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▲ BADGER 1962 JAN WISEMAN, editor MARCIA TOPEL, associate editor JERRY REDFIELD, business manager The state capitol — landmark of the city where we came to begin a new phase of life MHMMMI II UNIVERSITY TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 6 Academics 138 Organizations 176 Sports 262 Living Units 300 Seniors 428 n • ft . n fc IW O OMgg of WISCONSIN madison, Wisconsin _ University life— an ever-changing pattern of buildings, books, equipment, people . We became a part of that pattern . . . changing along with it . . . widening and deepening our learning dimension 10 ■ ! •• , A 5 ' k ' N ■BBSKsfe I ¥ 1 La ' - . . It .. • . L " : ' (A « : Developing the sense of belonging to a great university . . . 12 We discovered long-standing traditions combined with a spirit of progr ess • t J 1 —ZS ■ At - 8kP -%-■ ' " ■S f " | v Ibw V : " i t i»«w .Bf m 4 vt£j x fc 2? V UsSi I ' jM ml f ' 1 B fl mn(E A-Wb " f ' k 3 B« JB w r Bi £ IIPVIjI 11 B ■ 13 A campus continually changing in mood ... in appearance . . . 14 15 16 A scene of physical and educational expansion . . . - t» New buildings to meet the need of a growing campus . . . j»..«flJB ' Opportunities for translating our developing abilities, understandings, and interests into a meaningful way of life . . 20 mi 21 1 ll-M Making our contributions to society . . . reviewing the old . . . interjecting the new 22 23 ■Mi Wisconsin helped us discover ourselves a vital factor in our learning process . . . A wide range of valuable experiences gave new meaning and attention to original ideals ? T ! in : ' in ii in in lb ■I III H ill ill ll 11 We gained much from our changing society . . . new outlooks, interests, friends . We also found that changes did not mean abandonment of all the past had given us An atmosphere of change served to deepen and enrich the basic values of our lives . . . 32 We chose Wisconsin . . . filled out the application forms . . . alternated between anticipation and apprehension, and waited for September . . . 33 At last it was time, and the converging process began . . . so many people . . . introductions . . . one-way traffic . . . roommates arrived — faces that smiled and talked of curtains and hometowns . . . we unpacked and wondered where we ' d put everything . . . then hurried good-byes and we were on our own, awed by the campus and our presence on it . . . We wen idi km I where we ' dpul everything Awed by the campus 35 -g V ' ' m w " S 1 wWf f £ TT " w. • a P - i The process of becoming a statistic Registration i he process of becoming a statistic ... a number to remember for the next four years . . . approved by the department of history . . . do not write above this line . . . please put your Madison address on all checks . . . we filled out cards, handed them in, had them returned . . . lill out the other side, please . . . handed them in again . . . cramped fingers, tired feet . . . the world went by while we stood in line . . . The world went l , I Fill out the other side, please 37 Materially, at least, we were prepared Again we waited From the library to the armory to the bursar ' s office ... a continuous line, entering and emerging ... we followed it to the bookstores and found more lines . . . again we waited . . . no information . . . careful — this book is only recommended . . . we considered the products of the student salesmen . . . thought about the first day of classes . . . materially, at least, we were prepared . . . People we met were our teachers ( )ur new way of life Mail reminded us thai tin- outside world existed 40 m— mm mm Before we entered a classroom . We found our education beginning before we entered a classroom . . . the people we met were our teachers, and we learned eagerly . . . we heard about conformity, snap courses. B-3, Union mixers . . . knowledge essential to our being . . . mail reminded us that the outside world still existed . . . already our new way of life was producing changes within ourselves . . . we wondered if that should please us or disturb us . . . 41 A new way of life .ii-t linn tn know others P fi» Hr Ijj r«MA 4 ' • »3» - .■ w- 1 1 1 B l ■k - fl IBk 1 42 The dorms provided opportunities Getting to know others . . . the dorms provided oppor- tunities to live and work together . . . independent, yet dependent, we needed friendship and found it . . . we talked . . . about the food, quiet hours, late minutes . . . loyalties were acquired . . . Liz, Chad, LHA . . . we went to the Hideaway and the Pine Room . . . read " Dormistory " . . . roommates, housefellows ... a new way of life . . . We needed friendship. Independent, yel dependenl 3 tt " « m £ r 43 A world in itself We found dorm life more than a room and a meal ticket . . . there were clubs, committees. formals, movies in B-10, and even a radio station . . . the organization amazed us . . . we were aware of the many facilities, hut appreciated the human element most . . . group fun and cherished moments of privacy . . . the dorm area ... a world in itself . . . More than :i room and a meal tickel i We appreciated the human element must Cherished moments of privi " fr. oo .,, f NOT 45 HHgBH I WW I Some of us wanted more . . . we smiled our way through rush it was organized differently this year, they said . . . we sipped punch, adjusted neckties, tried to remember Emily Post . . . we heard about the good things, speculated about the had . . . from house to house ... a mixture of faces, hands, voices . . . did they know we were scared . . . we judged and were judged . . . did we really want to become a pari of it all . . . 46 —— uamm 47 This was the life we had chosen Being a Greek ... a feeling we couldn ' t define, but could express . . . Humorology, beer suppers, serenades ... a sense of belonging, of common ties . . . pins worn proudly . . . we heard the system criticized — from both outside and inside we worked to improve it, to make the necessary changes . . . our efforts were examined, applauded, ignored . . . this was the life we had chosen — an intricate form of social organiza- tion . . . benefits and securities . . . lasting friendships . . . memories . . . 48 Bi 1 Individuality keynoted ur existenc 50 Not all of us chose the organized way of life . . . we guarded our independence carefully, and enjoyed being on our own we had fewer restrictions ... set our own standards . . . learned about housekeeping . . . apartments or rooms . . . miscellaneous furniture, bikes, trips to the super market . . individuality kevnoted our existence . . . 51 % We commute A life hi conflicting interests 52 There were those of us who had known the university long before we became a part of it . . . we commuted . . . by car or bus . . . measuring time in blocks and miles . . . a life of conflicting interests . . . we still lived at home, but there was a change . . . bag lunches . . . bus schedules . . . a need for self discipline . . . Measuring time in blocks and miles A need for self-discipline 53 Combined careers . . . marriage and education . . . we worked al making them both a success . . . there was ;i deeper sense of responsibility . . . we had our own society . . . bridge parties, baby-sitters, shopping lists . . . housework and homework . . . we worried aboul budgeting both time and money, and waited for the Eagle Heights bus . . . our life was more demanding, buf we found it rewarding . . . we fell justifiable in our accomplishments. . . A deeper sense i responsibility The Eagle Heights bu 54 Housework and homework Combined careers e took lime out The Hill . . . pleasant in spring and fall, forboding in winter . . . we made the daily pilgrimage to lectures, labs, quiz sections . . . Bascom, ( !om, Birge, Ed. . . . we were late to 7:4.Vs, carried out lunch for 12:05 ' s, cut 1 :35 ' s . . . we took time out for a cigaret, moved aside for the mail truck, talked about how ambiguous a test had been . . . from class to class . . . crow r ded, restless . . . we knit, dozed, took notes . . . and somehow acquired the necessary knowledge . . . 56 We knit, dozed, took notes . From class to class Acquired the aecessary, knowli dge 57 More relaxed and casual 58 The June change-over . . . one crowd left and another took its place . . . summer school at Wisconsin . . . we heard it was something no one should miss . . . some of us attended because we needed the credits, some because we needed a rest . . . certainly a change from the regular school year . . . more relaxed and casual . . . summer activities . . . outdoor concerts, sun sessions . . . Summer Prom Weekend — something new this year . . . we 1 to sail, swam at the Union ' s pier, took finals after only eight weeks . . . went home to wait for school to start again earned - W-TJ m : ■ s lspS gM _. ' 423P bummer activities . . . 59 m l E r l | i» ,.« £ Ip H A new dean for LAS.., H. Edwin Young, and former dean: Sellery, Birge, and Ingraham. We heard Governor Nelson 60 Sales tax , We were aware of our changing campus world ... a new dean for L S . . . new dorms and classrooms . . . the Carillon Tower would never look the same . . . we followed the med school controversy . . . heard speeches . . . a new sales tax . . . attended meetings . . . our interests were aroused . . . we agreed or argued . . . Assemblyman Xiles Soik visited the campus sxpress our opinions w:is strong Beyond the limits of the university 62 wBB msm Our interests went beyond the limits of the university . . . distant changes were brought to our attention . . . we demonstrated, sympathized, scoffed, ignored . . . the urge to express our opinions was strong . . . letters to the editor, rallies, marches . . . we took part or read reports in the newspaper . . . important issues . . . some not so important . . . thev all received attention . . . 63 Awareness . . . of changes and events on the local and international scene . . . the world required it, and we responded . . . surprised at how involved we could become . . . things we hadn ' t though! much about before . . now we wanted to know more about them . . . the various isms . . . civil rights . . . foreign politics . . . part of becoming an educated individual . . . We wanted to know more about III AC Things we hadn ' t thought much aboul before . 64 iii the local scene . . . Surprised at how involved we could bi 65 Research ... in many and varied fields . . . the importance of Wisconsin ' s research program gave us another reason to he proud . . . long hours . . . dedication . . . names the whole world knew . . . Dr. Verner Suomi, and his contributions to the space age . . . more than musty labs and foaming tesl tubes . . . realistic approaches to the prob- lems of today for the progress of tomorrow . . . Long hour? For the progress of tomorrow . . . Professor !. P. Woilard, chief of geophysics studies 67 ■ ra- - 1 New methods of treating dis Unpublicized or nationally recognized . . . the work went on ... a few of us participated in some of these studies . . . inquiries into past and future un- knowns . . . new methods of treating disease, historical research, investigations into the field of solar energy . . . Wisconsin ' s accomplishments were numerous . . . 68 The work went on . . . Historical research Wisconsin ' s accomplishments were numerous 1 •, Preoccupied with our own small scope, we missed a lot . . few of us even realized the significance of the news articles we read . . . hut whether we realized it or not, the men and their knowledge existed . . . adding to our education . . . language studies, experiments with nuclear energy . . . more reasons for Wisconsin ' s leadership . . . Nuclear reactor . . . another reason for Wisconsin ' s leadership 70 II Adding to our education 71 Representing the women on campus The Resident Aide AWS executive board Representing the women on campus . . . Associated Women Students . . . headed by Nancy Natwick, president . . . we worked to change apartment rulings, held the annual fashion show, thanked everyone who helped by inviting them to a recognition banquet . . . we honored the outstanding women on campus at Senior Swingout . . . Coeds ' Congress, Resident Aide program, Wiscettiquette . . . all a part of AWS ' s interest in the educated woman and her place in the world . . . All a pari of AWS ' s interest in the educated woman l:;i Hamel, WSA president . . Student Senate 4 Ira Korabluth, vice-president Sue Hoebreckx, Student government . . . everyone had an opinion about it . . . few of us really knew . . . but " WSA affected us all in some way . . . Student Senate . . . suits and ties and a legis- lative air . . . intricately worded bills, planning sessions, PR, committee interviews . . . spring and fall elections — candidates became leaders . Ray Hamel, WSA president; Sue Hoebreckx, secretary; Ira Kornbluth, vice-president; Gene Armstrong, treasurer. I !ene Armstrong, treasurer 75 -JE Plans and policies Room 307 in the Union . . . the WSA office . . . a place where we phoned, hied, typed, discussed . . . where we checked the mailboxes and asked Ruth . . . plans and policies . . . writing, mimeographing, stuffing envelopes . . . letting the campus know ... a task to face, if not finish . . . The WSA office 76 Afc A task to face, if n I Where we checked the mailboxes and asked Ruth 1 " i 1 1 v Kir J 1 : _ K i i An opportunity to participate The WSA book exchange 78 WSA provided an opportunity to participate . . . an outlet for past experience, a chance to gain new ... a myriad of committees, departments . . . Campus Chest, New Student Week. Freshmen Leadership program, Alock UN . . . the criti- cisms seemed to outnumber the praises, but the effort was there . . . pleased or discouraged . . . working for the betterment of the campus community . . . An outlet for past experience, a chance to gain new Creative thought and fruitful discussion . . . the symposium program, sponsored by WSA . . . an array of distinguished personalities . . . Unblock, Adam Clayton Powell, .lames Wadsworth, Eric Goldman, Ralph Bunche, Russell Kirk and Eugene McCarthy . . . discussing " Government: When, Where, Why " we listened . . . participated in the seminars . . . we appreciated the opportunity afforded us . . . Representative Adam ( ' . Powell . . . we listened Ralph Bunche discussing " Government: When, Where, Why ' Q ' c2Lj% We appreciated the opportunity 80 SI Herbert Block— " Herblock ' 81 Russell Kirk and Eugene McCarthy Designed to stimulate a search for knowledge and understanding outside the classroom . . . we were proud that Wisconsin had initiated such a program . . . hoped it would continue . . . it is with great pleasure that I introduce . . . has consented to answer questions from the floor . . . what is your opinion, sir . . . we thanked the people who had made symposium possible . . 82 - m m Eric Goldman James J. Wadsworth One of the most significant student events of the year . . . the Model United Nations conference . . . groups and living units became nations . . . we looked at the world situation from many viewpoints . . . gaining knowledge through partici- pation . . . we wanted to understand . . . We wanted to understand 84 Gaining knowledge through participation The Model UN conferenci 8.1 l ' lic Terrace for warm-weather brc. 86 The Union . . . hub of activities, entertainment, recreation . . . sixteen established committees and clubs, changing faces, changing programs . . . Georgian Grill to Inn Wisconsin . . . opinions on the front steps soapbox . . . • " How do I get to the Edwin Booth Room? " . . . Beethoven and botany in the listening rooms . . . 11-3824 . . . the Terrace for warm-weather breaks . . . Friday night guitars in Paul Bunyan . . . the sights and sounds of the " campus living room " . . . Opinions on the trout steps soapbox IE MEN AtfD ' WOMEN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF W1SC( v-t 1 87 Learned i tie financial structure Medieval nobles for Beefeater ' s Banquet Union Directorate planned programs Union Directorate planned the programs, learned the financial structure, were turned into medieval nobles for Beefeater ' s Banquet . . . Activities Jamboree showed the new students the ins and outs of committee programming . . . Films for Finals . . . craft displays . . . " Inside 770 " . . . Fasching ' s polka band . . . Creative Writing Contest . . . orange juice tasting panels . . . weekend ski trips . . . traffic (•(units ... a kaleidoscope of programs and services planned by Union committees . . . 89 90 We came singly or in groups Trumped at Sunday night bridg " Meet me at the Union " . . . We came singly or in groups . . . discussed poetry with Robert Frost . . . square danced at Folk Fiesta . . . held a ( u ' een Room Reception for the Bay- anihan Dancers . . . trumped at Sunday night bridge . . . attended the grand opening of the Wisconsin Salon . . . stood in line at the Park Street Box Office for Joan Baez . . . ate dinner with a professor . . . went to the annual performance by the Buda- pest String Quartet . . . went back for seconds at Tripp Commons Smorgas- bord . . . asked Mr. Catton just one more question on the Civil War . . . bought the package ticket book for the Union Jazz Festival . . shared our impressions over coffee in the Rat . . . Green Room reception for the Bavanihan Dancer- Discussed poetry with Robert Frost 91 Catering for a snack or banquet Aspiring artists in the Workshop We took advantage of old Union features and tried out some of the new . . . television in Main Lounge . . . paint and paste- board for aspiring artists in the Workshop . . . catering for a snack or banquet . . . we twisted at the new ' ' Hernando ' s Hideaway " . . . practiced piano in Reception or Top Flight . . picked up a box lunch at the Cafeteria Desk for excursions to Picnic Point . . . referred visitors to the outside infor- mation booth for directions to a changing campus . . . 93 CRQbbicvAU [deas and art from other Pumpkin carving at Hs 94 ■■I ' »v. ■„,... The Union offered .something for all . . . pumpkin carving at Halloween . . . ideas and art from other lands . . . outings based on the Hoofer Quarters . . . changing programs to meet the cam- pus ' changing needs . . . Outings based from Hoofer Quarters Something for all 95 The Union Theater on the lake . . . we were proud thai ii played host not only to us l ui also to all of Madison . . . weboughl our season tickets for the Wisconsin Players . . . chose be ween Red or White Series . . . t ried to a1 tend a maximum number from the rich assortment of programs . . . " Mary Stuart " . . . Budapest String Quartel . . . Antonio Janigro . . . We visited the gallery ar1 show during Intermission . . . admired the new carpeting installed during May . . . perhaps even auditioned for a Players production . . . ( clenn ( iould ' Mary Stuart Budapest String Quartet iuiii.n.uii.niuiiiujuiununiM i 97 We were entranced by ureal stars on the vast Union Theater stage . . . Isaac Stern . . . Odetta . . . wanned and amused by Broad- way shows . . . " The Miracle Worker " . . . " A Thurber Carnival " . . . thrilled by the rich, vibrant movement of the Philippine dancers . . . [saac St i Philippine dancers N T S£ k N$ki • •$ £ ' The Miracle Worker " A Thurber Carnival " . . tdetta HMHMBI i I Indra Julian Bream Ballet Theatre i) AJ jf (drfti Our cultural appreciation grew . . . Indrani . . . we saw different aspects of stage presentations . . . Julian Bream ... it was good to feel that we liked more than just funny productions . . . American Ballet Theatre . . . books in hand, we stood in line for hours . . . good seats weren ' t always left . . . we were eager to see people like Joan Baez . . . nowhere else would we have these opportunities . . . 101 International organization of business students. . AISEC . . . international organization of business students . . . a unique training program . . . Students in commerce and economics chosen to work in Europe . . . foreign students come here to work in their fields . . . valuable aid in promoting international good will . . . 102 Students in commerce and economics chosen to work in Europe Valuable aid in promoting international ncmil will 103 j ir IT r lW)NfiENni{ Vilas Diiriiarb Judges viewed house decorations and Boats Homecoming . . . Langdon Street alive on Thursday nighl . . . fall settings for dorm decorations ... we saw chicken wire and crepe paper magically transformed . . . judges viewed house decorations and floats . . . " Songs of the Century " was the theme ... it was worth the chilly hands and bruised fingers . . . the start of a long, but jubilant weekend ... 1 :30 nights . . . big white mums with fuzzy red " W " ' s. 104 m Langdon Stree! alive on Thursday uighl ( Ihicken wire and crepe paper magically transformed 105 106 t r .z-x We couldn ' t see through sugar-spun clouds of pink sniok Johnny Mathis starred in the Homecoming Show ... a liquid voice enveloping thousands ... on Saturday, Badgers and Buckeyes fought it out . . . Ohio State was ranked first . . . our 2f points to their 30 ... a moral victory . . . the ABC-TV cameraman in a red devil ' s suit darted to catch every play . . . we couldn ' t see through sugar-spun clouds of pink smoke . . . 107 ■r fate iv b V suck Iri » D We " Yelled Like 11. Badger Block . . . we finally had one ... no longer just for freshmen ... it was a struggle to get coordinated . . . row upon row of bright- colored cards ... a many-squared Bucky Badger . . . We " Yelled Like Hell " . . . milling crowds in front of the Union . . . cheerleaders prancing warily on the narrow ledge . . . we gave our support to the team . . 108 A many-squared Bucky Badger Row upon row of bright-colored cards 109 We had tn have original ideas Creative choreography Humorology . . . work began before mid- semesters . . . we had to have original ideas . . . creative choreography . . . clever songs . . . Our 15-minute productions had to be polished and precise ... the final show was limited to six groups . . . would ours make it? . . . there was kickline too . . . pretty girls with long, slender legs . . . Tryouts on Bascom stage . . . our singing was swallowed up by the yawning stage ceiling . . . we were wedged together in too tight formations . . . but we made it . . . Ill Alpha EpsiloD Phi-Sigma Chi in " Sleep A Then the real work started . . . we were in . . . we had to perform on the Union stage . . . " OK kids, let ' s take it again " . . . exhausted, we rehearsed over and over . . . we saw our shows blossom . . . group spirit was overwhelming . . . our studies suffered . . . six-weeks came and went . . . and then it was time . . . 112 ab And thru it was time Delta ( lamma — Chi Phi perform " Baggin ' the Dragon ( troup spirit was overwhelming . . " The Champagne Step " by Kappa Delta- Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . 113 ' • ;jfB Angels Ride the Subway " by Sigma Delta Tau- Alpha Epsilon I Arms and legs were together Kappa Alpha Theta - Pi Lambda Phi in " Off theRecord ' 114 Its ' Stealing the Students BIind " Alpha Phi ZetaBeta Tau Excitement ran high . . . arms and Legs were together, not jumbled . . . smiles were wide and sparkling . . . the tiny champagne bubbles of spirit tickled everyone . . . there we were — " Huniorologv ' 62 " . . . There we were — " Humorology ' 62 115 Tests oi strength Campus Carnival ... a whirl of carefree gaiety . . . sawdust on the floor . . . each booth wanting to outsell the other . . . some tried cm icing customers . . . others were tests of strength ... If we were lucky, we walked around with a kewpie doll in one hand . . . stuffed dog in the other hand . . . Hawaiian leis around our necks . . . laughing, talking, looking doing . . . we had fun . . . 116 mil ' tried int li-iiiti customers Girls, pretty and feminine in formals Excitement ran hi li The l)i} ; spring Eormal function . 118 Mb Military Ball . . . the big spring formal function . . . General chairman David Kesselman . . .dates imposing in their dress uniforms . . . shiny gold buttons . . . gleaming shoes . . . girls pretty and feminine in formals . . . excitement ran high . . .who would be king? . . . Badger Beauties and their escorts walked beneath crossed swords . . . Late hours . . . fitting end to a wonderful evening . . . Badger Beauties and their escorts walked beneath crossed swords 119 1962 Badger Beauties Mary Alice Schull Stevens Point, Wis. Marcia Lawton Southfield, Mich. Nancy toodman Tucson, Ariz. !arol Bradley ( Ihicago, 111. Jean Kelzenberj Madison, Wis. .loan Foster Madison, Wis. 120 Judging a1 the St. Pat ' s " beard contest ' Cheerfully enduring the Wisconsin winter ( aroi ( jSradle ' Aoa n J o5 ter f ancu vjoodina sfecin -J eizenbera 125 V la pel a oi a wton 126 it I v laru -Si lice S chull v M ¥ y 127 The places . - The University was a part of We had gained 128 There was much we would remember about Wisconsin . . . the people, the places, the ideas . . . we had worked hard — at adjusting, learning, enjoying ourselves, meeting standards and expectations . . . we had contributed much, gained more ... as we prepared to leave it, we realized how much the University was a part of us . . . We would remember M Breaking with this life which had become a habit 130 Suddenly everything we did had an air of finality about it that was a little hard to grasp . . . we were leaving, and others would be filling rooms, card files, and bluebooks . . . formerly unnoticed elements of our environment came sharply into focus . . . we looked carefully, consciously . . . we had accepted without appreciating . . . now we were breaking with this life which had become a habit . . . we made a project out of remembering . . . Ve looked carefully, consciously We made :i ] roject out of remembering . We fell the familiar slippini Senior Swingout The end approached at an alarming rate of speed . . . soon we would know how well the Univesity had prepared us . . . others were interested too . . . we went to the placement bureau . . . looked through folders, wrote letters, answered questions . . . some of us decided . . . four years of effort were given recognition . . . farewell banquets . . . Senior Swingout . . . we felt the familiar slipping away . . . 132 Four years of effort We wrnt to the placement bureau 133 mM That Monday morning A time to feel a bit sentimental A new meaning „SflllH " " J V 134 1 - g - ' -- - ; -i .t Uv i(; i r | ftl. h ■I Graduation . . . a time to feel a bit sentimental ... to reminisce, pack, party . . . then that Monday morning . . . we adjusted caps and gowns, consulted the instruction booklet to find out when to stand . . . the march into ( lamp Randall . . . proud faces watching us . . . the University Hymn . . . candidates please rise . . . Varsity, with a new meaning . . . speeches . . . honors . . . before we could analyze our feelings it was over, and we were alums . . . Caps and gowns 135 We compared expectations and memories . . . felt mingled confidence and uncertainty as we accepted responsibility in the form of a scroll of paper . . . we had witnessed and experienced many changes in the process of becoming educated . . . we were thankful for the memories which would steady us . . . we smiled, shook hands . . . and exchanged one way of life for another . . . 136 ■i nM We were thankful for the memories 137 ESTHER PACETTI, editor ACADEMICS AND ADMINISTRATION 138 r V ■ o kt o ' c tf .wo " 6° It t x U oi: fc V .ri. T; Governor Gaylord A. Nelson .rftf " ' ' ' - ««t£ 5 CO 11 ' sS t o U " 140 aa To the Students of 1961-62: This has been a year of building at the University -- the sort made obvious by earth-movers, riveters, and stone masons on Bascom Hill -- but more important though less obvious, the building of balanced quality in faculty, programs, and policies. Enrollment reached its highest point in University history, both on the Madison campus and throughout the University. Though in our planning we kept in mind the years ahead when enrollment in Madison alone would reach and exceed 30,000, most changes in procedures, policies, and programs were aimed at immediate University needs, as was the continual search for faculty members of highest potential, those who could bring something extra to contribute to the broad sweep of our academic capabilities, and those interested in adding to mankind ' s knowledge as well as teaching it. We sought particularly to strengthen the humanities and social studies, areas where progress had been most difficult in the recent years when public attention focused on the sciences, and national needs prompted major investments in defense and health related programs. Without diminishing our historic attention to the problems of the farm, we increased our concern for urban society; and without diminishing our attention to the problems of the state, we assumed a greater national role and intensified our efforts in the international sphere. Student reaction to the changing University was encouraging. Honors courses attracted more than were anticipated, a sure sign that serious purpose was growing. Independent work reflected similar growth and the library- was used as it never has been before. Particularly inter- esting was the enrollment swing to the courses of extra challenge in almost every field of knowledge, and increases in basic field enroll- ments far beyond those in the highly specialized " how to do it " sort- All these things augured well for the future of the University and -- I believe -- for our students. Sincerelv yours, President Conrad A. Elvehjem it? £ sf Elvehjem. 141 University of Wisconsin Board of Regents - Seated: Harold A. Konnak, Charles D. Gelatt, Carl E. Steiger, regent president, and A. Matt Werner, vice president . Standing :Angus B. Rothwell, Arthur De Bardeleben, Robert C. Basset t, Kllis K. Jensen, Maurice Paseli, Jacob Friedrich. Board of Regents 142 The Board of Regents i.s an administrative group of the University. The members of the group are appointed by the governor. Its function is to assist in formulating University policies and regulations pertaining to such matters as election of the University president, rules and regulations concerning University property, and decisions on faculty salaries. Present officers of the Board of Regents include Carl E. Steiger, president; A. Matt Werner, vice president; Clarke Smith, secretary; Airs. Dena A. Smith, treasurer. m Standing: Adolph J. Ackerman, Sain E. Ijrle, Mrs. J.ihn C. Lc M . Mrs. James Hill. Jr., Mrs. Llewellyn J. Walker. M. E. Schneider, Bidwell Gage, Arthur J. O ' Hara. Seated: Mrs. Samuel X. Piekard Mrs. Eldon B. Russell, Mrs. David Jones, Mrs. Robert L. Hall. The Board of Visitors is an administrative group which advises the Board of Regents. It consists of twelve mem- bers; three are appointed by the governor, six are chosen by the alumni association, and three are chosen by the Board of Regents. The group looks into University prob- lems and discusses these at a monthly meeting. An annual report i made to the Board of Regents. Board of Visitors 143 Dean of Students As Dean of Students, Leroy E. Luberg has shown a strong interest in the faculty and studenl activities and relations at the University. He has held the position of Dean of Students since L958. Dean Luberg ' s office is responsible for the organization and supervision of various administrative officers and special services. The Dean works closely with directors of the Division of Residence Halls, the University Housing Bureau and Wisconsin Memorial Union. Much of Dean Luberg ' s time has been devoted to studying university and student problems through various student-faculty committees. In the past year, his duties included such work as directing the activities of committees such as High School Relations, Public Relations, Residence Halls, and various scholarship award groups. Dean Luberg has also served as advisor to the Wisconsin Pre-Views program. Before assuming the position of Dean of Students, .Mr. Luberg was Assistant to the President, and in L957, served as Governor Vernon Thompson ' s Executive Secretary. Dean of Students: Leroy E. Luberg 144 Dean of Men Increased student-faculty contad has been a major interest of Theodore Zillman since becoming Dean of Men in L951. Toward this end, Dean Zillman has worked in various phases of student affairs in addition to his responsibility of serving in an advisory capacity of men students in all non-academic activities. The office of the Dean of Men offers aid to student officers in their leadership duties, particularly in the fraternity area. Dean Zillman was active on the Student Life and Interests Committee during the year. Dean of Men: Theodore Zillman Dean of Women: Martha Peterson . Dean of Women Serving the interests of the Wisconsin co-eds is the main responsibility of Dean of Women, Martha Peterson. In this capacity, Miss Peterson acts as an advisor to individual students and also to many women ' s organi- zations. During the year, I )ean Peterson supervised the women ' s housing program and worked closely with the house- mother ' s group. She was also active on various student- faculty committees, including the main Student Life and Interests Committee. Before coming to Wisconsin, Miss Peterson served as Dean of Women at the University of Kansas. 145 Vice-President of Academic Affairs: Fred H. Harringtor Vice-President Mr. A. W. Peterson is the chief business officer of the University. His responsibilities as such include arranging; for the financing of construction projects; purchase of land needed for expansion of the campus; administration of federal research and instruction contracts and gifts. Mr. Peterson is also trust officer of the University. He serves as one of the University ' s representatives to Mid- western I ' niversities Research Association, Associated Universities for Research in Astronomy. He is also a member of many University committees. Vice-President Mr. V. II. Harrington ' s office deals with policy ques- tions, particularly those of concern to the faculty. It coordinates academic activities among the colleges on the Madison, Milwaukee, and center system campuses. It maintains University contacts with other colleges and universities in Wisconsin and elsewhere; with state and federal government agencies; with private foundations and associations. It exercises general supervision over the University ' s international program. Mr. Harrington works closely with the committees and the President of our University. Vice-President of Business and Finance: A. W. Peterson 146 I Registrar Registrar: Paul L. Trump Assistant to President Having enjoyed a varied career in the journalism world, Mr. Taylor joined the University faculty in 1948. During his stay here, he has served as director of the University News Service. We are indebted to him for his valuable contributions to the fields of higher education and public relations. Mr. Taylor has been continually active in the American College of Public Relations Association. A graduate of Wisconsin, he is an associate professor of journalism. Appointed to the position in 1960, Mr. Taylor is serving as assistant to the President. Secretary to the Faculty: Allien V. White Paul L. Trump is a name familiar to mosl University students as the signature of the Registrar. Mr. Trump is one of the most active persons on our faculty. Due to his contribution to the organization of a streamlined registration process, more than 11.000 students were able to advance register last summer. As chairman of the Herfurth-Theodore Scholarship Committee, he and his board select the Senior Man and Senior Woman who are recipients of these awards. In addition to these respon- sibilities. Mr. Trump advises Phi Eta Sigma, the fresh- man honorary society for men. Assistant to the President: Pmlicrt T: Secretary to Faculty As Secretary to the Faculty, Alden W. White holds a position which calls upon him to act as an efficiency expert ami organization man. Mr. White ' s responsibilities are manifold, including the assignment of class rooms, and management of the faculty statistics and information oliiee. Publication of time tallies, scheduling of final examinations, and coordination of commencement are only a few of the many problems confronting tin - tary to the Faculty each semester. Students and faculty alike are grateful to Mr. White, an alumnus of the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. 147 Student Employment : M .Miss .Marion Tormey ' s position as director of the Uni- versity Studenl Employment Bureau is one which affects many Wisconsin students. The Bureau is maintained " t assisl men and women students who are partially or wholly self-supporting during their attendance at the University. " This includes contacts with prospective employers and scheduling a variety of jobs. As director of Student Activities, Mr. Elmer Meyer acts as a liaison between students and the administration in sharing his ideas with both. Registering social events, certifying student shgibihty for activities and resgiotermg all student organizations are functions of the agency. The Student Counseling Center, directed by Mr. Lewis Drake, helps the student witli such problems as selecting a vocation, choosing a college major, and resolving per- sonal problems. Mr. Drake also supervises the counseling, research and various testing programs administered by the Center. Union Director: Porter Butts Activities: Kline Special Services News Service: Jack Newman I Mi ! " l w Zfr i Student Counseling: Lewis E. 1 Student Health: Dr. J I jJHfk As director of Residence Halls, Mr. Newell Smith has the responsibility of co-ordinating all University-owned living units. Mr. Smith ' s headaches include supervising the assignment of freshmen to the halls they desire and assuring upperclassmen of roommates of their choice. As Student Financial Advisor, Mr. Ray Hilsenhoff handles the finances of all student organizations and audits all accounts. The office handles approximately three million dollars a year in ticket sales for such events as concerts, Humorology and Haresfoot. Professor Porter Butts, often called the dean of Union directors, coordinates the Union staff and works with students as the advisor to the Union Directorate and secretary of the Union ( louncil. Dr. John Flinn is in charge of all clinical and infirmary work. The department differs from that of many other universities in that it takes full responsibility for the students. Its work begins with an entrance history and continues throughout the student ' s attendance. As director of the University News Service, .Mr. Newman assigns stories to his staff ami upon their pletion, edits and distributes the releases to city state newspapers, radio and TV. Jack and Financial Advisor: Ray L. Hilsenhoff $ . ' ■ W I 1 S v -;.: : X BLg£33 m k 1w Residence Halls: Newell J. Smith University of Wisconsin Foundation Alumni and friends play an importanl role in the life " t the University. Realizing thai their personal achieve- ment and happiness is I mi It on the solid foundation acquired in Madison, many alumni contribute annually in their Alma Mater. Others, moved by social respon- sibility, know thai our schools and colleges even those that arc tax-assisted cannot perform productively with- out generous and continuing support from friends and alumni. In 1945 a group of alumni organized the University of Wisconsin Foundation to solicit, accept and use gifts. A private non-profit corporation, the Foundation has compiled an admirable record of service to our great state university. Robert B. Rennebohm, executive direc- tor, is in charge of the Foundation ' s office located in the Wisconsin Center, an adult education building given to the University by the Foundation. It costs money to operate a major university. And any student can tell you it costs money to attend one, also. Friends and alumni, both as individuals and as corpora- tions, realize that tax funds and tuition don ' t begin to reach the total needed to carry out the desired programs of teaching, research, and public service of the University. Students pay hut 20% of the cost of their education through fees and tuition, yet many of them need extra help in the form of scholarships, fellowships, and loans or they will not he able to continue their college careers. A glance through the financial records of the University of Wisconsin Foundation reflects the generosity of alumni and business firms who ' give to the University and to students through the Foundation. Reviewing plans tor lower campus development at a winter meeting of the Foundation board of directors are: President Frank Y. Birch, Chair- man of the Board Howard I. Potter, Wallace Meyer, Herbert F. Johnson, Executive Vice President Rudolph C. Zimmerman, and Anthony G. DeLorenzo. vc Catherine Poehling, Paula Knuth, and Charlotte Gundersdorff received the first Hattie B. Goessling Scholarships from Frances L. Zuill, associate dean. The following are just samples of the uses of Foundation funds during the past calendar year: Dave Schreiner Scholarships s 140.00 Conclin Memorial Student Loan Fund 235.00 Alumni Assn. Centennial Publication 3,285.80 Medical School Scholarships 600.00 Ophthalmological Studies 1 ,21 »0.l II I L. E. Phillips Medical Scholarships 1,500.00 Books for Department of Hebrew Studies 1,500.00 Lectures in Organic Chemistry 2,228.75 Books for Elementary Botany Department 121.24 Goessling Scholarships in Nutrition 1,110.00 Middleton Medical Library $29,765.14 Genrich Scholarships 750.00 Charles Mohr Scholarships 100.00 Hill Awards for Undergraduate Literary Creativity 9,783.00 University Symphony Orchestra Scholarships 600.00 Davis Radio Series on Ethics 5,000.00 Kohler Family Scholarships 5,000.00 Garlow Scholarship 250.00 Agazim Scholarships 700.00 Madison Retardation Council Scholarships 500.00 Frazer Scholarship Fund 3,900.00 George K. Tallman Scholarships 2,000.00 Rennebohm Pharmacy Scholarships 1.000.00 Dr. and Mrs. Edward Knight Scholarships 200.00 Cardiac Research 100.00 Pharmacy Scholarships 2,250.00 Rennebohm Medical Research 3,000.00 University of Wis. Foundation Scholarships 2,500.00 Chair in American Institutions 3,500.00 Burlingame Scholarship 100.00 151 Friday Memorial Scholarships 300.00 Law School Special Research 750.00 University Arboretum 35.00 H. L. Russell Memorial Fund 1,499.42 George A. Fiedler Scholarship 100.00 Institute for Research in Humanities 250.00 Straley Scholarships 600.00 Insurance Library in Commerce 100.00 Red Cross Drug Co. Pharmacy ( Irant 300.00 Elwell Scholarships 200.00 Professorship in Hebrew Studies 500.00 Haight Professorship 2.500.00 Marie Kohler Fellowships 4,250.00 Books for UW-M Library 1,130.00 Paul Y. Eberman, associate dean, presented the first Straley Scholarships to Barbara A. Annear, David F. Hundhausen, and Mary L. Harris. The opening of the second century of the W ' i Center. Here, alumni and University officials onsin Alumni Association wi ither for a social hour befon i marked with a special Kick-Off Dinner held in the Wisconsin the dinner meeting. Following the successful conclusion of its hundredth year, the Wisconsin Alumni Association looked forward with increased vigor to the beginning of its second century of fulfilling the mandate of its constitution — " to promote by organized effort the best interest of the University of Wisconsin. " The first century had seen the Association grow from a small hand of Wisconsin graduates who would gather at reunions to a loyal body of alumni who were vitally concerned with the welfare of their university and who numbered more than 24.000 at the close of the Associa- tion ' s Centennial Year. As ihc Association entered its second century, arrange- ments were made to pass on the reigns of leadership from John Berge, who served as executive director of the Associ- ation tor nearly 26 years, to Arlie M. Mucks, Jr. The beginning of the Association ' s second century was observed with a Kick-Off dinner which was held in the Wisconsin Center on October 13, and featured talks from distinguished alumni. During the course of the year, every effort was made to maintain the tempo of activities established during the Centennial Year and to improve upon the record of the first century. Officers for the year were: Don Anderson, Madison, chairman of the board; Dr. Norman 0. Becker, Fond du Lac, president : Lloyd Larson, Milwaukee, first vice presi- dent; Charles O. Newlin, Chicago, second vice president; Russell A. Teckemeyer, Madison, treasurer; and Mrs. John Walsh, Madison, secretary. Members of the Associ- ation staff include: Edward II. Gibson, field secretary. Arthur Hove, editor of the Wisconsin Alumnus; and Mrs. Edith Knowles, office manager. 1 i I the popular programs inaugurated during the Association ' s lentennial Year was Wisconsin Women ' s 1 lay. Tin 1 event was so successful, that it promises i " become an annual affair. University of Wisconsin President Conrad A. Elvehjem (left) and Wisconsin Alumni Association President Dr. Norman O. Becker confer briefly before the Second Century Kick-l ff Dinner. Wisconsin Alumni Association At the annual meeting of the Association ' s board of directors at Homecoming, Dr. Norman . Becker, standing, announced the appointment of Ai lie M. Mucks, Jr., (right) to succeed John Beige (second from right ) as executive director of the Association. Berge will retire on September 1, 1962 alter more than 26 vears of service to the Wisconsin Alumni Association. Wisconsin Pre-Views Wisconsin Pre-View was first organized during the L930 ' s in an efforl in -tamp " in the idea among Wisconsin citizens thai the University was a stronghold for Communism. The current Pre-Views program was officially begun by Dean Leroy Luberg in L952 to aid the graduating high school senior in making the transition from high school to college by giving him an opportunity to talk with college students. Serving as co-chairman this year were Don Smith and Judy Bell. Rounding out the Central Committee, which plans and co-ordinates activities, were John Wing. Leslie Spear. Tom Burgess, Sue Karpowitz, Tom Shambeau, and Jeanie Olsen. Wisconsin Pre-Views is under the auspices of the office of the President with Leroy Luberg, Dean of Students, and Edward Gibson, Wisconsin Alumni Association field Secretary, acting as advisors. Since Pre-Views was revived in 1952, nearly 7,000 high school students have been served by this program. This year Pre-View teams have traveled to 17 Wisconsin communities for meetings as well as serving the University in other public relation capacities. Wisconsin Pre-Views— Dean Luberg, J. Olsen, J. Wing, L. Spear, S. Karpowitz, 1). Smith, T. Shambeau, J. Bell, T. Burgess. 154 ■i Don Smith and Leslie Spear leave Dean Luberg ' s office before Pre- Views trip. Previewers discuss arrangements for their program. Co-Chairman Judy Bell and Don Smith are shown making plans for a trip to Eau Claire. . Dean 1!. K. Froker ' ■ Tll The branch must suitable for individual needs Agriculture 156 A need of knowledge of modern developments : £. The College of Agriculture . . . the opportunities growing . . . the problem of deciding. . of choosing . . . the branch most suitable for individual needs . . . research . teaching . . . extension work . . . industry . . . farming . . . all have a need for knowledge of modern developments . . . new techniques .new methods . different approaches . . . all essential for successful modern farm- ing . . Little International ... a chance to compete to develop show- manship . . a desire to be the best . . opportunities to be part of Dairy Judging Teams . . Livestock Judging Teams . . . .Meat Judging Teams . the chance to travel around the state . . . to observe many kinds of livestock . the chance to compare ... to recognize quality . . . on the hoof and on the table . . the Experiment Station . . research in areas related to agriculture and homemaking . the result . . improvements and modifications . . . the Meat Research Lab . . . test panels . radiation tests . . . the University Farm . . . the ex- perimentation . . . labor-saving devices . . . equipment designed for easy production . practical on the job training . . . all part of a full schedule . . . busy days all the while . . . the goal ... a career in agriculture . . . for " ow the job of taking full advantage . . . of the opportunities at hand. observe many kinds of livestock 157 Dean E. A. Gaumnitz Commerce Features of the Com School . . this year . . . new data processing equipmenl an IBM I KU-l no combination - . the latest and fastest IBM equipment available - , valuable for teaching and research . . . something new . . . to benefit the students . . AIESEC . . . an organization . . . opening up new opportunities . . . t Com students . . . enabling them to obtain po- sitions ... in foreign countries much interest shown ... a reflection of the expansion of the profession . . . other opportunities ... a chance to play . . . the " busi- ness frame " in Chicago ... a year ' s worth of decisions . . . the outcome tabulated by electronic devices . . . a game ... in a way . . . but valuable experience for a student ... a chance to test his skill and knowledge ... .a chance to " look inside " the business world . . . a chance to progress. All a part of the changing college scene 158 So many places to consider . W»i " " 75 = " n if Take more than a fleeting glance An ever-widening scop The School of Commerce . . . the goal . . . a place in the world of business . . . new experiences . . . new faces . . . all a part of the changing college scene . . . the bulletin boards . . . take more than a fleeting glance . . . so many opportunities ... so many places to consider . . . all kinds of business firms . . . all possibilities for a future . . . more than three hundred companies . . . represented in person . . , more than four thousand per- sonal interviews . . . the nervousness - - . the indecision . . . the desire to make a good impression . . all are a part of being a Com Student. Alter Pre-Com . . . the professional courses . . just beginning to feel the effects ... of the increasing enroll- ment . . . more competition . . the result ... a capacity ... to meet the demand for improvement . . . all affected by change . . . an ever-widening scope . . . a growing interest in world affairs . . . shown . . . by the increasing number ... of courses in foreign trade . . . combining with the others . . . to enrich the stu- dents . . for a successful career. Education The School of Education . the students . .bound by common aspirations . to teach . . . to be able to stimulate others to learn . . . a desire to be . . one of the besl . . nol jusl a major bul a need . . . to know a little aboul everything ... to prepare . . . to know how to meet . . the surprises of the classroom . . the Ed School changing . . . growing . . . offering more to the students . . . Wisconsin . . . pio- neering the Teaching Internship Programs ... a chance. . . to be a member of an instructional team . . . Dr. John Vodacek . . . applications . . . to gain training from the besl . . . part of a five year program . . . pos- sibly a .Master ' s degree . . . increased specialization . . . part of the drift . . . toward increasing quality . . . answering the cry for more education . . teachers must know more . . . to teach more . . . the new pro- gram . the door to teaching . . . always open. Interviews . . . the chance to choose ... to make decisions . . . many stay within the state . . . others . . . anxious to travel . . . choose . . . the West . . . ' lie East . . everywhere . . . an opportunity ... to meet the demand. Dean Lindley J. Stiles Tn l r able to stimulate others t 160 To know u little l it about everything Research ... a part of education . . . the Telema- tioB Research Lab . . . Dr. John Fdwlkes . . . here . . . the first Lab . . . of its kind ... in an educational institution . . . the underlying principle . . . audio- visual aids . . . more teaching in less time . . . the location . . . 116 Education . . . the classroom . . . with curtains on the windows . . . a restful room . . . the screens . . . automation . . . slides . . . pictures . . . sound . . . all enhancing . . . the effectiveness . . . of a lecture . . . an experiment in teaching . . an aid to improved teaching . . . under the guidance of Dean Lindley Stiles. . . becoming at home in the classroom observing . . . assisting . . . learn- . . . the block ... a chance to teach if a career ... a purpose ... to gel rid . . of feelings of anxiety . . . of unsureness . . . to gain confidence ... to enjoy . . the satisfactions . . . of a career in education. The students . . . working . ig . . . finally . . a preview 161 Dean Kurt Wendl Id a world of precision The College of Engineering 162 Engineering The knowledge n;iiiic l from long hours The College of Engineering . . . part of the world of change new faces new courses . , always looking to the future ... to the day . . . when a career becomes a reality . . . the chance to use . . . the skills . . . the knowl- edge . . gained . from long hours . . . with the hooks . . over the draw- ing board . . . measuring . . calculating . . . learning . . . the slide rule . . . a steady companion . . . of the engineering student a look at the " engine " campus . . . plans for a new building . . . plans to expand keep up . . . in a world of precision . . . machines . . . computers . a familiar sight . . . the small groups on the hills . . . surveying . . . learning ... in classes inspection trips ... to get a look ... an idea . specialization ... a neces- sity . . . relation of the fields to aeronautics . . . something to think aboul . . . to consider . . the Space Age . . always a need . . . Yet . . . always a lighter side . . . the Badger Beauties . . . judging the beard- growing contest . . . shaving the winner . . . worth growing a beard for a return to the books . . after a few minutes stolen . . to relax ... a familiar chant . . . " three cheers . free beers rah-rah engineers . . . , 163 By [ pie in all walks of HIV Extension Division Also new buildings Dean I.. II. .doli oi 164 The University Extension . . changing from many aspects - . . serving the need for continuous education . . . the Urban program . . providing newways of . . . relating the University more directly t urban life . . . an attempt to pro- vide educational services . . . comparable to those long available in rural areas . - the Extension Centers . . . 2500 students began college life this year at the eight centers . . . also new buildings . . . expanding with the main campus . . . correspondence courses . . . education by mail . . . enrollment increasing steadily . . - showing a realization . . . by people in all walks of life . . . of the need for more education . . . new courses being offered all the time . . . this year . . . summer sessions . . . becoming more integrated with the Extension . . . about one-third of typical graduating class . , . attend summer school . . . the Extension ... is reaching out . . . the boundaries of its services . . . are becoming world-wide . . here on the University Campus . . . the new head- quarters .. to lie ready in the fall of 1962 ... a symbol of the ever-widening scope of the Extension . . . the Wisconsin Center . . . administered by Uni- versity Extension ... its purpose . . . continuing education . . . the Extension a source of learning . . . an essential part of the University. An attempt to provide educational services 165 Dean J. E. Willard Work on a I hesis Graduate School Long hours of research Graduate School ... a different atmosphere ... a new emphasis . . . the formal beginning . . . about 1880 . . . since then . . . expansion . . . the enrollment . . . the curriculum . . . the opportunities . . . all changing with the times . . . the grad students ... a need to excell . . . C ' s no longer count . . . the only acceptable work . . . high quality work . . . seminars ... a new experience ... a chance to learn . . . to be a part of a specialized group ... a small group ... a chance to share . . to compare . . . to benefit from the knowledge of others . . . work on a thesis . . . where to begin? long hours of research ... a sense of accomplish- ment . . . as the end comes into view . . . " knowledge for knowledge ' s sake " ... a phrase . . . that takes on . . . new meaning . . . the realization . . . that time is short ... so much to do ... so much to learn . . . be- coming specialized . . . experts in their field . . .students with many different backgrounds . . . from many dif- ferent schools . . . with many different goals . . . all Striving . . . to maintain the standards ... to do their best ... in their chosen fields. 166 Still ... a little time for fun bu1 very little . . . time to relax is precious . . the married students ... t spend some time with their families . . . with those they are working for . . the moments aren ' 1 many . . . but they make the long hours worthwhile . . . Eagle Heights. many live there . . . all the apartments look the same . . from the outside . . , yet not one . . . houses identical goals . social life . . not much time. . . but many join the Graduate Club . . . anoppor- tunity to socialize ... to meet others . . . with similar problems . . . and similar goals ... a chance to enjoy Sunday coffee and bridge hours . . .dancing. . .outings . open houses . . . there to be taken advantage of . . . when a break from studying is needed . . the Wisconsin Dames . . . an organization . . . for wives of graduate students . . . recreational programs . . . cultural oppor- tunities ... a change of pace. A few grad students . . . are chosen . . .to live at the Knapp Memorial Graduate Center . . . something different ... a special opportunity . . . twelve students . . . from twelve different fields . . . living together . . . sharing the problems of their researches . . . the problems of their studies . . . comparing methods and techniques ... a special group . . an important part of Graduate School. To maintain the standards The formal beginning 167 Law A chance to see what law is about The Law School ... so much to learn . . . so many things to do . . . the Student Bar Association . . . affecting the life of the law student . . . the ori- entation program . . . a chance to sec what law is about . . . how a case is handled . what to expect in classes . . . sponsoring Pre-Law Club . . . another chance ... to get insight into law . . . not all work . . . annual Christmas party . . . the Law Ball . . . twice a year . . . looked forward to . . . biggest attraction . . . the dance contest . . . the refreshing prizes . . . long discussions . . . coffee hours . . . chances to compare ... to benefit from others . . . changes seen here too . . . eager anticipation for the razing of the original building . . . a milestone . . . the Homecoming game . . . scene of the cane parade ... a tra- dition begun at Harvard . . . senior law students . . . proud to have achieved . . . the status symbolized by the cane . . . over the goal post . . . success assured in first ease ... if the catch is good . . . the end of a phase . . . the beginning of a career. Law . . . the court room . . . so much to learn ... to prepare ... to safe- guard society ... to balance the scales . . . for now . . . the anticipation . . . long hours of classes . . . long hours of study . . . volumes of books to pore over . . . the goal always in sight. 168 Bfe Jfe -« ' ' " T ' fsth. n So much to Learn Not all work Chances to compai Letters and Science I H. Edwin Young 170 Ji encompasses so much . the College of Letters and Science . . . so many conflicting interests . . . so many different types . . scientists and musicians . . linguists and philosophers . . - journalists and his- torians the opportunity to hear the best in each field ... in learn from them an opportunity preparing the students to grasp a pro- fession . . to Learn to excel ... to enable them to initiate change . . . to help prepare them to meet change. Bascom . . the landmark of L A: S . . . a contrast to the modern architecture that is slowly surrounding it . . . housing ideas of today and yesterday . . . symbolic of inevitable change . . . something new . . . enforcement of smoking regulations ... II. Edwin Young . . . replacing Prof. Mark II. Ingraham . . . dean for nineteen years . . . a change the new honors program four hundred thirty two gifted students , . an opportunity not to be ignored ... a chance to learn " a little more " ... to work " a little harder. " So many different types The now honors program Symbolic of inevitable change . u 5 C A , v s qoids. etc.) o Learning from the best Medicine Dr. Philip P. Cohen The med students . . . Living with change . . . con- stant developments in science . . . mure and more to be grasped by the students . . . to be equipped to fight dis- ease . . . to save lives . . . new drugs . . . always a need for more . . . long years of work . . . the need for quality . . . a desire to be ' ' the best " . . . so much to learn . . the opportunity to specialize . . . deciding the future ... a country doctor ... a big city specialist. Scene of one of the biggest controversies of the year . . . the resulting resignation . . . of the Dean of the Medical School . . Dr. John Z. Bowers . . . appoint- ment of acting dean . . . Dr. Philip Paey Cohen . . . from department of physiological chemistry. A world of white . . . the hospital . . . the uniform ... a symbol of the profession . . . standards to up- hold . . . learning from the best. 172 , I Constant developments in science To I " - equipped to tiL ' lit disease 173 Dr. Arthur II I h] Pharmacy They will serve the publi A career in pharmacy the ultimate goal . . . ;i profession thai i- con- tinually expanding . . . new drugs . . . of greater potency than ever before . . . thus . . a need to learn ... to be an expert . . . no room for error . . for higher standards . . . shown . . . initiation of five year program . . require- ment ... is now for two years of pre-pharm . . competition i- keener than ever . . . this year a change . . . those beginning the professional course this year . . . have a distinction . . they will lie the firsl five-year graduates they are aii answer to the ever increasing demand for quality . . . five years oi intensive study . . then. . the possibility of Grad School continuing the reply for quality . . . they will serve the public . . . protect its health and safetj . the rewards are great . . . personal satisfaction the foremost anxious to serve the public ... to lie a reliable . . responsible . . . source of drugs. So many opportunities . . . chances to specialize . . . the community pharm- acy . . . the hospital pharmacy . . . The essential area of research . . chances for government service . . . opportunities with the armed services . . . which to choose ... a decision for the future . . . for now . . . work. N m for error 175 THOMAS RAY, editor ORGANIZATIONS 176 L Honoraries Phi Beta Kappa Juniors 1961 Seniors 1961 Le-Khac Hoai An Lyn Edginton Aaron Edward Feldman Mary Deaver Gilliland John Timothy Harrington, Jr. Kathryn B. Larme James B. Loken James A. R. Nafziger Nancy Mac Natwick Nancy Jean Newlin Rosanda R. Richards Kathleen Leone Schaefer Peter Larry Schwartz Michael Jay Spector Roger Raymond Stauter Charles Ramous Stewart Judith Ellen Bauer David John Bauhs Herbert Amadeus Beall Susan Kathryn Brott Anne Ellen Buchanan Allen Whipple Clark Robert Carl Dutton Ronald Gene Faich Marilyn Ann Fink Elizabeth Kathryn Flynn Frederick Herman Gerlach Lucius Gordon Hill, Jr. Marcia Lee Hoffman Carol Barbara Hoppenfeld Gerald David Hocutt Daniel John Hoy David Frank Hundhausen Karen Bush Isaksen Joanne Lee Kahme Edward Thomas Karlson Warren Max Krueger Judith A. Leach Judith Kay Lemon David Wayne Mantik Anita Lima Marten Lois Marjorie Menzel Hermann Munnichow Burton Oswald Neesvig Scott Roberts Pearson Janics Wesslen Poukey Eugene Richard Radtke Allen Reiter Hugh John Scallon Judith Ann Schmidt Kathryn Jean Schneider James Bernard Sehommer Donna Kay Seiler PhilUp Richard Slavney Karen Lee Thoreson Daniel John Travanti Stephen Digby Watrous Sanford II. Winston Barbara Ann Wolfman Thomas Michael Zizic 178 Seniors Howard E. Abraham Barbara J. Andei son Mary I.. Andei son Ellen L. Bautz John i . Becker Mai M licilke Roger F. Block Dorothj M. Chi Robert ( ' . ( Ihristensen Frank M. Clover Richard .1. Cusick Hildur A. Davey Brian K. Davis • Jail I ). Dawson Margaret H. Deutsch Glenda L. Dilling Until A. Drew James R. Duley Mary A. Eastwood Charles L. Edwards Faith P. Erlandson Harvey H. Falil Jerelyn E. Fa Ik James M. Fisher Kathleen M. Flaherty Linda J. Forsgren Walter J. Froehlich Richard W. Gerber ( Charlotte A. ( libson Marie A. ( llesner Nancy Grosshandler Frederick W. Haberman Marjorie E. Hafemann Joseph P. Hayes Pamela K. Heitz Gerald D. Hocutt Linda L. Holderness Charles V. Ihle Phyllis M. Jacobson Richard H. Johnston Raymond G. Kinnunen John 11. Kirby, Jr. Paul D. Kiawiter Dorothy J. Klinefelter Douglas V. Knudson ( ' anil ( ;. Koliak Tanya M. Kudla Alice A. Kujatli Susan M. Larson Stephen M. Robinson Jeffrey .1. Rothmeier Richard M. Rozelle Lester .1. Schmid Neil Schmitz Dean I.. Seefeld William H. Sewell, III Jerry ( ' . Sitzman Ann E. Sobota Roger R. Stauter Ellen M. Stolts Helen B. Stone Wayne A. Thomas John H. Torphy Sandra E. Tuhus Lynn Van Yleet Ann P. Vidar Arlene A. Weiss Sha ron L. Weiss Kenneth S. Willenson Juniors Robert L. Barocci Jean M. Beck Richard ( r. Beery Martha A. Chase ( Jerald T. Conklin Carol H. Falk Judith A. Fiedelman Susan L. Fladcr Suzanne L. Frank Janice 1{. ( Griffith John F. Haferbecker Jane A. Hollingsworth Bruce L. Holman John F. Holzrichter Stephen X. Jasperson Bruce C. Kirkham Margaret J. Krug Thomas J. LaPlant Marcia A. Lew i- Robert J. Lieber Helen M. Loehning Joyce Y. Luff William Matuszeski Mary E. McAndrews .lames V. Nelson Fnrrest 11. Nielser, Class of ' 62 Marvin A. Bauer :t ne M. Becker Mary E. Bersch Susan K. Brnt t Claudia ( Sard Barbara A. 1 uwe James T. Fey Elizabeth A. ( Jai lock Gretchen A. Gericke Douglas K. Govan Klennne L. Herman Daniel W. Hildebrand Karen B. Isaksen Lewis L. Kastenschmidf John G. Kellogg Jerome L. Kurz Kathryn B. Larme Colleen A. Lawrence James B. Loken Patricia A. McGinnity James A. R. Nafziger Nancy M. Natwick Nancy J. Newlin Marcia M. Olen Peter C. Owzarske Donald J. Pansch David W. Peterson Stanley M. Phillips Kathleen L. Schaefer Marion K. Schwartz Peter L. Schwartz Michael J. Spector George W. Stevenson Charles R. Stewart, Jr. • trace E. Swensen Marica E. Topel John J. Vaelti ■ I. Sally Wagner Ellen M. Wheeler Jeffrey W. Wilson Kurt H. Wult ' f Phi Kappa Phi Judith .1. Lenz I tennis ( 1. Maki Daniel B. Mannis David W. Mantik Mary Mc larter Rober! T. McNamara James W. Michel Caryl A. Milkowski Barbara E. Moely Margaret E. Morter Susan R. Mueller Alice C. Myers Karen J. Nyholm Elinoi . 1 ' earson .lames A. Pellegrino 1 avid E. Quady, Jr. Rosanda R. Richards 1 (avid H. Nimmer Charles W. Page, Jr. Robert J. Palzer Mary E. Petrol Rosa Rappaporl Harvey S Schiller Rodger F. Smith Marilyn F Shapiro Yvonne K. Swain Joan B. Thieding Richard 1 1. Thomas Judith A. Walter David M. Wax Paul M. Wolff Barbara A. Woller Eleanor ( r. Zeller 179 Mortar Board— First Row: M. Tcpel, IV Ihiu Kujath, J. Hook, P. Heitz, M. Olen. iiinitv, X. Xcwlin, (1. Becker. Second Row: Wagni Patricia McGinnity, president of Mortar Hoard, directed this honorary society for outstanding Senior women. The requirements for membership and purpose of Mortar Board are service to the University, scholarship, and leadership of the community. Plans were laid lor a Mortar Board calendar project i " be begun next year. When put into operation, this project will provide funds for scholarships lor women. Many programs were held during the year which featured outstanding speakers. Barbara Duwe, vice presi- dent, assisted the president in planning regular meetings. Karen Singh, secretary, Nancy Newlin, treasurer, Marcia Topel, editor, and Gretchen Becker, historian, contributed to the stimulating nice! ings. Mortar Board 180 ■fe Iron Cross Ray 0. Hamel Marvin A. Bauer John G. Kellogg Daniel W. Hildebrand James A. R. Nafziger Foster S 1 riess John J. Waelti Thomas M. Hughbanks James T. Fey Michael leorge Charles R. Stewart Robert P. Schmidl 181 Crucible, the ji directed by Caro treasurer, led the sen i ' il as the agem pany liil research uior women s honorary society, was Fa Ik, president. Kay Dornbrook, ih it -ur ey, a fall project. ( !rucible y by which the National Silver Com- on future i rends. By participating in in raise funds to finance was such a projecl . ( Irucible their many art i ities. The Spring quarter was an especially active season. The new members were selected at this time. After the Tapping Ceremony, the new members ami their parents weir m iteil to breakfasl on the morning i Senior Swing- out. Dyann Rivkin, secretary, assisted the president in joinl meetings. Although the members enjoyed all the programs, a special highlight was the dinner with Dean Peterson. Crucible Crucible— First Row: I). Borst, D. Rivkin, C. Falk, K. Dornbrook, L. Flint, S. Hook. Second Row: J. Schurch, E. Rehholz, B. Ehren, M. Schrage, K. Flugstad • •• •« • ... „ •Mi «•«!.•• » 1 ♦ • •• • • «• • • % ♦ .. • • •• • • M •«•» •— • I ..I «« Norris Nielson ( rregory ( rallo Harry Carlson Dennis O ' Connell James Nelson Paul Wolff Charles Meisser Richard Beery Carl Lohmann Lindon K. Allin Calvin Andringa Paid Burgess James Erdman Mace 183 Active since 1929, Phi Eta Sigma, freshmen men ' s scholastic honorary fraternity, has as its main purpose " the encouragemenl of high scholarship in freshmen men with the thoughl thai the better the beginning the more chance of a good ending. " I ' lii Eta Sigma is interested in promoting scholarship in other ways than by membership in the group alone. The local chapter has purchased two traveling trophies which arc awarded each year to living units for scholar- ship achievement. Presented al the Honors Convocation, one is awarded to the fraternity having the highest grade point average among their pledges, the other is given to the men ' s residence hall with the highest proportion of Phi Eta Sigma members among their freshmen. Every freshman man with a 3.5 or above average first semester or obtaining a • ' !.. " over two semesters and carry- ing a lull program is invited to join this organization at initiation ceremonies held each semester. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma— First Row: .1. Hanrahan, K. Zehms, L. Cagen, T. Mittelsteadt, M. Levin, I!. Witt. A. Hendrickson, D. Anderson, T. DeFour. Second Row: I!. Luedtke, G. Orlando, C. Zastrow, B. Mel (oniels, X. E. Koopman, acting advisor, J. Bartholmai, It. Ruttenberg, Et. Reddoch, I ' . Bjork, J. Crowe. Third Row :R.Tesch, E.Tenpas, R. Hahnel, R. Dubren, R. Rohda, J. Tennie. Fourth Row: .1. Ball, S. Soloclek, R. Homieh, F. Rabat, F. Meyer, E. Osypowski. 184 16 Phi Eta Sigma, scholastic honorary fraternity, initiated freshmen men with a first semester 3.5 average al a spring initiation banquet. Officers are elected each semester from the elected council which is the governing body. They were Harry Carlson, president; Roger Chaffin, vice-president; Sam Gardiner, secretary; Steve Moore, treasurer; Tom Lam- bert, historian; John Udel, senior advisor; and Dean Trump, faculty advisor. Another activity involved the distribution of a leaflet giving hints on how to study to all incoming freshmen. In addition l ' hi Eta Sigma held meetings during the year whenever necessary and at times met jointly with Sigma Epsilon Sigma, freshman women ' s honorary. The chapter is associated with the national organization having chapters on over 100 major campuses throughout the nation. Members from the Madison campus join with members from the state ' s extension centers for the initia- tion which is followed by a banquet in their honor. Their national magazine is the " Forum " and is under the editorship of Dean Paul Trump, local advisor. 185 Sigma Epsilon Sigma holds its initiation each fall and i honors all freshmen women who attain al leasl a 3.5 grade-poinl average for their lirst two semesters. Accord- ing to Carole Nechrony, president, Sigma Epsilon Sigma is the oldesl freshmen womens ' honorary sorority in the nation. Begun in 1927 to encourage high scholarship among freshmen women, ii is an active chapter on the Wisconsin campus. In the spring all freshmen women attaining a 3.0 or over in their first semester are introduced to Sigma Ep- silon Sigma at a banquet in their honor which is co- sponsored by AWS. At Senior Swingout, the sorority awarded scholarships to freshmen women based on scholar- ship and need. Sigma Epsilon Sigma also honored freshmen women who attained a 4.0 grade-point average. Sigma Epsilon Sigma Sigma Epsilon Sigma — First Row: X. Simonseu, J. Neal, K. McDonald, is. Schwartz, S. Cohen, C. Cole, .1. Wegner, K. Nelson, J. Ripp, N. Frank, J. Langenfeld, R. Newman, 1 ' . I tetlor. Second Row: E. Spring, M. Morris, C. Barker, C. Salzman, S. Putterman, .S. Pacey, M. Kowitz, V. Dawn, M. Schlenk, T. Delliquadri, D. Sherer, J. Ray, S. Tobis, S. Deprez, I. Petersen. Third Row: S. Larson, J. Narveson, L. Kopecky, K. Marx, S. Boice, B. Carrie, P. Powrie, P. Haller, M. Glembocki, A. White, J. Brueggeman, J. Zemanele, C. Condon, C. Gorski, K. Corlett, E. Bershman, !. Kommel. Fourth Row: J. Limpert, M. Pratt, H. Tolverson, C. Hasz, K. ( Irimstad, P. Moran, J. Martin, S. Mason, K. Horney, J. Nelson, S. Serota, J. Johannsen, S. Ogden, B. Williams, M. Southern, M. Reierson, F. Roberts. Fifth Row: A. Rutz, D. Sampe, H. Sebsow, ;. Zuckman, M. Roberton, M. O ' Connor, S. Harris, S. Hanauer, J. Dudley, M. Robison, . Glaeser. Sixth Row: S. Mason, J. Tamminga, D. Dumdey, S. Gammell, 15. Hanson, M. Ebel, .). Vanish, M. Wells, I.. Guttman, S. Haiimi, P. Knox. iii I ■ i ifii_ - Alpha Zeta— Seated: Dr. Ross, J. Fett, L. Kastenschmidt, T. LaPlant, I. Schmid, Dr. Sledge. Standing: I.. Danielson, B. Oleson, D. Doornink, R. Natzke, V. Nielson, l. Smith, P. A-i ' hiT. T. Greidanus. Alpha Zeta Qualification for membership in Alpha Zeta, an honorary agricultural fraternity, is based on an overall scholastic- average in which sophomores must have a 3.3; juniors, a 3.15; and seniors, a 3.0. This year the group, headed by Lewis Kasenschmidt, sponsored a tutoring service as well as planning their annual banquet and monthly dinner with a guest speaker. Included among the other officers were vice-president, Lester Schmidt and secretary. John Fitt. Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma, commerce honorary fraternity, is open to men and women as active, faculty, or honorary members. The fraternity was first founded on the Wiscon- sin campus in 1907 according to Edward Wiegner, presi- dent. It encourages and rewards scholarship and accom- plishment among students of commerce and business ad- ministration. An initiation of new members was held each semester during the year. Beta Gamma Sigma — First Row: F. Gagnon, G. Hocutt, A. Lins, Dean Gaumnitz, E. Wiegner, Dean Elwell, I). Klinefelter, F. Graaskamp. Second Row: R. Seass, S. Loeb, 11. Smith. R. Tuttle, T. Balderson, J. Bower. ( ' . Edwards, G. Albaum, ,1. Herzog, A. Kleimenhagen, J. Doane, W. Welke. 187 Chi Epsilon— Seated: B. Stahl, K. i; stad, K. Berger, E. Anderson, .1. Vierbicher. Standing: J. Fisher, .1. Brooks, I ' . Van Horn, F. Hanson, I.. Cepek. Chi Epsilon Eta Kappa Nu Chi Epsilon, the honorary civil engineering fraternity, listed as it officers for the year Kaspar Berget, presidenl ; Eric Anderson, vice-president; Kail Romstad, secretary: and .lames Vierbicher, treasurer. The fraternity encourages scholarship and extra-cur- ricular activities. Maintaining a large membership of junior and senior students, it is one of the chapters which are located in all of the Big Ten schools. Wisconsin ' s honorary electrical engineering fraternity, Eta Kappa Nu, was headed, this year, by James Westoby. Officers assisting Jim were vice-president, Ken Schaaf; and corresponding secretary, Milton Marasch. Membership for this organization is based on grade- point average as well as extra eurricular activities. The fraternity has as its major activity periodic guesl speakers and is initiating a tutoring service. Eta Kappa Nu— First Row: F. Nouachek, M. Marasch, .1. Sitzman, .1. Hartlaub, .1. Westoby, K. Schaaf, (i. Kroiss, I ' m!. Greiner. Second Row: I.. Dohse, H. Kohnle, R. Rilling, F. Sorden, .1. Pellegrino, .1. Sindelar, I). Behrmann, Y. Marton, F. Swanson, .1. Cottingham. Third Row: I). EUestad, R. I ixon, .1. Bernot, J. Sippel, K. Van Iheem, D. Anderson, Y. Weyers, E. Stearns, 11. Abraham, K. Herman, R. Heg- gestad, E. Brown, A. Purcell. 188 ait Omicron Nu — Seated: S. Kissinger, J. Morse, S. Miller, S. Swann, A. Gibson, M. Eastwood, I ' . Hubler, M. Eastman. Standing: X. Graney, L. Anders M. Stroup, E. Bruce, L. Gentry, E. Lee, .1. Norge, H. Elossmiller, S. Federei ( Lndi rs, V. Felstehansen. Omicron Nu Phi Upsilon Omicron The home economies sorority that honors outstanding students, both undergraduate and graduate, i- Omicron Xu. Officers who served during the year were Sharlene Swann. president : Susan Kissinger, vice-president : Marcia Olen and Judy .Morse, secretaries. The members of Omicron Xu are chosen on the basis of their grade point average. Their activities included a coffee hour sponsored for the new Home Ec. Dean. Phi Upsilon Omicron, an honorary professional home economics fraternity, has as it- main objective the desire to promote high school students toward active interesl this field. Members of the group often speak to high school groups. Professional personnel likewise -peak to the group on topics related to home economics. The officers include president, Marilyn Mouchka and vice-president. Delores Pan. Phi Upsilon Omicron — Seated: Mis. Rossmiller, X. Roembke, K. Schnabel, I . Mouchka, J. Richards, B. Templeton, Mis- Norton. Standing: i. Taylor, J. Niedfeldt, E. Rebholz, J. Hook. ( ' . Bruns, J. Hollingsworth, S. Mueller. M. East- wood, P. Huppler, S. Swann. 189 Pi Lambda Theta— First Row: M. Connet. G. Norton, J. Nelson, M. Bell, I. Ji bson. Second Row: E. Leidster, E. Ericksen, K. Sandvald, M. Palmer, I.. Shadauer, G. McDonald. Third Row: E. Schweppe, M. Baehr, ( ' . Seversen, N. Nelson, M. DeMars. Fourth Row: E. Witiin. B. Gorman, W. Reuter, II. Anderson, B. Kalland. Fifth Row: II. I ' d r.-.k;,.-. II. Ellinger, ( ;. Bronson, . Russj . K. Steenson. Pi Lambda Theta Pi Tau Sigma Phi Lambda Theta is an education honorary fraternity. According to president, Mrs. Margaret Connet, it is a national organization which requires a grade point average of : ' .. ' _ ' . " ) and the recommendation of two professors .Mrs. ( trace Cline, vice-president, stated that the theme for this year is the implication of international tension and how this tension affects education. Duties of the secretary are -liaivd by Mrs. James Nelson and Mrs. Odess Johnson. This year an outstanding student received the " Post Slide Pule Award " presented by Pi Tau Sigma. They also presented the F. M. Young Award to a student outstand- ing in mechanical engineering. President, Dennis Kalmon, said that the purpose of the organization is to honor junior and senior men on the basis of scholarship and leader- ship in the mechanical engineering profession. Members enjoyed business and professional meetings. Pi Tau Sigma— First Row: K. Derusha, D. Kalmon, H. Harrison, L. Kressin, R. Martiny, R. McNamara. Second Row: W. Wagner, R. Tan- bakuchi, J. Knrz, R. Kemmeter, L. Kepner, I ;. Burdick, .). ( iartner. Third Row: E. Krautner, R. Wahlig, D. Paisley, D. Lindner, R. Block, .1. Slattery. 190 Rho Chi— First Row: T. Lemke, K. Cavanaugh, .1. Callahan, H. Gilbert, G. Weldon. Second Row: D. Zilz, R. Steward, E. Pulvermaeher, J. Ostrenga. Rho Chi Tau Beta Pi Rho Chi, a national pharmacy society, aims to stimulate and recognize scholarship and to inform undergraduates about the opportunities of post-graduate work. According to president, Tom Lemke and vice-president, Bill Sprenger, Rho Ghi ' s activities for this year were, a trip to Lakeside Laboratories, meetings with WPHS, a pharmaceutical or- ganization, lectures by men in the pharmaceutical field and an honor award to the freshman with the highest grades in pharmacy. Helen Gilbert maintains the records of Rho Chi, and Dick Steward is the treasurer. An engineering fraternity, Tau Beta Pi, has for its goal, according to president Robert Heggestad and vice-presi- dent Jerome Kurz, recognition of high scholarship in engi- neering. Secretaries Bob Bartmen and Peter Ourzarski stated that the members tutor engineering freshmen, pre- sent an award to the outstanding engineering freshman on the basis of grade point and activities. Xew members are initiated at banquets held twice a year. Cataloger Roy Elmhorst, stated that this years delegate to the nation convention in Cincinnati was Bob Heggestad. Tau Beta Pi— First Row: C. Trakul- thong, L. Sapetta, R. Heggestad, P. Owzarski, R. Elmhorst, J. Brooks, I.. Kressin. Second Row: T. Terman, L. Dohse, R. Hankel, W. Wagner, L. Chiponis, H. Block, J. Fisher, P. Van Horn. Third Row: 1). Seefeld, A. Veed, .1. Sitzman, J. Sindelar, 1 . Govan, Y. Dietrich, D. Kalmon, G. Clark. Fourth Row: K. Jenson, R. Parmentier, I . Quady, II. Abraham, W. Marton, K. Herman, C. Netwal, J. Sippel. 191 Theta Sigma I ' lii, an honorary journalism fraternity for women specializing athei in editing ci idvsrtizmg, has as its prime objective the de sire to work in close cooperation with the journalism school and to unite the women in I his field. Every year two Scholarships are awarded one to a junior and one to a senior woman through money ob- tained from the annual Matrix Charity Banquet. Other activities include participation in several field trips as well as assistance in the Journalism Award Day. Leading Theta Sigma Phi were president. Chris Gale; vice-president, Barbara Thompson; secretary, Katrina Bennett; treasurer, Marilyn Millard: keeper of the ar- chives, Florence Taslitz ; and publicity, Jeanne Bloomfield. Theta Sigma Phi Theta Sigma Phi— First Row: M. Shapiro, Mrs. H. McGrath, C. Helmus, F. Taslitz. Second Row: E. Nakamura, C. Gale, K. Bennett, P. Smith. Eta Kappa Lambda — First Row: C. Moir, M. Dvmond, M. Bersch, B. Butzer, J. Lem M. Larson, J. Ylezelski, S. Butzke, H. Fyft ' e, Miss Morgan. Second Row: Miss Allan, A. (iunlon, K. Swialek, Eta Kappa Lambda Existentialists Eta Kappa Lambda its the residence halls honorary society for women. Its requirements are good scholarship and a contribution to the living unit. Since it is honorary, only five meetings were held during the year and dealt most with the mechanics of the or- ganization. A dinner meeting was planned and held with Delta Epsilon, the equivalent boys ' honorary. Officers for the year were Mary Bersch, president; Gretchen Gericke, vice-president; Marty Dvmond, secre- tary; and Bonnie Butzer, treasurer. This subversive organization has been accused of ab- ducting Neophyte Nichols and keeping him as a hostage for many hours. Other eccentric activities have included the theft of silverware and the annihilation of a pier. This phenomenal group is proud to have received thirty trophies in one evening — a marvelous feat. The service project for the year was placing North Pole bumper stickers on bumpers. Future plans include securing the moose head now located at 1G Langdon Street. Their ironic motto is " They said it couldn ' t be done. " Existentialists — First Row : Prudence, Sadie, Cookie. Second Row: Hiram, Abbey, Sam. I )aisy. Third Row: Mimi, Poops, Schnook, Mabel. 193 Agriculture Lambda Pi M. Arv, 11. A.I, A. Lit, T. Le, L. Amb, B. Baa. Lambda Pi Student Council Members of the local chapter of the Lambda Pi ' s spent a very active year on campus. They are affiliated with the national chapter, with headquarters located in the Wool- worth Building. They are very proud this year of their president, the first one to graduate and receive his hard- earned sheepskin. Besides holding weekly meetings and other professional activities they were very active in the social spotlight. Their weekly " sheepshead " parties were enjoyed by all. The Agricultural Student Council is an organization composed of two representatives from each of the campus agricultural groups. Their activities for the year, all of which were co-sponsored by the Home Economics Student Council, included a freshman Harvest Hop, a Winter Ball, and a spring Student Faculty Banquet. This year ' s officers were president, Donald Huber; vice-president, Arden Hintzman; secretary, Leon Daniel- son; and treasurer, Richard Pamperin. Ag. Student Council — First Row: L. Danielson, A. Hintzman, D. Huber, I). Pamperin, Dean Kivlin. Second Row: ]). Pritzl, .1. King, T. Wehy- miller, J. Sperbeck, R. Oleson, T. Greid is, I). Arnold, If. Townsend, J. Wallander, I). Manthe, W. Water- street, I.. Hansen. Third Row: B. Lenz, I.. Wegner, I!. NTatzke, R. Bullock, R. Bernstein, L. Craker, D. Drectrah, ; . Borchardt. 194 Babcock Dairy Science — First Row: W. Breene, R. Rothwell, J. Wallander, X. Olson, V. Amiii. Second Row: K. Al-Eyd, A. Elliot, L. Jones, W. Rem- linger, P. Kooistra, 1. Wegner, T. Everson, A. Abou-Ashour. Babcock Dairy Science Agricultural Engineers Furthering interest and knowledge of the dairy in- dustry is the goal of Babcock Dairy Science Club. This year monthly meeting programs ranged from speakers who were experts in the dairy industry to social activities that were greatly enjoyed by everyone. James Seibel, president, said that the organization sponsored a dairy products judging team. They joined with other organizations to sponsor pin- grams of special interest to all agriculture majors. According to president, William Waterstreet, the pur- pose of the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers is to introduce the members to their parent society. Vice-president, Donald Erback, stated that the society ' s activities for this year were a student- faculty banquet, a number of varied and interesting field trips, and exhibits in the campus engineering exposition. James Halderson is secretary and Jake Gruenwald is treasurer of the local chapter. Ag Engineers— First Row: M. Finner, R. Schuler, A. Koepke, Y. Waterstreet, V. Hutchens, 1). 1 rnink, A. Urisanek, G. Janssen, J. Stettler. Second Row: R. Frooing, C. Doyle, J. Halderson, A. Gresch, L. Janssen, J. Nelson, Y. Stettler, I . Erbach. Badger Crops and Soils — First Row: Dr. Andrew, J. King. R. Pamperin, A. Hintzmann, B. Radke, F. Nielsen, J. Xeef, Dr. Love. Second Row: ;. Staidl, ;. Borchardt, W. Davis, L. Hansen, R. Snyder, L. Craker, D. Wesenberg, 1). Donath, L. Schmid, D. Joy. Badger Crops and Soils Euthenics Badger Crops and Soils Club provides an organization for students interested in crops and soils. According to president, Arden Hintzmann, the clubs activities were, visits to Milwaukee industries, and speakers at meetings. In addition, the Badger Crops and Soils Club plays host to land judging contests for various other clubs from other schools. Richard Pamperin is vice-president: Rodney Radke, secretary; Forrest Neilson, treasurer; and Jack King is representative to the Student Council. Euthenics, a home economics club, has as its aim a desire to further develop professional awareness and to increase co-operation and interest within the field while developing the individual. Besides setting a Christmas record for their money making project, they also held a faculty-student Chocolate Hour and a Mid-Winter Ball. The officers for the 1961-62 term were president, Joy Hook; vice-president, Nancy Schwoch; secretary, Yvonne Swain ; and treasurer, Karen Larson. Euthenics — First Row: G. Lee, M. Giebler, Y. Swain, M. Meyer, J. Babula, J. Hook, K. Algrim, L. Wil- kius, E. Rebholz, K. Larson. Second Row: A. Nielsen, J. ( rriffeth, J. Wheel- er. V. Koch, S. Miller, J. Moyle, J. Spellmire, N. McLean, K. Rahn, N. Roembke, B. Christian, A. Gaspardo, D. Halbaeh, C. Bruns, B. Trumpy. Third Row: M. Skalas, S. Jeskik, I. Turner, S. Solem, W. Brereton, L. Richert, P. Knuth, L. Luedke, S. Meyer, J. Baumer, N. Gerner, L. St. Louis, L. Pohland, D. Davis, L. Frank, S. Shoop, M. Wake, D. Breu, P. Vass, K Swaiisun, R. Wendt. Fourth Row: Gearhart, S. Wiseman, S. Disch, C. Cederberg, L. Giesler, C. Anderson, 11. Burcalow, L. Ehrhardt, C. Chris- tianson, K. Skarsten, R. Prees, F. ( iehrlein, S. Stanton, L. Zillman, S. Fifrick, P. Garrow, B. Follett, S. Bade, i. Harman, M. lain. 196 Blue Shield 4-H The Blue Shield 4-11 Club is designed for rural students in Home Ec and Ag. President, Richard Pamperin, said that the group aims a1 developing appreciation of rural values and living, and provides an opportunity for students to express themselves through leadership in organizational, recreational and service providing activities. Among the activities listed by secretaries, Joan Schurch and Nancy Huchstead were a ( Jhristmas project, the Rural Art Show, sponsorship of a Little International Queen Candidate and spring and fall outings to Camp Upham Woods. Vice- president, John Sperbeck, stated the Blue Shield l-II Club has extensions which go out into various counties and put on recreational demonstrations. Richard Pamperin, in addition to his duties as president, also represents Blue Shield 4-H on the Agriculture Student Council. Nancy Graney is the group ' representative on the Home Economic Student Council. Ronald Wright is the group ' s treasurer. Blue Shield 4-H— First Row: S. Bade, R. Witte, ( ' . Anderson, R. I. Petersen, V. Nelson, B. Christman, 1!. Scum.]. M. Lewandowski, M. Fitzgerald, M. Rosenbury, R. Beneker, L. Yinger, R. Home. Second Row: K. Bast, D. Brew, 11. Burcalow, S. Jones, S. Scott, M. Curwen, R. Wright, N. Huckstead, J. Sperbeck, J. Schurch, R. Pamperin, K. Klausch, S. Meyer, A. Nielsen, L. Wilkins, L. Frank, I. Turner. Third Row: M. Finley, K. Van Gheem, G. Rohrbeck, R. Colby, A. Barry, J. Bragg, F. Cox. R. Novak, M. Andersi n, M. Heath, L. Danielson, E. Mrvaec, E. Kelsey, N. Gerner. Fourth Row: L. Hansen, C. Henry, H. Aleckson, F. Veum, L. Kastenschmidt, T. Lembcke, J. Oleson, J. Yan- Matre, E. Hooistra, J. Zimmerman, D. Viney, R. Benson, W. Priegnitz, P. Baker, C. Sorenson, D. Johnson. 