the Hillbilly Party and the Christmas ban- quet. John Harrison, president, and Brad Anderson, vice- president, supervised all house events, including the printing of The Kat, the house paper. Frankenburger House " Hopscotch " was a familiar word last fall as the men of Frankenburger House prepared to win the sixteenth annual Hopscotch Tournament with Liz Waters IV. Jim Peters, president: Jack Gerend, vice-president-secretary; Mike Wagner, treasurer; and Wayne Haut and Gordy Gunnlaugsson, social chairmen, kept house spirit up for the " Scuzzy Party 2 " and the third annual " Night Before Christmas " pajama party. 399 Frankenburger Hoxne— First Row: M. Wagner, L. Fassett, W. Haut, J. Gerend, J. Peters, A. Fredenslund, G. Gunnlaugsson, E. Hopkins. Second Roiv: P. .Surprison, J. Stavlo, D. Fredrickson, K. Kuehlthau, K. Boyles, G. Bergel, A. Waggener, R. Anderson, G. Rice. Third Row: J. Blade, D. Er- gel, B. Schneidewind, O. Rohrstalf. R. Marschner, R. Fanrbauch, C. Rick, D. Rugotska, M. Hustad. Fourth Roiv: J. Scafe, R. Thomas, J. Curtis, W. Krahn, J. Knoeck, M. Terleckc, J. Spitzer, D. Dewing. mm rmr py ' •WW Gregory House— ■ iv How: J. Nicbauei. C Wiihtol, P. Zaraski, E. Bcinboin, R. Htmniiiig, C:. Clark, C. Straz, F. Wester. Second Row: W ' . Ra- dosevich, R. Braatz. R. Liburdt, R. Chiishman, D. Jcnner, A. Sang, J. Jedrlinic, T. Angsirikul, R. Jannsen. Th ird Row: L. Tech, R. Hoesterman, M. Hensley, G. Darst, R. Lederich, D. Walker, M. Cooper, S. Brown, R, Mittelstcadt. Fourth Row: R. Sweeney, G. Reynolds, F. Edwinson Jr., T. Spellman, T. Walters, P. Palokas, R. Patterson, R. Hubor. Gregory House A biiirct supper, house parly, hay ride, Christmas party, and an active den speaker program kept Gregory - 00 House men busy. In athletics they won the Tripp Hall Football championship. Planning all these events were Ed Bcimborn, president; Bob Huber, vice-president; Martin Nelson, secretary-treasurer; Jim Scott, social (haiiinan: and George Dunst, sports chairman. High House A November Nonsense party began the High House year, followed by a Christmas caroling party, and the freshmeniipperclass baseball game. IM activities in- cluded football, basketball, and baseball. High House officers were; Robert Homick, president; Robert Chalice, vice-president; John Pitzer, secretary; Loren AVingblade, treasurer; Da ■id W ' antz social chairman; and Mike Mc- Carthy, athletic chairman. Hi(;h House— First Row: B. Gates, S. Falstad, H. Winnik, R. Homich. D. Vaiinieuwenhoucn, J, Kobik, P. Nichols, L. Wingbladc. Second Roir: W. Holgale. R. Palner. R. Mtheit. R. Garmise, G. GrifTith. Third Row: R. Fran . R. nicflenbach. 1). . filabl. D. Garcia, M. Goodrich, T. iihlke, R. lirown. -» " - Mt - l||. |W11.L)IW. J 11 ,, .■■.-- ; Lt te: fl E ' : li-. :irtr r rii -|k %!ir ' A !« Spooncr Housl— First Kou ' : R. Winklcy. L. Anastasio, P. Rycison. ' . ' aigo. R. Heiniich. E. Macder. P. Heideman, N. Akashi. Second Row: R. Kutter, V. Kosmatka, W. Croft. D. Toebc, R. Groh, W. Mclaas. R. Thornton, T. Luther. Third Row: F. Fischer, B. Cowcn, J. Link. J. Ruppel, M. LaRocquc. R. ' an Vleet. T. Blasczyk, E, Dufek, D. Radloff. Fourth Row: J. Walker, J. Hogden, J. Gehlhar, D. Simon, W, Fons, D. Vogel, P. Peterson. G. Scharpf, M. Stem. Spooner House The model UN, mock Republican convention, and first place with Slichter Hall in Homecoming dorm dis- plays were highlights of the year for Spooner House. Officers who helped carry out the activities were: Rick Thornton, president; Vic Vargo, vice-president; Dave Radloff, treasurer; Dick Groh, secretary; Rudi Kutter, athletic chairman; and Darel Toebe and Bob Van Vleet, social chairmen. Vilas House Athletic chairman James Bittner insured sports success by having the men participate in all I-M contests this year. Social chairman Pat Sommerfield also placed much 01 emphasis on his program. Besides the usual parties and dinners, there was a banquet at the end of each semester. Helping to coordinate all activities were Richard Voigt, president: R. K. Mitby, vice-president; Arthur Sc hmitz, treasurer; and William Harned, secretary. ' ilas House— f rs( Row: R. Borman. P. Sommerfield. W, Harned. A, Schmitz. A. Donovan. R. Voigt. J. Bittner, R. Laitsch. T. Peterson. Second Row: L Buchholz, G. Vogt, S. Weiske, S. Shroeder, D. Spiegcberg, M. Kline, S. Zepelak, T. Ludorf, R. Ress. Third Row: M. Harvey, T. Widder, R. Mitby, T. Peterson, H. Boomsma, J. Pribnow, N. Sanders. » f- ' TC ■ I 1 ' wr WLHA " Good morning, this is Radio Station WLHA, 610 on your dial. " This Lakeshore Halls Association radio station has been broadcasting through the dorms for eleven years and is now in its second year of all- campus broadcasting. The station ' s program- ming ranges from top tunes to classical music and also includes news, weather, time, an d in- terviews with controversial campus characters. The station is entirely student-operated. The 92 staff members receive no wages and work from custom made, student-installed equip- ment. WLHA has one of the largest student radio station record libraries in the Midwest, with over 2,200 albums and 1,700 " 45 ' s. " 402 Independent Houses First Row: V. GuUick, J. Lewandowski, L. Stombaugh, R. Ben,cker. Mrs. Grace Lord, K. Ticknor, G. Reich, V. Holubiw, J. Lcwandowski. Second Row: C. Martens, S. Fowler, E, Schuctt, I. Frea, J. Temminga, B. McCandless, B. Harrington, B. Simon, J. Mueller. Guided by Rita Beneker, president, Anderson House residents took part in a whirl of activities. The year was filled with excitement— Ginny Gullick was honored as Queen of Navy Ball, Joyce Tamminga was elected presi- dent of Phi Chi Theta, and Barbara McCandless placed 2nd in the Little International " pig-chasing " contest. Beer suppers and house fonnals were planned by officers Karen Ticknor, Linda Stombaugh, Gerri Reich, and Berneita Harrington. Anderson House Allen Hall 404 Alliii Hull iMl How: M. I.:iiu-y, 1 ' . HarnilKiii, K. Moisi i, .N . I ' .uiiKli, S. I)a is, Mrs. iMliil 1 hdinas. 1 ' . (.agf, C Sdilo inan, C. Ot-Maria. J. Na lcl, R. SiRal, I., (iocxlscll, E. Wcishcif;. Si-niiid A ' oii ' . M. rcRlmcycr, |. Diaii. S. Scliimk. (... IVtnSdii, M. Ingraiii, 1). Rosr, A. Bell, K. Safii, M, Hlywiiss. 1), Taiiowf, S. Doncvilskv, S. R()S(iil)ti|», R. (iixlwin. C AVilkisoii, I„ Waihtil. Third How: C. Johnson, A. Plans, R. Jacobs, K, ,Siil , M, Koliki, E. I-cinsillKT, V. Ilaudcil. j. Wimi, U. Pollav, R. I.askv, . Ponuroy. H. Ralllow. M. Myers, A. .Sallas. S. I.aikin. Ii,iirlli How: 1). Urnricl, J. Marklcy. M. Carlson, S. licll. S K.H IliII. P. Stanli-v. I I ' l.iliu.ll. K Sail, li I .iinh. S. I?, 11 S hu,iU , j. Uucior, 1}, Allis, C. ' rumcr, L, U ' Alonzo, S. Cann, I. Ennnanucl. Allen HaW-Fint Row: S. Beiwakl, D. Fairchild, C. Timmons. J. Rosenberg. F. Train, K. Allie, S. Gertz. C. Hicks, K. Corbctt. S. Woolley, S. Rime, B. Ottelic, E. Barnett. Second Row: A. Blanche, M. Singer, H. Perlman, S. Siegal, R. Davidson, V. Kalupa, S. Schaeffcr, B. Allis, K, Bothe, S. Berman, J. Hanson, J. Larson, M. Weiss, J. Everett. Third Roif: A. Chikls. B. Swirin. K. Goodman. G. VVestbcrg, P. Willen- son, D. Goodman, K. Vinney. J. Ductor, K. Sherman, L. Lockwood, M. Laner, A. Otto, V. McChusland, P. Shapiro, S. Prigoff, P. Melby. 405 Allen Hall, an indej endent woman ' s dorm, was very active socially, starting the year with an open house. Social chairman Nancy Panitch planned beer suppers with Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Theta, Tan Ka|)pa Epsilon, and Alpha Delta Phi for Friday night entertainment. The girls held a tea for their parents on Parents ' Weekend in the fall, and in December held their annual forinal at Allen Hall. In the spring they entertained with another all-campus open house and ended their social season with a spring formal at the Holiday Inn. Officers were: Polly Gage, president: Aljean Otto, vice-president; Jean Lomberg, secretary: Ginger Schlozman, treasurer. Ann Emery An imensi e speaker program was introduced at Ann Emery with members of the International Relations Club coming to dinner. An annual Professor Dinner was slated, where each girl invited her favorite professor. Social events included an open house held during the football season and a winter dance held later in the )ear. The 180 girls were generous vith their time and charity when they held a Christmas party for the Salvation Army Nursery School children. The officers were: Nancy Patton, president; Mary Colvin. vice-president; Linda Mokrejs, secretary; Jean Oates, treasiuer; and Pat Lovshin, judicial chairman. Ann Reeves was secretarv of AVVS. .Ann Emery— First Row: J. Linstcr, D. Carlson, L. Mokrejs, K. Whitney, G. Gullickson, M. Colvin, N. Patton, Mrs. Baker, J. Gutzler, P. Lovshin, J. Oalcs, F. Hurwitz, M. Meyer, M. Spcctor, K. Saltzstein, C. Schuman. Second Row: S. Kotchevar, C. Sherman, D. Huebncr, M. Pradt, C. Higgins, E. Alk, J. Lerncr, D. Foster. P. Hurlbut, C. Watts, E. Cook, K. Quale, S. Guettler, S. Stein, B. Glassman, C. Cameron. Third Row: C. Moth. S. Prowler. B. Bryant, R. Knoop, P. Gunner, A. Shuler, B. Freitag. J. Dana. B. Harloff, K. Larson. P. Jacobs, J. Davis, M. L ' pham, N. Blank. P. Canales. M. Gale, S. Crabb, C. Howes. Fourth Row: J. Cavanaugh, N. Wadsworth, B. Graham, S. McLauchlan, K. Ellingson. M. Martinson, K. ' oegel, J. Russell. C. Howard. G. Wilman. S. Cohen. A. Quisling. J, Wechtcr. N. Docpke. M, McCann. Fifth Rou ' : E. Bechthold, J. Cruttendcn, J. Wall. K. Falkenberg. C. Dykstra, S. Graham, M. Goldstein, L. Grossman, H. Falls. G. Ncilson, S. Drescher, L. Edmonds. B. Brown. J. Carlson, D. Genck. B. Schulz. Sixth Row: N. Lunde, G. Smiley. J. Lelewer, N. Otiey. A. Reeves. C. Raynor, B. Korf, M. Foster, S, Flemming. J. Ballentine, C. Welsh, B. Lando, S. Helleiiberg M (orcv | Inhiis . _m »■ V " 3 fl ?; ■T ' I B nV ' rMi Z. ' 9 Hr ■m fl T ft 7fM « A ' .J ' J ' . f t •vPL - % 1 f f ? f r 1 ■ y ¥ V Babcock House— First Row: F. Cox, G. Helgeland, G. Schmidt, J. Oleson, B. Olson, M. Nelgestuen, H. Roberts, D. Traastad, B. Knesting. Second Row: J. Doyle. E. Bringe, D. Olson, L. Daniels, P. Faira. ' H. Aleckson, F. Roscnow, B. Held. Third Row: L. Martell, J. Schwarzhoff, D. Nelson, L. Clark, B. Bumsted, B. Thomas, R. Novak, R. Craig, J. SmoUer, R. Destree. Fourth Row: D. Nusbaum, N. Meier, T. Lcmbke, R. Br) ' e, C. Heath, R. Zanoy, M. Grimme, J. Lonergan, U. Hugunin. Babcock House Babcock House members were both independent champions in intramural sports and winners of the Agri- culture scholarship and athletic trophy. Social events for residents, who are students in the School of Agriculture, included beer suppers, theme parties, and winter and spring formals. The officers were Bob Olson, president; Neal Meier, vice-president; and Glenn Schmidt, secretary. Bradford House The twenty eight girls of Bradford House were well represented in campus activities this year. Housefellow Marcia Bluel was vice-president of the International Club, Ilona Martin was chairman of the Union Travel Committee, and Barbara Jo Miller moderated the AWS Fashion Show. The officers included: Pat Plecas, presi- dent; Susan Kisch, judicial chairman; and Phyllis Spell- man, social chairman. 407 Bradford House— First Roxc: M, Bluel, A. Sipple. P. Bennett, D. Deuteronomy, S. Disch, P. Plecas, I. Marton. Second Row: K. Klein, B. Bender, R. Olscn, P. Rowan. N. Hummer. Third Row: P. Welch, J. Kastner, N. Eilwards, S. Goebel. S. Sanderson. CaiKill W.iU-lirst AVyir; M. Marks, M. Stiie. R. Kal . C. rcldmaii, M. I.cb Imii;;, k, Osney. T. ciiim. j. Miller. M. Cohn. E. KeiiUech,.L. Sccsel, B. Malkin. 15. Sihcrnian, M. Kolopiiy, C. Bcninglon. Second Ruw: V. Kessel. J. Sircf, J. Brcslcr. L. Bcrrstock, N. Feingold. K. Zinn, T. Love, S. Yeddis, R. BI(K)m, I., (.lazier, K. Luria, S. Kcir, J. Mantell, R. (ioroff. Third Row: S. Tensman, J. Blumbcrg, S. Schneider, S. Rosen, S. Seigle, S. Gersten, L. Gorman, f. Hor vilz, A. Cohen, S. Furth, J. Gliigatch, 1 ' . Rosen, K. Johnson. Fourth Ko2f: K. Solomon. J. Krome. P. Pollard, D. Walmer, R. Gins- berg, N. Gothelf. S. Katzon, C. Owens. L. Milonc, C. Bislrong. N. VanI.eeuwen, J. Wax. J. Gelb. Fifth Row: S. Rosenbloom, S. Sloves, S. Fell, B. Gaskin, S. Diwald, E. Shulof, C. Friedman. R. Herlzberg, C. Sherman. E. Shapiro. B. Lipsky, Carroll Hall Carroll Hall hosted various social events this year. Each semester started off with an open house featuring a band and refreshments. Beer su[)pers, winter and spring formals, and the building of a Homecoming disjihiy with Alpha lipsilon Pi also highlighted their calendar. The scholastic aspects of campus life were not neglected. Faculty and student six-akers were invited for dinner on Wednesday nights to (ultivale the intellectual and (ultur l iniciests ol ihc usick ' Mls. Kaiin Os ney, presidiiil ; Maicia ( ohn, vi( (■ ])rcsiiU ' ni; IVrri Zuckeiinan, secret. n ; |an Mantell, treasurer; and .Vndria flollnian and )uil Reiner, .social ( h.iii nun. ( ucii diiKiicd I lie 1 !)li. " i-li I jjrograni. Campus Hall— fici Roxc: A. Coed. J. Knill, C. Widnier, N. Schiiidler, K. Wang, J. Sccgal. Second Row: S. Kallcnbeig. F. Kirschner. M. Magil, Mrs. Swanson. J. Kessclman. P. Bcrmaii. R. Silbtrmaii, .S. Vells. Third Row: E. Leacock, C. Epstein, B. Bentzman. J. Lcvine, E. Sisbowcr, C. Sherman. M. Bartos. M. Hcxter, A. Brumbough, L. Yorkey. A. Fischlander, B. Coed, A. Fennelly. Fourth Rou ' : N. Goldstein, C. Weil, N. Solomon. P. Mondrick. E. Kantor, L. Simon. K. Plant. P. Marzu. M. Gralow, S. Hulbert, F. McGi crn. J. Prince. Campus Hall Culture and the arts dominate the lives of most Cam- pus Hall residents. Judith Willis wrote numerous music compositions, Joanna Levin played the lead in " West Side Story, " Kaaren Plant completed many t.v. scripts and also spent time working on a no el, Ann Brumbaugh planned her summer anthropological expedition to Alaska, and 15 other girls scheduled European trips. Margaret Magil, Marilyn Meshekow, and Shayne Schneider served as officers. Cochrane House Beer suppers, a Christmas party, intramural sports, and a speaker program sponsored by the International Relations Club, filled the year for Cochrane House girls. The successful activities were organized by Emily Rorick, president; Carol Wood, treasurer; and Agnes Larson, social chairman. 409 Cochrane House— f(;s( Row: C. Wood, A. Larson. B. Land, Mrs. Hendricks. E. Rorick. P. Rosenberry, A. DcBuhr. T. Cory. Second Row: V. Ruff. J. Berkholtz, J. Nielsen, S. Dulsky, S. Carlson, M. Rupp. L. Moser, B. Roeming. Third Roie: C. Hastings, L. Beatlie. K. Holmgren, G. Albers. L. Hale, B. White, G. McCorkle, J. Palmer, J. Holiman. Nt Hood. - N ri , C I t ' ; . . fr ' ■K-- » - £ % I).i i.l sdniiiiir ll( iisi- ' i s l :r.v: S. Badii, T. Klit kic. A. Eggcrt, S. Kiiivoii, Mrs. Doris, Schlag, T. Cusick, H. Shapiro, M. Utcch, T. Kueblcr, 1). lilaiuhliclil. Second Ron:- G. Gmur, D. Picriiot, 1). Mather, M. HofTman, D. Alf, O. Rasmusscn, J, King, M. l.oggle, D. Turkc, D. Brick, S. BoLtlchcr. Third Row: J. Olson, R, Zimmerman, L. Kumbier, R. Johnson, P. Balcom, R. Marshall, T. Converse, R. Hanson, G. Wambokl, D. Henning, K. Parcjko, D. Hcnscl. David Schreiner The men of Stiiieincr House enjoy the benefits of a cooperative unit. They had an active social year featiir- ■ ' 0 ing successful theme parties and formals. The group ])iarcd first in tlic Badger Song Fesi, participated in the Model U. N.. and entered intramural sj)orts. Officers were Sieve Kinyon, president; Harvey Shapiro, vice- president: Bruce Kriieger, secretary: and Tom Kuebler, social chairman. Hermanson House Hermanson House is a small kitchen privilege living unit that is home for twenty-two girls. The annual Brat- wurst spring picnic and a special Christmas dinner are two of the house ' s favorite events, Judy Lawrence rep- resented Hermanson House in Co-ed ' s Congress. Other officers included: Margie Schraufnagel, president: Judy Gilbert, vice-president: and Janet Rhodes, secretary- treasurer. Hermanson House— First Row: J. Gilbert, N. Nathan, J, Madison, B. Roan. M. Green. . I. I ' et el. Second Row: K. Benetlict, I.. Hoyir, K. Chojnowski, C. Ortman, J. Harmer, M. Schraufnagel, S. Heilborn. Tliird Roxc: E. Mortenson. J. Lawrence, S. Bokken. M. Edcr, N. Conners. B, Pope, J. Rhodes, N. Smith Langdon Hall ' t s I f 1 i ' % k ' v Si til t ' rf f !i ' f 1 - r . y m %0 m. Langdon V{: — First Row: D. Marton, R. Hoffman, E. Galanis, S. May, J. Noonan. G. Schaefcr, B. Marshall. Mrs. Wallbridgc. L. Romano, M. Mandis. C. Romano, H. Hurst, B. Atwcll, C. Peters. L. Becker. Second Row: K. Haas, B. Boice. M. Marks, A. Hardvvig, N. McFate, C. Cox. C. Cul- bertson, J. Harsch, K. Cunningham. S. Burr, J. Gibson, B. Ward. S. Hurth, H. Wiener, D. Dooley, K. Smith. Third Row: M. Haasc, P. Russell, M. Broadtoot, K. Smith, C. .A.duci, J. Shark. J. Shark, J. Vahlc, S. Tierney, J. Janutka, D. O ' Melia, S. Lazarus, L. Mottl. S. Jensen, L. Noyes, J. Long. Fourth Row: B. Hartwig, P. Shirriff, N. Pollock, C. Lipsius, F. Pappadis. P. Phelps, J. Restagnd, L. Ludwig. A. CJutenstein, V. West, K. Mitlag. P. Brown, J. Barker, S. Willison. V. Crittenton, E. Chidsey. Fijth Row: A. Fisher, L. Bernard, J. Wahrenberger. J. Bittner. M. Moll, S. Quarles. C. Keck. G. Granberg. P. Catencamp, F. Drenckhahn, P. Pratt. C. Hunkcl. S. Donoghue, K. Kramer, L. Kolb. NL Sones. Sixth Row: L. Mackenzie. J. Wells, S. Carter. D. Larson. B. Parson, J. Chambers, P. Hoffman, M. Quarles, A. Fyler, M. Spooner. NL Duiui, C. Aho, P. Chane, K. Long. G. Anderson, R. Stampen, G. Abeles, S. Madeley. Langdon Hall is an independent dorm that houses most of its 196 girls in single rooms. A busy year began under the direction of their new housemother, Mrs. Leslie. Langdon entered the Homecoming display competition with Alpha Chi Rho and had several beer suppers both semesters. After the football games social chairman Judy Pasahow jjlanned open houses with bands and refreshments, and on Parents ' Weekend a special post-game coffee hour was held. At Christmas the girls held a party for foreign students where they entertained and gave presents to their special guests. Officers included Gail Harrison, president; Sara May, vice-president; Laurie Lytle, secretary; and Jane Kehoe, treasurer. Lowell Hall I o v ll H.ill Olfuiis liisl , ' ..,.. M (.(.hrii, I (.(ill. Ill, S. Wise, S. 1-iciiii.iii. n. IliisluN. 1.. kaufmaii. S. koi f . E. Pascli. I.. Mciskowit , F. Yopack, B. Hycnar. R. Roscnhcrg, I,. Hoffman. Second Koui: S. Meyers. J. Norton, S. Oraisin. J. Wclxr. P. .Schullz. Mrs. McCann. . . Barker. S. Chez, R. Reich, A. Hendry, C. Morgan, R. Hillyard. Third Row: K. Vacha, S. Karlson, J. Cllen. B, Winston, E. Golman, S. Stern, H. Cohn, T. Lcibsohn, R. Tcitl, E. Wachsman, T, Wolitz, P. Meyer, E. Eichler, H. Zack, S. Slcssinger, V. Dickenson, S. Katz. Fourth Row: S. Wallzman. M. .ShernolT, A. Pitch, R. I.iehling, K. Miller, D. (Juttman, B. Konover. E. Slory. B. Kav. V. .Selciifriend, C. Riiclunback, L. Ross, I). Silverman. G. Levy, E. Derene, B. Krall, N. Reamer, S. Miller. _ . Lowell Hall— fi ' ij How: L. Walgicii, 1-. Robinson, U, Biouiman, D. Factor. S. Schefiin. C. Crane. S. Hletko. B. Levy, L. Lipman. R. Vellcr, K. Feigenbaum. Second Row: K. Frieberg. L. Taub, T. Ladin, B. Musicus, J. Lee. S. Granof, S. Fenberg, B. Pearson. J. Lowey. M. Fegel, S. Saichek. L. Herstone. P. Guttman. Third Rozf: L. Domabyl. K. Murphy, J. Hatch. J. Heald, L. Bickford. J. Hoffman. M. Stein. K. Fried- land, E. Steinberg, L. Schutz, E. Snow, N. Cohen, B. Victor, S. Levy, J. Peckarsky. Fourth Roir: G. Phillips, L. Weiss. M. Cohen. N. Fingert. J. Goldberg. N. ' eldhouse. P. Krueger, N. Knopow, S. Jagoda, R. Rein, S. VanZandt, M. Schneider, D. Wiener, J. Block. R. Grossman. B. Rose. J. Stein. S. Rogowski. FijUi Row: B. Jarnow. S. England, A. Mielziner, . . Morris, D. Caplan. N. Levine. J. Dorfman. L. Hodes, J. Epstein, J. Hirshon, J. Schechter. S. Stern, L. Silbcrman. R. Rubin. M. Stein, J. Turian, R. Gilman. D. Gelfand, M. Bassman. ,S .v( ! Row: L, Mayer, S. Liberman, S. . ckerman, J. Edelman, K. Turoff, E. Frankton, H. Klein. B. Bell, C. Kant. K. Corenman. D. Wenig. A. Halpcm, S. Wulfstat, P. Kozoll. S. Applcbaum. K. Aronson. N. Marks, T. Tarnow, T. Rose. This large, impressive dormitory is a familiar Lang- don Street site. With 300 girls, activity and fun can always be found in the spacious living rooms, the swimming pool, or on the pier. The dorm itself is largely made up of suites— two rooms joined by a bath —but there are also singles on each floor. Floor presi- dents include Serene Wise, Toby Wolitz, Susan Sle- singer, Roberta Teitel, Toni Leibsohn, Sheri Miller, and Laurie Ross. Coordinating officer meetings is Mrs. fcCann, Lowell housemother. Lowell Hall social events included cultural activities as well as traditional parties. Highlighting the year were the two international dinners, faculty teas, " sjjlash " parties, the winter formal at the dorm, the spring formal at the Park Motor Inn, the Christmas party with the waiters, open houses, and programs presented by Dr. Karl Moser of the School of Music. The girls innovated a basketball team and a bowling club, with the waiters serving as competition. They ha ' e also arranged to support a foreign student for the 1964-65 school year. Lowell HaU-First Row: C. Christianson. P. Smith, R. Levin. B. Becker, J. Blank, D. Miller. M. Yablin. B. Levy. R. Udinsky. R. Hurwitz, J. Feenbcrg. P. Spindler. S. Jacobson. Sero7,d Row: J. Jacobs. B. Meyer. P. Wichter, K. Kuttig. M. Weger. K. Nichols, L. Gorin, S. Ascher, J. Moss. N. Basingame. P. Passen. Third Rou ' : M. Smith. B. Musicus, L. Brcger, M. Cohen, L. Braitman, H. Besic, R. Thrun. L Maryan, B. Baerwald, S. Kimball, R. Gatsis, S. Lernor. C. Levine. J. Ziskind. Fourth Row: E. Brooks, S. Feit. L. Soss. C. Ugoretz. V. Kimmel. S. Korman. B. Nathan. B. Smith, B. Malow. S. Green. P. Rubin. S. Helfant. L. Smith. B. Powell. K. Wardecker. N. Carstens, K. Lehman. Fifth Row: S. Collins, L. Grimes, N. Rosen. T. Stovall. J. Spreitzer. J. Wolske, B. Ward. M. Weinstein. M. Fclder, C. Lovre. K. Stivers. D. Krause, S. Brone, R. Wolitz, S. Cohen, S. Sinaiko. S. Steiner. B. Kaplan. Sixth Row: J. Levinson. J. Schwartz, H. Gaidcmak, L. P aige, N. Silberberg. J. McMaster, J. Slcsinger. S. Kaiser, L. Waxman, M. Weiss, S. Tarncy, C. Bender, G. Abraham. J. Oppenheimer. J. Gcisenheimer, P. Price. S. Chalstrom. E, Story. Lake Lawn House— Hint Row: R. Read. E. Ivcrson. E. Nielsoii, Mrs. I. Hcnicr. C Kopperl. M. Miihalkc. D. Taylor. Second Row: P. Ler- man. L. Kollcr. N. Simpkins, M. McDowell, K. Lis,s, R. Lawrence, G. Scully. Third Row: J. Pearl, C. Kimm, J. Salov, C. Mendelow, D. Yessne. S. Bruskin. J. Dickenson, .S. Wervck, L. Ohtani. Fourth Raw: C. Kinnucan, C. Williams, J. Erlich, P. Slipyan, S. Fletcher. M. .McNamara, .S. Kaplan. . . L )ng vcll. B. Haag. Fifth Row: M. Newton. L .Simmons, G. Gile, G. Hollister, S. Eriand. S. Hinii. M. AVebstcr. J. .Slielton, J. Harlow, J. Tondryk. 414 Lake Lawn House Lake Lawn House was the scene ol many diversified social activities this year. The major fimction was an all-campus open house featuring the wild sound of Vic Pitts. The girls also scheduled beer suppers and a hay- ride. Officers for the year were Carolyn Kopperl, presi- dent; Rachel Read, vice-president; Eileen Kostel, secre- tary and Lucy (iliick, trcasmer. Lakota House Merlin MufFel was the theme of a fall party enjoyed by the fifty-four girls in Lakota House this year. Hallo- ween, Christinas and Valentine parties were also sched- uled. During the spring semester several girls partici- pated in the intra-mural volleyball tournament. Head- ing the years ' activities were Katherine Hurxthal, presi- dent, and Lynn Monroe, secretary-treasurer. Lakota House— First Row: S. Milbury, A. Hagstrom. S, Mellzer. K. Jcnicek. D. Drimmer, K. Cash. P. Rhode. Second Row: S. NLiycr, K. Reed, T. Raun, V. Fulton, Mrs. Van Aemum, J. Rcdwav, K. Hurxthal. C:. C;oryell. Third Row: C.. Wien. K. Remmele. B. Bass. L. Wanska, E. .Selig- man, J. Thorinann, L. .Xhraham. J. Armstrong. . . Baron. L. Gunzbcrg. Fourtli Row: M. .Mland. M. Milstnuga. NL Glinker. (.•. Krauss, L. Friedman, A. Lirhtenstcin. P. Mensh, .S. Ciould, C. Koslka. M. Dubbs. i tf ill « t • t ■75 Laiigdon Lodge— Ketierer House— First Rinc: S. Sdiiiiitt, K. I :iimk . L. Dallmann. Mrs. J. P. Genithy. J. Hallock, M. Sthmidt. J. I ' ctfrson, N. Neal. Second Rou : K. Bachhuber, D. Kamke, L. Bakken, R. Bast. N. Rice, M. Keppel. J. I icink. Tliiid Roir: P. Holend. S. Woold- ridge, J. Fox, P. Miller, L. Rogers, C. Widera, S. Ruggles. Langdon Lodge-Ketterer House Langdoii Lodge and Ketlcrcr House are .small private rooming houses accommodating about 26 girls. Lani Dallmann served as president of Langdon Lodge, while Sandy Bruggink was treasurer, Ketterer House president was Janet Hallock and Ruth Markworth was treasurer- social chairman. The girls participated in W. R, A, activities and beer suppers. Lucy Rogers served as secre- tary of the Homecoming committee. Randall House Randall House, a predominantly Catholic unit, houses 36 upperclassmen. John Kelsey, president, and Tom Oberlin, social chairman, directed the spiritual and scholastic aspects of their college life. The men par- ticipated in intramural basketball. Weekly speeches by professors and professionals were keyed to a theme of " Metaphysics. " The most unique program sponsored by Randall House was their " How To Study " course which spurred the men to a successful year. 415 Randall House— fi;i( Row: M. Engstrom, P. Dowbor, D. Mroz. F. Kjelstad, J. Kelsey, W. Bendel, R. O ' Brien, J. F.uclide, D. Green, Second Roiu: J. Major, D. Stoller, R. Langer, F. Foreman, A. Ganser, W. Siludtze, J. Mason, P. Meier. Third Row: V. Brown, J. Pollard, R. Oberlin, P. Deluichc. .S. Borrenians. D. Oberlin. » » rf.» ' »,.. • ♦ i %M )hi|Miil II. ill— - M I n., I inker, S. Warshaucr. B. ' Waishaiicr, HouscfLllow, Hoiiscfclkiw. D. Daitchman. I). Meister, J. Kruk. Second Row: S. Harris. 1). Kinov. R. Egel. D. Max, R. Marcus, M. Kaplan. J. Rosenberg, G. Goodman. Third Roxv: D. Roscnow, M. Patcrson, A. Hall, C. Briggs, C. Nciman, D. Ballinger, B. Nirenblatt. Fourth Row: k. Darner, S. Wagner, S. Hauboltlt, J. NichofF, M. Smedstad, C. Vilkining. Shepard Hall " Open Fire— Three Guitars " was the title of the an- tiiial .Sliepard Hall Christmas party. Under the direction oi the social chairman. Ruth Marcus, the forty-six girls jjlaniied other social acti ities, including coffee hours ■4 ' 6 alter the home football games, beer suppers, open houses, and a spring formal. Officers for the year were Donna Meister, president; Lissa Halparin, vice-president and secretary; antl Jane Zucker, treasurer. Susan Davis House The fifiy-two girls li ing at this scholarship co-opera- tive had a well-roimded year. Working in connection with the Delta Sigs, they won first place for independent iniits in the Homecoming display. A Christmas party, spring formal, and an iiuensive speaker program rounded off the acti ities. The officers were Rita Quam, president, and Mary Etzel, vice-president. .Susan Davis House— Fir.W Row: C. Dean. E, Hopkins. C. Demulh. S. Brockhaus. E. Proctor. K. Kul)e, C. Cawlcy. V, Bloom, M. Ikeler, C. Christen. P. Brown. Sirond Row: E. .Stcl ig. D. Jackson, K. Danaher, B. Ross, K. Peterson, R, Quam, Mrs. . llen, M. Etzel, B. Rcnningcr, B, Gimla, S, Grundahl. Third Row: S. Martalock, S. Weggc, D. Higgins, P. Cook, L. Groves, M. Brenncman, M. Riley, L. Salcnicks, K. Kenny. J. Bataldcn. K. McCormick, C. Hanson, A. Tessman. Fourth Roir: S. Wikrent, T, Hall, C. .Anderson. P. Plunkctt, E. CUirrie, A, Kremolis, C. Hilgenberg, R. Lov- ricn, K. Demulh, N. Cedcrbcrg, J. Mau, S. Mannes, .S. Pomplum, J. Schmidt, B. Bahr. I t f §9 a ft ft tf ♦% f t j i 1 1 1 X t I ' CIK. ■K.« Tower View— First Row: J. Berne, E. Wortzel, N. Garter, Mrs. Weiss, J. London, S. Lcvine, N. Glassner. Second Row: J. Ziffer, J. Zeiger, E. Lee, H. Warth, B. Greenspan, M. Torin, M. Shatan. Third Row: J. Weinberg, S. Wold, J. Kaye, J. Olefsky, K. Goldstein, G. Levinson, D. Doyno. Fourth Row: C. Yosowitz, M. Katz, J. Friedman, D. Nashban, P. Kaplan, M. Pezrow, C. Roth, D. Timmer. 417 Tower View Tower View girls began the fall semester with an open house which was attended by students from the entire cam- pus. To continue their social spirit, frequent beer suppers were held. The winter formal at the Lorraine Hotel and a successful spring formal highlighted the year. A Tower View addition to campus social life was Marilyn Katz, a Navy Ball finalist. The officers directing the lakeshore home of forty girls were Nina Garter, president; Jill London, vice-president; Ellen Wortzel, treasurer; Sue Levin, secretary; and Nancy Glassner, social chairman. i(iiiii.i HiHiM- iMf liinr: ¥.. Fisher. B. Stone-. E. Danto. Mis. B. Wcxler. N. Abrams. B. Miner, G. Brandwein, J. UUman. M. Reinkal. Second Row: L. Harmon. 1). Tiillibaiiin. . . |irsa. |. Schwciicson, j. Kingstone, L. Zebrowit . M. Ross. R. Hartficid, B. Sagcr. . Lebowil , R. Jacobs. Tliird Row: S. Jacobs, S. Rohlcdcr. C . bbott, P. Lcvinc, L. Parmct, L. Walctsky. H. Rindc. 1.. Kirshncr, .S. Traum, T. Kraft. 418 Victoria House The gill ' ' I mm Victoria House had a successful social year, which iiic hided open houses and a Hootenany each semester. Along with these activities, beer suppers aiul a spiing house picnic were held. Diane I.erncr aided the BADGER as Living Units Editor. Directing house activities were Naomi . ' Vbrams, j residiiii; liomiie .Stone, vice-presitlcnt; |ane I ' liinan. secretary: and Mai Reinkal, treasuier. Zoe Bayliss House Residency in Zoe Bayliss, a cooperative house, is based on scholarship. The girls not only maintained high grade points but also held a fall open house, had beer suppers, and sponsored an all-faculty spring open house. Officers were Bonnie Christopherson. president; Joyce AVater- street, vice-president: Barbara Losey, secretary: Karen ' alter, tieasiirer: and Carolyn Bernhardt, coordinator. Zoe Bayliss Housi-- in( Hmr: V. Cain. N. Edison, 1). I ' linikcil. . Ciiflitbs, C. Owtiis, N., C. Mcisc, D. Maucrmann, C. .Slock. R. Toppcl, P. Owen. Sniniil Hinr: S. Oi-strcich, S. Stoll, J. VVatcrstrcit, R. Montlic, K. Walter, N. North, Miss .Anita M. Siiwirt. B. Christopherson. 15. I.osey, C. Bernkardl. .M. Rami. K. Eagan. Third How: J. Laughren, S. Bautcli. M. Keul, B. , nder,son, M. Oe.streich, J. Jesinski, J. Merzog. K. Skiddt, L. Hinc. R. Wenslall. k. iMigl( r. J. Zinisioill. C. Ceodjen, M. Rciter, K. Asherin. Fourth Row: J. Brimcttc, J. Kapp, B. Secrisl, J. Thompson. S. Larson, J. Schink. .Vl. Harnois, M S|ji.mii. (.. Sirev. N. Wiiikelman, M. Cowles, N.Oder. C. I.arsen. C. Ficken. i % V V V V V Villa Maria Campus activities pic ailetl lor the girls of Villa Maria this year. Four girls from X ' illa were members of the Dolphin Swim Club: Shaion Boehm, Hank Poons, Sharry Henes, and Bonnie Schroth. Maril)ii Mitchell was chairman of the Mock Political Convention. Social events began with successful open houses at the beginning of each semester followed by several beer suppers. The girls had a house Christmas party and the spring formal completed the round of parties. Officers for the year were: Ann Mendelson, president; Ellen Nordvig, vice president; Susan Golden, secretary; Barbara Lane, treasurer; and Liz Webster, Mary Jane Major, and, Joan Entringer, social chairmen. Villa Maria— fia( Row: L, Kuhn. S. Bochm. B. Heckert, E. Nordvig, M. Bergerson, A. Mendelson, Mrs. H. Miller, S. Abraham. S. Golden, B. Sch- roth. J. Entringer. E. Webster. Second Row: S. Mines. B. Classman. R. Onikul, K. DcHart, D. Mandel, C. Cooper, P. Strasser, I. Brawer, A. Kaplow, L. Gercnd. K. .Sellhorn. L. Cowman. B. Lane. Third Row: S. Bartfield, A. Garber, J. Drell, T. Greene, S. Dunn, E. Norman, J. Galley, D. Alex- ander, B. Strauss. A. Abramowitz, A. Skyles. J. Bauman. Fourth Row: M. Shushan. J. Berman. K. Klinefelter, M. Major, B. Zellermeyer, S. Boyd, D. Givens, N. Taggert, A. Mcinkow, K. Gillis, B. Murray, K. Horn, C. Paulson. Wisconsin Hall Over 300 men live in Wisconsin H;ill, :i dorm which provides unique facilities loi ilie use oi its residents. The steam-bath, health diil), pool tables, and sun deck were enjoyed by all. The men are self- governing and have commiiiecs for sfuial and athletic events, a concha i aiu! inks boaid, aTuI academic and house presidcni ' s coinuils. Each (oin- mittee is advised by one ol ihc housefellows, who along with Mrs. Smith, ihc liDiiseniolher, guide and counsel the residents. The biggest sotial successes of the year intluded the holiday semi-formal dance and the spring formal, supplemented by indisi(hi:il housi- |);{iii(s and weekly record dances. " ■■■ii seniors ' " aL ■I :i 4 ' » .. r:r ' Wl r ' Vic T T Senior Class Officers Each spring ihe four senior class officers are elected by the stmlcm body in a campus-wide election. They serve on the Senior Class Council, helping prepare and dis- tribute a summer and spring newsletter. The officers, working in cooperation with the Deans, also ]jlan the first-semester commencement exercises and select the senior gift. Picsiilcnt .Sam Donalo 422 .SLXictaiy liinily Harris I ir.isUK I 1ul5 W cijilllla Lawyers Alioto, Angelo R. Anderson, Robert E. Asmiis, Dennis H. Baumann, Richard G. Bloch, Gerald J. Bogue, Richard E. Bonnin, Robbin J. Brennan, Michael W. Buehler, Earl G. Christians, Frederick C. Cline, William R. Combs, Thomas H. Craig, Bruce A. De Chambeau, Robert A. Dennis, Peter R. Dwyer, James W. Eckerle, Thomas C. Egli, Charles G. Eichinger, David C. Feldman, Howard J. Fisher, Michael S. Friedland, Jerry H. Hanson, John D. Hanson, Russell L. Holmberg, David C. Holoubck, Jerome F. Karrman, William P. Kelly, Paul L. Kissinger, Ronald E. Klauser, James R. Kober, Dale P. Koepcke, Fredric K. Kracmer, James F. Kruswicki, Adrian F. Larson, James F. Lawrence, Gary G. Lichte, Larry E. Losby, George H. McDonald, Joseph A. Michler, John F. Miller, Charles D. Miller, Robert A. Mohs, Frederic E. Norlin, Robert W. Pereles, Edward A. El SM 423 Lawyers Poinmerening, Edwin C. Reitei, Fred A., Ill Roelirig, August E.. Jr. Rohlott, liiiite R. Ruf , John F. Schmidt, Alice M. Simons, George G. Siratovich, Thomas A. Stevens, John W. Tennant, David P. Terry, Thomas E. 424 Doctors Ackennan, John M. Donovan, Timothy J. Fngel. Charles H. I lainac her. jolin E. 1 laiuirit h, Thomas A. Honisli, John S. llile, Peter M. Johnsen, Arvid F. Knieger, Le Roy A. MargoHs, Lawrence VV. Mergen, Mark F. Raich, Peter C. Schuldl, Miihael V. Sunahara, Paid 1. Nurses Abelite, Mara Amundson, Roberta L. Arnold, Karen A. Arnold, Leslie J. Barberie, Janis A. Bartlett, Julie F. Batty, Barbara A. Blumenkamp, Kathleen L. Bowman, Anne K. Brent, Myrna M. Bryant, Mary L. Busch, Sandra J. Chimis, Sharon L. eleven, Karen A. Curreri, Judith S. Dunning, Susan S. Eck, Barbara E. Endelman, Charna T. Freschl, Nan Froker, Constance E. Fronek, Diane J. Gaidemak, Harriet C. Gall, Lynn A. Goede, Karen A. Goetz, Ellyn E. Gorski, Cecile A. Grunke, Mary A. Guyon, Joan K. Harmon, Barbara A. Heisig, Mary E. Herman, H. Ann Hudson, Susan K. Kirkham, Judith M. Klaes, Susan C. Kofel, Ann L. Korsan, Patricia L. Leverenz, Barbara A. Ludvigson, Linda J. Ludwig, Jean M. McNaughton, Susan S. Marschke, Gay A. Marting, Mai7 Lee S. Marvin, Jeannine Y. Mokrejs, Margot Mulliken, Sallie F. 425 Nurses 426 Muinford, Karen M. Niemeyer, Mary L. Nusiad, Ruth A. Parisl, Sandra L. Paulsen, Mary F. Pollock, Effie M. Pratt, Margaret A. Rodic, Susan J. Ruby, Dorothy L. Saner, Ronda L. Schmidt, Kathryn A. Schuler, Judith E. Schwartz, Dorothy Sigger, Charlene J. Sligh, Jill G. Smith, Sara A. Stanton, Suzanne M. Steiner, Heather C. Trebotich, Lillian V. Vette, Burleigh B. Walek, Jo Ann E. Warwick, Sharon A. VVegner, Betty A. Weinkauf, Gale E. Welsch, Catherine H. Wilka, Ann F. Wolf, Mai7 J. Wright, Elizabeth A. Yelish, Mary J. Seniors Aanes, Sandy J. Aaronson, Cheryl L. Abel, Joseph A. Abeles, Gloria N. Abraham, Lynne D. Abraham, Susan E. Ackerman, Roger L. Adam, Robert G. Adaniany. Kenneth N. Adamec, Anton W. Adams, Brian W. Adams, Carolyn L. Adams, Lucia G. Adams, Sara B. Adams, Sarah J. Adelman, Meredith Adelman, Stanley J. Ahrens, John K. Ahrnsbrak, William F. Aigner, Suzanne M. Alberts, Lynn M. Aleckson, Herbert L. Alesi, Catherine L. Alexander, Rodney P. Allen, Patricia Allen, Richard E. Alperstein, Gerald S. Alpert, Jonathan H. Alsberg, Steven B. Alter, Barbara J. Altergott, Ronald F. Amerson, William R. Amundsen, Louis R. Anderson, David K. Anderson, Karen A. Anderson, Nancy C. Anderson, Patricia M. Anderson, Robert W. Jr. Anderson, Ronald G. Anding, Alfred E., Jr. Anding, Karen L. Andre, Rosemary Andrusier, Sonia R. Angelbeck, John J. Ansel, Barry S. Antholt, Charles H. Anthony, Christo Anthony, Karen E. Antman, Susan M. Antonie, Ronald L. Antonius, Jeffrey B. Apinis, John J. Apple, Charles B. Arieff, Bonnie F. 427 428 Armstrong, Jenny R. Arndt, Richard M. Arne, Eleanor C. Arnold, David B. Arter, Jack H. Aschenbach,. Diane A. Aspinwall. Paul C. Auerbach, Nina J. Austin, Frank J. Austin, Merlyn P. Axel, David E. Babiar , Anna Mae H. Bachhuber, Susan A. Bade, Dennis L. Baehr, Ruby M. Baesmann, John F. Bagemihl. Judith J. Bahr, Alden V. Bailey, John L. Baiman, Bruce Bainbride;e. Deirdrc E. Baker, Ann Ball. Alan S. Ballweg, Crescentia C. Balthazor, Michael J. Bangs, Edward D., Jr. Bari arz, Anna M. Barker, . nn E. Barna, Susan I. Barsch, Robert W. Bartell. Patrick E. Bartcs, Richard A. Barton, Curtis A. Bartz, Jerry A. Batalden, Dennis L. Bates, Rali)h R. Bathke, Donna M. Batiste, John L., Ill Bauer, Daniel P. Baum, Robert H. Baumann, Roland M. Baumer, fudy . Beard, Robert A. Becker, Lynn H. Becker, Philip F. Becker, Roger T. Becker, Sharon Bcckman, Richard W. Behnkc, Betsy A. Behrens, Georgia L. Bcimborn, Edward A. ik-kkedal, .Martin H. Helanger, Gail Ann P. ik ' ll, Richmond T. PifcSF Bell, Robert M. Bellucci, Robert D. Bendel, Villiam B. Benkert, Ruth A. Bennett, David G. Beran, Rodney D. Berard, Jack W. Berg, Carole E. Berge, Carol M. Berger, Joan E. 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Madison LAW Tf Lawrence; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review; Stdnt Bar Assn, rep; I rA BOGUE, RICHARD E. Madison LAW Tf South Dakota; Phi Delta Phi; Legal Aid Soc BONNIN, ROBBIN J. Seenah LAW Tf Valparaiso; Tau Epsi- lon Rho BRENNAN, M. W. Madison LAW BUEHLER, EARL G. Port Washington LAW Leopold Hse, sec. v-pres; Delta Epsilon; LHA Loan Comm, chm; Dormsyl- vania, gnrl chm; Law Schl Cnsrv Cb, v-pres, pres; Union, Lit Comm; Band CHRISTIANS, F C. Madison LAW Tau Epsilon Rho; Beta Alpha Psi, pres; Dem Mock Cnvtn, chm; Stdnt Bar Assn; Sr Comm; X CLINE, WILLIAM R. La Crosse LAW COMBS, THOMAS H. Madison LAW Phi Delta Phi. soc chm, init chm; IF. Jud Comm. chief just, Advis Bd; 6AX, hse mgr CRAIG, BRUCE A. Green Bay LAW Tf Northwestern; ADVO- CATE, co-ed DE CHAMBEAU, R. A. Marinette LAW Tf Oshkosh; Tau Epsilon Rho, v-pres; Dane Coun- ty Legal Aide Soc; rA pldg pres DENNIS, PETER R. Wait ' atosa LAW Phi Alpha Delta; Stdnt Crt, justice; Legal Aid Soc of Madison; AXP DWYER, JAMES W. Madison LAW Phi Delta Phi ECKERLE, THOMAS C. Madison LAW Phi Delta Phi FGLI, CHARLES G. Milwaukee LAW EICHINGER. DAVID C. Madiutn LAW I ' hi Delta Phi r F.LDMAN, HOWARD J. Milwaukee LAW Law Review FISHFR. MICHAEL S. Milwaukee LAW FRIEDLAND, JERRY H Milwaukee LAW Tf UWM; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Eta Sigma HANSON, JOHN D. Madison LAW Phi Delta Phi; IF. Jud Comm. just; Var Crew Tm; Ltrmn ' s Cb, AT£! HANSON, RUSSELL L. Argyle LAW Olson Hse. pres; LHA. serv mgr; Mock UN. sec end chm; Y-GOP. phlcty chm HOLMBERG. DAVID C. St. Joseph. Mo. LAW HOLOUBEK, J. F. Madison LAW Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi KARRMANN. W. P. Flatteville LAW Tf Platteville; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Stdnt Bar Assn, Crclm Comm KELLY. PAUL L. River Falls LAW PAD; Legal Aid Soc; Wis Plyrs; Polit Intern Gov Camp; Grad Dems. Exec CncI KISSINGER. R. E. Madison LAW KLAUSER. JAMES R. Pewaukee LAW Phi Alpha Delta; Hoofers; Law Schl Cnsrv Cb, pres; Legal Aid Soc; TT, rush chm, v-pres KOBER, DALE P. Bend LAW Tau Epsilon Rho. sec; Cardinal Hse. pres; Legal Aid Soc KOEPCKE, F. K. Madison LAW Phi Alpha Delta; Stdnt Bar Assn Rep; Ae KRACMER. JAMES F. .f her Lake LAW Legal Aid Soc KRUSWICKI. A. F. Madison LAW Beta Alpha Psi; Evans Schlrs LARSON. JAMES F. Appleton LAW Phi Delia Phi; Legal Aid Soc; A A LAWRENCE. GARY G. Milwaukee LAW LICHTE. LARRY E. Madison LAW Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi, mslr of rlts; Ins Soc; Fin Soc; Real Est Light Bldg Soc; SAM; Alpha Tau Omega; Pres Cb; Hot)fers; Men ' s Glee Cb; Kappa Ela Kappa LOSBY. GEORGE H. Claire LAW Tf Eau Claire; Phi Delta Phi LYNN, DARRELI. L. Chippewa Falls LAW Tf Georgetown; Alpha Pi Sigma; Alpha Sigma Chi McDONAI I). J A Superior I AW MICHLER, JOHN F. Merrill I AW Legal Aid Soc MILLER, CHARLES D. Madison LAW Tau Epsilon Rho; Legal Aid Soc MILLER, ROBERT A, Milwaukee LAW Sidnt Entrtn Guild; ROTC, Med Serv Corps; II , . .sec MOHS. FREDERIC E. Madison LAW NORI.IN. ROBERT W. Washhurn LAW PERELES, EDWARD A, Madison LAW POMMERENING. E. C. Wauwatosa LAW Phi Delta Phi: Stdnt Bar Assn; ROTC; ZX REITER. FRED A. Ill Alma LAW Phi Delta Phi ROEHRIG. A. E. JR. Peoria Hi;ls.. 111. LAW Phi Alpha Delta ROHLOFF. BRUCE R. Cecil LAW Phi Alpha Delta, pres, rush chm; NSP, co-chm; WSA. Pblc Rltns Comm; Union. Soc. Forum Comm; ATA, v-pres, rush chm RUF, JOHN F. Elm Grove LAW Phi Alpha Delta: Stdnt Ct, justice SCHMIDT. ALICE M. Madison LAW SIMONS, GEORGE G, Fontana LAW Phi Alpha Delta; Legal Aid Soc. asst chm SIRATOVICH, T. A. Chicago. III. LAW Tf Colorado; Phi Delta Phi; Legal Aid Soc STEVENS. JOHN W. Middlelon LAW Phi Alpha Delta, treas; Stdnt Bar Assn. v-pres; Pre-Law Cb. pres; Fin Soc. treas; Stdnt Ct, chief justice TENNANT, DAVID P. Racine LAW Phi Alpha Delta; WIS- CONSIN LAW REVIEW, mgr cd; Stdnt Bar Assn, exec cncl; Law Schl St Pre-Law coordntr, soc chm, Sr Comm; Law Lib, stdnt asst; Legal Aid Soc TFRRY, THOMAS E. Madison LAW Phi Alpha Delta; rA Doctors ACKFRMAN, JOHN M. Milwaukee MEDICINE DONOVAN, T. J. Racine MEDICINE FNGFI , CHARLES H. llrillion MEDICINE Phi Eta Sigma; Soph Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha HAMACHER, JOHN E. Madison MEDICINE Phi Chi; Soph Honors HANDRICH. T. A. Wauwalnul MEDICINE MONISM. JOHN S. Madiu,n MEDICINE iMii:. i ' i:ri-R M. I au ( laire MEDICINE I ' hi C hi. Phi Eta Sigma; IIHII JOHNSEN, ARVID F. Zenda .. .. Mi:i)ICINE Alpha Omega Alph; Soph Ilimors; AH KRUEGER. LEROY A. Madison MEDICINE Phi Chi MARGOLIS. L. W. Milwaukee MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon; II A MERGEN, MARK F. Sun Prairie MEDICINE RAICH, PETER C. Madison MEDICINE SCHULDT. M. W. Platteville MEDICINE Tf Platteville SUNAHARA. PAUL I. Oahtt. Hawaii MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu Nurses ABELITE. MARA Milwaukee NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Badger Christian Flwshp AMUNDSON, R. L. Barron NURS ARNOLD. KAREN A. Milwaukee NURS Tr UWM; Alpha Tau Delta, corrs sec ARNOLD. LESLIE J. Kenosha NURS Alpha Tau Delta, Soc Comm. co-chm; WSA, Ldrshp Tr Progm; Baptist Stdnt Cntr; Chad, asst soc chm; Liz Waters, jud chm; Schl of Nurs. Stdnt- Fclty Cncl rep BARBERIE, JANIS A. Riverside. III. NURS Alpha Tau Delta, treas. Union, Soc Comm; KA. hse pres. song chm. Humo choreog BARTLETT. JULIE F. Wheaton. III. NURS KAB BATTY, BARBARA A. Richland Center NURS BLUMENKAMP, K. L. Green Bay NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Stdnt- Fclty Cncl. Schl of Nurs BOWMAN. ANN K. Green Bay NURS BRENT. MYRNA M. Blouminston. III. NURS Alpha Tau Delta; First Mcth Church BRYANT, Durant Mock UN sec, exec c Cloth Com Comm; M; Nurs Assn; Stdnt-Fclly Rush cnclr. AXl). Pan MARY L. NURS Y-GOP. rec ncl; AWS. m; WSA. NSA idison Stdnt- Hoofers; Nurs Cncl; Pan Hel. Wrkshp Chm; Hel rep. v-pres BUSCH, SANDRA J. Rhinelander NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Eta Kappa l.:imbda; Liz Waters, comm cord CHIMIS, SHARON L. ArliuKlon Hts. III. NURS KA« CLEVEN, KAREN A. Madison NURS Alpha Tau Delta, hsirn. sch schlrshp comm chm; Union, Arngmnts Comm; ASA, mrshi, hse v-pres; Liz Waters, prnts Wkend Comm CURRERI. JUDITH S. Madison NURS Alpha Delta Tau; WSA, Ldrshp Tr Progm DUNNING, SUSAN S. La Grange. 111. NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Hoofers; Union. Soc Comm; NSG; A . Philnthrp chm ECK, BARBARA E. Milwaukee NURS Tf Purdue; Stdnt-Fclly Cncl for Nurs, pres; AF ENDEI.MAN, C. T. Chicago. III. NURS Eta Kappa Lambda; Snow Hse. treas; Alpha Tau Delta; Union, rep; AWS, Fash Sh Comm; LHA. Soc Comm FRESCHL, NAN Beverly Hills. Calif. NURS Alpha Tau Delta, v-pres, sec; AE . sec FROKER, C. E. Madison AF NURS FRONEK. DIANE J. Aniigo NURS WSA. Stdnt Ldrshp; NSG; Stdnt-Fclty Phy Ed Cncl; BADGER; Union News Bur; Calvary Choir; Blue Shield 4-H; WRA GAIDMAK, H. C. Newark. N.J. NURS Tf Rutgers; Alpha Tau Delta; Stdnt-Fclty Cncl GALL. LYNN A. Ft. Wayne, Ind. NURS GOEDE. KAREN A. Hales Corners NURS Tf UWM; Hoofers; Bleyer Hse, v-pres; Alpha Tau Delta, progm chm GOETZ, ELLYN E. Milwaukee NURS Calvary Choir; Alpha Tau Delta GORSKl, CECILE A. Kenosha NURS GRUNKE. MARY A. Portage NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Y-GOP GUYON. JOAN K. La Grange Park. III. NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Dorm, v-pres; Campus Chest; Newman Cb; AEA HARMON, B. A. Eau Claire NURS Tf Luther Hosp. Fau Claire; Lulh Stdnt Assn; Flying Cb; AZ HEISIG, MARY E. De Forest NURS Tf St. Olaf; Alpha Tau Delta; 1 HA. rep: AZ HERMAN. H. ANN Antioch. III. NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Pan Hel. rush cnslr. Pblc Rltns Comm; ASA, hse pres. Pan Hel rep HUDSON. SUSAN K. New Philadelphia. O. NURS Alpha Tau Delta; XO. hse prs KIRKHAM. JUDITH M. Madison NURS KLAES, SUSAN C. Chippewa Falls NURS Tf Eau Claire; Newman Cb KOFEL. ANN L. Hartford NURS Alpha Tau Delta, .serv chm; Liz Waters. Frosh Cncl pres, soc co-chm. Exec Cncl. BABBLING WATERS, ed; Model UN; Jr Nurs CI pres; Wesley Fndtn; YWCA; Frosh Camp cnslr KORSAN, PATRICIA L. Cenluria NURS Tf La Crosse LEVERENZ, B. A. Sheboygan NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Liz Waters. Unit v-pres; NSG; IM; KAe. mrshl LUDVIGSON, LINDA J. Ridgeland NURS Ross Hse, treas LUDWIG, JEAN M. Milwaukee NURS Tf UVVM; Alpha Tau Delta McNAUGHTON, S. S. Madison NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Liz Waters, Fir chm, frosh orient; Commandettes, tm cmdr, capt; FSW, v-pres MARSCHKE, GAY A. Lake Wales. Fla. NURS Alpha Tau Delta MARLING, M. L. S. Madison PUB HEALTH NURS Tf Northwestern; Chad Hall, hsefellow MARVIN, J. Y. Fond du Lac NURS MOKREJS, MARGOT Cedar Rapids. la. NURS Axn MULLIKEN, SALLIE F. Champaign. 111. NURS Mortar Bd; NSP, exec sec, co-chm; Union. Pblc Rltns Comm, Soc Comm, chm, V-pres Stf; AWS, Fash Sh, tckts. pblcty chm; Dolphins; KA0, hse pres MUMFORD, KAREN M. Milwaukee NURS Tf UWM; Alpha Tau Delta NIEMEYER, MARY L. Cornell NURS Alpha Tau Delta, jr. sr co-ed; Union, usher NUSTAD, RUTH A. La Crosse NURS Alpha Tau Delta PARISI, SANDRA L. Eau Claire NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Hoofers PAULSEN, MARY F. Madison NURS Alpha Tau Delta POLLOCK, EFFIE M. Lodi NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Wis Stdnt Nurse Assn PRATT, MARGARET A. Caracas, Venezuela NURS Tf Kenosha; Sigma Epsi- lon Sigma; Alpha Tau Delta RODIE, SUSAN J. Chicago, 111. NURS KAe RUBY, DOROTHY L. Effingham. III. NURS SAUER, RONDA L. Herscher. III. NURS Alpha Tau Delta SCHMIDT, K. A. Madison NURS Alpha Tau Delta SCHULER, JUDITH E. Ripon NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Sr CI Cncl, nurs rep; Nurs Stdnt-Fclty Cncl, jr rep, v-pres; n B©. progm chm, asst pldg tr SCHWARTZ, DOROTHY Minocqua NURS SIGGER, CHARLENE J. Kenosha NURS Alpha Tau Delta; Coed ' s Cong; Union, Mus Comm; MSNA; Elm Dr A. Cam- pus Chest, asst soc chm; AZ. rcmdtns chm. guard SLIGH, JILL G. Highland Park. III. NURS Dolphins; AWS. Jud Comm, Fash mdl; 11 H4 . sec SMITH, SARA A. Racine PUB HEALTH NURS Tf 111 Wesleyan STANTON, S. M. Chicago. III. NURS Alpha Tau Delta; AAA, gift chm STEINER. HEATHER C. Madison NURS TREBOTICH, LILLIAN Kenosha NURS Alpha Tau Delta, Soc Comm; NURSING NOTES; St Francis Stdnt Assn VETTE, BURLEIGH B. Oshkosh NURS Tf Denison, Oshkosh; Alpha Tau Delta, pres; Stdnt-Fctly Cncl WALEK, JO ANN E. Racine NURS Alpha Tau Delta WARWICK. SHARON A. Green Bay NURS Alpha Tau Delta, mbrshp chm WEGNER, BETTY A. Markesan NURS Alpha Tau Delta, histrn, mrshl; NSP; WLHA, Pblcty Comm; Nurs Stdnt-Fclty rep; Cool Hse, sec WEINKAUF, GALE E. West Allis NURS Tf UWM; Alpha Tau Delta; Newman Cb; Elsom Hse, sec WELSCH, C. H. Beaver Dam NURS KA WILKA, ANN F. Clinlonyille NURS Alpha Tau Delta, cstdn WOLF, MARY J. Arlington NURS WRIGHT, E. A. Green Bay NURS Alpha Tau Delta, paper ed; Wis Players prod, crew; YWCA, rep YELISH, MARY J. Ashland NURS Chad Hall, hse v-pres, jud chm; Alpha Tau Delta; Mock UN Seniors AANES, SANDY J. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. IBERO-AMER STUDIES KKF AARONSON, C. L. Silver Spring. Md. HIST Phi Kappa Phi; Mock UN; Union. Lit Comm, sec, theater usher; Hillel; IntI Folk Fest, pblcty chm ABEL, JOSEPH A. West Allis GEOG Scabbard Blade; NROTC; Nautilus Soc, sr rep; Badger Party; WSA, Ldrshp Tr Progm; K2, sec, rush chm, IF rep ABELES, GLORIA N. Chicago, III. PSYCH Tf Greenbrier; YWCA, Gift Fair Sales Comm, chm ABRAHAM. LYNNE D. New York. N.Y. POL SCI Chad Hall. Campus Life Comm; Theta Sigma Phi; CARDINAL, assoc ed; Union, usher; Mock UN; Mock Sen; WHA-TV ABRAHAM. SUSAN E. Milwaukee OCT Tf Drake; Othera; Union. Craft Comm; Villa Maria, hsefellow, res aide ACKERMAN, ROGER L. Elmhurst. 111. MKT NROTC ADAM, ROBERT G. Milwaukee POL SCI Evans Schlrs. treas; WSA, Ldrshp Progm ADAMANY. K. N. Janesville HIST Elm Dr. soc chm; AFROTC ADAMEC, ANTON W. Neillsville ME ASME; SAE ADAMS, BRIAN W. Wauwatosa CE ASCE; SAX, corrs sec ADAMS. CAROLYN L. Madison FRENCH Lake Lawn, soc chm; Hi- Ray Hall, jud chm; NSG ADAMS, LUCIA G. Mollis. N.Y. ENGL Tf Texas Tech: Bradfd Hse. pres; Colonial Ldg, soc chm; Y-GOP ADAMS. SARA B. Whiting. Ind. ENGL Hoofers; Mock UN; Coed ' s Cong; Frosh Ldrshp Tr Progm; BADGER; Wmn ' s Chorus; KAe ADAMS, SARAH J. Appleton FOODS N Tf Stout; H Ec Cb ADELMAN, MEREDITH Tulsa. Okla. SOCIOL NSP; Union, usher; Allen Hall. Jud Bd ADELMAN, S. J. Milwaukee PHIL Tf Michigan; Phi Kappa Phi; AEn AHRENS, JOHN K. Madison EE Kappa Eta Kappa; IEEE, pblcty chm AHRNSBRAK, W. F, Sheboygan MATH Delta Epsilon; LHA, Soc Comm; Jt Disc Comm; McCaffrey Hse, Pres, soc chm AIGNER, SNZANNE M. Marshfield INTL RLTN IntI Cb; Newman Cb ALBERTS. LYNN M. Berlin ENGL ATA, scribe ALECKSON. H. L. Melrose M AN SCI Ag Stdnt Cncl; Saddle Sirloin Cb ALESI. CATHERINE L. Brooklyn. N.Y. PSYCH Union. Film Comm; Hoofers; ATA ALEXANDER. R. P. Green Bay ECON Tf Whitewater Senior Activities ALLEN, PATRICIA Pi. Washington SOC WK Wis Previews; WSA Ldrshp Tr, NSP; AWS Fash Sh. pblcty chm; Pan Hel Ball, pblcty chm; Wmn ' s Chorus; Humo. Arrngmnts chm; XQ, soc chm, rush cnslr ALLEN, RICHARD E. Baraboo EE IEEE; Phi Kappa Phi ALPERSTEIN, G. S. New York. N.Y. UR AFFAIRS CARDINAL, sports ed; LHA, Sports Comm ALPERT, J. H. Deerfield. III. POL SCI Fin Soc; W Cb; Golf Tm; AEn ALSBERG, STEVEN B. Chicago. III. PHIL LHA. cahnt rep. Jt Disc Comm. chm; Union, usher; Faville Hse. soc chm ALTER. BARBARA J. Richmond. Ind. ZOOL Tf DePauw; Slichter Hall, flr soc chm; Union, usher; AAA, schlrshp chm ALTERGOTT. R. F. Kenosha ME ASME AMERSON, W. R. Merrill EE Showerman Hse. v-pres; IEEE; Eta Kappa Nu. pres. mbrshp chm; JDC AMUDA. JOHN E. Green Bay HIST Tf Green Bay AMUNDSEN, LOUIS R. Moline. 111. PH MED Tf Illinois; Phi Theta ANDERSON, DAVID K. Tomahawk PHYSICS Phi Eta Sigma; Luth Stdnt Choir ANDERSON, KAREN A. Milwaukee SOCIOL Tf UWM ANDERSON, NANCY C. Madison SOCIOL ANDERSON, P. M. Sheboygan ENGL ANDERSON. R. W., JR. West Allis EE Tf UWM ANDERSON, R. G. Wauloma ECON AFROTC ANDING. A. E.. JR. Arena REAL ESTATE TRANSPORT Y-GOP ANDING, KAREN L. Arena HEC ED TEX CL Phi Upsilon Omicron, mbrshp chm; H Ec Stdnt Cncl, treas; Euthenics; Blue Shield; H Ec HspUy Day, comm chm ANDRE, ROSEMARY Sheboygan PSYCH Tf Sheboygan; Hoofers ANDRUSIER, SONIA R. Madison ENGL Hillel, v-pres ANGELBECK, JOHN J. Kohler ME Band; SAE; ASME; eAX ANSEL, BARRY S. Plainfield. N.J. POL SCI Pre-Law Cb ANTHOLT, C. H. Pound AG ECON Delta Epsilon; WSA, IntI RItn, Govt RItn; LHA, cabnt rep, soc sec, bus mgr; ATA ANTHONY, CHRISTO Syracuse. N.Y. ACCT WSA, Ldrshp Trng, Smnr; IF Cncl; Grk Orth- odox Fellowship, soc chm; Chorus; ATA, treas ANTHONY, KAREN E. Fh i Creek ENGL Campb ell Hse, treas ANTMAN, SUSAN M. New York. N.Y. SPAN Pan Hel, rush cnslr; Sigma Delta Pi; Hillel, Soc Comm; AE . treas ANTONIE, RONALD L. Manitowoc CE Phi Eta Sigma; McNeil Hse, sec ; AIChE ANTONIUS, J. B. Madison PSYCH Tf Union; TV APINIS, JOHN J. Madison EE IRE-IEE; WIS ENGI- NEER; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu APPLE, CHARLES B. Green Bay ME ASME; Newman Cb ARIEFF, BONNIE F. Wilmetle. III. NAT SCI Chad Hall, flr treas, WRA rep; IntI Cb; WSA. Libr Comm, NSG, InU Comm; Union, usher; WRA, sports cmh; Hillel, JNF Dr; Wis Players Prod ARMSTRONG, J. R. Gothenburg. Neb. EED Tf Nebraska; Pres Hse, choir chm; AAA ARNDT, RICHARD M. Madison ACCT Tf Stephens Point ARNE, ELEANOR C. Milwaukee MED T Alpha Delta Theta, treas ARNOLD, DAVID B. Whitewater AG ECON Aes ARTER. JACK H. Elm Grove Mack Hse, v-pres EE ASCHENBACH, D. A. Sheboygan PH MED Phi Theta; Liz Waters, store chm. Exec Cncl; Calvary Luth choir ASME, JAMES R.. JR. Schenectady, N.Y. HIST ASPINWALL, PAUL C. Fort Atkinson MATH Pershing Rifles, Exhib DrUl Tm; IF, Rush Comm, PR Comm, Big 10 rep. Cong; NSG; TKE, rush chm, sec, v-pres AUERBACH. NINA J. New York. N.Y. ENGL Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; CARDINAL AUSTIN, FRANK J. Fond du Lac CHEM Tf St Norbert; Newman Cb; IM Sports AUSTIN, MERLYN P. Platteville PHYSICS Tf Platteville; Physics Cb Senior Activities AXEL. DAVID h. Shehoynan HIST Phi Ela Sigma; Soph Honors; NEW IDEA; Sympsm Comm, smnr chm; Campus Chest; Union, forum comm BABIARZ A. M. H. Chicago. 111. ENGL WSA Pblcty Comm; NSP; Y-Dems; Hmcminp Comm; Union Lit Comm; Wis Debate Cb; Sr Swing- out Comm Script; officer BACHHUBER. S. A. Mayville TEX CL Euthenics BADE. DENNIS L. Johnson Creek SOC WK WSA, NSP, guide. Soc Comm. chm. Wlf Dept. Book Exchange, chm. Big broth prog; Wesley Fndtn. soc chm, pblcty chm; Y-Dems BAEHR. RUBY M. Ahholstnrd AMER INST Elsom Hse. pres; BADGER; SNEA BAESEMANN, JOHN F. Chippewa Falls GEOL Tf St Olaf; Chamberlain Hse, LHA cabnt rep; flr chm; Hoofers BAGEMIHL, JUDITH J. Milwaukee FRENCH Tf Lawrence; Orchesis. Phi Kappa Phi; Newman Cb. pres; Illi ' I ' , Exec End BAHR, ALDEN W. Madison COMM Fin Soc BAILEY. JOHN L. Madison HIST Pershing Rides, pres; BADGER, comm photog; Frosh Ldrshp Tr Progn; Union. Soc Comm; Army ROTC S l E. rush chm BAIMAN. BRUCE W. Shaker Hts. Ohio MKT Union. Sympsm Comm. Hmcoming Comm; Mil Ball Comm; II A , athlcc chm, IF rep BAINBRIDGE. D. E. Madison EED Coed ' s Cong, rep; AWS Fash Sh Somm; NSP; : BAKER, ANN Etansville CHEM Sr Swingout; usher; Hoofers; United Campus Christian Flwshp. NSG; At, trcas, rush cnslr BALL. ALAN S. Milwaukee HE Ela Kappa Nu; IEEE BALLWEG. C. C. Madison EED BAI.THAZOR. M. J. Durahoo SOCIOL Mkl Cb; SAM BANGS. E. D.. JR. Milwaukee BROADCAST New Stdnt (Jricnt; New- man Cb; WHA. anncr. chrman; March Band; 4 KB BARKER. ANN E. Glencne. III. ZOOl Tf U of Pcnn; Lowell, hscfcllow; BADGER; Pre Hse; Pre-med Soc BARNA. SUSAN I. Kactne F.ED AWS Fash Sh, Model, prsnl chm; A , co-rush chm BARSCH. ROBERT W. Milwaukee CHEM E AIChE BARTELL. PATRICK E. Green Bay EE Phi Eta Sigma; Soph Honors; IEEE BARTES. RICHARD A. i ' eenah ME ASME BARTON. CURTIS A. Milwaukee CE BARTZ. JERRY A. Pickcll PLANT PATH :; E BATALDEN. DENNIS L. .Milwaukee EE Tf UMW; IEEE BATES. RALPH R. Onalaska ECON POL SCI Stdnt Sen: Govt Rltns Comm; Wis Previews; Frosh Ldrshp Tr; Var Prty; Ben BATHKE. DONNA M. Oshkosh ZOOL Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Lambda; Barnard Hall, v-pres. jud chm; NSG; AWS, Adv Cont Comm BATISTE. JOHN L.. Ill Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; AFROTC. Cadet grp stf; Triangle; AT BAUER, DANIEL P. Arkansaw HYDRAULICS Tf Eau Claire; ASCE: Newman Assn; Faville Hall, Im Sprts, treas BAUM, ROBERT H. Skokie. III. HIST BAUMANN. R. M. Sheboygan Falls HIST Tf Oshkosh; NE Wise Golf Assn; Y-Dems. v-pres; Persian Mkt; Mock UN; Gamma Delta; IM ft. volleyball; Evans Schlrs BAUMER, JUDY A. Rochester. N.Y. HEC Euthenics Cb; Roth-Sis Progm; Sr Swingout. Prmins Comm; Newman Assn; Dor m Serv Proj, co-chm; AWS, Fash Sh, Refresh Chm BEARD, ROBERT A. Madison ME Tf Racine. UW-M; ASME; Drama Fest; Fornsc Tourn BECKER, LYNN H. Tavlor ACCT AFROTC: Arnold Air Soc. comptlr. exec off; Swenson Hse. treas BECKER. PHILIP F. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; Jones Hse, pres; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; AROTC; Calvary Luth Choir BECKER, ROGER T. Kenosha MAIM Tf Kenosha; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi BECKER, SHARON Milwaukee SP TIIK Tf UWM: Sigma Alpli:. It.i; (iavin Use. fir tlinv. Model UN; I HA, (horns. Spkrs i Deb Comm; Union, usher; Hillel BECKMAN. R. W. Green Itav FINANCE INVE.ST Tf (ireen Bay; Sullivan Hall, Ircas; Fin Soc; WIS ENGINEER BEHNKE, BETSY A. Madison POL SCI KKl " , pblc rlln chm, hse pres BEHRENS, GEORGIA L, Slerlinf!. III. EED Campus Chest; Luth Stdnt Cntr; AHA BEIMBORN, E. A. Milwaukee CE Tf UWM; Chi EpsUon; Gregory Hse, v-pres, pres; ASCE; Crew BEKKEDAL, M. A, Weslly ACCT Tf Luther; LaFolleth Hse. pres. v-pres, soc chm; Delta Epsilon; LHA. Store Bd; SAM BELANGER GAIL A. P. H olden. Mass. EED Tf Nasson, Green Mtn; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Lamb- da Thcta; Wis Dames Cb BELL, RICHMOND T. Grays Lake. 111. PSYCH IF Invslgtns Comm; Wis Previews; Law Cb; B0n BELL, ROBERT M. Fori Atkinson ECON IF Rush Bklt; SX BELLUCCI, ROBERT D. Chicago. III. JOURN Alpha Delta Sigma, pres; Conover Hse, soc chm BENDEL, WILLIAM B. Marshfield MATH BENKERT, RUTH A. Monroe OCT Othera, treas; Pan Hel Ball, fin chm; XQ, pres, v-pres, hmcmng co-chm BENNETT, DAVID G. Eldorado ACCT AFROTC; S4 E, sr marshal RERAN, RODNEY D. Wausau EE IEEE; Van Hise Comns Comm, Noyes Hse rep BFRARD, JACK W. Wausau HIST Philharm Chorus BERG, CAROLE E, Chicago. III. PSYCH ENGL Union, usher; Oilman Hse. treas BERGE. CAROL M. Manitowoc MKT Phi Chi Theta; Mkt Cb: Euthenics; Hoofers BERGER, JOAN E. Shaker His.. O. HIST BERGER. K. R. Iluflalo. N.Y. PHIL BADGER: SAT. v-pres. pres BFRGWIN. R. A. South Milwaukee POL SCI LHA. Cmns Comm; Winslow Hse, blood chm, soc chm. v-pres BERLIN, MARTHA L. Valley Stream. N. Y. SOCIOL NEW IDEA: AWS, Fash Sh: WSA, Spec Progms 111 KMAN, JUDITH A. I lushing. N. Y. ACCT Tf Oueens; Langdon Hall, Mock UN digin head; Phi Chi Theta, progm chm; Comm Sidnt Factly Bd, rep; pres; Hillel BERMAN, M. L. Milwaukee MED SCI Tf UWM: Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; SA BERMAN, PHYLLIS M. Brooklyn. N. Y. ENGL LIT Tf Brooklyn; Phi Kappa Phi; Crucible: Mortar Bd; CARDINAL, night ed: Mock UN; Wis Plyrs Prod; Hillel. Exec Bd; Campus Hall, hscfellow; Intl Fair BERNAUER. MARY A. Madison RUSS FRENCH Mock UN; Campus Chest; Russ Cb; French Cb; r B BERNINGER. D. G. Milwaukee POL SCI WSA, Intl Dept BERRY, HOWARD R. Wauwatosa ME Tau Beta Pi; ASME BERRY, PRUDENCE H, Westwood. Mass. PSYCH Tf Colby Jr BESTUL, THOMAS H. Scandinavia ENGL Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi BETTS, BEVERLY A. Wilmette. III. ENGL Mock UN; Usher; Union. News Bureau Comm BEWER, DUANE H. Pewaukee AG EX ED Alpha Zeta; CAMPUS VIEW; Ag Econ Cb BEYER. SUSAN J. Memphis. Tenn. . HEC CHILD DEV Tf Siena BIALECK. ALAN R. Hartford, Conn. ACCT BIDLINGMAIER. R. L. Winslow, III. JOURN BIEDA, SANDRA M. Pulaski SP THR BIERMAN, LYNN A. S heboygan HEC Tf Whitewater, Sheboy- gan; Hoofers; Sail Race Tm BIGGIN, MERLE J. Cas.sville PHYSICS Mack Hse, v-pres BILLHARDT, L. D. Chicago. III. ECON Cool Hse, Coeds Cong rep. union rep, hse cncl; Phi Chi Theta: LHA spkrs deb, chm; Phi Kappa Phi BISHOFBERGER, J. C. Waterloo HEC ED Eta Kappa Lambda; Breese Use. v-prcs. pres: Chad. pres. prs cncl chm: Phi Upsilon Omicron. libr. histrn; CHADBUR ' i ' TALES; Mock UN BISHOP, BARBARA A. Madison ART ED Symphony Orch; AZ, Pan Hel rep. asst pidg tr. song chm. stndrds chm BIZZIO. ADRIANA L, Fond du Lac HISP STUDIES BLACK, CAROL A. Ames. Iowa OCT Tf Iowa State: LInioii. Pblc Rlln Comm: WSA. Intl Proj Comm: lilt , asst pIdg tr; Phi Kappa Phi BLAMEY. RICHARD L. Fond du Lac ACCT Showerman Hse. sec- treas. pblcins chm; Men ' s Glee Cb; SAM BLINT, JOHN A. Janesville ACCT Bashford Hse, sec-treas BLODGETT, ELOISE Syracuse. N. Y. SOC WK LHA. Cabnt: WSA. Frosh Ldrshp Progm: Sr Swing- out: Mock UN, gen sec. Caucus Grps chm; NSP, pblcty chm; URC; Frosh Camp, chm; YWCA, pres BLOEDORN, JOHN D. La Crosse POL SCI WSA, Pblcty Comm; Y-GOP; IF, Investig Comm; Golf; 2X BLOM, DAVID E. Brookfield FINANCE Showerman Hse. athlec chm; Y-GOP; Spec Serv Comm, Stdnt Jobs Abroad sub-comm; ROTC; Mkt Cb: Fin Cb; AIESEC; Boxing Tm BLOTZ. JAMES R. Dodgeville CE Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma; LHA, Cabnt BLUEL, MARCIA L. Stoughton HIST Bradford Hse, hsefellow; Intl Cb. sec. v-pres; New- man Cb; Turkish Amer Assn. soc chm ELY, NORMA J. Evansville HEC CHILD DEV Alpha Tau Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron. music Idr: Liz Waters, music chm: Wm ' s Chorus, sec- treas; Euthenics; Phi Kappa Phi BOBER, MARY L. Monroe EED WSA. Hmcming Pblcty chm; Wallerstein Hse. sec. lib chm BOBINS. NORMAN R. Oconomowoc HIST •tSA. steward, athlec chm. v-pres BOELTER. LEE A. Oshkosh EE Tf Oshkosh; IEEE BOICE. SANDRA M. Claienden Hills. III. SOC WK Sigma Epsilon Sigma; ATA. pldg pres. corrs sec; pres BOLDT, WILLIAM H. Sheboygan Falls PHARM Chamberlin Hse. pres; WPhS BOLTZ, DONNA M. Darien EED NSP; Y-GOP; Frosh Ldrshp Tr Progm; Univ Choir: AXQ. v-pres; pldg v-pres: Pan Hell rep BONNIN, KAREN L, Oshkosh ENGL Tf Oshkosh BOORMAN, BILLIE L. Madison JOURN Thcta Sigma Phi. sec: WSA Prnts Day. pblcty co-chm; Pres Recptn. chm; Union. Hse Comm; ASA. histrn BOOS. WILLIAM T, Glcnvicw. III. MATH Tf Boston College. Heidelberg BOOTH. JOY D. Wausau FRENCH Tf Wausau; Pres Hse, choir; French Cb BORAK. JEFFREY M. , n ' York. N. Y. ENGL CARDINAL: Wis Players Prod: Hillel. Exec Cncl; Mime Man Prod BORCHARDT, GLENN Walerlown AGR Alpha Zeta, sec, pres; Badger Crops Soils, pres; Sr Cncl; AFP, schol chm, v-pres; Phi Kappa Phi BORCftERT, P. M. Milwaukee COMM Phi Chi Theta; r$B BORK. BRIAN L. Janesville CHEM BOROSAGE, MIDGE M. E. Lansing. Mich. EED Dolphins: AWS, Fash Show; Coed ' s Cong rep; n B$, pres, histrn, rush chm BOSWORTH, LEWIS A. Bellerille. 111. FRENCH Phi Eta Sigma BOTSCH. BEVERLY A. Racine GEOG BOURRET, ARCHIE Madison JOURN BOWE, BETTILEE Kiel MED T Tf Carroll BOYES, MARY A. Brookfield ENGL A$. soc chm, actvts chm BOYKOFF, THOMAS M. Bellerose, N. Y. ENGL Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Pi; NSP; Frosh Frgn Stdnt Orient Cnslr; $2A; commun proj chm, pbic rltn chm, pblcty chm; Phi Kappa Phi BRAATZ, PATRICIA A. Fort A tkinson ORG CHEM BADGER; Jr Amer Chem Soc; Rosenberry Hse, v-pres, acdme chm BRACE, ROBERT J. Superior HIST BRACHTL, HENRY A. Chicago. 111. POL SCI Union. Forum Comm, Mock Sen, min Idr; Y-GOP, chm BRACKMANN, K. H. Catawba CHEM Tf Northland; AChS BRADFORD. A. S, Appleton HIST Phi Kappa Phi BRAGER, ELLEN M. Mt. Horeb TEX CL Breese Hse, asst v-pres. Campus Life Comm BRAULT, PAUL C. Madison ME Hoofers; ASME BRAWN. DARRELL S. Oshkosh ME Tf Oshkosh; SAE; Engr Expstn BRAWN, DENIS P. Oshkosh CE Tf Oshkosh; AICE BRAY, RICHARD B. Rapid CilY, S. Dak. ZOOL Tf S Dak Univ; Hoofers; Flying Cb. pres; Men ' s Glee Cb; B0n BRAZY, JOSEPH P. Menomonee Falls MATH Mil Ball. Dec Comm. de- sign chm; Scabbard Blade, treas; Arnold Air Soc; Wis Pistol Tm, treas BREENE, JAMES E. Adams DY SCI BREGER, DEE L, S.. Nyack. N. Y. ART BADGER, art ed; CARDINAL; Hoofers BREGER, L ' VTvIN C. Waiikegan, 111. HIST BRENNELL. JUDITH A. Chippewa Falls OCT Model UN; Newman Assn, choir, pblcty chm. province treas, paper ed, province missn comm chm BRENSIKE, JOHN F. Madison CHEM Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; WSA Ldrshp Tr Progm; Yth Flwship conslr BREU, DELORES A, Sheboygan HEC Henmon Hse. LHA rep; Euthenics; Blue Shield 4-H; Big Ten Dorm Conf, hsing chm BREWSTER. S. B. Weslon. Mass. POL SCI Tf Arizona; Sr Class Cncl; $A BRIEDIS. DACE E. Madison HEC BRIGHAM, CAROL L. Madison BUS ED Phi Chi Theta, sec; Hoofers BRISTOL, JIM K. Elmhiirst. 111. ECON INDUST PSYCH Evans Schlrs; WSA, guide; Newman Cb BRITTEN, RODNEY A. Eau Claire PHYSICS Tf Eau Claire; Sloan Schlr; Christian Fellow- ship BRITTEN, STEPHEN S. Nekoosa CE Band; AICE; Tarrant Hse; athlec chm. v-pres. pres; Pyre Hse. hsefellow BRITTON, CLAUDIA G. Amherst OCT Eta Kappa Lambda; Slicter, Exec Cncl, sec, actvts coord BROPHY, JAMES N. Weslport. Conn. HIST Swim, capt; IF Cncl; Student Intercol Athlcc Bd, v-pres; ATQ. rush chm BROWN, MARCIA L. Hinsdale. 111. JOURN Theta Sigma Phi, pres; GREEKS SPEAK, ed; Y-GOP; KA, v-pres BROWN, MELANIE New York. N. Y. FRENCH Wis Players ' . Union The- atre Comm; Comm Acdmc Afirs; Usher; French Cb; Jr yr Aixen-Provence progm BROWN. PERRY S. New Orleans. La. EE IEEE; Eta Kappa Nu. Dorm. Fin Comm; IM Sports, ftball, golf; ZBT. treas BROWN, R. SCOTT Hartland HIST St Francis Hse, pres; Canterbury Cb, treas BRUEGGEMAN. F. A. Janesville URBAN AFFA IRS AXA, sec, pldg tr BRUEGGER, S. K. Madison EED BRUGGER, CARL J. Pulaski CHEM E Tf UWM; AICE BRUHN, PETER C. Madison PSYCH AFROTC; Ftball; Wres- tling; orA BRUSEWITZ, G. H. Black Creek AG ENGR Tf Fox Valley; Alpha Zeta; ASAgE; Campus Christian Flwshp. v-pres BRUSSAT, THOMAS R. Milwaukee ME Tf UWM; Tau Beta Pi; ex BRUUSGAARD. E., JR. Oslo. Norway FRENCH ATA BRYAN, TERRY E. Rockford. III. METOR Tf Northern 111 BUBOLZ. HARRY M. Valders ECON Tf Manitowac; Phi Eta Sigma BUCHATTER. S. East Willislon. N. Y. HIST Tf Kent BUCHEN. ROBERT H. Waukesha ECON Tf UWM; X BUDLONG. SUSAN G. Eranston PH MED Phi Kappa Phi BUEHLER, BARBARA Port Washington ENGL BUENZLI, GREGORY T. Madison ECON BAX BULLOCK, ROBERT E. Madison LD ARCH Stdnt Assn Ld Arch; ASAgE; Hoofers; Sailing Tm, Bd of Captns; ASE, corrs sec BUNYAN, CHRISTINE Darien. Conn. HIST Motor Bd; WSA. bk exch chm; Sympsm, exec-sec; Sr Class, v-pres; Wis Pre- views; AWS, model; AXQ, pres, v-pres BURCALOW, HELEN Bruce FOODS N Phi Upsilon Omicron, chapln; H Ec Cncl, pres, WSA rep; Blue Shield 4-H, sec; Euthenics BURCALOW. LARRY Middlelon LDSCP ARCH Stdnt Assn Ld Arch BURCKHARDT W. A. West Bend HIST Union. Forum Comm, Outing Cb; Flying Cb; WSA, Study Comm; Luth Stdnt Assn; 1. . init chm pldg tr; Phi Kappa Phi BURES, DORIS T. Deerbrook MED T BURES, JOAN R. Madison SOC WK NSP; YWCA, sec, dstr rep, pblcty chm; Frosh Camp, cnslr. sec; Nat YM-YWCA, asmbly digt. Geneva rep rep; Xli. Pan Hel wksp rep BURGHARDT. CARL A. Milwaukee COMM Tf Tufts; KE. treas BURKART. M. R. La Crosse MATH BURKE. MICHAEL A. Madison HIST Tf St Norbert; ROTC BURKLAND, CARL E. Carmichael. Calif. ZOOL BURLEY, JOHN L. Madison ECON Army ROTC; 8X Senior Activities BURNKRANT. R. E. Wauwatosa ZOOL AA« BURR, SANDRA L. Pittsburgh, Pa. FRENCH AREA STUDIES Langdon Hall, fir chm, hsefellow; WSA, Ldrshp Progm, NSP; Coed ' s Cong; Wis Players Prod; Sr Swingout; AWS Hours Plan Approval Comm BURRESS, THOMAS F. Madison ECON Tf Baylor; Wis Frnsc Union; Baptist Stdnt Union, v-pres, visit chm; Pre-Law Cb, pres BURSTEIN, L. S. New Rochelle. N. Y. ECON Phi Kappa Phi; Pre-Law Cb; IF, Rush Cncl; AEn BUSCHE, BEVERLY A. Waiisau ENGL Tf Marathon BUTCHER, ELEANOR Elmonl. N. Y. ENGL Campus Inn, pres; Wis Plyrs BUTENHOFF, M. T. Milwaukee RADIO TELEV BROADCAST Y-Dems; Mock Sen; ROTC; Hillel; Trident Hse, pres BUTLER, NANCY P. Wa uwatosa TEX CL RETAIL AWS; Union, Vp Comm BUXBAUM, NAN Shaker Hts. SPEECH SAT, Humo chm BYERS, CHARLES M. Madison CHEM Army ROTC; Pistol Tm, capt; Crew; Boxing; ROTC Rifle Tm BYRNE, MICHAEL A. Wilmelte. III. PHIL Gray Gables, hsefellow CADMAN, SHIRLEY F. Evansiille BIOCHEM CAGEN. LAUREN M. Milwaukee CHEM Phi Eta Sigma CAHEN, NAN C. Coraopolis, Pa. ENGL Elsom Hse. treas; WSA, Prsnl Cntct Comm CAIRA, IGINO P. Kenosha EE CAIRO, VICTORIA Kenosha MED T Alpha Delta Theta CALKINS, KAREN A. ART ED BADGER, art ed; WSA bk exch comm; Union, Gall Comm; Pan Hel Ball, gen chm. rush cnslr; Humo, Progm Comm; AXQ, hse pres CALL. SALLY B. Schofield MED T Tf Wausau; Alpha Delta Theta; Slichter Hall, soc chm CAMERON. D. H. Bruce ME ASME; UCCF, v-pres CAMPBELL, JAMES A. Wausau BIOCHEM CAMPBELL, W. J. Hartford POL SCI Delta Epsilon; Delta Sigma Rho; Mace; Iron Cross; Delta Sigma Rho; Tau Kappa Alpha, v-pres; LHA cabnt rep; WSA, Stdnt Life Int Comm, sen, pres; Union cncl; Wis Previews; Forensics Union, pres; Frosh champ debate; WS Hagenah Champ Debate; Debate Team CANNON, JOSEPH N. Tidsa. Okla. CHEM E Church of Christ; KAV CAPE. BEN M.. JR, Racine POL SCI HIST Tf Carleton; LHA, in- formal dance Chm; Van Hise Commons Comm, chm; Res Halls Joint Disc Comm; Fallows Hse, soc chm CARL. RICHARD A. Prairie du Chien PHARM Rho Chi. pres; Pharm Soc; Amer Pharm Assoc; Newman Cb CARLSON, CAM O. Madison PHY ED Methodist Choir CARLSON. PETER M. Union Grore PSYCH Tarrant Hse. scc-treas, pres; Men ' s Halls Joint Disc Comm; MACE, sec- treas. Iron Cross; Delta Epsilon. v-p res: Stdnt Sen Dist II; Frosh Ldrshp Tr Sem. co-chm; NSP. Acdmc Comm. chm; Army ROTC; Phi Kappa Phi CARLSON. RALPH J. Markville. Minn. CE Tf River Falls; ASCE CARLSTEIN, JANE L. Elm Grove SOC WK Eta Kappa Lambda: Liz Waters. Unit I, flr chm, v-pres; Sr Swingout, pblcty comm; Campus Chest CAROW, CATHERINE Mercer ENGL CARRAO, LORRAINE Milwaukee OCT CARROLL,KATHERINE Winnetka, III. SPAN Chad Hall, v-pres; ATA CASEY, RODNEY G. Appleton EE CASELY, MARY E. Hartford BACT Zoe Bayliss Hse, flr chm; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Soph Hnrs CAULUM, STEVEN J. Madison POL SCI CHAMBERLAIN. P. A. Racine ENGL Liz Waters, flr chm; NSG; Pan Hel Rush Cnclr; Campus Blood Dry; Art Comm, chm; AXO. soc chm; Humo chm. LYRE, ed CHAMBERS. VICTOR E. Madison INDUST MGMT Comm Bd; ASME; Mkt Cb; SAM CHAPIN, SARA Madison HIST NSG; Mock UN; Pan Hel, exec cncl; XQ, Pan Hel rep CHAPMAN, W. N. Madison CHILD DEV r B Senior Activities CHAPPELL. JUDITH A. Rocklon. III. OCT Tf Norlh III; Willison Hse, juc bd; Olhera; Frosh Orient CHEEK. JOHN G. Milwaukee PSYCH MSP; IF Alhlec; AT, pres. sec, soc chm CHESNEY. CHARLES F. RockaKay. N. J. PHIL Harcsfoot; Dormsylvania, co-chm; AFROTC; Mitchel Airmen; Phil Cb; WLHA; Dorm, soc chm, hse pres; AEIl. hse mgr CHIEN. PAULINE L. Hong Kong. China PHARM Tf Ohio St; Chinese Stdnt Assn CHILCUTT. KAREN S. Key West. Fla. ART HIST Union Hse Comm; Gall Comm; AWS. Fash Sh; Hmcming; Humo; WLHA; Mock UN; HB CHILLEN, J. R. Cioquel. Minn. SOC WK KA, Pan Hel rep CHMIELEWSKI, B. G. West Allis EE Tf UWM; Dorm, soc chm; IEEE CHRISTENSEN, D. D. Racine RUSS Soph Hnrs; Knapp Scholar; IM Fiball, Softball. Bowling; Rich- ardson Hse, sec, soc chm, pres CHRISTENSEN, S. L. Milwaukee MATH Coed ' s Cong; NSG CHRISTENSON. K. L. De Pere ENGL Soph Hnrs; ILS. PIONEER CHRISTOPH, JILL L. tVaualosa MED T Alpha Delta Theta; ATA CHRISTOPHERSON, BONNIE L, Alma SPAN Zoc Baylis Hse. pres. v-prcs, sec; Span Cb.; Mock UN, hse chm. Phi Kappa Phi CHUDIK, FLORIAN M. Milwaukee EE CHUDNOW, LOIS A. Milwaukee Engl Victoria Hse, sec; Sr Swingout; Union, Lit Comm. usher; Hillel, Ed Comm; SNEA, treas. pres. Wis Frnc Union CHURCH. K. J. Elkhorn ENGL Tf Incarnate Word; WSA Broth-Sis Prgm; Wis Pre- views, Pan Hel Rush Cnclr; AF CHUTKOW, JIL Highland Park. Ill HIST Tf Bennett; AE4 CILLEY, JUDITH A. Washington, D.C. ITALIAN Union, Film Com; Ilal Cb; Hal Play; Bkycr Hse, jud chm, Hmcmmg Comm, Prnt ' s Day Comm CISEWSKI, K. R. Stevens Point EE Mack Hse, pres, sec, treas CLANCY, DAVID E. East Troy BACT CLAPPER, JOHN K. Fond du Lac HCON Tf Oshkosh; Ochsner Hse, pres CLARK, BRUCE F. WestpOTt. Conn. ME ASME; SAE; Triangle CLARK, JOHN B. Btloil PHY ED AA . soc chm CLARK, SALLY A. Beaver Dam SOC WK CLARK. SUSAN R. Ada. Mich. PH MED Tf Trinity; Phi Theta; LHA, rep Luedke Hse; Intl cb; Union Spec Serv comm CLAYTON. JUDITH J. Madison AM HIST CLINE. CATHERINE Madison FED AWS Fash Sh, progm comm; Campus chest, Persian Mkt; r B CLINE, PETER K. La Crosse HIST Tf Cornell: Y-GOP, Exec comm. Phi Kappa Phi CLINTON. K. B. Evanslon. III. HIST Elm Dr, soc chm; SLIC; Union Theater Comm; AAA COBB, JUDITH A. Western Springs. III. FRENCH Intl Rltn Comm; Campus chest; French Cb COBB, ROGER C. Kenosha JOURN Olson Hse, sec; Sigma Delta Chi; NSG; Union rep; USF, pblcty chm COCHRAN. R. B.. JR. Hinsdale. III. ECON WSA, Prsnl Comm; Hmcming comm; ATil COFAR, LAWRENCE J. Milwaukee ACCT Tf UWM; I;A, treas. pldge class pres COGAN, JAMES L. Babylon. N.Y. METEOR Union rep; Hoofers; AXP, treas, mstr-at-arms COHEN, CALLAN M. Topeka. Kan. REAL ESTATE FINANCE NEW IDEA; Fin Soc; Real Est Cb COHEN, DIANE L. Columbus. Ohio POL SCI SAT COHEN. JUDITH F. Arlington. Va. FRENCH French Cb; Model UN; Y-DEMS; Hillel COHEN. LLOYD A. Elgin. III. HIST Tf Elgin Community; Mock UN; Inll Rltns Cb, chm UN actvts; IMA, cabnt rep; Hillel, relig comm COHEN, MARILYN I.. Milwaukee HIST Tf Washington U; Res aid COHEN, MEREDITH A Kenosha SP THK Sigma Alpha Ivia; Union Usher; Hillel; Lowell Hall, sec, jud chm COHEN, PAULA S. Chicago. III. ENGL Vic Hse, pres, res aide; NFG COHEN, ROCHELLE Ari ' lelon JOURN Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Soph Honors; Phi Kappa Phi. Crucible: Mortar Board; BADGER, assoc ed. ed-in-chief; BADGER Bd; NSP; Wis Preview; Humo COHEN. SHARON M. Skokie. III. HIST COHN, SHERRY L. Kock Island. III. EED Tf Northwestern; WSA, Schlrshp, Elctns, Hmcming comm; AE$ COLBY. RICHARD L. Grand Marsh DY SCI Saddle Sirloin Cb, sec; FFA. pres. treas; Agr Ex Ed Cb; Agr Stdnt Cncl, sec; Army ROTC; Aes. sec COLLINS, T. R. Elmwood Pk. III. POL SCI Soc Intl Dev; Amer Pol Sci Assn; Union Forum Comm: Intl Cb, chm frndshp hr; Newman Cb; NSP; Forensic Union; Evans schlr, pldg tr, athlec chm COLLOTON, P. G. Elm Grove ACCT IF, pblc rltns comm; Army ROTC: A A , treas COLWELL, GERALD L. Rio PH MED Tf Stevens Point; Phi Theta CONDON, CAROL A. Arlington His.. III. EED Sigma Epsilon Sigma; WSA. Exec Comm. Spec Proj Dept dir, Hmcming exec sec, Sympsm Spec armg chm. NSG, Stdnt- Fctly Rose Bowl exec comm; Wis Previews; Wilkinson Hse, v-pres; n B I . v-pres CONNELL, JANE A. New York, N.Y. SOC WK Allen Hall, res aid: WSA, Curric Comm, Travel Comm; A Cappella Choir, U Chorus; AE CONRATH, DEA MAE Milwaukee MKT COOK. SUSAN E. Racine ECON COOK, SUSAN J. Ocononiowoc SP THR Tf Ripon; Sigma Alpha Fta: NSP; Pan Hel Pblc Rltns chm: AXB, Pan Hel rep asst pldg tr COPELAND, NANCY L. New York. N.Y. PSYCH Tf Miami COOPER, CARIN S. Chicago. HI. PSYCH Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Coed ' s Cong; AWS, Pblcty Comm: Nsp; Dorm, jud chm COOPER. JAMES H. Richland Center POLI SCI COURTNEY, GENE Park Ridge. III. CHEM Tf III. Weslyen; AA COWI.rS, MARY B. lovul PSYCH Mi-Ray Hall, pres: Union, usher; Prcs-Med Soc, v-pres COWLEY. MII.FORD R. la Crosse SOC WK CRAGO, ANTONIA New Haven. Conn. HIST Channing Murray: Wis Film Soc, sec: Dorthea Hse, pres; Phi Kappa Phi CRAIG. PAULINE Birmingham, Mich. ENGL Union, Tripp Commons; AF CRISAFULLI, BRIAN F. Evanston. III. ZOOL S . v-pres, sec, sec, athlec chm CROOK, MARY L. Green Bay HEC Coranto Sigma Iota; Theta Sigma Phi CROUCH, CAROL J. Madison ENTOM Slichter Hall, flr chm; Campus Christian Flwshp Si Choir: Wmn ' s Chorus: Union Usher: U Relig Cncl CROWLEY, R. L. Applelon TEX CL Tf Carroll: Euthenics; LHA, Ibrn; Campus Cristian Flwshp, Little InU CROWNHART, V. J. Madison OCT Othera; Hmcming Dnc Dec chm; Campus Chest, Persian Mkt chm. Union, Directorate. Soc Comm, chm; Bridal Sty Sh. chm; NSG: Humo; Pan Hel Ball, dec comm; A , pres. song chm, pldg soc chm CSABAI, TIBOR L. Waukesha CE Three Sqrs Eating Co-op, treas. Mock UN; Sailing Cb CUMMINGS, CAROL E. Stoughton EED Wmn ' s Chorus: AHA CUPPAN. BRUCE C. Milwaukee ME Phi Kappa Rho; Pi Tau Sigma, v-pres, rec sec; Tau Beta Pi: ASME; Swenson Hse, treas CURRAN, JAMES C. Green Bay BUS ED Insur Soc CURRERI, ROBERT C. Madison ZOOL SAE CURRIE, BONNIE J. Flushing. N.Y. SPAN Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Sigma Delta Pi; Crucible; Mortar Board, sec: WSA, asst sec: Pan Hel. v-pres; AWS, Fash Sh, scc-treas; Campus Chest, exec sec; A I ; Phi Kappa Phi CURTES. JAMES N. M enomoncc Falls ECON IF. Pblc Rltns Comm: Badger Prty: Hmcming Comm: NSG; Humo; X CURTIS, HARRY G. Cortez. Colo. MED MICRO Tf Colorado CURWEN. MARY J. Hazel Green TEX CL Soph Honors; Chad Hall, libr; Coed ' s Cong; ILS Cncl: Pres Hse: Euthenics: Blue Shield 4-H Cb; AZ, gd. soc chm, schlrshp chm CYRUI IK. A. Kenosha EED SPEC ED Ketlerer Hsr. Simtmer pres: AWS. Sr Swingout -Script Co mm chm; Coed ' s Cong: NSP. Soc Comm chm; YMCA Cahnl; Mock UN; Union Pblc Rltns chm; Siunmer Direct; ASA, schlrshp chm CZAPLINSKI, R. M. Mosince EE Phi Eia Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Soph Honors; Mead Hse. athlec chm, v-prcs; Tau Hel;i Pi. rec sec; Scabtiard Blade: NROTC: Newman Cb; WLHA, Studio Engr CZECHANSKI, B. A. Two River SOCIOL Tf Manitowoc CZOSCHKE, H. H. Cambria CHEM Tf Whitewater DACHELET, R. W. Milwaukee CE Evans Schlrs; ASCE; ASAE DAHL. CARL L. Madison GEOG DAHNKE, DAWN D. Raci ne EED WSA. Ldrshp Tr Progm, Trad Comm; CARDI- NAL; Liz Waters, flr chm DAITCHMAN, D. M. Evanston. III. CORREC ADMIN Shepard Hall, soc chm, res aide; Union, Rat Comm DALLMANN, LANI E. Tomahawk SOCIOL Tf Eau Claire: Langdon Ldg, pres: Y-GOP; Hoofers D ' AMBROSIO, J. J. Deerfield. III. IBER-AMER STUDIES AUSA Mitch Red Cloud Co, treas DAMM, KAREN L. Racine MATH Tf Racine DANA-BASHIAN, P. M. Brookline, Mass. ENGL HIST DANIELS, LEWIS A. Kenosha SOILS Tf Kenosha; Hillel; Crops Soils Cb. sec DANIELSEN, JAMES P. Waupaca ME ASME DAPP, THOMAS E. Milwaukee CE Evans Schlrs. soc chm; ASCE; Chi Epsilon, v- pres: BADGER: WSA. Ldrshp Tr Progm; SLIC, Gen Stdnt Organ Polit Subco Subcomm; Hoofers; IM spts DARCY, ROBERT E. Brooklyn. N.Y. PHIL POL SCI Swenson Hse, pres: Soph Honors: Mock UN; AROTC DARLING, F. H. Madison AG ECON Tf Platteville; CAMPUS VIEW: Mkt Cb DARNER. KATHR ' YN E. Fargo. N.D. PSYCH Tf Macalesicr; Dolphins; Hoofers; Phi Kappa Phi DARROW, KURT W. Cillctl ACCT DAVIE, CLAUDIA L. Oak Park. III. SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; Pan Hel. rush cnslr; AAA. hse pres DAVIES, CAROLYN H. Chicago. III. EED Langdon Hall, soc chm DAVIFS. JAMES J. Waukesha ECON Tf Carroll DAVIES, MICHAEL W. Madison ME ASME; SAE; BAX DAVIS. ROBERT A. Marinette JOIIRN Tf Marinette; Sigma Delia Chi, pres DAVIS, WARD B. Octinomttwoc CHEM E Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; LHA, wkshp chm: Tarrant Hse, sec, treas DAVISON, JACK M. Sun Prairie HIST DAWN, VICTORIA W. Madison CHIN Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Soph Honors; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Bela Kappa; WSA, Broth-Sis Progm; Union Music Comm; Inll Cb; Frndshp Hr Comm; Chin Stdnt Assn, news Itr ed, soc Comm DAY, BENJAMIN F. E. Si. Louis. III. ENGL DEAN, JARIS B. Madison SOCIOL U Choir; Bowling DE BOER, BARRY G. Black River Falls CHEM Phi Eta Sigma DE BRUINE, ALLAN J. Cedar Grove MATH DEELEY, NORA A. Sheboygan Falls SOCIOL Phi Kappa Phi; Zoe Bay- liss, soc chm; Newman Cb DE HAAN, SUSAN M. Chicago. 111. PSYCH Tf Bradley; rijn DEHN, KENNETH E. Madison EE Tf Oshkosh DELLI QUADRI, T. C. New York. N.Y. HIST Sigma Epsilon Sigma, pres: Phi Kappa Phi; Bapt Stdnt Ctr, v-pres; Comm of Life ' s Faith, jud co-chm DE LONG, BEVERLY R. Madison LATIN DEMICHELIS. J. D. Highland Pk. 111. ACCT FINANCE Beta Alpha Psi; Sr CI CncI; Evans Schlrs, v-pres, Ntl Comm, pres DEMPSEY, P. A. Madison REL ART Euthenics: Union, Soc Comm; Newman Cb; H Ec Hsplty Day DENEEN, IRENE Harvard. III. ENGL Tf Clarke; Union, usher; Pan He], rush cnslr; BADGER; Hume; New- man Cb; KA DESLER, JAMES F. Grand Marsh EE IEEE, v-pres; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Polygon Bd Rep DESSLOCH, S. A. Prairie du Chien PSYCH WSA, Wlfr Comm. chm; Band; Wallerstein Hse, pres; A I . phlnth chm DETTWILER. G. Greenfield. Ind. POL SCI Tf Butler DEVOE, STEVEN O. Oshkosh EE Tf Oshkosh; A Cappella; Phi Kappa Phi DE WERTH, V. J. Wauwalosa PH MED Tf UWM; Phi Theta; ASA DEWEY, JUANITA A. Omaha. Neh. MKT Phi Chi Theta. treas DIAMOND, SUSAL L. Merrick. N.Y. PSYCH LHA, Dormistory; Hoofers DICE, ANNE F. Jacksonville. Ala. MATH Tf North Carolina; AWS, Fash Sh; XQ, soc chm DIEFENDERFER, K. H ' auMii o.M FRENCH Tf UWM; Ela Kappa Lambda; Wallerstein Hse, pres DIETRICH. JOAN K. Merrill PHYSICS DINITZ, DIANE L. Lincolnwood, 111. POL SCI Y-Dems; Mock Dem Cnvntn; Union, Stage Crew; Lake Lawn Hal!, WRA rep, Jud Bd DIRNBAUER, F. R. Montello MATH Army ROTC; Acacia DI SALVO, B. J. Madison ART DISCH, SUSAN M. Monlicello HEC JOURN Euthenics; Hsptlty Tours; Bradford Hse, jud chm; Wmn ' s Chorus DIX, EUGENE E. Marshfteld SOILS Phi Kappa Phi; Badger Christian Flwshp; Var Track, capt; Stdnt Athlec Bd, pres; Fclty-Alum Stdnt Athl Athlec Bd DIXON, PETER D. South Milwaukee GEOL AFROTC; Canterbury Cb; St Francis Hse, treas DOLISTER. JAMES S. Racine ECON DOMOTO, MIKI H. New Rochelle. N.Y. HIST Crucible; Mortar Bd; WSA, Stdnt Ldrshp Orient, NSP, Intl Comm, Big Broth-Sis Comm; Acdmc Comm, Hmn Rltn Comm; AWS, Coed ' s Cong. Rules Comm, Apprvl Bd, SLIC, Sub- comm on Frat Soc, Soc Life; Y-Dems; Intl Rltn Cb, regnl sec, sec DOMRATH, DONALD J. Shawano ZOOL Calvary, choir; 1. P sec, v-pres DONATELL, T. C. Spooner MATH Jt Mil Bd; Nautilus Soc; Navy Ball, chm; ATQ DONATO. SAMUEL J. Beloit POL SCI Sr CI, pres; Viking Progm; Ben, pres DONNEGAN, T. J., JR. Washington. D. C. POL SCI BADGER, organ mgr; BADGER Bd. v-pres; IF, treas, Pblc Rltn Comm, chm: Turner Hse, pres; WSA, Hmcming comm; orA DOOSE, JON W. Evanslon. III. CHEM CARDINAL DOPP, RICHARD L. Ellrick CE Tf LaCrosse; ASCE, v-pres, pres; ROTC DORMAN, JILL A. New York, N. Y. ENGL DOUGLASS, R. B. Madison ME Tf Cornell; ASME, Speech Comm; Engr Expstn DRABKIN, SUSAN H. Teaneck. N. J. PHY ED WRA, treas, sports chm; Wmn ' s Phy Ed Cb, sec; Hoofers DRAGER, JOHN L. Beloil ZOOL Delta Epsilon; Noyes Hse, pres, soc chm DRAHEIM, GERALD E. Weyauwega HORT Hon Cb, histrn; AGS. v-pres, soc chm, music chm, asst rush chm DRESANG, DENNIS L. Kimherly INTL RLTN Phi Eta Sigma; Mace; Iron Cross; WSA, v-pres, treas, sen; SLIC, Rts Comm; Union CncI; Scabbard Blade DRESCHER, PAULA M. Bayside. N. Y. FRENCH Tf Queens College DRESNER, IAN G. Chicago. III. ZOOL Tf Tulane; Union Schlrshp Comm; ZBT, rush chm, pldg mstr; Badminton, capt DRISCOLL, MELINDA Bronx. N. Y. ART HIST DROEGE, NANCY M. LaGrange, 111. ART AAA DRYE, KAY M. Browntown ART ED DUBREN, RONNIE D. Chicago. III. PSYCH DUEHOLM, JAMES A. Luck POL SCI Phi Kappa Phi; Y-Dems; Pre-Law Cb; Model UN; Mock Sen DUERST, RONALD D. Belleville AGRON DUFEK, ERNIE A. Denmark PROD MGT DUFFY, JAMES B. Highland Park. III. HIST Tf North Dakota; Ben DUMDEY, DIANE S. iVauwalosa INTL RLTN Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Crucible; Sigma Epsilon Sigma, treas; Chad Hall, jud chm; WSA, Intl Dcpt drctr, Broth-Sis Progm chm; Union News Bur; r$B, pldg v-pres DUNHAM, ARTHUR R. Je0er.son CHEM Conover Hse, treas; Luth Stdnt Assn; WLHA DUNHAM, ROBERT W. Madison RISK INSURANCE Tf Ripon; Wis Ins Soc DUNN. JEFFREY S. Waukesha MATH Baptist Stdnt Fellowship, v-pres DUNST, RUSSELL C. Menomonee Falls ZOOL Tf UWM DVORAK. JUDITH M. Mishicot MUSIC ED DYER, JON C. Seymour ECON SAM; lACES; Mitchell Airman; ATA EAGERS, DARIEN M. Barringlon. III. SOC WK Tf Beloit; AAA EATON. EMILY J. Rochester, Minn. PSYCH Delta Gamma; Union, Crafts Comm EBBOTT, RICHARD H. Edgerton PHIL High Hse, pres; WSA, Acdmc Affairs Comm; LHA, Cabnt; IF, Jud Comm, March Band; Pre- Law Cb; Phil Cb; AIChE; ATA Senior Activities EBEL, MARJORIE A. Lincoln. Neh. MATH Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Eta Kappa Lambda; Phi Kappa Phi; WSA, Sympm. Speal Comm. Fin Comm; AZ, pres EBERLE, PAUL F. Trevor M AN SCI Saddle Sirloin Cb; Dorm. Blood Chm EBERT. DONALD G. Richland Center POLI SCI Tf Marquette EBERT. MARTHA E. Oshkosh ENGL Tf Carroll; NSP, Acdm Comm; Pan Hel Wkshp; Hmcming Pep Rally Comm; Y-GOP; KAB EBSEN, JOHN C. Wis. Rapids PSYCH Tf Fla State; WIS EN- GINEER; WSA, Gvt Rltn Comm; VI, v-pres, treas ECCLES, MARGARET Madison HIST Tf Bryn Mawr; Union, Lit Comm ECKERT, JOHN S. Milwaukee ACTURARIAL Tf UWM; Actrl Cb. sec, v-pres ECKL. ROBERT K. Brookfield MATH Pyre Hse, pres; W-Cb; Baseball EFFRON, EDWARD R. New York. N. Y. ZOOL EGAN, TIMOTHY J. Madison ECON IF, Comm chm; 2$, pres, treas, pldg tr, cnvtn del EGBERT, DAVID M. Green Lake ADVER Alpha Delta Sigma, v-pres; VT EGGENER, B. H. Chicago. III. ACCT Pershing Rifles; Mil Ball, pblcty Chm; Humo, Prod Comm; NSG; IM Sports; II A EHLENBECK, LYNN W. Milwaukee CE EHRESPERGER, M. B. Madison FRENCH Tf Oberlin; Y-Dems EHRHARDT, LOIS A. Maysville HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron; Hsptlty Day, jr chm; Crucible, pres; Zoe Bay- liss, hse pres, jud chm; Campus Christian Flwshp, v-pres, choir EISEMAN, WALTER R. Northbrook. III. ZOOL Var Tennis; ZHT, v-pres, histrn EISENBUD, ELLIOTT Tuxedo, N. Y. ZOOL Phi Kappa Phi; Hoofers; Pre-Med Soc; Russian Cb; Track; Tripp Ha; Hse CncI, soc chm EKLOV, AVERT L. Westby PERS MGMT Tf La Crosse; SAM EKSTROM. KRISTIN S. Rockford. III. AM INST Wis Previews. WSA, Ldrshp Trng Progm; Sympsm, Spks Phys Arrngmnts Comm; Cam- pus Car pblcty chm; Hoof- ers; Union, usher; Sr CI CncI; Humo; AWS, Fsh Comm, chm, model; ILS CncI; Sr Swingout; SNG; nB$. corrs sec, sec. pres, censor, song chm ELLENBECKER, B. N. Sturgeon Bay ART ELSMO, HEATHER A, Racine ENGL LIT Tf Racine EMDEN, JOAN C. Madison HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron; Pi Lambda Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Nu, pres EMERSON, GEORGE R. Minneapolis, Minn NAT SCI Tf Gustavus Adolphus; Scabbard Blade, pres; IF Cong; Jt Mil Bd; Wis Crew, mgr; SAE, rec sec, pres EMMERICH, SHARIE L. Minocqua PSYCH AWS, Fash Sh; HB . Asst soc chm; progm chm ENGEL, J. CAROL-VTVI Green Bay HEC NSG; BADGER; NSP; A ENGEL. RONALD R. Kenosha POL SCI ENGEN. CAROUEAN Chicago. III. SPEECH Union, Soc Chm Bd, Soc Comm; WSA, Hmcming Comm; AWS, Sr Swing- out Comm; Wis Plyrs: Lakota Hse, soc chm; Mime Man Theat; Madison Theat Guild ENGLESBY, JOHN H. Morrisonville EED Tf Platteville EPSTEIN, RUTH H. Westport. Conn. ENGL Union, usher ERB. EMILIE, R. Monroe PH MED Phi Theta; Union, Gall Comm; Intl Cb; Newman Cb; Wis Frnsc Union ERB, PHYLLIS M. Milwaukee CHEM E Tf UWM; AIChE ERBACH, DONALD C. New Holstein AG ENGR ASAE, pres, v-pres; Crew; Maj W; W Cb, treas; Aes, pres, v-pres ERDAHL, ROBERT J. Edgerton EE Tf Whitewater ERICKSON, C. G. Manitowoc HIST Haresfoot; Union, Soc Comm; Phillips Hse, soc chm, athlec chm ERICKSON, JUDITH E. Merrill ENGL Tf Valparaiso; Barnard Hall, treas ERICKSON, SIGRID E. Reedsburg SP THR Tf St Olaf; NSG; Hoof- ers; Y-GOP; Sigma Alpha Eta: AXO, rush cnslr ERICKSON, W. A. Kenosha ECON Tf Kenosha ERICSON, KAREN J. Chicago. 