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university of wisconsin MADISON. WISCONSIN  Table of Contents The Life P. 4 Administration P. 164 Organizations P. 184 Sports P. 278 Living Units P. 320 Graduates P. 422 Index P. 480 The 1950 badger Editor: Roger H . Rathke Business Manager: George Schueppert Many things to many people . . . Our socially oriented lives . . . This, the University of Wisconsin many things to many people — demanding, providing, or merely existing as another facet of our well-planned, socially oriented lives. A place to learn, to work, to play and to observe — with 17,000 different frames of reference. This is a catalogue of those differences and of the similarities that bound together the year 1958-1959.The Carillon — a tradition Generations of traditions — recorded, related, and modified or completely forgotten through disuse. We adapted our current beliefs and ideas to them — and Lincoln remained seated. Our biggest tradition, conformity, we denied and we heard speakers and read books telling us what we were and what was bound to happen to us. We took ourselves seriously, they said. Some forgotten through disuse . . .And Lincoln remained seated . . . 7A few participated, but most watched Wisconsin rank high in Big Ten competition. We didn’t make the Rose Bowl but were no less proud — and the glamor and excitement provided a memory beyond expectations. The symbols of our university society became active on the field — we worshipped the idea, but not the man the difference helped to identify us. 8The glamour and excitement. . . We were no less proud . . .12:30 came too soon . . . Part of our education . . . We exerted the pressures of our group . . .The 1959 Badger Beauties The social life — the prime reason for many of our existences. Dances, parties, beer suppers, billiards — pier-time, movies, plays, bridge, study dates — 12:30 came too soon for most of us — too late for a few. We felt, and exerted, the pressures of our group to join and to learn how to enjoy ourselves. We wrote it off as part of our education. 11The formal preparation — the books, lectures, labs, and drills — and the quizzes on our understanding. We found a goal was needed — career, family, status — and even satisfaction of curiosity. The Life Outside held a question — and we hoped the experts would provide Despite ourselves, we learned ... more than a theoretical answer. Despite ourselves, we learned — and ended the year believing we could prove it. A goal was needed . . .The Life Outside held a question . . . We hoped the experts would provide an answer . . . ma ... f We found our amusement well planned and provided and we did not need to learn to entertain ourselves. The Union, the lake, the paths, the buildings - all afforded the beauty and activity we needed for diversity and the lighter approach to our education. Our cultures became blended — or, at the least, we were exposed from the first day to people and ideas different — or contrary — to those important at home. Our varied reactions had the same root. The buildings afforded the beauty we neededWe found our amusement well provided . . . o cherished anonymityThe size of the campus — and the number of its people -was sometimes overwhelming even to the oldest of us. Thousands of unknown faces on the hill, in the halls, and sitting next to us in classes. And each of us, despite the honors and activities we could list, usually added little more than another face. We became accustomed to anonymity — and cherished it. But we regarded ourselves as individuals and did not let selflessness interfere with our standing. The size of the campus . . . 17 A new university president Dr. Conrad A. Elvehjem . . .The event that set this year apart . . . The event that set this year apart from the others — the inauguration of a new university president -Dr. Conrad A. Elvehjem. We learned quickly of the man’s capability as a leader and silently cheered him in his contests with lawmakers over the status and future of our university. We were proud to have Mrs. Elvehjem represent us as the leading hostess to our visitors, critics, and benefactors. To have someone to trust was rewarding. We had someone to trust . . . 19Genuine, spontaneous spirit . . . The year saw a revival of spirit — genuine, spontaneous spirit that overflowed the stadium and filled the campus. Our individual emotions were unleashed in swelling roars -roars that belied our label as the Silent Generation. The occasion traditionally called for noise, of course but something, perhaps pride, carried it beyond the usual expected expressions of collegiate energy. Our critics blamed our spirit on rising social decadence -we laughed, sang “Varsity,” and let them talk.Our emotions were unleashed . . .We found the electives demanding . . . The College of Letters and Science — a general title for the widest curriculum offered by the university. Most of us, faced with the prospect of deciding between technical specialization and less demanding general studies chose the all-inclusive liberal arts field. We waded through the prerequisites, searched the timetable, and found most of the electives more demanding than expected. We waded through the prerequisites . . . 22The all-inclusive liberal arts field . . . 23The two-hour lab-s . . . And the 50-minute lectures . . .The 50-minute lectures and quiz sections, the two-hour labs -interrupted by 15 scheduled minutes of pandemonium. We learned to make the quick mental transitions from history to chemistry to English to psychology to Spanish - and sometimes wished we could limit ourselves — but were quick to rationalize our choice when questioned by people who learned somewhere beyond Bascom Hill. We met another alleged characteristic of our generation by preparing first, and then defining the goal. The quiz sections . . . ASSISTANTS W M 15 scheduled minutes . . .A chance at expression . . . We learned methodically The School of Education — where we learned methodically to relay the facts and opinions collected in studying. Art education gave a chance at expression — expression beyond the mundane and systematic. We were impressed by the growing need for educators — and labored to correct the mistakes we discovered in our own educations and aspirations. We were taught not to expect high physical rewards -but learned there was something higher worth achieving. 26Statistics and reasonings . . . We aimed’toward competition . . . We were encouraged by a prosperous world . . .Commerce — encouraged by a prosperous world we aimed toward entering the strongest of competitions. The methods and ethics of business were exposed — with the caution that the intangibles made the difference. Statistics and subjective reasonings were combined under objective headings and treatments. We learned how to buy, sell, and invest — and how to compute the government’s share of our profits. 29 The intangibles made the difference . . .We learned the formalized norms 30Defend, debate interpret. . . Legal studies —we learned to defend, debate, and interpret the formalized norms of an orderly regulated society. Our predecessors, we learned, were to be both criticized and idealized. Truth became something that might have been if it had been observed and evaluated by particular people at a particular time -and with this new definition everything became a point to argue. The weight of our role had varying effects on us. Everything became a point to argue . . . 31Pharmacy — we learned to make ready the station-break claims — and acquired the knowledge of an unsung science. We found the business was more than toothpaste and tranquilizers -and the lure of the American corner drugstore gave way to the more challenging, more creative, pull of the laboratory. We prepared to do battle with at least the physical shortcomings of our people. More than toothpaste and tranquilizers . . .The pull of the laboratory . . . We prepared to do battle ■SirA specialized language . . . Medicine — long years of ingestion and regurgitation as we armed ourselves with the identifying marks of a respectable and necessary profession. We felt the responsibility grow as we learned — and as we saw the events we would be asked to balance. As our language became more specialized, so did our society — and the rest became a mass that needed us. 34The identifying marks of a profession . . . We felt the responsibility grow . . .SECOND ADDITION TO SERVICE MEMORIAL INSTITUTES J.P. CULLEN SON general contractor uaresviile.wis GRELLINGER ROSE ARCHITECTS MILWAUKEE, WIS, Higher purposes became mixed . . .From dedication to satisfaction of curiosity . . . Nursing — we were drawn to the field for a number of reasons ranging from dedication to satisfaction of curiosity. The higher purposes and responsibilities became mixed with a myriad of functionary and disciplined lesser tasks. We, too, developed a special language — special marks of rank and exercised them in a special place to live. Administering to human frailties became our station. A myriad of functionary tasks . . .Agriculture — the Wisconsin heritage became our goal and we supplemented our practical knowledge with the methods and statistics of science. Our profession depended, we learned, less on the elements than on the laboratories and factories. We studied the ways to anticipate and overcome the natural forces we were bound to encounter — and found we were involved in a field of by-products. 38We studied the natural forces . . . And found a field of by-products . . . 39Engineering — we capitalized on the prestige that a science-conscious age awarded to its technicians. Methods, facts, and numbers crowded our minds — ready to spill out on the drawing board and into the machine. We endured the longer and tougher curriculum as a means to an end — an end our society still regarded as futuristic fantasy. Facts crowded our minds . . . 40Prestige from a science-conscious age . . . The longer and tougher curriculum . . . 41Provided and required . . . The rights and wrongs of subordination . . . We learned the rudiments . . . 42Army ROTC — provided and required by the land grant system — the pros and cons of its being compulsory making headlines. We learned the rudiments of the offense and defense — the rights and wrongs of leadership and proper subordination — and the protocol demanded of a military tour. Some of us fulfilled only the minimum time requirements — while others accepted more — with the realization that it constituted a sensible approach to the inevitable. Some of us accepted more . . . 43The Air Force — those of us involved were made proud of the implications of the most dynamic branch. The practical techniques of the rocket era were drilled home, practiced, and used as a groundwork for structuring expectations of meeting an obligation. We knew the tools of the trade were not yet existent — but that they would be ready by the time we were. 44We were made proud of the branch . . .We learned and re-learned . . . Names and traditions . . . ()ur training was complete Handpicked participants . . . 46 To justify the honor of commission . . . Ve made the choice . . . Naval ROTC — those of us among the handpicked participants learned and re-learned the names and traditions. We considered ourselves — with cause — the most fortunate -for our training was the most complete and took us to the people and places described in other texts. We chose between the Navy and Marine Corps - and knew the four years would justify the honor of commission. We considered ourselves fortunate . . . 47A hurried hike up the hill . . . We took the prescribed break? . . . 48 Before and after and between . . . A rendezvous to keep . . . ENNEBOOr around the hill . . . And before and after and between — or often during — c" we took the prescribed breaks from the sedentary routine — usually with a hurried hike up, down, or around the hill — A rendezvous to keep, perhaps — or ten cents worth of chocolate milk or coffee to steel ourselves for our self-made ordeal. We passed and met with thousands of our crew-necked duplicates - and watched with varying interest the knee-socked legs and storm-coated figures of our necessarily uniformed society. Our individualities, if they existed, we advisedly kept to ourselves. 49 We kept to ourselves . . .The library — source of facts, diversion, and duty. We filled the stacks and study halls nightly to find the answers to past and future questions — or to compile the data we needed to assemble an original approach to a disputed point. Many of our motives were less academic — and we crowded the halls and clustered around the fountains to satisfy them. All of it was a part of our schooled preoccupation with searching.Source of facts, diversion, and duty . . . To compile the data . . . ■ •V ? To find the answers . . .Research — thriving in a science-conscious environment. We learned that the popular definition of research was only half-right -that the test tubes and rays were but part of the picture — that the picture included every area of inquiry under the university. Typical of that unpublicized research was that of Dr. Robert Hougas -working with an expert staff to develop a new approach to potato growth work that, when completed, would measurably affect all of us. To develop a new approach . . . ? t 54Atomic research — an electrostatic generator Prof. Charles Huffer observes binary star eclipse . . . We were made justifiably proud by Dr. Joshua Lederberg — a Wisconsin medical geneticist honored for his work by the Nobel Prize — and the importance of our university’s research impressed us. A few of us participated in, or even initiated, some of the studies -and most of us were able, often unwittingly, to observe. We were surprised at the scope. 55Brain research . . . Psychology — Prof. J. C. Gilchrist measures perception speed . . . Meteorology seasons and weather prediction ... 56The subtler implications of the research bypassed most of us — our limited knowledge did not permit us to realize that the accomplishments would define our later potentials and that the inquiries into the past and future unknowns would guide us in the understanding of ourselves and our societies. Preoccupied with the here and now, most of us needed guidance. Prof. Charles Edson with Macedonian stone inscription . . . 57They were a way of life . . .The dorms — surrounding and within the university -creating a special social groupism of their own. We were given the choice, depending on our circumstances, of the form of this taste of communality we wanted -and our friends and outlooks became structured because of it. These were more than just places to live and eat -they were a way of life, and part of that way stayed with us. We were given the choice . - • NIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WOMEN'S RESIDENCE HALL Surrounding and within the university . . . rj1 )espite our protestations . . . Living alone and liking it . . . Freedom to eat what we chose . . . Our organizational life . . .Most of us were independents — living alone and liking it. Our organizational life was just as tightly complex — despite our protestations against the alternatives. The difference was implicit in our title — and we did enjoy comparative independence — freedom to eat what and where we chose — and a relaxation or even total absence of regulations. We believed our situation would give us the long-run advantage. 61We explored and were explored.Strangers vital to our welfare . . . Rushing — a tradition we saw as a necessary step in our striving to enter a peculiarly favored society. We had heard, and knew, much of what was to be expected of us -and most of us found it easy to fall into the prescribed pattern. We explored and were explored — and showed our best side to the complete strangers we felt, vital to our welfare. It was tiring — but the rewards were self-evident. Striving to enter a favored society . . . 63The smiles and the explanations . . . The possible future roommates . . . To many of us, rushing was only time-consuming -but we carried it off, knowing that without the effort the survival of our organization would be jeopardized. The smiles, the cigarettes, and the explanations concealed our scrutiny of the possible future roommates — and afterwards, in hash, we debated the many fine points that our ten-minute depth interviews qualified us to discuss. 64The survival of our organization . . .We had the assurance of continuity . . . We adhered to the codes . . .The Greek Life — the most intricate form of social organization. We pledged allegiance to a fraternal symbolism — and adhered without question to the codes and pressures of the group. We were aware of the criticism levelled at us by those unable for curious reasons to join our ranks — but we had the assurance of continuity, which they did not - and the benefits and securities of our system defended us. Some of our groups, endangered and frustrated by legislative red tape, could only protest innocence and think of the future.68 Ours was an enviable position .Our society had common problems . . . Married students — still a curiosity, despite increasing numbers. Those of us in the ranks faced conflicting responsibilities -the demands and duties of school and home life — but ours was an enviable position with a special freedom. Our society had common problems — and discussing them helped to offset our no longer being members of the groups and pressures that had created our situation.The interviews to staff the committees . . WSA — the Wisconsin Student Association — everyone’s group. We all belonged — and our leaders were chosen by us and other leaders. Elections in the spring and fall — with candidates missing supper to answer and pose questions around the campus. From these elections came the people who would choose the people who would conduct the interviews to staff the committees -a complicated, but functionally unavoidable, system. 70The elections We chose our leaders . . .Room 307, Memorial Union — our meeting and work place -where we picked up information and discussed the problems that we, as student leaders, were expected to administer. Our biggest problem was co-ordination — for the purpose of the group was to represent all facets of the student body — and the conflicts of interests, ideals, and methods had to be decoded before they could be solved. Our meeting and work place . . . 73We were advised in our student government affairs by Elmer Meyer — who knew the people and means to save us trouble and money. His advice became executive decisions from the desk of Gary Weissmann capable and realistic president of the organization. His assistant, Bill Steiger, vice-president — a politician’s politician -presided over the deliberations of the legislative committee. The paperwork, records, and financial matters went into the files of Jody O’Brien, secretary, and Nick Fish, treasurer. 74The means to save us money . . . The people . . . We were advised by Elmer Meyer . . . 7576The departments — all headed by a member of the executive committee - each with a special purpose and defined approach. Academic Affairs, Special Projects, Personnel, Public Relations, Welfare, Labor, International, National Student Association -each with its own committees and sub-committees — and each committee with a particular task to face, if not finish. We tackled everything from Parent’s Weekend and Homecoming to the dual purpose WSA Student Discount Service. 77Ruth Hintz — WSA Executive Secretary — advisor, critic, confidante — and master commentator on the people and doings about her — unnecessarily modest about her indispensable direction. And the legislative committee — through which everything desiring mention in senate must pass for consideration and wording the place for heated discussions and less formal protocol. And at the top, the most publicized element — Student Senate -meeting every other week to debate and vote on intricately worded bills — and to act, as far as was possible, in the interest of constituents. The legislative committee 78Advisor, critic, confidante, commentator . . . 79Vice-President Bill Steiger . . . And at the top — Student Senate . . .The third estate — Student Court — our judicial branch. We took the other branches with varying degrees of seriousness — but none of us wanted to question the authority of this branch -nor of its omnipresent motorized enforcement agents. We debated, in our rooms, the pros and cons of double jeopardy - and when we had caused ourselves to be on defense were glad for capable justices who had once been students. We wen 'ere glad for capable juste Our exec council grappled with problems . . . AWS —representing the most vocal segment of the student body — women. Our officers and exec council grappled with social problems — hours, apartment parties, and punishments for offenders. We aimed our Big Sister program toward adjusting freshmen -and answered the dictates of co-ed style in our fashion show. We honored our special members with a banquet — and added to university ceremony by sponsoring Senior Swingout. 82And our officers . . . We answered style in our fashion show . . .Representing a cross-section . . . The Independent Students’ Association — representing a cross-section of those choosing to live apart from the provided houses. We saw the group both criticized and praised from inside and out — and were surprised at a call for disbandment from its leaders. The most liberal elements of a liberal institution were members — and we saw the conflict of interpretations grow. Most of us did not say so, but we were thankful to have spokesmen. 84The conflict of interpretations . . .“My Fair Lady” — our theme for the Pan-Hell ball. We voted in our sororities for an Ideal Girl to represent us. The night of the dance — we dressed in the prescribed fashion went to parties, many of them at our own houses — and finally, when the time was right, to the Union and the ball. It was, we agreed, a good dance befitting the Greek traditions — and the people were the right people for such an occasion. An ideal girl to represent ns . . . 8687 Befitting the Greek tradition . .After weeks of hard planning . .. Homecoming, 1958 — a solid weekend of letting off steam after weeks of hard planning and preparation. We worked late into the night before on our floats and displays -with spirit and tension increasing almost to a breaking point. Our enthusiasm was channeled into the Yell like Hell contest — and we yelled like hell a thousand times amplified - in one of the few displays of collegiate expression still allowed.8-9Displays of collegiate expressionThe parade - a fast pace . . . A solid weekend of letting off steam . . . 91L'il Abner and his friends The parade, the judging, the show, the game — a fast pace, a lot of noise, and high excitement. Something new — a Broadway production — entertained us -and we smiled and gaped at L’il Abner and his friends. The game — a battle in the rain with the Big 10 darkhorse -our mittened hands applauded Wisconsin to a victory. And afterward, the dates, the parties, the laughs, the trying to remember names of long-absent alums - and a much need day to recover from a Wisconsin homecoming. 92Something new entertained us . . .Bigger, more colorful, and more ambitious . . . 94We broke the Camp Randall horizon . . . Badger Block — bigger, more colorful, and more ambitious -showing off Wisconsin to the weekend visitors across the field. We donned our capes, obeyed the loudspeaker, and flashed the cards -not knowing, from where we sat, just what we were adding. We knew, as the season advanced, that there would be warnings - warnings against the last game traditions — but the strength of numbers gave adequate protection and we broke the Camp Randall horizon with a spectrum of flying cards.The Greek-Short Course tug of war . . . We put our specialities to the test . . . Complete with sorority girls . . .Little International — the high point of the ag season. We decided to put our specialty to the test, and prepared to enter against professional competition with our skills and animals. We elected a queen, and were proud of her as she reigned over the Greek-Short Course tug of war, the races, and the popular pig-catching contest — complete with sorority girls. The event brought spectators and entrants from all over the state — people that demanded to be shown a university’s approach to a knowledge that was supposed to be born with a man. We put ourselves on trial — survived — and even came out a little ahead. A university s approach to a knowledge . . . 97Competition — evident in every phase of our university life -but legalized and organized under intramural athletics. Dorm versus dorm, fraternity versus fraternity — in a year-long battle for the coveted Badger Bowl and Supremacy Cup. The speed and energy of our groups were given an outlet and to the victors came the awards and the recognition -and at last a legitimate consolidation of the group. 99100We prayed for snow . . . And got it . . . Drifted and slippery sidewalks . . . And stalled cars . . . Madison’s worst winter in years — an extreme of cold and snow. We prayed for snow for our Winter Week — and got it 38 times. With it came the nipped noses and stalled cars — the ice on the hill that upset and accelerated our descent — and the air full of snowballs aimed at nobody in particular. The inconvenience of drifted and slippery sidewalks was offset by a glistening white splendor that helped Wisconsin display one of the country’s most beautiful campuses. 101An evening of sociability . . . Another chance for expression . . . We tapped another barrel . . . We didn’t need an excuse . . . 102We shed our classroom identities . . . The parties — one of Wisconsin’s big drawing cards. We were criticized in a national magazine for our frivolity -so we tapped another barrel and sang songs about it. Unlike the outside world, we didn’t need an excuse to celebrate -and we shed our classroom identities for an evening of sociability. The parties gave us, perhaps, another chance for expression -expression our critics had chosen to forget. 103Pianist Artur Rubinstein 104 The Festival QuartetThe theater season — we were given a chance to absorb something that most of us needed — aesthetic expression. The choice was the widest yet presented on our stage — from the true drama of Old Vic to the verbal dramatics of Vance Packard. Music in all its forms seemed to predominate — the smooth, modern techniques of George Shearing and his men — and the deeper, mellower displays of Rubinstein, Robert Shaw, Addison, Valletti, the Festival Quartet, and two concert orchestras. The National Ballet of Canada Antal Dorati • - Conductor, Minneapolis, SymphonyThe Old Vic Players — world-famous Shakespearian troupe thrilled and delighted us with their authentic portrayals of true tragedy and comedy — “Hamlet” and “Twelfth Night.” We roared at the schemings of Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew as they plotted against a hapless and witless Malvolio -and were pulled willingly into the psychological struggles given in the old English speeches of Hamlet, Ophelia, and Laertes. For many of us, it became the high point of the theater season.The duel between Hamlet and Laertes 107The wild parodies of Anna Russell . . . Three individuals exemplified the patterns of the whole season — our love for satire being satisfied by the wild parodies of Anna Russell -who slaj ed the sacred cultural cows with British subtleties. Carl Sandburg returned to spellbind us with his singsong comments — and if we disagreed, we felt this was the sort of opponent to have. And the youthful exuberance of a sincere expressive genius resounded from the violin of Michael Rabin. 108 Carl Sandburg spellbound us . . . The expressive genius of Michael Rabin . . . 109And behind the scenes and talent, a host of technicians — with skills devoted not to the performance, but to the preparation. Theirs was an essential role, without which there could have been no Pantomime Circus, Candide, Mrs. Roosevelt, or Marais and Miranda. The lights, the sound, the hats, the curtains and the expert directing of the dress rehearsals were all the responsibility of these artists without an audience -and a successful season attested to their accomplishments. 110Artists without an audience . . . Theirs was an essential role . . .We took pleasure in the awards . . . A chance for expression with recognition — in the Salon of Art. We entered our interpretations of life and nature — and wondered if others would understand the world as we had shown it. Abstraction was the keynote — concepts known only to one person — and the objective judging criteria could not cover everything. But we took pleasure in the awards and the comments — and felt satisfied with our specialized approach to a type of reality. 112Our specialized approach to reality . . . Interpretations of life and nature . . . We wondered if others would understand . . IlskJk 113A place for social events . . . The Wisconsin Memorial Union — “the Living Room of the Campus” — in its 51st year of service to the Madison campus. Important to us from our first day at the university — first, and primarily, as a place for social events and relaxation - not only a living room, but a melting-pot. The Union provided what we most wanted — a social focal point. 114A social focal point . . . The Union provided . . .The things that brought us to the Union . . . A rack of 8-ball ... Or just coffee in the Rat . . . 116The World Series on TV . . . A place for informal meeting and entertainment a rack of 8-Ball, a line of bowling, the World Series on TV, supper, a hand of bridge, or just a coffee in the Rat -these were the things that brought us to the Union -the things we needed to break the slower academic routine. To break the academic routine . . .•ame the necessary starting-pointThe Union was not only the place for, but the sponsor of many of our major extra-curricular gatherings. We used its rooms for regularly scheduled activities — Grounds for Discussion, soapbox oration, art exhibits, banquets, parties, dances — a wide array of functions. It became the necessary starting-point for many of us. 119The Union was the site of our special cultural events -the concerts, recitals, drama, and displays -brought from around the world or from our own campus. We heard performers remark at the superior acoustics of our theater and were thankful for it from our low-budget seats. The Union Directorate — the student representatives in programming- treated itself to its annual Beefeater’s Banquet — a mixture of medieval tradition and modern frivolity — a welcome departure from the press of administrative functioning. Cultural events from around the world . . .A mixture of tradition and frivolity . . . Representatives in programming . . .Facilities adapted to our desire We could just watch . . . 122Another Union benefit — a chance to be alone on a busy campus — and we found the facilities adapted to our desire. We could study, thumb through magazines, sleep, or just watch -and here we knew it was not only accepted, but expected. A living room, rec room, concert chamber, dining room — the Union. A chance to be alone on a busy campus . . . 123 Wiajor approaches Different, names with the same goal The symbols . . . The religious life — surviving strongly in a setting traditionally identified by questioning or indifference. We were given a choice of several major approaches — and within them a wide range of different names with the same goal. The symbols and demands varied from group to group — but we applied all of them to our own spiritual requirements -and especially to the unknowns of our secular society. 125 ()nr own spiritual requirements • • • Again, unconsciously, we answered our critics’ charges of lack of direction and over-emphasis on absurdities — this time by turning out in full support of the Blood Drives. For many of us, it was the first time — and we had apprehensions — but vre found the worst part to be the first part — and we came away feeling we had received more than re had given. 126We answered our critics’ charges . . . For many of us, the first time . . . 127We saw the skits . . . Prom, 1959 — “Fever” — ten queen candidates flashed campaign smiles -and we saw the skits, with clowns, cheerleaders, and French musicians-all selling one valuable commodity — their conception of popularity. We worked under capable Jean Sorum on posters, tickets, programs -and finally twisted and hung the hot-colored crepe paper. The fever began to be catching — for some of us. 128All selling one valuable commodity . . . The fever began to be catching . . . We hung the hot-colored crepe paperThe Union belonged to those who attended . . .1959 Prom Queen — Rosemary Robertson . . . A new voting system — designed to eliminate distasteful coercion brought out the whole campus to elect a Prom Queen. And then the dance — the whole Union belonged to those who attended we arrived in carloads from off-campus pre-Prom parties. We danced to Ralph Marterie’s Marlboro theme song — and waited -and finally saw the queen crowned — Rosemary Robertson. Those who attended were a small percent — but theirs was a good evening. m ii Theirs was a good evening . . . 131We surprised ourselves with our ability . . . 132Humorology — for the sake of charity and entertainment we combined our hidden talents — and even surprised ourselves with our ability to sing, dance, and act in a legitimate production. Weeks of writing, memorizing, and rehearsing ended with tryouts — and then, for those given the go-ahead, the cycle began again. As performance week drew near, we panicked into earnestness — and felt ourselves exhibiting theatrical tenseness without affectation. Dress rehearsals — and the costumes, makeup, and lighting seemed strange -and our stage self seemed to turn up everywhere.Proving we could so something well . . . Twelve organizations, six skits — with varying emphasis on satire. We competed for awards — but the real satisfaction was in an intangible derived from the hard work and enjoyment that came just from proving we could do something well. The winners deserved the trophies — but all deserved the applause.The hard work . . . And the awards . . . All deserved the applause . . .The 1959 Badger Beauty contest — co-sponsored by Mil Ball and the Badger. 350 of us, sponsored or alone, turned out for the judging — knowing that by the end of the first day less than half would remain — and that finally only six could be given the title. The judges scrutinized us — verbally and visually — until we felt we had nothing of our appearance or personality left to show. The six survivors knew the competition had been tough — that 350 beautiful women barely scratched the surface of campus potential. The judges scrutinized us . . . The competition had been tough . . . 136 We felt we had nothing left to show . . .Susan P. Hazekamp Junior Chicago, Illinois Delta GammaMarilynn M. Smith Sophomore Madison Kappa Kappa GammaNancy L. Buskens Junior Winnetka, Illinois Delta GammaVirginia M. DenDooven Senior Neenah, Wisconsin Kappa Kappa GammaCarolyn Watson Sophomore University City, Missouri Pi Beta PhiKaren M. Heassler Junior Madison Alpha Gamma DeltaRivalry was put aside for the occasion 01’ Playboy W es and his polkas 144Military Ball — inter-service rivalry was put aside for the occasion. Planning began early in the year, for we had a reputation to meet — and the Badger Beauties were to be our Court of Honor. We had a king to elect, too — and the brassy campaigns began with candidates vying for official approval of popularity. The time neared — we pushed the ticket sales harder -and rehearsed for the ceremonious Grand March. We had a reputation to meet . . . 145We enjoyed the luxury . . . Mil Ball Exec Committee Instructors different in dress blues . . . 146We donned crisp uniforms, gold braid, and all our medals -and enjoyed the luxury of substituting white shirts for khaki. Our instructors were there — different in full dress blues -and different in their informal approach to the evening. And then, the Grand March with its arch of sabres — with the introduction of the Badger Beauties and the Mil Ball King. Refined, military — but collegiate enough to be enjoyable. 147 V p lisp" ?-H-. .... v. J 9XM-WHA, “The Oldest Station In the Nation” On this campus pioneer research and experimentation in “wireless” led to suc cessful transmissions of voice and music in 1917, and the beginning of broadcasting on a scheduled basis in 1919. Experimental station 9XM transmitted telegraphic signals from Science Hall until 1917 when it was moved to Sterling Hall. In that year Professor Earle M. Terry and students built and operated a “wireless telephone” transmitter. In 1918, during World War I, when other stations were ordered silenced, 9XM operated under special authorization to continue Its telephonic exchange with U. S. Navy stations on the Great Lakes. After the war, programs were directed to the general public. The WHA letters replaced the 9XM call on January 13, 1922. Thus, the University of Wisconsin station, under the calls 9XM and WHA, has been In existence longer than any other Marker Erected 1998 A restrained schedule of music . . . Our own station . . . Explaining us to the state . . . “Your announcer has been Ken Ohst” . . . “This is WHA, the University of Wisconsin station, in Madison.” We listened to our own station, the oldest in the nation -giving us a restrained schedule of music from Bach to Brubeck, scholarly discussions of the sciences and humanities, and recorded broadcasts from our own classrooms. We had pride in the campus voice that explained us to the state.Without philosophizing about a purpose To fit into a strange setting . . . Most of our weekends were spent on the campus or at home -but a few of us occasionally ventured into something new -something that challenged our ability to fit into a strange setting. After days of confining buildings, there was an exhilaration in moving fast in the open without philosophizing about a purpose. We found it involved more learning — and we approached it in the only way we knew — which meant mistakes — but it didn’t matter. 150We made mistakes . . . There was an exhilaration . . . It involved more learning . . .A commonness of purpose The symbols of the life . Noise, dark, and foam . . . 152The parties gave us an excuse we didn’t really need — an excuse to drop inhibitions without fear of censure. We found our dates either not enough or too much company -or we reached a commonness of purpose that answered our demands. The symbols of the life were noise, dark, and foam.Structures that would lure the crowds . . . Pandemonium with charitable overtones . . .Campus Carnival — pandemonium with charitable overtones. We spent the day building the structures that would lure the crowds -the dancing platforms, barkers’ stands, and wheels of fortune. And in the evening, our practice fieldliouse filled to overflowing with thousands of pleasure-seekers in a carnival mood. Campus Clown candidates romped around in last-minute campaigning-the net-stockinged girls kicked high, and the combos played on. 155A pause for a coke and a cigarette . . . We felt like the whole campus was there with sharp elbows - and found it took almost an hour to make our way around the circuit back to the booth where we’d won our first prize. A pause for a coke, cotton candy, and a cigarette — and back to the mob being urged on by a hundred loudspeakers. Despite the crowd, the smoke, and the heat, we enjoA ed ourselves - and were proud in knowing it was our own accomplishment. 9SIThe crowd, the smoke, the heat . . . Proud of our accomplishment . . . Urged on by a hundred loudspeakers And back to the mob . . .We waited nervously for the interviews . . . We read the brochures and notices . . . PLACEMENT to Wjj And suddenly we realized it would all soon be over — we had to think ahead before we could gather the memories. A few of us had something waiting on the outside — but most of us faced the uncertain prospect of the job market. We read the brochures, scanned the notices, and signed up - and then waited nervously for the interviews and applications that would answer our own question — how much it all had taught us. The uncertain prospect of the job market . . . 159The symbolic cloth of caps and gown The end came quickly — too quickly, we thought, as we looked back and as we realized the responsibilities dropped in our laps. The years of preparation — almost twenty of them — were woven into the symbolic cloth of caps and gowns. The final significance of the event was a little hard to grasp for most of us had never faced complete severance from our group. We could not know the commencement lines were another beginning. 160Another beginning . . . The final significance . . . 161It was a time for sentimentality for some of us — the breaking of ties with a life that had become a habit — and the pervading uncertainty as we anticipated the unfamiliar. And for some of us it was a time to feign relief — for our society demanded that we try to excuse our efforts. Uncertainty as we anticipated the unfamiliar .. . 162The biggest and best was yet to come . . . We were reminded, as we accepted our diplomas, of the essential beliefs and goals that had brought us here -but we didn’t stop to wonder if we had fulfilled them. The biggest and best, we believed, was yet to come — we took the scrolls, shook hands all around, packed our beer mugs, and walked away from one life. 163administrationGovernor Gaylord Nelson On January 5, 1959, Mr. Gaylord Nelson became the Governor of the State of Wisconsin. Born in Clear Lake, Governor Nelson was a 1942 graduate of the University’s Law School. He has been a practicing Madison attorney since 194G and a member of the State Senate since 1948. During his short time in office, Governor Nelson has expressed a deep interest for the University and the student. He recommended legislation establishing a state-wide loan program under which the State would loan students funds to meet individual needs. The Governor also suggested the appropriation of $100,000 for research funds to the University. 166President Conrad A. Elvehjem On October 9th, 1958, Dr. Conrad A. Elvehjem became the 13th president of this University. This world famous bio-chemist received his bachelor’s and doctor’s degrees at Wisconsin. Having been recognized a leader in research in nutrition and Vitamin B Complex work, he was appointed Chairman of the Biochemistry Department in 1944. In 1946, the President was appointed Dean of the Graduate School and was the second faculty member to be elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. During the short time in his new position, the President has proceeded to start a huge building program and to increase research at the University. 167 Clockwise around the table starting at lower left: Carl E. Steiger, A. Matt Werner, George E. Watson, Charles D. Gelatt, Mrs. Melvin R. Laird, Harold A. Konnak, Ellis E. Jensen, Robert C. Bassett, Oscar Rennebohm, Mrs. Helen O’Brien, Clarke Smith, A. W. Peterson, President Conrad A. Elvehjem, Wilbur N. Renk. The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin is composed of fourteen persons. The duty of this organization is to enact laws for the government of the University such as electing a president, fixing salaries, and prescribing rules and regulations for the management of all university property. The President of the University is the President of this body. This year the Board took up matters concerning the sites for the Extension Division office building, the new Chemistry Building, and the Economics-Sociology-Anthropology Building. Members of the Board consist of Carl Steiger, A. Matt Werner, Charles Gelatt, Airs. Melvin Laird, Harold Konnak, Ellis Jensen, Robert Bassett, Oscar Rennebohm, Mrs. Helen O’Brien, Clark Smith, A. H. Peterson, President Elvehjem and President Wilbur Renk. Board of Regents 168First row, left to right: Mrs. Emery Owens, John S. Hobbins, Arthur A. Cirilli, Mrs. Eldon B. Russell. Second row: Arthur J. O'Hara, Fred W. Genrieh, Jr., Mrs. Robert Hall, Richard C. Smith, Bidwell Gage. Not Present: Mrs. David Jones. Board of Visitors The Board of Visitors of the University of Wisconsin is composed of twelve members: three appointed by the Governor, three by the Regents, and six by the Wisconsin Alumni Association. These persons are chosen on the basis of their interest in public education and in the University. The duty of the Board is to assist in the development of the efficiency of the University and to examine the operations of the University in all its activities dealing with students, faculty and the state. The present board is headed by Arthur Cirilli, president; Mrs. David Jones, vice president; Mrs. Eldon B. Russell, secretary; John S. Hobbins, treasurer. Other members of the Board include Mrs. George Chatterton, Mr. Sam Ogle, Air. Richard Smith, Airs. Emery Owens, Air. Bidwell Gage, Air. Fred Genrieh, Jr., Air. Arthur O’Hara and Miss Alaxine Plate. 169Dean of Students Since Wisconsin-born Leroy E. Luberg has been the Dean of Students, he has shown more than a passing interest in the students and the university. This year the Dean participated in numerous student-faculty committees. As chairman of the Student Life and Interest Committee, he initiated a study of students, referring to the overlapping gaps between student courts and faculty committees. In connection with the Loans and Undergraduate Scholarships Committee, Dean Luberg advocated a $50,000 addition to the loan fund. Finally, he urged that faculty members increase the amount of time spent in outside classroom contact with the students. 170Dean of Women Dean Martha E. Peterson has been the Dean of Women since July, 1956. Before that she was the Dean of Women at the University of Kansas where she received her doctorate degree in Educational Psychology and Guidance. Since Dean Peterson has been here at the university, she has taken a very active interest in student affairs and the University. This year she served on numerous student-faculty committees, such as the Student Personal Committee, the Student Life and Interest Committee, and the Loans and Undergraduate Scholarships Committee. Dean of Men Since Theodore Zillman has been Dean of Men, he lias taken a very active interest in student affairs by participating in numerous committees, such as the Life and Interest Committee, the Student Conduct and Appeals Committee, and the Men’s Halls Committee. In reference to these, Dean Zillman has pushed the need for student-faculty contacts, not only in direct relationship to the classroom, but also in additional outside educational activities. He has also advocated the need for fraternities and other organized units taking a more active interest in these student-faculty contacts. 171Fred H. Harrington Kenneth Little Professor of Education Kenneth Little served as the Director of Institutional Studies during the year. All student and university research projects were handled by Mr. Little, who worked as the director of the Cooperative Research Program. He was also a member of the Coordinating Committee for Higher Education. He was formerly vice piesident of student affairs. Mr. Fred H. Harrington, professor of history, served as the university’s vice president of academic affairs. In this capacity, he worked closely with the deans of the various colleges in planning and carrying out a balanced program of education. Formerly the chairman of the University history department, Mr. Harrington is a specialist in the fields of American Diplomatic Relations and the Civil War Period. Alden W. White Plans for commencement, including ticket distribution and the handling of caps and gowns, were directed by the office of Mr. Alden W. White, Secretary of the Faculty. Answers in the forms of bulletins, catalogues and the Bascom Hall information desk were also the responsibilities of Mr. White, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. 172A. W. Peterson Long-range financial planning came under the jurisdiction of Mr. A. W. Peterson, the vice president of business and finance. In this position, Mr. Peterson was in charge of all of the University’s business and financial affairs, as well as the hiring of non-academic personnel. Paul L. Trump The numerous details of the registration and orientation program were handled in the office of Mr. Paul L. Trump, Registrar. The direction of the University’s office of admissions, in addition to work with all student records of achievement, came into the wide range of Mr. Trump’s duties. lie also was a member of the Junior Administrative Committee, composed of working and associate deans. 173The nine cleans of the University are charged with the educational and administrative operations of their respective schools and colleges and are directly responsible for the policies of their divisions and the departments therein. The deans coordinate their decisions with the policies of the University as a whole, which are under the direct auspices of the President and the final jurisdiction of the Board of Regents. Nursing: Dr. Helen Bunge Engineering: Kurt F. Wendt Graduate: J. E. Willard Pharmacy: Arthur H. Uhl 174L S: Mark H. Ingraham Education: L. J. Stiles Commerce: Edwin A. Gaumnitz Navy:'Capt. Reginald Rutherford Air Force: Col. Paul Frieburger Deans Army: J. A. PrallActivities: Elmer E. Meyer Student Health: Dr. John H. Flinn As Directors of Special Services, Dr. John Flinn, Director of the Student Health Department, and Elmer Meyer, Student Activities Director, direct all clinical work and campus social events. Marion Tormey, Employment Service Director, and Newell J. Smith, Director of Residence Halls, are in charge of employment services and the housing and food services. L. E. Drake is in charge of the Student Counseling Center Services. R. L. Hilsenhoff, the Student Financial Advisor, ard Robert Taylor, Director of the Wisconsin News Service, handle all organizational finances and University public relations. Student Employment: Marion E. TormeySpecial Services Financial Advisor: Ray L. Hilsenhoff News Service: Robert Taylor Student Counseling: Lewis E. Drake Residence Halls: Newell J. SmithWisconsin Foundation Since its dedication on April 11, 1958, the Wisconsin Center has played an important role in carrying out the aims of the University of Wisconsin Foundation—to support the public-service and cultural activities of the University. The University of Wisconsin Foundation is described as a “tax-exempt, non-profit corporation, organized by alumni and friends to solicit and receive gifts, bequests, devices and things of value, all for the benefit of the University of Wisconsin in the advancement of the scientific, literary, and education purposes thereof.” Concerned with present and contemplated future conditions at the University, the Foundation works with the support of alumni and friends, as well as the contributions of businesses, corporations, charitable foundations and public spirited groups. Fellowships, professorships, scholarships and special equipment and buildings for the University are but a few of the projects which come within the scope of the Foundation’s work. Serving the field of adult education has been the main function of the Wisconsin Center in the program of the Foundation. New techniques, ideas, and developments in commerce, industry, the professions, agriculture, health, education and many other fields are exchanged by means of group meetings held through the facilities of the Center. During the year, the interests of the Foundation were also directed to future plans for the addition of an auditorium to the Center. With a capacity of 500, the auditorium would increase the public services of the Center. The Auditorium would accomodate lectures, forums and discussions for large groups, while the present Center building would provide room for smaller meetings in the form of institutes, conferences and short courses. The Foundation was established in 1945, dedicated to the support of the University of Wisconsin idea of service to the people. Serving as the officers of the Foundation are Howard I. Potter, Frank V. Birch, Irwin Maier, .Joseph A. Cutler, William J. Hagenah, Abner A. Heald, the Hon. Oscar Rennebohm, Ray M. Stroud, Harlan C. Xicholls, Robert B. Rennebohm, Basil I. Peterson and .James E. Bie. Directors are Stanley C. Allvn, Frank V. Birch, Harry A. Bulbs, H. T. Burrow, Joseph A. Cutler, William J. Grede, Howard T. Greene, William .J. Hagenah, Abner A. Heald, Earl D. Johnson, Herbert F. Johnson, Herbert Y. Kohler, Geoige B. Luhman, Irwin Maier, George W. Mead, Wallace Meyer, Lewis E. Phillips, Howard I. Potter, Hon. Oscar Rei nebohm, Carl E. Steiger. Ray M. Stroud, Robert A. Uihlein, Clayton F. Van Pelt, Rudolph C. Zimmerman and Sam Ogle and John Berge, Ex Officio Directors. First row, left to right: Joseph A. Cutler, Howard I. Potter, George 14 Luhman, Howard T. Greene, Robert B. Rennebohm, Frank V. Birch. Second row: Ebner A. Heald, Oscar Rennebohm, Ray M. Stroud, Irwin Maier, Carl E. Steiger, C. A. Elvehjem, Basil I. Peterson, Harlan C. Nichols. Not in picture: William J. Hagenah, Herbert V. Kohler. 178The new Wisconsin Center building, home of the University of Wisconsin Foundation. Frank V. Birch, president of the Foundation, presenting the key of the Wisconsin Center to Wilbur Renk, president of the Board of Regents. ?sg — OTSs YOUR ALUMNI HOUSE 7 w Aeux name lot, WtiamUn Alumni teutit- The cover of a brochure describing plans for the Wisconsin Alumni House, which will be remodeled Washburn Observatory. Wisconsin Alumni Association The Wisconsin Alumni Association has been praised by a succession of University presidents as “the strong right arm of the University.” Nearly a century of service to Wisconsin is the proud record of this organization, which was formed in 18G1 “to promote, by organized effort, the best interests of the University of Wisconsin.” To this end the Association engages in a variety of activities, including the maintenance of alumni and general public interest based on the idea that informed support is the strongest support. The Association also seeks legislative support for University programs, encourages top-flight students to attend Wisconsin, tries to arouse appreciation of the University heritage on the part of today’s students, supervises the University’s bureau of graduate records, and cooperates with the other alumni arms of the University in raising funds for the institution. A key tool in many of these endeavors is the prizewinning “Wisconsin Alumnus” magazine. The Alumni Association plays a major role in developing strong and effective alumni clubs, which number about 100, and are located as far from the campus as Bangkok, Thailand. 180During the past school year, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has been particularly concerned with the financing of an Alumni House on the campus. This home for Wisconsin Spirit, which will be the remodeled Observatory that overlooks Lake Mendota, will be paid for by voluntary contributions from alumni. The fund drive’s goal is $255,000, and by early this year campaign director James Bie was able to report to the Alumni House Fund Chairman, Dr. John A. Keenan, that the halfway mark had been reached. The Association is governed by a board of directors which includes past presidents, club directors, directors-at-large, and representatives from the three most recent graduating classes. Policies and activities approved by the board are carried out by several standing committees and the Association’s staff, which is under the supervision of John Berge, executive director. Edward Gibson is the organization’s field secretary; George Richard is editor of the “Wisconsin Alumnus;” Mrs. Edith Knowles is office manager. John Berge, Executive Director Officers of the Wisconsin Alumni Association, from left to right: Sam Olgc, president; Martin Below, first vice president; Don Anderson, second vice president; Russell A. Teekemeyer, treasurer; Maxine Plate, secretary. 181Wisconsin Pre-Views Wisconsin Pre-Views was first organized during the 1930’s in an effort to stamp out the false idea among Wisconsin citizens that the University was a stronghold for Communism. It was again developed into an active group approximately six years ago and serves a most important and necessary function as a link between University and high school students and as an immediate source of information for the interested and outstanding high school student. This past year has been the most active in the history of Wisconsin Pre-Views. Pre-Views is under the auspices of the office of the President, with Dean Luberg and Mr. Gibson acting in an advisory capacity. Trips to high schools within Wisconsin and out-of-state during vacations are arianged with the cooperation of Dean Luberg’s secretary, the Wisconsin Alumni Association and the high schools contacted. Serving as co-chairmen of this year’s central committee were Xancy Hooper and John Schreiner. The other members were Ginny DenDooven, Bob Pike, Chuck Krueger, Lynne Xolte, Karl Marquardt and Sue Hazekamp. Left to right: C. Marquardt, B. Pike, V. Den Dooven, C. Krueger, L. Xolte, S. Hazecamp, J. Schreiner, X. Hooper.Left to right: Chuck Kreuger, Lynn Nolte, Sue Hazecamp. An informal preview session. 183nS, organizations Co-Editors Beverly Johnson Bruce ThorpHONOR ARIES Phi Beta Kappa Founded in 1776 Honorary Scholastic Society Juniors - 1958 Marshall Richard Berkoff Richard Theodore Chiroff Emogene Elizabeth Daentl Timothy Clark Frautschi Gretchen T. Ihde John Gordon Kester Mark Charles Kiselow Paul Elwood Nelson Mary Ellen Scharnke Marilyn Rae Stellick Judith Ellen Vander Meulen Eugene Ross Wagner Judith Katharine Wyatt Seniors - 1958 Rose Bliemeister Arnold Gary Burke Barclay Erwin Gustav Bauer Brian Lee Beck John Reinert Bentson Judith Ann Bernard Andrew August Blazkovec Louis Brenner Ludwig Walter Bruch William Calkins Bunce Charlotte Ann Burns Mary Ellen Burns Peter Guy Carnesale Mary Lou Daniel Thomas Jackson Dean Rodney Charles DeGroot Patricia Ann Dengel Peggy Ann Dickie Susan Mary Edgerton Richard Earl Fauber Stephen Kent Foster David Saul Gillman Kenneth Goetz Walter Ray Griffin Roderick Trimble Groves John Edward Harriman Margaret Akelaide Haynie Sandra Ruth Henckel Herman William Hortsch, Jr. Carole Gail Inbinder Shirley Ann Johnson Deith Patrick LaBudde Robert Joseph Loescher Raymond John Lucivansky Walter Leon Makous Priscilla Alden Merriam Gerald Ray Miller Thomas James Murphy Paul Arthur Nass Kathryn Mae Nusbaum Barbara Norene Orchard June Dorothy Pandolfi Constance Kay Petersen Barbara Kinsley Rieman Betsy Lynn Ringler Seymour Judah Rothman M. Claudia Schroeder IJerschel Martin Schwartz Sarah Margete Seastone Robert Norman Selberg George LeRoy Sorenson Max Frank Sporer Miriam Kay Stauff Robert Frederick Strange Marie Eleanor Tjoflat Paul Morgan Treichel, Jr. Judith Anne Vanish William Reinhardt Welks 186Iron Cross 1958 Initiates Jay M. Kaufman Roderick T. Groves John E. Gruber William C. Thiesenhusen Albert L. Hintzen Joe R. Irwin Philip G. Henderson John G. Schreiner Hans F. Oberclick Joel F. Skornicka David G. Meissner Chris M. Larson Charles W. Thomas 187First row, left to right: J. Sagen, G. Fisher, D. Barber, O. Stiles. Second row: B. Brandriff, K. Christensen, A. Olsen, C. Schiffleger, M. Underwood, S. Andersen, M. Snell. Crucible This year’s members of Crucible, junior women’s honorary, were chosen on the basis of their outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service to the University. President Diane Barber headed the group this year. She was assisted by the other officers—Gwen Fisher, treasurer, and Oralee Stiles, secretary. The organization sponsored a survey for a sterling silver company again this year. A display of the company’s silver was set up and Wisconsin co-eds evaluated the patterns. In the spring, the girls held an informal party for the members of Mortar Board, senior women’s honorary sorority. 188First row, left to right: J. Berg, M. Kehoe, M. Toal, S. Groves, M. Lorenz, R. Mazur, M. Wong, J. Winston. Second row: P. Calvi, K. Halvorsen, J. Vander-Meulen, J. Vanish, P. Burbridge, J. Pratt, G. Florin, H. Shinn, K. Olson, S. Fearer, M. McCormick. Riva Mazur was this year’s president of Mortar Board, an honorary for outstanding senior women. Working with Riva were the other officers, Mary Wong, vice-president; Mary Kate Lorenz, secretary; Sue Groves, treasurer; Karen Halvorsen, historian; Peg McCormick, editor. A speaker program was worked out for this year’s meetings. Talks by foreign students and educators were followed by informal group discussion with the speaker. Mortar Board also had a service program with the University. Members ushered at the University president’s inauguration and served as hostesses at various functions. Mortar Board 189Phi Eta Sigma Serving as host to the national convention of Phi Eta Sigma, men’s freshman scholastic honorary, was the big project of the Wisconsin chapter this year. The convention, held October 13-15, was attended by delegates from 69 colleges and universities throughout the country. The big job of housing the delegates and alternates was handled in cooperation with campus fraternities. Students attending the convention were housed in the various frat houses while faculty members stayed at hotels. The Wisconsin chapter also set up a date bureau and arranged blind dates with Wisconsin co-eds for the delegates. Convention meetings were held in the new Wisconsin Center Building. Biggest event of the three days was a model initiation followed by a banquet in Great Hall. Bill Connors served as Phi Eta Sigma president this year. Working with him were Boss McCanse, vice-president; Harry Zeiger, secretary; Carl Giessel, treasurer; Terry Swenson, historian. Dean Paul Trump was faculty advisor and Jon Udell was senior advisor. A speaker program was arranged for the group’s meetings. The fall and spring initiation banquets were major highlights of the year’s program. First row, left to right B. Connors, P. Trump, C. Merriman, President Elvehjem, Dean Stiles, C. Giessel, R. McCanse, K. Willenson, P. Schwartz, B. Aronson, T. Zizic. Second row: T. Haley, L. Glasser, H. Tease, I). Kehr, I). Morell, J. Williams, T. Ross, D. Sheridan, E. Travel-, B. Abbott. Third row: J. Browning, J. Beringer, P. Zuhlke, L. Zermuehlen, L. Velicer, E. Makovec, E. Parrott, G. Olin, G. Hoeutt, E. Tesch. 190Meeting monthly, the men of Mace, junior honorary fraternity, gathered to hear specialized speakers in a number of fields and to discuss problems of the university community. This year, the group was privileged to hear a speech by Dr. Dillinger of the physics department, as well as other faculty members and subject authorities. President of Mace this year was Jack Davis. Handling the funds of the organization was the duty of Nick Fish, Mace treasurer. Basically, the purpose of Mace is to recognize men who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire other students to strive for similar conspicuous attainments. Mace works to bring together the most representative men in all phases of university life, hoping to create a group which will help to mold sentiment on questions of local and intercollegiate interest. Another goal of the organization is to bring together members of the faculty and student body—with an eye toward creation of a mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. Members of Mace are selected at the end of their junior year by standing members of the group. Mace First, row, left to right: W. Steiger, D. Osterheld, J. Davis, T. Peterson. Second row: J. Schreiner, W. Kaiser, L. Raymond, G. Chryst, M. Clumpner, D. Meisner. 191First row, left to right: E. Krueger, K. Schneider, D. Ysebaert, S. Feldman, C. Hoppenfeld, L. Kortkamp, S. Scheaffer, J. Baker, G. Dennis, A. Addington, J. Lemon, B. Gordon. Second row: Sharalene Lieberman, S. LrlofT, M. Harris, A. Piggert, J. Martin, C. Kogut, J. Birren, F. Paul, C. Truax, J. Fiebig, J. Kowalski, P. Randall, S. Belling, J. Heinz, L. Mortenson, J. Davies, B. Annear, I. Goldstein, G. Schunk. Third row: J. Epstein, B. Wolfman, Y. Perez, P. Aldag, M. Hanson, M. Verhulst, N. Boettcher, J. Lewnav, K. Sheller, 1). Staab, C. Ciotti, L. Men-zel, E. Thiele, S. Ritter, M. Fink, C. Gibson, J. Hinkins, J. Friedman, B. Schoknecht, J. Hoveland, J. Spevacek. Fourth row: B. Merkel, M. Russell, L. Schellin, A. Buchanan, M. Fink, J. Isberg, A. Vehling, B. Rotzoll, J. Freriks, M. Santee, P. Putnam, C. Mather, J. Leach. Sigma Epsilon Sigma Sigma Epsilon Sigma, national freshman women’s honorary sorority, admits to membership those girls who attain at least a 3.5 grade-point average during their freshman year. Seventy sophomore women were recognized for this scholastic achievement at initiation ceremonies in Tripp Commons on November 4. Sigma Epsilon Sigma was organized at the University of Wisconsin in 1927. Since that time nine chapters have been established on university campuses throughout the nation. The Alpha chapter, Wisconsin, has served in the place of a national council and is working to expand the present number of chapters. The decision of whether to remain a strictly honorary group or to plan more active projects and activities was discussed by this year’s group. However, the organization decided to limit their activities to the expansion program, the co-sponsoring of the AWS-SES honors luncheon and a social function with the freshman men’s honorary, Phi Eta Sigma, Officers were Pat Putnam, president; Georgia Dennis, vice-president; Lois Menzel, secretary; Kathy Schneider, treasurer. 192First row, left to right: J. Scherz, M. Williams, L. Sarin, It. Me Lay, T. Huls. Second row: F. Petterson, B. Falstad, J. Albert, K. Mei, D. Kortkamp, H. Beuscher, It. Klebesadel. Third row: P. Baun, K. Joslin, J. Zemella, H. Klinge, C. Christensen, 1). Kloekow, N. Ludkey, D. Hanson, G. McCormick. Fourth row: It. Brusberg, P. Henderson, J. Wolf, J. Skofronick, It. Ludwig, E. Wiesen, L. Vlies, 1). Meyer. Fifth row: W. Dahl, J. Moeller, L. Gelhar, G. DeLucca, G. Olson, K. Wishau, J. Long, J. Dutton, T. Hanson, J. Riggs. Sixth row: E. Hanson, B. Dreier, A. Albrecht, It. Jacobs, J. Aasterod, C. McClure, A. Goshaw, I). Olson. Seventh row: J. Windsor, It. Gilardi, J. Groeneweg, B. Pesetsky, A. Maki, H. Lyon, G. Venzke, S. Pech, J. Chin, R. Burns. Eighth row: J. Meiss, J. Schmidt, It. Itoelke, A. Frey, T. Kroehn, M. Johanek, It. TeBeest. Tau Beta Pi is an honorary engineering society designed to honor the men in all fields of engineering who have achieved exemplary scholarship and distinguished character. This year the Wisconsin Alpha chapter initiated approximately one hundred students who were honored at both the fall and spring banquets. Tau Beta Pi participated in all engineering and other campus activities. In cooperation with the engineering faculty, the group provided a counseling service for the freshmen—helping to foster a greater interest in education among the underclassmen. Tau Beta Pi’s officers were Lalit Sarin, president; Michael Williams, vice-president; Richard McLay, recording secretary; Tom Huls, corresponding secretary. Tau Beta Pi 193The purpose of Alpha Zeta is to recognize outstanding students and faculty members in the field of agriculture. The meetings feature speakers from agricultural indus-II tries, and the main annual event is the Founders Day Alpha Zeta ban iuet 1 Officers were Milton Mitchell, chancellor; Jim Frea, censor; Ronald Marshall, scribe; Joe Kankam, treasurer; John Mitchell, chronicler. Seated, left to right: Dr. Ross, J. Mitchell, R. Marshall, M. Mitchell, J. Frea, J. Kankam, Dr. Sledge. Second row: W. Stettler, P. Hartwig, D. Schomberg, W. Falk, P. Reinhardt, G. Stock, J. Pauls, G. Longenecker, C. Krueger, T. Brunner, J. Benes, B. Breidenstein. Third row: G. Moen, R. Stauffacher, J. Radke. First row, left to right: B. Fllig, Prof. Lins, R. Riesenweber, M. Engels, D. Elwell, M. Burns, Prof. Lynn. Second row: Prof. Frame, K. Weiss, H. Monahan, K. Burghardt, M. Sporer, Prof. P. Fox, R. Strange, P. Nass, R. Kamm. Beta Gamma Sigma The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma, honorary commerce fraternity, is to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of commerce, to promote the advancement of education in business, and to foster integrity in business operations. Officers were Roy Riesenweber, president; Marilyn Engels, vice-president; Miss Angeline Lins, secretary-treasurer. 194Chi Epsilon is a national honorary civil engineering fraternity composed of juniors having a 3.25 minimum grade point, and seniors having at least a 3.0. This year’s officers were Richard Mann, president; Walter Burant, vice-president; John Dutton, secretary; Arlen Albrecht, treasurer; Erwin Schaffer, TRANSIT editor. Mr. W. S. Cottingham acted as the group’s advisor. Chi Epsilon First row, left to right: J. Dutton, W. Burant, It. Mann, A. Albrecht, E. Schaffer. Second row: Cl. Broetzman, W. Paulson, W. Trachsel, C. Thomas, J. Gilbertson, N. Jaworski, J. Scherz, M. Wendling. First row, left to right: G. McCormick, A. Goshaw, It. Jacobs, R. Bullene, A. Zerbv, J. Aasterud, J. Donohoo, K. Lewandowski, J. Skiles. Second row: G. Venzke, H. Beuscher, D. Poppy, K. Wishau, H. TeBeest, C. Christensen, J. Albert, J. Kutzbach, I). Olsen, J. Skofronick, J. Strauss. Third row: It. Olson, P. Baun, H. Anderson, E. Wiesen, E. Hansen, O. Alitz, It. Precourt, H. Klinge, S. Pech, It. Klebe-sadel. Eta Kappa Nu, an honorary electrical engineering fraternity, encourages scholarship and participation in extra-curricular activities. The group awarded the outstanding sophomore and entered exhibits in the Engineering Exposition. Officers were Jon Aasterud, president; Richard Jacobs, vice-president; Joan Donohoo and Robert Bullene, secretaries; George McCormick, treasurer. Eta Kappa Nu 195Omicron Nu A research program in home economics and a cookbook sales project were among the year’s top activities for Omicron Nu, honorary home economics sorority. The sorority is open to both graduates and undergraduates in the Home 10c school. Officers were Caroline Stowers, president; Gretchen Usher, vice president; Carol Bauch, secretary; Gale Florin, treasurer; Joanne Berg, assistant treasurer. First row, left to right: S. Schneider, C. Stowers, G. Florin, P. Placeway. Second row: J. Hardin, A. Fritz, L. Schadewald, A. Priedeman, P. Staley, X. Brown, J. Winston. First row, left to right: L. Pierstorff, L. Cooper, A. Calabresa, J. Taubel, G. Bronson, E. Schweppe, E. Stitgen, G. Christiansen. Second row: S. Johnson, B. Nemec, S. Groenier, E. Simonson, G. Bryan, L. Bordon, C. Farmer. Third row: A. Peterson, W. Reuter, B. Olstad, V. Mieke, S. Eberlein, E. Fennema, E. Lansing, L. McCarragher. Fourth row: E. Obma, A. Clary, G. McDonald, E. Krueger, C. Holstad, E. Bruggink, H. Ellinger. Pi Lambda Theta Pi Lambda Theta, an honorary and professional organization for women in education, fosters professional spirit and scholarship. Activities included a Founders Day dinner where the national vice president spoke. Officers were Gladys Bronson, president; Grace Christiansen, vice president; Evelyn Simonson, secretary; Jacqueline Taubel, treasurer. 196First row, left to right: J. Jones, L. Cherney, J. Johnson, J. O’Connor, J. Windsor, W. Dahl, L. Sarin, R.Gilardi, Y. Verkuilen. Second row: R. Allman, R. Falstad, R. Roelke, D. Perry, R. Bolstad, R. Olson, R. Kreunen, H. Petersen, R. MeLav, Cl. Jonas, W. Wanke. Pi Tau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma is an honorary fraternity of mechanical engineers. It fosters social and scholastic ideals, encourages fellowship, and emphasizes student-faculty relationships. Among its semester activities were informal and formal initiation and various service projects. Officers were William Dahl, president ; James Windsor, vice president; Lalit Sarin, secretary, John Johnson, treasurer. First row, left to right: X. Post, J. Oealey, C. Bosshardt, S. Natoli, K. Marquardt, W. Hudv, M. Runkel, I. Velasco. Second row: C. Lauer, L. DeWitte, I. Petersen, G. Johnson, J. Hensiak, G. Carey, W. Tillman, Mrs. Gordon. Rho Chi Rho Chi is the honorary pharmaceutical society at the University of Wisconsin. Members of the Eta chapter competed for the national Rho Chi chapter award, which is presented to the chapter that encourages the greatest number of qualified undergraduate students to enter graduate studies in pharmaceutical science. At their monthly meetings students discussed problems and topics relating to the study of pharmacy. Leading this year’s Rho Chi activities and meetings were Karl Marquardt, president; William Hudy, vice president; Sal Natoli, treasurer; Carolyn Bosshardt, secretary.First row, left to right: J. Penman, S. Lemke, J. Heal, P. McCormick, J. MacDonald. Second row: K. Knapp, B. Barstow, C. Crary, M. Waterworth, C. Jesserand, J. Roemke, J. Wilkens, M. Snell. Theta Sigma Phi Theta Sigma Phi, an honorary journalism sorority was headed by president Jackie Heal. Other officers were Peg McCormick, vice-president; Sandy Lemke, secretary; Joan MacDonald, treasurer. Marilyn Waterworth was the delegate to Professional Pan-Hel. Membership is open to journalism majors with a 3.0 grade point in journalism subjects and a 2.8 over-all scholastic average. Theta Sig’s biggest project was the annual Matrix banquet in the spring given for 500 outstanding women including campus leaders, prominent Madisonians and journalists. The speaker this year was the authoress, Willie Snow Ethridge. The girls’ new project this year was handling publicity for the Junior Red Cross Clubs in Madison high schools. Theta Sig’s worked on journalism school events such as the High School Editors’ Day and fall and spring convocations. Members of the Beta chapter at Wisconsin also visited Theta Sigma Phi chapters in other cities. 