197 Home Ec Council — First Row: . Huckstead, S. Swann, Mrs. Schwal- back, Miss Linkswiler, L. Wilkins, K. imIiiili. II- Burcalow. Second Row: A. Kinz, X. Roembke, M. Sommers- Meyer, M. Eastw I. .1. Griffith, .1. Hook, K. Schnabel, S. Shoop, N. Home Ec. Council Food Tech Club The Home Economics Council coordinates home eco- nomic and agricultural activities. According to president Linda Wilkins it also serves as the organizing body for home economic activities. Vice-president, Jane Hollings- worth, listed as activities, the annual Fall Harvest Hop, a Midwinter Hall, interviews for new members, high school hospitality day, and a bulletin board displaying the professor or graduate of the month, The Food Technology Club is interested in the science of food according to president, Bob Lenz. Vice-president, Ken Yass, stated that the club provides a meeting place for students to gather. This year ' s guest speakers were Marvin Verhulzt, of the Wisconsin Canners Association, and Sam Weber. Secretary and treasurer Francis Tangney listed a Christmas selling program of cranberries and honey for fund raising purposes as the club ' s activity. Food Tech — First Row: I.. Boscan, K. Vass, Prof. Fennema, R. Lenz, F. Tangney. Second Row: A. Saari, E. Kissmeyer-Nielsen, Y. Rem- linger, .1. VonElbe, V. Larson, J. Murley, L. Kaczmarzyk. Horticulture — First Row: G. Draheim, K. 1 liamni, R. De Priest, L. Hansen, A. Hasselkuss, A. Ciriachs, M. Paulsen. Second Rcw: Pi. Scherer, T. Wetter, It. Baier, A. Boettcher, A. Heidel, Y. Trautman, H. Bolge, Pi. Monroe. Horticulture Club Landscape Architects The Horticulture Club sponsored a flower judging team which traveled to the University of .Maryland on April b. Their goal was to stimulate interest in horticulture and related fields. This was carried out by an extensive pro- gram of speakers. These speakers included the owners of green houses and nurseries. Officers were Lee Hansen, president; Ronald DePriest, vice-pres. ; Aaron Ciriacks, sec; and Kurt Dramm, treas. Donald ( rirouard was the president of the Student Land- scape Architects for this very active year. The members enjoyed a design conference which was held during the spring and a field trip to St. Louis. Other officers were Willard Stiuka. vice-president ; Don Rosenbrook, secretary; and William Larson, treasurer. The organization published a student magazine which was of interest to all members. Landscape Architects — First Row: Prof. Longenecker, K. Johnson. R. Stein. 1). Girouard, W. Stiuka. 1). Rosenbrook, I ' . Kennedy, E. Zube. Second Row: A. Bessey, C. Little, M. LaRock, Jr., K. Holzwarth, T. Hagan, .1. Kavemeier, J. Nagy, .1. Booson. 199 Saddle and Sirloin— First Row: A. Zimanek, J. Decker , S. Tessmann, 1). Wallin, D. Huber, L. Danielson, J. Sperback, R. Natzke, S. Finley, .1 Hurlbut, K. Bryne, D. Manthe, It. Horn, I!. Maurer. Second Row: A. Smith, G. Rohrbeck, ( ' . Henry, H. Alleckson, I). Nusbaum, I!. Bringe, M. Heath, .1. Schwarzhoff, R. Novak, X. Rinehart, W. Pieh, I). Koch, R. Cull. v. ( ;. Fisher. T. Morgan, L. Craker. Third Row: E. Steiner, B. Niedermeier, R. Beyer, I . Nelson, Et. Townsend, W. Eustice, 1 ). Larson, X. Meier, F. Cox, H. Roberts, B. Link, ]). Maaske, R. Schuler, .1. Waelti, D. Ludtke. Fourth Row: Y. Priegnitz, P. Eberle, J. Sperle, R. Bernstein, J. Oleson, C. Gaatzig, J. McCaffree, R. Olson, li. Wright, T. .■urn, L. Kastenschmidt, 1 . Viney, A. Hardie, J. Wnndrock, R. Antoniewicz, C. Stark, J. Greshik, P. Berge. Saddle and Sirloin F.F.A. Saddle and Sirlnin is open to anyone interested in live- stock, but is mostly composed of those in animal or dairy husbandry. Money obtained from the Little International Livestock and Horse Show is used to sponsor their various judging trips and an annual recognition banquet is like- wise held for all members of the judging teams. Officers included president, Roger Natzke; vice-president, Leon I lanielson; secretary, Jack Sperbeck and Sue Finley, treas. Future Farmers of America is an organization for the promotion of agriculture. President Don Huber listed as activities, student exchange with the University of Min- nesota, tours of the Ag campus for high school students, the annual spring picnic, a fund raising project at the spring judging contest, and initiation ceremonies at Verona, Mount Iloreh, and Lodi high schools. Russ Bernstein is vice-president, and Forest Neilson is secretary. FF A— First Row: R. Bernstein, F. Nielsen, 1). Huber, P. Baker, I.. Schmid. Second Row: V. Christensen, D. Koch, P. Colby, G. Docken, I: Ramsden, D. Williams. J. Cramer, J. Zimmerman. Third Row: B. Miller D. Peterson, J. Hill, li. Emmens, R. Katiestad, G. Smith, D. Daentl, L. Craker, G. Sledge. Fourth Row: J. Martin, li. Ruef, .1. I flscra, G. Helge- laial. B. Staller, G. Brusewitz, J. Meske, B. Priegnitz. 200 Commerce A. K 1). Hi and Alpha Kappa Psi— First Row: R. Young, L. Lichte, T. Felland, S. Bearrood, T. Gurkowski, M. Banti Row: T. Eichenseer, J. Parsons, D. Kelly. W. Treutelaar, M. Huff, R. Rosser, D. Rebstock, V. Kenney, P. Einerson, S. Tews, R. Ableidinger, W. Riekel, M. ( iresenz. Third Row: G. Hensler, T. Balderson, J. Mehlin, E. Vincent, G. Haunschild, A. Gausewitz, R. Schuster, T. Steivang, B. Theisen, B. Mousel, I . Bly, A. Walls, A. Paff, D. Lee. Alpha Kappa Psi Beta Alpha Psi Thirteen new member were pledged to Alpha Kappa Psi during the first semester. As a pledge project, these new pledges undertook some research for the School of Commerce. Raymond Young, president, said that the Wis- consin chapter was host to an all state meeting held on campus February 11. Mark Gresenz, vice-president; Gerald Henseler, treasurer; and Dan Hilton, secretary; served as additional officers. Beta Alpha Psi, the honorary professional accounting fraternity, held two meetings during each month of the past school year. These meetings featured outstanding speakers from the field of accounting. Led by president, Xeal Darrow, the members of Beta Alpha Psi enjoyed a formal dinner dance. The group also took a field trip to .Milwaukee, visiting the brewery and finding time to see the action of the Milwaukee Braves. Beta Alpha Psi— First Row: H. Rutten- berg, Prof. Bower, Prof. Tuttle, D. Stone. X Darrow, P. Reilly, T. Hugh- banks, J. Shitz, Prof. Blakely, J. Kahl. Second Row: (i. Henseler, M. Good- man, B. Roberts, Y. Bollom, J. Pluemer, .1. Severance, S. Loeb, B. Sefert, J. Vogt, P.. Wagner, J. Greene, D. Carlin, T. Beckman, R. Ehlke, J. Herb, F. Ziegeuhagen, .1. Luther, R. Piltz, J. Moran, 1!., W. Welke, R. Peirce. 201 " VAA ,v f tn m Marketing Club— First Row: M. Man- is, M Huff, J. Wiedenfeld, G. All.;, inn, P. Mortensen, K I (reinig, I.. Nolin. Second Row: P. Andrews, T. Coyle, T. Reuss, D. Vilio, D. Foote, V. Cham- bers, X. O ' Neill, .1. Markos. Third Row: I). Gerke, . Roebuck, B. Schmidt, li NVernberg, F. Doege, I. Schlinkert, D. Mintjal, A. Mielsen. n. Eggebrecht. Marketing Club Phi Chi Theta " Realism " was the theme this year for the .Marketing (lull. This is an organization to enlighten the people in Sales ami .Marketing. .lark Wiedenfeld, president, was assisted by Pete Mortenson, vice-president; Karen Bruen- ing. secretary; and Ray Totten, treasurer. Three Saturday workshops were enjoyed by the mem- bers during the year. During this time different industries were visited and different phases were investigated. The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to promote further interest in the world of business and provide educational benefits for the women in commerce. Planning the activ- ities for the year was Dorothy Klinefelter. Other officers were Sandra Tubus, vice-president; Elizabeth Derleth, secretary; and Virginia Johnson, treasurer. A Founders Day Banquet was held in March and the girls participated in the Commerce Turnout in the fall. Phi Chi Taata— First Row: .1. Gorell, L. Martin, J. Dewey, E. Derleth, S. Tuhus, D. Klinefelter, V. Johnson, R. Schwab, B. Hanson, J. Berman, J. Nordgren. Second Row: M. Fuchs, A. Stier, J. Tamminga, E. Hershman, J. Wahlstrom, H. Bartz, C. Lawrence, I). Cook, .1. Markos, N. Anderson, B. Klumph. Engineers SAM— First Row: E. liana. C. Sirbel, X. Bennett, W. Klein, J. Jacobs, G. Hocutt, M. Muenzberg, R. Hunold, G. Stewart. Second Row: .1. Smith, C. Zunker, D. Smith, S. Holly, G. Olin, 1 . Keller. T. Kazlauski, A. Broek, J. Roth, B. Inkmann. Third Row: M. Huff, G. Doran, R. Boland, H. Husted, A. Marold, J. Markos, V. Johnson, B. Sebiski, K. Schemburg, J. McBuire, J. Hunt, W. Barkbarth, T. Helminiak, ' 1 " . Schaefer, J. Jesinski, M. Glesner. Fourth Row: X. Urben, T. Schuh, C. Lawrence, A. Schuh, L. Albrecht, V. Fronk, W. Olsen, C. Palmer, J. Luther. G. Corrigan, J. Zimmerman, C. Hodge, M. Cowen, J. Dahly, R. Babiarz. Soc. for Advancement of Management A newsletter containing the names of graduating seniors was compiled and sent to 250 industries and companies by the members of SAM. This commerce fraternity held a dinner meeting each semester where interested people and speakers were guests of the fraternity. Officers were Gary Olin, president ; Dave Keller, vice- president : Sue Holly, secretary; and Dennis Smith, treas- urer. The chapter meets with the Senior Chapter. Society of Automotive Engineers The purpose of SAE according to chairman. James Ud- kler, is to acquaint students with the problems of industry. Members enjoyed field trips taken during the school year and also found a program of speakers of great value. The Society of Automotive Engineers was served this year by J. I ' dkler, chairman; ( . Julien, vice-chairman; A. Easton, faculty advisor; J. Menning, treasurer; G. Rein- hard. corres. secretary; and -I. Weber, rec. secretary. SAE — First Row: 1.. Sorensen, Y. Lehmann. A. Shariff, ). Julien, A. Ea-.-ton, J. Menning, J. Hauber, .1 Winder. I.. Kepner, Dr. S. Luthra. Second Row: J. Udkler, H. Brehm, G. Reinhanl. J. Weber, V. Wartin- bee, 1. Standorf, II. Eugsterhr, V. Gehl, .1. Gray, (J. Saunders, .1. Rek- sten, L. Schneckloth, B. Mm thy. 203 AIEE-IRE— First Row: J. Peffigrino, J. Rothmeier, H. Abraham, I). Jorgenson, W. Marton, G. Kroiss, J. Sorden. Second Row: J. Hartlaub, 1 ). Laughlin, I ' . Fleischhacker, G. Xeidzialkcwski, j. Lundberg, R. Freimvth. Third Row: R. Peterson, R. Janoski, F. Swanson, J. Eggerling, E. Brown, I). Kellesvig. Fourth Row: V. Gundlach, R. Zastrow, L. Hauch, C. Netwal. Fifth Row: L. Kutz. (I. Schwantes, H. Meisel, R. eberfluss, I!.. Abel, C. Keyes. S ixth Row: J. Wondergem, L. Quist, L. Hawk, R. ( Hidersleeve, C. Heidemann, K. Shaaf, J. Sitzman. Seventh Row: M. Wold, V. Rideout, J. Roemer, D. Behrmann, D. Bratz, R. Stringer. J. Stelter, R. Frick. Eighth Row: A. Murphy, D. Ellestad, L. Wenzler, R. O ' Brien. The American Institute of Electrical Engineers Insti- tute of Radio Engineers is a joint student branch of two national professional organizations. The group ' s purpose i- i " stimulate interest in the professional areas of both electrical engineering and radio engineering. The members work together to foster sincere friendships through or- ganized association of students, faculty members, and professional engineers in both fields. This is carried out by having professional educators and engineers attend meetings and offer insights into attitudes and duties in the respective fields. The presiding officer at these meetings is Dan Jorgenson: other officers are Howard Abraham, vice-president; and Gerald Kroiss, secretary-treasurer. Tin- spring, the organization held a banquet honoring the wives of graduating members for their part in helping their husbands through school. The wives were presented diplomas from the group in recognition of their effort and assistance. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 204 The goal of the American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers is to acquaint students willi the practical side of engineering and to bring them into contacl with those in this held. To accomplish this goal, ASME invites faculty members and engineering personnel as speakers to the monthly meetings. This group participates in such campus activities as the St. Patrick ' s Day program and the engineering ex- position, as well as field trips, speech and paper contests, and social activities. Officers of this active group are president, Donavon Paisley; vice-president, Russell Wahlig; recording secre- tary, Donald Angell; corresponding secretary, Berdean Jergenson; and treasurer, Edward Krautner. American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME— First Row: L. Pitsch, C. Meyst, T. Kaufman, R. Burdick, C. Koether, D. Richter, D. Stegner. Second Row: W. Meyer, E. Krautner R. Wahlig, D. Paisley, Prof. Mikol, D. Angell, T. Manning. Third Row: R. Gooderum, R. Nehbass, P. Peterson, L. Sapetta, J. Franey, J Gutkneeht, 1). Cameron, H. Brehm, J. Burns, J. Stadler. Fourth Row: T. Ramsey, A. Slang, C. Wojciechowski, R. Novander, 1). Hanson B. Cuppan, L. Schwantes, W. Roeder. Fifth Row: S. Schellin, R. Schink, ,J. Yale. W. Lehmann, R. Bartes, R. Schuh, (). Brask, J. Weber Sixth Row: G. Klecker, .1. Stepe, R. Ogren, D. Delwiche, C. ( iuntley, N. Thomas, B. Ellegaard, R. Entwistle, R. Balck. Seventh Row: J Schneger, H. Koester, W. Hassl, L. Larson, I. Miezitis, L. Kepner, R. Meyer, T. Inslee. Eighth Row: R. Tredway, E. Lappley, ,J. Kusche H. Berry, M. Halleen, A. liable, B. Clark, B. Lemkuil, F. Henke. A. S. C. E.— First Row: G. Neville, W. Van Kyke, C. Buttke, S. S Uough, G. Tamke, J. Stadler, D. Conk, J. Brooks. Second Row: K. Glasshot, V. Dessens, M. Jaskaniec, N. Hoff- man, W. Brinkman, D. Dettman, L. Soltis, K. Coffeen, S. Shiamatani, .). Fitzgerald. Third Row: G. Paul, T. Ptak, G. Van Wormer, J. Stodola, li. Trefz, R. Eder, K. Ronstad, II. Ry- decki, R. Prouty, li. Stelmacher, II. McCaffery. Fourth Row: G. Wasser- 11,1:11, T. Schmit, F. Young, D. Sodke, B. Stahl, N. Wagner, R. Elmhorst, R. Levander, R. Bautch, W. Palm, P. Van Horn, J. Fischer, I). McMillen, L. Hassebroek, K. Hove. American Society of Civil Engineers The members of AS( !E surveyed and drew a topographic map of tlic YWCA campground on the north shore of Lake Mendota. This map is to be used for planning a new camp layout. They also presented the wives of the graduating seniors with a P.H.T. degree (Putting Hubby Through). Officers of the group were (den Tamke, president; Stephen Schlough, vice-president; James Stadlerj secre- tary; and Carl Buttke, treasurer. American Institute of Chemical Engineers American Institute of Chemical Engineers was organized to provide students of chemical engineering with informa- tion of the current activities and developments of the chemical industry. Officers were Peter Owzarski, presi- dent; Edward Ruscher, vice-president and treasurer; and David Hulburt, secretary. The most important function was providing a project for the Engineering Exposition. A. I. E. C— First Row: .]. Perry, L. Fasset, X. Rueder, D. Quady, P. Owzarski, E. Ruscher, D. Hulburt, K. Immel, Prof. G. Sather. Second Row: ( ;, Linzmeyer, M. Stanek, 1 ' . Erb, B. Friede, E. Krainer, ( 1. Blanchard, W. Hansen, A. Utzinger. Third Row: .1. Wendt, R. Jamsen, R. Hilski, .1. Srhrinkdenig, V. Runn, J. Haller, R. Sadowski, S. Schwartz, R. Koike, .1. Stauffacher, R. Vickers, It. Pearson, L. Lane, R. Smith, C. Howell, . Harper, X. Patel, V. Wagner, I). Dan, T. Sze, J. Grohusky, G., K. Wulff, E. Mollander, G. Demeny, I). Marfilius, K. Kenyon, L. Needleman, .1. Urban. Fourth Row: W. Huebnor, .1. Monson, A. Hansen, li. Fischer, M. De Vine, A. Wosilait, T. Angoli, J. I.. Krown, I). Delke, B. Storm. rv ;! t 1 Polygon Board — FirstRow: E Wendt B. Friede, K. Wulff, Y. Marton, R. Kurth, J. Gray Second Row: R. Schuler, J. Sorden, W. Meyer, T. Man- ning, I). Quady, J. Ransom, J. Roth- meier, J. Stettler. Polygon Board Theta Tau Polygon Board forms the student government of the engineering campus. It is the liason between students and the faculty in the College of Engineering. Kurt Wulff, president, said that the annual St. Pat ' s Dance and beard contest was one of the most successful activities of the year. Warren Marton, vice-president; Richard Kurth, treas- urer; and Barbara Friede, secretary; were the other officers. Entering a display in the Engineering Exposition in the spring was a big project for the members of Theta Tau, the professional engineering fraternity. John Imhof, regent, said that the goal of the fraternity was to promote fellow- ship among engineering students. Other officers were Henry Hahn, Jr., vice-regent; Robert Burdick, scribe; David Richter, treasurer; and Robert Pfefferle, corresponding secretary. Theta Tau— First Row: R. Lehner, D. Luedf, H. Hahn, R. Allen S. Ansel, J. Imhof, F. Rohlick, R. Sims. Second Row: R. Pfefferle, I . Richter, I!. Burdick, L. Soli is. Third Row: 207 Medical Alpha Delta Theta— First Row: S. Stark, M. Lieske, K. Fleury, S. Orr, P. McGinnity, S. Coulter, M. Hammes, J. Ulezeiski, C. Lux, C. Jantz. Second Row: V. Bleok, G. Nettles, B. Roesselet, P. Prank, S. Radtke, ( ' . Oestreich, K. Robinson, P. Larson, A. Hagon, J. Zeier, H. Cederbaum, V. Cairo, E. Arnc Third Row: J. Frey, J. Schrader, L. Winsborough, A. Keller, M. Gleissner, S. Schrubbe, D. Cappaent, S. Ugoretz, C. Pearl, M. Swaziek, ,J. Bennett, J. Copian, C. Bouwman. Fourth Row: N. FraUing, S. Krohn, J. Winter, E. Mendelson, B. Akmentins, J. Sehroeder, R. Richter, ( ' . Stamm, ;. Gilbert, J. Dietz, I. SchwerBenska, K. Jeske, C. Blumer, J. Borowski, G. Nalevac. Alpha Delta Theta Alpha Tau Delta Alpha Delta Theta was honored this year to have their local president, Patricia McGinnity, serve as the National Parliamentarian. Alpha Delta Theta is a national profes- sional medical technology sorority which recently added its twenty-second chapter. Their yearly program included guest speakers from the medical school faculty, a Founder ' s Day Banquet, and social functions. Sandra Caulter served as vice-president. Alpha Tau Delta, professional nursing sorority, was led by president Mary Tschudy this year. Social activities included a Christmas party with caroling at hospitals. Service projects included providing toys for the chil- dren ' s hospital and assisting in blood drives. Assisting the president were Karen Schwebs, vice-president; Joanne Novak, recording secretary; Joan Ruehlman, correspond- ing secretary; Marylin Marsh, treasurer. Alpha Tau Delta— First Row: J. Ham- pel, S. Grabel, 15. Bomberger, K. Ny- holm, .1. Novak, M. Tschudy, Mrs. I). Thompson, R. Misting, E. Pearson. M. Schank, M. Grimm, E. Hendrickson, H. Haagenson. Second Row: S. War- wick, M Yrlisl,, 1 ' . Paulson, H. Fyffe, .1. Baupt, .1. tali. S. Pankow, .1. Parke, B. Boyd, B. Wegner, .1. Walek. Third Row: X. Stone, S. Twomley, X. Dille, I). Schwartz, C. Lestina, S. Ten Eyck, B. Knaup, (!. Turnquist, X . Freschl, S. Breitenbach, M. Estes, A. Evenson, M. Welsch, V. Wendling, .1. Barberie, M. Grunke, M. Sheppley, C. Cowden. Fourth Row: J. Doss, S. Bonneau, S. Adams, E. Maurer, J. Aikin, K. 1 lough- erty, 11. McMMian, M. Walker, A. Wartinbee, B. Kisting. S. Heller, M. Heisig, X. Harvey, S, Heinsen, K. Mills, K. Cleven. Fifth Row: A. Elliott, L. Teske, M. Tamm, K. McGaan, G. " astila, R. Lewandowski, I. Wasberg, S. Nichols, 15. Marvin, ML ( lit, L. Jep- -i n, .1. Kirby, M. Kaan Jludwig, S. Gearson, .1. Proud, M, Niemeyer, P. Shier, .1. Walek. 208 Nu Sigma Nu — First Row: F. Bronson, T. Stevens, R. Albertini, T. Cesario, T. Mockert, F. Paudler, R. Bart, P. Vogt, E. Ellsworth, W. Kinder. 1). Tormey, L. Fisher, C. Gulbrandsen, J. Jolin, T. Ying-Kit Fung, R. Froelich, ;. McAuley. Second Row: J. Hanifin, B. Johnson, .1. Anderson, D. Muth, R. Matzke, J. Wilson, S. Aron, C. Strub, G. Barnes, D.Reasa.T. Hagen, 1). Bradke, H. Sybers. Third Row: F. Fitschen, .1. Duty. J. Mill. null. L. Bernhardt, D. Ketchum, 1). Nystrom, .1. Drye, J. Malec, E. Beguin, i. Holthusen. Nu Sigma Nu Nu Sigma Nu had a rewarding year led by Louis Bern- hart, president. He was assisted by the remaining officers who were Donald Beadke, vice-president ; Richard Alber- tini, treasurer; John Drye. secretary: Chris Bulbrandsen, social chairman; and Maurey Allen, historian. A monthly dinner meeting was held and member-- en- joyed a variety of speakers engaged in the medical pro- fession. An initiation dinner was held. Othera Othera, the occupational therapy club, was led by it- president. Connie Platz. this year. The club ' s purpose is to provide an opportunity for occupational therapy majors to become better acquainted with the field and with people connected with it. Activities included making tray favors for hospitals, sponsoring a cerebral palsy movie, conducting hospital tours, and exchanging Christmas cards with other clubs. Othera— First Row: A. Gubbay, P. McPeek, .J. Gilbertson, C. Platz. C. Anton, R. Benkert, C. Overdier. Sec- ond Row: 1). Porter, A. Clark, J. 1 Iragotto, C. Stevens, J. Paddock, S. Waggershauser, S. Firle, 15. Ziller, J. Katte. Third Row: M. Shutman, B. livin, S. Holzman, J. Chappell, C. Bergman, E. Conway, C. Keck, M. Beimborn, S. BoEtho. Fourth Row: R. Sink. I., yeoman, J. Smallman, S. Spear, .1. Adameak, .1. Hansen, R. Quain, K. Petersen. S. Fant. 209 Pharmacy Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon, the professional pharmacy sorority, was led by president, Beverly Pragulske this year. The group ' s social activities included a call-out with Kappa Psi, the pharmacy fraternity, and a spring banquet. One of their projects for this year was helping the Cancer Society in its work. For their Christmas project, they provided gifts for patients at the children ' s hospitals. They also held a tea for wives of faculty members. Kappa Epsilon — First Row: B. Pralguske, K. Latimer, V R S. Frank, .1. Etodee, A. Stelmach. Second Row: M. Bergwall, l. Joelson, S. Hendrichs, S. Beighley, L. Vinarsky, R. Berry. Third Row: H. Bilbert, J. Bruber, X. Kollath, .1. K.ii.iv, P. Nickel, S. Gasche, B. Beirer. Fourth Row: I). Cavanaugli, I,. t ' rcdi ickson, M. Sadow- ski, ;. Koeuara, S. Geipel, X. Weaver, M. Kins, D. Schall. Phi Theta Phi Theta, the professional physical therapy sorority, is organized for the purpose of helping physical therapy students to become more acquainted with the field and to meet fellow students in their field. Their main project this year was helping handicapped people of the city in their Happy Hours Club. Officers were Janis Oilman, president ; Alice Myers, vice- president; Jan Morton, sec. and Bonnie Hughes, treas. Phi Theta— First Row: B. Eughes, J. Morton, A. Myers, I. Brown, J. Gilmore, S. Dorer, B. Hahn, M. Ridley. Second Row: P. Kho, E. Erb, 1). Aschenbach, R. Graefe, J. Hill, L. Spurring, K. Brocade, K. Olson, S. Ingram. Third Row: P. Sinclair, B. Gerlich, E. Webster, L. Hale, B. Hale, D. Milford, S. Budlong, M. Schaus, R. Warren. m m el m i i » 4 « l ij .a .as» " h •X 210 Pharmaceutical Society — First Row: B. Praiguske, R. Palzek, R. Buerki, T. Tucholski, J. Langford, S. Frank. Second Row: R. Weber, L. Koscielski, W. Geldner, S. Lesniak, B. Behrocxi, K. Latimer. Third Row: (I. Swenson, J. Parker, S. Yoytovieh, D. Boldberg, S. Schmudt, G. Waiden, J. Gruber. Fourth Row: J. Reznick, L. Edwards, A. Keefer, M. Joelson, D. Naze, B. Beier. Fifth Row: L. Merril, P. Schanuon, J. Alberson, E. Siegler, D. Borhstad, P. Koch, (i. Peterson. Sixth Row: T. Smith, W. Lamb, D. Zilz, R. Labott, R. Coopman, J. Waiden, G. Miller, D. Feller. Seventh Row: E. Halm, J. Veatch, W. Simons. K. Cavanaugh, M. Berwall, S. Graske, E. Rahn. Eighth Row: R. Field, J. Asleson, S. Beipei, G. Kocvada, M. Sadowski, G. Hinz, R. Steward. Ninth Row: D. Gabower, L. Passehl, F. Petiniot, F. Rafeld, N. Wirth. Pharmaceutical Soc. Phi Epsilon Kappa The Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society is organized to acquaint students with professional opportunities in phar- macy. As a group, they sponsor the all-pharmacy-school picnic The society is an associate member of the American Pharmaceutical Association and the Wisconsin Pharma- ceutical Association. Officers this year -were John Lang- ford . president; Robert Buerki, vice-president; Robert Polzer, secretary; Tony Tucholski, treasurer. Phi Epsilon Kappa, the professional physical education fraternity, is organized " to foster scientific research and raise professional standards and ethics. " One feature of their program was a co-recreational program with the women ' s physical education department in spring. Officers leading the group this year included Gene Gray, president; Gene Plagenz, secretary; and Gene Alii, treas- Phi Epsilon Kappa— First Row: G. Alii, G. Plagenz, G. Gray, J. Anderson. Second Row: E. Kunesch, R. Tornowske, R. Nelson, R. Karst, C. Smith, T. Gabert, J. Scornavako. 211 Phy Ed The Dolphin Club is organized to promote interest in synchronized swimming and aquatic art. It is affiliated with tlic International Academy of Aquatic Art. The club i- co-recreational and stresses the artistic as well as the recreational aspects of swimming. The group gave demon- strations at the Wisconsin State Teacher ' s Convention and participated in the international academy at Michi- gan State. They presented their annual show in April. The officers of the club this year included Jan Wallis, president : Katy Taylor, vice-president; Sandy Yarne, secretary- treasurer; publicity chairman Margil ohm. The group ' s advisors were Miss li. Rochman and Mrs. ;. Enestrom. Dolphins Dolphins— First Row: B. Bellaire, li. Press, ' . Booth, H. Moran, B. Klein, J. Wallis, M. Ohrn, K. Taylor. Second Row: R. Madsen, B. Hale, X. Zimny, T. Verwohlt, B. Schroth, K. Meyers, S. Boehm, M. Hammerel, J. Gintz, L. Noback, J. Hille, S. Yarne, S. Eeles, J. Fonslau. Third Row: M. Engstrom, R. Rochman. W. P. E— First Row: M. Harms, J. Nelson, S. Schaffen, C. Knoblauch. Second Row: 1). Nattes, S. Black- hadder, K. Klumpar, M. Robertson, S. Knauf, ( ' . Bookhout, C. Carnes, K. Adolph, 1). Sabol. Women ' s Phy Ed WRA The Wisconsin Physical Education Club is organized for the purpose of uniting students enrolled in the physical education program and providing them with social func- tions. One of the early activities of the group this year was a physical education banquet in November. The girls also had a Christmas party and conducted a High School Play Day in March. The co-rec night and senior send-off completed the social season. The Wisconsin Recreational Association is organized to promote participation of University women in sports, create a spirit of sportsmanship and provide activities having healthful recreational value. The association spon- sors tournaments in a variety of sports and holds an all- state sports day. A main activity is the pom-pom sale held at Homecoming. Advisor to the group, which was led by president Anne Lindberg, was Miss Carolyn Benson. W. R. A. — First Row: K. Klumpar, S. Hanauer, A. Lindberg, M. Roberton. Second Row: .1. Lewin, B. Eeles, H. Moran, C. Benson B. Airth. Guptill, 213 Music, Drama and Speech Phi Beta — First Row: ( ' . Kornman, J. Baltes, L. Moody, ( ' . Housfeld, J. Stewart, F. Matson, M. Kannenberg, J. Vodika, H. Levine, N. Nisius, D. Raccoli. Second Row: R. Sklar, M. Anderson, C. Valech, B. Kole, M. E. Lee, J. Wallis, B. Randall, J. Reimann, L. Martin, D. Gross. Phi Beta Phi Mu Alpha Phi Beta is the national professional speech and music fraternity for women students. According to president, Fran Matson, activities for the year included the reading of two One Act plays at the Wisconsin Center. These play readings were entitled " The Happy Journey " and " Pull- man Car Hiawatha. " The pledges carried out a service project during the spring semester which included work at the Veterans Administration Hospital. Phi .Mu Alpha, the professional music fraternity, in- cluded in its membership anyone interested in the field of music. Activities for this year included the sponsoring of the Ail-American Music Concert which included soloists and ensembles. Combined with its sister group, Sigma Alpha Iota, they planned the Tournament of Song. The Phi Mus held meetings which featured several guest speakers. They also provided ushers for the music school. 214 Phi Mu Alpha— Standing: R: White, C. Siemer, R. Brom,. W Fuller, T. Buchhauser.W. Hart- wig, V. Nelson, C. Huebner, P. Aaholm, K. DeVoe.C. Rich- mond. Seated — L. Chirk. Sigma Alpha Eta— First Row: C. Goltry, J. Hock, B. Beardsley, E. Stolts, S. Wagner, A. Shlensky, S. Anderson, K. Vanderheiden, D. Colby, K. Rothman. Second Row: B. Elrod, B. Jacobson, K. Wagner, H. Lavine, .1. Kahn, B. Bulbert, M. Garon, A. Draheim, K. Jensen, E. Framberger. Third Row: B. Pachter, A. Barrett, K. Schmidley, K. Simmons, M. Frowne, S. Knepp, R. Kahn, S. Rumney, E. Hutkowski, L. St. Louis. Fourth Row: K. Gobar, L. Simkins, J. Swiggum, M. Ganswindt, R. Rappaport, E. Mathews, B. Frank, C. Miller, B. Kramer, J. Trigg. Fifth Row: B. Sher, B. Polachek, P. Duerr, E. Bav, J. Borchardt, M. Hogseth, J. Gregory, S. Frakes, D. Homan. Sigma Alpha Eta Forensic Union The Annual Tea was the first activity of Sigma Alpha Eta, an organization composed of those interested in the field of speech and hearing. President, Sally Wagner coor- dinated the activities. One of the highlights of the year was the Eleventh National Convention of Sigma Alpha Eta in Chicago, held in conjunction with the national con- vention of The American Speech and Hearing Association. In the spring, formal initiation of new members was held. The Hagenagh Debate held this spring was sponsored by the members of the Wisconsin Forensic Union. One of their most unusual jobs is providing the panel for WHA- TV " Quiz the Professor. " They presented the Vilas Medals to three students outstanding in speech and debate work. Students receiving the medals this year were John Olson, Cam Cornman, and Kay Dornbrook. Mr. Murray served as a faculty advisor for the group. Forensic Union— First Row: W. Campbell, P. Peshek, E. Erb, T. Murray, J. Hohman, A. Peek, K. Dornbrook. Second Row: H. Halvorson, R. Radandt, H. Gutgesell, P. Carstenson, J. Triggs, G. Runyan, R. Rhine. Third Row: J. Greenfield, L. Barbash, J. Murphy, G. Newman, W. Habennan, T. Cook. 215 Rho chapter of Sigma Alpha fota, professional music sorority chose as its presidenl this year Elizabeth Van Ness. Other officers were Saudi Naset, vice-president; Sonie Simonson, secretary; and Kay Fowell, treasurer. This spring the girls sponsored the American .Music Concerl with the members of Phi Mu Alpha and also sponsored the Badger Song Festival. One of the activities enjoyed the must by all members was the Christmas carol- ing party. The purpose of Sigma Alpha [ota is to uphold the ideals and standards of music in colleges, conserva- tories, and universities and to give its members inspira- tional, education, and social aids. The girls joined Phi Mu Alpha to serve as ushers at Music Hall for various musical activities held there throughout the year, and they also sponsored a student- faculty coffee hour. Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha Iota — First Row: E. Otterson, J. Joyce, S. Naset, E. Van Ness, F. Fowell, L. Johnson, E. Oswald, M. Larson. Second Row: K. Owens, R. Rowald, S. Olson, S. Griswold, P. (unci ). Fe r, V. Vauk, .1. Wheeler, .1. Osmundson, T. Larson, J. Luff. Third Row: X. Shurts, C. Haynes, .1. Sauer, S. Bussey, J. Grams, M. Lewis, S. Pitzer, .1. Lothe, i. Pitkin, L. Anderson. !16 K f t Women ' s Chorus— First Row: . J. Pettengill, P. Guehn, M. Tiiiim. K. Gross, S. Myers, M. Rinelli, G. Gersh, E. Bower, S. Gribble, S. Rolli, J. Dvorak, J. Schlaak, 15. Gerlich, S. Disch, K. Owens, K. Nyholm, A. Payton. Second Row: K. Tinka, S. Lee, B. Cassimen, A. Evenson, K. Metzen, M.Thompson, S. Kneppreth, S. Gohdes, " . Maki, R. Rauschenberger, J. Brandenberg, R. Sengstock, P. Allen. S.Elson, S. Twem- ley, M. Marsh, B. Janzer. Third Row: K. Algrim, N. Shurts, A. Stechelberg, B. Stetter, B. Ruzic, J. Harker, B. Adams, L. Johnson, J. Reiman, M. Theorell, S. Lee, L. Anderson, M. Anderson, M. Schulman, L. Martin, K. Bennett, II. Luehning, .1. Ayres, B. Webster. Fourth Row: J. Schultz, V. Sheller, B. Hassel, C. Cummings, I. Hughes, C. Erickson, K. Yares, E. Peterson, R. Gast, K Klausch, J. Sauer, B. Batty, L. St. Louis, M. Mach, M. O ' Connor, G. Gilbert, P. McNamara, S. Dolby, W. Schmidt. Women ' s Chorus Women ' s Chums is ;ui organization open to every woman on campus. This year its members number 80. Everyone greatly enjoyed their annual Christmas concert held in the beautiful Luther Memorial Church. Louise Johnson, president, was assisted by Roberta Cast, vice- president; Norma Dille, secretary and treasurer. John Paton served as director. The girls had many activities during the year. During semester break they entertained the members of Mid- Winter Music Clinic with a concert. They also performed at the Wisconsin Hardware Convention which was held in Madison. In honor of the retiring Judge Proctor the girls sang a concert at the Loraine Hotel. During the spring semester the girls toured throughout the state and presented a variety of concerts for high school assemblies. " September Song " was one of the outstanding numbers performed. 217 UUlm l v 11 I l I M " ! I ( ' ( v V A Capella Choir— First Row: J. Brunette, A. R einke, C. Weiss, S. Ross, P. Wojahn, K. Ingebritsen, C. Booth, T. Larson, J. Pairan, M. ( rardner, S. Olson. S. (iriswold, T. Dvorak. S. Brockhaus, .1. Osmundson, M. Bliss. Second Row: 1). Grube, M. Welsh, J. Luff, J. Council, J. Lothe, K. Dent, (I. Pitkin, J. Margenau, D. Helsabeck, T. Dillon, N. Wertsch, J. Anders R. Lawson, J. Raimer, V. Vauk, J. Schmidt, B. Heiple. Third Row: ' 1 " . Otto, B. Koepcke, E. Van Xess, M. Lewis, P. Hornig, K. Ripp, M. Musolf, F. Crow, D. Overson, J. Topping, R. Reznichek, M. Lee, Ii. White, G. Klotz, R. Ross. Fourth Row: S. DeVoe, D. Nelson, D. Coster. J. Mil. hell. C. Huebner, T. Ray, M. Cuthbert, J. Dowd, D. Kaul, N. Smith, J. Goetz, (I. Riegler, J. Leisenring, R. Larget, F. Leist, F. Shall. A Capella Choir is proud to boast members from six different states. The choir consists of 70 members, half of which are in music, the other half in music education. On November 9 and 10 the choir toured the Fox River Valley area of Wisconsin presenting a series of concerts. Sunday Music Hour held in the Wisconsin Union also found the choir participating. They cooperated with the other musical organizations on campus to present the annual Christmas Concert. On March 31, the choir pre- sented an early spring concert of the Unicorn. Officers of the choir for the year were Mark Musolf, president; Theophil Otto, vice-president; Elizabeth Van- Neff, secretary; and Greta Pitkin, treasurer. The choir provided the music for mid-year commence- ment, and senior convocation. They were invited to perform at the engineering banquet during the second semester. A Capella Choir 218 Men ' s Glee Club led by John Cotton, president, had a very active year. Performances included concerts for the Junior-Science Symposium, the Alumni Association Kick- oft ' . Madison Rotary Club, and their annual Christmas concert at Luther Memorial. John was assisted by Dick DeVries, vice-president: Joe Schmitz. business manager, and Calvin Dewsnap, librarian. Mr. Becknall was the director. During March the Glee Club toured the central part of Wisconsin and performed for high schools and civic- organizations. In early May the club journeyed to Chi- cago for the University of Wisconsin ' s Alumni Club of Chicago. The Glee Club also provided music for numerous Madi- son schools and civic organizations. They sang at the Agricultural Honorary Recognition Banquet. They were also invited to participate in the Wisconsin Annual Sale- Conference which was held in Madison. Men ' s Glee Club Glee Club— First Row: M. Algarin, T. A.ller. D. Cook, D. Cook, J. Cotton. R. Devries. C. Dewsnap. S. Schacht, J. Smith, D. Lautz, J. Howard, J. Harvey, M. King, T. Swan. M. Seller. Second Row: V. Fuller, X. Milner, P. Thoreson. R. Meyer, J. Reynolds. D. Bly. J. Helsabeck, R. Quisling, J. Manteufel, D. Field. C. Eckles, P. Kane, L. Erlich, J. Marten. Third Row: J. Firehammer, J. Wright, K. Kreutzmann. T. Deger- stedt, R. Graumann. C. Knutson. P. Levy, R. Horn, R. Steiner, W. Yeeud. J. Swanson, P. Paul. R. Bross. G. Blanchard. T. Kriekard. Fourth Row: R. Malueg, T. Wbolsey, F. Balsley, .1. Worden. J. Tavlor, D. Slauson, T. Tavlor, B. Olson, M. Bakke. C. Gnatzig, W. Hollister. J. Williams. J. Rutkauakas, R. Weber, D. ' Miller. K. Brigham. 219 Wisconsin Players from Merchant of Vcni 220 The Visit— December 1961 Ah. Wilderness — November 1961 Wisconsin Players is the campus dramatic group. Its purpose is to provide educational experience for those interested in all phases of drama production. Membership in the group is earned by accumulating sixteen points by means of participation in at least three aspects of the theater. A student first gains apprenticeship status by participating in a Players production. Continued partici- pation leads to full membership and eventually to key membership. Members are required to do work in the theatrical field to retain their active membership. Open bouses are held every fall and this year a television show was produced illustrating the history of the Wisconsin Players organization. Major productions this year in- cluded " Ah, Wilderness " , " Merchant of Venice " , " The Visit " , " The Gondoliers " , and " Mr. Roberts. " The group numbers about twenty-eight active members. Haresfoot Club Haresfool where all the girls are men yel everyone ' s a lady completed its ti4th year on the campus with its spring production of " l.i ' l Aimer. " Formed in 1898 to do something about the " matter of fad nil into which student activities had fallen " the club has produced all types of theatrical entertainment. On tour, for instance, the after the show parties attract nearly as many people as the theatre presentation. Haresfool is the oldest dramatic group on campus. It became an all-male organization in 1909 to comply with a University regulation which prohibited mixed casts from traveling around the country. Since that time no women have been allowed into the club membership although they are found on the production and wardrobe crews. With the transition to an all-male cast, Haresfoot has successfully (and riotously) shown that " All the girls can be men, yet everyone a lady. " Showgirl Lennie Aronson shows that ballet needn ' t always be a serious matter. Iii last year ' s production, ' ' Lizzie Borden took an axe The Elephants and Ponies " soft shoe ' ' " Lazy Moon " in Wonderful Show No. 2. 1 ' 3L, -jJk. • ■ In the beginning all a pony has to be is a six foot or taller male who weighs about 1320 Former club president Bucky Mackenroth proves thai Haresfool ran co-exisi with mixed easts. Haresfool brought Dogpatch to the Wisconsin stage this spring with its unique version of the Broadway hit, " Li ' l Abner. " This musical comedy took a new twist (not the Peppermint!) under Haresfool direction with the addition of the famed pony kickline and all-male cast but the results were humorously rewarding. For the past two years the club had produced original revues but they did not prove to be as great a drawing card as musical comedies. " Li ' l Abner " was picked this year because it contained the humor, action, and zany charac- ters necessary for a successful Haresfoot adaptation. The cast for the show was chosen in early Feb. and then followed two months of extensive rehearsals. During this time, behind the scenes work was also being done by stu- dents as costumes, lighting, scenery, and music had to be readied for the spring tour. Students also handled all the organization problems prior to and during the show ' s run. Spring vacation meant the opening of the road show for Haresfoot as they brought " Li ' l Abner " to the major Wisconsin cities. They capped their tour with a one week run at the Union theatre in Madison. 224 " Anything ( lues ' a girl to tell. " mon fellas, that joke wasn ' t too bad for Harriet Narowetz has created, directed, nursed, and guided the Haresfool pony and dance lines through their routines for the past 10 years. Because of her continued loyalty to the club as choreographer, this year ' s show was deemed as a special tribute for her services. Genera] co-directors for " Li ' l Aimer " were a husband and wife team, David and Sally Semmes. Both had had previous experience working with Haresfoot, besides par- ticipating in innumerable college and city play groups. Sally was assistant director for Haresfoot in 1953, 1956, and 1957. While an under-graduate at the University, David spent three years with Haresfoot and in 1956 he took the male lead in " Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. " Musical director .James Christensen was a first year man with Haresfoot. From 1958 to 1961 he was staff arranger for the West Point hand and this past year he served as co-director for the University marching hand. The finished product — The most famous and enduring clement of Haresfoot, the Pony kicklim Business Manager Herb Lepp and Financial Advisor Hay Hilsenhoff make plans for this year ' s tour. For ten years Harriot Narowetz lias been the mainstay of the famous pony kickline. Haresfoot Board of Directors — Back Row: H. Lepp, T. Coyle, S. Leifer, P. Breske. Seated: D. Price, J. Atkins, Hay Hilsenhoff. 226 Symphony Orchestra— Violins: J. Schellhardt, ( ' . Housfeld, J. Slapikes, J. Grams, P. MacDougall, L. Bishop, P. Werner, B. Dean, B. Pilch, J. Bcrigan, 0. llaeser, A. Krotter, J. Prochnow, D. Ruby, J. ( Uaeser, L. Lane, R. Bennett, J. Jensen, ( ' . Staclmik, 1 . lajafsky, B. Schuetze, F. Sentman, ( ' . Elideout, I). Murray, J. Kapke, J. Teske, I). Vohlken. Violas: J. Kuersten, S. Scheele, A Willard, S. Procious, G. Pitkin, B. Grothe, K. Plant, W. Summers. Violoncellos: T. Buchhauser, L. Swanson, R. Freedman, J. Nelson, S. LaFayette, S. Pollay, W. Bender, J. Leatherman, P. Lyall, J. Kundmann, D. Strittmater. Basses: R. Melby, P. Burgess, O. Marshall, K. Stevens, D. Mannis, D! Heeren. Flutes: S.Bussey, K. Church, B. Wylie, R. Spaeth. Piccolo :R. Spaeth. Oboes: I). Caddock, J. Michael, li. Pearson, P. Fenton. Clarinets: D. Peterson, P. Aaholm, S. Fritz, J. Peterson. Bassoons: L. Ibisch, A. Norris, S. Olson, L). Ball. French Horns: C. Schiebler, D. Pledger, .1. Kreuzer, G. Klotz, F. Clover, M. Peterman. Trumpets: M. George, M. ( lastagna, K. DeVoe, A. Arneson. Trombones: J. Leisenring, W. Smith, W. Richard- son. Tuba: D. Heeren. Percussion: J. Raimer, S. Miller, S. Petersen. Harps: V. Vauk, L. Seidl. Symphony Orchestra The main activity of the Symphony Orchestra this year was a concert held on November 19, in conjunction with Gunnar Johansen on the works of Litz. Air. Johansen is the artist-in-residence at the university. This was a con- cert of combined orchestra and piano. Officers of the Symphony Orchestra were .Mike George, president; Judith Prochnow, secretary-treasurer; and Judith Rainier, librarian. Conducted by Professor Richard C. Church, the or- chestra consisted of more than !»() members representing many different fields of study and many different com- munities. This group is dedicated to the study and performance of orchestra music. Members of the orchestra traveled throughout the state and presented concerts to civic organizations and high school assemblies. 227 Alpha Delta Sigma— First Row: ](. Ballis, D. Mathison, I). Fairman, M. Ison. Second Row: (I. Archibald, D. Pitsch, J. Gigliotti, H. Zoloto, R. Winkel, T. Koszarski, R. Pulera, R. Chernow, R. Feldman, R. Lundquist, L. Bishop, L. Markus, H. Knepper, S. Markham. Eloom 232, Journalism Building, is the home of the advertising agency created by the members of Alpha Delta Sigma. Alpha Delta Sigma, an advertising fraternity, has members from the schools of journalism, commerce, and departments of art and English. The fraternity extends the invitation of membership to any student expressing a desire and interest. The main project for the year has been the creation of an advertising agency. Nineteen fraternity members are participating in this project. At the present time they have only one account, but they hope to enlarge in the near future. Officers of Alpha Delta Sigma are Don Mathison, presi- dent; David Fairman, first vice-president; Murray Ison, -.(.,!„ | vice-president; and Richard Ballis, secretary- treasurer. Chairman of the board of their advertising agency is Glenn Archibald. Professor Dunn is advisor of the group. Alpha Delta Sigma 228 YGOP— Seated: N. NimzJ S. Small, J. Roland, W. Matuszeski, T. Boehin, K. Friedman. Standing: T. Cormaney, A. Blank, H. Davis, M. Henser, P. Schmutzler, C. Rang, H. Brachtl. YGOP Coranto The purpose of the Young Republican Club is to ad- vocate Republican principles, interest in electing Repub- lican candidates and promoting political education on campus. According to Bill Matuszeski, chairman, activities included speakers, movies, sending a delegation to Con- vention of Midwest Federation of College Young Repub- licans in Indianapolis, sending a delegation to State YGOP, and promoting the Lincoln Day dinner. Coranto, the professional journalism society, wanted to interest and encourage girls in professional work. In December a tea for faculty and alumni was given by the members. They also helped with the journalism conference, when all high school editors came to Madison. Officers were Jeanne Bloomfi eld, president: Barbara Thompson, vice-president; Elaine Xakamura and Man- Ann Hawkins, secretaries: and Sheila Sullivan, treasurer. Coranto— First Row: K. Tancill, D. Knoblauch. S. Cullison, E. Warne, X. Wendorf. Second Row: J. Erickson, K. Bennett, ML Hopkins ,J. Bloomfield, B. Thompson, E. Xakamura, Mis. G. Smith. Third Row: K. Maxon, L. Ingham, K. Jameson, K. Breinig, J. Surmacz, -Mrs. K. Schmidt, M. Vernick, M. Crook. Friendship Club — Carrol Hanson and Frisk} ' . Friendship Red Cross What is it that makes members of the canine family so important to the males. This question has bothered the opposite sex for many generations. What arc the qualities that a dog possesses that seem to make him so important? Any woman can agree that it certainly isn ' t its looks, ability to cook. wash, or sew. Yet man seems to choose this tail-wagging companion for hunting trips and fireside naps. They even share his " doghouse. " What it i . 1 guess we can never explain, hut it ' s there and women might as well give up. Dog will always con- tinue to he " man ' s best friend. " The purpose of Red Cross is to provide an outlet for students to make a community and humanitarian effort and enables them to fulfill themselves on campus. Harriet Fyffe and Tom Lyons served as co-chairmen of the organization. This year all campus blood dona- tion broke all campus records. They collected 1,324 pints of blood which was the largest donation in the state during Red Cross history. They also used club efforts to supplement the local chapter ' s annual drive. Meetings of the organization were of interest to all members. Red Cross— First Row: B. Marvin, Prof. H. Foss, M. Swaziek. Second Row: C. Page, T. Lyons, M. Flewelling, B. Polachek, B. Thompson, Phillips, .). Stathas. Oftl 230 an YGOP — X. Stonefeller, B. Firewater, D. Eisenrifle, R. Frixon, W. Stagger. S. Xoiks. T. Power, J. McCommie, J. F. Dull, E. Beige. Youthful Group of Promise The Youthful Group of Promise, located on North Murray Street, is an organization which believes in politics for the young. Active in many community func- tions, the YGOP is attempting to lower the voting age to eight. This action was explained by one member who remarked that voters should he too young to be influenced by the glittering generalities of today ' s politicians. " Politicians. " mentioned another member, " are so crooked that the wool they pull over your eyes is fifty percent cotton. " Another member referred to a leading politician of the State a- opening In- mouth only to change feet. " Our meetings arc not always concerned with such serious matter.-, however, " -aid a third member. " We hold many grand old parties. " The motto of this ambitious organization is. " We promise . . " . 231 The [ntegrated Liberal Studies program is a two-year, integrated look :it the humanities, social studies, and sciences. The TLS Council is the governing body of all students enrolled in the program. The Council, composed of representatives from the freshmen and sophomore [LS classes, promotes many social activities and group projects during the year. including the publication of " ILS Pioneer " with Jane Rosenbaum as editor. In a special effort to better student- faculty relations, the Council holds at least one fireside with each professor during the school year. On the social side, there is the annual student-faculty welcome reception in the fall, the holiday caroling party, and the annual Disintegration Banquet. ILS Council officers were Richard Halverson, president; Robert Brougham, vice-president; and Sandra Kirk- pat rick, secretary. ILS Council We visited Dr. and Mrs. Noland during the caroling season. Dr. Barnett 232 Conservative Club — First Row: B. Stuber, M. Woehr, W, Breihan, G. Rudd, M. Kestol, L. Lyle. Second Row: J. Burke. V. Steihm, T. Meyer, I). Birsh, I). McCoy, I). Stam, L. Allin. Conservative Club Sigma Delta Chi The Wisconsin Conservative Club provided the campus with many outstanding speakers during this school year. The Conservative Club is led by president, Bill Briehan, and directed by the Executive Board, Gerald Rudd and Millard Johnson. The purpose of their organization is to make available to the student body conservative speakers and educational literature on the conservative philosophy. The purpose of Sigma Delta Chi, journalism fraternity, is to bring together talent, truth, and energy. The mem- bers try to inspire professional improvement, raise pres- tige, interest young people in journalism, and advance the standards of a high ethical code in journalism. The Executive Board consisted of David Xinimer, president; Jerry Belanger, vice-president ; Alan Cleveland, secretary: and Ron Levs. treasurer. Sigma Delta Chi— First Row: I. Ebifr- subo, A. Cleveland, 1). Nimmer, R. Leys, J. Belanger. Second Row: Prof. Hachten, F. Kalupa, C. Koomalaya- visai, It. Ommeren, .1. Force S. Siri- anni, R. Karlman, 1. Ruben i. Steen. 233 Shoot House— First Row: Z. Graul, C. Christopherson, F. Roth, F. Weigel, D. Greenway, R. Wiseman, R. Christopherson, Z. Johnson, C. Mink. S. Von Klein, Z. Until, S. Wiseman. Second Row: T. Breuer, H. ( rre enway, M. Anderson, L. Weigel, G. Graul, 8. Spangler, M. I )eininger, W. Cooley, R. Cathman, 1 . Taylor, J. Deininger, F. Von Klein. Butterfield 4 is an organization of women for the better- ment of telephone service throughout the campus area. Their purpose is to try and make placing a call to the university campus easier than calling into the Pentagon. Improvements that this group advocates are that each student should have his or her own exchange, no exten- sions, and do more than three phones to one person. They are promoting an open switchboard system between all the houses on Langdon street, and definitely no time limits on phone calls. The main project of the organization this year is the installation of T.V. phones in all of the girl ' s houses. Tin- convenience makes it possible to see whoever is at the other end of the line. This service has been greatly appreciated throughout campus. Butterfield 4 also spon- sors Dial-A-CL 3s, a service whereby students can dial into lectures as simple ;i- dialing the time-of-day exchange. For further information, please dial Butterfield 4 . . . 234 Shoot House First Row: Pres. Elvehjem, T. ( rilberg, A. Hellner, S. Tjernstrom, T. Jermirn, X. Luel-Brockdorff, E. B. Fred, T. Brittingham. Second Row: C. Kragius, S. Sfendahl, E. Brunsgaard, E. Ording. Valiants Last fall the Brittingham Valiants, eight students from four Scandinavian countries, arrived in Madison. They form the first group of a five year program sponsored by the Brittingham family. The basic idea of the program is to increase the understanding between the two peoples. Many different kinds of experiences and activities filled their year. The fraternities they became active members of shall long remember their cheerful songs. In December a reception was held for the many people who had done so much for the program. Like the Vikings from preceding years, the Valiants plan to leave Madison in June. t return home by way of New Orleans, Texas, and Delaware. Valiants— P. Jerrum, A. Hellner, E. Ordi strom, T. Jen T. Gilberg, N. Luel-Brockdorff. I! YMCA Cabinet— First Row: W. Wineke, S. Adclman, K. Kosier, D. Kind, P. Poellinger, C. Nelson, J. Sykes. Sec- ond Row: J. Sorden, S. Schur, R. Kunkel, B. Schneider, P. Goebel, S. Price, 1). Harris, J. Allan, R. Cowley. (utstanding activity of the University YMCA this year was the delegation of members sent to Washington to the U. N. Seminar held during Easter vacation. Led by presi- dent, Donald Kind, the men of the YMCA had a very active year. Other officers were Kenneth Kasier, 1st vice- president; Steven Meyer, 2nd vice-president; Richard Berger, secretary; and Paul Poellenger, house chairman. Members also enjoyed press conferences where outside people came and gave talks, followed by a discussion ses- sion. " Faculty Fireside " was also an activity enjoyed by all. This was where students were invited into the home of a faculty member for an evening. The purpose of the association is to promote and main- tain a sense of responsibility for increased understanding and practice of the Christian philosophy in all phases of personal living. YMCA— First Row: R, Gosse, I.. Burroughs, E. Coats, J. Bell, R. Cowley, S. Adelman, W. Brown, W. Filbert, 1). Hirsh, J. Gudowski, D. Mueller, 1 . Reid, .1. Thompson, Second Row: J. Brook, Y. Hirva, T. Gresenz, K. Kosier, K. Walker, L. Jacobs, J. Ball, 1). Kind, L. Woelffer, .1. Cech, R. Larson, M. Ehlers, .1. Wyant, D. Sorenson, T. Wilkie, D. Harris. Third Row: P. Behr, H. Gosse, D. Maass, D. Kaul, J. Schweger, J. Themae, S. Price, R. Towers, R. Bachhuber, S. Henry, 1). Polzin, B. Schneider, I). Rindfleisch, J. Oman, S. Schur, I.. Sues, C. Co.. lev, J. Hancock, Y. Wineke, J. Alan, R. Christofferson. Fourth Row: .1. Mantenfel, L. Harper, C. Topp, P. Miller, (1. Chamberlain, C. Nelson, T. French. R. Kunkel, I ' . Goebel, J. Rothermel, P. Poellinger, J. Stein, R. Higgons, R. Stephenson, R. Jones, J. Correl, R. Steinke, P. Peerey. I 4 n$ii irJ n in r " ; r n f l YWCA— Seated: M. Newell, K. Thorson, B. Ehren, E. Benner, L. Bratley. Standing: I. Thomas, B. Hanna, S. W ' egge, J. Bast. L. Woelffer, X. Headen, J. Radloff. An organization to meet the needs and questions that arise so often in the campus community, the YWCA is constantly active. President, Betsy Hanna, led the associ- ation in their many projects for the year. The Encore Sale was one of the main undertakings. It is held at the begin- ning of the college year, and provides an opportunity for foreign students and apartment dwellers to buy used furniture and clothing at low rates. The International Gift Fair at Christmas time and the annual pancake supper were other important activities that comprised the major money making programs. In conjunction with the YMCA, the YWCA works to sponsor the annual freshman camp that precedes orien- tation week in the fall. Assisting the president in coordi- nating activities were secretary, Irene Thomas; and treasurer, Carol Hensel. YWCA— D.Sigglekow, S. Powers, M. Newell, B. Sutton, I. Thomas, E. Love. YWCA Religion Bahai Club— First Row: C. Varo, J. Lewis, M. Naysnith, .1. Engler. Second Row: S. Jamamoto, I 1 Dumbleton, J. GrifEn, P. Javid. Bahai Club B ' nai B ' rith Hillel The Bahai Club is an organization for members of the faith mi campus. Chairman, Dwayne Dumbleton, led the club, aim is to presenl the Bahai view on campus. He was assisted by vice-chairman, Steve Yamamoto; cor- responding secretary, Judy Lewis; and recording secretary Judi Engler. Several of the meetings were highlighted by a series ni speakers. The Bahai holidays were celebrated in con- junction with the Madison community. B ' Nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation is an organization for students of the Jewish Faith. Projects tor the year were under the direction of president, Kenneth Yalowitz. The drive for the Jewish Student Welfare Fund was one of the main projects, with the proceeds going to the United Jewish Appeal and other Jewish institutions. Assisting the president were officers Avi Bass, Leonard Malkin, Sam Stern, Carol Moss, Tani Lane and Ellen Gottlieb. Hillel— First Row: L. Brcger, T. Lane, E. Gottlieb, S. Andrusier, H. Cohen. Second Row: .1. Gold, K. Yalowitz, C. Mess, A. Bass, B. VandsrWalde. Third Row: X. Pugach, S. Arnstien, D. Swidler, Rabbi Ticktin, G. Meister, J. Ansfiekl, L. Malkin. Calvary— First Row: D. Seifert, M. Metzig, X. Kling, J. ( [rams, J. Larsen. Second Row: A. Krubsack, W. Mundt, J. Kurtz, C. Page, J. Mil- brath, P. Leitzke, J. Johnson. Calvary Lutheran Student Center Calvary provides a center for the religious life of the Lutheran students on campus. It offers to them a full program of organized worship and activities, under the coordination of the student officers and their chairmen. James Kurtz was president; Don Clemens, vice-president; Jerry Johnson, treasurer; and Judy Larsen, secretary. Each Sunday there are three services at Calvary. Additional opportunities for worship are provided by the weekly services on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. The Calvary Choir is very active and tours around the state. A chance 1o gain a deeper understanding of the prin- ciples of their faith is given to the students in the form of Gamma Delta, a group whose main purpose is to study the Lutheran faith. 239 Christian Science — First Row: ( ' . Carnes, P. Buller, P. SDera, N. Lloyd- Jones, D. Seiler, I,. Purdy. Second Row: Mrs. Kilgour, L. Trumbull, K. Chilcutt, M. Bennett. D. Wasserman, B. Morris, K. Klingelhofer, J. Weaver, K Berke. Third Row: J. Wertymer, A. Bailey, W. Paul, W. Cratty, I.. Schmidt, J. Ellis, S. Mackenroth, .1 Council, I ' . Mitteisteadt, :. Jacobson, T. Avery, L. Hartz,J. Arend, R. Robin- son, K. Trautwein, M. Str m», V. Hol- land. Christian Science Club Canterbury Club A film program obtained from the Mother Church in Boston, was shown at one of the weekly meetings of the Christian Science Club. These weekly meetings were or- ganized by president. Richard Robinson. Other officers were Milton Strung, vice-president; Cathryn Carnes, rec. secretary; Marcia Lawton, corres. secretary; and Lee Hartz, treasurer. The organization also participated in the exchange program with other religious centers on campus. Canterbury Club, the Episcopal student center, serves as a second home to its members who participate in a variety of religious and social activities. The altar-centered chapel provides daily services, and the club sponsors a weekly Sunday night supper fol- lowing Evensong. Officers are John Splinter, president; Tom Withey, vice-president; Betsy Dressier, secretaiy ; and John Keene, treasurer. Canterbury —First Row: R. Neilsori, P. Arvedson, M. Terry, C. Engen, T. Swan, N. Nimz, M. Gendresen, P. Folev, L. Trebotich. Second Row: H. Hardiman, C. Congdon, S, Hull, M. Pratt, M. Calland, M. Otto, Mrs. Otto, E. Lidster, N. Dieringer, B. Dressier. Third Row: B. Penneman, P. Barnes. S. Brown, P. Dixon, R. Mockrud, J. Lawson, M. Jeffers, T. Eggleton, J. Koerner, D. Osgood, 1). Murray, A. Owen, X. Wood, B. Webster, I . Vose, I.. Melnick, .1. Splinter. J40 USF— First Row: K. Gensch, E. Girge, J. Sorden, K. Gasper, J. Murlej M. Baebler, A. Willard, K. Gasper, X. Stevens, N. Longhorn, J. Bergerel Weidman, B. Hanna, J. Swiggum, I). Webb, J. Swiggum, 1). Knerr, J. Wi Fessenbecker, I). Cameron, L. Schmid, Y. Wade, E. Dana. loates, G. Burdick, E. ( ' . C. Greene, I). Gibbons. Third Row: t. Fourth Row: A. Gibbons, A. Hub ' . Second Row: M. [waki, Warner, M. Tschudy, R. 1, T. Hill, A. Sherman, G. United Student Fellowship The activities of the United Student Fellowship ranged from informal Club 303 dances, to religious drama groups. The USF is an organization for students of the Congrega- tional, and Evangelical, and Reformed Churches. President of the group was Ellis Dana. Glydewell Burdick and Josephine Bergeret w : ere vice-presidents Charlotte Greene served as treasurer and Joan Swiggum was secretary. University Religious Council The University Religious Council is a group composed of two representatives from each of the seventeen religious centers on campus. The URC sponsors a student commit- tee to study the subject " religion and higher education. " Officers for the organization were Bill Dahlk, president; Bonnie Ehren, vice-president; Bob Henderson, treasurer; and Judi Pfeifer, secretary. Advisor of the URC was Mrs. Suzon Gordon, University Religious Coordinator. United Religious Council — First Row: B. Dahlk, S. Peterson, M. Klinkharaer, 1). Junes .1. Pfeifer, B. Henderson. Second Row: l{. Lane, ( ' alia Barker, E. Blodgett, B. Ehren, A. Bailey. B. Duwe, H. Towers, H. Anderson, S. Price, .1. McAdow. 241 Military Joint Military— First Row:. I Hulder, Lt. Col. Baker, Capt. Crittenden, Li Whitmer, C. Burgett, K. Kreutzmann, C. C Col. Hambleton, S. Peters Lt. Col. Vire. Second Row: ( 1. ltohn, Joint Military Board Arnold Air Society The Joint Military Board is a student governed admin- istrative body for all the military organizations on campus. Its purpose is to coordinate the aims and purposes and represent the interests of advanced ROTC students. Officers for the year were president Ken Kreutzmann, vice-president Dennis Whitmer, and treasurer Stephen Peterson. David Kesselman was in charge of the main project of the year, the annual .Military Ball. Arnold Air Society was organized to promote better understanding of aerial space activities and to promote espirit de corps among the cadets. Led by Commander James Swanson, activities were an initiation ball, a formal stag dinner, MilBall candidate, and the annual national conclave. The local society, Richard Bong Squadron, is named after a Wisconsin veteran of World War II killed in action. Arnold Air Society is an honorary organization. Arnold Air — First Row: R. Christenson, J. Pokorney, Capt. Clifton, J. Swanson, D. McCauley, W. Haasl, P. Hoist, E. Roebke, L. Martin. Second Row: K. O istreich, I!. Traxel, T. Kelly, J. Mavrogenis, L. Wiater, J. Houser, F. Borchert, J. Domini, J. Maki. Third Row: 1 . Panzen- hagen, R. Goetz, I). Lewis, J. Imhof, K. Smith, S. Gardiner, R. Kralovetz, I). Bennett. J. Theorell. Paleontological Society — B. Crow, E. Emlen, W. McShan. Paleontological Society Nautilus Society These three famous scientists have sacrificed their entire lives to further the knowledge of science. They have been in search of the very rare wombat, coming closer to dis- covering its secret of life than any other living men. On December 29, 1961, they had the animal trapped, but unfortunately the bait seemed to be out of proportion for his delicate taste — probably too heavy on the gin. However, they were fortunate enough to secure a part of its egg shell. Nautilus, the administrative body of Navy ROTC, sponsored bridge and chess tournaments for the " middies. " The Christmas Smoker was a great success. All the mem- bers of Navy ROTC were invited and each class presented a skit. Nautilus is made up of representatives from each class. Nautilus coordinates the activities of the Navy ROTC and also inspects the Navy drills. Nautilus spon- sors the Navy Drill Team, which competes in many contests throughout the year. Nautilus — First Row: J. Rommele, Y. Dietrich, K. Kreutzmann, G. Schilling, V J. Fox, J. Chapman, D. Jeruc, Lcdr. D. Jones. Lupdke. Second Row: 1 ). l ' aiilus, R. Raddoch, S. Beimfohr, 243 Pershing Rifles— First Row: Capt. Crithenden, R. Skilton, I). Hewitt, I). Whitman, W. Meilahn, S. Bailey, H. Lederer, M Sgt. Matzen. Second Row: .1. Hudler, M. Mersch, J. Apinis, H. McCubbin, R. Blair, R. Hirsh, S. Wolfgram, R. Bohlman, G. Yalger, G. Albert, H. Lenius. Third Row: R. Jurack, I), Moore, 1). Radloff, R. Larget, H. Kafura, M. Quirk, H. Kluender, P. McNaughton, S. Klabunde, B. Whitman. Fourth Row: R. Raney, D. Stair, A. Boiler, R. Sweet, D. Dixon, R. Rosenberg, T. Willoughby, R. Joslyn. Fifth Row: J. Wer- tymer, P. Wahler, G. Borchardt, T. Avery, B. Bggener, I). Grams, R. Hoffmann,W. Braun. Sixth Row: W. Wymote, (1. Kramer, C. Hannan, J. Marshal, R. Theis, K. Nelson, J. Brook, M. Vtech, 1). Delwiche. Seventh Row: Y. Johnson, P. Stone, T. Lorenz, J. Petersen, B. Hackney, K. Hunzicker, J. Ansfield, V. Kessenich, 1). Heitzman. Scabbard and Blade Pershing Rifles Functioning as an honorary military .society, Scabbard and Blade has as its members outstanding junior and senior midshipmen and cadets of the Navy, Army, and Air Force ROTC advanced corps. They are chosen for scho- lastic excellence and outstanding aptitude as leaders. Under the leadership of Captain Charles Collins, the organization seeks to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers. Pershing Bifles is the national honorary military society for outstanding basic Army ROTC cadets on this campus. This group provided the color guard for the university football and basketball games. Members also make up two drill teams that compete with other college teams. This spring the Pershing Rifle drill team traveled to Washing- ton, I). C. to take part in the Cherry Blossom Festival, the largest drill meet in the United States. Scabbard and Blade — First Row: J. Wit- her, Lrdr. D. Jones, Lt. Col. J. Baker, Capt.C. Collins. C.l. .1. l ' rall, V. Schutz, C. Matos. Second Row: S. Blade, F. Zim- merman, W. Arnold, L. Lynch, A. Schroe- der, L. Polzak, T, Thomsen, 1 ' . Rifle, L). Peterson, A. Air, .1. Miller, R. Czaplinski, C. Page. 244 Rifle Team— Kneeling: C. Hodge, C. Barkow, S. Bachhuser, S. Bennett, L. Waiter, J. Sindelar. Standing: Capt. A. Bortolutti, L. Murph; V. Lautz, C. Guntly, M. Kjelson, R. Larson, J. Capick, T. Sharratt, M Sgt. Wilcox. Rifle Team Pistol Team The Rifle Team, under the leadership of co-captains Jane Bruhn and Martin Kjelson, had a very busy and successful year. They participated in matches with other Big Ten schools and several midwest colleges. Any student in good standing is eligible for membership and is also eligible for awards for outstanding performance as a member. The year is highlighted by the banquet , held each spring for team members and coaches. The Pistol Team, which is open to any undergrad stu- dent, won their first match by defeating Iowa in the State of Iowa match. The team, made up of five members, de- fended their 1st place university position. Last year they were hosts to the National Rifle Association ' s open tour- nament, and they placed third in this tournament. Captain of the group is James Halderson. The team spends most of the first semester involved in practice session. Pistol Team— First Row: M S t. T. R. Jeffcott, .1. Zarboski, P. Kind. .1. Winter, II. Shafer, J. Brazy. Second Row: Major L. V. Sedlacek, R. ( ioecks, A. ( libulka, .1. Kumtzsch, .1. Jalderson, C. Byers, T. Friz, E. Brooks, Capt. H. Englesby. 245 Publications The Daily Cardinal Ine weekday a1 the ( lardinal ' s office in the North Wing, Journalism, when the click of a typewriter mingled with the curses of the printers, a big-eyed, buxom young lass walked into the office and announced to a dumbfounded John Kellogg thai she, Barbel Brandlmeier, was the girl who had " waved the scarf thai launched 2,000 rioters " . The interview and subsequenl story provided the stu- dent newspaper with its scoop of the year, one which was picked up all over the Mid-West. Tims, the case of the Ravishing Riotress was born. The year wasn ' t all triumph and editorial responsibility though. The Cardinal found itself with egg on its type face when, having played up the story of a girl who slapped a policeman for a racial shir, and having a righteous editorial about the case, the girl turned out to have lied in her story. For all its up and downs, though, the Cardinal managed to keep a pretty steady balance. Editor, Kellogg, together with Managing Editor, Kay Pofahl, and Assistant Manag- ing Editor, Karl Gutknecht, stabilized the staff and pro- vided the firm but gentle guiding hands. Avi Bass served as Contributing Editor, and John Maki, Photography Editor. K.i Pofahl and Jehu Kellogg debate Cardinal policj 1 ave St . Amour gleefull) 246 Business Manager, Dirk Nortoi Bob Karlman, Pat Moloy, and Roger Loeb scrutinize the page layouts just before press time. Wayne Miller, Mike Kelliner, John Bubolz, and Jerry Alperstein hold a confab. John Kellogg and Jeff Greenfield pore over an editorial for the next issue. 247 Cardinal The Cardinal continued to work with an absolutely free hand in editorial content. Professor Lester Eiawkes, again serving .-is i he paper ' s Faculty Advisor, followed t he tradition of no faculty interference with content. The Cardinal ' s business staff, too, worked free from administration interference so common on other campuses. Political controversy was at a minimum, though several statements by Assemblyman Nile Soik about the univer- sity provoked heated replies. Cardinal columnists kept the dialogue going, though, with Jim O ' Connell tree lancing for the Libertarian Right and Dick Fauber rallying the men of the Liberal Left. The paper made mistakes; this is as certain an event as death and taxation. But its free, student-run atmosphere made it, as it is always, a valuable tool for the growth of student responsibility. Far better the mistakes, than an atmosphere where there is no opportunity to make them. Hoi i Karlman, night editor, checks Dennis Hawkes ' type-setting. Colin is instructed by Editor-in-Chief John Kellogg. Advertising Manager Carl Lohmann gives a steely glance to a prospective ad- vertiser. Kay Pofahl, managing editor, checks copy. Assistant Society Editor Judy Lang- enfield takes down the name of an- other party. Roger Loeb and Lynne Abraham mull over a front layout. Photography Editor, Tim Wyngaard, checks the next day ' s pictures. Music and Drama man 15 1 Jacobson gives careful attention to another Union Theatre production. 249 •» Editorial Staff — First Row: S. Lindsay, E. Kristof, R. Nehrbass, (i. Burdick. Second Row: R. Lovedale, G. Perronne, J. Ebsen, E. Wendt, I!. Ni-ilc t. I.. ( Chambers. Wisconsin Engineer Roger Nehrbass and Jim Pellegrino talk shop. The Wisconsin Engineer, under the editorship of Roger Nehrbass, is a monthly publication that is distributed on the Engineering campus. Designed specifically for engi- neers, it contains special sections on new advancements and new ideas related to the profession. Assisting the editor this year as business manager was James Pellegrino. With the cooperation of the rest of the staff they coordinate the work of publishing and distributing. One of the special projects is that of distributing over five hundred free copies to all Madison high schools. Business Staff — J. Fisher, J. Pellegrino, B. Friede. New Idea — First Row: S. Sohechter, P. Brownell, L. Wegner, X. Krugman, B. Wagner. Second Row: .1. Amerell, B. Epstein, N. Schmitz, A. Lauterbach, S. Williams. Third Row: M. Hall, P. Deutsch, B. Cameron, II. Kornspan, K. Kiiliin. ( ' . Klcinlians, R. Chernow, I! ( Jromey, J. Bartz. New Idea Insight and Outlook This year marked the fifth year of publication for New Idea, an independent literary journal. New Idea edited by Neil Schmitz, is a forum of student thought and contains short stories, fiction, poetry, and special features. The staff spans departments of the university from philosophy, to agriculture, to pre-medicine. Associate editor is Susan Schechter; managing editor, Beverly Etstein; business manager, Phillip Slavney; and art editor, Jay Yager. Insight and Outlook is a journal of conservative and libertarian opinion published monthly by students and faculty members of the University of Wisconsin. It seeks to help students understand the ideological importance of current affairs, to defend individual freedom against the forces of collectivism, to offer a conservative rather than a radical approach to the problems of our modern society, and to clarify the workings of the free market economy. Insight and Outlook — First Row: M. Johnson, M. Fox, J. O ' C •11. Second Row: G. Rudd, T. Wheeler, H. Hempe, R. Borst. 1 Wisconsin Review The Wisconsin Review is an indepi dedicated to the exposition of campu within the contexl of American democ Liberal philosophy, liberal commentaries •imIciii magazine, s liberal thoughl ratic institutions. on currenl e ents and student news arc featured in the publication which is issued six i imes a year. A pilot issue of the magazine was pu1 ou1 a1 the National Studenl Association Convention; the response was very favorable and as a resull this year marked the beginning of formal, complete publication. Plans arc being made to increase the staff and the production, which is now 1500 copii - per publication. This young studenl publication was under the direction ■ if Steve Ambuhl, editor-in-chief. Assisting him were execu- tive editor. George Newman; managing editor, William Sewell ; secretary-treasurer, Bonnie Samuelson ; and photo- art editor, Robert Sewell. Associate editors for the maga- zine were Richard Fauber, Barrett Williams and Ellen Kane. Barbara Laikin was assistant secretary, Jeff Green- field was local reporter, and AnnGerth was international, reporter. George Newman, executive editor, revie Bill Sewell, managing editor. uscript with Wisconsin F. Kessler Review — Seated: 15. Samuelson, S. Anbuhl, W .1. Greenfield. Standing: 1!. Sewell, E. Kane, B. Williams, B. Laikin, R. Fauber, A.Gerth, We Love Our Fifth i floor)— First Row: I Gretchen, Sue, Barb, Mary. 5th Langdon This is an organization representing " those dear old mothers " left at home by so many college students. Its purpose is to remind students of the high ideals that they have been brought up with and that they know " Mother " wouldn ' t want them to forget. It provides protection for the sweet young thing who is turned loose for the first time in her life, and for the boys who find the world a cruel, cold place. Members try to keep in constant touch with all interested mothers through t heir " mother- daughter " system. They hold weekly meetings, sponsor lectures of interest to all students, and also carry out many social activities during the school year. If you think your mother would he interested in joining this worthwhile organization for the prevention of student corruption, please give her our address. Wisconsin BADGER W ¥lSSiMiE3 Sometimes th many pictures ■med t.i be just t( Jan Wiseman, editor-in-chief pauses briefly after meeting one of the many deadlines. My name is Mike Jones and, as janitor at the union, I have been asked to say a few words about this year ' s BADGER staff. This gang will never be forgotten by myself or the other janitors . . . I, as well as the Janitor ' s Union, Local 11-3824, are very grateful to the staff knowing that we didn ' t have to worry about any shortage of work as long as the BADGER crew was in operation, .fan Wiseman, editor-in-chief, received our top award this year for the greatest number of straws left in a single coke glass. .Ian surpassed the old record of 21) set in 1954 by raising the total to 42. This does not include the ice cubes, paper clips, and a history 10(1 textbook also found in the glass which were not used in determing the record. 254 - Keeping a watchful eye on the nuances and his staff was business manager, Jerry Redfield. Fay tehrlein, copy editor, read all the papers when Lancaster won — especially over Platte- ville or West Grant. Marcia Topel, associate editor, was always trying to figure out how to work a slide rule. 4 Hello, this is the Wisconsin BADBER calling ... is a phrase that Claire Peterson, edi- torial assistant, repeated many times this year. 255 Business Manager, Jerry Ftedfield, was also very pop- ular among the janitors. He handled the money for the BADGER :iinl we could always counl on Jerry to leave a few dollars under his desk. Yet. we would occasionally be criticized by him for no1 dusting off the pile of $100 bills thai lie kept in the corner. Everyone here thinks thai Jerry is the best business manager the BAD( !KR ever had. The one who created the most work for us was Marcia Topel, associate editor and president of Badger Board. Hardly a day went by that we didn ' t have to slave away around Marcia ' s desk sweeping up torn BADGER covers. I in some reason or another, there were always green. Dee Breger, the art edit or, was fun to clean up after. The colorful sketches she discarded in heaps made much nicer basketfuls than the same yellow copy paper. I really admire l ' ain licit , and Esther Pacetti. The toothmarked yellow pencils that cluttered their desks were proof that they had spent many long hours in deep concentration. thinking of wavs to make the deadline a week early. l ' .i in Heitz writes idents the hard way — with a quill pen. John Skornicka was one person that I really had fun with. One day I turned his sales graph upside down and he nearly passed out. Ginny Markel, organizations manager. Now there was a girl I liked; she never used any paper, but she went through pens like crazy. Chuck Kleinhans gave me a scare the day that he was testing all his flashbulbs. But I learned my lesson and now never go near the door of 310 without my sunglasses. Tom Ray in his continual search for idents. Jean Johnson shows the production staff, Kathy Bailey, Pat Field, Diane Sigerstad, and Lynda Sehelker, the latest of the many changes in the dummy. ?X 256 Help came fast when Tanya cut her finger off. Shelly Cohen, Karen Breinig, Mary Timm. Marion Beilke, Karen Schmidt, and Marcia Topel came to the rescue of the senior editoi Esther Pacetti, administration editor was forever trying to keep ahead of the editor with page re-numbering. 257 In twenty-three years at the union I ' ve never seen any- thing like the clay that Tanya Kudla. senior editor, cut her finger off in the paper cutter. I was trying to help her and Jan just kept yelling, " Don ' t move her. " At first I thought he knew a lot about first aid treatment. bu1 then I decided he was just trying to get a picture of the tragedy. The hook really wouldn ' t have ' been complete without Tanya and her staff, though, as they pa-ted the back of every June graduate. I often wondered what it would be like to cut and paste without any fingers on tine hand. It would be hard to say who was my favorite staff member, but if I had to choose I would probably say Sheri Miller— her wastebasket was always empty and her desk was always neat. She was the index editor, poor girl. You probably read about her in the Cardinal — she was the one who went blind while retyping the new student directory. Mike Wheeler shows the latest cropping method to his sports staff, Kristin Erickson and Karen Milburn. k U 4 i 4 The copy staff, finds thai Fay cracks the whip or rather crutch once in a while. Seated: Lois (loll and Marjorie Erickson. Standing: Jane Kieser, Sue Si. Louis, Karen Owens, Jean Marks, Ann Barker, and Karen Durand. Filing, filing, filing. It seemed :is though senior editor, Tanya Kudla, did nothing else. Ginny Markel, organizations manage tures again. cks the signa- 258 Diane Fronek and Ken Siebel gave the production and sports staffs valuable help all year long. On the next question I was really stopped. They asked me if there was anyone on the BADGER staff I didn ' t like. Right away I could say that I liked everyone; these kills really worked hard and worked together to put out a good yearbook. There wasn ' t a time that I went into that office that someone wasn ' t there working, whether it was 7:00 A.M. or 12:00 P.M. However, it ' s hard for a janitor to like someone who can fill up their waste- basket at least twenty times in one day. Fay Oehrlein, copy editor, didn ' t have a share in the paper industry, but she used it like each sheet was the last. One day she filled 27 baskets. We never thought that we ' d see the time that pictures got the better of Chuck Kleinhans. There was barely room to get in and out of the office when the Christmas mailing was prepared. The most efficient index staff ever ! Sheri Miller, edit or. Lillian St rat ion. Suzy Katz and Xeil Caplan. 259 mn The only time I ' ve ever had my life threatened was by .lean Johnson, production editor. I threw away one of the precious signatures by mistake when 1 was cleaning her desk. Then there was Mike Wheeler, spoils editor. This guy could put more things into our desk drawer than anyone else I ever met. I ' m sure if the Union ever found out that lie boughl his cokes on the outside and brought them in in bottles, he would have been banned lor lite. One of the stall ' members really puzzled me because he kept leaving notes to please ii the squeak in his right- hand desk drawer. However, I could never find the desk and the note- were always -luneil 1 Vei 1 .1. Nitney. Tom Ray, organizations editor, -pent most of his time on the phone calling people about some kind of pictures and so he seldom left a very big mess, except on the wall around the phone where he kept all his phone numbers w ril ten. .Inn Minash, Bad shot. r photographer, carefully plans the next An editor, Dei Breger, was always in i he ' .Hire working on nn er designs 260 Doug Nissley hn.u Irvei darkroom technique (??) to the Badger. Promotions manager, Bill Carriere, kept a constant watch on the Badger Beauties. I i -T M I r, i ; Badger Board— Seated: James Jeffries, Virginia Market, Mania Topel, Pat Bevington, Jerry Redfield. Standing: Prof. William Hachten, Prof. Lester Hawkes, Prof. James Bower, Ray Hilsenhoff, Jan Wiseman. Portrait photographer, Sue Meyer, take- her own picture for the BADGER. Room 311 was tin ' scene of many jokes when John Skornicka, Todd Boehm, ami Bob Burger got together. 261 MIKE WHEELER, editor SPORTS 262 Half-time pep talks BADGER ATHLETES POST SUCCESSFUL SEASON Pep talks . . . elaborate cheer routines . . . the crisp precision of a military drill team . . . outstanding con- tributions by a few against overwhelming odds . . . the atmosphere and traditions of a Big Ten game . . . ath- letics meant different things to different people but to all, the thrill of competition . . . and the Badgers. fought to stav in the winning column. 264 a£ Kept alive the Wisconsin spirit Ail-American Solemn pro-game ceremonies : :? ' . ViMflrnl Sf- ' j ri st » Mi Underwood and VanderVelden clear the way for Nettles in an attempt to move against Michigan State. Football Behind the efforts of nineteen returning lettermen, the Miller to Richter passing duo, and sophomore backfield speedsters Jim Nettles, Bill Smith, Louis Holland and veteran Merritt Norvell, Wisconsin ' s Badgers fought their way from ninth place in 1960 to a respectable fifth place berth in the final 1961 Big Ten standings. As Wisconsin ' s 1961 Co-Captain, Jim Bakken, was successfully defending his Big Ten punting title, quarterback Ron Miller, and his favorite aerial target, Pat Richter, were busy rewriting the University of Wisconsin ' s passing and re- ceiving book. By the end of the season, Richter either held or had a share in every conceivable pass catching record in the Wisconsin record book, and his cohort, Miller, set 14 passing records, some of which had been on the books for a decade or more. In recognition of his efforts. Miller was voted the team ' s most valuable player. 266 A five yard scoring pass from Miller to Richter just 79 seconds into the second period, netted Wisconsin ' s Badgers a 7-0 victory over Utah in the opening game of the 1961 season in rain soaked Camp Randall stadium. Wisconsin threatened twice in the opening period with field goals that were missed by Jim Bakken. Wisconsin ' s defense and a number of penalties kept Utah hard pressed for yardage. The second half was hard fought, though unexciting, until late in the fourth period. In a vain attempt to score, Utah fought its way to the Wisconsin 18 only to have Bakken run out the time as the ball changed hands with 22 seconds left in the game. On another rainy afternoon. Michigan State, playing its first game of the season, moved efficiently downfield to a touchdown the first time it had possession of the ball. A Nettles. Hess . ' 111(1 Smith gang up to stir! offensive. Bill Smith caught a Miller pass only seconds before two Gopher defenders closed in. 267 horde of green and white shirted running backs amused themselves all afternoon by shredding Wisconsin ' s defense for 330 yards in 5] rushing plays from scrimmage. In the second period, an incomplete pass from Holland to Norvell, all alone in the end zone, crushed Wisconsin ' s spirit . Bakken ' s fourth down field goal was wide and the seme remained 6-0 for the Spartans. An so yard march downfield in ' . plays put Saimes into position to chalk up State ' s second seme. In the third period, Saimes again led the attack with a 34 yard excursion around lefl end for the tally. A two point conversion made the score 20-0. Failure to click on the key play presented the Spartans with a convincing victory, at least mi the scoreboard. The 1 [oosiers, under suspension l y the NCAA, were playing their first conference game for record in two seasons as they attacked the Badgers. Actually, the battle was won for Wisconsin in the second half, on the scoreboard as well as statistically. The Badgers were outgained 134 to 96 yards in the firsl halt, with Indiana holding the upper hand mi the ground 78 to 65 yards gained, and in the air, 56 yards to .;i yards. Wisconsin began to pull itself together in the second half, and won the rushing, OS yards to Indiana ' s 53, and the passing, ' _ " .) yards to 6. Whereas the halftime score was 3-3, the final seme stood at 6-3. Bakken ' s field goals of 32 and ' _ ' 7 yards accounted for Wisconsin ' s li points. Ron Miller blazed forth as never before to give the Badgers a comfortable 23-0 lead over Oregon State at halftime. Miller passes set up all three of the Wis- consin scores, though one to Staler was the only scoring pass. Short plunges McKinney uses his head as In- employs some strange tactics against Michigan State ; ! mjh-S An Illini defender closes in as Ron Miller launches a pass to Kroner. It was anybody ' s guess as to whose ball it would be, but Iowa completed for their fifth touchdown as ( iary Kroner looked on. 269 v:: , Napoli Hearn clinics two Gopher def -■nnc Wisconsin ardage. ' is tci lull U)i Coach Milt Bruhn registers approval as Jim Bakken makes a brilliant interception to help the Badgers upset Minnesota, 23-1 ' 1. .- ; J Yv " PI VL. ' ' • Hi ftp ' -«i .. " " j by Miller and Nettles, a safety and Bakken ' s placekicking ability accounted for the remainder of Wisconsin ' s points. In the second half, the Beavers managed to unlock the chains that had bound their running and passing attack, and their comeback, which narrowed the Badgers ' margin of victory, 23-20, was as complete as Wisconsin ' s domination of the first half. It just wasn ' t Wisconsin ' s day at Iowa City, and the result was a lopsided 47-15 decision over the Badgers as a record Iowa Homecoming crowd of (30,150 cheered wildly. Held scoreless in the first half while Iowa piled up a 33-0 lead, Wisconsin managed to match the Ihiwkeyes, touchdown for touchdown in the second half. In the third period, after racing 62 yards in 5 plays, the Badgers sent Holland across to score. An Iowa interception accounted for their final touchdown. Minutes later, a short pass to Holland tallied, and a pass to Fleming netted a 2 point conversion. The scoreboard read 47-15 with 7:10 left to play. An Iowa attempt to further em- barrass the embattled Badgers misfired in the final two seconds of play when a field goal attempt fell short after Iowa had moved to the Badger 23 yard line. 271 Halfback Jimmj Nettles, Wi Stephens for a loss throws Minnesota With 6:12 Left to play in the third quarter, Nettles intercepted a Stephen ' s pass and romped for a touchdown. Bidder ' s 272 Louis Holland ' s third pi rips off A ' -i yards _ • " i.-h almost costs Kim his liirt as In Homecoming saw Wisconsin pitted against a powerful Ohio State team that had shutout its last two opponents and allowed only 10 points in four games, yet at balftime, Ohio led by a mere two points. 17-1-1. Held scoreless in the third period while the Buckeyes picked up 6 point- on a 5 yard dash by Warfield, the Badgers matched Ohio ' s final period scoring with a Miller to Richter pass in the last two seconds of the game. A two point conversion pass was overthrown, and the final score read. Ohio State 30, Wis- consin 21. The Badgers battled flic highly rated Ohioans almost to a standstill before going down to defeat. Wisconsin ' s Badgers used the kicking of co-captain Jim Bakken. the pass catching ability of Pat Richter. and clutch defensive play to score a 29-10 victory over North- western. An uneventful first half in which each team was able to score one field goal, left the score in Wisconsin ' s favor, 15-10. at intermission. An explosive fourth period turned a close game into a Wisconsin runaway. An 86 yard punt by Bakken started the machinery moving, and Miller sneaked across the goal with 4:39 left to play. Bakken ' - placement was good for a 22-10 lead. Seconds later, Bakken intercepted a pass on the Northwestern 35; ran it hack for another score, and place kicked the point for the final 29 to 10 margin. 3 T 9 key block inside the 20 yard line helped Xettles make the score 14-7 in favor of the Badgers during W isconsin ' s rout of Minnesota. Ball in hand, All-American Pa1 Richter drives for the goal, dragging two [llini defenders behind him. Wisconsin overwhelmed Illinois with a Miller to Richter passing attack that shocked the I llini . 55-7, before thousands of television viewers. Illinois was no match for the Badgers, cither in the air, on the ground, or in all around funda- mentals of the game. The Wisconsin passing attack totaled l(i completions in 2 ' 2 attempts for L N4 yards and four touchdown passes, while on the ground, the home forces picked up 206 yards in 4(i carries for their best effort of the season. Wis- consin ' s rushing defense limited the Illini to til ' net yards in 35 carries, and the Illini took to the air :!. " times for 15 completions and 1S1 yards. i iach Milt Bruhn cleared his bench of 55 players, though even the fifth stringers, using strictly Illinois plays, ran with agressiveness through the outmanned losers. It was the worsl defeat handed an Illinois team since 1906 when Chicago blanked them by a 63-0 margin. In the final game of the season, underdog Wisconsin battled the Big Ten ' s num- ber one team. Minnesota, and came out on top, 23-21. An early score by Hall on a Stephens pass really fired up the Badgers. Minutes later. Miller retaliated hitting Richter with a short pass which he carried into the end zone. A scoreless second period left the score tied at 7-all at halftime. Nettles ' interception of a Stephen ' s pass and a Miller to Richter completion accounted for Wisconsin ' s third period scores. Jones sprinted 22 yards for the Gophers to set the score at 20-15 with the Badgers leading as the fourth period opened. With 3:57 left in the game, a Bakken held goal decided the game. Two minutes later, a Stephens pass -cored. A des- peration _ ' point conversion attempt was smothered, assuring the Badgers of their margin of victory, 23-21, and smashing Minnesota ' s hopes for an undefeated Big Ten season. 