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1963 63 ' 19 ' 1963 63 ' 1963 ' 19 1963 GER BAD 1963 Michael E. Wheeler, Editor Shelly Cohen, Associate Editor John Skornicka, Business Manager UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN 9 1963 9 ACADEMICS 0 ACTIVITIES DORMS 9 GREEKS ' STUDENT LIFE ' SPORTS '-' Lf' 1, ,'i'r m. u Q 1 S I: ff ra 3 R 4 9 4 I 1 l 1 Sources of learning vary at Wisconsin. New educational techniques bring subjects to lifeg campus research brings discoveries close. The inquiring spirit is not thwarted. Campus extracvwrieulars infuse weekends with Wisconsivzis famed "partying," Mutecl excitement genemles, fzeighlens, exuber- anlly spills over. Pride in University sports is felt by both students and alurns. Thousands of people are drawn close by one hard-fought de- feat, one jubilant victory. M- Q gh nr :ff I' .F-+ vw. 1 Ns W QM? KQZGZ' '-1:4 A I fri IA '- : f'-Sv! ,. A, L I Q! QL.:-,Q :N j 7? . ' N ' 4 , E ff ff bg'Q ,ieTX m1,'w :-- e-P--Et EF . ,, ,.,:.n M. W., . -frm. ,M 'si 'dk '33 555.14 " 351:32 ' V- -I 2,1 J' ' .. Hr 1:1 1? 'AQ Jw.-,. ,X . ,,,.,, q, ,iff 5,4 41-,1w1.:ge L ,- f-- W we-12' 1- .fhwzix Q TF-26' W.. viii? Q qfvww' .ma 4.. ,,:p 1f?G". f , A fazmiwgy ' 1. wfvgwgfg ., - ,, W, , '?'!mv,. 1, ,,w.f. 5. swf, - 'V LQ, :' I 1, xii? 3. 1: 1 ACADEMICS Academics are the essence of all that is Wisconsin. They generate and reflect the nearly infinite diversity and variety of the campus. It is here that all other aspects of the university begin. "'a."4 , ., ". .-,, m M l"'4' 'Z lil-Q.,np - N. 1 ,..,.gwn- 3312- inns 4.'rl..,n-A-mf F!! . .- vL'ut!Q!1Jf"A 3.5531 7 W lin- f' Q 1 '-15 h"3.5,f:f'f'fs? - The year starts at summer's end. The carefree gaiety of summer school wanes as the University prepares for the rush of newcomers. haw - 'Vw-w Q E I f 1 N 0 'if rw 1 .. y M ' 5 :s . A lf-1' .,Y -ggi' N' 2' Hugzqj' ., W it iii' 1 lqiifbmnq- ,gm I-. QQ: , . I . A ' 515. 5 .-MLS?-i"1K ,Q 5. Q. .. 'K 1 55 WW' This year the end of summer was diferent. With the death of President Elvejehm, the University stopped momentarily, pausing in respect to its president. qw v 4' 44 .J 1 M 1 -f--' uf .. W ., . - M ., . V.,-mmm.. , as M u.. 'bg k-Y' The University of Wisconsin ideals and traditions were picked up once again by President Harrington in A-GHS' 1 v w w f r' , L 2 P y' x. 5- n s I N, A .,m J V' C 1 1 r... . i'v N , N aw 1,' -.Li , , rL ,nl,5?il.i. v' W, " " -' ' jdisfaj . L ff Q' , 76,3155 , " 4' if ' -'54 ..: " 1 . h J.,-Vw-V..-Q ' 444 J ,',.- '. ,, -' .r""' -"j, , -, 'V :ggi -, fn ,fafawm ' ,,-g,',, 1 , ' 4' ,J J.. But the buildings did not become part of the campus until students filled them, looked at them, criticized them. ' ,N 3 i 71 1 I 111115, '1'1"',f'f','i'l'l'W 1 ff , 1 ml WW1"111111 LiiIi1f'!' 11111111111 11 11 L 11411111411 4y 11111111111 1111111 11-111111 1 H' q,"+'1f1+ 4 'T 111 11 1111111 1,,q 11111 ' III 1 11 1111111 WWWQ111 1 1 111111 WW INFUK 15' uonnuo 1, There was a formal orientation program for the new students. Many, unfamiliar with the large campus, oriented themselves by trying, wondering, asking questions. I 5 I S a E B E 24 I -'I I ! Registration came, and students filled the Coop, the lines, the assignment committee rooms. , ffsff-Wa, r X ' Q, A new way of life began for many. There were no reminders to eat breakfast, or go to class. ID SIIOKIR6 3 ,. , , - Www, Q A ..,, 7 fm, , 4 " f,,,f"m 5 V, , 4' 4 ' "wg, ' ' QQQQHiamnnfwfz' 1 mum-1. ze I rl -U ' ,ff .,4""" ,Lax C l11,9s1fs mul .sfvulying smfrtml 0ffe1m 1fe.slly, than lajmwfcl to IL steady routine. , Sometimes rapport grew between professor and studentj sometimes a glimmering interest developed into appreciation for education. E s Z 2 E The organized aspect of activities plays a vital role in campus life, but this is not only what attracts participants. Basic to understanding the important need that activities satisfy is the realization that the parties, lectures, athletic events and Union Theater performances all correspond to the the students' outside interests. :':4 4. . ""' ' . ,H 'jf Y ".. f ' X- , Q . ,.' A . x ?16k ' . - , , ,mf-1:,,. V w ' :-111, A ' We ,tag f ' 'QTL'- L. - ., f . rf?-f"1f'-"'f2: ,fiwff A. -2:- P 'A 515.11 Lysine "' ' ' ' i v ,Wai 5 .. f , -, .,,,,7 azw ,-:rv J 1 , V, fi.. ,7 ,if W A 'w':,.... .,h-.,9w .., a- . , " ..,. ,,, -gp' U. ' '2 jf- ,z , , . g2ffQQf77tfg5' .. ,W Q- Homecoming - Wiscon5in's greatest campus activity. Thursday night float-building started the three-day weekend. 1 SS l , z A xl x, L, 'tb4f.', If ,1 ,A 'I' 5, ,- X , x K 1 l?,5f, G F 0?-3 L 1 I' am, J 1' 9x 1 'gt NK A ' I , v 9 , .,.! 4 A-. x -v -Q N 1 K X ' Madison Downtown Night and Yell Like Hell pitched campus and community spirit high. 7 E ,wr - Ella Fitzgerald thrilled the huge Homecoming show audience. Saturdays game brought tradition, excitement, victory. .:.e. , M 4 Campus activity often centered in the Memorial Union. The Rat, music listening room, H oofers quarters - all places to relax. 2 si' . sl ,tg Foreign 'students were met and served through the Union. Contests were held, Little Badgers entertained. 6 if if 1 fi f if , 211- - Y. 19' Ji -,vw ,V 9 ff 'P' ff I f f x f ' fm ,G ,Agj,3.,,, 4 fm 42 5, J ,!,Q I , 1 .533 , 1,5 , 54 f if I T43 J KJ f 3341, .4,1'.f,ff 3, X-.L??gT- X '-l Andres Segovia, the Chad Mitchell Trio and Rudolph Serkin performed on the Union Theater stage. f Q ' Helen Hayes and Maurice Evans, ' 53? and the American Ballet Theatre ' 3 added their artistry. Entertainment was also provided by the Wisconsin Players fGa1i1eo, Mfonderful Town, the Servant of Two Mastersj, and Orchesis. Group ejfort and enthusiasm brought I-Iumorology to the stage. Studies suffered as the five shows were practiced, polished, performed. The wirmer: "Clowning Around" by Delta Gamma and Pi Lambda Phi. . ff' V W ,ga , 4 f Q W 'f'-'14 QA ! ,DM .Hu ,A.t,,..- I .fi , , , ' L- 'r- 5, . fum A 4-7 1 r 11. f-. - Ml'-.f G ' 1, . .V-1 W" - 4 1 pri., 4 :km , K flip . m-, 1 ' . -', If 1 1 4- rz,v' ,A mf - 1 A, W J, 5 7 f , Us fn, ' - AV Rh . 1 2 2 ff SQ -,..x-N.. 4 2 59 5 2:75 QW-45 mwmw-in fn :Q :rw 1fvTR?Y.2:-r fm xv: 3 MXQBR- 'NKNQ Y-. X A 5712? , 7 42 X xy fimavw Qi-'SRNYXK mfax ' X ? '15, 1 4,-V, ff .A Ye' . .- - f' iffy,-fm,-.'n, ,M , , 2 1 f ya , my iq? W -f-,-. :fm Q , , , ,Q ,iv fb Q . wfwzwvq riff 1 x.,. , , , MM, , .... ,- ,.,,,, ,fi ,...l 7,419 ,+.,.. . , ,f - . " 'Ef"wfbp.?744' 4 W "W, - x ,,.,, ,.4:'r-24 ...,,',,,,,, V. Wwffw..-, ' ' -.. ,y".:2w . mf ,, , ,, , .qw ,L V , ,V -- U ..,,1- W vf. - - 'q.'. , "'6'.-affix' 1 :Zf51ifa'- x . ' 5:25252 , ..N. 'Q If w- F Q E 2 i a AUTY QA1 Us -. SMG x A - wx ic 0 'L J., .JU lla University Bands provided Rose Bowl music, as well as concerts on the Union Terrace. Mil Ball-a gala evening with King Dwayne Norris and announcing of the 1963 Badger Beauties. 84, , -' ai! A 4, ,..-.. r My The 7963 Badger Beauties ' 11111111 We Badger Beauties are selected through the Badger Beauty Contest, sponsored by the Wisconsin BADGER. Judith Ham Nancy Heaclen .4-:im X Q ' N .imfv J ,H Mary Palmer Sally Saxon Sandra Sinn Sandra Styles 51 i z 'T -5 A 1 Yrs -:IP -Q I Ll J . of, vi' W ,, , fi! . w-K '4 fl , .-,, I Mr: it Y, N4 1 ff' fl , 'WW if Q. f 40, -, we .wks w-fu in-L. Each person pursued his own interests - from Little International, to photography, to bowling. ef -'T J The craziest, most unorgariized activities were sometimes remembered as the essence of college. H151 4, fi' N01 . nm gl 71 L ...ef " -1 Q v , 1 W 'J' mg we The Rat, the pharm meant mostly talking, Telaxation, people, and sometimes eating. J J' .gf .I Li '! if ' JK Q- : Q W. C ready to be serve: lv -I alibi' Foo: H XX X x WAR VX X' N wx NNW Sgt? V X Jef : 3 - 253. .. : ' ....v I 'I"5'ZI'.'I'1"I 3jI::I'?L::I'ff15 . . .153- 'A ,I V ,,., , ,. ,, v I fryz, M vp!!--f 51-..:E.,E Ma Ksrawiignqgfp, 4,g'f?.1ff,F1i1,,,'f I v Kg I 3 J15ff':Aya'Q:eQ-iq:-Q:L1"fQ 3 3 -Q0 ,J K it , . 6 ,jay 4 and gig? .RI--: ' I --an V. A F-"ST v , if " , " fb' ,1 -, Q if iirgifiiil '-Wgiff' - Q N Y T--l.ab-1" -wi -f XX 1 WRU' rn P , , I . i 5 'ZX ' SX 17, Mendota in winter offered a novel surface for fun. But nobody was sad when spring tentatively edged in. 'Ar - I -.4 .Af i , 1.K,' .4-. ,jj Q ' . . . .ig , NA :J X K . c ,Q -. as A 1 T 7 . ,Q , , , -1 ' ' al- f new-.. - ' 4 5 4' , -..- " I .-.1 1. 'fp'- -hs-Q -. :Ja 3' Jai: -' " ' -.9 -'EN " "1 f fi- r iflfi S . :T 4 . ' - ' . . , ' 2. - ,F - , ' 1 ' " It L -Y J- . f -fig 5 ,. ,,: 'H NF' ---:,,..:, 1 .1 ,Q A- :.y.w..,,,,,Lv-'L, - - mu -W H x l K V .' 4 A , x. f 4 ' 0- -AM,M.:.,,, , ,.m-,M W, . ,,-,.,-ff . b ,K Mt , 1. W ., ,A,.V X3 .-lv: gm-,A . w. ' 'P ,- 1 -, ,- 's:::,,,,., X, -.f....i.N,.mq4 f .9 - ---:. ' ' . if-A M ,xx 14: We ' .v,, . , ,- 5,4 -,R ...- ,- 'f f n H- - 'gf H' '-'a 349- , -L M - - ' ' ' - e V, ., ' .f-..,,,'f:W If F . ' 'IK .1 WV- 1, -' " .fa.-wif. -fs .w.:z,.2:. . ".A' ' 1 ,. 19:1-,f:,Lf f5"2ffZgwg,?2-'wig25?'EfigV ww w4f1ft2sJ:?fX '. - , , .. . ,,,,4lf.. Vv f.- Af. ., ... . .N ,fv , -. Q., xv . ' - wan M.. .ff fzgfw-.,Q' r Q X. M- - .+- V-.,-..:,f1.w.-M Xf-, 1 I- - g Y.-4' . " P AL" -5 , K' k - X , 'wg ,gr -:z2,,2-fgfv' Q ., N jaw .211 A 3, ' ,, ., ga-,,3:,.':-j 'N' "Q V,,. A' - , " ,4'f1-fxzfff w"'f'M 'A -, 'HL ' , ,, U" xl ' A H 'K hw- fum?-gf, "viii 'H .- "f7.f".! 3-JM . VCI: " Y' f,.-'I'1:?5LQf L f222f5'Q"f-f,"yEL-'F ILE: . fff,v'w. AMX" i ff-. 4 W K , - V1-,Q faiflipffewz , -.W .-wfww-z,:m: f W Avvwm,-f-fvvz-,,:...7.. 4 y:.,, X Q R 1, 2 X 1, , 1 V If ' M ff" w:f ffw Q-wha: -' - pg L .,6f MQf3w,,xf',.c5 , --K .Wm '- " 44: . . 6-111 ,,f 1- .QOHF-33:19gff"vj'55'4fi!9?33r'f1f3fAyr' Y ' , - " ' : 4' L ffwif Y -Hin W . , . . f,wf,'3:,',9gQ,,v ,339 . I M ,3,,y,5g-5? 4 vp .-'4 1 ,Wigan glgwkg ,wzfgz mg, V . ,. Q.-.-Aezwfggpvg 3 I , 1 - 9 Q A f -41 ff 1 '-'w g . V -A N 1 '-M 1 -, -' -'hz-, Q -X , rgiy . . at-ffpETe'0ffi:,:Q?4 f .Mb MA 5, 3 f ,, .1 ff' Q, 1 .,2y,,.iQgv, .I h 5, ,..,, .. f kg,-3,f2XQ,f3,,W,: ,V ', 'R f -', ,,,.J' V :a 'f ' , ' 1, 1 . , FL, ' f' W "4 f-M.-ff' 11:73, 1, ,L 'f,,:',f -, -h . , , ' '5 2, ' .4 1 , 4 X ' f a, 3,9 W , , V, if V- f f f 'fri-v+.., 1 f, 4, -w :--1 fz-:,,,44i-.f . . 1- A? J " , 'M " A 1 . ,.,,, , A ,,,, , U War1f11 weather brought languid pier days, and zz subtle reminder to seniors that they woulrl soon leave. 4,41 7 ,R X fl 1424841 - -w s r ,fu Y 2 X ,- k n .i 1 . Q., -4. 1 .XJ ' f ' ., 4 ' y f ,W 1 ' ' r 1? 5 V-.l X , .. ,Q , V, ab- , ' I.-I 'eu-.. ll. ' 1 Rr ng, ' Mg H., ,i.'3:w-'Q .. . .fi - W1 , - 1' f ,T A 'x X- Q95 .' V. ,, - if ' 'iv 5' ' - V 1, v Q rl , , . I: 3 F- ,vw 19. - f f:-5 Q "1 'sk' 1 . ' . -L.. ..-new ,M.9.w2mf' . Q ya ' 4 ' f,z?u:.HY'imP:.10SX" 'im Q:f'eaf'4+i2'.1' Wg , , , 561' . ' g Q. 1713515 l W' ' Avwy W- .AK-. . .:.-e,.,- ,pw ffvfzqfi -if .r M. ,, .. ra xi f 4... 1 : , .. .... .f " -f '- vwwfas' 'f . J, f ,fn-f.'Q1.2-,-1 ., .f.-Qe3c13fq.,:.:.f .egg V. ,, f ,,.6,,f,,,, .Zi , 1 r .J.. I . .f 4. :,.,.f v V. :z. N f,.,!. .. , , 1, H 1 1221: .rf 1:35-Q' , 34 . 41':".,.bi-2is:if:aw- g",.M4,-:4"3:1f- . , I ,.f..,,eW,f , 7552?-f:'se:7,.3'S'11!5Qig E! ri? 'eftjkffag X- " .X ff...-'Q "fiom W., Q, "1 gk L V .. ...,,.,, A ' 'fi 'X ' E-,.v,,m A Q 1: 55.1, ,ig .figs f 3,122 fiwf. I ,xii X rw 6? '03 5., - Mm, SQ ff Q , ,Nfm::,i mf W, 'ni UQQQ wi ,M .M -wwg, Q A4 Q: .,. . .ww 01 'X 'Q LIVING UNITS 'X Students' lives center around their living quarters. Counted among the fringe beneyits of college life are the experiences associated with group living. I I n the dorms, many new acquaintances preceded the emergence of individual friendships. Z . . 3 M wiv E . 3 e Q E s Daily routine was not mundane, categorizedg there was always diversit something to do. Congenial groups found their own mutual interests, gathering places. Group lzvmg zs not always desired. For some, apartment independence is preferred. -, -- , ,. 1, ,V 1 ve- afxg ' - .g g++. Qt X ' 1 A 5 I ' , - f -Q, --Rx 4- ' J. J -. 1 x if . 'G.f,,', v P i, El - .KP .4', . 23,9-f., I , ?Y :V 1,- " " W., V .wig 4:5-'-Alf! 585411 V132 . f" . " '- gi 5,1.,:5.,,, , ..,ff,w ,,fWC,.-em ww., ,Q vw, 19, W.,-.:w.g,:,.. 1' w.2wf,fh9,irQf:?V? ,f 2122. -S' ' n r :fx gi, :Vg pglgziag,35:11-af,,,g,5:4q:,,:'ff ., QC , 4-V I f e ' I i ' . .'j,2'15j.'g5fL,"ff, fff'g,eif", f ' 1 at v ' .A .,,,.,7Wy 6, ',.1g .' X mv" ,am f' ,. ' -. Lf,':25i v1'f1' in- ff' .2 P - 5 1 'ff rg' f' ,VH A ' if ,4 f 44' , J' X 421 Q 9 fi J Q 3 6 f f 1 f z 1 ' f, 4' ye - A , "Y e i. ,,y,f,,,-,., ig gi "' I W 1: ., , ,.,, L y r ,. 1 'z Y 1 , fl Living at home makes commuting a daily necessity. Married life gives the student double responsibilities. nf. S s S 5 i S li. U . ffl . 951 wifv 'Ik 6' . -1. . V 1 ,r - iiwfk. .1 ,agp 9. Q. +3 W Y V Q.-4 ,"' " 'EVA z.3,:-A 4 ,ffzfq .QW L in -me 'Q me 3 - K fri'- -.. Being a Greek involves more than just a place to livej there is a pride in belonging, an intangible closeness. Rush began with apprehension for most people, smiles fm' all. vi ...Am fm ..5iEgiE E xg Lt V?"'W"5x ning-'g"k 555539 QSQSQS 'F ri. ' Q. fla- . Y' gixuaei L 'f r ,giulaugl M fS5i G 8 ' 35535 32 iii 'C C"Y'fi'Z"11i"' "'4 - HQ-L A., iw 2532.23 S W Q., A ss '5 "" 'Q 'W 'af '33 ' A Q.f.MwSf W 555 353555 H333 HQ -K :" afiailfhaidl .e2n:'nmA4fiw1n2 qi' 3 ' 5 mg 3 mx he in ,f l 4.WM V a , ggmM:'AuA of? me uk! . A 5 g 1 we fm X 'lr iw 4-1 Qi , A gg L, 12595 1 5"Q'f"'f"Z"5 ' Amhmfwnwm 'Lap .V. A 5 W-42 ,,,,,,, f... ,Q M K -2 ' V yu if- 5 2WMWW 5w"'a mamsu,mm4Qsw fQ was xf,, V"' ,:1:-1' jzj.,gZ,E1'j1 ""' -- v- ' V " 1. 11:1 ..:1.,-,f, Fwx, SEX 2 52394 ?F'ff1',.. " " ' if: ' . ':.:xag-,V-.-I1 up - , .- f- lk, EXW 1-aff nu.-. , 1 I' . Pranks and partying added spice to Greek life. College is mostly people- old friends new acquaintances 593' 1 bi-4, J . ,7 1254 V 1 WWF 4L , f' 1 I lie! fer, 4, My f,-3 in .2 i My M, f " f We Q! V 4,,, f , ,,f .V wr, X1. 1,1 f. , -.swf J M 11. ' ,lv yy . -44, ,Z 'Z 9 I Happy groups of people, intent on having fun- consciously or unconsciously. , 1. xrfiflm ,. 3.6 v't -.f. ' -,.,- .41 4 Pi V V . Serious groups, intent on exploring new ideas, discovering new ideals. K Intellectual satisfaction was sought inthe heights of academic curiosity. H ii Quiet moments were spent alone together. 95 ai' 96 ge' A , JB ,.v",, 'mum' Q , JS., , H ' Q Time was punctuated by bursts of noisy activity only to subside once again. Peaks of emotion were reached, yet never grew above human compassion. .B-ug ' f ,ul . . ' s 3 WH ,-,rw 100 It was easy to be alone in the U niversity, but loneliness did not transcend all else. O People did what they wanted, not bound by conventionalities. .f-"" 4.f .,.,, . V ff ,-1 'f'41f77"',-""W 5' ,-4, 'z fr 'f i z 2f,gmfaW7f,f,4yf..gfh f f , dp N, W A !! 4 ,x,!A,, , , ,My .,,. ,,,.M,,A, ,,, 1- xg 1 V ' 1 3, img, A 1, W' - f ' 'K W, Ura i + ,- f L AUM , 1 A 4,-vf -21.-.f.4,'1:4',. ,.-V - , 44 J ,wah A ffbfzff zf5Wf,vQ.4Q'iZ,- ',,.:. ' , ,, af f ' , ,W ,,,,,,f ,f f , Q' AZ324'i?'12-1?i3f:x:1E'fi2i:i" ' ' Mr' 'W' ' ' 4431-:ew:':':f'f+-'f'-ff f.w:-:gg:f- q,. f " ' -x :U W ,M HK fwfr A 0 , W, -2:-.,.-4,42z:Qf::f f 192:1f2ff1,:W:,2,f':.WV: 1' , f ' 104 YHS,fS'RN'Q .Lei 3-Q Individuals were steadfast, yet remained part of a larger unit. A asf X: A hugo' .ff'fx V f Q fr' ,f' 'Z' j . f' 9 There was group action, thought, feeling. ' ' 'film .. 108 QM ' x :- A X.-SA. L 1-:ex - q,, xx:. ,, N -i:5,i'EWx, :1 2:.'z:r:vS:N 1 1 2: rt' W- ' Q: , mv. ,wg X '-2235 y f 'ief 'inf 5 X X 2 , S y- .e. S4 Y N. Q .L Q K, x. MA ,Qswx ' M. X-fx. 'Wifi - mm wmv, Yi ,,,.. x I V Q .i'f02f"ir4wf'MeefwWfW- fffmffwwvi N 2, 2,2 my -12 -:'f4'f"2'fl. , ' M :f:'i2f:f'Q af 'M X -X . .-Q. -P , 5 x x :Q Vrti : bwg M N --xxwqy f , . , X XNMNQM. , , 'A-F X--,bm , q.,,.,b ,ig A 5: X xxfxa-Q N sw-. X?-'S' x x X Qkxx Y W A W XNQ XX Ymxxx N KA X X K x yx X X N 3 4 ilu 'r But the individual was not overshadowed. 109 It was so quickly time to look back in perspective. F? g' Lk ., X. Y 5 1 2, 1 f 1 f I x SPORTS The competitive spirit that is Wisconsin is evident in the varied oferings of the athletic department. Varsity competition in 12 sports is available to the qualified. Intramural athletics offer participation to the entire campus. 114 At first Wisconsin students wondered and' then they Went Wild as Coach Milt Bruhn per- formed rags to roses magic with a dark horse football squad plus a 9-0-second wonder named Vandy. Kicking right into high gear, the Badger gridders Whammied New Mexico State, 69-13. v-vvf'-W ff' -:"1 ' K ' ,. .... I.. ,, , - ,,,, ,gn L,-7-QMM-ff-f ., wi ..-,.,,f. , V ' I "' V' y,....fQ...awq. Z'T""3"f4WTI'5f' - '- , .,,., . ,,,.,,,.,,,... 2 . , M. ..-V-W--W I L, - ww-ffff pg A ww-M f f H ' Q' .,.............,n - M., ..,.,...,.W-.M , ' ,LL.,,yfff,w6wv4',s4-d3+3'fwf5gL-.w-wymw4m,,v,.wv--f-0ww-f-vi'' N-www.-,l:lv140.1 1 -I 1 N! 'MMM . ,,,,,,,,,..,,.,M, M m Q.. .,.,,, n , .. , ..., A W ., , , , W,..4..A...,g:n:q.,.M,. f f , '-iw.-,- :'.-mL,g,,,,g,,,,,' A .,:g44gfg9:42L:4gg,,,,...M..- i V V. " ..,,'fI'9"1:fifF'If1Tl1'i,"""""' V -J. V ' 'rr:f:'f3fi' 71"7"2ZC3ji1 K' , 1 5 ' M ' , -. -I ., A kms ,,,, 5 - , - f g.g:yq.f ,- 1- , V .Mr 5115.4 ,Q Y, , ,, ' , ff r A I , Xgriw ,K M., -f " V 'g"'g V - -, ,y ,mm ,U m- , , KW '. :1 ' 5i' , M'2f ', Ag-I-V -ww 'W ' ,- i .. Z -' ' C , V , ' ' 4 . 1 ' . .fzwwif - N ,V V H ,. - . ,QW I A,,?,Qm5,.,Z4dm5,.1fw,,? ', 'ff 5 ? " ' . MgQ9'f"J W, k -4. ,. .W 3,5-1 , h -gffp ,-"'r3,1z,y,A ,V .A .LW ,:.,,,Y,, W .W ,.., , Y ..,. .U ,W qv: vp 'K :A W X . .,. 4 4 we 1-f.," . 4: f. xx. V 1 ,, pa, If 'ba 5. - wx Q f 'A 1, Hi' W,,44f?" .mr :ff as 7 w , ,v a..: 4'g'f.a: -.J 4: V 15 ' 'rx 4 X x 34-12. The Wisconsin band impressed Michigan fans, too. Yell-Like-Hell, Homecoming Show, colorful displays, excited students, and enthusiastic alums set the Homecoming pace. The Badger squad equal to the occasion, struck by land and air to torment the No. 1 ranked Wildcats and ruin their hopes for an undefeated season. After the game, students sang "Varsity," Some hummed "Everything's Coming Up . . ." I s : 0 2 2 E 4 E 3 Q, Q, -1 ,,.,-4-.f By this time, the Badgers had climbed to 3rd place in national polls. Sports scribes had picked Bruhn as coach of the week. Richter and Vanderkeleri were headed for All-American and Big 10 MVP honors. But some thought there would be a letdown at Illinois. The Illini, however, stood up like a wet rag. Overcoming the Minnesota defense and its own mistakes, Wisconsin snatched a 14-9 triumph good for the Big 10 crown and a Rose Bowl bid. The frenzied battle was spiced by potent penalties and angry coaches. After the flag-waving passed, Ralph Kurek took the ball over for the clincher with 1:57 left. To the chant of "California, Here We Come," students scrimped and saved, Cardinal editors raved, WSA chartered flights and "Iv,,I ., DC-7 a Wisco-nsin pennants and Rose Bowl pins became a common sight to Californiansg sparkling eyes and smiling faces portrayed enthusiasm and determination for the fans' cause-Back 122 ing the.Badgers! . Enthusrasm reached a frenzied pitch on New Year's Day as spontaneous cheers burst forth from Wisconsin spectators when the Wisconsin band and floats paraded past. W5 QQ ' " 124 The team and fans Were strongly motivated by feelings of revenge and fear of a third loss. However, neither the Badgerbackers nor the team gave up. The team fought and the crowd cheered in a spectacular second half as the Big Ten Champs stole the glory from USC and almost stole the victory. The game ended. The Badgers lost, but fans left proud of their team and its record. s ? 2' -Lgrf w.-,Ji 1. 15, I- -x. .-mb ky, - . L ..-':4gu4 K '. f f." ' .inf-.J. s .11 I . ,L . ., 41 -ab-L. ,V , f IS' A f 1 x f x ,I 3 Q , C250 J L. 1 Q I PP 4' . N ' fr.: k W L 4 9,3 ,X 1 ,. F S x 'Q 'WQXQ J: :fi -.'-xc X R Qu : '21 Q nf Qs -we 1 " QQ N-.,.,,,g X 4 , xv -m v ,p . wiuif. "1 ,i fjff k Z 1 A u:Qg.'3 www. 35335 QL mi ,, 12.6 E In the wake of wilted roses, student attention focused on the basketball squad. The Wisconsin quintet was nationally ranked and was the team to beat in the confeience race. Coach John Erickson's cagers had the ominous task of living up to this build-up. Several stunning preseason defeats were glossed over in the students' minds as they headed west. But after the Rose Bowl, all looked for the quintet to carry Wisconsin to the conference cage crown. Things didn t work that way. After the initial win over Purdue in the Big Ten opener, the Badgers succumbed to Michigan State, Iowa and Minnesota. All of these games were squeakers and the Badgers smarted. The one-point loss to the Gophers on the Badger home court hurt. After that, the Ericksonmen couldn't pick up the needed momentum to stay in title contention. However, the VVisconsin cagers didn't give up. If they couldnlt win the Big Ten crown, at least they were going to help decide Who'd take the conference laurels. As spoilers, the Badgers thrilled Wisconsin fans disposing of previously undefeated Illinois in a fieldhouse barnburner. In the last half of the season the Badgers found themselves in the conference second division. Now the task was to bring the team up to a Hrst-division berth. 1.29 3 ixiv-.1Q1'.f-T, 1: , ' ZZ? f.:5g. 71 ,, ' ' A 1 MW, -dk .. yx gf., -.:.-,-Meg Q . .3 m...wwf1- my ' x ' yy, '6,, " 13 ., x,'?5g.-Y ,g .p., , -. N I ',,,.. Q. , . ,XDW M - QQWQ -r -f v' up-.. .w AW a U , ht. lx . - zzz, ,..::s q: xx- -- , T351 Y .xy yr -.N 3 Av ' K Ei '3f'.'i.,. n 2,5543 mt 4 ' 954 'c K It was mostly on Saturday mornings before football game when Wisconsin's cross-country squad took to the hills. Few students braved the early hour to watch the unheralded runners. However, sparked by the sterling sprinting of Don Loker, the Badgers raced to a neat 4-1 season, plus a third place in the Big Ten. "I felt we had a real good year," said Coach Walter. "We Won allour duals except Iowa, Which was a close one." S I ,v.. 1 ,. 1 jjj . 4- ' A ' "1 1'Vj:31f?4.f2 A x .. Ia, ,f V al, , Q,,-,ff 5, - 3 Q, x" .. nf ,fl1' ,fZ' 2132 - . V as it s, 1 41 V , tau V 1 ' V 1 if - . , 'ft-K I. ,gy , Y . f x- V . V 'E 1 , 11, 1 , 1 F , -ff . Q- , 4-Vrf'-nfs? ' , -V Mx V- if Ziff l' ks.,-x If f f'Z53,?' 'iff " ' ' X , , ' , l 5 l . 1 x- Egg .A I , , 5 ,, 1,5-gp 3 A, . 1 x' if it '. 2' 'rZQ'.r, 1' 113903 fra- 7'ff j f ,, P: . ":. " ,VV 4-,, fury- -.1 sf- ' ' ,f g'2..3"vrV ' '17 H, -V r-iff' -' V ,. 1. -Q-wg 4, 3, -3,091 fag hypwf ff, .,. - 911.392, , . ,293 :.. ,s,,, ,- 1' w w ,e ' 5 -I fy ., ,,,,,, .4 -me ,. ,Wff?e. c. .f.V,-W4-V , 1 ' ' fr V- 1 gr .' 2 !f"':' - ra gy... 'f4V-vw., '- V- Ng- .WI , Wwz la ,,vA , ,.E.,,., , .y,wW.,,f3.. .1,,.451,5:-1:,. ,W V' ., l p N. NV " .. ea ff-'raw-ir:-t 2. 1,-V wa- , 4-1 vmfpzkiy-'"Ea:-.-VV-2,V,1:ffg1?'4!'2:i,4::.'w f. Vs.-2Lfzif252a21'.-,f' "". f ' 1 'f-fwxggf Tops for the Badger mermen this year was Bill Birmingham. Bill led the squad to a good .500 finish. This is the last year that the Badger swimmers will have to put up With the "tub", for the team is finally getting their long- desired Olympic pool. The Wisconsin Gymnasts Won ten out of twelve meets. This isn't the whole story. The team displayed the "Fighting Bucky" tradition by compiling this outstanding record despite injuries which plagued several key men. Fred Roethlisberger had an excellent season, along with jim Hopper who took first in the still rings at the Big Ten meet. wwaw 5 5, 5 5 i 5 5 5 4 5 - 2 Q , L E I s i as 'BS Strength and agility, speed and finesse are the ingredients necessary for two other winter sports-wrestling and fencing. It's after Saturday basketball games when the Badger grapplers put their strength and agility to the test. The George Martin- coached aspirants were pinned to the mats with a losing season. Stars on the squad were John Sackerson and Paul Mergen. Un the old gym floor in the Memorial shell is where the fencers use speed and finesse. The Badger swordsmen parried their way to a winning season and a surprising 2nd place in the conference meet. Squad captain was All-American Jerry Wiviott. Coach "Rut" Walter's defending indoor track champions mopped-up in early season meets and were heavy favorites to retain the Big Ten crown. But the powerful Badgers, host to the conference clash, were seriously hampered with injuries. Despite the crippling of three star sprinters, the Badgers refused to give up. Receiving record performances from high- jumping Bill Holden, hurdler Bill Smith and shot-putter Don Hendrickson, the thin-clads held the lead until the final event. Then the Hawkeyes came out of the blue to snatch the mile relay and a conference crown, leaving the Badgers a close third. ,, .,.,. ,,,,,,......, L . ., , , C J, 1' 2 ' in Y L 1 Qgy., , ff" 'X -rr! V X , fEli"7' f -' li , x ,, wir ' X PQZZI' S351 Rf' Q 2355 F- .ggtzix , X 4 138 W 2 Z 5 i G 3 3 5 2 5 s 5 2 3 5 s U E 5 3 E i I 1 3 5 E 5 1 M -l Q .-5. 1 - C A ,,. ,- f " V ,-'ff'-''L"""""""""""1-.ff'Q.3f7 - -- T 4,1 5, -ff ,drv "' fs!" ' 'C t ' C " 'ii i 'Cf-"4 -...-....s,e- ,. l -.. .::. 9, ' 1 - ' - .w....-. Y -' , 5 - ,-iw .- , -,1-2-fi, .Q-1, N..- .....1..f--,...a,, ag'-P gf-Zfg-gf-.r-SL 3 .- ,, , ,, -+ f Q- - --Alf - A--11-b-241552134-'4:,f,g,f: a -' 3 J: -M. U - A ..-.-.. w t- A .l 'N - .L4 I kv -,T ,.'211-f.:q:.-,. I A 4,, H, -, ., ,'Q..', .-,-,1'v' 3 X 4-1: .I .,.. '--L ., 'A -12-'fu 2 -.-' gi'--.-.. Sz' -"f - 'M 4, " . - " -- A-Lf-S ' . 2' Y ' f - -Q V . ..-5' A15 'Iii-'f'5'L 'B'-:LTPM Jllz,-fi 'f':5""JL:-nr-.' TTY .fi M-'iii-fr: :5 T4-2,,'.Lf ,ff '-.."Q-",,'2, " A.i"' T-6"-'rielf' F-s...f ,- -'::..g. -.. - ,..-, ff:,.a-- f--- .- -r .f-: --w-- 4--H-'-c..:" .. -- -- ', . ,.,. ..,'A.- '..--5'f4't.. mg Z3-'!r".1:'-1.'--4 r--':"" ,'..f- Eggs- --."f1-F:-fuigf .,g-- L.-,cub '--,-J"..l"1" , -f-27? "Qt, "':'fT: L- Th' ..-.EA - f" -gg-v --,L-4'--"1-f'pp. E-"1 A-.L,,.-.v,, " Testi-, --"Y--ff-lv .flg-giigr-.A Alf? ff- - '---Af ". 1'3" 1 4-- .f"-'-'5'-'-:""11.Z" i. - :e.s..,.' -'-4--g'1"-re4Q-.f1f- 13?-' , -A' v .L-W. -'-f ,. - ,.4.. - .. '-'-'- - , ' """'-.....-1 ,, . - -, - 1-gs-" - , Q .. M... ,r :eb 5 "'...,.,,- . ,..-"v:9p--.,--- V H1 1- T '- 1.-,- ffl.. Q-. if .,,,rr0f -Y sr -,'- L --, ,. -7- f- d , .- Y .. -- N-Jw : J- - La- 1.. ....::L4-r. , V . -A ,- . -,. - - , -t - -- - ,- - nf v. --nr' .. 1, . . ., ., , A . 4 ,,,..U ,,- L ., . .--.'-. l.... , ' -' 1' ' - 9... , ... .h 1--V-'..,... . qu.. . ,c . ., .....,., ...nv-vt , . V Y' . X' ,,., ., ,-r -'Q ' 1 f ' U me Q... ..., I .,,--- ae- '- 44, , .--,- ,. -.ff 9' 6- .- ..--: Q- - - -"J , 1 , 1 -. i 1' . - - 'A , - ,, .. V, 4-V .g - ... , ,. .442 - :- L4 V, ' . i- . A V 1-Q ",.f:1,..,- Q . ,--4-, -- - , ,X .,,.-1.-11' N T, .., -. if - . R-'-- - ' ,, ,,-vA"',1- ...-V' .,- vw , --K - ,..- ....g 4? - All winter long the Crew is forced to row on dry land in the boathouse. In 1962, the Wisconsin oarsrnen, under Coach Norm Sonju, broke through the ice by taking honors in six out of six races. On June 2, a blistering hot day, the Junior Varsity not only defeated the Detroit Boat Club, but also the Wiscornsin Varsity Crew. The Crew made things warm for the big Ivy League teams in the I.R.A. race in Syracuse by taking 4th place. Torn Kroncke, Jon Greenfield and Ben Logterrnan added to the victory. vw. +A!" .... , .. ,-,.. . ,..4u.f.Lv-,. ,,,, Ja . xii," ' 1 C... ...-...,.. . ADMINISTRATION 9 COLLEGES 0 HONORARIES ' ORGANIZATIONS 9 MUSIC PUBLICATIONS 9 GOVERNING BODIES ' VARSITY TEAMS ' GREEKS ' DORMS 9 SENIORS 176 DR. CONRAD A. ELVEHJEM Dr. Conrad A. Elvehjem was a man who will long be remembered for his outstanding contributions and devotion to the University. After receiving his Bachelor's and graduate degrees at this campus he served as Chairman of the Biochemistry Department, Dean of the Graduate School, and from 1958 until July 27, 1962 as President. The memory of his great achievements will linger in the minds of the World's scientists and educators. Wisconsin owes much to this man who devoted over 35 years of service to the state and his alma mater. --- sv it.,-U.-r PRESIDENT FRED H. HARRINGTON Dr. Fred Harvey Harrington is the University's 14th president. He has been a member of the Wisconsin faculty since 1937 and was vice-president when named to the presidency on August 6, 1962. He earned his Bachelor's degree with honors in history from Cornell University, and his MA. and Ph.D. at New York University. President Harrington, vitally aware of the chang- ing times, is planning ahead for the growth of the University. His long-range vision ensures continued progress. 177 178 JOHN W. REYNOLDS Badger alumnus John W. Reynolds succeeded former Governor Nelson in January. Prior to his election to the governorship in November, he served as Wisconsin Attorney General from 1958-1962. Governor Reynolds has shown an active interest in the University and its functions. Working in cooperation with the Board of Regents and President Harrington, he sees the need for expansion, advanced research, and further educational development. BOARD OF REGENTS W ,L -es -.BEF Q F it A X E - 9 R i X ...... M, .Y ., 'LL lb rf, 1 X. Board of Regents-First Row. Ellis E. Jensen, vice-president, Jacob F. Fredrick, president, A. Matt Werner, Carl F.. Steiger. Second Row. Charles D. Gelatt, Kenneth L. Greenqust, UW President Fred H. Harrington, Arthur DeBardeleben, Gilbert C. Rohde, Maurice B. Pasch. The ultimate supervision and control of University pol- icy is concentrated in the hands of the ten members of the University Board of Regents. Under the general heading of policy fall such specifies as the appointment of the Uni- versity president and approval of all promotions and ap pointments of professors and assistant professors. Extending far beyond personnel, the Regents set all fees, both for tuition and for University resident halls, approve any changes in curriculum, accept all gifts and grants, and exer- cise a supervisory control over fraternities and sororities. They are also responsible for all construction programs on campus. The totality of the Regents' concern is centered not only in Madison but also includes the many extension centers located throughout the state. BOARD OF VISITORS Serving in an advisory capacity to the University Board of Regents, the Board of Visitors, receiving assign- ments from the Regents, does the em- pirical research on proposed action. Among its recent projects have been an inquiry into the image of the Uni- versity within the state, a study of the accelerated student, and a review of the possibility of extending the L Sc S honors program into other areas. After completing its initial studies, the Visi- tors submit their findings and recom- mendations to the Regents for the final policy formation. Various methods are used to select the twelve-member board. T h r e e members are appointed by the gov- ernor, six are chosen by the Alumni Association and three by the Board of Regents. Board of Visitors-Mrs. Bruno V. Bitker, Milton E. Schneider, Mrs. David O, jones, William A. Jahn, Mrs. Eldon B. Russell, Bidwell K. Gage, Mrs. Lewellyn J. Walker, Arthur J. O'I-Iara, Dale R. Clark, Adolph J. Ackerman, Mrs. James Hill. Qlflbsent: Mrs. Robert D. johns., VICE-PRESIDENTS Viceepresident Alfred W. Peterson L . El. I lx X I Mr. Neil Cafferty, Vice-President for Business Af- fairs, is responsible for all the operations of the University, including such things as purchasing, academic personnel, ,residence halls, and the Uni- versity hospital. In addition, his Work is connected with student loans, the payroll, and budgeting. A member of many University committees, Vice- President Alfred W. Peterson is the University's chief business oflicer. Besides directing the vital cam- pus expansion plans, he is a University trust oflicer. Vice-president Neil Cafferty 81' 182 M LeRoy E. Luberg, Dean of Students. Th eodore W. Zillman, Dean of Men N 1 1 Co-ordinating the multiplicity of student activities outside the classroom is Dean of Students, Leroy E. Luberg. Working closely with the Division of Resi- dence Halls, the Union and special services, Dean Luberg seeks to further University education in services and in academic goals. Working hand-in-hand with Dean Luberg are the Dean of Women, Patricia Tautfest, and,Theodore Zillman, Dean of Men. As members of many stu- dent-faculty committees such as Student Life and Interest, the deans keep in close contact with perti- nent daily issues. They also act as individual coun- selors and advisors to many organizations. Patricia Tautfest, new Dean of Women, and Martha Peterson, special assistant to the president. Miss Peterson was formerly Dean of Women. DEANS 183 REGISTRAR ASSISTANTS TO THE PRESIDENT '84 SECRETARY TO THE FACULTY Appointed Registrar in l962,Wayne Kuckham directs the entire process of registration for the University. Equal- ly important, he acts as the Director of Admissions. Assisting the President in public relations are George Fields, Robert Taylor, Ira Baldwin, and Carl Runge. They also assist in the formulation of University policies. As Secretary to the Faculty, Alden White is in charge of preserving all educational records and statistics and assisting faculty committees. Secretary to the faculty Alden White. Registrar Wayne Kuckham Presidential assistants Ira Baldwin, Carl Runge, George Fields, and Robert Taylor. When in high school, one has many questions about college. For the high school student in Wis- consin there is an answering service offered by the University which is called the Wisconsin Pre-Views. Under the supervision of Dean Luberg and the cen- tral committee, headed by Tom Burgess and Jeanie Olsen, four speakers visit various high schools. They try to enlighten the students about our program and answer any questions. The discussions are usually conducted in informal gatherings and all answers are spontaneous and uncensored. Alnry Alice Sclmll ronrluds a Pre-Views szfsxirm in Green Bay. WISCONSIN PRE-VIEWS ras Pre-Views Central Committee-Firsf row: S. Thomson, S. Styles, T. Burgess, Olsen, M. Schull. Second row: T. Shambeau, Dean Luberg, D, Kalsched. ff ,MW-s-..s.,, af' ,. , 4-'V' '-5' av T' - 186 SPECIAL SERVICES The University of Wisconsin offers many special services beneficial to the student body. The Student Counseling Center, for instance, offers student vocational guidance and help in career selection. Financial advising is given to student organizations while the University News Service distributes releases of campus news to state mass media. Other special serv- ices include student health, the union, resi- dence halls, student activities, and loans and undergraduate scholarships. Lewis Drake, student counseling director. Rick Bolien, director of loans 'and undergraduate scholarships. Elmer Meyer, assistant dean of men and student activities director. Dr. Peter Eichman, coordinator of the student clinic. Jack Newman, director of the university news service. Ray Hilsenhoff, sludent fiI'lUJ7Cill1 adviser. 1 Newell Smith, director of student resi- dence halls. . 2321 if? :ffl ii 4 JM, nf-jig, is ww Porter Butts, union director r ,... , 187 X s Af 2 188 , Wisconsin Foundation oflicers Abner A. Heald, Frank V. Birch, Rudolph C. Zimmerman, and joseph A. Cutler. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN FOUNDATION 'Alumni and friends play an important role in the life of the University. Realizing that their personal achievements and happiness are built on the solid foundation acquired at Madison, many alumni con- tribute annually to their Alma Mater. Others, moved by social responsibility, know that our schools and colleges cannot perform productively without gen- erous and continuing support from friends and alumni. In 1945 a group of alumni organized the Uni- versity of Wisconsin Foundation to solicit, accept, and use gifts for those things not supported by state taxes. A private non-proiit corporation, the Founda- tion has compiled an admirable record of service to the students, alumni, faculty, and citizens of Wis- consin. Robert B. Rennebohm '48, executive 'direc- tor, is in charge of the Foundation's oflice located in the Wisconsin Center, an adult education build- ing given to the University by the Foundation. Leadership of the Foundations efforts is provided by alumni who never lost their enthusiasm for Wis- consin. Principle oflicers are chairman Frank V. Birch '18, president Rudolph C. Zimmerman '22, executive vice-president Abner A. Heald '25, secre- tary and counsel Ray M. Stroud '08, and treasurer Harlan C. Nicholls '29. The Foundation is presently engaged in a major project to raise funds for the 553,300,000 art center that will be constructed on the lower campus as a memorial to the late president Conrad A. Elvehjem. The University's collection of more than 1,300 works of art-about 700 of museum quality-is now just a "college catalog" promotion factg until attrac- tive and versatile display space is provided, the paint- ings by old and new masters adorn dark corridors, disinterested conference rooms, or remain secure but unseen in the hidden recesses of Bascom basement. Traveling exhibits, outstanding works on loan from public and private collections, now bypass Wis- consin since proper security and display areas are limited. Because of this lack of facilities, the Uni- versity has not openly sought gifts and loans of art works which could only be consigned to storage. When the faculty and administration was asked what was the most needed facility for the campus, an art center and gallery rated Number One on the list. Last semester 4,600 students were enrolled in Administrative secretary of the Wis- consin Foundation, James E. Bie. Scholarship winners D. Dresang, R. Lenz, C. Housfeld, R. Freedman, J. Slapikes, and T. Verage. the 54 undergraduate and graduate courses olferecl in aft and aft history. Dozens of other departments of the University will be served as the Art Center provides special exhibits and displays to complement their teaching and research. President Fred H. Harrington and the entire Uni- versity family have pledged their solid support to Milwaukee attorney Malcolm K. Whyte '12, national chairman of the fund raising campaign. The main gallery, provided by a gift of 351,000,000 from the Brittingham Trusts, will be named in honor of Thomas E. and Mary Clark Brittingham. The Art Library is to be a gift from the Kohler Foundation and Kohler Company. Other gifts of all sizes will be sought during 1963 from business firms, alumni, faculty, students and friends of the University. Alumni realize that tuition pays only about 202 of the cost of student instruction, but even that small amount might deprive many good scholars the op- portunity to enroll at Wisconsin. Contributions for scholarship aid to the Foundation help many stu- dents, including: Dennis Dresang, Knight Scholar- shipg Robert Lenz, Friday Scholarship in Dairy and Food Industry, Carol I-lousfeld, Richard Freedman, and janet Slapikes, UWF-Orchestra, Thomas J. Ver- age, UWF-Commerceg Richard C. Kleinfeldt, Elwell- Comrnerceg james R. Kahl, Frazer-Commerce, David M. jaecks and David L. Boyd, UWF-Medicine, Anne E. Buchanan and Paul D. Klawiter, Staley-Education, Ruth Newman and Carol Helgeson, Goessling-Home Economics, Timm A. Zimmerman, Burton O. Nees- vig, and John R. Olson, Phillips-Medicineg William R. Smith and Steven C. Underwood, Schreiner Memorial. 89 WISCONSIN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION In its lO2nd year of service to the University, the Wisconsin Alumni Association took on increased responsibilities to implement the mandate of its constitution: "to promote by organized effort the best interests of the University of Wisconsin." Under the vigorous leadership of Arlie M. Mucks, Jr., executive director, the Association established an effective Working relationship with the Univer- sity's 14th president, Fred Harrington. Some of the programs which highlighted the year of Association activity Were: alumni club officer Workshops held in the fall to brief local alumni oflicers on leadership techniquesg the sponsorship of a special alumni tour to the Rose Bowlg the third annual Wisconsin Women's Dayg and many other activities, including Alumni Day held on Com- mencement-Reunion Weekend. In addition to these programs, the Association established a faculty relations co-mmittee, presented scholarships and awards to outstanding junior and senior students, and carried out an extensive infor- mation program Which included the publication of the Wisconsin Alumnus. Alumni board an Alumni Association chartered airplane for their Rose Bowl trip. President Harrington addresses the directors of the Association at their annual Homecoming meeting. 2 Edward H. Gibson, director of alumni relations, chats with Green annual Wisconsin Women's Day. During the year, plans to build a new Alumni House next to the Wisconsin Center Building pro- gressed, and an architect was hired to draft final plans for the new alumni center. Officers for the year were Dr. Norman O. Becker, Fond du Lac, chairman of the boardg Lloyd Larson, Milwaukee, presidentg Charles O. Newlin, Chicago, first Vice president, Russell A. Teckemeyer, Madi- son, treasurerg and Mrs. John J. Walsh, Madison, secretary. In addition to Executive Director Arlie Mucks, jr., the Association staff includes Edward H. Gibson, director of alumni relatio-nsg Arthur Hove, editor of the Wisconsin Alumnusg and Mrs. Edith Knowles and Mrs. Gayle Langer, office managers. County alumnae at the Lloyd Larson, president of the Alumni Association, and Arlie M. Mucks, jr., executive director, discuss University matters with President Harrington. AGRICULTURE Dean R. K. Froker wtf? ' ,Jw A ,Ti 1 ,1 . Zifiii .-,Q - 1 The University Farm olfers opportunities for agricultural research and experimentation. ,I Agriculture students can learn livestock first-hand through their own herds. The College of Agriculture stressed research extensively this year with the reorganization of their experimental farms and coordination with other schools on the campus. The H. L. Russell Laboratories and the Veteri- nary Science Building Will soon be located on Linden Drive. Already in use is the new Genetics Building on the mall. A four-option curriculum is now in operation. More graduate students than undergraduates are enrolled in the College of Agriculture which re- sults in much research activity off campus. Experimental farms are lo- cated throughout the state, including the newly-purchased Arlington prai- r1e. Home economics, part of the Ag campus. izslgjgww sts' :f!'-'mm ,es 21' f 2.-swewse. eg,-.a.i15,m-1 .-,.:, ,- . . v. .. .-Q.,-A-as ...,,, , if ,,,.,,,,, -W. sff'1:s:sfwm3'z-' Ayfe A ff 'Ga 0' XG! 5 'wr 0' Q ,372 9 f za a, f' fa I Q, S, ,f r V ' ff:-7 aw . g N , ,.,., , x .,,...W.,.v . -.,,.. . g A. . I 1 f 1'1Jsg,,....,. . Z ,., V A nay, 4 ga" - I :as , 35:12 .1 , . .... ff :fi fe ' f:,:.w'-5 .. .,,, 'Ax .. I , 3 an a ff V i if JK . 1 -w ff-1.1.4 "-' wzffgwaya vaaizf fmgfzrffa . ,V .az.:'lzczv-+'.6'?i,:f':?1 - ,,.,.Qf.,,.a6 "mv an n am , ,,,, ,.,,, , , ,,,, Ula, ,f an was V: 41, WW 4 ff :-gf .ya ,,,,. J. ., ,,,, .,.,,. ,. ., 'f4,,.42fm, ,',p1,,,3-,fa ,,fff.1.Qy,,,Wc " f ,.., f f . . , .. . ,",4f15g1viZ leg!-6 14 1. ,Sy-F21 7342- :z:,1:a?44jZ f '1 yu wwffpyawrc-1 ,.x.f,,,, . .. -f zmzfvff-,-zafwzfu .a,,, , ,.f,.,,, .::,fi33.4?25'2zfgQ4?4f f lfksf'-Z5 ff! f 5 46 aa 111121125 ggfff: V-2.142 -'-,a f ay, .1 ,. .1 " ' '-wi' X f I , ,.,. 3, :iawffrirqfl ' A ' Lf ff z Z I ,U ,253iyf:1:..,., ,. .. , . af' . . . 1-241, ' ,. 2:21112 . H a xg -'H ' . ,JA - .- . .-A ,ai , ,, .-cf f , 1 M-' . ' if afff f 32'f':21' ' .,. , . f --ai , ff f' 3::ffm-'v,,.-1-',14f.,X, .z . ' v 1.ggqf .g, V, :as-' 4 fi-.avi ,ff ..r-.wma ,f,- ic' V - f-,ff-as-4-91 ' a . ,"ff:a'fz2rWf,,.v " ,. W?-Q4 ' , ,, -'Nfl'-if-AQRQ- ef? .24 : f- f 4 - file., -'wi-M: . R' ai lem ,, ,,, 4-' .1 M, ,1..,f , . F. . 4,.,n,.,,' fa ,gf 5594, , f,sag,,4Qjea,yZ7ffA 1 , I M.. :ma Dean Erwin A. Gaumnitz. Learning to operate the IBM system is practical training for Commerce students. COMMERCE Progressive educational aids were secured by the School of Commerce with the inauguration of its IBM 1410 system. Installed in November, it will be used for research and for teaching courses on data processing. Other highlights of the year included the presence of visiting behavioral scientists, David G. Moore from Michigan State and William Henry from the Univer- sity of Chicago, who held a series of lectures and taught seminars on the relationship between business and the behavioral sciences. Students of the School of Commerce may enter in their junior year from the College of Letters and Science, the School of Engineering, and the Col- lege of Agriculture. The students this year may also embark on the new Honors Program, integrated with the Letters and Science Honors Program. Honor societies and fraternities for both men and women give Commerce students an opportunity for specialized participation. Commerce students earnestly discuss a technical business point after class. 1' iii? I ' .ful V yr Qual' EDUCATION The School of Education embarked upon a novel program of teacher education. This program makes available to the undergraduate a teaching internship with salary in his fifth year leading to an M.A. degree. Ninety- two students participated in the new program this year with seventeen school systems cooperating. Two new departments of Educational Adminis- tration and Educational Psychology have also been added to- the school. The Honors Program has been extended to include the School of Educa- tion, which is synchronized with the School of Commerce and the College of Letters and Science. There are over 1400 students enrolled in the School of Education, and they lead all students in grade-point averages on the campus. Student teachers try out the lessons learned in methods courses. BVU sn. Art education majors learn how to teach through doing. QQ A .V..., ,,trV,-N..-,vw-.--N 'ue "lx: " 4 VP ,A . 4, IW' , .N M abr-is wi-1 ' ki .F 'H sqm ,af -,ef 1.5.-: . A- , ,..:Q.-Q. . . " VH:-fig vga. ' ' Dean Lindley Stiles Working out lesson plans is a challenge to future teachers. v w W - I .-I T, R L , 2 ' .,r 14-6-1 . ' - - i L I SW' ,1- P 'Tw f. 5 V an ' F 5 1' G ,f 2 4 , 5.4 "Q an 1-7- n v-'CA ' t .X i .1 ' I ,. , ..,.v- ,,,s fa, as Q-,fwfr--mffr' -Ax " :ff V' Wax r . f:2xag:, qmvi.aI-S Vwlwiiasmm y 4f7fvzqf'v':,s., W ' 3" YM , V Qi, 5 , u f 'r ' ?X f ,k X. , V kv 7- f ' Q X ' ff ' f fx , X , . 'ws'-Q Q-mylar. ali' Engineering lab work requires careful measuring and observation. This year marks the completion of the third addi- tion to the 33 million engineering building. In 1965 the fourth and final edition should be completed. Research needs have been expanding rapidly in the past years in the School of Engineering, due to an increase in graduate students. The University is par- ticipating in 350 research projects, including a satel- lite program. During the past year, Explorer VII was successfully orbited, and the Wisconsin package in it produces useful data on the heat budget of the earth. The School of Engineering also has an IBM 1620 expressly for teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Professional student societies exist in each branch of engineering including three professional fraterni- ties and five honorary groups. 7 f ,M .gf F if V Students spend their time testing intricate machines 200 Dean H. Edwin Young Baseom Hall the nucleus of the College of Letters and Sczence COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE The College of Letters and Science is headed by Dean H. Edwin Young. The role of the College is to provide instruction and carry out research in the fields of social studies, the basic sciences, and the humanities. Undergraduates, graduates, and students in other colleges of the University take letters and science courses. The College provides services for state government, individual citizens, and state com- munities. "Hill" students, appropriately designated as such because the majority of their classes meet in build- ings located on Bascom Hill, enjoy a rigorous and varied program of liberal courses. Integrated Liberal Studies is one such program, selected by many new students and involving a two year planned curriculum of courses ranging from anthropology and earth science to varied English courses and classics. The opportunity is ever present, but one must open the door. Modern, well equipped laboratories aid the eager student. il life ' , i.3. 4,..l:,.:.....iL..1..111a4f:- .f.- F. ' ,. , , ' .,e"" 1, .FT "' IV' . ,, ,.. , .i -,,, , Birge Hall lobby, a favorite between-classes meeting place Any vacant seat has' study hall poten tial. Students find interested professors with a desire to give assistance. The new Social Science building is an- other campus gathering-place. The College of Letters and Science is the starting point for students who aren't sure of their future college plans. It provides a broad general background in various fields of study. From here the student may complete a major in Letters and Science or enter the schools of education, law, medicine, or library science. For students who show outstanding ability, desire, and perform- ance and wish to enrich their college program, the College of Letters and Science offers an extensive Honors Program leading to awarding of special degrees upon successful participation in the program. The program was begun in 1960-61 for freshmen and sophomores and in 1961-62 for upperclassmen. This year various degree requirement changes were suggested by the College. These will go into effect for freshmen entering in 1964. The purposes of the changes were to further broaden the basis of study, institute a more rigorous series of requirements, and adjust requirements to the increasingly extensive high school preparation received by students. Familiar lecture halls with new courses, new faces. The never-ending search for new and better drug products. Manufacturing Lab: practical application of ac quired knowledge. Dean Arthur H. Uhl Established in 1883, as the second American school of pharmacy in a state university, the School of Pharmacy was the first to offer Qin 1892-93D the B.S. degree in pharmacy, and a few years later the first to offer the graduate degrees, M.S. and Ph.D., with majors in phar- macy. At the graduate and undergraduate level it pioneered in such areas as physical pharmacy, the history of pharmacy, pharma- ceutical technology, and pharmacy adminis- tration, some decades before other American schools. Now, on this its eightieth anniversary, it is about to break fresh ground with the introduction of a new graduate program o-f social studies in pharmacy. Each of these mile- stones in the history of the school assumes importance by virtue of its part in the overall development of the schoolg a few of these milestones also stand out for their unques- tionable importance to the history of phar- maceutical education in the United lStates. Sludcfnls gain practice filling prescriptions. Pharmacy school, now a 5-year program. GRADUATE SCHOOL Diversity is a key Word in speaking of the Graduate School. Not only are the students from diverse back- grounds, but they also study a variety of subjects. According to Dean Willard, students from all over the globe-from India to California-carry on ad- vanced study and research in more than eighty-five different fields. They pursue courses of study ranging from microbiology to Asian studies. In spite of these diversities, the graduate students have a common purpose-to become experts in their chosen fields. The students exchange knowledge of their major field With those of other fields, thereby not only becoming thoroughly trained in their own fields, but also developing a familiarity with tech- niques and knowledge available in many others. E f 5 5 2 2 s 5 2 5 5 Dean john E. Willard. Students from many different backgrounds must strive to maintain Graduate School standards. 5 'inn..,, . 1. -, mn.. P a-If ' .pd V- WY, V 'E Grad school means long hours of thesis research and organization. Nm.. Graduate student teaching assistants sometimes occupy cramped office quarters. Ni, X. X 'st , " -:w .:,,g -. .W Individual initiative and experimentation is a large part of Wisconsin's graduate school program. 207 1 to in 1 1 n.AF,,,.- ,. 'L I i Q.. L! The law library becomes a second home to law students. Dean George Young. The University of Wisconsin has supported a prominant law school for many years. Founded nearly one hundred years ago, the law school is noted for its ever-present "spirit of inquiry and productive scholar- ship." Striving constantly to maintain the standards of the school, the administration, under the direction of Dean Young, revised the curriculum in 1962, increas- ing the number of electives and substantially pre- scribing the first year of law school study. Admission standards are kept high in an effort to admit only students with law aptitude. The law school at the present time is one of the ten largest in the nation, excluding schools with night programs. In order to accommodate the large number of students, a new classroom, administration and faculty oflice building is being planned to replace the seventy-year old main law building. Besides unusual seminar rooms, the building will include a Moot Court. fi H 'fill 'Q . N fi A quiet, studying mood pervades the law school atmosphere. The 70-yea structure. LAW riold law building, tg be replaced by a new Dr. James F. Crow Freshman medical students study a seemingly-endless number of slides. Upjnerclassmen make ward rounds at University Hospitals. MEDICINE This year, with the largest freshman class in the history of the medical school, the honors system was adopted instead of conventional grading. There is also an honors program combining research with the medical courses. The medical school faculty engages in extensive research also, with work in birth defects, mental re- tardation, open heart surgery and cancer research. A federal grant has been provided for the construction of a radiotherapy center for advanced study of can- cer therapy. ii!!! ' Dmcnere J!!!-lil! The University of Wisconsin Medical School. Medical students practice the intent observation that is a great part of their training. The modern lounge at the Green Bay Center. 4 if 212 Dean L. H. Adolfson EXTENSION DIVISION School for Workers students during a held tour. "The Wisconsin Idea" was the basis for the founda- tion of the Extension Division. In an effort to make the boundaries of the campus the boundaries of the state, the Extension Division has divided its areas of work into four catagories: the correspondence pro- gram teaching more than 15,000 students by mailg the eight University Extension Centers teaching stu- dents in cities throughout the stateg the off-campus credit courses providing graduate courses primarily in education and social Workg and non-credit insti- tutes and specialized classes offered to over 51,000 interested adults. Constantly expanding its program, the Division is planning a new Extension Center in Marshfield. Ac- cording to Dean Adolfson, a center for training in government administration has been established in Milwaukee to train high-level public oflicials. The Extension Division also sponsors summer overseas study tours and an international cooperative training program. The International Co- operative Training Center at the Wisconsin Center, H1315 in the country. 213 'rg t V ' .' 'fi 'fi D if V fii 4 Language lab at the Green V Bay Center. ,, fa E Colonel J. S. Moncrief, Jr. Colonel R. S. Hosman. captain F. A. Todd. ROTC Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Reserve Offi- cer Training Corps operate to train officers for mili- tary service. Wisconsin is one of the few universities which offers participation in all the services. Under ROTC are many extra units including Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Society, Nautilus Society, and Commandettes, a girls' drill team. The main social event of all the ROTC units is the traditional Military Ball in the spring. The Army and Air Force programs offer an oppor- tunity to jo-in while here, and the Navy gives many scholarships to boys. Flight training is an important part of Air Force RO-TC. Classroom sessions are a prelude to actual Hights. N avy ROTC men embark on a special training program. 215 216 JUN1oRs 1962 Theodore Bernard Berndt Lynn Nancy Bolton Harry Vladimir Carlson Gerald Thomas Conklin Clara Gail Derber Peggy Jo Frank Betty Ann Jonson David Lucas.Kinnamon Bruce Curtis Kirkham Robert James Lieber Peter Staniford Maher San Watterson Orr Jr. Peter Daniel Springberg Beverly Ann Stelter Thomas George Wegmann PHI BETA KAPPA SENIORS 1962 Jerome Elwood Anderson Ellen Lee Bautz Lovice May Becker Glenda Gay Boyer Richard Frank Branda William James T. Brown Sandra Caffee Claudia Falconer Card Thomas Charles Cesario Frank Metlar Clover Hildur Ann Davey Timothy Michael Dempsey John Albert Diddams John Philip Doane Barbara Ann Duwe William Barry Dykema Charles Lloyd Edwards James Jacob Ehrman James Harold Fehlberg James Taylor Fey Susan Louise Flader Thomas Gilbert Fonte Walter John Froehlich Richard Salir Galin Nancy Louise Glover Glenn Karl Grumann Frederick Wm. Haberman Jr. Michael Bennett Hall Pamela K. Heitz Daniel Walter Hildebrand Thomas Mann Hughbanks Clinton Joseph Kolaski Dennis VVencel Kuba Judith Lenz Caryl Ann Milkowski Nancy Sue Mintz Barbara E. Moely Paul Edward Neevel Marion Schwartz Pagenkopf Mary Ann Ridley Janet Ellen Schwartz William Hamilton Sewell IH Marilyn Faith Shapiro Ann Byrd Siple Jeanette Marie Smith Jonathan David Sondow George Watt Stevenson John Henry Torphy Lynn Van Vleet David Mayer Wax Ellen Martha Wheeler William Bates Workman Seniors Linda J. Alberts Peter D. Ascher Sue A. Babe Martha L. Baldwin Mike Bantuveris Pam L. Barney Robert V. Bartman A. Lee Beier Elizabeth M. Benner 'Lawrence T. Betts Lynn N. Bolton Doris M. Borst Richard M. Clinton Adrienne C. Coakley Carolyn M. Cotter David R. Cress Bruce C. Cuppan Laurel Curtis Richard M. Czaplinski Mary L. Dahlke Beth M. Darlington Janet P. Davis Richard L. Davison Alene L. Diestler Dean G. Doornink Kathryn J. Dornbrook Dennis G. Drescher lVilliam Susan J. B. Dykema Edwards Bonita L. Ehren Roy G. Elmhorst Paula H. Fine William H. Fink Leslie L. Flint Kathryn L. Flugstad Susan C. Frakes Peggy J. Frank James S. Friedlander Margaret A. Fuchs Bette B. Gallo Gregory M. Gallo Sharon R. Gasche Aileen E. Gearhart Beverly I. Geske Diann H. Giovannini PHI KAPPA PHI Michael D. Gordon Lanya Guttman Sharon G. I-Iadary Ann M. Hannemann Marianne J. Happe Richard J. Harris Beverly S. Hassel Hazel M. Hasseler Clyde M. Hodge Susan A. Hook Timm M. Hurst Lawrence S. Hurwitz Cynthia M. Ihrig Kathryn M. Jackobs Djordje G. Jerinic Mary L. Jindra Agnes E. Kautz Anthony R. Kazlauski Robert J. Ketelsen David L. Kinnamon Richard C. Kleinfeldt Beverly A. Klumph Cynthia A. Knoblauch Paula B. Knuth Fredric S. Konz Karen D. Koski Kenneth S. Kramer Hope Kranip Louis A. Kressin John D. Larson Nancy M. Lefco Sally J. Lerch Victor A. Levin Garland G. Lichtenberg Richard M. Lindstrom Lawrence S. Linn Susan E. Lippert John Long Eric M, Luttrell Mary F. Mansnerus Bernard L. Marquardt Lois M. Mattison Dale XV. McKenzie Carol M. McLean Neal A. Milner Carole M. Nechrony San YV. Orr Henry C. Osswald Pamela E. Peterson Barbara S. Picker Dennis YV. Pipkorn Barbara A. Pucel Howard YV. Pullman Rodney O. Radke Carol S. Raft Elsie A. Rebholz Ann J. Reigel Tor V. Reiten V. Leo Rideout Roger WV. Rolke Patricia A. Rosemurgy Sandra K. Rosen Jane E. Rosenwald Jean S. Rosenwald Barbara Sanders Linda L. Scarth Joan R. Schurch Judith A. Schwei Martin F. Semmelhack Alice M. Siegel Rayna I. Slavin Peter D. Springberg Bernhard Stahl Bruce Stein Beverly A. Stelter Robert L. Stevenson Dorothy T. Stone Paul J. Strang Joan C. Swiggum Patricia H. Teter John R. Theorell Lawrence E. Tredrea Glen L. Urban Nancy A. Viall Lynda C. Vinarsky Burton A. Wagner Thomas G. Wegmann Kathryn S. White Ruth L. VVidmann Gerald S. lVilcox Gerald S. VViviott Elliot M. Zimmerman juniors Phyllis M. Berman Edward A. Birge Peter A. Bjork Ronald J. Bortz John F. Brensike Karen A. Budzien Susan M. Bussey Victoria YV. Dawn Toni DelliQuadri Daniel E. Delwiche Diane S. Dumtley Elynor A. Evans Nancy L. Frank Helga Friedrichsen Louise H. Gammell Jonathan S. Golan Robert M. Grossfeld Garth D. Gumtz Howard P. Gutgesell Richard F. Halverson Bonnie J. Hansen Carolyn J. Hasz Alan V. Hendrickson John L. Herlache Ellyn A. Hershrnan Virginia Johannsen John E. Kelsey Mark N. King Konstance A. Klumpar David B. Kocher Robert Kotler Margaret E. Kowitz Judith A. Langenfeld Sandra K. Larson David A. Levin Rolf S. Lulloff James R. Margenau Stephen R. Moore Merri M. Morris Joyce A. Narveson Karen O. Nelson Mary A. O'Connor Thomas C. Owen Peter A. Peshek Iris L. Petersen Richard M. Peterson Polly H. Powrie Gerald D. Purchatzke Judy S. Ray Mary J. Reierson Jaime A. Ricart Mary A. Roberton Rodney R. Rohda Robert H. Rosenfield Frances L. Rost Lofton L. Runzheimer Carol A. Salzman Dorothy C. Sampe Susan H. Serota Robert W. Shirey Michael S. Sigal Nancy C. Simonsen Enid A. Spring Jay G. Stein Hollis W. Thompson Susan Thomson Sharon L. Tobis James W. Torke Joanne L. Vanish Richard A. Weinberg Karen Weiner Barbara J. Williams Class of 1963 Robert L. Barocci Jean M. Beck Richard G. Beery Martha A. Chase Gerald T. Conklin Carol H. Falk Judith A. Fiedelman Susan L. Flader Suzanne L. Frank Janice R. Griffith John F. Haferbecker Jane A. Hollingsworth Bruce L. Holman John F. Holzrichter Stephen N. Jasperson Bruce C. Kirkham Margaret J. Krug Thomas J. LaPlant Marcia A. Lewis Robert J. Lieber Helen M. Loehning Joyce V. Luff William Matuszeski Mary E. McAndrews James W. Nelson Forrest H. Nielsen David H. Nimmer Charles W. Page Robert J. Palzer Mary E. Petrof Rosa Rappaport Dyann- S. Rivkin Harvey S. Schiller Marilyn S. Leys Rodger F. Smith Yvonne K. Swain Joan B. Thieding Richard H. Thomas Judith A. Walter David M. Wax Paul M. Wolff Barbara A. Woller Eleanor G. Zeiler 217 2.18 MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board-First Row: K. Dornbrook, E. Rebholz, J. Schurch, C. Falk N Glover M Schrage, P. Krug, M. Mansnerus. Second Row: J. VValter, H. Loehning, M. Pack S Hook H Fyffe, D. Borst, K. Larme, C. Booth. Mortar Board is an honorary organization which recognizes senior girls who are outstanding in scholarship, leadership and service on campus. Nancy Glover, president, with the help of vice-president Doris Borst, secretary Elsie Rebholz and treasurer Peggy Krug planned numerous activities for the members. One project co-sponsored with AWS was a program in which outstanding women in the community spoke at the living units about the woman's role in a career world. The members worked on a booklet describing college life from their point of view which they planned to send to junior and senior girls in high school. Managing the WSA exam file was another major project for the year. Other areas of service included working on a program for further edu- cation for women who are college graduates and a Mortar Board award for an outstanding senior girl in high school. The spring initiation banquet honoring new and past mem- bers completed the schedule of activities. IRON CRCSS CLASS OF 1963 Steven F. Wolfe john Baumgartner Gene Armstrong Charles Meissner Roger Loeb Mark Musolf Gregory Gallo Steve Underwood Dennis O'Connel1 Robert Jennings Carl Lohman Calvin Andringa CLASS OF 1962 Robert J. Kalter David A. Rice LeRoy Pesce Joseph Hayes james B. Loken F. William Haberman 219 CRUCIBLE Crucible, an organization honoring junior Women who have maintained a three-point average, are active in campus organizations and have demonstrated outstanding leadership, elected Lois Ehrhardt as president and Pauline Bown as secretary. This group was organized to recognize and pro- mote good scholarship and participation in campus activities among women at the University. A dinner with the mem- bers of Mortar Board and Sigma Epsilon Sigma and present- ing Dean Peterson as the guest speaker was a main event of the year. Treasurer Phyllis Berman Was in charge of the annual fund-raising silver survey in connection with Reed and Barton. A banquet planned with Mace, the junior menls honorary organization, also featured a guest speaker. The tapping ceremony in the spring for new members and a breakfast on the morning of Senior Swingout honoring the new members and their parents were the final events of the year for the members of Crucible. , Crucible-First Row: M. Domoto, K. Klumpar, P. Bown, P. Berman, L. Ehrhaidt B Currie Second Row: S. Cohen, J. Rosenbaum, D. Dumdey, M. Wells, M. Roberton, A Chambers Richard Halversen Roger Zuckerman Dennis Dresang R. J. Greeniield William Campbell john Oleson Stephen Moore Donald Kalsched Peter Carlson Stuart Holden Marvin Utech Steve Schellin Robert Kotler 221 MACE 222 Phi Eta Sigma-First Row: P. Kuhfittig, M. Schukit, R. Kroncke, B. Wartinbee, S. Moore, M. Sigal, G. Kirk, J. McCullough, N. Cohen, C. Brooke, D. Below. Second Row: S. Edelman, D. Morris, D. Kidd, D. Fuller, P. Mulloy, D. Goodchild, J. Cameron, J.' Frank, R. Keune, E. Adler, B. Dresang. Third Row: J. Belanger, G. Palmer, P. Close, G. Thiede, A. Slaby, W. Burgdorf, J. Kososki, R. Falkenberg, J. Christianson, R. Carne. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma, a national honorary freshman men's fratern- ity, recognizes scholastic achievement early in the academic career. The purpose of this early recognition is to pro- vide a spur to the freshmen to go on and achieve other honors. It is thought that by recognizing those freshmen Who show potential, there is a better chance that these men will achieve a good ending to their college career. Council oflicers for the year included president Mike Sigal, vice-president Steve Moore, secretary Jim McCullough, treasurer Bill Wartinbee and historian Gary Kirk. These officers, along with Mr. George Murphy, faculty advisor, senior advisor Harry Carlson, member-at-large Robert Chaf- iin, an ex-president of the fraternity, and council members Richard Pearlman and Steve Yamamoto comprise the council which is the governing body of the group. One of the main goals this year was to make the council a more active group. In December the president attended a national convention at which he exchanged ideas with members of other chapters of Phi Eta Sigma. A committee was set up to study renewing the awarding of trophies to the fraternity and dorm with the best grades. Included in the study was the consideration off the most equitable basis on which to make the awards. Any freshman man who attains a 3.5 or better average the First semester or a 3.5 overall average for the first two semesters is invited to become a member of the organization. Initiation ceremonies and a banquet are held each semester to honor the new members. Approximately 200 men are initiated each year. Letters of congratulations are sent to the parents and high school principals of the new members. Phi Eta Sigma Council-First Row: W. Wartinbee, G. Kirk, M. Sigal, S. Moore, J. McCullough. Second Row: G. Murphy, S. Yamamoto, R. Pearlman, R. Chaffin. 223 Sigrna Epsilon Sigina, the oldest freshman womenls hon- orary society, recognizes all women who maintain a 3.5 average in their first year. The society promotes good scholarship, and has established a freshman scholarship awarded on the basis of scholastic record and need. This scholarship is presented each spring at Senior Swingout. President Julie Traver assisted by vice-president Solveig Bjorke, secretary Shelly Larson and treasurer Sue Harring- ton set up several programs for the members including a Sunday dinner and discussion with Phi Eta Sigma, the men's freshman honorary society, and a speaker on the educated woman. The annual banquet held in the spring honored all freshmen women who had received a three-point or better average in their first semester. The Alpha chapter, founded at the University, worked this year on establishing chapters on more campuses in the nation. The members also worked on making the incoming freshmen aware of honorary groups on campus. Sigma Epsilon Sigma-First Row: C. Schneider, B. Shapiro, S. Fifrick, S. Wasser, C. Korn, M Casely, A, Reichert, S. Brennan, B. Vandeveld. Second Row: M. Thompson, S. Arndt, S. Thompson, B. Haack, B. Miller, C. Cape, B. Schowalter, S. Carlson, C. Rademacher, K. Kube, G. Seidler. Third Row: N. Evans, S. Kissil, D. Drescher, T. Dreblow, M. Schmidt, S. Larson S, Bjorke, J. Traver, S. Harrington, M. Wright, T. Pohle, E. Elving, E. Crowley. Fourth Row: M. Bauman, S. Zalubowski, S. Ruggles, A. Luetsher, S. Patterson, L. Menke, C. Cooper, L. Moser, M. Goepel, J. Cohen, D. Henselin, D. Derry, S. Bersch, H. Showers, I. Jarvinen, S. Cuene. Fifth Row: A. Leneau, E. Hodge, E. Rossman, S. Woerful, C. Ahlstrom, M. Holsteen, J. Hack- barth, S. Pollay, M. Mead, E. Hafstad, Barnett, Holloway, J. Nejedlo. Sixth Row: P. Horo- chena, E. Paddock, R. Apinis, J. Jesinki, M. Wittak, J. Newton, G. Orberg, B. Broomall, D. Williams, K. Walter, J. Shaw. Seventh Row: M. Riley, S. Reetz, M. Holtzman, L. Rogers, M. Fleming, P. Cole, M. Richgels, M. Ahlgren, V. Kemper, S. Boehm, C. Melrose, M. Vogt, J. Falligant. Q Alpha Zeta-First Row: T. Grcidanus, G. Borchardt, R. Radke, R. Oleson. Second Row: L. Craker, P. Ascher, J. McCaf'lree, Prof. Sledge. ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta, an honorary agricultural fraternity, recognizes high scholarship, leadership ability and good character among members of the College of Agriculture. Sophomores, juniors and seniors with high scholastic averages are considered Ifor member- ship. President Bob Oelson, vice-president Dean Doornick, secretary Glen Borchardt, treasurer Ted Greidanus and historian Forrest Nielsen planned monthly meeting and speakers. Dr. Glenn Pound, chairman of the department of plant pathology, was initiated as an honorary member at a banquet cele- brating the centennial of the Land Grant Act. BETA ALPHA PSI Beta Alpha Psi, the national honorary accounting Fraternity, requires a 3.0 grade-point average in com- merce, Every November a joint meeting with the Madison chapter of C.P.A.s is held, and other meet- ings featured some outstanding guest speakers in this Field. Second semester the fraternity held their an- nual senior Earewell dance and also took a field trip to Milwaukee. Officers for the year were Martin D. Goodman, president, James Severence, vice-president, James Cahl, secretary, and James Vogt, treasurer, who led the group through another successful year. nitz, M. Goodman, J. Pluemer, J. Kahl Prof. Tuttle, Prof. McClure, Prof Bower. Second Row: D, Glickstein, A Hassan, B. Wagner, M. Gregg, J Haferbecker, Prof. Gibson, M. Meyer Third Row: D. Radloff, J. Benson, P Ravid, M. Hegazy, H. Trescott, R Futterman, C. Sherman, R. Skelton Fourth Row: M. Festge, I. Nohavica J. Severance, L. Garber, M. Salim, C McAteer, L. Runzheimer. Fifth Row M. Carlson, R. Jones, J. Stiska, W Wettstein, D. Demichelis, J. Makis, R J. Sefert, R. Piltz, D. Maass, S. Loeb D. Stone, R. Swenson, D. Meier, R Schroeder, J. Parsons, H. Metten. Beta Alpha Psi-First Row: Prof. Wal- genbach, Dean Westing, Dean Gaum- 1 Paluczak, K. Zehms, Sixth Row: J.Farr, 225 2.26 Beta Gamma Sigma-First Row: J. Gag- non, A. Lins, F. Elwell, M. Bantuveris, E. Gaumnitz, R. Kleinfeldt, B.K1umph, J. Klingman. Second Row: R. Johnson, J. Richardson, H. Fraine, G. Hocutt, J. Udell, A. Kleimenhagen, K. Jackobs, R. Ratcliff. Third Row: W. Wight, J. Wendt, S. Loeb, S. Foster, D. Jensen, T. Todhunter, C. Hodge. BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigrna is an honorary society for stu- dents and faculty in the School of Commerce. It promotes scholastic achievement in the fields of com- merce and business administration. Students con- sidered for selection by the members must be juniors or seniors in the top ten per cent of their class and with a minimum grade point of 3.5. President Mike Bantuverius, vice-president Beverly Klumph and sec- retary Prof. Angeline G. Lins planned a series of dinners featuring guest speakers from the various Fields of commerce. CHI EPSILON Chi Epsilon, the honorary civil engineering frater- nity, was headed this year by Gerald Brown, presi- dent. Assisting him were Bernard Stahl, vice-presi- dent, Larry Soltis, secretary, and James Sherman, treasurer. Organized primarily to honor outstanding civil en- gineering students, the chapter holds an annual in- stallation banquet to initiate those that have rnet the requirements for membership. Chi Epsilon-First Row: J. Sherman, B, Stahl, G. Brown, L. Soltis, Second Row: H. Jebens, T. Dapp, MV. Heilman, J. Petersen, O. Ullestad. Third Row: T. Triggs, R. Elrnhorst, R. Levander, D. Farley, D. McMi1len. T as 5 f J Y C9 51- -. 1' by . fi bi I 1 , ag - 4. ag - T I si' . ' Eta Kappa Lambda-First Row: K. Klumpar. Bahula, J. Judd, M. Karp, A, Gordon, S. Serota. Second Row: D. Bathke, A. Yee Kum Kau, C. Enclehnann, J. lXl2ll'lll'l, H. Fyffe, B. Freeman, P. Barney, P. Goldstein. ETA KAPPA LAMBDA Eta Kappa Lambda, dorm honorary organization, was led by Marcia Karp, president. The organiza- tion recognizes those girls who have been particu- larly active in and contributed to dormitory living, both scholastically and through outside activities. Judy Judd served as vice-presidentg Judy Babula as secretary, and Ann Gorden as treasurer. The group is currently working to gain campus recognition through group projects. ETA KAPPA NU The primary purpose of Eta Kappa Nu is to bring together those electrical engineers who have attained a superior record and have shown a deep interest and ability in electrical engineering. This year the forty-live members were led by Eugene Brown, president, Assisting him were Jerry Sitzman, vice-presidentg Frank McElroy, recording secretaryg and Djordje Jerinc, treasurer. Professor N ovotny is the advisor. Eta Kappa Nu-First Row: MV. Hubrick, F. McElroy, E. Brown, J. Sitzman, D. Jerinic. Second Row: J. Hartlaub, W. Amerson, F. Suanson, A. Murphy, M. Marasch. Third Row: T. Matzsek, R. Chojnacki, K. Van Gheem, P. Schuh, O. Petersen. Fourth Row: NV. Rhode, L. Untlerkofler, P. Burgess, Martyn. Fifth Row: J. Apinis, J. Marquart. J. Aspnes, Prof. Novotny. 227 228 419 Omicron Nu-First Row: L. Wilkins, J. Emden, J. Grif'hth. Second Row: A. Gearhardt, Y. Swain, P. Knuth, E. Rebholz. OMICRON NU Omicron Nu, whose president this year was Joan Ernden, is the national home economics honor soror- ity. The purpose of the organization is to promote scholarship of home economics students. Assisting the president were Janice Griflith, vice-president, Aileen Dearheart, recording secretaryg Linda Wil- kins, corresponding secretaryg Paula Knuth, treas- PHI UPSILON ONIICRON Phi Upsilon Omicron is an honorary professional fraternity whose aims are to recognize and promote the development and leadership of its members and to promote home economics as a profession. At the October initiation Dr. Josephine Staab, dean of the school of home economics, was initiated as an hon- orary member of Nu Chapter. Oflicers for the year urerg and Yvonne Swain, home economics council representative. included Joan Schurch, president, and Aileen Gear- hart, vice-president. Phi Upsilon Omicron-First Row: J. Emden, N. Oille, R. Rowald, A. Gear- hart, J. Griflith, L. Luebke, B. Rynd- ers. Second Row: K. Anding, D. Math ias, N. Frank, H. Burcalow, J. McCoy, J. Moyle, E. Cass, J. Babula, L. Ehr- hardt, Y. Swain. Third Row: M Lewandowski, J. Bishofberger, A. Chambers, J. Stellwagon, S. Mauer- man, L. Stofer, M. Watts, S. Guptill. g g : . la-A. Pl LAMBDA TH ETA Pi Lambda Theta is both an honorary and pro- fessional society for outstanding Women in the field of education. This group works to stimulate inter- est in research and in a professional spirit among the Women of the field. The highlights of the year were a scholarship presentation to the rnost out- standing student and a meeting with Phi Delta Kappa, the corresponding men's society. Pi Lambda Theta-First Row: J. Nel- son, C. Nimlos, G. Christiansen, G. Cline, L. Schadauer, N. Nelson, M. Conner, G. McDonald, B. Kalland. Second Row: Sister Hugh, Dr. Fal- cone, L. Setz, V. Isitor, G. Bronson, L. johnson, B. Martin, E. Wittig. Third Row: C. Holstad, J. Krenzin, H. Anderson, E. Zitzer, E. Schweppe, B. Anderson, M. DeMars, M. Mar- grave, M. Konrad, B. Spruill, R. Hal- sor, M. Ammons. Pl TAU SIGMA To honor junior and senior men on the basis of scholarship and leadership of the mechanical en- gineering profession is the aim of this honorary fraternity. This year the group sent a delegation to the fraternity's national convention. They also presented the F. M. Young award and the Post Slide Rule award to the outstanding students in this field. President this year was Bob Ketelsen. Pi Tau Sigma-First Row: R. Derusha, L. Kressin, Prof. Harrison, R. Ketelsen, R. Roerner. Second Row: N. Abler, R. Lanz, G. Burdick, D. Cress, J. Williams, L. Packer, J. Alyea. Third Row: J. Baumgartner, B. Cuppan, W. Zemke, D. Stegner, G. Yehle, R. Molander. 22.9 Rho Chi-First Row: M. Kins, S. Gasche, B. Stein, R. Denenholz, J. Spector, J. Arnberson. Second Row: S. Frank, D. Feller, K. Kloehn, N. Post, R. Palzer, J. Wing. Third Row: E. Steib, R. I-Iarnmel, M. Butera, B. 230 RHO CHI Rho Chi, a national honorary pharmacy society which requires a 3.0 grade-point average of its mem- bers, sponsored scholarship awards for graduate study in pharmacy and supported the pharmacy journal, "Mortar and Quill." Richard C. Wo-lf from the department of physiology, who discovered an anti-radiation drug, was one of the fraternity's out- standing guest speakers. Oiiicers for the year were Richard D. Denenholz, president, Bruce Stein, vice-president, Jerome Spec- tor, secretary, John Amberson, treasurer, and Dr. Glen Sonnedecker, faculty advisor. Marquardt, G. Sonnedecker. TAU BETA PI The engineering honorary fraternity, Tau Beta Pi, participated in a tutoring program for freshmen engineering students, led by Mathew Myszewski. The group also presented an award to the outstand- ing engineering freshman on the basis of grade point and activities. The fraternity sponsored the sophomore honors banquet, and sent chapter president Dave Quady to the national convention in Long Beach, California. Gther oilicers were Richard Noreen, vice-presi- dent and Richard Czaplinski and Dick Rilling, secretaries. Tau Beta Pi-First Row: D. jerinic, E. Hippe, R. Rilling, D. Quady, R. Noreen, R. Smith, R. Ketelson. Sec- ond Row: M. Marasch, R. Elmhorst, D. McMiller, K. Suhrke, R. Bartman, H. Beutel. Third Row: K. Herman, W. Marton, J. Kramer, D. Willard, K. Wulf, B. Stahl. Fourth Row: C. Netwal, B. Unter, J. Scharrer, M. Myszewski, J. Pearson. Fifth Row: YV. Zemke, R. Thomas, L. Chambers, R. Christensen. Sixth Row: R. Rolke, C. Daellenbach, H. Abraham, A. Rygg, D. Hulburt. AGRICULTURAL STUDENT iff 1H"i':? ' We-3m .. . . . 3? .elf .- AGRICULTURE Theta Sigma Phi-First Row: J. Ship- man, K. Ryan, N. Lefco, J. Radloff, D. Rivkin. Second Row: C. Falk, D. Webb, K. Tancill, J. Stewart. THETA SIGMA PHI The girls of Theta Sigma Phi held their annual Matrix Banquet in the spring honoring 500 Madi- son women. Meetings were held with the alumni chapter, and programs with guest speakers in jour- nalism were sponsored. Nancy Lefco, president, Judy Radloff, vice-president, Lynn Carey, secretary, and Marilyn Leys, treasurer, organized the activities of this honorary fraternity which requires a B aver- age in journalism of its members. COUNCIL The general purpose of the Ag student council is to co-ordinate the activities of all campus agricultu- ral organizations. Little International, a program sponsored by the agriculture clubs, hosts many fes- tive activities. The council sponsors the election of the Little International queen who reigns over all these activities. Oflicers of the council include Richard Pamperin, Lyle Craker and Richard Townsend. Agricultural Student Council-First Row: J. Caldwell, J. Doyle, R. Colby, A. Hardie. Second Row: R. Townsend, J. King, E. Baumgart, R. Pamperin, L. Craker, L. Hansen. Third Row: G. Rohrbeck, D. Manthe, G. Borchardt, F. Cox, D. Arnold, R. Oleson, G. Helgeland, K. jacob- sen, D. Erback. Fourth Row: R. Ruef, T. Lembcke, J. Fritag, J. Jacobs, F. Nielsen, J. Zimmer- IDZIII. - 231 Agricultural Economic Society-First Row: E. Michael, D, Arnold, M. Fischer, D. Rindfliesch. Second Row: A. Hilker, W. Hermann, R. Draheim, E. Blewer. Third Row: L. Weidemann, D. Bewer. 232 AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS SOCIETY The Agricultural Economics Society was formed for those interested in agricultural economics. The function of the organization is to offer information about agricultural economics and to coordinate de- velopments of the other schools in the country. Plan- ning the year's activities, including guest speakers and a spring trip, were Dave Arnold, presidentg Marv Fisher, vice-presidentg and Earl Michael, secretary- treasurer. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS Delta Theta Sigma is a national agricultural fra- ternity. The purpose of the organization is to in- troduce agricultural engineers to a professional or- ganization. Speakers, various projects and field trips to several engineering companies around the state help broaden the students' knowledge of engineer- ing. Oflicers include Don Erbach, president, Al Koepke, Dan Krause and Ron Schuler. American Society of Agricultural Engineers-First Row: A. Gresch, D. Krause, D. Erbach, A. Koepke, R. Schuler. Second Row: M. Burkliardt, G.BruseWitz, J. Berger, J. Nelson, W. Water- street, K. Kraft. Third Row: Prof. Finner, L. Linnerud, R. Stettler, G. Case. Fourth Row: S. Witzel, J. Freitag. Babcock Dairy Science-First Row: Dr. Olson, YV. Remlinger, C. I'Vegner, L. jones. Second Row: VV. I'Vendorf, R. Pamperin, R. MacLennan, D. Buchanan, R. Smith, T. Everson. BABCOCK DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB The goal of the Babcock Dairy Science Club is to give food and dairy industry majors a broader under- standing of these industries. The club, under the direction of Gary Wegner, president, heard profes- sors speak and took several field trips to dairy plants in the state. The major fund-raising project was the sale of a Christmas gift box of cheese manufactured at the University. Other officers were Walter Rem- linger, Leroy Jones, and Dr. Norman Olson, adviser. BADGER CROPS AND SOILS The Badger Crops and Soils Club sponsors several activities to bring together students who exhibit an interest in these Helds. Among the activities, reported President Forrest Nielson, were the sponsoring of speakers, a land-judging contest, overnight field trips to experimental stations and a visit to several im- portant industries in the field. Badger Crops and Soils Club-First Row: R. Weber, R. Radke, G. Borchardy, F. Nielsen, Dr. Andrew, S. Folz, J. Pavelec. Second Row: R. Schmitz, B. Miller, U. Razvi, D. Owens, T. Tom- linson, D. Pritzl, J. Adamec, L. Craker, T. Kilen. 233 wp: .-5 'ir 'I 234 qiixz- ' - ----- -' Y an-M A1 A f- -f:ef:..1:5:'5'f mf Blue Shield 4-H-First Row: D. Slone, G. Rohrbeck, J. Bragg, I. Steinhauer, E. Steiner, C. Pier, W. Priegnitz, R. Lembcke, N. Micke, K. Wilson. Second Row: K. Kraft, L. Martell, F. Cox, J. Barthel, R. Novak, G. Nelsestuen, T. Lembcke, A. Gresch, D. Viney, R. Ransom, A. Space, W. Roper, R. Walton, R. Benson, W. Spychalla. Third Row: N. Cerner, S. Meyer, H. Burcalow, A. Nielson, J. Brew, K. Anding, L. Vinger, K. Roper, C. Lobeck, M. Breneman, A. Waterwo-rth, J. Olson, J. Curran, C. Anderson, J. Hooker, A. Moncrief, A. Notherspace, T. Hird, B. Thom- son, K. Klausch, K. Bast. Fourth Row: M. Curwin, M. Lewandowski, A. Gaspardo, C. Jacobson, J. Martinson, S. Jones, J. Koepple, L. Azy, D. Halbach, R. Beneker. BLUE sl-HELD-4H Organized for rural students in the fields of home economics and agriculture, the Blue Shield 4-H Club has programs aimed at developing appreciation of rural values and living. The purpose of the group is to provide an opportunity for students to express themselves through leadership in organizational, recreational and service-providing activities. Activities for this year included extension trips to nearby counties requesting new ideas for 4-H programs in recreation, music, and drama, helping the rural arts department, help- ing youth 4-I-I groups to understand the program better, and a service project, like tray favors given to a hospital or children's home. Oflicers of Blue Shield were John Olsen, president, Bill Prienitz, vice-president, Sandy Jones, corresponding sec'y.3 Helen Burcalow, recording seciy., and Elsie Laube, treasurer. Euthenics Club-First Row: S. Mauer- inann, S. Jones, K. Skarstcn, J. Arena, S. Steidl, M. Breneman, D. Halbach, A. Gaspardo, J. Arnes, L. Schroeder, R. Brackmann, K. Berke. Second Row: YV. Brereton, XV. Hanimermeister, B. Drill, N. Nass, S. Theurer, J. Mohl- man, J. Martinson, J. Eich, N. Dille, R. Newman, E.Roberts, E. Cass. Third Row: S. Disch, J. Rome, C. Staveness, L. Stofer, J. Grifhth, S. Cuptill, C. Cederberg, T. Dvorak, Y. Swain, S. Fifrick, C. Anderson, J. Hooker, B. Lang, A. Lazar, D. Matthias, M. C-andt. Fourth Row: W. Hoelting, S. Hender- son, E. Ricci, E. Hung, K. Wittwer, J. Grunow, M. Jensen, J. Keopple, Scorgie, B. Groves, B. Liu, M. Voyto- vich, F. Doring, R. YVendt, R. Crowl- ey, J. Rohde. Fifth Row: B. Swirin, J. Curran, T. Christianson, J. Jordan, A. Nielsen, P. Knuth, S. Lenike, H. Bur- calow, Esch, S. Norfieet, C. Zettel, J. O'Neill, B. Troemel, A. Hamilton, L. Pohland. EUTHENICS As a branch of the American Home Economics Association, the Euthenics Club tries to develop and further interests in the field of home economics. Their activities include speakers, and a joint meet- ing with the Saddle and Sirlon Club. Led by Elsie Rebholz, president, Yvonne Swain, vice-president, Sue Griflith, treasurer, and Carole Anderson, mem- bership chairman, they take part in many activities. FOOD TECHNOLOGY CLUB The Food Technology Club is a professional or- ganization designed to teach students going into this Held. Led by president David Rusch, the club mem- bers participated in several Held trips and had guest speakers from industries speak to them about the main developments and problems concerned with food technology. They attempted to help the uni- versity in their food problems. Food Tech Club-First Row: D. Rusch, H. Olevsky, F. Tangney. Second Row: F. Hing, J. Mur- Iey, R. Entringer, R. Vincent, R. Lenz, W. Ng, J. Vonlilbe. 235 236 FFA Among the year's activities of the Future Farm- ers of America were the publication of an annual which Was distributed to each high school chapter in the state, the initiation ceremonies of the FFA in local schools, the direction of tours at the spring judging of livestock, the sponsorship of a TV and radio program during FFA week, and a food stand at the annual Hoofer's horse clinic. The oflicers this year included Dick Colby, pres- identg Dwayne Koch, vice-president, Emil Mravec, secretary, and Bob Roof, treasurer. Home Ec Council -First Row: T. Dvorak, Miss Youmans, H. Burea- low, Miss Linkswiler, R. Beneker, J. Leuenberger. Second Row: M Giebler, E. Rebholz, Griilith K Larsen, K. Anding, C. Cederbiergl L. Wilkins. Collegiate FFA-First Row: J. Zim! rnerman, E, Mravec, R. Ruef, R. Colby, J. Hensel, D. Koch, D. Peter- son. Second Row: D. Manthe, L. Craker, R. Bernstein, F. Neilsen, R. Kattestad, R. Ransom, J. Kluetz- man, G. Machan, W. Wipf. HOME ECONOMICS COUNCIL The Home Economics Council, which acts as a coordinating body for all of its campus clubs, con- sists of the elected representatives from the home economics clubs plus two elected from each class. Working with the agricultural council, the group sponsored the mid-winter ball, a high school visi- tation, and a hospitality day for all state high school clubs. Heading the largest school -of girls on this cam- pus are: Helen Burcalow, president, Rita Bencker, vice-president, and Thresa Dvork, secretary. Horticulture Club-First Row: P. Ascher, M. Paulsen, Prof. Hasselkns, B. McCown, T. Weller. Second Row: L. Martell, J. Kruepke, E. Pelton, .