198First row, left to right: A. Priedeman, L. Schlough, C. Stowers, G. Florin, Mrs. Beach, J. Winston, B. Frackelten, K. Person. Second row: G. Doering, J. Steigmann, J. Kraemer, S. Christenson, A. Sedlmayr, K. Davis, N. Brown, P. Pladeway, S. Schneider, D. Larson. Phi Upsilon Omicron, a national home economics honorary fraternity, was founded at the University of Minnesota in 1909. On February 10, 1959, all chapters will celebrate the Golden Anniversary. Our Wisconsin chapter, Nu, was installed in 1925. This year Xu chapter was pleased to elect two honorary members from the home economics faculty: Dr. Maxine E. McDivitt, foods and nutrition, and Dr. Rita L. You-mans, education and extension. The chapter has established a scholarship which is awarded to a junior girl to assist her in the study of home economics. The chapter is presently active in compiling instruction pamphlets on foods and nutrition, clothing, and other fields in home economics which will be given to the Madison Diagnostic Center for therapy education. Officers of Phi Upsilon Omicron for this year were Judy Winston, president; Gail Florin, vice president; Caroline Stowers, recording secretary; Lois Schlough, treasurer. Phi Upsilon Omicron 199CLUBS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE First row, left to right: Dean Kivlin, P. Hartwig, J. Eckstein, M. Carmody, L. Swan, R. Gundlack, W. Slotten, M. Mitchell. Second row: J. Frea, E. Brost, G. Beecher, H. Bos, R. Hepp, P. Werner, G. Gordon, E. Esch, G. Kerchove, F. Benecker, A. Ferg, A. Otter, T. Brunner, 1). Schomberg, W. Mathias. Agricultural Student Council Agriculture Student Council is the governing organization on the agriculture campus. Its duties include coordinating the activities of all agriculture organizations and working with the Home Economics Councils in sponsoring joint activities. Members included the president and an elected representative from each of the 16 agriculture and home economics clubs and representatives from the two agriculture fraternities and the agricultural cooperative. Activities sponsored included the Mid-Winter Ball, the Agriculture and Home Economics Student-Faculty Banquet, the Harvest Hop, and a special program at Farm and Home Week. Officers included John Eckstein, president; Rudolph Erickson, vice-president; Michael Carmody, secretary, Paul Hartwig, treasurer; Lee Swan and Roger Gundlach, joint representatives to the Home Economics Council. 200The 4-H Blue Shield organization is comprised of a group of rural students in agriculture and home economics who combine social activities and projects in their field of interest. Activities for this year included a Christmas party and caroling, work on a rural arts show, a St. Valentine’s Day box social, a spring picnic, and the sponsoring of an IFYE homecoming which welcomed hack students from foreign countries and provided a send-off for those leaving. Both recreational and business meetings were included in the year’s activities. Tom Brunner was president of the organization this year, while LaVerne Reu acted as vice president. Corresponding secretary was Kathy Martin with Nancy Nielson as recording secretary. The treasurer was Frank Oewig, and the representative to the Home Economics Council was Sally Schubert. 4-H and Blue Shield Club First row, left to right: F. Dopp, D. Indermuehle, C. Kruse, K. Martin, N. Nielsen, T. Brunner, L. Rue, G. Barcelona, E. Keske, J. Bang, C. Senocak, J. Barton. Second row: A. Sedlmayr, D. Rogers, J. Martin, A. Bangs, N. Oclhnfen, S. Bade, J. Ament, C. Finley, J. Medfeldt, D. Sparr, S. Schubert, D. Hassemer, A. Heath, L. Severson. Third row: L. Kastenschmidt, P. Perkins, L. Baumann, M. Wuest, B. Hoag, L. Luckow, J. Hinderman, J. Madaus, X. Huckstead, S. Kissinger, M. Pyles, B. Brown, B. Wendorff, J. Day. Fourth row: M. Brunner, L. Danielson, K. Blank, W. Everts, D. Ruhland, L. Pride, J. Richard, J. Sparbeck, It. Sheridan, J. Doornink, L. Pratt, J. Nordgren, B. Pratt, D. Opps. Fifth row: It. Beyer, T. Veum, H. Richards, G. Smith, R. Nidfeldt, C. Hutchens, It. Hepp, O. Pufahl, M. Carmody, C. Nikolai, G. Hill, J. Martin, L. Swan. 201First row, left to right: L. Nelson, R. Marquardt, W. Huber, C. Mulholland, R. Marshall. Second row: R. Torge-son, K. Smith, K. Zeimer, J). Fenske, H. Savsen, F. Graves. Babcock Dairy Science Future Farmers The University of Wisconsin Collegiate Chapter of the Future Farmers of America provides the agriculture student with training in FFA which will benefit him in the teaching field and develop efficient, conscientious leaders for other organizations. The group conducted campus tours for high school students attending the annual State FTA Judging Contest. Officers were Wayne Slotten, president; Russell Saueressig, vice president; La Verne Krahn, secretary; Gary Beecher, treasurer. The Babcock Dairy Science Club is a professional club that aims to bring the student closer to industry. One of the year’s highlights included a guest speaker from Australia who spoke on the new developments in the dairy industry in his country. The annual Dairy Club banquet featured the naming of the most outstanding student in dairy science as winner of the Marshall Dairy Lab award. The officers were Walt Huber, president; Dick Marquardt, vice president; Charles Hulholland, secretary-treasurer. First row, left to right: G. Stock, F. Beneker, G. Beecher, L. Krahn, D. Topel, W. Slotten, Dr. Sledge. Second row: I)r. Bjorker, It. Erickson, R. Bernstein, F. Pumper, W. Koene, W. Falk, L. Wagner, It. Hepp. Third row: L. Sasman, 1). Craig, It. Martens, W. VanSlyke, It. Krause, G. Mich, G. Rosio, W. Pratt, Dr. Tenney. 202First row, left to right: W. Tishler, J. Bracken, A. Otjen, G. Porter, 1). Nolte. Second row: Prof. George W. Longe-necker, B. Buechner, R. Helms, J. Gillespie, J. Adamski, P. Zabawa. Third row: G. Beck, G. Longenecker, J. Schaefgen, R. Balge, R. Anderson, J. Treichel. Landscape Council Ring "1 he Landscape Council Ring is a social and educational organization of students interested in the Landscape Architecture profession. This year, the monthly meeting programs consisted of slide discussions and guest speakers in the various branches of the profession. The club sponsored several outings including a spring trip to Talisien and its annual Progressive Dinner. Officers were Dale Nolte, president; George Porter, vice president; Ann Otjen, secretary-treasurer. Poultry Club The Poultry Club is a professional organization of students interested in the poultry husbandry field, a special department in the School of Agriculture. The monthly meetings included speakers in the poultry fields relating to industry and government. The spring tour featured a visit to farms, hatcheries, egg processing plants, and feed mills in Wisconsin. Officers were Walt Seideman, president; Paul Hormig, vice president; Rher-wood Birdig, secretary; Dale Olson, treasurer. First row, left to right: Dr. Sunde, R Hormig, W. Seideman. Second row: E. Annear, S. Budig, D. Olson, G. Thomsen, W. Burke. 203Saddle and Sirloin Club Saddle and Sirloin Club, a branch of a national livestock organization, is composed of students majoring in animal husbandry and dairy husbandry. Their activities this year included a bus trip to the International Livestock Show in Chicago, the Little International Livestock Show here at the University, and a banquet in recognition of the livestock judging teams which were entered in the Little International. The club sponsored a trip for dairy husbandry majors to inspect dairy cattle in the eastern United States and gave a fall mixer to welcome the new freshmen as well as the upperclassmen in the College of Agriculture. Officers were Lee Swan, president; Paul Hartwig, vice president; John Mitchell, secretary; Dave Schomberg, treasurer; Tom Brunner, publicity chairman; Russ Hat-zell, sergeant-at-arms; Gale Gordon, Little International chairman. First row, left to right: It. Snuggerud, II. Richards, G. Gordon, It. Hartzell, L. Swan, P. Hartwig, I). Schomberg, J. Mitchel, T. Brunner C. Krueger, It. Niedermeier. Second row: (). Pufahl, H. Meyer, P. Weiner, B. Kalter, I). Topel, W. Falk, J. VVaelti, L. Velicer, M. Brunner, L. Danielson, J. Sperbeck. Third row: I). Lewke, B. Link, P. Moss, R. Beyer, J. Pecker, It. Hepp, T. Veum, L. Kastenschmidt, It. Nied-feldt, D. Richards, J. Dollar. Fourth row: J. Day, D. Intermuehle, D. Prill, J. Olson, E. Waugh, E. Esch, It. Stauffacher, J. Mitchell, It. Bernstein, D. Thering, It. Kubler, J. Bonos. Fifth row: L. Ziemer, C. Hutchens, It. Erickson, A. ltemengton, G. Hill, I). Knutson, L. Itou, G. Beecher, E. Kelsey, S. Buchberger, J. Sorenson, J. Hanson. 204First row, left to right: S. Fes.s, T. Gunnelson, C. Nehls, F. Oemig, Prof. Soniforih, J. Eckstein, H. Gramling, R. Hepp, D. Jones, T. Dorn. Second row: D. Intermuchle, Prof. Ebling, H. Roth, R. Verim, B. Bell, T. Hamilton, P. Hartwig, I). Sprecher, R. Henry, D. Jahnke. Agricultural Economics Society Developing interest in agricultural economics and promoting understanding of the professional problems in this field are the goals of the Agricultural Economics Society. The group’s activities included a field trip to the Board of Exchange and the Crops and Soils spring banquet. Officers were John Eckstein, president; Henry Gram-ling, vice president; James Olson, secretary; Ralph Hepp, treasurer; Frank Oemig, publicity chairman; Clyde Nehls, alumni secretary; Ed Brost, student council representative. First row, left to right: J. Radke, R. Gundlach, H. Bos, H. Insel-man, A. Otter. Second row: A. Gabert, A. Beaver, M. Wright, M. Ottum, W. Wigglesworth, G. Paulson. Badger Crops Soils Club The Badger Crops and Soils Club originated in 1950 for the purpose of promoting an interest in the fields of Agronomy and Soils. This year, for the first time, the club sponsored a soils judging team. Other activities included the annual spring banquet in which the outstanding senior in soils and crops was named. Finally, the group participated in a field trip. Officers for the year were Herbert Inselman, president; Harry Bos, vice president; Roger Gundlack, secretary-treasurer.Agricultural Engineers The American Society of Agriculture is organized to acquaint its members with agriculture and engineering. This year’s activities included a display in the triennial engineering exposition and “The Leakage,” the society’s publication. Officers were Edgar Jacobi, president; Don Henderson, vice president; Bill Pick, secretary; Werner Stettler, treasurer. First row, left to right: I). Henderson, L. Wagner, W. Pick, L. Jansen, It. Schuler, L. Schwebs, I). Nygaard. Second row: J. Stettler, J. Brey, J. Wali-gorski, E. Jacobi, W. Stettler, E. Her-ness, M. Finner. Third row: W. Ver-kuilen, W. Waterstreet, G. Kerckhove, G. Janssen, L. Kielhold, M. Burk-hardt, J. O’Connor. First row, left to right: A. Sedlmayr, J. Gunten, N. Schurger, J. Baumann, J. Kraemer, C. Magnussen, N. Nielsen, I). Kripps, A. Grant. Second row: E. Andekian, J. Ketchum, Y. Katz, H. Lee, M. Benson, G. Ogle, Miss Halter, C. Benkert, B. Compton, S. Phillips, N. Pfeiffer, G. Schroder. Third row: J. Smith, B. Dehring, S. Ritter, K. Noe, J. Vinton, J. Madaus, C. Kopp, M. Behrens, L. Grob, J. Huebner, V. Eschner, K. Weinkaug, S. Plenge, J. Berent, M. Bell, M. Rasmussen, J. Sweeney, L. Luckow. Fourth row: J. Gluth, K. Kingeter, G. Olson, M. Russell, S. Kissinger, N. Huckstead, K. Davis, G. Burgermeister, P, Vickery, N. Phillips, P. Perkins, J. Tanglier, J Erichsen, N. Newbury, S. Lahev, B. Hoag, K. Crowe, B. Allen. Euthenics Club Promoting work in the field of home economics is the purpose of Euthenics. This year these home ec majors held a chocolate hour for new home ec students, a Christmas bazaar, and participated in the Chicago workshop. An outstanding speaker was a Vogue fashion representative. Officers were Gayla Ogle, president; Judy Barmann, secretary; Coryol Magnussen, treasurer. 206The Food Technology Club is one of the newer organizations on campus. Their purpose is to advance research and interest in the field of food industries. Monthly meetings featured guest speakers, who represented the various fields and opportunities in food technology. The club was led by president Michael Carmody. Food Technology Club First row, left to right: B. Mathias, L. Meier, B. Griffiths, M. Carmody, D. Fellenz, H. Lee, A. Rice. Second row: A. Mahdi, C. Wilbur, R. Weinberger, C. Lange, C. Bergsbaken, I). Glitz, J. von Ellu, C. Stack, J. Martin, C. Lattuada. First row, left to right: (). Agusiobo, P. Moors, 1). Hitchkiss, R. Thums, P. Reese. Second row: T. Wepfer, L. Lichte, T. Friz, J. Watson, D. Booth, C. Gagnon, H. Cell, E. Allen, F. Scribner, W. Swan, I). Hollander. Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity which sponsored projects such as the campus blood drive, campus chest, and Careers Conference for Boy Scouts. They are indirectly affiliated with the Boy Scouts. Officers were David Hotchkiss, president; William Swan and Paul Moors, vice presidents; Ray Thums, corresponding secretary; Obiora Agusiobo, recording secretary; Paul Reese, treasurer. Alpha Phi Omega 207SCHOOL OF COMMERCE First row, left to right: C. Dirkse, R. Drake, L. Semrau, G. McCleer, N. Pritchett, G. Sweet, B. Creger, R. Riesenweber. Second row: C. Hass, D. Pahnke, D. Zielesch, W. Enockson, H. Kubly, J. Buege. Third row: G. Benzschawel, T. Pederson, J. Leudtke, J. Schneider, D. Ganger, R. Bitter, L. Gabrielson, A. Stencil, J. McDonald, J. Kehl, W. Johansson, I,. Pratt, G. Model-. Fourth row: A. Boyer, E. Larson, R. Stein-dorf, R. Lewison, C. Neitzke, J. Porter, R. Pomrenke, R. Rassmussen, W. Bollom, C. Ahunen, R. Ager, S. Miller, M. Poahuta, T. Schiri, H. Schmelzing, J. Moseler, P. Henderson. Fifth row: J. Cummings, G. Osborne, G. Neuenschwander, O. Heinz, J. Barrens, J. Saxton, G. Nelson, D. Hildewig, R. Williams, E. Morgan, R. Yocco, H. Armaganian, T. Larson, J. Hoene. Sixth row: N. Emmerich, R. Holbrook, I). Leith, J. Moe, A. Janis, J. Konop, K. Kennedy, R. Hinz, B. Ellig, RJSpecht, F. Trebatoski, D. Tennant, J. Hruby, P. McCann, D. Krause, D. Logan, S. Foster. Society for Advancement Of Management The Society for the Advancement of Management is for all students interested in business or organizational management. The main objectives of this group are to bring students and business executives together, to exchange and distribute information about problems relating to industry and management, and to provide students with an opportunity to participate in organizing, planning, and directing an organization. Various activities included a field trip to the Parker Pen and Chevrolet companies in Janesville, Wisconsin, semi-annual dinner meetings, and the group’s participation in the Commerce Turnout and Picnic. SAM also initiated a weekly noon time movie particularly related to business and commerce. Guest speakers such as Mr. Bertram McNamara, the vice president of the United Steel Workers union, were featured at the meetings of the society. Officers for this year were Don Zielesch, president; William Enockson, vice president; Donald Pionke, secretary; John Buege, treasurer. 208First row, left to right: Prof. Bower, Prof. Blakely, F. Seif, M. Sporer, M. Krvshak, Prof. Gibson, Prof. Lynn, Prof. Walgenbach. Second row: A. Murphy, R. Swender, O. Schwefel, J. Schedler, F. Fisher, S. Edelstein, R. Riesenweber, J. Fitzpatrick, K. Bis-choff, P. Nass. Third row: R. Flint, T. Woiak, C. Adamski, T. Kryshak, 1). Wadzinski, W. Bollom, .J. Driscoll, Y. Weike, J. Galanis, .J. Van Handed, R. Gegelski. Fourth row: H. Schreve, T. Beyer, 1). Gauger, R. Bitter, B. Funk, E. Giesler, E. Reithmeier, R. Redman, J. Trine, J. Friedland, D. Schroeder, W. Kauth. Fifth row: J. Larson, A. Sahel, J. Borden. Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi is the national professional accounting fraternity. The outstanding professional function of the year was the joint dinner meeting with the Madison chapter of the Wisconsin Society of C. P. A’s. Social highlights were the annual Homecoming luncheon at the Cuba Club and the spring formal. Officers were Frank Seif, president; Steve Edelstein, vice president; Jim Fitzpatrick, secretary; Roger Ratli-meier, assistant secretary; John Golinas, treasurers Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta, the professional commerce fraternity for women, promotes the cause of higher business education and training for all women. This year’s activities included the Founder’s Day banquet in March with the commerce faculty as guests, the beer supper with Delta Sigma Pi, and the senior send-off picnic. Officers for the year were Sharon Matthews, president; Donna Bartel, vice president; Margaret Sarbacker, secretary; Karen Weiss, treasurer. First row, left to right: C. Washburn, B. Annear, J. Brunei 1, A. Carlson, D. Harill, S. Rieckman, A. Lins, N. Lawrence. Second row: S. Matthews, J. Murphy, E. Seitz, M. Herrman, H. Franklin, B. Wiley, C. Sauk. M. Underwood. Third row: K. Keliher, B. Bargholtz, M. Haberman, L. Wood, M. Sarbacker, D. Bartel, K. Weiss, A. Proctor, J. Huston. 209First row, left to right: Prof. Sehuck, Dean Gaumnitz, Prof. Center, .J. Siger, J. Schneider, E. Fisher, J. Kehl, C. Hart, It. Renz, I). Lange, I). Barrett, E. Hintz, C. Poole. Second row: It, Fleischer, It. Solomon, R. Nelson, 1). Barnes, J. Brunell, G. Ruud, J. McGowan, G. Moder, G. Johnson, J. Barnes, J. Craaskamp. Third row: K. Johnson, C. Dirkse, H. Bennett, S. Matthews, It. McDowell, L. Lichte, J. Masak, L. Ivoeller, T. Halvorsen, K. Bischoff, J. Gebo. Fourth row: T. Kohl, D. Teigen, W. Wagner, G. Neuenschwander, It. Olsen, It. Peterson, D. Hoffman, J. Luedtke, It. Kehr. Fifth row: O. Weinhold, L. Prueher, J. Kramer, W. Ziegler, L. Thomas, 1). Xelsen, It. Merkel, J. Shepard, C. Royal, E. Larson. Sixth row: E. Blanke, (). Heinz, I). Zielesch, J. Borax, A. Wolff, It. Hughes, M. Strey, 1). Pusch, G. Barry, It. Kin-kade, E. Dreher. Seventh row: G. Gilbert, J. Blazek, A. Malueg, D. Walzinaki, J. Poland, It. Clausen, T. Sterling, 1). McClure, J. Verkuilen, C. Stafford, R. Gavol. Insurance Society The Insurance Society promotes interest in the practical side of the insurance industry. It provides majors in this field with numerous job opportunities, contacts with the insurance world, and chances to meet business men in the field. The society held their annual fall banquet, sponsored by the Life Managers and General Agents Association of Wisconsin, and had as their guest speaker, Robert Shay, director of agencies for Banker’s Life of Des Moines, Iowa. Also present at this dinner were forty general insurance agents and managers. Later in the year the society prepared the “UW Insurance Society Newsletter” publishing the names of the graduating seniors and giving a synopsis of the year’s activities. The group also made a field trip to the Continental Casualty Company. The Insurance Society also sponsored various activities in baseball, basketball, and bowling. In the spring, the annual picnic was held and the outstanding senior in insurance was named by the faculty and the students. Another banquet sponsored by the Property and Casualty Industry Company was held. Officers for the year were Charles Hart, president; Leonard Keoller, vice president; Jo Jean Kehl, secretary; Fran Renz, treasurer. 210Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest business fraternity in the United States. The group meets for dinner, hears speakers from school and industry, and takes field trips to industrial plants. Active members included Bill Enoekson, vice president of SAM and chairman of the Commerce student-faculty board, and Jerry Barnes, president of Marketing club. Officers were John Borden, president; Bernard Gli-niecki, vice president; Ralph Catalanello, secretary; Marsh-all Strey, treasurer; Charles Hass, master of rituals. First row, left to right:!). Erickson, M. Howard, L. Koeller, D. Lindgren, R. Hughes, J. Harty, P. Little, J. Duffy, L. Lahey, R. Eigen, R. Gonce. Second row: K. Pingel, C. Schultz, 1). Gethke, R. Jaschob, F. Smith, Professor Werner, W. Duchow, j. Mackesey, J. LeMahieu, J. Barnes, J. Carlson, W. Wilking, W. Lindow, J. Yount, J. Wyatt. Third row: M. Trautmann, J. Bohm, F. Yocco, W. Garens, K. Burghardt, D. Norlach, R. Saari, 1). Robinson, E. Ackerman, 1). Barnes, S. Cech, B. Ramlow, D. Socheim, M. Link, C. Gutierrez. Fourth row: M. Miller, B. Conley, F. Soulaip, D. Langdok, J. Murphy, M. McKim, C. Washburn, L. Bun-all, L. Strye, N. Schmitz, E. Hintz, B. Enoekson, B. Downey, M. Polinsky, T. Ihlenfeld. Fifth row: A. Knight, H. Kind, K. Meulemans, T. Karau, M. Wyngaard, L. Lichte, A. Rubinstein, J. Bertholdt, R. Jeske, G. Miracle, E. Fox, I). Mateyka, J. Karabensh, C. Gilbert. First row, left to right: T. Soles, 1). Barnes, P. Hathaway, B. Gleniecki, .J. Borden, Dr. Wrage, C. Hass, R. Catalanello, M. Strey, D. Richards. Second row: G. Getschmann, 1). Teigen, A. Rubinstein, T. Kohl, D. Martin, L. Lichte, E. Blanke, R. Kerstein, W. Enoekson, R. Heiskell, D. Friberg, I). Pusch, A. Wells, F. Hartmann, J. Duffy. Third row: D. Brulm, R. Schellenberger, .J. Barnes, J. Shepard, W. Hoag, L. Gabrielson, L. Semrau, J. Suel-flow, E. Prieve, I). Gaydos, A. Duhr, J. Fiedler, R. Milch. Marketing Club Marketing Club, which supplements the class room instruction with practical experience in marketing and salesmanship, celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Speakers at the monthly meetings were prominent men from local industries, including Art Towel of Art Towel Advertising, and Jack Schotz, the marketing director of Research Products Corporation. The officers this year were Jerry Barnes, president; James Mackesey, vice president; Janet de Mahieu, secretary; Walter Duchow, treasurer.SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING First row, left to right: H. Spiegelberg, R. Onan, R. Mann, D. Olsen, Prof. Clark, A. Goshaw, J. O’Connor. Second row: K. Lewandowski, T. Hirsch, T. Danim, W. Drier, J. Nichols, H. Hedfield, E. Jacobi, W. Fagerstrom, D. Perry, L. Pownall, G. Novenski. Polygon Board Theta Tau Theta Tau is the largest and oldest professional engineering fraternity and has consistently produced leaders in the engineering fields. Local activities included professional information from speeches by faculty members and alumni and from technical movies. This year the Wisconsin chapter was host for the national convention held at the Edgewater Hotel. Officers were Bob Allen, president; Walter Luethy, vice regent; Alexander Meyers, secretary; Thomas Obenberger, treasurer; William Kel-lenberg, scribe. Representatives from all the engineering societies participated in the activities of Polygon Board during the year. The Board sponsored the Engineering Exposition, including student and industrial exhibits and awards. Plans for the St. Patrick’s Day dance and beard contest were directed by the Board, which also supported engineering interests in the Wisconsin Pre-Views program. Officers were Don Olsen, president; Richard Mann, vice president; A1 Goshaw, recording secretary; Bob Onan, corresponding secretary; John O’Connor, treasurer. First row, left to right: W. Kellenberg, W. Luethy, R. Allen, A. Meyers, S. Ansell, R. Bensman. Second row: N. Brunner, T. Obenberger, A. Millunzi, T. Kenned}', R. Anderson, R. Brauns, D. Towne.First row, left to right: R. Hintz, C. Much, N. Beneditz, L. Dietrich, E. Flath, C. Matos, R. Iverson. Second row: L. Eichenseer, E. Pezon, G. Bleck, Y. Hanke, D. Olsen, R. Frosch, D. Chapman, A. Goshavv, M. Noth. Third row: D. Eliason, F. Hermann, R. Klebesadel, I). Mar-tell, G. McCormick, P. Spangler, W. Stringer, B. Beer, 1). Schroeder. Fourth row: 1). Kleindl, C. Terhune, R. Schlorf, C. Buttenhof, P. Reese, R. Littlefield, 1). Laughlin, J. Teppo, W. Steii. Fifth row: R. Felde, K. Olson, R. Hintze, C. Kaack, J. Smedema, M. Stanke, M. Cornell, C. Holderness, O. Ziemelis, It. Baltes, J. Elbert, I). Bendis. The purpose of Kappa Eta Kappa, professional electrical engineering fraternity, is to foster and promote the professional lines in electrical engineering and at the same time fill the social and fellowship needs of the engineering student. The fraternity, in addition to recognizing scholarship, participated in many social activities this year, including the Engineer’s Day Dance, at which the engineer with the best beard was awarded a trophy, open houses after football games, and a Homecoming banquet. Along with the chapter at UWM, a party for the children of St. Amelians Orphanage in Milwaukee was given. The Engineering Exposition occupied the spare time of the engineers this year also. Representing the fraternity in campus activities were Don Olson on the Student Senate, Polygon Board, and the WISCONSIN ENGINEER and A1 Gosha w, AI EE secretary. The officers of Kappa Eta Kappa this year were Don Olson, president; Richard Frosch, vice president; A1 Goshaw, secretary; William Hanke, treasurer. Kappa Eta Kappa 213American Society of Civil Engineers The American Society of Civil Engineers strives to promote professional feeling among civil engineering students and to familiarize them with the advancements being made in engineering. At their meetings, held every other week, the students have an opportunity to listen to professors and engineers from industry speak on current engineering topics. Among the many lecturers were Dr. Lenz, of the Chemical Engineering Department, who spoke on the “Advantages of the Society,” and Arthur Consoer, who talked on the “Advantages of Consultant Engineering.” In April, the Mid-west Conference of the American Society of Civil Engineers was held on the University of Wisconsin campus. Representatives from eight mid-western colleges and universities attended. Officers of the American Society of Civil Engineers this year were Larry Mouty, president; Robert Baker, vice president; Charles Wietz, secretary; Larry Martens, treasurer. Professor Kallsen of the Department of Civil Engineering served as the group’s advisor. First row, left to right: I). Durst, R. Mann, Mr. Johnson, C. Weitz, R. Baker, Prof. Kallsen, L. Martens, L. Mouty, G. Novenski, E. Hammer. Second row: L. Vanasse, I). Mathews, H. Hong, I). Reger, L. Crook, L. Gelhar, J. Muegge, W. Burant, G. Broetzman, J. Bartz, J. Rumbac, J. Williams, I). Holtebeck. Third row: W. Powzukiewicz, J. Dutton, W. Paulson, J. Helmuller, J. Kim, E. Kirmsc, A. Huelsman, G. Nielsen, I). Haack, L. Pick, J. Haefner, R. Parson, I). Brooke. Fourth row: 1). Stadlman, K. Schoeman, J. Vellema, J. Voborsky, W. Brinkmann, Fields, A. Albrecht, R. Knutson, B. Mattson, I). Babcock, R. Pierce, G. Friaus, I). Meyer. Fifth row: T. Kroehn, E. Sommers, J. Spooner, K. Vasaitis, B. Linke, W. Flaherty. 214First row, left to right: 1). Stanley, K. Gregorius, T. Hirsch, P. Marshall, R. Bolstad, Prof. Easton, J. Evert, W. Miner. Second row: K. Oppeneer, R. Wirth, B. Holanda, J. Zabel, C. Frank, J. Lees, J. Sebranke, R. Sackett, C. Jorgensen, J. Pok, J. Udkler, F. Weber, L. Vlies, P. Stibbe, J. Kroll. Third row: D. Minshall, B. Minshall, (). Hoel, W. Hinz, 1). Toft, T. Hanson, I). Willan, W. Schreiner, 1). Saltzman, R. Waddell, 1). Granberg, R. Westphal, M. Thomas, E. Gismoski. Society of American Society of Automotive Engineers Mechanical Engineers Featured at the monthly meetings of the Society of Automotive Engineers were speakers from the automotive and aircraft fields. The Wisconsin student branch of SAE, professional society for mechanical engineers, in addition to other engineering activities, was well represented by their display at the Engineering Exposition this year. Officers for the year were Bernard Bolstad, chairman; John Evert, vice chairman; Kent Gregorius, recording secretary; William Meiner, corresponding secretary; Paul Marshall, treasurer; Hagen Hedfield and Tom Hirsch, representatives to the Polygon Board. With the largest membership ever in the history of the organization, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers participated in a full program of activities this year. Field trips to nearby industries, participation in the Engineering Exposition, and the St. Pat’s Day banquet, at which prizes were awarded the “beard-bearing” M.E.’s, exemplified the enthusiasm of the group. Officers were Bob Olson, president; Sally Trieloff, vice president; Fred Lowe, recording secretary; Lalit Sarin, corresponding secretary; Dick Dahnke, treasurer; Bill Fagerstrom and Dave Perry, Polygon representatives. First row, left to right: M. Sook, T. Huts, I). Kroll, N. Murthy, K. Oppeneer, . ..., R. Sheehv, __, J. Barringer. Second row: B. Miner, D. Perry, R. Dahnke, 1). Livermore, B. Olson, L. Sarin, S. Trieloff, D. Minshall, F. Lowe, B. Fagerstrom, 1). Richmond. Third row: M. Dake, ........., T. Anderson, , R. Galli, A. Kaval, R. Green, J. Reid, C. Chipman, P. Markstrom, G. Lesiecki, G. Mathews. Fourth row: Fred Cullen, _____, K. Gregorius, W. Smith, .., D. Graves, J. Lillesand, ., ...., B. Omerck, ...., T. Larson, , , , ., -------, ___, ...,...., , .., .... , W. Swan, D. Saltzman. Fifth row: J. Jones, B. Wanke, C. Toranson, F. Schoenauer, J. Fleury, 1). Winter, E. Kelling,.., , S. Ansell, C. Veen, F. Weber, 1). McCleene, , . , W. Verkailen, C. Waddel. Sixth row: It. Petzke, L. Dembskv, L. Evers, It. Cannoll, J. Moriarty, It. Gerend, K. Jones. Seventh row: G. Schaetz, T. Pitterle, C. Doyle, G. Daniels, G. Lassanske, P. Freedy, ... .... , G. Carven, M. Krall, S. Garvin. Eighth row: . .., It. Young, L. Nyman, N. Miller, N. Hosig, T. Howe, F. Alt, ., G. Tran- mal, ..., , , .., J. Sorenson, Ninth row: 1). Witte, J. Pekarek, A. Nelson, C. Henschel,.,....... , R. Wirth, , J. Groeneweg, A. Roderick, G. Meldgarld, 1). Aske, L. Tracy, It. Brankhoff.First row, left to right: G. Koehler, D. Martell, L. Smith, A. Goshaw, T. Damm, Iv. Lewandowski, J. Shofronick, L. Kwarsincki, J. Pownall, J. Martin, W. Swift. Second row: E. Parsons, Iv. Mei, H. Cannon, R. Precourt, E. Pezon, Iv. Riesen, J. Donohoo, B. Tenpas, R. Sebeny, M. Abler, E. Everson, H. Lacy, B. Creger. Third row: F. Ivleewein, D. Sanford, R. Scott, T. Johnson, F. Kuhn, R. Pearce, R. Frosch, G. McCormick, D. Olsen, W. Hanke, E. Hardin, I). Hanson, R. Hanson, It. Olson, D. Senzig, P. Baun, W. Zarnstorff, J. Petranek. Fourth row: J. Toan, E. Mablekos, I). Klockow, J. Jasin, H. Ivlinge, J. AAsterud, G. Vehzke, J. Donaldson, D. Born, It. Schlorf, It. Radtke, J. LeMere, C. McClure, H. Anderson, P. Pudleiner, I). Barbar, G. Hall, Fifth row: It. Watts, W. Johnson, H. Beuscher, D. Seefeld, It. Powers, C. Kaack, G. Witte, D. Hollister, G. Plotkin, W. Foxwell, F. Hermann, C. Schultz,JR,. Otto, G. Cottrell, W. Altemose, It. Donohoo, D. Donohoo. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers is a joint student branch of the professional group. Its activities included a display in the Engineering Exposition. For the Exposition, the groups that are members of Polygon Board worked together to construct booths and displays which exemplified industry and engineering in the United States. This year, the Exposition and the annual Saint Pat’s Day dance were held on the same weekend. In April, the AIEE-IRE was host to seventeen other schools in region five, who sent representatives to compete in an engineering paper contest. Members of the group active in other organizations were Ken Lewandowski, student exhibits chairman of Polygon Board, Don Olson, chairman of Polygon Board, and Jon Aasterud, chairman of Eta Kappa Nu. Officers were James Skofronick, president; A1 Goshaw, vice president; Joan Donohoo, secretary-treasurer; Leroy Kwarcinski, AIEE secretary; Daniel Donohoo, IRE secretary. 216The Wisconsin student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was established in June, 1925. The purpose of the student branch of the national organization is to foster the interests of students in chemical engineering and to promote their welfare as prospective members of the profession. Membership in this group is restricted to those students enrolled in chemical engineering at the university. The first meeting of the year was a membership drive and featured Dr. Ingmanson, who spoke on “The Chemical Engineer in the Paper Industry.” At later meetings the speakers included Mr. Thomas Koffolt of Union Carbide Chemicals who talked about “The Engineer in the Organic Chemicals Productive Unit,” and Dr. Max Carlon, director of the Nuclear Engineering Program. The society also participated in a number of other activities, including the Engineering Exposition held in April and the annual AIChE picnic. John Wendt served as president of AIChE this year. Other officers included Emer Schaefer, vice president; Lynn Stodola, secretary; Emer Schaefer, treasurer; William Dreier, Polygon Board representative. American Institute of Chemical Engineers First row, left to right: I). Voo, J. Nelson, M. Gross, X. Ludkey, L. Dodge, K. Thomson, J. Anderson, 1). Ericson, Y. Langsdorf, W. Hanson, R. Tipple, R. Leoyard, R. Wasser. Second row: J. Kuetemeyer, G. Herbst, G. Zurbuchen, A. Niesen, L. Stodala, E. Schaefer, J. Wendt, R. Loehning, A. Crego, J. Brown, M. Williams. Third row: J. Cheeseman, P. Cehanovioh, W. Pauls, W. Ahlstrom, G. Bezella, B. Johnson, It. Ayen, A. Frey, . Hang, G. Sprigelberg, B. Northan, D. Mrotek, J. Lindner, W. Taschek, L. La Pean, B. KirsanofT, C. Staffin. Fourth row: . Christopherson, F. Petersen, L. Douglas, B. Dreier, W. Haelder, C. Carroll, C. Ayer, D. Anderson, E. Behrens, J. Weidenfeller, It. Stenner, P. Spellman, S. Brown, R. Stae, R. Parson, K. Joslin. 217The Fifths of Langdon On the corner of Lake and Langdon Streets is Langdon Hall, and five flights up is the well-known fifth floor, home of innumerable parties and pranks, ranging from mattress removals to entire furniture removals, from custard pie fights (a form of slapstick that does not occur only in movies) to fire extinguisher fights, from water fights, typically Wisconsin, to turning rooms upside down . . . literally! This year, on Five, forty-one girls lived and plotted together. Fifth Floor’s fame was not limited to just the dorm. Last year when Langdon Hall hung the sign, “Fifteen feet and we’d be in the street,” for their Homecoming display, the men’s house across the street used this sign for their decoration: “Fifteen feet and we’d be in the street; One hundred feet more and we’d be on Fifth Floor!” Although the presence of Langdon’s housefellow on the floor may have dampened the enthusiastic spirits of the girls, she adopted the old adage: “If you can’t fight ’em, join ’em!” First row, left to right: Krisida Wisner, Murgatroid Berg, Arabella Challoner, Luicia Pollock, Fannie Hollingsworth, Carry Ferry, Apassionata Borland. Second row: Violet McGee, Purity Bublitz, Jessie Edgecomb, Eliza Bay, Matilda Bansom, Camilla Tiegs, Dorothea Beach, Minnie Cowen, Harmian Raasch, Jubilation T. de Bevey, Solome Henes, Corabelle Biley. Third row: Virtuous Malek, Nannie Carlson, Amphibia Scholer, Amanda Mahisod, Phoebe McCarthy, Nellie Coyer, Prudence Potter, Elmira Watson, Samantha Phillips, Cornelia Spurgeon.Integrated Liberal Studies ILS officers—M. Spector, E. Garvey, K. Yalowitz. ILS Council. Faculty members discuss ILS problems. Integrated Liberal Studies, a program in the School of Letters and Science, offers students a two year course integrating the humanities, social studies, and sciences. Head of the eleven year old program is Professor Robert Pooley. Mrs. Margaret Hunt is the department’s secretary, and Mr. Richard Bocchinni serves in an advisory and counselling capacity. Each year ILS elects a council whose function is to create a friendly atmosphere between the students themselves and primarily between the students and the ILS professors. To carry out this idea, this year the council held student-faculty firesides and went Christmas caroling at the professors’ homes. The council also puts out an ILS paper called the PIONEER whose contributors are students and professors. 219COLLEGE OF LETTERS £ SCIENCE First row, left to right: S. Blackadder, J. Happel, 1 Xapper, Miss Benson, A. Gilfillan. Second row: S. Langhofer, M. Rothe, M. Long, K. Host, K. Holmberg, B. Kowitz. Left to right: P. Smith, C. Long, C. Drury. Women's Recreation Association Homecoming was an especially busy day for members of the Women’s Recreational Association. The group sold pom-poms at the football game, with the money going into a scholarship fund for students who have participated in WRA activities. The association, sponsored by the physical education department, directed recreational sports activities and also sponsored intramural sports tournaments among the women’s living units during the year. Trophies were awarded to the winning residences. The group’s projects are controlled by the Board of Sports chairman. Phoebe Napper served as the president of WRA. Other officers included Adele Gilsillan, vice president; Sharon Blackadder, publicity chairman; Betsy Kowitz, recording secretary; Carol Hen-man, corresponding secretary; .Jean Happel, treasurer.First row, left to right: V. Kapocius, T. Hartmann, T. Altenburg, R. Martin, J. Marks, J. Lindner. Second row: L. Barrow, R. Sheldon, T. Jenks, F. Arne-son, J. Brigham, M. Lynch, P. Jasin, E. Peters, C. Burnett, W. R. Hearst, R. Gundlach. Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi is a men’s journalism fraternity with membership open to men in any phase of journalism except advertising. Dick Martin was this year’s president. Other officers were Frank Arneson, vice president; Tom Altenburg, secretary; Ted Hartman, treasurer; Tom Jenks, social chairman; Joe Lindner, publicity. SDC is best known for its annual Gridiron Banquet in the spring attended by campus leaders, journalists, and journalism students and a well-known speaker is brought in. Members also participate in journalism school events. First row, left to right: M. Smith, C. Webb. Second row: N. Davis, L. Edelin, K. Holmberg, D. Dobbins, J. Kagel, L. Foreman, L. Dean. Third row: J. Berger, M. Risser, S. Cohen, P. Roberts, S. Faxon, C. Atlas, B. Steffen, I). Steffen, H. Volk, 1). Reif, S. Braver. Senior Orchesis Providing a dance workshop for dance majors and any others interested in performing is the purpose of Orchesis. This club, open to both men and women, presented their annual dance concert, this year entitled “Dance Fantasy.” As the club went on tour with their performances for children, the performance contained numerous characters from children’s fairy tales. The officers were Diane Dobbins, president; Janet Kagel, vice president; Laura Forman, recording secretary; Karen Holmberg, treasurer.First row, left to right: C. Wilde, N. Stephanson, M. Waterworth, J. Penman, R. Mathison, H. Walden. Second row: M. Stellmacher, A. Wollitz, ■J. McKloskey, J. Hansen, M. Harmon, M. Marold, R. Nelson, J. Spevacek, M. Skagen, N. Hennig, S. Palmer. Coronto President Jan Penman headed Coronto, a professional journalism sorority. Other officers this year were Bobbie Mathison, vice president; Nancy Stephenson, recording secretary; Marilyn Waterworth, treasurer; Kathy Knapp, publicity. Members participated in events sponsored by the journalism school. They also held a faculty tea for journalism instructors and their wives, and a Founder’s Day celebration in the spring. The group published THE COURNAT, an alum newsletter. Professional Pan-Hel Rules and controls for the professional sororities were administered by their representatives in Professional Pan Hellenic. Luncheon meetings with special speakers as well as workshops offered information in the various fields. Officers were Peg Duntley, president; Annette DePue, secretary; Merle Holbman, treasurer. First row, left to right: M. Halbman, P. Duntley, A. DePue, J. Benson. Second row: L. Schlough, S. Netzel, K. Quentmeyer, K. Swan, M. Runkel, M. Waterworth, C. Kiser, K. Knapp.First row, left to right: T. Dalles, S. Netzel, L. Kaercher, P. Kruel. Second row: S. Haydon, M. Cowan, S. Varland. Zeta Phi Eta Zeta Phi Eta is a national speech arts sorority for women. This year, Wisconsin’s Omicron chapter worked with the University Library committee in a creative writing workshop. They also sponsored a spring tea for the speech faculty, participated in Senior Swingout, and joined the Zeta Phi Eta Foundation in giving individual and chapter awards. This year’s officers were Sally Netzel, president ; Joan Lepinski, vice president; Trudy Dalles, secretary, and Molly Cowan, treasurer. Sigma Alpha Eta Members of Sigma Alpha Eta worked during the year to promote unity among persons in academic and clinical activities of speech and hearing. Projects included work for the neurological foundation and a Christmas party. Officers for the year were Marilyn Gecker, president; Diane Churchill, vice president; Annette De Pue, recording secretary; Judy Schneider, corresponding secretary; Mary Davidson, treasurer; Phyllis Greenberg, historian; Ulie Evenson, social chairman. First row, left to right: J. Johnson, M. Johnson, J. Walley, J. Evenson, J. Nenring, V. Wagner. Second row: A. DePue, M. Davidson, M. Gecker, J. Schneider, P. Greenberg, J. Benson, S. Gutkin. Third row: N. Chitwood, M. Hundley, J. Van Every, E. Palecek, C. Driessen, A. Milligan, A. Penne-feather, D. Barber, E. McAndrews, S. Rotman. 223First row, left to right: M. Siegal, N. Gilman, M. Lorenz, L. Dean, A. Olsen. Second row: J. DeMille, L. Hansen, L. Sherman, J. Pratt, M. Church, It. Otteson, J. Knopp. Phi Beta Several projects claimed the interests of the members of Phi Beta, national professional speech and music sorority. The group this year sponsored a St. Valentine’s Day party for patients at the Neurological Center, while the spring calendar included the annual student-faculty banquet. Xi, the Wisconsin chapter of Phi Beta, was installed at the University in 1927. The sorority works to encourage women with majors and minors in speech and music to the highest achievement possible in school, in jobs, and in service to the community. Special guest speakers from the speech and music faculties were invited to coffee hours in order to present additional information concerning the work in the speech and music fields. Mary Kate Lorenz served as the president of Phi Beta during this year. Others directing the activities of the sorority included Nadine Gilman, vice president; Ann Olsen, secretary; Julie DeMille, treasurer; Marla Siegal, editor-historian. 224The purpose of Sigma Alpha Iota, a professional music sorority, is to study and practice the beauty and meaning of music. To fulfill this objective, SAI was co-sponsor of the Tournament of Song and gave a joint spring concert with Phi Mu Alpha, a professional music fraternity. The group provides receptions for visiting artists who are members of Sigma Alpha Iota and its members serve as ushers for Music Hall concerts. The big project of the year for this group was the earning of money in order to send a delegation to the National Convention of Sigma Alpha Iota, which will be held in San Francisco in August. Officers for the year were Charlotte Burr, president; Jane Larson, vice president; Merle Halbman, recording secretary; Carol Quaderer, corresponding secretary; Barbara Nott, treasurer; Ann Parker, chaplain, Pat Calvi, sergeant-at-arms; Jacquelyn Heimerl, editor. Mrs. Helene Blotz, Miss Lois Fischer, Miss Jeanette Ross, and Mrs. Josephine Fitschen served as advisors for the musical organization this year. Sigma Alpha lota First row, left to right: S. Wohlt, C. Halverson, A. Whitney, K. Peabody. P. Atten, J. Wiecki, K. Chase, J. Brown, B. Vankat. Second row: B. Nott, M. Halbman, J. Larson, C. Burr, C. Quaderer, A. Parker, J. Heimerl. Third row: P. Calvi, M. Schwab, A. RiefT, E. Vandercoy, C. Dehring, G. Merkel, P. Johnson, K. Swan, D. Larson, G. Waite, M. Imingen, L. Weckel, J. Tjoflat. 225;t row, left td right. H. ( till. It. Spevooek, 1 Xoer, I). Lewis, D. Seiler, It. Klassy, C. Reichl. Second row: G. Stich, T. Buckhauser, T.«rJ;-,1'.',I,,' ' °n Valkenbei'g R- Young, T. Lindemith. Third row: J. McCarthy, J. Walker, It. Schaus, M. Cuthbert, It. First Noi„0„, ......... Kelly, W. Gandt, L. Schulz. Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha is an honorary music fraternity for those men interested and proficient in music. The members are recruited from the campus band, orchestra, and chorus. The purpose of the organization is primarily to help advance the cause of American music. The fraternity participated in the Tournament of Song, one of the highlights of Parents’ Weekend. With its sister sorority, Sigma Alpha Iota, the Phi Mu’s sponsored the All-American concert held annually in the spring. This program featured numerous soloists and ensembles, both vocal and instrumental. The Phi Mu’s were active in many other activities. They were helpful in participating as ushers for the numerous concerts in the music hall. During the Christmas season the group caroled at the old folks’ homes and the various Madison hospitals. The officers for the year were David Lewis, president; David Seiler, vice president; Robert Klassy, secretary; Howard Cell, treasurer. 226The initial project of the Physical Therapy Club this year was to adopt the new name, Phi Theta. Marilyn Johnson served as Phi Theta’s president. Other officers were Lenore Burnjas, vice president; Janet White, secretary; Bonnie Buol, treasurer; Adrienne Altpeter, program chairman. Sue Hardgrove edited “The Whirlpool”, a club newsletter also distributed to members of the PT department. Speakers, movies, and panel discussions highlighted the monthly meetings. Phi Theta First row, left to right: R. Getzd, A. Rausell, M. Steffen, R. Reincke, M. Pauley, J. Reinert, K. Wenger, N. Holzmiller, B. Sutton, J. Kristy. Second row: J. Greengard, J. Monty, A. Ferris, L. Burnjas, A. Altepeter, Miss Kohli, M. Johnson, J. White, B. Buol, E. Herman, B. Schlect, P. Mader. Third row: G. Bierman, J. Gilmore, E. Paetow, J. Schnaitter, M. Joyce, M. Bardwell, D. Hoffman, M. Gres-bach, H. Fago, M. Gressel, V. Schultz, J. Pesch, B. DunHam. Fourth row: M. Bergstreser, J. Larson, G. Watson, B. Griffith, S. Hardgrove, M. Wilsing, C. Harstad, J. Ewers, J. Eleven, M. Crago, R. Osterberg, C. Moegcnburg. C. Goldberg. First row, left to light: L. Sewell, C. Budic, N. Funk, B. Stevens, P. Miller, L. Cooper, J. Lange. Second row: Miss Meyer, M. Harris, X. Gilbert, M. Murphy, E. Rupretch, J. Withroe, J. Dittmer, Miss McPherson. The Women’s Physical Education Club completed a busy year, devoted to furthering the ideals of the physical education profession. The club sponsored a senior scholarship, a newspaper, and the Elizabeth Waters Loan Fund. Officers were Elizabeth Stevens, president; Peggy Miller, vice president; Caroline Budie, secretary; Nancy Funk, treasurer. Women's Phy Ed Club 227 rnt:First row, left to right: R. Blish, D. Foster, 1). Medenwald, B. Kulas, Cl. Chryst, I). Jacobson. Second row: B. Roudonis, B. Sonnenberg, 1). Nico-lazzi, E. Goss, D. Genzmer, H. Eller, J. Upthegrove, Doc Wolf, D. Bart-kowiak. Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa is a professional physical education fraternity that aims to promote fellowship and better understanding in the school of physical education. Activities included lectures about the field by members of the profession. Many of the group’s members were active on varsity teams. Officers for the year were Brian Kulas, president ; George Chryst, vice president; Dave Medenwald, secretary; Dick Jacobson, treasurer; Dave Foster, sergeant-at-arms. Women's Dolphin Club The spring water ballet was a top activity for the Senior Dolphins, who also visited various colleges for ballets and tournaments. New Dolphin members were selected following tryouts which stressed skill in water stunts. Officers included Sue Swanson, president; Betty Lou Schaeffer, vice president; Margie Long, show chairman; Sylvia Schaum, assistant show chairman; Adele Schuler, treasurer; Sue Friedman, secretary. 228 First row, left to right: J. Boone, F. Hollingsworth, J. Bowly, X. Goodman, XT. Carlson, J. Lustok, S. Polhemus, V. Ingraham, L. Benn, M. Bullamore. Second row: C. Ferry, A. Schuler, A. Boreland, S. Friedman, B. Schaefer, Miss Fairbanks, S. Swanson. M. Long, I. Rennenkamp, S. Schaum, M. Booth. Third row: R. Gibb, J. Albright, S Fraser, L. Weber, B. Wegner, G. Ivon-nak, S. Nason, G. Hart, J. Burkhart M. Lieske, C. Buschick, J. Olson. Fourth Row: S. Reid, S. Long, K. Cummings, J. Wallis, K. Host, A. Kraemer, V. Koch, B. Eeles, M. Mill-paugh, J. Pines, G. Taylor, C. Kopp, M. Tormey.Scheders, a social group for all students in the school of education, presents a program which enables the students to meet the faculty in the school and which supplements actual classes. This year the monthly programs featured a panel on discipline in the classroom and a mock picture on the graduating senior interviewing for his first teacher position. Another outstanding meeting presented a panel of educators from foreign lands. Scheders, for the first time, elected representatives to the Student-Advisory Council; the student members had previously been chosen by the faculty. This council had a voice in planning changes and making improvements in the school of education. The group held, also for the first time, a field day for high school seniors, members of the Future Teachers’ of America club. The visitors were shown the campus and were given the chance to visit some classes. Officers for the year were Mary Jones, president; Marvin Beier, vice president; Mary Wong, secretary; Celeste Smith, treasurer. Scheders First row, left to right: C. Peterson, S. McDaniel, S. Ahmad, N. Won, C. Smith, M. Beier, M. Jones, M. Wong, L. Poerstorff, J. Brunnell, J. Mackey, D. Brunnell. Second row: J. Lohr, S. Rule, T. Newman, S. Marchi, J. Saichek, A. Matoi, 1). Van Straten, M. Link, J. Hvam, J. Crane, L. Malinovsky, W. Robertson. Third row: S. Bergenske, L. Watiovaara, H. Eggertsdottir, P. Daigh, J. Cvikota, N. Bittner, R. Smoody, J. Hughes, J. Davies, J. Bochrer, S. Knutzen, M. Martini, P. Eberman. Fourth row: J. Fernandez, S. Johnson, E. Larson, B. Stutz, M. Bell, R. Fenske, Fr. J. Frota, I). Thompson, E. Grano, L. Adeloos, H. Uszoy, R. Boechini. 229MEDICAL SCHOOL First row, left to right: C. Votava, P. Steubenrauch, F. Gobel, E. Kloppedal, B. Schoenwetter, D. Nowinski, P. Chase, T. Vechinski, L. Eggman, T. Malueg, F. Murray, J. Perlman, D. Harper, D. Wesenberg, W. Brunnette. Second row: D. Vandreel, K. Goetz, M. McCutcheon, K. Mannis, L. Raymond, A. Kind, D. Olsen, D. Kline, D. Pawsat, C. Jahn, D. Stafford, B. Alavac, R. Borchardt, C. Olsen, C. Vavrin, J. Sarbacker, B. Coan. Third row: I). Christenson, D. Shelp, D. Moody, Q. Callies, S. Johnson, C. Ger hard, J. Underberg, J. Larson, D. San-tilli, P. McLeod, G. Vandervort, J. Ramlo, J. Clemons, B. Martens, M. McDonald. Fourth row: M. Speck-hard, B. Atwood, B. Korbitz, B. McKee, J. Mathison, G. Meyer, D. Jones, B. Anderson, R. Chah, E. Lar-ken, R. Murphy. Fifth row: C. Scott, Iv. Oberheu, R. Cass, T. Skulan, D. Zilz, G. Hartman, L. Peterson, J. Close. Phi Chi Nu Sigma Nu Since 1882, Nu Sigma Nu has sought to compliment a formal medical education by exacting high standards of character and scholarship. At dinner and social gatherings many aspects of practice not presented in the classroom are discussed by lawyers, ministers, and men in allied sciences. Officers are Bill Yount, president; Les Klevay, vice president; Dick Oehler, secretary; Jim Urban, treasurer; Len Stein and Joe Weycer, rushing co-chairmen; Darwin Ferry, custodian; George Kopf, historian. Phi Chi is the largest social medical fraternity on the UW Campus. The social calendar this year included informal parties, parties after football games, a pledge dance, and was highlighted by the annual spring formal. Guest speakers from the medical school faculty and doctors practicing in various aspects of medicine were featured at the monthly meetings. The outstanding freshman received the annual Phi Chi anatomy award. Officers were Allan Kind, president ; Tom Malueg, vice president; Jim Larson, secretary; Dennis Santilli, treasurer. First row, left to right: J. Gundersen, L. Kleray, T. Breuer, P. Trautman, D. Hemingway, D. Ferry, F. Schal-dach, C. Miller, W. Zodrow, M. Kiselow, W. Yount. Second row: J. Licking, J. Ploj, T. Kirlin, H. Syberj, J. Petasnick, It. Fudleman, J. Donkle, W. Wolfmeyer, C. Feldstein, I). Sherman, M. Cohen. Third row: J. Urban, M. Hughes, It. Locher, G. Koph, A. McBeath, R. Plater, Ed Kraus, H. Oechler, R. Moon, A. Bensman, It. Geline, P. Cernesale. Fourth row: R. Oehler, H. Wirka, L. Schmitt, T. Tephley, R. Burmeister, D. Strang, W. Austad, F. Reynolds, D. Torphy, 1). Munsen, D. Hill, J. Combs, J. Bentson, M. Biehl.First row, left to right: 1). Altman, B. Stein, R. Manis, B. Freidman, Dr. H. Shapiro, H. Schwartz, A. Robinson, B. Sehler. Second row: R. Barnes, P. Marden, X. Sagle, F. Shulkin, R. Plotkin, 1). Mandel, B. Taitlebaum, A. Cornfield, R. Pack. Third row: L. Feiges, A. Luck, R. Stein, J. Zitzer, M. Benner, P. Bond, J. Fink, M. Futterman. Phi Delta Epsilon WpVva Delta TYveta Research lectureships sponsored by Phi Delta Epsilon, professional medical fraternity, helped to further the purpose of social and intellectual cooperation and fellowship among medical students and faculty. Dinner meetings with special guest speakers were held by the group. Officers were Herschel Schwartz, president; Robert Manis, vice president; Marshall Benner, secretary; Bernhardt Stein, treasurer. Dr. Herman Shapiro was the advisor. Alpha Delta Theta is a national prciessional medical, technology sorority with chapters at nineteen schools. It provides speakers and movies oi Interest lor its members. Sandra Eanghoier, on T1 A Board and president oi Elizabeth Waters unit three, and Sue Swanson, president oi Dolphins, are members. Oihcers were Sandra Langhoier, president; Sue Swanson, vice president , Owen Vishev, recording secretary; Sue Steinberg, corresponding secretary; Dolores Powell, treasurer. First row, left to right: D. Powell, S. Swanson, S. Langhofer, S. Steinberg, P. Vechinski, K. Greenwood. Second row: H. Roerdink, J. Uhlmeyer, M. Muckerheide, G. Kellock, C. Fellbaum, S. Waitrovich, D. Smith.SCHOOL OF PHARMACY First row, left to right: C. Bosshardt, M. Miller, J. Dealy, M. Ilunkel, L. Schwartz, K. Iverson, M. Glassel, M. McGinn. Second row: R. Berry, M. Lysaght, B. Beier, J. Murry, J. Ivasch-ner, P. Volkman, I. Velasco, P. Hewitt. Third row: M. Korn, K. Hoffmann, R. Kuckhahn, M. Morgan, S. Harford, C. Laver, T. Gordon, N. Post, S. Rogers, S. Higgins. Kappa Epsilon Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society Activities of the Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society covered a wide range during the year. Members worked on the annual Christmas project at the Morningside Sanatorium, and persons of special interest in the field of pharmacy were guest speakers at the meetings. On the social side, the group sponsored the pharmacy picnic and the senior banquet. Officers were Robert Cleary, president; Robert Lee, vice president; Mary Ellen Runkel, treasurer; Jane Kelsey, secretary. Kappa Epsilon, a professional pharmaceutical sorority, is promoted to unite women in the school of pharmacy. The group started off the year pledging fifteen girls and had as one of their first speakers Dr. Glenn Sonnedecker, who spoke about pharmacy in the Middle East. The chapter ended the year with its Founder’s Day banquet and a party with the pharmaceutical fraternity, Kappa Psi. Officers for the year were Mary Runkel, president; Marilyn Miller, vice president; Libby Schwartz, secretary; Janice Dealy, treasurer. First row, left to right: T. Malkowski, J. Knuese, I). Knueppel, S. Natoli, J. Stoiber, L. Vancenberg, R. Ruffalo, V. Jones, T. Gull, A. Berndt, K. Mar-quardt. Second row: N. Post, P. Volk-maun, K. Iverson, J. Murray, S. Higgins, C. Bosshardt, M. Miller, G. Glassel, J. Dealey, M. Runkle, Dr. Cannon, R. Cleary, R. Lee, M. McGinn, I. Velasco, S. Rogers, P. Hewitt, L. Koenig, J. Honish. Third row: Iv. Hoffman, C. Lauer, T. Kies, P. Mitchell, J. Rogowski, J. Sprittstoesser, W. Tews, G. Johnson, R. Schmidke, (f. Freitag, R. Goetch, It. Harris, G. Cary, J. Bartell. Fourth row: C. Sielaff, T. Guy, E. Flcisner, C. Barf-knecht, I. Peterson, B. Itubenstein, T. Sinkula, W. Hudy, G. Hensiak, K. Harleg, E. Kaluzny, J. McMenomv, A. Flagel.First row, left to right: J. McMenomy, S. Natoli, It. RufTalo, T. Gull, 1’. Mitchell, It. Schmidtke, A. Sinkula, A. Flagel. Second row: R. Vlack, J. Anderson, V. Jones, J. Stoiber. E. Kaluznv, R. Hzriis, It. Lee, K. Mayer. Third row: It. Goetsch, It. Nelson, C. SielaPf, C. Barf-knecht, W. Hudy, G. Freitag, J. Hensiak, F. Sandman, K. Harley. Kappa Psi serves as a center for both the social and professional programs of those men majoring in pharmacy. Professionally speaking, programs are held each month, which features speakers from the allied health fields. Social activities also keep Kappa Psi men busy, as they hold many parties throughout the year. The highlights on their agenda for this year included a party held with their sister sorority, Kappa Epsilon, a St. Pat’s party featuring a pledge skit, initiation and graduation banquets held each semester and their annual spring and mid-winter formals. Officers for this last school year were Paul Mitchell, regent; Robert Schmidtke, vice regent; Anthony Sinkula, secretary; Tom Gull, treasurer; Arnold Flagel, chaplain; John McMenomy, historian; Ken Harley, who served as the house manager. Kappa Psi 233LAW First row, left'to right: (). Gulbransen, I). Lund, R. Eisele, W. Langman, T. French, B. LaFollette, A. Fowler, L. Sehlaefer, C. Poad. Second row: C. Baldwin, R. Klienschmitt, E. Kaut'mann, G. O’Brien, E. Pleger, 1). Hen-ling, M. MacArthur, II. Bauer, R. Thiel. Third row: (1. Goldberg, I). Morey, J. Haydon, W. Hoofs, A. Saltoon, E. Hale, A. Hutton, L. Laitsch, It. Hartman, G. Giuntoli, G. Liden, J. Smith. Fourth row: B. Henry, C. Duvall, It. Endicott, G. Lippert, D. McCallum, J. Lee, C. Jones, D. Franks. Fifth row: K. Houck, P. Fisher, P. Lynts, T. Drought, T. Clemons, J. Heft, J. Forbes. Phi Delta Phi Development of the law student’s training is not alone through the heavy tomes. It is best accomplished with a good mixture of “brotherly love.” Phi Delta Phi, the oldest and largest of law fraternities trys to fill this need. Harlan Inn is the Wisconsin chapter. In attempting to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture, the fraternity has put a great number of Badger Barristers through a stiff initiation designed to test the legal acumen under the fire of no less than four supreme court justices! To foster legal development, luncheon speakers were selected from the closely allied fields of political science, sociology, medicine, criminology, and research. Special events included the Law Ball, luncheon meetings, rushing, and the fall initiation, in which Phillip D. Reid, past chairman of the Board of General Electric, took part. Officers for the year were Ernest Pliger, president; Gerald O’Brien, historian; Thomas Drought, clerk; James Laneville, exchequer. 234First row, left to right: B. Braden, F. Johansson, J. Murphy, M. Burmaster, F. Sehlegel, R. Aberg, C. Horne, J. Held. Second row: J. Ryan, C. Huber, W. Slate, J. Netterblad, J. Elliott, J. Schultz, Y. Wohlfeil, I). Ray, T. Cadden, E. Munson. Third row: J. Ellegard, E. Ross, B. Natarus, Iv. Conway, S. Pies, P. Crump, F. Bentley, T. Consigny. Fourth row: C. Atten, R. Nott. Senator Alexander Wylie, F. ltyan Duffy, chief judge of the I'.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, and Attorney William E. Brown, assistant general counselor to Allis-Chalmers in Milwaukee, were among the guest speakers at the dinner meetings of Phi Alpha Delta, professional legal fraternity. In addition to promoting the professional spirit, the group serves the social and intellectual interests of the members of the law school. During the year, the fraternity sponsored a Toastmasters Club, which included public and extemporaneous members who spoke on subjects requested by the fraternity members. Initiation banquets for new members were held each semester. The group also visited the Waupun Institute for the Criminally Insane during the year. Directing the year’s activities of the legal fraternity were Earl Munson, justice; Daniel Jarman, vice justice; Lawrence Sullivan, clerk; Frank Sehlegal, treasurer; Robert Aberg, marshall. Phi Alpha Delta 235PUBLICATIONS Wisconsin Engineer Left to right: W. Rogers, K. Lewandowski, S. Trieloff. First row, left to right: I). Meyer, I). Roeber, W. Rogers, K. Lewandowski, S. Zimmerman. Second row: J. Miller, R. Jones, T. Corth, L. Pownall, P. Kienast, J. Coel, K. Lonngren, E. Kelling, L. Lutz. First row, left to right: J. Barrington, S. Trieloff. Second row: J. Tope], A. Albrecht, D. Drake, B. Wilson. For 58 years, the “Wisconsin Engineer” has brought to students of “Engine School” technical and non-tech-nical articles, news of campus activities and engineering societies, news of the latest scientific developments, and other items, ranging from book reviews to jokes. Providing an outlet for the engineer to express himself “profusely,” the magazine not only provides valuable information to the engineering students and the professional engineers of Wisconsin that make up the bulk of its 2500 circulation, but it brings together future engineers in a common endeavor which becomes more than just another activity added to their job applications at graduation. This is illustrated by noting the several a wards won each year in national competition with various other engineering magazines represented in the 47 member Engineering College Magazines Association. Last year’s publication received five awards at the convention in Boulder, Colorado. This year’s staff of the “Wisconsin Engineer” was directed by Wayne Rogers, editor-in-chief, and Sally Trieloff, business manager.Left to right: (i. Pfund, associate editor; . Hippenmeyer, assistant business manager; . Hellermann, business manager; A. McCone, editor; J. Holman, distribution manager; R. Jennings, account executive; S. Abbott, assistant business manager. Insight and Outlook Insight and Outlook magazine was a new publication on campus this year. Under the direction of editor Alan McCone, the staff released four issues of the monthly during the second semester and distributed 1000 copies of each edition to students and faculty members free of charge. The magazine is a “Student Opinion Journal on Current Affairs,” and voices the “conservative” viewpoint toward politics and economics. It advocates retaining the free market economy, halting the trends toward more centralization of the federal government, and regarding the world communist movement as a menace. The first issue was devoted to establishing the overall stand of the editors, and succeeding numbers dealt with economics, education and communism. Faculty members who contributed articles were Prof. P. G. Fox, Prof. Robert Lampman, Prof. Edmund Zawacki, and Mr. Eugene Bushala. Bob Adams, managing editor, resting in the infirmary after a lull on the icy steps of Bascom Hill.Daily Cardinal First semester Editor-in-Chief Bud Bauder. Second semester Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Bars tow. The lights in the north-east wing of Journalism Hall burned long into the night as the night-owls of the Daily Cardinal worked on the next morning’s edition. The paper, now in its 67th year on campus, was headed by Bud Bauder during the first semester, with Bonnie Barstow holding the reins of Editor-in-Chief the second semester. The business side of the publication was headed by Jim Norton, Business Manager, with Bob Hadley acting as Advertising Manager. Heading the various departments were Joan Fischer, University Editor; Mark Wyman, News Editor; Mary Lee Gruber and Peter Gold, Co-photography Editors; Gene Schunk, Sports Editor; Marion Ellis and Ann McAleer, Co-society Editors; Carol Adamson, Activities Editor; Kurt Brokaw, Movie Editor; Francis Torgerson, Circulation Manager. George Schueppert, served as president of the Cardinal Board of Control, which governs and rules on the financial policy of the Daily Cardinal. Social commentator Richard Wheeler kept the campus on its toes—while bridge expert Curly Dorfman gave daily lessons in bidding. Business Manager Jim Norton. 238Ad Manager Bob Hadley (right ) goes over copy with",his staff.Badger The place of infamy where this book you are now reading was hatched is known officially as 310 Wisconsin Union. Set back at the end of the corridor, this room and the adjoining place of sin, 311, are shunned by all respectable students and faculty. A strange stream of humanity was, on occasion, seen entering this sanctum sanctorum. These ill-starred creatures were the Badger staff—editorial and business. The name on the door and the Bigelow on the floor informed the public—if they ventured this way—that Roger H. Rathke was the editor of the Badger. Old R. H.—lovingly known as Scrooge—was indeed in command. He could be seen infrequently sitting behind his packing-case desk scowling at the quivering staff. A green eye shade slid part way over his noble Cro-Magnon features. A number of other assorted and sundry students were seen crouching among the rest of the piles of cardboard, typewriters, old Badgers, coffee cups, and busted radios. Some seemed to be working, others were holding seances. The general atmosphere was one of confusion and disorder—and may some of this spirit enter your lives. Hesitate not—read on. It gets worse. It shouldn’t be, but it is—the Man in the Grey Flannel Mouth— George Schueppert, business manager. And the man with the green corduroy typewriter—Raucous Rog Rathke—Editor-in-Chief, etc. And hey lookee here! The production staff producing. From off in the distance to right up close, they’re Liz Henryson, Jean Edg-cumbe, Marcia Tope, and Laura Lindberg. ■Erstwhile Dick Westring—musician, philosopher, smoker, and copy editor —all just now and then. Gadabout Peg McCormick—associate editor without a cause or copy pencil. And here’s distraught Sue—copy editor—keeper of the time charts and yellow paper. Cecil by surname. The keepers of the keys to the production staff cage—Donna Forman and Dave Kent—production managers. Grinning over their severance pay checks at the safe end of the room the copy staff from sinister to dexter: Shiela Blankstein, Mollie Buckley, Sharaline Lieberman, and Jim Reynolds. The Badger’s own spray machine for Dutch Elm disease—Mer Hemp, Wastebasket Filler Extraordinary.The pool- man’s Madison Avenue idea merchant J.C. Holman—the first advertising manager in years without a first name. First Degree Envelope Staffers—that ol’ business staff. Names on file. Rah. The sports staff, who gave athlete’s foot to the typewriters. From light to dark: Terry Nagi, Dave With (editor), Richard Christopher-san, Joe Garlock (also editor), and visitor (?). 242These (chuckle) are the (grin) sales (chortle) managers (guffaw). Lugubrious Sherry Burkhart and Doleful A1 Smith by reputation. Since old R. H. had two right hands, it was only fitting and proper that Room 310 was graced by the presence cf his two right-hand girls—Peg McCormick, associate editor, and Sue Cech, copy editor. The personnel corrupted Sue to Sioux—the name on her green eye shade. These two of the Three Graces officially headed the "Rat Runners” association and were usually seen bearing trays of cokes on their sylph-like heads. The third of the Three Graces was Mer Hemp who could be heard wailing “Vo ho ho, Yogi Bear” and other appropriate comments at moments of crisis. Often glimpsed pitifully gnawing on their pica rules and threatening to swallow rubber cement and or arsenic were those unfortunate personages Donna Forman and Dave Kent—who had the bad luck to be the production editors. Other prominent members of the Badger chain gang were Laureen Seefeldt, Bev Johnson, Bruce Thorp, Joe Joe Garlock, Dave With, and Carol Goldberg. The tyrant of Room 311—known laughingly as the "business office”—was active BMOC George Schueppert who spent the year dodging buyers of the 1958 Badger, salesmen, and irate members of his harem. Other denizens of 311 were Sherry Burkhart and Al Smith, Jeannette Burkhart, J. C. Holman, Myron La-Rowe and Jack Woolard. All had expert teaching from George in swindling, conniving and alchemy -a fitting tribute to the individuality this book pretends to understand. It may come as a shock, but these are section editors -and they’re all ours. Laureen Seefeldt, Bruce Thorp, and Bev Johnson. 243Left to right: K. Bonini, A. Brostoff, X. Cohen, S. Anderson, S. Fluss, 1 Fisher, H. Barash. New Idea With the start of the new year, a new magazine appeared on the campus. The Xew Idea began as a literary supplement to the Daily Cardinal, and then with the help of a one thousand dollar grant from the University, it became an independent publication. The purpose of the magazine is to serve as the record, focus, and stimulus of cultural life at the University. It encourages students to contribute any type of writing material. The staff reads, discusses, analyzes, and then chooses the material it deems interesting to the college student. In this first year of publication, the subscription sales were successful beyond expectation. The editors of the Xew Idea for the year were Alan Brostoff, non-fiction; Phoebe Fisher, fiction; Gilbert Stengel, poetry; Mildred Schwam and David Livy, associate, Rusty Andersen, managing, Harvey Barash, business manager, Neil Cohen, editor. Seated, left to right: ,1. Potter, T. Heermann. Second row: (’. Bauman, E. Cohen, S. Soloehek, 1). Levy, X. Cohen. Seated, left to right: A. XIorell, J. Silver-man, B. Gurda, L. McNown, B. Rut ten-burg. Second row: S. Brown, A. Brostoff, D. Nelson, J. Lostoff. 244MUSIC DRAMA The Concert Band, under the able direction of Professor Raymond F. Dvorak, was quite possibly one of the most familiar musical organizations on campus and throughout the State of Wisconsin. Incoming freshmen became aware of this musical aggregation during orientation week in the early fall and graduating seniors listened with a certain nostalgia during commencement exercises in the late spring. The program concerts for the year began just before the Christmas recess when the band gave its annual Christmas Concert in the Union. At the Mid-Winter Clinic, the band gave high school students from all over the state samples of the caliber of music which would be expected of them as members of this fine organization. At their annual Palm Sunday Concert, the Concert Band performed such selections as the “Merry Widow Waltz,” “Scherzo from Symphony No. 1” by Gustav Mahler, and the “Feste Romane” by Ottorino Resphghi. After this concert, band keys were presented to the seniors. The last performance given before graduation was the Parents Weekend Concert, at which the students’ musical talents were displayed before their parents. Concert Band Conductor: Mr. Dvorak. Flutes: R. Scorgie, M. Weekel, B. Wallace, C. Bjerke, M. Pels, M. Halbman, Iv. Quentmeyer. Clarinets: 0. Broquist, I). Seiler, C. Stowers, R. Kelly, W. Kemp, L. Schulz, V. Wallace, I). Peterson, R. Klassy, T. Corth, R. Parmentier, M. Ellis, A. Button, It. Young, W. Gandt, J. Nafziger, J. Dale, 1). Kiepert, I). Craig, W. Grahn, R. Jones, H. Cell, R. Dixon, R. Schwoch, J. Michell, W. Dominik. Harp: M. Millard. Oboe: G. Kreuzer, C. Wright. Bassoon: W. Wahlin, J. Tjoflat, C. Bruhn, L. Ibisch, T. Herman. Saxophones: C. Quaderer, A. Feldhausen, .1. Spangler, J. Porter, G. Mayhew, E. Stevens. Contra-sarrusaphone: T. Norager, I). Green. Bass: R. Schaus. Piano: A. Cohrs, P. Bovlan. Celeste: M. Halbman. Tympani: J. Volmer. Percussion: R. Goecks, C. Sommers, L. Skeels. Comet: H. Brahmstedt, 1). Lewis, j. McCarthy, M. Cuthbert, 1). Timm, J. Best, B. Davis. Trumpet: M. George, G. Eggert, M. Costagna. Horn: .J. Cheeseman, K. Kreuzer, J. Webber, R. Nafziger, P. Homrig, A. Carey, G. Dollinger, I). Mantik. Trombone: G. Stich, E. Hosig, J. Leisen-ring, L. Kortkamp, F. Novachek, B. Munthe. Baritone: It. Spevacek, J. Wise, J. Gates, W. Wallace. Tuba: E. Nelson, D. Aspnes, J. Wussow, J. Slinger, J. Braunschweig, I). Heeren, W. Porter. Marching Band Pre-game practice on the Hill. The performances of the Marching Band are known to many. With their waving red plumes, their white spats marching in cadence, their gleaming instruments, the 120 men in snappy blue and white uniforms who marched across the football field truly personified the spirit of Wisconsin. The impressed spectators and alums in the stands, who watched some very precise and intricate maneuvers on these Saturday afternoons, listened with excitement and nostalgia as the University of Wisconsin Marching Band played and sang “Varsity.” Behind this precision and perfection are the many fond remembrances of the strenuous practice sessions held in the stadium parking lot; the memories of aching muscles, split lips, and sore feet. Performances for the year were climaxed by participation in the ROTC reviews and parades. At the annual banquet in the Union, outstanding band members were honored during the presentation of letters and Bucky Badger pins. Assisting Mr. Dvorak this year were Paul A. Haack, Richard W. Wolf, and the drum major, Jack Porter. A birds-eye view of half-time band activity.iiiiatril Conductor: Mr. Haack. Flutes: K. Fowell, M. Johnson, L. Maliek, L. Moody, J. Parmentier, L. Van Horn, E. Van Xess. Oboe: V. Becker. Clarinets: 1). Cooley, C. Else, L. Garmager, II. Lawson, A. Myers, R. Smoodv, R. Sweet, M. Traut, I). Uttendorl'er. Saxophones: M. Busher, F. Harvey, R. Paska, R. Goodenongh. Cornets: S. Abbott, R. Heggestad, R. Hoff, H. Kersten, V. Krause, L. Lang, T. Lindemuth, CL Mall-mann, J. YViedenbeek. Baritone: S. Moberly. French Horn: J. Erickson, A. Hingiss, J. Lenzer, L. Meineke. Trombone: B. Bollerud, T. Hang, P. Hildebrand, P. Johnson, R. Mel by, K. Ziegler. Tuba: G. Battist, F. Vojtik, G. Voss, J. Zimmerman. String Bass: J. Muegge. Percussion: A. DeMarco, J. Hanchett, T. Staehle, V. Ziegler. Tympani: J. Rood. Badger Band Cardinal Band Under the direction of conductor Paul A. Haack, the Badger Band performed at many basketball games and boxing matches during the course of the year. The fifty-six members in this musical organization presented a varied musical program at its annual concert in Music Hall and then wound up the year by joining Professor Ray Dvorak and the Concert Band in the Palm Sunday Concert. Slightly larger than its counterpart the Badger Band, the Cardinal Band under the direction of Richard W. Wolf also performed at basketball games and boxing matches during the year. The group presented its annual concert at Music Hall, and then finished the year by performing with the Concert Band and the Badger Band in the annual Palm Sunday Concert held in the Union Theatre. Conductor: Mr. Wolf. Flutes: S. Berman, I). Conner, R. Rutherford, C. Tomlin. Clarinets: D. Behrmann, V. Hath, J. Krus, P. Kurtz, B. Link, J. Michel, J. Sindelar, R. Sparks, A. Peterson, I). Hanson. Saxophones: M. Cain, B. Duwe, S. Griswold, R. Kofoed, D. Mannis, J. Collett, M. Goodman, Iv. Heckert, M. Joyce, K. Armstrong. Oboe: E. Nakamura. Cornets: K. Crowe, D. Ebert, D. Ellested, J. Mrotek, X. Nat wig. Trumpets: L. Holm, R. Paylcitner, 1). Wilets. French Horn: J. Gronenthal. J. Johnson, R. Sprain, ,J. Wheeler. Trombones: F. Frey, C. Garneir, R. Graham, 1). Helsabeck, 1). Smith, R. Walters. Baritones: J. Andrews, D. Bartels, J. Jones, J. Reinert, 1). VanValken-burg. Tuba: E. Buehler, W. Duemling, W. Jones, J. Kolstad, A. Liebtrau. Stiing Bass: J. Muegge. Percussion: 1). Ahlgren, D. Helsabeck, D. Lewis, R. Schmidt, E. Zastrow.Violins: L. Meincke, C. Housfeld, N. Gilman, J. Schellhardt, S. Burgoon, S. Briekson, M. Witte, E. Runkel, L. Douglas, I). Stewart, J. Larson, J. Gallatin, It. Huenemann, M. Johnson, G. MeClanahan, It. Sweet, M. Schneider, J. Borland, K. Makovsky, M. Atten, P. O’Neill, J. Cooper, M. Manatt, C. Wagner. Violas: E. Steensrud, J. Kuersten, W. Summers, A. Willard, W. De Malignon, J. Smith, J. Eddy, J. Gregg. Violoncellos: M. Schwab, It. Sc haus, J. Wiecki, T. Buchhauser, K. Atwood, E. Aronson, J. Schneider. Basses: M. Toal, It. Mel by, O. Broquist, P. Calvi. L. Skeels, W. Melbv, S. Maloney, M. Ritzke, S. McLaren. Flutes: M. Weckel, J. Morton, L. Roberts, M. Millard. Oboes: G. Kreuzer, It. Pearson, C. Gersten, L. Miller, P. Boylan. Clarinets: V. Wallace, 1). Seiler, W. Kemp, 1). Peterson. Bassoons: J. Feinbloom, J. Tjoflat, M. Lutzke. Symphony Orchestra The University of Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Prof. Richard C. Church, consists of over 90 members representing many different courses of study and more than fifty different communities. Each year the orchestra presents two major concerts in the Union Theater, transcribes radio broadcasts, assists visiting artists on the Union Concert Series, plays at the Mid-Winter Music Clinic, assists music students at their senior recitals and collaborates with Wisconsin Players in their musical productions. Highlights of this year were the November concert in the Union Theater with Arthur Cohrs as piano soloist, participation in Oklahoma!, a Sunday Music Hour concert in April and several off-campus appearances. Officers were John Gates, president; Janis Webber, vice president; Marilyn Weckel, secretary-treasurer. 