274 ..» - FOOTBALL RECORD Wisconsin . 7 Utah . il Wisconsin . Michigan Stale 20 Wisconsin 6 Indiana • ! Wisconsin 23 Oregon State . ' ' (J 15 47 Wisconsin 21 . . 30 Wisconsin . 29 Northwestern . .... 10 23 7 Wisconsin Minnesota . ... 21 Xoi ' vcll looks (iii as two Oregon State defenders nail Richter who has jusl snagged a Miller aerial. Front Row: I). VanderVelden, R. Baer, D. Bichler, R. Miller. 1). Schade. J. Hakken, R. Staley, E. Kunesh, R. Grimm, B. Moore. Second Row: T. Downham, 1). Bangert, R.Carlson, I). Matthews, M. Norvell, S. Underwood, E. Ezerins, C.Vesel, Y. Hess, X. Fleming, H. Richter. Third Row: .1. Jax, .). Schenk, K. Bowman. W. Smith. .1. Fabry, R. Henrici, K. Montgomery, li. Wildman, L. Holland. J. Nettles, J. Purnell, G. Kroner. Fourth Row: .1. Westbeld, L. Howard, I). Kempthorne, A. Wojdula, K. McGhie, G. McKinnev, P. Bruhn, J. Fox. N. Hearn, R. Palmer, R. Pillath, R. Wittig, J. McMillan. Fifth Row: M. Gantert, M. dross, R. Kern, T. Mang, J. Mellen, J. O ' Donnell, S. Oleson, li. Pan. 1). Paddock. A. Quaerna, L. Svitavsky, T. Tomlinson. Sixth Row: V. Barnett, .1. Cicerello, V. Bakke, F. Jacoliv. ( ' . ' an ( ialdcr. P. Shaw, M. Bruhn, F. Marsh, I.. Van Dvke, D. Teteak, A. Lamboley, A. Reefer, i. Howey, D. Vollmer. The Wisconsin Cross Country Team ended its season with an impressive record of five wins and one loss in dual competition. Rolf Nielsen and Captain Don Dooley and three returning lettermen sparked the 1961 winning season. On September • ' (), the Badgers opened their season in Madison by defeating Platteville L6-47. The following week, the Badgers traveled to Minnesota and defeated the Gophers 19-40. Wisconsin saw action with the Spar- tans of Michigan State and defeated them 23-32. lint on October 21, the Badgers ' hick ran out when Iowa defeated them 31-27. With one defeat, the harriers surged up against Mankato State by knocking them L5-50. The final meet of the season was a triangular at Evanston where the Badgers defeated Illinois and Northwestern by 25 and (17 points respectively. In spite of the loss of Nielsen and Dooley through graduation, Coaches Bennett and Walker are looking for- ward to another fine season in ' til ' with the return of two lettermen and two experienced runners. Cross Country Crosscountry— First Row:. J. Pruski, B. Marcks, 1!. Nielson, M. Manley. Second Row: Coach C. Walker, W. Gill, captain I). Dooley, J. Smith, l; Peterson, D. Loker, H. Miller, ass ' t. coach T. Bennett. The Wisconsin tennis record for 196] was se1 a1 four wins and ' is lit losses. Volleying to finish eighth in the Big Ten Championship meet. Dick Pease reached the quarter finals in singles while Lon llueihsili, also in singles, scored a semi-final playback, and Leo Rideoul was elimi- nated. In doubles, before yielding third place, the team of Ruedisili and Elideout won a semi-linal playback. After totaling the points, Leo Rideout was awarded third place for his performance in singles, and the others were acknowl- edged as presenting good competition. The Badgers began their competition with losses to Illinois and Minnesota. Rattling for points, games and sets, the Badgers played to win three successive victories from ( Ihio State, Iowa and Illinois. The only remaining victory was to lie won from Purdue near the close of the season; thus leaving the team defeated by Notre Dame, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois and Northwestern. Seven lettermen sparked the team, which was led by the honorary Co-Captains Dick Pease and Lon Ruedisili. All but two letterwinners are returning for the 1962 tour- naments, so success should be just sets away. practice match. TENNIS RECORD Tennis Wisconsin ... 1 Wisconsin . 4 Wisconsin ... 8 Wisconsin . . 5 Wisconsin . 5 Wisconsin 3 Wisconsin .3 Wisconsin 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin 4 Wisconsin 7 Wisconsin I) Illinois Minnesota Ohio State Iowa . - Illinois. . Notre Dame. Indiana . Northwestern Michigan State Illinois Purdue . Michigan . Kneeling: I). Rierson, J. Jackson, D. Gerend. Standing: C. Sanger, D. Pease, M. Cohen, L. Rideout, X. Zawacki, M. Semmelhack, L. Rue- disili, F. Heivilin. All eves are on (lie loll as o l Coach Mansfield ' s boys is about ti go mi " acti Baseball First, baseman-outfielder Pal Richter stretches to snag a high on Opening the 1963 baseball season, Wisconsin ' s Badgers traveled to Tempe, Arizona, to win the first non-conference game 11-9, but lost the return game. In other non-con- ference action, the Badgers beal Arizona State; then dropped one to Claremont College and five to Arizona State but tied St. Mary ' s, 3-3. The Big Ten season opened as well as the previous year with the Badgers defeating Northwestern, 2-0. ami losing the two remaining games in the series. The Purdue game was cancelled due to cold weather, but the next day the Badgers sparked to beat Illinois, 2-0. Then hail luck resulted in losses to Illinois. Northern Illinois. .Minnesota. Notre Dame, and Michigan. Luck changed; the Badgers crossed over to East Lansing to defeat Michigan State in a li-4 game, and then on to Kalamazoo to pounce twice on Western Michigan, 10-8 and 9-1. The team returned to Madison to round out the season defeating Indiana, 5-0, and winning one, losing one game to Ohio State. The Badgers ended the 1961 season with a 6-19-1 record tor all games played and a Big Ten record of 5-9, finishing sixth in the conference. The Badgers finished ninth in team hatting with a .I ' d!) average; tenth in team fielding with a .93] mark and tied for second in double plays with fourteen. 278 r sh r Badger Bill Hess exhibits fine form as he lays into that baU. 279 The season ' s individual honors went to Hugh " Pat " Richter, best Badger hitter with a .375 average, to Ron Krohn, the outstanding pitcher who hurled three shutouts and won third place in the Big Ten. and to Mark I illey, who paced all Big Ten second basemen with a L.000 field- ing a erage. The team captain was I )ick Van I ' .erden. and Mark Dilley was voted the mosl valuable player on the 1961 squad. There were thirteen major letters awarded, and all Imt two of the Iettermen arc returning. BASEBALL RECORD Wisconsin 10 Wisconsin 2 Wisconsin . . . . 3 Wisconsin ti Wisconsin 2 Wisconsin Wisconsin 4 Wisconsin 3 Wisconsin 5 Wisconsin 5 Wisconsin 6 isconsin 4 Wisconsin 5 Wisconsin 5 Wisconsin 3 15 4 Michigan Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern 7 Illinois. Illinois. ... 4 Iowa 5 Minnesota 6 Minnesota 23 Michigan 6 Michigan State 4 Michigan State 8 Indiana Ohio State . . 8 Ohio State 2 t Mh k The umpire keeps a .-lose watch as Bill Hess races the ball to first Front Row: T. Handford, M. Simon, R. Krohn, M. Strand. K. Schuring, P. Ambelang, G. Sprin Eckl, J. Cicerello, G. Plagenz, R. Nelson. Third Row: M. Dilley, J. Kleinschmidt, R. Van Eerde AU-, Fourth Row: F. Wegner, II. Richter, H. Tornowske, J. Schaack, A. Mansfield. s. Second Row: M. Bailey, W. Hess, R. J. Sekeres, .1. Weisberg, M. Norvell, T. 280 mm Fencing Team — First Row: S. Einytzke, J. Duchow, W. Hansen, Coach A. Simonson, (!. Wiviott, J. Wadsworth, ( ' . Ringrose. Standing A. Ten Broek, J. Wright, A. Karel, S. Solocher, V. Gee, R. Thomas, J. Blackmun, L. Schmidt, F. Nielsen, S. Brain, C. Lauer, B. Scobie. Fencing The University fencing team saw regular tournaments beginning in Shorewood, Wisconsin on December 9, and ending on the twenty-fourth of February in .Madison. The foil events were starred by lettermen Jerry Wiviott, Charles Ringrose, and Bob Thomas; John Wright, Bill Gee, and Alan Ten Broek wore the letters in the epee contests, and Jim Wadsworth and Forrest Nielsen led with their sabres, thus exemplifying a well-rounded Wis- consin team. Others on the team were Larry Schmidt, Steve Hinytzke, Joe Blackman, Sheldon Solochek, Wayne Hansen, Albert Karel, and Stan Bram, who fought to end the season with a seven win, seven loss record, which matches last year ' s record. . Coach Archie Simonson trained the team well, making the clash of foils a natural sound, and touche ' s and kill ' s a regular practice. Simonson happily watched Wisconsin ' s wins over Shorewood Fencing Club. Denver Fencing Club, Ohio State, Iowa, Chicago, Indiana, and Notre Dame, giving the team complimentary notice of their ability and agility in a sport most of us dare not try! Badgci- foilmen lunge and retreat in preparation for a big meet Basketball ' 62 Reversing the statistics of the L960-6] season, Wisconsin ' s fine basketball team posted a 17-7 season record and a LO and I Big Ten record to finish second in the conference. A.s a resull of their season ' s efforts, Tom Hughbanks and Ken Siebel were honored as honorary captain and mosl valuable player, respectively. Under the direction of bead coach John Erickson and his capable assistants, John Orr and Ronald Nord, the Wisconsin basketball team, filled with unbridled enthusiasm, made their debul of the L961-62 seasoi December second, on the home courl with a 99-63 win over South Dakota State The Badgers opening was followed two days later by a close. 64-63, decision over Florida State as Don Hearden dropped in a jump shot for two points in the closing seconds of the game. This refusal to give up when things looked Mack was to be seen again and again throughoul the remainder of the season as the Badgers always managed to come through to win all of their close games with one exception. With two wins under their belts, the Wisconsin cagers made their first of two disastrous encounters with Cincinnati. Ranked second in the nation at the time, Cincinnati handed the Badgers their first defeat of the season as big Paul Ilogue led the Sli-(i7 scoring Airborne, O ' Melia chalks up two [or the Badgers .lack Brena makes a valiant atten in block Cincy ' s Paul Hogue. 282 Displaying the aggressive spirit so characteristic of Wisconsin this pasl season, Ken Siebel attack. Bouncing back from this loss, two more victories were gained against Washington of St. Louis, 91-63, and Pacific University, 92-68, only to be stopped short once more- this time by the 54 percent shooting accuracy of the Marquette Warriors which gained them a 92-75 victory. Traveling to New York to participate in the Holiday Festival at Madison Square Garden, the high spirited Badgers walked away with second place in the tourna- ment and with a good bit of confidence in their playing ability as they defeated Providence, 95-84, and Dayton. 105-93. Both Providence and Dayton had been ranked among the top five teams in t he country in the pre-season polls. However, Wisconsin once mote lasted defeat at the hands of Cincinnati, the tournament champions, 101-71. Pat Richter with 14 points against Providence, and Tom Gwyn with 29 points against Dayton, were instrumental in the victories as was the outstanding play of Ron Jackson as he dropped in 35 points against Dayton. Jackson lost the individual tournament honors to Paul Hogue, the tournament ' s most valuable player and certainly Cincinnati ' s MVP. Undoubtedly, Wisconsin ' s second place finish was the big inspirational factor which influenced the perform- mance in the season ' s remaining games. 283 Jackson. Siebel, Gwyn, Hearden, and O ' Melia started for the Badgers as they opened their Big Ten season on January sixth, in Madison with a televised 91-79 victory over Iowa. Off to a good conference start, Wisconsin then stayed in the win column with an 83-78 edge over Michigan State and a 102-50 drubbing of struggling North Dakota State. With the 89-86 victory over Purdue, Ron Jack-on bowed out of the Badger basketball lineup with an awesome ' 22:2 points per game average. Coach Erickson was later to say of him. " The loss of this player at mid- year cannot he minimized in any way. " With a 10-3 first semester record. Wis- consin went into the Illinois game without Jackson, but proved themselves equal to the task as they chalked up an 8.5-81 victory at Champaign behind the scoring of two former Illinois hoys. Ken Siebel and Jack Brens. The Badgers then went on to defeat Minnesota. 94-88, with Tom Hughbanks playing the spot so recently Coach told me there ' d !» ' days like this 3ig Tom Gwyn rams two points down Iowa ' s throa! 285 vacated by Jackson, but II. M.S. Wisconsin ran aground two days later as the Badgers suffered an 81-74 upset loss to Michigan. This defeat served to knock Wisconsin out of a possible first place tie with Ohio State whom they were to meet later in the season. A 77-72 win over Michigan State and a 105-94 decision over Indiana fol- lowed, hut Michigan continued to haunt Wisconsin, and the Badgers suffered another untimely loss as they sank only 65 points to their opponents 84. Playing host to Illinois on February nineteenth, Wis- consin secured an important win over the Illini in a game which set scoring record-. Siebel and Hughbanks led the An internal pari of isconsin ' s offensive strategy thisyearwas thefast break. 286 ■Efe way with 28 and 27 points respectively, as Wisconsin outscored Illinois, 103-101. This was the most points scored by both (cams in a Wisconsin Big Ten same since Ohio State beat the Badgers by a score of 100 to 98 back in 1956, and the most field goals, 4. ' !. in a single Big Ten game since Wisconsin dropped in 39 baskets againsl Indiana in I960. Another close game was won at Northwestern as Alike ( ) ' Melia dropped in the two decisive points on free throws as the Badgers sneaked by the Wildcats, 65-64. A loss shortly thereafter to .Minnesota. 92-90, became the only close game of the season that the Badgers were unable to pull out of the fire. Saturday, March ' ■ ' , ' MY2 will be a day long remembered by the Wisconsin players and their tans everywhere. Wisconsin entertained ( hio State, a unanimous pick for the number one team in the country, and whipped them soundly, 8u-( 7, before 13,545 wildly cheering fans. Don Hearden led the onslaught with i " .t point-, and Ken Sicbel followed suit with 22 of his own, but it was, however, a tremendous team effort which allowed the Badgers to beat the Buckeyes. As Sicbel and Hearden Led the scoring attack, O ' Melia ' s speed and dribbling broke up the Ohio press, and ( rwyn worked hard and quite effectively to contain Jerry Lucas as Hughbanks picked off important rebounds. Jack Brens, Lou Ostrom, Pat Richter, and Gene Englund also turned in line performances to be included in this upset so reminiscent of the football victory over Minnesota this past fall. Needless to say, this victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes not only clinched Wisconsin ' s second place Big Ten berth, but also earned national recognition for the team. Concluding their Sprouting wings, the Gophers guarded Lon Ostrom. season f the Badgers traveled to [owa City only to be defeated by an inspired Hawkeye team. At the annual basketball banquel sponsored by the Gyro Club, Ken Siebel was named the must valuable player of the season for the second year in a row; senior Tom Hughbanks was named honorary captain for the season just completed, and sophomore Mike O ' Melia was recognized as the best free thrower on the squad. The main speaker of the banquet which attracted 500 basket- ball tans was Fred Taylor, Ohio State coach. Taylor stated thai lie hoped that Wisconsin ' s line showing this past season was not a one .shot affair and added he was certain that it was not and the Badgers were headed for better days. The Ohioan stated thai anything can happen and does in basketball and added that the Badgers " really cleaned our clock. " Although he didn ' t need assistance, an Iowan helped Jackson launch this one. flSCOKSll 35 . V 44 4 Basketball Team — First Row: R. Wittig, H. Jackson. T. Gwyn, T. Hughbanks, K. Siebel, 1. Ostrom. Second Row: ] . Patterson, D. Grams, G. Englund, E. Laskos, J. Brens, T. Graika, M. O ' Melia. Hearden looks as if he could use a little help Wisconsin vs. South Dakota we: 99 they : ii:; Florida State 64 67 91 92 75 63 86 Washington of St. Louis Pacific 63 68 92 Providence Dayton 95 10.3 84 93 71 101 91 79 Michigan State North Dakota State 83 102 89 78 50 86 85 81 94 88 74 81 105 65 103 72 04 84 101 65 04 90 92 Ohio State 86 67 Iowa (14 81 289 Gymnastics Team — First Row: J. Hopper, J. Zovne, P. Ascher, R. Jensen, J. Klingbeil. Second Row: Assistant !oach I ). Mory, J. Gschwind, K. Smith, li. Wtipil, Manager K. Lung, It. Hughes, ( ' . Mcvst. Head Coach (i. Kama Wisconsin gymnasts, under the direction of Coach George Bauer, compiled a three win and seven loss record for their ten-meet season this year. For the second year in a row, the Badgers started their competition by de- feating Lacrosse State this time by a .58-54 margin. The tram then went on to win over Chicago in the next match, 65-47, but lost the next five contests before defeating Marquette University, 74-30. Sophomore Jeny Zovne of Sheboygan, the team ' s best all-around performer, demonstrated his prowess on the horizontal bar, the parallel bars, the horse, rings and in the area of free exercise. Jim Hopper, working in the same events, was the runner-up in overall performance and season ' s total points. Senior Chuck Meyst and junior Jerry Khngbiel as co-captains, were double letter men whose previous experience added greatly to the strength of the team. With the return of experienced sophomores Bob Hughes. Ray Smith, and Dave Wtipil, as well as junior Jerry Klingbeil, Coach Bauer has hopes for another good season next year. 290 Gymnastics Co-captain Chuck Meyst execute his trampoline routine. difficult maneuver as part of Swimming Team — First Row: A. Ravine, K. Stro W. Birmingham, D. MacGregor, M. Fulscher, R Herms, S. Clothier, R. Vincent, G. Stulgaitis, He; er, X. Dc.I. ' .sus, R. McDevitt, T. Dewing, E. Skali Johnson, 15. Nauman. Third Row: Assistant Coach (I ( loach .1. Hickman. r. Second Row: J. Hands, .1. Brophy, . Krueger, .1. Styne, P.. Easton, II. Swimming Coach Hickman congratulates Ail-American Ron McDevitt. The 1962 Wisconsin Swimming team, coached by John Hickman and Art Krueger, finished the season at Easl Lansing, Michigan, with a four win and five loss record. ( (utstanding performances at Purdue and ( )hio State were made by Bill Birmingham in the 100, 220, and 440 yard freestyle events, and by All-American lion McDevitt in the 50 and 00 yard freestyle events. The 400 yard free- style medley team, composed of Bill Birmingham, Dave MacGregor, Nelson DeJesus, and Ron Herms, set the best conference time of the year for the event with a time of 3:20.1 at Minnesota. The team as a whole took many firsts in the season ' s meets and broke records in the various events at several pools. Badger swimmers battled for ninth place in the Big Ten meet as the 400 yard freestyle medley team took a fourth place with a time of 3:19.5 then- best of the season. Others placing for the Badgers were Ron McDevitt in the 50 yard freestyle and Bill Birming- ham in the 220 yard freestyle. Wisconsin ' s season efforts were also given a tremendous boost by the outstanding performances of the following members of the team: Ron Herms in the individual medley. Bob Easton in the 200 yard butterfly. Bob Johnson in the 200 yard backstroke, and Tom Dewing and Mitchell Fulscher, members of the 400 yard medley relay team. 291 The resurgence of the University of Wisconsin Badgers as a track power was one of the most talked about subjects during the early spring. Coach " Rut " Walter ' s squad cap- tured the Big Ten indoor track championship for the third time in the 52-year history of the meet after finishing last in L961. The Badgers won five first places with a host of sophomores leading the way and in the process took the three-year old crown from the Michigan Wolverines. The victory was a revenge tor the Badgers who had knocked off Ohio State, [owa, and Minnesota in suc- cession before bowing to Michigan by a scant 11 ' points at Madison. The Badger trackmen set eight new records this year. The greatest show by Badger trackmen came during the Big Ten Meet in Easl Lansing, when the mile relay team of Shick. Creagan, 1 ' itts. and Higgenbottom, broke their own record by turning in a time of . ' !:1S. 1 for the course. Larry Howard, t he Maywood, Illinois, speedster, flew over tin ' high hurdles in a record-breaking S.4 seconds and Bill Smith, another sophomore, whipped through the 60-yard dash in 6.2 seconds. in the ssn In- scanl inches Track Pitts traveled I lie 300 yards in 31.0 292 Indoor Track Team— First Row: II. Wittig, E. Ea rins, I. Maercklein, J. Smith. D. Dooley, T. I ' m-. K. Miller. (;. Van Wormer, .1. Cotton. Second Row: M. Peters, S. Muller, K. Peterson, R. Shick, .1. Erzen, J. Nelson, S. Wriicke, L). Loker, T. Creagan, P. Neidert. Third Row: T. Reiten, L. Howard, W. dill. I). Hendrick?on, L. Holland, W. Smith. E. Robinson, 1). Pride, G. Dix. P. Mory. Fourth Row: A t. Coach T. Bennett, B. Miller, F. Theus. M. Manley, E. Higginbott.;m. R. Peterson, G. McKinney, C. Mohr, Coach C. R. Walter, Asst. ' • ach J. Mansfield. Larry Howards also set a new record in the 70-yard low hurdles when he ran a 7.7 against Michigan. Elzie Higgenbottom. the sophomore sensation from Chicago, whipped around the track in 47.9 seconds against Iowa t i set a new standard for the 440-yard run. Against Min- nesota, Don Hendrickson, a Green Bay sophomore, broke the old shot-put record by almost a foot when he heaved tli. ' shot 54 ' :: ' 4 " . The two-mile relay team of Miller, Reitan, Gill, and Creagan took honor.- in the Milwaukee Journal Relays with a time of 7:41.0. while high jumper. Bill Holden. lifted the Wisconsin standard in the high jump to 6 ' 7 " . Tom Creagan. a Rockford, Illinois product, also nailed down a oew school rerun! when he -ailed around the track in 2:12.5 during the 1000-yard run against Michigan. Terry Pitts, the most improved member of the squad, opened the seasou by turning in his best time of 31 6 seconds in the 300-yard dash against Ohio State. Jim Xelson also did a nice job with his pole vault of 13 ' 1034 " against Iowa the following week. Coach " Rut " Walter confers with one of his boys before an im- portant event. I nder coach Norm Sonju, the Wisconsin crew team of 1961 placed in five ou1 of the six meets they entered. Their only loss was to Navy on June 17, over a mile and three-quarter course. Fifteen of the oarsmen received major " Y " awards, and three of these oarsmen ended l heir competition this year. The dipping oars proved to be strong as the Wisconsin varsity finished in second place in their first meet on April 29 on Lake Mendota. For the mile course the oars- men trailed the first place winners. Purdue ' s Boal Club Varsity, by just fractions of a second. The second meet, (iii May 6th, put the Badgers in first place as they defeated the Wisconsin Junior Varsity and Wayne State University by two lengths on the mile and three-quarters course. May 13th saw the Wisconsin crew defeated by MIT and Dartmouth, to put them in 3rd place fur the day. Seven days later the team was found in Worcester, Massa- chusetts for the qualifying heats for the finals in the Eastern Sprint Regatta. Though the shell moved quickly ' Let ' s get the shell out of 1 Crew The crew takes advantage of open water as their mentor watches with a critical eye. 294 Varsity Crew — Kneeling: K. Herman, coxswain. Standing: P. Mork, J. Hanson, I . Novak, V. Mclntyre, C. Kemp. E. Smith, D. Reiner, I). Erbach. .. f W .( rf ' at the coxswain ' s command, the University was listed as placing seventh, following Navy, MIT, Brown, Rutgers, Pennsylvania, and Columbia. In Annapolis, Maryland, the Badgers suffered another defeat by Navy on a mile and three-quarters course. The winning time was 8:51.2, while the Wisconsin team was timed at 8:59.2. A windy day on Lake Onondaga in Syracuse, New York, witnessed the varsity crew in their last meet of the season, the I.R.A. The course was three miles long, and the team from California took the honors for the day. ( Jornell, M IT, Washington, Pennsylvania, Navy, and Brown followed California. Wisconsin placed seventh in the meet with a time of 17 :•!(). 2. In total there were thirteen crews participating. The season was a relatively good one for the Badgers as they placed in almost all of the meets they entered. The competition proved themselves to be very good and the University of Wisconsin is nothing but proud thi Varsity Crew Team ' s record for 1961. 295 Wrestling Team — First Row: J. Calkins, J. Gorman, H. Powell, X. Leitner, S. Wilson, J). Quale, I). Goeters. Second Row: i). Krueger, W. Nchrk nil. M. Smith, H. Foss, S. Martin. R. Smith, H. Smith. Third Row: C. Madsen, T. Thomas, D. Shea, P. Bruhn, R. Pillath, T. Angoli, R. Parr, ! Mergen, Coach G. Martin. Wrestling 1 1 tdgei mat men batl highly successful seas A 15-11 decision over the Northwestern Wildcats brought the Wisconsin wrestling team to the close of a highly successful season in which it compiled a very respectable 9-3-1 record. For the fifth consecutive year. Coach George Martin ' s Badger wrestlers won the Wisconsin State title with an amassed total of 98 points for the meet. At season ' s end, Wisconsin placed fourth in the Big Ten meet behind Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan. Individual performances in this meet saw Neil Leitner, Paul Mergen, and Hon Paar place for Wisconsin, and junior Roger Pillath cap- ture the Big Ten heavyweight championship. Also playing an important part in the team ' s success were the sophomores, as their individual records attest; Doug Goeters had eleven wins and two losses, Dick Smith, five wins and two losses, Mike Smith, nine wins and no losses. As a result of the state AAXJ meet in which the freshmen competed, Coach Martin looks forward to another successful season Sparked by the upcoming sophomores and aided by the return of this year ' s leading scorers. A heavy schedule of thirteen matches including ;i quad- rangular with Michigan State. Notre Dame, and North- western, the Big Ten meet at Bloomington, Indiana, and the NCAA tournament at Lafayette, Indiana, kept the Badger golf squad busy this year. Led by Captain Larry Wallden, Coach John Jamieson ' s Badgers carded wins over Rockford College, Northern Illinois, and Northwestern. At the Big Ten championship meet. 1962 Co-Captain elect, Marty Gharrity, paced the Badgers for the second year in a row with a score of :!07 for the 7- holes as Wisconsin placid ninth with I ,597 strokes for the 72 holes of play. The NCAA meet saw Wallden and Gharrity card 153 and L56 respectively in the qualifying founds. The team championship was won by Purdue, but Gharrity took honors for the Badgers in the driving contest with a 277 yard average for three drives. .Major " W ' s " were won by Don Edwards, .Matty Ghar- rity, Ron Knilans, Tom Nelson. Jeff Sachs, and Larry Wallden. Coach Jamieson feels confident that the team will show improvement over this season ' s 3-10 record since only two major award winners have ended competition and four will return. A dger golfer, Marty Gharrity, prepares to tee off Golf Golf Team— First Row: G. Moore. T. Nelson, Captain L. Wallden, M. Gharrity, T. Mettlach. Second Row: Coach .). Jamieson, R. Knakei R. Knilans, J. Sachs, J. Swardenski, R. Demitros, 1 . Edwards. 297 University Athletic Board— First Row: William Aspinwall, athletic business manager; Ivan Williamson, athletic director; Prof. V. W. Meloche, athletic board chairman; Run McDevitt, student representative. Second Row: Prof. Geo. Washa, Dr. Frank Weston John Hobbins, alumni member; Prof. Arthur Robinson, Francis Woolard, alumni member; Oscar Dammann, athletic ticket sale: manager. Absent: Prof. Frank Remington, faculty representative to the Big Ten. " Subjecl to the direction and control of the faculty it shall be the duty of the council to exercise all the power of the faculty over intercollegiate athletics; to consider and pass upon all proposals with respect to such athletics made by the Student Athletic Board; to pass upon the eligibility of all candidates for teams; approve all student managers, captains of teams, and other temporary and unpaid conches, and ratify all contracts and schedules. " As officially stated, these are the functions and duties of the Athletic Board which, working closely with Athletic- Director Ivan Williamson, strives to promote the best in athletes and athletics at the University of Wisconsin. Athletic Board 298 KIA " W " Club The " W " Cluli of the University " I ' Wisconsin is a group of major letter winners striving to promote a more effective organization for the advancement of tin interest- of varsity lettermen and the University. Providing a common meeting ground for all lettermen. the club, in order to promote athletic interest, sponsors numerous sports events, including the Freshman-Varsity football and basketball contests. During the football season, " Y " Club day and Dad ' s day are well known club functions. In addition to sponsoring athletic events, it sponsors picnics. hayrides and the annual spring awards banquet. The club, which is a non-profit organization, charges no due- and has a membership of about 120 athletes who have been members of the many and varied athletic teams which the University sponsor-. This year ' s officers are Don Schade, president; Dick Grimm, vice- president; and Ted Rogenski, secretary-treasurer. Upon graduating, a member may or may not choose to join the Alumni " W " Club. The National " W " Club, which has its own officers, has fixed up its club room in the north end of Camp Randall for the use of the undergraduate club which hold- its monthly meetings in the stadium. " W " Club— First Row: J. Mack. A. Eeefer, H. McCaffery, J. Nelson, M. Peters. D. Doolej . J. Erb, X. Leitner. Second Row: Y. Nehrkorn, E. Kunesh, R. Mel levin. R. Herms, J. Smith, T. Toman, M. Strand. S. Wagner, T. Hanford, K. Schilling. ( ' . Meyst. Third Row: 1). Schade, E. Smith. A. Wbdjula, A. Smith, J. Purnell, el. Wiviott, I). Bangert, I). Erbach, J. Turner, W. (ice. 1.. Maercklein, F. Nielsen, J. Wright, T. Wiesner, I!. Wittig, 1 ». Bichler, R. Krohn. R. Williams. W. Urban. Fourth Row: B. Losching, W. Mclntyre, I . Grim, R. Thomas, I.. Ostrcm, E. Ezerins, K. Bowman. J. McKinney. 1). Knudson, H. Richter, D. Vander Meulen, D. Haag, J. Kleinschmidt, C. Kemp, W. Suit-. M. Manley, T. Novak, (J. Van Wbrmer. 299 PAMELA HEITZ, editor LIVING UNITS 300 MMH i Residence Halls " The dorm " ... a part of college thai is never forgotten . here we slept . . . worked . . . studied . . . and had a wonderful time to- gether . we complained aboul the food . . . licit 1 bash sessions . . . enjoyed exchange and buffel dinners . . . we met many new people . . . interesting people . . . Liz Waters . . . Slichter, Chadbourne, and Elm Drive . . the Men ' s Halls . . . Holt Commons . . . study breaks spenl at the Pine Room . , Dormsylvania . Monday night meetings . . . I2:30 ' s . . late minutes . . ping-pong, hopscotch, and open house . . sport activities . . . theme parties . . The Twist . . . we were always loyal . . . we gave our time and work . . . we gained in many ways . . . B¥sl.._ M :!_ 303 We gave our time and work All a part of college 304 I ►I ' CI ' t U to LT o a n n aA: • a -v Ann .fl Barnard Hall— First Row: I. ( ' la D. Damnum, B. Koutny, X. Saw Harris, J. Holm, K. Jeske, B. Fie C. Evanson, J. Shebesta, K. Retz S. H r, P. Viiyasin, C. Steiebe, L. Lar M. Eastman, M. Teple, K.Ford, iff, J. Ross, X. Kegel, S. Brockhau A. Sipple, D. Halbach, P. Mathews, M. Wochos. Second Row: S. Wasser, P. Hoppe, A. Stelmach, L. Pofahl, C. Lusikka, S. Zimmermann, J. Schaff, S. I )lsen. B. Bowe, Third Row: M, Skolas, D. Schuerman, P. Christiansen, E. Hamer- strom, S. Hunt, M. Randall, C. Hopp, M. Herrel, G. Johnson, J. Newton, E. Barnard, B. Anderson, P. Gilbert, C. Johnson, B. Geske, X. Weaver, M. Meier, X. Scott, 1 ' . Marin, K. Kuhlman, M. Mead, B. Christian. Fourth Row: M. Beattie, K. Berry. J. Keenan, A. Rutledge, S. Ort-Puls, C. Fiss, G. Carlson, J. Vanish, J. Drafz, K. Chilcutt, I). Berndt, (J. Fehirwary, R. Larins, J. Ericson, X. Longhorn, M. Coxe, J. Roland, 1). Van Sickle. M. Newell, M. Klinkhamer, M. Captaine. Barnard Barnard Hall ' s three social chairmen, Sharon Olsen, Sara Rice, and Bonnie Orth, perhaps have been the reason for the many activities which Barnard residents have participated in this year. Among the many " distractions from study " have been included an annual Christina- Tea, coffee hours and mixers after every football game, exchange dinners with men ' s dorms, a spring formal. Mother ' s Week-end, an honors banquet, buffet dinners, the house recognition banquet, and a skating party. Barnard is the oldest University Residence Hall on campus and is the home of both graduate and under- graduate women. Officers of Barnard Hall for the year include Penny Goldstein, president; Donna Bathke, vice-president ; Kathy Pudding, secretary; and Collen Lawrence, treasurer. 305 Barnard Officers— First Row: ( ' . Poehling, D. Bathke, Miss Kelley, P. Goldstein, J. Vanish, S. »lsen. Second Row: C.Johnson, J. Wyatt, ( ' . Lawrence, M. Jeffrey. S. Rue I.. Woelffer, M. Smoler. Chadbourne Hall ( ihadboume Hall ' s highlighl for their social events this year was their winter formal, " Mistletoe Magic " held December 8, with the Laird Marshall hand. To cany out the theme and title was a tunnel stuffed with napkins and mistletoe. One of the most impressive decorations, according to Penny Schuette, bead social chairman, was the many bags of -and with candles placed in them. These candles were placed around the outside of the dorm and up the walks. To further the Christmas spirit was a Carillon Tower stuffed with singing angels. Their spring function, as a contrast to their winter formal, was a quite informal " Mardi (Iras Twist. " ( ther activities were coffee hour- held after the football games, a Parent ' s Week-end, exchange dinners, listening parties, and a tea for the graduating seniors. Heading the highly-organized executive structure of Chad, as it is more widely known, is Marcia Karp, head president; Carol Bishopher, head vice-president; Mary Larson, head judicial chairman; Karen Grimstad, head t reasurer; and Penny Schuette, head social chairman. Chadbourne Officers— First Row: I,. Badley, M. SheppJ Klein, E. Bone, C. Blazine, K. Oksendahl, L. Schellin, G. Beck E. Annrii. Second Row: H. Malte, K. Schneider, 1). Scifres. Chadbourne Hall— First Row: B. Hanson, A. Newman, J. Zukowski, J. Marten. K. Klumpar, M. Karp, E. Conway, C. Grambsch, S. Ander- son, I.. Solkovitz. Second Row: M. Vclish, 1). Kins, L. Anderson, C. Condon, C. Bishofburger, S. Pacey, S. Guptill, K. Carroll, X. Simonson. Third Row: B. Arieff, J. Krometbauer, IS. Ferguson, S. Lynch, I». Schwartz, K. ( rrimstad, H. Hardiman, S. Yarne, M. Bober, M. Fenerich, .1. Tarnister, K. Anthony, M. Milewski, S. Barna, K. Feldstein. I r %% ' A i ■ ' i ' (7 1 ft ■m 1PM fM t V ti 1 4 t ' C • F I V W Breese House— First Row: B. Miller, B. Schowalter, C. Rudolph, H. Hardiman, M. Johnson, C. Bishopburger, M. Klein, M. Karp, II. Hesse, I). Thronson, E. Brager, S. Ladrin, W. Wasserman. Second Row: L. Alpert, C. Kirk. S. ( iuthiel, ■). iunterman, r. Westsendorf, ). Ki]i]ic i . M. Mannaberg, E. Rossman, P. Finger, B. Swanson, i. Kestol, A. McMahon, K. Houston, P. Hodgins, 15. Karabensh, S. McCormick. Third Row: S. Stoll, 1). Koven, R. Wilson, A. White M. Shealy, 1 ' . Peckarsky, J. Harwell. B. Lucas, S. Hoyer, R. Ripp, G. Schubert, S. Murphj . S. Scheely, J. Brueggeman, J. Rajek. J. Zuern, K. Anderson, K. Hempe. Fourth Row: S. Cuene, .1. Walek, A. Wallace, P. Pritchard, L. Heil- nian. J. Busch, M. Kniskern, M. Molstad, .1. Minis. J. Rosenbaum, B. Driessen, B. Johnson, E. Pachefsky, V. Johnson, B. Haack, J. Seno. Breese House worked on Chad ' s Homecoming decora- tions and mi a Children ' s Hospital party during the year. President, Marcia Karp, said that the girls enjoyed many events on the houses ' social calendar. These events in- cluded a Mother ' s Weekend, a Parent ' s Weekend tea, and listening parties. The girls also enjoyed buffet and ex- change dinners held with the men ' s dorms. Bridge was also a great favorite among these girls. Campbell House highlighted their social activities this year with a unique father ' s week-end during which the dads were guests overnight in the dorm. Other social activities included buffet dinners, beer suppers, and a roller skating party. Officers of Campbell House were Carmella Grambsch, president: Sue Guptill, vice-president: JoAnn Theiding, secretary: and Karen Anthony, treasurer. Campbell House— First Row: K. Kohlmeier, S. Fifriek, J. Thieding, C. Grambsch, G. Becker, K. Anthony, S. Guptill, J. Johnson, 1). Jensen, 1 . Mueller. S. Ybrdi. Second Row: V. Pahuchonema, F. Poll. L. Dreher, J. Zitzer, K. Kane. E. Arne, I.. Preizler, M. Wedekind, G. Bucholt, .1. Micklin, R. Turick, K. Lenz, J. Harker, S. Varco, X. Williams. A. M.»e . Third Row: B. Keane, K. Reibetanz, K. Calkins, K. Conway, C. Berrv, K. Potter, C. Bangham, C. Chelarin, K. Pofahl, K. Knowles, P. Fefer, C. Schubert, B. All ' , P. Bonn, L. Rosenberg. Fourth Row: A. Bear, M. Linderud, C. Felts, A. Jarvella, M. Summeril, K. Walsh. L. Tauscheck, M.SteptO, B. Friede, J. Smallman, D. Peterson, K. Runge, .1. Maves, M. Mikelson, P. Craig, F. Murphy. m.6- ' „ . 1 .. I • - 1 + $ $ ' ¥ J Jfc g j « I 4 » tt ' tf 4 w f ,i tyyy»A .w ' : ; ■ $ Marlatt House— First Row: E.Stamm, C. Davis, S. S ensby, M. Toebe, C. Berge, E. Conway, R. Malte, A. Peterson, K. Sainabury, M. Rinelli. Second Row: K. Keck, li. Schmidt, C. Durkin, K. Kenney, S. Christensen, M. Nelson, L. Jorgenson, C. Huschka, J. Jonakait, M. Henze, S. Shaw, B. Cohen, M. Bryant. Third Row: M. Hurley, M. Wilson, K. Davidson, J. Ludwig, S. Kapinos, L. Wiese, B. Grade, C. Srheel, M. Doli n. ( ' . Anderson, J. Hoegger, P. Welch, .1 Kayi.n, S. Zwickey. Fourth Row: L. Curtis, M. Griffith, G. Miller, J. Tarnutzer, J. Schweger, I,. Jungkans. ( ' . Peterson, Y. Liner, S. Fredendall, X. Miller, M. Geyer, X. Koberson, S. Croake, S. Paeey, J. Lingle. Marlatt House president, Ellen Conway, directed the girls ' Christmas project, which they devote to a particular family. The Homecoming display and Mother ' s weekend were supervised by Sandra Parey, vice-president. Buffets, listening parties, and little sister dinners were organized by Marlene Toebe, social chairman. The other officers in- cluded Barbara Mork, secretary and Judy Tarnutzer, treasurer. The social functions were enjoyed by everyone. Murray House president, Ann Newman, organized Mother ' s Weekend, their most important activity. Ellen MacArthur, social chairman, directed listening parties, buffet dinners, and coffee hours. The girls of Murray House enjoyed these social functions because they brought everyone closer together and made friendships possible. Assisting the president were Sandra Yarne, secretary; Sue Lynch, treasurer; and Daina Kins, vice-president. Murray House -First Row: S. Weintrod, L. Fisher, K. Mueller, J. Anderegg, M. Calland, K. Schneider, A. Newman, S. Lynch, B. Drell, Reichert, J. Anderegg. Second Row: K. Niederstadt, S. Yarne, B. Alk, J. Traver, S. Stratman, 1 ' . Murphy, D. Kins, C. McKeeth, J. Doma- hoski, S. Buchen, M. Kloiber, S. Bennett. Third Row: M. Noback, L. Zillman, M. Peters, S. Bersch, K. Anding, J. Janes, X. McGowan, A. Bolstein, L. Abraham, .1. Kieser, B. Barnes, p. Rose, P. Nathaus. Fourth Row: R. Benkert, K. Klausch, M. Blum, M. Flory, L. Zimmerman, M. Vlachina, P. Hornig, S. Grearson, E. McArthur, A. Mekkelson, L. Wanska, C. Clore, E. Peters, B. Raether. » A Oi A if MM ? iwmM f lili J ■ty r V k . ! ■ $ ' ' Rosenberry House— First Row: M. Gouze, K. Dornbrook, J. Mandelker, M. Sheppley, S. Anderson, S. Golden, B. Bellaire, S. Falkenberg. Second Row: I). Bergman, L. Horvath, S. Holten, M. Re, K. Speer, K. Wells, S. Sheridan, S. Field, L. Giese, S. Barna, K. Hamm. Third Row: R. Witte, L. Brumblay, J. Marvin, L. Trebotich, A. Gaspardo, N. Lawrence, P. Nimmer, S. Lemke, S. Thompson, R. Widmann, M. Hibbard, M. Milewski, S. Wittenberg. Fourth Row: I). Schall, R. Levinson, B. Tree, J. Holsten, K. Dresser, J. Huseth, M. Debus, K. Car- penter, B. Thielman, J. Mueller, S. Kakes, B. Mathison, L. Bratley. Rosenberry House, headed by Sharon Anderson and vice-president, Susan Bussey, had a truly eventful year. Highlighting their activities were several listening parties, and exchange dinners as well as participation in the Mock U.N. and Mother-Daughter weekend. Other officers included secretary, Susan Barna; treasurer. Mildred Milewski; social chairman, Virginia Titel: and judicial chairman, Kathryn Speer. Schoenleber House A senior send off, highlighted this group ' s activities. Other programs included participation in Persian Market, the Mock U.N., and a Mother ' s spring weekend. Heading Schoenleber was Beverly Hanson and others included vice-president, Mary Yelish; secretary, Dorothy Schwartz; treasurer, Karen Grimstad; judicial chairman, Diane Dumdey; social chairman, Jane Happle; and freshman representative, Claudia Melrose. Schoenleber House — First Row: ( ' . Oestreich, C. Hoerig, S. Jones, C. Matagrano, B. Hanson, K. Oksendahl, J. Happle, C. Swan, B. Jaeger, P. Silver. Second Row: J. Denner, B. Millstein, J. Stoiber, L. Salkowski, M. McPherson, ( ' . Stevens. S. Miller, S. Schipper, ( ' . Smiley, C Look, B. Christman, I). Schwartz, G. Soman, S. Burman, M. Watts. Third Row: S. Froyd, .1. Emmons, P. Farris, K. Stein, P. Mikkelson, M. Yelish, C. Hasz, B. Peterson. K. Grimstad, S. Fant, J. Soens, P. Woodford, V. Scribner, B. Buehler. Fourth Row: K. Dillenburg, L. ( ' aider, L. Marshall, G. Osborn, S. Lemke, S. Reetz. 1 . Dumdey, K. Hipp, R. Shrake, P. Unshaven, C. Melrose, .1. Sredl, I.. Ganford, J. Baumer. .. . i_ n 3 4 • « V ' JW A ' JU U, J tl i i « rf ■ V Scott House — First Row: K. Feldstein, N. Simonsen, K. Carroll, L. Schellin, L. Solkovitz, K. Muench, P. Fenton. Second Row: A. Anderson, M. Morey, 1. Saindon, S. Lane E. Frambergerj B. Gwin, N. Xoie, S. Mitchell, S. Becker, ( ' . Christensen, L. Arnold, K. Jacoben. Third Row: X. Berg, E. Snyder, .). Gajewski, D. Sample, A. Brunner, ( ' . Golla, S. Melk, X. Hummer, E. Larson, A. McNatt, S. Gehl, K. Robinson, D. Proulx. Fourth Row: J. Joffee, E. Tunick, J. Metzger, M. Fair, L. Otjen, M. Meisnest, K. Budzine, M. Kins, S. Vilcins, M. Neimeyer, S. Vogel, S. Rosenkranz, B. Prees. Scott House, headed by Linda Solkovitz, had another fun filled year. Among this season ' s planned activities were listening parties, exchange dinners, a Big and Little Sister party, and participation in the W.K.A. bowling league. Other officers were vice-president, Kathryn Car- roll ; secretary, Nancy Simonson ; treasurer, Kay Feldstein; judicial chairman, Pauline Fenton; and social chairman, Karen Muench. Wallerstein House had an extremely busy year which was highlighted by their Homecoming display with Tri- angle Fraternity and which was the only house in Chad- bourne to do so. Social chairman, Penny Schuette, planned several exchange dinners, beer suppers, and the Mother ' s weekend. Others leading this group included president, Janice Marten, vice-president, Barbara Williams; secre- tary, Mary Bober; and treasurer, Marilyn Fenrick. Wallerstein House — First Row: L. Luebke, L. Sands, P. Schuette, J. Northway, J. Marten, C. Blazine, M. Bober, M. Fenrick, L. Loots, P. Freitag. Second Row: R. Rowald, S. Chester, K. Thompson, X. Thayer, D. Jarrell, K. Tancill, 1). Laforia, J. Guvon, K. Klein, P. Wilson, P. Morford, G. Holm. .1. Leopold. Third Row: T. Fein, E. Wright, R. Pech, E. Hershman, X. Morgan, M. Wilson, M. Stuart, M. Byrnes P. Nolting, S. Basi, S. Cavedo, X. Wiersma, 1). Kubly. Fourth Row: C. Cotter, J. Heck, K. Larson, J. Radloff, A. Baker, C. Houghton, J. Codager, A. Mickelson, K. Nelson, M. Kestol, J. Frey, X. Zimny, M. Gilson, J. Jackl, A. Waterwonh. $0 0$$$0mM$ Wilkinson House — First Row: B. Arieff, M. Larson, K. Klumpur, I ). Scum-. ( ' Condon, I. Swanson. Second Row: P. Bukovic, J. Perren, J. Langenfeld, M.Jordan, C. Bender, J. Munger, J. Miller, B. Hliein, X. Kennedy, S. Hewitt, L. Weinkauf, K. Schmidley, R. Weber, P. Camp- bell. Third Row: D. Johanning, P. Waddell, C. Olson, K. Fishbeck, L. Hogan, P. Anderson, D. Wutherick, S. Cook, K. Rheingans, P. Aagard, N. Franck, S. Flader, J. Frericks, E. Kahn, J. Surmaez. Fourth Row: K. Behrens, J. Samuelson, V. Baker, L. Williams, B. Mitchell, J. Shultis, G. Jones, 1 ' . Cruden, M. Olson, K. Perry, J. Udove, C. Mondloch, L. Beattie, E. Poole. Wilkinson House under the capable leadership of their president, Konnie Klumpar, enjoyed a year of varied activ- ity. Beer suppers with AC 1R and TKE were well attended and greatly enjoyed. Wilkinson ' s homecoming display with Jones House was an autumn highlight. The girls were also activ e on campus, participating in the Blood Drive and animal Persian Market. Carol Condon was vice-president, Mary Schand, secretary; and Bonnie Arieff, treasurer. Wood House sponsored a Big and Little Sister program, in order to acquaint the freshman and other new residents of the dorm with life in their new living unit. At a party given in their honor, the girls had the opportunity to meet one another and gain a feeling of familiarity in their new surroundings. Their Christmas formal joyfully wel- comed the holiday season. Officer ' s were Jean Zukowski, president; and Lona Anderson, vice-president. Wood House — First Row: K. Darbo, E. Sackren, B. Ferguson, G. Knox, J. Zukowski, E. Annen, J. Krametbauer. A. Elliott. L. Anderson, P. Lyle, J. Milbauer. Second Row: J. Callen, C. Lucas, C. Arnold, D. Gustafson, S. Mazur, P. Lue, C. Cape, A. Essock, A. Herman, S. Wohl, E. Huggins, X. Albright, D. Phillips, B. Beernink, K. Weisz. Third Row: 1). Hunt, M. Muller, K. Jarvis, M. Jennings, M. Peters, D. Turner, J. Younger, R. Kruger, J. Rees, J. Chillen, J. Cohen, K. Buholzer, S. Lewis, X. Ebbott. Fourth Row: J. Mickelson, M. Hackbart, K. Fox, M. Pottie, J. Guy, S. Lapp, S. Hall, S. Krauss, C. Nechrony, B. Rearick, A. Hagg, X. Graff, S. Bruhy, B. Kuen. Exec. Council— First Row: M Morris, D. Klinefelter, M. Topel, (!. Gericke, J. Babula. Second Row: P. Howell, M. Ankeney, M. Bersch, J. Rogness, L. Gammell, I.. Baldwin, J. Harker, M. Ohrn. Elizabeth Waters Hall Staff— First Row: M. Duffy, Miss Allan, Miss Wurden, M. Kolstad. Second Row: S. Haines, A. Topham, M. Werling, A. Dunwell, K. Galos, .1. Kahn. The main job t the executive council, which is the governing body of the dorm, is to approve of all the dorm policies. This year as a special project the council is re- vising the orientation booklet, " Living Unlimited " which is presented to all incoming freshmen. The council also previews and approves the dorm budget for the year. The council, which meets once a week, is made up of all the elected dorm officers and includes the presidents of all five units. Members also include the store chair- man and freshman representative. This council is led by the president of the dorm. The advisors are Miss Allan, head resident, and Sue Haines, housefellow. Dorm officers for the year were: Marcia Topel, presi- dent; Gretchen Gericke, vice-president; Judith Babula, secretary; Dorothy Klinefelter, treasurer; Merri Morris, social chairman; and Glenda Hover, judicial chairman. Executive council is the place where the 500 residents etui take their complaints, comments, and suggestions. It coordinates all the dorm functions and unifies the activ- ities of the individual units. 312 Kt Elizabeth Waters Hall, located on Observatory Drive is the home of 500 college co-eds. These girls started off the year with a big open house and every one in the campus community was invited. The girls were especially proud this year, as all of the lounges were completely redecorated during the summer. There were other improvements made during the summer also. These included the redecoratioE of the head resident ' s apartment, and a sizable increase was made in the dorm library. The freshmen undertook the task of decorating the dorm for Christmas, and with the tradition to be upheld, the decorations were beautiful. On December 8, the Christmas formal was held. The theme was " Wonderland by Night " and decora- tions were done silver and blue. A new policy was initiated this year and a Christmas invitational was held mi a Sunday afternoon. Friends of the residents were invited to visit the girl ' s rooms and see the traditional door decorations. The usual social functions took place during the year, including, exchange suppers, listening parties. Homecoming, and lite hop-scotch tournament. In the spring the formal was held on the Liz terrace. Mother ' s Weekend was also held in the spring and each girl had a chance to give her mother a taste of dorm life for two days. Liz I Liz Unit I— First Row: P. Vincent, C. Taylor, A. Trevino, A. Reed, M. Olson, C. Staveness, B. Youngdahl, M. Grey, D. Bearniek. Second Row: S.Von Germeten, X. Halleen, G. Trevino, P. Gebhardt, K. Skarsten, J. Longmire, J. Carlstein, T. Loveland, P. Gorens, P. Brownell. Third Row: K. Kuj ' ath, C. Thomas, C. Garbterek, J. La Rue, L. Stofer, I). Dahnke, M. Miletich, G. Lorgvia, I). Sigerstad. Fourth Row: G. Kenall, I). Ruston, S. Shaw, C. Bergman. P. Buller, J. Adameak. C. Board. 313 .-• I ■ — Liz Unit II First Row: 1). Soder, R. Sund, S. Folstad, X. Dallich, X. Jenson, J. Marker. S. Foxe, X. Maki, J. Vokicka, J. Longmire, M. Baldwin, J. Poole, K. Giese, J. Liberthson, M. Lee. Second Row: E. Evans, .1- Schlaak, I. Wasberg, S. Shaeaffer, ( ' . Mundt, M. Link. ( ' . Brunkow, J. Schmidt, C. Christianson, D. Hoffman, J. Neal, K. Walter, S. Miller. S. Parisi, B. Gerlich, J. Falligant. Third Row: M. Miller, M.Huebner, J. Esch, L. Samsel, 15. Bomberger, K. Rule, S.Busch, B. Ackerman, 15. Myers, i . Blackburn, I). Sanner, M.Olsen, M. Milave, .1. i Idar, L. lammel, K. Yares, S. Mavernu Fourth Row: L. Alberts, E. Spring, ( 1. Simpson, J. Ayres, S. Grupe, J. Wieseman, 1). Webb, J. Sonneberg, .!. Lyon, A. Winchell, S. Wheadon, C. Freiberg, I). Klinefelter, 1 ' . Larson, M. Gilbert, P. Lyall. Liz II Liz 314 Liz Unit III — First Row: J. Swiggum, F. ( tehrlein, H. Haageasen, K. ( wens, M. Brownell, M. Petrof, M. Estes, N. Allen. X. Ximz, K. Yoerg, A. Topham, B. Behnke. Second Row: 8. Horn, J. Flaherty, A. Leonard, P. Anderson, J. Gordon, D. Boltz, P. Wojahn, B. Steindorf, S. Gohdes, J. Hoffland, J. Sehuler, I?. I hieseher, J. Sehuette, A. Kol ' el. Third Row: 1). Williams, G. Gericke, M.Topel, J. Babula, S. Stewart, J. Sweeney, I). Kuhagen, L. Vinger, .1. Sampson, M. L. Weber, S. Fray, J. Jorden, A. Weenike, J. Babbit, G. Davis. Fourth Row: B. Hodgins, K. Fromer, .1 Muench, X. Gunderson, J. Peterson, J. Wilkie, K. Krumm, S. O ' Neal, K. Thomey, K. Hoffer, C. Rawson, M. Benedict, S. Kirkpatrick, J. Wadephul, L. Stranney. s £ iii ' i i i « • VI •» jr m t;fII£f lY S ' Liz Unit IV— First Row: J. Domrose.J. Prochnow, J.Zemanek, J. Johnson, S. Berns, E.Rehm, M. Bersch, P. Bass, P. MacMillan, D. DeHaven, K. Meyer, K. Phillips. Second Row: M. Anderson. S. Holzmiller, N. Vig, J. Dewey. J. Park, M. Thomsen, J. Zemanek, C. Strobl, J. Train. D. Grossen, B. Becker. ■. Vi;.-.-. E. Montguire. P. Clar.k M. Cruickshank. Third Row: 1 ). Johnson, L. Moser, K Hougen, J. Paske, J. 1 toering, C. Labeck, M I ' Connor, G. Pitkin. J. Johnson, P. Mittlestaedt, M. Ankeney, B. Solberg, G. Reffke. Fourth Row; P. Rummler, J. H Helminiak, J. Hill. J. Baldwin. R. ( Iraefe, S. luember, M. Maurer, A. Buchanan. R. Koch, S. Monteith, C. Kehl. A. Brunette. K. Boehm, 1 I Monteith. S. Morgan, N. Barber. Liz IV Liz V Liz Unit V First Row: S. Larson, S. Long. L. Martin, L. Hodges, B. Morgan. D. Aschenbach, B. Montgomery, B. Leverenz, M. A. Schaefer, M. Schmidt. Second Row: ;. At well. P. Peters. L. Eserkaln. L. Roll. B. Pearson. M. Hulburt, B. Murray, V. Koch. N. Cole. J. Eich, S. Solem. Third Row: 1). Cook. S. Stark. J. Laine. K. Knapstein. J. Martinetti. J. Picciardi, B. Guif, B. Sommerfield, J. Lutz, B. Bellis, B. Abbot, B. Schuler, B. Heiple, L. Case. Fourth Row: 1 ). Horvath, C. ( tterson, B. Batty. A. Jackson. M. Mendillo, J. Kleinsmith. P. Budy, K. Frydenlund. B. Vincent. E. Goetz, J. Rogness, S. Chapman, E. Humleker. Fifth Row: B. Nirenblatt, J. Burr. S. Cooper. L. Ingham, J. Kundman. B. Christopherson, P. Allen. D. DeWitt, A. Sengbusch, R. Richter. I). Fronek, M. Bergstrom, S. Bupp. 315 Finance Committee — J. Donner, F. Meyer, P. Barney F. Rost. Lakeshore Halls Association LHA CABINET -First Row: N. Libassi 15. Zoll, I. Beck, M. Schwarte, S.Griffith, C. Tetik,D. Hildebrand, M. Weiss, K. Cecchini, E. Blodgett, K. Pleshek, K. Swiatek, L. Pesce. Second Row: P. Skekore, J. Scharrer, R. Rohad, H. Ruffalo, J. Peterson, V. Lowell, G. Shaffer, J. Tennie, M. Klein, J. Hoben, V. Rudolf, H. Peterson, F. Konz, W. Campbell, S. Schellin. Third Row: P. Andrews, ;. Stulgaitis, H. Leslie, D. Melby, W. Rades, R. Ebbott, M. Philps, Ii. Darcy, I). Krueger, M. Fry, J. Jaeger, M. Morgan, V. Kutzke, R. Hemming. 316 Board of Directors Seated: J. Baumgartner, 1). Hildebrand, B. Don- ner. Standing: D. Kussow, R. Willis, S. Wolfe, L. Pesee. Legislative Committee Chairmen — Seated: K. Ple- shek, S. Schellin, K. Cecchini. Standing: M. Morgan, F. Kony, M. Klein. Lakeshore Halls Association is the student government that serves : ()()() mem- bers. This organization " by the students " governs and serves the dorm area includ- ing Adams, Tripp, Slichter, Kronshage, Cole, Sullivan, and Elm Drive halls. The association is governed by the Cabinet, which is made up of one elected member from each of the forty-eight houses in L.II.A. The Cabinet meets once a week to legislate the Association policies and oversee the financial transactions of the organization. The Cabinet chairman also serves as L.H.A. president. The position this year is filled by Dan Hildebrand. His vice-president is Steve Schellin. The constitutionality of the Association policies and decisions is decided by the Judicial Board. The organization provides activities, tutoring and scholarships. LHA Council listens attentively to recent reports 317 Lakeshore Halls Association student, regardless of his interest, can Bnd something to his liking in L.H.A. The activities are divided into twenty clubs and committees. Whether you ' re interested in the latest movie, or being a disc jockey on the radio, clerking at the store, or student leadership, L.H.A. has a place for you. W.I. .11. A., the radio station, broadcasts five evenings a week and all day Saturday and Sunday. It offers a diverse and well-received quality of music. One of the most popular spots on the radio dial in the campus area, W.I. .11. A. found a place in many dorm rooms, apartments, and fraternity and sorority houses. The student-run station gave experience to those interested in programing, engineering, managing, and announcing. A book exchange, sponsored by L.H.A.. was very suc- cessful. It continued through-out the year and 600-700 books were exchanged. They also offer loans to students who are members of L.H.A. They can borrow up to $150 interest free. This money comes from the dues that are collected from each member. Tutoring — Seated: S. Lake, J. Dunst. Standing: J. Wolf, I). Hall, L. Larsen. Business Office — Seated: L. P Antholt, R. Hanson, M. Weiss. Standing: Hrubecky, C. Hunting and Fishing — Seated: J. Marten, W. Pagel, W. Marks Standing: B. Pelton, D.Jaeger, R. Willis. I -J.»r " ;» " l ; ,« 318 Social — Seated: K. ( lscm. A. Weltman, X. Browne, R. Scoville. Standing: J. Johnson, ' . linger, C. Endelman, E. Kuoistra, D. Daniel, E. Doss. Library Committee— Seated: C. Ruff, B. Heinrieh, S. Schmidt, A. Gordon, C. McConnell, S. Frank, J. Standing: D. Osg 1, G. Dollinger, D. Lehocky, G. Kalu, J. Dunst. ; Dance— Seated: P. Wakeman, S. Sanderson, B. Halferty, G. Bushland, Y. Swain, P. Teter, L. Bolton. Stand- ing: P. Emrich, .1. Holliday, M. Towsley, K. Smyth. Lakeshore Halls Association Social— Seated: V. O ' Brien. S. Steffeck, K. Kurisu, F. Wileman. Standing: P. Peshek, W. Rudolf, J. Holliday, M. Hirslev, J. Maxworthy, M. Philps. Radio — Seated: S. Schneider, R. Chaffin. Standing: M. Peterman, K. Kuehlthau. J. Miller. R. Anderson. Athletic Club — Seated: J. Peterson, J. Ward. Standing: 1). Stein, J. Thresher. J. Weiss. Activities — Seated: P. Emrich, S. Sanderson, K. Smyth. Standing: (I. Calvert. S. Steffeck. C. Page, M. Budreau. J. Maxworthy. 321 wnr Personnel— Seated: I). Kneppreth, J. 0. Peterson, C. McConnel Standing: E. Minis, J. Ricert, J. Hampel, J. I . Peterson. LHA Loans and Scholarships — F. Host, S. Kalmer, J. Roethe, S. Book Exchange — Seated: M. Topel, F. Oehrlein, M. Fisher. Standing: Frank. J.Calvert, G. Unger, J. Goodrich. R. Lulloff. A. Kruswicki. t r Kt ' l ' ' i j BUI BA -- H BR e ■ JW ■k . jT ■■ mm i j iff 1 ' s« P H| Sf WW Vj 1 m J ♦ ™ -jM £ 322 ■ ««_ Dormistory — Seated: S. Pollatsek, P. Kirtland, M. Fisher. Standing: N. Browne, B. Ackerman, F. Meyer, W. Hansen, R. Schink, 1). Kamke. Publicity— D. Kneppreth, M. Budreau, P. Brotz,W. Hansen, P. Emrich, 1). Kamke. Periodical and record listening rooms established by the Library Committee are located in the Elm Drive units. Many happy hours were spent in these rooms by the members of L.H.A. and their guests. A ham radio club, a camera club, and a hunting and fishing club arc a tew of the advantages of belonging to L.H.A. Free weekly movies to all members are provided by the Film Committee. The jobs of this committee include renting of films, hiring of projectionists, and arranging available rooms for the movie-going students. The social activities of the organization arc numerous. Tradition holds that L.H.A. has many parties, buffet suppers, and picnics during the year. Christmas ami Homecoming formals were held and this spring the annual " Dorm-sylvania " dance. The dance was preceded by k it and campaigning for the election of " Dorm Duke " who ruled over the dance beside his lovely date. The Public Relations committee worked closely with the others to bring a sense of unity to the dorm area and the member students " I I. .11. A. ■BR Meeting-place of the dorms — the Pine Room. WLHA— Seated: J. Lothe, L. Jahn, S. Miller. Standing: I . I frienti, P. P latter. E. Birge. R. Egebrecht. Barbell — Seated: R. Jensen, 1 ' . Andrews. Standing: I!. Wisr man. R. Christopherson, R. Willis. Clerks of the LHA Store find many ways to pass the time. LHA Store Started in Tripp hall in 1937, the store has now moved to the Mack House basement. There is also a new branch in the Elm Drive Commons. The store is operated as a department store and univer- sity cooperative, and proceeds are used to put dorm ac- tivities into action. The store is under the jurisdiction of the Store Board, which is a pari of the L.H.A. organization. The board sets the general policies, hires clerks, and supervises pur- chasing. Known as " The World ' s Largest Student Owned and Operated Store, " it supplies everything from pipes to toothpaste to the hall residents. Clerks hired by the board are all residents of the member dorms, and they work vari- ous shifts through-out the day. The store officers for this year were Bob Clancy, man- ager; John Kroger, assistant manager and buyer; and Joe Wieland, accountant. 325 Buck House— First Row: L. Zirbel, F. Chrisien, L. Lahl, R.Richards, Mrs. Scott, 1). Kneppreth, K. Pleshek, P. Eastwccd, J. Thomas, K. Anderson. Second Row; R. Bast, K. Bachhubee, M. (linker. R. Woodward, V. O ' Brian, R. Beghin, MA. Grunke, B. Stelter, J. Ritzenthaler, .). Ritzenthaler. E. Gillette, E. Diestler, M. Schmidt. Third Row: S. Stein, C. Sack. ( ' . Amnions, M. Budreau, J. Stair, K. Logan, ( I. Gamier, I. Poland, P. Kirtland, P. Stone, C. Stier, II. Hoskins, J. Springer, K. Rothman. Fourth Row: M. Boldt, 1). Leuce, K. lii ed, K. Jenicek, G. ( Soulter, M. Moeller, J. ( iregg, K. Vurk. K. Kuhmlan, J. La Marsh. M. J. Mach, B. Bluemke, S. Steffeck. Cole Buck House took honors in the Homecoming parade when they won 1st place on the float they entered with Swenson House. Mother ' s Weekend, open house, Christ- mas formal, and the mock [J.N. convention were some of the main activities for the year. Donna Kneppreth was president of the house. Other officers included Judy Thomas, vice-president: Linda Zirbel, secretary; Lave Chrisien, treasurer; and Linda Lahl, social chairman. Kiekhofer House Led by Nancy Niess, president, held a swimming party with Rundell House and a baseball game with Winslow. Kiekhofer was in charge of the decorations for the Cole Hall formal. They held a Mother ' s Weekend, and many buffet dinners and listening parties. Their floor theme is " Bucky ' s Bungalow. " Other officers were Janet Jacobchick, social chairman; Alice Joy, vice-pres.; Bar- bara Ruchlowski, secretary, and Sue Cast, treasurer. 326 Kieckhofer House — First Row: S. Hade. S. last, .1. Jacobchick, A. Joy, V. Bomba, X. Niess, B. Rychlowski, S. Bull, M. Engman. Second Row: A. Cassel, S. I.olliic, K. Klcmm, P. Kallas, li. Knowles, X. Nienstedt, J. Uitzkc, B. Schowalter, E. Loud, J. Goodrich. Third Row: E. Roberts, P. Waitrovich, A. Stanaitis, L Trumbell, S. Hoefs, A. Jerome, D. Hanson, P. Malonev, K. Freitap, J. Borchardt, X. Splinter, S. Fredrickson. Fourth Row: M. Davis, I). Obermayr, E. Bakos, . Schulze, R. Lightfoot, J. Nowicki, S. Thayer, F. Gibas, A. Prothin, .1. Aikin, M. Wake. masmmmnmBam rt m mm • J Ross House— First Row: (!. Orberg, L.Johnson, C. Raff, L. Ludvigson, B. Halferty, J. Schultz, S. Rank, P. Barney. Second Row: ( ' . Bilinsik, S. Burns, S. Wright. F. Millunzi, K. Anderson, R. Amundson, B. Kirkeby, M. Rohloff, C. Lande, 1 ' . Teter, L. Holderness. Third Row: S. Heller, li. Hooper, K. Creighton, L. Hull en. B. Schaefer, S. Richardson, J. Dvorak,J . Priester, B. Calabresa, E. Roper, A. Wittmann, J. Cleary. Fourth Row: .1. Hulzt-r, J. Ziebert, M. Hcisig, K Baughman, P. Seale, E. Smith, R. Halsor, B. Reimer, B. Sonneborn, P. Briggs. Ross House opened the year with " Back to School, " an informal party with Mack House. Jean Schultz, president, said it was a year full of activity. She was assisted by Pam Darney, vice-president; Dawn Holden, secretary, Linda Luduipson, treasurer; and Sharon Rautz. The girls combined their atlents with those of Turner House to participate in Homecoming. One of the most en- joyed times was a picnic at Hoyt Park with Chamberlain. Snow House, led by president Betty Suess, joined with Winslow House to build their Homecoming display. Dur- ing the year the girls of Snow House took part in the Cole Open House, listening parties, picnics, buffet dinners, and teas honoring their professors. Other officers for the year were Sarah Elson, vice-presi- dent; Pauline Knapp, secretary; Chaina Endelman, treasurer; and Ginny Sullivan, social chairman. Show House— First Row: E. Blodgett, S. Hintsa, S. Stone, C. Endelman, B. Suess, D. Snyders, S. Elson, P. Knapp, G. Sullivan, S. Fagan. Second Row: S. Church, J. Roethe, J. Nordgren, K. Verage, M. Evans, N. Wood, K. Johnson, M. Fisher, S. Knight, J. irunwald, S. Hanson, M. Peterson, J. Brietenbach. Third Row: J. Risic, X. Greenya, J. Milbrandt, A. Reynal, 1). Mathiews, J. Helleson, K. Crowley, E. Kriewalt, l(. Cassiman, M. Meloy, S. Biggs, S. McCalment, J. Lenz. Fourth Row: M. Fleming, B. Webster, L. Kellogg, R. Danner, K. Moroney, J. Hess, K. Kaiser, M. Knecht, E. Howmiller, S. Bachuber, I . Sullivan, S. Buckman, M. Robison. I IB II 327 1 T : ft « V t y I , 4 % I t i ft t t 5 V i Blever House— First Row: C. Hopper, K. Casadonte, S. Goulke, P. Hughes, B. Brody, C. Wagner, S. Wegner, P. McPeek, B. Zeller. Second row " : M. Dempsey, S. Seilers, R. Poredon, S. Peck, C. Kuehn, J. Clinton, X. Purmal, K. McConnel, .1- Witte, K. Goede, B. Vette, .1. Anns, M. Keinow. Third Row: N. Mueller, M.Jackson, J. Schwarte, B. Keller, S. Benson, I,. Konz, K. Schneider, J. Gordon, P. Steinskl, (I. Hansen, S. Landmann, J. Miller, M. Allen, E. Eaton. M. B. Young. Elm Drive A Bleyer House won second prize mi their Homecoming display with Conover House this y ear. Sue Gaulke, social chairman, kept the girls very busy. A listening party with Jones House marked the football season ami Mother ' s Weekend was the big event for the spring time. Carol Wagner was president of the house. Loretta Mealy, vice-president ; Sue Wegner, secretary; Judy Kratsck, treasurer; and Pat McPeek, judicial chairman. Cool House filled the hearts of many with joy when they held their annual hop-scotch tournament with Kahlenburg House. Their officers for the year were Susan Serota, president; Ronnie Swain, vice-president; Betty Wagner, secretary; Joyce Keuzien, treasurer, and Jeaninne Bair, social chairman. The girls also took part in Homecoming with Pyre House, and held coffee hours after all the foot- ball names. 328 Cool House — First Row:. I. Kenzian, M.Hennina, B. Wagner, S. Serota, M. Freed, Y. Swain, J. Blair, L. Welsh, M Purdy, S. Hoffman. Second Row: M. Heberlin, S. Bolitha, B. Marih, M. Wurm, M. Rickli, B. Trieber, C. Grochowski, L. Billhardt, M. Biedermann, B. Nelson, M. Brown- low, B.Klumpf, N. Librossi. Third Row: J. Brown, S. Goald, J. Hielsberg, J. Cohen, J. Dent, K. Dent, R. Plenge. C. Albrecht, M. Greenwald, M. L. Minash, E. Kapitanoff, R, Mevr, M. Ro-wen, K. Guttormsen, S. Peterson. Fourth Row: K. Schmill, P. Wakeman, P. Emrich, M. Swart, S. Neu, S. Sanderson, K. Smyth, E, Utopf, J. Carlson, J. Stasko ,G. Lauro, S. Klaes, A. Larson, M. Wise, 1). Abney. -«) ; tot it- §| ftt t i , t. t r l § i I . • f tt f r t I w I Elsom House— First Row: J. Watson, B. Schlueter, M Schwarte, B. Hansen, H. Hammann, M. Kosut, ( ' . Roberts, 15. Fleudelys. Second Row: E. Proctor, X. Heizer, I). Kronzer, ( ' . Oliver, S. Burns, S. Smith, J. Pairan, M. Nelson, C. Jaeger, R. Baehr, M [ngrelli, J. Weber, P. Adrian, L. Lenschow, R. Czar. Third Row: 1 ' . Wagner, S. Nottingham, M. K. McCarthy, K. Turner, M. Grundemann, B. Tappainer, L. . Savisdusky, K. Geracie, X. Kutchera, C. Siebers. Puis, H. Friedric J. Mautz, B. Aberg, 1 . Elsom House, part of Elm Drive A, was in charge of a Christmas party for the whole dorm. The girls also held a Mother ' s weekend, listening parties, went trick or treat- ing, and played a football game with Oschner House. Officers of the house were Bert Ledin, president; Holly Hammann, vice-president; Nan Kaahen, treasurer; Nancy Ninnemann, secretary; Bonnie Hansen and Bonnie Rowan, social chairmen and Mary Schwarte, L.H.A. representative. Henmon House won second place in the Homecoming Float Contest, with their float which they built with Run- dell House. Paula Kniith and Judy Stellwagerj worked together as social chairmen of the house for the year. They planned many fun-filled activities for the girls of the house. Other officers were .Marge Ebel, president; Sue Arnold, vice-president: Annette Kau, treasurer; Karen Kurisu, secretary and Sue Griffith, L.H.A. representative. Henmon House — First Row: P. Knuth, K. Kurisu, S. Griffith, A. Kau, J. Gordon, J. Stellwagen, S. Arnold, S. Husting, J. Booth. Second Row: ( ' . Pautz, 1). Drescher, M. Hanisch, J. Glaeser, M. Osterfund, M. Montgomery, K. Lyon, K. McGillivray, S.Lee, K. Moherg, K. Trnka, C. Goldsmith. Third Row: 1). Grindell, J. Swetlik, I. Turner, S. Morgan, D. Breu, M. Kuhr, J. Loertscher, J. Arnold, W. Litt- maii, S. Hendricks, L. Roloff, E. Warms. Fourth Row: D. Farwell, C. Pasqualucci, V. Birmingham, J. Thums, M. Zeimet, C. Klepstein, C. Fletcher, (!. Peterson, K. Mittag, M. Buchholz, J. Tenaglia, J. Harrington. fwm 19 111 1 Iff i f i iff, t UJ 329 ■ Bierman House — First Row: ( .1. Jacobs, K. Iregg. Second Ro V. Pi S. Be .1 Nagamatsu, M. Haberle, J. Neuheisel, Mrs. II Nagamatsu, M Haberle, J Neuheisel Mrs II K Marshall, E. Blumberg, J. Zupancic, J. Jellisoi k . uregg. oeconaK.ow: j. oiresau, O. Leslie M I CI irson S Libert, J Everly, V Wolfe, K Herman, M. Giebler, S. Pottengei Third Row: L. Nolte, B. Zoll, C. Kreuger, V. Shelter, C Cummings, D Leet I I irtiei Graham -I Hazen, D. Stadelraarj Slichter Bierman House joined ith three other bouses of Sin-li- ter Hall to form their governing body. These three houses cooperated in an open house for the dorm where everyone had a wonderful time. In February the Slichter Formal was held, and March marked the faculty tea. Barbara Zole was the girl chosen to represent Bierman House on the I. .II. A. Cabinet. An annual Service Project was held liy the cooperating houses. Gavin House chose Suzanne Frank as their represents live to the L.H.A. Cabinet. These girls, all residents of Slichter Hall, cooperated in the Slichter (pen House, their dorm formal, faculty tea, annual service project, and Par- em ' - Weekend. The girls of Gavin House participated in many of the fun-packed activities planned by the social chairman and found thai this year offered a premium ol events to take part in. Givin House— First Row: M. Rosenberry, L. Polacheck, M. Kramer, M. Manz, B. Turner, V. lullick, ( ' . Tetik, P. Murry. Second Row: S. 130 Neu,G Johnston.R Bauer, A Weiss, J. Quinn, C Gauger, M. Vlasaty, C Raj Third Row: N. Lemke, J. Griffith, B. Heinrich, D. Basarich, P. Erb, J. Glasgow, M. Fitzgerald, J. Oberts, S Kalmer, C. May. C. Tegtmi - NJ - i oldberg House— First Row: G T lor, J Peters I Brittoi B Buzic, L. Fields, K. Gordon, S. Schmidt, N. Roembke, ] Bi Second Row: L. Korsch, S. Wnerfel, E. Richter, R Scoville, S. Call, J. Fernette, D McCormick, A. Bizzio, ( Bos R Erkkila, K Vrnold, C Zol- icoffer. Third Row: C. Ahlstrom, S. Xiemi, A. Pfistei M Cowles, J. McCarthy, K. Crawford, C. Pessin, K tasen, R Roamer, M Olson Goldberg House was one of the four cooperating houses n Slichter Hall. The officers for the combined houses were is follows: Elizabeth Blumberg, presidenl : Ilona Mattson, ice-president; Elizabeth Rosenberry, secretary; Nancy Eloembke, treasurer; Diane Stadelman, social c " dinator; Claudia Britton, activity coordinator; and Lynn Tarzy, judicial coordinator. Together these girls planned the activities for the houses of Slichter Hall. Luedke House chose Kathleen Cecchini as it represent- ative i " i1h- l.II Cabinet These girls all worked on Slichter ' s annual service project, with Janice Griffith as Chairman. In the spring they helped t " sponsor a Parent ' s Weekend which was held by the whole dorm. Their main activity tor the month of February was the Slichter I or- mal which took much time and planning on everyone ' s part. The girls also held an Open House in December. Luedke House — First Row: Browne, K. Cecchini, M. Weiss, A. Holter, I. Rosenberry, I Mattson, G. 1 • rrave. Second Row: P. Roller, , S. Klessig, C Fredrich, S Gifford, B. R let, P Siehr.J. Wikelund, ( ' . Him,,. Third Row: P. Walters, S. Ewert, J. Rice, I Er- on, K. Nepscha, M. Burik, I! Clay. r. _ .Ll-.- A d m % a - - - - ; — - - . M Ij _______ ■■ , v » A . - til-.- " ;- : 3Kvv a Bui.: ' - • - I ; J . ¥ I h Richardson Hojse— First Row: K. Englebrecht, V. Kutzke, M. Hirsley, I). Christensen, N. Coughlan, W. Turbey, F. Petiniot, R. Ehlen- feldt, M. Thaker. Second Row: R. Stulihc l . Buell, M. Kslahani, i). Henricks, L. Schwantes, I). Cornwall, R. Blattberg, T. Manix, B. Cutting. Third Row: P. Slugg, I. Ostergaard, F. ECallio, R. Johnson, 1). Kind, F. Srhwertfeger, I . Tavlor, (i. Norland, A. Wells, T. Laeser. Fourth Row: J. Baldwin. D. Wiens, J. Burkholder, C. Winter, II. Sanford, A. Johns, C. Tuff, I). Gajafsky. Richardson House headed by Wilson Turbey began the year with several listening parties coupled with exchange dinners. While Charles Chesney, social chairman, planned a hayride, a theme party, and Dormsylvania; Tom Carroll, athletic chairman, made preparations for the year ' s sports calendar. Richardson further participated in campus life by joining the Model U.N. in which Alike Hirsley, vice- president, worked with Dennis Christensen, secretary. Siebecker House had a full social calendar which included listening parties, exchange dinners, and a Schlitz Feast — all planned by Peter Ihle and Paul Eberman. Paul Klug, president, likewise led the dorm in the annual Model United Nations program. Assisting Paul were Marty Wolff, vice-president and secretary; Mike Skinners, business manager and .Mike Strysar, athletic chairman. 334 Siebecker Housj— First Row: B. Fuller, I). Williams, R. Hralovetz, P. Kluu. 1). Murray. B. Campbell, K. Kivi, M. Stupar, A. Hoel. Second Row: 1 ' . Eberman, H. Pier. B. Lalasy, B. Bade, T. Gregory, B. Dopp, K. Een, L. North, S. Sobota, 1). Schlising. Third Row: T. Avery, T. V ler. ( ' . Meulemans, 1). Elger, M. Grimm, M. Shinners, J. Gable, P. Straub, J. Woyke, B. Burke. K. Dhiratsyakinant, D. Western. It fit -MM.; ' f % iriraw u mi Tarrant House — First Row: D. Miller, L. Nicoson, E. Minis, W. Davis, K. Magnusen, P. Carls • Frick, G. H - Second Row: K. Mistad. J. Martelle. L. Rackow, J. Lawlsr, V. Conine, F. Roger?. E. Priepke. J. Buchrmnn. R. Hale, T. Janke Third Row: J. William?. T. Smith. J. Basten. J. Fusch, R. Welker. J. Rioart. G. Tnompson. M. Sargent. A. Bayless, D. Joy. F. Ji hnson. Fourth Row: oslund, E. Rahn. T. Johnson. 1). Rie lemann, S. Britten. R. Quisling, D. B - ier. P. Mollema, D. Wittchow. Tarrant House had a full year which included a house party, exchange dinners and a banquet at the end of the year — all planned by Karl Magnusen and Bill Conine. Under the leadership of Tom Duex the dorm par- ticipated in all athletic events, and was also aided in the Model U.N. program by Peter Carlson, president. Other Tarrant officers included Lonnie Ostrom, vice- president : Ward Davis, secretary-treasurer. Winslow House began this year by planning and partici- pating in the Homecoming display program with Snow House. Don Demitros and Lynn Mellenthin. social chair- men, planned exchange dinners, listening parties, and a final banquet. While these boys were arranging the social highlights. James Peterson, president: John Thresher, vice-president : Mike Quirk, secretary-treasurer and Marty Rummer, athletic chairman, also pursued their duties. Winslow House — First Row: M. Kummer. L. Mellenthin. H. Kalt, E. Koch. J. Thresher. J. Peterson. R. Hemming. J. Ward. T. Sheffield. R. Bong. D. Dettner. Second Ryw: J. Erickson, 1). Demitros, H. Adkins. G. Marcks, R. Holming. R. Nelson. J. Marquart, M. Quiik. G. Schink. P. (ilasheen. P. Kaiser. B. Chudik. Third Row: J. Peterson. J. Xowicki. S. Xamekawa. B. T. Adams. R. Monk. E. Laskcs, J. Xickol- son. R. Bergwin. P. ' ' Brien. V. Morfaer, P. Congdon, P. Sweedy. t ff % ' ' ' • Z — ' «►.» 335 i iM ► Kahlenberg House — First Row: M. Libman, V. Wieland, J. Ghent, L. Kaun, J. Buhl, P. Haney, G. Petrick, J. Berg, R. Schleger, J. Scharver, .! Taylor, D. Friestad. Second Row: J. Palmevi, W. Herrmann, T. Maun, L. Schlicke, J. Stowers, J. Dalton, .1. Bell, G. Desmond, T. Ken- nedy, J Hardina, R. Posekany, M. Brillman, 1). Hildebrand, L). Pride. Third Row: J. Multer, B. Makavewicz, V. Malsch, J. Hansen, W. Zarwell, M. Urban, K. Koscik, .1. Antonic, R. Curreri, R. Gelet, C. Ringrose, G. Kalv, S. Vite, M. Schmerling. Fourth Row:C. Yelton, B. Clark. ( ' Feiereisen, P. McGillivray, M. Dries, L. Tobert, M. Cox, .1. McCabe, R. Allison, (i. Vesperman, V. Kami, L. Paulson, 1). Enerson. Elm Drive B Kahlenberg House Led by Ronald Schleger, assisted by Jerry Petrick, had a full calendar this past year. Gerald Lock and Patrick Haney, social chairmen, planned a sing- out with Liz Waters, a Play Boy pa rty, and an annual hop scotch tournament with Cool House. They also arranged exchange dinners, listening parties, and a dinner dance. Other officers were Loren Kaun, secretary; Jim Taylor, treasurer and Jim Bohl, athletic chairman. McNeel House joined with Cool Hall to capture third place with their Homecoming display. After acquiring this title, James Peterson began planning other social events which included exchange dinners, open houses, a mas- querade party, and a Badger song festival. Other officers who helped plan these activities included: Jay Hersch, president; Kick Whittey, vice-president; Gene Strauss, secretary; Bob Hanneman, treasurer. 336 McNeel House— First Row: 1!. Whitty, R. Antonie, X. Wold, E. Penney, .1. Petersen, J. Hersch, W. Nicki lai. I). Smith, J. Fanslau. Second Row: I). Johnson, K. Jacobus, R. Hockney, 1). Siegrist, E. Christensen, S. Felix, R. Blecker, T. Wolff, 1). Goldenberg, D. Moel, L. Helm- brecht, B. Luedke, J. Gerlach, B. Blumberg. Third Row: ( ' . Scheel, B. Mannaberg, G. Wolfe, F. Van Sickle, L. Veazel, G. Watts, B. Rhode, J. Lutze, B. Olson, G. Lilienstein, D. Schroeder, B. Blister, B. Fogarty. Fourth Row: ( ' . Silvestri, W. Tarrolly, E. Higgi ns, B. Hemmings, .1. Sanger. B. Csuw. 1). Davis, 1.. Nelson, S. Levenson, 1.. Nelson, .1. Coleman, 1). Ellefson. t l I I. V — d, 3 ♦ -•• illiVl Mead House— First Row: ( !. Perso, W. Marks, R. Czaplinski, R. Grosz, R. Lindstrom, I). Harmes, D. sg !.( ' . Page, V. Maaske, R. Gunder- son. Second Row: 1). Meyer, T. Bardeen, I J. Kasuboski, R. Egebrecht, C. Stauifacher, I, . Schmidt, I, Wendt, T. Eaworth, D Reich, .1 Grdues R. Schilling, H. Wake, A. Flashinski, T. Koppe. Third Row: R. Cox, T. Mueller, R. Nachreimer, G. Stulgaitis, J. Topping, R. Tesch, ( ' . Roup 1). Hayes, S. Karp, A. Wachter, T. Juchniewich, R. Tetzloff, W. Wartinbee, S. Bruderle Fourth Row: V. Hoffman, F. Bernardoni l Strem- lau, R. Messer, T. Murphy, R. Collette, P. Guzelian, C. Beck, J. Rosenow, P. Dann, A. Kull. .1. Beckwith Mead House led by Richard Lindstrom had a full sched- ule this year. William Maaske. social chairman, planned exchange dinners, coffee hours after the football games, and a stag picnic. Other dorm activities included a house banquet at the end of the year and a French party. Also leading this busy group were Ronald Grosz, vice-president ; Dave Osgood, secretary; Charles Page, treasurer and Richard Czaplinski. Millar House had a full social calendar ably planned by John Miller. Among the activities were: listening parties, a hayride. a dinner dance, and a house banquet at the end of the year. The other officers — Bill Kirkpatrick, president: Larry Bates, vice-president; Bruce Kirkhan, secretary; Charles Allen, treasurer and Steve Edwards, athletic chairman — likewise joined in working on the Homecoming display with Elsom Hall. Millar House— First Row: ( ' . Allen. P. Lane, ,J. Milek, J. Miller, W. Kirkpatrick, ( ' . Lund, L. Betts, B. Kiikham. I). Owens, F. Konz, J. Schroeder, A. Arpke. Second Row: M. Ford, L. Hillary, P. Ogren, J. Oertl, A. Stubbe, J. Imhof, N. Bleuer, J. Gravitis, N. Koenig, M. Miller, C. Antholt, D. Joy, R. Wallber, J. Jensen. Third Row: F. Gassner, L. Bohm, T. Host, F. Steinbach, K. Pippert, R. Erlien, R. Koshner, B. Schwoegler, J. Donner, T. Jackson. M. ( rumtz, I ». Flanigan, S, Klix, B. ( iannon, ( t. Mayer. Fourth Row: J. Schroeder, L. Schmidt, A. Stadt- haus, K. Heckert. G. finger, S. Edwards, F. Host, 1). Sohlberg, J. Behnke, 1). Badman, M. Hanson, N. Maurogenis, J. Mohr, D. Schendel. I , I ' , 111 n i n iMkiMiiill M i Ci f ?JLf ! tf 337 A t f I - i t f? i«|f t •? I ft to % f% fa 4 fMf. ' If Phillips House — First Row: ( ' .. Woldt, I.. Layman, D. Binder, E. Bartz, B. Griffin, G. Bushland, H. Stankovsky, J. Asmus, J. Kroesch, R. Heidel, L. Larsen. Second Row: V. Rowe, R. Cook, R. Kamrath, R. Markos, J. Kernin, N. Hormuzdiar, M. Levin, R. Andersen, R. Meier, C. Erickson, R. Decker, H. Nechvatal, R. Christensen, W. Severson, A. Zaug, I). Rice, (1. Dollinger, M. Seiler. Third Row: D. Gremban, G. Schwantes, i. Vogel, L. Norgaard, T. Hebert, I). Hoesly, W. Hermann, P. Lillegren, P. McGinnis, S. Ruesch, R. Solomon, J. Bellas, R. Peterson, R. Matlie. 1). Krueger, K. Dekker. Fourth Row: 1). Grosnick, M. Serdynski, R. Huber, J. Joyt, P. Van Every, C. Helmer, F. Dirn- bauer, 1). Christensen, 1 . Hunter, J. Mastalski, J. Laprest, J. Koshou, W. West, R. Sanderson, R. Slaby, P. Bird, W. Weisendanger, R. Riley. Elm Drive C Phillips House was led by president Gary Bushland this year. They gol into the swing of things at homecoming by building a display and participating in Yell Like Hell with Pyre, Cool, and Henmon houses. The house held several buffet dinners, house parties and the annual Las Vegas ( rambling Party. The list of officers is completed by vice- president Jim Kroesch, treasurer Dave Binder, athletic chairman Bob Stankovsky, social chairman Edward Bartz. Pyre House was led in the year ' s activities by president Frank Coulter and vice-president John Larsen. The tradi- tional " Pyre ' s Inferno " party was led by social chairmen Dennis Michele and Ken Cohen who also organized buffet dinners, a hayride, and Christmas party. The house par- ticipated in Yell Like Hell and was active in intramural sports. Jim Hoben was the LHA representative; secretary was Tim Lathers and treasurer was Gerald Orlando. 338 Pyre House — First Row: P. Middleton, G. Orlando, J. Hoben, L. Cohen, C. Reigel, F. Coulter, H. Christensen, J. Larson, D. Michele, R. rregory, J. Movizzo, J. Lathers, D. Keegan. Second Row: V. Peters, T. Haen, D. LaRock, M. Ostrander, (i. Ayrault, Y. DuBord, K. Tank, A. Janes, D. Drier, M. Juneau, K. Trautwein, L. Duetsch, J. Ebersberger, G. Erkan, C. Jahn. Third Row: J. Stalter, J. Isakson, T. Fitz- Gibbon, G. Meyer, G. Miller, T. Gilmore, R. Lowe, S. Seal, R. Johnson, W. Saffran, D. Krueger, C. Norman, R. Jacobzaai, D. Hoffman, J. Aarestad, T. Krueger, H. Goldberg. Fourth Row: ( 1. Maas, J. Ashman, J. Heinze, T. Muench, J. Mueklin, X. Brown, J. Weiss, L. Erickson, J. Krueger, B. Johnson, R. Langlass, W. Eaton, D. Boutell, T. Gasser, S. Sanders, R. Florian. ■f.f-f f-4 " if f f v .. , f f f f " 1 1 i „ „ ♦ nm mm 4 n ff ■ I Rundell House— First Row: J. Mavrogenis. V. Lowell, M. Sheehan, L. Petri man. C. Masters, W. Donnelly, C. Chevedden, T. Rieder, T. Haugen, R. Farmer, F. Reichardt. Second Row: S. Kraut, H. Bennett, J. Olson, R. Bennett, R. Glennon, R. Giese, R. Frain, W. Foley, J. Davison, P. Grunwald, T. Graika, R. Kramer. Third Row: (1. Teseh, T. Moore. M Mauley, 1). Meier, M. Karon, C. Ernst, G. Froming, E. Rekstren, R. Weix, D. Stamm, R. Scheuerell, E. Doss, J. Heksten. Fourth Row: H. Schasse, J. Jackson, A. Sehneidewind, (1. Koppleman, K. Stahl, J. Fusek, W. Johnson, D. Korff, D. Newman, G. Bell, S. Wolfe, T. Parr, B. Johnson. Rundell House made a Homecoming float that inquired " Green door, what ' s that secret you ' re Keeping? " Henmon House was the girls dorm that helped on the float. There was no question about the success of their several listen- ing parties and exchange dinners which spotted the social schedule. The school year was brought to a close at the annual year end banquet. The office of president was filled by Chris Masters, with Mike Sheehan as vice-president. Steve House ' s president, (den Van Wormer, was ably assisted in the management of affairs by John Naumann, vice-president; Jerry Sondreas, secretary and Roger Hol- lands, treasurer. During the administration of these offi- cers, the men of Steve enjoyed a successful athletic year. Their social calendar was highlighted by listening parties with various houses, weekend dance parties, and a hay- ride which happily terminated at Knob Hill. Steve House—First Row: D. Hayes, J. Blackmail, R. Hollands, D. Heller, B. Koslo, G. Van Wormer, J. Xaumann, D. Zuege, P. Sondreal, J. Hands. Second Row: M. Stout, R. Zanio, M. Kjelson, R. Xienhuis, P. Arnold, J. Wachs, H. Brandt, J. Rattmann, D. Hiser, C. Jensen, J. Houlder. Third Row: L. Schmidt, J. Sugar, J. Schmidt, M. Saponjic, G. Stoltz, F. Wilson, L. Maslowski, T. Verage, W. Marquardt, T. Thoss, W. Randall, not identified, R. Netz. Fourth Row: R. Dallmann, D. Childs, J. Herman, A. Perme, C. Tuerk, R. Tedeschi, R. Selsberg, J. Papke, R. Alexander, L. Luebke, W. Boetti, S. Sweet, K. Wudtke. | I ? " f f ' f 339 » J - Chamberlain House— First Row: M. l ' liilps, 1 ' . Ascher, F. Wileman, V. Clair, J. Baumgartner, L. Maercklein, L. Schneckloth, 1). Stein, L. Spitz, L. Klempen, L. Fawbush. Second Row: M. Feinstein, P. Green, M. Carroll, R. Kelly, V. Rath, R. Kistner, H. Zogleman, M. Wilhelm, J. Sacharski, R. Hanson, It. Horn, J. Walch, J. Cannon, J. Wickre. Third Row: M. Schaefer, R. Abel, B. Jones, M. Ramsey, V. Boldt, J. Brens, R. Jensen, V. Rosm, I). Wade, R. Zimmerman, Y. Gaffney, A. Naysmith, R. Hintz, J. Baesemann. Fourth Row: R. Stoddard, J. Marshall. R. Adam, C. Anderson, T. Gibson, R. Tisdale, J. Leklem, ] . Waters, I). Serwer, Y. Wangerin, J. Pane, R. Stanhope, J. Hohman, 1). KellogK. J- Dunst. Kronsage Chamberlin House, having been the football champions of the dorms last season, again actively participated in intramural dorm sports. Their Homecoming display, done with Anderson House, was entitled " Songs of the Buck- eyes. " Chamberlin residents also enjoyed exchange din- ner.- and listening parties with various girls ' dorms. Officers were John Baumgartner, president; Leslie Maercklein, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Conover House had as the object of their pursuit a w len dragon. The ferocious beast was the mascot of Showerman House. Another annual tradition, the spring banquet, was planned and executed successfully. " Big John " was the subject and theme of Conover ' s Home- coming display. Leading the house this year were presi- dent, Peter Smapi; vice-president, Philip Yevitis, secre- tary, Floyd Rohde and social chairman Bob Belluce. 340 Conover House — First Row: R, Laubenstein, J. Borgwardt, K. Iiazilauskas, D. Gatti, P. Yurtis, P. Sampe, F. Shekore, W. Harvey, K. Zamzow, 1). Oelke, H. Bellucci. Second Row: W. Koeslin, P. Koerwitz, P. Werth, E. Stoelting, W. Mors,, W. Haynes, W. Dyke, T. Schlomer, R. Fuss, E. Schmitz, R. Harrigan, 1). Herold, T. Derleth. Third Row: V. Bergelin, W. Zemke, E. Kooistra, I . McNamee, M. Townsley, B. Remmel, 1). Wright, L. Zielsdorf, B. Perronne, l. Grant, A. Stolz, F. Cornido, B. Chmielewski, It. Hanson, F. Williamson. Fourth Row: 1 . Brooks, « ;. Kirk. ( ;. Kuswa, P. Peshek, 1 ' . Zur, S. King, M. Dufrane, K. Christiansen, X. Topitzes, A. Dunham, T. Wendt, W. ( (echslein, W. Tesnow, T. Harrington. f ' .? t f J A r- f ? t « r t - . n 1 1 w Gilman House— First Row: H. Jacobsen, M. Van Duser, H. Moore, S. Smith, J. Wussow, R. Rohda, A. Shinners, P. De Braal, P.. lancy, R. Palzer, J. McCall. Second Row: J. Thorson, J. Waltenberry, J. Bruels, K. Hemauer, D., R. Cusick, A. Wambach, Neuendorf, A. Prom, S. Giermann, 1 . Oberts, L. Bartz, D. Ludtke, I). Schueffner. Third Row: X. Spivack, J. Held, J. Stevens, B. Dahl, A. Rutter, P. Clinton, J. Feren, J. Mai, R. Radue, .1. Kreuzer, T. Westerman, L. Howie. R. Blum. B. Perlmutter, A. Beaber. Fourth Row: S. Zink, .J. Holy, K. McCauliffe, J. Klinefelter, G. Wallace, S. Weber, W. Polzin, B. Mitby, L. Merrill. J. Kopulos, R. Huchthausen, A. Miller, R. Pillath, H. Van I tyke, L. Smith. Gilman House had the accent on athletics this year, with many residents participating in dormitory intra- mural sports. Pete DeBraal served as " Head Coach " of Gilman ' s men, Bob Palzer, " assistant coach, " Bob Clan- cey, " score keeper " and " accountant. " Other officers were Rod Rohda, L.H.A. representative, and Dick Cusick and Jim Wussow, social chairmen. An autumn dance and ex- change dinners during the year were enjoyed by all. Jones House and Chadbourne Hall cooperated in the construction and decoration of their joint Homecoming display, the theme of which was " His Master ' s Voice. " Interesting themes were also carried out at " The Royal Palms Party " and the " Hard Times Party. " Awards were presented to the outstanding freshman, the " Top Tale Teller, " and the outstanding senior. President of the house was Pen Belstner, and Damn Zimmermann, vice-pres. Jones House —First Row: J. Martin. X. Smith. (1. Krause, P. Sinclair. T. Herlache, L. Belstner. A. Hemmy, P. Sherrill. Y. VanderHeiden, I). Zimmerman, T. Hunsader. Second Row: M. Bensink, J. Herlache. D. Louzeekv, X. Thomson, K. Trachte, X. ButtenhorT, 1). Snyder, 1.. Checki, J. Murphy, R. Shafer, L. Larson, G. Tenpas, R. Kazmierczak, M. Berry, 1). Kellisvig. Third Row: H. Johnson, 1). Lehocky, J. Kubasta, W. Williams, W. Horstman, .1. Hussa, .J. Meyer, A. Cross, P Peterson. D. Hildebrand, D. Peterson, .1. Baumgardt, J. Hoffomann, R. Jacob, R. Mennozi, P. Dettman, P. Becker. Fourth Row: I . Novak, D. Ruston, P. Kania, S. Ringwood, A. Siefert, M. Haves, A. Rashkin, G. Gutche, L. Zippin, I). Merins, I). Haupt, D. MacArthur, K. Krasavage, A. Nau, B. Hendriks, K. Krueger, L. Krajewski, J. Youngbauer. ei .A f 4P 1Z Xi 341 . •|. II- i WT $ K MJKiw l ;t tt.tfflMl ifi % 11 . V ' V i j ».fj :: !» « Mack House— First Row: 1 . Reichard, W. Danklefsen, F. Zuerner, J. Franey. J. Walden, K. Cisewski, 1). Manor, F. Mitrzyk, N. Radtke, R. Bartman, A. Baumgardt, A. Peters, D. Prill, A. Skinner. Second Row: I). Cawley, M. Michaelson, J. Meske, B. Martindale, W. Harden, M. Schumann, F. StehUng, D. DuBord, J. Kososki, T. Traeder, B. Gramen, B. Aderhold, L. Ingalla. Third Row: J). Rody, 0. Kraus, M. Biggin, A. Tresness, J. Gilbertson, T. Winkler, S. Smith, V. Nehrlich, L. LaFountain, M. Murphy, A. Thornburg, E. Peters, P. Naus, J. Wright, P. Gonsigny, G. Chipman, J. Prochnow, R. Mieheau . Fourth Row: R. Winter, S. Carlson, R. Nichols, D. Orienti, W. Doos, C. Keyes, 1). Hladilek, J. Arter, R. Kommel, B. Staller, J. Borchardt, J. Goodrich, E. Wcidenfeld, F. Rabat, E. Birge, D. Snyder, K. Schomburg, J. Alyea. Mack House earned a name for itself in the athletic world by placing second in the intramural football com- petition. Several traditions were carried out this year by the residents of Mack, such as the Freshman Mixer, a formal dance, and the yearly " Igloo Party. " Mack ' s men also displayed " Tenting Tonight " during the festivities of Homecoming. Officers were Don Manor, president ; Jack Walden, vice-pres. and Neil Radtke, secretary. Showerman House gave a " My Fair Lady " party in honor of their fair dates. Several girls ' houses were enter- tained at exchange dinners at various times throughout the year. The Powder Bowl, an established custom, was held once again with Buck House. The men of Showerman enjoyed all aspects of campus life with Tom Schmitt, as president; Bill Amerson, vice-president and Mike Muenz- berg, secretary and treasurer. Showerman House — First Row: W. Amers 1). Kling, R. Larscn, T. Schmidt, B. Anagnos, R. Hassett, M. Muenzberg, R. De Bries, R. Blarney, L. Merrill, M. Soley. Second Row: J. Wieland, V. Herbrand, J. Krueger, E. Sehnke, T. Oswald, S. Hegard, J. Kling, T. Reich, D. Hansen, K. Steele, B. Thelen, M. Bitter, A. Kaiser. Third Row: J. Rosenau, P. Woodman, R. Timm, P. Blumberg, R. La Rose, J. Wolf, P. Meagher, J. Miller, E. Pelton, R. Black, It. Cairns, J. Tans, F. Schmidt, T. Willoughby, R. Walsh, B. Nichols. Fourth Row: ]). Heltness, T Mather, K. Strebig, A. Anthony, V. Strobush, J. Lawton, D. Gillespie, R. Burnkrant, J. Truesdale, P. Loughlin, R. Plenge, B. Deboer, S. Snamiska, I). Tvmus, (1. Device, P. Miller. 