-X. Heitlcl, A. Boettcher, H. Meyer. Third Row: R. Rarnsden, D. Regenfuss, R. Thompson, D. Grant, L. Fanclrei. HORTICULTURE Besides sponsoring a judging team for a flower show in Maryland and a club trip to the Chicago Flower Show, the Horticulture Club takes an active part in campus activities. Led by President Mike Paulson, Vice-president John Dickson, Secretary Brandt McCown, Treasurer Tom Mfeiler, and Agri- culture Student Council Representative Lee Hansen, the club tries to influence high school students to go to college. STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Members of the Student Association of Landscape Architects aim to further the name of their profes- sion throughout the state, They compiled a pam- phlet explaining their course and work to Madison professional men and also sent a brochure to high schools to be used in career programs. They dis- played exhibits in Madison public buildings, along with many social activities. Landscape Architects-First Row: R. Russell, R. Swartz, W. Neumann, A. Bessey, R. Stein, J. Nagy, G. Longnecker, K. Johnson. Second Row: R. Winn, J, Albert, J. Hooson, YV. Stluka, W. Tarmann, R. Thompson, J. Strasberg, R. Koehn, V. Kinder, P. Tresch. Third Row: D. King, S. Seeliger, A. Kracower, C. Hegerfeld, L. Fandrei, D. Girouard, J. Crist, J. Wright. l 237 238 SADDLE AND SIRLOIN Saddle and Sirloin is an organization primarily composed of meat and animal science and dairy husbandry majors. The Little International Live- stock and Horse Show, patterned after the Interna- tional Show in Chicago brings money to- send the Saddle and Sirloin judging teams throughout the country. Planning this year's show and annual recognition banquet for the judging teams were the oflicers: Gene Rohrbeck, Fred Cox, Don Drecktrah, and Leo Hansen. O O Z Z m FU 0 rn DUUPUZ Saddle and Sirloin-First Row: Kutchera, K. Byrne, L. Craker, . Horn, L. Hansen, G. Rohrbeck, . Drecktrah, F. Cox, R. Oleson . Bray QAdvisorj, C. Schultz, J. Hurl- but, N. Salrn, R. Niedermeier QArl- visorj. Second Row: R. Wangen, C. Stark, E. Steiner, J. Schwarzhoff, D. Nusbauin, R. Hartzell, N. Meier, R. Novak, D. Koch, E. Brooks, R. Colby, R. Townsend, D. Munson, E. Baum- gart. Third Row: D. Peterson, E. Reichardt, W. Van Ess, D. Viney, D. Schomberg, R. Ransom, R. Ruef, A. Hardie, L. Clark, A. Hilker, P. Fer- nandes, J. Doyle, D. Nelson, K. Drye, J. Caldwell. Fourth Row: E. Mravec, I. Steinhauer, W. Priegnitz, R. Bern- stein, R. Kattestad, R. Peterson, D. Ludtke, G. Schmid-t, D. Traastad, R. Stauffacher, J. Greshik, K. Kolacki G. Morris. Fifth Row: R. Bringe, R, Ray, R. Uschold, E. Smith, C. Gnat- zig, O. Razvi, R. Schuler, R. Maurer, R. Solverson, W. Barndt, Oi. Kraus. s ALPHA KAPPA PSI This professional fraternity's major functions are to promote high standards of conduct in business, public awareness of the functions of business, and fraternal relations among the people in fields of commerce and economics. Alpha Kappa Psi's ofiicers for the year were Steve Tews, president, Howard Hoerl, vice president, Gary Simmons, secretary, and James Parsons, treas- urer. Alpha Kappa Psi-First Row: A. Pali, W. Mousel, J. Parsons, H. Hoerl, S. Tews, G. Sirnmon, A. Karow, C. Schneider Second Row: R. Clinten, A. Wells, J. Mehlin, R. Peck, J. Becker, C. Miller, R. Schuster, S. Valinet, R. Voigt. Third Row: M. Bantuveris, R. Asleidinger, C. Mc- Rostie, J. Jacobs, W. Treutelaar, D. Schuette, R. Kelly, N. Goetzke, S. Darvin. L. 'hd X .. - Insurance Society-First Row: G. Stielow, R. Endter, D. Wagner, S. Francis, L. Thompson, R. Hanson, D. Miller. Second Row: C. Voss, K. Murphy, ,-X. Bauingarct, S. Kramer, D. TeRonde, T. Simester, K. Radke, A. Kazlauski. Third Row: A. Whitman, R. Mueller, R. Lecy, E. Heu- ring, J. Krueger, R. Jorack, D. McClosky, J. Skinner, D. Krueger, R. Willer, G. Rieman, A. Bloc- don. Fifth Row: J. Collier, F. Gahin, T. Derouin, J. Curran, T. Becker, D. Hartkopf, H. Sha- piro, D. Lukes, K. Hyland, M. Gentz, D. Swender, G. DeBruin. INSURANCE SOCIETY The Insurance Society is a combination social and professional organization aiming to improve rela- tions and orient students with the people in the insurance industry. This year, the society hosted several speakers, as well as having its annual picnic, banquet, and two field trips. Insurance Society ofhcers were Scott Kramer, president, David TeRonde, vice president, Arden Baumgardt, secretary-treasurer. MARKETING CLUB "Today's Marketing Philosophy" was the spur to action of Marketing Club. To carry this theme through, they heard many professional speakers and took a field trip to Milwaukee industries in Feb- ruary. Merle Huff, presidentg Timothy Johns, vice presi- dent, Diane Cook, secretary, and Robert Waltz, treasurer, arranged activities and carried this club through another successful year. Marketing Club-First Row: A. Roebuck, A. Ravine, E. Meister, K. Willenson, G. Gantenbein, J. Roth, R. Arndt, F. Schumacher, D. Maaske. Second Row: J. Tamminga, B. Gorecki, D. Foote, M. Huff, Prof. Udell, D. Cook, T. Johns, R. Waltz, A. Lazar, P. Nolting, K. Aasen, J. Markos. Third Row: C. Freudenberg, B. Marshall, J. Lamp, B. Hein, D. Chellevold, K. Blom, T. Bolen, K. Jackobs, D. Hiter, F. Kooistra, J. Lax, D. Teronde, M. Poindexter, H. Ready, B. DuBord. Fourth Row: M. Marns, J. Kehrberg, S. Shoff, J. Greustad, T. Vaughan, D. Schweitzer, J. Noyes, L. Dodge. . 2.39 240 Phi Chi Theta-First Row: K. Aasen, N. Lawrence, J. Schaaf, B. Hanson, J. Dewey, C. Brigham. Second Row: J. Happle, B. Colbert, J. Tamminga, D. Jones, K. Johnson, J. Richardson. PHI CHI THETA The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to provide educa- tional benefits for the women in commerce and to promote further interest in the world of business. Joyce Timminga represented the UW at the annual meeting of the National Association of Manufac- turers. In March a Founders' Day Banquet was held Oflicers for the year were Beverly Hanson, presi- dent, Mary Fuchs, vice president, Diane Cook, sec- retary, and Anita Ainsworth, treasurer. SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT The Society for Advancement of Management was led by Tony Kazlauski, president, Michael Cowen, vice president, John Kiesow, secretary, and Neil Bennett, treasurer. This active group visited an industrial firm in Milwaukee during November and also attended lectures on management topics throughout the year. Professor Jehring from the Center for Productivity Motivation was one of the group's outstanding speakers. ' Society for the Advancement of Management-First Row: N. Forster, J. Noyes, B. Sobieski, R. Meier, C. Hodge, R. wenson. Second Row: M. Robinson, C. Schneider, A. Flood, R. Whitman E V Wexler L Canalia T Ko e P Hahn oth 1 Riggert, J. Kehrberg. Third Row: . . ,. ,. pp,. ,J.R ,W. Ludbe, G. Johnson, D. Nelsen, J. Kiesow, N. Bennett, A. Kazlauski, M Cowen, A. Koraitim, G Bernetzke, R. Maples. Fourth Row: A. Eklov, M. Nielsen, VV. Barnett, R. Endter, R. Urban, R Robinson, K. Nordlie, L. Runzheimer, J. Jacobs, J. Nussbaum, M. Manis, K. Schomburg, B Johnson, N. Lawrence. Fifth Row: G. Stielow, J. Dyer, R. Wilson, J. Wagner, W. Olson Palmer, W. Davis, R. Migas, P. Plath, J. Mehlin, R. Murray, T. Schuh. ,cf . 1-v n. f-x President-James Benson Senior vice-president-Ralph Balck Vice-president-Ray Schmitz Treasurer-John Haferbecker DELTA SIGMA Pl The members of Delta Sigma Pi, a social-professional com- merce fraternity, had another active year. Social functions ranged from a Barney Slogell party to their Rose Formal. Besides various theme parties, the members of Delta Sigma Pi held beer suppers and listening parties, Parties were held after every home football game at the Delta Sigma Pi house which is within easy reach of the stadium. At the Rose Formal, an annual event, a queen is chosen from the con- testants representing each sorority. This year's queen was Judy Hans. Homecoming activities kept the Delta Sigma Pi's busy this year. Their lawn was dressed up for Homecoming as a "Holiday Drive." They joined forces with Susan B. Davis and Lake Lawn to "Yell Like Hell." The honorary initiate this fall was Ed Dener, manager of Sears Roebuck. Delta Sigma Pi-First Row: C. Reff, A. Kaatz, J. Suckow, R. Hillestad, P. Juneau, J. Benson M. Krupinski, L. Lindenschmidt. Second Row: J. Hansen, P. Ryan, R. Schmitz, J. Paddocki J. Calkins, J. Haferbecker, J. McWilliams, W. Danklefsen. Third Row: D. Reichert, W. Frese, R. Kattner, W. VVOjta, G. Stewart, J. Taylor, J. Andersen, A. Wigchers. Fourth Row: T. Eckerle, J. Griffin, R. Swanson, J. Thies, T. Macho, J. Fitzgerald, J. Stewart, R. Weber. 241 ENGINEERING 242 IEEE-First Row: N. Leitner, D. Keese, R. Baumgartner, R. Hart, R. Foster, F. Swanson, W. Thisius, J. Kettner, R. Ruda, C. Dudey. Second Row: D. Julseth, J. Pristelski, C. Rabas, R. O'Brien, W. Kruchten, P. Sweedy, D. Herold, S. Ghalayini, J. Lundberg, R. White. Third Raw: L. Powell, A. Voskresenski, P. Forster, A. Murphy, N. Macrorie, J. Tennie, G. Vesperman, W. Amerson, D. Johnson, J. Hartlaub, D. Engler, M. Van Duser. Fourth Row: J. Riek, J. Howe, CD14 535' f-:E',::'F1 grew SERS? .yln ?'?f'Z1w 'Sh EES? QRS? m.. N 75 UQFQK-4 ww m F045 H930 O:.g:,.,. 5-Zip? miwz 3520 Smivg ego Cngggglj, Cb'-N. 3 F N .-'gm wig? 0553 SEHHZS DWF? OQZU Emi? N023 mm sew E" rm gbW t. ' it CE dies gFg? 'Fav-I E..? ggnifa :ESE 635: 5333? UQ:-efiufm F355 U5 ni "S xv Q23 T3 E7-I as 5 33 5. F !'I I 3 E. 5 75 O ru B rn I'f E1 UQ. EC 3' 'PU Q 5 5' 2 o -4 Pr' 9 E PU D' O D- 9' 9 C3 sv F . F IP U' H IU r N 5 'T' S? U N E 9 F H FD D w P0 r R H U N P1 B N p 5 0 7? FD W O F C E Q. Q FD 5 N : F INSTITUTE OF ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is an engineering organization which aims to further interests of its members in their chosen field. Programs were pre- sented on the Tiros Weather Satellite Project, Practical Applications of Medical Electronics, and an evaluation of the new electrical engineering curriculum. IEEE sponsored a trip to the National Electronics Conference in Chicago as Well as' taking part in St. Pat's Week. The group also held a P.I-LT. QPut Hubby ThruJ banquet in the spring for wives of graduating seniors. Oflicers for the year were Franklin Swanson, presidentg William Thisius, vice-presidentg and Raymond Hart, secretary-treasurer. Faculty advisors were Prof. G. Koehler and Prof. D. W. Novotny. ALPHA CHI SIGMA The members of Alpha Chi Sigma, a chemistry fraternity, had an active year-socially, professionally, and athletically. The social year was alive with beer suppers, listening parties, and informal parties. Special events included the spring formal and their annual picnic. The faculty alumni were honored guests at a buffet held by Alpha Chi Sigma. On the professional calendar, the members found time to hear a speaker from the American Chemical Society-an annual attraction. The members sponsored the Freshman Competitive Chemistry exam open to all freshmen taking chemistry courses. Prizes were awarded. Alpha Chi Sigma also distributed a pamphlet concerning safe laboratory practices which is used throughout the nation. The members of Alpha Chi Sigma emerged as softball champs in the interfraternity competition. Alpha Chi Sigma-First Row: W. Harper, R. Davison, D. McMurry, R. Schwer, D. Hildebrand T. Reif, J. Allis, J. Stauffacher, R. Christensen. Second Row: D. Goldsack, H. Sipe, F. Mackiei R. Valentine, C. Howell, G. Lamp, J. Klemm, D. Neivelt. Third Row: R. Foss, W. Mined, J. Kroweman, A. Moore, J. Carmody, J. Munch, B. McDonald, A. Fry, T. Sakano, W. Hickman Fourth Row: H. Pfohl, XV. Gosy, R. Dickie, L. Lane, K. Jacobus, R. Mancke, R. Shubkin, S Curtis, G. Bahls, D. Reichard. Fifth Row: J. Stepnowski, G. Sergeant, G. Wagenbach, F. Paulsen J. McGinnity, W. Koski, R. Lenzer, F. Altpeter, J. Beckman, R. Briody, W. Simon. 243 244 A.I.C.E.-First Row: A. Massie, L, Jacobs, W. Harper, T. Harder, R. Fischer, J. Peterson, A. Utzinger. Second Row: R. Bilski, J. Robak, N. Vanderlinden, S. Kailing, R. Fritz, B. Hanson, D. Zuber, P. Subrahmanyan, T. Wickman. Third Row: K. Kuehlthau, B. Ramaker, J. Perry, D. Hulburt, B. Friede, R. Pearson, Professor Crosby, Professor Sather, A. Pranica, P. Erb. Fourth Row: T, Berrong, P. Hanifl, J. Harder, D. Brawn, R. Hansel, G. Steidtman, L. Krohn, R. Peterson, R. Hague, D. Haessig, K. Immel, D. Ziminski, J. Gunther, J. Erdman. Fifth Row: C. Jensen, J. Whitaker, J. Miller, T. Hendrickson, W. Johnson, L. Beyerstedt, R. Rolke, D. Cincera, A. Aussman, K. Kenyon, D. Seborg, A. Wosilait, P. Arnold, R. Thomas. Sixth Row: T. Lindemuth, J, Fillar, J. Erzen, D. Quady, F. Steffes, T. Ginzl, D. Oelke, D. Werges, J. Urban, P. Mueller, M. Shanley, L. Peterrnan B. Borsum, L. Fassett, T. Angoli, D. Jaeger. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS The American Institute of Chemical Engineers was organized to provide students of chemical engi- neering with information of the current activities and developments of the chemical industry. Representa- tives from industry speak at each monthly meeting. Ofiicers were David Hulburt, president, Robert Pear- son, vice-president and treasurer, Barbara Friede, secretary, and John Perry, program chairman. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS The ASCE aids members in learning the practi- cal aspects of engineering. The local chapter, one of only two in the state, had a member in Antarctica Working on a survey of the ice shelf. A main event Was the spring picnic, at which members' Wives may earn PHT's fPut Hubby Thruj. Officers were Roy Elmhorst, president, Bill Brinkmann, vice-president, Ken Koscik, secretary, and Bernie Stahl, treasurer. A. S. C. E.-First Row: R. Bennett, R. Pember, D. McMillen, B. Stahl, R. Elmhorst, W. Brink- man, K. Koscik, Prof. Wagner, D. Johnson. Second Row: G. Wesolowski, J. Kubasta, R. Alvin, J. Murphy, J. Wolf, K. Zipp, R. Winter, J. Voborsky, P. Rein, J. Schroeder, R. Bloedorn, R. Dopp. Third Row: P. Ryan, J. Meyer, D. Mercer, F. Thomack, D. Forester, S. Fredrickson, R. Nilles, M. Monahan, D. Walker, J. Peterson, K. Hove. Fourth Row: J. Beckwith, D.-Bauer, D. Sodke, W. Spychalla, D. Struckmeyer, J. Wilke, R. Carlson, D. Clarkowski, T. Frailmg, D. Zeck, J. Albright. KAPPA ETA KAPPA Kappa Eta Kappa, a professional engineering fraternity, participated in the spring St. Pat's festivities and held pro- gram meetings each semester with speakers from different fields of engineering. Their social schedule included Punt Parties after the football games, exchange dinners, a home- coming banquet and dance and a spring picnic at Devil's Lake. Remodeling their recreation room was a main project for the members. William Thisius and Ray Hart were officers of AIEE-IRE, most Kappa Eta Kappas were also members of this group. Robert Ponto represented the fraternity on Polygon Boardg other members belonged to Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu, honorary engineering fraternities. Dr. Greiner, and faculty advisor and president of the Kappa Eta Kappa National Executive Council, assisted the fraternity both locally and nationally. Kappa Eta Kappa-First Rowg J. Kettner, O. Peterson, M. Van Duser, D Borton, B. Unter, R. Coifman, T. Lundtveit. Second Row: D. Surguy, R. La 245 Blanc, J. McCarthy, T. Horrall, D. Hotchkiss, R. Foster, K. Oestreich, R Hart, I. Neblett. Third Row: R. Yolton, M. Bailey, D. Krueger, H. Riggert C. Kopper, T. Devine, J. Shafer, W. Brooks, J. Ahrens. 246 Polygon Board-First Row: R. Baumgartner, D. McMillen, R. O'Brien, J. Weekmueller, J. Urban. Second Row: C. Ringrose, R. Fine, A. Gresch, D. Quady, M. Cohen. Thzrd Row: R. Donto, T. Novak, R. Mulander, L. Sorenson, D. Stegner. POLYGCN Represented by two members from each of the en- gineering societies, Polygon is the governing body for engineers. It is in charge of correspondence be- tween students and teachers and also represents en- gineers in Student Senate. Polygon sponsors all-campus St. Patis Week, for which engineers sport beards to be judged for a prize by Badger Beauties. Every three years, Polygon puts on the spectacular Engineering Exposition. This year's officers were Bob O'Brien, president, John Weckmueller, vice president, Joel Urban, treasurer, Dick Baumgartner, secretary. SOCIETY OF AUTOMCDTIVE ENGINEERS The Society of Automotive Engineers is a local chapter of the national SAE organization. Its mem- bers are engineers primarily concerned with trans- portation of any sort, including aircraft, automobile, rail, and aerospace. This year's speakers' program included representatives of the automotive industry, such as the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. Local SAE officers this year were Richard Lins, chairman, Herman Eugster, vice chairmang John Weber, secretaryg John Dueringer, treasurer, Norm Rodenkirch, corresponding secretary. Society of Automotive Engineers-First Row: J. Dueringer, H. Eugs-ter, R. Easton, R. Lins, W. Weber, N. Rodenkirch. Second Row: R. Thomas, R. Derusha, R. McNall, J. Ge-hl, S. Jensen, J. Reksten. Third Row: U. Nown, D. Hauser, J. Kusche, R. Fine, L. Mills. TRIANGLE Triangle, a social-professional engineering fraternity, cel- ebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding in April with a banquet and semi-formal dance. Among the fiftieth year's activities were parties, service projects, and athletic events. On Parents' Day, the Triangles conducted tours of the engineering campus. Parties Were held after every football game at the Tri- angle house Which was remodeled this year. Entering in the Homecoming spirit, they built a display. The winter social season was highlighted by a semi-formal dance. In honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineers, the Tri- angles celebrated this holiday by drinking green beer. Besides participating in the intramural football program on campus, the Triangles played their annual football game with the Marquette chapter. During Easter vacation, they challenged the Northwestern chapter to a basketball game. Triangle-First Row: J. Meyer, J. Schwefel, R. Brignano, G. Brown, L. Hassebroek, R. Giese, R. Bailey. Second Rowg T. Fugina, J. Jodie, HI. St. Onge, R. Fletcher, T. Novak, L. Schwantes, D. Bird, D. Schwoerer. Third Row: YV. Porter, I. Byrnes, F. Tomack, W. Nehrlick, D. Mercer, C. Rabas, G. Frick, F. Morey, D. Trumpy. Fourth Rowg F. Suess, B. Clark, UI. Williams, D. Severn, M. Halleen, T. Benasiak, R. Larget, M. Carroll. 2.47 248 Alpha Delta Theta-First Row: M. LeMahien, S. Ugoretz, K. Jeske, K. Robinson, S. Coulter, S. Radtke, G. Nalevac, C. Blumer, J. Borowski, J. Holm. Second Row: B. Witkop, P. Preston, S. Cahoon, K. Meyer, J. Babbitt, C. Goldman, J. Dana, M. White, C. Bernhardt, E. Arney, J. Schrader. Third Row: C. Traisman, J. Dietz, B. Mickelson, C. Oestrich, G. Wesolowskl, N. Lewx, E. Mendelson, G. Nettles, M. Leach, M. Swaziek, M. Reierson. Fourth Row: C. Hohl- feld, S. Feldbruegge, M. Thompson, I. Schwersenska, G. Longue, C. Pearl, R. Plenge, P. Frank, B. Ruesslet, M. Linderud, B, Akmentins, B. Pohle. Fifth Row: B. Reimer, J. Frey, M. Hamel, J. Christoph, S. Call, J. Stampfl, S. Ort-Puls, M. Hackbart, G. Gilbert, N. Schwanbeck. ALPHA DELTA THETA By uniting the girls in medical technology, Alpha Delta Theta serves to deepen and broaden their pro- fessional horizons. Through monthly meetings led by president Sandy Radtke, the girls were introduced to members of the many branches of medical tech- nology as well as to current medical and technical advances. Assisting the president were Kathy Robin- son, vice president, Sandy Coulte, secretary, and Gloria Nolevac, treasurer. ALPHA TAU DELTA Christmas caroling in the hospital, providing pic- nics and parties for the children in the Diagnostic Center, and assisting in the campus blood drives were a few of Alpha Tau Delta's activities this year. The national professional nursing sorority attempts to introduce its members to the nursing profession and to inspire them in their nursing careers. They were led this year by president Mary Tamm. Alpha Tau Delta-First Row: D. Thompson, N. Freschl, M. Tamm, K. Schwebs, K. Moertl, J. Oberts, R. Shrake. Second Row: M. Niemeyer, H. Haagensen, B. Hughes, N. Stone, M. Welsch, J. Vehse, J. Hampel. Third Row: G. Turnquist, J. Wienke, M. Grunke, M. Estes, C. Rohrer, K. Mills, S. Prime. Fourth Row: J. Barbarie, B. Vette, P. Fulka, K. McGann, E. Wright, J. Mei-tner, M, Kuhr, J. Walek. Fifth Row: I. Peterson, H. Fyife, C. Endelman, P. McNamara, F. Ahern, J. Walek, B. Wegner, G. Wastila, L. Teske. PHI CHI OTHERA K J L ' i. f ff-. g J NH I ,-' 1 f . at if ' , J -1 ld, 7-I 4 ' 5 .,.A My ' v 2 A , Q , X P 4 .W . 1 K fr i If i Phi Chi: L. Betts, T. Brickner, W. Btusse, T. Cleaver, T. Davee, J. Diddams, J. Feldman, T. Grauel, J. Hanson, S. Hegedus, R. Herrmann, D. Hughes, T. Josephson, F. Konz, J. Livingston, D. Maki, D. Martalock, R. Rathert, D. Riemer, R. Santillit, C. Schmidt, J. Segerstrom, J. Seyler, K. Stien, T. Taylor, J. Tibbetts. F. Weinhold, S. Zimmerman, J. Kadell, R. Anderson, H. Baker, D. Boyd, R. Buedingen, A. Coron, W. Davies, R. Dutton, J. Eisele, J. Esswein, J. Hanson, A. Hegedus, C. Ihle, N. Jensen, R. Jooss, N. Melby, A. Norris, R. Obma, J. Pawsat, L. Schoenrock, G. Schroeder, J. Shaw, J. Tempte, J. Vergamini, S. Wagner, F. Bannister, F. Bongiorno, W. Bren-non, K. Crow, J. Duffy, M. Eckelberg, F. Fosdal, W. Fritschel, J. Gehl, T. Handrick, J. Honish, J. Kehrn, J. Kramer, L. Krueger, M. Lambert, W. LeVis, J. Lulack, J. Mar- shall, M. Mergen, J. Miller, R. Miller, B. Neesvig, D. Pierpont P. Raich, R. Rewey, R. Sherman, R. Smits, T. Stram, G. Tuiili, J. Vosmek, R. Williams, D. Zimmerman, W. Anderson, C. Andringa, A. Boeker, R. Conford, N. Geimer, R. Gritzmacher, D. Harper, T. Henke, S. Hull, A. Hutter, E. Juel, B. Lenartz, D. Mathison, J. Murphy, E. Pohle, J. Rice, R. Schumacher, D. Shafer, R. Strebel, H. Wahl. Phi Chi, the only medical fraternity with a house, stressed social activities as a needed outlet from con- stant studying. This year they had beer suppers with nurses from Madison hospitals and listening parties with campus sororities. Members of Phi Chi participated in the Medical School Field Day, an all-school spring picnic. They also held a St. Pat's Party. Oliicers were Norm Jensen, president, Truman Grauel, vice-president, Steve Wag- ner, secretary, Jim Essewin, treasurer, and Dick Rewey, social chairman. Othera is an occupational therapy organization which aims to better acquaint its members with the field and the people in it, stressing those activities not taught in the classroom. Major events of the year were the annual fall tea, hospital projects and tours, a Christmas party, and guest speakers from the field of occupational therapy. A spring banquet was held to honor graduate seniors. Oflicers for the year were Cynthia Overdier, presi- dent, Ann Reigel, vice president, Kristin Petersen, secretary, and Martha Branson, treasurer. Othera-First Row: C. Keck, M. Branson, A. Reigel, C. Overdier, C. Thompson, K. Petersoen, T, Schuster. Second Row: L. Loo, R. Quam, V. Allen, B. Zeller, M. Wells, R. Stark. 249 .5-xy X - -mans Phi Theta-First Row: D. Aschbach, A. Schlueter, C. Gruetzrnan, G. Gram- za, C. Kuykendall, E. Stella, J. Geel, K. Brocade, S. Martwick, K. Tirnmer- man. Second Row: I. Brown, S. Lar- son, S. Budlong, L. Hale, J. Germer- hausen, P. Sinclair, D. Milford, B. Krug, M. Zajicek, Millar, A. Roberts. Third Row: D. Weber, G. McKay, C. Kloeckl, B. Myers, M. Greenwald, K. Meyers, D. Obermayr, S. Smail, V. De Werth, K. Metzen, K. Haug, J. Bense- mann, C. Vater, G. Carper, M. Larson, M. Hayes. Fourth Row: E. Erb, N. Holzman, V. Berg, M. Jackson, P.Steg- eman, C. Hardgrove, H. Friedrichsen, S. Nelson, B. Heinrich, S. Clark, B. 250 PHI TH ETA Phi Theta, professional physical therapy sorority, has unifying, informing and social aspects. Through monthly meetings, physical therapy students have the opportunity to become acquainted with each other and also with the broad scope of their profession. Service with learning in mind also plays an impor- tant role in the sorority. Besides sponsoring an open house, they take a special interest in the aged mem- bers of the Happy Hours club, Officers include Paul Sinclair, presidentg Donna Milford, vice-president, Jane Germershausen, secretary, Betty Krog, treasurer. Ka a E silon First Row S Gasche Gerlich, C. Webber, S. Comins, G. Marow, M. Groves. KAPPA EPSILON As a professional pharmacy sorority, Kappa Epsilon serves to educate and to unite Women in this field. President Sue Frank furthered this goal through a variety of professional and social functions. Besides holding both service and fund raising projects, the girls held a coke party for high school students in- terested in pharmacy. Other activities included the spring Founders' Day banquet and a pledge call out with Kappa Psi. Other officers were Mary Ann Sa- dowski, vice-president, Penny Nickel, secretary, and Jane Karau, treasurer. PP P Q : ' Q L. Vinarsky, J. Karau, S. Frank, M. Sadowski, P. Nickel. Second Row: M. Bergwall. R- Berry, N. Root, C. Kroos- man, A, Stelmack, P. Detlor. Third Row: J. Gruber, S. Soltis, L. Fredrick- son, S. Beighley. Kappa Psi-First Row: J. Naber, G. Al- bert, J. George, T. Smith, M. Halmar, R. Coopman, S. Lesniak, L. Edwards. Second Row: R. Berge, J. Reznechek, P. Fredericks, R. Meteneur, J. Bohl, A. Swenson, B. Hanson, G. Miller. Third Row: A. Liegel, D. O'Conner, J. Mastalski, W. Lamm, W. Julius, J. Merianos, R. Green. KAPPA PSI The men of Kappa Psi made the iirst year at their home on Lake Street a most successful one. A Parents' Day open house, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day parties, beer suppers and Dixie bashes kept things lively. A series of professional lectures gave the students deeper insight into their own pro- fession. Oiiicers were Tom Smith, regentg Paul Schanen, vice-regentg Stan Lesniak, secretary, and Harry Ocker- lander, treasurer. . PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY Besides striving to promote pharmacy fellowship the Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society brings present day problems and opportunities in pharmacy to the student. Among some of its guest speakers have been the Peace Corps' field director and the national pres 251 ident of the American Pharmaceutical Society Officers were Larry Edwards, presidentg Tim Stevens vice-president, Lynda Vinarski, secretary, and Mary Ann Sadowski, treasurer. Pharmaceutical Society-First Row: N Roets, K. Miller, R. Berge, I. Lambert J. Asleson, S. Lesniak, H. Kreitz, G Miller, L. LaLuzerne, R. Erickson, R Palzer. Second Row: Dr. Stieb, R. Saw- yer, R. Matenaer, R. Gumina, J. Wing, K. Kloehn, R. Denenholz, J. Rezni- chek, C. Apostol, R. Cooprnan, J. Wal- den, A. Swenson, D. Feller. Third Raw: M. Bergwall, S. Beighley, L. Fredrick- son, T. Stephens, L. Vinarsky, L. Ed- wards, M. Sadowski, J. Gruber, S. Frank, S. Gasche. Fourth Row: k C.. Koosmann, .K. Rudat, M. Kins, R. Hall, J. Thompson, S. Rochwerger, K. Mack, L. Matheson, J. Specter, B. Marquardt, J. Naber, S. Finn, J. Karau, P. Nickel, A. Stelmach, N. Root. Fifth Row: J. Amberson, E. Siegler, V. Lee, E. Nic- gorski, K. Luckow, W. Gries, B. Hanke, J. Sveurn, H. Ockerlander, A. Collins, J. Veatch, T. Smith, R. Buerki, F. Boris, R. Field. 252 University Dolphin Club-First Row: L. Williams, J. Verwohlt, K. Meyers, H. Lemal. Second Row: L. Ross, J. Dillon, M. Robison, E. Coons, B. Beernink. Third Row: H. Poons, D. Benett, J. Hille, M. Orhn, J. Anderson, M. Noback, B. Eeles, S. Boehm, S. Yarne, L. Otjen, R. Brackmann. Fourth Row: K. Darner, B. Schroth, P. Orton, H. Millar, Miss Carr, Mrs. Engstrom, S. Griffith, K. Kuelthau, J. Fanslau, R. Jacobs, C. Roup. DOLPHINS Stressing the artistic, as well as the recreational aspects of swimming, Dolphins seeks to promote in- terest in synchronized swimming and aquatic art. Using "The University" as the theme for their an- nual show, the members interpreted the multiple phases of campus life-from course studies to jazz- to the political and social scene. Oliicers were Helen Moran, president, Katy Meyers, vice-president, and Janice Verwohlt, secretary-treasurer. WRA The Wisconsin Recreational Association seeks to provide recreational facilities for all University women. Encouraging participation by organizing campus-wide tournaments in a variety of sports, the WRA strives to stimulate the spirit of good sports- manship. Officers included Helen Moran, president, Konnie Klumpar, vice-president, Jill Wiedmann, re- cording secretary, Judy Rogness, corresponding sec- retary, and Nancy McGowan, treasurer. Women's Recreation Association- First Row: M. Lamaster, B. Kon- over, M. Roberton, K. Klurupar, F. Vaughan. Second Row: D. Gilbert- SOI1, N- McGowan, K. Von Gunten G. Johnson. : MUSIC, DRAMA, AND SPEECH A Cappella Choir-First Row: J. Christenson, J. Luil S. Brockhaus, C. Weiss, S. Naset, J. Schmidt, L. Martin, S. Ross, P. W'ojahn, K. Ingebrltsen, T. Dvorak, T. Larson, V. Iiinum, S. Pomplun n A. Reinke, M. Bliss, S. Page, E. Otterson, Second Row: M. Seiler M. Larson, J. Wahlstrom, M. Welsh, S. Lemke, E. Erickson, C. Pitkin, J. Kreuzer, YV. Millard, R. Howard, Reimann, M. Rossol, P. Gruehn, B. Broomal, J. Lothe J. Lawrence J. Brunette, J. Pairan, L. Johnson. Third Row: T. Lindemuth, R. White, J. Margcnau, T. Dillon, M. Wopat, K. Toepfer, K. Ripp, D. Hill, F. Crow, D. Nelson, S. Simonsen, K. Anderson, S. Devoe, M. Lewis, P. Hornig, Topping, M. Burkhead, P. La Plante, W. Lautz. Fourllz Row: R. Larget, T. VVinkler, S. Ferch, F. Shall, K. Koepcke, M. Spangler, J. McCabe, WY Block, N. Smith, D. Kaul, J. Anderson, J. Goetz, S. Wlfatkins, T. Ray, F. Leist, G. Riegler, T. Otto, L. O'Brien, M. Musolf. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Although 35 of the A Cappella members are in music, the other 46 represent various fields in the University. One of the main performances of the first semester Was the annual Christmas concert presented in conjunction with the other musical organizations on campus. Several shorter concert tours to nearby areas replaced the long spring tour of previous years. A Cappella Choir, directed by Prof. Russell Paxton, elected oliicers Mark Musolfjpresident and manager, James Goetz, vice-president, Karen Ripp, secretary, and Greta Pitkin, treasurer. Haresfoot-M. Max, R. Pacek, M. Cuthbert, K. Cuthbert, T. Turner. HARESFOOT 1963 Haresfoot presented its 65th annual production throughout the state from April l5th to 20th and closed in Madison on April 27th. The show Was the Broadway hit, 'iDestry Rides Again," and proved to be one of their mostpopular endeavors. This year's ofhcers were Mike Cuthbert, president, Tom Turner, promotions vice-president, Mike Max, production vice-president, and Bob Pacek, business manager and secretary. "Destry" was directed by Dave and Sally Semmes with musical direction from Jim Christiansen and choreography by Harriet Narowetz. 253 254 l I E E F I , I ii I. . I Humorology Executive Committee-First Row: M. Wells, L. Turmo, L. Goll, C. Liebovich, P. Allen. Second Row: M. Felix, L. Feigenberg, S. Terwilliger, D. Pearson, J. Stoddard. HUMOROLOGY The central committee begins work early in the year and soon hundreds of students from many groups, the kickline and the interacts are participat- ing. They become creative and original, writing scripts, singing songs, planning choreography and staging. The tryouts begin to eliminate. The show is great, the group spirit overwhelming, excitement runs high, and trophies are awarded. I-lumorology '63 - a campus success! ORCHESIS Orchesis presented concerts in December and March, performed at Club 770 in November, and sent a touring group to New York in spring. Miss Kloepper and Miss Nassif, advisers, aided the group in planning high school activity day, introducing dance and physical education to future college stu- dents. Oflicers were Erika Rehm, president, Sarah Covalt, vice-president, Kathryn Carnes, secretary, and Judy Gilbert, publicity chairman. Orchesis-First Row: N. McLaughlin, D. Miller, J. Lazar, E. Danville, L. Sirkus, P. Wilans, M. Palaith, J. Strader. Second Row: S. Harris, J. Gilbert, S. Covalt, E. Rehm, K. Gallati, D. Fletcher. Third Row: j. Park, C. Carnes, B. Roan, C. Barnett, S. jeffrey, N. Surmacz, C. Schwartz, B. Myatt, D. Hansen, T. Fisher, G. Atwell. Fourth Row: L. Karlstrom, J. Dunn, V. Dils, K. Peterson, C. Melrose, S. Syse, F. Kirschner, J. Van Dyke. iff Phi Beta-First Row: J. Ayres, S. Duffy, K. Kettelson, R. Behrens, J. Reimann, L. Martin, C. Valesh, M. Paulson, D. Block, D. Silverman, P. Shapiro. Second Row: K. Gross, E. Rehm, M. McAndrews, I. Beck, B. Kole, L. St. Louis, J. Robertson, P. Howell. PHI BETA Phi Beta, celebrating its Golden Anniversary this year, is the national professional speech and music fraternity for university Women. According to their president, Linda Martin, activities for the year in- cluded presenting Christmas programs in the Madi- son area for children, play reading at the Mfisconsin Center, and an exchange concert with their North- western chapter. The pledges carried out their na- tional service project during the spring semester which included work at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Madison. PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha, the professional music fraternity for men students, had an active year. Professor Leon Iltis, who founded the chapter in 1921 and retired from the music school faculty this year, was honored at their annual Initiation Banquet held on Found- ers Day, March 6. According to their president, Robert Loomer, other activities included Christmas caroling, providing ushers for the music school, and sponsoring the All-American Music Concert and the Badger Song Festival in coordination with its sister group, Sigma Alpha Iota. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia-First Ro1.u: L. Clark, R. Smith, R. VVhite, R. Loomer, O. Shetney, P. Aaholrn, W. Richardson, K. DeVoe. Second Row: V. Nelson, W. Werth, M. Kekstadt, G. Rieg- ler, D. Heeren, R. Boller, R. Bross, T. Bachhauser, R. Melby. Third Row: W. Hartwig, W. Fuller, J. Oman, J. Maas, R. Freedman, 1. Howard. ggf: ga' J .1 .4 ,- 1 'X , Q, .ss mi Q - - 255 256 L! Sigma Alpha Eta-First Row: C. Goltry, K. Jensen, M. Hibbard, L. Parisi, J. Gengler, L. Solko- vitz, M. Cotten, G. Jones, G. Reasa. Second Row: S. Frakes, J. Gregory, C. Davie, R. Jacobs, B. Barbakow, A. Reichert, K. Reibetanz, M. Smith, N. Vig, S. Becker, M. Ganswindt, S. Knep- preth. Third Row: J. Swiggum, E. Framberger, K. Rothman, E. Hutkowski, F. Roben, M. Geschel, A. Davis, B. Hulbert, B. Karabensh, L. Alpert, A. Rutledge, J. Kahn, K. Durand. Fourth Row: M. Stewart, J. Germono, J. Jacques, J. Principe, B. Miner, M. Cohen, E. Lauter, J. Wegener, S. Banks, L. Lemke, L. Limmermann, J. Heck, G. Johnson, B. Schoenkerrnan. SIGMA ALPHA ETA The annual Tea was the first activity of Sigina Alpha Eta, an organization composed of university women interested in the lield of speech and hearing. President' Carmen Goltry, vice-president Marlene Ganswindt, treasurer Rosa Rappaport, and secretar- ies Helen Loehning and Sue Frakes planned this year's speaker program for meetings and directed a service project which included aid to handicapped children. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Rho chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota was founded in l92l to give women music students inspirational, educational, and social aids. President Sandra Naset, vice-president Louise Johnson, secretary Mary Lee Larson, and treasurer Marcia Lewis co-ordinated this year's activities which included musicals at meetings, the Annual American Music Concert, service pro- jects, and the co-sponsorship of the Badger Song Festival. Sigma Alpha Iota-First Row: J. Luif, M. Lewis, T. Larson, S. Naset, Miss Fisher, L. Johnson, M, Larson, J. Grams, N. Shurts. Second Row: K. Trnka, E. Gilpatrick, J. Osmundson, K. Inge- britsen, C. Demuth, S. Segal, A. Steckelberg, S. Pomplun, E. Samuelson, J. Wahlstrom, S. Brock- haus. Third Row: S. La Fayette, S. Bussey, B. Hassel, L. Hughes, M. Gilbert, S. Pitzer, P. Gruehn S.Stratman, S. Lemke, S. Grundahl, L. Anderson. 1 YN7omen's Chorus-First row: N. Maki, N. Dille, S. Elson, J. Fronk, S. Gohdes, K. Cross, N Guptill, S. Serota, S. Lautz, A. Sipple. B. Cunningham, C. Hay, S. Disch, J. Schwertleber, M. Reinitz, G. Gershach. Second rout: li. Samuelson, C. Demuth, S. Kneppreth, J. Kahn, S. Stratman, S. Ayres, S. Kocher, B. Stelter, R. Tanner, B. Cassiman, L. Jorgenson, W. Lewallen C. Barker, J. Ayres, G. Gersh, R. Rauschenberger, C. Booth, R. Lasky, N. Shurls. Third rozv M. Rinelli, J. Davis, L. Meloy, M. Schulman, S. Segal. A. Sleckelberg, M. Meacham, J. Harker A. Gresham, K. Mlhiteside, G. Gilbert, S. Lee. J. Falligan, B. Ruzic, P. McNamara. J. Branden burg, Schlaak, B. Gerlich, R. Sengstock, P. Allen. Fourllz row: C. Langer, S. Plattis, L. St Louis, M. Gilbert, H. Loehning, W. Rosen, P. Crannis, C. Erichsen, J. Schultz, B. Hassel, G Osborn, B. Schuetze, J. Radke, J. Vca, K. Yares, V. Sheller, S. Larsen, S. Crunclahl, B. X'Vedell M. Kuehl, K. Klausch, C. Hulder, L. Yllitucki. WOMENS CHORUS Women's Chorus is an organization open to every woman on campus. This year it had 82 members. Under the direction of Dale Gilbert and accompanied by Beverly Hassel, they sang at the Madison Rotary Club, at the Farmers Mutual Banquet, in the Christ- mas concert, and at high schools in Wisconsin during their spring concert tOur. Joanne Ayres, president, was assisted by Gail Gersh, vice-president, and Sue Kneppreth, secretary. NlEN'S GLEE CLUB The Men's Glee Club, led by president Paul Thoreson, vice-president Tom Woolsey and librarian Alan Metz, performed at the inauguration of Presi- dent I-Iarrington, the inauguration of Governor Reynolds, and at joint concerts with nurnero-us Big Ten colleges after football games. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Becknall the group also sent a touring squad throughout the state in spring, and presented a recital series for WHA-TV. Men's Glee Club-First row: G. Kienzle, D. Lautz, C. Giesler, R. Blamey, K. Brigham, S Benedict, R. Melby, R. Veloff, V. Jacobsen, VV. Fuller, J. Howard, R. Kirwin K. Schadeberg, T. Swan. Second row: J, Schmitz, R. Meyer, W. Reed, P. Walker, R. Bross M. Kekstadt, T. Voth, R. Severson, L. Erlich, R. Mazmanian, K. Steinholl, D. Osborn, R. Grau- mann. Third row: E. Danielson, J. Stewart, P. Egan, G. Herlache, D. Shortino, R. Steinke J. Kreutzmann, J. Taylor, J. Oswald, B. Rasmussen, J. Holsen, J. Harvey, YV. Petersen, J Bartell, M. King. Fourth row: T. VVoolsey, L. Sumwalt, B. Lindquist, L. Mlagner, A. Metz P. Levy, D. McWilliams, C. Gnatzig, R. Horn, R. Monk, J. Mlorden, B. Olson, R. VVeber R. Lee, R. Quisling, Benson, W. Jonen. 257 258 Forensic Union-First Row: P. Gugel, C. Sylvester, H. Halvorson, B. Campbell, K. Dornbrook, D. O'Connell. Second Row: D. Ungurait, C. Goodkin, P. Carstensen, F. Carstensen, D. Zu1d- mulder, Dr. Murray, J. Ranney, T. Cook, G. Armstrong. FORENSIC UNION The Wisconsin Forensic Union, under the direc- tion of president Bill Campbell, vice president Pete Peshek, secretary-treasurer Huntley Halvorson, and Mr. Murray, faculty advisor, sponsored many activi- ties during the course of the year. They planned two tournaments, supervised the Hagenagh Debate, and had the unique responsibility of providing the panel for the WI-IA-TV "Quiz the Professor" program. UW BANDS The University of Wisconsin bands, the concert band, the Badger band, and the Cardinal band are harmoniously combined into the marching band. The highlight of this band season was their highly-praised performance at the Rose Bowl. Also on the agenda was the concert band's annual tour to Wisconsin com- munities. Band officers included Paul Burgess, presi- dent, Roger White, vice-president, and Mike George, manager. Concert Band-R. Rowald, J. Lathers, D. Scherf, G. Maas, C. Behnke, J. Roberts, R. Wileman, R. Krueger, P. Aaholm, W. Fuller, Brig- ham, L. O'Brien, R. White, J. Luff, A. Scheer, D. Craig, J. Saler, C. Craig, R. Quade, J. Bergemann, W. Williams, D. Siegrist, J. Glickman, J. Johnson, D. Webb, C. Knobeloch, E. Laube, L. Johnson, J. Lamm, T. Clark, T. Likover, J. Saecker, M. Venden, J. Fenner, J. Roemer, D. Harvey, N. Weaver, J. Kastorl-l, D. Krueger, R. Houtler, P. Burgess, D. Hensel, M. Larson, D. Finkelstein, J. Jaeschke, K. Kaap, E. Clifford, R. Weitzel, C. Stephenson, R. Suchoski, R. Stephenson, M. George, K. DeVoe, C. Cooley, T. Steffen, D. Fenske, R. Loomer, G. Wood, W. Hart- wig, C. Schiebler, J. Kreuzer, K. Trnka, T. Gregory, V. Nelson, J. Sapora, C. Siemers, N. Davidson, J. Klein, W. Richardson, W. Smith, L. Erickson, D. Bunch, W. Matthias, J. Rosenau, D. Woolpert, W. Werth, J. Aspnes, P. Loughlin, M. Biggin, E. Anderson, R. Hoffman, R. Melby. Wisconsin? color guard advances with the rnarching band before the Homecoming game. High-stepping drum major, Ron Smith, is the student leader of the marching band. 259 260 I I I SPECIAL INTEREST I L . 4-K . Coranto Sigma Iota-First Row: P. Bown, G. Kenower, K. Tancill, P. Press, K. Logan, K. Bartholomew. Sec- ond Row: D. Hanson, J. Surmacz, K. Ryan, D. Knoblauch, Prof. Fosdick, M. Crook, K. Mlitt, L. Giese, N. Shulrnan. Third Row: E. Thacher, K. Schmill, P. Scala, K. Hickman, L. Becker, D. Stitgen, M. Levine, N. Gerner, E. Warne, M. Infelise, K. Breinig, L. Ing- ham, D. Webb. CORANTO SKHWAIOTA Coranto is a professional journalism sorority and is organized to interest and encourage girls in pro- fessional lields. A tea was given for faculty members during the holiday season and the organization worked with the journalism conference held for high school editors. Donna Knoblauch was presi- dent, Joellen Surmacz, treasurer, Mary Cook, vice- presidentg Karen Ryan, corresponding secretary, and Kay Witt, recording secretary. RED CROSS The Red Cross is organized to provide an oppor- tunity for students to make humanitarian contribu- tions to the community. This year a new educa- tional welfare committee was organized to recruit volunteers to serve in hospitals in the area. The main project of the group is Working through the Red Cross in sponsoring the all-campus blood drives. Timm Hurst and his co-chairman directed the organization and the semi-annual drives. Red Cross-First Row: Prof. Foss, K. Larson, M. Swaziek, T. Hurst, E. Parker. Second Row: P. Polachek, H. Fyffe, S. Morgan, M. Flewelling, B. Burbidge, J. Stathas. Third Row: C. Page, B. Chana, j. Phillips. Pre-Law Club-First Row: K. Warclecker, R. Moberly, W. Steinmetz, T. Burress, W. Whitwall, S. Schoenfeld, Prof. WVa1ter B. Raushenbush. Second Row: P. McKenzie, J. Erickson, J, McAdow, E, Danielson, J, Amschler, D. Sinykin, R. Sewis, D. Swidler. Third Row: H, Bell, D. Osgood, R. Lowe, W. Jones, T. Lucas, R. Bookholder, R. Bates. PRE-LAW CLUB The Pre-Law Club is organized to aid the orienta- tion of students interested in law and provide for intellectual interaction between faculty and students. The group sponsors meetings and lectures for pro- spective law students. In December, Professor Koep fer of Harvard Law School spoke to the organization. Tom Burress was club president. PRE-MED SOCIETY The Pre-Med Society, a new organization on cam- pus, was formed to acquaint undergraduates with the field of medicine and bring the medical curriculum closer to the pre-med student. The club carried out its program through a series of speakers, lectures, and discussion groups. OHicers were Bruce Lessin, presi- dent, Judson Rikkers, vice-president, and Paul Wies- ner, secretary-treasurer. Pre-Med Society-Oilicers Judson Rikkers, Bruce Lessin and Paul Wiesner attend a club lecture. 261 262 The ILS Council serves as the governing body of the Integrated Liberal Studies program. This pro- gram, offered for the freshman and sophomore years, gives the student an opportunity to gain insight into the three major fields of learning. The Council, a representative body of ILS'ers, is responsible for the social activities of ILS as Well as improvement of the academic atmosphere through better student-faculty relations. This year they have conducted numerous faculty firesides and a Christ- mas Caroling party. They planned the Disintegration Banquet to commemorate the 15th anniversary of ILS. The ILS Council officers are Martin Tandler, presidentg Kenneth Grafton, vice-president, Barbara Niebuhr, secretaryg William Muehl, treasurer, and Dr. R. Pooley and Mrs. M. I-Iundt, advisors. ILS COUNCIL ILS Officers-First Row: B. Niebuhr, Mrs. Hundt Second Row: M. Tandler, B. Bade, K. Grafton. ILS Council-First Row: K. Grafton, B. Niebahr, M. Tandler, N. Kershar, M. Gold. Second Row: B. Perlstein, B. Muehl, J. Benn, J. Burdick, P. Borchers, J. Zeiger. ,2- i Q Conservative Club - First Row: N. Thayer, D. Milligan, T. Cormaney, J. Rudd, G. Kienitz. Second Row: H. Shapiro, G. Douglas, W. Brown, A. Tobin, R. Solse, J. Strother, C. Skeels. WISCONSIN CONSERVATIVE CLUB The Wisconsin Conservative Club activities fea- tured a Week-end seminar on constitutional govern- ment with Russell Kirk and other political scien- tists from Illinois and Kansas City. The extensive library of the club, which includes material on government, politics, economics and history, is one way they fulfill their purpose of making the student body aware of the conservative philosophy. Oflicers were Ted Cormaney, president, Gerry Rudd, vice- president, Mary Woehr secretary, and Dan Milligan, treasurer. YWCA Meeting the needs and questions of Christian women in the campus community, the University YWCA is organized as a campus group and coordi- nates its program with the national YWCA. Presi- dent Karen Thorson, aided by vice president Betsy Benner, in coordination with the University YMCA, planned the local group's service projects consisting of the sponsorship of the freshman camp to aid in new student orientation and the International Gift Fair. Joan Bures, treasurer and Judy Radloflf, secre- tary also helped plan the group's traditional Faculty Firesides. University YWCA-First Row: S. Hark- er, B. Benner, K. Thorson, M. Newell, J. Bures. Second Row: J. Blank, M. Moll, E. Blodgett, M. Quarles, L. Brat- ley, P. O'Conne1l. e:v A.:-..iv...s,..-...J-.MmM.sw.,.-L.-...-as... . ..., ..... .. ..u.L,,......4........- 263 264 Valiants-First Row: L. Dietrichson, Mrs. Brittingharu, H. Skard. Second Row: B. Henriksson, C. Kronman, A. Reuter, L. Arnesen, H. Blavert, G. Bergvall. Chosen on the basis of past scholarship and per- sonal interviews with Thomas Brittingham, the Val- iants hail from the four Scandinavian countries and study and travel in America for a year. Because the purpose of their scholarship is for young adults of the two countries to learn each other's customs, the Valiants must return to their homes for at least three years and spread American ideas there. Captain Heinrich Blauert from Sweden helped arrange interesting travel experiences for the group. A ski resort in Iron Mountain, Michigan hosted the group during semester break, and the Ro-se Bowl afforded them a perfect opportunity to visit Cali- fornia. With the close of school for summer, the Valiants will visit a ranch in Texas owned by the Britting- ham family. VALIANTS Valiants-First Row: L. Arnesen, A. Reuter, C. Bergvall. Second Row: H. Blauert, H, Skard, C. Kronman, B. Henrik, L. Dietrich- sen, B. Larsen. University YMCA-First Row: C. Jensen, S. Schuster, J. Cross, M. Morse, C. Nelson, L. Brown, W. Kind, YV. Hartwig, YV. Gunderson, L. Loidolt. Second Row: J. Bade, E. Astling, W. Brasher, A. Cortes, N. Takizawa, S, Ung, M. Puls, S. Adelman, J. Brook, R. Quintela, F. Siddiqui, K. Rahman, J. Teske, R. Kohler, D. Reid, J. Stein, P. Peercy. Third Row: R. Schumpert, V. Slabi- kov, E. Meister, E. Coats, D. Surguy, P. Deng, C. Ludios, D. Hirsh, Mrs. Dais, L. Burroughs, S. Salzman, J. Harrington, R. Cosse, J. Vogt, R. Stephenson, G. Thomas, P. Miller. Fourth Row: R. Claus, F. YfVymore, R. Stephenson, A. Webb, J. Block, D. Maass, J. Albert, W. Block, R. Gosse, G. Thomae, G. Rasinski, W'. lfvineke, R. Steinke, R. Towers, D. Mueller, G. Chamber- lain, L. Sues, K. Tank, S. Kerwien, J. Hall, T. Friz, L. Harper, Sykes. Fifth Row: L. Downs, P. Ivaska, J. Huse, YV. Briggs, R. Tasker, J. Newman, R. Manthe, J. Behnke, B. Stein, S. Henry, E. Witzke, M. Schneidemesser, R. Smith, N. Smith, C. Cooley, A. Anderson, G. Schindler, Holsen, P. Stiles, J. Oman, T. Bott. YMCA Cabinet-First Row: E. Coats, S. Salzman, L. Burroughs, R Berger, C. Nelson, R. Stephenson, W. Wineke. Second Row: R. Schumpert, R. Cowley, C. Tyson, E. Meister, B. Stein, J. Hall, C. Cooley, R. Towers, D. Kind, J. Sykes. Attempting to promote and maintain a sense of responsibility for increased understanding and prac- tice of Christian philosophy in all phases of personal living, the University YMCA coordinated the life of its local organizations goals with those of the national group. President Jim Hall, who is responsible for the smooth operation of the living unit, explained that the group participates in volleyball and football intra- murals, and also sponsors parties and dances. Vice-presidents Carnot Nelson and Don Kind and secretary Rick Bachhuber helped plan exchange dinners with other independent living units and a Christmas carol tour. In conjunction with the YWCA, the men's group sponsored a freshman camp during New Student Week, the International Gift Fair, and Faculty Firesides. 265 266 The International Club has been an important factor in bringing together foreign and American students on the campus. Now in its sixtieth year, the club sees as its aim a better understanding be- tween people of all nations and mutual exchange of national customs. To effect this, the council, headed by Farooq Siddiqui, president, G. Soundararajan, vice-president, Marcia Bruel, secretary, and Erik Kiss- meyer-Nielsen, treasurer, planned a year filled With both social and cultural activities. At Friendship Hours foreign students had a chance to speak about their native countries and to hear about others. Costume Balls, to which all members came dressed in their native clothing, and Inter- national Dinners, gave further opportunities for cul- tural exchange. INTERNATIONAL CLUB The International Club Folk Festival offering articles from all over the world. International Club-First Row: V. Moosad, R. Peterson, F. Siddiqui, E. Kissmeyer-Nielson, M. Bluel, G. Soundara-Rajan. Second Row: J. Isige, S. Draisin, D. Meyer, B. Magill, C.. Jimenez, B. Bahr, P. Brown, Sadiklar, B. Weng. Third Row: M. Beg, H. Ghatala, D. Tripathi, S. Hameed, S. Ghalayini, J. Maduewesi. YGOP-First Row: S. St. Louis, H. Brachtl, T. Boehm, M. Haeuser, P. Roshaven. Second Row: VV. Matuszeski, P. Howell, K. Schacleberg, D. Shold- berg, N. Thayer, C. Rang. YGOP The Young Republican Club is organized in order to promote the Republican principles, arouse inter- est in electing Republican candidates, and to promote political education on the campus. The club spon- sors many activities to carry out its objectivesg among these are speakers, movies, and debates for the campus community. The club sends a delegate to the Convention of Midwest Federation of College Young Republicans and the state Young Republican convention, it also assists with promotion for the Lincoln Day dinner. The club was led by Todd Boehm this year. l BAHATCLUB The Baha'i faith was founded in 1844 in Persia. Believers feel that the prophet Bahalu'llah marks not only the return of Christ but the return of all other messengers of God. Baha'u'llah brought to the world the plan for universal peace and brotherhood. The purpose of the Baha'i Club is to promulgate the ideals of the Baha'i faith and provoke thought and discussions of all religions. Meetings are held on alternate Sundays and provide, besides the dis- cussions, guests lecturers of the Baha'i faith. Reimer, S. Yamamoto, D. Monck. Baha'i Club-First Row: D. Thompson, J. Fries, S. Nutting. Second Row: D. 267 268 B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation-First Row: P. Peckarsky, J. Ansfield, S. Andrusier, E. Elving, K. 'Weiner, M. Wolff, S. Gitelson. Second Row: A. Katz, G. Schmidt, S. Berwald, E. Got- tlieb, N. Feingold, A. Fischman, P. Berman, Rabbi Ticktin. Third Row: C. Nelson, N. Pugach, S. Stern, K. Cohen, H. Goldberg, J. Loundy. B'NAl B'RlTH HILLEL FOUNDATION Students of the Jewish faith are accommodated at Hillel. Besides the regular Friday night and other holiday services, which are under the direction of Rabbi Max D. Ticktin, students can partake in a wide variety of activities. Everything from classes and study groups in Hebrew, Jewish philosophy and ethics, to lecturers and folk singers is offered here. In addition, they are sponsoring a new magazine, THE SCROLL. CANTERBURY CLUB Every Sunday night after dinner, members of Can- terbury Club enjoy an evenings entertainment featuring lecturers, slides, and guest student and pro- fessor speakers. Variety in the program allows for folk so-ngs, picnics, Christmas banquets, and bowling and skating parties. This is sponsored by the Epis- copal Church and is open to all students of the faith on the campus. The club's president is Neil Radtke. St. Francis' House-First Row: J. Zemanek, P. Dixon, B. Barrett, P. Arvedson, E. Lidster, N. Wood, C. Kinney, J. Erb. Second Row: N. Little, S. Smail, N. Radtke, Mrs. W. R. Otto, J. Spicer, T. Withey. Third Row: Rev. G. White, J. Boronow, M. Ksiskein, E. Stella, A. Hamilton, M. Pelton, B. Schaefer, M. Calland, B. Williams, M. Chambers, Mrs. H. Lidster, Fourth Row: R. Nielson, F. Williamson, A. Owen, S. Brown, P. Melzer, T. Frank, D. Vose, D. Osgood, J. Splinter, E. Radtke, P. Probasco. 6:11 Wy! The student center founded in 1926 provides a church away from home for 1,000 students at the university. Included in their program are 3 Sunday services, matins, and vesper services and social events such as coffee hours, courses in religion, the Gamma Delta Fraternity for Lutheran students, a Searching the Scripture Hour, philosophical and religious dis- cussion and debate at the Koino Club. They also have a choir that tours throughout the state. The president of the organization is Loren C. Becker with Chuck Page as vice-president. Under their leadership many interesting programs are plan- ned following the weekly Sunday suppers. Calvary members perform for talent night. CALVA RY LUTHERAN CENTER Calvary Lutheran Chapel and Student Center-Fz'v'st Row: Vicar L. Stier, S. Sievery,j. Suelflory, L. Becker, S. Platt, C. Page. Second Row: D. Wolf, P. Kane, K. Mau, D. Hahm, T. Frey, B. Mundy, F. Dobke, C. Helgeson. 2 6,9 A, l. o ' '--- ----------M----fl--f'---"M4'-'-T -'H' ' "A" '1 " 270 Christian Science Organization-First Row: J. Weaver, L. Purdy, P. Spero, C. Carnes, D. Vanseth. Second Row: J. Council, L. Eserkaln, G. Jacobson, Mrs. Kilgour, R. Robinson. Third Row: J. Kester, P. Bishop, T. Hutchinson, P. Mittelsteadt, R. Price, M. Bennett. Fourth Row: D. John- son, J. Ellis, L. Hartz, K. Zipp, W. Vfahl, L. Schmidt, J. Howell, L. Sorenson. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Organization featured a film program as part of this year's agenda. It also participated in the exchange program with other student centers. This year the organization had a newly remodeled student center. Oflicers were Glenn Jacobson, president, Bill Holland, vice-president, John Council, treasurer, Laura Eserkilin, recording secretaryg and Karen Berke, corresponding secretary. United Student Fellowship-First Row C. Christoffersen, M. Baebler, P. Came- ron, H. Brants, K. Gasper, J. Selinske. Second Row: D. Willard, A. Sherman N. Longhorn, E. Dana, J. Bergeret, C. Greene, C. Dudey. Third Row: A. Boris, N. Post, D. Webb, W. Feenstra, J. Christensen, P. Voigt, T. Lantz, J. Warns, K. Friou. Fourth Row: J. Mur- ley, L. Schmid, K. Gasper, D. Cameron G. Taubel, R. Weidman, W. Loudin J. 'Warner. r UNITED STUDENT FELLOWSHIP The United Student Fellowship is organized for students who are members of the United Church of Christ including the Congregational and Evangelical and Reformed churches. The program throughout the year includes Sunday night suppers, lectures, panel, and discussion programs. President this year was James Christenseng vice- presidents were Douglas Cameron and Cheryl Peter- son g secretary was Ann Boris. 7 N? xv va' Q I V Q Wfrm xx is in I Y ' N s Q'. - EP . - WI D A A v . mf , . . - ,,, , . .ln , X M ug All X P Q .F X ' ,W . N I-Lx I X I Q: A 1. ' . " . 0 f' "'. . , 1 -'Q , fm ' -19" 3' . . -' X .4 fir" vp l P, x Yiwu? fi if . - 15' X 3 .1 ' i f Z , ' '-f . V. on - 4 V I ' K mf s f qbx 1 y,.: k5 1455, F ,gs - ' .. -,. '1 ' A1 ' X x' "mul ' ' , 1' f qw 4 ,S . X , , k ., ,M - -- fi pf Q N J 8? sw 4 E K N is x X 1,3-A X x 'R 52222532311 -rk5+ A- x 'X lxffz ' . ..,.. , ,ff W af Q bk 4 J aw Q , S Q - E! is N N I , . ,af-1 'E55i35'::553:" Q K9 2252- ' 9 54' B ' v . , if sir. ,,,:.:::.. X, Q E xt ., , L bf , -g ,b ' ' X I fi 1 VE"-3L'i9'f- 3 X3 j.. -My ,, 71,5 gg: ' 'V wi- Rl , A ' z,f'5 '5 31 ffg 1 f, au, 3 X S, , .V .M , W I 6, an - , X W :T ., lj 4' . 0 ,, A-. L Ac, - Z X x 272 Nautilus Society-First Row: W. Zelm, J. Ritzenthaler, J. Rummele, M. Roz- ner. Second Row: Lynaugh, W. Meyers, B. Nolan, B. Kelly, K. Stahl- kopt, M. Cuseo. NAUTILUS SOCIETY Membership in this organization includes all boys who study under the naval ROTC program. The coordinators and policy makers of the society are members of the executive board: John E. Rummele, pres.g james Ritzenthaler v.p. and sec'y.g Marvin Rozner, treas. and selected classroom representatives. Their responsibility is the coordination of events for Navy Ball. The society as a Whole participates in tournaments, smokers and picnics. MILITARY BALL One of the most gala events of the student year is the annual Military Ball. For the occasion, the entire union was open to accommodate 5 different orchestras and bands. Included in the evening's entertainment were free refreshments and free photos. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Badger Beauties and the march of the Mil Ball king candi- dates through a sabre arch. Mil Ball Committee-First Row: D. Saichek, B. Pacek, T. Kincaid, V. Schutz, B.. Wagner, B. Whitrner. Second Row: D. Grams, R. Zahnow, L. Gardner, R. Rosenfield, C. Andrmga, H. Bell, P. janke, L. Feigenberg. Third Row: P. Stein, T. Schmidt, R. Smith, K. Koepke, R. Arndt, J. Rummele. Pershing Rifles-First Row: Maj. Viterna, P. McNaughton, K. Zipp, B. Mfhitmer, M. Hurley, H. McCubbin, R. Skilton, S. Wolfgrarn, G. Albert, R. Jurack, Capt. Crittenden, H. Matzen. Second Row: S. Meyer, H. Kluender, D. Martin, D. Radlofi, R. Wichelt, M. Quirk, D. Lockwood, R. Larget. Third Row: D. Reichard, J. Baumann, A. Dombrow, G. Jagodinsky, R. Lemberg, C. Matthews, D. Dixon, J. McHugh, G. Hull. Fourth Row: J. Zych, D. Berryman, R. Coates, D. Weston, R. Roden, J. Ruskin, J. Weaver, H. Schmidt, C. Wedig. Fifth Row: P. O'Brien, G. Stevenson, D. Stair, J. Squiers, T. Beebe,R. YVolfgram, S. Behrens, M. Sonnad. Sixth Row: K. Swank, P. Wahler, D. Heitzman, R. Manratil, R. Braatz, M. Henry, J. Smith. Seventh Row: D. Dretzke, W. Rowley, H. Gempeler, S. Schroeder, V. Comella, R. Linder, K. Nelson. Eighth Row: W. Wymore, J. Brown, F. Kruger, P. Molstad, F. Lutz. PERSHING RIFLES Staff Oflicers-First Row: B. Whitmer, R. Skilton, M. Hurley, H. McCubbin, S. Wolfgram, G. Albert. Second Row: K. Zipp, D, Lock- wood, R. Wichelt, M. Quirk, H. Kleunder, H. Radloff, P. Mc- Naughton. 'WW "S"'Q96 'Wg "N X 2"' ' f'T'i0mD"' 625326 W """"D"l' 'v' N' " '!"' A "i' sg- ss- -A .A . iz ,ir Q. - Q..-.,. , slight - .R A al-.,.r. T . 1' -- ' 6 2, ,H X ,sk ,L Ni, ' ' -Q "EZ, :KH 1'sJ5:qQ:s -vs-.-:. AGNW -ss. . -. 'M - .ss-sf. sv. A -- . ,, ws A. v. .... . rs.---: . -W. wit., - .-,-.wi-Q ,, .V -. ser ? A 1. -: ,ss-5 s 4' , . : .-f'.-xi"ss'--'-:sf,-' ':-m'er'- .V - RFS.:-S. r-4-g::.s1-'-pr':s',- Ez:-:ss 1 - -. yfg,m1.w:-f . if. :viii 2' if-' V 'Mi' 'Z-2 -4 v: Iv.-Y Y xt. I -. . 9 -:Q - X - -' . 1 1 ' 4 . . 6- V :-1 .ws -. .. ss .. . . x.-,,- .- wwvfi sg. ew' My --,ge . ,.. -,isws fm ,gigs-. -si' ,tkassio-t,.x S ri Q3 S' ,. .. . , -a 3 sag- f--Y s -, .5951 'Q ,.ss.::- .- . .. .A-Qt. ,- . s.--.. -.t .f au... 1 . Xsafvsg. .NN qw.,..W.s,...c..,rs..s,,m., .dwhiv Q AX., sm. 1 .- N- .2 , 1 5 - -1:f'.i.f-2-' 'Y ' ish 1 .- 'V Y' ls.. ferr' -:5 - 1-W msgs.. .-1 .. .A ., , ...N , . , .. .3,s.ogs. .. ,, ..,. ,. s. .s. os,., v '- ,x ' 4- it-urn . ms. E -' -:lf 3:14 . 41, -Av' ., v.2P2y" 3-,-,'. ,Q -s-7,11H,,s-N.. . -- Ji, I..-171'-f ,'-f-.F-Ig. ' ' ' . . ' is s-W' x N. . as P- . Pershing Rides is a national honorary military society for outstanding basic Army ROTC cadets at Wisconsin. The group provides the color guard for the university basketball and football games. This year the color guard's duties included a trip to the Rose Bowl. Members of the Pershing Rifles form two drill teams which compete with other college teams. This year's competition included trips to the campuses of the University of Illinois and the University of Kansas. This spring the drill team traveled to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. The festival is the largest drill meet in the United States. Planning this year's trips and triumphs were Hamil- ton McCubbin, captain, Robert Skilton, executive oflicerg Kenneth Zipp, S-lg and Bruce Whitman, S-2. 273 274 SCABBARD AND BLADE Outstanding students of the three ROTC depart- ments are initiated into this honorary military society in their junior or senior years. Membership is based on scholastic and activity records. The purpose of the society as stated in their preamble is to "unite in closer relationship the military departments . . . and to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers." Serving as captain was David Fugina. University of Wisconsin Pistol Team- First Row: R. Jeffcoat, J. Voborsky, A. Winter, R. Shafer, J. Brook, L. Loidolt J. Jobelius, G. Foster. Second Row: H. Englesby, J. Roberts, R. Keehan, L. Cast, J. Halderson, C. Byers, J. Ku- ntzsch, A. Cibulka, J. Brazy, L. Hartz, G. Shearin. r Scabbard and Blade-First Row: T. Doran, D. Fugina, Capt. Todd, P. Horst, R. Czaplinski. Second Row.' G. Emerson, J. Rummele, D. Ward, J. Ber- endson, R. Arndt, K. Willenson, F. Shekore, S. Kramer. Third Row: M. Rozner, T. Holton, R. Slette, H. Lin- neas, R. Sweet, F. Nielson, L. Cracker, T. Everson, L. Kressin. Fourth Row: D. Hulburt, J. Bargren, K. Herman, W. Martin, T. Shambeau, P. Moran. Fifth Row: J. Apinis, D. Starritt, W. Wahl, R. Despirito, C. Zamjohn, W. West, G. Solverson. Sixth Row: V. Schutz, J. Abel, H. Bell, W. Steinmetz, J. Brazy, J. Zabritski. Seventh Row: J. Martocci, G. Stewart, F. Zimmerman, N. Wold, R. Kobussen. Eighth Row: J G. Miller, A. Bradford, L. Wagner, M. Ison, M. Max. U. W. VARSITY PISTOL TEAM Under the supervision of Capt. Howard E. Engles- by, the Varsity Pistol Team has won many merits. Last year they came in 2nd in the Big 10, shoulder-to- shoulder tournament, and James Halderson, a V. W. team member, was chosen to be on a 10-member All American team. There are 3 divisions in this organi- zation: Varsity, for undergradsg ROTC, for cadets, and a club team for anyone, including faculty, who is interested. PUBLICATIONS 3 Hfis Engineer-First Row: J. YVeber, V. Linden, D. Cress, N. Nelson, R. Budowle. Second Row: R. Henry, E. Zuehls, R. White, G. Kordas, S. Ferch, T. Berrong, B. Layng. Third Row: R. Everett, P. Meagher, R. Smith, D. Geiser, D. Vande Yacht, R. Stoelting. The WISCONSIN ENGINEER, under the editor- ship of David Cress, is a monthly publication dis- tributed on the engineering campus. The magazine contains articles written by engineering students and has special sections on new advancements and new ideas related to the profession. It also features cam- pus news, a noted humor section, and "The Girl of the Month." Assisting the editor this year were Barbara Friede, business manager, Richard Fine, articles editor, and Ron Neder, layout editor. With the cooperation of their staffs, they co- ordinate the work of the publishing and distributing. The magazine is sent to over five hundred high schools throughout Wisconsin. WISCONSIN- EN- GINEER also boasts subscribers all over the world, WISCONSIN ENGINEER 275 Mfis Engineer-Prof. George Sell, B. Friede, D. Cress. among these readers are citizens of -the U.S.S.R. Wis Engineer-First Row: B-. Friede, R. Fritz. Second Row: D. Verhaagh, J. Altmann, R. Lemberg. .,.......J Verne McDoniels, JoEI1en Surmacz and Gail Bensinger, night editor, discuss' the next day's assignment. Mahlon Hinkson, foreman of the backshop, sets up an ad. jacques has taken over this comer of the -CARDINAL office. THE DAILY CARDINAL The Big Four discuss CARDINAL policy: Bob Karlman, managing editorg jeff Greenfield, editor-in-chiefg Lynn Abraham, assistant managing editorg and Roger Loeb, managing editor. 5 g S 9? i:...,a-r- I -----A 'i . 'IX SLOPPY PEUUFERS W 4 4 t i E4 i i ggi aff bw' , 1' judy Langen-Eeld, society editor, Phyllis Berman, night editor, and Rae Linefsky, editorial assistant, check over incoming copy. People make news-they may be in the news, see news, or manu- facture news. The bevy of reporters, editors, and proofreaders around the hub of the DAILY GARDINAL do their part in K'making" campus news, In the North Wing of journalism Hall, one can find people at work nearly twenty-four hours a day. From the time the oflice opens at eight in the morning until the carriers finish delivering the GARDINAL at 7:10 the next morning, ac- tivity rarely stops. During that time, day, editors edit the inside pages, the night editor juggles the front page layout, and the editor-in-chief, jeff Greenfield, writes his view on the issue of the day-whether its the DG case or Mil Ball. Under the direction of editor Greenfield, Roger Loeb, manag- ing editor, and Lynne Abraham, assistant managing editor, the CARDINAL reports events on campus and off. This year corre- spondents commented from Oxford, Mississippi on James Mere- dith's entrance to the University of Mississippi. The staff managed to greet readers with news of the Greek March, the day of the march. Even want ,ads provided news-and a choice of more than 40 girls for one boy's Homecoming date. 1, I l s Il 5 l if 1 is if ig 1, .y my l Tl fm 277 Cardinal photographers: LeRoy Woodson, Tom Mitchell, john- Gilman, Lee Kenower, and Tom Angell, photo editor. Mike Wheeler, editor in-chief of the Wisconsin BADGER. Associate editor Shelly Cohen had that hemrned-in feeling. WISCONSIN BADGER BADGER photographers Marvin Foss, Doug Nissley and Tom Angell were happily on call at all times. Ti? ,.. Badger Board-First Row: Tom Donegan, Shelly Cohen, jerry Redfield, president, Virginia Markel, secretary, john Quisling. Second Row Ray Hilsenhoff, Prof. Lester Hawkes, john Skornicka, Mike Wheeler, Prof. james Bower, Prof. William Hachten. 279 It had to be somewhere. The entire BAD- GER staff knew it. Organization is the back- bone of every going concern. The editors just smiled-they knew it was there, tran- scending all the bustle and agitation of the BADGER oliice. Carefully constructed in the minds of the editorial staff, the plans for the book lay on the stiff and staring dummy, on the myriad of photographer Doug Nissley's film strips, on the endless check-off sheets in the hands of the editors. Meanwhile the rest of the staff received assignments-hours on the telephone, at the typewriter, with the propor- tioning rule. At times its seemed chaotic, six staff divisions fabricating sixty separate pro- ducts. But in a flurry of spring energythe book was drawn into a cohesive unit and christened the 1963 BADGER. Sports staff-Steve Nager, Terri Dreblow, john Bubolz, editor Index staff-Sue St. Louis, Fay Oehrlein, editor, Pat Howell. BADGER Z' 280 Art Editor Sue Hinch always seemed to be drawing cover designs. Sheri Miller, production editor, makes sure her staff doesn't miss a pica: Diane Fronek, Diane Lerner, Babs- Miner, Kathy Bailey. Senior Staff-First Row: Toni Lustig, Margie Nettleton, Judy Friedman, Liz Gray. Second Row: john Quisling, Jean Smith, Leslie Kasper, Lillian Stratton, Jan Strauch, editor, Irene Deneen. mild Carefree copy staff-First Row: Judy Gore, Cheryl Davis, Evelyn Stamm. Second Row: Lynda Shelker, editor, Judi jen-sen, Betsy Paddock, Pam Gor- don, Lin Calder, Kay Jarvis. Not even a persistent photographer could interrupt Business Manager john Skornicka from his work. Planning and Working, but for a different end, was Business Manager john Skornicka. In a record sales year he and his staff. Adver- tising Manager Jerry Redfield, Organizations Manager Tom Donnegan, and Sales Manager Roger Keyes, conducted all business transac- tions. Their all-important job was keeping the book within the budget. While they kept their eyes on the Financial figures, Promotions Manager Bob Barocci scrutinized the selec- tion of the Badger Beauties. The ultimate control of this enterprising corporation rests with the Badger Board, a student-faculty board of control which super- vises the entire publication, selects the editor and the business manager and approves the budget. , , N . 1 my i , ,. . v- - . 1' -I. , 'of . - ,. ,ay ., .. T .-eff' . ref? -Y Q :-: 'fini ,V Bob Barocci calms' down a worried Badger Beauty finalist. jerry Redfield, advertising manager begs john Skornicka and Roger Keyes for more pages. 'Ya ' , f 1 - W ...fir ', .' N .. QA si' f Y i fy , ., 282 Insight and Outlook-First Row: D. Fischer, J. johnson, J. O'Connell. Second Row: G. Pritchard, J. Rudd. T. Meyer, R. Soles. INSIGHT AND OUTLOOK INSIGHT AND OUTLOOK is a journal of con- servative and libertarian opinion published six times a year by students and faculty members on campus. Under the editorship of Millard johnson, it seeks to help students understand the ideological importance of current affairs, to defend individual freedom, and to offer a conservative approach to current problems. This year I Sc O has expanded to a 24-page journal and has correspondents on 20 campuses. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL During the fall semester, the senior class council busily planned the mid-semester convocation for graduating seniors. A newsletter was sent to all of the seniors informing them of spring graduation pro- cedures, while the council also selected the class gift and will, in the future, plan the many class reunions. Officers were Tom Aycock, president, Ann Truken- brod, vice-president, Renee Cohen, secretary, and Steve Underwood, treasurer. Senior Class Council-First Row: S, Pitt, R. Cohen, T. Aycock, A. Truken- brod, S. Underwood, B. Hanson. Second Row: P. Paulson, S. Flader, J. Kittsley, T. O,Brien, K. Kolacki, M. Musolf, Miss Emily Chervenik, J, Wing, B. Clark, J. Beverley. f..4 JCC ' uh. ' , 1, Mink T iii?- i if -vu E 'Q ,U Q .0 1 47 . ,Q V if . 3 Resident .-Xicls-Firsl rozv: M. Brown, L. Parisi, B. Corecki, P. Butts, P. Nickel, J. Osmundson, IZ. Collharclt, li. lirb. Second mzv: K. Kube, M. Grifhths, M, Hammerel, S. Schwartz, C. Pearl, L. Reivitz, C. Smith, 12. L:1utcr,S. Quarles, A. Reich, S. Utpatel. RESIDENT AIDS The Resident Aid program in campus dormitories and houses is a vital and rewarding program spon- sored by AWS. At the close of the spring semester interviews are given to all girls interested in be- coming resident aids in their various houses. After the selection of the girls, each aid is assigned about twenty freshmen girls to guide during the year. The aids meet with the 5-member council to discuss gen- eral dorm problems that might occur. A new project this year was a pamphlet informing housemothers and interested girls about the duties of a resident aid. AWS Executive Council-First row: J. Nechrony, K. Flugstad, K. row: P. Nickel, J. Rambo, M. Mercer, J. Marks. AWS AXVS is the women's student government and makes all rules under which Wisconsin women must live. Aside from giving two annual scholarships, AWS sponsors the freshman honor banquet with Sigma Epsilon Sigma. The fashion show under the direc- tion of Marcia Lawton was again a success, as Well as Senior Swingout, the spring farewell from seniors to undergraduates. AVVS olhcers were Katy Flugstad, president, joan Schurch, vice-president, Konnie Klumpar, secretary, and June Nechrony, treasurer. Klumpar, C. Tetik. Second f .:::+v.-ff 1-V, -,', .... mxuuzuna. .. 1. 1 . f ,gl a,. - I 283 284 511 . ' Panhellenic Council-First Row: J. Rosenbaum, G. Knox, J. Hollingsworth, C. Lipman, J. Walter, A. Whitford, S. Stanton, Miss Rogers, S. Chapin, J. Marks. Second Row: J. Leith, C. Thomas, B. Bishop, A. Herman, J. Thomson, S. Gutiel, B. Rowen, J. Beck, S. Cook, P. Cole, P. Peterson, K. Hentschel, R. Farrington, B. Currie, B. Williams, B. Kelber, J. Sonosky, B. Youngdahl, J. Gore, S. Fischer. PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION A first for sorority rush at Wisconsin was a spring rush compressed into a Week. A timesaver to both sororities and rushees, the IBM system made this possible. A silent march of all Greeks and the clarifi- cation of the Human Rights Committees resolution was Panhel's most important project of the year. Oflicers were Ann Whitford, president, Judy Walter, vice-president, Sue Stanton, secretary, and Jane Hollingsworth, treasurer. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The I-F, which coordinates the activities of all the social fraternities, attempted to remove the sales tax on food in the Greek houses this year. Another major project Was rewriting the Human Rights committee resolution on local autonomy. I-F again sponsored Humorology and Greek Week along with Panhel. Oifhcers were Bob Jennings, president, Charles Coli- tre, vice-president, Scott Ward, secretary, and Dick Hill, treasurer. Interfraternity Association-First Row: T. Johnson, B. Ebert, R. Bruhn, R. Graebner, R. Dvorachek, R. Thomas, C. Asher, I. Baumgartner. Second Row: R. Gaygill, J. Oppenheim, G. Cole, T. Swan, J. Klein, J. James, T. Doran, C. Andringa, S. Orr, G. Isaksen. Third Row: J. German, J. Morris, Dean Zillman, S. Ward, C. Colitre, R. Jennings, R. Hill, G. Bohrnstedt x D. Ellis, G. Schnabel, J. Peterson. Fourth Row: J. Kennaugh, S. Moore, R. Boettcher, M. Copps, R. Giangiorgi, D. Durshlage, L. Dietrichson, J. Leach, D. Tzakis, D. Johnson, R. Fleege, J. Nelson, L. Jacobs, A. Goodstein, W. Smith. Fifth Row: T. Donnegan, B. Feldman, J. Brophy D. Habighorst, G. Vxfischmann, D. Creasey, T. Rogenski, A. Levy, A. Spooner, J. Zimmerman P. Aspinwall, D. Center, R. Robel, G. Meister. 1 1 Union Directorate- First Row: G. Wirth, W. Sprague, M. Mansnerus, C. Skornicka, S. Ogden, R. Halverson, H. Kramp. Second Row: F. Siddiqui, J. Yongmire, S. Milliken, G. Peters, D. Pip- korn, S. Cartwright, L. Wanish, S. Hadaiy, T. Wallsten, E. Beers. UNION DIRECTORATE The Union Directorate, composed of the Union committee chairmen, coordinated all programs and services offered by the Union. These included lec- tures, movies, tournaments, coffee hours and dances. The vast interests off the students were met in educa- tional and entertaining ways when they turned to the always-alive Union. Greg Gallo Denfny Dresang WSA President WSA Vice-President WSA The Wisconsin Student Association office was hec- tic after the football season as students poured in to sign up for the WSA-sponsored Rose Bowl tours. Al- though WSA also offered flights to Europe, student senate topics did get more serious. There was a spe- cial senate meeting to discuss Greek local autonomy, and the Senate also backed the AWS hours proposal. jean Kelzenlberg Peter Peshek WSA Secretary WSA Treasurer 2.85 - 9 A l ' 4 286 Cabinet-First Row: C. Webber, S. Goold, P. Waitrovich, S. Clark, R. Bast, P. Rosenberry, C. Craig, D. Breu. Second Row: S. Harrison, M. Schuyler, R. Dakin, G. Hrubecky, M. Weiss, S. Wolfe, R. Pegg, J. Roethe, W. Schmid, W. Alston. Third Row: B. Gannon, D. Korff, B. Johnson, H. Dressler, J. Stuckey, R. Migas, A. January, G. Wolske, R. Ehlenfeldt, N. Spivack, G. Wendt, J. Walden. Fourth Row: L. Fielder, D. Schadeberg, J. Palecek, D. Wtipil, S. Sobota, D. Dell, S. Walker, W. Gaffney, J. Hansen, W. Johnson, J. Wells, C. Pettibone, R. Heidel. LAKESHORE HALLS ASSOCIATION Lakeshore Halls Association is a governing body of students which serves the residents of Adams, Tripp, Slichter, Kronsage, Cole, Sullivan, and the Elm Drive Halls. The Cabinet, which consists of one member from each of the forty-eight LHA houses, provides student government for the dorm area as Well as services to over 3000 students. It meets once weekly and is mainly concerned with legislation of the Association policies and the superintendence of the organizationis financial transactions. Finances of the-Association and member houses are handled by the Business Office. The Associations Judicial Board decides on the constitutionality of Cabinet policies. Finance-First Row: R. Tesch, S. Feinstein, J. Curran, J. Peterson Second Row: J. Topping, C. Olson, J. Altman, R. Fritz. Literary-A. Gordon, D. Osgood, C. McConnell, J. Peterson, H. Davis. Publicity-S, Donovan, B. Gannon, M. Ford, L. Horst. '71 Business-First Row: G. Hru- becky, M. Weiss. Second Row: C. Antholt, C. Greene, A. Peck. 287 288 LHA Board of Directors-First Row: G. Hrubecky, S. Wolfe, R. Pegg. Second Row: D. Peterson, P. Wiesner, W. Rudolf, B. Nelson, S. Schellin, F. Wileman. Tutoring-First Row: P. Wakeman, E. Ericson, D. Osgood. Second Row: E. Beling, A. MacKenzie. Activities-L. Horst, M, Ford, B. Gannon. lllbfff ' ' Z' A is Dormistory-K. Gordon, L. Horst. Aside from government, LI-IA provides a variety of social opportunities. Informal dances are held every two or three weeks and LHA shows an active participation in Homecoming, St. Patriclcls Weekend and other university functions, besides holding its annual "Dorm-Sylvania." Free movies are presented weekly by the Film Committee for LHA members. Lakeshore Halls Association is especially outstanding is promoting various special interests, The LHA stu- dent-owned and operated radio station, WLI-IA, broadcasts every afternoon and evening as Well as weekends, providing experience for any students in- terested in programming, engineering, and announc- ing. Chorus-First Row: L. Krusienski, B. Thomson, M. Weil. Second Row: M. Rushford, J. Regner, C. Bansemer, J. Kieffer, J. Barthel, K. Davies, C. Garnier. Third Row: M. Welsh, R. Ruess, J. Drazkowski, J. Nejedlo, R. Holtz, E. Kooistra, A. Arpke, T. Kovacic, R. Lange, R. Page. 289 290 Informal Dance-J. Gibson, M. Kienow, W. Ahrnsbrak, G. Heidorn, J. Nicastro. Film-First Row: M. Hirsley, J. Peterson, J. Suckow, C. McConnell, J. Ricart, H. Kluender. Second Row: A. Robertson, W. Sophir, T. Burrows, J. Thresher, J. Peterson, S. Schellin, T. Mueller, T. Murphy, H. Landa. LHA Anyone interested in journalism could gain expe- rience by Working on the bi-Weekly paper, Dormi- story, which is distributed free to LHA members. Active sports participation is also encouraged by the intramural program, including ping-pong, swim- ming, football and basketball, as Well as various tour- naments. In addition, LHA operates a coeducational workshop, a camera club, ham radio club, hunting and fishing club, and a Weightlifting club. LHA students are aided academically by the Loans and Scholarships Committee, a tutoring committee, and the Speakers and Debates Committee. LHA oflicers this year were Steve Wolfe, president, Dick Pegg, Vice-president, Charles Greene, Al Peck, secretaries, and George I-Irubecky, business manager. D VL? i Speakers and Debates-J. Nicastro, L. Billhardt, S. Becker. Loans and Scholarships-J. Heilsberg, J. Gibson, G, Aldag, S. Fredrickson. Camera-First Row: T. Spellman, S. Ferch, J. Limbach, W. Zarwell, M. Peterman. Second Row: D. Osgood, C. Leonard, D. Storek, D. Geiser, H. Landa. Social-First Row: P. Soi-kowitz, R. Hei- del, S. Greales, K. Payne. Second Row: - K. Manning, R. Zanio, J. Tann. 291 Radio Station WLHA-First Row: E. Richards, J. Suckow, R. Egebrecht, C. Pettibone. Second Row: W. Zarwell, E. Birge, J. McKenna. 292 I-HA Athletics-First Row: J. Thresher, K. Nepscha, A. Blum, P. Rosenberry. Second Radio-J. Mitby, T. Turba, D. Peterson, D.Patek, G. Stoltz. Row: W. Saphir, S. Schellin, R. Cox, J. Peterson, B. Gannon. LHA STORE ' The Lakeshore Halls Association Store, recently modernized, was most efficient this year. All goods were packaged and supplied students with many necessities. Actually a non-profit organization, Lakeshore Halls Association Store is run entirely by dorm students as a combination department store and university cooperative. The average income of fi5l20,000 per year of this "Largest Student-Run Store in the Nation" is used toward rent and student activities, with the excess proceeds going to support the budget. The store officers this year were John Kroyer, managerg Gib Berthelsen, assistant manager and buyerg and Martin Bekkebahl, accountant. Mrmy students patronize the well-stocked, newly-modernized LHA Store. VARSITY TEAMS II . - - . - --'-- I . 1 L. ,. ,,,.,, ' I I ,, f 'sl' -" f.' q:f' "H i-fl. ...X 2 sw.. QW' s.11Vr'fVf- s r r a f t I ,,. 1... 1 --iw- LI" r - H er A , ... -..,-W .1 , .f. ' ' . ,: - 1, Vt-ji -3 'ZT1 H: ' - nfl" .S ' " ' ' -. - -4-' . '2 Z.T"l"l "'39-- . , -...MI E' " ' j-W' 1 f., ,. . J nf . - - 'V -' V -. H+ V V - V. I-+2-. -f-If 4 ' ' - "M " V. .- ---l-.-- G --A - ' ---- is-42 ' W' ""' '- N- .M ' J N. . K' - t is ..x ' N '- ks..--.. . .-ww -X .- X.. , ' -H ' ' " ' - " Q -Lf Fe.. .- ..,. ses 1..fQ.1 ' ' ' . 'r A ' 7" 5' .fu il '3 'ir '- A 1 ' , Y" ii ' H ,. . .. -. Aww ze. .r-f.-mtwrr-f.-:rt .. -Q . +L: I II.II . I' . Iwinil . 1' ,, , .J W Q I I...II.E. ?I ..X .lI5 a s I 'gf .,g. CSI, " "" "1f.-sv ' KI- .L .. V- ' 5- V w ffif- I . .. -' as ' 'Q -5 if 3' 'LI J I gil I .I f . Rf- " .4 " 5 A ELf'BTbV ' --Nf N V . fi ' if ,X si' ks" .,...sfss-sw... .- sp -Q . II I Q II I I II , I .I . I , 1. I , , .. I, Q , I II, I, I X . . . I . N I -.-- .-1 . .- -.1 if Q7 ff ma 4 QQ, .il QQ? ,Q BA. . .. 1.-.-2:63, is 3i-.2 pi, TT f" 5' I in .-7 - 1 I' ' ' .fu-TT 51:1 " 'V -' .'. ' NI 3- . 5 . IM K E 53353 ' --' 4:-:ww 4' J S -: 54 IF is 1 7 4 :X I-AN ...If . 'W 7 . '- 5 its H 'gs ? 'si TTPT1 3 UQ' 'L 5' if w -si am.: 1 V. . ...A at , ,Ida I, 1, It :II ay Q . II 15? .. .W 1 I mm ,am-V dwg, ,Ig II My Xgmi, ..... II 3 : ' L... r rs: ew Vu.. gf V49 'V . f LW' V J f ' A EJ 1'-A V V rl a V ji ' 'a ' .Vein 3 A -V ' 4 - :E . 5 s - -A 1 rs' 1 i -. ff . - - fs it -- .5 NI Ia' I ,M 2 I, ? I II , V IM. I . .. .I I., XI . I ,MII III .N I.,,:..s,III.3.5,, I . , II ,I , ,A -, ., . .N I N. .. . . w ww .gif . . - 'Y - fs W 7 V ' ii 4 .-:-.:- ..,. Fw:--,MS - ,- ...A -' 1 I - , V' .sy E, Ig ' " ., Ss ' ,I-.-':.:'.yrsVr.-!'i'w::r ' '- f' ' -' 'V 1 salt -se ,. ..,. . .VV ' X- ..,. . l " .J 1 .tw T N .. ' ' A -'Q -- - , "" '- -e " 'Vi' -' X -' 4-Qu' N q s f- . L .A ,, . . sp., -4 I , . Q, fs., - IQ js ,gg 1 ,. V , 5,5 arf .EJ JJ ? 51 A E2 FI. 4 1 -. V I .,V, .I .I I .I .I ----. , . . 45- -A" . un ve' N K ' V V - . 1. . W -' . ftusfil ' " ""' N V ' 3 fi' WV' . . 'J A .. ' 3' A I. ' ' . .f f ' 5 ' is gf f. -- .. 'S'Iar'1::i' ,IMI I , Q., . ,. ... ,N . If in-I If I I' I. 5, 5 ,.,, I . - S-...N NI I 9 3 . " q.s'ie:2gI '- " -- .mr . .,.,......,Q.. X I 4 QR, I, 5 ,., .- N ., ,, I . WI.. . ...X MQ: -. wisp . NWI, I s X .. " J 1 "" .. '-F' N ' ' V . EB 2X A 7 . . 1 il B D as . ,. 5 5 1 . . .. . Q . f V I as .'V . .1 J 1 ' V XXX lsw t it gi 2 'Ax 5 'Wi 1 1. - iff" M. 3' 6 V -I-1 the.: "X . 9 " V V ll " .. . X . Sri V 'V w . " ' f x rf- 4 II . I. III , I I ,ws , S .I II --',. .I . . I . II I I .I ' Q V ' "" A - A ' S A - S- V t si- ,,., V . . . . . a s il .Q " ' ' X II II I- I II II I II I g:VV ,. , II- ,. .,:III.I-1'-:-,.-H. .I .... - . ,.,. I..:. .I..:I5.:.,,:.i,,- ... , . I. I. .. . . I II I I I I C , II . X Ig II N In I YI I ,:J1LI.I:,T,1.I.I:, .WNIQIIWIII JIwwIIfN4I fI IIXQI?I:II:,,m,:,,. ..,.sNN.- wr ax xwx I x x - was II, ws .x sl . wx N- X N tiiswsaq s w. .-ewm xs wsqswmw vssvswss I ' . . I I. 3- - .' :-.. + .I Q ,'.'2:1IF:'4.. . .f . .I If QIII I. .,.gIIf5' I. I . .. --r. PI 'Ns . . 3 . .:..- ' . " -..- 1 ., i ---- , ' i': .i ffm Q5 -NW tt ., S . ' - - .V . 6 'V W . V X? ....... . ..--444, .,.. - I -1 M., .- I J .III.I,III,II,.I,I,,,I,,,,,I.I,,,,I,,I,,.., I,,.I,IIIII, Mt MLIIIIIEWIII.,II,I,II:,.,,,IIII,3,I:IEIIL I,III I II . I , II . II ,I II I I .I .LX I ,I . Q-.IX iI. .... I,: . I . I ..:53xII2?II? , , . . .. ,I.,I, IIIII ,.,., .. I., . ,I , . . X . A ..., ...ct ,.,. ... sms., as ..,.. .,.... . L..- ..... as,,............,f.......,L .,.a,........sli .... , ,ew A V-V- M se Xx-Vx M it x-AV V ffm: x-.X X --:rzzef-fwxgy.. .fI.-..3III..l,.,i,s. ,.., ,.,. ig msgs SIR... I. .. . . .. . .. .I ..,. .. . I. . I . II . Sideline coaching sparks a Rose Bowl team. FOOTBALL-First Row, left to right: R. Carlson, J. Fabry, J. Jax, G. Kroner, S. Underwood, P. Richter, M. Norvell, J. Schenk, R. Henrici, E. Ezerins, Second Row, left to right: B. Arm- strong, B. Barnett, J. Fox, K. Bowman, L. Holland, B. Smith, J. Nettles, D. Kempthorne, K. Montgomery, J. McMillin, R. Vander Kelen. Third Row, left to right: P. Bruhn, M. Gross, J. Heckl, L. Howard, R. Pillath, G, McKinney, J. Purnell, A. Wojdula, G. Howey, S. Oleson, . Paar, A. Quaerna. Fourth Row, left to right: D. Paddock, K. Abraham, B, Allison, L. Bernet, Brandt, C. Brooke, M. Cox, R. Farmer, L. Fawbush, R. Frain, B. Freimuth, P. Heebink, . Posewitz. Fifth Row, left to right: D. Hendrickson, J. Hennis, D. Hoffman, J. Hohman, . Jacobazzi, J. Jenson, R. Kurek, R. Leafblad, K. Luthy, M. McCoy, N. McMaster, J. Milek, Monk. Sixth Row, left to right: W. Bakke, trainer, A. Piraino, R. Reichardt, C. Silvestri, . Smith, D. Stremlau, E, von Heimburg, W. Weisendanger, S. Young, S. Andrews, A. Lam- boley, equipment manager, J. Manteufel, senior manager. Seventh Row, left to right: AssistanVt Coaches F. Jacoby, C. Van Galder, P. Shaw, Head Coach M. Bruhng Assistant Coaches F. Marsh, L. Van Dyke, D. Teteak. Absent when picture was taken-J. Jones and B. Johnson. rvwwwgw Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin FOOTBALL . 69 N. Mexico State . . 13 . 30 Indiana . . 6 . 17 Notre Dame . 8 . 42 Iowa . . . 14 7 Ohio State . 14 . 34 Michigan . . . 12 . 37 Northwestern 6 . 35 Illinois . 6 . 14 Minnesota 9 -ROSE BOWL . 37 Sou. Calif. . 42 Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Air Force. . Arizona . . Texas Western . . Indiana State Miami Q03 . Marquette . UCLA . Utah . . Marquette . Purduce . . Michigan State Iowa ..... St. John's QN.Yj Minnesota . Michigan .... Ohio State . Illinois .... Northwestern . . Minnesota . Illinois . . Indiana .... Michigan State . . Iowa ..... Michigan . . Big Ten - 6 Q . BASKETBALL Basketball Team-First Row: Coach J. Erickson, C. Aslakson, D. Grams, D. Patterson, M. O'Melia, D. I-Iearden, -I.. Bfohen, AI. Romary, VV. Barrow, Ass't Coach II. Orr. Second Row: Ass't Mgr. J. Spicer, R. Wittig, K. Siebel, P. Richter, E. Laskos, J. Brens, T. Gwyn, G. Englund, L. Ostrom, Mgr. G. Lichtenberg. 296 Indoor Track Team-First Row: Coach C. Walter, K. Peterson, R. Shick, D. Loker, Captain T. Creagan, E. Ezerins, J. Nelson, S. Wrucke, Ass't Coach T. Bennett. Second Row: D. Hendrickson, C. Mohr, L. Holland, W. Smith, L. Howard, G. Dix, M. Manley, D. Pride, B. Ackerman, W. Gill. Third Row: S. Tullberg, D. Henrich, R. Freimuth, Theus, E. Higginbottom, R. Patter- son, A. Montalbano, W. Holden, J. McGrath. Fourth Row: Mgr. J. Miller, E. Quinn, J. Mon-ohan, R. Hake, R. Smith, D. Russell, T. Carpenter, J. Connors, Ass't. Coach J. Mansfield. INDGOR TRACK CROSS COUNTRY Wisconsin Platteville . Wisconsin Western Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota . Wi on in I Wisconsin Michigan State SC S Owa ' ' Wisconsin Iowa . . . Wisconsin Minnesota Wisconsin Oh' St t . . . . . 10. a e Wisconsin Michigan St Bowling Green Kent State . Wisconsin Indiana . Big Ten- 3, 83 pts. Big Ten-3 Cross Country-left to fight: Coach C. Walter, J. Conners, D. Marks, T. Reitan, D. Peterson, D. Loker, M. Manley, D. Henrich, J, McGrath, S. Tullberg and Assistant Coach T. Bennett. .i-.a1.vf..,.s,. ,.v4 .iif.w,, ....... ...di-i,..,.f . .,., . Swimming-First Row: G. McMillan, J. Brophy, B. johnson, N. Goldman, A. Seifert. Seconcf Row: Assistant Coach A. Krueger, M. Fulscher, T. Johnson, D. lN'IacC-rcgor, P. Barry, Coach J. Hick- man. Third Row: K. Kelling, 1'ngr.g M. Parentice, J. johnson, B. Easton. SWIMMING GYMNASTICS Wisconsin Notre Dame . IfVisconsin 74MZ Illinois . . Wisconsin Ohio State . . Wisconsin 74 Navy i , Wisconsin Michigan State . Wisconsin 82 Lacrosse i Wisconsin Bowling Green . . . . . . Wisconsin 67 Chicago . Wisconsin Wayne State . . i i Wisconsin Western Michigan Wlsconsln 73 Ball State ' ' Wisconsin Chicago , i , Wisconsin Slya Eastern Illinois Wisconsin George Williams Wisconsin 70 Ohio State . WiSC0U5fU Minnesota - - Wisconsin 585 Minnesota . Wisconsin PLIfd'j1e ' ' VVisconsin 55 Michigan State Wisconsin Michigan . . . . . W. . . . Wisconsin 67 Indiana . . isconsin Illinois . . i i Wisconsin Northwestern . Wlsconsln 35 Iowa ' ' ' Wisconsin , , 59 Iowa i G i i 46 Wisconsin . . . 63 Western Illinois Big Ten - 7 Big Ten - 5 Gymnastics-First Row: Coach G. Bauer, -I. Klingbeil, D. Witipil, D. Barta, P. Bauer, F. Roethlis- berger, J. Hopper, L. Udovich, J. Zovne, Al Drury, J. Kienlen, Assistant Coach D. Mory. ami as so 45 39 soya 297 42 ssyi 57 44 77 49 298 Varsity Crew-First Row, left to right: D. Erbach, B. Porter, B. Losching, B. Logterrnan, T.' Kroncke, D. Reiner, V. johnson, UI. Albright. Kneeling: D. Knudson. CREW WRESTLING Wisconsin 11 Indiana State . 22 Wisconsin 16 Nebraska .... 15 Wisconsin Wisconsin 5 Bloomsburg State . 36 Wisconsin 28 Wheaton .... 0 Wisconsin Wisconsin 67 QState Collegiate Titlej Wisconsin 16 Minnesota . . . 1 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin 7 Iowa . . . 23 Wisconsin 19 Ohio State . . 1 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin 8 Illinois . . 19 Wisconsin 6 Indiana . . . 24 Wisconsin Wisconsin 2 Michigan .... 29 Wisconsin 8 Northwestern . . 21 Wisconsin Wisconsin 71 Purdue . . . 56 Big Ten - 5 Wrestling-First Row: S. Martin, L. Ironside, J. Sackerson, L. Loverde, D. Nalley, M. Ptacek. Second Row: D. Krueger, M. Smith, J. Milek, R. Pillath, H. Roberts, R. Paar. Absent for the picture: B. Powell and P. Bergen. Golf-First Row: J. Alpert, D. Turner, B. Brimmer, T. Nelson, R. Junge. Second Rowy Coach J. Jamieson, B. Johns, R. Schlicht, B. Iversen, T. Zeutnen, G. Larson. GOLF Wisconsin North Dakota Wisconsin 30 Rockford College 0 Qgisconfin saith Sggikota wisconsin ww Alumni . . . 21W WESEEJEFJE Imfifgn 2 e ' Wisconsin 17 Northwestern . 10 WP 5. I di a ' ' ' Wisconsin 17 Minnesota . 19 Wfconffn apaw ' Mfisconsin 17 Iowa .... 19 vvffcomin iufnols NCS eyim wisconsin 25W Illinois .... IOM, 1112222 Wcgqgaan Vfisconsin 24 Michigan State 30 Wis Origin Northwestemy Wisconsin 28 Minnesota . . 20 W. E n .H Northwestern ' wisconsin 31 Iowa "" 5 Vlfiicgniin Northwestern I Wisconsin 225 Northern Illinois Aly! W., i Illinois ' VVisconsin 22W Notre Dame . 13W vvibconsfl Purdue ' ' ' Wisconsin . . . 