248The A Capclla Choir began this year’s performances by providing special music for several events. Among them was the Inaugural Banquet for President Elvehjem in October. As the winter holidays approached, the choir joined the Women’s Chorus, the Men’s Glee Club, and the University Chorus in presenting the annual Christmas Concert at Luther Memorial Church. This year the choir took its traditional tour in December: a three-day trip of various performances in the Milwaukee area. The Spring Concert consisted primarily of Brahms waltzes. Special emphasis was given to two talented pianists who resounded the choir’s accompaniment from dual pianos. The Choir began their social calendar with a fall social at the home of the director, Professor J. Russell Paxton. The group also held a Christmas banquet and another banquet in spring. Professor Paxton was assisted by Terrance Anderson. The accompanist was Art Cohn. Officers of the choir were Dixi Smith, president; Vic Evert, vice president; Heidi Elmer, secretary; Pat Calvi, treasurer. A Capella Choir First row, left to right: M. Fels, P. Poulette, J. Schommer, M. Weckel, S. t imer, J. Larson, A. Whitney, J. DcMille, J. Church, J. Brown, E. Vandcrcoy, E. Anderson, K. Xoe, P. Calvi, P. Placeway. Second row: K. Quentmeyer, J. Garlick, C. Dehring, E. Scott, 1). Stahl, R. Franz, G. Korseberg, J. Webber, H. Elmer, B. Merkel, J. Johnson, M. Imingen, V. Quam, R. Bothun, C. Culbertson, S. Casat. Third row: 1). Logan, R. Ruesch, J. Backus, R. Mueller, M. Beier, P. Breske, T. Noroger, I). Anderson, H. Brahmstedt, V. Ebert, M. Usadel, W. Milland, J. Lawson, W. Mielke, T. Lynch. Fourth row: P. Xoer, R. Young, S. Hoffman, J. Miller, J. Moore, W. Gandt, It. Guenther, E. Ellsworth, G. Rieman, C. Reichl, It. Gauger, H. Kersten, A. Coins, I). Smith, It. Reznichek, 1). Smith.Men s Glee Club Since its founding in 1887, the University of Wisconsin Men’s Glee Club has been recognized as one of the leading male choral organizations in the nation. The group participated in numerous campus programs including the annual Christmas Concert presented with the other University choral organizations, the Mid-Winter Music Clinic and its annual Spring Concert in Music Hall. Professionally, the group appeared in Madison and the surrounding area. This year, it appeared in a special concert with the Milwaukee Pops Orchestra. In the spring “Wisconsin’s Ambassadors of Song” toured the midwest. Highlighting the season was the making of a cinemascope and technicolor movie released bv Twentieth-Century Fox in which the Glee Club appeared. A banquet celebrated the conclusion of a successful concert season. Professor Samuel M. Jones, assisted by Terry Anderson, directed the Glee Club, with Patricia Sol verson as accompanist. Officers were Walter Smith, president and general manager; John Nourse, vice president; David Herreid, librarian; Lee Tyne, historian. First row, left to right: Prof. Jones, J. Perlstein, W. Hott, T. Harrington, W. Porter, C. Bovino, W. Schedier, L. Weston, P. Solverson. Second row: R. Zache, W. Smith, R. Starzel, I). Herreid, K. Bukowski, A. Cotton, B. Neitzke, J. Jesinski, T. Eckerle. Third row: R. Beth, L. Liehte, K. Smith, J. Watts, P. Sehleifer, T. Mills, T. Taylor, G. Waterdrinker, C. Wise, D. Sutton. Fourth row: L. Cannon, G. Scott, A. Masch, J. Weiss, M. Bauer, W. Jacobs, 1). Klister, J. Maas, B. Grahn, L. Swan. 250The University of Wisconsin Women’s Chorus, under the direction of Professor Dale W. Gilbert, presented a concert season of both campus and professional appearances. The choral group was composed of sixty-two girls from nearly every area of study in the University. This year’s appearances included participation in the annual Christmas Concert at Luther Memorial Church. This concert was presented in co-operation with the other University choral groups—the A Capella Choir, the Men’s Glee Club, and the University Chorus. In January, the Women’s Chorus appeared at the Mid-Winter Music Clinic for high school students and directors which was held at the Union. The annual Spring Concert and a spring tour, as well as appearances at meetings of various Madison service clubs completed the performances for the year. Wanda Warded was this year’s president of Women’s Chorus. The vice president and publicity chaiiman was Geraldine Waite, and Merle Halbman was the secretary-treasurer and the accompanist for the chorus. Women's Chorus First row, left to right: C. Burr G. Vosmek, C. Caldwell, K. Chase, G. Weaver, M. Marsh, S. Shore, B. Nott, P. Baldwin, S. Myers, (!. Slafer, I. Goldstein. Second row: K. Fenrick, K. Mennes, K. Stanzel, B. Robar, B. Janzer, M. Jinkins, E. Roberts, J. Joyce, E. Roberts, M. Soule, I. Falch, M. Grace, A. Evenson, B. Eastman. Third row: M. Ankenen, M. Halbman, K. Wolk, E. Barnes, J. Dahl, J. Cavanough, C. Bush, W. Wordell, P. Roberts, M. Hoerter, A. Ehrenpries, S. Gillingham, F. Whvte, M. Bard, G. Waite. Fourth row: C. Halvorsen, C. Schneider, B. Ruttenborg, D. Joyce, K. Fowell, K. Swan, M. Peterson, E. Van Ness, C. Kopp, M. Clat worthy, A. Buchanan, S. Maloney, R. Ringsmuth, P. Lange, A. Kracmer, E. Hough. 2511959 Haresfoot directors. Left to right: John Fritz, director; Boh Woollen, musical director; Harriet Narowetz, choreographer; Marian Davis, assistant director. The Ponies. Left to right: J. Porter, M. Iverson, B. Green, B. Sellers, D. Halle, J. Frahm, M. Kornguth. J. Hamel. Haresfoot Club 1959 marked another successful season for the University’s oldest and most famous theatrical organization, the Haresfoot Club. These 200-pound lovelies, whose collegiate forerunners have captivated midwestein audiences for over 00 years, represent one of the truly unique University traditions. The club was founded in 1898 by Ernest Dronshage and Way ton Pyre who adopted the name from the age-old practice of using a rabbit’s foot to apply make-up. The first production, Alexander Dumas’ “Edmund Kean,” was presented in February of 1899. For 11 years, Haresfoot had a mixed membership that presented heavy dramas. However, in 1909, when the club was granted a state charter, women were barred from the cast to enable the show to go on tour. The exponents of all-male musical comedy have been entertaining theatergoers with original and “canned” productions ever since. “Du Barry Was a Lady,” this year’s comedy smash by Cole Porter, was directed by John Fritz in his second season with Haresfoot. Harriet Xarowitz did the choreography, and the musical conductor was Robert Woollen. The show played seven performances at the Union Theatei and also performed in Green Bay, Appleton, Racine, Chicago and Milwaukee. Pensive executive staff. Left to right: J. Frahm, board member: T. Schroeder, vice president; M. Iverson, secretary; J. Larson business manager; T. Thompson, president; K. Thornley, publicity manager. 252“Follies” floorshow: Boh Sellers, John Frahm. Leads and Ponies. Left to right: B. Green, A. McCone, 1 . Halle, C. Jahr, M. Kornguth, (!. Akgulian. The pony kick-line in action. The Elephants. First row, left to right: D. Pearson, 1). Nohling, M. Curtis, T. Bittner, B. Stedman. Second row: 1). Logan, F. Kapelle, L. Damont, T. Schroeder, J. Larson. The celebrated Haresfoot organization was headed this year by the president, Thayer Thompson. His board of directors included Tom Schroeder, vice president; Matt Iverson, secretary; John Trahm, member at large; and Jim Larson, business manager. Ken Thornley directed the public relations department, and George Schueppert assisted the business manager. Ray Hilsenhoff, who has served the club for 22 years, continued in his role as financial advisor. Fred Buerki added the technical advice. Last year’s show. “Can-Can,” centered around a notorious Parisian dance hall operator, Pistache, played by Bonn Hansen, and her naughty dancing girls. In an attempt to end the “sidewald licentiousness,” Judge Aristide, played by Ken Evans, tried to close down the nightclub; but he was romantically trapped by the proprietor. An additional comic romance was provided by George Akgulian who played Boris, the unsuccessful sculptor. He dueled Jussac, the art critic, played by Alan McCone, because he tried to win the attentions of Claudine, the most popular dancer, played by Cliff Jahr. The photographs on these pages are from last year’s production, “Can-Can.” 255Wisconsin Players Wisconsin Players forms the core of the production agency responsible for plays on the Union Stage, in the Play Circle, and over WIIA-TV throughout the year. Players also functions as a social-educational group, where students interested in all branches of theater may share their knowledge and thereby gain experience. Any participation in a Players production automatically makes the student an apprentice player; continued participation leads to full membership and, eventually, to key membership. Wisconsin Players officers for this present year were Alitchel McElya, president; Alike Kretschman and Sally Xetzel, vice-presidents; Jackie Golland, secretary; Ronn Hansen, treasurer. Players productions this year were “Tiger at the Gates,” “Three Men on a Horse,” “Oklahoma,” “The Importance of Being Earnest,” and “The Corn is Green.” “All’s Well That Ends Well” First row left to right: I. Goldstein, L. Dubin, L. Dean, S. Xetzel. H. Fields, M. Lorenz. Second row: J. Golland, J. Kromrey, L. Aronson, M. Kretschman, 1). Krautkramer, L. Dreger, S. Casat. Third row: M. McElva, P. Cole, R. Hansen, G. Fels, D. Dvornik, R. Dilley, ..., 1). Wolfgang."Teahouse of the August Moon RELIGION The LSA Council provided leadership for the year’s activities. WISCONSIN LUlHtKAN STUDENT FOUNDATION STAff if c i i HWuujdtad ' CINftlS »AS 1Q . Ht uvi ! 'h’dke carjus mm ueanoi fth'jmet A UMl M j cddc StCUTU! CHOIR. CUIttOt BRlNOINO THE MINISTRY Of YOUfC CHURCH TO WE CAMPUS.. Prexv Sybil Haight and Counselor Len Wismer examine the Centpi-bulletin board. The Lutheran Student Association emphasizes worship, study, evangelism, service and recreation. Under the leadership of Sybil Haight, president; Peter Kind, vice president; Julie Anderson, secretary; and Jerry Strand, treasurer, twenty-six council and Senate members directed the activities of the group toward those objectives. The Sunday Evening club, week-end retreats or Ashrams, parties, coffee hours, non-credit religious courses, Bible study groups, a graduate club, new student calling and choir were some of this year’s many activities. The staff of the Lutheran Student Center, located at 228 Langdon, includes the Reverend Glenn W. Bragstad and the Reverend Myron M. Teske, campus pastors; Eleanor Wismer, counselor; Marian Holden, secretary; Robert E. Lee, choir director. the Center library provides valuable assistance in the relating of faith to knowledge. Lutheran Student Association The “LSA News” reaches 2600 students on campus with each monthly issue. 258Calvary Lutheran Student Center The Tudor-Gothic styled Calvary Lutheran Chapel and Student Center is the activity center of recreation and worship for approximately one thousand University students of the Wisconsin and Missouri Lutheran synods. During the annual fall retreat, the officers and the committee chairmen laid plans for the events on this year’s activity agenda. Highlights of the schedule included a Hi-Fi pizza party, Continental Night, a speech bv Dean Luberg, showings of “The Robe” and “Quo Vadis” and a student council and committee colloquy for a re-evaluation of work. As the Delta Omega chapter of Gamma Delta, an international association of Lutheran students, Calvary participated in a fall convention, a winter retreat, and a spring workshop. The officers this year were Jerry Newman, president; Robert Glaeser, vice president; Ann Hemker, secretary; Jim Suelflow, treasurer; Eugene Strangman, student vicar. The Reverend Edward Wessling, pastor, served the group in an advisory capacity. First row left to right: J. Xewmnn, B. Glaeser, J. Suelflow, A. Hemker, B. Suelflow. Second row: C. Kaack, W. Papenfus, C. Jawart, M. Schnrnke, C. Cikanek, J. Fischer, C. SielnIT. Third row: K. Lubeck, T. Miller, G. Beck, J. Newman. Fouith row: B. Holderman, P. Schleuter, G. Stningmnn, C. Chworowskv, I). Lehr, Rev. Wessling. 259Wesley members relax at a Sunday afternoon coffee hour. Wesley Foundation A pause for thanksgiving. The Wesley Foundation and church, a Methodist organization, offers a means for university students to develop their religious, academic and social lives. Wesley Church provides a place to worship and has many church related clubs and activities. Wesley Foundation provides a home for the student association (WFSA) and serves as the Methodist Student Center for all University of Wisconsin students. Wesley Foundation also provides dining facilities for the Three Squares Eating Cooperative. Some of the program highlights during this school year included a fall dance, the Christmas Star Banquet, the Meal in the Upper Room on Maundy Thursday, fall and spring retreats at Pine Lake, special classes in religion, the Wesley choir, and Sunday evening suppers and programs. Officers were Bill Marsh, president; Helen Shinn, vice president; Sonja Valdes, secretary; John Grandine, treasurer. Members of the staff were Rev. Robert H. Ilamill, minister-director; Rev. L. William Corzine and Faith Abbey, associate directors.Bible study class under the instruction of Rev. Westling. “Pres House” is a church and student center solely run by students. Its aim is to encourage worship on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. The Center is composed of two student boards: the Session is the governing board which directs activities and decides policies; the Board of Deacons plans all social life and service activities. The members of the Center participated in numerous service programs such as helping at the Japanese-American council and at the Chicago Neighborhood House. The organization also held many social activities including the May formal, a tobogganing party, a square dance, and the Sunday evening suppers. Pres House held classes in religious and personal problems and studied such topics as Love and Marriage, the Bible, and Human Understanding. The Center also had an extensive music program including two choirs which presented programs at Easter and Christmas. The staff and officers included the Rev. James W. Jondow, Mrs. L. C. Korth, George Fleck, Russ McMillan, Betsy Farlow, Tom Williams, and Barbara McCutcheon. Presbyterian Student Center Sunday night supper at Pres. House. 261Christian Science Or ganization The purpose of the Christian Science Organization is to strengthen Christian Science Students of the University and unite them in closer bonds of Christian fellowship by acquainting them with the responsibilities and requirements of true brotherhood. The organization’s activities provide the opportunity to learn about Christian Science and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Officers were Richard Trummer, president; Thor Hanson, vice president; Barbara Nott and Margaret Eriauf, secretaries; Don Pusch, treasurer. Fiist row, left to right: R. Hicken, P. Brown, L. Bolker, K. Meyer, M. Fri-auf, H.|Trummer. Second row: M. Schneider, X. Lloyd-Jones, Mrs. Ivil-gour, Mr. Kilgour, B. Nott, A. Friauf. Third row: W. Kilgour, C. Gessert, R. Trummer, R. Robinson, L. Bayer, I). Pusch, R. Voss, T. Hanson, R. Brusberg, W. Cratty, J). Farley. First row, left to right: Rev. White, P. Shaver, B. Lovewell, G. Merkel, I). With, N. Couper, J. Schwab, Mrs. Otto, E. Schaefer. Second row: E. Leidel, W. Elwell, A. Cape, T. Hansen, K. McGinnis, C. Collins, D. Ledyard, B. Northan, G. Link, P. Zollner, P. Hallock. Third row: G. Lewis, J. Carlson, I). Kent, R. Falk, J. Decker, D. Lewis. St. Francis House St. Francis House is the student church and social center for Episcopal students at the University. Besides the full schedule of church services, the “Franciscans” of Canterbury Club gathered for religious instruction, study and recreation in the adjoining house in an effort to combine life as exemplified by St. Francis. Officers were David With, president; Nancy Couper, vice president; Gay Merkel, secretary; John Schwab, treasurer; Betsy Lovewell, social chairman; Emer Schaefer, house president. The Rev. Gerald AVhite was chaplain for the group. 262The Baptist Student Fellowship was among the most active religious organizations on campus. In addition to their worship services, many activities including parties, picnics, retreats and coffee hours were held throughout the year. Activities held off campus included a weekly Bible school and various community service projects carried on in local hospitals. Carl Webster headed the group and led its members in their strivings for Christian development. Baptist Student Center First row, left to right: C. Webster, C. Kreunen, E. Herness, A. Nelson, W. Rogers, S. Smith, 1). Broholm, P. Bleodow. Second row: G. Rogers, J. Gallatin, M. Crandall, P. Zollner, J. Reinert, L. Isham, X. Root, M. Rein-itz, J. Johnson, L. Oweis. Third low: B. Houle, L. Larson, D. Anderson, K. Wonger, J. Yee, E. Andrews, B. Brown, J. Chalchaft, E. MacMurray. Fourth row: R. Johnson, T. Houle, J. Larson, J. Brygger, J. Cotton, G. Smith, X’. Smith, J. Newberry. Fifth row: R. Foss, C. Coleman, 1). Van Volkenburg, 1). Freigang, A. Button, D. Rusehe. First row, left to right: B. Murray, X. Brickner, J. Hutchison, P. Wick-strom, M. Murray, M. Evans, C. Culbertson, (). Hoehn, A. Reigel, S. Wuthier. Second row: H. Anderson, M. Anderson, PI. Green, M. Link, J. Blickenstaff, L. Lichte, J. Sehweppe, D, Reigel, R. Wuthier. Third row: 1). Wall man, B. Schael, G. Geller, C. Rusehe, M. George, L. Ferris, T. Miller, I). Bork, D. Campbell, R. Strausei-, K. Campbell. Fourth iow: It. Anderson, P. Schaub, L. Malewiski, D. Ollinger, L. VanDerLaan, P. McMahon, Pi. Peterson, B. Winch, M. Huibregtse, It. Rich. The purpose of the Badger Christian Fellowship is to establish greater emphasis on the spiritual life of the student. Weekly meetings included speakers and panel discussions, prayer sessions, Bible studies and other fellowship activities. Progressive suppers and costume parties served as sources of entertainment for the group. This year’s officers of Badger Christian Fellowship were Jim Newing, president; assistant officers were Dave Goldmann, Marge Murray, Peg Evans, Judy Hutchison, Sami Hamarneh, and Carol Thorssen. Badger Christian Fellowship 263First row, left to right: P. Hammer, G. Doering, M. Schneck, J. Guiles, J. Vogel, M. Iwaki, J. Love, I). Ros-siter, E. Derleth, C. Zahn, S. Goltz. Second row: J. Christensen, R. Atwood, C. Magnussen, M. Hoesly, K. Bozdogan, N. Patterson, X. Newport, E. Pavlovics, P. Meili, K. Atwood, I). Cobb, R. Gagan. Third row: A. Willard, J. Wallis, E. Love, P. Reese, N. Andereck, J. Sorden, S. Zwicky, J. Winston, G. Longenecker, K. Gas-par, J. Murlev, A. Matoi, A. Herriott. Fourth row: S. Timm, J. Seeman, I). Anderson, J. Becker, J. Kellogg, T. Locke, JJ. Bover, R. Plumb, P. Perkins, R. Peters, C. Paine, M. Anderson, J. Xafziger. United Student Fellowship The United Student Fellowship is composed of members of the First Congregational Church and the Memorial Evangelical and Reformed Churches. Meetings were held on Sunday nights, at which time students gathered to plan for weekend work camps, to hold group discussions and to carry on Bible studies. At that time they also worked on developing their work projects which included worship and recreation. Heading the group this year was Robert Atwood. B nai B'rith Hillel Providing a full religious and social program for the Jewish students on campus is the aim of the B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation. Besides various study groups, numerous social mixers and dances were held. The graduate club held Sunday morning brunches for the members. Officers for the year were Riva Mazur, president; Barbara Schaeffer, vice president; Myrna Lechowitz, secretary; Martin Grais, treasurer. First row, left to right: J. Ravel, P. Schoenberg, I. Grais, R. Mazur, Rabbi Ticktin, M. Lechowitz, H. Volk. Second row: S. Shames, Y. Perez, S. Menzel, G. Saltzberg, L. Dinion, N. Freuhauf, S. Ansell, L. Goldstein, M. Arnold. 264First row, left to right: J. Schuster, 1. Poster, M. Schuster, L. Truvor, M. Kovucs, F. Pumper, 1). Madson, B. Rohrer, J. Guy, K. Cummings, AI. Smith, J. Tuugher, AI. Arle. Second row: L. Marion, R. Freiburger, K. Fitzgerald, K. Scol)i(', B. Huser, C. Crotti, R. Smoody, Fr. Joseph Brown, P. Franken, J. Alulich, AI. Beckwith, J. Langer. Third row: C. Mohr, R. Hinkes, It. Gottsehalk, P. Van Ness, K. Meert, S. Weddig, K. Larme, J. Kropidlowski, It. Lysaght, U. Goossens, C. Wilbur, H. Gramling, B. Weyres, It. Trepa, W. Durkin, L. Trzebiatowski. Fourth row: J. O’Toole, L. Haugh, B. St. John, G. Gritt, 1). Schauf, J. Nelson, M. Gloss, J. Hacker, J. Wermath, F. Orth, J. Helmueller, AI. Warlum, J. Schuchardt, 1). Schweider. Newman Club Xewman Club, a Catholic student organization located at St. Paul’s Chapel, has three aspects which it offers to the students: religious, educational, and social. At weekly lecture series, speakers talked on some aspect of religion, after which, discussion groups were held. The group worked in Martin House, an inter-racial organization for under-privileged children, and had dances, picnics, and bowling, ice skating, and hayride parties. Officers were Dave Madson, president; John Honish, vice president; Kathleen Cummings, secretary; Barbara Rohrer, treasurer. Bahai Youth Group The Bahai’ Youth Group, through discussions about religion and other ideas provoked by its members and speakers, comparatively analyzed all religions in an independent investigation of truth. Officers were Ataollah Omidi, chairman; Stephen Sulim, vice chairman; Sue Williston, secretary; Parviz Javid, treasurer. First row, left to right: J. Lewis, A. Omidi, S. Williston. Second row: S. Suhm, J. Mickelson, P. Javid.SPECIAL INTERESTS A volunteer session at the orthopedic hospital. YWCA The purpose of the YWCA, to serve the university community as well as the city of Madison, was carried out in a great number of projects during the year. Work with the orthopedic hospital and the Madison Y interclub council were among the activities and the group also offered orientation to campus life at the freshman camp at Wauconda. The YWCA also sponsored an international student program, in which students from other countries were given the opportunity to observe family life in the U.S. A committee on Dynamic Faith sponsored trips to Madison churches, followed by group discussions aimed at creating greater understanding of various religions. An exchange trip with the University of Minnesota was sponsored by the YWCA. The group’s social calendar included coffee hours, faculty firesides, and various parties with the University YMCA. Directing the many projects of the YWCA were Betty Biddick, president; Donna Pine, vice president; Averill Zache, secretary; Marte Riegiert, treasurer. Faculty fireside programs—popular with YW girls.First row, left to right: J. Rowe, C. Much, K. Maas, M. Mayne, A. Christoffersen, T. Friz, D. Bartkowiak, T. Beebe, P. Krause, E. Peterson, C. Krause, T. Tada, J. Schuchardt, G. Bingen, R. Miyamoto, 1). Hamel. Second row: G. Gangadharan, I). Hovejr, R. Cornette, D. Loos, R. Gosse, 1). Lewis, R. Schumpert, Mrs. Dais, F. Fay, J. Thornton, W. Melzer, W. Page, P. Kind, M. Bahadori, R. Hemmy, J. Rothermel, 11. Likas. Third row: X. Chernenko, R. Balian, K. Williams, G. Barland, V. Mallare, II. Yazdi, It. Topp, G. Vasquez, It. Bing, It. Seaton, I. Kifle, E. Travel-, 1). Piggins, It. Kaemmer, W. Worbs, N. Vaswani, M. Saxena, I). Hoehn, H. Meyer, L. Gelencser. Fourth row: J. Schoen-wetter, T. Lovaas, D. Johnson, T. Trost, It. Starzel, P. Moody, It. Bowen, K. Wilson, J. Schweger, E. Brandt, A. Button, P. Vogt, D. Boyer, W. Theisen, M. Nauudu, B. Bose, B. Van Neederven, P. Sehoof, C. Brown, K. Wodajo. YMCA The University YMCA, part of a 100 year old youth movement, boasted a membership of over 250 persons this year. Activities of the organization included the Freshman Orientation Camp held during New Student Week in September, the Fall Dance, and in inter-collegiate conference with the YMCA groups of Platteville and Milton Colleges. In November, a conference was given for high school juniors and seniors which pointed out the advantages in attending the University of Wisconsin. The Winter Formal, held in December, was once again a successful affair. In January, a pancake supper was held in order to raise money for scholarships which the YMCA grants. Officers of the University YMCA this year were H. VI. O’Kane, president; John Thornton, vice president; Bob Bing, secretary; Ken Lein, treasurer. YMCA Cabinet. First row, left to right: E. Traver, II. Seaton, J. Rowe, H. O’Kane, J. Thornton, R. Bing, K. Lein, D. Lewis. Second row: F. Fay, It. Kaemmer, R. Bowen, C. Much, It. Miyamoto, P. Sehooff, W. Melzer, A. Button, I. Kifle, R. Schumpert, G. Barland, J. Schuchardt, W. Worbs, W. Van Pelt. 267First row, left to right: I). Jackish, L. Gelencser, E. Peterson, L. Smith, H. Kaufman, J. Bryan, J. Sentv, H. Hortsch, P. Greene, J. Hughes, (!. Rogers, L. Reinstra. Second row: H. Kersten, J. Johnson, J. Williams, A. Albrecht, L. laschek, 1). Quick, D. Sparks, I). Christensen, E. Orton. Third row: I). Greene, J. Maas, C. Shoenfeld, J. Dzuor, E. Palacek, K. Bozdigan, R. Newfield, R. Hinkins, I). Hotchkiss, J. Wise, G. Smith, I). Gilliland, W. Wilson, J. Ostrenga, R. Anderson, D. Gray, J. Jayne, F. Schultz. Fourth row: L. Ahrens, D. Richards, K. Gueh-ring, 1C Mau, R. Attoe, J. Ament, D. Perry, F. Bannister, P. Wan, E. Tsou. Fifth row: R. Mason, M. Pyles, W. Johnson, It. White, M. Caine, J. Dunlap, D. Sutton, J. Thiesenhusen, W. Thiesen, M. Ottum, T. Friz, J. Olson, H. Matthias, A. Sheth, M. Formali. Sixth row: J. Nelson, R. Podhola, J. Christian, K. Szeezeny, W. Clayton, R. Kettleson, J. Oliver, T. Daub, D. Johnson, P. Schaub, J. Love, R. Jacobsen, H. Schwartz, G. Beock, R. Beock, I). Davies, I). Kramendonis, C. Gagnon, M. Wilmot, A. Maki, E. Jacobi, J. Michel, G. Daniels, W. Zem-licka, G. Jentick, 1). Horn, W. Kussow, R. Hormig, M. McOlash, T. Larson, P. Rose. Three Squares Club Forensic Union This year, 117 students participated in the program of the Three Squares Club. The club, a co-operative eating organization, operates under the Wesley Foundation. Special events included the holiday banquets and parties. Directing the year’s activities for the club were Don Green, president; John Thiesenhusen, vice president; Ruth Hinkins, secretary; Lanny Smith, executive treasurer; Paul Green, treasurer. Varsity debates with Purdue, Iowa and Northwestern and freshman and sophomore tournaments with Illinois and Milwaukee meant a full schedule for the Wisconsin Forensics Union. It also sponsored a High School Forensics Day and presented the annual Frankenberger award. Officers included Jerold Rodesh, president; Steve Cohen, vice president; Roger Stauter, historian; Darlene Lienau, secretary-treasurer. Members, not in order shown: B. Adler, H. Anderson, A. Bass, J. Barany, B. Bigger, S. Cohen, J. Cowan, J. Davis, It. Despres, P. Dickie, P. Elliott, It. Fine, S. Fries, It. Fry, M. Grossman, J. Harriman, C. Heath, R. Kofoed, C. Kores, M. Kores, C. Kornman, It. Kubler, It. Kuhlen, It. Kuhler, J. Lawrence, D. Lienau, C. Malisch, W. Nohr, J. Olson, C. Puls, L. Raymond, J. Itodesch, P. Schleifer, R. Stauter, W. Steiger, It. Thiede, G. Welter. 268Conservative Club Dedicated to furthering the understanding of individual liberty, private property, limited government, and the free market economy, the Wisconsin Conservative Club conducted government study seminars, sponsored speakers, and engaged in debates. The highlight of the fall semester was an address by Dr. Frederick Schwarz, “Why Communism Appeals to Intellectuals.” Another guest speaker was Verne Kaub. To express their philosophy in writing, the club members started a new campus publication, “Insight and Outlook.” Officers were Alan McCone, president; Clinton Ayer, vice president; Barv Heihrichs, secretary; Jack Ilill, treasurer. First row, left to right: J. Hill, C. Ayer, A. McCone, B. Heinrichs, Prof. D. Livermore. Second row: B. Adams, H. Zeiger, J. Winetzki, T. Hanson, V. Kaub. The Young Republicans Club informs students of the policies of the Republican Party. Meetings featured speakers such as Congressman O’Konski, who talked about current events as related to party philosophy. Other activities included intra-club discussions about GOP problems and accomplishments, political projects, a picnic, and an election-night party. The group also sent a delegation to the state YGOP convention and is a member of the Mid-West Federation of College Young Republican Clubs. Officers included Ed Wiegner, chairman; Gil Church, vice chairman; Pat Katzenmeyer, corresponding secretary; Katie McIntyre, recording secretary; and Larry Durning, treasurer. Young Republicans Club First row, left to right: S. Hack, It. Parcher, S. Jones, It. Hubert, C. Caden. Second row: J. Gresenz, K. Itice, K. McIntyre, It. Strange, M. Drummy, W. Steiger, E. Wiegner, H. Zeiger, II. Froehlich. Third row: W. Kadlec, M. Wojciechowski, It. Johnson, C. Bauman, S. Rule, B. Hintz, P. Fusan, J. Beyer, G. Welter, P. Katzenmeier, J. Owens, C. Meineke, N. Poole, P. Potter, It. Trefz.Campus Red Cross The biggest project each semester for the Campus Red Cross was the handling of all arrangements and publicity for the campus blood drives, the first of which set a new donation record. These donations are used in Dane County hospitals and the Wisconsin General Hospital. First aid and water safety programs are also offered during the year for all those who are interested. Officers for the year were Bonnie Buol, general chairman; Alan Brostoss, arrangements chairman; Ken Look, publicity chairman; Nancy Stephenson, blood drive chairman. First row, left to right: N. Stephenson, Mr. It. Foss, B. Boul. Second row: A. Brostoss, K. Look, T. Himes, D. Booth, J. Seaver. First row, left to right: W. Hammill, J. Sanderson, J. Moe, E. Thorpe, D. Zielesch. Second row: D. Vader, D. Zeidlitz, P. Nelson, It. Ringer, J. Suel-flow, L. Elwattar. Transportation Club Transportation club, a semi-professional organization, is intended for those interested in the transportation field. The aim of the organization is to promote greater interest in the field. Guest speakers such as Mr. Tom Hart, director of programming for the Wisconsin highway commission, and Mr. Ollie Winn, vice president of the Ray-O-Vac corporation, gave the group insight into their areas of the transportation field. Officers were Jim Moe, president; John Sanderson, vice president; Ernest Thorpe, secretary-treasurer. 270MILITARY First row, left to right: J. Lewandowski, J. Quirk, J. Seaver, B. Marcus, J. Culver. Second row: A. Cotton, S. Heath, J. Lillesand, G. Craw fox’d, R. Galli, Major Ballentine. Joint Military Board Scabbard and Blade Eight members, all presidents of their own particular branch of military societies, composed the Joint Military Board. It is their duty to represent and coordinate the interests of all IlOTC members and also to sponsor the Military Board. Chairman of the Joint Military Board was James Seaver. Scabbard and Blade, the National Honorary military society for all branches of R.O.T.C., received notoriety on the campus this year when the pledges guarded the flag on the library mall during initiation week in November. Officers were James Quirk, captain, and Jerry Wareh, first lieutenant. First row, left to right: D. Free, J. Quirk, Captain Ruehe, Colonel Prall, G. Wanek, R. Homberger, W. Kelley. Second row: L. Ferris, R. Delwiche, J. Kester, F. Kessl er,D. Richards, T. Gull, G Mueller, J. Fitzpatrick. Third row: B. Marcus, R. Mixson, R. Thorstad, R. Hai ti, W Groechel, F. Driver, R. Green. R. Rusnak. Fourth row: S. Chalekian, V. Howard, L. Dietrich, E. Flath, G. DeLucca, J. Hensiak, G. Freitag, P. Mitchell, I). Kent, D. Brown, A. Brain. Fifth row: J. Thompson, G. McCanahan, J. Newman, J. Bruni, J. Segal, Karl Ruhr, J. Mouw; G.Sensiba, A. Smith, R. Thiel, R. Skip-leifer, W. Stolz, T. Rose, B. Thoreson, W. Wilson, J. Critch-field.Pi Tau Pi Sigma, an honorary signal corps fraternity for R.O.T.C. cadets, was organized at the University of Wisconsin in 1924. Its existence, briefly halted by World War II, was resumed again this year. The group presented a booth at the Engineering Exposition demonstrating the use of the signal corps equipment and also gave a mock field demonstration of the equipment in Camp Randall. Pi Tau Pi Sigma also made itself available to the Electrical Engineering Department by assisting them in research into the measurement of signal power of local radio stations. The monthly meetings featured speakers such as Colonel Prall, head of the Army R.O.T.C., Major Winthrop, head of the University of Wisconsin Signal Corps, and army personnel from nearby camps. Rifle matches with other chapters were held during the year. Officers for the year included Ken Lewandowski, commander, and Charles McClure, executive commander. Pi Tau Pi Sigma First row, left to right: Major Winthrop, C. Larson, S. Bomba, K. Lewandowski, C. McClure, R. Gilson, R. Delwiche, Lt. Gassaway. Second row: E. Voightman, T. Cohen, M. Wood, R. Schroeder, G. Venzke, W. Keller, D. Sutton, T. Eggers, J. Jasin. Third row: R. Erickson, D. Sanford, J. Nichols, C. Much, M. Diehl, J. Tosch, J. Radke, It. Malon. 272First row, left to right: T. Hegley, J. Lillesand, J. Groeneweg, R. Steindorf. Second row: Captain Teichrow, W. Wefel, D. Dennis, R. Galli, J. Wolff, J. Kutzbach, Major Miller. Third row: J. Bartz, D. Reger, C. Cook, A. Cotton, R. Bloss, P. Christophs, J. Rom-nes, E. Mattke, P. Romnes. Fourth Row: W. Heiden, R. Hooper, A. Kelsey, J. Critchfield, D. Melzer, A. Foeller, H. Moulton, E. Jacobi. Fifth row: J. Ballu, L. Follev, C. Frank, E. Slagowski, K. Mahonley, R. Kramer, W. Stolz. Arnold Air Society Mitchell Airmen Emphasizing the objectives of the Air Force, the Arnold Air Society conducted tours of Truax Field for the public, exhibited displays at the New Student Week and the Parent’s Weekend, and sponsored Madison’s Rocket Club. At stag smokers, the group heard speakers from the armed forces. In addition to the pre-Military Ball dinner, the cadets rounded out their social activities with the awards banquet in May for all A.F.R.O.T.C. award winners. Officers were, John Lillesand, president; Ronald Steindorf, administration officer; John Groenwig, executive officer; Ted Hegley, finance officer. Major Miller was the senior advisor and Captain Tiechrow was the assistant advisor. This year, as in the past, the Mitchell Airmen organized the Air Force Color Guard to aid in presentation of the colors at UW home football games. The group also sponsored a crack drill team, which joined with the color guard to represent the A.F.R.O.T.C. In November, the Airmen held their annual Initiation Ball, and wound up their social season in the spring with a picnic. The Society had meetings every other week to discuss the Air Force, and A.F.R.O.T.C. programs. Commander of the group this year was Austin Cotton. Helping him with administrative duties were John Thie-senhusen, adjutant; Robert Plumb, executive officer; Ralph Mayer, finance chairman. Capt. John Banks acted as advisor to the Society. First row, left to right: R. Galli, J. Wolf, A. Cotton, R. Plumb, J. Thiesen-husen, J. Fritz, J. Logeman, R. Mayer. Second row: G. Cooper, C. Brownj D. Heidman, R. Wonsetler, E. Ruscher, It. Foss, L. Kutz, D. Weis, J. Rockstad, C. Wassberg, A. Christinsen, I). Ther-ing, J. Cotton, L. Clark. Third row: T. Bell, R. Traxel, T. Trimble, J. Von-DerVellen, R. Ridgway, I). Drews, It. Motl, T. Markusen, J. Damrow, It. Elliker, T. Barrett, D. Kiesling.First row, left to right: G. Friauf, D. Stadelmann, D. Mathews, Lt. J. van-denBosch, F. Alt, It. Brauns, L. Crook, R. Knutson. Second row: W. Smith, It. Rusnak, J. Pollack, It. Itoelke, R. Jacobson, W. Zemlicka, It. Schvvulst, J. Bruni. Third row: E. Pilarski, J. Svoboda, It. Kaercher, J. Vellema, E. Kirmse, L. Hoy, G. Seinwill, D. McMillen. Military Engineers Pershing Rifles The Society of Military Engineers, an organization designed not to exclude the non-engineering R.O.T.C. cadet from its ranks, has as its objective the promotion of interest in engineering from the aspect of its military use. The corps participated in a field trip last fall to the SAGE Defense System at Truax Field in order to gain first hand knowledge of this type of engineering. Officers for the year were Dave Mathews, president: Doug Stadelman, vice president; Fred Alt, secretary; Richard Roelke, treasurer. Pershing Rifles is an honorary organization for basic Army R.O.T.C. cadets and the staff of the advance R.O.T.C. corps. Besides participating in invitational drill meets at South Dakota State College and at Chicago, the corps supplied the color guard at football and basketball games, and the advanced corps supplied the color guard at President ElvehjenTs inauguration. The group was captained by Jim Seaver, and Captain Harold Mueller was advisor. First row, left to right: K. Killingstd, G. Hausler, J. Ritzenthaler, M. Wood, R. Hooverson. Second row: A. Rosso, J. Seaver, L. Burks, II. Stebbins, W. Zemlicka. Third row: B. Nagel, M. Shapiro, It. Prouty, E. Ivamm, E. Emanuel, J. Dietrich, N. Dorman, J. Gshwind, Capt. Mueller. Fourth row: J. LaRock, W. Arthur, R. Wicheit, J. Fenske, C. Steeno, It. Gerber, It. Drake. Fifth row: B. Kehl, C. Repka, D. Whit-mer, F. Behrens, J. Halverson, J. Martin, P. Pratz.Provost Corps Provost Corps is the military police fraternal organization of the University. Its purpose is to establish in the public mind the necessity and benefit of professional training of military police personnel. This year t wenty-five percent of the distinguished military students at the University were members of the fraternity. Many varied activities were held by the group this year. The usual format of the monthly meetings was a short business meeting followed by a guest speaker representing some phase of law enforcement. Special events included a field trip to the post stockade at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, a banquet before Military Ball, and a spring picnic for members and their guests. Officers for the year were Byron Marcus, provost marshal; Bob Sigman, deputy provost marshal; Phil Schlieh-ting, adjutant ; Roger Dewa, finance officer; Don Richards, provost sergeant. Lieutenant Colonel Jay Wright and Captain Melvin Ferrera were the cadre advisors. Left to right: Don Richards, Provost Sergeant; Byron Marcus, Provost Marshal; Bob Sigman, Deputy Provost Marshal; Philip. Schlickting, Adjutant. First row, left to right: 1). Kocourek, B. Rawitcher, F. Mohs, B. Sigman, P. Schlichting, Col. J. Wright, B. Marcus, Capt. M. Ferrera, 1). Richards, P. Kessler, J. Taslitz, 1). Kneip, P. Schrager. Second row: C. Denniston, R. Steiner, B. Fisher, F. Hall, L. Baer, J. McHale, .1. Lowe, B. Hobbs, S. Chalekian, 1). Marks, G. Arndt, I). Silberman, L. Siegel. Third row: M. Kent, T. Cole, P. Frechette, C. Gordon, I). Hcrsh-ner, 1). Hake, J. Sorenson, M. Klein, I. Helburn, G. Chryst, H. Wendel, J. Upthagrove, I). Kent, R. Kamm. H. Gordon, B. McNamara. Fourth row: B. Grossenbach, R. Durian, J. Segal, T. Rosso, I). Jacobson, S. Eckevling, M. Tarnow, X. Atkins, T. Schlicht, J. Galanis, J. Davis, J. Skornicka. Fifth row: B. Sensiba, D. Hackibart, J. Wesolowski, M. Anderson, B. Witte, F. Vorlop, 1). Hooverson, B. Naeler, J. Itudman, R. Duhl, M. Morris, R. Erickson, B. Barneson, A. Hingiss. 275First row, left to right J. Rickmeier, A. Joseph, J. Stewart, H. Degher, W. Immerman, Major Ballentine, R. Heath, C. Sprague, J. Ivester, Capt. McKennon, N. Burmeister, J. Boyce, J. Sanderson, S. Paddock. Second row: J. Fraser, T. Rivers, M. Grody, C. Penrith, P. Garver, 13. Fandre, E. Larson, D. Gesseis, W. Moeller, L. Fitzpatrick, L. Fish, P. Heffernan, D. Lanphear, D. Schroeder, T. Teska, R. Ahner, M. Strey, W. Boettge, J. Wyatt, R. Schulz. Third row: J. Lonsdorff, R. Ahner, H. Schdnick, C. Meyer, R. Ringer, R. Michelson, J. Huber, R. Morrison, R. Guerts, J. Norton, J. Ratsch, J. Spielmann, J. Wineberg, II. Hebal, W. Wagner, J. Larson, R. Chinander, A. Taylor, D. Vinson, W. Strang, A. Murphy, R. Neve. National Defense Transportation Corps Left to right: R. Heath, Captain McKennon, C. Sprague, J. Kester The student chapter of the National Defense Transportation Association, made up of advance corps Army R.O.T.C. cadets, has as its objectives the promotion of cooperation among the various segments of transportation and the informing of this country’s citizens as to the necessity for transportation preparedness and to the major roll played by transportation in bringing an emergency to a successful conclusion. On Armed Forces Day, the corps set up a display at Truax Field which illustrated their objectives. A field trip was held in the spring to Fort Rucher, Alabama; an activity in which the entire group eagerly participated. The organization holds monthly meetings at which men from the transportation field speak, as well as a banquet preceding Mil-Ball and a spring picnic. Officers for the year were Charles Sprague, president; Rollie Heath, vice president; John Kester, secretary-treasurer. Charles Sprague was also the representative to the Joint Military Board, while Captain McKennon was the corps’ advisor this year. 276The Varsity Pistol team had an active season of pistol matches with colleges throughout the country and shoul-der-to-shoulder matches with Big Ten schools and the Air Force Academy. The team won the 1958 NR A Wisconsin Sectional championship and placed second in the NllA inter-collegiate match. Awards were presented at the annual Rifle-Pistol team banquet in the spring. The Varsity Pistol Team was captained by Jack Culver and coached by Capt. Melvin Ferrers and Capt. J. P. Weber. Varsity Pistol Team First row, left to right: A. Grauel, J. Blackmore, R. Lincks, S. Robinson, J. Elstran, J. Harrington, J. Lott. Second row: Master Sergeant Jeffcott, Captain Weber, J. Moore, J. Culver, D. Richards, C. Ayer, I). Pleister, B. Anthold, Captain Ferrera, Master Sergeant Arrowood. First row, left to right: T. Leonhardt, D. Richards, K. Campbell, D. Lott, R. Gerney. Second row: K. Stickler, H. Nitzkowski, Iv. Ruhr, J. Nelson, R. Sprengeler, W. Lautz. Third row: Lt. R. Conder, L. Remer, J. Willcocks, N. Reinhart, D. Anderson, Capt. G. Wilson. Competition with schools in the Big Ten as well as national matches made a full schedule for members of the Varsity R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. The group also took part in the Hearst Trophy Match, the national R.O.T.C. match, and the NRA regional match. In the spring, a banquet was held with the Pistol Team, honoring the outstanding members of both groups. Keith Campbell served as captain of the team. The coach was Captain G. Wilson and the assistant coach was Lieutenant Conder, both graduates of West Point. Varsity Rifle Team 277sports Co-Editors David With Joel GarlockFirst row, left to right: J. Drye, W. Popp, C. Mohr, P. Taylor, II. Wingender, K. Kamm, .., Second row: Cl. Chryst, C. Statz, S. Stephens, J. Remmert, J. Lechner, 1). McKinney. Third row: M. Johnson, H. Degner, ., A. Cotton, T. Koenig, S. Schmidt, H. Robbins, I). Carl, J. Upthegrove, F. Westphal, J. Hobbs, It.Nesbit. Fourth Row: . , , J. Stack, B. Christopherson, B. Linke. Fifth row: ., ...., ..., B. Barneson, ....., R. Wandschneider, J. Rogneby, G. Bodner, Jacobson, It. Devlin. W Club ‘‘W”-Club has sponsored many worthwhile activities on campus since its creation with the first intercollegiate competitions. “W”-Club, whose members are major varsity letter winners, currently sponsors such events as the all-Uni-versity Boxing Tournament and the Fresh man-Varsity basketball games. On the social side it sponsors a fall dance, a hayride, a spring banquet and a spring picnic. Recently an added responsibility of guarding the house decorations for homecoming events was taken on by the athletes. The club, which is a non-profit organization, charges no dues and has a membership of about one hundred members. This year’s officers are: Jim Remmert, president; Steve Stevens, vice president; George Chryst, secretary; and Chuck Statz, treasurer. These men plan to carry on the fine job the Club has done in the past. 280Varsity Football First row, left to right: G. Blackmun, G. Chryst, J. Fraser, E. Hill, J. Hobbs, I). Koeourek, I). Teteak, P. Shwaiko, M. Morris, S. Williams. Second row: R. Altmann, D. Carl, I). Lanphear, I). Hackbart, E. Hart, J. Heineke, B. Hobbs, J. Stalcup, R. Steiner, R. Zeman, J. Holmes. Third row: J. Allen, J. Rogers, K. Holzwarth, L. Jenkins, A. Schoonover, A. Walker, C. Sprague, R. Nelson, J. Wrucke, 1). Tilley, G. Geyso. Fourth row: T. Anthony, 1). Bidder, L. Bishop, It. Bloedorn, G. Boning, H. Derleth, T. Genda, G. Harms, J. Gerrmann, R. Hudson, G. Kul-cinski, T. Huxhold. Fifth row: W. Kellogg, AI. Lambert, G. Langnes, A. Muszytowski, J. Oleson, R. Parish, I. Partenheimer, It. Perkins, O. Peucker, E. Sutkowski, I). VanderVelden, T. Wiesner, B. Dunbar. Sixth row: G. Woll, J. Jennings, F. Jacoby, I). I'eteak, P. Moss, Coach Milt Bruhn, F. Marsh, P. Shaw, L. Van Dyke, W. Bakke, G. Harcus, A. Lamboley, K. Yelinck, F. Young, C. McNeal. 1958 Scores Wisconsin 20 Miami 0 Wisconsin 50 Marquette 0 Wisconsin 31 Purdue 6 Wisconsin 9 Iowa 20 Wisconsin 7 Ohio State 7 Wisconsin 9 Michigan State 7 Wisconsin 17 Northwestern 13 Wisconsin 31 Illinois 12 Wisconsin 27 Minnesota 12 Coaches. Nor necessarily in order given. Milt Bruhn, Paul Shaw, Fred Marsh, Perry Moss, LaVern Van Dyke, Dreal Teteak, Fred Jacoby. 281Wisconsin Miami 20 0 The Badgers began the season under the lights against the highly ranked Miami Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl in Florida. Wisconsin held a 19-13 edge in first downs and a 225-123 advantage in rushing. The first touchdown was scored from the one yard line on a sneak by Dale Hackbart. Lowell Jenkins recovered a fumble on the Miami 41 yard line and 11 plays later Hackbart took it over and Paul Shwaiko kicked the extra point to make it 7-0. The next touchdown came in the second quarter as a result of a pass interception by George Chryst who ran it back 30 yards to the Miami 8 yard line. One play and a Miami offside penalty put the ball on the one yard line where Hackbart made it 14-0 as Shwaiko converted to end the half. After a give and take third quarter, Miami launched an attack that carried down to Wisconsin’s one yard line. The Badgers, however, took on a “Hard-Rocks” attitude and threw them back. The Badgers then marched 98 .yards in 8 plays for their third touchdown. After a fine 03 yard run by Tom Weisner, the touchdown was scored on a pass from Sid Williams to Eddie Hart. Williams failed to run the ball over, so the game ending score was 20-0. Quarterback Sid Williams (22) flips a pass over the heads of rushing Miami linemen. MIAMI GAME Wis. Miami First Downs 19 13 Total Yardage 318 228 Passing- 9-18 12-16 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 7 7 0 6—20 Miami 0 0 0 0— 0 George Chryst (51) follows the blocking of Lowell Jenkins (77) and Henry Derleth (89) to pick up yardage to the right. Dale Hackbart (28) and Bob Nelson (70) move in to assist. VVIFrancis “Shorty” Young (27) is upended but gets ball ofT to Ed Hart (44). Chuck Sprague (75) moves to block Marquette lineman. Vi r - I- ' r .: v y . y : ; ■ V'r Wisconsin 50 Marquette Already suspected of Big Ten championship pretensions. Wisconsin concluded their nonconference assignments with a convincing 50-0 rout of an undermanned Marquette team. The Badgers, overwhelming Marquette’s offensive line, warned all conference foes that they would he facing two strong lines and three versatile quarterbacks in Ilack-hart, Williams and Young. The Badgers played steady hall, scoring once in the first quarter, and twice in each of the remaining quarters, while never permitting Marquette to get closer than the 1 ( . The Badgers left no doubt of their superiority from the initial play. A Wiesner’s pass interception quickly recorded a score of 8-0. Wisconsin quickly scored two more in the second quarter, one began with Hackbart’s interception, and the other was a rapid 08 yard advance in the last, two minutes of the quarter, making the half-time score 22-0. Hackhart’s spectacular 78 yard punt return put the score-keeper to work again early in the third quarter. Steiner received the kick, but reversed to Haekbart who carried the ball all the way for the TD. Two more Wisconsin scores were added, as a result of a lateral from Williams to Hart, and on a Wiesner plunge from one yard out. The final score of the game was engineered by Francis “Shorty” Young after a pass interception. It took one play to net the score, as Young pitched out to Billy Hobbs, and the Eau Claire junior rambled 80 yards to score. Neither team crossed the opposition’s 20 for the remaining 11:20 minutes to be played. MARQUETTE GAME Wis. Marti. First Downs 20 14 Total Yardage 378 177 Passing 0-18 8-23 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 8 14 14 14—50 Marquette 0 0 0 0— 0 Young (27) lets fly pass in 3rd quarter as Tom Wiesner (38) tries to shake Marquette linemen’s grip on his face-guard. Nelson (70) and lerry Huxhold u8) rush to protect receiver.Wisconsin Purdue 31 6 Wisconsin’s Badgers opened the Big Ten football season at Camp Randall, and took advantage of every Purdue misfortune to register a 31-6 victory. The Wisconsin touchdowns were set up by the “Hard Rocks” blocking of a Purdue punt and intercepting two passes. This typo of football has been played since 1945, the last time the Boilermakers beat Wisconsin. The game followed a pattern of frustration for Purdue all day, and right from the first time they received the ball. After the kickoff, Purdue failed to move the ball on three rushing attempts and was forced to punt, but a low pass from center plus a rugged Badger charge resulted in Jim Fraser blocking the punt. Bob Zeman picked up the loose ball and ran down to the Purdue three yard line. In two plays, Dale Hackbart had sneaked the ball across the goal line for a 6-0 Wisconsin lead. Both teams then dug in to stop opposing drives, Purdue on the Wisconsin 23, and Wisconsin 39 yards from pay dirt. Following a Wiesner punt into the end zone, the Boilermakers moved 80 yards in ten plays to tie the score. Wisconsin struck back and went 66 yards in eleven plays for the winning touchdown. Dale Hackbart mixed up the attack on the ground, using fullback Jon Hobbs on six plays for 17 yards, Bob Altman on one play for four Hackbart (28) climbs over goal-line heap in second quarter to break 6-6 tie. Jon Hobbs (35) waits for ref’s verdict.yards, and himself on four plays for 45 yards, including runs on the option for 11, 19, and 14 yards. He capped the drive with a dive over center from the one yard line for the score. This time Paul Shwaiko made the extra point good. The third Badger score followed a 41 yard march with Jon Hobbs tallying from one yard out. Paul Shwaiko converted again, and the Badgers had a 20-6 lead. Intercepted passes set up Wisconsin’s second half tallies, an 18 yard field goal by Shwaiko and a 36 yard return of an interception by Tom Wiesner for a touchdown. Hackbart set up the field goal by snaring Spoo’s pass on the Purdue 39, and returning 14 yards. When the Badger attack stalled on the 11 yard line, Shwaiko kicked the field goal. Not only interceptions hurt Purdue’s chances. So did fumbles, and they ended a Purdue threat early in the final quarter when the Boilermakers had a first down on Wisconsin’s two yard line, and following Earl Hill’s punt out of danger, a fumble on the first down halted them on the Badger’s 27. Center Dick Teteak, and right guard Jerry Stalcup made the recoveries. When the battle had been decided, the old battle cry “Wait until next year” could be heard across the field from the faithful followers of the Boilermakers. Jim Fraser (62) blocks punt which was picked up by Bob Zeman and carried to two yard line. Hobbs (35) assists with block and Jerry Stalcup (60) reaches for ball. Earl Hill (88) gets away a crucial punt in second quarter, with blocking help from Hobbs (35) and Ron Perkins (64). PURDUE GAME Wis. Purdue First Downs 10 16 Total Yardage 211 258 Passing 1-3 7-17 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 6 14 3 8—31 Purdue 0 6 0 0— 6 285Wisconsin Iowa 9 20 Halfback Bob Altmann (46) takes off on a sweep to right. Steiner (15) gallops toward paydirt after catching Hackbart’s touchdown pass. Newly enlarged Camp Randall Stadium held a record making crowd of over 65,000 for Wisconsin’s fourth clash of the season against Forest Evashevski’s Iowa Hawkeyes. The contest, between two undefeated elevens, was marked by a complete reversal of form. The first half, dominated by Wisconsin, saw the Badgers start fast as they intercepted an enemy pass on the initial play from scrimmage. From the Iowa 41 yard line, in seven plays, the Cardinal and White were in position for an eighl yard field goal. The next time Coach Milt Bruhn’s charges got the ball they again threatened deep inside Hawkeye territory. In two plays the Badgers moved from their own 41 yard line to the Iowa 10. Three unsuccessful plunges and an incomplete pass, however, thwarted the Badgers. Wisconsin finally crossed the Iowa goal early in the second period on a march that saw them move 69 yards in nine plays, with a pass from quarterback Dale Hack-bart to halfback Ron Steiner covering the last 31 yards. A failure on a two point conversion attempt left Wisconsin’s advantage at 9-0. Late in the second quarter Iowa marched from their own 31 yard line to the Wisconsin four before an inspired Badger defense threw Hawkeye quarterback Randy Dun-can for a 12 yard loss. On the next play, Sid Williams intercepted a Duncan pass and ran it back 52 yards to pull the Badgers out of danger. Wisconsin maintained its nine point advantage at half time. Iowa came back to dominate play after the intermission. Recovering a fumbled lateral early in the third quarter, the Hawkeyes swept 31 yards to a touchdown and a successful one point conversion. Minutes later Iowan Jeff Langston intercepted a pass and ran 21 yards to score. The Badgers trailed for the first time, 13-9. Midway through the fourth quarter Duncan and halfback Bob Jeter collaborated on a screen pass play covering 68 yards for another touchdown. The conversion made the final score Iowa 20—Wisconsin 9. 286IOWA GAME Wis. Iowa First Downs 15 18 Total Yardage 288 317 Passing 8-21 7-20 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 3 6 0 0—{ 9 Iowa 0 0 13 7—20 Airborne Jon Hobbs pulls down a spot pass for a first down.Earl Hill halts an Ohio State blocker while Fraser (62) sidesteps lineman on way to get passer. Wisconsin 7 Ohio State 7 It was Wisconsin 7, Ohio State 7, as the Badgers and Ohio’s burly Buckeyes finished in a reluctant and frustrating deadlock. The hard fought game was evenly matched statistically. The Buckeyes, in their ten turns with the ball, picked up 208 yards by rushing, as compared to the Badgers 182. However, Wisconsin, having handled the ball nine times, picked up 45 yards through passing while Ohio gained only 13, thus giving Wisconsin a G yard advantage for the day, 227-221. The first half was one of flawless defense. Both teams threatened to score once, each driving almost the entire length of the field, but being stopped just short of the goal line. The Badgers, receiving the kickoff on the 22, advanced the ball 78 yards, only to be stopped by a fine Ohio State goal line stand. The Buckeyes took over, and ground out 94 yards. Wisconsin, however, stopped two line plunges and broke up a pass play. The Buckeyes were forced to try for a field goal which went wide. With less than two minutes of the third quarter gone. Dale Hackbart, playing his best game of the season, re- 288] )iek Teteak (50), Dan Lanphear (73) and Steiner (15) line up on the ball while Dale Hack-hart barks the signals. Who’s got the ball? Ohio tacklers grab Hill (88) and chase Dave Kocourek (82) neither have the ball. ceived Ohio’s punt on his own 30 yard line and raced 04 yards for the first touchdown of the game. Paul Shwaiko converted for the extra point. The fourth quarter of the game was a real heartbreaker for the Badgers. Ohio started another one of their typically powerful down field drives. Just as the Badgers seemed to have them stopped, a costly holding penalty put the ball on the six inch line. The Buckeyes scored. The Badgers threatened two more times, while Ohio never crossed the fifty. Wisconsin moved to the nine, but a touchdown pass was intercepted. A fumble with only 12 yards to go proved equally as costly as the penalty and interception. Ilackbart picked up 15 yards for what would have been a first and ten on the twelve with a minute and a half of playing time left. However, due to the wet field and heavy downpour, Ilackbart coidd not hold onto the slippery ball. With that fumble, all hopes of victory for either team were discouraged; there just was not enough time. OHIO STATE GAME Wis. Ohio First Downs 12 18 Total Yardage 227 221 Passing 3-8 1-3 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 0 0 7 0—7 Ohio State 0 0 7 0—7 289Wisconsin Michigan State 9 7 The Badgers, in their first nationally televised game in more than four years edged past Michigan State 9-7 before a packed Homecoming crowd of 71,000 in Spartan Stadium. Although the Badger defense did not account for either of the two scores, it did stop the Spartans cold in the final period to ice the game as the Badgers utilized an intercepted pass and a blocked punt by Jim Fraser. The win was especially gratifying to Coach Milt Bruhn’s team, as it ended a string of three straight losses to Michigan State, dating back to 1954. Only missed opportunities early in the game prevented this from becoming one-sided. Wisconsin, winning the toss, chose to receive and promptly began a fifty yard drive which ended in a missed field goal attempt. Soon after regaining the ball, the Badgers, with Sidney Williams at the helm, moved downfield eighty yards in ten plays for the game’s first score. The score came after Dale Hackbart, substituted for Williams, passed to Kocourek on the two and Ilack-bart took it over. Paul Schwaiko converted to make the score 7-0. After taking a punt return to the Michigan State thirty-five, Wisconsin began to pour on the coals for its second score. Steiner and Hackbart moved the ball down to the eighteen where fullback Jon Hobbs kicked an 18-yard field goal and the Badgers led 9-0 at half. That was all the scoring until late in the third quarter when the Spartans took a punt on their own thirteen and rolled on a march that ended with a seven yard scoring pass on the final play of the quarter, from Panutch to Williams. Altmann (46) lays a key block for ball carrier Hackbart.MICHIGAN STATE GAME Wis. ! State First Downs 14 13 Total Yardage 296 205 Passing 8-13 6-17 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 0 9 0 0—9 Michigan State 0 0 7 0—7 Jim Holmes (97) eludes State defense to block punt Fullback Tom Wiesner charges in to stop State defense.Stalcup (60) and Hill move in to block Thornton’s pass. Jim Heineke (65) shakes an XU blocker. Wisconsin Northwestern 292 17 13 Homecoming—1958 — and a crowd of almost 03,000 jammed Camp Randall Stadium under cold, threatening November skies to watch Wisconsin battle Northwestern University, the “Cinderella” team of the Big Ten. Not until late in the first quarter could either team mount a successful drive, but then the Badgers, controlling the ball for 19 successive plays, moved from their own 34 yard line to a touchdown. Twice Wisconsin gambled on a fourth down, once on the NU 47 with one yard to go, and again on the Wildcat 37 with two to go. A lb yard pass from quarterback Dale Hackbart to end Dave Kocourek brought the ball to the Northwestern six, and two plays later, fullback Tom Weisner carried over from a yard out. Paul Shwaiko’s conversion gave the Badgers a seven point advantage. Northwestern received, and on the first play lost the ball by fumbling on their own 31 yard line. The Badgers, held by NU, attempted an unsuccessful 21 yard field goal,NORTHWESTERN GAME Wis. NU First Downs 10 15 Total Yardage 298 239 Passing 10-19 7-16 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 0 17 0 0—17 Northwestern 0 0 7 6—13 Left Half Ron Steiner stretches for a TD pass. Hackbart gets off pass with help of dogged protection by Steiner, Wiesner, Stalcup, and Teteak (60). Bob Zeman takes off downfield for another Badger touchdown as Steiner watches after NU fumble. but the Wildcats were offside, and Jon Hobb’s second try gave the Cardinal and White three more points. Again Northwestern received, and this time halfback Ron Burton fumbled on the return, giving Wisconsin possession on the Wildcat 16. Then on a thrilling play, Sid Williams attempted a lateral which was knocked down, halfback Bob Zeman picked the ball up, retreated to his right, then reversed field and raced untouched into the end zone. Shwaiko again converted for a 17-0 lead. Twice in the second half Northwestern scored, aided by penalty calls which took the Wildcats to within one yard of the Wisconsin goal line on both occasions. A disputed pass interference call on the Badger one led to NU’s second touchdown with more than five minutes remaining in the game, but the Badgers took the ensuing kick-off and maintained all-important possession of the ball until time ran out, giving Wisconsin a well earned 17-13 Homecoming victory.Wisconsin 31 Illinois 12 Sid Williams throws a long one as Chuck Sprague (75) holds off tacklers. ILLINOIS GAME Wis. 111. First Downs 16 17 Total Yardage 380 259 Passing 12-26 9-20 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 15 8 8 0—31 Illinois 0 6 6 0—12 The University of Wisconsin turned back upset determined Illinois by 31-12 in their bid for second place. Receiving the opening kickoff, the Badgers marched 02 yards to score with only minutes gone. Later in the first quarter, after a pass interception, Sid Williams directed the Wisconsin attack for the second touchdown. The Illini scored their first touchdown in the second quarter on a pass from Esterbrook to Starks. After an exchange of punts, the Badgers bounced back to score again on a pass from Hackbart to Hart. Because of Wisconsin’s commanding 23-0 lead, Illinois changed their attack from the air to the ground. Illinois scored after a series of power plays, but this was the end of the Illini threat as the Badgers won the game after a fourth quarter score by Jon Hobbs. Hackbart (28) hands off on a quick opener. Sprague and Nelson combine to pull down Illinois runner for a loss. Wisconsin’s mighty football Badgers concluded their most successful season since 1951 by notching a 27-12 victory over lowly Minnesota. It took a while for Wisconsin to assert its superiority over Minnesota as a clipping penalty and an intercepted pass stopped the Badgers the first two times they had the ball. On the third try, however, Sid Williams passed to Jim Holmes for 11 yards and Ed Hart for seven yards to start the Badgers rolling. After several rushing plays, Williams took the ball 20 yards for the first score. The second Wisconsin score followed a short Minnesota punt to the Gopher 27. Dale Hackbart engineered this drive taking the ball himself the last seven yards as the half ended. Both teams tallied in the third quarter— Wisconsin on a two-yard plunge by Zeman, and Minnesota on a 77 yard pass from Larry Johnson to Dick Johnson. The final quarter saw Dale Hackbart throw a spectacular 44 yard pass to Bill Hobbs to match a 90 yard scoring march by the Gophers. MINNESOTA GAME Wis. Minn. First Downs 19 14 Total Yardage 431 293 Passing 12-21 11-27 Score by Quarters Wisconsin 7 7 6 7—27 Minnesota 0 0 6 6—12 Bob Zeman romps over for a TD. Wisconsin 27 Minnesota 12 Billy Hobbs shakes Gopher tackier as Huxhold (75) takes out a defender. Sprague (75) moves in to assist.Cross Country " Captain Toni Koenig strains hard in Marquette meet. Coach Riley Best’s cross country men ran hard all season, blit had a tough time meeting some top competition. The three lettermen, Dan McKenny, Bob Devlin, and Tom Koenig, faced the likes of Charles “Deacon” Jones of Iowa, Leonard “Bud” Edelen of Minnesota, and Crawford Kennedy of Michigan State—among the best in the country. The first meet saw Wisconsin on the road bowing to Minnesota as Devlin took fifth place for the Badgers. On more familiar grounds, Wisconsin played host to Iowa where the Hawkeyes won as Deacon Jones set a course record of 19:55.5. Michigan State was the scene of a triangular meet with Notre Dame and Wisconsin. The Badgers took third as the host team won. As cold weather set in, Wisconsin finished its regular season by losing to Marquette. Devlin, Koenig, and McKinney placed fourth, sixth, and seventh respectively. On more of an encouraging note, number one man Devlin, along with eleven promising minor award winners will be back next season. 296First row left to right: Coach Carl Sanger, A. Fraser, R. Darling, Capt. A. Hentzen. Second row: J. Ratter, T. Frautschi, K. Anderson, D. Shepard, 1). Medenwald. Two Wisconsin netmen volley in a practice match. Tennis Wisconsin took to the road to begin the 1958 season and defeated three of the first four teams it faced. The damage was done in Ohio against Dayton, Ohio State, and Delaware. The greatest margin of victory was inflicted against Dayton by a score of 12 to 0. After the Spring vacation trip, Coach Carl Sanger’s Badgers could manage only one victory in nine outings. This was posted against Purdue, the score 7 to 2. Evanston was the scene of the Big Ten Meet, as Wisconsin moved up from its ninth place finish in 1957 to eighth place with 9Yi points. The championship was won by Iowa who dethroned the 1957 champ, University of Michigan. The individual leaders for the season were captain A1 Hentzen, Keith Anderson, and A1 Fraser, each winning five matches. Stan Hays won four matches, Tim Frautschi three, Dave Shepard, Jerry Hotter and Bob Darling each scored victories in two meets, to complete the rest of the Badger team. On more of an optimistic note, the records show the coming of eight freshmen numeral winners, led by John Himmelmann of Milwaukee. These men are expected to bolster the neucleus of five returning lettermen. 297First row, left to right: I. Jefferson, R. Murray, R. Serbiak, R. Barneson, F. Clow, J. Rogneby, S. Stephens, 1). Mills. Second row: Asst. Coach Fred Wegner, I). Miller, R. Rossin, R. Cross, J. Stack, B. Kulas, T. Jackson, W. Griffith, Coach H. E. Foster. Third row: R. Ludtke, 1). Vandermuellen, R. Dutrisac, L. Ehlers, L. Biggs, Asst. Coach J. Erickson. Coach Harold “Bud” Foster Basketball 298 fSeason Record Wisconsin .... . . . 47 Marquette . 70 Wisconsin .... . . . 37 Rice . 78 Wisconsin .... . . . 03 Southern Methodist . . . . 81 Wisconsin .... 50 Notre Dame 54 Wisconsin .... . . . 08 Missouri . 00 Wisconsin .... . . . 48 Washington . 02 Wisconsin .... . . . 53 California . 08 Wisconsin . . . . 55 Butler . 09 Wisconsin .... . . . 00 Minnesota . 79 Wisconsin .... 51 Illinois 77 Wisconsin .... . . . 01 Purdue . 84 Wisconsin .... .. . 74 Michigan . 84 Wisconsin .... 57 Michigan State . 88 Wisconsin .... . . . 72 Ohio State . 78 Wisconsin .... . . . 91 Purdue . 80 Wisconsin .... . . . 84 Iowa . 94 Wisconsin .... 54 Illinois . 93 Wisconsin .... . . . 50 Minnesota . 09 Wisconsin . . . . ... 03 Michigan . 87 Wisconsin . . . . . . . 82 Northwestern . 80 Wisconsin . . . . . . . 73 Michigan State . 93 Wisconsin . . . . . . . 71 Indiana . 97 Bob Barneson goes in for a layup as Bob Serbiak moves in to give protection. Rick Murray takes a jump shot on his way to a 27 point night against Purdue.The year could be full of surprises. That was the pre-season prediction for the 1958-1959 edition of the Wisconsin basketball team, it was said that fortunes should be back on the upswing this season for head coach Harold “Bud” Foster as he started his 25th season with eight returning lettermen plus a host of promising sophomores. Although it was conceded that, the Badgers would not be a contender for the Big Ten title, it was thought that they might derail a few championship-bound hopefuls. Wisconsin, playing like champions in one thrilling game, did eliminate Purdue as a title contender. But, any other anticipated surprises just did not materialize. The hapless Badgers found themselves in the cellar at the end of the season with a 3 and 19 record. Barneson goes up for a shot as teammates yell encouragement. The team’s hopes of any success received a major blow when Brian Kulas, one of the tallest guards in the Big-Ten, was sidelined for a sizeable portion of the season with an appendectomy. Season honors were bestowed upon Bob Barneson who was chosen Honorary Captain. Also, it was Bob Barneson who received the Chicago Tribune’s Most Valuable Player Award. Individual honors also went to Bob Barneson, who by contributing 259 points, became the high point man for the season. Dave Mills, Bob Serviak, Bob Rossin, Ray Gross, and Bob Barneson led the team in percentage of field goals, with .411, .410, .400, .398, .397 respectively. Steve Stephens, .Jim Biggs, and Fred Clow led from the foul line by hitting for .712 and .710 percent of their shots. Bob Barneson and Ivan Jefferson were the big men on the boards, and Brian Kulas was the high average point man with 15.8 points per game. Jim Biggs leaps for a jump shot from the free throw circle. 300Fred Clow “rounds the horn” and drives in for a layup.Biggs adds two more against Purdue. Playing their last games for Wisconsin were Ivulas, Stephen, Gross, Mills, and Rogneby. On December 2, Wisconsin opened its collegiate basketball campaign by taking a sound and thorough beating from Marquette, 7(5-47. Continuing its early season slump, Wisconsin traveled to Houston where they were defeated by Rice, 78-37. Here, they connected on only .211 of their shots, and scored only 37 points. Wisconsin wound up their Texas trip by receiving a defeat at the hands of S.M.U. Having returned from Texas, the team’s future began to look brighter. Brian Kulas, high scorer of the evening with 18 points, led the Badgers to a 56-54 upset over the Fighting Irish. Still inspired by this recent victory, Wisconsin’s basketball team hung a 68-60 defeat on Missouri. This time, Bob Barneson led the red-hot attack with 18 points. The Badgers, who held command the entire game, made 21 baskets in 52 shots for a .404 mark and made .722 of their free shots. The next nine games for the “Foster Boys” were nothing but misery. They went down to defeat by three more non-conference teams, and lost the first six Big Ten games before the victor’s spoils came their way. Then, on the second encounter with Purdue, Wisconsin, hotter than a pistol, surprised everyone by wrecking Purdue’s title hopes with a 91-86 victory. Rick Murray paced the blistering attack with 27 points while Jim Biggs added 24 more. Wisconsin commanded complete surveilance. There was never any doubt as to whose game this one was; the Badgers led by as much as 23 points at half time, and consistently out-shot the Boilermakers both from the foul line and from the court. Only by employing a full court press in the last quarter did Purdue narrow the gap. However, it was too late. Wisconsin remained hot for the Iowa and North western games, but the opponents in both cases were just too much despite our fine attempts. “Coach Bud’s Boys” cooled off for the season, being defeated by Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State and Indiana. Murray attempts his patented jump shot over the head of a long-reaching Boilermaker. 302Barneson stretches for a rebound on the way to a 91-84 victory over Purdue. Clow attempts a short jump shot as Barneson prepares to leap for the rebound. 303Swimming The 1959 Badger swimming team managed only an even 3-3 record in Western Conference due) meets this season. Coach Hickman’s tankmen took three consecutive victories, beating Minnesota 56-49, beating Northwestern 59-46, and then winning handily from Purdue, 63-42. Losses were registered to Iowa 58-47, Illinois 57-48, and Michigan, NCAA champions for the past two seasons, 66-38. This year’s team, led by Co-Captains Fred Westphal and Kline Wilson, was stocked with nine returning letter-men. The Badgers will lose several of their star performers this year including Westphal, who won the Western Conference 50 yard free style in 1957 and placed second in 1958. All-American Fred Westphal, second ranked nationally, tenses for a dive in the 50 yard free style. First row left to right: B. Morris, K. Smrcina, J. Lechner, J. Bellou, T. Watts. Second row: Asst. Coach Art Krueger, K. Wilson, I). Dauber, Capt. F. Westphal, T. Wissing, T. Jensen, Coach John Hickman. Third row: D. Stone, R. Kamm, J. Fredendahl, T. Blumenstoek, R. Allen, E. Ladwig. 304First row. left to right: L. Reinstra, J. Scherz, C. Stebbins, G. Molzahn, (). Henke, Coach Mory, M. Roley, J. Stillman, H. Munnichow, J. Jennings, D. Karls. Badger coach Dean Mcry’s gymnastic team compiled a three win-six loss record for the 1958-59 season—the wins being over LaCrosse State College, 85-27; Central Michigan College, 70-42; and the University of Chicago, ()8H-423 2. In this year’s Big Ten competition, the Badgers lost every meet: to the University of Minnesota, 653 -403 ; to Michigan State, 79-83; to the University of Indiana, 61-51; to Illinois University, 723 -333 ; and to the University of Michigan, 75-33. The top point-getter for the university’s gymnastics team was Dale Karls, a senior, who, in his first seven matches, compiled a total of 1413 2 points. Dale’s best performances came on the parallel bars and in free exercise, scoring here a total of 65 points. Had also led his teammates in three other events, these being the side horse, horizontal bar, and the still rings. The next highest scorer was the captain of the team, Jim Scherz. He had a total of 82 points resulting from two events, free exercise and the trampoline. Other high pointers were Jon Stillman who had 62 points, Otto Heinke, who graduated at mid-semesters, had a total of 42 points, and Ron Wingender, who also graduated at mid-semesters, with a total of 36 points. Wisconsin’s prospects for the 1960 gymnastic team looks quite favorable due to a number of fine young prospects. Gymnastics Jon Stillman on the flying rings. 