111. PHIL Tf HUIsdale ERNST. CHARLES F. Kenosha CHEM E Tf Kenosha ERZEN, JERRY J, Sheboygan CHEM E AICE; W Cb; Var track: ATQ Senior Activities ESCH, JEANEITE A. Oak Creek HEC ED Euitienics EURARD, JAMES O. Oconio Falls CONSERV Tf Super EVANS. ARTHUR L. Applelon ECON Tf Bcloit; SX EVANS, CAROLYN J. Stolen Island. N. Y. ENGL EVANS, ELYNOR A. Neenah PH MED Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Thela; Sr Swingout; Pan Hel rcp: Liz Waters, Stdm Serv Assn sec; AFA EVANS, JAMES J. Rocklord. III. METEOR Col Gd: Flying Cb. sec, v-pres; Meteor Cb, Organiz Comm EVANS, JOHN C. WeU Bend MKT Mkt Cb. pres; SAM; Wis Preview, Comm Bd; SME; AA . hmcming chm EVANS, MADALYN L. Applelon PSYCH Tf Miami Univ; KAe, rush cnslr, ed EVANS, WINTER J. Green Buy ZOOL EZERINS, ELMARS P. Union Grove AGRON IPP. ROTC; PAA, chm; Flball; Track FABER, BEA C. Milwaukee ZOOL Tf UWM; Elson Hse, see chm; Sigma Epsilon Sig- ma; Phi Kappa Phi; Intl Cb; Hoofers FAGMAN, DIANE H. ChicuKO. III. SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; Carroll Hall, soc chm FAHNING, DONALD R. Milwaukee LIGHT BLDG Tf UWM; Light Bldg . Real Estate Assn, v-pres FAHSL. MERIDEL D. Si. l-aiil. Minn. NAT SCI Tf St. Olaf; Usher; Union, Soc Comm, sub- chm Folk Fiestas; pres Cnvtn Comm, NSG; pldg sec FAICH, GERALD A. Milwaukee MATH Tf UWM; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Union. Forum Comm FALCONER, LYNN B. Madison REL ART Wmn ' s Rifle Tm, capt, KA FALCONER, R. D. Madi „n I NCil ISM Var Kinc Tm; AUOTC, Ride Tm; Pershing Rifles; Badger Sky Div, pres, instr FANNING, R. D. Wis. Rapids BANK FINANCE Tf Stevens Point; Fin Soc FANT, SALLY Milwaukee OCT Oihcra; Union, Craft Comm; YWCA; Schoen- leher Use. bullnbd dec; A , pidg chaplain, hislrn. rec sec FARA, JOHN W. Wauum ZOOL WSA. Pblc Rltns Comm; Legis Banq; IF Plning- Lctn Comm. Advs Bd; ATn, sec. pres FARLEY. DAVID J. Milwaukee CE Tf MIT; Chi Epsilon; Wis Rugby Cb; Pre-Law Cb, v-pres; Eng Expst FARRELL, JOAN M. Racine MATH FEDERER. JAMES C. Milwaukee EE Tau Beta Pi; Newman Cb, Newman News, ed FEIGENBERG, L. A. Chicago. III. ACCT Union Theater, stage mgr; Army ROTC; Mil Ball Comm; Humo. gnrl Prod chm; n A , hscmgr FEINGOLD. MARGARET R. Fort Edward. N. Y. SED NSP; ASA FEINGOLD. NANCY Janesville SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; Hillel. Exec Comm FEINSILBER, ENID J. Freeport, N. Y. ENGL Allen Hall, fir chm; Union, Film Comm; HUlel FEINSTEIN, STANLEY Pelham Manor, N. Y. HIST Oschner Hse. soc chm; Varsity Party, treas; LHA. Fin Comm Chm; Union, Music Comm FELDMAN, MARTIN J. Brooklyn. N. Y. MKT IF Planning Comm; AEfl, pres, pldg tr, treas FELDMANIS. VIJA A. Chicago. III. ENGL Tf 111 Wcslevan; Lincoln Ldg. Bid Dr rep; NSG; Union, usher; Hoofers FELIX, MILES J. Viroqua PSYCH IF, rush co-chm; Humo, pblcty chm; AEH FENRICK, MARILYN J. Janesville FED Chad, treas; Campus Life Comm; AWS. Fund Dr; WSA. Frosh Ldrshp Tr; NSP, Pblctns Comm chm; Union, Usher; Cal- vary Choir, libr; SNEA; Y-Tcen Advsr; AZ. v-pres FENSTERMACHER. ANNE S. Rochester. N. Y. HEC Tf Marymount; NSP; Hoofers; Newman Cb; ATA. pldg pres. altruistic chm FENTON, BERNADETTE J. Madison SPAN Sigma Delta Pi; ENTRE NOSOTROS FENTON, PAULINE Shawano FRENCH FERGUSON, BARBARA .So. Milwaukee INGI. Mock UN; WSA. Sympsm Pblcty Comm. NSG, Prsnl Cnics Comm, Campus Carnival Novelties, sec; Pre Med Soc; Chad. Ircas, Mus Comm; CARDINAL; Pres Hse Oratorio Choir FERGUSON. R. D. Solon Springs HIST Tf Superior FESSLER. RALPH Milwaukee EDUC Tf UWM; SNEA; £A FESTGE, MICHAEL O. Madtson ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, sec; Midvale Lutheran choir FIELD, PATRICIA M. Glenview. III. ART BADGER: Union. Crafts Comm. Hmcmng Dec Comm; Pan Hel Ball Prmtns Pblcty Comms; Student Art Sh. Pblcty chm; Salon of Art Pblcty chm; Gall-Comm; Sr Swingout prmtns Comm; Intl Cb; Fash Sh Cmntr; Frosh Camp Cnclr; XQ. pres, hallmark chm, little sis weekend chm FIELD, STEPHEN F. New York, N. Y. SOCIOL LHA. Newspaper; Y- DEMS; Pre Law Cb; WHA TV; SA, v-pres FIKE, CAROL S. Brookfield GEOG Tf UWM FINDER. ANN J. Madison FED Tf River Falls; UWSNEA FISCHER, DONN R. Turtle Lake EE Tf Eau Claire FISHER. RONALD K. aiencoe. III. ECON Phi Kappa Phi; WSA, Ldrshp Tr Instr, NSG; IF, Investig Comm, chm; II A FISHER, SUSAN M. Crvslal Lake. III. CHEM Phi Kappa Phi; NSG; AXn. pldg schol chm, histrn, chaplain FITZGERALD, J. W. West Allis ACCT Delta Sigma Pi. soc chm, fin chm FJELDSTAD, DAVID O. Madison ENTOM FLAHERTY. MARY A. Hinsdale. III. MATH AWS; WSA Ldrshp; Un- ion Forum Comm; KA0 FLORIAN, SHAWN M. Sheboygan POL SCI Hoofers; Y-Dems FLORY, MARY K. Ocnnomowoc SOC WK AWS. v-pres. Coed ' s Cong, pres; Hoofers; XQ FOGARTY. W. G. Wis. Rapids PHYSICS Tf St. Procopios FOLZ. SYLVESTER D. Marshfield AGRON Crops Soils Cb FOOTE, SUSAN D. Cincnnati. Ohio MKT Phi Chi Theta; AWS Fash Sh; Humo. I ' rod Comm; P;in Hel, Exec Rush Comm, co-mech chm; AI ' A, rec sec FOREMAN, R. W. Highland Park. III. FOSDAL, BEVERLY M. Cambridge MED T Alpha Delta Theta; Hoofers FOSS, BRYON E. Wcsthy ME Pi Tau Sigma, mbrship chm; Tau Beta Pi; ASME, pres. treas; Rifle and Pistol Cb FOSTER. JOAN L. Madison EED Badger Beauty; AXft FOURNESS. PETER B. Applelon ZOOL Tf UWM; Pershing Rifles FOX, JAMES M. Milwaukee PSYCH NEW IDEA; Var Party; riA FOX. LAWRENCE E. Chicago. III. ECON SAM; I SA. hse mgr, pldgmstr FRAMES, T. K. Lime Ridge Newman Cb EE iX ' ON FORMAN. IIAKRII T C. Chicago. III. Fl-D AWS. rep; Stdnt Cncl on Civ Rts; Folk Arts Soc; Hillel FORSTFR. PETER H. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; Richardson Use, .sec; AIEE; IEEE FRANK, NANCY L. Jackson HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Omicron Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Hec Stdnt Cncl FRANK. SUSAN L. River Vale. N. J. EED NSG; Coed ' s Cong; AXQ, song chm, wrdn, corrs sec. Humo FRANZEN. SANDRA L. E anslon. III. EED Dorm, welfare chm; Hoofers; A , blood dr chm, guard FREDERICKSON. C. L. Dale ENGL LIT Union. Lit Comm; Mock UN; College Bowl FREDERIKSEN. S. L. Racine FOOD N AZ. pres. Pan Hel rep. prlmntrn FREEMAN. ROGER D. New York. N. Y. MKT AEn. sentinel, v-pres, pres FREI. WARREN L. Fair Water GEOG FREITAG. JOHN S. Janesville ZOOL Y-GOP. dir; Rules Comm chm; Hoofers FREITAG. PRISCILLA Janesville EED NSP. spec serv chm; Campus Chest, solicit chm; Campus Elections; SNEA; WEA; AAA. treas. corrs sec FREUDENBERG, C. Evergreen Park, III. PSYCH Tf III. Wesleyan; Y-GOP; Union, usherette. Hmcming Comm I KEY. DANll 1 K. Tomah Mli Tf La Crosse; Frosh Ftball. Baseball; M " A FREY. JOANN Wauwatosa MED T Alpha Delta Theta, actvis chm; AWS. Prsnl Comm; . 7. FRIEDMAN. JOAN C, Rocklord. III. PHIL WSA. Intl Comm; Union. Lit Comm; Y-GOP, indep chm, polit act chm; Conserv Cb FRIEDMAN. JLDIIH Omaha. Nch. ENGL FRIEDRICHSEN. H. Dallas. Tex. PH MED Phi Theta. v-pres; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; WSA, Frosh Ldrshp Comm. Ldrshp Semnr. Broth-Sis Prgm; Baptist Stdnt Cnlr. treas. pblcty chm; hspti vlntr; Xn, sec FRIEDSTEIN, PHYLLIS Marinette PSYCH Tf Syracuse; Flint Hall, flr pres; SAT, corrs sec, v-pres FRISQUE, DAVID E. Fond du Lac PHYSICS Phi Eta Sigma; LHA, Commons Comm FRITZ, DAN A. Milwaukee AM INST FRONCEK, THOMAS W. Madison JOURN Sigma Delta Chi; CARDINAL; NEW IDEA; Wis Plyrs; Hoofers FRY, MYRON N. Necedah ENGL Phi Eta Sigma; LHA, cbnt rep; Fallows Hse, soc chm FULLER, WILLIAM E. Wyocena MUS ED Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia; Cncrt Band; Marching Band; Symphny Orches; Men ' s Glee Cb FUNK, JAMES D. Wauwatosa PSYCH WSA, Prsnl Comm; Pep Rally Comm; Lutheran Stdnt Assn; SSE FUNKE, SANDRA Milwaukee EED Tf UWM; SNEA; Phi Kappa Phi; Theta; Union, Acad Comm; NSP FUTTERMAN, R. L. Chicago. 111. ACCT Beta Alpha Psi; Sympsm, treas; NSG; IF Cncl; nA l . treas. bul ed GAGLIARDI. RACHEL Kenosha FRENCH GREEKSPEAK; NSG; Tabard Inn. pres; XO GAMMELL. H. LOUISE Wauwatosa ZOOL GANDELL. MYRA L. Chicago, III. NAT SCI GANDT, MARY I. Madison HEC Euthenics; Calvary Luth GARD. PAUL C. Niagara ECON NROTC; Navy Ball, pblcty chm; i: E. rush chm GARDNER, DANIEL L. Ellsworth MATH Alpha Phi Omega; Wes- ley Fndtn. treas. prog comm. chm. soc comm; Methodist Stdnt Mvmnt. conf rep GARDNER. I-. J. Oak I ' urk. III. ART WSA, Pblc RItn, InU Comm; Union, Soc Comm; AHA, treas GARFINKLE, ANN M, Great Neck. N. Y. HIST NEW IDEA, non-fict cd; NSA. dept sec. comm chm. alt to Nat Cong: Stdnt Conduct Appeals; New Liberal Party, v-pres: Mock Sen GARNER. DONA F. Madison HOSP DIET CAST. LEE A. Kaukauna BANK FINANCE CAST, SUZANNE E. Caledonia ZOOL BADGER; Union rep; Kiekofer Hse. pres, treas; Hazeltine Hse, orient GEBHARDT, E. A. Milwaukee HIST Tf Colorado; Hoofers GEENEN, PAUL H. Appleton MKT Tf Sacred Heart Semi- nary; St Norbert ' s; Hoof- ers; Newman Cb, IM Softball GEIGER, DOLORES I. Princeton POL SCI Newman Assn GEISLER, GARY E. Madison COMM Mkt Cb; Bethel Luth GELLER, RONALD G. Milwaukee ZOOL GEORGE. JAMES R. Roclon. III. ECON Kappa Psi, soc chm; WPhS; ROTC; Newman Cb GEREND. JOHN C. Kaukauna PRSNL MGMT Tf Oshkosh; Newman Cb GERLICH, BARBARA Riverside. 111. PH MED Phi Theta; Span Cb; Nar- din Hse, soc comm; Bavin Hse, pres GERMONO, JOSEPH F. Madison SPEECH PATH Sigma Alpha Eta, treas; Union Theater Comm; Haresfoot; Foreign Stdnt Rcptn Cntr, guide GERMUGA, LOIS J. Neenah EED WSA, Pblc Rltns Comm; NSG; ATA, hse pres, treas GERNER, NANCY L. Whilewaler HEC JOURN Coronto; Blue Shield 4-H; Hermanson Hse. res aid, sec, treas GEROLD, GERALDINE Belgium EED Tf Whitewater; AWS, Coed ' s Cong. Fash Sh Comm; Hi-Ray Hall, officer GESCHEL, MARY J. Beaver Dam SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; New- man Cb; APA GIANGIORGI. R. J. Highwood. III. ECON NSG; Evans Scliirs, IF rep, pres GIBSON, JANET Homewood, III. EED NSP; Chorus; Sympsm Comm; Union, Spec Proj Comm; ATA, song chm, rush chm. soc chm GIESE, LUELLEN Merrill JOURN Coronto; BADGER; CARDINAL; Union, usher; Hoofers GIGLIOTTI, JOHN J. Kenosha JOURN-ADVER Tf Kenosha; Alpha Delta Sigma; Campus Chest, rep; BADGER; Hares- foot; Univ Chorus; Bash- ford Hse, pres, soc chm GILBERT, PRISCILLA Madison MED T Alpha Delta Theta; Hoof- ers; Wis Players Prod; xn GILBERT, ROGER Revere. Mass. PHIL NSP; ROTC; Mil Ball comm; Var hockey GILBERTSON, R. P. Green Bay HIST KE GILL, WILLIS H. Wauwatosa ACCT Hmcming Chm; Track; ©AX, soc chm, v-pres GINZL, THOMAS J. Rhinelander CHEM E AIChE; IF, rltn Comm, Greek Wk, chm; Mock Polit Cnvtn; TKE, pres GJETSON, WILLIAM H. Wausau HIST WSA, Intl Rltn Comm; Oxford Hall, hse fellow GLAASER, JOHAN F. Amsterdam. Neth. POL SCI IF Cncl; Union, Tour Comm, Mock Sen, Model UN; Luth Stdnt Assn; Univ YMCA; Y-DEMS; Ins Cb; Transport Cb; AA$, pldg pres GLATZ, JOHN J. Milwaukee ASCE; ©AX, sec CE GLENNON, ROGER J. Milwaukee CE Tf St. Norbert; ASCE; Newman Cb; I»K0. hse chm GLOPPEN, SUSAN G. Park Ridge. III. ENGL r4 B GOETZ, PHILIP J. Madison INSUR Badger Amat Radio Soc; v-pres GOETZKE, NED F. Wausau MKT Tf Marathon Cnty; Alpha Kappa Psi GOLAN, J. S. Milwaukee MATH Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; WIS RE- VIEW; Mock UN, block deleg chm; Union, Forum Comm; Hillel; Y-DEMS; ADA, pres GOLDBERG. JOHN M. Chicago, III. ECON IRRA; SA. pres GOLDBERG. PETER E. Newton Center. Mass. ZOOL NEW IDEA; Pre-Med Soc; WSA, Trvl Comm; NSP GOLDEN, JEFFREY P. Brooklyn. N. Y. SPEECH Pi Epsilon Delta, treas; CARDINAL; WSA, Hmn Rltn Co Comm, chm; Union, Lit Comm; Wis Plyrs GOLDEN, SUSAN E. Milwaukee SP THR AUD Sigma Alpha Eta; Villa Maria, sec; NSG GOLDMAN, JANE A. Chicago. III. PSYCH Tf Knox; WSA. Hmn Rltns Comm; Friends of SNCC, sec, treas; Gil- crest Hse, sec GOLDSCHEIN. B. G. Flushing. N. Y. HIST NSG; AWS; Slct Comm; Hillel GOLDSCHMIDT, J. P. Madison GEOL Badgers Bwlng Lgue; Army ROTC, Flight Trng; AVSA; Pistol Team GOLDSCHMIDT, M. E. River Forest, III. EED GOLDSTEIN. K. S. New York, N. Y. PSYCH Jones Hse, treas; Union, Hse Comm GOLDSTEIN, ROSANNE Skokie. III. EED NSA. electns cmpgn mgr; Lake Lawn. pres. soc chm, jud bd chm; SAT, v-pres, union rep GOLLNICK, A, J. JR. Brookfield CE Tf UWM; AA GONZALEZ, ELLICE B. Madison HIST Tf Mount Holyoke GOODMAN, L. S. Evanslon. III. ACCT WSA, schlrshp, currclm, pblc rlln comms; ZBT, IF rep GOODRICH, JANICE M. Darlington PSYCH Phi Kappa Phi; LHA, Bk Exchng Comm; DORMI- STORY GOODSTEIN, AARON E. Sheboygan HIST Phi Kappa Phi; IF, Rush Comm; AEII, v-pres, scribe, Humo chm. Col- lege Bowl chm GORDON, JEANNE S. Milwaukee SOC WK Liz Waters, WSA rep GORDON, KAY I. Chilton ENGL Eta Kappa Lambda; Phi Kappa Phi; DORMI- STORY, ed; Slichter, exec, Jud Cncl, flr chm. stdnt adv, jud chm GORE, JUDITH S. Chicago, 111. EED BADGER; Pan Hel rep, rush cnslr; 2AT GORELL, JUDITH F. Waukesha FRENCH GOSHGARIAN, P. S. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; IEEE GOSSE, RICHARD E. Seymour ZOOL YMCA, cabnt; Baseball GRABER, JON M. Brookfield M AN SCI GRAETZ, DONALD A. Pound SOILS Tf Marinette; Badger Crops Soils, sgt-at-arms GRAIKA, THOMAS Milwaukee CONSERV Basketball GRAMPP, WENDY P. Berkeley. Calif. HIST GRAM S, DAVID F. Janesville ACCT Humorology, treas; Model UN; MU Ball, chm; Scab- bard Blade; W-Club, v-pres; Varsity basketball; Varsity golf; Ben GRAMS, JUDYANN Madison MUSIC ED Sigma Alpha Iota, sgt-at- arms, Chpln; Symph Orch, v-pres; Band; Chor- us; Union, Usher Comm, Music Comm; Calvary, Stdnt Cncl, progm chm; Vilas Musician; Wis Play- ers Prod Senior Activities GRANOF, SUSAN L. Milwaukee ENGL Hoofers; Ital Cb; Coed ' s Cong; Union, Theater Comm, Usher; CARDI- NAL; WSA. Hmcming Comm, Pep Rally, Dwntwn Day GRANT, DAVID P. Downers Grove. III. HORT Alpha Phi Omega; YMCA Camp Cnslr; Hort Cb, sec GRASSMAN, PAMELA Madison SOC WK Dorm, actvts chm; NSG; Campus Chest, rep; AWS Fash Sh, progm, Tckt Comm; r B GRAY, ELIZABETH South Orange, N, J. HIST BADGER; WSA, Pblcty Comm; Union, usher; Sr Swingout; Carroll Hall, sec; AE$ GRAZE, VICTORIA A. Arlington. Va. POL SCI Mock UN; Mock Sen GREENBERG, FRED Chicago. III. ENGL CARDINAL, sports ed GREENE, MARTHA M. Christiana. Del. PHIL Ann Emery Hall, res aide; Hermanson hse. Union rep; Union, Gall Comm GREENFIELD, H. JEFF New York. N. Y. PHIL Phi Kappa Phi; Mace, pres; Iron Cross, treas; CARDINAL, ed-in-chief; WSA, Hmn Rltn Comm; Union, Lit Comm GREENWALD, A, E. Washington. D. C. HIST ZBT, cultr chm GREENWALD, M. A. So. Milwaukee PH MED Phi Theta; XQ, chptr corrs GREENEWALD, MARY Sheboygan FRENCH Phi kappa Phi; DOR- MISTORY; LHA Bk Exch chm; AWS rep; College Bowl; Cole Hall, hse offc GREISINGER, T. J. Brookfield PHARM UWPhS GRESSLER. LARRY L. Menasha ZOOL GRIFFIN, CAROLYN M. Crystal Lake. III. POL SCI HIST Varsity Party GRIFFIN, JAMES T. Wauwatosa EE Tf UWM GRIFFITH, NANCY J. Sheboygan CORREC ADMIN Tf UWM; Union, usher; U Chorus, Girls ' Glee Cb, sec GRIMSTAD, KAAREN Wauwatosa SCAND STUDIES Phi Kappa Phi GROCHOWSKI, C. J. So. Milwaukee PH MED Phi Theta; NSG; A3A GROSS. JAMES F. Wauwatosa METEOR GROSS, KAREN M. Luck MUSIC ED Phi Beta GROTBECK, A. H. Manitowoc UR R PL Wis Planning Cb GROTHMAN, D. L. Madison ZOOL GROTSKY, LEAH Kenosha ENGL GRUCHOW, H. W., JR. Watertown ZOOL Tf St Norberts GRUENWALD, J. L. Monroe AG ENGR ASAE, treas; Polygon Bd; Army ROTC; APP GUEMBER, S. L. Milwaukee CHIN Calvary Luth. choir, Pblcty Comm; Liz Waters, flr chm GUIF, BARBARA J. Sharon EED Phi Kappa Phi; SNEA: Liz Waters, Music Comm GUPTILL, SUSAN B. Genoa City CHILD DEV Phi Upsilon Omicron, progm chm; Omicron Nu, pres; Phi Kappa Phi; Campbell Hse, v-pres; Campus Life Comm, chm; WRA Bd; Euthenics, rec sec, Hsptly Day GUTGESELL, H. P. Brookfield MED SCI Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kap- pa Phi; WSA Govt Rltns Comm; Debate Team GUTSCHE, G. J. Waukesha RUSS Russ Cb; Phil Assn GUTZLER, JEAN K. Wis. Dells HEC HEC Hsptly Day; Ann Emery, hsefellow; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu HAASE, ROBERT A. Madison CHIN Tf San Angelo Jr. Yale; Men ' s Glee Cb HABECK, DUANE A. Athens ZOOL Tf Wausau HABERMAN, ANN M. Madison SP THR Crucible; NSG; Sypmsm; Frosh Ldrshp Tr Progm; WSA, Stdnt Sen, Prsnl Plcmnt Comm; Jr yr France; AWS, Prsnl Comm; Varsity Party; HE , Cltr Chm, Coed ' s Cong rep HACK, BARBARA L. Mt. Vernon. N.Y. HIST Langdon Hall. Coed ' s Cong Rep; Y-GOP; Model UN; Union, Soc Comm; Canterbury Cb; Chorus HACKBART, MARY H. Milwaukee MED T Alpha Delta Theta HAHNEL, ROBERT P. Chicago. III. ZOOL Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Med Soc; AA . sec, pldg tr, pldg pres, sec HAIDER. JOHN A. Beaver Dam ACCT HAINES, SUSAN C. Arlington. Va. EED WSA, Elctns Comm; Hillel; Wis Educ Assn Senior Activities HALE. ROGER L. C Union M AN SCI Tf Plailcvillc; Saddle Sirloin; Livcslck Judg Team; Meats Judg Team; Joum Cb HALES. NANCY G. Soulh Milwaukee PSYCH Tf UWM HALL. DAVID J. Ludington. Mich. EE Hoofers HALL. SOPHIA H. Chicago. III. HIST Phi Kappa Phi; Wood Hse, sec. treas. jud chm; Chad Hall, Jud Cncl HALLBERG. JACK A. Dela iin GEOG ZOOL Phi Kappa Phi; Geol Cb; Y-GOP. Showerman Hse. offic; K2, offic HALLEEN, MARK W. Sheboygan ME ASME; SAE; Triangle, slwd, athlec chm HALLER. P. G. Fort Atkinson PHYSICS Sigma Epsllon Sigma; Phi K.ippa Phi; Coed ' s Cong; Res Aide; Cheerldr; Jr Orchesis; KKP HALPERIN. M. L. Madison PSYCH NSG; Pre-Med Soc HALVERSON. R. F. Wauvalosa HIST Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; MACE; Iron Cross; NSP. co-chm; WSA. Sympsm; Mock Sen; Union, prcs. Forum Comm, chm; XV HALVERSON, R. M. Manitowoc ECON Tf Manitowoc HALVORSEN, JOHN R. Madison ECON HAM, SUSAN B. Chapel Hill, N.C. FRENCH Sigma Epsilon Sigma; ILS Cncl; Union. Theater Comm. Music Comm. suhcr; Hoofers Ski Cb, pblcty chm; Jr Yr in France HAMERSTROM. EI.VA Plainfield ANTHRC) ILS. sec; Barnard, wing chm HAMILTON. C. B, Applelon SP THR HAMLYN. R, W. West Vend PHYSICS Dorm, v-pres. sec; Hoofers; UW March . Concert Band HAMMEREL, M. A, Hillings, Mont ENGL POL SCI Cochrane Hse, prcs; Dolphins HAMMETT, C. H. .Summit. N.J. ART HIST If U iif Miami; Chad Hall, soc chm. chorus drctr; Kappa Pi; CARDI- NAL; Union. Gall Comm; Wm ' s Chorus; AZ soc chm. hlstrn, pldg tr. v-pres HAMPEL, JAMES O. Green Bay EE Kappa Eta Kappa; Olson Hse. actvls chm, sec; Army ROTC HANAUER, SUSAN R. Erie. Pa. MED MC Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Hoofers, irt-as; WRA. treas; WISCETIQUETTE; ON WISCONSIN; AZ, Hse Jud Bd. treas HANDRICH, JAMES C. Wauwatosa CE Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; KS HANEY, PATRICK J. Long Beach, Calif. ZOOL HANFLING, S. E. Green Bar POL SCI Mock Un; Hillel; LHA, Comms HANISH, LANCE G. Beloit POL SCI Y-GOP; IF, Pblc Rltns; Newman Cb: March Band; Fenc Tm; NROTC, Nautilas Soc, pres; Jt Mil Bd; AA« rush chm HANS. JUDITH E. McHenry. III. FED Pi Lambda Theta; AWS, Coed ' s Cong, Cnvtn Dedor chm Union, usher; Span Cb; Badger Beauty; KAe, hsply chm, rec sec HANSEL. RICHARD E, Two Rivers CHEM E Alpha Chi Sigma; .Scab- bard Blade; NROTC; Navy DriU Tm; AIChE; Engr Expstn HANSEN. BONNIE J. Hates Corners FED Pi Lambda Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Soph Hnrs; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; WSA. Hse Comm. sidnt sen; College Bowl; NSP; Elm Dr A. sec chm, pep ralley chm; Pan Hel, Convoc Comm, rush cnslr; AAA HANSEN. JOHN D. Marinette PROD MGT Delta Sigma Pi HANSEN, WAYNE W. Clinlonville MKT DORMISTORY, sports co-ed, co-ed-in-chief; WSA. Jt Disc Comm; LHA. Prsnl Comm. chm; Union. Spec Pro) Comm. Theat Comm; Soph Hnrs; W Cb; Rene, co-capt; l . rush chm; assi soc chm; pldg pres HANSON. LINDA L. Madison EED Tf Augsburg; WSA. Schlrshp Comm, NSP, I.drshp Tr Progm; Union Spec Serv Comm; Hoofers; Pan Hel, rush cnslr; Humo; KKP, pldg schlrshp chm HANSON, ONA E. .9ou lh Milwaukee ART ED Tf Concordia HANSON, WILLIAM P. Racine ECON HANTOVER, LESLIE A. Kansas City. Mo. HIST Phi Kappa Phi; Union. Comm; AE , treas HAPPLU, JANE A. Reedshurg ECON Phi Chi 7heia, rush chm; Sr Swingout, Plbcty Comm, Prmin chm; Social Chm ' s Bd; Chad Hall, Soc Comm, chm; AWS Fash Sh, Prmtn chm; .AZ HARDIMAN. H. J. HartlumI HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron; Eta Kappa Lambda; St Francis Hse; Breese Hse, sec; XO HARDWlCi, ANN C. Wavcrh. la. ENGL Tf Si Olaf; LSA; Cardi- nal Band; Lowell Hall, hsefellow HARE, LESTER G. Dalion AG ENGR Tf Oshkosh; ASAE HARING. WILLIAM Milwaukee JOURN Union. Pblc Rltns Comm; HARKEN, PETER O. Madison ECON Sailing Cb. commdr; Ski Cb, pres; Hoofer St, chm HARKER, JILL F. Madison SPEECH Wis Players; Liz Waters, frosh rep comm coord; KA©. frat trends chm, song chm HARKER, LYNN A. Peoria. III. HIST AWS, Jud Bd, Style Sh; Union. Soc Comm; Mock UN; KAe HARKER. SALLY E. Janesville ENGL Wis Players; Chad Hall, Den Spkrs, Stdnt Life HARLOFF. B. A. Madison SOC WK Ann Emery, Sr Banq, chm; Union, hostess HARPOLD, B. R. Brooklyn. N.Y. PHIL Vic Hse, soc chm, sec; NEW IDEA, mgng ed HARRINGTON, T. E. Portage GEOL Conover Hse, v-pres; Jt Disc Comm HARRIS, EMILY J. Milwaukee ENGL Union, Lit Comm; Sr CI, sec; Model UN, chm; WSA, WIf Comm; AT, exec sec, Humo HARRIS, NICK S. .•ikokie. III. ENGL BADGER; Union. Wlf Comm; Hillel. Intrfth Comm; AEO HARRISON. GAIL E. l.incolnwood. III. ART Y-GOP; Union. Pblc Rlln Comm; Langdon Hall, v-pres, pres, jud chm; AXft, pldg soc chm HARTENBERG, K. A. Madison EED SNEA; Wis Ed Assn; Sigma Delta Pi; Span Cb; NSCi HARTKOPF. DAVID W. Wuusuu INSUR Tf Marathon; McNeel Hse. WSA alt rep. v-pres; Ins Soc HARTNEY, SEAN M. Hinsdule. III. ECON £X. pldg ir hartwk;, ari.en e. Juda AG RON Corps Soils Cb; Cam- pus Christian Flwshp. I ' lwshp Comm Chm. Youth Ralley, chm HASENBACH, MARY A Racine REL ARTS Coed ' s Cong, Lcgis Cimim; AWS, Prod Comm; Sr Swingout; A ' HASTINGS. MARY A. Madison HIST NSP; WSA. Trvl Comm; Hoofers; KKI ' HASZ. CAROLYN J, Reedshurg MED SCI Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Coed ' s Cong; WRA rep; Stdnt Am Med Assn; NSG; NSP; Actvt Jambo. chm; Co-curric Comm NSP. chm; Pre- Med Soc; WISMA HAUG, KAREN M. Sun Prairie PH MED I.iz Waters, soc chm; hrld. Glee Cb; Phi Theta; NSP; Intl Cb; XQ HAUGEN, PERRY J. Waunakee M AN SCI Newman Cb; Army ROTC; Wis Ml Judg Tm HAUCK, KELSEY New York. N.Y. DANCE Frosh Ldrshp Tr; Humo, Kickline, drctor, chrgrphr; SR Swingout; KAe. offer HAUKE, ROBERTA L. Clinton ENGL Tf Washburn, Hoofers; Model UN HAUPT, DAVID B. Green Bay ECON HAUPT, EARLE A. Wausait ME ASME HAUSER, JOAN B. Madison EED SNEA HAWKES. JANICE M. Withee EED HAWLEY, ROBERT S, Wauwatosa INVEST Tf Miami U; Phi Kappa Phi; Fin Soc; Mkt Cb HAWXHURST, JOHN P. Endwcll. N.Y. APPLIED MATH ENGR PHYSICS Tf Broome Tech; SK HAZLEWOOD, FRED H. Brookfield POL SCI Tf III Wesleyan; SX HEALY, LORETTA M. Chicago. 111. ART ED Elm Drv A, v-pres; Union Gall Comm; Newman Assn HFDBERG, MAVOR R. Highland Park. III. GEOG HEDMAN. E. J. Genesco, III. PSYCH HEIDEMAN. P. L. Sheboygan Falls ACCT Tf Northwestern; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Badger Christian Fellowshp; March Band; .Sptjoner Hse. LHA cabnt rep Hl-INDEL, JFRROI D J. Madiuin BIOCHFM ROTC; Pershing Rifles HHINRICH, B. A. Mdwaukee PSYCH If UWM; Phi Theta; Slichter Hall, treas; LHA, lib com IIFINZEROTH, R. L. Rocklord CE Tf Rockford; ASCE; AXA HELDEBRANDT. G. F. Mayidle TRANSPORT Olsen Hse. v-pres; Calvary Luth usher HEI.l.ENDRUNG, K. R. Watertown EED BADfiER; DORMIS- TORY ' ; KA. assl-lreas HENDRICKS. JOHN H. Normal. III. POL SCI Y-GOP; rA. rec sec HENDRICKSON, D. J. Green Bay ECON Vars Track. Ftball teams; K£ HENKE. F. G. West Bend ME ASME; Mitchell Airmen HENKE, PAUL W, West Bend POL SCI McCaffrey Hse, sec, Exec Cncl, mbr; Dormsylvania; Scope; WSA, Legis Cont Comm; Hoofers; Pre-Med Cb; Calvary Luth, usher HENNING. VIRGINA P. Janesville SP THR Tf Minot State; Sigma Alpha Eta; WSA; YWCA HENRICKS. DALE J. Manitowoc ECON HENSEL, CAROL J. Sparta FRENCH Phi Kappa Phi; YWCA, treas; French Hse, treas; Jr yr in France HENTSCHEL, M. A. Verona OCT Tf Valparaiso; Liz Waters, fir chm; Othera, ODDS TRENDS, co-ed HERLACHE, JOHN L. Sturgeon Bay ZOOL HERLACHE, T. L. Sturgeon Bay BANK, INVEST FINANCE Jones Hse, treas, pres; LHA, cabnt mbr HEROLD, DARROL S. La Crosse EE Tf La Crosse; Eta Kappa Nu, Pblcty Comm; Con- over Hse, treas, flr chm; IEEE HERREWIG. DAVID E. Milwaukee ACCT Tf UWM; Botkin Hse. pres; Fin Soc; Sailing Cb HERSCH. JAY A. Skokie. III. POL SCI WSA, Sympsm Comm, Wrlds Prob; Union Rep; McNeel Hse, pres; AEH, pidge cl pres HERSHMAN, E. A. Franklin Park. III. BANK FINANCE HERZFELDT, JANET E. Appleton MATH ED Phi Kappa Phi HESSE. HELEN J. MayviUe COMM Phi Chi Theta; Coed ' s Cong; Bresse Hse. jud chm; ATA. treas HETH. SHELDON D. Ft. Atkinson AG BUS IND CAMPUS VIEW; Band; Ag Econ Soc; Saddle Sirloin Cb; SAM; Jones Hse, soc chm HEVEY, RONALD W. Madison EE Kappa Eta Kappa HEWITT, KEITH L. Madison POL SCI Y-Dems: Mock Sen; Mock UN HEWTI r MARJIIA V. Middleton INTL RITN Hoofers HEWITT. TERRY R Middleton ACiRON HIAT. ELIZABETH A. Hlmont, N.Y. ZOOL Tf Hofstra HILDEBRAND. D. R. Milwaukee CHEM E Alpha Chi Sigma, rptr, rcrdr HILDEBRANDT, G. F. Mayville TRANSPORT Olsen Hse, v-pres HILL, DOUGLAS L. Lake Genera MUSIC Phi Mu Alpha; Wis Plyrs; Haresfoot HILLE, JEAN C. Nenomonee Falls OCT Tf George Williams; Othera; Dolphins, pres; Hoofers HIMSEL, NORMA J. Madison EED rin HINKE. THOMAS D. Madison ZOOL 2 . hse mgr, see chm HIRSCH, JOEL Skokie. III. HIST Hmcming Pep Rally Comm; Mock UN; Soph Honors HIRSIG, TERREL L. Lomira POL SCI Pre-Law Cb; Y-Dems; Y-GOP; Badger Christian Flwshp; TX, histm HIRSLEY, MICHAEL A. Western Springs, 111. JOURN Sigma Delta Chi. treas; CARDINAL, Sports ed; Richardson Hse, pres HITER, RICHARD A. Merill MKT Mkting Cb; ATQ, soc chm HITZLER, THOMAS J. Fond dti Lac HIST Arnold Air Soc, operat offc; ILS, treas HOADLEY, LAINE S. Cambridge, Mass POL SCI HOCKNEY, ROBERT C. Kenosha MKT PROD MGT Wis Previews; Badger Song Fest; Haresfoot Cb; NSG; Pershing Rifles, Drill Tm; Scabbard Blade; Wis Band; Cheerldng Sqd, capt; ATA, soc chm, Humo chm HOENACK, JUDITH M. Belhesda, Md PHIL HOEPNER, LEON W. Stevens Point EE Tf Eau Claire; IEEE HOEPNER, M. L. Stevens Point EED SNEA HOERL. HOWARD J. Brookfield MKT Alpha Kappa Psi, v-pres; pldg tr, sec, mster of ritls; Mkt Cbl Comm Stdnt- Faclty Bd: Sowerman Hse. secb. treas. pres HOFFLAND, JEAN M. La Crosse CHILD DEV Liz Waters, Unit sec- Ireas, fir. chm; A I HOFFLAND, P. A., JR. Viroqua PERS MGMT IND RLTNS Tf La Crosse; SAM HOFFMAN, C. J. Waunakee GEOG HOFFMAN, CHARLES Bronx. N.Y. PHIL Tf Hunter HOFFMAN, DIANE M. Racine ENGL Hmcming Comm HOFFMAN, JON A. Wausaii HEAT POWER Tf Wausau; Po Tau Dig- ma, ASME; Nwman Cb; SAE HOFFMANN, L. L. MilKankee ECON Tf Milw Downer; Union Pblc Rltns Comm; Hiller, relig chm, colfee hrs chm; Lowell Hall, flr treas HOGAN, PATRICK E. Sheboygan SPEECH Tr USAF Academy; Hoofers; Y-GOP; Folk Ats Soc; Pre-Law Cb; Pre- Med Soc; YMCA HOLDEN, DAWN K. EUnwood EED HOLDEN, STUART Freeport, N. Y. PHIL Mace, IF, Ed Pldg Tr Comm, chm; NSA, Acdmc Frdm Proj, co-chm; SLIC; Humo; 11 A HOLDRICH, JOHN E. Monticello ECON Delta Sigma Pi; Ins Soc HOLDRIDGE, R. R. Wausau ECON Tf Marathon County HOLL, KAREN J. Arlington W. Va. UR AFFAIRS HOLLAND, W. P. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; IEEE; Christian Sci Org, v-pres HOLLANDS, P. E. Cleason NAV SCI NROTC; SPA HOLLE, JAMES H. West Allis EE Tf UWM; WHA-TV HOLMES, RICHARD W. Valparaiso, Ind. ACCT Tf Valparaiso HOLMS, JUDITH Waukesha MED T Alpha Delta Theta, histrn HOLUBAR, MARY J. Green Bay EED Tf Green Bay HOLZ, DANIEL L. Waterlown ACCT Tf Whitewater; Beta Alpha Psi; Campus Chris- tian Flwshp, treas; Ins Soc, treas HOLZ, DONALD W. Milwaukee POL SCI Tf UWM; Dorm, Com- mons Comm Rep; Model UN, entry chm; IM Athlec HOOGERHEIDE, A. Holland FRENCH Dorm, fi chm HOOPER, JERRY G. Palmyra ZOOL Mens Glee Cb; ROTC HOOTKIN, STEVE A. Sheboygan POL SCI ROTC; IM Sports HOPKINS, SUSAN L. Columbus. O. AMER INST WSA, Frosh Ldrshp Ti Progm, NSP; Mock Sen; Stdnt Sen; NSA; Union, v-pres Comm, Forum Comm, v-pres Staff; Wis Previews; Sr Swingout; YWCA, mbrshp chm; KA©, actvts chm, serv chm HORK, LAWRENCE D. Chicago. 111. ZOOL HORN. RICHARD R. South Milwaukee M AN SCI Chamberlin Hse, schirshp chm; Y-GOP; Hoofers; Saddle Sirloin Cb, pblcty chm; Little Intl, tckt chm HOUSER, DONALD R. River Falls ME Tf River Falls; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; SAE HOWARD, JAMES R. Brookfield ECON Tf UWM; Union, hse rep; Hoofers; Army ROTC; £X HOWARD, LESTER J. Merrill CHEM Marching Band HOWARD ROY W. Madison ACCT Tf Brigham ' oung; Phi Kappa Phi; WSA, Broth- Sis Progm, NSP; Sr CI Cncl, Comm Sch rep; A Cappella choir HOWE, JAMES A. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; IEEE; Eta Kappa Nu HOWELL, RICHARD J. Janesville ACCT Phi Kappa Phi HOWEY, GREGORY B, Sycamore, 111. ME Ben, sec, pldg tr; Glee Cb; Vars ftball HUBRICK, WILLIAM J. Richland Center EE Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE HUETTER, DUANE F. Green Bay CHEM E Soph Honors HUGHES, C. P. Dubuque. la. PSYCH Tf Arizona: Phi Theta; Y-GOP; KA0 HUGHES, LYNN St. Joseph, Mich. INST ED Sigma Alpha Iota HUGHES, PATRICIA A. So. Milwaukee PH MED Phi Theta; NSG; LHA, cabnt rep; AAA, spnsr chm HUGHES, ROBERT M. Dodgeville EE Phi Eta Sigma; Army ROTC; AUSA; Cheerldr; Gymnastics Tm; i;«I E, pres, v-pres HUHN, DAVID L. Applelon ECON Tf St. Benedict ' s; 2X HUITBREGTSE, J. A. Oostburg OCT ODD TRENDS, Pres Hse; Othera; ATA HULDER, CATHIE A. Middlelon GERMAN Mock UN; Wmn ' s Chor- us; German Cb; Broth- Sis Progm; NSP; Badger Song Fest; AZ. song chm, histrn HUNSADER, T. J. Algoma AG ENGR Jones Hse, treas, hmcming chm. Union rep, frosh week cnslr; JONES HOUSE PAPER, ed; Mock; UN; Mitch Air, Colorgd, Drill Tm; Arnold Air Soc, Nat Cnvtn rep; Newman Cb; Band; AFROTC, prsnl ofRc; ASAE; ASME HUNT, ALAN G. Appleton OP RESEARCH Beta Gamma Sigma, v-pres HUNT, HOWARD A. Madison PSYCH HUNTER, DENNIS J. Dalton PSYCH Acacia; Phi Kappa Phi HUPPLER, KAY M. Neenah PSYCH Tf Carleton; Hoofers; Intl Cb; Union, Crafts Comm HUSETH, JANE W. Columbus SOC WK Union, usher; Chad Hall, Den Spkrs Comm, chm Univ Chorus Senior Activities HUSSA. ROBERT O. West Salem CHEM Phi Eta Sigma; Badger Party; March Band; KS, grand mstr of crmnies HUTCHINSON, T. W. Milwaukee POL SCI Tf Northland; Phi Kappa Phi; Mock UN, comm chm; Mock Sen; SLIC Sub-Comm; Christian Science Org; IM Rec Brd HYATT, WILLIAM D. Baraboo PHYSICS WSA, Sympsm, semnr mbr; Calvary Luth, choir pres, cncl mbr HYMAN, BRUCE A. Highland Park. 111. PHIL Pre-Med Cb; WSA, treas, Advis Staff, Sympsm Comm; n. $. athlec chm. If rep. Union rep IHDE, JOHN L. Madison NAT SCI IMMEL, KENNTH M. Fond du Lac CHEM E Faville Hse, v-pres, treas INFELISE, MARY V. Superior JOURN Tf Superior; Coronto; Theta Sigma Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; CARDINAL INGALLS, PATRICIA A. Madison PSYCH Phi Theta; Coed ' s Cong; Res aide; Union, hse rep; Badger Band ISAKSEN, NANCY L. Madison INTL RLTNS FRENCH WSA, Ldrshp Tr Progm; New Lib Party, sec; Union, Intl Rltn Comm. Spec Proj Comm; Model UN, block chm, dlgt chm; AFS Cb; Jr yr in France Progm ISROFF, Linda A. Middletown. O. CORREC INST IVERSON. KAREN R. Janesville EED Pi Lambda Theta; Coed ' s Cong; AXQ. crtsy chm IVERSON, NANCY K. Madison EED Tf La Crosse; HAS JABER, CAROL A. Fond du Lac ENGL JACKL, JOANNE L, Milwaukee REL ART Tf Stout; Wallerstein Hse, pres; Union, Soc Comm; Calvary Luth, choir; U Relig Cncl, treas; Hmcming, pblcty comm JACKSON, ALICE M. Kenosha PH MED Phi Theta; Liz Waters, soc chm, jud chm; AWS. Dec Comm; ATA, rec sec, rush cnslr. pldg schirshp chm JACOBCHICK, J. R. Milwaukee EED Cole Hall, soc chm; Univ Chorus, Broth-Sis Progm; LHA, Skrs Deb Comm; Dormsylvania, prmtns chm; SNEA; AAA. rush chm JACOBS, FRANK K. Madison SOC WK AFROTC JACOBS, RAE S. Springfield. III. SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta. v-pres JACOBS, RONALD D. Chevy Chase. Md. HIST Union, Mus Comm; AUSA. progm chm; A ROTC JACOBSEN, PAUL M. Madison ZOOL Tf Platteville; Badger Christian Flwshp JACOBSON, GARY L. Madison ME JACOBSON, GLENN H. Madison GEOG Christian Science Org. pres, rdr JACOBSON, H. A. Skokie. III. HIST WSA, Intl Rltns Comm, Bk Exch, chm: ZBT, v-pres JACQUES. JAMES J, Luxemburg SP THR Tf Green Bay; Sigma Alpha Eta JAMES, JEFFREY A. Berwyn. III. HIST ENGL IF, sec; Pblc Rltn Comm; Union, Lit Comm, Poetry Comm, Chm; Y-GOP; AXA, Blood Dr, chm, corrs rush chm, IF rep JAMES, JUDITH A. Madison ENGL Tf Wm Smith JAMES, ROBERT W. Madison ME Tf Cornell; ASME JANIS, DONALD E. Stevens Point ACCT Tf Stevens Point JANKA, WALTER J. West Allis ECON JANSEN, LINDA R. Milwaukee ENGL Tf Miami Univ; Union, Pblc Rltn Comm; Cool Hse, soc Chm; Langdon Hall, fir chm; NSP; Xn JANSKY, MARYBETH Washington, D.C. POL SCI Sr Swingout, March Comm; n B . soc chm JEFFREY, SUSAN J, Davton. O. AM INST Tf Bennett; Y-GOP; Orchesis JENSEN, JUDI A. Racine HIST BADGER Bd, sec; BADGER, Copy ed; NSP; Humo, progm chm; Pan Hel, rush cnslr; A , news corrs, pldg schirshp chm JENSEN. KAREN New York, N.Y. EED Pan Hel Cncl, gnri rush chm; n B ' l ' . rec sec, rush chm JEWSON, P. L. Madison SPEECH Wis Previews; Humo, drctr; AF JOHANNSEN, V. Waterlown HISPANIC STUDIES Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Sigma Delta Pi. treas; WSA, Frosh Ldrshp Progm, grp Idr; Humo; HAS. rush chm, pres JOHNSON, BRUCE C. Downers Grove. III. BIOCHEM JOHNSON. CHARLES J. Roch Island. 111. CE Tf Purdue; ASCE Senior Activities JOHNSON, DAVID L. Madison COMM AROTC: Y-GOP: rA JOHNSON, DAVID R. Milwaukee HIST POL SCI Tf St Norbcrl; Pre-Law Cb; IF Cncl; Newman Cb; JOHNSON, G. A. Watisaii SP THR Sigma Alpha Eia: Wmn ' s Bowl Tm: WRA Bd; Turk- Amer Assn; Elm Dr, Coed ' s Cong rc-p; Barnard, Jud Cncl JOHNSON, H. H. Sturgeon Bay MED SCI Phi Chi; Dorm Ireas JOHNSON, JUDITH A. Palatine. 111. ENGL NSC: AWS. Fash Sh Comm, Sr Swing Comm: Pan Hel, Ball Dec Comm; A JOHNSON, NANCY C. Madison HEC Euthenics; Luth Stdnt Assn JOHNSON, PAUL R. Greendate GEOG Scandinav Cb; 6X, sec JOHNSON, PETER A. HavM ' ard CE ASiCE; Chi Epsilon JOHNSON, POLLY A. Marinette EED JOHNSON, RICHARD N. La Crosse MATH PHYSICS Tf La Crosse JOHNSON, ROBERT E, Evansion. III. CHEM Var Swim; KS JOHNSON, SALLY W. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. ENGL AAA, pubic sec JOHNSON. THOMAS L. St. Louis Mo. PSYCH Evans Schlrs, pres, v-pres, pidg prcs; IF, rep; AROTC JOHNSON, VICTOR R. Madison BIOL Wis Crew Team, cptn; rA, hisirn JOHNSON, W. A., Ill Beaver Dam PSYCH Delta Epsilon; LHA, Soc Legis Comm, chm, pblcty chm JOHNSTON, JAMES L. Madi.fon PSYCH Tf Virginia; Hoofers JOHNSTON, W. D. Yiiha HIST JOLLIFFE, JEAN E. Eau Claire SPEECH Wis Players Prod; AHA, IM chm, mbrshp chm JONES, BRUCE E. Santa Barbara, Calif. POL SCI Pershing Rifles; WSA, Frosh Ldrshp Tr, chm. Mock Sen, Fall Rlrl, chm. Stdnl sen; SLIC. sub- comm chm; Wis Previews; lien JONES, MARY J Rhlnclander IBERO-AM STUDIES Tf Madrid; Canterbury CI.; Spanish Cb, v-prcs; ATA JONES, SANDRA L. Pickett HEC EDUC Barnard Hall. AWS rep; Blue Shield 4-H. corrs sec; H EC Cb, H EC Cncl rep, sec; Hsplty Day JORDAN, MARY E. Waunakee PSYCH JOSEPH, PETER C. Wausau ME Tf Wausau; ASME; SAE JOSWICK, DONALD L. Wausau GEOG Tf Marathon; Newman Cb JOYCE, JULIANNE L. Madison EED Pi Lambda Theta; SNEA; Phi Kappa Phi JOYNT, THOMAS M. Madison HIST Tf Dayton JUDD, JUDY K. Shawano PHY ED Liz Waters, jud chm; Eta Kappa Lambda, v-pres. pres; Wmn ' s Phy Ed Cb JUERS, DANIEL F. Cottage Grove CHEM ASChE, v-pres JULSETH. BRUCE A. Evansville EE Tf Milton; IEEE JUNGKANS, LYNN L. Milwaukee METEOR Rifle Pistol Cb JURACK, RICHARD W. Elm Grove ECON INSUR Pershing Rifles; WLIS; IF Cncl, rep, invstgtr; Frosh Wrestl Team; AA$, pres KABAT, FREDERICK N. Wauwatosa PHYSICS Phi Eta Sigma; Acacia, treas KAFURA, HERMAN G. Appleton HIST Scabbard Blade; NSP; Pershing Rifles; IF Rltn Comm Chm, PR Comm, sub-chm; ©AX, v-pres, rush chm KAISER, KAREN A. Milwaukee REL ART Tf Valparaiso; Langdon Manor, pres, v-pres; AXA KAISER, RICHARD A. Wauwatosa SPEECH La Folleite Hsc. soc chm; WSA Ldrshp Sem; Union, Music Comm KAKES, SUSAN G. Minocqua ENGL Rosenberry Hse, soc chm; Chad, soc comm KALCHEIM, MICHAEL Chicago, III. POL SCI IIA KALU, GEORGE K. Lagos. Nigeria ECON Delta Epsilon; Intl Rltn Cb; Intl Cb. NEWSLET- TER Comm; Stdnt Sen; Union, Forum, Soc, Intl Fcsl Comm; Mock UN; NSP. Im Athlcc KANE. ELLEN R. New York. N. Y. POL SCT WIS REVIEW, assoc ed mgr cd; ADA. Ireas. NSFF KAPLAN, LEWIS B. Koik ord. III. HIST ziir KAPLOWITZ, A. J. Brooklyn. N. Y. PHIL KARAU. JANE R. Marshfteld PHARM Kappa Epsilon, v-pres, treas; MORTAR QUILL, ed-in-chief; New- man Cb; APhA; WPhS, sec KAREL. ALBERT R. Clarendon Hills. III. BANK FINANCE Stdnt Sen; NSG; WSA. NSA Comm; Union, Soc Comm; Hoofers; AROTC; Pershing Rifles; Fencing Team KARP. MARCIA J. Stevens Point SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; Eta Kappa Lambda, pres; AWS. Prsnl Comm, Coord Comm, co-chm; Union, hse rep; Wis Plyrs; Mime Man Thtr; Chad Hall. Pres Cncl, pres; Breese Hse, pres KATCHER, MARIANNE Huntington Woods. Mich. SOC WK WSA, Elctns Comm; SAT, pldg sec, corrs sec, sunsh chm KATTESTAD, R. M. West Salem M AN SCI Tf La Crosse; A r KATZ, SUZANNE Chicago. III. FRENCH Phi Kappa Phi; BAD- GER, index ed; Union, spec serves comm; Span Cb; Lowell Hall, flr v-pres KAVEMEIER, J. W. Brookfield L ARCH Stdnt Assn L Arch; BYF, v-pres Commun of Life Faith, ex KAYSER, JOHN P. Mequon ME KEATING, J. A. Crystal Lake, 111. INT RLTN AWS. Schlstc Comm; Union. Music Comm; Int Rltn Cb KECK, CAROLYN J. Minneapolis, Minn. OCT Othera; OCT Stdnt Assn, prcs; ODDS TRENDS, co-ed; Union. Craft Comm; Chad Hall, Cam- pus Life Comm KEEGAN, DON P. Richland Center ME SAE; Dorm, Athlec Comm KEEHAN, ROBERT M. l.eopolis ME SAE; ASME; Pistol Tm KEEN. SUSAN B. Elm Grove ENGL Tf Coe; Nardin Hsc, flr co-chm; Sr Swingout; NSP; Canterbury Cb; Chorus KEESE, DAVID F. South Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; IEEE KEETCH. LEANNE llo-Ho-Kus. N. J. FRENCH Tf Centenary; Union. Soc Comm KEHOE, THOMAS J. Crallon ZOOL Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; WSA, Ldrshp Progm KlI I I R. I . A. ( hiriign. III. VO -SCI GREFKSPEAK, circul cd; Sympsm Comm; IF Rush Comm; Il. t. v-pres KELLER, NORBERT L. Madison ME Tf UWM; ASME KELLESVIG. DAVID A. Mt. Horeh AG ENGR ASAE, treas; Polygon Bd Dir; Model UN, deig; AFP KELLEY, NANCY K. Madison ENGL NSP; Campus Chest; AAA, asst recom chm KELZENBERG, JEAN B. Madison FRENCH AREA STUDIES BADGER Beauty; Stdnt Sen; WSA. sec; NSA. dlgt; AWS. Prsnl Comm; Union. Cncl. V-pres Staff; SLIC. sub-comm; Foun- ders ' Day Spkr; Stdnt Cmpgn for Elvejhem Art Cntr, co-chm; KAO, init chm, Pan Hel rep KENNAN, JUDI E. Milwaukee SP THR Tf Ripon; Sigma Alpha Eta KENNEDY, M. D. Waukesha ZOOL Tf Marquette KENNEDY. THOMAS L. New Auburn CHEM E Tf Superior KENNETT. BARBARA San Diego. Calif. POL SCI Tf San Diego State. USC KENNEY. ROBERTA M. Elkhorn SOCIOL Tf Beloit KENOWER, GRETCHEN Milwaukee JOURN Tf UWM; Coranto; Sigma Iota; CARDINAL KENTOP, MARCIA E. Oshkosh MATH Tf Oshkosh; Sr Swingout KENYON, KENNETH H. Park Falls CHEM E KEOPPLE, JANE G. Osceola TEX CL AWS, Style Sh; Wesley Fndtn; Euthenics; Blue Shield 4-H Cb KESSELMAN, R. C. Brooklyn. N. Y. ECON SA KESSLER, KENNETH B. Wauwatosa ECON Wis Previews, Cntrl Comm; WSA, Pub Rltn Comm. chm; Sr CI Cncl; IF. Pblc Actvts Comm; NSG; Mil Ball. Badger Beauty Presn chm; Elve- jhem Art Fndtn. Stdnl Comm; Soc Chm Bd. chm; HBll. Soc chm KESTER. JUDITH A. Oshkosh ENGL Tf Oshkosh KESZTHELYI, EWALD Milwaukee ME Tf UWM; Noyes Hse, scholr chm; Intl Cb; ASME; German Cb; treas; Newman Assn KETCHUM, E. L. Milwaukee GEOG IF, Pblc Rltn Comm; Evans Schlrs KETTNER, JOHN C, Appleton EE Tf Fox Valley, Kappa Eta Kappa; IEEE, Polygon Bd KEULER, JONI M. Mavville SOC WK Tf Oshkosh KEYES, CHARLES L. Knapp EE Tau Beta Pi; Soph Hnrs; IEEE KEYES, ROGER K. Shawano COMM Phi Eta Sigma; BADGER bus mgr. sales mgr; Mkting Cb; Y-GOP. Mock Pol Conv. rep; Manor Grd. capt; 2:A pldg trainer, chap KIHM, W. H. JR. Evansion. III. PSYCH Leopold Hse, pres. soc chm KILEY. ROBERTA M. Crystal Lake. III. POL SCI Tf Whitewater; CARDI- NAL; Mock UN; Mdl Senate; AZ, Pblcty chm KILLEN, DONALD G. New London HIST Tf Oshkosh KILMER, MICHAEL Z. Milwaukee LT BLDG Tf UWM; Union. Intl Cb, Frndshp Mr. Soc. Welfare Comms; Real Est Lt Bldg Assn. treas KIND. DONALD C. Hager City ED YMCA. pres. v-pres. cbnt; Phi Eta Sigma; Stdnt Sen; Luth Stdnt Assn. sen KING. JOHN S. Burlington AG EX SOILS As Agr Stdnt Cncl. pres; WSA, Stdnt Sen; AFP KING, MARK N. Madison GEOL Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Men ' s Glee Cb; Marching Concert Band; Orches; Opera Wkshop KINGSBURY, W. L. Madison ME SAE KINS. DAINA Oconomuwoc SOC WK Phi Kappa Phi; Frosh Ldrshp Tr Progm; Coed ' s Cong; Murray Hse. v-pres; AAA. mrshl KINS, JOHN Oconomowoc FINANCE Mkt Fin Cb; ATQ KINS. JURIS Milwaukee CHEM E Tf UWM; AEChE KINZER. JENNIFER Burlington GEOL Geol Cb KIRMSE, DIANE H. Corpus Christi. Te.x. INTL RLTN AF KISS, KATHLEEN F. Kenosha ZOOL Tf Knox; Sellcry, jud bd; Union, Lit Cb; Canter- bury Cb; Pre-Med Cb KLABUNDE, S. E. Oshkosh ME Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; ROTC; Pershing Rifles; F.ngr Expsm; ASME ATA KLANS, W. G. JR. Clintonville COMM KLECHEFSKl, G. E. Madison EE IEEE KLEES. BARBARA A. Racine PSYCH Tf Racine; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi KLEIN, PATRICIA D. Madison HEC Hoofers; Hsptly Day KLEIN. RICHARD D. Bronx. N. Y. PSYCH Tf Queens; Phi Kappa Phi; Union, Intl Cb. Stdnt Cncl on Civ Rls; Chning Murray Unir Cb; Pre- Law Cb; Y-Dems; ADA, U Rclig Cncl KLINGER, M. E. Walerlown SPAN KLUENDER, H. R. Waupaca ASTRON LHA. Film Comm; La Follette Hse. pres, v-pres; AROTC; Pershing Rifles; AUSA KLUG. PAUL J. Oconomowoc NAT SCI Sidnt Sen; LHA, Cabnt Rep; AROTC KLUMPAR, KONNIE A. Independence, la. PHY ED Mortar Bd; Phi Kappa Phi; Crucible; Eta Kappa Lambda; AWS. pres, sec; Wilkinson Hse, pres, jud chm; Chad Hall, Jud Cncl, chm; WRA, v-pres; KNAPP, PAULINE Marshfield HIST KNAUF, KENNETH L. Birnaniwood ACCT Tf Marathon; Alpha Kappa Psi; SAM KNEPPRETH, DONNA Milwaukee SPEECH Angel Flight, pres KNEUBUEHL, R. D. Brodhead GEOG AROTC KNEZEL, JEFFRY D. Brodhead ACCT Beta Alpha Psi; Arnold Air Soc KNISKERN, MARY K. Green Bay POL SCI NSP; Mock UN KNODE, CATHERINE Fredonia, N. Y. ENGL Pan Hel, sec; NSP; Stdnt Bk Exchng; A$. schlrshp chm, pldg tr KNOOP, REBECCA J. Troy, O. HIST Tf Stephens; HE , pldg pres KNOX, GEORGIA J. Atkinson FRENCH Chad Hall, jud chm; Pan Hel, schlrshp chm, rec sec; Greek Wk, co-chm; ASA, Pan Hel rep KNOX, PAMELA A. Whitewater SPEECH Sigma Hpsilon Sigma; AWS; Wis Previews; Pan Hel, fash sh model, persnl, scrpt chm; Cam- pus Chest; HAS, v-pres KNUTZEN, GERALD A. Waiiwatosa SOCIOL Phi Eta Sigma; C-D Comm; IM Ftball, Water Polo; AT KOCH, DUANE E. Johnson Creek M AN SCI Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Saddle Sirloin Cb; Ag Stdnt Cncl; FFA, v-pres; Meat Judg Tm; Livestock Judg Tm; 1964 Little Intl, gen mgr; Aes, treas, pldg tr KOCH, MICHAEL H. Chicago, III. HIST Tf Tulane; ZBT KOCHER, DAVID B. Chippewa MED SCI Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi KOCHER, SARAH L. Ulysses. Penn. MUS ED Tf Mansfield; Wmn ' s Chorus; Cardinal Band KOEHN, RICHARD J. Lake Geneva L ARCH Frandenburger Hse, soc chm, treas, elctns chm; LHA cabnt rep; NSP; SAL A; AT, chpt rltns off KOENIG, NEIL N. Watisau POL SCI ILS PIONEER, news ed; WSA, Govt Rltn Dept, chm; Stdnt Sen, Exec Comm; NSA, dlgt to Wash; YMCA, cabnt; UN smnr; X KOEPP, SANDRA J. Barahoo CHEM Tf St. Olaf College; Ket- terer Hse, jud chm KOHLMAN, CURTIS J. Milwatikee EE Tf UWM; Eta Kappa Nu; Mead Hse, sec, treas KOLLATH, NANCY A. Tomah HIST Tf La Crosse; Luth Stdnt Assn KOLOWSKI, M. A. Kenosha ME ASME; Newman Cb KOMETER, CLYDE W. Sheboygan ACCT Tf Sheboygan KOMMEL, CAROLMvI Flushing, N. Y. FRENCH Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Mortar Bd; Gen Welfare Hsng Comm. chm; Stdnt Life Int Comm, Living Cond Hygiene Sub- comm; NSA; Peace Corps, coord chm; Stdnt Proj for Intl Respon KOOPMAN, E. L. Tomah COMM BANK Noyes Hse. treas, v-pres; Army ROTC KOPP, PAUL D. Waupaca GEOL Tf Stevens Pt KOPPA, RANDOLPH S. Eau Claire INTL RLTN Wis Plyrs; Haresfoot; Newman Cb; Germ Cb; Span Cb; KS KOPPE. THOMAS F. Racine ECON Tf Racine KORF. BARBARA Milwaukee ENGL Tf Beloit; AAA KOSAK, ALAN J. Madison HIST Vr, pldg tr KOSCIK, KENNETH J. Madison CE Tf Kenosha; Delta Epsi- lon; ASCE, sec treas; Kahlenburg Hse, soc chm, pres KOSICK, PHYLLIS V. Chicago, III. PSYCH Elm Dr A, soc chm; BADGER KOSS, JOSEPH A. Casco ZOOL Hoofers KOVARA, EARL J. Racine MATH Tf Racine; Newman Cb KOWALESKI, D. J. Conralh AG RON KOZICH. DENNIS W. Racme HIST Tf Dominican; S X», schlrshp chm KOZICKI. JOHN J. Green Bay HIST Tf Green Bay KRAJEWSKI, LEROYJ. Madison MATH Jones Hse, sec; " W " Cb; Var Baseball KRALOVETZ, R. G. Crivitz ACCT Beta Alpha Psi; Arnold Air Soc; AFROTC; LHA, Film Comm, Store Bd; Siebecker Hse, bus mgr KRANIG, JOHN V. Park Falls ME AFROTC; SAE, treas KRATSCH, JUDITH L. Oshkosh PSYCH Belyer Hse, treas KRAUSE, DANIEL M. A Igoma AG E ASAE, pres, sec; Alpha Zeta, treas; AGS, pres, rush chm KREIBICH. ROBERT C. Chicago, III. CE Tf Wright Jr.; Evans Schlrs; Chi Epsilon KREJCI, JAMES J. Pewaukee CHEM E KRIEGER, KAROL B. Pittsburgh. Pa. ENGL NEW IDEA; Hoofers; Choir KRIEGER. ROGER B. Milw-aukee ME Phi Kappa Phi KRINKE, LORNA I. St. Paul, Minn. ART ED Tf Cornell; Union. Soc Comm; Humo Kickln; Orchesis; XQ KRISTOF, ELMA J. Madison CHEM WISCONSIN ENGI- NEER, sec KRITZLER, HELEN S. Roslyn HIS.. N. Y. HIST KROESCH. JAMES D. Roscoe, III. EE Eta Kappa Nu; SAE KROGSUND. JON E. Madison HIST KRONISH, KAREN Beverly Hills. Calif. INTL RLTN Intl Rltn Cb; Mock UN KROWAS, ROBERT G. Green Bay EE IEEE KROYER, JAMES M. Walworth EE Tf Colorado; IRE; IEEE; Air Force ROTC KRUTCHEN, W. C. Tomahawk EE Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu, v-pres; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE; Polygon Bd KRUEGER, ARLIN E, Applelon PROD MGMT KRUEGER, C. E. Antigo ACCT KRUEGER. DARBY K. Oak Park. III. EE Kappa Eta Kappa; IEEE; Concert Marching Band KRUEGER, R. J. Milwaukee MUSIC ED Phi Mu Alpha; U Bands, mgr; 2$E, sec, song, alum, rush, pblcty chm KRUEGER, SHARON Wausau ZOOL Gamma Delta KRUEGER, T. W. Milwaukee ECON Tf Montana State; Pyre Hse, v-pres KRUG, BETTY J. Ashlon, III. PH MED Phi Theta, treas, pres KRUGER, RITA M. Kenosha CHILD DEV KUBASTA. JAMES W. Oshkosh CE Tf Oshkosh; ASCE; Mock UN KUBEC. NANETTE J. Kenosha ART Tf Washington U; r B Senior Activities KUEHNE, CARL W. Seymour ECON Tf Ripon; Alpha Phi Omega, sec-treas; 2AE, soc chm, alt WSA rep KUELTHAU, KAREN P. St. Louis, Mo. ENGL Hoofers; Pan Hel. rush chslr; Xfi. vocat chm, v-pres, asst rush chm KUHL, ROBERT D. Hazel Green MED SCI Phi Eta Sigma; Pre Med Soc KUHLMAN, K. L. Sheboygan OCT Othera; InU Rl tn Cb; Mock UN KUNKEL, ROBERT W. Brookfield GEOG YMCA. treas; THE TORCH KURLANSKY, C. M. Chicago, III. FED Carroll Hall, soc chm, flr chm, flr sec; Campus Chest; Union, Craft Comm; Craft Sales, chm; Soc Comm; Prom Dec Comm, chm KUSSMAUL, JOHN A. Mt. Hope POL SCI Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Betkin Hse, pres, v-pres, sec; Clg Bowl; Mock UN; Y-Dems KUSSOW, DONALD J. De Pere ART Delta Epsilon; LHA, Comnctns drctr, DORM- SYLVANIA, gen chm, X-mas formal chm. Fin Comm, Soc Comm; WSA, Ldrshp Tr; Union, Pubic Rltns Comm; Leopold Hse, treas KUTALEK, R. M. Wauwalosa MIN E KUTCHERA, R. L. Madison ACCT Chamberlain Hse, soc chm KYLE, NANCY M. Milwaukee HEC Hoofers LA BARRO, PATRICIA Madison AM INST LA BELLA, ANGELA C. Madison ENGL LA BLANC, R. W. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; Kappa Eta Kappa, v-pres; IEEE; Union, stdnt Art Contest; Luth Stdnt Choir; WLHA, anncr; Hoofers LAIN, RICHARD J. Berwyn, III. PSYCH Hoofers LAIRD, JOHN P. Applelon ECON Tf Denison; CARDINAL; AROTC; ATQ, v-pres LALK, THOMAS R. Menomonee Falls ME Tf Milwaukee; " PT LAMBERT, IVAN Milwaukee PHARM UWPhS; MORTAR QUILL; AEH LAMBERT, THOMAS C. New York, N. Y. PHIL Spooner Hse. pres; Phi Eta Sigma, hislrn. cncl mbr; CARDINAL; Wis Plyrs. actor; Pre-Law Cb; Orchestra. WLHA LAMERS, DAN P. Kaukauna PSYCH Tf I IT; AFROTC; Badg Sky Divers LAMM, JANET H. Madison PH MED Phi Theta; Liz Waters, fl chm LAMM, JUDITH A. Middleton MUSIC ED Tf Eau Claire; Sigma Alpha Iota; Cncrt Band; Orchestra LAMM. WILLIAM R. Madison BACT Kappa Psi LAMONT. F. J. Green Bay MED SCI Tf St. Norbert; Phi Chi LANDE. CAROL A. Deerfield HEC ED Tf Stout; Phi Upsilon Omicron Nu LANDY, ELLEN R. Highland Park, III SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; WSA, NSG, Elctns. poll capt LANE. BARBARA O. Detroit, Mich. SPAN Tf Albion; Span Cb; Brot-Sis Progm; Villa Maria, treas LANGBAUM. LEE S. Madison ART HIST Tf Queens LANGE, RONALD W. Mayville MATH McCaffrey Hse, pres, Im Athlec Comm LANGENFELD, JUDY Theresa POL SCI Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; CARDINAL, soc ed; Union, Hse Comm; XQ LANGER, STUART F. Milwaukee SPEECH Mead Hse, sec; Humo; Union. Jazz in the Rat; HWA. WHA-TV. staff anncr; WLHA. chief anncr; AEII, pldg tr LAPIDUS, ALLAN E. Chicago. 111. POL SCI IF, Pig Tr Educ Comm, chm; WSA, Govern Rltns Comm; Lcgis Banquet; Varsity Party, co-chm; Union, Pblc Rltns Comm, Film Comm; Mock UN, block chm; Hmcming Dec Comm, chm LARGET, ROBERT G. Oshkosh CE Pershing Rifles, pblc infor offer; A Cappella; Tri- angle, sec LARKIN, KATHLEEN Wauwalosa HIST ED Phi Kappa Phi; WSA, Soc Comm; Union, Pblc Rltns Comm; KA, pres LARSEN, CAROL T. Kenosha FED Tf Kenosha; Pi Lambda Theta LARSON, DAVID G. La Crosse MKT LARSON, JOHN D. Madison ACCT Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Soph Honors; Jt MU Bd LARSON, NANCY C. Madison ART ED NSG; Pan Hel, Dec Comm, chm. Style Sh, model; Union, Gall Comm, sec; A44, chpin, serv proj chm, pldg treas, hmcming display ch Senior Activities LARSON, PAULA S. Glenview. III. SP THR Sigma Alpha Eia; Coed ' s Cong, rep; AWS. Sr Swingoul Prmms Comm; Campus-City Coord Comm; 1 ' 4 U LARSON. SANDRA K. Clarendon Hills, III. PH MED Phi Thcla. treas; Sigma Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; WSA. Wlf Proj Comm; Pres Hse; ATA LARSON, THOMAS A. Madison ME ASME LARSON. THOMAS A. Janesvillc ECON AXA. v-prcs. pidg Ir. ritualist LARSON. THORALEE Barahoo MUSIC Rosenbcrry Hse, Mus Comm. chm; Sigma Alpha Iota, cd. rec sec. yrbk co-chm; A Cappella Choir, Band LARSON, WILLIAM P. Bea er Dam RUSS WISCONSIN REVIEW; INTERVAL; LHA Cncl LATORIA, DIANE R. Franklin Park. III. CORREC ADMIN LAUTER, ERIKA New York, N. Y. SPEECH Sigma Alpha Eta; Model UN; Res Aide LAUTH, DENNIS W. Port Washington ZOOL LAUTZ, DONALD G. Madison ACCT Men ' s Glee Cb; Hares- foot; AXA LAWLER, JERRY T. Wilmeiie. III. ENGL LAWRENCE, NATALIE Wauwatosa PERS MGMT MKT Phi Chi Theta; Corrsp: Mkt Cb; SAM, sec; Comm Bd. sec, rep; Chad Hall. Red Cross rep; Barnard flr chm LAWRENCE. R. J. (fainuu HIST Tf Marathon LAYING. WILLIAM R. Rocklord. III. MECH Wis Eng Mech Soc; WIS ENGINEER; Ochsner Hse, soc comm; LHA, athlcc comm LEACH, MARY R. Harl ord MED T I.EATHERMAN. J. B. Uniondalf. N. Y. MATH Orchestra; WLHA LEAVITT. L. A. Maiden. Mass. SOCIOL Union. V-Pres Comm. Spec Serv Comm; Hoof- ers; ZIIT LEBOWITZ. R. A. Chicago, III. HIST LEFEBVRE, P. E. Kenosha IEEE EE LEFEVRE. STEVEN J. Green Bay ECON NSG; IM Sports; BAT, pldg pres, pidg tr LEKLEM, JAMES E. Wis. Rapids CHEM Campus Party; IntI Rhn Cb. treas; Wis Hall. Jiseflw LLMBCKE. T. P. Oconomowoc AG ENGR Babcock Hse. treas. alum coor; ASAE; CARDI- NAL; Blue Shield 4-H Cb LEMONS. DOUGLAS A. Applelon POL SCI LENARD, ALLEN D. Los Angeles, Calif. ACCT Beta Alpha Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Humo. t ckt chm. Prod Comm; NSP; nA LENGACHER. R. F. Kenosha HIST Tf Kenosha LENIUS, HARLAN J. Brussels ACCT Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade LERNER, FREDERICK New York, N. Y. PHIL NSG; Dean ' s Comm on Advis Regis LERNER, MICHAEL O. Belhesda. Md. ECON Phi Kappa Phi; WSA, Schlrshp Comm. Flcty Rcrtn Bd; AROTC; ZHT. treas. pres LESSER, ROGER Rego Park, N. Y. SOC WK LEUBNER, MARK A. Sheboygan EED Hoofers LEAVENBERG, S. M. Chicago. III. CHEM Tf Illinois; Leopold Hse, treas LEVENSOHN, CAROLE Eranslon, 111. ENGL LEVENSON, S. M. Washington. D. C. ZOOL Dorm, pres; IM Sports LEVEROOS. T. E. Superior SOCIOL Tf Superior LEVEY. LEWIS A. Clavton. Mo. ECON Tf Tulane; ASCE; ZBT, pres LEVIN, MICHAEL Janesville FRENCH LEVIN. SARAH C. Balto, Md. BOT Groves ' Co-op, wk chm; Colonial Ldg, flr chm; Hoofers; Y-Dems; Coed ' s Con g LEVY, GAIL J. Madison ENGL Lowell Hall, offer LEVY, HERBERT A. Stolen Island, N. Y. HIST LEVY, MAURICE L. Winetka. III. PHIL esA LEVY, PHILIP A. Madison ENGL CARDINAL; Humo Comm; Campus Chest; AEfl, histrn LEWANDOWSKI, M. J. Pound TEX CL Tf Marinelle; Phi Upsilon Omicron. treas; Blue Shield 4-11; H Ec Stdnt Cncl, treas LEWENSTEIN, S. G. Appleton PHYSICS LEWIN. JILL University City, Mo. PHY ED Sldnt-Fctly Comm t)f Wmn ' s Phy Ed Dcpt. chm; Aj; ! LEWIS. DONNA J. Stoughton HEC RETAIL LIBEN, LAURA New York. N. Y. HIST LICHTY, PATRICIA A. Madison SOC WK Tf Whitewater; XQ I.ICKLIDER, LINDA K. ISronkliM SP THR Tf UWM; Sigma Alpha Eta LIEBERMAN. S. S. Grel Neck. N. Y. PSYCH Union. Crafts Comm, usher; Phil Cb; AE , soc chm LIEBOVICH, CAROLE Rocklord. III. EED Sympsm Smnr Comm; Humo. judf chm; AWS, Fash Sh. Pblcly Comm; Pan Hcl. rush cnsir; AE I ' . pldg cl v-pres. hse pres LIENAU, R. DANIEL Mt. Horeh SOC WK Luth Stdnt Assn, pres, treas; Hoofers LIERK, JOHN W. Hartland ECON Mil Ball, pblcty chm, LHA athlec chm; Wis Previews LIFSCHULTZ, I. C. Chicago. III. POL SCI Union, Pblc Rltns Comm; AE LIFSCHUTZ, DAVID H. Milwaukee PHIL Tf Yeshiva; Hillel LILLARD, SHARON L. Morton Grose. III. POL SCI AWS rep; Campus Chest exec; AHA LILLY, JEANNE E. Amherst, Mass. ENGL Tf Eau Claire LIMBACH. JOHN P. Madison MOLEC BIOL WSA, dist comm; Union, Hse Comm; LHA, Cam- era Cb LINSKY, CARY B. Chicago. III. ZOOL IF, Rush Comm; SA, treas, sec, athlec chm LIPMAN, CAROLE A. Stevens Pi. HIST Wis Previews; Pan Hell, rep, coor sec, rush comm sec; AT, hse pres LIPMAN, JOEL A. Kenosha ENGL Stdnt Sen; Var Party; NSP. pblcty chm; WSA, Ldrshp Progm Pblctns chm; Ldrshp Tr; AEII, pldg pres. IF rep LIPPOLT, MAXINE J, Madison ENGL riA , Mus chm LIPSKI, RON R. Madison CLINICAL PSYCH Y-Dems; Union Tourn Comm; WSA Civ RIs Comm. chm; BADGER LIPSON. ALLEN S. Brooklyn. N. Y. POL SCI NSG; Humo prod crew. n A4 I.IITMAN. W. S. Ilrooklield SPEECH Tf UWM LODL, LEON P. Green Bay NAT SCI LOFF. GLORIA J. Dane EED LOFF, I INDA K. Madison EED LOGERQUIST. A. A. Milwaukee ENGL LONGMIRF. JOAN M. Milwaukee CHEM Mock UN; Union. Tourn Comm. chm; WRA Bd; IRA, bd mbr; Wesley Fndtn LONGUA, GAYE L. Waupun MED T Alpha Delta Theta LOO, LUCILLE W, Honolulu. Hawaii OCT Tf U of Hawaii; Othera, treas LOOMFR, ROBERT F. Prairie du Sac MUSIC ED Phi Mu Alpha Sinforia, pres, wrdn; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Marching Band LOPINSKY, ELLEN A. Charleston. W. Va. POL SCI Sm. exec sec; NSG; Cam- pus Chest; Frosh Ldrshp Tr; AE . pres LOPPNOW. W. T. Green Bav FINANCE MKT Mkt Cb; Ae. sec. treas LORENZ. ALLAN L. Stoddard CE Tf La Crosse; ASCE LOSEY, BARBARA H. Milwaukee DY SCI Phi Kappa Phi; Zoe Bay- liss, sec; Hoofers; Wmn ' s Chorus LOTHE, JEAN M. Poynette VOCAL ED Tf Carroll; Sigma Alpha Iota, corrs sec; Badger Song Fest, chm; WLHA libr; LHA. chorus accomp; Little Intl; Ross Hse, pres LOTTERER, DAVID W. St. Croix Falls EE IEEE; TKE LOUD, MARY B. Madison SPAN Sigma Delta Pi, treas LOVE, LAURENCE J. Milwaukee POL SCI Tf UWM; Y-Dems LOWE, BRUCE E. Milwaukee HIST AEH LOWE, RICHARD B. Bronx, N. Y. LOWE. ROBERT F. Skokie. III. ZOOL NSG; Campus Bid Dr, hse chm; Hoofers; ATQ, pldg v-pres LOWELL. VERNON H. Wis. Rapids HIST LUBAR, ROBERT L. Chicago. III. PSYCH If, Rush Comm; HA , offer LUCHS, CAROLYN A. Evanston. III. SPAN NSG; NSP; AHA I UCK, GARY M. Milwaukee HIST NEW IDEA, mg ed; Union. Music Comm; Wis Plyrs Prod, " Gondoliers " " Wonderful Town " LUEDKE, M. K. Milwaukee PH MED Tf Cornell; Phi Theta; NSG; Dolphins; Al " LUEDTKE, ROCiER A. Wausau PHIL Phi Eta Sigma; Judo Cb, Pre Law Cb LUEPKAS, W. R. lake Geneva Till RMO DYNAM ASMi; I.UKOWICZ. LEON W, Oconomowoc ANTHRO Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; ATll, pldg pres, steward LULLOFF, ROLF S. Dodgeville MED SCI Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; LHA, Bk Exchg Comm, chm, Dorm, athlec chm, v-pres, sec LUMP, EDWARD J. Lake Villa. III. POL SCI Tf Carroll; TKE, pres. v-pres LUND, RICHARD W. Columbus. Ohio MET E AIME, ASM; Haresfoot; Wis Previews; BBH. pres, Humo chm, sec LUNDE, KAREN A. River Forest. III. FRENCH Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; NSP. Exec Comm; Stdnt Ldrshp Tr; Wis Previews; French Cb; Russ Cb; Dolphins; Y-GOP; Humo; Jr Yr in France; Ann Emery, Exec Cncl; AF LLTNDTVEIT, THOMAS Hayward EE Tf Superior; Kappa Eta Kappa; ELECTRON, ed, treas LUSTIG, ANTOINETTE Miami. Fla. MATH BADGER; Union, usher; Y-Dems LUTZE, GERALD A. Sheboygan EE Kappa Eta Kappa LYNCH, MICHAEL J. Green Bay PHYSICS Tf Green Bay; Phi Eta Sigma LYNCH, SUSAN E. Racine FRENCH Murrey Hse. treas McARTHUR. ELLEN Baraboo SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; Mur- ray Hse, soc chm; ASA McARTHUR. R. T. Baraboo AG ENGR ASAE McATEER. CHARLES H. Platteville ACCT FINANCE Tf Platteville; Beta Alpha Psi. corrs sec; Fin Soc; Hoofers; Newman Cb McCABE. MICHAEL J. Elm Grove PHIL Tf St, Norbert McCAFFREE. J. D. Seattle. Wash. DY SCI Alpha Zeta. chronicler; Stdnt Sen; Saddle Sir- loin Cb: AFP, pres, soc chm McCALL, JONATHON S. Oconto JOURN Air Force ROTC; WLHA. stn mgr McCarthy, mary k. Rocklord. III. OCT WSA, Prsnl. Hmcoming Comms; I ' nion, Crofts Comm; AWS. Sr Swing- out. Prsnl Comms. Fash Sh; Othera; KAH McCLURG, WILLIAM L, Wauwalosa SPEECH Wis Players Prod: Luth- eran Stdnt Assn McCORMlCK, W. C. Madison PHARM WPhA McCOY, F. E, II San Francisco, Calil. GEOG Mitchell Air; Arnold Air Soc: Jt Mil Bd McCOY, HUGHES JR. Madison SOC WK Hoofers: Mock UN; Channing Murry Soc; I ' nion. usher McCOY, JUDITH A. 5. Mil-naiikee HEC ED McCUBBIN. H. J. Honolulu, Hawaii POL SCI WSA, Pblc Rltns Comm chm; Army ROTC, com- mand off; Jnt Mil Bd; Hawaiian Cb. v-pres; Rugby Tm; Pershing Rifles, pres McDONIELS, VERNE E. Milwaukee JOURN Tf UWM: Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Fal- lows, v-pres, nwsppr ed; cardinal Mcdonough, c. r. West Newton, Mass. ZOOL Tf Texas Women ' s; Pre- Med Cb; Snow Hse, soc chm Mcelroy, frank f. Appleton EE Eta Kappa Nu, rec sec; IEEE; Hoofers; Folk Arts Soc; Eng Expstn; Wis Speleol Soc McFARLAND, T. G. Cincinnati. Ohio HIST Tf Ohio U; Alpha Lambda Delta McGINNlTY, JAMES M. Argyle CHEM E Alpha Chi Epsilon; AIChE; Newman Cb McGOWAN. MARY L. Madison SOCIOL AWS; Bowling McKAY. JOHN D. Madison POL SCI McKENZIE, J. T. Chicago. 111. ECON Phi Kappa Phi; Y-Dems; T, soc chm, corrs sec. Union rej McMAHAN, J. M. Madison HIST McMillan, g. w. Montclair. N. J. EE Tf Va Military Institute; " W " Cb; Swim Tm; NCAA McMILLEN, DENNIS R. Madison CE ASCE. v-pres, sec; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsi- lon, v-pres, assoc ed; Polygon Bd, corrs sec McNAMARA, ELLEN C. Hales Corners POL SCI McNAUGHTON, P. J. Madison CORREC ADMIN Pershing Rifles; Army ROTC McPEEK, PATRICIA R. West Allis OCT Eta Kappa Lambda; Othera; Scott Hse. pres; Bleyer Hse, jud chm Mcpherson, j. d. Milwaukee EE MATH Tf UWM; Mead Hse, pres, athlec chm McQUESTION, M. E. Kenosha SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta McVITTY, PATRICIA L. Oak Park, III. SPAN Ann Emery, fir chm, jud chm; Sr Swingout; WSA, NSP; Y-GOP; Campus Chest; AWS, Jud Bd; Hoofers; Humo; r " I B, v-pres. soc chm, Humo drct McWILLIAMS, JOHN J. Shiillshur!; MKT Tf Loras; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Cb; Insur Soc; Mkt Cb MAASKE, WILLIAM A. West Bend POL SCI Union, Spec Proj Comm; Mead Hse, soc chm; S , schlrshp chm MACHKOVICK, E. F. .9l ii Prairie MKT Alpha Kappa Psi. sec; AFROTC; Mkt Cb; Ins Soc; Judo Cb; U YMCA MacKENZIE, D. Hudson. Ohio ENGL Tf Colby Jr; Ann Emery, Coed ' s Cong rep. Exec Cncl; WSA Hmcming Comm; AT. corrs sec, v-pres pldg cl. Exec Cncl MACKEY, RONNIE L. Evanston, III. ME ASME; SAE; WIS EN- GINEER; flAK MADSEN, CARL H. Manitowoc GEOG Tf Manitowoc; BADGER; SNEA; Y-Dems MAERSCH, S. P. Sheboygan JOURN Hoofers MAGIL, MARGARET R. New York. N. Y. ENGL CARDINAL; Chorus; Campus Hall, pres. sec MAGNUSSON, LYNN A. Verona ACTUARIAL SCI Tf UWM; ROTC MAIR, ANN S. Grosse Poinle, Mich. PH MED Tf Michigan; Phi Theta; Union, Crafts Comm MAJESKIE, J. LEE Waukesha AG EX ED Mil Ball, Pblcty Comm; Dairy Cattle Judg Team; SX, pblcty chm MAJEWSKI, W, C. Armstrong Creek UR R PL Tf Marinette; Gregory Hse, treas; Ur R PI Cb; DORMISTORY. art ed MAKELA, CAROLE J. Ashland HEC Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsi- lon Omicron. rec sec; Omicron Nu, Stdnt Cncl rep; H Ec Stdnt Cncl; Euthenics Cb. mbrshp chm; H Ec, Hsptlty Day, chm; Zoe Bayliss Hse, Coordntr MAKELA, GERALD R. Iron River EE Phi Eta Sigma; David Schrciner Hse. v-pres, soc chm; IEEE; WSA, Soc Chm Bd MALCOLM, JOEL F. East Troy ECON Tf Marquette; ATO MALEK, VINCENT F. Berwyn. 111. CHEM Tf Morton; Union, rep; Ochsner Hse. sec, athlec chm MALONEY, K, E. Madison HEC Union, Hse Comm MALZAHN, ROBERT J. Sturgeon Bay CONSERV Tf Iowa State; Badger Crops Soils Cb MANDEL, DAVID H. Great Neck, N. Y. HIST Baseball; ZLiT MANGO, WILLIAM JR. Deerfield GEOL Tf Eau Claire; Hoofers; Geol Cb MANGUM, NORMA J. Madison CHILD DEV Tf Wright Jr MANN. KATHLEEN A. Milwai4kee FRENCH MARFILIUS, D. F. Prairie du Chien CHEM E High Hse, flr chm. sec, hmcming chm; AlChE MARGENAU, J. R. Sheboygan MATH Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; David Schreiner Hse, v-pres, comm chm; A Cappella; Wis Players Prod MARKOS, RICHARD E. La Crosse MKT Tf La Crosse; Mkt Cb; Orchestra; Phillips Hse, treas, v-pres, pres MARKS, DIANE R. Beloil POL SCI MARKS, JEAN G. Memphis. Tenn. SOC WK BADGER; AWS, Prsnl Chm, Exec Bd, Sr Cncl; Hmcming, pblcty Comm; Humo; Campus Chest; Pan Hel, rush cnslr; AE$, v-pres MARQUART, JOHN G. West Allis EE Eta Kappa Nu MARRIETT, LYNNE M. Louisville, Ky. MATH Cochrane Hse, pres; Mock UN; Rose Bowl Button Sales, chm; WSA, Spec Proj, drctr; Hmcming Button, chm; ni)4 , treas MARSHALL, BONNIE B. Bar Mills. Me. ZOOL Langdon Hall, pres MARSHALL, OWEN Madison ZOOL NSP; Union, Music Comm; YMCA, Intl Stdnt Wknd, chm. cabnt. Frosh Camp Cnslr; 2X. rec sec MARTIN, DAVID W. Cedar Rapids, la. METEOR Tf Iowa; ROTC; Meteor Cb MARTIN, JAN I. Wausau ENGL Tf Wausau; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Soph Honors; Sr Swing- out; AAA, pblcty chm MARTIN, LYNN A. Chicago, III. ACCT Phi Chi Theta, progm chm. soc chm; Eleclns Comm; NSP. Pblcty Comm; NSG; Frosh Ldrshp Tr. Idr; AWS, Fash Sh, Pblcty Comm; AXQ, schlrshp chm MARTIN, SPENCER W. Waupaca PHYSICS Tf Dana MARTOCCI, J. B,. JR. Milwaukee EE MARTYN, JAMES M. Oshkosh EE Tf Oshkosh; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Band; S E, cntrllr MARTZKE, BRUCE L. Milwaukee JOURN MATERA, EMIL A. Kenosha POL SCI Mock UN; Morris Ldg, athlec chm; Langdon Manor, co-pres MATHIEUS, DIANE L. Racine AM INST Tf Racine MATHISON, E, M. Wauwalosa GEOG MATRAS. JANICE L. Madison EED Senior Activities MATRAS, MICHAEL A. Madison HIST AEn MATTES. KATHLEEN Kiel PHY ED Tf Oshkosh; Eta Kappa Lambda; Slichter Hall, pres; Union, Tourn Comm; Wmn ' s Bowl Tm MATTHEWS, NANCY L. Great Neck, N. Y. FRENCH Hoofers; French Cb MATTS. JERRY M. Verona POL SCI Y-GOP; Badger Christian Flwshp MAURER, MELANIE Grafton PSYCH MAUERMAN. W. D. Monroe ACCT Beta Alpha Psi; NSP, Acdme Chm; Legis Banq, host; ATn, treas MAY, ANTHONY P. Mineral Point ART Wis Stdnt Art Sh MAYER, DAVID M. Wausau ZOOL WSA. Schlrshp. Hmcming, Govt Rltn Comms; YMCA; Pre-Med Soc; X MAYER. DOROTHY B. Greenhelt. Md. HIST AWS. Wmn ' s Hrs Appv Comm. sec; Lit Comm; Intl Cb; Intl Folk Fest, chm; Hillel; U Relig Cncl MAYERS, ANN L. Washington, D. C. SOCIOL NSP; Union Theatre, usher; Hmcming, Pblcty Comm: Tower View, v-pres; AE$, Union rep MEILAHN, T. W. Kewaskum CE Tf UWM; ASCE MEISTER, GERALD M. Newark, N. J. INTL RLTN IF, pres; LHA, cabnt; Hillel; SZO, pres; Senate; •tSA MELCHERT, CAROLE Seymour MKT Phi Chi Theta, pldg pres; Pan Hel, rush chslr; NSG; Union, Crafts Comm; Mdt Cb; KA, pldg pres, IM mgr, rush chm, Humo MELNICK, DANIEL A. Milwaukee HIST Y-Dems: Hillel MELOY, LUCINA J. Madison EED Tf St. Olaf: r I R MENDELSON. ANN Shaker Hts.. Ohio PHIL Villa Maria, pres MENDELSON, P. M. Yoimgstown, Ohio ECON AEH MENZEL, BRUCE W. Waukesha ZOOL WSA. Ldrshp Tr Progm, NSP, Schistic Comm, guide: IF, Pblc Rltn Comm, Plan Comm, chm; Crew; AA$, v-pres, IF rep MERCER, MARION D. Ft. Wayne, Ind. AM INST AWS, Exec Cncl; Broth- Sis Progm; HAS, actvts chm MERRY, ROBERT C. Madison MKT Mkt Cb; Union, Bowl I.g METZEN. KAREN J. Madi. ' .on PH MED Phi Theta. pblcty: AWS. Big Lit Sis Progm. Sr Swingout, lAWS Cnvtn; Union, Soc Comm, Crafts Comm; NSP; KA, pldg actvts chm, chpln. corrs mbrshp chm MEUNIER, CHARLES J. Gra ton MKT Tf UWM MEYER, FRED A. New Berlin POL SCI Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Pre-Law Cb; Ital Cb MEYER, GALE W. Sparta POL SCI AXA MEYER. JOYCE E. Great Neck, N. Y, SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; Carroll Hall, Union rep; Union, usher; AE$ MEY ER, HAROLD W. Lodi HORT Hort Cb MEYER, HARRY. II New Orleans, La. INTL RLTN znT MEYER, MICHAEL E. Chicago. 111. SOCIOL Beta Alpha Psi; Y-Dems; Pre-Law Cb; GREEK- SPEAK; IF. Investig Comm; WSA. Sympsm Comm; Union. Soc Comm; HA , IF rep MEYER. SALLY J. Pewaukee ECON NSP; Sr Cncl; AT, treas MEYERS, ALAN S. Milwaukee MATH AEH MEYERS, WALTER L. East Brunswick, N. J. PHIL MEZERA. DAVID F. Belleville CE Tf St. Norbert; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE MEZERA, MARGARET Belleville HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron; H Ec Cb MICHAEL, EARL W. Waupun AG ECON Ag Econ Soc, sec-treas; Hoofers MICHALKE, MONA A. Rice Lake SPEECH Tf St. Scholastica; Coed ' s Cong; Y-GOP; Red Cross; Lakelawn Hse, hsefellow MICHELE, DENNIS A. Kenosha INTL RLTN Pyre Hse, soc chm. athlec chm; Scabbard Blade MICK, GERARD E. Marshall HOT MICKE. NORMAN W. Kaukaima PSYCH Tf Fox Valley Ext; New- man Cb. parliam: Dorm, soc chm MICKELSON, W. A. Mondovi EE Tf Eau Claire; IEEE; Tau Beta Pi MIKULECKY. JANICE Racine HIST Senior Activities MILBAUER, JOANNE Marion HEC MILES. KARIN J. Terre Haute, Ind. SOCIOL Tf Colorado; Sit:ma Epsi- lon Sigma; AXO MILFORD. DONNA J. Pekin. III. PH MED Phi Theta, v-pres. proem chm: VVSA. AWS, Cnvln Sub-comms; Union. Tourn Comm; Wesley Fndtn. Soc Comm. Comm on Ed; AHA. pblcly chm. pres MILLER. ALLAN L. ,Ve v York. N. Y. ZOOL MILLER. BARBARA J. fenomonee Falls SP THR AWS. Fash Sh, co-modtr; Liz Waters, jud chm MILLER. BRUCE A. Prospect His., III. AGRON Badger Crops Soils Cb MILLER, CAROLE B. Huntington, W. Va. HEC Tf Carroll MILLER. G. F. Madison PRSNL MGMT Scabbard Blade; Comm Bd; Alpha Kappa Psi. v-pres; ROTC MILLER. JAMES D. Madison MATH Tf Platleville MILLER, JOYCE V. Chicago. III. CHEM ZOOL CARDINAL, night ed. in- side ed; WSA, NSC. Wlf Comm; AWS. Prsnl Comm; Big-Lit Sis Progm; Bid Dr; Campus Chest; Mock UN; 4Z, rcc sec. asst rush chm, pblcty chm MILLER. KENNETH W. Cudahy PHARM Rho Chi. v-pres; Phi Kappa Phi; MORTAR QUILL, feat ed; rA MILLER. LANCE C. Milwaukee ME SAE; ASME MILLER. MARK L. Milwaukee POL SCI Tf Lawrence; KT MILLER. SANDRA J. Monroe FRENCH Soph Hnrs; AI ' A MILLER. SHERI L. Green Bay SPAN Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Pi. v-pres; Lowell ILill. fir pres; Murray Hse. Union rep; BAD- GER, index ed. prod ed, senior ed; Span-Port Cb; ores; NSCi; Sr Swingout. Union, Spec Serv Comm MIMS, JOYCE E. i: an ton. III. GERMAN Hoofers; Chad Hall, soc chm MINER. BABETTE M. Skokle. III. SP THR Victoria Hse. trcas, fir chm, jud bd, hse mgr; Sigma Alpha Eta; BAD- CiER; AWS Fash Sh, Pblcty Comm MINKIN, STUART A. Milwaukee ZOOL MINTZER, RICHARD A. Chicago. III. ZOOL Humo. tech optns; GREEK SPEAK; Varsity Pty; riA . ed MIRKES. SEYMOUR H. Madison CHEM Tf Racine; VARSITY VOICE; Hillel MISKE. MICHAEL T. Chicago. III. CHEM E Evans Schlrs, sec; AIChE; NSG MITCHELL. JANE E. Pillshurgh. Pa. ENGL MITCHELL, MARILYN IVashington. D. C. POL SCI Phi Kappa Phi; Villa Maria, v-pres; Sympsm Comm; Frosh Ldrshp Tr; NSG MITTELSTAEDT. P. L. Manawa ART ED Eta Kappa Lambda, v-pres; Liz Waters Unit IV. v-pres. pres MOLL. MARILYN J. Mesilla Park, N. M. ENGL Langdon Hall, Union rep; YWCA; Y-GOP; KA. pldg v-pres MOLNAR. MICHAEL G. New York. N. Y. PHIL Elm Dr Commons Comm. chm; VVSA, Sclrshp Comm. chm; Gov Rltn Comm MONSON. KARL L. Viroqiia ECON IF Cncl; SN MONTGOMERY. B. J. Pewaukee SOC WK Liz Waters, soc chm MONTGUIRE. E. M. Wauwalosa ENGL AWS. model; Pan Hel Ball. Pblcty Comm; NSP; AXQ. sec MOODY. HOWARD W. Madison ACCT FINANCE KS MOORE. DAVID A. Bay Village, Ohio INDUS PSYCH Scabbard Blade; Union Gall Comm; Pershing RiUcs; SAM, asst chm; Hoofers; IF; ex, rush chm, chpln, steward MOORE, GEORGE W. Kacine JOURN MOORE. MARTHA B. Madison HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron; Blue Shield 4-H MOORE. NANCY K. Madison HEC RETAIL Euthenics MOORE, STEPHEN R. Flossmoor, III. POL SCI Phi Eta Sigma. Ireas, v- pres; Phi Kappa Phi; Mace; Iron Cross; Sidnt Sen, co-chm; S4, pres MORK, BARBARA G. South Milwaukee ART Union, Gall Comm; AA A MORRIS, CARL R. Madison BIOCHEM CAMPUS VIEW, ed; Men ' s Glee Cb MORRIS, GAIL O. Glen Ellvn. III. HIST Coed ' s C »ng; Pan Ilcl, rush cnslr; KKI " MORRISON, K. M. Madison FINANCE Phi Chi Theta; Y-Dcms; Union Lib Comm; Comm Bd; Fin Soc MOSES, DONALD W. Frederic EE Tf Taylor; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Badger Chris- tian Flshp; Radio Soc MOTTL. JUDITH K. Riverside. III. FED AWS. jud chm. Fash Sh, Ickt chm, Sr Swingout Comm. arrpt chm. Wmn ' s Hrs Comm; WSA. Prsnl Comm; Pan Hel. rush cnslr chm; F H MOUDRY. COLETTE J. Sycamore, III. EED Ann Emery, v-pres, sco chm: KKr, pblc rltn chm MOVIZZO, JOSEPH F. Brooklyn. N. Y. NUC E Phi Eta Sigma; Amer Nuc Soc. sec; 0T. soc chm. v-pres MOYER. RICHARD H. Madison SOCIOL MOYER. VICTOR Madison SOCIOL MOYLE. JUDITH L. Palos Pk.. III. TEX CL Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; AWS. Fash Sh; Sr Swingout; Pan Hel Ball Comm; Blood Dr, Pblcty Comm; Lit Intl Ct; nB$. pldg superv MUCKENHIRN, N. A. Madison ZOOL WSA. Broth-Sis Progm; Frgn Stdnt Recptn Ctr; Union, Forum Comm; XQ, pldg v-pres, tread, soc, civic chm MUELLER, ARTHUR A. Racine CE ASCE MUELLER, PATRICIA La Crosse ENGL Tf La Crosse; NSP; Intl Fair; Bid Dr; KAO, corrs sec MUELLER, PAUL R. U auwatosa CHEM E Tf Marquette; AlChE. pres MUHICH, PATRICIA J. Milwaukee EED MULLER. M. K. Chicago, III. ME ASME; Hoofers; SAE MULTER, JOHN J. Kohlcr CHEM Kahienberg Hse. sec; Amer Chem Soc; Badger Am Radio Cb MUNDSCHAU. G. E. Oconornowoc POL SCI Y-Dems; NSG; Parents ' Day. pblc rltn chm; Vars Bskiball; AT, sec, v-pres MUNDT, WILLIAM F. Watcrlown ENGL A ROTC; Calv Stdnt Cncl MUNROE, LYNN Plainfield, III. HIST Ctichrane Hse, soc chm, Jud Bd; 1 akola Hse. soc chm; Mock UN. digin chm; NSG MURDOCH. I). R. Clemiew, III. It ' ON MURNEY, PATRICIA Montreal FN(iI. DORMISTORY, AI ' A MURRAY, R. W. Madistm ECON SAM MURRAY, WILLARD A. Prairie Farm CE AT; ASCE NADLER. ANN B. Great Neck. N. Y. HIST Tf Ohio; Groves Co-op. sec. work chm. pres NADEL, JOAN L. E. Rockaway, N. Y. PSYCH Union, usher; BADGER: Hillel NAGAMATSU. JOAN E, Madison EED Slichter. P. A. anncr; Hawaii Cb. sec NALEID. KAREN P. Kacine SOCIOL A NARVESON, JOYCE A. Mount Horch SOCIOL Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma NASS, WILLIAM J. Green Bay CONSERV NATHENSON, M. B. Pillshurgh. Pa. PSYCH Tf Penn Stale NAYSMITH, A. R. Kenosha GEOL Hoofers; AROTC NEAL, JANEY L. Racine ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; news ed; NSP NEHRKORN, W. H. Milwaukee PROD MGMT INDUST ENGR NEBLETT. ISAAC San Nicolaas, Aruha. Nelh. EE Kappa Eta Kappa, treas; Prcsentlyam. pres, exec bd; IEEE: Mt. Zion Bap- tist Church, organ NEILSON. BARBARA Brookline. Mass. ENGL Tf Hood: WIS STUDIES IN CONTEMP LIT: Union. Lit Comm: Humo; Campus Crnvl: Dolphins: KA0, pldg pres NEIVELT. DAVID Chicago. III. CHEM Alpha Chi Sigma; Union. Tourn Comm; Hoofers: Speleol Soc NELSON, CAROLYN I. Richland Center SOC WK Tf La Crosse: Chorus; Wmn ' s Chorus; ASA NELSON, DAVID L. Rockfokrd. III. APPLIED MATH ENGR PHYSICS NELSON, DAVID P. Holmen M AN SCI Saddle Sirloin Cb; Meats Judgng Tm NELSON, DIANE B. Madison HEC Tf St. Olaf NELSON, JERELYN J. liarron PHY ED Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Soph Hnrs: Phy Ed Cb, pres: LHA. hse rep; Phi Kappa Phi NELSON. JON I ' . Vcrima IX ' ON NELSON. KARFN O, Madison FED Pi lambda Theta; Sigma I-lpsilon Sigma: Phi K;ippa Phi: Hse Pres; A Cap- pella Choir; NSP Nil SON. KATIII lEN Delorest SPAN Sigma Delta Pi. v-pres; Phi Kappa Phi; NSP; Sr Swingout NELSON, LARRY R. Pewaukee Lake EE Acacia, soc chm. v-pres; McNeel Hse. v-pres; IEEE; Elm Dr Comns Comm NELSON. MARTHA J. Whitewater SP THR Tf Whitewater; Phi Kappa Phi; Elsom Hse, Hse Cncl; Sigma Alpha Eta: LHA, cabnt rep: WSA. Prsnl Cntcts Comm. For Broth Progm: NSG; Hoofers NELSON, MYRA D. Greendale ENGL Tf Mich. State; CARDI- NAL: Hoofers; Pan Hel Ball, pblcty chm; XQ. Humo, pblcty chm NELSON, SHARON R. Madison PH MED Phi Theta NETBOY. MADELEINE Madison RUSS NETTLETON, M. R. Madison EED BADGER; NSA, cnslr: UW chorus: NEA: WEA NETZKY, TERRENCE Chicago, III. ACCT NSG; AEn, soc chm, formal chm, Humo NEUENDORF, D. L. Beaver Dam ACCT Oilman Hse, treas, athlec chm NEUENFELDT, D. J. Greenwood PSYCH Tf St. Norbert; Newman Assoc NEUHEISEL. JUDI A. Bloomington. III. ENGL BADGER; Hoofers: French Cb: Bierman Hse; soc chm: AFA NEUHOFF. DONALD Johnstown, Pa. EE Tf Pittsburgh; IEEE NEVILLE. NANCY L. Cromwell. Conn. EED Tf Hartford; Hi-Ray Hall, jud bd: Newman Cb; IM Volleyball NEWBORG. K. D. New York, N.Y. IBERO- AMER STUDIES Union, Curric Comm NEWKIRK, FREDA A. Chicago, III. NAT SCI Union, v-pres. Pblc Rltns Comms; NSG; LSA; journ corres, pblcty chm NEWMAN, M. E. Woodmere. N.Y. SPAN NSP. Trdtn Comm; Hillel. Soc Comm NEWMAN. RUTH E. Elkhorn HOSP DIET INST MGMT Omicron Nu. corrs sec; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Hec rep to Sr Class Cncl: Wesley Fndtn; HEC Hsptlty Day Comm: Blue Shield; Euthenics NEWTON, ROGER A. Green Bay ME SAE; ASME; Leopold Hse. soc chm. treas; Hoofers NICA.STKO, JUni 111 A. West Bend INl L RLINS LHA. cnsl rep: NSA. Intl Rltns Comm: Res Halls, hsefellow NICHOLLS, JAMES E, Racine ME ASME; SAE NICHOLS, RONALD C. Madison ME Tf Minnesota; Mack Hse, sec, v-pres; ASME ■NICHOLSON, J. W. South Milwtiitkee ART AROTC; Winslow Hse. soc chm, hmcminy chm NICKEL, PENNY Watisuti PHARM Kappa Epsilon, pres, sec; MORTAR QUILL; Ann Emery, res aid; WSA, Hmcminj; Pblcty Comm; AWS. Exec Cncl, res aid chm; Union, v-pres Comm, Soc Comm; WPhA NIELSEN, ELAINE A. Babylon. N.Y. ECON Tf Ohio State, State U. of N.Y.; Lake Lawn Girls ' Assn, soc chm NISSENBAUMS, R. S. Milwaukee ZOOL Tf UWM; Pre-Med Cb; NIMZ, CAROL L. Milwaukee CORREC ADMIN Tf St. Olaf; KA, corrs sec NIXDORF, JAMES R. Stelsomille MKT Mkt Cb; SAM NOBACK. MELINDA E. Brookfield HIST AWS. Fash Sh Tckt Comm: Dolphins, cstm chm; AZ. actvts chm NOEL. DENIS C. Green Bay COMM Badger Sky Divers, sec- treas NOHAVICA, IVAN F. Beloil ACCT NOIE, NANCIE E. Kaukauna POL SCI NOLTE, DOUGLAS R. Burahoo GEOL Y-GOP; Geol Cb; Elm Dr B, frosh rep NORDVIG, ELLEN K. Capron. 111. HIST NSG; Villa Maria, v-pres NORMAN, DAVID S. G ration ZOOL Tf UWM NOVAK, ROBERT A. Barron DY SCI Saddle cS: Sirloin; Blue Shield 4-H; Cattle Judg Tm; Lit Intl, ushers chm NOWICKI, JUDITH A. S. Milwaukee PH MED Phi Theta NUSBAUM, DAN A. De Pere M AN SCI Saddle Sirloin Cb; Livestock Jd ging Tm NYE, SHERI E, Wilmelte. III. ENGL Tf Mary Washington; Mock UN; Y-GOP; WSA, Prsnl Cntcts Comm, Prnts Day, co-chm, chm pres rectptn; Union, Hse Comm. usher, fall open hse gen chm; Humo; NSP, Trnsf Comm; AH, actvts chm NOYES, JAMES L. JR. Madison MKT PRSNL MGMT Hoofers; Consvt Cb; Intl Cb; AIESEC; SAM; Mdt Cb NUERNBERG, FRED H. Madison SPEECH Tf Central U. of Iowa; Alpha Psi Omega O ' BRIEN, LARRY W. Rock ord. III. POL SCI Concert, March Band; A Cappella; Tudor Singers; AXA rtlist, soc chm OCHSNER, RONALD F. Albany CE ASCE O ' CONNELL, MARY Menasha SOCIOL O ' CONNOR, BONNIE C. Madison SPEECH O ' CONNOR, MARY A. Ladysmilh ENGL Marlatt Hse, frosh rep; Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Exec Cncl; Phi Kappa Phi; ILS, THE PIO- NEER, feat ed; WSA, Frosh Ldrshp Trng Progm; NSG; Union, Forum Comm; Hoofers; Wmn ' s Chorus; r B serv chm, schlrshp chm O ' CONNOR, R. C. Madison PHYSICS Tf Iowa State; Bell ODEGAARD LARRY E. Madison FINANCE Fin Soc; Mkt Cb; Base- ball Tm OECHSLEIN. WALTER Milwaukee ME Tf UWM; Olson Hse, soc chm OESTREICH. CHERIE J. Two Rivers . MED T Alpha Delta Theta OFENLOCH, C. E. Waukegan. III. Econ GREEK SPEAK: IM Sports; K2 OGDEN, STEPHANIE Downers Grove. III. ANTHRO Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Crucible; Mortar Board: Stdnt-Fctly Comm on Hmn Rts; Coed ' s Cong; Union, v-pres; V-pres ' s Staff; Ar OGREN, PAUL L. Ashland EE O ' HARA, MICHAEL D. Lansing, Mich. HIST Tf Notre Dame OLBRICH, RICHARD J. Marengo, 111. POL SCI OLCOTT. TYLER K. Prairie du Sac ME ASME OLEJNICZAK, D. L. Green Bay EE OLESON JOHN R. Palmyra AGRIC MACE; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha- Zeta; Ag Stdnt Cncl, treas; Saddle Sirloin Cb; Blue Shield 4-H. pres; Mitchell Airmen; Arnold Air Soc; IM Sports; Inter Col Mt Liveslck Jdg Tm OLLHOFF, DALE F. Wausau ECON Alpha Kappa Psi. Soc Comm: AIESEC; Ins Soc. v-pres OLK, DIANNE L. Racine IBERO-AMER STUDIES Tf Racine; Sigma Epsilon Sigma OLSEN, RICHARD L. Verona PSYCH Phi Kappa Phi; Union, Gall Comm, chm; Spooner Hse, pres, v-pres OLSON, BARBARA E. Western Springs, III. PSYCH Humo, Kickline Comm; Xn rush chm, corrs sec OLSON, CHARLES E. IVausau PUBLIC UTILITIES Tf Wausau; Mack Hse, soc chm; Phillips Hse, soc chm; LHA, storcbd chm; Fin Comm, Smnr Comm OLSON, DENNIS L. Brodhead ACCT OLSON, ROBERT L. Waupaca DY SCI Babcick Hse, pres. v-pres, treas: Alpha Zeta. scribe OLUND. LLOYD H. Sarona . REAL ESTATE Mkt Cb: Lt Buldrs Assn; Fin Soc; Wrest OLWELL, JANET C. Madison SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta OMANS, JOYCE L. Highland Park. 111. EED SAT O ' NEILL. JEANNE A. Madison HEC Union. Crafts Comm; Euthenics ORNER. JUDITH R. Fresh Meadows. N.Y. EED Res Aide ORR. JULIE P. Beaver. Pa. FRENCH KKF ORWICK, PETER J. Milwaukee COM OSBORN. GAIL H. Shawano SOC WK Phi Kappa Phi; Pres Hse, choir; Chad Hall, serv proj gnrl chm: Phi Kappa Phi OSGOOD, DAVID F. Fond du Lac POL SCI Mead Hse, sec: LHA, Lib, Tutor Comm; Camera Cb; Y-GOP: Canterbury Cb OSTERTAG, JOHN L, Oshkosh HIST Tf Oshkosh; Richardson Hse, pres, v-pres: LHA, cabnt rep OSTRANDER, JAMES C. Melrose ART ED McCaffrey Hse, soc chm: Union, Gall Comm OSTROM, LONNIE L. Silvis. 111. MKT AFROTC; Mkt Cb; Vars Bsktball; W Cb, pres; ATA OSUCH, JANET H. Wauwatosa HIST Tf Illinois OSWALD, JOHN H. Madison ECON Tf Watertown; Men ' s Glee Cb; eAX, Stdwd OSWALD. LEE M. Madison PSYCH Hoffers Senior Activities OTT. GEORGE E. Cedarhtirg IEEE EE OTTERSTAD, NILS P. Asker, Norway EE Tf Schous Tekniske Insti- tute, Norway OVERZET, GERALD G. Madison LIGHT BLDG Tr Stevens Point: Inter- Vars Christian Flwshp; Light building cS; Real Est Assn OWEN. ALLEN C. Oconomowoc PSYCH Pre-Med Soc; Canterbury Cb, v-pres; St Francis Hse, v-pres OWEN THOMAS C. Milwaukee HIST Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Soph Honors: Model UN; Intl Rltns Cb. v-pres; Brass Ensbls OWENS, ELIZABETH A. Angola. Ind. EED Coed ' s Cong; AWS. Fash Sh, Cloth Comm: Campus Chest: Liz Waters, flr soc chm; r4 B mag chm PACEY, SANDRA K. Kenosha IBERO-AMER STUDIES Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Pi, pres: Marlatt Hse, v-pres: Chad Hall, v-pres Cncl; St Francis Stdnt Org; Span Port Cb PACKER, LLOYD J. Sheboygan ME Pi Tau Sigma; corrs sec; ASME PADDOCK, DALE M. Madison PHY ED Ftball PADRUTT, JOHN A. Madison PHYSICS Newman Cb PAIRAN. JANICE E. New Berlin SOC WK Tf UWM; Elsom Hse. v-pres; Res Halls Stdnt Assn. rep to Pres Cncl; NSG: Union, Mus Comm: Hoofers: Wis Film Soc; Frgn Stdnt Rcptn Cntr; A Cappella PALAITH, MARGOT Wilmelte. 111. DANCE Orchesis; KKF, hse pres, v-pres PAMPERIN, T. A. Green Bay PROD MGMT Univ Band: IF Cncl: SX, Humo chm. pres, song chm PARKER, KEN W. Madison MATH Tf Kenosha PARKINSON, W. K. Green Bay EE Tf Green Bay; Badger Am Radio Soc; IEEE; WLHA, staff PARSON ' S BONNIE M. Wausau ART Tf Wausau PARSON, PATRICIA E. Madison HIST Tf Bates; Y-Dems; French Cb; Jr Yr in France PARSONS. WILLIAM H. Taipei Taiwan. China PHIL Wis Dance Theater PATEK. DAVID R. Milwaukee PHYSICS Model UN; Pres Hse, choir PATTERSON, D. W. Pekin. 111. LARCH ASLA; W Cb; Vars Bsktball PATTERSON, R. M. Hillshoro ECON PATTERSON, S. K. Wauwatosa ED Sigma Epsilon Sigma; U Chorus PATTON, NANCY R. Beaver Falls. Pa. FRENCH Tf Western College; Union, Lit Comm: Intl Cb; Ann Emery Hall, pres PAUL, ROBERT G. Rockofrd. III. ME Union, Tourn Comm; Rugby Tm; Wis Previews; Haresfoot; Men ' s Glee Cb; Ben. pres PAUL. ROCHELLE E. Elgin. III. MUSIC ED U Symphony Orch: Badger Band; U Chorus; Y ' -Dems PAULSEN. F. I . La Crosse MED SCI Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Hort Cb PAULSEN, M. D. La Crosse FLOR Alpha Zeta; Agr Stdnt Cncl: Hort Cb. v-pres, pres; AFP, chpln PAULSON. CONNIE J. Clear Lake ENGL Tf Superior PAULSON, K. L. Eau Claire FOODS N Badger Block, comm chm; HEC Hspty Day; ATA, pldg sec, treas PAULSON, L. M. JR. Sheboygan FRENCH Tf Sheboygan; Phi Eta Sigma; Hoofers AWS Broth-Sis Progm; AXA soc chm PEARSON. DAVID M. Merion Station. Pa. HIST Humo, Interacts chm; Elvejhem Art Cntr Comm. spkr; 2X PECK. MARY I. Goshen. Ind. MED MICRO Tf Indiana PEFF. EILEEN S. West Orange. N.J. FRENCH BADGER; French Cb; Russian Cb: WSA. Broth- Sis Progm PELATZKE. KEN J. Edgar ENGL Tf Wausau; Newman Cb PERKINS. HELEN M. Madison POL SCI PERLMUTTER, B. J. La Crosse AM INST Hillel; Y-Dcms PERRY, HERBERT W. Williams Bay ME PROD MGMT ASME, Engr Expsin Comm; Triangle, pldg pres. rec sec. v-pres. exec comm PERRY. LESLIE H. Neenah CE Tf Ripon: ASCE; AT PESHEK. PETER A. Two Rivers HIST MACE; Iron Cross; Delta Sigma Rho; Delta Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; WSA. treas; LHA. Cabnt. WSA rep: SLIC Sub-comm on Frnscs. Drama. Mus; Wis Frnsc Llnion. pres. v-pres; Y-Dems; Vars Debate PESSIN, DENNIS M. Los Angeles, Calif. POL SCI Tf UWM, use PETER, MICHAEL E. Milwaukee ZOOL NEW IDEA PETERMAN, LEE G. Merrill CHEM E PETERS, JAMES E. Milwaukee ACCT Tf UWM; United Stdnt Fellowship; Frankenburger Hse, pres, treas, soc chm PETERS. MARY J. Waupun EED AWS. Sr Swingout Comm; SNEA; Pres Hse. choir; XQ. rush chm Senior Activities PETERS. WAYNU 1) Racine IBERAMER STUDIES Tf Racine; Paxson Use, sec; S-E Campus Ldrshp Grp PETERSEN. JOHN III Madison FINANCE PETERSEN. R. H. Luck M AN SCI Saddle Sirloin. Cb; Ag Sidni Cncl; L ' W Meals Tm; ABi:. pidg prcs, sec PETERSEN, S. V. Euini ille CHEM E Phi Eta Sigma; Soc of Miichell Airmen, oper offer. Drill Tm cmndr. pres; Jt Mil Bd; Enpr Expstn. progm chm; Univ Symph Orch; Favillc Hse, flr chm. sec PETERSON. DAVID R. La EE Tf La Crosse; Phi Kappa Phi; Jones Hse. Commons Comm rep; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beia Pi; Mock UN: Calvary, choir; IEEE; Badger Amateur Radio Soc PETERSON. DUANE E. Oconto Falh ME Tf Green Bav; ASME; ASTME; WIS ENGI- NEER PETERSON. JAMES L. Wattwalosa CE Chi Epsilon. pres, sec; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Thela Tau; ASCE; Winslow Hse. pres. v-pres. hmcming chm PETERSON, JAMES O. Phillips CHEM E Tf Wausau; Adams Hall. I HA Cabnt rep; ASChE; Delta Epsilon; LHA, Film Comm. chm. Recrtn drctr PETERSON. JEAN M. llUnut PSYCH Tf Marathon Cty; Model UN PETERSON. R. M, Green Bay CHEM E AlChE; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Soph Honors; Unitm. hse rep; Prcs Hse, usher; LHA, Loans, Schlrshp Comm; McCaffrey Hse, pres, soc chm PETERSON, RONALD J. Sparla MATH Mock UN PETERSON. WAYNE S. Shawano POL SC:i Span Cb, v-pres; Union, Crafts Comm; Newman Cb; AXP, soc chm. rush chm. v-prcs PETRICK. GERALD L, Kenosha EE Tf Kenosha; Dorm, hse sec. soc chm, v-pres, prcs: Ely Hse, v-prcs; IEEE; Lulh Stdnl Assn. choir PFEIFFER. HELEN N. Primelon. N.J. ZOOL Hoofers: ASA PITSTER, MARY L. Menasha SOC WK PHILLIPS. DEDF Milwaukee SI ' I UK PHILLIPS, K. M. Rosemlale ECON Union. Pbic RItn Comm; Band; ASA PIERCE. ROBERT C. Chciek PROD MCiMI Tf La Crosse; PLC Protjm; ATA riLKOITl. C. II. Red Granite CE Tf Oshkosh; ASCE PINKERTON. F. M. Oshkosh ECON Ins Soc; Real Est Cb PITSCH, DAVID La Crosse JOURN ADVER Tf La Crosse; Alpha Del- ta Sigma; S. E. Humo chm. soc chm, pblc rltn chm PITTMAN. MARLISS E. Plum City SOC WK Tf St Catherine; Newman Cb: Y-Dems PITTSLEY. B. G. Wausau FRENCH Tf Wausau PIVAR, NEIL D. Milwaukee PSYCH NEW IDEA PLENGE. RICHARD D. Watertown AMP Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Kappa Phi PLESHEK. KAY C. West Bend FRENCH WSA. stdnt sen; LHA rep;AXn PLIMPTON. MARY E. Park Ridge. III. ENGL Tf Iowa; Phi Kappa Phi; Stdnt-Fclty Comm on Acdmc Affairs; Union. Lit Comm; Wesley Fndtn. Stdnt Bd. study grp Idr; Mime Man Thtr PLOTKIN. JOYCE E. Huston. Tex. FRENCH PODOLSKE, M. F. Watertown PHARM UPhS; MORTAR QUILL; Frosh Track Numerals; TAX, hrld PODOLSKE, R. C. Watertown CE POEHLMAN. ALLIE E. New London HEC RETAIL Eulhenics POHLE. ELIZABETH J. Milwaukee MED T A I ' . hse pres POLLAND. PHII.LIS B. Milwaukee EED SNEA; Union, usher: Hillel POLLARD. JAMES S. Barahoo ACCT Beta Alpha Psi: Newman Assn. pres POLLATSEK. S. G. New York. N.Y. HIST DORMISTORY. ed-in- chief; BADCiER; Union. Lit Comm; WSA. Pblcty Comm. Phlc Rltn; LHA. Pblcty Comm. chm. Soc Comm. Prsnl Ctimm. chm. Soc Comm. Prsnl Comm; Pre-Law Cb POLLOCK. ROBERTA J. aiencoe. III. EED Pi Lambda Thela; Phi Kappa Phi: P. ' in Hel, rush cnslr: i:AT, hse pres PORTER. PEGCiY M. lond du Lac MATH IT) Soph Honors; Phi Kappa Phi; Model UN; Liz Waters, scc-treas PORWIT. I DWARD Mosince EE Tf Wausau; Phi Kappa Pi, Mbrshp C " omm; Eta Kappa Nu. corrs sec, Prnym Comm; NSP; ll-l-.E: Newman Assn. soc chm POWRIE. POLLY H. Rock ord. III. SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta. sec; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; NSP; AWS. Fund Dr; WSA, ldrshp chm, Broth-Sis Progm, Dist 4 Sen Comm; Wis Previews; Pan Hel. Plan Comm: KKF, treas, sec, rush cnslr PRANICA, ALAN J. Ahrams CHEM E Tf Green Bay; AlChE; Newman Cb PRATSCH, LLOYD W, Crcen Bay HIST Tf St Norbert; Alpha Phi Omega, v-pres, histrn; Pre-Law Cb PRATT, DAVID E, Western Springs. III. INDUST MKT MGMT Tf Middlebury: Alpha Kappa Psi. pldg pres. tr. mstr of rtls; AA$, treas PRICE. STEPHEN K, F.lmhurst. III. ECON Evans Schlrs PRIDE. DOUGLAS E. Osseo GEOL Track: SAE PRIDE. SUSAN M. Eagle Riser SOC WK Tf Marquette; Y-GOP; Newman Cb; Dormsyl- vania Comm; Campus Cam Comm PRITCHARD. G. L. Milssaukee HIST PHIL Phi Kappa Phi PROLMAN. MARILYN Ouincy, Mass. ENGL Tf Boston PROTSMAN. JAMES T. Sheboygan ENGL Phi Eta Sigma; Y-Dems PTACEK. EDWARD A. Kenosha CHEM Phi Eta Sigma; Phillips Hse. sec-treas PULS. LOIS A. Two Risers HIST Tf Manitowoc; Elsom Hse. jud chm; WSA. Campus Chest. Wlf Proj Comm: Union, hse rep; Hoofers PULS. SHIRLEY R. Appleton MED T Alpha Delta Thcta PURCHATZKE. G. D. Oshkosh PSYCH Richardson Hse. sec; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: Hoofers; Pre-Med Soc PUTIERMAN. S. M. Beloil EED Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Pi Lambda Thein; Phi Kappa I ' hi: HADC.I R, assoc cd: HADGI k Bd; .Sympsm; Union, usher; Soph Honors; AK« , asst treas. asst rush chm OUACKENBOOS. M. K, Madison ENC;L Union, (i;ill Comm, co- chm; Newman Assn; ADA OUALLEY. GAK New London I ' ll ARM MORTAR OUILL. circ mgr: lAK OUARI I S. SALLY A. Milwaukee ECON Tf Rollins. Universite Laval; Dorm. Ilr chm. Jud Bd, res aide: Prcs Hse. choir; YWCA, v-pres, .soc chm QUINN. JANICE E. West Held ART 11) Tf l-lorida Southern: UnitMi. Film Comm; Luth Stdnt Assn; U Choir QUIRK. MICHAEL F. Sparta CE Chi Epsilon; LHA. cabnt rep: Winslow Hse. pres; AROTC; Newman Cb: Pershing Rifles, exec offer. ASCE RADAM. FRANCES J. Roslyn. N. Y. ART HIST RADLOFF, DAVID O. Juneau ACCT Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Kappa Phi; Spooncr Hse, treas; LHA, Fin Comm; Persh- ing Rifles: Calvary; Choir RAEHPOUR, ASSAD Iran EE Tf Stevens Pt; KHK; Iranian Stdnt Assn, pres: Intl Cb RAMSEY. E. B. Vienna, Va. MATH RAMSEY. RICHARD N. Beloit ENGL AROTC: Rifle Tm; Var Rifle Tm RANK, SHARON A. Keseannee EED Tf Marquette: Coed s Cong: Ross Hse, soc chm; NSG: Union, Pblc Rltn Comm; K4 RASZKOWSKI. R. R. Downey. Calif. ZOOL Tf Pomona; Oilman Hse, hsefellow RATKOVICH. JANET L. Akron. Ohio POL SCI Tf Ohio Wesleyan; r Ii RATNER. CARL New York. N. Y. PSYCH RAUNHEIM, JOHN P. New York. N. Y. ENGL Union, usher. Film Comm; Mixed Chorus; French Cb RAUSCHENBERGER, R. Madison MED MICRO Union, Mus Comm; NSP; ASA RAY. CAROLYN T. Madison ANTHRO RAY. JUDY S. Chicago. III. SPAN Lowell Hall, flr pres; NSP; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Pi. pres; BADGER; Span Cb RE. MARGUERITE Bessemer. Mich. ENGL Tf Ariz. St.; Phi Kappa Phi; AWS. Coed ' s Cong; Y-Dems; Newman Cb REASA, GEORGEAN A. Albany SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta. pres REDDOCH. R. N. Bronx. N. Y. MATH REED, CAROLINE T. Tcrre Haute. Ind. HIST Tf Franklin; Phi Alpha Theta RII VF JAMES S. Appleton ECON Tf Lawrence: SAM; Y- CiOP; Mock Sen REFFNER. RITA M. Junction City SOCIOL If Stevens Point State RFGFZ. BARBARA J. Madison SOC WK Coed ' s Cong; L ' nion. Spec Proi. Use C ' onuns; W.SA. Wlf Pr(»j Comm; Campus Chest; NSG: A SS. lash Sh. CI. Refresh Comm; Frgn Rcpln Cnlr: II II REHM. ERIKA L. Whitefish Bay DANCE Phi Beta, treas: Sr Or- chesis. pres. Set Scen- ery Comm. chm; Madison Thtr Gild: Madison Ballet Co; Hoofers REHRAUER, MARK A. Manitowoc MATH NROTC: Rifle Tm; Ac- tuarial Cb REHWALD. MARY A. Rock ord. 111. FRENCH Union. Mus Comm; Hoofers. Ski Cb sec; Union, usher; French Cb; Jr yr in France; KA0 REHWALD, SARAH J. Rock ord. 111. FRENCH Hoofers: Union, usher; Villa Maria, soc chm; KAe REIBETANZ. KAREN R. .Manitowoc SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; Chall Hall, flr v-pres REICH, AUDREY C. Chicago. 111. HIST WSA. Sympsm Comm, Intl Proj; Union, Hse Comm: WRA, Sr Swing- out rep: Dorm, res aide, pres REICHARDT, E, N. Manitowoc M AN SCI Hoofers, v-pres. Riding Cb. pres; Col FFA. v-pres REID. JAMES R. JR. Schenectady. N. Y. HIST REIERSON, MARY J. Neenah MED T Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Theta. pres; Union. Wlf Comm; AT. v-pres. rush chm REIMER. ELIZABETH Menasha MED T Tf Cardinal Stritch; Alpha Delta Tau REISINGER. T. G. Green Bav HIST SNEA; Y-Dems REKLAU. MARY L. Milseaukee HEC Tf UWM: Liz Waters, spec events chm REMMELE. KATHRYN Beloil ENGL Mock UN; Russ Cb. treas RENNEBERG, LYNDA Madison ENGL NSG: AXQ. v-pres. assl rush chm RENSINK, MICHAEL J. Manitossifc BIOL CHEM Phi K.appa Phi; Union, hse rep: Mock UN: LHA. Loans, Schlrshp Comm, Book Exch Comm: Col- lege Bowl; Jones Hse, ' -prcs, treas REPKA, CURTIS S. Rock ord. III. ME Pershing Rifles; ASME; ■MsH REYENGA. LINDA J. Racine ENGL Tf R.acine REZNICHLK. R. V. Madison ZOOL Phi Eta Sigma; Wis Alpha Notes: NSG: Hmcoming Comm: 5:aE, pldg tr, pldg v-pres, chapin, sng Idr, alum chm RHEINGANS, KAREN Jackson EED NEA, chm; Union, hse rep; Wilkinson Hse. actvts chm: Chad Hall, Mus Comm, treas RICART, JAIME A. Dominican Republic ME Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Bela Pi; Delta Epsilon; CARDINAL; LHA, Film Comm chm RICCIARDI. JAMES E. H ' atiwatoui HIST Phi Eta Sigma; SX RICCIARDI. JUDITH E. Milwaukee HIST Newman Cb RICE. DON W. La Crosse COMM RICHTER, RANDI A. Madison MED T Alpha Delta Thcta RICKLI. MARY A. Boscobel EED RIDER. BERL A. Kewaunee POL SCI Tl " Illinois; SLIC. Sub- comm Liv Cond; Scope Pty; Y-Dems; WSA Pblcty Comm; Pre-Law Cb. pres; Forensics Union, Var Debate Team RIEDNER. ERWIN D. Madison ANTHRO RIEMEN, ROXANNE L. Madison PSYCH Tf Stephens RIETBROCK, M. J. Oconomowoc ZOOL Tf St, Norbert, U of Minn RIKKERS. JUDSON J. Fond du Lac PSYCH Pre-Med Soc. v-pres, pres; Xl " RINARTZ, WILLIAM J, La Crosse ACCT Tf La Crosse RINELLI, S, B, Marinette ECON Leopold Hsc, pres, schlrshp chm; DORM- SYLVANIA RING, JAMES A. Harvey. 