26yZ Iowa .... QMZ Wisconsin P d ' ' Wisconsin . . 17 Northwestern . 19 fsconsfn ur ue ' ' Wisconsin Notre Dame . Wisconsin Won 8, Lost 5 Wisconsin Iowa .... Big TCH-5th Wisconsin Iowa .... Ylfisconsin Michigan State Wisconsin Michigan . . Wisconsin . . . . 2 Northern Illinois . . 0 Wlsconsm Michigan ' ' Wisconsin . . 0 Northern Illinois . . 6 Wisconsin IfVon 14, LOSY 9 Wisconsin . . 3 Northern Dakota . . 0 Big TCH WOH 33 LOSL 6-4th Place Ba.seballfFirst Rowg S. Wagner, D. Keenan, R. Nelson, D. Hemming, R. Williams, G. Sprindis, G. Plagenz, T. Hanford. Second Row: F. Wilson, H. Richter, J. Kleinschrnidt, R, Krohn, R. Marshall, K. Schuring, J. Herlet, Assistant Coach G. Calhoun. Third Row: Assistant Coach F. Wegner, P. Weisensel, D. Howe, A. Nau, D. Tymus, L. Lamboley, P. Ambelang, L. Krajewski, and Head Coach A. Mansfield. 299 300 I Fencing-First Row: W. Hansen, R. Blattberg, W. Gee, J. Blackman, R. Weber. Second Row: D, Rusch, L. Hanish, E. Anderson, Coach A. Simonson, G. Wiviott, S. Eiden, M. Richards. Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin FENCING TENNIS Illinois AFLA Wisconsin 4 Purdue . iilfiflixgycgigtei Wisconsin 3M Iowa . . Air Force I Wisconsin 7 Minnesota . Shorewood . Wisconsin 3 Michigan State 01110 State ' Wisconsin 4 Iowa . . . Detroit . . , , Wayne State U Wisconsin 8 Notre Dame Michigan State Wisconsin 8 Ohio State . Iowa . - . Wisconsin 8 Minnesota . Indiana . , , , , Chicago U Wisconsin 3 Illinois . Illinois . . Wisconsin 2 Indiana . . Notre Dame ' Wisconsin I Michigan . Big Ten-2 Wisconsin Won 4, Lost 7 Tennis-first Row, left to right: F. Heivilin, W. Eisernan, L. Rideout, N. Zawacki. Second Row, left to rzght: Coach C. Sanger, D.' Oberlin, P. King, M. Cohen, and M. Sessler. M M 2 6 5 1 1 1 6 7 s "W" CLUB W. Club-First Row: D. Turner, D. Oberlin, N. Lutner, D. Quale, B. Marcks. Second Row: M. Gross, E. Ezerins, R. Pillath, L. Bernet, D. Hendrickson. Third Row: W. Gee, AI. McMillin, F. Nielsen, T. Reiten, D. Erbach, D. Wtipil, J. Greeniield. Fourth Row: W. Iversen, J. Albright, V. Johnson, R. Herrns. Fifth Row: T. Creagan, M. Nowell, K. Siebel, K. Schuring, L. Howard, H. Brandt, A. Heggblom. The "W" Club of the University of Wisconsin is a group of major letter- winners striving to promote the advancement of the varsity lettermen and the University. This year the "W" Club sponsored an athlete for an FCA scholarship. The letterwinners also selected the homecoming chairman and guarded homecoming displays. This year's oflicers were Lon Ostrom, president, Jerry Wiviott, vice- president, Steve Wrucke, secretary, and Don Erbach, treasurer. W. Club-First Row: L. Hurwitz, R. Peterson, E. Von Hembring, K. Montgomery. Second Row: D. Hearden, R. Reichardt, R. Brain, R. Henrici, S. Wrucke. Third Row: M. Utech, S. Muller, D. Pride, L. Holland, W. Smith, R. Paar, W. Gill, Fourth Row: D. Tymusi, T. Kroncke, J. Shaffer, W. Hansen, P. Bruber, A. Wodjula, J. Heckl, E. Dix, L. Ostrom. Fifth Row: B. Porter, D. Reiner, L. Krajewski, R. Smith, L. Lamboley, A. Nau, R. Krohn, J. Homan, M. O"Melia.- 301 302 INK '1""iI Throughout the year intramurals play an im- portant role in the lives of many students. The intramural fields, basketball courts, swimming pool and other Armory facilities are centers of competi- tive and vigorous activity. Adding incentive to the competition, the fraternities compete among them- selves for the Badger Bowl While' the dorm houses seek the Supremacy Cup. As outlets for excess en- ergy and centers for relaxation, intramurals pro- vide fun, friendship and freedom from academic pressure. 4 ..:"'.. GREEKS 304 ACACIA First Row: N. Gingery, D. Duquette, C. Kantner, R. Calter. Second Row: R. Henderson, T. Rut- ter, T. Voss, F. Kabat, F. Alyea. rife A , 1-,Jak 4. I -f7 x'X -rg VE". ' 'xffef ,,., if- --X ,Q is-st 5 X " "5 is tfriii A 3 4' A .Liv s- ' is . i ,f Eflif iei 12, ' W -Q , I ,nn-A -Q Q! I1 E Q.-3 5 ., A ' 2' 1 ui ' , Sig n. ,." 41 e? rv , f ' ,g Z 175-if' " nga ' - T ' f 11- 5 - tl -. ' Q , w-355 . .Q as . g " , I f, db, 1. , ,il 4. B '41 5?--A it AX 1- - f 1 -121 Q ,kara gn!- A . . f liar' 4- WPT' 2 W ti--1' EQ 'fjy wig!! ' wig SQ lg? , 5 - J ,,, n . E 'ii iii ' if .Pe i In i f' "" ":' ' A ' 'A .,.- -' -'f- President: Bob Henderson Secretary: Carl Kantner Treasurer: Fred Kabat Acacia's excitement erupted this year when the fraternity learned that their new chapter house would be complete by the fall of l963. To be constructed on the same Langdon Street site that the fraternity has occupied for the last eleven years, the new build- ing will house sixty-four men. Anticipation is heady as the brothers dream of their architecturally mod- ern new house. Building a new chapter house was not the only expansion that Acacia made this year. In the realm of social fun, the fraternity presented their annual spring formal with the usual enthusiasm and inno- vated an intriguing "Night on the N ile" party. Community service was not forgotten as the Aca- cias sponsored their annual Christmas party, in keep- ing with their motto of "Human Service," for the children of the Madison Orthopedic School. I First Row: H. Stoeffhaas, J. DeNike, S. Purtell, J. Gregory, B. Hahn, Mrs. Rothenberger, M. Mokrejs, Anderson, Marks, D. Borst, N. Bryant, S. Stanton. Second Row: P. Shervey, V. Valassarus, D. Boltz, P. Cole, T. Bunyan, K. Golz, M. Mclntire, K. Greenwald, S. Hirk, P. Tay- lor, M. Mlilson, G. Isselhart. Third Row: S. Fisher, A. Babiarz, M. Wright, M. Bryant, J. Ander- son, K. Calkins, S. Page, J. Niotis, C. Ahlstrom, K. Pleshek, N. Berger, S. Cook, J. Graff. Fourth Row: A. W'eneche, L. Wimberly, J. Johnson, C. Jung, L. Martin, J. Duke, D. Savidusky, S. Frank, D. Carlson, B. Allis, M. Zajicek, K. Kaiser. Fifth Row: J. Becker, E. Montguire, K. Kuhl- man, C. Matagrano, R. Tanner, J, Gintz, K. Iveison, K. Carlson, K. Olson, B. Duescher, L. Barnes. Sixth Row: J. Doering, S. Bruhy, J. Paske, L. Rogers, C. Westerdahl, B. Ross, S. Steven- son, M. Taubzenheim, C. Von Seheidt, A. Borst, L. Broberg, L. Mokrejs. Presi dent: Barbara Hahn E22 'Io '. ALPHA CHI OMEGA . is .a s. 305 s z First vice-president: Tina Bunyan M H Second vice-presiz'le1it, Pynda Rennberg , " H Q I Treasurer Mary Jo Zajiceck 'En - -f l W .1.-. s .,.. L , u IFS . J '.,,l.ti s' The girls of Alpha Chi Omega had another suc- .N N wt.. J ....: cessful year. The Alpha Chi's plunged into Home- r ' coming activities-winning third place in "Yell Like 'iti " .,,: ,A f Hellu with Alpha Tau Omega. They also combined it tl" iti' Q ...- U L efforts with the ATOS for their Homecoming dis- M ly .,- E, play, "Doin' Thumpin' for Victoryf' The Kappa Sigs Eg, X -1? 'I A teamed up with them in I-Iumorology. That special . ' - N 1 P. Alpha Chi spirit was present at all their beer suppers, ' ' .,. 335' meetings and parties. it - f't" i l 5 Doing their part for charity, the Alpha Chi's aided I N , " 5 -if underprivileged children, sponsored a foreign child H 5 ' . i J 1 J and helped at Central Colony. JA fj , A lgagp, J , J Members active on campus were Doris Borst, K ' J f V7 Student Senator, Mortar Boardg Tina Bunyan, Sym- ' ' ' J V, , A5 'ti"' A posium secretary and Book Exchange directorg Joan X ,, J ' J J l, J Foster, Badger Beautyg and Sharon Purtell, Pan-Hel - gqwgl 4 :Q-ax.-fell: ::. a 1,- ,..,,, A - W,,..g, t-.- w1,':.sf'?33ig.. ' SCCTCKEITY. I ,,..3J,,A,A. ,,,. ,, 306 , K, if' Y 'AWD ,qi I I I ,K it ' 3 I W - ,,T,ie- I I I ' ,.---4 aIl" ---- iz' r N Y-ni it -5 ff: 4 , , . 1-' .. F5 r E e: -- -"" Eg .VVL , 335,155 E .2- -1 ' A '-' ALPHA CHI RHO A busy and eventful year was enjoyed by Alpha Chi Rho's. The chapter's social fare, toasting the team each weekend, culminating first semester with the Christmas formal at Odana Hills Country Club and second semester with the SpringtWeekend, was most successful. The Crows, in their pursuit of Bacchus, however, did not neglect the academic pro- gram, and carried off the Most Improved Chapter award from the Interfraternity Association, in addi- tion to receiving a national award. Individually, the Crows held their own on campus. Peter Dennis was a student court justice and member of Phi Alpha Delta, Jerry Schnabel was Parliamen- tarian of IFC and a member of Phi Delta Kappa, Wayne Peterson was a YGOP oflicer and the Spanish Club veepg and Shaun Haas and Jim Holliday were active in Haresfoot. President: Jerry Schnabel Vice President: Peter Dennis Secretary: Shaun Haas Treasuren' Jim Cogan First Row: J. Doperalski, S. Haas, P. Dennis, G. Schnabel, J. Berger, J. Cogan, W. Peterson. Second Row: M. Wagner, J. Holliday, E. Adams, R. Durand, T. Ray, R. Weber, P. Schaefer, C. johnson. Located at the end of Henry Street, the Alpha Delt house was the scene of much activity this year. Besides the beer suppers, theme parties, winter and spring formals, and Humorology with the Alpha Gamma Deltas, President Bob Thomas directed the planning of the memorable '62 Homecoming week- ,- end which included Yell Like Hell with the Alpha . X . Gams, a 2nd place "Alpha Phi flashing Delta dis- B5 41 i ' ti I play," and the celebration of the 60th anniversary R I PRX -'r- - . A- , of their Wisconsin chapter. girl K x will S According to Secretary-Bob 'Hahnel and Treas- 3 urer Pat Colloton, sports and academic activities - " it . also played an active role. They claimed a first in I ' I I I-F football and had John Hooson out for baseball W i . .1 and Bill VVeiler, Lance Hanish, and Jim McCullough 'F 5- on the fencing team. Vice-President Bruce Menzel A ' ' I I Ania also served as the Chairman of the I-F Planning Com- 'ffm , I 1 4 ' ' , mittee and Charles Colitre was v-pres. of I-F. L - EJ ' by y' N. "- President: Bob Thomas - ViC6-P7'6Sid612f.' Bruce Menzel 4 . Secretary: Bob Hahnel -.. Treasurer: Pat Colloton First Row: P. Jolivette, W. Rosser, C. Dopke, C. Colitre, P. Colloton, R. Thomas, Mrs. Sullivan B. Menzel, R. Hannel, T. Neta, G. Kimmel, C. Matos. Second Row: J. Hoosan, R. Poclolske, R Graenbner, K. Schaaf, D. Hanson, R. Peavy, R. Kramer, L. Hamish, R. Casey, G. Sprindis, J Roethe, B. Ruliffson. Third Row: W. Blair, D. Jolivecte, R. Jablonka, J. Evans, W. Stewart, J Truesdale, D. Pratt, R. Schreier, J, McCullough, D. Swanson, R. Rohda, J. Mikalson, R. Lasco. Fourth Row: J. Gollnick, G. Meseth, A. Delisle, G. Bisbee, R. Jurack, A. Johns, 'W. Weller, R Bjordahl, J. Wrigley, R. Kallmann, M. Gordon, D. Gerend. Fifth Row: RV. Courtney, J. Clark R. Gollnick, M. Stewart, R. Burnkrant, J. Heimsch, D. Roebke, R. Henderson, D. Betzhold, R Bortz, J. Olsen, J. Schaefer. ALPHA DELTA P1-11 307 308 ALPHA EPSILON PHI ..,, ,. ' f First Row: B. Pachter, L. Hantover, S. Lieberman, C. Liebovitch, N. Phillips, C. Lipman, J. Sonosky, R. Cohen, Mrs. Koppel, S. Lippert, K. Sack, L. Wolfe, B. Stern, C. Salzman, J. Lewin, J. Marks, E. Lopinsky. Second Row: P. Berman, S. Cohen, D. Brourman, J. Fineberg, L. Solko- vitz, B. Barbakow, J. Milesky, R. Linefsky, C. Helfant, J. Peckarsky, B. Holzman, J. Friedman, E. Pasch. Third Row: N. Freschl, C. Kant, S. Geifman, L. Lipman, M. Spector, S. Brodke, J. Tuch, C. Goldman, S. Curtis, M. WVo1f, L. Gray, B. Grossmann, E. Rose, S. Ugaritz, M. Adel- man, J. Cohen. Fourth Row: N. Adler, K. Feigenbaum, N. Klain, P. Weisman, J. Lippert, J. Chutkow, D. Schneiderman, A. Fleisher, E. Feintech, K. Miller, S. Cohn, M. Goldstein, D. Zutz. Fifth Row: J. Bernat, S. Haspell, J. Edelman, B. Lustok, N. Sidon, M. Katz, J. Baer, J. Connell, C. Rotgin, J. Cowan, K. Baum, B. Gordon. Sixth Row: S. Ackerman, D. Berman, A. Yelen, J. Meyer, K. Mann, L. Steiner, P. Gordon, C. Lifschultz, P. Sharlip, C. Bramson, L. Fleishman, B. Zeitlin, S. Sigololf, Lulawer. President: Renee Cohen , Vice-President: Carol Salzman - Secretary: Joyce Coplan W' H V . V"V.' :ZA V, Treasurer: Leslie Hantover . J' M 3 , G Q EEJ Entertaining orphans at a spring party was the pf 4 4 . e"' J tii main charity project this year for the girls of Alpha V, 'C T :,, V. Epsilon Phi. The AEPhi's also opened their hearts C, and pocketbooks to support a Korean orphan and S i - i t Their president cheered the group on as they , 1 erected-a Homecoming display andtyelled "like I-Tell" I .' J , 3 with P1 Lambda Phi. With the Chi Ps1's, they m1Xed JE J Q ii' mirth and melody for a successful l-lumorology. ' ,J ' '- The girls .of 'AEPh1 enthusiastically supported .,.,, J it campus organizations. Actlve on campus were Shelly J 'J Cohen, BADGER associate editor, Renee Cohen, ' i il J cheerleader, senior class secretaryg Sue Lippert, AWS Ji I . 1 5,5 Judicial chairmang Bonnie Stern, Homecoming execu- I. 'tum in W' J t1ve.comm1tteeg Carole L1CbOV1Ch, Humorology -ex- fx Ii i :,-- ecutive committeeg and Jean Marks, AWS Governing Board. T .-. -- , wi The Alpha Epsilon Pils had an active year. Be- sides the beer suppers, winter and spring formals the May parents weekend, and the unique biennial Emperor's Waltz theme party, the AEPi's, directed by President Roger Freeman and Vice-President Aaron Goodstein, found time to do Yell Like Hell and a Homecoming display with the SDTS and Hu- morology with the Tri Delts. According to Howard Weisman, secretary, and Lar- ry Burstein, treasurer, many members were busy in campus activities. Roger Zuckerman served as WSA treasurer, Mike Reiter was I-F Investigations Chair- man, Robert Feldman was active as I-F Rush Com- mittee Chairman and Larry Garber was Chairman of the WSA World Problems Committee. john A1- pert played on the University golf team and Lenny Robinowitz was an active tennis team member. The chapter also participated in intramurals. President: Roger Freeman Vice-President: Aaron Goodstein Secretray: Howard Vlfeisman Treasurer: Larry Burstein Mr M :':'.3fi-f-'yr V' -A 'X AV. '-'ra s- . -, an R, .3 . al muh "JI F 'ia 'x- iv, . , ' i 4 ' 1 ! ii ' 1 it , f it em 4 3554 ' A' 'i,i 'F fl .. .' . 1 .--- . ' t " ' Q5 Q-fil m H ti I U y lh fa' . . 43 Finall y: First R0w.' P. Marcus, M. Vold, M. Reiter, H. VVeisman, Simon, A. Gooclstein, Mrs. Geittman F. Freeman, M. Feldman, L. Burstein, j. Friecllander, R. Feldman, L. Garber. Second Row: R Zuckerman, A. Levy, A. Schlirnovitz, M. jordan, T. Netzky, B. Kushner, R. Morris, P. Ravid J. Levy, S. Hootkin, R. Kabaker, M. Grant. Third Row: C. Salinger, R. Wolff, S. Sweet, R Frankenstein, D. Rachlin, H. Ory, B. Raskow, H. Greene, M. Blackman, J. Hersch, T. Leonard Fourth Row: D. Liberman, L. Cohen, F. Pearl, D. Lavin, J. Lipman, M. Felix, A. Meyers, D Pearlmutter, A. Sorkin, K. Joseph. Fiflh Row: K, Burnstein, N. Caplan, H. Lewin, E. Stechel, I. Rubin, M. Kellner, M. C-oldblatt, L. Y'Vinclerbaum, L. Rubinowitz, P. Levy. Sixth Row: Al- pert, F. Fischer, K. Reitman, H. Kramer, C. Chesney, L. Burg, -I. Freidman, S. Litwin, M Helfand, D. Kriser. ALPHA EPSILON Pl 309 310 First Row: T. Kriisa, J. Schwei, K. Paulson, J. Verwohlt, K. Hentschel, S. Boice, G. Simpson, L. Thiede, S. Babe, R. Kamin, M. Herscher, A. Carlisle, M. Smith. Second Row: D. Williams, B. Severson, M. McAndrews, S. Foote, N. Maki, N. Ahrens, J. Neuheisel, P. Tobin, J. Gibson, S. Brandt, K. Weber, S. Larson. Third Row: B. Hentschel, S. Wooldridge, M. Welsch, S. Mc- Caskill, M. Schuck, S. Cronin, L. Clarke, L. Schuck, E. Bellis, J. Rohde, S. Young, T. Minetti, K. Brandhorst, E. Hodge. Fourth Row: P. Artis, P. Yarish, M. Holmes, M. Mach, K. Koge, S. Spear, S. Lagourt, B. Rearick, P. Tilig, M. Muster, G. Gallagher, B. Boice. Fifth Row: A. Fens- termacher, G. Johnston, C. Carroll, H. Hesse, S. Bupp, P. Nylen, L. Gammell, J. Samuelson, L. Alberts, J. Christoph, J. Flink, N. Buckner, M. Coombs. President: Sue Ann Babe Vice-President: Karen Hentschel ALPHA GAMMA DELTA lil FZ-I -' - ' " 'i-'NWGR5' 'Ill 1 - 1 l 9131 f - 1.. .-.Q -.ll - pf' I I 1 hd li I .gx"'4 1 Elllg-3 . eng 2 WE' 5 ,! .U I .. 1-1.-11-1 Secretary: Sue Foote Treasurer: Lois Germuga Caroling on television whi Phi Gamma Delta was the highlight of the annual Christmas serenade of fi the Alpha Gams. "Contusius say: Good New Year Brewing for Badgers," the homecoming display built - with the SAEs, and "Yell Like Hell" and Humorol- i1J23x4ib.l-'vim-l:f".1't-.t:, -.. .,1-.e..,,.Q,..-1r 1 i.,' ogy with the Alpha Delts, were activities arranged by - Pat Tilg, social chairman. President Sue Ann Babe and pledge trainer, Karen 'A -' Hentschel kept the members, spare moments filled -L 1 , with call-outs, parents' weekend, and slumber par- ties. Vice-president Gwen Simpson, secretaries Sandy 1 Boice and Sue Foote, and treasurer Lois Germuga helped the members with projects to provide aid for it crippled children. Tobi Kriisa, production chairman for the AWS fashion show, and Marge Smith, physical arrange- ments chairman for Symposium, were two of the Alpha Gams active in campus organizations. First Row: J. Caldwell, J. Gruenewald, R. Maurer, E. Baumgart, D. Dickson, G. Borchardt, A. Koepke, Greshik, C. Gnatzig. Second Row: R. Uschold, YV. Waterstreet, J. King, T. X'Veyh- miller, R. Antorxiewicz, D. Maaske, J. Wilkes, J. Palmquist. Third Row: R. Staufiacher, E. Koois- tra, D. Propst, G. Morris, O. Kraus, K. Kraft, G. Fisher, W. Eckert, J. Barthel. Fourth Row: R. 311 Stuckmann, N. Salm, VV. Vkfendorff, B. Staller, K. Drye, J. McCaflree, A. Massie, D. Pritzr, F. Kooistra. Fifth Row: C. Dewsnap, R. Schuler, M. Paulsen, A. Peterson, K. Kolacki, L. Kull, Freitag, G. Case. President: Erv Baumgart Secretary: Ralph Maurer Treasureo-.' Don Pritzl ALPHA GAMMA RHO , . S l The Social Professional Agricultural Fraternity, 1, .K Alpha Gamma Rho, centers its various activities in V . its chapter house near the Ag campus. This year's .1!!5 f Ay! social calendar was highlighted by Winter and spring ., ffm' A-1 yr formals, the annual Farmer's Ball, and the election - "M:-e-" 'P if of the Little International Queen. 4715! - Leading the AGR's were President Erv Baumgart 7 D . - - Ili , . . T ,,.. .Ill 1, and Pledge Trainer Ken Kolacki. According to Sec- V .1-.. -. :.-:fQ- u. retary Ralph Maurer and Treasurer Don Pritzl, their ' ' it men were active in campus functions. jim McCaffre, M . ph J Social Chairman, represented District 7 in Student x L I 'L ,, , ,- Senate and jack King, Rush Chairman, was the Vice- f "A President of Agricultural Student Council. Their .unuulgg .c 11012- , --. 11111 Barber Shop Quartet Won the Ag Quartet Contest "::",,",Q,P and Cliff Gnatzig represented the group in the Men's i'i Glee Club. Steve Schiefelbein worked with the Fresh- is man crewmen, and intramurals were successful again this year. I x fXX During Homecoming, catwurst not bratwurst was table conversation at the Alpha Phi house because ' "The Cat's Wurst Da l' made with the hel of the 'luis' Y 1 u P 1 n ff I X Alpha Delts won second in the display competition. M Shouting with the SAES in "Yell Like Hell," the wiv V,g' A " X Alpha Phi's again rated second place honors. An ' I f5f7ii'jjL , exciting but informal "Ski Holiday" replaced the - ' usual Christmas formal, after which the combined V X' - x . . Y , 2-, - ' ' talents with Delta Tau Delta in Humorolo-gy. I r' . .f,.2x' 1 ., . . A " Q X The Alpha Phi s sponsored Cardiac Aid and par- 'L ...... --5 ticipated actively in campus aiifairs. Active members J - J -H uzpp, aalaakw 3 .,.,Jig,y, g,dA lpvpl J on campus were Peggy Krug, Union summer presi- "' .. , S , . , , , , 1 'V , 'G i'i1q I dent, Mortar Boardg ud Beverle , Senior Councilg id ' X ' 'g ud J' ""' f 1412-: . . . Y Y 'Z 5 Leslie Flint, executive secretary, NSA department, si ffl C5 'is' ' ' 'mfg Bonnie Jean Currie, Student Senate secretary, Cru- l' S J Q i . . -f ' cibleg Audrey Drahiem, Campus Chest general chair- S S A J S S T man. : " 154 5, ..,i ",, i, : -r-N vhlt I K ua ! 5 , . President: Sharon Putzer n 1 , . A------M-' - 3- ' Scholarship Chairman: Leslie Flint wr - 'giI1lllllillllllllllllllilllllllll ll "', L l - guru Q . L '-N Secretary. Marty Simpson - V ALPHA PHI 312 First Row: M. Amacher, M. Simpson, A. Draheim, C. Anderson, K. Lokken, S. Putzer, Mrs. Robinson, S. Ensminger, L. Flint, M. Mitchell, B. Rynders, C. Lindberg, K. Rudat, J. Roamer. Second Row: M. Smith, J. Herbert, M. Rice, K. Knode, N. Chadek, L. Winters, S. Zealley, J. Yost, J. Newlin, P. Holden, P. Krug, I. Leach, J. Ritzenthaler. Third Row: L. Whitworth, J. Jensen, S. Long, V. Crownhart, B. Bellaire, S. Sisson, B. Currie, K. Godec, B. Pohle, C. Weiss, R. Pugh, B. Ruzic. Fourth Row: L. Lockwood, K. Kanzler, S. Dessloch, B. Williams, J. McDon- ald, S. Bama, S. O,Keefe, K. Christopherson, D. Bainbridge, S. Fant, A. Hofstetter. Fifth Row: P. Nalied, M. Stolpher, C. Roper, C. Sauer, J. Wolfe, S. Rasmussen, N. TenBroek, R. Mathieu, S. Sheridan, M. Hurley, C. Anderson. Sixth Row: J. Ritzenthaler, J. Leuenberger, L. Otjen, M. Leach, M. Boyes, A. Baker, L. Frank, M. Rhein, P. Rudolph, S. Franzen, L. Calder, J. Johnson, S. Tolkmith, J. Hess. .-f, XJ-S '1 ' 7'-. First Row: M. Maastrick, J. Hahn, D. Schwindler, J. Jackson, J. Sclioengrund, R. Swann, W. Serpico. Second Row: R. Hiter, L. Lukowicz, D. Somocli, R. Keller, J. Plautz, Allen, J. Ger- lach, J. Suhr. Third Row: W. Zelm, J. Rummelc, W. Horswill, R. Towers, J. Laird, R. Hoffman, J. Holsen, C. Hynek, J. Brophy. Fourth Row: C. Teske, J. Taylor, D. Schweitzer, J. German, D. Novielli, P. Naus, D. Webster, W. Hollister. Fifth Row: V. Bergelin, W. Haverman, R. Cochran, R. Lowe, J. Fara, B. Boettger, R. Lederer, J. Esler. Sixth Row: K. Heckert, H. West, J. Kins, T. Kaminski, T. Peterson, F. Stillson, J. Doolittle, G. Kiner. ALPHA TAU OMEGA President: Jay German Vice-President: Bill Zelrn Secretary: John Fara Treasurer: Bill Mauerman . 4 i , 1 The past year has been a successful one for the " X W H' f eye' - K men of Alpha Tau Omega. Throughout the year . ,Q th f t t t h t k b - ' Xe -ff N ,Vi sa ix i vi ' i t . leyuwere. or una e Do ave many gues spea ers e lv 3 Y ginning with Dean Zlllman, who spoke on the future .J , . -':lsQ.m.u- ...mb I of fraternities. Coordinating social activities, Chair- 2,,,, 1 ' , man Dick Hiter included numerous beer suppers and 1 T - - if listening parties, winter and spring formals, and the - , F, 1 J - Jil traditional Southern Comfort theme party. X I A :ii J Public Relations Chairman, Dick Cochran, re- ' l J . . . -, l l ports that Homecoming with the Alpha Chi Omegas A J was a large success, the largest rabbit ever seen on IT. , .J 1, Langdon Street sat on the ATO front lawn. Hum- 'B I J orology was entered with Kappa Delta. K 5 : Athletics also played an important role in ATO e -- T ,E , activitiesg their football team got the quest for Bad- A n"""' , ' ger Bowl off to an excellent start with a first place ' ' ' . . l r A finish in its division and a second in the overall com- - C petition. I '-3 'stc 5' 313 The girls of Alpha Xi Delta had another fun- C 4- 'ee' , filled year. The "Homecoming Holiday" was cele- - .. C "" brated with the Lambda Chis in "Yell Like Hell." - J -A 1. P The Alpha Xi's became flappers at their Charleston I. is party, a contrast to the 1962 finery they wore at their 7 up T winter formal. They worked with the Theta Chi's in AISI! ,S V 5 V 1 J gf' ...F Humorology, and entertained children at Central Kill! -- ,..-...1 'nu . . . . Q V, Ill f ' ,..t .ag lllllijf Colony as a main charity project for the year. Be1ng Y 'Q . if . -C .,.e T. J yeiz 2 in a mock disaster proved to be an interesting service 4 E' in Q I project for a local hospital. 1 Representing Alpha X1 Delta in campus activities . J were Joan Schurch, AWS vice-president, Mortar 4 , J HEI! J Qi, Board, Mary Ann Roberton, WRA president, Linda I lilliinilfu IS? Rowe, Parents' Weekend co-chairman, Georgia J J Bgf Knox, Greek Week co-chairman, and Sharon Lillard, i I 1 J :QVX J 55:21. ' Union Campus Chest coordinator. is fu.. u -ii President: Linda Rowe 1 4' :ax at i Vice-President: Jacque Gassert X I ' Q I 'S NIE :ll Secretary: Nancy Swanson Q - ll U---if 7' 'Tumi Treasurer: Sandy Henderson . 511:11 ALPHA Xl DELTA 314 First Row: A. Herman, J. Marvin, D. Cleven, G. Knox, J. Smith, J. O'Neill, Mrs. Clorn, L. Rowe, N. Swanson, B. Buehler, S. Henderson, G. Carper, M. Lewis. Second Row: J. Guyon, M. Smits, G. Behrens, R. Rauschenberger, P. Hamilton, L. Roll, C. Watson, S. Stoiber, S. Miller, L. Rob- erts, L. Baymiller. Third Row: D. Coffman, M. Richgels, P. Stone, B. Treibor, M. Welsh, D. Peterson, M. Reuwgg, J. Jacobs, S. Nye, B. Buening, K. Phillips, M. Hoffman. Fourth Row: R. Clay, L. Crane, J. De La Hunt, J. Katte, J. Gruber, S. Hasset, G. Blindheim, M. Dubbs, J. Joliffe, P. Lail, B. Gardner, B. Williams, F. Newkirk, C. Lewis. Fifth Row: P. Ahleren, L. Phin- ney, F. Vaughn, K. Klingelhofer, M. Hahn, S. Smith, C. Luchs, K. Schmidt, S. Lillard, D. Mil- ford, N. Heusinkueld, J. Scoon, T. Cerulik. As part of their active social schedule, the Betas this year joined with other Beta chapters in initiating a Mothers' Club, designed to bring together the mothers of all Betas, either active or inactive. Other events included the annual Court Party, a Christmas formal, beer suppers, exchanges and a spring formal held on the pool side of the Holiday Inn. On campus and also in sports, many Betas held key positions. Leo Rideout was general chairman for Homecoming, Tom Hughbanks was last year's Mil Ball king, Richard Hill, Interfraternity Council treas- urer, Greg Gallo, WSA president, Jim Schenk, varsity football, and Ken Siebel, winner of last year's most valuable basketball player award. Betas have been prominent leaders in Badger Bowl sports, holding Hrst and second place for the last two years. President: Richard Hill Vice-Presidmm Ted Rogenski Secretary: Dick Lund T1'ea.surer: Steve Larsh an W fill l I-193 ,N 51: , Eglin a" -'ld sw. my, . ll F1 5E'EQmE5wQl 19" A A? ,gtg-u 'ti it 4' , Ibm V - Hass? ai .QQEE Diem aww- A flip pgs. r, 1 Peggy? fa First Row: F, Linscott, 1. Bargren, T. Shambeau, K. Kloelm, Mrs. Beyer, R. Hill, G. Armstrong, W. George, J. Burgwegor. Second Row: M. Schmidlkofer, T. Gilbertson, R. Molander, Weis- berg, J. Hoffmann, S. Larsh, G. Bergvall, S. Donato, K. Kessler, D, Taylor, B. jones. Third Row: G. Zimmerman, H. Skard, D. Easton, R. Lecy, M. Ison, N. Goldman, R. Brougham, G. Schonath, T. Rogenski. Fourth Row: M. Hamilton, R. Sedillo, J. l'Veare, E. Molander, R. Tasker, Lierk, B. Korach, C. Rideout, J. O'Brien. Fifth Row: S. Reimer, J. Ball, V. Ricleout, R. Hendricks, G. Kirk, B. Seelig, P. Lowenthal, J. Cloninger, N. Meiers. Sixth Row: L. Begun, M. Schmidt, M. Geroux, D. MacGregor, R. Bautch, D. Grams, R. Bell, A. Quaerua, G. Howey. 315 1 'S .. A BETA THETA Pl 316 First Row: B. Beernik, J. Huber, R. Wells, S. Stevens, S. Heckle, L. Goll, L. Christenson, D. Walker, D. Lasch, R. Benkert, K. Haug, M. Sommerfield, S. Chapin, K. Gallati, M. Kannenberg, S. Stanton. Second Row: M. Weller, T. Tabor, L. Krinke, B. Caauwe, B. Schneider, S. Gifford, M. Combs, J. Robertson, B. Olson, M. Olson, B. Morgan, P. Clark, P. Murray, M. Greenwald, C. DeMaria. Third Row: F. Boyce, M. Stolberg, K. Kuelthau, D. Marshall, A. Childs, P. Lichty, G. Holm, B. Simpson, M. Gardner, G. Schaefer, B. Greenwood, M. Palmer, B. Hack, M. Peters. Fourth Row: G. Gilbert, P. Allen, B. Drover, E. Sommerlield, S. Pfister, N. Schreiner, B. Wedell, P. Wakeman, H. Friedrichsen, N. Rittschoff, R. Gagliardi, J. Stoiber. Fifth Row: B. Bluemke, L. Pari, S. Gehl, L. Zillman, B. Strobl, S. Hudson, L. Coifman, S. Sanders, R. Godwin, K. Pot- ter, M. Mead, J. Kapke, M. Nelson. Sixth Row: J. Bures, E. Blodgett, J. Vanish, H. Hardiman, CHI OMEGA x Ur N. Moslander, J. Lutz, N. Cass, N. Muckenhirn, K. jenicek, F. Dice, J. Hunkel, L. TePaske. iv C' as - 2 X N ' Q President: Diane Lasch I 1 -iii, I x, Vice-President: Ruth Benkert :Q i '11 f ' Secretary: Leslie Christensen F Ii- il mai Treasurer: Diana Walker 'H it lvl 'lille ,A-'if' 'M 1. P A social science scholarship and an Easter service H . ' , project at Washington School with the Lambda Chi"s . I g g y A i K i were two special areas which Chi Omega concentrated A A f , 'r , , K on this year under the leadership of Diane Lasch. f W I Social chairman Patty Allen planned "Yell Like IIIQ, V A I i ,Y Helln with the DUs and a homecoming display and A' H " . A 'ze f 'Il Humorology with Theta Delta Chi. , p - . .i "A Dad's Day" was held in the spring for the f "' fathers of the girls. Helping Chi O's in planning this A, y ,,, i event were vice-president, Ruth Benkertg secretary, A fri, +A C g, I i K ? A Leslie Christensen, and treasurer, Diana Walker. A l j I ' Katy Flugstad, AWS president and a member of ' in A' A Mortar Board, Lois Goll, general chairman of Hum- ' ' 9. if orologyg and Sue Stanton, secretary of Pan Hellenic f ,b J V ' . Association, were Chi Omegas active in campus or- ganizations. Enterprising in campus activities and well repre- sented in sports, the Chi Phi's had a busy year. Steve Underwood, co-captain of the grid team, was also the K senior class treasurer and a member of Iron Cross. ' 6 Lance Melik Won a trip to Florida as a result of his Ng,- proficiency in golf, While Jack Brens played center 73? T- , A for the varsity basketball squad. I ji Chi Phi's kept up with tradition by planning the , ,f annual Hawaiian Party with the Chi Psi's, the Hobo f- K . . ., . . ,, '-I : x , , Party with the Sigma Chi s, and the Jovial Cherokee Le if-I: V Chug-a-lugf' Esquire magazine again made possible T'-'E ll Q J ff' F the sophisticated Esquire Party by sending programs , X Eg and decorations toithel Chi Phi chapter. 1 ' 012,-2 is-iegsia Valiant Lars Dietrichson was with the Chi Plll,S . - -:ig-33 N this year, while past Chi Phi president Bob Schmidt --'ii WI "t' moved up to Associate Director of the Union. W lgrggi i"r' :.:g,- , lrffail ' 1 WM' 'j!25'?frf- :gg I IJ' 1 Q-,f l'?2Ltif,f3fi,,, ij ' ,Qt . i wav im ..3"' President: Michael Copps 'Wt 3 1 Vice-President: Frank Falcone ' , Secretary: Duane Quale n fun' ' Treasurer: Peter Dannerbeck y l' I First Row: M. Zaleski, P. Dannerbeck, J. Clarke, F. Falcone, M. Copps, D. Quale, B. Lautz, L. Skaff, S. Johnson. Second Row: J. Rizzo, D. Calhoun, L. Dietrichson, D. Rupnow, T. Hitt, D Gagen, A. Sparr, P. Van Every, R. Perkins. Third Row: J. Graser, S. Seeliger, D. Marsh, R. Meyer, B. Zuelsdorf, D. Howard, D. Gillespie, D, Trickel. Fourth Row: B. Anderson, J. Stoddard, D. Mayer, J. Bingen, G. Scherkanbach, D. Jones, R. Feutz. Fifllz Row: D. Demitros, L. Fawbush B. Slavik, J. Brens, B. Friemuth, F. Reynolds, N. Koenig. r CHI PHI 317 318 First Row: J. Stathas, P. Schoenecker, F. Kruger, R. Despirito, J. Hall, A. Heggblom, T. Doran, T, Hurst, W. Steinmetz, P. Fetzer. Second Row: J. I-Iennig, M. Freck, C. Young, W. Haring, R. Read, R. Simonson, M. Allin, G. Cole, J. Edgerton. Third Row: R. Chana, L. Smith, J. Van Dyke, R. Schmieden, J. Elmburg, J. Forester, J. Kittsley, D. Kalsched, R. Alexander. Fourth Row: B. Rikkers, J. Dean, B. Bergemann, C. Schrank, B. Burmel, T. French, T. Collins. Fifth Row: T. Harder, WV. Scaggs, B. Johnson, T. Sloan, C. Tyson, D. Connor, T. Lunde, J. Winston, W. Darling. Sixth Row: J. Feeney, P. Burmeister, R. Hallam, A. Esther, F. Halverson, W. Sprague, W. Holden, T. Mellencamp, B. Heath. CHI PSI I '. -. ' ' 77 553:45 Q5 f4u. 9 F'o ?'1unn '11 il, bib ,-.ra ,,.-can -s .suv f"' Q " ...SP pus is ' ' ,. ,! Q. Qi.: S s Q at 49, - .,, .I I I ,. . .f,f':PE , " " ' 3 iff.-: 512 Q .tfsiiwf X ,K f,-smvs,v+f?I.f '- wg.:-5, s, 1 -z r2.?e.jeggQ:sqQ., Q on :-1.5 1 wi: of.: sg , M' 1' "QNX ,ru + 1. ' xt ' I A ,.v.,e,,, Qt.. ,G . , np 111-i x WM 1 wt-of-4 3" JI' I E2 " 4' :ti A Pm Mi Q , 1 1, xyl, V ajxiw Ai X.. 'ii:-E-+7551 be i ts V I ,,J... D' v ll I ' r eg .e -eg, :gan X ya lglagli 5:22 ,R.vr ' ' A pf .2-5 c ' 4' sf President: Thomas Doran Vice-President: James Hall Secretary: Perry Schoenecker Treasurer: Timm Hurst The past school year was an engaging one for Chi Psi men. They collaborated with the DCs to build a homecoming display. Their social agenda for the year, arranged by social chairman, John Stathas, featured a winter formal at the Lodge, a Hawaiian Party with the Chi Phi's and a spring formal at Wisconsin Dells. Throughout the year numerous informal parties and beer suppers were held, In the spring the Chi Psi's joined with the Gamma Phi's to sponsor a welfare project for the city of Madison. Campus activities and sports witnessed many ac- tive Chi Psi's. Among the many outstanding men were Richard Halverson who was chairman of the Union Forum committee, William Sprague, chair- man of the Union Placements committee, and Doug- las Reiner, varsity captain of the Wisconsin Inter- collegiate crew team of 1953. v First Row: J. Struthers, K. Meyer, A. Reinke, C. Zuppann, P. Freitag, M. Watts, C. Boller, B. Barlow, Mrs. Tracy, R. Harrington, M. Schachner, C. Davie, M. Schrage, B. Sundene, J. Noonan, C. Fisher, N. Wrigglesworth. Second Row: J. LaCourt, L. Barnard, M. Branson, K. Martinson, N. Kelley, S. Fredrickson, R. Driessen, T. Meinert, J. Jackson, M. Wessman, K. Holt, P. Maloney, J. Jacobchick, N. Droege, A. Nordholt, B. Olson, K. Howard. Third Row: M. Lowe, S. Westphal, M. Weclerneyer, J. VanDyke, S. Schultz, B. Tibbits, L. Assenheimer, R. Valentine, S. Stark, J. Martin, V. Crittendon, C. Erichsen, L. Lytle, N. Glover, E. Olson, B. Mork. Fourth Row: A. Schoessling, C. Longyear, S. Welch, C. Bewitz, J. Moore, L. Loots, J. Schwarte, P. Emi-ich, V. Vauk, G. Segal, B. Werth, H. Tolversen, N. Baker, T. O'Hern, N. Splinter, L. Younquist. Fifth Row: G. Huebner, N. Larson, S. Johnson, B. Benton, S. Shauder, J. Clinton, B. Showalter, B. Schoenhoffen, D. Wagers, M. Upclefralf, W. Gould, D. Kins, J. Gillette. Sixth Row: C. Soley, K. Clinton, P. Hughes, M. Dempsey, J. Hartzel, L. Carey, B. Raueber, V. Willoughby, M. O'Melia, C. Falk, E. Spring, S. Bjorke. President: Ruth Ann Harrington Vice-President: Helen Tolverson Secretary: Barb Werth Treasurer: Priscilla Freitag , X x Proclaiming that "Wildcats are sexy, handsome, . if . . . A. t',. . dark and tall. Wisconsin men are different, they can 'J .ll "fr- 1 "se' ' play football," the Tri Delts and the Delts took top I' A place honors in the "Yell Like Helll' co-ntest. Phi WV, Gamma Delta and Tri Delt combined efforts to pro- . Y. . duce a homecoming display. J t page 'P 'S' 5? The group planned many activities including a Ili: Q Delta Slave Day which provided money for their an- 5. alt . . . .'- ' ll nual scholarship presented at Senior Swingout. In- J , Q A eluded in their social calendar, arranged by social J , V 5 - 5 I Q chairman, Sandy Schauder, was I-Iumorology with "' , .ggi Alpha Epsilon Pi. l Ill g'q , 5: . Carol Falk, Outstanding Junior Woman, and , A YJ g ' ' Nancy Glover, president of Mortar Board, were two -,X ' . E 1 Q members active on campus. i n Melitta Schachner, the Pan-hel foreign student ,F 1 I 1 who lived at the Tri Delt house, provided an inter- N' national experience for the members. . 319 ll! 1 ilu ll -ef ll I l VX The Hillbilly Combo began Delta Gammas busy year by playing for fraternity rush parties and Navy Ball. A display and "Yell Like Hell" cheer planned with the Chi Psi's plunged the DGS, headed by Martha Davenport, into the spirit of homecoming. Ann Trukenbrod, vice-president of the senior class, Stefhe Ogden, vice-president of the Union, and Jean Olsen, treasurer of the sorority and head of Wis- consin Previews, contributed to campus activities. As a service to others, the DGs read to two Uni- versity blind students. With vice-president, Jane Minahang house president, Lynn Geary, and secre- tary, Liz Matthews helping the president, the sorority planned Hurnorology with Pi Lambda Phi and in- vited their parents to the campus to see the show and their chapter house. President: Martha Davenport Vice-President: Jane Minahan Secretary: Liz Matthews Treasurer: Jean Olsen DELTA GAMMA 32.0 First Row: J. VVandrey, A. Trukenbrod, J. Byer, A. Seyforth, J. Olson, M. Davenport, Mrs. Heezen, L. Geary, M. Larson, B. Bitzer, M. Turney, M. Woehr, S. Styles, C. Bradley. Second Row: C. Kilgore, C. Miller, L. Meyer, L. Underdown, P. Hart, T. Pohle, D. McFarland, S. Brown, L. Wilson, C. Thompson, B. Eck, S. Meyer, W. Walthers, P. Goss. Third Row: J. Schrnaltzenhagen, C. Vilchis, D. Rank, J. Jennings, M. Cummings, G. Lopata, T. Emery, J. Warfield, K. Whitney, S. Larimer, P. Rohde, M. Daanen, G. Coflin. Fourth Row: J. Niemeyer, E. Kapitanoff, C. Kehl, P. Welch, K. Ames, J. Kaska, L. Wegner, P. Rodhe, J. Galley, D. Fletch- er, J. Matter, A. Anderson. Fifth Row: K. Connor, T. Otto, L. Bowman, P. Timson, C. Hart, S. Meyer, L. Walther, M. Blessant, L. Turmo, J. Kehoe, J. Bell, L. Moses. Sixth Row: K. Yoerg, D. MacKenzie, P. Opperrnann, J. Grifhth, S. Ogden, L. Williamson, L. Mickelson, K. Church, L. Puls, B. Freeze, L. Reeves, G. Thiede, J. Markley. First Row: J. Dyer, P. Torhorst, J. Colbert, A. Spooner, Mrs. H. Consigny, L. Pitsch, C. Anthony, W. Reading, Yale. Second Row: Flynn, R. Ebbot, R. Leventhal, G. Zovne, J. X'Valker, J Haferneister, G. Kurrie, R. Hale, G. Meier. Third Row: G. Stauffer, W. Patchett, J. Carpenter, R. Hockney, W. Nickolai, K. Grant, R. Kohl, R. Kofoed, D. MacKenzie. Fourth Row: R. Mena pace, C. Staab, J. Hurley, R. Smith, R. Pierce, D. Engel, S. Nelson, R. Visco, W. Peters, L. Wendlying. Fifth Row: J. Coburn, D. Murdoch, J. Woodford, R. York, T. Torhorst, E. Elfner, R. McDougal, M. Franzen, C. Antholt, P. Middleton. Sixth Row: J. Yahr, A. Reuter, L. Dallia, F. Rost, W. Klingberg, T. Ullsvik, R. Elliot, R. Van Roo, W. Klaus, J. Boyes. President: Al Spooner Vice-President: Larry Pitsch Secretary: Ray Visco 321 DELTA TAU DELTA Tl l .. l Treasurer: Chris Anthony U "We anticipate victory" was the conclusion of i" 'i"i ' - the Delts and the Tri-Delts "Yell Like Hell" cheer ' , ',:"g' which brought them the :First place award. "When in Q i, Fha, 5 Rome, ldo as the Romans do" was the Delt object P, again, as they carried out their annual Roman Party ' - 5 l in distinguishable fashion. A tune, "Me and My Gal i'i' A ' q Q from Delta Town," served as the supplement to line I ' X efforts by the Delts and the Gamma Phi's in their i P Q s, homecoming display, and by the Delts and Alpha sf: U " , Phi's in Humorology. Social events included three I' yy I new theme parties-Playboy Party, Beethoven Party, . , " ,' ,sy ' and a Sinners' Party. , .., . f .- , ---v.v--sf' ' ' ll I pp ,I Individual accomplishments complemented the --,: o f unified group scene: Don Murdock, NSW chairmang .,Q' Mike Wheeler, BADGER editorg john Coburn, ffl? ir- Mock UN chairman, Jerry Zovne and Rich Barta, cj, 'll' ' gyrnnasticsg Tom Torhorst, golfg Lonnie Ostrom, ' t w 9 ' "W" Club president and basketball player. 32.2 -QE .2 e I' Q IE n 5 fl 3 Z-1.9, I: ,Q"'--'J-."' 'I' f- - 1 r' K 12' , f 1. V gf v . in-Quiz' W J1: W 'A 4 ff? :E " 5 2 - .' 2 . AQ. - W ,ja 5 s a........-g-, .- i t -- -- -if-""-'-'59 Wx IETF t c . a ,,, 41 L' ..: rg h www" ' - ' ',.,.-.t. a -.: -. F "M - 'ri-Y l,:1,.-... BP! 4,.:, , -Q.. W .. .x,, 4 ' in-1 . . 'I be . A. "l 1 f h 1 Q 1 DELTA THETA SIGMA The Crystal Ballroom of the Lorraine Hotel was a stopping spot of the DTS men and their dates on Homecoming weekend. Held at the Eastside Business Men's Club, the spring formal was another highlight of the social year. The aim of the members of DTS is to further the agricultural professions. Active in groups of this na- ture are Don Erbach, president of the ASAE, Dick Pamperin, president of the Agricultural Student Council, Forrest Nielsen, president of Crops and Soils, and Dick Colby, president of collegiate FFA. The members of DTS also boast a double-letter Win- ner in fencing, Forrest Nielsen, and a double-letter Winner in crew, Don Erbach, Who is also treasurer of "W" Club. Percy Hardiman, president of the Farm Bureau, was recognized as an outstanding alumnus by the group. President: Don Erbach Vice-President: Wayne Van Ess Secretary: Bob Ruef Treasurer: Duane Koch First Row: J. Martin, I. Steinhauer, J. Zimmerman, D. Viney, R. Bullock, D. Erbach, B. Prieg- nitz, R. Ruef. Second Row: W. Wipf, R. Colby, E. Brooks, G. Machan, L. Craker, W. Van Ess, D. Drecktrah, E. Steiner, D. Arnold, L. Hansen. Third Row: D. Krause, L. Marty, J. Hamilton, W. Schomberg, L. Hansen, R. Ransom, W. Becker, G. Wegner. Fourth Row: D. Garbers, R Petersen, N. Nielsen, G. Draheim, R. Kattestad, R. Bernstein. During Homecoming weekend the DUs enter- tained 250 alumni. With contributions from the . '- alumni, the DUs have succeeded in completely re- 'i ,H :jx modeling their house in the last three years. This x fall the completion ended with the refurnishing and ' jf' il redecorating of all study and sleeping rooms. rw The DUS should be recognized for the initiation A E! EU, of theme beer suppers which soon won much popu- gg al ,' .U larity amono' various other groups on campus. Other 2' - J l",, ' 'W . . .C . . . f 4 'll Ala H t.:'.'-...-" DU activities included a much appreciated Christmas W K, ' i 'l E i party for a group of underprivileged children held 1. ill R' 71 with the help of the Alpha Phi's. The winter and 1 ' ff- EH -1 :gl spring formals were also found to be tremendously gl ' .- successful by the members of DU and their dates. X tllll lIlL::p-:':,:d lln l l I The DUs boast four members in scholastic hon- i H 'gl I oraries, and Dan Sullivan acted as chairman of the A ""' i -mi R University's Parent's Day. E!-Ig.. ' Trifr-2711? 'll 'S 5' nf m :msn ,. lk lh l fm i H- i President: Barry Ebert ' , Vice-President: Dan Sullivan 563311: f 4 Secretary: john Cheek - Q T' fi' "Wu i Treasurer: Dan lvackman ,engaged w if , g First Row: M. Schaefer, D. Sullivan, D. YVackman, G. Ostrancler, S. Small, L. Swaim, W. Elman, G. Geffers, K. Beyreis. Second Row: R. Bornfleth, D. Heller, W. Filbert, M. Burdick, R. Koehn, R. Mueller, J. Hoyt, R. Uzuanis, G. Mundschau, S. Zimmerman. Third Row: J. Veatch, D. Habeihorst, R. Fuller, WV. lrVeClel, R. jones, L. Zielsclorf, j. Milek, Huff, R. Busse, G. Vogt. Fourth Row: D. Windau, D. Moser, A. Topp, T. Windau, J. Krueger, J. Batiste, R. Engleke, R. Wallber, C. Douglas, W. Murray. DELTA UPSILON 323 324 D ELTA ZETA First Row: M. Curwin, J. Koenig, B. Bishop, C. Thomas, J. Long, J. Kieser, Mrs. McAlister, C. Kuehn, B. Kester, J. Miller, K. Guzzetta, M. Bennett, E. Framberger. Second Row: C. Heim, A. Joy, S. Vtlesterrnoe, J. LaRue, P. Gruehn, T. Dvorak, C. Meier, S. Chester, D. Roth, L. Coss- man, K. Nazzarini. Third Row: B. Freeman, K. Thompson, P. Nolting, P. Bickert, S. Hanaver, M. Noback, J. Nelson, C. Lucas, J. Donahoe, M. Bartholomew, A. Hanley, M. Randall. Fourth Row: J. Frey, L. Zimmerman, M. Fenrick, L. Yeoman, C. Johnson, M. Heisig, S. Stein, C. Huld- er, N. Grizzell, M. Roberts, S. Wood, V. Scribner, N. Headen. Fifth Row: R. Pallot, S. Peterson, S. Geipel, M. Ebel, J. Arnes, S. Frederickson, D. Skyler, M. Gollan, E. Morris, S. Pauls, P. Cruden, P. Fobes, S. Scheil. V Y K N li SVQV in K Q V -: President: Carole Kuehn LX f AQ Vice-President: Barbara Kester . T ' '- Secretar : 0 ce Miller " wah Treasurer? Sui1gHanauer W . . 42,5-. . . . X K Q5 Social events, campus activities and welfare pro- l cm J "' "' +19 jects highlighted the Delta Zeta's calendair thishyear. A " ' .K 1 The weekends brought beer suppers, whi e exc ange .,,- 'II 'Qi dinners and call outs brightened the week. The DZs ii - K iii entered the homecoming competition with Tau H Ill Kappa Epsilon and placed fourth in the house decorations. Spring semester brought Hurnorology, . Q many hours of rehearsal with the Lambda , - I 1 p a s. Aside from the national philanthropy, hearing I DU- Uh i: and audio, the girls sponsored a patient at Carvell 1-ll Hospital and went caroling at the University hos- l pital during the Christmas season. The annual "DZ I! Mann formal at the Continental Club Was another .mf Q event -brightening December. An active year, a newly Q redecorated house, and a new housemother, Mrs. Marth McAlister, were enjoyed by all of the girls. With the aid of the Pi Phi's, the Evans Scholars finished third in the Greek division of Homecoming T displays this year, and also Won the division cham- pionship in intramural football. Other activities in- cluded the annual oriental party, Dad's Day, and a g Dixie Bash with members from the Marquette - g ft B chapter of Evans Scholars, the Theta Delts, Alpha fi? Phi's, Gamma Phi's, and SDT's. In the spring the ,fv J, Scholars held their annual formal and at Easter they 2 sponsored a party for a group of orphans. B s - J M Their fifty seven members have scholarships from I ' ,f,A the Western Golf Association which were awarded . .....-. on the basis of scholastic standing and activities i K. I I, f,, in high school. Besides having many freshmen in 2 .- campus activities this year, Jim Philipps was the - ---- 1 publicity chairman of the All-University Blood Drive which exceeded its goal. Presidentg Tom ohnson as A I ' 'N ViC6-P7'85id67ZK.'JilIl'1 Ring ,Ji Ji, bg Q l T V Secretar ,- Mike Miske ---" ...- Treahsuifm' Bob Adam A ' ' H 1 A , First Row: J. Phillips, R. Paluczak, M. Miske, G. Bloch, J. Ring, R. Adam, W. Ehren, R. Kreibeck. Second Row: T. Robey, J. Hlavacek, J. Gundlach, D, McCann, R. Wolf, J. Aben- droth, C. Sanfelippo, C. Richman, T. Schwartz, T. Johnson. Third Row: D. Linscott, J. Stum- mer, Nick, D. Keller, R. Schaffer, T. Carvis, M. Hartenstein, P. Cunningham, T. Reilly, B. Hartman. Fourth Row: J. Zaleski, B. Strathearn, D. Bistolas, R. Volkman, E. Ketchum, J. Pecor, D. Demichelis, R. Giangiorgi, P. Bartness, C. Weber. Fifth Row: R. Sjogreh, T. Dapp, J. Roth, K. Theine, T. Collins, W. Jonen, R. Baumann, D. Holy, R. Kniaz, R. Ketchum. Sixffz Row: V. Brunner, T. Wirth, B. Treibel, J. Bistolas, J. Weber, J. Kuersten, R. Dachelet, J. Repine, J. Mazanet, T. Lubeck. 325 Wing. 'N President: Cynthia Ihrig 32.6 GALHWA PHI First Row: J. Brandenburg, S. Edwards, C. Meloy, J. Brandenburg, C. Jautz, S. Thomson, Mrs. Lasher, P. Murtfeldt, P. Bernick, J. Kuyken, C. Schneck. Second Row: M. Schmidt, J. Mottl, J. Wilhelme, C. Whalen, L. Swanson, W. Chapman, L. Owens, M. Schull, P. Larson, J. Wells J N. Haleen, A. McCullough. Third Row: M. Olson, D. Germuga, P. Wesson, P. McVitty, M. Massey, S. Gloppen, E, Studley, C. Kumper, K. McGarrity, S. Terwilliger, P. Sipple, C. Cline, K. Koski. Fourth Row: S. Husting, S. Gutheil, M. Kerwin, J. Rosenbaum, G. Kenall, B. Rowan, M. Anderson, A. Fleming, M. Roth, C. Wagner, M. O'Connor, K. Madland. Fifth Row: G. Cur- less, C. Hardgrove, P. Grassman, M. Fahsl, S. Ritter, R. DeHorn, A. Tonjes, J. Traver, V. Payne C. Shrowe, D. Meloy, N. Edwards. Sixth Row: M. Bernauer, A. Maxwell, L. Patelski, M. Wells P. Lovshin, M. Sprague, M. Sprague, R. Strohn, M. Schoef, P. Rowan, K. McAleer, K. Guttorm- BETA M' quinll-' : 1 E: Vice-President: Jan Kuyken l Secretary: Sara Jane Green iii Treasurer: Pat Bernick --53 "WEEE" - t , H Bfrimlgg---' The annual Province Conference in April with lp n. ' 1 -. , I i six Gamma Phi chapters of members and alumni was 1 1- iff ' 5191" "lx -9 . . - g, . 12 E- . ,f J QQ I one of the major events of Gamma Phi Beta this year. ' I ,I i Z ' "Y""i5:i'f-- Th 'n t al brou ht Humorolo with s . i i , llkueuml-ui C SPT1 g SCIIICS CI' SO g . gy . if M Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and painting a community 4 .. iqb J f,'r22,22:J ,f center building with the Chi Psi's. The pledges, too, it ' I ' 3 actively participated as they made Christmas favors .3 -' for the University hospitals. ' 1 I - --fb' ll -. , . .T ji,-, Social events dotted the calendar .as the garls .at- ' .4-F-'5'-'E fs . Q N1"'l'lll tended beer suppers, entered "Yell Like Hell with 21.3, T :Umlll . . . . . . Z ,ig ':.i:::::--!fl':' the Sigrna Ch1's and display decoration competition A A rx with the Deltas. The Christmas formal at the East Q 5 . 1,51 l.- Side Business Men's Club brought the announce- t ' 2 J g- li' 'i ment of the Gamma Phi Ideal Man, Jim Kittsley. ' ' iw ' The year saw many active girls as Jane Rosenbaum ill? was elected Pan Hel president, and Mary Schull, Badger Beauty. Q-.-qt,-Vg First Row: A. Riddleberger, C. Davis, J. Harker, G. Teckam, J. Bujan, IE. lVittmack, Mrs. Gau- chat, J. Kalter, M. Holland, M. Kough, C. Petersen, K. Hauck, J. Strouf, J. Veatch, C. Spoene man. Second Row: S. Hopkins, M. Lenz, J. Kelzenberg, M. Meloy, C. Rabinkofi, M. Zeaske, M Evans, J. Thompson. Third Row: C. Capers, M. Engman, N. Isabella, D. Foster, S. Grumpelt 327 M. Morey, S. Rodie, P. Mueller, J. Munger, S. Sappenheld, P. Knox, M. Mabry, T. Pertain, J Johansen. Fourth Row: J. Mfeaver, S. Sheaffer, M. Cant, J. Wichman, M. Harker, C. Hastings J. Taylor, M. Harker, N. Ahrbeck, S. Yarne, B. Ballou, S. Schriber, C. Callander. Fifth Row. S. Tangernan, S. Ghodes, S. Hebert, K. Hult, D. Manton, M. McCarthy, M. Jennings, K. Buhol- zer, L. Menke, L. Blakesley, M. Flaherty, M. Allen, J. Pasahow. Sixth Row: K. Kroenig, M Walls, C. Kuecker, L. Kellogg, C. LeDain, S. Holland, S. Franke, S. Meyer, J. Dillon, M. Mercer, S. Harrington, B. Adams. ,,,, KAPPA ALPHA TH ETA Vice President: Muffy Xfliittmacl Secretafry: Gretchen Teckarn Treasuren' Sally Schuller in , ' - . I ' VF 5 A The kites of Theta can be seen flying across cam- -iw'-J us twice a ear when the led es are re uired to f . "I P . Y . . . . . P g . q 1 I do this before their initiation. Along with beer sup- I ' pers every Weekend. Theta's entered "Yell Like Hell" l """ and display competition with the Chi Phi's. Having ' ' ,,-N! Won Humorology last year, the girls spend many : K. hours rehearsing with the Sigma Chi's. 5 'Q -, " . , X x - . , , nn-g Second runner up in Badger Song Fest, Thetas J, sang with gusto and applied the same vigor to their ig A f'tr s , , ' H H N Q- . l winter ,formal at the Ivy Inn, Snow Ball Smash. Q ,aw "Happy Pappy" Weekend in the spring highlighted ' A it the second semester. Always active on campus, Jean , s ,Q Kelzenberg represented the house as a Badger Beauty I 5 and Secretary of WSA, Pam Knox was Navy Ball li V Queen and Judy Hans, Delta Sigma Pi Rose Queen. Actively participating in all-campus and Greek events, the Kappa Alpha Thetais had a very. successful year. 32.8 aft a i' A 9 A .FL'g:i 5Qa, X 0 'ml m B ME V Q, aan lm Jlarggf-'s-. M' 1 C5 S 1 :sae Q I 1 rQm1o..4,g,,,,3,Q. Scholarship was of prime import and scholastic honors immediate for Kappa Delta this Year. Rank- ing first in sorority scholarship, the KDS also won individual scholarship honors. Kaye Larkin was tapped by Mortar Board, and Judy Kaftan was in- itiated into Phi Kappa Phi. More honors-but of a social kind-were won dur- ing Homecoming. Teaming with the Theta Chi's, they copped the overall Homecoming award. Christmas wasfa time for both fun and charity. As a service to the Oregon School for Delinquent , ,J ,.,?q, 1 , 6 J I ,s Girls, the KDS threw a gala Christmas party. The ' tj fEEE"F2iFfEp NQ:' height of the holiday fun, however, was Emerald c f! l!:.gJggg'Q.g!g?'F. , Ecstasy, the annual Christmas formal. ' Campus activities were not neglected. Marcy . "9 S. Brown was managing editor of Greek Speaks and I' ' 1 Q' I ,T Judy Kaftan was Panhel general rush chairman. ' , A I Hope Kramp headed the Union News Bureau. ' , ,I Q' 9 A , .x v I A if President: Helen Loehning ' Vice-President: Jane Rosenwald KAPPA DELTA Secretary: Kaye Larkin Treasurer: Donna Jones First Row: K. Anderson, B. Marvin, M. Chase, B. Malcolm, L. Marsh, D. Jones, H. Loehning, Mrs. Davies, J. Rosenwald, K. Larkin, N. Shurts, J. Barbarie, R. Farrington, J. Kaftan, H. Kramp. Second Row: F. Vaccarello, M. Manz, C. Welsch, B. Kelber, 1. Deneen, J. Loertscher, S. Schin- ner, C. Blom, B. Alberg, L. Brumblay, M. Brown, K. Metzen, M. Timm, L. Norton, M. Schale- ben, J. Mautz. Third Row: J. Thompson, M. Thompson, S. Pierce, S. Willison, M. Lilja, P. Hassler, C. Tarzy, P. MacMillan, Jr. Edgcumbe, S. Rank, B. Bender, B. Willems, S. Wirth, E. Hafstad. Fourth Row: J. Barker, L. Taylor, B. Bader, J. Duffek, L. Eserkaln, P. Larkin, E. Utoft, C. Peterson, J. Rasmussen, K. Meyer, K. Darner, B. Krueger, D. Millet. First Row: A. Whitford, P. Powrie, S. Sinn, L. Stiehm, T. Fratti, Mrs. Binde, S. McDonald, M. Richards, B. Behnke, M. Wilson, P. Rosemurgy, S. Thomson. Second Row: K. Walton, S. Karl- son, S. Herman, S. Stebbins, K. Gabel, B. Richert, B. Murdoch, j. Gray, J. Ruby, S. Wilson, L. Hansen, M. Olsen, K. Litten, W. Hutton. Third Row: S. Smith, L. Pritchard, D. Irmscher, P. Koehler, D. Dueno, S. Drake, P. Platten, C. Arnold, S. Becker, A. Wharton, S. Serota, P. Haller, M. Beran. Fourth Row: C. Aho, M. Mercer, J. Shapiro, C. Moudry, N. Krell, J. Haerle, B. Ap- plebee, N. Bjork, L. Twiss, M. Tjoflat, T. Woods. Fiflh Row: S. Morgan, T. Radford, N. Bradley, M. Bradley, J. Butterbaugh, H. Richards, M. Hayes, K. Melchoirs, S. Cleminshaw, N. Dorris, N. Soule. Sixth Row: Von Ende, P. McDonald, S. Johnson, J. Carpenter, M. Germann, B. Mou- dry, G. Haberichter, A. Statkus, E. Smith, B. Lease, M. Hastings, C. Tegtmeyer. 329 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA President' Sally Mcnonald f, Vice-President: Terri Fratti ni, Secretary: Marlie Richards l, I Treasurer: Polly Powrie EE . ' X , I X Q "X 1-. , H ' . i2ita?5' is T X ' IQJQQ r ,Tm a Kahpa, Kahpa, Kahpa Gamma . . .," one , ft of the more famous greek songs, could be heard yfgjjg' ringing from the Kappa house through-the many ' 4 , social events of the season. The girls entered "Yell y Like Hell" and Homecoming ,house decorations with A y 'K ll yr S the Kappa Sig's, and Humorology with ZBT. Beer l f eb 'Tv 'I suppers, Paddy Murphy Day and the SAES along ,EEEJA 3 with a Christmas party filled the Kappa calendar. ' ll 'ax Aside from social events, the Kappa's and the Lambda Chi's gave a Christmas party for the crippled PM kr children from the Washington Orthopedic School, W and the pledges could be seen every Sunday at the . 4 I 1 4. . Wisconsin Pediatrics hospital. This year, Ann Whit- 3 ford served as Pan Hel president and Marlie Rich- " 'L , 1' ards was chairman of Pan Hel Ball. The Kappa's --fy, .,,,, H M5332 -fffgbf all participated in an active and enjoyable year. 'ella 330 XX Kappa Sigma highlighted their first semester social 'T calendar with the VVholadoola Party, a pledge Prison --f Party with the Delta Gamma's, and a Farm Party. 1 e Their beer suppers and open houses Were topped J off by their annual Winter formal. They participated E Q J J V A in "Yell like Hell" and Homecoming displays with v A e rigid' ll this iiapjplas, Etndl-fn the spring, they Joined with the PW A? 5322222 255:52 Teil P a ls or umm ogy' Jgftlgfm .1125 23329 Hui: Fi! 1 - plz In varsity. athletics were Ron Vanderkelen and if ' """ F'.,'L "' Don Hendrickson, footballg Roger Eberhardt and 1, Qin- J ""T:T Dave Turner, golfg Jim Falkner, skydivingg Bill Bar- , .H H' 4 ..- ml row, basketball, and Bob Johnson, swimming. imfrepr--R - ' H - i f M 4' President Isaksen summed up the fraternity goals: W- QFFPF- "Because We're here for education in the several in-if , ff! r gig 3 Q1 I arts and sciences ,... We have .accepted .our chal- 17,122 4 AE lenge to-maintain the ,old traditions so vital to an outstanding institution. . lfyif.-2,vZ,,f 5 .ri .vciy.: 2 -J""'t . 2 ' XS' H .Mya - KAPPA SIGMA Q President: Greg Isaksen Vice President: T. Marville Secretary: Joe Able Treasurer: Don Webb First Row: G. Conard, R. Jieger, E. Sgan, T. McCarvi1le, Mrs. Matheson, G. Isaksen, D. Webb, J. Goetz, T. Ragus. Second Row: J. Elliott, J. Yost, J. Morrow, C. Ofenloch, W. Nickles, B. Koepcke, R. Pacek, D. Hansen, I. Eler. Third Row: R. Coutre, A. Lucey, R. Bergstrom, K. Paaseh, N. Billipp, J. Handrich, J. Poulson, J. Van Matre, W. Hoff. Fourth Row: C. Hibbard, W. Barrow, B. Scheele, T. Bauch, J. Treen, J. Abel, M. Mann, C. Burghardt, T. Templeton. Fifth Row: D. La Croix, T. McAu1iff, R. Burke, F. Hollenbeck, R. Howell, S. Chester, J. Stowers, R. Ohlhues, H. Blauert. Bob Suhr, Lambda Chi social chairman, led his brothers on an active spree this year, with participa- tion in Homecoming with the Alpha Xi Delta's, Hu- morology with the Delta Zetals, and the Badger Song 9 .-'TN Festival with the Kappa Alpha Theta's. Social high- lights were the winter formal at the Cuba Club and , A . the spring formal at Cerami's Resort, Brown's Lake. A A . "1 Along with the Kappa Kappa Gamma's, the fra- fffjajlfl-A -- I ff ternity organized a Christmas Welfare project at the I L ,TA gl A, A 1 , -2t- VVashington Orthoepedic School, and the Lambda T ,I ' fi-:M-" " "':.-T" ---,,.' V Chi's climaxed their holiday time charity in the il f spring with an Easter party forlchildren given with i il- iq the cooperation of Chi Omega. fl" i -1 - fa Campus minded Lambda Chis were Bill Kundert, N : . .y N Publicity Chairman of I-F Council and Karl Stahl- V Q, ,-,-U I raps, Battalion Commander of Navy ROTC. Herb ,533 l- Wt' , X Swanson served as rush chairman for the group. :Ile 'If V 1 T':gfE "'t , 'Elin II I ".r.",., . lllll . , ,Y V . ", ,E-i L: ,',: f 1 I '- a will f f President: John Klein :rags ,J f A Vice President: Tom Larson 25,2222 - ' F!!! K" Secretary: Jim Thompson 'iii :gl E - H ,If i -I Treasuren' Ron Skelton ii ' """ 'T A ' , L A First R0w.' R. Skalton, L. O'Bi'ien, F. Bruggeman, J. Klein, D. Huber, J. Thompson, H. Swan- son, R. Suhr, T. Larson. Second Row: R. Suchoski, C. Meyer, D. Lautz, YV. Kundcrt, K. Stahl- kopf, J. Fanslau, P. DeMarco, R. Heinzeoth. Third Row: D. Chambers, M. Sch, R. Reimer, E. Norrman, P. Wiley, L. Paulson, R. Schoenke, C. Specht. Fourth Row: J. james, W. Meyers, S. Ottrey, J. Kinder, R. Rogowski, j. Clabaugh, G. McMillan, J. Pristelski. - .a MBDA CHI ALPHA 332 PHI DELTA TH ETA - A I f "T .5512-i 0 1-1 e . 7 .ewan -A f :gg L '- wan "1-"'+ f - -, T M 2- ,g'i!.v.lTl'3! X 4 'A 'Tl . L X Av' .4 -,j i 'i E e gg P. . fel, p p ' L34 , Wi I li ?ufi!lI me AQ WEE' L if ivliulimui First Row: M. Krueger, G. Loos, R. Frederick, Mrs. Wiswall, D. Nicholson, W. Loppnow, T. Grueber, R. Fridholm. Second Row: D. Tzakis, M. Parentice, J. Lehman, P. Nicholson, T. Erick- son, P. Heebink, C. Flora, M. Deighton, D. johnson. Third Row: B. Norgan, T. Wilson, A. Fox, C. Silvestri, D. Smith, H. Woliii, T. Ahrens, A. Runyan, R. Moberly. Fourth Row: R. Hoysgaard B. Olson, B. Lewis, R. Holton, H. Brandt, D. Berg, R. Dallman, D. Stefaniac, T. Madison, R. Smith. Fifth Row: L. Barney, J. Purnell, G. Bollow, R. Allison, G. Miner, A. Wojdula, W. Haerle, D. Kaul, R. Frain. President: Dave Nicholson Vice President: Bruce Norgan Secretary-Treasurer: Bill Loppnow Rush Chairman: Chip Laird Phi Delta is composed of former members of the national fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and those Who joined with them after a most successful rush. The group is operating as a local fraternity in its first year in the name of Phi Delta. Highlighted by the Alumni Parents Open House on Homecoming, the Winter formal at Lake Delton, and an annual "She Delta Theta" party during which dates are taken through a mock "hell Week" and initiated as "She Delts," their social calendar was enlarged by a full program of beer suppers and theme parties. The Phi Delts were represented in Haresfoot by Dean Kaul, and in varsity football by such names as Harold Brandt, Ron Frain, Ralph Kurek, Ron Leafblad, Jim Purnell, Carl Silvestri, and Billy Smith. The group volunteered their aid in their ' annual Community Service Day Project. The Fiji social calendar of beer suppers and ex- change dinners was amplified by their participation I . 1 If-A in Homecoming with the Tri Delt's, Humorology N with the Pi Phi's, and a Christmas party for orphans f , with Alpha Phi. Their traditional Fiji Island party welcomed their saronged dates to a house completely J renovated by a Pacific decor. The excitement of their 'Al K 6. French Apache party and Christmas formal was only . f 1 J rivaled by the announcement that Ben Porter has 1 by been chosen a finalist for Ideal Man of Pi Beta Phi. , ' 4yyA A Many of the campus major ollices were held this u' X qu'-, , year by men of Phi Gamma Delta. Bob Jennings Q.. J was president of I-F Council, while Bill VVartinbee ' Z , i ., . . . - - . 1'-"fir .. .- iQ".6 i T? -f served as ti easui ei of Phi Eta Sigma and Steve Moore 7, . U lg,-J Q-jfq , . 5, as vice piesident. John Sltoinika scrxed as business 541 ,.,v. A-jyQ,15 gina., 4? manager of the BADGER and Jerry Redfield was ' , ff f 'il advertising manager. cl gid 5 A i O fg. B' J wif pl' Sk I 1 1 '11, V P-resident: Roger Boetcher S6C7'6fll7'y.' Ben Porter T7'6GSU7'67'.' John Skornicka Histo1'z'a11.' Jerry Rediielcl PHI GAMMA DELTA First Row: A. Sundene, B. Cunerman, XV. Zaeske, L. Xilooclwartl, R. Barocci, J. Redheld, Mrs. Best, R. Boettcher, J. Skornicka, B. Porter, R. Jennings, R. Rohel. Second Row: D. Buchanan R. Palm, S. Moore, WV. Xvartinbee. R. Kulalek, D. Sohlberg, V. Johnson, D. Johnson, T. Ry 1 sticken, M. Bunch, K. Miller, Holt, C. Taylor. Third Row: K. Lee, P. Hollancls, S. XVruclae, T. Clark, D. Gilbert, D. Frey, T. Creagan, IE. Bluthart, M. Woodkc, R. MacGregor, T. Hovcle. Fourth Row: B. Ganek, R. Keyes, J. Miller, R. Olson, J. Henclrichs, A. Simmons. D. DeCarlo C. Burch, J. Ross, C. Kronman. Fiflh Roni: D. Rudolph, W. Berge, N. Smith, W. Hoos, T. Hu worth, M. Carr, T. Donnegan, R. Burger, J. MacKay, C. Staullacher. n 333 334 PHI KAPPA THETA First Row: J. Hartlaub, P. Barman, T. Sandholm, T. Barrett, R. Caygill, T. Angoli, J. Biersach, T. Siratovich. Second Row: D. Barry, W. Flader, N. Zawacki, D. Marta, T. Triggs, M. Dolske, R. Glennon, K. Kohlmeier, L. Rowe. Third Row: L. Schlimgen, R. Bruhn, R. Schappe, T. Eck- erle, E. Bangs, P. Stein, J. Wegmann, W. Lasek, R. Kobussen. President: Richard Caygill Vice President: Charles Sandholm I Secretary: Tim Barrett -in Treasurer: Tony Angoli ul l , um S.. .---.1--I "Gninrohed Party," with appropriate decorations, 5 Q. l . . E, 1, sd was one of the highlights of the social season, though . gg gg Y e gg 5 H ,,,,., , W ,,,, J ' a fraternity representative seemed reluctant to di- r t.-.,, . D --.. Q ,,. .. vulge the origin of its name. A "Roman Toga" party, g I f D a "Nationality"'party, and the annual "St. Pat's Day" il li party at which green beer is served and the "orange s. . " e 4 fi -he " -"'- room" 1S completely demolished by the end of the Vet g evening, rounded out the social calendar. az - U H gp Q -a y k, - . 3. f,m,,,1 During the past year the pledge class ranked first :I 1. ' f " i .5 Q' 'ixl - ' Y " j 1 . . . e i at - Q es' ' 'iii and second scholastically in consecutive semesters ..-:: r ---- -f- 'M-3 . . . Ewa: gg 1 :gi EES: among the fraternities, and received several awards. . 2'-2 ::..'-. ---""' """ ...t - - 257- ELK! ',!,','fZ!a-.J The fraternity also had the most improved overall x E 'lf' ' M '-" . i Z ,. if gffi grade point last year. ..m- T- ' 5 '3 "-' ' Y Tom We mann was initiated into Phi Beta Ka a, i " - ' . gl . . . 0 ' . 1 H , I national honor fraternity, Whlle brother, Nick Za- , p , ' ,. 1 wacki was out for varsity tennis and brother, Tony Angoli Was out for varsity Wrestling. First Row: N. Bobbins, I. Klienman, B. Sigman, L. Fox, M. Greenblatt, S. Karp, M. Fienberg. Second Row: 1. Goldberg, S. Miller, D. Brocler, J. Hipp, M. Levy, J. Morris, K. Fisher, P. Lasha, J. Meister. Third Row: M. Kalik, R. Polster, R. Seligman, R. Long, M. Fisher, R. Barganz, S. Bloomberg, R. Levine. 335 PHI SIGMA DELTA President: Julian Morris Vice-President: Ken Fischer Secretary: Jeff Kravat .- 1 guemwm pasta sa pmmszrewa-vga: ,unnam- 1118155 .. xmawammifwnf I 3 9 l mmzzfu-t.v'v.w rm4.m.4mfi. V' H 'Im- Treasurer: Maurice Levy y ::21?i5a ggE4 ?L e i R o ""4'2m'L'ru:' Q' isfs iiifi-+ s rfsst r' The newly decorated Phi Sigma Delta house was .'V" iff-1 ..." ei-' H i "'-'i the scene of many social events this year. Aside .from if ' 1 ,Kg beer suppers and exchange dinners, the Phi Sigs Hfgjmff Q " . Q Z 05 sponsored a "japanese Party" and a "Mock Mar- ' I . , .,.s. 5 -A..,, F. riage Partyn held in the Lorraine Hotel in place of , ,E A' a Winter formal, complete with 6'7" bride and 5'6" t is . - groom, minister, iiowers, and actual marriage cere- Vggh I .. .,i.- , V mony. 2552 ',,'.? f f' i ifvlgggf, Their Homecoming display, a take-off on the Abe Li' 1 ' tg,,. ,,,i. 1 'ig. e Lincoln legend, was done with Shepard Hall. It was R , r followed by an after-game party which many of the gn!! ,...,. ,. y alums attended. 'ggi , f nigg a' Fall brought a new honor to the chapter, when PHE 4 ' x, I Gerry Meister was elected I-F Council president, in addition, the actives learned that their 3.01 grade point of last year had broken all previous records for over-all grade point averages. Their entire chap- ter sported an average of 2.97. , Q y X .. X 5.3. ,.f . .. if-.L r at i .. ,Wy 1 'fx gy I-1 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 336 Phi Sigma Kappa's "Moonlight Girl" formal, a Spring festival annually sponsoring a nation-wide Phi Sigrna Kappa contest, spotlighted the fraternity's social season. The ollicers also led the fraternity in other social events which included a spring formal, a Homecom- ing party, and a Christmas party, plus numerous beer suppers and exchange dinners. In addition, they held their annual Founders Day banquet for alumni. This year they decided to work on local charity projects in addition to those specified by their na- tional organization, and began their philanthropy by donating several all-purpose tables to their cook's church. Many of the brothers were active in the band, the Glee Club, and professional medical and engineer- ing organizations. President: Don Center Vice-President: Jerry Mitchell Secretary: Jack Engstrom Treasurer: Jim Burke First Row: J. Mfehmeyer, J. Burke, J. Engstrom, R. Baitinger, D. Center, J. Mitchell, C. Treichel, Schoenick. Second Row: S. Kailing, T. Kriekard, J. Opgenorth, V. Acker, W. Diehl, S. Kraut, 2-3 K. Hurst, L. LaFountain, R. Nagl, D. Atwell. Third Row: D. Krueger, R. Dulin, J. Hawxhurst, R. MacKay, R. Fleege, J. Goran, S. Harvey, H. Meinheit, F. Mitchell, M. Grow. Fourth Row: F'- . Gundlach, R. Sparks, R. Marschke, T. Mitchell, R. Artel, R. Massey, D. Kirkbride, J. Dahl, W. Cuthbert. First Row: K. Muench, N. Yost, W. Roth, L. Mattison, J. Howard, J. Mahoney, M. Estes, A Bergemann, Mrs. Hart, J. Bridgman, J. Shelby, J. Beck, J. Hollingsworth, J. Muench, P. Phelps Second Row: M. Lauson. C. Condon, N. Himsel, C. Black, B. Sherman, B. Marx, J. Schuler, M Eichhorn, S. Emmerich, G. Dickenson, C. McCabe, G. Wolfe, E. Averill, R. Rappaport, J. Spit- zer, L. Evans. Third Row: K. Fishbeck, K. Jensen, K. Larson, J. Moyle, K. Mueller, B. Burbidge, M. Lawton, S. Dorman, B. Affre, B, Knoop, M. Spangler, S. Smith, M. Borosage, B. Tilly, C. Tetik, N. Sullivan. Fourth Row: B. Gleeson, M. Bauman, C. Davis, K. Snow, J. Bagemihl, H Millar, K. Nelson, C. Williamson, M. Summeril, M. Icenogle, L. Cowden, K. Kujath, K. Krumm G. Soman. Fifth Row: K. Chilcutt, K. Allie, K. XfVinner, K. Zimmerman, K. Brindley, M. Jansky D. Rosenow, K. Ekstrom, B. Kenny, N. Morgan, B. Natwick, S. Bradley, K. Burns, M. Smith M. Manske, S. O'Neal. 337 Pl BETA PHI President: Judy Bridgman Vice-President: Anne Bergemann Secretary: Wendy Roth , Treasurer: Lynn Marriett i m' Campus activities claimed the attention of many Pi Phis this year. Carol Nechrony was appointed . -.Q president of the Union. Active in AWS, Char Tetik W K and Judy Bridgman were -members of the AWS nl . J executive council, and Marcia Lawton served as gen- i E!! H eral chairman of the AWS fashion show. Lynda Schel- I. ker, heading the BADGER copy staff, was also Pan- "M l " hel mechanics rush chairman. Jane Hollingsworth, . I milfs. I Pan-hel treasurer, was a member of the Human CN lm: Rights Committee. Another Pi Phi, Carol Condon, Fig!! was executive secretary of Homecoming. . altgmll ugly' V nfggm ,il Equally busy was the chapter's social calendar. Win- 5 -5 " in HSI "" , EZSESQI ' ning the third lace Homecomin dis lay tro hy P with the Evans Slbholars, the Pi Phi coiicluded Pihe J ' 1 Homecoming events by yelling like hell with the if ..'..,',, ' hail Betas. The annual winter formal and Humorology 'J 4 D p-ilr-Ylva v with the Phi Gam's were further social highlights of ' 5 ,' the '61-'62 season. , 'J-ai., .," 1. 771. ALA f- , ' 1- 555':f 'P S N J' . 1!?:f'1iv.5f-.2-.'fi-Fitf-rgtHf'ip1'ff?Ep. I . I -"Li 'tefffjiivl"'-3'p'if1'r ililfiiiiiiif iiiillgifgi'.in"T:"'i93 i .abr w as ff l fllll ms lf: qr Q W r?4'!.f4i1Qu:.ffllllllillf 1 if my A A Maul itil in 1 A ll'i-maxi? c : "-515 "-Wil if ' im A 'iff' Ii-ff.iftiffiJ1fl!lliJ 4 I f I I ., ,f VM, ':-" fi.. L' A 'KL' . . f 24 .' - ,M V V 1. yi . 544- I ff fi' 1 i K- fLQ?. f.zf Pl LAMBDA PHI As the fraternity with the largest membership on campus, the Wisconsin chapter of Pi Lambda Phi enjoyed participating in many activities this year. Social events included "Yell like Hell" with the A E Phis, Humorology with the Delta Gammas, an annual Hawaiian party, and the spring formal held at the Wisconsin Dells. Many Pi Lambs hold campus offices, a few of these are Mike Mann, president of the All University So- cial Chairman,s Board, Paul Wolf and Mike Zola, members of SLIC subcommitteesg Ron Sheldon and Ron Futterman, Symposium committee chairmen, Mike Sigal, president of Phi Eta Sigrnag Bob Kotler and Skip Holden, members of Mace. Also, seven members serve on the fourteen member board of the Mil Ball committee. Skip Holden served as I-F Council representative for the group. President: Bob Kotler Vice President: Arnie Epstein Secretary: Pepper Dry Treasurer: Al Neider First Row: W. Katz, R. Sheldon, J. Waldman, R. Barondess, Dolgin, A. Kriger, S. Maltz, L. Kern, M. Barron, C. Martin, Second Row: Jacover, B. Swirnoif, R. Panter, M. Greenberg, M. Krom, B. Hyman, A. Epstein, M. Mintzer, A. Tarnow, J. Markoif, H. Gould. Third Row: T. Parr, S. Addis, E. VVeidenfeld, P. Wolff, R. Sherwin, R. Lubar, Mrs. Smith, R. Kotler, M. Mann, C. Sherman, M. Meyer, L. Gardner, R. Futter- man, F. Zuerner. Fourth Row: E. Zeidman, J. Goldberg, M. Harris, R. Leiberman, R. Rosenfield, M. Smith, J. Shapiro, A. Lipton, A. Brustin, L. Keller, E. Abelson, N. Baum, R. Davis, A. Muchin, A. Neider. Fifth Row: A. Caplan, A. Lewis, B. Eggner, Goodrich, L. Shapiro, R. 338 Rounick, M. Alper, S. 'Wexler, S. Schneider, P. Fidler, M. Kalchem, M. Field, M. Sigal, T. Olshansky, N. Footlik, S. Sacher. Traditionally arrayed by beer suppers and ex- change dinners, the Psi Upsilon social calendar was initiated by a "French Underground" party, mediat- ed by a Christmas formal, and climaxed by a "Madi- son Avenue Conservative" party. Climactic to the Psi U's and anti-climactic to their dates, was their "Yard and a Half" party, before which the girls each re- ceived that amount of material and were told to come dressed in it, the girl having the most material left, awarded a prize. Strategic officers were John Peterson, vice-presi dentg pledge trainer, Richard Dregerg social chair- N man, Tom McKenzie, and I-F Council representative John C. Ebsen. In late fall the out-going oflicers spon sored a banquet for their replacements. Psi U Allan Blank was state chairman of collegiate Y-GOP. President: Wilson Smith Vice President: Dave Kinnamon Secretary: Bob Johns QBW Treasu1'e'r.' John Ponath PSI UPSILON First Row: D. Egbert, A. Blank, P. Brown, XV. Smith, VV. McCavd-ish, R. Beich, J. McKenzie, T. Galvin. Second Row: P. Fleury, D. Young, J. Hammett, K. Lloyd-Jones, J. Mc'I'eague, R. Quisling, A. Kosak, T. Lalk, R. Dreger. Third Row: H. Smith, R. Brenneke, S. Smith, J. Ebsen, D. Patterson, VV. YVa1ker, R. Pearlman, R. Johns. Fourth Row: J. Lucas, P. Eberman, L. Erick- son, J. Ponath, J. Logli, T. Hayes, J. Petersen, D. Weiby, J. Schultheis. 339 340 First Row: j. Kroesch, M. Muller, B. Marsh, R. Gilbert, G. Hess, C. Brooke, Mrs. Ball, J. Moelk, G. Emerson, T. Theil, B. Finn, D. Ward, J. Hodge, B. Rosemurgy. Second Row: B. Henriksson, C. Asher, L. Juul, J. Boheim, G. Unger, C. Erickson, WN. Herman, M. Ormsby, R. Heilman, R. Marlow, L. Swanland, F. Platz, C. Smith, B. Oltman, B. Reznichek. Third Row:: K. Montgom- ery, S. Young, J. McKichan, S. Roberts, D. Pitch, J. Kanuik, L. Sterrenburg, J. Hanson, T. Comp- ton, T. Holton, M. McFarlane, H. jebens, R. Schleger, A. Voigt, K. Peterson. Fourth Row: B. Maltby, P. Meyer, B. Busby, J. Ellis, J. Nichols, B. Hevenbruch, S. Dryburgh, G. Karpinske, D. Roberts, G. Qualley, J. Parisi, P. Crosland, J. Voelker, O. Gilbert, K. Schmidt. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON .Z President: jake Moelk Vice-President: Chuck Brooke Secretary: George Emerson Treasurer: George Hess Universal in all chapters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the annual Paddy Murphy party. This year the Wiscovnsin chapter arranged to have this traditional party with the Kappa's. They also took part in Hum- orology with the Gamma Phi's, erected a Homecom- ing display with the Alpha Gamma Delta's, and yelled "Like Hell" with the Alpha Phi's. The SAE's also did Well in all sports in which they participated, varsity as Well as fraternity intramurals. Among the familiar SAE faces on campus were those of Scott Ward, secretary of I-Fg Dave Fugina, president of Scabbard and Blade, and Joel Hodge, varsity cheerleader. An article in Life magazine gives the highlights of their annual old folks' Christmas party for Dane County pensioners. Three hundred guests attended the December 17th event. The highlight of the year for Sigma Chi was the ground breaking for its new house, to be completed by the fall of '63. Social highlights for the year included the annual Sweetheart dance and the Miami Triad. Parties of an informal nature included the Dixie Bash and the West Side Story party. Active on campus were Craig Vance, I-F rush com- mittee chairman and Mock U.N. Delegation co-chair- man, Cal Andringa, student chairman of SLICQ Tom Aycock, Senior Class President and a member of Eta Kappa Nu honorary. Other outstanding members in- clude Vikings Bjorn Larson ancl Lief Arneson. The chapter as a Whole won the all campus blood drive, which marks its eighth year as recipient of the trophy. Dave Walsh served as I-F Council representative for the chapter. President: Cal Andringa Vice President: Craig Vance Secretaries: Bill Reilly Bob Hetzel W .,', ' A 1 14,4 1 . 4'-f1.ff1gg,,1 7q,..f.: 1 l 1 1 f if A 4 f ll - e ' I 5 . in ' A ' 1 - 4 it E , . . - L 4 .T . 111. 11 1,1 1 1. J ' HIT- 3 . ,L I J Ill' 1 X m- 'I'-. . :ff I 5,1 I I J 1 1,14 .1 1 1 ul J J ' A '-- . c ' A 9 p . ' L lr -'J ' 1 aff 1 .5-ff f--A 12. . jbf rl' . ifl- J J , 121 First Row: L. Marshall, F. Ibbotson, J. Mash, J. Brooks, D. Miller, J. Scornavacco, C. Andringa, T. Aycock, C. Vance, R. Hetzel, T. Bierbrauer, A. Schmidt, H. Hippman, J. Kirsch. Second Row: H. Taylor, R. Phemister, D. Brackett, J. Bloetlorn, P. Van Lare, R. Glaisner, R. Fleming, R. Falkenberg, R. Brown, O. Marshall, J. Drescher, D. Walsh, G. Heck. Third Row: J. Torke, R. Basilauskas, P. Krug, T. Godres, J. Smith, L. Majeski, P. Consigny, K. Hemauer, J. Penwarden, J. Schroeder, T. Cahill, J. Raemish, YV. Fitzgerald. Fourllz Row: Janutka, T. Andersen, A. Evans, R. Kaplan, D. Short, A. Roethe, T. Bartleen, D. Schnarsky, A. Thornberg, R. Drell, G. Lewis, J. Caspari. Fifth Row: L. Arnesen, B. Larsen, R. Nielsen, R. Bachuber, J. Roethe, D. Pearson, T. Goforth, B. Martin, J. Carlson, M. Raymaker, B. Kelly. . SIGMA CHI 341 342 SIGMA DELTA TAU First Row: P. Friedstein, J. Gore, S. Weiss, J. Sackin, R. Pollock, Mrs. Hesler, V. Markel, M. Lazar, K. Berger, C. Blum, J. Berger, C. Silverman, L. Shaw. Second Row: S. Saichek, S. Luster, j. Stegman, W. Wasserman, D. Wiener, K. Borin, L. Tell, H. Cohn, R. Goldstein. M. Blum, B. Elrod, M.'Cohen. Third Row: S. Fischer, M. Katcher, S. Shapiro, P. Factor, L. Grundstein, J. Friedlander, R. Harris, B. Greene, J. Micklin, M. Lees, G. Sterny, F. Rosenfeld. Fourth Row: S. Barzilay, L. Lazar, L. Soss, A. Blue, M. Wolfe, P. Eisberg, J. Rubin, D. Cohen, T. Weller, C. Friedkin, S. Kimball, B. Grach. Fifth Row: C. Sutker, J. Chapman, P. Cohen, B. Semon, E. Rad- utsky, Palley, M. Moscow, J. Bloom, D. Zeff, L. Silberman, B. Kahn, M. Vernick. Sixth Row: V. Rosenblatt, A. Sharpe, S. Altman, S. Liberrnan S. Lipin, S. Liber, I. Lewis, H. Halprin, E. Wachsman, N. Buxbaum, J. Omans, L. Cohn. I P1'esident:: Virginia Markel Vice-President: Marcia Lazar Secretary: Carol Silverman A """ '- W X' 'T1'6LZS'LL7'67'.' joan Burger X ' , . . . . 's'. f ' 2 i A -". ll 4, ' -- ,j.-l., Q i , ' 4 . ti ' Combining creative talent and vocal force, the ,V . ',.,,,x, , ' SDT's and the AEPi's pooled their assets in both the . I 7 Homecoming display and "Yell Like Hell." Other 4 ifvfn social events which the SDT's enthusiastically backed N- 1 . Lgggifggii Were their weekly beer suppers and their annual win- lf""' Y FE !! ter formal. Then there was Humorology in which . ' , they 'oined the Chi Phi's. I ' Ntimerous community and campus activities kept D 5 A I ' ' the chapter on the go. SDT pledges held story telling v 14' hours for young cerebral palsy victims. Later the girls T., treated these children to Christmas and Easter parties. , E N , an , . . . . . , . Q Eontributing to campus activities vvere SDT s Marcia A p LQ. .di -as azar, editor of Greek Speaks, Ginny Markel, secre 3 , " tary of Badger Board, and Cheerleader, Lynda Tell. Joan Burger was a Pan Hel ball committee chairman and head of the Union Symposium Committee. First Row: C. Yager, T. Marty, T. Hinke, J. Swanson, D. Ellis, E. Keclzrexski R llitel C Fargo Second Row: B. Crisafulli, P. Strieby, B. Maaske, L. Salvesen, J. Mayer D DODIIHKIT S Ilckles J. Mercier. Third Row: J. Curtis, D. Zillman, E. Skalinder, A. Huse N Oppennann T Egan 343 D. Kozich. President: David Ellis' Vice-President: Tom Marty Secretary: Joe Swanson Treasurer: Tom Egan A "Persian Kitty Party," complete with Persian atmosphere and exotic food was the fraternity's main spring social event. A Rounded out by beer suppers, informal dinners, and coffee hours, Sigma Phi's social calendar sported a Christmas formal and spring formal. Sponsoring a Christmas party for underprivileged children was just one of the group's charitable contributions to the local area. Continuing a charity service project begun last spring, the group co-sponsored a neighborhood Clean-upproject in conjunction with the South Side Neighborhood House. Actives spent fall looking forward to their annual pledge-active football game held just before Christ- mas. Traditionally, however, the pledges lost, as in- evitably decreed by Senior Council. 344 4. The Sigma Phi Epsilon season began this year with a Founders' Day Banquet for the four Wisconsin W y -.1 3 chapters to commemorate the founding of their na- l F' -: tional organization in 1901 at Richmond College. This important event was followed by ,the usual A Q f r -TP, array of exchange parties and beer suppers. Their ,, W ,t J , . season Was highlighted again by a Christmas semi- X ' ' , , formal and a Spring formal. ff ' T - -H , R gf - The brothers participated in various athletic events i L A ill , 'gl 'E too, as evidenced by their representation on the var- , .5 .. J sity cheerleading s uad by Bob Hughes, and b Rose if n Q Bowl bound Joe Clileckl, number 69 on the ,varsity ' i '- football squad. Bud Johnson, attired as Bucky Bad- ... -' .' ger, mascotted the football games. ' - p hAlso sports minded, other members were active on I ,gg i t e house intra-mural teams. - . , . , , my , X I President: Ron Dvorschek ' 1 X :xgi Vice-President: Bob Hughes J i f bg: f Secretary: Rem Krueger and 'A "" V i ' ' T1'easu1'er.'Tom Bollnow SIGMA PHI EPSILON First Row: J. Bailey, W. Gritzmacher, R. Vidale, T. Bollnow, R. Hughes, R. Dvorachek, J. Fluno, R. Krueger, R. Sorrentino. Second Row: R. Miller, B. Johnson, R.'McDona1d, W. Wahl, B. LaDue, F. Knoch, J. Murphy, J. Freckman, C. Sheerar. Third Row: D. Bennett, F. Stieg, D. Stearns, R. Jacobson, J, Bartz, G. Kordas, D. Hoppert, R. Easton, D. Norris, D. Wikel. Fourth Row: E. Wengert, J. Heckl, E. Hume, R. YVangard, J. Funk, C. Jahn, A. Fredenslund, A. Polzak, K. Sanger, R. Rutherford. Fifth Row: P. Robbins, R. Skilton, W. Boehm, R. Stelling, T. Breuch, P. Gard, M. Martyn, W. Braun, G. Gunnarson. First Row: R. Shirey, P. Aspinwall, J. Kennaugh, R. Ciese, J. Schoening, J. Ceck, T. Ginzl, T. Drexler. Second Row: M. Pessin, G. Kienzle R. Ziminski, YV. Burri, J. Vickman, M. Blomquist, R. Kollenberg. Tlzirrl Rauf: M. Fenik, P. Schmidt, D. Lotterer, T. YValker, M. Rath S. Zalinet, R. Thiede, J. Bell. President: Tom Ginzl Vice President: Paul Aspinwall Secretary: Phil Schmidt Treasurer: Steve Zalinet Tau- Kappa Epsilon's social calendar of events sponsored an annual Ship Wreck Party, complete with appropriate costumes and scenery. Also contri- buting to social festivities were their winter and spring formals. y As part of a charity drive this year, the fraternity planned and held a large Christmas party for or- phaned children. Joined by the Delta Zetas in building a Ho-me- coming display, their colorfully constructed contri- bution Won fourth place in the highly competitive campus-wide judging. Members of the group were also active scholastical- ly, contributing to thessuccess of the fraternity in individual ways. Steve Zalinet Was a member of Alpha Kappa Psi. John Bell and Dick Zininski were mem- bers of Phi Eta Sigma. TAU KAPPA EPSILON 1 A 41:21. Jill! feelalfa t A A . A per- f N Qin ' 4i vs - nah' " il'--! ..-nga x-it-" N ,55,'f,llzl lDl'll ..- ll giqig-77ai'5'i2?Nsi:'--.tx nv:-.Q -. -1lil7-73 I '-"" v.N,,U!'l N 9 llllli ""'-- V ' fb v xg,',:,:w,J-. X ag" Y -vi-1 ' D5 gs.:-qui . lui 'vt .A.'-' :gl ara: "-'- 1 ,.a'- 4 12' gala w i l l A e Q. i to fa - 1 , . . v. 2 "' 1 0950- ffli- J' 1 ll' , -4. , , -. V. l jw.Q,a..,.,1. .,, . -- . .,,, ... 11 E .K -,-,,,, ,yn lf. M H cr "':2' :. Q"1 I: " 'Elin . . 2 - U' L1 ,. -2 ' rr- - - M Hfgi pl 7 Y in mag ff.,-W... f., , , '5i'?-f 'w--- C "1 V ff H ,- 346 Y' .Q Wg! J' In ,. , i X . if , f lf :gf lip' . . x A . 1 3 N I . 1 ' I ' 1 . L4 Under the leadership of president John Oakwood, the Theta Chi's planned a homecoming display with Kappa Delta and came out victorious in the contest n with their theme of "Roman Holiday." They par- ticipated in Yell Like Hell with the KDS, and com- ,fg K bined talents with Alpha Xi Delta for humorology. - -1 An African Safari Party was one of the special I, , events arranged by social chairman Bob Long. Other traditional activities of the fraternity included found- 7' ' 7 ,Y -37 ers' da , arents' weekend, and alumni week. Meiiiblers of the fraternity were also active on cam- pus and in varsity and interfraternity sports. Two ' F'-'.-1 ' .' f- 1 . - lettermen on the varsity fencing team and two mem- .2 'I bers of the freshman basketball team were Theta Chis, Besides the members on Union committees, the fraternity was represented on I-F judicial committee by Bill Gee and on student court by Jeff Oster. ' it 7 sti f 4. . V . -1 4 1 y..f I 7 I 'P -, President: John Oakwood I Vice-President: Ted Pamperin f Secretary: Paul Johnson e V Treasurer: Toby Speivang ll a i , ii, KM: Huff THETA CHI s..--"""" ' First Row: J. Nygren, W. Hansen, R. Arndt, G. Lewis, D. Moore, J. Oakwood, W. Gee, T. Pam- perin, L. Lynch, R. Robbins. Second Row: F. Parsons, J. Burg, L. Bublitz, L. Urrea, J. Wagner, R. Long, R. Goldberg, V. Bowdish, R. Nelson, R. Ray, J. Leatherwood. Third Row: J. Koshalek, T. Hirsig, J. Burley, W. Braselton, J. Seashore, J. Zerwick, J, Kavemeier, V. Beckstrom, P. John- son, J. Oster, S. Sokol, J. Tozier. Fourth Row: M. Mueller, C. Mielke, J. Nagy, R. Peterson, T. Brussat, K. Christiansen, S. Vite, G. Wischmann, D. Creasey, D. Klousie, D, Mahoney. Included in the wide variety of activities of Theta Delta Chi planned by social chairman John Hamm Were Roaring Twenties, South Sea Island and Magna Parta, a parody of the medieval English Magna Carta, theme parties. The members joined with Chi Omega for a homecoming display and humorology skit, and entertained their parents at a special Week- end in the spring. Jim Nelson in the pole vault event and Bill Gill in the half-mile represented the fraternity in varsity sports. The Theta Delts participated in almost all areas of interfraternity sports from football to water polo. Carl Lohman, business manager of the Daily Car- dinal and chairman of Symposium, Rick Berry, WSA student senator and Denny O'Connel, student senator and chairman of the Badger Party typify the interest of the fraternity members in campus organizations. President: Jim Nelson Corresponding Secretary: John Iverymer Recording Secretazy: John Glatz ,w . ... , . .fx , '-- --.-M-11? ms, -- f N wfv- V W 1 , . . , i ..,,,.., .., ,,, 4,i,.,+ , ,wmpf .ss,,,,,,,, ..,,,.i. 2 -gK,w'a'iv'ff'5ffj?'1.j..,-"'.,.1?', ,g-.2,-f"'-" ' gif- fi" . " f V 12' ' -fil'5fL"f' A: ' "l'4e'H:'5F,'!'..1,"m- 'V fi .!- -fi A 'V 5, .rf - ...x f .. gf a - ,,.,, .Q I ,Q . S, x . V . .,, ,,q,.,,,,, ,,,..y,'.,,4,,,. . af, ,l in S , R, .if 1 X31 f Y fy x A ig? if V fri 1 'S 11 u- J 4 if ,U , , .V 4 l 1 'W 'Lf't""':'w'Lzgef' 'lfylg 2 ra A N ' 1. 'Q ,V " X if A 7 lk .Q I x V 71, 'jf A-:ff Av- WIA' I g14,,?,,7,'x -:z::..'::: if' lfdffffff S -,,...----- efv ff P195 ....-- "' ,4o,f24' I . , ",' ' I . .,y." I 'li'-e.',Q, ,,j , """". . - . mv . ,aw-ah! K . l ee'- ,. . , , C 4' 13,141 ,.,......., rf' 4- g - ,,. ff . .- -' ff I nl I ,,..-v .1 f'-7'frll.'Z.'liZki?M' f'0'7 :WMM - Fvw' FZ 4 f ' f s',"r'r-rw pgflgjigigjengv pp fmafiillf - M ' Q. -Tin 134 " HWS? Eli? "l"f'fe'-satin ""-4 Wm iwwamwwi A J . I Ml!! 9f'3F2gQs-v-- --fr-'ie' e- -V Jlrilhi X .flyer s Q -.... , Immun ,Qt , , :R Vlllllll a,,: .V ' ' , Jwlllllll AQQJJQ --'--- P'!.'!!!!! ZZ'f21i?.::.:sr"la:l rr-fa 1 l ' 21:--'I iw: ms' 4+ ' ,,5!:. I 4-nn.-, Q ' .as 5. '22g'gntt'!'IT , 'ff' Q .,, 1 Q , . J I . ...... 4 At, 0.11 N' x an gm.. - V, 422:-1 I ZZ :nr - ' "T" .---I l 11 iflml 'Q i'I4i.s f'?' 7 '921:...4E55.f5lE.29 ' ' I if iZ,v'fdii'1'!"?'!!l'll!!!'1fF' E lit' if ftee e aiaiiii ' 'J 1 - ' . V H4 1' 5 - ' "Ti I ' if! - ,. C1 Willie-'lfiii U' I i K+- - ..i rt. ,,., f .Q Treasurer: Dick Kleinfeldt j First Row: C. Lohmann, D. O'Connell, R. Slette, WV. Gill, J. Nelson, H. Kafura, R. Kleinfeldt, J. Glatz, J. Cotton. Second Row: J. Doose, M. Davis, R. Beery, W. Waller, W. Marton, S. Clo- thier, T. Frahm, P. Cassady. Third Row: J. Oswald, P. Nelson, C. Olney, C. Voss, W. Albert, L. Jacobs, T. Willoughby, D. Busalacchi. Fourlh Row: E. Gullesserian, B. Lindquist, D. Luttrop, J. Angelbeck, R. Mackey, W'. Turbey, T. Fulwiler, Sullivan, T. Kilton. Fifth Row: K. McClin- tock, P. Jacobs, J. Curtin, R. Ingersoll, J. I'Vertymer, S. Smith, T. LaPlante, C. Stansberry. 347 THETA DELTA CHI 348 ZETA BETA TAU First Row: A. Greenwald, J. Laskin, S. Evans, H. Pizer, D. Kaminsky, H. Turk, M. Resnick, W. Eiseman, B. Stern, F. Weil, B. Usow, B. Rosenblatt. Second Row: H. Meyer, J. Oppenheim, J. Mandel, D. Durschlag, R. Reinish, R. Garbel, T. Wolff, P, Werner, H. Jacobson, P. Robbins. Third Row: L. Kaplan, A. Wachter, L. Soll, R. Rubin, M. Rifken, J. Sanford, M. Koch, F. Davis, D. Waisman, G. Amour, L. Levey. Fourth Row: R. Abrohams, M. Welfeld, P. Blechman. D. Duitch, M. Ragir, B. Small, E. Stone, K. Latimer, M. Greene, R. Pearlmuter, R. Roberts. Fifth Row: P. Sprecher, H. Borkin, I. Dresner, S. Narrow, L. Singer, H. Margolis, R. Heymann, R. Schwacter, R. Kaufmann, D. Melnick. President: 'Michael Lerner . Vice-President: Walter Wiseman ""T- giwrt'-S'-'LiTi'm.mn1n.1R-G'iig:"Ca?.':.Q:-:uv--i ."- 4--H ' . - - Secretary. Joel Oppenheim YV , Treasurer: Marvin Resnick , ' ' 3 4-52315:-3. EEEEEIEEEQQH ggi? y , 1 1 f y"6 iSl-l Ililllllli I. The newly redecorated ZBT house Was the site of Vfaiigg -'il l ' -A F 'y beer suppers, parties, and bull sessions this year. Be- ' , "li M . 'l.r1r' e-,r sides beer suppers with various sororities, the ZBTS ff' t' t 'ji ' ' held theme parties-among which was a "Play Boy" ' 'fi Ill H ll ' . ' Z IQg!l!!ll,-,mm-,EB Ityy, party. For -the spring formal, the members migrated I-I :- - I ---p Vuer 3 to Nlppersink Manor. , y if: 'i" by The ZBTS combined talents with the Kappa's in ' .... 5 'L -slim Humorology. They also displayed their academic 5 I 'f"f'iuAf'1" !"'l1ll . ' ' v' N .,,,, 1, :- . ,, , , , ' nl- " ' ' P I 4 t-I' i ' i-."u':1l 1 5 I .f hill 7, gl su- X E I I 'gal T ' 25'-gi"fg',?53? -...:.:iiaiinni1'iiuIl:w1, T , - -.i--1--------l -'uae-:Lhasa -:'- l--r--'i--"-- 'safe . Y -- -- '- . . -..