305Fencing The Wisconsin fencing team compiled an outstanding record of 13 wins and 1 loss in this season’s competition, led by Dick Green in the foils, 35-7, Ron Lemieux, 35-7, Stan Schmidt, 33-9, and John Cartwright, 32-10, in the saber; and Herb Robbins in the epee, 34-8. The Badger’s hopes for their first undefeated team in the University's history were shattered in the final meet of the season, when they split even in a triangular meet with the “Big Three” of Midwsst swordsmanship. Coach Archie Simonson’s charges whipped Illinois, defending NCAA champions, 16-11, the Illini tipped Notre Dame, 14-13, and the Fighting Irish defeated Wisconsin, 16-11. In the Big Ten fencing championships held in Columbus, Ohio, Wisconsin successfully annexed their third Western Conference crown within the last five years. The Badgers supplied two individual champions—Green in the foils, and LeMieux in the saber. Captain John Cartwright brandishes the saber which gave him a 42-10 record for the season. First row, left to right: T. Barnum, R. Johnson, L. Hershfield, S. Schmidt, R. LeMieux. Second row: Coach Archie Simonson. 1). Green, J. Gedeist, H. Robbins, X. Payne, J. Cartwright, B. Coleman, A. Kofal, P. Mortenson. 306Wrestling Wisconsin’s wrestlers started off the 1958-59 season by winning the State Collegiate title, scoring a total of 40 points under Coach George Martin. They continued winning by beating Illinois Normal, 17-15, and a four power meet at Columbus, Ohio, scoring 70 points against Ohio State University, and Baldwin Wallace. The team won two more meets winning over Illinois Normal, 17-15. and over Northwestern, 15-9. Top man for the Badgers was Terry Huxhold, a sophomore who won seven out of seven matches in the heavyweight division. Also undefeated were teammates Tom Toman, in the 157 weight class, and Captain Bill Popp, at 147 pounds. Other winners were I ’red Rittschoff, Jim Innis, and Gerald Modahl. Matman Terry Huxhold shows his form. First row, left to right: J. Soars, F. Rottsehof, J. Lowe. B. Gorman, E. Edwards, J. Innes. Second row: Assistant Coach Paul Weinhold, B. Popp, T. Toman, L. Nolan, J. Modahl, J. Flora, J. Upthagrove, C. McNeal, Coach George Martin. 307First row, left to right: E. Johnston, R. Marshall, R. Jorgeson, F. Hartman, P. Gokey, J. Drve, R. Manthe. Second row: Coach Vern Woodward, B. Urban, J. Allen, lb Sensiba, T. Wiesner, C. Mohr, Coach Gene Rankin. Third row: M. Rand, B. Cuccia, B. Pecuker, T. Cibulka, A. Hanson, M. Longsbury. Season Record Boxing The job of continuing Wisconsin’s fine boxing record fell on new shoulders this year. Taking over as new head coach, Vern Woodward took on the responsibility of turning out a strong team that would live up to Wisconsin’s excellent traditions. So far this season, Wisconsin has won two matches, fought to three draws, and lost one match. In their first match against Nevada, only three of the Badgers had previous inter-collegiate experience. Despite this, Wisconsin fought their way to a 5-3 victory. The next match, against Washington State, saw Wisconsin again win 5-3. This match was typical of most of the matches all season in that the Badgers lost the first three bouts, won the next four, and then put Tom Weisner, the heavyweight, in the position of deciding whether the Badgers would win or draw. Wisconsin then ran into the iron-fisted Idaho State team and lost 6-2. Captain Charlie Mohr and Ron Marshall gained the only two victories for Wisconsin. Wisconsin 5 Nevada . . 3 Wisconsin ... 5 Washington State . . . . 3 Wisconsin 2 Idaho State . . 0 Wisconsin ... 4 San Jose State . . 4 Wisconsin ... 4 Sacramento . . 4 Wisconsin ... 4 Idaho State . . 4 Coach Vern Woodward 308Even the camera was rocked by this hard right cross. Right on target—a face-flattening left, jab. The Badgers next met San Jose State, the defending NCAA champions and fought their way to a 4-4 draw. The Badgers then took on Sacramento and again fought to a draw. This match was especially marked by hard fought bouts in the earl}’- part of the contest. In the Sacramento match, Ellis Gasser at 125 pounds and John Drye at 132 pounds battled to draws. The highlight of the match pitted NCAA champion Jim Flood against Charlie Mohr. Mohr won in one of the finest exhibitions of boxing seen all year. Wisconsin next met Idaho State and this time fought to a draw. In this match, Wisconsin ran true to form and left it up to Weisner. Although Weisner outfought his opponent in the opinion of the fans, the judges gave the bout to the Idaho NCAA champion. This season thus far, the team has produced two undefeated boxers in Charlie Mohr and Ron Marshall. Both figure to be definite threats in the NCAA championship matches to be held later on this year. 309A left to the mid-section from 'way back. Sparmen keep their distance from each other’s long shots. 310A deflected right jab misses its mark.First row, left to right: R. Devlin, D. Hake, C. Statz, D. McKinney, S. Mylin, S. McGinnis, T. Koenig, A. Cotton, J. Arnold. Second row: Asst. Coach Tom Bennett, K. Biermann, It. Bell, J. Quandt, R. Peters, J. Peterson, R. Estick, T. Kramer, J. Pamperin, R. Geurts, J. Nixon, Coach Riley Best. Track Striving to better last year’s record, Coach Riley Best’s trackmen began their indoor season at Michigan State with Jesse Nixon winning the GOO yard run in a record time of 1 :112.2, and Dan McKinney winning the 1900 yard run in 2:9.5. Throughout the rest of the indoor season the Badgers found the competition stiff, failing to register a victory in the dual meets and winding up ninth in the Big Ten meet. In this particular meet, Jesse Nixon finished third in the GOO yard run as the first three men broke the old record of 1:11.3. Wisconsin traveled to Champaign to begin the outdoor season. There, the Badgers won the sprint medley relay with a time of 3:36, and finished second in the one mile relay. Other standout performances showed Tom Peters and Sam Mylin finishing second in the shot put and high jump respectively. The outdoor dual meets were as rough as the indoor, with the Badgers losing to Ohio State, Illinois, Iowa, and finally Minnesota. Lafayette, Indiana, was the scene of the Big Ten Meet where again Wisconsin finished ninth as the familiar figures of Jesse Nixon, Tom Peters, and Sam Mylin placed. The elected captain of the 1959 season was Jesse Nixon. The Most Improved Track Squad Member Trophy went to Tom Peters for his efforts in the shot put and discus. Coach Riley Best. 312The Big Ten Track Meet.Crew Wisconsin’s crew started out the season with three straight triumphs, but were unable to win again. On several occasions they were edged out in their bid for victory. Early in Febiuary, Wisconsin defeated Rollins College at Winter Park, Florida, by x 2 lengths and Tampa University by % of a length over a one mile course. Wisconsin times were 4:55.5 and 5:12.8 respectively. Coach Sonju’s oarsmen staged their best race of the year on May 10th, when they defeated MIT, Columbia, and Boston University on a 1% mile course near Boston with a time of 9:40.5. One week later thejr finished second to Harvard on a 2000 meter course qualifying heat. Harvard was timed at 6:06.4 and Wisconsin at 6:07.5. The Badgers played host to Navy and California on May 31st and June 7th respectively on the beautiful 1% mile course on Lake Mendota. The Middies beat the Badgers by two lengths while California edged the crew by only six feet. California was timed at 9:03 and Wisconsin at 9:03.5, a very small difference. The Badgers ended the season under Captain Joe Irwin by finishing eighth in the IRA regatta at Syracuse. They were timed in 17:41 for a three mile course. Coach Norm Sonju First row, left to right: W. Brauer, H. Degner, A. Clark, C. B. Pope, Y. Ehrke. Second row: C. I). Freeman, L. Schmitt, It. Trummer, D. Sharpee, R. Aimer, J. Bowen, J. Erwin, T. Prosser. 314■?, . vjf The crew takes a well-earned rest after a tough workout. At last! Oarsmen take their shell in and call it a day. 315Baseball A Wisconsin hatter takes a healthy cut at the ball. First row, left to right: It. Knoll, 1). Rowlands, l1. Wandschneider, It. Nieman, G. Schmid, S. Radke, J. Fuhs, W. Holt. Second row: B. Mallatt, J. Brick, W. Johnson, It. Mueller, K. Walter, J. Lesniak, L. Pkigenz, F. Marik, (J. Treger. Third row: E. Cannon, I). Moriarty, Assistant Coach Wegner, Freshman Coach Calhoun, J. Itogneby, B. Richards, 1). Friherg, B. Lyon, J. Simon, W. Marshall, Coach Mansfield.Cannon tags a runner in last action at the plate. The 1958 varsity baseball team had a successful season compiling a better than .500 percentage in games played. Their 8-7 Big Ten record was a big improvement over last year’s record, and was good enough to finish filth in the conference. A 9-5 nonconference record gave them a respectable overall percentage of .58(5. The Badgers got off to a bad start o:i their pre-conference trip to Florida where they managed to win only two games out of six. They then took three games from Maxwell Air Force base and one from Glenview Xaval Air Station to finish the preconference season. The Big Ten season, as usual, was a tough one, but the Badgers did win more than they lost. The Big Ten statistics showed Wisconsin finished sixth in batting and fielding with .255 and .943 percentages respectively. They completed eleven double plays for third place in the conference. The best Badger batsman was Ron Nieman with a .378 mark, followed closely by Ed Cannon with .370. Bill Mallatt led the league in stolen bases with eight, and Nieman was third in runs batted in. Co-Captains Ron Nieman and George Schmid gained the major share of individual honors. Nieman was chosen most valuable player and was picked to the first teams of the All-Big Ten and NCAA All-American teams. Schmid was chosen to the second All-Big Ten and to the third District Four X’CAA All-Star teams. Nieman, Schmid and Ron Knoll all signed professional baseball contracts with Detroit. The Captain-elect for 1959 will be Jim Rogneby. A isconsin hitter takes off after a base hit. Sale in a close play at first. Cieorgc Schmidt, Captain-elect, burns across a curve strike. 317Golf Wisconsin golfers, 'ed by their big four, Jack Allen, Jeff Ames, Jim Remmert and Chuck Steeno, enjoyed their second best season in history with a 16-3 mark. Losses during the season were recorded to Notre Dame, Iowa and Minnesota. The losses to Iowa and Minnesota were avenged later in the season on the home links at Maple Bluff Country Club. In Big Ten competition, the Badgers compiled an impressive 8-2 record. However, at the Big Ten championship meet at Columbus, the Badgers played far under the pre-proven potentialities, by finishing eighth with a score of 1577. Jim Remmert placed eighth in medal play with a 303 score for 72 holes. Outstanding scores were shot by the first four men throughout the season and the success was attributed to a strong team effort. Allen and Remmert were steady scorers, while Steeno and Ames were sometimes erratic. The best scores recorded for the season were by Ames and Steeno, each with a 68 on a par 72 course at Rock Island, Illinois, in competition with Augustana College, whom they beat 26-2. Jack Allen and Jeff Ames, retiring Co-Captains, piled up respective 48-9-7 and 44-21-5 records during their three years of competition here. Jack Allen was the All-University champion with a 214, two under par for 54 holes. First row, left to right: J. DeSantis. C. Steeno, M. Klein, J. Allen, J. Gray, I). Rasmussen, I). Schultz. Second row: J. Remmert, J. Burke, F. Fosdal, J. Ames, D. Olson, I). Leichtfuss, P. Pittz, R. Dettloff, Coach John Jamieson. 318The Student Athletic Board, made up of captains of all the various teams, assists the Athletic Department in the formation of policy at the University. The Board rules on athletic awards presented to players, makes decisions concerning the student aspect of the Athletic Department in such ways as appointing cheerleaders, and brings any special problems of the players to the attention of the department. Fred Westphal presided over the Student Athletic Board this year with Jon Hobbs acting as vice president. Striving to promote the best in sports at the University of Wisconsin, Athletic Director Ivan Williamson and his staff have done much to keep our students interested and active in all phases of our sports life. His staff consists of the Athletic Board, Business Manager, Western Conference Faculty Representative, Ticket Sales Manager, the 12 coaching staffs, and the Sports Information, Medical, Training, Equipment, and Maintenance staffs. William Aspinwall is the Business Manager and Professor George H. Young is the Western Conference Faculty Representative. George Lamphear, Director of Sports Information, is assisted by James Mott from the Sports Film Library. Athletic Board Left to right: T. Koenig, F.Westphal, R. Barneson.livin units Co-Editors Merwyn Hemp Laureen SeefeldtDORMS First row, left to right: M. Stuhr, K. Davis, E. Nagel, S. Filler, B. Gollnick, J. Hughes, J Quail. Second row: (! Fisher, K. Beadle, K. Halvorsen, Miss Allan, Miss Morgan. First row, left to right: J. Davison, T. Berg, B. Allan. Second row: P. Lange, J. Dealey, S. FitzGibbon, I). Staab, G. Fisher. Third row: M. Stuhr, Miss Cornwell, E. Nagel, S. Langhofer, J. Smith, M. Benson. Eta Kappa Lambda Eta Kappa Lambda is organized for the purpose of promoting and recognizing leadership in the women’s resident halls. Members of this group were selected at the end of their junior year from candidates submitted by the governing boards of their dorms. One of Eta Kappa Lambda’s main activities was the spring recognition banquet for juniors and graduating seniors who were active in the dorms. Officers for the past year included Sharon Filler, president; Kathy David, vice president; Jan Quail, secretary; Gwen Fisher, treasurer. Women's Inter-Hall Council The Women’s Inter-Hall Council, nicknamed “Wic,” is organized for the purpose of better unity and cooperation among the women living in University Residence Halls. This year the organization summarized all the constitutions of the various living units. “Wic” also undertook the task of reorganizing its own constitution. The group was also concerned with the problemsfrelating to the new women’s dorms, Chadbourne Hal) and the Elm Drive Unit. Officers for the year were Marian Stuhr, president; Tammy Berg, secretary; Jane Davidson, treasurer. The permanent advisor is Miss Hayes.First row. left to right: M. Steffen, K. Breitzke, M. Poppy, K. Henderson, J. Olshefske, C. Steffen, M. Gorton, P. Pinney. Second row: K. Myers, S. Karlin, G. Gnnlke, J. Phillips, C. Bunge, I), de Bower, B. Stein, M. McIntyre, I). Hansen, G. Adams, M. Engel. Third row: S. Coon. C. Anderson, 1). Landskron, I). Ivalsow, E. Seifert, J. Johnson, C. Cikanek, 1). Foster, 1). Lovstad, S. Calvert, C. Hofheintz, L. Batterman, J. Samuelson, J. Merrill, G. Rost, K. Guerman, S. Sawle. Fourth row: M. Dvorak, J. Gardner, X. Patch, J. W helan, G. Grorud, A. Wilson, J. Rosenquist, M. Fenske, J. Thompson, C. Thorssen, V. Arvold. S. Caldwell, S. Weed, X Brickner, J. Adamson, X. Taber. Deanna DeBower led the nearly one hundred members of the Nurses’ Dorm this year in her job as president. Assisting her were Kay Juchem, vice president; Irene Sandvold, secretary; Carol Bunge, treasurer; Sarah .Johnson, judicial chairman; Barb Stein and Diane Hanson, social chairmen; Beth Malone, Union representative; Sandy Calvert, ISA representative. The nurses won first place in the dorm Homecoming displays last fall with their large blue cat shedding a woeful tear, entitled, “The Mew is Blue.” The girls participated in Campus Carnival with the DU’s and had beer suppers with the campus fraternities throughout the year. Informal coffee hours were held after home football games. In January, the juniors honored the graduating seniors at the annual Junior-Senior banquet held at a Madison restaurant. The seniors were honored once more at the Senior Certification Ceremony when they became registered nurses. March was the month of the Big-Little Sister informal parties. Nurses living in the dorm entertained all the girls in nursing with individual coke parties. A banquet in Great Hall of the Union welcomed Dr. Helen Bunge, newly-appointed dean. Nurses Dorm First row, left to right: D. Hill, R. Anton, S. Johnson. Second row: K. Jet-main, It. Schmiedeskamp, D. Gensicken, I. Sandvold, M. Lee, B. Rasmussen. Third row: B. Malone, S. Hamarlund, K. Juckem.Barnard Hall Campus activities and social events filled a great percentage of time for the residents of Barnard Hall—in addition to maintaining the all-important grade point. “Barnyard Hop” was the theme for the fall open house, which began the social season. At Homecoming time, all University Avenue travelers viewed the Barnard Hall display, “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” The Christmas formal was held at the YMCA and the holiday season was further celebrated at a faculty tea. The second semester calendar was also filled with social events, including the Mother's Weekend in March and the spring senior banquet. The girls entered Campus Carnival with Delta Theta Sigma and also held a special dorm version of Senior Swingout, highlighted by the installation of the new officers. Officers included Elaine Nagel, president; Jan Quail, vice president; Kathy Davis, secretary; Lynn Palmer, treasurer; Paula Hewitt, AWS representative and judicial chairman; Barbara Gransee, social chairman. First row left to right: G. Colbert, B. Haight, K. Reed, J. Leach, J. Mattes, J. Meuli, L. Weinberger. Second row: J. Allen, K. Davis, J. Quail, C. Christenson, Miss Mackay, E. Nagel, L. Palmer, B. Gransee, 1). Milestone. Third row: R. Ewing, G. Harvey, N. Mulvaney, J. Yasakawa, B. Baker, J. Werner, J. Schlough, M. Schneider, S. Holland, B. Annear, M. Zanton, S. Kletzien, C. Vilvvock, J. Lienau. Fourth row: E. Valasis, M. Robinson, K. Price, A. Dorner, R. Carter, P. Randall, R. Thronson. Fifth row: B. Balicki, J. Kowalski, S. Park, A. Parson, S. Weigman, C. Anton, P. Peterson, G. Welniak, H. Winter, P. Lathrop, K. Larsen, J. Olson, M. Schneider. Sixth row: J. Vaughn, N. Wilcox, J. Stenson, C. Slomar, M. Milewski, M. Frazier, C. Bruhn, R. Thompson, K. Miller, J. Hughes, E. Kloepfel, M. Kuehl. Seventh row: C. Stellwagen, J. Waite, It. Smoody, J. Gallatin, It. Olson, M. Reideman, B. Fade, F. Egnal, M. Hoesly. Eighth row: F. Krupinski, J. Jensen, C. Fellbaum, A. Hemker, P. Solverson, M. Ritzke, B. Trinkner, X. Eskin, J. Gilbert, M. Pozorski, M. Muckerheide, J. Erichsen, C. Lawrence, .J. Brew, L. Malick. Ninth row: J. Ulezelski, J. Donnell, K. Kieweg, B. Dunham, M. Shank, C. Ciotti, R. Sadauski, E. Gilley, K. Wurtz, N. Van Engen, B. Hagen, K. Fowell, A. J. Happel, Woodward,E. Hansen, X. Liesch. 324First row, left to right: N. Baker, Miss Cornwell, Miss Allan, Miss Hayes, M. Larson. Second row: A. Schiffer, D. De-Tuncq, J. Harper, B. Miller, A. Stuben-raueh, M. Patti. Elizabeth Waters Staff Executive Council Meetings, which were held every Monday night, enabled Elizabeth Waters staff members to discuss all areas of concern within the dorm, including both problems and areas of needed improvements. In all instances, matters of discussions were those that pertained to the welfare of the students. This year’s staff included Miss Jesse Allan, head resident; Miss Florence Hayes and Miss Athol Cornwell, assistant head residents; Anna Marie Stubenrauch, Billie Miller, Nancy Baker, Mary Patti, Muriel Larsen, Joyce Harper, Darlene DeTuncq and Ann Schiffer, unit house-fellows. Throughout the year the function of this staff was to serve as an advisory group to the girls in the dorm. Every Monday night, meetings of the Elizabeth Waters executive council were held to discuss policies pertaining to the dorm, administration of these policies and methods as to how external and internal matters of the dorm could become coordinated. Executive council members this year included Marion Stuhr, president; Jane Davison, vice president; Sally Neumann, secretary; Karen Meyer, treasurer; Judy May, judicial chairman; Jan Ilasselman, store representative; linger, freshmen representative; Deanna Stainhofer, dorm coordinator; Sandra Laehosiez, social chairman; unit presidents, Bonnie Allan, Joan Smith, Sandra Langhofer, Mary Benson and Paula Lange. First row, left to right: M. Benson, S. Unger, 1). Stain hofer, S. Neumann, .J. May, M. Patti. Second row: M. Stuhr, P. Lange, S. Lachowiez, J. Davison, B. Allan, I . Meyer, J. Smith, .J. Hassel-man, S. Langhofer.Liz Unit I Elizabeth Waters, one of the largest girls dormitory on campus, again spent the year participating in campus as well as its own special activities. One of the major social events of this year for the dormitory was the Faculty Tea which was held on November 23rd. This event, held once every four years, included the entertainment of faculty members and their wives by girls living within the dormitory. Many students, headed by Karen Christensen, participated on various committees to make the tea the successful event that it was. Other important social events included the annual formats, Mother’s Weekend and teas after the football games. Each unit acted as a special unit in governing matters as the whole dorm would be too large to run smoothly under single leadership. Heading each unit were the various presidents, Bonnie Allan, Joan Smith, Sandra Langhofer, Mary Benson and Paula Lange. The first Monday of every month was set aside for unit meetings where matters of the dorm were discussed. Attendance was required by everyone. At these meetings, discussions concerning campus matters as well as dorm matters were taken into consideration. Issues both old and new that pertained to the girls living in “Liz” were thoroughly explained and discussed. First row left to right: V. Holz, C. Buckholz, (1. Roberts, .1. Jursik, M. Heath, L. Johnson, C. Fox, C. Mather, L. Mather, E. Genunzio, M. Kavalauskas, .1. Machida, A. Stubenrauch. A. Becher, B. Miller, H. Bussian, B. Allan, M. Smith, B. Malcolm. J. Morse, J. Wyman, P. Xees, Iv. Ivnueppel, M. Marsh, K. Milad, 1). Schaffer. Second row: S. Gruhle, J. Ewers, G. Edwards, X. Newbury, II. Bahler, P. Baechle, J. Gilbertson, M. Kay, V. Vandehev, Iv. MacDonald, G. Skarvan, S. Lowell, M. Lloyd-Jones, B. Falk, It. Willoughby, E. Goehring, B. Lehner. B. Templeton. S. TenEyek, C. Caselv, X. Ivirschling. Third row: G. Gericke, it. Dehring, M. Lieske, J. Kaschner, J. Marggi, P. Mueller, C. Christensen, S. Xolte, 1). Henied, J. Mulich, I). Groth, (!. Xiendorf, J. Ivnopp, C. Goecks, S. Weddig, S. Allan, L. Drew, J. Millis, hi. Fleming. M. Frey, C. Ivoonz. Fourth row: J. Sousek, C. Johnson. P. Woehos, P. Mitchell, S. Boettcher, B. Wendt, S. Jorgenson, M. Ivishner, («. Meyer. L., B. Granger, D. Ruston, A. Uehling, L. McKinnell, B. Vareo, J. Schaleben, It. Malach, J. Anderson, B. Satter, L. Engel-man, M. Hebal, K. Holderby. Fifth row: Iv. Menke, S. Frank, J. Zuelsdorf, C. Zielinski, E. VanXess, P. Powell, J. May, J. Stuller, J. Grant, P. Andrus, W. Wackman, M. Lendved, E. Sharnage, Iv. Heyer, I). Czarnecki, M. Bersch, J. Wallis, T. Weisfield, Iv. Martin, K. Charlesen, B. Busch, M. Emrick.First row, left to right: S. Ulmer, J. Douglas, I). Stainhoffer, V. Dressier, S. Taylor, .J. Marsden, I). Finnegan, S. Higgins, D. Klinefelter, C. Zagar, P. Wolf, J. Smith, J. Wieseman, P. Tates, M. Ninneman, S. Houtkamp. Second row: C. Dunbar, M. Liebseh, K. Lange, M. Andrews, M. Hotchkiss, M. Murray, K. Beuscher, K. Stainhofer, K. Frank, It. Waeffler, S. Goltz, C. Wilde, 1). DeRooher, P. Volkmann, P. Staley, M. Timm, C. Miller. Third row: J. Minar, M. Jones, M. Weidenfopf, S. Larson, M. Imingen, M. Skagen, J. Hasselman, M. Schumaker, B. Rotzoll, L. Van Vleet, K. Bender, G. Lentz, M. Weiss, C. Schull, M. Crain, X. Natwick, M. Mouchka, S. H oel. Fourth row: S. Jacobson, X. Bernhardt, J. Hertwig, E. Derleth, C. Collat, B. Blandford, M. Clabots, J. Freix, P. SteidI, R. Mathison, M. Herrmann, M. Chang, M. Laun, J. Ferkin, K. Christensen, M. Span-, C. Moir, B. Cludert. Fifth row: L. Menzel, P. Blanchar, E. Goltz, B. Williams, X. Heiser, C. Zahour, C. Rabehl, S. Lachowicz, S. McBeath, A. Grant, R. Race, K. Meert, J. Ott, J. Thielman, B. Griffith, J. Anderson, B. Kallblad, L. Si nke. Liz Unit II Liz Unit III First row, left to right: T. Forsberg, K. Savage, J. Sallas, G. Hart, J. Setterquist, L. Lemberg, S. Crawford, M. Topel, B. Fox, M. Petrich, M. Marold, M. Kadletz, M. Foertsch, K. Mathiesen, M. Walters, M. Block, S. Helbling, M. Itavenhill, P. Lynch, S. Langhofer, K. Atwood. Second row: K. Roberts, B. Held, P. Rowe, J. Schoephorster, It. Schwarz, J. Hirth, It. Drew, X. Boettcher, A. Hagan, L. Leonard, J. Hales, J. St. Louis, F. Kell, G. Melick, C. Hsiung, S. Wefel, J. Benning, M. Larson, M. Patti Third row: B. Schilling, S. Gerland, A. Winkler, K. Mekelburg, J. Lewis, S. Ramsey, J. Jenson, M. Ahrens, L. Adams, S. Lahey, J. Gregg. V. Wasilewski, M. School's, J. Zimmerman, S. Wag-gershauser, A. Flaherty, J. Gale, C. Calabresa, S. Brill, K. Kohlmetz, It. Mansour. Fourth row: M. Stuhr, K. Rudat, J. Sweeney, 1). Kuhagen, M. Schaefer, I). Ysebaert, B. Graff, S. Tacke, L. Vlasak, C. Goetsch, C. Utech, J. Thomas, L. Wahlstrom, J. Gamroth, C. Roman, J. Xeumann, I. Meyer, S. Unger. S. Farmer, J. Stebbins. Fifth row: J. Soltis, S. Bartel, M. Ankeney, A. Sobota, I). Carr. S. Harford, G. Konnak, It. Palen, G. Van Hagan, L. Martin, M. Crago, J. Barenscher, J. Davison, (). Stiles, A. Eklov, 1). Hassemer, I). Pohland, S. Nason, K. Wenneche, F. Schwarte, T. Kudla.First row, left to right: M. Eastman, S. Waskow, K. Fitzgerald, J. Donovan, G. Wittenwyler, E. Pacetti, L. Schellin, A. Buchanan, A. Hoover, J. Busby, J. Harper, K. Mever, B. Packer, J. Horneck, I). Winfrey, A. Wollitz, M. Benson, C. Wanek. Second row: K. Kubly, A. Johnson, M. Williams, J. Corbeille, S. Thompson, M. Schneider, K. Weiss, K. Engesether, N. Hennig, B. Boldig, S. Neumann, S. Firle, S. Case, A. Andres, P. Holz, M. Ferris. N. Schomann, 11. Gilbert. M. Chin. Third low: L. Seefeldt, J. Hoveland, W. Yang, It. Gibb, P. Hinckley, B. Thiele, J. Diedrieh, K. Anderson, N. Fowler, M. Grauel, I). Davis, A. Curry, J. Amundson, K. Knocke, P. Cunningham, B. Shely, A. Kujath, E. Deblack, S. Heinzen, M. Gleissner, N. Sternberg, J. Hasselman. Fourth row: S. Itingrose, A. Patterson, J. Everson, C. Conway. Iv. Swan, J. Uveno, J. Mielke, S. Larson, V. Benner, J. Mergy, K. Becker, S. Tomasek, E. Biasing, C. Long, E. Meissner, P. Van Ness, M. Whitmore, B. Schoknecht, L. Schmidt. Liz Unit IV Liz Unit V First row, left to right: S. Lins, C. Pucci, V. Currie, S. Schaffer. N. Gilbert, N. Meacham, M. Perozzi, J. Murphy, J. Miller, B. Hoffmann, P. Lange, L. Ehle, J. Vinton, N. Szep, M. Lawrence, K. Noe, B. Sommer, J. Wadepuhl, E. Morgan. Second row: B. Boecher, J. Remington, (!. Dixon, J. Schmidt, K. Hanson, J. Port, H. Levine, M. Grimm, M. Grossman, Iv. Host, Iv. Simonson, A. Sweetser, D. Gerke, Iv. Radde, P. Baldwin, M. Taktakian, J. Seltzer. Third row: S. Robbins, B. Anderson, M. Donovan, N. Ahrens, J. lioecker, H. Schrank, A. Even son, J. Greeley, J. Peterson, V. Stamps, S. Hirsch, N. Gunderson, M. Cain, M. Olen, N. Ray, It. Koch, L. Bolstad. Fourth row: F. Leigh, J. Ketchum, E. Krueger, I). Siggelkow, A. Ubbink, M. Weeks, AI. ltigert, M. Saari, L. Buchanan, L. Hutchinson, J. Murray, J. Altman, Iv. Mills, L. Grassel, It. (fettle, C. Zahn, A. Bieier, C. Varnum. Fifth row: Iv. Meyer, S. Nevville, 1). Paczkowski, L. Fiedler, G. Wall, Iv. Ivurth, Iv. Schwartz, Iv. Bryant, I. Wasberg, M. Doty, J. Haxton, F. Matson, M. Glesne, P. Krivitz, V. Eschner, Iv. Kingeter, M. Perkins, B. Blake, A. Sehiffer, W. Jones, N. Bradley.First, row, left to right: L. Leatherman, (i. Splinter, P. Jacobson, C. Wright, B. Merkel, A. Burgardt, A. Schulz, C. Stowers, L. Stodola, J. Borent. Second row: (1. Kreuzer, M. Morter, M. Schwartz, P. Aldag, I). Ebben, M. Mayhew, Miss Siewert, J. Carlsen, L. Lukow, J. Jensen, M. Edison, M. Weber. Third row: L. Severson, S. Henkel, C. Tomlin, R. Hardaker, J. Klinner, J. Larsen, J. Ames, P. McGinnity, B. Regling, D. DeVetter, M. Hanson, M. Griffiths, E. Good, C. Dehring. Fourth row: S. Christenson, It. Berry, I). Messmann, Iv. Wensing, P. Walker, J. Hahn, C. O’Connell, S. Danielson, J. Ruch, P. Bloom, M. Sutton, M. Wong, J. Kraemer, D. Wiliam. Zoe Bayliss The Zoe Bayliss house for student women, located at 915 West Johnson, was founded several years ago on campus to provide moderate housing for scholarship recipients. Each girl living there is expected to maintain a grade point average well above the university minimum. The house is operated as a cooperative dorm, with all work and duties shared on an equal basis by Zoe Bayliss residents. The girls are encouraged, however, to become active in suitable outside activities. To further the social side of life, Zoe Bayliss joined with other groups on campus for parties and other special events. This year, Loraine Luckow served as president of Zoe Bayliss. Other girls sharing the leadership duties of the dorm were: Donna Ebben, vice president; Margaret Mayhew, secretary; Jane Carlsen, treasurer. Miss Anita Siewert was the group’s housemother. 329 First row, left to right: S. Palmer, X. Oelhafen, J. Ninmer, G. Bissell, R. Schadt, G. Trass, M. Gehl, E. Seitz. Second row: E. Blumberg, M. Peters, E. Staral, C. Harper, K. Mathieus, L. Wood, V. Hoy, V. Paepke, P. Dugan, F. Green. Third row: M. Schweiner, .1. Vorpahl, M. Lindmark, S. Van Willigen, S. Boulanger, J. Hinderman, X. Burgy, S. Kuehl, 1). Stevenson, J. Snavely, 1). Kopff. Fourth row: S. W’oldt, K. Schacht, M. Roberts, C. Ederer, C. Falz, L. Lousier, L. Grob, M. Ricker, J. Withbroe, R. Richards, M. Powers. Bierman Gavin One of the major activities of the girls of Bierman House was to assist in the Slichter Hall project of taking favors to a Madison old people’s home once a week and on holidays. This, combined with a Care contribution before the Christmas holidays, has helped to establish Slichter Hall’s reputation in the university and Madison. Another event high on Bierman’s social agenda was the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart dance. Miss Morgan, Slichter housemother, lived in Bierman House. Leading the activities of Slichter Hall’s Gavin House this year were Tammy Berg, president; Bosemary Robertson, vice president; Barb Nichols, secretary; Lois Wood,, treasurer; Loretta Casciaro, social coordinator; Judy Feher, activities coordinator; and Marilyn Salscheiderr judicial chairman. Gavin joined the rest of the Slichter girls in contributing personnel for the Slichter chorus,, which performed at MHA events and the all-campus tournament of song. First row, left to right: S. Baumgarten, M. Buehrens, 15. Lemke, X. Bull, M. Tompkins, R. Froelich, S. Kissinger, .1. Geishiet, C. Lestina,. A. Draves. Second row: A. Matoi, X. Huckstead, 1). Goodman, J. Schultz, G. Gadow, A. Bangs, C. Mallow, K. Larme, M. Schneider, M_ Gruber. Third row: J. Isberg, M. Eastwood, S. Seering, K. Cummings, P. Kastner, C. Gauger, It. Lawson, R. Robertson, L. Casciaro, P. Pracht, D. Froemming. Fourth row: K. Sizer, C. Swenson, J. Hoffman, P. Gregg, M. Salscheider, B. Gollnick, L. Gleisner, K. Sheller , M. Halverson, J. Babler, K. Haselow.First row, left to right: 1). Ziebell, C. Stutzman, (!. Bierman, B. Schomann, A. Frolieh, K. Bowlby, S. Rieder, P. O Keefe, P. Dunker. Second row: J. Gardenier, J. Protsman, S. Stewart, R. Bauer, X. Allen, J. Manson, M. Helmbrecht, 1). Koerner, B. Nichols, A. Kitze. Third row: M. Paske, G. Harstad, M. Man, S. Grebel, M. Sieja, M. Strunce, M. Renner, J. Duzy, L. Clarson, G. Taylor, J. TeRonde. Fourth row: J. Lewnau, I). Ankerson, J. Lemhouse, M. Kunz, M. Buttery, M. Behrens, P. Perkins, C. Ivopp, E. .Jones, P. Katzenmeyer, K. Jameson, R. Trinrud. Goldberg Luedke The girls of Goldberg House pitched in with the other three Slichter Hall houses to help make this year a full one for everybody. Homecoming, Campus Carnival, and Winter Week were just a few of the important events on the Goldberg social calendar. The house had co-floor chairmen this year, the two being Carla Kopp and Mary Lee Gruber. They were assisted in their duties by Barbara Nichols, as secretary, and Marianne Paska, Goldberg social chairman. Astrid Frolieh was housefellow. Perched at the top of Slichter Hall, with a commanding view of the intramural fields and the Short Course Dorms, is Luedke House. Climbing the four flights daily were Valerie Schaleger and Jane Spevacek, co-floor chairmen of the house. Karen Zimmerman, social chairman, coordinated Luedke’s participation in post-game coffee hours, winter dances, the Prom queen selection, and a December informal party. Many Luedke girls aided in the arrangements for Senior Swingout. First row, left to right: E. Jung, I). Ran, V. Schaleger, C. Bleck, E. Schmidt, N. McGinnis, C. Ryan, A. Morimoto, G. Vosmek, J. Urfir. Second row: E. Cline, L. Carnesale, C. Rivera Batlle, I). Homan, K. Zimmermann, J. Spevacek, L. Bevenue, G. Dawson, L. Moody, J. Esch-rich, Y. Allen. Third row: M. Murkve, E. Rose, J. Blomquist, P. Stenerson, V. Koch, M. Verhulst, E. Neumann, B. Roller, J. Hedberg, S. Butzke, J. Dudley, M. Kike. Fourth row: B. Friedrichs. S. Gehle, P. Friauf, B. Buboltz, J. Wolff, J. Knutson, J. Richards, D. Sparr, K. Rawlings, D. Wellner, K. Feddersen, J. Hartmann.First row, left to right: 1). Sanders, M. Finley, B. Beatty, C. Koehne, N. Bogost, C. Ridglev, M. Tamm, J. Kiehlbauch, M. Marsh, J. Nelson. Second row: A. Davison, B. Braudel, B. Beier, M. Allen, M. Presler, E. Bone, S. FitzGibbon, K. Gains, P. O’Donovan, K. Huth, M. Fitch, H. Riedeman, K. Knapp. Third row: X. Frank, C. Williams, B. Kleinheinz, It. Hinkes, B. Frampton, C. Welker, J. Otto, M. Morgan, X. Russell, J. Springer, L. Simkins, X. Vanevenhoven. Fourth row: K. Fenrick, C. Capelle, L. Itomnes, I). Pendelton, X. Xeupert, .J. Freriks, M. Schaeffer, G. Gerken, S. l)abe, M. Turner, L. Roman, G. Schroder, E. Barnes, C. Glickauf. Buck Kiekhofer Being brand new, Buck House had no reputation to meet, so the girls of the house set about this year to give Buck one to remember. In charge of Buck House’s administrative duties were Susan FitzGibbon, president; Miss Eunice Bone, head resident; and Marianna Presler, housefellow. These three were helped by Gayle Schroder, vice president; Helen Riedeman, secretary; Karen Huth, treasurer; Katherine Knapp, social chairman; and Carol Ridgley, MHA representative. Leading the activities of another house in new Cole Hall—Kiekhofer—were Janice Dealey, president, and Mary Tigg Johnston, housefellow. They were assisted in their jobs by Joan IJinz, vice president; Karen Eide, secretary; Mary Norris, treasurer; Merelyn Spear, judicial chairman; Sara Boehlke and Jeanette Doneit, co-social chairmen; and Janet James, MHA representative. The girls of Kiekhofer, striving to build the house name on campus, participated in the Cole Hall dinner honoring former university President and Mrs. E. B. Fred. First row, left to right: X. Schulze, M. Wake, S. Boehlke, J. Doneit, J. James, J. Dealey, T. Johnston, M. Norris, M. Spear, K. Eide, J. Seymour, L. Vandenburg. Second row: M. Lysaght, B. Stuber, M. Ford, M. Shebesta, F. Davis, M. Benson, R. Leonard, J. Christman, G. Weaver, S. Sauvey, M. Harris, R. Arnov, R. Regli, S. Wallace, S. Bade. Third row: J. McKinney, Iv. Dougherty, S. Shoop, R. Ziemer, C. Talley, J. Madaus, M. Kirkpatrick, A. Holody, K. Jenson, A. Blasi, K. Bergmann, J. Pope, M. Korn, R. Sornsen, C. Getzen, M. Soule. Fourth row: X. Hulett, S. Chase, E. Nower, B. Warne, X. Watts, L. Pride, M. Frankard, A. French, M. Smith, J. Holloway, P. Morrissey, L. Jakop, D. DeVos, M. Goossens, L. Schwartz.First row, left to right. J. Christel, S. Phillips, 1). Druby, C. Peterson, K. Abendroth, C. Hodges, J). Staab, P. Sims, M. Olson, J. Gibson-Second row: E. Pearson, A. Peterson, M. Dymond, A. Carlson, J. Lando, M. Conrad, C. Sidell, J. Tower, L. Derge, A. Hultman, 1). Bramble. Third row: J. Langer, C. Sowka, C. Blawat, L. Krueger, X. Jablow, L. Holderness, J. Laitman, S. Cohn, J. Hamerla. Fourth row: C. Pinnow, P. Zimmerman, S. Palm, J. Dahl, P. Hense, S. Weinrich, P. Lane, K. Metcalf, P. Johnson, X. Voss, J. Van Der Linden, H. Pofahl. Fifth row: R. Horvath, M. Murtfeldt, P. Montgomery, M. Reiter, J. Smith, M. Moloney, J. Matthews, P. Sherry, M. Christmann, 1). McGillivray, B. Shanberg, 1). Schmidt, B. Thompson. Sixth row: D. Baison, I). Burgert, J. Collins, E. Czarnezki, F. Deer, M. Geist, S. Kirsling, K. Simmons, M. Vater, B. Watts. Ross Snow Among the many social activities of Ross House this year was a hula-hoop contest with the men of Swenson, which the men won. Christmas activities included caroling among the Kronshage halls and a party at which gifts were exchanged between roommates. Mr. Ross, a stuffed Badger, was the mascot of the girls in the house. Officers were Charlotte Peterson, president; Audry Carlson, vice president; Daren Drury, secretary; Patti Sims, treasurer. Highlight of the year for the women of Snow House was their participation in the Cole Hall winter formal, held on December 12. The girls spent much time planning and working on the Christmas dance, which was held in Great Hall in the Memorial Union. Also at Christmas time, the girls held a house party at which they decorated the tree, sang carols, and exchanged gifts. Officers included Gwen Fisher, president; Elaine Ma-shauda, vice president; Barbara Plante, secretary; Sheila Beschel, treasurer. First row, left to right: B. Remstad, E. Mashuda, S. Waitrovich, 1). Feir, G. Fisher, S. Bischel, 13. Plautz. Second row: K. Iverson, V. Zwak, K. Burke, H. Pamanent, K. Thoreson, D. Polacheck, M. Murphy, J. Bacon, E. Xakamvra. Third row: X. Foral, E. Bratton, M. Moglowsky, C. Bookhout, 13. Frome, 1). Kricgshaber, P. Travr, M. Roth, D. Weintrob, J. Beyer, J. Babcock. Fourth row: S. Hyne, M. Call, C. Mil-kowski, A. Walecka, X. Duzinski, 13. Whyte, J. Pound, F. Whyte, P. Ryan, I. Boerschinger, B. Allen, R. Samuels. Fifth row: J. Leroux, M. Partch, J. Michael, D. Lewison, 13. Waupochick, L. Sachs, J. Malmborg, J. Fleck, M. Dallich, L. Sayre, J. Schmidt, 13. Marrt, A. Holly.Men s Halls Associa Cabinet. First row, left to right: P. Peterson, R. Kacrcher, R. C. Staffin, J. Godfrey, R. Royce, J. Jacobsen, J. Fitzpatrick, ond row: J. Groeneweg, 1). Jahnke, J. Landmann, R. Schadt James, C. Larson, P. Bandt, B. Komsi, E. Wiegner. Third r W. Battig, J. Kramer, A. Weiss, J. Atismussen, J. Peterson, Teska, F. Bromson, F. Fosdal, C. Sommers, T. Fry, M. Clumpn J. S treat or, B. Olsen, B. Gollnick, G. Trans, C. Ridgelev, A. Kit K. Ahendroth. Executive Council. First row, left to right: . Komsi, C. Larson, House Presidents. First row, left to right: L. Kwarcinski, .j .). Schmidt. Second row: P. Bandt, E. Wiegner, R. Royce. Ausman, It. Hindes, J. Bartz, H. Landa, A. Mertig, F. Mattke. Sec ond row: L. Sarin, (I. Fisher, E. Berg, S. Fitz-Gibbon, J. Schmidt, B. Fllig, C. Sta fen, E. Wiegner. Third row: G. Meldgaard, F. Frey, A. VanEss, J. Foster, J. Huppler, W. Rojnhn, li. Morris, A. Torgerson, F. Alt, R. Heidner. ■H mSssm Wmui m stewmmwM m mmmmCentral Social. First row, left to right: J. Houk, W. Hickruaru, Business Office. Left to right: W. Komsi, G. Hook, J. White. M. Beuhrens, A. TenBvvek, B. Wallick, M. Ford. Second row: K. Abendroth, J. Fleck, R. Hall, S. Chandler, E. J ones, S. Scoring, J. Bittricer. Third row: A. Kitze, M. Powers, X. Allen, G. Traas, M. Buttery, S. Krishna, X. Ivy, M. Kurz, M. Paska, P. Pracht. The MHA Cabinet is the legislative and administrative body of the Men’s Halls Association. This group, which is composed of elected representatives of all the houses, decides the policies and authorizes the functions of the association. Officers of this year’s Cabinet were Chris Larson, president; Phil Bandt, vice president; Bill Komsi, business manager; Ed Wiegner, finance chairman; Ross Royce, house fellow advisor. The Men’s Halls Association Executive Committee performs the legislative and administrative functions of the MHA Cabinet when the Cabinet is not in session. The members of this committee are the chairman of the House Presidents Council and the president, vice president, business manager, and finance chairman of the MIIA Cabinet. The MHA House Presidents Council assists and co-operates with the MHA Cabinet and Executive Committee. The Council sponsors the fall orientation program for freshmen in the university residence halls, administers house parties, and sponsors leadership workshop meetings throughout the year. John Schmidt was this year’s chairman of the MHA House President’s Council. Housefellows. First row, left to right: V. Ebert, S. Jannides, E. Munson, R. Tuirenne, J. Powell. Second row: R. Royce, S. Chandler, J. Pouckhan, R. Blish, J. Shaw, W. Levine, J. Carlton. Third row: A. Kelsey, . . Nault, J. Carry, P. Cade, B. Moin, I). Holl-man, B. Meyer, J. Lauger, A. Shaler, P. Kersten.m. ,- Special Facilities. First row, left to right: G. Fisher, G. Weaver, 1). Richards, A. Hultman, L. Grobe. Second row: L. Fole ’, J. Rasmussen, B. Olson, G. Wille, M. Levine, F. Hartman, A. Wells It. Pleister, J. Stowell. Personnel. First row, left to right: R. Hron, S. Schneider, B. Branded, G. Wanek. Second row: L. Kwarcinski, G. Fisher, R. Gildersleeve, J. Krause, J. Ausman, B. Gollnick, Iv. Fedderson. Gym. First row, left to right: G. Showerman, E. Falk, J. Pate-yuk, J. Moyer, R. Blisch, J. Spooner. Second row: R. Petzke, M. Maximovich, K. Lonngren. 336MHA Athletic. First row, left to right:" 11. Morris, J. Godfrey, J. lore-land, J. Shaw. Second row: P. Ziegenhagen, E. Smith, C. Kohl-meyer, A. Kelsey. Public Relations. First row, left to right: A. Kitze, M. French J. Protsman, I). Koerner, M. Ford, M. Kirkpatrick, S. Chase, S. Shoop. Second row: L. Lousier, S. Schneider, J. Hartman, M. Goossens, M. Verhulst, G. Gerken, M. Sieja. Third row: H. Landa W. Swan, It. Obma, J. Eliason, J. Streator, J. Schick, W. Heath’ J. O’Connor, T. Macho, W. Battig, A. Shaler. Film. First row, left to right: 1). Schmidtke, D. Zastrow, T. Becker, T. Eggers, J. Mercer, L. Lutz, H. Landa. Second row: M. landmark, J. Hartmann, E. Seitz, L. Lousier, P. Dugan, M. Conrad, J. Withbroe. Third row: K. Hath, J. Hook, H. Simon, J. O’Connor, J. Engel, L. Krueger, J. Tierney, D. Kuba, I). Peterson, D. Heid-mann, M. Powers. Library. First row, left to right: C. Ridgley, K. Huth, 1). Ziebell, L. Holdeiness, L. Grob. Second row: E. Sietz, It. Stade, J. Slinger, It. Jachshob, J. Kester, F. Bronson, It. Wenzel, C. Ederer. 337 Judicial. First row, left to right: A. Mertig, L. Parent, T. Roethig, M. Kirkpatrick, B. Williams. Second row: A. Ginsberg, M. Clum-pener, D. Dumbleton, G. Conard, T. Tolzman. Workshop. Left to right: D. Hamerla, H. Landa, F The committees of the Men’s Halls Association take care of many needs of those living in the residence halls. Both men and women from the dormitories serve as committee members. The purpose of the Judicial Committee is to interpret the MHA constitution and decide cases involving the individual rights of dorm residents. The Public Relations Committee acts as a communicator between the MHA and the rest of the University and the state. Providing study facilities, reading material, and phonograph records for the use of MHA members is the function of the Library Committee, which operates a library in the Gilman House basement. The Loans Committee gives financial aid to those MHA members who find themselves to be temporarily in need. It also informs students of the University’s loans and scholarships. The Special Facilities Committee keeps records of the physical equipment of the Men’s Halls. It is responsible for the maintenance and repair of this equipment. Delta Epsilon is an honorary group for the 1.5% men in the dorms who are most outstanding in character and service. Monthly meetings feature guest speakers. Store Board of Directors. First row, left to right: G. Hock, S. Shoop, E. Giessler, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Langer. Second row: M. Plahuta, D. Schneider, I). Leslie, W. Rajahn, I). Glaser, T. Nichols, P. Nelson. mmm Commons. First row, left to right: M. McCabe, T. Teska, D. Seefeld, L. Lousier, J. Semour, R. Blish, J. Gardenier. Second row: S. Rosen, W. Smith, I’. O'Hara, M. Sturdlev, W. Huebner, It. Renz, B. Wallock, J. Jamison, J. Pfeil. 338The Athletic Committee is responsible for the intramural program of the dorms. It issues equipment and sets up the competition between the various houses, which are organized into several leagues. Providing for an ample and enjoyable social program is the function of the Central Social Committee. It regulates the house parties and plans the many MHA dances. The Education and Scholarship Committee works to encourage good scholastic work among dorm residents. It offers study hints and provides for special tutoring sessions. The Finance Committee supervises all major expenditures of the MHA. It investigates the appropriations given to the MHA organizations out of the membership dues. Hearing complaints and suggestions, and then dealing with them is the primary function of the Commons Committee. It works closely with the Division of Residence Halls in trying to provide what the residents want. The Film Committee presents recent movies twice a week to members of the MHA. A cinemascope screen was added to the committee’s equipment this year, expanding greatly the range of films which could be selected. Activities. First row, left to right: J. Dippel, R. Kenney, S. Jannides" Second row: J. Asmussen, R. Obma. Camera. First row: M. Dean. Second row, left to right: S. B. Williams, B. Greenya, H. Lauda. Radio. First row, left to right: T. Macon, R. Huenemann. Second row: E. Douglass, P. Lindsay, E. Poulson, D. Woods, It. Strauser, It. Van Horn. Education and Scholarship. First row, left to right: P. Cade, V. Schlager, K. Lubeck, C. Sommers, K. Zimmermann. Second row: G. Wanek, J. Eiiason, B. Seefeld, D. Strang, R. Gauger, N. Buhrow, R. Thiede, K. Berget. x fcaio'P 339Hunting and Fishing. Left to right: T. Towers, J. Carleton, I). Toetz, L. Remer, M. Sturdley. Choraliers. Left to right: I). Knutson, K. Kasbarberget, J. Elia-son, H. Wandsnider, H. Abraham, C. Sommers, L. Zermuhlen, J. Nelson. WMHA. Kneeling: I). Salzman. Second row: B. Anthold, J. Powell, M. Yelle, J. Duzy, J. Hittrich, G. Fisher, P. Katzenmier, G. Ott, T. Nichols, D. Schmitke. Loans. First row, left to right: B. Remsted, M. Mau, D. Fried. Second row: 1). Gaydos, R. Lurenne, E. Buehler. Delta Epsilon. First row, left to right: C. Larson, J. Cony, C. Maier. Second row: 11. Spiegelburg, G. Suhr, J. Pluckhan, J. Urban, B. Ellig, B. Komsi, L. Burns, (). Stentz. Third row: M. Clumpner, F. Hintz, R. Royce, P. Ginsberg, S. Jannides, G. Mickelson, G. O’Hearn, J. Stein, J. Ausman. 340Clerks. Left to right: J. Kubisiak, 1). Kroll, B. Anderle, F. Wykhuis, B. Liddle, G. Wanek, L. Krueger, M. Somerville. MHA Store Managers. Left to right: 1). Glaser, P. Nelson. The Men’s Halls Store, Inc., the “World’s Largest Student Owned and Operated Store,” served over 2COO students in the dormitory area this year. The store, which provides the dormitory residents with a wide variety of necessities and conveniences, is a non-profit service organization and therefore donates the proceeds to the Men’s Halls Association for house equipment and use by the various student committees. The store began operations in Tripp Hall in 1937 as a department store and University co-operative. A few years later, it moved to its present location in the Mack House basement in the Kronshage units. The store, a corporation, was managed this year by Paul Xelson, with David Glaser acting as assistant manager. Bruce Anderle, chief clerk, had approximately ten clerks working under his supervision. These clerks, who were picked by the manager and the assistant manager, not only earned money for their college expenses, but received valuable experience in learning sales techniques and handling money. 341First row, left to right: T. Mastalin, J. Dickinson, W. Ziegler, It. Nichols, It. Westphal, R. Reh. Second row: G. Mathews, R. Liss, J. Rupena, It. Kelly, R. Wavro, J. Wallace, 1). Gran berg, It. Schwartz, E. Kunesh, J. Sindelar, L. Glaser. Third row: H. Blaim, W. Brozek, (J. Schnabel, It. Zibell, P. Dunn, I). Carlson, G. Hoffschmidt, D. Richmond, 1). Marker, D. Henning, J. Kuhl. Fourth row: J. Zabel, It. Huenemann, R. MacDonald, L. Zermuehlen, I). Beier, J. Konarski, It. Koos, L. Samuelson, G. Johannes, It. Kuchera, D. Fitzpatrick. Bashford Botkin Soft breezes, the slapping of the rolling surf on a sparkling beach, swaying palm trees and hula girls, the strains of South Sea rhythms. These were the impressions given as Bashford House once again went to Hawaii in Wisconsin. To create the desired atmosphere, orchids, flown in from Hawaii, professional entertainment, and Polynesian decorations were featured. This was only one of the many social functions and activities in which the men of Bashford participated. Officers were Walter Ziegler, president; Don Beier, vice president; Bob Westfall, secretary-treasurer; Jack Dickenson, MHA Cabinet representative. The spotlight of Botkin House’s calendar shone upon this year’s Tri-Dorm party sponsored with two other dormitories. Held off campus, this party turned out to be the biggest social function of the year. The men of Botkin House excelled in scholarship, earning the highest grade point average in the dorms, and in athletics, having members who participated in varsity sports. Gale Hover and Grant Hartmann were on the wrestling team, and Dick Trachsel was a member of the tennis squad. Officers were Glen Melgaard, president; Tom Ward, vice president; Don Knutson, secretary; GaleHoyer, treasurer. First row, left to right: J. Schaaek, I). Battelman, 1). Trachsel, T. Ward, G. Meldgaard, M. Proctor, G. Iloyer, M. Zidan, C. Hinckley. Second row: A. Vinakmens, M. Zielice, M. Dorrance, It. Cornish, F. Miller, K. Wai, S. Suhm, G. Hartman, It. Kuhlen, P. O’Hara. Third row: J. Gilson, W. Strehlow, R. Thiede, It. Timms, C. Guntly, R. Bales, B. Nordeen, T. Schipporeit, G. Bluemink, I). Haselow. Fourth row: A. Stagl, C. Vesel, G. Getschmann, J. Hassh, J. Duffy, J. Harvey, J. Pielson, P. Neimann, W. Hanks, J. Gilbertson, T. Nelson, B. Moore.First row, left to right: It. Haiti, W. Brinkmann, It. Wirth, K. Oppeneer, V. Ebert, E. Wiegner, C. Staffin, It. Schend, It. Brown, It. Parcher. Second row: A. Greene, W. Pittenger, S. Jones, X. Cechin, J. Jasin, D. Waggoner, I). Riek, S. Berman, T. Wolfe, J. Zorko, J. Voborskv. Third row: E. Ludke, It. Higbie, M. Knisely, J. Pingitore, J. Kiesow, D. Klockow, T. Rounds, L. Parent, (1. Schilling, T. Dreger, T. Kam-bayashi. Fourth row: It. Perkins, It. Hubbell, T. Fins, W. Flader, I). Doyle, H. Suess, B. Armstrong, J. Owens, D. Smith, G. Falkenberg, W. Dushek. Fifth row: It. Trefz, C. Uyeda, It. Slavik, W. Keller, It. Tredwav, C. Kemp, A. Wlnppermann, L. Damske, I). Beeckler, It. Moek-ert, R. Schroeder. Bryan Chamberlin A newcomer in the dorm area, Bryan House in Sullivan Hall fought to establish a mark among the older organized men’s units. Part of this effort was in the field of intramural athletics—where Bryan men proved themselves worth watching. Vic Ebert played the role of housefellow for Bryan House this year, while Ed Wiegner held the title of house president. These men were assisted administratively by Keith Oppeneer, who doubled as vice president and secretary ; James Voborsky, treasurer; Robert Brown and James Zorko, sharing the duties of co-social chairmen; and Carl Staffin, representative to MHA Cabinet. Chamberlin House got off to a big start this year with a bonfire beer party at Picnic Point held in conjunction with Cole and Swenson. They followed this with two banquets, house parties, and their annual Christmas party—Mistletoe Madness. Chamberlin was in the dorm football finals. They also sponsor a house paper called the Chamberlin Tattler. In the spring they backed and campaigned for the Gamma Phi Beta Prom Queen candidate. Living at Chamberlin were Jack Bittrich, manager of WMNA, and Earl Munson, house fellow, on student court. Officers were Walter Rojahn, president; Ron Jaye, vice president and secretary; Bruce Thorp, treasurer. First row, left to right: B. Thorp. R. Schilleman, E. Koch, W. Kenny, J. Bittrich, E. Munson, W. Rojahn, A. Kaphengst, J. Asmussen, R. Kiesslins, W. Tetzlaff, It. Strand. Second row: It. Matarrese, C. Struck, R. Gibson, L. Murphy, F. Florence, It. Dvorachek, D. Browning, It. Schaffer, I). Johnson, B. Johnson, X. Corpron, J. Bishop. H. Solakian. Third row: G. Meyers, It. Wash, I). Smith, J. Mason, It. Kutchera, T. Turner, I). Wade, L. Maereklein, R. Thill, 1). Moss, J. Xygren, J. Page, D. Siedschlag. Fourth row: R. Gerson, It. Box, H. Olevskv, L. Polzak, W. Schwingel, T. Weddig, D. Kleman, D. Sonnenberg, D. Bodden, G. Ransom, G. Lewis, W. Pieh, W. Stewig, B. Yantarrak. Fifth row: D. Wright, It. Kilger, R. Hubert, It. Schwanke, J. Wussow, W. Pasbrig, J. Kotter, G. Fisher, T. Sobota, It. Jensen, J. Engel, A. Stubbs, J. Zemella, I). Jones.Fast row, letf to right: I). Knutzen, I). Wiens, R. Gauger, J. Streator, I). Richards, J. Bartz, J. Powell, X. Henkes, D. Turner, T. Stanley, W. Dauska, B. Anthold, G. Wanek, W. Swan, 1). Dumbleton. Second row: G. Hoppe, 1). Saltzman, R. Sims, C. Egli, P. Juneau, T. Olson, S. McEaehron, G. Neuensch wander, R. Perlman, I). Bartels, J. Black, P. Plengridhva, M. Hottmann, R. Feldman. Third row: K. Gregorius, '1'. O’Brien, J. Gerald, S. Hamre, I). Young, J. Grimm, F. Hartman, W. Kaiser, W. Basaw, S. Renk, K. Johnson, J. Lescohier, 1). Knutzen, J. Hansen, D. Webb, C Denniston. Fourth row: J. Nicolaus, B. Bennett, J. Krueger, G. Conrad, S. Cole, R. Apida, C. Repka, H. Moon, It. Radcliffe, J. Stodola, B. Braun, J. Harrington, A. Wells, It. Gildersleeve. Fifth row: I). Lubow, 1). Travanti, T. Rippe, T. Markusen, T. Summeril, X’. Payne, E. Pellegrino, It. Itossin, S. Lev, R. Schwoch, J. Klabough, T. Mason, D. Norton, J. Roth. Conover Fallows Conover House had a big reputation to meet this year, since last year they took top honors by winning the dorm Activities trophy. This trophy came on the heels of Conover’s sporting the Dorm Duke and winning the Tournament of Song. This year they took second place in their classification for Homecoming decorations. Some Conover men are Jerry Wanek, chairman of the MHA personnel committee; Don Richards, chairman of the MHA special facilities; and Sam Lev, on the intramural dorm team. Officers were Jim Bartz, president; Jim Streator, vice president and secretary; Don Richards, treasurer. A unique highlight of the year at Fallows is during the holiday season when an annual Christmas banquet is held. This year the festivities took place at the Hoffman House where the men exchanged a small humorous gift accompanied by an appropriate poem. Besides being poetical the men are also athletically inclined—Richard Lane and James Willcocks were on the freshman football squad. Don Stadler was on the varsity fencing team. Officers for the past year were: Dick Hagen, president; A1 Rasqualucci, treasurer; Larry Borchert, secretary; Pete Barnes and Don Stadler, social chairmen. First row, left to right: 1). Juhnke, H. Barnes, J. Kurz, R. Hagen, M. Levine, A. Pasqualucci, I). Stadler, L. Borchert. Second row: W. Krueger, D. Ebert, S. Knapton, R. Witucke, R. Krause, P. Dahl, R. Euclide, R. Warrow, M. Bonsman. Third row: F. Altaie, J. Van Willigen, J. Langford, J. Eckstein, W. Sprenger, C. Wassburg, E. Behrens, R. Stade, J. Gretzma, D. Laak. Fourth row: J. Diedrich, G. Duren, It. Lane, T. Macho, W. Dykema, I). Whitmer, J. Willcocks, W. Henrikson, R. Renz, W. Emerson. Fifth row: J. Reznichek, C. Angoli, I). Gaydos, R. Zirbel, J. Potter, S. Gaydos, A. Buye, H. Hamann, It. Brock, K. Terrill, 1). Martin.First row, left to right: I). Ceilesh, W. Blair, J. Moreland, C. Kohlmever, H. Lancia, O. Nelson, G. Schiller, L. Foley, C. Millgard, M. Yelle. Second row: B. Hickman, P. Taylor, E. Riesen, Jr., I). Schmidtke, T. Stenklyft, J. Zwickey, J. Cope, N. Engersbach, G. Ott, T. Becker, T. Carlson. Third row: B. Conner,' P. James, T. Nichols, J. Young, T. Smith, R. Woods, J. Moeller, T. Eggers, B. Peterson, N. Jones. Fourth row: G. Kindschi, I). Zlabek, G. Bellrichard, B. Trochlell, O. Hinke, R. Mueller, J. Mercer, I). Heinz, J. Tierney, J. Groeneweg. Fifth row: D. Pansch, I). Johnson, J. Rioux, J. Marshall, W. Hough, 1). Ritzenthaler, J. Casper, G. Kiefer, 1). Baer, P. Halverson, T. Trebatoski. Faville Frankenburger The men of Faville House literally talked themselves into being the talk of the dorms. Mike Yell, Roy Woods, Gary Schiller and Tom Nichols were announcers for WMHA. Athletic chairman John Moreland’s pep talk spear-headed the drive for the Wisconsin dorm football champions to beat the rival Minnesota all-dorm kings, 20-0, in a traditional game. The Faville men spread Christmas cheer by entertaining the children at the orthopedic hospital. Officers for this year were Henry Landa, president; Gary Schiller, vice president; Bill Blair, secretary; Charles Kohlmeyer, treasurer; Larry Foley, social chairman. This year the men of Frankenburger were busy in various campus activities. They combined their efforts with the women of Slichter Iiall to create a Homecoming display worthy of the many hours of work they spent on it. They were also active in sports as they captured second place in their division of football. They were especially proud of Don Dooley who was the outstanding freshman on this year’s cross country team. Officers for the past year were Len Van Ess, president; Robert Breen, vice president; Darryl Hanson, treasurer; Richard Koehn and David Stute, social chairmen; John Carlton, housefellow. First row, left to right: L. Van Ess, R. Koehn, F. Harvey, L. Dohse, H. von Allmen, J. Smith, J. Carlton, D. Smith, F. Davis, M. Hanson, E. Wells, J. Godfrey. Second row: G. Steffen, J. Sieber, R. Buerki, J. Lindwall, T. Lockyear, J. Mowery, W. Ristow, R. Anderson, H. Torosian, J. Olson, D. Hanson, It. Miller, D. Blv, J. Bly. Third row: W. Hurrle, J. Dunst, A. Boettcher, D. Christenson, L. Grobe, D. Schmidt, R. Stensbv, F. Weinkauf, L. Meyer, W. Austad, J. Sonderlicker, F. Schultz, R. Ohlsson, R. Fentz, It. Eckrose, S. Anbuhl, D. Dooley.First row, left to right: R. Hunold, T. Lotz, K. Krueger, E. Gieseler, J. Schmidt, I). Hoffman, J. Myers, M. George, If. Davis, R. Pfefferkorn, C. Frank, B. Riddle, R. Heggestad. Second row: A. Izquierdo, R. Vehlow, M. Brillman, It. Hantke, J. Krause, L. Krueger, J. Schick, J. Hewitt, It. Smith, It. Gagan, T. Hanson, B. Mitchell, J. Fey. Third row: H. Kapoor, 1). Larson, T. Lemke, D. .Jorgenson, C. Wilson, G. Howe, A. Luellwitz, J. Dubois, E. Somers, L. Skalinder, P. Schneider, T. Poulson, It. Rathert, K. Schomberg, J. Blazek. Fourth row: X. Hearn, J. Schlaver, F. Hoppert, 1). Clancy, J. Haberstroh, D. Brencel, H. Lutz, W. Ziegler, W. Hartwig, R. Martens, J. Chandler, It. Prib-benow, J. Frechette. Gilman Gregory Following a successful orientation to life at Gilman House, the residents put forth their energies into a wide range of activities, including the Little World Series with Kiekhofer House and Badger Olympics with Liz Unit IV. Gilman men took a strong interest in sports, as they chalked up impressive records in both bowling and basketball. Officers were John Schmidt, president; Jerry Lund-strom, vice president; Gene Giesler, secretary-treasurer; Kent Krueger and Tom Lotz, social chairmen; Bob Haggestad and Jim Fey, activities chairmen. The fifty-two men of Gregory House participated in a full calendar of events during the year. Heading the social activities was the “Beat Party.” In the field of sports, the house football team compiled an especially fine record in losing only one game during the season. Officers for the year were Jack Huppler, president; Howard Schloeman, vice-president; John Morley, secretary; Peter Hirsch, treasurer; Fred Rittschof and Don Maack, co-social chairmen; John Peterson, MHA Cabinet representative; John Langer, housefellow. First row, left to right: J. Mason, F. Rittschof, P. Hirsch, H. Schloeman, J. Huppler, J. Langer, J. Morley, J. Peterson. Second row: R. Miller, W. LeClaire, J. Neumeyer, L. Lara, 1). Larson, R. Lovedale, J. Zenk, J). Hilton. Third row: J. Pomeroy, S. Gershaw, S. Siddiqi, E. Barnard, R. Schlising, E. Thorpe, W. Millard, J. McCauley, G. Mueller, H. Findler. Fourth row: T. Peter, R. Comstock, T. Neuman, R. Gordon, L. Friedman, P. Masengarb, P. Bach, R. Wittman, F. Rydberg, P. Knox. Fifth row: II. Wells, J. Morley, J. Ver Hagen, J. Stolten-berg, J. Muench, H. Bandy, E. Stearns, R. Wittig, C. Sobczak, J. r g Jones Ubomecommg,, Campus Carnival, and Parents’ Weekend ere eadin£ events on the High. House social calendar tor t e year. "Leroy Hwar cinski represented the house on tbe tillX Personnel Committee, Boger Wyatt, Bill Bren-nom, loe lvvamev and Bob Quandt worked on Union A great variety of activities made up the year’s calendar for the men of Jones House. Leading social events included a costume party, which was held at Nob Hill, and the annual spring banquet. The uGentlemen Warriors” of Jones House also participated in sports, winningFirst row, left to right: R. McArthur, L. Orlando, R. Heidner, A. Shaler, P. Zielenski, L. Fitzpatrick, J. Goldman. Second row: I). CofTej', Y. Chiemchaisri, B. Giese, D. Heidmann, X. Krush, E. Pilarski, R. Martin, J. Navin, 1). VViest, II. Zeuske, T. Gresenz. Third row: It. Traxel, J. Schachtschneider, G. Brunins, J. Rensch, E. Thiede, J. Bryan, J. Pierpont, W. Theide, T. Phillips, J. Suhrbier, J. Lees. Fourth row: It. Wigdale, It. Darrow, T. Taylor, A. Beck, F. Benz, B. Johnson, J. Kuetemyer, W. Faulkner, D. Pierpont, L. Cochenet. LaFollette Leopold LaFollette men who were especially active in campus activities included Russ Darrow, who flipped the records on the Men’s Halls radio station WMHA (he claims, “I was too sleepy to do anything else.”), and Jim Fitzpatrick, who served on the MHA store board. The group enthusiastically participated in intramural football, basketball, and bowling. Although they didn’t win any trophies, their victories prevented rival dorms from winning the first place slots in the football and bowling competition. Officers were Ron Heidner, president; Pete Zielenski, vice president; Jim Fitzpatrick, treasurer. The MHA formal and winning the championship of their football division in dorm intramurals led the activities of Leopold House this year. Participants in campus activities were Phil Brandt, vice president of MHA Cabinet, Bill Konsi, MHA business manager, and Earl Muehler, Loans Committee chairman. A Capella singers included Paul Breske and Ed Ellsworth. Jim Hook served as chairman of the Holt Hall dedication, while Frank Burks played on the freshman basketball team and Terry Pitts boxed for the University. Officers were Jim Ausman, president; Bill Konsi, vice president; Earl Duehler, secretary; John Bolles, treasurer; Dick McLay, social chairman. First row, left to right: J. Cheeseman, I). McLay, E. Buehlen, J. Bolles, P. Kersten, J. Ausman, D. Jones, B. Komsi, T. Bolles. Second row: L. Bublitz, T. Leonhardt, J. Svoboda, J. Hook, B. Loppow, K. Schuln, P. Breske, T. Akgulian, B. Geenya, M. Berger, X. Ahmed. Third row: F. Massey, T. Pitts, V. Iloxwell, B. Pearson, J. Strigel, B. Eder, B. Cornell, J. Reese, A. Samson, P. Schwartz. Fourth row: J. Michler, B. Schaars, J. Kellogg, 1). Fried, 1). Lewke, E. Sinclair, E. Allen, G. Howard, G. Lindsley, K. Sanderson. Fifth row: B. Prange, I). Ivulzer, J. Wood, E. Ellsworth, J. Dyer, M. Busher, B. Derusha, D. Seefeld, R. Forgione, L. Holm.First row, left to right: . Dreier, I). May, J. Mikkelson, I). Leslie, A. Mertig, B. Simenson, J. Kroening, It. Hron, J. Jacobson, C. Brown Second row: M. Johnson, A. Itogahn, P. Hildebrand, M. Itoley, D. Geffert, It. Sherwood, J. Baxter, It. Burdick, I). McDonald, I). Schaefer, (!. Dollinger, L. Larsen. Third row: . Grosz, M. Comer, J. Fraser, V. Sturgis, It. Nuernberg, J). Halmrast, J. Berndt, L. Paul, W. Nichols, J. Biersach, P. Einerson, T. Ramsey, O. Widera, R. Jacobson. Fourth row: C. Larson, 1). Mietzel, It. McDevitt, J. DeTienne, B. Wieden-hofer, C. Kline, P. Calera, J. Poole, E. Smith, R. Ivubley, E. Dolly, W. Hess, D. Luenzmann, C. Daellenbach, 1). Klappenbach, I). Hall. Mack Among the students residing at Alack House who held positions in student government were Chris Larson, Alen’s Halls Association president, and John Jacobson, MHA Cabinet representative and District III committee chairman . Social activities included their annual Hood and Arab costume parties. The AIIIA den speaker programs were avidly attended by the men, who heard such topics as “Psychological Aspects of Maturity.” Officers were A1 Mertig, president ; Dave Leslie, vice president; Jim Kroening, treasurer; Dan May, Union representative; Bob Simonsen, social chairman; Roy Kublev and Roger Sherwood, athletic chairmen. McCaffery House parties and coffee hours were the kick-off of social activities for the new McCaffrey House this year. Other activities included the Homecoming display, den speakers, Badger Olympics, and Humorology. House members in campus activities included Tim Root big, chairman of the AIIIA Judicial Board, Jerry Hock, vice president of the AIIIA business office, band member Charles Gardanier, Bob Herro, freshman basketball player, and Pete Mueller, boxer. Officers were Dick Morris, president; Jerry Hock, vice president; Jerry Moore, social chairman; Bob Herro, secretary; Jerry McGrane, treasurer. First row, left to right: I). Pomeroy, G. Moore, It. Morris. B. Herro, S. Jannides, J. McGrane, T. Frey, It. Jermain, T. Roethig. Second row: M. Plahuta, J. Barber, D. Gilbert, P. Levine, B. Karbjinski, P. Laidly, G. Zastrow, It. Blish, B. Rummler, E. Brisk, S. Olson. Third row: I). Smith, K. Zeigler, N. Bybee, D. Jensen, B. Schmidt, A. Boonted, D. Schroder, It. Sessler, J. Hansen, J. Riggs, II. Hagemeister, J. Hudis. Fourth row: D. Rice, J. Larsen, S. Stone, A. Bass, F. Ford, R. Pinkert, R. Berns, It. Evjen, P. Christenson, L. Blachman, T. Bare, P. Mueller. Fifth row: 1). Aamodt, It. Listeeki, C. Douglas, C. Davis, E. Wendt, G. Munger, C. Gamier, B. Anderle, H. Wierzbach, T. Grem-mer, B. Lueschow, D. Wilets.First row, left to right: R. Kotnik, A. Thorbjornsen, W. Battig, T. Plunkett, R. Turenne, C. Hartwig, J. Ristow, C. Toraason, P. Ziegenhagen. Second row: P. Klawiter, J. Ng, J. Vosmek, R. Howard, C. Hsi, J. Motz, S. Noah, S. Saiama, P. Juetten, R. MacGregor, I). Happe. Third row: H. Abbott, J. Radke, J. Kese, G. DeBruin, A. Christenson, 1). Huber, J. Jaeger, V. Cohen, 1’. Thorman, M. Podolske, K. Foster. Fourth row: F. Karpuleon, F. Pospeschil, A. Liebenberg, G. Gauger, X. Jones, S. Lukas, J. Berrett, J. Peterka, J. Wisnicky, It. Williams, T. Schroeder. Noyes Ochsner A Golden Nugget party, fashioned after a Las Vegas night club with gambling and door prizes for the winners, was one of the highlights of the year’s activities at Noyes House. Other activities included house parties, fall and spring picnics, a Homecoming display, intramural sports, and the Top Hatters spring formal. Bob Copley and Russ Chafin were members of the freshman football team. Officers for the year were Wayne Spindler, president; Clarence Hartwig, vice president; Doug Hoppe, treasurer; Thomas Plunkett, social chairman; John Ristow, athletic chairman; Roderick MacGregor, scholarship chairman. The “tigers” of Ochsner took the lead in fostering an academic spirit in the dorms. Outstanding Freshman awards were made both semesters, and academic competition for a travelling trophy was started. Social life and studies were successfully combined, with the annual Playboy party highlighting the social calendar. Annual banquets held at Christmastime and in the spring honored the graduating seniors. For their traditional service project, the Ochsner men treated a group of underprivileged children to a Wisconsin basketball game. Officers were Halit Sarin, president; Ron Jaschob, vice president ; LeRoy Lutz, secretary-treasurer. First row, left to right: R. Sawyer, R. Alt bans, L. Lutz, It. Jaschob, It. Meyer, It. Olson, W. Zelm, M. JafT. Second row: T. Tozman, J. Buser, I). Zastrow, C. Mickelson, 1). Glass, It. Glick, A. Keefer, W. Hickson. Third row: J. Spates, J. Bussewitz, E. Hill, J. Avery, X. Thomas, R. McFadden, H. Simon, B. Williams, T. Lassig, Fourth row: R. Stillman, It. Burgeson, R. Jewell, J. Hanson, C. Stewart, X. Buhrow, W. Huebner, It. Hahn, It. Lusignan, E. Smith. Fifth row: W. Seeveld, J. Meyst, I). Bostrom, M. Gharritv, I). Smith, W. Hang, H. Abraham, J. Ritzenthaler, J. X'iehols, L. Sweeney.First row, left to right: F. Fosdal, T. Me Murray, B. Ellig, J. Urban, R. Ivennev, B. Heath, K. Swerdlow, P. Grayson. Second row: R. Goetz, B. Igeta, It. Pollard, It. Benson, G. Weldon, D. Stadel, A. Opgenorth, C. Kilander, J. Roehr. Third row: It. Wendt, W. Guse, C. Ringrose, G. Sobel, P. Westbrook, I). Garbelman, J. Winter, J. Rasmussen, D. Zeloski, It. Froehlioh. Fourth row: (1. ille, It. Whitman, It. Obma, V. Otto, K. Kiev, J. Pansch, W. Pfeiffer, 1). Behrmann, I). Itoal, J. Pfeil, L. Van Horn. Fifth row: G. DiVall, T. Kelly, L. Lang, G. Larson, •J. O’Conner, It. Wittkop, F. Friess, 1). Strang, T. Laupp, J. Robinson, P. Hiller, I). Parker. Olson Richardson The skating and tobogganing party, the Homecoming ■display contest and Badger Olympics highlighted the social calendar of Olson House. Their den speaker programs featured Professor Fox and Father Brown. Olson men who were in campus activities included Bruce Ellig, at member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Gary Divall and Bill .Heath, on the Mil A Public Relations committee, and Bill Hiller, a worker for the Union Film committee. Those out for sports were Fred Fosdal, golf; Foster Frees, freshman basketball; John Grossenbach, tennis and Chick Kilander, crew. Officers were A1 Opgenorth, president; Jon O’Connor, vice president; Roger Stauter, secretary; Bob Whitman, treasurer. The men of Richardson House introduced Victor Ing-mann at their first house party this year, the Harvest Party. Victor was an exchange student from the new country of Ghana, and the men of Richardson used him in their attempt to retain the intramural basketball trophy which they had captured last year. One of the outstanding men in the house was Jim McHale, who was active not only in the house, but was also District III Senator and a member of Wisconsin Previews. Officers for the year were James Rhuby, president; Conrad Kaminski, vice president; Tom Gapinski, secretary; Bill Nohr, treasurer; and Mike Cwayna, housefellow. First row, left to right: J. Julian, J. McHale, W. Nohr, J. Friedland, C. Kaminski, J. Hruby, M. Cwayna, T. Gapinski, F. Yocco. Second row: D. Bronk, S. Clark, A. Mattacotti, E. Engmann, Ik Peterson, L. Pinsof, P. Paudler, J. Crandall, W. Mueller, J. Farnam. Third row: D. Kennedy, I). Ellis, K. West, J. Xovenski, I). Henderson, P. Sainsburv, I). Johnson, J. Carran, B. Hanchett, W. Waterstreet, F. Jebens. Fourth row: J. Xaybert, G. Moore, B. Graham, B. Loeffler, L. Velicer, P. Xeevel, J. Weckmueller, W. Hable, R. Xadig, B. Marquardt, L. Remer. Fifth row: H. Hass, I). Sodke, P. Testwuide, T. Debuhr, T. Sawers, J. Harty, It. Bjelland, B. Schroeder, R. Hussa, R. Anderson, D. Tennant.First row, left to right: G. Dunn, L. Schwede, P. Schmidt, It. Steigenvaldt, E. Mattke, It. Blish, T. Anderson, P. Mattke, It. Stirn, A. Savey, .J. Wieland. Second row: P. Nelson, J. Moolis, E. Lengel, W. Herbrand, It. Ruesch, C. Mcyst, T. Schaefer, H. Falit, It. Vlach, K. Kullmann,. J. Poon. Third row: M. Muenzberg, F. Nakagawa, W. Friedrichs, J. Smith, It. Salzwedel, J. Kubisiak, It. Stern, F. Hanson, P. Sheridan,. J. Biwer, D. Reierson, J. Vellema, J. Kaczor. Fourth row: L. Berner, J. Schubert, L. Rowley, S. Taube, K. Hansen, D. Kortkamp, L. Herbst,. J. Peterson, P. Althouse, M. Webb, G. Hausler, N. Dahle, F. Xolte. Showerman Residents of Showerman House had an opportunity to match wits with the girls of Cole Hall in the Powder-howl football playoff this fall. The Alumnae Party at Homecoming featured a band and free orchids and cigarettes for the guests. In the spring, the Showerman men donned sheets for a Roman Party. Officers were Fran Mattke, house president; Terry Anderson, secretary and vice president; Bob Steigenvaldt, treasurer; Alvin Cotter, publication chairman; Richard Stern and Larry Herbst, athletic chairmen; John Zimmerman, historian; Robert Brown and John Schmidt, social chairmen; Russel Blisch, housefellow. Siebecker By wearing Bavarian costumes and adopting other German customs, the men of Siebecker house celebrated their annual “Schlitzfest” sponsored by the Schlitz brewery. Another annual social function was the house party honoring Judge Siebecker, the namesake of their house. The annual marble tournament against Elizabeth Waters, hall was held in the spring. Leaders in MHA activities from Siebecker were Robert Hall, chairman of the Central Social committee, and John Dipple, member of the Special Act Committee. Officers were Robert Hall, president; Art Lorenz, vice-president and secretary; John Dipple, treasurer. First row, left to right: D. Bichler, J. Dippel, J. Ruecker, B. Hall, It. Royce, A. Lorenz, A. Weiss, B. Spangler. Second row: C. Kang, B. Wallack, J. Nibler, R. Phillips, E. Douglass, B. Halsell, R. Rye. Third row: R. Mayer, J. Jodie, J. Meacham, R. Becker, J. Slinger, P. Lindsay, L. Matheson, B. Link. Fourth row: C. Rabas, G. Modahl, N. Rinehart, G. Shinners, R. Plumb, A. Schuman, K. Redell, G. Ruben. Fifth row: E. Anderson, J. Miller, K. Herman, C. Ihle, W. Marton, B. Duffy, It. Odegaard, N. Iry, D. Grube, D. Toetz.First row, left to right: I. Lozenicins, M. Reinnoldt, J. Cliin, J. Shaw, F. Alt, M. Hahn, G. Aporta, S. Kampempool, It. Lyga, J. Pateyuk. Second row: W. Pauls, J. Flor, G. Koenig, R. Kaercher, L. Nolin, W. Ahlstrom, A. Brearley, 13. Mortensen, R. St. John, W. Nack. Third row: B. Rahn, G. Moyer, W. Maurer, E. Nicholson, R. Bernstein, E. Alderman, I. Kornbluth, R. Engel, L. Douglas, M. Gray. Fourth row: S. Cline, V. Luljack, P. Cehanovich, D. Searles, W. Hancock, C. Madsen, R. Adams, It. Schmidt, J. Blomquist, J. Mitchell. Spooner Swenson A Night Club party, complete with semi-formal attire, waiters, and candles headed the list of social activities at Spooner House this year. House parties, a buffet supper with Liz LTnit V, a spring picnic, and the Baby Bowl basketball game with Tarrant House were also held. Officers for the year were Fred Alt, president; Mike Hahn, secretary; Jack Chin, treasurer; Art Brearley, social chairman; Jeff Moyer, athletic chairman; Ray Kaercher, MHA representative. House members active in campus athletics were Larry Nolin, wrestling; Carl Olsen, football; Art Brearley, track. The Swenson Vikings started this year with their Club Norge, an annual party given in a night club atmosphere. Informal parties and picnics served as fall mixers with the girls dorms. At Christmas time, the men held a caroling and tree-trimming party. Swenson House participated in campus activities including the Homecoming display contest, intramural sports, and the support of a Prom queen candidate. House officers included Bob Hindes, president; George Plonski, vice president; Joe Lindner, treasurer; Mike Clumpner, MHA Cabinet representative; Harry Curnow and Jim Pitrof, athletic chairmen. First row, left to right: 1). Dennis, P. Freedy, J. Lindner, L. Robey, B. Hindes, D. Schulze, CL Larsen, Y. Thomas. Second row: 1). Hoons-been, T. Wandsnider, K. Kirihara, P. Eberle, T. Lindemuth, T. Towers, H. Spiegelberg, J. Pitbof, T. Janke, D. Schmidt, H. Ruttenberg, E. Ludel, It. Sadowski, P. Owzarski, J. Breen. Third row: P. Maas, It. Weaver, J. Gocht, J. Steffen, M. Leiter, H. Kaiser, J. Eliason, I). Voss, A. Hintzman, It. Matuga, T. Stout, 1). Nelson, L. Larson, A. Ginsberg, T. Grace, C. Boettcher. Fourth row: G. Schulze, N. Goldberg, It. Battendorf, W. Miller, It. Ridg way, G. Zimmerman, M. Rodenkirch, H. Differ, H. Curnow, M. Nelson, G. Plonski, 1). Assenheimer, M. Bauer, G. Cooper.