342 % m ■ f t t-t ft " % m S0 ' if + +s 9 : _, ■ n t t f ft f » J f H t til If r V • m i • A - . Swenson House— First Row: S. Smith, R. Burritt, L. Becker, R. Darcy, L. Jenson, J. Schultheis, V. Walker, I). Hulett, A. Husky, J. Holli- day, J. Leatherman. Second Row: J. AJbitz, L. Poleman, S. Leahy, J. Evans, D. Swanson, I). Gardaner, T. Horrall, G. Hesse, I). Montaban, H. ' Boutel, J. Bsrhuber, A. Van Art, J. Hick. Third Row: P. Naze, M. Durante, L. Fredrickson, A. Merton, M. Anderson, P. Jacobus, R. Fremuth, J. Haluska, R. Guttschow, W. Ruth, C. Tiede, E. Bennett, W. Fedderspeil, P. Hemquist, Fourth Row: R. Budio, I). Roebke, J. Saver, B. Cuppen, D. Pipconn, M. Sponholz, L. Runzhormen, R. Thrun, G. Zach, D. Delwicho, S. Walker, J. Gildersleeve, N. Greezer. Swenson House, led by president John Schultheis, par- ticipated in many activities this year. Their social season was highlighted by the annual Club Maze house party. They participated in Yell Like Hell and the homecoming parade; a dinner dance, buffet dinners, listening parties, and house banquets completed the activities. Vice-presi- dent Ted Voss, secretary-treasurer Lynn Becker, and social chairman Terral Meidaner assisted the president. Turner House was led by president Thomas Donegan and vice-president Orrin Gabsch. Social events included a limbo party, buffet suppers, and banquet; the house also worked on a homecoming display. A feature of their Christmas season was a " Happy Hours " party for the handicapped. The house was represented on the football team by Elmar Ezerins. The social chairmen were Bill Mondloch and Ralph Rosignold; treasurer, Carl Filipowicz. Turner House — First Row: S. Lawton, D. Berryman, E. Twesme, R. Ott, T. Donaldson, L. Cosentine, R. Rosignolo, P. Andrews, S. Wilmeth, W. Schwaab. Second Row:D. Sawyer, J. Stoddard, J. Head, M. Marcheske, O.Gabsch, W. Veatch, R. Rosenfield, T. Laatsch, W. Steinhelper, R. Ries, S. Cummings. Third Row: E. Rowlands, J. Twesme, R. Schroedcr, A. Krouse, S. Wolfgram, G. Stevenson, T. Jeske, S. Bankert, J. Maxfeldt, P. Palmby, J. Lawrence, 1 ' . Wieland, D. Retzlaff. 343 I .l.t.t M fit M ! " Iff ? 1 V 1 Brvan House— First Row: W. Zdun, D. Daniels, T. Sharratt, H. Hamlyn, M. Rubinowitz, J. Sullivan, D. Schend, V. Thompson, J. Gehl, C. Aslakson. Second Row: L. Thomas, I.. Findling, J. Amberson, J. Haider, G. Gygax, R. Usher, V. Wayte, G. Kurtz, W. Martz, W. Alston, R. Casey. Third Row: W. Hanson, J. Koch, G. Jaeger, M. Letvin, M. Zubatsky, A. Scheer, L. Strong, A. Watson, D. .Martz, J. Wellauer, M Bills, M. MeFarlane. Fourth Row: B. Buhmann, .1. Duchow, T. Torhorst, J. Bingan, L. Svitavsky, C. Steinhardt , ft. Phelps, D. Carter, I). Hanewall, G. Reinhard, W. dales, R. Pamperin. Sullivan Bryan House was led by president John Sullivan and vice-president Sam Benner, who was also secretary. The social season was highlighted by a Roman Party; other house parties, buffet dinners, and the spring and fall house banquets. The house was represented in athletics by Wayne Hansen in fencing and Leo Svitavsky in football. The list of officers is completed by treasurer Tom Schar- ratt and social chairmen Dick Schend and Leo Svitavsky. Leopold House, home of the " Leopold Lions, " was led by president Dave Lemke and vice-president Bob Brown. Their social events included buffet dinners, listening par- ties, picnics, and Garbageman ' s Ball. The house took part in intramurals led by athletic chairmen Dave Belonger and John Schoengrund. Louis Holland, Greg Kent, and Larry Howard in football, and Tom Johnson and Bill Bir- mingham in swimming were among house athletes. 344 Leopold House — First Row: R. Brown, I . Peterson, B. Whitmer, J. Parsons, D. Lewke, J. Zwakman, 1!. Newton, J. Schoengrund, B. Link, 1 . Kiissuu . Second Row: T. Teske, .1. Caldwell, R. Horswill, .1. Anderson, D. Schadeburg, K. Kitelinger, S. Helmstead, H. Kilmi, H. Misser- iuan, M. Schwartz, W. Nelson. Third Row: P. Burbey, D. Belanger, R. Gunderson, B. Caldwell, R. Wolfe, M. Carr, E. Higgenbottom, L. Holland, E. Richards, M. Petcnnan, R. Deaner. Fourth Row: .1. Baker, K. Klein, M. Smoody, R. Bursch, 1). Showers, E. Von Heimburg, 1). Gerend, E. Kent, T. Johnson, J. Zuelke, R. Hockers, R. Hottman. inaiijii . .1 " V . ■■ S fciJI ' iliJIIl t r McCaffery House— First Row: ( i. Hrubecky, 1 . Hendrickson, T. Baer, P. Henks, L. Snyder, R. Howell, R. Peterson, W. Ahrnsbrak, 1 (.Chuckel, P. Bjork. Second Row: C. Fonstad, R. Haas, (). Peters M. Pautch, T. Lawaon, M. Clurman, T. Abraham, J. Johnson, P. McMillin, C. Barkin, A. Muchin, S. Schoenfeld. Third Row: R. Thering, P. Strieby, S. Haagensen, J. Ptacek, P. Thoreson, D. Dixon, A. Roethe, R. Ja- blonka, i. Wood, V. Pagel, W. Clemen, T. Benthling, J. Wildermuth. Fourth Row: C. Palmer, G. Gries, I). Jaeger, R. Senkbeil, K. Wood, T. Heir, I). Stewart, R. Schweer, Y. Holden, J. Nettles, R. Grabowski. McCaffrey House was led by president and vice-presi- dent Richard Howell and Bill Ahrmsbrak respectively. A feature of the social season was the annual Shipwreck Party; other events included house parties, buffet dinners, and a dinner dance. Social chairmen were Dick Peterson and Dick Greenblatt. Athletes residing in the house in- cluded Merritt Norvell, Jim Nettles, Tom Gwyn, and Don Hendrickson. Paul Henke was sec. : Dennis Chuchel, treas. Olson House was host to a " Sleepy Hollow " party which turned out to be a great hit for all the men and their dates. Russell Hanson, president; and Dick Bergstrom, vice-president; helped the guys build their Homecoming float, which was entitled " William Tell " . During foot- ball season they held a listening party with the 4th floor of Chadbourne Hall. Social chairman, Jim Bruin, also arranged " Kick Off Club " , their fall formal. Olson House— First Row: I). .Stephens, J. Bruins, E. Egan, J. Richter, R. Hanson, M. Werner, P. Strang, R. Cobb, R. Bergstrom. Second Row: R. Smith. 1). Christianson, W. Patehett, K. Quintenz, K. Milkowski, E. Molander, R. Molander, J. Roemer, R. Fritz, R. Alvin, C. Jansch, L. Oelke. Third Row: J. Pittelman, W. Wedeward, ( ' . Voss, I). Rarick, H. Beckerdite, T. MeGrath, D. Hintz, J. Bempel, J. Taylor, K. Ruthmansdorfer, T. Davies, J. Wolf, J. Mathison. Fourth Row: A. Simmons, (i. Weisfeld, (i. Hildebrandt, K. Kapp, R. Hammett, J. Alt- 345 maim. R. Bautch, T Laupp, J. Albright, R. Chana, T. Seminaro, K. Libman, T. Carpenter. i ' fl i " f 1 ' iCI : 1 ' " ■: il [ • 1 ' si r 51 ■C - 111 Ir tfpjT ' Fjl,] If I I 3 fS t v A 5 j| 9 • f m ' p ' % m M • f i 3 % V J m flit Mm m wHFh 111 limm 8 ' m If , ' ml V i t i i V r ft m Ab fh I V Bashford House — First Row: L. Junes, R. Swartz, D. Baron, S. Jasperson, H. Garwood, G. Swingley, D. Bangert, G. Nygro, L. Jeske. Second Row: K. Man. J. Zervrick, I. AJzuhn, 1). Wtipil, R. Wilner, A. Feucht, W. Harlan, F. Theus, J. Blint, D. Patek. Third Row: J. Scott, D. Marker, D. Dumke, G. Hoffschmidt, H. Rueter, G. Miller, J. Damrow, C Lassmann. M. Hanneman, R. Piltz, G. Calvert. Fourth Row: D. Tomcz k, V. Mining, M. Huff, J. Gross, D. Kedrowski, J. Giblictti, J. Krzewina, ' lv Robinson, H. Smith. Tripp Bashford House, whose slogan is " Bashford est op- timus, " was led by president Steve Jasperson and vice- president Jerry Culvert. Social events, including buffet dinners, coffee hours, caroling, and house parties, were directed by social chairmen Jim Gross and Dave Wtipil. A highlight of their athletic activities was a football game with Henmon house. They were represented in football by Don Bangert. Dave Baron was secretary-treasurer. Botkin House celebrated the arrival of spring with a trip to Devil ' s Lake for a picnic. The " Botkin Bulldogs " were led this year by John Kussmaul, president; and Dale West by, vice-president. The guys held a " Study Break " party with Unit 3 of Liz which was arranged by Dennis Maki, social chairman. The residents enjoyed a Coffee Hour which was held after the Illinois foot- ball game. They also held many buffet dinners. Botkin House — First Row: R. Housfeld, K. Deprez, J. Jaeger, J. Golata, J. Kussmaul, I). Westby, S. Schellin, L. Veeser, J. Truebenbach. Second Row: T. Dulde, S. Darvin, J. Miehal, G. Thiel, L. Wendling, V. Gagliano, W. Young, C. Pier, S. Agnew, R. Hein, Y. Tadesse, G. 346 Scherkenbach. Third Row: C. Smith, J. Rudd, C. Schaefer, W. James, T. Kriekard, D. Sehultz, D. Kracht, D. Pitsch, C. Pollex, A. Barry, A. January, G. Corrigan, V. Wedesky, K. Joslyn. - K- ii iU r it ;r-. ft ft f ' ff ? IT. •w W ♦ • Fallows House — First Row: K. Kuehlthau, C. Pettirone, 1 . Cary, G. Wendlandt, J. Conway, B. ( Jape, B. Neumann, F. Borehert, B. Hirsch, V. Ziichls. Second Row: B. Tillman, 1). Railing, J. Davis, M. Fry, K. Kenyon, M. Blomquist, B. Bummel, M. Smith, J. Evans, R. Anderson, J. WaefBer, P. Pett. Third Row: J. Hakinzadeb. J. Chamberlain, R. Willis, B. Kichefski, J. Fillar, A. Sherman, B. Steinborn, J. Nevitt, R. Olson, S. Schechter, D. Horuath, T. Wells. Fallows House, boasting the insignia, " Fallows Kats, " was led by president Fred Borchert this year. Social chair- men Dave Carey and Ben Cape organized buffet dinners, a Halloween party, a Christmas banquet, and house picnic. The intramural teams were organized by athletic chairmen Roger Willis and Joe Chamberlain; Ronald Grosh went out for track. Carson Taylor was vice-president ; Bill Xeuman, secretary and Jim Conway, treasurer. Frankenberger House held the bowling championship for Tripp Hall last year. They also held their 16th annual Hopscotch tournament with Liz, but went down in des- perate defeat. President Bill Fink, was ably assisted by the other officers elected by the house. Bob Pearson served as vice-president and secretary; Ottar Rohrstaff, treasurer; and Harry Leslie, L.H.A. representative. The men held their annual pa jama party during Christmas. Frankenburger House — First Row: J. Thompson, R. Stirn, D. Bloch, H. Leslie, W. Fink, J. Cipperly, R. Moody, . Rohrstaff, L. Larson, J. Lien. Second Row: B. Biermeier, D. Stratman, S. Harrison, D. Lienau, J. Sih, R. Sobania, J. Davies, L. Kempf, D. May, S. Griffin, J. Knoeck, J. Seafe. Third Row: R. Anderson, R. Wilda, R. Thomas, J. Hawkins, D. Rydzewski, J. Peters, I). Claudon, M. Wagner, L. Fassett, G. Steen. D. Rice, D. Fredrickson. 347 ■ • - ,. wm Gregory House— First Row: .1. Lynch, G. Miller, G. Shaffer, J. Sharpee, l . Spate, V. Harvey, li. Lee, F. Bliss, A. Janusas, G. Cobb. Second Row: G. Stelter, K. Banicki, K. Meyer, T. Mikkelson, M. Lynch, I). Loker, I). Kussow, R. Simonson, C. Lang, R. Kroncke, T. Owen. Third Row: R. Burt, E. Quinn, J. Hennig, D. Galkrd, W. Schwartz, R. Kurek, W. Burke, V. Schafer, F. Thies, J. Hanrahan, T. disc, T, Klemme, J. Shapiro. Gregory House ' s annual sleigh ride ended this year in an old-fashioned snowball fight. The men combined efforts with Kiekhofer House to build their homecoming display. They were also the proud possessers of the Tripp Hall football championship. This year the men also initiated what will become the famous Gregory House Turtle Race, presenting a trophy to the house with the fastest turtle. Gary Shaffer served as house president. High House held a " Blue Monday " theme party where couples danced among wash lines filled with the family wash. The men composed their own song entitled " Little High House " . The under-classmen challenged the upper- classmen to a soft ball game and the loser provided re- freshments for all. ( )fficers for the year were Jerry Sitzman, president; James Brophy, vice-president; Larry Schutz, secretary; and Tom Wickman, treasurer. 348 High House- First Row: D. Kl irstrom, D. Vogt, M. Woodke, J. Brophy, J. Sitzman, R. Krizmanic, R. Ebbott, L. Schutz, I., Blair. J. Cohen, [.. Wingblade. Second Row: I). ( Iradc, J. MacLeod. A. Montalband, R. Greene, T. Casiana, T. Wickman, J. Krecji, R. Dakin, E. Dix, C. Wernberg, .1. Beisner. Third Row: L. John, D. Marfilius, J. Mayr, H. Bookholder, R. Lewis, D. Carrig, .1. l ' lnus, T. Schultz, L. Knitter. W. Wendorff, Y. Hartwig, 1). Wantz, 1). Harrigan. Spooner House— First Row: J. Weiss, I). Olds, B. Behnken, J. Jensen, P. Terry, 1). RadlofT, .1. Winkler, R. Olsen. Second Row: J. Taskonis, V. Janusonis, R. Schallert, S. Everts, C. Greene, R. Lulloff, R. Raney, J. Dragon, C. Neitzel, H. Lenius. Third Row: P. Kearns, L. Kmlm, 1. Steidtman, D. Mayer, M. Schnur, R. Gross, J. Glembocki, R. Pierangeli, J. Engstrom, T. Leveroos, T. Furnner. Fouith Row: ( ' . Lauer, V. Jenquin, J. Reichert, J. Magnuson, P. Smedegaard, J. Wegener, T. Blasczyk, E. Dufek. Spooner House offered stone golf clubs as the door prize at their " Flintstone Party. " Bill Norton, social chairman arranged a listening party with Henmon House and a buffet supper with 3rd floor Chadbourne. As a ser- vice project the men held their annual dance with the girls from ( )regon State Girl ' s School. They also partici- pated in all intramural sports. Dick Olsen served as presi- dent assisted by Jack Jensen, vice-president. Vilas House held a " Pre-game Warm Up " party just before the Michigan football game and also held an open house after the game for parents and friends. The men als i got into the swing of things by holding a popular " Limbo Party " . They held a listening party with Scott House and a spring picnic at Devil ' s Lake. New officers were intro- duced at the house banquet. They were Jerome Behrens, president; and Dennis Spiegelberg, vice-president. Vilas House— First Row: J. Goodwin, R. Janiszewski, K. Fenske, W. Wahl, K. Tattle, B. McDonald, W. Koski, K. Drye, J. Backstrand. Second Row: C. Kopper, A. Velgrowsky, S. Krosky, J. Klein, L. Tredrea, D. Spiegelberg, J. Behrens, R. Novotny, J. Carson, E. Baerson, J. Kewley, T. Heinemann. Third Row : ( ' . Decleene, S. Harper, R. Voight, G. Neklewitz, L. Schwartz, D. Kidd, C. Sheerar, D. Scholl, S. Dains, A. De Bruine, J. Bittner, N. Sanders. I ■ " " , O U m .- 1 m Rlfli » 6s 4 k f i. r .ii r li ' .i. " .L : .lf ' PivJ 349 A high scholastic average We were on our own 350 Those midnight brainstorming sessions Independents A place to call home . . . our hemic away from home co-operative living and working ... in Zoe Bayliss and Susan B. Davis . kitchen privileges al . . Solveig and Gilman Houses new swimming pool and splash parties . . . at Lowell Hall . . agriculture co-op . . . Babcock House our own selected group . . . Carroll Hall ' s open house . . . Dave Schreiner House . . . high scholastic average . . . off campus living . . . changes . . . new houses this year . . Solveig, Hermanson, and Susan B. Davis . . . new housemothers and new housefellows . . . our own formals . . . theme parties . . . those midnight brain-storming sessions . . , studying together . . . living together . . . we were on our own . . just a little more independent . . . Our own selected group 351 Ann Emery Ann Emery Hall opened the year with an open house featuring the combo, the Herd. The girls also held a Parents Weekend and each month they held a dinner wuli faculty members. Other social events of the dorm included a Spring Dance in May and Senior Banquet at which underclassmen honored the senior residents Hi ' the hall. Girls from the hall participated as models in a fashion show at Man- chester ' s and also iii the AWS fashion show in which .(ill Slisli, Gretchen Brown, Nan LaChapelle, and Sue Zipprich took part. The dorm also contributed to Campus Chesl and sold back rubs at Persian Market. They contributed to the WS A Symposium Fund and to a fund established for the purpose of purchasing a work by a Wisconsin artist. Active members of the hall included Sandra Styles. cheerleader, and Mary Ann Flewelling, who acted as AWS blood drive chairman. Ann Emery ' s officers this year included Peggy Deutsch, president; Colette Moudrey, vice-president; Sue Niederman, secretary; and Jinky Johannsen, i reasurer. Ann Emery Hall— First Row: J. Sligh, M. Moran, E. Bamett, K. Mann. L. McAllen, J. Klug, P. McVitty, J. Johannsen, P. Deutsch, Mrs. E Thomas, .1. Gutzler, ( ' . Moudry, ( ' . Heim, C. Golz, B. Follett, D. Malnekoff, J. Berger. Second Row: S. Drayton, K. Brennan, B. Schneider S. Warner, L. Brunsting, G. Brown, M. Palmer, L. Puis, C. Griffin, M. Haves, J. Butterbaugh, B. Harloff, M. Newman, S. Fischer, .1. Connell I.. Pattern, P. Nickel Third Row: II. Richards, K. Nelson, M. Noble, J. Osmundson, S. DeWitt, F. Howard, J. Gengler, R. Marone, D. Fletcher L. Wegner, G. Thiede, K. Larson, B. Burbridge, P. Gunner, P. Gardner, V. Balistreri, M B. Jansky, L. Parisi, M. Flewelling, K. Gable. Fourth Row: M. Tjofiat, J. Wells. A. Groth, X. Bryant, P. Shervv, S. Bartsch, M. Norton, S. Baskerville, M. Bryant. M. Holsteen, E. I ' rist, A. Nieman, K. Walton, B. Lustok, M. Muth, E. Nicholl, S. Long. Fifth Row: S. Sappenfield, S. Hutchens, ( ' . Whalen, K. Lopinsky, S. Dine, W. Lipkind, J. Bohri, M. Green, A. Reeves, K. Zimmerman, L. Ulrich, P. Hassler, V. Payne, L. Pearson, .1. Kaska, L. Bowman, K. Anns, K. Perry, M. Van Lent. 352 Colonial Lodge— First Row: C. Moen, M. Goldschmidt, M. Bell, R. Harfield, X. Ming. J. Gorroll, S. Finer, 1. Goldberg, L. Harrington, S. Wojcik. Second Row: B. Salay, J. Blick, S. Levin, I. Selver, E. Hutkowski, ( ' . Gawlowicz, K. Welke, P. Kelley, B. Applezwei?. S. Durward, E. Babrove. Third Row: B. Rubenstein, G. Scheck, J. Orr, C. Byram, E. King, M. May. Foarth Row: R. Fresdlander, B. Willems, B. Baxter, B. Bender, R. Olson, Y. Gregg, E. Hiat, M. Feintuck, . Winkler, X. Blum, P. Frank. K. Rapp, Mrs. Erikson, S. Inoemunson, V. Schneider. Colonial Lodge Colonial Lodge is the newest organized house on campus. It has a capacity of ninety girls and is filled for it- tir-t year. At Colonial Lodge we found a group of girls with a great variety of interests and enjoying opposite activities. President, Yvonne Gregg, said one of the most exciting events was a surprise Christmas Party. Other officers are Meryl Goldschmit, vice-president; Susie Cook, secretary: and Joyce Borowski, treasurer. Cochrane Cochrane House seemed to hold participation in campus activities as one of the most important things in the lives of its 35 residents. The house also participated in many social functions including a beer supper with Triangle. They also held several listening parties. Officers were Lynne Marriette, president; Mickey Hunter, secretary-treasurer: Vivian Valessares, A.W.S. representative; and Lynn Munroe, social chairman. Cochrane House — First Row: A. Draheim, J. Walker, A. Lara m. D. S sverson, S. C.irls n, M. Lawl n. M. Hunter, Mrs. P. Hen Irick, L. Mar- riett, L. Munroe, V. Val. -- ires, J. Walker, L. Wirnh trough. Sscond Row: P. Nbrmington, P. Knox, A. Ruthven, S. ( ' tulter, S. E Igren, S. Harrington. M. Mercer, S. Frakes, K. Clark, K. Ekstrom, M. Brown, K. Hentschel, C. Schneck, K. Adolph. 353 " ■ ' Carroll Hall— First Row: R. Berss, B. Felsenthal, B.Shapiro, E. Kravitz, R. Siegel, L. Wolff, E. Abrams, B. Simon, Mrs. Hanson, B. Mitchell, E. K.i tz. 1 . Silverman, K. Wiener, L. Wachtel, L. Gray, J. Dobkin. Second Row: 1). Specter, B. Levin, E. Swendioff, S. Graff, B. Greene, L. Lazar, B. Kaplan, X. Wollins, S. Weiner, E, Blitstein, E. Shapiro, K. (Hick, C. Kurlansky, S. Batt, M. Lepp, ( ' . Yablin. Third Row: M. Barnes. S. ( ' . le, ( 1. 1( llchoff, J. Levy, L. Hvman, S. Polly, S. Derlskv, ( ' . Foreman, H. Falk, X. Phillips, J. Plotkin, A. Rabinovitz, P. Erlich, M. Schaffer, E. Morawetz, R. Weinberg, S. Rasofin. Fourth Row: S. Asher, J. Salzman, S. Saleson, 1). Fagman, J. Deutch, P. Cahen, C. Slonan, S. Howard, L. Siberman, A. Weisz, F. Rosenfield, J. Bennett, J. Meyer. X. Kuttner, S. England, R. Aronov, B. Westrich. Fifth Row: B. Myatt, R. Lebenson, G. Golden, R. Folickman, E. Kaplan, K. Krieger, L. Steiner, R. Koslowski, C. Goldman, R. Fallot, J. Dobris, D. Shailip, X. Klain. L. Fleischman, X ' . Freschl, S. Levy. Carroll Hall Carroll Hall was very active this year under a slate of efficient officers. Barbara Simon served as president and she was assisted by the following officers: Liana Simon, vice-president; Roberta Siegel, secretary; Barbara Stienberg, treasurer; Elaine Abrams and Linda Wolff, social chairmen; and Ellen Katz, A.W.S. repre- sentative. The biggest event of the fall was the 17th of November when the girls held their formal at the Holiday Inn. Fall seemed to be an active season, for the second week in September was the time chosen by the Carroll Hall residents to hold their open house. The football weekends were always exciting and the girls enjoyed a In it cup of coffee served at the Hall after each home football game. Social activities for the year were at a peak. The girls enjoyed listening parties, exchange dinners, and beer suppers with Z.B.T., Pi Lamb ' s, and the Phi Delt ' s. Spring was also a busy time as Carroll Hall joined the Y.M.C.A. to take part in Campus Carnival. All of the residents worked together on this project, helping to make it such a great success. 354 1 Ellsworth House— First Row: B. Vander Walde, D. Breger, D. Wolf, J. Thompson, E. Erb, E. Samuelson, Mr-. H. West. Second Row: X. Stevens, B. Barlow, A. Lee, M. Thompso n, M. Hamel, .1. Norton. Third Row: C. Katsura, M. Chase, -I- Laundrie, 1 ). i 1 ' ConnelI, I.. Johnson. Fourth Row: L. Teske, M. Krijger, G. Leek, L. Knutson, V. Masi n Ellsworth Gilman Ellsworth House marked the Christmas season this year by getting all of its residents together and holding a great big Christmas party. The girls who attended the party all had a wonderful time and Christmas music and re- freshments were enjoyed by all. Ellsworth House is the home of about 26 Wisconsin students. Social chairman, Dee Breger, planned a party which was held with Chan- ning and Murray House. Other officers of the house were Diana Wolf, president: Emily Erb, secretary-treasurer; and Gloria DeBiasey. Co-ed Congress representative. Gilman House was led this year by their president, Barbara Sanders. Social events and activities were di- rected by chairman Corky Freeland and included exchange parties with Lakelawn Lodge and Jones House, an open house in September, a coffee hour following the Home- coming game, and an informal party. The house worked cm a homecoming display with Campus Lodge and held a spring formal. Rae Jacobs was secretary. Carol Berg was treasurer, Janet Krasno was judicial chairman, and Missie Chessman was the AWS representative. Gilman House — First Row: C. Schneider, L. Rutzky, V. Feldmanis, R. Jacobs, J. Krasno, Mrs. X. Lovell, B. Sanders, C. Berg, S. Kissil, L. Liben, M. Magil. Second Row: A. Bunzel, M. Shugan, L. Reivitz, J. Bressler, S. Friedland, .1. Umanoff, E. Mendelson, E. Kiilm. M. Chessman. S. Smith, M. Gandell. Third Row: P. Klein, K. Ingebritsen, S. Mitchell, K. Caine, J. Plotkin, C. Freeland. C. Calm, M. Frank. M. Sidran, M. Hill. Fourth Row: P. Cole, C. Lambert. J. Martin. K. Warmer, M. Bnnvn. 1). Helffrich, A. Hoogerheide, C. Buck, C. Gausbeck, J. Toda. 355 Hermanson House— First Row: K. Allen, J. South, J. Nejedlo. Second Row: D.Sherer, I. Nelson, M. Litecky, J. Sperle, S. Stroyny, M. Green- way. Third Row: II .. S Hieber, N. Gerner, L. Raymon, I.. Becker, li. Deen, G. Lundgren, I. Frea. Hermanson Hermanson House at L932 Emerald Street is the new home of IS Wisconsin co-eds. Hermanson House was an apartment house which was converted into rooms and then into this independent girl ' s house. The girls who live here all have kitchen privileges. Mrs. Stan Hermanson serves as housemother to the girls who live here. Mary Greenway served as president of the newly formed group. She was assisted by Kathy Allen, vice-president; Nancy Gerner, secretary-treasurer; and Stephanie Stroyny, A.W.S. representative. Langdon Lodge Langdon Lodge ami Ketterer House were lead by their presidents Jen Woznak and Karen Nyholm respectively. The girls of Langdon Lodge held their annual Halloween fight with the guys from Gray Gables armed with only eggs, water, and shaving cream. They took part in Persian Market, held their spring formal in April and had many other social events. The girls of Ketterer House enjoyed an open house. Christmas party, and spring formal dinner and dance. The girls also took part in the Mock U.N. Conference. Langdon-Ketterer House— First Row: M. Walsh, S. ( rriswold, .1. Temple, K. Nyholm, Mrs. ( lerathy, J. Woznak, N. Wastila, M Hostak, S. Gay. Second Row: M. Griffiths, V. Olsen, J. Larsen, B.Jensen, A. Peterson, C. Booth, B. Hughes, J. Gilmore, C. Card, M. Crowe. Third Row: E. Rogers, J. Pettingill, G. Nettles, U. Fleming, A. M. Nicks, J. Walek, Z. Saltzberg, B. Strache, C. Mertz. 356 Lake Lawn House — First Row: ( ' . Cullinen, R. Goldstein, B. Bronfenbrenner, H. Kritzler, M. Lew in. A. ( larfinkle. Second Row: S Withee, L. Koran. .1. Peterson, .). Nadel, S. Boehm, L. Howard, S. Wise, X. Panitch, M. Prince, •). Klein. Third Row: D. Mayer, M. Bailej r , C. Coryell, P. Larson, S. Drapkin, G. Stavenik, L. Dann, P. Berman, D. Lampert, M. K. Bauman, K. Quandt, J. Herman. Sirs. Fritz. Lake Lawn Lakota House Lake Lawn House was guided through the year by their president, Judy Klein. The social season featured beer suppers with Pi Lambda Phi. ATO, and Phi Delta Theta. An open house was held in September and another one in second semester. The house worked on the Homecoming displays with Tau Kappa Epsilon and an informal Christ- mas party was held. Social chairmen for these events were Rosanne Goldstein and Heather Schultz. Vice-pres- ident was Jill Dorman; Sue Weinberg was secretary and Thelma Wise was treasurer. Lakota House, a dormitory for women, had a successful year with Ellen Stolts as president and Mary Swaziek as vice-president. The social functions which everyone en- joyed were the open houses after football games. Social chairman. Suzanne Kassner, planned the Christmas For- mal and Valentine ' s Day party to which all the girls and their friends were invited. The most memorable function. however, was the spring formal. Lynn Williamson. Annette Perry, judicial chairmen, and Judith Blank, treasurer, directed beer suppers and listening parties. Lakota House — First Row: J. Bille, ( 1. Turnquist, M. Walsh. L. Williamson, S. Kassner, M. Swaziek. .1. Blank, E. Stolts, M. Certik, 1). Waters. S. Kneppreth. Second Row: G. Nalevac, S. Root, S. I alton, M. Bergwall, C. Carlson, L. Jppsen, K. Brocade. J. ( {ruber, K. Sidwell, F. Boyce, L. Adamson. Third Row: P. Paulson. F. Robin, S. ( (gden, J. Millar. J. Roessel, I. Wanish, M. Furst, S. Dolby, B. Hotvedt, P. Foley. 357 Lowell Hall Lowell Hall, the newest private dorm for women, is a luxurious place to live and study. The magnificent swimming poo] was a favorite place of relaxation for the girls and t heir dates. Also, many splash parties were arranged with I rat emit ies and other houses. Judy Brodkin, head social chairman, together with Mrs. McCann, housemother, planned their many weekend social activities. " 1 Iernando ' s 1 1 ide- a-Way, " their open house at the Union, marked Lowell ' s introduction to campus. The decorations In (!reat Hall resembled a gambling casino of Las Vegas where play money was used for the games. The first formal had a Christmas theme and was hold in the gracious living room. It was preceded by a buffet dinner which Bob Lovine, the owner, provided for the girls and their escorts. The second formal was held in the Spring at the East Side Business .Men ' s ( ' luL. The favorite parties for the whole campus were open houses. The first theme was " A Twisting Party, " and the second, " Let ' s Twist Again. " During Parents ' Weekend, Lowell Hall entertained the parents with a .special tea. Many parents also attended the coffee hours after football games in the fall. Lowell Hall — First Row: J. Friedman, M. Driskill, A. Nordholt, A. Pitch, S. Leaf, S. Draisin, T. Leibsohn, M. Kiple, M. Otto, K. Kronish, M Miller, K. Brill, M. Shernoff, C. Romano, M. Meshekow, B. Hycnar. Second Row: V. Stacv, D. Kraft, B. Randall, G. Dane, S. Thrun, S. MacCaskill, S. Caliendo, 1). Brourman, B. Winston, J. Matsoff, C. Spooner, L. Mayer, J. Feinberg, C. Fischer, J. Jensen, D. Strittmater, B. Eck, L. Cossman, M. Man dis, V. Tillman. Third Row: S. Chalstrom, P. Spero, M. Berg, N. Soule, S. Berke, R. Machlin, S. Hobin, S. H »lt . M. Rosenstein, M. ( iollan, S. Berz, J. Bernat, J. Schwartz, J. Veum, L. Romano, M. Marchese, J. Dunn, J. Redway, D. Bauer, P. Meisel. Fourth Row: E. Elving, J. Gottfried, 1). Rivkin, K. Schmidt, E. Friedman, S. Young, C. Conger, M. Heald, C. Helfant, R. Baren, K. Baum, W. Geisenheimer, J. Chutkow, G. Linford, H. Barrows, P. Steinman, J. Modine, E. Kopans, J. Kurtin, M. Hamilton, B. Munson, M. Bul- linger, B. Applebee, M. Shannon, L. Guttman, C. Veve, K. Kosinski. Fifth Row: L. Mileff, J. Franklin, 1). Hendricks, S. Harris, P. Anderson, M. Lefstein, L. Klingman, L. Soss, I. ( ircene, A. Ames, E. Wexler, S. Shaykin, P. Eisberg, M. Goldstein, C. Crane, M. Schulman, B. Teltseher, J. Weichers, P. Price, M. Noble, M. Blum, G. Lipsyte, D. Guttman, P. Orlando, A. Blanche, K. Beachler, L. Horsfall, V. Lesieur. ft t ifj jm $ tffVt • ji. s SC 358 fs p jlpf J A 12|2iaflBS » t f «,i • V |,t t| ft t i t i t M Lowell Hall— First Row: I). Robinson, T. Lane, J. Walker, S. Montauk, J. Kahn, J. Goldman, D. Block, S. Babbitz, T. ( ireene, N. Moslander, S. Lippert, K. Kostbade, I. Stein. Second Row: P. Taylor. S. Rolli, S. Hull, J. Shark, J. Horwitz, J. Ray, L. Ward, L. Oppenheimer, X. ( tood- man, M. .larvimen, B. Mann. B. Jarnow, C. Moss, K. Plant, G. MacQueen. Third Row: X. Kaminer, C. Morgan, J. Stone, J. Sutton, R. Godwin, S. Sehaalman, C. Schulman, A. Gresham, X. Xathan, B. Greenspon, J. Brodkin, S. Cutler, G. Gersh, S. Hadary. ( ' . Whiteway, W. Selenfriend. K. Berstein, L. Abraham, R. Binderman, K. Erickson. Lowell Hall — First Row: B. Kershner, S. Brownie, J. Gordon, S. Ryan, D. Marshall, X. Jacobs, K. Wilgus, S. Smith, X. Stone, S. Martin, X. Sherman, L. Vinoeur, J. Lando, M. Wolf, C. Duke, L. Friedman, D. Grubich. Second Row: M. Cohen, E. Seligman, B. Kay, J. Feinstein, A. Deters, C. R-iehenbaeh, X. Holtzman, B. Semon, E. Radutsky, Mrs. McCann, S. deX ' oyer, C. Kuecker, S. Marsden, J. Rasmuasen, M. Christensen, S. Lester, B. Konover, A. Hardwig. Third Row: L. Collins, S. Goodman, L. Grunstein, C. Coppersmith, J. Block, E. Newman, M. Silberman, J. Sonneborn, C. Lipman, S. Napers, X. Rittschoff, J. Lippert, J. Alperin, V. Yamamoto, D. Spitzl, A. Barker, B. Stein, E. Louis, J. Chapman, S. Weiss, C. Hughes. Fourth Row: J. Tuch, A. Blue, S. Curtis, K. Kohlberg, M. Tureen, J. Bell, B. Powers, S. A. Tange- man, K. Milburn, M. Rose, D. Irmscher, L. Tell, K. Lawrence, S. Weitzman, K. Wiener, E. Derene, L. Erdle, C. Ashe P. Schultz, A. Katz, M. Eisner. A. Sallas, Y. Rosenblatt. ! : - i | f f .•,•■■ % 359 A « A IhJffiftt fl Langdon Hall— First Row: S. Carr, P. Dana-Bashian, K. Hanson, B. Marshall, P. Farrant, .1. Rosenbaum, M. Wells. M. Renner, Mrs. Wendt, J. Rohrer, C. B mwman, S. Burr, S. Frank. M. Borsage, S. Roberts, ( ' . Karis, X. Fredrickson, P. Phelps, Second Row: L. Hughes, S. Budlong, 1). Milford, G. [sselhardt, M. Graebel, E. Sellers, ( ' . Fults, X. Hirsch, M. Sprague, M. Sprague, S. Smith, J. Olson, IV Colbert, B. Henrikson, S. Canaday, M. Powers, E. Bay, .1. Anderson, K. Beach, V. Barrett, A. Lazar, A. Hector. M. Norton. Third Row: R. Wells, J. Kapke, S. Evans, S. Pierce, K. Mickan, ( ' . Barkow, J. A. Phillips, A. Babiarz, S. Clark, G. Behrens, .1. Graff, K. Meyers, L. Marshall, B. Janzer, J. Dormer, S. Fisher. J. Mottl. S. Cullison, M. Fisher, X. Hea.len, S. Stewart. Fourth Row: B. Keating, B. Musicus, H. Harrah, C. Cross, .1. Hirsch. V. Kemper, V. Morstadt, K. Daggett, B. Strobl, J. Morris, C. Aho, J. Hans. L. Kopeekv, S. Boise. S. I ' rastka, R. Kelber, J. Cobb, J. JoUiffe, E. ( rardner, M. Wilson, M. Wessman, .1. Xewlin. Fifth Row: S. Madeley, J. Davis, K. Koski. B. Johnson, K. Breinig, C. Schoewe, I ' tt Hern. ( ' . i; Iwillie, M. Mercer, X. Trees, S. Mannhardt, F. Vaughn, P. Fobes, M. Robbins, L. Menke, X. Lyons. ( ' . Longyear, K. McGaan, S. Long, K. Mills, K. Greenwald, S. Hirk, J. Berman, A. Rankin. Sixth Row: B. Hack, S. Sloan, ( ' . Honkanson, B. Schoenhofen, A. Schoessling, ( ' . Engen, i. ( ians , I.. Stratton, B. Botsch, X. Schwanbeck, C. Roper, L. Coffman, S. Hurth, M. B. Cant, C. Capers, M. Paul- son, B. Warne, B. Currie, E. Peff, M. Moll. F. Smith. Langdon Hall Langdon Hall ended the year with a traditional graduation banquet lor the seniors given by the under-classmen. The girls from Langdon Hall were very active in campus activities and supplied many participants in W.S.A. and the Union Committees. The girls ' social lives were also very lull. They held coffee hours after the home football games and held an open house for their parents in the fall. The girls were directed in their activities by Marge Renner, president; Carole Bouwman, vice-president; Marilyn Wells, secretary; Jane Rosenbaum, treasurer; Carolyn Hookanson, social chairman; and Sue Frank, Co-ed Congress repre- sentative. A favorite of all the girls this year was their Christmas party which included the showing of the full length Him, " So Dear To My Heart. " The girls also had much practice in routine lire drills and had experience with the " Wisconsin Student Riot. " 360 - IfWjjFft OH o_ h n Lincoln Lodge— First Row: S. Scarnecchia, X. Matthews. K. Collins, G. Zuckman, J. Radam, S. Ham. B. Abbott, I.. Berry. Second Row: P. Hammerstrand, K. Hafferman, P. Holden, J. Dian, S. Stevens, P. Weddell, J. Gose, E Gollhardt, D. Polacheck. Third Row: I) Scherf ( ' . Stachnick, J. Allhess, M. E. Alt, B. Allness, D. Vivirske, B. Bruehtel, S. Hanauer, P. Hall, S. Mulliken, S. Rodie, A. Hufnagel M Lesser ' Lincoln Lodge The corner of Lake and Langdon Streets is the site of one of the most stately women ' s residence buildings. Lincoln Lodge, led by President Sally Stevens, vice- president and secretary Darlene Polacheck, and treasurer Jo an Radam, houses many active campus coeds. Beauty Betty Bruehtel was the Lodge ' s AWS model representa- tive. Sue Hanover served as an officer of WRA. As Social Chairman, Peggy Weddell and Lynn Berry arranged several beer suppers, the Christmas party and the Spring Formal. Sue Ham served as Judicial Chairman. Shepard The red brick, lake front house on Lake Lawn Drive is the home of many active university women. Along with several new residents, Shepard Hall is enjoying the reign of their new housemother, Airs. Barnard. Under the ad- ministration of President Harriet Schacter, and Social Chairman Seena Lazar, the girls have enjoyed an active year including autumn coffee hours after the games, a Hawaiian Luau party during the winter, and a spring formal. Judy Elegant served as Secretary of the living unit, and Beckv Hamerans was treasurer. 361 Shepard Hall First Row: S.Sweed, J. Bernstein. S. Blackmail. Mrs. Barnard, H. Schacter. S. Levitsky, F. Nussbaum, V. Oringer.JSecondRow: X. Shulman, R. Greenspan, S. Lazar. S. Gitelson, R. Abrams, D. Drucker, J. Ellegant, b ' ow: S. Meyer, W. Kent, P. Herrington, S. Haines, S. War- Warshaur, D. Daischman, C. Saunders, C. Singer. Third Row m Solveig House— First Row: P. Zahorik, A. Barrett, B. Templeton, B. Kole. Second Row:. I 1 )i Third Row: C. Barker. M. V7endt, B. Allis, E. Forner, J. Layman. eke, B. Kole, F. Stc Solveig Solveig House is the newly organized kitchen privilege located at 120 W. Gorham Street. It is a privately owned house and is the home of 30 girls. Their recreation room is decorated in a Norwegian theme for " Solveig " who was a Norwegian Goddess. The girls held their first open house on the 9th of December. Bonnie Templeton served as president of the house. She was assisted by Barbara Kole, secretary; Arlene Barrett, treasurer; Pat Zahurik, social chairman : and Elaine Arnovitz, Co-ed Congress representative. Susan B. Davis Susan B. Davis House found that one of the most exciting events of the year was watching their singing group participate in the final eliminations in the Badger Song Festival. House Dedication was the most important thing on the agenda for the 52 girls at the newly or- ganized house. Officers of the dorm were Bonnie Ehren, president; Mona Baars, vice-president; Pat Mickel, treasurer; Jeannine Stellrecht, secretary; and .Mrs. Myrtle Allen was the group ' s housemother. Susan B. Davis House— First Row: J. Bast, M. Riley, M. Bcltz, C. A. Schultz, I). Wasserman, A. Gerth, S. Grundahl, S. Wegge, S. Pomplua, X. Walsten. Second Row: J. Berg, P. J. Frank, M. Mortar, J. Stellreeht 15. Khrcn, Mrs. M. Allen, M. Baars, I ' . Mickel, H. Hassler, E. Brose. Third Row: A Steckelberg, K. Petersen, M. Bluel, I.. Hopkins. .1. Seaquist, P. Brown, A Bowman, C. Wallace, L. Dushek, E. Currie, L. Limlgren, B. Hackbarth, K. Danaher, R. Quern. Fourth Row: ( ' . Rademaehen.C Christen, C. Demuth, R. Gagliandi, K. Wagner, M. Stock, S. Upatel, K. Kube, B. Bahu, G. Loft, B. Gimla, ( ' . Kleinert. ff ?. ■ -£■■ iff- 1 t ,t ti I 1 - [ if § 9 $.$ , M ' Ma up % 1 1 v » : 362 Tower View— First Row: S. Berwald, S. Levinson, H. Cohn.J. Frishberg,J. Bamett,S. Funk, Mrs. M. Weiss, E. Gottlieb, S. Chazin, J. Levine, M. Grant, L. Olsher, G. Schmidt, X. Buxbaum. Second Row: S. I ' risfi. N. Pomeroy, E. Land v. J. ( !owan, X. I tarter, R. Laskey, E. Wachter, S. Elinson, S. Schiff, T. Green, C. Goldman, E. Burg. Third Row: M. Guravich, H. Cohen, A. Mayers, S. Tobis, C. Rotgin, J. Zeiger, B. Per- mut, L. Slavitt, J. Spiegel, X. Sidon, D. Rafalow, B. Barbakow, L. Bensman. Tower View This year was an active and enjoyable one for the Tower View girls, and Mrs. Weiss, their new housemother. Leading the lake front home were Robin Funt, president; Sandi Chazin, vice-president; Ellen Gottlieb, secretary: Jackie Levine, treasurer; social chairmen, Lois Olsher and Margo Grant; and resident aids Carol Glaser and Sharon Tobis. following football games, guests were feted at the several fall open houses. Tower View ' s spacious living room was decorated in the Homecoming tradition. December was memorable for the girls of Tower View for the winter formal, held at the Cuba Club. Several members of Tower View find time to participate in campus activities, in spite of their demanding scholastic schedules. Representatives participated in the annual University Blood Drive, C »ed ' s C »ngress and several Union committee-. 563 Victoria— First Row: M. Blum, C. Brill, M. Lses, C. Rudberg, S. Seid, Mrs. B. Wexler, E. Reis, X. Ruben, R. Sengstock, J. Feingold, M. Cohen. Second Row: S. Cremer, E. Langer, B. Lebenson, M. Chudacoff, F. Weitzman, B. Picker, 1). Ginsberg, E. Podnos, M. Steines, T. Ernstaff, I.. Chudnow, R. Klar, I). Popish. Third Row: X. Meyers, E. Kane. J. Shabot, J. Spruick, L. Litterberg, B. Miner, H. Halprin, K. Salverson, P. Cohen, G. Brandewein. Victoria 3500 Combo " Safari " at Victoria House was a great success this fall. The girls, did not, as the name suggests, quit the campus, but sponsored their first open house of the semester, using this as their theme. Spring came and brought with it a lovely and memorable formal. Active residents included Beverly Epstein, editor of The New Idea, and Ellie Reis, who participated in the Wisconsin Players. Officers were president, Sue Sied; vice-president, Ellie Reis; secretary, Carol Iviidherg; treasurer, Renee Sengstock; and social chairmen, Stevie Cramer and Bev Epstein. 3500 Combo is a nonprofit organization formed solely for the torture of its listeners. This self-appointed group provided entertainment at the Liz Christmas Caroling Party by performing several unidentifiable numbers. The " sweet " music rings forth from kitchen spoons, waste- li;iskets, a mop, and a broom. All they lack is the old- fashioned scrub board. Practice sessions are never held and performances are held only when everyone is trying to study or sleep. Members for the group are carefully screened as to talent, scholarship, and imagination. 3500 Combo— First Row: I.. Hand, H. Hand. Second Row: S. Aik.w, G. Grief, W. . Winkv, . Susanna, P. Pan. Ln 364 Villa Maria— First Row: V. Balkansky, M. Siega], H. Levine, L. Shepard, B. Cammins, S. Boxer, Mr . Perdue, K. Kapland, S. ( lertz, P. Keane, J. Stess, B. Roan, .1. Engel. Second Row: P. Naleid, P. Staffold, J. Dairy. W. Grampp, J. White S. Rosen, M. Ansnerus, Ii. Sigal, R. Sklar, P. MacDougal. Third Row: ( ; Abeles, L. Breger, M. Bergren. X. Kaufman, B. Tilly. I). Zeff, J. Marks. L. Convisor, M. Adelman. E. Lowen- thal, B. Adams. Fourth Row: ,1. Giese, I . Borchert, V. Lind, I. Segall, M. Grossman, N. Taggart, E. Xordvig, B. Marshall, P. Gordcn, K. Rosenberg. J. Edwinson, H. Roberts. P. Bailer. Fifth Row: X. ( (rr, F. Newkirk, I.. Barton. A. Mairr. J. Klein, R. Branovan, S. ( iately, B Fisher, A. Lustic, O. Rottencrotch, M. VonEnde, J. Huxhold. Sixth Row: M. Sanchez, R. Cohen, B. iaudreau, X. Dodds, L. Rogers, C. Freud- enberg, X. Neal, E. Webster, B. Schroth, P. Vonscheidt, P. Feingold, X. Lapi, P. Welpton, X. Cass, G. Erickson. Villa Maria The 118 girls living i u the Villa have been enthusiastic throughout the school year in their participation in such campus activities as the lied Cross Blood Drive, Campus Chest, and many Union and AWS functions. Highlights of this year ' s program have been the football coffee hours, several open housi s and beer suppers, exchange dinners, and dinners with University professors. Under the guidance and direction of their housemother, Mrs. William Perdue, and housefellows Nancy Mintz, Cheryl Pearl, and Marilyn Sicula, the girls planned lovely Winter and Spring Formats. Residents of Villa Maria were also active in Campus Carnival and sent representatives to the Mock United Nations Congress. Officers of the house included president. Rosalyn Branovan; vice-president, Sandi Rosen: secre- tary. Joann Zubatsky; treasurer, Judy Bockl; and social chairmen. Suzie Blumen- feld and Pam Gordon. 365 1 t ff , V Zoe Second Bayliss— First Row: 1). Davis, R. Newman, M. I (estreich, M. Hilgenberg, K. Walter, C. Korn, M. Casely, M. Reiter, G. Owens, S.Schwartz. »nd Row: ( ' . Benscl, S. Mason, ,1. Waterstreet, K. Durand, C. McLean, Miss A. Siewert, M. Fuchs, B. Christopherson, B. Gorecki. Third Row: I). Plunkett, S. Berg, J. Petersen, P. Butts, M. Ltzclmueller, J. Sauer, D. Ruby, J. Jensen, J. Stampfl, K. Skuldt, S. Stoll, J. Jesinski, K Ktingelhofer, .1. Vaughan, K. McDonald, R. Monthie, L. Goetsch, N. Chapin, B. Czechorski, R. Toppel. Fourth Row: L. Wilkins, N. Deeley, .1. Fox, C. Bernhardt, L. Ehrhardt, G. Roach, C. Cederberg, J. Brunette, R. Larson, B. Benner, A. Christensen, P. Detlor. Zoe Bayliss Cooking and cleaning cooperatively was the motto of Bayliss girls. However, domestic and scholastic responsibilities did not keep them from the campus cur- riculum. Active in campus politics was Dorothy Ruby. Linda Wilkins served as President of the Home Economics Council. Secretary of the Varsity Party and a member of the Badger Yearbook Staff was Karen Durand. Zoe Bayliss ' " ( reisha Garden " theme won for them two first prizes in Campus Carnival. The house received a plaque for having the highesl percentage of blood donors in the women ' s housing division. Carol McLean served as president; Karen Durand, vice-president : Bonnie Christopherson, secretary, and Margaret Euchs, treasurer. 366 . Babcock— First Row: .). Doyle, R. Bringe, W. Graney, I . Munson, I!- Hartzell, J. Oleson, R Townsend, L. Kastenschmidt, L. Danielson, G. Rohrbeck, J. Wison III. C. Henry, I). Schroeder. Second Row: 1). Nelson, J. Schwarzhi ff, F. Cox, K. Jacobsen, J. Decker, R. I 1. ■-. n, Eustice, T. Lembcke, 1 ). Larson, A. Smith, R. Brye, I . Nusbaum, X. Meier, H. Aleckson. Third Row: T. Greidanus, R. Mairer, J. Curnow, H. Roberts, R. Malueg, R. Olson, T. Veum, J. Sperbeck, W. Hutchens, R. Novak, M. Heath, R. Davis. A. Urbanek, G. Helgeland, T. Collins. Babcock David Schreiner Babcock is a cooperative house for students in the University ' s College of Agriculture. The residents com- pleted a successful social and athletic program during the 1961-62 school year. The forty-four members of Babcock competed in the independent league in all sports. High- lighting the list of social activities were the Theatre Party and spring formal. Officers for the year were Leon Daniel- son, president; David Meyer, vice-president; Richard Townsend, secretary; Gene Rohrbeek, treasurer; and Lewis Kastenschmidt, steward. 123 North Orchard is the site of Schreiner House, a scholarship-cooperative living unit. Most of the residents hold scholarships and each fall, new members are selected on the basis of need, scholarship, and cooperativeness. Leading the Schreiner men were president, Marth Chris- tensen; vice-president and social chairman, Jerry Alakela; secretary, Terry Cook; treasurer. Bud Rasmussen; and judicial chairman, Bernie Marquardt. Schreiner was proud to be the home of District II Senator, Denny Dresang. 367 David Schreiner— First Row: J. Gschwind, D. Cook, B. Marquardt, T. Berndt, Mrs. Schlag, M. Christensen, E. Ras- mussen, (!. Makela, I). Auclair. Second Row: R. Kramer, S. Kinvnn, 1). Heitzman, S. Fredrickson, H. Hunt, T. Bestul, J. Cartwright, W. Stinemates, E. Skuldt, 1). Durgel, J. Hartman. Third Row: T. Cochrane, J. Dague, J. Vollendorf, R. Gall, i. Wagenbach, R. Nord, M. Utech, H. Pullman, R. Olson, J. Margenau, P. Ivaska. Fourth Row: ,1. Brynildson, H. Pfohl, D. Peterson, T. Renick, J. McGinnity, B. Marquardt, K. Boivin, G. Helgeland, G. Gilbertson, R. Lembcke, A. Hendrickson. GREEKS We were the ' rreeks wondering why others questioned our way of life we thought it was the very l est . . . building our Homecoming displays . . . Yell Like Hell . . . Johnny Mathis al the Homecoming Show painting the scenes for Humorology kick line fun ideas for Campus Carnival working on a booth waiting for the trophies . . . rewards for the winners inter-fraternity sports . . . Pan-Hel Ball Ideal sorority girls . . [-F Council there was so much to do l ' ln Delia Theta discrimination clause Sigma Chi house was sold this year . . change . . . new fraternities on campus Delta Kappa Epsilon . Delta Kappa social or professional this was our way . . . Inter-fraternity sports Z 5 y ■ si-zJk ' ' ■■ -- Y ' it: ' . 1 y? t A !MaKk m- 1 pv 1 There was so much to ih Building our homecoming displays 369 RUSH . . . so many emotions in one small word . . . representing a big decision - whit the system had to offer us . . we smiled and nodded something you can ' 1 understand especially if you ' re on the out- side hard to learn the meaning nervous experi- ence - . tears andcries " I joy - - . some of us chose to join brotherh I or sisterhood thai soughl ou1 companionship . we were now a pari . . . never to be alone - being a pledge pledge duties unending . . . we met more and more people . . . nice people . . . our lives were changing . . . we studied and worked to- gether . . . a new roommate . . . Kingston Trio Records to share . . Langdon Street address a fraternity or sorority pin . . . nothing seemed so important . . . study- ing to get done . . . why were there always so many dis- tractions . . the lake . . . the pier . . . the bridge game . . . the song tests around the piano . . . there just wasn ' t enough time . . . many distractions S imething you can ' t understand 370 We we re now a part 371 Beer suppers A social life thai never lei up . . beer suppers . . . parlies . pajama, twist, limbo, Hawaiian, and beach- comber we tried them all the immemorable formals the Cuba Club far cry from McDon- ald ' s listening parties the football games. . . after game teas . Parent ' s Weekend parties and dances held with Oregon Scl 1 for Girls . . the orphan we adopted . . . from Greece, Italy or France . . . the pinnings . the engagements . the weddings . . . our friends come and go . . . pleasant memories for every- one wonderful people found nowhere else ... a common tie ... so much to offer to each of us . . . socially . . . intellectually the oldest college social organizations in the country . . we belonged to them they belonged to us . it was ours to have . . . to hold . and to remember . something we really didn ' t understand until we didn ' t have it any Pleasant memories for everyone 372 Panhellenic Council — First Row: S. Purtell, S. Rasmussen, M. Goers, J. Trigg, J. Wienke, J. Hollingsworth, S. Fredericksen. Second Row: S. McDougall, J. Kaftan, L. Van Vleet, K. Ederstrom, L. Larson, M. Olen, E. Cline, A. Whit ford. Third Row: B. Polacheek, S. Shram, S. Stanton, N. Klann, J. Bnjan, A. Curry, C. Gale, K. Mickelson, P. Peterson, S. A. Babe, H. Loehning, M. Lazar, M. Reinitz, V. Markel. Pan-Hellenic Association Lori Larson, president The Pan-Hel Council, which servos as the campus co- ordinating body of social sororities, maintains the high standards of the Greek system. The Association has a myriad of responsibilities involving guidance, supervision, and legislation. This year the council was ably led by president, Lori Larson; vice-president, Lynn Van Vleet; Marcia Olen and Judy Kaften served as recording secre- tary and corresponding secretary, respectively. Treasurer of Pan-Hel was Eileen Cline. Newly initiated activities this year were an expansion program for sororities and a very helpful movie of the Sorority System to orient prospective rushees. The Pan-Hellenic Association was the sponsor of Manuela Marini, this year ' s foreign student . In conjunction with the Interfraternity Council, Pan-Hel also sponsored the annual Scholarship Banquet, Humor- ology, the Symposium lectures, and ' the Big Ten I.F.- Pan-He] Conference, held on the University of Wisconsin campus last May. 373 Newly elected officers of Alpha Chi Omega were Doris Borst, president; Carol Calabresa, vice-president; Joan Glisch, pledge trainer; Marcia Weidenkopf, rush chair- man; and Penny Duerr, social chairman. Members of Upha Chi Omega represented their house in various and sundry aspects of campus life. Nancy Bryanl served as Secretary of YGOP, and Kitty Ederstrom as Vice- Presidenl of the Pan Hellenic Council. Homecoming proved a triumphanl venture for the members of A Chi 0, who with the Chi Phi ' s won both " Yell Like Hell, " and the display trophy in I heir division. The D U ' s partici- pated with them in Campus Carnival. The Chi Phi ' s combined talents with them in Humorology. Pledges of Alpha Chi Omega sponsored a successful and charitable project during the Christmas season. Other members also found outside interests. Carole Calabresa, for example, served on the Cardinal Hoard. Doris Borst was a Wis- consin Student Senator. Alpha Chi Omega — £S • ' Take piano lessons and become the life of the party. ' i:k ' .- ' : •:■.••, rv ' J Y M Alpha Chi Omega — First Row: S. Thompson, H. Lassila, G. Kneppreth, J. Minar, X. Brussat, K. Ederstrom, 1). Borst, J. Setterquist, M. Wimberly, P. Biegert, L. Brooks, M. Weidenkopf, P. I uerr, P. I I ' Keefe. Second Row: E. Montquire, A. Wennecke, D. Savidusky, J. Glisch A. Fortin, S. Stanton, I.. Roepke, M. J. Andrews, M. Mokrejs, J. D ' Ambrosio, J. Gregory, C. Forsberg, J. Foster, I). Sclicrcr. Third Row: K. (wens, ( r. Palmquist, J. Rutledge, M. Wright, C. Banyan, S. Frank, A. M. Babiarz, J. Marks, K. Wilgus, S. Purtell, S. Fischer, J. De Nike, S. Ilirk. 1). Boltz. Fourth Row: J. Cintz, B. Halm, J. Becker, K. Golz, P. Shervey, N. Bryant, S. Baskerville, M. Bryant, P. Cole, G. Har- rison, S. Erickson, G. [sselhardt, K. Greenwald, J. Graff, P. Taylor. Alpha Epsilon Phi— First Row: B. Polacheck, J. Shoen, B. Kramer, C. Miller, H. Bernstein, R. Schaffer, Mrs. S. Steinberg, A. Shlensky, B. Cohen, S. Schram. Second Row: C. Bramson, E. Lowenthal, B. Grossman, F. Tausfcein, J. Sonosky, B. Paehter, C [ipman, R. Cohen, B. Stern, A. Adler, (I. Barrett, S. Boxer, S. Putterman, C. Salzman, .1. Chutkow, E. Schwartz, E. Lustok. Third Row: S. SigolofY, B. Moskol, J. Marlowe, L. Wolfe, S. Lippert, L. Solkovitz, J. Marks, J. Baer, S. Katz, L. Simon, L. Pleischman, B. Barbakow, K. Click, M. Kuttner, X. Klain, T. Greene, C. Goldman, S. Cohen, M. Adelman, S. Finer. Fourth Row: A. Yelen, B. Wolf, A. Mayers, S. Antman, J. Connell, E. Lopinsky, S. Dine, X. Hirsch, M. Grant, C. Liebovieh, S. Saleson, J.Jacobs, K. Cole, J. Lewin, J. Horn, .1. Weinstein, X. Freschl, S. Weiner. Fifth Row: L. Glasser, D. Brourman, B. Zeitlin, J. Feinberg, J. Friedman, J. Lando, R. Siegel, S. Lieberman, S. Segal, J. Coplan. M. Wolf, B. Munson, K. Mann, P. Gordon, K. Baum. Alpha Epsilon Phi This year the Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s were in Yell Like Hell with the Alpha Epsilon Pi ' s, and also combined their efforts for their Homecoming float. " Ain ' t Xothin ' lint A Hound Dog. " Among their Christmas projects were read- ing to blind children and preparing scrapbooks and dolls for hospitals and orphanages. The girls were also very active on campus. Judy Shoen was Executive Secretary of Badger Bloek and Special Projects Chairman of W.S.A. Renee Cohen was Chair- man of the Homecoming Pep Rally and a cheerleader. Andy Adler was also a cheerleader. Jill Lew in was Secre- tary for W.R.A. Executive Board and Hetty Polacheck was the Publicity Chairman of the All-Campus Blood Drive. Officers were Arlene Silver, presidenl : Pocky Schaffer, vice-president: Barbara Moskol. secretary; Mona Garon, treasurer. 375 ' You say the I if ft if ?£Jt£tif stt ' i ' t 1 § ,f f ; f ffi ,:♦ 1 t f YJtf. ? « Alpha Gamma Delta— First Row: J. Paddock, S. Sullivan, X. Spierling, A. Evenson, B. Butzer, S. Pooiej . I.. Lippold, E. Niemann, N. Viall, J. Swiden, C. Bousfeld, R. Kamin, E. Roberts, B. Pucel, L. Thiede, S. A. Babe, V Klann, T. Funk. Second Row: S. Foote, S. Larson, M. McAndrews, .). Kennedy, K. Paulson, J. A. Baltes, S. Jorgensen, P. Blanchar, B. Samuelson, T. Kriise, X. 15. Ahrens, M. Herscher, M. East- man, T. Miiict ti, J. Witte, S. Miller, J. Dixon. Third Row: G. Kippers, P. Tilg, M. Blotcky, L. Germuga, J. Gibson, S. Stewart, B. Rearick, P. Tobin, G. Johnston, A. Carlisle, A. Larson, G. Simpson, E. Poole, J. Easton, S. Cronin, B. Paddock, M. J. Schusk, M. A. Le Febure, J. Neuheisel, S. Boice, C. Alesi. Fourth Row: P. Artis, S. Young, E. Evans, S. Bupp, H. Hesse, P. Xylen, L. Gammell, J. Schwei, B. Duwe, K. Hentschel, 1). Pichelmeyer, S. La Court, S. Spear, J. Verwohlt, P. Murhey, J. Flink, X. Buckner, C. Schuck, E. Clarke. " Say it again, it ' s like music to my ears Alpha Gamma Delta It was a lull and tun-packed year tor Alpha Gamma Delta. The girls joined with Alpha Tau Omega for Yell Like Hell, worked with Sigma Phi on Campus Carnival, and sang to the fraternities in their annual Christmas Serenade. In the Campus Chest Auction they auctioned washing cars with tooth-brushes to the Alpha Delt ' s, and the pledges bought study dates with Evans Scholars. One of the highlights of the Winter formal was the selection of the Alpha Gamma Delta ' s " Ideal Man. " The officers for the first semester were Nancy Viall, president; Roseann Kenim, vice-president; Barb Pucil, recording secretary: Lois Lippold, corresponding secre- tary; Editn Niemann, treasurer; Carol Housefield, pledge trainer; Judy Swiden, rush chairman; Trudy funk, house president; Sarah Pooley, social chairman, and Nancy Klann and Sue Ann Babe, Pan Hel representatives. 376 A typical alumni get-together: 5 v ; ; ' %, The Alpha Phi ' s -tailed ou1 the year by working on a Homecoming display with the Kappa Sig ' s " Around Buck- eyes in 80 Plays. " They combined their efforts with the Theta Delt ' s for Veil Like Hell. The Winter Formal and Campus Carnival with the A.T.O. ' s added to the year ' s social calendar. In scholastic activities Gretchen Becker and Nancy Xewlin were both members of Mortar Board. ( (ther active members wen ' officers Nancy Xewlin. president : ( rretchen Becker and Sue Brott, secretaries; ( iertie Ilonnaii, treas- urer; Bev Vaughn, rush chairman; Alary .Monroe, house president; Judy Dragotto, social chairman; and Sue McDougall and Suzi Elasmussen, Pan Hel representatives. Doing their part for charity, the Alpha Phi ' s spon- sored Cardiac Aid, a bridge and fashion show with alumnus, to help a worthwhile organization. Alpha Phi Alpha Phi— First Row: S. Koehn, J. Dornfeld, S. Beyer, J. McBain, J. Dragotto. M. Murray, X. Xewlin, Mrs. Link, M. Monroe, (1. Becker, I.. Whitworth, S. Brott, M. Flueck. K. Rudat. B.Whyte. Second Row: S.Rasmussen, ( ' .Anderson, J.Jensen, L.Flint, B.Rvnders, G.Crown- hart, M. Smith, M. Basenbach, K. Knode, B. Currie, P. Krug, J. Xewlin, K. Codec, C. Timmers, L. Laney, B. Pohle, J. Yost, S. Koehn Thi rd Row: J. Herbert. I). Bainbridge, C. Weiss, P. Holden, M. Lee, C. Lindberg. A. Draheim, K. Speer, B. Williams. C. Weiss. S. McDougall, K. Johnson, J. Hoffland, P. McClintoch, S. Dunning. C. Bartlett, B. Last Fourth Row: ( I Erickson, J. Johnson, M. Amacher. S. Tolkmith, C. Engel, M. Stolper, R. Mathieu, S. Franzen, K. Usinger, K. Erickson, A. Brenzel, M. Staab, A. Kautz, S. Dessloch. M. Simpson. Fifth Row: K. Kanzlcr. I. Leach, A. Baker, J. Beverly, M. Leach, J. Wikelund, P. Rudolph, M. Marani, M. Otis. S. Ensminger, C. Roper, M. Boyes, K. Lokken, S. Putzer, L. Otjen. " Coming Through the Rye " was the theme of the com- bined Homecoming display of Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma I ' hi Epsilon. At Christmas time they held a formal dance and a " kiddy " party for the alumnis ' children. The spring formal at the Easl Side Businessmen ' s Club and the (ra- tional Charleston (1nl party rounded out the social aetivit ies for the year. Alpha Xi Delta ' s national project for the year was working againsl juvenile delinquency. They contributed both their time and then- money to the Howell Neigh- borhood House. Linda Rowe, as president, led the sorority in the fun- filled year. Other officers were Marilyn Christmann, vice- president; Mary Halm, secretary; Karen Knoche, treas- urer: Bobbie Huerkamp, social chairman: and Linda Richards, pledge trainer. Outstanding students included Linda Rowe, Chairman of promotions for Campus Chest; Sandy Rumnuj, A.W.S. Resident Aid; Marica Lewis. Chairman of Parent ' s Weekend: Sandy Tuhus, vice- president of Phi Theta, and .loan O ' Neill, Chairman of House Committee, at the Memorial Union. Alpha Xi Delta wm ither way to play Chopsticks -: »:3;.a ■ k P ' S Alpha Xi Delta— First Row: 1 1. Colby, K. Fleury, J. Trigs, M. Hahn, B. Huerkamp, N. Watts, M. Christmann, Mrs. Clorn, C. Haynes, J. Hertwig, A. Rausell, L. Richards, C Reinke, S. Rumney, S. Tuhus. Second Row: J. Guyon, L. Rowe, C. Varnum, B. Boorman, J. Jollifle, J. Marvin, S. Brown. F. Vaughan, B. Moelv, E. Paetow, J. Gruber, J. Gassert, D. Williams, A. Wartinbee, J. Schurch, G. Behrens, J. Holland, J. Smolcr. Third Row: H. Shrank, G. Blindheim, B. Buening, B. Gardner, S. Stoiber, R. Rauschenberger, H. Shanda, S. Lester, 1). Milford, . i.l.ii, 1) Clcvcn, J. Smith, L. Crane, J. Vodicka, J. Zuelsdorf, K. Nelson, D. Wollin, H. Clay, E. Clark. Fourth Row: A. Herman, M. Hoffman, G. Hanson. S. Hems. M. Welsh, J. O ' Neill. S. Henderson, C. Cummings, C. Luchs, B. Treiber, G. Kemper, K. Phillips. K. Brocade, S. Miller, C. Hartridge, K. Kinney, B, Orth. Fifth Row: K. (ira] sas, P. Schuette, S. Mannhardt, F. Newkirk, E. McArthur, J. Scoon, K., (I. Carper, ML Lewis, N. Swanson, G. Knox, M. Goers, J. Dobratz, P. Feingold, H. Pfeiffer, I. Waslmrg, B. Buehler. ' The Kingston Trio plus one hat! ' jgsxbk. Hong K n iLi was the home of the foster child sponsored by Chi Omega this year. One of the social highlights of the year was a trip to Northwestern with Delta Tau Delta. Their Homecoming display entitled " Birth of the Blues " and their Christmas formal " Carnation Ball " pro- vided the girls with fun and exciting entertainment. They offered for sale " A Hangover Party " at Campus Chest, and held a Senior Honor Night at the end of the year. At Easter time they held a party lor orphan children. Lynnette Kstes was president of Chi Omega and Nancj Schoman was their ideal sorority girl. Carolyn Extrem served as vice-president ; Kathryn Jacobs, secretary; Marilyn Kerr, treasurer, and Linda Carnesale, social chairman. Dorothy Carr, member of .Mortar Board and Phi Kappa Phi, was one of the outstanding sorority members. Other members active on campus were Lynnette Estes, Badger Beauty for the past year, and Ann Curry, who was the Head of Welfare for Student Government. Chi Omega r-A ' Chi Omega— First Row: P. Dillett, V. Kock, K. Gallati, M. Coml L. Reuter, .1. Anderson, D. Carr, L. Hutchinson. Second Row: ( J. Langenfeld, N. Rittschof, B. Beernink.M. Welle]-, 15. Simpson son, J. Robertson, J. Huber, M. Gardner, S. Hudson, S. Ryai M. Call, M. Millard, M. Kannenberg. Fourth Row: 11. Friedrii S. Clifford, S. Stevens, E. Brandt, P. Price, R. Wells, .). Bures Cass, B. Schneider, S. Drayton, B. Wedell, M. Peters, ( !. ( iilbei J. Hunkel, S. Chapin. M Kerr, L. Estes, Mis. W. ( trimmer, C. Estrem, K. Jackobs, I Lasch, iiebers D Moran, S. Schrank, K. Hemphill, M. Moran, H. Haagensen, K Haug L. Goll, N. Muckenhirn, K. Olson. ThirdRow:M. Olson, S. Amund- S Makoski, M. Sommerfield, P. Field, K. Potter, X. Schreiner, i. Lowne, isen, K. Kuelthau, P. Lichtv, P. Allen, S. Pankow, S. Kilgust, N. Moslander, K. Flugstad, L. Christensen, G. Holm. Fifth Row: J. Mathews, J. Parke, N. X Brown C. Shear, M. Nohr, G. Harman. M. Florv, D. Mevr, H. Benkert, 1 w 1 . : 4 Jla.-Jli., S. J u 1 ! 1 4 fi| T[v JH Jfl Fj| } MT ' jrf 4 - D 3 - v _ j5 . Ufe © S ■§ ■ -3 » § - pS 1 1 AA i_ Rj in f ■» f i Delta Delta Delta— First Row: M. Dempsey, M. Clinker, .1. Eldred, J. Christman, M. Lowe, B. Klein, J. Hook, Mrs. Tracy, J. Sallas, B. Sundene, S. Cullison, V. Segal, C. Zuppann, J. Spellmire, X. McLean, ( ' . Erichsen. Second Row: K. Kostbade, X. Keller, B. Hansen, .1. Jacob- shirk, K. Holt,S. Richardson, M. Wessman, ( ' . Roberts, J. Jackson, K. .Martinson, X. Clover, J. Holloway, L. Larson, M. Branson, S. Richard- son, J. Hoebel. Third Row: M. Tyrolt, B. Youngdahl, 1). Knerr, M. Hapke, K. Clinton, 15. Schoenhofen, H. Tolverson, J. Jones, J. Breitenbach, J. Clinton, J. Van Dyke, M. Wedemeyer, M Hamel, B. Mork. Fourth Row: L. Barnard, S. Schauder, J. LaCourt, X. Larson, S. Johnson. E. Huegel, R. Driessen, M. Pantelione " , P. Emrich, X. Isaksen. M. Emrich, B. Westpahl, D. Wagers. Fifth Row: B. Fangboner, L. Corv, B. Alter. G. Huebner, C. Boiler, A. Reinke, V. Vauk, X. Bachler ,C. Longyear, K. Beach, C. Helmus, A. SchoeBsling, S. Bjorke, D. Luecke. Sixth Row: P. Freitag, M. Schrage, B. Barlow, C. Falk, S. Ten Eyck, T. O ' Hearn, A. Nordholt, K. Bennett, W. Miller. K. Mever, P. Hughes, M. Watts. ' " M ' My favorite singer is still Rudy V: Tri Delts A popcorn sale helped the members of Delta Delta Delta raise the money for their scholarship which was given out at Senior Swingout. Led by their president Joy Hook, they took part in Humorology with Phi Gamma Delta, Homecoming with Theta Delta Chi. Their display was entitled " High Hopes. " The annual Pansy Break- fast was given for the senio r members who were engaged in conjunction with a style show. They sponsored a Silver Tea with the alums as a project for raising money. The girls held a Christmas party for the children of the alums. During the year the Tri Delt ' s held both a spring and winter formal, at the winter formal the " Delta Dream Alan " was chosen. Other officers for the semester were Nancy Glover, executive vice-president; Diane Knerr, secretary: Ruth Ann Harrington, treasurer; Mamie Schrage, pledge train- er; and Joan Holloway, rush chairman. 380 ■ ' . iff § | it f f t ri it £ i.t.i.t - f .-t.,f • I ■ t i «. N Delta Gamma— First Row: K. Yoerg, K. Froker, J. Huenick, K. Walthers, J. Schulz, E. Matthews, K. Abbott, Mrs. C. C. Heezen, .1- Bell, F. Hollingsworth, A. Cardon, L. Geary, P. Bevington, C. Spurgeon, J. Sutton. Second Row: L. Patton, E. Makinney, J. Beyer, M. Woehr, B. McDonald, D. Fletcher, L. Williamson, J. Leith, L. Krautter, T. Emery, ( ' . Northrup, K. Fahrenbach, L. Wilson. (1. Burzynski, S. Caffee. Third Row: M. Anderson, T. Poole, K. Johnson, A. Trukenbrod, L. Wattrous, C. Lipman, M. Turney, L. Wegner, K. Hurxthal, W. Bowman. J. Kaska, S. Warner. T. Emery, P. Timson, S. Meyer, D. Rank. Fourth Row: K. Ames. S Nanini, G. Adams, M. Davenport, K. McGrath, S. Monteith, B. Frank, E. Kapitanoff, ( ' . Hart. P. Craig, M. Rierson, M. Bailee. X. Rector, E. Turmo, E. Harris. L. Puis. C. Bradley, 1. Taylor. Fifth Row: J. Anderson, B.Bitzer, J. Olsen, C. Moririty, J. Griffith, J. Minehan, K. Beisel, P. Stathus, S. Ogden, S. Styles, C. Froker. B. Freese, M. Larson. C. Vilchis, K. Herman, G. Lopata, G. Tiede, G. Coffin, V. Andermatt. Delta Gamma The Hillbilly Combo of Delta Gamma made three im- portant appearances during the year. They played for Pan Hel, the I-F Scholarship Banquet, and for Navy Ball. For the second semester in a row. the D.G. ' s were the proud holders of the highest sorority scholarship average. They took part in Humorology with the Chi Phi ' s. Verena Anderniatt, from Switzerland, lived in the D.G. house for the year and was sponsored here by the Delta Gamma Alumnae. Miss Wisconsin of I960, Karen l ' ahren- back, returned to the campus to continue her studies. Kaye Abbott was president of the chapter. Karen Walt hers, was house president: Judy Bell, vice-president; Jane Huenink, executive secretary; Fran Hollingsworth. corr. secretary; Jane Schulz. treasurer; Chris Gale, and Karen Mickelson, were Pan Hel representatives chosen by the chapter for the year. 381 r ' ■-- • " ' ?i T don ' t care if he is busy, I want to talk to Dr. Kildare! ' f.V» Sponsoring a patienl al Carville Hospital in Louisiana, was the main service project of the Delia Zeta sorority. Led by presidenl Judy Moore and social chairman Bar- bara Haight, the girls of Delta Zeta had a year filled with social activities. They combined their efforts with those of Alpha Chi Rho to participate in the Homecoming activ- ities. The girls formed a group to take pari in the Badger festival of song. Christmas season was marked by both serenades and a Christmas formal. The Spring lose formal, an annual event of the sorority, was the social highlighl of the year. Other officers of the chapter were Cindi Hammett, vice-president; Judy Reigle, secretary; Ann Garlock, treasurer; and Kathy Damitz, rush chairman. Members active on campus were Joanne Winetzki, state vice-chairwoman of Y.G.O.P.; Kathy Taylor, vice- pres. of the Dolphins; and Carolyn Ewald, officer of Skelters. Delta Zeta ■ ' BySSZ?: Delta Zeta— First Row: R. Widmann, ( ' . Ewald, B. Haight, J. Winetzki. M. Bradford, J. Moore, Mrs. M. Spencer, K. 1 lamitz, S. Frederiksen, .1. Reigle, B. Morris, P. Fulka, B. Bishop: Second Row: A. Garlock, K. Guzzetta, M. Bartholomew, L. Evans, B. DeWeerd, M. Curwen, J. Koenig, J. Roland, J. Brandt, M. Welsh, A. Hanley, J. Hohman, C. Hammett, J. LaRue. Third Row: J. Miller, .1. Kieser, S. Westermoe, C. Johnson, S. Gregg, B. Kester, K. Taylor, J. Krueger, 8. Geipel, M. Bennett, P. Mathews, P. Gruehn, M. Krask. 382 " ■ " ■ ' wmm - m Gamma Phi Beta— First Row: S. Sanderson, G. Laadt, P. Heitz, E. Cline, M. Steffen, K. Hanson, Mrs. Lashi r Tcnette, B. Miller, X. Lloyd- J s, 15. Schomann, J. Doherty, X. irosshandlei Second Row: K. Howe, S. linger, A. ( !lark, R. Winney, P. Seevers, A. Davies, J. Branden- burg, S. Green, L. Swanson, K. Milburn, A Raddant, C. Lux, J. Wells, J. Rowan, C. Cline, S. Holly, third Row: L. Nicoll, K. McGarrity, P. Shiels, M. Booth, P.Larson, C. Jautz, P. Bernick, L. Knutson, J. Brandenburg, C. Whalen, P. McVitty, J. Traver, S. Edwards, A. Younkiii, J. Rees, A. Groth, S. Gloppen, M. Sedgwick. Fourth Row: (i. Payne, K. Gorman, K. Koski, M. Roth, J. Mottl, S. Thomson, .1. Kuvken, S. Hutchens, M. Sehull, B. Rowan, S. Husting, J. Rosenbaum, C. Chelarin, L. Marshall, L. Owens, I). P.. well, C. Schneck, K. McAleer, P. Grassman. Fifth Row: J. Sedgwick, C. Schoewe, S. Terwilliger, M. Wells, S. Ritter, M. Dushek, R. 1 eHorn, M. ( ( ' Connor, J. Go.-e, M. Sprague, M. Sprague, J. Swanson, (1. Kenall, M. Anderson, A. Tonjes, D. Dumdey, L. Erdle, S. Shiels, M. Birks. Gamma Phi Beta The president of Gamma Phi Beta, Kathryn Hanson will spend this summer in Switzerland as an exchange student. She and Judy Robinson, social chairman, led their sorority to a very active year. They participated in both Yell Like Hell and Campus Carnival with the Delt ' s. They had a choral group which took first place in the Badger song festival, and they joined the Beta ' s for Humorology. Two of their major activities for the year involved having parties for children. At Christmas time they sponsored a party for fester children, and at Easter time they also had a party for the children. The girls -also worked on various charity projects, held a spring and winter formal, and many fun-packed beer suppers. Other officers of the chapter were .Mary Steffen, 1st vice-president ; Judy Robinson, 2nd vice-president ; Bar- bara Schomann, secretary; and Natalie Lloyd Jones, treasurer. 383 •With throats of Gold. " Kappa Alpha Theta— First Row: M. Bartels, M. Ridley, J. Clarkson, M. Crain, B. Morris, S. Dorer, .1. Strouf, S. Rehwald, .). Jacobsen, S. Farmer. Second Row: .1. Munger, A. Riddleberger, J. Harker, B. Adams, J. Johannsen, K. Hauck, M. Whittmack, X. La Chapelle, S. Saxon, .1. Weaver, S. Rodie, S. Meyer, S. Hopkins. C. Rengel, M. Zaeske, Third Row: S. Sheaffer, C. McConnell, ( ' . Hughes, M. Heald, l . Manton, C. Capers, M. Iraebel, M. Cant, J. Bujan, J. King, (!. Teckam, C. Davis, J. Thompson, S. Sappenfield, S. Grumpelt. Fourth Row: M. Eng- man, J. Bartlett, L. Menke, J. Koehler, P. Knox, J. Nechrony, S. Harrington, L. Harker, C. Kuecker, A. Loetscher, S. Harris, C. Spoeneman, M. Rehwald. Fifth Row: L. Kellogg, L. Kernwein, S. Cannaday, M. Kough, K. Clark. S. I enoyer, W. Walls, I). Mercer, M. Catlin, M. Jen- nings, S. Hinch, M. Fiewelling, S. Yarne, .1. Steiner, J. Walter, .1. Taylor. -».i r-.v ' X-:,-;;-« in this script the Untou Kappa Alpha Theta " Happy Pappy Weekend " was the weekend during which the fathers of all the Kappa Alpha Theta members were invited to Madison and asked to stay at the house. Led by president Marcia Olen, the sorority was very active in service projects. They gave money to the In- stitute of Logopedics at Wichita, Kansas. The sorority helped to sponsor a foreign student and send her money each month, they also had some members who gave civil service demonstrations. .Other officers included .Molly Ridley, vice-president; .Mary Bartels, rec. secretary; Nancy Ilildebrand, corr. secretary; Marilyn Mouchka, treasurer; and Judy Wal- ters, Pan Hel represent ative. Social activities for the year included Humorology with the Pi Lamb ' s, Yell Like Hell with the Kappa Sig ' s, Homecoming decorations with the Phi Gam ' s, and a Muu Muu Beer supper. 384 Kappa Delta— First Row: F. Fugina, II. Pearson, C. Bruns, I). Homan, M.Ahrens, D.Jones, N. Shurts, Mrs. E. Davies, T. Kudla, J. Mucken- hirn, S. Marsh. M. Walker, B. Zwank, B. Kough, J. Lubitz. Second Row: K. Anderson, I). Soder, L. Brumblay, ( ' . Blom, M. Norton, K. Metzen, J. Schlaak, B. Ross, J. Barberie, J. Rowe, M. Timm, M. McPeek, J. Sousek, J. Winter. Third Row: S. Sloan, not identified, .1. Rosen- wald, S. Rank. M. Brown, M. Thompson, J. Kaftan, S. Foxe, I. Deneen, M. Marsh, P. Martinson, H. Loehning, R. Kelber, M. Chase, J. John- son. Fourth Row: E. Utoft, A. Dickson, K. Dresser, E. Rizner, ' . Melchert, E. Willems, M. Clemens, B. Marvin, .1. Rasmussen, S. Schinner, E, Sellers, C. Welsch, M. Wheelock, K. Schmidt, R. Olsen, B. Bender, J. Diebig. Kappa Delta The Diagnostic Center was the scene of the K.D. ' s annual Halloween Party, and their Christmas Party was held at the Oregon School for Girls. On October 14, the girls held their Parent ' s Day. The Kappa Delta girls participated in the festival of song and they also took part in Humorology teamed with the S.A.E.s. Their beautiful Christinas formal was held at the Lorraine Hotel, and everyone had a great time. The girls also enjoyed the Mock U.N. convention, Persian Market, exchange dinners, beer suppers, and listening parlies. They joined the Alpha Delt ' s tor Homecoming ' s Veil Like Hell. Kappa Delta chose as its officers for the year, Nancy Shurts; president; Tanya Kudla, vice-president; Mary Alliens, secretary: Joan Muckenhim, treasurer; Donna Jones, asst. treasurer; Gail Dawson, editor; and Sue Marsh, membership chairman. 385 ' Can you really twist, trimming a Christmas Tree. Timmy ' Krva H t is chosen by t he members i the en1 ire downsl airs of rated. An eleven year old mil joy of the girls. This ( Jold ;mil white were I he eoli ni Kappa Kappa ( iamma, w he their sorority house was redeci Korean orphan was the pride orphan was sponsored by the chapter during the year. Led by their president , Sally Wagner, the girls hail a year thai was filled with social activities. The Kappa ' s took part in Homecoming with the Chi Psi ' s and held their Winter Formal at the Eastside Businessmen ' s Chili. Other officers included Sue Anderson, vice-president; Nancy Frailing, rec. secretary; Marlie Richards, corr. secretary; and Sue Carpowitz, treasurer. Christina Serlachius and .Marianne Buck, were foreign students who lived in the Kappa house last year. Other members who were outstanding mi campus were Ann Whitford, chairman of expansion committee for Pan Hel; Dorothy Wagner, Chairman of Gallery committee; and Julie Demerath, chairman of theatre committee. ■Wl All together now, 1—2— 3— STUDY! ' Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma— First Row: L. Forsgren, A. Whitford, R. Ingle, M. Herlin, Mrs. Binde, S. Anderson, E. Moysey, T. Fratti, S. Thomson, S Karpowitz Second Row: S. Scaraecchia, 1 . Wagner, S. McDonald, M. Mercer, L. Stiehm, E. Eisendrath, E. Wheeler, M. Weinzimmer, .1. Fields, ,1. Pomainville, M. Palaith, M. Powers. Third Row: 1. Wollmar, L. McAllen, P. Haller, M. Tjoflat, M. Sanchez, M. Hayes, P. Platten, J. Gray, B. Beardsley, I). Irmscher, X. Soule, C. Aho, P. Powrie, J. Butterbaugh, E. Bay. Fourth Row: ( ' . Tegtmeyer, (!. Cans, J. Ruby, M Wilson, C. Peiffef, E. Smith, B. Applebee, S. Smith, S. Wilson, M. Teter, H. Richards, B. Dean. S. Harman, K. Cable, K. Walton, Fifth Row: L. Henderson, M. Hastings, B. Lease, M. Richards, H. Wagner, S. Morgan, E. Varian, P. Hovey, S. Zipprich, X. Krell, P. Rowc, S. Aanes, S. Ashton, C. Arneson, B. Behnke, .1. Weichers, L. Thornton. 1 ' Go, Pa Pi Beta Pin had a busy year ler the leadership of president, Carolyn Stevens. Helping Carolyn were vice- president, Jean Beck; recording secretary, Karen Simon- son; corresponding secretary, Nancy Natwick; and treas- urer. Alice Kujath. The girls were busy throughoul the year, joining with the Pi Lamb ' s in Yell Like Hell, team- ing with Tlieta Chi for Humorology and working on ( lampus Carnival with the Theta Deli ' s. The girls proved that hard work pays when the Homecoming display with Evans Scholars won third place. Another highlight of the year was a car wash held with the Lambda Chi ' s. The proceeds were given to charity. Charity was important to the pledges as they gave a party at the Children ' s Hospital. This year the girls were under the guidance of a new housemother, Airs. Hart. Several members of the sorority were active in other campus affairs. Nancy Natwick was president of Assoc. Women Students; Judy Bridgman and Alice Kujath were members of A.YV.S. Executive Council. Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi— First Row: S. Wareham, J. Morse, K. Siraonson, M. McCarter, K. Schnagel, N. Natwick, L. Spear, J. Knaak, C. Stev M. Hart, L. Van Vleet, P. Hawkins, S. Trewartha, A. Kujath, M. J. Dallich, S. Larson, L. Moody, S. Gerland. Second Row: K C. Tetik, L. Wiesenthal, L. Griffin, M. Lawton, J. Mohonev, M. K. Bauman, J. Dvorak, R. Ruggles, B. Wallace. M. Baldwin. C. Skinner, J. Clayton, C. Niemi, M. E. Alt, M. Manske. Third Row: A. Bergeman, J. Brandley, P. Phelps, B. Burbidge, J. Sligh, E A. Reed, J. Movie, L. Mattison, M. L. Estes, J. Leopold, A. Haberman, J. Hollingsworth, L. Marriett, K. Shanahan, M. Borosage. ( J. Howard. Fourth Row: K. Krumm, S. Movie, K. Kujath, G. Wolfe, N. Watkins, B. Marx, J. Shelby, B. Bardeen, D. Grossen, R. Ri K. Jensen, J. Beck, L. Schelker, J. Bridgeman, G. McCullough, M. B. Janskv, B. Tilly, S. Jones, C. Condon. Fifth Row: D. Bor Dallich, K. Muench, G. I)u Brucq, J. Muench, S. Emmerich, M. Schwarte, G. Brown, K. Ekstrom, N. Himsen, S. Barnes, S. H S. Edgren, S. Lipschultz, E. Stephenson, C. Nechrony, C. Smith. ci-s. Mis Mueller. Greer, S. :. Avcrill. i. Ehlers, ippaport, chert. X. oelirccks, 4MNPJ j : iiiitiii.fii iit$|k - ■ V ■■■ ' ■■■--■ ' 387 1 ; $3% t ■ , p ,W A Sigma Delta Tau— First Row: B. Jacobs, M. Lazar, S. Luster, B. Jacobson, L. Miller. R. Kahn, J. Orner, Mrs. G. Hessler, A. Levenson, R. Elrod, J. Friedlander, C. Blum, 1 . Nusbaum, S. Altaman, S. Weiss. Second Row: II. Cohn, L. Lazar, L. Robinson, V. Gold, S. Goodman, S. Fisher, S. Krav. R. Harris, J. Franklin, B. Greene, P. Friedstein, S. Adelman, L. Shaw, V. Rosenblatt, C. Silverman, V. Markel. Third Row: I Lewis, J. Bell, J. Berger, L. Cohn, 1). Cohen, A. Bene. J. Kantrowitz, S. Braver, 1). Zeff, H. Halperin, R. Baren, E. Katz, E. Louis, .1. Sackin, E. Levy. Fourth Row: M. Siegle, L. Palachek, H. Mozzier. S. Kleinman, K. Berger, H. Sebsow, C. Silverman, L. Grundstein, L. Suss. M. Katcher, R. Pollack, S. Liber, X. Buxbaum, M. Stillman. ' Study Time is Here ' Sigma Delta Tau Jackie Orner, president of Sigma Delta Tau, led the girls In a very active year. She was assisted by Carole Blum, vice-president; Linda .Miller. 2nd vice-president; Lainie Tolkan, rec. secretary; Stevie Luster, corr. secre- tary; and Diana Nufbaum, treasurer. The girls joined with the Theta Chi ' s to take part in the Homecoming activities. They held their Winter For- mal at the beautiful new Lmbers. Sigma Delta Tau held a party for a cerebral palsy patient as one of their projects for the year. Planning and arranging Humorology was a big activity for the second semester of the year. .Members of the sorority active on campus were Kathy Berger, Badger copy staff; Maddy Stillman, Dolphins; Ginny Markel, Sophomore Woman on Badger Board; Ellen Katz. Craft Committee at the Union; and Becky Kahn. who was in charge of tickets for the Pan Hel Ball. 388 Inter-Fraternity Association — First Row: B. Menzel, A. Goodstein, T. Nedderman, H. Thiede. Second Row: J. Phillips, T. Mailman, 1). Keenan, K. Hill, P. Nicholson, V 1). Resnick, S. Holden. Third Row: K. Krause, A. Lew, T. Ansfield, F. Friess, ( ' . Audi Larson, J. Schnabel, J. Berger. Fourth Row: T. Peterson, C. Repkov, J. Wiedenfeld, G. M, ..-, O. Dowling, P. Gard, T. Ballnow, S. Moore, J. Schlaver, B. Gee, I). Manthei, K. McClintock Fifth Row: M. Bauer, J. Fey, K. Stahlkopf, ( ' . Saccomando, I). Grant, T. Egan, not identified wall, E. Ciolkosz, D. Arnold, J. Loken, S. Railing, not identified, R. Fleming. Orr, not identified, .1. Nygren, S. Durchslag, H. Lepp, Sloan, J. Wemyss, S. Ward, R. Kosac, R. Bennett, nga, J. Hicks, i{. Kalter, J. Patrick, J. Nafziger, G. K. Kramer, R. Kosfed, R. Vickers, J. Poulson, k, J. Wallander, ( ' . Colitre, P. Wolff, R. Jennings. P. 1 annerbeck, J. Clarke, J. Kosalos, P. Aspin- Inter-Fraternity Council To secure harmony in inter-fraternity relationships, to promote welfare and morale of students in fraternities, to preserve high ideals in fraternity members, and to solve problems of member fraternities, is the goal of the I-F Council. Officers of I-F Council were Gerald Hicks, president; Bob Kalter, vice-president; Ca ' l Andringa, secretary; and Foster Friess, treasurer. One of the main projects of the year was to put an end to discrimination based on color and creed, and to main- tain the privilege of selectivity and to preserve the present fraternity system. They helped to sponsor the Greek Scholarship Banquet and co-sponsored Pan 1 1 « ■ 1 Ball. They also held an Alumni Relations program as an aide to their individual fraternities. The [-F Council further endorsed the Active Training Creed to help bring an end to fraternity hazing. They are also studying an expansion program which involves finance, zoning, and taxation. Robert Kalter, vice-president 389 Inter-Fraternity Association 390 Room 308 became the center for many activities Gerald Hicks, president, led the officers of the Inter- fraternity Council when they held an I-F officer Retreat on October 5, and 6. This retreat was held in the Wiscon- sin Center. One of the goals of the council this year was to establish cooperation between the fraternities on cam- pus and the university administration, especially in the educational environment . The council offered during the year, a rounded program of speakers. Working on discrimination, expansion, pre- vention of hazing, and alumni relations gave the council members few free minutes. In fact, this year was one of the busiest that the council has ever had. This year I-F Council also did much to promote scho- larship among the member fraternities. The successfuls were honored at the Greek Scholarship Banquet. This year the banquet was held November 1. in Greal Hall. Charles Colitre Human Service is the motto of the members of Acacia. This year they ably fulfilled their motto by holding their annual Christmas party for the children of the Washing- ton Orthopedic School, complete with Santa Claus. Under the leadership of Jim Kosalos, social chairman, the men -pent an active year. This spring their annual Black and ( Sold Formal was held. Everyone who attended the dance had a w underfill time. The fraternity also spent much time in the fall constructing their Homecoming display. They had a team which took part iii the College Bowl Activities. They distinguished themselves from other groups on campus by holding a Greecian Hint I ' arty at the house. Officers for the year were Roger Kosak, president; Dan Turner, vice-president; Etoberl Kartschoke, secretary: and Stan Schwantes, treasurer. " Brother Kartch, and Friends at it agai Acacia Acacia — First Row: !. Hnnuld, C. Roberts, ]). Turner, S. Schwantes, .J. Kosalos, K. Schwartz. Second Row: ]{. Bloedorn, J. Henderson, X. Bybee, M. Morissette, J. Nelson, J. Jax. Sindelar, R. 392 Alpha Chi Rho — First Row: J. Doperalski. T. Ray, J. Schick, (i. Schnabel, J. Berber, V Peterson, E. Adams. Second Row: .). Cogen, G. Rankin, J. Dengler, I). Engberg, S. Haas, G. Klein, C. Gruneisen. Alpha Chi Rho The Alpha Chi Rho ' s enjoyed another successful year with their social schedule properly highlighted by the Spring Formal at Oakton Manor and the annual Cairo party. Beer suppers, picnics, listening parties, and Satur- day night Blast- rounded out the social activities. We mice again labored to retain the Homecoming Display trophy for the third straight year with the help of the Delta Zetas. Brothers who were very active in Campus Acitivities were: Brother Thomas Ray who was elected Organizations Editor of the Wisconsin Badge]-, served as a Co-chairman on SLIC, and held a seat on Student Senate, along with his Union Activity s. Brother Wayne Peterson was elected Vice President of the Spanish Club and was active in Varsity Party campus politics along with Brother Pay. Jerry Schnabel served as co-chairman of the IK- Pan Hell Planning Committee. The most exciting thing that has happened to the Chi Rho ' s is the new building which is to be erected on the -pot of the recently demolished Old Alpha Chi Rho House. Brother Schick calls it. " a dream come true. " Officers this year include: Jerry Schnable, president: Wayne Peterson, vice president; Thomas Pay. secretary; and Peter Dennis, treasurer. 393 . . - •,.r .-iv:Vivv ?- ' Beer does sti ange things to some people! Alpha Delta Phi— First Row: R. Russer, R. Hertz, T. Ramsey, G. Olin, 1). Knudson, K. Krause, Mrs. E. Sullivan, J. Wright, ( ' . Colitre, 1). Heidman, J. Olson, T. Reuss, G. Sprindis, R. Gettrust. Second Row: 1). Haack, A. Gollnick, A. Kleinfeld, J. Hooson, G. Mayhew, K. Schaaf, ( ' . Dopke, J. Glaaser, T. Olson, T. Hupp, R. Kramer, F. Frey, R. Hahnel. Third Row: 1). Betzhold, R. Kollman, 1{. Podolske, C. Bisbee, .1. Heimsch, R. Hollander, L. Hanish, P. Colloton, T. Neta, J. Kimmel, ( ' . Danner, R. Rollefson, (!. Gerndt, C. Matos. Fourth Row: W. Mac- I m n ' , V. Willard, R. Casey, V. Niebuhr, A. Janes, R. Graebner, V. Weiler, G. Arnold, R. Laskow, M. Gordon, L. Brill, R. Peavv, P. Joli- vette. Fifth Row: M. Stupar, A. Johns, C. West. R. Jnraek, 1 ). Seheel, J. Shane, Sam, J. Henel, I). Lecher, K. Ostarhild, P. Pjerrum, " j. Clark, .1 Schaefer, Y. Stewart. ' Everyone has fun at the Alpha Delf Beer Supper! ' Alpha Delta Phi The past year has been a successful one at the Alpha Delt house, located at the end of Henry Street. Besides a busy schedule including Parents ' Day, open house, beer- suppers, and Valiant Students party, the Alpha Delt ' s found time to enter Yell Like Hell with the KD ' s and Humorology with the Chi O ' s. Both winter and spring formals were held, the theme for the spring formal being " Rite of Spring. " I-F sports found the Alpha Delt ' s taking second place in football and volleyball. The members also pursu e more academic activities, placing Tom Olson as Inside Editor of the Cardinal and Union Coordinator for Campus Chest. Gary Olin was president of S.A.M. ne may also hear a foreign language being spoken at the house because of Valiant scholar, Peter Byerrun and Karl Ostarhild, Bonn Scholar. Kiiith Krause, president, and John Wright, vice-pres- ident, directed many activities. 394 J ' Anyone know Among the many events listed on the Alpha Epsilon Pis social calendar were beer suppers, Parents ' and Alumni weekends. Homecoming and theme parties. Two of the theme parties enjoyed the most by all members were their " Little Abner Party " and the theme of " .Modern Art. " The high points of the social year were the spring and winter formals held at the Embers and Wisconsin Dells. Homecoming was a busy time around the AE Pi house. They teamed up with A K Phi for Yell Like Hell and for the construction of their float. They also entered Hum- orology with Sigma Delta Tau. According to president Arnie Levy, the pledges did a tine job on their pledge project, the painting of Atwood House. Vice-president Larry Garber directed the suc- cessful regional fraternity conclave. Gene Spiritus was active on the Homecoming committee. Howie Silverman was secretary and Neil Hoffman was treasurer. Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi — First Row: R. Feldman, J. Friedlander, G. Clrossberg, M. Void, H. Ruttenberg, V. Schwartzman, A. Levy, Mr. . E. Geitt- man, L. Garber, X. Hoffman, X. Sheer, M. Winderbaum, P. Marcus, X. Harris, G. Spiritus, R. Galin, Second Row: C. Salinger, J. Kaplan A. tioodstein. A. Sehlimovitz, A. Strauss, S. Arnoff, I). Wattenberg, P. Mendelson, M. Felix, M. Jordan, P. Ravid, L. Ellison. l. Shapiro, B. Wolff, A. Lipton, R. Feinstein, R. Stein. Third Row: S. Felix, L. Burg, I). Carlin. (1. Sobel, M. Feldman, A. Schwartz. S. Langer, R. Smith. H. Silverman, A. Lapidus, D. Rolniek, R. Sharfin, R. Morris. L. Burstein, A. Mevers, R. Freeman, A. Samson. Fourth Row: I. Rubin, B. Breitman, K. Vessin, J. Alpert, R. Zuckerman, H. Schiller, J. Simon, T. Rubinstein, M. Blaekman, I). I.avin. F I.ieb. R. Cash, M. Belkowitz, R. Frankenstein, R. Tenser, H. Weisman, R. Shapiro. 395 Located near Ag campus, Alpha Gamma Etho topped off their social calendar with their winter and spring for- mats, the annual Farmer ' s Ball, and election of the Little Intel • 1 1 .- 1 1 tonal Queen. According to presidenl Jerry Wal- lander, who was also president of Babcock science club, the fraternity furnished eleven members of the Agricul- ture Student Council. Arden Hintzmann was vice-pres- ident of t lie crops and soils club. Roger Natzke was president of the Saddle and Sirloin Club. Many members were active in all campus organizations. Cal Dewsnal was president of the -Men ' s (dee Club and Roberl Kalter was viee-president of [-F Council. Treas- urer Hon Schuler, and secretary Arne Peterson, noted that Jerry I ' I ell was a member of the football team and Bill Eckerl could have been found working out with the crew any day during the spring or fall. Alpha Gamma Rho ■w ' Must you bring your project in the house? ' Alpha Gamma Rho— First Row: L. Meier, .1. Palmquist, J. Waelti, K. Kalter, W. Waterstreet, J. Wallander, A. Hintzmann, R. Schuler. A. Koepke, C. Gnatzig, If. Natzke, .1. Gruenewald. Second Row: G. Borchardt, T. Wehymiller, J. King, D. Pritzl, 1). Grant, M. Paulsen, J. Mc( laffree, A. Petersen, P. Berge, W. Eckert, R. Buth, G. Fischer, R. Maurer. Third Row: 1 ). Manthe, K. Baunvgart, A. Massie, N. Rinehart, ( ' . Dewsnap, R. Schuler, J. Greshik, L. Wagner, R. Stuckmann, X. Sanders, (!. Morris, R. Winn, J. Cramer. ' And 1 Social chairman, Dick Meyers, arranged a busj sched- ule for the men of Alpha Tau Omega. Aside from the usual beer suppers, listening parties, and pledge parties and pranks, the A.T.O. ' s held their spring formal at Brown ' s Lake. The Dixie Bash and Southern Comfort Parties also highlighted the social season. At Homecoming time, Tom Toman could have been found supervising the building of their display and leading the boys in nightly practice along with the Alpha (lams in preparation tor Yell bike Hell. Campus Carnival was entered with the Alpha Phi ' s. In sports, the football team took first place. Vice- president, .Marty Semmelsack, played varsity tennis; John Kleinschmit played varsity baseball. President, Marv Bauer was also president of the senior class. John Kellogg was editor of the Cardinal. Secretary and treas- urer were Frank Clayton and Hill Dvkema. Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega— First Row: If. Christiansen, B. Martzke, J. Hitch, R. Hiter, V. Serpico, K. Hummel, J. Ritzenthaler, .1. Plautz, L. Lucko- wicz, J. Jackson. Second Row: S. I ' lotz, J. Wright, R. Meyers, R. Lederer, S. Becker, J. Rummele, J. Allen, D. Jeruc, R. Swan, K. Anderson, I). Nissely. Third Row: I). Vandermyde, I). Samodi, N. Timmel, 1). Brown, .1. Udovich, T. Donatell, J. Wood, D. Schweitzer, R. Thompson, J. Erzen, I.. Albrecht, H. Stanelle. Fourth Row: J. Gomens, 1!. Lowe, J. Taylor, J. Fara, J. Esler, J. Faoke, D. Berninger, B. Mauerman, T.Tenhula, D. Sonnenberg, F. Clayton. Fifth Row: J. Brophy, W. West, T. Taylor, J. Stiska, W. Hollister, R. Cochran, T. Peterson, J. Kellog, K. Anderson, M. Bauer, R Larson, II. Schmit, .1 Kleinschmidt. Beta Theta Pi— First Row: 1 . Ihle, B. Black, G. Rohn, M. Ison, J. Fey. Mrs. Lambert, I. Braser, P. James, W. Dietriet, G. Gibbertson, D. Worden, C. Stewart Second Row: R. Lund, T. Shambeau, J. Bargren, (1. Gallo, K. Kessler, R. Barney, J. Lyman, G. Linn, G. Armstrong, H. Carlson, S. Larsh, T. Rosenski, C. Brahe. Third Row: I). Metiregor, K. Siebel, R. Bates, K. Kloehn, J.Lierk, B. Armstrong, R. Paul, B. George. C. Meissner, C. [son, B. Linscott, M. Musolf. Fourth Row: D. Grams, R. Lecv, R. Brovighman, L. Burns, W. Hollenbeck, J. Sohenk, R. Bell, R. Hill, B. Jones, L. Rideout, K. Quintenz, G. Howey, R. Stoll, T. Gilbertson, D. Schacht, fr Vvfr ' ' If Taylor doesn ' t get that touchdown! " Beta Theta Pi Located on the court, the Beta house had a busy year this year. Their beer suppers and open houses were topped off by their annual winter formal and " Miami Triad Party. " A pledge formal was held and twelve new initiates were honored at the Initiation Banquet. The banquet also honored the Alumni Advisor, I. G. Brader. They combined with the Gamma Phi ' s for Humorology. In addition to their informal gatherings on the Beta pier, the Beta ' s held a swimming party with the girls of Lowell Hall. In return I he Beta ' s received an invitation to Lowell ' s new swimming pool. According to president, Jim Fey, the Beta ' s staunchly defended their title as Badger Bowl Champions. Other officers included Dick Hill, corresponding secretary; Steve Larsh, recording secretary; (lien Gilbertson, treasurer; and Kim Kloehn, alumni secretary. 398 Chi Phi— First Row: K. Olejniczak, T. Madland, G. Anderson, W. Lau tz, M. Zilch, J. Clarke, F. Friess, A. Fink, V. Sewell, T. Smith, ( i Schulze, J. Pilger. Second Row: F. Funke, L. Pollnow, R. Adamson, L). Schulz, L. Skaff, M. Copps, G. Newman, S. Saunders, D. Bean, J. Klein, 6. Mueller. Third Row: J. Krebsbach, T. Bruesewitz, J. Curtes, L. Kleinhans, E. Rogan, J. Owl, T. Hitt, V. Harvey, D. Erdman, D. Quale, J. Graser, R. Hamel, R. Zuelsdorf, A. Hellner. Fourth Row: P. Van Every, R. Perkins, J. Stoddard, P. Lillegren, J. Antonic, I). Nelson, P. Trickel, A. Johnson, L. Melik, P. Morse, P. Dannerbeck, P. Geisler, F. Reynolds, P. Janke. Chi Phi Chi Phi received many first place awards on campus. During Homecoming, they combined with Alpha Chi Omega to win first prize in the Homecoming display and in Yell Like Hell. Also, they participated in Humorology with the DCs. John Clark, president, and Thomas Madland, vice president, planned some favorite theme parties such as the fourth annual Hawaiian party with the Chi Psi ' s and the third annual Hobo party with Sigma Chi. " Roman Orgy " and " Las Vegas " were others. The fifteenth annual Esquire Party was most famous on campus. The members were active in extra curricular activities. Ray Hamel was president of WSA. President of the Union was Bob Schmidt. Other prominent offices were held by Foster Fries, FF treasurer, and Peder Svare, Varsity Paiiy chairman. Scholarship was stressed by the Chi Phi ' s. Foster Friess held the Reverse Viking Scholarship and Anders Hellner was Valiant Captain. 399 ' flow come Playboy doesn ' t have pictures like this? ' Tlic L961-62 school year was a busy one for the men of the Chi Psi fraternity. John Wiber, president, directed the building of the Homecoming float. The men joined efforts with those of the Kappa ' s to make the floal a huge success. Their social calendar for i he year was always filled according to social chairman, Jan VanDyke. They held beer suppers with the D.G. ' s, the Kappa ' s, and the A. E. Phi ' s. On December 9, the winter formal was held at the house. Everyone also enjoyed the atmosphere of the Hawaiian party. other officers helped tn direel a welfare project which was carried nut during the second semester. Officers were Peter Fetzer, vice-president; Lyndon Allin. secretary: and Daniel Beckley, treasurer. The Chi Psi ' s were active in all sports and were the runner ' s up in the football championship playoff. All right you guys, who took middle ( " . ' ' Chi Psi Chi Psi— First R)w: W. Rummler, V. Emerson, ;. Hicks, J. Wilber, W. Marton, T. Nedderman, H. Conlon, T. Mellencamp, D. Berkley, L Warner. R. Listecki, B. Hallam, C. Coluns. Second Row: G. Stedhenson, T. Hurst, J. Edgerton, S. Miller, S. Orr, R. DeSpirito, J. Hall, A. Schmiedeman, P. McGinnis, R. Alexander, .1. Van Dyke, J. Forester, A. Phister. Third Row: A. Heggblom, T. Doran, J. Elmburg, 1). Reiner, A. Krance, R. Halverson, T. French, C. Colacchia. ' T. Collins, J. Kittslev, W. Darling, R. Hallam, R. Nelson, 1). Crow. Fourth Row: V. Having, P. Fetzer, S. Stendahl, P. Talboys, V. Sprague, W. Steinmetz, L. Smith, L. Allin, J. Rikkers, J. Swartout, V. Brazeau, P. Schoenecker. Fifth Row: R. Guthrie, I). Kalsched, T.Stafford, R.Sherman, J. Atterberry, L. Chudnow, R. Schmieden, G. Cole, T. Gose, R. Head, L. Howie, .1. Bowers, G. Heath, T. Stafford. 400 Delta Kappa Epsilon— First Row: B. McDonald, 1. K. Kaiser. Second Row: K. Van Gheem, H. Lepj Delta Kappa Epsilon For the men of Delta Kappa Epsilon, the 1961-62 school year was one of intense work. It was the first year that the DKE ' s were hack on campus. Although busy with their own fraternity, several DKE ' s found time to participate in campus activities. Herb Lepp and David Bearman were officers of Haresfoot. John Delow was a member of the swimming team and Herb Lepp participated in both track and wrestling. The social calendar for the new group was very busy according to their new social chairman, Lee Novak. They held a Christmas party and elected their own " Christmas Cutie. " They also held some informal parties. As con- tribution to Campus Chest, they played a cricket match with the girls from Lakelawn. Other officers were Jim Decker, president; David Bear- man, vice-president; and Herb Lett, secretary-treasurer. 401 ; ' ' -jtS i?k ' -■;; •• ;:} £ ' ?• ' v 1 . ' the last thing I remember was the DKE party The winter formal held al Maple Bluff Country Club was the social highlight of the year for the members of Delta Tau Delia. Social chairman, Bill Staab, kept every- one busy with beer suppers, informal parties, and theme parties. A spring formal was held at the Towne Club. )ne of the most enjoyed events was a trip to Northwestern for the football game. The members of Chi Omega were invited to join the Delt ' s for the trip. The Delt ' s are really proud of the new 1 nick and stone terrace constructed on the lake side of their house during the summer. They found it an ideal place for beer suppers and " twisting " parties. The Delt ' s are very active in sports and have a repre- sentath e on almost every varsity team on campus. ( fficers were Alexander Spooner, president; Larry Pitsch, vice- president; and Ray Visco and Boh Leventhal, secretaries. Delta Tau Delta " So AT T finally took a dip! 4® {x .ii Bf Delta Tau Delta— First Row: Y. Klaus, J. Jesinski, R. Visco, GjjMeier, J. Dahly, R. Kofoed, Mrs. Consigny, B. Colbert, M. Wheeler, J. Bubolz, C. Mcvst, R. Lepinski, W. Reading, 1). Lewis. Second Row: M. Strand, S " . Juel-Brockdorff, li. Thomas, 1). McKenzie, R. Conner, R. Kohl, R. Wegner, S. Voss, R. Hoekney, J. Carpenter, I). Bangert, J. Uribe, L. Lee, F. Hasler. Third Row: W. Staab, J. Bischel, C. Staab, J. Hurley, J. Kurz, R. Ketelsen, .1. Eddy, J. Strauch, J. Pokorney, .). Peterson, M. Miller, R. Leventhal, (!. Zovne, R. Blarney, J. Holzrichter. Fourth Row: P. Torhorst, L. Pitsch, J. Yahr, J. Yale, R. Ziegler, D. Murdock, R. Viekers, J. Edl, F. Schadt, A. Roebuck, R. Kohnle, R. McDougall, 1). Majcen, R. Smith, W. Brener, T. Ullsvick. Fifth Row: C. Reiss, S. Nelson, T. Schwartz, E. Holmes, G. Stauffer, L. Dallia, A. Salazar, D. Carisch, L. Ostrom, T. Ehlert, E. Bruusgaard, A. Stagl, P. Althouse, J. Cummings, E. Elt ' ner, C. Anthony. % 9 ft? ? ? f f ft f I " • T u, -■■i a: , : 402 The Cuba Club was the scene of the Delta Theta Sigma spring formal held during May. Officers of this busy fraternity were Ed Coilkosz, president; Leon Jansseh, vice-president; Tom Laphant, treasurer; Bob Swinger, secretary; and John Stettin-, social chairman. The men of DTS had a very active year socially. They held their Homecoming dance in the Crystal Ballroom of the Lorraine Hotel. Before the dance a banquet was held for members and their date-. This banquel was held espe- cially in honor of President Elvehjem. The beer suppers enjoyed by the fraternity were held with Elm Dr ive A. Zoe Bayliss, and Methodist Hospital nurses dorm. The fraternity was active in all the inter-fraternity sports, and members of DTS also were active in varsity sports. Dan Erbach was a member of the Wisconsin crew and Forest Nielsen participated on the varsity fencing squad. Delta Theta Sigma Delta Theta Sigma — First Row: R. Colby, J. Zimmerman, J. Martin, R. Wright. G. Draheim, R. Bullock, R. Pamperin, P. Raker. R. Swingen, L. Lichte. Second Row: I). Kor-k, (i. Docken, L. Hansen. P. Roycraft, V. Schomberg, J. Dohrety, (!. Wagner, 1 . Viney, J. Hundley, E. Steiner, .1. Stettler. Third Row: E. Ciolkosz. D. Drecktrah, D. Huber, L. Craker, R. Bernstein. P. Clark. 1). Erbach, R. Ruef. 1). Arnold. 403 Delta Upsilon — First Row: G. ( Istrander, R. Bornfleth, R. Manthci, R. Mueller, K. Beyreis, R. Schaefer, J. Veatch, I). Windau, J. Beaumont, B. Moore. Second Row: Murray, R. Galineau, R. LovedaJe, S. McEachron, R. Salzwedal, J. Cheek, S. La Framenta, i. Mundschau, J. Ostrenga, S. Small, J. Mowery. Third Row: A. Bryant, J. Hull ' , 1?. Perronne, R. Thomas, P. Sachjen, J. Wilson, J. Splavee, K. Dramm, L. Chambers, D. Wackman, J. Kirby, F. Harvey Fourth Row: I.. Meyer, R. Knutscn, M. Schaefer. ( . Wohlford, W. Filbert, M. Fulscher, 1). Sullivan, C. Douglas, 1). Moser, T. Berg, R. Wallber, R. Peterson, ' R. Hipke. Anyone know what ' s inside ' : Delta Upsilon A Christmas party held with the (lamina Phi ' s was the social highlight for the members of Delta Upsilon fra- ternity. They also enjoyed a winter formal held on De- cember 8, at the West Side Businessmen ' s Club. Other social activities included beer suppers with the Pi Phi ' s and the Alpha Xi ' s. They held numerous parties at the house throughout the year. Officers of this active fraternity were Parry Ebert, president; Gerald Ostrander, vice-president; (lien Mund- schan, secretary; Richard Schaefer, house steward; and Bucky Small, social chairman. The members of DC tied for 1st place in the Badger Bowl competition and also participated in all inter- fraternity sports. .Many of the members were also active in varsity sports on campus. Brian Moore and Dick Wittig were members of the football squad. 404 Evans Scholars— First Row: It. Adam, J. Stummer, H. Kreibich, T. Johnson, G. 1 eLucca, .1. Ring, T. .Mailman, C. Branum, F. Morelli, H. Feuerzeig, J. Bower. Second Row: C. Sanfelippo, J. Aloendroth, J). Linseott, B. Hartman, D. Holy, J. Pecor, N. Weitermann, E. Ketchum, R. Gurnee, R. Smirtnik, M. Hackett. Third Row: P. Branda, T. Carvis, J. Phillips, .1 Mozanet, R. Baumann, R. Ketchum, T. Lubeck, J. Zaleski, P. Bortness, C. Richman, T. 1 )app. Fourth Row: D. Govar, 1). Demiehelas, B. Triebel, K. Horning, T. Lyons, .1. Weber, J. Bistolas, R. Paluezak, B. Docholet, J. Kevrsten, S. Price, ,1. Roth. Fifth Row: Y. Ehren, P. Cunningham, R. ( liangeorgi, M. Miske, .1. Licari, K Theine V. Brunner, J. Olle, T. Collins, S. Hinytzke. Evans Scholars This was the first full year of membership for the Evans Scholars in I-F. Social chairman, Mike Hacket led the Evans Scholars through their finest year. Parties on foot- ball weekends, the Dixie Bash in October, Dad ' s Day banquet after the Oregon State game, and I he Christmas banquet at the Cathay House were prominent social activities of the fall. Between semesters, the annual Golf Hall, held in Chicago ' s Merchandise Mart, was the center of attraction. In extra-curricular activities, Steve Hinytzke repre- sented the men of the Allis Chapter on the University fencing team, Tom Lyons was chairman of the Blood Drive, and Douglas Govan was chairman of the mid- year convocation committee. Officers lor the year were: Tom Mailman, president; Tom Johnson, vice-president; Richard Branda, treasurer ; Jim Ring, secretary. 405 And what did the Actives give the P Led by president, John Elliott, the members of Kappa Sigma enjoyed a fun-filled, worthwhile year of activities. John was assisted by the other elected officers of the fraternity h were Greggar fsaksen, vice-president; ' I ' hi 11 Bauch, secretary; ( tuy Conrad, treasurer; and Terry Pagus, social chairman. Social activities for the year included beer suppers held with the DG ' s, Alpha Chi, and the Theta ' s. There were also many informal parties held at the house every Saturday night. They also enjoyed listening parties and pledge work exchanges. A formal was held at the house during the second semester. The members of Kappa Sigma were very active in the sports world. Their team tied for 1st place in the water polo competition and last year they took the basketball championship. They were also active participants in foot- ball and baseball. " Don ' t say anything, Id ' s talk! ' Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma— First Row: R. Sheerer, P. Korotov, G. Isaksen, A. Paulson, A. Pesch, T. McCarville, Mrs. Matheson, J. Berndt, G. Conrad, V. Davis. 1 1. Dowling, J. Holly, 1). Turner Second Row: B. Koepcke, R. Coutre, G. Wilhelm, A. Lucey, J. Handrich, D. Egbert, D. Schafer, R Ridings R. Jegier, S. Tjernstrom, C. Ofenloeh, B. Merten. Third Row: V. Haight, J. Elliott, G. Alii. W. Rilling, A. Pius, J. Class, R. Koppa, J. Elliott, F. Waroa, D. La Croix, J. Berr, T. Bauch, R. Pinkert, 1). Mueller. T. Ragus. Fourth Row: M. Murach, P. Veld, 1!. Hussa, S Whisner, . Durand, R. Eberhardt, W. Westphal, S. Chester. D. Starritt, C. Haase, E, Kamin. J. Goetz, J. Treen, R. Johnson. ; .-. ' ,, f ■ ' ■■ ' $- k 1? ■. ' «? 406 Lambda Chi Alpha — First Row: J. James, B. Powell, L. Skeels, R. Merle, K. Deedy, Mrs. P. Gaffney, C. Saccomando, F. Hoppensteadt, F. Brueggeman, R. Skelton, V. Strvye. Second Row: J. Udell, G. Boson, J. Staniforth, L. O ' Brien, M. Dullo, J. Klein, J. Lawson, R. Zahnow, K. Stahlkopf, C. Specht, V. Stevens. Third Row: P. De Marco, D. Chambers, P. Wadhams, B. Lee, R. Rosenthal, C. Rhinesmith, P. Wiley, H. Swanson, W. Knapp, S. Welter, A. Brazener, J. Thompson. Fourth Row: C. Koether, D. Price, R. Burnkrant, D. Mortensen, 6. Hansen, D. Nelson, B. Kundert, R. Fanning, P. Johnson, W. Barthel, R. Suhr, R. Bialczor. Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha, as part of their social season, again featured their annual Barbarian party complete with fur coats, baked pig, and German polka band. They held a Mardi Gras in February featuring costumes and authentic decorations. During Christmas, the fellows joined with a sorority and sang carols at local hospitals. The group ' s Homecoming float was entitled " High and the .Mighty " and they also sponsored a welfare project concerned with handicapped children. Carl Saccomando was a member of the Inter-fraternity Judicial Commission and Carl Stahlkopf was chairman of the I-F Council Discrimination Committee. Officers included Carl Saccomando, president ; Kenneth Deedy. vice-president; Fred Brueggeman, secre- tary; Ron Skelton, treasurer; and Jeffrey James,7rush chairman. 407 • ' -V ' ' ' -i ? y r— ' • ' ' ' - " - ' •■ ' V 1 ' Handy to have t hose zoology majors around! ' Phi Delta Theta— First Row: T. Heebink, D. Sloane, J. Papandrea, R. Frederick, V. Krueger, Mrs. V. Wiswall, D. Nicholson, T. Grueber, S. Hank, W. Loppnow, II. Tinney, C. Flora. Second Row: H. Wolff, D. Fmlay, Y. Haerle, 1 . Tzakis, L. Barney, R. Forgione, R. Moberly, l; Sachse, D. Johnson, 1). Kaul, B. Norgan, M. Deighton, I). Moberly. Third Row: (i. Bollow, 1). Berg, R. Szymanski, B. Olson, C. Laird, T. Erickson, V. Smith, .1. Sadler, I . Smith, li. Stickney, J. Purnell, !. Miner, A. Wojdula, R. Boone, J. Lehman. ' Now, to pull this caper the first thing we gotta do! " Phi Delta Theta l ' lii Delta Theta. the oldest campus fraternity, had another year filled with activity in all major fields. During Community Service Day all Phi Delt chapters did work at the city hospitals in their respective areas. Besides this group interest in outside activities; many individual members contributed toward campus affairs. Steve Hawk was a member of l-K advisory board and Bill Krueger, treasurer of Badger Party. Bill Smith, Jim Durnell, Andy Wojdula, and Greg Miner were partici- pants on the varsity football team. President, Penn Nicholson, lead the fraternity in such I lions as the Winter formal at the Dells, the Phi Delta Theta and Japanese lawn parties in the spring, and Humorology with Kappa. Other officers included David Nicholson, vice-president; Bill Haerle, secretary; and Ralph Forgoone, treasurer. 408 One of the major social events on Phi Gamma Delta ' s busy calendar was their annual Fiji Island party which was complete with a miniature waterfall and bridge as well as complete house decorations. ther social functions included a Christmas formal, a Pearl Harbor party, a French-Apache party, and a Homecoming alumni dinner- dance with the Theta ' s. Phi Gam also participated in Humorology this year with the Tri Itch ' s. Members who were active in campus life included Bob Jennings, fraternity and I-I ' president; Jim Jeffries, Badger Hoard and chairman of I-F Relations Committee. Among the officers leading this truly active group were Dave Findlay, vice-president; Doug Keenan, recording secretary; Roger Boettcher, corresponding secretary; Ben Porter, treasurer; and Bob Barocci and Joel Leetzow, social chairmen. " Do you think the} Pacific? " Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta— First Row:. I. Galbraith, W. Zaeshe, B. Porter, .1- Keenan, R. Jennings, Mrs. Best, I . Findlay, R. Boetcher, R. Barocci, K. Miller. Second Row: T. Creagan, V. Johnson, J. Leetzow, S. Wrucke. S. Moore, W. Carriere, .J. Redfield, R. Keck. J. Eagan, J. Martinek, I). Heuerman, T. Withey. Third Row: J. Clark, R. Palm, T. Clark. M. Sterle, T. Boehm, J. Leonard, R. Shaedla, T. Hovdy, M. Woodke, L. Woodward, C. Taylor, A. Sundene, R. Christoffersoii. Fourth Row: l{. Herms, X. Smith, L. Knitter, R. Burger, R. Kutalak, .1- Hendricks, P. Hollands, R. MacGregor, D. Schuster, M. Ried, R. Robel, K. I , .1. Woolard. Fifth Row: J. Mitby, T. Donegan, R. Keys, L. Fayette, J. Makay, S. Anbuhl, E. Ording, 1). Rudolph, I), Johnson, D. Frey, T. [ermiin, P. Schmutzler, J. Jeffries, D. Baker. 409 During the 1960-61 season Phi Kappa Theta bas mad( commendable strides in re-modeling their house. Thej have completely repainted the dining room, kitchen living room, and entire upstairs; and have recovered tin dining room furniture while buying new items for ih upstairs rooms. I.a-i year they won the contest for having the largesl percentage of blood donors and also supported a Military Ball candidate, Art Schroeder. Included among the social activities were a pledge party, a Homecoming alumni party banquet, and a Mardi (Iras pally. They likewise had a Founders Day party in the spring and initiated a new chapter at Stevens Point. Officers of this progressive group included Jerry Hart- la ul). vice president ; Dick Cay gall, secretary; Nick Zwacki, comptroller; and Dave Harry, house chairman. " Even though Goldwater might win the next electioi Phi Kappa Theta ' • " ' .-: ? ' i ' ' : - ' x : r: ' ! ' l ' r ' ' .i ' " --: Phi Kappa Theta— First Row: I. Zawacki, D. Caygill, J. Hartlaub, J. Wiedenfeld, R. Brewer, D. Barry, J. Biersach, J. Critchfield. Second Row: M. Dolske, G. Fruh, C. Repka, T. Eekerle, E. Bangs, A. Schroeder, M. McAvoy, R. Bruhn, R. Paska. Third Row: R. Marta, T. Triggs, C. Angoli, P. Weisensel, V. Flader, I). Di Vilio. 410 A " Marriage Party " complete with bride, groom, min- ister, flowers, and wedding arch stalled off the social season for Phi Sigma Delta. The group was Led by Ken Kramer, president; Mike Greenblatt, vice-president; Michael Davidson, secretary; Terry Linsky, treasurer; and Rich Weinberg and Alike Fisher, social chairmen. The fraternity had a very active social year holding many beer suppers, exchange parties, theme parties, and work exchanges between pledges. They topped off their social activities with a " Snarking Party " which was held just before final exams. Plu Sigma I )elta has always been very high in scholastic standing. During Homecoming weekend they held a party and invited all the fraternity alums. The nuys were also active in all sports and had a team which participated in the Water Polo Tournament. Phi Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Delta — First Row: N. Bobins, R. Spector, V. Wexler, S. Berson, K. Kramer, G. Niva, C. Linskv, J. Goldberg, G. Meister. Second Row: L. Rodin, P. Springberg, M. Davidson, S. Rush, T. Cohen, R. Baum, M. Welfeld, R. Kesselman, M. Barron, M. Fisher. Third Row: M. Ldeberman, M. Levy, K. Fisher, T. Boykoff, J. Morris, J. Hipp, L. Fox, R. Lebowitz, S. Bloomberg, S. Field. H. Gershman. Phi Sigma Kappa— First Row: J. Penfield, S. Railing, D. Kirkbride, T. Mitchell, 1{. Marschke, B. Prouty, C. Kruse, K. Hurst, P. Tresch. Second Row: T. Kreikard, D. Center, B. Zastrow, T. Schoenick, J. Burke, R. Fleege, .). Dahl, R. Nagl, B. Borndahl, .). Wehmeyer. Third Row: J. Verbrick, B. Sparks, D. Carpenter, J. Mitchell, C. Treichel, B. Baitinger, B. Peters, J. Hawxhurst, M. Schmidt, J. Opgenorth. y±tf? m$-;A?:% Ki " Maybe you ' ve got four-of-a-kind but I got ya beat. A full beer- can, Schlitz high. " Phi Sigma Kappa Leading Phi Sigma Kappa in their crowded calendar of events was president, Carl Marschle. Others assisting him included Steve Railing, vice president ; Bob Prouty, secre- tary; Toby Mitchell, treasurer; and Jerry Mitchell, social chairman. Some of the activities the officers planned were a moonligbl formal, a pledge rumble with Gamma Phi, a Christmas party, and a gambling party with authentic cards and dice from Las Vegas. They also had four open houses, several exchange dinners, and a ski weekend in northern Wisconsin with one of the sororities on campus. Lastly, on their agenda was their annual Founders Day banquet tor alumni. The fraternity placed second in scholastic competition for the he-t giades and was chosen the most improved fraternity group. 412 Pi Lambda Phi— First Row: L. Mansfield, S. Markham, R. Ballis, A. Lihowitz, E. Burick, (i. Levine, H. Kravitz, T. Baber, P. Wolff, H. Futterman, I). Lason, S. Goldman, R. Fisher, M. Field. Second Row: R. Cohler, N. Baum, M. Alper, S. ( loldberg, 1 ►. Epstein, S. Schneider, P. Fidler, M. Smith, R. Mintzer, L. Cortez, S. Hoffman, S. Sacher, S. Marland, L. Keller, A. Tarnow. Third Row: R. Bookholder, A. Agron, A. I " iznii, M. Zola, L. Feigenberg, B. Kessler, B. Sherwin, B. Rosenfield, L. Gardner, C. Sherman, B. Hyman, M. Meyers, A Kriger, S. Maltz, A- Epstein, B. Baiman, S. Holden, L. Linn. Fourth Row: A. Xeider, B. Emanuel, S. Pious, S. Saper, X. Footlik, R.Sheldon, Ii- Ravnick, B. Lubar, S. Sexier, G. Senner, B. Kaplan, B. Kaplan, M. Mann, S. Shapiro, A. Lipson, S. Bilansky, A. Brustin, M. Kalrheim, B. Eggener, B. Druverman. Pi Lambda Phi The men of Pi Lambda Phi were represented in a variety of campus activities this year. Chuck Edwards, worked as Justice of Student Court while Rich Ballis, fraternity rush chairman, lead the Homecoming pub- licity committee and Henry Waller represented his district in Student Senate. Alike Spector assisted on a SLIC sub-committee and Paul Wolf, Pi Lamb president, assumed the role of one of the Symposium chairmen. Social highlights of Pi Laml ' busy year included their annual homecoming banquet, a spring formal at the Dells, and the yearly Hawaiian party. This year the fraternity participated in Yell Pike Hell and Badger Howl; and entered Humorology with the Theta ' s. 1 ' i Land) was second highest last year in over-all grade point and did equally well in various sport activities. Other officers included Ken Etosenblum, vice-president; Boh Kotler, secretary; Ron Flutterman, treasurer; Alvin Kriger and Skip Holden, social chairmen. 413 ' Now, in the game of football. The men of Psi Upsilon bave much of which to boast. Mainly however, is their huge scholastic improvement in which they moved from twenty-eighth to second in the fraternity grade competition. They likewise received a national plaque and commendation from I-F. Psi l also did well in numerous sports. They were second in fraternity football, and did an equally fine job in baseball. Fraternity members in outside sport activities included sophomore swimmer, Mike Hunt; sophomore basketball player, Don Patterson ; fencing, Charles .McCaf- frey; and varsity golf, Bob Johns. Highlighting the social season was their formal, the alumni cocktail party, the parents weekend celebration, and the annual yard and half party. Officers leading this group were Robert Bennett, presi- dent; Tom Hayes and Wilson Smith, vice-presidents. ' Who put Coke in the beer taps? " Psi Upsilon Psi Upsilon— First Row: I). Kinnamon, J. Logli, 1). Wieby, R. Farrington, S. Pooley, R. Bennett, J. Stocking, L. Huhne. Second Row: .1. Petersen III, F. Simonsen, J. Ponath, D. Young, A. Kosak, T. McKenzie, H. Smith, R. McArthur. Third Row: T. Gilberg, D. Egbert, S. Quisling, L. Myrick, V. Kessler, R. Nicholson, R. Johns, R. Stankiewicz, T. Galvin. Fourth Row: R. Breger. C. McCaffrey, V. Smith, R. Freund, T. Haves VIII, J. Lucas, P. Brown, C. Nahnke, J. Hall. 414 Sigma Alpha Epsilon— First Row: R. Nuernberg, H. ( rilbert, i. Emerson, .1. Wirth, V. ( » ' ( lonnor, J. Wemvss, Mrs. .1. Ball, ( ' . ( lsen, .1. Schmuhl, K. Peterson, L. Jull. Second Row: 1 ' . Neimann, G. Hess, K. Berget, D. Chilsen, J. Rensch, D. Eggebrecht, K. Kullman, R. Cuerri, M. Muller, J. Boheim, E. Schueler, B. Borgen, J. Allen. Third Row: J. Hough, R. Reznickek, W. Hermann, J. Hodge, T. Hose, T. Holton, J. Strieff A. Antoine, J. Tilton, J. Mel luire, K. Krogius, L. Sterrenbnrg, J. Moelk. Fourth Row: C. Kemp, W. Ritzman, R. Hunks, R. MacDonald, W. Klanderman, J. Ellis, G. Goetsch, J. Lees, C. Asher, T. Stiles, R. Rausenberger, E. Schumacher, (i. Schilling, R. Daly, J. Hess. Fifth Row: R. Donaldson, ID. Ward, K. Montgomery, S. Ward, D. Novak, K. Hoesterman, W. Heyenbruch, R. Burns, J. Parisi, J. Nichols, C. Bowers, J. Swigart, C. Roethke, J. Kgger. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pff " ' • ' • - Sport participation seemed to be a large scale activity for the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The fraternity placed second in volleyball intramurals and boasted of having one of their members, Ken Montgomery, on the varsity football squad. Scholastically the fraternity acquired second place ranking in last year ' s Badger Bowl. Social chairmen, J. T. Lees and John Wirth, planned many fun filled activities for SAE. These plans included a. Christmas formal, a spring one at the Dells, as well as a fort Lauderdale party with the Kappa ' s. The fraternity also entered Humorology; this year with Kappa Delta. President, Carlton Olsen, led the fraternity in a Christ- mas party given for Dane County pensioners. Others aiding Carlton were vice-president, John Wemyss; secre- tary, Scott Ward; and treasurer. John Schmuhl. 415 •Naw, I used to use Brylc dd never get a d ly % fofc A Sigma Chi— First Row: H. Dohnal, S. Gordon, K. Kreutzmann, L. Marshall, C. Burroughs, T. Thomsen, H. Williams, (i. Larson, J. Witwer, 1 ). Johnson, .J. Torke, J. Janutka, R. Knake, .1. Strassburger. Second Row : H Meyer, .1- Ricciardi, C. Andringa, H. Weiss, J. Brooks, T. ( ) ' Brien, V. Foy, T. Trost, S. Morton, J. Hartfield, H. Hippman, J. Scornauacco, W. Harry. Third Row: G. Heck, .). Welch, L. Luebke, W. Rielly, T. toforth, T. Bierbrauer, R. Bell, C. Vance, A. Schmidt, T. Anderson, J. Smith, C. Anderson, J. Kirsch. Fourth Row: W. Brown, R. Brown, R. Phemister, 1). Walch, T. Aycock, J. Drescher, M. Raymaker, S. Hartney, K. Falkenberg, R. Fleming, B. Felbinger, J. Cavanaugh. Fifth Row: J. Roethe, I). Brackett, R. Glaisner, P. Van Lare, F. Ragatz, (!. Wolfe, J. Fleenor, J. Allen, J. Maerker, H. Taylor, T. Yaudes. i,r,o ' vX,v ' V.V,V.] T don ' t care if the Packers did win, I ' m broke! Sigma Chi Sigma Chi ' s summer fight to abolish their discrimination clause proved successful and enabled them to return to active campus participation. Among their activities this year were the annual Sweetheart and Miami Triad formals as well as an alumni dinner and a scholarship banquet. Informal parties in- cluded a Hobo party and a Pajama one. Sigma Chi also entered Humorology with Alpha Epsilon Phi. The men of Sig Chi were likewise well represented in most campus organizations. Dale Matthews, Buss Wil- liams, Jim Bakken, and Gib Larson played varsity sports for Wisconsin. Officers of this extremely busy group were president, (lib Larson; vice-president, Jim Torke; corresponding secretary, Joe Ganutka; recording secretary, Owen Mar- sh ill; treasurer, Dave Johnson; and social chairman, Jim Brooks. 416 Sigma I ' hi worked to further their goal of increased membership and scholarship. The group featured a " Per- sian Kitty " party in spring and also held a Stork Club junior party. The fellows took first place in Campus Carnival last year and participated again this year. The formal was held at Ishnala. Wis.; the social season was rounded out by the usual beer suppers, informal parties, and coffee hours. The fraternity is proud to have won the first-place scholarship trophy last year, both for over- all grade point and for improvement. The officers for this year included Jerry Beck, Jr., president; David Ellis, secretary; Eric Skalinder, treasurer; rushing chairman Klemme Herman; and pledging trainer, John Mayer. 100 N. Prosped Avi ■£U ■ Tv r . -w j Sigma Phi Sigma Phi— First Row: J. Wetzel, V. Eckles, L. Salvesen, L. Skalinder, J. Beck, I). Graham, 1). Ellis, C. Yager. Second Row: T. Marty, B. Maaske, I). Pearson, D. Domrath, T. Hinke, C. Eckles, I). Merrier. Third Row: J. Fering, J. Swanson, K. Herman, A. Huse, T. Egan, B. Burckhardt, B. Cristafulli, J. Mayer. uwiiiaiiHuiaHHi Scholastic achievement was the goal of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Their goal was fulfilled when their pledges earned the scholastic trophy given by Phi Eta Sigma for placing first scholastically among . ' ill fraternity pledges. The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon arc very sports minded and their house had teams which participated in baseball, football, basketball and volleyball. They also had an outstanding bowling team. Led by president Dwayne Norris, the Sig Ep ' s took part in Badger Song Festival. They joined with Alpha Xi Delta to participate in Homecoming decorations. A Christmas caroling party also found them teamed with Alpha Xi Delta. In the spring the seventh annual " Mam- moth Brawl " was held at the house. Miss Judy Edwards reigned through the year as Sig Ep Sweetheart. Other officers included John Schreck, vice-president; William Duemling, secretary; Tom Bollnow, treasurer: and Fred Hoptert, social chairman. Sigma Phi Epsilon just limit understand women! ' :--.VV, ' v ' : ' V ' ' ' ; " Sigma Phi Epsilon — First Row: V. Braun, J. Martyn, R. Dvorachek, W. 1 luemling, 1 . Norris, T. Bollnow, J. Bailey, P. ( lard. Second Row: J. Baberstroh, I). Bennett, J. Thompson, R. Sorrentino, R. Hughes, B. young, M. Dambekaln, V. Wahl, T. Swan. ' Third Row: F. Hoppert, 1! Easton, .1. Bartz, D. Wikel, I). Seborg, E. Wengert, C. Sanger, H. Theis, D. Ellwing. Fourth Row: A. Polzak, J. Flund, W. Boehm, J. Bank, D. Jensen, R. Stelling, T. Breuch, G. Wilcox, A. Fredenslund, li. Danielson, F. Fedler. 1 i i ■ «n % |£ .VMM ■ ■ «mi — ■ - ,- -. p« - « fmmm a te i, , ?%» r " — jLL MtMl B BY ° ' c H ffl 1 ■ ■■ — 1 m 1 J a» «. ' ■k -r. T !a ■ pra " t I C t a. 1 A ¥9 LJ J B 7. r§ M 7- Is : r ' " J m € 9 ■--!• • ! ' f S Sr vyte i t m ' J ■ ■ ' jjy i w Z ■at ' - 1. - " - ' • " " " " ; if. Jag i :■ I .■c | 5 CJkV i w ± £2f . wi J V Ml T f ti J7 V LJ a i ' HI v fl T SB. ' F i ' ■ 1 " T fe ■ ■! t 4k if m m It ! 1 1 - M1 " ■lJJ, — tfflfc H fc.i ' J i f ■ f W I «r 1 til 1 i f 1 % -I - %ir k is i 9nF JM 7 i W - ib V mQf -»- JH JSBL s BB . B. f 1 wm 1 1 i , } , Tib Hr ' 5t |jf 1 r V ■ ■ 1 v " • f W ' . . 418 . Let ' s Tfl ist Again, lik Tan Kappa Epsilon, under the leadership of president, Robert Thiede, sought to fulfil] its stated goal of in- creasing scholarship and membership. The fellows were joined in working on their Homecoming display with the girls of I.akelawn House and took second place with their display. One oi their projects for the year was a party for orphan children during the Christmas season. Their social season also included the usual beer suppers, in- formal parties, and coffee hours. In addition to the president, officers were Dick Hankel, vice-president; Phil Schmitt, secretary; Jerry Schoening, treasurer; John Kennough, pledge trainer: Tony Drexler, historian; Ed Rump, chaplain; and Tom Wnuk, sergeant-at-arms. The members of Tau Epsilon found that 1961-62 was a most successful year for their fraternity. They were very active socially, scholastically, athletically, and par- ticipated in many campus activities. Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon — First Row: 1!. Capheim, R. Hankel. R. Theide, J. Kennaugh, R. Sheehy, P.- iiese. Second Row: A. Drekler, W . Yeend, D Lotterer, T. ( linzl. P. Schmidt. T. Steuck, R. Heilman. Third Row: G. Cirves, J. Schoening, I ' . Aspinwall, R. Shirey, T. Krueger, F. Gus- tavson, E. Lump. 419 Theta Chi— First Row: J. Burley, F. Menger, T. King, J. Oster, J. Nygren, G. Urban, Psi, 1 . Moore, M. Lynch. Second Row: T. Pamperin, I). Baker. L. Bublitz, .). Jungwurth, V. Moskowvits, J. Andryczak, B. Theis, E. Brazelton. Third Row: P. Cox, P. Johnson, R. Ardnt, R. Quandt, R. Long, D. Creasey, R. Afflerbaugh, R. Thomas, 1 . Faircloth. Fourth Row: P. Pangas, J. Steffen, V. Gee, J. Swank, S. Cole, N. Jahn, J. Kreuger, .1. Oakwood, I.. Urreu. Theta Chi ' It took me only four hands to save up cards like this " The Winter Whirl " was the theme of the Theta Chi ' s winter formal which was held at. the Towne Club. Led by social chairman Bill Gee, the Theta Chi ' s had a busy year. A square dance was held at Nob Hill when they entertained the Tri Delt ' s. Everyone had fun at the " Dixie Bash " held with Gamma Phi, and the African Safari Party. The guys also enjoyed a Pajama Party and many beer suppers and Call-outs. They also entertained their parents for a weekend in the fall. Officers for the year include John Nygren, president; Jeff Oster, vice-president; Glen Urban, secretary; and Terry King, treasurer. The guys were all active in intra-mural sports and Bill Gee was a member of the Varsity Fencing Team. Rushing trainer for this year was John Oakwood and pledge marshal was Dick Peterson. 420 Theta Delta Chi— First Row: V. Arnold, H. Slette, R. Rasmussen, J. Nelson, I). Larson, C. Lohmann, J. Nafziger, J. Loken, J. Farley, Boris, J. Sehlaver, H. Moon, 1). Klingenstein. Second Row: T. Dunkel, R. Junge, G. Schwer, J. Doose, C. Voss, L. Jacobs, J. Glatz, R. Marker, M. Davis, P. Cassady, 1 . Williams,.). Styne. Third Row: R. Kleinfeldt, P. Nelson, P. Peckham, B. Lindquist, H. Kafura, J. Oswald, J. Curtin, J. Angelbeck, R. Mitchell, J. Walker, T. Mikkelson, W. Waller, 1 ' . Schulze, W. Mattka. Fourth Row: R. Norton, W. Busse, D. O ' Connell, R. Beery, K. McClintock, S. Clothier, W. Pidcoe, J. Hamm, J. Wertymer, I). Reierson, R. Dinteman, J. Feeny, 1). Rice, W. Askov. Theta Delta Chi Did you ever go to a Magna Parta? It was one of the many unique theme parties held at Theta Delta Chi. Magna Parta, a parody of Magna Carta, is the time of year when all imitate the English barons of King John ' s era. They arrived at the " castle " in medieval costumes and pretended to eat raw pork. A special project in the Foster Parents ' Program was headed by Don Field. At present, they are supporting an orphaned hoy in Greece. Inter-fraternity sports saw Don Edwards active in golf, John Cotten on the track team and Ron McDevitt as the captain of the swimming team. Individual members held important positions on campus. Denny O ' Connel was the Badger Party Chairman. Dave Rice headed Symposium. The Cardinal advertising manager was Carl Lohman, the fraternity secretary. Jim Loken, president; directed Dave Larson, secretary; and Jim Nelson, treasurer; toward a successful year. 421 •Who turned on the bul.He mach Zeta Beta Tau— First Row: R. Adler. J. Luskin, V. Kiseman, L. Soil, S. Durchslag, Mrs. S. Goodking, S. Evans, B. Stern, A. Bordow, H. Mayer, M. Rifkin, J. Openheim. Second Row: H. Pizer, F. Weil, A. Greenwald, .1. Friedman, M. Wilk, S. Narrow, 1). Kaminskv, L. Kaplan, W. Tursky, 1). Durchslag, 1 ' . Brown, I,. Lew, i. Kafka, .1- Margolis. Third Row: F. Filtzer, H. Shapiro, M. Nackman, T. Wolf, W. Sorota, .1. Katz, W. Reinish, M. Resnick, R. Garbell, L. Leavitt, R. Dubren, B. Lessin, 1). Mandel, B. Rosenblatt, (!. Roth. Fourth Row: B. Yusow, H. Turk, C. Robinson, L. Weschler, R. toldberger, B. Cohen, M. Have, B. Fishman, P. Bleckman, J. Mandell, D. Mole, R. Lipsky, R. Thiem, L. (ioodman. wmmm Zeta Beta Tau And then this traveling salesman said. Their goal to make the fraternity a place where one acquires knowledge and experience in college life directed the ZBT ' s toward a very successful year. President, Steve Durchslag, organized the sectional meeting with the help of Steve Evans, vice-president; Ben Stern, secretary; Laurie Soil, treasurer; and YVally Eisen, historian. Some good will activities included a charity beer supper with Oregon School for Girls and a basketball game be- tween the pledges and Mendota State Hospital patients. The fraternity as a whole was active in the Blood D rive and Humorology with the Alpha Phi ' s. " Comic Strip, " a pledge party, and " Gay 90 ' s, " an alumni Homecoming party, were unique themes. Chan- t iclere was t he scene of the Winter formal while the Spring formal was held at picturesque Brown ' s Lake. Extracurricular activities were favored by members such as Ira KoinMuth. YYSA vice-president. 621 North Lake Street. Professional Fraternities With Houses Known as the " Axemen, " the members of Alpha Chi Sigma, a chemistry fraternity, put aside their chemistry texts .-hkI slide rules for a number of beer suppers, listening parties, informal parties, spring formal and a buffel with faculty alumni. Spring-time found the men of Alpha Chi Sigma holding their spring formal and then- annual fra- ternity picnic. A speaker from the American Chemical Society is an annual attraction. President Richard Baltisbeger and Dan Harnish planned professional meetings. D avid Horn, vice- president, directed several projects such as the supporl of a foster child. In the held of sports, the axemen won the football championship. Bruce McDonald, John Allis and Stan Greunwald served as secretaries of the organization, while Tom Keif acted as treasurer. Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma— First Row: (I. Lamb, F. ik. K. Schwer, R. Christensen, J. White, R. Baltisberger, J. Alii?, T. Reif, S. Gruenwalf, I). Cooney. Second Row: C. Howell. R. Matsun. R. Valentine, J. Klemm. L. Lane. S. Brookes. .1. StautTacher. 1 . Harnish. T. Becker, W. Erskine. Third Row: T. Sakano, F. Paulsen, F. Maekie, Y. Harper, J. Crohusky. I!. Lenzer. I). Dan, J. MeCiinnity, H. Unger, R. Reinke. The Delta Sigma Pi ' s under the presidency of Boh Guetschow, found themselves participating in a wide variety of activities. Among these activities must be in- cluded a Sewer Party, Roaring 20 ' s Party, Pajama Party, :i display for Homecoming, beer suppers with Alpha Xi Delta. Chadbourne, Langdon Hall, and Delta Zeta. Their Rose Formal was held at the Edgewater Hotel and Joan I oster was chosen to reign as queen. They also had a group which participated in the Mock l ' . . Conference. Two honorary members were initiated this fall Professor droves and Al Steinaner, President Anchor Savings and Loan. Officers for the second semester were Boh Guetschow, president; James Benson. Sr. vice-president; Thomas Dorington, Jr. vice-president; Fred Fisher, secretary; John Haferbecker, treasurer; Bay Schmitz, historian; and Pal Juneau, chancellor. Andrew Schell served Delta Si ma Pi a- president during the first semester of the school year. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi -First Row: E. Prisk, F. Fischer, A. Kaatz, T. Macho, A. Schell, P. Guetschow, (i. Widman, P. Juneau, ( ' . Pert ' , .1. Hafer- becker. Second Row: .1. Calkins, J. Huser, R. Hillestad, J. Paddock, R. Schmitz, P. Lamb, .1. Holdridge, .1. Larson, P. Balck, W. Frese, R. Van Ormim. Third Row : T. Dorrington, J. Suekow, I). Reichert, A. Hoeft, P. Schultz, P. Dietrich, P. Mueller.J. Benson, R. Weber, J. Andersen. - • =. ■ ■ ' 424 Kappa Eta Kappa, a professional engineering fraternity, provides its members with a variety of professional and social activities. Many f the meetings arc highlighted by speakers concerned with subjects of interest to poten- tial engineers. The organization also sponsors an exhibit and assists in the organization of the Engineering Ex- position. This year the Kappa Eta Kappas are housed in a new location. The new house was the scene of many of the social activities of the year which included beer suppers, a " Cowboy Party. " A highlight of the year was the Homecoming Banquet. With the beginning of the second semester the newly elected executive body took office. .lint Pellegrino was president, and Peter Fleischhacker was vice-president. Dave Borton was corresponding secretary and John Stiehl was recording secretary. Other officers were Isaac Xebleit. Brian Uhter, Don Panzenhagen and Bob Ilillman. 114 North Orel Kappa Eta Kappa Kappa Eta Kappa— First Row: Dr. R. A. Oreiner, B. Adams. 1). Laughlin, E. Sadowski, H. Abraham, R. Coifmaan, R. Hillman, J. Pellegrino. P. Fleischhacker. Second Row: J. Sippe!, ( . Peterson, R. Dixon. J. Hampel, K. Oestriech, R. Cary, T. Manic:), X. Parekh, J. Kattner. Third Row: J. kruss, B. [Inter, J. Ransom, J. Rothmeier, I). Jorgenson, H. Diller, P. Leitzke, 1). Panzenhagan, I. Neblett. Fourth Row: V. Stewig, R. Janoski, J. Stiehl, R. Yolton, D. Burton, R. Hart, M. VanDuser, R. Foster. R. LaBlanc. Fifth Row: T. Stelter, J. Stelter, 1). Freeberg, . Thisius, J. Ahrens, J. Dragon, T. Lundtvei t, J. Nevy. i i iL B r J A 1 K H V £i P SHR- s KiP??j H 9- B JbI v sjk . H Bb J| ft M M « Jr B£ 9 l F -J Li I W MM r j|l K P , ' J - • .- ■A wt. L l B 1,1 t$w " H 1 WL 425 Kappa Psi — First Row: R. Palzer, R. Weber, J. Parker, ( ' . Swenson, R. Buerki, Ii. Erickson. Second Row: R. Coopman, W. Amell, L. Merrill, S. Finn, S. Lesniak, R. Berge, R, Meyei M. Halmar. Third Row: .1. Ruzeck, R. Bennett, ( ' . Apostol, K. Boehmer, I. Peterson, .1. Budowski, A. Swenson. Fo-jrth Row: J. Reznichek, G. Miller, I . Feller, J. Naber, 1 ' . Schanen, L. Edwards. Fifth Row: J. Langford, E. Rahn, M. Pennings, W. Lamm, T. Smith, R. Wall. Kappa Psi Phi Chi Kappa Psi is organized for the purpose of promoting fellowship and professional activity among men in the pharmacy school. Activities included a Pharmacy Leader- ship Clinic discussions by faculty members as part of their meets, and participation in Campus Carnival. Socially, a Saint Patrick ' s Day dance and a spring formal were held. Officers this year included John Parker, Galen Swenson, Robert Buerki and Richard Weber. Phi Chi, the professional medical fraternity, offers an opportunity for medical students to gain a mutual under- standing through friendships in the fraternity. Activities for the year included speakers to enlighten the goal of medicine, parties, banquets, and dances. Nicholas Geimer, president, said the most rewarding experience was time spent Christmas caroling at the city hospitals. Phi Chi— First Row: W. Hurley, E. Pohle, D. Van Dreel, W. Fritschel, .1. Sarbacher, R. Atwood, B. Schumacher, J. Miller A. Boeker, B. Neesvig, T. Donovan, F. Vosm k, J. Rice, G. Gehl. Second Row: D. Buedingen, .1. Dramer, R. Jooss, M. Lambert, F. Bongiorno, (!. Tumi, C.Andringa, G.Juel, J. H imicher, B. Lenartz, M. Mergen, J. Vergamini. Third Row: W. Levis. S. Hull, J. Schroeder, I). Mathison, R. Miller. J. Shafer, E. Koch, F. Bannister, J. Marshall, .1. Esswein, R. Smits, S. Wanner, 1). Hutter, F. Fosdal. By sporting beards and drinking green beer, the Tri- angles celebrated a roaring St. Patrick ' s Day. The March weekend is an annual tribute to St. Pat, the patron saint uf all engineers, who expelled the lawyers from [reland. The traditional light is still carried on in tun. However, the Triangles derived the most tun by having their beards judged by Badger Beauties. James Vierbicher, president, ami Herb Perry, vice- president, of this social-professional engineering fraternity, directed the merger of Triangle with the local fraternity at Milwaukee. Together they awarded the Professor Emeritus, a national honor tor retiri ng professors, to Benjamin Elliot. The Engineering Exposition, held on campus every three years, was planned by the officers including Lyle Hassebroek and Robert Fletcher, secre- taries; Gerald Kroiss, treasurer; Jerry Brown, chapter editor; and Clinton Solbery, house manager. The members were active on campus in various social activities as well as intramural sports. 1 lon ' t step on tile seal Triangle Triangle— First Row: C. Solberg, L. Hassebroek, H. Perry, J. Vierbicher, (i. Kroiss, (I. Brown. I). Kussow. Second Row: G. Peterson. ' M. Jaskaniec, W. Hable, R. Borsum, R. Giese, K. Drake, F. Morey, I. Jerinic, ( ' . Wojciechowski. Third Row: L. Hyde, R. Fletcher, T. Novak, R. Hussa, R. Bailey, J. St. Onge, 1!. Larget, J. Gutknecht. HkHHIMt TANYA KUDLA, editor SENIORS m ■Waff " 1 • ' J " ■ 1 We were anxious about W ' r interviewed NOT AN END BUT A BEGINNING At last we were seniors. that long awaited time . . . wo counted credits . and took correspondence courses. - . we practice taughl . . did field assignments . . . we interviewed . . . we filled out applications . . we answered quest inn after question . we were anxious about our jobs . . . or should we go to grad school this was the year for many last ' s . . . the last football game . - - the card section . . . the last visit to Camp Randal] the last 7:45 and 4:35 . . . the last quiz section . . . and the last final exam . . . we would miss so many familiar places . . the Union . . B-3 Bascom . . . Langdon Street . . . the Pub . . . so many fa- miliar people . . the football team . . . the cheerleaders At last we were seniors Graduation Day never to be forgotten . . . we ' d wailed so long Camp Randal] and surroundings took on a new look . it was even hard to recognize . . . we stood in our last line . . we were measured for caps and gowns . caps and gowns thai didn ' t lit - . . many proud laces and even teal ' s of joy . . . this was the year of senior pictures . . . class rings . . . and hard earned degrees . . . we enjoyed Senior Swingoul . . and honor programs . we sorted, discarded, and were still senti- mental . . lour glorious years . . . the classes, the par- ties the good and the had decisions to he made . . . never to he reversed . . . we were at a crossroad of life . . . we were from all walks of life . . . and we would return to many different places . . yet we held one thing in common . . . perhaps even an unexplainable tie . . . from now on " Varsity " would hold a new meaning for us . . . we would he the alum ' s . . . only to return at Homecoming . . . would we want our children to come here to school this was a time for goodbyes . . . close friends we might never see again . . . roommates . . . new friends for life . . . this we found was not only the end hut the beginning . . . " c wcic measured fur caps and gown. 432 Tiiis was a time for goodbye We lii ' ld one thing in con 433 Senior Council The Senior Class Council was composed of 12 members the four officers and one student from each of the eighl colleges of the University. Bach student was personally recommended by the Dean of the college. The main purpose of the Council was to look for areas of special interest to seniors and then to arrange a program thai would help Seniors in these areas. ( Ine example was the council recognition of the need for mure information about men ' s military obligations alter the Berlin crisis and the call up of the 32nd Divi- sion. The Council planned a Military Service and Peace ( ' nips Convocation at which all the military branches and the faculty advisor to the Peace Corps were represented. A Spring Convocation to acquaint Seniors with job opportunities was also held. The Council was completely in charge of the mid-year graduation ceremonies and reception. Professor Walter Aagard delivered the faculty address and Robert Schmidt, graduating president of the Union, gave the student address. President Elvehjem and Carl Steiger, President of the Hoard of Regents, also gave addresses and Governor Nelson sent a congratulatory message. In addition to these programs, the council planned for a Senior Class gift and published a series of newsletters to inform Seniors of all actions around the I ' ni- versity that concerned them. The Council was extremely grateful for the help and guidance given to it by its advisor Emily Chervenik and by Elmer Meyer, the director of Student Affairs. Senior Council — First Row: I,. Bevenue, M. Bauer, I. Becker, T. Trost. Second Row: L. Holdernes borough, K. Cavanaugh. Third Row: J. Nafziger, L. Janssen, L. Kastenschmidt. VI. Eastwood, M. Pagenkopf, L. Wini Senior Officers • • " r I ( rretchen Becker, vice-president Marvin Bauer, president f 1| Thomas Trust, treasurer Lolita Bevenue, secretary 435 Anderson — Maroney Law (A ■R AA -J " r y Anderson, Thomis 11. Arakelii loin, P. Arieff, Robert A. Baldwin, Charles !• ' ., Ill Brant, Kirby E. Brewer, Curtis Bushnell, Elalph V. Cadden, Anthony V. ( ' mavesi, Karl J. Chalekian, Suran J. ( ' 1 1 .- 1 r 1 1 1 1 , Anthony I ' . Conger, Kenneth Y. ( Jummings, .lames L I ecker, Bernard T. Duckler, Jerome E. Friebert, Robert II. Hales, Edward E. Hutchinson, Eugene Jacobson, Thomas M. Johnson, Eugene L. Katz, Myron B. Kelsej . Alvin I.. Kotnik, Ronald J. Lambert , Earle Lund, Charles R. McKichan, Mac A ., Jr. McWilliams, .lame- I ). Maroney, Harry B., II 436 Seniors Meier — Zwicky Meier, Leo J. M ' it, Richard A. Mills, David B. Murphy, Donald R. Nakian, Paul S. Pamel, Nicholas C. Patrick, Jack W. Read, Robert D. Remmert, James E. Richards, Conrad A. Rosenheimer, Mark D. Ruf, Harold W., Jr. Scallon, Hugh J. Schaus, Thomas M. Schorr, William E. Sellstrom, John L. Shafton, David G. Shernoff, William M. Sigman, Robert M. Singer. Bertram C. States, John P. Steinberg, John D. Swansen, Samuel T. Taitelman, Donald S. Vaughan, Michael R Weiss, Peter Wiener, William S. Wilcox, John F. Wojtal, Robert J. Wolff, Alfred L. Zwicky, Stephen E. Jn q c 437 Q ' 9 ft c 1 A AA.tth Doctors Uwood, Robert G. Austad, William 1!. Baker, Ralph K. Bensman, Uan S. Biehl, Mark I). Browning, ( larol A. Burmeister, Ron E. Burns, Charlotte A. Cline, David W. ( ' lose, .lames S. Cohen, Marcus Combs, James A. Daeiitl, Donna L. 1 )uren, Craddock P. Eggman, Lynn 1). Feldstein, Charles S. Frechette, Paul F. Futterman, Morton L. ( lerhardt, Barbara J. ( iundersen, Jerome II. Hill, David 1 1. Huizenga, Bernard A. Ketelhohn, Alan F. Kiselow, Mark C. Konnak, John V. Martens, William E. Miller, Charles H., Ill Monson, Duane G. Nichol, Kathryn E. Nuesse, William E. Olseii, Clark O. Petasnick, Jerry P. Peterson, Lowell F. Pint kin, Roger P. Sagle, Neil A. Stanislawski, Yvonne M. Strang, David J. Tierney, Jon P. Vavrin, Charles R. Wesenberg, Richard L. Wirka, Herman W. Wolf, Dennis E. Wolfmeyer, Waldemar W. Zodrow, Warren . 438 Nurses Anderson, Judith K. Austin, Martha E. Blasi, Anna Bomberger, Barbara A. ( :ii ncsalf. Linda L. Dougherty. Katherine A. Evenson. Annetta H. Flury, Charlene B. Irabel, Mary S. Grimm, Margaret R. Heinzen, Sally A. Hendrickson, Emma L. Holderness, Linda I.. Johnsen, Sandra L. Kisting, Rita E. Lestina, larol L. McCarter, Mai j McMillian. Barbara ! Marsh. Marilyn L. Mathewson, Rae !. Maurer, Elizabeth Novak, Joanne M. Nyholm, Karen J. Pearson, Elinor A. Pfisterer. Lynda J. Pound, Janet EL Rilling, Carolyn C. Sauvey, Sally .1. Schank, Mary J. Setterquist, A. Janel Simonson, Karen M. Sweetser, Anne E. Ten Eyrk. Susan I.. Tschudy, Mary J. Walker, Mary G. Wasberg, [na Ln 439 Abbott— Balicki 7 " rS IW Cl r rtTSP o - Q Ak 4 4 41 . r Seniors Abbott, Kaye A. Abel, Ronald K. Abendroth, Amy J. Abraham, Howard E. Abts, Thomas ( ' . Adams, Eugene J. Adams, Richard S. Adams, Shirley A. Adams, William ( ' . Adamson, Letty E. Adams in, Ronald 15. Adler, Richard M. Adler, Thomas W. Adolph, Karen S. Ahlgren, David L. Ahrens, Mary K. Albreeht, Louis J. Allness, Ann L. Alterman, Arlene D. Althouse, Paul M. Anbuhl, Stephen C. Anderson, Darwin M. Anderson, Eric A. Anderson, Mary L. Anderson, Richard J. Anderson, Susan J. Andrews, Peter E. Ankeney, Marilyn Anklam, Richard P. Ansfield, Thomas J. Anthony, Thomas B. Antoine, Alan 1). Antolovich, Stephen D. Anton, Charlotte H. Archibald, Glenn S. Armstrong, Kenneth W Arnold, Earl Arnold, Glenn A. Arnoldi, Lewis H. Aron, Morris Aron, Stephen C. Aronov, Renee F. Askov, Warren H. Atkinson, Robert F. Avery, James R. Bachler, Xancve C. Bade, Sharon M. Bain, Roger J. Baker, Howard S. Baker, Preston T. Bakke, Gary L. Balderson, Terry C. Baldwin, Patricia A. Balicki, Bernice A. 440 Balkansky — Bersch Balkansky, Vivian L. Ballis, Richard 1 ' . Baltes, Julie A. Bargende, Roland F. Barnes, Betty C. Barnes, Elizabeth .1. Barney, Hick A. Barnum, Thomas A Barry, William E. Bartel, Sandra L. Bartels, Mary F. Barthel, William R. Bass, Abraham Z. Bates, Cynthia M. Bauer, Marvin A. Bauer, Ramona A. Baumgartner, Doris A. Bautch, Richard .!. Bautz, Ellen L. Bawden, Paul R. Bay, Elaine A. Bean, W. David, Jr. Beardsley, Barbara T. Bearrood, Sheldon M. Beaton, Daniel J. Beaton, Mary E. Becker, Frederick 0. Becker, Gretchen Becker, John D. Beekman, Thomas M. Beeekler, Donald C. Behlendorf, Donald J. Behnke, Arthur R. Behnke, Bebe A. Behrens, Janet L. Behrmann, Darryl F. Behroozi, Behrooz Beier, Bettv A. Beilke, Marion M. Beimborn, David A. Bell, Judith L. Bellin, Howard Benike, Gene F. Bennett, Katriua N. Bennett, Ralph E., Ill B ennett, Robert F. Bensene, Gerald T. Bentley, Nina Benzies, Elizabeth A. Berman, Steven C. Berner, Lynn H. Bernstein, Helen Berrett, James R. Bersch, Mary E. i± v A 441 Bevenue — Brescia fl f f o r . c o Bevenue, Lolita M. Bevington, Patricia I). Bichler, David W. Biegert, Patricia V. Bierzychudek, Edwin J. Bing, Robert II. Birbaum, Joseph I.. Birs, XVette G. Bischel, Sheila V. Bishop, Lloyd F. Ejoruitad Eugene Black, David P. Blackburn, Francis I. Blanchar, Patricia G. Blanchard, Gary I.. Blank, Judith D. Bleck, Virginia G. Bloch, Daniel R. Block. Marifred A. Block, Roger F. Bloedorn, Robert L. Bl 11, Frederick L. Bloom, Kathleen A. Bloomfield, Jeanne !•:. Bloomfield, Judith C. Bly, David P. Boettcher, Allen D. Bohrnstedt, David R. Bolles, Theodore F. Bond, William L. Bookhout, Carol J. Booth, Mary E. Borchert, Larry L. Bordow, Allan M. Borndahl, William M. Bostrom, Karl R. Bourgeois, Edward J. Bouwman, Carole A. Bouzek, Robert E. Bradley, Thomas P. Brahe, Champ K. Braig, Barbara A. Branda, Richard F. Branovan, Rosalind Brant, Sally B. Branum, John C. Bratz, David A. Braunel, Glenn T. Braver, Susan B. Breitzman, Elizabeth R. Brennan, Barbara A. Brennan, John E. Brennan, Kathleen M. Brescia, Ronald 442 Ireske — Chamesky Breske, Paul A. Brillman, Michael 1 ' . Brook, Richard E. Brookins, I )ale C. Brooks, Jeffrey 1!. Brooks, Lynne Brott, Sushi K. Brown, Charles .1. Brown, Clarence .1. Brown, Donald R. Brown, Robert L. Browne, Mary J. Bruhn, Jan M. Brims, Carol E. Brusewitz, Wayne R. Brussat, Nancy (!. Bryan, John G., Jr. Bryant, Howard Y. Buchanan, Anne E. Buhrow, Norman E. Burdick, Glydewel] B. Burdick, Robert S. Burick. Elliot 1). Burk, Helen P. Burke, Joseph P. Burke, Robert R. Burns, James A. Burroughs, Charles E. Bussewitz, Joseph ( ' . Cain, Mary E. Q i 1 r § A ft k Mi ..-=-, taQOtS W T o o o ST YJb» nk. t fen lfck A Calabresa, Carol Calamaras, Mar{ Caldwell, Margai Call, Marilyn A. Calvert. Lois M. Campbell, William B. t M. Cappaert, Donna M. Card, Claudia F. Carlsen, Carl H. Carlson, Nancy C. Carlson, Ralph A. Carr, Dorothy M. Carran, John A. Carter, Tyrone ( ' artier. Eleanor A. Carw, George A. lavanaugh, Kay ( Jechin, Norman A. Cederbaum, Helen Ceilesh, Donald I!. Cepek, Larry D. Cesario, Thomas ( ' . Chandler, John W., Jr. Chamesky, Mary L. 443 Chase — Cusick 1 iw ; tf £ A « if £ f| P Chase, R irl M. Chasin, Mark A. Chen, Elizabeth M. Chessman, Mary V. Childs, Kenneth E. Chilsen, Donald L. Chiponis, Lawrence J. Chnstel, Joan ( ' Christenson, Allan A. Christenson, Donald (I. Christiaansen, Roberl I. Christiansen, Karen .1. Christman, Jacquline J. Christmann, Marilyn I.. Christopherson, Bob H. Cibulka, Anthony B. Clark, Ann R. Clark, Gale L. Clark, Peter V. Clar Clin: Com Cohe son, Patricia ,1. Ellen I.. I, Frank M. ii. Kenneth L. i, Bruce P. Colby, Dianne R. Coleman, Robert H. Collat, Carol A. Collm-, Charles 1). Comer, Michael L. Constock, R. Warren Congdon, Camilla B. Conklin, Judith A. Cook, Anthony M. Cook, Dennis C. Cooprider, Robert P. Corrigan, ( Jeorge M. Corwin, Ronald I ). Coster, David L. Coulter, Frank A. I !owan, Donna R. Cox, Paul !. Coyle, Thomas W. ( !raig, I lavid J. Crain, Marv E. Cratty, William P. Cresswell, Donna M. ( ' touch, Norman A. Cuff, Lois A. Curnow, Harry C. Curry, Ann B. Curtis, Carl R. Curtis John 1). Cusick, Patricia K. Cusick, Richard J. 444 Cuthbert — Douglas Cuthbert, Michael A. Czerepinski, Ralph ( I. Daellenbach, Charles B. Daentl, Donovan A. Dahl, Walter L. Dahly, John H. Damitz, Katherine S. 1 i.iinils, Lana B. Danielson, Leon E. Dauska, Walter .1. Davey, Hildur A. Davidson, Carla 1 avies, Ann L. Davis, Brian K. Davis, Franklin A. Dawson, iail D. Day, Thomas A. Dean, Alice K. Decker, Gladys A. DeHaven, Mary E. 1 (ehnke, Gordon A. de Jesus, Nelson L. Demerath, Julia V. Demitros, Richard R. Dempsey, Thomas E. 1 (empsey, Timothy M. DePriest, Ronnie L. Derleth, Elizabeth R. Desens, Wayne L. Dettmann, James ■. I )r m, Susan A. De Young, Jack E. Diddams, John A. Diller, Harlan C. 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Levine, Alan l. Levine, ( Jarj M Levine. Harriet I. Levine, Judith E. Levine, Peter B. Levine, Richard L. Lewandowski, Rose M. Lewis, Donald W. Lewis, Judy A. Lewis, Sharon I. Lewke, David W. Libby, Glidden X. Lieske, Marilyn 1 . Lin, Chung K. Lindner, Darrell M. Lindsay, Jerry L. Lingafelter, ( rregory S. Link. Bernard A. Lippold, Lois K. Listecki, Robert E. Lloyd-Jones, Natalie Locketz, Alan M. Loken, James H. Long. Keith M. Long, Sharon Lotter, Russell J. Lousier, Lynn M. Lovedale, Roger L. Lubitz, Joan Lue, Mary C. Luenzman, David I. Lnllci, John A. Lundquist, Robert C. Luplow, Wayne C. Luther, James E. Lux, Carol A. Lynch, Joan J. Lyons, Thomas J. McArthur, Robert W. McBain, Joan M. McBeath, Sally A. McCaffery, Howard G. MeCall, Michael E. McCarthy, Harold E. Mr( larville, Thomas J. McCloskey, Ronald P. McConnell, Malcolm A. McDevitt, Ronald E. McDowell, Donald M. McEachron, Stephen B. McGinnity, Patricia A. 456 McGrane — Meyer McGrane, Alfred W. Mc Suire, James P. 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Mitzie M. fll f$ n tMM O Q O £5 " S ■- % © a ff» o is 457 Meyer — Murach o |r 1 - f j , r M Meyer, Susan E. Meyers, Richard A. Meyst, Charles G. Michaelis, Kenneth H Mieheaux, Roger F. Mietzel, Dennis C. Miletic, Marian Milewski, Mildred P. Milkowski, Caryl A. Milkowski, Howard E. Millard, Marilyn J. Millard, William E. Miller, Barbara E. Miller, Carol A. Miller, Knudl J. Miller, Linda K. .Miller, Lloyd J. Miller, Sharon F. Miller, Thomas L. Minar, Janet A. Mitchell, Elaine V.J Mitchell. Penelope A. Mil, hell, Roberl W. Mitchell, William R. Mlejnek, Lloyd J. Moelis, Jay Moely, Barbara E. Mohs, Thomas J. Moir, Carol E. Moksnes, Stephen L. Mollenhoff, Gjore J. Monroe, Mary E. Monson, John C. M ly, Laura R. Moorhead, John K. Morelli, Frank G. Moriarty, Constance M. Moi Moi Mot Moi Moi is, H A. Barbara L. ev. Patrick D. Judith A. Mary J. Morter, Margaret E. Morton, Janet R. Morton, Steve L. Mouchka, Marilyn J. Mowery, John J. Moysey, Edith M. Muckenhirn, Joan E. Mueller, Steve L. Mueller, Susan R. Muenzberg, Michael W. Mulrinc, Margaret M. Murach, Michael R. 458 Murphy, Larry R. .Murray, Martha M. Musser, Marc I ). Myers, Uice C. My rs, Sugan G. Myrant, Rita M. Myrick, Lewis E. Nachtwey, Carol M. N ' afziger, . f ; 1 1 1 1 . - A. Nakamura, Elaine X. Nank, Lois R. Napi i- Sharon A. Natwick, Nancy M. Xatzke, Roger P. Naze, ] (avid 1.. X ' edderman. Thomas F. Xeef, Judd L. Neess, Patricia H. Nehrbass Rogi i l Neimann, Paul I .. Neinas, Robert A. Nelson, I lavid G. Nelson, Judith L. Netwal, Clarence R. Neumeyer, Jerome J. Newlin, Nancy J. Newman, George ( .. Nibler, James I i Nickoll, Kenneth G. Niederman, Susan . Niedfeldt, Joan M. Niedzialkowski, George R. Nielsen, Rolf X ' iemi. Carmen L. Niess, Nancy J. Nisius, Nancy M. Norton, Joan L. Norton, Richard H. Novachek, Francis J. Novak, David W. Nuernberg, Ralph K. Nuernberg, Robert A. Nuesse, Louise V. Nygaard, Richard A. Nygren, John E. en, Norrita V. Ohlinger, David R. O ' Keefe, Patricia L. Olen, Mania M. Olin, Gary N. Olson, Frederick T. Olson, Gerald D. Olson, Jack F. Olson, Karen A. ■ ■ Murphy — Olson f- O i o ! £ 459 Olson — Pick - M rk Irrp ' »• ! (gr s ' CT rl uZJ, CK Olaon, Susan K. Olver, Dwighl A. tosterholls, George 1). i Irner, Jacqueline B. Orr, Sally A. tetrenga, James A. Oswald, Elizabeth Otterson, Ellyn M. 1 (verson, Karen L. Owzarski, Peter C. Pacetti, Esther E. Paddock, Joanna Paepke, Virginia I.. Paetow, Edith A. Page, Gail M. Pagenkopf, Marion K. Pansch, .lames L. Parker, John ( r. Parker, Morlynn, M. Parlee, Mary A. Parson, Audrey E. Passehl, Lloyd E. Paudler, Franklin T. Paul, Gerald E. Paul, Lee If. Paul, LeRoy W. Paulsen, Richard X. Pearson, Helen M. Pearson, Laurence 11. Pederson, James I). Pellegrino, James A. Penner, l. nn Perlman, Abby L. I ' n innne, ( ierald L. Pescc, LeRov F. Peskie, Donald E. Petersen, Thomas L. Peterson, Ann A. Peterson, Ann M. Peterson, David W. Peterson. Gerald I. Peterson, Gerald K. Peterson, Marjorie ( ' . Peterson, Patricia M. 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Rawlings, David C. Redmond, Karen A. Heed. Robert R. Rehberg, Michael I, Reichwein, John E. Reii rson, 1 avid W. Reigle, Judith ( ' . Reincke, Ruth A. lien. hard, Ronald N. Reinitz, Marita R. Reinke, Frederick H. Reinke, Unison M. D d r f i rs n PL ! r: 461 dim n ..- a a a O O P f5 4k Aifal. fc T Reisinger, Paul F. Reisner, Jacqueline B. Benk, Richard R. Rettler. Roger L. Reuss, Thomas P. Reuter, Linda L. Rhinesmith, ( Hark E. Rhodes, Roger A. Rhyner, Charles R. Rice, David A. Richards, .duly G. Richards, Linda K. Richards, Rosanda R. Richter, David J. Kicker, Maryanne N. Ridley, Mary A. Riedeman, MarleneJ. Riese, David C. Rilling, Richard L. Rilling, William D. Rinehart, Nathan H. Risberg, Mari L. Ritzenberg, Shoshana Roberts, Klaine R. Roberts, Steven A. Robillard, Craig F. Robinson, Judy A. Robinson. Ruth A. Robinson, Stephen M Rockman, Elliott D. Rockwood, John C. Roecker, Janice K. R ler, Neil M. Roembke, Nancy L. Rogers, Elizabeth A. Rohn, Gordon F. Roland, Cynthia J. Roley, MichaelS. Root. Suzanne Rosenberg, Robert H. Rosenbrock, Donald E. Rosenwasser, Stanley M. Ross, Jeannie A. Roth, Howard A. Rothmeier, Jeffrey J. Rothwell, RalphS., Jr. Roupas, Diana L. Rowan, Jane H. Roycraft, Peter F. Rozelle, Richard M. Ruben, Gerald J. Rudie, Iver J. Rue, Michael J. Rummler, William R. 462 Rumney — Schlough Rumney, Sandra L. Rusch, Allelic M. Rusch, Donald II. Ruscher, Edward H. Ruskauff, Elizabeth A. Ruston. Diane Ruttenberg, Harold S. Rydberg, Reynold R. Kyileeki, Richard E. Saccomando, Carl J. Sachs, Jeffrey H. Saddj . Barbara A. Sadoff, Ronald R. Sadowski, Edward J. Sadowski, linger J. Sallas, Judie A. Salmon, Thomas P. Salzwedel, Robert H. Sampe, Peter J. Samsel, Loraine C. Samson, Allen L. Samuelson, Bonita E. Sandvold, Edward 0. Sansone, Anthony F. Sapetta, Lee P. Sargent, Beverly A. Saunders, Ann M. Sawers, Timothy R. Schaaf, Kenneth T. Schade, Donald E. Schadt, Fredric S. Schaefer, Dietrich H. Schaefer, Kathleen L. Schaefer, Richard R. 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Close, James S.— Appleton— Med— Phi Chi Cohen, Marcus— Appleton— Med— Wis Pre-Views— WSA Human Rel Comm— Mens Glee Cb, v-pres, sec-treas, bus mgr — Humo Judg Comm — Baron Award — Nu Sigma Nu, soc chm — Alpha Epsilon Pi Combs, James A. — Madison — Med — Nu Sigma Nu — Phi Sigma Kappa Daentl, Donna L. — Madison — Med — .Alpha Epsilon Duren, Craddock P.— South Milwaukee— Med Eggman, Lvnn D. — Madison — Med — Phi Chi. treas Feldstein, Charles S.— Marinette — Med— Phi Eta Sig- DOCTORS — M.D. Frechette, Paul F. — Janesville — Med Futterman, Morton L.— Milwauke. — Med Gerhardt, Barbara J.- -Madison— Med Gundersen, Jerome H.—I.aCross.— Med— WISMA— Stud-Fae Affairs Comm— Jr Class, pres— Nu Sigma Hiil, David D.— Platteville— Med— Nu Sigma Nu Huizenga, Bernard A. — Waupun — Med Ketelhohn, Alan F.— Wauwatosa— Med Kiselow, Mark C— Racine — Med — Sigma Sigma— Alpha Omega Alpha, pres— SLIC, frat soc soc life .■Inn— WSA So.- Reg C ill. elim— Stud Sen — Nu Sigma Nu Konnak, John W.— Racine— Med Martens, William E. — Wauwatosa — Med — Phi Eta Sigma— Nu Sigma Nu— Sigma Phi Epsilon Miller, Charles H., Ill- Milwaui Med -Phi Eta Sigma — WISMA, pres — Med Class, pres — Nu Sigma Nichol, Kathryn E.— Madison— Med— Tf UWM— Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Alpha Epsilon Iota Nuesse, William E.— Madison— Med— Phi Beta Pi— Theta Delta Chi Olsen, Clark O.— Holmen— Med— Tf St Olaf— Phi Chi, soc chm, rush chm, pies Petasnick, Jerry P. — Sheboygan — Med — Nu Sigma Nu— Phi Sigma 1 . Its Peterson, Lowell F. — Scandinavia — Med Plotkin, Roger P.— Milwaukee— Med— Phi Eta Sig ma— Sigma Sigma— Pin Delta Epsilon, treas Sagle, Neil A.— Milwaukee— Med -Phi Eta Sigma— PI i 1 ■ lU I , -il..n— Alpha Epsilon Pi Stanislawski. Yvonne M. — Milwauke — Med— Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Phi Kappa Phi — Phi Beta Kappa — Sigma Sigma— New-man CI.— Alpha Epsilon Iota Strang, David J.— Grantsburg— Med— Nu Sigma Nu— Tierney, Jon P.— Superior— Med— Phi Beta Pi Vavrin, Charles R.— Racine — Med— Phi Chi Wesenberg, Richard L. — Kewaskum — Med — Sigma Sigma— Phi Chi Wirka. Herman W.— Madison— Med— Nu Sigma Nu Wolf, Dennis E— Adams— Med— Phi Beta Pi— Sigma Alpha Epsilon Wolfmeyer, Waldemar W. — Mishicot — Med— Nu Sig- ma Nu Zodrow, Warren W. — Milwaukee— Med — Phi Eta Sig- ma — Rho Chi — Kappa Psi. sec— Nu Sigma Nu, treas 471 NURSES Anderson, Judith K. — Stevena Point Nurs— Alpha ra Delta, nisi I hi 1 1 Austin. Martha E. Vloweaqua, III. Xurs Intl Coun —Alpha l.i i Delta Blasi. Anna Pi n 1 i I la Nun I i I ' l: I K„ I.I Hse Bomberger, Barbara A. —Mil w a ikee Nura Tf nni McCarte r, Mary— Mihv n Stud I lc Coun, si Tau Delta, rush chm Greg in l II. - X Mr!. a McMilli Union Soc Ci in, Barbara N. Carnesdale, Linda L. — Wood Ni ra Pai -hel Ball Upha Tau Delta -Ba Dougherty, Katheiine A. «i- Dells Nura Madison Stud Nura Urn— Alpha C, . i Delta Evenson, Annetta H. Waunakee — Nura Upha Tau Delta LS Stud Sen - Chamberli chin Kronsage. summer ju.l chin 1 li: W uteri- n,u-„- chin ll-ha Gamma Helta Flury. Charlene B. ] ' ,,,, mil,- Xurs Tf Hamline Grabel, Marv S. Randolph Nura Upha Tau Delta, marshal 111 I itrl Soc I ' Grimm, Margaret R. Stevena Point — Nura— Alpha I .hi 1 lelta Newman Cb Heinzen, Sally A.- -Menomoni , Falls Nura Upha Tan Delta Hendrickson. Emma L.— Phillips— Nura— Tf St Olaf— Up! i lau Delta, pub chm— LSA Choir Holderness, Linda L. — Kenosha — Xurs Sr Class C, in —Coeds Cong— LHA Lib Comm, chm— Chamberlin Hse, summer boc chm Johnsen, Sandra L.— Lancaater— Nura -Union Soc Comm -Union Hse Comm Ki a Delta Kisting. Rita E. CubaCitj Nura Upha Tau Delta, newa co-editoi Newman Cb 1. 1 -,1111.1, Carol L. Wilmette, 111.— Nurs— Alpha Tau aukee Xurs — Sigma Epsilon .nun Pi Beta Phi -East Chicago, Iiul. — Nurs — pt Stud Flshp Mad son Nurs— Alpha Tau li.-lt Marsh, Marilyn L. Dell -Wi Mathewson, Rae C. — Menomouee Falls Xurs— Xurs Stud-1 in 1 ' -,,1,1 -Sill. I S.-n I ' l,,,,, l ,-,-,„ I ' ,„,,,,, - LSA, chap chm, serv comm— Alpha Tau Delta Maurer, Elizabeth— Cross Plains— Nurs — Alpha Tau Delta— LSA, sec Novak, Joanne M. — Friendship — Nurs— Alpha Tau Delta, oorrea sei — NSW Guide— LSA V Capella , boh Nyholm, Karen J. — Racine — Nurs— Tf Racine — Sigma Epsilon Surma— Nurs Stu,l-Fuc Coun— Alpha Tau Delta, rush chm — Ketterer lis,-, pres Pearson, Elinor A. — Iron Mountain, Mich. — Nurs — Sigma Epsilon Sigma— LHA Lib Comm— Alpha Tau Delta, rush chm, cust Pfisterer, Lynda J.— Brodhead— Nura— Alpha Tau Delta Pound, Janet H.— Sullivan. 111.— Xurs— Alpha In, Delta -Snow Use, sec Rilling, Carolyn C. — Hartford — Nura — Soph Honors— Alpha Tau Delta, hiat— Eliz Waters Lib Comm Sauvey, Sally J. — Lakeside, Ohio — Xurs — LHA Sum- mer Chorus Schank, Mary J. — West Allis — Xurs — Alpha Tau Delta . soc chm — WUkenson Hse, sec Setterquist, A. Janet— River Falls — Xurs — AWS Pub Comm— A CappeUa Choir— Canterbury Cb— Eliz Waters Chorus — Alpha Chi Omega Simonson, Karen M. — Sheboygan — Xurs — Pi Beta Phi Sweetser, Anne E. — Sheboygan — Nura — Alpha Tau Delta Ten Eyck, Susan L.— Brodhead— Nurs— Nurs Stud- Fac Coun, sr rep— Wmns Chorua— Alpha Tau Delta, serv proj co-chm — Eliz Waters Choir — Delta Delta Delta Tschudy, Mary J. — Madison — Nurs — Alpha Tau Del- ta, v-pres, pres — Nurs Stud-Fac Coun — USF, v-pres Walker, Mary G.— Milwaukee— Nurs— Tf UWM— Alpha Tau Delta— NSW Guide— Union PR Comm— Union Soc Comm — Summer Prom, decor chm — Newman Cb — Kappa Delta, sgt-at-arms Wasberg, Ina Lu — Milwaukee — Xurs — Alpha Tau Delta— -alpha Xi Delta GRADUATING SENIORS Abbott. Kaye A.— Pekin. 111.— Sp h— Phi Beta— Badgei Partj Union Cure Comm -Union PR C ,,, Ann Emery, jud chm — Delta Gamma, pres, Abel, Ronald K.— Milwaukee— EE—Tf UWM— IRE — Gai Abendroth. Amy J. — Milwaukei — HEc Ed— HEc Hosp Day Comm— Kappa Delta Abraham, Howard E.— Deforest — EE — LHA Chorel- aires. pres— IRE. v-pres— LHA Radio Cb, sec, treas —Eta Kappa Nil, corres sec— Tau Beta Pi— Ochsner Hse, fr rep —Kappa Eta Kappa, hse iiigr, treas, pres Abts, Thomas C— Milwaukei — I ' hy Ed— Phy Ed Cb, treas — Baseball Adams, Eugene J. — Eau Claire— Pharni— Tf Eau Claire— Newman Cb Adams, Richard S.— Manitowoc— Econ — Tf Mani- Adams, Shirley A.— Bonduel— Nurs— Tf Holy Family —Alpha Tau Delta Adams, William C— Miami Beach, Fla.— Journ— Cardinal— Octopus— Phi Sigma Delia, soc chm Adamson, Letty E.— Evanston, 111. — Speech Corr — Tf Okla! la— Sigma Alpha Eta— YGOP— Union Usher — eslev Found Adamson, Ronajd B — Rockford, 111.— ME— Football, mgr—ASME—AXS— Bethel Choir— Chi Phi Adler, Richard M.— Chicago. 111.— Econ— Union Lit Comm— Zeta Beta I.,,, Adler, Thomas W.— Shaker Heights. Ohio— Hist— S wimmin g — Pi Lambda Phi. soc chm Adolph. Karen S.- Mill.-dgeville, 111.— Phy Ed— Wmns Phy Ed Cb— WRA Ahlgren, David L.— Madison — AgrE — Concert Band —March Band Ahrens, Mary K— Prairie du Chien— Bus Ed— Phi Chi Theta— Union Place Comm— Pan-hel Rush Coun— Kappa Delta, sec. Albrecht. Louis J— Shebuvgan— Peru Mgt— Tf She- boygan— SAM— Newman Cb—YDem— Alpha Tau Omega Allness, Ann L.— Yiroqua — Hist— Tf Mac Murray Alterman, Arlene D.— Long Island, X. Y. — EEd— Union I " sher— -lr Orchesis— Stud Coun Civ Rights I ' ,, I, C, ,,,,, a, nail corres chm Althouse. Paul M.— Sout.hgate, Mich. — Intl Rel — Mi i I GOP Conv— Model UN— Delta Tau Delta, Anbu hl, Stephen C— Rockford, 111.— Soc— Kappa Alpha Mu— Wis Review, editor— Cardinal, feature editor — BADGER, photo — Wis Engineer, photo — SEAC. ,1,-1- II. s C ' nun— NSA Comm. chm— Sym- posium — Sail Cb — Mock GOP Conv — Phi Gamma Delta. Humo dir, pub chm Anderson, Darwin M. — Sun Prairie — Agron Anderson, Eric A.— Neenah— CiE— Chi Epsilon, v-pres Anderson, Mary L.— Madison— EEd— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Phi Kappa Phi— Sail Cb— LSA, choir, dep chm, new stud chm Anderson, Richard J.— Madison— Ins— Ins Soc— Com Bd— Baseball— Alpha Tau Omega, treas Anderson, Susan J.— Chippewa Falls— Speech Core — Sigma Upha Eta. sec— Model UN— Mock Dem Conv. del chm — Kappa Kappa Gamma, reg, v-pres Andrews, Peter E.— Green Bar — Com— Tf Green Bay— LHA Cab Rep— WLHA— Market Cb— LHA Store Bd, chm— Donnistorv— YDem— IM Football — Delta Sigma Pi. soc chm Ankeney, Marilyn— Fond du Lac— Chem — Sigma Ep- silon Sigma— WSA Acad Comm— Wesley Found— Eliz Waters, din chm. store rep. store comm chm Anklam, Richard P.— Wausau— Ins Ansfield, Thomas J.— Milwaukee— Hist Med Sci— Phi Eta Sigma— Stud Sen— IF Rush Comm, chm— IF Rush Eval Comm, co-chm— IF Advis Bd— IF Rel Comm— IF Rep— IF Greek Week Comm— XSW Guide Comm, chm — Humo, prom chm, treas — 472 WSA Lilrshp Train Prog— Union PR Comm— Mock Sen Model UN— Alpha Epsilon Pi. rush ,- alum Anthony, Thomas B. — Xew Rochelle. X. Y. — Art — Football Antoine, Alan D.— St Louis. Mo.— Bact Tf— Washing- ton Sign, a Alpha Epsilon Antolovich. Stephen D. — Madison— MetE— Tau Beta Pi— ASM— Am Foundry Mens Soc Anton, Charlotte H. — Embarrass— OcT — Othera, sec —Calvary Choir, sec Archibald, Gle nn S.— Brookfield— Adv— Tf I ' WJI- Alpha Delta Sigma Armstrong, Kenneth W.— Madison— Lt Bldg— Car ,l,ii.,l Hand -March Hand Calvary Choir, pres Arnold, Earl- -Skukie. 111.— Market— Market Cb Arnold, Glenn A. — Kewaunef — Ecu— Tf Indiana Tech— IF Rush Coun— Mens Glee Cb— Alpha Delta Phi— Alpha Soc Arnold!, Lewis H— Sheboygan Falls — Ins — Ins Soc— Markef Cb— SAM— Wia Conserv Cb— YGOP— LSA— LHA Hunt Fish Cb— Xoves Hse. v-pres. treas Aron, Morris— Xew York, N. Y. — Hist— Wis Players —770 Cb— WMIIA Eng— Mi ion Cb— Swimming Aron, Stephen C— Chicago, 111.— Med— LHA Film Comm, pub ehui— LHA Rep— Union Usher— Union Soc C,,i -7711 Cb, chm— Hillel Soc Comm— Folk Arts Cb— IM Bowling— IM Tennis— McXeel Hse, Aronov, ReneeF.— Skokie. 111.— Art— LHA Soc Comm -Cole, winter formal chm Askov, Warren H. -Madison— Psvch— URC— Weslev Found, prog chin— WSA Hse Comm, co-chm— Big Ten IF-Pan-hel Cong— Theta Delta Chi Atkinson, Robert F. — Janesville — Geol — Tf White- water Avery, James R.— Fond du Lac— Acct — Beta Alpha Psi B Bachler, Nancye C— Cincinnati, Ohio— Am Inst— Lakota II-,-. i,„l chm— Delta Delta Delta Bade, Sharon M. -Alma— HEc Ed— Calvary Choir— Blue S ., t l-II, corres sec— Euthenics— Agr-HEc Chorua HEc Hosp Day Comm— AWS Big Sis Prog -Fash Show Comm — Dormistory — Kiekhofer Bain, Roger J. —Kenosha — Geol — Tf Kenosha — Bas- ketball Baker, Howard S. — Wauwatosa — Med Sci — WSA Place Comm. chin— IF Rush Comm. chm— WSA Schol Comm— Union Music Comm— Sigma -Alpha Epsilon. v-pres. soc chm Baker, Preston T. — Boscobel — Apr— Tf Platteville Inst of Tech— Saddle Sirl Cb— 4-H— FFA, treas, sent— Delta Theta Sigma Bakke, Gary L— Madison— Econ— Pre-Law Cb— YGOP— Cross Country— W Cb Balderson, Terry C. — Marion — Acct Fin— Phi Eta Sigma -Beta Camilla Sigma— Com Bd— Alpha Kap- pa Psi Baldwin. Patricia A. — Menomonee Falls — French — Wis Plavers— A Cappella Choir— Alpha Phi Balicki, Bernice A.— Thorp— HEc Ed— Newman Cb— Euthenics Balkansky, Vivian L— Milwaukee— EEd— Tf UWM— , irdinal. soc editor— WSA Lib Exam File Comm. chm — SXEA — Shepard, soc chm Ballis, Richard P.— Chicago, 111.— Journ— Alpha Delta Sigma— Homecoming Pub Comm. chm— Mil Ball Comm — Humo — Campus Cam — Pi Lambda Phi, pres Baltes, Julie A.— Middleton— Speech Ed— Phi Beta, rec sec— Alpha Gamma Delta, lib Bargende, Roland F.— Wauwatosa— ME— SAE Barnes, Betty C. — Madison — Xurs Barnes, Elizabeth J.— Montreal -Pol Sci— AWS Big Sis Prog— Wmns Chorus— Cole Chorus— Murray Hse Chorus Barney, Rick A. — Wauwatosa — An Husb — Beta Theta Pi Barnum, Thomas A. — Milwaukee — Am Inst — Humo —Fencing— Chi Psi Barry, William E. — Wauwatosa — Econ — Wis Pre- views — IF Rush Comm — Humo, arrang chm, inter- acts chm — Sigma Chi, rush chm Bartel, Sandra L. — Shebovgan — ChD — HEc Hosp Day, comm chm Bartels, Mary F. — Janesville — EEd — Tf Lawrence — AWS -Kappa .Alpha Theta. rec sec Barthel, William R— Milwaukei — ChE— Tf Cornell— All :hE— ( ialvary Choir- -Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge trainer, hse mgr Bass, Abraham Z. — Milwaukee — Soc — Cardinal, col- iini, news editor, univ editor, asst editor, mng editor, contrib editor — LHA Dormistrov — WLHA — Model LTN— Wis Forensic Union— Stud Zion Org. treas, v-pres, pres — Hillel, Review editor, coun, v-pres — Sigma Delta Chi Bates, Cynthia M.— Wauwatosa— Corr Adm— Tf UWM— Fash Show— NSW Guide — Pan-hel Rush Coun — Alpha Chi Omega, asst pledge trainer, schol -luu, pledge pres Bauer, Marvin A. — Chicago. 111. — Hist — Phi Kappa PI,,— Mace — Iron Cross — Soph Honors— Outstand- ing Jr -Man— Sr Class, pres— WSA Pers Dir— WSA Pera Cont Comm, chm — Mens Glee Cb, pres — Crew — Alpha Tau Omega, pres Bauer, Ramona A. — Trego — Eng Baumgartner, Doris A.— Madison— EEd— Tf UWM— Phi Mu Bautch. Richard G.— Xelson— CiE— Tf Eau Claire— Newman Cb— ASCiE— Basketball Bautz, Ellen L.— Milwaukee— Latin— Eta Sigma Phi, pylorus, sec — Calvary Coffee Comm — Eliz Waters IV, soc chm Bawden, Paul R.— Arena — Speech Bay, Elaine A.— Kent, Ohio— Speech Core Bean, W. David, Jr.— Middleton— Econ— WSA Elec Comm, co-chm — Badger ParU — Summer Prum Elec Comm, dim— AIESEC, v-pres— Chi Phi Beardsley, Barbara T.— McAllen, Tex.— Speech Corr — Tf Pan American Texas Tech — Union Place Comm — Sigma Alpha Eta — Kappa Kappa Gamma Bearrood, Sheldon M.— Husdon— Acct— Tf River Falls -Alpha Kappa Psi — Beta Alpha Psi — Ins Soc — Com Stud-Fac Bd, pres Beaton, Daniel J.— Winnetka. III. — Econ— Tf St Nor- bert — Provost Corps— Sigma Nu Beaton, Mary E.— Manitowoc— ChD— NSW Guide — Fr Camp Coun— IHA Soc Comm— Slichter, formal chm Becker, Frederick O.— Evanston, 111.— Hist— Tf Col- orado — Alpha Kappa Psi Becker, Gretchen— Austin. Tex. — Pol Sci — Tf Texas- Mortar Bd— Sr Class, v-pres— Union PR Comm— Stud Sen— WSA Intl Rel Comm. dir chin— Model UN, del chm— XSA Cong— CoU. Bowl— Chad- bourne, hsefellow — Alpha Phi, v-pres Becker, John D.— Cudahy— Stat— Tf UWM— Phi Eta Sigma — Alpha Kappa Psi, sec, pres — LHA Xmas Beckman, Thomas M. — New London — Acct — Tf Osh- k.ish— Beta Alpha Psi Beeckler, Donald C— Milwaukee— Phy— Riding Cb— Newman Cb Behlendorf, Donald J.— Cudahy— ME— Tf UWM— Sigma Delta Omega Behnke, Arthur R.— Fond du Lac— Fin Acct— Tf Carroll— Wrestling Behnke, Bebe A. — Racine — Hist — Sr Swingout Pub Behrens, Janet L. — Mt Horeb — Acct — Coeds Cong — WSA Stud Ldrshp Train Prog— Delta Delta Delta, chap, treas Behrmann, Darryl F.— Kenosha— EE— Phi Eta Sig- ma— Eta Kappa Nu II: I ( ilson Hse, v-pres Behroozi, Behrooz— Tehran, Iran— Pliarm— WPhA— Bahai Cb, v-chm— Intl Cb— Iranian Stud Aran Beier, Betty A. — Almona — Pharm — WPhS — Kappa Epsilon. v-prea— Buck Hse, Bee Boilke, Marion M. ausau— SEd— Tf Wausau— Sigma EpaUon Sigma— Soph Honors— BADGER— WSA Schol Comm— Homecoming Prom Comm, clini — AWS Big Sis I ' ll.!!— Sr Swingout- I n Crafts Comm— Union Usher— Calvary Choir— Chadbourne, den spkrs comm Beimborn, David A. — Pardeeville — Chem — Alpha Chi Sigma Bell, Judith L— Wauwatosa— Art— Union Gall Comm —Wis Pre-Views Ctrl Comm— Delta Gamma Bellin, Howard— Trenton. N. J.— Hist— LHA Cab — Union Theat Comm— Tarrant Hse, ed schol chm, exec coun— Alpha Epsilon Pi, cult chm Benike, Gene F. — Beaver Dam— Math Bennett, Katrina N— Chicago. 111.— Journ— Tf Duke — Coranto. sec. pres — Theta Sigma Phi, sec — Cardinal Bennett, Ralph E., Ill— El Dorade— CiE— Sail Cb— USE— SAME— SAE— ASCiE Bennett, Robert F. — Warren, Ohio— Nav Sci — Scab- bard Bladi — Psi Upsilon. v-pres, pres Bensene, Gerald T.— Milwaukee— Phy Ed— Wis Play- ers— Wrestling Bentley, Nina— Madison— Hist— ILS Coun— Harris Use. pres — Murray Use, pres Benzies, Elizabeth A.— Baraboo— Speech Corr— Tf Rollins— Coeds Cong Berman, Steven C.— Lincoln-wood, 111.— Zoo— March Band— Bryan Use, schol chm, ed chm, soc chm Bemer, Lynn H. — Kewaunee — Pharm Bernstein. Helen— Madison— Psych— AWS— WSA— Hillel- Victoria Use. soc elm,— Alpha Epsilon Phi Berrett, James R.— Spencer— EE— Eta Kappa Nu — Baseball Bersch, Mary E. — Brookfield— Chem — Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Phi Kappa Phi — Eta Kappa Lambda, pres— Pres Hse, Id ot elders — Eliz Waters, v-pres, I sec, IV pres Bevenue, Lolita M. — Milwaukee — OcT — Eta Kappa Lambda— Cheerleader — Sr Class, sec, news editor — Slichter, ac t coord, pres Bevington, Patricia D.— Evanston. 111. — Nat Sci — BADGER, sales mgr— Badger B 1— Delta Gamma Bichler, David W. — Belgium — Soil C onsen— Football — Siebeeker Hse. soc chm Biegert. Patricia V. — Cedarburg — Psych — Alpha Chi Bit chudek, Edwin J. — Kenosha — Fin— Tf Kenosha — Fi Bing, Robert H. — Madiscn — Psvch — Cheerleader, capt — I ' YMCA, sec— Fr Camp Coun— Delta Tau Delta Birbaum, Joseph L— Oconomowoc — Fin— NSW Guide — W SA Elec Comm— AIChE— Fin Soc— Hoofers— s. M — High Hse, asst soc chm — Kappa Sigma, sec Birs, Yvette G.— Miami, Fla.— Phy Ed— Sr Orchesis, treas — Union Use Rep — Jr Orchesis Bischel. Sheila Y. — Racine- — German — Sail Cb, sec — German Cb, treas, sec— Intl Cb— LHA— Snow Hse, treas Bishop, Lloyd F. — Tomahawk — Journ— Alpha ' Delta Sigma— Cardinal— Provost Corps — Mil Ball, pub prom chm— Market Cb— Football— Sigma Nu, soc chm Bjomstad, Eugene N.— Madison— ME— ASME— Ar- nold Air Soc Black, David P.— Madison— CiE— ASCiE Blackburn, Francis G.—Cashton— Dairy Flush— Per- shing Rifles Blanchar, Patricia G. — Indianapolis. Ind. — Span — Span Cb— Alpha Gamma Delta, lib chap Blanchard, Gary L.— Cornell— ChE— Newman Cb— Mens Glee Cb— AIChE Blank. Judith D.— Cassville— ChD— Tf Platteville — Bleck, Virginia G.— Beaver Dam— MdT— Alpha Delta Theta— Slichter, treas— Chi Omega Bloch, Daniel R.— Brownsville — Chem — Tf;Lawrence Block, Marifred A. — Neenah — EEd — Campus Cam — Model UN— Newman Cb— Jr Orchesis— SNEA— Eliz Waters III, fir chm, v-pres Block, Roger F — Watertown— ME — Flu Eta Sigma — Tau Beta Pi— ASME— ANS Bloedorn, Robert L.— Green Bay— CiE— ASCiE— Acacia Bloom, Frederick L.— Milwaukee — Pol Sci— Ski Cb— Riding Cb— Pi Lambda Phi Bloom, Kathleen A.— Eagle River— Journ Bloomfield. Jeanne E.— Heaver Dam— Journ— Coranto —Theta Sigma Phi— Union News Bureau Bloomfield, Judith C— New Hyde Park, N. Y.— Hist— WSA Civ Rights Comm — Union Pub Comm — Wis Players— Hoofers ly, David P.— Evansville— Acct Pub Util— Alpha Kappa Psi— Mens Glee Cb— Surf Cb Boettcher, Allen D. — Rhinelander — Hort — Landscape Cb— Hort Cb— Frankenburger Use. elec chm Bohrhstedt, David R— Arcadia— Pharm— Tf LaCrosse — WPliS Bolles, Theodore F.— West Salem— Chem— Leopold Hse. ed schol chm. sec, soc chm Bond, William L— Madison— Food Sci— Tf|Muscatine Bookhout, Carol J.— Morrison ville— Phy Ed— Phy Ed Bd— Phv Ed Cb, treas Booth, Mary E.— Onarga, 111.— Eng— Sr Dolphins — Wallerstein Use. art chm — Summer Prom, campaign mgr— Gamma Phi Beta Borchert, Larry L. — North Bend — Food Ind — Mitchell Airmen— Fallows Hse, sec— Sigma Nu Bordow, Allan M.— Washington, D. C— Psych— WSA PR Comm— Dormistorv — Zeta Beta Tau Borndahl, William M. — Manitowoc — Soc — Tf Lake- land— Pres Hse — MHA Chorus — Phi Sigma Kappa, Bourgeois, Edward J. — Madison — Speech — Tf Mar- quette Bouwman, Carole A. — Chicago, 111. — MdT — Alpha Delta Theta— Union Use Rep— Union Hse Comm— Langdon, iud bd. v-pres Bouzek. Robert E— Prairie du Cliien— Journ— Tf Marquette Bradley, Thomas P. — Madison — Psych — Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia Brahe, Champ K. — Fontana — Am Inst — Tf Lawrence —Beta Theta Pi Braig, Barbara A. — Fort Atkinson— Hist — Tf Mary- Br nda, Richard F— Hi- cholo 111.— Zoo— Phi Eta Rosalind— } Iilwaukee— Corr Ad m— T f UWM— Union Usher— Villa Maria, pres. hseflw Brant, Sally B. — Madison — Eng— WSA Pub Comm — Campus Cam Pub Comm — Octopus, art editor — Alpha Ni Delta Branum, John C— Lake Zurich. 111.— Econ— BAD- GER, sports writer — Campus Cam Arrang Comm Bratz, David A.— Lomira— EE— IRE Braunel, Glenn T.— Manitowoc — Geog — Tf Mani- towoc Braver, Susan B.— Highland Park, 111.— Pol Sci— Delta Tat nd du Lac — Speech- Breitzman, Elizabeth R.- Wis Players Brennan, Barbara A.— Clintonville— Phy — Tf Osh- kosh— Wis Players— Harris, v-pres, soc chm Brennan, John E— Madison— ME Brennan, Kathleen M.— Milwaukee— Hist— Tf Pine Manor Brescia, Ronald— Roselle, N. J.— Pol Sci— Tf St Michaels Breske, Paul A.— Racine— Mu«ic— Phi Mu Alpha— WSA Dist Comm— Haresfoot Cb. pres — A Cappella, v-pres— Hum o— LHA Chorus— Univ Chorus— Cal- vaiv Choir — Leopold Hse, pres — Ochsner Hse, sec Brillman, Michael P.— Wauwatosa— Psych— Hillel Brock, Richard E. — Antigo — Psvch — Fallows Hse, sec Brookins, Dale C. — Fond du Lac— Hist — NSW Guide —Alum Mag. editor — Alpha Tau Omega, hse pres Brooks, Jeffrey R. — Madison — CiE — Chi Epsilon, v.pres— Tau Beta Pi— Phi Eta Sigma— ASCiE Brooks, Lynne— Woodstock, 111. — Corr Adm— Home- coming Pub Comm — Sr Swingout Comm — Alpha Chi Omega Brott, Susan K.— Lena, 111. — Econ — Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Soph Honors— Phi Kappa Phi— Phi Beta Kappa — Artus — Campus Chest Prom Comm — Honors Day Pub Comm — Wis Pre-views — Alpha Phi, asst rush chm, v-pres Brown, Charles J.— Madison — Real Est — Mitchell Airmen, photo Brown, Clarence J. — Fontana — Hist — Badger Chris- tian Fellowship— Mack Hse, ed schol chm Brown, Donald R. — Fond du Lac— Market — Alpha Tau Omega Brown, Robert L. — Madison — Dairy Husb — Bryan Hb Browne, Mary J. — Shebovgan — Speech Corr — Sigma Alpha Eta— SNEA. sec— Sr Swingout— Res Aide- Ellsworth Hse, pres Bruhn, Jan M.— Madison— Eng— Girls Rifle Team, capt Bruns, Carol E.— Milwaukee— HEc Ed— Tf UWM— Phi Upsilon Omicron — Euthenics — Elsom Hse, sec- Kappa L ' elta, press chm Brusewitz. Wayne R.— Elmhurst, 111. — ME — Tf In- diana— SAE— ASME— Football— Beta Theta Pi Brussat, Nancy G.— Janesville — Hist— Tf Stephens- Alpha Chi Omega, pledge trainer. Hunio dir Bryan, John G., Jr.— Princeton, Mo.— Math— Phi Eta Bryant, Howard W.— Madison— Geol—Tf UWM Buchanan, Anne E.— Lake Mills— EEd— Phi Kappa Phi — Phi Beta Kappa — Sigma Epsdon Sigma — Soph High Honors — AWS Wise-etiquette — Union Usher — Wmns Chorus— Eliz Waters, treas, lib comm IV jud chm Buhrow, Norman E.— Rubicon — Math— Stud Sen— LHA Ed Schol Comm— LHA Rep— Calvary Stud Coun — Mead Hse. v-pres, pres Burdick, Glydewell B., jr. — Waunakee — ME — Pi Tau Sigma — ASME — Wis Engineer, assoc editor Burdick. Robert S.— Rockford, 111.— ME— Theta Tau —Sigma Nu Burick, Elliott D. — Dayton, Ohio— Pol Sci — Union Film Comm— Campus Chest— Pi Lambda Phi, hse Burk, Helen P.— Waukesha— Psvch— Tf Carroll Burke, Joseph P.— Madison— Pol Sci— Tf St Norbert Burke. Robert R. — Milwaukee — Art — Union Gall Comm— Crew— Alpha Delta Phi Bums, James A. — Cornell — ME — Newman Gb — ASME— SAE Burroug hs, Charles E.- — Milwaukee — Econ- — Sigma Chi Cain, Mary E. — Brodhead — HEc— Persian Market — Newman Cb — Euthenics — HEc Hosp Day — AWS Big Sis Prog— IM Comm, chm— Eliz Waters, fir chm Calabresa, Carole A.— Milwaukee— Hist— TfiUWM— Cardinal Bd, soph wmn, jr wmn, sec — WSA Elec Comm — Badger Party — Homecoming, prom chm, pub comm — Humo, judg chm — Eliz ' Waters, fir chm, pers chm — Zeta Phi Eta- — Alpha Chi_Omega, v-pres, act chm, Bcho] bd Calamaras, Margo C. — Lincoliiuood, III. Speech VWS, sec VWS Pert ' omm NSW Guide— WSA Elec Comm — Sr Swingout, arrang chm — Home- coming, , ■■ sec I. nt Guild Union Soc Comm — Bridal Show, gen chm — Dogrin Party — Varsity Party— Langdon, fir chm— Phi Beta— Pi Beta Phi Caldwell, Margaret M. — Dunkirk, Ind. — Soc — WSA Curr Comm Call, Marilvn A.— Strum — Psvch — Dormistorv— Sr Swingout NSW Guide— Pan-hel Ball Tick (omm —Gin Omega, acl chm Calvert, Lois M.— Rockford, 111.— Eng— Tf Beloit— Kappa Delta, hist Campbell, William B— Ripon— Zoo— Tf St Norbert Cappaert, Donna M. — Manitowoc — MdT — Tf UWM —Alpha Delta Theta Card, Claudia F. — Pardeeville — Philo — Sigma Epsdon Sigma— Phi Kappa Phi — Coeds Cong — Union Music Comm— Philo Cb, v-pres— TDem— French Cb— Langdon Lodge, pres Carlsen, Carl H.— Milwaukee— EE—Tf UWM— S ME— Bashford Hse. Union Rep Carlson, Nancy C. — Highland Park. 111.— N ' at Sci Carlson, Ralph A.— Wauwatosa— Geol—Tf UWM— Geol Cb— Sail Cb Carr, Dorothy M.— Janesville — EEd— Crucible— Mor- tar Bd— Pi Lambda Theta— WSA, mun ser — AWS, treas, jud chm— AWS Pers Comm— Sr Swingout Comm — Chi Omega, rush chm John A. — Beaver Danr — Meteor — Richardson Hs ath Carter, Tyrone— Chicago, 111.— Hist Eng Cartier, Eleanor A.— Green Bay— Hist— Tf Green Bay Carver, George A. — Madison— ME — Tf Angola — Union Theat Crew— ASME— Am W 7 eld Soc, tech rep — Bapt Stud Ctr, sec, treas Cavanaugh, Kay — Manitowoc — Pharm — Rho Chi — WPhA — Sr Coun — Kappa Epsilon Cechin, Norman A. — Kenosha — Speech — Bryan Hse, Cederbaum, Helen— Milwaukee— MdT— Hillel— Al- pha Delta Theta Ceilesh, Donald R.— Kenosha— Math— Phi Eta Sig- ma—Pi Mu Epsilon Cepek, Larry D. — Ilillsboro — CiE — Newman Cb — Chi Epsilon— City Reg Plan Cb treas— Wis Engi- neer, book rev, layout editor — Triangle, hse mgr Cesario, Thomas C. — Kenosha — Med Sci — Phi Eta Chandler, John W., Jr.— Richland Center— Med Sci — Sigma Phi, rush chm, v-pres Chamesky, Mary L.— Coleman— HEc Ed— Tf Stout- Badger Christian Chase, Robert M— Chicago, 111— Speech Adv— Union Music Comm— Union PR Comm— IM Ath— Zeta Beta Tau, soe chm Chasin, Mark A.— Elizabeth. N. J.— Speech— Tf Rol- lins— Cardinal— YGOP— Rifle Team Chen, Elizabeth M.— Hong Kong, China— MdT— Tf Maryville Edgewood Chessman, Mary V.— Northport, N. Y— Eng— Tf Adelphi— Coeds Cong Childs, Kenneth E.— I lavs Mills— Geol CI,— Mountain Cb Chilsen, Donald L.— Waterloo— Econ— Tf LaCrosse— Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chiponis, Lawrence J.— Chicago, 111.— ME— Tau Beta Pi— ASME Christel. Joan C— Manitowoc— Soc Wk— Tf Holy Family — Coranto — Newman Ct — Eliz Waters, spec events chm Christenson, Allan A. — Watertown — Math — Union Tourn Comm— Mil Ball, chm — Mitchell Airmen — Christenson, Donald G. — Soldiers Grove — EE Chnstiaansen. Robert L. — Waukesha — Art — WSA Rep — Wis Players Pub — Haresfoot Pub— Sail Cb Christiansen ' , Karen J.