-... .m-umiiilxlllum n!!f1!2?n. V rv .ff Q' . F J l uulu 1 --- 5-Ufi-""' Ill IIllIHHIl'llll!llllllllllllllllll A 1 lll'll V I talents by maintaining high grade points-receiving second place for highest active grade point average among the fraternities. For the cause of charity, the group had various projects and participated actively in the Blood Drive. Those contributing talent to campus activities were Bernard Rosenblatt, SLIC Music Organization sub- committee, chairman of WSA scholarship committeeg and Leonard Wechsler, Director of WSA Academic Affairs Department. DORMS 5 : 3 X . I ' 'Z ' L 5 r A 5 1 z 3 1 W . K , Y x ' fi. ' if W Z Q-ji. 3'-.i - - .. . . - x rf ai . fr K by: First Row: S. YVarming, V. l'Volfc, K. Haller. S. Wasscr, N. lVood, D. Slritlunater, C. Gardner, D. Aberlin, J. Broming, B. Jones, D. Halbach J. Delahunt, Y. Nolte, M. Bullis. Second Row: E. Schicl, L. Hodgers, V. Gregg, H. Jonjak, J. Spangeman, B. Bacchus, S. Serota, E. Jacobs, P Herrington, M. Icenogle, P. Teter, S. Scullion, M. Gilbert. Third Row: K. Lemkc, N. Lawrence. N. Catani, P. Gilbert. Third Row: K. Lemke N. Lawrence, N. Catani, P. Gilbert, K. Davidson, H. Millar, N. Werner. L. Seaman, C. Steuhe, K. Rahn, G. Pitkin, B. Gordon, C. Sylvester, S. Swanson, L. Loo, S. Pofahl. Fourllz Roux' N. Lollath, M. Mead, P. Marin, G. Kincaid, J. Holm, L. Harris, S. Jones, N. Lewis, P. Erb, S Ort-Puls, M. Teple, C. Hopp, C. Jclinek, K. Zcnke, L. Littinan, M. I-lerrell, S. Newbury, V. Miller, J. Newton, J. Hanson, J. Kester, 1. Turner. Fifth Row: C. Reed, J. VVard, B. Magwitz, C. Jonjac, J. Allen, D. Gilbertson, J. Mims, C. Piss, I. Marple, J. Vanish, K. Chilcutt, K. Harda ker, G. Fehirwary, R. Zarins, M. Em l'Vurm, S. Hunt. OFFICERS-First Row: N. Scott, J. Streng, M. Captaine, P. Gold- stein, Miss Kelley. Second Row: M. Phelps, G. Osterhof, J. Ericson, P. Mathews, S. Page. BARNARD HALL A paradox of change, Barnard, the University's old- est womenis dorm, is once again helping to make new innovations on campus. As part of a special pilot project, Barnard was selected to be the first Women's dorm to operate on a system involving no hours for upperclass women. President Mary Captaine felt that the project, if completed successfully, would have a definite benelicial effect on AWS's attempts to ease the restrictions placed on University women. Already in effect for a semester, the final results are to be evaluated in January of '64. Unaltered by this substantial change in hours, Barnard social and academic functions carried on as usual, including Homecoming with Frankenburger House. Social chairman Penny Goldstein also planned the usual buffet suppers, parties, and after-the-game teas. Secretary Nancy Scott recorded the minutes and Judy Erickson, treasurer, handled the funds. Vice- president Judy Streng kept check on house scholar- ship. 1 1 349 2 350 Chadhourne again participated in a unique service project this year. Over one hundred girls devoted four hours every two weeks operating the snack shop at the Madison General Hospital. Some girls Worked as short order cooks, others as cashiers. In its second year of operation, the service project was under the Chadbourne had a Well-balanced social program with functions ranging from the Christmas formal to listening parties. Those at the Christmas formal, "Ice Blue," danced to the music of the Sy Gorden band. Other social functions included coffee hours, ex- change dinners, and a tea honoring the seniors. Coordinating Chadbourne's activities is the job of the chairmen of the board of the various offices. Caro-l Bishofberger was chairman of the presidents' boardg Gail Soman, chairman of the vice-presidents' board, and Konnie Klumpar, chairman of the judicial board. Q 0 STAFF-First Row: D. Scifres, M. Magner. Second Row: M. Gebe- lein, K. Schneider, E. Bone, R. Malte, J. Anderson. Third Row: L. Samsel, M. Rudisill, J. Asselborn, I. Walter, M. Hasseler. CHADBOURNE HALL OFFICERS-First Row: E. Beatty, K. Klumpar, E. Hershman, M. Linderud, L. Otjen, S. Ladron, K. Carpenter, A. Eckstein, S. Schmidt. Second Row: J. Zukowski, D. Turner, K. Fishbeclc, P. Schuette, A. jarvella, E. Larson, C. Bishofberger, D. Schall, S. Reetz, S. B-ersch, M. Hurley, -D. Sampe. Third Row: J. Harker, L. Wiese, B. Haack, K. Buholzer, C. Cape, C. Bender, L. Loots, S. Fifrick, S. Mitchell, E. Miller, S. Thompson, G. Soman, M. Calland, M. Rinelli, J. Traver, S. Burman, E. Schowalter. Fourth Row: P. Waddell, N. Hummer, S. Hall, L. Watson, C. Clore, P. Cruden, R. Driessen, S. Bruhy, M. Homstad, P. Welch, N. Morgan, J. Micklin, S. Schipper, S. Froyd, J. Lingle, P. Byrnes, K. Wells, C. Schubert, P. Hornig. Breese House-First Row: H. Hardiman, D. Thronson, M. Kniskern, S. Cuene, M. Hansen, E. Rabas, M. Kuehl, M. Spangler, A. Langer, P. Finger, P. Hoclgins. Second Row: M. Shealy, K. Rudolph, C. Keck, S. Ladron, J. Anderson, C. Bishofberger, B. Miller, B. Schowalter, B. Haack, E. Brager, E. Rossinan, M. Smits. Third Row: C. Goldberg, J. Walek, A. Wallace. J. Petiniot, J. Canada, K. Kabat, C. Albertson, J. Gilman, K. Bardeen, A. lVhite, B. Korth, V. Johnson, S. Antonneau, G. Schafer, B. Block, N. Wigglesworth, E. Gelin. Fourth Row: J. Ceminer, E. Hodge, .G. Cranberg. C. Miller, P. Roeming, M. Hill, K. Wilson, J. Rhode, D. Michlig, J. Udovc, J. Zuern, P. Henze, G. Schubert, J. Bruggeman, S. Murphy, L. Zimmerman, B. Karabensh, S. McCormick. BREESE HOUSE greeted the freshmen with the theme "Your Island in the Sun." Events that made the year "sunny" at Breese House included a Moth- ers' Weekend and participation in Persianilvlarket. According to President Carol Bishofberger, they repre- sented a delegation from Nigeria in Mock U.N. Assist- ing Carol were Elizabeth Miller, vice-president, Betsy Schowalter, secretary, and Betty Haack, treasurer. CAMPBELL HOUSE started the ball rolling this year by defeating Mead House in a touch football game, with the winning touchdown made in the last two minutes of play. The team was captained by President Ann Jarvella. Assisting her were Sandy Fifrick, vice-president, Carolyn Schubert, secretary, and Jane Harker, treasurer. In addition to buffet din- ners and beer suppers, they had a Christmas party. Campbell House-First Row: K. Christopherson, E. Soukup, F. Jaka, E. Morgan, K. Skutley, S. Vincens, M. Evans, K. Schauder, C. Meier, A. Reichert, C. Williams. Second Row: V. Cairo, S, Dawson, J. Eckstein, J. Harker, M. Linderud, S. Fifrick, L. Sarnsel, A. Jarvella, C. Schubert, J. Micklin, D. Petersen, B. Egan, V. Hall, K. Kohlmeier. Third Row: J. Smallman, B. Czechanski, C. Vuk, J. Busch, C. Grarn- bsch, M. Summeril, M. Stepto, K. Howard, L. Tauscheck, S. Keyes, K. Kann, B. Janicki, K. Klipstine, K. Conway, C. Berry, L. Riitz. .Thzrd Row: M. Elya, S. Arndt, K. Anthony, P. Fefer, V. Dyer, P. Mueller, S. Rehcler, V. Orlow, R. Greenberg, D. Cunningham, J. Hindln, M. Bauman, J. Nienas, S. Nuernberg, S. Guptill, W. Pas. 351 MARLATT HOUSE treated their mothers to a stay MURRAY HOUSE sang out in full force this year 352 fri J, 4- , A . ,, ,XV - . 'Q-. . ,.., U ,.,-N . fi ff ,..-,, -A' .vl?'.'V" I . ' -- ft' Nfl- I H N N J ,A : 'M' -' V A ' ' J 'N 1 Marlatt House-First Row: S. Lapham, K. Olsen, J. Anderegg, K. Keck, M. Lauson, S. DeHaan, J. Kastner, J. Peters, C. Coutre, K. Woller, M. Papageorge. Second Row: S. Smith, C. Hoerig, B. McCormick, S. Zealley, L. Wiese, J. Lingle, M. Magner, M. Hurley, B. Schmidt, M. Rinelli, P. Mfelch, V. Berg, C. Davis. Third Row: S. Shaw, M. Taubenheim, P. Ploetz, J. Tarnutzer, S. Fencil, J. Hart, M. Morgan, P. Klenke, P. Pick, M. Fuersten, J. Bell, B. Friede, C. Peterson, L. Marshall, S. Holland, M. Riler, K. Smith. Fourth Row: M. Craigmile, A. Hamilton, L. Rutz, C. Hen- nig, P. Welch, N. Nelson, M. Peters, C. Anderson, J. Hoegger, S. Christensen, K. Kenney, M. Wilson, E. Conway, P. Murphy, C. Huschka, L. Jorgenson, S. Rasmussen, M. Toebe. at Chadbourne Hall during their Mothers' Weekend. They also took them to see the Haresfoot show. Ac- cording to President Mary Hurley, a Little Sister din- ner Was held. Efliciently planning the year's functions with Mary, including exchange dinners and listening parties, were Myra Rinelli, vice-presidentg JoAnn Lingle, secretary, and Lynn Wiese, treasurer. when they entered the Song Fest. Spreading holiday cheer, the girls held a Christmas party for a needy family, and making their mothers honorary coeds, the girls treated them to a fun-filled Weekend. Sue Bersch, president, Margie Calland, vice-president, Pam Hornig, secretary, and Julie Traver, treasurer, planned these and other activities. Murray House-First Row: S. Weintrob, K. Anding, A. Holstein, S. Stratman, K. Mueller, M. Schoof, M. Wunboom, V. Wean, M. Milligan, L. VVestphal.. Second Row: A, Drell, L. Fisher, J. Traver, M. Calland, E. Eckstein, K. Schneider, P. Hornig, C. Clore, S. Bersch, C. Schultz, P. Dres- cher. Third Row: S. Adkins, J. Hopfl, V. De Werth, L. Wanska, J. Saecker, K. Meyer, N. Wraight, M. Vlachina, B. Schuetze, E. Sale, J. Jacob- chick, P. Palmer, Ludwig, L. Abraham, P. Over, B. Benson, M. Czajka. Fourth Row: D. Hutnik, A. Joy, K. Atkinson, K. Klausch, C. Barta, E. Stella, K. Schmidt, C. Anderson, S. Andrews, J. Kayon, B. Raether, L. Broberg, L. Wage, C. Fisher, R. Valentine, C. Holz. .wi 5 : wi, nf. .5 31 Wi. fifif?M9.fJ..tQLiQ f .Wil ' S K ' ' ef .1 'J - f' 1 , vii .bg y, . ,,, .V SR! Rosenberry House-First Row: A. Grupe, N. Tcnbrock, M. Moss, P. Braalz, M. Kruger, A. Prijic, S. Smail, G. Mitchell, L. Warms. Second Row: J. Hasemeier, J. Bunker, S. Field, K. Carpenter, S. Tliompson, D. Schull, I. Walter, K. Wells, K. Cihla, L, Horvath, J. Cohen. Third Row: L. Jensen, A. McCullough, Olson, P. Brockmcyer. K. Iiggert, B. Drill, S. Ritter, J. Obst, N. Weaver, T. Manclemack, K. Johnson, L. Schuning, S. Goebel. Fourlh Row: S. Lciclholclt, V. Craze, D. Lass, N. Surmacz, D. Allen, S. I-Ierhert, L. Lund, W, Hammermeister, C. Mueller, N. Shulman, N. Guptill, J. Birkenstock, J. Nelson. ROSENBERRY HOUSE girls highlighted their social Calendar with a Mothers Hfeekend during the spring and the Persian Market "Come as You XVere" party with Pyre House during the fall. Other social events included a beer supper with Sigma Phi Epsilon, organized by Sue Kakes, social chairman. Diane Schall, president, headed organizations, and represented Jordan in Mock U.N. SCHOENLEBER HOUSES high grade point aver- age won a trophy for the girls on this floor. Aside from academic achievement, this house participated in "Yell Like Hell" with Showerman House and helped decorate the Chadbourne Hall-Jones House winning homecoming display. President, Suzann Reetz and social chairman Sue Schipper planned a mother's weekend as well as a beer supper with Delta Theta Sigma. Schoenleber House-First Row: B. Olson, B. Greenwood, L. Pari, K. Neumann, L. Assenheimer, L. Loeb, J. Minash, L. Tilsen, S. Pfister, K. Bewitz. Second Row: C. Stephenson, L. Calder, S. Honaker, S. Burman, S. Schipper, M. Ruclisill, S. Teetz, S. Froyd, G. Soman, S. Browne, C. Matagrano. Third Row: C. McCutchin, B. Jaeger, J. Alpert, G. Osborn, J. Baumer, S. Broclhagen, B. Fox, P. Farris, S. Carroll, M. Grant, Dingfelder, K. Asherin, H. Suckle, J. Schoenick. Fourth Row: K. Thompson, S. Babler, E. Affre, J. Happle, C. Look, V. Schribner, E. Bohrrnan, C. Hasz, P. Woodford, J. Cohen, J. Stoiber, S. Miller, B. Millstein, M. Shields, B. Christman, J. Denner. ., ,Lt a? 7 , , .graze .pg 54' .- ,i , . ef. .f . .1 . a . .ta I . . l 353 354 ,, 1, . 2 f at it .fl 4 J' I . i X ,L-I -. Li . X . .. . X-"-. .'-1 X fe N, ep J fi .t ,ka , - 'Y 'Wa ' Scott House-First Row: L. Mazur, G. Blumberg, K. Klein, J. Conner, A. Scott, N. Stern, S. Spanagel, A. Anderson, S. Sabatke. Second Row: C. Jacobsen, C. Marceil, L. Otjen, M. Homsteacl, E. Larson, H. Hasseler, S. Mitchell, D. Sampe, N. Hummer, P. Gaffney, L. Geler. Third Row: S. Thompson, C. Harker, C. Felts, J. Johnson, S. Ludvigsen, G. Wallace, A. East, J. Joffe, C. Harris, D. Kennedy, A. Borst, J. Wolfe, J. Reese, F. Sampe. Fourth Row: S. Hofman, K. Sollie, M. Cleland, E. Safer, S. Prigg, A. Meyer, G. Baerwald, B. Gottfried, M. Weiss, J. Schwartz, S. Puestow, N. Little, J. Martin, C. Dahlin, V. Payne, C. Arnold, K. Schultz. SCOTT HOUSE, led by Ellen Snyder, president, was well represented in the Chadbourne Hall Service Project at Madison General Hospital. A Mothers' Weekend was organized by Joan Joffe during the spring, while social chairman Mary Hom- stad planned several listening parties and beer suppers for the floor. Their colorful floor mascot, "Al Scott," was constructed by Sharon Mitchell, vice-president. WALLERSTEIN HOUSE president, Penny Schuette, directed the girls in many activities, among them, participation in WRA volleyball and Persian Market. Social activities included a Fathers' Weekend with Wilkinson House, an annual pre-Christmas "elf week," and numerous listening parties, all planned by Nancy Morgan, social chairman. Other ollcicers were Lynne Loots, vice-president, Peg Byrnes, secretary, Teri Likover, treasurer. Wallerstein House-First Row: J. Ackerman, K. Thompson, L, Ferris, J. Vallier, M. Massey, J. Mleigent, D. Latoria, A. Gaspardo, D. Thomp- son. Second Row: K. Koge, J. Polley, S. Scheele, M: Byrnes, P. Schuette,J. Asselborn, E. Hershman, L. Loots, N. Morgan, S. Bast. Third Row: S. Higgins, M. McAlp1ne, S. Stevenson, P. Blewfield, P, Vass, R. Alexan der, M. Fenrick, S. Schultz, J. Levy, K. Rezin, J. Jackl, L. Phinney, J Kolstra. Fourth Row: S. Terranova, J. Darrow, W. Bernhard, C. Norris, N. Thayer, J. Browder, P. Melcher, F. Pinkowski, B. Bergmann B. Kubal, G. Wesolowski, K. Diefenderfer, A. Waterworth, M. Debus, E. Natwick, B. Raeuber. J U, JET. I ',l iilgi I :X J Q35 jx f of if - I 2 I I 'illi SBS if 'lt Q .4 ,X V N L x L il: ill iv I ,al if A .1 if ' .7 ' . -L, Ssfkil A ,'ll.f3 '1 ,lfll ' LQ Q, Aff, K 'Au Li, ,QQ '. 5 :Q ', 'J 'ifixiillili -Gu l -- P f .-ii S lifer, A ,Y A -514 W, of 91,1 -1:2- sei- .V -.5 . Q , f L 5 fx . . -: 'lf 5 'i if Si Q ' ii 1 V V' ' lil U 'wtu ' U ' 'fi x fl i 12,45 Us 1 Z . ,V U W 1, 1 I l 'ig 'S 'K ' S 4- Fe M" '5 ' -I , si .M-v , , I, in ,- WNVN ,Mft "", qu' E ' ' K 1 e rs f' . - - , Qi. ll l V " " Q7 il x F Wilkinson House-First Rozvf R. lVeher, M. Olson, C. Krueger, J. Fifrick, J. Yahn, K. Schuette, M. Falsch, L. Mfeinkauf, C. Miller, J. Yost, Second Row: K. Larson, B. Ariefl, J. Happell, K. Rheingans, K. Klumpar, C. Bender, K. Fishbeck, D. Scifres, P. Cruden, L. Beattie, P. Wad- dell, N. Frank. Third Row: S. Sisson, K. Ristow, R. Hynek, L. Hogan, S. Cook, M. Jordan, R. Pugh, S. Swain, P. Grover, J. Samuelson, V. Baker, S. Harker, S. Burdett. T. Meinert, S. Jorgenson, S. Jensen, M. Cosse. Fourlilz Row: K. Doepke, J. Munger, M. Schlaeben, J. Barker, J. Langenfeld, J. Moore, B. Tibbits, M. Tillman, M. Levine, S. Funke, l'. Johnson, C. Greene, D. Zutz, M. YfVenninger, S. Rasmussen, B.Busche. XVOOD HOUSE was very active this year, cheering its way through two listening parties and participating in Persian Market, as well as the Mock United Nations. WILKINSON HOUSE listening parties, organized by Pam Cruden and Lynne Hogan, social chairmen, lured the men of Jones and Steve Houses to the heavenly surroundings of Chadbournes tenth floor. President Kathie Fishbeck led the girls through a busy year which included active participation in XVRA competition. Persian Market brought YVilkinsonls talented car- washers to the men of Chi Phi. Ofhcters of XVood House included Dotty Turner, president, Char Cape, vice-president, Sandra Bruhy, Linda Hfatson, social chairmen, Karen Buholzer, sec- retary, Chris Arnold, treasurer, Sophia Hall, judicial chairman. VVood House-First Row: P. Lue, M. Storck, A. Essock, K. Jarvis, N. Graff, K. Thulin, M. Miller, J. Younger, S. Stoehr, V. Lesieur. Second Row: N. Cohen, N. Albright, K. Buholzer, C. Cape, J. Zukowski, S. Hall, M. Gebelein, D. Turner, S. Bruhy, L. VVatson, L, Zielke, R. Neitzel,. M. Vllalsh. Third Row: B. Ferguson, N. Ebbott, C. X'Vard, M. Johnejack, K. Ehmke, J. Bjurman, K. Catlin, V. Liner, J. YVZ-igner, K. Fox, J.'He1lig, J. Rosenbaum, C. Singer, S. Keen, K. Carlson, C. Rabinkotf, S. Mazur. Fourth Row: K. Weisz, K. Olson, S. Nelson, S. Nelson, M. Thurow, J. Blakely, K. Woods, C. Arnold, J. Callen, S. Plattis, K. Shaw, J. Montgomery, M. Goepel, J. Rees, J. Chillen, R. Hai-field, S. Makoski, D. Hunt, P. Lyle, M. Stolberg. ' 'Z ' ' ' 7 ' 9' , T . f57,- V ,M 94 f ' ' ' - ' .. 1' . , V . ' 1 5 . 5 ,. y , 5 32 W fig 355 356 A I . Exec, Council-First Row: J, Judd, K. Rufe, P. Gebhardt, E1-indley. Second Row: J. Swiggum, P. Larsen,Vg7.1Rogness, A. Ainsworth Third Row: D. Aschenbach, A. Kofel, M. Vanderleest, D. Williams, P. Mittelsteadt, S. Busch, B. Morgan, K. a ters. ELIZABETH WATERS HALL ELIZABETH WATERS HALL, led by Judy Rog- ness, presidentg Prudy Larson, vice-presidentg joan Swiggum, secretaryg and Anita Ainsworth, treasurer, held gala social events as well as service projects for others. Social events of the year included an Open House on October 12, a freshmen parents weekend on November 2, football teas after every game, and a Christmas formal on December 14 with the theme "Gala Masqueradef' Residents are proud of their newspaper, "Babbling Waters," and of their overall government with com- plete unit government which is coordinated through the executive council. Other projects include a choir for Christmas and the annual door 'decoration contest followed by a Sunday afternoon program. This year plans to initiate a formal tea for the faculty were made. Also the redecorating of the recreation room was admired by all. Elizabeth Waters Hall is the home of 500 college coeds, and the friendships made there will be remembered always. Q H at , . . ,. V Q? K K . , I X W 3' Staff-First Row: C. I'Vest, Miss Calloway, Miss Allen, M. Krctsinger. .S'z'mi111 Roux' D. Lcnzl, B. Runk, M. Hfheeling, D. Schroeder, B. Mit- chell, A. Dunwell. UNIT I boasts the YVRA volleyball championship this year. Led by Margaret Gebhardt, president, and Barb Roll, social chairman, residents had an exchange dinner with Fallows House and a picnic with the Phi Sigma Kappas. The girls also found time to run the YNSA voting booth in the dorm and to plan a tea after the football game with Indiana. Unit I also enjoyed representing Thailand in the model UN conference. First Row: S. Vllestphal, M. Knight, R. Reid, C. Simodi, P. Roed, P. Gebharclt, J. Blumenkamp, M. Ohrn, B. Heffel, L. Miereridorf, S. Lyon, K. Murphy, K. Damm, A. Russo. Second Row: N. Mfeaver, D. Young, L. Case, J. Lundberg, L. Ahlen, G. Rentmeester, M. Wilda C. Taylor, K. Skarsten, B. Hoem, H. Elsmo, E. Trachsel, V. Chaisinthop, L. McDermid, M. Brodie. Third Row: J. Arena, S. O"Rourke H. Sinclair, B. Raitz, M. Lindgren, P. Yarish, J. Stratton, S. Vlilson, J. Rome, S. Hill, J. Buelow, G. Brown, C. Garbeck, N. Livingston H. Larson, B. Krueger. Fourth Row: M. Burns, S. Luebke, P. Summer, M. Cuisinier, M. Frey, T. Loveland, S. Allworden, K. Kaitis, S Pitzer, C. Bergman, L. Kuzan, S. Wheadon. Fifth Row: S. Scheil, C. Tygart, K. johnson, N. Wilson, P. Catencamp, D. Sigerstad, J. Hintz S. Zobel, L. Stofer, S. Shaw, J. Adameak, G. Meist, L. Erickson, J. Silkert, Aittama. 1 1 s 1 357 358 Liz Unit II-First Row: S. Shaeffer, K. Walter, C. Brunkow, J. Longmire, S. Nikolay, C. A-bendroth, K. Giese, C. Knobeloch, P. Lyall, K. Cash, M. Kerwin, N. Reed, J. Paust, J. Miller, M. Seidlinger. Second Row: C. Christianson, A. Kofel, K. Rufe, J. Neal, D. Hoffman, B. Black, L. Herman, M. Beniak, K. Plantico, H. Cochrane, S. Parisi, J. Schwertfeger, K. Solovey. Third Row: B. Gerlich, Narveson, B. Myers, S. Babel, M. Baldwin, K. Brandhorst, J. Hessler, S. Saeger, P. Burden, K. Olson, I. Wasberg, S. Karaway, J. Renzulli, K. Martin, L. Giesler, Fourth Row: C. Ackerman, J. Esch, S. Nye, C. Nordholm, D. Webb, K. Meyer, K. Krueger, G. Perkins, L. Trebotich, P. Larson, S. Tolstad, D. Blackburn, D. Dembowski, A. Reynolds, P. Lail, P. Anderson. Fifth Row: J. Duffek, G. Longua, J. YVissbaum, D. Tepper, J. Pfeiffer, J. Odar, M. Milauc, A. Nustad, M. Geschel, J. Kurren, K. Nelson, L. Reyenga, M. Mead, J. Tralligant, S. Toth, K. Huckstad. Sixth Row.' J. Kupfer, J. Sieker, M. Link, M. Koebernik, R. Baller, M. Roth, L. Cohen, J. Vea, C. Winchell, C. Aderhold, H. Kletszein, M. Olson. UNIT II oliicers Kay Walter, president, and Jane Duffek, social chairman, arranged exchange dinners with both Phillips House and Turner House. Resi- dents represented the Dominican Republic in the model UN conference, and participated in Home- coming with Turner House. Other activities of the year included a pumpkin-carving contest on Hal- loween and exam snacks during closed period. UNIT III included in their social schedule a beer supper with the Delta Theta Sigmas, and exchange dinners with Botkin House, Swenson House, and Jones House. They participated in both basketball and volleyball tournaments and thoroughly enjoyed their snowman contest. Oflicers for the year included Donna Williams, president, and Sandy Kirkpatrick, social chairman, who were responsible for all the activities. Liz Unit III-First Row: P. Brownell, R. Baier, D. Hagan, M. Schaefer, S. Kirkpatrick, B. Severson, L. Stranney, K. Brindley, Lawrence, B. Steindorf, D. Williams, J. Meier, J. Jordan. Second Row: S. Bathke, M. Pesch, C. Bartlett, N. Maki, S. Busch, B. Bowen, Judd, S. Reeve, C. Birch, S. Martwick, P. Palecek, A. Dunwell, C. Johnson. Third Row: C. Beaton, E. Wimberly, B. Bolton, L. Johnson, S. Ricker, G. Strub, L. Knox, J. Krause, M. Benedict, J. Suhr, M. Gramling, C. Nass, S. Ramsey, C. Calm, S. Frey, M. Kretsinger. Fourth Row: D. Rosenow, M. Dean, J. Matter, S. Stewart. K. Garland, J. Hofliand, C. Husman, B. Sumnicht, C. Bringe, B. Fisher, A. Onosko, C. Frederick, K. Persells, S. O"Neal, J. Swanson, S. Spear. Fifth Row: M. Smedstad, J. Schmidt, B. Mondat, P. Waldorf, J. Babbitt, S. Leavitt, C. Wood, C. Kellogg, P. Hanson, D. Schanen, N. Baker, R. Schuetz, D. Kudla, C. Bunke, M. Olsen, T. Pertain. Sixth Row: C. Behrens, B. Krug, A. Jackson, B. Batty, J. Rogness, J. Schutte, M. Reklau, J. Gordon, P. Wojahn, B. Montgomery, J. Katte, J. Smith, L. Vinger, M. Meier. 2 ' - l-4 ----L1 - l1 ell. r: Liz Unit IV-Firsl Rozv: S. Chapman, P. Mittelsiaedl, M. Vanderlecsl. C. I.ohcf'k, B. Solberg, S. Burns, J. Zcmanek, P. Clark, B. Wittkopp, S. Monteith, J. Hill, C. X'VCSl.SlY'0IIt1 Roni: I-lolziniller, S. Steidl, P. Hart, M. Harker, S. Schroeder, A. Klansck, K. Osterhoff, E. Bowden, D. Ashenbach, N. Holzman, J. Hayford, B. Becker. 'l'l1irrl Rmu: CZ. Kncpprclh, I.. Young, D. Wood, C. Mueller. D. Monteith, B. Carlson, M. Pelton, B. Rhode, M. Marks, J. Dewey. J. Park, P. Wheeler, P. ilndersrm. lfourlh Rona' S. Murgus, L. Moser, C. Lewis, S. Ross, P. Bass, B. Splinder, J. Baldwin, J. Swigguin, M. Thompscn, J. Dot-ring, P. lVesson, CI. Kehl. K. Boehm. Fiflli Row: M. Reuwee, V. Loga, E. Long, K. Suleiman, K. Rice, C1 Christenson, S. Smith. J. Millis, li. Huinleker, W, Breretou, K. Kiss, M. Hentschel, M. Taylor, C. Kloeckl, S. Guember. Sixth Row: K. Snow, M. Nelson, J. Christoph, D. Johnson. N. Barber, K. Madland, M. Katie, P. Walsh, P. Larkin, B. Lang, C. Schwartz, A. Boris, S. Dunn, S. Sprague, S. Scurlock, S. Harriman. UNIT IV ofhcers, Paulette Mittelstaedt, president, and Bonnie Solberg and Sue Berns. social chairmen, were instrumental in coordinating the season's social events which included beer suppers with the 'Phi Kappas Thetas and the men of AXE house. The group also participated in homecoming with the Phi Kaps and yelled 'Like Hell" with Bashford House and Tripp Hall. The highlight of the year was their 17th annual hopscotch tourney. UNIT V held a football tea after the football game with Notre Dame, participated in Homecoming with Siebecker and Gregory Houses, exchanged dinners with Siebecker House and Richardson House, and handled the publicity for the Open House, Oeto-ber 12. Barbara Morgan, president, and Buffy Bellis, their social chairman, planned this year's social activities. Liz Unit V-First Row: S. Mcfialment, D. Rcndall, M. Schmidt, L. Martin, C. Hodges, B. Christopherson, E. Bellis, B. Morgan, J. Hamilton, C. Corski, B. Abbott, J. Dros, L. Owens, B. Quelinallz, C. Jones. Second Row: G. Hay, N. Jack, M. Hulburt, V. Vllilloughby, J. Stiedmann, M. Pfister, L. Delliquadri, R. Fgel, L. Arnold, J. Roberts, J. Johansen, P. Tribbey, S. Sharer, J. Nielson, M. Nelson, N. Barber. Third Row: P. Rhode, S. Bohrnstedt, D. Mfaters. P. lfVilson, J. Russell, A. Wilsey, J. Russell, A. Wilsey, E. Laney, S. Wright, N. Moon, K. Gilbertson, I. Lehrmann, B. Falk, C. Keller, S. Bahr, C. Relph, M. Johnson, B, Runk. Fourth Row: J. Burr, P. Budy, S. Strauss, K. Beyer, B. Guif, J. Eich, E. Schuler, K. Ratner, L. Querry, J. Hooker, E. Mendelson, J. Paulik, A. Gallitz, L. Roll, M. Pope. Fifth Row: B. Nirenblatt, J. Markos, G. Lauro, C. Koch, B. Hughes, M. Holmes, M. Nikolai, A. l'Vittmann, M. Pratt, J. Lutz, L. Magnuson, K. YVoodend, S. Adams, K. Rumsey, P. Hoff- man, M. Myers. Sixth Row: D. Horvath, C. Valesh, M. Bergstrom, M. Davis, J. Appert, D. Fronek, B. Anklam, L. Hammerland, J. Ricciardi, L. Jungkans, D. Olk, M. Runkel, R. Koslowski, E. Svitavsky, N. Stonn, S. Bupp. 359 COLE HALL 360 Buck House-First' Row: M. Grunke, J. Keiler, M. Moeller, K. Logan, K. Tanner, J. Holz. Second Row: G. Garnier, J. Ritzenthaler, K. Jeni- cek, R. Richards, Mrs. Scott, S. Stein, K. Bachhuber. Third Row: R. Beghin, E. Kolinsky, D. Mauerman, Appel, D. Hanson, D. Porter, D. Gallagher, G. McKay, G. Coulter, M. Lena, E. Taylor. Fourth Row: J. Weatherwax, S. Schaeffer, K. Amundson, J. Ritzenthaler, B-. Sch- weer, B, Troemel, K. Best, B. Dahms, S. Theurer, D. Kneppreth, K. Wells. Fifth Row: K. Reed, K. Haackenson, R. Stup, L. Zirbel, D. Romayko, C. Roberts, J. Busaca, S. Bachhuber, R. Curiy, M. Zimmerman. BUCK HCUSE, under the leadership of president Sandy Stein Won the battle of the annual powder bowl football game held with Showerman House. The girls in the house also gave Christmas gifts to needy people in Madison. Vice-president Kathy Bachuber, secretary Kathy Logan, treasurer Jay Moeller and social chairman Jean Ritzenthaler com- bined efforts to plan a dinner at the end of the year when the new officers were announced. KIEKHOFER HOUSE girls were especially inter- ested in the den speakers who discussed many differ- ent subjects with them. Social chairmen Mary Boldt and Pat Maloney were busy planning activities in- cluding a homecoming display with Gilman House and a Christmas tree decorating party. President Suzanne Cast, vice-president Betty Hanna, secretary Molly Smith and treasurer Alveta Jerome led their house in these activities. Kiekhofer House-First Row: M. Fleming, D. Freed, E. Roberts, C. Bansemer, P. Heinsen, G. Franke. Second Row: M. Smith, P. Waitrovich, A. Jerome, S. Gast, J. Nowicki, B. Hanna, C. Shelby. Third Row: C. Schlatter, K. Kussmaul, P. Bade, L. Halverson, J. Baker, G. Paulson, D. Obermayr, B. Klees, J. Feldman, M. Mahoney, K. Sawicki. Fourth Row: P. Feick, T. Campbell, J. Madigan, G. Aldag, M. Weavers, L. Gunter, N. Porter, B. Braun, S. Cole, K. Lucas, Turk, C. Krause. J ,Q .Ag I if Z, I 1 2 I 4 i C -:L 1 2 'rip 1042: an Z: f 1 . Na? . ' ' '-1 1' 5 ' 9 iii 5 il if P. ' "J fs' ic . v 'V '- 5 i . gi zam 3 . f r' ,,,,,.i l 3 t f.l. ia i rf Qi' X 4. K fu 2 Egg 1 1- 2 l 1 fi 2- 44 . It rin X K .x ,gf ' , , H . 4' A ,, 1 f fl ,X . H if -K 5 u l. :,,1,,. C I ,Vt .:x 5: . -,U I' 'sn 0 2:7 7 R13 l '7 q if -1. f -194 ' C., "' K , 'Q 1 - - M r -' .... 't . 1 N i qi . V gx ll 57: ' V - If 3,"i'i1-fag J ' if "' ' is in 'J ,B A w ,, A J J .S ,. a . f - .Q rp ' -'f H' r Y tl S. . IJ K 4' ' -sf I '. K. ., Ross House-First Row: B. Kirl-ceby, K. Anclerson, M. Heisig. L. Bilinski, L. Johnson, E. Saunders, P. Sealc, E. Roper, G. Tholo, M. Rohloff. Second Row: M. Tooke, J. Nejedlo, I. Nelson, B. Ritter, D. Knowles, M. Jorstatl, l'. Moberg, M. Burns, R. Foster, P. Marks, P. Neilsen, M. Follstad, S. Stolfels. Third Row: M. Janzer, R. Horne, J. Janssen, J. Drazkowski, M. Menclc, R. Marty, J. Schmidt, K. Kruke, B. Sedieta, B. Plitt, G. Boldt, B. Scheafer. Fourllz Row: J. McCarthy, J. Chevetltlen, B. Blanchartl, C, Nelson, K. Krause, K. Baughman, C. Zuziack, M. Raschka, G. Orberg, B. Minsloff, P. Orton, M. Knutlson, M. Lcmbezctler. ROSS HOUSE of Cole Hall, with social chairman Peg Seale in charge, participated in many activities, including open houses, coffee hours, buffet dinners, mixer dances and exchange dinners. Jean Lothe as president, vice-president Kirsten Anderson, secretary Brenda Kirkeby and treasurer Gail Orberg led the girls in the planning of a homecoming display with Swenson House and participation in Dormsylvania, which they Won last year. SNOXV HOUSE, led by president Karen Johnson, took second place honors with their Homecoming dis- play built with Conover House. They also participated in "Yell Like Hell" with Ochsner House. Social chair- man Cathryn McDonough, with the help of vice- president Sue Hansen, secretary Joyce Nordgren and treasurer Charna Endelman planned listening parties, a service project at the hospital and a spring banquet. Snow House-First Row: Mfollenhaup, J. Roethe, C. McDonough, C. Endelman, K. Johnson, J. Barton, S. Hansen, M, Peterson, J. Nordgren J. Greenwald, N. Nass. Second Row: K. Moberg, C. Sandvick, L. Leshuk, M. Fisher, S. Elson, P. Knapp, S. Knight, D. Babbitt, C. Thayer, B Wendorf, M. Laak, N. Eagle, N. Shubat, K. Frank. Third Row: T. Taylor, R. lfllileman, J. Pier, K. Verage, S. Schmitt, E. Kriewaldt, J. Hanson C. Nutter, M. Schneider, E. McDonald, D. Deacon, B. Hoglund, G. Roach. Fourth Row: G. Hoisington, C. Watson, K. Tewinkle, R, Andre, L Kellogg, K. Ogilvie, K. Horrall, L. WVenger, S. Sanclstrom, B. Varsik, C. Kurtyka, Curran, R. Stelter. l 1 361 ELM DRIVE "A" 362 fu uf ll i 1. -f 5' -TS.. Qi 1 . 5 'rar 1' fr. J: --X X I J' 2. 7: 2.7 may : ,gp 1 fri I 4 'gy' H f Y 1 -Q, .... , V Q its LH L-Q7..,,, l Bleyer House-First Row: C. Grube, M. Kienow, K. Goede, K. Casadonte, N. Hilts, B. Zeller, B. Keller, J. Schwartz, Miller. Second Row: G. Morow, C. Hartwig, S. McCaskill, L. Suring, M. Mueller, J. Pliszka, N. Kuritz, J. Wyckoff, S. Gaulke, J. Cohen, B. Temple, J. Plotkin, M. Hendricks. Third Row: P. Rude, C. McConnell, L. Bardeen, S. Kiefer, B. Albrecht, T. Christianson, J. Saler, E. Wiss, Dewey, P. Steinestel, J, Moats, P. Shepherd, J. Gordon, C. Cheadle. Fourth Row: L. Closser, A. Gordon, K. Arnold, G. Heidorn, K. Vogt, J. Lee, P. Bickert, J. Arnes, J. Kuether, G. Hanson, L. Konz, J. Ayres, S. Wachs. BLEYER HOUSE girls proved their ingenuity and creative ability when their homecoming display, which they built in cooperation with Conover and Snow Houses, won second place in the contest. Nancy Hilts, houseiellowl, is in charge of the house. The unit's officers include, Karen Casadonte, president, Karen Goede, vice-president, Carol Grube, secretary, and Barbara Zeller, treasurer. The girls also had fun participating in Persian Market and exchange dinners. COOL HOUSE of Elm Drive A participated this year in the annual ho-pscotch tournament with Kah- lenberg House and won for the first time in three years! Little sisters got a chance to see what college was like when Cool House sponsored Little Sisters Weekend. They also got a chance to meet some of the oflicers, including Barb Nelson, president, Mar- lene Henning, vice-president, and Marlene Beider- man, secretary. Cool -House-First Row: M. Olsen, L. Mfestover, S. Goold, M. Purdy, B. Nelson, S. Wolf, M. Henning, M. Biedermann, L. Billhardt, M. Rickli, N. Johnson. Second Row: J. Bednarz, J. Jeffrey, H. VVilhelrn, M. Messer, G. Gallo, M. Millar, K. Guttornisen, K. Schmill, P. Sharpe, J. Gibson, S. Labutzke, S. Bolitho, R. Ruess. Third Row: J. Martinson, J. Staske, S. Wegner, H. Hibbot, P. Wakeman, J. Johnson, M. Masters, C. Grochowski, E. Ericson, S. Klaes, P. Minette, M. Rushford. Fourth Row: J. Hielsberg, B. WCgH61', B. Lammers, Suckow, S. Balk, J. Curreri, R. Plenge, S. Peterson, A. Larson, J. Nicastro, M. Welsh, M. Bartholomew. ' Elsom House-First Rout: L. Puls. J. Pairan, R. Bachr, R. Feigenhauin, B. Falier, J. Watson, M. Nelson. Second Row: K. Tirner, J. Ronsholdt F. Screnock, G. Rabh, S. Cahoon. D. Rauch, J. l-lariner, K. Zachcr. Third I-Zuni: N. Ktltrliera, M. Ingrelli, C. Oliver, C. Seetan, N. Ritzman, K. Nentas, E. Ela, K. Scheller, D. Roth, P. Preston. Ifnzzrllz Row: D. Davis, B. Field, A. Bennington, C. 'l-Vesterdahl, P. VValther, K. Hambach, L. Knutson, H. Harwood, C. Zeltel. M. Randall, D. Neumann. 1 ELSOM HOUSE girls participated in a wide variety of social activities this year, not the least of which were those interesting exchange dinners with the men ol: the Elm Drive dorms. Taking care of the social even ts such as homecoming decorations with Spooner House, were co-chairmen Jane YVatson and Bea Faber. Ofhcers for the year were Ruby Baehr, president, Janice Pairan, vice president, Gale Weinliauf, secretary and Nancy Helzer, treasurer. HENMON HOUSE, as part of their charity Work this year, volunteered to work at Central Colony and Mendota State hospitals. Janet Tenaglia and Janet Leuenberger, the social chairmen, kept the girls busy with buffet dinners and Christmas and Thanksgiving parties. Ofhcers include president, Sue Hustingg vice president, Sue Grifiithg secretary, Janet Loertcher and treasurer, Ginny Birmingham. Henmon House-First Row: J. Tenaglia, S. German, C. Birmingham, C. Pasqualucci, A. Ragatz, S. Husting, D. Breu, D. Watts. Second Row: B. Marty, J. Englebert, C. O'Laughlin, L. Schroeder, M. Holsteen, C. Hopper, G. Payne, M. Montgomery, D. Gillen, C. Paulson, P. O'Boyle. Third Row: E. Rimbach, J. Rodee, S, Hendricks, J. Mikulecky, J. Tragiai, N. Gorman, P. Quashy, M. McCorkle, J. Berkholtz, J. Kettinger, A. Smith. Fourth Row: L. Zeunert, M. Kuester, P. Kehoe, M. Garbelman, P. Zuzinec, L. Talboys, M. Zibell, S. Buckley, K. Eslien, L. Hanrie- irian, K. Ray, M. Shrier. 363 364 Bierman House-First Row: M. Ryan, S. Burrill, M. Thompson, J. Vodicka, II. Jones, -I. Starr, -I. Stresau. Second Row: N. Bailey, M. Courter, B. Parsons, C. Krueger, L. Wexler, G. Lisek, D. Bailey. Third Row: C. Webber, J. Schulke, R. Richards, V. Sheller, B. Thomson, S. Soltis, M. Huppler, E. Ramsey, L. Beatty. SLICHTER BIERMAN HOUSE was responsible for promoting much of the Christmas spirit prevalent at Slichter Hall this year. Certain delegates from the House secretly visited different rooms doing various good deeds, such as making beds and leaving surprises. Bierman is also responsible for decorating Slichter's Christmas tree. janet Herzfeldt and Judy Zupancic are the two floor chairmen of the House. GAVIN HOUSES girls enjoyed a Wide range of social events this year, from exchange dinners with boys, houses and football listening parties to "Yell Like Hellu and participation in Homecoming house decorations. Shari Becker and Sherry Simmons kept order on the iloor acting in their positions as floor chairmen. Social coordinator Dani jo McCormick may claim much of the credit for Slichter's social schedule. Gavin House-First Row: K. Huppler, S. Graff, L. Hanson, B. Meyer, B. Andrews, M. Haberle, K. Toliver, J. Hampel. Second Row: B. Hein- rich, J. Spitzer, P. Saloff, C. Adamson, Mrs. Marshall, M. Vlasaty, S. Simmons, S. Becker, P. Rosenberry. Third Row: M. Thompson, M. Weil, S. Frank, M. Kramer, II. Zupancic, -I. Rice, B. Bennett, J. Hicks. Fourth Row: C. Koberstein, C. Hornby, Sonia Zalubowski, Dolezal, S. Kalmer, M. Muster, B. Battermann, M. Rasch, C. Vater, G. Gifford. Fifth Row: C. McEwen, S. Reinert, M. Chudy, G. Everly, G. Brens, K. Christian, C. Gross, N. Gow, N. Bera, G. Bicknell ,n Goldberg House-First Row: R. Holtz. S. Call, J. Peters, C. Britton, G. Trolenberg, A. Richter, D. McCormick, K. Gordon. Second Row: S. Jelinek, H. Muller, C. Ferguson, K. Arnold, J. Schniidtinan, B. Smith, J. Stanitis, CL. Johnson, V. Isaacs. Third Row: M. Shurts, J. Vollbrecht, J. Mahr, B. Hettinga, S. Schmidt, S. Ollech, I... Korsch, S. Woerfel, E. Richter. GOLDBERG HOUSE was led by floor chairmen Bev Ruzic and Carla Ahlstrom. The girls partici- pated, as did the girls of each of the four Slichter houses, in a service project, making tray favors for the Golden Age Home. Activities coordinator Jean Laak helped arrange this special project, and was assisted in all aspects of her work by president of the hall, Kathy Mattes. LUEDKE HOUSE, the top floor of Slichter Hall, participates in the activities of the entire dorm as well as in individual house events. Elizabeth Rosen- berry and Barbara Roesselet are the two floor chair- men of Luedke House. Adele Richter, vice presidentg Claudia Britton, secretary, Barbara Heinrich, treasurer and judicial chairman Jeananne Peters served as the all-dorm coordinators. Luedke House-First Row: J. Wikelund, B. Roesselet, K. Mattes, K. Edmunds, E. Rosenberry, M. Weiss, I. Mattson. Second Row: M. Olson, J. Laak, S. Suleiman, K. Ingelbritsen, V. Linley, S. Clark, B. Alter, J. Tann, M. Hartman, B. Sawczuk, N. Linderud. Thzrd Row: J. Kalk, R. Brustein, K. Kaiser, K. Nepscha, S. Corcoran, J. Radke, S. Spieker, S. Drake, S. Grealis, S. Klessig, E. Jornt. Fourth Row: M. Myers, B. Zahn, C. Gruetzrnan, A. Blum, K. Behrens, F. Dice, S. Baker, T. Goettsch, J. Rhoades. ' 365 366 Faville House-First Row: P. Taylor, A. Ray, K. Immel, J. Phillips, B. Kowalchyk, P. Paddock, W. Axnick, D. Hul-hurt, J. Williams, S. Alsberg, L. Hillary. Second Row: K. Stoeger, C. Wachter, R. Stark, S. Benedict, R. Lain, K. Borkenhagen, D. Ball, E. Paddock, B. Momsen, D. Forester, D. Hintz. Third Row: C. Weibel, D. Bauer, R. Glen, W. Shockley, R. lfVeede, D. Hiembel, J. Ruffolo, E. Lemon, P. Halverson, B. Bendinger, J. Swiggum, D. Davis, T. Perault. ADAMS HALL FAVILLE HOUSE social chairman, Steve Alsberg was instrumental in planning many of the year's house social events which included buffet dinners and participation in "Yell Like Hellf' Under the leader- ship of athletic chairman, C. Phillips, the men participated in bowling, football and basketball. Paul Paddock, president, Jim Williams, vice president, Dave Haburt, secretary 5 and Wally Axnick, treasurer report a truly successful year. LAFOLLETTE HOUSE, beginning the year as all- dorm football champs, followed through with a very successful year under the leadership of their presi- dent, Alan Robertson. Social chairman Lance Miller and john Tennie arranged the buffet dinners, house parties, and the traditional stag dinner at the Con- tinental Hotel. Coordinating all facets of house living were Harold Klunder, vice president, Ivan Nohavica, treasurer and VVarren Thiede, athletic chairman. Lafollette House-First Row: M. Bekkedal, P. Sftaats, J. Tennie, A. Robertson, L. Miller, D. Dell, H. Landa. Second Row: J. Hawkins, T. Reiten, D. Habeck, I. Nohavica, D. Benkert, R. Hensel. Third Row: G. Pierpont, D. Martin, G. Rasch, G. Moritz, M. Gallagher. Noyes House-First Row: K, Magnuson, ml. Chcrty, XV. Rudolph, AI. Drager, E. Koopinan, R. Rosenstein, L. Schmalz. Second Row: W. Borer, H. Dressler. G. l'VeIlstein, R. Frint, P. Nichols, T. Yonkers. l'. Boldt, I.. Wei. Tlairfl Roux' NI. Green, H. Hannon, D. Loft, R. Alberts, V. Sarin, YV. Ihlenfelclt, L. Mast. Fourth Row: D. Trapp, G. Lichteubcrg. D. Settle, W. Zabel, J. Powell, L. Craker, E. Keszthelyi. NOYES HOUSE men opened the year with a i'Swingin' Safari," under the direction of social chair- men Bob Lockwood and Larry Schultz. In charge of executive affairs and smooth functioning of the house unit were Al Rosenstein, treasurer, Ed Koopman, vice president and John Drager, president. lack Gherty, athletic chairman, encouraged the boys' par- ticipation in sports and led the teams in football, basketball and bowling. OCHSNER HOUSE had quite a few irons in the hre, socially speaking, and their year was jam packed with house parties, football, theme parties, bowling, studying and just plain fun. VVith the help of Dick Thurman, presidentg Bob Dixon, vice president, Jon Mikalson, secretary and Kurt Darrow, treasurer, the house executive matters were dispatched with ease. Social chairmen Dave Katz and John Krueger were responsible for the success of Ochsner House socially. Ochsner House-First Row: C. Drury, J. Koss, S. Schmidt, R. Hinderer. Second Row: R. Kimbell, A. Peck, D. Katz, S. Feinstein, R. Thar- man, K. Krause, R. Migas, D. Vandeyacht, J. Mikalson. Third Row: D. Cress, J. Bosanec, J. Golle, V. Poh, TN. Oliver, W. Laying, W Remlinger, D. johnson, J., Bloomquist, J. Frattinger. Fourth Row: R. Traxel, V. Malek, S. Rieth, R. Balkos, D. Russell, C. Bronstad, E Zuehls, H. VVinn, H. Cox. Fifth Row: D. Kraemer, J. Krueger, R. Appert, S. Bell, K. Darrow, A. Rommelfanger, H. Weber, R. Davis C. Lut-ter, 1. Linn. 1 367 368 Richardson House-First Row: J. Lobas, K. Engelbrecht, J. Ostertag, P. Wiesner, M. Hirsley, A. Sparr, D. Christensen, D. Gajafsky Second Row: B. Chivu, R. jursik, R. Berndt, H. Gwin, J. Gwin, J. Reynolds, G. Norland, D. Stewart, M. Justl. Third Row: D. Kunde, J Vencevich, T. VVirtanen, T. Hendrickson, G. Boda, J. Barthel, T. Kovacic, T. Compton, R. Stubbe, B. Cutting, D. Wiens. Fourth Row. R. Ehlenfeldt, M. Baltzer, D. Dietzke, D. Buell, D. Jahnke, P. Tharman, L. Behrmann, H. Beck. RICHARDSON HOUSE men had an excellent year led by president Mike Hirsley, vice president John Ostertag, secretary Roger Blattberg, and treasurer Dave Gajafsky. Social Chairman Denny Christensen arranged buffet dinners, a caroling party, a cave man party, hayrides, the annual house banquet, a dinner- dance and a picnic. Following the example of athletic chairman, Ken Engelberch, the members were active in basketball, football and bowling. SIEBECKER HOUSE, aside from the usual 'dinners and theme parties, entered Homecoming competition with Liz, Unit Five, led by business manager Bill Lalasz and social chairmen Bruce Bade and Vic Val- carcel. Under the direction of president Martin Wolff and Vice president Ken Zipp the unit participated in many sports. The annual party at Nob Hill Ranch was the perfect ending for a most enjoyable year. Siebecker House-First Row: V. Valcarcel, B. Bade, M. Wolff, D. Hase, S. Sobota, VV. Lalasz, W. Campbell. Second Row: R. Abbinanti, M. Grimm, M. Berard, K. Zipp, J. Dwinell, J. Kososki, T. Weiler. Third Row: E. Schneider, C. Jones, R. Pick, W. Biljan, M. Marsh, J. Schuch, T. Gregory. Fourth Row: R. King, D. Zweifel, E. Larsen, W. Speck, VV. Fuller. ' - - - - --A- law-vwm V A -f-A umwn1m f. A . ez. . '112fu..fuf:i-mv "" lm 1-in-1uzazwmmnf Tarrant House-First Roni: R. Lacser, K. Meistacl, C. Oster, J, Bastcn, W. Coninc, M. Sargent, J. Mfilliams, H. Hansen. Second Row: L. Nicoson, T. Johnson, C. X'Veichbrod, S. Britten, G. Hestckin, J. Buchmann, J. Putz. Third Row: G. Malotke, P. Kuehn, J. Bowman, W. Swanson, R. Y'Velker, G. Loynd, li. Priepkc, C. Jagodinsky. Fozzrlli Row: J. Jurena, R. Braatz, J. Lawton, T. Renclall, P. Carlson, D. Huetter, D. Riedemann, R. Quisling. TARRANT HOUSE launched a successful social season with a house party on October 20, arranged by social co-chairmen Bill Ronime and Jim Basten. Steve Britten, president, and Jeff Hfilliams, vice-president, arranged for a group of students in favor of peace and disarmament to speak to house members, and also arranged a judo demonstration. The men were active in intramural sports and attended the usual house parties and buffet dinners. WVINSLOYV HOUSE, led by athletic chairman Bob Bong, claimed second place honors in Adams football, and was active in basketball and bowling. President Mike Quirk and social chairman Howard Kalt planned a hayride, Christmas parties and picnics. A homecoming display was erected with the help of Slichter Hall. Shuji Namekawa, vice president, and Roger Bucholz kept the executive affairs under con- trol and thus helped to make the year a success. Winslow House-First Row: R. Bong, H. Kalt, E. Koch, M. Quirk, R. Buchholz, B. Adams, S. Namekawa. Second Row: J. Sheahan, J. Peter- son, H. Adkins, R. Bergwin, Fischer, C. Maltese. Third Row: VV. Sapnir, Peterson, G. Keen, R. Williams, M. Mulvihill, P. O'Brien, S. Smith. Fourth Row: F. Kruger, S. Urbas, D. Gilpin, R. Pickens, J. Nicholson, J. Thresher, W. Dickman. 369 370 Kahlenberg House-First Row: VV. Lowell, L. Guntly, T. Fenzl, S. McCann, R. Gamber, C. Ringrose, B. Swanson. Second Row: V. Nohl, E Foss, K. Koscik, J. Hardina, R. Gelet, B. Liebman, VV. Zarwell, Oestreicher, B. Littman, J. Palmeri, Third Row: W. Culver, G. Kalu R. Rosecky, P. Haney, R. Curreri, J. Multer, R. Posekaney, R. Swanson, R. Evans, J. Eagleburger, J. Ghent, J. Dalton. Fourth Row: C Cuntly, M. Urban, L, Carlson, K. Schmidt, C. Vesperman, G. Lipinski, P. Schwalbe, L. Kaun, D. Enerson, J. Roche, Polcyn, M. Redd. ELM DRIVE "B" KAHLENBERG HOUSE president Ken Kosick was assisted in house activities by M. Libman, secretary, and Lutz Schtliclce, treasurer. Garry Petrick, vice president, was responsible for a decorative and me- morable Christmas party. The traditional hopscotch tournament was held in conjunction with Cool House who politely stole the trophy. House parties, coffee hours, and listening parties completed the activities MCNEEL HOUSE social chairman, Glen Walters, had a busy year planning original house parties. A Bundle party, a Pizza party, and a December beach party were included among the themes. The officers who organized McNeel House activities for the year included Rodger Krieger, presidentg Dave Elleson, vice president, Ron Antonied, secretary and Ron Hanamon as athletic chairman. Robert Trimble Was for the year. housefellow. McNeal House-First Row: A. Zagrodnik, J. Lysaker, M. Shovers, B. Luedke, S. Edelman, L. Dillehay. Second Row: R. Johnson, D. Bartley, J. Cook, R. Preist, T. Hill, K. Feldman, J. Beck, D. Segrist, YV. Marks, J. Frost, T. Zagrodnik. Third Row: YV. Bohl, E. Frey, D. Ellefson, J. Gilbertson, C. Vllegner, S. Schmidt, G. Schamber, F. Disbrow, L. Fielder, P. Geisel, R. Draeger. Fourth Row: R. YVolf, T. Tabachnick, R. Victor, J. McLeod, G. Xfllolfe, L. Yeazel, T. Baer, R. Kay, G. Graper, D. Fronek, D. Smith. Fifth Row: R. Foote, T. Vanderlinden, T. Ahrens, R. Trimble, R. Krieger, R. Baerwald, G. Watts, R. Chea, P. Bishop, YV. Burgdorf, D. Harfkopf, R. Lawrence. F l 1 --M......1 1... ....' . ,ug . Mead House-First Row: G. Kindschi. J. Groves, D. Reich, K. johnson, J. Beckwith, G. XVcndt, YV. HoITman, J. Burdick. Second Rowg R. Welker, T. Murphy, T. Mueller, L. Schmidt, R. Jarvclla. J. McPherson, J. Kenney, YV. Schmelling, H. XVakc. Third Rowg D. Osgood, J. Treptow, D. Borkon, Auslandcr, T. Burrows, D. Hansen, K. Kohlman, E. Sandstrom. FOZITHI Roux- C. Roup, K. Lofgren, R. Lindstrom, R. Cox, L. Bcyerstedt, C. Benkc, Hruz, J. Rosenow. MEAD HOUSE began the year's social whirl with a listening party during the Ohio State game. This was followed by numerous coffee hours and topped by a "Go to Hell" house party. In athletics. Mead House won the Sullivan League Bowling Championship and went on to challenge third floor Chadbourne to a football game. Presidents aloe McPherson and Ken Johnson were assisted by vice president Doug Reich and treasurer Jim Beckwith. MILLAR HOUSE was the scene of several listening parties which served to usher in Fall and the football season. The Nob Hill party, featuring a hay ride and lots of atmosphere was only one of their many success- ful functions, Social chairman Bruce Schwoegler ar- ranged many coffee hours to round out the Fall social activities. Leo Horst was elected presidentg Buzz Jones, vice presidentg Larry Lovelace, secretaryg Dan Owens, treasurer and jim Schroeder, athletic chair- man. Millar House-First Row: R. Janes, D. Seehafer, A. Arpke, L. Horst, B. Gannon, J. Schroeder, R. Kriel. Second Row: R. Zimmerman, B. Bergemann, F. Logan, H. Brown, R. McLain, R. Pratt, D. Schendel, L. Lovelace. Third Row: B. Kirkham, J. Carter, R. Fenn, A. Swarlc, R. Elder, D. Badrnan, D. Kushner. Fourth Roux' C. Brugger, D. Storm, B. Schwoegler, R. Norman, YV. Chapman, T. Frailing, M. Ford, D. Lindstrom, J. Donner. 371 372 Phillips House-First Row: T. Coleman, VV. Weisendanger, M. Mueller, J. Schranz, W. Muenter, L. Stohlgren. Second Row: W. Weyker, E. Bartz, R. Cook, R. Solomon, G. Weissman, R. Meier, J, Leatherwood, H. Ohtaka. Third Row: G. Meyer, R. Lemke, R. Hack, R. Plansky, H. Andrews, G. May, R. Micheels, P. Herzfeldt, K. Dekker, D. Rice, D. Danielson, S. Ruesch, R. Roberts, D. Goldberg. Fourth Row: P. Setzer, T. Timmers, J. Jacques, E. Ptacek, C. Vlfedig, K. Mess, H. Hood, R. Johnson, R. Slaby, R. Babicky, R. Peterson, G. Vogel. Fifth Row: D. Hunter, R. Schneider, L. Schmidt, D. Ehler, F. Steffes, F. Dirnbauer, H. Ipsen, D. Zavadil, Bellas. ELM DRIVE "C" PHILLIPS HOUSE, with Richard Sullivan as pres- ident, took third place honors in the Homecoming display contest. Vice-president Richard Markos, secre- tary-treasurer Glen Meier and social chairmen Ed Bartz and Dave Krueger set up a program of den speakers for the house. These educational discussion groups, panels or debates comprised a major part of the activities of the house and were well attended PYRE HGUSE highlighted their fall social season with the annual Pyre inferno party planned by social chairmen Mike Cook and Gerry Meyer. Al Kohnle, athletic chairman, led the house to the Elm Drive football championship. President Bob Eckl, vice presi- dent Guy VVyrult, secretary Harry Topian and treas- urer Walt West planned many activities for the house including a Christmas party and several exchange by the members. dinners. Pyre House-First Row: D. Roston, G. Meyer, R. Johnson, J. Lathers, P. Dohr, T. Krueger, G. Maas, J. Ashman. Second Row: B. Perlstein, G. Topalien, M. Kuge, A. Ausman, D. Abel, E. Terwilliger, M. Look, R. Kolenc, J. Ruskin, D. Even, G. Loritz. Third Row: P. Juneau, J. Stalter, W. Doten, R. Strudell, J. Fox, V. Trumpy, G. Peterson, J. Zych, W. Repphun, J. Alpert, M Kucker. Fourth Row: M. Juneau, T. Parks, L, Krusienski, S. Vine, R. Mittelstadt, A. Kohnle, W. Mordan, A. Dooley, J. Weiss, R. Eckl, G. Ayrault. Rundell House-Firsl Row: T. Lcnard, E. Bcling, J. Cray, XV. Chappa. XV. Donnelly, I.. Hlolfe. Sermzrl Row: R. Lee, L. Peterman, J. Peter- man, J. artocci, M. Sheehan, W. johnson. R. Schaefer, T. Kalinske, S. Wolfe. Third Iiozu: CQ. Davidson, AI. Fusek, P. Hambrick, C. Stall E. Reuter, T. Harrington, D. Stannn, C. lfroining, C. Iirnsl, R. Roschcr, 01. Lippman. Fmzrllz Roux' C. Seligman, R. Stack, R. Jenkins, D Korff, C. Chevedclen, M. Karon, R. Mcssinan, L. Allen, T. Gucldncr. Fifllz Rmu: G. I-Iolnien, R. Slack, J. YVing, 1. Davison, M Zubor T. Graika, J. Kursel, D. Schoenleber, T. Atkinson, j. Kastorll. RUNDELL HOUSE built a prize winning Horne- coming display in conjunction with Hennion House and Cool House. Shortly thereafter, the house also won the league football championship. Listening par- ties and coffee hours were topped by a Peppermint Lounge house party, which included a sleigh ride. The house, under Mike Sheehan's leadership, partici- pated in Mock UN. Other officers were Bill Johnson, vice president and Bob Scheuerell, treasurer. STEVE HOUSE, under the guidance of Dave Schu- etter, housefellow, was aided in organizing the year's activities by John Blackman, presidentg Marty Kjel- son, vice president, 'lim Sugar, secretaryg and Richard Goldberg, treasurer. The social calendar, endowed generously with house parties and listening parties, was capped off by a hayride at Nob Hill. The House took firsts in I-M basketball and bowling. Steve House-First Row: S. Olson, D. Schuetter, M. Kjelson, J. Wachs, B. Paul, F. Shckore, J. Rattman, B. Nienhuis. Second Row: F. Chellevold, Morris, R. Mlhite, J. Ambelang, B. Buschke, C. Thomson, R. Chamberlin, D. Holt, J. Logan, A. Dombrow. Third Row. D. Prudhomme J. Schmidt, M. Reinke, M. Laufnian, R. Reetz, B. Scliowalter, H. Larson, N. Sauey, R. Price. Fourth Row: W. Emmons, J. Stolz, L. Liss, L. Brown, R. Ware, J. Stobber, L. Maslowski, W. Boettger, C. Dudey. y 1 373 374 Chamberlin House-First Row: R. Zimmerman, P. Green, XV. Boldt, L. Spitz, F. Vfileman, H. Christensen, L. Lamboley, J. Limbach, Baesemann. Second Row: T. Le Moine, L. Schoengarth, G. Greene, M. Horn, O. Freckman, R. Schwertfeger, J. Hohman, A. Ladish, W. Cooper, T. Pugh, N. Sachio, D. Graetz, A. Andersen. Third Row: B. Frazier, D, Brittelli, Valenta, C. Trump, L. Stritzel, E. Koch, R. Matchette, D. Stearns, G. Hart, R. Bahr, D. Mathews, J. Domanick. Fourth Row: T. Kesting, F. Fago, XV. Kempke, R. Lahaie, D. Draheim, W. Menning, M. Rosenthal, J. Nickoll, G. Bloedorn, J. Due, D. Geiser. KRONSHAGE HALL CHAMBERLIN HOUSE, led by Fred Wileman, president, participated in a variety of activities this year. Bill Boldt, social chairman, planned coffee hours, bullfet dinners, and house parties, the high- light of which was the annual "Mistletoe Madness" party. The house did very well in I-M athleticsg John Hohman was a member of the varsity football team and Fred Wileman of the LHA board of directors. CONOVER HOUSE participated in many activi- ties this year under the leadership of Phil Yurtis, pres- ident. The house built a Homecoming display, held card tournaments, took part in I-M sports, and had several house parties. Steve Barney, who served as social chairman with Ron Barghesi, was elected to Student Senate. The house spent a day entertaining at the Oregon School for Girls. Pete Peschek was active in Young Democrats. Conover House-First Row: D. Long R. Jonakait, D. Staire, D. Oelke, G. Musich, A. Dunham, M. Towsley, Strauss, C. Engman. Second Row: P. Peshek, P. Lendved, D. Le Moine, R. Borghesi, J. Kiechle, B. Kornitz, XV. Tans, S. Hensen, D. Harold, R. Page. Third Row: D. Stern, J. Xfifinogrond, W. Zemke, VV. Lacy, R. Zimmerman, A. Wohlgemuth, C. Corrado, J. Allen, T. Stiefvater, T. Blasing, R. Laubenstein. Fourth Row: T. Wiese, D. Roberts, J. Hackbart, C. Rueclebusch, D. Wright, F. Rohde, W. Koeslin, C. XfVallace, R. Schultz, L. Benson. Gilman House-Firsl Roux' C. Rlziclsen, R. Sclirnnk, J. liVe1ix'er, T. I-lollman, li. Binloril, E. Poulson. Second Row: B. Schafritz, F. Krupka, G. Hlallace, J. Thorson, J. Klinefeltcr, B. Lonsilale, S. link, K. NIc'.'Xnlill'c. 17. Sc'l1eull'ncr. B. Saxton. Tliiwl Row: J. Stevens, J, Buth, L. Nimz, Zellinger, M. Goodrich, M. l'iei'c'e, R. Dahl. Mai, D. libben, J. Nlcfiall, J. I-larcler, Fflllflll Roni: E. NViegand, R. Y'Villeford, Nebel, R. Furchtenicht, S. Cermann, J. Nelson, Ci. Blake, J. Nlanwaring, I.. Kzilzliey, 'll Berrong, B. Antholine, E. X'Vros, T. Hatlen. Fifth Row: G. Beise, T. Ticknor, J. Pollnow, D. Rollay, W. Polxin, I.. .-Xllen, B. McKay, I.. Hartz, P. Mennes, R. Renard, G. Ehn, B, Kalt, L. VanDyke. .GILMAN HOUSE was led by Bob Paller, presi- dent this year. Al Miller and Sherwood Zink, social chairmen, planned house parties, bulfets, and listening parties, and the house built a Homecoming display. The house also had several den speakers. Kim Mc- Auliffe, athletic chairman, was a member olf the stall of YVLHA. Additional ofhcers included Gerry Kline- felter, vice-president, John Thorson, LHA repre- sentative. JONES HOUSE, with Tom Herlache as president, took part in many activities this year. Dave Brickley and Skip Belsner, social chairmen, arranged parties, collee hours, and exchange dinners. The house was represented in Mock UN and took first place with its l-Iomecoming display. The house I-M teams did very well and Art Seufert was a member of the varsity swimming team, Butch Hedeen was a member of Mfisconsin Players. Jones House-First Row: J. Martin, M. Reinsink, C. YVhitford, J. Hacller, J. Nelson, L. Zabka, H. Schowalter. Second Row: D. Brignelett, L. Krajuski, A. X'Van, G. Bennett, T. Herlache, L. Belstner, R. Jacobs, P. Blackwell, YV. Oltman. Third Row: N, Lemberg, D. Rauschen berger, A. Capone, K. Trachte, J. Schmidke, P. Lowenthal, B. Pohl, T. Lelnnann, J. Davenport, B. Hendricks, D. Peterson, T. Brookshaw, R. Rueckert. Fourth Row: J. Herlache, H. Johnson, YV. NVitte, B. Shafer, G. Vlahkis. P. Dettman, R. Nelson, J. Anderson, J. Baumgard, M. Hayes, R. XlVOlfg1'2il'I'1, T. Hunsader, L. Lashway. Fiflh Row: N. Buttenholl. R. Kania, J. Hussa, D. Knox, C. Hedeen, P. Becker, D. Kellesvig, M. Austvold, D. Yate, T. Smith, T. Krautkramer, T. Burton, D. Ruston. 375 m, .44 .-. . .-1. 'I xn 1- '- A gh: f.a 5 v , I L Y' ,I 1 -- !'Q" 'R lm f am ,z 1 1? M AWE I! QW 5, Lf A vr 16!fq'vf "Ff,l'f EM5' S i f kx1i , a , M an It x Q Q , ,gi xl? 5' ,ggi 4 ' -if Egg, fi" jg, 4 qu g6 I ff' wr Ny V w xx wi, if? If nv 1 ' 1' f ' 'fi' ff iv, wr xr yy w W if vf V wr xv Y? V s 1 ' V' " -LV i f ' ,' " ' I I QQ My V rf X 1 ' 4 .V gg? 54 w vf V ffzffm 245 QQ 081' 5 r Q' F, wa 'Q Swenson House-Firsl Row: P. X'Verisch, R. Cliristenscn, N. Teillcr, D. Klousie, T. Collins, D. Montabon, H. Reifelt, XV. Ericson, M. Minkof. Second Row: M. Sponholtz, P. Jacobus, A. Brazner, ll. Ciuppan, Sluckey, R. Darcy, A. Merton, T. Dumbrowski, A. Rusky, L. Davis. Third Roni: J. Hfrans, R. Degner, G. Putz, W. Trautt, J. Bacliuber, Weclcl, J. Bahlitsch, S. Jackobson, K. Reichart, D. Muchinske, C. Weiss, R. Holdridge, N. Goetzke, J. Leatherman, R. Dunst. Fourlh Row: T. Constant. W. Wilson, T. Gardner, J. Harris, J. Zapp, D. Klein, G. Ashenbrenner, T. Zettcl, C. Thicde. M. Thorn. J. Tracy, M. Bushkie. R. Klokow, R. Woboril. Fifth Row: D. Voskuil, T. Zondag, D. Holz, F. Vanacek, J. Moraitis, G. Greil, E. Sullcowslai, R. Keller, D. Carson, K. I-lolz, R. Burriit, M. Holbus, R. Freimuth, E. Stephenson, G. Hert- zenberg. SVVENSON HOUSE, home of the "Swenson Vik- ings," was led by Robert Darcy, president, as it took part in various activities. The house built a Home- coming display, and Bill Schmitt, social chairman, planned house parties, buffets, and coffee hours. The boys participated in several intramural sports. Mem- bers of the house elected Alan Merten, vice-presi- TURNER HOUSE, with Bob Ott as president, took part in various activities. The fellows worked with Liz Hfaters on a Homecoming display and got into the Christmas spirit by combining with the girls of Slichter for their annual l'Happy Hoursl' party for paralytics. House parties and buffet dinners were planned by Jerry Stoddard and Brian Lawrence, dent, Bruce Cuppan, treasurer, and Steve YValker as LHA representative. social chairmen. Elmars Ezerins and Gene Englund participated in varsity athletics. Turner House-First Row: T. Turba, E. Rowlands, S. T'Vilmeth, R. Lemberg, R. Cherwenka, L. Petersen, K. Pelatzke. Second Row: R. Niz- nik, VV. Kenney, D. Berryman, J. Robinson, G. Sergeant, R. Christensen, D. Sawyer, G. Stevenson, J. Steinman, W. Phelps. Third Row: J. Beil, T. Darling, C. Holden, D. Mfesthuis, R. Soberlaske, R. Stoelfing, J. Leisenring, E. Twesme, D. Long, D. Moser, R. Kloppenburg, K. Devoe, VV. McKenny, K. Mitchell. Fourth Rout: R. Jones, R. Nelson, R. Haselow, D. Seaton, C. Anderson, A. Krause, S. Lawton, R. Schroeder, M. Schuyler, T. Grinde, P. Wieland, T. Rowlands. Fifth Row: S. Vanek, K. Campbell, D. Stonek, K. Gustafson, E. Ezerins, W. Edwards, S. Cummings, Twesme, L. Scheunemann, L. Gregerson, E. Youngberg, L. Scheunemann, D. Hoffman. 377 uw uv"Qv'Mfr'Q3rw-Q if-P NL. ii 'F Y xl, Q 'Y L W2-9, VSV? T 7 5 if rf W W r E ww 5 9 M 1? ?'ff3"Uvv W McCaffrey House-Firxl Row: R. lelamlyn. J. Ciloninger, R. Jalalonka, Nl. l'anlsc'h, W. .Xhrnsbrak, R. Pum, C. Garnier, P, Bjork, VV. Johnson C. Fonstad, D. Hendrickson. Szfmnrl Rmtu' ll. Tlmreson. R. Lange, R. Yanderkclcn, R. Howell, J. Yan Matre, D. Kreiner, R. Stone, R. Gil- bcrtson, G. Vogt, J. Alpert, P. Hcnkc, P. Kiefer, J. Wicr. 'l'l1irrl Row: D. liluhn, R. Thering, R. Peterson, D. Clhuchel, J. Peterson, H. Fur- long, N. llleinstein, Johnson, D. Conswindt, D. Dixon, S. Cralow, l., Bartz, W. Clement. Fnzlrllz Roux' C. Rennicke, R. Thompson, R Haas, J. Knutson, B. Drybnrgh. CS. Hrubecky, K. Wood, D. lirclman, R. Ciohcn, R. Grabowski, J. Wildermuth, T. Beuthling. MCCAFFREY HOUSE began the semester with the notorious hayride at Nob l-lill Ranch, coffee hours dotted the Football afternoons, the house party claimed the unique title "Come as You lllorked Last Summer," and the annual "Ship lVreck" party was held in the spring. Ofhcers included Bill Ahrnsbrak, presidentg Fred Hollenbeck, vice-president: Charles Garnier, secretary, Clit Fonstad, treasurer, and Pete Bjort, social chairman. OLSON HOUSE "Smoked lnl' men directed by James Mathison, president, Glen Hildebrandt, vice- presidentg Jolm Roemer, secretary, Joel Pittelman, treasurer, and Kip Liberman and Lyle Wendling, social chairmen, planned the house parties, dances, buffet dinners, and the notorious fall picnic. The title holding champion football team gave the house spirit to make all other seasonal sports successful. f Olson House-First Row: J. Wells, J. Roemer, A. Strauss, YV. Feyerharm, J. lllathison, G. Hildebrandt, K. Libman, J. Pittelrnan, B. Chmielewski, A. Atwell. Second Row: R. Beckman, J. Holtan. J. Peterman, P. Runke, R. Hall, R. Smith, R. Wlest, R. Eberhardt, R. Vfads worth, F. lfllilliamson. Third Rout: S. Banks, M. Norgard, J. Hompel, J. Silbert, B. Mandell, J. Breitengross, G. Gront, VV. Oechslein, D. Holloway, C. Jansch, S. Sielaff. Fourth Row: K. Ruthmansdorfer, Krueger, P. Meagher, T. Ahearn, A. Vold, Altman, C. Oestrich, J. Miller, J. Molzahn, J. McKenna, T. McGrath. 379 380 Bashford House-First Row: C. Smead, P. 'Woolhiser, J. Gigliotti, J. Calvert, D. Hildebrand, D. Swartz, D. Petek, E. Danielson, G. Taubel. Second Row: J. Schulze, J. Mitby, XV. Minnig, D. Leadholm, M. Lippert, J. Walker, J. Miller, D. Wtipil, G. Bogenschneider, T. Wacek. Third Row: M. Huff, H. Rueter, F. Mau, J. Blint, G. Alzuhn, G. Follstad, S. Jasperson, B. Blint, R. Stamper, M. Kuglitsch. Fourth Row: G. Bivens, M. Alt, J. VVacek, F, Theus, D. VVyman, M. Hanneman, D. Baron, B. Jasperson, P. Goshgarian. TRIPP HALL BASHFORD HOUSE president, Gerald Calvert was assisted by David Baron, vice-presidentg John Blint, secretaryg and William Minnig, social chairman. During the administration of these oliicers, the men of Bashford enjoyed a successful athletic year high- lighted by the annual "Toilet Bowl" game with Henmon House. The social calendar included "Yell Like Hell" with Eliz IV and a hayride at Nob Hill. BOTKIN HOUSE, under the able direction of president Lynn Veeser, vice-president Craig Pier, treasurer Tom Krillard, and athletic chairman David Schultz, had another successful year. Bill James, social chairman, reports that the year was high- lighted by numerous house parties, buffet suppers, and a Christmas party. The men also participated in the seasonal sports. Botkin House-First Row: D. Schultz, C. Pier, J. Golata, L. Veeser, S. Schellin, W. James. Second Row: A. Barry, D. Linden, J. Conjurske, J. Zizmor, C. Smith, K. Wilson, J. Nohelty. Third Row: R. Allen, K. Krabbe, D. Westby, E. Englund, G. Sather, D. Westphal, D. Herrewig. Fourth Row: A. January, D. Kracht, Eckert, J. Kussmaul, C. Bruning, J. Hoffman. Fallows House-First Row: M. Naumann, G. Pcitibone, J. Conway, A. Mackenzie, R. Willis, B. Cape, P. Pett, J. Vlfaeffler. Second Row: B. Anderson, E. Fisher. .L Frank, J. Suckowski, K. Szalai, l'. Quail, J. Peterson, B. Riley, V. McDaniels. Third Row: D. Kapadia, M. Miet zel, R. Stark, R. .-Xntlerstm. K. Kenyon, Harrison, Chamberlain, Schilz. Fozzrlli Row: Fillar, M. Fry, Goeke, B, Kichefski, K. Sol berg, J. Griihn, R. Likwartz. FALLOYVS HOUSE president Roger lVillis coor- dinated this year's activities. Ben Cape. social chair- man, kept the members busy with a full schedule of events-from homecoming with Barnard to a "Roarin' 20s" party. The men were also active in all phases of intramural sports. Riding herd on scholastic endeavors was vice-president Jim Conway. Other ofhcers included Alan Sherman, secretary, and Jim WaefHe1', treasurer. FRANKENBURGER HOUSE, led by president Larry Fassett, once again defeated Liz Waters in their eighteenth annual hopscotch tourney. Pursuing other social events, the house enjoyed a full calendar of house parties, banquets and buffet suppers ar- ranged by social chairmen Rich Greyson and Hans Van Allmen. Regulating house scholarship was vice- president John Lien. Jim Peters served as secretary. 1 Frankenburger House-First Row: S. Harrison, J. Lien, J. Cipperly, L. Fassett, R. Creyson, J. Buettner, R. Jensen. Second Row: J. Stavlo B. Biermeier, R. Anderson, D. Dewing, K. Kuehlthau, D. Fredrickson, L. Larson. Third Row: D. Stratman, D. 'Wenz, G. Gunnlaugsson, P. Wahler, D. Rice. J. Knoeck, R. Thomas. Fourth Row: R. Thomas, S. Griffin, J. Thompson, S. Goodman, Beidron, J. Peters, O. Rohrstaff. 381 382 Gregory House-First Row: G. Stelter, F. Thies, R. York, H. Davis, G. Kisch, K. Banicki, J. Perry. Second Row: C. Bergendorff, D. Kus- sow, J. Holle, M. Kielas, D. Skoug, VV. Langford, L. YValdorf, C. Lee. Third Row: T. Klemme, R. Kroncke, G. Miller, J. Scott, R. Kaem- mer, H. Stein, R. Gallimore, G. Dunst. Fourth Row: S. Ferch, V. Lubenow, T. Spellman, E. Biemborn, S. Pitzner, D. Yankow, J. Sagle. GREGORY HOUSE, led by president Fred Thies, had a year packed with social and athletic events. Active in football, basketball, and bowling, the men captured second place in IM football. Social chair- man Don Gallard planned a bevy of parties, includ- ing a hayride and a Christmas party. They also par- ticipated in Homecoming with Liz Waters IV. Vice- president Bob Kroncke kept check on scholastic activities and the secretary was Tom Klemme. HIGH HOUSE followed a slightly international theme this year. President Larry Jahn announced the presence of Sunder Khiani from India. A Monte Carlo party planned by social chairman Al Montal- bano further enhanced the international aspect. More domestic activities included buffet suppers, house parties, and IM athletics. Around the house Chuck Weinberg was vice-president, while To-m Wickman juggled books, and Gene Dix kept minutes. High House-First Row: S. Khiani, A. Montalbano, C. Vfernberg, E. Dix, L. Jahn, Mfinnik, D. Armstrong, D. Mfantz. Second Row: R. Chalice, S. Harvey, R. Lutz, R. Garmise, M. Kerschensteiner, VV. Bayer, P. Peterson, T. Wickman, J. Beisner, R. Witt. Third Row: N. Rome, P. Nichols, J. Cohen, G. Propp, E. Fyffe, D. Harrigan, L. Knitter. Fourth Row: B. Caney, C. Scheel, J. Kaplan, R. Homich, R. Greene, R. Dieffenbach, M. McMillan. Spooner House-Firsl Roan' l,2llCl'Cl'i. L. Krohn. llleiss, N. .-Killer, 'If l.zunbcrl, Coencu. XV. Lulow. Second Row: V. Vargo, R. Arnold, T. Luther. l'. Kearns, R. Carey. R. Tliornlon, Nl. lVcslcoll. ll. 1.a Vine. Thirrl Roni: Link, R. Van Vleet, YV. Kosmaitka, ll'. lVielebSki, T. Furuuer S. Cyariuaiy. NI. xlL'filIll'l'lL'Oll. I-'nzzrlli 120119 D. Raclloll, Taskonis, Y. Janusonis, lValker, G. Sharpf, R. Groh. SPOONER HOUSE playboys, headed by president Tom Lambert, handled a full social schedule. lim YfVeiss, social chairman, led the men into Homecom- ing activities with Elsom House. Aside from the buffet suppers and house parties, a Key Club party- complete with floor show-was presented. Holding the purse strings was Ernie Dulek. lon Magnuson, secretary, and Larry Krohn, vice presi- dent, completed the roster of ofhcers. VILAS HOUSE activities were bolstered by athlet- ics and social events. A full roster of suppers, picnics and parties were planned by social chairman Elliott Eisenbud. Dick Voight kept the financial records, and Gary Hardel was secretary. Active in football, basketball and bowling, the house ranked high in the IM athletic standings. Coordinating all this activity were Larry Fredrea, president, and vice president Jim Bittner. Vilas House-First Row: A. DeBruine, W. X'Veber, E. Eisenbud, L. Tredrea, J. Bittner, N. Spivack, R. Cannon, P. Sommerfield. Second Row: J. Ahrens, L. Cohen, D. Spiegclberg, R. Ress, C. Travis, A. Brenner, M. Kekstatlt, J. Asher. Third Row: T. Ludorf, J. Markiewicz, J. Pribnow, J. Dilley, R. Laitsch, D. Kidd, L. Irvine, A. Vcngrowsky, T. Krueger. Fourth Row: YV. Harned, T. Petterson, B. Mize, R. Novotny, D. Schultz, G. Hardel, G. Kroner, M. Dingman, F. Klauber. 383 INDEPENDENTS 384 . - ' ' kow. Allen Hall-Fzrst Row: J. Levinson, T. Kalb, P. Koehler, J. Campbell, J. Strauss, Mrs.. Thomas, M. Krell, E. Feinsilber, H. Cohn, B. Barba 1 Second Row: J. Zitzer, B. Glassman, J. Frishberg, R. Jacobs, E. Landy, Kruger, S. Kimball, C. Kant, P. Shapiro, J. Allen, E. Kaplan. Thuiii Row: J. Paley, S. Clemenshaw, D. Bennett, D. Phillips, J. Lonberg, S. Prigoff, Hales, B. McJunken, M. Alt, A. Sallas, Gengler, J. Campbe . Fourth Row: K. Kramer, J. Kreiling, C. Johnson, D. Fairchild, N. Best, T. Lustig, K. Winter, H. Schachter, J. Smith, J. Lilly, J. Lelewer, A. Reed. ALLEN HALL Allen Hall, a new dorm this year, spent a great deal of time organizing its government and Writing the constitution. Fourteen girls, led by Ellen Landy, have done most of the work. Among those assisting her were Jeanne Strauss, Deedee Phillips, Sue Mantauk, Rita Kruger, Sue Asher, Lynne Breger, Callie Johnson, and Linda Lukens. Ellen was later elected president of the hall. Additional Work on the constitution was done by five girls: Ann Childs, Lois Peters, Barby Cammins, Ann Mair, and Ruth Schlozman. Several girls became active in campus activities. Among these was Sue Montauk who served as a student senator in addition to her Work on the committee which organized the government of the dorm. Allen Hall girls were provided with quite a few social activities while organizing their new dorm. They held an open house early in the year and held coffee hours after all the games. They worked with Triangle fraternity on a dis- play as part of their observance of Homecoming Holiday. During the yuletide season, the girls held a Christmas party. A winter party was held later in the year. Several fraternities invited the girls of Allen Hall to beer suppers this year. Among these were Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Tau Omega, and Alpha Epsilon Pi. The girls climaxed their social activities with a formal held in the spring. Most of these activities were organized by the dorm as a whole, since no formal ofhcers were chosen until late in the year after the organization of the hall government. Fzrst Row B Shapiro C Williamson H Perlman, C. De Maria, A. Blanche, M. Gorman, T. Azine, S. Hovik, B. Schmidt L Solkovitz N Wollins Second Row C Xablm C Burton L Breger, R. Segal, S. Ascher, M. Wells, V. Schwartz, S. Long, B. Goldman, B Cammins Thzrd 385 Row Robichek C Fieudenberg S Haines M. Hibbard, B. Swirin, S. Lapp, A. Otto, J. Baker, G. Paynter, C. Wilkison Fourth Row E Scholnick A Maxwell M Adelman J Hariington, S. Granof, M. Marquardt, C. Fults, A. Mair, L. Weiss. Fifth Row: J. Samorjskl P West I Klein N Dodds M Laney Maikley B Knoop, V. Pollard, R. Kinney. 386 ANN EMERY HALL ANN EMERY HALL was led through a busy year by Sally Crawford, president. The girls welcomed a new housemother this year, Mrs. Janet Baker. Two open houses were planned by the social chairman, Sue Warner, who also served as vice-presi- dent, initially featuring entertainment by the Ardellesg and sec- ondly in conjunction with Parent's Weekend. During the Christ- mas season, the girls were busy with their annual Christmas breakfast and the party they gave for underprivileged children. A spring banquet was held honoring all seniors and outstanding underclassmen. A contribution was made to the Union Art Salon Fund. Several girls from the hall were active in campus aflairsg these included Carol Geisler who modeled in the AWS fashion show, Sharon Hadary, chairman of the union literary committee, and Betsy Beers, chairman of the union theater committee. Ad- ditional oflicers of the hall included Pam Gunner who was secre- tary, and Ann Reeves who served as treasurer. Ann Emery-First Row: J. Weaver, K. Walton, P. Gunner, A. Reeves, S. Crawford, Mrs. Baker, J. Gutzler, B. Burbidge, L. Parisi, K. Ulhitney, E. Starnm. Second Row: A. Prehn, B. Bryant, H. Sebsow, S. Haclary, K. Nelson, S. Sappenfield, V. Balistreri, M. Schriber, N. Windsor, S. Brown, M. Cummings, J. Wright. Third Row: C. Goldman, L. Prehn, M. Young, J. Lipky, B. Alk, L. Wegner, K. Larson, K. Hult, J. Mfickman, D. Carlson, P. Street, S. Drescher, S. Schoen, C. Cameron, J. Lerner. Fourth Row: S. Jeffrey, B. Harloff, B. Cook, E. Kapitenoff, A. Shuler, G. Gullicksen, J. Galley, J. Wechter, J. McDonald, M. Tjofiat, C. Griffin, P. Berry, R. Marone, P. Nelson, Fifth Row: B. Korf, L. Nicoll, M. Purdy, P. Marshall, J. Dillon, A. Polisky, M. Colvin, M. Martin, A. Kasten, K. Zimmerman, B. Breese, J. Grosshandler, T. Radford, J. Fuld, K. Misch, L. Theile. Sixth Row: C. Howes, M, Greene, L. Ullrich, R. Kessinger, L. Mokrejs, H. Pfeiffer, B, Moor, J. Oates, S. Wiechmann, N. Haberman, A. Fenstermacher, B. Gebhardt, P. Grannis, S. Blake, M. German, S. Johnson. Babcock House-Firsl Row: R. Bringe. J. Schwarzhofl, R. Olson. F. Cox, K. Jacobsen, R. Townsend, J. Oleson, J. Doyle, A. Urbanek, M. Heath. Second Row: R. Helcl, B. Thomas. L. Daniel. I.. Martell, T. Crciclanus, L. Clark, J. Wilson. H. Aleckson, G. Helgeland, D. Nelson. Third Roux' A. Hilker, D. Nusbaum, B. Knesting, R. Bumstcrl, L. Kasiensclunitll. R. Hartzell, H. Sherpe, D. Munson, R. Novak. Fourth Row: R. Brye, Nelscsuen. D. Traaslad, C. Smith, H. Roberts, T. Lcmbcke, R. Malcug, N. Meier, R. Maier. BABCOCK HOUSE BABCOCK HOUSE, a cooperative house for agri- culture students, was led by Kent Jacobsen, presi- dent, in a smoothly run year. The fellows held coffee hours and an open house during the football season, took part in the homecoming activities, and held Christmas and spring formals. Members of the house served as ofhcers in Blue Shield 4-H, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Little International, and Agriculture Student Council. COCHRANE HOUSE COCHRANE HOUSE was led by Mary Ann Ham- meral, president, through a year of various activities. Lynne Monroe, social chairman, arranged beer sup pers and exchange dinners. The girls took part in Mock UN and several girls were active in campus activities. Among these were Sheila Blackadder in YVRA, Sue Harrington, chosen chairman of the new student program, and Viv Valessares, active in-AWS activities. ' Cochrane House-First Row: B. Hentschel, A. Larson, J. Degen, M. Chrouser, M. Hammerel, Mrs. Hendrick, A. Ruthven, V. Valessares, S. Jones, G. Swisshelm. Second Row: C. Kidwell, S. Blackatlder, M. Hood, S. Edgren, S. Censon, E. Rorick, R. Scoville, D. Kirmse, A. Summers, A. Bizzio, L. Rogers, P. Graebel, C. Hastings, S. Black, S. Carlson, L. Buford. 387 388 CARROLL HALL CARROLL HALL, under the leadership of Louise Steiner, president, enjoyed a very busy year. They began by welcoming a new housemother, Mrs. Nesbit, and later held an open house featuring the Herd. Peggy Yeddis and Faith Wenick, social chair- men, kept the girls busy with coffee hours after all the games and planned a party at Nob Hill. A spring formal was also held, and the traditional faculty tea was held in the spring. Carroll Hall had one of the largest turnouts for WSA, AWS, and Union COYI1- mittee interviews. The girls took part in Campus Chest and the blood drive and had a representative modeling in the AWS fashion show. A mock UN delegation was organizedg to further promote their international interests, dinners with foreign stu- dents were held each Wednesday evening and language tables were organized. The girls gained experience in international living by hosting a Mexican girl. Assisting the president were Sue Sigoloff, vice-presidentg Rae Linefsky, secretaryg Jill Salzman, treasurer, and Joann Baer, AWS representative. Carroll H2111-First Row: L. Hyman, J. Mandel, M. Katz, P. Yeddis, L. Steiner, R. Kelber, P. Polland, S. Saichek, S. Pollay, E. Kaplan, D 'Wiener. Second Row: J. Miller, F. Robinson, L. Taub, C. David, C. Sitrin, C. Levine, B. Kleiman, E. Reiter, S. England, G. Sterney, R. Liebling. Third Rowg S. Schneeberg, F. Kaplan, E. Morawetz, T. Laden, D. Stone, L. Paige, A. Cohen, J. Bressler, J. Schulman, S Shapiro, J. Flesch. Fourth Row: S. Katzson, N. Cohen, B. Levin, B. Levin, L. Buncher, C. Owens, G. Berger, M. Cohn, R. Grossman J. Rosenberg. Fzfth Row: K. Corenman, B. Nathan, R. Katz, E. Feintech, R. Arnove, L. Gunzberg, J. Grossman, F. Gurney, J, Smith David Schreiner House-Firsl Row: C. Summers, Margcnau, S. Frcclrickson, D. Hcineck, Mrs. Schlag, M. Utech, E. Skuldt, L. Jost Second Row: D. Brick, R. W'l'eilancl. H. Shapiro, R. Veitch, D. Turke. il. Quirk, D. Henscl, T. Cochrane. Third Row: J. Weyers, G Miller, D. Henning. R. Hanson, M. Hoflman, R. Bates, R. Lemhckc, T. Schomisch. Fourlli Row: P. Balcom, D. Kuckkahn, D. Rasmus- sen, A. Eggert, B. Krueger, K. Graupner, K. Adolph, T. Klilzkie. Filllz Roni: l.. Gibbs, D. Alf, K. Prag, T. Riechert, T. Kuebler, R Hensler, R. Kafka, D. Pipkorn. DAVID SCHREINER HOUSE is a scholarship and cooperative house. Most of the boys hold scholarships given on the basis of need, cooperativeness and scholarship. WVith the help of president, Marv Utech, vice-president, james Margenaug secretary, Stan Fred- ericksong and treasurer, Eric Skuldt, the boys high- lighted the year with informal parties, beer sup- pers, participation in sports, and the annual Found- ers' Day Banquet. GILMAN HOUSE girls, led by social chairmen Nancy Neal and Sue Kissil, took part in a coffee hour, open houses, Christmas and spring formals, and sold backrubs at Persian Market. Under presi- dent Linda Reivitz, secretary Leslie Kasper, and treasurer Alice Bumzel, the girls were active in in- tramural sports and mock U.N. Many girls Were also active on YVSA and Union committees. Gilman House-First Row: J. Lerner, J. VVitte, A. Bunzel, L. Kasper, L. Reivitz, Mrs. Rafferty, N. Neal, S, Kissil, L. Boelke, M. Lewin Second Row: L. Kramer, L. Sirkus, C. Bloome, S. Xfllexner, S. Bieda, L. Smith, P. Klein, C. Uleman, B. Sorel. Third Row: G. Frantz, M Prolman, G. Radewan, S. Oberbrunner, J. VVinter, E. Lichtman, S. Radloff, D. Genner, T. Robbins, L. Evans. Fourth Row: L. Schwing- hamer, R. Keller, L. Schiff, M. Gertler, L. Killen, S. Robb, J. Margulis, S. Solomon, M. Isaacs, P. Gross. 389 390 Hermanson House-First Row: C. McGillivray, S. Nutting, C. Hoffman, B. Markus. Second Row: M. Kleeman, E. Huggins, B. Czechorski, J. McGraw, K. Kurisu, J, Torrence. Third Row: M. Schraufmagel, M. Sharp, P. Knuth, J. Rhodes, M. Lance, J. Stillwagen. HERMANSON HOUSE Guided by House President, Judy McGraw and Housemother, Mrs. Stanley Herrnanson, the eighteen girls of Hermanson House enjoyed a season hlled with activity. Hermanson House, an independent kitchen privilege house where the girls cook their own meals, is located at 932 Emerald St. Officers include: vice- president, Judy Torrenceg secretary, Elizabeth Hug- gins, and Co-eds' Congress representative, Karen Mathis. HI-RAY HALL This is college? Air conditioned rooms, wall to wall carpeting and piped in Hi-Fi music enhance living conditions at brand new Hi-Ray Hall. However, this isn't the Life of Riley . . . These industrious girls under the guidance of their president, Linda Litten- berg, do all their own work around the dorm. QNO maid service for themlj All entered into the Christmas spirit when they caroled for St. Mary's hospital. Hi-Ray Hall-Fi1'sL Row: E. Danville, K. Bonacci, M. Cowles, E. Koch, L. Rutsky, M. Gandell. Second Row: K. Horton, M, Jaglowski, J. S-habot, C. Smith, L. Littenberg, S. Carr, N. Zimmer, Mrs, Wfest. Third Row: J. Holtz, P. Brandchaft, S. Rohleder, N. Neville, B. Warne, W. Loveless, J. Moyer, P. Miller, T. Lozenicins, L. Wright, J. Fostvedt. Fourth Row: N. Stitch, L. Tarzy, D. Crane, E. Hedman, E. Danto, R. Erkilla, P. Pal- mer, A. Douglass, M. Porter, P. Wells. Lakota House-First Roni: A. Barron, G. Krause, L. Fretlman, P. Emrich, L. Schleper, J. Frcifelcl, J. Niolis, M. Shain, M. Dubbs, S. Harris. Second Row: M. Dempsey, H. Fyfle, Mrs. .-X. McCartney, lf. Boyce, Mrs. Van .'XCl'I1l1lll,J. Reclway, D. Brimmer, B. Roan, J. Gilbert. Third Row: K. Hurxthal, S. Neuwclt, K. Japlon, C. De Biasc, D. Robinson, J. Heisterkznnp. M. Lefstein, IS. Gravalos, B. Dunn, A. Winckell, D. Soder. Fourth Row: B. Herzog, K. McGrath, J. Ielcnningson, M. Fursl, S. Kussner, C. I-Iookenson, CQ. Gans, L. Stratton, D. VVuethrick, C. Engen, C. Koosmann, L. Yeoman. LAKCTA HGUSE Rosy cheeks, roaring Fire in the fireplace, soft strains from a guitar against the backdrop of a Christmas tree all help to complete the picture of what Lakota House was like last Christmas. This small living unit, hous- ing 55 girls is a very close and tightly knit group. Mrs. Van Aermun is the housernother. Jessica Redway is the president and Dale Drimmer is the vice-president. LAKE LAWN HOUSE Social activities highlighted the year for Lake Lawn House under the supervision of Selma Wise, president, and Mrs. VVilliam Purdue, housemother. Excitement buzzed through the house as the girls planned the fall open house, the Christmas decorating party and the spring picnic with social chairmen, Maxine Winer, Judy Klein and Christine Smith. Other officers were Jill Dorman, Sue Weinberg and Susan Driscoll. Lake Lawn House-First Row: G. Scully, D. Dinitz, H. Schutz, P. Weinberg, L. Garber, C. Kopperl, R. Lowy, J. Lewin, S. Kronengold, E. Kauf- man. Second Row: C. Smith, J. Klein, C. Cooper, S. Y'Veinberg, K. Abel, Mrs. William Perdue, M. Y'Vise, M. lNiner, M. Michalke. Third Row: J. Pearl, N. Lifshey, S. Cheiten, M. Wilson, B. Bader, J. Peterson, S. Nielson, V. Yamamoto, C. Swanson, L. Gluck, S. Smith, A. Katz. Fourth Row: G. Zelinka, N. Simpkins, E, Iverson, M. Havey, R. Sauer, C. Hollister, R. Read, F. Kirschner, E. Kostel, E. Hung, L. Jacobson. "7-aa, . . f 391 392 LOWELL HALL Lowell Hall, a private dorm in its second year of operation, was the scene of many activities. The swim- ming pool was a favorite with the girls and their dates. With Hoor presidents Linda Tell, Ann Reinke, Judy Gordon, Judy Cahn, Judy Ray and Marjorie Tureen working with Toni Leibsohn, head social chairman, and the Floor social chairmen, a busy schedule was planned for the dorm. The girls found the informal conversations with foreign students dur- ing and after an international dinner especially in- teresting. Coffee hours after the home football games and an open house with the Herd entertaining were functions held during the fall months. A winter formal held in the dorm and a faculty tea were two other special events of the year. A spring formal completed the social season for Lowell Hall. First Row: S. Miller, D. Miller, L. Cossman, M. Shernoff, J. Harmon, G. Gersh, G. Levy, L. Zimmerman, S. Smith, B. Hycnar, A. Sheiner Second Row: M. Cohen, M. Rosenstein, J. Walker, H. Barrows, E. Young, Mrs. McCann, E. Seligman, E. Kopans, M. Tureen, M. Weddell N. Ballard. Third Row: S. Jagoda, J. Peckarsky, A. Halpern, E. Derene, C. Whitemfay, C. Morgan, P. Meisel, C. Ashe, D. Silverman, K Kronish, A. Hendry, L. Mileff, J. Levin, G. Irwin, J. Ray. Fourth Row: T. Gray, S. Katz, N. Rosen, L. Soss, B. Bursten, M. Blum, L. Rosen- bloom, J. Schwartz, L. Ward, E. Finkelstein, N. Carstens, L. Marshall, N. Sherman, S. Olson. Fzfth Row: S. Howard, D. Block, L. Vinocur, D Coffman, S. Larsen, B. Konover, C. Muller, K. Miller, W. Rosen, G. Kronheim, E. Jensen, J. Noble, L. Rws, J. Shark. it ' it Y " 2 ' r' ' ,- ' F " '2 7f"2.f it ' T 5 L ,. Q , .'f . , .5.,'l',, 9 :fff r 1 , A fwfr 1 77 iii? at 'J f .' ' " " ' ' 1 V V' ' J ' ' " '- as 4 , 1 l , ., 1. .5 X 'X :Ly , V. , . B .. ,. 4, if -1' 4 V - T F - .4 , 'fi . ' ' H '-, . , rf. f '51, J I, M, . , .ap T xy x I gc: 1 J if ? . i Q-. N, '. N . , f 'f' J' Q, ' . 'A V 14" qs Q K - i , fi' -'ra '. X ' T Flea! 'Q I ., 2, Lowell Hall-First Row: S. Yates, E. Riefkin, B. Weil, N. Glasspiegel, K. Jansen, T. Leibsohn, S. Draisin, J. Kahn, N. Knopow, M. Bernstein M. Barnes, S. Greene, M. Lees, S. Brownie. Scconrl Roni: J. Truclmau, S. Brockman, A. Pitch, S. Hobin, J. Brodkin, A. Barker, Mrs. McCann: J. Govan, J. Sonneborn, J. Revitz, B. Mann, J. Smilh, R. Schaflner. Tlll7'Il' Row: K. Smith, S. Vlfoocl, L. Hoffman, R. Rosenberg, K. Haiman S. Rosen, S. Silver, B. Hirshey, P. Meyer, S. Slesinger, S. Wulfstat, 12. Louis, P. Spero, S. Chalstrom, C. Dane, J. MeGillicuddy, A. Nordholt Fourth Row: P. Cohen, H. Halprin, B. Pettersou, J. Moore, M. Cohen, M. Wolfe, J. Dorfman, S. Karlson, M. Beran, N. McFate, K. Litten, K Mfardecker, K. Vacha, J. Primakow, C. Sutker, E. Bullens, R. Reich, A. Gresham, R. I-lillyarnl. Filllz Row: M. Wiechers, J. Glen, B. Malow, A Schwartz, J. Chambers, li. Pasch, P. Anderson, D. Singer, C. Mack, M. Cohen, D. Cullman, R. Teitcl, Edelman, L. Twiss, J. Gordon, K. Mel- chiors, M. Cohen. Jody Gottfried, a member of Orchesis, Toni Leib- sohn, an alternate cheerleader, Lynn Mayer, a member of the women's bowling team and Laurie Ross, a member of Dolphins represented Lowell Hall in the Daily Cardinal, was one of the many girls who worked on student publications. Carol Reichenbach was the publicity and program chairman for the home eco- nomics convention held on the Wisconsin campus in November and Dianne Block was elected to member- ship in Phi Beta, the women's professional speech and music fraternity. Members of the dorm were also active in orchestra and the women's chorus. recreational part of campus life. Many of the girls were members of WSA or Union committees, others partici- pated in the model UN for which Sue Dreison was dorm chairman. Linda Silberman, an editor for the Lowell Hall-First Row: E. Brown, P. Schiff, R. Padzensky, A. Hardwig, C. Moss, E. Elving. B. Winston, S. Lang, B. Sachnoff, B. Krall, L Krupp. Second Row: C. Patelski, L. Kolb, P. Schneiberg, T. Lane, Mrs. McCann, A. Reinke, S. Berz, J. Feinberg, M. Meshekow, M. Laney Third Row: M. Yablin, B. Jarnow, K. Lawrence, R. Rubin, Gill, L. Mayer, M. Gollan, A. Cutter, A. Kane, K. Feigenbaum, M. Smith, S Freeman, C. Eichler, J. Stegman, L. Tell. Fourth Row: M. Dunlop, D. Brourman, T. Weller, J. Geisenhermer, M. Vonburg, B. Lipsitz, J. Blod- gett, L. Herstone, E. Golman, L. Moskowitz, S. Stern, E. Wachsman, G. Moore, C. Crane. Fifth Row: K. Bernstein, E. Friedman, W. Selenfriend K. Darner, S. Jones, M. Berg, J. Oppenheimer, E. Radutsky, M. Schulman, J. Liff, C. Reichenbach, K. Jones, J. Rose. 393 394 LANGDON HALL This large, impressive dormitory faces Langdon street on one side and is located across from the Memorial Library on its Lake Street side. It houses 204 girls, who are guided by their president, Bonnie Marshall, assisted by the vice-president, Gail Harrison. The dorm itself is largely made up of single units, although there are 26 double rooms. The girls have individual outside interests that take up their time, but there are some projects in which the whole dormitory participates, such as coffee hours after the football games. Such social functions are handled by the social chairman, Teresa O'I-learn. Philanthropic donations such as contributing to the University's Persian Market, and all other money matters are handled by the dorm's treasurer, Judy Kapke. Notes and correspondence that need attention are handled by the secretary, Mary Paulson. Needless to say, a dormitory of this size must have eflicient management, and this job is taken over by Mrs. Wendt, Langdon Hall's housemother. Langdon Hall-First Row: A, Statkus, A. Wharton, E. Clark, B. Colbert, F. Vaughan, S. Quarles, T. O'I-Iern, M. Paulson, K. Galos, B. Marshall, G. Harrison, N. Lyons, V. Morstadt, S. Jeffries, J. Davis, M. Cant, C. Aho. Second Row: G. Behrens, S. Clark, J. Swain, S. May, C. Romano, G. Isselhardt, L. Romano, M. Fleming, N. Oldenberg, M. Kipla, C. Onan, L. Barnes, J. Noonan, M. Coombs, B. Boice, G. Schaefer, D. Hughes, P. Goss, J. Warheld, M. Marks, K. Erickson, P. Schultz. Third Row: Z. McCall, K. Mittag, S. Pierce, R. Kenney P. Icerman, S. Gutheil, E. Nicolaus, I.. Baymiller, J. Jacob, J. Spain, A. Arnold, N. Chadek, L. Leonard, K. Miles, S. Willison, A. Loetscheri L. Bullinger, C. Roper, L. Colfnian, C. Marling, Kehoe. Fourth Row: B. Benton, B. Ballou, Schlaak, P. Fobes, Harsch, M. Robbins, M, Wessxnan, B. Strobl, S. Prastka, R. Kelber, F. Smith, P. Brown, M. Jackson, K. McBroom, C. Cox, S. Madeley, D. Dooley, N. Kubec. Fiflh Row: L. Karlstrom, J. Novotny, D. Hart, P. Ellis, B. Monday, J. Morris, S. Burr, J. Taylor, S. Budlong, V. Crittenton, J. Edgcumbe 1 E..Chidsey, L. Reynolds, L. Moses, B. Hartwig, R. Lawrence, C. Adduci, G. Atwell. Sixth Row: N. Bjork, P. Hoffman, M. Quarles, P. Shirriff, J, Moore, B. Wilder, K. Mills, K. Breinig, Cobb, J. Priester, B, Calabresa, J. Keenan, M. Heenan, J. Janutka, D. Marton, B. Musicus, M. Mercer, C. Goodwillie, M. Zieinet, D. Umbreit. Q' ,4- C' as Langdon lllanor-Firsl Roni: l'. Murray, Ii. Gillette, K. Kaiser. S. Pride. .S'wrfmfI Row: K. Kuhlman, G. Lowrie, J. Harrop, S. Feldbrugge, N. Tolentino. R. Gagliarcli, S. Cook. Tliirfl Roni: K. Rcmmcle. S. Ingcmunson, J. Becker, K. Yurk, M. Rhein, C. Hohefeld. Fourth Row' C. We-in, K. Rothman, K. Pleshek. B. Meyr, D. Skyler, Cl. Sit-hers, NI. I-lohenstein. LANGDON MANOR LANGDON MANOR, under the direction of the social chairmen, Bonnie Meyr and Carol Siebers, began the social season to the UIUC of a post game party with Psi Upsilon. Other social events included a beer supper with the Phi Chis. Led by president Diane Skyler, vice president Karen Kaiser, secretary Lois Motz, and treasurer Gail Lowrie, a most success- ful year was enjoyed by the girls. LANGDON-KETTERER LANGDON LODGE and KETTERER HOUSE are small private rooming houses for girls and accom- modate approximate 27 girls each. The orlicers for Langdon Lodge include president Joan Gerza and treasurer Anna Mae Nicks. Most of the girls have outside jobs, but they do participate as a whole in campus functions such as the blood drive and Cam- pus Chest. Officers for Ketterer House are Beverly Stelter, president, and Maurene Schmidt, treasurer- social chairman. Langdon L0dSe'K6UCTCf HOUSE-First Row: B. Ulitt, A. Nicks, S. Bruggink, J. Cerza, Mrs. Gerathy, J. Hallock, N. Rice, M. Schmidt, R. Silver, B. Pickering, M. Domoto. Second Row: G. Umin, B. Stelter, G. Hitzke, E. Blodgett, V. Sullivan, Y. Graf, E. Howmiller, M. Keppel, S. Koepp, J. Fronk, J. Larsen, S. Schmitt. Third Row: P. Bown, K. Crowley, P. Burkhart, J. Peterson, A. Moses, M. Dirks, P. Nimmer, j. Sullivan, V. Titel, S. Ruggles, L. Dallman. 