■Ml First row, left to right: R. Van Horn, W. Staab, C. Clio, 1). Willan, 1). Woods, R. Ruth, T. Raczek, R. Fletcher, G. Simon. Second row: L. Voss, E. Lasanske, B. Hull, R. Pasch, W. Savage, T. Ansfield, W. Byczek, S. Rosen, L. Chiponis, G. Clark. Third row: P. Stibbe, E. Voightman, A. Woodford, H. Beilin, K. Schwall, F. Constalic, J. Swanke, F. Gizinski, II. Wi -k. Fourth row: G. Levine, J. Sachs, It. Bennett, J. Yoxman, T. Hughbanks, R. Warnock, M. Strand, J. Oosterwyk, A. Roebuck, J. Chamberlain, J. Peters. Tarrant Turner Tarrant House gave two unusual parties: a St. Louis Blues Party, with carnival decorations and side shows, and a Lost Weekend Ski Lodge Party, with colored lights on the snow. A beer blast, held just before Christmas, served as a most adequate holiday farewell to Madison. Officers were Don Willan, president; C. Y. Cho, vice president; Frank Gizinski, secretary-treasurer; Bill Staab and Ted Raczek, social chairmen; Jeff Sachs, MHA Cabinet representative. Turner House excelled in athletics this year, its football team copping the Tri-House Championship. There was a “Come for the Hell of It” party in the fall, and displays for Homecoming. Turner entered Humorology and Campus Carnival, and backed a candidate for Prom Queen. During the winter holiday season a party was sponsored for the Happy Hours Club of Madison House officers were Anders Torgeson, president; Robert Schmidt, vice president; Robert Burmeister, treasurer; John Leisenring and Ken Olen, social chairmen; Edward X. Meyer, publicity chairman; and Fredrick Bronson II, grievance committee representative. First row, left to right: R. Weber, W. Ivnuth, C. Edwards, J. Leisenring, A. Torgerson, J. Nail It, R. Schmidt, A. Loser, A. Weber. Second row: I). Clapp, K. Kunert, 1). Knudson, It. Kofoed, R. Williams, II. Topaz, L. Svveed, B. Huebschen, A. Kouchlich, J. Zaret, T. Fisher, D. Arnold, J. Dueringer, G. Engel, W. Lindstrom Third row: J. Stephens, L. Sorenson, K. B.verly, T. Helminak, It. Broetzman, It. Wenzel, F. Bronson, James Beck, K. Olen, J. Collett, B. Ketzelson, P. Pederson, A. Elston, I). Bitterman, B. Stahmm. Fourth row: M. Stanki, J. Kruse, M. Schirmer, J. Dale, W. Tarmann, J. Eliot, H. Kapoor, P. Keddie, I). Stadelmmn, J. Dassault, J. Wilber, I). Xovak, A. Bardow.First row, left to right: 1). Renohoff, L. Van Cura, R. Xaok, G. Abrahamson, A. Kelsey, R. Drees, R. Bauer, T. Collins, J. McCabe, M. Salisbury, E. Morgan. Second row: I). Lem, T. Allain, J. McGuire, G. Neathery, I. Ahmed, C. Masters, S. Abbott, B. Williams, W. Nelson, L. Walker, H. Knepper. Third row: C. Beaman, J. McKenna, H. Doehler, R. Delwiche, R. Evenson, M. Beier, R. Kurth, S. Katte, G. Eggert, X. Zironikas, P. Hutchinson, R. Vanderkelen. Fourth row: J. Lindner, P. Hansen, V. Gerhard, T. Trantow, E. DeJanovich, B. Kanthak, K. Guilette, J. Brintnall, C. Durand, R. Preder, E. Spiritus, Iv. Smith. Vilas Winslow The residents of Vilas House spent a busy year participating in campus activities and the MHA projects. House parties and special banquets highlighted the social side of the calendar. Football and bowling tournaments claimed much of the interest of the men of Vilas House, and Bob Jones, A1 Whitaker and Dave Benchoff represented the basketball abilities of the house. Officers were Ron Drees, president; Bob Delwich, vice president ; Richard Bauer, secretary ; Jim Dorrance, treasurer; Dave Benchoff, athletic chairman; Gene Spiritis, social chairman. Tea ’X Sympathy was what the Winslow Homecoming display offered the Badger’s opponents. In October, a Hello Neighbor Party was held, and in January, the annual Night in Nassau Party. Many of the men were active in sports and clubs. Richard Hemming was on the varsity crew, while James Bowen was captain of the same team. Officers were John Kester, president; John Konnak, vice president; Dale Meade, secretary-treasurer; Charles Sommers, MHA Cabinet representative; James Egger, social chairman; Richard Tornowske, athletics chairman. First'row, left to right: I). Tornowske, K. Berget, I). Meade, J. Konnak, J. Kester, J. Egger, C. Sommers. Second row: X’. Nelson, E. Johnson,"R. Andley, T. Kohl, E. Olio, A. Phillips, 1). Warner, J. Holmes. Third row: G. Marcks, M. Muranaka, F. Jaehnig, G. Thorne, M. Aron, R. Blanke, D! Hughes, A. Antoine, E. McGee. Fourth row: T. Mettlach, F. Kopp, K. Wittman, I). Hemming, J. Bowen, M. Cuthbert, R. Strauser, J. Neef.First row, left to right: B. Xass, M. Twiss, J. Peiffcr, I. Masing, M. McKenzie, K. Olson, M. Enright, M. Snell, J. Fein. Second row: K. Hilgers, J. Bradley, J. Anderson, J. Ferkin, 1). Kohlmetz, M. Finn, A. Lawrence, Iv. Schneider, J. Poliskey, A. Forrester, A. Norman, E. Fishman Pan-Hel Pan Hellenic Council, the governing body of sororities, consists of representatives from all the sororities on our campus. The council meets to bring about better understanding between sorority and non-sorority women and carry out their various welfare projects and activities. Pan-Hel and Inter-Fraternity Council jointly sponsored Humorology, Greek Week, and News Greek. The council advised the Pledge Presidents Council, sent representatives to Student Senate, and to the AWS Executive Council. This year’s Pan-Hel foreign student, Irene Masing, from Sweden, lived at the Gamma Phi Beta house. The Pan Hellenic Council’s officers this year were Mary McKenzie, president; Karen Olsen, vice president; Verna Wagner, secretary; Ann Rose, treasurer; Miss Helen Kayser, advisor. 356Alpha Chi Omega Opening t he year with a “pumpkin and ghost” serenade, the Alpha Chi Omegas enjoyed a busy social schedule, highlighted by the annual Algae Island Party, carrying out a Hawaiian theme. The chapter joined the Delts in their annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children, and the girls also worked at the orthopedic hospitals as part of the national Alpha Chi Omega service project. Campus activities claimed much of the time of the Alpha Chis. Jan Anderson, Sally Stratton and Kay Nelson headed AWS committees, and Bunny Raasch served as Homecoming Buttons chairman. Carol Herman worked as corresponding secretary for WIIA, while Barb Haas directed plans for the Student-Faculty Tea. Mary McKenzie served as Pan-Hel president and Peg Duntley was president of Professional Pan-Hel. Officers were: Marilyn Class, president; Jan Neleson, first vice president; Sally Stratton, second vice president; Val Davie and Heide Elmer, rushing chairmen; Jan Anderson, recording secretary; Lynn Weckel, treasurer. Greek totem pole. First row, left to right: M. Krueger, P. Dunttey, H. BerghofT, S. Stratton, J. Anderson, L. Weckle, J. Neleson, M. Class, Mrs. Slemmons V. Davie, J. Slagg, M. McKenzie, A. Kimbel, C. Pappadus, A. Norman, T. Christenson. Second row: J. Plenke, K. Savage, J. Garens, G. Stevens, P. Jackson, C. Herrman, S. Loeffler, J. Heintz, B. Haas, C. Caldwell, C. Schoenfeld, P. Conrad, K. Nelson, M. Weidenkopf, J. Time, C. Calabress, C. Harper. Third row: T. Forsberg, J. Avery, P. Biejert, J. Adamson, L. Smith, J. Schiles, C. Bates, P. Mark, H. Oakey, M. Garness, J. Geil, L. Gaardner, N. Camp, K. Bergman, S. Sandstino, J. Leuet, J. Klabunde. Fourth row: M. Clatworthy, B. Parker, X. Guyer, B. Neilsen, B. Esposito, G. Ward, L. Weber, J. Paul, J. Herreid, K. Falz, L. Kalschein, P. O’Brian, K. Ederstrom, S. Brown, S. Lowell, M. Wyatt. 357First row, left to right: E. Backer, B. Goodman, P. Bedwinek, E. Polansky, B. Blomberg, S. Hammerman, L. Fishman, B. Goldstein, C. Halpert, Mrs. Peck, L. Barrack, T. Goodman, J. Gasul, L. Nussbaum, L. Reuben, K. Alpert, J. Cooper, H. Stein, J. Stein. Second row: A. Karren, C. Birenholtz, S. Tokarsky, J. Brotman, M. Garon, S. Reich, S. Steinberg, A. Euchtwanger, L. VVexler, B. Schecter, S. Wechter, C. Karmatz, A. Liff, F. Davis, B. Schain, N. Hendon, J. Kramsky, J. Schloss, A. Silvei-, M. Schnider. Third row: B. Rosenberg, J. Teitleman, 1). Shapiro, J. Berman, J. Brownstone, M. Arnold, M. Schiller, J. Lustok, K. Scklore, C. Greenwald, B. Ticko, J. Friedman, B. Steiner, J. Grosberg, A. Ivassner, L. Rudman, I). Tureck, R. Kulbarsh, M. Gilden, L. Weinstein, 1). Marcus, B. Kraff. Fourth row: E. Rothman, L. Banov, J. Gordon, B. Rosenthal, X. Hirsch, L. Henryson, B. Polachek, L. Frank, C. Sherman, S. Fleishaker, L. Robinson, E. Levy, F. Gossoff, B. Shapiro, T„ Friedman, J. Phillips, B. Baier, J. Poliskey, J. Perlman. Alpha Epsilon Phi The music of Bob Lyson created the atmosphere for the Alpha Epsilon Phi winter formal, “Oriental Fantasy,” which was held at the Edgewater Hotel. The sorority’s calendar of top events also included a party with Sigma. Delta Tau, Campus Carnival with the Sigma Phis and Humorology with Phi Gamma Delta. Campus activities claimed the interest and energy of many AEPhis. Lynn Barrack directed the Homecoming pep rally and served as executive secretary for Humorology. Beatrice Reuben handled Prom invitations and was executive secretary for Badger Block. Judy Lusok’s campus work included Wisconsin Pre-Views and the New Idea staff. Liz Fishman headed the WSA International Relations committee, and Judy Kramsky served as chairman of the WSA Leadership and Participation committee. Judy Cooper directed Public Relations activities for the NSA of Wisconsin and Illinois. Donna Forman was coproduction manager of the BADGER. Officers were Carole Halpert, president; Toni Goodman, vice president; Shirley Shapiro, secretary; Barbara Goldstein, treasurer; Lynn Barrack, social chairman; Tippy Prooslin, rush chairman; Judy Goful, house president. Who let the fish out? 358First row, left to right: S. Brower, J. Howe, J. Hvam, B. Xemetz, L. Haxton, C. Beider, L. Ruppel, Mrs. Ragone, R. Drago, B. Larkin, B-Bischoff, J. Wilkens, A. Kowitz, J. Evenson, S. Tomasek. Second row: L. Mather, M. Lighter, S. Steinberg, B. Thiele, A. Forrester, P-Conrad, S. Campbell, P. Gertz, M. Sias, E. Vandercoy, J. Edgcumbe, R. Nelson, J. Johnson, D. Chapman, L. Lippold, M. Grauel, B. McGuire-Third row: T. Funk, L. Seefeldt, N. Kirschling, J. Haxton, K. Holmberg, L. Arneson, K. Charlson, J. Ferkin, J. Scheer, J. Refvik, J. Nehring J. Walley, M. Spangler, T. Dolhun, 1). Vichick, V. Malek, D. Pennington, J. Hess, J. Grull. Fourth row: S. Kirsling, A. Yates, J. Chalcraft, J. Horncck, D. Winfrey, B. l)uwe, B. Joern, B. Risteen, S. Rogers, C. Allie, M. Kennedy, A. Hilfiker, 1). O’Connell, C. Wurtz, R. Holden, H. Scripko, J. Tewalt, M. Glesner, M. Strieker, B. Eastman. Campus activities, social events, service projects, and study hours added up to a full schedule for the members of Alpha Gamma Delta. Lois Arneson served as executive secretary for Homecoming and was also a member of Wisconsin Players. Other active Alpha Gams were Karen Holmberg who directed the Union Theater committee and was on the WRA Board, and Tody Dohlum served as WSA Mailbag chairman. Laureen Seefeldt was Living Units co-editor of the BADGER. The chapter held an active-pledge slumber party in December, and the Alpha Gam pledges honored their actives at a spring theme party. Other top social events included the Christmas and spring formats; another Christmas party was a service project for the patients of orthopedic hospitals. Directing the Alpha Gams activities for the year were Lileen Ruppel, president; Rosanne Drago, first vice president; Sonja Paulson, second vice president; Beverly Larkin, recording secretary; Barbara Joern, corresponding secretary; Janet Howe, treasurer; Barbara Gurda, social chairman; Bonnie Bischoff, rushing chairman; Carol Reader, house president. Alpha Gamma Delta Look before you scald. 359The dummy takes a picture. Alpha Phi Proficiency in the fine art of hula-hooping helped the Alpha Phis, teamed with the Phi Belts, to capture top honors in Badger Olympics for the third consecutive year. Other social events included a Christmas Cozy slumber party and a jacks tournament with the Betas. The chapter also held a spring style show and card party, donating the proceeds to their national service project, cardiac aid. Many Alpha Phis took part in campus activities. Pat Putnam was elected president of Sigma Epsilon Sigma and served as co-chairman of the WSA Leadership Training program. Sally Crownhart headed Prom decorations; Sara Seiter was chairman of Badger Olympics. Mary Kehoe served as Pan-Hel rush chairman, and Elizabeth Burns worked on the AWS Judicial Board. The WSA Human Relations committee claimed the interest of Shirley Friedrich, and Laurie Leach handled publicity for the AWS fund drive and the Big Sister program. Officers included Marjorie Hubbard, president; Mary Kehoe, vice president (pledges) ; Sharon Kotchevar, vice president (scholarship); Mary Abrahamsen, corresponding secretary; Elizabeth Burns, recording secretary; Nancy Tucker, social chairman; Jane Watson, rush chairman. First row, left to right: P. Putnam, B. Mills, M. Abrahamsen, B. Anderson, A. Otjen, X. Beattie, M. Hubbard, Mrs. Link, M. Kehoe, S. Kotchevar, M. Dalton, E. Burns, B. Schneckenburger, J. Watson, S. Linke. Second row: C. Weldin, X. Graves, E. Thiele, S. Brott, J. Dra-gotto, S. Hubbard, P. Hinckley, S. Crownhart, P. Baldwin, K. Schubert, M. Clark, A. Feldhausen, M. Fitch, X. Xewlin, S. Berke, J. Wyatt. Third row: S. Beyer, S. Rice, X. Morrison, E. Fisher, K. Mills, M. Murray, J. Surfus, G. McBurney, J. Stivarius, S. Kerr, K. Ritzman, K. Radde, X. Coll, R. DeHut, L. Pollock, P. Aspinwall, B. Nemec, P. Kuemmerlein. Fourth row: S. Rouse, M. King, G. Raddatz, S. Forsberg, S. McBeath, J. Dornfeld, J. Leach, X. Jensen, S. Friedrich, M. Monroe, C. Hull, S. Seiter, J. Cobabe, M. Patterson, S. Von dem Knesebeck, L. Leach, L. Cadigan, S. Allan.First row, left to right: C. Betla, J. Rohde, J. Febock, P. Anderson, S. Bergenske, J. O’Connor, A. Rose, Mrs. Clorn, M. Toal, M. Buehrens, J. Blumer, S. Rummele, J. Lohr, L. Johnson, M. Waugh, M. Benson. Second row: B. Meershaut, S. Voeglie, J. Geller, E. Nygren, M. Le-Mahieu, L. Vlasak, M. McKim, M. Marr, M. Johnson, K. Breitzke, B. Robar, B. Stutz, S. McDaniel, G. Dalles, B. Compton. R. Gettle, K. INoe, J. Vinton, C. Adamson, J. Mattes. Third row: C. Haynes, M. Sy, M. Bell, S. Tacke, J. Hawkes, C. Hopf, P. Stivers, M. Christmann, P. Mueller, S. Joyce, B. Ramlow, G. Usher, M. Drummy, M. Bourkland, 1). Madding, C. Talley, P. Krivitz. Fourth row: J. Morrison, S. Maloney, B. Ploenske, C. Anderson, N. Poole, K. LaCourt, L. Edelen, K. Steenson, M. Wegner, A. Lawrence, S. Ballam, K. Allen, B. Graff, J. Dzemske, M. Meineke, C. Else, P. McCormick. Alpha Xi Delta I want my Maypo. This year the Alpha Xi Deltas followed a busy schedule of social and campus activities and study hours. Included in the social calendar were the October hay-ride and square dance, Dad’s Weekend, the Christmas formal complete with decorated stockings and the Alpha Xi “He,” the scholarship “Beans and Steak” banquet, Founders Day festivities, and the senior picnic, at which the senior members were treated to a final swim in Lake Mendota. Ann Rose was selected as the Alpha Xi Ideal Girl for Pan-Hel Ball; she also served as Pan-Hel treasurer and as Homecoming Dance chairman. Maureen Drummy was the Union House committee chairman, and Peg McCormick was associate editor of the BADGER. Carol Adamson, Cardinal activities editor, directed Prom publicity. Marjorie Toal was Badger Party secretary and chairman of the Homecoming Promotions committee. The Alpha Xi officers were Marjorie Toal, president; Jean Clayton, vice president; Judy Blummer, corresponding secretary; Jacque O’Conner, recording secretary; Ann Rose, treasurer; Lin Edlen, social chairman; Sara Rummele, rushing chairman. 361First row, left to right: I,. Hutchinson, S. Shrank, M. Gruber, A. Ryall, S. Lins, E. Bierman, N. Bakke, M. Gresbach, Mrs. Frye, C. Kiser, J. Elliott, It. Anderson, P. Daigh, P. Calvi, D. Dregne, K. Ascher. Second row: J. Erickson, G. Harman, K. Olson, K. Olson, D. Kirchman, M. Thompson, D. Hill, J. Koss, K. Kahl, B. Wivel, I). Boswell, S. Carlson, C. Bunge, It. Froelich, V. Shely, P. Wolf, E. Backus, G. Doran, M. Millard. Third row: 1). Schunk, K. Schacht, S. Hendrickson, C. Schacht, K. Steivang, D. Abeles, P. McBride, C. Glickhauf, J. Gibson, M. Chang, S. Hicks, It. Hopkinson, M. McKee, N. Carlson, J. Trujillo, N. Bull, P. Poljak, K. GuslolT, C. Benkert. Fourth row: J. Jones, C. Kreuser, N. Scherr, M. Kerr, M. Kenyon, N. Phillips, S. Trimble, S. Liggett, J. Vanish, S. Dabe, C. Hunn, S. Lachowitz, D. McGillivray. J, Saiberlich, M. Ferguson, J. MacDonald, J. Feher, C. Burgemeister, J. Clark, S. Ballowe. The Chi Omegas began this year’s social activities by having an open house the weekend of the Marquette football game. Another highlight on their fun calendar was the new annuul spring vacation trip to Florida via chartered bus. Instrumental in the planning of these and other functions on the social agenda was Donna Kirchman, social chairman. She was assisted by Di Schunk, a western gal from Sheridan, Wyoming, who often entertains the girls by playing the like and singing western songs. The Chi Omega symphony is a traditional rushing event. The girls, holding lighted candles, form a horseshoe, and the president reads the symphony of beliefs and sorority ideals. Chi O’s in campus activities include Kathy Olson, past president of AWS, and Karen Olson, past vice president of Pan Hel Council. Rusty Anderson was managing editor of the New Idea magazine, and Donna Boswell was chairman of the WSA Academic Freedom Committee. Sue Schwartz, a Wisconsin Chi Omega, studied at the Sorbonne in Paris this year on a scholarship. Leaders of Chi Omega for the past year were Annette DePue, president; Solveig Anderson, vice president; Joan Griffen, secretary; Carol Kiser, treasurer. Chi Omega 30 years, 30 bits—4 misses. 362Delta Delta Delta had a busy schedule of annual functions and service projects this year. The most prominent annual event was the Pansy Breakfast held in the spring for all seniors and engaged women on campus. At this national Tri-Delta function, the engaged women entered through a traditional arch of pansies, and viewed a trousseau fashion show given by the chapter’s seniors. For their yearly service project, the Tri-Delts awarded 100 dollar scholarships, based on need, to campus women, other than chapter members, who were outstanding in leadership and activities. Several Tri-Delts were enthusiastic participants in campus organizations. Angie Thomas was chairman of rush counselors, an executive officer of WSA, and chairman of the fall leadership conference; Gene Schunk was Cardinal sports editor and chairman of the Union Tournaments committee. Other active members were Judy Vandermeulen who was assistant to the president of the Union and chairman of a SLIC committee, Muriel Morgan who was secretary of IF and a member of the Hawaiian club, and Nancy Butterbaugh who was design chairman of Badger Block and elected to Cardinal Board. Delta Delta Delta officers this year were Roberta Ilicken, president; Barbara Koch, vice president; Jeanine Bogart, secretary; Linda Hansen, treasurer. Banister banter. Delta Delta Delta First row, left to right: J. Hook, J. Thielman, J. Peiffer, P. Boex, L. Hansen, B. Koch, R. Hicken, Mrs. Tracy, A. Winkler, H. Hall, S. Froberg, C. Burns, M. Burns, J. Bogart, B. Bush. Second row: J. O’Keefe, K. Watson, B. Hundley, K. Holderby, S. Derby, G. Schunk, M. Fels, C. Helmus, D. Czarnecki, J. O’meara, K. Waller, J. Calhoun, P. Burns, N. Bachelor, J. Rosenthal, H. Bussien. Third row: X. Butterbaugh, J. Klienpell, M. Morgan, A. Woodward, D. Caldwell, B. Johnson, M. Hanson, M. Woodward, B. Cooley, G. Gill, J. Schilffarth, B. Berzinsky, K. Carlstein, J. Randall, L. Wittig, L. Larson, L. Engelman. Fourth row: J. Finn, D. 1 )eCarlo, M. Edlund, D. IteifT, E. Scharnagl, J. Richards, M. Kneiske, J. Aspinwall, M. Albracht, E. Drake, J. Willson, P. Welch, P. Ward, O. Holzer, L. Richardson, J. White, S. Berntson, M. Dietsch, J. Kristy, K. Sherry. 363A large Wisconsin beer mug with a returning alum leaning over the tap was the Delta Gamma Homecoming display. Also on the social agenda were the annual Christmas Eve party at which the girls exchanged humorous gifts, and the Christmas formal. The pine boughs and snow flakes used for decorations provided a festive air at the dance. In keeping with Delta Gamma’s national project of aid to the blind, the Wisconsin DG’s spent about twenty hours every week reading to a blind student at the University. Officers were Ellen Herman, president; Margie Anderson, vice president; Julie Wisner, secretary; Val White, treasurer; Betty Ketchum, social chairman. DG’s were the recipients of many honors this year. Ellen Herman was elected to Mortar Board and was secretary of the senior class, and Ann Olsen was elected to Crucible, Phi Beta, and was active on the Student Academic Standing committee. Nancy Buskens and Sue Hazekamp were chosen as 1959 Badger Beauties. Delta Gammas who were especially interested in sports included Pam Hendricks, a varsity cheerleader, and Fran Hollingsworth and Adele Schuler, members of Dolphins. Dee Panozzo and Nancy Buskens were bowling champs. The natives are restless. Delta Gamma Get your thumb out of the way! Delta Zeta Going right along with swingin’est craze this year, the I)Zs started their social season with the pledge party, Iloola Hop. Another successful season opener was the open house, Club 142, featuring many different types of night clubs. Other social functions included the annual springtime Rose Dance naming the girl who contributed most to the sorority as Dream Girl. The DZs also named a DZ man at their yearly Christmas dance. The Christmas season also saw the DZs in Hawaiian costumes serenading and presenting orchids to several fraternities. There were numerous DZs active in all campus activities. Diane Schaeffer was the Union House Committee chairman for Beefeaters. Helen Johnson was Union Crafts Committee chairman. DZ Bonnie Barstow was the editor of the Cardinal. Joan Fischer was also on the staff of the paper as university editor. Chairman of Folk Fiesta was Marianne Clark. Laurelyn Schellin represented Delta Zeta on the AWS Judicial Board. Officers were Marian Schaeffer, president; Helen Johnson, Paula Prestegard and Barbara Thew, vice presidents; Nancy Bittner and Bonnie Barstow, secretaries. First row, left to right: X. Pielil, II. Then, J. Anderson, P. Prestegard, H. Johnson, Mrs. Hunn, M. Schaffer, B. Barstow, X. Bittner, J. Schrodeer, I’. Bertram. Second row: K. Moebis, J. Mokrejo, J. Fischer, B. Fromm, It. Rinehardt, J. Roland, X. Chitwood, M. Cilia, C. Capelle, S. Benson, J. Rickard. Third row: H. Harrington, R. Schmiederkamp, J. Johnson, M. Heberlein, L. Kaercher, P. Kreul, C. Ewalal, 1). Schaeffer, M. Gorton, J. Sellner, A. Kohn, X'. Gregg. Fovrth row: J. Lenz, B. Wiley, M. Clark, B. Warne, P. Morrisey, M. Bradford, M. Bullamose, K. Hilgers, X. Hvne, L. Schellin, C. Bauman, A. Garloek. 365First row, left to right: M. Man, J. Robinson, A. Church, J. Schwartz, X. Tyler, J. O’Brien, K. Greaton, Mrs. Riday, P. Burbridge, B. Knope, K. Kerr, A. Richel, H. Knollmuller, 1). Pohland, A. Radi, M. Tormey. Second row: H. Hense, J. Ninmer, L. Johnson, K. Dawson, S. Dicus, A. Pricdeman, B. Kaska, H. Eaton, X. Lloyd-Jones, .1. Donald, S. Hutchens, J. Heimerdinger, J. Halvorsen, M. Saiberlich, A. Holly, B. Sweet. Third Row: A. Mervvitz, K. Kalb, B. Schomann, M. Weeks, C. Lux, P. Shiel, E. Cline, M. Twiss, P. Seevers, C. Hanson, A. Dean, J. Conklin, K. Fritsche, J. Radi, I. Masing, A. Krohn, B. Taylor, M. Nesbitt, M. Fischl, M. Hebal. Fourth row: L. Byer, C. Hanson, S. Foster, L. Baxter, J. Sagen, M. Steffen, V. Laadt, J. Doherty, 1). Tetslaff, R. Cresap, J. Heal, R. Winney, S. McBeath, L. Blake, B. Eeles, B. Miller, C. Koonz, C. Steffen, N. Nesbit, (!. Rost. Fifth row: J. Johnson, J. Jackson, P. Powers, J. Olsen, C. Schull, J. White, A. Crosby, M. Murtfeldt, S. Dyson, S. Andree, A. Pennnefeather, M. Mattka, P. Doering, K. Martin, J. Uebele, P. Katzenmeyer, C. Erdmann, A. McEwen, M. Gehl, C.' Tiegs. Gamma Phi Beta Loving cups, no doubt. At their annual Founders Day banquet, the Gamma Phi Betas introduced Irene Maseng, this year’s Pan-Hel scholarship student from Sweden, who lived at their house. Annual functions that highlighted the social calendar were the Christmas and Easter parties and the spring fashion show. The Gamma Phis tried to win the first prizes in Campus Carnival and Humorologv for the second consecutive year. They have received the first position in sorority scholarship for the past three years. Numerous Gamma Phis were active in campus organizations. Jody O’Brien was WSA secretary, and Ginny Anderson was her assistant. Chairmen of WSA committees were Ann Crosby, Personal Contact; Plclga Knoll-muller, International Relations; Janet Sagan, Guides; Meredith Mattka, Publications and Personnel; Morgot Twiss, Freshman Leadership Training. Pat Burbridge was SLIC chairman of General Organizations and Politics. Jackie Ileal was president of Theta Sigma Phi. Officers were Kay Greaton, president; Jody O’Brien and Bonnie Stecker, vice presidents; Joan Radi, secretary; Ann Church, treasurer. 366First row, left to right: J. Jackson, M. Clement, S. Lemke, R. Risser, K. Zander, Mrs. Gauchat, P. Vechinski, J. Levis, H. Black, N. Berend, B. Dennis, P. Morsell. Second row: B. Brown, C. Johnston, B. Brandriff, S. Middleton, I). Barber, M. Kelzenberg, J. Knoblock, R. Bell, B. Barney, J. Schroeder, J. Stevens, G. Dennis, T. Platt, K. Laren. Third row: J. Wyard, S. Friedman, L. Morrison, B. Morris, M. Snell, C. Riley, H. McDonough, S. Schaum, J. Schwartz, S. Kroening, S. Polhemus, X. Adaskavich, S. Schreve, J. Baker. Fourth row: M. Ridley, M. Pearson, M. Caldwell, L. Means, J. Miller, L. Green, C. Driesen, A. Berlund, P. McCarthy, A. Mattison, S. Farmer, M. Mouchka, L. Ihle, M. Heffernan, S. Schaefer. The main highlights on the Kappa Alpha Theta social calendar this year were their Christmas formal and their spring formal, at which they traditionally elected a man pinned to a Theta as the “Kat’s Meow.” The Thetas further celebrated the Christmas season by caroling at the Verona Old Folks Home. “The Red Mill,” the Theta’s homecoming float, won first place in the all-campus division. The sorority also participated in Humorology and Campus Carnival. Individual members holding important positions in campus activities included Barbara Brandriff who was chairman of the Union Forum committee, and Mary Snell who was WSA executive secretary. Diane Barber held the position of president of Crucible honorary society. Judy Knoblock was one of the Badger varsity cheerleaders, and Juey Jackson was chairman of the WSA Publicity committee. Kappa Alpha Theta’s officers for this year were Karla Zander, president; Mary Davidson, vice president; Helen Black, recording secretary; Peggy Morcell, corresponding secretary; Barb Brandriff, rushing chairman; Ronnie Risser, social chairman. Kappa Alpha Theta Who’s got the dice? 367Improbability. Kappa Delta Highlights on the Kappa Delta calendar were the pledge-active slumber party, the pledge dance, the winter formal, where the girls choose their KD King, the annual Farm party and the spring dinner dance. The KDs competed in Humorology and Campus Carnival. At Christmas, the service-minded girls donated toys to needy Madison children and caroled for patients at local hospitals. Six girls from the Oregon School were guests at the chapter Christmas party. Directing the activities were officers Sharon Meyers, president ; Jane Craine, vice president ; Carol FitzGibbon, secretary; Carol Hansen, treasurer. Kappa Deltas were represented in campus activities by Mary Peterson, who served as Promotions chairman for Winter Week. Kathy Schneider was chairman of WSA Recognitions committee, treasurer of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and president of Pan-Hel council. Ann Flora devoted her time to the chairmanship of the Union Placement committee, and Judy Arnet was a member of Social Board. KDs who worked on campus publications were Barb Nass, co-editor of Newsgreek, and Sue Cech, copy editor of the BADGER. First row, left to right: B. Bargholtz, A. Flora, X. Weinstock, P. Olson, I1. Sinkler, C. Fitz-Gibbon, S. Meyers, Mrs. Davies, J. Cvikota, S. Tisdale, .J. Van Willigen, J. Craine, X. Couper, 10. Obrna, X. Bentor. Second row: M. Halverson, J. Foster, K. Bowlby, S. Reidcr, S. Jones, .1. Sebranke, D. Karls, P. List, J. Fay, S. Marsh, J. Bauman, A. Blier, K. Chase, M. Ahrens, It. Waeffler, V. Grimm. Third row: X. Boettcher, B. Lovewell, A. Abendroth, S. Johnson, L. Sewell, S. Vandenbrink, B. Zwank, G. Atkinson, X. Ivlinke, B. Stamm, M. Janzen, B. Stuber, K. Stahnke, S. Karlin, It. Hajosiek, M. Buckley, K. Schneider, M. Perozzi. Fourth row: J. Oradei, E. Steiner, G. Smith, B. Johnson, B. Nass, M. Playford, B. Ackermann, It. Race, J. Arnet, B. Satter, X. Heiser, S. Cech, C. Schute, M. Peterson, B. Benson, S. Clothier, B. Gransee, B. Hansen, F. Curtin. 368First row, left to right: J. Morris, G. Mosely, M. Maytag, L. Nolte, A. Milligan, S. Dopp, J. Weinzimmer, G. DenDooven, Mrs. Timmerman, 1). Kohlmetz, M. Freed, I). Rikkers, J. Eimbnrg, B. Below, M. Smith, M. Armbruster. Second row: K. Morner, L. Nickles, N. Gustine, P. Husting, S. Sherwood, J. Demerath, L. Maher, S. Brill, S. Anderson, M. Berlin, L. Hayward, R. Ingle, E. Moysey, S. Haight, N. Washburn, H. Irwin, M. Cowan, J. Tatham. Third row: E. Bay, H. Dehaven, D. Wagner, S. Wagner, X. Flailing, B. L’Hommedieu, A. Smith, J. Tjoflat, I). Quisling, K. Braden, A. Buhrmester, P. Miethe, J. Pommainville, M. Smith, M. Koeze, I). Jones, G. Daeliler, S. McGuire, T. Fox, G. Dilling. Fourth row: J. Mohler, S. Stauffer, K. Knueppel, B. Cangiano, B. Blue, M. Traut, G. French, M. Traut, S. Huddleston, S. Sarig, J. Miller, G. Guthrie, B. Rikkers, K. McGinnis, B. Beachley, S. Brick, J. Barnett, A. Addington, B. Bell, J. Bell. Kappa Kappa Gamma Laughing gas in the Lemon Room. Bells whistled, horns tooted, and drums banged as the Kappa Kappa Gammas tried to rouse the Chi Phis at seven o’clock Saturday morning, November twenty-second. After the men groggily ate the breakfast the Kappas had prepared for them, they spent the rest of the morning playing football with the girls. Other social functions for the year included the Phi Gam-Kappa sack race and the annual Esquire party with the Chi Psis. Another repeat was the exchange serenade with the Delta Gammas. There were many Kappas active in university activities this year. Ginnv Den Dooven was vice president of the senior class and also chairman of the Central Planning committee for Wisconsin Pre-Views. Lynn Nolte was a member of that committee. Molly Cowan was Mechanics Chairman for Badger Block. Chairman of the I nion Gallery committee was Kappa Dagny Quisling. Sybil Haight was president of the Lutheran Student Association. Officers were Mary White, president; Suzanne Dopp, vice president; Pat Burgess and Harriet Irwin, secretaries; Judy Weinzemmer, treasurer. 369First row, left to right: B. Normand, G. Hess, B. Blake, J. Crane, B. Schaefer, M. Long, Mrs. Huyck. J. Pratt, S. Dymond, S. Swanson, S. Fraser, B. Rabas, B. Conger, J. Papenfuss. Second row: S. Long, L. Spear, C. Stevens, S. Randolph, J. Nagley, C. Watson, M. Underwood, J. Berry, B. Field, N. Ladd, S. Long, B. Klee, P. Xeess, M. Leveroos, M. Gaffney. Third row: L. Price, M. Dallich, P. Wolfe, K. Host, M. Van Riper, S. Wareham. P. Smith, W. Wackmann, L. Van Vleet, J. Knaack, M. Wasson, S. Murphy, C. Adams, M. Kiddle, P. Danker, M. McCarter, C. Capron, J. Morse. Fourth row: S. Weinrich, K. Simonson, L. DuVall, J. Bradley, G. Dahle, K. Christiansen, M. Busby, M. Webster, P. Porter, J. Sorum, L. Draper, C. Drury, V. McGee, P. Bublitz, C. Carlson, J. Beck, S. Skinner, P. Hackney, R. E. Botham. Fifth row: J. Schwartz, C. Long, M. Soule, C. Ferry, J. Boone, N. Christensen, B. Miller, S. Kamm. L. Bertels. S. Reid, S. Raemiseh, M. Otto, X. Natwiek, C. Stanton, S. Gerland, S. Reader, B. L. Botham. Beginning with fall rush, the Pi Phis established an active tempo in which the girls continued to maintain outstanding recognition in all fields—academic, social, and service—throughout the year. In academics, Karen Christenson held the honor of being Sigma Epsilon Sigma president, while as AWS officers, Pat Wolfe and Georgia Pless put in long hours serving this organization. Jean Sorum was general chairman of Prom and Sue Swanson and Marjorie Long served as officers of Dolphins Club. The Pi Phis, teamed with the Betas, won the third place trophy in this year’s Badger Olympics competition. Enthusiasm, initiative, and a troup of industrious workers, helped to make the winter and spring formats, Homecoming open house and Parents Weekend highlights of the social season. Many hours were also devoted to voluntary work at the Neurological Foundation and to the guest speaker program. Wasting no time, the pledges were quick to adopt the conduct expected of their “pledge” title, as they skillfully manuevered many successful pranks directed against the actives. Officers were Jan Pratt, president; Grace Dahle, vice president; Sue Dymond, recording secretary; Barb Blake, corresponding secretary; Jean Sorum, treasurer. Pi Beta Phi 370Red and white bells and flowers provided the decorations for the theme of the SDT winter formal, “The Bells are Singing.” The newest sorority on campus chose at this dance their Ideal Girl, Betty Reyner. Numerous other social activities included a Halloween party, a “Come As You Are” beer supper, and a farewell brunch for graduating seniors. The SDT’s were very active in numerous campus activities. They entered Campus Carnival, Yell Like Hell, and won first place with Theta Chi in the campus bridge tournament. The girls also made dolls for needy children which they distributed on Valentine’s Day. SDT boasted of a number of members active in campus organizations. Chairman of Mock Student Senate was Joyce Lipkin. Members of honorary societies were Phyllis Greenberg, Sigma Alpha Eta, Joyce Lipkin, Kappa Alpha Chi, and Ginger Weyenberg, Phi Chi Theta. Jackie Strom was secretary of the Pledge President’s Council. Sue Frank, Max Ovson, and Sue Braver served on Union Committees, while Marilyn Ganz, Vivian Gold, Margie Simon, and Barbara Jacobson were active in WSA. Officers for the year were Elaine Cohen, president; Judy Steigman and Phyllis Greenberg, vice-presidents; Sharon Hersh, secretary; and Helen Hiller, treasurer. Sigma Delta Tau First row, left to right: E. Cohen, B. Gordon, L. Shauker, J. Lipkin, J. Sachs, B. Reyner, S. Weyenberg. Second row: S. Braver, S. Jaffee, S. Hersh, V. Gold, L. Mann, S. Harris, J. Strom, P. Bernstein, J. Ban, S. Weiss. Third row: P. Jacobson, J. Steigmann, S. Weiner, P. Litt, N. Rubenstein, D. Gordon, M. Simon, J. Fein, H. Hiller, P. Greenberg. E. Bricker, C. Viener. Fourth row: A. Simmons, F. RogofT, J. Orner, B. Jacobson, L. Leifer, J. Margoles, M. Ovson, J. Kaufelt, 1). Epstein, S. Safer, J. Goldman, T. Weisfeld, P. Levin. 371Throughout the year, the Wisconsin Interfraternity Association functioned as the guiding spirit for the thirty-five social fraternities on the campus. The Executive Commission, the Judicial Commission, and the Inter-fraternity Congress, as well as special committees of the Association, helped to regulate and coordinate the activities of the fraternities. First row, left to right: J. Itotsch, R. Bauman, I). Weinke, W. Fetzer, J. Huber, B. Strang, It. Meuller, J. Jennings. Second row: D. Retlike, C. Penrith, N. Miller, T. Damm, C. Giessel, F. Klaus, J. Hidde, T. Underbrink, T. Moran, J. Marcus, M. Langus, R. Alternate, D. Guest, T. Anderson. Third row: B. Halverty, R. Blankstein, B. Morrison, B. Hadley, D. VandePlasch, S. Weinke, G. Baker, S. Mirah, J. Hadsel, J. Norton, B. Iverson, F. Gehrlach. Interfraternity Council IF took a leading role in the Greek Week program, and also handled fraternity rushing, scholarship programs and welfare and service projects. Representatives from the Association also served in an advisory capacity to the Pledge President’s council. Members of the IF Executive commission were Jim Huber, president; Eugene Holderness, vice president; Dick Bauman, secretary; Joel Jennings, treasurer. 372First row. left to right: D. Fairbanks, R. Garberson, B. Natarus, E. Schaffer, D. Back, J. Gifford. Second row: W. Ward, R. Kosak, H. Fuller, R. Hart-nig, J. Shenz. W. Jenson. Third row: W. Nelson, N. Anderson, G. Erickson, D. Schultz, R. Christianson. Acacia “Around the World in Eighty Days” kept the members of Acacia fraternity busy decorating for Homecoming celebration last fall. Later in the semester, they spread Christmas cheer by having a party for disabled children. The highlight on the spring social agenda was the annual “Night on the Nile” party This year’s leaders of Acacia’s activities were Warren Bowers, president; Dick Garberson, secretary; Wayne Jenson, treasurer; Eru Schaffer, social chairman; Don Fairbanks, senior dean. Phi Sigma Delta This year members of Phi Sigma Delta kept in pace with campus activities by participating in many field of interest. Mark Grody was sports editor of the Wisconsin Alumnus Magazine. Also a participant in campus publications, Andrew Schindel served as business manager-elect of the Octopus. Phi Sigs Alan Ilubnitz and Marvin Birnbaum were active on the IF advisory council. Robert Marcus was vice president of German Club, and Larry Dinion had the duties of vice president of Ilillel. Officers this year were Stephen Glauber, master frater; Richard Blankstein, vice master frater; Howard Silver-stone, treasurer; Robert Hoffman, house manager; Brian Abbott, steward. First row, left to right: G. Fels, F. Kessler, A. Wagenheim, M. Levi tats, H. Silverstone, S. Glauber, R. Blankstein, R. Hoffman, M. Grody, G. Dorf-man. Second row: A. Freifeld, S. Eckerling, E. Arnold, T. Cohen, IT. Falit, D. Vritz, D. Bitterman, S. Deutsch. R. Marcus. Third row: R. Sweet, L. Malkin, L. Dinni, J. Landes-man, H. Paley, W. Adams, A Wolken-stein, E. Rockman, S. Rosen, A. Schindel, R. Corwin. Fourth row: M. Birnbaum, A. Rubnitz, G. Schlafman, W. Nerenberg, S. Fishman, It. Engel, B. Fever, S. Spiro, It. Wald, R. Lan-daw, B. Abbott. The Cairo (Chi The) Egyptian party, held each spring, is the biggest social event on the Alpha Chi Elio calendar. The brothers go all out with costumes, gong music, drums, pyramid cutouts, and burning incense. Wayne Wagner completed the ancient picture with his fantastic mummy costume. Another annual Alpha Chi Elio event is their alumnae buffet dinner which is held during Homecoming weekend. This year the prospects of a new house were discussed. It is to be on the same site as the present house, but the new building will be very modern and large enough to house 48 men. Hopes are high for the project to be started next year. Leslie Baer, an Alpha Chi Eho in pre-med, studied last year at Bonn University in Germany. He was awarded the Bonn Wisconsin Exchange Scholarship which enabled him to take a general course at Bonn and study student life in Germany. Alpha Chi Clio’s leaders for the year were Frederic Smith, president; Wayne Wagner, vice president; Dean Treptow, secretary; Bob Krewson, treasurer; Bruce 1'urch-tenicht, social chairman. Sunday — 10 a.m. Alpha Chi Rho First row, left to right: W. Lengacher, G. Lindsley, G. Klein, W. Wagner, J. Winetzke, J. Dvorak, It. Neitzke, G. Melgaard. Second row: H. Pionke, C. Schuth, H. Furchtenicht, D. Treptow, J. Pierson, J. Anderson, L. Johnson. 374Now it’s your turn to be Liberace. Alpha Chi Sigma The Wisconsin chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma was honored at the fraternity’s national convention, held last summer, by being chosen the outstanding chapter. Leaders of this year’s activities were John Harriman, president; Bob Stenger, vice president; Milan Maximovich, recording secretary; Lawrence Feldman, corresponding secretary; Paul Krapp, alumni secretary; Jack Wilson, treasurer; Dave Olson, master of ceremonies; Tom Goner, housefellow. The members of Alpha Chi Sigma, a social professional fraternity, are all chemistry or chemical engineering majors. Their main activities during the past year were the Homecoming display contest, in which the group won second prize in the fraternity division, a demonstration of chemistry for the Burlington, Wisconsin, high school, and the planning for the construction of a new house to be built on the same site as their present house. The men’s guest speaker program is especially outstanding. The five lecture and discussion sessions about non-scientific subjects which were held each semester featured such noted speakers as President Elvejehm and the editor of the Capitol Times. First row, left to right: M. Maximovich, J. Wilson, L. Feldman, J. Harriman, It. Stenger, P. Krapp, D. Olson. T. Cover. Second row: A. Kanaan, T. Becker, R. Smith, K. Slattery, J. Brown, J. Sent}', D. Nelson, D. Olson, H. Unger, It. Mueller, V. Kao. Third row: It. Dex-heimer, G. Blue, F. Nelson, L. Raymond, It. Grimm. J. Lewinson, J. Bright, B. Jepson, T. Swanson, C. Wallin, It. Reinke. Fourth row: A. Fry, P. Noth, M. Pombo, J. Patton, S. Woll, It. Brusberg, H. Spiegelberg, F. Merrill, E. Micek, J. Elstran, It. Nichols, T. Grace. 375First row, left to right: R. Green, F. Gerlach, T. Waller, J. Leissring, R. Winkle, G. Smith, F. Camplin. Second row: E. Ziegenhagen, R. Despres, A. Morsell, W. Gerlach, J. Road, G. Benson, R. Wendt. Alpha Delta Phi Let there be light. The spotlight of the Alpha Delta Phi’s fall social scene was on the Ilobo Party held the weekend of the Minnesota game. Each year the Wisconsin and Minnesota chapters celebrate their rivalry with a big party. Other fall parties included a hayride and a cycling party. The Alpha Delt men are looking forward to the completion of their new house which was started last. February. Located on the same site as the old one, this new house will be a combination of traditional and modern architecture and will be large enough to house 45 men. Campus leaders from the Alpha Delt house were Tom Waller, who was president of Badger Board, and Jim Larson, who was business manager of Haresfoot Club. This year’s officers were Tom Waller, president; William Hallam, vice president; Dick Green, secretary; Jim Larson, treasurer.First row, left to right: H. Brudnick, A. Schwartz, L. Schantz, J. Marcus, Mrs. Geittman, S. Porter, W. Spitz, A. Altschul, B. Kaufman, P. Gold, S. Zimmerman, J. Fitzer. Second row: J. Ostrow, A. Bernfeld, S. Altschul, R. Schefferin, J. Fishman, H. Wendel, A. Wasserman, M. Portenoff, H. Cornspan, A. Feldman, A. Cracour, G. Roshkind. Third row: I. Chudy, A. Sobel, M. Unger, 1)1 Fairman, M. Klein, R. Wax, B. Weiss, R. Bohm, G. Grossberg, H. Been, H. Dubin, A. Coplan, A. Locketz. Fourth row: B. Immerman, M. Rabinowitz, F. Keller, A. iSlotnick, S. Cohen, G. Goldberg, M. Lotman, A. Schrivsky, M. Tarvo, J. Feldman. Alpha Epsilon Pi started the year out in their recently .remodeled house, complete with a new bar. The first big social event was the annual Li’l Abner party. Current Dogpatch fashions, especially chemises styled from Grade A potato sacks, were the most popular costumes. Badger Olympics found the AEPis teamed with the Alpha Xi Deltas improving their skills in the hula-hooping and the ■cracker eating and whistling contests. The brothers combined their talents with those of the Alpha Phis in Humorology. Jeff Marcus has formed his own jazz combo; the group is well-known on Langdon St. for its distinctly cool and modern style. Alpha Epsilon Pi’s executive council for the year in-■cluded Steve Porter, master; Jeff Marcus, lieutenant master; Alfred Altschul, scribe; Hy Brudnich, treasurer. Other elected officers were Harvey Wendel, social chairman, and David Schwartz, pledge trainer. Alpha Epsilon Pi Try kicking it 377 —-—A partridge in a pear tree? Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho was well represented in campus-activities this year. Ed Jacoby devoted his time to the presidency of ASAE and also rowed for the UW crew team. Milton Mitchell was president of Alpha Zeta, Wesley Falk served as chairman of Mid-Winter Ball, and Herb Inselman held the office of president of Badger Crops and Soils club. Paul Hartwig devoted his time to the editorship of the UW Country Magazine, the assistant chairmanship of Little International, the vice presidency of Saddle and Sirloin club and the treasurer’s duties of the Agriculture Student council, while John Mitchell served as secretary of the Agriculture student council and Roger Stauffecher was a member of the livestock judging team. Memorable events on this year’s social agenda included the annual Farmer’s costume ball, the Homecoming-alumni dance, the Bowery party, the Pajama part}' and the neighborhood open house. The AGR’s participated in Campus Carnival with Villa Maria. Leading the Alpha Gamma Rho activities this year were Paul Hartwig, president; Milton Mitchell, vice president; John Mitchell and Charlie Reynolds, secretaries; Jim Wevhmiller, treasurer; John Platos, steward. First row, left to right: J. Forbes, .1. Putsch, J. Mitchell, J. Wayhmiller, It. Blaney, M. Mitchell, P. Hartwig, C. Reynolds, J. Platos. Second row: E. Esch, L. Schmidt, G. Honold, H. Buchholz, J. Helgeson, T. Hamilton, A. Otter, D. Janes, G. Thomsen. Third row: Y. Falk, W. Pick, R. Torgerson, K. Nixdorf, H. Bos, L. Derker, H. Oertel, It. Sprengler. 378First row, left to right: T. Gaardar, I). Anderson, I). Schooff, B. Maroney, G. Swenson, J. Strauss, C. Cook, 13. Moczulevvski, 1. Hemp. Second row: 1). Boyd, C. dessert, B. Amend, (1. Shanks, T. Nagi, J. Jennings, J. Darling, J. Heegeman, J. Stevens, E. Callen. Third row: F. Moriarity, J. Stampen, 1). Robertson, I Mork, J. Hanson, L. Forster, P. Mekkelson, 13. Reinke, I). Newby. Fourth row: X. Hosig, H. Hedfield, A. Mailing, T. Martens, J. Maas, A. Miller, M. Bauer. Alpha Tau Omega The flying of a large Confederate flag from the Alpha Tau Omega house signaled that once again it was time for their annual Southern Comfort Party, at which the atmosphere of anti-Bellum Southern aristocracy pervaded. In contrast, was the At The Ozarks Party, to which the Tans came dressed as hillbillys and partied in surroundings as could he found only in the boondocks. Social functions were not the only things which occupied the spare time of the men of ATO, as a large number of them worked on campus activities and athletics. Among those in campus activities were Joel Jennings, treasurer of the Intel-Fraternity Council, and Mer Hemp, who worked on the WISCONSIN BADGKll and was president of BADGER Board. In athletics, the Taus were represented on the crew teams by Ted Martens, Phil Alork, Larry Forster, Pete Mickelson, and Marv Bauer, in baseball by Bill Amend, and by Tom Toman on the wrestling squad. As a community service project, the ATO pledge class spent time cleaning and painting the Neighborhood House. Officers for Alpha Tau Omega this past year were Gary Swenson, president; Jon Strauss, vice president; Bernie Maroney, secretary; Charles Cook, treasurer. 379First row, left to right: J. Lowe, N. Schulze, It. Hajicek, B. DeNoble, C. Krueger, Mrs. Walbridge, W. Boettge, I. Brader, S. Black, P. Flatten, P. Heffernan, 1). Moriarty, J. Hopkins, (i. Wilson. Second row: T. Ross, A. Lowe, It. Casl, C. Elliot, C. Stewart, T. Gleichman, W. Hobart, It. Helm, It. Williams, W. Trukenbrod, T. Simerson, E. Lokensgard, L. Walden, I). Mills. Third row: T. McDonald, J. Holoubek, P. Kresky, T. Jackson, It. James, E. I loll}’, S. Berglund, It. VanVerst, G. Baker, F. Barney, I). Mclntyce, G. Gilbertson, J. Parcher. Fourth row: 1). Tormey, J. Gollhardt, It. Brewer, E. Garvey, E. Sandvold, S. Schacht, It. McMillan, It. Christopherson, R. Maurer, M. Isan, J. Cavanaugh, 1). Blackwell, F. Peterson, J. Reynolds, It. Sawyer. Fifth row: L. Gunderson, A. Cole, J. Kaehler, T. Sawers, It. Hanson, J. Lecey, C. Montgomery, It. Vitkus, J. Swardinski, B. DiSalvo, N. Ishizaki, T. Thorson, P. Emery, P. James. Beta Theta Pi started their social schedule with the traditional Pajama Party in the fall. Spring highlights were the Miami Triad formal held with the Phi Delts and Sigma Chis and the annual jacks tournament with the Alpha Phis. The Betas also won their division championship in intramural football. Active members of the chapter included Nick Fish, treasurer of WSA, Ed Garvey, president of Badger Party and a student senator, John Schreiner, co-chairman of Wisconsin Previews, Dave Meissner, past president of the Union and a member of Mace and Iron Cross honoraries, and Chuck Kreugor, co-chairman of New Student Week. Active sportswise were Jon Hobbs, co-captain of the varsity football squad, and Bill Hobbs and Charles Sprague, also varsity team members. Dave Mills, Tom Jackson, and Richard Murray were members of the varsity basketball squad. On crew were Courtney Freeman, George Baker, Bob McMillin, and Pete Kresky. Dave Moriarty played on the baseball team, while Dick VanVerst and Bob Helm were members of the swimming team, and Norman Schulze, the gymnastics team. Several pledges participated on various freshmen teams. Officers were Pat Heffernan, president ; Dave Moriarity, vice president; John Cavanaugh and Peter Platten, secretaries; Richard Christopherson, treasurer. Beta Theta Pi 380 The Chi Phis spent their leisure time this year in the usual round of beer suppers and Saturday night parties. Outstanding among these parties were the Cherokee Chug-a-lug party and this year’s Hunting party. The Cherokee party featured an Indian atmosphere, complete with tepees, Indian designs and corn stalks in the living room. The Hunting party, held the weekend of the Michigan State football game, provided an opportunity for the partygoers to go hunting for anything and everything from dates to grades. The hunting must have been good, as everyone returned with this prize. The Chi Phi’s Homecoming display, the big yellow duck named Wilbur, won the fraternity first place trophy. They competed in Humorology in an effort to gain a trophy for the second consecutive year. For their service project, the Chi Phis in conjunction with the Delta Gammas gave a party at the old folks’ home. Members of the chapter who have been busy in campus activities included Xeil Burmeister, chairman of the WSA Job Placement committee, Bill Strang, treasurer of IF council and Jerry Kulcinski, a member of the varsity football squad. Officers were Eugene Johnson, president; William Thomas, vice president; Ronald Adamson, secretary; Neil Burmeister, treasurer. So cut your 7:45. Chi Phi First row, left to right: W. Strang, W. Parson, R. Weninger, W. Thomas, E. Bjerning, E. Johnson, T. Rowe, W. Bredendick, W. Kelley, R. Dews, J. Lonsdorf. Second row: B. Verhagen, W. Hoffman, J. Rickmeier, J. Oleson, P. Schlichting, R. Adamson, V. McCorkle, F. Verhulst, D. Bunck, J. Markworth, F. Christians. Third row: D. Stadler, D. Pope, J. Lawson, T. Anderson, G. Kulcinski, G. Battist, N. Burmeister, R. Brenneke, J. Coombs, D. Hamel, J. Adams. Fourth row: G. Waldron, W. Lautz, R. Christiansen, I). Asmus, W. Buchta, F. Behrens, C. Robb, C. Holland, 1). Dodge, W. Spraetz, W. Troxel. Fifth row: G. Anderson, J. Dannerbeck, J. Boyce, D. Niebuhr, G. Molzahn, Pi. Piltz, R. Kammer, S. Wright, W. Sewell, R. Hamel, T. Schneider. 381Chi Psis who were active contributors to campus activities included Eugene Holderness, vice president of II' Council, and Bill Steiger, vice president of WSA and participant in YGOP activities. Rollie Heath directed the WSA Special Projects committee, while Bob Halverson served as Campus Carnival chairman and worked on the WSA Elections Commission. Dan Webster devoted his time as managing editor of the Daily Cardinal. Varsity athletes were Dick Dutrisak and Dave Vander Meulen, members of the basketball squad, Ron Perkins, contributor to varsity football victories, and Tom Barnum, a UW fencer. Other Chi Phis who displayed their at hletic abilities on varsity teams included Bob Witte, crew, Bill Mallatt, baseball, Don Quam, golf, and Dick Pease and Jon Fischrupp, tennis. Social activities on the Chi Psi’s calendar included the Christmas formal and the Hillbilly beer supper. Spring events were pier baseball games and the formal. The fraternity also took part in Humorologv and Campus Carnival. Officers were John Stephenson, president; Tom Gossett, vice president; Gene Holderness, secretary; Tom Rivers, treasurer. Too late for bluffing. Chi Psi First row, left to right: C. Worden, W. Fetzer, T. Rivers, J. Stephenson, T. Beyer, S. Heath, T. Gossett, R. Witte, J. Ebeling, 1). Webster. Second row: F. Eklof, 1). MacNeil, A. Haugy, F. Mohs, E. Holderness, S. Weinke, R. Pease, J. Holter, T. Hurd, L. Wheeler, G. Scott. Third row: T. Hasting, B. Hallam, C. Collins, J. Wood, It. Dineen, J. Hicks, X. Schwarz, T. Mohs, A. Engler, F. Holznecht. Fourth row: It. Bush-nell, T. Barnum, C. Walbrandt, J. Fischrupp, J. Wilbur, T. Nedderman, T. Hackenberg, H. Pedersen, 1). Erdmann, J. Perry. Fifth row: W. Comstock, W. Steiger, It. Halverson, W. Ambrose, J. Johns, I). Sharp, J. Lee, IL Dutrisac, M. Kassner, G. Connor, T. Himes. 382Nix on Stix. Delta Sigma Pi Homecoming was a memorable time for the commerce men of Delta Sigma Pi, as they hurriedly put the finishing touches on their Homecoming display, which received the best overall award for campus house decorations. Other memories of the fall season included a hula hooping party which featured the champion girl hula hooper as then-special guest. A neighborhood party, after-the-game coffee hours for alumni, and a Wyatt Earp costume party also provided fall memories. The spring found the efforts of the Delta Sigma Pi men turned to Campus Carnival preparations. Their annual spring picnic at Vilas Park featured the traditional pledge-active baseball game. Amidst the social events, the men of Delta Sigma Pi devoted their time to the activities of the commerce field. The Marketing Club claimed Norm Schmitz as their secretary and Ted Grassl was vice president of Beta Alpha Psi. Serving the Finance Society were Tom Travers as vice president and Tom Moran as secretary-treasurer. Wally Huber was president of Babcock Dairy Science Club. Officers were Tom Moran, president; Leo Neier, vice president; John Keller, secretary: Dick Zillman, treasurer. First row, left to right: T. Ihlenfeld, J. Lucht, T. Moran, P. Goes, I). Zillman, T. Travers, X. Schmitz, Y. Huber, B. Nvsted. Second row: 1). Mestele, 1). Morell, J. Adams, K. Pingel, L. Strye, Iv. Jasperson, I). Roberts, L. Meier, J. Newman. Third row: T. Grassl, J. Benschawel, J. Keller, J. Gernoske, It. Mickelson, B. Quasuis, j. Newman, T. Dunning. Fourth row: K. Martin, I). Shallhorn, C. Meyer, H. Servias, H. Holschuh, 1). Fenske, R. Hollenberger, It. Vihvock, D. Feder. 383First row, left to right: R. Coleman, M. Biehl, J. Weadock, D. Free, Mrs. Consigny, C. Giessel, J. Quirk, J. Anderson, J. Porter. Second row: J. Van Horne, It. Westring, D. Keller, J. MacGowan, M. Iverson, It. Hebal, B. Boiler, T. Itichter, N. Frisk. Third row: J. Edgerton, I). Hoffman, T. Kinney, It. Stedman, K. Thomson, N. Laskowski, J. Pokorney, L. Stevens, B. Rohloff. Fourth row: J. Best, B. Staab, R. Bing, D. Foster, K. Stetson, K. Lewis, F. Hasler, W. Engler. Delta Tau Delta The men of Delta Tau Delta returned to the Shelter last fall fired with the determination to make the year, the Delts’ Centennial year, one that will be long remembered. In keeping with the Centennial spirit, the Wisconsin Delts played host last fall to the brothers of several Big Ten chapters. The football games and parties with the visitors created a lasting fellowship that will not soon be forgotten by any of the Delts. The Playboy Party and the Delt-Theta Delt Dixie bashes also added to the year’s memorable social functions. The Delts led the campus in quite a few ways. Jack Porter strutted his stuff as drum major of the marching band, while Jon Stillman was the energetic cheerleader who thought up many of the new cheers used at football games. Carl Geissel was vice president of the Badger Party, Matt Iverson was NSA coordinator, Ken Lewis was the WSA Personnel director, and Jim Quirk captained Scabbard and Blade. John Cartwright was co-captain of the fencing team, while Ken Stetson was on the wrestling squad. Officers were Ken Conger, president ; Carl Geissel, vice president; Dex Free, treasurer; Jim Quirk, social chairman. 384First row, left to right: L. Briesemeister, J. Frea, W. Slotten, R. Bundlack, H. RadlofT, W. Ivussovv, W. Koene, S. Dingle, R. Erickson. Second row: G. Otterson, L. Rev, H. Magnin, I). Olson, W. Byer, S. Baer, C. Meider, A. Helstad, W. Pratt, G. Longenecker, J. Eckstein. Third row: A. Gabert, G. Paulsen, J. Stettler, F. Beneker, D. Knutson, L. Bayer, li. Davis, X. Hartwig, G. Hill, J. Hansen. Fourth row: R. Rundell, L. Pratt, A. Beaver, S. Buchberger, G. Beecher, D. Apps, W. Stettler, D. Henderson. A novel way of bringing a fraternity’s record collection up to date was devised this past year by the men of Delta Theta Sigma. A party, The Record Hop, obligated all those in attendance to have a record with them, which was then turned over to the house’s “music library.” At their annual Christmas Party, which featured a real, live Santa Claus, every couple brought a toy which was then donated to a charitable organization. Other parties, many featuring odd costumes, beer suppers, and a Homecoming Party for the alumni added to the fulfillment of the social schedule. The men of Delta Theta Sigma, who were the only group on campus to own two houses last year, were active in the intra-fraternity athletic program and participated in Campus Carnival with the girls from Barnard Hall. Shepard Hall was their partner in the Badger Olympics tournament. Delta Theta Sigma, which is a fraternity for those men whose main interests lie in the field of agriculture, was headed this year by President Wayne Slotten. Other officers included Roger Gumblack, vice president; James Frea, secretary; Rudolph Erickson, treasurer; Harold RadlofT, pledge trainer. Delta Theta Sigma 385Delta Upsilon Delta Upsilons who were participants in varsity athletics this year included John Stock, a member of the basketball team, Gene Holt, one of the track team runners, and Bob Darling, a member of the tennis squad. Dale Brown and Arne Hope swam on the UW team, while Ed Cannon and Jim Lesiank played on Wisconsin’s base-ball diamond. DU Tom Errath served as general chairman of this year’s Campus Carnival. The highlights of the social season included the annual Bowery party, which featured West Madison Street decorations, cheap dive atmosphere and Skid Row costumes, and the Maverick party, patterned after the Sunday evening telecast. One of the most memorable experiences of the DU’s this year was the renting of a fire engine at Homecoming. The men took the Alpha Chi girls to the Yell Like Hell contest via fire truck, and also used this means of transportation to drive their dates to the football game. In the spring the fraternity held parties and beer suppers on their pier, the longest one on Lake Mendota. Leading the activities for the Delta Upsilons were Tom Errath, president; Don Weinke, vice president; Dave Vinson, secretary; Dick Prinslow, treasurer. First row, left to right: J. Stack, J. Perry, W. McNamara, I). Shepard, It. Prinslow, T. Errath, 1). Weinke, R. Darling, It. Manger, D. Johnson, J. Lesniak, J. Gray. Second row: J. Jefferson, I). Brown, G. Waterdrinker, L. VanderVelden, It. Hartwig, A. Hope, I). Eleven, J. Harden, J. Ivurhajee, It. Lehman, L. Graham. Third row: P. Bach, J. Errath, It. Knutsen, I). Nickel, T. Rosso, D. MacPherson, S. McEachron, J. Heath, C. Gorham, L. Griffith, I). McDowell. Fourth row: W. Lyon, W. Kozlowski, A. Burkart, E. Cannon, J. Kehm, It. Johnson, C. Thomas, W. Brauer, W. Trachsel, N. Bechthold, W. Lorenz. Fifth row: 1). Larson, J. Herrmann, K. Ziegler, C. Douglas, F. Luttichau, M. Weavers, L. Plagenz, T. Berg, It. Thompson, C. Heath, E. Holt. 386 iiBJsa "W-LJi. iW First row, left to right: J). HasselhofTer, B. Lieding, M. Buchanan, N. Lindeman, J. Ladvvig, Mrs. Matheson, P. Elliot, 1). VanDePlasch, C. Hunt, F. Waldman, I). Gehri. Second row: J. Howard, 1). Stone, G. Eggert, 1). Molander, J. Garrett, R. Lehman, J. Von Germeten, S. Cline, P. Korotev, J. Elliot. Third row: A. Daum, T. Brunner, H. Orr, J. Garlock, B. Bishop, J. Leinwell, 1). Webb, E. Schaefer, J. Wendt, H. Moody. Fourth row: B. Westphal, J. Birbaum, A. McAckeren, It. Mejanus, S. Weisner, (). Dowling, B. Langsdorf, J. Simonson, J. Wake, I). Lando. Kappa Sigma Go, Chester! Kappa Sigma’s began their annual series of big parties with the traditional Roman party. Following it at various points throughout the year were the Hawaiian party, with decor and costumes appropriate to an island setting, and the Kappa Sigma farm party. Decorations at the farm party resembled a barn, and the whole thing was made quite authentic, if not odorous, by the addition of live farm animals and bales of hay strewn over the floor. Active members of Kappa Sigma included Gib Black-mun, senior class president, Terry Brunner and Phil Elliot, members of the University debate team, and Harry Orr, president of the Pledge Presidents’ council. Active on committees were Joe Garlock, chairman of the Public Relations committee of WSA, and John Wendt, vice chairman of the State YMCA program. Fred Westphal was an All-American swimmer, and Stan Wisner was a member of the crew. Officers were president, Dennis Gehri; vice president, John Wendt; pledge trainer, Duane Harm; secretary, Roger Lehman; treasurer, Carl Nelson; social chairman, Bob Lieding. 387First row, left to right: M. Connors, K. Settecase, J. Udell, R. Rusnka, D. McGough, K. Kotnour, Koenig, K. Brandt. Second row: L. Reiss, T. Malone, R. Crotteau, R. Wedeking, J. Moede, R. Malzahn,lt. Buedingen, D. Hoffman, L. Skeels. Third row: E. Beck, J. Fleury, T. Howe, F. Jacobsen, W. Holstein, R. Zimmermann, Iv. Stahlkopf, D. Gennrich, D. Hawk. Fourth row: R. Lauwerse, L. Vandenberg, H-Templar, W. Kelley, B. Iversen, R. Rosenthal, R. Julian, D. Bander. The Lambda Chi Alphas started this year with callouts and serenades for the campus sororities, featuring their well-known singing octet. The musically talented men of the fraternity’s Dixieland Combo entertained at listening parties, beer suppers and informal parties. Highlights of the social calendar were the annual winter and spring formals. At the spring dance, the Lambda Chis chose their Crescent Queen. Another big event was the yearly Mardi Gras costume party which featured prizes for the best masqueraders. The annual Freudian Frolics costume party offered an opportunity for the free imaginations of the partygoers who lounged on couches similar to those in the offices of psychoanalyst Sigmud Freud. During the year, the Lambda Chis entered the Homecoming float contest, Campus Carnival, Tournament of Song and intramural sports. Members who were active in other campus organizations included Bud Bander who was editor-in-chief of the Daily Cardinal. Officers this year were Duane McGough, president; Rich Rusnack, vice president; Dennis Templer, social chairman; Bill Kelley, corresponding secretary; Ken Settecase, rush chairman; Marnie Conners, secretary; Ken Kotnour, treasurer; Bill Koenig, ritualist. Lambda Chi Alpha It's like—Wow. 388Phi Delta Theta, the oldest fraternity on campus, enjoyed a full social year from the fall listening parties to the spring pier parties. At Christmastime the winter formal was held at the Wisconsin Dells, and following-spring initiation the annual She Delta Theta party was held. The social calendar was climaxed in the spring when the Phi Delta Thetas were joined by the Beta Theta Pis and the Sigma Chis for the Miami Triad formal which featured a big name band. The Phi Delt serenade presenting their rendition of the fall song hit, “Tom Dooley,” was eagerly awaited by the sororities. In December, the brothers held a tea honoring the housemothers and the university faculty. Intramural sports, Tournament of Song, Badger Olympics, Campus Carnival, and Humorology were some of the campus activities in which Phi Delta Theta participated. Individual Phi Delts active in campus organizations were student senators C. A. Richards and Jim Olsen and senior class treasurer Roger Rumble. Bob Sellers and Fred Kappelle were performers in this spring’s Hares-foot production. This year’s officers of Phi Delta Theta were Marshall Anderson, president; John Middle, vice president; Harry Moulton, secretary; Jack Koch, treasurer; Nick Norris, social chairman. Housemother interview. Phi Delta Theta First row, left to right: It. Stadhiem, It. Drake, H. Moulton, J. Hiddle, M. Anderson, Mrs. Hackworthy, J. Koch, It. Schickofke, . Hernott, D. Dixon, P. Garver. Second row: N. Flisram, J. Mahoney, C. B. Pope, C. A. Richards, C. Ludwigson, N. Schmidt, R. Rumble, It. lorn-gren, D. Wright, It. Shutan, P. Nicholson. Third row: It. McGowan, Iv. Dempsky, J. Lehman, L. Mielke, L. Miresse, K. Walter, D. Gustafson, G. Heubner, T. Kelly, It. Jewell, C. Struck, J. Olson. Fourth row: J. VanWiligan, A. Johnson, W. Poggensee, X. Jones, R. Conners, L. Lewis, H. Gilbertson, T. Christenson, T. Nickles, J. Troch, J. Gabert. Fifth row: B. Romig, A. Bailey, W. Hank, W. Hanewald, F. Kapelle, J. Ballou, T. Lovass, It. Luppnow, M. Hancock, It. Sellers. 389The Phi Gams, a rough and tumble bunch of collegiate fraternity men, have spent another year whooping it up on the far end of Langdon street. One of the leading activities on their social calendar was the French Apache party which featured decorations simulating a Paris dive; the guests were appropriately dressed in French costumes for the evening. Another social highlight was the Fi-Ji Island party, held in the late spring. The partygoers, attired in sarongs and beachcomber outfits, were surrounded by a South Sea island atmosphere at this function. Another spring event was the annual alumni banquet. Last Year’s Badger Bowl winner, the fraternity proved to be an enthusiastic defender of the championship. Phi Gamma Deltas who participated in campus athletics and organizations were Dave Kocourek, varsity football co-captain, and George Schueppert, business manager of the BADGER and Junior man on Cardinal Board. Also members of the Badger staff included A1 Smith, who served as sales manager, and J. C. Holman, who was advertising manager. Officers were Dave Ragsdale, president; George Schueppert and Dick Tilly, secretaries; Mike Finnane, treasurer; Dave Fagerland, social chairman. Trophy guard duty. Phi Gamma Delta First row, left to right: C!. Schuppert, B. Fivian, F. Maiale, I). Ragsdale, Mrs. Best, 1). Tilley, M. Finnane, T. Fvinrude, A. Schmitt, .1. Wold-ford. Second row: H. Wilms, 1). Mazeska, A. Smith, 10. Sutkowski, .J. Baker, J. Allen, j. Gunnarsen, (!. Pfund, B. Dale, T. Jeffords, I). O’Keene. Third row: G. Leramer, I). Fagerland, A. Ragland, B. Keck, J. Lullo, 1). Keenan, B. Gill, B. Starzell, B. Jennings, L. Hanson. Fourth row: E. Creasey, B. Ela, I). Kennedy, L. White, 1). Keck, P. Johnson, H. Tease, I). Thiessenhusen, J. Hoffman, T. Terry. Fifth row: B. Stensby, S. Anbuhl, C. Rehm, J. T. Hadsell, J. Holman, J. Woolard, It. Wilbert, H. Sauthoff, I). Pearson, It. Claus. 390Phi Kappa This year the members of Phi Kappa fraternity were active in many different forms of campus activities. Although their interests were varied, all of the men who are members of this social organization for Catholic men were active in Newman Club. Some of the men who were leaders in organizations included Tom IIuls, who was secretary of Tau Beta Pi, the honorary engineering fraternity, and Tom Eckerly, who was active on the executive board of Young Democrats. Don Ragats was kept busy in the Union News Bureau. Varsity sports drew the interest of Jim Critchfield, a member of the fencing team. Two musically inclined members were Ronald Paska and Tom Guse who contributed their talents to the marching band. This year the men of Phi Kappa were especially proud of their scholastic achievements. The Wisconsin chapter received the Scholarship Trophy awarded by the national organization for academic superiority. They hope to repeat this honor in the following years. Officers for the past year were Carl Seidel, president ; Tom IIuls, vice president; Don Ragats, secretary; Jim Critchfield, treasurer; Jerry Metito, house manager. First row, left to right: (!. Bates, J. Critchfield, 1). Itagatz, D. Seidel, J. Melito, J. Spevacek, It. Schappe, E. Mullen. Second row: T. Eckerle, B. Hayes, T. Underbrink, It. Paska, 1). Hostak, J. Koutskv, It. Walker. Third row: P. Wanek, T. Guse, B. Elliot, J. Wiedenfield, T. Sand-holm, L. Hannes, J. Bodi. 391First row, left to right: H. Bell, G. Vandelist, 1). Rethke, F. Gelhaus, R. VanHecke, J. Culver, J. Barnard. Second row: J. Piper, J. Combs, (}. Kasten, J. Schlump, J. Opgenorth, R. Voss, W. Gundlach, J. Wehmeyer, T. Taylor. Third row: I). Opgenorth, T. Benedict, P. Morton, H. Zielke, R. Thames, R. Terhune, K. Pfrang, G. Lingo!. Phi Sigma Kappa Cuban rebels -rear echelon. The Moonlight Girl formal highlighted the busy social schedule of every Phi Sigma Kappa. The fraternity’s Moonlight Girl, chosen from the representatives from each sorority on campus, was the guest of honor at the traditional December event. Athletics were of prime importance to the Phi Sigs, and the men participated in a wide variety of campus sports. This year Dick Ahner was on the crew team, and Sandy Smith played on the varsity basketball team. Don Rethke was an enthusiastic participant in gymnastics, and Jack Culver was elected captain of the varsity pistol team. The Phi Sigma Kappas were very proud of their house-basketball team, which has received acclaim throughout the Midwest. The Wisconsin chapter was defending champion in the fraternity’s regional tournaments this year despite the threatening strength of the Purdue and Illinois chapters. Leading the Phi Sigs this past year were Jack Culver, president; Donald Rethke, vice president; James Piper, secretary; Gary Van Delist, treasurer. 392First row, left to right: F. Svestica, It. Massey, C. Karlstrom, J. Wolter, B. Harman, It. Smith, I). Ellis, W. Phillippi, A. Faraca. Second row: M. Trautmann, B. Brenckle, H. Osterhaus, J. Snell, I). Boness, It. Lundholm, It. Miller, It. Young. Third row: It. Schneyer, I). Seiler, J. Gates, W. Luther, I). Peterson, J. Widmover, J. Spangler, J. Cornwell, W. Gandt. The men of Pi Kappa Alpha, celebrating the 91st anniversary of their national fraternity, had a busy schedule this year. Among the listening parties, beer suppers, and informal parties, their Founders Day party, held March 1st, was one of the main events of the social calendar. Other highlights included the winter formal, at which the men chose their PiKA Dream Girl, and their spring dinner dance. The brothers enthusiastically participated in the annual campus social functions, especially concentrating their efforts toward Humorology and Tournament of Song. PiKAs who participated in campus activities included Roger Lundholm, president, and Jim Widmoyer, vice president of the Mining and Metallurgy club, and Carl Karlstrom, a performer in this year’s Haresfoot production. Men who were members of the I W bands were Ron Mueller, Ray Young, John Cornwell, Bill Gandt, John Gates, Dave Seiler, and Tom Norager. Pi Kappa Alpha officers for this past year were Bruce Harman, president; .John Henry, vice president; Carl Karlstrom, secretary; Jack Wolter, treasurer. Pi Kappa Alpha 393Don’t look at the camera, Davis! Pi Lambda Phi The Pi Lambda Phi’s busy social schedule was highlighted by a winter formal, the spring dinner-dance, and their annual Hawaiian Party. A Polynesian atmosphere was created in the house with palms, a sandy beach, and island music. For Humorology, the men joined forces with the Delta Gammas. The group also participated in Campus Carnival and demonstrated their abilities in the Badger Olympic contests. The Pi Lams were represented in many campus organizations and also in varsity athletics. Gary Weissman was president of WSA, and Jack Davis served as president of Mace and vice president of the Union. Dave Klingen-stein, a member of the IF Council, was the assistant chairman of Greek Week, while Dave Adashek directed Humorology publicity. Jerry Rotter was a member of the tennis squad, Marshall Rand and Dave Simpson were on the boxing team, and Larry Herschfield fenced on the UW team. Billy Resnick, Art Cohen, Harvey Barash, and Burt Pines, members of the campus pledge class that gained the highest scholastic honors, were elected to Phi Eta Sigma. Officers were Dave Klingenstein, president; Jack Davis, vice president; Bob Miller, secretary; Jimmy Cohen, treasurer; Dick Chaimson, pledge trainer. First row, left to right: R. Gregg, I. Kahn, P. Lubar, G. Lavine, X. Lebow, J. Cohen, M. Keller, 1). Klingenstein, .1. Davis, R. Miller, R. Chaimson, J. Straussberg, G. Weissman, H. Schramm, H. Sholnik, S. Gimbel, H. Weinberg. Second row: G. Rudman, R. Duhl, 1). Kessel-man, J. Borax, S. Kaplan, N. Sachnoff, M. Turkewitz, L. Schrafran, 1). Simon, I. Talbot, W. Eaglestein, L. Margolis, J. Wineberg, I). Adashek, R. Rawitscher, H. Feldman, It. Markoff, 1). Leyson, C. Edwards, S. Basch, J. Trosch, L. Falcon, A. Alberts, It. Glaeser. Third row: I). Xagusky, M. Spector, B. Pines, L. Aaronson, W. Resnik, M. Zucker, S. Saks, S. Gertz, H. Wichman, N. Armour, J. Goldman, It. Levitt, W. Weissberger, D. Simpson, It. Strauss, F. Bloom, B. Becker, R. Bayliss, R. Pringz. Fourth row: E. Nimerouv, A. Cohen, .1, Beerman, It. Roman, It. Steiner, P. Simla, It. Dennenholz, I. Feldman, J. Weil, M. Band, J. Rudnick, S. Friedman, E. Landis, M. Bach, J. Malnekoff, It. Markus, E. Burich, J. Goldstein, A. Liebowitz, T. Adler. 