— Sheboygan — ChD — Sr Swing- out — AWS Pub Comm— Lakota Hse, jud bd. Campus Chest chm — Alpha Chi Omega, pledge co-soc chm, Humo co-chm, pub chm Christman, Jacqueline J. — Rochester, N. Y " . — Psych — NSA Comm— Humo— LHA Place Comm— LHA PR Comm, chm— Ski Cb. pub ohm, sec — Home- coming Pub Comm — Kiekhofer Hse, jud chm — Delta Delta Delta , „. Christmann. Marilvn L.— New Lisbon— E Ed— Pi Lambda Theta— Badger Birch Cards Comm— W is Pre-views— Scheders — Alpha Xi Delta, v-pres, pub chm Christopherson, Bob H.— Minneapolis, Minn.— Soc— Tf Minnesota — W Cb, v-pres. pres — Badger Chris- tian Assn— Calvary Stud Ctr— Boxing, capt Cibulka, Anthony B. — Kewaunee — EE— Newman Cb — Wrestling — Pistol Team, capt — Boxing Clark, Ann R. — Madison— -OcT— Tf Colorado— Hoof- ers— Gamma Phi Beta Clark, Gale L.— Beloit— ME — Tau Beta Pi— ASME— Yet Cb Clark, Peter W. — Madison — Span Clarkson, Patricia J.— Fort Wayne, Ind. — Eng— Fash sh,,w. pers comm. model— Badger Beauty — Wis Pre-views — Kappa Alpha Theta, rush chm Cline, Ellen L.— Madison— EEd — Sigma Epsilon Sig- ma — Soph Honors— Pi Lambda Theta, pub chm — NSW Guide — Persian Market — Honors Day Prog Comm — Summer Prom Decor Comm — Pan-hel, treas— Hoofers— Gamma Phi Beta, Pan-hel rep Clover, Frank M— Morenci, Ariz.— Greek— Phi Eta Sigma— Soph Honors— Eta Sigma Phi — Symphony Orch — Noves Hse, Union rep. campus chest chm Coffeen, Kenneth L.— Milwaukee— CiE— Tf UWM— Phi Eta Sigma— Sail Cb— ASCiE Cohen, Bruce P.— Highland Park, 111.— Hist— ILS Coun— IM— IF Rep— Hillel— Zeta Beta Tau, pres. Colby, Dianne R.— Madison — Soeech Corr — Scheders —Alpha Xi Delta Coleman, Robert H. — Madison — AA— Boxing — Fenc- ing — Delta Tau Delta, pledge treas 473 Collat. Carol A. Milwaukee 11 . i - l I , i. ,.ul. chm l.l Ba It Mil Bd Mil Comer, Michael Wis I ii ■ I Directorate I nion Soc ' ' m i inn 1 nion II- Rep II PP. I omn Pre I a I lb Chi Psi Congdon, Camilla B. Hinsdale. II] I rench— Tf Denison— Pi Delta Phi- Canterbury Cb French Hse, sec -Alpha Phi Conklin, Judith A. Madison III- Fash Show Euthenics -AWS Polls, chm 111.- Hosp Daj i lamma Phi Beta, asst pledge trainer Cook, Anthony M. i ' ..nil i iabh-s. I la l,..n v Chi Cook, Dennis C. Unity— CiE- iSCil Mens Glei Cb, v-prea I ( a id Schreinei 1 1 - l„l . I dir Cooprider, Roberta P.— Madison Soc k -Tf Du- buque Corrigan, George M. — Wausau — Com Corwin, Ronald D. M n Vernon, N. V.— Psvch— ( i li,,l Wis Uurauus— Stud Coun Ch Rights, rlun Coster, David L. Madison— EE—AIEE — Univ Band Coulter, Frank A. Avondale, Ariz.— EE— Tf I ' W ' M —IRE Pyre Hse, a Cowan, Donna R— Burlington— HEc Ed— Tf San Antonio Indiana— Euthenics Cox, Paul G.— Waukesha— EE—AIEE— Pledge Pres Coun — Tin -la Chi, pledge pres, soc chm Coyle, Thomas W.- Madison— Com— Tf Loras— Campus Partj -Disl I Comm— Stud Ben— Home- coming Show Comm — Union Soc Comm — Ch 770, gen chm— Market CI, -Newman Cb— AIESEC— Haresfoot, prom, v-pres Craig, David J. — Fennimore — Med Sci Crain, Mary E.— Khinelander— Am Inst— Gamma Al- pha t ' In j, res — ( ' animal, space sales — Union, asst to pres— Kappa Alpha Theta Cratty, William P.— Madison— Pol Sci— Christian Sci Org, v-pres — Sigma Phi Cresswell, Donna M. — Appleton — Market — Tf Lawr- .ii.i Market Cb SAM — Slichter, parents wknd chm, l ul chm Crouch, Norman A.— Monticello— Bact— Kerk-en- Wereld sec Cuff, Lois A.— EEd— Tf Oslikosh Curnow, Harry C— Waterford— ME— ASME— Mil Hall lomm — Theta Delta Chi, pledge trainer Curry, Ann B.—Delavan— Speech— Phi Beta— NSW Prog, gen chm — WSA Welf Comm, dir — Union Soc Comm— Chi Omega, Pan-hel rep Curtis, Carl R. -Madison— ME Curtis, John D.— Eau Claire— Hist— Tf Eau Claire— IS I I lanterbury Cb— YGOP Cusick, Patricia K.— Eau Claire — Market— Tf Car- roll— l ln Chi Theta, soc chm Cusick, Richard J.— Eau Claire— Geol— Tf Eau Claire —Newman Cb— Gilman Hse. soc chm Cuthbert, Michael A. — Ma, lis., n — Music Ed — Mace — Phi Mn Alpha Sinfonia— SLIC Music Coram— Foreign Stud Advis Czerepinski, Ralph G.— Madison— Chem— Phi Eta Sigma— Phi Lambda Upsilon— Soph Honors— Wes- ley Found— AChS— Alpha Chi Sigma D Daellenbach, Charles B.— St Croix Falls— MetE—M in Met Cb — Mack Hse, v-pres, treas — Alpha Delta Phi, rush chm, hse mm Daentl, Donovan A.— Madison— Agr Ed— Tf Platte- ville— 1 1 Dahl, Walter L. DeForest— ME— Tf Clemson A M Dahly, John H.— Clint, .nville — Fin— Tf St Norbert — SAM— Newman Cb— Delta Tail Delta Damitz, Katherine S.— Milwaukee— HEc— Tf UWM Euthenics— Delta Zeta, v-pres Daniels, Lana B.— Cranford, N. J.— Pol Sci— WSA ' Comm — Stud Sen — Spec Proj Comm, dir — WSA Ldrshp Conf, chm— Mock Sen— Model UN— Union Theat Comm. Danielson, Leon E. — Luck — Agr Econ — Alpha Zeta— Agr Econ Soc— Sad Sirl Cb, v-pres— Blue Shield 4-H— Little Intl Meat Judg Team, chm — Agl Stud Coun, sec — Union Hse Rep — Babcock Hse, pres, ath chm. Union rep Dauska, Walter J.— Port Washington , ' Sci Ins Soc — Conover Hse. treas, hse coun, blood drive chm, dorm duke chm, soc chm Davey, Hildur A.— Kenosha— Math — Sigma Epsilon M- ' ina— Pi Mu Epsilon— IHA Rep Davidson, Carla— New York, N. Y.— Hist— Wis Players Davies, Ann L. — Waukesha — EEd — Tf Lake Forest — NSW Prog— Gamma Phi Beta Davis, Brian K.— Wheatland, Wvo.— Zoo — Phi Eta Sigma — Soph Honors — Union Usher — USF, study chm — Bapt Stud Ctr — March Band — Concert Band Davis, Franklin A. — Hastings-on-Hudson. N. " . — Chem — Frankenburger Hse, pres, v-pres, treas Dawson, Gail D.— Boulder, Colo. P I.-d Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Eta Kappa Lambda — WIC — Dorm- Bylvar-ia, sec— Slichter, soc chm, sec — Kappa Delta, editor Day, Thomas A. — Madison — Bact — Yet Sci Cb, sec, treas Dean, Alice K. — Madison — Hist — Gamma Phi Beta Decker, Gladys A. — Madison— AEd DeHaven, Maiv E. Minneapolis, Minn En B pa Kappa Ga a, corres sea, hse pros Dehnke, Gordon A. I .,11 Creek Ucl dc Jesus, Nelson L. -Pal,,, -pin,- I ,1 Comp Lit— Demerath, Julia W. -SI Louis, Mo Hisl [LS, i heal Comm, chin I nion Direc- torate Outing Cb, sec Bradford Hse, ] - ECappa Kappa Gamma Demitros, Richard R. -Madison S| b Golf Dempsey, Thomas E. — Oshkos hkbsh Whi Dempsev. Timothy M. -Oah — Phi Kappa Pin— Phi I la DePriest, Ronnie L. — Madiso Derleth, Elizabeth R.— Wat ( an, pus ( ' h De tin i Delta i n Stanford 1 1, ,m ( !b, , prea ,-,-i Phi Chi — Eli . at, i i, s, Wayne L.— Racine— CiE— Tf Racine ISI liE ath chm DeWitt, Susan A. -Green Ba -Psv.-h -Tf Chicago— Wis I " la., is U ,, 1 dm S,,c l -( ' banning CI, De Young, Jack E— Oostburg— Acct— IM Ath Diddams, John A.— Schofield— Chem— Phi Eta Sig- ma -Phi Lambda Upsilon, sec— Union Tourn Comm Diller, Harlan C— Boyceville— EE— Phi Eta Sigma— Kappa Eta Kappa — Gamma Delta — IRE — Swenson Hse, v-pres Dillett, Priscilla A.— Shawano— Soc Wk— Tf Mar- quette — Chi Omega Dishmaker, William J. — Kewaui -Hart DiVall, Gary J.— Lancaster -Agr Econ -Saddle Sirl CI,— Wis Pre-Views— WMHA— Olson Hse, soc chm, Union rep— Beta Theta Pi Dixon, Gloria J.— Union Grove— HEc— Euthenics— Alpha Gamma Delta Dixon, Robert S. — Madison— EE — Kappa Eta Kappa, rec Bee -Eta Kappa Nil, rec sec, rush chm — Amat Radio Soc, v-pres, pres — March Band — Concert Band Dobratz, Jerelvn L. — Oconomowoc — HEc — AWS Res Aide— Union Use Comm— NSW Guide— Home- coming Comm— Phi Upsilon Omicron— Alpha Xi Delta Dodge, William J. — Madison — Math Doeden, Janet M.— Honey Creek— Speech— Tf UWM —Wis Players Cappella Choir— Slichter, choir dir Doege, Frederick H. — Sheboygan — Market — Tf She- boygan— Market Cb— Gamma Delta— IM Ath Doherty, Jane J.— Elizabeth, Me.— .lourn— NSW Trad Comm— Ldrshp Training Prog— Murray Hse, soc chm— Gamma Pin Beta, rush chm Dohnal, Robert L. — LaCrosse — Pharm — Tf LaCrosse Chi Eta Dollinger, Gerald L. — Waukesha — Math- Sigma— LHA Rep— LHA Lib Comm. chm Donovan, Martha I.— Lima, Peru— Hisp — Span Cb Dooley, Donald L.— Waukesha— Econ— Track, capt — Cross Country, capt — -Frankenburger Hse, pres —Delta UpsUon Doran, Gerald C— Madison— Fin— Sail Cb— Ski Cb —Luther Mem Choir— Fin Soc — SAM — Ins Soc, bd of dir — Boxing Dorer, Susan L.— Cleveland Heights, Ohio— Phy Med — Tf Skidmore — Phi Theta, pub chm —Kappa Alpha Th Dorman, Neil A.— Bavside. N. Y.— Philo— Philo Cb, pres— Union PR Comm Dornfeld, Judith A.— Madison— HEc— NSW Guide— Pan-hel, summer rush chm — Euthenics —.Alpha Phi, pub chm, sec, Pan-hel rep Dorrington, Thomas R.— Walworth — Com — Delta Sig- ma Pi Douglas, Joan M.—Brookfield— Math— NSW Guide — NSW Hostess — Eliz Waters, treas Dowling, Robert O. — Chicago, 111. — Fin— Pre-Law Cb ■CainpusCarn Booth Comm, chm— NSW Guide— IF Coun — Prom Elec Comm — Kappa Sigma, pledge v-pres, rush chm, v-pres Doyle, Melvin J.— Darlington— EE Drachenberg, Robert W. — Arena — Acct — Ins Soc Dragotto, Judith M. — Milwaukee — OcT — Leadership Training Prog — Othera — Sr Swingout Coinni, sec — Alpha Phi, soc chm Drakopoulos, Dimitrios — Athens, Greece — Phy — -Tf Athens — Swimming — Philo Cb, prog chm — Chess Cb— Bridge Cb— Intl Cb Dramm, Kurt W.— Manitowoc— Flor— Tf St Olaf — Hort Cb, treas— Delta UpsUon Drath, Anthony L. — DePere — Eng Dreger, Elliot R.— Kenosha— Hiat— Phi Eta Sigma— Phi Kappa Phi — Winslow Use. sec, treas Drengler, Richard E. — Antigo— Hist Drew, Ruth A.—Janesville -French -Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Soph Honors — Campus Cam — Sr Swing- out Invit Comm— Eliz Waters Fin Comm Drown, Donald A. — Marinette — Hist — Arch Cb Duemling, William G. — Merrill — Hist — Band — Sigma Pin Epsilon Dueppen, Thomas L. — Madison — Hist Duerr, Penny A.— Northlield, 111.— Speech Corr— Tf Willamette— Badger Part — YGOP— Alpha Chi O- mega, soc chm Duley, James R.— Milwaukee— EE—Tf UWM— Eta Kappa Nu — IRE Dunst, Jerome — Milwaukee — Zoo Durand, Charles E.— Wausau— ME— SAE, sec— Vilas Hse, ath chm, pres, flr chm Durchslag, Stephen P. — Evanston, 111. — Hist — Soph Honors— Union Highlight— NSA Comm— Cardinal Bd, v-pres — SLIC Living Cond Hygiene Comm — Badger Party— Badger Blk Card Comm— NSW Guide — Stud Sen— Union PR Comm— LTnion Hse Comm, sub-chm— Hillel— IF Invest, sub-chm— ILS Coun — Zeta Beta Tau, pres, IM chm, schol chm, IF rep, rit chm, treas comm, relig chm Duwe, Barbara A. Madil in at -Phi Kappa Phi C ible Sigma Epsilon Sigma Mortal Bd, i pres Model 1 V ■■, i Ii I chm Pan ol im, chm— Stud s.-ii Campus chest -URC, prea Stud- I .-,.- Human II, -I Comm Upha Ga i Delia. v prea Du inski, Nancy K.— Madison n Chorus Dworak, Darlene C. -Whitelaw— Soc Wk Y Dem - I nion I. ii i ' ..I chm Wealej Found -Sad Cb Dykema, William B. -Applet. ,n Math Soph Honors —Dorm Film Comm Dorm Schol Comm -Alpha Tau Omega, treas Dymond, Martha -Park Ridge, III. -Math— Eta Kap- pa Lambda, sec I ' u Soc Comm Ross Hse, pres Dzick, Peter J. Madison Philo Bethel Stud Ctr, dev .-In ,i Eastman, Mary J.— Fond du Lac -Hi:,- —Newman Cb -lash Show Prom Comm— Euthenics— Alpha Gamma Delta Eastwood, Man- A. Appleton -HEc— Sigma Epsilon Sigma -Phi Upsilon Omicron -Omicron Nu— HEc Coun, ren— Slichter. Union n-p etra P.— Warren, Ohio— Span— Tf a Delta Pi— Ital Cb — Homecoming I a Pheat Set Crew Sheboygan Econ -NSW Guide— i, in SAM -Delta Tau Delta, v-pres, J.- Milwaukee— EEd— Tf UWM— V— NEA— Pi Lambda Theta— LSA— ,se coun, flr chm— Alpha Phi, pledge Wilhson lis. Eder, Robert O.— Fond du Lac— CiE— ASCiE— Leo- pold Hse, soc chin. Campus Cam co-chm Ederstrom, Kathryn N. -Rockford, 111.— EEd— AWS Exec Bd— Pan-hel Rush Coun— Pan-hel, v-pres— .Alpha Chi Omega Edgerton, John L. -Madison— Econ— Delta Tau Delta Edmunds, Ranee S.— Madison— EE— LSA Sen Edwards, Charles L.— Hem III.— Acct— Beta Alpha Psi — Soph Honors— Stud Ct, justice — Humo, treas —Pi alula PI Eggebrecht, Donald R— Wausau— Market Fin — Tf Wausau— NSW Guide -Sigma Alpha Epsilon Eggerling, John B.— Madison— EE—Tf UWM Egstad, James R.— Madison— EE Ehlenbeck, Gary J.— Milwaukee— CiE— Tf UWM— ASCiE Ehlke, Ralph E.— Appleton— Acct— Tf Menasha — Phi Eta Sigma— Beta Alpha Psi Ehrman, James J.— Madison— Pol Sci— Phi Eta Sig- ma—Soph Honors— Mock Sen— YDem, mom-at- large, exec bd— Union Forum Comm— Mock Dera Conv— C.,11 Bowl— Model UN Eide, Odvar— Larvik. Norway— ME— Tf Norway — Sail Cb, bd „f ,-apts Einerson, Philip B.— Mt Horeb— Fin— Alpha Kappa Psi— Fin Soc— Arnold Air Soc Eisele, John E.— Madison — Med Sci — Union Hse Co Eisendrath, Ellen P.— Milwaukee— Span— Tf Wells— Intl Stud Guide— Badger Party— Sigma Delta Pi— Kappa Kappa Gamma Elland, Kenneth J. -Hlair— EE Ellestad, David E.— Madison— EE— Eta Kappa Nu— Sail CI, —Ski Cb— AIEE— IRE Elliott, John F. -West Allis — Market Fin— WSA Pub Comm— Dogrin Party — Stud Sen— Kappa Sig- ma, treas, pie Ige trainer, pres Ellis, David M. -LaCrosse — Geol — Haresfoot — Sigma Phi. rush chin, sec Ellmann, William J. — Waupun — Psych — Tf St Louis Emasitti, Chao -Bangkok, Thailand— ChE Emerson, William L.— Wmnetka, 111.— Hist— Wis Players— Chi Psi Emrich, Mary M. -Oshkosh— Am Inst— WSA Ldrshp Tram Comm -WSA Pera Comm— WSA Pers Cont Prog -Campus Cam P i Pub Comm, prod chm —NSW Guide— AWS Balla Prom Comm— Fash Show Pers C, .lino — Sr Swing, nit Prom Comm, skit chm— Union Place Comm, sec— Ski Cb— Sail Ch— Union Crafts Comm— Ph., to -Newman Cb— Univ Chorus— YMCA Sein— Pan-hel Rush Coun— Eliz Waters, jud chm. Homecoming chm— Delta Delta Delta, serv proj chm Engar, Reina L. — Jamaica, N. Y ' . — French — Hillel — Stud Coun Civ Rights — Lakelawn. treas Engberg, David P.— Milwaukee— Econ— Union Music Coinni. pub chm— MIIA Commons Comm— Alpha Chi Rho, guard Engesether, Karen M.— Rice Lake— Intl Rel— Tf Stockholm— Sail Cb— Model UN, del co-chm Erb, Jean A.— Juda — Nurs— Alpha Tau Delta Erickson, Joanne H.— Fontain City— Journ— Tf Win- ona— Theta Sigma Chi— Newman Cb— Coranto Erlandson, Faith P.— Green Bay— EEd— Tf Green Ba — Res Aide Erskine, Walter C— Milwaukee— ChE— Tf UWM— YGOP -Alpha Chi Sigma Esch, Philip J.— Dmlgeville— An Husb— Newman Cb — IM Ath Esse, Dale P.— Madison— ME— ASME— SAE Estes, Lynnette— Scottsville. N. Y.— Hisp— Tf Mari- etta— WSA Prom Comm. chm— French Cb— Badger Beauty— Sr Swingout Comm — Chi Omega, rush chm, pres Estrem, Carolyn —Minneapolis. Minn. — Pol Sci — Tf Beloit — WSA Welf Coinni— Fash Show, script chm —Pan-hel Rush Coun— Y ' GOP— Youth for Nixon Cb — " lu Omega, v-pres Ethier, John M. -Wauwatosa— ME— Tf UWM Etsten, Pamela S. — Milton, Mass.— Soc Ettenberg, Madeline— New Y ' ork, N. Y. — French— Orchesis— Union Civ Rights Comm 474 Evans, Carolyn Racine Eng— Tf I ' WM Cardinal —New [dea Ewald, Carolyn J.— Appleton — Eng — Sigma Epsilon Sigma SNEA, v-prea Cardinal, feat editoi S.WS Uad I " Him. ,-l,i,, n A Eliz Waters, Hilltop Highlights, editor-in-chief IWl;i Zeta. lis.- pres. 1,1st Ewers, Jan A. Richland I ' .-nt.-i - Ph Med— Phi Tbeta Upha Chi Omega, lust, lib, rec sec Fabricant, Arnold S. — Hewlett Harbor, N. .--Eng — Fairman, David A. — Milwaukee — Adv— Alpha Delta Sigma, v-pres — Cardinal, adv staff — Alpha Epsilon Pi, pres, v-pres, treas Falit, Harvey H.— New York, N. V. -Philo Phi Eta Sigms Soph Honors -Phi Sigma Delta, treas, pres Falk, Jerelyn E. W Hand— EEd— Tf Beloit— Coeds Conn, rep — IF-Pan-hel Research Comm- -Kappa Delta, hs. pres Fang, Christopher C— Sao Paulo. Brazil— Phv— Tf Emiiienual— Bapt Stud Ctr Farmer, Sue E. — Milwaukee — Dance — Orchesis, pres — Phy Ed Cb, v-pres— Stud-Fac Coram — Campus Cam — Coeds Cong — Phv Ed Bd, dance div chin — WSA l ' ,.|sl ' „i- VSA I.drshpTram Prog NSW Guide— Pan-hel Rush Conn— Pan-hel Ball Pub Comm— Hoofers— Fash Show Tick Comm— Jr Or- chesis, v-pres — Rel Arts Comm — Eliz Waters I. soc chm — Kappa Alpha Theta, soc chm. rush dim Feakes, Lloyd M.— Mt Hope — EE— Tf LaCrosse Feavel, John S. — Appleton — Sot — Union Bowling Fehlberg, James H. — Racine — Hist— Phi Eta Sigma —Soph Honors Feldman, Ina R.— Chicago, III.— Anthro Felland, Terry C— St Croix Falls— Acct — Alpha Kap- pa I ' M Fencil. Diana J.— Sun Prairie — HEc— Tf Stout TJWM Fenrick, Karen M. — Janesville — Music — Sigma Alpha Iota, report — Wesley Found — Wmns Chorus, pres — Chadbourne, mothers wknd chm Ferguson, Marion N. — Belvi.lere, 111. — Nat Sci — Par- ents Wknd Comm— Chi Omega, ath chm, Ilmuo choreo Fesolowitz, Victor M.— Caldwell, N. J.— Zoo — Tf Michigan— Phi Delta Theta Fey, James T.— Wis Rapids— Math— Phi Eta Surma. v-pres, treas— Phi Kappa Phi— Mace — Iron Cross- Track— I " nion Forum Comm— Mock Pol Com Comm— IF Discrim Comm— IF Dorm Rel Comm— Beta Theta Pi, pres, v-pres Fiedler, Judith A.— Madison— Eng— Mock COP Conv. del chm— Union Gall Comm- ISA, prdir, pres, choir Filipowicz, Carl A.— Greenfield— ME— Tf UWM — ASME—ASTME— Track— Turner Hse, v-pres, treas Finle, Marilyn S. — Janesville — An Husb — Newman Cb— Blue Sh. ' sld— Sad Sirl Cb, treas— Judg Finn, " Alvena I.— Prairie du Chien— HEc— Tf LaCrosse —Phi Upsilon Omicron— Orchesis— Euthenics Firm, Warren E.— Rockford. 111.— Zoo— LSA Firle, Susan R.— Fond du Lac— OcT— AWS Jud Sub Comm. chm — Eliz Waters, jud chm Fischer, Phoebe B. — New York, N. Y. — Hist — New Idea, fict editor— Union Civ Rights Comm— Groves Co-op, jud chm, pres Fisher, B. Ellen— Brodhead — Eng— Union Usher — Eliz Wi flr chm Fisher, James M. — Madison — CiE — Chi Epsilon, pres, sec— Tau Beta Pi— SAME— ASCiE— Track Fishman. Steven J. — Chicago. 111. — Philo tv. Econ — Phil.. CH Basketball I I, » Fitch, Marilyn J.— Syracuse, N. Y — Nat Sci— Pan of Am — Humo — Tourn of Song — Fash Show — Alpha Phi Fitzer, Joel M.— Brooklvn, N. Y.— Hist— Univ Chorus —Alpha Epsilon Pi Flaherty, Judith M.— Milwaukee— Eng— Tf UWM— YGOP Flaherty, Kathleen M.— Green Bay— EEd— Sigma Ep- silon Sinn,:, — I.IIA, rep — Dormistory, report Flayter, Russell M.— Milwaukee— Phv— Tf UWM Fleischer, Erik— Eidsv.,11, Norway— CiE— Tf Norway Fleischhacker, Peter R.— South Milwaukee — EE— Tf UWM — IM Boxing — Kappa Eta Kappa, rush chm Fleming, Elaine M. — Brodhead — Eng — Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Soph Honors — Seheders — YDem Fleury, Katherine A.— Madison— M. IT— Alpha Delta Theta. hist— Union Crafts Comm— Alpha Xi Delta, hist Flueck, Martha L.— Elm Grove— Am Inst— Tf Mich- igan— WSA Exec Leg Comm, sec— Travel Dept Comm, chm — Symposium — Alpha Phi Fonte, Thomas G. — Kenosha — Span — Tf Kenosha — Phi Eta Sigma Foreman, Naomi R. — Madison — Hist — Union Gall Comm— Hillel— Orchesis Forgibne, Ralph — Lawrence, Mass. — Econ — Phi Delta Theta, treas Forsberg, Carol A. — La Grange Park, 111. — Span — Tf Albion — Alpha Chi Omega Fosdal, Stanley C. — Madison — Acct — Fin Soc — Ins Soc — SAM Frailing, Nancy R. — Madison— MdT— Alpha Delta Theta — Humo — Campus Cam — Kappa Kappa Gam- Frazier, William H. — Whitefish Bay — Econ — Alpha Delta Sigma — Campus Cam, gen chm — Home- coming Pub Comm, chm — Allocations Comm — Wis Pre-Yiews — Ski Cb, pres — Sigma Chi, pres, v-pres, Frey, ' Frederick L.— Marshall— AEd— Union Gall Comm — Band Frick, Ronald P.— Plymouth— EE— Tf UWM Milw School of Engin— S3E— IRE Friess, Foster S. — Rice Lake — Fin Mace -Iron Cross I.IIA. v-pr.-s II , treas Scabbard .v. Blade - Track Basketball Chi Phi, pres Fugina, Florence G.— Arcadia— French— Tf St Teresa —Kappa Delta, pari Fukuda.Kayoko -Tokyo, Japan— Philo— Tf California Funk, Trudy K.— Elmhurst. 111.— Speech Corr— Car- dinal, soc editor — Coeds Cong— Alpha Gamma Delta, hse pres G Gabower, Donnel D.— Tomah— Pharm — WPha Gale, Christina M. Madison .b.urii -Theta Sigma Phi. pres, se.— WSA PR Comm, du -LAWS, natl com pub i,i, Pan-hel Rush Steer Comm, mech chm— Delte Gamma, Pan-hel rep Gall, David E. — Racinf — Psych Garlock, Elizabeth A.— Chicago, 111 -OcT Sigms Epsilon Sigma— Phi Kappa Phi— Pan-hel Coun Pan-hel Rush Coun — Othera — Delta Zeta, hse pres, guard, act chm Garon, Mona B. — Louisville. Kv. — Speech Corr — s,g„,a Delta Pi—Sigma Alpha Eta— Union Ushei - Alpha Epsilon Phr. pledge pres. asst rush ehiu. treas Garvoille, Edward E. -Madison— Econ -WSA Gary, George E. Mir, lis,, rr Err " Gasper, Karen E. — Madison— EEd— SNEA— USF— Wmns Chorus Gast, Roberta J.— South Milwaukee — Zoo — Wmns Choi, is, v-pres— Cole, res aide Gauger, Carol A.— Burlington— Eng— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Soph Honors— LHA Lib C, mm— LHA Ed Schol Comm— LHA Book Exch Comm— Luther Choir — Slichter, chorus, lib chm, res aide Gausewitz, Arthur E. — Madison — Acct — Alpha Kappa Psi— Schreinei Hse, lud ,, -Alpha Delta Phi Gebhardt. Otto C— Milwaukee— Hist -Tf Kalamazoo Geman, Kenneth Y.— Chicago, 111. — Hist— Union Rep — ATJSA— Mil Ball, co-chm— Pi Lambda Phi. Orrre- gan co-editor, pledge v-pres, soc chm Geniesse, Gil K.— ( been Bay— Hist— Tf Green Bay — Ext Ctr Ldrshp Conf, gen chm Gerber, Richard W. -Verona— EE— Phi Eta Sigma— AIEE— Hoofers— Pi Tau Pi Sigma, v-pres— Schr.-in- er Hse. treas Gericke, Gretchen A. — Appleton — Chem — Sigma Ep- silon Sigma, treas— Phi Kappa Phi — Eta Kappa Lambda — NSW Guides — Eliz Waters, pres, v-pres, Gerland, Sandra G. —Rice Lake — Phv Ed— UN Comm —Phy Ed Cb— Phy Ed Bd— Pi Beta Phi, int chm, prog chm, v-pres Getschmann, Gerald G. — Baraboo — Market — Alpha Kappa Psi. sec — Humo, prod chm— Theta Chi. pledge pres Gibbon, Faye E.— Stoughton— Psych— Tf Greenville Gibson, Ronald W.—Neenah— Math— Model UN— LHA Radio Cb— Chamberlin Hse. Union rep Giese, Johanna M.— Merrill— MdT— Tf Hutchinson Ma 11, le Gilbert, Helen A. — Sullivan — Pharm — Sigma Epsilo Sigma — RhoChi.sec — Kappa Epsilon — WPhS. treas Gilbertson, Glenn M., Jr. — LaCrosse — Acct — Ins Soc —Model UN— Beta Theta Pi. treas Gilbertson, Jane L. — Melrose — OcT — Othera, v-pres — Eliz Waters I. fir chm Gildersleeve, Russel J.— Ashland— EE— LHA Pers Comm— FEE— AIEE— Conover Hse. soc chm Gilmore, Jams A.— D.-kalb, 111.— Phv Med— Phi Th.-ta, treas. pres— WSA— AWS— Calvary Gilmore, Thomas P.— Crandon— EE— Tf UWM— IRE Ginsberg, Allan W.— Green Bay— Speech— LHA Jud Bd. chm -NSW Guide— Fencing— Res Halls Jt Disc Comm. chm Ginsberg, Barbara A. — Viola— Journ— BADGER— Cardinal— New Idea Giovannini, John P. — Madison — Pvsch — Tf North- western— Alpha Phi Omega Glassberg, Robert S. — Lincolnwood, Dl.— Econ — Hillel — Haresfoot— Tennis— Zeta Beta Tau Glasshof, Keith E.— Throp— CiE— Tf Eau Claire— ASCiE— Wesley Found Gleissner, Marilynn A. — Menomonee Falls — MdT — Alpha Delta Theta Glesne, Martha M.— Beloit— Eng Glesner, Marie A. — Sturgeon Bay— Bus Ed Acct — Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Soph Honors — Ldrshp Train Prog— Homecoming Pub Comm— Fash Show, script chm — Alpha Gamma Delta Gobar, Kathryn B. — Baraboo — Speech Corr — Tf La- Crosse Eau Claire — Sigma Alpha Eta Goecks, Caryl A.— Monroe— HE. — Euthenics Goeldner. William T.— Milwaukee — Pharm— Tf UWM — Sr Honors Conv— WPhS— API, A Goetsch, Gene R. — Wausau — Econ— Tf Wausau — Sigma Alpha Epsilon. rush chm Gold, Harry— Milwaukee— EE—Tf UWM— Amat Ra- dio Soc, sec, treas — Hillel Gold, Judith— New York, N. Y.— Zoo— Union Rep— Hillel. sec Goldberg, David— Milwaukee— Pharm— Tf UWM - WPhS— APhA— Stud Zion Org, treas— Hillel Dinner Prog Comm Goldberg, Norman — Silver Spring. Md. — Econ — Union PR Comm — Homecoming Comm — Zeta Beta Tau, v-pres Golden, Gail J.— Highland Park, 111.— EEd— Seheders Goldman, John A. — Cincinnati, Ohio — Phdo — Phi Eta Sigma -s,.,ph Honors— Union PR Comm— LaFol- lette Hse. soc chm— Pi Lambda Phi, sec Goodman, Michael S.— Winnetka, 111. — Geog Pol Sci— Tf Syracuse— Hillel, v-pres— Zeta Beta Tau Goodman, Nancy M. — Tucson. Ariz. — Psych — Dol- phins, v-pres — Pershing Rifle Spenser — Villa Maria, soc chm — Lowell, v-pres ■ Goodman, Rochelle— Chicago, III. -French Tf In- diana Do,! IV C.totii 1 1 .11.1 Siginii Delta ' Pan Cb Goodwin, Peter J. — « ...... Ba Geol S I ,rr— Geol Cb Gopman, Howard Z. - l. I- Econ — Tf Kans - ' I -YDem -Pre-Law Cb Gordon, Susan L.— I ' m Ohio— EEd Tf Michigan -Union I »n Phr Gose, Judith E.— Milwaukee— Speech— Tf I ' WM — Gamma Phi Beta Gottlieb, Jane E.— New York, N. Y. -French -Tf Western— Union Theat Comm -Union Usher— Homecoming Button Col Govier, Sylva I.— Fennimore -HEc Gower, Wavne S. -M.-miiia. B is Ed -Tf Carroll— A Cappella Choir Graff, Linda R.— New York, N Ens Graham, Donald A.— Madison -Intl Rel— Model UN. .1,-1 chm -IF Cong— Pledge Pres Coun— Pre-Law Cb Sigma Phi, sec, hse mgr Graney, Nancy L. — Platteville— HEc - Tf LaCrosse — Omicron Nu -URC -Is I Blue Shield 1-11 Gray, Gene E.— Madison— Phy Ed— Phy Ed Cb— Phi Epsilon Kappa, see. pres Gray, James J.— Colby— ME— Tf Wausau— SAE— Polygon Bd Graykowski, Ronald L.— Wausau — Chem — Newman Cb— Delta Tau Delta Greene, Jerry B. — Chicago, 1.1. -Acct -Beta Alpha Psi. pledge chm -Union I ilm Comm— Union Exch Comm— Stud Hse Invest Comm Gregg, Judith A.— Wauwatosa— Soc Wk— LHA Rep —Campus Partv, camp coord —Wesley Pound, pub chm Gregg, Patricia A.— Milwaukee — Market— SAM— Market Cb — Slichter, parents wknd chm Gremmer, Timothy A.— Peshtigo— CiE— ASCiE Gresenz, Mark E. — Appleton — Acct — Alpha Kappa Grimm, Richard T.—Elkhorn— Speech— W Cb. sec- Boxing— Football Grimmer, John C— Chippewa Falls— Geol— Tf Eau Claire Griswold, Sharon L. — Babcock — Music Ed — Sigma Alpha Iota, ec sec— Wis Players— A Cappella— Band — Orchestra— Leonard Use, pres Groehler, Kenneth E. — Superior — Zoo — Tf Superior Gronenthal, Judith A.— Middleton— EEd— SNEA— Band Grossberg, George— Brooklvn. N. Y. — Pel Sci — Union Film Comm— Mock Pol Conv Comm— Alpha Epsilon Pi, soc chin, pledge chm Grosshandler, Nancy —Madison— Psvch— Tf Rollins — NSW ( hud. — Play Circle — Gamma Phi Beta, pledge v-pres, song chm, campus earn booth chm Grossman, Marion L. — Green Bay — HEc — Coeds Cong — L ' nion Film Comm — Homecoming Prom Comm — Villa Maria, jud bd Gruenwald, Stanley G. — Oshkosb — Chem— Scabbard Blade — Pi Tau Sigma— Alpha Chi Sigma, report, Grumann, Glenn K.— Two Rivers — Nat Sci — Stud Coun— Soph Honors Gschwind, Jerry J. — LaCrosse— Art — Cheerleader — Gubbay, Angela— North Bergen, N. J. — OcT— Indian Assn— Intl Cb— Othera— Hillel Guenther, Dale E.— Blair— EE—Tf LaCrosse— IRE Guetschow, Robert A.— Two Rivers— ME— Tf Mani- towoc — ASME — Delta Sigma Pi, pres chanc Gumbiner, Ronni G.— Brooklyn, N. Y. — French Gunderson. Douglas S.— Fennimore — EE — Eta Kappa Nu — Pi Tau Pi Sigma — Signal Corps Gunderson, Nancy L. — Portage — SEd — ILS Coun — Badger Christian Flshp Gundlach, Robert F. — Montfort — An Husb Gurkowski, Thomas R.— Berlin— Fin — Tf Oshkosb — Fin S,,c —Alpha Kappa Psi, sec Guse, William H.— Milwaukee— EE—Tf UWM -Pi Tau ' Pi Sigma— IRE— SAM— Stud Eng Soc— Signal Corps H Haack, Don— Milwaukee— CiE— ASCiE— SAME— -Al- pha Delta Phi. steward Haag, John D. — Madison— Econ — Scabbard .v. Blade — Artus— W Cb— Crew— Alpha Delta Phi Haberman, F. William— Madison— Eng— Tf Prince- ton — K.lta Sigma Rho — Wis Review — Stud Sen— Varsity Partv. chm — Model UN, comm chm — is Forensic Union, pres— Chi Phi Hable, Warren L.— Siren— EE — Pi Tau Pi Sigma, cor- Hackbarth, William F. — Manitowoc — Pers Mgt— Tf Manitowoc— SAM — Vilas Hse. soc chm Hafemann, Marjorie E.— Greenleaf— EEd— Tf Green Bav— Sigma Epsilon Sigma Hagon, Ann M.— Milwaukee— MdT— Alpha Delta Tl eta Hahn, Henry R-, Jr.— Brooklvn. N. Y— CiE— ASCiE— Theta Tau, v-regent— CiE Camp, stud rep — IM Basketball Hahn, Judith A.— Sheboygan— EEd— SNEA— Union Crafts Comm— Res Aide— Campus Cam -Zoe Bay- lias, v-pres. Union rep. chorus, prog chm Haight, Barbara A.— Milwaukee— Phy .Med— Delta Zeta Hallam, Benjamin P., Jr.— Racine— Intl Rel— Chi Psi Halldorssen, Ottar P.— Reykjavik, Iceland — CiE — Tf Iceland— Scand Cb. v-pres Halle, Richard W.— Marshfiehl— Eng— Tf Wausau— Haresfoot Halloin, Robert K.— Green Bay— Market— Tf Green Bav , T Halmrast, David A. — LaCrosse — Econ— Track — Ins Soc— SAM— Chi Phi 475 Halverson, Robert A., Jr. — Wauwatosa — ME — Mace —Phi I i irnpua Party— WSA Elec Comm, chm 11 ih Comm— Wis Pie-Views Ctrl Coiuin— Y ' .HI ' , pics Sail I ' I. 1 lj Cb 5 1 " ' Nixon, rtate ohm -IF Dorm Rel Comm — Chi Psi, ish chm Hamann, Laura S.— Milton— Phy Med— Tf Milton- Phi Theta- -Kappa I fell Hamel, Ray O.— Madison CiE -Phi Eta Sigma— Mace — Iron Cross Stud Am— WSA, treas, pres — w restling I rieading— Chi Phi Hamill, Dennis W— Madison- Phy— Phi Eta Sig. —Wesley 1 ound Am Radio Soc Creis Hammann, Hollv M. l ilun nl Hist— Tf Colorado I M Sad Cb— Elsom Use. jud chm Hammes, Beckv G. M letti Speech Corr— Union Film Comm— -Hillel— Shepard, treas— Tower View, pres Hammes, Mary E. — Wausau — MdT — Coeds Cong — Alpha Delta Theta, pros; chm Hankel, Richard H. Mt Horeb ChE Phi Eta Sig- ma— Tan Beta Pi— LSI— P, Tan Pi Sigma, treas - AH ' hi:, treas— -Tau Kappa Epsilon, v-pres, hist, chap, sgt-at-arms Hanna, Penelope H. — Madison — Span — Tf Ohio Wes- leyan— Alpha Gamma Helta Hanny, Dorothy L. — Lake Geneva— Speech Corr — Tf Stephens — WI.IIA — Union Alum Homecoming Comm Hansen, Hugh R. — Kenosha— CiE — Tf Carroll— La- Follette Use, v-pres Hansen, Kenneth P.— Granton — ME — Soph Honors— ASME Hansen, Lee C. — Ogdensburg — Flor — Agr Stud Coun Cb Hanson, Dale I.— Exeland— ME— ASME Hanson, Frederick A.— Madison— CiE— Chi Epsilon —. ASCiE Hanson, Jerry B. — New Richmond — Pharm — LHA, jud bd, jt dis comm — LHA Stores, bd of dir chm — WSA Dist Comm — Union Com Comm — Homecom- ing Dia Comm— Campus Cam— OchsnerHse, Home- coming rep Hanson, Katherine A. — Madison — Market — Market Cb— SAM— NSW Guide— Ldrshp Train Prog, c-chm — Gamma Phi Beta, asst treas, pres Hanson, Mary A.— Racine — Eng — BADGER, adv mgr — Alpha Chi Omega Hantke, Richard H.— .lanesville— ME Com— ASME —SAM— Union Hse Rep— Prom Comm— Gilman Hse, soc chm, act chm, coun Harman, Gail W.— Madison— HEc—Intl Rel Comm— Canterbury Cb— Chi Omega, voc chm Harms, Mary J.— Sheboygan Falls— Phy Ed— Tf U M Harrie, Dale F.— Cashton— SEd— Tf LaCrosse Idaho Harris, Barbara D. — Cudahy — OcT — LHA Lib Comm, Harris, Pamela J. — Mineral Point — HEc — Chi Up- silon Omicron — Euthenics Hartfjeld, John C— Wauwatosa— Econ— YGOP— IF Rush Comm— IF Retreat — Sigma Chi, soc chm Hartlaub, Jerome T. — Manitowoc— EE— Soph Honors —Eta Kappa Nu— AIEE— IRE — Newman Cb— Phi Kappa Theta. v-pres, soc ehm, rush chm, Home- coming chm, pub chm Hassett, Rodney H.— Milwaukee— CiE— Tf UWM— ASCiE, mem comm — Showerman Hse, soc chm, fir chm Hauber, Jack R.— Stevens Point— ME— Tf Stevens Point— Newman Ct. — SAE Hauch, Lowell J.— Fredonia— EE— Tf UWM— IRE Hausfater, Gay— University Citv, Mo. — EEd — Fash Show— Humo — Carroll, soc chm — Sigma Delta Tau Hawkins, Pamela A. — Evanston, 111. — Eng — AWS i ,, nn— AWS Jud Bd— AWS Pers Comm, chm — Sr Swingout, pub chm — Homecoming Comm — Bridal Show Soc Comm — Union Hostess Comm, chm — Dolphin Cb, decor chm — Langdon, sec, pres — Pi Beta Phi Hayes, John S.— Fond du Lac— Zoo— Tf St Norbert —Newman Cb Haynes, Christine R. — Evanston, 111. — SEd — Ldrshp Train Prog— WSA Pers Place Comm— WSA Pers Files Evil Comm, chm— WSA Ldrshp Sem— NSW Guide — Badger Party, v-chm — AWS Fash Show Prog Tick Comm, chm — AWS Fund Dr Comm — Homecoming Buttons Comm — Humo, prod comm, pub comm — Univ Chorus — Wmns Chorus — Campus Cam. judg chm, gen co-chni — WSA Elec Comm — admin chm— IF-Pan-hel Conv, reg chm— Alpha Xi Delta, rush chm, pres Hayward, Louise K. — Wis Rapids — Hist — Humo — Kappa Kappa Gamma, pledge pres Head, Jerome R. — Sheboygan — Zoo — Tf Sheboygan — Phi Eta Sigma Hedberg, Judith A. — Neenah — Zoo Heebink, Tom G.— Madison— Soc— Phi Delta Theta, soc dim, chap Heggestad, Robert E.— Milwaukee — EE— Phi Eta Sigma — Eta Kappa Nu, v-pr es — IRE — Tau Beta Pi, corres see, pres — Gilman Hse, pres, soc chm Heidman, David A. — Algoma — Phv — Phi Eta Sigma —Alpha Delta Phi Heineke, James E.— Was Dells — Agr — Football- Track — Sigma Chi Heitz, Pamela K. — Lincolnshire, 111— Intl Rel— Tf Miami of Ohio — Phi Beta Kappa— Phi Kappa Phi — Mortar Bd— BADGER, living units editor — Tf Guides, chm— NSW Prog, chm— Homecoming Ball, pub chm — WSA Schol Comm— Badger Party — Symposium, exec sec — Peace Corps Comm — Ldrshp Train Prog — Union Hse Comm — Union Open Hse, decor chm — Pan-hel Rush Coun — Humo Pub Comm — YDem — Lincoln Lodge, jud chm — Gamma Phi Beta, act chm Helmus, Carla J. — Madison — Journ — Theta Sigma Phi, pub chm— Badger Party — SLIC Sub Comm of 476 Stud Pub — Union News Bureau Humo, pub chm — Homecoming Put, ( ' nnii P. in lu-l Coun — Coranto, sec— I lelta 1 lelta I lelta, pub ehm Helsaheck, William D., Jr.— Madison— Hist Hemming, Richard E. — .lanesville — Fin — Newman Cb -Ba Hempe, Henry A.- Milwaul --1 list— Insight Out- look, assoc editor WSA PeraComm— Conserv Cb— Gymnastics— Psi I psuon, v-pres, pledge trainer, sec Henkel, Susan A. — Fort Atkinson — Am Inst — Union Film Comm Union Usher- Zoe Bayliss, bd of dir Henseler, Gerald A.— Hubert— Acct— f f St Norbert— Beta Alpha Psi, asst sec, treas — Alpha Kappa Psi, Herb ' , Jerome B.—Bonduel— Acct— Market Cb— Beta Alpha Psi Herbrand, Warren J.— Waukesha— AM Herlin, Margaret B.—Eipon— Eng— YGOP— Badger Party— WSA Pers Comm— WSA Spec Events Comm — Humo — Kappa Kappa Gamma, soc II, H dim , Kathleen L.— Milwaukee— Diet— Tf UWM WRA, pub ehm, swim co-ohm— LHA Ath Comm — LHA 1 aim Comm --Rifle Cb— Slichter, ath chm, Union Rep erman, Myron L. — Bonduel — Agr — Calvary Stud Ctr, choir pres Hermann, John P. — Sheboygan — Conserv Herrin, Patricia A. — DeForest — Speech Corr — Big Sis Prog— Sigma Alpha Eta Hertwig, Judith A.— Wauwatosa— OcT— WSA Welf Proj Comm— NSW Guide— WSA Curr Comm— AWS Prog Coram— Eliz Waters Music Comm— -Alpha Xi Delta, mem sec, marshall Hervat, Joel E. — Kenosha — Soc Hespe, Joan A. — Cedarburg — EEd Hetzel, Vernon J.— Wauwatosa— ME— Tf UWM— LSA— ASME— YGOP— SAE Heuerman, David L. — Tomah — Psych — Tf LaCrosse — Phi Gamma Delta Hewitt, Dennis L. — South Milwaukee — Psych — Tf UWM— Phi Eta Sigma— AUSA— Pershing Rifles Hibbard, Josephine D. — Walworth — Speech Corr — Tf Whitewater Hicks, Gerald F. — Wayzata, Minn.— Market— IF, pres — IF Ed Pledge Train Comm, chm — Nautilus Soc, treas — Chi Psi, pledge trainer Hiegel, Thomas J. — Wauwatosa — MinE Hien, Do N.— Saigon, Viet Nam— Econ— Tf Viet Nam Hildebrand, Daniel W.— Oshkosh— Pol Sci— Tf Osh- kosh— Phi Eta Sigma— Phi Kappa Phi— Iron Cross —Delta Epsilon— WSA Intl Affairs Comm— Dist III Cm, in,, chm — LHA, pres. v-pres— YGOP, chin, treas— Kahlenberg Use, LHA cab rep Hill, Edward D.— Elm Grove— Hist— Model UN— WMHA— Fr Debate— Ochsner Hse, soc chm— Alpha Tau Omega, annals kpr Hill, Selmar K.— Madison— Fin— Tf Trinity— Fin Soc —Ins Soc— SAM Hilton, Daniel L. — Elkhorn — Acct — Alpha Kappa Psi, sec— Ins Sot— Millar Hse, treas Hintzman, Elizabeth B. — Madison — Span Hintzman, Elwood C. — Madison — Russian — Tf Syra- cuse—Russian Cb— Gamma Delta— URC— IM Baseball, Basketball, Football Hintzmann, Arden W. — Watertown — Hort — Agr Stud Coun, v-pres — Little Intl Queen Elec, chm — Crops Soils Cb, pres — Alpha Gamma Rho, v-pres Hinytzke, Steve E.— LaCrosse — Speech — Tf LaCrosse — YDem— Newman Cb— Fencing Hinz, Glenn A.— Waukesha— Pharm— Tf Carroll Hocevar, Carl J.— Kohler— ME— Phi Eta Sigma— Soph Honors— ASME— Track Hocutt, Gerald D.— Madison— Prod Mgt — Phi Beta Kappa — Phi Eta Sigma — Beta Gamma Sigma, v-pres — SAM— WHA Hodge, G. Gustave— Wauwatosa— Med Sci— Tf UWM Minnesota— Pershing Rifles— Phi Chi— WISM-A, res — IF Pledge Train Comm— Rifle Team — Humo — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pledge trainer Hoffschmidt, Gerald H— .lanesville— CiE— ASCiE— Sigma Chi Hogseth, Mary A. — Chippewa Falls — Speech Corr — Tf Eau Claire— Newman Cb— Sigma Alpha Eta— Holgate, T . Virginia— Eau Claire— ChD— Tf St. Cath- erine — Newman Cb — Sherman Hse, hse pres Holland, Claire R.— Mineral Point— Speech— Tf Platteville Was Players Hollander, Richard R.— Wauwatosa— ME— Tf UWM — ASME — LSA — -Alpha Phi Omega, v-pres, sec — Conover Hse, pub chm — Alpha Delta Phi Hollands, Roger C— Milwaukee— Pol Sci— Tf UWM —Phi Eta Sigma— Union Place Comm, files chm— USF— Steve Hse, treas Hollingsworth, Frances A. — Rockford, EI.— Hisp — Sigma Delta Pi— Dolphins— Delta Gamma, sec Holloway, Joan B. — Evanston, 111. — Soc Wk — Wis Pre-Yiews — Prom Decor Comm — Stud Nurs Coun — Kiekliofer Hse, soc chm — Delta Delta Delta, exec Holly, J. C— Racine— Com— Alpha Delta Sigma— Market Cb — Fin Soc— Kappa Sigma, v-pres, pr chm, IF rep Holly, Suzanne J.— Madison — Market — Fash Show, gen chm — Fash Show Pers Comm — Conserv Cb — Market Cb— SAM, sec— Badger Beauty— Gamma Phi Beta Holmes, Edward W.— Milton— MetE—Tf UWM— Min Met Cb— Ski Cb— Haresfoot— Delta Tau Delta Holmes, James W. — W ' auwatosa — Eng — Fencing — Kappa Sigma, soc chm Holmes, John R, — Beloit — Dairy Ind — Dairy Sci Cb — LHA Ed-Schol Comm, chm— Pershing Rifles— Pres Hse, dea bd — Ins Soc — Market Cb — W ' inslow Hse, Homecoming display chm, ed-schol chm, sec, treas, v-pres Homan, Darla K — Milwaukee — Speech Corr — Coeds Cong— NSW Guide— LHA Ctrl Soc Comm— Dorm- svhania Comm — Campus Cam — Kappa Delta, asst pledge 1 1. i Hook, Joy L. — C.ravslake, 111. — IIEc — Phi Upsilon Omicron— Crucible— Morta Bd— AWS, v-pres— Campus CI, est, gen rlu sst see -Euthenics. pres — ■ HE StudCoun— Delta Helta Delta, pres Hope, Arnold J. -Chicago, 111.— CiE — Swimming- Delta Upsilon Hoppert, Frederic M. — Wauwatosa — Journ — Alpha I lelta Sigma — Badger Beta Speaks, editor— Sigma Phi Epsilon Horman, Gertrud E. — Lombard, 111. — Speech Corr— Alpha Phi, treas Horning, Robert H„ Jr.— Milwaukee— Acct—Tf UWM —Provost Corps— Cb 770— Pershing Rifles— Evans Scholars, ath chm Hotchkiss, David R. — Milwauke — ME Bus Adm — livCh, bd of dir, treas, pres, mgt cons— 3 Squares Coop, fin , mgr -Wesle SAE ,,, i Blakeman Coop, store flshp grp chm — SAM, film j— BAVI— -Alpha Phi Omega, Hough, William J. -Stoughton— Eng— WSA Elec Comm — Ws A PR Comm— Homecoming Pu b Comm — Faville Hse, soc chm — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, corres sec Housfeld, Carol A. — Milwaukee — Span — Sigma Delta Pi, treas— Phi Beta, corres sec, rush chm — NSW Guide— Span Cb—SNEA—WEA— Orchestra, sec, treas — Big Sis Prog — Eliz Waters, choir, sec — Alpha Gamma Delta, v-pres, pledge trainer Hovey, Judith A.— Madison— IIEc— Euthenics — AWS —Alpha Xi Delta Howard. Gerald W.— Exeland— Geol Howard, Joan C— Madison— ChD— Cole, treas, moth- Howard, Joanne L. — Madison — Fin — Phi Beta Kappa — Beta Gamma Sigma -Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Soph Honors— Com Stud Fac Bd. sec, treas — Prom Comm— Union Tourn Comm— Phi Chi Theta Howe, George E. — Waukesha — Acct — LHA Cab — Bd of Govt, Huntington Arms — Oilman Hse, Union rep, act chm, campus earn chm, ed schol chnr Howe, Kay L. — Waukesha — Econ Market— SAM — Market Cb— NSW Guide— Pledge Pres Coun— El- som Hse, v-pres — Gamma Phi Beta, Humo dir, song chm, pledge pres Hsiung, Chi-Yang — Bangkok, Thailand — Zoo Huber, Donald S. — Oxford — Agr Journ An Husb — Agr Stud Coun, pres— Stud Sen— FFA, pres — Little Intl Show, chm— Meat Judg Team— Delta Theta Sigma, co-rush chm, steward Huckstead, Nancy L.— Neillsville — HEc— HEc Stud Coun — Euthenics— Blue Shield, rec sec— HEc Hosp Dav, reg co-ehm — Agr-HEc Banquet, co-chm Huebner, William S.— Darien— ChE— Wis Engineer, co-editor— Polygon Bd— AIChE, v-pres Huenink, Jane E.— Sheboygan— EEd— Tf Briarclifl— Humo — WSA Persian Market — Delta Gamma Huerkamp, Barbara G. — Westlake, Ohio — EEd — Tf Miami of Ohio — Union Soc Comm— Union Plan Comm, chm — Newman Cb — Haresfoot, sec — Home- coming Comm — Campus Chest Prom Comm — Alpha Xi Delta, soc chm. pledge pres Huettl, Robert T.— Wabeno— Acct — Beta Alpha Psi Hughbanks, Thomas M. — Green Bay — Acct — Phi Eta Sigma — Beta Gamma Sigma — Mace — Iron Cross — Beta Alpha Psi— Sr Class Coun— Stud Ath Bd— Basketball— Beta Theta Pi Hull, Sarah E. — Waukon, Iowa — French — Canterbury Cb— Ital Cb— French Cb— Res Aide— Lowell, hseflw Hunold, Robert L. — Burlington, Iowa — Market — SAM —Swimming— Sigma Phi Hunt, John F.— Green Ba — Econ— SAM Hunter, Meredythe J.— Waukesha— Soc— Tf Carroll — Campus Chest Rep — Cochrane Hse, sec, treas — -Alpha Gamma Delta Huppler, Priscilla P. — Menomonie — IIEc — Phi Up- silon Omicron— LHA Ctrl Soc Comm — Slichter, soc chm Hurth, Peter J.— Cedarburg —Psych Hurwitz, Norman J.— Scarsdale, N. Y. — Econ— Hillel Spkr Comm— Badger Blk Card Comm — Zeta Beta Tau, hse mgr, pledge trainer Hussa, Richard O.— West Salem— ME— SAE— ASTE — Wis Enzin— WSA Commons Comm— Am Power Conf— Tr: gle Hutchingson, Linda T— Green Bay— HEc— YGOP— AWS Fash Show Script Comm— Pan-hel Ball, gen chm — Chi Omega, herald, Homecoming co-chm Hyde, Larry L.—IIolcombe—CiE— ASCiE— Wis Engin —Triangle Imm, Kenneth J.— West ALUs — Econ — Tf Illinois Ingle, Robin— Evansville, Ind.— Am Inst — Symposi- um, exec sec — YGOP — Foreign Stud Guide — Cam- pus Cam— Stud Ldrshp Train Prog— Pan-hel Ball, gen chm — Fash Show, gen chm — Kappa Kappa Gamma, rush chm, pledge soc chm „.,- Inkmann, Bruce B.— Waunakee — Prod Mgt — SAM Isaacson, Harold G.— Madison — Journ — Conover Hse, Campus Cam pub chm Ison, Murray B. — Madison — Adv — Alpha Delta Sig- ma, v-pres— NSW Guide— Wis Pre- Views— Ldrshp Train Prog, grp chm — Cardinal— Nautilus Soc — Scabbard Blade— Beta Theta Pi Jablow, Nancy A. — New York, N. Y. — Eng Jackson, Rosemary A. — Gary, Ind. — Speech Corr — Cardinal— MYF— YDem— Sigma -Alpha Eta Jacobson, Barbara D. — Milwaukee Speech ( ' hit - Sigma Upha I ta WSA Pi tomra Sigi ilta Tsui, rush rlmi. rones si ' . ' Jacobson, Hal S— Brooklyn, N. Y. — Econ Hillel, issl . treas Jacobson, Phyllis M. — Univprsitv Heights, (Hn,,— French Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Sigma Delta Tau, pres Jacobson, Robert M. — Racine — Eng — Cardinal, music ' Iran litor— Union Theat Coram, chm Jaeck, Richard E. — Cudahy — Mel -Scabbard Blade — NDTA— Pilots A«i- Sigma li.-li: m Jaeger, Alan F.— Milwaukee ;.-.»l — It UWM James, Paul G. — Berlin — Hist — Mace I lampus I Ihesl Exec Coram— ILS Coun— NSA, dept dii -Badgei Party Exec Comm— Union lis,- Rep -Beta Theta I ' i Janzer, Barbara A.— Bowling Green, Ohio — EEd — Union Lit Comm— Union Lib Comm, chm— Pres Hse, choir coun pres, ed comm, orat choir — Wmns Chorus— Y( iOP— Res Aide Jaskaniec, Michael E. — Milwaukee — CiE — ASCiE — Triangle Jensen, Gordon H. — Verona — Eng — Wis Reg Writers Jensen, Jack J.— Milwaukee— Meteor— Tf UWM— Nautilus Soc — Orchestra — Spooner Use, v-pres Jensen, Janet A. — Janesville — Journ — Sigma Delta I ' i Span Cb— YWCA, pub dir— Zoe Baylies, pub dir— Coranto Jensen, Kenneth O.— Ixonia— Eng— Tf St Olaf— Wis Pla -AEd— Tf Jensen, Margaret E. — Columbus, Stephens— Delta Delta Delta Jensen, Norman M.— Siren— Med Sri— Tf Eau Claire — SAMA— LSA— Phi Chi Jenson, Kenneth J.— Elk Mound— EE — Tf Eau Claire —Tau Beta Pi— AIEE— LSA Choir Jepsen, Lois A. — Worcester, Mass. — Nurs — Tf Mem Hosp School of Nurs — Alpha Tau Delta— Delta Zeta, corres sec Jesinski, James J.— Sheboygan — Econ— SAM— NSW Guide ( ' (•nun, sec — NSW Guide — Newman Cb — Mens Glee Cb— Delta Tau Delta, ath chm, asst soc chm Jeske, Larry L. — Shawano — Econ — LHA Jud Bd — Union Hse Rep — Calvary Choir — Bashford Hse, pres Joelson, Marcia E. — Superior — Pliarm — Tf Superior — WPhS, scr— Ruling Cb— Kappa EpsUon Johnson, Alice M.— Lake Geneva— Hist— BADGER, index editor, sr editor— Univ Chorus— Eliz Waters, fir chm Johnson, Bruce J. — Rhinelander — Acct — Haresfoot, prog adv — Phi Gamma Delta, ath chm Johnson, Carol J. — Appleton — Soc — Union Tourn Comm— Wesley Found — Eliz Waters, IM chin Johnson, David J.— Rockford, 111.— Econ— IF Invest Comm— Wis Pre- Views— Pre-Law Cb— Sigma Chi, pl. ' .lL ' - ' pres, rush chin, lise iiigr, treas Johnson, Donald C— Berlin— Asian— Intl Cb— Indian Assn, ser — Gymnastics Johnson. Howard D— DeForest— Art— Tf Luther Johnson, Judith H.— Menominee. Mich.— Math— Tf Mount Mao — Newman Cb — St Pauls Choir— Langdon Manor, sec Johnson, Judith M.— Bristol— HEc— Tf JEarlham— Euthenics Johnson, Marilyn T. — Madison — Eng — News Greek — NSW Guide — Union Soc Comm — Summer Prom Cinin — Dolphins— Gai a Plii Beta, prchm Johnson, Marlin P. — Wisconsin Rapids — Nat Sci Johnson, Millard W. — Plymouth — Journ — Insight Outlook, editor— Sigma Delta Chi Johnson, Paul W.— LaCrosse— Phv— Tf LaCrosse— Phi Mu Alpha — March Band — Concert Band Johnson, Rodney N. — Edgerton — Bot — Ti Stevens Johnson, Trudy J. — Oconomowoc— Bact — Tf North- -Gi Johnson, Virgin Phi Point— Pers Mgt— Tf -Phi Chi Theta, treas — Com Stud- I ac Bd -LSA -SAM Johnston, Katherine B.— Clinton, N. Y.— Eng— Tf Wells -WSA Us,- Comm -Union Theat Comm— Johnston, Richard H. Jorgens Jorgens trgh, Pa.— HEc— A WS ' Natl athenics, pub chm— Sail Cb— ' hi Omega, pledge trainer isau— Philo— Tf Marathon- Denis J.— Berlin— ME— Tf Oshkosh , Sharon K.—Milltown— HEc— Alpha Gam- I i.-li Jorgenson, Daniel M.— Racine — EE— AIEE, pres— IRE, sec — Kappa Eta Kappa — Gamma Delta — Polygon Bd— LHA Hunt Fish Cb. sec-treas, pres Jostad, Conrad D. — West Salem — Acct Julien, Oliver M.— Milwaukee— ME— SAE, v-pres— SAME Juneau, Patrick J. — Wausau — Arrt Fin — Beta Alpha Psi— Com Bd— LHA Barbell Cb— Delta Sigma Pi, K i Cb Kalter, Robert J.— Elvria. Ohio— Agr Econ— IF, v-pres - Il ' -I ' an-hel Plan Comm. coord— WSA PR Comm, chm— IF Advis Bd— IF-LHA Comm— IF-Pan-hel Big Ten Conf— Agr Econ Cb— Saddle Sir! Cb— Alpha Gamma Rho, report, bldg chm, perm fin chm Kaminer, Nancy J. — St Louis, Mo. — Speech Corr — Villa Maria, pres— Lowell, hseflw Kamm, Susan J.— Madison— EEd— Pi Beta Phi Karan, Julie A. — Milwaukee it Hist -Tf Miami Kastenschmidt, Lewis L. — Rockland -An Husb Alpha Zeta, pres -Phi Kappa Phi -Agi Si Coun, rep— Saddle Sirl Cb, sgl al ! I ittli In. acts chm— Meat Judg Team Livestock Ju I - [ am Blur Shield 4-11 -Bubrurk II- •. lira.-,, - ' . ward Katz, Eugene R.— I.aiir. ' ltoii. . V. -Zoo Delta Ep- silon— LHA News— LHA Cab— LHA-IJ Comm— LHA I ' ll Comm— LHA Ed ,v S,-h,,l On,,,,,, chm— LHA Recreat Comm— Hillel— YDem— Track— High Use, treas, pres Katz, Frances — New York, N. Y. — Russian — ILS ( " mu— Union Usher— Russian Cb Katzenmeyer, Patricia R. -Beavei Ham — Speech- Phi Beta, lust— WSA Ldrshp Part Guidi — WSA Govt Rel Comm— Urn. ,11 Forum Comm— Mock GOP Conv, gen chm -S u nun. . : ■■■ .-,.,■ -VI il IP, sec, exec dir— Wis Conserv Cb, exec bd— Gamma Phi Beta, sec Kaufman, August T.— Humbird — ME — Tf Eau Claire — ASME— ANS— Newman Cb Kaufmann, Robert L. -Mequon— Philo— Tf UWM— Delt. Keberle, Elsa M. -Hamlin, N. Y. -Pol Sci [ntl Cb Supper Comm— Riding Cb— Ski Cb— Folk Arts Soc Keefer, Albert T. — Glenview, 111.— Pliarm— APhA— WSA Commons Comm— Football, mgr— IM Ath— Ochsner Hse, v-pres Keitel, Helmut A.— Racine— German Kellogg, John G.— Applet, ,n— Hist— Phi Eta Sigma— Phi Kappa Phi— Soph High Honors— Iron Cross - Cardinal, editor-in-chief— Alpha Tau Omega, sec Kelly, Thomas E.— Morrison, III.— Pol Sci— Srabbard Blade, treas— Arnold Air Soc— Mock Dem Conv— Olson Hse, soc chm, Union rep Kemp, Charles W. — Kaukauna — Market — Crew — W Cb— Stud Ath Bd— Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kennedy, John W. — Siiiofield — Bot — Tf Wausau — YDem— Judo Cb— Wrestling Kennedy, Johnette L. — Madison — Hist — Cardinal, re- port—Alpha Gamma Delta Kepner, Larry A.— Milwaukee— ME— Tf UWM— Pi Tau Sigma— ASME— SAE Kerr, Marilyn A.— Evanston, 111. — Com— WSA Pers Comm, arrang chm— Homecoming, fin chm— Model UN — Chi Omega, treas, rush chm Kesselman, David A. — Long Beach, N. Y. — Hist — 1 I.MS— Wis Pre-Vicws — WSA HI,-,- C -.It Mil Bd— Mil Ball, decor chm, chm— Pi Lambda Phi. pl,.,|... Frede — Milwaukee— Pul Sri— WSA I :„ i Krl i ' ,.,,, in. chin— IF Langdon St Comm, rim, -Union Forum Comm— Yl Mu— Theta Delia Chi Kho, Phyllis S.— Kowloon, Hong Kong— Phy Med— Tf Rosary— Chinese Stud Assn -Phi Theta. Kindschi, George W.— Monroe— Geol— Union Bowl Team— LHA .It Discip Comm— Faville Use. pres King, Terrence J.— Juliet, 111.— Pol Sci— Tf Joliet— Badger Party— Sky Divers— Theta Chi, rush chm, treas, pres King, Wayne A. — is Rapids — Psych — Calvary Choir Kinnunen, Raymond G. — Hurley — Russian — Intl Cb -Russian Cb— French Cb Kirby, John B., Jr.— Evanston, 111.— Hist— Tf Drake — YDem —Delta Upsilon, pres Kirby, Judith E.— Lincoln, 111.— Nurs— Tf Lincoln it Mem Hosp Kirkpatrick, Marcia C. — Milwaukee — Hist— WSA, sec —Union Coun— Stud Coun Civ Rights— YDem— Liberal Party— Human Rel Conf— Kiekhofer Hse, v-pres — -Alpha Chi Omega Kissinger, Susan O. — West Bend — HEc— Omicron Nu, v-pres— Phi Upsilon Omirron, treas— Euthenics -Blue Shield 4-H— LHA Book Exrh Tutor Comm Kitchin, James M.— Neenah— Pers Mgt— Tf Oshkosh —SAM — LHA PR Comm, chm— LHA St, ire, bd of dir— LHA Act Comm— LHA Ctrl .Soc Comm— High Use, treas Kitchingman, Jill A. — Racine — French — Sigma Epsilon Sigma — French Cb, sec — French Hse, pres Klabunde, Jill J.— Sheboygan— Zoo — Coeds Cong — Klawiter, Paul D.— Eau Claire— AEd— Phi Eta Sigma -WSA IM Schol Comm— LHA Ed Schol Comm -Union Gall Comm— Barbell Cb Klein, Ellen S.— Croton-on-Hudson, N. V.— s h - Union Theat Comm— Wis Players— Sr Swingout, ji rep— Phi Beta— Marlatt Hse, Unoin rep Klein, William P.— Neenah— Com— Tf Oshkosh— SAM— Market Cb Kleinfeld, Alan M— New York, N. Y.— Phv— Alpha I irlta Phi Kleinheinz, Barbara A.— Chippewa Falls— HEc— Newman Cb— St Pauls Choir— Agr-HEc Chorus— Euthenics Kline, Charles E.— LaCrosse— Econ— Beta Theta Pi Kline, Mary A.— Joliet, 111.— Eng— Tf Cornell— Jr Orchesis — Rosrnberrv Hse, pres Klinefelter, Dorothy J.— Waukesha— Acct— Soph Hon- ors -( ierman Cb— Eliz Waters II, IM chm, treas— Phi Chi Theta, pres Klinkhammer, Daniel J.— Abbot sford—EE— Newman Cb -Football Knaak, Jill M. -Mequon— Nat Sci— WSA Acad Comm —Pi Beta Phi Knabe, James E.— Medford— MetE— Tf Wausau— Pin Eta Sigma— Polygon Bd, corres sec Knaster, Harry B.— Bellerose Manor, N. Y.— Hist Knaup, Betty L. — Kenosha — Nurs— Tf Columbia Hosp —Alpha Tau Delta Knepper, Herbert A.— Brooklyn, N. Y.— Adv— Alpha Delta Sigma Kneppreth, Georgia A. — Milwaukee — Eng — Tf Bowl- ing ' i n -AWS Act Comm, chm— Intl Rel Comm — Alpha Chi Omega, soc chm, court chm Knerr, Diane C— Amery— EEd— USG, v-pres — Fr ( ' amp Coun — Cliadbourne, treas — Delta Delta Del- Knitter, Richard J.— Cadotl CI iSCiE -Wis En- Knoche, Karen A.— Middleton— Act -WSA Elec I " inn, -IAWS, favors chin - ' ' Is Con ( omm— Model UN— Union Han,, ' Host— AIESEC, sec -Alpha - i Delta, treas. hse v-pres, IM chm Knudson, Douglas V. -Ban Econ -Artus -MHA Choral,, i, -YGOP— ILS Coun— Pre-Law Cb WSA —NSA— IF Comm— Calvary Coun— C, —Alpha Delta Phi, sec Knutsen, Robley G.— Wauwatosa — Pharm— Delta Up- Knutson, James J. — Sturgeon Bay — Agr Knutzen, David B. — Mauston — Hist Kobak, Carol G. — Toledo, 01 Ei ,ia Ep- silon Sigma, sec — New Idea — Cardinal, report — WS V Elec Comm— HiUel Well Comm— lash Show Script Comm Koch, Donna M. — Green Bay — Eng — Sigma Epsilon Koch, Paul W.— Two Rivers— Pharm— W Ph A— Chamberlin Use. Mr Chm Koch, Ruth L. — Menomonee Falls— EEd — SNEA — Eliz Waters III, fir chm Koch, Valerie L. — Burlington— HEc— Sr Swingout — 1 lolphms — Slichter, tea comm, Dormsylvania skits — Chi Omega Koch, Virginia F. — Brantwood — Eng — Tf Kendall Koch, William L— Burlington— Real Est— Model UN — Homecoming Dance Comm — Provost Corps — Mil Ball, decor chm— Alpha Tau I bnega, pledge pres Koehler, William F.— Cedarburg— Psych— Tf UWM —Surf Cb Koehn, Sharon L— Milwaukee— Soc— Tf UWM— Newman Cb— Univ Chorus— Pan-hel Decor Comm —Alpha Phi Koehn, Shirley M.— Milwaukee— EEd— Tf UWM— Campus Cam Booth Coram— Pan-hel Ball Decor Con -Alp Phi Koenigs, Lawrence J. — Malone — ME — Tf Oshkosh — Pi Tau Sigma— ASME— AST.ME Koeslin, Werner H. — Milwaukee — ME— Tf UWM— ASME — IM Ath — C ' onover Hse, v-pres Koester, Hajo W.— Lake Mills— M E— Mitchell Air- ASME— IM Ath— C ' onover Hse, v-pres men — Arnold Air Soc — Mil Ball Comm — German Cb— ASME Koether, Carl H— Thiensville— ME— ASME— SAE— Lambda Chi -Alpha Koeze, Marybeth — Grand Rapids, Mich — Art — Pan- hel Ball Prom Comm, chin — Symposium, arrang rhni —Kappa Kappa Gamma, act chm, hse bd, Homecoming chm Kofoed, Russell M.— Skokie, 111.— Econ— Forensic Union— Stud Sen— Dist IV Comm, chm— YGOP, exec comm— ILS Coun, pres — IC Debate — Fr Camp Coun— March Band — Delta Tau Delta, pres Kohnle, Rudolph J.— Tisch Mills— EE— Eta Kappa Nu— AIEE— IRE— Track— Delta Tau Delta Koller, Priscilla A.— Kewaunet — EEd— Tf Green Bay Kornbluth, Ira R.— Riverdale, N. Y.— Hist— Phi Eta Sigma— WSA. v-pres— Stud Sen— NSA Comm— ILS Coun -Zeta Beta Tau, hist, Humo chin Kornman, Cam B. — New Orleans. La. — Speech — Wis Players— Forensic Union— Phi Beta Kornspan, Harvey — Youngstown, Ohio — Philo — New Koscielski, Lawrence S. — Madison — Pharm Kouchich, Allan V.— Milwaukee— Phy— Phi Eta Sig- ma— Soph Honors Kough, Rebecca A.— Uniontown, Pa.— HEc— Tf Northwestern— Fash Show— Pan-hel Rush Coun— Kappa Delta Krainer, Edward F., Jr.— Milwaukee— ChE—Tf UWM — SAME— AlChE— McNeel Hse. treas Kramer, Barbara L. — Sheboygan — Speech Corr — Pan- hel Rush Coun— Sigma Alpha Eta— Alpha Epsilon Phi Kramer, Trudi J.— Sheboygan— Hist— Fash Show Pub Krametbauer, Judith L.— Black River Falls— EEd— Tf St Olaf— Sr Swingout— Wood Hse, sec Kratze, Sue— Milwaukee — Hist Krause, Kurth W.— Milwauke, — AM Phv— Phi Eta Sigma -Soph Honors— IF Coun— -Alpha Delta Phi, pres Kreunen, Calvin J.— Bangor— Speech Corr— Tf La- Crosse -Wis Engineer— NSA Pub Comm— YGOP Member Comm— WSA Photo— WSA Pub Prom ( ' oiiiiii —II,, in,-, ' , lining Rally — Union News Bureau -Sail Cb -Mountain Cb — Mitchell Airmen, treas — Bapt Stud Flshp Kreutzmann, James B.— Madison— ME Kreutzmann, Kenneth P. — Madison — Geol — Scabbard Blade —3t Mil Bd. chm— Nautilus Soc. pres— Mens Glee Cb— Sigma Chi Krier, Charles A.— Belgium— CbE— Newman Cb Krohn, Susan N— Toledo, Ohio — MdT— Alpha Delta Theta, soc chm. jud bd Krueger, Jeanette M. — Wauwatosa — Hist— ITnion Place Comm. sec— Model UN— Mock Dem Conv— YDem— German Cb. sec— Campus Cam— Eliz Waters, res aide — Alpha Xi Delta, philan chm Krueger, William J.— Milwaukee — Math— Badger Party, treas — Homecoming Button Comm — Dorm- sylvania, co-chm— Phi Delta Theta, pledge trainer Kruse, John A. — Sun Prairie — EE — Kappa Eta Kappa, pres— Calvary Choir— Turner Hse, treas Kuila, Tanya M.— South Milwaukee — EEi— Pi Lamb- da Theta— Soph Honors— Phi Kappa Phi— Sr Swing- out— Mock GOP Com — Fr Camp Coun— BAD- GER, sr editor — Canterbury Cb, soc chm, v-pres — Humo — Campus Cam — Kappa Delta, sec, v-pres Kuhagen, Diann C— Milwaukee — Eng— Union Usher — Campus Cam — Eliz Waters, fir chm Kujath, Alice A. — Waupun — EEd — Phi Kappa Phi — Pi Lambda Theta — Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Mortar Bd— AWS Exec Coun— AWS, niailbag sec. pub chm —IAWS Steer Comm. reg chm— Model UN, sec— 477 1 i " - ' ' Si Swingout, gen chm Eliz Waters, Bi rep Pan-hel Rush Coun Pi Beta Phi, chol chm Kukuk, James D. Horicon ME S.ME It if It- ream Engin I ipos Comm Kullmann. Kenneth G. Wauwatosa Psvch NSW I- ■• in j ■. .-■ .1, ... lin ehm NSW , co bun i hm I Dion Hoe Comm Sigma Upha Epsilon, i hron, Kurth, " Kathleen Beloil EEd Kuitz. James A Madison Hisl Cb Crew - ( lalvary stud Ctr, pres, I reas Kurz, Jerome I.. Port Edwards ME Pi Tau Sig ma Phi Kappa Phi Phi I ta Si „ Tan Beta ISM] ,„ I oundrj Soc, pres 1.11 V cap rep 111 , bd ol dii Delta Tau Delta Kussow, Daniel H. Kaukauna ME Tf Green Baj —Triangle, steward, rush , hm Kuykendall. Jacob L., Jr. Coudera; EE [RE Laadt, Virginia L. -River Forest, 111. — Art — WSA Ldrahp Train Prog NSW Guide Cat 8 Cam— Hnmo — Ann Emm. jml l„l l lamina 1 ' h, 11,. ta La Barro, Angelo J.— -Madison— Span— Tf New York Labott, Richard H. -Milwaukee I ' hatm WI ' liS Laitman, Judith C— Jamaica, N. Y. — Psych Langford, John H.— Menomonie Pharm Pershing Rifles— WPl.S. pres— WLIIA — Kappa I ' si. ro-t,eas Langsdorf, William R.— Madison — Com— " S lie, Lapi, Antoinette J. — Rocl Sigma Epsilon SiL ' ina Span Cb, v-pres — Ski CI Larsen, Judith A. — Oshl Ctr. stud conn i pres pul, chi N. Y. -Ket -Intl Ri-1- Hse. hi Larsen, Leonard A. — Waukesha — Phv Math — Phi Eta Sigma -Union Lib Comm -LHA Tut™ C chm— LHA Ed Comm— Phillips Use. ,,ea. Larson, Lorraine E. — Madison EEd -Stud Sen - Wis Players— Span-Port Cb— Sr Swingout Jr Or- chesis Campus Cam— Pan-hel, a, nisi in - Delta Delta Delta, pledge soe ehm. sehol ehm Larson, Patricia A. — Eau Claire — MdT— Tf St Olaf— LSA Ch, „i -Alpha Delta Theta. pub ehm Signd M.— Omaha. Neb.— Ens— Tf Grace- -AWS .In,! Bd. jr re,, Union s Prog— YGOP— Pi Beta Phi. land i Lit Comm— Big pledge pres. pro. Larson, Susan M. Comm— II Lason, Donald R Theat Phi M. — McFarland— Eng— TJn News — Campus Cam -Chicago, III.- -Psych Pi Lambda Lassila, Helen J. Theta— AWS P. Lathrope, Phyllis lis id chi Latimer, Kathr sih.ii. treas -WPhS Latunik, Vincent R. Laugesen, Ronald C. Laughlin, Donald M. i.v—Bact— Alpha Delta Alpha Chi Omega on — Corr Adm — Rosen- a — Pharm— Kappa Ep- Kappa E shall ■i PI ' i Laun, Alfred A., Ill— Kiel— Pol Sci— Amat Radio S V-ptes Lautenbach, Karen E. — St E Lawrence, Colleen A. Mill Kappa Lambda Sigma El Phi- Model UN, see— Co, Chadbourne, pres. jud cou Lawson, John S. Superior— terburj Cb Lambda Chi Lawson, Sandra L. — Luck- Kappa Lambda LSA Chi , Donald H.— BronkfieM C ' hE II Invest r— Alpha Delta Phi, pledge pre. ' ., pledge traini Leche teon Bay — Dance — Fash Humo, kiekline, inter- J hy Ed Cb ..Mike,. Pers Mgt— Eta silnii Sigma Phi Kappa n Bd— Phi Chi Theta— ii Barnard, treas ■EE— Tf Superior— Can- Alpha HEc— Tf St Olaf— Eta pres -Cole, v-pres Hn itana — Econ — Theta Chi ' Lac— Ins— NSW Guide— -Delta Tau Delta Tl Eau Claire— Ski Cb .ISci ll Stephens - Baseball— Sigma Lev, Eleanoi B. Madison Phi, I -Inn Levine, Alan M. Winnetka, Wis Players Uphi si! Levine, Gary M. Univorsits II Hush Eval C Vt u Insi Upha i i a mi 111. Speech t animal Lev e, Dennis V Lee, Lynn A.- BADGER, sales— SAM Ins Soc Lee, Mary E. — Mondovi - Vocal I ' d Phi Beta— A Cappella- Lee, Nancy A.— Ken, I « on Lees, John T.- Lake Mi Alpha Epsilon LeS.Sherwin H.— Chicago. 111.— Acet— Alpha Epsilon 1 1, v-pres. treas, soe chm Lehman, John E.—Fontana— Psych— Campus Cam— IM Ath— SAM— Phi Delta Theta, hist, sec, IF rep Lehmann, Wayne J.— Baldwin— .ME— Tf River Falls — LSA— ASME— SAE Leifer, Richard P.— .Madison— Speech— Scabbard Blade— Natl Coll Players, treas— Cardinal Bd Badger Block Pub Comm— Dist IV Comm— Wis Pre-Views— Haresfoot, pres Ii ( ' amp, co-chm— Sigma .Alpha Epsilon Lenard, Patrick J.— Wausau— Hist— Intl Cb Lennon, Sena L.— Portage— Pol Sci— Tf Marquette— Symposium Comm— Newman Cb— Gamma Phi Beta Lenz, Judith J. -Boscobel— Span— Tf Madison Gen Wurs— Eta Kappa Lambda — Span Cb — Chamber- hn Hse, jud chm, soc ehm, spring l.anq chm Lenz, Robert J.— Madison— Food Tech— Tf Michigan TT K I, ' S ,, ' " ' Coun— Skating Cb, chm— Hoineeoiiniig Pep Rally Comm— Food Tech Cb, sec. treas, pres Leonhardt, Thomas C. — Sheboyg an— CiE — SAME— ASCiE— Rifle Team, capt Lerner, Robert J.— Chicago. 111.— Pol Sci— Phi Eta Sigma— Badger Block, sprvis— Union Forum Comm — Stud for Kennedy Cb— Zeta Beta Tau, sec, hist Leung, James Y.— Hong Kong— AMP 478 w Harriet L. Milwaukee Speech c,„, USA Phi Beta, hisl Sigma Upha Eta— Pro! Po Levine, Judith E. I mi Rockaway, N. if. Hisl If Hofstra Levine, Peter B. Sheboygan Zoo Pi Lambda Phi Levine, Richard L. M ion Zoo Tf Michigan Lewandowski, Rose M. Pound Nurs Alpha Tan Hell Lewis. Donald W. Webstei Groves, Mo.— -Geol— NSW Guide Comm, co-chm Mitchell Virmen - Id Vir Soc I ' r Camp Coun— Delta Tau Delta Lewis, ludvA. Wanwalosa lid Pi Lambda Theta SNE Bahal CI,, see. s lies i,|, Lewis, Sharon L. -Alton. III. EEd Sigma Helta Lewke, David W.— Columbus Dairy Ind Dairi Sci Cb Sad .V- Sirl Cb l.ll Cab Calvarj Stud Cti — Dormsvhalila Leopold Use. pres Libby, Ghdden N. Evansville -Pharm— APhS Lieske. Marilyn P. Sheboygan MdT Sr Dolphins Fo -EE— Tf Taipei— —Alpha Delta Thl Lin, Chung K.— Tab? Photo Lindner, Darrell M. -Spencer— ME — Tf Wausau— Pi Tau Sigma, corres sec, pres— SAE— Polygon Bd Lindsay, Jerry L.— Antigo— ME— ASME— SAE Lingafelter, Gregory S. -Sun Prairie— Fin— Fin Soc— SAM Link, Bernard A.— Columbus— An Hush -Sad Sirl Ch Newman Cb -March Band Meat Judg Team — Livestock Judg Team -I .Id Use. Fee eights. III.— Anthro— Th lis En : I Ii. see -Hoofers, see -Alpha Gamma Delta, corres sec Listecki, Robert E.- Des Phi. lies. 111.— Pharm— Badger Party— Union Soc Comm IF Coun WPhA - APhA— Blood Dr. co-chm Campus Chest Pledge Chi Me pledg . Lloyd-Jones, Natalie— Milwaukee— Eng— NSW Guide ' hnsttan Sci Org — Eliz Wi Beta, 11 Locketz, Alan M.— LaCrosse — Zoc — Alpha Epsilo Loken, James B. Park Ridge, III. Econ -Phi Kappa -Phi Eta Sigma -Phi Kappa Phi Art Cardinal Mil Ball, news chm Symposium, chm— WSA Pub Comm -Theta Delta Chi, see, Long, Keith M. -Weyauwega -Art Gymnastics, Long, Sharon -Buffalo, N. Y— Eng— Dolphi tide Tau Lotter, Russell J— Wauwatosa— EE—IRE- Pi Sigma— Delta Tau Delta Lousier, Lynn M. -Sheboygan — Soc Wk — Dormistory —LHA— Hoofers Lovedale, Roger L. — Peshtigo -M( — Tf Marinette— SAE -Wis Engineer -Delta Epsilon Lubitz, Joan— Brookfield— Pol Sci— Tf Lawrence— WSA, asst exec see, welf comm, asst leg sec, govt rel depl. eXCC SeC -NSW. ever NSW Guide Union Place Comm Badger Party, pr chm— Var- sity Partj -hist IV Comm Parents Wknd Host - Union Coffee Hr— Cb — Humo— Campus Chest Pub Comm— Homecoming Show Comm— Kappa Delta, act chm, corres sec. Homecoming chm, Pan-Hel rep Lue, Mary C. -Superior -Psych Tf Superior -Gam- ma Phi Beta Luenzman, David I. -South Milwaukee— CiE— ASCiE —314 Cb, v-pres— Dormsylvania Pub Comm— Dorm Coun — Mack Hse, pres, Homecoming chm, soe eluii. Hi- chm, Dormsvlvania co-chm Lullo, John A.— Chicago, 111.— MetE— AIChE -Am Foundry Sot — Frankenberger Hse, v-pres — Phi Gamma 1 lelta, hist ndquist, Robert C— Rockford, 111.— Merket— Alpha Delt: -Market Ch -Madii Luther. James E. — Manitowoc — Acet — Phi Eta Sig- ma SAM Beta Alpha Psi— Botkin Hse, treas Lux, Carol A.— Monroe— MdT— Alpha Delta Theta, sec -Wiseotii|iiette -WSA I lit 1 Plug, ehm Pan- hel Ball, tick chm — Sr Swingout. script comm Ga a Phi Beta, sec, pr chm Lynch, Joan J. -Madison— Math— Tf Cincinnati- Tan Kappa Alpha, pres — Debate Cb. pres Lyons, Thomas J.— Chicago. Ill— Fin NSW Guide —Summer Prom Comm— Red Cross, unit co-chm— WSA Dial IV. hse rep Mc Mgt— Tf McArthur, Robert W.— Skokie. Ill Lovola — Psi Upsilon, v-pres McBain, Joan M. -Appleton— EEd— Tf DaPauw— Pi Lambda Theta— Alpha Phi, pledge trainer McBeath, Sally A.— Shawano— Psvch Soc Wk— Gamma Phi Beta McCaffery, Howard G. — Sault Ste Marie, Mich. - CiE— ASCiE -Arnold Air Soc — Bapt Still Flshp - Boxing -W Cb — Wayland Co-op, pres McCall, Michael E.— Madison— Zoo — Frankenberger Hse. s hm— Sigma Alpha Ep silon, pled--,, s dim McCarthy, Harold E.— Richland Center— EcOD McCarville, Thomas J.— Madison— Econ— Tf Si Marys —Hoofers -Newman CI.— Fin Cb — Chorus — Kappa Cb McDevitt, Ronald E. Clinton, Iowa Market— Stud Ml. U.I, pres Swimming, capt. All-Am— Theta Delta Clu McDowell. Donald M. Evanston. Ill E -Tf Pill. lue Campus Chest Basketball -Helta Up- Sllo,, McEachron, Stephen B. Wausau Vccl Fin- Gymnastics -Campus Chest Delta l psllon, Bee, soe chm, rush ehm, c IM earn cl Ol off McGinnity, Patricia A. ig h- MdT Sigma Ep- silon Sigma— Pin Kappa Pin Mortar III. pies - Newman Cb, treas, v-pres Zoe Baylisa, pres, bd of dir— Alpha Delta Theta, pies McGrane, Alfred W. Mad. son Ml, A Co,,, McCaf- frej Use, treas -IM I ootball « Bowling -Pi Tau Sigma SAE -Chi Phi McGuire, James P. — Lincolnwood, 111 —Psych -Union Prom Comm— Union Gall I ' oiniu. sul, ehm -Sigma Alpha Epsilon McKinnev, Patrick H. Madison — Dairy Ind McKisson, Dottie F. -Toledo. Ohio— HEc Ed— Tf Skidmore — Kappa Alpha Theta McLean, Nancy J. -Lake Geneva— HEc— Tf Si Cath- erines-Span Cl.— Ellthellies -NSW Guide New man Cl. -Delia Delia Delia McLeod. John T.— Madison -Zoo— Wrestling M MacDonald, Kay J.— Berwyn, 111.— Phv Ed— WSA Elce Comm— WSA Welt Comm— Wmns Phy Ed Bd— WRA MacDonald, Robert B. -Sheboygan— Speech— NSW Guide— Humo— Alpha Delta Sigma— Sigma Alpha Mack, Barbara J.— Racine— Eng— Tf Lawrence MacQueen, Virginia R.— Oconto— Corr Adm— Sum- mer Prom Comm— Blood Dr— Newman Cb— Villa Maria, v-pres — Lowell, hsefellow Maercklein, Leslie A. — Sheboygan — Geog — Track — W Cb Mahoney, Richard P.— Bristol— EEd— Tf Kenosha Majerle, Mary J.— LaCrossi — Soc Wk— Tf Marquette Makinney, Edwina L. — Honolulu, Hawaii — Pol Sci — Dell Chi Malewiski, Larry J. -Ooatburg -Med -Alphl Sigma— Stud AMA— Badge. Christian Flahp Malkin. Leonard M. Chicago, III led -Hillel, Mailman. Thomas L.— Evanston, III.— ME— Model UN— VP Comm— IF Cong— BADGER— Evans Scholars, pres Malone, Thomas E.— .lanesville — Art — Union Gall Comm Lambda Chi Alpha, hse man. rit Manion, Lynn A.— Madison— Soc Wk— ISA Schol Comm, ehm -Newman Cb Mantik, David W.— Gleasun— Pli — Phi Eta Sigma — Phi Beta Kappa— Phi Kappa Phi— Union Music Comm— Badger Christian Flshp— Bapt. Stud Ctr— Amat Radio Soc— Concert Band — March Band — Fencing -Wavland Co-op, pres -Chi Alpha, [ires Marcks, Glen fc.—Oshkosh— Psych— Tf Syracuse Ant PR Margolis, Robert A.— Glencoe, 111. — Eng — Um Comm— Union Theat Comm— Zeta Beta Tau Marker, Dennis K.— .lane sville— CiE— ASCiE Markos, Jane M. -LaCrosse— Market— Tf LaCrosse —SAM— Phi Chi Theta Markus. Robert D.— Shaker Heights. Ohio— Econ — Pershing Rifles — Mil Ball— Omegan— Pi Lambda Marold, AUen D.— Sheboygan— Pers Mgt— Tf She- boygan— SAM— WSA Stud Pers Comm Mar.iuardt, David L.- -I Ilenwood City— CiE— Tf Luth- er — Union Music Comm— LSA Marquardt, Lee C. -Manitowoc— Math— Phi Eta Sigma— Soph Honors Marsh, B. Susan -LaGrange, 111.— Hist— Union PR Comm, sec— Pledge Pres Coun, sec— Kappa Delta, pledge pres, rush ehm Martin, James L. -Wauzeka — Agr 101— Newman Cb —Sad Sirl Cb—FFA— Livestock Judg Team- Delta Theta Sigma Martin. Judith A.— Cincinnati, Ohio— Hist— Tf W oost- er -Intl Cb Masters. Christopher F. -Milwaukee— ME— Tail Beta Pi -Ph Eta Sigma 1.11 V Cab— Rifle Team— Rundell Hse. pres Matagrano, Louis A.— Racim — Ins— Ins Soc— Theta Delta Chi Matangkasombut, Pornchai -Bangkok, Thailand — Zo , Tf Bangkok Mnhison, Donald C— Madison— Adv—Tf Platte- ville— Cardinal, adv— Alpha Delta Sigma, pres Matson, Frances A.— Barron— Eng— Phi Beta, v-pres, Matt ' acotti, Allred H. -II a it land— Hist— YGOP— Campus Partv — Richardson Hse, .1 schol chm Matteacci, Donald T. Kenosha— Pharm— Tf Ken- osha Dominican— APhA -WPhA Matuga, Richard J.— East Chicago. Ind— Econ— Homecoming Dance Comm Pub Comm— Dist 111 Comm— WSA Govt Rel Comm— Union Soc Comm -WLHA Maurer, Walter F. — Manitowoc — Stat — Ti Mani- towoc -German Cb— YGOP— Market Cb— Spooner Hse. sec -Theta Chi, treas Meacham, Hollis V., Jr. -Wilton— CiE— ASCiE Meiller, Meredith A.— Madison— Hist— LSA Meert, Karen A.— Green Bas — Eng— Union Lit Comm —Newman Cb— German Cb, prog chin— Model UN -Langdon. host —Eliz Waters, fir rep, pers ehm Meider, Calvin J.— llartland— Agr Econ— Agr Econ Soc, alum editor, pres — YDem — I ' SF— High Hse, v-pres — Delta Theta Sigma, editor, alum coord Meilahn, William M.— ( ' hot, -k— Speech -Arch Cb— Scabbard Blade, exec off— Pershing Rifles, exec off— Badger Sky Divers Meisel, Hilmer P. Shorewood— EE— Tf UWM— AIEE— I HE Mekelburg, Karen L.— Wauwatosa— SEd— AWS Pub Conim — Eliz Waters III, jud chin, Campus Cam pub chin Mellon, Alice Milwaukee— Art Hist— Tf Wells Menning, John D.— Milwaukee— ME— Tf UWM— SAE, treas— Outing Cb— Wis Speleol Soc Merle, Raymond K.— Almena— Pol Sci .V- Journ— Airmen— Calvarj Stud Alpha, soc chin, correa Merola, Ermete E.— Mai Merriam. John R.— Ke rung Murray Use. trea Meyer, Lynn C. — Apple ,-chi Meyer, Mitz — F ' Meye M Ma USA I ' :, rrh! s III therine N. Y.— 1 -Stud Sen— SLIC— BADGER, photo— Ital Cb, pres — Groves Co-op, treas, member chin Meyers, Richard A. — Madison — Hist — Alpha Tau Omega , soc chm Meyst, Charles G.— Elm Grove — ME— ASME— Gym- nastics, co-rapt— Delta Tau Delta Michaelis, Kenneth H.- Middleton— Psych— Eta Sig- ma Phi, v-pres— LSA Micheaux, Roger F.— Green Bav— Pharm— Tf Green Bay— YGOP— Union Film Comm— LHA Film Comm— Amat Radio Soc Mietzel, Dennis O— Markesan — Econ— Nautilus Soc Miletic, Ma ski, Mildred P. Delta Chi -Math— SEA— NSW Milkowski, Caryl A. — Kenosha — Math — Sigma Ep- silon Sigma — Eta Kappa Lambda — Natl Stud Assp Cong, asst coord — Snow Hse. v-pres — Buck Hse, vaukee— Eng— Tf UWM Spsilon Pi ,ort, III.— Journ— I AWS Milkowski, Howard E.— —Phi Eta Sigma— Alph Millard, Marilyn J.— Fn Natl Conv, treas— Wiscetiquette, co-editor — Con- cert Band — Orchestra — Harp Choir — Sigma Alpha Iota — Theta Sigma Phi, treas — Chi Omega, ed, Millard, ' William E.—Afton— Hist— Hares foot— A Ca- ppela Choir — Ski Cb — Hiking Cb— Wesley Found Choir— IM Ath— Baseball Brookfield. Ill— Phv Med— Pliv Comm— NSW Guide— Pan-hel Ball Comm Symposium Phy Arrang Comm — L ' nion Rei — Gamma Phi Beta, hse pres ,1. 111.— Speech Con — a— Union PR Comm— o— Alpha Epsilon Phi -Agr Ed Heights, Ohio— EEd— a Delta Tau, v-pres Anthro — Haresfoot — Or- ol A. Mille: Tf Illinois- Sign, a Al Pan-Hel Rush l mm Miller, Knudt J.— Forei Miller, Linda K.- Cle SNEA- Union Usher Miller, Lloyd J.— Mad chestra— Span-Port Cb, treas Miller, Sharon F.— -Fennimore— HEc— Ph Miller, Thomas L. -Milwaukee — Speech — Pi Lambda Phi Minar, Janet A.— Watertown— Eng— NSW Guide— Ldrshp Train Prog— Big Sis Prog— Union Hse ( ' ,,1,11,1 Alpha I ' hi Omega Mitchell, Elaine V.— Eacini — Hist— Pan-hel Rush Plan Comm, chm— Pan-hel Rush Conn— Marlatt Hse, soc chm— Alpha Chi Omega, soc chin Mitchell, Penelope A. — Appleton — Eng Mitchell, Robert W.— Endeavor— Fin — Theta Delta Chi Mitchell, William R.— Kenosha— Econ— Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mlejnek, Lloyd J.— Rice Lake— CiE— Tf UWM— Stud Engin Soc — Sigma Delta Omega, pres, sec, treas Moelis, Jay- Brooklyn, N. Y— Econ— Badger Partv - Model UN— Union Film Comm— Homecoming Comm— Alpha Epsilon Pi, v-pres, sec Moely, Barbara E — Prairie du Sac — Psych— Tf Car- roll- Sigma Epsilon Sigma Ellsworth Use. pres - Alpha Xi Delta Mohs, Thomas J.— Madison ME —ASME— Flying Mm -Chi Pi Kappa Li ol E.- es. Mo Zoo Kta -pres, pres. Campus l. am co-chin Moksnes, Stephen L. — Whitewater — Prod Mgr— Tf St Olaf Mnllenhoff, Gjore J.— Washington, D. C.— Hist— Wis Players- New Idea Monroe, Mary E.— Oak Park, 111.— ChD— Alpha Phi Monson. John C— Madison— ChE—Tf UWM— Phi Eta Sigma- ASChE, sec— YGOP— Sail Cb— Stud Engin Soc Moody, U ura R.— Arlington. Va— Phy Med— Phi as— Hums Pub Comm— Big Sis Prog— Band— Schoeleber Us,-, v-pres Pi Beta Moorhead, John K.— Wilmette. 111.— Vet Sci— Tf Illinois — Cardinal, photo — Badger Partv— Home- coming Comm— Campus Cam Tick Comm— Humo Plan Comm— Phi Delta Theta, soc chm Morelli, Frank G.— Highland Park. 111.— Econ— New- man Cb— Ital Cb Moriarty, Constance M. — Milwaukee — EEd — Delta Mo Alpha Theta. ed chm. Morris, Barbara L. — W Union Usher — Christil Ohi -Speech Corr— ws— AWS Fash oc chm — Kappa Sail Cb — Delta Zta, stand chm, music chm, assl Morrissey, Patrick D.— Madison — Pol Sci— Mitchell 1 III M ' ll Morse, Judith A. Stitzer— HEc— Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, pub chm— Omicron Nu, rec sec— Sigma Ep- silon Sigma Morse, Mary J.— Wausau ChD Su, i Prom Pub Comm — Cheerleader — Pi Beta Phi, sec, asst pledge Morter, Margaret E. — Lodi — Hist — Union Music Co, Illtl Cb Post, pubco-chlll -Pies Use, , lea Davis Hse. jud chm Morton, Janet R. — Madison— Phy Med— Phi Theta. sec— WSA Recog Comm— LSA, choir, soc ohm- Orchestra — Band — Kappa Delta, chap, asst rush chm Morton, Steve L. — Highland Park, 111.— Pers Mgt — Tf Colorado — Alpha Delta Sigma — Ilumo — Sigma Chi Mouchka, Marilyn J.— Chetek— HEc Ed — Phi Up- silon Omicron. pres— NSW Guide Ldrshp Tram Prog— Homecoming, exec see— HEc Stud Coun— Pan-hel Rush Coun Kappa Alpha Theta. treas Mowery, John J. Cuba, 111.— Phv Ed— Football- Phi Epsilon Kappa Delta Upsilon Moysey, Edith M. Riverside, 111.— ChD— Phi Up- silon Omicron— WSA Pers Com,,, WSA Arrang Comm. chm— AWS Fash Show Pers Comm— Ital Cb, treas — Kappa Kappa Gamma, effic chm, asst song chm Muckenhirn, Joan E. — Madison — EEd — Tf Colorado State— Union Use Comm— Newman Cb— Model UN— Jr Orchesis— Pan-hel Rush Co Kappa Delta, treas, act chm Mueller, Steve L.—LaCrosse— Psych— Ins Soc— Gil- IIs th du Mueller, Susan R. -Cedarburg— HEc Ed— Tf Brad- lej Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Phi Upsilon Omicron— Omicron Nu— Pi Lambda Theta— Euthenica Muenzberg, Michael W.— Milwaukei — Prod Mgt— SAM- Union Use Comm— WSA Elec Comm— SI,, Hse. Mulrine, Margaret M.— Madison — Phy Ed— Tf Mar- quette Muiach, Michael R.- Grafton— Eng— Tf Yale — Kap- pa Sigma Murphy, Larry R— Black River Falls— CiE— Per- shing Rifles— Rifle Team Murray, Martha M.— Shorewood— HEc— YGOP— WSA Intl Comm— NSW Pub Comm— NSW Guide — LAWS Conv Favors Comm — Homecoming Dance Tick Comm— Eliz Waters, pers chm— Alpha Phi Musser, Marc D. — Madison — Econ — Fin Cb — Psi Up- Mye Kohlei eta Ui Zoe I!, Med— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Phi Theta I inon I sher Newman Cb — St Pauls Myers, Sus Myrant, Rita M. -Bethesda, Md. — OcT — Eta Sigma Phi Model UN— Union Lit Comm— Union News Bui, -ail Oil, era boss Use. res aide Myrick, Lewis E.— Commerce, Texas— Math— Tf Texas— Phi Eta Sigma -Sigma Tau 1 elta— Concert Band— March Band— YMCA Coun— Westminster Flslip— Psi Upsilon Nachtwey, Carol M.— Black Creek— EEd— Unii Nakamura, Elaine N. — Wailuku. Hawaii — Journ PR — Eta Kappa Lambda, pres — Theta Sigma Phi — Coranto, rec sec — Dormistorv, editor — Snow Hse, res aide Nank, Lois R.— Racine— Econ— Wmns Phv Ed Cb, reii — Chadbourne, ath chm Napers, Sharon A. Indianapolis, Ind. — HEc — Tf Ohio— Sigma Delta Tau Natwick, Nancy M. Wis Rapids -Hist— Sigma Ep- silon Sigma— Crucible— Phi Kappa Phi— Mortar Bd— Phi Beta Kappa -Outstanding Jr Winn— Soph High II is II. S Coun NSW. pub chm— NSW Guide I ash show, pul, chm WS Honors Banq, chm IAW s Reg Natl ,,n st Comm— Wiscetiquette, editor AWS. pres Stud Sen— SLIC— Campbell Hse, soc chm— Pi Beta Phi, corres Natzke, Roger P. — Greenleaf — Dairv Husb— Tf Val- paraiso — Alpha Zeta— Saddle Sir! Cb, pres— Alpha Gamma Rho, usher, steward Naze, David L. Brussels— Pharm Tf Green Bav - APhA Nedderman, Thomas F.— Madison— Econ— IF Cong — IF Rel Comm— Humo— Chi Psi, pres, treas Neef, Judd L. — Pardeeville — Agron — Alpha Gamma Rho Neess, Patricia H.— Wausau— ChD— Sr Swingout Usher Comm— Summer Prom Comm— Pi Bet;. Phi Nehrbass, Roger G. -West Bend— ME— Wis Engi- neer editor-in-chief— ANS, pub chm Neimann, Paul G.— Superior— Eng— ILS Coun— Bas- ketball, mgr — Botkin Hse. schol chm. v-pres, sec — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chap Neinas, Robert A. -Marshtiehi— Fin— Surf Cb Nelson, David G. — Madison — ChE — Phi Eta Sigma— Alpha Cln Sigma— L S Nelson, Judith L.— Palos Park. 111.— Nat Sci -Tf Lawrence WSA II, , um, ( ' ,, ,,,,,, I ,,,,,,, I ' sh,-i — Robbins Hse, pres Netwal, Clarence R. — LaCrosse — EE— Tf LaCrosse— Tau Beta Pi— IRE— Amat Radio Soc Neumeyer, Jerome J. — Mayville — Eng — LHA Soc Comm— St Pauls Choir— Gregory Hae, sec, pres Newlin, Nancy J. -Chicago. III. -SEd -Sigma Ep- silon Sigma — Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa — Crucible, sec-Mortar H,|, treas -WSA Fall Retreat Comm— WSA Ldrshp Sem, chm -s, Swii n march chm— IF-Pan h, I Big Ten Conf, exec sei — Pan-hel Rush Plan Comm— Wis Pre-Views Upha Phi, pledge [ires, treat, pres Newman, George G. — Mason Citv. Iowa Intl Rel - Tf Mason City— Wis Review, editor— Pre- Law Cb, treas— Forensic Union— Chi Phi, Humo dil Nibler, James G.— Tomahawk— Zoo Phth, Nickoll, Kenneth G.— Mil waukee— Hist— Tf Grinnell —YGOP Niederman, Susan W— Oak Park, III.— HEc — Tf William Woods — Homecoming Queen — Ann Emery, Niedfeldt. Joan M. — Watertown — HEc Ed— HEc Stud Coun— Blue Shield 4-H, sec— Euthenics— Phi Up- sdon Omicron— Andersen Hse. pres, sec Niedzialkowski, George R.— West Allis— Tf UWM— IRE Nielsen, Rolf — Vegamot, Norway — ME — Tf Norway — Track — Cross Country Niemi, Carmen L. — Milwaukee — EEd — Tf Lawrence —Pi Beta Phi Niess, Nancy J.— Racine — Eng — Tf Racine— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Soph Honors— NSA Comm — Kiek- hofer Hse. pres Nisius, Nancv M.— Duliith, Minn. — Dance— Tf Min- nesota— WRA— Phv Ed Cb— Sr Orchesis Norton, Joan L.— Montgomery, Ala.— Math— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Soph Honors -Ski Cb— Riding Cb —Union Usher— URC—Sr Swingout— CCF, treas— Ellsworth Hse, Union rep, sec, treas, pres Norton, Richard H. — Milwaukee — Journ Adv — Ldrshp Train Prog — Cardinal, bus mgr — Theta Delta Chi, soc chm Novachek. Francis I.— Hillsboro— EE— Phi Eta Sig- ma—Eta Kappa Nu— Triangle Novak, David W.— Park Ridge, 111.— Psych— WSA Pers Cont Comm — -Scabbard it Blade — Humo, prod chm — Crew — Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nuernberg, Ralph K.— Madison— Market— Market Cb— SAM Nuernberg, Robert A.— Wausau— Econ — Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nuesse, Louise V. — Madison — Eng — Union Soc Comm —Union Theat Comm— Hoofers Nygaard, Richard A. — Madison —Art Nygren, John E.— Milwaukee— Fin— Union Hall Comm — Theta Chi. pres, asst treas, hist o Oelhafen, Norrita V.— West Bend— Hist— Dormi- storv— LHA Ed Schol Comm— LHA A ct Comm. chm— LHA Commons Comm, sec— LHA Advis Bb — Slichter. formal chm, open hse decor chm Ohlinger, David R.— Clint onville— Acct— Pershing Rifles, squad ldr— Schreiner Hse. sec, v-pres. bd of dir, ath chm O ' Keefe, Patricia L.—Baraboo— Speech— Union Stage Comm — Big Sis Piog — Sr Swingout — Donnsylvania Pub Comm — Humo, interacts chm — Pan-hel Ball Decor Comm — Alpha Chi Omega, pledge sec. pledge soc chm. hae ores Olen, Marcia M. -Clintonville — HEc— Mortar Bd— Omicron Nu ires se, — Phi Kappa Phi — Sigma Epsilon Sigma, pies— Pan-hel Coun, sec, jud comm — IAWS, advance cont chin — Ldrshp Train Prog — Pan-hel Ball Comm— Pan-hel Rush Coun— Eliz Waters, music chm — -Kappa Alpha Theta, pres. Olin, Gary N. -Brodhoad— Market— Phi Eta Sigma — SAM, treas. pres — Alpha Delta Phi, treas, pres Olson, Frede rick T.— Wittenberg— Eng— Cardinal — Union Music Coram — Campus Chest Exec Comm — Humo — Conover Hse, v-pres, sec — Alpha Delta Phi Olson, Gerald D.— Albany— ME— Flying Cb. maint Olson, Karen A.— Fond du Lac— Phy Med— Pres Hse ( hun —Phi Theta— Sr Swingout— Tabard Inn, v- pres. res aide Olson, Susan K— Madison— Music Ed— Sigma Alpha Iota— Wmns Chorus— Orchestra— A Cappella Choir —LSA Choir Olver, Dwight A.— Black River Falls— Acct— Tf La- Crosse Oosterholls, George D.— Madison— Soc— Tf Coe— Tau Kappa Epsilon Orner, Jacqueline B. — Highland Park, 111.— Eng— Sigma Delta Tau. pres Orr, Sally A.— Western Springs. IU.—MdT— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Soph Honors- -Alpha Delta Theta. sec Ostrenga, James A.— Little Suamico— Pharm— Rho Chi — WSA Pub Comm -Wesley Found— Delta Upsilon Oswald, Elizabeth A.— Watertown -Music— Tf Mac- Murray— Calvary Stud Ctr— Wis Plavers— Sigma Alpha Iota Otterson, Ellyn M.— Madison -Music El— Sigma Al- pha Iota, soc chm — Wis Players — Haresfoot. re- Overson, Karen L. — Wauwatosa — EEd — Tf Carroll — SNEA Owzarski, Peter C— Rothschild— ChE— Phi Eta Sig- ma — Tau Beta Pi, corres sec— Phi Kappa Phi — Phi Lambda Upsilon— AIChE, pres. 479 Pacetti, Esther E. Kenosha II Badg, litor, i Im editoi Alpha Gamma Delta Paddock. |u na i --(VI (libera I] I I ol v. Play. 1 1 :■ ifl I Pn Hsi ' mi i ' elta, rush chra Paepke, Virginia I- Burlington Hisp Span I b Paetow, Edith A. Milwaukee— Phy Med— Phi rheta —Alpha i I i, Page, Gail M. Madison Soc Wk I ' l Uverno Pagenkopf, Ma:i,,n K. Wauwatosa 111 Pi Lamb .la Theta Sigma Epsilon Sigma I ' ln Kappa Phi— Stud Sen Union Place Coram [LS Coun— Sr oun -Scheders Zoe Baj liss, treaa Pansch. James L. Racine Pharm Rho Chi WPhS -APhA Parker, John G.- Milwauk,, [ ' harm I ' f l ' ur.lne A I M — PhS— Kappa I ' m. pres Parker, Morlynn M.- -Madison Soc Parlee, Mary ' A. Rockford, 111. Nat Sci rf Drake I 11 on PR Coram I I- ( long I lelta ( lamma Parson, Audiev E. Brooklyn, V V Ih-i WSA Pera Conl Comm WSA Human Rel Comm - Ldrshp Train Prog NSW Guide NSA 1 oreign I Ira ip Prog I nion I ' ll Coi Hillel— URC— YDem — Homecoming Comm— Campus Cam Comm — Chadbourne. stoic chm. spkr coram Passehl, Lovd E. Stratford— Pharm— APhA— WPhS Paudler, F ' ranklin T. — LaCrosse— Med Sci — Soph Honors— Wesley Choir— Gymnastics Paul, Gerald E. — LaCrosse— CiE— Tf LaCrosse— LSCiE— Newman Cb Paul, Lee H.— Beaver Dam— Market— Theta Delta Chi Paul, LeRoy W.— Milwaukee— EE— Pi Tau Pi Sigma Paulsen, Richard N. — Racine — Market — Tf Iowa State —Alpha Delta Sigma— Market Cb— Basketball— Epsilon Pearson. Helen M.— V Man — Union Crafts ( — Kappa Delta Pearson, Laurence H. — Intl Rel Comm- Pederson, James D.- Pellegrino, Jan Engin— Kapj chm -Merion Station. Pa. — German mm— Alpha Epsilon Pi. Humo dir ! D. — Beaver Dam — Matll :s A.— Racine — EE— Tf Milwaukee Eta Kappa, treas — Eta Kappa Nu, treaa — Cardinal, photo — Wis Engineer, bus rngr Penner, Lynn — .Milwaukee — Art — Tf Bennington — Homecoming Button Comm, chm — Symposium Pub Comm— WSA Govt Rel Comm— Badger Part. — Liberal Partv — Kappa Kappa Gamma Perlman, Abby ' L.— Alhanv, N. Y.— Hist— Wis Players Perronne, Gerald E. -Sheboygan -ME— Tf Case Inst —ASME— Wis Engineer, artiel litor Pesce, LeRoy P.— Highwood, 111.— Pers Mgt— Delta EpsUon, treas — LHA, soc sec, asst bus mgr, bus mgr. adm dir. store bd— LHA Fin Comm— LHA Bd of Dir— SAM— Ochsner Hse, v-pres Peskie, Donald E— Stevens Point— Russian— Tf Stev- ens Point Petersen, Thomas L— Green Bav— Pol Sci— LHA Radio Cb Peterson, Ann A.— Washington, Iowa— SEd— WSA Homecoming Comm— NSW Prog, acad chm— Union News Bureau — Union Soc Coram — Ross Hse, jud chm Peterson, Ann M. — -Readstown — Music — Ketterer Hse, sec. treas Peterson, David W.— Madison — EE — Phi Eta Sigma -Phi Kappa Phi— Tau Beta Pi— Scabbard Blade -Grebe aid L. -Blair— Pharm— Tf LaCrosse— Peter: Kappa Psi Peterson, Gerald R. -Milwaukee — ChE— Triangle Peterson, Marjorie C— Eau Claire— Phy Med— Tf Eau Claire -Gal a Sigma Sigma — Newman Cb — Willis.m Hse. jud chm Peterson, Patricia M. — Shawano — Span — Newman Cb — Span cc Port Cb, v-pres, pres Peterson, Peter J.— Phillips— ME — Tf Wausau — Delta Epsilon LHA I lab— LHA Film Comm. chm —LHA Workshop, chm— ASME — Richardson Hse, Peterson, Raymond A. — Drummond — EE — Tf Su- -Phar -APhA- Petiniot, Frank C. — Green Pies Hse — Richardson Use, treas Petrie, Ronald S.- fichofield— Hist Pfefferle, Robert R.— Madison— CiE— Theta Tau. pres, treas Pfeiffer, William S.— Racine— Bact Pfister, Robert R.— Appleton — Nat Sci Phillips, Arthur— New York, N. Y.— Hist— Phi Eta Sigma— Wis Players— Folk Music Concerts— Moon Cb— WMHA Phillips, Stanley M.— Milwaukee— Med Sci -Phi Eta Sign. a -Phi Kappa 1 ' ln -Med Class, pres— IF PR Comm, chm— WSA Pers Cont Comm. chm— WSA Pub Comm, chm— Ldrshp Train Prog— Union Forum Comm— Med Stud Aff Comm— Zeta Beta Tau Pick, Robert O.— Prairie du Sac— ( ' hem— Phi Eta sign Pidcoe, William W., Jr. -Mali -Geol -Football- David L.— Racine— ChE— AIChE— IF Co Piltz, Richard R.— Ne -Acct — Beta Alpl Psi, Pink, Patricia M— Union Grove— HEc—Tf Racine Pippert, Alan G.— Cleveland— Phy Plagenz, Gene R.— Ualton— Phy Ed— Has, hall -Phi Epsilon Kappa, sec — Delta Upsilon Platten, Peter M.— Green Bav— Acct Fin— News- greek, sport editor— WSA PR Comm— WSA Pers 480 Brunswick, N. J. — Math — -AWS Rep— Union Usher— i inn o -AUSA Mil Ball, chm— Humo— 1 1 ,i , Beta rheta Pi Platz. Cornelia R.— Madison— OcT -Soph Honors I nion i I ill •( ' i. sit i hli. a... pn- I Ic r Mae, editoi Pi Bete Phi, schol ohm, Pledger, Douglas B.— Wausau— PI, s Phi El , Sigme Plisch, Donovan C— Wausau— EE— Flyine Cb iuat Radio Soc Plotz, Steven C— Rumson, N. .1.— Pol Sci— YGOP, i cl dir -Pistol Team Upha Tau Omega Poehling, Catherine A. — LaCmss, — Hosp Diet— Tf SI VI ,,, s Phi I psilon Ol ron, rush chm -Eu e mi, in i I,. ■. pr.-s III:, ' Hosp Day, i, ,ni chm, food nut,, exhibit chm — Slichter, soc Barnard sec Pokorney, Joseph L. -Mcquun — EE — Arnold u , , ' . Delta T ,u Delta Polachek, Betty — Milwaukee— Speech Cm 1(1.,.. I I ,, Comm Oniv Chorus -Pan-hel Coun, so.v el..,, Pi I Rush I ' ,,,11, Sigma Alpha Eta— Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pan-hel rep Polachek, Darlene M. — Milwaukee— Rel irl -Phi Upsilon Omicron— Dolphins -Homecoming Displaj ( ' , aiiiii —Cool Hse, v-pres, sec — Lincoln Lodge, -pies, sec Pollack, Eunice G.— Sigma Epsilon Sig Wilhson Use. sec, treas Pomainville, Jennifer M. — Wis Rapids — Speech — Phi Beta — Union Theat Coram — Jr Orchesis — Chad- bourne, jud chm iv conn — Kappa Kappa Gamma, asst pledge trainer, philan chm Pool, James E. — Madison— CiE— Wesley Found, recreat dir Powers, Allen E.— Grafton— EE—AIEE Pozorski, Marlene J. — Manitowoc — AEd — Union Gall Pralguske, Beverly J.— Fort Dodge, Iowa — Pharm— Tf Iowa Stat, — WPhA — Kappa Epsilon, pres Prast. Elroy A. — Wausau— Ins— Tf Wausau Prielipp, Ronald W. — Rothschild — Math — Phi Eta Prinfz, Richard H.— Kansas City, Mo. — Eng — French Cb— Wis Pre-Views— NSW Guide — Union Place Comm — Ldrshp Train Prog, chin — Union Theat Coram— Union Folk Arts Coram— Hillel, exec bd ,r,l. hse comm chm — Stud Coun Civ Rights — Muse Dist Assn, chm — Humo Prisk, Edgar C. — Janesville — Market — Market Cb — Nixon-Lodge Cb — McCaffrey Hse. v-pres. Campus Cam — Delta Sigma Pi, pledge pres, soc chin, hse mgr. Homecoming chra, fin coram, by-law chm Pronin, Reva I.— Cincinnati, Ohio— Soc— Union Usher -lllllel. pill, chill, eotfee hr chm Ptak, Thomas J.— South Milwaukee— CiE— Tf UWM — ASCiE — Sigma Delta Omega Pulera, Ronald F.— Kenosha— Adv— Alpha Delta Sig- Pulver, Linda A. — Wausau — Soc — Chi Omega Purcell, Alan V.— Oregon— EE— Tf St Josephs— Eta Kappa Nu — Delta Epsilon Sigma— Newman Cb— [RE Putney, Gordon A.— Milwaukee — ME— Tf UWM— Rifle Team Puuri, Russell J.— Madison— Math— Tf Suomi— Ins Soc — Gamma Delta R Radandt, Richard D — Manitowoc — Soc — Ti Mani- towoi — Pre-Law Cb— Forensics — Debate Rafeld, Fred O.— Green Bay— Pharm Ragatz, John B. — Madison— Econ — Tf Denison— Stud Sen— Hoofers— Golf— Beta Theta Pi Raimer, Judith A.— Portage— Music Ed— Newman Cb — A Cappella Choir — Wrans Chorus — Concert Band— Orchestra— Wis Plavers— Eliz Waters IV, music chm -Alpha Chi Omega, song chm Ramsden, Alan G. — Highland— Agr — Crops Soils Cb— Campus View- -Hoofers Ramsey, Sandra K.— Fort Atkinson— French— ILS Coun — French Cb — Eliz Waters, fac tea coram, open hse comm — Anderson Hse, open hse comm — French Hse Ramsey, Tom R.— Rockford, III— ME— Union Crafts Cum,,,— ASME— .Alpha Delta Phi, steward Rasmussen, Richard A. — Racine— Pharm — Tf Racine — IM Ath— Theta Delta Chi, soc chm. pledge sec Rau, Delores V.— Sheboygan Falls— HEc Ed— Phi Upsi lon Omicron, v-pres— Dormsvlvania— LHA For- mal Comm— Blue Shield 4-H— Euthenics. v-pres— Slichter, fir chm Rawlings, David C.— Eau Claire— CiE— ASCiE Redmond, Karen A.— Green Bay— Eng— Tf St Nor- bert— Kappa Delta Reed, Robert A.— Madison— EE— IRE Rehberg, Michael L.— Elgin. III.— Chem— Tf Elgin Reichwein, John E. — Dubuque, Iowa — Math — Nau- tilus So, — Newman Cb— IM Ath Reierson, David W. — Neenali — Econ — Ldrshp Train Prog— AUSA— Tennis— Faville Hse, ed schol chm— Theta Delta Chi Reigle, Judith C. — Madison — Nat Sci— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Delta Zeta, ree see Reincke, Ruth A.— Wmnetka. 111.— Phy Med— WSA Jud Comm— WSA Ldrshp Conf Comm— NSW Guide Campus Cam —Phi Theta— Langdon. res aide Reinhard, Ronald N.— Sussex— Pharm— Tf UWM — APhA — Kappa Psi Reinitz, Maiita R. - Ubam Chli I libera— YGOP ■Bapl Mud ( Jtr, pub chm, banq chra — Bapt Woinna Dorm. .,■,•. treas Delta Zeta, Pan-hel rep Reinke, Frederick H. — Beaver Dam — City Plan— City Plan Cb, sec Reinke, Unison M.— Madison -French -Badger Block gen e anls , chm -( ' Is Cong— Union lis,. Comm I nion Open II-,- Comm, ohm -NSW ( . lide Pan hoi Ball Pub I lomm -AWS I lonv I and Comm. el, in -Alpha Xi Delta, ael el, in. treas Reisinger, Paul P.— Green Bay -SEd -Phi Eta Sig- ma Soph Honors -Scheders -YDem Reisner, Jacqueline B. — Dayton, Ohio— Pol Sci— Tf Ripon Renk, Richard R.— Sun Prairie— An Husb— Saddle a -l,|, -Meat Judg Team -Livestock Judg Team Rettler, Roger L.— Appleton -EE— Tf Mich Mining Tee!,— I lamina Delta— Amat Radio Soc Reuss, Thomas P. — Neenah — Com Market— Mar- ket Cb— Alpha Delta Sigma— Alpha Delta Phi Reuter, Linda L.— Madison— EE.l -Tf Wittenberg— Pan-hel Coun. jud chm— Big Sis Prog— Chi Omega Rhinesmith, Clark E.—Nashotah— Pharm— Lambda Chi Alpha Rhodes, Roger A.— Marshfield— Psvch— Union PR Comm— IF Coun— Conover Hse, soc chm— Theta Delta Chi Rhyner, Charles R. — Schofield — Phv— Tf Marathon- Newman Cb Rice, David A.— St. Paul, Minn.— Fin— WSA Spec Proj Dir — Mock Sen — Symposium, gen chm— Nixon- Lodge Cb, co-chin— Theta Delta Chi Richards, Judy G.— Lodi— HEc— HEc Stud Coun— Blue Shield 4-H, pres — Euthenics — Phi UpsUon Omicron, Candle editor Richards, Linda K.— Janesville — Soc Wk — Tf Drake — Wsa Pub Coram— Pan-hel, pr chm— Big 10 IF- Pan-hel Conv, arrang chra — -Pan-hel Rush Coun Y ' GOP— Alpha Xi Delta, soc chm. pledge trainer, Pan-hel rep Richards, Rosanda R.— Monticello— Hist Soc — Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Phi Beta Kappa — Sigma Delta Pi— LHA Lib Comm— LHA Ed Schol Comm — Span Cb — Cole, hsefellow — Slichter, Hr chm, res aide Richter, David J.— Fond du Lac— ME— ASME— Theta Tau. v-reg. treas Ricker, Maryanne N. — Appleton— Com— Riding Cb— Market Cb -Bier, nan Use. Hr chm Ridley, Marv A.— Auburn, N. Y.— Phy Med— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Phi Theta, Whirlpool editor— Kappa Alphu. Theta, v-pres Riedeman, Marlene J. — Waupun — Hist — Pres Hse Choir Coun —Scott Use, v-pres Riese, David C. — Monroe — MdT — Haresfoot, v-pres Rilling, Richard L — Hartford— EE— Phi Eta Sigma— Eta Kappa Nu — Soph Honors — Mack Hse, treas, v-pres, pres Rilling, William D.— West Allis— Econ— Tf Beloit— Fin Cb — Ins Soc — Tau Kappa Epsilon, pledge trainer, hse mgr — Kappa Sigma Rinehart, Nathan H. — Browntow n — An Husb — Saddle Sirl Cb— Little Intl, beef chm— Rifle Team— Alpha Rh, Risberg, Mari L.— Amery— Psvch— Tf St Olaf— BADGER— Y ' Dcm— Union Usher Ritzenberg, Shoshana— Arlington. Va.— Math— Union Usher— Hoofers— Marlatt Use. WRA mgr Roberts, Elaine R. — Madison — EEd — Pi Lambda Theta — Sigma Delta Pi — Span Cb— Scheders— .Alpha Gamma Delta Roberts, Steven A. — Brooklvn, N. Y. — Psvch — Union Elec Comm Robillard, Craig F.— Kewaunee — CiE— ASCiE Robinson, Judy A. — Mequon — EEd — ( lamina Phi Beta Robinson, Ruth A.— EvansviUe — SEd— Tf St Olaf— Robinson, Stephen M.— Madison— Math — Phi Eta Sigma — Folk Arts Soc, pres — Madison Astron Soc, dir — Fencing— Pistol Team — LHA Cab, rep Rockman, Elliott D.— New York, N. Y. — Acct — Hillel, soc coram — Phi Sigma Delta, hse mgr. ath chm Rockwood, John C.— Wis Rapids— Mi: -ASME Roecker, Janice K.— West Bend— Sue Wk— IAWS Disp Comm— Big Sis Comm— Eliz Waters V Serv Coram Roeder, Neil M. -Racine — ChE— Photo Cb— Alpha Chi Sigma— AIChE Roembke, Nancy L.— Mequon— HEc— Tf Stout UWM— Euthenics— Blue Shield 4-H— HEc Stud Coun— Goldberg Use. treas, Hr chin— Gamma Delta —Phi UpsUon Omicron Rogers, Elizabeth A.— West field, N. J.— Eng— Tf Centenary Rohn, Gordon F.— Fond du Lac— Pol Sci— Tf US Mil Acad— YGOP— AUSA, capt— Beta Theta Pi Roland, Cvnthia J.— Wilmington. Del.— Intl Rel— YGOP— Ldrshp Train Prog— WSA Travel Comm— WSA Intl Rel Coram — Delta Zeta, asst treas, act chm, treas Roley, Michael S. — Oshkosh — Met — Gymnastics Root, Suzanne— Jamestown. N. Y.