395 396 Lincoln Lodge-First Row: N. Weinberg, M. Meloy, N. Rathert, L. Oppenheimer, V. Feldmanis, A. Fishman. Second Row: C. Chapman, K. Welke, R. Godwin, E. Gollhardt, J. Dian, S. Rodie, K. Anderson, M. Hasenbach. Third Row: S. Sparks, L. Hiat, A. Seefore, R. Danner, K. Edin, C. Adams, B. Smart, L. Howard, S. Reynoldson, C. Tarzy, L. Berry, D. Vivarski, M. Peck, L. Sands, S. McCutcheon. LINCOLN LODGE Intramural sports occupy some of the spare time of the girls who stay at Lincoln Lodge. They also parti- cipate in such university activities as Campus Chest and beer suppers on some Friday nights. Ellen Goll- hardt is the president, and Ruth Godwin the secre- tary. In charge of money matters is Janet Dian, the treasurer, while Carol Anderson and Phyllis Holden act as ctrsocial chairmen. SHEPARD HALL This independent 'dorm houses 46 girls. Under the direction of their president, Audrey Reich, and social chairmen, Susan Goldberg and Diane Daitchman they had a busy year. For homecoming they helped build a display with Phi Sigma Delta. They rendered their services for Persian Market by treating Evans Schol- ars to a backrub. Other oliicers include Gail Rude, secretary and Louise Ziffer, treasurer. Shepard Hall-First Row: L. Halperin, J. Rubinsky, L. Wright. Second Row: R. Greenspan, R. Abrams, M. Karnins, B. Warshaver, R Marcus, S. Harris, H. Weiner. Third Row: M. Abern, S. Gitelson, A. Reich, Mrs. Barnard, D. Diatchrnan, J. Kruk, L. Ziffer, S. Goldberg Fourth Row: W. Robbins, B. Gerhard, A. Paul, G. Rude, P. Rose, A. Hofnagel, R. Shultis, K. Ericson, J. Zucker, L. Keetch, B. Maduro M. Updegraff, M. Kaplan, K. Milestone, J. Berman. Fifth Row: N. Cotton, L. Krinke, S. Welch, S. Poppy, M. Morris, B. Metzger, J. Buske S. Wagner, A. Gutenstein, E. Pechman, D. Meister, A. Pearl. 'S qs 5 f. ,es 5 TJ nv k ,fi 353' : Solveig House-Firsl Row: C. Schultz, M. lnfclise, D, Rnlkowski, N. Butler, I.. Hollander, G. Reasa. Second Row: R. Rowald, Pobar, J. Train, J. Blackhourn, M. Tracy, D. Dietz. SOLVEIG HOUSE Newly organized as a kitchen privilege house last year, houses 30 girls and is privately owned. Under the leadership of social chairman jean Train, the girls could be seen at Friday evening beer suppers, and at gatherings in their recreation room which boasts a Norwegian decor. Other ofhcers included Iris Petersen, presidentg Gail Burnham, secretary, and Georgean Reasa, treasurer. SUSAN B. DAVIS HOUSE A scholarship cooperative housing 52 girls, Susan B. Davis house also participates in campus activities. One of the finalists of last yearls Badger Song Fest, the girls participated again this year, and entered "Yell Like Helll' with Lake Lawn Lodge and Delta Sigma Pi. The olhcers included Rita Quam, presidentg Sandy Utpatel, vice-president, Sue Wegge, secretary, Cathy Christen, treasurer, and Bonibet Bahr and Barbara Gimla, social chairmen. Susan B. Davis House-First Row: S. Brockhaus, P. Brown, C. Demuth, K. Danaher, J. Mau, S. Siewart, S. lrVikrent, K. Kube. Second Row: K. Vlagner, K. Verriden, G. Gramza, C. Christen, R. Quam, Mrs. Allen, S. Utpatel, S. l'Vegge, B. Hancock, B. Bahr. Third Row: E. Proctor, C. Kuykendall, K. Petersen, M. VVolff, M. Tashek, D. Higins, E. Brose, M. Riley, M. Brenneman, M. Etzel, C. Hanson, D. Gillis, S. Grundahl, E. Stelzig, D. jackson. Fourth Row: S. Pomplum, J. Bast, S. Churchill, j. Jansen, N. Cederberg, K. Demuth, E. Hopkins, T. Paulson, K. Nelson, E. Currie, B. Ross, C. Cauley, C. Kleinert, A. Anderson, M. Ikeler, D. McCormick. same- -- ,- , . . . ' - . .4 fa .ss 1 '-L 397 398 TOWER VIEW "All Around the Country" was theme of Tower View's very successful fall open house. The TV girls, under the supervision of Mrs. Margaret Weiss, housemother, planned another year packed full of social activities. The several beer suppers and winter formal at the Lorraine Hotel came from the extensive planning of the social chairmen, Nina Garter and Joan Zeiger. Active also in campus activities, the girls this year sold taffy apples for Campus Chest, sent representatives to the blood drive and were active in student government. The officers of Tower View were Susan Levinson, president, Cookie Rotgin, vice-president, Nancy Pomeroy, secretary, and Nancy Sidon, treasurer. The girls were proud to announce Judy Berne's election as secretary of Co-eds Congress. Tower View-Fzrst Row: N. Garter, J. Zeiger, N. Sidon, C. Ro-tgin, Mrs. Weiss, S. Levinson, N. Pomeroy, J. Cowan, M. Halpern, M. Glassner. Second Row: S. Berwald, G. Schmidt, M. Lowe, C. Weiss, A. Tepper, B. Victor, R. Segaloff, J. Barnett, D. Glassrnan. Third Row: C. Hahn, B. Bracken, N. Katz, E. Snow, S. Schiff, R. Lasky, D. Rafalow, S. Bernhardt, J. Lee, F. Mathis. Fourth Row: J. Relin, S. Fen- berg, S. Levy, M. Katz, M. Turetsky, S. Siegel, L. Slavitt, Schwartz, C. Nelson, Berne. Victoria House-First Row: M. Blum, L. Zebrowitz, B. Miner, G. Brandwcin, P. Cohen, Mr. Abrams, B, Lebenson, A. Cohan, D. Lerner, R. Nobel, M. Koch. Second Rmv: L. Kirshner, C. Ballict, B. Stone, l'. Kraft, I.. Lipschutz. A. Schnapper, M. jay, S. Hauser, E. Sackren, S. Traum. Third Row: L. Isrofl, P. Malsin, IE. Fisher. S. Kapinos, S. Jacobs, K. Gordon, B. Dussnian, L. Benedict. Fourllz Row: L. Wald, Ullman, N. Abrams, A. Winton, B. Lambert, j. Kingslonc. VICTORIA HOUSE The girls of Victoria House, under the leadership of Paula Cohen, president, and Mrs. Bess NVexler, housemother, enjoyed another year of fun-Hlled activi- ties. Under the direction of social chairmen, Beverly Epstein and Gay Green, the fall open house, "Fall- Inn," a coffee hour, beer suppers and a folk sing were the major social events. Other oflicers were Betsy Lebenson, vice-president, Alice Cohan, secretary, and ZOE BAYLISS President, Lois Ehrhardt, and those assisting her, planned many activities for the members including a fall open house and participation in Badger Festival of Song. Highlighting the spring semester were a faculty tea and house formal. Besides these activities the girls contributed their services to Campus Chest and the blood drives. Shelley Larson also found time to take the job of secretary of Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Babs Miner, treasurer. Zoe Bayliss House-First Row: S. Demeny, C. Cederberg, S. Schwartz, M. Fuchs, R. Wenslaff, M. Keul, J. Rudolph, L. Hoyer, C. Stock. Second Row: P. Detlor, B. Howell, C. Larson, D. Plunkett, K. XfValter, G. Owen, Miss Siewart, L. Ehrhardt, B. Christopherson, M. Reiter, S. Mason, C. Korn. Third Row: G. Christensen, P. Butts, M. Owen, L. Gade, A. Bowman, K. Zuengler, D. Ruby, S. Stoll, K. Skuldt, J. Stampil, C. Boyd, S. Mauermann, Mfaterstreet, J. jesenski, M. Oestreich, N. North, Brennell. Fourth Row: C. Ficken, N. Wroblewski, M. Raml, K. Eagen, C. Meise, N. Deeley, C. Bernhardt, R. Monthie, S. Larson, B. Losey, B. Secrist, J. Brunette, M. Casely, V. Griffiths. 399 400 VILLA MARIA The beautiful and new Spanish interior has only added a more continental attitude to the already charming pink stucco Villa Maria. To make the Villa not just a casa, but a home, Mr. and Mrs. I-Iamp Miller have adopted the Villa girls, be- coming their new house mother and father. During the fall semester the Villa girls could be seen leaving en masse for Friday night beer suppers, and cheering wildly with David Schreiner house during "Yell Like Hell." The winter formal at the Villa and the fall open house were the major social events planned by Linda Barton, Donna Fin- nerty and Sally Rehwald, social chairmen. The ofhcers included Paula Von Scheidt, president, Marilyn Mitchell, vice-presidentg Bonnie Schroth, secretary, and Roni Roberts, treasurer. Villa Maria-First Row: P. Keane, D. Finerty, M. Mitchell, P. Von Scheidt, C. Pearl, Mrs. Miller, B. Hulbert, N. Kaufman, L. Barton, A. Skyles. Second Row: B. Lane J. Ductor S Golden S Breitenbach H Rosen J Ulin L Pincus S U . ' 1 ' f - , 1 - , . , . , . goretz, K. Rosenber , S. G t b h, J. Bauman. Thwd Row: E. Gallant, P. Berry, N. Lefco, S. Lazar, S. Lefco, D. Lampert, W. Grampp, L. Grotsky, J. gGeal, eG1eliia'in, Fourth Row: S. Lewis S. Abraham J. Brown J Klein A Meinkow K Bova M Von Ende M Stenseth R Blackman M - , ' ' 1 ' , f - . . 1 - , - , - , . , . Warren. Fzfth Row. N. Taggart, S. Rothgart, J. Mehrer, D. Gibbons, K. G1ll1s,J. Huxhold, G. Ericson, C. Smith, C. Kreuzer, B. Allis, T. Goldberg. Tom Aycock, president SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS Ann Trukenbrod, vice-president Each spring the four senior class officers are elected by the student body in a cam- pus-wide election. They serve on the Senior Council and also prepare and distribute a summer and spring senior newsletter. They also work in cooperation with the Deans Steve Underwood, treasurer to arrange the iirst semester commence- ment exercises. Renee Cohen, secretary 401 402 LAW SENIORS Anagnos, Bask C. Bolle, William F.. Bader, Gary Backus, Charles W. Cohen, James R. Cosentino, Michael A. Cusack, John W. Davis, Peter N. Dubin, Carl L. Englund, John F. Fisher, Frederick W. Foley, John D. Forester, Denis M. Galbraith, Douglas G. Gehring, Mark A. Gillette, Terry C. Heth, Gene A. Hoaglund, Cyrus V. Huber, James O. Kahn, Bert L. Kolka, James W. Lev, Phillip M. Lowe, James L. Lucas, Don.R. McBurney, Floyd W. Mclntire, Michael V. Mclntyre, Angus R. McKay, James C. McNamara, William B Marks, Richard S. Mitchel, Arthur B. Mitrzyk, Frank W. Nichol, Gerald C. Novitzke, Don P. Nuernberg, Richard W Oestreicher, john C. Olson, Joseph R. Pearce, Douglas C. Penn, Robert F. Perchem, Costa Randall, Jerome E. Rowley, james A. Ruth, Robert Schlichting, Philip F. Schrnidt, Neal E. Schubert, Frederick Scott, Burton A. Sodos, Sidney Stone, Donald R. Switzer, Peter S. Tierney, Timothy A. Trosch, Joel S. Van Horne, Roger D. Waggoner, John M. Wake, Van Wege, Robert W. Westring, Richard W. Wexler, David D. Whipple, Carlyle H. Wright, Gerald E. Zurich, Gerald F. 404 MEDICAL SENIORS Albertini, Richard Anderson, William E. Andringa, Conrad L. Bart, Robert D. Beck, James P. Becker, George E. Bernhardt, Louis C. Boeker, Allen J. Bronson, Frederick H. Chilgren, Richard A. Cornford, Raymond C. Dippe, Stephen E. Ellsworth, Edward L. Froelich, Ralph D. Galos, Katherine Gilmore, Mark A. Gordon, Alan L. Gritzmacher, Richard O. Henke, Tim K. Hill, Wayne A. Hull, Stephen B. Hutter, Adolph M. Kohlberg, Irving Luck, Allan Luck, Bernard McAuley, George A. Manz, Carl W. Mattson, Clem J. Moyer, Geoffrey H. Murphy, james E. Paley, Harvey D. Pohle, Edward L. Poole, James R. Putterman, Allen M. Reigel, Donald H. Rice, James L. Shafer, James S. Slocumb, Charles O. Sondreal, Wesley D. Strebel, Ronald L. Sybers, Harley D. Wegner, Gene P. Zimmermann, Timm A. . ,, . X, , V, , Qifjj , ,h A1k1n, Jocelyn E. . Black, Elizabeth A. "1 "Z "" ,' 115-Zia "r, f c'-4 'Vfx' NUV-'iffff ' XZVQZ 121' il? 'lv "" 75.-f' -'ff"'J. 1 - OC C ,- Jan - - Brandt, Mary A- ,, ' f 4. 1,214 ' ' f 1.-:cup .7 ,541 5 , .. Ay . W5 X 6, . , ,..,..4,, . ...r, , ll ., Brandt, Sue Ann Gregg Bratz, Joyce Breitenbach, Susan Butzke, Sharon L. Conway, Sharon L. Dunphy, Margaret C. Estes, Mary L. F ratti, Theresa B. Fulka, Pamela R. 'FyH5e, Harriet L. Gay, Suelen J. Haagensen, Holly L. Hampel, Jane S. Hughes, Bettie J. Jacobsen, Joan C. Kapplinger, Karen K. Klipstein, Carol R. Kuhr, Marilyn Kulas, Joyce C. McGaan, Kathleen J. McNamara, Patty Marvin, Barbara L. Mathieu, Rochelle Meitner, Judith M. Mills, Katherine M. Moertl, Kathleen M. Moran, Denise M. Mueller, Barbara L. Newman, Ellen H. Nicks, Anna M. Oberts, Janene M. Parke, Jean M. Paulson, Pamela Peterson, Irene M. Prime, Sue C. Rohrer, Carol B. Sabin, Joan M. Schaller, Sandra S. Schwebs, Karen L. Shrake, Ruth A. Smith, Frances C. Springer, Judith Stone, Nancy E. Tamm, Mary A. Teske, Linda C. Thomas, Linda L. Timmers, Caryl S. Vehse, Judith L. Walek, Judith A. Wartinbee, Ann E. Weiss, Caroline Welsch, Mary A. Wernigg, Elaine W. Wienke, Judith A. NURSING SENIORS -T , V - L 13 ll Y M , ' 9 A Q9 405 406 SENIORS Aasen, Karin L. Abbott, Harold F. Aberg, Barbara A. Ableidinger, Robert Abler, Norman C. Abraham, Linda E. Adameak, Janet M. Aderhold, Bruce A. Ahsmann, Nancy Ainsworth, Anita L. Ainsworth, Frederick W Akmentins, Barbara Albert, Gilbert G. Alberts, Linda Albertson, Wayne F. Alf, Barbara A. Alli, Eugene R. Altman, Susan D. 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Eau Claire ENGL Tf Cottey College: Y- GOP: Coed Congress: Canterbury Cb: Humo: LHA: Elsom Hse, pblcty chm: KA, historian ABLEIDINGER, R. J. Durand ACCT Tf Eau Claire: Alpha Kappa Psi: Newman Cb ABLER, NORMAN C. Wisconsin Rapids ME Tf Stevens Point: ASME: AFS: Pi Tau Sigma: Engr Expstn. 1962 ABRAHAM, LINDA E. Milwaukee SPAN Sigma Delta Pi. pres: Span Cb, sec: Latin Amer Cb, tres: Intl Cb: Broth-Sis Prog: Lowell Hall, flr pres ADAMEAK, JANET M. Milwaukee OCT Tf UWM: Calvary: Othera ADERHOLD, B, A, Bonlluel PHARM Mack Hse, tres, soc chm. pres, hmcming chm AHSMANN, NANCY J. Chicago, Ill. PHY ED WSA Elct Comm: PHY ED NEWS, ed: Phy Ed Cb AIKIN. JOCELYN E. Elgin. lll. NURSING Alpha Tau Delta AINSWORTH, A. L. Monroe ACCT Phi Chi Theta, tres: Eliz Waters, tres AINSWORTH, F. W. Monroe HIST AKMENTINS, B. J. Chippewa Falls MDT ALBERT, GILBER G. Neosho PHARM Kappa Psi, Scabbard 84 Blade: Pershing Rf: WPhA ALBERTINI, R. J. Racine MEDICINE AOA: Sigma Sigma: Nu Sigma Sigma ALBERTS, LINDA J. Highland Park, Ill. EED Soph Honors: WSA, prsl cnct comm, pblcty comm: Intl Cb: Union Hmcming Comm: Lowell Hall, hse pres ALBERTSON, W. F. Albany, NY AGR ENGR ALF, BARBARA A. Marshfield FRENCH Tf Stevens Point: Hoofers: Intl Cb: Newman Cb: Y-Demo ALLI, EUGENE R. Kenosha PED Phi Epsilon Kappa, tres: WSA Ldrshp Trn Prog: KE pldg pres, rush chm ALTMAN, SUSAN D. South Bend, Ind. OCT Tf Stevens College: Othera: EAT, stnd chm, rush cnslr ALYEA, FRED N. Waukesha METEOR Union Usher: Y-GOP: IF: Stdnt Sen: Acacia, soc chm, rush chm, pres ALZUHN, GERD R. Milwaukee ME Tf UWM: ASME: Broth-Sister Progm: LHA Discipline Comm AMACHER, M, L, Milwaukee PI-IM Phi Theta: SLICHTER NEWS, cd: Hmcming Comm: Beeieatcrs, progm chm: Choir: Stdnt Cncl: AKD, tres AMBERSON, JOHN W. Beaver Dani PHARM Rho Chi, tres: WPhA AMERELL, JANE L. Milwaukee ENGL Ti UWM: NEW IDEA. nssoc ed ANAGNOS, BASIL C. Madison LAW ANDERSEN, ANITA L. Milwaukee CHEM Tl' UNVM ANDERSEN. JACK J. Waukesha REALTY Delta Sigma Pi: Insurance Soc: Comm Bd: Fencing ANDERSON, BARRIE Syracuse PSYCH Eta Kappa Lambda: LI-IA Cbnt, Ldgis Comm, tres: WSA. hmn rltn comm: DORMISTORY: Hooters: Somalia Dlgn, chm: Mock UN: Mock Demo Convnt ANDERSON, C. A. iWllIt'ClIlkt'l' HIST NSP: Union Hse Comm Chm: Panhell Dcrt Comm: Chad I-Imcming Dcrt: Afh ANDERSON. C. E, Milwaukee ACCT TI' Michigan State: Beta Alpha Psi: XX ANDERSON, G. P. Rockford. lll. ME ASME: Frat Buyers C0-op, bd of govnors: XKIP. tres ANDERSON, J. E. Hammond CHEM Phi Lambda Upsilon: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Union Forum Comm ANDERSON, JOHN A. Dekalb, Ill. ENGL Tf Augustana College: Wisc Players: Union Theater Comm: LSA ANDERSON, J. F, Appleton ENGL 84 FR Campus Chest: Panhell, pblcty chm: NSP: AXQ ANDERSON, KAREN E. Manitowoc POLI SCI Tf Manitowoc: Y-GOP: WSA, prsl conct comm: Union Pblc Rltn Comm: Soc Comm, sub-chm, sec: Sr Swingout Comm: Humo: Model Un: NSP: Drama Wkshp: KA, chpln, pldg sec ANDERSON, MARY L. Green Bay ED LHA, speaker 8: debate comm ANDERSON, R. H. West Allis CE ASCE: Baseball: K2 ANDERSON, ROY R. Weyerhauser CONSVER ANDERSON, S, L. Clarendon Hills, Ill. EED NSP: Union Plctm Comm: Union V-Pres Comm: Rosenberry Hse, pres, coed congress ANDERSON, W. E. Racine MEDICINE Phi Chi ANDREA, R. R. Maclisort SOC WK Tl Platteville State ANDREWS, MARY J. La Grange, Ill. ART ED AWS Fashion Show, prod chm: AXQ ANDREWS, SCOTT D. Neenali FINANCE ANDRINGA, C. B. New Berlin ACCT Mace: Iron Cross: Viking Scholr: IF, sec: Wisc Previews: Sympsm, lin chm: SLIC: Co-op Bd of Control: Mil Ball fin chm: NSP: EX rush chm, pres ANDRINGA, C. L. New Berlin MEDICINE Phi Chl: Swim Team: EX ANGOLI. CARL A. Manitowoc CHE Phi Kappa Theta: AIChE: Newman Cb: Wrestling ANSFIELD, JAMES J. Miltt'ttttkt'tf PHIL Model UN: Stdnt Sen: Stdnt Relg Cncl. tres: Hillel: Stdnt-Fclty Comm on Religion AN UNDSON. R, E. Mtttlixon GEOG Ti Kenosha APOSTOL. CI-IIS G. Baraboo PI-IARM Kappa Psi ARMSTRONG, G. L. Cedar Falls, la. ECON Iron Cross: WSA. tres: LHA co-ordntr: Book Excnge chm: Ldrshp Conf Chm: Exec Comm: Stdnt Sen: Mock GOP K: Demo: Big-I0 Stdnt Cong: Badger Party, chm: Varsity Party, exec co-ordntr: IF-Panhell Big-10 Conf Research dt Evaluation Chm: Lewis Sherman Memorial Schlrshp: Wisc Previews: BBTI ARNDT, RICHARD W. Wisconsin Rapids MKT Scabbard 84 Blade: Mkt Cb: SAM: LHA: NSP: Union Soc Comm: Mil Ball Comm: Gamma Delta: Humo: McNeel Hse, tres: GX, pldg pres ARNOLD, SUZANNE West Allis EED Eta Kappa Lambda: Henmon Hse, pres, v-pres: Chorus: WIC, chm: UW Stdnt NEA ARNOLD, JANE M. West Allis SOC WK Chad, hmcming chm, chorus: Elm Drive Commons Comm ARNOLD, WILLIAM T. West Allis ME Scabbard 8a Blade: Nautilus Soc: NROTC, batt exec oiic: GAX ARNOVITZ, E. J. Marinette PSYCH Uni on Usher: Hmcming Comm: Solveig Hse, coed cong rep ARONSON, ELYSE F. Madison SPEECH Tf Bennington College ARNSTEIN, S. S. Forest Hills, NY POLI SCI Hillel Cncl: Hoofers: Phil Cb: Y-Demo SENIOR INDEX ASCHER, PETER D. Shawano HORT Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Zeta: Phi Kappa Phi: Theatre Comm: Gymn: Chamberlin Hse, pres, soc chm ASI-IE, CHERYL L. Chicago, Ill. EED Ti Illinois: Mock UN: I-Iillel: UW Stdnt NEA ASHFORD, JUDY E. San Mateo, Cal SPEECH Tf San Mateo ALESON, JOHN E. Stoughton PHARM WPhA ASPNES, JOHN D. De Forest EE Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: Orchestra: Mrch 8: Concert Band AVERILL, E. M. Prospect, Ill. NAT SCI Sr Swingout, ushers chm: NSP: Wisc Previews: Campbell Hse, sec: TIBQIH, soc chm AYCOCK, THOMAS J. Lake Oswego, Ore EE Eta Kappa Nu: Sr Class Pres: Campus Carn Exec Comm: Mack Hse, hsefellow: ZX, pres BAARS, MONA M. Lodi ED Tabard Inn, pres, soc chm: Susan Davis Hse, v-pres BABE, SUE ANN M. Muskego EED Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Lambda Theta: AFA BABULA, JUDITH A. Charlotte, NC HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron: Eta Kappa Lambda, sec: Intercollegiate AWS Progrn Comm: Coed Cong: Blood Drive: Sr Swingout: Euthenics: Hec Chapter pres: Eliz Waters, sec, tres BACH, MARTIN W. Milwaukee FINANCE Finance Soc, pres: Mil Ball Comm: Hillel: lTAlIJ BACKUS, CHARLES W. Milwaukee LAW Tf Dartmouth: Phi Delta Phi: SBA BADER, GARY A. Catawba LAW Tf Superior: WLSA: SBA: ALSA: North Central Assoc, asst chm BADMAN, DAVID G. Chippewa Falls ZOOL BAEBLER, MARY C. Monticello EED DORMISTORY: USF: Rsdnt Cncl BAER, RICHARD B. Madison PHY ED Football: 'W" Cb BAILEY, K. M. Kenosha CHEM BADGER: Elections Commission: Snow I-Ise tres BAILEY, MARLYN R. Big Falls EE Kappa Eta Kappa: IRE: Basebal: "W" Cb BAKER, DWIGHT E. Blanchardville BACT GX BAKER, VIRGINIA W. Racine ED Sigma Epsilon Sigma BALCK, RALPH E. Appleton ME Tf UWM: Delta Sigma Pi, v-pres: Newman Cb: ASME, sec BALDERSON, ANNE R. Madison SOC WK CARDINAL: Union Prsl Comm: Womens Rec Assoc, pblcty chm: 'TGIJB BALGE, RUSSELL J. M ani lowoc I-IORT Hort Cb: Stdnt Soc L. Arch BANCZAK, K. D. Antigo PROD MNGT SAM BARGREN, JOHN H. Rockford, Ill. ME ASME: Scabbard 8: Blade: NSP: Wisc Previews: Gymn: Soph Honors: BGH, pldg tm BARLOW, BONNIE M. Appleton ENGL AAA BARMAN, PHILIP F. Two Rivers HIST Tf Manitowoc: Newman Ch:fI1K6 BAROCCI, ROBERT L. Cudahy MATH Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Soph Honors: Frosh Ldrshp Comm: IF: Union Soc Chm Bd: BADGER: 4I1I'A BARRY, SANDRA D. Chicago, III. BOTANY BADGER: Campus Chest: Humo Kickline: Hmcming Comm: Union Plcmt Comm: Eliz Walters, soc chm BART, ROBERT D. West Bend MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu BARTMAN, ROBERT V. Wauwautosa CHE AIChE: Tau Beta Pi, sec: Phi Eta Sigma: Soph Honors: Mack Hse, pres, soc chm BASSLER, CARL R. Delavan EE Tf Whitewater: AIEE: Tarrant Hse, pres BAST, KATHLEEN A. Minocqua SPAN Tf Superior: Coed Cong: Newman Cb, v-pres: Blue Shield 4-H: Span Cb: Intl Cb: Willison Hse, pres BAUMGARDT, A. C. Wausau INSURANCE lnsrnc Society, sec-tres: Comm Bd BAUMGARTNER, J. A. Appleton ME Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma, corrs sec: Tau Beta Pi: Delta Epsilon: Iron Cross: LHA, Cabnt mmb: Chamberlin Hse, pres BAUMGARTNER, R. J. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM: IRE: Polygon Bd, sec: AQQ, pres, tres SENIOR INDEX BAXTER, BARBARA H. Pewaukee JOURN Tf Wesleyan: Pi Kappa Delta: CARDINAL BEALL, WILLIAM E. Appleton ECON LHA Cabnt BEARMAN, DAVID L. Rice Lake PSYCH DORMISTORY, co-sport ed, Haresfoot, Phillip Hse, athlec chm BECK, INGA L. Waunakee SPEECH LHA Cabnt, Womens Chorus BECK, JAMES P. Madison MEDICINE BECK, JEAN M. Madison ENGL Phi Kappa Phi, Panhell Comm, Humo, pblcty comm, TIBKIJ, v-pres BECK, PETER A. Kenosha ECON Phi Eta Sigma, Artus BECKER, GEORGE E. Madison MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu BECKER, WAYNE M. Merton BIOCHEM Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, UW Band, Exchng Stdnt, ABE, pres BECKLEY, DANIEL G. La Grange, Ill. FINANCE Wisc Previews, IF, pldg trn comm, NSP, Xllf, tres BEERNINK, BONNIE C. Milwaukee HEC Tf Carroll, Dolphine, XQ BEERY, RICHARD G. Madison PSYCH Phi Eta Sigma, Mace, Phi Kappa Phi, Soph Honors, Stdnt Sen, SLIC, Union Forum Comm, WSA, SAX BEGHIN, RITA E. Wisconsin Dells EED Tf Stevens Point BEHNKE, DAVID F. Wauwatosa GEOL LHA, Band BEHRENS, K. B. Racine TEXT CHEM Tf Racine BEHRENS, RUTH A. Oshkosh SPEECH Phi Beta, v-pres, NSP, Union Theater Comm, WSA Curriclm Comm, Rosenberry Hse, tres BEIER, A. LEE Madison HIST CARDINAL, news ed, SLIC, KE BEIGHLEY, S. M. Eau Claire PHARM WPhA, soc comm, Kappa Epsilon, alumni chm, NSP BEISCHEL, THOMAS E. Beloit CRIMIN UW Skydivers Cb, Y-GOP, Newman Cb BELL, HUGH H. Madison FINANCE Scabbard 8a Blade, Pre-Law Cb, Finance Cb BELL, MARY C. Three Lakes SOC WK WSA Prsl Comm, NSPS Union Usher, AWS Fashion Show, UW Chorus BELTZ, M. M. Wausau ENGL BENEDICT, MARY A., Chicago, Ill. FRENCH Campus Cam, AWS Fash Show, Italian Cb, French Hse, Eliz Waters, flr chm, dcrt comm BENKOVIC, R. J. Madison ME Tf Whitewater, ASME BENNER, E. M. Janesville FRENCH Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Coed Cong, YWCA, v-pres, French Cb, Bayliss Hse, jud chm, soc chm BENNETT, MARIAN E. Madison ENGL Tf Blackburn, Christian Sci Organization, AZ BENSEMANN, J. A. Thiensville PHM Phi Theta, SCOOP, co-ed, LHA, prsnl comm, pblcty comm, Ldrshp Trn Prog BENSON, JAMES L. Spooner ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, Insurance Soc, AIESECI, Y-GOP, Mens Glee Cb, AEIT, v-pres, pres BERG, DENNIS L. Sheboygan ASTRON KIJAO, soc chm BERG, SUSAN E. Cheltenham. Pa. FRENCH Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Soph Honors, Union Forum Comm, French Cb, German Cb, Chorus, French Hse, sec BERGEMANN, A. L. Beaver Dam OCT Othera, Y-GOP, IIB411 progm chm, v-pres BERGEMANN, J. A. Milwaukee BACT Union Crafts Comm, Union Hse Comm, Union Prom Comm, Concert Band, HEC Hsply Day, co-chm BERGER, R. W. Cochrane ACCT YMCA, pres BERGERET, L. J. Yorktown Heights, NY CHILD DVLP USF, Mime 8: Man Theatre, admn comm BERGMAN, CAROL Milwaukee OCT Tf UWM, Othera BERGWALL, M. S. Chicago, Ill. PHARM Kappa Epsilon, WPhA, WSA, Mock UN BERKE, KAREN L. Nelson HEC Union Hse Comm, chm, Christian Sci Org, Wise Previews, HEc Hsply Day, Chm, Agr-HEC Ball, chm BERLIANT, MARK D. llflilwaukee HIST Tf UWM, AEII BERLIN, IRA New York. NY HIST VVisc Preview, Union Synpsm Comm, Pyre HSC, tres BERNDT, JOHN E. Hartford EE Phi Eta Sigma! Eta Kappa Nu, LHA, KE pldg trn, pres BERNHARDT, L. C. Madison MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu, WISMA, pres BERNETZKE, G. P, West DePere ECON SAM, Cosmopolitan Hse, pres BERNICK, P. A. Wausau SED Union Plcmnt Comm, Eliz Waters, v-pres, IWDI3, tres BERNSTEIN, R. J. Janesville DY SCI Agr-Stdnt Cncl, Saddle 8: Sirloin Cb, Little Intl, bldngs 8: grnds admn, FFA, v-pres, A62 mgr BERRY, RUTH A. Platteville PHARM Kappa Epsilon BETTS, L. T. Milwaukee MED SCI Pershing Rf, Calvary Choir, v-pres, Millar Hse, v-pres, sec, commons rep BEULIG, ALFRED Athens ZOOL Tf Wausau BEVERLEY, J. M. Wayne, Ill. ART ED NSP, soc chm, Hmcming Ball Chm, Hmcming Parade 8: Dcrt Chm, AWS Fash Shw, design chm, AQ, histrn, v-pres BEYER, JOAN E. New York, NY MKT WSA Schlrshp Chm, Panhell Ball, fm chm, Ann Emery, jud chm, AI' BEYER, ROY L. Manawa DY SCI Saddle 8: Sirloin Cb, Blue Shield 4-H BEYERSTEDT, L. J. West Allis CHE AIChE, EAQ BEYREIS, KURT A. Schofield CHE AT, pld tm, rcrd sec BIEDERMANN, M. M. Fort Atkinson SOC WK Mock UN, LHA, Sprks 8: Debates Comm, Chorus, Cool Hse, sec BIERBRAUER, T. P. Wausau ME Tf Purdue, SME, ZX, soc chm BIERMEIER, BRUCE J. Rhinelander ECON Tf Stevens Point, Newman Cb BIERSACH, JAMES E. Mequon ME KIDKO, hse chm BIEUER, ELMER H. Belgium HIST BINDER, DAVID R. Bronx, NY ECON Delta Kappa Epsilon, v-pres, Film Comm, LHA, soc chm, loans 8: schlrshp comm, Rundell Hse, tres, soc chm BIRKS, MARY E. La Grange, Ill. POLI SCI VOICE, ed bd, Mock UN, Calvary Choir, URC, religion 8: campus comm, Panhell Rush Cnslrz Chad, jud chm, FQB BIRMINGHAM, W. J. Milwaukee ACCT Soph Honors, Swimming BISCHEL, JON E. Racine COMM Alpha Kappa Psi, pblcty chm, DORMISTORY, Varsity Party, v-chm? LHA Jud Bd, Stdnt Ldrshp Tm, Stdnt Court Justice, Pre-Law Cb, Judo Cb, Weight-lifting Cb, ATA, pblcty chm, asst tres BIWER, JAMES J. Waukesha COMM BLACK, E. A. Waukesha NURSING AQ BLAHNIK, R. J. Algoma GEOG BLOCK, BONNIE L. Mayville SOC WK Eta Kappa Lambda, DORMISTORY, LHA Cabnt BLOCK, DIANE A. Janesville SPEECH Theater Comm, Wisc Players, WHA-TV, tech drctr, Lowell Hall, pres BLOEDORN, ALEX H. Appleton COMM Tf Fox Valley, SAM, Hoofers BLOM, CAROLE D. Waukesha ART Tf UWM, LHA, pblc rltn comm, soc chm, Y-GOP, KA BLUM, CAROLYN Terre Haut, Ind. SOCWK Union Usher, EAT, pldg pres, v-pres, rush chm BLUMER, CLAIRE R. Albany MDT Alpha Delta Theta, progm chm BOBER, THOMAS W. Monroe CHE AIChE, Intl Cb BOCKL, JUDY F. Milwaukee SOC Union Pblc Rltn Comm, Villa Maria, tres BOEBEL, JAN K. Boscobel NURSING Alpha Tau Delta BOEHM, NANCY Hewlett, NY HIST CARDINAL, Union Usher, Film Society BOEKER, ALLEN J. Jackson MEDICINE Phi Chi, sec, Boxing BOETTCHER, R. W. Rhinelander POLI SCI IF, Y-GOP, BADGER, GPFA, pres BOHEIM, JACK R. Wauwatosa EE BAE BOHL, JAMES C. Wausau PHARM Kappa Psi, Kahlenberg Hse, athltc chm BOHM, LYNN F. Wausau ACCT Newman Cb, SAM, Finance Cb BOLDT, DAVID E. Appleton ENGL BOLGRIEN, ALICE J. Madison I-11-EC WSA BOLLE, WILLIAM E. Utica, Mich. LAW BOLLER, CYNTHIA K. Madison HEC BD Phi Upsilon Omicron, Euthenics, AAA, marshal, coed cong rep BOLTON, LYNN N. Racine PSYCH Tf Racine, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Union Pblcty Comm, LHA Dance Comm BOONE, ELLEN C. Arlington, Va. PSYCH Tf Wake Forest, Bapt Stdnt Ctr, Kerk-en- Wereld, progm chm BOOTH, CLAIRE E. Urbana, Ill. HIST Mortar Bd, Dolphins, Wisc Players, I-Ioofers, LHA, athltc comm, Model UN, Model GOP Cnvtn, Hmcming Pblcty Comm, Union Theater Comm, USF, Dormsylvania, Campus Cam, Ross Hse, hmcing comm, Ketterer Hse, jud chm BORCHARDT, J. T. Wausau SED Sigma Alpha Eta, Calvary BORCHERT, F. C. West Bend SOC WK Arnold Air Society, chapln, Mil Ball Dcrt Comm, Fallows I-Ise, tres, pres BORIS, F. M. Milwaukee PHARM Tf UWM, AEII BOROWSKI, JOYCE B. Mequon MDT Tf UWM, Alpha Delta Theta BORST, DORIS M. Mequon HIST Crucible, Soph Honors, Mortar Bd, v-pres, WSA, Pblc Rltn Drctr, NSP, chm, Frosh Ldrshp Trn Progm, chm, Soph Honors Banquet, chm, SLIC Sub-Comm, Stdnt Sen, Wise Previews, ILS Cnel, sec, tres, Panhel Rush Cncl, AXQ, pres BORTON, DAVID P. Eau Claire EE Tf Eau Claire, Kappa Eta Kappa, corrs. sec, pres, IRE, Calvary Choir, Engr Expstn, 1962 BOTTKOL, JAMES E. Green Bay SOC Tf Green Bay, Stdnt Senate, Newman Cb BOURIL, DORIS A. Manitowoc HEC Hoofers, Union Usher, LHA, Film Comm, Purchasing Comm, Haas Hse, tres BOWN, PAULINE L. Beloit JOURN Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Crucible, Coranto, Sigma Iota, CARDINAL, Intl Cb, FOCUS, ed, Wisc Players, pblcty, Y-Demo, Hoofers, Pre-Law Cb BRACKMANN, R. P. Green Bay HEC NSP, Hoofers, Euthenics, HEc Hsply Day, pblcty chm, Dolphins, pblcty chm, Chadbonrne, WRA intramural mgr BRAM, STANLEY Yonkers, NY PHYSICS Tf New York, NSP, Hoofers, Fencing BRANDCHAFT, P. B. Baltimore, Md. MED MICRO Y-Demo, Bleyer Hse, sec BRANDENBURG, J. L. Madison HEC IWDB BRANDENBURG, J. L. Madison CHILD DVLP AWS Fash Show Comm, HEc Hsply Day Comm, IWIXB, asst rush chm BRANDLEY, J. L. Lake Genera IIBGIY BRANDT. E. A. Madison SOC WK NSP: BADGER: X9 BRANDT. MARY A. Madison NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: AG' BRANDT, ROYAL A. Ladysmith LIGHT BLD Tf Eau Claire: Alpha Phi Omega, v-pres: WSA: Y-GOP: Wesley Fnclln BRANDT, S. A. GREGG Madison NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: Wisc Players: AZ IN MEMORIAM BRANSON, MARTHA S. Green Bay OCT AWS Coed Cong: AWS Fash Show, progm comm: Othera. tres: Campbell Hse, soc chm: AAA histrn, hse pres BRASELTON W. E. Sheldon. la. ZOOL Leopold Hse, v-pres: SK. histrn, chpln BRATZ. JOYCE New Holstein NURSING TI' UWM: Badger Christian Fellowship BREINIG. KAREN D. Chicago. Ill. JOURN Coranto: Gamma Alpha Chi, sec: CARDINAL: BADGER: Union Soc Comm: Market Cb, sec BREITENBACH. S. J. Pierre, SD NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: Y-GOP: Pres Hse: A-'D BRENNAN, JOHN T. Minot-qua ZOOL Boxing BRENNEKE, R, H. Madison POLI SCI 'IIT BREUCH, THOMAS F. Madison ZOOL Calvary: DDE, sr marshall, athletc chm BREW, JANET E. Wis Dells HEC Euthenics: Blue Shield 4-H BRIDGMAN, J. R. Mt. Kisco, NY INTL RLTN AWS, exec cncl, prsl chm asst sec: Sr Swingout, progm chm: ITBQ, asst rush chm, asst soc chm, pres BRIGHAM, KENT R. Madison PRSL MNGT Newman Cb: UW Band: Mens Glee Cb BRILL BONNIE S. Mequon JOURN Tf Drake: Gamma Alpha Chi, tres, v-pres: BADGER: CARDINAL: Union Music Comm, jazz progm: Hooters, pblcty chm BRINKMANN, W. E. Oconomowoc CE WISC ENGINEER, co-photo ed: Calvary: MWA, fin comm BRITTON, JAMES A. West Bend ME ASME: Hoofers: Engr Expstn, 1962 BROCADE, K. A. West Salem PHM Phi Theta: Ldrshp Trn Progm: ATA, schlrshp chm BRODKIN, JUDITH R. Cliirago, Ill. SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: I-Imcming Comm: Hillel: Lowell Hall, soc chm BRONSON. F. H. ParIa,ee MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu, rush chm BROTZ. PETER D. Slielmyigan ECON Tl' Montana: LHA Prsl Comm: EIDE BROWN. DAVID M. New Riclznmnd ZOOL Hooters, gen cncl BROWN, EUGENE F, iW1ulis11n M E Eta Kappa Nu, pres: IRE: ASME: I-Ioofers BROWN. GERALD S. Lena CE TI Oshkosh: Chi Epsilon. sec. pres: ASCE: Triangle. hsc mgr, pres BROWN. J, WILLIAM Crown Puinl. Ind. INSRNC Tl Lake Forest: Y-GOP: Consrvt Cb: Insurance Soc BROWN, MARLENE A. Clay, NY BACT TI' New York State: Union Crafts Comm: Colonial Lodge, rsdnt aide BROWN. NANCY E. Western 5lJfl7I,Q'.Y, Ill. EED WSA Ldrshp Trn Progm: Coed Cong: Panhell Rush Cnlr: XQ, humo chm BROWN, PAUL G. Evansville HIST WT BROWNLOW, M. K. Wild Rose SED Pi Lambda Theta: Soph Honors BRUEDERLE, J. A. Cedarburg ZOOL BRUEGGEMAN, J. L. Menomonee Falls POLI SCI Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Mock US Senate: Union Forum Comm BRUESEWITZ, T. B. Theinsville SPEECH Ldrshp Trn Prog: Union Film Comm: I-Iaresfoot Pblcty Comm: WHA-TV: X111 BRUHN, RAYMOND S. South River, NJ HIST Y-Demo, plcy comm: Newman Cb: Model UN: QK9, pld pres, rush chm, scholastic chm, IF rep BRUNNER, V. A. Des Plaines, Ill. PHARM Club 770, soc comm: Evans Scholars BRYANT, NANCY P. Durand PSYCH Tf Carleton: Y-GOP, exec comm: I-Ioofers: AX!! BUBLITZ, LARRY E. Lake Geneva ACCT 8: FIN Beta Alpha Psi: Finance Society: Calvary: Dormsylvania: Campus Carn: Humo: Campus Chest: Leopold Hse, tres: SX, soc chm, hse mgr BUBOLZ, JOHN S. Appleton POLI SCI CARDINAL, sports ed: BADGER, sports ed: Scabbard 84 Blade: ATA, corr sec, rush chm: Club 921, exec cncl BUCHBINDER, M. E. S Plainfield, Nl HIST Am for Dem Action: Stdnt for Peace 8: Disarmament: Dcm Mock Political Cnvln BUENING, BETTY L. Milwaukee EED Y-GOP: Campus Carn: Dormsylvania, pblcty comm: Persian Mkt. entrtnmt: Chorus: AWS Big Sis Progm, hmcming comm: Humo: AEA, courtesies chm BUERKI, ROBERT A. Madison PHARM Kappa Psi. histrn. sec: WPhA. v-pres: Haresioot BUJAN. JUDITH L. Oshkosh SOC Wis Previews: NSP: KA9, campus carn co-chm BULL, SANDRA M. Morrison SPAN Sigma Delta Pi: Soph Honors: Kiekhoicr Hse. jud chm BUI-OVSKY. B. M. Madison ART ED Union Gallery Comm BURGESS. PAUL N. Milwaukee EE Eta Kappa Nu: Mace: Concert Band, pres: Marching Band: UW Orcestra: Pres Hse, usher: Pure Hsc. ed comm BURGESS. THOMAS F. LII Crosse ECON CARDINAL. bd of control: Stdnt Senate. pres: IF: Wisc Previews. co-chm: BBII, v-pres BURROUGHS, L. D. Sl'lllllf'.I'VllSl1. METEOR LHA, lin comm, athltc comm: Fencing: YMCA, fin chm BUSH, JANELLE Madison SPAN Union Hse Comm, chm: Span Cb BUSHLAND. GARY G. Rice Lake PSYCH Delta Epsilon: LHA Dance Comm, chm: Phillips Hse, soc chm, pres BUSSE, WILLIAM W, Sheboygan MED SCI Phi Chi: Phi Eta Sigma: Union Pblc Rltn Comm: Track: GAX, pldg pres, activities chm BUTZKE, SHARON L. Ripon NURSING Eta Kappa Lambda: Alpha Tau Delta: Dormsylvania, chm: Slichter, soc cordnt, hmcming display chm CAINE, K. L. Park Ridge, Ill. OCT Wesley Fndtn, soc chm: Slicter Hall, flr chm CALKINS, JESSE L. Beloit FINANCE Finance Soc: Delta Sigma Pi, fin chm, athltc chm: Y-GOP: Wrestling: Noyes-Adams, athletc chm CALLSON, R. D. Madison ECON CAMMINS, B. L. Minneapolis, Miss. ART AWS Pblcty Comm: AWS Fashion Prod Comm: Allen Hall, jud bd chm CAMPBELL, P. J. Madison FRENCH CAMPLIN, F. A. Pewaukee ME ASME: AAIIJ SENIOR INDEX CANALIA, LINO Chicago MKT Alpha Delta Sigma: SAM: WLHA Radio: Bryan Hse, athltc chm, assnt pldg marshal, pldg trn CANFIELD, GAIL F. Madison SPEECH TH Campus Chest: IWDB CARDON. AMY J. Royal Oak, Mich. ENGL Soph Honors: Cardinal Bd, sec: Wisc Previews: Choir: Al' CAREY, LYNNE P. Twin Lakes JOURN Theta Sigma Phi, sec, matrix dctr chm: NSP: Bleyer Hse. co-eds cong: AAA, assnt hse pres, pan-hcl rush cnslr CARISCH, DAVID R. River Falls ZOOL Govnt Rltn Comm: ATA CARLIN, DENNIS J. Chicago. Ill. ACCT Beta Alpha Psi: WSA World Prob Forum: WSA Special Project Comm: Hillel: IF: AEII CARLISLE. ANN H. Arlington Heights, Ill. CULT GEOG AWS Fashion Show: Hmcming: AFA CARLSON. CAROLE A. Rockford, Ill. POLI SCI Tf Rockford College: Parents Day Comm: Union Soc comm CARLSON, R. VV. Rockford, Ill. PHY ED "W" Cb: Football CARNES. C. J. Madison PEM, ed: PED Cb: Stdnt-Fclty Comm Chm: Christ Sci Org, sec: Orchesis, v-pres DANCE CARPER, GLENDA Y. Shenandoah, Io. PI-IM Phi Theta: Polls Chm: Stdnt Sen: Model UN Comm: Parents Day Comm: Fireside Felshp, pres: IAWS Comm: AEA, pan-hel rush crtslr, chpln, schlrshp chm CARR, SANDRA J. Ottawa, Ill. MATH Tf Barat College: AWS Fash Show Comm: Campus Cam Comm: Hi-Ray Hall, v-pres CASEY, ROBERT J. Madison ME CARDINAL: Union Soc Comm: Mitchell Airmen, adjt: Arnold Air Soc, exec: Hmcming Prmtn, Chew: AAG? CASSIMAN. BETTY B. Westmont, Ill. ZOOL WSA Hmcming Prmtn Comm: Union Tourn Comm: Women Chorus: Snow Hse, sec CAYGILL, RICHARD J. Madison MME AFS: AIMME: LAMBDAGRAM, ed: QK9, sec, histm, pres CHAFFIN, ROGER J. Ripon EE Phi Eta Sigma, pres: LHA Radio Cb, pres: IRE-AIEE CHAMBERS, L. L. Wisc Rapids MME AIME: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: WISC ENGINEER: Finance Soc, sec: MME Cb, tres CI-IAMPEAU, G. J. Green Bay JOURN Sigma Delta Chi: CARDINAL: Drama Wkshop: Music Wkshop CHAPIN, NOLA D. Woodville HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron, progm chm: HEC Hsptly Day, tours chm: Zoe Bayliss Co-op, sec, rsdnt aide CHASE, MARTHA A. Viroqua EED Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Soph Honors: Sr Swingout, invit chm: Wesley Fndtn: Stdnt NEA: Breese Hse, tres: KA, pldg v-pres CHELLEVOLD, D. T. Richland Center MKT Tf Wartburg: Mkt Cb: Business Stdnt Assoc CHILGREN, R. A. Madison MEDICINE Pi Beta Pi CHRISTENSEN, H. E. Beloit PRSL MGT Delta Epsilon CHRISTENSEN, R. C. Madison CHE Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: AIChE: Arnold Air Soc, admn: AXE, histrn CHRISTENSEN, T. A. Stoughton ECON Crew: CIJA9 CI-IRISTENSON, L. De Pere ART ED BADGER: Pblc Rltn Comm: XQ, sec CHRISTIANSEN, J. W. Racine PSYCH CHRISTOFFERSEN, R. Genoa City SOC WK CIRVES, GREGORY A. Madison EE AUSA: TKE CISMOSKI, DAVID R. Berlin ACCT CLARKE, JOHN S. Atlanta, Ga. FINANCE Tf Cornell: CHAKETT: IF Comm Chm: DMS: ADC: mrshlg XKII, pres, soc chm, histrn CLAY, RUTH M. Racine SOC WK Tf Racine: Union Tourn Comm: AEA, journal corrrit CLINTON, R. M. Amherst ECON Tf Stevens Point: ARTUS: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Kappa Psi: Newman Cb: Y-Demo COAKLEY, A. C. Madison HIST Soph Honors: Stdnt Ct. Clrk: Union Hse Comm: Union Hse Comm: pblcty chm: Newman Cb: Hoofers SENIOR INDEX COATS, EUGENE A. Sterling, Ill. CI-IEM USF, Campus chestl Blood Drive, dorm chm COHEN, EUGENE Fond du Lac POLI SCI AEl'I COHEN, JAMES R. Milwaukee LAW COHEN, LOUIS K. New Orleans, La. SPAN LIT Sigma Delta Pi, Natl Span Hon Soc, v-pres, tres, Hillel, soc chm, Span Cb, pres COHEN, MARVIN R. Milwaukee SOC Varsity Tennis COHEN, MICHAEL Fond du Lac MME ASM, Polygon, Hoofers, AEIT, pldg trn COHEN, NANCY J. Melrose Park, Ill. PSYCH Hoofer, Dorothea Hse, jud chm COHEN, RENEE D. Milwaukee PSYCH Sr Class, sec, Hmcming Show Comm, Hmcming Pep Rally, chm, Humo Progm Comm, Humo Kickline, chm, Cheerldr, AEQJ, pres, notary COLBERT, BRAD J. Chippewa Falls MKT Mkt Cb, Mock Sen, WSA Govnt Rltn Comm Chm, Hmcming Pblcty Chm, Mock UN, Cheerleader, ATA, assnt tres, IF rep COLBERT, RICHARD C. Madison ZOOL COLBURN, M. H. Green Bay MME COLE, LAWRENCE J. Milwaukee ZOOL Tf UWM, AE II COLEMAN, JOHN P, Wausau BANKING Barbell Cb, Finance 8: Insurance Cb, SAM COLITRE, CHARLES E. Fulton, NY PRSL MGT Scabbard 8a Blade, IF, v-pres, advisory bcl, invst comm chm COMES, MARY J. Madison EED Union Usher, Humo, Campus Carn, Campus Chest, XII, pldg trn COMINS, SALLY Madison PHM Phy Theta, NSP, WSA Welfare Projects, Ldrshp Train Prog COMSTOCK, R. W. Madison CE Tf Denison, Alpha Delta Sigma, CARDINAL, WISC ENGINEER, Hmcming Prmt Chm, Union Drct, Union Soc Comm Chm, Club 770, chm, Hungry U, chm, IF Pblc Rltn Comm, Pre-Law Cb, AISC CONKLIN, G. T. Madison POLI SCI Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Stdnt-Fclty Hmn Rights Comm, Mock Sen, Pre-Law Cb CONLON. BRUCE P. Sheboygan SOC Y-GOP, v-pres CONRAD, GUY S. Milwaukee POLI SCI BADGER KAPPA SIG? Y-GOP, KE, tres, rush chm CONWAY, ELLEN A. Janesville OCT Eta Kappa Lambda, Othera, AWS Comm, Newman Cb, Chad Hall, hse pres, sec CONWAY, SHARON L. Waukesha NURSING Tf UWM, Alpha Tau Delta, WLHA, Cole Hall, tres COOK, DIANE I. Milwaukee MKT Phi Chi Theta, sec, Mkt Cb, sec, Eliz Waters, fin chm COOPMAN, R. D. Little Suarnico PHARM WPhA, Kappa Psi, pldg pres, chpln, Hoofers, Kahlenberg, soc chm, sec COPLAN, JOYCE E. Shaker Hts, Ohio MDT Alpha Delta Theta, AEQIJ, sec COPPS, MICHAEL W. Stevens Point PHIL Tf Marquette, Football, Xtir-, pres CORNFORD, R. C. Madison MEDICINE Tf Colorado, Lancers, Phi Chi CORRADO, FRANK C. Chicago, Ill. ME Conover Hse, soc chm CORY, LANA B. Wauwatosa ZOOL Hoofer Cb, sec, Symph Orch, AAA COSENTINO, D. J. Shorewood HIST Tf Marquette, WSA Hmcming Comm, KE, pdg trn COSENTINO, M. A. Aurora, Ill LAW Phi Delta Phi, EX COTTER, C. M. Madison HIST Sigma Epsilon Sigma COULTER, SANDRA G. Theresa MDT Alpha Delta Theta COUNCIL, JOHN W, Appleton MKT SAM! Mkt Cb, Hoofers, Christian Sci Org, tres, Speleological Soc COWEN, MICHAEL C. Oshkosh PROP MGMT SAM, v-pres, Comm Bd, comm chm, IF Cncl, AT, corrs sec COX, GENEVIEVE E. Madison EED Pi Lambda Theta, Stdnt NEA CRAIGMILE, M. J. Farnharnville SOC WK Tf Cornell College, World Christian Comm Chm, Wesley Cncl CRAKER. LYLE E. Wonewoe AGRON Alpha Zeta, Scabbard 8: Blade, Agr Stdnt Cncl, sec, FFA, pres, Badger Crops 8: Soils Cb, v-prGSZ Saddle 8: Sirloin Cb, sgt-at-arms, Little Intl, Outstndg Jr Agron, A92 CRANE, LARAINE F. Milwaukee SOC WK Canterbury Cb, Colonial Ldg, jud chm, AEA CRAWFORD, RUSSELL Green Bay PHARM CRAWFORD, SARAH Rochester, NY OCT Hoofer Pblc Rltn, Pres Hse, deason, Dolphin, Ann Emery, pres CREMER, S. Vienna, W. Va. HIST Wisc Forensic, Victoria Hse, tres, pres, soc chm CRESS, DAVID R. Janesville ME Pi Tau Sigma, WISC ENGINNER, layout ed, ed-in-chief, Ochsner Hse, sec, tres CROAKE, SUSAN M. Janesville SOC WK CROW, ALICE E. Beloit OCT Othera, ODDS 8z TRENDS, co-ed, Union Craft Comm CUFF, JAMES E. Madison PSYCH Wisc Insurance Soc CURTIS, LAUREL J. Maratlzon ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma, CHADBOURNE PAPER, Chad Hal, library comm CUSACK, JOHN W. Wauwatosa LAW EX DAHLK, WILLIAM J. Madison POLI SCI Phi Eta Sigma, Stdnt Sen, UW Religious Cncl DAHLKE, MARY L. Wauwatosa PSYCH Tf UWM, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, FCIDB DALTON, SHARON K. Cedar Rapids, la INTL RLTN DORMISTORY, ftur ed, Union, welfare proj comm, usher, Cool Hse, jud chm DALY, RICHARD G. Janesville ZOOL EAE DAMBEKALN, MARIS Madison HIST ZXIJE DANA, ELLIS W. Madison FINANCE Tf Carleton, USF, pres, Finance Soc, SAM, Hoofers DANIELSON, PAUL O. Wisc Rapids ECON Tf Stevens Point, Alpha Gamma DANN, LESLIE M. Brooklyn, NY PSYCH DARNER, PAUL A. Caledonia ME DAU, DONALD E. Wausau CHE Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilong pres, AIChE, AXE DAVENPORT, M. Wilmette, Ill ENGL NSP, Panhel, rush comm, arrngts comm, AF, pres DAVIDSON. K, A. Green Bay MATH ED Tf Green Bay DAVIS, CYNTHIA Redwood City, Calif, SOC Tf Wellesley, KA6 DAVIS, JANET A. Madison EED Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, Soph Honors: Union Usher, URC: Baptist Stdnt Cntr, sec, Span Cb, Womens Chorus DAVIS. PETER N. Appleton LAW Phi Alpha Delta, WISC LAW REVIEW, mngr ed, I-Ioofers, Fulbright Schlrshp DAVIS, REYNOLD D. New Richmond AGR ECON DAVIS, WILLIAM J. Highland FINANCE Tf Marguette, Newman Cb, SAM, Finance Soc, KZ, sec, hse mngr DE BAERE, L. I. Lake Geneva EED Hoofers, Womens Chorus DE BIASE, GLORIA Oak Park, III. ENGL Coed Congress DECKER, JAMES A. Green Bay CHE AIChE, AKE, pres DE CLEENE, CARL L. Green Bay MKT DEIGHTON, MARK R. Briarcliyy Manor, NY ECON Harsefoot, KIJAO DELL, DAVID J. Waldo HIST Tf Sheboygan, LHA DELVAUX, B. J. Green 'Bay SOC Tf St. Norbert, AXQ DE MARCO, A. J. Glenview, Ill. ENGL DE NIKE, JOANNE Bethesda, Md. ENGL AXQ, chptr ed, rush chm DE PEAUX, R. J. Green Bay ART Union Gallery, asst art drctr, asst advs DE ROCHER, D. G. Rhinelander ENGL DEROUIN, THOMAS G. Eau Claire FINANCE Tf Eau Claire, Insurance Soc, Newman Cb DESAI, PANKAJ J. Gujrat, India CHE Tf Bombay, NSP, co- chm, Intl Cb, Hoofers, India Assoc, exec comm, AICE DEVINE, GEORGE J. La Crosse POLI SCI Mens Glee Cb, Showerman Hse, scholastic chm DEWSNAP, CALVIN R. Endeavor ANIMAL SCI Mens Glee Cb, pres, UW Livestk Judg Tm: AFP DIERINGER, LYN J. Racine SPEECH CORCTN DIESTLER, ALENE L. Wittenberg GERMAN Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Soph Honors, Buck Hse, pres DIETZ, JUDITH L. Hales Corners MDT Alpha Delta Theta, LHA Athltc Comm, Dormsylvania DIETZ, RICHARD T. Waterford CE Tf Purdue, ASCE DILS, VICKI G. Parkersburg, W Va DANCE Orchesis, KKI' DIPPE, STEPHEN E. Grand Forks, ND MEDICINE Tf North Dakota, Pi Beta Pi, Stdnt AMA DOBBS ROBERTA S. New York, NY PHIL Coed Congress, Dorthea Hse, Pres DOBKE,FREDERICKW. Milwaukee ENGL Tf Northwestern, Calvary DODGE, LARRY B. Chippewa .Falls CHE Alpha Chi Sigma, Sr Cncl, Scabbard 84 Blade, Three Sqs Co-op, NSP, Polygon Bd, sec, Wisc Previews, AIChE, pres, Adams Hall, athltc ch DOLLAK, ROBERT J. Marshall MATH Tf Platteville State DONALDSON, W. H. Oregon, Ill CE EAE DONNER, ROBERT M. Valders AMP Soph Honors, Delta Epsilon, LHA Rcrtnl Drctr, SAE, Noyes Hse, pres, v-pres DOPKE, CHARLES F. Madison SOC Hoofers, AAQ DORAN, THOMAS G. Madison HIST Wisc Previews, Scabbard 8: Blade, XIII, pres, pldg trn DORING, FRANCES M. Madison FD EL NTRN Canterbury Cb, HEc Hsptly Day, Fm 8: Hm Wk DORNBROOK, K. J. Milwaukee INTL RLTN Crucible, Mortar Bd, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Rho, WSA Sympsm, Coed Congress, Union Forum Comm, Debate Squad, Forensic Union DOSE, RICHARD E. Ingleside, Ill PSYCH Tf Whitewater DOYLE, CHARLES P. Cuba City ME 8: AGR ASME, pres, ASAGRE, ASTME DRACHENBERG, R. H. Arena M 8: AN SCI DRAHEIM, A. M. Brillion SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta, Phi Beta, DORMISTORY, WSA Prsl Comm, Mock Un, NSP, Campus Chest, relg co-ord, genl chm, IAWS Arrgt Comm, AWS Big-Sis Comm, Intl Cb, Wis Players, prdtn, Aug, pldg sec DRAVES, THOMAS L. Fort Atkinson SOC Wesley Fndtn, Y-GOP DRECKTRAH, D. D. West Salem M 8: AN SCI Tf La Crosse, Saddle Ez Sirloin, Blue Shield, UW Livestk Sc Meats Tm, AGE DREGER, WALTER H. Mztltilowoc CHEM American Chemical Society DREGNE, SUZANNE B. Viroqnu PHM Tl' Luther College DREHER, ROGER H. Sllrlwmto EE Chamberlin Hse, soc. chm. ed X schls chm DREW. JAMES M, Green Buy HIST DREXLER, A. R. Slntllorcl ENTOM Tf River Falls: Newman Cb: TKE DROTT. ARTHUR G. Miltraukce EE DUBIN, CARL L. lHilu'!1tlkr'c' LAW DUNPH Y. M. C. .lnnastillv NURSING Tf Marion College: Lowell Hall. hsefellow DURAND. KAREN A. Webster SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta: BADGER. photo ed: Varsity Party, Sec: Newman Cb: Zoe Baylis. v-pres DURKOPP. RICHARD J. lvfaclismi FINANCE Pre-Law Cb: Mkt Cb: Finance Cb DVORACHEK, R. S. Two Rivers CHE Newman Cb: St. Pauls Choir: Fencing: SIDE, pres, rcd ec EADS. THOMAS H. Delaran HIST NSP: Baptist Stdnt Cntr. v-pres: Baptist Eating Co-op. tres EBERHARDT, ROGER Slieboygan PSYCH Tf Univ of Miami: Delta Phi Alpha: Golf: KE EBERT, BARRY F. Oshkosh FINANCE Finance Soc: IF Comm: AW, pres, pldg tm, sec EDWARDS, LARRY P. Madison PHARM Kappa Psi: WPhA, pres: Plymouth Choir EDWARDS, SUSAN J. La Grange, Ill EED Soph Honors: Phi Kappa Phi: WSA Hmn Rltn: Coeds Congress: Union Film Comm: Panhell: IWIJB EDWINSON, TANIS M. Waukesha ENGL Tf Carroll College: Union Usher EGGER, JAMES O. Fond du Lac ME Haresfoot: EAE EHREN, BONITA L. Sheboygan COMP LIT Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Crucible: WSA Intl Dept, drct: Model UN, sec: UW Religious Cncl: ILS, sec: Susan B. Davis Hse, pres, bd of drctr EICHENSEER, T. J. Green Bay ECON Tf Oshkosh: Alpha Kappa Psi ELFNER, ELIOT S. Madison ME AIIE: Football: Wrestling: ATA, pldg pres ELLIS, JAMES P. Oshkosh ACCT 8: FIN SAM: Frat Buyers Co-op Bd: EAE ELLSWORTI-I. E. L. Murlisnn MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu ELI.SWORTI-I, JULIE A. Mrlrlisnn EED Phi Beta. pres. tres: A Cappella Choir, tres: Stdnt NEA: Sr Swingout: AF, song chm EI.MI-IORST, ROY G. .'Vc''illc' CIE TI Maryland: Phi Kappa Phi, ASCE, pres: Polygon Bd. pres: Tau Beta Phi. eatalogher: Chi Epsilon. v-pres: Frosh Engineer of the year ELROD. ROBERTA C'llit'tl,e0. Ill SPEECH PATH Sigma Alpha Eta: EAT, soc chm ELY. ROBERT G. H"unt'uu AMER INST TI Marathon EMMONS. JUDITH A. lVi.'ll'iI1r'llt' PSCYH Alpha Tau Delta: Model UN: Summer Music Comm, chm: Music Comm: Wesley Fndtn. choir. eo-chm ed commission: Broth-Sis Prog: Chad Hall. jutl cncl. sec ENDERBY. M. A. Green liar INTL RLTN ENDTER. RONALD J. :II-lfJlt'lUll PRSL MGT SAM: Insurance Soc ENGEI., JUDITH S. Milwutzkve EED Union Theatre Comm, sec: WSA Ldrshp Trn Prog: AEID, pres ENGLER, DUANA E. Vivlory EE ENGLUND, JOHN F. Florence LAW ENSMINGER. SUSAN J. Ringwood, Ill PSYCH Tf Denison: Adv, marshall ENTWISTLE, R. C. Madison ME ASME: ASTME: WISC ENGINEER EPPLER, SUE A. Menomee Falls ART Tf Downer College: Gamma Alpha Chi: Union Gallery Comm: Craft Comm ERDLE, LINDA K. Rochester, NY PSYCH Tf Stephens College: WSA Pblc Rltn Comm: Lowell Hall soc chm: DDB ERDMAN, JAMES J. Green Bay CHE AIChE: Mace, sec, tres: Delta Epsilon: LHA Finance Chm: LHA Cbnt Chm: LHA Stores, bd of drct ERICHSEN, C. M. M ukwonago EED Outstanding Frosh Woman: Sr Swingout: Union Pblc Rltn Comm: Haresfoot Wardrb Comm: Channing-Murray Cb: WSA Frosh Ldrshp Prog: Campus Carn: Mock UN: Campus Chest, pblcty comm: NSP: Tourn of Song: PAWS Comm: Murray Hse, tres: AAA, activities chm ERICKSON, JAMES R. Tomah POLI SCI Y-GOP: Mock Sen: Union Usher: Pre-Law Cb ERICKSON, ROGER P. I?ailr'j'.l' Hrlrlmr AMP Phi Eta Sigma: Badger Christian Felshp: LHA Chorus: Millar Hse, sec ERLICH, LARRY R. Clllifllllll, lll. POLI SCI Mens Glee Cb: I-lillel ERLICH. PHYLLIS J. Balm, Mil SOC Hoofers: Intl Cb FSTES, MARY L. khniwillrf NURSING Alpha Tau Della: Y-GOP: Illifli, sttlmnt school chm ETZELMUELLER, M. R. Kww.rltri CHEM EVANS. STEPHEN K. Clvt rlilllrl, Olliu ZOOL Wise Previews: NSP: SLIC Pblctns: ACappella Choir: ZIIT EVERSON, THOMAS C. Pint' Ritvr DY :K FD I Scahhard X Blade: Walther League FAIRMAN, JEAN E. lVIilwrl1rkr't' SOC NVK TI UXVIVI FALCI. GERALD M. Mrtclisuri ACCT Finance Cb: Newman Cb: ITG II FALCONE, FRANK S. Kvrtnslirt HIST Xfli, v-pres, soc chm FALK. CAROL H. Mrnliron INTL RLTN Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Crucible. pres: Mortar Bd: Soph Honors: WSA Welfare Proj Comm. chm: WSA Ldrshp Seminar Plan Comm: Union News Bureau. chm: USF: Hmcming Pblcty: People to People Prog. pbltcy chm: Wise Alumni Assoc: Outstmlg Jr Woman: NSP: AAA, schlrshp chm, chpln FANSLAU. JAMES G. Two Rivers HIST Tf Valparaiso: Dolphin: AXA FARRELL, MARY K. Lake lldills ART Hoofers: Newman Cb FASS. MURIEL ANN Madison HEC Newman Cb FAUK, JUDITH M. Appleton SPEECH Tf UWM FEDLER, FRED E. Sheboygan JOURN CARDINAL FELDMAN, ROBERT D. Philadelphia, Pa MGT Alpha Delta Sigma, v-pres: WSA Pblcty Comm: AETI, rush chm, athltc chm, pldg trn FELDSTEIN, R. L. Chicago, Ill ACCT 8zFIN Union Pblc Rltn Comm: Hillel, soc comm, JSWF, co-chm FELLER, DENNIS R. Monticello PHARM Kappa Psi: Rho Chi: WPhA FESTGE, FREDERICK Cross Plains PHARM Phi Eta Sigma FETZER, PETER O. Winnetka, Ill. HIST IF Comm Chm: IF-Panhel Comm: Union Forum Comm: XIII, rush chm, v-pres, humo SENIOR INDEX FIEDELMAN, J. A. Arlington, Va. HIST Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Soph Honors: Sympsm Comm: Mock Sen: Model UN: Y-Demo: Pre-Law Cb FIELD. ROGER M. Slllllglllllll PHARM Ti Whitewater: Methodist Fclshp: WPhA FILTZER, FRANK J. Baltimore, Md HIST Union Literary Comm: ZBT FINE, RICHARD A. Oslikoxli ME Tl' Oshkosh: WIS ENGINEER. article ed: SAE: Engr Expsln, 1962 FINK, WILLIAM H. Mctrshhclzl CHEM Phi Lambda Upsllon: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Eta Sigma: PRES HSE POST: WSA UN Comm: Pres Hse, usher: .Frankenburger Hse, tres, v-pres, pres FISCHER, RICHARD L. Seymour CHE Tl Oshkosh: AIChE FISHER, BARBARA S. Bay Cily, Miclt HIST Tf Antioch: Phi Theta Kappa: Gallery Comm: Hoofer FISHER, GILBERT C. Sloughlon AM INST LHA, library comm, book exchg: Chamberlin Hse, v-pres FISHER, F. W. Frederic LAW Phi Delta Phi FISHER, JOELLEN M. Racine ECON WISC ENGINEER. sec: Coed Cong: Breese Hse, v-pres FISHER, LEONARD J. Chicago, Ill ZOOL Gymn Tm FISHER, MARVIN L. Fond du Lac AGR ECON Agr Econ Soc FISHER, MAXINE M. East Troy ITALIAN BADGER: Stdnt Elect Comm: Italian Cb, pres: Italian Play: Stdnt Blood Dr: Hmcming Comm: Eliz Waters, soc comm FISHER, THOMAS A. Wannrzkee SOC Newman Cb FITZGERALD, M. R. Brookline, Mass ENGL Tf Newton Jr College FLADER, SUSAN L. Kohler HIST Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: WSA Soph Honors Comm, chm: Wis Previews: Union Forum Comm, chm: Union Usher Hoofers: Newman Cb: Symph Orch: Wilkinson Hse, sec FLEMING, ROBERTA J. Boston, Mass ZOOL AWS FLETCHER, R. W. North Freedom CHE AICHE: Triangle FLINT, LESLIE L. Mliwaukee EED Pi Lambda Theta: Phi Kappa Phi: Crucible: NSP: NSA, evec sec, regnal delg: WSA, asst sec, fund comm, ldrshp 84 prtcptn comm: AWS Fash Shw Ticket Comm: Sr Swingout Invit Comm: Mock Sen: Model UN: Campus Chest: Hmcming Dance Comm: Adv, phil chm, v-pres FLUGSTAD, K. L. Black River Falls PSYCH Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Mortar Bd: Crucible: Soph Honors: Coed Cong, sec: NSP: AWS, v-pres, pres: Stdnt Senate: SLIC: XQ, activities chm FLUNO, JERE D. Wis Rapids ACCT Tl' Stevens Pt: Union Bd Rep: Newman Cb, sec, v-pres: Library Comm: EIDE, rcrd schlrshp chm, pldg chm FOLEY, JOHN D. Marlinerille LAW Tf Indiana: Phi Delta Phi: BOIT FOLK, SANDRA L. Honolulu, HI AM INST Tf Hawaii: CARDINAL: ILS Cncl: Hoofers, prod comm FOOTE, DONALD R. West Allis MKT Mkt Cb: Y-GOP: Kahlenberg Hse, tres FORSTER, DENIS M. Madison LAW Phi Delta Phi: Stdnt Court: Legal Aid Soc FORTIN, ALTA J. Rockford, Ill REL ART AXQ, hse pres FOSS, RAY V. Elklzern CHE Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Baptist Stdnt Felshp: Man 8: Mime Theater FRAHM, THOMAS H. Wauwatosa EE OAX FRAKES, SUSAN C. Neenah SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta, rcrd sec: Pi Lambda Theta: Phi Kappa Phi: Soph Honors: Eli Waters, v-pres FRAMBERGER, E. J. Oshkosh SPEECH TH Tf Oshkosh: Sigma Alpha Eta: WSA Broth-Sis Progm: AWS Sr Swingout Invit Comm: AZ, soc chm FRANCIS, ALVIN G. Et'anst'iIle AGR ECON UW Flying Cb FRANEY, JOHN E. Eau Claire ME Tf Eau Claire: ASME, v-pres: ASTME: Res Halls Commons Comm: Mack Hse, v-pres FRANK, NORENE D. Madison EED Hillel, soc chm SENIOR INDEX FRANK. PEGGY J. Kimberly ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Soph Honors, ILS Cncl, Susan Davis Hse, hse eoord FRANK, PENY R. Wauwalosa MDT Tf UWM: Alpha Delta Theta FRANK, SUZANNE L. Milwaukee PHARM Kappa Epsilon, sec, pres, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Rho Chi, LHA Cabnt Rep, LHA Film Comm, Hillel Grad Sb, WPhA, Eliz Waters, v-pres FRANKIE, GARY H. Iron River PSYCH Soph Honors, Knapp Schlrshp FRANZEN, MIKE W. Rockford, Ill ECON 8: MATH Tf Lawrence, ATA FRATTI, THERESA B. Decatur, Ill NURSING KKF, v-pres FREDRICH, C. J. Rhinelander PSYCH Newman Cb FREDRICKSON, L. L. Verona PHARM Kappa Epsilon, WPhA FREEDMAN, R. E. Chicago, Ill POLI SCI Tf Roosevelt, Phi Mu Alpha, Symph Orch, LHA Activities Comm, Y-Demo, Haresfoot, Pre-Law Cb, Opera Wkshp, Hillel FREEMAN, BETTE A. Pewaukee SPAN Eta Kappa Lambda, AWS, Model UN, Music Comm, AZ FRERIKS, JANICE M. Waupun EED Pres Hse Choir FRIDHOLM, ROGER T. Blue Island, Ill ENGL Phi Eta Sigma, CDA9, soc chm FRIEDE, BARBARA A. Reedsburg CE Engr Expstn, 1962, WIS ENGINEER, business mgr, Polygon Bd, sec, AICE, sec FRIEDLANDER, J, S. Glencoe, Ill POLI SCI Soph Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, WAS Comm, tres, NSP, AEII, athletic chm alumni chm FRIEDLANDER, JOAN Phoenix, Ariz. EED Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Theater Usher, Hmcming Shw, EAT, pres FRISBIE, GEORGE R. Madison PSYCH Tf Purdue, ATA FRITSCH, JOHN D. Monroe ART ED Union Gallery Comm FRITZ, RUDOLPH O. Milwaukee CHE Tf UWM, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, WISC ENGINEER FRIZ, THOMAS O. Menomonee Falls ME Alpha Phi Omega, sec, tres, AIME, Mining 81 Metals Cb, Tres, Hooters, ROTC, Rifle Tm, Pistol Tm FROELICH, RALPH D. Johnson Creek MEDICINE Phi Eta Sigma, Nu Sigma Nu, Hoofers FUCHS, MARGAERT A. Hallandale BUS ED Phi Chi Theta, v-pres, Phi Kappa Phi, Zoe Bayliss, tres FUGINA, DAVID J. Fountain City INS. Scabbard 8: Blade, pres, Nautilus Soc, Joint Mil Bd, Insurance Soc, ZAE, pblc rltn chm, special evnts chm FULKA, PAMELA R. Griffith, Ind. NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, NSP, AZ, sec, schlrshp chm, panhell rush cnslr FULSCHER, M. R. Elmwood Park, Ill ACCT Finance Soc, Swimming, "W" Cb, Al" FURST, MARCIA E. Chicago, Ill EED Sigma Epsilon Sigma, UN Comm, Lakota Hse, jud bd chm FUSS, RONALD I. Neenah HIST Tf Fox Valley FYFFE, HARRIET L. Milwaukee NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, Crucible, Mortar Bd, ed, Eta Kappa Lambda, NSW Guide, Stdnt Sen, NSA del, Summer Prom sec, Blood Drive, co-chm, Stdnt-Fac Ed Rel Comm, Chad, pres, Lakota Hse, hsf GABEL, KATHY G. Ridgefield, Conn PHY ED Union Art Gallery, PE Bd, KKI' GAJEWSHI, JANICE M. Pulaski ENGL Tf Green Bay, High Honors, Soph Ldrshp Award, Stdnt Sen, SLIC, Music Wkshp GALBRAITH, D. G. Downers Grove, Ill LAW GALL, ROSEMARY S. Belleville ED Phi Chi Theta GALLATI, KAREN A. Kohler DANCE Coed Congress, Phy Ed Stdnt-Fctly Comm, Orchsis, tres, Dolphins, Sr Swingout Humo, kick-line chm, X9, hse pres GALLO, BETTE B. Milwaukee ENGL Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, Sr Swingout, NSP, co-chm, AWS,p1-51 comm, WSA, bd sec, Panhell, rush cnslr, Panhell Ball, arrgt chm, Humo, arrgt chm, Wise Previews, 1'IBf15, asst tres GALLO, GREGORY M, Kenosha POLI SCI Phi Eta Sigma, Mace, Iron Cross, Phi Kappa Phi, WSA Pres, Govt Rltn Dept, drct, Wisc Alumni Assoc Jr Man of the Year Award, Wisc Previews, BGII, v-pres GALOS, KATHERINE Racine MEDICINE Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Iota, pres, Langdon Hall, hsefellow GANDFORD, LUCY M. Chicago, Ill ART Chest Cb, MNROTC, Newman Cb, Club "921" Charter Mmber, Good Fellowship Award GANSWINDT. M. E. Burlington SPEEH COR Sigma Alpha Eta, v-pres GARBER, LARRY A. Blen Rock, NJ ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, Mock UN, tres, arrgt chm, Govt Rltn Comm, Special Proj Comm, WSA World Problem Forum, chm, AEII v-pres, sentinel GARDINER, SAM B. Battle Creek, Mich MGT Phi Eta Sigma, active cncl, Arnold Air Society, commdr, AF-ROTC, commdr, Dormsylvna assoc gen chm GAREY, MARGARET A. Milwaukee SOC WK Intl Cb, Hoofers, Pax Romana GARITY, PATRICIA F. Jegerson CORCTNL AD Kappa Epsilon, BADGER, Model UN, arrgt chm, Frgn Stdnt Advs, CCUN, Intl Rltn Cb GARNIER, CHARLES S. Oconlo Falls RUSS HIST UW Marching Band GASCHE, SHARON R. Luxenburg PHARM Kappa Epsilon, Rho Chi, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, WPhA, Soph Honors, Union Crafts Comm, Hooters, Newman Cb GASS, EVELYN V. Manitowoc HEC Tf Manitowoc, Euthenics GASSERT, J. M. Sheboygan HEC ED Campus Carn, pblcty chm, Union Soc Comm, Panhell Ball, prmt chm, ILS Cncl, IAWS, Euthenics, AEA, v-pres, chpln GAST, FRANK R. Caledonia MH DESIGN ASME, LHA GATES, NEIL S. Two Rivers ME Tf Milwaukee Engr School GAY, SUELEN J. Neenah NURSING Langdon Ldg, tres, soc chm GEARHART, A. E. Wauwatosa CLOTH gc TEXTL Tf UWM: Phi Upsilon Omicron v-pres, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, rcrd sec, Union Soc Comm, Mock UN, Euthenisc, Dance Wkshp, HEC Hsptlty Day, tour guide GEARY, LYNN F. Barrington, Ill. EED Badger Beauty Bridal Show, AF, hse pres, stndrds chm GEE, WILLIAM F. Milwaukee MATH Phi Eta Sigma, Soph Honors, IF Cncl, "W Cb, Fencing, OX, soc chm. rush chm GEHL, JAMES H. Wauwatosa ME SAE, Bryan Hse, pres, soc chm GEHRING, MARK A. Menasha LAW Tf Marquette, Lawyers Cb, v-pres rs GEIPEL, SANDRA J. Milwaukee PHARM Tf UWM, Kappa Epsilon, Union Tourn Comm: AWS Fash Show, WPhA, AZ GENGLER, JANE K. Elm Grove SPEECH CORCTN Allen Hall, hsefellow, aide GEREND, DONALD J. Marinette AMP Phi Eta Sigma, Soph Honors, Physics Cb, pres, Tennis, Leopold Hse, v-pres, schlst chm, AAQID GERMAN, THOMAS L. Eau Claire ZOOL GERMERSHAUSEN, JANE E. Wes! Allis PHT Phi Theta, sec GERNER, SUSAN R. Chester, NY ANTHRO Soph Honors, WSA Intl Rltn Comm, chm GERSH, GAIL E. Chicago, Ill SPAN Sigma Delta Pi, sec, Model UN, Span Cb, pres, Womens Chorus, v-pres, Lowell Hall jud chm GEYER, MARILYN N. Wauwatosa SPEECH TH Sr Swingout, NSP, Campus Chest, pblctns GHALAYINI, SALIM J. Bierut, Lebanon EE Tf Calif Polytech, Alpha Phi Omega, Model UN, Intl Cb, drctr-at-large AFS, Orgn of Arab Stdnts, Moslem Stdnts Orgn, comm chm, AIEE GLIDDINGS, P, K. Elkhorn ANTHRO Groves Womens Co-op, see GIEBLER, M. E. Elkhart Lake HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron, HEC Stdnt Cncl, Euthenics GIESE, ROBERT A. Wauwatosa EE Tf UWM, Stdnt Sen, Triangle GIEVER, ALAN R, Racine FINANCE Newman Cb GIFFORD. SUSAN P, Milwaukee SPEECH CORCTN Tf Colorado, Chorus, X9 GILBERT, RICHARD R. Golf, Ill MKT Tf Pomono College, Mkt Cb: SAMS WSA Hmcming Drct Comm, WSA Hmcming Design Chm, NSP, IF Rltn Comm, BAE, pres GILLETTE, TERRY C. La Crosse LAW GILMORE, MARK A. Madison MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon, 1'IA1IJ GIOVANNINI, D. O. Slrum SOC Lutheran Stdn Assoc, Phi Kappa Phi GJELSVIK, PER Bergen, Norway EE Tf Bergen Technical College GLICKSTEIN, DAVID Chicago, Ill ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, WSA Criclum Comm, Union Music Comm, ZBT GLONCHAK, FRANK J. Superior ME Tf Superior GLOVER, NANCY L. Neenah ZOOL Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Bd, pres, NSP, pblcty comm chm, AWS, academic comm, jud bd, tres Union Gallery, AAA, v-pres, rush chm, Ideal Girl GNATZIG, C. C. Whitewater DY SCI Saddle dc Sirloin Cb, AFP, alumni sec GNEWUCH, A. K. De Pere ACCT Tf Michigan, B9 l'I GODFREY, SARAH J. Elm Grove EED BADGER, Poll Chm, Mock UN, Campus Carn, Pansell-IF Hse Comm GOETSCH, LOIS M. Glenberlah SPEECH THP Tf La Crosse, Sigma Alpha Eta, Campus Hall, pres GOETZ, JAMES W. Madison HIST K2 GOLDBERG, JERRY L. Charles, W. Va. ENGL Tf Miami, TIAQIJ GOLDBERG, M. W. Milwaukee ECON AEII GOLDMAN, JUDITH A. Glencoe, III. ART HIST Villa Maria, soc chm, v-pres GOLDSTEIN, P. A. Syracuse, NY PSYCH Eta Kappa Lambda, LHA Service Award, Dormsylvnia Pblcty Chm, NSP, Intl Rltn Comm, Broth-Sis Prog, ILS Cncl, Mock UN, College Bowl Team, capt, Pre-Med Cb, Barnard Hall, pres GOLDSTEIN, R. P. Kenosha HIST Baseball, Xi? GOLDSTEIN, W. S. Brooklyn, NY HIST GOLL, LOIS L. Milwaukee RED BADGER, WSA Ldrshp Trn Prog Comm, Union Plctm Comm, Humo, chm, Campus Carn, pblcty chm, NSP, Stdnt- Fctly Bd, A Cappella Choir, WRA, XQ, rush chm GOLTRY, CARMEN A. Kiel SPEECH TH Tf Middlebury, Sigma Alpha Eta, pres GOODMAN, M. D. Milwaukee ACCT Tf UWM, Beta Alpha Psi, v-pres, AEII GOODWILLIE, C. B. Palatine, Ill FRENCH Hmcming Buttons: Sr Swingout: Mock UN GOODWIN. JOHN C. Kenosha FRENCH STDS AXA GOOGINS, DAN L. Madison MFT Lutheran Fellowship, dist leader GORDON, ALAN L. New York, NY MEDICINE Ti Boston College GORDON. ANNA B. Chicago, Ill. EED Eta Kappa Lambda. tres: Calvary Choir: LHA: WSA Library Comm: Bleyer Hse, sr sxvingout, hmcming comm GORDON, DAVID R. Glencoe, Ill. ACCT DORMISTORY, sports ed: WSA Elect Comm: Hooters: Mkt Cb: Pre-Law Cb GORDON, M. J. Caldwell, NJ PSYCH Tf Lehigh: WSA. prsl contct comm, prsl dept: Newman Cb: AAKD GORECKI, BETTY C. Pulaski MERCH Phi Upsilon Omicron: Euthenics: HEC Hsptlty Day, chm: HEc Stdnt Concl: Andersen Hse, jud chm GORFINKLE, SAM. P. No Reading, Mass. PSYCH Tf Boston: Intl Cb: Intl Rltn Assoc, soc comm: Gymn GOSSE, ROBERT E. Seymour EE Amateur Radio Soc, sec, tres: UW YMCA, v-pres GOTTSCHALK, R. J. Madi.r0n AGR ECON GRADE, BLANCHE L. Wausau EED Tf Wausau: Pres Hse Choir: Oratorial: Choir Cncl GRADY, ROBERT J. Racine ECON GRAEBEL, PHYLLIS R. Wausau GEOG .AWS Fashion Shw, pblcty comm: Campus Capers, pblcty comm, costume comm: Geog Cb GRAF, YVONNE M. Egg Harbor AMER INS Y-GOP: LHA GRAHAM, ROBERT H. Neenah ZOOL Tf Carroll College: Literary Comm: Gallery Comm: Pres Hse, deacon: Benulce Comm Chm: Three Sqs Co-op GRAMBSCH, C. R. Loyal SOC WK WSA Intl Rltn Comm: Union Film Comm: Campbell Hse v-pres, 9 pres GRAMOWSKI, T. W. Stevens Point ZOOL Tf Marquette: CARDINAL: Newman Cb: Swenson Hse, v-pres GRAUMANN, R. M. Sheboygan HIST Tf Sheboygan: CARDINAL: Y-GOP: SANE: Newman Cb: UW Mens Glee Cb: Trident Hse, soc chm GRAUPNER, K. C. Spencer ZOOL Phi Eta Sigma: Soph Honors: Calvary Lutheran Choir GRAY. JANE G. Garden Cily, NY EED GREEN. SARA J. Tuscon, Ariz. PHM FIIBB GREENBLATT, M. A. Waukegan, Ill. POLI SCI KDEA, pres, v-pres, pldg mstr, parlmt GREEN. CHARLOTTE Waupun ACCT Phi Chi Theta: USF, tres: Intl Rltn Cbi Chad Hall, tres GREENFIELD. J. W. Dickson, Tenn, PHIL Union Music Comm: Crew: ZBT, pldg pres GREENSPON. B. A. Cliicaigo, Ill. PI-IY ED WRA: Villa Maria, v-pres, soc chm, jud bd, hselellow GREGORY. JANE L. Mtulison SPEECH COR Sigma Alpha Eta: Blood Drive: Hooters: Liz Waters: AXQ, chpln GREIDANUS. TED Delarnn HORT Alpha Zeta. tres: Babcock Hse tres, alumni coodntr GRIES. WILLIAM R. Colby PHARM St Pauls Choir: UW Mens Glee Cb: A Cappella Choir: WPhA GRIFFIN. G. L. Tomah URBAN STD Tf River Falls: Y-Demo: UW Planners Cb GRIFFITI-I, JANICE R. Columbus HEC Tf De Kalb: Phi Upsilon Omicron, histrn: Phi Kappa Phi: Omicron Nu. v-pres: HEC Stdnt Cncl: Wesley Fndtn: Slichter Hall. chm GRIFFITH, W. SUE Bogota, NJ ZOOL LHA Cbnt: WLHA Disk Jockey: Henmon Hse, v-pres GRIFFITHS, M. J. Dodgeville ANTHRO GRIMM, JOHN A. Wautoma ME Baseball GRINNELL, M. M. Madison ART ED Union Gallery Comm GRISZ, KATHRYNV I. Chicago, Ill. HIST GRITZMACHER, R. O. Milwaukee MEDICINE Phi Chi GROSSENBACHER, J. F. New Glarus GEOL Football: EAE GROSZ, J. WILLIAM Wauwatosa ECON 'IJA9 GROTE, DOUGLAS G. Oak Park, Ill. ACCT GRUBE, CAROL E. Brookfield HEC Tf Valparaiso: Bleyer Hse, sec GRUBER, F. A. West Allis f SPEECH GRUBER, JANET B. PHARM Kappa. Epsilon: APhA: WPhA: Newman Cb: AEA East St Louis, Ill. GRUD. JANICE K. Berwyn, Ill. HEC Euthenics GRUEHN, PAMELLA E. Appleton MUSIC ED Sigma Alpha Iota: Campus Christian Orgn, sec: Badger Song Fest, comm chm: Wisc Previews: AZ, song drctr GUMINA, ROSARIO A. Milwaukee PHARM Tl' UWM: WPhA GUNDERSON, S, J. Green Gai' ENGL Wallerstein Hse. sec GUNDLACH, W. W. Arlington EE Phi Eta Sigma: AIEE: IRE: KDEK GUNTERMANN, J. L. Lake Genera EED Stdnt NEA: Hoofcrs GUNTLY, C. H. Kewa.rkmn ME ASME: ROTC Rifle Tm: Engr Expstn. l962: Wrestling: Kahlenberg Hse, actvts chm GUTTMAN, LANYA Chicago. Ill. PSYCH Ti Brandeis: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: WSA Hmn Rltn Comm: Sr Swingout Comm: Model UN: Phil Cb: Eliz Waters, sec GWIN, BETH C. Hutlson OCT WSA Stdnt Vllelfare Drctr co-chm: Campus Chest. chm: Pres Hse, choir, bd of deconsl Othcra: Coed Cong: Scott Hse, jud chm HAAGENSEN, H. L. Wattiuialosa NURSING Tf UWM: Alpha Tau Delta: Stdnt-Fctly Cncl HAAS. KENNETH R. Glenview ME Tf Bradley HAASE, WILLIAM H. Fond du Lac ECON HABEL, THEODOR MED SCI Kenosha WISMA ' HABER, TIMOTHY R. Shaker Heights, Ohio HIST TIAQ? HABERSTROH, JON A. Wauwatosa ACT SCI Phi Eta Sigma: Soph Honors: Actuarial Cb: XQE HABERSTROH, Y. G. Wauwatosa PSYCH Tf UWM: Colonial Lodge, v-pres HADARY, SHARON G. Chevy Chase, Md. PSYCH Tf Carnegie: Phi Kappa Phi: Union Library Comm: sec, chm: Wisc Players HAERLE, WILLIAM R. Morton Grove, Ill. MKT Marketing Chm: QA9, sec HAFERBECKER, J. F. Wauloma ACCT Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Beta Alpha Psi: Union Pblc Rltn Comm: A211 HAGEN, DONALD c. Whitehall ECON HAGENS, JEROME H. Kimberly PSYCH Tf Oshkosh SENIOR INDEX HAI-IN, BARBARA J. Milwaukee PHT Phi Theta: WHIRLPOOL, cd: IIAW Fund Comm: NSP: Chad. choir: AXQ, pdg scl chm, pres HAI-IN, MARY SUE Madison EED Union Crafts Comm, sec: AEA, see HAHN, PAUL R. Racine COMM SAM: NSA HALL, JAMES M. Janesville HIST Tf Colorado: IF: Pre- Med Soc: XIII, soc chm, v-pres HALL, RICHARD D. Oconto CE ASCE HALL, STAN S. Madison CHEM Phi Lambda Upsilon I-IALLOIN, KAY C. Milwaukee SPEECH WSA Elect Chm: Campus Chest Dr, pblcty comm: Mil Ball, prmt HALMAR, MARK L. Superior PHARM Tf Superior: Kappa Psi HALSOR, RUTH V. DeForest ED Tf St. Olaf: Pi Lambda Theta: Union Usher HALVORSON, H. F. Kenosha POLI SCI Tf Northwestern: Forensics: Mock UN: Wesley Fndtn HAMEL, MOLLY M. Madison MDT Alpha Delta Theta: Hoofers: Campus Chest: AAA, sec HAMM, JOHN R. Milwaukee ECON Tf Marquette: Union V-Pres Comm: Soc Comm: Entrtrns Guild Chm: SAX, soc chm HAMPEL, JANE S. Green Bay NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, tres: Pres Hse, deacon HAMPEL, MARY Madison SOC WK WSA HANCHETT, D'E'1'TA Madison SOC WK Tf Oshkosh HANCHETT, JOHN B. Madison ANTHRO UW Band HANKE, BRYAN E. Fond du Lac PHARM Tf Oshkosh: APhA: WPhA HANNA, BETTY A. Madison CHILD DVLP YWCA, pres, tres, v-pres: Union News Bureau: V-pres Comm: USF, soc chm: Cole Hall, v-pres HANNEMANN, A. M. Wausau EED Tf Marathon City: Pi Lambda Theta: Phi Kappa Phi: Hmcming Pblcty Comm: Calvary, sec, choir HANSEN, LEO R. Bangor DY SCI Tf La Crosse: Agr Stdnt Cncl: Newman Cb: Saddle 8: Sirloin Cb: Blue Shield 4-I-I HANSEN, LEROY L. Clintonville M 8: ME Tf Wausau: FEF Schlrshp: AFS: ASM dt ME HANSEN, PAUL R. Marinelle ART HANSON, B. A. Alma ED Eta Kappa Lambda: Phi Chi Theta, pres, rush chm: Comm Bd: Stdnt- Fctly Concl, pres, sec, tres: Union Open Hse, H8tH Chm: Blue Shield: Schaenlikee Hse, pres HANSON, RONALD B. Black River Falls MNGT Insurance Soc: SAM: LHA, fin comm: Loans 8: Schl Comm: Lakeshore Stores Bd HANSON, WILLIAM D. Appleton CHE AIChE HAPPE, MARIANNE J. Ripon EE Pi Lambda Theta: Phi Kappa Phi: Campus Chest: Mock Demo HARDEL, GARY G. Milwaukee ME Tf UWM: ASME: Engr Espstn, 1962 HARMS, UNA M. Dearborn, Mich. ECON Tf MSU: IWDB HARPER, LARRY K. Cuba, Ill. AGR Arnold Air Soc HARPER, WILLIAM H. Evansville CHE Alpha Chi Sigma: AIChE HARRINGTON, R. A. Oshkosh EED WSA: Campus Chest: AWS: Contacts Comm: Rosenberry Hse, sec: AAA, pres, tres HARRIS, LOUISE K. Sun Prairie ART ED WHLA: Barnard Hse, jud cncl HARRIS, RENEE Des Moines, Ia. EE EAT HARRIS, RICHARD J. Houston, Texas PSYCH Tf Calif Tech: Phi Kappa Phi: I-Ioofers: Arnold Air Society HARROP, JOYCE M. Milwaukee FRENCH Buck Hse, soc chm HART, JAMES D. Madison PSYCH Phi Eta Sigma HARTEELL, R. L. Barron M 8: AN SCI HARTRIDGE, C. Madison PSYCH Hoofers, cb v-pres: AEA, service chm HARTZ, LEE R. Randolph ACCT Holt-Kronshage Commons Comm: Christian Sci Org, tres: Marching Band SENIOR INDEX HARVEY. FRANK E. .Wilwuukrfe FINANCE Fincance Soc, AT, tres HARVEY, VVILLIAIVI H. Hinsdale. lll. AN I-IUSB If Cncl, XID, pldg trn, pldg soc chm I-IARWELL. J. M. Hammond, Ind, ART ED Chad Hall, activity chm HASLER, A. F. Madison AMP Tf Munich, Hoofers, WISC ENGINEERS Campus Carn, Humo, ATA HASSEBROEK, L. G. Hudson CE ASCE, Triangle, sec, v-pres HASSEL. BEVERLY S. Merrill MUSIC Tf Wausau, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Soph Honors, Phi Kappa Phi HASSELER, HAZEL M. Arpin HIST Tf Oshkosh, Phi Kappa Phi, Altrusa Cb, Most Valuable Citizen Award, Intl Cb, Model UN, Gamma Delta, Susan Davis Hse, jud chm HASSEMER, JOAN F. Bloomer PED Newman Cb HASTINGS, S. S. Milwaukee SOC Tf UWM HAUGH, F. E. Greenwood, Ind. POLI SCI HAUMERSEN, D. J. Racine CE Tf Arizona, ASCE, Badger Christn Felshp HAVILAND, R. H. Milwaukee ME ASTME, ASME HAWKE, L. C. Madison EE AIEE, IRE, Calvary HAYES, THOMAS E. Milwaukee POLI SCI WT, pres I-IAYS, JOHN A. Washington, D.C. INTL RLTN WISC PREVIEW, Elections Commissioner, WLHA HECK, JANET M. Mondoui SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta, Gamma Delta HECKERT, KERMIT K. Wabeno SPEECH LHA, soc comm, WSA Ldrshp Prog, Theater Usher, Wise Players, Haresfoot, UW Bands, asst drum major, Cheerleader, ATKIJ, humo chm HECKLE, SARAH J. Wauwaiosa HEC Tf UWM, XS! HEIDEMANN, C. K. Hoi Springs, Ark. EE AIEE, IRE HEIDT, JAMES G. Madison POLI SCI Intl Rltn Cb, Newman Cb HEINZELMAN. R. O. Port Washington PHARM HEISTERKAMP, J. W. Cleveland, Ohio SPAN Tf Madrid, DORMISTORY2 Broth- Sis Prog. chm, LHA, Span Cb: AWS Rept HEIVILIN. FRED G. Madison GEOL Union Soc Comm, Union Hmeming Prmtn, Tennis HELBURN, PHILIP G. Cincinnati, Ohio ART HIST Tf Colorado, Union Gallery Comm, Italian Cb HELGESON, CAROL J. Pulaski HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron, Calvary Cb HEMPHILL, KAREN E. Royal Oak, Mich. PHY ED XS2, pldg trn HENDERSON, S. E. Stoughton HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron, song chm, Euthenics Cb, Danforth Award in HEC, Union Open Hse Comm, HEC Hosptly Day, reg chm, tour gde, design comm, AWS Athltc, Eliz Waters, open hse comm, choir, AEA, tres HENKE, TIM K. Madison MEDICINE HENNINGSEN, J. M. Milwaukee SPEECH Tf UWM, Folk Arts Cb, Lakota Hse, jud bd rep HENRICI, RONALD C. Morton Grove, Ill. PHY ED Football HENRY, ROLAND G. Madison ME SAE, WISC ENGINEER, Polygon Bd, Engr Exptn, 1962 HENTON, K. A. Madison EED Stdnt NEA HENTSCHEL, K. J. Wauwatora EED NSP, AFA, pldg trn, panhel rept HERBERT, JUDITH N. Yardley, Pa. EED Coed Congress, Hoofers, Dormsylvania Comm, Hmcming Button Campgn Chm, Campus Chest, Adv HERMAN, KLEMME L. Milwaukee EE Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Delta Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard 8: Blade, LHA, pres, v-pres, LHA Athltc Chm, UW Flying Cb, Color Guard, Dormsylvannia, ed 84 schlrshp comm, poll captain, Track, Bryan Hse, hsefellow, 2111, rush chm HERSCHER. MARY R. Grand Rapids, Mich. OCT Olhera, Panhel Ball Chm, I-Iumo Kickline, prontns EQ pblcty comm: Symposium, Hmcming Decor Comm, Union Theater Comm, Y-GOP, AFA. activities comm chm, fin HERZOG. B. J. Plainfield, NJ FRENCH AWS Comm, Mock UN, Hooters HETH, GENE A. Ft, Alkinson LAW HETZEL, ROBERT W. Milwaukee EED Tf UWM, ZX HEYENBRUCH, B. F. Brookfield CIE Tf UWM, ASCE, EAE HIBBARD, MARY L. Lodi SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta, Union Music Comm, NSP, Chorus HILBELINK, W. J. Oostburg ACCT HILL, RICHARD J. Oak Park, Ill. MKT If Cncl, tres, pblc rltn chm, pldg trn comm, advisary bd, IF-Panhel Comm, WSA, Honors Day Comm, NSA Comm, FSLP Comm, NSP, Campus Carn Alloc Bd, Wisc Previews, Tennis, BOTI, pres, sec 'HILL, WAYNE A. Ellendale, ND MEDICINE Tf North Dakota, Phi Beta Pi, EN HINCH, SUE Nashville, Tenn ART BADGER, art ed, Humo, design chm, NSP, KA9 HINDLEY, LINDA K. Kenosha ENGL HIPPMAN, H. B. Rockford, Ill. HIST Scabbard dc Blade, Football, EX HISER, DAVID L. Janesville POLI SCI Hoofers, Pre-Law Cb HOAGLUND, C. V. Wausau LAW Phi Alpha Delta HOBEN, JAMES E. Milwaukee BA LHA, Pyre Hse, v-pres HODGE, CLYDE M. Madison MNGMNT Tf Northwestern, Phi Kappa Phi, SAM, chm Held trip, Beta Gamma Sigma, Rifle Tm HOEBEL, JERIS A. Omaha, Neb. SOC AAA HOEFFEL, K. M. Appleton ENGL HOELTING, WANDA J. Belmont HEC Euthenics, WSA Broth- Sis Prog, Intl Cb, Wesley Fndtn bd of drct, stdnt dlgt, LHA Hse Rep, World Christian Comm, chm HOFFMAN, BONNIE D. Marinette FRENCH Union Usher, LHA Library Comm, Cercle Fancais: French Hse, pres HOFFMAN, JOHN L, Kansas City, Mo, HISP STD Intl Cb, Intl Fair, co-chm, Spanish-Portuguese Cb, IIAIIJ HOFFMAN, M. J, Waupun ART ED Tf Drake: Coed Congress! Sr Swingout, prmtn comm, Panhel Rush Cnplr, AEA. hse v-pres, pldg v-pres HOFFMANN. RAY E. Madison PSYCH Tf Sheboygan HOFFMAN, SUELLEN Sheboygan EED Tf UWM: Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Marietta HOHMAN, JEAN M. Schonela' JOURN Tf Wausau, Y-GOP, Consrvtive Cb, Newman Cb, Forensic Union HOLLAND, MARY A. Wauwalosa EED AWS Comm, Panhel Comm, KAO HOLLIDAY, JAMES G. Milwaukee POLI SCI Tf UWM: Alpha Delta Sigma, Haresfoot, Hrncming, pep rally, Theater Comm, Pershing Rf, Pres Hse, LHA, pblety, AXP HOLLINGSWORTH, J. Rock llsand, Ill. HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, Soph Honors, SLIC, hmn rights comm, Union Literary Comm, Panhel Tres, HEC Stdnt Cncl, v-pres, NSP, Wisc Preview, TIBCIJ, tres HOLZRICHTER, J. F. Burlington AMP Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Union Pblc Rltn Comm, Good Fellow Award, ATA HOOS, WILLIAM L, Evanston, Ill. PHARM 'PFA HORN, ROBERT M. Pulaski PSYCH Tf Green Bay, PARNASSUS, ed, UW Mens Glee Cb HORST, PAUL H. Clzillon METEOR Arnold Air Soc, Scabbard 8: Blade HOVE, KNUT Veslre Slidre, Norway CE Tf Schous Tech Inst, SACI, Scandinavian Cb, sec, Track HOVEY, PATRICIA E. Birmingham, Mich. ART ED Panhel, pblcty comm, BADGER BEAUTY, AWS Bridal Show, Haresfoot, hostess, KKF, initiation chm, art chm HOVLAND, DALE N. C hetek METEOR HOWARD, JUDITI-I B. Elmhurst, Ill. CHEM Tf Randolph-Macon, II B111 HOWE, MARTHA M. Madison PSYCH LHA Actvts Comm, sec, Union Usher, Newman Cb, A Cappella Choir, Cool Hse, sec HOWELL, C. B. Fennimore CHE Tf Platteville, Alpha Chi Sigma, AIChE HOWELL, P. M. Waukesha SPEECH Phi Beta, rush chm, Eta Kappa Lambda, BADGER, Y-GOP, Union Theatre Usher, Mock UN, Political Action Comm, chm, Eliz Waters, pres HUBER, JAMES O. Madison LAW Phi Delta Phi, WISC LAW REVIEW, Stdnt Bar Assoc, pres, EX I-IUBER. JEANNE L. Wauwatosa PSYCH NSP, UW Chorus, XQ HUDIS, JAMES B. Brookfield SPAN Wisc Players, ZAE HUDSON, JOHN C. Milton SED LHA, Georg Cb, ADA, Mock GOP, Mock Demo Cnvtn, MILW, Turner Hse, tres HUEBNER, G. F. Madison SOC WK WSA Ldrshp Trn Progm, AAA, asst chm, music drctr HUFF, MERLE G. Green Bay PRSL MGT Tf Green Bay, Alpha Kappa Psi, pldg pres, mstr of rituals, Haresfoot, SAM, Commerce Bd, progm chm, Mkt Cb, pres HUGGINS, E. A. Mineral Point HEC Euthenics, Newman Cb, Hermanson Hse, sec, tres HUGHES, BETTIE J. Madison NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, Stdnt- Fctly Cncl, v-chm HULBERT, BENITA I. Racine SPEECH TH Sigma Alpha Eta, ASHA, NSP, Wise Players, Hillel, Villa Maria, soc chm, jud bd chm, v-pres, hsefellow, rsdnt adv HULBURT, DAVID A. Reedsburg CHE Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, v-pres, AIChE, sec, pres, Scabbard 8: Blade, Faville Hse, sec HULETT, DAVID L. Moorhead ECON HULL, STEPHEN B. Waupun MEDICINE Phi Chi HUNKEL, .IUDITH P. Wauwatosa MATH Tf Michigan, X52 HUNT, SUSAN F. Elm Grove ENGL Wesley Fndtn, Band HURST, TIMM M. Fond du Lac ACCT Phi Kappa Phi, Blood Drive, chm, Stdnt Ed Welfare Comm, XII! HURWITZ, L. S. Milwaukee MED SCI Phi Kappa Phi, Crew, coxswain, Bryan Hse, tres HUTCHENS, H. C. Eau Claire ZOOL Pre-Med Soc, Frosh Football, Wrestling, BC-BIT HUTKOWSKI, E. J. Port Edwards SPEECH TH Tf Alverno, Sigma Alpha Eta HUTTER, ADOLPI-I M. Fond du Lac MEDICINE HUXHOLD, JUDY E, Milwaukee ENGL Villa Maria, flr chm, jud bd HYLAND, JOHN K. Stevens Point INSURANCE Tf Stevens Point, Insurance Soc IBBOTSON, FRANK W. Chicago, Ill. PHY ED Football: EX IHRIG. CYNTHIA M. Waukesha ENGL ED Phi Kappa Phi: Union Music Comm: Sympsum IWDB, pres IMHOF, JOHN R. Oak Creek ME Theta Tau, pres, tres, cord sec: Phi Eta Sigma: Arnold Air Soc, sec: ASTME INGRAM, S. M. Rockford, Ill. PHM INSLEE, TERRY Oregon ME COMM ASME: Insurance Soc ISIGE, JACKTON J. Alaragoli, Kenna BBA Pan-African Stdnt Orgn, news letter ed: Intl Cb, v-pres: Welfare Comm Chm: African Union, pres, trcas: Rochdale Hse, pres, trcs ISSELHARDT. GAIL Clialliarn. Nl SPEECH TH Tf Stephens College: WSA, Intl Rltn Comm: AX!! JACKSON, THOMAS C. Coleman ZOOL Millar Hse, soc chm JACOBS, JAMES P. Green Bay FINANCE Tf St Norbert: Alpha Kappa Psi: Pre-Law Cb: SAM: Finance Soc: Newman Cb JACOBS, RONALD S. Shorewood ACCT Tf UWM: IF Cncl, tres: Univ Players, pres: QZA, pres JACOBS, THOMAS W. Wauwalosa EE Tf UWM: IRE! Concert Band: Symphony Orchestra: Gamma Delta, v-pres JACOBSEN, JOAN C. Wheaton, Ill. NURSING Tf Russell Sage College: KA9 JACOBSEN, KENT D. Sparta M 8: AN SCI Babcock Hse, tres, pres JACOBSON, LARRY A. 'Madison PHYSICS Badger Amateur Radio Cb, chief eng: Rifle Tm JAESCHKE, JOHN A. Madison ZOOL Marching Band: Concert Band JAHN, LAWRENCE A. Cudahy ZOOL LHA, prsl comm: WLHA, chief announcer: Marching Band: Mock Demo Convt: High Hse, pres, floor chm, ed 8: schlrshp chm JAMES, JIM A. Hayward EE IRE JANSSEN, LEON P. Shawano AGR ENG Polygon Bd: Sr Class Cncl: AGE JANUSONIS, V. P. Kenosha ENGL Tf Kenosha: DORMI- STORY, cartoonist JANUTKA, JOSEPH R. Riverside, Ill. ZOOL IF Comm: Humo: Pre- Med Soc: Crew: EX, sec, hist JASPERSON, S. N. Wis Rapicls PHYSICS Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: LHA: Press Hse Choir: Bashford Hse, pres JAUTZ, CAROL M. I'VllllJVfIlU,V!I MDT Alpha Delta Theta: NSP: IVIJB, v-pres, soc chm JEBENS. HAROLD J. Nfl. l'r0.t11er'!, lll, CE ASME: Union V-Pres Comm: ITRSM: NSP: SAE JENNINGS, R. K. East Liverpool, Ohio FINANCE Iron Cross. pres: INSIGHT LQ OUTLOOK: Sttlnt Sen: IF, pres. advisory bd: Football: 1llI'A. pres, histrn JENQUIN. URBAN P. 1Il'll.fXl'l.Y AMP JENSEN, DOROTHY M. Waukesha POLI SCI Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Soph I-Ionors: CARDI- NAL: Intl Ch: Hoofers: Model UN: Mock Demo Cnvtn: Y-Demo: Mock Sen: Scandinavian Cb JENSEN. KAREN B. lVi'.xI Allis SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta JENSEN, ROGER L. Fricnzlslzip EE Delta Epsilon: Newman Cb: Chamberlin Hse, union rep JENSON. ELLEN EIIHPFIOII CHILD DVLP Tt' Beloit: NSP, AWS Co-ed Congress: Hoofers Canterbury Cb: Lowell Hall hseiellow: IIBGP JERINIC, D. G. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM: AIEE: Eta Kappa Nu. tres: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Intl Cb JERRICK, RICHARD M. Madison EE AIEE-IRE JERTSON, RONALD I. La Crosse EE Tf La Crosse: ASME JERUC, DONALD J. Sheboygan PSYCHE Nautilus Soc: ATQ JESKE, KAREN M. Hales Corners MDT Alpha Delta Theta, corr sec JINDRA, MARY L. Two Rivers ART ED Calvary: Campus Blood Dr: Andersen Hse, sec, trs, soc chm JIRACEK, GEORGE R. La Crosse PHYSICS Tf La Crosse: CARDI- NAL, photo ed: Xllf, hislrn JODIE, JAMES B. C adott CE ASCE, Triangle JOHANNING, D. C. Dodgeville HEC Newman Cb: Euthenics JOHNSEN, ROLF Risor, Norway ME Tf Horten School of Tech JOHNSON, ADRIAN S. Crystal Lake, Ill. GEOG Union V-Pres Comm: Scabbard 84 Blade: X411 JOHNSON, BETSY L. Montclair, NJ X PSYCH SAM: Mkt Cb: Hoofers: Langdon Hall, Hr chm JOHNSON, DENNIS A. Rliilzelander ME Chamberlin Hse, athlete chm, soc chm JOHNSON, GAIL M. Racine EED Cheerleader: AXQ JOHNSON, G. W. Madison PRSL MGT WSA Prsl Drctr: Union Plcmnt Comm: Forum Comm: SAM: Judo Cb: OAX, athltc chm JOHNSON. J. M. Kenosha SOC WK Ti Kenosha JOHNSON. KAREN L. Brandon SOC WK Tf Lawrence: Snow Hse, pres: AF, commons comm, sec JOHNSON, LARRY W. Wes! Salam MATH Civil Di Stdnt-Fctly Comm: Olson Hse, sec, jnt displn comm JOHNSON, LOUISE A. Hlaneliarzlville MUSIC Sigma Alpha Iota, chpln, v-pres: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Women Chorus, pres. v-pres: Ellsworth Hse, pres JOI-INSON, MARK D. Superior IIHARM Tf Superior JOLIVETTE, PETER L. Madison PHYSICS AAII5 JONES, BROUGH Two Rivers PRSL MGT Pre-Law Cb: Union Hse Comm: NSP: March Band: Mens Glce Cb: Chamberlin Hse, soc chm JONES. DONNA M. Oak Park. Ill. COMM Phi Chi Thetal SAM: Union Hse Comm: Wesley Fndtn, pres: UW Religious Cncl: Humo: Cochrane Hse, pres: KA, music chm, tres JONES, GWENN M. Berlin SED Tf UWM: Sigma Alpha Eta JONES, LEROY H. Madison DY 8: FD I Tf Platteville: Babcock Dairy Sci, Cb, v-pres JONES, ROBERT H. Fontana ENGL Scabbard 8: Blade: Hoofers: QA9 JONES, ROGER W. Rewey ACCT Tf Platteville: Beta Alpha Psi: Wesley Fndtn: Insurance Soc JONJAK, JANE A. Hayward ENGL Hoofers JONJAK, PAUL L. Hayward ME Hoofers: Engr Expstn, 1962: ASME: LHA Radio Cb: Frankenburer Hse, tlr chm, schlrshp 8: ed chm JONSSON, JON O. Reykjavik, Iceland ECON Tf Iceland: OX JORDAN, MICHAEL S. Chicago, Ill. PSYCH BADGER: Mock UN: Mock Demo Cnvtn: Union Plcmnt Comm: NSP: AEH, cultrl comm chm, parents wkend comm chm JOSEPH, SUSAN Highland Pk, Ill. SPAN Tf Chathor College: NSP Comm: Span Cb SENIOR INDEX JOY, DONALD N. Peshligo SOILS Wesley Fndtn, soc comm: Millar Hse, campus chest rept, soc chm JOYCE, JAMES D. Appleton CHE AIChE JULIAN, JOHN R. Racine MATH JUUL, LARRY W. Ingleside, Ill. MKT Tf Ripon: ZAE, rush chm KADIN, MICHAEL R. Northridge, Calif ZOOL NSP: WSA Frosh Ldrshp Progm: ILS Stclnt Cncl: McNeil Hse, pres, soc chm, athltc chm KAHL, JAMES R. Prairie Du Sac ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, tres: Scabbard 8a Blade: EN, tres KAHN, BERT L. Milwaukee LAW Tf UWM: Phi Eta Sigma KAHN, JUDITH L. Milwaukee ART Tf UWM: AWS KAI-IN, JUDITH R. Chicago, Ill. SPPECH Sigma Alpha Eta: CARDINAL: Women's Chorus: Lowell Hall, pres KAHN, REBECCA Highland Pk,, Ill. SPEECH Sigma Alpha Eta: Frosh Ldrshp Prog: PanHell: EAT, rush chm, pldg trn KAISER, ARNOLD R. Wausau CHE KALB, TOBY Long Beach, NY EED Tf New York State KAMIN, ROSANNE P. Wheaton, Ill. SED AFA, v-pres, panhel rept KAMINSKY, DON M, Milwaukee ECON CARDINAL: Stdnt Humn Rights Cncl: Blood Drive: Span Cb: WSA Pblcty Comm: Hoofers: Crew: ZBT, v-pres KANE, PETER F. Sheboygan CHEM Tf Sheboygan KANNENBERG, M. A. Germantown SPEECH Phi Beta, v-pres: CARDINAL: AWS, exec cncl, newsletter ed, pblc rltn drct: WSA Hsing Comm: Union News Bureau: Haresfoot Cos- tume Comm: Wisc Idea Theatre: Panhel Rush Cnslr: XS2, humo KANTROWITZ, J . A. New York, NY ED EAT KAPPLINGER, K. K. Villa Park, Ill NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: IWIJB KARIS, CHRISTINE Chicago, Ill. POLI SCI WSA: Coed Congress: Campus Chest KARLMAN, R. L. Ladysmith .IOURN Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Delta Chi: CARDINAL: Union News Bureau: Y-GOP: Model UN KAROW, ALANN F. Madison ACCT Alpha Kappa Psi, sec: Comm Stdnt-Fctly Bd: Hmcming Comm, I-in chm KARPOWITZ, S. M. Wauwatosa EED WSA Sympsum: Dolphins: Wise Previews: Model UN: KKI' KASSNER, S. J. Wauwatosa HIST NSP: Lakota Hse, soc chm, hsefellow KATS URA, CONNIE Y. Hilo, Hawaii ENGL KAU, ANNETTE Q. Oahu, Hawaii EED Eta Kappa Lambda: Wesley Choir: ILS Cncl: Hawaii Cb, tres: Henmon Hse, tres KAUFMAN, B. A. Milwaukee INTL RLTN Union Forum Comm KAUFMAN, R. P. Yonkers, NY POLI SCI NSP: Y-GOP: Pre'Law Cb: Hillel KAUS, RODGER D. Kendall EE IRE KAUTZ, AGNES E. Madison SED Phi Kappa Phi: Union Social Comm: Hmcming Show Pblcty Comm: AWS Fashn Show, pblcty comm: Wisc Players: Afb KAZLAUSKI, A. R. Madison PRSL MGT Tf Rutgers: Phi Kappa Phi: SAM, pres: Insrnce Soc, bd drctrs KECK, RICHARD F. Oconomowoc INDS MGT ASME: Hoofers: fI1I"A KELLY, RICHARD E. Wise Dells ECON Alpha Kappa Psi, v-pres: Pre-Law Cb KENNAUGH, JOHN R. Menomonee Falls EE IRE: TKE, pres KENNEDY, D. E. Madison POLI SCI KENT, SAMUEL M. Madison ME ASME: Engr Exptn, 1962: Gymnastics KENZIAN, JOYCE A. Wauwatosa SOC WK Tf UWM: Cool Hse, tres KERWIN, PAUL R. Madison EE Newman Cb KESSELMAN, B. J. Milwaukee SOC WK Union Plcmnt Comm: Usher: Hillel KESTOL, MARIE A.. Janesville PHIL Coed Congress: Chamber- lin Hse, jud comm, sec SENIOR INDEX KETELSEN, KAREN B. Eiarzsrille SPEECH Phi Beta, corr sec: Wise Players, Chorus, AAA, corr sec. song chm, chpln KETELSEN, ROBERT J. Lincolnwood, Ill ME Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, v-pres, corr sec, Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi, ILS Cncl, ASME, LHA Loans Comm, ATA, schlrshp chm, campus carn KICHEFSKI, BRIAN T. Rhinelander FINANCE Tf Whitewater, Finance, SAM: NSP KIESER, JANE E. Praire du Chien SED Stdnt NEA, v-pres, Cardinal Band, German Cb, BADGER, Meth Fireside Felshp, Wesley Fndtn, Badger Song Fest, AE, v-pres, pldg trn, schlshp chm KIESOW, JOHN H. Waterloo PRSL MGT SAM, sec, Bryan Hse, athltc chm KILEN, THOMAS C. Viroqua AGRON Tf Platteville, Phi Eta Sigma, Crops 8a Soils Cb, Calvary KILGER, RICHARD J. Park Falls EE AIEE, Newman Cb, Football, Chamberlin, athltc chm, fir chm KIMMEL, GERALD E. Manitowoc ECON Tf Manitowoc, Fallows Hse, soc chm, AAQ KINDER, JUDY M. Madison MATH WISC ENGINEER, copy editor KINNAMON, DAVID L. Madison HIST Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, IF, Y-GOP, WPT, sec, tres, v-pres KINNEY, DAN L. La Crosse ECON KINS, MARA Milwaukee PHARM Tf UWM, Rho Chi, Kappa Epsilon, histrn KIRK, KENNETH R. Wausau SOC Tf Marothon, Vilas, Campus Chest, chm KIRKBRIDE, DAVID S. Fall River MATH QEK, pres, pldgmaster KIRKI-IAM, BRUCE C. Rice Lake MED SCI Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Band, Millar Hse, sec KIRKPATRICK, W. A. Evanston, Ill POLI-SCI Hooters, Gymn Team KITTSLEY, JAMES F. Cedarburg POLI SCI SLIC, Humo, prmtn chm, Campus Carn, prmtn chm, IF Cncl, NSP, Union Theatre Comm, Pre-Med Soc, Y-GOP, XII' KJELSON. MARTIN A. Sheboy,t,'an ZOOL Tf USMA, DMS Award, DMG Grad, Rifle Team, capt, Steve Hse, v-pres KLEIN, MICHAEL G. Amery ENTOM Delta Epsilon, LHA Adm Sub-Comm Chm, Legslt Cncl, Union Hse Cncl KLEIN, PETER M. Sun Prairie HIST Tf Marquette, Intl Cb, UW Chorus KLEINFELDT, R. C. Fond du Lac ACCT Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Com-Bd, OAX KLEMM, CARL J. West de Pere CHE Alpha Chi Sigma KLEMM, JANET P. Appleton SPANISH Spanish Cb KLIPSTEIN, CAROL R. Milwaukee NURSING Alpha Tau Delta KLOEHN, K. W. Appleton PHARM Rho Chi, UW Co-op Bd Trustees, B911 KLOEHN, ROGER K. Madison ME SAE, ASME KLUG, DONALD H. Columbus ECON KLUG, JUDITH P. Milwaukee HEC Union Previews Comm, NSP, Humo KLUMPH, BEVERLY A. Sharon ACCT Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, v-pres, Phi Chi Theta, rush chm, Phi Kappa Phi, Election Poll Capt KNEPPRETH, S. M. Wauwatosa SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta, NewmanCb, Womens Chorus, Lakota Hse, Hsefellow, sec, tres KNIECH, JANE E. Mequon HEC AWS, Campus Inn, pres KNIGHT, SARA Westport. Conn. EED Tf Elmira KNOBLAUCH, C. A, Wauwatosa PHY ED Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, Union Usher, Calvary Choir, Phy Ed Cb, tres, NSP, Big Ten Dorm Conf, XQ, corrs sec KNO P, ALLEN J. Spencer HIST KNOPF, DAVID Brockton, Mass. PSYCH UW Sports News Service, Boxing KNUTH, PAULA B. Menomonee Falls HEC Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Omicron Nu, tres, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Delta, Hemon Hse, soc chm KNUTSON, KAREN J. Ln Crosse ENGL WSA Elect Comm, Zoe Bayliss, soc chm KNUTSON, LINDA J. Green Bay ENGL Coed Congress, WSA Ldrshp Trn Prog, Ellsworth Hse, soc chm, jud chm, FQIJB KOCH, F. J. Waukesha ECON Tf UWM KOCH, STEVEN M. Reedsburg HIST KOENIG, JOYCE L. Burlington SOC Y-GOP, Newman Cb, AE, pldge pres KOEPCKE, K. B. Madison CHEM A Cappella Choir, K2 KOEPKE, ALAN H. Oconomowoc AGR ENGR ASAE, v-pres, AFP KOHLBERG, I. J. Milwaukee MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon, AEIT KOHLER, ROBERT J. Cincinnati, Ohio ZOOL Archery Cb, Crew, Mack Hse, tres KOLACKI, K. R. Chicago, Ill. M Sz AN SCI Sr Class Cncl, Saddle 8: Sirloin, AFP, V-pres KOLASKI, CLINTON J. Superior MATH 8: PHYSICS Tf Superior, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Sloan Schlrshp KOLB, DAVID J. Madison CRCTN ADM KOLE, BARBARA L. Burlington SPEECH Tf Alverno, Tf Stdnts, chm, NSP, Union Hse Comm, Usher, Literary Comm, Newman Assn, Solveig Hse, sec, pres KOLKA, JAMES W. Madison LAW Tf Eau Claire, Mock ' Court KORDECKI, A. A. Kenosha EE KORITZINSKY, A. R. Manitowoc HIST NSP, Hillel Comm KORONA, STANLEY A. Chicago, Ill. POLI SCI Tf St. Josephs KOSHALEK, JOHN A. Silver Bay, Minn. INTL RLTN Pre-Law Cb, sec, pldg tres, OX KOSKI, KAREN D. Kankakee, Ill EED Tf Illinois, EED Cb, v-press Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Union Pblc Rltn Comm, Wesley Fndtn, FGDB KOUGH, MARTHA L. Uniontown, Penn ENGL Sympsm, speaker comm, KA9 KRAMER, JOHN M, Madison ENGR MECH Tau Beta Pi, Engr Expstn, 1962 KRAMER, K. S. Chevy Chase, Md. HIST Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, IF, Band, TEA, PICS, v-pres, tres, rush chm KRAMER, MONICA R. Wausau ECON Tf Marathon, Newman Cb KRAMMER. A. P. Clzicago, III. HIST Deans List 1961, Y-Demo, Folk Arts Soc, Hillel, LHA, schlrshp comm, AEIT KRAMP, HOPE Fontana SED Tf UWM, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Union News Bureau. chm, Humo, KA, ed KRASK, MARJORIE A. Skokie, Ill. ART ED Union Crafts Comm, Newman Cb, AE, asst pldg trn, soc chm, panhel rep KRASNO, J. R. Milwaukee HIST Tf Grinnell, Hoofers, Model UN, Colonial Lodge, jud chm KRAUSE. ALDEN D. Madison ME KRAVAT, JEFFREY L. Madison SPEECH Wise Players, tres, WHA-TV Players, ILS Cncl, Thtr Comm, Elm Dr B, chm blood drive, QEA, sec KRAVITZ, HARLEY A, Shaker Hts, Ohio HIST IIAfIJ KREBSACH, T. F. St. Cloud REALTY Tf Oshkosh State, Y- Demo, Baseball KREJCI, WILLIAM F. Palmyra PHYSICS Phi Mu Alpha, Badger Song Fest, Band KRESKY, RICHARD S. Green Bay HIST Newman Cb KROMREY, JERRY E. Middleton Speech Natnl Collegiate Players, tres, Wisc Players, tres KRUEGER, DENNIS L. Merrill ME Tf Wausau, ASME, Hooters, Engr Expstn, 1961 KRUEGER, JOANN H. Wausau POLI SCI Tf Macalester, AE KRUEGER, R. L. S Holley PRSL MGT SAM KRUG, MARGARET J. Madison EED Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Bd, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Pi Lambda Theta, NSP, co-chm, exec sec, Union Pres, Union Forum Comm, AQ, pblcty chm, sec, Liz Waters fir chm KRUGER, THOMAS A. Milwaukee CHE AIChE, SAME KUERSTEN, JAMES R. Des Plaines, Ill. PHARM Phi Eta Sigma, Campus Carn, judg comm, NSP, guide, pbycty comm, Symphony Orchestra, WPhA, Evans Scholars KUHN, ELIZABETH Milwaukee SOC WK WSA Pblct Sz Pblctns, Union Usher, Hooters KUHR, MARILYN J. Neenah NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, Calvary Choir, Elm Dr A, tres KULAS, JOYCE C. Rochester, Minn. NURSING KUNESH. ERVIN K. Marinelte PHY ED Phi Epsilon Kappa, "W" Cb: Football KUNTZSCH, J. E. Milwaukee CHE Tf UWM, AIChE, Varsity 84 ROTC Pistol Team KURISH, KAREN C. Wailuku Maui, Hawaii SED Eta Kappa Lambda, Hawaii Cb, pres, LHA Pblcty Comm, LI-IA Cabnt, Henmon Hse, sec KUSHNER, R. A. Superior CHEM Phi Eta Sigma, Soph Honors, Phi Lambda Upsilon KUYKEN, JANICE M. Cedarburg HIST Badger Party, arrgt chm, Theatre Comm, Humo Pblcty Chm, Campus Carn Comm, NSP, Wisc Preview, SLIC Music Comm, Eliz Waters, soc chm, IWIDB, pldg trn, pldg v-pres, service chm LACHMUND, JUDY F. Madison ART Stdnt-Fclty Phy Ed Comm, Union Gallary Comm LADENSON, MARK L. Chicago, Ill. ECON Tf Michigan, ARTUS, Y-Demo LA FRAMENTA, S. W. Wilmette, Ill. ENGL Tf Florida, Phi Eta Sigma, AT LAKES, RONALD S. Milwaukee PHIL Tf UWM, AE II LAMAIS, JAMES G. Milvvatlkee GEOG Tf UWM, Y-Adult Cb, Rundell Hse, athltc chm LAMB, DOROTHY J. Wauwatosa ZOOL Model UN, Eliz Waters, soc chm, campus carn booth chm LAMPEREUR, M. F. Luxemburg PHARM LAMSON, BARBARA T. Ports, NH ART LANDREMAN, K. L. Kaukauna EED Tf Marquette, Newman Cb, Stdnt NEA LANE, BETHANN Chicago, Ill. HIST Panel of Americans, WSA Sympsm, seminars chm, Hilell, exec bd, Intl Cb, aide rsdnt, Y-Demo LANG, ARDEN J. Evanston, Ill. EED LANG, LARRY G. Barron HIST Marching Band, Golf LANGER, JOAN E. Roslyn, NY ENGL NEW IDEA, Chorus, Victoria Hse, Sgt-at-arms LAPICOLA, MAE A. Phelps HIST Tf Stevens Point, Sigma Tau Delta LA PLANT, THOMAS J . New Franken M 8: AN SCI Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Saddle 8: Sirloin Cb, Lvstk Jdg Tm, A82 LARACY, MARK A. Orange, NJ ENGL Tf St Peters College LARME, KATHRYN B. New Holstein SPAN Sigma Epsilon Sigma, v-pres: Eta Kappa Lambda, v-prcs: Crucible. trcas: Mortar Bd: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Delta Pi: Union Music Comm, sec: Newman Cb: Pax Romana: Span Sb: Slichter, coed cong rept LARSH, STEPHEN W. Milwaukee AMER INST NSP: Symposium Comm: Union Pblc Rltn Comm: Wisc Previews: 13911, rcrd sec, tres LARSON, JOHN C. Sioux Falls, S D PSYCH NROTC, pistol tm. color guard: LSA Choir: Track: Pyrc Hse. v-pres LARSON. KAAREN R. Spring Green HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron: HEC Stdnt Cncl: Euthenics, tres LARSON, LEIGH R. Watertown ME ASME LARSON, MARY L. Barron ED Eta Kappa Lambda: Sigma Alpha Iota. Sgt-at-arms, sec: AWS, jud bd: Union Theater Comm: Wisc Players: Chad, v-pres LARSON. MERRY S. Decatur, Ill PHT Phi Theta: Union Previews Comm: AF LARSON, PRUDENCE J. Eau Claire AMER INST Tf Eau Claire: Eliz Waters, v-pres LARSON, RONNIE R. Neenah MKT Rifle Tm, co-capt LASCH, DIANE E. Lake Geneva MKT LASKIN, JAY B. Milwaukee ME ASME: Union Pblc Rtln Comm: ZBT, histrn, pldg trn LAUTZ, WILLIAM H. Madison NCE LSA Choir: A Cappella Choir: Rifle Tm: XIT LAURENCE, EDWARD Madison URBAN AFFAIRS City 8: Regional Plan Bd, prog drctr: Y-GOP: Hoofers LAWTON, STEPHEN L. Wauwatosa CHEM LAZAR, ANNE E. Chesterton, Ind REL ART Dormsylvania, publctns sec: WHLA: Euthenics: Mkt Cb: Hosptly Day Guide LAZAR, MARCIA E. Wichita, Kans ENGL CARDINAL: GREEKS SPEAK, ed: Union Usher: Campus Carn, promtns chm: Panhel, rush comm: EAT, v-pres LAZAR, SEENA M. Chicago, Ill SOC WK Model UN: Campus Chest: AWS: WSA: Blood Drive: Intl Cb: Hoofers: United Jewish Appeal: Villa Maria, exec bd, jud bd, soc chm, coed congress LAZARUS, H. M. New York, NY POLI SCI SAM: Pre-Law Cb LEACH, INGRID H. Hartford IVIKT AIESEC: Hoofers: Panhel Ball: drct chm: Aflf. asst rush chm LEASE, BARBARA A. Madison CHILD DVLP Hoofers: KKI' LEBENSON. E. J. Flushing. NY POLI SCI CARDINAL, cd: DORMISTORY: Sr Swingout: Model UN, delg chm: Coed Cong: Victoria Hse, v-prcs LECK, GLORIANNE M. Merrill PHIL Coed Congress, sec: Phil Cb LECY, ROBERT C. Franklin ACT SCI Insurance Soc. tres: Actuarial Cb LEDERER, ROBERT L. Burlington ZOOL LHA: Pyre Hse. v-pres: ATEI. Pblc rltn LEE. D. BRUCE Delaran HIST Marching Band: Alpha Kappa Psi, mstr of rituals: AXA LEE. SANDRA J. Waverly. III INTI. RLTN Womens Chorus LEEMKUIL. KARL J. Richland Center BACT LEET, DONNA L. Kenosha SOC WORK LHA. pblcty comm chm: Hse Hosptly Exhibits: Van Hisc Commons Comm LEFCO. NANCY M. Milwaukee JOURN Soph Honors: Theta Sigma Phi, pres: Phi Kappa Phi: CARDINAL: Hooier pblcty chm: Gilman Hse, sec soc chm: Margaret Farmer Winston Award LEGGETT, MARK L. Honolulu, HI JOURN Tf Wash State: Union Film Comm: Y-Demo: Hawaiian Cb: Stdnt Cncl Civil Rights LEHMAN, F. A. Portsmouth, O CRCTN ADM AWS: Sheppard Hall, jud bd LEHNER, RICHARD A. Racine CE Tf Racine: Theta Tau: ASCE 1 LEISSO, WILLIAM F. Onalaska CE Tf LaCrosse: ASCE LEIST, FREDERICK D. Oshkosh ZOOL A Cappella Choir LEITH, JANET G. Haverford, Pa HIST WSA Intl Rltn Comm: Union Forum Comm: AF, Panhel rept LEITNER, NEIL A. Manitowoc EE Wrestling, capt: "W" Cb LE MAHIEU, MARY A. Milwaukee MDT Tf UWM LEMKE, NANCY A. Bowler CORCTN ADM LEMKE, SANDRA R. Cecil CHILD DVLP Euthenics: Blue Shield 4-H: Hmcming Decor Comm: Campus Chest LEMKUIL, BERNARD Madison ME ASME LEROUX, CHARLES F. Madison PHIL NEW IDEA, fctn cd LESCHINSKY, S. J. Kenosha ENGL Tf Kenosha: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Willison Hse, pres LESNIAK. STANLEY W. Milwaukee PHARM Kappa Psi, sec: WPhA: APhA LEV, PHILLIP M. Madison LAW LEVENSON, EMIL M. Newark, NJ ENGL Tl Rutgers: Wisc Players: ADA: Stdnt Cncl Civil Rgnls LEVIN, VICTOR A. Milwaukee MED SCI Tf UWM: Phi Kappa Phi: Soph Legislator: Stdnt Ctr Justice: SLIC: AEII LEVINE. SUSAN L. Queens. NY ENGL Ti Queens College: Union Theater Cb LEVNER. MARK H. Milwaukee PHYSICS Vilas Hall. athltc chm LEVY. ARNOLD S. Cltirugo. Ill POLI SCI Badger Party, pres: Mock Sen: Model UN: NSP: Union Forum Comm: IF Comm: AEII, pres, pldg trn LEWIS. G. KENNETH Clticago. Ill CHE Pres Hse Choir: SX LEWIS. NANCY E. Madison EED Union Usher: NSP, chm LEWIS, MARICA A. Dodgerille VOCAL ED Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Sigma Alpha Iota, song chm, sec: Pi Lambda Theta: WSA Parents Wkend, gen chm: Wisc Players: A Cappella Choir: AEA LIBER, SUSAN B. Toledo, Ohio EED Hillel: Stdnt NEA: EAT LICHTENBERG. G. G. Waupun AGR ECON Phi Kappa Phi: Forensic Union: Span Cb: Agr Econ Soc: Basketball, mngr LIEBER, ROBERT J. Chicago, Ill POLI SCI Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kapp Phi: Phi Eta Kappa: Soph High Honors: Y-Demo, v-pres tres: New Liberal Prty, chm College Bowl Tm, capt: Hoofers: Union Theater Comm LIEN, BARBARA Madison EED Tf Whitewater: Stdnt NEA: WEA LIND, LLOYD H. Racine CORCTN ADM LINDBERG, C. A. South Bend, Ind EED Tf Drake: AID LINDSTROM, R. M. Ashland CHEM Phi Lambda Upsilon: Phi Kappa Phi: AChS, v-pres: LHA Activities Comm: Commons Comm: Dormsylvania, dcrt chm: Minute Man Medal: Mead Hse, pres, v-pres SENIOR INDEX LINER. VICTORIA J. Rochester, NY HIST NSP, chm: WSA. Stdnt welfare comm, prsl contcts comm. prsl placemnts comm, chm: Coed Cong: AWS Fashion Shw: Hoofers: Wood Hse, pres LINN, LAWRENCE S. Chicago, Ill PSYCH Soph Honor Soc: Phi Kappa Phi: LH Prsl Comm: Humo: NSF: Mead Hse, sec, v-pres: II AKD, pldg class pres LINSCO'I'I', FRANCIS J. Oconomowoc' ECON Tf Marquette: BQIT, soc chm LIPMAN, CAROL A. Highland Pk. lll AMER INST WSA prsl Contct Comm: AEID LIPPERT, SUSAN E. Park Ridge, Ill ENGL Soph Honors: Phi Kappa Phi: Big 10 Conf Delgt: AWS Fashion Shw, prod chm: NSP: Broth-Sis Prog: Forgn Stdnt Hostess: Symph Orch: Chad Hall, soc chm: AEIIJ LIPPS, BONNIE A. Milwaukee JOURN Gamma Alpha Chi, pres: Campus Chest. pblcty chm: IAWS Special Evnts Comm: Sr Swingout Comm: Eliz Waters, serv comm LIPTON, ALFRED R. Chicago, Ill HIST Phi Eta Sigma: Soph Honors: AEIT, tres LITTENBERG, LINDA J. Highland Pk, Ill. FRENCH HIGHLIGHTS: Model UN: Union Pblc Rltn Comm: Hi-Ray Hall pres LOEHNING. HELEN M. Neenah SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Epsilon Sigma: sec: Phi Kappa Phi: Soph Honors: Mortar Bd: Sigma Alpha Eta, corrs sec: AWS, exec cncl, jud chm, acadmcs chm: NSP: Sr Swingout, invt chm: Union Music Comm: Chorus: KA, pres panhel rep LOFTUS, K. D. Stoughton CORCTN ADM LOGAN, DAVID A. Madison PSYCH WSA LOH, JEAN M. Double Bay, Australia ACCT Chinese Cb, sec: Hmcming Dsply, co-chm LOHMANN, CARL D. Wautoma. POLI SCI MACE: Iron Cross: CARDINAL, business mgr: Symposium, chm: SLIC Publct Sub-Comm, GAX, corrs sec LOKER, DONALD J. Appleton MATH Cross Country: Track LOKKEN, KAY E. Ashland ED Sigma Epsilon Sigma, soc chm: Pi Lambda Theta: WSA'Hmcming Comm: Humo: NSP: Aflv, soc chm, stndrds bd, exec cncl LOKVAM, SONJA M. Kenosha SPEECH CORCTN KA9, chm LONDRY, CAL H. Racine M8cME FEF Scholar: Hoofers: AFS, sec, tres LONG, JOHN Hinsdale, Ill HIST Tf Illinois: Phi Kappa Phi: CARDINAL: Union Tourn Comm: French Cb: Gray Gables, hse pres LONG, ROBERT P. Lake Mills ZOOL OX, soc chm LONGYEAR, CAROL Hamilton, NY ENGL Mock UN. secrtrt comm: Chorus: NSP: AAA, histrn LORENZ, EMILY M. Madison EED AWS, Big-Lit Sis Progm: WEA: XQ, asst tres LORIMER, JOHN N. Madison SOC LOSCHING, B. A. Janesville HIST Y-C-OP: "W" Cb: Crew: BG-DTI LOTTER, JUDITH A. Elm Grove EED Murray Hse, sec: KA9, corrs sec LOVAAS, RUSSELL K. Beloit M8iME AIME: Engr Exptn, 1962 LOWE, JAMES L. Racine LAW Phi Alpha Delta LOWE, MARY L. Marengo, Ill REL ART HEC Comms: AAA LUBOW, DEAN G. Black River Falls ACCT Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Conover Hse, hse cncl, tres, Hmcming chm, fir chm LUCAS, DON R. Frankfort, Ill LAW Tf Illinois: Legal Aid Soc LUCK, ALLAN Milwaukee MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon LUCK, BERNARD Milwaukee MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon LUCKOW, KENNETH R. Milwaukee PHARM Tf UWM: APhA LUDKE, EDWARD J. Kaukauna ECON Finance Soc LUDOIS, CHARLES E, Janesville SOC Tf Whitewater: Calvary Choir LUE, PATRICIA D. Superior EED Tf Superior SENIOR INDEX LUEBKE. LOIS A. Green Bay HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron. progm chm: Euthenics, design chm, HEC Hosplly Day Guide LUETHY, WILLIAM W. Baraboo AMER INST LUFF, JOYCE V. Milwaukee MUSIC Sigma Alpha Iota, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, pblcty chm, Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, Badger Song Festival Chm, Union Forgn Exchg Comm, Theater Usher, Theater Accmpnst, Chad Hall, tres LUND, DARYL B. Menononie MATH Tf Stout LUNDBERG, JACK R. Poplar EE Tf Superior, AIEE, Hoofers, Pres Hse, Three Sq Co-op LUTTRELL, ERIC M. Eau Claire GEOL Tf Eau Claire, Phi Kappa Phi, Geol Cb LYMAN, JERRY R. Bethesda, Md SPEECH Wise Players, B9l'I, pldg tm LYNCH, L. M. South Milwaukee ECON IF Schlrshp Comm, Scabbard di Blade, OX, alumni 8: schlrshp chm, guard LYONS, GARY F. La Crosse PHARM MCADOW, JERRY E. Chelek POLI SCI VOICE, Campus Chest, Wesley Fndtn, pres MCALLEN, LOUISE B. Lancaster, Ohio PHIL Tf Wellesley College, Union Literary Comm, Union Usher, Wise Players, KKI' MCANDREWS, M. E. Madison ENGL ED Phi Kappa Phi, Soph Honors, Pi Lambda Theta, Chorus, Wise Players, Haresfoot, costum mistress, A Cappella Choir, tres, AFA, panhell rush cnslr MeAULEY, GEORGE A. Superior MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu, v-pres, WISMA, Pres Stdnt Aliairs Comm, Medical Field Day, chm, Soph Class, pres McBURNEY, F. W. Madison LAW Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta, WISC LAW REVIEW, articles ed, ADVOCATE, ed, William H. Page Award, Joseph Davies Award MCCABE, WILLIAM J. Rack Springs ACCT SAM MCCLOSKEY, DAVID F. Madison ECON Insurance Society MCCONNELL. C. S. Ripon SED USF Choir, LHA Library Comm, Film Comm, I-Ioofers, Bleyer Hse, pblcity comm MCCULLOUGH, K. G. Stoughton HEC ED Tf Stout, Phi Upsilon Omicron MCDONALD, K. F. Hartford ACCT8aMKT Phi Chi Theta, Sigma Epsilon Sigma MCDONALD, SALLY A. Lake Forest, Ill POLI SCI Tf Manhattanville Col, Mock UN Comm, KKF, pres MeGAAN, K. J. Alrona, Ill NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, Mock UN, NSP MCGRATH, P. R. Kaukauna ENGL Soph Honors, Wood Hse, sec MeGRAW, JUDY C. Mineral Point ED Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Soph Honors, Newman Cb, Hermanson Hse, pres MCGUINNESS, N. L. Roselle, NJ CORCTN ADM Union Theatre Comm, Lakota Hse, pres MCINTIRE, M. V. Madison LAW Phi Alpha Delta, WISC LAW REVIEW, Moot Court Tm McINTYRE, ANGUS R. Madison LAW Wise Legal Aid Soc McINTYRE, W. J. Kenosha POLI SCI Tf Kenosha, Crew, capt., AAIID McJUNKIN, BETTIE J. Ponca City, Okla HIST Tf Okla State, Phi Alpha Theta, Deans Honor Roll, Pres Honor Roll, Soph Honors, Allen Hall, rsdnt aide, AXSZ, schlrshp chm MC KAY, JAMES C. Superior LAW Phi Delta Phi, Legal Aid Soc, ZAE MC KENNA, JOHN C. Madison CE ASCE, Seabbard 8: Blade, Nautilus Soc, NROTC Pistol Team, capt, BOIT MC KENZIE, DALE W. Cenluria POLI SCI Soph Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, BADGER, Mock UN, WSA Soph Honors Comm, Pre-Law Cb, Humo, ATA, prlm MC LEAN, CAROL M. Merrimac SED MATH Phi Kappa Phi, WSA Swingout Comm, Campus Chest, Wesley Fndtn, Zoe Bayliss Hse, pres MC MILLIN, JAMES A. East Moline, Ill PHY ED Football, XfID, soc chm MC NALL, ROBERT G. Waunakee ME Tf Oshkosh, ASTME, SAE MC NAMARA, P. J. Columbus NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, Chorus MC NAMARA, W. B. Madison LAW Phi Alpha Delta, Stdnt Court: All-Campus Pblc Rltn Comm, AT MCOLASH, MYRON M. Ellison Bay LT BLDG Track MC PEEK, MARGO J. West Allis SOC WK Tf Beloit College, WSA Projects Comm, see, Panhel Rush Cnslr, KA, soc chm MAAS, PHILIP M. Evansville AN HUSBANDRY Saddle 8: Sirloin Cb MAASS, DAVID H. Seymour ACCT Beta Alpha Psi MACHO, TERRANCE A. Spooner HIST Delta Sigma Pi, pldg pres, rush chm, v-pres, Mock GOP Cnvntn, dlgt chm, Insurance Soc, tres, bd of drctr, Fallows Hse, rsdnt halls commons comm MACK, KENNETH, M. Milwaukee PI-IARM Tf U WM, WPhA MACKIE, F. D. Madison AMP Alpha Chi Sigma, rush chm, Nautilis Soc MAGIDSON, DAVID J. Milwaukee POLI SCI Tf UWM, IF, pres, tres, Club 770, AEl'I, pres MAGNUSEN, KARL O. Oshkosh SOC Delta Epsilon, rcrd sec, District III Comm, chm, WSA Ldrshp Trn Prog, Campus Chest, solictn chm, Dormsylvania, Tarrant Hse, pres, see, treas, soc chm, tioor chm, Noyes Hse, hsefellow, rsdnt cnslr MAGNUSON, JAMES L. Middleton ENGL VOICE, ed, UW Religious Cncl, Baptist Stdnt Center MAHONEY, DENNIS C. Milwaukee AMP Marching Band, Noyes Hse, soc chm, OX, sec, tres MAHONEY, JUDITH A. Muskego PHM NSP, soc comm, AWS Hse Comm, ITBKIJ MAIER, BETSY Milwaukee SOC WK Union hmcming Pblcty Comm, Mock UN, Theater Usher MAKAREWICZ, B. A. Kenosha MATH Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Beta 'Kappa MAKAREWICZ, B. B. Kenosha POLI SCI MALCOLM, BONNIE J, Middleton SPEECH Tf Texas Christian, Union Music Comm, Hmeming Pblcty Comm, Summer Prom Comm, Humo, Y-GOP, KA MANHART, LEWIS G, Madison SOILS Mock GOP Cnvtn, Mock Demo Cnvtn, IF Cnel, AFP MANIS. MAURICE Fond du Lac MKT Tf Oshkosh, Mkt Soc, SAM, Insurance Soc MANOR, DONALD I. Elmwood ME Delta Epsilon, Blue Shield, 4-H Cb, ASME mnbrshp chm, Dist III Comm, LHA Cbnt, Mack Hse, pres, tres MANSNERUS, M. P. Northbrook, III LING Tf College of Wooster, Mortar Bd., Phi Kappa Phi, WSA Summer Bd, Coeds Cong, Union Literary Comm Chm, Pblc Rltn Chm, News Bureau, Directorate Se Sec, Intl Rltn Cntr, exec sec, Lake Lawn Hse, tres, v-pres MANTEUFEL, J. F. Portage SPEECH Mens Glee Cb, Wise Players, "W" Cb, Football, mngr MANTON, DIANA S. Pompano Beach, Fla. SPEECH TH KA9 MANZ, CARL W. Eau Claire MEDICINE Tf Eau Claire, Phi Beta Pi MANZ, MARY E. Neillsville SOC WK Tf Hamline, Wesley Fndtn, KA MAPLES, ROGER C. Manitowoc MKT Tf Manitowoc, SAM, Mkt Cb, Drama Wkshop MARCKS, BRIAN G. Black Creek NATURAL SCI "W" Cb, Crosscountry, Track MARCKS, PHILIP C. Black Creek GEOG MARCUS, PAUL R. Eau C'lair,. ECON WSA Elections, pblc rltn, Union Music Comm, Wise Players, lead, Humo, drctr, Football, mngr, AEl'I MARKEL, VIRGINIA R. Buffalo, NY OCT BADGER, bd of cntrl, orgnztn mngr sec, EAT, pres MARKHAM, S. A. Chicago, Ill ADV Alpha Delta Sigma, v-pres, Union News Bureau, IIAID MARKS, JOY F. Chicago, Ill EED Tf Loretto Hts, AWS Comm, NSP, Panhel Rush Cnslr, AXQ MARKS, RICHARD S. Madison LAW MARKWARDT, R. C. New Holstein RL EST RE 8: HB Assn, pres MARONE, R. A. Chicago, Ill ZOOL Persian Mkt, Parents Wkend Host, Newman Cb, Campus Chest Rep, Hooters, Coeds Congress, Campus Cam, Hmeming Comm, NSP MARQUARDT, B. A. Rhinelander POLI SC1 LHA Commons Comm, Mock Demo Cnvnt, Calvary Choir MARQUARDT, B. L. Tigerton PHARM Rho Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, Holy Name Men, WPhA MARQUARDT, CARL R. Sauk City SPEECH Tf Ripon, EN MARQUARDT, W. F. Wausau ACCT Finance Cb, SAM MARSCHKE, CARL R. Phillips EE CDEK, pres MARSH, MELINDA S. Madison EED Coeds Cong, KA, soc chm MARSH, ROBERT E. La Grange, Ill PSYCH MARSHALL, BETTY C. Malwaukee PSYCH LHA, prsl comm chm, Y-GOP, Intl Rltn Comm MARSHALL, MARY L. Middleton SOC Tf Edgewood, Intl Rltn Cb MARTALOCK, DEAN L. Ontario MED SCI Phi Chi, Phi Eta Sigma MARTEN, JANICE A. Alma NAT SCI Eta Kappa Lambda, Frosh Honors, Wallerstein Hse, sec, pres MARTENS, JOHN W. Winnipeg, Canada PL PATH MARTIN, LEE U. Neenah PHYSICS Arnold Air Soc MARTIN, LINDA L. Madison MUSIC Phi Beta, pres, Opera Wkshp, Chorus, sololist, A Cappella Choir MARTIN, RICHARD H. Pittsburgh, Pa. HIST Mock Sen, Forum Comm, Union Pblctns Chm, Head Cheerleader MARTON, WARREN A. Riverside, Ill EE Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Mace, pres, AIEE, WSA Elections Comm, Scabbard 8: Blade, XIII, v-pres MARVIN, BARBARA L. Monroe NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, WSA Welfare Projects Cordnt, Blood Dr, KA, soc chm MASLOWSKI, L. A. Thorp CORR ADM Newman Cb MASON, VICKI A. Chicago, Ill HEC Tf Northwestern, LSA, sec MATASEK, THOMAS F. Madison EE Tf UWM, Eta Kappa Nu, IRE MATHIEU, R. .I . Joliet, Ill NURSING ACD MATHISON, JAMES R. Larsen GEOG Olson Hse, athltc chm, pres MATHSON, JEROME M. Blair PHARM Tf La Crosse, WPhA, APhA MATTHEWS, E. C. Cincinnati, Ohio SPEECH CRCTN Sigma Alpha Eta, Delphins, Chad Hall, soc chm, AF, soc chm, exec sec MATTHIAS, DONNA L. Madison HEC Tf Valparaiso: Pl1i Upsilon Omicron: Calvery: Euthenics MATTISON. LOIS M. Stoughton EED Phi Kappa Phi: Cheerleader: Choir: Band: NSP: ll Bill, pldg pres MATTKA, WILLIAM A. Western Springs, Ill ECON SAX MATTSON, CLEM J. Lu lllonre, ND MEDICINE Phi Bela Pi MATTSON, ILONA V. Brooklyn, NY SPEECH TH Sigma Alpha Eta: Slichler Hall. v-pres MATUSZESKI, W. Wilmington. Del POLI SCI Phi Kappa Phi: Eta Sigma Phi. chm: Mock Poli Cnvntn. dlg chm: Mock Sen: Y-GOP, chm: Rundell Hse. tres MAURER, RALPH R. New Glorns DY SCI Saddle R Sirloin Cb: FFA: Litlle Inll Cb: AFP, sec, schlrshp chm MAUTZ. JUDITH L. Eau Claire HIST Tt' COIICY College: Y-GOP: USF: NSP1 Humo: LHA Comm: KA MAVROGENIS, J. D. Wanwatosa ME Tf Purdue: SAE: ASME: Flying Cb: Engr Expstn, 1962 MAXVVELL, G. ALLEN Jamestown, NY ME Tf Jamestown: SAME: SAE: KE MAYER, LINDA G. Glencoe, III PSYCH Tf Northwestern: Union Tourn Comm: Bowling Trn MAZUR, HOWARD E. Madison ECON Track MAZURSKY, C. J. Madison SOC MEACHAM, MARY E. Mazomanie GEOG Mock UN: Inter-Var Chrstn Felshp, sec, tres: Baptist Comnty Cncl: Chorus MEADOWS, KATHRYN Richland Center ENGL CARDINAL: Intl Cb: Women Chorus MEANS, PRISCILLA K. Manitowoc SPEECH TH Tf Hardin-Simmons: Wisc Players MEHLIN, JOHN D. Algoma PRSL MGT Alpha Kappa Psi: SAM MEIER, MAUREEN G. Waukesha PHY ED Tf Loretto Hts: Phy Ed Cb: CARDINALL Newman Cb: Campus Carn: Hoofers: Dance Wkshop MEISTER, EDWARD C. Clintonville MKT Tf Whitewater: Hoofers MEITNER, JUDITH M. Waterloo NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: Mock UN MELICHAR, D. W. Black River Falls MIN ENGR Tf La Crosse: M 8: ME Cb MELNIK, PAUL A. Baraboo PSYCH MENDELSON. E. M. N1llN'llllkt't' MDT Alpha Della Theta MENDILLO, MARIE M. Scarxzlalu, NY FRENCH Tf Trinity College: Newman Cb: French Cb: Spanish Cb: Dcan's List MERSCH, M. W. lit'al't'r Dam ACCT Pershing Ritles, pldg lrn: QAX MERTEN. ALAN G. Wiatr Allis MATH Tl' UWM: Phi Eta Sigma: AF-ROTC, grp comdr: Gamma Della: Swenson Hse, v-pres MEUER, CAROL R. Mizlzllelon SOC WVK Y-GOP MEYER, GARY D. Mrulison GEOG MEYER. MARVIN E. .'vlt'dfortl PRSL MGT Tl Stevens Point: SAM MEYER. SHARON C. A-ltulison I-I EC EIIIIICHICSI Blue Shield 4-H1 LSA. Commissary drclr MEYER. SUSAN J. Madison H EC KA6 MEYERS. NANCY Cliieagn EED Hillel: Victoria Hse, sgl- al-arms, hse mgr, rsclnt aide MICHAEL, JEFFREY D. Wanwarosa CHEM MICKEL. PATRICIA M. Mnkwonngo HEC Eulhenics: Tabard Inn, jud chm. sec MICKELSON, A. C. Wanpnn EED Wisc Players, costumes MICKELSON, C. A. Racine SOC Tf Racine MIELKE, CARLTON F. Markesan HISP STD Y-GOP: Mens Glee Cb: Mock Demo Cnvtn: High Hse, v-pres: GX MIEZITIS, IVARS Milwaukee ME Tf UWM: ASME MIGAS, RICHARD M. Wausaukee ECON Tf Green Bay: LHA Cbnt: Rifle Tm: Ochsner Hse, soc chm MIKELL, TRUDY A. Chicago, Ill. SPEECH Tf De Paul: WSA Trans- fer Guide: AWS Fashion Show Comm: BADGER BEAUTY: Hmcming Queen: Chorus: Hmcming Comm MILLAR, JANET M. Hinsdale, Ill. PHT Phi Theta: Welfare Proj Comm: Union Gallery Comm, acqustns chm: Wisc Salon of Art, judges chm MILLER, GARY W. West Salem PHARM Kappa Psi: WPhA MILLER, GERALD D. Manitowoc CHEM MILLER, JOYCE V. Chicago, III. ZOOL CARDINAL: WSA Welfare Comm: AWS Prsl Comm, Big-Little Sis Prog: Pre-Med Soc: Mock Poli Cnvln Chm: AE, rcrd sec. asst rush chm, pblcty chm MILLER, JUDITH H. McFarland ENGL MILLER, NORA B. Luke Geneva I-IEC MILLER, PETER F. Hayward GEOG MILLIGAN, DANIEL L. Racine H I ST Phi Alpha Della: Mock Sen: Mock GOP Nall Cnvln: Mock Demo Nall Cnvln: Wisc Conservative Cb, sell: Y-GOP, campus allrs chm: Turner Hse, sec, tres. pres MILLIGAN. R. J. Racine CHEM MILLS, KATHERINE M. Milwunkvr' NURSING Alpha Tau Della: Union Blood Dr: Chorus: Afll MILLS. LARRY L. Cecil ME Ti Green Bay MILNER. NEAL A. Milwaukee POLI SCI Tl UWM: Phi Kappa Phi: NEW IDEA: Wise Players: Glee Cb: AEII MINAI-IAN. I-I. JANE Green Bay ENGL Varsity Party. soc. tres: Humoi Panhel Ball Pblcty Chm: AF, v-pres, pldg lrn MIRZADECAN. J. T. Marshfield SOC WK Dormsylvania: Blick Hse, jud chm. v-pres, pres MITCHEL, ARTHUR B. Madison LAVV MITCHELL, B. J. Brookfield BACT Tf UWM: BADGER MITCHELL, JAMES R. Madison HIST LSA Choir: A Cappella Choir MITCHELL, M. G. Chicago, llll. A111 PSYCH MITCHELL. NANCY L. Madison SOC WK MITCHELL, P. L. Madison EED Union Soc Comm: Union Hse Comm: NSP: Span Cb MITRZYK, FRANK W. Madison LAW MOBERLY, ROBERT B. Milton ECON WSA Hmn Rhn Comm: IF Pblc Rhn Comm: Humo, prgm comm: QA MODINE, JULIE A. Racine ART Tf Stephens College: Y-GOP MOERTL, K. M. New Berlin NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, record sec MOLANDER, D. O. Milwaukee ECON Tf Marquette: KE MOLANDER, EARL A. Marinette CHE Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: BOIT SENIOR INDEX MOLANDER, R. C. Marinette ME Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: ASME: BGII MOLSTAD, MARIE B. La Crosse EED LSA Choir: Stdnt NEA: UW Chorus: Chad Hall, Library Comm MONAHAN, M. J. Soldiers Grove CE Tf La Crosse: AMCIE: Y-Demo: Newman Cb MONTGOMERY, K, A. Dubuque, Iowa GEOL Football: Bolkin Hse, v-pres, soc chm: EAE, rush chm MOORE, JOHN M. Madison ECON Insurance Soc: Finance Soc MORAN, DENISE M. Elmwood Park, Ill. NURSING XQ, prsl chm MORAN, HELEN T. .lol1nsl'ille, Pu. NAT SCI Dolphin Cb, prcs: Elm Dr A, soc chm MORDAN, WILLIAM J. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM MORGAN. M. F. Argyle POLI SCI LHA Cbnt. communicatn chm: Hoofers: Newman Assoc MORMAN, ROBERT H. Salem ZOOL Tf Racine MORRIS, JULIAN M. Silver Spring, Md. ADV Alpha Delta Sigma, sec, tres: Union Tourn Comm: Wisc Players: WHA, stdnt announcer: WLHA Classics Drctr: KDZA, v-pres, pres, hse mngr MORRIS, RICHARD J. Chicago, Ill. PSYCH Model UN: Union Film Comm: Hillel: NSP: ABIT, soc chm: rush chm MORRISON, R. C. Madison AM INST MORTELL, ROBERT J. M enasha CRCTNS Tf Fox Valley: Basketball MORTENSON, M. JAYE Madison ART ED BADGER: Union Gallery Comm: UW Dames: Mock UN: AID, chpln, hmcming drct chm: stndrds comm MOSKOL, B. L. Milwaukee EED Union Usher: Stdnt Cncl for Civil Rights, pblcty chm: Y-Demo: Hillel: NEA Non-Violence Comm: AEIT MOSLEY, ALBERT G. Dyersburg, Tenn. MATH Tf Tenn A811 State MOSS, CAROL J. Winnetka, Ill. ART Hillel, soc, art chm: All Campus Soc Cncl: Lowell Hall, soc chm, hsefellow MOYER, G. H. Deerfield, Ill. MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu MUELLER, B. L. Praire du Sac NURSING MUELLER, DANIEL G. Madison EE MUENCH, JANET E. Green Bay EED Tf Green Bay: Y-GOP: Newman Cb: HBQ, service chm MUENCH, KAREN E. Green Bay EE Tf Green Bay: Stdnt Sen: Persian Mkt: Campus Chest: Campus Cam: Scott Hse, soc chm, exec comm: ITBLIJ, pldg tres, active courtesy chm MUENTE, D. G. Wauwalosa PHARM Tf UWM MURPHY, JAMES E. Kaukaurna MEDICINE MURTFELDT, P. A. Wisconsin Rapids SED French Cb: Wisc Pre- views: WSA Plcmnt Comm Chm: Hmcming Pblcty Comm: Campus Chest Prmtns: AWS Rcgntn Banquet: IYDB, pres MUSOLF, MARK E. Madison FINANCE Iron Cross: Stdnt Sen: WSA Prsl Drctr: Union Cncl: Sr Class Cncl: SLIC Music Orgn Sub- Comm: Luther Memorial Stdnt Choir: Marching Band: A Cappella Choir, pres, mgr: Finance Soc: Tudor Singers: Y-GOP: B611 NAGER, STEVEN N. Jamaica, NY HIST BADGER: JSWF NAGY, JOHN J. Oconomowoc L ARCH Newman Cb: Stdnt Assn of L Arch, pres: SX NAIL, LYNN A. Macarnb, Ill. HEC Tf Illinois: Alpha Lambda Delta NALEVAC, GLORIA N. Lake Geneva MDT Alpha Delta Theta, tres NARROW, S. L. Cincinnati, Ohio PHIL SLIC, sub-comm: Stdnt- Fctly Comm: Varsity Party Ollicer: Dist IV Comm: Hillel: ZBT NASS, NADINE J. Port Washington HEC ED Tf Stevens Point: Hoofers: Euthenics NECHRONY, C. M. Whitewater ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma, pres: Crucible: Mortar Bd: Phi Kappa Phi:. Stdnt Sen: AWS Biennial Conv Steering Comm: WSA Welfare Proj Comm: SLIC: Forum Comm, chm: UNION, pres, drctrt, comm sec: USF: Chad Hall, judicial cncl: IIBQ, actvt chm NEHLS, DAWN A. Wise Rapids ART Langdon Manor, pres SENIOR INDEX NEITZEL, C. O. Theresa AGR ECON Agr Econ Soc, Spooner Hse, sec NELSON. CARNOT E, Shorewood PSYCH Tf USNA, CARDINAL, Mock UN, Hillel, religious chm, YMCA v-pres NELSON, DARILEE K. Madison EED NELSON, JAMES W. La Grange, 111. HIST Mace, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Track 8: Field, SAX, pres, tres NELSON, NANCY J. Appleton INTL RLTN Tf Superior, Intl Rltn Cb, pblcty sec NELSON, THOMAS D. Berlin HIST XIII NELSON, THOMAS W. Green Bay FINANCE Finance Soc, Golf, capt, "W" Cb, stdnt athltc bd, BQH NERAD, MICHAEL Racine SPAN Tf Racine, Pre-Law Cb, Phil Cb NETA, THOMAS E. Oshkosh CHE LHA, IF Pblc Rltn Comm, AAQ, soc chm, pblcty chm NETTLES, G. Chicago, Ill. MDT Alpha Delta Theta NEUBAUER, F. W. Mt Vernon, NY PSYCH NEUVERTH, D. F. La Crosse EE Tf La Crosse, BADGER, Amateur Radio Soc, AIEE-IRE NEVILLE, GERALD B. Green Bay CE ASCE, Newman Cb NEWMAN, ELLEN H. Univ Hts, Ohio NURSING NICGORSKI, E. S. Cudahy PHARM Tf UWM, WPhA NICHOL, GERALD C. So. Escavaba, Mich. LAW Tf George Washington, Legal Aid Soc, Stdnt Bas Assoc NICHOLSON, D. C. Middlesboro, Ky. POLI SCI CIJAB, pres NICHOLSON, E. P. Middlesboro, Ky. POLI SCI UW Flying Cb, IIJAS, pres NICKS, ANNA M. illequon NURSING NICOSKI, THOMAS J. Superior ME, Tf Superior, Tau Beta Pi, ASME NIELSEN, FORREST H. Neillsrille BIOCHEM Mace, Phi Kappa Phil Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Zeta, Agr Stdnt Cncl, FFA, v-pres, ed, sec, Crops 8: Soils Cb, pres, tres, sgt-at-arms, UW Meat Judg Tm, Little Intl, Scabbard 8: Blade, IF, Fencing, A92, pldg trn NIMMER, DAVID H. Fond du Lac JOURN Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Soph High Honors, Morrison Scholarshp 8: Borden Scholarshp, CAMPUS WISCONSITE, AX, pres NOLTING, PAMELA L.. Kewaskum HEC AWS, prsl comm, fashn show, HEC Hsptly Day, NSP, AE NORRIS, DWAYNE O. Downers Grove, Ill. ASIAN STD IF, ZCIJE, pres, v-pres NORTHMAN, ANNE E. .Santa Barbara, Calif, BOTANY Tf Mills College, Hooters, Lake Lawn, pres NORTHWAY, JOY A. Kenosha PHT Phi Theta, Chad, jud chm NORTMAN, G. L. Wauwatosa ECON Tf Purdue, UWM, Beta Rho, Finance Soc, Jones Hse, sec NOURSE, DENNIS Madison ECON Tf UWM NOVAK, THOMAS F. Friendship EE Polygon Bd, AIEE-IRE, Triangle NOVANDER, R. R. Bruce ME Tf Stevens Point, ASME NOVITZKE, DON P. Wausau LAW Tf Holy Cross, Phi Alpha Delta, De Reuse Cncl, Stdnt Court NOVWOLT, SANDRA J. W. Lafayette, Ind. PSYCH CARDINAL, Mock UN, Mock Demo Cnvt, Hillel NUERNBERG, R. W. Wausau LAW Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Alpha Delta, Stdnt Bar Assoc, exec cncl, EAE NUSS, WILLIAM J. Fond du Lac HIST Tf St. Marys, Y-GOP, Pre-Law Cb NUTTING, SANDRA L. Westfield ZOOL Bahai Cb, Elsom Hse, v-pres OAKWOOD, JOHN P. Green Buy PBLC ADM OBERTS, JANENE M. Randolph NURSING Alpha Tau Delta O'BRIEN. ROBERT T. Superior EE Tf Superior, IRE, Engnr Expstn, 1962, fm chm, Sr Cncl, Polygon Bd, pres, Arnold Air Soc, Scabbard 8: Blade, Newman Cb, IAX O'BRIEN, THOMAS W. Delaran MKT WSA Pblc Rltn Comm, Frosh Ldrshp Grp, Newman Cb, Mkt Cb, ZX OCKERLANDER, H. R. Madison PHARM Kappa Psi, tres, WPhA, APhA, Lutheran Stdnt Assn O'CONNELL, D. M. Minneapolis, Minn. POLI SCI Mace, Iron Cross, Delta Sigma Rho, CARDINAL, Bd of Cntrl, pres, Stdnt Sent: Badg Party Chm, SLIC, sub comm, co-chm, Hmn Rts comm, Model UN, chm, Frosh Camp, co-chm, Forensics Union, WSA Sympsum, spkrs chm, Debate Tm, Crew, Siebecker Hse, soc chm, SAX, Rush chm, pldg chm, soc chm OEHRLEIN, FAY E. Lancaster HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron, rptr, BADGER, copy ed, index ed OESTREICHER, J. C. La Crosse LAW Tf La Crosse OHLAUSEN, JANET M. Chicago, Ill. SOC WK ADA, Stdnt Cncl on Civil Rts, WSA OHRN, MARGIT E. Rockford, III. ENGL Tf Illinois, Dolphins, pblcty chm, Liz Waters, pres OKONEK, MARY A. Spooner HIST ED OLESON, ROBERT J. Palmyra M 8: AN SCI Alpha Zeta, chnclr, Agn, Stdnt Concl, Saddle 8: Sirloin Little Intl Show, gen chm, Agr HEc, Banq chm, UW Mts 8: Dmestk Judg Tm, Babcock Hse, pres OLEVSKY, HOWARD Redgranile FOOD TECH Food Tech Cb, pres, v-pres OLLE, A. JAMES Madison CE ASCE, City 8: Rgnl Pln Cb, BADGER, Evans Scholars OLSEN, CARLTON E. Chicago, Ill. MET ENGR ASM, AIM 8: ME, NSP, IF, pldg trn 8: educ comm, Football, ZAE, pres, pldg tm OLSEN, JEANIE Stevens Point PHT Phi Theta, Wisc Previews, co-chm, WSA Schlrshp comm, AI' OLSON, CAROL J. Madison EED Stdnt NEA, Hoofers, Stdnt Ldrshp Prog OLSON, JOSEPH R. Dodgeville LAW OLSON, KRISTI A. Madison EED NSP, XQ, pldg sec OLSON, MARY A. Duluth, Minn. ENGL Tf St, Olaf College, Union Gallery Commg Gilman Hse, sec, KK1' OLSON, PAMELA J. Manitowoc ART ED NEW.IDEA, Haase Hse, pres OLSON, PAUL M. Janesville HIST OLSON, WILLIAM R. Wausau PROD MGNT SAM, Y-GOP, Insurance Cb O'NEILL, JOANNE M. Madison BUSINESS ED Union Hse Comm, chm, Union Drctrte, Choir, AEA, rush chm OPGENORTH, G. C. AM HIST Kewaskum UW Flying Cb, KIJEK, pres, pldg pres ORR, SAN W. Madison ACCT Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, IF Dscmtn Comm, chm, IF Schlrshp Comm, Scabbard 8: Blade, Xllf OSSWALD, HENRY C. Wausau HIST Phi Kappa Phi, Union Tourn Comm, Newman Cb OSTER, JEFFREY W. Beloit GEOL Geol Cb, Electns Comm, WSA Ldrshp Progm, Union Plcmnt Comm, T'N'T Cb, Justice of Stdnt Crt, Sympsm, Mock UN, NSP, IF, Y-Demo, Humo, Golf, Tarrant Hse, pres, soc chm, OX, v-pres, soc chm OSWALD, LYNN S. Madison ECON OTTO, THEOPHIL M. Wauwatosa MUSIC Tf Northwestern, Eta Sigma Phi, Calvary Cncl OVERDIER, C. J. Horicon OCT Tf Carthage College, Othera, OCT Stdnt Assn, pres, NSP, LSA, Solveig Hse, v-pres OWENS, DAN W. Kaukauna STATISTICS Judo Cb, sec OWENS, DONALD W. Pewaukee SOILS Tf Stevens Point OXMAN, HERBERT A. Milwaukee MED SCI Tf UWM, Phi Delta Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, AEl'I, sec, v-pres PAAP, HOWARD D. Bowler SOC Tf Northland College PACHTER, BRENDA J. Kansas City, Mo. SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta, Union Pblc Rltn Comm, Forum Comm, Hmcming Comm, AE1IJ, ideal girl PAFF, ARVIN J. Bayfield ACCT Tf Superior, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres Hse PAISLEY, D. D. Mindoro ME ASME, pres, Pi Tau Sigma, Polygon Bd, sec PALEY, HARVEY D. Milwaukee MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon, TIEA PALEY, MARIE L. Wilmette, Ill. SOC Tf Bradley, 1'IBfIJ PALM, ROBERT A. M equon CHE flJl'A PALMER, CHARLES Wausau PRSL MGT SAM, pblcty chm PALMER, RODGER J. Rhinelander ACCT Football PALMER, S. M. Madison PHM Phi Theta, Elctns Comm, asst sec, Langdon Hall, jud bd, AXS2, pblcty chm, tres PALMQUIST, GAIL M. Tripoli EE Union Plcmnt Comm, Lutheran Stdnt Choir, AXQ, pldg pres PALUCZAK, R. P. Germantown ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, WSA Frosh Ldrshp Progm, IF Comm, Evans Scholar, pldg trn PALZR, ROBERT J. Two Rivers PHARM Kappa Psi, histrn, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Rho Chi, Soph Honors, WSA Elctn Comm, Union V-Pres Comm, SLIC, Siebecker Hse, pres PAMPERIN, R. J. Green Bay DY I Tf River Falls, Agr Stdnt Cncl, Dairy Sci Cb, AGE PANEK, EDWARD J. Winnemac CHEM Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, PARTICLE PAPANDREA, J. J. Skokie, Ill . PSYCH Tf Chicago, QIJAG PARCHER, JAMES F. Columbus, Ohio CHEM Phi Eta Sigma, govrn cncl, histrn, NSP, coord, Union Pblc Rltn Comm, chm, B61'I, rush chm, alumni sec PARINS, THOMAS J. West de Pere POLI SCI Phi Eta Sigma PARISI, LINDA L. Chicago Heights, Ill. SPEECH CORCTN Sigma Alpha Eta, Y-GOP, LHA Prsl Comm, co-chm, soc comm, Ann Emery, blood drive chm, rsdnt aide PARKE, JEAN M. Richland Center NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, X9 PARSONS, JAMES W. Sturgeon Bay ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, tres, Leopold Hse, tres PASTERNAK, J . D. Melrose Pk, III. ENGL ILS, v-pres, Labor Rltn Comm, Wise Players, UW Marching Band PAULEY, M. E. Madison PHT Phi Theta PAULSON, ANDREW T. Racine MKT IF Comm, KZ, soc chm, pldg pres PAULSON, PAMELA J. Amery NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, Stdnt- Fctly Cncl, Sr Cncl, Breese Hse, pres PAVELEC, KAMIL J. Grand Marsh AGRON Crops 8: Soils Cb PEARCE, DOUGLAS C. Cuba City LAW Phi Delta Phi PEARL, CHERYL J. Appleton MDT Alpha Delta Theta: Hillel: Villa Maria, hsefellow, rsdnt aide PEARSON, ROBERT E. Wauwatosa CHE LHA: Pres Hse, elder: AIChE v-pres PECH. RITA E. Green Bay ENGI. PECK. RONALD K. Sl'6l'l'l1.Y Point ACCT Tf Stevens Point: Alpha Kappa Psi: Newman Cb: Comm-Fctly Bd PEDERSEN. G. W. Ladysmith ACCT Y-GOP PEKARSKY, M. B. Rockford. Ill. PRSL MGT PEMBER, RONALD G. Sheldon CE Tf Eau Claire: ASCE: Polgon Bd PENN, ROBERT F. Ashland LAVV PENTERMAN. J. NV. Kaukauna EE Tf Green Bay: Newman Cb: Mens Choir PERCHEM, COSTA Far Rockaway, NY LANV ASME: Lincoln Schlrshp Fndtn Award: KDEK PERRY. JOHN F. Neenah CHE AIChE. progm Chm: DIKIAN. ed: Hoofers, bd of capts: Campus Cam: Union Pblcty Comm: Mens Hall Assoc, cntrl soc comm: IF Cncl, rush comm: AT, sec, hse mgr PETERING, EVA C. Kalamazoo, Mich. HISP STD Sigma Delta Pi: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa PETERSEN, R. L. Wilmelte, Ill. ECON Pres Hse: SX, pldg mrshll PETERSON, CLAIRE L. Park Ridge, Ill. INTL RLTN BADGER: NSA Intl Rltn Comm: NSP: WSA Fashion Show Script Comm: Coed Congress: USF: UW Chorus: Hooters: Poll Capt: KA9, hse pres PETERSON, IRENE M. Gillett NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: Stdnt- Fctly Cncl: KA PETERSON, JAMES R. Sturgeon Bay PHYSICS LHA Cbnt PETERSON, K. H. Westchester, Ill. ZOOL Track: EAE PETERSON, PAM E. Madison SOC Phi Kappa Phi: WSA Allocations Bd: Campus Chest: Persian Mkt: Hoofers Bridal Style Show: Mock Political Cnvtn: Panhel, jud chm: AAA, pldg sec, ed PETERSON, S. E. Forest Park, Ill. ACCT LHA Athltc Comm: Batkin Hse, athltc drctr PETERSON, T. W. Milwaukee MKT CARDINAL, news ed: ATL! PETROF, MARY E. Beloit EED Pi Lambda Theta: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Eliz Waters, v-pres, rsdnt aide PFAFFENBACH, D. D. Watertown ZOOL Jones Hse. jnt dscpln comm PFAFFENBACH. E. N. Watertown SOL Soph Honors: Coed Congress: NSP: Panel oi' Amer: Mock Sen: Model UN: Mock GOP Cnvtn: AFA, pres. tres PFEIFER, JUDIE M. liffailison AM INST Campus Chest: Religious Cncl, sec: Intl Cb. rcptn cntr: Stage Cres: King Christian Award: Newman Cb. sec, v-pres: Band: Y-Demo: AWS Natl Cnvtn, hostess PFISTER. BRUCE J. A rgyle C E Tf Luther College: ASCE: McNecI I-lse. tres PFOTENHAUER, B. K. Green Buy ENGL Tl' Green Bay: CARDI- NAI.: Stdnt Sen: SLIC PH ELPS. MARTHA M. Hll,YlflI-QT, Mich. ENGL PHILLIPS, MAOMI H. Kennsltu SOC VVK AWS Coed Cong: WSA Welfare Proj Comm: Hillel: AEII PICI-I. WILLIAM S. Burlington AM HUSB Tl' Calif State Polytech: MHA: Saddle it Sirloin Cb PICKER, BARBARA S. Milwaukee EED Frosh Honors, Soph Honors: Phi Kappa Phi: Mock Demo Cnvtn: Film Comm, sec: Gilman Hse, histrn PIHOS. BARBARA C. Chicago, Ill. PIPKORN, DENNIS W. Brookfield MATH Tf UWM: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Union Film Comm: Union Directorate PIPPIN, GERALD D. Madison FRENCH Tf Platteville PITSCH, LARRY H. Jim Falls ME Pi Tau Sigma, sec: ATA, v-pres PITT, SUSAN E. Milwaukee EED Sr Class Cncl: LHA Cbnt: Union Crafts Comm PIZER, HOWARD C. Chicago, Ill. ACCT WSA Pblc Rltn Comm: Union Pblc Rltn Comm: Hillel: NSP: ZBT PLAGER, RUTH A. Hackensack, NJ PSYCH French Cb: Stdnt Cncl on Civil Rights: Hillel: Stdnt Zionist Orgn PLATH, PHILIP C. Madison PRSL MNGT Arnold Air Soc: UW Flying Cb: SAM PLENKE, J, A. Madison ART AWS Fashion Show Model, prsl comm POELLINGER, P. F. Neenah MATH YMCA, hse chm, v-pres: Cross Country POHLAND, L. R. Milwaukee HEC Alpha Gamma Chi: Euthcnics: Union Pblcty Comm: AWS Fashion Show: NSP: Y-Demo: Mock Demo Cnvtn: Theatre Usher: Calvary Choir: HEC Hsptly Day, orntr, tour guide: LHA Pblc Rltn Comm: Campus Chest POI-I LE, EDWARD L, Marlixon MEDICINE POLLARD, C. R, Mllflf,Y!IlI ENGL TI Smith College POLLEN, GERALD W. Nfonilowoc' ACCT PONATH, JOHN W. Watertown GEOG 'l'T, tres PONGRATZ, D. L. Slielmygari ME Tl' Sheboygan: ASME: ASTME POOLE. JAMES R. Kt'no,rlm M EDICINE POSSIN, GEORGE E. Burnett AMP Phi Eta Sigma: Gilman Hse, v-pres POULSON. T. EARL Racine EE Tf Racine: Delta Epsilon: WLI-IA. chief engr: LHA Radio Cb. trustee PRESTEGARD, P. S. Rivlilund Center ECON Finance Soc: Mack Hse, sports comm PRICE, STUART I. Purtleerille RURAL SOC UW Religious Cncl: YMCA, religious chm PRIEBE. GEORGE C. Libertyville, Ill. ACCT PRIME. SUE C. Madison NURSING Sigma Sigma Sigma: Alpha Tau Delta, cnstitutn comm chm: Stdnt-Fctly Cncl, chm: AAA PRINCIPE, JOHN D. Kenosha SPEECH Tf California: Sigma Alpha Eta: Phi Eta Sigma: Haresfoot: Wisc Players PRITZL, DONALD E. Cato CNSRVTN Agr Stdnt Cncl: AFP tres PROCHNOW, J. A. Milwaukee PROULX, D. A. Green Bay ENGL Tf Green Bay: Ldrshp Award: Drama Wkshop PRZYBYLSKI, R. J. Thorp ZOOL Tf St, John: Newman Cb PUCEL, BARBARA A. Milwaukee EED Pi Lambda Theta: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Intl Cb: AFA PULLMAN, H. W. Stoughton MATH Phi Kappa Phi PURTELL, SHARON M. Milwaukee EED Panhel, corrs sec: AXQ, co-rush chm PUTTERMAN, A. M. Beloit MEDICINE Phi Eta Sigma: Nu Sigma Nu: IIAKD PUTZ, KAREN N. Madison SOC WK Tf Michigan State SENIOR INDEX PUTZ. SARA E. Sliel1oy,qanFall SPEECH Union Hmcming Comm: Eliz Waters, asst soc chm PUTZER, SHARON A. Oslzkosli CORCTN ADM NSF: AWS Fashion Show, prod comm: Panhel Dcrt Comm: A Capella Choir: Arla, pres OUADY, DAVID E. Madison CHE Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi- Pres: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: AICE: Stdnt Sen: POIygOn Bd, v-pres QUALE. DUANE L. Stoughton PED Wrestling: Cheerleader: Xfb, pldg sec, sec OUIMBY, HOWARD D. Aflrfleton RL EST Ti' Menasha: Alpha Phi Omega. tres: Insurance Soc: LHA Film Comm: Y-GOP OUISLING, JOHN H. Madison PSYCH BADGER: Crew: Club 921, hnry mmber QUISLING, S. W. Madison MED SCI Soph Honors: Union Entrtnrs Guild: WT RABAS, CHARLES G. Milwaukee EE Dorm Film Comm, chm: WLHA: I-Ioofers: Mitchell Air Men: Triangle RADDANT, C. A. Beloit ENGL Wise Previews: NSP: Union Theater Comm: Hmn Rights Comm: Wilkinson Hse, coed cong: FLIJB, stndrds chm RADKE, RODNEY O. Ripon SOILS Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Zeta: Phi Kappa Phi: Badger Crops gl Soils Cb RADLOFF, JAMES A. Wausau CORCTNL ADM Tf Wausau: FORUM: music ed RADLOFF, JUDITH A. Oshkosh JOURN Theta Sigma Phi, v-pres: YWCA, tres RADTKE, DEANNA D. Waupaca ART ED Coed Congress: IWIJB RADTKE, SANDRA J. Medford MDT Tf Wausau: Alpha Delta Theta, pres: Gamma Delta: Sr Swingout Invit Comm RAFF, CAROL S. Elgin, Ill. PSYCH Phi Kappa Phi: Union Pblc Rltn Comm: Union V-Pres Comm: LHA Library Comm: LHA Tutoring Comm RAGUS, TERRY P. Appleton AMER INST Tf Lawrence: KE, soc chm RAHJES, GRACE H. Theresa MATH Hoofers: Wisc Players: Calvary Choir: Eliz Waters, mngr RAHN. EDWARD W. Milwaukee PHARM Kappa Psi: WPhA RAMAKER, BRIAN L. Kohler CHE Soph Honors: Marching Band RAMBO, JANICE K. Milwaukee POLI SCI AWS Fashion Shw, sec, prsl comm, pblcty chm: Sr Swingout: Model UN: Y-Demo: Eliz Waters, exec cncl RAMON, SUZANNE H. Beaver Dam COMP LIT LHA: Hoofers, sec RANDALL, D. T. Madison EED RANDALL, J. E. West Allis LAW RANDALL, K. T. Madison SOC RAPPAPORT, ROSA L. Norridge, Ill. SPEECH TH Sigma Alpha Eta, tres: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Soph Honors: Humo, prog chm: AWS Fashion Show, prog chm: Union Plcmnt Comm: IIBQ, song chm RASHID, JUDITH A. Ripon ENGL Tf Alverno RASMUSEN, JEAN E. DeKalb, Ill. AMER INST Tf Mommouth College: Union Forum Comm: Intl Cb: Lowell Hall, jud bd: KA RAVID, PHILLIP C. Chicago, Ill. ACCT Beta Alpha Psi: Union Film Comm: IF Rush Comm: AEIT, hse mngr RAVINE, ALLEN G. Minneapolis, Minn. FINANCE Scabbard 8: Blade: Finance Soc: Mkt Soc: Pershing Rf: Mitchell Airmen: Swimming, mngr RAY, ARTHUR J. Lake Geneva GEOG RAY, THOMAS D. Woodstock, Ill. SOC Iota Delta Pi: SLIC, chm: BADGER, orgn chm: IF: Campus Party, pltfm chm: Union Crafts Comm: Union Gallery Comm: A Capella Choir: AXP, rush chm, pldg pres, sec RAYMAKER, M. C. Green Bay MKT Tf St. Norbert College: WSA Stdnt Welfare Comm: Union Soc Comm: Scabbard 8: Blade: Newman Cb: Mkt Cb: EX READING, W. D. Lincolnwood, Ill. POLI SCI Model UN: Mock Sen: Humo: Hmcming Alumni Chm: ATA, rush chm, athltc chm READY, HAVEN A. Niagara PRSL MGT Tf Whitewater: Mkt Cb: SAM SENIOR INDEX REBI-IOLZ, ELSIE A. Edgerton HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron. chpln, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Omicron Nu: Phi Kappa Phi: Euthenics Cb. pres, HED l-losptly Day, gnrl chm, Crucible, Mortar Bd, Blue Shield 4-H REDELL, KARL R. Wauwatosa EE AIEE-IRES Hoofers REDFIELD, JARED C. Stevens Point ECON Summer Prom, pblcty chm, X411 REDFIELD, J, J. Pewaukee INTL RLTN BADGER, sales mgr, ad RODEE, JUDITH L. mgr, business mgr, Badger Bd, pres, Union Theater Comm, Mock UN, Frosh Camp Cnslr, KDFA, histrn REEVES, ELVA G. Summit, NJ PHIL Pembroke, Union Usher, Calvary Choir REICH, ROSALIND S. Madison POLI SCI Anderson Hse, pres REIGEL, ANN J. Madison OCT Pres Hse, choir, Badger Christian Felshp, Othera, v-pres REIGEL DONALD H. Sun Praihie MEDICINE REIGEL, WILBUR D. Madison PHIL Tf Stevens Point REILLY, WILLIAM V. Milwaukee POLI SCI Mock UN, I-Imcming Comm, Humo, IF, ZX REIMER, LOUIS D. Manitowoc ME Tf Manitowoc, ASME REIS, EVELYN J. Jamaica, NY POLI SCI Pi Epsilon Delta, Ldrshp Trn Prog, Wisc Players, BADGER, Sr Swingout, Pre-Law Cb, Tower View, soc chm REITEN, TOR V. Selford, Norway PHM Tf Norway, Phi Kappa Phi, Track-Crissciybtrt REITER, MICHAEL A. Evanston, Ill. PHIL WSA Pblc Rltn Comm, Sympsm, IF Comm, Phil Cb, pblc rltn chm, Y-Demo, AETI, soc chm, pldg pres REITMAN, WENDY L. New BuUalo, Mich. SOC REMLINGER, W. C. Brookfield DY 81 FD I Tf UWM, Pershing Rf, Babcock Cy Sci Cb, sec, tres, Food Tech Cb RENNER, M. L. Wauwalosa ART ED Union Hse Comm, Hoofers, Langdon Hall, pres RENSCH, JOHN B. Ottawa, Ill. PROD MGT Football, ZAE, v-pres, pldg trn, IF rep RESLOCK. JOAN C. Waupnn ENGL Eliz Waters, pres RESNICK, L. H. Milivaitkee PSYCH RETTIG, PAMELA P. Ontario, Oregon SOC Tf Oregon State REZNICHEK, JOHN A. Antigo PHARM Kappa Psi RICCI, ETHEL E. Cum IJ erland HEC Hoofers, Newman Cb, Euthenics Cb RICCIARDI, CARL L. Wauwatosa SED EX RICE, JAMES L. Marshfield MEDICINE Phi Chi RICHARDS, MARLIE M. Fayetteville. NY HIST WSA Govt Rltn, Mock Sen, WSA Hmcming Comm, Social Comm, Panhel Ball, chm, skits chm, KKF, corrs sec, rcrd sec RICHARDSON, J. M. Madison ACCT Tf Milton College, Phi Chi Theta RICHERT, BONNIE R. Washington, DC HIST Mock UN, KKT' RICHMAN, C. S. Chicago, Ill. PSYCH Tf Illinois, Union Crafts Comm, Haresfoot, UW Chorus, Evans Scholars RICKER, K. E. Sheboygan SPEECH Phi Beta, Eliz Waters, WSA rpt, fir chm RIDBERG, EUGENE H. Milwaukee PSYCH RIDEOUT, VINCENT L, Madison EE Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Mock Sen, Model UN, WSA Hmcming Comm chm, "W" Club, Stdnt Athltc Bd, Tennis, B911 RINDFLEISCH, D. H. Jefferson AGR ECO Agr Eco Soc, Agr Stdnt Cncl RINGROSE, C. D. Menomonie EE Hoofers, AIEE-IRE, Fencing, AAlIJ RISLEY, ROBERT F. Madison ME ASME, ASTME RITZENTHALER, J. P. Milwaukee CHE Scabbard 8: Blade, WISC ENGINEER, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Pershing Rf RIVKIN, DYANN S. Chicago, Ill. JOURN Soph Honors, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Crucible, sec, Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi, pblcty chm, CARDINAL, AWS Fash Show, Union Music Comm, Lake Lawn, hse pres, soc chm RIZZO, JOHN A. Kenosha PSYCH NSP, Haresfoot, Humo, Xllf, pldg advsr ROAMER, JEAN E. Mercer HEC AWS Fashion Show Comm, A111 ROBAK, GERALD F. Milwaukee CHE Tf UWM, AIChE ROBEL, RICHARD H. Cudahy CHE Tf UWM, Y-GOP, AIChE, IF Rltn Chm, QIDTA ROBERTS, ALICE R. Milwaukee PHM ROBERTS, ANTHEA C. Cottage Grove HEC Pres Hse, choir ROBERTS, KAREN K. Madison SED Union Exam 8: File Comm, Chad Hall, soc chm, XS! ROBERTS, RONI A. Rockville Centre, NY HIST Mock UN, Hoofers, Villa Maria, tres ROBERTSON, ALAN S. Beloit HIST LHA, Union Athltc Comm, Film Comm, Adams, tres, pres ROBIN, FLORENCE R. Hartford, Conn. SPEECH TH Tf Hartford College, Sigma Alpha Eta, WSA, AWS, Union Usher, Hillel ROBIN, MEREL R. Winston-Salem, NC MATH Hoofers, Union Theatre Comm ROBINSON, M. S. Readstown COMM Tf La Crosse ROCHE, KATHLEEN E. Herkimer, NY HIST AWS ROCHWERGER, S. B. Milwaukee PHARM Tf UWM, Hillel, WPhA, APhA, QEA, soc chm Wauwatosa PHARM Soph Honors, Kappa Epsilon Sigma, Rho Chi, Kappa Epsilon, pblcty chm, Sr Swingout, LHA, soc comm, ed 8a schlshp comm, WPhA, Elm Drive A, soc chm ROEBUCK, ARNOLD J. Rochester, Minn. MKT Mkt Cb, Tarrant Hse, pres, ATA, pres ROEDER, W. D. Milwaukee ME Tf UWM, ASME, Adams Hall, athltc drctr ROEHRIG, PAUL G. Antigo DY dz FD I Tf Stevens Point, Scandinavian Cb, Babcock Dairy Sci Cb ROEPKE, LINDA J. Brookfield ENGL Tf Carroll College, Union Usher, AX!! ROESER, M. DIANNE Sauk City BED Tf La Crosse, Newman Cb, Stdnt NEA ROESSEL, JUDITH L. Milwaukee ENGL WSA Ldrshp Trn Progm, Lgslt Contact Comm, NSP, Gamma Delta ROESSELET, B. L. Milwaukee MDT Tf UWM, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Alpha Delta Theta ROHRBECK, GENE A. Fall River SY SCI Saddle 8: Sirloin, pres, Little Intl, tin chm, Blue Shield 4-H, UW Meat Judg Tm, Agr Stdnt Cncl, Babcock Hse, tres, histrn ROHRER, CAROL B. Chicago, Ill. NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: Wisc Players, A Cappella Choir ROLKE, ROGER W. Sun Prairie CHE Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, AIChE, Steve Hse, v-pres ROLLEFSON, R. J. Madison PHYSICS AAfD, soc chm ROSEMURGY, P. A. Escanaba, Mich. EED Tf Northwestern, Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, Mock Sen, Pblcty Chm, SLIC, pblcty chm, KKF, activities chm, regstr ROSEN, SANDRA K. Chicago, Ill. ART ED Phi Kappa Phi, WSA Pblcty Comm, Sympsm, Union Gallery Comm, Phil Cb ROSENBERRY, E. A. De Forest PHIL Tf Lawrence, Alpha Delta Theta, LHA, film comm, Pres Hse, Slichter, sec ROSENBLOOM, L. N. Rockford, Ill. FRENCH French Cb, Union Hse Comm ROSENBLUM, K. S. Chicago, III. PHIL Pre-Law Cb, IIA1IJ, v-pres, soc chm ROSENBERG, K. C. W. Englewood, NJ ENGL WSA Pblc Rltn, promtn comm, AWS Mailbag, Parents Day Skit Comm, Union Usher, sec, Hoofers, Phil Club, Orchesis ROSENKRANZ, S. A. Wausau HIST 8: ENGL ROSENTHAL, JOEL H. Milwaukee HIST NEW IDEA, Union News Bureau ROSENTHAL, S. A. Madison ENGL Hoofers ROSENWALD, JEAN S. Chicago, III. ZOOL Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Soph Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, Union Music Comm, Hillel, art S.: music comm, Chad Hall, tres ROSHARDT, MARY A. Black Earth GEO Geo Cb, Hoofers, UW Chorus, Sr Swingout ROSSER, WILLIAM R. Oshkosh FINANCE Alpha Kappa Psi, AAG, hse mngr ROST, THOMAS W. Cedarb urg HIST Cheerleader, bucky badger ROTH, BECKY F. Lanark, Ill. ART ED Tf Drake ROTH, JOHN R. Madison MKT SAM, Mkt Cb: IF Pble Rltn Comm, AAG? ROTH, WENDELYN M. Milwaukee ENGL NSP, Humo, IIBKD, sec, histrn ROTHMAN, KAREN M. Stevens Pt. SPEECH CORCTN Tf Stevens Point, Sigma Alpha Eta ROWE, LINDA J. Forest, Ill. SED Hmcming Parade di Dcrt Comm, Humo, Campus Carn, prmtn comm, Sr. Swingout, pblcty comm, Campus Chest, promtn chm, Parents Day, co- chm, AWS Big Sis Prog, AEA, pres ROWLEY, JAMES A. Green Lake LAW RUBIN, JUDITH M. Madison HIST ED AEG? RUBIN, ROBERT J. Madison ECON Tf Colorado RUBY, JOANNE M. Brookfield EED KKI' RUDAT, K. A. Racine PHARM WPhA, soc chm, WSA, fall retreat chm, AWS Fash Show, NSP, Union Plcrnnt Comm, Panhel, dcrt comm, Elm Drive A, jud chm, Adv, rush cnslr RUDBERG, CAROL A. Hillel, Campus Carn, chm, Victoria Hse, soc, tres, soc chm RUDD, GERALD J. Beacon POLI SCI INSIGHT 84 OUTLOOK, Hoofers, v-pres, soc comm, Newman Cb, v-pres, Wisc Consrvt Cb, v-pres, tres RUDOLF, WAYNE P. Neenah AMP Soph Honors, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Epsilon, LHA, pblcty chm, Co-Chm Big Ten Conf, Track, Noyes Hse, schclstc chm RUDOLPH, JUDITH A. Whittlesey HIST Tf Wausau, Newman Cb RUEBSAMEN, C. A. Kenosha PHM Tf Kenosha, Phi Theta, Campus Carn, KA RUETER, HENRY J. Burlington CLB RULSEH, SAM A. Marion PHARM Tf Wausau, APhA, WPhA, UWPhS RUMMELE, JOHN E. Sheboygan ECON Scabbard 8i Blade, WSA Prsl Comm, Mil Ball, comm chm, Nautilus Soc, ATQ, hse chm RUNKEL, PAUL L. Fond du Lac ACCT Insurance 8: Finance Soc RUSSELL, PENNY Milwaukee HIST Tf Marquette, Union Literary Comm, Pa Romana, Haresfoot RUTH, ROBERT J. Ashland LAW RUTISHAUSER, M. K. Wauwatosa HISP STD Tf La Crosse, Y-GOP, Intl Cb, Intl Rltn, Hoofers RUTSCHOW, CARL M. Monrlnvi EE Phi Eta Sigma: IRE: Badger Band: Marching Band RYCI-ILOWSKI, B. J. West Allis ANTHRO DORMISTORY, news cd. feat ed: WHLA: Kiekhofer Hse, sec RYNDERS. B. J, Racine HEC ED Phi Upsilon Omicron: HEC Hosptly Day, progm chm: Midwinter Ball. lin chm: AID, rush chm SABIN. JOAN M. lvfadisan NURSING Ti' Marquette SACK, KAREN F. Chicago. Ill. SOC WK Coed Congress: AEK!! SACKS, MICHAEL 1. Skokie. III. RUSSIAN Tf Illinois: Hillel: Russian Cb SADOWSKI, MARY A. Kenosha PHARM Tf Kenosha: Kappa Epsilon, v-pres: WPhA, tres: Slichter Hall, rsdnt aide SAITLIN, Sl-IELDON I. Chicago, Ill. PHIL Y-Demo: Hillel, chm SALZSIEDER, E. J. Oshkosh CHE Tf Oshkosh SANDHOLM, T. J. Madison POLI SCI Pldg Pres Cncl: Newman Cb: Y-GOP: QK6 SANDSTROM. E. R. Greendale CHE Tf UVVM: AIChE SANGER, KARL A. Nekoosa PHARM Tf Stevens Point: WPhA: APhS: SIG EP NEWS- LETTER: Y-Demo: Hoofers: LSA: 211115 SAUNDERS, R. S. Madison GEOL Union Hse Comm: X119 SAWYER, DARRELL D. Milwaukee EE Tf UWM: Turner Hse, v-pres SAWYER, RHETT F. Mandelein, Ill. PHARM WHaA: Baseball: BGII, soc chm, pldg tres SCARLETT, LINDA L. Whit Bear Lk, Minn. GERMAN Sigma Epsilon Sigma: French Cb: French Hse SCARTH, LINDA L. Madison HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron, corrs sec: Phi Kappa Phi: Livestck Judg Tm: Euthenics: Saddle 8: Sirloin SCHAEFER, B. A. Port Washington SED SCHAEFER, DAVID V. Burlington ME ASME SCI-IAFER, VIKTOR Milwaukee EE SCHAFFER, MARION Wyncote, Pa. ZOOL Soph Honors: WSA Trvl Comm: Hooters SCHALLER, S. S. Madison NURSING SCHANEN, PAUL A. Port Wash PHARM Kappa Psi, pres, v-pres, soc chm: WPhA SCHANEN, W. F. Port Wusliinglon JOURN CARDINAL: ATA SCI-IAPPE, ROBERT H. Muzlison PSYCI-I TI' St. Thomas College: Newman Cb: 111149 SCI-IARRER, JOHN A. Shelmygun EE AIEE-IRE: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Soph Honors: LHA SCHAUDER, SANDI S. Rliinulnnzler POLI SCI WSA. soc chm hd sec. tres: Hmcming co-ord: IF-Panltel Conf Comm: AAA, soc chm, hmcming display chm SCI-IEERER, R, J. lx4llH'IlIlkt'l' ECON Tl Colorado: CARDI- NAL: IF Cncl: Hoofers: Fin Soc: KE SCHELKER. LYNDA S. Cllfdllign, Ill. ENGL Panhel Rush Chm: BADGER. copy editor: NSP: Union V-Pres Comm: Illlfb, campus chm, rush chm, pres SCHEUNER. J. M. Mvmphis. Tenn ENGL ZBT NEWSPAPER: IF Cncl Comm: I-Iillel: Y-GOP: ZBT. tres. schlslic chm SCHll.I,.lNGER. S. M. Mmlisun SOC Tl Clarke College: For- eign Sttlnt Comm: Newman Cb SCI-IILZ, CAROL A. Ocomuumroc SED SES: Hooters SCI-ILACHTER, S. M. Luke Genera PED Phy Ed Cb, v-pres SCI-ILERETH, J. A. Madison PED SCI-ILICHTING. P. F. Slzelroygan LAW Phi Delta Phi, pres, tres: Stdnt Bar Assoc SCHMIDMAN, R. A. Milwaukee FINANCE Tf UWM SCHMIDT, F. C. Kaukauna ENGL Tf Mount Mary College SCI-IMIDT, KLARA K. Loudonville, NY ART ED Tf Harpur College: Union Gallery Comm: Intl Cb: Model UN, sec: AEA, pldg pres, Panhel pldg rept SCHMIDT, NEAL E. Madison LAW SCHNECK, C. G. Wauwatosa SOC WK AWS Comm: Campus Chest: AWS Fashion Shw: Panhel Ball Comm: NSPS DDB SCHOENHOFEN, B. A. Horseheads, NY POLI SCI Tf Northwestern: Union Soc Comm: Model UN: UW Chorus: AAA, v-pres SCHOENKERMAN, B. L. Milwaukee SPEECH CORCTN Tf WUM: Sigma Alpha Eta SCHOMBURG, K. J. La Crosse PRSL MGT SAM: Mack Hse, sec, v-pres ' SCHOWALTER, H. N, West Bend ME Tf Superior: ASME: Model UN: Y-GOP SCI-IRAGE, MARLENE Wauwurosa CHEM Sigma Epsilon Sigma, v-pres: Crucible: Mortar Bd: Stdnt Sen: NSA, sec: Mock UN: NSP: SLIC, sub-comm chm: AAA pldg pres, pldg trn SCHRAM, SISSY L. GIIL'llC0t', Ill, ART I-IIST Union Usher: Trvl Comm: Panhel: AEQ SCI-IREINER. AI. J. Allllllfllflllll' PSYCH Tf St. Johns SCHROEDER, D. C. Pint' River CHEM Phi Eta Sigma: AF-ROTC Rifle Team: Mock Demo Cnvtn: McNoel Hse, tres SCI-IOEDER, JOHN F. lftnr Claire CE Tl Eau Claire SCHROEDER. J. M. Rrlrillt' FINANCE Finance Soc SCI-IROEDER. R. J. lllunilownc GEOL Geal Cb: Wisc Players SCI-IUBERT, F. Aflllllltlll LAW Tl Carlton College: Phi Alpha Delta: Stdnt Bar Assoc SCHUCHARDT, L, J. Sllalmyyull CE AMSCE: UW Flying Ch SCHUH, ROGER L. l.ilIlt' Cliurt' ME ASME: ASTIVIE SCI-IUH. TERRENCE J. .Miltwlukeu PROD MGT SAM: Rifle Cb SCI-IULMAN, CAROL R. Gini tfrsrille, NY INTL RLTN Tf Syracuse: Mock UN: Union Usher: Hoofers: Hillel: Lowell Hall. tres SCHULTZ, JAMES E, Slwlmygan MATH ED Tl' Sheboygan: Concert Band: Orchestra: Calvary Choir SCI-IULTZ. JEAN S. Jel7erson SPEECH CORCTN Eta Kappa Lambda: NSP: Ross Hse, pres, soc chm: IYISB, rush cnslr SCHULTZ, JUDITH A. Sheboygan HEC Y-GOP: Union Hmcming Comm' Womens Chorus SCHUMACHER, E. D. Arlington Heights, Ill. CHE EAE SCHUSTER, DAVID J. Madison HIST BADGER, bd of control: Badger Beauty Contest Jdg: Humo: 1IDl'A SCHUSTER, R. E. Seymour ACCT Tf Platteville: Alpha Kappa Psi: Insurance Cb: Three Sq Co-op SCHUTZ, VAN W. Appleton ENGL Scabbard 8: Blade: Mitchell Airmen: Arnold Air Soc SCHUYLER, SHEILA G. Kenilworth, Ill. ENGL Tf Wheaton College SCHWARTZ, M. G. Madison ENGL Model UN: Intl Rltn Comm, chm: Intl Dept, drctr: Foreign Stdnt Ldrshp, chm: SLIC: WSA Summer Bd, chm: Sympsm, pblc rltn: Union Hse Comm: Union Family Night, chm: Haresfoot, sec: Mens Glee Cb SENIOR INDEX SCHWARTZMAN, W. A. Milwaukee POLI SCI Union Forum Comm: AEII, pldg tm SCHWEBS, KAREN J. De Fares! NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, v-pres, mmbrshp chm: Union Blood Drive: UW Bands SCI-IWEFEL. JAMES A. Madison PROD MGT Baseball: Calvary Choir: Triangle SCHWEGER, C. E. Green Buy GEOL Union Dark Room Cb: Wisc Gcol Soc: Conserva- tiv Cb: Folk Arts Soc: Geol Cb SCHWEI, JUDITI-I A. I-lulcs Carriers EED Pi Lambda Theta: Soph Honors: Phi Kappa Phi: Union Soc Comm: AFA, rush chm SCHWENN, JANET M. Mlulisvn ENGL Tl' Oshkosh SCHWERSENSKA, I. R. Wmlpun MDT Alpha Delta Theta: Ellsworth Annex. pres SCORNAVACCO, J. A. Highland Park, Ill. PHY ED Phi Epsilon Kappa: Wisc Players: Football: ZX, pldg trn, exec bd SCOTT, BURTON A. Madison LAW SCRIBNER, JOHN D. Appleton CHEM Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilong UW Concert Band SEALS, JAMES H. Madison SOC SEAVERS, VICTOR C. Wausau PSYCH Tf Wausau: Union Folk Sing Cb SEELEY, GERALD R. Schofield ME Tf Michigan College: ASME SEESSEL, JERRY Memphis, Tenn. HIST ZBT SEID, SUSAN L. Chicago, Ill. ED Sigma Delta Pi: HILLEL LIT REVIEW: Hillel: Spanish Cb, see: Campus Cam: Victoria Hse, pres SELIKOFF, B. A. Bujalo, NY PSYCH Hoofers: BADGER SEMINARO, A. R. Cudahy POLI SCI Olson Hse, athltc chm, soc chm, pres SEMMELHACK, M. F. Appleton CHEM Phi Lambda Upsilon, alumni sec: Phi Kappa Phi: Tennis: ATQ, rush chm, v-pres SENTMAN, F. J. Stevens Pt PSYCH Union Music Comm: Haresfoot Cb: Symphony Orchestra SENZIG, PETER A. Bondltel ZOOL SEROOGY, JOHN J. De Pere ZOOL Pre-Med Soc: PARNASSUS LIT MAG, ed: Stdnt Sen SERPICO, WILLIAM D. Westchester, Ill. HIST NSP: BADGER: Y-Demo: Mock UN:ATE2 SEVERANCE, J. R. Madison ACCT Beta Alpha Psi: Comm Bd SEYFARTH, ANNE T. Highland Park, Ill, GEOL SHAFER, JAMES S. Chippewa Falls MEDICINE Tf Eau Claire: Phi Chi: WISMA, v-pres: UW Flying Cb SHAMBEAU, T. A. Waupaca MKT Finance Soc: Scabbard 8a Blade: Wisc Previews, central comm: NSP: BGJTI, soc chm, v-pres SHANDS, GEORGE H. Madison HIST SHANDS, HARRIET G. Madison SPEECH Tf Cottey College: Alpha Psi Omega: AEA, soc chm SHAPIRO, HAROLD G. Highland Park, Ill. PHARM WPhA: ZBT SHAPIRO, M. S. Madison SPEECH SHAPIRO, NAOMI K. Madison HEBREW SHAPIRO, RONALD J. Milwaukee nm POLI SCI SHELBY, JUDITH M. Bloomjield Hills, Mich., DANCE IIBCIJ, soc chm, progm chm, humo choreog SHEPHERD, R. S. Chicago, Ill. ECON Alpha Delta Sigma: Ldrshp Trn Progm: Finance Soc: TIAIIJ, pldg pres, hosptly chm, sec SHERMAN, B. D. Milwaukee ART Dolphins: Union Gallery Comm: WSA Sympsm: Villa Maria, soc chm SHERMAN, PAUL F. Madison POLI SCI SHINNERS, M. J. Green Bay ACCT Pre-Law Cb SHLIMOVITZ, A. M. Milwaukee ECON Tf UWM: AETI SHOFF, STEVEN M. Racine MKT 'If Bradley: Mkt Cb: EX SHRAKE, RUTH A. Wauwatosa NURSING Tf UWM: Alpha Tau Delta: Union Pblcty Comm: Stdnt-Fctly Cncl SENIOR INDEX SHURTS. NANCY M. Winnebago. Ill. OCT Sigma Alpha Iota, chpln, Othera, Union Crafts Comm, St. Pauls Choir, KA, pres, song chm, asst tres SIEBEL, KENNETH F. Sterling, Ill. FINANCE BADGER, Basketball, B911 SIEGEL, ALICE M. Bronx, NY ENGL Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, CARDINAL, feat ed, Hoofers, Union Film Soc SIEGLER, ELROY E. Oconto Falls PHARM Phi Eta Sigma, WPhA, Y-GOP, WLHA, anncr, Mock UN, Kahlenberg Hse, pres SILBERMAN, R. E. Milwaukee MED SCI Tf UWM, Phi Delta Epsilon, Bio-Med Soc, pres SIMDON, M. K. Cambridge PHM Phi Theta SIMESTER, T. T. West Bend COMM Insurance Soc, Acturial Cb, Camera Cb, Acacia, sec SIMMON, NINA P. Indianapolis, Ind. LANG NSP, Hillel SIMON, HARVEY J. Sun Prairie FINANCE Finance Soc, Insurance Soc, LHA, schlrshp comm, Ochsner Hse, pres SIMONSEN, SONIA H. Cambridge VOICE Sigma Alpha Iota, sec, Opera Wkshp, A Cappella Choir, UW Chorus, Womens Chorus SIMPLER, GUY W. Madison SPEECH Canterbury Cb SIMPSON, G. J. Milwaukee EED Union Welfare Comm, Model UN, AFA, v-pres SIMPSON, MARTHA L. Sheboygan HEC Hoofers, NSP, HEC Hosptly Day Comm, Little Intl Queen, AQ, corrs sec SINCLAIR, PAUL J. Green Bay PHM Phi Theta, pres, Jones Hse, sec, tres SINGER, CAROL L. New York, NY POLI SCI Sigma Delta Pi, Hillel Newspaper, Forum Comm, Villa Maria, fl chm SKAMSER, PAUL Barnes JOURN Tf Superior, Y-GOP, CARDINAL, Hoofers, Green Lantern, St. Fran- cis Chapel SKELTON, RONALD E. Glenbeulah ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, Frat Buyers Co-op, v-pres, AXA, tres, steward SKILTON, ROBERT H. Madison HIST Pershing Rf, exec officers, EIDE, pldg tm SKINNER, JEFFREY S. Evanston, III. ACTR SCI Phi Eta Sigma, Insurance Soc, Actuararial Cb, pres SKOLAS, MARLENE A. Westby HEC ED Tf Stout, Phi Upsilon Omicron, LSA, Euthenics Cb SKORNICKA, J. R. Green Bay FINANCE Phi Eta Sigma, BADGER, busines mng, sales mng, Music Comm, Manor Guard, capt, rIJl"A, tres SLAVIK, ROBERT E. Stevens Point MKT Mkt Cb, Basketball, XQ, athltc chm, humo SLETTE, ROBERT M. West Springs, Ill. SED Scabbard 8: Blade, Hoofers, QAX SLOCUMB, C. O. Madison MEDICINE SMALLMAN, B. R. Chippewa Falls ECON Alpha Phi Omega SMENO, ALFRED S. Eau Claire ME Tf Eau Claire, ASME, Engr Expstn, 1962 SMILEY, THOMAS L. Stanley REG PLAN SMITH, DONALD H. Evanston, Ill. HIST Gymn, QA9 SMITH, FRANCES C. La Grange, Ill. NURSING Hooters, Folk Arts Soc, Alpha Tau Delta SMITH, JUDITH A. La Crosse EED Union Soc Comm, AEA SMITH, KIM R. Merrill ECON GX SMITH, MARY E. Madison SPEECH CORCTN ACD, pldg pres, Sigma Alpha Eta SMITH, PAMELA A. Rome, NY ART MNROTC, Newman Cb, Alumni Club 921, Good Fellowship Award SMITH, PATRICIA A. Elkhorn ENGL Tf Whitewater SMITH, RODGER F. Wauwatosa CHE AIChE, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Mock Sen, Model UN, IF Comm, ATA, schlrshp chm SMITH, STEPHANIE H. Pine Bush, NY SPAN Soph Honors, Span Cb, Sigma Delta Pi SMITH, SUSAN R. Gillelt HEC Tf Oshkosh, Wesley Fndtn, AEA, hse pres SMITH. THOMAS J. Milwaukee PHARM Tf UWM: Kappa Psi, pres, WPhA SMITS, DAVID D. De Pere HIST Tf St. Norbert College, Newman Cb SMOLER, MARTIN H. Kenosha ZOOL Phi Eta Sigma, AEIT SODEN, JOHN R. Madison MKT Mkt Cb SODOS, SIDNEY Milwaukee LAW Tau Epsilon Rho, Stdnt Court, AEII SOLES. RODGER E. Fond du Lac ECON Tf Oshkosh, Indstrl Rltn Research Assoc, Y-GOP, SOAN, Mock Sen, INSIGHT 8: OUTLOOK SOLTIS, LAWRENCE A. Milwaukee CE Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, ASCE SOMMERFIELD, M. A. Park Ridge, Ill. PSYCH ILS Cncl, Eliz Waters, soc chm, XQ, hmcming chm, actv chm SONDREAL, W. D. Grand Forks, ND , MEDICINE Tf North Dakota, Phi Eta Sigma, Stdnt AMA SONNEBORN, I. L. Winnetka, Ill. ENGL SONNENBERG, J. R. Milwaukee SOC ELHIST Union Usher, Eliz Waters Library Comm SONOSKY, JOANNE S. Alexandria, Va. SOC WK Union Wkshp Comm, Panhel, AEII SORENSON, DAVID C. Sheboygan GERMAN Union Film Comm, German Cb, pres, Hoofers SPARKS, ROBERT M. Kewaskum ECON UW Band, QEK, rush chm, tres SPECTOR, CHARLES A. Milwaukee HIST THE VOICE, WSA Hmn Rltn Comm, Model UN, Mock Sen, Y-Demo, AETI SPECTOR, JEROME Milwaukee PHARM Tf UWM, Rho Chi, sec, Phi Eta Sigma, QEA SPECTOR, ROBERT G. Appleton POLI SCI Mock UN, Mock Sen, Pershing Rf, Hillel, 'DEA v-pres SPENNETTA, T. L. Morton, Ill. CHEM LHA, soc comm, McNeal Hse, hmcming chm SPICER, W. JAMES Oshkosh HIST Tf Oshkosh, Canterbury Cb, Basketball, mgr, St. Francis Hse, pres SPIEGLER, F. H. Waupaca ZOOL SPINK, ROBERT J. Sparta CE ASCE SPIRO, STANLEY J. Far Rockaway, NY SPEECH IDEA SPOENEMAN, C. A. St. Louis, Mo. ECON Sigma Epsilon Sigma, NSP, Campus Carn, Union Forum Comm, Cheerleader, KA9, schlrshp chm SPONHOLZ, M. P. Milwaukee METEOR Tf UWM, Holt Commons Comm, Calvary Lutheran Cntr SPRINDIS, GARY P. Union Grove ME ASME, Baseball, AAQ SPRINGBERG, P. D. Beloit MED SCI Phi Eta Sigma, exec bd, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Lambda Upsilon, sec, Phi Kappa Phi, IF Cncl, Wrestling Tm, QEA, v-pres, pldg-mstr, rush chm SPRINGER, JUDITH J. Mineral Point NURSING Newman Cb SREDL, JUDY A. Cicero, Ill. JOURN WSA Pblc Rltn Comm, NSP, AWS Fashion Show Comm, Chad Hall. mothers wk-end chm STADELMANN, D. A. Milwaukee JOURN Tf UWM, LHA Chorus, Slichter Hall, soc co-ord, pblcty chm, news ed STADLER, JOSEPH D. Janesville ME Tf Platteville! ASME, Judo Cb, Engr Expstn, 1962 STAHL, BERNHARD Racine CE Tf Racine, Phi Kappa Phi, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, v-pres, THE TRANSIT, assoc ed, UW Flying Cb STAIDL, GEORGE J. Appleton SOILS Crops 8: Soils Cb STAMM, CAROL A. Markesan MED TECH Tf UWM, Alpha Delta Theta STANTON, SUSAN D. Paterson, NJ EED Union V-Pres Comm, WSA Ldrshp Trn Progm, AX!! STANTON, SUSAN L. Monmouth, Ill. HEC Euthenics, Panhel, sec, Newman Cb, Chad Hall, music comm chm, X9 STARK, RUTH M. Milwaukee OCT Soph Honors, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Othera STARR, MARTHA J . Corydon, Ind. SED Orchesis, pres, UW Chorus, KKI' STAUFFACHER, J . J. Fennimore CHE Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, AIChE, AXE ST. CLAIR, JOHN F. Grand Forks, ND SPAN Tf North Dakota STEFFEN, MICHAEL K. Elgin, Ill. ECON Finance Soc, OCTUPUS, BX, pblcty chm, histrn, stwrd STEGNER, JOSEPH F. Racine CONSERV Tf Dominican College, Y-Demo, Hoofers, Folk Art Soc STEHR, LAVONE K. Madison BED STEIN, BRUCE Skokie, Ill. PHARM Phi Lambda Upsilon, Soph Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, Rho Chi, v-pres, Hillel, YMCA, athltc chm STEIN, DONALD G. Wauwatosa ECON LHA, athltc comm, SAM, Mock GOP 84 Demo Cnvtns, Chamberlin Hse, v-pres, hse cncl STEINHART, SUSAN S. Budalo, NY SOC Tf Syracuse, Y-GOP, Corrs sec, drctr STEINHAUER, I. A. Mt, Horeb M gl AN SCI Saddle 84 Sirloin Cb, Blue Shield 4-H, ATE STEINMETZ, W. R. Milwaukee POLI SCI Scabbard 8: Blade, Conserv Cb, Pre-Law Cb, v-pres, tres, NSP, Humo, prmtns comm, Campus Cam, pblcty comm, Cross Country, XE' STEIVANG, TOBIAS J. Walworth FINANCE Alpha Kappa Psi, Insurance 8a Finance Soc, OX, tres STELLWAGEN, J. A. La Grange, lil. HEC Tf Lyons Twnshp Jr. College, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Hermanson Hse, rsdnt aide STELTER, BEVERLY A. Montello ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Soph Honors, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Model GOP Cnvtn: Union Usher, Model UN, UW Chorus, Span Cb, Womens Chorus, Insurance Soc, Calvary, Ketterer Hse, pres STEPE, JURIS I. Milwaukee ME Tf UWM STEPHENS, TIM W. Madison PHARM UWPhS, XCIJ, pldg pres, soc chm STEPHENSON, G. R. Cedarburg ZOOL Union V-Pres Comm, Blood Drive, pblcty chm, XT, pldg pres STERN, BENJAMIN S. Green Bay BA WSA Pblc Rltn, Union Forum, WSA Prsl Contact, Hillel, Y-Demo, Dorm Blood Drive Chm, ZBT, pldg tres STERN, BONNIE J. Milwaukee ENGL WSA Sympsm, WSA Hmcming Chm, Alumni Chm, LHA, soc Chm, Y-Demo, Coed Congress, AECIJ, pldg tres STEVENS, SALLY L. River Forest, Ill. ART Tf Northwestern, Lincoln Lodge, pres, XQ, hse pres STEVENSON, R. L. Poy Sippi JOURN Sigma Delta Chi, v-pres, Phi Kappa Phi, CARDI- NAL, mng editor, WISCONSONITE, New- man Cb, tres, Mead Hse, pres, sec STILES, PALMER C. Sheboygan ME Tf MIT, ASME, Model UN, Badger Christian Felwshp ST LOUIS, LOIS M. Ladysmith ENGL Phi Beta, BADGER, Y-GOP, Womens Chorus STOEHR, FAYE H. Gresham ED UW Chorus: Eliz Waters, soc chm STOFFEGEN. C. L. Sheboygan Falls CE ASCE STOIBER, SALLY R. Brookfield SOC WK Tf UWM: CARDINAL: Union Soc Comm: Union V-Pres Comm: Humo, chm: NSP: AEA, pblcty chm, schlrshp chm STOLLER. ROBERT S. Everett. Mass. ZOOL STOLTZ. RICHARD E. Loves Park, Ill. EE Tf South Dakota: AIEE- IRE: Arnold Air Soc: Gamma Delta: ATA STONE, DONALD R. Madi.roit LAW Phi Delta Phi, rush co-chm: Soph Honors: Deans List: WISC LAW REVIEW: MHA Chorus: Haresfoot: Swimming: "W" Cb: KE STONE, DOROTHY T. Madison HEC Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Omicron Nu: NSP: Soph Honors: IYIJB, schlshp chm STONE, NANCY E. lvfilwaukee ART Tf Texas STONE, NANCY E. Wilmelle, Ill. NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: Co-ed Cong STOWE, SALLY A. W DePere ENGL Tf St Norbert College STRANG, PAUL J. Gransburg BA Phi Eta Sigma: Nu Sigma Nu: Phi Kappa Phi: Olson Hse, tres, soc chm STRAUCH, JAN E. Madison PSYCH Alpha Delta Sigma: BADGER, senior ed: Chess Cb: NSP: Club "92l", pres: ATA, soc chm STRAUSS, JEANNE C. Chicago, Ill. PHIL Tf Cornell: Allen Hall, pres, rsdnt aide STREBEL, RONALD L. Green Bay MEDICINE Phi Chi STRESAU, J. Spooner ENGL Tf Knox College: CARDINAL: Hoofers: Panhel: AEA STREULI, VIRGINIA E. Union Grove HEC Tf Racine: Coed Cong STREVELER, G. P. Hammond, Ind. ZOOL Phi Eta Sigma STROBL, CAROL J . Wise Rapids HISP STD STROUF, JANE M. Wauwatosa SPEECH NSP: Wise Previews: Humo, exec sec: Langdon Hall, sec: KA9, tres, song chm STUART, MARY R, South Milwaukee SOC STUBBE, ROBERT E. Wausau AMP Tf Wausau: LHA Hunt- ing 8i Fish Cb, co-pblcty chm STUBER, BRENDA J. Madison MED MICRO AIRC. exec bd, regional pres: Intl Rltn Cb, pres: Pre-Med Cb: Model UN. clstrc comm chm: Conserv- ative Cb: NSP STULGAITIS, GENE R. Kenosha ENGL Delta Epsilon: LHA Jnt Discipln Comm: Swim Tm: Mead Hse, tres, pres SUHR. JAMES M. Wheaton, Ill. AMER INST ATQ SUHRKE, KENNETH E. Sheboygan Falls ME NSP: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: ASME: Noyes Hsc. v-pres, llr chm, pblcty chm SUITS, WILLIAM H, Waupaca CHEM "W" Cb. sec: Football: B911 SUKKEN, HANS G. Askim, Norway ME Ti Schou's Tekiniske Inst SULLIVAN, DANIEL J. iWilu'aukee ECON Tl Marquette: VVSA Parents Day, co-chm. progm chm: Elections Comm: Campus Carn. booths tk arrng co-chm SULLIVAN. D. F. Seneca EE Tf Milwaukee: IRE SULLIVAN, JOSEPH P. Valley Stream. NY GEOG Tf New York State SUNDENE, BARBARA Madison SPEECH Campus Chest, solicit chm: Hmcming Pep Rally Chm: Cheerleader: AAA SUNSHINE, K. P. Shader His, Ohio HIST Union Soc Comm: Hillel: ZBT, soc chm, pldg pres SURMACZ, JOELLEN Wauwatosa JOURN Coranto: Sigma Iota, pldg pres, tres: Hoofers SUTTON, D. JANE Milwaukee POLI SCI Pi Sigma Delta: Model UN: Al' SUTTON, JOY E. Groose Pt Farms, Mich. ZOOL Tf Wilson College: Union Music Comm SWAIN, YVONNE K. Cambridge HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron, tres: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Omicron Nu: Phi Kappa Phi: Euthenics, sec, v-pres: LHA, dance co-chm SWANN, CHARLES W. Columbus AGRON Tf River Falls: Badger Crops 8: Soils Cb SWANSON, F. A. Madison EE Eta Kappa Nu: AIEE- IRE: Hoofers: Nautilus Soc SWANSON, H. C. New York, NY HIST Tf Long Island: Judo Cb: AXA, rush chm SWANSON, NANCY J . Madison HEC Coronto: Theta Sigma Pi: Euthncs: DORMISTORY, feat ed: CARDINAL: CAMPUS VIEW, ed: Union Soc Comm: Union Hse Comm:t,USF: HEC Hsptly Day Nsrod Chm: Humo: AEA, ec, humo dretr A SWARTZ, RICHARD R. Kenosha L ARCH Tl' Racine: SALA SWAZIER, MIMI E. Ridgewood, NJ MDT ADT: Blood Drive, pblcty chm, gnrl chm: Union Usher: Lakota Hse, v-pres SWEET, CHARLES P. Yuba HIST Mil Ball Comm: OX SWEET, STEPHEN J. Madison POLI SCI SWENDER. DAVID J. Delavan ACT SCI Insurance Soc: Actuarial Cb, tres SWIDLER, DAVID G, Chicago, Ill. AMER INST Prc-Law Cb: Hillel Comm Chm SVVIGGUM, JOAN C. lirowntown SPEECH TH Sigma Alpha Eta, progm chm: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Pi Lambda Theta: Phi Kappa Phi: USF. worshp chm. sec: Eliz Waters. sec SWITZER. PETER S. West Allis LAW Phi Della Phi SYBERS. HARLEY D. Tom' MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu SYLVESTER, M. J. Waukegan. Ill. PSYCH TAMM, MARY A. Bearer Dam NURSING TANGNEY, F, J. Deerhelrl FOOD TECH Food Tech Cb, sec, tres, v-pres: Newman Cb: Bachelor Inn, harem mstr TANK, KENNETH R. Milwaukee POLI SCI Tt' UWM: LHA Store, bd drctr Elm Dr. Commons Comm: Y-Demo TARZY, LYNNE M. Northbrook, Ill. PHM Phi Theta: PHM Cb: Slicter Hall, rsdnt aide, jud chm TAYLOR, JAMES A. Weyauwega ECON Delta Sigma Pi: LHA Film Comm: Y-GOP: Kahlenberg Hse, tres, pres TAYLOR, K. V. Madison EED Dolphin: Orchesis: AE TECKAM, G. B. Madison EED KAB, rcrd sec TEGTMEYER, C. L. Milwaukee SPEECH TH Tf Miami of Ohio: Sigma Alpha Eta: KKI' TELPNER, MARK Skokie, Ill. ACCT IF: Mock UN: Hillel: AEl'I, rush chm TENSER, RICHARD B. Valley Stream, NY PYSCH AEIT TE RONDE, DAVID I. Cedar Grove INSURANCE Tf Sheboygan: Insurance Soc, bd drctrs, v-pres: Mkt Cb TESCH, GARY E. Wausau ACCT Tf Marathon SENIOR INDEX TESKE, LINDA C. Burlington NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: Union Hse Comm: Hoofers TETER, PATRICIA H. Milwaukee ART ED Tl' UWM: Phi Kappa Phi: Wise Theatre: Art Cb: Wesley Fnzltn: LHA Informal Dance Comm TEWS. STEVEN C. Cetlarburg MKT Tf UWM: Alpha Kappa Psi. sec, pres: Mkt Cb THELEN. BRIAN L. Port Washington ME THEORELL, JOHN R. Sarasota, Fla. RCRTN Ti No Park College: Phi Kappa Phi: AFA: DWS Award: Jt Mil Bd, v-chm: Arnold Air Soc, commd: Mitchell Airmen: Dolphin: Varsity-ROTC Pistol Tm THERING, R. H, Alma AGR ENGR THIEDE, LYNN H. River Forest, Ill. ZOOL Panhel Bal Tckt Comm: Y-GOP: AFA, stndrds chm, chpln, hse pres THIEDING, JOAN B. Reedsburg EED Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Lambda Theta: Calvary Choir: UW Chorus: Stdnt NEA: Chad Hall, library comm THOMAS, LINDA L. Neenah NURSING Alpha Tau Delta THOMAS, NEIL K. New London ME ASME: LHA Commons Comm: Engr Expstn, 1962 THOMAS, ROBERT R. Wauwesha CHE AIChE: Fencing: "W" Cb: AAfIJ, pldg trn, pres THOMPSON, C. M. Wonewoe POLI SCI Tf La Crosse: Newman Cb: AEA THOMPSON, JAMES B. Onalaska PHARM Tf La Crosse THOMPSON, L. O. Stoughton ECON THOMPSON, T. G. Elroy POLI SCI Y-GOP: Hoofers: New- man Cb: Weightlifting Cb THOMSON, DENNIS W. M t H oreb PHYSICS Physics Cb, pres THOMSON, SUSAN M. Oshkosh SPEECH Union News Bureau: Studio Play Award: A Cappella Choir: FQIJB THORP, JILL S. Chicago, Ill. POLI SCI Cargil Lodge, hse pres TIERNEY, T. A. Superior LAW GAA, pres TIMMERS, CARYL S. Manitowoc NURSING TODHUNTER, T. E. Delofield MKT Tf Carroll College TOMFOHRDE, C. E. Madison EE ASEE TORHORST, ALLAN B. Burlington ECON Mock Sen: ATA TORKE, JAMES W. Wauwalosa ENGL Phi Eta Sigma: Soph Honors: WSA Sympsm Comm: WSA Pblcty Comm: Fclty Comm Hmn Rights: EX, sec, v-pres TOWNE, SUSAN J. Madison CORCTN ADM TOWSLEY, M. T. Appleton HIST 84 POLI SCI Tf Fox Valley: LHA Cbnt: Newman Cb: Y-Demo: LHA Informal Dance Comm: Conover Hse, hse cncl TRACY, MARY K. Superior SOC WK Tf Superior TRAUTWEIN, K. CHE Tf UWM: AIChE TRAXELL, ROBERT G. Marinette PSYCH Arnold Air Soc: Mitchell Airmen: LHA Weightlift- ing Cb: Campus Carn, booth chm: Bashford Hse, athltc chm TREDON, THOMAS A. Chicago Hts, Ill. MATH Tf Kenosha: Phi Eta Sigma: EXTENSION LINE TREDREA, L. E. Racine ZOOL Tf Racine: Phi Eta Sigma: Soph Honors: Phi Kappa Phi TREDWAY, RALPH R. Plymouth ME ASME: WISC ENGI- NEER, co-photo ed TREES, NANCY B. Oak Brook, Ill. FRENCH Tf Stephens College: Campus Chest TRESCOTT, H. C. Fond du Lac ACCT Tf Oshkosh TRESTER, WALTER J . Sheboygan ME ASTME: St James Parish TRIELOFF, SUSAN J . Madison HEC Omicron Nu TROLLAN, PAUL J. Sayner ENGL French Cb: Prye Hse, pres, soc chm TRGSCH, JOEL S. Milwaukee LAW WISC LAW REVIEW TRUKENBROD, ANN E. Winnetta, Ill. PHIL 8: ECON Sr Class, v-pres: NSP: Humo judg chm: AF, rush cnslr SENIOR INDEX TURNER, DAVID H. Delaran ECON Golf, K2 TURNEY, M. E. Wheaton, Ill. AMER INST AI' TWING, WILMA J. Beloit HEC Euthenics UGORETZ, SUSAN N. Wausau MDT Alpha Delta Theta UHLER, PHYLIS A. Madison HEC Union Arts 8: Crafts Comm UHLER, RAYMOND M. Madison AMP Phi Eta Sigma, Soph Honors UMBREIT, D. L. Westneld, NJ HIST Russian Cb URBAN, GLEN L. Wausau ME Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Ski Tm, capt, GX, sec UTOFT, ELLEN M. Luck SPEECH Tf Grand View College, KA UYEDA, CHARLES M. Honolulu, Hawaii EE Pershing Rf, LHA Bar Bell Cb, Engr Expstn, 1962, Bryan Hse, v-pres, sec, tres VAALER, SARA N. Manawa AMER INST Tf Oshkosh, AWS Rsdnt Aide, Willison Hse, pres VALESH, C. E. Baraboo SPEECH CORCTN Tf River Falls, Phi Beta, tres, Eliz Waters, hr chm VANDE SANDE, J. A. Green Bay NAT SCI VANDER MEULEN, T. Madison BNKG 8a FIN Finance Soc, Mkt Soc VAN DYKE, JAN E. New York, NY DANCE Jr Orchesis, v-pres, UW Dance Theatre, AAA VAN ESS, WAYNE M. Green Bay AGR Tf Green Bay, Saddle 81 Sirloin Cb, sgt-at-arms, Agr Stdnt Cncl, UW Lvstk 8: Meat Judg Tm, ASE, v-pres, sec, news ed VAN HORNE, R. D. Oconomowoc LAW VASILIKIOTIS, L. C. Thessaloniki, Greece ENGL Tf Greece 8: England VATER, CAROLYN L. Wausau PHM Tf UWM, Phi Theta, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Soph Honors, Newman Cb, St Pauls Choir VAUGHAN, JOAN G. JeHerson EED Newman Cb, Co-ed Congress, Zoe Bayliss Hse, co-ord, bd of drctrs VEATCH, JANE S. Bloominglon, Ind FRENCH KA9 VEATCH, JOHN W. Evanston, Ill PHARM Y-GOP, Newman Cb, WPhAZ AT VEHSE, JUDITH L. Madison NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, NSP, Hoofers, sec, AQ VERAGE, THOMAS J. Rhinelander FINANCE Newman Cb, Finance 84 Insurance Cb, Y-GOP VERHAAGH, D. J. Green Bay ECON VIG, NANCY J . Madison SPEECH CORCTN Tf Iowa, Sigma Alpha Eta Model UN, Campus Carn, pblcty comm, Eliz Waters, unit sec, tres, serv comm VILCINS, SYLVIA Milwaukee PSYCH Tf UWM, Hoofers VOBORSKY, JAMES F. Mauston CE ASCE, Pistol Tm VOGEL, SUSAN J. Milwaukee EED Dance Wkshp, Stdnt NEA, WEA VOGT, JAMES J. Neenah ACCT Tf Fox Valley, Beta Alpha Psi VOIGT, RICHARD P. Mer,-nz soc osx Vorb, MICHAEL chicago, 111. HIST Model UN, Mock Demo Cnvtn, If Cncl, Union Forum Comm, Union V-Pres Comm, NSP, Humo, Hmcming Comm, AEII VON ENDE, JEAN M. Mosinee SOC Tf Denison, Panhel Rush Cnslr, Intl Cb, Intl Comm, Hoofers, KKI' VON ENDE, MARY Superior SOC WK Tf Superior VON SCHEIDT, PAULA Shorewood GERMAN Tf Lawrence, Y-GOP, Villa Maria, pres, KA VOSS, BARBARA A. Tucson, Ariz HEC AWS Fashion Show, ITBQ WACHTER, EILEEN A. Milwaukee PSYCH WACKMAN, D. B. Wauwatosa POLI SCI Campus Cam, sub-chm, Y-Demo, AT, soc chm, tres WADE, DONALD J. Neshkoro HORT CARDINAL WADE, FRANCES J. Milwaukee HEC Tf UWM, Euthenics, Cole Hall, jud chm, comm chm WADEPHUL, J. J. Tomah CHILD DVLP WAGGONER, JOHN M. Madison LAW Phi Alpha Delta, WISC LAW REVIEW WAGNER, BURTON A. Milwaukee ACCT Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, NEW IDEA, Union Tournaments Comm WAGNER, J. W. Oconto AMER INST Tf Oshkosh, CARDINAL, Wesley Fndtn, Y-GOP, BX, pldg pres WAGNER, KAREN A. Monroe SPEECH TH WSA Hmcming Comm, Union Plcmt Comm, sec, Eliz Waters, Hr chm, DDB, pldg pres WAGNER, SANDRA M. Egg Harbor EDD Calvary Choir, Anderson Hse, pres, soc chm WAKE, VAN BUREN Madison LAW WALDEN, JOHN S. Newlisb en PHARM Tf Stout, WPhA, Mack Hse, Hr chm, v-pres WALEK, J UDITH A. Racine NURSING Alpha Tau Delta WALKER, DIANA L. Berlin ENGL X!! WALKER, JOAN E. Stockton, Ill EED Wesley Fndtn, mmbrshp evangelism comm, UW Chorus, Badger Band WALKER, WILLIAM R. Eau Claire ECON Tf Northwestern, Swenson Hse, Hr chm, WT, pldg pres WALL, ROBERT F. Wilson PHARM Tf Eau Claire, Kappa Psi, Y-GOP, APhA, LSA WALLACE, ANN K. Norwalk SOC WSA Criclum Comm, WSA Plcmnt Comm, Cardinal Band, Wood Hse, tres WALSH, CAROLE A. Ames, Iowa FRENCH Tf St Mary College, ITBIIJ WALSH, MARY E. Green Bay EED Coed Congress, Union V-Pres Comm, Pblc Rltn Comm, sec, Scheders Cb, Chad Hall, jud chm WALTER, JUDITH A. Wauwatosa ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Soph Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Bd, AWS, sec, Panhel Cncl, pblc rltn chm, anti-dscmtn Chm. V-Pres, KA9, pres WALTHER, LYNNE L, Rockford, Ill ENGL Tf Rockford College, AWS Sr Swingout, script chm, Union Literary Comm, AI' WANDREY, JANE L. Green Bay EED AWS Fashion Show Comm, Panhel Ball Arrnemt Chm, NSP, Ar, ntl project chm WANISH, LE VEREE R. Riverside, Ill HIST Tf Beloit, Y-Demo, Union Gallery Comm, chm, Union Drctr, UW Chorus WARD, JAMES R. Milwaukee AMP LHA Athltc Comm, chm, Wrestling, Crew, Winslow Hse, pres WARD, LYNN E. Kenosha EED WARD, WILLIAM L. Madison MKT KE WARNE, E. A. Bridgeville, Pa ENGL Coranto WARREN, JUDITH A. Chicago, Ill JOURN Union Pblc Rltn Comm WARSHAL, ROBERT J . Rome, NY MaME AFS, v-pres, ASMSLME Cb, Baseball WARTINBEE, ANN E. La Crosse NURSING Alpha Tau Delta, AWS Jud Bd, Cantebury Cb, Y-GOP, Carmen Hse, pres, AEA WASHA, CRAIG R. Madison SOC Tf Colorado State, Hoofers WASHA, JON K. Madison ZOOL Tf Utah State, Hoofers, Wesley Church Choir WASHA, L. K. Madison ASIAN STD WSA Travel Comm, Intl Cb, Methodist Church WASTILA, GRACE L. Hayward NURSING Tf St Scholastica, Alpha Tau Delta, Calvary WASTILA, NAOMI E. Superior CHEM WSA Election Comm, LHA Pblc Rltn Comm WATTS, SHIRLEY B. Madison HEC Couples Cb, v-pres, pres WAX, DAVID M. Milwaukee POLI SCI Tf UWM, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Soph Honors, NEW IDEA, mng ed, asscc ed, Union Music Comm, concert mng, Hillel WEAVER, JILL Evanston, Ill ART WSA Assnt Sec, Hoofers, Christian Sci, first reader, mnbshp chm, Scandinavian Cb, pblcty, Campus Cam, KA6, dcrt 8: equip chm, histrn, hmcming dcrt chm WEBER, ROGER J . Sturgeon Bay SOILS Delta Sigma Pi WECK, CHARLES W. Madison EE Tf UWM, IRE, Engr Expstn, 1962 WEDEMEYER, M. B. Madison SPEECH WSA Sympsum Comm, NSP, Campus Carn, Panhel, rush chm, AAA, pldg sec, pldg pres, pblcty chm, corrs sec WEEDE, ROGER H. Lake Geneva AMER INST Adams Hall, sec, v-pres WEGE, ROBERT W. Neenah LAW Tf Menasha, Phi Delta Phi WEGNER, GARY R. Seymour AGRO Babcock Dairy Sci Cb, pres, Agr Stdnt Cncl, AAE, rush chm, pldg trn WEGNER, GENE P. Menomonee Falls MEDICINE Sigma Nu, IIJFA WEHMEYER, JOHN T. Milwaukee ECON SEK WEIBY, DAVID M. La Crosse POLI SCI TT, soc chm WEIL, FREDERICK M. Skokie, Ill ECON Tf Shimer College, I-Iumo, EBT WEISBERG, JAN J. Chicago, Ill ENGL Van Hse Commons Comm, Baseball, Vilas Hse, athltc chm, BwIrl'I, pldg tres WEISENSEL, PETER R. Sun Prairie HIST Wise Players, Football, Baseball WEISMAN, HOWARD Lincoln Wood, Ill ACCT Union Ciriculum Comm, Humo, NSP, AEIT, sec WEISS, CAROLINE Madison NURSING Union Gallery Comm, AQ WEISS, JOHN C. Tomah ECON DDE WEISS, MAREDA R. Chicago, Ill ACCT LHA, exec sec, soc 8: film comm, Union Usher, AWS Fashion Show Comm WELLS, ARTHUR H. M auston INSURANCE Alpha Kappa Psi, Insurance Soc, bd of drctr, Mens Hall Assoc WELLS, RICHARD L. Racine JOURN Tf Racine WELLS, RITA E. Menominee, Mich ENGL Tf Finch College, Union Soc Comm, NSP, X9 WELSCH, MARY A. Beaver Dam NURSING WEMYSS, JOHN S. Milwaukee SPEECH ZAE, pldg tru, v-pres, IF rept WENDT, EDWARD J . Appleton M8zME AIME, Polygon Bd, corrs sec, rcrd sec, WISC ENGINEER, M8zM.E Cb, Badger Christian Fellowshp WENDT, JAMES R. Milwaukee FINANCE Tf UWM, Beta Gamma Sigma, Finance Soc WERNER, MARLIN G. Madison SOC WK Tf Green Bay, Intl Cb, Mens Glee Cb WERNIGG, ELAINE W. Madison NURSING WERTH, BARBARA A. Madison PHM Phi Theta, AAA, rcrd see WESLEY. ALBERT E. Madison EE Phi Eta Sigma: AAQ WESSEL. ADELGUNDE Milwaukee GERMAN Tf UWM: Eta Sigma Phi. v-pres: Badger Christian Fellowshp WESTERMOE. S. M. Madison HEC Tl' St Olaf: Badger Song Fest: Hoofers: Ten tk Twenty Cb, tres: AE XVESTGOR. JOHN E. Neeuall INTL RLTN VVESTPHAL. B. J. Wauwatosa COMM Campus Chest. assnt exec sec: Humo Prmtn Comm: Eliz Waters. service comm chm: AAA, rcmndln chm WESTRING, R. W. Madison LAVV Phi Alpha Delta: WISC LAW REVIEW: mngr ed WEXLER. DAVID D. Wliitefisli Bay LAVV Tau Epsilon Rho. sec: WISC LAW REVIEW, ed WEXLER. VICTOR S. Chicago. Ill COMM SAM: Pldg Pres Cncl: Jr IFC: GDEA, hse mngr, pldgmstr WHEELER. ALBERT L. Kenosha FINANCE Tf UXVM WHIPPLE. CARVLE H. Madison LAVV Tf Grinnell College: Phi Alpha Della WHITEWAY, CAROLIE La Crosse ART Tf Conn College: Union Gallery Comm WI-IITFORD, ANN V. Wayne, Pa SOC Tf Northwestern: Vllisc Panhel Assoc, pres: KKI', WHITWORTH. LUCY A. Detroit Mich SOC Panhel Rush Cnslr: NSP: Model UN: Intl Rltn: AID, hse pres WICHELT, ROGER H. Madison HIST Pershing Rf: Fencing: Frosh Numeral WICHMAN, R. L. Madison GEOG Geog Cb: Chi Alpha, v-pres: UW Religious Cncl: Badger Christian Fellowship WICKHAM, ROBERT T. Neenah ME Tf Marquette: Newman Cb WIDMANN, RUTH L. Jefferson ENG LIT Tf Illinois: Phi Kappa Phi: Union Literary Comm: Spanish Cb: Y-GOP: NSP: Chad Hall, campus life comm WIEGAND, DOUG W. Sturgeon Bay FIN 8: MKT Mkt Cb: Finance Soc WIENKE, JUDITH A. Beloit NURSING Alpha Tau Delta: NSP: WSA Elections Comm: IYIJB WIESENTHAL, LYN Waukesha CHILD DVLP Coed Congress: Election Comm: Blood Drive Comm: Sr Swingout: NSP: actvts comm: ITB115, asst pldg trn WIKEL, DENIS R. Waupaca PHARM Tf Steven Point: ZKDE WILCOX, GEORGE E. IVilrl Rose POLI SCI DORMISTORY: Y-GOP WILCOX. GERALD S. Slzclzoygan Falls POLI SCI Soph Honors: Phi Kappa Phi: LHA Cabnt: EKDE WILDER, E. L. Hamilton, NY ENGL NSP: Model UN: Canterbury Cb XVILHELMEJEANNEA. Font! :lu Luc EED Sigma Epsilon Sigma: I'tI1B WILKINS. LINDA M. Plnllvrille HEC Phi Upsilon Omicron: Omicron Nu: HEC Stdnt Cncl. pres: Stdnt Senl Euthenics: HEC I-lsptly Day: Blue Shield 4-H WILLENSON. K. S. .Wilwaukee FIN .K MKT Tf UNVM: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Pershing Rf: Scabbard 8 Blade: AEII WILLER. ROBERT C. Jeflurson INSURANCE Insurance Soc WILLIAMS. JAMES L. Rt'utlslu1rg ME Scabbard tk Blade: Faville Hsc. sec. v-pres WILLIAMS. LYNDA L. .lunesrillv FRENCH Ti Lawrence: Dolphins. pblcty chm: AI' WILLIAMSON. L. E. Roeliesler, Minn ENGL LIT Hooters: Pres Hsc: UW Chorus: Lakota Hse, soc hcm: AF, ritual chm NVILSON. KAY S. Racine EED WILSON, M. M. Green Bay ENGL Tf Green Bay: Sigma Epsilon Sigma WILSON, MARY S. Ft Lauderdale, Fla MDT Union Soc Comm: Theatre Usher: UW Chorus: KKF, corrs sec WINCH, THOMAS R. Waupaca MED SCI Phi Eta Sigma: Fellows Hse, v-pres, tres WINDERBAUM, M,'S. New York, NY ECON AEIT WING, JOHN F. Marshfield PHARM Rho Chi: Phi Eta Sigma: Mace: Soph Honors: CARDINAL, asst adv mngr: Sr Cncl: Union Drctrt: Wisc Previews, cntrl comm: XIII, sec WINOGROND, H. R. Watertown PHIL Fock Arigs, Film Soc: Phil Cb: Dramatics: Spanish Cb: Italian Cb WINTER, ALBERT W. Randolph ZOOL Pistol Cb, tres: llfootball: K-Hse, pres WINTER, JAMES S. Sylacauga, Ala POLI SCI WLHA, announcr: Boxing Tm: Olson Hse, pres, alumni chm WINTER, ROGER C. Eau Claire CE Ti Eau Claire, State: Blue Shield 4-H Cb: ASCE: District III Commis: Mack Hse, v-pres WIRTH. JOHN G. River Forest. lll. ENGL Y-GOP: BAE, warden, soc chm, pblc rltn chm WISEMAN. T. JAN Ptllrll Gran' JOURN Stdnt AChE: CARDI- NAL: BADGER, cd-in- chief. copy ed: WSA Comm: NSP: WSA Ldrshp Trn Progm: Model UN: Mock Politi- cal Cnvtn: Campus Intl Stdnt Rltn Seminar: Campus Party. cmpgm Cltm. lgstlve chm, pltirm chm, constitution chm: Wisc Previews WITHEY, THOMAS A. Kenntlm ART Canterbury Cb: 'DFA XVITT. KAREN P. War! Allis JOURN ck ENGL Coronto. rcrd sec: CARDINAL, assnt mng ed, mng cd. adv mng: Y-Demo: NSP: Model UN: Mock Demo Cnvnt: Union News Bureau: Intl Cb WITT. RICHARD M. 1.11 Crosse AMP Ti La Crosse WITTIG. RICHARD D. Grtfvn Hai' L BLD Football: Track: AT WITIMACK. ELSA E. Des Moines. Iowa CHILD DVLP AWS Fashion Show, prmtn chm: Panhcl Conf: KA9, ed chm. v-pres WOEI-IR. MARY A. Milwaukee MKT Consrvt Cb, member chm: AT, tt' chm, coeds congrs rept WOHLGEMUTH, A. D. Kenosha ME WOJCIK, SANDRA M. Chicago. lll. ENGL CARDINAL: Y-Demo WOJTOWICZ, JOSEPH Staten Is, NY SLAV Pre-Med Soc: Polish- Russian Cb WOLD, NORMAN L. Racine HIST Scabbard 84 Blade: LHA Cabnt: Navy Ball Comm, chm WOLFE, LINDA F. Bugalo, NY PSYCH Coed Congress: Stdnt Cncl Civil Rights: Lake- lawn Hse, soc chm: AEQ WOLFE, STEVEN F. New York, NY ZOOL Delta Epsilon: Iron Cross: Scabbard 8: Blade: LHA, pres, bd of drctrs: Stdnt Sen: WSA Soc Bd: Rundall Hse, soc chm WOLFE, VIRGINIA A. Wauwatosa POLI SCI Tf Arizona: Model UN Comm: WSA Govrn Rltn Comm: ITBIIJ WOLFF, PAUL M. Kansas City, Mo. HIST Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Mace: WSA Schlrshp Award: Stdnt Sen: Co-op Bd of Trust: Sympsm: NSP: Seminars Chm: Mock Sen: Union Plcmnt Comm: Union Gallery Comm: IF, rltn comm: Y-Demo: TIAKD, sec, pres SENIOR INDEX WOLLER, BARBARA A. Hamburg NAT SCI Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Y-GOP: Marlatt Hse, v-pres, campus lite comm WOO, CHRISTINE W. Hong Kong. China SOC WK WOODWARD, L. H. Wausau HIST Tf Wausau: IF Pldg Trn A Ed Comm: Union Film Comm: Humo: CDFA, pldg trn WOOSENCRAFT, D. O. Green Bay ME Tf Green Bay: ASME: ASTME WORTHINGTON, D. M. Roxbury, Conn. THEATRE Tt' Endicott: Phi Theta Kappa: Delta Psi Omega WRIGHT. CHARLES E. .larwsvillv PSYCH Y-GOP, tres: Hooters: Union Darkroom: Kah- lenberg Hse, bowling tm WRIGHT, GERALD E. Madison LAW Phi Alpha Delta, justice: WISC LAW REVIEW: Stdnt Bar Assoc, sec-tres WRUCKE, STEVE C. Horicon PHY ED Phi Epsilon Kappa: "W" Cb, sec: Track: 1I1I"A WUERCH, KAREN M. Portage PBLC HLTH Calvary Stdnt Center YABLIN. CAROL L. Lincolnwood, III. SPAN Ti Stephens College: Span Cb: Frgn Rltn Cb: Stdnt NEA YAGER. CHARLES C. Pros Hgts. lll. HIST Y-GOP: 2111, soc chm YAI-IR, JAMES I-I. Princeton ZOOL Tf USAF Academy: Baseball: ATA, comm chm YALE, JAMES L. Milton Jet ME Tf Whitewater: ASME, expstn chm: Haresfoot: Humo: ATA, pldg tres YEHLE, GERALD R. Superior ME Tf Superior: ASME: Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Beta Pi YOST, NANCY A. Madison ECON District IV Commsn: HBCIJ, hmcming chm YOUNG, SARAH H. Ashtabula, Ohio SOC Tf Pinemanor College: AFA ZAGORULSKY, O. Madison SPAN :Si RUSSIAN ZAHORIK, P. A. De Pere ENGL Tf Green Bay ZAJKOWSKI, W. J. Sheboygan PHARM ZALESKI, MICHAEL L. Kenosha PSYCH WSA Ldrshp Trn Progm: Govt Rltn Comm: NSP: IF Pldg Trn 84 Ed Comm: Xfll, pldg pres, v-pres rush chm ZEILER, ELEANOR G. Larclunont, NY ENGL Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Italian Cb, sec, tres: Victoria Hse, pres, v-pres, sec ZENKE, KAREN A. Sheboygan SPAN Tf Lawrence College: Pi Lambda Theta: Sigma Delta Pi: Span Cb, sec: Buck Hse, sec ZEUTHEN, T. V. Neenah MKT Tf Lawrence College: Golf ZIMMERMAN, D. O. Madison INTL RLTN Model UN: NSP: Hoof- ers: Summer Prom Comm: Intl Cb ZIMMERMAN, E. M. Madison ECON Tf Rockford College: Phi Kappa Phi: Artus: Intl Rltn Cb: Big Broth- Sis Progm ZIMMERMAN, G. G. Wise Rapids CE ASCE: Swenson Hse, pres, athltc chm, flr chm ZIMMERMAN, H. B. Manitowoc ECON ZIMMERMAN, R. T. Kenosha ME ZIMMERMANN, T. A. Madison MEDICINE Sigma Sigma: Alpha Omega Alpha: Senior Class pres ZOLOTO, HERBERT D. Chicago, Ill. BS Alpha Delta Sigma: Scabbard Xi Blade: Crew ZUBATSKY, JOANN Milwaukee CHILD DVLP AWS: Union Usher: Big- Sis Progm: Hillel: Villa Maria, sec, v-pres, pres ZUEHLS, ELMER E. Princeton CE WISC ENGINEER: Gamma Delta ZUKOWSKI, JEAN A. Niagara ENGL Eta Kappa Lambda: Union Forum Comm: Wood Hse, tres, pres, jud chm ZUPPANN, C. I. Highland Pk, Ill. MDT Union Plcmnt Comm: Summer Prom Comm: Campus Carn, pblcty comm: AAA, spnsr chm ZUR, PATRICK J. Two Rivers PRSL MGT ZURICH, GERALD F. Milwaukee LAW Tf Marquette: Phi Delta Phi ORGANIZATIONS INDEX ORGANIZATIONS INDEX A Capella Choir . . . Acacia ....... Adams Hall ..... Agricultural Student Council . . . Agricultural Economic Society . . IEEE ......... . Allen Hall . . . . . . . Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Chi Rho . Alpha Chi Sigma . Alpha Delta Phi . Alpha Delta Theta . Alpha Epsilon Phi . . Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Alpha Gamma Delta . Alpha Gamma Rho . Alpha Kappa Psi . Alpha Phi . . . Alpha Tau Delta . . Alpha Tau Omega . Alpha Xi Delta ...... . Alpha Zeta ......... . Am. Institute of Chem. Engineers . . Am. Soc. of Ag. Engineers .... . Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers Ann Emery ...... . Arnold Air Society .... . Associated Women Students Babcock Dairy Science . . . Babcock House .... Badger Beauties . . BADGER . . . Badger Crops Sc Soils . Baha'i Club . . . Barnard Hall . . Baseball . . Basketball . . . Beta Alpha Psi . . Beta Gamma Sigma . Beta Theta Pi ...... , Blue Shield 4-H . . . . . , B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation . . Calvary Lutheran ..... . Canterbury Club . Carroll Hall . . . Chadbourne Hall . Chi Epsilon . . Chi Omega . . Chi Phi . . . Chi ' Psi ........ Christian Science Organization . . Cochrane House .... Cole Hall . . . . Coranto . Crew . . Cross Country .... Crucible . . . Daily Cardinal . . . David Schreiner House . Delta Delta Delta . . Delta Gamma . . . Delta Sigma Pi . Delta Tau Delta . Delta Theta Sigma . Delta Upsilon . . Delta Zeta . . Dolphins ..... Elizabeth Wate1's Hall . Elm Drive A . . . Elm Drive B . . . Elm Drive C . . . Eta Kappa Lambda . Eta Kappa Nu . . Euthenics . . . Evans Scholars . . . Fencing ...... Food Technology Club . Football ...... Future Farmers of America Gamma Phi Beta . . . Gilman House . Golf .... Gymnastics . Haresfoot Club . . Hermanson House . . . Hi-Ray House .... Home Economics Council Homecoming .... Horticulture Club . . . Humorology . . . Insight Sc Outlook . . ILS Council .... Interfraternity Assoc. . International Club . Iron Cross . . . Insurance Society . Intramurals .... Joint Military Board . Kappa Alpha Theta . Kappa Delta . . . Kappa Epsilon . . . Kappa Eta Kappa . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Kappa Psi .... Kappa Sigma . . . Kronshage Hall . ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Lake Lawn House . Lakeshore Halls Association . . Lakeshore Stores, Inc. . . . Lakota House . . Lambda Chi Alpha Landscape Architects Langdon Hall . . Langdon Lodge . . Langdon Manor . Lincoln Lodge . Lowell Hall . . Mace .... Marketing Club . Military Ball . . Mortar Board . Nautilus Society . Omicron Nu . . Orchesis . . Othera .... Pan-hellenic Council Pershing Rifles . . Phi Beta .... Phi Beta Kappa . . Phi Chi . . . Phi Chi Theta . Phi Delta . . . Phi Eta Kappa . Phi Eta Sigma . . Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Kappa Phi . . Phi Kappa Theta . Phi Mu Alpha . . Phi Sigma Delta . Phi Sigma Kappa . Phi Theta . . . Phi Upsilon Omicron Pi Beta Phi . . . Pi Lambda Phi . . Pi Lambda Theta . Pi Tau Sigma . . Polygon Board . Pre-Law Club . . Pre-Med Society . Psi Upsilon . . Red Cross . . Rho Chi . Rose Bowl . . . Saddle and Sirloin . Scabbard and Blade Senior Class Council Shepard Hall . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon 391 286 286 391 331 237 394 396 395 395 392 221 239 272 218 272 228 254 249 284 273 255 216 249 240 332 222 333 217 334 255 335 336 250 228 337 338 229 229 246 261 261 339 260 230 122 239 274 282 396 340 ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Sigma Alpha Eta ....... Sigma Alpha lota . Sigma Chi . . . Sigma Delta Tau . . Sigma Epsilon Sigma . Sigma Phi . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon ....... Slichter Hall ........ Soc. for Advancement of Management Soc. of Automotive Engineers . . . Solveig House ........ Sullivan Hall ..... Susan B. Davis House . Swimming . . . . Tau Beta Pi . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon Tennis .... . Theta Chi . . Theta Delta Chi . Theta Sigma Phi . Tower View . . Track . . . . Triangle . . Tripp Hall ..... United Student Fellowship . . University Bands . . . . UXV Men's Glee Club . UW Women's Chorus . Varsity Pistol Team . Valiants .... Victoria House . . Villa Maria . . W Club ....... Wis. Alumni Foundation . . Wis. BADGER ....... Wisconsin Conservative Club . . Wisconsin Engineer .... Wis. Forensic Union . . . Wisconsin Foundation . . . Wis. Pharmaceutical Society . . Wisconsin Players ..... Wisconsin Pre-Views .... Wisconsin Student Association . . . Wisconsin Union ....... Women's Recreational Association . W. Club .......... Wrestling. . . . . YMCA ...... YWCA ...... Young Republican Club . Zeta Beta Tau . . . Zoe Bayliss House . Aaholm, P. Aasen, K. Abbinanti, Abbott, B. Abbott, H. Abel, D. iiffl STUDENT INDEX Abel, J. ....., Abendroth, C. .. Abendroth, J. ..... . Aberg, B. Aberlin, D. Ableidinger, R. Abler, N. Abraham, Abrohams, Acker, V. Ackerman, Ackerman, Ackerman, Ackerman, Adam, R. Adameak, Adams, B. Adams, C. Adams, E. Adams, S. Adamson, Adelman, if 'I .556 ' R. ..... . B. .. C. .. J. .. S. .. J. C. Aderhold, B. Aderhold, C. .. Adkins, H. Adkins, S. Adler, N. Aftire, H. Affre, B. Ahearn, T. Ahlen, L. Ahleren, P. Ahlstrom, C. Aho, C. ...... . Ahrbeck, N. Ahrens, J. Ahrens, T. Ahrnsbrak, W. . . . . Ahsmann, Aikin, J . N... Ainsworth, A. . . Ainsworth, F... Aittama, M. Akmentins, B. ..... . Alaspa, A. Albert, G. Alben, w. Albertini, R. Alberts, L. Alberts, R. C. ..... . Albertson, W. . Albrecht, B. Albright, J. Albright, N. Albertson, Aldag, G, Alexander, 271, R. ..... . Alf, B. ........... . Allen, D. Allen, J. Allen, L. Allen, M. Allen, P. Allen, R. Allen, V. 313, Alli, E. Allie, K. .. Allin, L. Allis B. Alli Allworden Alpert,J Alsberg, S. 53 son, ....... , S. .... . . ..309,3 , W Alston, Alt, M. Alter, B. Altman, S. Altman, J. Altmann, J. Alvin, R. Alyea, F. Alzuhn, G, Amacher, Ambelang, Amberson, M. J... J. ..... . Amerell, J. Amerson, Ames, K. Amour, G, Amschler, J, Amundson, K. .... . Amagnos, Anderegg, B. J. 258 406 368 359 406 372 330 358 325 406 349 406 406 406 348 336 296 358 354 308 325 406 369 396 306 359 364 308 406 358 369 352 383 353 337 379 357 314 305 329 327 383 370 379 406 404 406 406 357 406 378 406 347 404 406 367 351 406 362 301 355 360 354 406 353 376 375 327 316 380 249 406 337 318 305 332 357 379 366 378 380 365 406 379 286 271 406 406 406 373 406 406 227 320 348 261 360 402 352 Andersen, A. ...... 374 406 Andersen, J. ...... 241 406 Andersen, T. .. ....... 341 Anderson, A. ...... 320 354 Anderson, B. ...... 381,406 Anderson, C. ...... 235, 312, 352, 377, 406 Anderson, D. .......... 258 Anderson, E. .......... 300 Anderson, G. .......... 4,06 Anderson, J. ..216, 252, 305, 350, 351, 375, 378, 406 Anderson, K. ..... 328, 361, 396, 406 Anderson, M. ...... 326,406 Anderson, P. ..358, 359 392 Anderson, R. ...... 381, 406 Anderson, S. . .......... 406 Anderson, W. . .. .. . .404 Anding, K. ... ... .352 Andre, R. .... .... 3 61 Andrea, R. ... ....406 Andrews, B. . . .... 364 Andrews, H. .. ..,. 372 Andrews, M. .......... 406 Andrews, S. ....... 352, 406 Andringa, C. . .2l9, 272, 284, 341, 404, 406 Angelbeck, J. .......... 347 Angell, T. ......... 277, 278 Angoli, C. . ..... 244, 406 Angolx, T. .... ....... . Anklam, B. Ansfield, J. . . . Antholine, W. Antholt, C. . . . Anthony, C. . . . Anthony, K. .... . Antoniewicz, R. . . Antonneau, S. . Anundson, R. . . . Apinis, J. .... . . . 227 Apostol, C. Appel, J. Appert, J. .. Appert, R. .... ..... . Applebee, B. ......... . Arena, J. ........ . 235, Arietf, B. ............ . Armstrong, D. ......... . Armstrong, G. .... 219, Amdt, R. ..272, 274, 346, Arndt, S. ............ . Arne, E. ............. . Ames, J. ...... 235, 324 Arnesen, L. ........ 264 Arnold, C. .... 329 354 Arnold, D. ........ 232 Arnold, J. .. ..... ... Arnold, K. ...362 Arnold, L. Arnold, P. Arnold, R. Amold, S. .. ...378 Arnold, W. Arnovitz, E. . .. Arnstein, S. Aronson, E. .... . . . Arpke, Artel, 266 R... .... Arter, J. . ..... .. Ascher, P. ........ 217 Ashe, C. .......... 392 Ashenbach, D. ....... . Ashenbrenner, G. .... . Asher, C. ..... . . . .284 Asher, J. ..... .... . Asherin, K. Ashford, J. Ashman, J. Aslakson, C. ...... 295 Asleson, J. Aspinall, L. .......... . Aspinwall, P. ..... 284 Aspnes, J. .... 227 258 Asseibom, J. ..... '. 350 Assenheimer, L. ...... . Assenheimer, R. .. Atkinson, K. . . . Atkinson, T. . . Atwell, A. .. Atwell, D. .... .... . Auslander. J. ........ . Ausman. A. ..,.... 244 Austvold, M. ........ . Averill, E. ........ 337 Axnick, W. .......... . Aycock, T. .... 341 376 Ayres, J. .......... 255 1 334 359 406 375 321 321 351 311 351 406 274 406 360 359 367 329 357 355 382 315, 406 406 351 218 362 341 355 322 406 365 359 244 383 406 406 406 406 .406 371 336 376 406 407 359 377 340 383 353 407 372 378 407 376 345 407 354 319 353 352 373 379 336 371 372 375 407 366 406 362 B Baars, M. ....... .... 4 07 Babbitt, D. ............ 361 Babbitt, J. . ..... 248, 358 Babe, S, . ..... 217,407 Babel, S. ... ..... . .358 Babiarz, A. . . . . . .. 305 Babicky, T. . .. 372 Babler, S. .. .- 353 Bablitch, J. . . . 377 Babula, J. .. ...- 407 Bacchus, B. . .... 349 Bach, M, ... ..-407 Bachhuber, J. .... 377 Bachhuber, K. . .... 360 Bachhuber, R. . .... 341 Bachhuber, S. .... 360 Backus, C. . .... 402 Backus, D. ... ...... ..376 Bade, B. . .. ...262, 368 Bade, P. . .. .... ..360 Bader, B. ...,325 Bader, G. . . ...... 402 Badman, D. . . ...371, 407 Baebler, M. . . . .... . .407 Baebler, W. .... 378 Baehr, R. . .. .. . .363 Baer,J. ....308 Baer, R. .... .... 4 07 Baer, T. .... .... 3 70 Baerwald, G. .... 354 Baerwald, R. .... 370 Baesemann, J. .... 374 Bagemihl, J. .... 337 Bahr, R. ....374 Bahr, S. .... .... 3 59 Baier, R. ....358 Bailey, D. .. 364 Bailey, J. 344 Bailey, K .... ...280 407 Bailey, M. .. ....., 407 Bailey, N. .. .... 364 Bainbridge, D. . . . . 312 Baitinger, R. .... 336 Baker, A. . . .... 312 Baker, D. ... ... 407 Baker, J. ... .... ..360 Baker, N. . . .... 319 358 Baker, S. . . ...... 365 Baker, V. .... 357 407 Balck, R. ...... ...... 4 07 Balderson, A. .... 407 Baldwin, J. ... .... . .359 Baldwin, M. . . .... 217 358 Balge, R. .. . .... . .407 Balk, S. .... .... 3 62 Balkus, R. .. .... 367 Ball, D. .. ... 366 Ball, J. .... 315 Ballard, N. . 392 Baller, R. . .. .. . .358 Ballou, E. . . .... 327 Baltzer, M. . . . . .368 Banczak, K. .... 407 Bangs, E. ... ...,334 Banicki, K. . .... 382 Banks, S. ..... ...... 3 79 Bansemer, C. ...... 286, 360 Bantuveris, M. ........ .217 Barbakow, B. .... 308 Barbarie, J. . 325 Barber, N. .. 359 Bardeen, L. . 362 Bardeen, T. . 34'1 Barganz, R. .... 335 Barghen, J. . .... 407 Bareren, J. .. .274 315 Bardeen, K. . ,.,, 351 Barder, A. .. .... 392 Barker, J. .. .. .325 357 Barlow, B. . .319 407 Barman, P. ... ...334 407 Barna, S. 312 Barnard, L. . .... 319 Barndt, W. ........ 238 376 Barnes, K. . .,., 373 Barnes, L. .. .... 305 Barnes M. . . , , 392 BHYHSY, L. . . . .. 332 BHFHCY, P. . ... 217 Barvcci, R. 217, 281, 333, 407 Baron, D. .....380 Barr, K. .. ... 376 Barrett, T. ............. 334 Barrow, W. ....... 295, 330 BHYFOWSJ H. . .. ....... 392 Barry, A. .....380 Barry. D. ....334 Barry, P. . .... 297 Barry, S. . .... 407 Bart, R. ...,404 32118, C. ... ....352 Baffa, D. . .. ... .297 Bartell, J. ... ,,,,257 Barthel, J. .... 286,31l, Bartholomew, M. ...324 Bartley, D. ........... . Bartman, R. ... . .. .217 Bartness, P. Barton, J. . . . Bartz, E. . . . Bartz, J. . . . Bartz, L. ..... . Barzilay, S. . . . . Basilauskas, R. .. Bass, P. ....... . Bassler, C. . . Bast, K. . . . , Bast, S. . . . Basten, J. . . . Bates, R. . . . Bathke, S. .... . Batterman, B. . . Battiste. J. . . Batty, B. . . . Bauch, T. . . Bauer, D. ..... . Bauer, P. ....... . Batmlsmzin, K. ... Baum, K. ..... . 368 362 370 407 355 361 372 344 379 342 341 359 407 407 354 369 261 358 364 323 Bauman, J. .. .. Bauman, M. ...... . Baumann, R. .. .. Baumer, J. '. .. Baumgard, J. .. in Baumgardt, A. .... . Baumgart, E. ..... . Baumgartner, I. . . . . Baumgartner, J. . . . Baumgartner, R. . . . iid its 246 359 330 366 297 1361 308 fzva 351 .325 .353 .375 .407 311 .284 407 407 Bautch, R. .... ..... 3 15 Bautz, E. .....216 Baver, W. .....382 Baxter, B. . . ..... 407 Bayer, C. .... ..... 3 76 Baymiller, L. . .. .. . . .314 Beall, W. ...... ..... 4 07 Bearman, D, ... ....407 Beaton, C. ... .. . . .358 Beattie, L. . . ..... 357 Beatty, E. ... .. . . .350 Beatty, L. .. . .. . . .364 Beck, H. . .. ........ ..368 Beck, I. . . ....... 255, 407 Beck, J. ...... 217, 337, 404 370, 407 Beck, P. .... .......... 4 07 Becker, B. .. ..... 359 Becker, G. . . .... 400 Becker, J. ... ........ ..305 Becker, L. ......... 269 271 Becker, P. ............. 375 Becker, S. ..... 286, 329 364 Becker, T. ....... . Becker, W. ... ... Beckley, D. .... . Beckman, R. Beckstrom, V. .. Beckwith, J. .. Bednarz, J. .. Beebe, T. ........ . . . . . .216 .322 . .... 407 407 ....379 ....346 .....37l .....362 .....273 Beernink, B. ...... 252, 316, 407 Beers, E. . . ........... 285 Beery, R. ..... 217, 347 407 Beghin, R. ......... 360 407 Begun, L. ... ........ ..315 Behnke, B. .. ..,. 329 Behnke, C. .. .... 258 Behnke, D. ... .... ..407 Behrens, C. .. ........ 358 Behrens, G. .. .... 273, 314 Behrens, K. . . . .... 365, 407 Behrens, R. .... 255 407 Behrmann, L. .. ..... 368 Beich, R. ..... . . . 339 Beidron, J. . . ...... 381 Beier, L. .... .... 2 17, 407 Beighley, S. . . . .... 250, 407 Beil, J. ........ ..... 3 77 Beimborn, E. . . . . . 382 Beischel, T. . .. ... 407 Beise, G. ... . . . .375 Beisner, J. .... .... 3 82 Bekkedal, M. .......... 366 Beling, E. ......... 286, 373 Bell, H. ..... ..... 2 61, 272, 274, 407 Bell, J. .. ..... 320, 345, 352 Bell, M. .. ......... 407 Bell, R. ..... ...315, 376 Bell. S. ....... ...... 3 67 Bellaire, B. ... .. . .312 BellaS, J. . .. ... .372 Bellis, E. ... .. . .359 Belstner, L. .. .... 375 Beltz, M. . . .... 407 Bender, B. . .. .... . .325 Bender, C. . . ...350, 357 Bendinger, B. .. .. Benedict, M. .. . . . .. Benedict, S. . . . . . .. Benjoya, M. .. .. Benke, C. . . . . Benkert, D. . . Benkert, R. . . Benkovic, R. ...... . Benner, E. .... .... Bennett, B. .. ,... Bennett, D. ... .... 358, 257, iii' iii, Bennett, G. .. .... .. Bennett, M. ....... . Bennington, A. . . . . Bensemann, J. .. Bensinger, G. ..... . Benson, B. ....... . Benson, J. ...... 241, Benton, B. ........ . Bera, N. .... .... . Beran, M. Berard, M. ....... . Berendsen, J. ..... . Berg, D. ....... 332 Berg, M. ,........ . Berg,S.... Berg, V. . . . Berge W. . . . Bergelin, V. ...... . Bergmann, A. .... . Bergemann, B. ..3l8 Bergemann, J. .... . Bergendorf, C. .... . Berger, J. ....,. 232 Berger, K. ........ . Berger, N. ,..... . . 5 324, 257, 329, 366 407 366 358 371 366 316 407 408 364 344 375 408 363 408 276 352 408 319 364 392 368 . . . . .274 408 376, .....392 .....408 .....352 .....333 .....3l3 .337, 408 354, 371 .258, 408 . . . . .382 306, 343 .....342 .....305 Berger, R. . . ..... 408 Bergeret, L. .. ...... 408 Bergman, C. ........ 357, 408 Bergstrom, M. . . ....... 359 Bergstrom, R. ... .. . . .330 Bergvall, C. .. .. . . .264 Bergvall, G. .. ....... 315 Bergwall, M. ....... 250, 408 Bergwin, R. .. ........ 369 Berke, K. ..... ..., 2 35, 408 Berkholtz, Jr. Berliant, M. .....363 .....408 Berlin, I. ............... 408 Berman, D. ............. 308 Berman, P. .... 217, 277, 308 Bernat, J. .............. 308 Bernauer, M. ... . . . . .326 Berndt, J. .... ..... 4 08 Berndt, R. . . ..... 368 Bernet, L. .... ..... 3 01 Bernetzke, G. .. ..... 408 Bernhard, W. . . ..... 354 Bernhardt, C. . . . . . . . .248 Bernhardt, L. .. ...... .404 Bernick, P. . . . .... 326, 408 Bernstein, K. ........... 392 Bernstein, M. ........... 392 Bernstein, R. . . .238, 322, 408 Berrong, T. ......... 224, 375 Berry, C. ... ...... ..351 Berry, L. ..... ........ 3 96 Berry, R. ........... 250, 408 Berryman, D. ....... 273, 377 Bersch, S. .... .... 3 50, 352 Berthelsen, G. .. ....... 376 Berz, S. ... . ...... .392 Best, K. .... ........ 3 60 Betts, L. ...... .... 2 17, 408 Betzhold, D. . . ....... 307 Beulig, A. .... ..... 4 08 Beuthling, T. . .. .. . . .375 Beverley, J. . . ..... 408 Bewer, D. . . ....... 232 Bewitz, K. . . .... 319, 353 Beyer, J. .. . Beyer, K. ........ . Beyer, R. ........ . Beyerstedt, L. ..244, .....408 .....359 .. . . .408 408 371, Beyreis, K. ......... 323, Bickert, P. ......... 324, Bicknell, K. .... . Bie, J. ........... . 408 362 .....189 408 Biedermann, M. .... 362, Bierbrauer, T. . ..... 341, Biermeier, B. ...... 381, Biersach, J. .. .... 334, Bieuer, E. .. ..... .. . Biggin, M. .. . . .. 258, Bilinski, L. .. .... . . Bi1Jan,W.... Billhardt, L, . . . . . . 286, Billipp,N.... Bills, M. . .. Bilski, R. . . . Binder, D. .. Binford, E. ........ Birch, C. .......... . Birge, E. ...... 217, Birkenstock, J. ide, 408 408 408 408 376 361 368 362 330 378 244 408 375 35 8 376 353 Birks, M. .... . Birmingham, G. Birmingham, W. Bisbee. G. Bischel. J. .... Bischof, Jr. .408 .363 .408 .307 ......408 .........378 Bishofberger, C. .... 350 351 Bishop, B, ............. 324 Bishop, P. ..... .... 3 70 Bistolas, D, . . . .... 325 Bistolas, J. . .... 325 Bittner, J. ....383 Bitzer, B. .. .... 320 Bivens, G. .. .... 380 Biwer, J. ...... .... 4 08 Bjordahl, R. .. ..... 307 Bjork, N. ... ...... .329 Bjork, P. .. ..... 217, 379 Bjorke, S. .... ..... 3 19 Bjurman, J. ..-355 Black, B, ...,358 Black, C. ....337 Black, E. ..... .... 4 04 Blackburn, D. ... ....358 Blackman, J. .... .. . .300 Blackman, M. ... . . . .309 Blackwell. P. . .... 375 Blahnik. J. .. .... 376 Blahnik. R. . .... 408 Blair, W. .. .... 307 Blake, G. .. .... 375 Blakely, J. ... ....355 Blakesley, L. ... . . . .327 Blamey, R. ... ....257 Blanchard, B. . . . .361 Blank, A. .... ..... 3 39 Blattberg. R. . . ....... 300 Blauert, H. .. .... 264, 330 Blechman, P. ., ....... 348 Blessent. M. . . .... .320 Blewer, E. .... ...232 Blewheld. P. . .. .. 354 Blindheim, G. . .. .. 314 Blint, J. ...... .. 380 Blint, R. ..... .... 3 80 Bloch, G. .. ........ 325 Block, B. . . ...... 351, 408 Block, D. ...... 255, 392, 408 Block, J. ..... ........ 3 76 Blodgett, E. .. .... 316 Blodgett, J. .. .. 392 Bloedorn, A, .. .... 408 Bloedorn, G. .. ...... 374 Bloedorn. Jr. .......... 341 Blom, C. .......... 325, 408 Blomquist, M. ......... 345 Bloom, J. ..... .... 3 42 Bloomberg, S. ... .. 335 Bloomquist, J. .. 367 Blue, A. ...... .... 3 42 Bluemke, B. .. ...... 316 Blum, A. .... .... 2 86, 365 Blum, C. .......... 342, 408 Blum, M. ,...... . . .342, 392 Blumberg, G. .......... 354 Blumenkamp, J. ....... 357 Blumer, C. ......... 248, 408 Bluthardt, E. .. .... 333 Bober, T. .... ..,.. 4 O8 Bobins, N. . .. . . .335 Bocker, VA. . . . ... . .404 Bock1,J. .....40,8 Boda, G. ...368 Boebel, J. .... . . .404 Boehm, K. ... ...359 Boehm, N. .... . . .408 Boehm, S, . . ......... 252 Boehm, W. ............ 344 Boettcher, R. . .284, 333, 408 Boettger, W. ....... 313, 373 Bogenschneider, G. ..... 380 Boheim, J. .,...... 339, 408 Bohen, J. .. ....... 295 Bohl, J. .... ..... 4 08 Bohl, W. ....370 Bohm, L. .... ...408 Bohrman, E. . . . . .353 Bohrnstedt, G. . . .... 284 Bohrnstedt, S. . . . . . .359 Boldt, D. ..... . . .408 Boldt, G. ..... .... 3 61 Boldt, P. .. .. . .367 Boldt, W. ..... .... 3 74 Bolgrien, A. . . .... 408 Bolitho, S. . . . .. . . .362 Bolle, W. .. ....... 402 Boller, C. .... . .... 319, 408 Bollinow, T. ........... 344 Bollow, G. ............. 332 Bolton, B. ............. 358 Bolton, L. ..... 216, 217, 409 Boltz, D. .. Bone, E. ..... . Bong, R. ..... . Bookholder, R. .........305 ....350 . . .... 369 261 Boone, E. ... ...,409 409 Booth, C. ..... .... Borchardt, G. .... ,..... 3 11 409 Borchardt, J. .......... . Borchert, F. ........ 271 Borer. Borm,K... Boris, A. ........ . . . . Boris, F. ......... .. . . Borkenhagen, K. .. .... Borkin, 1-1. ...... .... Borkon, D. .... .... Borkowski. J. .. .... Bornfieth. R. .. ,.., Borosage. M. .. ...... Borowski, J. ........., . Borst, A. .......... 305, Borst. D. ...... 217, 305, Borsum. B. ............ . Borton, D. .. ...... ... Bortz, R. .. ..... 217. Bosanec, J. . ..... . . Botlkol, J. .. Bouril. D. .. .... Bowden. E. .... .... 409 367 342 359 409 366 348 371 409 323 337 248 354 409 244 409 307 367 409 409 359 Bowslsh, V. ... ...,346 Bowc. B. ...,358 Bowman, J. ... . . . .369 Bowman, L. ... ....320 Bown. P. ... ....409 Boyce, F, ., ..... 316 Boyer, Ge, .. ....... 216 Boycs. J. ..... 321 378 Boyes. M. ...... .312 Braatz, P. .. ..... 353 Braatz, T. .. .... 273 Brackett. D. .. .... 341 Brackmann, R. ........ 235. 232 409 Bradford. A. .. ..... 274 Bradley. C. .. ,... 320 Bradley, M. ... ...,329 Bradley, N. . . .... 329 Bradley, S. .. .... 337 Brager, E. .. .... 351 Bram, S. .... .... 4 09 Bramson. C. ... . . . .308 Branda. R. .... ....... 2 16 Brandchaft, P. ......... 409 Brandenburg. J. ,... 326 409 Brandhorst. K. ......... 358 Brandley. J. ... .... 409 Brandt, E. ...... .. 409 Brandt. H. .. ..... 301, 332 Brandt, M. . . ..... . 404 Brandt, R. .. ....,... 409 Brandt, S. ............. 405 Branson, M. ...249, 319 409 Braselton, W. ...... 346 409 Bratz, J. ..........,... 405 Braun, B. 360 Braun, W. 344 Brawn. D. .... 244 Brazener, A. ... ... 377 Brazy, J. ...... 274 Brachwald, D. ... ... 376 Breinig, K. .... 409 Breitenback, S. ..... 405 Breitengross, J. . .. . . . 379 Breneman, M. ... .. .. 235 Brennan, J. .... ...... 4 09 Brenneke, R. ...... 339, 409 Brenner, A. ... .... ., 383 Brens, G. 364 Brens, J. ...... .... 2 95 Brensike, J. .... .. 217 Brereton, W. ....... 235 359 Breu, D. .... ........ 3 63 Breuch, T. .... ..... 3 44 409 Brew, J. .............. 409 Bridgeman, J. ...... 337 409 Brigham, K. ...257, 258 409 Brigneiett, D. ......... 375 Brill, D. ............., 409 Brindley, K. ....,... 337 358 Bringe, C. . . ...... 358 Bringe, R. .... .... 2 38 Brinkmann, W. . . . , . 409 Brittelli, D. ... ... 374 Britten, S. ... .. . 369 Britton, C. .. .... 365 Britton, J. ............. 409 Broberg, L. ........ 305 352 Brocade, K. ..... . 409 Brockman, S. . . ..... 392 Brockmeyer, P. . . . . . 353 Broder, D. .... . 335 Brodhagen, S. . . . . . . 353 Brodie, M. .... ..... 3 57 Brodke, S. .. . . . 1. . 308 Brodkin, J. . . ..... 392 409 Broming, J. . . . ..... . .349 Bronson, F. 404 Bronstad, C. .. ... Brooke, C. .. 367 340 Brooks, E. . . ..... 238 Brooks, J. ............ . Brookshaw, T. ........ . Brophy, J. ..... 284, 297 Bross, R. ............ . Brotz. P. ............. . Brougham, R. ........ . Brourman. D. ...... 308 Browder, J. Brown,B.... Brown, D. ............ . Brown, E. ...... 227,392 Brown, G. . . ..... 357 Brown, H. . . ..... . . . Brown, J. ... .... .273 Brown,L,... Brown, M. .. ..... 325 Brown, N. .. Brown, P. ... .... .339 Brown, R. .... .341 Brown,S. Brown, W. .. ..... 216 Browne. S. .... .... . Brownell, P. .. ... Brownie, S. ..... ... Brownlow, M, Brubcr, P. .... .. . Brucdcrlc, J. ..... .., Brucggcmen. F. ... ... Brucggeman, J. .. ... Brucscwitz. T. ... ... Brugger. C. .......... . Bruggemap, J, ,...,... . Bruhn. R. ...... 284, 334 Bnihy, S. ...... 305.350 Brumand, P. ......... . Brumblay, L. ......... , Bruning, C. .... .... . Brunkow, C. .. Brunner. V. .., ...325 Bruscwitz. G. .. ..... Brussat, T. .. ... Brustein, R. ... ..... Bryant. M. . .... . . Bryant. N. .. ..... 305 Bublitz, L. .. ..... 346 Bubolz. J. .......... 279 Buchanan, D. ......... . Buchbinder. M. ... ... Buchholz, R. .... . Buchmann, J. ... ... Buckley, S. ... ... Budy. P. ..,. Budzien, K. .... ... Bueckert, R. . . .., , Buehler, B. .. .... Buell, D. Buelow. D. Buelow, J. ..... ...... . Buening, B. ...314, Buerki, R. .. Buettner. J. ... ..,. Buffens, E. ............ . Buhmann, B. .......... . Buholzer, K. ...327, 350, Bujan, J. .......... 327, Bull,S. . Bullis, M. ..... .... Bullock, R. . .. . . .. Bulovsky, B. . .. .... Bunch, D.... Bunch, M. .. .. .. Bunke,C.... Bunker,J. Bunyan, T. .. .... Bupp, S. .... .. .. Burbidge, B. .. .... Burcalow, H. . . ... . Burch, C. ... ... Burden, P. .. ... Burdett, S. .. ..... Burdick, J. .. ..... .. . Burg, J. ..... ..... 3 16 Burg, L. ....... ..... . Burgdorf, W. ......... . Burger, R. ........... . Burgess, P. .... 227, 258 Burgess, T. .... .... 1 85 Burghardt, C. ........ . Burgweger, J. ... . . . Burke, J. ..... . . . Burke, R. ..... . . . Burkhardt, M. . . . . . . . Burley, J. ..... ..... . Burman, S. Burmeister, P. ... . . . .. ...350 Burmel, B. .... Burnkrant, R. ... . .. Burns, M. ..... . . . Burns, K. ... ... Burns, M. Burns, S. . . . . . . . Burnstein, K. .. ... . Burnsten, B. .. .. . . Burr, J. ..... 322 341 375 313 257 409 315 392 354 226 409 309 409 371 409 373 409 409 409 378 320 263 353 358 392 409 301 409 331 409 .409 371 351 409 355 376 325 380 358 409 232 3-16 365 305 409 409 409 333 409 369 369 363 359 217 375 314 368 271 357 409 409 381 392 378 355 410 410 349 322 410 258 333 358 353 305 359 337 235 333 358 357 371 346 309 370 333 410 410 330 315 336 330 232 346 353 318 318 307 361 337 357 359 309 392 359 Burress, T. .. .... Burri,W. Burrill, S. ..... .... Burrttt, R. ....... ..... . Burroughs, L. ......... . Burrows, T. ..,..... 286, Burstein, L. Burton, T. ..... Busaca, J. ....... .... Busalacchi, D. ... .... Busby, E. ..... ... . Busch, J. Busch,S. .... Busche, B. ......... 355, Buschke,B. Bush, J. ..... ..... . Bushkie. M. ... .... Bushland, G. .. ...... Bussc,R. Busse, W. ... ...378, Bussey.S.... Buth.J. ....... Buttcnhoff, N. .. .... Buttcrbaunh, J. ... .... Butzke, S. ..... .... noonrunoonnoonnonnoonrunoonoooonrmooonnnnnmnoonnonnfu -wwwmm 25'EEEEE2222222EPI!-9,395NNNNNP-3415DNNCDIDNNE-gag?-EEA?-2.224232-E.E.g-Dug ::a:::::::a-annie?-8883333335355334ara'S5ffrfr11-1f1"2o5'7?: 22:-U ooooooooi-UOFO'E.:m""'oo'4:o.?..'5'U'UEl-i'Q'f'D:::::: 5'5'EE9,99of-:tvs 5,'29'v PPPESPP-51?-:heart-,Pf,,:5fDPY'm,,gPa' fw5'HS.f8'5" mf' gaffwffnaa- 47,51-,' fr -f 7,45 . , . . , 4 55 - ::::my,-4. t..., :-':-' , gn .5 ' c. .- Q ..... 5-.,,,.. yv!'7e.npOPUpp.p.gPZ....?vC,5-1..,, U, .F sv S. .. ..1.:....":.':AS-ui-::'.:O':,..'.::.1:. .:::Z 2'Z':::':::I::.::' '::':::".::'':.2"'.I1:"":n:"'. . . -' .. :zz ' . 2 531: . . - . . - . . . . V - - . - X. . . . E:3:3H:::::::2::::::3::::::::B3::::::::3B:2:8:.'::XE:Z ::::: 1-.urn ....... s0......Q ........ .-0 ........ 0oo...-.ooN..oo--- wuzmwNwAw-bhhhhwwwwtuwlaahainlblnlbwAw-t-lnhgwlrnhwwwwwhmmmws:-uawrum wusroww mdusdaOHmHHHH-Hpqopmggmmgm.-mga,-GH gQU,...U,NU1qC.-.q,..U.t.q-.-mq-i-- mmww-51 SOO'-ll ONUIONDOCDOOOGXXOUlNUslUl-lx!uJOl9Ov4C300OslO-P-OOOORIINIIQUIKIIOOO-IL1-if-lOb-JOOUNGX -F-OOUON O an 1 vi o F F' O na 'I E. o D' :sw 2 S7 Cames, C. ............ . Carpenter, J. . . .296, 321 261 345 364 377 410 371 309 375 360 347 340 351 358 357 373 410 377 410 323 410 217 375 375 329 405 410 378 410 329 Carpenter, K. ...... 350 353 Carper, G. ......... 314 410 Carr, M. .,.. ...... 3 33 Carr, S. ....410 Carroll, S. .. .... 353 Carson, D. ..... .... 3 77 Carstens, N. .. .... 392 Carter, D. ... ...,378 Carter, J. ..... . . ,. Cartwright, S. . . , . . . Carvis, T. ...... ..... . Casadonte, K. ......... . Case, G. .........., 232, Case, L. .............. . Casey, R. ...... 271, 307, Cash, K. . . ........ . . . Caspari, J. . . .... Cass, N. ...... . . . . Cassady, P. . . . . . . . 371 285 325 362 311 357 410 358 341 316 347 Cassiman, B. . Catani, N. ..... . Catencamp, P. Catlin, K. .... . Cawley, D. .. Caygill, R. .. .. Ceck, J. . . . . Cederberg, C. . . . . Center, D, ... .. Cerulik, T. .. Cesario, T. .. Chadek, N. .... Chaflin, J. ...... . Chaisinthop, V. . Chalice, R. ..... . Chalstrom, S. . . .. Chamberlain, J. . Chamberlin, R. .. Chambers, D. Chambers, J. .... Chambers, L. . . . Champeau, G. . . Chana, R. . . . . Chapin, N, . , . Chapin, S. .. .. Chapman, C. .. Chapman, J. .. Chapman, S. .. Chapman. W. ... Chappa, W. ..... . 217 Chase, M. Cheadle, C. .... . Cheloevold, D. .. Chellerold, F. .. Cherwenka. R. .. Chesney, C. Chester, S. Chevedden, C. . Chevedden, J. .. Chilcutt, K. . Childs, A. .... . Chilgren, R. Chillen, J. .... Chipman, G. .. Chmielewski, B. Chojnacki, R. .. Christensen, H. Christensen, R. .. Christensen, S. .. Christensen, T. .. Christenson, D. . Christenson, L. . Christian, K. Christiansen, J. Christiansen, K. Christianson, C. . Christianson, J. . Christianson, T. Christman, B. .. Christoffersen, R. Christoph, J. Christopherson, B Christopherson, K Chuchel, D. . . . . Chudy, M. Church, K. Chutkow, J. .. Chila, K. Cincera, D. . . . Cipperly, J. Cirves, G. .... . Cisewski, K. Cismoski, D. .. Clabaugh, J. Clark, J. . Clark L. . .. Clark, P. .. Clark, R. .. Clark, S. .... Clark, T. . 258 Clarke, J. Cly, R. .... . Cleland, M. Clement, W. . . . . Cleminshaw, S. . Cleven, D. .... . Clilford, E. .. . . Cline, C. .. Clinton, J. . . . Clinton, K. .... Clinton, R. . Cloninger, J. .. . Clore, C. . . . . Closser, L. . . .. Clothier, S. Clover, F. .. Coakley, A. . Coates, R. .. Coats, E. Coburn, J. .... . Cochran, R. .. . . Cochrane. H. Coenen, J. .... Coffin, G. .... . Coffman, D. Coffman, L. ...,316 Cogan, J. ..... .... 3 06 Cogger. VV. ... . . . .378 Cohen, D. ... .... ..342 Cohen, E. . .... ....410 Cohen, J. ......... 308, 353, 362, 382, 402 Cohen, L. ......... 309, 358. 383, 410 Cohen, M. . .. ..... 246, 342, 392, 410 Cohen, N. ... ..... 355, 410 Cohen, P. .......,.. 342,392 Cohen, R. .,.. . .....308,4l1 Cohen, S. ...... 278, 279, 308 Cohen, W. .... Cohn, H. .. Cohn, L. .. Cohn, S. Colbert, J. . . Colbert, R. .. Colburn, M. . . . Colby, R. Cole, G. .. Cole, L. Cole, P. .. Cole, S. . . . . Coleman, D. .. Coleman, J. Coleman, T. .........379 ....342 ....342 ....308 ....321 ......411 .......411 .....238, 322 .....284, 318 ........411 ......305 ....360 376 .........411 372 411 Colitre, C. ..... 284, 307, Collins, T. ,.... 318, 325, 377 Colloton, P. Combs, M. Comella, V. Comins, S. .. .........307 ........316, 411 .......273 .......4l1 Compton, T. ........ 340, 368 Comstock, R. .... ...... 4 10 Conrad, G. .... .... 3 30 Condon, C. ... ...,337 Conine, W. ............ 369 Conjurske, J. ........... 380 Conklin, G. .... 216, 217, 411 Conlon, B. ............. 411 Connell, J. .. ......... 308 Conner, J. . . ..... 292, 354 Connor, D. .. ....... 318 Connor, K. ... .... . .320 Conrad, G. .... .... 4 11 Consigny, P. .. ...... 341 Constant, T. . . . ..... . .377 Conway, E. ........ 352, 411 Conway, J. .. ....... 381 Conway, K. .. .... 351 Conway, S. .. .... 405 Cook, D. .. .... 411 Cook, J. .... ..370 Cook, R. .. ....... 372 Cook, S. ........... 305, 355 Coolidge, D. .. .....,. 376 Coons, E. ...... 252 Cooper, W. .. ....3'74 Coopman, R. .. ...... 411 Coplan, J. ....... ..411 Copps, M. .......... 284, 411 Corcoran, S. ........... 365 Cormaney, T. .. ...... 263 Cornford, R. ... . . . .404 Corrade, F. ... ...,411 Cory, D. ........ .... 4 11 Cosentino, D. .. ...... 411 Cosentino, M. ......... 402 Cossmann, L. ...... 324,392 Cotter, C. . .. ..... 217, 411 Cotton, J. ... ..... ..347 Couch, W. .. ...... 376 Coulter, G. .. ....... 360 Coulter, S. .. ..... 248,411 Council, J. .... ...... 4 11 Courter, M. . .. . . . .364 Courtney, R. .. .... 307 Coutre, C. ... . . . .352 Coutre, R. ... ...,330 Cowan, J. ..... ..,. 3 08 Cowden, L. ... ....337 Cowen, M. .. .... 411 Cox, G. ....... ..411 Cox, H. ....... ..367 cox, R. ....... 238, 286, Craig, C. ..... . Craig, D. .... . 371 .........258 .........258 Craigmile. M. ..,... 352,41 Craker, L. Crane, C. .... . Crane, L. .... . Crawford, R. .. Crawford, S. Creagan, T. Creasey, D. Cremer, S. ... . Cress, D. .... . Crisafulli, B. Crittenden, F. Crittenton, V. . 238, 274, 322, 367 411 3 ..... 392 .....314,411 .........411 .........4ll .296, 301, 333 .....2s4, 346 .........411 .217, 367,411 .........334 .........273 . .... 319 Croake, S. Crosland, P. Crow, A. ..... . Crowley, R. ........... . Crownhart, V. ......... . Cruden, P. .324, 350 Cuene, C. .... ........ . Cuff, J. ...... . Cuisinier, M. .. Culver, W. . . . . Cummings, M. . . Cummings, S. . .. Cunningham, D. ....... . Cunningham, P. ....... . Cuppan, B. ....... . 217, Curless, G. ........... . Curran, J. ...... 286, 235 Curreri, G. ........... . Curreri, J. .... . Curreri, R. . . . Currie, B Currier, C. .. Curry,R. Curt1n,J. Curtls, J. . ....... .. Curtis, L. 217, Curtis, S. . . .... . .. Curwin, M. .. Cusack, J. ... . Cuthbert, M. .. Cuthbert, W. .. Cutter A Czaplinski R. ..... . Czechanski B. ........ . curtin2,13.'ff.....ffffff ' ', 217, 1vi Czirjak, D Daanen, M. .... . Dachelet, R. .. Dahl, J. .... . Dahl, R. Dahlin, C. .. Dahlk, W. .. .... ... Dahlke, M. ........ 217 Dahms,B.... Dallia, L. .... . Dallman, R. .. . Dalton, J. Dalton, S. ...... . Daly, R. ......... . Dambekalm, M. . . . D'Ambrosio, J. .. Damm, K. .... . Dana., E. .. Dana, J. . .. Dane, G. . . . . Daniels, D. ........ . Danielson, D. ..... . Danielson, E. ..259 Danielson, P. ...... . Danielson, S. ...... . Danklefsen, W. . .. Dann, L. ........ .. Danner, R. .. Dapp,T. Darcy, R. Darling, T. .. .. Darling, W. ....... . Darlington, B. ..... . Darner, K. ..... 252 Darner, P. ......... Darrow,J.... Darrow, K. .. Dau, D. ....... . . . Davenport, J. ...... . Davenport, M. .... . Davey, H. ..... Davidson, G. .. ... Davidson, K. ...... . Davidson, N. .. ... Davie, C. .......... . Davies, K. ....... . Davis, C. . .280, 327, Davis, D. ......... . Davis, F. .... .... . H Davis, Davis,J. Davis, L. .. Davis,M. Davis, P. .. Davis, R. Davis,W. 3 +3 .286 337 363 237 217 3217 367 1 1 Davison, Davison, R. .... Dawn, V. Dawson, S. .. Deacon, D. .. Dean, J. .... . Dean, M. ..... . De Baere, L. .. De Biase, G. De Boer, B. .... . De Bruine, A. . . .. Debus, M. .... . De Carlo, D. .. Dechamps, R. . . .. Decker, J. ...... . De Cleene, C. Degner, R. De Haan,S. .. De Horn, R. ....... . Deighton, M. ...... . Dekker, K. ........ . De La Hunt, J. De Lisle, A. ....... . Dell, D. .......... . Delliquadri, T. Delvaux. B. ... ... Delwiche, D. . . . . . De Marco, A. .... De Marco, P. .... De Maria, C. Dembokski, D. Demichelis, D. 332 3121 366 217 Dempsey, M. .. Dempsey, T. ........... . Deneen, I. ........ . De Nike, J. Denner, J. . .. Dennis, P. . .. De Peau, R. Derber, C. .... . Derene, E. . .... . De Rocher, D. Derouin, T. . . . . Derusha, R. ... ... Desai, P. .......... . De Spirito, R. Dessloch, S. Detlor, P. Dettmann, P. .. Devine, G. ......... . De Voe, K. ....... . De Werth, V. ...... . Dewey, J. .,... . . . Dewing, D. ........ . Dewsnap, C. ...... . Dian, J. .... . Dice, A. .......... . Dickenson, G. Dickman, W. .. Dickson, D. Diddams, J. .... . Diefenderfer, K. .. Dieffenbach, R. Dieringer, L. .... .... Diestler, A. ....... . Dietrichson, L. Dietz, J. .......... . Dietz, R. .... Dietzke, P. .. Dille, N. ..... . Dillehay, T.. . . . . . Diuey, J. Dillon, J. Dingfelder, J. . . ... Dingman, M. .. .. Dippe, S. ..... . Dirnbauer, F. . , . . Disbrow, F. . . . . . Disch, S. .. Dix, E. .. Dix, G. Dixon, D. Doane, J. .... Dobbs, R. Dobke, R. .. Dodge, L. Doepke, K. .. Doering, J. .. Dohr, P. . . . . Dolezal, J. . .. Dollak, R. .. Dolske, M. .. Domansik, J. .. .. .. Dombrow, A. ..... . Domrath, D. . . . , .. Donahoe, J. ... , , Donahue, M. . . Donaldson, W. Donato, S. Donegan, T. ....... . Donnegan, T. ...... . Donnelly, W. .. Donner, J. ... Donner, R. Donovan, J. Donovan, S. Donto, R. Dooley, A. Doolittle, J. . .. Doornik, D 280, 305, 2721 233 333 311 316 217 264 248 232 301 273 263 363 373 284, Doose, J. ........ ..... . Doperalski, J. .......... . D0Pke. C. .......... 307, Doran, T. ..274, 284, 318 Dorfman, J. ....... . Dorlng, F. ......... 235, Dorman, S. .. 333 378 412 412 377 352 326 412 372 349 307 412 359 412 217 412 331 316 358 352 319 216 328 412 353 306 412 216 392 412 412 246 412 318 312 250 375 412 377 352 362 381 412 396 365 337 369 311 216 354 382 412 412 284 412 412 368 235 370 383 327 353 383 404 372 370 235 382 296 379 216 412 412 412 355 359 372 364 412 334 374 273 343 324 378 412 315 279 333 373 371 412 376 286 246 372 313 217 347 306 412 , 412 392 412 337 Dornbrook, K. ...... 217, Dorr1s,N. ..... Dose, R. . . . . Doten, W. .... . Douglas, C. ... Douglas, G. . . . Doyle, C. .... . Doyle, J. ....... . Drachenberg, R. .. Draeger, R. .... . Drager, J. ..... ..... . Draheim, A. ....312, Draheim, D. .. Draheim, G. . . . Draheim, R. Dras1n,S.... Drake, S. ... ....329, Draves, T. ...,. ..... . Drazkowski, J. ...... 286, Dreblow, T. ........... . Drecktrah, D. ..238, 322, Dreger, R. ............. . 412 329 412 372 323 263 412 238 412 370 367 412 374 322 232 392 365 412 361 279 412 339 Dreger, W. .. .......... 412 Dregne, S. ... .... 9412 Dreher, J. . .. 412 Drell, A. .. ....... ... Drell, R. .............. . Dresang, D. .... 189, 221, Dreseher, D. ........... . Dreseher, J. ........... . Dreseher, P. Dresner, I. .. Dressler, H. .. Dretzke, D. . . . Drexler, A. .. Drexler, T. Drieqnitz, W. Driessen, R. ....319, Drill, B. .... .... 2 35, Droege, N. .. Dros, J. . .. Drott, A. .. Drover, B. Drury, A. .... Drury, C. ..... . Dryburgh, B. Dryburgh, S. ... . . . . . . Drye, K. .... .... 2 38, Dubbs, M. .... ..... . Dubend, D. ... Dubin, C. . .. Dudey, C. Due, J. ...... . Dueno, D. ..... . 352 341 285 217 341 352 348 367 273 412 345 238 350 353 319 359 412 316 297 367 379 341 311 314 376 402 373 374 329 Dueringer, J. . . . 246 Duescher, B. . ...... 305 Duifek, J. .... 328, 358 Duffy, K. .... ...... 2 55 Duiteh, D. ... .348 Duke,J. . ....305 Dulin, R. ....... .... 3 36 Dumbrowski, T. .. 377 Dumdey, D. .... .... 2 17 Dunlap, M. ... ., . .392 Dunn, S. .... .... 3 59 Dunphy, M. .. .... 405 Dunst, G. ....382 Dunst, R. .... 377 Dunwell, A. .... .... 3 58 Duquette, D. . . . 304 Durand, K. . .. ,412 Durand, R. . ............ 306 Durchslag, D. ...... 284 348 Durkopp, R. ....... . Duwe, B. ............ . 344 Dvorachek, R. ..284, Dvorak, T. .. Dwinell, J. . . . .. Dyer, J. Dyer, V. .... .. Dykema, W. .. E Eads, T. ...... . Eagle, N. ........ . Eagleburger, J. . .. East, A. ........... . Easton, D. ........ . Easton, R. ..... 246, Ebben, D. ......... . Ebbott,N.... Ebbott, R. . . . Ebel, M. ...... . . Eberhardt, Ebsen, J. .... .. Eck, B. ...... . . . . Eekerla, T. . . . . . . Eckert, J. Eckert, W. ,. Eckl, R. ..... , , Eckles, S. ..... . . . . Eckstein, E. . . . Fairman, J. . . . . . Edelman, J. . . . . .. Edelman, S. . . . R. ..... . 412 216 412 324 368 321 351 217 412 361 370 354 376 344 375 355 321 324 412 399 320 334 380 311 372 343 352 413 392 370 Edgcumbe, J. Edgerton, J. Edin, K. ....... . Edmunds, K. Edwards, C. .. Edwards, L. ....... . Edwards, N. ....... . Edwards, S. .... 217, 326, Edwards, W. ........... . Edwinson, T. .......... . 326 318 396 365 216 412 326 412 377 412 Eeles, S. ..... . .. 252 Egan, B. .... .... 3 51 Egan, E. .. . .. 330 Egan, P. .... 257 Egan, T. ...... 343 Egbert, D. ...... 339 Egerbrecht, R. .. .. . 286 Egel, R. ...... .... 3 59 Egger, J. ..... 412 Eggert, K. ...... .... 3 53 Ehlenfeldt, R. . . ..... 368 Ehler, D. ..... .... 3 72 Ehmke, K. . .. .....355 Ehn, G. .... ........ 3 75 Ehren, B. .... 217,412 Ehren, W. .... . ..... 325 Ehrman, J. ... .... . .216 Eich, J. ............ 235, 359 Eichsenseer, T. .... ..... 4 12 Eichhorn, M. . . . .... .337 Eichler, C. ... .. . . .392 Eiden, S. .....300 Eisberg, P. . . . .....342 Eiseman, W. . .. .... .348 Eisenbud, E. ... . . . . .383 Eitel, R. ..... ..... 3 43 Ekstrom, K. .. ..... 337 Ela, E. ..... ..... 3 63 Elbert, B. . . ..... 412 Elder, R. .....37l Eler, I. ..... ..33O Elfner, E. . .... 321 412 Ellefson, D. .. .,.. 370 Elliott, J. . . .... 330 Elliott, R. . . ....... 321 Ellis, D. . . . .... 284 343 Ellis, J. ...... .... 3 40 413 Ellsworth, E. . . . . . . .404 Ellsworth, J. ... .. . .413 Elman, W. . . . ...... . .323 Elmburg, J. ............, 318 Elmhorst, R. ...217, 226 413 Elrod, R. .......... 342 413 Elsmo, H. . . ........ 357 Elson, S. ....361 Elving, E. . . .... 392 Ely, R. .... ....... 4 13 Elya, M. ,.... ,....... 3 51 Emerson, G. .. .... 274 340 Emery, T. .... ....... 3 20 Emmerich, S. ... .....337 Emmons, J. .... ..... 4 13 Emmons, W. . .. .... .373 Emrich, P. ... .....319 Endelman, C. ... . . . . .361 Enderby, M. .. ..... 413 Endter, R. ... . . . . .413 Enerson, D. . . ..... 370 Engel, D. ..... ..... 3 21 Engel, J. ....... ..... 4 13 Engelbrecht, K. . . . . . . . .368 Engelbert, J. ... .. . . .363 Engleke, R. . .. . . . . .323 Engler, D. . ,.... 413 Englund, E. .. . . . . . .380 Englund, G. . . ..... 295 Englund, J. .....402 Engman, M. . . ..... 327 Engstrom, J. .. ...... 336 Ensminger, S. ...... 312,413 Entwistle, R. ........... 413 Eppler, S. .............. 413 Erb, P. ............ 244, 349 Erbach, D. ..... 232, 301, 322 Erdle, L. ............... 413 Erdman, D. . . ........ 379 Erdman, J. . .. .... 244, 413 Erichsen, C. .. .... 319, 413 Erickson, C. ............ 340 Erickson, J. . . .' ..... 261,413 Erickson, L. .... 258, 339, 357 Erickson, R. ............ 413 Erickson, T. ............ 332 Ericson, E. ... ... .362 Ericson, J. . . . . . 349 Eriscon, W. .. . . . 377 Erikson, R. . . . ..... . . 286 Erlich, L. . . . .... 257, 413 Eriich, P. ... .... ..413 Ernst, C. . . . .373 Erzen, J. .... ........ 2 44 Esch, J. ....... .... 2 35, 358 Eserkaln, L. . . ...... 326 Esler, J. ..... .... 3 13 Eslien, K. . . . . . . .363 Essock. A. ... ....... ..355 Estes, M. .......... 337 405 Esther, A. ............., 318 Etzelmueller, M. ........ 413 Eugster, H. .... .. . ,246 Evans, A. ,. .... 341 Evans, E. .. .... 217 Evans, J. ....307 Evans, L. ....337 Evans, M. .... ..... 3 27 351 Evans, R. .. .... 370 Evans, S. .. 348 413 Even, D. .... 372 Everly, G. .. .... 364 Everson, T. ....,.... 274, 413 Ezerins, E. ..... 296, 301, 377 F Faber, B. ..... 363 Factor, P. .. .... 342 Fagan, D. ., .... 374 Fahsl, M. .. ...326 Fairman, J. ....4l3 Falci, G. ..... .... 4 13 Falcone, F. ............. 413 Falk, B. ......,......... 359 Falk, C. ...217, 231, 319, 413 Falkenberg, R. ......... 341 Falsch, M. ............. 355 Fanslau. J. ..... 252, 331,413 Fant, S. .... .......... 3 12 Fara, J. .. ..... ...313 Fargo, C. ...343 Farley, D. .. . . .226 Farr, S. ...... ...378 Farrell, M. .,... ..... 4 13 Farrington, R. .., .... 328 Farris, P. ....... ...... 3 53 Fass, M. ..... 413 Fassett, L. ... 244, 381 Fauk, J. .... 413 Fedler, F. .. 413 Feeney, J. .... .. 318 Fefer, P. ...... .. 351 Fehirwary, G. .. 349 Fehlberg, J. ... ... 216 Feigenbaum, K. ..... 308, 392 Feigenbaum, R. ........ 363 Feigenberg, L. ...... 254, 272 Feinberg, J. .... ... 392 Feinstein, S. . . 286, 367 Feintech, E. . .. ... 308 Felck, P. ........ .... 3 60 Feldbruegge, S. 248 Feldman, B. .. 284 Feldman, J. .. ... 360 Feldman, K. .... ...... 3 70 Feldman, M. .......... 309 Feldman, R. . . 309, 413 Feldmanis, V. . . .. . 396 Feldstein, R. ........... 413 Felix, M. .,.. 254, 309 Feller, D. .. ... 413 Felts, C. ... ... 354 Fencil, S. .. .. 352 Fenik, M. .. 345 Fenn, R. 371 Fenner, J. .... .. . 258 Fenrick, M. . . 324, 354 Fenske, D. .. . ... 258 Fenzl, T. ..... .. . 370 Fetch, S. .......... 286, 382 Ferguson, B. .. . ... 355 Ferguson, C. .... .... 3 65 Fernandes, P. , .. .... 238 Ferris, L. ..... . . . 354 Festge, F. .. 413 Fetzer, P. .... 318, 413 Fey, J. ........ .. . 216 Feyerharm, W. . . . 379 Fiedelman, J. .. 217 Field, B. ..... . . . 363 Field, S. .... .. 353 Fielder, L. .... . . . 370 Fienberg, M. ..... .. 335 Fiese, E. .....,........ 378 Fifrick, J. ............. 355 Fifrick, S. ...... 235, 350, 351 Filbert, W. ....... . .... 323 Fillar, J. ... 244, 381 Fine, P. .... . . . 217 Fine, R. ..... 246, 413 Fineberg, J. ... . . . 308 Finger, P. .. 351 Fink, W. ........... 217, 413 Finkel, A. ............. 376 Finkelstein, D. .. . . . . , .258 Finkelstein, E. . . . . . .392 Finn, W. ..... , . .340 Finnew, M. ....232 Fischel, D. ... . . .376 Fischer, D. ... .. .282 Fischer, F. .... .... 3 09 Fischer, J. .. .... 369 Fischer, R. .. ..... 244 413 Fischer, S. ............. 342 Fishbeck, K. ...337 350 355 Fisher, B. ..... 358 413 Fisher, C. ..... 319 352 Fisher, E. ..... . 381 Fisher, F. ..... 402 413 Fisher, G. ..... . 311 Fisher, J. .... ...... 4'l 3 Fisher, K. ............. 355 Fisher, L. .......... 352 413 Fisher, M.. .232, 335. 361 413 Fisher, S. ............. 305 Fisher, T. ........,. 378 413 Fishman, A. ..... . 396 Fiss, C. ..... ..... 3 49 Fitzgerald, J. .. ... 241 Fitzgerald. M. ......... 413 Fitzgerald, VV. ......... 341 Flacler, S. ...... 216 217 413 Flacler. W. ............. 334 Flaherty, M, .......... 327 Fleege. R. .......... 284 336 Fleischer, A. ...... 308 Fleishman. L. .. ..... 308 Fleming, A. .... . 326 Fleming. M. ..... . 360 Fleming, R. ........ 341. 413 Fletcher, D. ..... . 320 Fletcher. R. ........... 413 Fleury. P. ............. 339 Flint, L. ....... 217,312,414 Flora. C. .............. 332 Flugstad, K. .... 217. 283, 4'14 Fluno. J. .......... 344, 414 Flynn. J. ....... . 321 Fobes, P. ... ... 324 Foley. J. .... 402 Folk. S, ....... 414 Follstad. G. ... ... 380 Follstad, M, ... ...,361 Fonstad. C. . .... 379 Fonte. T. .....216 Foote, R, .. ....... 370 Ford. M. ..... ..,,, 2 86. 371 Forester, D. ........ 366,402 Forester. J. .. ,... 378 Fortin, A. .. .... 414 Foss. E. .. .... 370 Foss, M. ... . . . .278 Foss, R. ., ,,.. 414 Foster. D. .. .... 327 Foster. R. .. ..... 361 Fox. A. .. ....... 332 Fox, B. . .... 353,378 Fox.J.... ...372 Fox, K. .... ..... 3 55 Fox. L. ...... ...... 3 35 Frahm, T. .... .... 3 47,414 Frailing, T. .. ...... 371 Frain, R. ......... 301, 332 Frakes, S. ......... 217,414 Framberger. E. .... 324,414 Francis, A. ..... ....... 41 14 Franckowiak, J. . .. . .. 376 Franey, J. ......, 414 Frank, A. ............. 381 Frank, K. ............. 361 Frank, N. ...... 217, 355, 414 Frank, P, . .216, 217, 248, 414 Frank, S. ..217, 250, 305, 364, 414 Franke, G. ............. 360 Franke, S. ....... .... 3 27 Frankenstein, R. . ....... 309 Frankie, G. ............ 414 Franzen. S. .......,.... 312 Fratti, T. ..... .... 3 29, 405 Frattinger, J. .. ....... 367 Franzen, M. ....... 321,414 Frazier, W. .. ....... 374 Freck, M. ..,.. .... 3 18 Freckman, J. .. .... 344 Freckman, O. .... .... 3 74 Fredenslund, A. . . . . . . .344 Frederick, C. .... .... 3 58 Frederick, R. .. .... 332 Fredrich, C. ... ,.... 414 Fredrickson, D. ........ 381 Fredrickson, L. ..... 250,414 Fredrickson, S. .291 319,324 Freed, O. ..,........... 360 Freedman, R. ....... 324,414 Freeman, F. .... .. 309 Freeman, S. . . . .... . . 342 Freeze, B. ............. 320 Freimuth, R. ........ 296, 377 Freitag, J. . .. ..... 232, 311 Freitag, P. .... .. 319 French, T. 318 Freriks, J. ... ... 414 Freschl, N. .. ... 308 Frese, W. .. 241 Frey, D. .. 333 Frey, E. .. . .. 370 Frey, J. ...248 Frey, M, .. Frey, S.... Frey, T. ............... . Fridholm, R. ....... 332, Friede, B. ...... 244, 352. Frtedkin, C. ........... , Friedlandcr, J.. .217, 309, Friedman, E. ......... . Friedman, J. ..., 280, Friedrichsen, H. .... . Friedslein, P. ......... . Fries,J. Frint. R. .... ... Frisbie, G. .. ... Frilsch, J. Fritz, S. ..... ...286 Frochlich. R. . ..... . Froelich, W. ......., Frorning, G. .......... . Fronek. D. ..... 280, 359 Frost,J.... ,.... Froyd. S. .. .. .350 Fry, M, ..... ...... . Fuchs, M. ..... ...217 Fuerstcn, M, Fugina, D. Fugina,T, Fulka, P. ............. . Fuller. R. ............ . Fuller, W. ...., 257,258 Fulseher, M. ,....... 297 Fulwiler, T. ... . . . Funk, J. ........ . .. Funke. S. ..,..... . .. Furchlenicht. R, ... ... Furlong, H. ..,.. ... Furnner, T. ., Furst, M. . ... Fusek, J. ,. Fuss,R.... Fytfe, E. Fyfie, H... Gable. J. .. Gable, K, Gaflney, P. .... Gagliardi, R. ,. .,.. Gajafsky. D. .. Gaiewsh, J. .... Galbraith, D. ... .... Gahn, R. ...... ..., Gall, R. ........ ..., Gallagher, D. Gallagher, M. .. Gallati, K, .... Galley, J. ...... ..... . Gallimore, Q. ... .... 308, 217 ...3l6. 324 357 358 269 414 414 342 342, 414 392 309 316 342 267 367 414 414 414 404 216 373 370 370 353 381 414 352 414 274 405 323 368 414 347 344 355 375 379 383 414 373 414 382 405 329 414 354 316 368 414 402 216 414 360 366 414 320 382 Gallttz, A. .............. 359 Gallo, B. ........... 217,414 Gallo, G. . .217, 219, 285, 362, 414 Galloway, R. .......... . Galos, K. .... . . , . Galvin, T. Gamber, R. .... .... Gammell, L. ... . . .. Gandt,M,... Ganek,B. Ganford,L. Gannon, B. .,....... 286, Ganswindt, M. .. .... .. Garbarek, C. .. .... Garbell, R. ..... . . . . Garbelman, M. ........ . Garber, L, .... . . .309, Garbers, Gardiner, Gardner, S. ........ 271 Gardner, C. .. Gardner, Gardner, M. ... .... Gardner, T. .. .... Garey,M.... Garey,R. Garity, P. ..... .. .. Garland, K. .......... . Garmise, R. .......... . C. .... 286, 379 Garnier, G. ........... . S. .,... 217, 250 Garnier, Gasche, Gaspardo, A. ....... 235 Gass, E. .... ..... 2 35 Gassert, J. .. .... Gast,F.... Gast,S. Gates, N. .. Gaulke, S. .. Gay,S. Gaygill, R. ........... . Gearhart, A. ....... 217 Geary, L. . . . ...320 Gebelein, M. . . . . .350 D.. ........ y n 378 404 339 370 217 235 333 414 371 414 357 348 363 414 322 414 314 349 272 316 377 4'l4 383 414 358 382 414 360 414 354 4'14 414 414 .360 414 362 405 284 415 415 355 Gebhardt, P. ....... . Gee, W. ...300, 301, Geifers, J. ......... . Gehl, J. .......... . Gehl, S. ....... .. Gchring, M. Geifman, S. .... . . Geipel, S. ......... . Gcisel, P. .......... . Geisenheimer, J. .... Geiser, D. ......... . Gelet, R. ...... .. Gelin, E. .... Geller, L. Geminer, J. .,.. Gempeler, H. Gengler, J. George, M. .... .. George, W. .... ... . Gerend, D. .. .... J. .. .. Gerlich, B. .. .. Gerlach, German, J. .... German, T. ,.... .. Germann, M. Germann, S. ..... . Germershausen, J. ., , Germuga, D. . Gerner, S. Geroux, M. .. .. Gersch, G. ,. Geschel, M. ... .. Geske, B. Getman, S. .. Geyer, M. Ghalayini, S. .. Ghent, J. Gherty, J. ......... . Giangiorgi, R. Gibson, J. ...... 286 Giddings, P. ....... . 346, 246, 324, 286, ith iii 552 284 291 Giebler, M. Giese, K. .... Giese, R. .. .... 345 Giesler, C. . . . . . .. Giesler, L. .. , .. Giever,A.... Gifford, G. .. .... ... Giflord, S. .. Gigliotti, J. ....... Gilbert, G. ..... 248 Gilbert, M. ...... . Gilbert, O. ... .... Gilbert, P. Gilbert, R. .... .. . . Gilbertson, D. ..... . 316 316 340 252 Gilbertson, J. .. Gilbertson, K. .. Gilbertson, T. .. . Gilchrist, K. ..,.. . Gin, J. .......... . Gill, W. ........ 296, Gillen, D. ....... . Gillette, J. Gillette, T. .. .. Gilman, J, ...., .... 301 277 Gilmore, M. .. .. . .. Gilpin, D. Gingery, N. . . . Gintz, J. ..... ...... . Ginzl, T. ...... . . . . Giovanni, D. .. 244 217 Gjelsvik, P. . . . .. Glaisner, R. Glasspiegel, N. .. Glatz, J. ..... . Gleeson, B. .. Gleason, D. Glen, J. Glen, R. ..... . Glennon, R. . . . . Glickenstein, D. .. Glonchak, F. ...... . Gloppen, S. ....... . Glover, N. ..... 216, Gnatzig, C. ..... 238, 319 311 Gnewuch, A. ...... . Godec, K. .... . Godfrey, S. .... . . Godres, T. . . .. .. Godwin, R. .... . . . . iid Goebel, S. . . . .. Goede, K. Goeke, J. . . . Goepel, M. . . . Goetsch, L. . . . Goettsch, T. ... .... Goetz, J. ..... . . . . 330 Goetzke, N. ... .. Goforth, T. . . . Golan, J. . . . Gold, H. ..... . Goldberg, C. .. Goldberg, D. .. y 357 415 323 415 316 402 308 415 370 392 374 370 351 354 351 273 415 258 315 415 313 358 313 415 329 375 415 326 415 415 415 358 217 363 415 415 370 367 325 362 415 415 358 415 257 358 415 364 415 380 333 349 340 349 415 349 370 359 379 315 392 347 363 319 402 351 404 369 304 305 345 415 415 341 392 347 337 378 392 366 334 415 415 326 415 415 415 312 415 341 396 353 362 381 355 415 365 415 377 341 217 376 351 372 Goldberg, J. ...,... 335, 415 Goldberg, M. ......... 415 Goldberg, R, .... ..... 3 46 Goldblatt, M. ......... 309 Goldman, C. ....... 248, 308 Goldman, J. .... .. 415 Goldman, N. ...... 297, 315 Goldstein, M! ......... 308 Goldstein, P. .. ...349 415 Goldstein, R. ...... 342 415 Goldstein, W. ......... 415 Goll, L. ........ 254, 316 415 Gollan, M, ........ 324 392 Golle, J. .......... ,... 3 67 Gollhardt, E. 396 Gollnick, J. . . . ... 307 Gollnick, R. 307 Golman, E. .... .... 3 92 Golman, E. . .. . . . .392 Goltry, C. ... ....415 Golz, K. ...... .... 3 05 Gonswindt, D. ,... 379 Goodman, M. ... ....415 Goodman, S. .. .... 381 Goodrich, M. ..... 375 Goodstein, A. ...... 284, 309 Goodwillie, C. ..... 415 Goodwin, J. ... ....415 Googins, D. ... . . . .415 Goold, S. .....362 Goran, J. .... ..... 3 36 Gordon, A. ........ 287, 362, 404 415 Gordon, B. ........ 308 349 Gordon, D. ,..... ...... 4 15 Gordon, J. .... 358, 362 392 Gordon, K, .....,.. 289 Gordon, M. ........ 217 365 307 Gordon, P. .... 280 308 Gore, J, .... .280 342 Gorecki, B, ... ,..,415 Gorfinkle, S. . .... 415 Gorman, N. .. .... 363 Gorski, C. .... .... 3 59 Goshgarian, P. .. .... 380 Goss, P. ..... .... 32 0 Gosse, M. ... ....355 Gosse, R. ,..... .... 4 15 Gottfried, B. ... ....354 Gottschalk, R. .... 415 Gould, W. ..... .... 3 19 Govan, J. .... .... 3 92 Gow, N. ....... .... 3 64 Grabowski, R. .... 379 Grach, B. .... .... 3 42 Grade, B. ....415 Grady, R. .... .... 4 15 Graebel, P. .. ...... 415 Graebner, R. ....... 287 307 Graetz, D. .. , . . .374 Graf, Y. . . .... 415 Graff, J. . . .... 305 Graff, N. .. .... 355 Gratf, S. .... .... 3 64 Grafton, K. .. . . . .262 Graham, R. .. .... 415 Graika, T. ..... .373 Grambsch, C. ...... 351 415 Gramling, M. .......... 358 Gramowski, T. ......... 4'16 Grams, D. ..... 272, 295 315 Granberg, G. .......... 351 Grant, K. ..... ........ 3 21 Grant, M. .... .... 3 09 353 Graser, R. ...... ...... 3 70 Grassman, P. . . . . . . .326 Graumann, R. .......... 416 Graupner, K. ........... 416 Gray, J. ....... 329, 373 416 Gray, L. ........... 280 308 Gray, T. . . ..... ..... 3 92 Graze, V. ... .... . .353 Grealis, S. . . .... 286 365 Gregg, V. ... .... . .349 Green, M. ....367 Green, P. ... ....374 Green, S. .... .... 4 16 Greenberg, R. .......... 351 Greenblatt, M. ..... 355 416 Greene, B. ..... ...... 3 42 Greene, C. .... .... 3 55 416 Greene, G. .. .... 374 Greene, H. . .. ....309 Greene, M. . .. . . . .348 Greene, R. ... . . . .382 Greene, S. .............. 392 Greenewald, A. .,...... 348 Greenfield, J. ...... 221, 276, 301, 416 Greenspon, B. .. ..... .416 Greenwald, J. .... 361 Greenwald, K. ...,...... 305 Greenwald, M. ......... 316 Greenwood, B. ..... 316, 353 Gregerson, L. .. ...... Gregory, J. .. ..... 305 Gregory, T. ......., 258 Greiclanus, T. . .... .. Grcil, G. .... ..... . Gresch, A. .. ..,.. 232 Gresham, A. ........ .. .377 ,416 368 .416 .377 246 .392 Greshik, J. . . ..... 238 311 Greyson, R. .. . ..... .381 Gries, VV. .. ..... 416 Griliin. G. ..... ..416 Griflin, J. . . .... 241, 381 Griffith, J. . . .... 217, 235, 320, 416 Griffith, S. . . . ..... . .252 Griffith, W. . . . . . .416 Griffiths, M. . . . . . .416 Grimm, J. ...416 Grimm, M. ... . . .368 Grinde, T. ..... . . .377 Grinnell, M. ... ...416 Grisz, D. ....... .. .416 Gritzmacher, R. ... ...404 Gritzmacher, W. ... ...344 Grizzell, N. ..... . . .324 Grochowski, C. .. ...362 Groh, R. ....... .. .383 Gront, G. .... ...379 Gross, C. .. .. .364 Gross, K. ...... ...255 Gross, M. ....... ...301 Grossenbacher, J. ....... 416 Grossfeld, R. .... ..... 2 17 Grossmam, B. .. ...,.308 Grosz, J. .,... ..... 4 16 Grote, D. . ..... 416 Grover, P. . ..... 355 Groves, B. . ..... 235 Groves, J. .. ...371 Grow, M. .. . . .336 Grube, C. . ..... 416 Grube, D. .... ........ 3 62 Gruber, F. ............. 416 Gruber, J. ..... 250, 314, 2116 Grud, J. ..... ........ 4 16 Grueber, T. . ..... 332 Gruehn, P. .. ..... 324 Gruen, P. ..... ..... 4 16 Gruenewald, J. .. ..... 311 Gruetzman, C. . . . ,... 365 Grumann, G. .. ..... 216 Grumpelt, C. . . ..... 327 Grundstein, L. . . ..... 342 Grunke, M. .... ..... 3 60 Grunow, J. .. ..... 235 Grupe, A. ... ...353 Gulf, B. ........ ...359 Gulesserian, E. .. ..... 347 Gumina, R. .... .... 4 16 Gumtz, G. ...... .... 2 17 Gunderson, S. .. .... 416 Gundlach, J. ..... ..325 Gundlach, W. ...... 336 416 Gunerman, B. .......... 333 Gunnarsson, G. ......... 344 Gunnlaugsson, G. ..... 381 Gunter, L. ........ . . .360 Gunterman, A. .. ..... 376 Guntermann, J. . ..... 416 Gunther, J. .... ....... 2 44 Guntly, C. .... 370 416 Guntly, L. .... ....... 3 70 Guptill, N. ... ..... . . .3'53 Guptill, S. .... 235 351 Gustafson, K. .. ....... 377 Gutgesell, H. ... . . .217 Gutheil, S. ..... ..... 3 26 Guttman, D. ... ..... ..392 Guttman, L. ........ 217 416 Guttormsen, K. .... 326 362 Guyon, J. ...... .... . ..314 Guzzetta, K. ... . . . . .324 Gwin, B. ...416 Gwin, J. ...368 Gwin, H. ... .,,368 Gwyn, T. .... ...295 Gyarmaty, S. . .. .... .383 H Haack, B. .......... 350, 351 Haagensen, H. ......... 405 Haakenson, K. . . .... 360 Haas, K. ...... .... 4 16 Haas, R. ..... .... 3 79 Haas, S. ....306 Haase, W. .... ..., 4 16 Habeck, D. ... ... .366 I-label, T. ....... .... 4 16 Haberichter, G. .. ..... 329 Haberle, M. ............ 364 Baberman, F. ...... 216, 219 Haberstroh, J. .......... 416 Haberstroh, Y. ......... 416 Habighorst, D. ...... 284, 323 Hack, B. ......... . .....316 .....248 Hadary, S. ..... 217, 285,416 Hackbart, M. Hadler, J. Haerle, J. .....375 .....329 Haerle, W. .. .... 332,416 Haessig, D. .... ...... 2 44 Hafemeister, J. ..... 321, 378 Haferbecker, J. .... 217, 241, 416 Hafstad, E. .. ..... 328 Hagan, D. .....358 Hagen, D. .....4l6 Hagens, J. ..... 416 Hague, R. .....244 Hahm, D. .....269 Hahn, B. .... 305,416 Hahn, J. .... ..... 3 13 Hahn, M. ... .... 314,416 Hahnel, R. .. ..... 307 Haiman, K. ... .... ..392 Hake, R. ..... ........ 2 96 Halbach, D. . .. .... 235, 349 Hale, R. ..... ..... 3 21 Haleen, N. .. ..... 326 Hall, J. .... 318,416 Hall,L. .....376 Hall, M. . . ..... 216 Hall, R. .. ....... 379,416 Hall, S. ....... 350, 355,416 Hall, V. ......... ..351 Hallam .... ..... 3 18 Haller, K. .. . . . . . .349 Haller, P. .....329 Halloin, K. .....416 Halmar, M. .....416 Halpern, A. .. ...... 392 Halprin, H. . . .... 342, 392 Halsor, R. ..... ...... 4 16 Halverson, F. ... ....318 Halverson, L. ... ... .360 Halverson, P. . . ....... 366 Halverson, R. ...... 217, 285 Halvorsen, R. . .. .... . .221 Halvorson, H. .... 417 Hambach, K. . .. ....363 Hambrick, P. ........... 373 Hamel, M. ......... 248,417 Hamilton, A. ..... .235, 352 Hamilton, J. . . . .... 322, 359 Hamilton, M. ... .... ..315 Hamilton, P. ... ....314 Hamlyn, R. .... .... 3 79 Hamm, J. ........ .... 4 17 Hammerland, L. ........ 359 Hammermeister, W. .... 235, 353 Hammerstrom, R. . . .... .378 Hammett, J. ........... 339 Hampel, J. .... .... 3 64, 405 Hampel, M. .. . .... . .417 Hanauer, S. ... . . . . .324 Hanchett, D. . ..... 417 Hanchett, J. .. ..... 417 Handrich, J. . . ..... 330 Hanewall, D. . ..... 378 Haney, P. .... ..... 3 70 Hanisch, L. . . ..... 307 Hanke, B. .....4l7 Hanley, A. . . ...... 324 Hanna, B. .... .... 3 60,417 Hanneman, A. .. ...... 417 Hanneman, L. .......... 363 Hanneman, M. .... 271, 380 Hannemann, A. ........ 217 Hannon, H. .... ..... 3 67 Hansel, R. .... ..... 24 4 Hansen, B. .. ...... 217 Hansen, D. . . . .... 330, 371 Hansen, H. . . .......... 369 Hansen, L. . 238, 322, 329, 417 Hansen, M. .. ..... 351 Hansen, P. .. ..... 417 Hansen, S. ....... . ..... 361 Hansen, W. .... 300, 301, 346 Hanson, B. ........ 244, 417 Hanson, D. .... 307, 360, 378 Hanson, G. ............. 362 Hanson, J. .... 340, 349, 361 Hanson, L. ............. 364 Hanson, P. . . ..... 358 Hanson, R. ... . . . . .417 Hanson, W. .. ..... 417 Hantover, L. .. ...... 308 Happe, M. ... .... 217,417 Happel, J. ... .353, 355 Hardaker, K. .... .349 Hardel, G. .. .... 383, 417 Harder, J. . . . .... 244, 375 Harder, T. ......... 244, 318 Hardgrove, C. ..... 326 Hardie, A. . .. ..... . .238 Hardiman, H. .316, 351 Hardina, J. .. ....... 370 Hardwig, A. 392 Harfield, R. ... ... 355 Harfkopf, D. ... 370 Haring, W. ........... 318 Harker, C. ............ 354 Harker, J. ..... 327, 350 351 Harker, M. . ....... 327 359 Harker, S. .. .... 355 Harman, J. . . .. 392 Harmer, J. .. ... 363 Harmus, U. .. 417 Harned, W. .. .... 383 Harper, L. .... ...27l 417 Harper, W. . . . . . .244 417 Harrigan, D. . . .... . 382 Harriman, S. .. ..... 359 Harrington, R. ..... 319 417 Harrington, S. .... 327 Harrington, T. . .. 373 Harris, C. ..... .... 3 54 Harris, J. .... ..... 3 77 Harris, L. . . ..... 349, 417 Harris, R. ... 217, 271, 342, 417 Harrison, J. . .. ....381 Harrison, S. . .. ... .381 Harrop, J. 417 Hart, C. .. 320 Hart, G. . . .... 374 Hart, J. .... ...352, 417 Hart, P. ....... ...320 359 Harteell, R. .... ..... 4 17 Hartenstein, M. ....... 325 Hartlaub, J. ........ 227 334 Hartman, B. . . ..... 325 Hartman, M. . . . . . 365 Hartridge, C. . . ... 417 Hartwig, C. .,.. ..... 3 62 Hartwig, W. . .. ..... .. 258 Hartz, L. ... .. .375 417 Hartzell, J. . . .... 319 Harvey, D. .. 258 Harvey, F. .. . . . 417 Harvey, J. .. .... 257 Harvey, S. . . . . .336 382 Harvey, W. ... . .. 417 Harwell, J. ... ... 417 Harwood, H. .. ... 363 Hase, D. .... 368 Hasemeier, J. ... .. . .353 Hasenbach, M. .... 396 Hasler, A. ..... .... 4 17 Haspell, S. . . . . . . .308 Hassebroek, L. .......... 417 Hassel, B. ......... 217 417 Hasseler, H. ...... 217, 350, 354, 417 Hassemer, J. .. . . . . .417 Hassett, S. .. .... '314 Hassler, P. .. .... 328 Hastings, C. ... ... .327 Hastings, M. Hastings, S. Hasz, C. . . . . Hatlen, T. . . Hauck, K. . . . Haug, K. Haugh, F. .... . Haumersen, D. Hauser, D. .... . Havernam, W. Haviland, R. .. Hawke, L. . . . Hawkins, D. . . . Hawkins, J. . . . . Haworth, T. Hawxhurst, J. Hay, G. .... . Hayes, J. Hayes, M. .. Hayes, T. .. Hayford, J. .. Hays, J. .... . Headen, N. .. 217, ...329 ...339 Hearden, D. .. ...295 Heath, B. Hebert, S. . . . Heck, G. .. Heck, J. .... . fffiii Heckert, K. ...313 Heckl, J. .. Heckl, S. .... Hedeen, C. .. Heebink, P. .. ...301 ...316 Heffel, B. ............ . Heggblom, A. ....30..l Heidel, R. ............ . Heidemann, C. Heidorn, Heidt, J. . . .. G. .fufffifid Heilig, J. ...... .... . Heilman, R. . . .... 340 W Heilman, . . Heiisberg, J. .Q Helm, C. 1 329 417 353 375 327 316 417 417 246 313 417 417 378 366 333 336 359 219 375 417 359 417 324 301 318 353 341 417 417 344 417 375 332 357 318 286 417 362 417 355 378 226 291 324 Heimsch, J. ... ... .307 Heinrich, B. . .. .. . .364 Henisen, P. ... ... .360 Heinzelman, R. .... 417 Heinzeroth, R. .... 331 Heisig, M. ......... 324, 361 Heisterkamp, J. .... 417 Heitz, P. ...... ...... 2 16 Heitzman, D. .. .... 273 Heivillin, F. ... ...,417 Helburn, P. ... ....417 Helfand, M. . .. .... . .309 Helfant, C. . .... 308 Helgeson, C. ....... 269 417 Heller, D. .... ....... 3 23 Hemauer, K. .. ...... 341 Hembel, D. . .... 366 Hemphill, K. ........... 418 Henderson, R. 304 307 Henderson, S. . .235, 314, 418 Hendrichs, J. ........... 333 Hendricks, B. .... .... 3 75 Hendricks, M. .... 362 Hendricks, R. . . . . . .315 Hendricks, S. . . . ... .363 Hendrickson, A. ........ 217 Hendrickson, D. ........ 296, 301, 379 Hendrickson, T 244, 368 Hendry, A. .... .... 3 92 Henke, P. . . .... 379 Henke, T. . . .... 404 Hennig, C. .. ....352 Hennig, J. .... .... 3 18 Henning, M. ..... .... 3 62 Henningsen, J. .... 418 Henrich, D. . . . .... . .296 Henrici, R. ... . . .301, 418 Henrik, B. ...... ...... 2 64 Henriksson, B. .... 340 Henry, M. ..... .... 2 73 Henry, R. ....418 Hensel, D. .. .... 258 Hensel, R. .. .... 366 Henton, K. ....418 Hentschel, K. .... 418 Hentschel, M. .... 359 Henze, P. ..... ...... 3 51 Herbert, J. . 312, 418 Herlache, G. .. ........ 257 Herlache, J. ........ 217, 375 Herlache, T. ........... 375 Herman, K. .... 274, 378 418 Herman, L. ............ 358 Herman, S. . .. . . . .329 Herman, W. . . . . . . .340 Hermann, J. .. . . . . .378 Hermann, W. .... 232 Herms, R. .... .... 3 01 Herrell, M. . . . . . . .349 Herrewig, D. .. .... 380 Herrington, P. .... 349 Hersch, J. .............. 309 Herscher, M. ........... 418 354 Hershman, E. ..217, 350, Herstone, L. ............ 392 Hertzenberg, G. ......... 377 Herzfeldt, P. . .. . . . .372 Herzog, B. .... .... 4 18 Hess, G. .... .... 3 40 Hess, J. ..... .... 3 12 Hessler, J. .. .... 358 Hestekin, G. . . .... 369 Heth, G. ...... ...... 4 02 Hettinga, B. . . . ..... . .365 Hetzel, R. .......... 341, 418 Heusinkveld, N. ......... 314 Hevenbruch, B. .... 340 Heyenbruch, B. .... 418 Heymann, R. .. .... 348 Hiat, L. ..... .... 3 96 Hibbard, C. .... .... 3 30 Hibbard, M. .. .... 418 Hibbot, H. .. .... 362 Hickman, J. . . .... 297 Hicks, J. ........ .... 3 64 Hielsberg, J. ..... .... 3 62 Higginbottom, E .... 296 Higgins, S. ...... ...... 3 54 Hilbelink, W. ........... 418 Hildebrand, D. 216, 380 Hildebrandt, G. ......... 379 Hilker, A. ......... 232, 238 Hill, J. .,.. ........... 3 59 Hill, M. ............... 351 Hill, R. . .... 284,315 418 Hill. S. .. ........... 357 Hill, T. .... .... 3 70 Hill, W. ..... .... 4 04 Hillary, L. .. .... 366 Hille, J. ..... .... 2 52 Hillestad, R. ... . . . .241 Hillyard, R. . . . .. . .392 Hilts, N. .... .... 3 62 Himsel, N. .. .,.. 337 Hinch, S. .......... 418 Hinderer, R. ... ... 367 Hindin, J. .... . 351 Hindley, L. . .. . 418 Hinke, T. .. 334 Hintz, D. .. 378 Hintz, J. 357 Hipp, J. ..... . . . 335 Hipprnan, H. 418 Hirk, S. ...... . . . 305 Hirshey, B. .. .... 392 Hirsig, T. .. 346 Hirsley, M. .. ..... 368 Hiser, D. .418 Hiter, R. ..... . .313 Hitzler, T. . . . .271 Hlavacek, J. .325 Hoben, J. .418 Hobin, S. ..... ...... 3 92 Hockney, R. .. . ..... . .321 Hodge, C. . . . 418 Hodge, E. .351 Hodge, J. ..... .340 Hodgers, L. . . . .349 Hodges, C. . . .359 Hodgins, P. . .351 Hoebel, J. .. .418 Hoeffel, K. . .418 Hoegger, J. . .352 Hoelting, W. 418 Hoem, B. .357 Hoerig, C. .. . .352 Hoff, W. .. . .330 Hoflland, J. ... . .358 Hoffman, B. ... .. .418 Hoffman, D. 377 Hoffman, J. . . . ...380 418 Hoffman, L. . . . . . .392 Hoffman, M. 418 Hoffman, P. ....... .359 Hoffman, R. .... 258, , 418 Hoffman, S. ....... .418 Hoffman, T. .375 Hoffman, W. .. .371 Hofman, S. . .354 Hofmann, J. .315 Hofstetter, A. .312 Hogan, L. .... .355 Hoglund, B. . .. .361 Hoglund, C. . . . . .402 Hohlfeld, C. . . . . . .248 Hohman, J. ... . . .374, 418 Hoisington, G. . .361 Holbus, M. . .377 Holden, C. .. .377 Holden, P. .. .312 Holden, S. .. . .221 Holden, W. ....... , 318 Holdridge, R. .377 Holland, L. . . . . . , 301 Holland, M. ... . . , 418 Holland, S. . . . . . , 352 Hollands, P. . .333 Holle, J. ...... .382 Hollenbeck, F. . .330 Holliday, J. ........ 306 418 Hollingsworth, 337, 418 Hollister, W. .313 Holloway, D. .. . .379 Holm, G. .. .316 Holm, J. .. 248 Holman, B. . . .217 Holmen, G. . . . .373 Holmes, M. ..... . .359 Holmquist, M. ..... .376 Holsen, J. ........ 4.257 313 Holsteen, M. .363 Holstein, A. ....... .352 Holt, D. .... 373 Holt, K. .... .319 Holtan, J. . . . .379 Holton, T. ..... 274 340 Holton, R. . . . .332 Holtz, R. .. 365 Holy, D. .325 Holz, C. ....352 Holz, D. ....377 Holz, J. ....360 Holz, K. ...... .... 3 77 Holzman, B. . .. . . . .308 Holzman, N. .. ...... 359 Holzmiller, S. .......... 359 Holzrichter, J. 413 Homan, J. .... ....... 3 01 Homich, R. .. ...... 382 Hompel, J. ...,379 Homstad, M. 350 Homstead, M. 354 Honaker, S. ... . . . . Hood, H. .... . . . . . Hook, S. ..... ........ . Hooker, J. . . . .... .235, Hoos, W. .. Hooson,J. 353 372 217 359 418 307 Hootkin, S. ... .,...309 Hopf1,J. .....352 Hopkins, S. .. ..... 327 Hopp, C. .... .,... 3 49 Hopper. C. ,....363 Hopper. J. .....297 Hoppert, D. ............ 344 Horn, M. .............. 374 Horn, R. ...,.. 238 257 418 Hornby, C. ............ 364 Horne, R. .. ....... 361 Hornig. P. . .... 350 352 I-lorrall, C. ............ '361 Horst, L. ...... 286 289 371 Horst, P. ..271.274 378 418 Horswill, W. ........... 313 Horvath, D. ........... 359 Horvath ,L.. .. ... 353 Housfeld, C. .. 189 Houtler, R. ... ... 258 Hovde, T, .. ... 333 Hove, K. 418 Hovey, P. ............. 418 Hovland, D. .,......... 418 Howard, J. ..., 257 337 418 Howard, K. ....... 319 351 Howard. L. .... 296 301 396 Howard, S. ............ 392 Howe, M. ......... 418 Howell, P. ..... 255 279 418 Howell, R. ........ 330 379 Howey, G. ..... 315 Hoysgaard, R. 332 Hoyt, J. ....... 323 Hrubecky, G. 379 Hruz, J. ........... 371 Huber, D. ......... 331 Huber, J. ...... 316, 402, 418 Huber. R. ............. 376 Hubrick. W. ,.......... 227 Huckstead, K. 358 Hudis, J. ..... 418 Hudson, J. 418 Hudson, S. ..... .. 316 Huebner, G. .. .... 319, 418 Huetter, D. .. ..... 369 Huff, J. ..... ....... 3 23 Huff, M. ..... .... 3 80,418 Huggins, E. ..... .. 418 Hughes, B. .. .... 359,405 Hughes, P. .. ..... 319 Hughes, R. ... .... 344, 378 Huhn, D. ...... ..... 3 79 Huisingh, D. ........,. 244 Hulbert, B. ............ 418 Hulburt, D. .... 274, 366, 418 Hulburt, M. ........... 359 Hudler, C. . . ... 324 Hulett, D. .. ... 418 Hull, G, .. 273 Hull, S. .. 404 Hull. K. ..... 327 Hume, E. ...... 344 Humleker, E. . . ..... 359 Hummer, N. . . .... 350, 354 Hung, E. .... ..... 2 35 Hunkel, J. ...,..... 316,418 Hunsader, T. . . . ..... 375 Hunt, D. ..... ..... 3 55 Hunt, S. .... .... 3 49, 419 Hunter, D. . . . . . 372 Huppler, K. . , . . . 364 Huppler, M. ., . .. 364 Hurbut, J. ....... .. 238 Hurley, J. ............. 321 Hurley, M. ..... 312, 350, 352 Hurley, W. ............ 273 Hurst, K. ............. 336 Hurst, T. ...... 217, 318, 419 Hurwitz, L. .... 217, 301,419 Huschka, C. ........... 352 Huse, A. ..... 334 Husman, C. . . . . . 358 Hussa, J. 375 Husting, S. . . .... 326, 363 Hutchens, H. 419 Hutkowski, E. .... 419 Hutnik, D. ... ... 352 Hutter, A. . . .. 404 Hutton, W. . . . . . . 329 Huxhold, J. .. , . . 419 Hycnar, B. .. ... 392 Hyland, J. . 419 Hynek, R. .. 355 Hynek, C. .... 313 I Ibbotson, F. ....... 341 419 Icenogle, M. ....... 337 349 Ihlenfeldt, W. .. ..... 367 Ihrig, C. .... . , . .217 419 Imhof, J. .... 271 419 Immel, K. . . . .... 366 244 Ingalls, L. ..... .. Ingebritsen, K. . 376 365 Ingersoll, R. lngram, S. ... Ingrelli, M. lnslee, T. ... lpsen, H. .... Irmscher, D. .... Isaacs, V. ... Isabella. N, .. lsaksen, G. .. lsige, J. . . . lson, M, ...., . . . lssclhardl, G. .... . lversen, W. . . Iverson, K. Jablonka, R. ..... . Jack, N. ..... .. Juckl. J. Jackobs, K. Jackobson, S. .. .. Jackson, A. .. Jackson, J. .. ... Jackson. T. Jacobchick, J. .... . Jacobs, E. .. Jacobs, J. ........ . Jacobs. L. ..... 244. Jacobs, P. .. Jacobs. R. ..... 252, Jacobs. T. fin fini .305 .307 fiii fjid fiifi 284 375 347 419 363 419 372 329 365 327 330 419 315 419 301 305 379 359 354 217 377 358 319 419 352 349 419 347 347 419 419 Jacobsen, C. .. .... 354 Jacobsen, J. .. ,... 405 Jacobsen, K, .. .... 419 Jacobsen, V. .. .... 257 Jacobson. H. ... .... 348 Jacobson, L. 419 Jacobson, R. ... .... 344 Jacobus, P. ... .... 377 Jaeger, B. .. ..,. 353 Jaeger, D. . .... 244 Jaeger, J. .... ...,... 3 78 Jaeschke, J. .. .... 258,419 Jagoda, S. .... ..... 3 92 Jagodinsky, G. ...... 273 369 Jahn, C. ..... ....... 3 44 Jahn, L. ..... .,..382 419 Jahnke, D. ...... . 368 Jaka, F. .... .... 3 51 James, J. ...... 284, 331 419 James, W. ...,........ 380 Janes, R. .. .... 371 Janicki, B. 351 Janke, P. .... 271 272 Jansch, C. .... ...... 3 79 Jansen, K. ... .. .. 392 Jansky, M. 337 Jansen, L. .. .... 419 Janssen, J. ... .... ., 361 January, A. ........... 380 Janusonis, V. ....... 383 419 Janutka, J. .... 341 419 Janzer, M. ... .... .. 361 Jarnow, B. ... ..... .. 392 Jarvella, A. .. .... 350 351 Jarvis, K. .. .280 355 Jaske, J. ..,.........,. 378 Jasperson, S. ...217, 380,419 Jasperson, W. ......... 380 Jautz, C. .......... 326 419 Jabens, H. ..... 226, 340 419 Jeffry, J. 362 Jeiger, R. .... .... 3 30 Jelinek, C. ... . . .. 349 Jelinek, S. . .... 365 Jenicek, K. .... 316 360 Jenkins, D. .. ....., 376 Jenkins, R. 373 Jennings, J. .. ..,. 320 Jennings, M. ..... 327 Jennings, R. . . .... 219, 284, 333, 419 Jenquin, U. .. ...... 419 Jensen, C. . .... 244 Jensen, D. ... .... 419 Jensen, E. .. .,.. 392 Jensen, J. . .280, 312 Jensen, K. . .337 419 Jensen, S. . .246 355 Jenson, E. . .... 419 Jentz, T. ......... . Jerinie, D. ..... 217, Jerome, A. ...... .. Jerrick, R. . . . ... Jertson, R. . .. .. Jeruc, D. . . . Jeske, K. . . Jmdra, M. . .. ... Jiracek, G. .1 Jodie, J. ..... . Jolie, J. ...... . J ohanning, D Johnannsen, V Johansen, J . ...... . 'iii .248 .217 .327, 378 419 360 419 419 .419 419 419 419 419 354 419 217 359 Johnejack, M, .. ..... 355 Johns, R. .... ..... 3 39 Johnsen, R. .. ....... 419 Johnson, A. .. ........ 419 Johnson, B. ....... 216,297, 313, 344, 419 Johnson, C. .... 306,324,358 Johnson, D. .... 284, 332, 333, 359, 367,419 Johnson, E. ..... ....... 3 76 Johnson, F. ............ 271 Johnson, G. .... 252, 365,419 Johnson, H. ......... ...375 Johnson, J. .... 258, 282, 297, 305, 312, 354, 362, 379 419 Johnson, K. ....... 353, 357, 361, 371,419 Johnson, L. .. .... 258, 358, 361,419 Johnson. M. ....... 359,420 Johnson, N. .. ....... 362 Johnson, P. .. .... 346 355 Johnson, R. .. .... 370 372 Johnson, S. ........ 319 329 Johnson, T. ........ 284, 297, 325,369 378 Johnson, V. .... 301, 333 351 Johnson, W. ...244, 373 379 Jolivette. D. ............ 307 Jolivclte. P. .. .... 307 420 Jollifle, J. .. ......... 314 Jonen, W. .. ...... 257 325 Jones, B, ....... 315,349 420 Jones, C. ........ ..268 Jones, D. ., .... 328 420 Jones, G. .. ..., 359 420 Jones, J. ..... ..364 Jones. K. ........ -392 Jones. L. .... ,.......... 4 20 Jones, R, ...... 323,420 377 Joncs, S. ...... 235. 349 392 Jones, W. .. .......... 261 Jonjac. C. ...349 Jonjak, H. ....,349 Jonjak. J. .... ..... 4 20 Jonsson, J. ... ...... ..420 Jordan, J. .. ....,. 235 358 Jordan, M. .... 309,355 420 Jorgensen, S. ,.......... 355 Jorgenson, L. ........... 352 Jornt, E. ..... ...365 Jorstad, M. .. ...361 Joseph. K. ., ....... 309 Joseph, S. .. ......... 420 JOY. A. ,. .... 324 352 JOY. D. . . ....... 420 Joyce, J. .....420 Judd, J. .... . .... 358 Julian, J. .... ..... 4 20 Juneau, M. ... ..... ..372 Jumeau, P. . . ,... 241 372 Jung, C. ..... ..305 Jung, L. ...... ....... 3 76 Jungkans, L. ........... 359 Jurack, R. .... .... 2 73, 307 Jurena, J. .. ....... 369 Jursik, R. .. ....... 368 Juul. L. .... , ........ 340 420 K Kaap, K. ..... ..... 2 58 Kabaker, R. . . . .309 Kabat, F. .... . . .304 Kabat, K. .. ...351 Kade,M. .....359 Kadin, M. .... ..... 4 20 Kaeding, H. .. ..... 376 Kaemer, R. ... . . . . .382 Kaftan, J. ... ...328 Kafura, H. .. ..... 347 Kahl, J. ... ....... ..420 Kahn, B. .... 342 420 Kahn, R. .... ....... 4 20 Kailing, S. . . . .... 244, 336 Kaiser, A. .. ....... 420 Kaiser, K. . . . .... 305, 365 Kaitis, K. . . ....... 357 Kalb, T. .....42O Kalik, M. .. .. 335 Kalk, J. .............. , .365 Kallman, R. ........... 307 Kalmer, S. .............. 364 Kalsched, D. . . .185, 221, 318 Kalt, B. ............... 375 Kalt, H. . .....369 Kalter, R. .... ....... 2 19 Kalu, G. ............... 370 Kaminski, T. ...... 313 373 Kaminsky, D. ...... 348 420 Kane, A. ..... ....... 3 92 Kane, P. ...... ..... 4 20 Kania, R. ....... ..... 3 75 Kann, K. ............... 351 Kannenberg, M. .... 316, 420 Kant, C. ............... 308 Kantner, C. ... Kantrowitz, J. .. Kanuik, J. .... Kanzler, K. .. Kapadia, D. .... Kapitanoff, E. Kapke, J. ..... . Kaplan, J. . . .. Kaplan, L. .... . Kaplan, R. .,... . Kapplinger, K. .. Karabensh, B. .. Karau, J. .... . Karaway, S. Karis, C. ............. . Karlman, R. Karlson, S. Karon, M. . . . Karow, A. .... Karp, S. ..... . Karpinske, G. . Karpowitz, S. . Karth, F. . . . . Kaska, J. . . .. Kasper, L. . . . Kassner, S. Kaslner, J. ... Kastorff, J. Katcher, M. .. Katsura, C. Katie, J. ,.... ..... 3 14, Kattestad, R. Kattner, R. Katz, D. .... Katz, N. Katz, S. Katzfey, L. .. Kaufman, B. Kaufman, R. Kaufmann, R. Kaul, D. .... . Kaun, L. .... . Kaus. R. .... . Kautz, A. ...... . Kavemeier, J. ... Kay, R. ...... . Kayon, J. Kazlauski, A. ... Kearns, P. ... .. Keck, C. . . . . . Keck, K. .... . Keck, R. ..... . Kedzierski, E. . . . Keen, G. ..... . Keen, S. ...... . . Kehl, C. . . . . . Kehoe, J. .. Kehoe, P. .. . Keiler, J. ...... . Kekstadt, M. . . . Kelber, B. . . . . Keller, B. .. Keller, C. .. Keller, D. .. Keller, R. .. Kellesvig, D. .. Kelley, N. . . . Kelling, K. ... Kellner, M. .. Kellogg, C. .. Kellogg, L. Kelly, B. Kelly, R. ..... . Kelsey, J. ...... . Kelzenberg, J. , . . Kempke, W. .... . Kenall, G. ...... . Kennaugh, J. ...284, Kennedy, D. .,.... . Kenney, K. .. Kenney, W. Kenny, J. .... . Kenower, L. Kent, S. ..... . Kenuon, K. .. Kenz, L. Kenzian, J . .... . Keopple, J . ..... . Kerschensteiner, M. . Kerwin, M. ....... . Kerwin, P. ..... . Kesselman, B. Kessler, K. . . .. Kester, B. .... Kester, J. .. Kesting, T. Kestol, M. .... . Keszthelyi, E. .. Ketchum, E. . . . Ketelson, R. Ketchum, R. .......... . Kettelsen, K. ...... 255, Kettelsen, R. .. ..... .. Kettinger, J. Keyes, R. .... .......276, .. .... 329, .. .... 258, .......238, ...1. 304 420 340 312 381 320 316 382 348 341 405 351 250 358 420 420 392 373 420 335 340 420 376 320 280 420 352 373 342 420 358 322 241 367 308 392 375 420 420 ....348 .332 .370 .420 420 .346 370 .352 420 .383 351 .352 .420 .343 .369 .355 359 .320 .363 .360 383 .328 .362 .359 .325 377 .375 .319 .297 .309 .358 361 .341 .420 .217 327 .374 32'6 420 420 352 .377 .371 .277 .420 381 .362 420 235 fasz 35 8 420 420 315 324 349 374 420 367 325 217 325 420 420 363 333 Keyes, S. .. Khiani, S. ..... . Kichefski, B. Kidd, D. Kiefer, P. .. Kiefer, S. .. Kieffer, J. .... Kielas, Kienitz, G. . . . Kienlen, J. .. . M. Kienow, M. Kienzle, G. .. Kienzle, G. .. Kieser, J. . . Kiesow, J. .. Kihm, W. .. Kilen, T. Kilger, R. .. .. Kilgore, C. ... Kilton, T. .. Kimball, S. .. Kimbell, R. .. Kimmel, G. .. Kincaid, G. .. Kincaid, T. .. Kinder, J. .... Kindschi, G. Kiner, G. .... King, J. King, M. .... . King, R. ..... . Kinnamon, D. Kinney, D. Kins, D. Kins, J. .. Kins, M. Kirk G. .... . . ..286, ....324, ffffidi, 'fffficii ffffiii. ....331, 351 382 381 383 379 362 286 382 263 297 362 257 345 420 421 378 421 421 320 378 342 367 421 349 272 421 371 313 .311 '217 .......368 .....2l6, 217, 421 .....421 ...319 ...3'l3 .....421 .......3l5 Kirk, K. ............... 421 Kirkbride, D. ...... 336, 421 Kirkeby, B. ... ..... ..361 Kirkham, B. ...... 217, 216, 371, 421 Kirkpatrick, S. .......... 358 Kirkpatrick, W. . . ..... 421 Kirt, J. ....... .. .378 Kirwin, R. ... ...,257 Kisch, G. ...... .... 3 82 Kiss, K. ......... ..... 3 59 Kitelinger, K. .......... 378 Kittsley, J, ......... 318,421 Kjelson, M. ........ 373,421 Klaes, S. .... ...,... 3 62 Klain, N. ..... ..... 3 08 Klansek, A. ... . . . .359 Klauber, F. ... . . . .383 Klaus, W. .... .... 3 21 Klausch, K. ... ... 8,52 Klees, B. ... ...... .. 360 Klein, D. . . ........... 377 Klein, J. ....... 258, 284, 331 Klein, K. .... ..... 3 54, 378 Klein, M. .............. 421 Klein, P. ............... 421 Kleinfeldt, R. . .217, 347, 421 Kleinman, I. ............ 335 Klemm, C. . . .... 421 Klemm, J. .... .... 4 21 Klemme, T. . . . ....382 Klessig, S. . . .... 365 Kletszien, H. .... .... 35 8 Klinefelter, J. . . . . . . .375 Kling, J. ...... .... 3 76 Klingbeil, J. . . . . . . .297 Klingberg, W. . . . .. . .321 Klingelhofer, K. . .. . . . .314 Klipstein, C. ..... .... 4 05 Klipstine, K. . . . .....351 Kloeckl, C. .......359 421 Kloehn, K. ........ 315, Klokow, R. ............. 377 Kloppenburg, R. Klousie, D. .. Klowhn, R. ........377 377 ......346, . ...... 421 Kluender, H. ...... 273, 286 Klug, D. .... . ....... 421 Klug, J. ............... 421 Klumpar, K. ....... 217, 252, 283, 350, 355 Klumper, C. ........... 326 Klumph, B. .. ..... 217, 421 Knapp, P. ..,.... ..... 3 61 Kneppreth, C. ... . . . . .359 360' Kneppreth, D. . . . ..... Kneppreth, S. . .. . . . . .421 Z71 Knezel, J. .... . Kniaz, R. . . . . Kniech, J. . . . Knight, M. . . Knight, S. . . . . I . .... 325 .......42l 'ffffiaif Kniskern, M. Knitt r, L. ............. . e Knobeloch, C. .. Knoblauch, C. .. ....258, ...,217, Knoch, F. ...... ...... . 357 421 351 382 358 421 341 Knodc. K. ,.Y,... .... 3 12 Knoeck, J. ........ .... 3 81 Knollenbcrg. R. ... ... .345 Knoop, B. ....... .,.. 3 37 Knop, A. ..., ..., 4 21 Knopp, D. ... ....421 Knopow, N. .. .... 392 Knowles, D. .. .... 361 Knox, D. .. 375 Knox, L. 358 Knox, P. .. ... 327 Knoz, F. ..... ........ 2 17 Knudson. M. ....,..... 361 Knuth, P. ...... 2 235,421 Knutson, J. ............ 379 Knutson, K. .. ........ 421 Knutson, L. ........ 363, 421 Koberstein, C. ......... 364 Kobussen, R. ...... 274, 334 Koch, C. .... ...... 3 59 Koch, D. .. ...... 238 Koch, E. . . .... 369, 374 Koch, F. .... .. 421 Koch, M. .. .... 348 Koch, S. ..... 421 Kocher, D. ...... 217 Kobernick, M. ... .... 358 Koehler, P. .... ...... 3 29 Koehn, R. ... .... 323, 378 Koenig, J. . . .... 324, 421 Koepcke, B. ..,........ 320 Koepcke, K. ........... 421 Koepke, A. .... 232, 311,421 Koepke, K. ........... 272 Kofel, A. .... ... 358 Kofoed, R. ... .. . 321 Koge, K. .. 354 Kohl,R. ...3271 Kohlberg, I. .. 404 Kohler, R. ..... .... 4 21 Kohlman, C. .. .... 371 Kohlmeier, K. ...... 334, 351 Kohnle, A. .......... '. . 372 Kolacki, K. .... 238, 311, 421 Kolaski, C. ........ 216,421 Kolb, D. ...... .. 421 Kolb, L. ... ...... .. 392 Kole, B. ..... .... 2 55,421 Kolenc, R. . .. .... 372 Kolinsky, E. .. .... 360 Kolka, J. .... ..., 4 02 Kolstra, J. ...... .. 354 Konover, B. . . ..... 252 392 Kooistra, E. .,..... 286 311 Kooistra, F. ... .... 311 Koopman, E. .... 367 Koosmann, C. ... ... 250 Kopans, E. .... 392 Korach, W. .. 315 Kordas, G. ... ... 344 Kordecki, A. .. 421 Korn, D. ..... '373 Koritzinsky, A. . . . . . . 421 Korona, S. .... 421 Korsch, L. .... . . . 365 Korth, B. .. 351 Kosak, A. .. .... 339 Koscik, K. ............ 370 Koshalek, J. ....... 346, 421 Koski, K. ...... 217, 326,421 Kosiowski, R. ......... 359 Kosmatka, W. ... . .. 383 Kososki, J. .... .... 3 68 -Koss, J. ...... .... 3 67 Kotler, R. ..... 217 221 Kough, M. ........ 327 421 Kovacic, T. ........ 286 368 Kowalchyk, B. ........ 3'66 Kowitz, M. .... .... 2 17 Kozich, D. ... ... 343 Krabbe, K. ... . . . 380 Kracht, D. ... .... 380 Kraemer, D. ... .... 367 Kraft, K. .... ..... 2 32 311 Krajewski, L. ...... 301 375 Krall, B. ..... .... f 392 Kramer, H. . .. .....'309 Kramer, J. .....421 Kramer, K. . . ..... 217 421 Kramer, M. .. ..... 364 421 Kramer, R. ... .....307 Kramer, S. ... .....274 Krammer, A. ........... 421 Kramp, H. .. .... 217, 285, 328, 421 Krask, M. .....422 Krasno, J. . .. ....... ,422 Kraus, O. .... ..... 2 38 311 Krause, A. . . ..... 377 422 Krause, C. ... .....36O Krause, D, . . ...,. 232 322 Krause, J. .. ......... 358 Krause, K. ......... 361 357 Kraut, S. ............... 336 Kraulkramer, T. ........ 375 Kravat, J. .. ..... 422 Kravitz, H. . ..... 422 Krebsch, T. . ..... 422 Kreibeck, R. ....- 325 Kreiner. D. . .-,-- 379 Krejcarek, G. .---- 373 Krejci, W. .. ----. 422 Krell, N. .... ..... 3 29 Kresky, R. .. ..... 422 Kressin, L. . .217,274 Kretsinger, M. ..... 358 Kreutzmann, J. . .. . . . . .257 Kreuzer, J. ..... ..... 2 58 Krieger, R. .. ..... 370 Kriekard, T. ..... 336 Kriel, R. ..,..371 Kriewaldt, E. ..... 361 Krinke, L. .....3l6 Kriser, D. ..... ..... 3 09 Kroening, K. ..... 327 Kroesch, J. . ....- 340 Krohn, L. .. .... 244 383 Krohn, R. .... . ..... 301 Kromrey, J. . ..... 422 Kroncke, R. ..... 382 Kroncke, T. . ..... 301 Kroner, G. .. ..... 383 Kronheim, G. ..... 392 Kronish, K. ............ 392 Kronman, C. .264 333 Krueger, B. . .328 357 Krueger, C. . .355 364 Krueger, D. .. ...258, 298. 336, 422 Krueger, J. .. ...323, 367, 379 422 Krueger, K. ............ 358 Krueger, M. .332 376 Krueger, R. . 344 422 Krueger, T. . .372 383 Krug, B. .... ..... 3 58 Krug, M. .217 422 Krug, P. .. .312 341 Kruger, F. .. 318 369 Kruger, M. ............ 353 Kruger, T. .. ,.... 422 Kruke, K. .....36l Krumm, K. .. ..... 337 Krupinski, M. ..... 241 Krupka, F. .. ..... 375 Krupp, L. .... ...... 3 92 Krusienski, L. .286, 372 Kuba, D. ..... ..... 2 16 Kubal, B. .... ..... 3 54 Kucker, M. .. ...., 372 Kudla, D. ... .... .358 Kuecker, C. .. . .... .327 Kuehl, M. .............. 351 Kuehlthau, K. .244 381 Kuehn, C. ... .... . .324 Kuehn, P. .............. 369 Kuelthau, K. .252 316 Kuersten, J. . .325 422 Kuester, M. .. ...... 363 Kuether, J. .....362 Kuge, M. ...... ..... 3 72 Kuglitsch, M. ..... 380 Kuhlman, K. ..... 305 Kuhn, E. ..... ..... 4 22 Kuhr, M. .....405 Kujath, K. .. ..... 337 Kulas, J. .....405 Ku11,L. .....31l Kunde, D. .... ..... 3 68 Kundert, W. .. ..... 331 Kunesh, E. .... .422 Kuntzsch, J. .. ..... 422 Kupfer, J. .. ..... 358 Kurish, K. .. ..... 422 Kuritz, N. .. ..... 362 Kurie, G. .. ..... 321 Kurren, J. .....358 Kursel, J. .... ..... 3 73 Kurtyka, C. .. ..... 361 Kurtz, J. .... ..... 3 78 Kusche, J. .. ..... 246 Kushner, B. .. ..... 309 Kushner, R. .. ..... 371 Kushner, R. .. ..... 422 Kussmaul, J. ..... 380 Kussmaul, K. ..... 360 Kussow, D. . .378, 382 Kutalek, R. .. ...... 333 Kutchera, N. .238 363 Kuyken, J. .. .326, 422 Kuzan, L. .... ...... 3 57 L Laak, J. ........... 361,365 Labutzke, S. ..... 362 Lachmund, J. ,,,,, 422 La Court, J. ..... 319 La Croix, D. . . Ladenson, M. Ladish, A. .. .....330 .....422 .....374 Ladron, S. .. La Due, B. .. Laeser, R. ...... . La Fountain, L. .. La Framenta,'S. .. Lahaxe, R. . .... .. 350 Lail, P. .... ...314, Lain, R. .. Laird, J. Laitsch, R. Lakes, R. . . . Lalasz, W. .. Lalk, T. . . . . Lamais, J, .. Lamaster, M. .. Lamb, D. ..... .. Lambert, T. ....... . Lamboley, L. ..... . Lamm, J. ..... .. Lammers, B. . . .. Lampereur, M. . Lamson, B. ... . . Landa, H. .... . . . . Landreman, K. Lane, B. ..... . Lane, T. .... . Laney, E. . . . Laney, M. Lang, A. .. Lang, B. . . Lang, L. .. Lang, S. .... . Lange, R. ......... . Langenfeld, J. .. Langer, A. ...,.... . Langer, J. ......... . Langford, W. Lapham, S. . . . Lapicola, M. ... .. La Plante, T. ..... . La Plante, T. Laracy, M. . . . Larget, R. . . Larimer, S. . . . .. Larkin, K. .. Larkin, P. .. Larme, K. ,. Larsen, B. .. Larsen, S. . . Larsh, S. . Larson, A. ..... . Larson, E. . . .. Larson, H. .... Larson, J. .... . Larson, K. . . .. Larson, L. .... . Larson, M. . . . . Larson, N. , ..... . Larson, P. ..... Larson, R. .... . Larson, S. . . Larson, T. .. La Rue, J. . . Lasch, D. . . . Lasco, R. . . . Lasek, W. . . La Sha, P. .. Lashway, L. Laskin, J. .. Laskos, E. . . . Lass, D. . . . Lathers, Latimer, K. .. Latoria, Laube, E. .... . Laufman, M. . . Laurence, E. . . . . Lauson, M. Lautz, D. Lautz, W. Lavin, D. .,., , La Vine, D. Lawrence, J. Lawrence, K. .. Lawrence, N. .. Lawrence, R. .. Lawton, J. .. Lawton, M. Lawton, S. .. Layng, W. .. Lazar, A. . Lazar, Lazar, Lazar, S. Lazarus, H. ,. Leach, I. .. Leach, J. L. Leach, M. .... . . . Leadholm, D. . . . . Lease, B. ......... . Leatherman, J. .... . . Leatherwood, J. , . , , Leavitt, S. .... . Lebenson, E. . . . Levander, L. . . . D. 361 256 255 286 217,277 iii 328 264, 515 354 357 217 355 381 320 at 216 545 2552 332 257 517 235 342 312 512 329 372 1 s 1 1 , 351 344 369 336 422 374 358 366 313 383 422 368 339 422 252 422 383 374 258 362 422 422 366 422 422 392 359 392 422 359 422 392 379 355 351 422 382 352 422 422 347 422 273 320 328 359 422 341 392 433 362 368 373 422 422 422 422 319 422 422 217 331 324 422 307 334 335 375 422 295 353 372 348 354 258 373 422 352 331 422 309 383 358 392 349 370 369 337 422 367 422 342 422 422 422 423 284 248 380 423 377 346 358 423 226 Leek, G. ..... . .423 Le Clair, R. . . . .... . .378 Lecy, R. .... ...315,423 Le Dain, C. ....... .327 Lederer, R. ... ...313, 423 Lee, C. ...... ...... 3 82 Lee, D. .... .... 4 23 Lee, J. .... .,362 Lee, K. ... ...... ..333 Lee, R. ... ..., 257,373 Lee, S. ...... ...... 4 23 Leemkuil, K. .. ........ 423 Lees, M. .... ..... 3 42,392 Leet, D. ... ......,.. ..423 Lefco, N. ...... 217,231,423 Leggett, M. ............. 423 Lehman, F. . . .... 423 Lehman, J. . .... 332 Lehmann, T. .. .... 375 Lehner, R. .. .... 423 Lehnertz, W. .. .... 376 Lehrmann, I. .. .... 359 Leibsohnt ...... .... 3 92 Leiderholdt, S. . . .... 353 Leisenring, J. . . .... 377 Leisso, W. . . . .... 423 Leist, F. . . .... 423 Leith, J. ....... ...... 4 23 Leitner, N. ............. 423 La Nahieu, M. .... 248,423 Lemal, H, ...... ...... 2 52 Lemberg, N. ........... 375 Lemberg, R. ....... 273, 377 Lembezeder, M. ......... 361 Lemke, K. ...... .... 3 49 Lemke, N. ... .... ..423 Lemke, R. . . ........ 372 Lemke, S. .. ...235, 423 Lemkuil, B. ... .... ..423 Le Moine, T. .. .... 374 Lemon, E. ...,366 Lena, M. . .... 360 Lenard, T. .. .... 373 Lenz, E. . . .... 189 Lenz,J. ....216 Lenz, M. .... .... 3 27 Leonard, C. ... ... .286 Leonard, T. . .. ... .309 Lerch, S. .... .... 2 17 Lerner, D, ... . . . .280 Lerner, K. .. .... 376 Leroux, C. ..... .... 4 23 Leschinsky, S. .. .... 423 Leshuk, L. .... .... 3 61 Lesieur, V. . . .... 355 Lesniak, S. .... .... 4 23 Lessin, B. ...... .... 2 61 Leuenberger, J. . .... 312 Lev, P. ....... .... 4 02 Levenberg, S. . . .... 378 Levenson, E. .. .... 423 Leventhal, R. .. .... 321 Levey, L. ... ... .348 Levin, D. .. . .... .217 Levin,J. ,.......392 Levin, V. .. ...217, 423 Levine, M. .. ...... 355 Levine, R. . . .... 335 Levine, S. ... ....... . .423 Levner, M. ............. 423 Levy, A. ....... 284 309, 423 Levy, G. ......... ..392 Levy, J. .. ..... 309 354 Levy, M. ... .... ..335 Levy, P. ...... ...257, 309 Lewicki, R. . . . .... . .378 Lewin, H. ....309 Lewin, J. .. .... 308 Lewis, B. .. ........... 332 Lewis, C. .......... 314 359 Lewis, G. ...... 341 346 423 Lewis, I. . .. ......... . .342 Lewis, M. ...... 217, 314 423 Lewis, N. . . ....... 