111. EE Evans Schlrs, sec. v-pres; Eta Kappa Nu; AFROTC: Baseball RIPP, JUDITH A, Madison EED Pi Lambda Theta RIPPEN, GEORGE W. Madison METEOR AFROTC, admin off, fin off; Meteor Undrgrd Cb RISKIN. LEONARD L. Milwaukee PSYCH Tf UWM; Phi Eta Sigma; Soph Honors; Phi Kappa Phi RITTER. WILLIAM A Merrill PS ' l CH Tf Marathon RITZMAN, EUGENE G. Superior MATH Tf Wis. State Teachers; ROBERSON . A. M, Harvey. III. SOC WK ROBERTSON, MARY A, Oak Park. III. PHY ED Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Crucible; Phi Kappa Phi; Mortar Bd, trcas; WSA, Prmlns; AWS, ON WIS- CONSIN! ed; Newman Cb; WRA, pres; ASA, v-pres, rush sec ROBERTSON, BONNIE Madison SPEECH Phi Beta, rush chm; Pan Hel, rush chm; XQ ROBINSON, KATHRYN Dodneville MED T Alpha Delta Theta, v-pres; Hoofers ROBINSON, MARY E. Portage OCT Othcra; ODDS TRENDS; Dolphins ROBSON, RONALD J. Spring Green ZOOL RODIN, LEONARD M. Sac City, Iowa ZOOL Phi Kappa Phi RODLAND, REIDAR Norway M E Tf Schou ' s Tekniskc Institutt RODMAN, SCOTT D. Fond du Lac ECON AFS, pres; WSA, Broth- Sis Progm; XX ROEMER. JOHN F. Two Rivers EE ROETHE, JAMES N. Monroe ACCT Phi Kappa Phi; Fencing; SX ROETS, NORMAN M. Milwaukee PHARM WPhS ROGENSKI, T. J. Moline, III. MKT W Cb, treas; Mock UN, dlgt; Var Ftball; B0n, v-pres ROGOFF, ALAN M. Green Bay POL SCI ROGOWSKI, R. M. Weirton. W. Va. CHEM Newman Assn; AXA ROHDA, RODNEY R. East Troy ACTUR SCI Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; LHA Cbnt, Rec Comm; Actur Cb; AAO, pldg treas, asst rush chm ROHDE, FLOYD J. Sister Bay ACCT Conover Hse, v-pres, sec, treas ROHDE, ROBERT G. Green Bay ECON ROHRBERG, SUSAN A. Jersey City. N. J. MATH Groves, jud chm ROHRSTAFF, OTTAR O. Sheboygan ME Tf Sheboygan; ASME; Hoofers, Str chm. Outing Cb v-chm; Frankenberger Hse, treas; A$Q ROLEFSON, K. R. Oconotnowoc CE ASCE ROLL, RICHARD F. West Allis MATH Tf UWM; LHA, Radio Cb ROLNICK, DAVID J. Far Rockawav. ,V. Y. ZOOL ROME, JUDITH L. Racine REL ART Tf Racine, UWM; Eu- thenics: Walther Lge. pres; HEC, Hsptliy Day Dsgn co-chm ROMSEY, ELIZABETH Vienna, Va. MATH RONNING, SHARON R. Waukesha ENGL Tf Oshkosh RONSHOLDT, JANE E, Racine EED ROOKS, KARIN M. Milwaukee EED Ann Emery, fir jud chm; WSA. Hmcming. Crclm Comms; Y-GOP; Hoofers; AAA, rush chm ROOKS. ROBERT J. West Allis PSYCH Tf Air Force Acad; AFROTC; IF. Rltns Comm; Y-GOP; Hoofers; SAE, pldg pres ROSE. KENNETH B. Madison BANK FINANCE ROSE. PATRICIA A. Milwaukee AM INST Hillel. co-soc chm; SNEA, pres ROSENBAUM. JANE A. Milwaukee HIST Crucible. Mortar Bd; Phi Kappa Phi; hstrn; ILS Nspaper. ed; NSG; CARDINAL. Bd. sec; Union. Forum Comm; Pan Hel. pres; Langdon Hall, treas; St. Paul ' s Chr; r B. Pan Hel dlgt ROSENBERG, R. M. E. Rockaway, N. Y. ENGL Hoofers. Bd of Capt. Pblcty Comm; Mitchell Air; Hillel, treas, soc comm. chm ROSENBERG, R. B. Harrison. N.Y. HIST Pershing Rifles; Hillel; Flying Cb ROSENFIELD. R. H. Ro.-:lyn. N. Y. HIST Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; MACE; WSA. treas; Sympsm. Spkrs Comm; Mil Ball. chm. exec off; Jnt Mil Bd; Tennis; II A ROSENSTEIN. R. W. Queens. N. Y. CHEM Phi Kappa Phi; Noyes Hse, pres, treas. v-pres. sec; LHA. Bar-Bell Cb chm ROSENWALD. R. B. Chicago. III. POL SCI Pre-Law Cb ROSHAUEN. P. A. Hales Corners POL SCI Union, Forum Comm; Y-GOP, corrs sec, drctr ROSS. J. BERNARD Rockford. III. POL SCI WSA, Schlrshp Comm chm, Crclm Comm, NSG, Frosh Ldrshp Tr; SLIC, Mus Organiz Comm chm. Drmtcs Frnscs Comm; Union. Forum Comm; Channing Murray Cb; Humo; IF, Pblc Rltns Comm; Mock UN; Stdnt Sen; ZHT, sec, pldg tr, schlrshp chm. ex-curric actvts chm ROST. FRANCIS L. Peshtigo ME Phi Eta Sigma, cncl mbr; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Soph Honors; Millar Hse. soc chm. hmcming despaly chm; LHA, Fin Bd; Dormsylvania, comm chm; Union. Campus Soc Chm Bd; Wash-UN YMCA Smnr; ATA. trcas, pldg v-pres ROTH, MERIKAY L. Mt. Horeb ENGL WSA, Broth-Sis Progm; Coed ' s Cong; German Cb, v-pres; Wesley Fndtn, Worship Comm chm. undrgrd cncl; V U. stand- ard rits chm. Pan Hel rush cnslr ROWALD. ROBERTA J. F.vansville HEC ED Sigma Alpha Iota; Phi Upsilon Omicron. v-pres; NSG; Coed ' s Cong; Cncrt End; Blue Shield 4-H; HEC Hsptlty Day, Fin Comm co-chm. tour gd ROWAN. BONNIE G. South Milwaukee ASIAN STUDIES Elsom Hse. soc chm; WSA. Broth-Sis Progm; NSG; Union. Forum Comm; Amer Field Serv Cb. sec; Pan Hel Cncl; Humo. Prmtns; r$B. hse pres Senior Activities ROWE, PAMELA A. Dundee. III. SPEECH Sigma Alpha Eta; KKP. soc chm ROYAL. STEPHEN L. Marinette CHEM ROZNER. MARVIN J. Plover EE NAVAL SCI Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard cS; Blade; NROTC; Naut Soc; treas; AIEE; IRE; IM. Fthall, Baseball RUBEN. NANCY E. Chicago. III. SOCIOL Allen Hall, pres; WSA, Broth-Sis Progm RUBENSTEIN. M. J. Kenosha ACCT RUBIN, RICHARD J. Great Neck. N. Y. HIST Varsity Party; IF, Pldg Comm asst chm; ZBT, soc chm RUBIN, RUTH N. Chicago. III. SPEECH Tf Illinois; CARDINAL: Union, flr rep; Intl Cb, Coord Comm; Union, usher; Hillel; SZO RUDE, PENELOPE A. Fort Edwards FRENCH Tf Stevens Pt; Mock UN; Wesley Fndtn, sec RUFE, KATHERINE C. Wauwatosa PHY ED Eta Kappa Lambda; Liz Waters, jud chm, soc chm; NSP, ldrshp tr; WRA; Mock UN RUFFALO, HARRY J. Kenosha ACCT RUFFOLO, JOSEPH D. Kenosha SPEECH POL SCI Conover Hse. hsefellow; Jnt Discp Comm; Hse. soc chm RULE, ROBERT F. Madison POL SCI Y-GOP; Newman Assn; Indust Rltns Rsrch Assn RUNGE, KAREN S. Racine SPAN RUNKEL, M. A. A rcadia EED RUNZHEIMER. L. L. Colby ACCT Swenson Hse. treas; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Broth-Sis Progm; UW Lakeshore Strs. bd of dirctrs; Beta Gamma Sigma; AIESEC. pres. Exchng Trainee to Germany RUSCH, CAROL ' STM E. Madison PSYCH Tf Lawrence; fl B RUSHFORD. M. E. Chicago. III. PSYCH Tf Mundelein; LHA, chorus; Newman Cb; Campus Chest RUSTON, DWIGHT E. Clinton EE LHA Cbnt RUTHENBER, J. E. Waukesha ME SAE RUTKOWSKI. SUSAN Kenosha HIST Tf Kenosha; LHA, Film Comm; Newman Cb; Sr Yr in France RUTTENBERG. R. M. Chicago. III. PSYCH Phi Eta Sigma; AEn RUTZKY. LYNNE P. Chicago. III. BACT NSG RUZIC, BEVERLY A. Humhird ACCT MKT Phi Chi Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Slichter Hall, hse, jud ends; NSP; A RYAN, KAREN S. Madison JOURN Tf Pasadena City; Coran- to Sigma Iota, pres; Theta Sigma Phi RYLANDER, D. W. Stone Lake EE RYNES, JOHN J. Ontario MATH Alpha Phi Omega; Explr ' s Carrer Conf, chm; APO Prtrng Proj, chm; Union, Film Comm; AFROTC: Newman Assn, covntn soc chm; Chad Hall, stdnt superv; Campus Elctns SACHER, STEVEN J. Skokie. III. POL SCI WSA, Symp Comm, chm; SLIC. NSA. subcomm on Acdmc Freedom, chm; nA$, pres, pldge trnr SACKIN. JUDITH L. Kansas City. Mo. ART SAT. histrn. Coed ' s Cong rep, athlec chm SACKREN, ELLEN J. Great Neck. N. Y. ENGL SAICHEK, JUDY A. Madison SPEECH SALVESEN, K. B. Fort Lee, N. J. SOCIOL Union, Music Comm; Hoofers: New Libl Pty, treas; Broth-Sis Progm SALVESEN, LEIF R. Wausau ECON SALZMAN. CAROL A. Rock Island. III. HIST Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Mortar Bd: WSA. sec; SLIC. Comm on Frat Soc Soc Life; Union Cncl; Pan Hel, schlrshp chm; AE$, pldg pres, pldg tr. Pan Hel rep, schlrshp chm SALZMAN, STEVEN H. New York, N. Y. ZOOL YMCA. cabnt chm, Intl Gift Fare SAMPE. DOROTHY C. Madison NAT SCI Tf Racine; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: Scott Hse, sec SANDLEY, JAMES C. Madison TRANSPORT SANFELIPPO, CARL J. Milwaukee CHEM NSG; WSA, Ldrshp Smnr; IF, Pldg Tr, Ed Comm; Evans Schlrs, sec, pldg tr SANFORD. M. E. Wausau CHEM SAPONJIC. MICHAEL Kenosha ME SAPPENFIELD. K. S. Fort Wavne. Ind. HEC JOURN NSG; Ann Emery, jud bd: Pan Hel, rush cnslr; KAe SARGENT, MICHAEL L. Green Bay ECON Tf Green Bay; Alpha Phi Omega: LHA Cabnt; Hoofers; Van Hise Comns Comm, chm Senior Activities SAUNDERS. GAR I. Brodhead MKT Mkl Cb; SAE SCARNECCHIA, S M. Hubbard. Ohio ENGL SCHACHTER. H. A. Lincolnwood. III. ART ED Union. Gall Comm: WSA Wlf Proj Comm; Shepard Hall, soc chm. pres SCHAEFER, JEROLD J. Seenuh DY SCI Babcock Dy Sci Ch; A A , pidg tr SCHAETZ. DANIEL J. Sheboygan Fails ME SCHALL, DIANE E. MilHitiikee ECON Rosenberry Hse. prcs; Chad Hall. Prcs Cncl; Biglo Res Halls Conf, rcgist chm SCHAMS. JOHN H. La Crosse HE Badger Am Radio Soc; IEEE SCHARPF, GLEN Milwaukee ME Tf UWM; Pi Tau Sigma; SAE SCHATZOW. JUDITH A. LaM-rence. N. Y. POL SCI SCHEEL. C. O. Phillips SOC WK Tf Lawrence. Minnesota; Red Cross, sidnl chm; Prom Queen Cmpgn Comm SCHEER. ARNOLD C. H ' esi Bend EE SCHEID. J. THOMAS Ripon AG ECON Phi Eta Sigma; Hoofers SCHELLIN, STEVEN A. Pewaukee NUC E Botkin Hse, actvts. serv, educ chm, LHA rep; Theta Tau; MACE; Delta Epsilon; DORMISTORY; LHA, v-pres, actvts hse rep. Adm Sal Rc-eval. Aihlcc. Adm. Film Comms. Cabnt Comm chm. Bd of Drctrs; AS.ME. dstrct cnvtn assoc chm; ANS; Engr Expsln. host; Model UN; Luth Youth SCHIMMEL, S. H. Great Neck. N.Y. HIST WSA. Curric Comm; Union. Music Comm SCHINABECK. B. Sheboygan FRENCH SPAN AWS, Sr Swingoui Comm; Union Film Comm, sub- chm; Newman Assn; French Cb; Hal Cb; Marlatt Hse, jud chm SCHINK, GEORGE R. De Pere nC(JN SCHINK, RICHARD R. Applclan ME Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Engr Soph High Honors; ASME. rec sec; Union, Crafts Comm. Darkrm Comm, chm; DORMIS- TORY, pholo ed SCHINNFR. SUSAN J. .Milwaukee ENGL PHIL WSA Wlf Comm; Hoof- ers; KA ast v-pres. parlmtn SCHLAAK, JANE A. Arlington. Va. SPAN Liz Waters, flr chm. Scrv Comm. chm; AWS. Cam- pus City Coord Comm. co-chm; lAWS Comm. Sr Swingout; KA. pldg pres SCHLIMGEN. LEO W. Madison CE ASCE: K of C; Ke SCHLUETER. A. J. WalerloHn PH MED Phi Theta; Calvary Stdnt. choir SCHLUETER. JEAN E. Waiisaii ENGL SCHMALZ. L. R. Kaiikauna PROD MGT INDUS STATIS Tf Fox Valley; Noyes Hse. soc chm, v-pres SCHMIDT. A. O. Hartford ECON Tf Ripon; Mil Ball, pblcty. progm chm; XX SCHMIDT. JACK G. Aniigo PS ' CH Tf Marathon SCHMIDT, MICHAEL J. Oshkosh PSYCH Hoofers; BS n SCHMIT. HARVEY T. Delano. Minn. MKT NROTC. Drill Tm cmdr; ATn SCHMITT. SHARON L. Woodstock. III. HIST SCHMUTZER. PAUL D. Port Washington FINANCE MKT BADGER, asst prmtn mgr; AFROTC; Y-GOP. NE drctr; t rA. treas SCHNECKLOTH. L. J. Lodi ME Chamberlin Hse. v-pres; SAE SCHNEIDER, B. A. Bryan. O. GEOL Geol Cb; XQ SCHNEIDER. S. H. Chicago. III. ECON IF. rep; Sympsm Comm; WSA. rep; TA . sec SCHOENECKER. P. Lake Mills HIST Phi Eta Sigma; WSA Sympsm; IF Cncl; Union. Pblx Rltn Comm SCHOENING. J. M. Manitowoc ME TKE. treas. sgt-at-arms SCHOEPP. SHARON R. Lodi SPAN SCHOESSI.ING. ANITA Chicago. III. NAT SCI AAA, v-prcs SCHOLNICK, E. J, Shaker Hi.-. O. SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta SCHOLZ. H, W. JR. Madison PSYCH Richardson Hse. Adams Hall, soc chm; Rundcll Hse. asst sidnl spvsr SCHRADER. JANET M. Alton. III. MED T Alpha Delta Theta; WSA, Ldrshp Tr Prog SCHREIBER, MARY C. Wauwtito a ENCiL SCIIRi;iNER, N. L. Ilnthuru. III. EED WSA. Wlf Comm. Broth- Sis Progm. NSP; Bethel Iiilh (hoir; Pan Hel Ball, dec chm; XT hspty chm SCHROEDER, JEAN E. Madison MED T Alpha Delta Theta SCHROEDER. JOHN F. DePere ECON Tf Green Bay SCHROEDER, R. H. Watertnwn ACCT Beta Alpha Psi; Scab- bard Blade SCHROEPFER. G. E. Wausau POL SCI BROADCAST Model UN. Debate; Y- Dems SCHROTH, BONNIE L. Monticello. III. ENGL Villa Maria, sec. jud bd chm, hsefellow; Union. Film Comm; Dolphin, sec-treas SCHUETT. EUNICE M. Waterlown BOT Andersen Hse, v-pres. prcs; WSA, Hsing Gnrl Wlf Comm; Union, rep. usher; Hoofers; WRA. Bowl Cb; IM chm; Luth Stdnl Assn SCHULER. RUSSELL J. Vulders AG ECON Alpha Gamma Rho. treas SCHULL. MARY A. Stevens Point CHILD DEV BADGER Beauty; Hmcming Ct; AWS. Fash Sh; Wis Previews, co- chm; Pan Hel Ball Comm; r I B SCHULLER. SALLY L. Glasgow. Scot. SP THR Model UN; HAS, sec, Ireas SCHULTHEIS, J. L. Wuttwatosa ME Polygon Bd; ASME: Y-GOP; Swenson Hse. Union rep pres; Hoofers; •PT SCHULTZ, H. D. Bayside. N.Y. ENGL SCHUMACHER, D. Milwaukee GEOL Tf UWM: Geol Cb SCHUNK, WILLIAM F. Stanley ECON Tf Marathon Cnty SCHURCH. JOAN R. Mt Horeh HEC JOURN C unpbell Hse, prcs; Chad H:ill, Prcs Cncl. sec; Campus Life Comm. ascsr; Upsilon Omicron. pres; Omicron Nu. rcc sec; Theta Sigma Phi; Mortal Bd: Crucible; Eta Kappa Lambda; Phi Kappa Phi; WISCETI- OUETTE. ed; AWS, v-pres, chm. Coed ' s Cong, asst sec, Chm, All-Cam- pus M:iilb:ig, Exec Cncl, Jud Bd, lAWS Refis Comm POL. Liv Cond Hygiene: WSA. Ldrshp Progm. Mock UN. Conf Arrngmnls: Blue Shield 4-H. corr sec; HEC Hspily Day. Orient Fvalln. assi chm; HEC Sidnt Cncl: Schocnlebcr Hse. hsefellow: ASA. actvts chm. rush cnclr SCHUSTER. M. B Applelon SI ' IICIl Tf Fox Valley: I HA Radio Stn SCHUYLER. MARK Itego Pk. NY. HIST Tf City Col, Turner Hse. Cabnt, I HA rep. IIoll rep SCHWANBECK. N. J. I: anslon. III. MED T Alpha Delta Theta SCHWANDT. J. A. Madison HIST Tf Reed SCHWANTES. LYNN H. Milwaukee ME Tf UWM; Triangle, treas; Army ROTC SCHWARTZ, ALAN M. jVcH York. N.Y. REAL ESTATE SCHWARTZ. SUSAN K. Menoinonie HIST Tf Kenosha; Sigma Epsi- lon Sigma; Zoc Bayliss. res aid. pblcty chm SCHWARTZ. T. E. Dubuque. la. POL SCI NROTC, Drill Tm; ATA SCHWARZ. BENEDICT Staten Island. NY. SOC PSYCH SCHWEBKE. RUTH N. Madison ENGL Tf Rockford. Northern III. Phi Kappa Phi SCHWEITZER. D. J. Mcnomonee Falls MKT Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma: Mkl Cb; Union rep; IF Cncl; ATQ. newslet SCHWEIZER. PAUL D. Brooklyn. NY. JOURN CARDINAL, cntrbtng ed. ed bd mbr: NSG: SA. pldg pres. rush chm. stwd. IF rep SCHWEMMER, B. A. Fort Atkinson CHEM Soph Sr Honors SCOON. JEAN Madison MATH AWS. Town-campus co- chm; NSG; AHA SEBORG. DALE E. Madison CHEM E AIChE: SifE. pres. rush chm SEBRANEK. LYLE J. Hillshoro MED SCI Tf Platteville; A n SEBSOW. HELEN D. Brooklyn. N.Y. ENGL Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Pi: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: CARDINAL. assoc feat ed; NSG; Broth-Sis Frgn Ex Progm SEDGWICK. M. L. Madison FRENCH NSP. Soc Comm; I ' ll, rush cnslr SEEMAN. STEPHEN E. Freeporl. III. PH ' SICS Physics Cb SEGAL. SUSANNE A. Great Neck. N.Y. MUSIC SEGAL. VIRGINIA L, Chicago. III. SPEECH Phi Beta, pres; NSA Comm; Coed ' s Cong; I.angdon H.dl, jud chm; AAA. frat ed chm SEILER. MARK K La Cro. ' .se (.EKM Tf La Crosse: Phi Kappa Phi. Philliins Hse, treas: Elm Dr. Ccxtimons Comm. chm: Cierman Cb. pres; Men ' s (lice Cb; A Cap- pclla Choir, prcs: WSA Acdmc alf.iirs Dcpt. drctr; l-clly-Stdnt Comm on liiluc Affairs; Luth Men Choir SELKURT. JOANNE A. Racine CHEM Tf R;icine: Union, usher SERGEANT. G. R. Sturgeon Bay CHEM Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; ' -GOP; Turner Hse. aihlcc chm; Alpha Chi Sigma SEROTA, SUSAN H. Cleveland. O. CHEM SHABOT. JACQUELINE Larchmont. N.Y. EED NEW IDEA; Hoofers; Wis Players: Film Soc; SDA SHAFER. ROBERT S. Mt. Vernon. NY. ECON Jones Hse. sec. ed chm; Res Halls. Jt Disc Comm; Union. Dkrm Comm. chm; AROTC. Pistol Tm. co-capt SHAFFER. GARY W. Chippewa Falls CHEM Phi Kappa Phi; Gregory Hse. prs. v-prcs; LHA. cabnt. Commons Comm. chm; Delta Epsilon; Wis Previews; College Bowl SHAPIRO. BETH G. Milwaukee SOC WK AE SHAPIRO ROBERT D. Milwaukee MATH Actuary Cb, pres; Badger Ply; AEn SHAPIRO, STEWART A. Chicago. III. ZOOL AEn SHARFIN. ROY H. Brooklyn. N.Y. HIST AEII SHARK, JANET K. Fargo. No. Dak. FRENCH Tf Antioch; Lowell Hall. hse fello: Union, Forum Comm; French Cb; USA, Sympsm Comm SHARP, MERLYN J. Chippewa Falls OCT Hermanson Hse. soc chm SHARPE. ANITA Beverly Hills. Calif. PSYCH Tf Arizona; SIAF SHARRATT. T. B. Milwaukee DY SCI Bryan Hse. treas: Alpha Zeta: AROTC. Rifle Tm " AUSA: Var Rifle Tm. capt SHAW. BARBARA A. Waunakee ART SHAW. LINDA R. Akron. Ohio ART HIST WSA, Ldrshp Tr Progm; Elvejhcm Art Cnlr stdnt dr; irt T. co-rush chm, rec sec SHEALY, PHIL C. Tomah UR PL AROTC SHEAR, C. L. Wellsville. N.Y. GEOG Union, Soc Comm; Ski Cb SHEBESTA, MARY C. Janesville ECON SAM. treas " Hoofers. Newman Cb SHEEHAN, M, J. Sun Prairie EE Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi, sec; Phi Fla Sigma; IEEE, Soph Honors; Dorm, pres SHEIMAN, R. M. Westport. Conn. HIST Basselt Hse. treas; Hillel; Y-Dems; Phil Cb SHEKORE. F. J. Green Bay EE Conover Hse. LHA rep; AROTC; Scabbard Blade SHEPARD. LORI Matiiartineck. N.Y. ART HIST SHEPHERD. P. A. Madison HEC SHERIDAN, SHELLY J. Milwaukee SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; A$, mrshi SHERMAN, B. G. Alhurquerqiie. N.M. JOURN TB SHERMAN. CRAIG B. Clencoe. III. ACCT SHERMAN, NADINE P. Chicago. 111. SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta: Carroll Hall, pres. hsefellow; Union, Lit Comm, usher; WSA, Trvl Comm; Varsity Pty SHERVEY. P. Q. Prospect His., III. POL SCI AXn, trcas SHERWIN, ROBERT A. Chicago. III. HIST Sigma Delta Pi; WSA, Pblcty Comm; Humo; Wis Previews; Hmcming Sh. chm; nA$ SHIREY, ROBERT W. Fond (III Lac MATH Phi Kappa Phi; BADG- ER; TKE, histrn, hmcming chm SHUSTER, LYNN A. MilKaukee PSYCH Tf Lawrence SICHERMAN, SUE MilKaiikee SP THR SIEBERS, CAROL A. Applelon CHILD DEV SIEGEL, MARISA B. Milwaukee ENGL Phi Alpha Theta; Sigma Tau Delta; Chess Cb; Hillel SIEGEL, SUSAN New York. N.Y. MUSIC Phi Kappa Phi; NEW IDEA; SPIR; Broth-Sis Progm SIGAL, MICHAEL S. Chicago, III. ECON Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma, pres, cnclmn, v-pres; sr advsr; Stdnt- Fclty Cong Comm on Ed Affairs; WSA, Pblcty Comm, Badger Blck, alt drctr; IT A SIGERSON, ANDRA New York. N.Y. FRENCH Jr Yr in France SIGERSTAD, D. S. Sloughton ART ED BADGER; Coed ' s Cong; Union, Gal! Comm; Hoofers; Liz Waters, Art Comm SILVER, JAMES A. Madison GEOL Tf Ripon; Mack Hse, pres; ROTC SILVER, RHODA A. Milwaukee POL SCI Cmmnty of Life Faith, jud chm; ADA, corrs sec; Univ Relig Cncl, rep SILVERMAN, D. R. Grand Forks, N.D. SPEECH Phi Beta, rec sec, corrs sec; NSG; Hmcming Comm; ILS Cncl; Lowell, fir AWS rep, treas SILVERMAN, H. R. Chicago. III. POL SCI Union. Film Comm; AEII. sec rush chm. pbc rltns chm SIMMON. GERALD G. Glenwood City MKT SIMON. JOHN B. Chicago, III. ENGL Union. Film Comm; ROTC; Hillel; pldg ir, rush chm; Badger pty; Var Pty SIMPSON, BARBARA L. Plainfield. N.J. ZOOL Hoofers; Hmcming Comm; XT, Hsptly Init Comm SINN, SANDRA E. Madison ENGL WSA, Hmcming. Svmpsm; Pan Hel Ball; KKT. rush chm. Humo SINSKY, PHILIP A. Cherv Chase. Md. METEOR Tf Maryland SJOGREM, ROBERT H. Watikegan, III. MKT SKARSTEN, K. M. Wauwatosa HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron SLABY. ANDREW E. Milwaukee MED SCI Tf UWM; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Y-Dems; Intl Cb SLOAN. MARY F. Hazelhursi SPAN Phi Kappa Phi; Herman- son Hse. treas; Anderson Hse, sec, soc chm, res aid; Sigma Delta Pi; Coed ' s Cong; NSP Acdmc Comm, guide; Span Cb, v-pres SMAIL, SUZANNE Berwyn. Pa. PH MED Tf Wooster; Phi Theta; Hoofers; Canterbury Cb SMALL, BARRY H. Great Neck. N.Y. HIST ZBT, war chnclr SMALL, SELWYN L.. II JVauwotosa MKT Prnts Day. co-chm. prom dir; IF. Pblcty comm; Tennis Tm; AT, soc chm SMALLMAN, JOANN R. Chippewa Falls OCT Campell Hse. assoc v-pres; Union, usher; Othera SMART, ELIZABETH A. Skokie. III. HIST Tf Knox SMITH, ARTHUR B. Bellwood. III. BACT Alpha Zeta; ROTC; Babtist Stdnt Cntr ' Frosh Gymnst Tm SMITH, BARBARA R. Chicago, III. HIST SMITH, ENGENE D. Sparta M AN SCI Wis Livestock Judg Tm SMITH. KARL D. Barahoo ZOOL Tf Utah ' ; Mil Ball, dec chm AFROTC SMITH. L. B.. JR. Minn.. Minn. FINANCE Pre-Law Cb; Y-GOP; Fin Soc; XT SMITH, RICHARD L. Neenah DY FD I SMITH, SUSAN M. Chicago, III. SPAN SMITH, WILLIAM R. Sycamore. III. PHY ED Var Football; Var Track; Ae SMITH, WILSON E. Aurora. III. SOCIOL IF, Invest Comm; ROTC; M ' T, pres, v-pres, pldg tr SNOW, KATHERINE V. Darien. Conn. MED MC Tf Pine Manor; Blood Dr Comm; III! SNYDER. ELLEN J. Racine FRENCH Tf Racine; Chad Hall, flr pres; Broth-Sis Progm SOBIESKI, B. M. H ' autnma PRSNL MGMT AFROTC; SAM; Indust Rltns Research Assn SODER. DIANE F. tVaukesha OCT Union Mus Comm SOENS, JANET E. Racine HEC Hoofers; Newman Cb; Euthenics SOLBERG, BONNITA D. Burlington SOC WK Liz Waters, unit soc chm; Hoofers SOLKOVITZ, LINDA R. Green Bay SPEECH Sigma Alpha Eta; Scott Hse, pres; AE I» SOLE, LAUREN S. Chicago. III. ACCT WSA, Pblc Rltns Comm; ZBT, treas SOLOCHEK, S. M. Madison MED SCI Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; WSMA; Var Fenc SOLOMON. RICHARD J. Menasha HIST Phillips Hse. v-pres. pres; Arnold Air Soc; Pre-Law Cb, treas, v-pres; Hoofers; Model UN; AFROTC; LHA, Dance Comm SOLORZANO. D. A. Caracas, Venezuela CHEM E AIChE SOLVESON. G. H. Waunakee EE IEEE; Scabbard Blade; AROTC SONDOV. STEVEN A. New York. N.Y. EE Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE SONJU. KATHERINE A. Madison FRENCH Hoofers; Union, Hse Comm SORENSON. LEE P. West Allis HEAT POWER Tf UWM; ASE, v-chm, rec sec. Polygon rep; Christian Sci Org SORENSON, PAUL W. De Forest GEOG Tf Stevens Point SOUTHERN, MARY J. Green Bay ENGL Tf Green Bay; Sigma Epsilon Sigma SPECHT. CHARLES W. Prairie du Chien COMM NSG; Alpha Psi; AXA. alum sec; proj chm SPEER. KATHRYN E. Racine ADVER CARDINAL, inside ed, WHA-TV, ed; AWS, Fash Sh, script chm; Model UN, chm; A , song chm. Humo chm SPIEGEL. JANET E. Shawnee-Mission, Kan. ENGL Tower View, v-pres. jud chm; WSA, Pblc Rltn Comm; Union. Theater Comm; Hoofers; AE SPINNING, ANN Glenview, III. ENGL PHIL Elm Dr A, Coed ' s Cong rep; Film Soc; Stdnt Cncl On Civ Rts, treas; Turk- Amer Assn, Exec Comm Senior Activities SPITZ, LAWRENCE A. Delevan GEOL Chamberlin Hse. v-pres SPOONER. A. D. Milwaukee ECON Tf Northwestern; Iron Cross; IF. pres; ATA SPRADO. CHARLES G. Milwaukee ME Tf Milwaukee; ASME; Hoofers SPRING, ENID A. Monioe SPEECH Ellsworth Hse. pres; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; AWS. Acdmcs Comm; NSP. Acdmcs Comm; Jr Orchesis; Span Cb; Liz Waters, Art Comm; AAA Schlrshp chm SPRINGER, DAVID E. New Richmond ECON Mkt Cb STAATS. PETER F. Onalaska ME ASME; AUSA; AROTC STAFFELD, P. A. South Milwaukee ENGL STAMM, MARY J. Madison FRENCH STANEK, PAUL W. Hillsboro CHEM E Tf Plateville; AIChE STARK, RONALD E. West Bend CHEM Faville Hse. treas; Hoofers; Band STARRIT. DOUGLAS R. Crystal Lake. III. MKT NROTC; SAM; KS STATHAS, JOHN J. Green Bay ECON WSA. Wlf Comm; Red Cross Bid Dr. chm; XW. pldg pres. soc chm STAUFFACHER. R. H. Monroe M AN SCI Saddle Sirloin Cb; AFP STAUFFER. G. H. Mr. Horeh ECON STAVENESS. C. L. Rio CHILD DEV STAVENIK, V. M. Eastchester, N.Y. PSYCH NSP STAVLO, JOHN R. Adams EE STEDMAN. DAVID L. Madison SOCIOL STEEN. GARETH L. Ft. Atkinson JOURN Frankenburger Hse, soc chm; Sigma Delta Chi; Intl Stdnt Trvl Cntr, pres; CARDINAL, news ed; WSA. sen Intrdenom Co- ord Comm STEFFEN, THOMAS F. Madison AG ECON Pres Hse. choir; UW Cncrt March Bands STEGEMAN, P. K. Middleton PH MED Phi Theta. pblcty chm STEIBEL. KAY L. SturdevanI RUSS Russ Cb. pblcty chm STEIDEL, SUSAN R. TEX CHEM Tf Luther STEIN, COLMAN B. Bethesda, Md. HIST Stdnt Cndct Appeals Comm; NSA, alt; Friends of SNCC, co-chm; Mock Sen; Mock UN STEIN. HARRY A, Palmyra POL SCI Tf UWM; Dorm, athlec chm; AROTC STEIN, ROBERT D. Madison LAND ARCH SALA, v-pres STEIN, SANDRA L. Freeport, III. RUSS AZ STEINBERG, B. A. Glencoe. III. ENGL Coed ' s Cong, rep; Y-Dems; Carroll Hall, treas STEINBERG, DARYL G. Shawano ENGL Tf Stevens Point STEINBERG, LEE E. Appleton HIST Tf Fox Valley; ADA; Y-Dems; Broth-Sis Progm STEINDORF, R. J. Richfield CE YMCA; ASCE STEINESTEL. P. D. Freeport, III. SPAN Chorus STEINHARDT. C. R. Green Bay APPLIED MATH ENGR STEELING. RALPH W. Bay side. N.Y. EE IEEE; 2$E STENZEL. WILLIAM W. Kenosha AMP Tf Kenosha; Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Eta Sigma; Mc- Beel Hse. LHA rep; Gillin Hse, educ chm STEPANIAK, FRED J. Steyens Point HIST Tf Stevens Point; 2 E STEPHANI, JUDY M. Black Creek SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; Cam- pus Chest; Newman Cb STEPHENSON, G. M. Cedarburg SP THR STERN, ELLEN G. Madison EED Union, Lit Comm; HUIel, treas STERN, SAMUEL E. Madison PHIL Hillel. pres STEVENS. DALE M. Middleton ART ED Hoofers; Ski Cb sec; HB STEWART. GILBERT A. Madison PRSNL MGMT Delta Sigma Pi. prof chm . chnclr; SAM; Scabbard Blade; NROTC; Rifle Tm. Capt; 2N STEWART. MARILYN J. Wausau SP PATH Sigma Alpha Eta; XQ STIELOW. G. J.. JR. Madison ACCT Insur Soc; SAM; Y-GOP STIX, BONITA L. Sheboygan FRENCH STODDARD, J. E. Superior EE Tf Marathon; Turner Hse, soc chm, treas Senior Activities STODDARD. J. T Fori Washington, N.Y. COMM AROTC; Frat Buyrs Co- op, v-pres; Humo. trcas; Crew; . . treas. hse mgr, pres STOHL, FREDERICH L. Prairie ECON Tf St. Louis U; Fin Soc; UW Crdnl Bnd STOLL. NORMAN R. Portland. Ore. ECON CARDINAL. Bd of Cntrl. clmnisl: Mock UN; Mock Sen; Sidnt Sen; NSA. drclr; Union, Forum Comm; Y-Dems, mbrshp chm; Hen. pldg soc chm STOLPER. MARY E. Madison SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; NSP; Union. Hmcming Dance, tckts chm. Persian Mdt Comm; A$. stndrs chm STONEK. DONALD J. Cudahy PHIL Tf Marquette STORM. NANCY J. Chicago. III. MATH Blcyer Hse. soc chm STORY, ELEANOR J, Lansing. Mich. SOCIOL Tf Stephens; Lowell Hall, sec STRACHE, CAROL J, Walertown SOCIOL Tf Mac Murray STRAUS, SUZANNE L. Madison EED Tf St Olaf; Pi Lambda Thela STRAUSS, GENE S. .MiUaukee HIST McNeel Hse, v-pres. sec; Comm Bd. rep frosh els; WLHA R.idio Disk Jockey; DORMISTORY STRAUSS, ROBERT E. Mequon HIST NEW IDEA STREIFF. JOHN T. Madi im ZOOL Tf Luihcr; SAE STRENG. JUDITH H. Milwaukee HEC ED Tf UWM; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Eta Kappa Lambda: Pres Hse; HEC Hsptlty Day; Barnard Hall, v-prcs. key plan; AHiN. sec STROBUSH. VICTOR H. Woody ille ME Tf River Falls; ASME STROYNY. S. K. Mosinee CHEM STUDLFY. E. M. Milwaukee PSYCH Tf Washington U; Badger Song Fcst; Humo; l ' H, hse jud chm STUMMER, JOHN H, ChicuKO. III. ACCT Fin Soc; Alpha Kappa Psi; Evans Schlrs; Union. Crafts Comm; YMCA SUGARMAN. R. S, Tuiunla. Cali). HIST Tf use. Harvard; BADfi- ER; Stdnt Discp and Cndct Comm, chm; Mock Pol Cnvtn Comm. pblcty chm; X ' SUHR. ROBERT B. Wise. Rapids COMM Tf Stevens Point; . XA. sec. soc chm, v-prcs SULEIMAN. SUE fiun.i .n, ; . HIST SbLLIV AN. JOANNh M. Chicago. III. HIST Tf Wright Jr; Newman Cb SULLIVAN. JOHN L. Appleton CE Bryan Hse, pres; LHA. Cabnt rep; Union Hse rep; ASCE; SAX. pldg tr. pldg pres. athlec chm SULLIVAN. VIRGINIA Oshkosh ECON Hoofers; Cole Hall, soc chm SVITAVSKY. LEO C, Racine ECON Vars Ftball, SX SWANSON, JOSEPH A. Madison ECON Tf Western Michigan; WSA, Govt Rltns Comm; Union, Forum Comm; i: I . sec, v-pres SWANSON, LUCIA K. Moline. III. ENGL ILS Cncl; Fresh U Symph; Chad, actvty chm; Union, Mu Comm; T b l rec sec. SWANSON, NEIL E. Madison PSYCH Tf St Olaf; LSA SWANSON, ROBERT L. Walertown GEOG AROTC, Pershing Rifles; Campus Chest; AS n , histrn SWANSON, W. C. Milwaukee Tf UWM; IEEE EE SWART, DAVID P. Waldo EE Tf Hope; Eta Kappa Nu; Badger Christian Felwhp. v-pres SWEED, SHEILA M. Milwaukee HIST SWEET. ROGER C. Madison PSYCH Pershing Rifles; Scabbard . Blade; Hillel SWEET, STEVEN C. Milwaukee ECON Tf Stanford; AEH SWISSHF.I M. M. V. Hii:hlaml. Ind. HIST NSG; Cochrane Hse. Col Bowl; Liz Waters. Unit v-pres; AXfi SZALAI. KENNETH J. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; Union. Col Bowl; Amtr Radio Cb; IEEE TADEWALD. JOHN A. la Crosse ME Tf La Crosse; ASME TAGGART, NANCY J. West field. Mass. FRENCH French Cb; Broth-Sis Progm; Span Cb; Intl Cb TAMMINGA, JOYCE E. Randolph BUS ED Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Chi Thela. pres; Mkt Cb; Sigma Fpsilon Sigma; Comm Stdnt-Fclty Bd. sec; Andersen Hse. jud chm TANCII I.. KAREN B. Wauwalosa JOURN Coranto Sigma Iot;i. pblcty chm. corrs sec; Thela Sigma Phi. v-pres; CARDINAL, feat ed; Prnts Day Comm, co- phlcly chm; WSA, Broth- Sis Progm, I-orgn Sidnt Cjuide; Union. News Bureau, " Inside 770, " ed; Sr CIS Cncl; Sr Ncws- letler. cd TARNOW. ALAN M. Milwaukee PSYCH n A TARNUTZER. J. A. Prairie du Sac EED Pi Lambda Theta; Marlatt Hse. treas; Phi Kappa Phi TASKONIS. JOSEPH Kenosha HIST TAYLOR. DOROTHY M. Cimw. Miss. PSYCH Tf Millsaps; Lake Lawn, jud bd chm; KA TENNIE. JOHN C. Johnson Creek EE La Follelte Hse. soc chm; LHA Cabnt rep; IEEE; Phi Eta Sigma, cncl; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. v-pes TENPAS. EUGENE P. Wis. Rapids EE Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eia Kappa Nu; IEEE TEPASKF;. LINDA E. Racine DIET Tf Rhode Island; Xn TEPLE. MAREN E. Milwaukee PSYCH Tf UWM; Intl Rltn Cb. sec; Forgn broth-sis progm; Stdnt gd, Cntrbry Cb; Union usher; Lath- rop Bowl Lg TEPLY, JOAN M. Hillsboro POL SCI TERLECKE. MARK J. Wauwalosa CHEM E Tf UWM; AIChE TERRY. BRENDA G. Arlington. Va. ENGL Tf Eau Claire; Wesley; Dorm rep TERWILLIGER. SARA Wausaii PS-KIND HECA AWS, Actvts chm; Sr Swingout, mrchng chm, prmtns, chm; Humo. prmtns. chm; NSG; Cam- pus Chest, prmtns; F B. trcas TESCH. ROBERT C. Waukesha FINANCE Phi Eta Sigma TESCHNER, M. C. Madison PSYCH II. S Cncl; Mock UN, Finland chm; Union. Film Comm; ATA, soc chm TESKE, CHARLES W. Rhinelander ACCT PUB UTLTS Tf Wausau; ATO. pldg v-prcs TESKE. JON D. Manitowoc FRENCH Tf Manitowoc; Symph Orches; French Cb; YMCA; Alpha Phi Omega; Kronshage Hall Chmbr Mus Soc TETIK, CHARMAINE l.a Urange. III. NAT SCI Mortar Bd. pres; AWS. Avdmc Comm. chm, Sr Swingoul, suh-chm. Res Aid; II H ' l ' , corrs sec, pldg pres THALER. JUNE E, Brooklyn. N. Y. ZOO I TIIARMAN, PAUL A. Cedarhun; EE Tl UWM; Adams Hall, schlsic chm; IEEE; Phi I- la Sigm;i; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Fta Kappa Nu; Badger Ama- leur Kiidio Soc; Soc of Stdnt Fngr; Hoofers THFIS, ROBERT C. Kaukauna AG ECON Ag Leon St c; BX, steward THIES. FRED C. Milwaukee CE Tf UWM; Gregory Hse. pres. LHA rep THISIUS. WILLIAM F. Madison EE Tf Macalaster; Kappa Eta Kappa, pldg pres. Exec Bd, rush chm; IEEE, pres, v-pres; Bowl- ing Tm, capt; Engnr Expstn, exhbtr THOMAS, IRENE M. Madison SPAN Christian Sci Organiz; YWCA THOMPSON. JUDY K. Spring Valley EED THOMPSON. L. W. M. Darlington ACCT FINANCE Tf Platlcville; Fin Soc; Ins Soc THOMPSON, M. R. Madison MED T Alpha Delta Theta THOMPSON, W. C. Manitowoc STATIS Phi Eia Sigma THtjMSON, SUSAN Richland Center HIST Sigma Fpsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; WSA, Lewis Actn. Comm; Union, Forum Comm; Pan Hel. Stdnt Hsing. chm; Wis Previews: KKP. pres. pldg tr THRONSON, DONNA J. Ml. Horeh CORREC INST Eta Kappa Lambda, treas; Coed ' s Cong; Bresse Hse, treas TILG, PATRICIA A. Ilrookficid EED A FA, soc chm. v-pres TILLY. BARBARA A. Downers Cove, 111. ENGL nH l». pres. asst soc chm: Villa Maria soc chm TIMM. MARY F. Green Bay SOC WK BADGER; Union, Crafts Comm: K. , schlrshp chm. hse pres TITEL. VIRGINIA M. Plymouth ART Chad Hall, flr soc chm; All-Campus Soc Chm Comm TOBIN, PATRICIA A. Madison ADVER Coronlo; GREEKS SPEAK, news ed; ATA, mbrshp chm. Prnts Wkend. chm TOBIS. SHARON L. Des Moines, la. SOCIOL Sigma r.psiU ' tn Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi: WSA, HIcts, Schlrshp, Prsnl Comms; Tower View, pres lOEBE, MARLENE L. Manitowoc SP THR Sigma Alpha Fta: WSA, Pblcty Comm, coord chm: actvts chm. I.drshp Tr Progm; NSP TOEDTFR. JAMES J. Manitowoc ME lOI I Fl .SON, D I . Pcwaukce ME If UWM: ASME TOI.VERSEN, HELEN . eenah HIST Sigma Fpsilon Sigma; Phi K:ippa Phi: WSA, Prsnl Cnlcis C ' limm, Frosh I drshp Progm, sec: NSP, Pblciv omm. guide: GRFFKS SPEAK, soc ed; , . . pres, exec v-pres, asst schlrshp chm TOPAZ. HOWARD A. .Madison PHIL Y-GOP; SN TOPPING. JAMES R. Portage ACCT Beta Alpha Psi; A Cappella Choir TORRENCE. JUDITH L. Chippewa Falls MED T Tf Eau Claire TOWNSEND. R. E. Scandinavia DY FD I Babcock Hse. sec. stwrd: CARDINAL: Ag Stdnt Cncl. treas: Saddle Sirloin: Little Intl Ball, chm TRAGIAI. JEAN K. Rhinelander PSYCH Tf Oshkosh TRAPP. DAVID A. La Crosse HIST Wesley Fndtn: Res Halls, stdnt spvs TRECROCI. GERALD J. Kenosha ENGL TREEN. JOSEPH M. Brookfield ENGL WSA. Stdnt Sen; KS THREIBER. BONNIE E. Gillett SPEECH ED Cool Hse. soc chm; DORMSYLVANIA: New- man Cb: Pan Hel, Ball Comm: AHA, mrshi TREICHEL, C, Q. Madison ZOOL ■tSK TRINKO. MICHAEL J. Menotnonie AMP Alpha Phi Omega, sec, treas; AROTC; Rugby Cb TRNKA. KATHRYN E. Loyal MUSIC TRUESDALE, JOHN D, Green Bay SOCIOL A A , sec TRUMPY, DAVID K. Madison ME Triangle, v-pres; ASME; SAE TURMO, ELIZABETH A. Wauwalosa EED Phi Kappa Phi: Humo, progm chm: Hmcming, downtown-night chm; AT schlrshp chm TURNER, CATHARINE St. Paul Minn. HIST Bradford Hse, soc chm; Allen Hall hsefellow; Im actvts chm: CARDINAL: AWS rep: WSA, Wlf Comm, NFG: Hoofers; Union, usher; Channing Murray TURNER, THOMAS M, Elm Grove ENGL Haresfool, prmln v-pres, Pblctv drctr. prod: CARDINAL; SLIC, Ad Hoc Comm; Thtr, Stdnt Actvts; Union, Pblcty. Prmtns, Pblc Rltns Comms: WHA Radio, stdnt anncr TYROLT, MARGO A. Janesville HIST Flm Dr A. jud chm: AA. . pldg pres UCELLO, ROSEMARY Madison ART Union, Gall Comm ULISVIK. THOMAS II Madison F(()N NSG: Frosh Ldrship Trng Progm. Idr: AROTC: Assn of US Army. sec. treas: ATA UMANOFF. JANE F. Rockvllle Centre. N. ' . ART HIST Union, Gall Comm, Civ RIs Comm, usher: Gall of Vis Arts, an drctr: GUI- cresi U se, jud chm UMIN. GAIL H. New Rochelle, N. Y. FRENCH French Hse, pres; Union. Hse Rep; French Cb UNGER. MICHAEL A. Milwaukee IND ENGR Tf UWM; ASME; SAE; IM Sports ' . Triangle, soc chm UNTER. BRIAN D. Roscoe. III. EE Kappa Ela Kappa, asst treas, treas. pres. Exec Bd; IEEE; Tau Beta Pi; Soph Honors; UW Band URBAN, JOEL R. La Crosse CHEM E Tf La Crosse; AIChE; Polygon Bd. treas, pres. Sr Cncl URBEN. GARY F. Coleman CHEM E AIChE USCOTT. DEBORAH E. New York, N.Y. HIST UTECH. M. F,. JR. Merrill PHYSICS David Schreiner Hse, pres, jud chm; ANS; MACE; Soph Honors; Badger Song Fest; ROTC; Men ' s Glee Cb; Crew; " W " Cb UTPATEL. SANDRA M. Mazonianie LING Phi Kappa Phi; Susan B. Davis, v-pres; Intl Cb. soc chm; Span Cb VACCARELLO. F. R. Kenosha ZOOL Tf Milwaukee-Downer; Pre-Med Cb; Union, usher; Liz Waters. Unit III pres; Wesley Fndtn; KA. pldg chpin VALESSARES, VIVIAN Chicago. III. CHILD DEV AWS, Sr Swingout. rcptn chm. Fund Dr. Fash Sh. gnrl chm, Hsing Proj; NSG; Coed ' s Cong Rep; AXn. Sr Banq chm. actvts chm VANCE, CRAIG R. Princeton, 111. AMER INST IF, rush chm. Exec Comm; Mock UN. dlgtn chm; SX. v-pres. soc chm VANDEN HEUVEL. C. Seymour SP THR Sigma Alpha Ela VANDER. LINDEN, N. Appleton CHEM E AIChE; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Tutor Comm, chm; Y-GOP VAN DUSER, MARK J. West Allis EE Tf UWM; Kappa Eta Kappa, rush chm, hse stwd; IEEE; Polygon rep VAN EPPS, NANCY Madison EED SNEA VANISH, JOANNE L. Pound ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Campus Chest, fin. gnrl chm; Mock UN; Deb Tm; Wis Frnscs; Barnard Hall. AWS rep; Lakota Hse. pres; XQ VAUK. GERALD E. Madison EE IEEE VAUK. VICKI E. Madison SPAN Sigma Alpha Iota; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Symph Orch; A Cappella choir; Cncrt Band; Wis Plyrs Prod; AAA. song chm, picture chm VERWOHLT. JANICE Clerelnnd. O. PH MED Phi Theta; Union, plcmt Comm. v-pres Comm; Dolphins, sec-treas. v-pres; ATA. actvts chm VETTER, ELLEN F. Madison HOSP DIET Badger Christian Flwshp. study, missions chm VICKERS. RUSSELL T. Iron Mt., Mich. CHEM E ASChE; ATA VICKMAN. JOHN T. Rhinelander ACCT Tf UWM; eKE VINEY. DAVID L. Evansville DY SCI Ag Stdnt Cncl; Saddle Sirloin Cb, v-pres; Blue Shield 4-H, ext chm, pres; Little Intl, Pblcty admnstr; Queens chm; Dy Judg Tm; Aes, soc chm, v-pres, IF rep VIRTUE, ROBERT W. Madison POL SCI NROTC Drill Tm; New- man Cb; Chi Rho; WHA Radio, studio oper VISCO, RAYMOND J. Chicago, III. ZOOL Bowl Tm; rec sec VOLLENDORF. J. A. Manitowoc PBLC RLTNS Alpha Phi Omega, v-pres; Intl Rltns Cb; WSA. elct comnsr; CARDINAL; BADGER; Sigma Delta Chi; Campus Chest. Adv Comm; NROTC; Navy Drill Tm, Mock UN VON GUNTEN. K. L. Madison PSYCH Y-GOP VON SCHNEIDEMES- SER, MICHAEL A. Bonn. Gernianv ECON Tf Bonn U; YMCA; Hoofers; $rA, Union Hse rep; Crew Tm VOSS, CARL W. Milwaukee ACTUARIAL SCI Ins Soc; Actuar Cb VOSS, TERRY B. La Crosse UR AFFAIRS UCPC, sec; $rA VOSS, THEODORE R. Wauwatosa PHIL Acacia, rush chm. actvts chm; Swenson Hse, v-pres WACEK, JAMES E. Denmark MKT Tf Green Bay; Mkt Cb; Bashford Hse, treas WAGERS, DARIEN M. Barringion, III. CORREC Tf Beloit; AAA WAGNER. BONNIE J. Granton PH MED Phi Theta WAGNER. CAROL A. So. Milwaukee ENGL WAGNER. KATHLEEN West Bend CHEM WSA, Prnsl Cont Comm. sec; WSA TV Radio Commun; Union. Pblc Rltn Comm. usher; New- man Cb. Soc Comm. Ext Pblcty chm WAHL. WILLIAM E. Denver, Colo. CHEM Scabbard Blade, v-pres; Vilas Hse, treas; WLHA, Studio mgr; Christian Science Org. pres. rdr; 2 E. alum rltn dctr WALDEN, ANN P. Beloit SOC WK Sr Swingout rep; Bid Drv chm; Mock UN. dlgt; Mock GOP; Wesley Fndtn WALKER. DONALD M. Bristol CE Tf Carroll College; Phi Kappa Phi; ASCE: Tau Beta Pi. sec; Chi Epsilon WALLER. WILLIAM G. Watertown POL SCI CARDINAL, bud mgr; 6AX. rush chm, pblc rltn chm WALLSTEN, T. S. Broomall, Pa. PSYCH SLIC; Union, Hse Comm. chm. drclrt mbr WALQUIST, JANET L. Chicago. III. INTL RLTN Tf Bradley, Indiana; Sigma Alpha Iota; Intl Cb; Intl Rltn Cb; Scand Cb; Span Cb; Hoofers; Inter Var Christian Flwshp; AZ WALTERSCHEID, R. L. N. Sacramento, Calif. METEOR Tf American River Jr; Meteor Cb WARD. CLAUDIA T. Madison HEC Omicron Nu WARD, SCOTT Pittsburgh. Pa. SPEECH If, sec; SLIC, Sub- Comm on Frat Soc Soc Life; SAE, sec WARD, WILLIAM L. Madison CHEM Tf William and Mary WARMS, LISBETH I. Jackson Hts., N. Y. PSYCH FRENCH French Cb; Y-Dems WARSHAUER, SIVIA Tenafly, N. J. ENGL WATKINS, RUTH A. Milwaukee HIST Tf Smith; Union. Forum Comm WATSON, JANIE Whitewater PH MED Tf Whitewater; Phi Theta; Elsom Hse, soc chm WATTERS. LESTER V. Cuba City PHY ED Phi Epsilon Kappa; Phy Ed Cb chm WATTS. MARY L. Park Ridge. III. HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron. chptr ed; NSP; AAA, mrshl. rec sec WEBB, DIANA M. Menomotnee Falls JOURN Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Sigma Phi, histrn; Cor- anto; CARDINAL; USE; Cncrt Band WEBB, DONALD J. Madison FINANCE WSA, Pblctns Comm; KS, soc chm, treas WEBBER, CATHERINE Waukegan, III. PH MED Phi Theta; LHA. cabnt; Big Ten Dorm Conf, exec sec; Newman Cb; APA WEBER, ROBERT Sheboygan HIST Track; AXP WEBER, TERRY M. Madison ME WECHSLER, L. M. New York, N. Y. PSYCH WSA, Curric Comm, chm, Acdmc Affairs Dept, drctr. Exec Comm; Stdnt Fctly Comm on Ed Affairs WEDEL, WILLIAM O. Baraboo CHEM E AT Senior Activities WEDELL, BARBARA Madison EED Tf Carroll; WSA, Intl Broth-Sis Progm; Wmn ' s Chorus; SNEA; Xn WEDEWARD, J. W. Edgerton ACCT YMCA; Beta Alpha Psi WEGENER. JOHN G. Oshkosh SP PATH Tf Oshkosh; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Alpha Eta, progm chm; Union, hse rep, Thtr Comm WEGNER, CARTER D. Brookfield BACT Tf UWM; WLHA WEGNER. GARY R. Seymour MKT Babcock Dy Sci Cv. pres; Mkt Cb; Ag Stdnt Cncl; ATS, pldg tr, rush chm WEGNER, JANET C. Madison AM HIST Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Union. Hse Comm; WSA, Wlf Proj, Schlrshp Comms, sec WEIDMAN, R. H. Lowell LT BLDG Hoofers. Riding Cb. soc chm; UCCF, soc chm WEILER, THOMAS C. Kansasville FLORICUL Sievecker Hse, treas; Hon Cb, sec. pres WEILEY. SUSAN M. Hales Corners ENGL PHIL Tf UWM WEINBERG. R. A. Chicago, III. PSYCH Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Soph Honors; Phi Eta Sigma; IF Cncl. Pblc Rltns; Y-GOP; Mock UN; NEWS GREEK; Wis Players; Ital Cb; Dormsylvania. Dance Comm; 4 SA. pldg sec. soc chm. co-rush chm. schlrshp chm WEINICK, FAITH A. Hewlett. N. Y. SPAN Carroll Hall, soc chm WEINLICK. JOHN H. Madison AM INST NSP; Union, soc Comm WEINTROB. SHARON Milwaukee SP THR Tf UWM; Sigma Alpha Eta; Hillel WEISS. HOWARD N. Bronx, N. Y. PSYCH NSP; Union, Thtr Comm, V-pres Comm; AFROTC WEISS. ROBERT L. Prairie dit Sac M AN SCI FFA; Corps Soils Cb; Saddle Sirloin Cb WEISS, SUSAN Shaker Heights, O. ENGL Scope Pty; WSA. Pblc Rltns. Pblcty Comm; AWS. Fas Sh Comm; Hmcming; SAT. soc chm WELKER. ROBERT Z. Rockford. III. ME SAE; Union, Bowl Tm WELLER, MARGARET Grayslake, III, ENGL NSG; Pan Hel. rush Cnslr; XSJ WELLS. JOAN A. Oak Park, III. CHILD DEV Union. Music Comm; Univ Chorus; r B WELLS, MARIAN L. St. Louis, Mo. OCT Tf Washington U.; Othera; Union, Crafts Comm WELLS, MARILYN R. Cedarburg ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma, v-pres. Honors Banq chm; Crucible, member chm; Mortar Bd. v-pres; Phi Kappa Phi; WSA. Sympsm. Prsnl Rltns Comm. sec, NSG; Union, Hse Comm; ILS, treas; Pan Hel, sec; Langdon Hall, sec; r B, pldg sec, corrs sec, pres WELTER, STEPHEN E. Prairie du Chien ECON Tf Eau Claire; AXA WENDE. RICHARD A. Hayward SP PATH WENGERT. EUGENE Detroit, Mich. METEOR WERBLOW, T. R. Oshkosh ACCT Tf Oshkosh; Leopold Hse. treas WERGES. DARRELL L. Wausau CHEM E Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; AIChE WERNBERG, C. E. Arpin MED SCI Pi Kappa Phi; High House, v-pres; Christian Fellowship WESLAND, DAVID J. Stoughton ZOOL Wrestl WERTH, DAVID L. Oconomowoc POL SCI Y-Dems; LHA, Chorus WERTYMER. JOHN A. Winnetka, III. CE CARDINAL, adv mgr; YMCA. cabnt mbr, UN Smnr. chm; Christian Sci Org; ASCE; Pershing Rifles; Orchesis; Red Cross Instrctr; SAX. Humo chm, pldg sec, corrs sec WESOLOWSKI, G. F. Pulaski CE WIS ENGINEER; ASCE, sec WESOLOWSKI, G. J. Milwaukee MED T Alpha Delta Theta; New- man Cb; NSG WEST, JUDITH A. Caledonia SPEEC ED Campus Inn, pres; Cole Hall, jud chm; Sr Swing- out; United Student Flwshp WEST. WALTER L. Port Jefferson, N. Y. BANK FINANCE Pyre Hse. treas; Scab- bard Blade; NROTC. Exhibt Drill Tm; A Cappella Choir WESTERN. DENNIS W. Chippewa Falls ZOOL ENGL WESTOVER. TOM W. Manitowoc ECON Drama Cb WESTPHAL, JAMES C. Wauwatosa MATH Tf UWM; Phi Eta Sigma; Union, Mus Comm; Hoofers; Sailing Cb, brd of capts; Van Hise. Commons Comm, sec; LHA, cabnt mbr; Paxson Hse, ed ch Senior Activities WETTSTEIN, W. R. Chilian ACCT Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Eta. Sigma: Bela Gamma Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi WEYHMILLER, T. D. Loyal AG ECON Ag Econ Soc. sec-trcas; FBC Bd, stdnt drctr: AFP, stwd WHALEN, C. E. Kankakee. III. SPAN Ann Emery, Jud Bd; Campus Chest, pblcty chm; r H. 1st v-pres, pldg tr, actvs chm WHALEN. JAMES D. Cordon CE Tf Superior; ASCE WHALEN. MARILYN L. Neenah SOC WK WHEELER, M. E. Plaiieville PHARM WHIPPLE, ROBERT J. Madison POL SCI WHITE, ANN E. Sheboygan MATH Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Soph Honors WHITMER, BRUCE L. Beaver Dam AGR Leopold Hsc, offer; Command advsr: Color- Guard, cmdr; Mil Ball chm WICHERN. DEAN W. Madison MATH Hoofers WICKEHAM, F. E. Green Bay ECON Tf Green Bay WICKMAN, T. J. Green Bay CHEM E Tf Norbcrfs; High Hse, prcs, treas; AIChE; IM sports; Dormslyvania WIECHMANN, M. Wausau EED Tf De Pauw; Hoofers WIECKOWICZ, D. C. l.adysmilh MATH Tf Superior; AFROTC, Drum Bugle Corps; Newman Cb, cnvtn chm WIEDMEYFR. R. H, Theresa CHEM WIELEBSKI, W. H. Madiion EE Tf UWM: IEEE; Phi Eta Sigma; Soph Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; WHA-TV WIEN. CONNIE E. Portland. Maine HIST Christian Sci Org WIETOR, EDWARD F. I ' ond du Lac GEOL Tf Oshkosh Stale WKiCHERS. A. W., JR. .Shell Lake ACCT Tf Eau Claire; Beta Alpha Psi; Y-GOP; AIESFC; ASH Wll DA. MARILYNNG. Kacine ZOOI. Tf Racine; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi WH.K, MARTIN L, Milwaukee PHIL y.HT WILKINS, ALLEN L. Prairie du Chien ME Tf Purdue WILLARD, DAVID F. Delavan EE Tau Beta Pi WILLEMSSEN, D. L. La Crosse INTL RLTN Tf a Crosse; Lakecrest Hse, hsefellow; Inter- Coll Sailing, Skiing; TKE, chpin WILLIAMS, E. M. Madison ART ASA; Crafts com: tf guide WILLIAMS, JAMES M. Milwaukee ME Tf UWM; Triangle Engr WILLIAMS, LINDA L. Madison RETAIL Phi Upsilon Omicron, soc chm: WSA. Fash Sh Comm: Eulhenics WILLIAMS. W. A. Sheboygan Falls INSUR WILSEY, ANN M. Princeton SOC WK Tf Oshkosh WILSON, DAVID C. Ilhaca. N. Y. MATH Mock UN WILSON. ROGER D. Oak Park. III. ACCT Alpha Kappa Psi. Chap- lin: Union rep; Calvary choir; SAM WINCHELL, ANN Waukesha MED T Union, Mus Comm WINEKE, WILLIAM R. Oregon JOURN U YMCA, Frosh Camp, Chm; Sigma Delta Chi; CARDINAL, News Ed, WSA rptr. SLIC rptr; Lutheran Stdnt Cntr; Y-Dems WINER, MAXINE E. Brooktine. Mass. HIST Dorm, soc chm, jud chm WINKLER, JAMES C. Portage ME Spooner Hse, Tripp Hall, sec: Theta Tau; ASME WINTER, DONALD R. Aniigo CONSERV WINTER, JUDITH A. Pulaski FRENCH WIRTH, GARY J. Elm Grove PHYSICS Union, Mus Comm, chm, Frgn Stdnt Rcptn Cntr; Thtr Bd WIRTH. SUZANNE M. Reedshurg ART HIST Tf St. Olaf; Y-GOP: KA, schlrshp chm, hmcming chm, pldg sec WIRTZ, NORMAN J. Sturtevant ECON Fin Soc; Newman Assn WISE, MARCIA S. Chicago, III. HIST WITT, BARBARA R. Long Island, N. Y. HIST Hillel; ILS CncI WITTWER, CURTIS D. Manitowoc PSYCH ROTC; Wesley Fndtn WNUK, JAMES D. Stevens Point Mil ASME; TKE, slwd, sgt- at-arms; hse mgr WOELFFER, LINDA M. Ocontinwwoc SOCIOL PSYCH WOJDULA, A. G. Chicago Heights. III. INDUS KITNS Iron Cross; WSA; SAM; Sr CI, treas; Ftball, co- capl; W Cb; 4 AB, treas WOKOSIN, JAMES F. Oshkosh ACCT Tf Oshkosh WOLF, MARY L. Phoenix. Ariz. POL SCI Tf UCLA: WSA, Hmcming Dance Comm; Sympsm Comm; AE$, rush chm, Humo WOLF, WARREN R. Shawano UR PL Olsen Hse, fir histrn: Hoofers: Ur PI Cb: Real Est Cb; IM Sports WOLFF, MARTIN E. Peoria. III. PSYCH Phi Kappa Phi WOLLER, WILLIAM W. Madison ECON WOLSKE, GARY D. Chippewa Falls EE Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu WOOD, KENNETH P. Peshligo CHEM M Tf Marinette: Phi Eta Sigma: Soph Honors: McCaffrey Hse, athlec chm; LHA, Film Comm; Newman Cb WOOD, SARA E. McHenry. 111. MATH Tf Cornell: Coed ' s Cong; WSA. WIf Comm: Badger Song Fest: Hoofers: AWS, Fash Sh Comm; Physic Cb; AZ WOODEND, KARIN J. Hartford. Conn. ART HIST Tf Hartford Col; Liz Waters, flr chm, treas; Christian Sci Org WOODWARD, RUTH D. Wausau SOCIOL WOOLHISER, P. H, Madison CHEM E Tf UWM; AIChE WORTMAN, LINDA J. Park Forest. III. POL SCI Union, Lit Comm: Intl Cb; Mock UN: Intl Rltn Cb WOYKE, JUSTIN A. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM; IEEE; Studio Engr; WLHA WRIGHT. MARLYS M. Superior PSYCH AXSi WRIGHT. MICHAEL B. Falh Church. Va. PHIL Tf Randolph-Macon: Albert-I.udwigs WRIGHT, RICHARD O. Barahoo AMP INSIGHT OUTLOOK: Conserv Cb: Y-GOP; Phys Cb: Boxing WRIGHT. SANDRA J. River Falls SOC WK WRUK, THOMAS J, Milwaukee ME ASME; Triangle WTIPIL, DAVID E. Racine CE Bashford Hse, sec chm; ASCE; LHA Cabnt; Haresfoot; W-Cb: Gymn WURM, MARY E. Milwaukee ASIAN STUDirS A INTI. RI.TN Mock UN, arrngmt chm. dlt l: NSP; C.H-d ' s Cong rep: WLHA, anncr YAMATO, CLARICE H. Pala. Maui Hawaii EED Tf Denver YARES, KATHARINE A. L Ik horn ART YARNE, SANDRA K. Milwaukee PSYCH NSG: WSA, Sympsm Comm; Dolphins, sec, treas; Chad Hall, sec; KA0. histrn YASUKAWA. JANE J. Hilo. Hawaii ZOOL Phi Delta Gamma; Union, Hui O ' Hawaii YELEN, A. J. South Orange, N. J. SPTHR Sigma Alpha Eta; AE YEOMAN, CAROLYN F. Harvard, HI. OCT YOERG, KATHLEEN N. Wauwalosa HIST Model UN; Pan Hel Cncl: T YOUNG, BRADFORD K. Madison INTL RLTN Tf Lehigh: 2 E YOUNG, OTTO W. Merrill ACCT Tf Wausau YOUNGDAHL. B. J. Clenview. III. FRENCH AAA, Pan Hel rep. treas. YOUNT, JOHN E. Madison MED SCI Crew ZABRITSKI. JAMES J. Chicago. III. PHYSICS Scabbard Blade; FOULED ANCHOR, ed; NROTC, Drill Tm, offer ZAESKE, MARY L. East Troy FRENCH KAe ZAHN, ROBERTA R. Whitefish Bay ENGL Tf UWM: r B ZAJICEK, MARY J. Janesville PH MED Liz Waters, flr chm; Phi Theta, pblcty: WSA, Ldrshp Tr. NSG: AAQ, treas ZANIO, ROBERT E. Kenosha EE Tf Kenosha: Kappa Eta Kappa: LHA, hmcming dnc chm; Hoofers; IM Boxing ZAPP, JAMES C. Madison MKT Mkt Cb; SX ZARINS, BIRATA Wis. Rapids ZOOL Tf La Crosse ZARSE, THOMAS A. Milwaukee CHEM E Tf UWM: AIChE: SAE: Dorm, pres. soc chm, hmcming chm: OORM- SYLVANIA: AA■ ZASTROW, C. H. Hamburg PSYCH Tf Marahton; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma ZASTROW, GLENN R, Lake Mills GEOG ZEFF, DONNA H, Glencoe. III. SP THR Sigma Alpha Eta; NSG; SAT, Pan Hel, ollcr ZELINKA, GRACE M, ew Britain, Conn. FRENCH Tf Hartford ZELLER, BARBARA J. I aiua ter OCT Tf Plaiieville: Bleyer Hse, treas; Othera; SCOPE ZFMANEK, JANICE R, Dcerbrook MATH Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Fpsilon Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Liz Waters Unit IV, sec-trcas ZEMKE, WAYNE P. West A His ME Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: ASME; ASTME; Soph Honors: LHA, Lib, Commctns Comms, Barbel Cb; Con- over Hse, Blood Dr, chm ZERNEKE, ROBERT E. Madison ME ASTME; ASME ZERWICK, JOHN K. Oconomowoc GEOL Hoofers; NROTC; eX ZIEHLSDORFF, B. J. Madison SOCIOL ZIELKE, LINDA J. La Crosse ENGL Tf La Crosse ZILLMAN. LOIS L. Milwaukee HEC NSG; Hoofers: Euthenics: Dorm, Art Comm; H Ec Hsplty Day; XQ ZIMINSKI. RICHARD D. Milwaukee CHEM E Tf UMW: AIChE: Soc of Stdnt Engrs; Phi Eta Sigma; Soph Honors; TKE ZIMMERMANN, L. G. Oconomowoc SP THR Sigma Alpha Ela: AWS. Fash Sh Tckt Comm. lAWS: Chad Hall. Dorm Serv Proj; AZ. v-pres, pldg tr. actvts chm ZIPP, KENNETH A. Milwaukee CE ZIPPIN, L. M. Rego Park. N. Y. POL SCI ZIRBEL, LINDA M. East Troy BACT Buck Hse, treas; Cole Hall, orient Idr: DORM- ISTORY: Sr Swingout; BADGER ZITZER, JOAN M. Milwaukee ENGL Tf UWM; Union, usher; Hillel: SNEA ZMUDA, JOHN E. Green Bay HIST Tf Green Bay ZOCHER, ELROY J. Hamburg ACCT Tf Omaha: Mkt Cb; Amer Acct Assn ZOELLER, CAROL J. Madison EED Hoofers; Stdnt Ldrshp Progm; SNEA ZOLA, MICHAEL S. Washington, D. C. POL SCI Stdnt Sen; SLIC. Pblctns Comm. chm; Stdnt Cncl on Civ Rts: IF, news ed ZOVNE, JEROME J. Shehovgan CE ASCE: W Cb; Car Gym. capt: APA ZUCKERMAN, R. E. Silver Spring, Md. POL SCI Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; MACE. Sidnl sen; Varsity Prly. chm: WSA. NSA digt. Spec Proj Dept, drctr; AEFI ZUCKMAN, GAIL R. New York. N. Y. ZOOL Tf Univ of Calif; Sigma Epsilon Sigma ZUIDMULDER, D. R. Green Bav POL SCI Stdnt Sen: Prelaw Cb, v-pres: Var Deb; Scope Prty, chm; Wis Frnscs Union, v-prcs ZWIRSCHITZ, G. W. Mat loon ECON u V index INDEX COLLEGES Agriculture 204 Commerce 214 Education 220 Engineering 221 Extension 232 Graduate 234 Law 236 Letters and Science 238 Medicine 254 Pharmacy 258 ORGANIZATIONS A Cappella 295 Advertising Club 252 Africa Union 294 Agricultural Economics Society 207 Agricultural Student Council 209 Alpha Chi Sigma 251 Alpha Delta Theta 256 Alpha Kappa Psi 217 Alpha Phi Omega 291 Alpha Tau Delta 256 Alpha Zeta 206 American Institute of Chemical Engineers . . . 227 American Society of Agricultural Engineers . . . 209 American Society of Civil Engineers 227 Associated Women Stutlcnts 134, 277 Badger Crops and Soils 211 Beta Alpha Psi 216 Beta Gamma Sigma 216 Bha ' i C:iuh 276 Blue Sliici.l 111 210 Canterljuiy Chih 276 Chi Epsilon 224 Christian Science Organization 277 Coranio 250 Crucible 247 Daily Cardinal 270 Delta Sigma Pi 219 Dolpliins 58, 292 Eta Kappa Lambila 248 Eta Kappa Nu 225 Flying Club 290 Future Farmers of America 208 Home l- ' .tonomics (ilub 211 Horiiniliure Club 213 Institute of Electronics R: F.lctlrical Enf inci is . . 228 Insurance Society 217 Interfraternity Association 279 International Club 150, 291 Iron Cross 242 Joint Military Board 266 Kappa Eta Kappa 231 Kajjpa Psi 261 Lakeshore Halls Association 282 Mace 243 Marketing Club 218 Men ' s Glee Club 297 Mortar Board 246 Nautilus 264 Omicron Nu 206 Orchesis 59 Othera 257 Pan Hellenic Council 70, 280 Pershing Rifles 267 Pharmacy School 258 Phi Beta 249 Phi Beta Kappa 240 Phi Chi Theta 218 Phi Eta Sigma 244 Phi Kappa Phi 241 Phi Theta 257 Phi Upsilon Omicron 207 Pistol Club 268 Pi Tau Sigma 225 Polygon Board 229 Red Cross 292 Rho Chi 260 Rifle Club 268 Saddle and Sirloin 212 Scabbard and Blade 264 Senior Class Council 279 Sigma Alpha Eta 253 Sigma Alpha lota 249 Sigma Delta Pi 248 Sigma Epsilon Sigma 247 Society of Automotive Engineers 229 Student Association of Landscape Architects . . . 213 Tau Beta Pi 226 Theta Sigma Phi 250 Theta Tau 226 Triangle 230 University Bands 68. 299 University Symjjhony Orchestra 296 Wisconsin Badger 272 Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society 260 Wisconsin Student Association ' M 278 WLHA Radio 402 Women ' s Chorus 298 Women ' s Physical EtUuation CAuh 292 Women ' s Recreational Association 293 YMCA 289 YWCA 288 ACTIVITIES Badger Beauties 74 Homecoming 52, 300 Humorology 62, 300 ACTIVITIES cont ' d. Military Ball 73, 266 Navy Ball 72 Symposium 142 Wisconsin Players 60 Wisconsin Union 42, 290 GREEKS Acacia 313 Alpha Chi Omega 314 Alpha Chi Rho 315 Alpha Delta Phi 316 Alpha Epsilon Phi 317 Alpha Epsilon Pi 318 Alpha Gamma Delta 319 Alpha Gamma Rho 320 Alpha Phi 321 Alpha Tail Omega 322 Alpha Xi Delta 323 Beta Theta Pi 324 Chi Omega 325 Chi Phi 326 Chi Psi 327 Delta Delta Delta 328 Delta Gamma 329 Delta Tail Delta 330 Delta Theta Sigma 331 Delta Upsilon 332 Delta Zeta 333 Evans Scholars 334 Gamma Phi Beta 335 Kappa Alpha Psi 336 Kappa Alpha Theta 337 Kappa Delta 338 Kappa Kappa Gamma 339 Kappa Sig a 340 Lambda Chi Alpha 341 Phi Delta 342 Phi Gamma Delta 343 Phi Kappa Theta 344 Phi Sigma Delta 345 Phi Sigma Kappa 346 Pi Beta Phi 347 Pi Lambda Phi 348 Psi Upsilon 349 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 350 Sigma Chi 351 Sigma Delta Tau 352 Sigma Phi 353 Sigma Phi Epsilon 354 Tail Kappa Epsilon 355 Theta Chi 356 Theta Delta Chi 357 Zeta Beta Tau 358 UNIVERSITY DORMITORIES Adams 378 Barnard 360 Chadboiirne 361 Cole 382 Elizabeth Waters 367 Elm Drive A 384 Elm Drive B 386 Elm Drive C 388 Kronshage 390 Sellery 281, 371 Slichter 394 Sullivan 396 Tripp 398 INDEPENDENT HOUSES Allen 404 Andersen 403 Ann Emery 406 Babcock 407 Bradford 407 Campus Hall 409 Carroll 408 Cochrane 409 David Schrciner 410 Hermanson 410 Lakelawn 414 Lakota 414 Langdon Hall 411 Langdon-Kctterer 415 Lowell 412 Randall 415 Shepard 416 Susan B. Davis 416 Tower View 417 Victoria 418 Villa Maria 419 Wisconsin Hall 19, 420 Zoe Bayliss 418 SPORTS Baseball 107, 308 Basketball 91. 303 Crew Ill, 309 Cross Country 90, 305 Fencing 103, 306 Football 80, 302 Golf 109. 308 Gymnastics 98, 305 Ice Hockey 101, 304 Swimming 100, 307 Tennis . ' HO, 309 Track 104, 307 v c:iub 310 Wrestling 99, 306 INDEX Aanes. S 339 Aaronson, C 241,345 Abbinanti, J 371 Abboii. B 256,370 Abbott, C 418 Abbott, R 381 Abdoullah, G. ..207,211.389 Abel, C 296 Abel. J 264 Abelcs. G 411 Abclson. E 300, 348 Abendroth. C 296, .360 Aberlin, D 360 Abney, D 370 Abraham, G 318,413 Abraham, L 414 Abraham. S 257,419 Abramowilz, A 419 Abrams, N 278,418 Abrams. R 374 Abramson, S 394 Abrohams. B 358 Achlor, J 370 Ackerman, B 307, 310 Ackerman, D 357 Ackerman. M 348 Ackerman. S 413 Adair, S 276 Adam, M 325 Adam, R 335 Adamczyk, W 389 Adamec, J 332 Adams, B. . .272, 306. 337,357 Adams, R 277 Adas, P 387 Addis, S 348 Adduci, C 324,411 Adelman, S 241 Adkins. H 264 Adler, A 318 Adlcr, C 308 Aebischer, C 296 Aegerter, J 371 Afdahl, D 400 Affre, H 347 Agenehu, A 294 Agin, J 373 Ahlen, L 275, 369 Ahlgren, P 324 Ahlstrom, C 241 Ahmad, T 377 Aho, C 339,411 Ahrens, E 365 Ahrens, J 231 Ahrens. T 342 Aigner. S 377 Ainsworth. F 289 Akashi. N 401 Akemann, M 374 Akeson, W 206 Alaspa, A 299, 396 Albers. G 337,372.409 Albert, J 213, .348 Albert, W 357, 366 Alberts, C 393 Alberts. R 302, 379 Albcrtson, L 362 Albrccht. B 384 Albrccht. J 249.298 Albrccht. R 389 Albright, J 226.227 Albright, N 361, 366 Alcalay, D 370 Alcckson, H. . . .209, 212, 407 Alexander, D 419 Alf, D 231,410 Alfrey. B 393 Alfonse, D 333 Aid, E 406 Alland. J 414 Allen, D 290,337 Allen, F 324 Allen, J 324. 360 Allen, 1 299, 386 Allen, M 374 Allen. R 228 Allen, V 241.257 Aller. J 388 Allie, K 347,405 Allin, L 242 Allin. R 292, 351 AUis, L 404 Allison. R 342 Allmcndinger, D 38 1 Alpcrl, J. ..308. 310, 319, 397 Alt, M 338. 398 Allman, K 360,397 Altmann. J 241 Altpcler, F 251 Allschwagcr, J 384 Alward, C 388 Amcrson, E 380 Amble. J 393 Amdur. G 358 Amercli. J 240 Amcrson. W 225,228 Amundsen. L 257 Amiindson, J 393 An.nblc, R 351 Anand, R 294 Anaslasio, L 401 Anderegg, J 363 Ander.sen, E 383 Andersen, J 366 Andersen, P 392 Anderson. B 389,418 Anderson, C. . . .210, 211, 257, 363, 368, 395,416 Anderson. D. . . .299, 326. 343, 351, 389 Anderson, E 296, 306 Anderson, G. ...372, 386,411 Anderson. J. ...216.256.292. 325.362, 383, 391 Anderson, K. . . .338, 365, 384 Anderson, L 373, 387 Anderson. M. ..327,3.36.337 Anderson, N 251 Anderson, R. ...292.351.357, 399 Anderson, S. ...289,340,383 Anderson W 297,396 Anding, K 207 Andre, P 383 Andrews. J 356, 393 Andrews, S 302, 363 Andryczak, J 356 Angell, T 275 Angsirikul, T 400 Aningo, C 392 Anklam, B 375 Annsell. S 226 Ansfield. M 386 Anthes, R 390 Antholt, C 282 Antler, S 318 Antman, S 248 Anionic, R 227 Antoniewicz. R 321 Antonius, C 339 Antonneau, S 376 Antrim. D 290 Apinis. J 225,228,264 Appert, J 338 Applebaum. S 413 Applebee. B 339 Archer. L -342 Arena. J 211 Argelander, R 289 Arkenberg, J 379 Arkin, H 299. 396 Armstrong. D. ,.296,320,366 Armstrong. H 386 Armstrong, J 414 Arndt, R 216 Amdt, S 362 Ames, J 334 Arneson, A 299 Amey. J 347 Arnold. C 339 Arnold. D 207. 332 Arnold, K 384 Arnold, R 306, 365 Arnold, S 366 Aronson, D 281, 375 Aronson, K 413 Arpe, W 376 Arpke, A 387 Arps, S 299 Arst, L 319 Arter, C 383 Arvesen, R 381 Aschenbach, D 257 Aschenbrenner, D 230 Ascher, P 213 Asenbrenner, M 373 Ashenbrcnner, G. ...371,381 Asher, S 413 Asherin, K 418 Ashman, J 388 Aslakson, C 303 Asmus, J 226, 372, 378 Asmiis, L 346 Aspinwall, P. ...266,279, 355 Assenhcimcr, L. 329,361,364 Atkinson, T 307, 358 Atlas, S 295 Alwell, A 241, 331 Aiwell, D 411 Alwood, L 362 Auerbach. N 241 Aulik, D 302 Ault. S 390 Auslander, J 358 Ausman, A 358 Axncss, D 371 Axnick, W 216 Axt, J 388 Aycock, T 242 Ayodcic, B 294, 39(1 Ayrcs, J 296, 384 Ayres, S 296 Azcfor, A 289, 294 B Baars, K 212, 321 Bahhy, M 382 Bahiaz, A 315 Bahich, C 396 Hahicky. T 372 Babler, S 218, 362 Hahliilt, J 256 D.nhiller, F 289 H.Rhliubcr. K 415 H.iclihiiber. R 351 llachhubcr, S 211,218 Backman, R 323 Backus, B 364 Bade, B • 342 Bade, J 289 Bade, P 210, 382 Badeau, B 320 Bader, E 338 Bader, S 410 Bachler, W 396 Bacchle, J 336, 383 Baehr, D 386 Baer, B 318 Baertschy, M 360 Baerwald, B 413 Bacrwald, G 361, 365 Bagemihl, J 241, 347 Bagwell, C 366 Bahls, J 251 Bahn, M 393 Bahr, B 294,416 Bahr, J 384 Bahr, R 291, 390 Bailey, G 390 Bailey, J. ..266,267,354,390 Bailev, N 394 Baiman, B ,348 Bainbridgc, D 322 Baitinger, R 346 Baker, C 381 Baker, D 308 Baker, J 327 Bakke, M 297 Bakke, S 366 Bakken, L 256,415 Bakker, N 297, 299 Balcer, D 390 Balcom, P 410 Baldwin, J 370 Balge, R 213 Balis, B 319 Balk, S 384 Ball. A 225 Ballentine, J 339.406 Ballou. E 337 Balls. A 397 Balthazor, M 218 Bancroft. B 337 Bangs. E 344 Banigo, 1 294 Banka, E 329, 369 Banks, S 253 Bansmer, C 382 Banluveris, M. .216,217,240 Barahal, S 404 Barbakow, B 318 Barbce, T 380 Barber, G 388 Barber, J 267 Barber, M 355 Barber, N 372 Barberie, J 338 Barcz. D 357 Bard, W 373 Bardeen, L 384 Barg, H 368 Barganz, R 289 Barish, L 391 Barker, A 412 Barker, C 241 Barker, J 338,347,411 Barkow, L 369 Barlow, J 241,251 Barman, M 289 Barman, P 344 Barndt, W 211 Barnes, D 379 Barnes, K 303,396 Barnes, M 377 Barnes, P 298 Barnett, C 382 Barnett, E 374,405 Barnett, K 251 Barnett, N 250 Barnett, S : 368 Barnhart. K 390 Barocci. R 240 Baron, A 414 Barrer, P 310 Barrett, S 257 Barrett, W 276 Barrick, P 351 Barrington, G 209 Barrow, M .348 Barry, J 328,355, 365 Barry, P 306 Barla, C 363 Barlel. J 212,229, 393 Bartell, J 297 Bartell, P 228 Barllield, S 419 Barlhel, J 208,210, 321 Bartholomew, K 250,252 Barton, C 226 Harlnn, J 306 H.ulonek, M 247 HaiL.s, M 298.409 Bail , J 3.54 Bart , L 360. 397 Bass. A 270 Bass. B 414 Bass, E 241 Basser, J 318 Rassman. M 413 Basl. R 415, D 376 Bal.ilden, J 416 Bates, B 292 Bales, C 385 Bales, R 364 Balhke, D 241 Bathke, M 257.362 Batiste, J 333 Batterman. B 394 Batterman, L 392 Battles, K 371 Bauch, R 390 Bauer, C 320 Bauer, D 227,378 Bauer, P 305, 399 Baum, N 348 Bauman, J 419 Bauman, M 247, 280, 290 Bauman, R 398 Baumann, J 342 Baumann, R 343 Baumann, T 267 Baumgardl, J 227 Baumgarten, L 383 Baumgartner, J 260,373 Bautch, R 325 Bautch, S 418 Bautz, P 209 Bawden, J 370 Bawn, R 209 Bayer. C 349 Baymiller, L 324 Beale. E 307 Bears. K 321 Beattie, T 409 Beatty, L 394 Beau, J 226 Bcchthold, E 406 Beck, C 219 Beck, J 386 Becker, A 100,306 Becker, B 413 Becker, D 358 Becker, J 315 Becker, L 335,411 Becker, P 225,228, 391 Becker, R 241 Becker, W 38 1 Beckman, J 251 Beckman, R 216,397 Beckwith, B 326 Beckwith, J 226,227 Bedell, J 390 Bednarz, J 384 Beduhn, J 394 Bee, T 227 Beccroft, J 261, 393 Beernink, B 326 Beers, S 264.299 Beery, R 240.242 Beg. M 294 Began. J 392 Behling, K 209 Bchling, M 230 Behnke, B 339 Behnke, C 371 Behnke, D 395 Behnke, J 241,289 Behr, P 357 Behrens, C 369 Behrens, G 324 Behrens, H 276 Behrens, S 327 Beiberstein, H 219 Beil, J 393 Beilyet, P 227 Beilke. J 212, 398 Beimbom, E. ...224.227.400 Beise, G 302, 327 Beisner, J 317 Beitscher, B 385 Beitzel, P 391 Bekkadal, 1 360 Belanger, G 241 Beling, G 389 Belknap, W 388 Bell, A 316,404 Bell, B 296,413 Bell, G 363 Bell, J 251, 3.30, 361, 362, 384, 392 Bell, R 325, 392 Bell, S 404 BcManger, J 216 Bellas, J 314 Bellowe, R 378 Belonger, D 251 Below, D 216 Bendel, W 415 Bender, B 338,407 Bender, C 413 Bender, N 296 Bender, W 296 Bendinger, B 327, 378 Benedict, K 410 Benedict, M 218 Benedict, .S 297, 378 Beneker, F 208 Beneker, R 210, 403 Beniak. M 322 Benkert, R 257, 326 Bonn. J 331 Bennel, J 337 BeniH-tl, D 354,404 Bennett, G 391 Bennett, M 277 Bennett, P 240,409 Bennett, R 227 Benning, J 369 Bcnsinger, G 270 Benson, B 363 Benson, J 283. 316 Benson. R 210 Henlivenga. J 308 Hinl.m. B 329 Benl man, B 409 Ben , N .340 Beranek, W 216,378 Berchardt, G 321 Berd, J 364 Berg, D 316,388 Berg, L 383 Berg, R 378 Berg, V 363 Berge, C 218 Bergel, G 399 Bergelin, V 323 Bergcmann, B 307, 328 Bergendorf, C 377 Berger, J. . .209, 316, 352, 271 Berger, K 352 Berger, M 311 Berger, N 395 Berger, P 316 Berger, S 319 Bergerson, M 419 Bergman, B 365 Bergman, G 225 Bergner, J. Bergum. S. Bergwin, R. Berigan, J. Berkey. C. 374 396 381 .299, 362 .369 Berkholtz, J 409 Berkholtz, K Berkson, D Berman. J. Berman, L. Berman. M Berman, P. Berman. S. 389 358 218,419 245,358 296 241,246,250,409 405 Bermel, B 328 Bernaccki, W. .261 Bernard, L. . . . 330 411 Bernat. J. 248 318 M. . 336 Berne. J. 278 417 Bernet. L. ..302,310 .343 Bernhardt C. . 256 Bernkardt C. . .418 Bernstein, D. . .358 Bernstein. J 352 Bernstein. K 278 Berquist. K 317 Bcrrinpton. C 408 Berrong, T 230, 391 Bernstock, L 408 Berry, A 348 Berry, G 294 Berry, K 375 Berryman, B 391, 393 Berryman, D 251 Bersch, S 241,248,363 Berthelsen, G 392 Berthelsen, R 282 Berwald. S 405 Beshinske, R 392 Besic, H 413 Beskind, J 354 Bessert, J 217 Bessey, A 213 Bessey, S 377 Best, K 375 Best, N 329 Bestul. T 241 Betley. N 372 Betts. B 385 Beuchel. M . . . 364 Bcuhler. R 251 Beulel. H 225,241 Beuthin, S 363 Bewer, D 206 Bewitz, K 329,362 Bever, K 256 Beyerstedt, R. . 230 Beyreis, K. .... 241 Bickes. R 251 Bickford, L. ... 413 Bicknell. C. . . . 375 Bidlingmaier. R. 252 Biilcreldt. J. ... 399 Bierdan. R 319 Bieske. R 390 Biewer, E 207 299 Bilinski, C 256, 373 Biljahn W , .,331 Billhardi, L. . . . 218,241 Billick, S 339,365 Binder, D 363 Binning, L 211 Birch, C 369 Birch D 356 Birch, J 267.393 Bird, D 230 Birelta, J 373 Birge. E 241 Biikenstock, J, . 363,364 BiTMiingham. V. 374 Bivhol berger, C, 207 Bishop. B 334 Bisli. p. P 277,386 Bislr.Mlg. C. . . . 408 Bislrow, V 296 Bitker, S 339 Bitlncr, J 401.411 Bivcns, G 217,398 Bixby, D 251 Bizjak, G 226,227 Biork, P 241.242,373 Biorkc, S. ..241 247, 280, 329 Biurman, 1 Black, C 366 241,347 Black, G 376 Black, R 212 Blackadder, S. . 293 Blackwell, P, ,. 325 Blahnik, J 325 Blair, A 279, 358 Blake, S 330 Blakely, J 366 Blakely, W 399 Blarney, R 297 Blanchard, J 397 Blanchard, R 306 Blanche, A 293,405 Blanche!, M 227 Blanchfield, D 410 Bland, W 376 Blank, J 413 Blank, M 299,366 Blank, N 406 Blankenheim, S 256 Blankley, K 334 Blasczvk, T 401 Biasing, T 390 Blasingame, N 413 Blask, J 340 Blatnick, S 389 Blattberg, R 306 Blau, F 353 Blencoe, J 393 Blessent, M 330 Bliek, E 396 Blindheim, G 329 Blint, J 398 Blint, R 261 Bliss, L 253 Bliss, M 295 Block, B 295 Block, J 253, 283, 413 Block, W 241,296 Blohm, M 391 Blomquist, M 355 Bloom. J 352,390 Bloom, R 318,408 Bloom. V 416 Bloomberg, S 345 Bloomquist, C 368 Blotz, J 224, 227 Blue, A 352 Bleul, M 278,294,407 Bluemke, B 253 Blum, A 374 Blumberg, J 408 Bly, N 206,241,298 Blyweiss, M 404 Board, R 291,392 Boderdki, R 368 Bock. H 377 Boda. G 380 Boehm. A 307 Boehm. S 419 Boehm. W 241 Boelk. L 374 Boell. M 295,296, 326 Boelter 252 Boerger, J 383,390 Boehm, S 292 Boettcher. A 213 Boettcher, J 385 Boettcher, S 410 Boettger, W 323 Bogard, S 283, 392 Bogenschneider, A. .211, 390 Bogenschneider. G 398 Bogenschneider, P 379 Boheim, J 225,358 Bohen, J 97,303 Bohlman, R 356 Bohn, V 368 Bohrnstead, G 279 Boice, B 278,320,411 Bokken, S 410 Boldt, G 383 Boldt, J 382 Boldt. M 374 Bolitho. S 257 BoUenbach. D 373,385 BoUnow, T 354 Bolton, B 336 Boltz, D 315 Bonacci, A 384 Bonacci, K 373 Bonady, M 351 Bond, E 326 Bondehagen, A 393 Bone, E 361 Bong, R 283,381 Book, F 388 Bookhamer, J 369 Boomsma, H 401 Boone, W 276 Boorman, B 250 Booth, A 397 Booth. J 387 Booth. S 326 Boots. R 372 Boray. J 260,261 Borca. K 296 Borchardt. G 206.209. 211.241 Borchardt. L 395 Borchardt. R 261 Borchardt. S 267, 387 Borchers. P 324. 360 Boris. J 384 Borkenhagen. K 378 Borkin. H 358 Born. R 401 Borosage, M 347 Borremans, S 415 Borst, A 315 Borsum, R 227, 230 Bortz, R 227,241,317 Bosma, A 363 Bosma, W 390 Boss, K 370 Boslwick, M 369 Bothe, K 405 Boutaleb, D 289 Bowen, J 216, 268 Bower, B 251 Bowlby, T 387 Bowman, J 373, 381 Bowman, K 302 Boyce. M 398 Bovd. C 385 Boyd. D 396 Boyd. J 296 Boyd, S 276,419 Boyd, W 387 Boves, J 279,331 Boves. M 322 Boykoff. T 241 Boyle, K 329 Boyle, S 382 Boyles, K 399 Braalz, P 391 Braatz, R 267,400 Brabham, D 339 Brackmann, R 292 Bradford, A 241. 264 Bradley. B 343 Bradley, S 347 Brady, P 357 Bragg, J. ... Brainerd. R 371 Braitman. L 413 Brakenbusch, K 373 Bramson. C 277,318 Brandes, A 383 Brandhorst, K 320 Brandt, B 209,381 Brandt, H 302.342 Brandt. U 360 Brandt. W 299.397 Brandwein. G 274,418 Bratley, W 392 Braun, B 315, 354 Braun, W 266 Bravo. C 241 Brawer. 1 419 Brawn. A 391 Brawn. D 229 Brav. R 290 Brayer. R 297, 344 Brazeau. N 328 Brazener. R 371 Brazy. J 264 Brechwald. D 392 Bredahl. P 369 Bredel. E 260.386 Breger, L 413 Breitung, G 241 Breitweiser. P 289 Brekke. K 364 Brem. T 387 Breneman. M 416 Brennan. J 257 Brennan, N 365 Brennan, S 369 Brens, G 394 Brensike, J 240, 241 Brent. M 256, 377 Brereton, J 392 Brereton, W. ... 2 11 , 24 1 , 275 Bressler. J 408 Brewster, S 279, 342 Breyer. D 296.299 Brick. D 410 Brick. N 374 Brickham. T 295, 388 Breiff, R 319 Briggs, C 416 Briggs, W 229 Brigham, C 218 Brigham, K 299 Brigham, T 302 Brimmer. W 308 Brindley. K 347 Brinen, N 383 Brines. T 380 Bringe, C 369 Bringe, E 407 Bringe. P 368 Bringe, R 212 Bristol, D 335 Bristol, J 335 Britten, S 388 Britton, C 248 Britz, K 383 Broadfoot. M 347,411 Brockhaus, S. ..249,295,416 Brockman, M 364 Brockman. S 256,384 Brodhagen, S 361,364 Brodkey, S 318 Brogden, P 368 Broman. L 388 Brone. S 413 Brooke. C 243, 302 Brooks. C 386 Brooks. D 290 Brooks. E 207,209,212, 318,413 Brookshaw. T 391 Brophy, J 306,323 Brose. E 256 Bross, R 297 Brotherhood, R 393 Brotz, R 381 Brougham, R 325 Brouillard, S 257 Brourman, D 413 Browder, G 372 Browder, J 276 Brown, B 337, 374,406 Brown, G 331 Brown, H 319 Brown, L 289 Brown, M 250,338 Brown, M 257 Brown, P 225, 250, 3 49, 411,416 Brown, R 276, 351,400 Brown, S 257, 356,400 Brown, T 337 Brown. W 335, 351. 415 Browne, P 385 Browne, S 290 Browne, V 271 Brownlee. J 391 Bruch. D 374 Brueggeman. F 341 Brueggcman. J 240 Brugger. C 227,376 Brugger. D 398 Bruggink, J 388 Bruhn, M 347, 364 Bruhn, P 302,310,343 Bruhy, S 315 Brumaster, P 328 Brumhough. A 409 Brummund. P 268. 331 Brun. G 227.391 Brunette, A 370 Brunette. J 418 Brunkow, C 256 Brunkow, R 283.391 Brunner. M 257,382 Bruns, M 296 Brunsell, A 369 Brusewitz. G 206, 209 Bruskin. S 414 Bruss. D 393 Brussat. K 330 Brussat. T 356 Brussock. J 392 Brustin, A 348 Bryant. A 290 Bryant, B 406 Bryant. M 315 Brye. D 289 Brye. J 289 Boye. R 407 Bscherer, R 390 Buchanan, D 306 Buchhauser, T 296 Buchholtz, K 362 Buchholz, J 211,387 Buchholz, M 401 Buchholz, T 390 Buchholz, W 396 Bucholz, B 381 Buck, L 314 Budlong, S. 241,257,276,278 Buedzien, K 241 Buege, R 388 Buehler, C 365 Buelow, J 368 Buenzli, G 357 Buettner. D 213 Buhmann. B 396 Bullis. J 397 Bullis. M 360 Bullock, D 276 Bullock, P 397 Bultman, G 390 Bumsted, R 407 Buncis, A 387 Bunker, G 364 Bunyan, T. 246,279.315.422 Bupp, S 280.320 Burbidge. B 292 Burcalow. H 207 Burcalow. L 213 Burcalow. W 209. 210 Burckhardt, W 241, 353 Burdett, S 374 Burg. J 356 Burgdorf, W 245 Burgermeisler, A 385 Burghardt. C 340 Burgweger, J 325 Burkart. M 372 Burkart. M 295 Burke, F 342 Burke. J 346 Burke. R 267 Burkhalter. R 295 Burkhadrt, M 209 Burks, P 241,257,315 Burley, J 356 Burman, S 395 Burmester, S 385 Burns. B 264, 276 Burns, K 347 Burns, M 247,368,383 Burns, T 302 Burr. J 370 Burr. S 411 Burri. W 227, 355 Burrill, S 394 Burstein, L 241 Burt, C 393 Burt. G 213 Burton, T 291,391 Busalacchi, D 357 Busby, W 358 Bushey, A 399 Busse, B 333,347 Busse, D 387 Busse, W 357 Bussey, M 330 Bussey, S 241 Butler, J 369 Butterworth, A 387 Buttles, L 381 Butz, B 241 Butzine, P 387 Bvers, C 268 Bykowski, K 379 Bvrne, B 363 Byrnes, B 383 Byrns, J 230 C Caauwe, B 326 Cademartori, K 369 Cagney, J 381 Cahill, T 351 Cahoon, S 256,324 Cain, M 418 Caira, 1 228 Calder, J 322,385 Calder, L 275,322 Caldwell, F 389 Caldwell, J. 206.209,212.321 Caldwell. R 206 Caliendo. S 374 Calkins. K 273,280,315 Call, S 256 Callies. M 385 Calm. C 369 Calvin. T 349 Cameron. B 241 Cameron. C 329.406 Camp. C 334 Campbell. C 381 Campbell. S 330 Campbell. W 242. 278 Canada. J 247 Canales. P 406 Caney. B 327 Cann. S 337.404 Cannon. J 337 Cant. M 337 Cape. B 399 Cape. C 241 Caplan, B 352 Caplan. D 352,358,413 Caplan. N 274 Capron, S 324. 364 Carari. G 392 Carisch. S 336,370 Carl, R 260 Carle, L 382 Carlin, V 363 Carlson, C 291 Carlson. D 406 Carlson. J 266.325.406 Carlson. K 315 Carlson. L 331.386 Carlson. M. . . .216, 329. 377, 395. 404 Carlson. P 241.242. 375 Carlson. R 227,387 Carlson. S 409 Carlson. T 393 Carlstein. J 373 Carmen. J 326 Carmody. S 329,365 Carnell. K 356 Carnelly, M 385 Carpenter, C 368 Carpenter. J 264, 394 Carpenter. P 251 Carpenter, T 307 Carr, M 273, 275 Carriere. C 241 Carriveau. J 386 Carro, L 257 Carroll. K 320 Carroll. M 230 Carstens. N 413 Carstensen. P 241 Carter. G 395 Carter. J 317 Carter, L 340,398 Carter, S 441 Carter. W 268, 356 Carver, J 390 Carvis. T 227. 335 Cary. D 219 Case. E 298,384 Case, G 321 Casely, M 376 Casey, J 257 Cash, K 414 Cash, P 289 Casper, D 226 Casper. R 217, 333 Castagna, S 395 Catencamp, P 411 Catlin. K 364 Caulkett. P 378 Cavanaugh. J 406 Cavender. S 394 Cawlev, C 416 Cech, ' j 355 Cederberg, N 416 Center. D 346 Cerf, M 368, 369 Chadek, N 322 Chafetz. S 358 Chalstrom, S 413 Chamberlain. G 289 Chamberlain. J 399 Chamberlain. P 315 Chamberlin. B 297,328 Chambers, H 393 Chamber, J 411 Champion, S 343,391 Ghana, R 328 Chandler, M 341 Chandler, S 370 Chane, M 411 Chapin, S 280,326 Chapman, C 326 Chapman, J 266 Chapman, W 336 Charlton, D 379 Charlton, J 389 Chaudoir, L 211 Chazin. S 253 Chea. R 386 Cheadle, C 298.299,374 Cheek, J 332 Cheiten, S 372 Chen, V 385 Cherwenka, R 393 Chesler, P 342 Chesney, C 319 Chester, S 340 Chevedden, J 373 Chez, S 241,412 Chi, K 241 Chickering, R 264 Chickerneo, L 389 Chidester. P 329 Chidsey. E 411 Chilcutt, K 347 Childs. A 405 Chillen. J 280,338 Chin, E 379 Chin Bun, S 389 Chipman. G 289 Chivu. B 294 Chmielewski, B 397 Chojnowski. K 410 Christ. J 211,212 Christen, C 416 Christen, W 276 Christensen. D 380 Christensen. J 227, 392 Christensen. L 268 Christensen. P 387 Christensen, R 241,299, 306, 393 Christenson, H 386 Christenson, J 249,295 Christgau. B 322. 363 Christiansen, K 387.413 Christian, B 376 Christian, K 257.394 Christian. R 380 Christiansen. K 356 Christiansen. C 211 Christman, S 336 Christodoulou. S 390 Christoph. J 320 Christopherson. B. ..241.320, 418 Chudnow. L 241 Chu rch. K 330 Chutkow, J 318 Chyle, C 250 Cihla, K 338,364 Cincera, D 346 Ciriacks. A 213 Clabaugh, J 341 Clapp, D 388 Clark, B 229,230,240 Clark. C 400 Clark, L 212,407 Clark, P 326,373 Clark, T 299,343 Claus, R 327 Cleland, M 293,365 Clement, H 295,383 Clement, R 397 Cleveland, G 279 Cleveland, J 364 Clifford. E 297.299 Cline. P 241 Clinker, M 414 Cloninger, J 306 Clore, C 363 Close, V 366 Closser, L 384 Coakley, F 296,383 Coates, R 291 Coburn, J 243 Cochran, N 296 Cochran, R 323 Coe, P 384 Coelho, J 240 Cofar. K 383 CofTman. C 368, 370 Coflman, D 324 Cogan, J 316 Cogger, W 396 Coghlan. G 277 Cohen. A 408 Cohen. D 243,318,352 Cohen, H 348 Cohen, J 241,318 Cohen, M 253,278,300. 352.412.413 Cohen, N 366,413 Cohen, P 352 Cohen. R 241,272,273 Cohen, S. ..246,274.406.413 Cohn. H 352.412 Cohn, M 318,408 Colbert, B 218 Colby, D 332 Colby, R 208,209,212 Cole, G 243,279,328 Cole. M 299 Coleman, D 316 Coleman, M 368 Collenburg, D 290 Collins, A 260 Collins, S. .338.370,385,413 Collins, T. .294, 328, 335, 393 Collolon, P 317 Collon, S 358 Colvin, M 406 Colwcll, G 257 Cornelia, V 213 Conklin. M 385 Connelly, K 370 Conner. J 347, 365 Conner, N 410 Connit, R 327 Connor, D 328 Connors, J 305 Connors. K 260 Conralh. D 218 Converse. T 410 Conway, B 289 Conway. C 275 Conway, J 267, 392 Cook, B 217 Cook, C 370 Cook, E 406 Cook, J 386 Cook, P 416 Cook, S 280. 315 Coolcy. C 299 Cooper. C 241,329,419 Cooper. D 391 Cooper. M 400 Cooperman. R 358 Copclan. V 352 Copely. M 388 Corbell. K 315.405 Corenman, K 413 Corey, M 406 Cornelius. M 366 Corning. G 392 Cornwell. M 276, 369 Corr. M 384 Correll, P 289 Corry, R 331 Corles, A 289 Cory, T 329, ' 109 Coryell, C 241,414 Cossmann, L 334 Costa. A 348 Colteleer. T 216 Couch. W 317 Couchlin. P 385 Counsel!. A 386 Coutre. C 247,337.363 Coutre, R 340 Covelli. B 375 Cowan, G 380 Cowan. L 347.419 Cowen, B 401 Cowen, W 386 Cowle, P 299 Cowles. M 418 Cowman, K 368 Cox, C 320, 391,411 Cox, F 212.407 Cox, N 384 Crabb, S 406 Crago, A 241 Craig. C 299.395 Craig, D 299 Craig, J 304 Craig. P 275,366 Craig. R 210.212.407 Crane. B 374 Crane, C 413 Crcagon, T 310, 343 Crcasey. D 279, 356 Crcighlon. K 385 Crccncy, R 212 Crichion. D 339 Crisafulli. B 353 Crilides. B 355 Crillenton. V 329.411 Croft. W 401 Cronin. J 330 Crook. D 386 Crook, M 340 Cropsey, D 396 Crosland, P. 264, 266, 279. 299 Crossett, T 393 Crouch. C 298 Crow. P 250 Crowe, J 241 Crowley. K 415 Crownhart, V 290, 322 Crubaugh. K 373 Crudcn, P 293, 334 Crutlcndcn, S 406 Culbertson, C 411 Cullcn T 296,376 Culver, S 384 Culver, W 304, 371 Cummings, C 324 Cummings. L 256 Cummings. M 330 Cunningham. D 356 Cunningham, K 411 Cunningham, P 335 Cupcry, P 399 Cuppan, B 226.228 Curran. D 372 Curreri, 1 384 Currie, B. ..241,246.280.322 Curric, E 256.416 Currier, C 302 Curry, R 326, 382 Curiin, 3 357 Curtis, J 353, 399 Curtis, S 251 Curwcn, M 206, 354 Curwcn. R 271, 398 Cushman. R 240,400 Cusick, R 316 Cusick. T 410 Custer. S 391 Custer. W 211 Cuthbert. W 346 Cutlipp, W 248 Cykncr, E 366 Czajka. M 363 Czaplinski, R 226. 264 Czar, R 256,365 Czechorski, B 376 Dachelet. R 209. 335 Daggett. K 295.298 Dahl. J 346 Uahl. N 337 Dahl. R 289 Dahms, B 372 Dailcy. R 327 Daitchman, D 278,416 Dakin. R 281.377 Dakin. T 307 Dallia. 1 331 Dallich. N 347 Dallmann. L 415 Dallmann. R 342 D ' Alonzo. L 404 Dambekaln, M 354 Damrow, J 349 Dana. J 256, 336. 4(16 Dana. M 386 Danaher, K 256.416 Dando. J 387 Daniel. C 363 Daniels, L 211. 407 Danielsen, J 378 Danielson, E 376 Danielson. M 376, 383 Dankelfsen, W 219 Danner. D 398 Danto, E 418 Dantone, P 383 Dapp. T 224, 335 Darling, B 328 Darlington. B 240 Darnell. S 329 Darner, K 241,292.416 Darst. G 400 Darwin. D 393 Darwin. S 217 Dasph. G 291 Dassow. J 378 Date, C 257. 366 Davenport. J 391 David. C 352 Davidson. D 347, 365 Davidson. G 389 Davidson. R 405 Davie. C 329 Davies, K 331 Davies. L 366 Davis. A 253 Davis. B 395 Davis, C 240, 275. 283 Davis. D .384, 385 Davis, E 231 Davis, G 358 Davis. J 337, 397,406 Davis, L 371 Davis, M 363 Davis, R 252, 348 Davis, S 404 Davis, W 266,227 Dawn. V 241.279 Dawson, G 213 Dawson, S 337 Day. D 342 Dean. C 416 Dean. J 292 Deaner. R 396 Debeukelar. N 212 Dcbuhr. A 409 Debokelar, N 393 Debus. M 365 Decker. R 349 Decker. S 373 Declecne, J 390 Decoster, J 386 Deeley. N 241 Defncl. B 325 Dcgersledt. T 297 Dcgroot. K 379 Deltart, K 419 Delaat, T 227.281 Delahuni, J 324. 373 Delaney. S 292. 385 Delany. J 292 Delart. T 376 Delislc. A 317 Dclliquardi. T 241 Dclwiche. D 226 Delwiche. P 241.415 Dcmaria. C 278,404 Demichelis, J 279, 335 Dcmming, J 363 Dempsey, M 329 Demulh, C 249,298.416 Dcnuilh. K 416 Demulh. M 384 Dcneen. 1 338 Denil. D 388 Denner. J 364 Dennis. J 299 Denlici. J 388 Derene. E 253,412 Dcrge, W 216 Deri, W 398 Dcrlclh, T 373 Derse, T 323 Derusha, B 225 Desler, J 225,226.228 Dcsnoyers. J 289 Destrce. R 212,407 DeihlofT, G 355 Dcttwiler, G 283, 395 Deulsch, C 334 Devine, T 231 Devine. W 261 Dcvoe. J 299, 366 Devoe, K 299 Devoe. S 241 Devroy. D 378 Dewerth, V. . . . •. 257, 324 Dewey, J 218 Dewing, D 399 Dewsnap, D 213 Deyoung, C 388 Dian, J 404 Dibble, B 368 Dice. A 326 Dickenson. J 414 Dickenson, V 347,412 Dickerman. R 358 Dickson. C 383 Dickson. D 321 Dickson. J 213 Diefenderfer, K 365 Dieffenbach. R 400 Dicnstag. G 319 Diercks. D 267 Dietrich, R 219 Dings. K 257 Dinlemann, R 357 Dippert. W 387 Dirnbauer. R 314 Disbrow, F 386 Disch, S 298,407 Dittrich, D 366 Diwald, S 408 Dix, G 241, 307 Dixon, D 328, 389,397 Dixon, T 351 Dobbs, C 384 Dobkin, J 281. 376 Dobrick, H 348 Dobrogowski, P 387 Dodd, C 383 Doepke, K 366 Doepke, M 406 Doersch, J 368 Doherty, J 380 Dohmen, W 397 Dohr, P 376 Dolgin, J 348 Dixon, T 351 Dollenmaier, S 374 Dolphin, N 394 Dolske, M 344 Domabyl, L 413 Dombrowski. T 302,351 Domoto. M 246 Domrath, D 352 Donahue. M 386,396 Donato, S 279,422 Doncheck. J 392 Donegan. T 272, 343 Donevetsky, S 404 Doniger, M 319 Donner, J 386 Donoghue, S 411 Donovan, A 401 Donovan, S 387 Dooley, A 275, 388 Dooley. D 256.411 Doornink, J 209, 210 Doos. W 355 Doperalski, J 211 Dopp, P 389 Dopp. R 227 Doriman, J 413 Dorman, S 347 Dorner, F 316 Doss. E 227 Douglass, A 369 Dove. M 366 Dowlior. D 415 Downs. L 291.299,353 Doyle, J 212, 373, 407 Doyno. D 417 Drabkin. S 293 Dragcr, J 379 Dragon. J 231 Drahcim, D 291. 316 Draheim. G 213, 332 Draisin. S 412 Drake. S 395 Draper. J 299 i:)raper. R 343,391 Dratch. H 283,389 Draxler, A 390 Dreblow. T 241,274 Dreger, R 349 Drell. J 419 Dri-nckhahn, F 411 Dresang, D 242,266 Drischer. S 406 Dresner, 1 358 Drel ke, D 3S5 Drews. E 384 Dries. M 386 Drill. B 364 Drimmer, D 414 Dnscoll, W 289 Driver, D 379 Dr iege. N 329 Dros, B 370 Droslcn, B 273 Droll, D 339.364 Drover. B 326 Drury, C 379 Dryburgh. B 333 Dryburgh. W 358 Dryzewiecki. J 387 Dubbs. M 414 Dubielzig. D 257 Dubois. N 211 Dubord. D 392 Duchaleau, P 377 Ductor. J 404.405 Dudev. C 389 Due, J 316 Dueholm. J 241 Duerst. R 211 Duescher, B 260, 315 Dufek. E 401 Duitch, D 358 Dukleth. D 219 Dulin, R 346 Dulsky, S 409 Dumblcton. D 276 Dumbleton. M 276 Dumbrow. T 376 Dumdey, D 240,241 Dumke. N 384 Dunham, A 390 Dunlop, D 369 Dunn, M 368 Dunn, R 277 Dunn. S 253.419 Dunne. E 372 Dunne. M 411 Dunning. S 256. 322 Duquette, D 314 Dushek, M 336 Duvall, A 381 Dvorak, T 210. 211, 295. 298, 334 Dwinell, J 343, 380 Dyer, V 337 Dykstra, C 406 Dykstra, T 330 E Eagan, K 418 Eagan, T 279 Eagle, N 383 Eagleburger, J 229 Eakins, J 267 Eastin, G 369 Eastman. J 338 Eatkins. J " -91 Eaton. E 330 Eaton, G 363 Ebbott. N 364 Ebbott. R 331 Ebel, M 241, 334 Eberhardt, R 308 Eberle, P 212 Eberly, S 392 Ebert. T 277 Ebling. M 394 Eck. B 330 Eckert. J 372 Eckl. R 308 Eckl. T 388 Eckles, S 297 Ecklungi D 240 Eckstein. A 363 Eckstein. J 326 Edelman, J 318.413 Eder, B 365 Eder. M 410 Edgecumbe. J 338 Edgren, S 347 Edgren. T 297 Edison, N 299,418 Edl, J 331 Ediand. L 295, 315 Edmonds, D 216 Edmonds, L 406 Edwards. N 336.407 Edwards. S 343 Edwinson. F 4(X) Eells. J 390 Effa, R 387 Egel. R 416 Eggener, B 348 Eggcrs, K 364 Eggert, A 410 Eggleton, G 276 Ehle. R 416 Ehlenfeldt, R 380 Ehmke. K 299. 366 Ehn. G 341 Ehren. W 335 Ehrhardt, L 207 Ehrke, L 382 Ehrlich. S 366 Eich. J 217.370 Eich, V 394 Eichhorn, M 347 Eichler, C 322 Eichler. E 412 r iMcnfeld. J 374 1 iMHiman. C 370 I isinian, W 309, 358 Eisenach, R .392 Eisenbud, F 241 Fisenscher, M 243 I isenslein B 348 I isenslein. D 376 Eising. J 298, 370 Eitcl, R 353 Ekstrom, K 279 Ela, E 320 Elgcr. D .341 Elgcr. L 368 Ellingson. K 406 Elliott. J 279 Ellison. J 226 Ellman. B 387 Eloranta, H 369 Elson. S 298 Elstad. J 337, 394 Elwell, F 216 Elwood. P 365 Emanuel, C 393 Emanuel, T 404 Emden, J 207,241 Emerson, C 299, 392 Emerson, G 264, 266. 358 Emmerich, S 347 Emmons. W 290 Emrich, P 329 Endelman, C 256, 383 Enerson, D 358 Engebose, G 390 Engel, D 331,399 Engel. K 323 Engelbrecht. K 380 Engelhart. N 391 Engeike, R 333 England. S 413 Engler. R 276, 296 English. M 324 Engman. M 337 Engstrom. J 279.346 Engstrom, M 415 Entringer. J 253,419 Epstein, C 409 Epstein, J 413 Epstein, S 376 Erami, A 209,387 Erb, E 257 Erbach, D 209,229, 332 Erbstoeszer, J 289,291 Erdman, D 231 Erdman, J 222 Erickson, E 295, 376 Erickson, G 392 Erickson, L 349 Erickson. M 296. 330 Erickson, R 241,260 Ericson. E 374 Ericson. K 377 Ericson, L 279 Erkkila, R. 372 Eriand, S 320,414 Erlich, J 414 Errante, F 296 Erwin, H 369 Esch, J 333 Eserkaln, L 277.338 Eslien. K 375 Espenscheid. F 292 Essock. B 394 Eltinger. M 319 Etzel. M 257,416 Euclide, F 415 Eustice, W 207 Evans, A 351 Evans E 241.257 Evans. J 218,290, 317 Evans, M 337 Everett, J 405 Everhart, A 369 Ewen. S 387 Ex, R 352 Faber. B .241,377 Faber. J 384 Factor. P .352,413 Fago. F 251 Fahrbach, R 399 Fahsl, M 336 Faich, G . , 241 Fairchild, D .338,405 Fait. R .392,397 Falci, P 326 Falk, B 370 Falk, C 240 Falkenberg, K 330 Falligant, J .247, 290 Falls. H 406 Fandrei. L 213 Fandrich. W 296 390 Fant. S 257 Fara. J .279,323 Faraca. O 368 Farley D 224, 227 Farmer. R 302 Farra. P .212,407 Farrell. R 323 Farris, L .387.399 Farris. P 364 Fassbender. R 391 Fassctt. I 399 Fassnachl. R 268 I-e.isler. J 390 realherslone. J. ... 365 Febock. J 324 Fcderer. S 384 Fedha. N 294 Fee. K .267. 386 Feenberg. J 413 Feenev. J 328 Fcgel, M 413 Fcick. P .256, 382 Fcigenbaum, K. . . . .318,413 Feigenberg, L .266, 300 Feight, S 385 Fein. ,S 394 Fcinbcrg. J .318, 348 .345 Feingold. D 377 Feingold, N 253. 318, 408 Feingold, P 324 Feinsilber, E 404 Feintech, E 408 Feit. S 413 Feiz. 1 227 Felbinger, K 323 Feld, J 364 Felder, M 338,413 Fcldman. C 318,408 Fcldman, J 382 Fcldman. K 289 Fcldman. L 358 Fcldman, M 317 Feldman. R 384 Felix, M 300 Felkcr, K 382 Fell. S 408 Felsner. R 388 Fenberg. S 413 Fenik. M 355 Fenn. R 387 Fennelly. A 329, 409 Fenrick, G 375 Fenske, J 302 Fenstermacher, A 320 Fenlon, J 276 Fenzl, T 358 Fera, N 298 Fergal, B 364 Fcrnandes, P 212,294 Fernim, J 386 Ferrer, M 248 Ferris. L 376 Ferris. M 370 Ferry, P 295 Fcstge. M 216 Ficken, C 418 Fidler, P 348 Fiedelman, J 240 Field, J 339,341 Field, P 252 Field. S 345,364 Fiedler, L 264 Fifrick, J 361,366 Fifrick, S 207,211,241. 247. 250. 277 Fike. C 385 Fillar, J 222 Fillus. G 381 Finder. B 362 Fine, R 229 Finerty, D 247 Fingert, N 413 Fink. H 361,362 Fink, W 240 Finkelstein, D 299 Finn. B 390 Finn. S 260,261 Finney, D 209 Finnigan, S 297 First, N 212 Fischcl. D 392 Fischer, C 366 Fischer. D 387 Fischer. F 401 Fischer. P 370 Fischer. S 280, 352 Fischlander, A 409 Fish. R 376 Fishbeck. J 347. 362 Fishbeck. K 277. 347 Fisher. A 315,411 Fisher, C 329 Fisher, D 388 Fisher, E 334,418 Fisher, F 319 Fisher, J. • 207 Fisher, R 241,267 Fisher, S 241,315 Fishman, M 279 Fiss, C 360 Fitton, M 370 Fitzgerald, C 395 Fitzgerald, J 219,268 Filzpatrick. T 303,398 Fielstad, J 391 Flaherty, J 391 Flanagan. K 384 Flcege. R 346 Fleishauer. F 283. 39 3 Fleming. K 253. 320 Fleming. S 283.406 Fletcher. J 378 Fletcher. M 281 Fletcher. R 230 Fletcher. S 414 Flink. J 280 Flory. M 277,349 Flug, S 362 Flugstad, M 365 Flvnn, J 331 Fobes, P 277,278, 334 Foglesong, J 384 Foley, P 327 Follstad. M 347, 383 Folstad. S 400 Fons, W 401 Fonstad, C 228,241, 397 Fonte, T 248 Foote, S 300, 320 Forde, J 297, 393 Foreman, F 415 Forester, C 378 Forester, D 224, 227 Foreyt. J 291 Forman. J 348 Forman, R 348 Forrest, T 316 Forrester, B 320,385 Forster, B 387 Foss. B 225,226 Foss, M 275 Foster, D 406 Foster, G 268 Foster, M 406 Foster, R 231, 383 Foster. S 338, 374, 397 Foth, S 338, 368, 369 Fowler, J 343 Fowler, S 218,403 Fox, B 364, 396 Fox, D 363 Fox, F 257 Fox, J 415 Frailing, T 227,229 Frain, R 302 Frakes, S 240 Frambs, T 228 Franckowiak, J 210,332 Frank, E 250 Frank, J 396 Frank K 383 Frank, N 206,241 Frank, R 333 Frank, S 315,338 Frank, T 276, 358 Franke, J 382, 398 Frankcl, M 382 Frankenstein, P 257 Frankenstein, R 274,319 Frankton, E 413 Frantz, J 397 Franz, R 400 Franzen, M 217 Franzen, S 322 Eraser. B 393 Fratt. P 375 Frazier. B 29 Frea. 1 403 Freck. M 328 Freckman. 354 Fredenslund. A 399 Fredrickson. D 399 Fredrickson, S. . .218, 227, 329 Free, J 389 Freed. D 382 Frecdman. R 296 Freeman. B 334 Freeman. S 412 Freese. B 330 Frei. C 375 Freiberg, G 387 Freifeld, J 241 Feimuth. R 302. 307 Freitag. B 315,406 Freitag, D 391 Freitag, J 321 Freitag. M 384 Frence. N 374 French. T 304 Frenz, B 390 Freschl, N 318 Frey, J 256, 334 Frey, M 326 Frey, S 369 Freybler, S 384 Freymiller, K 384 Frick. G 230 Frieberg. K 334.413 Friede. B 222 Friederichs, P 260,261 Friedland. K 318.413 Friedman. B 352 Friedman. C 408 Friedman. E 274. 318 Friedman, J. . . .319. 348, 352. 417 Friedman. L 414 Friedman. M 358 Friedrichsen. H 241.257 Friedstein. P 352 Fries. J 276 Print. R 379 Frisch. B 364 Frishberg. J 318 Fritz. J 327 Froeb. R 323 Fronek. D 302. 396 Fronek. T 397 Fronk. J 249.298.415 Floyd. S 338 Fry, J 366 Fry, M 399 Frye, R 379 Fuchs. P 289 Fuersten, M 363 Fuller. C 296 Fuller. W 297.299. 380 Fulton. V 414 Funk. D 257,354,369 Funke, S 241 Furstenberg, B 369 Furth, S 352 Fusch, J 323 Fuss, T 317 Futterman, R 348 Fyfee, A 41 1 G Gaarder, D 351 Gable, B 382 Gabona, E 304 Gabsch, 331 Gadbaw, J 331 Gadberry, G 397 Gaffney. W 351 Gafke. G 397 Gage, R 404 Gagen, D 327 Gaidemak, H 256,413 Galanis, E 411 Galazan, G 390 Galbraith, J 343 Galby, K 395 Gale. D 339 Gale. L 302.406 Galiano. L 299. 364 Gall. N 295 Gall. R 241.291.292 Gallagher. D 382 Gallagher. J 229 Gallagher, M. . . .241, 283. 376 Galley. J 330.419 Gallo. G 384 Galloway, R 396 Galvin, K 329 Gamber, R 386 Gammell. H 241 Gandell. M 377 Ganser. F 415 Ganswindt. D 397 Cant. J 382 Garbelman. M 385 Garber. A 419 Garber. H 365 Garbers, D 332 Garcia, D 268, 400 Card, P 354 Gardner, D 291 Gardner, E 324 Gardner. M 277. 326. 370 Gardner, P 280 Gardner, T 303, 358, 396 Garmager, C 325 Garmise. R 400 Garske. J 392 Garter. N 417 Garvoille. G 211 Gary. M 397 Gaskin, B 408 Gaspardo, A 210. 211 Gasser. T 333 Gast. D 396 Gast. L 268 Gates, B 400 Gatsis, T 413 Gatz, J 228 Gatziolis, J 377 Ganger, R 378 Gaulke. S 257 Gausewitz. A 216 Gavin. D 396 Gebelein. M 366 Gebhardt. P 376 Gebhart. L 355 Gebler. H 374 Gee. D 325 Gee, W 356 Gehl, M 240 Gehl, S 326 Gehlhar. J 387.401 Geib. W 389 Geisenheimer, J 413 Geisler, G 218 Geissler. 1 216 Gelb. J 408 Gelfand. D 413 Geller. M 363 Gempeler. H 267 Gempeler. W 211 Genck. D 406 Geodjen 418 George. J 261 George. R 226 Georgia. G 391 Geracie. K 337 Gerard. L 257. 347 Gerber. B 337 Gerdman, G 227, 392 Gerend, J 399 Gerend, L 419 Gerend, S 374 Gergen, J 373 Gering, R 231 Gerke. B 385 Gerlich. B 257,377 Germono, J 253 Germuga, L 320 Gerndt, G 317 Gerner. N 210,250 Gersbach. G 298 Gersbacher, S 296 Gersten. M 358 Gersten. S 408 Gertler. M 247 Gertz. S 405 Geske. B 240 Gessen. E 348 Gessner. B 256 Gevirtz. R 297 Ghent. J 372 Gherty. Jr 379 Giangiorgi. R 335 Gianunzio. J 375 Giarusso, D 393 Gibson. J 320,411 Gieringer, L 394 Giese, K 257 Giese, R 355 Giesler, C 297 Gilbert, G 256 Gilbert, J 365,410 Gilbert, M 249.298 Gilbert. R 266. 304 Gilbcrtson. R 388 Gile. G 414 Gill. W 357 Gillett. J 327 Gillelt. S 334. 370 Gillette. 1 329 Gillis. K 419 Gilman. J 275 Oilman. R 318.413 Gilpatrick. E 249.299 Gilpin. D 376 Gimla. B 416 Gingery. N 314 Ginsberg. R 408 Ginum. V 295 Giorgio. B 379 Gitelson. S 374 Given. P 380 Givens. D 419 Gjetson. M 383 Glaeser. 240, 296 Glasner, L 376 Glassman, B 406,419 Glassner, N 417 Glazier, L 408 Gleeson, B 347 Glen, J 412 Glennon. R 344 Glickman. J 299 Gloppen. S 336 Gluck. E 241 Gluck. G 348 Glugatch. J 408 Glusenok, G 408 Glusenok. G 290 Gmur. G 410 Godager. J 374 Godwin. R 404 Goebel. P 230. 289 Goebel. S 336. 377.407 Goede. K 256 Goedjen. R 357 Goeke. J 302.399 Goetsch. J 396 Goetsch. P 210 Goettsch. T 395 Goelz. R 209 Goforth. T 241. 351 Gohdes. S 337 Gohr, R 378 Gohs, J 369 Golan, J 241 Gold, H 349 Gold, L 319, 391 Gold. R 348 Goldberg. B 290. 357 Goldberg. J 345. 358. 413 Goldberg. R 253. 356 Goldblatt. M 319 Golden. R 358 Golden. S 253,419 Goldfarh, J 393 Goldman. N 325 Goldmark. S 319. 393 Goldsack. D 251 Goldschmidt, J 268 Goldsmith, A 388 Goldsmith. G 387 Goldstein. B 319. 352 Goldstein. K 417 Goldstein. M 318.406 Goldstein. N 409 Goldstein. R 352 Goldware. B 358 Golinski. T 392 Gollan. M 412 Golman. E 412 Gonske. R 211 Goodger, D 398 Goodman, D 405, 416 Goodman, G 396 Goodman, K 405 Goodman, L 358 Goodman, S 302 Goodrich, F 335 Goodrich, J 241,348 Goodrich, M 291.400 Goodsell. L 404 Goodson. M 327 Goodstein. A 241 Goold. F 213 Gordon. B 247, 358 Gordon. D 388 Gordon. K 241 Gordon. L 394 Gordon. R 348 Gore. J 300,352 Goren. J 393 Gorin. L 352.413 Gorman. L 352.408 Goroff. R 408 Gorski. C 241 Goshgarian. P 398 Gosman. M 216 Goss. P 330 Goss. M 361 Gosse. R 289 Gothelf. N 408 Gottesfeld. K 374 Gottfried. B 352.365 Collsacker. R 267 Goudce. J 268 Gould. E 352 Gould. H 348 Gould. S 414 Gould. W 329 Goulden. L 294 Goulette. R 292 Gow. N 394 Grabarski. J 212, 393 Graebner, L 370 Graebncr, R 317 Graefe, R 257 Graetz, D 211,390 Grafenstein, V 386 Grafton, K 304 Graham, B 330.406 Graham, S 315,406 Graham, V 381 Grahn, D 383 Grainger, W 297 Gralow. M 257,409 Gram, J 299 Gramen. R 216 Grames. A 299, 382 Grams, D 97, 303, 308 Grams, J 249, 296 Gramza, G 385 Granberg, G 4tl Grandgeorge, S 322,364 Granert. W 391 Granger. B 393 Granof, S 413 Grant, D 213,291 Grant, G 227,266 Grant, M 319 Grassman, P 336 Gratch, N 365 Gratz, L 218 Graves. D 241 Grbich. M 385 Green. D 415 Green. M 410 Green. R 219 Green. S 413 Greenberg. J 374 Greene. C 282 Greene. S 364 Greene. T 419 Greenfield. H 241.242. 