— EEd— Tf Ohio Wesleyan— Aws Jud Bd— Union Film Comm Rosenberg, Robert H. — Shorewood — Med Sci — Tf UWM— Phi Sigma Delta Rosenbrook, Donald E. — Bloomer — Land Arch — Tf Eau Claire— Stud Assn Land Arch, sec— Calvary Choir— Calvary Cpl Cb. pres Rosenwasser, Stanley M. — West Orange, N. J. — " Econ -Hillel— Alpha Epsilon Pi, soc chm Ross, Jeannie A. -Mayw 1. 111. -Art— Tf Lawrence Ch, -Uni, I sin -St Pauls Hs Roth, Howard A. -Gays Mills i.grE -News Greek— Agr Stud Coun— LSA — Y ' GOP— Alpha Gamma Rho, pledge pres coun Rothmeier, Jeffrey J.— Milwaukee— EE—Tf UWM— AIEE IRE Kappa Eta Kappa Rothwell. Ralph S., Jr.— Middleton -Dairy Ind— Dairy Sci CI • Roupas, Diana L. Glenview, HI Eng Rowan. Jane H. — South Milwaukee m [nsl I b LHA Pers rn II I th Comm— Elsom Btse, soe ohm -Gamma Phi Beta Roycraft. Peter F.— Omro— Agr— Tf Oshkosh— Blue Shield 4-H— Delta Theta Sigma Rozelle, Richard M.— LaCrosse — Psveh— 1 1 I ' Ruben, Gerald J. — Kenosha — Journ— Tl Maryland 4 S D. Mines Tech i MHA Pers Comm— Sigma Delta Chi Rudie, Iver J. — New London— Phann YGOP AU! -A PI i A Rue, Michael J.— Richland no 1 ill J I: I- ILS Stud Coun — I ' nion Craft Comm -Newman Cb— Alpha Chi Rho, treas, see Rummler, William R. — Lake Mills— Econ — Hume, ticket dim. iren clim — Track— McCaffrtn Hse, ath chin— Chi Psi Rumney, Sandra L. Sheboygan -Speech Corr — Sig- I a Eta W- Exec Coun— Cool Hse. res aide, soe chm— Alpha Xi Delta Rusch, Arlene M. Oshkosh HEc -Tf Stout— Pres Hse— Euthenics— Blue Shield Rusch. Donald H. -Appleton — Soils— Alpha Zeta Ruscher, Edward H.— Appleton— ChE— Soph Honors Ui Ruskauff, Elizabeth A. -Madison EEd SNEA Ruston, Diane— Racine— EEd— Wesley Found— SNEA -Khz Waters Stud Serv Assn. - Ruttenberg. Harold S. -Skokie, III -Acct— Phi Eta Sigma Beta Alpha Psi NSW Guide— Huiuo— Alpha Epsilon Pi, v-pres Rydberg, Reynold R. Shell Lake — Psych— Union Rep Rydecki, Richard E. - Bristol CiE li Loras A Racine -ASCiE Newman Ch— Judo Cb Saccomando, Carl J. — Chicago. 111. — Econ — IF Jud Comm— NSW Guide— IF Orientation Comm— SAM— YDem— Fin Soe— IM Ath— Lambda Chi Alpha. pledge pres, pres Sachs, Jeffrey H.— Rockford. III.— Com— Golf— Zeta Be Tai Saddy, Barbara A. — Madison — Corr Adm Sadoff, Ronald R.— Milwaukee— Acct— NSW Guide- Hillel— Alpha Epsilon Pi Sadowski, Edward J. Kenosha — EE — Kappa Et Kappa, rec sec. soe chm. exec bd Sadowski, Roger J. -Rothschild— ChE— AIChE- Eta Sallas, Judie A.— Lake Mills— AEd— Badger Blk De- sign Comm — Homecoming Pub Comm — Humo — Eliz Waters Art Comm— BADGER— Delta Delta Delta, art chm. soe chm Salmon, Thomas P.— Green Bav — Econ Salzwedel, Robert H. — Medford -Acct -Fin Soe — Baseball— Delta I ' psilon. rec sec Sampe, Peter J.— Milwaukee-— ME— Tf UWM— ASME— SAME— IM Ath— Conover Hse. fir chm. ath chr Samsel, Loraine C. — Racine — French — Tf Racine Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Eliz Waters II. y-pres Samson, Allen L. —Milwaukee — Philo — Symposium Spkr Comm— Campus Carn Booth Comm— NSW Guide — Alpha Epsilon Pi, pledge trainer Samuelson. Bonita E. — Chicago. 111. — French — IF Coun. sec — Wis Review, sec-treas — F nion Soe Comm -Sail Cb— Ski Cb— Alpha Gamma Delta Sandvold, Edward O. — Fort Atkinson — Pers Mgt — SAM— WSA Pers Com Comm— Stud Sen— Scab- hard i- Blade— Bethel Luther League, advis— Mens i llee Cb, bus mgr- Basketball — Beta Theta Pi Sansone. Anthony F.— Milwaukee — Pharm— WPhA Sapetta, Lee P.— Eau Claire— ME— Tf Eau Claire - Tau Beta Pi— ASME Sargent, Beverly A. -Madison— Am Inst— Union Film chm — I ' nion Usher — Union Directorate — Ne iCb Saunders. Arm M.— Park Falls— Bus Ed— Tf White- water — Sigma Sigma Sigma Sawers, Timothy R. — Winnetka. 111. — Hist — Beta Theta Pi Schaaf. Kenneth T.— Madison— EE — Eta Kappa Nu. treas. v-pres— Sail Cb— AIEE— Boxing— Alpha Del- ta Phi Schade. Donald E.— Chicago. 111.— Math— W Cb, sec, v-pres — F ' ootball. co-capt Schadt. Fredric S.— Monroe— Market— SAM— Alpha Delta Sigma— Delta Tau Delta Schaefer, Dietrich H.— Watertown— EE— IRE Schaefer, Kathleen L. — Milwaukee — Journ — Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Phi Kappa Phi — Phi Beta Kappa— Calvary Coun— Calvary Choir— Res Aide— Ander- sen Hse. pres Schaefer, Richard R.— West Bend — CiE Schaefer, Thomas C. — Milwaukee — Acct — Alpha Kap- pa Psi— Homecoming Show, chm— Union Music Comm— SAM- Delta Tau Delta, treas. pledge sec Schaeffer, Marsha M. — Madison — Meteor Schaffer, Rochelle J. — Larchmont. N. Y. — Speech — Wis Plavers— Alpha Epsilon Phi. v-pres Schaffer, Susan M.— Hinsdale. 111.— Phv Ed— Eta Kappa Lambda— WRA. treas— Wmns Phv Ed Cb. treas. pres— AAHPER. pres— Eliz Waters V, IM Schantz, James G.— Green Bav — EE — AIEE Schappe. Robert H. — Tomah— ' Psych — Tf St Thomas Newman Cb — Phi Kappa Theta. soe chin, v-pres Schaub. Paul H.— Campbells Port— EE— Badger Christian Flshp— Schreiner Hse. sec Schaus, Marilyn R.— Glen Ellvn. BI.— Phv Med— Tf Illinois— Alpha Lambda Delta— Phi Theta— WSA Welf Proj Comm— WSA Intl Comm— Ski Cb — Sail Cb— USAF— Dolphins, v-pres Schefrin, Frances L. — Passaic. N. J. — Eng-- Wis Players Schem, Toby A. Chicago, III. Eng HUlel -Chad- bourne, lib chm, jud chm Schell, Andrew E. Delafield I bd of dir — Psi News, editoi -Delta Sigma Pi, pres Schend, Richard C. Kenosha CiE— Tf Kenosha — 1 - ' I B n II-,-. ath chm Schick. James B. West Lafayette I u 1 II -■ -Union M tsii Comm -Union Crate I Upha Chi Rho. v-pres, rush chm, sec, chap, soe chm, i-orres sec Schiferl, Janet L.— Dorchester III. : E 1 li Stout— I. lai 1 II- ' -. pres Schilling, Gerald W.— Wausau Hist Scabbard A Blade — Nautilus Soe — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chron, sec. rush chm Schindler. Michael A. -Milwauke) — ChE— Tf UWM Schlaver, James L. Sparta -ME IF Rel Comm, co- chin II Invest Comm— Mock GOP Conv— Theta Delta Chi, pledge trainer, rus: Schlinkert, Lauren L. — Madison — Market —Market Cb— Alpha Delta Sigma Schlising, Donald L. Tomahawk— Zoo — Siebecker Ms tl, .-In Schlough, Stephen D. -Madison CiE— ASCiE. v-pres Schmid, Lester J. Racin. — Agr Ed — Tf Racine — Alpha Zeta— FFA— Crops Soils Ch OS] Schmidt. Earl W. -Birnamwood — Pol Sci Schmidt. Joanne R - - i ■ V Y. — Intl Rel — Hillel. coffee hr e.i-chni— Villa Maria, jud Delta I - Schmidt, Ronald A.— Madison— Real Est -Sigma Chi Schmidt. Thomas H. -Neenah Journ — Tf Marquette -Eng— Tf lows Delta Chi Schmidt, Thomas Cardinal -LHA ( a Schmidt, Wan-e n A. -Milwaukee -ME -Tf UWM— ASME— Sail Cb— SAME, sec— Football Schmidt. Willa E. -Chicago. 111.— Intl Rel— Tf Beloit — Univ Chorus— Wmns Chorua— German CI — Model UN Schmitz, Richard L. -Sauk Cm -Pol Sci— Tf Platte- ville— YGOP— Pre-Law Cb— USF w - Schmuhl. John E. -Milwaukee— Acct— Tf UWM— Fin Soe -Ins Soe— NSW Guide— Union Place Comm— Sigma Alpha Epsilon. treas Schnabel, Gerald M. — Milwaukee — Hist Geog — Phi Delta Kappa— IF Cong— IF Plan Comm— St Pauls Choir— Wis Conserv Cb— Alpha Chi Rho. pres. pledge marshal!, rush chm Schnabel, Kay R.— Cedarburg— HEc— Tf UWM— Euthenics— Phi Upsilon Omicron. rec sec— HEc Stud Coun— Fash Show, cloth comm— Tf Guide — HEc Hosp Day. guide, prog comm — Pi Beta Phi, pub ch. as Schneider. Arlene J. Sheboygan— EEd— Tf Sheboy- Scholl. Daniel K.— Appleton — Pharm — Tf Marquette Schomann. Barbara J.— Elm Grove— ChD — Coeds Cong, sec — NSW Guide — Wilkinson Hse, treas — Gamma Phi Beta, rec sec Schomann, Nancy J. — Brookfield — EEd — Scheders — Eliz Waters, soe chin — Chi Omega, rush chm Schonke, David W.— Madison— EE— Triangle Schrank. Helaine R. — Waupun — Med — Sigma Ep- silon Sigma— Alpha Xi Delta Schrank, Sondra A. — Waupun — Bact — Union Play- Circle — Sr Swingout Comm — AWS Fash Show- Script Comm — Chi Omega, hosp hallmrk chm Schreck, John J. — Brodhead — Agron — Union Crafts Comm — Sigma Phi Epsilon Schriber, Sheila L.— Davton, Ohio— Hist— Coeds Cong —Res Aid. — Shepani. jud bd. sec. soe chm Schroeder, Earl E.— Appleton — Fin— Tf Menasha— aid H.— Reedsburg— Med Sci— Phi Ho Ins Schroede Schroeder, Michael J.— Green Bav— Eng— Tf Green Bav— Phi Eta Sigma— Pre-Law Cb— Fine Arts Cb Schroeder. William L.— Racine— MetE— Tf Stevens Point— Mm A- Met Ch. pres— Polygon Bd. rep Schrubbe, Susan M.— Milwaukee— MdT— Tf UWM — Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Alpha Delta Theta Schuchardt. John P.— Sheboygan— Fin Ins— New- man Cb -Ins So. — SAM— Fin Soe— Intl Cb Schueler. Eric R., Ill— East Troy— Econ — Tf Iowa— Sigma Alpha Epsilon Schuler, Ronald T.— Valders— AgrE— ASAE— Poly- gon Bd— Alpha Gamma Rho, treas Schultz, Jane L.—Thiensville— HEc— Euthenics— Co- eds Cong— Alpha Gamma Delta, scribe Schultz, Peter F.— Oshkosh— Phv— Phi Eta Sigma— ANS— Delta Sigma Pi Schultz. Truman D.— Oconomowoc— Land Arch— Tf Ripon— Stud Assn Land Arch-Alpha Phi Omega Schultze. Wolfram M.— Madison— ME— Tf UWM— SAE— ASME Schulz. Dean E.— Bamboo— Phann— WPhS — Chi Phi. Schol Schulz, Jane E.— Union Grove— ChD— Comm— NSW Guide — Humo Pub Prom Comm— Wis Pre-Views— Pan-hel Rush Coun— Delta Gam- Schul ' ze, Gary L.—Baraboo— Pharm— APhS — Chi Phi, Schulze, Nancy F. — Reedsburg — EEd — Kiekhofer Hse. jud chm — Cole, jud coun chm Schwarte, Frances A. — South Milwaukee — Art — Union Gall Comm — Badger Blk Design Comm — Pan-hel Rush Coun— Elm Drive A. pres— Delta Delta Delta, hse pres. Homecoming disp chm. serv proj chm. Humo Schwartz, Carol L. — Manitowoc — French Schwartz, James E. — Lancaster — Market — Tf White- water—Basketball Schwartzmiller, Donald H. — Mavville — Zoo — Jones Hse. soe chm Schweger. James B Seass. Robert P. western A- M Sail Cb— YGOP— Psi Upsilo i Bav— ME Rivers— Acct — Tf North- Beta Alpha Psi— Ski Cb— Seaver, David S. Glen Burn slung Rifles l - Seefeld, Dean E. I ond I I Lac Ml ma 1 a - I ' i lonors Si Hoi ASME LHA Loans! omm LHA Commons I Millai Hse, pres Seeman, James M. Freeport, 111. MetE NSW Gum. - Min A- Met - A Rifle Team Seering. Sandra L. Ippleton Econ XGOP sec — LHA Ctrl So,- Comm — Slichter, Campus Cam Seevers, Pamela A. -Ann Who-. I Chest Pub I Gamma Phi Beta Seidenfeld, Joann D.— Shaker Heights. Ohio EEd Tf Wheelock Seifert, Helga Wauwatosa— HEc Phi Upsilon Omi- cron WSA Stud Hse Comi Persian Market, co- f bin — Union Hse Comm — HEc Hosp Day, diet Seiler, Donna K. — Green Bav — Chem- - Sigma— Phi Beta Kappa — C Senft. Eldred C— Cambria— An Hash— Tf Riv Seward, Robert L. — Berlin Sewell, William H., IH— Madison— Hist— Ti - ford -Phi Eta Sigma Wis Review, mng editor— YDem— Badger Par--. -Liberal Party— Chi Phi Shaleski, Carole D.— South Milwaukee Phj Med - Tf UWM— Phi Theta— Outing Cb -Union Usher Shapiro, Michael D. — New York. N. V. — Psvch — Union Forum Comm— Hillel Sharp. David W. Ripon -MetE— Min Met Cb— Chi Psi Shebesta, Judith A.— Muskegon. Mich.— Psych— Tf St Marys — Newman Cb— Barnard, wing chm Shepard, Richard G. — Beaver Dam— Conserv Sher, Barbara A. — Newton. Mass. — Speech Corr — Tf Boston — Homecoming Comm — Union PR Comm — I nion Theat Comm — Sigma Alpha Eta — Sigma Delta Tau Shiels, Patricia E.— Madison— Econ— NSW Guide — IAWS Conv Comm— Gamma Phi Beta Shlensky, Ann — Chicago. 111. — Speech Corr — Sigma Alpha Eta, corres sex; — Hillel — Carroll, pres — Alpha Epsilon Phi. asst rush chin, pledge pres Shoen, Judith A.— Rockford. BI.— Speech- -WSA Exec -■ i— Badger Blk, exec sec— Homecoming, pub comm, spec proj dpt dir — Humo Pub Comm — Campus Carn Elec Comm — -Coranto — Gamma Alpha Chi— Carroll, soe chm— Alpha Epsilon Phi. pledge treas. song A- pep chm, Humo dir Shoop, Sally L.— Lockport. III.— HEc Ed— HEc Stud Coun— LHA Store Bd. sec— LHA PR Comm— Euthenics Shultis, Judy D.— Wauwatosa— Art— Tf Hope -Chad- bourne Art Comm Shutan, Richard W.— Lincolnwood. 111.— Eng— Phi Delta Theta Sickinger, Michael R. — Rudolph — Acct Siev, Sheila R. — Madison —Eng — Hillel. coun. Stud Welf Fund sec —Victoria Hse. sec Sigoloff, Robert— University City, Mo.— Pol Sci— Badger Party— Badger Blk Card Comm— Zeta Beta Sime, Sandra A.— Madison— EEd Simenskv, Harriet A.— Great Neck. N. Y.— EEd— Alpha Epsdon Phi Simmons, Kathryn M. — Beloit — Speech Corr — Sigma Akpha Eta — Cheerleader — Ross Hse, sec Simon, Peter N.— New York. N. Y.— Med Sci— Tf Michigan A- New York Simons, Wallace L. — Lodi — Pharm Simpson, Ann M. St. Louis. Mo. — Sue Wk — YWCA. soe chm — Chi Omega, pledge trainer Sims, Pattie A. — Wauwatosa — Eng — Pan-hel. jud chm — Chi Omega, tiers chm, Pan-hel rep Sindelar. James C— Hixton— EE— Phi Eta Sigma — Eta Kappa Nu— Tau Beta Pi — Reg Band — Concert Band — Rifle Team — Acacia Siple, Ann B.— Arlington. Va.— Anthro— Tf Erie— Sigma Epsilon Sigma — Univ Chorus Sippel, James A. — Eden — EE — Tf Oshkosh — Kappa Eta Kappa — Tau Beta Pi — Eta Kappa Nu Sirianni, Stephen J. -Menomonee Falls— Journ— Tf UWM— Sigma Delta Chi, prog chm — Dormistory. spt editor Skalinder, L. Eric — Evanston. 111. — Anthro — Swim- ming — Sigma Phi. treas, song chm, init chm Skinner, Sue E.— Rockford. 111.— Hist— Union PR Comm— Pi Beta Phi. rush chm Slang, Albert A.— Suring— ME— Tf St. Olaf— ASME Slattery. James E.— Wis Rapids— ME— Tf St Norbert - -ASME— Pi Tau Sigma Slaughter, Marv M.— Glenview. 111.— Eng— Tf North- western- -WSA -Delta Delta Delta Slavney. Phillip R.— Madison— Eng— Phi Eta Sigma Soph High Honors— Phi Beta Kappa— New Idea. bus mgr— WSA Elec Comm— NSW Guide— Pan of Am Slesinger. Henry S. — Pittsburgh, Pa. — Journ — Alpha Delta Sigma— Union PR Comm Smith. Beth M. — Stoughton — Corr — LSA Smith, Dennis J. — Niagara — Coin — SAM — M Pers Assn Smith, Donald K.— Mondovi — EE— Phi Eta Sigma — Eta Kappa Nu— Soph Honors— Union PR Comm— l " RC—CCF— Band— Wis Pre-Views— Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia Smith. Gerald L.—Juda— Dairy Hush— Tf Platteville — CCF— USF— FFA— Saddle Sirl Cb Smith, Irwin F. — Madison— Econ— Red Cross Bid Dr Comm. chm— Union Soe Comm— Union Dating Pan— Summer Prom, chm— Sigma Chi Smith. Jerome F.— Hartford— Phv Ed— Track— Cross Country ' — Delta Upsilon Smith, Patricia R. — Brookfield — Journ — Fr Camp Coun— " alvarv Stud Ctr. pub chm — Theta Sigma Phi — Coranto. corres sec — Eliz Waters IV, sec-treas Smith, Richard H.— Wausau— Fin 481 Smith. Thomas J. Madison i hem Mol Bio] i Eta Sigma YD,-,,, I. Camp Coun Mens Phi Eta Sigma ok II- Snyder, Richard L. Madiaon igron Crops Soils Cb Hoofers, mem chm Outing: Cb, v-ohm, insti ohm Mountaineers, mm .-In,. Sobel. Gary Upha EpsUo_ . Sobota, Ann E. lliceii Bay |;|..i Sigma Kpsilo Milwaukee Soc nsw Guide l ' l; i NYu i ■On III. l»»»ii Union Kiln. Comm Solberg, Clinton E. Rockland CiE Tf LaCroase— t- ■ liianglo. parents day ohm, hse mgr Solomon, Carol N. Madison Eng If Maryland Sommer, Barbara E. Curtisa -S| I. l ' l,, Beta I nion Soo Comm Onion Entertain GuUd Sondow, Jonathan II ,„,,|ha ,n N Y Math Pi Mu Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma Sonnenberg.DonE. FondduLac Fin SigmaDelta Pi Upba ! ' :.. i )ga force. Angelo B. -Milwaukee— Pharm— Newman Cb Sorden, James L. Madison -EE Eta Kappa Nu IRE— Amat Radio Soo— Polygon Bd— Folk Arts 8oc I SF, pros I Hi ' Sousek, Judy A. Gresham— EEd— Fash Show - IAWS Can R e g ( ' ,„„,„— Hu Kappa Helta Spalter. Neil H. Brooklyn, N V. II. -t Soph Honors -Football Spangberg, Barbara E. -Whitehall— EEd— Tf Eau Cla Spear, Leslie L ■ders Ellyn, U is Pi, tews Ctrl ( ' , .. Comm— Pan-Hel Rush O 111.- -EEd— Dist IV . co-ohm— NSW i— Pi Beta Phi, Spector, Michael J. Shorewood Hist— Mace -Phi Beta Kappa— Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma - Union Forum Comm WSA Acad Cumin— SLIC. stud chm USA l.,v Cond Hyg Comm Wis urn Comm— Pi Lambda Phi ik Park. III. -HEc— Tf Clarke Spellmire, Jan Delta Del_ . Sperbeck, John M Ddt Pittsville— Dairy Hush— Saddle s.ri l£.sec— 4-H Cb, v-pres— Dairy Judg Team Sperling, Keith B.— Madison— Psych -f ' re« Spierling, Nancy G.— Glenview, ill— Hist— Campus ( hest.p ;ul,, -Inn- Big Sis Prog -Alpha ( lamina I lelta Spintus, Eugene M. Ilopatcong, N .1. Zoo— Badger Party — Campus Cam Pub Comm— Homecoming Parade Decor Comm. co-chm—Humo— Alpha Epsilon Pi, sent, pledge trainer, rush ohm Sprain. Richard K. West Salem — Acct Sprenger. William K. Watertown Pharm— Phi Eta ' ■ ,, " , K . ■, ' " Lambda Upsilon -Rho Chi, v-pres— LHA Film Comm Fallows Use. sec, v-pres Spurgeon, Carol J.— Rockford, 111.— SEd— Delta Gam- Staab William D., Jr.— Essex Fells. N. J— Hist— BADGER (amp,,- chest, Union coord chm— «SA Prom C ,„ M,„k Sen -Model UN — I nion Place Comm Union Musi,- Comm— Pan of Am— Youth for Nix.m Cb— LHA Homecoming, pub chm— LHA Ctrl Soc Comm LHA Picnic, pub -Tarrant Hse. soe chm— Delta Tau Delta, soc Hu ille— CiE— Tf Plattevi.le— Stadler, James P. — Janes ASCiE, see -Judo Cb Stahlkopf. Karl E. Little Rock, Ark.— EE— Nautilus Soe- II Cong -Discrim Study Comm. dim— Model I N — NSW (;„„|,. J,,,),, ci, |, al „|„l a (-In Alpha pledg -n chi Stanislawski. Carol A.— Milwaukee— Psych— Sigma Epsdon Sigma Soph Honors Newman Cb Th ' f 8 Milwaukee— MdT— Alpha Delta Steams, Earl J.— Elkhorn— EE— Eta Kappa Nu— -Millar Hse, v-pres Deft ' E " en H - _I ' ; " " ' :, ' s " - r — En K— Tf Beloit— Kappa ' n, Lo Ste ,! I: Madisoi i. Hick, U Hills. 111.— An Hist— Clothing Comm — ■ I nion Rep -Bradford Hse, .. Steffen, Diana B.— Milwaukee— Eng— Tf UWM — Orcheais, pub chm Steffen, Kerwin W.— MonteUo— Eng— YDem— Wis Steffen, Mary L.— Riverside— Phy Med— Phi Theta— NM Cm,!,. VS Ldrshp Conf, chm— WSA Ldrshp Part, gen dim— WSA Fall Retreat, co- chm— Foreign Stud Guide— Ldrshp Train Guide— Pan-hel Ball Rick Comm— Campus Party, pub chm c. ■ a ,?). nia Phl Be,a - Pledge trainer, act ohm Mem, Gilbert G.— Chicago. 111.— Psvch— Badger Par- ty-Lampus Cam Comm— Badger Blk. equip chm, dim— I nion PR Comm-Hillel, soc comm— Zeta Beta Tail, rush chm. anno ,■!,,, Steii . Ronald W, -Madison- Pol Soi Sternberg, Suzanne Kansas City, Mc- Hist Eng — symposium Comm -H.ii,,.. Pub Comm— Alpha Epsdon Phi, v-pres Sterner, Michael P. Wauwatoaa Igr Econ— Agr Leon Soe. v-pres- Sk, I I. ,. ™ a p Ricl ? ard , E.— Wis Rapids— CiE— Tf Stev- Stelter, James E.— Eau Claire— EE—Tf Eau Claire - Alfct Kappa Eta Kappa Stencel, Daniel J.— Cedarburg— Acct Stem, Robert H.— Fair Law,,, N. I Hist Stess, Jane E.— Perth Amboy, N. J.— Bad— Tf Rut- gers— Lmon Theat Comm— HUlel l, v f ns : „ ( ? arol yn M. -Chicago. Ill— OcT— Cardinal Bd— AW.-. Exec Conn, act dim— Sr Swingout, gen chm— Wis Pre- Views— Fash Show, advis— NSW (juide — Fr Ldrshp Prog— Othera— Ann Emery, jud ohm— Pi Beta Phi, pres, Pan-hel rep. act chm, rush 482 Stevens. Webb C, III U,,ekf,„,l, III. -I ' d Se, Tf Princeton Rockford Insight A Outlook Mock GOP Conv Mock S,„ VIKIP. v-dim. ,1, ConservCb Pershing Kill,-, tin ,-hm, sgl Cre« Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge sec, til ohm Stevenson, George W. Darlington Ib-i Phi Eta Sigma Soph 1 ors Phi Kappa Phi Bapi Stud Movement., ,atl ,„,- Steward. Richard A. -IWkford. 111.— Pharm III,,. Chi, treat « Ph Stiehl. John J. Madison EE Eta Kappa Nu - Scabbard 4 Blade Kappa Eta Kappa AUSA Amat Radio Soc Stiller, Marian R.— Green Bay -HEo ,x Journ Cat inial ,-i IOC e.l Delia Delta Delta, rush chm St. Louis. Judi A. Niagara Phy Ed Newman Cb— us Phj Ed Cb Stodola, John T. -Black line. Falls -OK -ASCiE - Engin Expos Comm Stoeterau. John L. -Wauaau— Fin Stolts, Ellen M.— Hixton -Speech Corr -Tf LaCroase i I- Cong -Pies lis.-, dea— Sigma Alpha Eta, Stone, Helen B.— Madison— Nat Sci— Tf Rockford LSA Stone. Steven B. — DePere— Fin— Pi Lambda Phi Stouffer, Mary -Highland Park. 111.— Phv Ed— WRA Bd Phi Ed Cb NSW fluid. ' -Pan-hel Rush Coun— Ann Emery, jud chm— Alpha Chi Omega, Stowell. John L.— Cornell— Journ— Cardinal— IF Cong -Sigma Delta Chi -Sigma Nil. ree. It command Strand, Frederick E. -Madison— Acct -Ins Soc— SAM Strand, Robert J. -Madison— Econ -Tf Trinity— Ins Soc Strauser. Robert R. I lixon, 111.— Psvch— Photo Cb— WMI1.A- Amat Radio Soc Strehlow, Wayne R.— Waupun— Econ— Botkin Use. Strehmel, John D. Stringer, Robert E. — AIEE— Eta Phi Strupp, Duane D.— Oshkosh— CliE— Tf Oshkosh— YOOP -AIChE— Alpha Chi Sigma Stumbo, Letitia A. — Golden, Colo. — Eng — Sigma Ep- silon Sigma Soph Honors -New Idea— Alpha Chi Omega, sehol chm Sturm, William J.— Butternut— ChE— Tf Superior— AIChE— Newman Cb, v-pres Suhrbier, John J. -Baraboo— EE— LHA Radio Cb Sullivan, Sheila P. -Sun Prairie— Journ— Theta Sigma Phi, treas -Cardinal — I ' nion News Bureau, photo editor— Newman Cb— Coranto, treas— Alpha (lam- ina, editor Sustman. James E.— Green Bay— AEd— Tf St Nor- berts— Newman Cb— St Pauls Choir Suzuki, Sunao Washington, D. C— EE—Tf Swarth- niore — Wrestling — Phi Sigma Kappa Swanke, John D. — Clintonville — Hiat Pol Sci— NSW Guide— Union Place Comm, chm— Union Directorate— Union Coun— Theta Chi Swann, Sharlene B.— Madison— HEc Ed— Tf Stout — s— Phi Upsilon Omicrcn— HEc -Euth. Swanson, James E. — Wabeno — Am Inst — Arnold Ail II. n— Pi Hse. ath dim. choir — Me Hoi Cb— Baseball i R, — Madison— HEc— Faah Show -Kui hemes— HEc Hosp Day Food Doriusvlvania skit A arrang comm. ecor comm. formal decor comm, tea Swanstrom, Thomas E Dame -Union PR ( i Bay — Econ— Tf Notre 1 -Union PR Comm — Kappa Sigma Lawrence R. -New York, N. Y.— Pol Sci Sweeney, Janet R.— Bdoit— HEc— Phi Upsilon Omi- eron. corres sec— HEc Stud Coun. v-pres— HEc Hosp Day. tours chm, reg dim— Blue Shield 4-H — Euthenica, rush chm— Winter Ball, co-chm Sweeney, Larry J. — Wis Rapids— Lab Econ — Tf St Thomas — Ochsner Hse, v-pres, soc chm, pres Sweet, James A. -Milwaukee— Acct— Tf UWM Sweet, Rodney M.— Madison— Econ— Mil Ball, pub dim— Hillel— Phi Sigma Delta, exec coun, alum Swenson, Christine A. — Neenah — Soc — Union Crafts ( ' iilllln-l ' ampus ' best Swenson, Galen S. -Stuiighton— Pharm— Kappa Psi. v-pres— WPhS Swiatek, Karen J.— Chicago, 111.— Phv Med— Tf Illinois— Eta Kappa Lambda— Phi Theta — Dist III Comm. sec, treas— Union Usher— Elm Drive A, hse pres. soc chm Swiden, Judith A.— Racine— Soc— Pan-hel Ball Fin Coram— Union V-Pres Comm— Union Soc Comm— Homecoming Decor Comm— Alpha Gamma Delta. rush chm Sy, Margaret A.— Madison— EEd— Badger Part — Union Soc Comm— Hoofers— Alpha Xi Delta Talbot, I. J. — Kansas City, Mo.— Hist— IF Assn, sec— II Kel ( ' -NeU.-L ' lcek. edit,,, Svill ] „ -l U II I - WSA Civ Rights Comm Tamke, Glen R.— Arcadia— CiE— Tf Eau Claire— ASCiE, pres— Polygon Bd Tamsen, Roger A. — Milwaukee— ChE— Tf UWM — AIChE— SSK -Sigma Delta Omega, ree see Tanbakuchi, Reza Meshed, Iran— ME— Pi Tau Sig- ma— IM Ath -Richardson Hse, v-pres Tanzman, Harriet S. I ,, H.„ -kawav, N. Y.— Comp Lit— Stud Coun Cii Rights Soc Cb— Sr Orchesis— Folk Dance Cb — droves Winns Co-op, treas, v-pres, const chm Taslitz, Florence— Madison— Journ— WSA Recog Comm— Union News Bureau— Theta Sigma Phi, Tates, Patricia A. — Fond du Lac— Hisl Taylor. Georgia L.— Stevens Point — HEc— Phi Up- silon Omicron. hist— Union Usher— Euthenics— Dolphins— Res Aide— Sliohter, bid bd ohm, soc dim. stud advis Taylor. Thimas F. Vppleton -Psyoh Horn mu Parade C , WSA Stud Ldrshp Prog Me (dee Cb Alpha Tau Omega, pledge pres, sons chi Tease, Henry V., Jr. ma [RE -Haresfo en Baj EE Phi El i Sio :ivy Ball, gen ohm Pin Gamma Delia Templeton, Bon nie K. EvansviUe Ilia- -Phi i- ,hap -HEo Hosp Day, chm HEc Stud Coun. | ,„- -,,„| San Coeds fcong NSW Guide 1 i ' a op Coun lash Show, doth ,■„,„,„ - Univ Chorus ■Weslej Choir -Solveig Hse, pres - Elil Waters IV sen duo -Delta Delia Delia. 11,1,1 Ens WSA UN II Ru sh Comm W I ' I, Stud tli Bd Jone-S Use. I— Alpha Delta Phi, rush ohm, sec, soc. chm ida M. (hi Sigma Phi Tenenbaum, Tf North i Cb Lake L_ . Theisen, William R. -Fond du Lac— Fin- Ins S,«- -( ' ,„„ Bd— Wesley Found— Th Co-op, bkpr -Alpha Kappa Pi Thomas, Judith J ,reek - - In, I I ' I, Squares Pewaukee Hi-t Tf LaCroase— Thompson, Barbara A.— Eau Claire -Journ -Tf Eau Claire -Theta Sigma Phi, v-pres Coranto, pledge Pies, v-pres -Pi Delia Epsilon— Union News Bureau -Andersen ll-e, - ,, Thompson, Beverly A. DePere -French -LHA Cab Rep— Blood Dr. se,- s, Swingout Invit Comm Pub Comm, dim -AWS Pera Comm— Fash Show Prog A- Ticket ( ' mum .v ' bailing Comm. chm Thompson, Douglas D. -Madison— Psych— Humo— Sigma Chi Thompson, Martha A.— Madison -EEd— AWS Big Sis Comm— Pan-hel Rush Coun -Chi Omega Thompson, Sylvia M.— Spring Valley —HEc— HEc Hosp Day, prog dun— Euthenics— Alpha Chi Omega Thom-en, Thomas H. -Madison— Acct— Scabbard Blade -Nautilus Soc— Campus Cam. sub-comm chm— Homecoming Sub Comm— Sigma Chi, pledge Tho bjornsen, Arthur R.— Winter— EE— IRE— Mens fllee Cb Thoreson. Ellen D.— Burlington— Bact Tilton, James R.— Columbus, Ohio -Eoon— Scabbard Blade— WSA Pers font Subcomm— Sail Cb— Hoofers Bd of Capts— Navy Ball Invit Com,,,, chm —Mil Ball Bands Comm. dun— IF Invest Comm - Humo Prod Comm -Sigma Alpha Epsilon, sec, pledge trainer Ting, Lawrence J.— Hong Kong— AMP Tingle, Jacqueline — aukesha — Eng — I ' nion Direc- torate— Urion Music Comm, chin, concert mgr Tinkelman, Mort S. — Seranton. Pa.— Pol Sci — Union PR Comm— Zeta Beta Tau Tolkan, Helaine S. -Milwaukee— EEd— Coeds Cong , sec— WSA Hum Rel Comm— Hillel— Sigma Delta Tau, pledge v-pres. ree sec Tooke. Phyllis A.— Elkhorn— Soc Wk— Tf St Olaf— Alpha Xi Delta Topel, Marcia E.— Lake Mills— Hist -Phi Kappa Phi —Crucible, pres— Mortar Bd, editor— Eta Kappa Lambda —Pi Lambda Theta— Soph Honors— BAD- GER, prod editor, assoe editor— Badger Bd, pres— Sr Swingout. prom dim — Eliz Waters, pres, res aide III, treas, pres -Alpha Soc Totten, Raymond D„ Jr. — Appleton -Market— Phi Eta Sigma -Market Cb, treas— Fin Soc Townsend, Helen C— Wayne, Pa.— Psych— Tf Wells -Union Directorate — Hoofers, v-pres. pres Trakulthong, Chalerm -Bangkok, Thailand— ChE— Tf Chulalongkorn of Bangkok— Tau Beta Pi Trautmann, William L.— Milwaukee -Bot— Tf MIT of Milwaukee— Hort Cb— Crops Soils Cb— -Alpha (iamnia Rho Trefz, Robert W.— Manitowoc— CiE— Delta Epsilon— LHA Cab. Union rep— Union PR Comm— AfiCiE— Wis Pre-Views— Brvan Hse, pres. treas Treu, Siegfried— Milwaukee -AMP— PI, i Eta Sigma — Scabbard ei Blade Trevino, Gloria M. — Monterrey, Mex. — French — Tf Inst, of Tech, Monterrey Trewartha, Susan— Madison— AEd— Tf Colorado- Union Call Cumin -IAWS Conv— Model UN- Summer Prom, prom comm— Pi Beta Phi Trigg, Jane S. -Dayton, Ohio— Speech Corr— Tf Albion— WSA Acad Comm— Stud Coun Comm, chm— Hoofers -AWS Jud Bd— Fash Show, pub chm— NSW Guide— Alpha Xi Delta. Pan-hel rep Triggs, John W. -Madison— Hist— Mock Sen— New- man Cb— YDem— Forensics— IM Prog Triplett, Marcia J.— West Allis— Eng -Tf Ohio State —Coeds Cong -A CappeUa Choir Trost, Thomas J.— Rockford, 111.— Ind Psych— Sr Class, treas -Mil Ball, subcom chin— Sigma Chi, soe chm. pledge trainer Tubb, G. Trudi -Spring Green— Eng— Tf Platteville Tucholski, Toni -BrookSeld —Pharm— Tf UWM— WPhS, treas — Eliz Waters, dining comm. flr chm Tuhus, Sandra E. — Loganville — Acct Fin — Soph Honors— Phi Chi Theta. soc chm, v-pres— Union Soc Comm— Summer Prom Tick Comm, chm — Badge, Block Cards Comm— ALESEC— Alpha Xi Delta, rush chm Turner, Gerald R.— San Antonio. Tex.— Corr— Tf San Antonio— W CZ— Hillel, music folk dance comm — Boxing — Langdon Bend Hse. soc chm Tygom, James L. — Madison — Philo Udovich, John R. — Sheboygan — Acct — Newman Cb— .Alpha Tau Omega, ath elm, Ulezelski. Judith A.- Lambda — Alpha Delta The! dorm Coun— Wilkinson Hse, pres Unger, Helmut K.— Jefferson— Chem— Provosl Corps — Cardinal — Alpha Chi Sigma TJnger, Sharon L. Milwaukee HEc Ed— Phi Up- silon Omieron. soc elmi Campus Party— Coed Cong -Campus Cam Humo — HEc Hosp Day, model guide— Eliz Waters, exec rutin, mothers wknd chm- -Gamma Phi Beta, asst soc chm Urban, Stuart G. Rothschild— Econ— Tf Wausau— Uritz, David B.- Chicago, 111.— Hist— WSA PR Coram —WSA PubComm— Pre-LawCb— Phi Sigma Helta. Vandall, Roger M. Madison Pol Sci Vanderheiden, Karen S. Madison— Speech Corr— AWS Big Sis Prug, chm Newman Cb— Sigma Al- pha Eta — Chi Omega Vandermyde, Don R — Morrison, 111.— Hist— BADG- " " ' JA Ldrshp Train Prog— YGOP— Alpha Tail Om Vander Velden, Donald J.— Kimberly— Phy Ed— W Cb— Football Van Dyck, William F.— DePere— CiE— Tf Michigan Min Tech ASCiE— Judo Cb Van Lent, Monique E.— Ithaca, N. Y. — Pol Sci — Span Cb— Hoofers— Ital Cb— Kappa Alpha Theta Van Ness, Elizabeth M.—Lodi— Music Ed— Sigma Alpha Iota, sgt-at-arms, pres — Newman Cb — Badger Band— Wmns Chorus— A Cappella Choir. sec— Rosenherrv lis,-, v-pres Van Ornum. Robert L.- Berlin— Com— Tf Oshkosh— Delt Van Straten. Patrick Welf Coram— Unii Newman Cb Van Vleet, Lynn — Wi Sigma — Fasli Show — Pan-hel Ball Con sh 1AM Wt Cb watosa — Math — Sigma Epsnon model — Pan-hel, gen rush chm ii— Pi Beta Phi, asst schol chm, 11 111 Is. -OcT— Alplu Vamum, Catherine Delta Vass, Kenneth J.— Barton— Food Tech — Food Tech Cb, v-pres — Meat Judg Team Vaughn, Beverly L.— Wheaton, 111.— Eng— NSW Guide — Campus Chest, prom conim — Soc Chm Coun, sec— Alpha Phi. soc chm. rush chm Vaughn, Judith M. Marshfield -Soc Wk Veum, Trygve L.— Westbv— An Husb— Blue Shield 4-H— Saddle 4 Sirl Cb— Little Intl Show, tick chm —Meat Judg Team— Livestock Judg Team — Agr Stud Coun — Babcock Hse, sgt-at-arms, sec. alum Viall, Nancy A.— Gary, Ind.— Hist— Tf DePauw— Model UN, sec— NSW Tf St ml Comm— Union Lit Comm — Union Lib Comm— Union Directorate — Alpha Camina Helta, pres, rec sec Vidar, Ann P.— Ann Arbor. Mich— AEd— Phi Kappa Phi— Coeds Cong— WSA Pub Comm— Union Crafts Comm, sec— Union Soc Comm— Pan-hel Rush Coun, chm — Alpha Xi Delta, Union rep, act chin, hse v-pres Vierbicher, James A.— DePere— CiE— Chi Epsilon, treas — Wis Engineer — ASCiE — Engin Expos Ind Disp Comm, chm — Triangle, v-pres, pres Vodicka, June B.— North Riverside. 111.— Speech- Phi Beta, treas— WSA Pers Cont Comm— WSA Ldrshp Train Prog, chm- WSA Fall Retreat, chm— WIAA Tour, chm- Model UN Mock Dem Cov— WSA Ldrshp Sem- SLIC, foiesn . drama chm— Stud Sen— Badger Party- Campus Cam Adv Comm — Langdon, treas — Eliz Waters, res aide — Alpha Xi Delta Vogt, Carol T.— Madison -EEd— SNEA— Band— YW CA Cab Vogt, Philip J.— Madison— Med -Phi Eta Sigma— Soph Honors— YMCA, cab, v-pres— Nu Sigma Nu Von Gunten, Jane E.— Madison— HEc— Euthenics Voytovich, Sam P. — Stanley — Pharm w Waelti, John J.— Monroe — Ag Econ— Phi Eta Sigma —Alpha Zeta— Phi Kappa Phi— Mace— Iron Cross — Saddle Sirl Cb. sec — Ag Econ Soc, treas — Ag Stud Coun— Harvest Hop, chm — Little Intl Horse Show, chm— IF Pledge Train Comm— Alpha Gam- ma Rho, v-pres. pres Waggershauser, Sue A.— Waukesha— OcT— Riding Cb— Others Wagner, Dorothy H.— Chicago, 111.— Hist— Union Place Comm— Union Gall Comm, chm— Wmns Chorus — ILS Coun — Kappa Kappa Gamma, act chm Wagner, Helen M.— Rothschild— Chem— Sigma Ep- silon Sigma — Kappa Kappa Gamma, scol chm, asst rush chm Wagner, Lenard J. — Egg Harbor — Agr E — Agr Stud Coun— ASAE—FFA— Alpha Gamma Rho. chap Wagner, Neal H.— Eau Claire— CiE— Tf Eau Claire —ASCiE— LSA Wagner, J. Sally— Madison— Speech Corr— Phi Kappa Phi — Mortar Bd — Sigma Epsilon Sigma — U nion News Bureau— Wis Pre- Views— Pan-hel, v-pres— Sigma Alpha Eta. pres — Kappa Kappa I uinima, pres Wagner, Stanley J. — Sun Prairie — Econ—Tf Loras — Baseball— W Cb Wake, Margot S. — Green Bay— HEc Ed— Euthenics — HEc Hosp Dav, cont asst chm Wald, Richard— Mount Vernon. N. Y.— Hist— Hillel. treas— Phi Sigma Delta, treas Walker, Priscilla— Janesville— Psych— UYWCA. intr- coll chm, member chm, cab Wallack, Barry Z.— New York, N. Y— Pol Sci— IF Ath Comm — Homecoming Dec Comm — LHA Ctrl Soc Comm. chm — Alpha Epsilon Pi, soc chm Wallander, Jerome F. — Cato — Dairy Ind— Tf Mani- towoc — Saddle Sirl Cb — IF Coun — Agr Stud Coun — Babcock Dairy Sci Cb, v-pres, pres — Wrest- ling — Alpha Gamma Rho, v-pres, pres Wallden, Lawrence E— Peoria, 111.— ME— Golf, capt —Beta Theta Pi, ath chm Wallenstrom, Joel L.— Marshfield— Eng— Tf Stanford Wallis, Janet L— Two Rivers— Am Inst Speech— Phi Beta, Bee Dolphins, pres— USF—YDem, sec- Stud Bd Walsh, Monica J. Bclleltose, N. Y. Ilisl Tf I.I mira- Newman Cb — YDem— Ketterer Hse, AWS rep Alpha Chi Omega Walters, Mary A.— Lake Geneva— HEc— Newman Cb Urn,, miing Alum Comm, chin— Eliz Waters III, v-pres. soc chm. Campus Cam chin Walthers, Karen A. .Sheboygan— Hist — Soph Honors, banq chm— WSA Curr Comm. chm— WSA Acad Affairs. lir Delia Catiima, Pan-hel rep, hse pres Wankc, Barbara D. -Janesville— Geol—Tf St Olaf Wareham, Sara J. -Chappaqua, N. Y. — HEc— LSA — Pi Beta Phi War lum, Michael F.— Neillsville— Speech Warner. Michael A.— Ann Arbor. Mich.— Pol Sci— WSA Klee Comm— Pre-Law Cb, pres— Chi Psi Washtock, Arthur R.— Beaver Dam— Psvch— Tf Car- roll -Sigma Phi Epsilon Waskow, Sharon L.— Spencer— Eng— Union Soc Comm — KJiz Waters IV, sec Waterstreet, William E.— Kewaunee— AgrE—ASAE, pres, v-pres, treas — Alpha Gamma Rho, chap, Watkins, Nancy M.— Madison— Nat Sci— NSW Guide —WSA Travel Comm— NEA— Pan-hel Rush Coun —Pi Beta Phi. asst schol chm Watts, Margaret A.— Cincinnati, Ohio — Phy Med— Eta Kappa Lambda— Phi Theta. prog chin — Canter- bury Cb— Snow Hse, pres Watts. Nancy G.— Cedar Rapids, Iowa— EEd— Scheders— Union Pr Comm— Badger Block Card Comm, chm— Alpha Xi Delta, sec. rush chm Weaver, Roger W.— Midland, Mich.— Psvch— Theta Delta Chi Weber, Richard J. Milwaukee— Pharm— Tf UWM — WPhA Kappa Psi. treas Webster, Mary A. -Madison— Speech Corr— Sigma Alpha Eta, soe chm Pi Beta Phi Wegner, Mary E.— Barrington, 111— Phv Med— Phi Theta -Sr Dolphins— Alpha Xi Delta " Weidenkopf, Marcia C— Wauwatosa— ChD— NSW Guide Alpha Chi Omega, rush chm Weininger. Michael A. -Chicago. 111. — Asian Weiss, Arlene A. Kenosha— Chem— Tf Kenosha— Sigma Epsilon Sigma— Gavin Hse. fir chm Weiss, David C. -Milwaukee— CiE- Pi Lambda Phi Weiss, Sharon L. -Chicago. Dl— Philo— Philo Assn, pub chm — WSA Soc Reg Comm — Campus Cam Pub Comm — Newsgreek. report — Sigma Delta Tan, rush chm, Pan-hel rep Weitzel, Robert I.— Wonewac— Pol Sci— Tf LaCrosse —March Band Weix. Judith A.— Bonduel— Hist— Coeds Cong- Model UN— Mock GOP Com— Anderson Hse, jud Weldon, ' Gerald L.— Port Edwards— Pharm— Rho Chi - -WPhA Camilla Delta Welling, Diane M. — Sheboygan — Span — Sr Swingout Welton, Karlyn G.— Washburn— AEd— Tf Northland — Newman Cb — Campus Cam. decor chin — Dorm- sylvania, decor comm. camp chm— Slichter. fir ohm, soc chm, parents wknd decor chm Wendt, Robert J.— Los Angeles. Cal.— Psvch— Tf California Wenzler, Carl F.— Milwaukei— EE— Tf UWM— IRE Werner, Michael F.— Milwaukee— CiE— Tf UWM— ASCiE -Homecoming, disp chm— Showerman Hse, Westby, Dale L.— Green Bay— EEd— Tf Green Bay — Botkin Use. v-pres. hse pres. hsefeltow Westphal, William E -Janesville -Market— Prom Tick Comm, co-chm— WSA Elec Comm— LSA— Market Cb— YGOP- -Kappa Sigma, pledge trainer Westring, Margaret C. -Madison— OcT Weyers, Vernon J.— Kaukauna— EE— Eta Kappa Nu, rush chm — A IKE — Newman Cb, pres, prov comm chm — I avi,i Schreiner Co-op. sec. bd of dir. soc chm Wheeler, Ellen M. -Madison Pol Sci Russian— Sigma Epsilon Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Stud Sen Const Comm. co-chm— NSW Prog— Forein Stud Comm. chm— SLIC- -WSA Human Rel Comm, sec —Model UN -YDem— Stud Coun Civil Rights— ADA — Liberal Partv— Badger Party— Dogrin ' Party -Kappa Kappa Camilla Wheeler, Judith K.— Viola— HEc Ed— Fr Ldrshp Prog — Euthenics. rec sec — Meth Stud Ctr. exec White, Sarah J.— Crystal Lake, 1111.— Philo— Union PR Comm — Lakota Hse, v-pres, pres Whitman, Robert W.— Green Ba — CiE— ASCiE— Olson Hse, pres, v-pres, sec, treas Whitney, Kathryn M. -Mavville — EEd— Tf Oshkosh — Dist III Comm— Wesley Found— LHA Film Whitt, Richard D. — Arena— Speech Whyte, Bonnie L.— Milwaukee— EEd— Tf Carroll— Stud Sen— Pan-hel Decor Comm— Fash Show- Canoe Cb — Pres Hse — Cole Chorus — Snow Hse, soc chm— Alpha Phi Wiater, Leonard J.— Pulaski— ME— ASME— Arnold Air Soc— Rifle Team Widmeyer, Daniel T. — Milwaukee — CiE— ASCiE — SAME Wiedenield, John J. — Sauk Citj — Market — Market Cb. pres. v-pres— AIESEC, pres— Phi Kappa Theta. pres, compt Wieland, Joseph J. — Lancaster — Acct Wiener. Barbara K. — Madison — Eng — Fr Ldrshp Wiese, Carol A.— Chetek— Soc— Tf Lawrence— Pi Beta Phi Wieseman, Judith K. — Milwaukee — Zoo — LSA Sen- Gamma Delta— Alpha Delta Theta Wilbur, John W.— Madison— Econ— Chi Psi, alum rel chin Wilhelm, Anthony A.— Barksdale— CiE— ASCiE Willaid, Ann E.— Madison— EEd— SNEA— Orchestra Williams, John H.—Middleton— Math— Phi Eta Sigma Williams. Russell T., Jr.— Webster Grove. Mo.— Econ —Baseball— Sigma Chi Willis, Devree— Milwaukee— Nurs -Hillel Wilson, Gerald E. Brookfiold Math Tf UVVM- Newmaii Cb Delta Upsili n Wilson, H. Cameron -Bloomington, Ind. — Bot — Phi Soph Honors— ILS, pres — -Hoofers, v-pres— Mock Sen- Phi Ei Wi Phi PI Med Tf UWM ii — Newman Cb — —LHA Sch,.l Ed Homecoming chm -Eng— Tf Michigan Ski ei, -Y i Comm IM Ath— Turner 1 Wimberly. Marjorie L.— Madic —Alpha Chi Omega, rec ch; Winder, Jon W. Manitowoc— ME— SAE— ASME Winelzki, Joanne F.— Wausau— Hisp—Tf Wausau— Soph Honors -Newman Cb— YGOP, v-clim— Wis Conserv Cb — Delta Zeta, v-pres, pledge trainer, act chin Winney, Ruth K.— Oak Park, 111.— Eng— Gamma Phi Beta Winsborough, Lora A.— Wausau— MdT—Tf Macal- ester— Sr Class Coun— Alpha Delta Theta Winter, Tan L. Cillett -MdT— LHA Ctrl Soc Comm —LHA Pers Comm. sec— Calvary Stud Ctr— Alpha Delta Theta —Kappa Delta, schol chm Wise, Peter F. -Mi Finland— Nat Sci corres sec— Wmns Phv Ed Cb, sec— LHA Film Comm— LHA Ath Co, ,,,,, Slichter. ath chm Withbroe Joyce K C Comm— LHA Ath Con Wittwer, Jerry H. -Mad Wolf, Di —Phv Ed— WRA. Ed Cb, sec -LHA Film — Slichter, ath chm l — Econ — Sigma Chi J.— Wilmington. Del.— AEd— Coeds Cong — Union Craft Comm— Calvary Choir— Ellsworth Hse, sec, treas, pres Wolff, Linda S. -Long Beach, N. Y " .— Soc Wk Wollangk, Kathryn L— Kaukauna- -Nat Sci — Tf Osh- kosh Woller, Leslie A., Jr.— Fond du Lac— Psych— Alpha Wolln . Ingrid J. Wolter, Richard H. Sirl Cb— Agr Eco Wood, Jonathan E. Worde - rd, Conn.— HEc— Ti Skid- Kappa Gamma, act comm ead — Agr Econ — Saddle it Meat Judg Team an— ME— Chi Psi liel E. -Chicago, III.— Market— Sr Ring Comm. chm -NSW Guide— YGOP— IF Invest— Crew— Beta Theta Pi Wright, Donald J.— Green Bay— Econ— Varsity Party — Y ' GOP— Pres Hse— Fencing— W Cb— Alpha Delta Phi. v-pres, rush chm Wright, Duey E.— Wausau— Market— Tf Marathon- Market Cb— IM Football Wrolstad, Harriet A.— RockdaU — Art— Union Crafts Comm— Union Prom Comm -Mock GOP Conv— LSA, pub chm — Langdon, jud chm, fir chm Wyatt, Mary A.— Fond du Lac— Geog— Soph Honors- Cardinal — Alpha Chi Omega Wyatt, Roger L. — Galesburg, 111.— Psych— WSA Pr Comm — Union Hse Comm, Beefeaters Banq Chm. Wyngaard, Judith A.— Madison— EEd Yalowitz, Kenneth S. -Chicago. III. -Pol Sci— SLIC Foren Dram Sub-Comm. chin -WSA PR Comm— ILS, sec-treas— Union PR Comm— Hillel, pres— Zeta Beta Tau Yelle, Michael A.— Sauk City— Econ— WMHA Young, Dave R. — Fort Atkinson — Math — Psi Upsilon. Young. David A.- Almond— EE Young, Francis P. -Madison— CiE -ASCiE— Foot- ball— Basketball Young, Thomas G.— Prairie du Sac— Soc Youngquist, John -A.Madison— ChE — SkiCb— SailCb Younkin, G. Ann —.Somerset, Pa. — French — WSA Elec Bd Comm— Union Place Comm— Union Theat Comm— Fash Show Pub Comm— Bradford Hse, jud ehm — Gamma Phi Beta, asst pledge trainer, jud chm, pledge pres Zahn, Carolyn J. — Sturgeon Bay — Psych — Sigma Ep- silon Sigma— Soph Honors— USF Zarwell, David H.— Wauwatosa— Zoo— Track Zastrow, Raymond W. — Watertown — EE Zawacki, Ian E. — Madison— Math— W Cb— Stud Ath Bd — Tennis— Phi Kappa Theta Zeier, Julaine M— Madison— MdT— Newman Cb— Alpha Delta Theta Zeloski, Dennis J.— Aotigo— Agr Econ Zevnik, Nancy C.—Middleton— AEd— Scheders— Fash Show — Jr Orcheeis Ziegenhagen, Frederick W. — Pov Sippi — Acct — Beta Alpha Psi. sec Zielinski. Catherine A.— Milwaukee— Eng— WSA Welf Comm — Newman Cb— Phi Chi Theta — Eliz Waters. fir chm Zilz, David A.— Iola— Pharm— Rho Chi— APhA Zimauek, Anthony W.— Sobieski— An Husb— Tf Green Bay— Saddle Sirl Cb— Little Intl, chm— Agr Stud Coun — Delta Theta Sigma, pub chin Zimbric, Ronald R.— Waterloo— ME— ASME Zimmerman, John F.—Lodi— Stat— Newman Cb— Showerman Hse. Inst, blood dr chm Zirbel, Carl G.— East Tro — Prod Mgt— Tf UWM— SAM Zoll, Barbara F.— Green Bay— Hist— Tf Green Bay— SLIC. sec— LHA Cab Rep Zuelsdorf, Judith A. — Green Bav — Recreat Ldrshp — IAWS Prog Comm. dim— Union Tour Comm. chm —Union Directorate— Ski Cb— Campus Cheft Comm — Eliz Waters, mothers wknd pub cbmr — Alpha Xi Delta Zurn, Rita J.— LaCrosse— Pol Sci— Tf LaCrosse— Pres Hse Zwank. Barbara A. Madison S,,e SA Newsletter — WSA Pub Comm — AWS Pers Comm— Big Sis Prog— Model UN— NSW Guide— Pan-hel Ball Comm — Kappa Delta, corres sec, pledge soc chm. Campus Cam co-chm Zweifel, David A. — Evansville — Journ— Y r Dem, sec — Cardinal— AUSA 483 Organizations Index Page Number A ( lappella Choir 218 Acacia. 392 Adams Hall 332 Agricultural Student Council 194 AIEE-IRE 204 AISEC 102 Alpha Chi Omega 374 Alpha Chi Rho 393 Alpha Chi Sigma 423 Alpha Delta Phi 394 Alpha Delta Sigma 228 Alpha Delta Theta 208 Alpha Epsilon Phi 375 Alpha Epsilon Pi 395 Alpha Gamma Delta 376 Alpha Gamma Rho 396 Alpha Kappa Psi 201 Alpha Phi 377 Alpha Tau Delta 208 Alpha Tau Omega 397 Alpha Xi Delta 378 Alpha Zeta 187 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 206 American Society of Agricultural Engineers 195 American Society of Civil Engineers 206 American Society of Mechanical Engineers . 205 Ann Emery 352 Arnold Air Society 242 Associated Women Students 72 Babcock Dairy Science 195 Babcock House 367 Badger Beauties 120 Badger Block 109 Badger Crops and Soils 196 BahaiClub 238 Barnard Hall 305 Beta Alpha Psi 201 Beta Gamma Sigma 187 Beta Theta Pi 398 Blue Shield 4-H 197 B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation 238 ( alvary Lutheran Student Center 239 ( ' ampus ( ' arnival 116 ( !anterbury Club 240 Carroll Hall 354 Chadbourne Hall 306 Chi Epsilon 188 Chi Omega 379 Chi Phi 399 Chi Psi 400 Christian Science Organization 240 Cochrane House 353 Cole Hall 326 Colonial Lodge 353 484 Page Number Coranto 229 Crucible 182 Daily ( lardinal 246 David Schreiner House 367 Delta Delta Delta 380 Delta Gamma 381 Delta Kappa Epsilon 401 Delta Sigma Pi 424 Delta Tau Delta 402 Delta Theta Sigma 403 Delta Upsilon 404 Delta Zeta 382 Dolphin Club 212 Elizabeth Waters Hall 312 Ellsworth House 355 Elm Drive A 328 Elm Drive B 336 Elm Drive C 338 Eta Kappa Lambda 193 Eta Kappa Nu 188 Euthenics 196 Evans Scholars 405 Existentialists 193 Fifth Langdon 253 Food Technology Club 198 Friendship Club 230 Future Fanners of America 200 Gamma Phi Beta 383 Oilman House 355 Haresfoot Club 222 Hermanson House 356 Home Elc Council 198 Homecoming 1961 104 Horticulture Club 199 Humorology 1962 110 Insight and Outlook ... .251 Integrated Liberal Studies Council 232 Interfraternity Association 389 Iron Cross 181 Joint Military Board 242 Kappa Alpha Theta 384 Kappa Delta 385 Kappa Epsilon . . 210 Kappa Eta Kappa 425 Kappa Kappa Gamma 386 Kappa Psi 426 Kappa Sigma 406 Kronshage Hall 340 Lake Lawn House 357 Lakeshore Halls Association 316 Lakeshore Stores, Inc 325 Lakota House 357 Lambda Chi Alpha 407 Lambda Pi 194 Langdon Hall 360 Langdon Lodge 356 Lincoln Lodge 361 Lowell Hall 358 Mace 183 Marketing Club 202 .Military Ball 118 Mortar Board 180 Nautilus Society 243 New Idea 251 Nu Sigma Nu 209 Omicron Nu 189 Othera 209 Paleontological Society 243 Pan Hellenic Council 373 Pershing Rifles 244 Phi Beta 214 Phi Beta Kappa 178 Phi Chi 426 PhiChiTheta 202 Phi Delta Theta 408 Phi Epsilon Kappa 211 Phi Eta Sigma 184 Phi Gamma Delta 409 Phi Kappa Phi 179 Phi Kappa Theta 410 Phi Mu Alpha 214 Phi Sigma Delta 411 Phi Sigma Kappa 412 Phi Theta 210 Phi L T psilon Omicron 189 Pi Beta Phi 387 Pi Lambda Phi 413 Pi Lambda Theta 190 Pi Tau Sigma 190 Polygon Board 207 Psi Upsilon 414 Red Cross 230 RhoChi 191 Saddle and Sirloin 200 Scabbard and Blade 244 Senior Class ( ' ouncil 434 Shepard Hall 361 Shoot House 234 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 415 Sigma Alpha Eta 215 Sigma Alpha Iota 216 Sigma Chi 416 Sigma Delta Chi 233 Sigma Delta Tau 388 Sigma Epsilon Sigma L86 Sigma Phi 417 Sigma Phi Epsilon 418 Slichter Hall 330 Society for Advancement of Management . .203 Society of Automotive Engineers 203 Solveig House 362 Student Association of Landscape Architects 199 Sullivan Hall 344 Susan B. Davis House 362 Tau Beta Pi 191 Tau Kappa Epsilon 419 Theta Chi 420 Theta Delta Chi 421 Theta Sigma Phi 192 Theta Tau 207 Thirty-five Hundred Combo 364 Tower View 363 Triangle 427 Tripp Hall 346 University Religious Council 241 United Student Fellowship 241 U. of W. Men ' s Glee Club 219 University Symphony Orchestra 227 University Women ' s Chorus 217 Varsity Pistol Team 245 Varsity Rifle Team 245 Valiants 235 Victoria House 364 Villa Maria 365 WClub 299 Wisconsin Alumni Foundation 152 Wisconsin Badger 254 Wisconsin ( conservative Club 233 Wisconsin Engineer Magazine 250 Wisconsin Forensic Union 215 Wisconsin Foundation 150 Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society 211 Wisconsin Players 220 Wisconsin Pre- Views 154 Wisconsin Review 252 Wisconsin Student Association 74 Wisconsin Union 86 Women ' s Physical Education Club 213 Women ' s Recreational Association 213 YMCA 236 YW( ' A 237 Young Group of Promise 231 Young Republican Club 229 Zeta Beta Tau 422 Zoe Bayliss House 366 485 Student Index Aagaard. P .ill AsEolm. P., 214. 227 lanes, 8 . 386 lareatad, J.. 33S lasen, K., 331 Abbot, B.. 315. 361 Abbott, K.. 381 Ibel, K . 201, 340 tbeles, G., 365 Abendroth, J.. 405 Aberg, B., 320 Abitz. J., 343 Abnev, D., 328 Abou-Aaour, A., 195 Abraham, H„ 1S8, 107.204.425 Abraham, L„ 249, 308, 359 Abraliam, T.. 345 Abrams, E., 354 Abrams, R., 361 Abts, T„ 280 Ackerman, B., 314, 323 Adam. M.. 340. 405 Adameak, J., 209 Adams, A., 313 Adams. B., 217. 335, 365. 384, 125 Idams, E., 393 Adams. G., 381 Adams. S.. 208 Adamson, L., 357 Adamson. R., 399 Adelman, M., 375 Adelman. S.. 236, 365. 388 Aderhold, B.. 342 Adkins. H.. 335 Adler, A.. 375 Adler, R.. 422 Adler, T.. 219 Adolph. K.. 213. 353 Adrian. P., 329 Afflebaugh. R., 420 Agnew, .S.. 346 Agron, A., 413 Ahlstrum, C, 331 Aim. C, 360. 386 Uirens, J., 425 Ahrens. M.. 385 Uirens, N., 376 Ahrnsbrak, W., 345 Aikin. J., 208 Air, A.. 244 Am!,. B.. 213 Akmentins. B., 208 Alan. J., 236 Albaum, G., 187 Albert. G., 244 Albertini. R.. 209 Alberts. L., 314 Albrecht, C, 328 Albreclit, L., 203, 397 Albright, J., 345 Albright, N., 311 Aleckson, H., 197. 367 Alesi. C, 376 Alexander. R., 339, 400 Al-Eyd, K., 195 Alf, B., 307 Algarin. M.. 219 Algrim, K.. 196. 217 Alk. E., 308 Ulan, .1.. 236 AlIecksoD, H., 200 Allen. C, 337 Allen. J., 397. 415.416 Allen. K„ 364 Allen. M., 328 Allen. N„ 314 Allen, P., 217, 315, 379 Allen, R., 207 Alii, E., 211. 406 Mini, 1... 233,400 Allis. B., 362 AUis. ]., 423 Allison. R.,336 AUness, E.. 361 Allness. J.. 361 Alper. M.. 413 Alperstein, G.. 247. 333 Al|iert, J., 395 Alport. I... 307 Alsberg. S.. 332 Alston. W., 344 Alt. M.. 361. 387 Alter. B.. 380 Althouse. P., 402 Altman. S.. 388 Altmann. J., 345 Alvin. R., 345 Alvea. J.. 332, 342 Alzuhn. G.. 346 Amaeher, M., 337 Ambelang, P., 280 Amberson, J.. 344 Ambuhl, S., 252 Amell, W„ 426 Amerel, J., 251 Amerson, W., 342 Ames. A., 358 Ames. K.. 351. 352 Amin. V.. 195 Ammons, C., 326 Amundson. R., 327 Imundson, B., 379 Uiagnos. IV. 312 Lnbuhl, s . 109 Anderegg, I . 308 Vndermatt, V.. 381 Anders, C, IS! ' Anders. I. . 189 Andersen. J., 424 Anderson, A.. 310 Anders,,.!. IV. 305 Anderson. C, 196, 197, 308, 340, 377. 116 Anderson, D., 184 Anderson, E„ 188 Anderson, G., 399 Anderson, H., 190 Anderson, J., 209, 211, 218, 344, 360, 379, 381 Anderson. K., 307, 326, 327, 385, 107 Anderson. L„ 216, 217, 306, 311 Anderson, M.. 197. 219. 217, 234.315,343,381,383 Anderson, N., 202 Anderson. P.. 311, 314, 358 Anderson, R., 241, 321, 335, 347 Anderson. S., 215, 306, 300. 386 Anderson, T.. 416 Anding. K.. 198, 308 Andrews. M„ 374 Andrews, P., 202, 316, 324. 343 Andringa. C. 389, 416, 426 Andrusier, S., 238 Andrvczak. J., 420 Angel. J., 333 Angelbeck, J., 421 Angell, D., 205 Angoli, C„ 410 Angi li, T.. 207, 296 Anhalt. A., 525 Ankeney, M., 312. 315 Annear, B., 151 Annen, E., 306. 311 Ansell, S., 207 Ansfield, J., 238, 244 Ansfield. T., 389 Ansnerus. M.. 365 Antholt. C, 318. 337 Anthony. A., 342 Anthony, C, 402 Anthony, K.. 306, 307 Antman, S., 375 Anton, C. 209 Antonic. J., 399, 336 Antoipe. A., 415 Antoine. R.. 336 Antoniewicz. R., 200 Apinis. J.. 244 Apostol, C, 426 Apple! B., 358. 386 Applezweig, B.. 353 Archibald. G.. 228 A rend, J., 240 AriefT, B.. 306, 311 Armstrong, B., 398 Armstrong, G., 75, 398 Arndt, R.. 420 Arne. E , 208. 307 Arnes. J., 328 Arenson, A.. 227 Arneson. C.. 386 ArnofT, S.. 395 Arnold. C, 311 Arnold, D., 194, 389, 403 Arnold. .1.. 329, 394 Arnold. K.. 331 Arnold. L., 310 Arnold. P., 339 Arnold, S.. 329 Arnold. W., 244, 421 Arnstein. S.. 238 Aron, S., 209 Arnov. R., 354 Aronson. L., 222 Arpke. A., 337 Arter, J., 342 Artis, P.. 376 Aryedson, P., 240 Aschenbach, D., 210. 315 Ascher, S., 354 Ascher. P., 187. 290, 340 Asher. C., 415 Ashman, J., 338 Ashton, S., 386 Askoy, W.. 421 Aslakson. C 344 Asmus, J., 338 Aspinwall, P., 389, 419 Atkins, J., 226 Atterberry, J., 400 Atwell. C, 315 Atwood, R.. 426 Auclair. D.. 367 AveriU, E., 387 Avery, T., 240. 244, 334 Axnick, W„ 332 B Baars. M.,362 Babbitt, J., 314 Babbitz, R., 359 Babe. S., 373 Babiarz, A., 360, 374. 376 Babiarz. R.. 203 Bobrove, E., 353 Babula. J., 196. 312. 314 Bachhuber. J., 343 Baehhuber, K., 326 Bachhuber, R., 236 Bachhuber, S.. 227, 245 Bachler, N., 380 Backstrand, J., 349 Bade, B.. 334 Bade, S.. 196, 197 Badman, D.. 337 Baebler. M., 241 Baehr. M., 190 Baehr, R., 329 Baer, J., 375 Baer, R., 275 Baer, T., 345 Baerson. E.. 349 Baesemann, J., 340 Bahr, B.. 362 Baier. R„ 199 BaUey. A.. 240. 241 Bailey, J., 418 Bailey, K„ 256 BaUey. M., 280, 357 Bailey. R., 427 Bailey, S„ 244 Bainbridge. D.. 377 Baier, J., 328 Baker, A., 310, 377 Baker, C, 244 Baker. D.. 409. 420 Baker, J., 344 Baker, P.. 200. 403 Baker, V., 311 Bakke, M.. 219 Bakke, W., 275 Bakken, J., 270, 271, 275 Black. R., 205 Balserson. T.. 187 Baldwin, .1., 315. 334 Baldwin. L.. 312 Baldwin. M., 314. 387 Balistreri. V.. 352 Balkansky, V., 365 Ball, I).. 227 Ball, J., 184. 236 Bailer, P., 365 Balhs. R., 228 Ballnow, J., 389 Balslev, F.. 219 Baltes, J., 214, 376 Bammel, B., 347 Bangert. D.. 275. 299. 346. 402 Bangham, C 307 Bangs, E.. 410 Banicki. K., 348 Bankert, S., 343 Barbakow, B.. 363, 375 Barber, N., 315 Barberie, J., 208, 385 Bardeen, B., 387 Bardeen, T., 337 Baren, R., 358 Barkbarth, W.. 203 Barker. A., 258 Barker, C, 186, 241, 362 Barkin, C, 345 Barkow, C., 245, 360 Barlow, B., 355, 380 Barna, S.. 306. 309 Barnard. E.. 305, 380 Barnes, B., 308 Barnes. G.. 209 Barnes. M.. 354 Barnes. P., 240 Barnes, S., 387 Barnett, E.. 352 Barnett, J., 363 Barnett. W.. 275 Barney, P., 316, 327 Barney, R., 398 Barocci. R.. 409 Baron, D., 346 Barrett, A.. 215, 362 Barrett. V., 360, 375 Barrows, H.. 358 Barry, A., 197, 346 Barry, D., 410 Barry, W., 416 Barsch, R., 344 Bart. R., 209 Bartels, M., 384 Bartes. R., 205 Bartholmai, J.. 184 Bartholomew, M., 382 Bartlett, C, 377 Bartlett, .1., 384 Bartman, R., 342 Bartness. P., 405 Barton, L., 365 Bartsch, S., 352 Bartz, E.. 338 Bartz, H.. 202, 364 Bartz, J., 251. 418 Basarich, D., 330 Baskerville. S.. 352. 374 Basofin, S.. 354 Bass, A., 238 Bass, P., 315 Bast, J.. 237. 362 Bast, K., 197 Bast. R., 326 Bast, S., 310 Basten, J., 335 Bates. R.. 398 Bathke, D., 305 Batt 8., 354 Battv, B., 315 Bauch, T., 406 Bauer, D., 358 Bauer, J., 397 Bauer. M.. 389, 434 Bauer, R., 330 Baughman, K , 327 Baum, K., 358, 375 Bauman, M.. 357. 387 Baumann, R.. 405 Baumer, J.. 196. 309 Baumgardt, A., 342 Baunigardt. J., 341 Baumgart. E.. 396 Baunigartner, J., 317, 340 Bautch, H., 206, 345 Baxter, B.. 353 Bay. E., 215. 360, 386 Bavless. A., 335 Bazilauskas, R.. 340 Baeber. A., 341 Beach. K.. 360. 380 Beacherler. K.. 358 Bear, A., 307 Beardsley, B.. 215, 386 Bearman, D., 401 Bearrick, D., 313 Beattie, M.. 305. 311 Beaumont. J., 404 Beck. I., 316. 331 Beck, J., 387. 417 Becker. B„ 315 Becker. C, 337 Becker. G., 180, 306, 307, 434 Becker, J., 374 Becker. L.. 343, 364 Becker, P., 341 Becker, 8., 310, 330. 377, 397 Beckerdite. H.. 345 Beckley, D., 400 Beckman, T., 201. 423 Beckwith, J., 337 Beernink. B.. 311. 379 Beghin. R., 326 Beguin. E.. 209 Behnke, D., 314. 386 Behnke, J. 337 Behnken, B.. 349 Behr. P., 236 Behrens, G.. 360. 378 Behrens, J., 349 Behrens, K., 311 Behrmann, D.. 188, 204 Beilke. M., 257 Beimborm, M., 209 Beimfohr, S., 243 Beisel. C, 381 Beisner. .1., 348 Bekkedal, M.. 332 Belanger. J., 233 Belkowitz, M.. 395 Bell. D„ 398 Bell. G., 339 Bell. J.. 236. 336. 381, 388 Bell. M., 190, 353 Bell, R., 416 BeUaire, B.. 212, 309 Bellas, .1., 338 Bellis, IV. 315 Bellucci, R.,340 Belonger. D.. 344 Belstner. L... 341 Beltz. M.. 362 Bender. IV. 353, 385 Bender, C, 311 Bender, W.. 227 Benecke, L.. 362 Benedict. M.. 314 Benkert, R., 209. 308, 379 Benner. E., 237, 366 Bonnet. D., 242, 418 Bennett, E.. 343 Bennett. .1.. 208. 354 Bennett. K.. 192. 217. 229, 380 Bennett, M., 240, 382 Bennett, N.. 203 Bennett. R., 227. 339, 389, 414, 426 Bennett, S.. 245, 308 Bensink, M., 341 Bensman. L., 363 Benson, J.. 424 Benson, R„ 197 Benson. S.. 328 Benthling, T,. 345 Beran. R.. 333 Berg, C, 355 Berg. J., 336, 362 Ber, M„ 358 Berg. N., 310 Berg, 8., 366 Berg, T., 404 Berge. C., 308 Berge. P., 200, 396 Berge. R., 426 Bergelin. V., 340 Bergemann, A., 387 Berger. J., 352, 388, 389, 393 Berger. K., 188 Bergeret, J. t 241 Berget. K., 415 Bergman. C, 209, 313 Bergman. D., 309 Bergren. M.. 365 Bergstrom, M., 315 Bergstrom, R., 353 Bergwall, M., 357 Bergwin. R.. 335 Berigan. .1.. 227 Berke. K., 240 Berke, 8., 358 Berman. J., 202. 357, 360 Berman, P., 357 Berdardoni, F.. 337 Bernat. J.. 358 Berndt. D., 305 Berndt. T.. 367 Bernhardt, C.. 366 Bernick, P., 383 Beringer. D.. 397 Berns. S., 315, 378 Bernstein, H., 375 Bernstein, J., 361 Bernstein, K., 359 Bernstein, R.. 194. 200. 403 Berno, J., 188. 333 Berry. C., 307 Berry, H.. 205 Berry. J.. 406 Berry, K., 305 Berry, L., 361 Berry, M., 341 Berryman. D., 343 Bersch, M.. 193, 312. 315 Bersch. S., 308 Berss, R.. 354 Berwald. S.. 358 Bessey. A., 199 Bestul, T., 367 Betts. L. 1 337 Betzhold. D., 394 Bevenue. L., 434 Beverley. J.. 377 Bevington, P.. 261, 381 Bever. A., 333 Bever, J., 381 Bever, R., 200 Bever, S.. 377 Beyreis. K.. 404 Bidder, D., 275, 299 Bi,k. R.. 333 Biedermann. M., 328 Bierbrauer, T., 416 Biermeier. B., 347 Biersach, J., 410 Biggin, M., 342 Bilinsky, C.. 327 Billhardt, L., 328 Bills. M..344 Bilski. R.. 206 Binder, D., 338 Binderman. R., 359 Bingan. J., 344 Bird. P., 338 Birge. E.. 324. 342 Birks. M., 383 Birmingham, V.. 329 Birmingham. W., 291 Bisbee, G., 394 Bischel. J., 402 Bishofberger, J.. 306. 307 Bishop. B.. 382 Bisl L., 227, 228 Bistolas, J.. 405 Bittner. J., 349 Bitzer, B.. 381 Bizzio. A.. 331 Bjork. P., 184. 345 Bjorke, S., 380 Black. B..398 Black. R., 342. 424 Black!, adder, S., 213 Blackburn, D., 314 Blackman, J., 281, 339 Blackman, M., 395 Blackman, S-, 361 Blade, si., 244 Blair. L., 348 Blair. R.. 244 Blarney. R . 342, 402 Blanchar, P., 376 486 Pnmtmcj, the 1962 Qada i Chicago and Dixon, Illinois JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Reproduction Commercial Artists - Photographers 817 W. WASHINGTON BLVD. CHICAGO 7, ILL. Official Engravers for the 1962 BADGER 487 Blan.-hard. C . 206, JIM e . A., 358 Blank. , 229 Blank. .1. 3.11 in i- ) I., r . 349 R . 334 Blazine, C, 308, 310 Blechman, P 122 HI. -, k, „ 208 lecker, R. 336 r. N ., 337 luk. J., 353 heim, G . 378 I 346 M.. 218 ein, I . 354 loch, IV. 317 lock, D., 359 lock, li . 190, 191 lodg I, .,•.!,, i-i lin-l. M., 362 iluemke, B., 326 Huestom 1). Hum, ( ' . ,!SS Hum, M 301 . 358 364 Hum. N. .; ,. Hum, If. 341 1 berg 1 H3(l llumberg P.. 342 Slum berg a.. 336 Bh . C, 219 Board, ( ' ., 313 Bober, M.. 306, 310 Bockenhagen, K.. 332 Boehm, K., 315 Boehm, S., 208 Boehm. T.. 229, 261 Boehm. W., 357, 418 Boehmer, K., 426 Boeker, A.. 426 Boettcher, . 199 Boettcbei , I; in 1 ' Boetti. W., 3.3K Boheim, J.. 41.1 Bohen, J.. 332 Buhl, J.. 336 Bolhman. R., 244 Bolnn, L., 337 Bohri, J., 352 Boice, S., 186, 360. 376 Boivin. K., 367 Boland. H.. 203, M., 326 Boldt, W., 340 Bolge, R., 199 Holm. R., 333 Bohtho. 8., 209, 328 Boiler, A., 244 Boiler. C, 380 Bollnow, T., 4 IS Bolloni. W., 201 Bolton. L„ 320. 327 Boltz, D., 314, 374 Bomberger, B.. 342, 208 Bong, R., 335 Bonneau, 8., 208 Bookl, older, R., 348 Bookhout. C. 213 Boorman, B., 378 Booth. C, 208. 218, 3.16 Booth, J., 329 Booth. M.. 383 Borchardt, (I.. 194. 196. 244, 396 Borchardt, J., 215 Borchert, D., 365. 387 Borchert, F., 242, 347 Borchert, J., 342 Bordow. A.. 422 Borer, W., 333 Bergen. B., 41.1 Borgwardt, J., 340 Boris, F„ 421 Borafleth, R.. 404 Borosage, M., 360, 387 Borowski, J., 208 Borst, l . 182, 374 Borst, R„ 251 Borsum. R., 332, 427 Bortz, R., 394 Boscan-I-Yrnandez. L.. 198 Boseh, C, 331 Botsch, B.. 360 Boutel. H., 342 Bouttel, U.. 338 Bouwman, C. 208. 360 Bowe, B., 30.1 Bowen. J., 187. 40.1 Bower, K.. 217 Bowers. C, 415 Bowers. J., 400 Bowman, A., 362 Bowman, K., 275, 299 Bowman, L., 352 Bowman. W.. 381 Bown, P., 307 Boxer, S., 365, 375 Bovce, F.. 357 Bovd. B., 208 Boyes, M.. 377 Brachtl, H., 229 Brackett. I).. 416 It, idford, l . 382 Brynildson, .1.. 367 Bradke, 209 Bublitz, l„. 129 Bradlej . 1 „ 122, 381 Bubolz, J., 211 ' ,. HI2 Brager, 1 . 307 Buchanan, . 31.1 Bragg, .1 . I " 7 Buchen, M., 308 Buchhauser, T., 21 1, 227 Buchholz, M.. 329 Burl,,,, aim. .1.. 33.1 Hi. in, hi. R . Hi;, Bucholt, il,. 3(17 Brandenburg, .1 . 217, 383 Buck. . 355 Brandley, J., 387 Buckman, s.. 327 Brandt. E., 379 Buckner, N. 376 Brandt, II.. 339 Budic, II,. 3 13 Brandt. .1 . 382 Budlong, S., 210. 360 Brandwein, R . 364 Budowski. .1., 426 Budreau, M., 321. 323. 326 Branson, M 380 Budv, P., 315 Branum ' ' . 105 Budzein, K.. 310 Buedirjgen, R.. 426 Bratli i [ ,237 309 Buehler, B.. 309. 378 Bratz, n . . ' in Buell. I).. 334 Braun, ., 244, lis Buening, B., 378 Brazeau, V.. 400 Buerki. R., 426 Brazv. .1 . 245 Buhmann. B„ 344 Breene, .. 195 Buholzer, K., 311 Breger, ]).. 256, 260, 355 Bujan, .1., 373, 384 Breger, 1... 238, 36.1 Bukovic, P., 311 Breger, R., 414 Bulbert. B.. 215 Brelnn. H., 203, 205 Buller, P., 240. 313 Breinan, W . 233 Bullinger, M., 358 Bn-itug. K . 229, 2.17, 3till Bullock, R., 194. 403 Breitenbach, .1., 227. 380 Bunk. J., 418 Breitenbach, S., 208 Bunyan, C. 374 Breitman, B., 395 Bunzel, A., 355 Brener, W., 402 Bupp, S.. 315, 376 Brennan, K.. 352 Burbev, P., 344 Brens, J., 289. 340 Burbridge, B., 3.52, 387 Brenzel, A.. 377 Burcalow, H., 196, 197, 198 Brereton, V.. 196 Burckhardt, VV„ 417 Breske. P., 226 Burdick, G., 190, 241. 2.1(1 Bressler, J., 355 Burdick, R.. 20.1. 207 Breu, D., 196, 197, 329 Bures. J., 379 Breucb, T., 41 8 Burg, E., 363 Breuer, T., 234 Burg. L.. 395 Brewer, R„ 410 Burger, R.. 261. 409 Bridgtnan. J.. 387 Burgess, P., 227 Briggs, P. 327 Burgett, C 242 Brings, S., 227 Burik, M„ 331 Brigham, K.. 219 Burke, J., 233 Brill, ( ' ., 364 Burke, R., 334 Brill. K.. 358 Burke, W., 348 Brill, I... 394 Burkholder, J., 334 BriUman, M.. 336 Burlev, J., 420 Bringe. R., 200, 367 Burman, S., 309 Brinkinann, W., 206 Burmeister, R., 525 Britten, S., 335 Burnkrant, R., 342 Brittor, C. 331 Burns, J., 20.1 Brocade. K., 210. 357, 378 Burns, L., 400 Brock, A., 203 Burns, R„ 41.5 Brockhaus, S.. 218, 30.5 Burns. S.. 327, 329 Brodkin, J., 359 Burr, J., 315 Brodv, B„ 328 Burr, S., 360 Broming, J., 305 Burritt, R., 343 Bronfenbrenner. B., 351 Burroughs, C, 416 Bronson, F., 209 Burroughs, L., 236 Bronson. G., 190 Burstein, L., 395 Brook, J.. 236. 244 Burt, R., 348 Brooks, D.. 340 Burton, R., 425 Brooks, E., 24.1 Burzvnski, G., 381 Brooks. J., 188, 191. 206, 416 Busch, J., 307 Brooks. L. 374 Busch, S., 314 Brooks. S., 423 Bushland. G., 320, 338 Brophy, J., 291, 348 Busser, V., 421 Brophv, K., 397 Bussey, S.. 216, 227 Brose. E., 362 Buth, R., 396 Bross, R., 214, 219 ButtenhofT. N , 341 Brott, S., 377 Butterbaugh, J., 352, 386 Brotz. P., 322 Buttle, C, 206 Brourman, D., 358, 37.1 Butts, P., 366 Brown, D., 397 Butzer, B., 193, 376 Brown, E., 188. 204 Butzke, S., 193 Brown, G., 352, 387. 427 Buxbaum, N., 363. 388 Brown. .1., 328 Bvbee. N., 392 Brown, I., 216 Byers, C, 245 Brown, M.. 353, 355, 385 Bvram, C, 353 Brown. N., 338, 379 Byrnes, M., 310 Brown. P., 362, 414, 422 Brown. R., 344, 416 Brown. S., 240. 378 Brown. W., 236, 416 Browne. N.. 319, 323, 331 Brownell, M.. 314 Brownell, P.. 2.11. 313, 414 C Brownlow, M., 328 Caddock, D., 227 Bruchtel. B.. 361 Caffee, S., 381 Bruce, E., 189 Cagen. L., 184 Breuderle, S., 337 Cain, M., 196 Brueggeman, J.. 186, 307 Caine, K.. 3.1.1 Bruesewitz, T.. 399 Cairns, R.. 342 Bruhn, M., 275 Cairo. V., 208 Bruhn, P., 296 Calabresa, B., 327 Bruhn, R., 410 Calder. L.. 309 Bruhv, S., 311 Caldwell, J , 344 Bruins, J., 34.1 Caldwell, R., 344 Brumblav. L., 309, 385 Caliendo, S„ 358 Brunette, A.. 315 Calkins, J.. 424. 296 Brunettem, J.. 218. 366 Calkins, K., 307 Brunkow, C, 314 Call, M., 379 Brnnner, A., 310 Call. S., 331 Brunner, V.. 405 Callahan, J.. 191 Bruns, C, 189. 196. 38.1 Calland. M„ 240, 308 Brunsting, I.., 352 Calm, C. 355 Brusewitz. G.. 200 Calvert, G., 321, 322, 346 Brussat, N., 374 Cameron, B., 251 Bruusgaard. E., 23.1, 402 Cameron. D.. 20.1. 241 Bryant, A.. 404 Cammins, B., 365 Brvant, M., 308. 352, 374 Campbell, P. 311 Bryant. N , 3.52, 374 Campbell. W., 21.1. 316, 334 Brve. R., 367 Canadv, S., 360. 384 Brvne. K.. 200 Cannon. J., 340 ( ' .•mi, M., 3i,n, 384 Cape, B., 317 ( ' C. 311 Capers, C, 360.384 ( lapheim, II.. 119 ( lapicik, J., 2 II Caplan, N ,. 2.19 Cappaert, 1 1 . 208 ( laptaine, l.. 305 Card, ( ' .. 3.16 ( iiol. P.. 418 C111, Ion. A., 381 1 hum h. I)., 402 C 11. ! ., 201, 39.1 Carlisle, A.. 376 Carlson, C . 357 Carlson, (I . 305 Carlson, II,. 398 Carlson, .1.. 328 Carlson. P. 335 Carlson. I!., 1.13 Carpenter, .1.. 402 Carpenter, K., 309 Carpenter, T.. 345 Carper. G„ 378 Carr, D., 180. 379 Carr. M., 344 Carr, S.. 360 Carriere, W., 260, 409 Carrig, I)., 348 Carroll. K.. 306,310 Carroll. M., 340 Carson, J., 349 Caistensen, P., 21.1 Carter, D., 344 Cartier, E., 330 Cartwright, J.. 367 Carvis, T., 405 Cary, D., 347 Cary, R., 425 Casadonte, K., 328 Case, L., 315 Casely, M.. 366 Casev, R., 344, 394 Cash, R., 395 Casiana. T.. 348 Cass. N., 365, 379 Cassadv, P.. 421 C ' assiman, B.. 217. 227 Castagna, M., 227 Cathman, R., 234 Catlin, M., 384 Cavanaugh, J., 416 Cavanaugh. K., 191, 434 Cavedo, S., 310 Cawlev, D., 342 Cavgill, R.. 410 (Vol, mi. K.. 316. 317. 331 Cech, J.. 236 Cederbaum, H.. 208 Cederberg, C, 196, 366 Ceilesh, I).. 332 Center, D., 412 Cepek, L., 188 Certik, M„ 357 Cesario. T., 209 Chaffin, R.. 321 Chalstrom. S.. 358 Chamberlin, G., 236 Chamberlin. J., 347 Chambers, L.. 250. 404 Chambers. V., 200 Chana, R., 345 Chapin, N.. 366 Chapin, S.. 379 Chapman, .1.. 243 Chapman, S., 315 Chappell, J.. 209 Chase, M., 3.15,385 Chazin. S., 363 Checksi. L., 341 Cheek, J., 404 Chelarin, C, 307. 383 Chernow, R.. 228, 251 Chessman, M., 355 Chester. S., 310. 406 Chevedden. C. 339 Chilcutt, K.. 240, 305 Childs. D., 339 Chillen, J., 311 Chilsen, D., 415 Chipman, G., 342 Chipons, L., 191 Chmielewski, B.. 340 Chrisien. F., 326 Christen, C, 362 Christensen, A.. 366 Christensen, D., 334, 338 Christensen, E., 336 Christensen. G., 310 Christensen. H., 338 Christensen. M , 367 Christensen, R., 242, 338, 423 Christensen, S., 308 Christensen, V., 200 Christenson. L., 379 Christian. B.. 196, 305 Christiansen, K., 340 Christiansen, P., 305 Christiansen. R., 397 Christianson, C, 196, 314 Chnstianson, D., 345 Christman, B., 197. 309 Christman, .1.. 386 Christman. M., 378 Christoffersen, R.. 409 Christopheraon, II.. 231 Chucbel, l . 345 Chudaooff, M . 361 Chudik, I . 33.1 Chudnow, L., 364, 4(1(1 Church, K., 227 Church, S., 227 ( Ihutkow, .1., 3.18, 37.1 Cibulka. A., 24.1 , ,, 403 Cisewski, K . 3 12 Clair, V., 340 Clancv, R., 341 Clark, A., 209, 383 Clark. (I.. 191 ( link. .1 . 394, KI9 Clark, K., 3.13. 384 Clark, L., 214 Clark, P., 403 (lark, S., 360 Clark, T.,409 Clarke, E.. 376 Clarke, J., 389. 399 Clarkson, P., 384 Class, J., 406 Claudon, 1)., 347 Clay. R.. 331. 378 Clayton, I- ' ., 397 Clavton. J., 387 Cleary, J., 327 Clemen, VV , 34.1 Clemens. M., 385 Cleven. 1)., 378 Cleven, K.. 208 Cline, E.. 373, 383 Cline. K., 383 Clirker. M.. 326. 380 Clinton, J.. 328, 380 Clinton. R., 341 CI ore, C, 308 Clothier. ,S.. 291. 421 Clover, V., 227 Clurman, M., 345 Coats, E.. 236, 241 Cobb. G.,348 ( ' ,,1,1,, J., 360 Cobb, R.. 345 Cochran, R., 397 Cochrane, T., 367 Coede, K., 328 Coffin. G., 381 Collin, K.. 206 Cogan, .1.. 393 Cohen. B., 375. 422 Cohen, I)., 388 Cohen, H., 238, 308 Cohen. .1.. 311. 328,348 Cohen. L., 338 Cohen. M., 277, 363, 364 Cohen. P., 3.54. 364 Cohen. R.. 186. 257, 365, 37 Cohen, S., 375 Cohen. T., 411 Colder, R., 413 Cohn, H., 363, 388 Cohn, L., 388 Coifman, R.. 42.5 Colacchin, C, 400 Colbert, B.. 360, 402 Colbv, D., 215, 378 Colb ' v, R., 197. 200, 403 Cole, G„ 400 Cole, K.. 186. 37.1 Cole, N., 315 374 Cole, S., 3.14, 420 Coleman. J., 336 Colitre, C, 389. 391, 394 Collette, R.. 337 Collins, C, 242, 244, 400 Collins. K., 361 Collins. T., 367. 400. 40.1 Colloton, P., 394 Combs. M.. 379 Condon. C. 186, 306, 311. 387 Congdon, C. 240 Congdon, P., 335 Conger, C, 358 Conine. W.. 335 Conlon, H.,400 Connell, .1., 218. 312. 375 Conner. R., 402 Connet. M.. 190 Conrad. G., 406 Consignv, P.. 342 Conviser, L., 365 Conwav. E., 209, 306. 308 Conwav, J.. 347 Conwav. K., 307 Cook, C,, 219 Cook, D., 202, 206, 315. 367 Cook. R.. 338 Cook, S., 311 Cook, T., 215 Coolev, C, 236 Coolev. W.. 234 Cooney, D., 423 Cooper, S., 315 Coopman, R., 426 Coplan, .1.. 208, 37.1 Copps. M., 399 488 I A SOUVENIR OF FOREVER Sy ■ " •% i pm L m s P v A fine professional photograph does two things for you ... It represents you at the instant it is taken, and it keeps that You alive for later generations to see . . . You will grow older, of course, but our talented artist-photographer will keep today ' s You forever young! ... We are happy to be your official school photographer, and we ' d be proud to be your personal photographer, too, to record all the other important events of your life. YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Harry j.i lancnesTer, nc. DOWNTOWN STORE ONLY MADISON 3, WISCONSIN 489 Corlett, K.. 186 Darnels. D., 344 Cormaney. T., 229 Danielson, L., 187, 194, 19 1 ornwall, D . 334 200. 367 C ' orrado. V.. 340 Danielson, R., 418 Correll, J., 236 Danklefsen, ' ., 342 lorrigan, G., 203, 346 Dann, L., 357 1 .mi, .-, I... 413 Dann, P.. 337 1 ■,„. , 1 . 380 Danner, C... 394 ■ , ryell, C, 357 Dannerbeok, P., 389, 399 Coeent I... 343 Da|ip. T., 403 ( ' ossmann. L., 358 Darbo, K., 311 Coster, D., 218 Darey, R.. 316, 343 Cotter, C., 310 Darling, V., 400 Cottingham, J., 188 Darrow, K., 333 Cottingham, S., 329 Darrow, N., 201 i ' J., 219 Darvin, 8., 346 Coughlan, N., 334 Dau, I).. 206, 423 Coulter, l ' . 338 Davenport, M., 381 Coutler, G., 326 Davidson, K.. 308 Coutler, S., 208, 353 1 lavidson, M.. 411 Council, J.. 240 Oavies, A.. 383 Coutre, R.. 406 Daviea, E., 385 Cowan, J., 363 Davies, J., 347 i iowden, C., 208 Davies, R.. 525 Cowen, M.. 203 Davies. T.. 345 Cowles, M., 331 Davis. C, 308. 314, 384 Cowley, R., 236 Davis. D., 196. 332, 336, 366 ' !ox, 1 ., L97, 200. 367 Davis, J.. 347, 360 Cox, M., 336 Davis. H., 229 Cox, P., 420 Davis. M.. 421 Cox, R., 337 Davis, R., 333, 367 Cox, T . 202 Davis. W., 196, 335, 406 Coyle, T., 226 Davison. J.. 339 Craig. P.. 307. 381 Dawn, V., 186 i ■..mi. M.. 384 Dean, B.. 386 Crater, I... 194, 196, 200,403 Deaner. R., 344 Cramer, J.. 200, 396 De Boer. B.. 342 Crane, C..35S De Bruine. A., 349 Crane, I... 378 Debus, M„ 309 Cratty, W.. 240 Decker, D., 401 Crawford, K.. 331 Decker, J., 200, 367. 401 Creagan, T., 409 Decker, R., 338 Creaaey, D., 420 De Cleeme, C, 349 Creigfaton, K., 327 Deedy, K., 407 i Iremer, S., 364 Deeley, N.. 366 Crisafulli. B., 417 Deen, B., 364 Critehfield, J.. 410 De Four, T., 184 i Irittenden, ¥.. 242 Degerstedt. T., 219 Croake. S.. 308 De Grave, G., 331 Crolev, K., 227 De Haven. D., 315 Cromev. R.. 251 De Horn. R., 383 Cronin, S.. 376 Deighton. M., 408 Crook. M.. 229 Deninger, J., 234 Crow, D.. 400 Deininger, N., 234 Crow, F., 218 De Jesus, N., 291 Crow, M., 356 1 lenkker, K„ 338 Crowe, J., 184 Delke, D., 206 Crownhart, V., 377 Dell, D., 332 i Iruden, P., 311 Delliquadri. T.. 186 Cuene, S.. 307 Dellow. J., 401 Cuerri, K. 415 De Lucca, G., 405 Cullinen, C, 357 Delwiche. D., 205. 244. 343 Cullison, S., 229. 360, 380 De Marco. P., 407 Cummings, C, 2i7, 330. 37S De Mars, M., 190 Cummings, J., 402 Demeny, G., 206 Cummings, S., 343 1 iemichelis, J.. 405 ( lunningham, P., 405 Demitros, D.. 338 Cuppan, B., 205, 343 Demitros, R., 297 Curnow, C, 367 1 lempsey, M., 328, 380 Curreri, R.. 336 Demuth. C, 367 Currie, B.. 186, 360. 377 Deneen, I., 385 Currie, E., 362 Dengler, J., 393 Curry, A., 373 De Nike, J.. 374 1 lurtes, J., 399 Denis. J., 332 Curtin, J., 421 Denner. J.. 309 Curtis, I... 308 De Nover, S., 384 Curwen, M., 197,382 Dent, J.. 328 Cusick, R.. 342 Dent, K„ 218, 328 Cuthbert, M.. 218 Deprez, K., 346 Cutting, B., 334 Deprez. S., 186 Cuttler, S., 359 De Priest, R., 199 i Izaplinski, R.. 244, 337 Derleth. E.. 202 Czar, R., 329 Derleth, T.. 340 Czerchoreki, B., 366 Derouin, R., 530 Derusha. R., 190 De Spirito. R., 400 Deisens, W.. 226 Dessolch, S.. 377 Detlor, P., 186, 366 D Dettmann, D., 206 Dettman, P., 341 Dachelet, R., 405 Dettner, D., 335 Daentl. D., 200 Deutsch, J., 354 Daggett, K., 360 Deutsch, M., 352 Hague, J., 367 Deutsch, P.. 251 IJahl, J„ 412 Devine, G„ 342 Dahl, R.,341 DeVine, M„ 206 Dahlk, W., 241 De Voe, K., 214 Dahly, J., 203, 402 Devoe, S., 218 Dahnke, D., 313 De Viries, R., 219, 342 Dams, S., 349 De Weerd, B., 382 Daitchman, D„ 361 Dewev, J., 202, 315 Dakin, R., 348 Dewitt, D., 315 Dallia, L.. 402 De Witt, S., 352 DaUich, M, 387 Dewsnap, C, 219, 396 Dallich, N.. 314, 387 Dhirataykinant, K.. 334 Dallmann, R., 339 Dian, J., 361 Dalton, J., 336 Dickson, A.. 385 Dalton, S., 357 Dickson. J.. 425 Dalv. R., 415 Diebig. J., 385 Dambellan, M.. 418 Dieringer, N., 240 Dambrosio. J.. 374 Diestler, E., 326 Damitz, K., 382 Dietrich, R., 332, 424 Dammann, D., 305 Dietrich, W.. 191, 243 Damrow, J., 346 Dietrict, B.. 398 Dana, B., 360 Dietz, J., 208 Dana, E., 293, 241 Dille, N., 208 Danaher, K.. 362 Dillenburg, K., 309 Dane, G., 358 Diller, H., 425 Daniel. D.. 319 Dillett, P., 379 Dlllev. M., 280 Dillon, T., 218 Dine. S., 352. 375 1 mti-[nann, R., 421 Dirnbauer. F . 338 Disch. S., 196, 217 Dix, E„ 348 Dixon, A., 413 Dixon, D., 244, 345 Dixon, J., 376 DixoD, P., 240 Dixon, R., 188 Doane, J.. 187 Dobkin. J., 354 Dobratz, J.. 378 Dobris. J., 354 Docken, G., 200, 403 Dodds, N., 365 Doege, F.. 202 Doering, J., 315 Doherty. J., 333, 383, 403 Dolinal. R.. 416 Dohse. L., 188, 191 Dolby. S., 217, 357 Dolin, M.. 308 Dollinger, G.. 319, 338 Dolske. M.. 410 Domahoski, J., 308 Domimi, J., 242 Domrath, D., 417 Domrose, J., 315 Donaldson, R., 415 Donaldson. T.. 343 Donatell. T., 397 Donath. D.. 196 Donegan, T., 409 Donnelly. W., 339 Donner, J., 316. 337 Donner, R., 317, 333 Donovan, T., 426 Doornink, D., 187, 195 Doos, W - ., 342 Doose, J., 421 Doperalski, J., 393 Dopke, C, 394 Dopp, G., 334 Doran, G., 203 Doran, T., 400 Dorer, S., 210, 384 Dormer, J., 360 Dornbrook, K., 215, 309 Dorafield, J., 182. 377 Dorrington, T., 424 Doss, E., 319, 339 Doss, J., 208 Dotv, J., 209 Dougherty, K.. 208 Douglas. C, 404 Dowd. J., 218 Dowling, O.. 389, 406 Downham, T., 275 Dovle. G. 195 Dovle, J., 367 Drafz. J.. 305 1 irairancewicz, J., 349 Drager. D., 332 Drager, J., 209, 333, 425 Dragotto, J„ 209, 377 Draheim, A., 215.353,377 Draheim, (!., 199, 403 Draisin, S., 358 Drake, R., 427 Dramni, K.. 199, 404 Draper, J.. 426 Drapkin, S., 357 Dravton. S., 352,372 Dresktrah, D., 194, 403 Dreger, R.. 414 Dreher. L., 307 DreU, A., 308 Drengler, R., 416 Drescher, D., 329 Dresser, K.. 309, 385 Dressier, E., 240 Drexler. A.. 419 Drier, D„ 338 Dries, M., 336 Driessen, R., 307, 380 Driskill, M., 358 Drucker. D.. 361 Druxerman, B., 413 Drve. K., 344 Du Bord, D., 342 Du Bord. W., 338 Dubren, R.. 184, 422 Du Brucq, V., 387 Duchow, J., 281, 344 Ductor, J., 362 Dudev, C, 341 Dudlev, J.. 186 Duemiing. W., 418 Duerr. P., 215. 374 Duescher, B., 314 Duetsch. L., 338 Duex, T., 335 Dufek, E., 349 Duffv, M., 312 Du Frane, M., 340 Dulde, T., 346 I luu.bleton, D., 238 Dumdev, D.. 186, 309, 383 Dumke, D., 346 Dunham, A., 340 Dunkel, T 421 Dunn, J., 358 Dunning, S., 377 Dunst. J.. 318, 319, 340 Dunwell, A., 312 Durand. A., 406 Durand. K., 258. 366 Hi. .ant.-, M„ 343 Durohalag, D., 422 Durchlag. 8., 389. 122 Durgel, 0..367 Durkin, O.. 308 D.rwar.1, S., 353 Dushek. L., 362 Dushek, W., 383 Duwe, B., 180, 241. 376 Dvorachek, R.. 418 Dvorak, J., 217, 327. : ' ,S7 Divorak, T.. 218 Dyke, W., 340 Dymond, M.. 193 Eagan, J., 409 Eastman. M„ 189, 305, 376 Kaston. J., 203, 376 Kaston. R.. 291, 418 Eastwood, M., 189, 198, 434 Eastwood, P., 326 Eaton, E., 328 Eaton. W., 338 Ebbott. N„ 311 Ebbott, R.. 316. 348 Ebel. M., 186 Eberhardt. R.. 406 Eberle. P., 2O0 Eberman, P.. 334 Ebersberger, J., 338 Ebitsubo. I.. 233 Ebsen. J., 250 Eck. B.. 358 Eckerle, T., 410 Eckert, W., 396 Eckl, R., 280 Eckles. C. 219. 332, 417 Eckles, W., 417 Eddv. J.. 402 Eder. R., 206 Ederstrom. K.. 373, 374 Edgerton. J.. 400 Edgren, S.. 353, 387 Edl. J.. 402 Edwards, C. 187 Edwards, D., 297 Edwards. L., 426 Edwards. !S.. 337, 383 Edwardsm, .1., 365 Eeles, B., 213 Eeles. 8., 208 Een, K., 334 Egan. E„ 345 Egan. T.. 389. 417 Egbert, D., 414 Egebrecht, R., 324. 337 Eggebrecht, D., 202. 415 Eggener. B., 244, 413 Egger, J., 415 Eggerting, J.. 204 Eggert. D., 406 Eggleton, T., 240 Ehlenfeldt, R.. 334 Ehlers, C... 387 Ehlers, M., 236 Ehlert, T., 402 Ehlke, R., 201 Ehren, B.. 182, 241. 237, 362 Ehren, W.. 405 Ehrhardt, L., 366 Ehrhart. L., 196 Eich. J.. 315 Eisberg, P. 358 Eisman. W„ 422 Eisendrath. E.. 386 Ekstrom, K., 353. 387 Eldred, J., 386 Elfner. E., 402 Elger, D„ 334 Elinson, 8., 363 Ellefoon, D., 336 Ellegaard, B.. 205 Ellegant. J.. 361 Ellestad. D.. 188. 204 Elhnger. H.. 190 Elliott. A.. 295. 208, 311 Elliott, J., 406 Ell. , 1).. 417 Ellis. J.. 240, 415 Ellison, L.. 395 Ellsworth, E., 209 Elmburg. J., 400 Elmhorst, R.. 191, 206 Elrod, R.. 215, 388 Elson, S.. 217, 227 Elving. E., 358 I)., 418 Emanuel. B., 413 Emerson. G„ 415 Emerson. V.. 400 Emerv, T., 381 Emmerich, S., 387 Emmons, J., 309 Emmons, R., 200 Emrich, M., 380 Emrich, P., 320. 321. 322, 32S 380 Endelman, C, 227, 319 Enders, J., 206 Enerson. D., 336 Engberg, D., 393 Engel. C, 377 Engel, .1., 365 Engelbrecht, K.. 334 Engen. C. 240, 360 England, S., 354 Englerm. .1.. 238 Englesbv. J., 245 Englund. (!., 289 .VI., 384 Engstrom. I., 349 Engst. ...... M.. 208 Ensminger, S.. 377 EntwistTe, R.. 205 Epsteip, A., 413 Epstein, B., 251 Epstein, D.. 413 Erb, E , 210. 215, 355 Erb, J., 299 Erb. P., 206, 330 Erbach, 1).. 195. 295, 299, 403 | Erdle, I... 383 Er.lman. D., 399 Erichsen, C, 380 Ericksen, E., 190 Eriekson, C, 217. 338 Eru-kson. Ci.. 365, 377 Eriekson, J., 229, 305. 335 Eriekson. K., 359, 377 Eriekson, L., 338 Eriekson, M.. 258 Eriekson, R„ 426 Eriekson, S., 374 Eriekson, T., 408 Eriekson, K., 257 Erkan. G., 338 Erkkila, R., 331 Erlandson, F., 331 Erlich, L., 219 Erlich, P., 354 Erlien, R., 337 Ern. J., 208 Ernst, C, 339 ErnstofT, T., 364 Eronek. D., 315 Erskine, VV.. 423 Erzen, J., 397 Esch, .1., 314 Eserkaln, L., 315 Esfahani, M„ 334 Esler. J.. 397 Essock. A., 311 Esswein. J.. 426 Este.., L., 379 Estes. M., 208, 314, 387 Estrem, C, 379 Etzehnueller, M., 366 Eugster. H., 263 Eustice. W.. 200, 367 Evans. E., 314, 376 Evans. J., 343, 347 Evans. L., 382 Evans. M., 227 Evans, S., 3R0, 422 Evenson. A.. 20S, 217. 376 Evenson, C. 305 Everlv, J.. 330 Everson, T.. 195 Everts. S., 349 Ewald. C 382 Ewert, S., 331 Ezer.ns, E„ 275, 299 Fabke. .1., 397 Fabry, J., 275 Pagan, S.. 227 Fagman. D., 354 Fahrenbach. K.. 381 Fairchild. V., 332 Faircloth. R.. 420 Fairman. D.. 228 Falk, ( ' .. 182. 380 Falk, R., 354 Falkenberg, K., 416 Falkenberg, S.. 309 Falligant, J.. 314 Fangboner. M.. 380 Fanning. R.. 407 Fanslau. J-, 336 Fart. S., 209. 309 Fara, J.. 397 Farlev. .1.. 421 Farmer, R., 339 Farmer, S., 384 Farr, M., 310 Farrington, R.. 414 Farris, P., 309 Farwell, D., 329 Fassett, L., 206. 347 Fauber, R., 252 Fawbush, L., 340 Favette, L., 409 Federer. S., 189 Federspiel, W., 343 Fedrler, F., 418 Feenev. J., 421 Fefer, P., 307 Fehirwary, G., 305 P igenberg, L., 413 Fein, T., 310 Feinberg, J., 358, 375 Feingold, J., 364 Feingold, P. 365., 378 Feinstein, M., 340 Keinstein, R., 395 Feinstein, S., 333 Feintueh, M., 353 Feiverson, C, 336 Felbinger, B., 416 Feldman, M., 395 490 s ELF-RELIANCE is a quality developed by free people. It is the key to self-betterment and self-respect. In America self-reliance, stimulated by freedom of enterprise, has led to the most abundant living and the highest levels of opportunity in history. There are those who believe that the welfare state results in social betterment. It would be well to remember that regimentation under the welfare state calls for a sacrifice of self-reliance and results in a Declaration of Dependence. JUz J KOHLER of KOHLER Enameled Iron and Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures All-Brass Fittings • Electric Plants Air-Cooled Engines • Precision Controls KOHLER CO. Established 1873 KOHLER, WIS. 491 M Feller, D., 426 Felsenthal, B., 354 , 1ST Felts, ( ' .. 307 Fenrick, M . 306 110 J10 I, :;il Fernette, J., 331 Fessenbecker, E., 241 Fett, J., isr Fetzer, P., 400 T. hi. A.. 34H Feuerzeig, J., 405 Fey, J., 389, 398 Fidler, P., 413 Field, B., 305 Field, IV. 219 Field, J., 341, 386 Field, M . 413 I ield, P . 256, 379 I ield, i HI v. 147 I ill Till: Filtzer, I ' .. 422 Findlay, D.. 409 1 indling, L., 344 Finer, S., 353, 375 Finger, P., 307 Kink. A., 399 Fink, VV.. 347 Finlay, I).. 408 I nil,- 100 M . in Firmer, M., 195 Firehammer, J.. 219 Firle, S., 209 Fischer, C, 358 Fischer, F., 424 Fischer, (;.. 396 Fischer, J., 206 R., 206 Kisc Fischer, S., 352, 374 Fishbeck, K.. 311 Fisher, B.. 365 Fisher, G., 200 Fisher, J.. 188. 191, 250 Fisher. K., 414 Fisher, I... 209, 308 Fisher, M.. 322, 323. 327, 3611. 414 Fisher, R., 413 Fisher. S.. 360. 388 Fishman, B., 422 Fiss, C. 305 Fitschen. F.. 209 Fitzgerald, J.. 206 Fitzgerald, M., 330 Fitz-Gibbon, T., 338 Flader, S., 311 Flader. W., 209 Flaherty, J., 314 Flanders, W., 410 Flanigan, D., 337 Flashinski, A., 337 Fleege. R.. 412 Fleenor, J., 416 Fleischhacker, P., 204, 425 Fleischman, L., 315, 354 Fleming, M., 327 Fleming, N., 275 Fleming, R.. 356, 389, 416 Fletcher, C, 329 Fletcher, D., 352, 381 Fletcher. R.. 427 Fleurdelvs, B., 329 Fleury, K., 208, 378 Flewelling, M., 230, 352 Flink, J., 376 Flint. L., 182, 377 Flora, C, 408 Florian, D., 338 Flory, M., 308, 379 Flueck, M., 377 Flugstad, K., 182, 379 Flund, J., 418 I obes, P., 360 Fogarty, R.. 336 Foley, P., 240, 357 Foley. W., 339 Folickman, R.. 354 Follett, B.. 196, 352 Foisted, S., 314 F ' onslau, J., 212 Fonstad, C, 345 Foote, D., 202 Foote, S., 376 Footlik. N., 413 Force. J., 233 Ford, K., 305 Ford. M., 337 Foreman, ( ' .. 354 Forester, D.. 332 Forester. J., 400 I ' orgione, R., 408 Forner, E., 362 Forsberg, C, 374 Forsgren, L., 386 Fortin, A., 374 Fosdal, S., 426 492 I oss, II . 296 I OSS W.. 333 I oster, I , 123, 37 1 I oster, I! . 125 Fox, J , 243, - ' 75, 366 Fox, K.. 311 Fox, L., 411 Fox. M., 251 Foxe, S., 314, 385 Foy, W., 416 Frailing, N., 208 1 tain. U . 339 Frakes, S., 215, 353 Fniliil.eri.-ci. B., 215, 310 I ran. k. N., 311 Frane . .1 . 205, 342 Frank. B., 215, 381 Frank. I... 196 Frank. M.. 355 Frank. N., 186 Frank, P., 208, 353, 362 Frank. S., 319, 322. 360. 374 Frankenstein, K.. 395 Franklin, J., 358, 388 Franzen, S., 377 Fratli, T., 386 Frai . S., 314 Frea, I.. 364 Fre.lendall. S., 308 Fredenslund, A.. 335, 418 Frederick, R.. 408 Frederiksen, S., 373, 382 Fredrich, C, 331 Fredrickson. B., 343 Fredrickson, D., 347 Fredrickson, N., 360 Fredrickson, S-, 367 Freeberg, D., 425 Freed, Si., 328 Freedland, C, 355 Freedlander, R., 353 Freedman, R., 227 Freeman. R„ 395 Freese, B., 381 Freiberg, C, 314 Freimuth, R, 204,343 Freitag, P., 310, 380 French. T.. 236, 400 Freriks, J., 311 Freschl, N.. 354, 375 Frese. W., 424 Freund. R.. 414 I reii.lenU-i . ' .. ' 365 Frev, D., 409 Frev, F., 394 Frev, J., 208. 310 Frick, G., 335 Frick. R., 204 Friede. B., 206, 207, 250, 307 Friedland, S., 355 Friedlander. J., 388, 395 Friedman, E., 358 Friedman. .1., 358. 375. 422 Friedrichsen. H„ 329, 379 Friedstein, P.. 388 Friess, F., 389, 399 Friestad, D., 336 Frishberg, J., 363 Fritschel, W„ 426 Fritz, R., 345 Fritz, S., 227 Firtz, T., 245 Froehlich, R., 229 Froker, C, 381 Froker, K.. 381 Fromer. K., 314 Froming, G., 339 Fronek, D., 258 Fronk, W., 203 Froyd, S., 309 Frowne, M., 215 Fruenwald, S., 423 Fruh, G„ 410 Fry, M., 316. 347 F vdenlund, K., 315 Fuchs, M.. 202, 366 Fugina, F., 385 Fulka, P., 382 Fuller, W., 214, 219, 334 Fulscher, M„ 291, 404 Fults, C, 360 Fung, T., 209 Funk. S., 363 Funk, T., 376 Funke, F., 399 Furner, T., 349 Furst, M.. 357 Fusek, J., 339 Fuss, R., 340 Futterman, R., 413 Fyffe, H., 193, 208 Gaatzig, C, 200 Gabert, T„ 211 Gabie, A., 386 Gable. J., 334 Gable, K., 352 Gabsch, O., 343 Gaffnev, W., 340 Gagliano, Y., 346 Gagliardi, R., 362 Gagnon, F., 187 Gajatskv, D., 227, 334 Gajewski, J., 310 Galbraith, J., 409 Gale, C., 192. 373 Galin, R.. 395 ( lalineau, K., I " I Gall, R ., 367 Gallard, IV, 348 Gallati, K„ 379 Call " . ( ' ... 398 Galos, K., 312 Calvin, T., 414 liaiiiincll. I... 186,309,314,376 Gandell, M., 355 Califor.1. I. . 309 ( laliiu.n. B., 337 Gans, G., 360, 386 Ganswindt, M., 215 (antert, M., 275 Garbarek, ( ' .. 313 Garbell, R.. 122 Garber, L., 395 Card . P., 389 Gardaner, IV, 3 L3 Gardiner, S., 242 Gardner. B., 378 Gardner, E., 360 Gardner, L., 413 Gardner, M., 218, 352, 379 Garend. D., 277 Garfinkle. A.. 357 Gamier, G., 326 Garon, M., 215, 375 Garrow, P., 196 Garter, N., 363 Gartner. J.. 190 Garwood, Ft., 346 Gaspardo, A.. 196, 309 Gasper, K., 241 Gasser. T., 338 Gassert, J.. 378 Gassner, F., 337 Cast, R., 217 Gatelv, S., 365 Gates. W., 344 Gatti. D., 340 Gaudreau, B.. 365 Gauger, C, 330 Gausebeck, C 355 Gawlowicz, C., 353 Gay, S., 356 Gearhart, A., 196 Gearson, S., 208 Geary, L., 381 Gebhardt. P.. 313 Gee, W., 281, 299. 389, 420 Gehl, G., 426 Gehl, J., 344 Gehl, S., 310 Gehl, V.. 203 Geipel, S., 382 Geiscnheimcr, W., 358 Geiiler. P. 399 Gelet, R., 336 Gendreser, M., 240 Gengler, J., 352 Gensch. K., 241 Gent ry, L., 184 George, B., 398 George, M., 227 Geracie, K.. 329 Gerend, D.,344 Gericke, G., 312, 314 Gerke, D.. 202 Gerlach, J., 336 Gerland, S., 387 Gcrlich, B., 210, 217, 314 Germann, S-, 341 Germuga, L., 376 Gerndt, G., 394 Gerner, N., 196, 197, 364 Gersh, G„ 217, 359 Gershman. H.. 411 Gersten, P., 361 Gerth, A.. 252, 362 Gertz, S.. 365 Geske, B.. 305 Gettrust, R., 394 Geyer, M., 308 Gharritv. M., 297 Ghent, J., 336 Giangiorgi, R., 405 Gibbons, A., 241 Gibbons, D., 241 Giblichi, J., 346 Gibson, A., 189 Gibson, J.. 376 Gibson, T., 340 Giebler, M., 196 Gier, J. ' 330 Giese, J., 365 Giese, K., 314 Giese. L.. 309 Giese. R.. 339, 419, 427 Giesler, L., 196 GifFord, S., 331, 379 Gigliotti, J., 228 Gilberg, T., 414 Gilbert, G.. 208, 217, 379 Gilbert, H„ 191 Gilbert, M.. 314 Gilbert, P., 305 Gilbert. R„ 415 Gilbertson, G., 367, 398 Gilbertson, J.. 209. 342, 343 Gilbertson, T., 398 Gildersleeve, R., 204 Gillespie. D., 342 GUlette, E., 326 Gilmore, J., 210, 356 Gilmore. T., 338 Gilson, M., 310 Gimla, B., 362 1 ;n,s ' .. g, IV. 364 Cuilz, 1 ., 212. 374 Ginzl, 1 . 419 Giorge lv, 241 (lit. -Is. p. S., 361 1 ,HII! B., 209 , .1.. 391 1 liars. ■ . .1.. 227. 329 1 llarsr . O.. 186,227 Glaisn. r. R., 416 i rlasgo w, J., 330 Clash. ii. 1 ' , 335 Class- , L., 375 ( llassh if, K.. 206 i ilatz, 1.. 421 Glcmb jc-ki, .1., 349 Gloppen, S., 383 Glover, N.. 380 Gnatzig, C, 219, 396 Goaid, S., 328 Gobar, K., 215 Godager, J., 310 Codec, K., 377 Godwin, R., 359 Goebel, P., 236 Goecks, R., 245 Goers, M., 373, 378 Goeters. D., 296 Goetsch, G.. 415 Goetsoh, L., 366 Goetz, E., 315 Goetz, J., 218, 406 Goetz. R., 242 Goiorth. T., 416 Gohdes, S., 217, 314 Golata, J., 346 Gold, J., 238 Gold, V., 388 Goldberg. H., 338 Goldberg. .1., 411 413 Goldberger, R.. 422 Golden, G., 354 Golden. S., 309 Gol.lcnberg, D.. 336 Goldman, C., 354, 363, 375 Goldman, .1., 359 Goldman, S.. 413, M., 353 Goldsmith, C, 329 Goldstein, M., 358 Goldstein, P., 305 Goldstein, R., 357 Goll, L., 258. 379 Colin, C, 310 Gollan, M., 358 Gollhardt, E., 361 Gollnick, A., 394 Goltry. C, 215 Golz. K., 352. 374 Gomens, J., 397 Gooderum, R-, 205 Goodman, L., 422 Goodman. M., 201 Gocdman, N., 124, 359 Goodman, S., 388 Goodrich. J.. 323, 342 Goo.lstein, A., 389. 395 Goodwillie. C., 360 Goodwin, .1.. 349 Goodwin. P., 332 Gordon, A., 193, 319 Gordon, J., 328. 329 Gordon, K., 331 Gordon. M.. 394 Gordon. P., 365. 375 Gordon, 8., 416 Gore, J., 314 Gorecki. B., 366 Gorell, J., 202, 353 Gorenc. P., 313 Gorman, B.. 190 Gorman, J., 296 Gorman, K.. 383 Gorski, C., 186 Gose, J.. 361, 383 Gose, T., 348, 400 Gosse. R.. 236 Gottfried, ,1., 358 Gottlieb, E., 238, 363 Goulke, S., 328 Gouze, M., 309 Govan, D., 191, 405 Graaskamp, J.. 187 Grabel, S.. 208 Grabowski, R.. 345 Grace, M.. 332 Grade, D., 348 Grade, B., 308 Graebel, M., 360, 384 Graebner, R., 394 Craefe, R.. 210, 315 Graff, J., 360, 374 Graff. N. 311 Graff, S., 354 Graham, D., 417 Graham, N., 330 Graika. T., 209.339 Crambsch. C, 306, 307 Gramen, R., 342 Grampp, W., 365 (irams. IV. 244, 289, 398 Grams, J.. 216, 227, 239 N.. 189, 198 R.. 219 11 )3, 206, 386 ne, R., 348 Greene. T.. 359, 363. 375 Greenfield. .1., 213, 247. 252 Greenspan, R., 361 Greenspon, B., 359 Greenwald, A., 422 Greenwald. K., 360. 374 Greenwald, M„ 328 Greenway, IV, 234 Green way, IF, 234 Greenway, M-, 364 Greenya, N„ 227 Greer. C.. 387 Greezer, N., 343 ( Iregg. J., 326 Gregg, K., 330 ( Iregg, S., 382 Gregg, Y„ 353 Gregory, J., 215, 374 Gregory, R., 338 Gregory, T., 334 Greidanus. T.. 367, 18, , 194 Greiner, A., 425 Greinig, K., 202 Gremban, D., 338 Cr.-sch, A., 195,333 Cresenz, T., 236, 332 Gresehl, N„ 208 Gresham, A., 359 Creshik, ,F, 200,396 Grey, M., 313 Gribble, S.. 217 Griffin, B., 338 Griffin, C, 352 Griffith, .1., 196, 198. 331!, 381 Griffith, M„ 308 Griffith, S, 316. 329 Griffiths. M.. 356 Grimm] M. ' . 208, 334 Grimm, R.. 275 Grimstad. K., 186, 306, 309 Grindell. D., 329 Griewold, S., 216. 218. 3)6 Grochowski, ( ' ., 328 Grohusky. .F, 206, 423 Grosnick, D., 338 Grosse, A., 341 Gross, C., 361 Gross, D., 214 Gross, J., 346 Gross. K.. 217 Gross. M., 275 Grossberg, G.. 39 ° Grossen, D.. 315, 38. Grosshandler, N.,38.5 Grossman, B., 375 Grossman. M., 36o Grosz, R., 337 Croth, A., 352. 383 Grothe, B., 227 Groves, .1.. 337 Grube, D., 218 Gruberm, J.. 357. 3.8 Grueber, H., 408 Gruehn, P., 216, 382 Gruels, J„ 341 Gruendemann, Al., otv Grumpelt, S., 384 Grundahl. R., 362 Grundstein, 388 Grundersdoff, C., 150 Gruneisen, C 393 Crunke, M., 208,326 Grunwald. M.. 396 Grunwald, J.. 227 Grupe, S., 314 Gschwind, J., 290, 3b7 Gubbay, A.. 209 Gudowski. J., 236 Guehn. P., 217 Gueniber. S., 315 Guetschow, R., 424 Gult.randsen, C 209 Gullick, V., 330 Gumtz, G., 337 Gunderson, D., 188 Gunderson, N., 314 Gunderson, R., 337. 344 Gundlach, W., 204 Gunner, P., 352 Guntermann, J., 307 Guntly, C., 205, 245 Guptill, S., 212, 306, 307 Guravich, M.. 363 Gurnee, R.. 405 Gurstafson, D., 311 Gust af son, -I-, 333 Congratulations Graduates | -iJ j fe JL _ -JjL iJL Jk jrisk CSf S chulk am Madison, Wisconsin f INSURANCE COUNSELORS Administrators Wisconsin Student Association Health Insurance Program Cherry 4-3576 I hi carrot nanSen official aroup p not oar ciphers 4 the 1962 Badqer • commercia ial portraits " fast service reasonable " 305 university industrial AL 5-3638 493 ( iuataufaon, I ' .. 119 Gutgeeell. M . 215 G til, S., 307 Guthrie, 1( . 100 Gutknecht, .1 . 205, 427 Gutache, G ,341 ruttman, I ' 358 Gllttinull, I 181.. ■! 58 Guttormaen, 1 328 Guttachow, R., 343 Gul iler, J., 352 Guy, i.. 311 i iuyon, .1.. :U( . :i78 Guzelian. P., 337 Guzetta, K . 382 Gwin, B . 310 Gwyn, T . 289 Gygax, G 344 Haack, B., 307 Haack, D., 394 Haag, J., 299 Haagensen, II.. 208, 314, 371 Haagensen, S., 345 Haaretad, V., 101 Haas, K.. 345 Haao, S., 393 Haase, C, 406 Baaal, W., 242 Habeek, D., 332 Haber, T., 413 Haberle, M., 330 Haberman, A.. 387 Baberman, W„ 215 Haberstroh. J.. 418 Bable, A.. 205 Hable, W., 427 Hack. B.. 3H0 llarkbart. B., 362 Hackhart. M., 311 Hackett. M., -» . " . Hacknev. B.. 244 Hadarv. S., 359 Hadlev. D„ 306 Hacn. T.. 338 Haerle. . 108 Baferbecker, J., 424 Hafferman, K., 361 Hagan, T„ 199 Hagen, T., 209 Bagg, A.. 311 Halm, B.. 210. 374 Hahr. H., 207 Hahn. M.. 378 Bahnel, R.. 184. 394 Haider. J., 344 Baigbt, B., 382. 406 Haines. S., 312, 361 Hakimzadeh, J., 196, 305 Halderson, J., 195 Bale, B., 210, 212 Hale. L.. 210 Hale, R., 335 Balferty, B., 321, 327 Hall, D.. 318 Hall, J., 206, 400. 414 Ball, M.. 251 Hall. P.. 361 Ball, S., 311 Hallarn, B., 400 HaUam, R., 400 Halleen. M., 205, 332 HaUeen. N.. 313 Haller. P.. 186, 386 Halmar. M., 426 Halmstad, S., 344 Halper, S., 349 Halprin, H.. 364, 388 Halsor, R., 327 Haluska, J., 343 Halverson, R., 400 Halvorson, H., 215 Ham, S., 361 Hamacher. J., 426 Hamhleton, H., 242 Hamel, M., 355, 386 Hamel. R., 74, 39 9 Hamerstrom, E., 305 Hamilton, M., 358 Hamlvn. R., 344 Hamni, J., 421 Hamm, K., 309 Hamms, S., 186 Hammel. B., 397 Hammerel. M., 212 Hammerstrand, P., 361 Bammes, M., 208 Hammett, C, 382 Hammett, J.. 345 Hampel, J., 208 Hampel. .).. 322. 425 Hanauer, S„ 186. 213. 361 Hancock. J., 236 Handford, T.. 280, 299 Handricli. .1 . 106 Hands. J., 291. 339 Hanewall, D., 344 Haney, P.. 336 Hanifin, J. 209 Bardsch, M., 329 Hanish, L., 314 Hankel, R., 191, 419 Hanley, A., 382 Hanna. B., 237, 241 Hannan, C, 244 Hanneman, M., 346 Hanrahan, .1., 184, 348 Hans. .1 . ». ' , I lansen. A 206 Hansen, B., 186, 329. 380, 107 Hansen, ( ' „ 328 Hansen, ! ., 332, 312 Hansen. .1.. 209, 336 Hansen, I... 19 1, 196. 197, 199, 1113 Hansen. ., 206, 323 Hans,, I.. B., 202, 306, 309 Hanson, D., 205 Hanson, G., 378 Hanson. I • ' ., IKS Hanson. .1., 295. 332 Hanson, K.. 361), 383 Hanson, M . 337 Hanson, R.. 318, 340, 345 Hanson ' V. 2.81, 14 I Bapke, M., 38(1 Happle, J.. 309 Harbeck, S . 305 Bardie, A.. 200 Hardiman, B., 240. 306. 307 Hardina, J.. 336 llardtke. R., 332 Harfield, R.. 353 Baring, V.. 400 Harker, J.. 217, 307. 312, 314, 384 Barker, 1... 384 Harlan, V.. 346 Harkev, W., 426 HarlofT, B., 352 Hannan, G., 196, 379 Harinann, V., 332 Harmes, U., 337 Harmon. S., 386 Harms, M., 213 Harnish, 1).. 423 Harper, L., 236 Harper. , 206. 423 Harrah. B., 360 Harrigan, D., 348 Harrigan. R.. 340 Harrington, J., 329 Harrington, L., 353 Harrington, S., 353, 384 Harrington, T.. 340 Harris, D., 236 Harris, E., 381 Harris, L.. 305 Harris, M., 151 Harris, N., 395 Harris, S.. 186, 358, 384 Harrison, G., 374 Harrison, H.. 190 Harrison, S., 347 Harsch, J.. 360 Hart, C, 381 Hart, R., 425 Hartfield, J., 416 Hartlaub, J., 188, 204. 410 Hartman. B., 405 Hartman. J., 367 Hartnev, S., 416 Hartridge. C 378 Hartwig, W., 214, 348 Hartz. L., 240. 341 Hartzell, R., 367 Harvey, F„ 404 Harvev, J., 219 Barvey, N., 208 Harvev, W.. 340. 348. 399 Harwell. J., 307 Hasenbach, M.. 377 Hasler, F„ 402 Hassel.roek, L., 206, 427 Hassel, B.. 205,217 Haaseler, H., 362 Hasselkass, A., 199 Hassett, R., 342 Haasler, P., 352 Hastings, M., 386 Hasz, C., 186, 309 Hauber, J., 203 Hauck, K„ 384 Haug, K., 379 Haugen, T„ 339 Haupt, D.. 341 Haupt, J„ 208 Hawk, S., 408 Hawke, D., 248 Hawke, L.. 204 Hawkins, J., 347 Hawkins, P., 387 Haworth, T., 337 Hawxhurst, J., 412 Haves, D., 337, 338 Haves, M., 341. 