394First row, left to right: P. Fischl, Y. Knowhoo, T. Lowtrek, B. Holt, R. Koeper, S. Myrah, J. Snydacker, H. Lewis, H. Oberdick, I. Bergman, L. Baker, W. Stiehm, S. Rector. Second row: J. Braunschwieg, W. Eccles, F. Madison, J. Hanifan, H. Wilis, M. Detrick, W. Wilms, 1). Logan, R. Pearson, C. Mahnke, M. Baker. Third row: S. Loueks, J. Sexton, J. Bussey, J. Henry, J. Shaw, J. Andrews, J. Nesbit, D. Simon-sen, T. Dean, I). Stahl, F. Spindler. Psi Upsilon The Psi Upsilon social calendar was highlighted by their Homecoming party, the winter and spring dinner dance, and a pledge theme party, in addition to the Saturday night informal parties. The night of the final varsity football victory, the Wisconsin Psi U’s held the annual football party for the visiting brothers from the Minnesota chapter. Despite the loss of the game, the guests enjoyed the party and brotherly fellowship. The leaders of this year’s Psi U activities were Jim Snydacker, president; Ralph Koeper, vice president; Steve Myrah, second vice president; Tim Lewis, secretary; Bill Holt, treasurer. Several brothers participated in campus organizations and varsity athletics. Hans Oberdick was an active member of the Student Responsibility committee and was elected to Iron Cross, the senior men’s honorary society. Dave Logan and Bill Holt sang in the Men’s Glee Club, and Bill also devoted his musical talents to the UW Marching Band. Members of varsity athletic teams included Nick Maher, on the crew team, Don Koess, on the fencing team, and John Henry, on the boxing squad. In intramurals, the Psi U’s won their division championship in football. 395First row, left to right: R. Leifer, J. Crane, G. Stevens, B. Lindsay, B. Hergeft, V. Howard, R. Wrobleski, Mrs. Ball, R. Fehlhaber, It. Blank, J. Wvatt, M. McCartney, 1). Olson, M. Bennett. Second row: P. Mark, C. Christensen, T. Damm, C. Hagev, W. Thomas, I). Kennedy, H. Baker, T. Lichty, J. Jennings, D. Birk, G. Berweiler, J. McGuire, K. Herman, J. Moeller. Third row: D. Melzer, J. Olszewski, J. Gilbertson, B. Bloss, T. Lockvear, W. Staled, B. Moeller, B. Marshall, J. Tilton, J. Reused, J. Clay bough, B. Stahman, N. Cechin. Fourth row: M. Garber, B. McDonald, J. Thorton, J. Hudis, M. McCall, B. Devlin, B. Hudson, R. Nuernberg, K. Whittman, B. Payne, J. Meckenstock, J. Hess, T. Molzow. Fifth row: G. Blahnick, B. Boldus, I). Muller, J. Marshall, C. Royal, 1). Reznichek, J. Hanke, D. Youngstead, J. Krier, J. Egger, T. Lynch, 1). Novak, H. Hassberg. Top events on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon social calendar this year were the fall Pledge Formal, the Old Folks Christmas party, and the annual German party which simulated a typical Bavarian celebration. Several SAEs who were active in campus organizations this year were Skip Leifer, District IV head commissioner, who was also a member of the Badger Block Publicity committee and the WSA Publicity committee, and George Stevens who served as District IV commissioner and was a member cf Wisconsin Players. Ray Wrobleski and Tom Molzow were members of Wisconsin Players. SAEs participating in varsity sports included Jim Rodgers and Bud Hudson on the football team, and Keith Herman, Jim Hanke and Kent Whitman on crew. Duane Youngstead and Tom Wissing were on the swimming team, Bill Marshall played varsity baseball, Mac McKichan was a member of the basketball squad, and SAEs Bob, Devlian, John Parker, and John Hess ran for our track team. Other projects to which the men of SAE devoted their time were a float for the United Fund Drive, and the protection of the lions at the front entrance of their house. This year’s officers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were Roger Fehlhaber, president; Tom Damm, vice president; George Stevens, secretary; Rich Nuerenberg, treasurer; Bill Marshall, pledge trainer; Bruce Lindsay, social chairman. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Postscripts. 396The Sigma Chis spent another active year on campus as the members enthusiastically participated in many campus events. Leading this year’s activities were James Huber, president; Robert Pike, vice president; Richard Sanders, treasurer; Daniel Barber, pledge trainer; Kenneth Thompson, recording secretary; John Mullen, corresponding secretary; Mike Noling, social chairman. One of the highlights on the Sigs’ social calendar was the annual Christmas Sweetheart formal at which the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi was chosen. The big social event of the spring semester was the Miami Triad ball held with the Betas and the Phi Delts. Varsity sports were the interest of many Sigs this year. Tracy Allen was a member of the golf team, Jerry Stalcup played varsity football and Fred Clow, Brian Kulas, and Dick Luedtke participated in varsity basketball. Chuck Burrows was a member of the wrestling squad. Participants in campus organizations this year were James Thompson who was Mil Ball chairman, Brian Kulas who served as Homecoming chairman, James Huber who was elected secretary of IF Council, and Kenneth Thompson who devoted his time to the chairmanship of the Homecoming Buttons Committee. John Mullen served as Prom Publicity chairman, and Xoel Iverson was WSA Election Commission chairman. Sigma Chi She's the sweetheart of whom? Johnson, T. Trost, J. Frechette, It. Williams, N. Hoegh-thiklberg. Fifth row: M. Uantweli, r. trecnette, it. nucuKe, v. wow, o. Zigmund, W. Richards, J. Miller, K. Falkenberg, D. Becker. Sixth row: R. Morrison, J. Hartfield, P. Hahn, M. Naling, C. Andringa, lv. Schroeder, L. Marshall, T. Thomson, W. Barry. 397Sigma Xu men took a special interest in student government this year, with Jim McHale and John Michiewiecz acting as student senators. The group was also represented in the sports world of the university, with Lloyd Bishop playing right tackle for the Wisconsin football team. The chapter also participated in allcampus activities such as Homecoming and Campus Carnival. The social interests of the fraternity were especially directed to the spring formal, at which the members made their selection of the White Rose Queen. Another spring event was the War Party, topping the list of the Sigma Xu theme parties. The Sigma Xu’s pointed with pride to the especially large alum group on campus during the year. Included were Dean Theodore W. Zillman, Profs. James G. Wood-burn, Perry Wilson, Harry Clark, Edgar Gordon, Cyrus MacDuffie and Associate Profs. Robert Najem, Richard Powers, Frederick Wallis, and John E. Ross. Directing the year’s activities were Jim McCurdy, president; Mons Langhus, vice president; Jerry Janssen, trainer; Ron Lewison, social chairman. Sigma Nu First row, left to right: D. Smith, E. Obey, W. Hackler, J. Sund, M. Langhus, J. McCurdy, J. Langnes, J. Huggett, W. Kauth, W. Taylor, .J. Kieffer. Second row: I), (laid, L. Bishop, J. Maxfield, J. Mickiewicz, K. Brokaw, W. Tishler, J. McHale, K. Eckhardt, It. Lewison, W. Wegner, W. No hr. Third row: It. Itiemen, B. Nichols, T. Finlay, J. Hruby, It. Robinson, W. Main, It. Mehlum, T. Trantlow, J. Jones, Iv. Monson, J. Hanson. 398Shirley Temple fan club. Sigma Phi Topping the social calendar of the Sigma Phis this year was the annual Persian Kitty party. The entire house was converted into an Oriental oasis for the event which was held in the spring. From the exotic appeal of the Orient, the members traveled to the Wild West for another annual theme party. Other social events included two formal dances, the annual neighborhood faculty tea given to promote good neighbor relations in the west residential area of the campus, and the December Mother-Son banquet, another annual event for the fraternity. Representing the sports interests of the Sigma Phis was Tim Frautschi, a member of the university tennis team. Also in the public eye was Sigma Phi Phil Henderson, who took part in the campus work of Badger Board. The alum group of the Sigma Phis was represented on Campus this year by Assoc. Prof. Eugene P. Beardman, a member of the history department, and Prof. Julian Ellis Mack, of the physics department. Acting officers for the year included John Wirth, president; Tim Frautschi, vice president; Jerry Flamed, secretary; Charles Towne, steward; Pat Bruch, social chairman; Arne Salveson, pledge trainer. First row, left to right: J. Harned, It. Fredrieh, C. Towne, T. Frautschi, J. Hill, L. Klevay, J. Swannack. Second row: P. Bruch, J. Schleuter, W. Keepers, A. Salvesen, G. Russel, W. Cratty, It. Gesteland. Third row: It. Mueller, It. Thiel, W. Ghormley, P. Winkel, I). Farley, M. Trewartha. 399First row, left to right: 1). Dow, S. Keune, C. Verburgt, B. Halferty, K. Campbell, B. Mueller, J. Wollinka, J. Xeese. Second row: B. Dietz, M. Hoesly, B. Knopes, K. Look, W. Porter, J). Powell, D. Carroll, D. Sims. Third row: B. Greenwood, J. Abing, H. Daane, A. Liebetrau, J. Hopp, E. Bathke, E. Strade, R. Wingender, F. Buscher. Fourth row: W. Hoewisch, B. Ketelhohn, H. Theis, G. Bezella, A. liable, G. Krueger, J. Weiss, M. Steiner. Sigma Phi Epsilon Pan try prosem ina r. 400 The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon directed their talents to a wide variety of activities during this year. Music was one of the chief interests of Bill Jones, Warren Porter, Allan Liebetrau and Ed Nelson, members of the university marching band. Keith Campbell served as captain of the rifle team, and Marlen Hoesly worked as a manager for the Wisconsin football team. Bob Mueller and Jim Mrotek demonstrated their dramatic abilities as members of Wisconsin Players. Sig Ep Ron Win-gender was on the gymnastics team and was active in Hoofers Archery Club. Marked in red on the Sig Ep social calendar were the dates of the annual Mammoth Brawl party which carried out a caveman theme, and the Queen of Hearts formal, another yearly event, which was celebrated in the spring by Sig Ep chapters throughout the country. A girl pinned to a Sig Ep was elected Queen of Hearts, and she enjoyed being guest of honor for the evening. Directing the year’s activities for Sigma Phi Epsilon were Keith Campbell, president; Bob Halferty, vice president; Steve Keune, controller; Carl Verburgt, secretary; John Neese, pledge trainer; Bob Deitz, social chairman; Jerry Wollinka, rush chairman.First row, left to right: A. Boe, A. Knight, L. Bruch, X. Miller, 1). Fischer, L. Labelle, V. Voss. Second row: L. Jansky, B. McClintock, B. Bailey, D. Klemencic, J. Clay, J. Buece, J. Markham. Third row: 1). Himmel, R. Chinander, D. Gausman, J. Malkowski, C. Capper, It. Klemencic, I). Hoppe. Fourth row: T. Krueger, B. Taylor, D. Hankel, J. Fenske, T. Van Egeran, J. Foley. The members of Tau Kappa Epsilon played host to another Wisconsin chapter of the fraternity for the annual Shipwreck Party Weekend. For this party, the TKEs decorated their house as the “island we’d like most to be stranded on.” Also of major social interest was the Red Carnation Ball, an annual event for the fraternity, and other theme parties that were held during the year. Participating in campus activities such as Badger Bowl kept the TKE’s schedule full. The group again displayed their special talents for house decorations in the Homecoming contest and worked in Campus Carnival with Alpha Xi Delta sorority. Several members also took part in university sports. The TKEs were represented in various organizations on campus. Working in WSA were Dale Fisher, who headed the Personnel committee, and Bill McClintock, a member of the Insurance committee. Acting as fraternity officers during the year were Dale Fisher, president; Norbert Miller, vice president; Lewis Bruch, secretary; Ken Bower, treasurer; A1 Knight, chaplain; Vern Voss, social chairman; Alike Kirkhorn, historian; Larry LaBelle, pledge trainer. Tau Kappa Epsilon Put nails in it, too. 401Five minutes till Maverick. Theta Chi An original combination of washboards, maracas, cups, bells, bottles and other improvised instruments filled many ears as the Theta Chis beat out rhumba rhythms with their newly-formed Latin American band. With the establishment of this band and the winning of the Yell Like Hell contest for the second consecutive year, the chapter’s social agenda was off to a roaring start. Switching from Latin to Charleston rhythm, the Roaring Twenties party captured first place for unique social functions. As the theme suggests, all decorations and costumes, for which prizes were awarded, typified that era. Other social highlights were the winter and spring formals, and the pledge dance at which the pledges provided entertainment. WSA Publicity chairman, Theta Chi Peter Iiallock, suggested the ideas for the fine decorations. In addition to their activities and community work, the chapter installed a guest speaker program with speakers from the campus and the Madison area. Officers of Theta Chi for the year were Ron Steindorf, president; Craig Penrith, vice president; Dennis Baker, secretary; Ron Kerstein, treasurer; Carl Peterson, historian. First row, left to right: C. Boyd, C. Penrith, It. Kerstein, It. Steindorf, D. Baker, E. Larson, T. Oberhofer, M. Paddock, F. Parsons, M. Steffens Second row: D. DeWitt, T. Wotruba, B. Brody, J. Kurowski, F. Soukup, J. Jones, P. Christophs, I). Lee, T. Shay, B. Bnth, T. Carpenter-Third row: V. Cors, It. Jones, B. Selsor, P. Mongan, T. Newman, It. Worthington, J. Barany, P. Sneiland, M. Mueller, A. Hephner, H. Tall, roth, M. Wendling. Fourth row: P. Sullivan, B. Stubbs, P. Hallock, P. Reader, J. Osborn, S. Cole, I). Geddis, L. Nelson, C. Peterson, I). Peterson, R. Jacobson, It. Burns, J. Anstett. 402First row, left to right: J. Brigham, 1). Sheridan, J. Schlook, J. Kutzbach, M. Rice, T. Kleist, T. A. Koenig, B. Mixon, J. Norton, I). Pliszka, D. Chiroff. Second row: 1). Thompson, E. Klappenbach, J. Nafziger, (!. Scott, T. Dunkel, G. Ohm, B. Onan, J. Albert, B. Simenson, T. Karan, T. G. Koenig, G. Delucca. Third row: 1). Bednarak, 1). With, J. Cnare, M. Wynngaard, B. Dutton, M. Comer, K. Pasbrig, T. Thompson, F. Vorlop, D. Loper, J. Farley, R. Rathke. Fourth row: M. St rock, J. Watts, j. Netterblad, R. Rhodes, M. Busher, I). Payleitner, I). Herreid, I). Kneip, D. Reynolds, T. Combs. Theta Delta Chi And she's !)7% caffeine free. Active participation and enthusiasm in the many phases of university life continually occupied the time of the Theta Delta Chis this year. To the theme of “Wild Cat 110081,” the visiting XU chapter members were heartily welcomed Homecoming evening. The day following the winter formal the girls’ toy favors were presented by a Santa Claus to the children in a local orphanage. Typically characterizing Medieval tradition was the annual Magna Carta party, and the gala spring formal, held at a country club, concluded the season’s outstanding festivities. In addition to these activities, a guest speaker program was initiated this year. Theta Delts participated in many campus activities. Ted Thompson, president of Haresfoot, directed this year’s production, while Jim Norton was business manager of the Daily Cardinal. Dave With served as sports co-editor of the BADGER, and Tom Koenig captained the cross country team. Officers were Maurey Rice, president ; Jim Norton and Bob Over, vice presidents; Tom Koenig, secretary; John K u t zbac h, t reasurer. 403First row, left to right: K. Homb, M. Klemme, R. Drake, 1). Meyer, F. Dowling, D. Roeber, F. Klaus, D. Schonke. Second row: H. Messenger, M. Fisher, A. Folkman, D. Steinbach, C. Reimer, S. Resan, J. Euclide, L. Feller, J. Topel. The men of Triangle, a fraternity of engineers, have in the past year carried on a balanced social, professional, athletic and scholastic program. The social calendar included informal football parties, a pajama party, a spring formal, St. Pat’s Dance and other theme parties. The Triangle men and their dates went caroling at a Madison hosital before their annual Christmas party. Buffet luncheons were held at the Triangle House at Homecoming, St. Pat’s weekend and Parents Weekend. Sponsoring tours through the engineering campus on Parents Weekend, having speakers at rushing functions, and working on the Wisconsin Engineer magazine aided the development of the member’s engineering background. Triangle is represented by many members in the professional engineering societies. The athletic program takes up a part of Triangle’s leisure time. Football, bowling, basketball, and softball are the specific sports in which the fraternity participates. In addition to outside activities, the men provide studying conditions for maintaining creditable scholastic standing in the engineering curriculum. The officers for the past year were Donald Roeber, president; Fred Klaus, vice president; Darell Meyer, secretary; George Kenkkila, corresponding secretary; Forrest Dowling, treasurer; Richard Drake, social chairman. Triangle Look, ma, no hands! 404Walking past the ZBT house, one wasn’t surprised to hear either personified jazz blends or mellow choir notes. The jazz music was made possible when pledges built and helped to install a hi-fi system, and shortly afterward, a choral group of twenty-five harmonizers was organized to perform for special occasions. Along with these projects, the chapter’s athletes competed in the intramural football and volleyball finals. The brothers also contributed time for various community services and held an extensive guest speaker program. Participators in campus activities were Dave Punt, general chairman of Badger Block and Art Chapman, general chairman of New Student Week. Neal Cohen served as editor of the “New Idea.” The Homecoming banquet and dance set the pace for this year’s whirl of social events. The functions included the winter and spring formals, the Phi Delt-ZBT weekend, and the annual Ozark party. The pledges enjoyed a big social night when they fixed-up the actives with dates who were temporarily hidden near campus. By following various clues, the girls were found and the couples were matched by comparing identical objects. During Parents Weekend this spring, the sons found stiff competition against the older generation who demonstrated great vitality in baseball and on the dance floor. Officers were Mike Litwack, president; Dick Baumann, vice president; Barry Fisher, secretary: Beder Helburn, treasurer; Dick Sweet, historian. Let’s get emulsified. Zeta Beta Tau First row, left to right: M. Morris, X. Mancoff, S. Redler, B. Fisher, It. Sweet, R. Baumann, Mrs. Creifelds, M. Litwack, B. Helburn, J. Salinger. H. Gordon, L. Baer, J. Segal. Second row: J. Reiss, A. Zuckerman, S. Rubin, It. Margolis, It. Zelen, P. Fishman, Weininger, It. Rosenbaum. A. Weber, A. Chapman, It. Katz, A. Treger, M. Grais. Third row: B. Cohen, It. Kulwin, S. Schlesinger, It. Flate, A. Shovers, 1). Echt, M Lawrence, It. SigalolT, I. Ivornbluth, It. Hamilton, It. Gerson, It. Liss, It. Chase. Fourth row: S. Levin, J). Weil, H. Markowitz, M. Hotchkiss, S. Phillips, G. Freedman, N. Hurwitz, S. Durchslag, X. Goldberg, J. Pollack, S. Berman, A. Brown. Fifth row: H. Schecter, W. Basse-witz, B. Zisook, S. Friedstein, It. Dirmish, S. Weil, 1). Sloane, K. Yalowitz, A. Bordow, H. Naimon, C. Caplan. 405Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha, one of the newer fraternities on the University of Wisconsin campus, boasted a number of varsity athletes in their ranks. Among these were Sidney Williams and Earl Hill who starred on this year’s successful Wisconsin football team. Sidney Williams also received the sportsmanship award in the East-West football game, which was played during the Christmas holidays. Track star Jesse Nixon was captain of the track team and also a member of the Athletic Control Board, while Jim Biggs played on Wisconsin’s basketball team. The intramural basketball team of Alpha Phi Alpha won the basketball championship last year. Among social activities, was the party honoring the athletes in the group which was held in November. This past year, Alpha Phi Alpha was headed in its many activities by President James Biggs. Other officers of the group included Sidney Williams, who acted as vice president; Earl Hill, secretary; Jesse Nixon, treasurer; Edward Ayers, pledge trainer. First row, left to right: R. Rechord, M. Freeman, S. Reese, W. Paterson, L. Barrow, J. Biggs, W. Halsell, J. Bell, A. Walker, E. Hales. Second row: E. Ayers, X. Hearn, H. Smith, E. Robinson, J. Nixon, E. Hill, W. Smith, S. Williams, T. Anthony, J. Parrish. 406Phi Kappa Sigmas who devoted their time to campus activities this year were Dave Lee, photographer for the 1959 BADGER, and Bob Raudonis, a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa, the men’s physical education fraternity. Karl Rahr demonstrated his ability on the UW Rifle team, while Bob Sheldon, the first sophomore to receive the journalism award for outstanding work in that field, was an active member of Sigma Delta Chi, journalism fraternity. The fraternity’s winter social agenda was highlighted by the skating and toboganning party held early in the second semester. Spring functions included a formal dinner and dance, bicycle trips out to Picnic Point for picnics, and a rock-scrambling outing at Devil’s Lake State Park. The Phi Kappa Sigmas were active participators in the intramural bowling and basketball competition. Leading the fraternity’s activities this year were Bob Raudonis, president; Bob James, vice president; Bob Sheldon, secretary; Karl Rahr, treasurer; Carl Ellison, pledge trainer; Dave Lee, social chairman. Phi Kappa Sigma First row, left to right: D. Lee, B. Ellison, B. Raudonis, B. James, Delknapp, S. Polivka. Lehner. Second row: B. Cheney 407INDEPENDENTS Ann Emery Hall held another busy year of social events. In November, the girls gave their annual open house and participated in the Homecoming display contest. Each month special dinners were held honoring the girls having birthdays. At the newly instituted student-faculty dinners, deans and faculty members enjoyed eating with the girls. Residents of Ann Em who were especially active on campus were Leigh Dean, a member of Wisconsin Players, and Joan Radi, secretary of WSA Personnel committee and publications chairman of the Union Public Relations committee. Ginny Richards served as co-chairman of Homecoming Parade and decorations, and Sylvia Schaum was assistant show chairman of Dolphins. Officers were Jackie Stover, president; Jane Finn, vice president; Joan Bradley, secretary; Joan Radi, treasurer. W e three queens. Ann Emery First row, left to right: L. Sehram.P. Porter, M. Doering, J. Beck, J. Ahert, S. Beyer, J. Calhoun, M. Halin, K. Holda pb J- Badl, oh her Ahpndroth M Marr S Green, A. Perlernau, M. Caldwell, V. Champion, C. Er Hansen S. Mar D. Wagner, N. Muehl, M. Bell, J. Sclnlffarth M Keny C. Van Herche. Fifth row: P. McBride, J. Adamson, J Schulz J Roland Comte, E. McKee, B. Mouree, C. Haynes, M. Stouffer, M. Irout, M. Kenne thers, N. Hildebrand, M. Geittman. 408First row, left to right: A. Bear, R. Zellen, A. Horwich, J. Delson, L. Daniels, J. Orner, E. Polansky, P. Bechvinik, I). Shapiro, L. Alexander, D. Marcus, S. Nathan, L. Wolff, J. Margoles, H. Ruchman, B. Kann, B. Harris, C. Sherman, I. Friedman. Second row: S. Babbitz, V. Gold, S. Cornbleet, S. Birenbaum, A. Feuchtwanger, J. Epstein, J. Shoen, .J. Leventhal, A. Wasserman, S. Lowe, B. Lerner, R. Reincke, E. Levy, B. Chersky, G. Fantl, P. Jacobsen, ..........., S. Lieberman, J. Schloss, A. Slier, B. Goodman. Third row: H. Gomberg, S. Meyer, G. Marion, G. Robin, N. Stubnik, 1). Walther, F. Sicula, A. Kantor, J. Ackerman, C. Grieman, G. Hausfater, J. Oberman, S. Geiger, L. Goldberg, J. Rose, D. Grannof, G. Braverman, E. Backer, S. Kratze, H. Simsky, A. Lee, B. Kremins, H. Summers. Fourth row: J. Cheskin, I. Schneider, M. Simmons, D. Steinberg, E. Winters, J. Iiatner, K. Rosenberg, G. Jacobs, B. Cohen, C. Edelstein, S. Hartstein, M. Lieberman, M. Roth, J. Sarason, M. Robins, S. Marcus, B. Kabb, S. Reich, I. Feldman. Fifth row: J. Stern, A. Salensky, L. Leifer, A. Silver, A. Bram, B. Rosenberg, L. Henryson, J. Brodkin, B. Starr, E. Rothman, S. Zeitlin, B. Nelson, L. Robinson, R. Pollack, S. Shark, B. Garris, B. Viehick, J. Greene, J. Phillips. Carroll Hall Gone! My headache is gone! After “Getting to Know You,” the theme of their fall open house, the girls of Carroll Hall were challenged to a game of “Capture the Flag” by the ZBTs. Carroll entered the Homecoming float contest, Humorology and Campus Carnival. The girls practiced their jack playing and jump-rope skipping for the Badger Olympics games. Other highlights on the social agenda were their winter dinner dance, held at the Lorraine Hotel, and the spring formal. Union committee work interested Maralene Lieberman, Reggie Pollack and Judy Siegal of Gallery committee, Siggie Harstein of Social committee, and Diane Marcus of Film committee. Maralene and Sharalene Lieberman served the Union News Bureau, and Sunny Nathan performed in the Union Entertainers Guild. Serving WSA were Barbara Harris, a member of the Leadership-Participation committee, and Elaine Steinberg and Betsy Meerschaut who were active on Prom committee. Elaine Steinberg also worked on Homecoming committee. This year’s officers were Dodie Shapiro, president; Lois Alexander, vice president; Penny Bedwinek, secretary; Edie Polansky, treasurer; Sunny Nathan and Diane Marcus, social chairmen. 409Langdon Hall’s main social event this year was a pizza party followed by an evening of recreation with the men of High House. The purpose of this function was to promote dorm-Langdon Street relations. Other highlights on the social calendar included a party welcoming Langdon freshmen, coffee hours in the newly-decorated lounge after home football games, a Christmas party, a Dads’ Day luncheon and a filet mignon dinner for the graduating seniors. Langdon also entered the Homecoming house decoration contest. Several girls in the dorm were leaders in various campus activities. In Union functions, Gene Sehunk was chairman of Tournaments committee, Karen Hampe headed the Literary committee, Coralee Phillips was co-chairman of the open house and Shirley Varland directed the Danskellar agenda. Judy Knoblock was one of the Wisconsin cheerleaders, and Susan Braver was one of few freshmen in Senior Orchesis. This year’s officers of Langdon Hall were Coralee Phillips, president; Ann Parker, vice president; Ketty Fish, secretary; Marcia Berg, treasurer; Nancy Matson, social chairman. Somebody give me a slug. Langdon Hall First row, left to right: A. Borland, S. Johnson, A. Lindberg, J. Vodicka, J. Krueger, C. Rohrer, S. Varland, J. Landmeier, A. Parker, C. Phillips, M. Berg. K. Fish, M. Atten, L. Levitt, B. Vaughn, P. Hawkins, A. Vidar, 1). Jones, M. Williams, D. Sampson, B. Copeland, J. Van Selow. Second row: L. Pollock, J. Anderson, J. Birren, A. O’Brien, L. Culler, K. Hansen, A. Rausell, C. Schneider, L. LaForte, K. Ederstrom, H. Seifert, L. Hagberg, K. Anderson, S. Derby, C. Goodwillie, L. Anselman, D. Abeles, S. Long, B. Klee, L. Lippold, B. Morris, E. Watson, P. Potter, M. Calamaras, E. Backus, B. Janzer, M. Gaffney, C. Carlson, G. Horman. Third row: J. Dragotto, E. Means, A. Gilbertson, M. Clark, S. Ritter, M. Ransom, S. Long, N. Ladwig, C. Caldwell, K. Gusloff, K. Timm, L. Hester, J. deRevey, A. Challoner, S. Kerr, C. Wentz, L. Burnjas, J. Oradei, A. Grimm, K. Schubert, G. Watson, T. Funk, L. Sellers, S. Brauer, N. Guyer. Fourth row: J. Robinson, P. Biegert, A. Merwitz, P. Bublitz, V. McGee, S. Randolph, S. Hardgrove, J. Wyard, J. Knoblock, J. Hartsell, M. Bubolz, W. Tipps, D. Raffay, V. Malek, M. Mattison, M. Wegner, A. McEwen, J. Hansen, G. Billing, L. Blake, B. Eeles, B. Miller, M. Austin, N. Nowlin, P. McCarthy Fifth row: P. Bevington, M. Berner, A. Von Isakovics, E. Bay, L. Garmager, E. Moysey, J. Mohler, K. Wisner, A. Garlock, J. Jones, J. Moore, I), Tetz-laff, B. Benson, N. Albracht, J. Aspinwalj, C. Tiegs, M. Robinson, J. Arbogast, M. Millspaugh, N. Myers, S. Gray, C. Loock, E. Paetow, E. Hintz, M. Bradford. 410First row, left to right: J. Strom, S. Cohn, A. Murray, M. Hanover. Second row: A. Klein, S. Hofberg. Tower View Celebrating Tower View’s sixteenth year on campus, the residents of the dorm have been busy with many exchange dinners and beer suppers, as well as numerous campus activities. The fall season began with an after-the game open house, and was highlighted by their winter dinner dance, held at the Lorraine Hotel. Before leaving for their winter vacation, the girls exchanged gifts at their Iianukkah celebration. The girls wielded hammers and paint brushes to build their booth for the Campus Carnival competition. Pier parties followed close on the heels of spring fever, and the annual spring-formal concluded this year’s social agenda. Even with their busy schedules, the girls found time to contribute to campus activities. Jackie Strom worked for better understanding between pledge classes, as secretary of the Pledge Presidents council. Joni Beechen gracefully modeled the latest styles at the annual AWS Fashion Fair. Marilyn Goldberg indicated her literary preferences as secretary of the Union Literary Committee. Elaine Cohen worked as president for Sigma Delta Tan. Officers for this year were Anita Murray, president; Marion Hanover, vice president-treasurer; Sylvia Hyman, secretary; Bobby Sang and Jackie Strom, social chairmen. First row, left to right: L. Wolk, 1). Gertz, L. Mann, M. Schnider, J. Rosen, L. Kades, J. Ban, P. Bernstein, S. Tokarsky. Second row: L. Veret., S. JafTe, J. Strom, S. Cohn, A. Murray, Mrs. Halperin, M. Hanover, A. Klein, S. Hofberg, R. Goldman. Third row: S. Schwartz, S. Atinsky, S. Oken, L. Weinstein, M. Wolf, I. Shapiro, li. Gordon, R. Rice, C. Sherman, M. Serbin, B. KrafT, C. Baker, J. Sachs. Fourth row: C. Jackson, L. Rusnak, M. Williams, A. Simons, J. Beechen, J. Doblin, E. Cohen, P. Lift, P. Levin, S. Safer, B. Stern, B. Kass, B. Kass, C. Viener, E. Borkon. 411First row, left to right: G. Graubart, C. Goldstein, L. Tanikin, C. Stone, S. Walt, I. Gilbert, B. Black, L. Adelman, R. Buinsky, M. Gold-stein, S. Perlman, A. Battiste, L. Krimbrig, S. Ball. Second row: T. Schein, B. Cohen, M. Ettenberg, C. Karmatz, L. Fefer, H. Neuman, S. Balter, S. Lewis, D. Ruland, C. Gersten, Ii. Baer, D. Softer, L. Melin, S. Beck, S. Sack, M. Tasky, H. Krivit, M. Ivalinsky. Third row: R. Lurie, R. Pronin, S. Beugen, N. Andres, E. Priwer, J. Arkey, E. Pollack, A. Herman, S. Ritzenberg, J. Bleich, A. Alterman, E. Wachsman, I. Halsman, B. Mechanic, M. Levin, R. Engar, F. Rogoff, B. Zelen. Lake Lawn From fall registration through spring finals, the girls of Lake Lawn house participated in a busy schedule of studies, social events, and activities. The football season was ushered in with an open house, which featured decorations honoring the Big Ten schools. Exchange suppers and a special Homecoming celebration were also held in the fall. A dinner party coupled with a sleigh ride was held at Nob Hill during the holiday season, while the annual spring formal topped the second semester’s social events. During the year, the girls worked on several charity projects, which included the filling of baskets for the Salvation Army at Thanksgiving and Christmas. A great variety of campus activities attracted the interests of the 53 residents of Lake Lawn. Carol Goldstein devoted much of her spare time to the International Club, while Marcia Kolinsky served on several Union committees. Toby Gilbert worked on the production and arrangements committee for Ilumorology. Officers were Roberta Rumsky, president; Barbara Black, vice president; Susan Walt, secretary; Toby Gilbert, treasurer; Lynn Addleman and Margie Goldstein, social chairmen. 412First row, left to right: S. Harris, K. Scklore, J. Hanscher, S. Hersh, S. Cutler, R. Tosti, S. Kohlenberg, Mrs. McCann, A. Bethke, E. Cort, J. Perlman, J. Horwitz, C. Goodman, J. Kielbasa, J. Konovsky, J. Baron, L. Cook, M. Goldberg, E. Johnson. Second row: J. Tratt, W. Sayles, B. Rush, V. MacQueen, E. Ridberg, J. Forman, B. Hundley, M. Ridley, N. Kaminer, S. Michaels, 1). Patton, S. C mpbell, A. Brown, M. Fischl, D. Pennington, L. Gronauer, P. Daigh, M. Curly. Third row: B. Polacheck, S. Steinberg, B. Ticko, H. Tolkan, M. Ferguson, V. Burnham, J. Stiegman, G. Weyenberg, B. Schain, J. Lipkin, S. Hull, A. Simpson, R. Myrant, J. Weisner, L. Goldstein, M. Teasley, P. Ward, P. Hendricks. Fourth row: G. Groh, N. Rubenstein, W. Rubenstein, J. Kaufelt, E. Price, N. Sanford, J. Doherty, A. Younkin, M. Steffen, B. Huerkamp, G. Steeve, M. Makosky, J. Wyche, L. Morrison, S. Wareham, C. Drury, K. Halvorsen, P. Welch. Fifth row: J. Bowly, J. Guiles, S. Hathaway, J. Harmon, X. Miller, M. Ross, C. Coggeshall, L. Bertles, P. Ross, B. Burlend, C. Hull, M. Frank, J. Demerath, S. Reder, S. Karen. Several Villa Maria girls who were in campus activities this year included Bunny Ticko, who was a member of the Union Forum committee, Susie Steinberg, who worked on the Humorology Promotions committee, and Judy Horowitz, who devoted her time to the New Idea staff and to the Union Forum committee. Joyce Lipkin, Judy Steigman and Ginger Weyenberg were officers of Sigma Delta Tau. Nonie Foley, a prospect for the 1900 Olympics skiing contests, also lived at Villa this year. The dorm’s social agenda was started in the fall with coffee hours after every home football game and their annual open house. The highlights of the winter season were the exchange dinners, the yearly winter formal, held December 5th, and the house Christmas party at which roommates exchanged gifts. The social calendar was concluded in the spring with a picnic at which the girls challenged their waiters to a game of softball, the house banquet, held to honor the graduating seniors, and their spring dinner dance. Officers of Villa Maria were Elaine Cort, president; Sandy Kohlenberg, vice president; Rosalind Tosti, secretary; Evie Ruprect, treasurer. Villa Maria Monthly night madness. 413 First row, left to right: M. Brandt, X. Brown, Mrs. Lord, 1). Harell, K. Schaefer. Second row: D. Wambach, L. Johnson, S. Porter, J. Niedfelt, A. Zache, J. Krembs. Third row: K. Wilkee, K. Burgardt, E. Coonen, S. Edwards, J. Bauer, J. Weix. Anderson House Campus activities and house social events contributed to the busy schedule of the seventeen girls of Andersen House, a co-operative living unit. Social highlights included the Homecoming Tea, the Christmas formal, and the senior banquet. Representing the girls in campus activities were Maxine Brandt, chairman of the WSA curriculum committee, and Nancy Brown, a member of Ag-Home Ec Council and Phi Upsilon Omicron. Doris Harell worked for Phi Chi Theta, while Karen Burgardt and Judy Weix took part in the Freshman Leadership conference. Officers included Nancy Brown, president; Maxine Brandt, vice president; Terry Mikulsky, secretary; Doris Harell, treasurer. Babcock House Babcock House is a co-operative living unit for students in the college of agriculture. The organization provides a “home away from home” for its forty members during the year. Topping the social calendar of Babcock House for this year were the Christmas party and the spring formal. Other activities included participation in intramural athletics and campus organizations, as well as work in the various agricultural groups. Directing the activities of Babcock House for the year were Dave Schomberg, president; Jim Olson, vice president; Frank Oemig, secretary; A1 Ferg, treasurer. First row, left to right: T. McCutchin, J. Olson, A. Ferg, I). Schomberg, G. Gordon, P. Weiner, M. Carmody, D. Topel. Second row: II. Snuggerud, J. Sperbeck, M. Brunner, R. Marshall, K. Blank, H. Meyer. L. Danielson. Third row: R. Sheridan, J. Sorenson, C. Hutchins, II. Hartzell, L. Swan, J. Decker, W. Hutchins, T. Brunner. Fourth row: I). Goltz, J. Gile, O. Pufahl, J. Doornink, G. House, F. Torgerson. Fifth row: J. Gunnelson, H. Richards, R. Niedfeldt, D. Inder-muehle, L. Kastenschmidt, L. Pritchard, T. Veum.First row, left to right: K. Adolph, S. Jones, J. Johnson, K. Eppenberger, D. Bramer, J. Campbell, M. Laiber-lich, G. Stevens, H. Wrolstad. Second row: M. LeMahiew, A. Thomas, D. Rohlf, S. Plenge, M. Rot lie, M. Ciha, D. Paul, C. Bouman. Cochrane House Hampton House This year proved to be a busy one for the Hampton House girls. After winning last year’s Homecoming trophy for independent house decoration, there Avas much enthusiasm over producing top-notch decorations again. Other house activities included open houses and a theme party. Girls who distinguished themselves in campus activities were Isadora Goldstein, chairman of the WSA scholarship committee, and Carolyn Atlas, a freshman member of Senior Orchesis. Officers this year were Barbara Ruttenberg, president; Nancy Levin, A'ice president; Gloria Simon, secretary; Toni Garlan, treasurer; Elaine Levine, social chairman. The social activities of Cochrane House this year included an open house and their annual spring formal. The girls also entered the Humorology competition in the spring semester. Outstanding residents of the house Avere Dorothy Paul, one of this year’s Ford scholars, and Janette Johnson, a member of Pan Ilel board. Gloria Stevens served as social chairman of the Union House committee and Avas also active on the UN committee. This year’s officers of Cochrane House AA'ere June SAvift, president; Janice Campbell, secretary-treasurer; Charlotte Adams, social chairman. First row, left to right: S. Brentan, G. Simon, B. Ruttenberg, Mrs. Fritz, N. Levin, T. Garlan, C. Mintz, N. Schwartz. Second row: 1. Goldstein, B. Arditti, L. Lefkowitz, A. Gubbay, J. Wolf, C. Kreeger, M. Arnold, M. Lechowitz. Third row: C. Davidson, A. Fromer, E. Keberle, B. Abrams, A. Feinsod, M. Frisch, W. Abrams, A. Arnovitz, H. Woodruff, F. Shcfrin. Fourth row: L. Heftier, C. Hoppenfeld, B. Smelser, M. Millard, P. Fischer, J. Blodgett, C. Atlas, A. King, J. Silverman.ESI First row, left to right: M. Staude, K. Moore, B. Bell, C. Budic, P. Poljac. Second row: B. Quiglej', B. Mau, N. Gilman, J. Hansen, A. Proctor. Third row: C. Card, D. Panozzo, S. Sweden-berg, J. Gilmore, M. Murphy, N. Schalles. 620 Ketterer This year of work and fun at Ketterer House included a Homecoming open house, beer suppers and spring formal. The main party of the year was at Christmas when the girls exchanged humorous gifts and then packed them off to an orphanage. In campus activities, Judy Hansen was summer advertising manager for the Cardinal and chairman of the Union Ambassador Program, Bev Mau was Freshmen Camp chairman, Nadine Gilman was president of Phi Beta music honorary and Dee Panozzo was secretary of WRA. Officers were: Shirley Sweden-berg, president; Mary Jane Staude, treasurer; Judy Hansen, social chairman. 626 Ketterer The girls at 026 Ketterer House look back on this year with pleasant memories. Their social calendar began with a Homecoming Tea to which the entire campus was welcome. Everyone in the house worked hard on the featured decorations which were in accordance with the Homecoming theme for this year. As autumn progressed, they included in the social schedule a beer supper with the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon. With spring came the annual spring formal held as a joint affair with three other womens’ houses. Piloting this year’s activities were Marilyn Meier, president; Kay Swisher, social chairman; Judy Watke and Jeanette Roemke, judicial chairmen. First row, left to right: K. Holmberg, I. Velasco, M. Cain, M. Meier, Mrs. Ketterer, J. Brown, D. Pine, J. Roemke, R. Stauner. Second row: W. Elmhorst, J. Watke, K. Swisher, E. Swisher, G. Ogle, E. Love, C. Hui-bregtse, K. Ward, N. Post, C. Quick.First row, left to right: R. Weber, J. Ploughman, R. Ringsmuth, B. Espo-sibo, S. Norman, J. Leiberman, A. Turni, E. Bruss, N. Bachler. Second row: V. Soderberg, J. Burns, M. Woodward, M. Hanson, B. Bradford, A. Smith, P. Teeber, L. Blun, Iv. Pabek. Third row: M. McKim, N. Jensen, J. Hook, K. Becker, B. Alderman, X. Burkhardt, S. Ballowe, B. Turner. Lakota House Langdon Manor Residents of Langdon Manor who were active participants in campus organizations included Phyllis Paullette, who sang in the A Capella Choir, and Helen Franklin who served as treasurer of ISA and was also a member of the Union Social and the WSA UN committees. Janice Benson devoted her time to the Board of Directors of the Panel of Americans and to the WSA Prom committee. Badger Block card flashers were Sue Voeglie, Sherrill Peterson, Carolyn Oertwig, Carol Collins, and Bessie Moy. Officers were Sherrill Peterson, president; Sandy Clothier, vice president; Carolyn Oertwig, secretary; Helene Banghart, treasurer. This year’s social calendar of Lakota House was filled with coffee hours after football games, beer suppers, and their Christmas caroling party. The highlight of the agenda was the annul spring formal. The girls also, participated in this year’s Badger Olympics competition. Lakota residents who were active in campus organizations were Judy Burns who served as the Mock UN Conference chairman, and Marcia Woodward who took an active part in the planning for Parents Weekend. Connie Lutz, one of this year’s Alice in Dairyland princesses also lived at Lakota. Officers were Ellen Bruss, president; Ruth Drosdoff, vice president; Bonnie Esposito, secretary-treasurer. First row, left to right: S. Peterson, B. Hammes, B. Moy, S. Chummers, C. Collins, B. McMillan, H. Banghart. Second row: J. Rice, P. O’Niell, B. Lickus, M. Haroz, K. Soderstrom, B. Gonia, P. Paullette. Third row: J. Benson, H. Franklin, E. Lang, P. Roberts, C. Agnew, S. Clothier, R. Bell, M. Wilbert, P. Voeglie.First row, left to right: J. Plotkin, P. Schoenberg, S. Menzel, Mrs. Anderson, It. Rosenberg, F. Yates, A. Mass. S. Shames, J). Manis, M. Cohen. Second row: J. Rovell, M. Babeb. A. Zeiger, A. Harlin, F. Katz, R. Gumbiner, L. Lushewitz, K. Hogan, J. Velheizen, B. Weiner, F. Levin. Third row: C. Palmer, S. Steinbach, B. Stiffen, B. Ebbers, H. Tanzman, I). Stiffen, J. Pyle, N. Brown, J. Gold, B. Rosenblum. Lincoln Lodge Beer suppers, exchange dinners, and after-football game open houses filled the Lincoln Lodge social agenda. For exercise the girls participated in the WRA volleyball tournament. A dinner dance was held at Oakton Manor in December. After spending the afternoon skating and tobogganing, the girls and their dates enjoyed an evening of dinner, dancing and a floor show. Officers were Rochelle Rosenberg, president; Suzanne Menzel, vice president and secretary; Julie Plotkin, Sandy Steinbach and Judy Gold, social chairmen; Connie Palmer, historian; Pauline Schoenberg, treasurer. Mrs. Verna Anderson was the new housemother at Lincoln. Shepard Hall It was Friday night; a knock was heard at the door. “Who’s there?” was the reply. Lrpon answering “Max sent me,” the door was opened and the caller was admitted to the smoke-filled, noisy room which was the setting for the Shepard Hall Speak-Easy Party. Adding to the speak-easy atmosphere, the guests appeared in the garb of the flapper era. Strewn bottles and Rudy Vallee music further portrayed the feeling of the “Roaring Twenties.” Officers were Dava Lee Epstein, president ; Bonnie Adler and Jackie Udell, vice presidents; Barbara Robbin, secretary; Ann Zussman, treasurer; Shiela Blankstein, historian. First row, left to right: L. Schwartz, D. Adler, J. Udell, J. Elay, C. Biren-liolz, D. Epstein, Mrs. Nelson, J. Epstein, S. Greenspan, B. Robbin, A. Zussman, S. Blankstein, L. Feinberg. Second row: B. Jacobson, S. Schriber, E. Durbin, S. Norm, J. Kohme, S. Endler, J. Stein, M. Pollack, M. Steinberg, M. Simon, L. Miller, M. Olansky, J. Watt, S. Rossman. Third row: C. Schwartz, L. Schwartz, J. Schmidt, J. Jalowsky, D. Adler, J. Bloomfield, M. Sehemberg, D. Katz, L. Sehufro, S. Baron, R. Anders, S. Krone, J. Pearl-man.First row, left to right: M. Christianson, A. Krueger, M. Schultz, B. Carlson, M. Arle. Second row: C. Culbertson, .J. Garlick, L. Johnson, G. Geisler, K. Olson, P. O’Donnell, S. Griswald. B. Vein. Victoria House High spots on the Victoria House social schedule were the Fall house party, a hayride, and their annual Spring formal. The girls also participated in the Badger Olympic contests last fall. For their service project this year, they assisted in the Campus Muscular Dystrophy Drive. Victoria House residents in campus organizations were Susan Fox, who danced in “Oklahoma” and Barbara Wolfman, who was active in several WSA committees. Officers of Victoria House for the past year were Joan Shapiro, president; Bebe Brandwein, vice president; Judy Beris, secretary; Yana Perez, treasurer. Tabard Inn Tabard Inn, a university directed co-operative, houses approximately thirteen women who contributed about four hours a week of their time to various housekeeping services. They also participated in an active social season which started off, this year, with their annual fall open house, “September Song. ” Other social activities included a Christmas formal at the Towne Club, held in conjunction with Anderson House, a spring open house and formal, and the annual exchange dinner with the men of Babcock House. Officers were Alice Krueger, president; Karice Kulbert-son, vice president; Bonnie Carlson, secretary; Mary Arle, treasurer; Mary Christiansen, social chairman. First row, left to right: L. Sell war tz-man, J. Weissburg, R. Schaffer, H. Stein, F. Bass, A. Liff, L. Feldman, L. Cooper, B. Scham, M. Garon. Second row: S. Zox, R. Goldstein, J. Beris, A. Marshall, B. Brandwein, Mrs. Roberts, J. Shapiro, Y. Perez, I . Kod-ner, B. Klotzko, C. Stein. Third row: H. Lintz, S. Orloff, F. Margolis, L. Molsin, B. Schwartzback, E. Reder, L. Click, J. Fein, L. Melnik, J. Brown-stone, J. Ovson, D. Feltman, S. Kaplan. Fourth row: M. Canowitz, J. Teitelman, R. Kosser, B. Kramer, J. Rosenberg, J. Fleisher, D. Dnbow, L. Banov, B. Wolfman, L. Silverman, H. Roberts, J. Bret man.Evans Scholars The Evans Scholarship, which is awarded by the Western Golf Association to ex-caddies, makes possible an active and closely-knit organization on university campuses. Golfers’ contributions to the fund have provided scholarships for 370 college men. The Allis chapter at Wisconsin was proud of having this year’s most outstanding Evans Scholar in the country, James Remmert, who further distinguished himself by serving as captain of Wisconsin’s golf team. Other members who were participants in campus activities included Stan Schmidt and Herb Robbins, fencing lettermen, and Joe Burke and Dave Olson, golf team members. The men were enthusiastic participants in intramural sports competition, Homecoming and Campus Carnival. Annual events on the social calendar were a pajama party, a pledge party and a formal dinner dance. One of the group’s social highlights of the year was the Golf Ball which was held in Chicago between semesters in conjunction with the six other Evans Scholar chapters. This year’s officers were James Remmert, president; Russell Ludlum, vice president ; Gordon Brunner, secretary; Clyde Lawnicki, treasurer. First row, left to right: S. Hinytzke, T. La Douse, A. Taylor, It. Gurnee, J. Ignaszak, G. Morelli. Second row: R. Hoeft, R. Durian, C. Lawnicki, J. Remmert, It. Ludlum, G. Brunner, J. Netterblad, T. Miske. Third row: II. Feuerzeig, 1). McNeel, G. Edwards, J. Lizzo, S. Schmidt, J. Branum, D. Govan, T. Mailman, W. Endicott, J. Burke. Fourth row: J. Olio, 1). Egan, 1). Weis, A. Kruswicki, G. Perry, t . Glaub, J. Gresenz, H. Robbins, L. Zimmerman. Fifth row: M. Wojciechowski, It. Giannasi, It. Horning, J. Needham. Sixth row: J. Kversten, S. Norbutas, T. Lyons, V. Brunner. Seventh row: L. Kukulski, T. Wirth, I). Olson.First row, left to right: D. Diamond, J. Manhoff, A. Kassner, A. Schor, H. Hiller, C. Klotz, Mrs. Lovell, S. Frank, P. Greenberg, G. Haase, M. Weinberger, S. Shrank, L. Moskowitz, E. Levin. Second row: J. Schwartz, I). Cohn, J. Friedman. S. Setlick, R. Kof-sky, L. Graff, M. Gilden, D. Gendlin, E. Gussow, E. Klein, K. Goldman, G. Reuben, C. Kobak, J. Hurwitz. Third row: J Rosenberg, C. Primakovv, J. Frisch, II. Konemann, L. Kuflik, R. Jackson, B. Kaine, P. Miller, M. Ovson, S. Kane, A. DeLugish, J. Ohlhausen, 1). Sternberg, B. Goodman, L. Rudman. Gilman House Dave Schreiner House Many of the men took part in campus activities. The University band, glee club, and chorus claimed the musically talented, while the sports-minded participated in intramural tournaments and Hoofers Club. Professional fraternities also claimed a large percentage of the time of the Schreiner men. Officers for the year were Gary Mills, president; George Siemers, vice president; Dave Ohlinger, secretary; John Hughes, treasurer; Dean Stowers, judicial chairman. The establishment of their house as an independent women’s dormitory provided the theme for the first Gilman House party, “New Arrival.” The decorations featured a stork spotlighted on the roof and a baby constructed from balloons. Other parties were a spring dinner dance, a house party, and a Christmas tree decorating-party. Active in campus organizations were Diane Diamond of the Union Literary Committee, Judy Freedman, a member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and Susan Frank, on the Union Forum Committee. Officers were Susan Frank, president; Grace Haase, vice president; Helen Hiller, secretary; Phyllis Greenberg, treasurer; Mimi Weinberger, historian. First row, left to right: J. Gschwind, F. Hornick. Second row: C. Rusche, G. Libby, J. Sobieski, K. Lewandow-ski, I. Rudie, R. Wanek, D. Mulock, 1). Anderson, D. Wacker. Third row: R. Block, D. Ohlinger, G. Siemers, J. Hughes, D. Stowers, G. Mills, Mrs. Marshall, W. Dachelet, J. Nichols, R. Swisher. Fourth row: L. Malewiski, R. Wichelt, D. Dau, K. Steffen, K. Fraedrich, D. Gunderson, K. Gasper, S. Treu, T. King, F. Bannister, I). Schroeder, R. D. Schroeder, R. Dargel, P. Schultz, R. Schroeder. Fifth row: M. Mielke, R. Block, R. Felde, W. Duemling, R. Gerber, J. Jones, I). Kidd, A. Hardt, 1). Paisley, D. Cook, G. Schroeder, P. Schaub, E. Degner, R. Elonen, A. Gausewitz, V. Weyers, D. Panzenhagen.raduates Co-Editors Gail Garvey Barbara FieldStudent Council First row, left to right: R. Rumble, E. Herman, G. DenDooven, G. Blackman. Second row: J. Pratt, J. VanderMeulen, J. Guiles, M. Anderson, A. Ferris, J. Wisner. Third row: D. Dregne, A. Kimball, M. Twiss, L. Barrack, P. Calvi, S. Kotchevar, P. Burgess, L. Ruppel, D. Du-Brucq, H. Irwin, J. Weinzimmer, K. Greaton, T. Ivessinger, M. Hubbard, J. Lohr. Fourth row: J. McLaughlin, W. Fetzer, B. Drake, C. Richards, M. Anderson, I). Olson, D. VandePlasch, M. Litwack, R. Steindorf, A. Chapman, D. Baker. The best interests of the class of ’59 were represented on the senior council, which worked to strengthen class unity and to guide the graduating group through the final events of the year. Margery Anderson, Art Chapman, Dennis Baker, Jody Lohr, Janet Guiles, Bob Hadley and Dick Van de Plasch were selected to head the major committee work of the senior council. The varied duties of the council’s seven major committees included the publication of a senior newsletter, the selection of the senior gift, and the direction of Senior Week, including the schedule of social events. The group also handled the plans for the commencement exercises held in January and June. Directing the activities of the senior council during the year were Gib Blackmun, president; Virginia DenDooven, vice president; Ellen Herman, secretary; Roger Rumble, treasurer. 424Senior Officers President Gib Blackmun Throughout the year, the important events of the senior class were directed by the four class officers. Gib Blackmun served as president of the senior class. A finance major from Hammond. Indiana, Gib also found time to take part in varsity football and was a member of the Wisconsin Pre-Views group. The duties of the vice presidency of the graduating class were handled by Virginia DenDooven. Ginny, an elementary education major from Xeenah, was selected as one of the 1959 Badger Beauties. Ellen Herman worked as the secretary of the senior class. Ellen, who majored in physical medicine, is from Madison. She was a Badger Beauty in 1958. Directing the financial transactions of the class of ’59 was Roger Rumble, from Wauwatosa. A marketing major, Roger also worked with the Wisconsin Pre-Views. Vice President Virginia DenDooven Secretary Ellen Herman Treasurer Roger Rumble 425Aberg—Henry Aberg, Robert K. Boll, James C. Braden, Berwyn B. Brodhead, David C. Burmaster, Milt R. Casser, Donald G. Christian, Alvern D Costello, Daniel L. Crump, Phillip E. Donlin, William P. Doyle, Patrick R. Drought, Thomas J. 1 )uvall, Charles T. Eisele, Roderick L. Ellegadd, John M. Elliott, Jerome M. Endicott, Richard D. Fernholz, William H. Forester, James G. Franey, James G. Jr. Gale, Fredric G. Gerhardt, Steven X. Gierhart, Roger L. Gorsegner, Everett C. Grant, Judith A. Green, Donald B. Hanson, Larry I. Hartman, Roger L. Haydon, John B. Heft, C. James Held, John Henneman, Larry R. Henry, Boyd F. Law Seniors 426Herrling—Parroni Herrling, Dennis W. Horne, Charles G. Horwitz, Annin I. Houck, Kent C. Howe, Edward W. Huggctt, Donald R. Imse, Gerald G. Johansson, Filipe K. Johnson, Kenneth L. Kaufman, Ernest T. Kiessling, William E. Kikuchi, George Iv. Kleinschmidt, Robert C. Koch, Phillip K. Koehler, Robert J. Kohn, Robert W. La Fave, Wayne It. Laitsch, Lowell C. Laneville, James Lathrop, Kelland W. Lerner, Glenn A. Liden, Gerald L. Locke, James T. Lund, David B. Lunts, Paul R. MacArthur, Malcolm Morey, Dane F. Munson, Earl H. Murphy, John C. Nott, Russell K. O’Brien, Gerald M. Pankratz, James C. Parroni, Manlio G. Law Seniors 427Patterson—Y anggen Patterson, Charles D. Patti, Mary P. Peek, Alan J. Pies, Stanley D. Pleger, Ernest W. Poad, Clair M. Pohle, Robert W. Pope, James R. Post, Leroy G. Powell, Lyman T. Ill Proctor, Frank E. Quale, David M. Richards, Gordon It. Ross, Edward A. Ryan, James T. Schneider, Donald R. Schmiege, R. Schoff, Harry K. Silber, Jerome H. Slate, William R. Sorenson, Richard P. Sullivan, Loren D. Sullivan, Philip M. Suran, Robert H. Sylvan, Ronald W. Thiel, Roy W. Thom, Walter S. Trosch, Dennis Van de Water, Douglas K. Van Valkenburg, Paul Vernon, Calvin Washburn, Robert S. Weisman, II. Wuebbeb, John N. Yanggen, Douglas A. Law SeniorsMay, Diane A. Bruce, Judy Buchholz, Jill W. Derr, Maiy A. Diedrich, Nancy R. Ellison, Marjorie J. Ford, Nancy A. Ferrair, Mary L. Herubre, Dorothy L. Hurtig, Audrey L. Jackson, Joanne S. Jorgenson, Cora L. Nordbeck, June G. Page], Charlotte M. Paugh, Jayne A. Seward, Janet L. Sollenbarger, Susan Sturm, Margaret E. Teske, Mary J. Van Zanten, Mary C. Vukcevich, Dorothy M. Zolt, Dorothy D. Graduating Nurses 429Aasteru d—Atchison Aasterud, Jon P. Abdel-Monem, Mohamed O. Abendroth, George W. Abler, Merlin N. Abrahamson, Gordon A. Abrahamsen, Mary Adams, James R. Adamski, Charles J. Adashek, David Adornato, Barbara L. Ahlstrom, Elbin W. Ahonen, Clifford J. Albert, John G. Albrecht, Glenn R. Albrecht, Patricia M. Alexander, Roger B. Alitz, ()rville J. Allan, Bonnie S. Allen, Robert E. Allen, Tracy J. Alpert, Karen Alt, Frederick H. Altemose, Winston M. Altenburg, Thomas A. Altepeter, Adrienne M Amato, Daniel M. Andekian, Elizabeth Anderle, Bruce J. Anderson, Barbara A. Anderson, Douglas A. Anderson, Jack D. Anderson, Jeanette A. Anderson, Joan J. Anderson, Keith N. Anderson, Leonard A. Anderson, Marjorie G. Anderson, Marshall L. Anderson, Neal E. Anderson, Patricia J. Anderson, Ronald D. Andrus, Patsy L. Ansell, Sherman D. Apps, Darrel A. Arbogast, Jane M. Arganian, Mourad P. Arieff, Robert A. Armaganian, Harry Armbruster, Mary R. Arneson, Lois A. Arnet, Judith K. Aronberg, Nancee J. Aske, H. Dale Askey, Nedra D. Atchison, Thomas L. 430Atinsky—Berg Atinsky, Sharon L. Atwood, Robert G. Ausman, James R. Austad, William R. Ayer, Clinton A. Babcock, Donald S. Baer, Leslie Bagles, Cynthia Bahr, Douglas G. Baird, Elizabeth A. Baker, Dennis F. Baker, Robert W. Bakke, Nancy C. Ballowe, Shirley A. Barber, Donald D. Bargholtz, Betsey L. Barnard, John D. Barnes, Robert O. Barney, Barbara L. Barrack, Lynn B. Barrett, Daniel L. Barry, George T. Barry, Jeanne M. Bartel, Donna I’. Bartell, John F. Bartz, James E. Bassewitz, Wesley Bassman, Thomas A. Bates, Eugene A. Bates, Ronald E. Bauer, Erwin C. Bauman, Conrad O. Bauman, Martin F. Baun, Jr., Philip J. Beadle, Kathryn R. Bear, Douglas J. Beattie, Nancy E. Beatty, Ronald C. Becher, Ann E. Bechtold, Ned W. Beery, Carol J. Behrens, Edwin L. Behrens, Mary L. Beier, Marvin F. Bell, Judith A. Belsito, Brenda Benes, James W. Bensman, Alan S. Benson, Janice M. Benson, Robert J. Berard, William D. Berend, Nancy C. Berg, Dwayne P. Berg, Joanne C. 431Berg—Brost Berg, Richard P. Bergenski, Sally J. Berkoff, Marshall R. Bergholdt, James R. Bertram, Pauline L. Berweiler, Gustav Y. Berzinsky, Barbara A. Bethke, Delbert B. Beuscher, Hugh J. Beyer, Thomas 0. Bezelia, Gary L. Biancolli, Margaret L. Biddick, Betty J. Biehl, Mark I). Bierman, Gladys M. Bischoff, Bonnie J. Bischoff, Kenneth V. Bissell, Gale G. Black, Helen J. Black, Samuel E. Blackadder, Sharon Blackmun, Gilbert F. Blake, Barbara J. Blaney, Richard E. Blish, Russell R. Blomer, Judith R. Bodner, Gerald S. Boehlke, Sara J. Boettcher, Clifford T. Boettge, William F. Bogart, Jeanine L. Bogumill, Ruth A. Boll, Michael M. Borchardt, Barabara A. Borden, John A. Born, Darwin C. Bornstein, Larry Bos, Harry J. Bosshardt, Carolyn A. Bourbonais, Edward W. Boyer, Alvin E. Boyd, Lawrence W. Brahmstedt, Howard K. Bramschreiber, Thomas H. Brant, Kirby E. Branton, Donald L. Bredendick, Walter 0. Brenner, Louis Brewer, Richard K. Brejr, James E. Bridgeman, Shirley J. Brockmann, Robert C. Broetzman, Gary G. Brost, Edward E. 432Brost—Carlson Brost, Julien H. Brostoff, Alan S. Brown, Jr., Addison Brown, Cornelia D. Brown, Jack F. Brown, Nancy S. Brown, Robert W. Bruch, Ludwig W. Brunell, Dorothy Brunell, Jacqueline L. Brunner, Thomas Brunsell, Rolland II. Bruno, Don J. Brusberg, Robar Buch, John A. Buchholz, Carol R. Buchholz, William J. Buckles, Jerold A. Budic, Caroline M. Buege, John F. Buehrens, Myrna G. Buhrmester, Annette C. Bunck, David V. Buol, Bonnie R. Buraczynski, Ronald L. Burant, Jr., Walter Burbridge, Patricia L. Burgess, Patricia K. Burghardt, Kurt Burgy, John J. Burkhart, Sherry L. Burmester, Neil C. Burnjas, Lenore A. Burns, Charlotte A. Burns, Elizabeth K. Burns, Mary A. Burns, Mary Ellen Burns, Roger K. Burrall, A. Lynn Bushland, Diane A. Butenhoff, Clarence H. Buth, Robert H. Bylsma, Charles R. Calvi, Patricia A. Cameron, Jennifer C. Campbell, Kenneth M. Canary, Mary J. Cannon, Edward J. Cannon, Harry L. Cantwell, J. Edward Carey, Gerard F. Carl, Richard G. Carl, Ruth W. Carlson, Dennis L. 433Carlson—Cornford Carlson, Harold R. Carroll, Dennis M. Carlstein, Karen L. Carmody, Michael T. Cartwright, John D. Castle, Nancy A. Catalanello, Ralph F. Cell, Howard R. Chalk, Jean H. Chapin, Robert J. Chapman, Arthur H. Chapman, David M. Chiemchaisri, Yongyut Chin, Jack G. ChirofF, Richard T. Chobanian, Peter Christensen, Janice R. Christensen, Nikolas I. Christenson, Karen L. Christenson, Susan F. Christiansen, David A. Christiansen, Rolf E. Christianson, Don 0. Christopherson, Wayne W. Christophs, Peter C. Church, Meredith A. Churchill, Diane L. Cismoski, Eugene W. Clark, Carelo L. Clark, Claire L. Clark, Jo S. Class, Marilyn M. Clay, James S. Clay, Janice E. Clayton, Jean M. Clayton, Kathleen L. Cleary, Robert W. Clement, Marcia F. Cohen, Edward S. Cohen, Marcus Cohen, Margot L. Cohen, Neil J. Cohrs, Arthur L. Collat, Beverly R. Collette, John A. Conger, Barbara E. Conger, Kenneth W. Connor, Gordon P. Connors, Marion R. Conway, Carol A. Cook, Charles S. Cooper, Lynne E. Copeland, Barbara B. Cornford, Raymond C. 434Cornwell—Dilley Cornwell, John G. Cors, Wayne E. Corzine, Harold A. Cottrell, Gerald G. Craig, Diane P. Crain, John D. Crane, Judith K. Crary, Caryl C. Crawford, Ferdon H. Crawford, George S. Creger, Bruce E. Crego, Alvin A. Crook, Lee F. Culbertson, Carice Y. Cummings, Kathleen F. Daentl, Emogene E. Dahlke, Susan M. I )ahnke, Richard J. Duke, Miles M. Dalles, Gertrude E. Dalton, Mary L. Damm, Thomas P. Danhouser, David C. Danielson, Sandra L. Darling, Robert M. Dauplaise, Ronald E. I) avid son, Mary Davie, Valerie H. Davis, Kathryn A. Davis, Nancy B. Dawe, Donald L. Daymont, Lowell B. Dealey, Janice A. Dean, Leigh DeHaven, Harnst P. DeHot, RitaRaye J. DeLucca, Gregory J. DeMerell, Richard N. DenDooven, Virginia M. Dengel, James P. Dennis, Barbara L. DeNoble, Brian D. Deprey, Kenneth W. DePue, M. Annette deltevey, Janet It. Derning, Paula N. Deschauer, Diana E. DesJardins, Glenn L. DeStaercke, Jerry II. Dewa, Rober Y. DeWitt, Mary Ann DeWitte, Llovd J. Dietsch, Margie Lee Dilley, Richard A. 435Dirske—Engels Dirske, Carl D. Disbrow, Sharon E. Dixon, Sara E. Dobbins, Diane Dobratz, James L. Dodge, Richard J. Doering, Gretchen A. 1 )olhun, Theodora A. Donohoo, Joan A. Donohoo, Richard D. Dopp, Florence E. Dopp, Suzanne J. Doran, Geraldine A. Dorn, Thomas Paul Dorsey, James M. Dottai, Robert H. Dow, Donald R. Dougherty, Patricia Douglas, Larry J. Drake, Robert I., Jr. Dregne, Mary D. Dreier, William M. Dreyer, James X. Drummy, Maureen Dubin, Lois F. DuBrucq, Denyse C. Duchow, Walter D. Dumdey, Kay A. Dunbar, Carol B. Dunham, Barbara J. DuQuaine, Monica M. Dushek, Anita R. Dutton, John H. Dvornik, Donald F. Dymond, Susan Eastman, Barbara A. Ebeling, Edward W Eckstein, John M. Ede, Donald L. Eggert, Rodney L. Eggert, Wayne F. Ehrhardt, Alan Eichstaedt, Warren B. Eller, Heinz E. Ellig, Bruce R. Elliott, Janet L. Elliott, Ross S. Ellis, David 0. Else, Catliryn A. Elstran, James A. Emch, David S. Engle, Robert L. Engle, Ronald L. Engels, Lawrence A. 436Engels—Frautschi Engels, Marilyn S. Enright, Mary E. Enockson, Bill Epstein, Alan J. Erdmann, John H. Erickson, Roger S. Erickson, Ronald 0. Erickson, Rudolph A. Ericson, Dale R. Errath, Thomas R. Eseh, Edward L. Evans, Donald L. Evens, David A. Evinrude, Tom A. Faber, Barbara X. Fachlam, Carole M. Fairbanks, Donald R. Falk, Barbara R. Farr, John R. Farber, Joel S. Fehlhaber, Roger W. Feldstein, Charles S. Feldstein, Joyce B. Fehlenz, 1 )onald C. Fels, George L. Ferris, Ann T. Ferris, Darrell W. Ferry, James Fetzer, Wade Fields, Harriet M. Filler, Sharon L. Finn, Jane B. Fischbach, Fritz A. Fisher, Barry M. Fisher, Dena K. Fisher, Elmer F. FitzGibbon, Susan M. Fitzpatrick, Leo J. Fivian, Robert C. Flaherty, Wayne W. Flint, Richard J. Flora, Ann Florin. (Jail F. Follensbee, Phyllis M. Foote, Carol A. Foreman, Kathryn J. Forester, Mary G. Forman, Donna R. Fox, Sandra J. Frackelton, Bjorg Francetic, Richard D. Franke, Donald F. Fraser, Sally J. Frautschi, Timothy C. 437Frea—Glaser Frea, James I. Free, Dexter S. Freed, Marian L. Freitag, Gerald L. Freiwald, Edward S. Frey, Anthony L. Friauf, Gerald F. Friedland, Jerry H. Fries, Suzanne Fritz, Allene V. Futterman, Morton L. Gabert, August C. Gabrielson, Lyle G. Gage, Howard P., Jr. Gage, William B. Galanis, John W. Garberson, Richard E. Garlich, June R. Gartner, Elroy C. Garvey, Gail E. Garvin, Stanley P. Gass, Donald N. Gasul, Judith L. Gates, John L. Gattiker, Harry E. Gavol, Robert A. Gaydos, Donald S. Gebo, John 1). Gecker, Marilyn D. Gee, Charles W. Gee, Ralph H. Gehri, Dennis C. Geittman, June C. Gelhar, Lynn W. Geline, Richard A. Genke, Leroy N. Genzmer, Dave E. Gerbins, Raimond Gernoske, Joseph J. dessert, Charles It. Geyson, Gerald G. Gibeau, Philip J. Gibson, Sybil Gieseler, Eugene C. Gilbert, Charles F. Gilbert, Tobev L. (Gillespie, John S. Gillette, Roger B. Gilmore, Mark A. Gilan, Sally F. Gimbel, Stanley P. Gladfelter, Janet K. Glaeser, Robert M. Glaser, David E. 438Glassberg—Haese Glassberg, Jane L. Gleichman, Thomas J. Glendenning, Gerald A. Gliciecki, Bernard S. Goes, Philip M. Goetsch, Carolyn L. Goldberg, Carol J. Goldberg, Ronald Goldenberg, Gary M. Goldstein, Barbara Goldstein, Carol A. Gollnick, Barbara M. Goodman, Carol E. Goodman, Darlene K. Goplen, Norene B. Gordon, Charles E. Gordon, Gale F. Gordon, Howard G. Gordon, Travis J. Goshaw, Alfred T. Goss, Edward R. Gramling, Henry J. Granberg, Dirk N. Grassl, Theodore P. Graves, Dean C. Gray, Paul D. Greaton, Kathryn A. Green, Richard A. Greene, Timothy F. Greengard, Jo A. Greenwood, Karen A. Gregg, Mary L. Gregorius, Kent (). Greiser, John W. Gressman, Sally A. Griffin, Joan K. Grimm, Robert A. Grossenbach, Robert A. Grossman, Robert A. Grove, Lloyd C. Gudert, Barbara J. Guiles, Janet L. Gull, Thomas C. Gunim, Robert D. Gundlach, Roger B. Gurda, Barbara A. Gurney, Donn F. Gustine, Xoreen M. Gutkin, Saralee Guv, James J. Haas, Thomas (). Hackler, Walter A. Hadley, Robert E. Haese, Janet R. 439Hajak—Harvey Hajak, Xancy J. Hajostek, Rosalie M. Halbman, Merle F. Halbrook, Richard E. Halferty, Robert E. Halfmann, Delmer A. Hall, Fred K. Hall, Helen M. Hallock, Peter J. Halls, Edith 1). Halpert, Carole A. Halvorsen, Karen D. Halvorsen, Thomas C. Hamel, Cheeril H. Hammer, Edwin J. Hammerman, Suzanne R. Hammill, William R. Hampton, Jane M. Hanke, William R. Hansen, Donald W. Hansen, Ejvirnl R. Hansen, Judith C. Hansen, Ronn Hanson, Alan S. Hanson, Delan C. Hanson, Linda L. Hanson, Lyle E. Hanson, Russell W. Hanson, Thorvald E. Hanson, William E. Happe, Douglas O. Happel, Jean A. Hardell, Wayne D. Harden, John P. Hardin, E. Donald Hardin, K. Jane Harley, Kenneth A. Harlin, Arleen Harman, Joan M. Harned, Gerald L. Harnnison, Karen A. Harper, David G. Harpster, John S. Harriman, John E. Harrington, Heather H. Harris, Bonnie J. Harris, David A. Harris, Ronald M. Harstad, Grace J. Hart, Charles W. Hartwig, Nathan L. Hartvvig, Paul A. Hartwig, Richard C. lb uvev, Michael K. 440Hass—Hodgson Hass, Charles J. Hasse, Delores J. Hasselman, Joyce I. Hassemer, Dorothy L. Harolik, Sharon L. Haxton, Leah R. Haeplcn, Sharon L. Hayes, Robert J. Heal, Jacquelyn S. Heath, Stratton R., Jr. Heberlein, Marjorie J. Heck, Kenneth E. Heckel, Barbara A. Heegeman, James W. Hegley, Theodore S. Heiden, William F. Helleman, Richard E. Heimerl, Jacqueline B. Heinrichs, Barbara G. Heinz, Orville W. Heise, Jon 0. Heiser, John E. Hemker, Ann B. Hemp, Mervvyn H. Henderson, Donald L Henderson, Philip (I. Henkes, Norbert J. Henry, Glenn R. Henschel, Charles F. Hensiak, Jerome F. Hergert, Robert A. Herman, Ellen Hermann, Fred W. Herreid, Hugh R. Herrman, Edris M. Hershner, Janis L. Hershner, Richard F. Hertel, Don G. Hess, Georgia S. Hess, James T. Hibbard, Ruth H. Hichen, Roberta L. Hildewig, Donald H. Hill, David D. Hill, James B. Hill, Lloyd J. Hinderman, Joanne E. Hinkens, Mona L. Hinz, Wallace 11. Hii •sc h, Richard W. Hirsch, Thomas K. Hoag, William M. Hobart, Wallace B. H odgson, David J. 441Hodgson—Immerman Hodgson, David L. Hoel, Orville Hoesly, Marlen J. Hoff, Clarice E. Hoff, Gary L. Hoffman, Donna M. Hoffman, Karen A. Hoffmann, Joan C. Hoffmann, Thomas J. Holanda, Benjamin J. Hollister, Donald J. Holman, Thomas R. Holt, William A. Holz, Virginia F. Holzer, Olive L. Holzschuk, Ronald D. Homberger, Richard C. Hong, Hyoungkev Hoppe, Gerald D. Hooper, Nancy D. Hopkinson, Ruth E. Hosig, Dale N. Hotchkiss, Mary E. Howard, Dennis R. Howard, Melvin J. Howard, Vance F. Howe, Janet Howe, Terry N. Howe, Tim M. Hay, Virginia L. Hruley, James F. Hsi, Ching-Foo Hubbard, Marjorie A. Hubbell, Roger S. Huben, Robert B. Huber, Walter F. Huddle, Lawrence D. Hudy, William Huebsch, Carol S. Huenemann, Robert G. Huggett, James E. Hughes, John W. Hughes, Michael C. Hull, Stephen B. Huls, Thomas A. Hundley', Marilyn L. Huntoon, James R. Hupperts, Donald L. Hlisting, Polly H. Hutchison, Judith A. Hram, Judith K. Ihlenfeld, Terry M. Imhoff, Richard C. Immerman, William J." 442Inselman—Kacer Inselman, Herbert A. Irwin, Harriet A. Isaacson, H. Stephen Iverson, Kay Karen Ives, Dorothea Jackowitz, Bonita J. Jackson, Carol A. Jacobs, Vina D. Jacobson, Richard L. Jacobson, Thomas M. James, Robert D. Janes, David A. Janisch, David C. Jansky, Lloyd P. Janus, Tobert R. Jasperson, Keith L. Jawor, Marilyn B. Jaye, Ronald L. Jenson, William J. Johansson, William E. Johnson, Betty H. Johnson, Donald D. Johnson, Eugene L. Johnson, Gregory L. Johnson, Helen B. Johnson, James C. Johnson, Jean M. Johnson, John H. Johnson, Judith A. Johnson, June A. Johnson, Marjorie E. Johnson, Marilyn A. Johnson, Richard W. Johnson, Robert D. Johnson, Roger L. Johnson, Susan C. Johnson, Samuel B. Johnson, Thomas K. Johnson, Ward M. Johnson, Wilbur E. Johnson, Richard R. Jones, Emlen V. Jones, John F. Jones, Mary L. Jordan, Margaret S. Jordan, Raymond G. Joseph, Allan J. Joslen, Kenneth W. Joyce, Jack E. Judd, Marcia R. Jung, Emmy M. Jursik, Jean J. Koack, Carl H. Kacer, Carol J. 443Kaercher—Klaetch Kaercher, Lois J. Kazel, Janet Barbara Kaiser, William R. Kaluzny, Eugene L. Kamalian, Neubar Kankam, Joseph S. Kao, Vincent C. Kaphengst, James K. Kapelle, Fred C. Kaplan, Allen H. Kaplan, Barbara S. Kaplan, Stanley F. Kapocius, Vytautas F. Karan, Thomas R. Karls, Dale W. Katz, Yoelles F. Kauth, Wayne A. 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Zvverg, Charles A. 463Senior Activity Index LAW SENIORS Aberg, Robert K.—Madison—Law—Wis Law Review, Exec Ed—Wis Law Stud Asso, Exec Coun, Pres—Moot Crt Team Boll, James C.—Antigo—Law—Boxing—Delta Tau Delta—Delta Theta Phi Braden, Berwyn B.—Lake Geneva—Law—Tf Carthage Coll—Phi Alpha Delta Brodhead, David C.—Madison—Law—Wis Law Review, Editor-in-chief—Advocate, Brd of Editors —Wis Law Stud Assoc, Pres—Delta Theta Phi Burmaster, Milt R.—Wauwatosa—Law—SLIC, Chm —Inter-Fraternity Comm—Summer Prom Chm— Campus Carnival—Chi Phi, Pres—Phi Alpha Delta Casser, Donald G.—Racine—Law—Delta Theta Phi —-Wis Law Review Christian, Alvern D.—Milton Junction—Law—Tf Milton—Gamma Eta Gamma—Alpha Sigma Phi Costello, Daniel L.—Menasha—Law—Delta Upsilon —Phi Alpha Delta Crump, Phillip E.—Madison—Law—Law Review— Phi Alpha Delta Donlin, William P.—Belleville—Hist and Law—Tf St. Mary’s Coll—Newman Cb—Young Denis Doyle, Patrick R.—Portage—Law—Wis Law Review—Boxing—Delta Theta Phi Drought, Thomas J.—Bayside—Law—Tf Marquette Univ—Phi Delta Phi—Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres Duvall, Charles T.—Milwaukee—Law—Phi Delta Phi Eisele, Roderick L.—Albuquerque, New Mexico— Law—Madison Legal Aid Soc—Student Crt—Sigma Nu—Phi Delta Phi Ellegard, John M.—Madison—Law—Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Soc Chm, Rush Chm, Herald—Phi Alpha Delta Elliott, Jerome M.—Prairie du Chien—Law Endicott, Richard D.—Viroqua—Law Fernholz, William H.—Delavan—Law—Delta Epsilon—Stud Crt, Chief Justice—Legal Aid Soc— Phi Alpha Delta Forester, James G.—Madison—Law Franey, James G.—Eau Claire—Law—Delta Theta Phi Gale, Fredric G.—Milwaukee—Law—Wis Law Review—Stud Ct—Phi Delta Phi Gerhardt, Steven N.—Madison—Law—Delta Theta Phi Gierhart, Roger Lee—Argyle—Law—Phi Alpha Delta—Law Stud Assoc, Exec Coun Gorsegner, Everett C.—Loyal—Law—Tf Eau Claire —Inter Law Cb—Young Repub—Football—Basketball—Baseball Grant, Judith Ann—Wauwatosa—Law—LSA Green, Donald B.—Madison—Law—Advocate Staff —Delta Theta Phi Hanson, Larry I.—Madison—Law Hartman, Roger L.—Edgerton—Law—Tf Univ of Idaho—Phi Delta Phi—Argonaut—Scabbard and Blade, Pres—Sigma Nu Haydon, John B.—Madison—Law—Phi Delta Phi Heft, C. James—Racine—Law—Union Directorate— Scabbard and Blade—Univ Radio Announcer— Union Fil Comm, Chm—Madison Legal Aid Soc Chm—Chi Psi—Phi Delta Phi Held, John—Prairie du Sac—Law—Phi Alpha Delta Henneman, Larry R.—River Falls—Law—Tf River Falls—Madison Legal Aid Soc—Nat Moot Crt Team Henry, Bovd F.—East Troy—Law—Phi Delta Phi Herrling, Dennis W.—Appleton—Law—Phi Delta Phi—Law Exec Coun—Law Review—Legal Aid Horne, Charles G.—Madison—Law—Phi Alpha Delta Horwitz, Armin I.—-Milwaukee—Law—Beta Alpha Psi-—Pi Lambda Phi Houck, Kent C.—Richland Center—Law—Phi Delta Phi Howe, Edward W.—Waukesha—Law—Tf Lawrence Coll—Advocate, Editor Huggett, Donald R.—Fall River—Law—Phi Alpha Delta Imse, Gerald G.—Milwaukee—Law—Legal Aid Soc —Advocate, Asso Ed—Gymnastic Team—Phi Alpha Delta—Kappa Sigma Johansson, Filipe K.—Oshkosh—Law—Tf San Jose State Coll—Phi Alpha Delta Johnson, Kenneth L.—Milwaukee—Law Kaufman, Ernest T.—Milwaukee—Law—Phi Beta Kappa—Phi Kappa Phi—Delta Sigma Rho—Wis Law Review—Moot Court Team—Phi Delta Phi Kiessling. William E.—Lake Mills—Law Kikuchi, George K.—Honolulu, Hawaii—Law— Gamma Eta Gamma, Pres Kleinschmidt, Robert C.—Appleton—Law—Phi Delta Phi Koch, PhilliD K.—-Janesville—Law—Tf Milton Coll —Gamma Eta Gamma Koehler, Robert L.—Milwaukee—Law—Phi Alpha Delta Kohn, Robert W.—Milwaukee—Law—Tau Epsilon Rho—Stud Crt La Fave, Wayne R.—Delavan—Law—Phi Beta Kappa—Wis Law Review, Exec Sec—Delta Theta Phi Laitsch, Lowell C.—Wauwatosa—Law—Tf UWM— Sigma Nu—Phi Delta Phi Laneville. Tames F.—Brodhead—Law Lathrop, Kelland W.—Medina—Law—Law Student Assoc, Exec Coun. Treas. Pres—Delta Theta Phi Lerner, Glenn A.—Milwaukee—Law—Tau Epsilon 464 Rho, Treas—Law Advocate, Brd of Directors— All Campus Elections—Pub Chm—Student Crt— Hillel, Exec Coun Liden, Gerald L.—Delavan—Law Locke, James T.—Milwaukee—Law—Gamma Eta Gamma, Pres—Alpha Phi Omega—Gamma Delta —Badger Vets Lund, David B.—Madison—Law—Phi Delta Phi Lynts, Paul R.—Edgerton-—Law—Phi Delta Phi MacArthur, Malcolm D.—Madison-—Law—Phi Delta Phi—Wis Law Review—Legal Aid Soc—Delta Tau Delta Morey, Dane F.—Mondovi—Law Munson, Earl H.—Cambridge—Law—Phi Kappa Phi —Phi Beta Kappa—Advocate—Wis Law Review —Stud Crt—W Cb—Legal Aid Soc—Wrestling— Phi Alpha Delta Murphy, John C.—Mount Horeb—Law—Phi Alpha Delta—Madison Legal Aid Nott, Russell K.—Lake Geneva—Law—Stud Ct— Phi Alpha Delta—Toastmasters Cb, Chm O’Brien, Berald M.—Superior—Law—Tf Superior— Phi Delta Phi—Legal Aid Soc Pankratz, James C.—Menasha—Law—Phi Alpha Delta Parroni, Manlio G.—Madison—Law Patterson, Charles D.—Madison—Law—Phi Beta Kappa—Phi Kappa Phi—Wis Law Review, Exec Editor—Pres Use—Delta Theta Phi Patti, Mary P.—Shorewood—Law Peek, Alan J.—Madison—Law Pies, Stanley D.—Sturgeon Bay—Law Pleger, Ernest W.—Madison—Law—Tf Michigan State—Law School Assoc, Exec Coun—Sigma Nu —Phi Delta Phi, Pres Poad, Clatt M.—Hancock—Law—Phi Delta Phi Pohle, Robert W.—Milwaukee—Law—Kappa Sigma Pope, James R.—Montfort—Law Post, LeRoy G.—Mt. Horeb—Law—Newman Cb— Football—Pi Kappa Alpha Powell, Lyman T. Ill—Superior—Law—Tf Trinity Coll—Alpha Delta Phi—Football—Lacrosse— Swimming Proctor, Frank E.—Madison—Law—Tf Univ of Minn—Madison Legal Aid Soc Duale, David M.—Baraboo—Law—Delta L'psilon Richards, Gordon R.—Mason City, Iowa—Law Ross, Edward A.—Madison—Law—Tf Dartmouth— Phi Alpha Delta—Law School Book Mart Ryan, James T.—Yonkers, NY—Law—Tf LaFayette Coll—Phi Alpha Delta—Law School Assoc, V Pres—Conduct and Appeals Comm—Stud Crt Schneider, Donald R.—Madison—Law Schmiege, Roger A.—Madison—Law Schoff, Harry K.—Marshfield—Law—Delta Theta Phi Silber, Jerome H.—Milwaukee—Law—Phi Alpha Delta—Phi Beta Kappa—Phi Kappa Phi—Wis Law Review—Stud Crt Justice—Chi Phi Slate, William R.—Fond Du Lac—Law—Advocate— Stud Crt—Law School Assoc—Basketball—Phi Alpha Delta Sorenson, Richard P.