270.271 Greenhalgh. P 326 Greenspan. B 417 Greenspan. S 358,381 Greenwald, A 358 Greenwald, K 315 Greenwald, M 326 Greenwood, B 298, 383 Gregerson, L 373 Gregorius, T 289 Gregory, T 295,299,376 Grenzow, R 378 Gresch, A 209.210,332 Greshik, J 206, 212, 321 Gretbeck, G 396 Greyson, R 252 Gries, G 351 Gricser, D 351 Griffin. J 219 Griffith, G 400 Griffith, J 240 Griffith. T 386 Griffiths. V 418 Griggs, M 330 Grilley, R 374 Grimes, L 339,413 Grimme. M 212.407 Grimstad. K 241 Grip, W 386 Grischke. A 317 Grizzell, N 334 Groce. A 326 Grochowski. C 324 Groh. R 299.401 Grohusky. D 327 Grosenick. G 219 Grosnick. J 297 Gross, C 394 Gross, G 380 Gross, K 249,295 Gross, M 302 Gross, P 388 Grossenbach, R 373 Grossfeld. R 241 Grosshandler, J 336,387 Grossman, J 352 Grossman, L 406 Grossman. R 413 Grossmann, L 318 Grossweiner. R 358 Grote. C 370 Groth. P 392 Groth. R 393 Grotsky. H 319 Grover. P 361 Groves, L 416 Gruber, A 387 Grudzinski, J 302,307 Gruendler. J 225 Gruenewald. J 209 Gruett, G 228, 375 Gructzman, C 395 Grumpelt, C 337 Grundahl. S 241,249, 298, 416 Grunke. M 256 Guell, B 256, 385 Guember, S 370 Guenther. K 241 Guenther. S .369 Gueperlrog, G 389 Guettler, S 406 Guif, B 241 Guil e, P 256 Gulbrandsen, M 256.369 Gullick. V 278.403 Gulliksen. G. ..252.278.406 Gumtz. G 241 Gumut. S 267. 294 Gunderson. J 377 Gunderson. W 333 Gundlach. J 335 Gunner. P 406 Gunning. C 361 Gunnlaugsson, G 399 Gunter. L 382 Guntley, L 386 Gunz, J 387 Gunzberg. L 414 Guptill. N 298.364 Cuptill. S 206,241.365 Gurda. M 295 Gurkowski. N 384 Gursky. E 396 Guru. J 376 Gurvitz, F 364 Gust. L 391 Gustafson. K 94. 96. 303. 325 Gustin. N 361 Gute. J 385 Guten. S 383 Cutenslein, A 411 Gutgcsell, H 241 Guth. J 381 Gutheil. S 336 Guthrie. G 387 Guitman. D 412 Gunman. L 240 Gunman, P 413 Guuormscn. K 336 Gutlschow, R 373 Guizler. J 206.207.406 Guvon. J 256,324 Gwin. H 380 Gwjn . J 281. 376 H Haack. B 241.324. 376 Haag. B 414 Haapcnsen, S 358 Haakenson, K 363 Haas, K 292,322,411 Haas, R 373 Haas, S 316 Haasc, A 398 Haasc, M 339,411 Haase, S 369 Habcl, T 389 Haberman, A 347 Hahighorst, D 279 Hackbart, M 256 Hackbart, V 302 Hackbarth, J 374 Hackcit. M 335 Hackney, R 342 Hadary. S 240 Hafemeister, J 331 HafTele. R 391 Hafslad. E 241 Hagan. D 368 Hagcman, S 369 Hapestad, T 381 Hagslrom, A 414 Hague, R 388 Hahn. J 230,261.323 Hahn, P 392 Hahncl, R 317 Haines, J 299 Haire, E 383 Hakanen. L 388 Halderson, J 209 Hale, L 257,409 Hale, R 217.331 Hall. A 339,416 Hall, B 378 Hall. J 289 Hall. L 343 Hall. P 257 Hall. R 260. 261.416 Hall. S 241. 366 Hallbcrg, J 241.279, 340 Hallecn. N 230,289 Halk-nbeck, J 382 Hallenbcrg, S 347 Haller. P 241,339 Hallock, J 415 Halpern, A 413 Halpern, S 318 Halprin, H 352 Halsey, N 390 Halverson, J 328 Halvcrson. L 315 Halverson, R. ...241.242,290 Hambach. K 385 Hamhrick, P 302 Ham. Hon, A 324, 363 Hamilton, C 253 Hamilton, J 212, 332 Hamilton, M 325 Hamilton. P 403 Hamlin. M 363 Hamm. L 331 Hammcl, B 211,260. 323 Hammcrland, L 298 Hammcrmeislcr, W. .211,364 Hammers. P 334 Hammell. J 349 Hammlcton. H 267 ll.immond. G 213 Hanapcl. M 326. 365 Hanavicr. S 241, 334 Handel, M 289 Handrich, J 241 llaney, J 398 Haney, P 386 Haney, S 395 Hanish, L 264,266 Hanke, S 251 Hankcl. W 209 Hanks, T 296 Hanragan, C 376 Hans, J 337 Hansel, R 251 Hansen. B 241. 329 Hansen, D 340.372 Hansen. E 393 Hansen. J 216. 374, 386 Hansen, M 320 Hansen. P 247. 387 Hansen. R 371 Hansen. W 306. 356 Hanson, B 395, 397 Hanson, C 416 Hanson, D 279,317, 375 Hanson, J 378,405 Hanson, L 297,384, 394 Hanson, P 256 Hanson, R 389,410 Hanson. S 322.370 Hanson, W 217 Hantke, R 387 Hantke, W 267,393 Hantover, 1 241,318 Hanville, K 363 Happle, J 218. 338 Harden, D 225 Harder, J 227 Hardgrove, F 257 Hardie, A 212, 332 Hardiman. H 201. 326 Harding, J 365 Hardike, R 308 Hardwig. A 411 Hare. L 209 Harfield, R 418 Haring. B 328 Harker. J 327.337 Harker, K 365 Harker. L 337 Harloff. B 406 Harlow, J 414 Harmon, B 382 Harman, L 418 Harmer, J 410 Harmon, T 378 Harnden, D 385 Harned. W 401 Harnois. M 418 Harrington, B 247. 403 Harrington, J 289 Harrington, S 241,290 Harrington, T 378 Harris, B 363 Harris. D 358 Harris, E 279, 330, 422 Harris. J 299 Harris. M 394 Harris. N 274 Harris. R 240, 391 Harris. S 416 Harris. W 291 Harrison, C 331 Harrison, J 399 Harry, J 387 Harsch, J 256,278.411 Hart, J 240,298, 363 Hart, P 372 Hart, R 237 Harlberg, T 213 Harienstein. M 335 Harlkopf. D 217 Harllaub, J 344 Hartman. B 335 Hartman, J 321 Hartman. M 336, 395 Hartung, K 390 Hartwig, A 211,289 Hartwig, B 411 Hartwig, C 384 Hartwig. W 296 Harvey. D 264. 299. 346 Harvey, K 374 Harvey, M 297,401 Hasc. D 380 Hasemeier. J 218. 364 Hasenbach. M 322 Haspcl. S 318 Hassan. A 216 Hassett, S 257. 324 Hassler. P 338 Hastings, C 337.409 Hasz. C 241 Hatch. J. ..295.317.387.413 Haubenschild. A 307 Hauboldl. G 272 Hauboldt, S 252.416 Haudert. V 404 Hauge. .S 389 Haugh. C 320 Hausmann. P 385 Haut. W 399 Hawe. C 369 Hawkins, D 334 Hawkins, J 349, 354 Hawkins, P 337 Hawlcy, R 216,241 Haworth, T 279 Hay, G 298 Hayden, C 347, 363 Hayes, M 339 Hays, A 380 Ha en, J 256,394 Ha elwood, M 370 Headen, N 334 Heagy, W 387 Heald, J 413 Hearden, D 93.97 Heardcn. J 303 Hearden, P 241 Heath. B 328 Heath. C 212,407 Hcalh, S 292,370,399 Hebblewhile. T 388 Heverling, M 385 Heck. D 289 Heckert. K 323 Hcckert. R 419 Heckl. J 302.354 Heeb. J 393 Hecbink. W 379 Hellran. E 385 Hegazy. M 216 Hegcdus. S 388 Heggblom, A 309 Hegji. C 283,393 Heibel. M 336 Heidel. A 213 Hcidel. D 213 Heidel, R 214.388 Hcideman. P 241.401 Heidmann. J 359 Heidner. A 322, 363 Heilc, J 329 Heil. P 387 Heilborn. S 410 Heileman. H 358 Heimann, L 260,261 Hcindel. J 211 Heine. G 296 Heine. S 338 Heineck. D 217 Heinrich. R 401 Heinritz. J 377 Heinze. D 217 Heisig. M 334 Heisz. T 381 Heizer. N 253 Held, R 212.407 Helfand. 1 319 Helfant. S 318.413 Helgeland. G 212.407 Hellenberg. S 406 Heller. D 333.384 Heller. T 387 Hellerud. M 256 Hellman. C 306 Helm, R 299 Hem, D 331 Hemauer, K 266, 351 Hembel, D 230 Hemment, W 389 Hemming, R 400 Henderson, A 281 Henderson, C 328, 338 Henderson, D 209 Hendrick, C 388 Hendricks, B 308 Hendricks, J 343 Hendricks, M 384 Hendricks, R 391 Hendricks, S 385 Hendrickson, A 241,390 Hendrickson, D 302 Hendrickson, R 306 Hendrickson. T 380 Hendry. A 278.412 Henkel. C 385 Henkel, K 230 Hennig. C 363 Hennig. J 302 Hennig. S 366 Henning. D 410 Henrich, D 305 Henrici. R 308 Henry, R 229 Hensel, C 241 Hcnsel. D 299.410 Hensel, J 208 Hcnsel. R 378 Henselin, D 395 Henslev. M 400 Hcntsc ' hel, M 373 Heppard. K 386 Herbert. R 379 Herlache. J 241 Herman. H 256 Herman. J 210.211.212 Herman. W 358 Hermanson, M 397 Herms. R 310. 343 Hermson. T 252,275 Herning. J 377 Herold. D 225 Herrbold. G 293 Herrbold, W 276 Herrell. M 375 Herrick. J 279.297 Hcrrick. S 308. 316 llerrman, 1 395 Herrmann. W. . .209. 297. 332 Hershman. F,. .. .216.218.241 Herstone. 1 413 Herl herg, R 408 Herzberg. M 382 Herzfeldl. J 241 Heryog. A 364 Hcrzog. J 322.418 Hesse. H 218 Hesse. R 394 Heth. ,S 207 Hetlerick. J 387 Hellinga. B 395 Heuel. R 379 Heuer. B 104.307 Heuscr. S 374 Hewitt. J 267 Hexter. C 390 Hcxicr. M 409 Hevman. B 358 Hiat. F 374 Hibbotl. H 384 Hibschcr, M 315 Hickethier, J 384 Hicks. C 339,405 Hicks. J 281 Hiebing. R 355 Hierl. D 355 Hietpas. B 393 Higginboltom, E 307 Higgms, C 406 Higgms, D 416 Higgins, G 308 Higgms. S 365 Highland. N 363 Hilbert, E 355 Hilderbrand. D 251 Hildehrandt. J 327 Hilgenberg. C 416 Hill. D 295 Hill, M 211 Hill, R 316 Hillary. L 377 Hille. J 292 Hillyard. R 412 Hilton. H 370 Hilts. N 374 Himsel. N 347 Hinc. L 256 Hindman, G 393 Hines. M 392 Hines, S 419 Hingiss. S 395 Hinke. T 353 Hinnendael. T 390 Hino, L 418 Hintz. D 209, 264. 353 Hintz. J 341 Hintz, M 225 Hipp. J 345 Hirai. L 395 Hirsch. J 289 Hirschberg. D 295. 358 Hirsh. J 289 Hirshey. B 412 Hirshon. D 413 Hirshorn, S 381 Hirsig, T 356 Hitzke, G 241 Hlade, J 399 HIavacek, J 335 Hletko, S 413 Hobbins, A 339 Hocevar, B 386 Hockney, R 331 Hodes, L 413 Hoem, B 368 Hoenig, M 315 Hoepfl, R 230 Hoerig, G 371 Hoesly, D 388 Hoesterman. R 400 Hoff, R 299 Hoffland, J 322 Hoffman, B 217 Hoffman, D 302 Hoffman, J 391,413 Hoffman, L 412 Hoffman, M 393,410 Hoffman, R 264,411 Hoffman, T 386 Hoffman. W 387 Hoffmann. G 386 Hoffmann. J 325 Hoffmann. L 372 Hoffmann. P 411 Hoffman. R 323 Hogan, D 384 Hogden. J 401 Hoge. H 327 Hoge. J 384 Hoglund. E 383 Hohman. E 298. 369 Hohman. J 302. 342 Holcomb, L 347 Holden, B 307, 328 Holden, C 393 Holden, J 349 Holden, P 275,322 Holden, S 348 Holdredgc. R 276. 297 Holdrich, J 219 Holdridge. R 343 Holend. P 415 Holgate. W 400 Holiman, J 409 Holl. K 373 Holland, J 324 Holland. L. ..85,211,302.337 Holland. S 337. 363 Holland. W 277 Hollc. J 228 Hnllis. M 256 llolliMer. G 320.414 llollisier. P 343, 392 Holloway, D 325 Holloway, J 241 Holm, J 256 Holme, J 227 Holmes, K 322,382 Holmes, L 251 Holmes, R 372 Holmgren, K 337,409 lloKen, J 297,355 lloKteen. M. ...282.283.385 llolslein. A 363 Holl. B 397 II. .11, n 387 II, .11. J 308.343 Holt. K 329 Hollan. J 333 Holton. R .342 Holton, T 264.358 Holtzhoyter, R Holubiw. V. Holy. D. . . . Holyoke. P. Holz, D. . . . Holz. K. ... Holzman. B. Holzrichter, I Homich. R. . Homstad. W. Honaker, S. Hood, J. ... Hood. M. . . . Hooker. J. . . Hooper. J. . . Hooson. J. . Hopkins. E. Hopkins. L. Hopkins, S. . Hoppert. D. Hoppin. J. . . Horn, B Horn. K. ... Horn. R. ... Horney, K. . Hornig. P. . . Horowitz, P. Horrall. C. . Horswill. P. Horswill, R. Horton. E. . Horwitz, J. . Hosman. M. Hotvedt. M. Houlihan. J. House. J. . . . Hovda. S. . . Hovde. T. . . Howard. C. . Howard, J. . . Howard. L. . Howard, R. . Howe, C. Howe, D. . . . Howe. J. ... Howell. A. . . Howell. J. . . Howell. R. .. Howes. C. . . Howes. K. . . Howey. G. . Howie, L. . . Howmiller. J. Hoyer. L. . . Hrees, V. . . . Hrubecky. T. Hubbard. C. Huber. R. . . Hubrick, W. Huckstead, K Hudak, T. . Hudson. S. Huebner, D. Huebner, J. Hug. B. ... Hughes, D. Hughes. L. Hughes, M. Hughes. P. Hughes. R. Hughes. T. Huguet. J. . Hugunin. A. Huhn. D. .. Hiiibregtse. D Hulburt. M. Hulbert, S. Huldcr. C. . Hummer. N Hunkel, C. Hunsader, T, Hunt, A. . . Hunt. D. .. Hunt. M. .. Hunt. S. . . . Hunter. D. Hunter. K. Huntermark, Hurd. B. .. Hurd. J. ... Hurlbut, C. Hurlbut, P. Hurley. J. . Hurst. H. . Hurigen. A. Hurth. S. . . Hurwitz. F. Hurwitz. L. Hurwitz. R. Hurxthal. K Huschka. C. Huse. A. .. Huseby. I. . Husman. C. Hussa. J. . . Hustad, M Husting. S. Hutchison. T. Hutnik. D. Hvitfeldt. R Hvcnar. B. Hyman. B. Hvman. R. Hvnek. R. . Hyrkas. D. .231, 241 .373 .403 .335 292, 366 .216 .393 .318 .391 .400 .377 .364 .356,390 409 369 297 308 399. 416 330, 366 ....337 ....354 ....358 ....396 ....419 ....396 241,295 . . . .249 386 383 397 323 393 408 347 383 370 323 347 343 406 , 297. 376 -302 .216.241 .336.366 308 388 277 277 340 406 347 .297. 302 370 289 410 395 .242, 390 .266, 391 400 225 .338.368 386 .256. 326 406 289 398 320 .249.296 257 329 354 354 346 407 351 217 370 409 334 407 .326.411 .209. 391 216 .364. 390 240 414 , 314. 358 363 389 383 386 267 .336,406 346 ,322,411 213 .322,411 406 309 413 414 250. 363 ....353 ....341 ....368 ....349 ...399 292. 336 241,277 363 299 412 348 397 366 372 .352, Ibis. M 384 Iceberg. P 352 Icenogle, M 347 Icke, P 366 Iheukumcre, S 294,389 Ihlenfcldt, W 379 Ikeler, M 416 Imber, J 365 Imhof, J 226 Infelisc. M 241, 250 Ingalis. L 227,264 Ingebritsen, K, ..249,295,299 Ingersoll, R 357 Ingram, M 347,404 Ingrelli, M 241, 385 Ingwell, C 373 Inman. K 382 Inouye. J 368 Irmscher. D 280, 339 Irwin, B 357 Isaacs. V 395 Isakson, J 340 Isensee, S 383 Ison, M 325 Ivaska, P 289.289 Iverscn, T 308,310,315 Iversen, W 308, 310 Iverson, E 414 Iverson, K 378 Ivey, T 388 Jablo, S 371 Jablonka, R 268, 397 Jablonowske, A 397 Jack, N 370 Jackson, A 257, 320, 324 Jackson, D 416 Jackson, E 390 Jackson, G 392 Jacob. J 324 Jacobazzi. R 302 Jacobchick, J 329 Jacobs, D 381 Jacobs, F 216 Jacobs, J 413 Jacobs, L 227, 357 Jacobs, P 337, 357,406 Jacobs, R 253, 358, 404, 418 Jacobs, S 418 Jacobsen, P 388 Jacobsen, V 297 Jacobson, B 358, 369 Jacobson, G 277 Jacobson, H 355, 358 Jacobson, S 413 Jacobson, W 213 Jacobus, P 231 Jacques, J 388 Jaeger, D 227 Jaeger, R 396 Jagoda. S 413 Jagodinsky. G 381 Jahn, C 354 Jahn, N 356 Jahnke, R 381 Jakel, E 381 James, C 364 James, F 291 James, J 341 James. N 218,383 Jameson, C 384 Janis, M 299 Janke, P 266,289 Jankowski, T 389 Janowitz, E 318 Jansky, M 347 Janssen, J 400 January, A 398 Janutka, J 411 Janzer, M 365 Jarnow, B 413 Jaruinen, 1 256 Jarvella, A 241 Jarvis, K 324, 365 Jaske, J 306, 325 Jasper, B 328 Jasperson, S 240 Javorka, P 375 Jcanquart, D 209 Jebens, H 358 Jedrlinic, J 400 Jeffers, G 333 Jefferson, M. ...210,212,363 Jeffrey, B 386 Jeglum, R 264 Jendusa, J 261 Jenicek, K 414 Jenkins, B 307 Jenkins, D 392 Jenkins, J 326, 364 Jenkins, N 302 Jenkins, R 333, 389 Jenner. D 267,400 Jennings, J 256 Jennings, M 247, 290 Jens, B 225 Jens, J 283, 384 Jensen, D 241,354 Jensen, E 212 Jensen, J 227, 275, 300, 322, 390 Jensen, K 280, 347 Jensen, L 364, 368 Jensen, S. ..336,366,369,411 Jenson. J 302 Jepsen, S 369 Jerome, A 382 Jesinske, J 241,418 Jeske. J 337 Jessen, J 253,374 Jipson, J 394 Jirsa, A 418 Jivani, Z 294 Johannsen, V 241,248 Johansen, J 337, 370 Johansson, C 292, 398 Johnejack, M 366 Johns, A 317 Johns, R 308 Johnson. B. 81,206,212.281, 289, 302, 306. 307. 345. 372 Johnson. C 316.329.334. 385. 404 Johnson. D 210, 277, 295, 342, 372 Johnson. E 343 Johnson, F 380 Johnson, G 366,382,395 Johnson, J. 250, 275, 283. 299. 315. 322. 329, 338, 364, 384, 406 Johnson, K. 218.373,387.408 Johnson. L 212. 332 Johnson, M 369. 392 Johnson, N 256, 384 Johnson. P. 224. 227. 374, 392 Johnson, R 303, 337, 358, 388, 410 Johnson, S 329,358,395 Johnson, T 276,325,335 Johnson, V 309 Johnson, W 267 Jolivette, D 317 Joliffe, J 324 Jones. B. ..325,337,368,391 Jones, C 317, 370 Jones, D 327, 372 Jones, G 368, 370 Jones, J 302, 386, 394 Jones, R 241,333,393 Jones. S 211 Joosse, J 245 Jordan, J 207 Jordon, P 294 Jorgensen, D 375 Jorgensen. J 364 Jorgenson. L. ...298,299,363 Jorstad. M 383 Joseph. F 364 Joseph, K 319 Josephson, A 369 JosI, L 227, 356 Joy, J 382 Joyce, H 268 Joyce, J 241 Judd, J 248 Judy, C 268, 399 Julius, W 261 Julseth, B 228 Julseth, R 346 Jung, L 302,392 Jungkans, L 268 Jungwirth. J 356 Jurack, R 317 Jurishica. C 383 Justl, M 380 K Kabaker, R 319 Kabat, F 314 Rabat, K 338 Kade, M 336, 370 Kadlec, R 343 Kaeppler, R 386 Kafura, H 266 Kahl, J 216 Kahn, L 376 Kahn, S 345 Railing, D 399 Kaiser, K 315,395 Kaiser, R 392 Kaiser, S 413 Kalass, R 383 Kalinske, T 358 Kallenberg. S 409 Kalsched. D 339 Kalupa. V 405 Kamerling. M 384 Kamke. D 415 Kamm. D 358 Kammer. R 251 Kane, D 227 Kane, P 384 Kant, C 318,413 Kantner, C 279, 314 Kantor, E 409 Kanzelberger. K 374 Kapadia. D 399 Kapke, C 261 Kapke, J 326 Kaplan, B 413 Kaplan, D 319 Kaplan, M 416 Kaplan, P 417 Kaplan, S 414 Kaplow, A 419 Kapp, J 418 Karabensh, B 253 Karakash, T 397 Karlson, S 412 Karn, L 326 Karon, M 291 Karp, G 390 Karp. S 279,345 Karr, C 340.386 Karrasch, B 386 Karrels, K 365 Karu, J 260 Kastner, J 407 Kastorff, J 317 Kath, S 370 Kattestad, R 212, 332 Katz. D 271 Katz. J 374 Katz, M 318,417 Katz, R 408 Katz, S 241,272,412 Katz. W 348 Katzson, S 408 Kaufman, L 412 Kaul, D 342 Kaulock, L 364 Kavemeier, J 213,356 Kay, B 240,412 Kaye, J 390,417 Kayon, J 373 Kayser. J 229 Kazik. B 290 Keating. K 342 Keck, C 257,411 Keck, S 322 Keefer, J 260,261 Keegan, D 229 Keehan, R 268 Keeler, H 226 Keeley, R 328 Keen, S 276. 377 Keenan, J 253 Keene, J 276 Keen, T 3S8 Keetch, L 377 Kegler, S 383 Kehoe. P. 385 Kehoe. T 241 Keir. S 318,408 Reiser, J 324 Kekstadt, M 297,299 Kelber, R 338 Keller, A 381 Keller, D 304, 335 Keller, J 387 Kellesvig, D. ...209,229, 321 Relley, M 394 Relliher, D 303 Kellner, M 319 Rellogg, R 384 Rellogg, N 369 Kellom, S 368 Relly, C 383 Kelly, M 281 Kelly, W 390 Kelsey, J 241,415 Kelzenberg, J 280, 337 Kemmerud, D 299 Kemper, V 241 Kempthorne, D 302 Renall, G 296,298, 336 Kennedy, G 349 Rennedy. T 227,358, 378 Renney, C 296, 394 Renney, W 393 Renny, J 387,388 Renny, R 416 Renower, L 275 Rent, J 260 Rent, N 386 Kenzian, E 372 Reopple, J 210,211 Reppel, M 298,415 Rem, L 348 Rerr, J 382 Rerschensteiner, M 331 Rerwin, C 336 Reslar, F 363 Ressel. W 408 Resselman, J 409 Kesselman, M 348 Kessenich, T 390 Kessler, K 279 Kester, J 277 Kester, K 266, 366 Keszthelyi, E 379 Retchpaw, P 219 Ketterhagen, S 366 Rettner, J 231 Reul, M 418 Rewley, J 323 Reyes, R 273.275 Ridd. D 316 Ridwell. C 293 Kienlen, L 305 Kiley, R 334 Killen, L 278 Kilton, T 357 Rimball, S 352,413 Rimbell, R 325 Rimm, C 414 Kimmel, V 413 Kincaid, G 372 Kincaid, T 346 Rind. G 377 Rind, W 289 Kinder, J 213,341 Riner, G 279 King, D 213 Ring, J. ...209,211.321, 398 Ring, M 241,297 Kingl, T 227,397 Kingsbury, H 340 Kingstone, J 418 Rinnamon, S 336 Rinnucan, C 414 Rinoy. D 416 Kins. D 241. 329 Kinyon. S 410 Ripnes. A 387 Kirk. G. . . .241, 243, 245, 309 Rirking, F 355 Rirkpatrick, N 368 Kirsch, J 351 Rirschner, F 409 Rirshner, L 418 Kisch. G 355 Kiss. K 373 Kissel. W 390 Rissil. S 241 Rite, C 375 Ritelinger, R 396 Kittelsen, J 397 Kivela, D 380 Rjelstad, G 415 Kjervik, D 384 Klabunde, S 226,241 Klarstrom, D 241,251 Rlass, B 256,364 Klatt. R 364 Rlauber, F 372 Rlausch, R. 210, 249, 298, 363 Klauser, J 357 Rlauzar, J 365 Klees, B 241,377 Klein, D 386 RIein, H 413 Rlein, J 299,335 Klein. K 407 Klein. L 363 Klein. R 241 Rleinfeldt, R 240, 315 Kleinschmidt, J 308 Rlemme, T 325 Klemp. A 299 Rlenke. P 363 Rlessig. S 395 Rletzien. H 369 Rlicko. G 383 Rleinman. B 352 Rlimko. R 296,299 Kline, D 297 Rline, L 323 Rline, M 401 Rlinefelter, J 256, 363 Rlinefeltcr, R 419 Kling, M 267 Rlingberg, W 306 Rlingelhofer, K 253, 324 Rlinger, R 345 Rlitzkie, T 410 Kloeckl. C 257 Rloiber. F 381 Rlopatek. J 357 Rlopf. N 383 Rlosterman. A 384 Rlosterman. B 384 Klovning. J 378 Kluender. H 267. 378 Rluetzman. J 208 Rlug. C 368 Rlug, J 410 Klumpar, K. ...241,246.248. 277. 293. 336 Knappen. J 383 Knauf. E 340 Rnauf. R 217 Kneppreth, C 370 Kneppreth, D 298 Rnesting, B 212, 407 Rnestrick, M 354 Knezel, J 216 Kniaz. R 335 Knight. D 216 Knight. N 247. 329. .365 Knobeloch, C 299 Knoch, F 354 Knoeck, J 399 Rnoke, S 366 Rnollenberg, R 355 Rnoop, R 347, 406 Rnope, D 299 Knopow, N 413 Knoska, J 392 Rnox, D 328 Knox, G 280, 324 Knox, J 391 Rnox, L 369 Rnox, P 337 Rnudtson, R 267 Rnutson, L 298, 385 Knutson, R 378 Roblik, J 400 Kobussen. R 344 Koch, D. . .206, 209, 212, 332 Koch, J 277,320 Roch, M 382 Rocher, D 241 Koebel, S 384 Roehler, D 390 Roehn, C 391 Roehn, R 213, 333 Roenig, B 289 Roepke, A 391 Roepke, J. 208,211,212,321 Roepke, M 384 Koerber, M 256 Rofel, A 256 Rofler, T 375 Roge, R 365 Kohler, M 404 Rohlman, C 225, 387 Rohlmeier, K 257 Rohn, E 392 Kohnle, A 388 Kokenes, K 366 Rolb, C 388 Rolb, L 411 Rolb, R 378 Rolda, R 227, 391 Rolkmann, R 389 Kolopny, M 408 Rommel, C 246 Rommel, R 241 Konkel, R 227 Konover, B 412 Rooistra, E 209, 321 Rooistra, F 321 Roonz, E 345 Roopman, E 379 Koosmann, C 260,347 Koppel, J 348 Kopper. C 231 Ropperl, C 414 Rops, R 384 Rorach, W 325 Rort, B 406 Rorf, S 412 Korinek, T 391 Rorman, S 413 Rornitz, B 390 Korsch, H 395 Rorth, A 395 Ros, R 389 Rosak, A 349 Roscik, R 227 Roshak, J 379 Koski, W 227 Kosmatka, W 401 Rososki, J 245 Kostka, C 414 Kotchevar, S 406 Rotler, L 414 Roller, R 241 Kovac, M 368 Rovacic, T 380 Koval, T 227 Rowalczyk, C 366 Rowalsky, S 298 Rowitz, M 241 Kozich, D 353 Kozoll, P 413 Krabbe, R 376 Kraemer, D 340 Rraft, J 335 Rraft, K 210,321 Rraft, T 418 Krahn, W 277,399 Krajewski, L 308 Rrall, B 412 Rralovetz. R 216 Kramer, B 366 Kramer, H 319 Kramer, K 240,411 Kramer, R 317 Kramer, S 217 Rramolis, A 210 Rramp, H 240, 368, 369 Rranig, J 229 Kraus, F 390 Kraus. 208 Krause, A 281, 373 Krause, C 392 Rrause, D. 206,209,332,413 Rrause, G 211 Rrause, J 369 Rrause, K 372,383, 385 Rrause, R 289 Rrauss, G 414 Rraut, S 279,346 Rrautkramer, J 391 Krautkramer, T 340 Krebsbach, T 308 Krehbiel, J 395 Rreibich, R 224, 335 Rreiling, J 315 Kreiner, D 325 Kreitz, H 260 Rrejcarek, G 290 Rrejcl, J 227 Rrejci, R 260 Kreklow, H 397 Krell, N 339 Kremolis, A 416 Rreul, H 372 Rreuser, J 299 Rreuzer, J 398 Kreuzer, R 299 Krieck, S 293 Rrieger, R 225,226,241 Rriekard, T 297, 346 Rriger, A 348 Kriger, J 348 Kriser, D 319 Rrizan, S 218, 338 Rroesch, J 225 Rrohn, L 227 Rrohn, R 308 Rrohn, T 386 Kroll, J 409 Krom, M 348 Rrome, J 408 Rroncke, A 277 Rroncke, G 309 Rronick, A 366 Rroon, C 364 Rruchten, W 225,226, 228, 229 Rrueger, D 231,299,346 Rrueger, G 397 Rrueger, J 212 Rrueger, R 252,317, 368 Rrueger, M 370,392 Rrueger, P 413 Rrueger, R 299, 392 Rrueger, S 387 Rruepke, J 213 Krug, B 257 Kruger, D 226, 366 Kruger, F 392 Rruger, J 241 Rruger, W 390 Kruk, J 416 Krusicnski. L 388 Krzcwina, J 3% Kub;ista. J 227 Kubc. K 241.416 Kubil. M 375 Kubly. S 369 Kuckcr. M 388 Kuczynski. R 392 Kudla. D 272.338.369 KucbkT. T 416 Kuctkon, B 334 Kuchl, M 298.299 Kuchlihau. K. ..292.378.399 Kuchn. P 381 Kui-hndorf. J 383 KiK-llhau. K 227. 326 KiRTslcn. J 260.298 Kucstcr. M 385 Kuclcr. L 397 Kui;.;. M 241 Kuhlcmcicr. J 388 Knhlman. J 396 Kuhn. L 419 Kuinn. B 384 Kulas. T 389 Kiill. A 208.209, 321 Kumbicr. L 410 Kummcr. M 349 Kummcrow. M 381 Kunde. D 341 Kundcrl. W 279. 341 Kundmann. S 257.298 Kupcrsmith. A 372 Kupfcr. J 369 Kupskv. C 393 Kiirtk. N 384 Kuuk. R 87.302.342 Kurlanskv. C 375 Kurltnacker. R 353 Kurtz, S 298 Kiischc. D 379 Kuslincr. B 245 Kubsmaul. J 241 Kussmaul. K 382 Kussow. D 396 Kusl. M 382 Kulchi-ra. N 212. 385 Kutter. R 340,401 Kultig. K 413 Kuykendall. C 257.373 L Laak. J 322, 376 Lablanc. R 228 Lacey, L 326 I.aChappellc, C 227 l.acher. A 230 Lacourl. J 329 Lacroix. D 340 Lacroix. G 392 Ladd. C 329 l.adcnson, R 240 Ladin. T 413 Ladue. B 354 Lacscr. R 381 Lafayctlc. S 296 Lafond, R 386 Lafountain, L 346 LaBcrsturm. C 264 Lail. P 324 Lain. R 378 Lainc. J 324 Laird. J 323 Laitsch. R 401 Lalich. J 366 Lalk. T 349 Lamar. 1 206,213 Lamarsh. J 253 Lamb. B 329,404 Lambert. R 391 Lambolty. L 302.308 Uimm. J 257,299 Lamm. K 398 Lamm. W 261 Lamnman. J 289 Land. B 384.409 Landa. H 396 Landc. C 207 Landmann. D 390 Landmann, T 391 Landmark, A 297 Landmark, B 374 Lando, B 318,406 Landvallcr, G 390 Landy. E 253 Lane. B 419 Lane. S 374 Laney, M 249 Lancy, P 383 Lanu. B 375 Lanii. M, ..292,365,368.370 Lanu. R 372 Lantje. D 385. 396 LaniienbcrK. C 363 Laniicnfcld, J 241 Lanscr, C 298 Lanuer, R 396,415 Lanulcy. G 397 LanKlois. F 297. 357 Lan tohr. M 387 Lanttreck, K 385 l.aowiK, T 228 Lapham. S 299 Laplante. P 296.299 Laplanle. T 357 Lapp. S 3.34 Laritct. R 230 Larimer. S 330 Larkin. K 241 Larkin. L 322 larkin. S 315.404 Larme. J 390 Larmc. P 316 Larocqiie. M. ..276,327.401 Larscn. C 418 Larsen. S. 298. 320. 324. 366 Larson, A 256.409 Larson. B .395.399 Larson. C 334 Larson. D 392.411 Larson. H .389 Larson. J 213.257.405 Larson, K 292.347.375, 389, 406 Larson, L 241,391 Larson, N 280, 329. 365 Larson. P 253. 336 Larson, R 387 Larson, S. ..241,249,257,418 Larson. T 249,314 Larue. J 218, 334 Laschenski. J 398 Lasco. R 317 Lasek. W 344 Lasha. P 345 Laskin, E 383 Laskos, E 33:1 Lasky, R 404 Last. R 370 Laster. J 369 Lathers. J 225 Lalhrop, L 317 Latimer, K 358 Latkin. K 338 Latzke. J 398 Laube. E 299 Lauey. M 404. 405 Laufman. M 373 Lauphren. J 418 I.auke. L 260 Lauro. G 293.370 Lauson. M 363 Lauter. E 253 Lautz. D 297. 341 Lautz. S 249,296.298 Lavin. D 319 Lavin. M 358 Lawrence. J 351.410 Lawrence. N 218 Lawrence. R 393,414 Lawson. M 347 Lawson, T 294 Lawton, J 391 Lawton, K 395 Lawver. D 299 Lazar. L 352 Lazarus. J 319.373 Lazarus. S 347,411 Lazerwith, M 384 Leach, M 256. 322 Leacock. E 409 Le.ifblad. R 85. 302 Leatherwood. J 356 Leavitt. R 319 Lebbing, M 408 Lebowitz. A 418 Lecloux. D 379 I.edain. C 337 Lcderich. R 400 Lederman. J 397 Lee. E 417 Lee. J 372, 384.413 Lee. K 273 Lee. L 385 Lee, R 354, 390 Lcedcr. S 364 Leeman. D 381 Lefebvrc. P 228 Leffel. A 394 LeirmMwcll. H 393 Lehman. B 267.277 Lehman. J 342 Lehman. K 318,413 Lehman. R 342 Lehner. R 226 Lehnertz. C 385 Lehrmann. L ...320. 368, 370 leihsohn. T 253,412 leicht. C 349.391 I.eichl. D 391 I.eidholdt. S 364 I einofT. B 281 leisenrinn. J, ,..297,299,393 I eisk. W 340. 392 I liMer. B 351 I cisler. V 380 l.eieune. D 366 1 ekander. D 289 I eland. K 384 l.elewer. J 318.406 1 emhcke. J 210 Lembcke. R 210 I.embcke, T 209 Lemberu, R 267. 373 Lemberner. A 260 lembe eder. M 293. 383 I embke, T 407 lemcke. T 210 Lemkc. R 388 lemke. S 249.295.374 LeMoine. T 396 Lena. F • 382 Lenard. A 348 Lcniz. R 390 lenz. M 337 I.enzer. R 251 Leonard. A 300 Leonard, C 383 Leonard. J 368 Leonard. L 384 Leopold. L 370 Lepp. R 386 Lerios. A 337 Lerman. P 414 Lerner, D 274 Lerner, J 406 Lerner. K 306 Lerner. M 241 Lernor. S 413 Leuenberger. J 322 Lcvake, B 320 Levander, 251 Levenberg, S 396 Levenhagen. C 295 Levey, L 358 Levin, D 241 Levin. G 358 Levin. R 319 Levinc. C 413 Levine. D 358 Levine. 1 387 Levine. J 409 Levine. M 250. 366 Levine. N 413 Levine, P 418 Levine, R 345,413 Levine. S 374.417 Levinson, G 417 Levinson. J 413 Lew. B 393.413 Levy. G 412 Levy. M 345 Levy. S. . . . . " 413 Lewallen. W 298 Lewandowski, J 207,403 Lewandowski. M 210 Lewicke. R 396 Lewin. H 319 Lewin. J 318 Lewis. A 329 Lewis. B 342 Lewis. C 324 Lewis. E 392 Lewis, K 256 Lewis. L 385 Lewis. N 256 Lewis. S 257, 394 Lewitzke. P 299. 385 Lewke. R 396 Ley. K 395 Lezczvnski, R 304 I.iberman, D 319 Liherman, S 352,413 Libit, J 372 Liburdi. R 400 Lichlenstein. A 414 Lichtv. P 326 Licklider, L 253 l.ickwarz, R 399 Liebeck, S 370 Liebert. R 224.243.278 Liebl. R 398 Lieblinp. R 412 Liehman. B 386 Liefert C 363 Liegel. A 260. 261 Lien, J 241.264 Liethen. M 389 Lietzow, J 260, 261 Lifschultz, 1 318 Lifton, H 385 Lichlfoot, R 257 Likover. T 299 Lilia, M 338 Lillard. S 324 Linahan. B 250.250 Lincoln. J 252 Lincoln. A 276 Lincoln. R 390 Lindcmann. D 316 Linden. D 226, 358 Lindenbaum. J 352 Linder, B 218 Lindcr. J 3S4 Lindcrmer. M 384 1 eiidenid. M 256 1 inderud. N 395 I indgren. C 395 Lindgren. G 373 I.indgren, M 369 Lindguist, B 297. 357 1 indstrom. D 386 l.inehan, B 250 Link. B 370 Link. J 401 Linley. V 395 Lins. A 216 I.insler. J 406 Linslroth. M 392 1 inlner. M 327 I inton. J 381 I inlvedt. G 212 I.iong-Seng. T 227 Lipke. J 315 Lipman. C 330 I.ipman. 1 318.413 Lipperl. M 260. 388 Lippmann. J 314 I eppolt. M .347 Lippolt. P 347 Lippolt. P 347 Lipsius. C 411 I ipski. B 408 1 ipkski. R 274 1 ipson. A 348 1 iplc.n. M 279, 317 1 iptnn. S 347 I.isowc. G 388 Liss. K 414 Litt. M 345 Lilten. K 280,292, 339 Litwin, S 319 Litzler, J 276 Livingston, K 276 Livingston. N 218 Lobas. J 380 Loheck. C. . .253. 281. 320.373 Lobeck. S 212,396 Lock. C 370 Lockney. T 353. 391 Lockwood. D 267 Lockwood. L 405 Loda. G 387 Loeb. L 364 Loetfel. K 379 Loehning. H 240 Loertscher, G 380 Loether, J 277,299, 396 Lofgren, K 387 Loftus. J 383 Loly. R 392 Logan. F 305. 307,331 Logan, K 324 Logerquist. J 394 Logghe. M 267,410 Logle. J 349 Logterman, B 309 Lohr, P 368 Loidolt. L 355 Loke. E 393 Lonberg. J 326 London, J 417 London, M 302 Lonergan, J 212. 407 Long. C 320 Long. D 337. 376 Long. E 257, 368. 370 Long. J 240. 347,411 Long. K 411 Long. W 230 Longmire. B 290 Longua. G 256 Longwell, A 414 Lonsdale, T 393 Loo. L 257 Loomer. R 295, 299 Loots. L 329 Lopata. G 330 Lopinsky. E 318 Loppnow. W 342 Lorence. R 377 Lorenz. A 227 Lorenz, W 211 Losching, B 309 Losey. B 418 Lothe. J 249 Loiterer. D 355 Loughlin. P 299 Lovaas. D 252 Love. T 318,408 Lovelace, L 387 Loveless. W 375 Lovre. C 413 Lovre. K 315 Lovrien. R 416 Lovshin, P 336,406 Lowe, B 323, 382 Lowe, J 381 Lowe, M 366 Lowell, W 346 Lowey, J 413 Lowrie, G 326 Lowry, J 291 Loynd, G 381 Lozellc, J 397 Lubar. R .348 Lubeck, T 260 Lubeno. .1 380 Lubitz. T .349 Lucas. K .382 Lucey. A 340 Luchs. C 324 Lucht. J 396 Lucker. J 296 LucolT. n 226 1 iidke. R 376 1 lulorf. T 401 Ludvigson. G 393 Ludvigson. S 256 Ludwig. L 339.411 I uedke. M 257 1 ucdlke. K 292 1 uedlke, S 369 1 uhman. B 364 LukolT. M 299. 397 Lulloir. R 241 Lulow, W 345 Lump, E 279, 355 Lund, D 291 Lund. L 322 Lund, R 325,389 Lundc, E 267 Liuide. K 241. 3.30 Lunde. N 3.30,406 Lunde. T 328 1 nndeen. K 373 1 undv. M 241 1 liria. E 318.408 I usiok. E 280. 318 I iili:en. P 373 1 niher. T 401 1 villerman. R 260 I iillrell. E 240 Lultropp, D 357 Lulze. G 231 Lux. T 387 Lyall. P 257.296 Lynaugh. J 351 Lynch. J 213 Lynch. P 369 Lynch. S 363 Lvon. J 336 Lyon. T 372 Lysaker. J 302 Lyile, L 329 M Maack, L 393 .Maas. G 299 Mabie. R 340 Macaladv. D 289 Macall. S 299, 394 MacDonald, E 383 MacFarlane. M 375 MacGregor. D 306. 310 MacGregor. E 364 Machan. G 332 Macinnes. M 378 Maclnlire. M 315 Mack. C 337 MacKenzie. A 399 MacKenzie. D 330 MacKenzie. L 336,411 Mackin. G 372 MacLeod. J 331 Macrorie. N 228 Madarv. J 387 Madeley. S 411 Madcr. V 322,364 Madison, J 410 Madison, P 276,299,366 Madland. K 336 Madson. M 394 Maduewesi. J 294 Maeder. E 297,401 Magee, C 241 Magil. M 409 Magnusen. K 379 Magnuson. J 308, 327 Magnuson. L 368 Magnuson. M 247 Magritz, S 387 Mahr. J 395 Mahrous, H 294 Majeski. L 351 Majeskie, J 212 Mahor, J 415 Major, M 315.419 Makela. C 207,241 Makoid. M 261 Makoski. S 322 Malcolm. J 323 Malek. V 379 Malen. R 388 Malkin. R 408 Mallon. J 267 Malow, B 413 Maltby, W 279,358 Maltese. C 381 Maly. R 209 Malzahn. D 389 Manaster. T 358 Mand. L 388 Mandel. A 348 Mandel. D 358.419 Mandel. M 371 Mandelker, J 373 Mandell. B 358 Mandell. R 373 Mandernack. T 299, 364 Mandis. M 411 Manke. W 251 Mankin. G 388 Mankowski. M 296. 385 Manlcy. M 305. 307. 323 Mann. M 340.379 Mann. S 384 Mann. T 386 Mannell. S .393 Mannes. M 416 Manse. M 347 Manske. M 347 M.tnsneros. M 240 Manlell. J 408 Manthe. D 208 Manthe. R 289 Manthci. D 321, 385 Mantz. M 366 Manwaring. J 331 Marble. S 211 Marcello. J 317,387 Marcin, R 302 Marcus, R 416 Marder, J 373 Margenau. J 241 Margoles. D 253 Margolis. H 358 Maring. J 307 Marino. D 355 Marklcv. J 3.30.404 MarkofT. J 348 Markos. P 388 Markos. R 218.388 Marks, J 279,318 Marks. M 320. 375.411 Marks. N. ..299. 318.408.413 Marks. R 355 Marks. T 337 Markstein. J 318 Markstrum. J 385 Markworlh. R 293 Marlow. R 350 Marotz. G 389 Marow. G 384 Marplc, 1 247 Marquardt, M 374 Marquarl, J 225 Marriett, L J47 Marschner, R 399 Marsh, M 306 Marshall. B 411 Marshall, D 217 Marshall. M 333 Marshall, 297 Marshall. R 410 Martalock. S 416 Martell. L. . .208. 210. 213. 407 Martell. M 394 Martens. C 297.403 Martens, J 397 Martin. C 210 Martin. J 241,329. 385 Martin. K 219. 368 Martin. L 218. 315 Martin. S 241. 307 Martin. V 291 Martin. W 351 Martindale, H 316 Martineau. M 375 Martinson. J 210. 384 Martinson. M 329.406 Martocci. J 387 Marton. D 336.411 Marton, 1 407 Martwick. S 257 Marty, B 385 Marty, L 210.213,299 Marty. R 256,377 Marx. K 257 Marx. W 375 Maryan. 1 413 Marzu. P 409 Masche. D 216 Maslowe. R 391 Mason. D 381 Mason. J 342. 415 Massey. M 336 Massey. R 346 Massie. A 321 Mast. L 379 Mast. R 392 Masters. M 283, 292. 384 Matagrano, C 315 Matchette. R 390 Matenaer. R 260 Mather. D 410 Mather. T 317 Mathews. D 245 Mathews. P 327 Mathiak. M 377 Mathwig. J 373 Matt. J 386 Matter. J 330 Matthews. B 277 Matthews. C 372 Matuszesk, M 240 Mau. J 218.416 Mauerman, W 216 Mauermann, D. ...293.299. 418 Mauermann. S. ..206.207 241 Maurer. M 370 Maurillo. K 327 Mauske. B 358 Mawhinney. K 369 Max. D 286.416 Maxwell. A 366 Maxwell. R 342 May. E 274. 377 May, G 330 May, P 216 May, S 411 Mayer, J 370 Mayer, L 413 Mayer, R 379 Mayer, S 414 Mayr, J 391 Mazanet, J 335 Mazur, L 365 Mazurkiewicz. J 306 McAllister. P 370 Mc Alpine. M 329 McAlvay. J 387 McArthur. E 253. 324 McArlhur. R 309 McAteer. C 216 McAvoy. B 364 McCabe. C 374 McCaffree. J. . . .206, 279. 321 McCaffrey. D 349 McCahan. P 390 McCandless. B 403 McCann. M 322 McCartcn. M 394 McCarthy. J 231 McCarthy. M 331 McCaskiJl. S 320. 385 McCausland. V 324,405 McChcsncy. J 382 McClanathan. L 391 McClelland. D 391 McClelland. R 379 McClintock. K 357 McClure. N 376 McConahey. S 292. 328 McConnell. A 342 McCool. C 363 McCord. M 330 McCorkle. B 299 McCorkle. G 409 McCormick. B 322 McCormick. D 292.416 McCormick. J 340 McCown. B. ...206.213.241. 264 McCoy. P 397 McCreery. K 339 McCrory. M 373 McCulIough, A 336 McCullough, J 317 McCulIough, T 297 McDermid. L 368 McDonald. J 322 McDonald. M 373 McDoniels. V 241 McDonnel. D 358 McDonough. C 383 McDougall. B 337 McDowell. M 414 McElmurry. M 218 McElroy. F 225 McElroy. R 299. 398 McFarlane. M 358 McFate. N 320.411 McGann. J 343 McGarrity. K 336 McGillivray, C 256 McGinnity, J 227, 251 McGivern. F 257.409 McGoey. G 371 McGowan. N 293 McGrath. J 307 McGrath. K 290 McGue. J 381 McHenry. K 276 McHugh 267 Mclntyre. N 385 Mclnvaille. W 328 McKenna. T 343 McKenny. W 229 McKenzie. D 349 McKichan. J 358 McKinley. D 299 McKinney. G 302 McLaughlan. S 339. 406 McMahon. H 391 McMahon, S 256 McMaster. J 413 McMaster. N 342 McMillan. G 306.386 McMillan. P 338 McMillen. D. . . .224. 226. 227 McMillin. K 386 McMurray. D 251 McNamara. M 414 McNaughton 267 McNeil. J 339. 366 McOlash. M 370 McPeck. P 257.364 McPherson. J 387 McQuestion. M 253 McVay. J 375 McVitty. P 336 McWilliams. J 219 Mead. M 326 Meade. M 369 Mechelke. T 391 Medow. R 358 Mee. H 275 Meehan. R 390 Mehlhorn. B 256 Meier. G 331 Meier. J 279 Meier, M 209. 212.407 Meier. N 415 Meiers. N 325 Meilahn. T 227 Meinheit. H 346 Meinholz. D 211 Meinkow. A 419 Meise. C 418 Meissner. C 294 Meissner. R 388 Meister. D 416 Meister. G 345 Meives. K 299 Melaas. W 291.401 Melanz. L 390 Melby. P 337.405 Melcher. M 372, 394 Melcher. P 256 Melchert. C 218 Meldman. J 267 Melik. L 308 Meloy. M 337 Melreit. R 400 Melrose. R 369 Meltzer. D 392 Meltzer. S 414 Melzer. P 276 Menapace. R 331 Mende. M 283. 383 Mendel. J 345 Mendelow. C 414 Mendelson. A 419 Meng. R 399 Menke. L 241.257. 337 Mennes. P 289 Mensh. P 414 Menzel. B 317 Mercer, M 279. 337 Mergener. J 387 Merianos. J 260. 261 Merlet. J 308 Mermin. L 241 Merrill. H 2.30 Mersberger. P 260 Mess. K 373 Messer. M 384 Messina. G 305 Messman. R 389 Meszaros. D 387 Metzen. K 257. 338 Metzig. M 241 Meyer. B 363.413 Meyer. D 391 Meyer. F 241 Meyer. G 388 Meyer. H 213 Meyer. J... .224. 227. 384. 387. 388. 394 Meyer, K. . .253, 256. 329. 338, 376 Meyer. M 348.406 Meyer. P 412 Meyer. R 297. 351 Meyer, S 279,318, 383 Meyer, T 388 Meyers, A 266 Meyers. C 330 Meyers. D 390 Meyers. K 372 Meyers. M 319 Meyers, R 289 Meyers, S 412 Meyers. W 264. 341 Meyst, J 368 Mezera. D 224. 227 Mezera. M 207, 211 Michael. E 207 Michael. J 271 Michaelson. M 230 Michalke. M 414 Michel. R 268 Michele. D 268 Michelini. E 279. 316 Michels. T 397 Mickelson. W 226 Micklin. J 374 Middleton. P 331 Mielke. L 366 Mielke. R 386 Mielke. S 349 Mielziner. A 413 Miersch, L 299.384 Mikalson. J 317 Mikulina. D 333 Milas. N 324 Milhum. K 336 Milbury. S 414 Milek. J. ..302.307.310.333 Miles. E 383 Milestone. K 370 Milford. D 257. 324 Millar. H 347 Millar. M 248.384 Miller. B 211 Miller. C 330,364, 366 Miller, D 383.413 Miller, E 248 Miller, G 264, 370 MUler, H 217 Miller, J. ..275,296,307,334. 343, 398. 408 Miller, K 241,260. 318. 336.412 MUler. L 229 Miller, P 415 Miller. R 333.354 MUler. S. . .241. 248. 272. 304. 324. 345. 363. 391.412 Miller. V 256 MUler. W 379. 388 Millett. D 338 MUIs. A 251 Mills, J 379 Mills. K 384 MUIs, R 391 Milne, S 382 Milone, L 408 MUz. S 382 Minar. A 390 Minash. J 364 Miner. B 253.272.418 Miner, G 342 Miner. P 365 Minnig. W 398 Minsloff. M 293. 383 Misch. K 318 Miske, M 227. 335 Mitby. R 401 Mitchell. F 346 Mitchell. D 297 Mitchell. G 205. 374 Mitchell. J 346. 348 Mitchell. K 289. 393 Mitchell. M 241 Mitchell. S 365 Mitchell, T 346 Mitsunaga, M 414 Mittag, K 411 Mittelstaedt, C 277 Mittelsteadt, P 277 Mittelsteadt, T 216 Mittelsteadt, R 400 Mixdorf. A 299 Mjaanes. B 391 Moats. J 218 Moberg, D 277. 386 Moberg. P 383 Modzelewski. D 372 Moede. J 364 Moeller. H 398 Moeller. J 382 Moeri, W 212 Mohr. M 291 Moir. A 316 Mokrejs. L 315.406 Molander. E 241 Molgard. G 225 Molholt. G 299 Moll. M 338.411 Mom. B 382 Monck. D 276 Moncrief. A 275. 320 Moncrief. E 211 Mondrick. P 409 Monk. R 297. 302. 317 Monohan. J 307 Monroe. M 390 Monroe. P 385 Montalbano. A 307,357 Montesano. K 368, 370 Montgomery. J 366. 374 Montgomery. M 375 Montguire. D 393 Monthie. R 278.418 Monum. C 334 Moon. N 368, 370 Moore. D 356 Moore. J. ..295,318,329,364 Moore. K 385 Moore. M 207. 329 Moore. R 387 Moore. S 241,242 Moos. M 211 Moran. D 354 Moran. L 383 Moran. M 326 Moran. P 241 Morenz, P 303 Morey, F 230 Morgan, B 326,347 Morgan. C 278.412 Morgan. M 376 Morgan. N 257,347 Morgan. S 292.339 Moringey. T 295 Moritz. G 378 Mork. B 329 Morris. A 352.413 Morris, G 321, 339 Morris, J. ..280.306,334.369 Morris. M 241 Morris. R 217, 333 Morris. V 315 Morrison. K 218 Morse. J 397 Morse. W 241 Mortenson. E 410 Moser. L 241,409 Moses. D 225 Moses. L 330 Mosher. H 341 Moskowitz. L 412 Moslander. N 326 Moss. J 413 Moss. M 322.364 Moss. S 387 Mottl. J 277. 336 Mottl. L 339,411 Moudry, C 339 Moungey. T 299 Movizzo. J 226 Moyle. J 206.241 Moyle. S 364 Mroz. D 415 Muchin. A 279. 348 Muehl. E 396 Muehlbauer. R 375 Mueller. C 370 Mueller. D 289.391 Mueller. J 403 Mueller. K 347 Mueller. L 385 Mueller. M 356. 384 Mueller. P 227. 337 Mueller. R 217, 333, 373 Mueller. T 387 Muench. M 368 Muenchow. J 377 Muenter. W 388 Muenzner. D 322 Mulligan. M 363 Mulligan. P 363 Mulliken. S 246. 337 Mullins. M 382 Multer. J 386 Munch. J 251 Munro. J 294 Munson, B 335 Munson. R 390 Munzundu. B 294 Murdoch. B 339 Murdoch. D 290 Murkowski. G 365 Murney. P 320 Murphy. F 337 Murphy. J 227, 354. 391 Murphy. K 329.413 Murphy. T 387 Murray. B 419 Murray. T 213 Murray. W 333 Musicus. B 413 Mussehl. R 388 Muster. M 375 Muszynski. W 392 Muth. C 320.406 Mutia. J 294 Muzik. S 327 Myers. M 320. 370. 404 Myrvold. N 383 N Nachreiner. A 384 Nadel. J 404 Nadler. S 296 Nafziger. S 393 Nagott. N 260,261. 386 Nakanishi. C 257 Nakano. M 289 Naleid. K 322 Nalley. R 307.310 Namekawa, S 376 Nardi. A 391 Narf, S 383 Narrow. S 358 Narveson. J 241 Nashban. D 417 Nason, C 393 Nathan. B 413 Nathan, N 410 Natvig. C 250 Natwicke, E 347,363 Nau. A 308.391 Nauman. C 392 Naumann. M 399 Naus. P 323 Neal. J 241 Neal. N 415 Neblett, 1 231 Nechvatal. D 256 Nechvatal. H 228 Nedden. C 369 Nee. M 379 Neef, P 395 Neher. D 390 NeUson, B 337 Nielson, G 406 Neiman, C 416 Neiman. M 257 Neivelt. D 251 Nejedio, J 383 Nell, J 298,369 Nellins, D 340 Nelsestuen. G 212,407 Nelson, B 246. 371. 373 Nelson. D 212.291.295, 321,407 Nelson, E 392 Nelson. G 217,388 Nelson, J 241,. 293, 296, 354, 365. 391. 394 Nelson. K. 241. 248. 324.347 Nelson. L 314 Ne lson. M 241.280.291, 299. 365. 370 Nelson, N. 253. 289. 326. 393 Nelson. R 393.396 Nelson. T 347 Nelson. V 297.299. 384 Nelson. W 378 Nemec. J 324,363 Nemec, L 363 Nepscha, K 241,395 Nesslar, L 368 Nettles, J 302 Nettum, J 377 Nelwal, C 226,228 Netz. J 394 Neuberger. T 387 Neubert. M 392 Neuendorf. D 216 Neuendorf. J 230 Neuhauser. J 340 Neuhoff. D 228 Neuscheler. P 306 Neuman. R 290 Neumann. D 385 Neumann. G 388 Neumann. W 206,213 Neumeier. J 344 Newell. C 368 Newkirk. F 324 Newlin, J. 200. 247, 280. 322 Newman. A 319 Newman. P 364 Newman. R. 206,241.243,279 Newton, J 241 Newton. M 278,414 Newton. R 229 Nezda. R 227 Ngan, L 388 Nichols, J 289 Nichols. K 413 Nichols. P. .260, 283, 375, 400 Nicholson. J 381 Nick. J 335 Nicklas, A 336 Nickles. W 340 NicoU. E 336 Nicostrol 387 Nicpon. N 385 Niebler. J 400 Nieder. A 216,348 Niehoff. J 416 Nielsen. E 414 Nielsen. F 332 Nielsen. J 250,388,409 Nielsen. K 338 Nielsen. R 382 Niemann. E 398 Niemeyer. J 291,397 Niemeyer. M 256 Niemi. A 386 Niess. P 382 NUles. R 227 Nimmer. D 240 Nimmer. P 374 Nircnblatt. B 416 Nishi, S 231 Nixdorf, J 218 Noah, R 358 Noah. S 294 Noback. L 292,334 Noffke, T 397 Nohavica, 1 216 Noiser 392 Nolle. Y 253 Nonken. S 366 Noonan. J 329,411 Norberg, W 323 Nordstrom. K 404 Nordvig. E 419 Norelius, A 358 Norgaard. L 226 Norin, E 373 Norland. G 229.380 Norman, E 419 Norman, R 226.387 Norris. A 296 Norris. C 296 Norris, D 387 Norris. W 380 North. J 343 North. N 418 Norton. B 337 Norton, J 412 Norton. M 283,394 Nourse. R 326.365 Novak. R 407 Novak, W 391 Novander. R 316 Novasic. M 370 Nowicki. J 257.289 Noyes, L 411 Noyola. D 252 Nusebraum. D 212.407 Nussbaum. K 354 Nusslock, C 32« Nutting, S 276 Nwankpa. S 294 Nye. S 250.324,385 Nyers. S 391 Nykanen, D 260 Nylen, P 320,364 O Oakey. K 212 Dates, F 390 Oates. J 406 Obbayi. 294 Oberlin, D 309,415 Oberlin, T. 228,241,309.415 Obermayr. D 257. 375 Obi, J 294 OBricn. L 299, 341 O ' Brien, P 267 O ' Brien, R 264,415 Obsl, J 257. 367 O ' Conno r. M 241,336 Odders, J 391 Odell. P 380 Oder. N 418 O ' Donnell, D 340 O ' Donnell. J 211 Oechslcin. W 397 Oedewaldt, G 397 Oeike, D 227 Oestreich. A 390 Oestrcich. M 294,418 Oestreich. S 418 Ofenloch. C 340 Offci, C 294 Offord, J 384 Ogden, S 246 Ogilvie, K 383 Oglesby, V 315 Ogunbamowo, F 218, 294 Oharrow. M 383 Ohern, T 329 Ohirich. W 371 Ohlsen, R 299 Ohiani, L 414 Oien, W 289 Okcane, J 335 O ' Kecfc, S 322 O ' Lcary, K 335 Olefsky. J 417 Olen. J 379 Oleson, J. 206,209,212,241 Olfman, W 306 Oliver, C 385 OIlholT, D 217 Ollmann, R 384 Olncy. C 357 O ' Loughlin, L 283, 385 Olsen, H 289 Olscn, J 338, 349 Olsen, K 237,394 Olscn M 373 Olscn, R. ..209,241.290,407 Olscn, S 384 Olshansky. T .348 Olson. B 206.212.407 Olson. C 392 Olson. D 212.299.390. 393, 395. 407 Olson. E 329. 395 Olson, J. . . .210. 347. 363. 364. 368,391.407.410 Olson, K 315 Olson, M 370 Olson, R 268, 338 Olson, T 370. 371 Olson, W 217 Oltman, W 358 Oman, B 388 Omcara, J 396 Omcara, S 320 Omclia, D 339 O ' Mclia. M 97. 303. 310, 325,329,411 O ' Neal. S 347 Onikul, R 419 Onosko. A 370 Oppenhcim. J 358 Oppenhcimer. J 413 Oppcrmann. J 388 Oppcrmann. I ' 330 Orbcrg, G 241,248 Oravelz. 1 327 Oredson. C 364 Orlcy, N 406 Orr. W 397 Ort, M 256 Ortman, C 410 Ortmayer, W 276,289 Often, P 292,329,383 Orv, H 319 Osborn, G 241 Oscni, H 227.294 Osgood. D 276. 387 Oslund. C 3 84 Osney, K 408 Osten, D 377 Oster, C 381 Ostergaard, 1 240 Ostcrhoff, K 370 Ostcriag, J 380 Ooveh. L 390 Oswald, J 297, 357 Oswald, T 323 Oswald, V 383 Otjen, L 213, 322 Otiey, N 339 Ott, C 256 Ott, J 366 Oltery, S 341 Oltilie, B 405 Otto, A 405 Otto, S 295 Otto, T 245 Ouellette, C 398 Overholt, N 363 Overson, D 295 Owen, A 276 Owen, J 322, 363 Owen, M 207 Owen, P 418 Owen, T 241 Owens, C 408 Owens, D 211 Owens, G 418 Owens, L 298,336,370 Owens. M 315, 382 Oyama, J 368 P Paar, R 84, 302, 307 Paasch, K 340 Pacetti, G 390 Pacey, G 379 Pacey, S 241,248 Paddock, B 241.275,320 Paddock. P 208 Padrobsky, N 329 Paepke, J 256,394 Page, C 292 Page, S 295, 315 Pagel, W 397 Paige, L 413 Pairan, J 281, 377 Palaitis, R 363 Palash, N 295.389 Palcer, R 353 Palecek. P 369 Palcth, M 339 Paliwoda. C 379 Palmer, G 216 Palmer. J 369,409 Palmer. P 370 Pamperin, T 279, 356 Pancitq, D 291, 391 Panileh, N 404 Pansch, J 397 Pantcr, R 279, 348 Papierniak, B 385 Papkc. J 333 Pappadis, F 411 Parejko, K 410 Parcntice. M 342 Pari. L 326 Parins. C 365 Parisi, J 227 Pariza. M 297, 355 Park, P. . . .266, 267. 268, 276 Parker. A 277 Parker. E 292 Parkinson, W 228 Parks, T 377 Parmet. L 418 Parroni, A 333 Parson, B 411 Paska, J 365 Pasch, F. 412 Paska, R 344 Pasqualucci. C 374 Passcn, P 413 Palchctt, W 279, 331 Patel, R 289 Patterson, B 307 Patterson, D 392 Patterson, R 400 Pation. L 33(1 Patlon, N 406 Paul. R 297. 325 Paul, S 296.299 Paulos. J 3911 Pauls, S 298, 334 Paulsen, D 386 Paulsen. F 213 Paulsen. M 206.213,321 Paulsen, R 399 Paulson, C 419 Paulson, G 382 Paulson, J 383 Paulson. 1 341 Paulson, M 209,247,249 Paulus, M 230 Pauly, G 327.320 Pautsch. M 397 Pavlat. M 363 Pavlick, J 370, 393 Pawloski, T 397 Pavne, V 365 Pcabody. N 277 Pearl. J 414 Pearson, B 413 Pearson, D 351 Pearson, L 384 Pearson, S 394 Peavy. R 317 Peck, A 281, 371 Peck, J 320 Peck, S 395 Peckarsky, J 318,413 Pccor, J 335 Pederson, T 339 Pielk, J 366 Pelner, R 400 Pelton, M 368.370 Pelton, M 276 Pelton, R 373 Penwarden, J 351 Pera, L 329 Perina, A 325 Perkins, G 373 Perkins, K 277 Perlman, C 319 Perlman, H 405 Perlman, J 377 Perlow, J 348 Perlson, L 348 Pernat, D 307 PerofT, N 376 Perronne, B 333 Perry, D 251 Perry, H 226 Perry, L 333 Perry, M 363, 394 Persells, K. 250, 338, 368, 369 Persson, J 365 Pertain. T 337 Peshek, P. 241,242.243,390 Pessin. M 319 Petak, B 364 Peterchak, J 297 Pelerman, L 227 Peterman. M 285,396 Peters. C 347,411 Peters. J 296. 399 Peters, L 337 Peters, M 326 Peters, W 377 Peters, W 331 Petersen, D 324 Petersen. 1 241 Petersen, K 257, 365 Petersen, S 370 Petersen, T 343, 388 Petersen, V 394 Petersen, W 297. 316 Peterson, A 391 Peterson, B 305,307,399 Peterson. C 347, 404 Peterson, D. ...225,226. 228, 241,295, 307, 373, 391 Peterson, G 216.305,398 Peterson, 1 246 Peterson, J 224,226,227, 241, 260, 363, 399. 415 Peterson, K 358,416 Peterson, L 328 Peterson, M 387, 394 Peterson, M. ...256.329,416 Peterson, 228. 231 Peterson, P 391, 401 Peterson. R. ...212,226,227. 241,247, 373, 383, 396 Peterson, S 248. 260 Peterson, T 299,391,401 Peterson, W 371 Pelranek, D 388 Petrick, G 372 Pett, P 212 Petterson, T 280.401 Pettibone, C 283, 399 Pettinger, J 390 Petzel, M 410 Pezrow. M 417 Pfeifer. B 251 PfeitTer, H 324 Pfeil. D 364 Pfister, S 376, 365 Pfisier, J 326 Pfister, M 376 I ' tUter S 326,364 I ' lluger. C 268 Pfohl. H 251 I ' fund. 1 364 Phelan, S 370 Phelps. P 347.411 I ' hitnister, R 351 Phillips, Ci 413 Phillips, J 206, 335, 378 Phillips. K 324 Phinney, 1 324. 