352. 386, 422 Ha ' vnes. C. 216. 378 Haynes, W., 340 Havs. T., 414 Hazen, .!., 330 Head, J.. 343 Headen, N., 237, 360 II. ' aid, M ., 358, 384 Hearn, N., 270 lleatli. I ;.. 100 Heath, M., 197, 200. 367 Heberlein. M., 328 Hebert. T., 338 Heck, G., 416 Heck, J., 215. 310 Heckert, K., 337 Heebink, T., 408 Hegard, S., 342 Heggblom, A.. 400 Heggestad. R.. 188. 191 Heidel, A„ 199, 332 llealel, R . 338 Ileal ami. ( ' . - ' Ill llei.liiialili, I).. 394 Heilmann, H.. 119 lleini. C , 352 Beimsoh, J., 894 Hem, It.. 346 lleilieiiianii. T., 349 B., 319, 330 Beinze, J., 338 Heinzen, S., 208 Heiple, B., 218, 315 Heisig. M . 209, 327 Heitz, P., 180, 256, 383 lleilzinan. D., 214, 367 Heivilin. F., 277 Heizer. N., 329 llelfant. ( ' . , 358 Helflrich, D.. 355 Helgeland, G., 200, 367 Heller, I)., 339 Heller, S., 208, 327 Hellesen, J., 327 H.-llner, A., 235, 399 Helmbreclit. L., 336 Helmer, C, 338 Helminiak, E., 203, 315 Heliniis. C, 192, 380 Helsabeck, I)., 218 Helsabeck. J., 219 Heltness, D., 342 Hemauer, K., 341 Hemming, K., 316, 335. 336 Hemmy, A., 341 Hempe, H., 251 Hempe, K., 307 Hem pel. J., 345 Hemphill, K., 379 Henderson, B., 241 Henderson, L.. 386 Henderson, R.. 392 Henderson. S., 378 Henrici, R., 275 Hendricks. B., 341 Hendricks, D., 358 Hendricks, J.. 409 Hendricks. S., 329 Hendrickson, A.. 184. 367 Bendrickson, I)., 345 Hendrickson, E., 208 Hendrickson, T., 333 Hengel, J., 394 Henke, F., 205 Henke. P., 345 Hennig, J., 348 Henning, M., 328 Henricks, D., 334 Henrikson, B., 360 Henrv C, 197, 200, 367 Henry, S.. 236 Hensel, C, 366 Henseler. G., 201 Henser. M., 229 llentschel. K.. 353, 376 Henze, M., 308 Herb, J., 201 Herbert, J., 377 Herbrand, W., 342 Herlache. J., 341 Herlache. T.. 341 Herlin, M., 386 Herman, A., 311. 378 Herman. J., 339 Herman, K.. 188,191,295.330, 381. 417 Hermann, W.. 336, 338. 415 Herms, R., 291, 299, 409 Herald. D., 340 Herr, T., 345 Herrell, M., 305 Herrington, P., 361 Herscli. J.. 336 Herscher, M., 376 Herahman, E„ 186, 202. 310 Hertwig, J., 378 Herzog, J.. 187 Hess, J., 327, 415 Hess, W„ 267, 275, 279, 280 Hesse, G., 343 Hesse. H., 307, 376 Hestekin. G.. 335 Heuerman, D.. 409 Hewitt, D.. 244 Hewitt, S., 311 Heyenbruch, W 415 Hun , E., 353 Hibbard, M., 309 Hickmam, J.. 291 Hicks, G., 400 Hicks, J.. 389 Hieber, S., 364 Hielsberg, J., 328 Higginbottom, E., 344 Higgins, E., 236. 336 Bildebrand, D., 316, 317, 341 Hildebrandt, (I., 345 Hildeman, D., 336 Bilgenberg, M., 366 Hill, J., 200, 210, 315 Hill. M., 355 Hill. R., 389, 398 Hill, T., 241 Hillary. L.. 337 Hille, J., 212, 357 Hillestad, R.. 424 Hillman. R., 425 Hilsenhoff, R.. 261 Himsel. N.. 387 Hinch, S., 384 Hinke. T., 417 llmtsa, S., 327 llmtz. I).. 332. 345 Hint .. 1( . 340 llilitzinaliu. A., 191, 196, 396 Hinytzke, S., 281 llinz. 1!., 404 Hinie, W., 411 llippmami. II.. 416 Hirk. S., 360. 374 Hirech, 1)., 233, 236 Hiraoh, J., 244 Hirech, N., 360. 375 Hinch, R.. 347 llirslex, M., 320. 334 Hirva, Y.. 236 Hiser. I)., 334 Bitch, J., 397 Hiter, R.. 399 Hladilek, R.. 342 Hoben, J.. 316. 337 Hobin, S.. 358 Hockers. R.. 344 Hookney, R., 336. 402 Hocutt, G., 187, 203 Hodge, J., 415 Hodge, L., 315 Hodgins, B., 314 Hodgins, P. 307 Hodgins, P., 307 Hoebel. J., 380 Boebreckx, S., 75, 387 Hoeft, A., 424 Hoegger, J., 308 lloel, A.. 334 Hoein, W., 333 Hoerig, C, 309 Hoesly, D.. 338 Hoesterman. K.. 415 HofTer. K., 314 Hoffland, J., 337 Hoffman, D., 314. 338 Hoffman, J., 314. 341 Hoffman. M., 378 Hoffman, N., 206, 395 Hoffman, R.. 244, 344 Hoffmann. A., 333 Hoffmann, S.. 328. 413 Hoffman, W . 339 G., 346 Hogan. C 311 Hogseth, M., 215 Hohman, J., 215. 340, 382 Hol.len. P., 361, 377 Bolden, S., 389, 415 Holden, W.. 345 Holderness. L., 327, 434 Holdrich. J., 424 Holland, L.. 273. 275, 344 Holland, P., 409 Holland. W., 240 Hollander. R., 394 Hollands, R. 339 Hollenbeck, W„ 398 Hollidav, J., 320,321, 343 Hollmgswortli. .).. 189. 373.387 Bollingaworth, F., 381 II,, llist.-r, W., 219,397 Holloway, J., 380 Holly, J., 406 Holly, S., 203. 383 Holm, G., 310. 379 Holm. J.. 305 Holmes. E.. 402 Holming, R., 335 Holmquist, R.. 343 Holsteen, M., 352 Holstein, A., 308 Hoist. in, J., 309 Holt, K., 380 Ho 358 A., 331 Iloltlinsen, G., 209 Holton, S., 309 Holton, T., 415 Holv, I)., 405 Holy, J., 341 Holzer, J.. 327 Holzman. S., 209 Holziniller, S., 315 Holzrichter, J.. 402 Holzwarth. K.. 199 Unman. IX. 215, 385 Homich, R., 184 Honold, G., 392 Hood. J.. 180 Hoogerheide, A., 355 Hooistra, E.. 197 Hook, J., 189, 196, 198, 380 Hook. S., 182 Honkanson, C. 360 Hooper, J., 290 Hooper, R„ 327 Hooson, J., 199, 394 Hopkins. L.. 362 Hopkins, M., 229 Hopkins, S . 384 Hopp, C 305 Hoppe, P.. 305 II -list, -a, It, V., 107 Hopper, C. 238 Hoppert, F., 418 Horinuzdiar. N., 338 Horn, J., 375 Horn, R., 200, 219, 340 Horn, S., 314 Home. R.. 197 Horney. K., 186 Hornig, P., 218, 308 Horning, R., 405 Horowitz. J.. 359. 361 llorsfall. I... 358 Borat, P., 242 Horstman. V . 341 Horswill, R .. HI Horvat, I)., 315, 347 Hoskins. II., 326 Hostak. M.. 356 Hotvedt, B.. 357 llollgen. K.. 313 Hough, J., 415 Boulder, J., 339 Ho Houafeld Houaefel Houston 212 214. R.. Hovde. T., 4119 Hove. K . 201, Bovey, P., 386 Howard. F., 352 Howard. J., 219, 387 Howard, I... 275. 357 Ho How,-. K., 383 Howell, ( ' ., 206 Howell, P., 312 Howell, R., 345 Howes, ( ' ., 423 llowev, G., 275, 398 Howie, L.. 3(1. 100 Howmiller. E., 327 Hoy, D., 335 Hover. S., 307 Hoyt, J., 338 Hnit.e.kv. I. . 318. 315 Hubbell, A., 211 Huber, D.. 194. 200. 103 Huber, J., 315, 379 Huber. R.. 338 Hubler, P., 189 Huchthauaen, K., 341 Huckstead, N ' .. 197, 198 Hudson, S.. 379 Unci, net, C, 214, 218 llilel.tier. M., 314.380 Huebner. .. 206 Huegel. E.. 386 Huenink, ,J„ 381 Huerkamp. B.. 378 Huetter, U.. 335 Huettl, R., 201 Huff. .).. 404 Huff, M.. 202. 203. 346 Hufnagel, A., 361 Hu ill HughbankB, T.. 201, 289 Bughes, B., 210, 356 Hughes, C., 384 Hughes, I,., 217. 360 Hughes, P., 380 Hughes, R., 418 Hughes. V., 290 Huline. L.. 414 Hulburt, II.. 206. 332 Hulhurt, M., 315 Hulder, J., 242, 244 [ 143 Hull, S., 240. 359. 426 Hundeker, E., 315 Hummer, N., 310 Hundhauaen, A.. 151 Hundley. J., 403 Hunkeb J., 379 Hunold. R„ 203 Hunsader, T., 341 Hunt. D., 311 Hunt, H., 367 Hunt, J., 203 Hunt. S., 305 Hunter, D., 338 Hunter, M., 353 Hunzicker, K., 244 Hupp. T.. 394 Huppler, P.. 189 Hurlbut, J., 200 Hurley, J., 402 Hurlev, M., 308 Hurst, K., 412 Hurst, T., 400 Hurth. S., 360 Hurxtlial, K.. 381 Huschka, C. 308 Huse, A., 417 Huser, ,I„ 424 Huseth. J., 309 Hussa. J., 341 Hussa, R.. 406, 427 Husted. H., 203 llusting, S.. 329, 383 Hutchens, S., 352, 383 llutchens. W.. 195, 367 Hutchinson, L., 379 Hutkowski, E„ 215, 353 Hutter. A.. 426 Huxhold, J., 365 Hvcnar. B., 358 Hyde, L., 427 Hvman, B., 413 Hyman, L., 354 Ibifh, L., 227 Iermin, T.. 409 Ihle. P., 398 Imhof, J.. 207. 242. 337 Inimel. K . 206, 332 Ingalis, C, 342 494 NOW THE CHALLENGE! The years of learning have not been easy and the pride of accomplish- ment is great, but the University teaches only what has been contributed by the past: The observations of Copernicus and Plato, the sciences of engineering or medicine, the poems of Donne or Frost, the music of Bach or Bartok. Now, is the real challenge; stepping into a world already shaped, yet knowing it can be changed . . . learning, not in the lecture hall but in the complex world of people . . . fighting not, for a grade, but for a principle, not against a team, but against ignorance, poverty, desperation, and bigotry. It ' s good to have a challenge. It ' s exciting. It ' s rewarding. We wish you Godspeed with yours! MILWAUKEE BREWERS ' ASSOCIATION Blatz Brewing Company Gettelman Brewing Company Independent Milwaukee Brewery Miller Brewing Company Pabst Brewing Company Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company 495 m [ngrelli, ! 129 Ink.. ........ B 10 ll.oeiii.m- - tnsiee, I 10 - D ;•-.. [saksen, I i l-ak.-oll I U.U-.mi. 180 I-,,., . 198 [sod, M . 228 198 i elhard G 160 Ivaska, I ' 167 [waki, M., J II Jablonka, R., 345 Jackl, I-. 310 Jackman I : ckso r!, :;sii Jacks Jackson, S 328 Jackson, T., 337 Jacobazzi, R ., 338 Jacobcbick, J 180 Jacoben, K ., 310 Jacobs, E.. 388 Facobs, .1 . - ' I ' .;. 330, :: Jacobs, I... 236, I2j Jacobs, R., 349, 355 JanJsuii. H., 21.5, 3SS Jacobson. G., 240 Jacobson, O., 190 Jacobson, R.. 249. 333, 341 Jacobus, K.. 336 Jacobus. P., 343 Jacobv, V., 27.5 Jaeger. B.. 309 Jaeger, ( ' ., 329 Jaeger, I).. 318, 34.5 Jaeger. ( ' ,.. 344 Jac ' er. .1 . . ' ill ' ., 31.. Jahn. C. 338 Jahn, I... 324 Jahn, N., 420 Jalderson. J., 245 Jamamoto, S., 238 James, J.. 407 .lames. P., 398 James, W., 346 Jameson, K-, 229 Jamesen. R.. 206 Janes. A., 338, 394 Janes. J.. 308 Janiszewaki, R.. 349 lank,-. P., 399 Janke. T., 335 Janoski, R.. 204, 42. " . Jansch, C, 345 Jansky, M., 3.52, 387 Janssen, G., 195 Janssen, I... 19.5, 434 Jantz, C, 208 January, A., 346 Janusas, A., 348 Janusonis, V., 349 Janutka. J., 416 Janzer. B„ 217, 360 Jarnow, B.. 359 Jarrell. D., 310 Jarvella. A.. 307 Jarvinen, M., 359 Jarvis. K„ 311 Jaskaniec. M., 206, 427 Jasperson, S.. 346 Jautz, C. 383 Javid, P.. 238 Jax. J.. 275. 392 JefTcott. T.. 245 Jefferie8, .1.. 2.56, 409 JefTers, M., 240 Jefferv, M.. 305 Jegier. R.. 406 Jellison, J., 330 Jenicek, K., 326 Jennings, M., 311, 384 Jennings, R.. 389. 409 Jenquin, l " ., 349 Jensen. « : : Jensen. D., 307, 418 Jensen, E., 356 Jensen, J.. 227, :«7. 349 358 366. 377 Jensen, K., 215, 387 Jensen, L., 343 Jensen, X.. 314 Jensen, R„ 290. 324. 3 40 Jenson, K., 191 Jepsen, L., 208. 3.57 Jerinie, I).. 427 Jermirn. T., 235 Jerrum, P., 23.5 .leruc. 1)., 243, 397 Jesinski, J., 203. 366, 402 Jeske, K., 208, 30.5 Jeske, L., 346 Jeske, T., 343 Jeskik. S., 196 Joffe, J., 310 Jahanning, D.. 311 JohannseD. V., 186, 3.52, 384 John, L., 348 496 Johns, V., 334 194 Johns, R., Ill lohnson, . 199 Johnson, B., 209 .: 18 I 19 160 106 Johnson, C, 305, 127, 182 Johnson. IV. 197.31.5. HIS. 109. Hi, Johnson, I lohnson, G 105 Johnson, II , 34J I, ,1.1,-.,. i. .1 . . ' .i ' i. . ' ,ii :n: :i 319, 345,377,385 Johnson, K . [99, 327, 377, 381 Johnson, I... 21H. 217, 3.5.5 Johnson, M., 2.51. 307 Johnson, P., 107, 120 Johnson, R , 291,333,334,336, 338, 380 Johnson, ' ! ' .. 33.5. 344, 105 Johns . -•ii- ' 203, 109 Johnson. W., 244, 339 Johnson, ... 23 1 Johnston. ;.. 330, 376 John, J . 209 Jolivette, P., 394 Jolliffe. J.. 360. 378 Jonakait, J., 30S Jones, B.. 30.5. 340. 398 Jones. I).. 241. 243, 247, 385 rones, il., 311 Jones, J., 380 Jones. L.. 19.5, 346 Jones. R.. 236 Jones, S„ 197. 309, 387 Jonson, B.. 307 Jooss. R., 426 Jordan. J.. 314 Jordan. M., 311. 39.5 Jorgensen, S., 376 Jorgenson, D.. 204, 42.5 Jorgenson, L.. 308 Joslyn, R., 244. 346 Jov. D., 196, 337 Joyce, J.. 216 Juchniewich, T.. 337 Juel, E.. 426 Julien, O., 203 .lull, L,., 415 Juneau. M., 338 Juneau, P., 424 Junge, R., 421 Jungkans. L., 308 Jungwirth, J., 420 Jurack, R., 244, 394 Kaan, M., 208 Kaatz. A.. 424 Kabat, F.. 184. 342 Kaczmarzyk, L„ 198 Kafka. E.. 422 Kaftan, J.. 373, 385 Kafura. H.. 244. 421 Kahl. J.. 201,359 Kahn. E.. 311 Kahn. J., 215.312 Kahn. R., 215. 388 Kailing. D., 347 Railing, S., 389 Kaiser, A., 342 Kaiser, K.. 327 Kaiser. P., 335 Kaiser. R.. 332. 401 Kalcheim, M., 413 Kalland. B., 190 Kallio, F.,334 Kalmer. S., 322. 330 Kalmon. D.. 190. 191 Kalsched, D., 400 Kalt, H.. 335 Kalter, R.. 389, 396 Kalu, K.. 319, 336 Kalupa, F., 233 Kamin, R.. 376 Kaminer, N.. 359 Kaminskv, D.. 422 Kamke, D., 322 Kamm. E.. 406 Kamrath. R., 338 Kane, E.. 252, 364 Kane, K., 307 Kane, P., 2[9 Kama. R., 341 Kannenberg, M.. 214, 379 Kantrowitz. J., 388 Kanzler. K.. 377 Kapinos. S., 308 Kapitanofl. E.. 328. 381 Kapke. J.. 360 Kaplan. A.. 413 Kaplan. B., 354 Kaplan, E.. 354 Kaplan, J., 395 Kaplan. L., 422 Kapland, K.. 365 Kapp. K.. 345 Karabensh. B.. 307 Karel. A., 281 Karis. C. 360 Karlman, R., 233, 247, 248 Karon, M., 339 Karp. M., 306, 307 Kari). S., 337 Karpowitz, S., 386 Karst, R., 211 Kashou, J., 338 Kaaka, J„ 2-52. 381 Kassner, 8 . 357 Kastenschmidt, I . [87, [97 200, 367, I ' . I Kasuboski, I .. 337 Katcher, M 188 Katsura, ( !., 455 Katte, I . 209 Kattestad, R„ 200 Kai I 288 154 Katz, J., 122 Katz, S . 175 Kau, A.. 329 Kaufman, A.. _ ' ir Kaufman. N . 365 k ,ul. n , - ' is, 236, 108 Kaun, I... 336 Kautz. A.. 377 Kavemeier, J., [99 Kayon, J., 308 Kazlauski, A., 203 Kazmierczak, R.. 3 1 1 Keane, B., 307 Keane, P., 365 Kearns, P., 349 Keating, B., 360 Keck. C, 307 Keck. R., 209, 109 Kedrowski, II . 346 Keefer, A . 27.5. 299, 13 I Keegan, D., 338 Keenan. J.. 305, 409 Kegel. N., 305 Kehl, C, 315 Keinow, M., 328 Kelber R., 360, 38.5 Keller, A., 208 Keller, B„ 328 Keller, D., 203 Keller. L., 413 Kellesvig. D.. 204 Kellev. N., 380 Kelley, P.. 353 Kellisveg, D., 341 Kellner. M., 247 Kellogg, D., 340 Kellogg, J., 246, 247. 248, 387 K.llogg. L... 327, 384 Kelly, R., 340 Kelly, T., 242 Kelsey, E., 197 Kelzenberg, J., 125 Kemmeter, R., 190 Kemp. C. 295.299,41.5 Kemper. V., 360, 378 Kempf, L.. 347 Kempthorne, »., 275 Kenall, G., 383 Kendall, G., 313 Kennan, 0., 389 Kennaugh, J., 419 Kennedy, J., 376 Kennedy, N.. 311 Kennedy, P.. 199 Kennedy, T., 336 Kenney, K., 308 Kent, E., 344 Kenvon, K., 206. 347 Kenzian. J., 328 Kepner, L., 190, 203, 205 Kernin, J., 338 Kernwein, L„ 384 Kerr, M., 379 Kesselman, D., 342 Kesselman, R., 411 Kessenich, V.. 244 Kessler, B., 413 Kessler, F., 252 Kessler, K.. 398 Kester, B., 382 Kestol. G., 307 Kestol. M., 233, 310 Ketcham, D.. 209 Ketchum, E., 405 Ketchum, R.. 40.5 Ketelhchn. R., 402 Kettner, J., 425 Keursten. J.. 40.5 Kewley, J., 349 Keyes, C., 204, 342 Keyes. R.. 409 Kh ' o. P., 210 Kichefski. B.. 347 Kidd, D-, 349 Kieser, J., 258. 308, 382 Kihm, H..344 Kilgust, S., 379 Kimmel, G., 394 Kind, D„ 236. 334 Kindschi, G., 332 King, E., 353 King, J., 194. 196, 396 King. M., 219 King. T., 420 Kmnamon, D., 414 Kinney, C. 378 Kins, D.. 306. 308 Kins. M., 310 Kinyon, S., 367 Kiple, M.. 358 Kippers. G.. 306, 307 Kirby, J., 208, 404 Kirk, G., 340 Kirkbride, D.. 412 Kirkham, B., 337 Kirkpatrick, S., 314 Kirkpatrick, W., 337 Kirtland, P., 323, 326 Kissil, S., 355 r, S., 189 Koomalayavisai, C, 233 ■.-Nielsen, 1. [98 Koopman, E„ 333 I: . 208 Kopans, 1 . 358 R.. 340 Kopecky, I. . [86, 360 ir, K„ ' II 1 K a. R,, 4IIII J., 100 Koppe, T., 337 ; ;i Kopper, C. 349 245 : 19 K,,|, pieman, G., 339 e. S., 244 Kopulos, J.. 341 , 328 Koran, I.., 3.57 .. 354, 375 Koref, 11.. 339 nan, W., 415 Ko.n. C., 366 1 373, 376 Kornbluth, I., 75 3114 ,,, h . 348 Kornapan, II . 251 K„ 197. 217. 308 Klein. V.. 203 Kleinert, C. 362 Kleinfeld, A.. 394 Kleinleldt, R.. 421 Kl.-u.liai. . C, 2.51. 256, 259 EUeinhans, I... 399 Kleinman, S., 388 lidt. J., 280,299, 397 Kle .ith. 31.5 ,423 KlerrrmevT., 348 Klempen, L.. 340 Klepstein, C. 329 Klessig, S., 331 Klinefelter. D„ 187, 202, 312, 314 Klinefelter, G., 341 Kling, D., 342 Kling. J.. 342 Kling, N., 239, 353 Klingbeil, J., 290 Klingelhofer. K., 240, 366, I)., 421 Klinger. M., 332 Klingman, L., 358 Klinkhammer, D.. 241. 30.5 Klix. S..337 Kloehn. K.. 398 Kloiber, M., 308 Klotz, G.,218 Kl. .cider. H.. 244,332 Klug. J., 352, 384 Klug. P.. 334 Klukas. H.. 213. 306. 311 Klumtmr. K-. 202, 328 Knaak, J., 387 Kmike. R.. 297. 416 Knapp. P.. 327 Knapp. W., 407 Knapstein, C-, 315 Knauf, F., 213 Knaup. B.. 208 Knecht, M., 327 Knepp, S„ 215 Knepper. H., 228 Kneppreth, D., 308, 322, 326 Kneppreth. S.. 217. 357 Knerr, D., 241. 386 Knight. S.. 327 Knilans, R.. 297 Knitter, L., 348. 409 Knoblauch. C, 213 Knoblauch. I)., 229 Knode. K., 377 Knoeck, J.. 347 Knowles. K.. 307 Knox, G., 311, 378 Knox. P.. 186. 353. 384 Knu.lson, D.. 299. 394 Knuth. P.. 151, 196, 329 Knutson, C., 219 Knutson, L.. 355, 383 Knutson, R., 404 Koch. D.. 200. 403 Koch, E.. 335, 426 Koch, J.. 344 Koch. R., 315 Koch. V., 196, 315, 379 Koehler, J., 384 Koehn, S.. 377 Koenig, J., 382 Koenig. N.. 337 Koepcke. B.. 218. 406 Koepke. A., 195,396 Koerner, J.. 240 Koerwitz. P.. 340 Koeslin. W., 340 Koester. H., 20.5 Koether, C, 205, 407 Kofal. A.. 314 Kofoed. R.. 402 Kohl, R., 402 Kohlmeier, K., 307 Kohiile, R., 188, 402 Kole, B.. 214. 362 Koller, P., 331 Kollman. R., 394 Kolstad. M.. 312 Kommel C 186 Kommel, R.. 342 Konz. F„ 316, 317, 337 Konz, L.. 328 Kooistra, E., 319, 340 Kooistra, F., 195 Kosut, M .320 Koazarski, T.. 228 Rough, B., 38.5 Kough, M., 384 Koutny, B.. 305 Royen, D.. 307 Kowalchyk, B.. 332 Kowitz, M., 186 Kraght, U., 346 Kraft, K.. 358 _ Kragius, C 235 Krainer, E„ 206 Krajewski, L., 341 Kralovetz. R.. 242. 334 Kramar. K., 389 Kramer, B., 215, 375 Kramer, G., 244 Kramer, K., 411 Kramer, R.. 339. 367, 394 Krainetbauer, J., 311 Krasavage. K.. 341 Krask. M.. 382 Kraus, O.. 342 Kratise. A., 343. 400 Krause. D.. 333 Krause, G.. 341 Krause. K., 289. 294 Kraut, S., 339 Krautner, E., 190, 205 Krautter, L.. 381 Kravitz, E., 354 Kravitz. H., 413 Krav, S.. 388 Krebsbach, J.. 399 Krecji. J., 348 Kreibich. R., 40.5 Kreiger, A., 413 Krell, N., 386 Kressin, L., 190. 191 Kreuger. A.. 408 Kreutzmann. K.. 21U, -1 4 ... 416 Kreuzer, .1., 341 Krieger. K.. 3.54 Kriekard, T.. 219. 346. 412 Kriewaldt, E., 327 Kriisa. H„ 376 Krijger, M., 355 Kristof, E., 250 Kritzler. H., 357 Krizmanic, R.. 348 Kroesch, J., 338 Krogius, C.. 415 Krolin, L., 349 K.ohn, R., 280, 299 Krohn. S„ 208 Kroiss. G.. 188. 204. 427 Kroiiiett.auer, J.. 306 Kroncke, R.. 348 Kroner, G., 269,275 Kronish, K., 358 Kronzer, B.. 329 Kroskv. S.. 349 Krown, L.. 206 Krubsack, A.. 239 Krueger, C., 330 Krueger, D., 296, 316, 33S Krueger, J., 331, 338 Krueger, K„ 341 Krueger, T.. 338, 419 Krug. M., 377 Kruger, J., 382, 420 Kruger, R., 311 _ Krugman, N., 251 Krumm. K.. 314, 387 Kruse, C., 412 Kruse, J., 425 Kruswicki, A., 322. 332 Krzewina, J., 346 Kubasta, J.. 341 Kube. K.. 362 Kubly, D„ 310 Kudla, T„ 257. 258. 385 Kuecker. C., 384 Kuelhthau, K.. 347 Kuehn. C., 328 Kuelthau. K., 321, 379 Kuen, B., 311 Kuhagen, D.. 314 Kuhlman, K.. 305, 326 Kuhn, E.. 355 Kuhr, M., 329 JOHNSON S WAX yau F ie AluKUfi Welcome, g£ JOHNSON S WAX Xo trip to southeastern Wisconsin is complete without a visit to Johnson ' s Wax in Racine. Tours of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright designed administration and research center are given every working day! I For information on group tours, write: Chief tour hcsless, Public Relations Department, JOHNSON ' S WAX, Racine, Wisconsin Racine • ISO 387 K . 313 187 Kuil, i37 Kullmann, K . 1 1 - ' ,1 , ;. Kundert, w . in; Kundmann i 115 K mi ! I 11,275 - Kunkel, R 2 16 148 Kurisu, K 129 • I 21 17 Kurtin, J., 35s Kurt , .i ,239 ;m Kuri, . 198 J., 190 102 K isi i.i 205 R . 337 kuss ul. I I 16 Kussow, D-. 317. 340, 14 I. 127 Kuswa, i ; . 340 Kutalek, R 109 Kutchera, N., 329 Kuttner, M.. 354, 37. ' , Kut . I... . ' Ill Kutske, W., 316, 334 Kuyken, J., 183 I i i li ., 3S3 Laatscb, T., 343 I aBeck, G., 315 La Blanc, I!-. 332, 425 La Chapelle, C, 333 La Chapelle, N ' .. 384 La Court, J., 380 La Court, - 376 La Croix, I).. 406 Ladron, S., 307 Laeser, T., 334 La I ayette, S., - ' . ' 7 Lai i. na. I).. 310 La Fountain, I... 342 La I ' ramenta, S.. 404 Lahl, I.., 326 Laikin, B.. 252 Laine, J., 315 Laird, C, 408 Lake, S.. 318 Lakowske. R., 333 Lalasz, V., 334 La .Marsh, J„ 326 Lamb. C, 423 Lamb, R. l- ' i Lambert, I ' . 355 Lambert, M., 426 Lamboiev, L-, 275 Lamm, W.. 426 Lambert, D.. 357 Lande. ( ' ., 327 Landmann. S . 328 Lando, J., 375 Landv. E., 363 Lane, L.. 206. 227 Lane, P., 337 Lane, R.. 241 Lane, S„ 310 Lane. T., 238. 359 Laney. L.. 305. 377 Lang, C. 348 Langenfeld, J.. 186. 249, 311. 379 Langer, .1.. 364 Langer, S., 395 Lanlord, J.. 426 Langlass. R.. 338 Lapi, A., 365 Lapidua, A., 395 La Plant. T.. 187 Lapp. ,S., 311 Lapplev. E., 205 La Piest, J., 338 Larget. R.. 218. 244. 427 La Rock, D., 338 La Rose, R.. 342 Larsen, J„ 239, 356 Larsen. I... 318, 338 Larsen. R.. 342 Larsh, S.. 398 Larson, A., 328. 353. 376 Larson, D., 200. 367, 421 Larson, E., 310 Larson, G„ 389. 416 Larson, J.. 338. 424 Larson. K.. 196, 310. 3.52 Larson. L., 2(15, 341. 373, 380 Larson. M., 193, 216. 311. 381 Larson. N.. 380 Larson. P., 208. 314. 357. 383 Larson. R.. 245. 366, 397 Larson, S.. 196, 236. 315, 376, Larson, T., 216. 218 Larson, W., 198 La Rue, J.. 313. 382 Lasch. D., 379 Lasco, R., 394 Laskin, J., 422 Laskos. E., 289. 335 Laskv, R., 363 Lason. D., 413 Lassila, H.. 374 Lassmann, C, 346 Last, B., 377 Lathers, J.. 338 Latunik. V., 333 l.allhr 1st, ,1, i: . no 1 .•si 149 ill. . ' in 125 Laupi c 345 I . 326 i AUtei Mi ' ,. A.. 251 1 ' 219 Linn w 21. ' ,. 399 I ' u 1,- n. .1 3 ' .i:, 335 ,.. 1 ' .. 202. 203 J., 343 3(1 N., 309 Lawso i .i . . ' in in. 1 alt -nil 1 ., 218 n. I : 18 Ig, W., 333 i. A., 360 i.l,, 354, 188 l.ii iii. M.. 373, 388 Lazar, S„ 361 I •.nil, I , 377 Leach, M., 377 111, S , 358 ahy, P. 343 ,-, , li , I.XIi II I Leek, G., 361 Lecv. R., 398 Lederer, R„ 214, 397 Lee, A.. 35, ' , Lee, B., 407 Lee, E., 189 Lee, ;.. 196 Lee, K., 409 Lee, I... 402 Lee. M., 214. 218. 314, 377 Lei-. H.. 348 Lee, S., 217, 329 Lees, .1 . 415 I ees, M., 364 Leet, I)., 330 Leetzow, J., 409 Le Febvre. M., 376 Lefstein, M., 358 Lehman, J.. 408 Lehmann. W„ 203, 205 Lehner, R.. 207 Lehocky, D., 319, 341 Leibsohn, A., 358 Leidster, E., 190 Leifer, S., 226 Leisenring, J., 218, 227 Leist, F.. 218 Leith, .1.. 381 Leitner. N., 296, 299 Leitzke, P., 239. 425 Leklem, J.. 340 Lembcke, R.. 367 Lemecke. T., 196, 367 Lemke. D., 344 Lemke, N., 330 Lemke, S., 309 Lemke, T., 191 Lemkuil, B., 205 Lemon, E., 332 Lenartz, B.. 426 Lene, J.. 193 Lenius. H., 244, 349 Lenschow, L., 329 Lenz. J , 327 L.tiz. K.. 307 Lenz, R. 194. 198 Lenzer, R., 423 Leonard, A., 314 Leonard, J., 409 Leopold, J., 310, 387 Lepinski, R.. 402 Lepp, H., 226, 389, 401 Lepp, M., 354 Lesieur, V.. 358 Leslie. H.. 316, 347 Leslie, O., 330 Lesniak, S., 426 Lesser, M., 361 Lessin, B., 422 Lester, S., 378 Lestina. C, 208 Letven, M.. 34 1 Luecke, D„ 326 Levander. R., 206 Levensohn. C, 361 Levenson. 8., 336 Leventhal. R.. 402 Leverenz, B., 315 Leveroos. T., 349 Levin, B.. 354 Levin, M., 184, 338 Levin, S., 353 Levine. G., 413 Levine, H.. 214. 215, 365 Levine, J.. 363 Levinson, A., 388 Levinson, R., 309 Levinson, S., 363 Levis, W., 426 Levitskv, S.. 361 Lew. A., 389, 395 Levy, E., 388 Levy, ,1 . 354 Lei y, L., 122 I, , M . Ill Li - - P., 219 Levy, S„ 354 Lewandowaki, M.. 197 I , wandowBki, R . 208 238 Lewis, J., Lewis, M., 216 17 Lewis, R us I ewis S . 311 Leys R., 233 I.ibassi, N.. 316 Lit I... 355 I iber, S , :ss Libert, S„ 330 Liberthson, .1 , 31 I Libman, K., 345 Libinan, M., 336 Libowitz, A.. 413 Librossi, N.. 328 Licari, J., 405 Lichte, L., 402 Lichtenberg, ( ' ,.. 333 I irlin . P., 379 Lidster, E., 240 Lieb, 1 ' ., 395 Lieberman, M., 41 1 Lieberman, S., 375 Liebovich, C, 375 Lien, .1., 347 Lienau, D., 347 Lierk, J., 398 Lieske. M.. 208 Lilienstein. G.. 336 Lillegren, P.. 338, 399 Limpert, J., 186 Lindberg, A.. 213 Lindberg, C. 377 Linderud. M , 307 Lindner, D., 190 Lindquist, B., 421 Lindsay ' , S., 250 Lindstrom, R., 337 Liner, V.. 308 Linford, G-. 358 Lingle. J., 308 Link, B., 200, 344 Link. M.. 314 Linn. G., 398 Linn, L., 413 Lins, A.. 187 Linsoott. D., 405 Linscott, F.. 398 Linsky, ( 111 Lippold. L. shult 206 387 Lipsky, R.. 422 Lipson, A., 413 Lipsyte, G.. 358 Lipton. A., 395 Listecki, R., 400 Litchfield. M., 364 Littenberg, L., 364 Little, C. 199 Litterman. W.. 329 Llovd-Jones. N., 240, 383 Lockwood. L.. 333 Loda. J., 333 Loeb, R.. 247, 249 Loeb, S., 187, 201 Loehning. H., 373, 385 Loertscher, J., 329 Loftecher, A., 384 Loff, G.. 362 Loit, U.. 341 Logan, K., 326 Logli, J., 414 Logmann, C, 248 Lohmann, T.. 421 Loken, J., 389, 421 Loker, D., 348 Lokken, K., 377 Long, R., 420 Long, S.. 315, 352, 360 Longhorn, N.. 241. 305 Longmire, J., 313. 314 Longyear, C.. 360, 380 Look, C., 309 Loots, L.. 310 Lopata. G., 381 Lopinsky, E.. 352. 375 Loppnow, W„ 408 Lorenz. T.. 244 Lorgua, G.. 313 Lothe, J., 216, 218, 324 Lotterer, D„ 419 Loughlin, P., 342 Louis, E.. 388 Louzecky, D.. 341 Love. E.. 237 Lovedale, R., 250. 404 Loveland. T.. 313 Lowe, M., 380 Lowe. R.. 338. 397 Lowell. V., 316. 339 Lowenthal, E., 365, 375 Lowrie, G., 379 Lubar, R.. 413 Lubeck, T.. 405 Lubitz, J., 385 Lucas, B., 307 Lucas. ( ' .. 311 Lucas, J., Ill oj . . mi, Luchs, ( ' .. 378 I uckowicz, I. . 397 Ludeke, w ., 336 Ludtke, n.. 200, 341 l.inh igson, I 327 Ludwig, J., 208, 308 Lue, l , HI I II. D„ 207 I ii, lik, , I. , 310, 1 39 Luck, ' , li.. 380 I.iiclkc, I. . l ' H, Luedtke, R„ 184 Luehning, M . ' 17 I nil. I . 21(1. 218 I ulkili. It.. 322. 349 Lump, E., 419 Lund. ( ' ,. 337 Lund, li . 398 Lundberg, J., 204 Lundgren, G., 364 l.iiiidquisl. H.. 228 l.undtvcit. T., 125 Lusikka, C, 305 Luster, S„ 388 Lustig, A., 365 Lustor, E., 352. 375 Luther, J„ 201, 203 Lulz. J., 315 Lutze, G.. 336 Lux, C., 208, 383 Lyall, P.. 227. 311 Lvlc, L.. 233 Lyle, P., 311 Lyman, J., 398 Lynch, J., 348 Lynch, L.. 244 Lynch, M., 348. 420 Lynch, S., 306, 308 Lyon, J., 314 Lyon, K.. 329 Lyons, N., 360 Lyons, T., 230, 405 M M , G., 338 ke, D., 200,-, ' .. 337, 417 Maass, D., 236 Mac Arthur, D., 341 MacCaakil], S.. 358 MacDonald. R., 415 Mac DougaU, P.. 227. 365 Mac Gregor, D., 291 Mac ( Ircgor. R., 4(19 Mach. M., 217. 326 Machlin. R., 358 Macho. T.. 424 Muck. J., 299 Mackenroth. S.. 224, 240 Mackie, F., 423 Mac Millan. P., 315 MacQueen. V., 359 Madelly, S., 360 Madland, T., 399 Madsen. C, 296 Madsen, R.. 212 Maercklein, L., 299, 340 Maerker, J., 416 Magil, M..355 Magnusen, K., 335 Magnuson. J., 349 Mahonev, D., 333 Mahonev, J., 332 Mai, J., 341 Mair, A., 365 Mairer, R.. 367 Majcen, D., 402 Makav. J., 409 Makarcwuicz, B., 336 Makela, ( ' ,., 367 Maki, .)., 242 Maki, N.. 217, 314 Makinney, E., 381 Makoski. S., 379 Malec. J.. 209 Malkin, L., 238 Mailman. T., 389. 405 Malnekoff, D., 352 Malsch, W, 336 Make. R.. 306. 308 Maltz, S„ 413 Malueg. R.. 219, 367 Mandel, 1)., 422 Mandelker, J.. 309 Mandell, J„ 422 Mandis, M.. 358 Mang. T., 275 Manis, U., 227 Manis. M., 202 Manley, M.. 299. 339 Mann, B., 359 Mann. K., 352,375 Mann. M., 413 Mann. T.. 336 Mannaberg. M„ 307 Mannaberg, W., 336, S.. 3liU. 378 Manning, T.. 205, 207 Manor, D., 324 Mansfield, L.. 413 Mansfield, A.. 280 Manskc, M., 387 Mnnt.-ufel. ,L, 219. 236 Manthe. I .. 194. 200, 396 Manthci, I),. 389. 404 Manton, D„ 384 Manz, M . 330 Mi, ram. M., 377 Marasch, M,. 188 Marchess, M.. 358 Maiclicskc. M.. 343 Marcks, G„ 335 Marcus, I ' . 39S MarBlius, 1 1 . 206, 348 MniLTiiiiii. .1.. 218, 3117 Margolin, J., 122 Main,. B . 328 Ml, Mil, P., 305 Market, V., 256, 258 161 Marki ., D.. 346 Markham, S , 228, 113 Markos, I . 202, 203 Markos. R.. 338 Marks. I).. 332 Marks. J., 258, 365, 374, 175 MarkB, W., 318, 337 Markus. I. ., 228 Marland. S., 413 Marold. A.. 203 Mi, I, Hi,-. 1!., 352 B., 3117 Mai., W.. 339 Marquart, J., 335 Marrictt, N.. 353, 387 Marschke, C 112 Marsh, B.. 385 Marsh, I ' .. 27. ' , Marsh, M.. 217. 385 Marshall, B., 360, 365 Marshall. J., 244, 34(1, 426 Marshall. I... 309. 360. 383, 416 Marshall, C, 227 Marekep, D..333 Marfan, R., 410 Martelle. J.. 330 Marten. J., 219. 306, 310. 318, Mm Ma 403 t.ns.ili. 1).. 407 -tin.J.. 186.200.341.35 tin, I. . 2(12. 214. 217, 315 296 indale. B.. 342 Martinek. J.. 409 Martin, -tti. J., 315 Martinson, K., 380 Martinson, P., 385 Martinv, R.. 190 Marton. V.. 188, 191.204. 400 Marty, T.. 417 Martvn. J., 418 Martz. D., 344 Martz. W., 344 Martzke, B.. 397 Maruca. T., 425 Marvin. B., 208. 23(1, 38. ' , Marvin, J.. 378 Marx, E., 387 Marx. K„ 186 Maslowski, L., 339 , 186. 366 Ma V., 35 A., 396 Mastalski. J., 338 Masters. C, 339 Matagrano, C, 309 Mathe, R.. 338 Mather. T., 342 Mathews. E., 275 Mathews. P., 305, 382 Mathieu. R.. 377 Mathieus, D., 327 Matlnson, D., 228. 426 Mathison. E., 309 Mathison, J., 345 Matos, C, 244, 394 Matsoff, J., 358 Matson, F.. 214 Matsuo. R., 423 Matthews, B., 381 Matthews, J., 379 Matthews, N„ 361 Mattison, L.. 387 Mattka. W., 421 Mattson, I., 331 Matuszeski, W., 229 Matzke, L.. 209 Mau. K.. 346 Mauerman. W., 397 Mauermann, S., 314 Maurer. E., 208 Maurer. M., 315 Maurer, R„ 200, 396 Mautz. J., 329 Maves, J.. 307 Mavrogcnis, J., 242, 339 Mavrogcnis, N., 337 Maxfeldt, J., 343 Maxson. K.. 229 Maxworthv. ,L. 320, 321 May, C. 330 May, U„ 347 May, M.. 353 Mayer, 1)., 349. 357 Maver, G., 337 Maver, H.. 422 Maver, J., 417 Mayer. L., 358 Mayers, A.. 363, 375 Mavhew, G., 394 Mayr. J.. 348 Mazanet, J.. 405 Maznr. S., 311 498 •ervin University of Wisconsin Students and the people of Madison Since . . . 1912 Prescription Service Drug Products Famous Cosmetics Classroom Supplies Fountain Service JRenmMtm REXALL DRUG STORE d: ( j ' jffljkl %fflktm GUARANTEE OF: Perfect Satisfaction Unmatched Quality Dashing Style Complete Security an invitation from A. J. HANCOCK, JR. Director of Agencies WISCONSIN LIFE The Young Man ' s Company Why not investigate the career opportunities now of- fered by Wisconsin Life? Underwriting positions are open in Madison, Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities. We also have openings in Minnesota and Illinois. You will be given expert sales training and guidance from our new Madison home office. You will receive a good income to start and within three years earnings can exceed $10,000. Wisconsin Life offers you a lifetime career opportunity that combines prestige, security and excellent income. May I tell you more Call or write me A.J. Hancock, Jr., P.O. Box 61 7, Madison 1 , Wis.— CEdar 8-5841. E3CONSIN Home office: Madison, Wisconsin LIFE 499 1 1 . .• 1 1 Meahekow M 158 Molander, i: , 206 1 1 i Murpro , r :ns K 183 Mesk, . i 12 Moll, n. In li , 145 Vlurphy, S., 307 Mi mi. n I ; i2 186 Meraai r, 1; 137 VIole, D . 122 Murphy, T., 337 vi 176 Meaaerman H 144 Moll, M . 360 Mm, in. B„ 317, i |08 178 Mettlach, T., 297 M.i II, in a. P., 337, Mu mi, , 1 I . 777. 240, 1 14 i; . in Mii.ii,, K 717 38 • Violated, M.. 307 Mm ii, v , M.. 377 G Metzger, J., 310 Mii,i .n. R., 332 Mill,:,, . P., 330 Mi o l 110 M, ■ i i ■ 19 Mondloch, 17. 311 Murray, 17, 215 Meulkman I 134 Monk, R . 337, Mini:,- . W.. 101 -I. B • J., 203 Meyei D., 337 Mon M . 377 Murthj , It . 203 Meyer, 1 184, 216 1 ! Moi R 199 Mil-nils, It.. 360 i ' . ill Meyei G 138 Monson, J - Musolf, M.. 218, 398 II 206, 299 Meyer, J 341, 354 Montabon, I).. 343 Muth. li . 209 I . 200, 396 Meyei K 11 i 380 Montalband, V 348 .Mull,. M,. 37,2 1 ill Meyer, 1 104 Montauk, s . 359 Myatt, II.. 354 - . 327 VIi ■•■ i. VI i " i, Monteith, D . ' Myers, . 210 i 187 VXi ■ , i . R 20 i 219 ; 18 116 Monteith, S . 315 181 M era, B 31 MeCkrth] 126 Mum gi .iii.-i y, B., 315 Myers, S„ 217 M I2S Meyer, S., 196, 197, 16] 361, Montgomery, K . 275, 115 h rick, 1 . ll i :. ■ 181, 184 Montgomery, M.. 329 VIci ... D 242 Meyei 1 233 Montguire, E., 315, 371 K.,341 Meyer, V„ 207,. 207 Monthie, !(.. 366 Hci . K 189,42] Mcyera 195 M I , I... 214. 387 N M, In 1.. P .177 Meyers, K . 212 360 M ly, a., 347 VIci . .i,i,.. II. i 119, 322, 384 Mcyera i . 113 Moon, 11 . 121 tSTaber, .1 . 126 McConncll K . 328 Meyers, 364 Mi, me. B„ 275, 404 Nachrcinci. R„ 337 Mm ...,, ... D., 13! Meyers, R . 397 Moore, D., 214. 420 Nackiniin, M., 122 Vld ,.■ i, S . 307 Mej i Ii.. 3711 Moore, G., 2H7 Nafziger, J., 380, 121, 434 .i i - 233 Meyr, It , 323 M, ....,-. J., 382 Nagamatsu, J., 330 " II . - ' I i Meyst, ' •. 205, 290, 299, 102 Moore. R.. 341 Nagl, 1! ., 112 VI igl , G.i 387 Michaelson, M., 342 Moore, S„ 389, 409 Nagj . J., 199 Mi Di itl i: . - " ' I 298, - Michal, J., 346 Moore. T , 339 Nakamura, E., 192, 220 McDonald, It 149 381, mi Micheaux, K.. 342 Ml mill, D., 3711 Nalevac, G„ 208, 37,7 i . , I ' m Michele, 1 1 . 338 Mi .inn. II . 213 Namekawa, S., 335 K 186 166 Mickan, K . 360 Ml mill. .1 . 201 Nanini, S.. 381 Mi 1 , I- H 184 Mickel, P., 362 Moran, M., 212. 352, 379 Narrow, S., 122 McDougall, i: . 102 Mickelson, A.. 310 Moran, P., 186 Narveson, J., 186 .11. S., 373, 377 Mickelson, J., 311 Morawetz, E., 354 Naset, S . 216 Mi I a . on, S., 4oi Mickelson, K . 373 Morelli. F.. 405 Nathan, N.. 359 Mel arlane, M., 344 Mi. kin,, J., 3117 Moray, 1 • ' .. 427 Nathaua, P., 308 K . - ' US, 360 Middleton, P 3 18 Moray, M . 310 N ' attcs, D„ 213 McGarriti . K 383 Miezitis, I . 2D7, M " it. .i.l P 310 Natwick, N„ 180, 387 . McGhie. K . 274 Migas, R.. 333 Morgan, B 315 Natzke, R.. 187. 194, 200, 200 M.-fiillivrat . P.. 336 Mikais 1.. 333 Nau, A.. 341 McGinnis, P., 208. 338. 400 Mikelson, M.. 307 Morgan, M., 316, 317. 333 Nauman, B., 291 McGinnity, J., 367, 423 Mikkelson, P., 309 Morgan, N., 310 Naumann, J., 339 McGinnity, P., 180 Mikkelson, T., 348 Morgan, S., 315. 329. 385 Naus, P., 342 McGowan, M . 308 Milan,-. M., 314 Morgan, T., 200 Navsunth. A., 340 Mcl Irath, K., 381 Milbauer, .1 . 311. 327 Moriarty, C 381 Naysmith, M . 238 i F., 345 Milbrath, J., 209, 239 Morissette, ..1. 392 Naze, P., 343 Md » .1 . Ho Mill.niii. K., 27,7. 383 Moritz, G., 332 Neal, J„ 196. 314 Mi-Inn iv. . L " .l.-.. J ' . Ml, 311 1 MileU, L., 358 Murk. B.. 380 Neal. N . 365 ' ..308 Milek. J., 337 Mork, P., 295 Neblett, I.. 125 McKenzie, L).. 402. 414 Miletich, M., 313 Moronev. K., 327 Nechrony, C., 311. 387 McKinney, G., . ' 68. 27.-, Milewski, M„ 306, 309 Minns. B . 240, 384 Neehronj . .1., 384 McKinnej . J 299 Milford, li.. 210, 360, 378 .Munis. F.. 382 Nechvatal.. 11.. 338 Mi 1 ..a,. C.,366 Milkowski, K . 345 Morris, (1.. 306 Nedderman, T.. 389. 400 Mcl •■.hi. .V.. 380 Millar. J., 357 Mi, ins, J., 360. 411 Neder, R„ 250. 333 McMahon, A., 307 Millard, M., 379 Morris, M.. 186. 312 Needleman. L.. 206 McMillen, D . 206 Miller. A.. 341 Neef, J., 196 McMillian, B., 208 Miller. B.. 200, 307. 383 Morse, J„ 180, 387 Neesvig, B., 126 McMillin, J., 277, Miller, C., 215, 375 Morse, P., 399 Nehrbass, R . 203. 250 McMillin, I ' .. 345 Miller. 1).. 219, 335 Morse, V., 340 Nehrkom, W . 206. 200 McNamara, P.. 217 Miller. II., 308. 338. 346, 348, Morstadt, V.. 360 Nehrlich, V.. 342 McNamara, R.. 190 426 Murtenson. P.. 202 Neimann, P., 415 McNamee, I).. 340 .Miller, .1.. 241. 311. 321. 329, M.iii.-i. M . 362 Neitzel, C, 349 McNatt, P.. 310 337. 342, 382. 426 Mortier, V. 335 Nejedlu. .1.. 364 McNaughton, P., 244 Miller. K., 409 Morton, J., 210 Neklewitz, G„ 349 McPeek, M.. 385 Miller, I,., 332, 388 Morton. S., 416 Nelson, B., 328 .Mr Peck. P.. 209 Miller. M.. 314, 337, 358. 402 Moser, D., 404 Nelson, C 236 McPherson, M.. 309 Miller. N., 308 Moser, L., 315 Nelson, D., 200, 218, 365. 399 Mi iVittj , p., 352, 383 Miller. P., 236, 342 Moses. A., 307 407 Mead, M.. 305 .Miller. R., 268. 275, 426 Moskol. B., 375 Nelson, I., 364 Meagher, P.. 342 Miller, S., 189, 196. 227. 259, Moskovits, v.. 420 Nelson, J.. 186. 190, 195, 213 Meier, I).. 339 309, 314, 324. 378, 400 Moslander, N., 359. 379 227. 299, 392, 421 Meier, ;.. 402 .Miller, W., 246. 380 Moss.. C. 238. 359 Nelson. K., 196. 244. 310. 352 Meier, 1... 300 Mills, K.. 208, 360 Mottl, J., 360, 383 378 Meier, M., 305 Millstein. B., 309 Mouchka. M., 189 Nelson, L., 336 Meier, N., 200, 367 MilluDzi. F., 327 Moiulrv. C, 352 Nelson, M„ 308, 329, 333 Meier, R.. 338 Milner, N.. 219 Movizzo, J., 338 Nelson, N„ 190 -Mcilahn. V., 244 Minis. J., 307 Mowerv, J.. 404 Nelson, P.. 421 Meisel II.. 204 Minahan, H., 381 Movie, ' .1., 196, 387 Nelson, R., 211. 280. 335. 400 Meisel, P.. 358 Miliar. J., 374 Moyle, S.. 387 Nelson, S„ 211, 402 Meisnest, M.. 310 Minaah, J., 260 Moysey, E., 386 Nelson, T., 297 Meissner, C.. 398 Minash, M., 328 Muzzier, H., 388 Nelson, V.. 197, 214 Meiatad, K , 335 Miner, B., 364 Mravec, E.. 197 Nelson. VV., 343 VI ,i :., 238, 380, 411 Miner, 1 , , HIS Muchin, A., 345 Nepscha, K„ 331 Mekkelson, A., 308 Min.tti, T., 376 Muckenhirn, J., 385 Neta, T., 394 Melby, D., 316 Mink, ( ' . 234 .Milckenliirli. N., 379 Nettles, G„ 208, 356 Mell li., 227 Minnig, V.. 346 Mm -Mm. .1.. 338 Nettles. J„ 266, 267, 272, 275 llelchert, C., 385 Mintjal. D., 2112 Mueller. I).. 236. 406 345 Melik, L., 399 Mintzer. R.. 413 Mueller. G 399 Netwal, C, 191, 204 Melk. S.. 310 Minis, E., 322, 335 Mueller. K , 308, 387 Netz, R„ 339 Mellen, J., 275 Miske, M . 105 Mueller. N.. 328 Ncu, S., 328. 330 Mi-lli-nraiiii., ' I.. Hin Mitby, B., 341 Mueller, P., 307 Neuendorf. L)., 341 MelleDthin, I... 335 Mitby, J., 409 Mueller, R., 404. 424 Neuheisel, J., 330. 326 Melnick, I... 240 Mitchell, B„ 311. 37,4 Mueller, S., 189 Neumann. V., 347 Melo: M.. 327 Mitchell, J., 218, 412 Mueller, T., 337 N ' evitt. .1. 317 Melo: . P., 217 .Mitchell. li.. 121 Mm. in h, J.. 314. 387 Newell, M„ 237. 305 Mel C., 309 Mitchell. S„ 310, 355 -Mii.ii. h. K.. 310. 387 Newkirk, 1- . 365. 37s Mendelson, E., 208 Miti hell. T., 412 Muench. T., 338 Newlin, J., 377 Mendelson, P.. 395 Mitrzyk, F., 342 Muenzberg, M„ 203. 342 Newlir, N.. 180. 377 Mendillo, M , 315 Mittag, K.. 329 Muller, M.. 311, 415 Newman, A . 306. 308 Menger, I ' ., 420 Mittelsteadt, D., 184, 240, 315 Mulliken, S., 361 .Newman. I).. 339 M. nk... I... 360. 384 Moberly, D.. 408 Multer. J.. 336 Newman, 11., 215, 399 Menning, J., 203 Moberly, R., 408 Mundschau, f:.. 404 Newman, M., 394 Manozzi, R.. 341 Mockcrt, 1 209 ( ' .. 314 Newman. 1! . 196. 366 Menzel, B.. 389 l,„ l ii, 1. R 240 M mult. V.. 230 Newton, J., 425 Mercer, 1 . 184 Modine. J., 358 Munger, J., 311, 384 Newton, R.. 344 M M . 37.3. 3t ' ,(l. 380 Moel, 1 | 1 16 Mtinroe, L,. 353 Nicholas, O., 408 Men ier, D., 117 Moelk, J 115 Munson, B.. 358. 375 NichoUs, J., 415 Mersn3, I).. 341 Moeller, ,1.. 309 Mi ins, ,n. I)., 367 Nichols. B., 342 Mergen, M , 126 VIoi Hi ' . M , 326 Murach, M , 106 Nichols, P., 333 Mergen, P i Molly, B.. 378 .Mill, Inch. ll.. 402 Nichols, R„ 342 Merle, R . 107 Mi ,.■!,. ' 153 Murlej . .1 . 198, 241 Nichols, S„ 208 Merrill, L., 341, 342. 426 Mohlman, .1 . 387 Nic son. .1.. 337, Mersch, M., 244 Mohr, .1 . 137 Murphy, . 204 Nicholson, P., 380 Merten, A., 343 Moioffer, M 33 1 Murphy, F„ 307 Nicholson, R., 414 M.i t. ii. B., 406 Moir, C 193 Miuphv. J., 215, 341 n 1 el, C., 333 C, 356 Mokrejs. M„ 17 1 Murphy, I... 245 Nickel, P., 352 Nickolai, w . 336 Nicks, ., 356 Nicoll, I... 383 Nicolson, I. . 335 Niebuhr, . 394 Nieder, A., 413 i,-,|,-i,,ii-,,-i. li.. 200 Niederstadt, K . 308 Niedfeldt, l . 189 Nielsen, . 196, 197, 202 Nielsen, I! . 240 Nielson, I . 187, L96, 200 281, 200 Niemann, ' ■ 2 Niemann, I. ,376 Nie yer, M .. 208, 310 Nieme, ( ' . 387 Niemei, S., 331 Nienhuis, II.. 330 Niiimier, I)., 233 Nllinnel. I ' , 309 Nimz, N . 220, 240, 31 I Nirenblatt, B„ 315 Nisius, N., 214 Nisslej ,n. 260 Nobaok, M.. 212. 308 Noble, M„ 352. 358 Nohavica, I., 332 Nohr, M„ 370 Noie. N., 310 Nolin, I,.. 202 Nolte, L., 330 Nolting, P., 310 Nord, R.. 367 Nordgren, J., 202, 327 Norilholt, A.. 358, 380 Nordvig, I. . 365 Niii iraalil. I. , 365 Norgan. B., 408 Norge, J., 189 Norland, G ,334 Norman, C., 138 Norminton, P., 35 I Norris, A.. 227 Norris, D„ 418 North, L., 334 Northrup, I !., 381 Northway, J., 310 Norton, G„ 190 Norton, J., 355. 421 Norton, M„ 352, 360, 385 Norton. R.. 247 X, ii-i ,-11, M . 275. 280 Novachek, F., 188 Novak, II.. 205, 341. 415 Novak. J., 208 Novak. L., 401 Novak. R., 197, 200, 367 Novak. T., 299, 427 Novander, R., 205 Novotnv. R.. 349 Now. J.. 425 Nowicki, J.. 335 Nuiielman. R.. 361 Nuernberg, R., 415 Nugie, J., 401 Nusbaum. D„ 200. 367, 388 Nusbaum, F., 361 Nvgren. J., 389, 420 Nygro, G., 346 Xvliolni, K.. 208, 217 Nylen, P., 376 Nvstrum. D., 200 Oakwood, J., 420 Oberts, D., 341 Oherts, J., 330 O ' Brien. L., 407 O ' Brien. P., 335 O ' Brien, R., 204 O ' Brien, T., 416 O ' Brien, V., 321,326 O ' Cunnell, D., 355, 421 O ' Connell, J., 251 O ' Connell, M., 217 O ' Connor, M., 186, 315, 383 O ' Connor. W., 415 Odar. J., 314 1 O ' Donnell, J.. 275 Oehrlein, F., 196, 254, 258. 314, 322 Oelke. D., 340 Oelke. L.. 345 Oestreich, C. 208. 309 Oestreich. K.. 242. 425 Oestreich. M„ 366 Ofenloch. C. 406 Og.Ien. Is., 186, 357, 381 Ogren, P., 337 Ogren. R„ 205 OHern. T.. 360 Ohm, M., 212, 312 OKeefe. P.. 374 Oksendahl, K.. 306. 309 Olchoff. G., 354 Olds. D.. 349 Olejniczak, D„ 399 Olen, M., 180. 373 Oleson. J., 197, 200. 367 Oleson, R.. 187. 101. 367 I Hi -son. S„ 277, Olin, G., 203, 304 Oliver, C 7,20 Oliver. W., 333 Olle, J., 407, 500 QUALITY MOTOR CONTROL and Electronic Components ALLEN BRADLEY CO Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin 1 2 Progress Through Products That Serve rRAY VAC Flashlights - Lanterns - Batteries WlLLSON Sunglasses - Industrial Safety Equipment RAY-O-VAC COMPANY • MADISON 10, WISCONSIN A DIVISION OF THE ELECTRIC STORAGE BATTERY COMPANY 501 1 I 5 Olden i 18] Olaen, l II I ■ . ■ Olsen, I; - (0 . I I! , ,,. L.,36 . II B 219, 147, 108 C. 311 ' Nl ■ ■ " ■• ' 13,331 379 Olson, . 195 Olson, R 200 I ■ 367 Olson, S., 216, - ' is H 203, 336 Oman I !36 O ' Mclia, l . 289 O ' Neal, S . 31 1 Neil, 3 178 Oonk, I . 123 i i igeno) th, J„ tl_ ' ( tppenheim, J ., 122 i ippenheimer, I... 359 . i ! . 327 Ording, I 235, 109 i Irienti, D., 324, 342 Oringer, . 161 | ,G 184,3 18 Orlando, P I i8 Orner, J :« On i . 353 On 165 On S., 208, 389, Kin Ort, M . 208 ii,.!, B 178 Ort-Puls, S . 105 Osborne, C, 309 Osgood, Ii . 240. 319, 337 iim I, (i.. 336 ( temundson, .1.. 216, 218, 352 Ostarhild, K., 394 Oster, J., 420 Osterfund, M., 329 i Istergaard, I 334 I I ■• ,, ler, G., 404 I.. 338 Ostrenga, J., 191, 404 ' Istrom, I . 289 299, 335, 402 Oswald, E., 216 Oswald, J., 421 Oswald, T.. 342 ' Is; powski, E., 184 Otis M, 39 ' Otjen, M., 377 Otjen, I. , 377 cm,. I! , 143 i Ittersen, ( ' .. 315 i Itti rson, E., 216 (lit.,. M.. 240, 158 i Itto I ' ., 21S Overdler, I ' . 209 Overson, D., 218 Ovi J ' . 525 • Iw ,,,. I.. 240 Owi r, I ' .. 348 Owens, 11., 337 Owens, I 183 Owens, ' . Owens, K., 216, 217. 2.58. 314. 374 Owzarski, I ' .. 191, 206,-,,,. i-:.. 2.56, 2. " ,7 I ' , - IS,; 306. 308 B., 215, 37:, Paddock, D., 27.5, 333 Paddoi l.. I. 132, 376 Paddock, J., 20!), 424 Paddock, P., 332 Paepke, V., 330 Paetow, K., 378 Pagi C, 230, 230. 244. 321, P , I 340 . 305 Pagel, W.,318,345 ,,. n„ , 3117 129 Paisley, Ii,, 190, 205 M..386 Paley, H., 535 Pallott, R.. 354 Palm. R.. 409 Palmby, P., 343 Palmer. C. 203, 345 Palmer. M . . 19(1, 3.52 Palmer, R.. 375 Palmeri, V., 366 Palmquist, G., 374 Palmquist, J., 396 Paluczak, R.. 405 Palzer. R.. 341. 426 Pamperin, R.. 194, 196, 197. 344. 403 Pamperin, T., 420 Pangas. P.. 420 Panitch, N., 357 Pankow, S., 203. 379 Pantelione, M., 380 Panzenhagep, D., 242, 425 Papandrea. J.. 408 Papke, J.. 339 Parokh, N., 125 ■ ,i II . Parui, L., 352 I ' m I S , 311 Park, I . 315 Parke, .1 . 208, 379 Parker, .1 . 126 Parker, If . 525 Parki r,S., 526 Pari -. I . 522 Parka, T . 555 Parlee, M., 381 IV,, Hi., II.. 332 Petrof, M 31 i Pett, P Hi II. R., !96 I ' , 339 Parson . J., 344 Paska, It . no Paake, I . 315 Pasqualucci, ( ' . 329 Patchett, W., 345 Patek, n.. 316 Patrick, .1 . 289 Patterson, D . 289 PattoD, I... 381 Patton, , 209 Paul, i: . 206 Paul, P., 219 Paul, R., 39S Paul, W., 240 Paulsen, F., 423 Paulsen, M.. 199. 396 I ' aul.s.m. , 106 Paulso n, K., 376 Paulson, I... 336 Paulson, M.. 360 Paulson, P., 208, 357 Pautich, M.. 345 Pautz. C, 329 Payne, V., 352, 383 Pavton, T.. 217 Pear. C, 208 Pearson. B.. 315 Pearson, I)., 417 Pearson, F., 208 Pearton, H.. 385 Pearson, I... 352 Pearson. R., 206 Pearson. T.. 401 Pease, R., 277 Peav-v. R„ 394 Pech. R., 310 Peek. A.. 215, 333 Peek. S.. 328 Peckarsky, P., 307 1 kl,: . ' III 50, Pelton. E.,318 Pen eld, J., 112 Pennej , lv, 336 Penniman. B., 240 Pennings. M., 126 Perkins. R . 399 Perlmutter, B . 341 Perme, A.. 339 Penmit. B., 363 Perrin, J.. 311 Perronne, B., 340. 404 Perronne, G., 256 Perry, H.. 427 Perry, J., 20fi Perry, K., 311, 352 Perso, C. 337 Pesce, L., 316, 317, 318, 333 Peach, A., 406 Peshek, P., 215, 320. 340 Pessin. C, 331 Peterman, L., 339 Peterman, M., 321, 344 Peters, A., 342 Peters, B., 412 Peters, E., 308, 342 Peters, .1, 331 Peters, M., 299. 308. 311, 379 Peters, P., 315 Peters, W., 338 Petersen, G., 427 Petersen. J., 314. 336, 347,366. 414 Petersen. K.. 209, 362 Petersen, S., 332 Peterson. , HIS. :{.-,( ' ,. I ' ll, Peterson, C, 255, 308 Peterson. D., 200, 244, 307, 341. 367 Peterson, E.. 217, 309 Peterson. G., 329, 426 Peterson, I., 186, 197 Peterson, J., 244. 316, 321. 322, 335, 357, 402 Peterson, K., 415 Peterson, M.. 327 Peterson, O.. 34.5. 42.5 Peterson. P., 205, 373 Peterson, R., 204, 316, 338, 341,344, 345, 404 Peterson, S., 241, 242, 328 Peterson, T., 389, 397 Peterson, W., 393 Petiniot, F., 334 Petrakis. H., 190 Petrich, R., 336 Pfiste II. ; II I!.. 336 Pfohl Ii , 167 Phelps, P., 360. 387 Phelps, H „ 311 Phemister, R.. 316 Philleo, D.. 311 I ' hillips, .1., 230, 332 160 189 102 Phillips, K.. 31.5, 378 Phillips, ' .. 3.54 Philps, M., 316, 320. 310 Phister, A., 400 Piccardi, J-, 315 Pichelm.ver. II.. 376 Picker, B., 364 Pidcoe, V.. 421 Pieh, W., 200 Pier, C, 346 Pier, H., 344 Pierangeli, R., 349 Pierre, S., 360 Pierpont. D., 515 Pierpont, G„ 332 Pierpont, J.. 332 Pilger, J.. 399 Pillath, R.. 275. 296. 341 Piltz, R.. 201. 346 Pinkert. R., 406 Pipkorn, U.. 343 Pippert, K.. 337 Pitch, A.. 3.58 Pitkin, G., 216, 218, 315 Pitsch, I).. 228. 346 Pitsch, I... 20.5. (02 Pittelman, J., 34.5 Pitz 216 Pius, A.. 406 Pizer, H.. 422 Pjerrum, P., 394 Plagenz, G., 211, 280 Plambeck. J., .5211 Planck. G., 533 Plant, K., 359 Platten, P., 324. 386 Platz. C, 209 Plautz, J., 397 Plenge. R-. 328, 342 Pleshek, K . 316, 317, 326 Plotkin, J., 354, 355 Plotz, S., 397 Pious. J.. 348, 413 Pluemer, J., 201 Plunkett, D., 366 Podnos, E., 364 Podolske, R.. 394 Poehling, C. 150, 30.5 Poellinger, P., 236 Pofahl. S.. 246, 249, 305, 307 Pohland. L.. 196 Pohle, E., 377, 426 Pokorney, J., 242, 402 Polacheck, B., 21.5, 230. 375 Polacheck, D., 361, 373 Polacheck, L., 330, 388 Poland, L., 326 Polenmn, L.. 343 Polewski. R., 520 Polich, M., 520 Poll, F., 307 Pollack. R., 388 Pollatsek, S., 323 Pollex, C, 323 Pollick, L., 399 Polly, S„ 354 Polzak. L., 244. 418 Polzin, D., 236 Polzin, W., 341 Pomainville, J.. 386 Pomeroy, N., 363 Pomplun, S., 362 Ponath, J.. 414 Poole, E., 311, 376 Poole, J., 314 Poole. T., 38i Pooley, A., 000 Pooley. S., 376, 414 Popish. D.. 364 Poreden. R., 328 Porter, B., 409 Porter, D.. 209 Posekany, R., 336 Pottenger, S.. 330 Potter. K., 307, 379 Pottie, M.. 317 Poulson, J., 389 Powell, B„ 407 Powell, D., 383 Powell, R., 296 Powers, M.. 360. 286 Powers, S„ 237 Powrie, P., 186, 386 Prastka. 8., 360 Pratt, M., 186, 240 Praboske, P., 52.5 Precious, M.. 535 Predith, J., 540 Prees, R.. 196, 208, 310 Preizler, L.. 307 Price, P., 358, 379 Price, S , 241 Pride, D., 336 Pride, S , 236, 105 Priegniti, . 197. 200 I ' m, pke, E„ 33.5 Prii tei J., 327 Pi s . 363 Prill, n 342 P I , 3.57 I ' usk. i: . 121 Pntzl, 1).. 196, 396 Prochnow, J., 31,5. 342 Prochnow, .1.. 312 Proctor, 10. . 329 Prom, A., 311 Proud, J., 208 Pin ill. II , 310 Proutj , II., 112 Ptacek, J., 34.5 Pucel, B . 376 Pugach, N.. 238 Pulela, R., 228 Pullman, II.. 367 Puis, I,., 329. 3.52, 381 Pulvermacher, E., 191 Purcell, A.. 188 Purdy, L., 240 Purdy, M.. 328 Purmal, N.. 328 Purnell, J., 27.5. 299, 108 Purtell, S., 373. 374 Putterman, S., 186, 37.5 Plltzer. S., 377, II.. 191, 206. 207 Quale, II.. 296, 399 Quam. R.. 209. 362 Quandt, K . 3.57, R , 420 Quinn, E.. 348 Quinn. J., 330 Quinten, K , 34.5. 398 (J, ink. M , 214, 335 Quisling. R.. 219, 33.5 Quisling, s.. 414 Quist. L., 209 Rabino yitz, A.. 3.54 Raccoli, I ' .. 21 1 Rackow, L.. 33.5 Radam, J., 361 Ra.lant. R.. 215 Raddant. C, 383 Raddoch, P.. 243 Raileiuai ' her. ( ' .. 362 Rades, W., 316 Radke. R., 196 RadlorT, I).. 244. 349 RadlofT. J.. 237. 310 Radtke, N., 342 Radtke. S., 208 Radue, R., 341 Radutzky, E.. .522 Rachpour, A.. .523 Raether, B.. 308 Rafalow. D.. 363 Raff, C., 327 Ragatz. F., 416 Ragus, T., 406 Rahn, E.. 335, 426 Rahn, K., 196, 30.5 Raimer, J., 218, 227 Raiek, J., 307 Rami, W., 336 Ramsden, R., 340 Ramsey, T., 20.5, 394 Randall. B.. 214 Randall, E., 358 Randall. M,, 305 Randall, VV., 339 Randolph, D., 51.5 Randolph. S., 520 Rane, P., .524 Raney. R.. 244, 349 Rang. C, 229 Rank. IJ., 381 Rank. J.. 520 Rank. R., 372 Rank. S., 385 Rankin. A., 360 Rankin, G., 393 Ransom, G., 207. 42.5 Ra K., 353 Rappaport, R.. 21.5, 387 Rarick. D., 34.5 Rasch, G.. 332 Rashkin, A.. 341 Rasmussen. E.. 367 Rasmussen, J., 385 Rasmussen. R., 421 Rasmussen, S., 373. 377 Rath. V.. 340 Rattinann, J., 339 Rauschenberger, R., 217, 37 415 Rausell. A., 378 Rave, T., 520 Ravenhill, M., .520 Ravid, P., 395 Ravine, A., 291 Ravnick. R., 413 Rawson, C. 314 It:,,. . 332 Raj . ( ' . 330 Ray, J., 186, 359 Raj , T , 218 2 • ' ., 194 Haymaker, M . 116 Raymon, I... 361 Re, „ 309 Read, R., Kill Reading, ' ., 102 Rearick, H . 311, 376 Reasa, D., 209 R. ' 1,1ml . i; . 182, 189. 196 Rector, A.. 360 Rector, V. 3si Reddoch, It . 181 Redfield, J , 255, 261, 409 Redway, J„ 3.58 Reed, L, 313, 387 Reed, K , 326 Rees, .1,311. 383 Reetz, S., 309 Reeves, A., 352 R. ' IT. ( ' .. 424 Reffke, G., 315 Refiner, .1 . 520 Reffner, R., 520 Rehm, E., 315 Rehwald, M., 384 Rehwald. S., 384 Reibetanz. K., 307 Reich. A., 361 Reich. D., 337 Reich. T., 342 Reichar.l. 1).. 342 Reichardt. F., 339 Reichert, A„ 308 Reichert, 1 1.. 421 Reichert, J.. 349 Reid. D., 236 Reid. M.. 409 Reiferson. D., 121 Reiferson, M., 186, 381 Reii, T.. 423 Reigel. C 338 Reigle, J., 382 Reillv, P., 201 Reill ' v, W.. 116 Reimann. .1 , 211, 217 Reimei It . 327 Reiner. I I . 295, 400 Remhard, G , 203,344 Remh.,1.1. J., 515 Reinkainen, R., 520 Reinning, L., .52.5 Reinish, ]{., 122 Reinitz, M., 373 Reinke, A.. 218. 380 Reinke, R., 423 Reinke, U.. 378 Reis, E.. 364 Reis. P.. 343 Reiss. C„ 402 Reiter, M.. 366 Reivitz, I,., 355 Reksten. E., 339 Re.lsten. .1.. 203, 339 Remlinger, W.. 195, 198, 333 Rem I. B.. 340 Rengel. C. 384 Renick. T., 367 Renner. M.. 360 Rensch, J.. 415 Repka. C, 389. 410 Resmck. D.. 389, 401 Resnick, M., 422 Resnick, M., 515 Resovich, X., 520 RetzlafT. D., 343 RetzlafT. K , 305 Reuss. T.. 202. 394 Reuter, L.. 379 Revnal. A., 327 Reynolds, F., 399 Reynolds, J.. 219 Re ' zniehek. J.. 426 Rezmchek. R.. 218, 415 Rheingans, K., 311 Rhine. R., 311 Rhinesmith, C., 407 Rhode, W., 336 Rhone. R., 2.5 Riciart. L-, 33.5 Riccardi. C.. 416 Rice, D.. 338. 347, 421 Rice, J.. 331, 426 Rice. S., 305 Richards, E.. 344 Richards. H., 352, 386 Richards, J., 189 Richards. L.. 378 Richards. M., 386 Richards, R., 326 Richards. V., 515 Richards, W.. 520 Richardson, R.. 327 Richardson. 8., 380 Richert, J., 322 Richert. L.. 196 Richman, C.. 405 Richmond, C.. 214 Richter, D., 205, 207 Richter, E., 331 Richter, H., 274. 27.5, 278, 280, 299 Richter, J., 345 Richter. R.. 208. 315 Rick. J.. 343 Rickli. M., 328 Ri.l.lleberger, A., 384 502 THE UNIVERSITY CO-OP 702 STATE STREET SERVING WISCONSIN STUDENTS FOR OVER 60 YEARS THE C. W. ANDERE ' S CO. 702 STATE STREET THE STORE FOR MEN 503 r— ■—■HIM llll Congratulations from Specialists in Sausage and Smoked Meats Since 1883 OSCAR MAYER CO. Madison BROWN ' S Book Shop, Inc. BOOKS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Friendly, Courteous Service Rideout, ( ' -. 227 Rideout. L., 277 Rideout, V., 204, 398 Ridings. R.. 406 Ridley, M . 206, 384 Riedemann, I)., 33.5 Rieder. T., 33!) Riegler, ;.. 218 Rierson. I).. 277 Rifle. P.. 244 Rifken, M., 422 Rikkers. J., 4IKI Riley, M., 362 Riley, R., 338 RUej . .. .515 Rilling, R.. 188 Killing. V„ 406 Rinehart, N., 200. 396 Rinelli, M., 217. 308 Ring, J., 40.5 Ringrose, C, 281, 336 Ringwood, S., 341 Ripp, J., 186 Ripp. K.. 218, 309 Ripp, R.. 211. 307 Risberg, M., 327 Ritter, M., 342 Ritter. S.. 383 Rittschof, N.. 379 Ritienthaler, .1 326 ' ■■ ' : Ritzman. . II " . Kivkin. I)., 182. 3.58 Rizner, E.. 38.5 Roach, , I6« Roamer. R., 331 Roan, H 36 - Robbins, M . 360 Robel, H.. Iiiii Roberson. N., 308 Robertson. M ., 186 Roberts. B., 201 Roberta, ;.. 329, 380, 392 Roberts, E.. 376 Roberts. 1 .. 186 Roberts. H., 200, 367 Roberts, R., 365 Roberta, S., 360 Robertson, J., 379 Robertson, M., 213 Robin. [■ " .. 3.57 Robinson. C., 422 Robinson. I).. 359 Robinson. I , 346 Robinson. K.. 208. 310 Robinson, I.., 388 Robinson, R., 240 Robinson. S.. 333 R.. bison. M., 186, 327 Roehman, R.. 208 Rodv. D., 342 Rodie. S.. 361. 384 Rodin. I... Ill Roehke, D., 343 Roebke. E., 242 Roebuck, A., 202. 402 Roeder. W., 205 Roembke, N., 106, 108. 331 Roenier, .1.. 204 Roomer, P., 525 Roenier, R.. 345 Roemke, N.. 180 Roepke, L.. 374 Roessel, .1.. 208. 357 Roesselet, B., 331 Roetlie. A., 34.5 Roethe, J., 322, 327, 416 Roethke, W.. 415 Rogan, E.. 399 Rogenski, T., 398 Rogers, E„ 356 Rimers. F., 335 Rogers, L., 365 Rogness, .1., 312, 31.5 Rofida. R.. 184. 316. 341 Rohlick, F., 207 Rohloff. M., 327 Rolin. G., 242. 308 Rohrbeck. CI., 197, 200. 367 Rohrer. J.. 360 RohrstatT, O., 347 Roland, J., 220. 305, 382 RolefTson, R., 333. 394 Rolke, R., 206 Roll. I... 315 Rolle, s . 217. 3.50 Rolnick, D., 395 Roloff, L.. 329 Romano. C, 358 Romano. L.. 358 Rommelfanger, A., 333 Ron, stad. K., 188. 206 Rooks, R.. 41.5 Root, S., 357 Roper. C, 360. 377 Roper, E.. 327 Rose, P.. 308 Rose. T., 41.5 Ro 36.5 Rosenau, J., 342 Rosenbaum. J., 307, 360, 383 Rosenberg, K., 365 Rosenberg. I. ., 307 Rosenberg. R.. 244 Roaenberry, E-, 331 Roaenberry, M., 197, 330 Rosenblatt. B., 422 Rosenblatt, V., 388 Rosenhrook, D.. 199 Rosenfeld. F., 354 Roaenfield, R.. 343. 413 Rosenheim..-!-. M.. .53.5 Rosenkranz, P., 525 Rosenkianz, S., 310 Rosenow, J.. 337 Rosenstein, M., 358 Rosenstein, R., 333 Rosenthal. R.. 407 Rosenwald, J., 385 Roshaven, P.. 309 Rosignolo. R., 343 Rosin. V., 340 Ross. B.. 385 Ross. J., 305 Ross, R.. 218 Ross, S., 218 Rosser. W.. 394 Rossman. E., 307 Rossmiller, H.. 180 Rost. F., 316. 322, 337 Rost, T.. 337 Rotgin, C, 363 Roth F, 234 Roth. (I.. 422 Roth, J., 203. 40.5 Reth. M., 383 Roth. Z., 234 Rothermel. J., 236 Rotlimaii. K., 21.5. 326 Rothmeier, J., 204. 207, 42 Rothwell, R., 195 Rottencrotch, O., 36.5 Rouman, J., 533 Rounds. M.. 333 Roup. C, 337 Rowald, R.. 310 Rowan. B.. 383 Rowan. J.. 383 Rowan, M., 328 Rowe, J.. 385 Rowe, L., 378 Rowe, P.. 386 Rowe. W., 338 Rowlands. E., 343 Roycraft. P., 403 Ruben, G„ 233 Ruben. N., 364 Rubenstein, B.. 353 Rubin, I.. 39.5 Rubin, K., 251 Rubinowitz, M.. 344 Rubinstein. T., 395 Rubv, D., 227, 366 Ruby, J., 386 Rudat, K.. 377 Rudberg, C, 364 Rudd, G., 233, 2.51 Rudd, .1., 346 Rude, T., 552 Rudie. D.. 520 Rudolf. I).. 409 Rudoh. W.. 316. 320. 333 Rudolph, K.. 307 Rudolph, P.. 377 Rueder, N.. 206 Rufe, R.. 200, 403 Ruedisilli, L.. 277 Ruesch. S., 338 Rueter, H.. 346 Rueter, W., 190 Rufe, K., 314 Ruff, ( ' ., 319 Ruffalo. II., 316 Ruffolo, .1., 332 Ruggles. R„ 387 Rummele, J., 242, 397 Rumiiiler. M., 315 Runimler. W., 400 Riimnev. S.. 21.5, 378 Runge, K., 307 Rutin, W.. 206 Human. G., 215 Runzheimer, L., 343 Ruscher, E.. 206 Rush. S., 411 Ruskv, A., 343 Russell, D., 383 Huston. 1).. 313. 341 Rusv. A., 190 Ruth. W., 343 Rutluiiansilorfei. K., 34.5 Ruthven, A., 3.53 Rutkauskas, ■!., 210 Rutleilge, A., 305 Rutledge. J., 374 Ruttenberg, H.. 201, 395 Ruttenbe rg, R.. 184 Rutter, A.. 341 Rutz, A., 186 Rutzky, L.. 3.5.5 Ruzeck. J., 426 Ruzic, B., 217. 331 Ryan, S., 379 Rydecki, R.. 206 Rvdzewski, D., 347 Rynders, B., 377 Saari, A., 198 Sabol. I).. 208 Saccomando. C, 380, 407 Sacharski, J., 340 Sacher. S., 413 Sacha, J., 297 Sachse, R., 408 Sachtjen, P.. 404 Sack. C 326 Sackin, J., 388 Sackren, E.. 311 Sadler. J.. 408 Sadowski, E-, 42.5 Sakowski. R.. 206 SafTran, W., 338 Saindon, I., 310 Sainsburv, K., 308 St. Armour, D., 246 St. Louis. L.. 196, 215. 217 St. Louis, S., 258 St. Onge. J.. 427 Sakano. T.. 423 Salay. H., 353 Salazar, A.. 402 Saleson. S.. 3.54, 375 Salinger. C 395 Salkowski. L.. 309 Sallas. J., 380 Saltzberg. Z.. 356 Salvesen. K.. 364 Salvesen, L.. 417 Salzman, C, 186. 37.5 Salzman. I .. 51.5 Salzman. .1., 354 Salzwedel . R., 404 Samodi. D., 397 Sampe, D., 186 Sampe, P., 340 Sample. I).. 310 Sampson, J., 314 Samsel, L., 314 Samson. A.. 39.5 Samuelson. B.. 2.52, 376 Samuelson, E.. 3.55 Samuelson. J.. 311 Sanchez, M., 36.5, 86 Sanders. B., 355 Sunders, N., 349, 396 Sanders, S., 338 Sanderson, R., 338. 401 Sanderson. S., 320. 321. 32 Sandvold, E., 190 _ Sanfelippo, C 40.5 Sandford, H., 334 Sanger. C. 277. 418 504 Let us open our eyes and hearts to the event upon us, and take full advantage of this auspicious occasion. As President Abraham Lincoln so aptly stated: " . . . " it is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us " to this message we humbly wish to add our heart felt felicitations to the class of 1962 WESTGATE • DOWNTOWN • EAST SIDE 505 SB Sanger, ' • ;r Sanner, I I Saper, s , 1 1 ' ■ Sapelta. I... I ' ll. 203 Saponjic, M Sapperficld, ; - ' ; - I [.,426 i 133 Satti I 525 Sauei J 116 217 161 Saunders, C . 36] Saunders, G 203 Saunders, S 199 Savi.lilskv, D Sawyer, D 143 .11 , - 184 Sayer, .1 .. 343 Scafe, . ' . 147 Seal necchia, S . 36] . 386 i 280 Schaai K., 188 Schaalman - I .9 Schacht, I).. 398 Schacht, S., 219 .-, ba htei . II . 161 3i i ide, D., 275, 299 Schadeberg, D., 344 Schadt, I . I " - ' Schaefer, B., 327 s, haefer, C, 346 Schaefei . J., 39 1 M , 140, 175, 104 Schaeier, R., 404 Scl aefer, T., 203 Schaeffer, M., 315 Schafer, I )., 106 Shaefer, V., 348 S naff, .1 . 305 SchafTer, M., :r,i M liilllri. S , _ ' l. ' , 314 Schall, D., 309 Scballert, A.. 349 Schanen, P.. 426 Shank, M., 208 Scharmer, K . 525 Scharrer, J., 316, 336 Schasse, H., 339 Schauder, S„ 380 Si liaus, M., 210 l,i,, l,i,.,, S , 251, 347 Scheek, G., 353 Scheel, C, 308. 336 Scheel, D., 394 Sc le, S , 227, 307 Scl r. A., 344 Scheerer, R., 406 Scheider, D., 332 Scheinkoenig, J.. 206 Schelker, L., 2.36, 387 Schell, A., 424 Scheelhardt, J., 227 Schellin, I... 306, 310 Schellin, S.. 205, 317. 346 Schemburg, K., 203 Schend, H., 344 Schendel, D., 337 Schenk, J., 27. " , Scherer, II.. 199, 374 Scherf, Ii.. 361 Scberkenbach, G.. 346 Schi U( rell, B : 19 Schick, .).. 333 Scheibler, C . 227 Si I, ill. S., 363 S, h.ller, II , :! ' . ' .-, Schilling, f.i.. 243. 415 Schilling, R.. 337 Schilling, S., 332 Schink, G . 335 Schink. K , 20.-,, 323, 332 Schinner, S., 385 Schipper, S., 300 Scblaak, .J., 217. 314, 385 Schlaver, J., 389, 421 Schleger, R., 336 Scblenk, M , 186 Schlicke, L., 336 Sehlinkert, L.. 202 Schlising, D„ 334 Schloemer, T., 340 5i blough, S., 206 Schlueter. B., 329 Schmerling, M., 336 Schmid, I.., 187. 196, 200, 241 Schmidlej . K.. 215.311 Schmidt, A., 416 Schmidt, B.. 202, 308 Schmidt, F., 342 Schmidt. G., 363 Schmidt. J., 218, 314, 319, 332, Schmidt, K.. 257. 358. 378, 385 I,., 240, 281, 332. 337. 339 Schmidt, M., 315. 326.412 Schmidt, P., 419, S.. 316, 331 Schmidt. T., 342 Schmidt. W., 217 Schmidtk e, J.. 333 Schmeideman, A.. 400 Schmieden, R., 400 Schmiedlin, S.. 000 Schmill, K„ 328 Schmit, H., 397 Schmit, T., 206 Schmitz, E.. 340 Schmitz, N.. 251 506 Schmitz, R , 12 I Schmuhl, .1 . 115 Sc itiler, P., 229, 109 s, l,n.,l„.|. I . . 3S!I 19 I Schnabel, K., 189, 198 387 schii,.. k. c ,.i..i :s.: Schneckloth, I. . 203 140 Schneider, B . 236, 352, 379 Si i. .1. ide, J., 205 Schneider, K 1 108, I 18 - neidei 12] 132,355, 115 s, I, in i,l«. i 153 Schnur, M 149 Si i I wind, 139 Schoenecker, P., 100 a i,. .Mi.l. i . I ,333 Si lioenfeld, S 145 Sc ngi .ii.l SchoenEofen B 160 180 I 112 Sc mig, .1.. 333 Schi lening, . ' .. 419 ■,.■ 3611 ISII Si hoewe, C., 360, 383 Si lioll, ! .. 349 s, homann, H , 383 Schomann, N.. 515 3i i .I,.. .. 103 Scl burg, K . 312 Schowalter, I . (07 Shirader, I . 208 Schrage, M , 182.380 Si I. miii. S.. 37.3. 375 Schrank, II., 378 Schrank, S., 379 Schreiner, N., 379 Schr ler, . 244, 410 367 137, 426 Schroeder, R., 343 Schroth, B., 212, 365 Schrubbe, S . 208 Schubert, C, 3117 Schubert. G.. 307 Schuck, C, 376 Schuck, M., 376 Schueffner, D.. 341 Schueler, E.. 415 Schuerman, D., 305 Schuette, J., 314 Si I, ... ..... P., 310, 378 Schuetz, A.. 515 a In., tze, It.. 227 Schuh, A., 21)3 Schuh, R. 205 Schuh, T., 203 Schuler, B., 315 Schiller. J., 314 Schuler, R., 195, 200, 207, 306 SchuU, M., 127. 383 Schulman, C, 359 Schulman, M., 217, 358 Sehultheis, J., 343 Schultis, J., 311 Schultz, C 362 Schultz. D., 346 Schultz, J., 217 Schultz, P.. 424 Schultz, T., 348 Schulz. D., 399 Schulz, J., 327. 381 Schulze, G., 399 Schulze, P., 421 Schumacher, E., 115 Schui In-i . I!.. 126 Schumann, M.. 342 Schur, S., 236 Schurch, J.. 182, 197, 378 Schilling. K., 280. 2 ' J!) Schuster, D., 409 Schutz, L., 348 Schutz, V., 244 Schwaab, W.. 343 Schwab, R., 202 Schwanbeok, X . 360 Sehwantes, G . 204, 238 Schwanted, L 205, 23 1 Schwantes, S., 392 Schwarte, .1., 329 Schwarte, M., 316, 329, 387 Schwartz, A., 395 Schwaltz, 1 ., 20.8. 306, 3119 Schwartz, E., 375 Schwartz. K., 392 Schwartz, L., 333, 349 Schwartz, M.. 344 Schwartz, S., 186, 206. 366 Schwartz, T., 402 Schwartz, W., 348 Schwartzinan, W., 395 SchwarzhofT, J., 200, 367 Schweer, R.. 345 Schweger, J., 236, 308 Schwei, J., 376 Schweitzer, D., 397 Schweppe, E., 190 Schwer. G., 421 Schwer, R., 423 Schwersenska. L, 208 Schwertfeger, F., 334 Schwoegler, B., 337 Scifrei, D., 306, 311 Scobie, B., 281 Scoon, J.. 378 Scornavocco, J., 211, 416 Scott, J., 346 Scott. N., 305 Scott. S., 197 ScoviUe. R., 319. 351 Scribner, V., 309 .-,.,1 - . I 18 Seale, P., Seaquist, J 362 R . 187 Sebano, E., 515 Sebiski, B 203 Seborg, D., 118 Schsow. II . 186, 388 Sedgwii I., J., 3S3 Sedgwicl l . 38 I Seefeld, D., 191 Seevere, 1 ■ ' .. 38.3 Sefert, .1. 201 Segal, S., 375 Segal, .. 380 Segall, I.. 365 Sehnke B., 342 Seid, S .. 364 Seidl., I... 227 Seifert, A., 341 Seifert, D., 239 Seiler, I)., 240 Seiler, M. 219, 338 Seder, S., 328 Sekeres, J., 280 Selenfriend, W., 359 Sellers. E.. 360,385 Selsberg, R., 339 Selver, I., 353 Seminar.,, A., 345 Sennnelhack, M., 277 Sengbusch, A., 315 Sengstock, R., 217, 364 Senkbeil. R., 345 Senn, J. 307 Senner, G., 413 Scntman, F., 227 Serdvnski, M., 338 Serota. S.. 186, 328 Serpico, W.. 397 Serwer, D., 340 Setterquist, J., 374 Severance, J., 201 Severson, C., 190 Severson, D„ 353 Severson, , 338 Seward, R.. 197 Sewell. R., 252 Sewell. W., 252. 399 Shaaf, K.. 204 Shabot, J., 364 Shadauer, L., 190 Shaedla, R., 409 Shafer, J., 426 Sliafer, R., 245. 341 Shaff, F.. 218 Shaffer, G., 316, 348 Shambeau, T., 398 Shanahan. K.. 387 Shands, R.. 378 Shane. J.. 394 Shannon. M„ 358 Shapiro. B., 354 Shapiro, E., 354 Shapiro, G., 395 Shapiro. H., 422 Shapiro. J., 348 Shapiro, M., 192 Shapiro, R-, 395 Shapiro, S., 413 Sharfin, R., 395 Shariff, A. 203 Shark, J., 359 Sharlip, S„ 351 Sharpee, J., 348 Sharra tt, T., 245, 344 Shaw, L., 388 Shaw, P., 275 Shaw, S.. 308. 313 Shavkin, B., 358 Shea, D„ 296 SheafTer, S., 384 Shealv, M., 307 Shear. C.,379 Shebesta, J. 305 shc-han, 1 339 Sheehy, R., 419 Sheer, ' N„ 395 Sheerar, C, 349 Shefield, T., 335 Shekore, F„ 316, 340 Shelby, J.. 387 Sheldon. R.. 413 Shelensky, H., 371 Shelter, V. 217. 330 Shellin. S., 316 Shepard, L. 365 Sheppley, M.. 208, 306, 309 Sher, B.. 215 Sherer, D.. 186, 364 Sheridan, S., 309 Sherman, A.. 241, 347 Sherman, C., 413 Sherman, R.. 400 Shernoff, M., 358 Sherril, P. 341 Shervev, P., 352. 374 Sherwin, R., 413 Shiels, P., 383 Shiels, S., 383 Shier, P., 208 Shimatani, S., 206 Shinnera, A., 341 Shinners. M., 334 Shirey, R., 419 Shlensky, A., 215 Shlimovitz, A., 395 Shoen, J., 375 Shoop, S., 196, 198 Showers, D.. 344 Siegel, H . 354, 375 Sieg rist, 1 1 , 336 Siehr, P., 331 Si, -in, -is, ( ' , 21 I Sural, 11., 365 Sigerstad, D , 256. 313 Sigglekow, I).. 237 Sigoloff, S„ 375 Sih. .1.. 347 Silberman, I... 354 Silver, V, 375 Silver. P.. 3119 Silverman, C, 388 Sih erman, D., 354 Silverman. H., 395 Sih. -sin, C, 336 Simkins, L., 215 Simmons, A.. 345 Simmons. K.. 214 Sim,, ,M. B., 354 Si n, .1., 395 Simon, I.., 375 Simon. M.. 280 , F.. 414 N., 186, 310 , K., 387 Simonson, R., 348 Simpson, B . 379 Simpson, C. 314. 376 Simpson. M., 377 Simpson, N.. 306 sin,-. It., 207 Sinclair, P.. 210. 341 Sindelar. J.. 188. 191. 245. 392 Singer, C, 361 Sippel. J., 188. 191. 425 Sipple A.. 305 Sirbel, C, 203 Sirianni, S., 233 Sitzman, .1., 188. 191. 204,348 Skull, I... 399 Skalas, M , 196 Skalinder, I... 291, 417 Skarsten, K.. 196, 313 Skcls. L.. 407 Skelton, R., 407 Skilton, R., 244 Skinner, A., 342 387 HI. 365 Skomicka, J., 256. 261 1... 241, 367 Skuldt, K., 366 Slal.v, R., 338 Slang, A., 205 Slette, R., 421 Sligh, J., 352, 387 Sloan, S., 360, 385 Sloan, V.. 389 Sloane, R., 408 Sloman, C.. 354 Slugg, P., 334 Small, S„ 229. 404 Smallinan, .1., 209. 307 Sincilegaard, P., 349 Smith, A., 200. 299, 367 Smith, 211, 346. 387 Smith. 1)., 203, 408 Smith. E., 295, 299. 327, 386 Smith. F., 360 Smith, G.. 187, 200 Smith, H., 187. 346, 414 Smith. .1., 203. 219, 299, 378, 416 Smith, K-, 242 Smith, I,.. 184. 400 snath. M . 296,347. 377 ,413 Smith, X , 218. 341, 409 Smith, P.. 192 Smith, R.. 206, 290, 296. 345, 395, 402 Smith, S., 329. 336, 341, 342, 343, 355, 360, 386 Smith, T.. 335. 399, 426 Smith, W., 227, 267, 275, 408, 414 Smithback, J., 333 Sinits. R., 426 Smoler, J., 378 Smoler, M., 305 Smoodv, M., 344 Smrtnik, F., 405 Smyth, K., 320, 321. 328 Snamiska. S., 342 Snyder, D., 327, 341. 342 Snyder, E., 310 Snvder, L., 345 Sobania, R.. 347 Sobel, G., 395 Sobota, S., 334 Soder, D„ 314. 385 Sodke, D., 206 Soens, I . 3119 Sohlberg, I).. 337 Solberg, i ' . 127 Solberg, v., 315 Solem s . I ' M, ;i , Solej . M., 312 Soil ..mi... I 306, 110, 37 Soil, I. , 122 Solochek, s, 184 Solocher, S., 281 Solomon, R., 338 Sullis. I. , 206, 2117 Soman, 1.. 309 Sommerfield, E., 315 Sommerfield, M . 179 S, iiiini, -is, M „ 198 :, I. P.. 339 Sonneborn, B., 327 Sonnenberg, I).. 314 Sonnenberg, .1.. 375 .-,,1,1,11, I , 188 .-,,i.lrii. .1 . 204, 207. 236,, 241 Sorenson, C , 197 Sorenson, D., 236 Sorenson, I.., 203 Sorota, II.. 122 Sorrentino, R., 418 S,,ss. I... 358. 388 S.mle, N.. 358, 386 Sousek, .1-, ' -ix ' South, .1., 361 Southern, M., 186 Spaeth. R.. 227. 333 Spangler, S.. 23) Sparks, B., 412 Sparlin, D., 348 Spear, I.., 387 Spear, S., 209. 376 Specht, C, 407 Spector, D., 354 Spector, R. 411 Speer, K., 309, 377 SpeUmire, J., 196, 380 Sperback, J., 194. 197, 200, 367 Sperle, J., 200, 364 Spero, P.. 240, 358 Speigel, J., 363 Spiegelberg, I).. 349 Spierling, N., 376 Spiritus, E., 395 Spitz. L., 340 Spivac, X., 341 Splavec, J., 404 Splinter, .1., 240 Spoeneman, C.. 384 Sponbolz, M., 343 Spooner, C, 358 Sprague, M„ 360, 383 Sprague, W., 400 Sprinds, G„ 280, 394 Spring, E., 186, 314 Springberg, P.. 41 1 Springer, J., 326 Spruick, J., 364 Spurgeon, C.. 381 SpurUng, I... 210 Sre.ll, J!, 309 Staab, C, 402 Staab, M., 377 Staab, V„ 402 Stachnik. C, 227. ' ,.,1 Stacj . V.. 358 Stadelmann, D., 330 Stadler, .1., 206 Stadthaus, A.. 337 Stadler. J., 205 StafTeld, P., 365 Stafford, T., 400 Stagl, A., 402 Stahl, B.. 188, 206 Staid, K., 339 Stahlkopf, K., 389. 407 Staidl, G., 196 Stair, D., 244 Stalc . I! 52 . Stalev, R., 275 Staller, B.. 200. 342 Stalter, J., 338 Stain, D., 233 Stamm. (. ' ., 208 Stamiii, D., 339 Stamm, E., 308 Stampfl, J., 366 Standorf, L... 203 Stanek, M.. 206 Stanelle, H., 397 Stanhope, R., 340 Staniiorth. J., 407 StanMewicz, R., 414 Stankkvskv. R.. 338 Stansberrv. C, 333 Stansell, S.. 196, 373, 374 Stark, C. 200 Stark, R., 209, 332 Stark, S., 208, 315 Starr. J., 326 Starritt, D., 406 Stasko, J., 328 Stathas, J., 230 Stathas, P., 381 Statts, P., 332 Statz, J., 201 Stauffacher, C, 337 Stauffacher, J.. 206, 423 Stauffer, G., 402 Staveness, C 313 Stavenik, V., 357 Stearns, E., 188 Steckelberg, A., 217, 362 Steele, K., 342 DIAMONDS? No, even more valuable. They ' re pellets of high-grade iron ore, produced with the help of A-C equipment, from taconite — once considered unfit for mining. Tomorrow . . . direct reduction of ore to pellets at the mine? Very possible. A NEW POWER SOURCE on which Allis-Chalmers researchers are working, the fuel cell, may well be used to deliver efficient power to vehicles of the future. PLASMA PHYSICS, research into the mysteries of nuclear fusion requiring temperatures of 100,000,000 degrees, may develop new ways of generating electricity for you in the future. f ' k ' Mi it! ■ I ...AND TOMORROW STILL ANOTHER CHALLENGE! From this new challenge may well come the products and processes needed to protect and prosper the Free Peoples of the world. ALLIS-CHALMERS 507 420 M Stegner, D., 205 StcEling, F., 342 Steidtman, G., 349 Steiebe, 305 Stein, P.. 321, 340 Stein, I.. 359 Stein, J., 236 Stein. K.. 309 Stein, H-. 199, 395 Stein, S., 326 Steinboeh, F., 3_37 Steinberg, S., 375 Steinbom. V . 347 Steindorf, B.. 314 Steiner, E., 200, 403 Steiner! L. ' , 354 Steiner, M . 364 Steinhardt, C, 344 Steinhelper, W ' .. 343 Steitikc. R.. 236 Steinkopff, I ' .. 358 Steinmetz, W . 4()(i Steinaki, P.. 328 SteUing, R., 418 Stellrecht, I . 362 Stellwagen, J., 329 Stelmach, II., 305 Stclmachcr, R.. 206 Stelter, B.. 326 Stelter. G.. 348 Stelter. J.. 204. 425 Stelter. T.. 425 Stendahl, s.. 235.400 Stenaby, S., 308 Stensvad. R.. 525 Stei . J.. 205 Stephens, D., 345 Stephenson, F... 387 Stephenson, G., 400 Stephenson. R., 236 Stepto. M.. 307 Sterle. M., 409 Stern. B.. 375. 422 Sterrenburg, L.. 415 Stess, .!.. 365 Stetter. B.. 217 Stettler. .1.. 195. 207, 403 Stettler. V.. 195 Steuck, S., 525 Stevens. C. 309. 387 Stevens, J.. 341 Stevena, K.. 227 Stevens. N.. 241. 355 Stevens. S.. 361. 379 Stevens. T., 208 Stevens. V.. 407 Stevenson, fi., 343 Steward. R.. 191 Stewart. C, 398 34 5 Stewart. (I.. 203 Ste»art. J., 214 Stewart. S.. 314. 360, 376 Stewart, YV.. 394 Stewig, W., 425 Sticknev, R.. 408 Stielil. J.. 425 Stiehm, L.. 386 Stiehm, V.. 233 Stier. A., 202, 326 Stiles, T., 415 Stillman, M.. 388 Stinemates, W., 367 Stirn. R.. 347 Stiaka, .1 .397 Stulka. W.. 199 Stock, M., 362 Stocking, .)., 414 Stoddard. J.. 343. 399 Stoddard. R., 340 Stodola, 1.. 206 Stoedefulte, K., 211 Stoeger. K., 332 Stoehr. F.. 362 Stoelting, E., 340 Stofer, I... 313 Stoiber, J.. 309 Stoiber. S.. 378 StoU, 1!.. 398 Stoll. S.. 307. 366 Stolper, M., 377 Stolts. E.. 215. 357 M.,lz. A.. 340 Stoltl, G. 339 Stone, J., 359 Stone. N.. 208 Stone. P.. 244. 326 Stone, S.. 327 Storm. B., 206 Stout. M., 339 Stowers. J., 336 Straeke. B., 356 Strand. M., 2811. 299, 402 Strang. P., 345 Stranger, R.. 204 Stranney, L., 314 Straaeburger, J.. 416 Stratman. D.. 347 St rat man. S.. 308 Stratton, L., 259. 360 Straub. P., 334 Straueh. J.. 402 Strauss. A.. 395 Strehig. K., 342 Strehmel, J., 333 508 Strehmel, V.. 332 Streiff, .1. 415 Stremlau. D., 337 St renal!. .1 . 3311 Stnttmater. 1).. 227, 358 Strobl, C . 315 Strobueh, v.. 342 Stroker, K . 291 Strong. I... 344 Strong. M . 2 111 Strouf, .1., 384 Stroup, M . 189 Stroyny, S.. 364 Stroayk. J . 525 Strub, C, 209 Stlllve. V.. 407 Stuart. M „ .(111 Stubbe, A.. 337 Stubbe, R.. 334 B.. 233 Sturkmann. R . 296 Stueek. T.. 419 Stulgaitia, G., 291, 316, 337 Stummer, .1.. 405 Stupar, M., 334. 394 Styles, S.. 381 Stvne. J.. 291. 421 Suckow, .1., 424 Sue?. 1... 236 Suess. B.. 327 Sugar. .1., 339 Suhr, R . 407! Suits, W., 299 Sullivan, I).. 327, 404 Sullivan. ' ,.. 327 Sullivan. J., 344 Sullivan. S.. 375 Summeril. M.. 307 Summers. W , 227 Sund, R.. 314 Sundene, A.. 409 Sundene. B., 380 Surmacz, J.. 229. 311 Sutton. .1., 359, 381 Sutton, P.. 237 Svitavsky, L., 275. 344 Swain, Y., 196, 320, 328 Swan, ( ' ., 309 Swan. R.. 397 Swan. T., 219. 240. 418 Swanke, J.. 420 Swann. R.. 189, 198 Swansen, S-, 525 Swansop, B., 307 Swanson. D., 343 Swanaon, F., 188. 204 Swanson. H.. 407 Swanson. J.. 219, 242. 383, 417 Swanson, K., 196 Swanson, L., 227. 311. 383 Swanson, N., 378 Swardenski, .1.. 297 Swart, M.. 328 Swartout, J., 400 Swartz, R.. 396 Swaziek, M., 208. 2311. 357 Sw I. S.. 361 S« iy, P., 335 Sweenev. J., 314 Sweet. R., 244 Sweet, S., 339 Swenson. A., 426 Swenson. G., 426 Swerdloff, E., 354 Swetlik. J., 329 Swiatek. K.. 193, 316 Swiden, .1., 376 Swider. D., 238 Swigart, .1.. 415 Swiggum. .1.. 215, 241, 314 Swingen. R., 403 Swinglev. H.. 345 Sybord, H.. 209 Svkes, .1.. 236 Sze, T., 206 Szymanaki, R„ 408 Tadesse, V., 346 Taggart, N.. 365 Talboys. P.. 400 Tamke, G., 206 Tamm. M., 208 Tamminga, J.. 186. 202 Taiil.akiichi, R.. 190 Tancill, K.. 229.310 Tangnev. F.. 198 Tank. K.. 338 Tans. .1.. 342 Tappainer. B . 329 Tarnister. J.. 306 Tarnow, A., 413 Tarnutzer, .!.. 308 Tarrant, P.. 360 Tarrollv. W.. 336 Tarzy, I... 331 Taskonis, J., 349 Taslitz, F.. 192 Tauschck, L., 307 Taustein. F., 375 Tavlor, C, 313.409 Tavlor. II.. 234, 334 Tavlor, G„ 189. 331 Tavlor. II.. 416 Tavlor. .1.. 219. 336. 345, 384. ' 397 Tavlor, K., 212, 382 Taylor, I... 381 Taylor, P., 332. 359, 17 1 Tavlor. T., 219. 397 Teckam, G., 384 redeachi, R., 339 I ' egtmever. ( ' 3:111. 386 Teltscher, K.. 358 Temple. .1.. 3.56 Templeton, B., 189. 362 Tenaglia. J., 329 TenBroek, A . 281 Ten Evck, S.. 208. 38(1 Tenhula, T.. 397 Tennie. J., 184. 316. 332 Tenpas, E., 184. 341 Tenser. R.. 395 Teple, M., 305 Terman. T.. 191 Terry, M.. 240 Terrv . M., 349 Terwilliger. S.. 383 Tesch, C... 339 Tesch. R.. 184, 337 Trske, .1., 227 Teske. I,., 208, 355 Teske. T.. 344 Tesnow, W., 340 Tessmann. S.. 200 Teteak, D.. 275 Teter, M., 386 Teter, P., 320, 327 Tetik, C. 316. 330. 387 Tetzloff, R., 337 Thaker, M., 334 Tharman. R., 333 Thaver, N.. 310 Theine, K.. 405 Theis. H.. 418 Theis. R.. 244, 42(1 Thelen, B., 342 Themae, .1., 236 Theorell, .1.. 242 Theorell. M., 217 Thering. R., 345 Theus, F., 346 Thiede. G.. 332, 352 Thiede. L., 376 R.. 389. 419 Thiede. W., 332 Thieding. .1.. 307 Tliiel. G.j 346 Thielman, B., 309 Thieme. R.. 422 Thies. F., 348 Thisius, W., 425 Thomas, C, 313 Thomas. I., 237, 309 Thomas. J., 326 Thomas. L.. 344 Thomas. N.. 205, 333 Thomas. R.. 281. 299, 347, 402 404, 420 Thomas, R., 000 Thomas, T., 296 Thomey, K., 314 Thompson, B.. 229, 330 Thompson. G., 335 Thompson, .1.. 236, 347. 355 384. 407. 418 Thompson, K., 310 Thompson, M., 355. 385 Thompson. R., 397 Thompson, S., 374. 386 Thompson. W., 344 Thomsen. M„ 217, 315 Thomser. T., 244, 416 Thomson, N.. 341 Thomson. S.. 309. 383 Thoreson. P., 219. 345 Thornburg, H.. 342 Thornton. L.. 386 Thorson, J., 34i Thorson. K.. 237 Thorson, M., 330 Tlioss. T., 339 Thresher. J.. 321, 335 Thronson. I)., 307 Thrun. R.. 343 Thrun. S., 358 Thums, .1., 329 Tiede. C, 343 Tlede. G., 381 Tlig, P.. 376 Tillman, W., 347, 358 Tilly, B.. 365. 387 Tilton, .)., 415 Timm. M., 217, 257, 385 Timm, R.. 342 Timmel. N.. 397 Timmers. C. 377 Timson. P.. 381 Tinka. K., 217 Tinnev, E.. 408 Tisdale, R., 340 Tjernatrom, K.. 406 Tjernatrom, S.. 335 Tjoflat. M., 352, 386 Tobert, L.. 336 Tobin, C. 376 Tobis. S., 186, 363 Toda, J., 355 Toebe, M.. 308 Tolksmith. S., 377 Tolversen, H.. 186, 380 Toman, T.. 299 Tomczyk, D.. 346 Tomlinson, T.. 275 Tonjes, A.. 383 Topel, St., 180. 255. 257. 26 312. 314, 322 Topham, A.. 312. 314 Tupitzes, N.. 340 Topp, C. 236 Toppel, R.. 366 Topping, I . 218. 337 Torhorat, P.. 402 Torhorat, T., 344 Torke. J., 111. Tormey, I)., 209 Tornowske. R.. 211, 280 Towers. R.. 236, 241 Townaend, R . 194, 200, 367 Towaley, M .. 32(1, 340 Traehte, K .341 Traehte, K.. 342 Tram. J., 315 Trokulthong, ( ' .. 191 Trapp, D..333 Trailtmann, W.. 199 Trautwein, K., 240,338 Traver, .1., 308. 383 Traxel, R.. 242 Trebotich. L.. 240, 309 Tredrea, L, 349 Tredwav. R.. 205 Tree. B.. 309 Treen, .1.. 406 Trees. N.. 360 Trcfz, R.. 206 Treiber. B., 328, 378 Treichel, C. 412 Tresch. P.. 412 Tresness. A.. 342 Trevino, A., 313 Trevino. G., 313 Trewartha. S.. 387 Trickel, P.. 399 Triebel, B.. 405 Trigg, J., 215. 313. 378 Triggs, .1., 215 Triggs, T.. 410 Trost. T., 416, 434 Trucbenbach. J., 346 Truesdale. J., 342 Trukenbrod, A.. 381 Trumbull. L., 240 Trumpv, B., 196 Ts.hudv, M.. 208. 241 Tuerk. C. 339 Tuff, C 334 Tuffli. G., 426 Tubus, S., 202, 378 Tunick, E.. 310 Turbev, W., 334 Turick, R.. 307 Turk, H.. 422 Turmo, E., 381 Turner. B.. 330 Turner, D., 311, 392, 406 Turner. I., 196. 197. 329 Turnev. M.. 381 Turnquist. G.. 208. 357 Turskv. W., 422 Tuttle. K.. 349 Tuttle, R., 187 Twesme. E., 343 Twesme, J., 343 Twomlev. S.. 208. 217 Tvmus. D., 342 Tvrolt. M., 380 Tzakis. D., 40S Udell, G„ 407 Fdkler, .1.. 203 Udove, J.. 311 Udovich, .1.. 397 Fgoretz. S.. 208 UlezeUki, .1.. 208 Ullrich, L., 352 rilsvik. T., 402 I ' manofT, J.. 355 Underwood, S., 266, 275 I ' nger. G.. 319, 322. 337 anger, B., 423 I tiger, S„ 383 Inter. B.. 425 III,:, n, G.. 420 Urban, .!.. 206 Urban, M.. 236 Urban, W.. 299 Frbanek. A.. 367 Urban, G., 206 Urben, N.. 203 Uribe, J.. 402 Uriaanek, A.. 195 Frist, E., 352 Freeau. L.. 420 I ' sher, R., 344 Fsinger. K.. 377 Uaow, B.. 336 Utech, M., 367 Ftoft. E., 385 Uapatel, S., 362 Ftzinger, A., 206 Valeoh, C, 214 Valentine, R., 423 ' alessares. V.. 353 Van Art. A.. 343 Vanee. C. 416 Vanderheider, K., 215 Vande] Heiden, W ., 311 Vatldel Melllen, I I.. 299 Vandermyde, D., 397 Vander Velden, D., 266, 275 Vandei Walde, B„ 238, 355 Vande Varht. 1)., 333 Vande Vaoht, U.. 333 Van Dreel, R., 426 Van Duaer, M.. 341, 425 Van Dvke, II . 341 Van Dvke. J., 380. 400 Van Ihkf. I... 275 Van Eerden, R.. 280 Van Every, P., 338, 399 VanGalder. ( ' .. 275 Van Gheem. K., 188. 197, 401 Van Horn. P.. 188. 191 Vanish. .1.. 186. 305 Van Kvke, W., 206 Van Fare, P., 416 Van Lent. M.. 352 Van Matre, J., 197 Van Ness, 10.. 216, 218 Van Ommeren, T.. 233 Van Ornum. R.. 424 Van Sickle. I).. 305. 336 Van Vleet, I... 373, 387 Van Wormer, G., 206. 299. 339 Varian. E.. 386 Varco, S.. 307 Varnum. ( ' .. 37S Varo. C, 238 Vass, K., 198 Vass. P.. 196 Vaughan, F., 360. 378 Vaughn. .1.. 366 Vauk, G., 218 Vauk. V.. 216, 218. 380 Veatch, J., 404 Veateh. W.. 343 Veberfluss, R.. 204 Veed. A., 191 Veeser, L., 346 Vengrow-skv, A., 349 Verage, K., 327 Verage, T.. 339 Verbrick. J., 112 Vergamini, .1., 426 Vernick, M„ 229 Verre. C., 333 Verwolilt, .1., 376 Verwohlt, T.. 212 Veapennan, G., 336 Vette. B., 328 Veum, F., 197 Veum. J., 358 Veum, T.. 200, 367 Veve, C, 358 Viall, N., 376 Vickers, R.. 206. 389, 402 Vidar, A., 378 Vierbicher, .1.. 188. 427 Vig, N., 315 Vilchis, C. 381 Vilio, D.. 202 Vincent, B., 315 Vincent. P.. 313 Vincent, R.. 291 Vinev. I).. 197, 200. 403 Ving ' er, I,.. 197. 314 Virvasiri, P.. 305 Visco. R., 402 Vite. S., 336 Vivirski. D., 361 Vlasatv. M., 330 Vodicka, J.. 214, 378 Vogel, G., 338 Vogel, S., 310 Vogt, D., 348 Vogt, P., 209 Voigt, R.. 349 Vokicka. .1.. 314 Void, P.. 406 Volk. M., 395 VoUendorf, .1.. 367 Vollmer. U., 275 Von Ende. M.. 365 Von Germeten, S., 313 Von Heiinliiug, F., 344 Von Klein. I .. 231 Von Klein, S.. 234 Von Scheldt. P.. 365 Vose. I)., 240 Vosmek, J.. 426 Voss, C, 345. 421 Voss. G., 315 Voss, S., 402 A ' oss, S„ 402 W Wachs, .!., 339 Wachtel, L.. 354 Wachter. A., 337 Wachter, E., 363 Wackman, D., 404 Waddell, P.. 311 Wade. I).. 346 Wade. W„ 241 Wadephul. J.. 314 Wadsworth, .1., 281 Waeffler, J., 347 Waelti, J.. 200, 396 AVagenback, G„ 367 Wagers, D.. 380 Waggershauser, S., 1 BOOKBINDING EXCELLENCE Bookbinding by Brock and Rankin means bookbinding excellence. It means books well bound, with good looks and durable wearing qualities Brock and Rankin craftsmen combine tech- nical skill and bookbinding experience with modern methods and equipment, to produce 1 looks and catalog bindings which meet the most exacting requirements. For many years the BADGER Yearbook has been hound by this well known concern. Brock and Rcuihin Book and Catalog Binders for Nearly Seventy Years 150] West 16th Street Chicago 23, Illinois AT YOUR SERVICE providing The heart of Badgerland with modern, dependable, electric service. Wisconsin flower ANo p f ) ' COMPANY Wagner. B., 201, 251, 328 Wanner, K.. 355 Wedesky, W ' ,, 346 Welke,. R.. 335 Wexler, ,411 Wagner. C, 328 Wanska, L.. 308 Wedeward, W.. 345 Wellauer. J., 314 Weyere, V., 188 Wagner, 1)., 386 Wantz, D., 348 Weede, R.. 332 Weiler, M., 379 Weyhmiller, T.. 194 Wagner, H., 386 Ward, I),, 415 Wegener, .1., 349 Well, nan, A., 334. 347 Whalen, C., 352. 383 Wagner, K., 215. 362 Ward. J., 321, 335 Wegge, S.. 237, 362 Wells, .1., 352,383 Wheadon, S., 314 Wagner, L.. 396 Ward. L.. 359 Wegner, B., 208 Wells. K., 309 Wheeler, E., 386 Wagner, M., 347 Ward. S., 359, 389 Weg , F., 280 Wells, M., 186. 360. 383 Wheeler, J., 196. 216 Wagner, N., 206 Warda, F., 406 Wegner, G., 195 Wells. R., 360. 379 Wheeler, M., 257, 402 Wagner, P.. 329 Wareham, S.. 387 Wegner, J., 1S6 Web.ton. P., 365 Wheeler, T.. 251 Wagner, s,, 180, 215. 299, 426 Warms. L., 329 Wegner, 1... 194, 251,352, 3X1 Welsch. i ' . 385 Wheel,, el,. D., 525 Wagner. W .. 190. 191, 206 Warne. E.. 229. 360 Wegner, R.. 402 W,l-,l,. 208, 217. 328. 378. 382 Wheelock, M., 385 Wahl. W , 349, 418 Warner. J.. 241 Wegner, s., 328 Wbisner, s , 406 Waaler, P., 244 Warner. M., 400 Wehmeyer, .1.. 412 Weltman. A,, 319 White, A.. 186, 307 Wahlig, K., 190, 205 Warner. S.. 352, 381 Wehymiller, T.. 396 Wemyss, J., 389, 415 White. J., 365.423 Wahlstrom, .1.. 202 Warren. R., 210 Weiby, D., Ill Wendlandt G., 347 White. R.. 214, 217 Wait,. I... 245 Warshauer, B., 361 Weichers, .1., 386 Wen.llmg, I„. 346 Whitewav. C, 359 Wake, H., 337 Warshauer, S., 361 Weidenfeld, E., 342 W etidhng. V., 208 Whitford, A.. 373, 386 Wake. M„ 196 Wartinbee, A.. 208. 378 Weidenkopf, M., 374 Wendorf, X,, 229 Whitman. R.. 244 Wakeman. P.. 320, 328 Wartinbee, W., 203. 337 Weidman, R.. 241 Wend,, iff, W., 348 Wlntmer, B., 344 Walch. .1.340 Warwick. S., 208 Weigel, I... 234 Wendt, lv. 207. 2511 Whitmer, 1).. 242 Waldeck, J., 342 Wasberg. I.. 208, 314. 378 Weigel, P., 234 Wendt. G., 337 Whittma, k. M.. 384 Walek. .1 . 208, 307.356 Wassenaat. G., 206 Weil. F., 422 Wendt. J.. 206 Whity, R., 336 Walker. .1 353. 359, 421 Wasser. S.. 305 Weiland, J., 342 Wendt. M., 362 Whitworth, L.. 377 Walker. K 236 Wasserman, I).. 240. 362 Weiler, T., 199 Wendt. R., 196 Whyte, B., 377 Walker, X., 208. 385 Wasserman, W., 307 Weiier, W.. 394 Wendt. T., 340 Whvte, W.. 344 Walker, R.. 373 Wastila, C... 208 Weinberg, R., 354 Wengert. E., 418 Wiater, I... 242 Walker. W., 343 Wastila, N„ 356 Weiner, s., 354,375 Wenneche. A.. 374 Wickman, T., 348 Wall, Et., 426 Waters, D., 340. 357 Weinkauf, 1...311 Wenzler, L., 204 Wickre, J., 340 Wallace. A., 307 Waterstreet. J.. 366 Weinstein. .1., 375 Werges, D . 332 Widmann, R., 309. 382 Wallace, r., 362 Waterstreet. W., 194. 195. 396 Weintrob, S., 308 Welling. M . 312 W hers, J., 358 Wallace, E., 387 Waterworth, A.. 310 Weinzimmer, M., 386 Wernberg, C . 34S U iede 1,1. J., 202, 389. 410 Wallace. G., 341 Watkins, N., 387 Weisberg, J.. 280 Werner, M., 345 Wieland. P., 343 Wallander, J., 194. 195. 389, Watrous. L., 381 Weisendanger, W., 338 Werner, X,, 305 U ieland, W., 336 396 Watson, A.. 344 Weisensel, P., 410 Werner, P., 227 Wiegner, E., 187 R.. 337. 404 Watson, J., 329 Weisfeld, (;.. 345 Werth. P.. 340 Wieman, ( ' .. 424 Wallden. I... 297 Wattenberg. D., 395 Weisman, H„ 395 Wertscli. X., 218 Wiener, 354 Wallen. R.. 200 Watts, G.. 336 Weiss, A.. 330 Wertvmer, .1.. 240. 244. 421 Wienke, J., 373 Waller, W., 421 Watts, M „ 309, 380 Weiss, C , 2is, 377 Wesenberg. D., 196 Wiens, D., 334 Wallis, .1.. 212. 214 Watts, X . 378 «,i- 1 i , 525 Wessman, M . 360. 380 Wiersma, N., 310 Walls; W„ 384 Weaver, .1., 240. 384 Weiss. H., 416 West, C, 394 U us,., L.. 308 Walsh, 1 .. 416 Weaver, N.. 305 Weiss, .1., 321, 33S, 349 West, J., 241 Wieseman, J., 214 Walsh, 1 ,117 Webb. I)., 241. 314 Weiss, M., 316, 318, 331 West. W., 338. 397 Wiesenthal, I... 387 Walsh, M. 356, 357 Webber, ( ' .. 330 Weiss, S., 388 Westbeld, J., 275 Walsh, F 142 Weber, .1 , 203, 205, 329, 405 Westby, D., 346 Wikel, D , 118 Walsten, N " .. 362 Weber, M.. 314 Weisz, K., 311 Westendorf, G., 307 Wikelund, F , 331, 377 Waltenberrv, .1., 341 Weber. R., 219. HI 1, 424,426 Weitermann, X., 405 Westerman, I.. 341 Will,, .. J. 244. 400 Walter, 1 184 Weber, S., 341 Weitzman, B., 364 Westennoe, S., 382 Wilcox, G., 418 Walter, K.. 314. 366 Webster, B.. 217. 240. 327 Weix, R., 339 Western, I),, 334 Wilda, 1!,. 347 Walters, P., 331 Webster, E., 210, 365 Welch, .1 . tie Westoby, J.. 188 Wilderth, .1 345 Walthera, K-. 381 Wechsler, 1, ., 122 Welch, M..30S Westphal, B.. 380 Wild, nan. R., 245 Walton, K.. 352, 386 Weddell, M., 361 Weldon, G., 191 Westphal, W., 406 Wileman, F., 320, 340 Wamback, A., 341 Wedekind, M., 307 Welfeld, M . 411 Westrich, B , 354 Wiley, P., 407 Wangerin, W., 340 Wedell, B., 379 Welke, K., 353 Wetzel, J., 417 Wilgus, iVI., 374 Wanish, !.., 357 Wedemever, M., 380 Welke. W., 187, 201 Wexler, E., 358 Wilhelm. 1 . 509 ' Uhelm, M 140 1 ;i i ilk,,-. T.. - ' .tr. ilkms, I. .. 196, 19 ill., id , . ' 77, ,11:,, .1. 194 ' illeme, E., 353, 38, ilium,.-. H 186, illmnis. ! .. 200. 378, 12] II J., 219, : I I - . 1. .-ill .(.-,7, 381 ■ iv 12 1 147 . 244, 342 I . 209, 367, mi II., IHI J., 203 Winderbo M., 395 m,-k,-. ., 236 in.-1 ki. J., 382 ingblade, L., 348 Winkel, I; , 228 Winkler, J., 349 Winkler, T., 342 Winkler, .. 353 Winn, H., 346 Winney, H.. 383 Winsborough, 1. , 208, 353, 434 u inston, B.. 358 Winter, C, 334 Winter, I . . ' us. 245,385 inter, R.. 342 Wirth, .1.. 415 u ise, M i 18 Wise, S., 357 Wiseman, J., 254, 261 u isei , R . 234, 324 iseman, S . 196, 234 u hi S . 357 Withey, I . 109 hi. i; . 184 u ittehow, n., 335 Witte, .1 .. 328, 378 u in,-. I:. , 309 Wittenberg, S., 309 ittig, E . 190 ittig, R . 197, 27:,. 289, 299 i Woerfel, S., Wohl, s . 3 V,,l,lf,,i,l. c ,k. dula, Wold, M.. 2(14 Wold, N., 336 Woldt, G., 338 Wolf, B., 375 Wolf, I)., 355 Wolf, J., 318, 342, 345 Wolf, M.. 375 Wolfe, G., 336, 387, 416 Wolfe I... 375 Wolfe, S., .117. 339, 4(11 Wolff, II.. 108 Wolff, L., 334 Wolff, P . 389, 413 Wolff. R., 344, 395 Wolff. T.. 336, 422 Wolfgram, S., 24 1, 343 WoUin, I).. 378 Wollins. N., 354 V, .nniiii. I.. 386 Wolske, C. 332 Wondergem, J., 204 Wood, G., 34 " , 1, I , 397 w I, K., 345 I , 240, -127 B [ford, P 309 Woodke, M . 348, 109 Woodman, P., 342 U Iward, I . 109 Iward, R.., 326 Wnollai-d, .1 . ni ' .i Woolsej , I . 219 Worden, D . 398 Worden, J., 219 Wosilait, 206 Woyke, J., 334 Woznak, J., 356 Wright, A.. 332 Wright, li.. 340 Wright, E., 310 Wright, J., 219, 281, 200, 342 394, 397 Wright, M., 374 Wright. R.. 1H7. 2(1(1. Ili:i Wright, S., 327 Wrucke, S., 409 Wtipil, 1).. 211(1, 34(1 Wudtke, K., 330 Wuethrick, D., 311 Wulff, K.. 206.207 Wundrook, J., 208 « hi, i, M . 328 Wussow, J., 341 Wyant, J., 236 Wyler, T.. 334 Wvlie, B., 277 Wymore, W., 244 Wyngaard, T., 249 Yablin. C, 354 Yager, C, 417 Yahr, J., 402 Yale, J., 205, 402 Yalger, G., 244 Y r alowitz, K., 238 Yares. K., 217, 314 Yarne. S., 212, 306, 308, 384 Yaudes, J., 416 Yeazel, L., 336 ,. lid. W., 219 Zemanek, I 186, 315 Yelen, A., 375 Zemke, Vi .. 340 Yi-lish. l .. 2(18, 3(16, 3(19 Zerwiok, J 346 ■i ,-limi. C, 336 Ziebert, J„ 327 V,-,ii i, ( ' . 209 Ziegenhagen, I . 20] Yessin, K„ 395 Ziegler, II , 102 Yoerg, K.. 31 1. 381 Ziebdorf, 1. . 340 Yolton, R-. 125 Zilch, M . ■ ordie, S., 307 ZiUer, B., 209 Yost, -1 „ 377 Zillman, 1. , 196, 308 Young, B., 418 .,! , D . 19] Young, li.. 414 Zimanek, , 200 Young, 1 , 206 Zimi nun,. D. ill ,,ii,,:.-. l , 328 Z in urn 1 |l ' i7, 211(1,2(13, KI3 Young. S., 358, 376 Zimmei on, K . 352 ■i oung, ' ., 346 Zll lUiirl Mi .-mi, 1 . 108 Youngbauer, J., 341 Zimmermann P 140 Youngdahl, B., 313, 380 . nermann, S 305 333 Younger, J., 311 Zimny, N . 212, 310 Younkin, G., 383 .ink. S., 341 York. Iv. 326 Zippin, 1. ,341 Yurkovich, P., 340 Z rich, - 186 Yusow, B.. 422 Zirbel, I, . 326 Zitzer, J., 307 Zola, M„ 413 Zoleski. J., 105 Zoll, B., 316, 330 Z Zollicoffer, C., 33] Zahorik, P., 362 Zoloto, H.. 228 Ziii-h, 11. , 3-13 Zovne, J., 290. 402 Zaeske, W., 409 Zubatskv, M.. 344 Zahnow, R., 407 Zube, E., 199 Zamzow, K„ 340 Zuckerman, R., 395 Zanio, R., 339 Zuckman, G„ 18(5. 361 Zarboski. J., 245 Zuege, D., 339 Zarwell, W r ., 336 Zuehlke, J., 344 Zastrow, G„ 184 Zuehls, E., 333 Zastrow, R.. 204. 412 Zuehls, W., 347 Zaug, A., 338 Zuelsdorf, J., 378, 399 Zawacki, I., 410 Zuern, J., 307 Zawacki, N., 277 Zuitiiit. 1 .. 342 Zdiiu. W., 344 Zukowski, J., 306 Zeeske. M., 384 Zullo. M., 407 Zeff, D„ 365, 388 Zunker, C., 303 Zehms. K., 184 Zupancic, J.. 330 Zeier, J., 208 Zuppann. C, 380 Zciger, J., 363 Zur. P., 340 Zeimett, M.. 329 Zwakman, J.. 344 Zeitlin. B., 375 Zwank, B., 385 Zeller, B., 328 Zwickey, S., 308 510 t Jime for Reflection The staff of the 19G2 BADGER has left the office, the chatter of the typewriters has been stilled, and a quiet calm has settled over Room 310 Many people have asked the question, " What makes a top-notch yearbook? " One year ago few of us knew. We were a young, in- experienced staff. Today we know the answer. It takes enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication. I feel fortunate that the staff this year has had these three qualities. They were only a telephone call away and willing to come in almost any time to help the editor out of a pinch, whether it was to get a story, do some typing, or read proof. It is because of this enthusiasm and dedication of the 1962 BADGER staff that this year ' s BADGER has set many new records. The 1902 BADGER was out earlier in the spring than past BADGERS. There were almost 3,000,000 pages printed for the 1962 BADGER and almost 35,000 pounds of books were handed out by staff members just before finals. You are reading this book now because the editor was fortunate enough to have an enthusiastic and dedicated staff who worked hard for the past year. I would like to take this space to publicly give my sincere thanks to Badger Board, the business office, and all of the staff members of the editorial office for the terrific effort they put forth this year. Jan Wiseman, editor-in-chief EDITORIAL STAFF Jan Wiseman editor Marcia Topel associate editor Claire Peterson editorial assistant Fay Oehrlein copy editor Tanya Kudla senior editor Michael Wheeler sports editor Jean Johnson production editor Pamela Heitz living-units editor Esther Pacetti administration editor Thomas Ray organization editor Sheri Miller index editor Dee Breger art editor ( Iharles Kleinhans chief photographer Photography Staff: Jim Minash, Douglas Nissley, Susan Meyer. Index Staff: Suzanne Katz, Neil Caplan, Marjorie Nettleton. Copy Staff: Marjorie Erickson, Jean Marks, Karen Owens, Karen Durand, Lois Goll, Kathy Berger, Ann Barker, Sue St. Louis, 511 Lillian Stratton, Jane Kieser, Linda Zirbel, Gayle Gamier Ruby Baehr, Stephanie Pollatsek. Sports Staff: Karen Milburn, Kristin Erickson, Kenneth Siebel, Merrily English. Production Staff: Kathy Bailey, Patricia Field, Diane Fronek, 1 )ianne Sigerstad, Lynda Schelker. Senior Staff: Karen Schmidt, Mary Timm, Karen Breinig, Marion Bielke, Shelly ( ' ohen. BUSINESS STAFF Jerry Redfield business manager John Skornicka sales manager Virginia Markel organizations manager .lames Hanson advertising manager William Carriere promotions manager Kent Lee exchange editor Staff: Robert Burger, Tod Boehm. Sales Staff: Gary Bushland, Luellen Giese, Pat Garrity, .lodge rregg, Ray Hamlyn, Barbara Severson, Lowell Woodward, Robert Barocci, Dewey Mezesha, Virginia Markel, Robert Listechi. Allen Libowitz, Tanya Kudla, Loren Mortenson. Contributing Photographers : Jan Wiseman, Tim Wyngaard, Arthur Hove, Richard Sroda, Peter Kleintz, Robert Schmidt, Karen Durand, Marcia Topel, Norval Barger, Jr., Edward Stein, Michael Wheeler, George Rippen, George Gansky, Richard Chez, George Jiracek, Richard Kobussen, Dave Schwingel, Dave Sandell. Production Representative : Mr. John Culley, Rogers Printing Company; Mr. Edwin Hackle- man, Mr. Ralph Van Dyke, Jahn and Oilier Engraving Company; Mr. Kenneth Schoen, S. K. Smith Company; Miss Nan Ritter, Wheelen Studios; Mr. Carrol Hanson, group photographer. Helping Hands : Robert Foss and Jack Newman, University News Service; Duane Hopp, University Photo Lab; Fan Taylor, Union Theater; Jim Mott, Sports News Service. Badger Board : Professor Lester Hawkes Professor William Hachten Professor James Bower Ray Hilsenhoff, financial advisor Marcia Topel, president Jim Jeffries Virginia Markel Patricia Bevington David Schuster 512

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