—Racine—Law—Tf Racine— Phi Eta Sigma—Delta Theta Psi—Beta Alpha Psi —Advocate—Campus Carn, Fin Chm Sullivan, Loren D.—Prairie du Chien—Law—Tf St. Louis Univ—Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk—Legal Aid Soc Sullivan, Philip M.—Madison—Law Suran, Robert H.—Thiensville—Law—Pi Lambda Phi Sylvan, Ronald W.—Madison—Law Thiel, Roy W.—Fond du Lac—Law—Phi Delta Phi —Sigma Chi Thom, Walter S.—Wausau—Law—Tf Yale Trosch, Dennis—Milwaukee—Law Van de Water, Douglas K.—Sheboygan—Law—Wis Law Review—Delta Tau Delta-—Phi Delta Phi Van Valkenburg, Paul—Minneapolis—Law—Tf Harvard Coll, Univ of Minnesota—Alpha Tau Omega Vernon, Calvin—Milwaukee—Law—Football— Boxing Washburn, Robert S.—Conover—Law Weisman, Richard O.—Madison—Law Wuebben, John N.—Madison—Law—Tf UWM—Calvary Lutheran Stud Center Yanggen, Douglas A.—Madison—Law—Legal Aid— Phi Alpha Delta GRADUATING NURSES May, Diane A.—Westerly, R.I.—Nursing—Soph Hons—St. Francis Hse—Episcopal Student Center Altar Guild—Nurses Dorm Sr Class Rep Bruce, Judy—Madison—Nursing—Nurses Dorm, Pres Buchholz, Till W.—Milwaukee—LSA—Nursing— Hoofer Ski Cb Derr, Mary A.—Madison—Nursing—Hoofers— Nurses Dorm Judicial Chm Diedrick, Nancy R.—Madison—Nursing—YWCA International Chm, Pres—International Cb Ellison, Marjorie J.—Ashland—Nursing—SES—Phi Kappa Phi—Soph Hons—Pres House Choir—Orchestra—Nurses Dorm Sec—Delta Zeta Ford, Nancy A.—Oshkosh—Nursing—Pres House— Hoofers Furan, Mary Lou Weigel—LaCrosse—Nursing—Sr Hons Convocation Hembre, Dorothy L.—Madison—Tf St Olaf—Nursing—LSA Religious Director, Council, Senate— Nurses Dorm Soc Chm Hurtig, Audrey L.—Manitowoc—Tf Manitowoc— Nursing Jackson, Joanne S.—Madison—Nursing—Newman Cb—Badger Block Jorgensen, Cora L.—Kenosha—Nursing—Alpha Phi Nordbeck, June G.—Milwaukee—Nursing Pagel, Charlotte M.—Milwaukee—Nursing—MSNA —Ilumorology, Campus Carnival—Tourn of Song — Badger Ice Review — Hoofers — Chorus — New Stud Guide — Prom Pub Comm — Homecoming Promo Comm—AWS Coed Week Pub Comm— Badger Block Card Comm—El iz Waters Chorus— Nurses Dorm Treas—Alpha Chi Omega, Treas, Campus Carnival Co-Chm Paugh Jayne A.—Madison—Nursing—Union Crafts Comm—Nurses Dorm V Pres—Pi Beta Phi Seward, Janet L.—Berlin—Nursing Sollenbarger, Susan F.—Blue Island, 111.—Nursing —Alpha Phi Sturm, Margaret E.—Stevens Point—Nursing Teske, Mary J.—Elgin—Nursing—Concert Band-Orchestra—ISA Rep—Student Nurses Assoc—LSA Senate Van Zanten, Mary C.—Sheboygan—Nursing—AWS Coed’s Week—New Stud Wk—Hoofers—Humor-ology—Dolphins—Eliz Waters, V-Pres Vukcevich, Dorothy M.—St. Louis—Nursing Zolt, Eleanor D.—Bloomington—Nursing—Alpha Xi Delta GRADUATING SENIORS A Aasterud, Jon P. — Milwaukee — Elec Engr — Tf UWM—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—AIEE— IRE—Eta Kappa Nu, Pres, V-Pres—Badger Amateur Radio Soc—Soc of Stud Engineers, V-Pres, Treas Abdel-Moneim, Mohamed O.—Khartoum—Sudan— Mech Engr—Tf Dublin Univ, Ireland—Intrl Cb— Arab Stud Assoc—Africa Union—ASME—SAE Abendroth, George W.—Milwaukee—Econ—Kappa Sigma Abler, Merlin N.—Wisconsin Rapids—Elec Engr— Tf UWM—Newman Cb—AIEE Abrahamsen, Mary—Silver Springs, Md.—Med Microbio—Soph Honors—Concert Band—Alpha Phi, Corr Sec Abrahamson, Gordon A.—Sturgeon Bay—Corr Admin—Badger Vets—MIIA Chorus—Corr Admin Cb —Vilas Hse, Pres—Seibecker Hse, V-Pres, Commons Comm, Hse Pres Coun Adams, James R.—Cudahy—Prod Manag—SAM— Comm Turnout—Comm Stud-Fac Bd, Pres—Comm Day, Chm—Delta Sigma Pi, House Mgr, Chancellor, Ritual Chm—Greek Wk Adamskl, Charles J.—Wausau—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi—Ins Soc—Com Day Promotion Comm Adashek, David—Milwaukee—Hist—Univ Previews —Humorology Prog—Badger Block Comm—Pi Lambda Phi Adornato, Barbara L.—Milwaukee—Natl Sci Ed Ahlstrom, Elbin W.—Ladysmith—Chem Engr— AICHE—Wis Players—Alpha Chi Sigma Ahonen, Clifford J.—Milwaukee—Com—Tf UWM— SAM—SSE—Hoofers—Union Placement Comm— Sigma Delta Omega Albert, John G.—Wauwatosa—Elec Engr—Tau Beta Pi—Eta Kappa Nu—Soph Honors—Badger Block —New Student Guide—AIEE—Theta Delta Chi Albrecht, Glenn R.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr Albrecht, Patricia M.—Milwaukee—Pers Man— Wayland Eating Coop, Treas—Baptist Women’s Dorm, Pres Alexander, Roger B.—Madison—Hist—Tf Luther Coll Alitz, Orville J.—Madison—Elec Engr—Tf Eau Claire—Eta Kappa Nu—AIEE Allan, Bonnie S.—Kenosha—Math—Tf Kenosha— Hoofers—United Student Fellowship—Sec. Pres, Member Exec Council, Orientation Staff, Unit I Eliz Waters Allen, Robert E.—Beloit—Met Engr—Theta Tau, Corres Sec, Regent—AIME Allen, Tracy J.—Madison—Econ—W Cb, Stud, National—Golf. Capt—Sigma Chi Alpert, Karen—Manitowoc—Art—New Stud Week Guide—Hillel Graphic Art Chm—Badger Block— Eliz Waters Unit V Summer Pres—Alpha Epsilon Phi Alt, Frederick H.—Spring Green—Mech Engr— SAME, Sec—Soph Honors—ASME—Spooner Hse, Treas, Pres Altemose, Winston M.—Pocono Pines, Penn.—EE Tf UWM Altenburg, Thomas A. — Milwaukee — Journ — Tf UWM—Sigma Delta Chi., Sec—Phi Eta Sigma— Daily Cardinal—WITA, Stud Announcer Altepe’ter, Adrienne M.—Walworth—Phy Ther— Phy Ther Cb—Badger Block—Wayland Cb Sec— Blood Chm Slichter Hall Amato, Daniel M.—Madison—Food Tech—Tf Marquette—Food Tech Cb. Pres—Ag Stud Coun Andekian, Elizabeth—Racine—Home Ec—Tf Racine—Sec of Fresh Class, Racine—Euthenics— YWCA Anderle, Bruce J.—Cedarburg—Econ—Alpha Kappa Psi—MHA, Cabinet, Hse Pres Coun—MHA Commons Comm—WSA Fin Comm—Ins Soc—LaFol-lette Hse, Pres, V-Pres, Athletic Chm, Soc ChmAnderson, Barbara—Madison—Hist—AWS Big Sister Comm—Union Placement Comm—Humorology Arrang Comm—Alpha Phi, Guard, Act Chin Anderson, Douglas A.—Crystal Lake, 111.—Client Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—1SE Hse Rep—Mitchell Airmen—USE Coun—USE Integration Seminar Anderson, Jack D.—Marinette—Market—Tf Marinette—E'in Soc—WPhS—Kappa Psi Anderson, Jeanette A.—Chicago, 111.—Eng—AWS Personnel Chm—AWS Exec Coun—AWS Fashion Show, Personnel Chm, Dancer—Senior Swingout, Program Chm—Pan-Hel Ball, Decor Comm— Humorology—Mock UN Debate—Campus Carn, Clowns Comm—Union Gallery Comm—Homecoming Dance Comm—Prom Elections Comm—Alpha Chi Omega, Rec Sec, Pledge Pres, Pledge Pres Coun Anderson, John J.—Madison—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi Soph Honors—Alpha Chi Rho Anderson, Keith M.—Thiensvillc—Min Engr—Union Tourney Comm—Min and Met Cb, Prog Chm —W Cb—Basketball—Tennis—Frankenberger Hse, Soc Chm Anderson, Leonard A.—Duluth, Minn.—Psych-Scabbard and Blade—LSA, Pres—Indian Head Region of LSAA, Pres Anderson, Marjorie G.—Park Ridge, 111.—Home Ec —New Student Week—Union Soc Comm—AWS Co-eds Week Comm—Delta Gamma, V-Pres, Pledge Trainer Anderson, Marshall L.—Park Ridge, 111.—Econ— Prom Elections Chm—WSA Public Rcl. Recog Comm—Varsity Football, Manag—Phi Delta Theta, Pledge Pres, Sec, Soc Chm, Pres Anderson, Neal E.—Brookfield—Geology—Tf Racine—Acacia. Rushing Chm Anderson, Patricia J.—Madison—Home Ec Ed—Tf Gustavus Adolphus — Euthenics — Badger staff — WRA—Pan Hel Ball, Arrang Chm—AWS Style Show, Prog and Ticket Comm—Humorology, Pub Comm—Campus Carn. Jud Comm—Home Ec Fash Shows—Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Trainer Andersen, Ronald D.—Poplar—Physics—Tf Superior—Badger Christian Fellowship Andrus, Patsy L.—Milwaukee—Exp Foods—Tf UWM—Euthenics—Eliz Waters, Mothers Week-End. Jr-Sr Banquet Ansell, Sherman D.—Superior—Mech Engr—WSA —Hillel Stud Coun—Univ Religious Coun—ASME —Theta Tau. Sec, Gen Chm Nat Conv Apps, Darrel A.—Wild Rose—I-Iort—Blue Shield— 4H Cb—Three Squares—Delta Theta Sigma Arbogast, Jane M.—Milwaukee—Occ Tlier—Tf UWM—OT Cb. Publicity Chm, Pres—AWS Big Sister—WSA—Newman Cb—Camp Carn Comm— Badger Olympics, Sec Arganian, Mourad P.—Racine—Soc Work—Tf Racine—Union Film Comm—ISA Arieff, Robert A.—Milwaukee—Adv Armaganian, Harry—Racine—Pers Man—Tf Racine Armbruster, Mary R.—Hart land—Rcc—Pub Rcl Comm—Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Chm Arneson, Lois A.—Milwaukee—Speech—Symph Orch—Union Hse Rep—Wis Players—Badger Block. Prod Comm-—Homecoming, Promo Comm, Skit Choreographer, Exec Sec—Humorology, Prog Comm—Senior Swingout, Commentator—AWS. Pub Rel Comm—WSA Pers Comm. Pub Chm— SLIC Interviews—Campus Carnival—Phi Beta. Ed. Hist—Cardinal Badger of the Week—Zoe Bavliss TSA Rep—Alpha Gamma Delta Arnet. Judith K.—Milwaukec—Occ Thcr—Tf UWM —AWS Big Sister—Calvary Lutheran—Union Social Comm, Dance Lessons Chm—Kappa Delta— Eliz Waters. Unit IT Soc Chm Aronberg, Nancee J.—Chicago—Eng-—Hillel-—Bowling Cb—Union Soc Forum Comm—Lincoln Lodge, Homecoming Chm, Campus Carnival Chm, Soc Chm Aske, H. Dale—Madison—Mech Engr—ASME— Badger Vets—Proin Comm—Mil Ball Comm Askey, Nedra D.—Madison—Nat Sci Atchison, Thomas L.—Madison—Agr—Tf UWM— Saddle X- Sirloin Atinsky, Sharon L.—Milwaukee—Ed Atwood, Robert G.—Madison—Med Sci—TSA— MHA, Pub Rela Comm—United Student Fellowship. Pub Chm—UW Marching Band—Badger Block Ausman, James R.—Manitowoc—Chem Engr—Tf Manitowoc—Phi Eta Sigma—Delta Epsilon—Hse Pres Coun, Chm—MHA Leadership Conf—AICHE —Richardson Hse, Pres—Leopold Hse, Pres Austad. William R.—Sturgeon Bay—Med Sci Ayer, Clinton A.—Madison—Chem Engr—Union Hse Comm—Marching Band—Conservative Cb. V-Pres—ATCHE B Baer, Leslie—New York—German—Phi Eta Sigma —WSA, Pub Rel. Pers, Pub Comm—Bonn Exchange Stud—Alpha Chi Rho, Rush Chm, Hse Steward. Scholar Chm Bagles, Cynthia—Sheboygan—Soc—Soph Honors— Orthodox Fel, Sec—Ilodag Hse, V-Pres, Judicial Chm Bahr, Douglas G.—Madison—Econ—Tf Oshkosh— Badger Vets—YGOP—SAM Baird, Elizabeth Ann—Madison—Eng—Union Gallery Comm—Kappa Delta Baker, Dennis F.—Sheboygan—Psych—Octopus Staff—Campus Chest, Chm—Greek Wk Banq, Chm —YGOP—Theta Chi, Sec, Hist Baker, Robert W.—Fond du Lac—Civ Engr—ASCE, Treas 3. V-Pres 4 Bakke, Nancy C.—Burlington—El Ed—AWS Pers Comm—AWS Elec Comm, Chm—AWS Ushers, Chm—Sr Swingout—AWS Fashion Show, Sec-Treas—New Stud Week Guide—New Stud Group Part Leader—Union Hse Comm—Coranto—White Hse, Soc Chm—Eliz Waters III, Union Hse Rep —Chi Omega, Treas Ballowe, Shirley Ann—Lancaster—Speech—Tf Wis State Teachers College, Platteville—Wesley Foundation—Dolphins—Chi Omega Barber, Donald D.—Hayward—Elec Eng—IRE Bargholtz, Betsey L.—Ashland—Com—Phi Chi Theta, Nat Counselor—Pan-Hel Rushing Counselor—Kappa Delta, Asst Treas, Treas, Parliamentarian—Eliz Waters Store Comm-—SAM Barnard, John D.—Madison—Psych—Phi Sigma Kappa, V-Pres, Soc Chm, Rush Chm, Sentinel, Pledge Trainer Barnes, Robert O.—Madison—Mech Engr Barnes, Barbara L.—Burlington—Home Ec—Tf SMU—Kappa Alpha Theta Barrack, Lynn B.—Charleston, W. Va.—Speech-Badger Block Comm—Humorology Kickline, Chm —AWS Coed Week, Rec and IIosp Comm—AWS Fashion Show, Script Chm, Gen Chm—Campus Carn Contest Comm—Homecoming Pep Rally, Chm—Phi Beta. Pan-Hel Rep—Prof Pan-Hel. Pres—Sr Swingout, Prog Comm—Prom, Promo Comm—Badger Beauty—Pan-Hel Ball Skit—Ann Emery, Soc Chm—Alpha Epsilon Phi, V-Pres, Pledge Trainer, Soc Chm Barrett, Daniel L.—Madison—WSA. Chartered Flight Chm, Travel Comm, Chm—Ins Soc, B of Dir—Delta Tau Delta Barry, George T.—Arcadia—Ins—Ins Soc—Intramural Sports Barry, Jeanne M.—Milwaukee—Speech—Tf Mary-mount College—Delta Gamma Bartel, Donna P.—Sheboygan—Acct—Tf Sheboygan—Phi Chi Theta, V-Pres—ISA Bartell, John F.—Superior—Pharm—WPhS Bartz, James E.—Appleton—Civ Engr—ASCE—Hse Pres Coun—MHA Reorg Comm, Sec—MHA Parents Weekend. Chm—Conover, Pres, V-Pres. Sec Bassewitz, Wesley—Fond du Lac—Econ—New Student Week Guide—Badger Block—Union Hse Comm—Zeta Beta Tau. Steward Bassman, Thomas A.—Milwaukee—Hist—Union Theater Comm—Pi Lambda Phi B Bates, Eugene A.—Madison—Acct—Phi Kappa Bates, Ronald E.—Madison—Econ—Student Senate —Pershing Rifles—Intra-Vars Christian Fel— YGOP—Football Bauer, Erwin G.—Milwaukee—Econ—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Beta Kappa—German, French. Spanish Cbs—Ins Soc Bauman, Conrad O.—Madison—Hist—YGOP Bauman, Martin F.—Edgar—Phy Ed—Tf Wausau— Phi Epsilon Kappa Baun, Philip J.—Delavan—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu—Sonh Honors—Tau Beta Pi—IRE Beadle, Kathryn R.—Galesville—Speech Ther— Soph Plonors—Crucible—Phi Kappa Phi—Eta Kappa Lambda—MHA Cabinet—Fall Dorm Leadership Conf, Invit Chm—WSA Group Leadership Program—Symph Orchestra Bear, Douglas J.—Madison—Light Bid—Real Estate and Home Build Asso, Pres Beattie, Nancy E.—Cedar Rapids, Iowa—Bus Ed— Alpha Phi, Hse Pres Beatty, Ronald C.—Richland Center—Civ Engr-— SAME—ASCE Becher, Ann E.—Wausau—Soc—Tf Wausau—Newman Cb Bechthold, Ned W.—Wauwatosa—Civ Engr—New Student Week—SAME—ASCE-Delta Upsilon, Soc Chm. Rush Chm, Corr Sec Beery, Carol J.—Madison—Soc Wk—Tf Platteville —Weslev Found—YWCA—Unionews Comm— Badger Block Behrens, Edwin L.—Owen—Chem Engr—MHA Per Comm—LSA—ATChE—Hoofers—Fallows House, Sec, Blood Chm Behrens, Mary L.—Racine—Home Ec—Tf Racine— WMTT Beier, Marvin F.—Portage—Hist—Tf St. Olaf— Seheders. V-Pres—A Cappclla Bell, Judith A.—Oshkosh—Home Ec—Homecoming Comm—Kappa Kappa Gamma Belsito, Brenda—Flushing. N.Y.—Math—Daily Cardinal Staff—Badger Stall—Homecoming Comm— Campus Carn Comm—District TV Commissioner —Stud Senate—LTnion Forum Comm—Folk Arts Soc—Union Soc Forum Benes, James W.—Whitewater—Ag—Tf Whitewater —Alpha Zeta—Saddle and Sirloin Cb Bensman. Alan S.—Milwaukee—Med Sci—Union Forum Comm—Alpha Epsilon Pi Benson, Janice M.—Evanston. 111.—Speech Corr— Sigma Alpha Eta—WSA—TSA Benson, Robert J.—Janesville—Civ Engr—ASCE— Wesley Found Berard. William D.—Rothschild—Elec Engr— A TEE Berend, Nancy C.—Milwaukee—Home Ec Ed— Kappa Alpha Theta, Hse Pres Berg, Dwayne P.—Beloit—Speech—MHA Cabinet —Scabbard and Blade Berg, Joanne C.—Minong—Home Ec Ed—Mortar Ed —Omicron Nu. Treas—Upsilon Omicron. Ed— Blue Shield 4-H. Correc Sec—Euthenics—Home Ec Stud Coun, V-Pres—LSA Berg. Richard P.—Milwaukee—Hort—Tf Rollins College Bergenske, Sally J.—Madison—El Ed—District I Sen Coun—Newman Cb—Student-Faculty Plan Comm for Phy Ed—Union Hse Comm—Homecoming Comm—Alpha Xi Delta Berkoff, Marshall R.—Milwaukee—Hist—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph High Honors—Phi Kappa Phi—Phi Beta Kappa—Octopus Staff, WSA Stud Handbook — MHA—District 11 Commissioner—SLIC, Chm Forensics and Drama—Badger Party—Student Senate—ILS Coun—Hillel, Exec Coun—Union Forum Comm, Panel of Americans—Homecoming Show Comm Bertholdt, James R.—Green Bay—Market—Market Cb—SAM—St. Francis Hse Bertram, Pauline L. — Appleton—Music—Octopus Stall—AWS Big Sister Comm—-AWS Fund Drive —Union Music Comm—YGOP—Hoofers—Symph Orch—Badger Block—Tournament of Song—Campus Carn—Delta Zeta, Intramurals Chm, Song Chm Berweiler, Gustav W.—Wauwatosa—Hist—Tf UWM Phi Alpha Theta—Newman Cb—Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Class Treas Berzinsky, Barbara A.—Two Rivers—Soc Wk— Eliz Waters, Jud Chm—Pan-Hel Rush Counsel— Delta Delta Delta, Hse Pres Bethke, Delbert B.—De Pere—Real Estate—Tf Manitowoc—Newman Cb—Market Cb—Fin Soc— Real Est and Light Bldg Assoc Beuscher, Hugh J.—Milwaukee—El Engr—Eta Kappa Nu—Tau Beta Pi—Hoofers—AIEE—MHA Pers Comm Beyer, Thomas O.—Elmgrove—Acct—Phi Eta Sigma—Beta Alpha Psi—WSA, Pub Comm Chm, Newsletter Bureau, New Stud Wk—SLIC Comm on Gen Campus Org—Pledge Pres Council—Chi Psi. Treas, Scholar Chm Bezella, Gary L.—Milwaukee—Chem Engr—AICE— Sigma Phi Epsilon Biancolli, Margaret L.—Jackson Heights, N. Y.— Art—Tf Queens College Biddick, Betty J.—Madison—Home Ec Ed—Wesley Found—YWCA, Soc Chm, Pres—Blue Shield—4H Biehl, Mark D.—Milwaukee—Med Sci—Phi Eta Sigma. Sec—Band—Delta Tau Delta, Corr Sec Bierman, Gladys M.—Hartland—Phy Ther—Tf UWM—Calvary Lutheran Choir—Phy Ther Cb— Slichter Hall Chorus Bischoff, Bonnie J.—Sheboygan—See Ed—Dogrin Party. Sec, Treas—Humorology—Inter-Acts Comm—New Stud Week Guide—Forensics, Sec— Wis Players—Alpha Gamma Delta, Soc Chm, Rush Chm. Bischoff, Kenneth V.—Middleton—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi—Ins Soc Bissell, Gale G.—Monroe—Soc Wk—Schlichter, Floor Chm Black, Helen J.—Pittsburgh, Penn.—Home Ec—WSA Travel Comm—Home Ec Style Shows—Kappa Alpha Theta, Rec Sec Black, Samuel E.—Rockford, 111.—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma—Wis Engr Magazine—Nautilus Soc— Beta Theta Pi. V-Pres. Rec Sec Blackadder, Sharon—Chicago, 111.—Phy Ed—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Pi Lambda Theta—WRA. Rec Sec, Pub Chm—Phy Ed Cb, Pub Chm—Sr Dolphins Blackmun, Gilbert F.—Hammond, Ind.—Fin—Sr Class Pres—Wis Previews—Football—Kappa Sigma. Rush Chm Blake, Barbara J.—Milwaukee—Home Ec—AWS Style Show Comm—WSA. New Stud Wk, Acad and Spec Scrv Comm, UN Conf—Prom Decor Comm—Homecoming Promo Comm—Pi Beta Phi Blaney, Richard E.—Madison—Agron—Newman Cb —Crops and Soils Cb—Saddle and Sirloin Cb— Track—Cross Country—Alpha Gamma Rho, Reporter Blish, Russell R.—Sturgeon Bay—Phy Ed—Phi Epsilon Kappa, Pres—Gilman House, Pres, Athletic Chm Blumer, Judith R.—Madison—Occ Ther—-Pan-Hel Rush Counsel—Alpha Xi Delta Bodner, Gerald S.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Fencing Team, Co-Capt Boehlke. Sara J.—Black River Falls— Occ Ther— New Student Week Guide—AWS Big Sister— AWS Fashion Show Production Comm—Senior Swingout Promotions Comm—Occ Ther Cb Boettcher. Clifford T.—Appleton—Elec Engr— 4TF.E—TRE—Badger Block Boettge, William F.—Green Bay—Acct—Phi Eta Sigma—NDTA—Wis Previews—Union Soc Comm. Pub Chm, 770 Club—MHA Store. Bd of Directors—Beta Theta Pi. Pres Bogart, Jeanine L.—Lake Geneva—El Ed—Calvary —Seheders—Delta Delta Delta, Rec Sec Bogumill. Ruth A.—Thorp—Occ Ther Cb—Hoofers— German Cb Bell, Michael M.—Antigo—Med Sci—Boxing— Kappa Sigma Borchardt, Barbara A.—Milwaukee—Psych—Tf UWM—Calvary Choir—Badger Block—Eliz Waters. Homecoming Comm Borden, John A.—Elm Grove—Acct—Tf Cornell— Beta Alpha Psi—Fin Soc—Tns Soc—Com Stud Faculty Bd—Alpha Kapoa Psi. Pres. Treas Born. Darwin C.—Madison—Elec Engr—AIEE— IRE Bornstein, Larry—Milwaukee—Philos—Alpha Delta Sigma Bos, Harrv J.—Breedenburg WarfTum, Netherlands— Soils—Crop and Soils Cb. V-Pres—Ag Stud Coun —Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Alpha Gamma Rho Bosshardt, Carolyn A.—Sheboygan—Pharm—Rho Chi—Kanpa Epsilon Bourbonais. Edward W.—Wauwatosa—Pharm Boyer, Alvin E.—Plvmouth, Mass—Prod Mgm— SAM—Union Acc Office Boyd, Lawrence W.—Kenosha—Civ Engr—ASCE Brahmstedt, Howard K.—Wisconsin Rapids—Music —Music Stud—Faculty Coun, V-Pres—Symph Orch, Pres—Marching Band Bramschrieber, Thomas H.—Little Suamico—Soc Ed Brant, Kirby E.—Wauwatosa—Zoo—Fencing— Lambda Chi Alpha 465Branton, Donald L.—LaValle—Mech Engr—Fallows Hse, Ath Chm Bredendick, Walter O.—Neenalv—Elec Engr—Chi Phi, Pledge Trainer Brenner, Louis—Memphis, Tenn.—Hist—Phi Eta Sigma—Scabbard and Blade—Phi Beta Kappa— Soph Honors—Debate—Stud Comm on Academic Standards, Chm Brewer, Richard K.—Milwaukee—Eng—District II Stud Senator—Acad Affairs Comm—Freshman Course Guide Co-Editor—Vol ROTC Comm—New Stud Week Guide—Leadership Guide—Soc Reg Study Comm—Union Hse Comm—Beta Theta Pi Brey, James E.—Madison—Mech Engr—ASAE, Pres—ASME Bridgeman, Shirley J.—Beloit—Sec Ed Brockmann, Robert C.—Dousman—Mech Engr— ASME—SAE—Fencing—Theta Delta Chi Broetzman, Gary G.—Oconto Falls—Civ Engr— ASCE Brost, Edward E.—Madison—Ag Econ—Ag Stud Coun—Ag Econ Soc Brost, Julien H.—Nekoosa—Geol—Tf Stevens Point —Alpha Beta Rho—Alpha Phi Omega—Newman Cb—German Cb—Geol Cb Brostoff, Alan S.—Chicago, 111.—Pol Sci—Daily Cardinal Staff—New Idea, Nonfiction Editor— Y-Dems—Hillel—Hoofers—Mock US Senate— Red Cross Blood Drive, Arrang Chm—Badger Block Brown, Addison—Rockford, 111.—Econ—NDTA— Sigma Chi Brown, Cornelia D.—Oshkosh—Occ Ther—OT Cl— Union Social Comm—Delta Gamma, Nat’l Project Chm, Standards Bd Brown, Jack F.—LaCrosse—Chem Engr—Tf La-Crossc State College—AICE—LaCrosse Gymnastics Team Brown, Nancy S.—Bloomington—Home Ec Ed—Phi Upsilon Omicron—ISA Hse Rep—Home Ec Stud Coun—Wesley Found. Worship Chm, Rules Chm, Prog Plan Comm—Blue Shield—Anderson Hse, Sec, Pres Brown, Robert W.—Cumberland—Market—WSA Pub Rel Dept, Dir—Homecoming Promotions Comm. Chm—WSA District III. Chm—Stud Senate—Wis Previews—Marching Band—Men’s Glee Ch—M HA Cabinet—Mil A Pub Rel Comm—MIIA Store Bd—Showcrman Hse, Soc Chm Bruch, Ludwig W.—Winnebago, 111—Physics—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph High Honors—Phi Kappa Phi— Phi Beta Kappa—Pi Mu Epsilon—Forensics—Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hist, Sec Brunell, Dorothy L.—Wausau—Elem Ed—Tf Wausau—Scheders—Pax Romana Brunell, Jacqueline L.—Wausau—Bus Ed and Acct— Tf Wausau—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Newman Cb— Phi Chi Theta Brunner, Thomas—Leopolis—Dairy Husb—Alpha Zeta—Phi Eta Sigma—Saddle and Sirloin—Ag-Homc Ec Chorus—Blue Shield—4H, Pres—Dairy Cattle Judg Team—Ad Stud Coun—Babcock Hse, Sec Bruno, Don J.—Kenosha—Speech—Haresfoot—Wis Players—Amlie Hse, Soc Comm Chm Brunsell, Rolland H.—Stoughton—Dairy Flush— Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Wis Country Magazine— Provost Corps—LSA—Alpha Gamma Rho. Soc Chm. Rush Chm—Short Course Dorms, Hse Fellow Brunsberg, Robar—Milwaukee—Chem Engr— Tf TJWM—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—Christian Science Org—Alpha Chi Sigma Buch, John A.—Fond du Lac—Amer Inst—Marching Band—IF Chorus—Lambda Chi Alpha Buchholz, Carol R.—Wauwatosa-—Home Ec—Tf Lake Forest College, UWM—Euthenics—Market Cb Buchholz, William J.—Madison—Mech Engr and Com—ASME—Sigma Phi Epsilon. Comptroller Buckles, Jerold A.—Superior—Civ Engr—Three So u a re s—Y M C A—ASCE Budic, Caroline M.—West Allis—Phy Ed—Dolphins WRA Bd. Phy Ed Cb. Sec—Slichter Choir—MHA Alumni Comm. Sec—WMHA Comm Buege, John F.—Manitowoc—Com—Tf Manitowoc— SAM, Treas—Tau Kappa Epsilon Buehrens, Myrna C.—Clintonville—Sec Ed—Liz-ette Staff—New Stud Week Guide—Transfer Stud Guide—Badger Block Comm—AWS Big Sister— French Cb—AWS Hse Pres Coun—Sigma Nu White Rose Queen—Pledge Pres Coun—Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Pres, Hse Pres—Eliz Waters Chorus Buhrmester, Annette C.—Lafayette. Ind.—Hist— Union Theatre Comm—New Student Week Guide —Kappa Kappa Gamma Bunck. David V.—Racine—Econ—Chi Phi Buol, Bonnie R.—West Salem—Phy Med—Phi Kappa Phi—Parents Weekend Partv Comm. Chm— Pres Hse, Choir—Red Cross, Gen Chm. Blood Drive Chm—Phy Ther Cb, Treas—Sigma Kappa, Pledge Trainer. Pres. Hse Pres Buraczynski, Ronald L.—Milwaukee—Civ Engr— ASCE Burant, Walter—Rosholt—Civ Engr—Tf Stevens Point—Chi Epsilon—Newman Cb—ASCE Burbridge, Patricia L.—Addison. 111.—Pol Sci— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Mortar Bd—Crucible—Phi Kappa Piii—Wis Alum Jr Woman Award—WSA, V-Pres—WSA Exec Coun—WSA Legis Comm, Chm -— SLIC — District Senator — Union Coun — Wis Previews—Panel of Americans, Dir—Ann Emery, Treas—Gamma Phi Beta. Pres Burgess, Patricia K.—Honolulu, Hawaii—El Ed— WSA Public Relations Personnel—Sr Dolphins— Kanpa Kappa Gamma. Rec Sec, Act Chm Burghardt. Kurt J.—Mainz, Germany—Mkt—Tf Univ of Frankfort, Germany—German Cb— Mkt Cb Burgy, John J.—Monticello—An Husb—Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Alpha Gamma Rho, Chaplain, Scliol Chm Burkhart, Sherry L.—Whitefisli Bay—Eng—Badger, Co-Sales Mgr—WSA Promotions—Stud Guide —AWS Pub Comm—Prom Promotions Comm— Sr Swingout Promotions—Homecoming Promotions—Prom Pub Comm—Delta Gamma, Pan-Hel Rep, Scholar Chm Burmaster, Milt R.—Wauwatosa—Indus Manag— SLIC Chm—Inter-Fraternity Comm—Summer Prom—Campus Cam—Chi Phi, Pres—Phi Alpha Delta Burmester, Neil C.—Reedsburg—Civ Eng Burnjas, Lenore A.—Chicago, 111.—Phy Med—Phy Ther Cb, V-Pres—Union Tourney Comm—Pax Romana Burns, Charlotte A.—Madison—Med—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Phi Beta Kappa—Soph High Honors —WSA Housing Comm—Union Hse Comm—Union Open Hse, Pub Chm—Delta Delta Delta Burns, Elisabeth K.—Milwaukee—Span—Sigma Delta Pi. Sec—Soph Honors—WSA Pub Rel Comm—Union Place Comm—AWS Judicial Bd —Pan-Hel Ball. Fin Chm—Prom Invitation Chm—Badger Olympics, Trophies Chm—Alpha Phi. Pan-Hel Rep, Sec Burns, Mary Agnes—Green Bay—Journ—Tf St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind.—Unionews, Editor— Parents Weekend, Sec, Treas—Pan-Hel Ball, Treas—Delta Gamma Burns, Maryellen—Madison—Acct—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Hons—Phi Beta Kappa—Delta Delta Delta Burns, Roger K.—Madison—Elec Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—IRE—Theta Chi Burrall, A. Lynn—Green Bay'—Market and Fin— Tf Mount Mary College—AICE—Market Cb— New Stud Week Guide—Delta Gamma Bushland, Diane A.—Chippewa Falls—El Ed—Tf Macalester Col—Pi Lambda Theta Butenhoff, Clarence H.—Madison—Elec Engr—Tf UWM—Calvary Couples Cb, Sec-Treas—AIEE— Kappa Eta Kappa, Alum Sec Buth, Robert H.—Shawano—Pharm—WPliS—Gymnastics—Theta Chi Bylsma, Charles R.—Racine—Fin—Fin Soc c Calvi, Patricia A.—Pence—Music—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Phi Kappa Phi—Crucible—Mortar Bd— Soph Honors—AWS Advisory Bd, Chm—AWS Big Sister, Chm—IAWS Rep—Sr Swingout— AWS Honors Lunch—Barnard, V-Pres, Soc Chm—Sigma Alpha Iota, Rec Sec, Prog Chm, Yearbook Chm, Sgt-at-Arms—Chi Omega, Songster Cameron, Jennifer C.—Rice Lake—Pol Sci—Tf Swarthmore College, Penn.—Summer Stud Senate. Sec—WSA Housing Comm—Union Hse Comm —SLIC Living Units and Hy'giene Comm— Young Denis, Sec—MHA Juc Bd. Sec Campbell, Kenneth M.—Wausau—Chem Engr— AICE—Intra-Vars Christian Fel Canary, Mary Jane—Footville—Psych—Tf St. Mary’s Coll, Loyola Univ Cannon, Edward J.—Chicago, 111.—Tf Wilson Jr College, Chicago—Baseball—Delta Upsilon Cannon, Harry L.—Madison—Elec Engr—AIEE Cantwell, J. Edward—Delavan—Met Engr—Tf Whitewater—Amer Foundrymen’s Soc Carey, Gerard F.—Madison—Pharm—Rho Chi— Band—WPhA Carl, Richard G.—Platteville—Animal Husb Carl, Ruth N.—Sheboygan—Home Ec Carlson, Dennis L.—Rockford, 111.—Act Sci—Soph Honors—Ins Sec—EWDR Carlson, Harold R.—Madison—Reg Plan—City' and Reg Plan Cb Carroll, Dennis M.—Milwaukee—Chem Engr— ATChE—Sigma Phi Epsilon Carlstein, Karen L.—Wauwatosa—Soc Wk—Varsity Party, Sec—WSA Election Comm, Sec—AWS Fashion Show—Sr Swingout—Badger Block— Eliz Waters V, Soc Chm—Delta Delta Delta Carmody, Michael T.—Waupaca—Food Ind—Food Tech Cb—Blue Shield—4H—Men’s Glee Cb—Ag Chorus, Pres—Ag Stud Coun, Treas, Sec—Babcock Hse, Hist Cartwright, John D.—Madison—Econ, Fin—Fencing, Capt—W Cb—Delta Tau Delta Castle, Nancy A.—Madison—Pol Sci—Tf Univ of Oregon—Phi Theta Upsilon—Kwama, Oregon— Alpha Chi Omega Catalanello, Ralph F.—Delavan—Prod Man—Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec—Newman Cb—SAM—Humorology, Judg Comm—Campus Carn, Judg Comm—Badger Olympics, Pub Chm Cell, Howard R.—Raleigh, N. C.—Amer Inst—Tf N. C. State College—Phi Eta Sigma—Mu Beta Psi—Alpha Phi Omega—Phi Mu Alpha Chalk, Jean H.—Evanston, 111.—Math—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Pi Lambda Theta— WSA Human Rel Comm—Union Forum Comm, Sec—ST.IC Living Conditions and Hy'giene Comm —TSA Welfare Comm—Univ Stud Alliance, Pres —Groves Co-op. Member Chm Chapin, Robert J.—Appleton—Psych Chapman, Arthur H.—Milwaukee—Acct—Tf UWM —Phi Eta Sigma, Treas, Pres—New Stud Week, Co-Chm—WSA Rec Comm—Hillel—Alpha Kappa Psi. Asst Sec—Zeta Beta Tau Chiemchaisri. Yongyut—Bangkok. Thailand—An Husb—Tf Kasetsart Univ, Bangkok, Thailand Chin, Tack G.—Canton, Ohio—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu—Tau Beta Pi—Phi Eta Sigma Chiroff, Richard T.—Milwaukee—Med Sci—Phi Beta Kappa—Phi Kappa Phi—Phi Eta Sigma— Soph High Honors—Campus Carn Arrang Comm —New Stud Week Guide—Eastern Orth Youth Fel, V-Pres—Haresfoot—Track—Theta Delta Chi, Pledge Pres, Rush Chm Chobanian, Peter—Madison—Lib Sci Christensen, Janice R—Brodhead—Home Ec—Student Senate—USF—Ecumenical Contact Chm— L’niv Religious Council—Euthenics Christensen, Nikolas I.—Oregon—Geol—Phi Eta Sigma—Geol Cb—Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Pres Christenson, Karen L.—Osseo—Home Ec—Phi Upsilon Omicron—Home Ec Coun—LSA, Sec—Blue Shield—Andersen Coop, Sec, V-Pres Christenson, Susan F.—Kenosha—Home Ec Ed— Phi Upsilon Omicron—Badger—Home Ec Stud Coun, V-Pres—Euthenics—Zoe Bayliss Hse, Hse Co-ordinator, V-Pres Christiansen, David A.—Two Rivers—Elec Engr Christiansen, Rolf E.—Milwaukee—Mech Engr—Tf UWM—Acacia Christianson, Don O.—Eau Claire—Med Sci—Tf Wis Ext Eau Claire—Phi Chi Christopherson, Wayne W.—Madison—Chem Engr —AICE Christoplis, Peter C.—Sheboygan—Civ Engr—Theta Chi Church, Meredith A.—Madison—Eng—Phi Beta— WSA Pers Comm—SLIC Dramatics and Forensics, Stud Co-Chm—Stud Senate—Women’s Chorus, Pres—Wis Players Churchill, Diane L.—Highland Park, 111.—Speech Corr—Tf Miami Univ—Sigma Alpha Eta—Psi Chi —-Soph Honors, Miami—Kappa Kappa Gamma, Schol Chm Cismoski, Eugene W.—Kenosha—Mech Engr—SAE —ASME Clark, Carelo L.—Sheboygan Falls—Soc—Inti Cb— Mock UN Conf—Ross Cb Clark, Claire L.—Sheboygan Falls—Soc—Inti Cb— Ross Cb Clark, Jo S.—Madison—Eng—AWS Rep, Advis Coun—Pan-Hel Coun—Kappa Delta, Act Chm, Pan-Hel Rep Class, Marilyn M.—Madison—Speech—Tf Stephens —Union Ball, Arrang Chm—“Teahouse of the August Moon”—Big Sister Prog—Alpha Chi Omega, Pres Clay, James S.—Racine—Hist—Tf Racine—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Kappa Epsilon Clay, Janice E.—Rockford. 111.—Sec Ed—Scheders —Badger, Staff—WSA Book Drive—Delta Gamma, Corres Sec Clayton, Jean M.—Wild Rose—Home Ec—Phi Upsilon Omicron—Greek Week Co-Chm—Mil Ball Court of Honor—Badger Beauty—Pres House— Euthenics—Alpha Xi Delta, V-Pres, Rec Sec Clayton, Kathleen L.—Madison—Elem Ed—Tf Carleton—Phi Beta Phi Cleary, Robert W.—Madison—Pharm—Tf UWM— WPliS. Pres—APhS Clement, Marcia F.—Springfield, 111.—Journ—Cardinal Ad Staff—Wiscetiquettes Staff—Sr Swingout, Script Comm, Chm—AWS Spec Elections Comm-—A Cappella—Kappa Alpha Theta, Song Chm, Humorology Dir Cohen, Edward S.—Chevy Chase, Md.—Pol Sci— Wis Previews—ILS. Pres—Academic Standards Comm—New Idea—Provost Corps—Union Lib Comm Cohen. Marcus—Appleton—Med Sci—Wis Previews —WSA Human Rel Comm—Men’s Glee Cb. V-Pres, Sec-Treas, Bus Mgr—Humorology Judg Comm—Baron Award—Alpha Epsilon Pi Cohen, Margot L.—Milwaukee—Bact—Alpha Delta Theta—"70 Cb Union Comm—Lincoln Lodge, Soc Chm, Pres Cohen, Neil J.—Cleveland, Ohio—Phil—Phi Eta Sigma-—Delta Sigma Rho—-Soph Honors—New Idea, Editor—WSA Stud-Faculty Rel Comm— Debate—Zeta Beta Tau Cohrs, Arthur L.—Merrill—Music—Music Stud—Fac Coun, Pres—Band—A Cappella—Calvarv Choir Collat, Beverly R.—Milwaukee—Span—Hillel, Interfaith Co-Chm—Span Cb Collette, John A.—Green Bay—Inti Rel—WSA UN Comm—WSA Inti Rel Comm—Inti Cb—Hoofers— Union Music Comm—WSA Travel Comm—ILS Coun—Panel of Americans Conger, Barbara E.—Meadowbrook, Penn.—Child Dev—Tf Denison. Granville, Ohio—Pi Beta Phi Conger, Kenneth W.—Kohler—Com—Union Forum Comm—Scabbard and Blade—Debate—Forensics —Pledge Pres Coun—Delta Tau Delta, Pres, Rush Chm. Alum Chm Connor, Gordon P.—Wausau—Mech Engr—YGOP, Advisor. Exec Comm—1ST Cl)—Elder Soc—Chi Psi Connors, Marion R.—Hurley—Econ—New Stud Wk, Guide—U Chorus—Lambda Phi Alpha, Sec—Fallows, Sec, Soc Chm Conway, Carol A.—Manitowoc—Acct—Tf Manitowoc—Phi Chi Theta. Publ Chm—Ins Soc—Dist III Commissioner—Newman Cb Cook, Charles S.—Milwaukee—Met Engr—Tf Mich College of Min and Tech—Arnold Air Soc—Mitchell Airmen—Band—Min and Met Cb—Alpha Tau Omega, Treas Cooper, Lynne E.—Madison—Phy Ed—Pi Lambda Theta—Sigma Alpha Iota—WRA, Pres—Phy Ed Cb. Program Chm—St Francis Hse Coneland, Barbara B.—Ilaverford, Penn.—Speech— Tf Bradford Jr College—WSA Gen Welfare Comm, Chm—Union Music Comm—Langdon Hall. Jud Comm—Kappa Kappa Gamma, Asst Rush Chm Cornford. Raymond C—Cambria—Med Sci—Tf Colorado State—Lancers Cornwell, John G.—Oshkosh—Fin—Tf Oshkosh—Alpha Phi Omega. Hist—Fin Soc—Basliford Hse, Soc Comm—Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Pres 466Cors, Wayne E.—Portage—Econ—WSA Welfare Proj Comm—Ins Soc—MHA Loan Comm, Chm—• Pres Hse—Theta Chi Corzine, Harold A.—Wayne, Nebraska—Meteor— Tf Wayne State Teacher’s Coll Cottrell, Gerald G.—Oshkosh—Elec Engr—Badger Vets—AIEE—IRE Craig, Diane P.—Chicago, 111.—Pol Sci—WSA UN Comm. Speakers Chm—WSA Inti Rel Comm— Ann Emery, Soc Chm—Alpha Epsilon Phi, Philan Chm, Campus Chest Rep Crain, John D.—Rhinelander—Mech Engr—Chi Psi Crane, Judith K.—Appleton—El Ed—New Student Week Guide—Scheders—Pi Beta Phi, Program Chm, Social Chm Crary, Caryl C.—Lone Rock—Journ—Theta Sigma Phi—Daily Cardinal—Tabard Inn, Pres Crawford, Ferdon H.—Elroy—Elec Engr—IRE Crawford, George S.—Waukegan, 111—Hist—Sigma Delta Chi—Scabbard and Blade—Pershing Rifles —Sigma Chi Creger, Bruce E.—Merrill—Elec Engr—IRE—AIEE —SAM—Summer Prom, Entertainment Chm— Marching Band Crego, Alvin A.—Ashland—Chem Engr—Wis Engr Magazine Crook, Lee F.—Wisconsin Rapids—Civ Engr— SAME—ASCE—USE—Dave Schreiner Coop, Bd of Dir, Sec Culbertson, Carice Y.—Seymour—Hist—Badger Christian Fel, Sec, Treas—UW Bands—A Cap-pella—Tabard, Inn, V-Pres, Sec Cummings, Kathleen F.—Madison—Home Ec—Tf College of St Teresa’s, Winona, Minn.—Rec Workshop—Euthenics—Blue Shield-411—Newman Cb, Sec, Pub Chm—Dolphins, Costume Chm D Daentl, Emogene E.—Dane—Eng—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph High Honors—Phi Beta Kappa— Mock UN Conv—French Cb—Barnard, Pic Chm— French Hse, Sec, ISA Rep Dahlke, Susan Mary—Madison—Soc—Tf UWM— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Mortar Bd—Stud Senate— Union Council—Alpha Chi Omega Dahnke. Richard J.—Middleton—Mech Engr— ASME. Treas Dake, Miles M.—Viroqua—Mech Engr—Tf La Crosse-SAE—ASME Dalles, Gertrude E.—Mineral Point—Speech—Tf Edgewood College—Zeta Phi Eta, Treas, Sec— Campus Carn Judg Comm—Pan-Hel Rush Counselor—Alpha Xi Delta Dalton, Mary L.—Manitowoc—Eng—WSA Acad Affairs Comm. Sec—Union Theater Comm—Alpha Phi, Chaplain, Humorology Co-Chm Damm, Thomas P.—Racine—Elec Engr—Polygon Bd—IF Coun—New Stud Week Guide—WMHA— AIEE—IRE—Winslow Hse, Soc Chm—Sigma Alpha Epsilon, V-Pres. Steward Danhouser, David C.—Blue Mounds—Psych—Pershing Rifles—Marching Band, Concert Band—Tau Kappa Epsilon, Steward Danielson, Sandra L.-—Abbotsford—El Ed—Pres Hse, Trustee—Scheders Darling, Robert M.—Brookfield—Econ—Tennis— Delta Upsilon Dauplaise, Ronald E.—Green Bay—Econ—Tf Oshkosh—Fin Soc Davidson, Mary—Highland Park. 111.—Speech Corr —Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—AWS Fashion Show, Clothing Comm—Sigma Alpha Eta, Treas—Kappa Alpha Theta, Soc Chm, Archivist, V-Pres Davie, Valerie H.—Oak Park, 111.—Eng—Prom Promotions—Homecoming, Dec and Parade Comm— Union Dance Comm, 770 Cb—Student Guide— Pan-Hel, Ball Promotions Comm, Skits Comm— Big Sister Prog—Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Pres, Sec, V-Pres. Pledge Trainer, Rush Chm Davis, Kathryn A.—Richland Center—Child Dev— Eta Kappa Lambda, V-Pres—Phi Upsilon Omi-cron—Euthenics—Union Dance Comm, Decor Chm Davis, Nancy B.—Rockford, Til.—Dance—Orchesis Member—Delta Delta Delta, Humorology Dir Dawe, Donald L.—South Milwaukee—Animal Husb —Tf UWM—Wis Hoofers. Store Chm Daymont, Lowell B.—Brookfield, TIL—Speech— Haresfoot—Wis Players—Bowes Hse, Pres Dealey, Janice A.—Wautoma—Pharm—Rho Chi— Kappa Epsilon, Hist, Treas—WPhA—Hse Pres Coun—Squire Hse, V-Pres—Kiekhofer Hse. Pres Dean, Leigh—Larclimont, N. Y.—Eng—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Union Theater Comm, Sec—Wisconsin Players—WHA—Phi Beta—Sr Orchesis DeHaven. Harriet P.—Minneapolis, Minn.—Art Hist—Kappa Kappa Gamma DeHut, RitaRaye T.—Phoenix, Ariz.—Home Ec— Prom Comm—Alpha Phi DeLucca, Gregory J.—West Allis—Chem Engr—Tau Beta Pi—Scabbard and Blade—ATCE—Theta Delta Chi DeMerell, Richard N.—Scarsdale, N. Y.—Hist Den Dooven, Virginia M.—Neenah—El Ed—AWS Pub Comm. Chm—Prom Queen—Homecoming, Parade and Decor Co-Chm—Wis Previews. Central Comm—Sr Class V-Pres—AWS Fund Drive Chm —AWS Fashion Show—Pan-Hel Ball Prom Comm —Kappa Kappa Gamma. Member Chm, Soc Chm Dengel. James P.—West Bend—Phy Ed—Phi Epsilon Kanpa Dennis, Barbara L.—Wauwatosa—Home Ec—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—WSA Pub Rel Comm—AWS Fashion Show—Kappa Alpha Theta DeNoble. Brian D.—Appleton—Real Est and Fin— Beta Theta Pi. Treas Deprey, Kenneth W.—Madison—Econ—Badger Vets —Tns Soc DePue, M. Annette—Wauwatosa—Speech Corr— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Phi Kappa Phi — Badger Staff — WSA Rec Comm — AWS Speakers Chm—Pan-Hel Ball. Pub Chm—Baptist Stud Center—Sigma Alpha Eta—Prof Pan-Hel, V-Pres, Sec—Chi Omega, V-Pres, Pres de Revey, Janet R.—Peoria, 111.—French Derning, Paula N.—Madison—Eng—Kappa Alpha Theta Deschauer, Diana E.—Lake Zurich, 111.—Real Est —Tf Ripon—Phi Chi Theta—Fin Soc Des Jardins, Glenn L.—New Franken—Conservation—Agronomy—Intramurals—Hunting and Fishing Cb—Bar Bell Cb—Gilman House, Blood Chm De Staercke, Jerry H.—Green Bay—Hist—Hist Cb —Education Cb Dewa, Roger Y.—Madison—Pol Sci—Provost Corps, Fin Soc—Swimming—Chi Phi DeWitt, Mary Ann—Sheboygan—Ed DeWitte, Lloyd J.—DePere—Pharm—Phi Eta Sigma—Rho Chi Dietsch, Margie L.—Plymouth—Occ Ther—Travel Bureau—New Stud Week Guide—Delta Delta Delta, Spoil Chm Dilley, Richard A.—Soldiers Grove—French—Tf La Crosse—Wis Players—French Cb—Orchesis Dirkse, Carl D.—Oostburg—Com—Tf Sheboygan— SAM—Ins Soc Disbrow, Sharon E.—Wausau—Psych—Tf Wausau —ISA, Stud Sen—Pres Hse, Choir, Play Director —Wis Players—Badger Block Dixon, Sara E.—Rockford, 111.—El Ed—Kappa Alpha Theta Dobbins, Diane—Hollywood, Fla.—Dance—Orchesis, Treas, Pres Dobratz, James L.—Zachow—Mech Engr—ASME Dodge, Richard J.—-Shawano—Fin—Fin Soc—Lambda Chi Alpha, Hse Man Doering, Gretchen A.—Kaukauna—Home Ec—Phi LTpsilon Omicron—Stud Coun Rep—USF, V-Pres, Food Chm—Home Ec High School Day—Eliz Waters II, Soc Chm Dolhun, Theodora A.—Wauwatosa-—Intrl Rel—Tf Stephens College—Homecoming Parade, Dec Chm —AWS, Mailbag Chm, Style Show Pers Comm, Promotions Comm, Coed Week—Summer Prom, Ct of Honor Comm—Hoofers Seiling Cb—Alpha Gamma Delta Donohoo, Joan A.—Madison—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu, Rec Sec—Newman Cb—AIEE Donohoo, Richard D.—Madison—Elec Engr—Newman Cb—AIEE—IRE Dopp, Florence E.—Madison—Home Ec Ed—Euthenics—Ag-Home Ec Chorus—Blue Shield-4H Cb —Wis Country Mag—Farm-Home Week—Barnard, Store Chm Dopp, Suzanne J.—Fond du Lac—El Ed—Homecoming Comm—New Stud Week Guide—Kappa Kappa Gamma, V-Pres, Campus Carn Chm Doran, Geraldine A.—Madison—Home Ec—Tf Univ of Arizona—Badger Staff—Badger Block Design Comm—Pan-Hel Ball, Pub Chm—Chi Omega, Herald Dorn, Thomas P.—Milwaukee—Dairy Husb—Newman Cb—Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Delta Theta Sigma Dorsey, James M.—Appleton—Econ—Tf Menasha— Ins Soc Dottai. Robert H.—Sheboygan—Fin—Fin Soc Dow, Donald R.—Pinecity, Minn.—Elec Engr—Tf Univ of Minn.—Eta Kappa Nu—Young Denis— AIEE—Sigma Phi Epsilon Dougherty, Patricia—Chippewa Falls—Journ—Tf Eau Claire—LSA—Union Film Comm—Eliz Waters, Library Comm Douglas, Larry J.—Hubertus—Chem Engr—ATChE —UW Religious Coun, V-Pres—Pres Hse, Elder —Sympli Orch Drake, Robert I.—Evanston. 111.—Prod Man—Stud Rep Frat Buyers Coop, Sec—Phi Delta Theta, Treas, Pledge Trainer Dregne, Mary D.-—Viroqua—Bact—Tf La Crosse— Transfer Stud Guide—Homecoming Parade Comm —Homecoming Decor Comm—Pan-Hel Ball Promotions—Pan-Hel Rush Counselor—Eliz Waters, Floor Chm. Orient Comm—Chi Omega, Soc Chm Dreier, William M.—-Racine—Chem Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—ATCE—Polygon Bd, Rep Dreyer, James X.—Wausau—Fin—Tf Wausau—Fin Cb—Ins Soc Drummy, Maureen—Waupun—Poli Sci—Iota Delta Pi—Dailv Cardinal—AWS Wiscetiquette—WSA, Human Rel Comm, UN Comm—AWS Big Sister— Union Hse Comm, Chm—YGOP. Sec, V-Chm— Tntrl Cb—Barnard Hall. Exec Counc—Alpha Xi Delta. Publ Chm Dubin, Lois F.—Chicago. 111.—Eng—Athencon Soc —Cardinal Staff—Wis Players, Pub Chm—Union Theater Comm. Play Circle Chm—Entertainers Guild—Humorology Comm—Hampton Hse, Soc Chm Dubrucq, Denyse C.—Wauwatosa—Home Ec—Phi Upsilon Omicron—Daily Cardinal. Soc Editor— Prom, Pub Co-Chm—Pan-TIel Ball, Pub Chm— New Stud Week Guide-—Badger Previews—Pan-Hel Rush Counselor—Pi Beta Phi Duchow, Walter D.—Oconomowoc—Purch—Tf Northwestern, Carroll—Market Cb—Tns Soc Dumdey, Kay A.—Markesan—Span—Soph Honors— Span and Portug Cb—Gamma Phi Beta. Hist Dunbar, Carol B.—Milwaukee—Occ Ther—Tf UWM —WSA Elections Comm, Sec—Campus Carn, Pub Comm—Humorology. Judg Comm—AWS Fashion Show. Prod Chm—Badger Olympics, Judg Chm— Occ Ther Cb—Hoofers—Eliz Waters TT, Tntra-Mur Chm, Treas, Dorm Mothers Weekend Comm Dunham, Barbara J.—Wauwatosa—Phy Med—Tf UWM Duquaine, Monica M.—Crivitz—Nat Sci—Tf UWM Dushek, Anita R.—Lodi—Hispanics—Sigma Delta Pi, Pres—Soph Honors—Span and Portug Cb, Sec, V-Pres—Lizette Staff—Wesley Found—Wis Players—Mock UN Conf—Hoofers—Chadbourne, Fresh Rep Dutton, John H.—Iron Ridge—Civ Engr—Tf Stevens Point—Chi Epsilon, Treas, Sec—Tau Beta Pi —ASCE Dvornik, Donald F.—Park Falls—Speech—Tf U. S. Naval Acad, Annapolis, Md—Badger Staff, Drama and Music Co-Editor—Haresfoot—Wis Players—ISA—Newman Cb—Union Literary Comm— Union Soc Comm Dymond, Susan—Madison—Journ—Badger Sales— Cardinal Staff—Pan-Hel Ball Promotions—WSA Campus Chest—Pan-Hel Rush Counselor—Pi Beta Phi, Rec Sec E Eastman, Barbara A.—Fond du Lac—Occ Ther— Newman Cb—Occ Ther Cb—AWS Fashion Show Comm—Alpha Gamma Delta, Pledge Pres, Altruistic Chm Ebeling, Edward W.—Glen Ellyn. 111.—Pharm—Tf Elmhurst College, 111.—Kappa Psi Eckstein, John M.—Lodi—Ag Econ—Wis Country Mag, Ad Mang—Student Senate—Ag Council, Rep, Sec. Pres—Ag Econ Soc, Pres—Delta Theta Sigma, Treas, Steward Ede, Donald L.—Mondovi—Pharm—Tf Eau Claire —WPhS—Kappa Psi Eggert, Rodney L.—Green Bav—Prod Man—Market Cb—SAM Eggert, Wayne F.—Janesville—Chem Engr—Gregory Hse, Athletic Clim Ehrhardt, Alan Eichstaedt, Warren B.—Sheboygan—Ind Man— SAM—Boxing—Chi Phi Eller, Heinz E.—Tunkhannock, Penn.—Phy Ed— Phi Epsilon Kappa Ellig, Bruce R.—Manitowoc—Pers Man—Tf Manitowoc—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Kappa Phi—Delta Epsilon—SAM—MHA Jud Bd—YGOP—Newman Cb—Noyes Hse, Soc Chm, Pres—Olson Hse, Pres Elliott, Janet L.—E. St. Louis, 111.—Eng—Pi Lambda Theta—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Hons— Union Hse Comm—Prom Pub Comm—Humorology —Chi Omega, Pers Chm Elliott, Ross S.—Eagle River—Journ—Tf Central State Ellis, David O.—Cedarburg—Econ—Tf Iowa State —Pi Kappa Alpha, V-Pres, Pledge Master Else, Cathryn A.—Lake Mills—Music Ed—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Women’s Chorus—A Cappella— Hoofers—Alpha Xi Delta, Song Chm—Eliz Waters, Floor Chm Elstran, James A.—Chippewa Falls—Chem Engr— Tau Beta Pi—ATChE—Alpha Chi Sigma Emch, David S.—West Bend—Econ—Tf Ripon Engel, Robert L.—New York, N.Y.—BS Engle, Ronald L.—Caldwell, Idaho—Hort—Tf Boise Jr College—High Hse. Pres, Campus Carn Chm Engels, Lawrence A.—Darlington—Fin—Tf Platte-villc—Market Cb—Ins Soc—Fin Soc—Delta Sigma Pi. Prof Chm, Steward, By-Law Chm Engels, Marilyn S.—La Crosse—Acct—Phi Beta Kappa—Phi Kappa Phi—Beta Gamma Sigma, V-Pres—Badger Block—Campus Chest—New Student Week Guide—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Union Open Hse Comm—ISA—Zoe Bayliss, Orient Chm, Treas Enright, Mary E.—Madison—Home Ec—Pan-Hel Summer Rush Chm—Alpha Phi, Pan-Hel Rep, Pledge Soc Chm, Phil Chm Enockson, Bill L.—Greenwood—Ind Man—Tf Wausau—Alpha Kappa Psi—SAM, V-Pres—Badger Vets, Treas—Market Cb—ISA, Treas—Com Stud —Faculty Bd. Pres Epstein, Alan J.—Hempstead, N.Y.—Econ Erdmann, John H.—Wauwatosa—Chem Engr—Delta Upsilon Erickson, Roger S.—Whitehall—Eng—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—Union Film Comm, Chm—Union Directorate—Provost Corps—Showerman Hse, Soc Chm Erickson, Ronald O.—Wausau—Mech Engr—ASME Erickson, Rudolph A.—Spooner—Ag—Ag Stud Coun —FFA. Pres—Saddle and Sirloin Cb. Treas— Delta Theta Sigma—UW Meats Tin—UW Livestock Judg Tm Ericson, Dale R.—Junction Citv—Chem Engr— ATCHE—Inti Cb—Alpha Chi Sigma Errath, Thomas R.—Wauwatosa—Psych—Campus Carn, Arrang Chm—WSA Pers Comm—IF Rel Chm—Delta Upsilon, Pres. Sec Esch, Edward L.—Dodgeville—Dry Hus—Saddle and Sirloin—Alpha Gamma Rho, Rush Chm Evans, Donald L.—Madison—Light Bldg—Real Est and Light Bldg Assoc—Madison Bldg Assoc— Football Evens, David A.—Eau Claire—Mech Engr—ASME Evinrude, Tom A.—Milwaukee—Econ—Tf Dartmouth—Phi Gamma Delta, Athletic Chm, Rush Chm F Faber, Barbara N.—Milwaukee—Hebrew—Hillei, Dance Chm—Israel Dance Group—Mock UN Conf Facklam. Carole M.—Wisconsin Rapids—Elec Engr —Tf Whitewater—Union Hse Comm—-WSA Pub Comm—AWS Fashion Show—New Stud Week Guide—Scheders—Calvary—Kappa Alpha Theta Fairbanks, Donald R.—Onalaska-—Mech Engr—Tf La Crosse—IF Coun—Acacia. V-Pres Falk. Barbara R.—West Allis—Soc Wk—Tf UWM —WSA Welfare Proj Comm, Chm—AWS Sr 467Swingout Coiiini—Wesley Found—Eliz Waters, Serv dim, Choir, Homecoming, Mothers Weekend, Jr-Sr Banquet Comm Farr, John R.—Green Bav—Prod Man—Market Cb —SAM Farber, Joel S.—Chicago, 111—Econ—Basketball— Pi Lambda Phi, V-Pres, Rush Chm Fehlhaber, Koger W.—Wausau—Com—Wis Previews—Union Pub Rel Comm—Prom Decor— Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres, V-Pres, Sec, Soc Chm Feldstein, Charles S.—Marinette—Med Sci—Phi Eta Sigma—Union Hse Rep—Soph Honors—Alpha Epsilon Pi Feldstein, Joyce B.—Milwaukee—Hist—Alpha Epsilon Phi Fellenz, Donald C.—Chippewa Falls—Food Tech— Food Tech Cb, Sec-Treas Fels, George L.—Chicago, 111.—Speech—Wis Players —Haresfoot—Union Tourney Comm—Phi Sigma Delta Ferris, Ann T.—Cincinnati, Ohio—Phy Med—Tf Hanover College, Ind.—Alpha Lambda Delta— Phy Tiler Cb—Summer Prom, Pub Chm—Union Dance Comm—AWS Co-ed Week, Speakers Comm —Phi Mu Ferris, Darrel W.—Madison—Psych—Tf La Crosse Ferry, James A.—Prairie du Sac—Physics—Phi Eta Sigma Fetzer, Wade—Winnetka, 111.—Econ—Tf Univ of Colorado—IF, Pres—Student Senate—Fin Soc— Chi Psi, V-Pres, Rush Chm Fields, Harriet M.—Milwaukee—Eng—Tf Wayne State Univ—New Idea—WSA Intrl Rel Comm— Wis Players — Union Music Comm — Hillel — Groves Co-op, V-Pres—Victoria Hse, Soc Chm Filler, Sharon L.—Hillsboro—El Ed—Eta Kappa Lambda, Pres—USF, V-Pres, Worship Chm— Scheders—Slichter, Chorus, Soc Chm. Soc Co-ord Finn, Jane B.—Princeton, 111.—Amer Hist—Tf Univ of Iowa—Hoofers, Soc Chm—Ann Emery, V-Pres —New Stud Week—Pan-Hel Rush Counselor— Delta Delta Delta Fischbach, Fritz A.—Kenosha—Physics Fisher, Barry M.—Chicago, 111.—Econ—Badger Block Supervisor—Zeta Beta Tau, Sec Fisher, Dena K.—Madison—Eng—Daily Card, Act Editor—Badger Copy Staff—WSA Recog Chm— Dist IV Commission—Parents Week-end. Awards Luncheon—Badger Party—SLTC Public, Suc-Comm—Kappa Kappa Gamma, Soc Chm Fisher, Elmer F.—Webster—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi —Tils Soc. Bd of Dir—Tns Soc Newsletter—Com Turnout Comm FitzGibbon, Susan M.—Waunakee—Soc Wk—Buck Hse, Pres Fitzpatrick, Leo J.—Superior—Acct—Tf Superior— Beta Alpha Psi, Asst Sec—MHA Cab—MHA Store Bd—Scabbard and Blade—NDTa—LaFol-lette Hse, Treas Fivian, Robert C.—Northbrook, Til.—Econ—Fin Soc —Ins Soc—Phi Gamma Delta, Pledge Trainer Flaherty, Wayne W.—Kewaunee—Civ Engr—Newman Cb—ASCE—Phi Kappa, TF Rep, Soc Chm, Religious Chm Flint, Richard J.—Green Bay—Acct—Tf Green Bay —Beta Alpha Psi—Stud Coun. Pres. Green Bay Flora, Ann—Xenia. Ohio—Psych—Tf Beloit—UN Conf Comm—AWS Pub Chm—Campus Elect, Polls Comm—Union Place Comm, Chm—Pan-Hel Rush Counselor—Kappa Delta Florin, Gail F.—Reedsburg—Home Ec—Sigma Epsilon Sigma. y-Pres—Crucible—Mortar Bd—Omi-cron Nu—Phi Upsilon Omicron. V-Pres—AWS Jud Bd—Wis Previews—Pan-Hel Treas—Homecoming, Exec Sec—Home Ec Stud Coun—Pi Beta Phi, Rec Sec Follensbee, Phyllis M.—Rosendalc—Occ Ther—Tf UWM—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Occ Ther Cb Newspaper Staff. Editor—Badger Am Radio Soc. Sec—Ketterer Hse. Soc Chm Foote, Carol A.—Evanston, Til.—Ed—Tf Florida Southern College—Scheders—Delta Zeta. Pres Foreman. Kathryn J.—Los Angeles, Cal.—Dance— Tf Mills College—Channing Cb—Orohesis Forester, Mary G.—Wauwatosa—El Ed—Humorol-ogy—Pan-Hel Tud Cbm—Campus Chest Allocations Bd—Scheders—New Stud Week. Soc Chm— Delta Gamma. Song Chm Forman, Donna R.—Milwaukee-—Art—Tf Univ of Colorado—Badger Staff. Prod Co-Chm—New Tdea Comm—Prom Pub Comm—Alpha Epsilon Phi Fox, Sandra J.—Sparta—Hist—Tf Ripon—Badger Block Frackelton. Bjorg Francetic, Richard D.—Racine—Fin—Badger Vets, V-Pres—SAM. Treas—Fin Soc—Ross Cb—Golf Franke, Donald F.—Marathon—Hist Fraser, Sally J.—Appleton—Occ Ther—Tf Monmouth College—Union Pub Rel Comm—Dolphins —Homecoming Promotions—Pi Beta Phi Frautschi, Timothy C.—Madison—Pol Sci—Phi Beta Kappa—MACE—Phi Kappa Phi—Phi Eta Sigma— Stud Sen. Dist T—Union Hse Comm. Summer Chm—Fall Union Open Hse. Gen Chm—WSA Leader and Part Comm—WSA Soc Stud Comm— Pres House. Trustee—Tennis—Stud Athletic Bd —W Club—Sigma Phi, V-Pres Frea, James I.—Sturgeon Bay—Bact—Phi Kappa Phi—Phi Eta Sigma—Alpha Zeta, Censor, Schol Chm—Ag Stud Coun—Delta Theta Sigma, Sec Free, Dexter S.—Shorewood—Econ—Scabbard and Blade—WSA Pub Comm—New Stud Week Guides. Co-Chm—Mil Ball Ct of Honor, Chm— Delta Tau Delta. Treas, Pub Chm Freed, Marian L.—Madison—Hist Freitag, Gerald L.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf UWM —Pharm Newspaper. Editor—Scabbard and Blade —Kappa Psi—WPliS freiwald, Edward S.—Janesville—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma, Rec Sec—ASME—NDTA—Badger Auto Cb Frey, Anthony L.—Whitehall—Chcm Engr—Tf Eau Claire—Pi Kappa Delta—Tau Beta Pi—Forensics —Math Cb—AICE—MHA Film Comm—MIIA Fin Comm Friauf, Gerald F.—Wauwatosa—Civ Engr—Tf UWM SAME. Pres, Prog Chm—ASCE—Christian Science Org—Track, UWM—Noyes Hse, Dormsyl-vania Ambassador Friedland, Jerry H.—Wliitefish Bay—Acct—Tf UWM—Phi Eta Sigma—Beta Alpha Psi Fries, Suzanne—Madison—Speech—Delta Sigma Rho—Forensics—Hoofers, Sec, Treas Fritz, Allene V.—Belleville—Home Ec Futterman, Morton L.—Milwaukee—Med Sci—Tf UWM—Alpha Epsilon Pi G Gabert, August C.—Egg Harbor—Plant Sci—Badger Crops and Soils Cb—Wrestling—Delta Theta Sigma, Corr Sec Gabrielson, Lyle G.—Oshkosh—Prod Man—Tf Oshkosh—Alpha Kappa Psi—SAM—Blakeman Cb Gage, Howard P.—Janesville—Speech Gage, William B.—Williams Bay—Econ—Union Pub Rel Comm—Pledge Pres Coun—Chi Psi, Treas Galanis, John W.—Milwaukee—Acct—Tf Milwaukee—Beta Alpha Psi—Provost Corps—Stud Film Soc Garberson, Richard E.—Hinsdale, 111.—Hist—Tf Grinnell College—Acacia, Sec, Rush Cb.m Garlick, June R.—Coon Valley—El Ed—Wesley Found—Women’s Chorus—A Cappella—Tabard Inn, Pres Gartner, Elroy C.—La Crosse—Hist Garvey, Gail E.—Burlington—Amer Inst—Badger Staff, Org Editor, Sr Editor—YGOP—Badger Party —Union Soc Comm—Homecoming Comm—New Stud Week Comm—Mock UN Conf, Co-Chm— Coll Coun for UN, State Chm—Sr S wingout— Badger Block Garvin, Stanley P.—Janesville—Mcch Engr—Tf Milton—ASME Gass, Donald N.—Tf Manitowoc—ASME—SAE Gasul, Judith L.—Chicago, 111.—Corr Admin— Badger Block Card Comm—Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hse Pres Gates, John L.—La Crosse—Music—Symph—Concert Band, Pres—Football Band—Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec Gattiker, Harry E.—Wausau—Eng—Tf Wausau Gavol, Robert A.—Prairie du Sac—Acct—Newman Cb—Ins Soc Gaydos, Donald S.—West Allis—Market—Tf UWM —Alpha Kappa Psi—Market Cb Gebo, John D.—Port Washington—Acct—Ins Soc Gecker, Marilyn D.—Milwaukee—Speech Corr— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Pi Lambda Theta—Soph Honors—Sigma Alpha Eta, Pres—Lizette Staff, Editor—Hillel—Wis Players—UN Conf Gee, Charles W.—Hancock—Sec Ed Gee, Ralph M.—Appleton—Chcm—Tf Purdue Univ —Newman Cb Gehri, Dennis C.—Janesville—Cheni—Phi Eta Sigma—Union Forum Comm—Golf—Kappa Sigma, Song Chm, Pledge Pres, Pres Geittman, June C.—Ardmore, Pa.—Econ—Prom Decor Comm—Union Dance Comm—Sigma Kappa, Act Chm. Treas, Rec Sec Gelhar, Lynn W.—Oakfield—Civ Engr—Tau Beta Pi—Chi Epsilon, V-Pres—ASCE Geline, Richard A.—Shorewood—Med Sci—Tf Cornell. Ithaca, N. Y.—Union Hse Comm—Phi Sigma Delta Genke, Leroy N.—Wauwatosa—Pharm—Tf UWM— Phi Eta Sigma—WPhS Genzmer, Dave E.—Mayville—Phy Ed—Phi Epsilon Kappa—Basketball Gerbins, Raimond—Madison—Acct Gernoske, Joseph J.—Two Rivers—Ind Man—Tf Manitowoc—Beta Alpha Psi—Ins Soc—SAM— Newman Cb—Botkin Hse, Treas—Delta Sigma Pi Gessert, Charles R.—West Bend—Nat Sci—Alpha Tau Omega, Song Chm Geyso, Gerald G.—Cudahy—Ins—Tf Ripon College —Ins Soc-—Football—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gibeau, Philip J.—Malone, N. Y.—Psych—Badger Block—Hoofers—Track Gibson, Sybil—Des Moines, Towa—El Ed—Tf Bradford Jr College, Bradford, Mass.—High Scholastic Honors. Bradford—Junior Orchesis—Kappa Alpha Theta, Courtesy Sec Gieseler. Eugene C.—Oshkosh—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi—MHA Store Bd. Fin Comm, Chm—Alpha Phi Omega—Union Pub Rel Comm Gilbert, Charles F.—Rosholt—Market—Tf Stevens Point—Market Cb—Ins Soc—Newman Cb Gilbert, Tobey L.—Marinette—Hist—New Stud Week Guide—Badger Block—Humorology Prod Comm—WRA—Badger Staff—Hillel—Lake Lawn Hse. Treas Gillespie. John S.—Appleton—Land Arch—Football Gillette, Roger B.—Genoa—Mech Engr—Tf Bethany Tr College, Mankato, Minn.—Pi Tau Sigma— ASME Gilmore, Mark A.—Fond du Lac—Med Sci—Track —Pi Lambda Phi Gilson. Sally F.—Port Washington—Home Ec—Tf MacMurray College Gimbel. Stanley P.—Milwaukee—Acct—IF Advisory Comm—Homecoming Show Comm—Humorology Pub Comm—Pi Lambda Phi, Pres, Treas Gladfelter. Janet K.—Swanton, Ohio—Pol Sci—Tf Miami Univ, Oxford, Ohio—Mock UN Conf— Mock Senate—SOS Cb—USA Partv—Channing Cb Glaeser, Robert M.—Beaver Dam—Physics—Phi Eta Sigma—Calvary, Stud Coun, V-Pres—Dave Schreiner Coop, Treas Glaser, David E.—Green Bay—Market—MHA Store, Asst Mgr—Union 770 Cb Comm—Gilman Hse, V-Pres, Ath Chm, Soc Chm Glassberg, Jane L.—St. Louis Mo.—Philos—Daily Cardinal Staff, Soc Editor—Badger Block—Victoria Hse, Sec Gleichman, Thomas J.—Rockford, 111.—Pharm— Beta Theta Pi Glendenning, Gerald A.—Darlington—Chem Engr —Tf Platteville Gliniecki, Bernard D.—Wausau—Acct—Tf Wausau —Alpha Kappa Psi, V-Pres—Badger Vets Goes, Phillip M.—Milwaukee—Prod Man—SAM— Delta Sigma Pi. Pres, V-Pres, Hist Goetsch, Carolyn L.—Wausau—Eng—Tf Wausau— Alpha Delta Theta-—WSA Orient Comm—Wesley Found—YGOP—Badger Block—Scheders—Eliz Waters, Soc Chm Goldberg, Carol J.—Highland Park, 111.—Phy Med —Tf Univ of 111., Chicago, 111.—Badger Staff, File Editor—Union Hse Comm, Sec—Union Summer Open House, Chm—Phy Ther Cb—Spencer Hse, Pres Goldberg, Ronald—Lincolnwood, Til.—Hist—Pi Lambda Phi, Marshall. Hse Man Goldenberg, Gary M.—Milwaukee—Philos—Psych —Football—Track Goldstein, Barbara—Carbondale, 111.—Sr Swingout Inv Comm—Badger Block, Cards Comm, Chm— Union Film Comm, Sec—Lake Lawn Hse, Treas —Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treas Goldstein, Carol Ann—Englewood, N. T.—Inti Rel —Inti Hse, Bd of Dir—WHA—Inti Stud Wei Comm, Chm—Inti Cb, Dir-at-Large—Hungarian Refugee Clothes, Chm—Inti Week. Chm Gollnick, Barbara M.—Cedarburg—Art Ed—Eta Kappa Lambda—MHA Cabinet—MHA Pers Comm —Slichter, Jud Chm. Chorus Goodman, Carol E.—Milwaukee—Home Ec—Union Dance Comm—Hillel Goodman, Darleen K.—Darlington—Home Ec Ed— MHA Loans Comm, Chm—Slichter, Chorus, Summer School, Hse Pres Goplen, Norene B.—Rochester, Minn.—Eta Kappa Lambda—LSA Choir—Eliz Waters, Soc Chm, Fresh Rep, Lib Chm. Lizette Staff Gordon, Charles E.—Milwaukee—Econ—Tf UWM— Provost Corps—Red Cross Comm—Fin Soc—IF Investigations Comm—Zeta Beta Tau Gordon. Gale F.—Nelsonville—Dairy Husb—Saddle and Sirloin Cb, V-Pres—Little Inti, Gen Chm, Day Show Chm—Blue Shield 4-H, Treas—Dairy Cattle Judg Team—Ag Stud Coun—Babcock Hse, Steward Gordon, Howard G.—Manitowoc—Market—IF Investigation Comm—Campus Carn Comm—Provost Corps—Zeta Beta Tau Gordon, Travis J.—Miami, Fla.—Pharm—Rho Chi— Kappa Epsilon—Chi Omega, Rush Co-Chm Goshaw, Alfred T.—West Bend—Elec Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—Phi Kappa Phi—Electron, Editor—Polygon Bd. Rec Sec—ATEE, V-Pres—Kappa Eta Kappa. Corr Sec, Rec Sec—Eta Kappa Nu. Bridge Corr Sec—Track—Turner Hse, V-Pres, Sec Goss, Edward R.—Sturgeon Bay—Phy Edi—Phi Epsilon Kappa Gramling, Henry J.—Ocononiowoc—Ag Econ—Ag Econ Soc, V-Pres—Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Newman Cb Granberg, Dirk N.—Wauwatosa—Mech Engr—Tf UWM—SAE Grassl, Theodore P.—Madison—Acct—Tf La Crosse —Beta Alpha Psi—Frankenburger Hse, V-Pres, Pres—Delta Sigma Pi, Treas Graves, Dean C.—Madison—Mech Engr—Tf Univ of North Dak—ASME—Sigma Chi Gray, Paul D.—Lorain, Ohio—Dairy Husb—Provost Corps—Football Greaton, Kathryn A.—Stevens Point—El Ed—Tf Stevens Point—Wesley Found—Dolphins—Humorology—Gamma Phi Beta, Pres Green, Richard A.—Madison—Zoo—Scabbard and Blade—Fencing, Co-Capt—W Club—Stud Athletic Bd—Alpha Delta Phi. Sec Greene, Timothy F.—Baldwin—Zoo and Psych— Men’s Glee Club—LSA Choir. Pres—LSA. Senate. Deput Chm—-Basliford Hse—Ed and Schol Comm, Chm Greengard, To Ann—Chicago, 111.—Phy Med—St. Francis Else—Phy Ther Cb—Hoofers—Carroll Hall. Exec Comm—Delta Delta Delta. Treas Greenwood, Karen A.—Madison—Med Tech—Alpha Delta Theta—Newman Cb Gregg, Mary L.—Milwaukee—Art—Tf Stephens College—Union Gallery Comm Gregorius, Kent O.—Appleton—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma—SAE. Rec Sec, Rep to Polygon Bd—ASME —Polygon Bd. Treas Greiser, John W.—Green Bav—Elec Engr—Tf Green Bay—ATEE—TRE Gressman, Sally A.—Levittown, N. Y.—Pol Sci— Tf Cornell College—Union Soc Comm Cbm Griffin, Toan K.—Milwaukee—Occ Ther—AWS, Jud Bd. Gen Chm—Sr Swingout. March Chm. Gen Chm—Union Place Comm—Campus Carn Comm —A Cappella—Women’s Chorus—Chi Omega, Sec Grimm, Robert A.—-Two Rivers—Chem—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Lambda Upsilon—Soph Honors—Turner Hse. V-Pres—Alpha Chi Sigma. Rec Grossenbach. RobertA.—Milwaukee—Econ—Chi Psi Grossman, Marvin A.—Milwaukee—Speech—Tf UWM—Provost Corps—Forensics—Phi Sigma Delta 468Grove, Lloyd C.—Rothschild—Elcc Engr Gudert, Barbara J.—Wauwatosa—Child Dev—Calvary Choir—Eliz Waters, Campus Carn Chm, Prom Queen Pub Chm, Pers Chm, Homecoming Decor Chm Guiles, Janet L.—Platteville—Amer Inst and Hist —Tf Platteville—WSA Sec—Stud Senate—WSA Leader and Part Comm—Badger Block Prod Comm —WSA Pers Contact Comm—New Stud Week Transfer Comm—AWS Pers Comm—WSA Prom Elections Comm—USF—YGOP Gull, Thomas C.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf UWM— WPhS—Scabbard and Blade—Newman Cb—Kappa Psi, Treas Gumm, Robert D.—Chippewa Falls—Mech Engr— Tf Eau Claire—ASME—Wise Engineer—Beta Theta Pi Gundlach, Roger B.—Frederic—Ag Journ—Tf River Falls—Wis Country Magazine, Bd of Editors— Ag Campus Pub Chm—Ag Stud Coun—Ag-Home Ec Joint Coun Rep—Badger Crops and Soils Cb, Treas—Delta Theta Sigma, Editor, V-Pres—Sigma Delta Chi Gurda, Barbara A.—Milwaukee—Eng—Sigma Delta Pi—New Idea Staff—Lizette, Art Editor—AWS Clothing Comm—AWS Big Sister—Eliz Waters, Art Chm, Soc Chm—Alpha Gamma Delta, Soc Chm, Editor Gurney, Donn F.—Madison—Eng—Nautilus Soc Gustine, Noreen M.—Ann Arbor, Mich.—Eng—New Stud Week Guide—Sr Swingout—Homecoming— Kappa Kappa Gamma, Intramurals Chm, Marshal Gutkin, Saralee—Milwaukee—Speech Corr—Tf UWM—Sigma Alpha Eta—Wis Players—WSA Rep—AWS Honors Banq, Chm—Hillel. Drama Chm—Carroll Hall, Foods Chm. Dance Chm Guy, James J.—Sparta—Ag—Saddle and Sirloin Cb —Blue Shield-411—Newman Cb, Mr. Newmanite H Haas, Thomas O.—-Wauwatosa—Mech Engr—Tf Cornel 1—AIEE—IRE—ASME— De 11n Phi Hackler, Walter A.—Racine—Chem Engr—Tf Racine—Tau Beta Pi—AIChE—Sigma Nu Hadley, Robert E.—Green Bay—Econ—Tf Green Bay—Daily Cardinal. Circ Mgr, Adv Mgr, Asst Bus Mgr—MRA Pub Rel Comm—Wis Previews— Greek Week, Discussions Chm—IF Investigations Comm, Chm—UN Conf—Beta Theta Pi, Song Chm Haese, Janet R.—Milwaukee—Med Tech—Alpha Delta Theta, Prof—Pan-Hel Rep—Eliz Waters, Pers Comm Hajek, Nancy Jo R.—Manitowoc—Child Dev—Tf Manitowoc—Euthenics—Home Ec High School Day—New Stud Week Guide—AWS Big Sister— Pres Hse, Choir—Union Film Comm Hajostek, Rosalie M.—Stevens Point—Amer Inst— Tf Stevens Point—Newman Cb—Badger Block— Kappa Delta Ha'bman, Merle F.—Evansville—Music—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec—Prof Pan-Hel, Treas—Concert Band—Women’s Chorus, Treas Halbrook, Richard E.—Denmark—Ind Man—SAM —Badger Vets Halferty, Robert E.—Lancaster—Com—Wis Collegian, Editor—Union News Bureau—IF Congress Rep—Sigma Phi Epsilon, Compt. Hist, V-Pres Halfmann, Delmer A.—New Holstein—Civ Engr Hall. Fred K.—Oak Park, 111.—Econ—Provost Corps—Phi Delta Theta Hall. Helen M.—Wauwatosa—El Ed—WSA. Stud Serv and Wei Comm, Chm, Book Drive—Delta Delta Delta Hallock, Peter J.—Milwaukee—Journ—Daily Cardinal Staff, Adv Man—WSA Human Rel Comm— IF Coun Comm—St. Francis Hse, Pres—Theta Chi Halls, Edith D.—-Madison—Corr Adm and Psych— Union Hse Comm—Hoofers—WSA Film Soc— St. Francis Hse—French Cb Halpert, Carole A.—Forest Hills, N. Y.—Speech Corr—Pi Lambda Theta—Sigma Alpha Eta—Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pres. Soc Chm, Schol Chm Halvorsen, Karen D.—Wauwatosa—Amer Tnst— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Eta Kappa Lambda— Crucible—Mortar Bd—MHA, Cabinet. Store Bd, Chm, Pres Comm, Activities Comm. Chm Halvorsen, Thomas C.—Madison—Ins—Ins Soc— Union News Bureau Hamel, Cheeril H.—Beaver Dam—Speech Corr— Zcta Phi Eta—Forensics—Wis Players—Badger Block—WMHA—Slichter Hall. Chorus. V-Pres Hammer. Edwin J.—Hillsboro—Civ Engr—Tf UWM —ASCE Hammerman, Suzanne R.—Highland Park. 111.— French—Alpha Epsilon Phi, Humorology Dir, Pan-Hel Rep Hammill, William R.—Madison—Econ—Trans Soc —Baseball—Provost Corps—Chi Psi, Pledge Trainer Hampton, Jane M.—Lancaster—Home Ec Hanke, William R.—Wausau—Elec Engr—AIEE— Kappa Eta Kappa, Treas Hansen, Donald W.—Milwaukee—Econ—New Stud Week Guide—Humorology—Crew—Sienna Chi Hansen, Ejvind R.—Luck—Elec Engr—Tau Beta Pi —Eta Kappa Nu Hansen, Judith C.—Evergreen Park. 111.—Journ-Adv—Daily Cardinal. Adv Mgr—Union Ambassador Prog. Chm—Union Pub Rel Comm—620 Ket-terer Hse. Soc Chm Hansen, Ronn—Madison—Speech—Nat Collegiate Players—Wis Players, V-Pres, Treas—Haresfoot —Union Theater Comm Hanson, Alan S.—Racine—Market—Tf Racine— Market Cb—Haresfoot—Newman Cb Hanson, Delon C.—Baldwin—Elec Engr—Tf River Falls, U. S. Coast Guard Academy—Pi Kappa Delta—Tau Beta Pi—Eta Kappa Nu—AIEE—IRE —LSA Hanson, Linda L.—Richland Center—Eng and Speech—Phi Beta—Wis Players—Delta Delta Delta, Treas Hanson, Lyle E.—Cambridge—Elec Engr Hanson, Russell W.—Stoughton—Elec Engr—IRE Hanson, Thorvald E.—Eagle River—Elec Engr— Soph Honors—Phi Eta Sigma—Eta Kappa Nu— Tau Beta Pi—MHA Spec Facil Comm, Chm— Christian Science Org, V-Pres Hanson, William E.—Madison—Chem Engr—Hoofers, V-Pres—Intercoll Sailing Tm Happe, Douglas O.—Ripon—Elec Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—ISA Coun—Soph High Honors—Noyes Hse Schol Chm, Treas Happel, Jean A.—Richfield—Bact—WRA, Sec Hardell, Wayne D.—Neenali—Psych Harden, John P.—Fond du Lac—Psych—Fencing-Delta Upsilon Hardin, E. Donald—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Tf UWM—Phi Eta Sigma—AIEE—WMHA Hardin, K. Jane—Milwaukee—Home Ec Ed—Tf UWM Harley, Kenneth A.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Kappa Psi Harlin, Arleen—Milwaukee—Chem—Tf UWM— Wesley Found—Mock UN Conf—Eliz Waters, Music Comm, Choir Harman, Joan M.—Cincinnati, Ohio—Eng—Tf Ohio Wesleyan Harmison, Karen A.—Beaver Dam—Home Ec Ed—• AWS Style Show Comm—Sr Swingout Comm— Pan-Hel Ball Comm—New Stud Week Guide— Alpha Chi Omega, Editor Harned, Gerald L.—Madison—Pol Sci—Haresfoot— New Stud Week Comm—Sigma Phi, Sec, Soc Chm Harper, David G.—Ashland—Med Sci—Pres Hse, Choir. Council—Phi Chi Harpster. John S.—Memphis, Tenn.—Adv—Tf Univ of Memphis—IF Pub Rel Comm—Newsgreek, Editor—Daily Cardinal, Bus Mgr, Bd of Control —Kappa Sigma, Sec Harriman, John E.-—Appleton—Chem—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Lambda Upsilon—Phi Beta Kappa—Forensics—Debate—Alpha Chi Sigma. Pres Harrington, Heather H.—Madison—Psych—Tf Cornell—WSA Housing Comm—Hoofers—Delta Zeta, Union Rep Harris, Bonnie J.—Mineral Point—Eng—Tf Rockford College Harris. David A.—Madison—Light Bldg—Real Est and Light Bldg Assoc—Pres Hse, Deacon— Hoofers Harris, Ronald M.—Spooner—Pharm—Tf Superior —Kappa Psi. Soc Chm—Wis Pharm Assoc Harstad, Grace J.—Watertown—Phy Med—MHA Commons Comm—Phy Ther Cb—Gregory Ilse, Soc Chm Hart, Charles W.—Beloit—Ins—Ins Soc, V-Pres, Pres—Com Stud—Faculty Bd Hartwig, Nathan L.—Tuda—Agron—Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Ag-Home Ec Chorus—Campus Christian Fcl. Pres—Delta Theta Sigma Hartwig, Paul A.—Monroe—An Ilusb—Alpha Zeta —Wis Country Magazine, Editor—Ag Stud Coun, V-Pres. Treas—Mid-Winter Ball. Pub Chm—New Stud Week Guide—Badger Crops and Soils Cb— Saddle and Sirloin Cb. V-Pres—Little Tntl Livestock Show. Prog Chm—Little Dorm Discussion Leader—Alpha Gamma Rbo. Pres. Sec, Rush Chm Hartwig, Richard C.—Madison—Chem Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—Humorology, Tickets Chm, Exec Comm—ATCE—Delta Upsilon Harvey, Michael K.—Mayville—Tod Man—Tns Soc Hass, Charles J.—Oakficld—Ind Man— lnha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals—Coni Stml-E-iculty Bd. Sec-Treas—Badger Vets—ASTE—SAM Hasse, Delores .T.—Reedsburg—Nurs—Tf Milw Hosp Nursing School—LSA Hasselman, Joyce I.—Beloit—Pin- FA—Lizette Staff—Phy Ed Cb—Blue Shield-411 Cb—Eliz Waters TV. Ath Chm Hassemer, Dorothy L.—Bloomer—Phv Ed—Newman Cb—Blue Shield-411 Cb—Phy Ed Cb Havlik, Sharon L.—Chicago, 111.—Eng—Tf DePauw University—Hoofers Haxton, Leah R.—Milwaukee—Occ Ther—WSA, Human Rel Comm. Prom Promo Comm, Homecoming Comm. Campus Carn, Humorology—New Stud Week Guide—Occ Ther Cb—Alpha Gamma Delta, Scribe Hayden. Sharon L.—Madison—Speech Ed—Pres Hse—Campus Carn Tudg Comm—Play Circle Prod—Sigma Kappa, Soc Chm, Rep to Pan-Hel Ball Hayes, Robert J.—Waupun—Econ—Tf St. Mary’s College—Badger Block—Ins Soc—Phi Kappa, Soc Chm. Sec Heal, Tacquelvn S.—Shawano—Journ—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Theta Sigma Phi. Pres—Soph Honors —District TV Sen Comm—Pan-TIel Coun—Badger Beauty—Union Soc Forum—New Stud Week Guide—Pan-ITcl Rush Counselor—Ann Amery. F.xec Comm—Gamma Phi Beta, Pub Chm, Jud Chm Heath, Stratton R.—Atlanta. Ga.—Market—Stud Senate—WSA. Exec Comm Spec Proj Dir, New Stud Week. Chm of Tf Stud. Parents Weekend, Pub Chm—NTDA. V-Pres—Wis Previews— Do-grin Party. V-Pres—Chi Psi, Schol Chm Heberlein, Marjorie T.—Madison—Psych—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Sonh Honors—Wis Players— Delta Zeta. Schol Chm. Corn Bd Heck. Kenneth E.—Wausau—Fin—Tf Wausau Heckel, Barbara A.—Madison—Tnter Des—Badger Staff—Hoofers—Badger Block—AWS Big Sister— Home Ec Hospitality Hostess—Wis Players Heegeman, James W.—Racine—Ins—New Stud Week Guide—Homecoming Pep Rally Comm— Alpha Tau Omega, Treas, Steward Hegley, Theodore S.—Madison—Art Ed—Daily Cardinal, Cartoonist—Arnold Air Soc—Baptist Stud Assoc—Prom Decor Comm, Co-Clun—Wrestling— Alpha Tau Omega Heiden, William F.—Pewaukee—Civ Engr—ASCE —Arnold Air Soc—Alpha Delta Phi Heilemann, Richard E.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr— Tf UWM—Baseball—W Club Heimerl, Jacqueline B.—St. Nazianz—Music Ed— Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor—Women’s Chorus, V-Pres—UW Orcli—Tourn of Song, Division Chm— Newman Cb Heinrichs, Barbara G.—Elkhart Lake—Pol Sci— Daily Cardinal Staff Heinz, Orville N.—Wausau—Acct—SAM—Ins Soc Heise, Jon O.—Wausau—Soc—Tf Moravian College —Union Craft Comm—WSA Travel Comm—Union Soc Comm—Campus Christian Assoc—Men’s Chorus—Tau Kappa Epsilon Heiser, John E.—Wausau—Econ—Tf Wausau—Ins Soc—Fin Soc Hemker, Ann B.—UaCrosse—Math—Tf LaCrosse—• Calvary Choir, Sec—Barnard Hall, Jud Coun Hemp, Merwyn H.—Wisconsin Rapids—Math— Fresh Orient—Badger Staff, Living Units Editor —Badger Bd, Pres. Sec—Alpha Tau Omega, Annals Sec. Pub Reporter Henderson, Donald L.—Elkhorn—Ag Engr—ASAE —Delta Theta Sigma Henderson, Philip G.—Madison—Mech Engr—Com —Phi Eta Sigma—Pi Tau Sigma—Tau Beta Pi— Phi Kappa Phi—Mace—Iron Cross—Badger, Sales Mgr, Bus Mgr—Co-Chm SLTC Subcom—Haresfoot, Bus Mgr—Sigma Phi, Sec. Pres Henkes, Norbert J.—Racine—Ins—Tf Racine—Newman Cb—Ins Soc—SAM—Badger Vets—Conover, Hse, Athletic Chm Henry, Glenn R.—Oakficld—Econ—SAM—Theta Kappa Phi. Sec, Pres, Pledge Trainer—Swenson Hse, Ath Chm Henschel, Charles F.—Kiel—Mech Engr—Tf Lakeland College—SAE—ASME Hensiak, Jerome F.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf UWM —Rho Chi—Scabbard and Blade—Pharm Soc— Kappa Phi, Sec. Pres. Pledge Trainer—Swenson WPhA—Kappa Psi Hergert, Robert A.—Oshkosh—Dairy Ilusb—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hermann, Fred W.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Wis Engr—AIEE—IRE—Kappa Eta Kappa, Pres, Treas Herreid, Hugh R.—Blair—Elec Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi Herrman, Edris M.—Appleton—Latin—Eta Sigma Phi. Pres—Union Directorate—Inti Cb, Pres, Sec, Dir-at-Large—Hodag Hse, Pres—Badger Cb, Fresh Rep. Exec Coun Hershner, janis L.—Madison—Nat Sci—Tf La Crosse—USF—Slichter, Art Chm, Orient Comm, Chorus—Barnard Chorus Hershner, Richard F.—-Madison—Acct—Provost Corps Hertel, Don G.—Sheboygan—Econ—Tns Soc Hess, Georgia S.—River Forest. 111.—Home Ec— Cardinal Bd—AWS Treas—WRA Bd—New Stud Wk Guide—Home Ec High School Dav, Pub Chm —Pan-Hel Decor Comm—AWS Pub Comm—AWS Fund Drive Chm—Pi Beta Phi, Asst Soc Chm, Pledge Trainer Hess, James T.—Madison—Real Est—Real Est and Home Bide Assoc, Treas Hibbard, Ruth H.—Birmingham. Mich.—Math— Hoofers, Pres—LTnion Directorate. Sec Hicken, Roberta L.—Waukesha—Home Ec—WSA Tntl Rel Comm—Mock UN Conf Sub Chm—Union Pers Comm—URC Human Rel Conf—Senior Dolphins—New Stud Week Guide—Christian Science Org, Cor Sec—Delta Delta Delta. Schol Chm, Pres Hildewig, Donald R.—Kenosha—Acct—Tf Kenosha —Am Acct Assoc Hill. David P.—Platteville—Med Sci—Tf Ripon— Canterbury Cb Hill, Tames B.—Madison—Mech Engr—ASME Hill. Llovd T.—Madisor—Econ—Ins Soc Hinderman, Joanne E.—Pewaukee—Home Ec—Gamma Alpha Chi—Euthenics—Market Cb—Slichter Hall Chorus Hinkins, Mona L.—-Belmont—El Ed—Wesley Found —Scheders—WF. —NEA—Cardinal Band— Badger Band—Three Squares Cb—Leonard Hse, Pres Hinz. Wallace H.—Chili—Mech Engr—ASME—SAE Hirsch, Richard M.—Chicago, 111.—Acct—Phi Eta Sigma—Badger Block Comm—Pi Lambda Phi, Pres, Treas Hirsch, Thomas K.—Thorp—-Mech Engr—Tf River Falls—SAE—Polygon Bd Hoag, William M.—Beaver Dam—Fin—Fin Soc— Ins Soc—Alpha Kappa Psi Hobart. Wallace B.—Rockford. 111.—Market— NDTA—Market Cb—Beta Theta Pi Hodgson, David J.—Arena—Dairy Husb—Dairy Cattle Judg Tm—Crew Hodgson, David L.—Madison—Dairy Ind—Tf Platteville Hoel. Orville—DeForest—Mech Engr—SAE—ASME Hoesly. Marlen J.—Neillsville—Econ—New Stud Wk Guide—Nautilus Soc—Football Mgr—MHA, Film Comm. Commons Comm, WMHA Staff— Sigma Phi Epsilon Hoff, Clarice E.—El Ed—Minneapolis. Minn.—Calvary, P"b Comm. Chm—Scheders—WEA—NEA— Scand Cb—Campus Chest—Campus Carn—Homecoming Comm—Zoe Bavliss See Hoff, Gary L.—Wisconsin Rapids—Acct—Tf Stev- 469ens Point—Newman Cb Hoffman, Donna M.—Wauwatosa— Phy Med—Phy Thera Cb—Alpha Xi Delta—Eliz Waters II, Pers Chm Hoffman, Karen A.—Gresham—Pharm Hoffman, Thomas J.—Manawa—Mech Engr—ASME —Football—Beta Theta Pi Hoffman, Joan C.—Cedarburg—Zoo—Soph Honors— LSA Choir, Music Chm, Speakers Chm—Eliz Waters II, V-Pres—Women’s Inter-Dorm Coun Holanda, Benjamin J.—West Allis—Mech Engr— SAE Hollister, Donald J.—Madison—Elec Engr—Theta Delta Chi Holman, Thomas R.—Westby—Philos—Tf LaCrosse —LSA Choir, Senate—Band Holt, William A.—Oconto—Com-Pres Use, Deacon —UW Band—Glee Club—Psi Upsilon, Treas Holz, Virginia F.—Racine—Eng—Tf Racine—Hares-foot. Director’s Sec—Badger Block Holzer, Olive R.—Green Bay—Child Dev—WSA Stud Guide, Foreign Stud Guide—Mock UN Conf —AWS Mailbag Chm, Pers Comm—Eliz Waters, Exec Counc—Pan-Hel Ball Dec Comm—Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chm Holzschuh, Ronald D.—Plymouth—Psych—Basketball—Rochdale Co-op, Pres, Sec Homberger, Richard O.—Mazomanie—Econ—Scabbard and Blade, Sec—Ilumorology Pub Comm— Campus Carn Jitdg Comm—Homecoming Pub— Badger Olympics, Pub Comm—SAM Hong, Hyoungkey—Eau Claire—Civ Engr—ASCE Hoppe, Gerald D.—DeKalb. 111.—Soc—Tf Northern Til Univ. DeKalb, Til.—Tau Kappa Epsilon Hooper, Nancy D.—Manitowoc—Hist—Wis Previews, Co-Chm—Prom Promotions—Parents Weekend Comm Chm—New Stud Week Comm Chm—SLIC Sub-Comm on Living and Hygiene, Co-Chm—Stud Senate—Union Dance Comm— Union Soc Comm—AWS Coed’s Week, Pub Comm —Delta Gamma, Activities Chm, Use Pres Hopkinson, Ruth E.—Rochester, N. Y.—Eng—Soph Honors—Wis Badger—National Collegiate Players, Pres—Wis Players, V-Pres—Chi Omega, Corres Sec Hosig, Dale N.—Mauston—Mech Engr—ASME— Alpha Tau Omega Hotchkiss, Mary E.—Milwaukee—Occ Ther—Tf UWM—Occ Ther Cb, V-Pres—WSA Personnel Comm, Safety Services Comm—Campus Carnival, Exec Sec—Badger Block Design Comm—Hoofers Sailing Cb—Eliz Waters II Personnel Chm Howard, Dennis R.—Madison—Med Sci—Tf Univ Tennessee Howard, Melvin J.—Wisconsin Rapids—Person Manag—Tf Central State—Mark Cb Howard, Vance F.—Oak Park, 111.—Econ—Homecoming, Parade and Dec Comm—Elections Comm, Polls Chm—Scabbard and Blade—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Howe, Janet—Princeton, 111.—Bus Ed—Tf Northwestern—Humorology Prog Comm—Alpha Gamma Delta, Treas Howe, Terry M.—Madison—Mech Engr—ASME— Concert Band—Marching Band—Boxing Howe, Tim M.—Madison—Amer Inst—Campus Clown—Lambda Chi Alpha, Soc Chm Hoy, Virginia L.—Fredonia—El Ed Hruby, James F.—Nekoosa—Ind Mgr—SAM— NDTA—Richardson Hse, Pres, V-Pres, Treas— Sigma Nu HsL Ching-Foo—Kowloon. Hong Kong—Elec Engr —Tf Hong Kong—Eta Kappa Nu Hubbard, Marjorie A.—Milwaukee—El Ed—WSA Inti Rel Comm—Sr Counc—Alpha Phi, Pres, Asst Rush Cbm—Eliz Waters, Fresh Rep, Unit IV, V-Pres Hubbell, Roger S., Jr.—Wauwatosa—Elec Engr— Phi Eta Sigma—IRE Huben, Robert B.—Green Bay—Ilist—Tf Green Bay —Badger Vets—Newman Cb—Scheders Huber, Walter F.—Beaver Dam—Ag—Wis Country Mag—Ag Stud Coun—Babcock Dairy Sci Cb, Pres —Delta Sigma Pi Huddle, Lawrence D.—Baraboo—Mech Engr—Tf Oshkosh—ASME Hudy, William—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf UWM— Rho Chi, V-Pres—Badger Block—WPhA—Kappa Psi Huebsch, Carol E.—Milwaukee—Eng—Tf Wheaton College Huenemann, Robert G.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Tf UWM—Tau Beta Pi—Eta Kappa Nu—Phi Eta Sigma—WIIA Radio Cb, Pres—Univ Orch Huggett, James E.—Fall River—Conservation— Hanley Hse—Athletic Chm—Reporter Historian—• Sigma Nu Hughes, John W.—Beaver Dam—Transportation Hughes, Michael C.—Madison—Med Sci—Tf Notre Dame Hull, Stephen B.—Waupun—Psych—Hoofers. Ski, Sailing Cb—Folk Arts—Theater—Rochdale Men’s Co-op. V-Pres Huls, Thomas A.—Stanley—Mech Engr—Tau Beta Pi, Corr Sec—ASME—Phi Kappa Alpha, V-Pres Hundley, Marilyn L.—Chicago—Speech Corr—WSA Publications—Prom—Union Social Forum—Pan-Hel Ball—Pres Recep. Inv Chm—Campus Chest, Speaker Bd—Alpha Xi Delta, Rush Chm Huntoon. Tames R.—Salem—Conserv—Phi Eta Sigma—WSA Hupperts, Donald L.—Racine—Mech Engr—Tf Racine—ASME—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Husting, Polly H.—Highland Park, 111.—Eng—Tf Bradford Jr College—Kappa Kappa Gamma Hutchison, Judith Ann—Sheboygan—Nurs—Badger Christian Fellowship, Contact Chm. Soc Co-Chm Hvam. Judith K.—Milwaukee—El Ed—Tf UWM— AWS Big Sister Comm—Alpha Gamma Delta 470 I Ihlenfeld, Terry M.—Brookfield—Market—YMCA, Stud Bd—Market Cb—Com Day Picnic Comm— Calvary, Prog Chm—Gamma Delta, Pres—Univ Religious Coun—Delta Sigma Pi, Hist Imhoff, Richard C.—Madison—Chem Engr—AICHE —Phi Kappa Imnierman, William J.—New York, N. Y.—Pol Sci —1LS Pioneer, Editor—Union Directorate—Union Film Comm, Chm—Homecoming Show, Chm— Humorology, Interacts Chm, Gen Chm—NDTA— Mil Ball, Radio and TV Chm—Wis Players— Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treas, Rec Sec Insclman, Herbert A.—Arlington—Agron—Alpha Zeta—Ag Stud Coun—Saddle and Sirloin Cb— —Crops and Soils Cb, Pres—Uittlc Inti, Concessions Chm—Alpha Gamma Rho Irwin, Harriet A.