365 Phislcr, A 328 Pick, P 363 Pick, R 380 Pickens. R 302.337 Picotle, P 368,369 Pier. C .398 Pier, J 383 Pierce, C 331 Pierce, M 319 Pierce. S 338 Piernot, R 410 Pierpont, W 381 Pielers, R 366 Pietila, C 289 Piclrowsko. P 379 Pike, G 397 Pilch, 241,296 Pillath, R 302.307 Pincus, L 318 Piraino, A 302 Pischke, 383 Pitch, A 412 Pitkin, G 249 Pitsch. D 358 Pitt, J 267, 384 Pitts, J 260 Piizer, S 368 Pitzner. S 217 Plant. K 409 Plant, T 378 Plantico, K 369 Plappert, N 384 Plater, S 342 Platten, P 339 Plattis, S 298, 366 Plautz, J 216 Plautz. J 323 Plecas, P 407 Plenge, R. 241,256,291,384 Plenke, S 364 Plimpton, M 241 Piiszka, J 384 Plitt, B 383 Ploetz, P 363 Pious, A 404 Plunkett, D 418 Plunkett, D 416 Podner, R 342 Podolske, R 296,317 Poehlman, L 393 Poetz, J 334 Pohl, R 267, 391 Pohlman, A 211 Pohle, E 256, 322 Pohle, V 241 Polcyn, J 289, 299 Polich, J 395 Pollard, J 216,415 Pollard, R 408 Pollay, B 404 Pollnow, J 331 Pollock, E 256 Pollock, N 318,411 Pollock, R 241 Pollock, W 373 Polster, B 345 Pomeroy, J 291, 299 Pomeroy, N 404 Pomplun, S. ...249,295.416 Poncini, A 218 Pongratz, M 385 Pool. B 322,385 Popanz, E 374 Pope, B 410 Popkin. B 279, 345 Popin, L 248 Popowski, D 370 Poppe. E 275, 364 Popuch, M 373 Porte, R 305.345.373 Porter, B 358 Porter, J 365 Porter, M 382 Porter, P 241, 320, 382 Porter, R 241 Porter, S. ..292,316,368,370 Porter. VV 230 PortnofT, M 404 Portwit, E 225,226,241 Posekany, R 261 Postcl, R 387 Potter. K 260, 326 Powell, B 413 Powell, R 307 Powell. S 370 Pownall, S 216 Powrie, P. .241,253,279,339 Pradt. M 406 Pranica, A 227 Prastka, S 338 Pratsch, L 291 Pratt. D 217.218 Pratt, M 241 Pralt, P 336.411 Pratt. R 373 Prehn. V 299 Prentiss. P 366 Press, P 241,250 Preston, P 256 Pribble, E 357 Pribble, G 387 Pribnow, J 401 Price. M 298 Price, M 388 Price, P 364,413 Price, S 335 Price. T 379 Pride. D 307 Pride. R 296 Priepke, F 321 Pries, R 373 Prigod, S 405 Prijic, A 374 Prill, D 208 Prince, J 409 Priskc, T 209 Pristelski. J 341 Prilchard, G 241,299 Provasco, P 289 Probasco, S 289, 368 Prochaska, T 380 Proctor, E 210,416 Proctor, V 290 Proeber. J 388 Prohaska, J 387 Prover, J 260 Prowler. S 406 Pruederly, S 373 Pryse, D 217 Ptacek. E 388 Pugh, R 272, 322 Pullen, J 340 Pulley, J 351 Pulokas, P 209,400 Puis, S 256 Purchalzke, G 241 Purdy. M 374 Purnell, J 302 Pusch, M 347 Putnam. G 296 Putnam, P 322 Putterman, S 241,272, 273,318 Putz, G 354 Putz, J 354 Quarles, M 411 Quarles, S 411 Ouerry, L 368,370 Quick, J 347,370 Quintenz, D 378 Quintenz, K 325 Quirk, J 289 Quirk, L 337 Quirk, M 224,227,267 Quisling, A 257,347,406 Quisling, R 297,333 Quist, G 371 Quade, R 296,299 Quaerna, A 302 Quail, P 251 Quale, K 406 Qualley, Gary 358 Quam, R 416 Quam, S 369 R Rabas. E ....324,374 Rabinkoff, C. . . 337 276 Rademacher, C, ....207,241 Rademacher, R. 390 Radford. T 339 Radke, J ,...298,395 Radloff, D 241,401 Radloff, J .,,.260,261 RadlolT, S 374 256 Radloff, P 216 Radosevich, W. 400 Radtke, M 392 Radutzkv, E. . . 352 Raelher, R 380 Raeuber, B. ... 329 Rafalow, D. ... 404 Ragatz, F 304 358 Ragus, J 340 Ragus, T 340 Rahko, R 289 Railton, J 389 Rakocy. J 390 Rami, M 418 Ramsden, L, ... .391 Ramsden, R. . . ....213,299 Ramsey. J 372 Ramsey. R . . . .266, 268 330 Ranchino. J. . . . 281 Rand. G 387 Rand L . . , , 369 Rang, C 241 Rank, S 338 297 Ranncv, J 393 Ransom. R 212 Ranthum, R, . . . 210 Rarick, T 297 Rasch, G 228 Rasch, I ....212,390 Rash D ... 376 348 Rashkow, B. . . . 319 Rasmusen. J. . . 241 Rasmussen, B, . 296 Rasmussen, D. . 410 Rasmussen, H, . 397 Rasmussen, J. . 299, 381 Rasmussen. K. . 364 Rasmussen. P. , 386 Rasmussen, S. , ....363.394 RatclilTe. R. ... .342 Rateike. A ....320,369 Rath M 355 Rather. K .355 384 Ratlmann. G. . . 375 Rattmann. J. . . .375 Rattray. A 337 Ratzburg, M. . , 207 Raun. T ....329,414 Rauschenbcrger, 1 391 Rauwerda, J, .. .365 Ravid, P 216 Ray, J ,...241,274 Ray. M 347 Ray, R 356 Rav, T 356 Ray V 384 Ravmcr, S 388 Ri-a M 241 Read, R ,,,.328.414 Reamer, N 329,412 Reasa, B 253 Revholz. J 393 Reck, B 37U Reddeman, D 364 Reddin, J 392 Reddin. P 391 Reder, M 348 Redfiend, J 363 Redway, J 414 Reed, J 390 Reed, K 414 Reed, R 307 Reed, T 381 Reed, W 297,304 Reetz, S 241,257,275 Reeves. A 277, 406 Reeves. L 330 Regez, B 347 Rehahn, P 382 Rehberg. T 231 Reich, A 374 Reich, D 344 Reich, G 403 Reich, R 397,412 Reichard. D 251 Reichardt, E 212,267 Reichardt. F 86.302.308 Reichardt, K 217.277 Reichenbach. C 412 Reicher. M 318 Reichert, A 363 Reichert. T 217 Reid, A 352 Reid. D 289 Reid. F 229 Reid. R 376 Reierson. M 241. 256 Reimer. D 276 Reimer. F 219 Reimer. R 256, 341 Rein, R 413 Reiner, D 309 Reiner, P 345 Reinert. S 375 Reinhold. K 370 Reinholz. J 386 Reinkall. M 253,418 Reinke. F 378 Reinken. D 388 Reirson. A 370 Reis, W 376 Reiss, C 331 Reiter, T 387 Reiter, B 376 Renter. M 418 Reitman. K 319 Reksten. J 229 Religa. M 329 Remmele. K 414 Renard. R 391 Renk, D 370 Rennebohm. J 375 Rennie. L 347 Rennicke, C 372 Renninger. B 416 Reno, B 384 Reno, L 383 Rensink, K 397 Rensink. M 241. 391 Rentmeester. G 368 Repine. J 335 Repp. J 229 Repp. L 257. 395 Resheske, M 389 Ress. R 401 Restagno. J 322,41] Rettert. W 373 Rettke. W 394 Rettmann. J 390 Retzlaff. S 404 Reuwee. M 324 Reynolds, A 368 Reynolds. G 400 Reynolds. J 380 Reynolds. R 390 Rezin. K 276. 365 Reznichek. R 358 Rhiel. T 299 Rhien, R 352 Rhoades. J 395 Rhode, J 320 Rhode. P 414. 330 Rhodes. C 397 Rhodes. J 410 Rhutasel. D 390 Ricart. J 226. 241 Rice. E 390 Rice. G 399 Rice. J 386 Rice. M 395 Rice. N 415 Rice. T 387 Rich. S 3 53 Richards, E 283. 376. 396 Richards. H 339 Richards. M 366 Richards. R 394 Richardson. W. .296,297,299 Richgels, M 280, 324 Richlau, M 211 Richter, A 208 Richter. H 242 Richter. P 308 Richter. R 256,289,387 Rick. C 399 Ricker, S 369 Ricker. W 386 Ridcout. L 309 Riedemann, D 381 Riegel, S 363 Riegler, G 297,299 Riek, J 225,228 Riclh, S 283, 379 R.fken, H 372 Rifken. M 358 Riggert. H 391 Riley, M 241,257,416 Rilcv, T 399 Rimel, R 382 Rinchardt, G 390 Rinelli, M 298, 324, 396 Ring, J 335 Ringbakk. C 252 Ringe. T 380 Riordan, A 299 Riordan, J 378 Ripley, S 376 Rippe, L 397 Riskin, L 241 Risley, R 208,229 Ritter, J 329, 394 Ritter S 257, 336 Rittschof, N 326 Ritzenthaler, J 322 Ritzman, E 358 Rivkin, D 240 Roach. G 374 Roal. D 218 Roan. B 410 Robb, D 276 Robbins. M 334 Robbins. P 354 Robbins. S 256 Roberton. M. ..241,246.293 Roberts. D. ..93.95,303,358 Roberts, E 374 Roberts, H 364,407 Roberts, J 257, 299, 370 Roberts, K 375 Roberts, L 324 Roberts, N 383 Roberts, R 358 Robertson. B 349 Robertson. J 326 Robev. T 335 Robichck, J 388 Robinson, D 299 Rovinson. F 352.413 Robinson. J 299, 373 Robinson. K 373 Robinson. R 332 Robisch. W 268 Robison. J 382 Robison. M 292 Rodenberg. J 227 Rodenkirch. N 229 Rodewald. M 365 Rodin, L 241 Rodkiewicz, J 283,380 Rodman, S 251 Roebke, D 252 Roed. P 368 Roemer, J 225,299,397 Roeming. B 409 Roesler, T 342 Roesser. M 394 Roethe. A 351 Roethe. J 241,391 Roethlisberger, F 98.305 Roets. N 393 Rogers. L. 241.248.315.415 Rogers. P 387 Rogers, R 386, 397 Rogowske, S 413 Rohda. R 241, 317 Rohde. B 218 Rohde. W 392 Rohleder. S 418 Rohrstaff. 399 Rohwer. R 376 Roll. L 324,373 RoUefson, B 370 Romano, C 411 Romano, L 411 Romary. J 308 Rommelfanger, R 381 Roncke. J 364 Rooney. E 369 Rooney. M 364 Roop, S 272,347,366 Root. D 296 Rootberg. M 319 Rorick. E 409 Rose. A 339 Rose. B 413 Rose. D 358.404 Rose. H 386 Rose. T 292.413 Rosecky. R 386 Rosemann. G 369 Rosemurgy. J 358 Rosen. N 413 Rosen. P 408 Rosen. S 408 Rosen. W 298 Rosenau, J. 209.241,299,332 Rosenbaum, J 241,246. 280. 336, 366 Rosenberg. G 289 Rosenberg. J 405. 416 Rosenberg. R 412 Rosenberg. S 404 Rosenberry. M 248 Rosenherry. P 278.409 Rosenfeld. F 352 Rosenfield. R. ..241.279.243. 266. 348 Rosenow. D. ...260.347.416 Rosenow, F 212, 407 Rosenow. J 371 Roscnstein, M 241 Rosenthal, M 390 Rosenthal. R 299. 392 Rosenthal. S 352 Ross. B 358.416 Ross. L 412 Ross, M 418 Ross, N 319 Ross, S 365 Rossiter, J 365 Rossiter, 281 Rost, F 241 Roth, C 417 Roth, G 335, 358 Roth, M 336 Rothe, J -340 Rothermel. J 289 Rolhman. C 298. 370 Rowald. R 207.211,299 Rowan, B 336 Rowan, P 283,409 Rowe, A 399 Rowe, J 377 Rowe, R 212,299 Royston, S 315 Rozmiarek, J 390 Rubeck, J 383 Rubin, A 270,271 Rubin, J 252 Rubin, P 413 Rubin, R 413. 358 Rubinowitz. L 241. 309 Ruda. F 385 Rudd. D 227 Rudd. J 346 Ruderman. E 358 Rudneck. L 348 Rudolpu, D 343 Rudolp. K 256 Rudolph. R 368.369 Rudzinski. M 384 Rudzinski. R 299,380 Ruedebusch. C 333.391 Ruef . L 394 Ruef. R. ... Ruege, G 257 Ruesch. S 314 Ruffe. K 248 Ruff. P 409 Ruffolo. J 390 Ruggles. S 415 Rugotska. D 399 Ruhland. J 373 Ruhr. J 369 Rule. M 276 RulifTson. D 317 Rumsev. K 370 Rundell. J 338 Rundell. M 364 Runke. P 397 Runkel. M 376 Runkel. P 283. 382 Runyan, G 243 Runzheimer. L 216,241 Rupp, M 409 Ruppel, J 306,409 Ruppel, R 392 Rupright, A 371 Rusch, C 347 Rusch, D 306,389 Rusch, R 302,369 Rusch, T 398 Rusch, W 378 Russe, R 304 Russell, D 307 Russell, J 406 Russell, P 336,411 Russler, D 363 Russo, A 368 Russo. J 304 Rust. J 338 Ruston. D 283, 391, 397 Rutenber, J 229 Ruth, C 296 Rutherford, J 299 Rutkowski, D 256 Rutkowski, S 383 Ruttenberg, R 319 Rutschow. M 289 Rux. P 295 Ruzecki. E 298 Ruzic. B 218,241 Ryan, F 292,325 Ryan, G 337 Rvan, K 250 Rvan, P 219 Ryba, C 378 Ryerson, P 401 Rylander, D 228 Rvlander. M 322 Rynes, J 391 S Sabatkc. S 365 Sabraw, M 356,390 Sachen. M 302 Sacher. S 348 Sachs. J 368 Sacia. R 292. 371 Sackerson. J 307. 340 Saecker, J 299, 363 Saeger, T 392 Safer. E 404 Sagalovitch. Y 348 Sager. B 418 Sahr. J 373 Saichek, S 253.413 Said, Y 294 Sailor. T 299 St. Onge, J 230 Sakano, T 251 Sakin, J 352 Saks. P 382 Salako. A 294, 392 Salem, F 216 Salenieks, L 416 Salim, M 216 Salinger, C 319 Salins, J 250, 366 Sallas, A 404 Salm, N 321 Salomon, S 345 Salov, J 414 Salter, F 240 Saltzstein, K 406 Salz E 404 Salzmaii, C. ' ' 246, ' 278 ' , ' 280, 318 Salzman, J 375 Salzman, S 241 Sampe, D 241 Sampe. F 365 Sanders, D 390 Sanders, N 401 Sanderson, S 407 Sanfelippo, C 335 Sanford, J 358 Sang, A 400 Sanger, K 260 Sanner, S 365 Sanville, K 257,369 Saper, J .348 Saphir, W 381 Sapora, J 299 Sappenfield, K 250.337 Sargent. K .383 Sarig. S. . . .295, 296, 336, 365 Sarota, S 280 Sartz, D 337, 368 Sass, M 365 Sass, P 392 Sather, G 355, 371 Sather, N 333 Sauer. L 277 Saunders. S 336 Saur. E 335 Savage. D 337 Savidusky, M 343 Sawczuk. B 324.395 Saxon. S 337 Scafe, J 399 Scarnecchia, S 339 Schaaf, J 218 Schadeberg, D 297 Schadeberg, K 396 Schaef, L 339 Schaefer, C 346 Schaefer, G 227,411 Schaefer, J 252,317 Schaefer, K 390 Schaefer, M 333 Schaefer, R. 225, 226, 227, 382 Schaefer, S 382 Schaeffer, S 404 Schaetz, D 230 Schaeve, E 257,299 Schafer, J 388 Schafer, M 372 Schaffer, E 252 Schaffer. S 382 Schaeffer. T 297 Schall. D 230 Schamber. G 386 Schambs, J 228 Schanen. M 366 Scharp. J 229.382 Scharpf, G 225.401 Scharpf. K 227 Schauder. K 256 Schechter. J 413 Scheele. B 340 Scheele, C 374 Scheele, S 296 Scheer, A 225, 299 Scheer, C 385 Schefron, S 413 Scheid, S 363 Scheider, C 217. 380 Scheider, D 217 Scheir. L 365 Scheller, G 366 Scheller. K 385 Schcllin. S 226 Schelly. J 394 Scherbel. B 336. 364 Scherf. D 299 Scherkenbach. G 327 Scheuenmann. B 375 Scheimemann. L 375 Scheunemann. N 364 Schcutze. B 296 Schiffmacher. T 381 Schilf. B 365 Schilke. B 390 Schilling. J 347 Schilling. R 225. 226 Schilz. C 240 Schiner. A 352 Schindler. N 409 Schink. J 418 Schink, R 226,241 Schipper. S 256. 364 Schlatter. C 382 Schlatter. J 380 Schlcife. J 390 Schlcnk. M 240. 241 Schlcv. N 333 Schlicht, R 310 Schlimgen, L 344 Schlinz, S 344 Schlinz, S 394 Schlozman, R 318,404 Schlueter, A 257 Schlueter, S 384 Schlussel, S 358 Schmalfeldt, T 379 Schmalz, L 379 Schmid. M 375 Schmidlkofer. M 303 Schmidt. B 363 Schmidt, C 231 Schmidt, G 206, 243 Schmidt, H 267 Schmidt. J 295. 296, 299, 324, 365, 385,416 Schmidt, K 256 Schmidt, L 277, 387, 392 Schmidt. M 241, 325, 336, 364,415 Schmidt, P 355 Schmidt, R 324 Schmidt, S 320, 375, 383 Schmidt, T 351 Schmidt, W 351 SchmiU, K 250.252 Schmit, H 250,323 Schmitt, S 415 Schmitz, A 401 Schmitz, J 399 Schmitz, R 211 Schmoock, J 393 Schmutzler, P 343 Schnarsky, D 351 Schneiberg, D 385 Schneider, C 241 Schneider, B 326 Schneider. J 396 Schneider, M 387,413 Schneider, R. ..289,299,388, 392 Schneider. S. ..248.345,385, 408 Schneider, T 323 Schneiderman, D 318 Schneidewind. B 399 Schnellen. L 378 Schnur. M 341 Schoeck. S 404 Schoen. G 209,332 Schoenedk. T 386 Schoenecker. P 328 Schoenfeld. J 398 Schoenfeld. S 266 Schoenick. J 364 Schoenick. T 346 Schoening. J 355 Schoenke. R 341 Schoewe. C 336 Schoessling. A 329 Schofield. D 371 Schomberg. W 207 Schonath. G 325 Schonfeld. J 391 Schooff. M 363 Schoville. D 267 Schowalter. E 241 Scholwalter. T 217 Schrader, J 256 Schrank. C 328 Schraufnagel. M 278,410 Schreiner, E 326 Schriber, A 358 Schroeder. C 368 Schroeder. G 290 Schroeder. J. . . .256. 276, 387 Schroeder. R 216 Schroeder. S 370.401 Schrolder. W 391 Schroth. B 419 Schubert. C 219 Schueffner. B 227.303 Schueffner. D 391 Schueller. S 366 Schuemann. J 386 Schuett. E 403 Schuette. D 217 Schuette. K 366 Schuetter, D 389 Schuettpelz. D 389 Schuetze. B 298,363 Schuh. R 219 Schuler, J 347 Schuler, R 207, 321 Schuller, J 279 Schulslaper. R 345 Schultheis, J 229, 349 Schultz, B 393 Schultz, C 212 Schultz, D. .303.346.381,393 Schultz. H 283,376 Schultz, L 308 Schultz, P 256,412 Schultz, R 390 Schultz, S 299, 329 Schultz, W 361 Schulz, B 406 Schuiz, G 380 Schulz, R 393 Schulze. W 415 Schumacher, J 384 Schuman. C 347,406 Schumann. J 343 Schumann. M 267 Schumpert, R 289 Schunck. R 398 Schurch. J 206,207,248. 250, 364 Schuring, D 308 Schuster, S 321 Schuster, T 257 Schutz. L 413 Schwaab. R 328 Schwabel. G 316 Schwalm. T 391 Schwark. A 387 Schwarle, M 329 Schwartz. B 345 Schwartz. C 384 Schwartz. H 404 Schwartz. J 318,319,364 413 Schwartz. L 372 Schwartz, R 388 Schwartz. S 358 Schwarz, B 297 SchwarzhofT. J 407 Schwaubeck. N 256 Schwebke. R 241 Schwecr. B 298. 382 Schweigcr. J 386 Schweitzer, D 241 Schweizer, T 391 Schwcnper, A 291 Schwennesen, J 347,418 Schwer, R 251 Schwerif eger. R 390 Schwimmcr, D 378 Scoll, P 377 Scorgie. J 211 Scott. B 276 Scott. F 299 Scott. S 375 Scribner. J 240 Scull. S 358 Scully, G 414 Scurlock, S 370 Seale, P 250,383 Sears, J 386 Sebastian, L 398 Seborg. D 354 Sebranek. L 291 Sebsow, H 241 Seckar, J 384 Secrist, B 418 Sedgwick. J 336 Eedgwick. M 336 Scdillo. R 325 Seegal. J 409 Seehafer. D 317 Seelig. B 325 Seeliger. S 213 Seessel, L 318.408 Sefert. J 215 Segal. G 249 Segal. S 249. 399 Seguin. B 392 Seibcrlich. D 307 Seidita, B 363 Seidler. G 210, 395 Seidl. D 226. 371 Seidman. S 388 Seiferl. A 306 Seifert. D 251 Seifert. P 266 Seigal. B 384 Seigel. S 408 Sciler. K 382 Seller. M 241 Seller. M 295 Selscr. R 389 Selenfriend. S 319 Sclenfriend. W 274.412 Scligman. E 414 Sellgman. R 345 Selkurt. 1 377 Sellers. S 248 Sellhorn. K 419 Scmo. B 294 Scngpicl. G 365 Sengstock. J 331 Senner. G 240. 241 Senzig. L 382 Sergeant. G 241. 251 Scrota. S 241,248. 339 Scsing. P 226 Sellenda. A 294 Setxrt. P 388 Severance. J 216 Sevcrson. B 382 Shafer. R 268. 391 Shaflcr. G 241 Shagam. J 240 Shapass, C 329.383 Shambeau. S 364 Shand. S 296 Shane. P 347 Shapiro. E 408 Shapiro. H 410 Shapiro. J 339 Shapiro. L 348 Shapiro, P 404 Shapiro. R 382 Shapiro. S 352 Shark. J 411 Sharp. C 326 Sharpc. A 352 Sharpe. D 393 Sharpe. J 315 Sharpcc, R 396 Sharpcc. W 396 Sharrali. T 206.268 Shalan. M 417 Shaw, B 333 Shaw, L 352 Shaw, R 386 Shaw, S 324, 363 Shawcr, M 294 ShcalTer, S 337 Shcahan. J 260, 261 Shcalv. M 241 Shealy. P 279. 341 Sheard. T 386 Sheehan. M 226. 241 Sheerar. C 354 Shell. T 308 Shekore. F 389 Sheldon. B 382 Sheldon. R 241 Sheller. V 298 Shelton. J 338.414 Shepherd. K 299. 388 Sher, J 319 Sheridan. S 253. 322 Sherman. B .347 Sherman, C. ...216,348,406. 408, 409, 478 Sherman. J 224.226.227 Sherman. K 404 Sherman. N 253 Sherman. S 329 Shrrnoflf. M 412 Shervey. P 315 Sherwin. R 248, .300 Sherwood. D .191 Shiffman. J 365 Shipman. E 250, 320. .374 Shircy. R 347 Shcrrifl. M 411 Shockley. W 378 Shoen. S 358 Short. D 351 Short. M 320 Shorlino. D 297 Showers. H 253 Shier. M 385 Shrank, L 389 Shrimpf, B 375 Shubat. M 372 Shubkin. R 251 Shukla. N 294 Shuler. A 406 Shulman. N 250 Shulof. E 408 Shuman, M 392 Shupita. H 389 Shurts. M 338,395 Shushan, M 318,419 Sidell. K 334 Sidon, N 318 Siebel, K 242 Siedschlag. P 366 Sicgel. R 211 Siegel. S 241,365,4t)4 Siegmann. J 376 Siegrist. D 296.299 Sleker. J 250. 373 Siemers. C 299 Siettmann. N 299 Sigal. M 241.245 Sigal. R 404 Sigante. M 368 Siggelkow. L 299 Sigger. C 334 Sigman. B 345 SIker, J 382 Sikes. J 289,382 Silberberg. N 413 Silberg. R 376 Silbcrman. D 392 Silberman. L 413 Silberman. R 409 Silicane, H 388 Sils. S 380 Silver. C 318 Silverman, B 408 Silverman, C 352 Silverman. D 249.412 Silverman. L 295 Silverman, R 352 Silvestri. C 302 Simmon. G 217 Simmons. M 414 Simmons. S 372 Simon. A 401 Simon. B 251.256.403 Simon, 1 409 Simon, M ,348 Simon. W 381 Simt nsen. N 241 Simonson. R 328 SImpkins. N 414 Simpson. B 326 Simpson. R 375 Sinaiko, S 413 Siner. J .392 Singer. L 279,358 Singer, M 404 Singh, 1 294 Sinn, S 339 Sinow, J 295. 345 Sinkykin, D 264. 266 Sipe, H 251 Sippcl, R 212, 386 Sippic, A 298, 336,407 Siref. J 4118 Sisbower. E 409 Sisson, M 364 Sisson, S 322 Sjorgrcn, R 335 Skarsten, J 291.376, 391 Skecis, C 289 Skibba, C 317 Skolnick, J 372 Skuldl. K 418 Skvorc. C 366 Skylcs. A 419 Slaby. R 372 Slapikcs. J 296 Slater, J .306, 355 Sledger, R 358 Slesinger, J 413 Slesinger, S 412 Slipyan, P 414 Sloan, M 241,248 Sloan. W 328 Sloane. C 347 Sloves. S 408 Smail. P 257 Small. S 276 Small. B 358 Small. S 333 Smallman. J 257 Smart. E 376 Smedstad. M 326 Smerling, M 358 Smestad, C 416 Smiles, S 322 Smiley, G 406 Smith, A 206, 304 Smith, B 82, 395,413 Smith, C 253 Smith, D. . .283, 320, 337, 379 Smith, F 256 Smith, J 257, .366, 374 Smith, K 357,394,411 Smith, L 328,413 Smith, M. ..347,348,382,413 Smith, N 343.410 Smith. P 413 Smith. R. ...86,89.211.252. 266, 297, 302, 307. 337 Smith. T 331. 390 Smith. W. . .299, 302, 373. 381 Smits. M 324 Smoler. J. 208 Smoller. J 210.212.407 Smrz. S 382 Smuckler. R 377 Sneider. J 348 Snippen, M 384 Snow, E 413 Snow, K 292. 347 Sobota. S 243. 283 Sodhani. V 227 Sohlberg, D 279. 343 Sokol. S 306. 356 Solem. R 396 Solie. C 329 Soil. L 358 Solochek. S 241 Solomon. K 352.408 Solomon. N 409 Solomon. S 374 .Soltis. L 226 Soltis. S 320. 366 Soltteim. S 213 Solveson. G 264 Soman. C 347 Somers. J 396 Somerville. S 328 Sommer. P 368 Sommerer. D 329 Sommerfield, E 326 Sommerfield, P 325,401 Somodi. C 336 Sones. M 411 Sonnad. M 212 Sonncdecker, S 260 Sonnenberg, M 379 Sonensen, L 277 Sorenson, D 297 Sorenson. G 327 Sorenson. J 240 Sorkin. A 319 Sorrenlino. R 279. 354 Soss. L 352.413 Soukup. T 388 Soule. J 295. 347 •Soulhworth. J 206 Spain. J 315 Spanagel, S 365 Spangler. M 297,299 Sparks, S 256 Sparr, A 327 Spalhelf. E 296 Spatz. D 317 Spaulding. C 383 Speakman. P 340 Spear. S 320 Specht. C 216. 341 Spector. M 318. 371.406 Spector. S 337 Speer. J 351 Speer. K 322 Spellman. T 400 Spencer, J 317 Spelh, T 387 Spicer, D 299 Spiccr. S 276 Spiegel. J 318 Spiegelberg. D 401 SpiLTling. M 292 Spillner. J 368 Spindler. B 256 Spindler. P 413 Spil er. J 399 Splclter. L 376 Spoerle. F 391 Spooner, A 242 Spooner. M 338.411 Sprague. M 336 Sprague. W 241 Sprain. M 418 Speitzer. J 413 Spring. C 369 Spring, E 241.329, 392 Slack, R 358 Slahl, B 290 Stahl, 1 374 Stahl, K 389 Stair, D 267, 268 Staller, B 208, 321 Stamm, E 275,278 Siampen. R 411 Stamper. R 398 Standorf. 1 299. 384 Standridgc, P 295,370 Stanley. P 404 Stanley. R 213 Stanley. S 334 Slanniforth, J 207,341 Slansberry, C 357 Stanton. S 256 Slarck. R 378 Stark. D 332 Stark. R 211 Starr. J 371 Starritt. D 264 Slathas, J 292 Statkus, A 339 Statz. T 213 Staveness. A 382 Staveness. C 377 Stavio, J 399 Steadman. M 369 Stechmcsser, G 375 Stechow, N 375 Steele, G 365, 392 Steele, J 391 Steele, N 364 Sicen, G 298 Sleenson. M 391 StcfTen. G 374 StefTen. K 386 Sleffenhagen. J 392 Slcffes. F 227 Steffin. W 391 Stcfl. A 340 Stegcman, P 257 Siegman. J 372 Stehling. F 392 Stehr, R 349 Steidl, N 382 Steidl, S 373 Sleidtman, G 227 Stcigerwald. A 241 Stein. C 340 Stein. H 377 Stein. J 241.413 Stein, M 389,413 Slein. N 366 Stein. P 266. 344 Stein. R 213 Slein. S 329. 3.34.406 Steinberg. E 413 Stcindorf. B 218. 338 Steindorf. R 388 Steiner. E 332 Steiner. 1 206 Steiner. S 413 Steinhclper. R 393 Stcinhoff. K 295 Steinman. J 328 Steitz, J 366 Steitz, P 391 Stella, E 363 Stelling, R 354 Stelter, R 247,383 Stclzig. E 416 Slemper, P 363 Stempfl. J 374 Stcneman. R 392 Stcnzel. R 375 Sten el. W 241 SlL-paniak. F 3.54 Stephenson. C 364 Stephenson. E 393 Stephenson, R 299. 353 Sterling. C 243 Stern. M 348.401 Stern, S 412.413 Stern. T 319 Stcrnfield. J 307 Sterrer. N 373 Stettler. R 209 Sleuernagel. R 378 Stevens, G 334 Stevens. K 369 Stevens. R 299 Stevens. S 326 Stevenson. C .375 Stevenson. G 267. 347 Stevenson. R 391 Stewart. G 219 Stewart. K 355 Stewart. M 365 Stewart. V 383 Stewart. W 317 Siichman. J 387 Slieh. F 260 Stiedemann, J 336, 370 Stifter, J 372 Stiles, P 225 Sliliman, H 395 Slimson, S 329 Siinebrink, A 324 Stinger. J 296.391 Stire. M 408 Slitgcn. n 250 Slivers. K 413 Slock. C 418 Stoddard. J 327, 393 Stoelling, E 354 Sloelling, P 387 Sioelting, R 357 Siohl, S 299 Siohlgrcn, L 388 Stoiber, J 290 Slokslad, A 394 Stolberg. M 366 Stolhand. K 382 Sloll. C 418 Sloller. D 296.415 Stolper. M 253 Stombaugh, L 403 Stone. B 418 Stone. D 352 Stone, E 358 Stone, J 374 Stone, R 397 Slopler, M 322 Storck. M 366 Storm. D 343.387 Storti. D 386 Story. E 412.413 Stouffer, J 306, 351 Stouggaard, S 368 Stovall. T 413 Slowe. K 241 Strand. D 331 Strand. M 308 Slrasser. P 382.419 Slralhearn. B 335 Stratman. S 249. 298. 375 Stratlon. F 385 Siraub. P 336 Strauss. B 419 Straz. C 400 Strcng, J 207. 324 Stresau. T 240 Streveler. G 240 Sirey. G 418 Strieker. M 364 Strieby. P 353 Siritzcl. M 383 Strobl. B 326 Strohn. R 336. 382 Stromberg. C 213 Strong. D 283.299. 397 Strong. M 277 Strouse. G 257, 370 Strubb. V 369 Struckmeyer, D 227 Struthers. J 329 Struve. G 299.390 Stubbe. R 228. 380 Stuckey. J 393 Stuckmann. R 321 Studley. L 336 Stucssv. M 249. 395 Stulgaitis. G 398 Stummer. J 335 Stupar. C 365 Suchoski. R 299. 341 Suckle. H 318 Sud. R 404 Sugar, J 389 Sugarman, R 274. 327 Suhr. J 323,369 Suhr, R 341 Suleiman, S 376 Sulkowski, E 281 Sulkowski, G 281, 371 Sullivan. B 317 Sullivan. C 395 Sullivan. J 357 Sullivan. N 347 Summers. C 289. 357 Sumnicht. B 368. 369 Sundene. S 329 Suring. L 338 Surmacz. N 364 Surprison. P 370. 399 Sussman. R 348 Sutherland. C 323 Sutker. C 352 Sutton. R 392 Suvdacker. B 349 Suzuki. R 379 Swain. N 375 Swan. J 326 Swan. 1 277 Swank. K 267. 354 Swanson. B 354 Swanson. D 299. 317 Swanson. L 336 .Swanson. P 392 Swanson, R 299 .Swanson. S 247 Swart. D 225.228 Swariz, L 348 Swartz, T 264 Swccd. S 365 Sweeney. D 386 Swecnev. R 400 Sweet. A 371 Sweet. M 365 Swenson. A 261 Swenson. J .373 Swenson. K 216 Swelil. C 317. 392 Swiggum. J 240 Swinhank. K 364 Swirin. B 211.404 Swisshelm. M 315 Switzcr. G 387 Svslack, J 331 Szabo, C 260. 370 Szalai, K 228, .399 Tabal. K 289 Tadevich. S 392 Taege. W 392 Taggarl. N 419 Tamayo. J 209 Tamminga, J 341,403 Tan. J 384 Tancill. K 250,279 Tangeman. S 337 Tann. J 322 Tanner, B 302 Tanner, F 341 Tanner. K 382 Tanns. B 390 Tarlowe. D 404 Tarney, S 413 Tarnow, A 348 Tarnow. S 384 Tarnow. T 318.413 Tarnutzcr. ! 241 Tash. E 345 Tasker. R 325 Tatum. B 246. 347 Taub, L 413 Taylor, C 225. 241, 368 Taylor. D 241.414 Taylor, H 351 Taylor, K 212 Taylor. L 247, 336. 338 Taylor. N 365 Taylor. P 315 Tavlor. S 368 Tech. L 400 Tent. R 289 Tejztmeyer. M 404 Teitel. R 412 Teitelhaum. D 418 Tell. L 352 Templeton. T 340 Templin. P 275. 369 Tennie. J 225.226.228 Tenpas. E 225.226 Tensman. S 408 Teple. D 382 Teplin, A 376 Tepper, R 363 Terlecke. M 399 Terrill. D 393 Terwilliger. E 363 Tcrwilliger. S 277. 336 Tesch. B 375 Tesch. C 369 Tesch, R 216 Teske. C 323, 374 Teske. J 296 Teske, T 302 Tesnow, W 356 Tessendorf. J 218 Tessmann. A 416 Tetik, C 246, 347 Tewinkel. K 383 Tews, R 391 Tevnor, L, . 392 Tacher, E 250 Tharman. P. ...225. 226.228, 241 Tharman. R 314 Thatcher. C 376 Thavcr. C 298 Theine. K 335 Theis. R 207 Thering. L 382 Them. M 393 Theurer. S 382 Theus. F 211 Thiede. G 378 Thiede. S 295 Thielen. A 356. 390 Thielke. A 385 Thielman. B 388 Thies. J 219 Thisius. W 228. 231 Thoma. P 226.241 Thomas. B 354.407 Thomas. C 280.296. 334 Thomas. H 397 Thomas. J 372. 392 Thomas, L 380 Thomas, M 229, 395 Thomas, R 399 Thomas, W 378 Thompson. D 276. 392 Thompson. H 216. 241 Thompson, J. ..279,337,338, .341,418 Thompson, L 377 Thompson. M. . .248. 256. 257. 329. 336. 347. 364. 394 Thompson. P 395 Thompson. S 365 Thompson. W 378 Thomson. B 210. 394 Thomson. C 317 Thomson. S 241, 339 Thorcson, P 297 Thormann, M 414 Thorndike, S 374 Thornquist, S 365 Thornton, R 283,401 Thorson. J 2 64 Thorton. J 289 Thorstensen. L 395 Thoss. T 371 Thresher. J 381 Thresher. S 394 Thronson. D 248 Thrun. R 413 Thulin. K 366 Thuma. L 364 Thurow, J 386 Thurow, M 366 Tibbitts. C 369 Ticknor. K 403 Ticko, D 375 Tielens. G 392 Tierney. S 411 Tilly. B 347 Tilly. D 283,296 Timm. L 335 Timm. M 338 Timmer, D 417 Timmons, C 405 Tjoflat, M 339 Torbert. L 308 Tobin, C 338 Tobin, P 320 Tobis. S 241 Todd. F 264 Todhunter, T 240 Toehe. D 401 Toebe. M 253 Toepfer. K 295 Toerandsen, C 377 Toft, N 369 Tolversen, H 241, 329 Tomaszewski, J 297,391 Tomlinson, T 211 Tondryk, J 414 Tonjes, A 247,277, 336 Tonn, J 389 Topalian, H 292, 388 Topf, N 241 Topp, A 333 Toppel, R 418 Topping. J 216.295. 375 Torin. M 298, 417 Torke. J 241 Touhey. J 343 Towers. R 216.264. 323 Towsley. M 277 Traastad. D. ...208,212.407 Tracy. J 393 Traeder. T 207 Train. F 405 Traisman. B 364 Trapp. D 379 Trapp. G 212 Trapp. P 387 Traum. S 418 Traill. K 365 Traver. J. .241.247.280,336 Traverse. B 358 Travis. C 317 Traxel. R 379 Travser. A 213 Trebotich. L 256 Treece. M 368 Treen. E 363 Treibcr. B 324 Tresh. P 213 Tribbey. P 370 Triehel. B 260 Triggs. T 224.227, 344 Trinko. M 291 Trnka. K 249 Troedsson. K 337 Troemel. B 382 Trubv. J 299,377 Truck, J 382 Truesdale, J 317 Truhlar, C 384 Trump, C 386 Trumpy, D 229,230 Tse, G 394 Tucker, M 358 Tucker, P 339 Tucker. T 386 Tuckis. R 371 Tuft. L 256 Tullberg. S .305, 307 Tullis. R 389 Tulloch. B 390 Turbey, W 357 Turbiner. E 390 Turian. J 413 Turk, J 299 Turke. D 410 Turmo. C 330 Turmo. E 241. 330 Turner. C 404 Turner. D 308. 366 Turner. E 390 Turner. J 386 Turner. K 363 Turner. R 369 Turner. S 370 TurofT. S 391 Turzinski. P 228. 392 Tvedten. N 336 Twiss. L 339 Tye. J 328 Tygart. C 257 Tymus. D 308 Tzakis. D 342 U Urban. J 229,279 Urban. S 296 Urbas. S 381 Urong. K 387 Uschold. R 206.241.321 Utech. F 309,410 Utoh, E 294 Utpatel, S 241,294 Uwakah, C 294 V Vaccarello, F 373 Vacha, K 299,412 Vahle, J 411 Vahovius, K 370 Valenta, J 390 Valentine, R 251,329 Valessares, V 315 Valiente, R 355 Valinet, S 217,355 Vallier, J 365 Vanbolhuis, J 383 Vance, B 297 Vance, C 351 VanCleaf, W 392 Vandehei, B 256 Vandenberg, V 378 Vandenheuvel, C 253 Vanderleest, M 322 Vanderlinden, N 277, 241 Vandeveld, B 363 Vandewiel, J 373 Vandcyacht, D 379 VanDomelen, J 335 VanDreese, L 384 VanDuscr, M 229,231 VanDyke, C 304 VanDvke, D 328 VanDvke, L 230,391 Vanecek, F 393 Vanek. S 393 VanEvery. P 327 Vanish, J 326,341 Vanleeuwen, N 408 Vanness, P 396 Vannieuwenhoven, D 400 VanRoo, M 370 Vanslyck, W 372 VanVleet, R 401 Vanzandt, S 413 Vargo, V 401 Vacsik, B 217,383 Vaslow, D 391 Vaughan, J 324 Veatch, J 260,333 Veerhusen, D 290 Veeser. L 241,398 Veldhouse. N 413 Veloff. R 297 Verch. J 385 Verner. B 218.280 Vernon. R 331 Vernor. M 366 Verwohlt. J 257 Vesperman. G 228.386 Vette. B 256 Vickers. R 227 Vickman. J 355 Vickman. T 391 Victor. B 413 Vidale. R 354 Vignieri. M 391 Villemonte. M 278 Vinarsky. L 260 Vincent. J 209.267 Viney. D 210.212. 332 Vinger. L 326. 373 Vinje. E 280.326 Vinney. K 405 Viste. L 391 Vite. S 356 Vlahakis. G 245 Voelker. K 333 Vogel. D 401 Vogel. J 329.368 Vogel. K 322.406 Vogel. N 363 Vogl. A 364 Vogt. G 401 Vogt. K 377 Voigt. G 261. 373 Voigt. K 227.281 Voigt. R 217,401 Vollmann, K 260, 370 Vollbrecht, G 209, 398 Vollendorf, J 274.291 Von Heimburg. E 302 Von Scheldt. C 315 Von Schneidemesser, M...289 Vosmek. J 363 Voss. J 331 Uccello, F 338 Voss. T 314 Uditsky, F 413 Vraney. G 369 Ugoretz, C 413 Vye. M 329 Uhle. K ...368. 369 Ulezelski, J 386 W unman, J 418 Ullrich, M 385 Wacek. J 398 Ulrich. A 395 Wachs. S 384 Underkofler. W, . 225 Wachsman. E. . . . 412 Ung, S 289 Wachtel. L 404 Unger. G 358 Waddmgton. R. . . 387 Unger, J 395 Wade. W 299 Unter, B ...226.231 Wadsworth. N. . . .330. 406 Updegraff, M. .. 329 Wadsworth. R. . . . . . 356. 397 Updike. D 390 Waedt. F 388 Upham. M ...337.406 Waggener, A 399 Urban. G 227 Wagman, R 397 Wagner. B 257 Wagner, C 336 Wagner, J 376 Wagner, M 394. 399 Wagner. S 399.416 Wahl, E 354 Wahl, W 264.277 Wahlstrom. J 249. 298 Wahrenberger. J. ...336,411 Waisbrot. A 344 Waitrovich. P 256, 375 Wakefield. J 337 Wakeman. P 368 Wakeman. T 381 Waldman. J 348 Waldo. J. ...■ 364 Waldorf. L 314 Walek. J 256 Waletzky, L 418 Walgren, L 413 Walker, D 224,226.227, 241, 295, 388. 400 Walker, J 331,401 Walker, R 229 Wall, J 339,406 Wallace, D 374, 390 Wallace, G 247 Wallber, R 333, 357 Walluks, W 225,337 Walmer, D 408 Walrath, J 383 Walsh, C 248 Walsh. D. ..216,264,266.351 Walter, K 207,241.248 376,418 Walters, T 400 Walton, K 339 Waltzman, S 412 Wambold. G 410 Wang, W 109 Wangard, R 354 Wangen. R 321 Wanless, R 386 Wanska, L 414 Ward, B 256,411,413 Ward, C 206 Ward, G 264 Wardecker, K 413 Ware, L 371 Ware, S 328 Wargin, K 281,377 Warner, S 280, 330 Warshauer. B 416 Warshauer, S 416 Warth, H 417 Wartinbee, W. ..229,241.343 Warzyn. J 336 Wasberg. 1 374 Washbush. J 241 Wasser. S 241 Waters. D 257 Waterstreet. J 278,418 Waterworth, A 210,256, 365 Watson, A 357 Watson. C 383 Watson. J 257. 377 Watson. L 320 Watson. R 296 Watt. D 257 Walters. W 389 Watts. C 406 Watts. M 207,250 Wavro. J 382 Wawrzyn. B 333 Wax. J 408 Waxman. L 352. 413 Wean. V 363 Weatherwax. J 218.382 Weaver. C 364 Weaver. J 391 Weavers. M 382 Webb. D. .. Webb. K 368 Weber. C 320 Weber. D 257. 306 Weber. J. . .225, 247, 363, 364, 366,412 Weber, L 247. 368 Weber. P 374 Weber. R 297, 316, 374 Weber, S 331, 366 Webster, B 383 Webster, E 257,419 Webster, M 414 Wechtcr, J 406 Weddig, P 389 Wedell, B 298, 326 Wedcward. W 216 Wegener. J 241. 253 Weger, S 388.413 Wegge. S 257.416 Wegmann. J 241.344 Wegner. B 252. 256 Wcgner. J 241 Wegner, L 330 Wegner. S 365. 384 Wehymiller 321 Weibel. G 378 Weidcnfeld. E 348 Weidcmann. W 299 Weiking. R 299. 392 Weil. C 409 Weil. J 348 Weil. M 299 Wetland, R 390 Weiland, W 392 Weiler, T 209, 213 Weiler, W 317 Weinberg, J 417 Weinberg. R 240. 241 Weiner. K 241.322 Wcinert. J 305, 307 Weinkauf. L 253, 374 Weins. J 394 Weinstein. E 376 Weinstein. M 413 Weinstein, N 283, 397 Weinzimmer, H 358 Weir. R 354 Weisberg 404 Weisensel. P 308 Weiske. S 401 Weiss. A 398 Weiss. C 256,322, 393 Weiss, D 391 Weiss, J 304,372, 387 Weiss, L 352,388,413 Weiss, M 365,405,413 Weiss, R 219 Weisz. A 272 Wcisz. K 241,366 Welch, C 334 Welch, P 330,407 Welker, D 341 Welker. R 381 Wellauer, R 396 Wellenkotter. S 330,385 Weiler. J 382 Weiler. M 326 Weiler. R 413 Weiler. T 352 Wells. J 336.411 Wells. M 241.246, 336 Wells. S 409 Welsch. C 406 Welsh. M 249.295 Wenban, B 299 Wcndling, L 331 Wendt, G. . .224. 241, 281, 375 Wenc, B 290 Weng. S 294 Wenger. A 383 Wenig. D 413 Wenneche. A 315 Wenniger, M 366 Wenninger, T 211 Wenslaff, R 418 Wentvmcr, J 289 Wenzel, L: 388 Werblow. T 396 Werges. D 226,227 Werhane. G 398 Wernberg. C 241 Werner. G 306 Werner. M 297 Werner. P 216 Werner. W 386 Wernigg. L 227 Werning, M 363 Werth. P 213 Werth, W 299 Wertsch. P 316 Wertymer, F 277, 357 Werych, S 414 Wesenberg, D 226 Wesolowski. G 227. 256 Wessman. M 329 Wesson. P 336 W est. H 240 West. L 339 West. R 315.376 West. V 347,411 Westberg. G 405 Wester, F 400 Westerdahl. C 315,329 Weston, D 266,267 Westphal, D 306,376 Westphal. J 377 Westphal, S 363 Wettstein. W 216, 241 Wexler, S 397 Weyenberg, S 260 Weyer, J 229 Weyhmiller, T 207 Whalen, C 336 Whalen, J 227, 371 Wharton, A 339 Wheeler, B 395 Wheeler, S 384 Whipple, S 388 White. A 241 White. B 334 White. C 342 White, D 365 White. M 256 White. R 323,409 White. W 349 Whitehouse, R 378 Whitenack, J 395 Whiteside. K 212 Whitford. C 299 Whitman. A 217 Whitman. J 387 Whitmer. B 267 Whitmer. R 388 Whitney. K 278,330,406 Whilty. R 219 Wichem, C 336 Wichter, P 413 Wickeham. F 217 Widden, T 283,401 Widera, C 415 Widman. W 387 Widmer, C 409 Widmoyer, W 331 Wieck, M 368 Wiederholt, L 225 Wiedmann. J 293 Wichmann. J 337 Wiehlol. G 400 Wicland. P 228. 393 Wiclebski. W 225 Wiclgus. L 370 Wieloch. J 228 Wicmi. A 295 Wien. C 414 Wienckc. J 392 Wiener. D 413 Wiener, M 411 Wier. R 279 Wicrnick. S 363 Wiesc. L 363 Wiesc. T 343 WieschueBel. J 250 Wiesner. P 240.380 Wipchers. A 216. 219 Wikrent, S 416 Wilber. M 298.336.366 Wilcox. J 218 Wilcox. R 396 Wilda. J 253 Wilda. M 241 Wileman. R 299.383 Wilcv. P 341 Wilka. A 256. 339 Wilke. J 339 Wilkening. C 339.416 Wilkens. M 385 Wilkie. J 290 Wilkins. A 229 Wilkison. C 315.404 Wilks, J 212. 321 Willard. W 252 Willems. E 256 Willcms. P 338 Willenson. P 405 Willett. T 309 Williams. B. .241. 324. 3R1. 395 Williams. D. ...218.241.320. 387 Williams. E 395 Williams. J 225. 2.30 Williams. L 207 Williams. S 366.414 Williams. W. . . .268. 296. 299 Williamson. C 347 Willis. R 378 Willison. S 338.411 Willmer. P 366 Willouphby, T 357 Willoughby. V 375 Wilmcth. S 327 Wilsey. A 376 Wilson. B 331 Wilson. C 366 Wilson. D 386 Wilson. F 290,389 Wilson. J 295 Wilson, K 210.398 Wilson. L 299. 330 Wilson. M. Wilson. N . 18. 315,368 368 Wilson. P, . Wilson. B. . Wilson. S. . Wimbv. S. . Winchell, A. 399 ,.,.217 ....339 ....372 256 Windaii. T. Winderbaum Windsor. N. Winer. J , . 1 ....333 ....319 . . . .276 404 Wines R 388 Winp. E. ,, Winpblade. 1 Winiper. J. Wink R I. ....3.36 . . . .400 ....390 . 373 M 418 Winkler. J. Winkler. T. Winn. H. , , Winner, K, Winnik H 226.281 295. 392 .,.,303 ....347 400 Winston, B. Winston. J. Wipf. W , . ....412 ....328 332 Wirth. S. .. Wisch. S, . . Wischmann. Wise. M G ...,338 ,,..365 ....264 376 Wise S 412 Witasek. T. Witkins. K ....387 391 Witman. G. Witt, D. . . . 406 371. 393 Witt. S. . . . Witlak, M, Witte, W . ....218 256. 369 391 Wittkopp. G Witzel. R, . Witzke. E. , Wivel, J, .. Woerfel, S. 299. 38 1 289 ,,,,289 ,,,.240 241. 395 Wohl, R . . 377 Wohld. S. . Woiahn. T. Wojdula, A, Wolcott, P .2 n.h ,...217 ...,219 79. 302. 342. 422 336. 384 Wolcott, V. Wold. S . . ....384 417 Woldt R . . 393 Wolf. F, , . . 348 Wolf. J. . . . 227 Wolf. M. . , 318 Wolf. S. , . . 384 Wolfe, G 351 Wolfe. H. . 342 Wolfe, J. . Wolfe. M . 322. 365 3 2 Wolfe. P. . Wolfe, R, . Wolff. B. .. Wolff. D. . Wolff. M. . 240. 242 ....378 319 348. 381 ....241 Woltfs, M Wolfpram. S Wolhos. D, Wolitz, T, Wolowitz, D Wolske. G Wolske. J. Wondreis. M Wonp. A. Wonp. H. Wong. P. Wood, C. Wood. D, Wood, G. Wood. K. Wood. N. Wood. R. Wood. .S, Woodend. K Woodford, J. Woodke. M. Woodman. W Woodmansee. R Woodrick. C. Woodrow. S. Woodruff. C. Woods, B, , . Woods. K. , , Wooldridpe. S, Woolhiser. P. Woollev, J. . . Woolley, S, . . Woolpert, D. Woolridpe. N. Woolsey. T. . Wootton. J. . Wortzel. E. . . Wotzak. P. . . Wraipht. N. . Wright, C. . . Wright. D. .. Wright. J. .. Wright. S. ... Wroblewski, N Wros, E. ... Wruwink. R, Wrysinski. D Wuilleumier, M Wulfstat. S. . . Wyatt. J Wyckoff. J. . . . Wvnboom. M Wyss. J 289 267 373 412.413 364 226.241 379.413 . 395 .260 .389 331. 390 ,409 .211 ,299 227, 393 .276 .251 334, 383 ..368 ..331 ..343 ..340 ..399 ..384 ..383 ..364 ..383 ..366 ..415 ..227 ..297 . .405 ..299 339. 363 ..297 ..385 ..417 ..327 ..363 ..325 ..387 267. 289 ,241 ,418 .230 .399 305. 398 , 363 .413 .392 .384 320. 363 .391 Yablin. M 413 Yagow. J 375 Yamapata. H 358 Yamamoto. S 245 Yamato. C 276 Yankow. R 333 Yarne. .S 337 Yaskal. S 299 Yates. D. Yates. R. Yates. S. Yaudes. J. Yaudes. T Yeazel. L. Yeddis, S. Yedlin, 1. Yelcn. A. Yenser. L, ' coman. C, ' erigan. N Yersin. R, Yessne. D, Yirmibesh. Yoder. M. Yoerp. K. Yoperst. N. Yohn. J. . Yokel. R. Yolton. R. . Yonker. T. Yopack. F. Yorkey. L. Yoshida, R. Yosowitz. C. Yossa, R. Yost. J. . Young. B. Younp, C. Young. H. Younp. J. Young. J. Younp, L. Younp. M. Young. S. Younpberg. E Younger. J. . Younpquist. Younpsteadt. Younkins, R Yu. P Yurtis, J. . Zabel. W. Zabka. L. Zachary. A Zachcr. K. Zack. H. . Zaeske. W. Zafros. G. Zaprodnik, Zahn, B. . Zahn. C. . Zajicek. M. Zakrajsheck Zalud. S. . Zanger. W. Zao. R. . . Zaraski. E. Zarovy. R. Zastrow, C, Zavadil, D. 210, .373 .393 293, 366 . .217 ..351 ..375 8.408 ..378 ..318 ..246 ..334 ..384 . .378 ..414 ..370 ..383 380. 330 .212 ,366 261. 388 ..231 ..379 ..412 ..409 ..375 ..417 ..387 272, 322 ,354 .304 .289 .250 .387 .370 .294 .302 .328 .375 .374 292. 398 .337 .397 .364 283. 379 391 388 324 ..,.412 343 ....371 386 Zawodny. J. Zdun. W. ... Zebrowitz, L. Zcchel. D. . . Zecher. D. Zeck, D. . ...398 ...331 ...418 . . . 398 .251 ....395 344 ....315 331 ....385 ....317 ...391 400 212.407 241 372 Zeff, D Zehms. K. . Zeiger, J. . . Zciler, E. . . Zeiss, S. . . . Zelenski, R. Zelesnikar. J Zeller. G. . Zellermayer. Zemanek. J. Zemke. W. . Zenner. T. . Zepelak. S. Zermuehlen, Zernstorf. J. Zerwick. J. Zeuthen. T. Zewpe. H. . Zielinski, F. Ziemann, R. Ziffer. J. . . Ziffer, L. . . Zillman. D. Ziminski. R. Zimmer. N. Zimmerman. E Zimmerman, G Zimmerman, J. Zimmerman. K Zimmerman. L, Zimmermann, L Zimmermann, R Zinn. K. . . Zinnen. M. Zinsmeister, Zipp. K. . . Zirbel, L. . . Ziskind. J. Zizmor. J. . Zoeller. P. Zoglman. R. Zondap. T. Zovne. J, . Zubairi. M. Zuhor. M. . Zucker. C. . Zucker. J. . Zuehlkc. L. Zuerner. F. Zuhlke. T. . Zulliger. B. Zunker. R. Zupancic. J. Zutz. D. ., Zvipzne. I, , Zwvgart. R. Zvch. J. . . . 224, 226, 227, 229, 241.291 253. 353 216 !25. .417 ..240 ..375 .290 ..370 ..389 ..419 ..241 .241. 390 352. 408 ..401 ..390 ..418 ..356 ..308 ..294 ..370 ..375 ..417 ..372 . .353 227. 355 ....364 240. 391 247. 325 208, 209. 332 .277. 382 253 212.253, 334 410 .318.408 371 386 .266,267 375 413 345 .213.225 390 .299. 393 .305. 331 ...294 97. 303 ...358 ...416 ...368 ...348 ...400 ...383 ...418 ... 394 318.336 383 376 267. 316 ;AAAVivv vva vvvvva vvvv vvvv vvvvwv va vv v vvvv vvvvvvivv v 2 East Mifflin Madison, Wis. AA4 you want a fine portrait... to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your Ufe,come to the Photograph Studio of your Official Photographer... - PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO DOWNTOWN STORE ON THIRD FLOOR i Let us open our eyes and hearts to the event upon us, and take full advantage of this auspicious occasion. As President Abraham Lincoln so aptly stated : " . . . " it is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us " to this message we humbly wish to add our heart felt felicitations to the class of 1964 WESTGATE DOWNTOWN EAST SIDE THAT MEANS THE ULTIMATE IN CLASS RINGS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, DIPLOMAS. CLUB PINS, MEDALS, AND TROPHIES JEWELRY ' S FINEST CRAFTSMEN JOE UNGER Box 545 Madison, Wisconsin BROWN ' S Book Shop, Inc. BOOKS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Friendly, Courteous Service Congratulations from Specialists in Sausage and Smoked Meats Since 1883 OSCAR MAYER CO. Madison (1)1 nivilt ' .tio)! Jro7» A. J. HANCOCK, JR. Director of Agencies WISCONSIN LIFE The Young Man ' s Company Why not investigate the career opportunities now of- fered by Wisconsin Life? Underwriting positions are open in Madison, Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities. We also have openings in Minnesota and Illinois. You will be given expert sales training and guidance from our new Madison home office. You will receive a good income to start and within three years earnings can exceed $10,000. Wisconsin Life offers you a lifetime career opportunity that combines prestige, security and excellent income. May I tell you more? Call or write me A.J. Hancock, Jr., P.O. Box 61 7, Madison 1 , Wis.— CEdar 8-5841. SCONSIN LI Home ofFice: Madison, Wisconsin MADISON BUS COMPANY vtriscoNS AND . COMRANY INVESTOR OWNED QUALITY MOTOR CONTROL and Electronic Components ALLEN BRADLEY CO Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin Congratulations Graduates Irbh ts chuik a n f INSURANCE COUNSELORS Madison, Wisconsin 244-3576 Administrators Wisconsin Student Association Health Insurance Program JOHNSON S yQu ' ne. AluMUf4. Welcatfte. cd JOHNSON S A AX No trip to southeastern Wisconsin is complete without a visit to Johnson ' s ' ax in Racine. Tours of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright designed administration and research center arc given every working day! For information on group tours, write: Chief tour tiostess, Public Relations Department, JOHNSON S WAX, Racine, Wisconsin ! : WORDS FOR OUR LAND TO LIVE BY From the Wisconsin State Constitution, Article 1, Section 22 " The blessings of a free government can only be maintained by a iirm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue, and by frequent recurrence to fundamental principles. " KOHLER OF KOHLER Kohler Co., Established 1873, Kohler, Wisconsin ZHAi ' i ' cLci. ' .y.Oh aH: Vi ' ftSO ' JS cm ' !: PLUMblNG Fi ' XTURE: • ALL-BRASS FITilNGS ■ AIR-COOLED ENGINES ELECTRIC . LANTS • ?RiC UCy C :.-7 ,OLS THE UNIVERSITY CO-OP 701 ' TA ' ii: s riiiii- ' .T SERNIXG WISCONSIN STUDENTS FOR OVER 60 YEARS 514 THE C. W. ANDERE ' S CO 702 s ' l ' A ri ' : sthi :kt THl-: SI ORi: FOR MEN THE CONSTANT GRADUATE Intelligence and knowledge can be a great burden, for the ignorant cannot see the hint of madness in some governments, the lost cause of an economic system which may become over-burdened with taxes, the complexities of human relationships. Education imposes a responsibility to take part in life and make it better, to elevate the individual above the average, to protect the heri- tage of the past, and carefully scrutinize the roads for the future. The ignorant face only the challenge of survival ... of the plow and season, the essentials of food, clothing, and shelter. You ... on the other hand, face a greater challenge; to use your minds and youth to fill the hours and years with fruitful labor ... to sweep the dust and cobwebs, the dirt and the grime from time . . . and shine tomorrow up with the brighter furnishings of order, trust, faith, respect, good manners, and truth. The opportunity is yours! 575 MILWAUKEE BREWERS ' ASSOCIATION TJie BADGER is not my book alone. It is the composite effort of those who contributed one u ' ord or idea to its being— from photog- raphy editor Tom Angell u ' ho taught me Iioil ' to appreciate aesthetic photography, to Stan, ivho luas always there to calm my BADGER- tantrums and Link (our collie), xvlw ivagged his tail sympatlietically. I offer a sincere " thank you " to business manager Roger Keyes, every section editor, staff member, photographer, advisor. My grati- 5)6 tude goes to Mr. Millard Hindrnon of Foote and Davies for his interest in the BADGER. I blithely started out in September to tell you about the University. Perhaps these idealistic hopes became bogged doivn in the icelter of late copy, inadequate pictures, missed deadlines. But if I have caught a glimmeri)ig of the Wiscoi sin stiident, a facet of life on this camjnis, then the existence of the l ' 6-f BADGER is justified. Shelly Cohen EDITORIAL STAFF Shelly Cohen editor-in-chief Sharon Putterman associate editor Tom Angell photography editor Judi Jensen copy editor Sheri Miller senior editor Terri Dreblow sports editor Betsy Paddock administration editor Lin Calder organizations editor Diane Lerner living units editor Neil Caplan production editor Suzanne Katz index editor Karen Calkins art editor Photographers: Chuck Conway, Alan Dooley, Marvin Foss, John Gil- man, Lee Kenower, Henry Mee. Copy staff: Linda Ahlen, Pauline Craig, Karen Galby, Phyllis Holden, Judith Johnson, Joyce Miller, Pamela Templin, E elyn Stamm, Leslie Teicholz, Susan Waltzman, Harianne Wiener. Senior staff: Beth Adams, Susan Applebaum, Ann Halpern, Doris Kudla, Babette Miner, Judi Neuheisel, Catherine Norria. Darlene Wenig. Sports staff: Ron Lipski, Karen Persells, Ron Sugarman. Administration staff: Wilma Brereton, Tom Hermsen, Anne Moncrief. Organization staff: Stisan Gocbel, Bonnie Holzman, Carole Kant, Ellen Poppe, Sue Reetz, Teresa Taylor, Susan Zobel. Living Units staff: Ginny Brandwein, Stuart Cohen, Mary Hurley, Virginia May, Sheila Rothgaart, Barbara Ann Seigal. Production staff: Emily Dercne, Carolyn Engel. Robert Frankenstein, Ellen Friedman, Nick Harris, Betsy Jarnow, Susan Levine, James VoUendorf. Index staff: Betsy Drosten, Gloria Hauboldt, Ruth Pugh, Anita Weisz, Jane Yost. 518 BUSINESS STAFF Roger Keyes business manager Milt Carr sales manager Bruce Schwoegler organizations manager Kent Lee advertising manager staff: Jim Eagan. Jim Miller, Fred J. Nitney secretary: Louise Nelson BADGER BOARD Prof. James Bower, Prof. William Hachten, Prof. Lester Ha vkes, Ray Hilsenhofi " . financial advisor; Milt Carr, president: Tom Donegan, Judi Jensen, Kent Lee, Sharon Putterman. Contriliuting Photographers: Karl Sklar, Gary Yealon, Phil Tresch, Sports News Ser icc, Wisronsiii Slate Joiinuil. Uni crsity Photo Lab. Production Representatives: Mr. Jack Marshall, Foote Jv Davies, Inc.; Mr. James Sams. Kingscraft Cover Co.; Mrs. Margaret Hastings, Wheelan Studios; Mr. William Black, group photographer. a hv ' - ' -. .» ■•-. ' ■■ "

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