349 423 Lewx, N. ... ....... . .248 Liber, S. .... ...342 423 Liberman, D. . . ...... 309 Liberman, S. .. ...... 342 Libman, K. ............ 379 Lichtenberg, G. .... 217, 295, 367, 423 Lichty, P. .............. 316 Licking, L. ............. 378 Lieber, R. ..... 217, 216, 423 Lieberman, S, .......... 308 Liebman, B. ............ 370 Liebovich, C. ...... 254, 308 Lien, B. ...... .... 4 23 Lien, J. ....... .... 3 81 Lierk, J. ....... .,.. 3 15 Liermann, W. .. .... 378 Liff, J. ........ .... 3 92 Lifscholtz, C. . . .... 308 Likover, T. . . . . . . .258 Likwarz, R. . .. . . . .381 Lilja, M. . . . Lillard, S. ... Limbach, J. ... Lind, L. ...... . Lindberg. C. .....,. . Lindemuth, T. .. Linden, D. ...... . Lindenschmidt, L. .. Linder, R. ........ . Linderud, M. . .248, Linderud, N. ...... . Lindgren, M. .. Lindquist, B. .... . Lindstrom, D. ...... . Lindstrom, R. ..217, Linefsky, R. ....... . Liner, V. . . .. Lingle, J. .. Link, J. .. Link, M. . . . . Linley, V. . . . Linn, J. . . . . Linn, L. , . . . Linneas, H. .... Linnerud, L. Lins, R. .... . Linscott, D. . .. Linscott, F. .. Lipin, S. .... . Lipinski, G. . . . Lipman, C. .. Lipman, J. .. Lipman, L. .. ii-36 iii 556 .257 371 308 355 350 iii iisl 365 Lippert,J. Lippert, M. ....,... . Lippert, S, .....217, 563 Lippman, J. ........ . Lrpps, B... Lipsitz, B. Lipton, A. .. Lisek, G. .. Liss, L. .... . Litten, K. ......... . Littenberg, L. Little, N. .... . Littman, B. ,. Littman, W. Litwin, S. Liu, B. ....... . Livingston, N. .. Lloyd-Jones, K. Lobas, J. ...... . Lobeck, C. . . . . Lockwood, D. .. Lockwood, L. . . . 326 Loeb, L. .......... . Loeb, R. .......... . a i y 219, Loehning, H. ...217, 328, Loertscher, J. ...... . Loether, J. .. Lofgren, K. .. Loft, D. Loftus Loga, V. Logan, D. . .. Logan, F. .. Logan, J. Logan, K Logli, J. . . . Loh, J. . .. Loken, J. .. Loker, D. .. Lokken, D. .. Lokvam, S. .. Lollath, N. .. Londry, C. .. Long, D Long, E. .......... . Long, J. ....... 217, Long, R. ....... 335, Long, S. .......... . Longmire, J. . . . Longua, G. . . .. Longyear, C. .. Lonsdale, W. .. Loo, L. . . . . Look, C. Look, M. ..... . Loomer, R. ....... . Loos, G. .......... . Loots, L. ...... 319, Lopata, G. ........ . Lopinsky, E. ....... . Loppnow, W. .. Lorenz, E. Lorimer, J. .. Loritz, G. Losching, B. .. Lotter, J. .... . Lotterer, D. Loughlin, P. ....... . Louis, E. Lovaas, R. .... Lovelace, L. Loveland, T. .. 296 312 324 346 265 248 319 245 350, 255, 1 328 314 374 423 423 244 380 241 273 351 365 357 347 371 423 377 423 352 383 358 365 367 423 274 232 246 325 423 342 370 423 308 308 380 423 373 423 392 423 364 373 392 423 354 370 349 309 235 357 339 368 359 273 312 353 276 423 328 378 371 367 423 359 423 371 373 360 339 423 2,19 424 424 424 349 424 377 359 424 424 312 358 358 424 375 349 353 372 258 332 354 320 308 332 424 424 372 424 424 345 376 392 424 371 357 Loverde. L. .. ..,.. 298 Lovshin, P. .. ..... 326 Lowe, J. .. ...... 402 Lowe, M. . .. ..., 319. 424 Lowe, R. 261,313 Lowell, W. ..,. ...... 3 70 Lowenlhal. P. ..... .315, 375 Loynd. G. ..,. 369 Lubeck. T. .... .... 3 25 Lubenow. V. .. .... 382 Lubitz, T. ..., 378 Lubow, D. .. ,... 424 Lucas, C. ...,324 Lucas, D. ...,402 Lucas, J. .. .. 339 Lucas, K. . .... 360 Lucas, T. .. .... 261 Lucey, A. . .... 330 Luchs, C. .. .... 314 Luck, A. .. .... 404 Luck. B. .... .... 4 04 Lnckow, K. .. .... 424 Ludke. E. . .... 424 Ludois, H. .. .... 424 Ludorf. T. ....383 Ludtke, D. .... .... 2 38 Ludvigsen. S. .. .... 354 Ludwig. J. 352 Lue, P. ..... 355 424 Luebke, L. . . . . . 42A Luebke, S. .. 357 Luethy, VV. . . . . 424 Luft, J. ........ 258 424 Lukowicz, L. .......... 313 Lulawer, J. .. . .. 308 Lulloff, R. ... ... 217 Lulow, W. ... ... 383 Lund. D. .... 424 Lund, L. .... 353 Lundberg, J. ... ...357 424 Lunde, T. 318 Luster, S. .. . .. 342 Lustig, T. .. . .. 280 Lustok. B. ... , .. 308 Lutz, J. .... 316 359 Lutz, R. .... 382 Luther, T. . . . 383 Lutner, A. . .. 307 Lutter, C. .. 367 Luttell, E. 217 424 Luttropp, D. ... .... 347 Lutz, F. ..... 273 Lyall, P. 358 Lyle, P. .. 355 Lyman, J. .. 424 Lynch, L. .. 346 424 Lyon, S. .. . ., 357 Lyons, G. .. 424 Lysaker, J. .... 370 Lytle, L. . ....... 319 M Maas, J. ...... ...258 372 Maas, P. 424 Maaske, B. .. 343 Maaske, D. .... 311 Maaske, W. . .. ... 476 Maass, D. .. . .. 424 Maastrick, J. .. ..... 313 Mabry, M. ............ 327 Masgregor, D. 297 315 Macgregor, R. 333 Machan, G. . . . ,... . . 322 Macho, T. 241,424 Mack, C. 392 Mack,K. 424 Mackay, J. .... .. Mackay, R. ........ . Mackenzie, A. Mackenzie, D. Mackey, R. .... .. Mackie, F, ..... MacMillan, P. Madigan, J. Madland, K. Madsen, C. .. Madsen, T. .... . . Magidson, D. .. .. . Magner, M. . . . . . . Magnusen, K. . . .. . Magnuson, J. Magnuson, L. Magwitz, B. Maher, P. Mahoney, D. .. ... Mahoney, J. ... ... Mahoney, M. .. .. Mahr, J. Mai, J. Maier, B. ..... . Majeski, L. .... . Makarewicz, B. .. Maki, N. ...... . Makoski, D. 286 320 526 350 367 346 337 333 336 381 321 347 424 328 360 359 375 332 424 352 425 425 359 349 216 425 425 360 365 375 425 341 425 358 355 Malcolm. B. ... . . .328 425 Malek, V. ...... 367 Maloney. F. ....319 Malotke, G. ... . . . .369 Malow, B. ...,392 Malthy, W. .. .... 340 Malte, R. .. .... 350 Maltcsc, C. .. .... 369 Mandel. J. .... .... 3 48 Mantlell, B. ..... .... 3 79 Mantlcrnack, T. ..,. 353 Manhart, L. ... ....425 Manis, M. ... ....425 Manley. M. .. .... 296 Mann,B. ...,392 Mann, K. .. .... 308 Mann, M. 330 Manor, D. ..... 425 Manratil, R, ....,...... 273 Manshcld, J, .......... 296 Mansncrus, M. ,.2l7, 285 425 Mant. M. ............. 425 Malliison. J. .........,. 379 Manton, D. ... ...327 425 Manwaring, J. ... ... 375 Manz. C. ...... 404 Manz, M. 328 Maples. R. .. 425 Marasch, M. .... . 227 Marceil. C. .. ....., 354 Marcks. B. .. ...301 425 Marcks, P. .... . 425 Marcus, P. .... ...309 425 Margcnau, J. .. ..... 217 Margolis, H. ........., 348 Marin, P. .............. 349 Markcl, V. ..... 279 342 425 Markham. S. ........... 425 Markiewicz, J. ......... 383 Markley, J. .,.....,.... 320 Markos. J. ..,......... 359 Marks, J. ..283. 305. 308 425 Marks, M. ............. 359 Marks. P, ............. 361 Marks. R. ... ... 402 Marks. W. ..... . 370 Marlow. R. .. ...340 378 Marple, I. ..... ..... 3 49 Marquarde, B. ..... 425 Marquardt, B. ...... 217 425 Marquardt, C. ... ..... 425 Marquardt, J. ... ... 227 Marquardt, W. .. ... 425 Marschke, C. .. 425 Marsh, B. ... ... 340 Marsh, L. .. ..... 328 Marsh, M. ... . . .368 425 Marsh, R. ..... ..... 4 25 Marshall, B. .,......... 425 Marshall, D. ........... 316 Marshall, L. .... 341, 352 392 Marshall, M. .......... 425 Marshall, O. .,........ 341 Marta, D. ..... .... 3 34 Martalock, D. ... . . . .425 Marten, J. ..... .... 4 25 Martens, J. .. .... 425 Martin, B. .............. 341 Martin, D. ...,...... 273, 366 Martin, J.. .319, 322, 354, 375, 376 Martin, K. ............. 358 Martin, L. .255, 305, 359 425 Martin, R. ............ 425 Martin, S. ............. 298 Martin, W. .... ...... 2 74 Martinson, J. .. ...235 3.62 Martinson, K. .. ..... 319 Martocci, J. . ...274 373 Marton, W. ... . . .347 425 Martwick, S. .. ..... 358 Marty, B. . .. ... 362 Marty, L. .. 322 Marty, R. .. 361 Marty, T. ... ... 343 Martyn, J. ... ... 227 Martyn, M. .. ..... 344 Marvin, B. .. ...328 405 Marvin, J. .. ..... 314 Marx, B. .... . .. 337 Mash, J. ........ 341 Maslowski, L. . . . . . . 425 Maslowski, W. . . . . . 373 Mason, V. .... ..... 4 25 Massey, M. .. ...326 354 Massie, L. ...311 344 Mast,L. .....376 Mast, R. .... 376 Masters, M. ........... 362 Matagrano, C. ...... 305 353 Matasek, T. . . . .... . .327 Matchette, R. .. .... 374 Mather, T. .... .... 3 76 Mathews, D. .. .... 374 Mathews, P. . .. . . . .349 Matthias, W. . .... .. Mathieu, R. .. ..... 312 Matl1ison,J. Mathson, J. . .... .. Matos, C. .. ..... ... Maller, J, .. ..... 320 Mattes, K. .. Matthews, C. .. ...... Matthews, E. ......... . Matthias, D. ........ 235 Maltison, L. .... 217,337 Mattka. W. .. ..... ... Mattson, C. . ...... .. Mattson, I. ......... 365 Mntuszeski, W. ..... 217 Matzen, H. .. Mau, F. ..... ... Mau, K. ...... ... Maucrman, D. ........ . Maucrmann, S. ....... . Maurer, R. ..... 238, 311 Mavrogenis, J. ........ . Max. M. ...,....... 253 Maxwell, A. Maxwell. G. ... ... May, G. ..... ,... . Mayer,J.... Mayer, I.. ...... ..,. 3 92 Mazanct, J. .......... . Mazmanian, R. .. Mazur, H, ..... . .. Mazur, L. ... ... Mazur, S. ..... .... . Mazursky, C. .. McAdow, J. .. ..... 261 McAlccr, K. ... ..... McAllen, L. .......... . McAlpinc, M. ........ . McAndrcws. M..2l7, 255 McAuley, G. ......... . McAulifl, T. McAuli11c, K. .. ... McBurney, F. .. ... McCabe, C. ... ... McCabe, W. McCaFfree. J. .. McCann, J. .... .... McCalmcnl, S. .. .... McCann. D. McCann, S. .. McCathy, J. McCarthy, M. McCarvi1le. T. .. .... McCaskill, S. McCavdish, W. .. .... 258 405 425 425 307 358 365 273 425 425 425 425 404 425 425 273 380 269 360 235 425 425 274 326 426 372 343 426 325 257 426 354 355 426 424 326 424 354 424 404 330 375 402 337 424 31 1 375 359 325 370 361 327 330 362 339 McClintock, K. .. .... 347 McCloskey, D. .......... 424 McConahcy, S. .......... 378 McConnell, C.. .287, 286, 362. 424 McCorkle, M. ... ... .363 McCormick. B. McCormick, S. .. .... McCoy, F. ............ . McCullough, A. ..... 326, McCullough, M. ....... . McCutcheon, S. ... .... McCutchin, C. ... .... McDaniels, B. ... .... McDermid, L. ... .... McDonald, E. ... .... McDonald, J. .... .. .. McDonald, K. ... .... McDonald, P. ... .... McDonald, R. ......... . McDonald, S. ,....,, 329, McDoniels, V. ... ...... McDonough, C. .. .. .. McDougall, R. .. .... McElroy, F. McEwen, C. McFarland, D. . . .. .. McFarlane, M. .. .... McFate, N. McGaan, K. McGarrity, K. ... . . .. McGillicuddy, McGowan, N. . .. . . .. McGrath, P. ... ... McGrath, K. .. ... McGrath, T. ..... . . . McGraw, J. .......... . McGuinness, N. ....... . McHugh, Mclntire, M. ........ 305 McIntyre, A. .. ... . .. McIntyre, W. .. ..... McJunkin, B. .. ... McKay, B. .. .. McKay, G. ....,...... . McKay, J. ............ . McKenna, J. .... 286, 379 McKenny, W. ........ . McKenzie, D. ....... 217 McKenzie, J. .. ...... J. ........ 273 352 351 271 353 383 396 353 381 357 361 312 424 329 344 424 276 361 321 227 364 320 340 392 405 326 392 252 424 296 379 424 424 376 402 402 424 424 375 360 402 424 377 424 339 McKenzie, P. .. McKichan, J. ....... 340 McLain, R. McLean, C. .....2l7 McLeod,J. .... McLeod. T. .......... . McMillan, G. ...297, 331 McMillin, J. ....... 301 McNall, R. ......... 246 McNamara, P. ........ . McNamara, W. .. .... McNaughton, P. ... ... McOlash, M. ..,. .. . . McPeek, M. McPherson, J. ... .... McTiguc, J. .... ,,,, McVitty. P. ...... .... McWilliams, D. .. .... McWilliams, J. ........ . Meacham, M. ......... . Mead, M. ...... 316, 349, Meagher, P. ....... .... . Means, Mehlin, J. .. ,...... .. Meier, C. .....324 Meier, G. .. .... Meier Meier, M. .. .,... 368 Meier,N.... Meier,R.... Meiers, N. .. Meine Meinert, T. .... . . . . Meinh ' Meisel, P. .... .... Meisaner, C. ... .... Meist, G. ..... .... Meistad, K. .. . . .. Meister, E. ,. .... Meister, G. .. .... Meister, J. .,.. .... . Meitner, J. .. Melby. R. . . ..... 257 Melcher, P. ........... . Melchoks. K. ...... 329 Melichar, D. ....... 376 Mellencamp, T. ....... . Meinick, D. .. ... Melnik, P. .. ... Meloy. C. .. Meloy. D... Meloy. M. ......... 327 MCn3Pi1CC. R. ......... . Mende, M. ........... . Mendelson, K. ..248, 359 Mendillo, M. ......... . Menke, L. Mennes, P. .. ... Menning, K. ... ... Menning, W. ... . .. Menzel, B. .... .... Mercer, D. .. Mercer, M. .....327 Mercier, J, . . ...... . . . Merten, A. .... .377, Meseth, G. .... ...... . Meshekow, M. Mess, K. .,... . . . Messer, M. . . . . . Metz, A..., Metzger, B. .. ... Meyer, A. .. ....... ... Meyer, B. ............ . Meyer, G. Meyer, H. ............ . .....331, 372 Meyer, J. ........... 308 Meyer, K. ..248, 328, 352 Meyer, L. ............ . Meyer, M. ......... 319 Meyer, P. .......... 340 Meyer, R. ,.......,... . . .273, 320, 327 Meyer, T. ............ . Meyer, S. 1 1 1 1 P... ...... .J.... rt.P.... H1l.H.... P Meyers, Z Meyers, Meyers, 5 K4 2 iff Michael, E. ... .... Michael, Micheels, R. Michelson, B. .. . . .. Michlig, D. ... .... Mickel, P. ..... .... Mickelson, A. . . . . . . Mickelson, C. .......... . Mickelson, L. .......... . Micklin, J. ..... 342, 350 Middleton, P. .......... . M1erendorf, L. ......... . M1etzel,M.... MlEZ1tlS, I. Migas, R. . . ..... 367, Mikalson, J. .. ..... 307, M1ke1l, T. ..... .... . . . AMiku1ecky, J. .. .... 261 376 371 424 370 378 382 42A 424 405 402 273 424 424 371 339 326 257 241 426 358 379 426 426 351 321 358 426 238 372 315 319 255 336 392 219 357 369 426 284 335 405 258 354 392 426 318 348 426 326 326 396 321 361 426 426 327 375 286 374 307 283 329 343 426 307 392 372 362 257 328 354 364 426 348 378 358 320 426 392 257 426 282 309 426 252 331 232 426 372 248 351 426 426 426 320 351 321 357 381 426 426 367 426 363 Milauc, M. Mileff, L. .. Milek, J. .. Milesky, J. Milford, D. Millar, H. . Millar, J. .. Millar, M. . Miller, B. . Miller, C. . Miller, D. . Miller, E. . Miller, G. . Miller, H. . Miller, J. .. .. ..ff2sSzi, . . .... 252, .. .... 320, .. ...... 341, ....274, 351, 2iA'2b6' 523' ' 358, 362, 379, 386, 358 392 323 308 314 349 426 362 351 355 392 350 382, 426 337 333, 426 Miller, K. ...... 308, 333, 392 Miller, L. ......... ...., 3 66 Miller, M. .. ....,. 355 Miller, N. . . ........ 426 Miller, P. .......... 382, 426 Miller, R. ............... 344 Miller, S. ..280, 314, 335, 353, 392 Miller, V. .............. 349 Millett, D. . ....... 328 Milligan, D. . . .... 263, 426 Milligan, M. . . ....... 352 Milligan, R. .. ..... 426 Milliken, S. ... . . . . .285 Millis, J. .. ....... 359 Mills, K. .. ........ 405 Mills, L. . . . .... 246, 426 Millstein, B. .. ......, 353 Milner, N. . . .... 217, 426 Mims, J. ..... ....... 3 49 Minahan, H. ,. ..... 426 Minish, J. .. ...353 Miner, B. ... ...280 Miner, G. .... ...332 Minette, P. ... ...362 Minkof, M. ... . . .307 Minning, W. .. ..,380 Minsloff, B. .. ...361 Mintz, N. ....... ...216 Mirzadegan, J. ... . . . . .426 Miske, M. .... ......... 32 5 Mitby, J. ..... .... 2 86 380 Mitchel, A. . . . ..... . .420 Mitchel, F. .... .336 Mitchell, B. ... ..... ..426 Mitchell, G. .. ........ 353 Mitchell, J. .... 336 426 Mitchell, K. .. ....... 377 Mitchell, M. .. .... 312 426 Mitchell, N. .. ......, 426 Mitchell, P. .. ....... 426 Mitchell, S. . .. .... 350 354 Mitchell, T. ........ 277 336 Mitrzyk, F. ............. 403 Mittelstaedt, P. .. ..... 359 Mittlestadt, R. . . . . . .372 Mize, B. ....... . . .383 Moats, J. ..... ...362 Moberg, K. .. . ...... . .361 Moberg, P. ............. 361 Moberly, R. .... 261, 332 426 Modine, J. . . .......... 426 Moelk, J. ... ....... ..340 Moeller, M. . . . . .360 Moely, B. .... ...216 Moertl, K. ..... . . .405 Mogensen, R. ... . . .376 Mohlman, J. .. ...235 Mohr, C. ..... . . .296 Mokrejs, L. ... ...305 Mokrejs, M. .. ..... 305 Molander, D Molander, E, ...... . 315, . ..... .,426 426 Molander, R, ....... 315, 426 Molholt, G. . . . ..... . .378 Molstacl, M. . . ..,.. 426 Molstad, P. . .. ...273 Molzahn, J. ... , . .379 Momsen, R. .. ...366 Monahan, J. . . .. .296 Monahan, M. . . . . . .427 Monck, D. ...267 Mondat, B. . . . .... .358 Montabon, D. . . . ..... . .377 Montalbano, A, ..... 296 382 Monteith, D. ... .....359 Monteith, S. ..... ...359 Montgomery, B. ......... 358 Montgomery, J. ......... 355 Montgomery, K..301, 340 427 Montgomery, M. ........ 363 Montguire, E. ........... 305 Moon, N. ...... .. .359 Moore, D. .............. 346 Moore, G. .............. 392 Moore, J. ..319, 355,392 427 Moore, S. ..217, 221, 284, 333 Moraitis, J. ............. 377 Moran, Moran, Moran. D.. 1-l, P. Morden, W. . Mo rey, M.. Morgan, B. .. Morgan, C. ....... . Morgan, M. . Morgan, N. .... Morgan, S Moritz, G. .. Mork, B. ,.., . Morman, R. .. Morow, G. .. Morris, E. ..... . Morris. Morris, Morris, Morris, G. .... . J. ..... . M. .... . R... Morrison, R. . Morrow, J. .. Mortell, R... Mortenson, J . Moscow, M. . Moser, D. Moser, Moskol, Moskow L. B. .. itz, L. Moslan der, N. Mosley, A. .. Moss, C. .. Moss, M. .. Mottl, J. .. Moudry, B... Moudry, C. . Movizzo, Moyer, G. Moyle, Mravec, J. E. ..... . J.... . Muchinske, D. Muckenhirn, N. . Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, B... C... D. ........ . K.. M. .... 346, P. . .... 244, R... T... Muench, J. .. Muench, K. . Muente, Muenter D... ,W.. Mulander, R. Muller, C. Muller, H. Muller Muller Mulvihil M... S. 1, M. Multeri J. h Mundsc Mundy, Munger, au,G. B. ...... ..... . J. ...,327, Munson, D. . Murdoch, B. .. Murdoch, D. Murgus, S. . Murphy, A. . Murphy, J. .. K Murphy, . . Murphy, P, ... .. Murphy, S. Murphy, T. .. Murray, P. . . Murray, W. .. .. Murrhy, J. ........ . Murtfeldt, P. Musolf, M. .. Muster, M. ... .. Myers, S. .... Myers, M. .. N Nager, S. .......... . Nagl, R. ..... . . Nagy, J. . . . Nail, L. . . . . Naleid, K. .... .... Nalevac, Nalley, Namekawa, S. Narrow, Narveso S. ....,... . n, J. Nasbaum, J. .. Nass, C. .............. . 361 Nass, N. Natwlck, B. .....,, , Nau, A. ..... . Naumann, M. Naus, P. .......... . Nazzarini, K. Neal. J. ...... ...... . Ncbel. J. ............. . Nechrony, C. 405 427 274 427 327 35 9 392 427 350 329 366 319 427 362 324 373 427 217 427 427 330 427 427 342 377 359 427 392 316 427 427 353 326 329 329 271 404 337 238 377 316 405 359 427 352 372 327 323 371 427 427 427 327 246 392 365 340 301 370 369 323 269 355 238 329 321 359 227 344 357 352 351 37 1 316 323 404 427 427 364 358 365 427 336 427 427 312 427 427 369 427 358 376 353 427 354 301 381 376 .324 .358 .375 427 Nechrony, J. Neevel, P. .. Nehls, D. .... . Nehrlich, W. Neilsen, R. .. Neitzel, C. .. Neitzel, R. .. Nefedlo, J. .. Nejedlo, J. .. Nels, J. Nelson, B. .. Nelson, C. . Nelson, D. . ....283 ....2l6 ....427 ....3'76 ....361 ....427 ....355 ....286 ....36l ..,.296 ......362 355, 238, 427 427 Nelson, E. .. ......... 376 Nelson, G. ..........,.. 361 Nelson, J. ..... 217, 232, 384, 324, 347, 353, 375, 427 Nelson, K. ......., 217, 273, 337, 358 Nelson, M. .. .316, 359 363 Nelson, N. ..... 352 427 Nelson, P. ............. 347 Nelson, R. ..... 346, 377 378 Nelson, S. . ..... 321, 375 Nelson, T. .. .. .... 361 Nelson, T. .... 427 Nelson, V. .. ...... 258 Nentas, K. ............. 363 Nepscha, K. ........ 286 365 Nerad, M. .. ....... 427 Neta, T. ... ...307 427 Nettles, G. .. ..... 248 427 Netzky, T, .... ....... 3 09 Neubauer, F. ...... 427 Neubert, M. .... 376 Neumann, D. .... 363 Neumann, K. .... 353 Neuverth, D. .... 427 Neville, G. .... 427 Newbury, S. .... 349 Newkirk, G. .... 314 Newlin, J. .... .... 3 12 Newman, E. .... 405 Newman, R. .... 235 Newton, J. ...... 349 Newton, R. ....... 378 Nicastro, J. ...286 362 Nicgorski, E. ...... 427 Nichol, G. .. ...... 403 Nichols, J. .. ....... 340 Nichols, P. ...367 382 Nicholson, D. ...... 332 427 Nicholson, E. ... ....427 Nicholson, J. .. .... 369 Nicholson, P. . . . .... . .332 Nick, J. ...... . ...... 325 Nickel, P. . ..... 250 283 Nickles, W. ....... 330 Nickolai, W. ...... 321 Nickoll, J. . . . . . 374 Nicks, A. ... . . . .405 Nicoski, T. .... 427 Nicoson, L. , ........ 369 Nielsen, A. ......... 235 Nielsen, F. .... 217, 301 427 Nielsen, N. ............. 322 Nielsen, R, .. ......... 341 Nielson, F. .. ..., 274 Niemeyer, J. .... 320 Nienas, J. ..... .... 3 51 Niehuis, R. .... 373 Nielson, J. .. .... 359 Nikolai, M. ..... 359 Nikolay, S. ....... 358 Nimmer, D. ...217 427 Nimz, L. .... ...... 3 75 Niotis, J. .. .... 305 Nirenblatt, B. . . . . . . .359 Nissley, D, .... ...... 2 78 Niznik, R. .. ....... 377 Noback, M. ..... 252 324 Noble, J. ..... ...... 3 92 Nohavica, I. ..,, 366 Nohelty, J. . . . .380 Nohl, V. ....370 Nolan, B. .. ....., 378 Nolte, L. ... ..... ..349 Nolting. P. .. ...324 427 Noonan, J. .. ...... 319 Nordgren, J. .. ...... 361 Nordholm, C. .......... 358 Nordholt, A. .319 392 Noffh-ret. S- ...... 235 Norgan, B. .... 332 N0fgard, M. .... 379 Norland, G. .... 368 Norman, R. .... 371 Norris, C. .. ...... 354 Norris, D. ..... . . .344 427 Norrman, E. . ...... 331 Northman, A. .. .... 427 Northway. J. .... 427 Nortman, G. .,,, 427 Norton, L. .. .,,, 328 Nourse, D. .. ..,, 427 Novak, R. .... .. .. .....238 Novak, T. ... . . . .2461 Novander, R. . . . . Novielli, D. .. Novitzke, D. .. Novontny, R. . Novwolt, S. .. Nowell, M. . . . Nowicki, J. . . . Nown, U. ...... . Nuemberg, R. ... Nurenberg, S. . Nusbaum, D. .. Nuss, W. .... . Nustad, A. . . . Nutter, C. . . . . Nutting, S. .. .... Nye, S. ...... . . . . Nygren, I. ... .. O Oakwood, J. ...... . Oberlin, D. . . .. Obermayr, D. .. Oberts, J. .... O'Boy1e, O'Brien, J. ... .. O'Brien, P. ... .... O'Brien, R. .. ... O'Brien, T. ... .. P. .. Obst, J. .......... . Ockerlander, H. .... O'Connell, D. ..219 O'Connell, J. .... 1. O'Connor, J. ...... . O'Connor, M. .... . Odar, J. ,.... ..... . Oechslein, W. .... . Oehrlein, F. ...... . Oelke, D. .... .. Oestreich, C. ...... . Oestreicher, J. . . . . 428 ...,.428 .....3l3 ....403 ....383 ....428 ....30l ....360 ....246 ....403 ....35l ....238 .267 .314 . 346 .273 .246 '347 517 373 .370 Oestrich, C. Ofenloch,C. Ogden, S. ,... . . . . .285 Ogilvie,K. O,Hern, T. . . . Ohlhausen, J. . Ohlhues, B. .. .... Ohrn, M. . . . . . . .357 Ohtaka, O'Keefe, S. .... Okonek, M. .... . O'Laughlin, C. Oleson, J. ..... .. Oleson, R. Olevsky, H. . . . . Oliver, C. .. Oliver, W. .. Olk, T. . . . Olle, A. . . . . Ollech, S. .. Olney, C. .. Olsen, C. .233 a v 1 1 1 x .428 .358 .361 428 358 .346 428 .301 .360 .405 .363 .315 369 428 .428 .353 .428 428 .283 .378 326 .358 .379 428 .244 .379 403 .248 .330 320 .361 .319 .428 .330 428 .372 .312 .428 .363 .221 428 .428 .363 .367 ....359 ....428 ....365 .....347 .....428 oisen, J. ...... 185,307,428 oisen, K. .. ...... 352,355 oisen, M. .. ..... 329,358 Olson, B. ...... 257, 316, 319,332,353 Olson, C. . . ....,. 286, 428 Olson, E. ........ ..3l9 Olson, J. ...... 320, 353,403 Olson, K. ..... 316, 326, 356, 358, 362, 365,428 Olson, P. ............... 428 Olson, R. ............... 333 Olson, S. . . ..... 373, 392 Olson, W. .... . ........ 428 Oltman, W. ........ 340, 375 O'Melia, M. .... 295 301 319 O'Neal, s. ..... 337,358 0'Nei1, J. .. ......... 314 O'Neill, J. .... ..... 2 35 428 Onosko, A. .... ....... 3 58 Opgenorth, G. ...... 336 428 Oppenheim, J. ...... 284 348 0PP6nheimer, J. ......... 392 Oppenheimer, L. ........ 396 Oppermann, N. .. .... 343 Oppenmann, P. .. .... 320 Orberg, G. .... ,.,, 3 61 Orhn, M. .... . Orlow, V. .... . Ofmsby, M. ...... . O'Rourke, S. ..... . Orr, S. .... 216, 217, Orton, P. ........ . Ort-Puls, S. .. .,,, Ory, H. ...... . . Osborn Osbom , D. ,G. .. ....252 ....35l 284 Osgood, D. .. .... 261, Osswald, H. .. Oster, C. ... , , 340 .....357 428 .252 361 .248 349 .. . . .309 .,...257 .. . . .353 286, 287, 371 .217, 428 .....369 Oster, J. .... 346,423 Osterhof, G. .... .... 3 49 Osterhoff, K. ... .. 359 Ostertag, J. .. ... 368 Ostrander, G. . .. .... .. 323 Ostrom, L. . . 295 301 Oswald, J. ......... 257 347 Oswald, L. ............ 428 Otjen, L. ..252, 312, 350 354 Ottery, S. ..... 331 Otto, T. . .. 320 428 Over, P. ..... 352 Overdier, C. ....... 249 428 Owen, T. 217 Owens, D. .. . .. 428 Owens, L. . 326 359 Oxman, H. . .. ... 428 P Paap, H. ....... ...... 4 28 Paar, R. .... 298 301 Paasch, K. ... ... 330 Pacek, B. 272 Pacek, R. . 253 330 Pachter, B. . . 308 428 Paddock, B. . . . .. 280 Paddock, E. .. ... 366 Paddock, J. .. ... 241 Paddock, P. .... .... 3 36 Padzensky, R. .. .... 392 Paif, A. ...... .... 4 28 Page, A. .... .... 4 28 Page, C. ........... 217, 269 Page, S. ............ 305, 349 Pagenkopf, M. .......... 216 Pairan, J. ..... ..... 3 63 Paisley, D. ... . . . .428 Palecek, J. ... . . . .383 Palecek, F. ... ... .358 Paley, J. ....342 Paley, H. ... ....404 Paley, M. .....428 Pallot, R. .. ..... 324 Palm, R. .. 333 428 Palmer, C. . .. . . . . .428 Palmer, M. .. .... 316 Palmer, P. ... ,...352 Palmer, R. . .. ... .428 Palmeri, J. ..., .... 2 70 Palmquist, G. . . ..... 428 Palmquist, J. .. ....... 311 Paluczak, R. ....... 325 428 Palzer, R. ,......... 217 428 Pamperin, R. .. ....... 428 Pamperin, T. .. ..... 346 Panek, E. ....... .... 4 28 Papageorge, M. .... 352 Papandrea, J. .. ..... 428 Parcher, J. . . . ..... . .428 Parentice, M. ...... 297 332 Pari, L. ..... 316 353 Parins, T. .. ....... 428 Parisi, J. . . ..... 340 Parisi, L. . .. ... .428 Parisi, S. . .... 358 Park, J. ....359 Park,T. ...,372 Parke, J. ...,. .... 4 O5 Parshall, R. .. .... 378 Parsons, B. .....364 Parsons, F. . . . ..... . .346 Parsons, J. . . . 378 428 Pas, W. ...... ....... 3 '51 Pasahow, J . . ..., 327 Pasch, E. .... 308 392 Paske, J. ..,........... 305 Pasqualucci, C. .. . .... 363 Pasternak, J. .. ..... 429 Patchett, W. .. ...... 321 Patek, D. .... 286 380 Patelski, C. .. ...... 392 Patelski, L. . . . . . 326 Patterson, D. ...... 295 339 Patterson, R. . . ...... 296 Paul, R. ..... . .. 373 Pauley, M. ... ... 429 Paulik, J. .. .. 359 Pauls, S. ..... . . 324 Paulsen, M. .. . . .311 Paulson, A. .. . . .429 Paulson, C. .. . .. .363 Pauls'on, G. .. . . .360 Paulson, L. . . . ...331 Paulson, M. .. . . .255 Paulson, P. ... . , .405 Paust, J. ..... . . .358 Pautsch, M. . . . . .379 Pavelec, K. . . . . .429 Payne, G. .. ..... 363 Payne, K. . . ........ 286 Payne. V. . . 326, 354 Pearce, D. .. ....... 403 Pearl, C. . . . .... 248, 429 Pearl, F. ..... ....... 3 09 Pearlman, R. .. . . .339 Pearlmuter, R. ... ..... Pearlmutter, D. ....... . Pearson, D. ........ 254, Pearson, R. .. .... 244, Peavy,R. Pech,R. .. Peck, A. ...... ...... . Peck, M. ............. . Peckarsky, J. ...... 308, Pecor, J. ..... ...... . Pedersen, G. ... ..... Pekarsky, M. . . . . . . . Pelatzke, K. . . . . . Pelton, M. . . . . Pember, R. Penn, R. ....... .... . Penwarden, J. .. ... Perault, T. . . . . . Percjem, C. .. .. Perkins, G. .... .. Perlstein, R. ......... . Perozzi, W. .......... . 382 Perry, J, ...... 244, , Persells, K. ........ . . . . 327 Pertain, T. .. .... , Pesce,L.... Pesch, 217 Peshek, P. . ... . , Pessin, M. . .... .. Petering, E. .. Peterman, J. Peterman, L. ...... 244, Peterman, M. ...... 286, Peters, E, .... ...... . Peters, G. ............ . Peters, J. ....... 352, 365 Peters, M. . ...... 316 Peters, W. Petersen, I. ... .. . Petersen, J. . . . . . Petersen, K. . . . .. Petersen, L. Petersen, O. Petersen, R. . . .... 322, 348 309 341 429 307 429 367 396 392 325 429 429 377 359 429 403 341 366 403 358 372 378 429 358 358 .219 358 285 345 .429 .379 373 378 .376 .285 381 352 .321 .217 .339 .249 . . ...... 377 . . ......... 227 429 Petersen, W. ., ....... 257 Peterson, A. .. . ..... ..3ll Peterson, C. .. .... 327, 352, Peterson, D. ....... 238, 314, 351, 328, 429 286, 375 Peterson, G. ............ 372 Peterson, I. ............. 405 Peterson, J. .... 266, 244, 286, 287, 284, 369, 379, 381, 429 Peterson, K. . . .296, 340, 429 Peterson, M. ........... 361 Peterson, P. .... 217, 382, 429 Peterson, R. ...217, 238, 346, 372, 379, 378, 301 Peterson, S. .... 324, 362 429 Peterson, T. ........ 313, 429 Peterson, W. . . . ..... . .306 Petiniot, J. ... ..... . .351 Petrof, M. . ..,. 217 429 Pett, P. ...... ..... 3 81 Pettersen, B. ... .....392 Petterson, T. .. ....... 383 Pettibone, J. ....... 286 381 Pfaifenbach, D. . . ..... 429 Pfalfenbach, E. . . .... 429 Pfeifer, J . ...... .... 4 29 Pfeiffer, J. ... . . . .358 Pfister, B. .. ....... 429 Pfister, M. .... ........ 3 59 Pfister, S. .......... 316,353 Pfotenhauer, B. ........ 429 Phelps, M, . . . . . . .349, 429 Phelps, P. .... ....... 3 37 Phelps, W. ... .....377 Phemister, R. . . . ..... . .341 Phillips, J. . . . .... 325, 366 Phillips, K. . . . . ..... 314 Phillips, M. .. ..... 429 Phillips, N. . . ....... 308 Phinney, L. . . .... 314, 354 Pich, W. . . ....... 429 Pick,P. ....352 Pick, R. .... .... 3 68 Pickens, R. . .. ..... .. 369 Picker, B. ... .... 217, 429 Pier, C. .... .. 380 Pier, J. .... .... 3 61 Pierce, M. . . .... 375 Pierce, R. . . .... 321 Pierce, S. ..... . . 328 Pierpont, G. . . . . . . . 366 Pihos, B. .... ....... 4 29 Pillath, R. ......... 298, 301 Pinkowsky, F. ......... 354 Pipkorn, D. .... 217, 285, 429 Pippin, G. ..........' . . 429 Pitch, A. . . .......... 392 Pitch, D. . . ..... 340 Pitkin, G. . . . ..... .349 Pitsch, L. . . . .... 321, 429 Pitt. S. ..... . .....429 Pittelman, J. . ..... 379 Pitzer, S. .... ..... 3 57 Pitzner. S. .. , ....... 382 Pizer, l-l. ., .... 348 429 Plager, R. ... .... ,.429 Plnncky, R. .. ..... 372 Plantico, K. .. ..... 358 Plath, P. .., .....429 Platt. S. .... .269 Platlen, P. .. ..... 329 Plattis, S. ... ..... 355 Platz, F, .. ..... 340 Plautz. J. . ...... 313 Plenge, R. . . 248 362 Plenke. J. .... . .... 429 Pleshek, K. . .. .... 305 Pliszka, J, . . .... 362 Plitt. B. ....36l Ploetz, P. ... ....352 Plotkin, J. ., ,... 362 Podolske, R. .. ....307 Poellinger, P. ..., 429 Pofahl, S. ..... .,.. 3 49 Poli, V. .... ,... 3 67 Pohl, R. .... ...... 3 75 Pohland. L. ... .... 235,429 Pohle, B. 248 312 Pohle, E. .. .... 404 Pohle, T. . .... 320 Polcyn, J. ... ..,.370 Pollard, C. .. .... 429 Pollen, B. . .... 429 Polley, J. . .... 354 Pollnow, J. .. .... 375 Pollock, R. .. .... 342 Polster, R. .. .... 335 Polzak, A. .. .... 344 Polzin, A, .. ..., 375 Ponath, J. ..., ...339, 429 Pongratz, D. . . ...... 429 Poole, J. .... ..,. 4 04 Poons, H. . .... 252 Pope, M. ..,.359 Porter, B. .. 333, 360 Porter, D. ... ....360 Porter, R. .,... .... 3 01 Posekany, R. .. .,.. 370 Possin, G. ... ..,.429 Potter, K. ....316 Poulson, E. ... ....375 Poulson, J. ... . . . .330 Poulson, T. ... ., . .429 Powell, J. ....367 Powrie, P. . . 217, 329 Pranica, A. . . . . . .244 Pratt, M. ...,359 Pratt, R. .... .... 3 71 Preist, R. ....... ...... 3 70 Prestegard, P. .... 429 Preston, P. .... .. .248, 363 Pribble, E. .. .... 376 Pribnow, J. . .... 383 Price, R. ... ....373 Price, S. ... ....429 Pride, D. . . 296, 301 Priebe, G. ..... .... 4 29 Priegnitz, W. .. .... 322 Prigg, S. .... .... 3 54 Prijic, A. .... .... 3 53 Primakow, J. .. .... 392 Prime, S. .... .,.. 4 05 Principe, J. . .... 429 Pristelski, J. ... . .. 331 Pritchard, G. .. ..... 282 Pritchard, L. .. ....... 329 Pritzl, D. ..... ..,31l, 429 Prochnow, J. 376, 429 Propst, D. 311 Propp, G. ..... 382 Proulx, D. ..... .... 4 29 Prudhomme, D. . . . . . 373 Przybylski, R. 430 Ptacek, E. ..... . .. 372 Ptacek, M. . 298 Pucel, B. .. 217,430 Puestow, S. .. .. . 354 Pugh, R. ... 312, 355 Pugh, T. .... 374 Pullman, H. ... . . .217, 430 Puls, L. ...... . .. 320 Pum, R. ........ . , , 379 Purchatzke, G. 217 Purdy, M. ..... ..... 3 62 Purnell, J. .... ....... 3 32 Purtell, S. ......... 305, 430 Putterman, A. 404 Putz, G. ....,.. . . . 377 Putz, J. 369 Putz, K. .,... .. 430 Putzer, S. ..... .... 3 12 430 Q Quade, R. ......... . Quady, D. .... . iid 258 430 Quacrna. A. ... ..... .315 Qualc, D. .... 301 430 Quail, P. ...... .... 3 81 Qunlley, G. ... ....34O Quam. R. .., . . . .249 Ouasny. P. ,... .... 3 63 Quellmalz. B. .,.. 359 Querry, L. ..... .... 3 59 Quimby. H. ... ..., 430 Quinn, E. ,.,. .... 2 96 Quirk, M. . . ....369 Quirk. N, ......,......, 273 Quisling, J. ...,.... 279 280 Quisling, R, .. 339 369 Quisling, S. ............. 430 R Rubns, C. ..... .... 4 30 Rnbns. E. .. .... 351 Rabb. G. .... ...... 3 63 Rabinkoll, C. .. .... 327 355 Rachlin. D, .... ---... 3 09 Rziddnnl, C. ... .... 430 Radford, T. ... .... 329 Radke, J. .... . ,..... 365 Ratlkc. R. ,... 217 430 Ratlloll. D. . ...273 383 Rndloll, J, .. .... 231 430 Rndtke, D, .. ...... 430 Radtkc, M. .. ..,..... 376 Rzidtke, S. .. ,, .248 430 Radutzky, E. .. . . .342 392 Raemish. J. .. ...... 341 Raether, B. . .. ...... 352 Racubcr. B. ... ......., 354 Rall, C. ..... ,... 2 I7 430 Ragatz, A. .. ,...,. 363 Ragir, M. . ,... 148 Ragus. J. .. ..., 376 Ragus, T. . .... 330 Rahjes, G. .. .-.. 430 Rahn, E. .. .-...... 430 Rahn, K. ...235 349 Raitz, B. ..., ...... 3 57 Ramaker, B, ... ...244 430 Rambo. J. ... . . .383 430 Ramon, S. .. ,...,. 430 Ramsey, E. ., .... 364 Ramsey, S. .... .... 3 58 Randall, D. ... .... 430 Randall. J. .. .... 403 Randall. K. .. ...... 430 Randall, M. ... ...324 363 Rank, D. ... ..... .320 Rank, S. .... .......,. 3 28 Ransom, R. ........ 238 322 Rappaport, R. 337, 430 Rasch, G. .............. 366 Rasch, M. ...... ...364 Raschka, M. ., .... 361 Rashid, J. ..... ..., 4 30 Rashkow, B. .. .... 309 Rasmusen, J. .. .... 430 Rasmussen, B. ..,....... 257 Rasmussen, J. .......... 328 Rasmussen, S. ..312,352 355 Rath, M. ............... 345 Rathert, N. .. .....,... 396 Ratner, K. ..... .... 3 59 Rattmann, J. .. .... 373 Rauch, D, ........ .... 3 63 Raueber, B. ............ 319 Rauschenberger, ..... 375 Rauschenberger, ..... 314 Ravid, P. .......... 309 430 Ravine, A. ... . , . . .430 Ray, A. ...366 430 Ray, J. .. ...217 392 Ray, K. .. ...... 363 Ray, M. .. ..... 376 Ray, R. ..... ., .238 346 Ray, T. ....... .. .306 430 Raymaker, M. ...... 341, 430 Razvi, O. ...... ...... 2 38 Read, R. .... ..... 3 18 Reading, W. . .. ...321 430 Ready, H. ..... ........ 4 30 Rebholz, E. .... 217 430 Redd, M. .... ..... 3 70 Redell, K. ... .....430 Redfield, J, . . 279, 281, 333 430 Reed, C. .. ..... 349 Reed, K. .. .... 360 Reed, N. .. .... 358 Reed, R. .. .... 257 Rees, J. .. ,... 355 Reese, J. .. .... 354 Reetz, R. . . .373 Reetz, S. ,. .... 350 Reeve, S. .. .... 358 Reeves, E. .. .... 430 Reeves, L. .. . . . . .320 Reff, C. ....241 Rcgner, J. .. Rehder, S. .. Rehm, E. .. Reich, D. . Reich. R. .. Reich, T. . . . Rcichard, D, Reichardt, E. .. Reichurdt. K. .. Reichardt, R. . Rcichcnbach. C. Reichert, A. ... Reichert, D. . .. Reid, R. ..., Reicrson, M. .. Rcifclt, H. Rcigcl, A. .. . . Reigcl, D. .... . Reigcl, NV. . . . Reilly, T. ... Reilly, W. .., Rvsimann, J. ... Reimer, B. Reimer, D. .. Reimer, L. Reimer, R. .. Reiner, D. Rcinert, S. p. .. Reinhard, G. Reinish, R. ., Reinkc, A. .. Rcinke, M. ., Reis, E. ....268 376 ..,...351 255 ...,....371 ..,.392 430 ......376 ....273 ....238 ....377 . .... 301 . . .... 392 . .... 351 ....241 ......357 .....2l7 248 .........377 .217, 249, 430 .........404 ....430 ....325 ...,430 ....255 ....248 ....267 ..,.430 ....33l ....30l ....364 ,..,378 ........348 ...3l9 392 ..,...373 ........430 Reitcn, T. .. ...,. 217, 301, 366. 430 Reiter. M. ... . . .309 430 Reitman, K. ... ..... .309 Rcitman. W. .. .... 430 Reklnu, M. . . .... 358 Rekstcn, J. .. .... 246 Relph. C. .... . Remlingcr. W. . Renard, R. .... Rendall, D. .. Rcndall. T. .. Renncr, M. .. Rcnner, S. Rcnnicke, C. Rensch, J. .... . Rcnskink, M. .. Rentmeester. G. Renzulli, J. Rcpine, J. .... . Repphun, W. .. ..,...359 ..,..367 430 ......375 ....359 ....369 ..,.430 ....3l5 ....379 . ..., 430 ....3'75 .. .... 357 . .... 358 ....325 ....372 Reslock, J. .. .... 431 Resnick, L. .. .... 431 Resnick, M. ... ....348 Ress, R, ..... .... 3 83 Reltig, P. ....43l Retzlaif, D. ... ...... ..376 Reuter, A. .. .... 264 321 Reuter, E. .. ...... 373 Reuwgg, M. . . . . . .314 359 Revitz, J. ...... .... 3 92 Reyenga, L. ... ..,.358 Reynolds, A. .. .... 358 Reynolds, J. ... . . . .368 Reynoldson, S. .. .... 396 Rezin, K. ..... .... 3 54 Reznichek. J. .. .... 431 Reznichek, R. ... ....34O Rhein, M. ...... .... 3 12 Rheingans, K. . .... 355 Rhoades, J. . .. . . . .365 Rhode, P. ....359 Rhodes,J. ....35l Ricart, J. . .... 286 Ricart, L. ... .... ..217 Ricci, E. ...,. ...235, 431 Ricciardi, C. ............ 431 Ricciardi, J. ............ 359 Rice, D. ,..... 219, 372 381 Rice, E. . . ......... 376 Rice, J. .... .... 3 64 404 Rice, K. . . ...... 359 Rice, M. .... .... 3 12 Richards, E. ........... 286 Richards, H. ............ 329 Richards, M. ...300, 329 431 Richards, R. ........ 360 364 Richardson, J. .......... 431 Richardson, W. ......... 258 Richert, B. ......... 329 431 Richgels, M. ... .... . .314 Richman, C, .... 325 431 Richter, A. . . ...... 365 Richter, E. .. .... 365 Richter, P. . .. ... .295 Ricker, K. ..,.431 Ricker, S. .... 358 Rickli, M. ...... .... 3 62 Ridberg, E. ....... .... 4 31 Riddleberger, A. ....... 327 Rideout, C. ....... .... 3 15 Rideout, V. .... 217, 315, Ridley, M. ...... . ..... . . Riedemann, D. . . . Rlefkm, E. .... .... Rieth, S. .... Rifken, M. .. Rikkers, B. .. Rikkers, J. .. Riler, M. . . . Riley, R. .,.. Rimbach, E. ........,. ,. Rindlleisch, D. .. Rinclli, M. .... . Rinclli, S. ... Ring, J. ....... . Ringrose, C. .... Rippen, G. .... . Risley, R. .. Ristow, K. .. Ritter, B. ... Ritter, S. ..... . Rittschof, N. Ritzenlhaler, J. . Ritzman, N. .... Rivkin. D. .... . Rizzo, J. Roach, G. .. Roamer, J. .. Robak, G. Robak, J. .. Robbins, P. . Robbins, R. , .... Robel, R. ..... . Roberton, M. Roberts, A. .. Roberts, C. .. Roberts, D. .. Roberts, E. . Roberts, H. .. Roberts, J. .. Roberts, K. .. Roberts, L. ., Roberts, M. ,....... . Roberts, R. .... 348 Roberts, S. ......,. . Robertson, A. ..286, Robertson, J. ...... . Robey, T. Robin, F. .. .. Robin, M. .... . Robinson, J. Robinson, K. .. .. Robinson, M. Roche, J. ...... . . Roche, K. .... . Rochwerger, S. Rodee, J. . Roden, R. ...... .. Rodenkirch, N. . Rodes, S. ..... . Rodhe, P. Rodie, S. .. Rody, D. .. Roebke, D. .. Roebuck, A. Roed, P. . . . . Roeder, W. .. Roehrig, P, .. Roemer, J. .,.. Roeming, P. Roepke, L. .. Roeser, M. .. Roessel, J. ..... . . . . Roesselet, B. ...... . Roethe, A, ...,.... . Roethe, J. ..307, 341, Roethlisberger, F. Rogenski, T. ....... , Rogers, L. ....... .. Rogness, J. .... .. Rogowski, R. . , . . . . Rohda, R. . . . Rohde, J. .. Rohde, P. Rohloff, M. .. Rohrbeck, G. .. Rohrer, C, . . . Rohstaff, O, ....... . Rolke, R. ...... 217, Roll, L. .... ...... . Rollay, D. .. . Rollefson, R, .. Romary, J. .... Romayko, D. .. .. Rome, J. ....,..... . Rome, N. ......... . Rommelfanger, A. . . . Ronsholdt, J. .... . Root, D. ........ . . . . Root, N. . .. Roper, C. . . . Roper, E. .. Roscher, R. .. Rose, E. Rose, J. .. 431 216 369 392 367 348 318 261 352 381 363 431 352 378 325 431 271 431 355 361 353 316 431 363 431 431 361 431 431 244 348 346 431 252 431 360 340 360 298 359 431 314 324 431 340 431 316 325 431 431 377 248 431 370 431 431 431 273 246 396 320 327 376 307 431 357 431 431 379 351 431 431 431 431 341 376 297 315 305 358 331 307 235 320 361 431 405 381 431 359 375 431 295 360 357 382 367 363 376 250 312 361 373 308 392 Rosecky, .. 370 Rosemurgy, B. 340 Rosemurgy, P. .. 431 Rosen, N. .... 392 Rosen, S. ...... 431 Rosen, W. .... 392 Rosenau, J. ... 258 Rosenbaum, J. 355 Rosenberg, K. 431 Rosenberg, R. 392 Rosenberry, E. 431 Rosenberry, P. 364 Rosenberry, S. 286 Rosenblatt, B. 348 Rosenblatt, V. 342 Rosenbloom, L. 431 Rosenblum, K. 431 Rosenfeld, F. . 342 Rosenfield, R. . 272 Rosenkranz, S. 431 Rosenow, D. .. 358 Rosenow, J. .. . . .. 371 Rosenstein, M. 392 Rosenstein, R. 367 Rosenthal, M. 374 Rosenthal, R. ....... 376 Rosenthal, S. . 431 Rosenwald, J. 431 Roshardt, M. . 431 Ross, B. ...... 305 Ross, J. .... ,333 Ross, L. .... 392 Ross, S. ...... .359 Rosser, W. 432 Rossman, E. ... . .. .351 Rost, F. .... 321 Rost, T. .... .432 Roston D. .... .372 Rotenberg, J. .. .376 Rotgin, C. .. .308 Roth, B. .... .430 Roth, D. 363 Roth, J. ., 432 Roth, M. 358 Roth, W. ..... 432 Rothman, K. ............ 432 Roup, C. ..... 371 Rowald, R. .258 Rowan, B. .. .326 Rowan, P. .... .326 Rowe, L. ...... 314, 432 Rowlands, E. . ..,....... 377 Rowlands, T. .. .377 Rowley, J. .. .403 Rowley, W. .. .273 Rozner, M. .. .274 Rubin, l. .309 Rubin, J. ...,.,..... 342 432 Rubin, R. .... 392 432 Rubinowitz, L. .309 Ruby, J . ....... ,.... 3 29 432 Rudat, K. .,.. 432 Rudberg, C. . . . ..... . .432 Rudd, G. .432 Rudd, J. .... 282 Rude, P. .... .362 Rudisill, M. .. 353 Rudolf, D. .. .333 Rudolf, W. .. .432 Rudolph, J. .... .432 Rudolph, K. .351 Rudolph, P. . .312 Rudolph, W. ........... 367 Ruebsamen, C. .432 Ruef, R. ........... 238 322 Ruesch, S. .. .372 Ruess, R, ........... 362 Ruesselet, B. ....,....... 248 Rueter, H. .... 380 432 Rufe, K. .... .353 Ruffolo, J. ..... .366 Ruliffson, B. ............ 307 Rulseh, S. .............. 432 Rummele, J. . . .272, 274, 313, 432 Rumsey, K. . , ......... 359 Runk, B. ...-359 Runke, P. ....379 Runkel, M. .. .... 359 Runkel, P. .... .... 4 32 Runyan, A. .... ,... 3 32 Runzheimer, L. .. ..... 217 Rusch, D. .............. 300 Rushford, M. . 362 Ruskin, J, .... ..... 2 73, 372 Rusky, A. .. ......, 377 Russell, D. ..... 296,367 Russell, J. .. ..,.... 359 Russell, P. .. ..... 432 Russo, A. .. .... 357 Ruston, D. ..... .... 3 75 Ruth, R. ........,. .... 4 03 Rutherford, R. ..........3-44 379 Ruthmansdorf er, K. .... . Rutishauser, M. . . . . . . . 432 Rutschow, C. Rutter, T. .,.. ...... . Rutz. L. ,... .... 3 51 Ruzie. B... Ryan,K.... Ryan. M. ..... . . . . Ryan, P. ...,... .. .. Rychlowski. B. ........ . Rynders, B. ......... 312 Rysticken, T. ... ...... S Sabatke, S. Sabin, J. .... Sachio, N. Sachnoff, B. .. sack, K. ........... 308, Sackerson, J. . . . ..... Sacks, M. .... .... . Sadowski, M. ...,... 250, Saecker, J. ... . . . .258, Saeger, S. Safer, E. ..... .... Sagemiller, G. .. ... . Sagle, J. ..... ... . Saichel, D. .. .... Saichek, S. .. .... St. Clair, J. .. St. Louis, L. ....... 279, St. Louis, L. .. Saitlin, S. ... .... Sale, E.... Saler, J. ...... .... 2 58, Salinger,C.... Salm, N. .... .... 2 38, Saloff, P. .... .... . Schaefer, B. .. .. .. Salvesen, L. .......... . Salzman, C. ........ 217, Sampe, D. ...... 217, 350, Sampe, F. ............ . Samsel, L. ......... 350 Samuelson, J. ... ..... Sanders, B. Sanders, S. Sandholm, T. ....... 334, Sands, L. ............. . Sandstrom, E. ...... 371, Sandstrom, S. . . . ..... Sandvick, C. .. .. . . Sanfellippo, C. .. ..... Sanford,J. Sanger, K. ... . . . .244, Saphir, W. . . .... 286, Sapora, J. ...... .... . Sappentield, S. .. .... Sargent, M. ... .... Sarin, V. .... . . . . Sather, G. Sauer, C. .... . . . . Sauey, N. Saunders, R. .. .... Savidusky, D. . . . . . . . Sawczuk, B. .. .. .. Sawicki, K. Sawyer, D. . . .... 377 Sawyer, R. .. Scaggs,W. Scarlett,L. Scarth, L. ... ...,217 Sch, M. .... .... . Schaef, K. ...... .... . Schachner, M. ........ . Schadeberg, K. ...... 257, Schaefer, B. .. .... 6.. Schaefer, D. .. . . .. Schaefer, G. .. . . .. Schaefer, J. Schaefer, M. .. .... 323 Schaefer, P. . . . ..... Schaefer, R. . . .... 325 Schafer, G.... Schafer, V. .. .... Schaffer . . . Schaffner R Schaleben, Schall, D. .... .... 3 50 Schaller, S. ,M. .. . Schaffer, S. ..... .... 5 M.'f..f1f Schamber, G. . .. .... Schanen, D. .. .... Schanen, P. .. Schanen, W. .. .... Schappe, R. . . .... 334 Scharrer,J. Schauder, K. .. .. . . .. Schauder, S. .. .... 319 Schaefer, B Scheele, B. Scheele, C, Scheele, S. Scheer, A. Scheerer, R. .. . f f f . f f 333 Schell, s. ..... .... 3 24 Schell-ter, L. .. ...,U 1 9 9 9 432 304 352 312 231 364 241 432 432 333 354 405 374 392 432 298 432 432 352 358 354 378 382 272 342 435 435 255 432 352 362 309 311 364 432 343 308 354 354 351 355 217 316 432 396 432 361 361 325 348 432 369 258 327 369 367 380 312 373 432 305 365 360 432 432 318 432 432 331 307 319 378 432 432 316 307 358 306 373 351 432 432 360 392 328 353 405 370 358 432 432 432 432 351 432 361 330 382 354 378 432 357 432 Scheller, K. ............ 363 Schellin, S. ..... 221, 286, 380 Schendel, D. ............ 371 Scherf, D. .............. 258 Scheuffner, D. .. . . . .375 Scheunemann, L. .. .... 377 Scheuner, J. .... .... 43 2 Schiebler, C. ... ....253 Schiel, E. .... .... 3 49 Schiff, P. .. .... 392 Schiff, P. .... .... 3 92 Schiller, H. .... .... 2 17 Schillinger, S. .. .... 432 Schilz, C. .... .... 4 32 Schilz, J. ...... ...... 3 81 Schinner, S. ... ..... . .328 Schipper, S. ...350 353 Schlachter, S. .. ...... 432 Schlatter, C. .... .... 3 60 Schlaeben, M. ... . . . .355 Schlereth, J. ... ....432 Schlichting, P. .. .... 403 Schlimgen, L. ... ....334 Schlimovitz, A. .. .... 309 Schliz, J. ......... .... 3 81 Schmaltz, L. ............ 367 Schmatzenhagen, J. ..... .320 Schmelling, W. .......... 371 Schmidlkofer, M. .. .... 315 Schmidman, R. .. .... 433 Schmidt, A. .. ...... 341 Schmidt, B. .. ...350, 352 Schmidt, F. .. ...... 433 Schmidt, H. .. ......... 273 Schmidt, J. ......... 358, 361 Schmidt, K. .... 314, 341, 352, 370 433 Schmidt, L. ......... 371 372 Schmidt, M. .... 315, 326 359 Schmidt, N. ............ 403 Schmidt, P. ............ 345 Schmidt, S. ..... 365, 367 370 Schmidt, T. ............. 272 Schmidtke, J. ....... 373 375 Schmidtman, J. ......... 365 Schmidy, G. .... .... 2 38 Schmieden, R. .. .... 318 Schmill, K. .. .... 362 Schmitt, S. ... ... .361 Schmitz, J. ... .. . .257 Schmitz, R. .. ...... 241 Schnabel, G. ....... 284 306 Schnarsky, D. ........... 341 Schneck, C. .... . . .326, 433 Schneiberg, P. .. . .... .392 Schneider, B. .. .... 316 Schneider, E. .. .... 368 Schneider, J. . . . .... . .378 Schneider, K. . . . . .350 352 Schneider, M. .... .... 3 61 Schneider, R. ........... 372 Schneiderman, D. ....... 308 Schoef, M. ........ .... 3 26 Schoenecker, P. ... . . . .318 Schoenfeld, S. .... .... 2 61 Schoengarth, L. . .. ....374 Schoengrund, C. .. .... 378 Schoengrund, J. ......... 313 Schoenhoffen, B. .... 319, 433 Schoeniclc, J. . . . .... . .353 Schoenick, T. .. . . . .336 Schoening, J. . . . . . . .345 Schoenke, R. ...... . . . .331 Schoenleber, D. . . . . . . .373 Schoessling, A. . . . . . . .319 Schomberg, D. .... .... 2 38 Schomberg, W. . . . . . . .322 Schomburg, K. .. .... 4'33 Schonath, G. .. .... 315 Schooff, M. ............. 352 Schowalter, B. . ..... 351,373 Schowalter, E. .. ...... 350 Schowalter, H. ...... 375,433 Schowe, C. .. ..... .326 Schrader, J. .... ...... 2 48 Schrage, M. . .. .. .319, 433 Schram, S. .. . .. . .433 Schrank, C. .... ,,,. 3 18 Schrank, R. . . . . . . .375 Schranz, J. .. ,,,, 372 Schreier, R. .. .... 307 Schreiner, A. .. .... 433 Schreiner, N. .. .... 316 Schriber, S. .. ,,,, 327 Schribner, V. ........... 353 Schroeder, D. ........... 433 Schroeder, J. ...341 371 433 Schroeder, L. ....... 235 363 Schroeder, R. ....... 377 433 Schroeder, S. .. ...273 359 Schroth, B. .... ........ 2 52 Schubert, C. ... ...350 351 Schubert, F. .. . ..... .403 Schubert, G. ... ...,351 Schuch, J. ....368 Schuchardt, L. . Schuette, K. . . . . . . Schuette, P. ....... . Schuetter, D. . . . . . Schuetze, B. .. Schuetz, R. Schuh, P. .. Schuh, R. .. Schuh, T. . . . Schuler, E. Schuler, J. ... Schuler, R. Schulke, J. . . .. Schull, M. Schulman, C. . . . . . Schulman, M. .. .. . Schultheis, J. ...... . C Schultz, Schultz, D. . . . Schultz, J. Schultz, K. Schultz, S. .... Schulze, J. Schumacher, E. 356 376 249 iii 238 380 319 a 1 w 1 9 1 1 Schuning, L. . .. .... Schurch, J. Schuring, K. . .. .... Schuster, D. .. Schuster, R. .. Schuster, T. ............ . Schutte, J. ............. . Schutz, V. . .271, 272, 274, Schuyler, M. ........... . Schuyler, S. .......... . . . Schwacter, R. . . . . . . Schwalbe, P. .......... . Schwanbeck, N. ....... . Schwarte, J. ....... . 319, Schwartz,A. 433 355 354 373 352 358 227 433 433 359 337 311 364 326 433 392 339 352 383 433 354 354 380 433 353 217 301 433 433 249 358 433 377 433 348 370 248 362 392 359 Schwartz, C. ........... . Schwartz, H. ........... . Schwartz, P. .... 216, 3 54, Schwartz, M. .......... . Schwartz, T. ....... . . . . Schwartzman, W Schwarzhoff, J. Schwebs, K. ... .. .. Schweer, 'B. . . Schwefel, J. ... . . .. Schweger, C. . . . . . . Schwei, J. ..... . Schweitzer, D. Schwel, J. ..... ..... . 378 392 433 325 433 238 405 360 433 433 217 312 433 433 Schwenn, J . ............ . Schwersenska, I. . . . . Schwertfeger, J. 248, Schwertfeger, R. . . . . . . Schwindler, D. . .. ..... Schwoegler, B. Scifres, D. .......... 350 Scoon, J . .... . Scorgie, J. ..... ...... . Scornavacco, J. ..... 341 Scott, A. .... . Scott, B. Scott, J. Scott, N. Screnock, F. . . . . . . . Scribner, J. .... . . . . Scribner, V. . . . . . . . Scullion, S. Scurlock, S. .. Seale, P. Seals, J. Seaman, L. Seashore, S. .. Seaton, D. .... Seavers, V. Seborg, Sedieta, B. Scdillo, R. .. Seefore, A. D. Seehafer, D. ... .. ,, Seeley, G. .. . . Seelig, B. .. Seetan, C. .. Segal, C. Segrist, D. .. Sehnke, E. .. .. Seid, S. ........ . . . . Seidlinger, Seifert, A Selenfriend, W, , , , , , , Seligman, E. . . . . . . Seligman, G. . . . . . . Seligman, R. . . .. . . Selikotf, B. ... .... Selke, R. ...... ,,,, , Seminaro, A. .......... . Semmelhack, M. .... 217, Sengstock, R. .......... . Sentman, F. .. . , , , ,, Senzig, P. .. , , ,, Sergeant, G. . . .. .. Seroogy, J. 433 358 374 313 371 355 314 235 433 354 403 382 349 363 433 324 349 359 361 433 349 346 377 433 244 361 315 396 371 433 315 363 319 370 376 433 353 397 392 392 373 335 433 376 433 433 378 433 433 377 433 Serota, S. ...... 217, 329, Serpico, W. ........ 313, Settle, D. . . ..... . .. Setzer, P. ....... . . . Severance, J. . . . . . . Severson, B. . . .. .. Severson, R. . . . . . . . Sewell, W. .. .... Sewis,R.... Sexton, B. .. .... .. Seyforth, A. .. .... 320, Shaeffer,S.... Shafer, B. .. ... Shafer, J. .. ...... Shaffer, J. ............ . Shambeau, T. ..185, 274, Shands, G. ........... . Shands, H. Shanley, M. .. . . . . .. Shapiro, H. ... ... .263 Shapiro, J. .... ....... . Shapiro, M. .. .... 216 Shapiro,N.... Shapiro, P. . . . . .. Shapiro, R .... . . . Shapiro, S. ... . .. Sharer, Shark, J. ..... . . . Sharlip, P. ... . .. Sharpe, A. . . S. .. ... Sharpe, P. .... ... Sharpee, W. .. ... Sharpf, G. ... ... Sharratt, T. . . . . . . Shaw,K.... Shaw, L.... Shaw, S. .....352 SheafTer,S.... Sheahan, J. .. ... Shealy, M. ..... ... Sheehan, M. . . . . . Sheerar, C. . .. . . . . Sheiner, A. Shekore, F. ... . . . . .274 Shelby, C... Shelby, J. . . ..... 337 Shelker, L, . . . .... Sheller, V. ..... . . . Shepherd, P. ... . .. Shepherd, R. . .. .... Sheridan,S. Sherman, B. .. ..... 337 Sherman, N. ... .... Sherman, P. . .. ... Shernoff, M. . . . .. . Shervey, P. ... . . . 9 349 433 367 372 433 358 257 216 261 375 433 358 375 404 301 315, 433 433 433 244 433 329 433 434 255 434 342 359 392 308 342 362 378 283 378 355 342 357 .327 .369 .3'51 . 373 .344 392 373 360 434 280 364 .362 .434 .312 434 'Z26 Sherman,J.... .392 .434 .392 .305 Shick, R. ..... .... 2 96 ' 353 Shields, M. .... . . . . Shinners, M. ... . . . . .434 Shipman,J.... Shirey, R. .......... 217, Shlimovitz, A. ......... . 231 345 434 Shockley, W. .. ..... 366 Shoif, S. ...... .... 4 34 Short, D. ..... .... 3 41 Shortino, D. .. .... 257 Shovers, M. ... ....370 Showalter, B. .. .... 319 Shrake, R. .... .... 4 O5 Shrier, M. .. .... 363 Shubat, N. .. .... Shuler, R. . . . . . . Shulman, N. .. .... ... Shurts, M. .. ...... ... Shurts, N. .. .... 328, siddiqui, F. ... .... ..... Sidon, N. ............. . Siebel, K. ...... 295, 301, Siegel, A. .. ...... 217, Siegler, E. .... .... . Siegrist, D. . .. . . .. Sieker,J. Sielaif, S. .. . . .. Siemers, C. . .. . . .. Sievery, S. . . . . . . . Sigal, M. ..... . . . . Sigerstad, D. . . . . . . Sigman, B. ... . . .. Sigoloif, S. .... .. .. Silberman, L. . . . . . . Silberman, R. . . . . . . . Silbert, J. .. . . .. Silkert, J. .. .... Silver, S. Silverman, C. . . .... . . . Silverman, D. ....... 255, Silvestri, C. S1mdon,M.... Simester, T. . . . .. . . Simmon, N. Simmons, A. . . . .. . Simmons, J. .. ... Simmons, S. . . . . , 361 232 353 365 434 285 308 434 434 434 258 358 379 258 269 217 357 335 308 342 434 379 357 392 342 392 332 434 434 434 333 378 364 Simodi, C. . S1mon,H.... Simon, J. Simonsen, N. ... ..... Simonsen, S. Simonson, R. . . . ... .. Simpler, G. Simpson, B. . . .... . .. Simpson, G. .. ..... ... Simpson, M. .. .... 312, Sinclair, H. Sinclair, P. 357 434 309 217 434 318 434 316 434 434 357 434 Siner, J. .... ........ 3 76 Singer, C. . . . .... 355,434 Singer, D, . . ....... 392 Singer, L. .. . . .348 Sinn, S. ...... ...329 Sinykin, D. ... ...261 Siple, A. ... . . .216 Sipple, P. .... ..... 3 26 Siratovich, T. ........... 334 Sisson, S. .... .... 3 12, 355 Sitzman, J. . .... . .227 Sjogren, R. ... . . . . .325 Skalinder, E. . . . .. .343 Skalton, R. . . . .... .331 Skamser, P. ... ...., . .434 Skard, H. .. .... 264,315 Skarsten, K. .. .... 235, 357 Skeels, C. .... ......... 2 63 Skelton, R. ............. 434 Skilton,R. ...... 273, 344, 434 Skinner, J. . ....... ...... 4 34 Skolas, M. ............. 434 Skornicka, J. . .279, 281, 333, 434 Skoug, D. .... .... 2 82 Skutley, K. . .. ... .351 Skyler, D. . . .... 324 Slaby, R. . .. . . . .372 Slack, R. ..... .... 3 73 Slapikes, J. ... ... .189 Slavik, R. . . .434 Slavin, R. . . ......... 217 Slesinger, S. ............ 392 Slette, R. ....... 274, 347, 434 Sloan, T. ........ ..3l8 Slocumb, C. .. .... I .... 404 Smail, S. . . . . . . .353 Small, B. ... ....348 Small, S. ..... .... 3 23 Smallman, B. . . .... 434 Smallman, J. .. .... 351 Smart, B. .... .... 3 96 Smead, C. .... .... 3 80 Smedstad, M. . . .... 358 Smemo, A. . .. ....434 Smiley, T. .. .... 434 Smith, A. . . ..... 363 Smith, B. ... ........ . .365 Smith, C. .......... 340,380 Smith, D. ...... 332, 370, 434 Smith, E. .. ...... 238, 329 Smith, F. ............... 405 Smith, H. ............... 339 Smith, J. . .216, 273, 280, 341, 358, 392, 434 Smith, K. . .271, 352, 392,434 Smith, L. ............... 318 Smith, M.. .298, 312, 337, 360, 392, 434 Smith, N. .............. 333 Smith, P. ............... 434 Smith, R.. . 217, 272, 296, 301, 321, 379, 434 Smith, S. . .329, 337, 339, 347, 352, 314, 359, 376, 392,434 smith, T. .......... 375, 434 Smith, W.. .258, 284, 296, 301, 339 Smits, D. ............... 434 351 Smits, M. . . .... 308, Smoler, M. .......... . . .434 359 Snow, K. ........... 337, Soberalske, R. .......... 377 Sobota, S. .... ..... 3 68 Soden, J. .....434 Sodos, S. . .. . . . . .403 Sohlberg, D. . . . . .333 Sokol, S. ..... . . . .346 Solberg, B. ............ . Solberg, K. ............ . Soles, R. ...... 263, 282, Soley, C. ..... ....... . Solkovitz, L. . . . . . . . Soll, L. ..... ...- . Sollie, K. .. ... .- Solomon, R. .. .... Solovey, K. .. ..... Soltis, L. . . . ... .226, Soltis, S. ..... .... 2 50, Solverson, R. .......... . Solverson, G. .......... . Soman, G. ..... 337, 350, Sommertield, E. ........ . 359' 381 434 319 308 348 354 372 358 434 364 238 274 353 316 M. .... 316 Sommertield, SommerHelcl, P. ....... . Somodi, D. ..... .... S0ndow,.1. Sondrenl, W. ... ..... Sonnad. M. ........... . Sonneborn, J. ....... 392 Sonnenberg. J. .. ..... Sonosky, J. Sophir. W. .... ... Sorenson, L. .... ... Sorenson. D. ... ... Sorkin, A. Sorkowitz. P. ... ... Sorrention. R. ........ . Soss, L. ...... . .... 342. Soukup. E. .. ..... Soule, N. .,.. . . . Spnnagel, S. ... ... Spangeman. J. ..... .... Spangler. M .... 337, Sparks, R .... 336. Sparks,S.... Sparr. A. .. Spear, C. .... Specht. C. Speck.W.... Spector.J. Spector, M. .. .... Spector, R. .... ....... . Spellman, T. .. ...286. Spencer, A. .... ..... . Spennetta, T. .. .... Spero, P. .... ... . Spicer. J. ...... .... Spicer. W. ....... ... . Spiegelberg, D. .. .... Spiergler, F. Spieker. S. Spink, R. .. Spiro, S. .. Spitz. L. .. Spitzer, J. ... ...337, Spivack, N. Spletter, D. . .. ... Splinder, B. ... ... Splinter, J. .... .... . Spoeneman, C. ...... 327, Sponholtz, M. ...... 377. Spooner, A. ... .. .284, Sprague, M. Sprague, S. ... ... . . Sprague, W. . . . ...285, Sprecher, P. .......... . Sprindis, G. ....... 307, Spring, E. .......... 319, Springberg, P. . .2l6, 217, Springer, J. ........... . Squiers, J. Sredl, J. .. Staab, C. ..... Staats, P. . ...... . . . Stadelmann, D. ........ . Stadler, J. ............ . sram, B. ...... 217, 226, Staidl, G. ............. . Stair, D. .. Stall, C. ..., . . . . Staller, B. Stalter, J. Stamm,C.... Stamm,D.... Stamm, E. ..... . . . . Stamper, R. .. . ... . Stamptl, J. .... .. .. Stansberry, C. .......... . Stanskas, P. ........... . Stanton, S. .... 305, 316, Stark, C. ..... ......... . u . . . .... 308, 434 .383 .313 .216 .404 .273 434 .434 434 .286 .246 .434 .309 .286 .344 392 351 329 354 349 351 435 396 368 358 331 368 435 308 435 382 378 435 392 295 435 383 435 365 435 435 374 364 383 376 359 319 435 435 321 326 359 318 348 435 217 435 405 273 435 321 366 435 435 435 435 273 373 311 372 435 373 280 380 248 347 376 435 238 Stark, M. .............. 435 Stark, R. ..249, 366, 381, Stark, S. .............. . Starr, J. ..... ....., . Starritt, D. . . . . . . Stasko,J. .. Stathas, J. . . . . . . Statkus, A. ...... . . . Stauffacher, C. . . . . . . . Stauliacher, J. ........ . Stautfacher, R. ...... 238, Staulfer, G. .... .... . Staveness, C. . . . . . . . Stavlo, J. ...... ...... . Stearns, D. ... . . .344, Stebbins, S. . . .. . .. Stechel, E. .. ... Steele, G. ..... . . . Stefaniac, D. . . . . . Steffen, M. . . . . . Steffen, T. .. ... . . Steffes, F. .... . . .244, Stegman, J. . . . . . .342, Stegner, D. . . .. . .. Stegner, J. . . . . . Stehling, F. .. . . . . 435 319 364 274 362 318 329 333 435 311 321 235 381 374 329 309 376 332 435 258 372 392 246 435 376 Stehr. L. ... .... 435 Slcidl. S. .... .... 2 35 359 Steidlman, G. ... .... 244 Stein, B. ..... .... 2 17 435 Slcin. D. 435 Stein, 1-1. .. .... 382 Stein,J. ...,217 Stein, P. .... .... 2 72 334 Stein. S. ........... 324 360 Steindorf. B. ..... .... 3 58 Striner. E. .... 238 322 Steiner. L. .... .... 3 08 Steinestcl. P. ..... .... 3 62 Stcinhart, S. .......... 435 Steinhaucr. 1. ...238 322 435 Steinhoff. K. ........... 257 Stcinke. R. ............ 257 Steinman. J. .. ....... 377 Steinmetz. W. ...... 261, 274. 318 435 Steivnng, T. .. ..... 435 Stella, E. .... .... 3 32 Stcllwagon. J. ......... 435 Stclmaclc. A. ........... 250 Stclter, B. ..... 216. 217. 435 Stelter, B. ............ 382 Steltcr. R. .. ......... 361 Stcpc. J. ..... .... 435 Stephens. T. ........... 435 Stephenson. C. ..... 258. 353 Stephenson. E. ........ 377 Stephenson. G. ... .... 435 Stephenson. R. ........ 253 Stepto. M. ........,.... 351 Stern. B. ...... 248. 308.435 Stern. N. .. .......... 354 Stern. S. .... ......... 3 92 Sterny. G. .... .... 3 42 Sterrcnburg. L. .. .... 340 Stettler, B. ... ... 232 Sleube. C. .. ... 349 Stevens. J. ... ......... 375 Stevens. S. ......... 316 435 Stevenson. G. ...216, 273 377 Stevenson, R. ...... 217 435 Stevenson. S. ...... 305 354 Stewart. D. ........... 368 Stewart, G. ........ 241, 274 Stewart. J. . .231. 241. 257, 271 Stewart, M. ........... 307 Stewart, S. ............ 358 Stewart. W. .. ... 307 Steidemann. J. .. ... 359 Stieg. F. ...... . .. 344 Stiehm, L. ... ... 329 Stiles, P. ... ... 435 Stobber. J. .. ... 373 Stillson, F. ... ... 313 Stoddard, J. .... 254 Stoeffhaas, H. .. ... 305 Stoeger, K. ... .. . 366 Stoehr. F. . . . ... .435 Stoehr, S. .... ..... 3 55 Stoelfing, R. .. ....... 377 Stofer, L. ... .... 235, 357 Stoffels, S. 361 Stoffesen. C. . ..... 435 Stohlgren, L. .......... 372 Stoiber, J. .... .... 3 16, 353 Stoiber, S. . . .... 308, 435 Stolberg, M. .. .... 316, Stoller, R. Stolpher, M. .. Stoltz, G. Stolz, J. .. ...... Stolz, R. .. ....... . .. 355 435 312 286 373 435 Stone, D. ...... 217, 403, 435 Stone, E. .............. 348 Stone, N. ... ..... 405, 435 Stone, P. 314 Stone, R. . . 379 Stonek, D. . . .. . 377 Storck, M. . . ... 355 Storek, D. ... ... 286 Storm, D. ... ... 371 Storm, N. 359 Stouffer, J. .. ... 37S Stowe, S. .... .... 4 35 Stowers, J. .. ..... 330 Strang, P. .. . .... 217, 435 Stranney, L. .... 358 Strathearn, B. . . . . . 325 Stratman, D. ... .. . 381 Stratman, S. .. 352 Stratton, J. .. ... 357 Stratton, L. . . ....... 280 Strauch, J. .. .... 280, 435 Strauss, A. .. .. . .. 378 Strauss, J. ... ... 436 Strauss, S. ... .f. 359 Streasau, J. . . . 436 Strebel, R. . . . . . 404 Streng, J. ... ... 349 Stresau, J. .. . . .. 364 Streuli, V. . . . .436 Streveler, G. ... ..... Strieby, P. Striltmatcr, D. .. Stritzel, L. Strohl. B. .. .... Strobl, C. .. Strohn, R. .. .... Strong, L. .... ..... . Slrothcr, J. Strouf, J. .. .... 327 Strub,G.... Strudcll, R. Struthcrs, J. .. ...... Stuart, M. .. .... ... Stubbe, R. . .... 368 Stubcr, B. Sttlckey, J. ...... .... Stuckmann, R. .. .... Stutlley. E. .... . Stulgnitis. G. ... Stummer, J. .. Stup, R. ............. . Styles, S. .......... 185 Subrnhmanuam, P. .... . Suchosl-ti, R. ....... 258 Suckle, H. ............ . Suckow. J. ..... 241.286 Suckowski. K. ........ . Suelllory, J. .......... . Suhr. J. ....... 313. 358 Suhr, R.... .... Suhrke. K. .. .... ... Suits. W. .... . .... Sukken, H. Sulciman. K. .. Sulciman. S. .. Sulkowski, E. .. , . . .. Sullivan. D. . .... 323 Sullivan. J. .. .... 347 Sullivan, N. Summer. P. .. Summcril, M. ...... 337 Sumnicht, B. Sumwalt, L. .... .... Sundene. A. .. .... 319 Sundenc, B. Sunshine, K. swing. L. .Qi .flffff Snrmacz, J. Surmacz. Sutker. C. .... .... 3 42 ........276 Sutton. J. .. Sutton, R. ..... . Svitavsky. E Swaim, L. .... ...... . Swain,S.... .... Swain, Y. ...... 217.235 Swan, T. ... .... ..257 Swank. K. .... ...... . L Swanlund, Swann, C. .... Swann. Swanson, B. .. .... Swanson, D. .. Swanson, F. ....... 227 Swanson. H. .: .... 331 Swanson, J. .. .... 343 Swanson, L. .......... . Swanson, N. ....... 308 Swanson, P. .. ...... Swanson, R. ....... 241 Swanson, S. .... .... . . Swanson, W. ... .. .. Swark, A. .... Swart, D. .. Swartz, R. .... ...... . Swaziek, M. . . .... 248 Sweet, C. .. Sweet, R... Sweet, S. ....309, Swender, D. .......... . Swidler, D. ........ 261, Swiggum, J. ...217, 359, Swirin, B... . .... Switzer, P. Sybers, H. ..... . . . . Sylvester, C. Sylvester, M. Szalai ........ T Tabachnick, T. . . . . . . . . Tabor, T. ...... . . . . Tadevich, S. .. .... Talboys, L. . .. .... Tamm,M. Tancill, K. . . . .. .. Tandler, M. Tangeman, S. Tangney,F.... Tank, Tanm, J. .... .... 2 86, Tanner,K. Tanner,K. 436 343 349 374 316 436 326 378 263 436 358 372 319 436 436 436 377 311 326 436 325 360 320 244 331 353 362 381 269 436 331 436 436 436 359 365 377 436 436 337 357 351 358 257 333 436 436 362 436 353 392 436 396 359 323 355 436 284 273 340 436 313 370 307 436 436 358 326 436 376 370 349 369 371 380 436 436 436 274 436 436 436 366, 436 235 403 404 349 436 381 370 316 376 363 405 231 262 327 436 .436 365 360 305 Tans, J. .... ..... 3 76 Tapper, B. .....376 Tarnutzer, J. ........... 352 Tarzy, C. .... .... 3 28, 396 Tarzy, L. ... ..... ..436 Tasker, R. . . ..... 315 Taskonis, J. ..... ..... 3 83 Taubel, G. .............. 380 Taubenheim, M. .... 305, 352 Tauscheck, L. ........... 351 Taylor, C. ...... ,..333, 357 Taylor, D. ... ..... ..315 Taylor, E. ............. 360 Taylor, H. .............. 341 Taylor. J. ...... 241, 257, 313, 327, 436 Taylor, K. ............. 436 Taylor, L. . . ..... 328 Taylor, M. ... ...... ..359 Taylor, P. .. .,.. 304, 366 Taylor, T. .... ....... 3 61 Teckam, G. .. .... 327,436 Teetz, S. ...... ....... 3 53 Tegtmcyer, C. ...... 329, 436 Teitel, R. .... ....... 3 92 Teitler, N. ... ...... ..377 Tcll, L. .... .... 3 92, 342 Telpner, M. ... ..... ..436 Temple, B. ..... ..... 3 62 Templeton. T. .. ....... 330 Tenaglia, J. ............ 363 Ten Brock, N. ...... 312 353 Tennie, J. ...... ....... 3 66 Tenser. R. ..... ..... 4 36 Tc Paske, L. .... ...316 Teple, M. .... ..... 3 49 Tepper, D. .... ..... 3 58 Te Ronde, D. .. ..... 436 Tcrranova. S. ........... 354 Terwilliger, E. .......... 372 Terwilliger, S. ...... 254 326 Tesch, G. ..... ....... 4 36 Tesch, R. .....286 Teske, C. .....313 Teske, L. ... ....... ..405 Teslce, T. ... ........ . .378 Teter, P. ...... 217, 349 436 Tetik, C. ........... 283 337 Tewinkel, K. .. ....... 361 Tews, S. ...... ..... 4 36 Teynor, L. .... .. .376 Tharman, P. ... . . .368 Tharman, R. ... ,....367 Thayer, C. ... ....... . .361 Thayer, N. . . .... 263 354 Theil, P. ... ..... . .340 Theine, K. .. ......... 325 Thelen, B. ............. 436 Theorell, J. .... 217,271 436 Thering, R. ........ 379 436 Thern, M. .. ........ ,377 Theurer, S. . . .... 235 360 Theus, F. . . .... 296 380 Thiede, C. . . ....... 377 Thiede, G. .. ..... 320 Thiede, L. . . ..... 436 Thiede, W. ... ....... . .345 Thieding, J. .. .... 217 436 Thies, F. ... ..... . .382 Thies, J. .. ..... 241 Tholo, G. .. . . .361 Thomas, C. ... . . . . .324 Thomas, E. .....244 Thomas, H. ............, 436 Thomas, L. ............. 405 Thomas, R. .... 217, 246, 284, 307, 381, 437 Thompson, C. . .249, 320, 437 Thompson, D ..... 267, 354 Thompson, H. . . , ....... 217 Thompson, J. ...... 327, 328, 331, 381, 437 Thompson, K. ..... 324, 353, 354, 376 Thompson, L. .. ....... 437 Thompson, M. ..... 248, 328, 359, 364 Thompson, R. ........... 379 Thompson, S. ..350, 353, 354 Thompson, T. ........... 437 Thomson, B. ........ 286 364 Thomson, C. . .. ..... . .373 Thomson, D. ........... 437 Thomson, S. ...... 185, 217, 329, 437 Thoreson, P. ............ 379 Thornburg, A. . . . . . . . .376 Thornburg, H. ... . . . . .341 Thornton, R. ... ... . .383 Thorp, J. .... ..... 4 37 Thorson, J. .. ...,.. .375 Thresher, J. ........ 286,369 Thronson, D. ..... ..351 Thulin, K. .... ..... 3 55 Thurow, M. .. . . . . .355 Tibbits, B. . .... 319, Ticknor, T. .. Tierney, T. .. . . . . Tillman, M, .. . . .. Tilly, B. .... .... . Tilsen, L. .. .... Timm, D. . . .... Timm, M. .... .... Timmers, C. .. ..... Timmers, T. .. .... Timson, P. .. .... Tirner, K. .... .... Tjoflat, M. Tobin,A.... Tobis, S. ..... . . .. Todhunter, T. ... .... Toebe, M. .. Toliver, K. .... . . .. Tolkmith, S. .. .... Tolstad, S. ... .... Tolversen, H. ... . . . . Tomfohrde, C. ... .... Tonjes, A. ..... .... Tooke,M. G Topalien, . .. .... Topp,A.... Topping, J. .. . .... Torhorst, A. .... . . . . Torhorst, P. .. ..... .. Torhorst, T. .......... . Torke, J. ...... 217, 341, Torphy, J. .. ...... ... Toth, S. ..... . . . . Towers, R. Towne, S. .... . . . . Townsend, R. .. . . .. Towsley. M. .. . . .. Tozier, J. ...... . . . . Traastad, D. ... .... Trachsel, E. .. .... Trachte, K. .. .. Tracy, J. .. Tracy M. .... . . . . Tragiai, J. .... .... Traisman, C. .. .. . . Tralligant, J. . . . . Trapp, D. .... . . Trautt, W. ........... . Trautwein, K. ........ . Traver, J. ...... 326, 350 Travis, C. . .......... . Traxel, R. .... ..... 3 67 Trebotich, L. ......... . Tredon, T. ............ . Tredrea, L. .... 217, 383 Tredway, R. .......... . Treen, J. ..... .... . . . Trees, N. .... . . . Treibel, B. Treibor, B. ... .. . Treichel, C. . . . . . Trescott, H. . . . . . . Treptow, J. Trester. W. ... . .. Tribbey, P. ... .... Trie1ot'f,S. Triggs, T. . . .... .226 Trimble, R. .. Trnka, K. .... ....... . Troemel, B. ........ 235 Trolenberg, G. ........ . Trollan, P. ..... .. . . Trost, J. ...... . . . Trudman,J. Truesdale, J. ... . . .. Tiukenbrod, A. ..... 320 T ump, C. ........... . Thtmpy, V. NNN ..... .. Tuch, J. ...... . ...... . . Turba, T. .......... 286 Turbey,W.... Tureen, M. Turk, Turk, J. .... Turmo, L. .......... 254 Turner, D. .... 301, 350, Turner, I. .... ..... . Turner, T. .... ....... . Turney, M. . . ..... 320 Turzinski, P. .. ...... Twesme, E. Twesme,J.... Twing,W. Twise, L. . . ..... 329 Tygart, C... Tymus, D. .. Tymusi,D.... Tyson, C. .... ....... . Tzakis, D. ...,284 U Udevc, J. ...... ..... . Udovich, L. ......... . Ugaritz, S. . . ..... 308 s Ugoretz. S. . . Uhler, P. . . . Uhler, R. . .. Ullestad. O. .. Ullsvik. T, ... Umbreit. D. .... Underdown. L. .. Underkofier. L. Underwood, S. Unger, G. .,.. . Updegralf. M. . . Urban, G. ... Urban. G. .. Urban, J. Urban, M. .. . Urbas, S. Urres, L. .... .... Uschold, R. .. .... Usher, R. ... . . Usow, B. ., .. Utech,M.... Utoft, E. ,.... . ... . Utzinger, A. .. .. Uyeda, C. Uzuanis, R. .. V Vaaler, S. ..... . Vaccarelle, F. .. Vacha, K. ..... . Valassarus, V. .. Valcarcel, V. . . . Valenta, J. ........ . Valentine, R. ..... . .....248 ....437 .....437 .....226 ...,321 437 ....320 245 iii 221 328 319, Valesg, C. ..... 255, 359 Vallnet, S. ........ . Valller, J. Vanacer, F. .... Vance, C. ....... . Vanderkelen, R. ..... Vander Leest, M. .. . Vanderlinden, N. Vanderlinden, T. . . . Vandermeulen, T. . . Vande Sande, J. . . .. Vandeyacht, D. . . . . Van Dyke, J. ..3l8, Van Dyke, L. ..... . Vanek, S. ......... . Van Ess, W. ..238, Van Gheem, K. . . . . Van Horn, J. ..... . Vanish, J. .... 217, Van Lare, P. ...... . Van Matre, J. .... .. Van Roe, R. .. Van Vleet, L. .. Van Vleet, R. .. Varge, V. .... . Varsik, B. ..... . Vasilikiotis, L. .. Vass, P. ....... .. Vater, C. ... ... Vaughan, F. .. ... Vaughan, J. ... .. Vauk, V. .... .... . Vea,J..... Veatch, J. ..... 323, Veeser, L. Vehse, 'J. .... . Vel0H, R. ..... . Vencevich, J. Vengrowsky, A. . . . Verage, K. .... .... Verage, T. ........ . Verhaagh, D. .. Vernick, M, . . Versey, R. . . . . Verwohlt, J. .... . Vesperman, G. ... Viall, N. ...... . Vickman, J. Victor, R. . . . Vidale, R. Vis. N. .... . Vilchis, C. Vilcins. S. ... .. Vinarsky, L. . . . . . . Vincens, S. .. .... Viney,D. Vinger, L. ..... .. Vinocur, L. Visco, R. .... . . Vile, S. ..... . . . . Vivarski, D. ... .. Vlachina, M. .. Vlahikis, G. Vlasaty, M. Voborsky, J. ,. Vodicka, J. Voelker, J. .. Vogel, G. Vogel, S. .... .. Vogt, G. 319 322 316 330 364 252 327 189, iii, 238,- 546, 323, 1 1 l a 1 1 227 2'l9 340 319 217 437 244 370 369 346 311 378 348 301 437 244 437 323 437 328 392 305 368 374 352 437 345 354 377 341 379 359 244 370 437 437 367 437 375 377 437 227 403 349 341 379 321 216 383 383 361 437 354 437 314 437 319 358 437 380 405 257 368 383 361 437 437 342 376 252 370 217 345 370 344 437 320 437 250 351 322 358 392 321 372 396 352 375 364 437 364 340 372 437 379 Vogt, J. . . Vogt, K. . Voight, A. . . Voight, R. . . . Vold, A. ..... . Vold, M. ......... . Volkmann. R. .. Vollbrecht, J. .. Vonburg, M. .. Von Ende, J. ..... . Von Ende, M. 309, 329, .437 .362 .340 .438 .379 437 .325 .365 .392 438 .438 Von Gunten, K. ......... 252 Von Heimburg, E. ....... 301 Von Scheidt, C. ... ....305 Von Scheidt, P. .. .... 438 Voskuil, D. ... ....377 Voss, B. .... .... 4 33 Voss,C. ....347 Voss, T. .... .... 3 O4 Voth, T. ...... .... 2 57 Voytovich, M. .. .... 235 Vuk, C. ........ .... 3 51 W Wacek, J. ..... .... 3 80 Wacek, T. ....380 Wachs, J. .... 373 Wachs, S. ..... ...... 3 62 Wachsman, E. ...... 342, 392 Wachter, A. . . . .... . .348 Wachter, C. ... ...... . .366 Wachter, E. ............ 438 Wachman, D. ...... 323, 438 Waddell, P. . . . ...350, 355 Wade, D. ... ....438 Wade, F. ..... .... 4 38 Wadephul, J. .... .... 4 38 Wadsworth, R. .. .... 379 Waeffler, S. ... ...,381 Wage, L. ........ .... 3 52 Wagers, D. ............ 319 Waggoner, J. .......... 403 Wagner, B. .... 217,272 438 Wagner, J. .... 346,355 438 Wagner, K. ............ 438 Wagner, L. ........ 257 274 Wagner, M. . . . ..... . .306 Wagner, S. .. ....... 438 Wahl, W. ..... 274 344 Wahler, P. . ..... 273 381 Waisman, D. ........... 348 Waitrovich, P. . . . .... . .360 Wake, H. .............. 371 Wake, V. .............. 403 Wakeman, P. ..286, 316 362 Walden, J. ......... 376 438 Waldorf, P. ............ 358 Walek, J. ..... 351 405 Walker, D. ......... 316 438 Walker, J. .... 321, 380, 381, 383, 392, 438 Walker, P. ............. 257 Walker, T. .. ......... 345 Walker, W. ........ 339 438 Wall, R. ............... 438 Wallace, A. ........ 351 438 Wallace, G. ........ 354 375 Wallber, R. . . . ..... . .323 Waller, W. .. .... 347 Walls, M. ..... .... 3 27 Wallsten, T. . . . . . . .285 Walsh, C. ... .... ..438 Walsh, D. .. ....... 341 Walsh, M. ..... 355 438 Walsh, P. ... ..... ..359 Walsh, R. .. ....... 376 Walter, I. .. ..... 350 353 Walter, J. .. ..... 217 327 Walter, K. .. . ...... 358 Walter, S. ............. 438 Walther, L. ........ 320 438 Walther, P. . . . ..... . .362 Walther, W. . . . .... . .320 Waltow, K. ... ..... ..329 Wan, A. ............... 375 Wandrey, J. ....... 320 438 Wangard, R. .. ....... 344 Wangen, R. .. ...... 238 Wanish, L. .. .... 438 Wanska, L. .. .... 352 Wantz, D. .. . .... . .382 Ward, C. .. ....... 355 Ward, D. ..... 274 340 Ward, J. .. ..... 349 438 Ward, L. . ..... 392 438 Ward. S. . ....... 284 Ware, R. .... ...... 3 73 Warfield, J. ... .. . .320 Warming, S. ....349 Warms, L. ,,,,353 Warne, E. ... ,,, ,435 Warnish, L. .... .,,, 2 85 Warns, J. .... .... 3 77 Warren, J. .. ,,,, 438 Warshal, R. ... ....438 Wartinbee, W. ---- 333 Wartinber, A. .... .... 4 05 Wasberg, I. .... -..- 3 58 Washa, C. ... ....438 Washa, J. -...433 Washa, L. ....... .... 4 38 Wasser, S. ....... .... 3 49 Wasserman, W. . . . . . . .342 Wastila, G. ..... .... 4 38 Wastila, W. .. ...... 438 Waters, D. . .......... 359 Waterstreet, W. .... 231, 311 Watersworth, A. ....... 354 Watson, C. ........ 314,361 Watson, J. .... ..-.-- 3 63 Watson, L. ... . . .350 355 Watts, D. 363 Watts, G. . . . ... 370 Watts, M. ...... .. 319 Watts, S. ............. 438 Wax, D. ...... 216,217 438 Wean, V. ............. 352 Weare, J. ............. 315 Weatherwax, J. ........ 315 Weaver, N. ........ 258, 261, 353, 358 Weaver, J. .. ..... 273, 327, 375, 438 Weavers. M. ............ 360 Webb, D. ...... 231,258,358 Weber, C. ............. 325 Weber, H. ............. 367 Weber, J. ............. 325 Weber, R. ..257, 300, 306 438 Weber, N. ......... 246 383 Webster, D. ..... ...... 3 13 Weck, C. ..,..... 438 Weckmueller, J. . . . . . 7A6 Weddell, M. .... 392 Wedel, J. ..... 377 Wedel, W. ..... .... 3 23 Wedell, B. ...... ........ 3 16 Wedemeyer, M. .... 319 438 Wedig, C. .......... 273 372 Weede, R. ..... ...366 438 Wege, R. .... ...... 4 03 Wegmann, J. ... . . . .334 Wegmann, T. . . . 216 Wegner, B. ............. 362 Wegner, C. ............ 370 Wegner, G. .... 322, 404 438 Wegner, L. ............. 320 Wegner, S. ............. 362 Wehmeyer, J. ....... 336 438 Wei, L. ....... ...... 3 67 Weibel, C. ..... ........ 3 66 Weiby, D. .......... 339 438 Weichbrod, C. ..... 369 Weidemann, L. .. .... 232 Weigent, J. .... ..... 3 54 Weil, B. . .. ...... .. 392 Weil, F. ...348 438 Weil, M. ... .. .286, 364 Weiler, T. .... .. 368 Weiler, W. .. ..... 307 Weinberg, N, . . . . . 396 Weinberg, R. .. 217 Weiner, K. .. 217 Weinkauf, L. . . . . . 355 Weinstein, N. .... ..... 3 79 Weintrob, S. .......... 352 Weisberg, J. ....... 315,438 Weisendanger, W. ...... 372 Weisensel, P. .......... 438 Weisman, H. ...... 309,438 Weisman, P. ........... 308 Weiss, C. ...... 312, 377, 405 Weiss, J. ........... 372, 438 Weiss, M. ...... 354, 365,438 Weiss, S. .............. 342 Weissman, G. .... . . . 372 Weisz, K. . ............ 355 Weitzel, R. ............ 258 Welch, P. ...... 320, 350, 352 Welch, S. ............. 319 Welfeld, M. ... .... .. 348 Welke, K. .... .. 396 Welker, R. ......... 369, 371 Wellauer, J. .. ..,,,, 378 Weller, G. .. ,,,,, 376 Weller, M. .. ...... 316 Weller, T. . . . . . .342, 392 WSHS. A. .. ...... 439 Wells, J. ....... 326,379 Wells, K. ...... 350, 353, 360 Wells, M. ...... 254, 326, 249 Wells, R. ........... 316, 439 Wellsteirl, G. .......... 367 WCISCH, C. .. ...... 328 Welsch, M. ........ 314,405 Welsh, M. .. ...286, 362 Wemyss, J. .... ...... 4 39 WCf1d1ins,L. 321 Wendoffv B- ... ... 361 Wendorif, W. . .. .... Wendt, E. ..... .... Wendt, G. .. . Wendt, J. Wendt, R. . .... . . . . Weneche, A. ... . . .. Wenger, L. .. Wengert, E. ... - --- Wenninger, M. . . . . . . Wenz, D. ...... .. . . Werblow, T. ... .... Werges, D. .... Wernberg, C. Werner, M. Werner, N. Werner, P. .. Wernigg. E. ... .. Werth, B. .. Werth, W. . . . . Wertsch, P. . . . Wertymer, J. .. Wescott, M. . . . Wesley, A. ..... .. Wesolowski, G. Wessel, A. ..... .. Wessman, N. ... .. Wesson, P. ... .. .. West, C. . . . . West, H. .. West, R. .. West, W. .... . Westby, D. ...., . . 311 439 371 439 235 305 361 433 355 381 378 244 382 4-39 349 348 405 439 258 377 347 383 439 354 439 319 359 359 313 379 .274 .380 Westerdahl, C. 363 Westermoe, S. 439 Westgor, J. .. . .439 Westhuis, D. .. .... 377 Weston, D. ... ....2'73 Westover, L. . . . . . . .362 Westphal, B. ... ....439 Westphal, D. . .. . . . .380 Westphal, L. .. ...... 352 Westphal, S. .. .... 319, 358 Westring, R. .. ...... 403 Wexler, D. .. ..... 403 Wexler, L. .. ..... 364 Wexler, V. ... .....439 Weymiller, T. .. ..... 311 Weyker, W. .. ..... 372 Whalen, C. .....326 Wharton, A. .. .329 Wheadon, S. .. .357 Wheeler, A. .. .439 Wheeler, E. .. .216 Wheeler, M. . 279 Wheeler, P. .. .359 Whipple, C. .. .403 Whitaker, J. .. .244 White, A. .351 White, K. . .. .217 White, M. .............. 248 White, R. ..... 258, 376 Whiteway, C. 439 Whitford, A. .. .... 439 Whitford, C. .. .375 Whitmer, B. .. .... 273 Whitney, K. .. .320 Whitwall, W. ,261 Whitworth, L. 439 Whyte, W. .... .378 Wichelt, R. ... .... 439 Wichman, J. .. .327 Wichman, R. ... .... . .439 Wickham, R. ........... 439 Wickman, T. 382 Widmann, R. 439 Widmeyer, W. .378 Wiechers, M. ..... .392 Wiedermeier, R. .. 238 Wiegand, D. .... 439 Wiegand, E. 375 Wieland, P. .... 377 Wielebski, W. 383 Wiener, D. .... 342 Wienke, J. .. 405 Wiens, D. 368 Wiese, L. ..... .... 3 52 Wiesenthal, L. 439 Wiesner, P. .. . .... Wigchers, A. .. .. Wlkel, D. .. Wikelund,J. Wilcox, G. Wilda, M. .. Wilder, E. .... . Wildermuth, J. .. .. H Wlleman Wileman Wiley, P. Wilhelm, Wilhelme, . . . Wilkes, J. .. Wilkins, L. .. Wilks, J. Willeford, R. .. Willems, B. . , . 368 241 439 365 439 357 439 379 374 361 331 362 439 311 439 376 375 328 Willenson, K. ..... . Wlller, R. ......... . Williams, B. .... 217, Williams, C. D Williams, Williams, J. .. . .366, Williams, L. ....... . Williams, R. ....... . Williams, W. .... . C Williamson, , Williamson, F. Williamson, L. Willis, R. ...... .... . wlllison, s. .... .... . Willoughby , T. ........ . Willoughby, V. .... 319 Wilmeth, S. .... .... . Wilsey, A. Wilson, B. wilson. K. .'.'.55i,' ' " Wilson, L. ............ . 439 439 314 351 358 439 439 369 258 337 379 439 381 328 :347 359 .377 .359 .378 439 .320 Wilson, M. 305, 329, 439 Wilson, N. ........ .357 Wilson, P. . .359 Wilson, S. . . 329 Wilson, T. .. ...... 332 Wilson, W. . . . .... .377 Wilmberly, E. . .. .....358 Wimberly, L. . . . . . . . .305 Winch, T. ...... ..... 4 39 Winchell, C. . .. ... . .358 Windau, D. .... ..... 3 23 Windau, T. ............. 323 Winderbaum, L. .... 309,439 Wing, J. ........... 373,439 Winkler, T. .... ....... 3 76 Winn, H. . .. Winner, K. ..... . . . . Winnik, H. ...... . . . . Winogrond, H. .. . . . .. Winston, B. ..... . . .. Winston, J. Winter, A. .. Winter, J. .... Winter, R. Winters, L. Wipf, W. . ...... . . . . Wirtanen, T. .... . . . . Wirth, G. .. . . Wirth, J. Wirth, T. .... . WlSCh, S. ............ . Wischmann, G. .... 284 Wiseman, T. .... ..... . Wiss, E. .... . Wissbuam, J. . .. ... . Withey, T. . . . Witipil, D. . . . Witkop, B. . . . Witt, K. . . . Witt, R. . . . Witte, W. . . .. Wittig, R. .......... 295 Wittkopp, B. Wittmack, E. Wittmann, A. .. Wittwer, K. .. Witzel, S. .. Wiviott, G. .. Woboril, R. .. . Wodjula, A. .. Woehr, M. ....... . S Woerfel, Wholgemuth, A Wojahn, P. ..... .... Wojcik, S. ...... . . . . Wojdula, A. . .. . . . . Wojta, W. Wojtowiez, J. Wold, N. Wolf, D. .. Wolf, G. .. Wolf, J. .. Wolf, M. Wolf, R. Wolf, S. ..... . G Wolfe, Wolfe, J. Wolfe, L. ...... 308, Wolfe, S. Wolfe, V. ......... . Wolff, H. Wolff, M. Wollf, P. Wolff, R. Wolff, T. ......... . Wolfg am, R. r Wolfgram, S. . . . . . Wollenhaup, J. . . . . Woller, B. .. Woller, K. .. Woo, C. Wood, C. Wood, D. Wood, G. 1 v ' .f fiiif ......219, .367 .337 .382 .439 .392 .318 .439 .439 .439 .312 .322 .368 .285 .439 .325 .328 346 .439 .362 .358 .439 .297 .248 .439 , 439 .375 439 .359 439 .359 .325 .232 soo .377 .301 439 .365 .439 .ass .440 .332 .241 .440 440 .269 .370 .376 .308 370 .362 .337 392 440 440 440 .332 368 440 309 348 375 273 361 440 352 440 358 359 258 Wood, K. .. Wood, N. . . .... . . . Wood, S. .... ..... 3 24, Woodend, K. . ..... . . Woodford, J. .. Woodke, M. Woodman, P. .. .... Woods, K. .... Woods, T. ..... ...... . Woodson, L. .......... . Woodward, L. ...... 333 Woolhiser, P. . ..... . . 1.Voo1nert, D. . . . . . . . Woolsev. T. ....... . . . Woosencraft, D. . . . . . . Worden. J. ..... . . . Workman, W. ... . .. Worthington, D. ....... . Wosilail, A. ..... ... Woulfstat, S. .... .... . Wraight, N. ........... . Wrigglesworth, N. ..3l9, Wright, C. ...... . . . .. Wright G. Wright: J. .. ... M Wright wright, S. . Wrigley, J. ............ . Wros, E. .............. . Wrucke, S. 296. 301, 333, Wtipil, D. .......... 301, 379 349 392 359 321 333 376 355 329 277 440 380 258 257 440 257 216 440 244 392 352 351 440 403 376 305 359 307 375 440 380 Wurech, K. . .. Wunboom, M. Wurm, M. .... Wyckoff, J. ... Wyman, D. ... Wumore, W. Y Yablin, C. ....... . Yablin, M. .... ... Yager, C. .. Yahn, J. Yahr, J. ..... .... . Yale, J. ........... . Yamamoto, S. .... .. Yankow, D. ... ... Yarish, P. .. ..... Yarnc, S. Yate, D. .. Yates, S. Yeazel, L. . . . . Ychlc, G. .. Yelen, A. Yeoman. L. Yoerg, K. .. Yonkcr. T. Yost, J. ...... . Yost, N. .. Young, C. .. Young, D. 545 iii 321 2512 321 York, R. . ........ . 312, 330 ......337 556 440 352 349 362 380 273 440 392 440 355 440 440 267 382 357 327 375 392 370 440 308 324 320 367 382 355 440 318 357 Young, E. . .. Young, L. ........ ..... . Young, S. .......... 340, Youngberg, E. Younger, J. Youngquist, L. ... .... Z Zabel, W. ..... Znbka, L. . . . Zabrilski, J. Zacher, K. .. Zacskc, M. .. Zaeske, W. .... ... . Zagorulsky, O. .. .... Zagrodnik, A. Zztgrodnik, T. .. .... Zahn. B. Zahnow. R. .. Zaherik, P. .. Zaylcek, M. ...... Zajkowski, W. Zaleski, J. ..... .... Zalcski, M. .... .... Zalubowski. S. Zamjahn, C. Zanic, R. . .. Zapp, J. .... . Zarins, R. .. . Zarwcll, W. ........ 286, 392 359 440 377 355 319 367 375 274 363 327 333 440 370 370 365 272 440 305 440 325 440 364 274 286 377 349 370 Zavadil, D. Zawacki, N. ...... . Zealey, S. Zeff, D. .... . . . Zeiler, E. . . ..... Zemin, B. Zeller, B. ......... . Zellinger, J. Zelm, W. .. Zcmanek, J. Zenke, K. Zcltcl, C. .. Zcrwick, J. Zettel, T. .. Zcunert, L. Zeulhen, T. Zibell, M, Ziclke, L. .... . Ziclsdorf, L. Zicrger, W. Zillman, D. Zillman, L. Ziminski, D. Ziminski, R. Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, 372 334 352 342 440 308 362 375 313 359 440 346 363 377 363 440 363 355 323 376 343 316 244 345 440 440 274 440 440 322 337 Zimmerman, L. Zimmerman, M. . . . . . Zimmerman, R. Zimmerman, S. ...., . Zimmermann, E. Zimmermann, T. . . . . Zink, S. .......... . Zipp, K. .......... . 324, 392 . . , .360 ........371, 374,440 .323 ....351 . . . .404 . . . .375 238, 368 Zirbel, L. ... . . . .360 Zizmer, J. . . .... 380 Zobel, S. .... .... 3 57 Zoloto, H. . . . . Q .440 Zondag, T. .. ....... 377 Zovne, J. . . , 297, 321 Zubatsky, J. ... .... ...440 Zuber, D. ......244 Zubor, M. ..... ....... 3 73 Zuckerman, R. ..... 221, 309 Zuchls, E. ......... 367, 440 Zuern, J. .............. 351 Zukowski, J. ...350, 355,440 Zupancic, J. ............ 364 Zuppann, C. ..... . .319, 440 Zur, P. ...... ........ 44 0 Zurich, G. . . ........ 403 Zutz, D. .... ...308, 355 Zuziak, C. ... .... . .361 Zuzinec, P. . . ...... 363 Zweifel, D. ... ...... . .368 Zych, J. . . ..... 273, 372 477 478 X ,f , My A , 'er-ffL ,WM ,ss .ww M W I . , .rww WHERE ENGINEERING IN ACTION IS Coming are dramatic new ad- vances in science and industry that will crowd centuries of prog- ress into decades . . . bringing new challenges, new opportuni- ties, new rewards. You're just in time! Q WORK ON YOUR FUTURE TODAY I 5 x qw, 4 au'ae rqlwoqfi Zyefcame all 479 JOHNSDNXS WAX No trip to southeastern Wisconsin is complete without a Visit to Johnson's Wax in Racine. Tours of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright designed administration and research center are given every working day! For information on group tours, write: Chief tour hostess, Public Relations Department, JOHNSONS WAX, Racine, Wisconsin , Q Racine 0 lil -wmffwyg-4p'frmwff.m-i ,,:ifi-.sf f--wWN.-- 1-f,,fV1mi B R O W N ' Book Shop, Inc. BOOKS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Friendly, Courteous Service FRIEND TO THE SCOTCHIVIAN - - 1-HIHHIL 1n each of us I 'JIU' ' rw , Q Q W that's Reddy 'A t Kilowatt, serv- ing the heart of Badger- Iand with dependable, llf ii! XX, . . fps' Iow-cost electrlclty. gg.:-AJT4 wisconsin Qwer' Ann ZfQgf77L'coMPAllY INVESTOR OWNED I an invitation from A. J. HANCOCK, JR. Director of Agencies WISCONSIN LIFE The Young Man's Company Why not investigate the career opportunities now of- fered by Wisconsin Life? Underwriting positions are open in Madison, Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities. We also have openings in Minnesota and IIIinois. You will be given expert sales training and guidance from our new Madison home office. You will receive a good income to start and within three years earnings can exceed SI0,000. Wisconsin I.ife offers you a lifetime career opportunity that combines prestige, security and excellent income. May I tell you more? Call or write me -AJ. I-Iancoclc, Jr., P.O. Box 617, Madison 1, WIS.- CEdar 8-5841. -' Risk zawsf '3st2QQ4ik 'Rev-we wwesiw sms-.XFN ,:m,:s,::..w:. i swswxs- eww ww tt .Mews 7vSs,se.os,y my .7 vssxtes .W.s..'.,, , ' WISCONSIN LIFE Home office: Madison, Wisconsin QUALITY MOTOR CONTROL and Electronic Components ALLEN BRADLEY CO. Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin Congratulations Graduates -:::::.1,:::if.,- x-.. N - - .-N' s -C:-'sh-': -n -'Q -1 -1, wr fc.-r-Q. - V V-r f 1 .V Miz, , , .- N w- . ,-.-Q, W. .f, ,., 1 -2-'-'rfs'-' ----- - - aww 2' - M, f 'Q P-wax fi: A f v , Z X V ' ' ' T i' 2 ' - L YV ' . . P 1 .,,,,,,cM.s .... , .. , , .,, , ., . V .N . ,,,.. 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Giving Wisconsin students the finest drug s service since 1912 J? lfOT6 REXALL DRUG STORE Congratulations from srl' IN cLAss Runes, ANNOUNCEMENTS, 3 Bl' DIPLOMAS, CLUB PINS, MEDALS, AND TROPHIES JEwELRY's FINEST CRAFTSMEN SPeCia1iSfS in Sausage and Smoked Meats Since 1883 GSCAR MAYER 81 C . JOE UNGER Box 545 Madison, Wisconsin Madison IH-1 E IIINE PRINTING SINCE lSS7- ll Thu!! the story of Foote S Duxics. Inc. uc huxe one of the niosl modern and best equipped planla in the country. And line Ycarbuolis Iiuxw: always been an important part ol our business. Our crallsnien believe in qunlily and strive l0 produce the "basl In llif IndI1.I'1ry." Our excellent priming docsn'1 jusl happen- ii's a combinzuion ol production rescurch, eraflsmanxhip, and painstaking supervision, MADISON BUS z COMPANY F O O T E 86 D I E S , I N C . Ljqfllrzlcw - MMM rn llrni - .ffnnf vmmzz fzrhlmw ,J : 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. ATLANTA ZLLGEORGIA X i I X V , f , .e ' 'B x 3553? - W - 7 5 A . A BLACK PII-IIUTO SERVICE Uificial Group Photographer of THE N63 BADGIER L,,. f if x5 Landmarks to remember! As you leave the hallowed halls of our University, there are certain memories and landmarks you will cherish throughout your life among these Bascom Hall, Abraham Linooln,s statue, the Union, The Boat House, Observatory Hill . . . and State Street . . . the "Clock on the Campus Corner" at Allen Hall. di IQHPHHSHIE CAM s c KNER DOWNTOWN WESTGATE EAST 485 MANVVMNV VMNV MANV 5 I QHPHHWF 2 E 2 5 E 3 E E E hen you want oz fine portmit... to record forever with charm and dignity th t f l'f t th P gphStd f h evens o your 1e,come o e hoto ra your Official Photograp er... Th JF! D S ali !MAMANWKNVMAMNMANMAANMA AF at JG Q lil :Aw X i JWNX 5 lr, ll Of. ' lit ELF-RELIANCE is a quality developed by free people. It is the key to self-betterment and self-respect. if In America self-reliance, stimulated by freedom of enterprise, has led to the most abundant living and the highest levels of opportunity in history. 'A' There are those who believe that the Welfare state results in social betterment. 'ir It would be well to remember that regimentation under the welfare state calls for a sacrifice of self-reliance and results in a Declaration of Dependence. fmgbgmiywgi? KQHLER OF KOHLER rw-Z ME? Enameled Iron and V1t eous China Plumb ng Fixtures 1 I-.1 illwvl' I T G i I4 A N E JE K? All-Brass Fittings ' Electric Plants Q. .X JL we . i . . . . ""'?rM"xf .sqft W f 1 J gofi 2 idx? Q NN? '1.,. lLmg,4u . F Established 1873 K O H L E R , WIS . WWW? Air Cooled Engines Precision Controls Zi 487 488 THE CONSTANT GRADUATE Many diplomas and honors, many +es1's, successes and failures are ihe lor of +he man who has chosen noi +o be ignoran'l'. Armed wi+h 'rhe arduous years of s+udy and +he memories of a biH'ersweei' Universify career, i'he human par'r of us will coniinue +o wield our minds in a search 'For 1'he unknown. And life will never deny any of you 'rhe freedom of i+s classroom! Each day will bring a new graduaiiong a degree in 'rears or laughier, in courage or in fear. There'll be a Mas'rer's degree in seasons . . . as 'rhey 'Flow fasfer, +o be miserly wi+h +ime, bu+ generous wi+h wisdom. You'll be honored by a sunsei, a friendship, a sense of accomplishmenf . . . and you'll be scolded by clecepiion, chance, peH'y iniusiice, or some human error. All in all, 1'he days will promise you +his beaufy and goodness: lhal' you shall be a "cons'ran'r gradua+e", and never lose ihis day! MILWAUKEE BREWE RS' ASSOCIATION Blafz Brewing COFUPBUY Miller Brewing Company Gettelman Brewing Company P3551 Brewing Company Independent Milwaukee Brewery Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company It is with pleasure that we dedicate the 1963 BADGER to the senior class. The hook could not have been accomplished with- out the nnseh'ish help and staunch support of the BadgerBoard rneinhers and faculty advisers. EDITORIAL STAFF Michael E. YVheeler ........... .... Shelley Cohen . . . associate Lynda Shelker 1. . . copy Jan Straueh . . . senior Jolm Bubolz . .... sports Sheri Miller . . . production Fay Oehrlein . . . . index Sue Hinch ................... art Copy Stag: Ruby Baehr, Sue Blackman, Lin Calder, Cheryl Davis, editor editor editor editor editor editor editor editor Carol Geisler, Pam Gordon, Judy Gore, Kay Jarvis, Judi Jensen, Betsy Pad- dock, Barbara Quellmalz, Evelyn Stamm. Senior Stag: Irene Deneen, Judy Friedman, Liz Gray, Leslie Kasper, Phyllis Kosick, Toni Lustig, Margie Nettleton, John Quisling, Jean Smith, Lillian Stratton. Sports Stag: Terri Dreblow, Steve Nager. Production Stag: Neil Caplan, Diane Fronek, Gretchen Gans, Diane Lerner, Babs Miner, Eileen Peff, Sue Prastka. 489

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