—Madison—El Ed—Tf Colorado State U—New Stud Week, Pub Chm—Parents Weekend, Inv Comm—Kappa Kappa Gamma, Corr Sec. Song Chm Isaacson, Stephen H.—Highland Park, Til.—Speech —Union Tourn Comm—Hilled, Ath Chm—Table Tennis Capt—Bowling—Pi Lambda Phi Iverson, Kay Karen—Whitehall—Pharm—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Lutheran Student Assoc, Choir-Kappa Epsilon—WPhS—Badger Block—Ellsworth House, Jud Council Ives, Dorothea—Sturgeon Bay—Home Ec Ed—Newman Cb J Jackowitz, Bonita J.—Ft. Atkinson—Chem—Tf Lawrence College—Union Hse Comm—MIIA Ed and Schol Comm—Kappa Delta Jackson, Carol A.—Chicago—French—Tower View, Co-Soc Chm—Campus Carn Chm Tacobs, Vina D.—Racine—Adv Jacobson, Richard L.—Sturgeon Bay—Phy Ed—Phi Epsilon Kappa, Treas—Provost Corps—Wesley Found, Exec Bd. Choir, Pres—Three Squares Eating Co-op. Exec Sec Jacobson. Thomas M.—Milwaukee—Econ—Tf UWM James, Robert D.—Madison—Geol—Geol Cb—Boxing—Crew—Phi Kappa Sigma. V-Pres, Rush Chm James, David A.—Mason—Ag Econ—Ag Econ Soc— Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Wis Country Mag, Photo Editor—Nautilis Soc—Newman Cb—Alpha Gamma Rho Tanisch, David C.—Waterloo—Conserv Jansky, Lloyd P.—Manitowoc—Hist—Tf Manitowoc —Tau Kappa Epsilon Janus, Robert R.—Milwaukee—Light Bldg—Real Est and Light Bldg Assoc, Bd Chm—Com Council Rep Jasperson, Keith L.—Spencer—Ind Man—Tf Superior—SAM—Delta Sigma Pi Jawor, Marilyn B.—Chicago, 111.—Nat Sci—LSA— WRA, Bowling Cb, Jr Dolphins—Villa Maria, Judiciary Bd Jays. Ronald L.—Milwaukee—Market and Ind Man —Tf UWM—MHA Radio Cb—Hoofers—Chamberlin, V-Pres, Sec Jensen, William J.—McHenry, 111.—Mech Engr— Badger Yets—ASME—Sigma Nu Johansson, William E.—Neenah—Labor Econ—Tf Menasha—Basketball—Bowling—SAM, Comm Chm Johnson, Betty H.—Wilmington, Del.—Chem—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Union Crafts Comm—AWS Fashion Show Johnson, Donald D.—Racine—Fin—Kappa Sigma Johnson, Eugene L.—Wisconsin Rapids—Civ Engr —New Stud Guide Comm—Campus Chest—SAME —Chi Phi. V-Pres Johnson, Gregory L.—Eau Claire—Pharm—Tf Eau Claire—Rho Chi—WPhA Johnson, Helen B.—Carlsbad, N. M.—Art Ed—Tf Stephens Tr College—Union Crafts Comm—-Delta Zeta, V-Pres Johnson, James C.—Chippewa Falls—Zoo—Band Johnson, Jean M.—River Falls—Mus Ed—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—LSA—Luth Choir —Univ A Cappella Choir—Zoe Bayliss, Jud Chm Johnson, John H.—Madison—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma, Sec. Treas—ASME—MHA, Use Coun, Ed and Schol Comm, Chm Johnson, Judith A.—Madison—Psych—Tf Lawrence—Union Music Comm—French Cb—Folk Arts—Inti Cb—WSA—USA—Wis Film Soc, Sec, Treas—New Stud Week Guide—Svmph Orch— Groves Co-op, Treas—Delta Gamma Johnson, Tune A.—Mt. Hope—Speech Corr—Sigma Alpha Eta Johnson. Marjorie E.—Ironwood, Mich—Speech Corr —Tf Gogebic Community College, Tronwood, Mich.—Sigma Alpha Eta—Badger Sales Staff— Cochrane Hse, Pres—Ellsworth Hse, Sec. Treas Johnson, Marlyn A.-—Kansas City, Kan.—Pharm— WSA. Personnel Comm—Jr Dolphins—Phy Ther Cb. Pres—Alpha Xi Delta, Schol Chm Johnson, Richard W.—Menomonie—Com, Law—Tf Stout—Tns Soc Johnson, Robert D.—Memphis, Tenn.—Mech Engr —Univ YMCA. V-Pres Johnson, Roger L.—Valiev City, N. D.—Elec Engr —Tf UWM Johnson, Susan C.—Galesville—El Ed—Pi Lambda Theta—Scheders—Eliz Waters. Treas, Unit Sec Johnson, Samuel B.—Madison—Med Sci—Alpha Delta Phi Johnson, Thomas K.—Elroy—Elec Engr Johnson, Ward M.—Wilmette, 111.—Com—Market Cb—Varsitv Baseball—W Cb—Sigma Chi Johnson, Wilbur E.—Wausau—Rec—Tf Wausau— Wesley Found—Three Squares Cb. Pres Johnston, Richard R.—Green Bay—ME—ASME— SAM Jones, Emlen V.—West Newton, Mass.—Spanish— Delta Gamma Jones, John F.—Waupun—Mech Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Pi Tau Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—ASME—Symph Orch—Sigma Nu Jones, Mary L.-—Mauston—El Ed—Scheders, Pres— Educ Stud Advisory Coun—Eliz Waters Unit I Treas, Pers Chm Jordan, Margaret S.—Madison—Home Ec Ed—Wesley Found—Euthenics—Scheders Jordan, Raymond G.—Madison—Econ—ASME— YGOP Joseph, Allan J.—Racine—Acct—Union PR Comm —NDTA—Zeta Beta Tau Joslin, Kenneth W.—Racine—Chem Engr—Tf Racine—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—AIChE— Wrestling—Lambda Chi Alpha, Hse Mgr Joyce, Jack E.—Menomonie—Econ—Provost Corps —Ilaresfoot—Fin Soc—Football 1, 2, 3—Chi Psi Judd, Marcia R.—Fargo. N. D.—Psych—Tf N. D. State College—LSA, Choir—Interl Cb—Alpha Gamma Delta Jung, Emmy M.—Germantown—Home Ec Ed—USF —WMHA—Ag, Home Ec Chorus—University Chorus—Euthenics—SI ichter Chorus—Hoofers— Riding Cb—Badger Block—Slichter Hall, Big Sister Chm Jursik, Jean J.—Cudahy—Dietetics—Euthenics, Pub Chm—Eliz Waters Intramur Chm, Pub Chm K Kaack, Carl H.—Madison—Elec Engr—Kappa Eta Kappa—AIEE—IRE Kacer, Carol J.—Kewaunee—Corr Adm—Corr Adm Cb—USF Kaercher, Lois J.—Watertown—Eng—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Co-Chm Slichter Formal—MHA Pers Comm, Sec—Hoofers—Wis Players—Zeta Phi Eta —Delta Zeta, Guard Kagel, Janet B.—Westbury, N. Y.—Dance—Sr Orchesis, Rec Sec, V-Pres Kaiser, William R.—Racine—Geol—Tf Racine— Mace—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—MHA Jud Bd, Cabinet—Union Forum Comm—Union Hse Rep—Conover Hse, Ed and Schol Chm Kaluzny, Eugene L.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf UWM—Kappa Psi—WPhS—Pharm School Newspaper, Asst Editor—Newman Cb Kamalian, Neubar—Racine—Mech Engr—Tf Racine —Inti Cb—Badger Vets Kankam, Joseph S.—Kumast, Ghana, West xVfrica —Agron—Alpha Zeta, Treas Kao, Vincent C.—Taipei, Taiwan—Chem—Tf St. Vincent’s College—Alpha Chi Sigma Kaphengst, James F.—Williams Bay—Mech Engr— ASME—Soc AE—Band Kapelle, Fred C.—Beaver Dam—Corr Admin—Corr Cb—Track—Phi Delta Theta, Pledgemaster Kaplan, Allen H.—Oak Park, 111.—Hist—New Idea Staff—Stud Elections, Polls Chm—ILS Coun— Union Gallery Comm—Boxing Kaplan, Barbara S.—Chicago, 111.—Hist—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Phi Beta—Union Dance Comm —Union Music Comm—Hoofers—Badger Block Kaplan, Stanley F.—Chicago, 111.—Speech—Tf De Paul Univ—Pi Lambda Phi, Humorology, Campus Carnival Kapocius, Vytautas F.—Racine—Journ—Tf Racine —Sigma Delta Chi—Haresfoot, Prom and Pub Dir—Racine Stud Gov Assn, Pres Karan, Thomas R.—Marshfield—Market—Humorology, Prog Comm—Campus Carnival, Arrang Comm—Market Cb—Fin Soc—Ins Soc—Provost Corps—Theta Delta Chi, Rec Sec, Speaker Chm Karls, Dale W.—-Milwaukee—Econ—Gymnastics, Co-Cantain—W Cb—Stud Ath Bd Katz, Yoelles F.—Chicago, 111.—Home Ec—Tf Roosevelt Univ, Chicago, 111.—Mock UN Conf— Euthenics—Hillel Kauth, Wayne A.—Wisconsin Rapids—Acct—Tf San Antonio College, American Inti College, Bermuda—Beta Alpha Psi—Ins Soc—Sigma Nu, Treas Kavalauskas, Mary Ann—Kenosha—Psych—Tf Kenosha—Badger Block—Homecoming Comm—Jr Dolphins. Pres—Eliz Waters, Art Comm Keehan, Mary Ann—Leopolis—Home Ec—Euthenics —Blue Shield, 4-H—Newman Cb Kehoe, Mary B.—Downers Grove, 111.—Eng—Soph Honors—Crucible—Mortar Bd—WSA Pers Comm —WSA Pers Dept, Dir—New Stud Week Guide— Fresh Leader Training Prog—Stud-Facultv Comm on Ed Affairs—Wis Previews—Pan-Hel Gen Rush Chm—Alpha Phi, Pledge Pres, Rush Chm, Pledge Trainer Kehr, Robert E.—Watertown—Econ—Ins Soc—Phi Kappa Keller, Bernard L.—Stitzer—Nat Sci—Wesley Found, Pres—YMCA, Sec Keller, John W.—Milwaukee—Act Sci—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Mu Epsilon—Ins Soc—Calvary, Treas —High Hse. Treas—Delta Sigma Pi, Homecoming Co-Chm Kelley, Constance A.—Wisconsin Rapids—Eng—Tf Stevens Point—Union Gallery Comm—AWS Fashion Show Comm—Newman Cb—Spencer Hse, Soc Chm Kelley, William G.—Ncillsville—Adv—Tf Eau Claire—Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Pres, Editor and Cor, Exec Comm Kelling, Earl D.—Random Lake—Mech Engr—Wis Engineer Staff—Arnold Air Soc—ASME—Noyes Hse, V-Pres Kelly, Richard A.—Milwaukee—Eng—Tf Mich State Univ, East Lansing, Mich. Kellock, Grace A.—LaMesa, Cal.—Med Tech—Alpha Delta ThetaKelsey, Alvin L.—Hayward—Nat Sci—Tf West Point—Alpha Sigma Sigma—Soph Honors—MHA Cabinet—MHA Stud Conduct Bd—MHA Fin Comm—Beta Tau, Pres—Turner Hse, Soc Comm, Homecoming Co-Chm—Vilas Hse, Hsefellow Kenkkila, George W.—Tripoli—Mech Engr—Tf Wausau—ASME—ASTE—Triangle, Sec Kerstein, Ronald F.—Greendale—Ind Man—Alpha Kappa Psi, Pub Rel Cbm—SAM—Theta Chi, Pledge Pres, Treas Kessinger, Lectora J.—Janesville—Eng—Tf St. Mary’s Jr College—Kappa Kappa Gamma Kessler, Diane K.—Chicago—El Ed—Tf Univ of Michigan—Victoria Hse, V-Pres, Soc Chm, Treas Kessler, Paul—Chicago—Acct—Provost Corps—Phi Sigma Delta, Treas Kester, John G.—Oshkosh—Econ—Phi Eta Sigma— Soph High Honors—Phi Kappa Phi—Phi Beta Kappa — MHA Film Comm — MHA Education Conun—MHA Library Comm—1LS Coun—New Student Week—Scabbard and Blade—NDTA, Sec-Treas—WMHA—Winslow Hse, V-Pres, Pres Ketchum, James W.—Madison—Acct—Crew—Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rcc Sec Ketchum, Loren L.—Madison—Soc—TF Coun— Pledge Pres Coun—Joint Mil Bd—Provost Corps, Pres—-Mil Ball. Provost Marshal—Campus Blood Drive, Gen Chm—Acacia, V-Pres, Pledge Pres Kettleson, George E.—Rib Lake—Hist—ILS Coun —Newman Cb—Noyes Hse, Treas Kettelson, Robert A.—Racine—Eng—Tf Racine— Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Kappa Phi—Haresfoot Ketelhohn. Ronald H.—Milwaukee—Mech Engr— Kappa Sigma Kieffer, Gerald M.—Mauston—Dairy Husb—Tf Rochester Jr College—FFA—Saddle and Sirloin Cb Kielbasa, Jeanne A.—East Chicago, Ind.—Home Ec —Home Ec High School Day, Style Show and Brunch—Newman Cb—Euthenics Kilde. Constance M.—Eau Claire, Hist—LTSF. Workshop Chm—Wis Players, V-Pres—WMHA, Classics Dir—Slichter, Faculty' Tea Invit, Formal Tickets Kimball, Kay E.—Baldwin-—French—Tf River Falls —Campus Carn—French Cb Kimball, Ronald E.-—Oshkosh—Econ—Stud Senate Kimbel. Arline H.—Racine—Art Ed—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Pi Lambda Theta—Soph High Honors -—New Stud Wk Guide—Union Crafts Comm— Pan-Hcl Rush Counselor—Alpha Chi Omega, Schol Chm Kincy. Betty L.—Crown Point, Ind.—App Art—Tf De Pauw—TSA Rep Kin . Anne—Chicago—Corr Ad—Union Hse Comm —Hampton Hse. Pres, V-Pres Kingeter. Karen D.—Blanchardville—Dietetics— Women’s Chorus—Eliz Waters, Library Comm Kipfer. Orville C.—Blanchardville—Acct—Kappa Eta Kappa Kirchman, Donna M.—Milwaukee—Eng—Tf UWM Campus Carn, Exec Sec—Prom Promotion Comm —Union Place Comm—MHA Activ Comm-—Dorm-sylvania Coron Chm—WMHA, Sec—Chi Omega, Soc Chm Kirsanoff, Boris J.—Milwaukee—Chem Engr—Tf Marquette Univ—ATCE Kiselow. Mark C.—Racine—Med Sci—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Kanna Phi—Phi Beta Kappa—Soph High Honors—SLTC Sub-Comm on Frat Org and Soc T.ife—TF—Humorology Tntcr-Aet Comm—Alpha Epsilon Pi. Pledge Trainer, V-Pres. Sentinel Klaetsch. Donna I.—Madison—Pol Sci—VGOP— Mock UN Conf—New Stud Wk Guide—Barnard Hall. Library and Pub Comm Klappenbach, Edward W.—Milwaukee—Meteor— Alpha Phi Omega—MHA Cab—Hoofers—Theta Delta Chi Klaus. Frederick C.—Clintonville—Mech Engr— SAE—Triangle, V-Pres, Treas Klein. Barry B.—Middleton—Eng Kleindl, Donald H.—Beaver Dam—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu—TRE—Kappa Eta Kappa, Soc Chm Kleist, Thomas E.—Milwaukee—Fin—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—New Stud Week Guide—Homecoming—Campus Carn—Tns Soc—Fin Sor-—Theta Delta Chi. Corr Sec, Alum Chm, Shield Editor Klingbeil, Ronald L.—Watertown—Mech Engr— Arnold Air Soc—ASME Klinge, Herbert F.—Platteville—Elec Engr—Tf Florida State Univ—Tau Beta Pi—Eta Kappa Nu Klinner, Joanne M.—Janesville—Hist—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph High Honors—Phi Kappa Phi— Union Literary Comm—Reception Comm, Speakers Sub-Chm—Creative Writing Contest. Chm— Calvary. Choir—Zoe Bayliss Hse, Bd of Dir, Jud Bd. Const Comm Nom Comm Klockow, Dennis H.—Wauwatosa—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu—Tau Beta Pi—TRE Klokner, Alex W.—Wauwatosa—Tnd Man—Tf Univ of Arizona—Crew—Alpha Gamma Rho Klotz. Gordon A.—Manitowoc—Com—Tau Kappa Epsilon Kluball. Jerome G.—Tomahawk—Light Bldg—Tf Milw School of Engr—Real Estate • Home Bldg Assoc Klug, Karl T.—Greenleaf—Dairy Tnd—Tf Green Bay Babcock Dairy Sci Cb—Hoofers Knadle, Richard D.—Hillsboro—Acct—Tf La Crosse —MHA Alum Comm—Dorm Leadership Conf— Bash ford Hse. Soc Chm, V-Pres Kneip, David C.—Appleton—Acct—Real Est and Light Bldg Soc—Ins Soc—Provost—Tennis—Theta Delta Chi. Ath Chm Knieht, Alan P.—Dahon—Market—Tf Central State —Newman Cb—Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain Knollmuller, Helga M.—Park Ridge, 111.—German —Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Crucible—Editor, AWS Wiscetiquette—Cardinal Bd—SLIC Publications, WSA, IR Co-Chm—Bonn-Wise. Exchange Stud— See, Ann Emery—Gamma Phi Beta Knopes, Robert E.—Janesville—History—Sigma Phi Epsilon Knopp, Judith A.—Whitefisli Bay'—Ed—Tf Milwaukee Downer—Phi Beta Koch, Barbara Ann—Milwaukee—Home Ec—New Student Week Guide—Big Sister Prog—Prom Decorations Comm—Sr Swingout Publ Conun— Prom Ct—Langdon Manor, Sec—Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Pres, V-Pres—Publ Chm—WSA Trav Comm Koch, John R.—Evanston—Econ—Crew—Phi Delta Theta, Treas Koehler, David H.—Madison—Mech Engr—Band— UW Chorus—Haresfoot Cb—Film Soc Koehler, Mary L.—Beaver Dam—Home Ec Ed— Euthenics Koeller, Leonard B.—Madison—Ins—Ins Soc—Fin Soc Koester, Barbara E.—Watertown—German—Tf Univ of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Komsi, William C.—Hurley—Acct—Delta Epsilon— MHA Soc, Sec, Acct, Bus Mgr—Central Soc Comm—Store Bd—Cab Exec Comm—Fin Comm— WSA—Special Soc Studies Comm—Jones Hse Soc Chm—Leopold Hse V-Pres Konnak, John W.—Racine—Med Sci—Soph Honors —WMHA, Pub Chm—Fencing Koos, Raymond K.—Elec Engr—Tf Kenosha—Phi Eta Sigma—AIEE—IRE Kores, Maryjo A.—Green Bay—Eng—Crucible, Pres —Union V-Pres—Union News Bureau, Chm— Forensics—Iota Delta Pi—Panel of Americans— SLTC Fraternal Org Comm—Poe Soc—AWS Big Sister Comm—WSA Pub Rel Comm—New Stud Week Guide—NSA Co-ord Comm—Union Directorate Kortkamp, Donald H.—Wisconsin Rapids—El Ed— Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—Tau Beta Pi— Badger Block—Showerman Hse. Blood Drive Chm Kotchevar, Sharon I.—Eveleth, Minn.—Eng—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—WSA, Personnel Comm—Alpha Phi Kotnik, Ronald J.—Sheboygan—Fin—MHA Cab— MHA Fin Comm—YGOP—Newman Cb—Fin Soc —Ins Soc—Noyes Hse Treas, Soc Cbm, Dorm-sylvania Ambass Krall, Michael D.—Saxon—Mech Engr—Tf Superior State—Pi Tau Sigma—ASME Krahn, Laverne E.—Seymour—Ag—FFA, Sen, Sec —Blue Shield 4-II—Saddle and Sirloin Kramer, John R.—Sheboygan—Tns—Tf Sheboygan —Ins Soc Krasny, Thomas T.—Wisconsin Rapids—Pharm—Tf Stevens Point—Newman Cb Kraus, Edward D.—Milwaukee—Med Sci Krause, Eugene F.—Kenosha—Math Ed—Tf Wis Ext Kenosha—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Kappa Phi Krautkramer, Ronald R.—Wrightstown—Chem ICretschman, Michael J—Madison—Sec Ed—Pi Epsilon Delta—Wis Players, V-Pres—Haresfoot Kreul, Patricia A.—Dodgeville—Speech—Newman Cb—Badger Band—Wis Players—Union Pub Rel Comm—Campus Carn—Zeta Phi Eta—Delta Zeta, Intramurals Chm Kreul, Roger L.—Fennimore—Animal Husb—Livestock Judg Tin Kreuzer, Georgia R.—Cedarburg—Occ Tlier—Soph Honors—St. Paul’s Chapel. Organist—Concert Band—Symphony Orch—Hoofers Sailing Cb, Pub Chm Kristy, Jean A.—Fond du Lac—Phy Ther—Delta Delta Delta Kroehn, Thomas A.—Milwaukee—Civ Engr—Tf Wis State College—Tau Beta Pi—Alpha Phi Omega— ASCE Krone, Robert B.—Miami Beach, Fla.—Eng—Wis Liberal Cb Krueger, Gary F.—Mosinee—Mech Engr—Tf Central State—Sigma Phi Epsilon Kryshak, Maurice A.—Stevens Point—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi. Treas Krvshak. Thomas E.—Wausau—Acct—Beta Alpha P=i. Pledsre Chm—Delta Sigma Pi Knbisiak, Tames P.—Wisconsin Rapids—Real Est— Badger Block—Real Est and Home Bldg Assoc —Showerman Use, Floor Chm K"chenbecker, Dale E.—Neenah—Ind Manag— Badger Vets—SAM Kuchenbecker, Gerald P.—Neenah—Amer Inst—Tf Menasha Kuehl. Dianne S.—Appleton—El Ed—Weslev Found —Scheders—Sr Swingout—Pi Beta Phi. Mag Chm —Eliz Waters, Fresh Rep Kuetemeyer, Warren G.—Brookfield—Fin—Tf UWM —Alpha Kappa Psi—Veterans Cb—Fin Soc Kuether, Ronald C.—Madison—Mech Engr—American Soc of Mech Engr—Spooner Hse, Pres, Pres Hse, Pres Council Kuhn, Ellen E.—New York—Art Ed—Wis Players —Gallerv Comm—TIillel. Art Chm Kuhn, Fred H.—Milwaukee—El Engr—Tf UWM— Institute of Radio Engineers—Society of Student Engineers Kuku’lski, Lawrence J.—Chicago. Til.—Econ—WSA Ring Comm—Evans Scholars, Pledge Pres Kulas, Brian C.—Phv Ed—W Cb. V-Pres—Stud Ath Bd—Homecoming Chm—Adv ROTC—Phi Epsilon Kappa, Pres—Basketball—Tennis—Sigma Chi ICunz, Roderick A.—Appleton—Art—Tf Oshkosh Kuramoto, Edwin T.—Honolulu. Hawaii—Mech Engr Kutzbach. Tohn E.—Reedsburg—Elec Eng—Phi Eta Sigma—Eta Kappa Nu—Tau Beta Pi—Soph Honors—Arnold Air Soc—ATEE—Theta Delta Chi, Treas. Scholarship Chm, Pledge Trainer Kwarcinski, LeRoy J.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Tf Milwaukee—AIEE, Sec—MHA Cab—Kappa Eta Kappa—High Hse, Pres L LaBelle, Hilary R.—White Lake—Mech Engr—Tf Wis Ext Stevens Point—ASME—Tau Kappa Epsilon Ladd, Nancy J.—Edgerton—Speech—Tf Stephens— Alpha Epsilon Rho—Hoofers—Pi Beta Phi Sr Rep to House Council LaFollette, Lynn G.—Madison—Pol Sci—Pi Beta Phi Landaw, Robert M.—Paterson, N. J.—Zoo—Soph Honors—Wis Billiard Tm—Phi Sigma Delta Hse Mgr, Exec Council Langdok, Richard F.—Madison—Market Lange, Donald A.—Fond du Lac—Acct—Tf Wis Ext Stevens Point—Ins Soc, Bd Directors—Market Cb—SAM Langer, Helen A.—Baraboo—El Ed—Tf College of St. Teresa—Kappa Alpha Theta Langhofer, Sandra A.—LaCrosse—Med Tech—Alpha Delta Theta, Pres—WRA, Treas—Eliz Waters, Unit 3 Pres, Soc Chm—Dorm Intramurals Chm Larkin, Beverly A.—Dodgeville—Home Ec Ed— Euthenics—Sr Swingout, Publ Comm—AWS Fashion Show, Clothing Comm—Humorology—Univ Chorus—Women’s Chorus—Eliz Waters, Unit V Union Rep—Alpha Gamma Delta. Sec Larsen, John H.—Monroe—Math—-Phi Eta Sigma— Mace—Soph Honors—Student Senator, Dist II— Union Hse Comm—Channing Cb—Young Democrats, Pres—USA Party, V-Pres—Wis Liberal Cb Larson, Christian M.—Columbus—Econ—Iron Cross —Soph Honors—Delta Epsilon—Scabbard and Blade—MHA, Pres Larson, Doris A.—Evansville—Home Ec Ed—Phi L’psilon Omicron, Libr—Lutheran Stud Assoc, Counc—Euthenics—Blue Shield 4-H Larson, Earl, Jr.—Sun Prairie—Com—Tf Univ of Fla—Ins Soc Larson, Eugene J.—Baraboo—Ind Man—NDTA— Intravarsity Christian Fel—Ins Soc—SAM—Theta Chi. Campus Carn Chm, Song Chm Larson, James W.—Bisbee, N. D.—Zoo—Tf Montana State Univ—Wis Hoofers Larson, Jeanne R.—Madison—Music—Sigma Alpha Iota. V-Pres, Pledge Trainer. Pres. Banquet Chm —Tourn of Song—Baptist Student Center, Student Paper Chm. V-Pres, Supper Prog Chm—Univ Chorus—Univ Orchestra—“Sir John in Love” Larson, Paul A.—Baldwin—Chem—Tf River Falls —ACS. LSA. Choir Larson, Thomas V.—West Salem—Econ—SAM Last, Jerold A.—New York—Chem—Am Chem Soc. Pres, V-Pres—Badger Block—MHA Commons Comm. Dorm Duke Campaign—Jones Hse. V-Pres Lau, Ralph L.—Wisconsin Rapids—Chem—Tf Stevens Point—Sigma Zeta—Hon Sci Soc—Alpha Phi Omega—LSA—Men’s Glee Cb Lauer, Claudine L.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf Milwaukee—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Rho Chi—Wis Pharm Soc Laun, Margaret L.—Milwaukee—El Ed—Tf UWM -—Pres Hse Trustee—Badger Block—Eliz Waters, Unit 2 Intramural Chm, Mothers’ Weekend Pub Chm Lawrence. Marjorie L.—Eau Claire—Acct—Tf Eau Claire—Gamma Delta, Regional Sec—Eliz Waters, Fin Chm Lawrenz, Craig D.—Madison—Civ Engr—ASCE— SAME—Delta Tau Delta Lawrenz. Gail M.—Madison—Hist—WSA Acad Affairs Comm—WSA Student Guide—Kappa Alpha Theta. Corr Rush Chm-Pres Lechner. John B.—Lake Forest. Til.—Commerce— Christian Science Student Organization—Wisconsin Hoofers. Sailing Cb-Swimming. All American —Delta Sigma Pi—Univ YMCA. V-Pres Lederman, Duane N.—-Brodhead—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi—Fin Soc—YMCA Lee, David T.—Chicago—Geol—Ling—Cardinal Spts Photog—Inter Cb Sounding Bd, Assoc Ed—Badger —Hoofers Pub Chm—WSA Human Rel Comm— Union PR Comm—Badger Block Pub Comm— Chinese Stud Assoc, V-Pres, PR Dir, CSA Midwest Conf—Student Guide—Campus Carn Fin Comm—USA Party—Lutheran Student Assoc, Choir. Speakers Comm. Stewardship Comm, Soc Ser Comm—UN Conf—Wis Players—Phi Kappa Sigma, Rushing Chm, Corr Sec, Soc Chm Lee, Robert W.—Menomonie—Pharm—WPhS, V-Pres—Kappa Psi. Soc Chm Lee. Shung-Yen—Hong Kong—Pharm—Tf U of Ark Lehman, Richard C.—Appleton—Pharm LaMahieu, Janet L.—Sheboygan Falls—Market— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Newman Cb—Market Cb, Sec—Phi Chi Theta—Ellsworth Hse, ISA Rep, Jud Bd. Soc Chm LeMere, Joseph P.—Egg Harbor—Elec Engr—Inst Radio Engr—Badger Radio Soc—Badger Vets— Amer Power Conf Lemerond. Ronald J.—Green Bay'—Mech Engr— ASME—Theta Chi Lemke. Sandra L.—Appleton—Adver—Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Pres—Theta Sigma Phi, Sec—Phi Kappa Phi—Crucible—Card Adver Staff—AWS, Sec— Homecoming Pub Chm—Prom Arrangements Chm —Sr Swingout Script Chm—Humorology Sec— Pan-Hcl Jud Chm—WSA Pub Rel—Kappa Alpha Theta. Pan-Hel Delegate and Scholarship Chm Lemmenss, Audley G.—Oostburg—Indus Rel—Tf M i 1 wa u kee—SAM Lent, James W.—Colgate—Econ Lenz. Judith—Valders—El Ed—Tf Manitowoc— WSA Elections Comm—WRA Bowling Cb—Calvary Publicity Comm—White House of Badger 471Cb, Sec-Treas—Delta Zcta, Soc Cbm, Pledge Sec, Campus Carn Chin Lepinski, Joan T.—Wausau—Speech Correc—Tf Wausau—Univ Symph Orch—Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Zeta Phi Eta, V-Pres—Pi Lambda Theta— Phi Kappa Phi—Soph Honors—Union Public Rel Comm—St. Paul’s Choir and Eating Co-op—Pres Ellsworth Annex Lesniak, James S.—Chicago, 111.—Market—W Cb— Newman Cb—Market Cb—Var Basketball—Delta Upsilon Levandorsky, Ronald A.—Cudahy—Pharm—Tf UWM—St. Paul's Eating Co-op—Kappa Psi Levien, James R.—New York, N. Y.—Acct Levis, Jill—Wauwatosa—Eng—Tf Northwestern— WRA Bd—Campus Carn, Pub Comm—Pan-Hel Rush Coun—Kappa Alpha Theta Levitats, Meron J.—Bronxville, X. Y.—Med Sci— Soph Honors—Haresfoot Cb—Hillel, Music Chm —Stud Zionist Organ, Y-Pres—Jewish Welfare Fund, Ed Chm—Mock UN Conf—Phi Sigma Delta Levitt, Ralph—Indianapolis, Ind.—Hist—Tf Univ of Ind—Phi Eta Sigma—Wrestling—Pi Lambda Phi, Sec. V-Pres Levy, David S.—Washington, D. C.—Eng—Earlham College—New Idea—Academic Standards Comm —Forum Comm—Wis Previews Lewandowski, Kendrick J.—West Allis—Elec Engr —Tf UWM—Phi Eta Sigma—Eta Kappa Nu— Soph Honors—Assoc Editor Wis Engr—AIEE— IRE—WSA—Sailing Cb—Polygon Bd—Newman Cb—Military Ball Chm Court of Honor—Engr Exposition Cbm Student Exhibit Lewensohn. Karen—Milwaukee—Psych Lewison, Ronald D.—Rio—Com—New Stud Guide —SAM—Sigma Nu. Soc Chm L’Hommedien, Barbara A.—Madison—El Ed Lichte, Larry E.—Rcedsburg—Com—Tf La Crosse— Univ Boys Glee Cb—Marketing Cb—Soc for Adv of Management—Badger Block—Ins Soc—Real Estate and Light Bldg Soc—Hoofers—Alpha Phi Omega—Delta Sigma Pi Liddicoat, Kay F.—-Kenosha—Art Ed—Tf UWM, Kenosha Liddicoat, Roy H.—Kenosha—Art Ed—Tf Kenosha and UWM Lieberman, Joyce—Milwaukee—Amer Inst—Wis Previews Comm—French Lienau, Darlene I.—Mt. Horeb—Eng and Speech Ed—Wis Forensic Union. Sec-Treas—LSA, Chapel Comm. Soc Serv Chm—Symph Orch Lillywhite, R. Legrand—Madison—Philos Limpert, John A.—Appleton—Psych Lindner. Joseph W.—Franksville—Journ—Tf Racine—MHA Newspaper, Co-Ed—Swenson Hse Paper—MHA Pub Rel Comm. News Bureau Chief —;WMI1 A. Pub Chm—Fall Conf Dorm Leaders— Sigma Delta Chi, Soc Pub Chm—Swenson Hse, Treas Linetzky, Marilyn L.—Chicago. 111.—Art Ed—Union Crafts Comm. Sec—Tntrl Cb—ILS Counc— Hillel Hse Rep—Union Usher—Shepard Hall, Tud Bd Linke, Robert J.—Milwaukee—Civ Engr—UN Comm —Hoofers Archery Cb—Boxing 1, 2, 3—W Cb— Campus Lodge Athl Chm. Treas Linke, Sue S.—Oshkosh—Home Ec—Alpha Phi— Jlome Ec Cb—Euthenics Lipkin. Miriam T.—Chicago. Til—App Art—Gamma Alpha Chi—Mock Senate. Chm—Union Forum Comm—Pan-Hel Ball Comm—-Prom Decor Comm —Villa Maria, Sec. V-Pres—Sigma Delta Tau, Pres, Founder Littell, Robert T.—Milwaukee—Philos—Tf Williams College—Asst Adv Mgr Badger—IF—Greek Week Comm—Phi Gamma Delta Litwack. Michael—Cincinnati, Ohio—Econ—Campus Carn Contest Chm—Badger Block Arrangements Cbm—Homecoming Pub Chm—TF Investigating Comm—Sr Council—IF Judiciary Bd— Badger Partv—NDTA—Zeta Beta Tau. Pledge Pres. Rush Cbm, Sec. Pres Livingston, Corinne B.—Spooner— Dietetics— Euthenics—Union Forum Comm—Folk Arts Soc— Union Usher Loehning, Ralph H.—Menasha—Client Engr— ATChE Lohr, Judith A.—Sheboygan—El Ed—WSA Public Comm Cbm—Elizabeth Waters Unit TTT. Treas— Union Forum Comm, Chm—Scheders—Alpha Xi Delta. Soc Chm. Act Chm Long, Marjorie—Buffalo. N. V.—Soc—Union. Tourn Comm. Dance Comm—AWS Honor Banonet Comm —WRA Bd—Student Guide Prog—Dolphins, Show Chm—Pi Beta Phi, Intramural Mang. Rush Chm, Hse Pres Longenecker, George W.—Madison—Landscape Arch —Alpha Zeta—United Stud Fel. Outreach Chm. V-Pres—Ag Home Ec Chorus—Landscape Council Ring—Men’s Glee Cb—Delta Theta Sigma Lonsdorf, Toseph C.—Shebovgan—Ad—YGOP— NDTA—Chi Phi Lorenz, Mary Kate—Madison—Sec Ed—National Collegiate Players—Soph Honors—Mortar Bd. Sec—Alumni Assoc. Outstanding Jr Woman Runner-up—Cardinal Bd. Soph Woman—WSA. Dist I Senator—Union Dance Comm—Union Theater Comm—Wis Players, See Pub Chm—TLS Stud Coun. Sec-Treas, Pres—TLS Newspaper Ed—New Stud Wk Guide—Phi Beta. Pres Loundy, Marion R.—Wilmette. 111.—Soc—New Idea Staff—Cardinal Staff. Reporter—Hillel—Villa Maria. Union Rep—AWS Big Sister Love, Ronald W.—La Crosse—Psych—Tf La Crosse Lowe, Arthur W.—Eau Claire—Poli Sci—Tf St. John’s—Football. 1. 2—Beta Theta Pi Lowe, Frederick N.—Madison—Mech Engr—ASME, Rec Sec Ludkey, Norbert D.—Neshkoro—Client Engr—Tau Beta Pi—A1CE Ludlum, Russell R.—Chicago, 111.—Econ—Evans Scholars, V-Pres Ludowise, Barbara K.—Leonia, N. J.—Sec Ed—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Univ Presbyterian Church, Elder Luety, James O.—Beloit—Speech Luft, Robert G.—New London—Prod Mgt—Tf Oshkosh Luhring, Inga J.—Bryant—Home Ec—Tf Stevens Point—Sigma Zeta Lundeen, Gerald W.—Brule—Client—Tf Superior— Amer Client Soc Lundgren, Barbara J.—Highland Park, 111.—El Ed —Pan-Hel Rush Couns—Ann Emery, Jud Clint— Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pers, Sec Lundholm, Roger G.—Milwaukee—Met Engr—Adv ROTC—Min and Met Cb, Pres—Pi Kappa Alpha, Athl Chm Lynts, George W.—Edgerton—Geol—Tf Purdue, Milton, U. S. Naval Academy—Geol Cb Me McCaffrey, Mary C.—Scarsdale, N. Y.—Eng—Tf Briarcliff Jr Coll—Kappa Kappa Gamma McCann, Patrick H.—-Racine—Psych—Tf Racine McClintock, William R.—West Salem—Com—Tf La Crosse—Ins Soc—Tau Kappa Epsilon McCord, Ronald R.—Wauwatosa—Journ, Adv—Tf UWM McCormick, George P.—Madison—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu, Treas—Tau Beta Pi—AIEE—Badger Vets—Polygon Bd—Kappa Eta Kappa McCormick, Peg—Madison—Journ—Phi Kappa Phi —Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Theta Sigma Phi. V-Pres—Mortar Bd—Badger. Copy Ed. Assoc Ed—Badger Bd, V-Pres—SLIC Publications Sub-Comm—Greek Week Publ Chm— Homecoming—Campus Carn—Pan-Hel Ball Publ Comm—Pan-Hel Counc Rep—Alpha Xi Delta McElroy, Richard B.—Ripon—Commerce—Tf Wis State Coll—Trans Soc—Badger Vets McFarlane, Sue E.—Waukesha—El Ed—Scheders— Dolphins McGinn, Mary E.—Glenview. 111.—Pharm—Wis Pharm Soc—Delta Delta Delta McGough—Duane T.—Rice Lake—Light Bldg—Tf Eau Claire—Real Estate and Light Bldg—A Cap-pella Chr—Concert Band—Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres—Showerman Hse. Sec-Treas McGraw, Beverly A.—Madison—French—Tf Marquette McHale, James M.—Antigo—Hist—Student Senator —Provost Corps—Union Council—Wis Previews —MHA Commons Comm—Richardson Hse Soc Chm, Treas—Sigma Nu Mclnerney, Donald B.—Chicago. Til.—Speech McKasson, Richard K.—Wauputi—Econ—Tf White-water—MHA Paper Staff—Fin Soc McKenzie, Mary Sue—Madison—Music Ed—WSA Stud Senate—AWS Exec Council—Pan-Hel Pres —New Stud Week—Summer Orientation—Humor-ology—Greek Week—Badger Block—Tourn of Song — Campus Carnival — Homecoming — Badger Beauty—Alpha Chi Omega, Song Chm, Asst Rush Chm McKinney, Daniel E.—Milwaukee—Nat Sci—Cross Country—Track—-W Cb McKinney, Richard M.—Excelsior—Pharm—Phi Delta Theta McLaughlin, James T.—Milwaukee—Med Sci—Tf Marquette—IF Relations Comm—Union Forum Comm—Prom Pub Chm—Acad Affairs—Union Pub Rel Comm—Homecoming Pub Comm—Mock LTN Comm—District TV Senate Comm—Beta Theta Pi McLaughlin, John B.—Milwaukee—Com—Union,PR Comm. Hse Rep Comm—IF Investigating Comm —WSA Academic Affairs—Prom Elec—WSA Fin Prom Elec—TF Rep—Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Warden, Chaplain. Rush Chm. V-Pres. Senior Man McLaren, Susan C.—Tulsa. Okla.—Music—Sigma Alpha Iota—Union Music Comm—A Cappella— Orchestra—Pi Beta Phi McLay, Richard W.—Janesville—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma—Tau Beta Pi. Sec McMahan, Betty Jean—Madison—El Ed—Badger McMenomy, John F.—Mauston—Pharm—Newman Cb—WPbS—Kappa Psi. Hist McNeel, Douglas C.—Chicago. Til.—Hist—TSA— Hoofers—YMCA—Swimming—Evans Scholar, Soc Chm. Seliol Comm MacDonald. Joan A. — Sheboygan -— Journ — Theta Sigma Phi — Badger — Homecoming Pub — AWS Fashion Show, Pub—Freshman Honors—Senior Swingout Script Comm—UW Symphony Orch— Chi Omega—Pan-Hel Ball Arrange MacOueen, Mitchell B.—Oconto—Econ—Fin Soc— Chi Psi M Maas, John P.—Sheboygan—Acct—Scabbard and Blade—United Stud Fellowship—David Schreiner Hse—Three Squares Mablekos. Evaeelos E.—Lamias. Greece—Elec Engr —Tf UWM-SSE—ATEE—IRE Mackey, Jean A.—Manitowoc—El Ed—Tf St. Teresa’s—Newman Cb—Scheders—French Cb Madaus, Teanne—West Allis—Dietetics—Tf Stout State—WSA. UN Comm—Union Hse Comm— Euthenics—Blue Shield Madding, Donna J.—Madison—El Ed—New Stud Guide—Prom Arrangement Comm—Open Hse, Arrangement. Decorations, Pub Chm. General Coordinator—Scheders—Badger Olympics Judge—Alpha Xi Delta Mader, PhvUis A.—Minocqua—Phy Med—PT Cb— Barnard Hall. Exec Comm Madson, David B.—Spring Valley—Ed—Tf College of St. Thomas—Pres Newman Cb—Football Maher, Linda A.—Milwaukee—Amer Inst—Tf Mt. Holyoke—AWS Senior Member, Judicial Bd— Senior Swingout, Script Comm—Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Pres Malechuk, Edward—Peshtigo—Hist—Phi Delta Kappa—Newman Cb—WISA—Marinette Ex. Paper, Green Bay Ex Paper—Student Council— Holy Name Soc Mallin, Naomi S.—Milwaukee—Psych—Union Literary Comm Maloney, Sharon E.—Madison—El Ed—Pi Lambda Theta—Union, Dance Comm, Hse Comm—Badger Olympics, Sub-Chm—WSA, New Stud Wk Comm —Campus Carn—Prom—Pan-Hel Arrang Comm— Ed Cb—Wesley Found—Alpha Xi Delta, Treas, Chaplain Malove, Jane A.—Green Bay—Psych—Young Demo —Union Hse Comm, Chm of Hosts Malueg, Allen J.—Wausau—Ins—Tf Wausau— Christian Science Org—Ins Soc—SAM—Basketball—Alpha Tau Omega Mann, Richard G.—Nunda, N. Y.—Civ Engr—Chi Epsilon—Polygon Bd—ASCE Manson, Joanna—Wausau—Eng Mandt, Matthew C.—Baraboo—Fin—Daily Card, Asst Circ Manag—IF Coun—Ins Soc—Fin Soc— Phi Gamma Delta Marcus, Byron M.—Chicago, 111.—Pol Sci—Tf Citadel—Scabbard and Blade—Provost Corps, Pres, Provost Marshal—Stud Senate—Stud Wage Comm —Joint Mil Bd, Sec-Treas Marcus, Robert J.—Frankfort, Ky.—Psych—Union Theater Comm—German Cb, V-Pres—Guide Leader, New Stud Wk—Hillel, V-Pres—Phi Sigma Delta, Sec, Sch and Culture Comm Markham, George R.—Two Rivers—Elec Engr— Soph Honors—Baseball—Tau Kappa Epsilon Markham, John F.—Madison—Comm—Scabbard and Blade—Pershing Rifles—Crew Markoutsas, Helen—Chicago, 111.—Speech Corr—Tf Loyola U—Campus Carn Pub—Parents’ Weekend, Recep—Homecoming Pub—Orthodox Stud Fellowship, Soc Chm Marks, Joseph J.—Jefferson—Ag Journ—Sigma Delta Chi—FFA—Wis Country Mag Bd of Editors —Cosmopolitan Hse, Pres Marks, Richard E.—New Castle, Pa.—Mech Engr Markstrom, Philip A.—Madison—Mech Engr— ASME Markwardt, Edgar K.—New Holstein—Elec Engr —A SEE-—Football-—Track Maroney, Harry B, II—Prairie du Sac—Pol Sci— Badger Block PR Chm—WSA Academic Freedom—Haresfoot—Alpha Tau Omega. Sec, Hse Manag. Annals Sec, PR Chm, Publications Ed Marquardt, Karl W.—Wausau—Pharm—Tf Wausau —Rho Chi. Pres—Phi Kappa Phi—Soph Honors— Wis Previews, Central Comm—Wis Pharm Soc Marsden, Judith L.—Rockford, 111.—Psych—Union News Bureau, Union Usher, AWS Big Sister— Eliz Waters, Chm Mothers’ Week-end—Faculty Tea Comm Marsh, William F.—Madison—Mech Engr—Wesley Found. Pres—Soc of Auto Engr Marshall, Ronald D.—Richland Center—Dairy Ind —Alpha Zeta, Scribe—Babcock Dairy Sci—W Cb —Ag Stud Coun—Boxing 1,2,4 Martens, Lawrence A.—Coleman—Civ Engr— ASCE. Treas Martin, Kenneth J.—Wauwatosa—Elec Engr—Tf UWM—AIEE—IRE—Delta Sigma Pi Martin. Marjorie L.—Union Grove—Home Ec Ed —Tf Valparaiso—Phi Upsilon Omicron Martin, Richard—Markesan—Journ—Tf Stevens Point, UWM—Sigma Delta Chi, Pres—Badger Vets Masak, James E.—Stoddard—Ins—Green Lantern, Bus Mgr—Tns Soc Masch, Alfred W.—Thiensville—Tntrl Rel—YGOP —Scandinavian Cb—Weightlifting Cb—Mitchell Airmen—Men’s Glee Cb—Forensics—Fencing—Alpha Delta Phi, Steward, Pledge Pres Coun Mathews, David K.—Milwaukee—Civ Engr— SAME. Pres—Sigma Delta Omega Mathieus, Kathleen M.—Racine—Sec Ed—Tf Racine—Spectator Newspaper—Badger Block Mathison. Roberta L.—Madison—Journ—Coranto V-Pres—ISA Exec Sec—LSA Choir. Senate—Dolphins—Eliz Waters Unit TT V-Pres Matthias, Harold L.—Ashland—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma—Periling Rifles—Pres Hse Mattison. William E.—Concord, Mass.—Dairy Hush—Tf Newton Tr Coll Matzke, Morris L.—Madison—Geol—Tf Oshkosh Maueer. Richard A.—Milwaukee—Econ—Union Pub Rel Comm—Delta Upsilon, Soc Chm Mayer, A. Kenneth—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf Milwaukee—Kappa Psi Maxwell, Bruce T.—Madison—Mech Engr Mazanetz, Thomas O.—Kimberly—Soc Wk—ISA, Senate. Council, Choir, Treas—YMCA—Davarl Hse, Pres Mazur, Riva J.—Madison—Eng Ed—Tf U of Mich. —Pi Lambda Theta—Mortar Bd, Pres—Cardinal. News Editor—Hillel, V-Pres, Pres—WSA Travel Connn Meacham, Nancy V.—Wilton—Sec Ed Mead, Nancy P.—Madison—Eng—Kappa Kappa Gamma Medenwald, David C.—Madison—Phy Ed—Phi Epsilon Kappa. Sec—Tennis Meerdink. Richard E.—-Milwaukee—Span—Sigma Delta Pi—Span—Port Cb. Treas—Union Film Connn—Marching Band—Badger Block Mei. Kenneth K.—Taipei, Taiwan. China—Elec Engr—Tf Univ of Taiwan—Tau Beta Pi—Chinese Stud Assoc, Soc Chm 472Meier, Bruce W.—Omaha, Neb.—Geog—Tf U of Arizona—Geog Cb—Phi Kappa Psi Meier, Leo J.—Fond du Lac—Food Tech—Tf St. Joseph’s—Newman Cb—Food Tech Cb—Hoofers— Boxing—Delta Sigma Pi Meier, Margaret E.—Waukesha—Sec Ed. History Meier, Marilyn R.—Merrill—Home Ec—Ketterer Use, Jud Chm, Pres Meili, Philip C.—New Holstein—Psych—Soph Honors—USF, Worship Chm, Pres. Action Chm— University Bands—University Chorus Meineke, Lucinda M.—Palatine, 111.—Music—Orcli —Band—Chorus—Alpha Xi Delta. Sg Chm Meissner, David G.—Milwaukee—Hist—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—Phi Kappa Phi—Wis Alum Outstanding Jr Award—MACE—Iron Cross— Homecoming Pub Comm—Union Hse Rep Comm Chm—Union V-Pres, Pres—Main SLIC Comm— Beta Theta Pi Meldgaard. Glen M.—Racine—Mcch Engr—Tf Racine—ASME—Alpha Chi Rho—Botkin Hse. Pres Melito, Egidio A.—Winnebago, 111.—Mecli Engr— Phi Kappa, Chm Melvin, Eugene L.—Madison—Phy Ed—Football Menzel, Suzanne—Chicago, 111.—Lang—Cardinal Rep—ISA Rep—Hillel, Council—Mock UN—Sr Swingout—Union Usher, Gallery Comm—Badger Block—Lincoln Lodge, V-Pres, Sec Merkel, David R.—Madison—Geol—Fencing 1— Delta Upsilon Mertig, Allen A.—Glidden—Math—MIIA. Jud Bd, Chm—Mack Hse Homecoming Comm Chm. Pres Mertins, Richard L.—Racine—Geol—Tf Racine Mettelka, Robert E.—Wausau—Econ—Ins Soc—Fin Soc Meyer, Agnes Meyer, Dennis P.—Milwaukee--Civ Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—ASCE—Tau Beta Pi Meyer, Gabrielle M.—Ann Arbor. Mich.—German —Tf UWM—Badger Record. UWM-WSA. Pub Rel Comm—Faculty Tea—Campus Carnival—Eliz Waters, Floor Chm, Unit I Pers Comm Chm Meyers, Alexander M.—Milwaukee—Met Engr— Alnha Sigma Mu—Mining and Met Cb—AFS, Stud Chant—Vets Cb, V-Pres—Theta Tau, Corr Sec Mick- Gerald A.—Richland Center—Ag Ed—Tf PUttevilie—FFA Mickleson. Joyce A.—La Crosse—Child Dev—Hoofers—Badger Block Mickiewicz. John W.—Two Rivers—Speech—Stud Senate—Sigma Nit. Pres Miess. John F.—Dodgeville—Client Engr—Tau Beta Pi—Newman Cb—AICE Mikkelson, Gerald E.—Antigo—Russian—MHA Jud Rd—WSA—All-Dorm Blood Chm—Faville Hse. V-Pres. Sec. Educ and Scholarship Chm—Mack Hse, Hou=efellow Milheiser. Stewart A.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf TT'V'M—WPhS Mi’ler. Constance M.—Green Bay—Ed—Badger Block—New Stud Wk Guide—AWS Big Sister— Eliz Waters, Unit TI. Soc Chm. Homecoming Dec Miller, Gordon J.—Appleton—Pharm—Wis Pharm Soc—Inti Cb Miller, Marilyn M.—Green Bay—Pharm—Kappa Epsilon. V-Pres—Badger Block—WPhA Miller. Mary L.—Appleton—French—Tf Menasha— Sec Choir Council—Pres Hse—Forensics Miller, Muriel T.—Chicago. TIL—El Ed—Union PR Comm. Gen Sec—Stud Guide—Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sch Comm. Pan-Hel Rep, Registrar, Rush Coun—Pledge Pres Advisor Mil'er. Nancv L.—Lee’s Summit, Mo.—Med Micro —Tf Christian College Miller, Norhert D.—Tefferson—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma—ASME—Tau Kappa Epsilon, V-Pres, R”«h Chm Milligan, Ann K.—Austin. Tex.—Speech Corr— Kappa Kanpa Gamma, Rush Chm Mills. Bonnie L.—Kenosha—El Ed—Tf Kenosha— Badger—Alpha Phi Mills. David -R._Bi-.rk River Falls—Market— Rask»ihall—Beta Theta Pi Mi’ls. Cary L.—Neillsvillc—Ag Econ—Schreiner Hse Pres Min, Bvung Hni—Seoul, Korea—Tntrl Rel—Tf Seoul Nat Univ—Korean Stud Assoc, V-Pres—Wesley Found—Tntrl Cb Miner, William B.—Madison—Mcch Engr—Tf IT of Missouri—Soc Auto Engr. Corr Sec—ASME—Badger Auto Cb—Lambda Chi Alpha Minshall, David H.—-Madison—Mech Engr—Univ Religious Coun—ASME—SAF.—YMCA Minshall, Bert J.—Janesville—Mech Engr—ASME —SAE Mistachkin, Carol J.—Beverly Hills, Cal.—Speech —Phi Beta—Pi Epsilon Delta—Wis Players— Daily Cardinal — Union Film Comm, Theater Usher—Humorology, Prod Chm—Hillel—WHA, Radio Ball Players—Lakelawn, Jud Bd—Charter Hall, Soc Chm Mistele, Richard L.—Green Bay—Marketing—Tf St. Norbert’s—Market Cb—Fin Soc—Delta Sigma Pi Mitchel, Arthur B.—Newport Beach, Cal.—Econ— Hoofers Counc, Sailing Cb—Midwest Intercoil Sailing Assoc, V-Pres—UW Sailing Tin Mitchell. Jerome L.—Appleton—Mech Engr—Tf Menasha Mitchell, John E.—Hillsboro—Dairy Hush—Alpha Zeta—Saddle and Sirloin Cb, Sec—Phi Eta Sigma—Crops and Soils Cb—Alpha Gamma Rho, Sec Mitchell, Milton G.—Madison—Agron—Phi Eta Sigma—Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi—UW Flying Cb—Crops and Soils Cb—Calvary Lutheran Choir —Alpha Gamma Rho, V-Pres Mitchell, Paul E.—Madison—Pharm—WSA Curriculum Comm—W Phm Soc—Dean’s Council, Pharm School—-Scabbard and Blade—Men’s Glee Cb— Kappa Psi, rres Mitcuell, Susan A.—Sioux City, Iowa—Psych— Union llse Comm—Union Big Dance Comm— Union Lit Comm—Badger Block—AWS Big Sister—Langdon Hall, Union Hse Rep Mixson, Robert J.—Madison—Math—Psych—Scabbard and Blade—Marching Band—Theta Delta Chi Modahl, Gerald R.—Galesville—Meteor—Wrestling tvioder, Glen H.—Madison—Com—Tf Menasha— SAM—Ins Soc—-Daily Cardinal—Com Turn Out, Pub Comm—Newman Cb, Activities Comm Moede, Jerry F.—Shawano—Pharm—Lambda Chi Alpha, Athletic Chm Moegenburg, Corrine—Gillett—Phy Med—Pan-Hel Couns—WSA, Speakers Comm—Phy Ther Cb— Sr Swingout—Delta Zeta, Standards Chm, Activities Chm Moessing, Herbert C.—Chicago, 111.—Civ Engr— Newman Cb—ASCE—Delta Tau Delta, Sgt-at-Arms Moglowsky, Arthur M.—Green Bay—Econ Mohs, Frederic E.—Madison—Pol Sci—Provost Corps—Badger Block—Campus Carnival—Homecoming—Mil Ball—New Stud Wk—Parents’ Weekend—Chi Psi Moin, Wilson J.—Superior—Pharm—Tf Superior— MHA Soc Chm, Homecoming Chm, Christmas Formal Ticket Comm, Rules and Elections 1958 Dormsvlvania—Siebecker Lise. Pres Moline, William A.—Viroqua—Econ Moliter, David C.—Milwaukee—Civ Engr—Tf UWM—ASCE—SSE Mommsen, Durward B.—Rice Lake—Sec Ed—Alpha Phi Omega, Hist, Corr Sec Moran, Thomas M.—Darlington—Fin—MHA, Spec Facil Comm—Fin Soc—Ins Soc—Delta Sigma Pi, V-Pres, House Manag, Pub Chm Morgan, Muriel F.—Wahiawa, Hawaii—Hist—Tf Ripon—Union Soc Comm, Sec—AWS Ball—Entertainers Guild—Delta Delta, Pledge Pres, Pledge Pres Coun, Sec Morgan, Timothy P.—Madison—Geog—WSA Pub Co-Chm—Geog Cb—Hoofers—Sigma Phi Morris, Jane—Painesville, Ohio—El Ed—Tf De-Pauw—Mu Phi Epsilon—Intrl Rel Comm— YWCA, Cab, District Co-Chm—Bradford Hse, Pres, Hse Couns—Kanpa Kappa Gamma Morris, Melvin—East Chicago—Psych—Football Morris, Richard W.—Janesville—Mech Engr—SAE —ASME—Richardson Hse, Chm. Sec Athletic Comm. Soc Chm, Campus Carn Chm—McCaffrey Hse, Pres Morrison, Ralph M.—Kenosha—Met Engr Morsell, Marguerite S.—Milwaukee—Home Ec—Tf Univ Colorado—Kappa Alpha Theta Mosher, Eugene J.—Antigo—Pharm—Tf St. Norbert Mount, Judith Ann—Wauwatosa—Occ Ther—Tf Iowa State—Occ Ther Cb. Sec—AWS Style Show, Per Comm—Barnard Hall Soc Chm—Kappa Alpha Theta Mouty, Judith F.—Kewaunee—Phy Ther—Phy Ther Cb—Chi Omega, Pres Mouty, Lawrence J.—Kewaunee—Civ Engr—ASCE Muckerheide, Mary M.—Wausau—Med Tech—Tf Wausau—Alpha Delta Theta—Barnard, Intra-niurals Chm. Chorus Mueege, W. James—Madison—Civ Engr—ASCE— UW Band. Asst Manag—LSA, Fin Sec, Music Chm, Choir Mueller, Andrew C.—Waukesha—Metal—Tf UWM —AFS—ATM E—ASM Mueller, James P.—Cedarburg—Mech Engr—Tf UWM—Pi Tau Sigma—SAE—ASME Mueller, Ronald J.—Milwaukee—Zoo—Band—Pi Kappa Alpha Mulholland, Charles O.—Dedham. Mass.—DHry Ind—Babcock Dairy Sci Cb. Sec, Treas—Badger Vets Mulvaney, Nancy Jean—Columbus—El Ed—DORE Rep—Barnard Hall Freshman Rep—Jud Coun— Sr Swingout Munson, Bartley L.—Rockford, 111.—Actuarial Sci Murphy, Alan C.—Balsam Lake—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi—Newman Cb—Ins Soc Murphy. Maureen A.—Green Bay—Phv Ed—WRA Bd, Basketball Co-Clnn—Phy Ed Cb—Ketterer Hse, Pres Murray, Donna M.—Dousman—Home Ec Ed Murray, Margaret P.—Wevauweea—Med Micro— Tf Western Reserve—Badger Christian Fellowship, Pres Muth, Barbara M.—Neenah—French—Russian Cb, Sec—F re-Hi Cb—YGOP—Union Film Comm— Campus Chest Allocations Bd—Humorology Myers, Nancy C.—Vandalia, Til.—Psych—Tf Colorado College—Tiger Staff. Colorado Coll—Delta Gamma, Rush Chm—Pan-Hel Coun, Pres N Nagel, Elaine A.—Cobb—Eng—Eta Kappa Lambda —Barnard Hall, Pres, Sec, Woman s Interhall Counc—LSA Choir, Sun Eve Cb Co-ord, Counc, Senate, Mothers’ Weekend Chm—French Cb Nummacner, Mark A.—Oconomowoc—Med—WSA Leadership Ting Comm—Student-Faculty Comm — Pub Rel Comm—Wis Previews—Delta Tau Delta Napper, Phoebe E.—Madison—Phy Ed—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Pi Lambda Theta— Phy Ed Cb, Sec—WRA, Pres, Cor Sec Nason, Sandra A.—Chicago, 111.—Phy Ed—Worn Phy Ed Newspaper—Jr and Sr Dolphin Cb—Phy Ed Cb Bd—Uniy Chorus—AWS Big Sister Prog —Badger Block Nass, Paul A.—Ixotiia—Acct—Phi Beta Kappa— Beta Gamma Sigma—Beta Alpha Psi—Crew Natoli, Salvatore C.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf UWM —Rho Chi, Treas—Kappa Psi, Treas—Badger Block—WPhS Naysmith, Mary Margaret—Kenosha—Geog—Inti Cb, Dancetime Comm, Chm Neese, John E.—Sheboygan—Math—Phi Eta Sigma —Pi Mu Epsilon—Sigma Phi Epsilon Nehls, Clyde A.—Watertown—Ag Econ—AES, Alum Corr—Badger Crops, Soils Cb—Trident Hse, Union Hse Rep. Pres Nehring, Janet L.—Oconomowoc—Speech Corr— Badger—Dolphins—New Stud Guide—AWS Fashion Show Ticket Comm—Pan-Hel Ball Skit— Alpha Gamma Delta Nelesen, Janet C.—Manitowoc—El Ed—Pi Kappa Phi—Pi Lambda Theta—AWS. Fashion Show Sec, Big Sister, Sr Swingout—WRA Bd—Tennis Mgr —Pan-Hel Tickets Comm—Alpha Chi Omega, V-Pres, Courtesy Chm Nelsen, Edward A.—Milwaukee—Psych—UW Bands—Sigma Phi Epsilon Nelsen, Sandra J.—Kenosha—El Ed—Scheders Nelson, Alfred A.—Kiel—Mech Engr—Tf Bethany Lutli College—ASME Nelson, Jerald O.—Camp Douglas—Bus Ed Nelson, Peter L.—Sheboygan—Econ—Tf Sheboygan —Trans Cb—YGOP—Italian Cb, Treas Nelson, Paul E.—Milwaukee—Acct—Phi Beta Kappa—Phi Kappa Phi—Beta Alpha Psi—Beta Gamma Sigma—Phi Eta Sigma—WSA Dist III Sen —Homecoming Promo Comm—Badger Block— Showerman Hse, Treas and Schol Chm—MHA Store Mgr Nelson, Roberta D.—Rhinelander—Journ—Tf Pasadena City Coll—New Idea Mag—Union News Bureau—AWS Fashion Show—Big Sister Program—Alpha Gamma Delta, Courtesy Chm, Mag Chm Nemec. Betty Jayne—Madison—El Ed—Pi Lambda Theta—Phi Kappa Phi—Soph Honors—WSA, Prom Inv—AWS, Big Sister Prog. Fashion Show, Prod Comm Chm—Sigma Epsilon Sigma Banquet Comm—Sr Swingout, Inv Comm—Union Theater Usher—Pan-Hel Rush Couns—Alpha Phi Nemetz, Barbara M.—Madison—Eng and Speech Fd—WSA Human Rel Comm—WSA-URC Human Rel Conf. Gen Chm—URC—U Presbyterian Church. Elder—Union Directorate—Union News-bureau. Cbm—Badger Block, Card Comm—Pan-Hel Rush Couns—Alpha Gamma Delta. Chaplain, Names Chm Netboy. Francine—Madison—Art Ed—Union Gallery Comm—Hillel Found Netzel, Sally A.—Wittenberg—Ena—Zeta Phi Eta, Pres, V-Pres, Act Chm—Wis Plavers, V-Pres Neuman, Richard L.—Beaver Dam—Mech Engr— Phi Eta Sigma—ASME—Daily Cardinal, Sales Mgr—Prom Promotions Comm-—TF Advisory Coun —IF 1960 Clause Comm, Chm—Phi Gamma Delta, Pres, Hist. Rush Chm Neve, Richard W.—Mauston—Market—Pershing Rifle — NDTA—Market Cb Newby. David G.—Beaver Dam—Met Engr—Min and Met Cb—ATME—ASM—AFS—Badger Sales —LSA—Humorology—TF Chorus—Alpha Tau Omega Newman, Thomas J.—West Allis—Ed—Tf UWM— Badger Vets—Corr Adm Cb—Newman Cb—Badger .Amateur Radio Soc—Theta Chi. Pledge V-Pres, Rush Chm Nickles, Robert J.—Wauwatosa—Econ—GMC— Kappa Sigma Nieman, Ronald J.—Oconomowoc—Phy Ed—Baseball 1,2.3.4—Co-Capt 4 Niesen. Alan K.—Racine—Chem Engr—Tf Racine. UWM—ATChE Nixdorf, Klaus—Rolandia-Parana, Brazil—Ag—Tf F.scola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Parana, Brazil—Alpha Gamma Rho Nixon. Jesse—Milwaukee—Psych—Track Tm Capt —Alpha Phi Alpha. Soc Chm, Treas. IF Rep Nni°. Thomas N.—Kaukautia—Econ—Tf Stevens Point—Newman Cb N«lan. John M.—Medford—Med Sci—Intramural Snorts—Beta Theta Pi Nolte. Dale R.—Madison—I andscape Arch—Landscape Counc Ring. Pres Norager, Thomas L.—Eau Claire—Music—Phi Mu Alpha—Pi Kappa Alpha, Hist, Song leader. Newsletter Fd Nnrin, Carol M.—Milwaukee—Soc—Young Dem— U"ion Area Rep—Hillel, Hse Chm, Social Comm —Corr Admin Cb Norlach. David L.-—Milwaukee—Market—New Stud Wk Guide—Market Cb—Fin Soc—Golf—Sigma Chi. Work Day Chm, Social Chr Pledge, Exec Comm Normand, Barbara J.—Green Bay—Art Ed—L’nion Gallery Comm—AWS Sr Swingout Comm—Pi Beta Phi Northan. Barbara J.—Glen Ellyn, 111.—Client Eng —AICE, Sec—St. Francis Hse, Sen—Langdon Manor, Hse Mgr—Leonard Hse, Treas Norton, James E.—Milwaukee—Journ—Daily Cardinal, Ilus Mgr, Adv Mgr—Pres Hse—Theta Delta Chi, Soc Chm Nott, Barbara T-—Wauwatosa—Music Ed—Sigma Alpha Iota—Tourn of Song, Chm. Treas, Song Ldr — Women’s Chorus — Univ Chorus — SLTC, Music Comm—Christian Sci Org, Rec Sec—Union Dance Comm, 770 Cb—Prom Decor Comm—Parents Weekend—Badger Block—Barnard Hall, Winter Formal Chm, Prom Campaign Comm, Orientation, Union Rep, Chorus—Eliz Waters Soc Chm. Unit Soc Chm Nuernberg, Janice M.—Wausau—Eng—Tf Wausau —Badger Cb 473Nussbaum, Leslie I.—Jackson, Miss.—Speech—Tf Stephens—Union Forum Comm—Ilillel—Wis Flayers—Alpha Epsilon Phi Novenski, George J.—Beaver Dam—Civ Engr— AMCE—Polygon Bd Nygren, Elenie S.—Milwaukee—Home Ec—Euthen-ics—Badger Block, Card Comm, Design Comm— Parents Weekend—Prom Decor—High School Day —Alpha Xi Delta—Eliz Waters, Art Chm Nyiri, Joseph A.—Racine—Art Ed—Tf Racine— Union Crafts Comm-—Badger Block—Track Nyman, Leland O.—Madison—Mech Engr—Tf U. S. Merchant Marine Acad—ASME Nysted, Robert H.—Green Bay—Econ—Com Council—Ins Soc—Fin Soc—SAM—Delta Sigma Pi, Pres, Sec O Oakes, Louise E.—Watertown—Eng—Alpha Gamma Delta Oakwood, Mary R.—Green Bay—Advertising—WSA New Stud Wk—Kappa Delta, Editor, Soc Chm Oberdiek. 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Promo Comm—Pan-Hel Skit Comm— Alpha Epsilon Phi. Rush Chm Prueher, Leroy F.—Sheboygan—Tns and Market— Tf Sheboygan—Tns Soc—Market Cb—Stud Counc V-Pres, Sheboygan—Basketball, Sheboygan— Ochsner Hse. Treas Prvse, Gerald T.—Madison—Real Estate—Delta Sigma Pi Ptacek, Anton D.—Cicero, 111.—Geol—Geol Cb Puls, Carol M.—Two Rivers—El Ed—Tf Manitowoc—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Phi Kappa Phi—Pi Lambda Theta—Delta Sigma Pho—Soph Honors— AWS. Pers Comm—Calvary, Pub Comm—Forensic Union, Hist—Schcders—Tabard Inn, Sec, Pub Chm Pusch, Donald R.—Appleton—Acct—Christian Sci Orgn, Treas—Fin Soc—Ins Soc Q Quaderer, Carol—Barron—Music Ed—Calvary Student Center, Pub, Hostess, Rec, Choir—New Stud Wk Guide—Sigma Alpha Iota, Corres Sec—Phi Mu Alpha Chorus—Tourn of Song—Willison Hse, Pres, Hse Counc—Ellsworth Hse, Jud Bd 474Lambda, Sec—Wesley Foundation, Choir—Barnard Hall, Asst Soc Chm, Treas, V-Pres, Exec Coun Quentmeyer, Karen E.—Columbus—Music—Phi Beta,Pan-Hel Rep—Union Theatre Comm—A Cap-pella Choir—Wis Players—Delta Delta Delta, Music Chm Quigley, Beth—Racine—Applied Art—Tf Racine— SSGA, Pres—Union Gallery Comm—Prom Decor —Union Dance Comm—ISA Rep Quirk, James F.—Milwaukee—Com—New Stud Wk Comm—Scabbard and Blade, Pres—Arnold Air Soc—Mil Ball Bands Chm, Arrangements Chm— Delta Tau Delta, Social Chm, Rush Chm, Use Chm R Rabas, Beverly M.—Algoma—Home Ec Ed—Tf UWM—Phi Upsilon Omicron—Prom Ct of Honor —Pan-IIel Rush Couns—Pi Beta Phi Rabe, Janet D.—Middleton—Home Ec Ed—Phi Upsilon Omicron—Euthenics—Ag-IIome Ec Chorus Raddatz, Geraldine P.—Wisconsin Rapids—Ilis-panics—Span Cb—Alpha Phi. Asst Treas Radtke, Robert E.—Madison—Elec Engr—AIEE Radloff, Harold D.—Hustisford—Dairy Husb—Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Delta Theta Sigma, Pledge Trainer Raff, Irene D.—New York, N. Y.—Hist—Daily Cardinal, Man Editor Rasmussen, Robert C.—Madison—Ind Engr Rath, Jack L.—Fountain City—Pol Sci—MIIA Jttd Bd, Chm Rathke, Roger H.—Rockford, 111.—Journ—Badger Staff. Assoc Editor, Editor—Daily Cardinal—IF Jud Comm—Badger Vets—WHA—Theta Delta Chi, Lib Rawitscher, Robert E.—Williston.N. D.—Hist—Soph Honors—Union Forum Comm—WSA Inti Rel Comm—WSA Pub Rel Comm—Hillel—Concert and Marching Bands—Pi Lambda Phi, Pledge Marshal, Humorology Rayburn, Cynthia A.—Madison—Occ Ther—Occ Ther Cb—Pres Use, Choir Razner, Ronald A.—Stevens Point—Client—Tf Stevens Point Ream, Robert R.—Milwaukee—Agron—Badger Crops and Soils Cb. Sec—Blue Shield-411 Cb— Hoofers, Pres. V-Pres, Treas—Union Directorate Reger, Robert A.—Madison—Pol Sci Reichl, Charles O.—Wausau—Music—Phi Mu Alpha—A Cappella Choir—Men’s Glee Cb, Pres Reid. James C.—Oconomowoc—Mech Engr—ASME —Concert Band, Mgr Reiner, Roger J.—Cambridge—Dairy Husb—Pres Hse, Choir—Saddle and Sirloin Cb—New Stud Wk Guide—Flying Cb—Ag Chorus—Campus Carn —Alpha Gamma Rho Reinholtz, Roland R.—Madison—Fin—Fin Soc, Treas Reinke, Ronald F.—Mukwonago—Chem—Alpha Chi Sigma Reiss, Terrence W.—New Holstein-—Labor Man— New Stud Wk Guide—Marching Band—Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas, Song Chm Remington, Andrew J.—Mauston—An Husb—Saddle and Sirloin Cb—UW Livestock Tudg Tin Remstad, Betty L.—Kenosha—Eng—Tf Kenosha— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—MHA Cab—MHA Loans Advisor—MHA Policy Comm Renz, Francis J.—Sun Prairie—Com—Ins Soc—Fin Soc Repenshek. Maxine M.—Madison—Span—AWS Fashion Show—New Bureau—Union Dance Comm —Homecoming—Span Cb—Alpha Gamma Delta, Courtesy Sec Reppen, Richard J.—Madison—Fin—Tf St. Nor-bert’s—SAM—Fin Soc—Hoofers Reu, La Vern F.—Fort Atkinson—Dairy Husb— Blue Shield-4H. V-Pres—Saddle and Sirloin Cb —Delta Theta Sigma, Ath Chm Reuben, Beatrice B.—Milwaukee—El Ed—Humorology, Arrang Chm—Badger Block, Exec Sec. Ar-rang Comm—AWS Fashion Show. Food Chm— WSA Welfare Comm—Prom Elect Comm—Homecoming Show Comm—Prom Invit Chm—Alpha Epsilon Phi. Pledge Pres. Pledge Pres Coun Sec— Carroll Hall. Pres. V-Pres Rewey, Jim O.—Madison—Am Hist—Tf White-water—New Stud Wk Guide Reynolds, Charles A.—Norway, Mich.—Soils—Badger Crops and Soils—Saddle and Sirloin—Alpha Gamma Rho Rice. Kenneth L.—Madison—Fin—Univ YMCA, Pub Rel Comm, Chm—YGOP. Exec Dir—Inti Cb —TSA—Badger Block—WSA District IT Legis Counc—Wrestling Rice, Maurice A.—Chippewa Falls—Mech Engr— Campus Carnival, Gen Chm. Booths Chm—MHA Pub Rel Comm—HPC—New Stud Wk—MHA Leadership Conf, Chm—Theta Delta Chi, Pres Richard, Carol K.—Janesville—App Art Richards, Conrad A.—Rhinelander—Econ—Student Senate—Greek Week—Senior Coun—Mock Senate —Campus Carn Arrang Comm—Campus Elections, Candidate Chm—Tennis—Phi Delta Theta Richards, Donald R.—Lodi—Bus Admin—Alpha Kappa Psi, Asst Sec—MHA Spec Facil Comm, Chm—Dorm Leadership Conf, Activ Chm—Mitchell Airmen — Provost Corps — Scabbard and Blade. Sgt-at-Arms—Pistol Tin—Conover Hse, Ath Chm, Treas, Hse Counc Richardson, Linda A.—Chicago, 111.—Bact—Tf Marquette—Hoofers—Delta Delta Delta Richart, James D.—Watertown—Food Tech—Food Tech Cb—Inti Food Tech Assoc—Wis Country Mag Rickmeier, John E.—Sheboygan—Fin—Tf Lawrence Coll—NDTA—Fin Soc—Marketing Soc—Chi Phi Rieder, Carol A.—Cedarburg—El Ed—MHA Spec Facil Comm, Sec—Badger Block—AWS Big Sister—Hoofers—Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres Riera, Ramon J.—Carora, Edo Tara, Venezuela— Dairy Ind—Latin American Assoc—Inti Cb Riesen, Kurt V.—Madison—Elec Engr Riesenweber, Roy E.—Seymour—Ind Man—Tf Mcnasha—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph High Honors— Beta Alpha Psi—Beta Gamma Sigma—SAM— Com Turnout, Pub Comm Rikkers, Donna M.—Milwaukee—Home Ec Rioux, James L.—Green Bay—Chem Engr—Tf Green Bay—AIChE—Faville Hse, Sec, Top Hatter, Co-Chm Decor, Arrang Comm, Chm Risser, Ronolee—Peoria, 111.—Speech—Phi Beta— WHA Radio Players—AWS Pub Comm—AWS Fashion Show, Pers Chm—Kappa Alpha Theta, Soc Chm Ritzman, Kathleen F.—Superior—Home Ec Ed—Tf Superior—Badger Staff—Sr Swingout, Promo Comm—Home Ec High School Day, Contacts Comm—Alpha Phi Rivers, Thomas W.—Wabeno—Pers Man—NDTA— Chi Psi. Treas Robbins, Herbert A.—Chicago—Pol Sci—Tf Wright Jr Coll—ISA, Pres, Senate Rep, Soc Chm—Young Demo—Fencing—Evans Scholars Robbins, Peter P.—Madison—Mech Engr—ASME Roberts, David C.—South Milwaukee—Elec Engr— Tf UWM—AIEE-IRE—Delta Sigma Pi Roberts, Janice S.—Madison—Eng—Pres Hse, Trustee. Deacon Roberts, John C.—Madison—Reg Plan—Sr Honors —Badger Vets—City and Reg Plan Cb, Sec, V-Pres Roberts, Kathryn S.—Brooklyn—Chem—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—LSA—Amer Chem Soc Rodriguez, Jairo—Barquisimeto, Venezuela—An Husb—Latin Amer Org, Sports Sec Roerdink, Helen J.—Oostburg—Med Tech—Tf UWM—Alpha Delta Theta Roethig, Douglas T.—Green Bay—Phvsics and Math—Tf Green Bay—MHA Jud Bd'. Chm, Sec— WMHA—Hoofers Rogers, L. Wayne—Rockford, Til.—Mech Engr— Badger Staff. Sports Editor—Wis Alumnus Staff —Wis Engr Staff, Editor—Baptist Stud Fel, Membership Chm—Baptist Eating Co-op, Mgr, Pres, V-Pres Roidt, Robert M.—Viroqua—Mech Engr—ASME Rojahn, Walter A.—Shorewood—Market—Union Soc Comm—Chamberlin Hse, Pres, V-Pres, Union Rep Roman, Carol A.—Pittsburgh, Pa.—Eng—Tf Ohio Wesleyan—Campus Carn Rood, Laurence B.—Edgerton—Geol—Geol Cb— Humorology Inter-Acts—Beta Theta Pi. Soc Chm Rose, Ann H. — Tomah — Dietetics — Phi Uosilon Omicron—Homecoming Ball Chm—Badger Block, Cards Co-Chm—Prom, Music. Grand March Chm —New Stud Wk Guide—AWS Big Sister Comm— Pan-IIel Coun, Treas. Ball Comm—Alpha Xi Delta. Treas, Pan-Hel Rep Rose, Gary S.—Fort Atkinson—Dairy Husb—Crew —Theta Delta Chi Rose, Melanie S.—Chicago, 111.—App Art—Daily Cardinal—Hillel, Pub Comm—Campus Carn, Prom Comm—Humorology Comm—Badger Block—Car-roll Hall, Hse Chm, Campus Carn Chm Rose, Terrol L.—Fort Atkinson—Bact—W Cb— Crew—Theta Delta Chi Rosenheimer, Mark D.—Kewaskum—Hist—Tf St. 01 af Rosenthal, Pauline E.—Maywood. 111.—Art—Wis Players—Lake Lawn, Soc Chm—Villa Maria, Hist Roska, John A.—Stevens Point—Pharm—Tf Marquette—WPliS—Kappa Psi Ross, Philip D.—Madison—Ins—Ins Soc—Phi Epsilon Pi Rowe, Donald A.—Bloomer—Civ Engr—Delta Upsilon Royal, Charles B.—Marinette—Tns—Tf Marinette —Ins Soc—Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sec, Pledge Trainer Royce, Ross C.—Portage—Chem Engr—Delta Epsilon—MHA Cab Rep—MHA Stud Conduct Comm, Chm—Res Hall Joint Discipline Comm, Chm— Dorm Co-ordinator. Parents Weekend—ATChE— Swenson Hse. V-Pres Rubenstein. Burton J.—Kenosha—Pharm—Tf Marquette—WPhA Rubloff, Gilbert W.—Chicago. 111.—Econ—Phi Eta Sigma—Econ Honor Soc—Humorology Comm—Pi Lambda Phi, Sec Rubnitz, Alan A.—Beloit—Am Inst—Phi Eta Sigma —Soph Honors—TF. Pledge Training Chm, Legislature Comm. Advisory Comm—Hillel—Phi Sigma Delta. V-Pres, Pres Ruch, Roger C.—Monroe—Acct—Phi Eta Sigma— Beta Alpha Psi Rudolph, Lee J.—Ripon—Dairy Ind—Band—Alpha Gamma Rho Ruge, Eugene A.—Sheboygan—Elec Engr—ATEE Rule, Stan G.—Linden—Hist—Scheders—WSA Housing Comm—Badger Vets—Newman Cb— YGOP Rumbac, John F.—Fond du Lac—Civ Engr—Tf Oshkosh—ASCE—Badger Vets Rumble, Roger W.—Wauwatosa—Marketing—Senior Class Treas—Wis Previews—Phi Delta Theta, V-Pres. Scholastic Chm. Hse Mgr Rumpf, Peter L.—Milwaukee—Econ—Tf UWM Runkel, Mary E.—Fond du Lac—Pharm—Rho Chi— Kappa Epsilon. Treas, Pres—WPhA. Treas Ruppel, Lileen J.—Kohler—Badger Staff—Lizette— Homecoming Pub Comm—-Scheders—Alpha Gamma Delta, Pledge Pres, V-Pres, Pres Russell, John P.—-Merrill—Am Inst—Newman Cb— Badger Vets—Ins Soc—Fin Soc Ruud, Gene S.—Madison—Acct—Ins Soc s Saari, Richard J.—Hurley—Market—Nautilus Soc —AICE—Market Cb—Badger Bus Staff—Sigma Phi. Pres Sachnoff, Norton R.—Chicago, 111.—Econ—Tf Univ of 111—Pi Lambda Phi, Humorology, Campus Carn Saiberlich, Joan M.—Appleton—Art Ed—WSA Publ, Graphic Arts Chm—Stud Guide—Dolphins—Hoofers Sail Cb—Chi Omega, Homecoming Chm. Activities Chm, Humorology, Tourn of Song Choir Saichek, Jack C.—Milwaukee—Sec Ed—Tf Milwaukee—Stud Engr Soc—Humorology Skit Dir— Dormsvlvania, Script Comm—Turner Hse, Homecoming Button Chm—Alpha Chi Sigma Salzer, Diane T.—Madison—Art Ed—Tf Lawrence —Kappa Alpha Theta Sanders, Richard B.—Shaker Heights, Ohio—Market. Fin—Daily Card, Adv StjQY—WSA Pers Comm—IF Pub Rel Comm, Coun—Sigma Chi, Hist. Soc Chm. Treas Sarbacker, John D.—New Glarus—Med Sci—United Stud Fellow—Basketball—Phi Chi Sarbacker, Margaret M.—New Glarus—Bus Ed— Phi Chi Theta. Sec, Nat Couns, Rep to Pro Pan-Hel—Ins Soc—Eliz Waters, Floor Chm, Jr-Sr Banquet Sarig, Sarita L.—Madison—El Ed—WSA Human Rel Comm—Kappa Kappa Gamma Sarin, Lalit K.—New Delhi, India—Mech Engr— Tau Beta Pi. Pres—Pi Tau Sigma, See—Phi Eta Sigma—ASME. Sec—ASTM—Intrl Cb—India Assoc—Ochsner Hse, Pres Sauer, Alan J.—Port Washington—Art Ed—Tf UWM Sauer, Gale E.—Milwaukee—Comm—Theta Chi Sausen, Henry J.—Siocton—Dairy Food—Dairy Products Judging Tm—Babcock Sci Cb—Alpha Gamma Rho Saxton, Tohn D.—Madison—Ind Manag—Tf Platte-ville—SAM Scassellati, Shirley A.—Highland Park, 111.—Eng— Prom Comm—Humorology Comm—Pi Beta Phi, Soc Chm, Pledge Trainer, Censor Schadewald, Frederic H.—Stevens Point—Mech Engr—ASME—Wesley Found Schadt, Rhea A.—Monroe—Home Ec Ed—Phi Upsilon Omicron—MRA Cab Rep—Pres Stud Center, Trustee—Slichter Hall, Floor Chm Schaefer, David A.—Neenah—Journ—Tf Mcnasha— Daily Cardinal Staff, Assoc Editor—Alco Hall, V-Chm Schaefer, Emer E.—Racine—Chem Engr—New Stud Wk Guide—AIChE. V-Pres, Treas—Canterbury Cb—Kappa Sigma—St. Francis Hse, Pres, Treas Schaffer, Erwin L.—Milwaukee—Civ Engr—Tf UWM—Chi Epsilon—SAME—SSE, Pres-ASCE— IF Coun—Acacia, Soc Chm Schaffer, Marian C.—Racine—El Ed—Prom and Pan-Hel Ball Comm—Eliz Waters Exec Comm— Scheders—New Stud Wk Guide—Delta Zeta, Pres. Rush Chm Schaleger, Valerie—Milwaukee—Eng Ed—Tf UWM —Sigma Epsilon Sigma—MHA Ed and Sell Comm —Badger Block—Slichter Hall. Floor Chm Scharnke, Mary E.—Madison—Soc Wk—Phi Kappa Phi—Phi Beta Kappa—Summer Prom Comm, Chm —Union Hse Comm. Chm—Union Fall Open Hse, Co-Chm—Calvary, Coun, Pub Chm, Publications Chm, Choir Schedler, John E.—Augusta—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi —Ins Soc—Wis Film Soc—Gamma Delta Scheer, Neara N.—Dayton, Ohio—Eng—Gamma Alpha Chi—WSA—AWS—WHA Announcer—Theater—Villa Maria. Jud Bd, Campus Carn Comm Schellpfeffer, Gerald A.—Madison—Food Tech— Alpha Gamma Rho Scherz, James P.—Chetek—Civ Engr—Chi Epsilon —Tau Beta Pi, Cataloguer—SAME—Cheerleader —Acacia Schill, Gary R.—Dodgeville—Pharm—Tf Luther Coll—LSA Schilleman, Robert P.—Lac du Flambeau—Physics Schiller, Gary G.—Westernport, Md.—Geog—Tf Potomac State Coll—Sigma Phi Omega—WMIIA— Faville, Soc Chm—Phi Sigma Nu Schilling, Richard M.—Green Bay—Psych—Tf Green Bay—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Kappa Phi— Ext St Coun—Weslev Found Schillinger, Jacob J.—Monroe—Adv—Journ—Alpha Delta Sigma Schini. Thomas W.—LaCrosse—Pers Manag—Tf La Crosse—SAM Schlaak. James R.—Arlington, Va.—Bact—Vet Sci Cb — New Stud Guide — Homecoming — Campus Carn—Crew—Theta Delta Chi, Soc Chm, Initiation Chm Schlaak, Thomas M.—Arlington, Va.—Com—Daily Cardinal—New Stud Wk—Crew 1.2—Theta Delta Chi, Historian—Conover Hse. Scholarship Chm Schlect, Elizabeth L.—Marshfield—Phy Med—Newman Cb—Univ YWCA—Frosh Camp Co-Chm— Phy Ther Cb—TSA—Robbins Hse, Social Chm Schlesner. Gary H.—Johnson Creek—Ag—Tf Platte-ville—FFA Schley, Thomas N.—Waukesha—Acct—Tf Carroll Coll—Market Cb—Delta Sigma Pi—Franken-burger Hse. Scholar Chm Schlichting, Philip F.—Sheboygan—Amer Inst— SLIC, Student Org and Pol Subcomm—Provost Corps, Adi—Badger Previews—Chi Phi, Sec, Rushing Chm Schlising, Robert A.—Tomahawk—Bot 475Schloss, Stuart T.—Baltimore, Md.—Acct—Beta Al-pna i'si—Union Pub Rel Comm—Union Ambassador—Zeta Beta Tau, Rushing Chm Scntough, Lois F.—Mazomanie—Home £c Ed—Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treas—Eta Kappa Lambda— Euthenics, Rec Sec—Badger Cb, Activities Chm Scalueter, Ruth S.—Greendale—Zoo—Tf UWM— ISe vman Cb Schmelzling, Hans W.—Mcnasha—Com—Tf Mena-sha—Tarrant Use, Sec, Treas Schmidt, Darlene R.—Marshfield—Occ Tlier—Occ Ther Cb—Cal Choir Schmidt, John E.—Port Washington—Client Engr— Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Kappa Phi—Tau Beta Pi— A ICE—Gilman Use, Pres Schmidt, Niall S.—Milwaukee—Comm—Ins Soc— Football Manag—Phi Delta Theta Schmidt, Roderic H.—Mecli Engr—Tf UWM— ASME—Soc Student Engr Schmidt, William W.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Tf UWM—AI EE-1 RE—SSE—Badger N ets Schmidtke, Robert R.—Sheboygan—Pharm—WPhA —Kappa Psi, Ath Dir, V-Pres Schmitz, Norman W.—Chicago—Market—Newman Cb—Market Cb—SAM—Boxing—Vilas Hse, Soc Chm, Floor Chm, Homecoming Chm—Delta Sigma Pi, Soc Chm Schneck, Marguerite A.—Madison—Corr Adm— United Stud Fellowship, Sec—UW Religious Conn—Badger Block Schneckenburger, Brenda—Montreal, Canada— Psych—Tf Colby Jr Coll—Alpha Phi, Pledge Soc Chm, Asst Pledge Trainer, Humorology Chm Schneider, Donald J.—Mosinee—Cliem Engr—Tf Wausau—Newman Cb—AICHE—Mack Hse, Pres, V-Pres Schneider, Judith M.—Chicago. 111.—Speech Corr— Sigma Alpha Eta. Corr Sec—Hillel—Badger Block Schneider, Sandra L.—Ripon—Home Ec—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Phi Kappa Phi—Omi-cron Nil—Phi Upsilon Omicron—MIIA Spectator —Octopus—Euthenics—Badger Block—MIIA, Alumni Comm, Pers Comm, Pub Rel Comm— WMHA Announcer—Slichter. Pub Chm Schoeman, Kenneth D.—Schofield—Civ Engr—Tf Wausau—ASCE Schoenberg, Pauline B.—Chicago—Psych—Tf Syracuse Univ—Plillel Found Pub Chm—Lincoln Lodge. Treas Scholnick, Harvey L.—Shaker Heights, Ohio—Plist —NDTA—Homecoming Show Comm—Pi Lambda Phi. Soc Chm Scholovich, Paul J.—Waukesha—Hort Schommer. Tanice J.—Neenali—Corr Tnst—Tf Lake Forest. UWM—Union Comm Handbook, Art—A Canpella Choir—Univ Chorus—Placement Comm —Slichter Hall—Campus Carnival Schooff, David R.—Janesville—Soc Schoofs, Mary J.—Milwaukee—Pol Sci—Tf Mar-ouette—Newman Cb—Mock UN Conf—Eliz Waters. Library Comm, Fin Comm Schrage, Martha—Miami Beach, Fla.—Psych—Plillel—Latin Am Assoc. Soc Chni—Badger Block— Norris Hall. Carroll Hall, Campus Carnival Comm Schrager. Phil G.—Omaha—Eng—Daily Cardinal— Men’s Glee Cb—Phi Sigma Delta, Sec, Hse Mgr, V-Pres Schreiner. John G.—Prairie du Chien—Econ—Mace, Sec-Treas—Tron Cross—Cardinal Bd. Pres—WSA, Treas—NDTA—Wis Previews, Co-Chm—Beta Theta Pi. Rush Chm Schreve, Henry C.—Madison—Accoun—Tf UWM and Lakeland Coll—Beta Alpha Psi Schroeder, Thomas J.—-Madison—Pharm, Haresfoot Cb. Sec, V-Pres—PTomccoming Dance Comm— Prom Comm—Stud Guide—Delta Tau Delta, Act Chm, Sch Chm Schuham. Steven L.—Chicago. 111.—Speech Schuld. Lavern W.—Marshfield—Elec Engr—Newman Cb Schultz, Charles B.—Madison—Elec Engr—Tf Concordia Coll—ATEE—Univ Marching Band Schumacher, Anita E.—Peoria. TIL—Occ Ther— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Occ Ther Cb—'Union Pub Rel Comm—Dakota Hse. V-Pres. Sec-Treas Schureer, Nancy T.—Noueltv. Ohio—Rel Art—Tf Centenary Tr Coll—Euthenics. Pub Chm—Union Soc Comm. Sub-C'im—Newman Cb—Badger Olympics—Ellsworth Hse. Sec-Treas Schwab. M rv Flizabeth—Madison—Music—St. Francis H«e. Choir Chm—Sigma Alpha Iota— Willison PTce. Pres Schwam. Mildred—Sheboygan—Eng—Eng Honors— New Trlea. Fiction Ed. Assoc Ed—Cardinal, Feature Writer—PTnion Literary Comm Schwartz, Judith G.—Fond du Lac—Sec Ed—Badger —Lizette—Eliz Waters Tud Bd—Wis Previews— Campus Chest—Gamma Phi Beta. Activities Chm Schwebke. Alice B.—Chicago. Til.—Art—Badger. Art Staff—New Tdea. Art Staff—Prom Decor Comm—Badger Bloek Design Comm Chm—Cam-mis Ce "n Promo—Prom Program Comm—Prom Promo Comm—Union Dance Comm—AWS Pub— AWS Fashion Show Model—Senior Orchesis Pub Chm—Badger Party—Langdon Hall, Homecoming Chm—Alpha Chi Omega. Act Chm Schwefel, Otto A.—Watertown—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi Schwingle, Ann—Muscoda—El Ed—Tf Rosary Coll —Big Sister—AWS Ticket Comm—Alpha Gamma Delta. Librarian Scott, C. Malcolm—Madison—Med Sci—Tf St. Olaf Seastone, Sarah M.—Madison—Span—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Sigma Delta Pi—Phi Kappa Phi—Phi Beta Kappa—-1LS Pioneer, Editor. Stud Advisor— ILS Coun, Sec-Treas, V-Pres—Span Cb, Treas, Pres—French Cb—.Tr and Sr Dolphins Seaton, Richard D.—Lancaster—Fin—Univ YMCA, Hse Treas, V-Pres Seaver, James R.—Wauwatosa—Pol Sci—Pershing Rifles, Pres—Joint Mil Bd, Chm—ROTC Color Guard Sebastian, Paul E.—Prairie du Chien—Com—Badger Vets, Sec Sebranke, Jerry W.—Fond du Lac— Mech Engr— Soc Auto Engr—Badger Auto Cb, Pres Seibert, Richard J.—-Milwaukee—Zoo—Phi Eta Sigma Seidel, Carl W.—East Meadow, N. Y.—Cliem— Homecoming Pub Comm—Stud Guide—Newman Cb—ACS, Stud Affiliate—Phi Kappa Alpha, Ath Chm. Rush Chm, Pres Seif, Franklin E.—Neillsville—Acct—Phi Eta Sigma—Beta Alpha Psi—SAM Seiser, Edward C.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Tf UWM—1 RE Seiter, Sara J.—Utica, N. Y.—Occ Ther—Badger Bridge Tourn, Chm—Campus Carn, Judging Chin —Badger Olympics, Chm—Alpha Phi Semrau, LaVerne P.—Merrill—Acct—SAM—Badger Vets—Ins Soc—Newman Cb Senty, James A.—Independence—Pet Engr—Tf Superior—Arnold Air Soc—Alpha Chi Sigma Senzig, Donald N.—Bonduel—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu—AIEE-IRE Sessler, Gary S.—Milwaukee—Pol Sci—Phi Sigma Delta Severson, Winton E.—Richland Center—Econ—Arnold Air Soc—LSA—Intramural Ath—Campus Lodge, Pres Shanberg, Alice—Chicago, 111.—App Art—Alpha Epsilon Phi Shapiro, Joanne—Chicago, 111.—-Soc Work—WSA Travel Comm—Union Forum Comm—Young Demo —Victoria Hse, Pres, V-Pres Shapiro, Shirley—Chicago, Til.—Elem Ed—Badger Prod Stall"—JSWF Chm—Big Sister Comm—Badger Block—Lincoln Lodge Soc Chm—Alpha Epsilon Phi. Pledge Pres, Sec Shaw, William F.—Kohler—Met Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Alpha Sigma Mu—Am Foundrymen Soc— Amer Soc Metals—Mining and Metal Cb—Phi Sigma Kappa, Pledgemaster Shepard, David M.—Green Lake—Mech Engr— 'SME—IF Schol and Pledge Training Chm— Varsity Tennis—W Cb—Delta Upsilon, Pres Shepard, James L.—Beaver Dam—Econ—Chamberlin Hse, Treas—Alpha Kappa Psi Sherlock, William B.—Madison—Comm—Wis Hoofers. Pres—Univ Ski Cb, Pub Chm—Union Directorate—Sigma Phi Sherwood, Susan—El Ed—Dolphins Sr—Kappa Kappa Gamma Shinn, Helen Irene—Bismarck. N. D.—Sec Ed— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Mortar Bd—Wesley Found. V-Pres—YWCA. Pres-—Cochrane Hse, Sec-Treas Shinsato, Hisao—Madison—Elec Engr Shirven, Richard M.—LaCrosse—Mech Engr—Tf—SAE—Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain Siegel, Leon L.—Pittsfield, Mass.—Econ—Provost Corps—Alpha Epsilon Pi Siegel, Marla J.—Milwaukee—El Ed—Phi Beta. Editor, Hist—Wis Players—Y-Dems—Union Film Comm—Hillel, Soc Chm—Scheders—Shepard Hall, V-Pres Siegel. Ned E.—Highland Park. 111.—Eng Sigman, Robert M.—Appleton—Philo—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—Provost Corps, Dep Provo Marshal—Alpha Epsilon Pi. Sentinel Silberman, Richard D.—Madison—Acct—Badger Staff. Photo—Provost Corps—Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec. Treas Sillers, Kathleen A.—Wauwatosa—Eng—Delta Gamma Silverness, Susan M.—Zoology—Zoe Bavliss, Bd of Directors Silverstone, Howard J.—Chicago, 111.—Acct—Octopus, Asst Bus Mgr—Phi Sigma Delta, Treas, Steward Simons, George G.—Fontana—Geog—Gregory Hse, See Sinkler, Mary Ann—Green Bay—El Ed—Tf Mount Mary Coll—Newman Cb—Pan-Hel Com—Badger Block—Kappa Delta Sinkula, Anthony A.—Tf St. Norbert—Newman Cb —Wis Pharm Soc—Kappa Psi, Soc Skaruan, Geraldine A.—Manitowoc—Home Ec—Tf Stout—Pres Hse—Eliz Waters, Faculty Tea Comm—Delta Zeta Skofronick. Bruce D.—Merrill—Chern—Newman Cb —Theta Kappa Phi, Social Chm Skofronick, James G.—Merrill—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu—Tau Beta Pi—ATEE-TRE, Pres—Newman Cb—Theta Kappa Phi. Treas. Pres Skornicka, Joel L.—Green Bay—Pol Sci—Iron Cross —Union Music Comm, Chm—Memorial Union, Pres—Provo Corps Slaee, Janice H.—Edeerton—Ed—WSA. Pub—Big Sister—Union Hse Rep Comm—Prom Dec Comm —Union PR Comm—Ann Emery Hall. Social Rep —Alpha Chi Omega. Activities Chm, Pres Slavney, Susan Z.—Milwaukee—Child Dev—Hillel —Sr Swingout—Psyc Cb—Scheders—Natl Ed Assoc—Wis Ed Assoc—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Victoria Hse Floor Chm Slavney, Susan Z.—Milwaukee—Child Dev—Hillel -—Sr Swingout, Sr Rep—Psych Cb—Scheders— NEA—Wis Ed Assoc—Alpha Epsilon Phi Slika, Andrew J.—Racine—Eng—Pi Tau Sigma— Lambda Chi Alpha Slotten, Wayne A.—New Glarus—Agr Ed—FFF, Sec, Treas, Pres—Blue Shield-411 Cb—Agr Stud Coun—LSA—Delta Theta Sigma Smaney, Charles R.—Niagra—Mech Engr—ASME— Newman Cb Smith, Carol M.—La Crosse—Soc Wk—Tf Carroll Coll Smith, Denis V.—Bristol—Hist—ISA—WSA Smitn, Frederic H.—Wausau—Market—Tf Wausau —Union Gallery Com—Market Cb—Alpha Chi Rho, Soc Chm, Chapter Corr, Pres Smith, Glen E.—Winnetka, 111.—Econ—YGOP—Alpha Delta Phi, Sec, Rush Chm Smith, Harrison A.—Madison—Civ Engr Smith, James L.—Pardeeville—Ins—Ins Soc Smith, Karl C.—Edgar—Pol Sci—Tf Austin Coll— MHA Cab—MIIA Loans Comm—Vilas Hse, Soc Chm Smith, M. Celeste—Madison—El Ed—Newman Cb, Soc Comm—Scheders, Treas Smith, Marcia J.—Oshkosh—El Ed—Tf Gradford Jr College—Un Hse Comm, Prom Comm, Sr Swingout—Kappa Kappa Gamma Smith, Roger B.—Tf Northwestern—Swimming— Delta Upsilon Smith, Stephen R.—Green Bay—Food Tech—Alpha Zeta—Food Tech Cb Smith, Susan R.—Menasha—Span—Tf Menasha— The Twig, Soc Editor, Menasha—Stud Coun, Sec, Menasha—Forensics—770 Cb Comm—Span Cb— USF, Sec—Chamber Hse, Pres Smith, Wilford K.—Clear Lake—Mech Engr—ASME —SAME Smoody, Rose F.—Ripon—Nat Sci—AWS Honors Bant]—AWS Big Sister—WSA Campus Chest— Pax Romana—Newman Cb, Choir—Campus Carn —Concert Band—Scheders—Badger Block—WAA —Fresh Orient—Barnard Hall, Exec Coun, Chorus, Homecoming, Pub Rel Chm, Prom Pub Chm, Rec Chm Snett, Phillip I.—Chicago—Psych—Tf Roosevelt— Alpha Epsilon Pi Snydacher, James U.—Wheaton, Til.—Hist—IF Congress—ILS Coun—Psi Upsilon, Rush Chm, Soc Chm, Pledge Trainer, V-Pres, Pres Snyder, Edwin C.—Footville—Comm—Wis Previews —Parents Weekend Invit. Chm—Union Soc Comm —Homecoming Pep Rally Comm—Sr Council— Humorology—Sigma Chi Soderberg, Verna G.—Barrington, 111.—Eng— YGOP—Union Film Comm Sohn, Michael H.—Flushing, N. Y.—Mark—Marketing Cb—Univ Chorus—Fresh Football Soles, Thomas G.—Fond du Lac—Acct—Marketing Cb—Alpha Kappa Psi Solverson, Thorwald E.—LaCrosse—Mech Engr— ASME Sommer, Carol M.—Sheboygan—Hist—Tf Sheboygan—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—MHA Central Social —Kappa Delta Sommers, Charles F.—Cambria—Nat Sci—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—Concert Band—Marching Band—MHA Cab. Ed-Sch Comm, Chorus—Winslow Hse, Pres, Sec-Treas Sonnenberg. Bruce E.—Milwaukee—Phy Ed—Phi Epsilon Kappa—Wrestling Sorensen, Richard M.—Loves Park. 111.—Market— Tf George Washington Univ—SAM—Market Soc Sorenson, L. Wayne—Beloit—Pharm—Tf Luther Coll Sorenson, Wayne P.—Oshkosh—Mech Engr—Tf Oshkosh—ASME—ASTE Southcott. James F.—Wales—Mech Engr—Tournament Comm—Mining and Metal Cb. V-Pres— Hoofers—Pres Hse—Freshman Crew—Delta Upsilon Soukup, Frank G.—Algoma—Com—Tf Green Bay— Market Cb—SAM—Theta Chi Specht, Reginald W.—Manitowoc—Econ—Tf Manitowoc—MIIA Pers Comm—Tarrant Hse, Soc Chm Spellman. John D.—Beaver Dam—Elec Engr—Engr Exp, Motion Pic Prog. Chm—WHMA—MHA Radio Cb, Pres. Film Comm Chm, Photog Cb— Spooner Hse, Treas Spevacek, Tohn E.—Two Rivers—Speech—Scabbard and Blade—Wis Players—Phi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chm Spindler, Wayne H.—Rothschild—Elec Engr—Tf Wausau—Noyes Hse, Pres. Asst Soc Chm Spitzer, Tames A.—Milwaukee—Art—Octopus—New Idea—Phi Sigma Delta Sprineer, Katherine A.—Middletown. Ohio—Bact— Hoofers Outing Cb. Riding Cb—Union Soc Comm, Folk Fiesta—Willison Hse. AWS Rep—Ellsworth H=e, ISA Ren. Tntramural Mgr Staab, Donald C.—Waukesha—Ag Engr—-ASAE. Pres. Sec—ASME—Society of Automotive Engr— Delta Theta Sigma. Treas Stadelmann, Douglas H.—Milwaukee—Civ Engr— Tf UWM—ASCE—ASME, V-Pres—Wesley Foundation Sfadler. Robert T.—Tanesville—Elec Engr—Tf PlntteiJIle—Sailing Cb—ATEE—Newman Cb— Catholic Coon Fating Cb. Treas Stafbn. Pari H.—Mountain—Chem Engr—Tf UWM —ATCHE—MHA Cab Rep—Siebecker Hse, V-Pres Stahl, Doria D.—Sheboygan—Mus—Eliz Waters IT, Soc Chm—A Cappella Choir—Univ Chorus—Sigma Alnha Tota Stainhofer, Deanna M.—Bloomington—Span—Elizabeth Waters Comm Co-Ord—Wesley Foundation Span Club Staley, Phyllis E.—Oconomowoc—Child Dev— Women’s Chorus—Eliz Waters, Service Chm, Judicial Chm. Exec Coun Stamps, Vivian A.—Chicago. 111.—Occ Ther—Occ Ther Cb—Eliz Waters, Mothers’ Weekend Comm, Tr-Sr Banquet Comm Stanley, Dean P.—Milwaukee—Mech Engr—Tf UWM—ASME—ASTE—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Staral, Eileen A.—Baston—El Ed—Pax Romana— Jr Orchesis—Campus Carn—YGOP—Badger Block —Slichter Chorus. Tournament of Song Starkweather, Peter E.—Madison—Mech Engr— Delta Tau Delta 476Stassin, Daphne N.—Monroe—Hist Stassi, Jack J.—Madison—Econ Stauner, Ramana E.—Wausau—Psych—Tf Wausau—Hoofers, Riding, Sailing, Skiing—Soph Honors—Badger Block—WSA Pers Comm—Union Gallery Comm—Homecoming Promo Comm—AWS Big Sister Prog—Newman Cb Stebbins, Ronald S.—Madison—Econ—Tf U of Colo —DMS—Pershing Rifles Steele, Ann L.—Lodi—Home Ec—Hoofers Riding Cb, Pres, V-Pres Steenson, Kathryn M.—Madison—El Ed—Union Hse Comm—Union Open Use—Gen Co-Clim Fall Open Hse—Chm Decorations—AWS Big Sister— LSA, Chm Arrangements Spring Retreat—WRA Bowling—Scheders—Alpha Xi Delta Steigman, Judith W.—Chicago, 111.—Home Ec—Phi Upsilon Omicron—Union Crafts Comm—Home Ec High School Day Guide—Eutlienics—Villa Maria, Sec, Jud Bd Chm—Sigma Delta Tau Stein, Martin F.—Madison—Pharm—Tf UWM— WPhS—Phi Sigma Delta Stein, Sandra T.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf UWM— —W Phi Soc—Kappa Epsilon—Pharm School Paper, Reporter Steinberg, Deborah I.—BalaCynwyd, Pa.—Soc— Film Comm—Curriculum Comm—Alpha Epsilon Phi, Rush Couns Steinberg, Suzanne E.—Appleton—Med Tech—Alpha Delta Theta, Corr Sec—AWS State Meet Comm—Alpha Gamma Delta, Rec Sec Steindorf, Ronald K.—Sun Prairie—Pers Man— MIT A Cab—Arnold Air Soc, Sec—Ochsner Hse, Treas—Theta Chi, Pres Stephens. Charles J.—Mexico City. Mex.—Hist— Intrl Cb. Dance Time Chm—ILS Coun—Forum Comm—Theater Comm—Wis Liberal Cb, Sec— Kronshage Library Comm—Hoofers Stephens, Stephen L — Stoughton—Phy Ed—W Cb, V-Pres—Basketball Stephenson, John N.—Cedarburg—Econ—Gen Welfare Comm Chm—Safety Serv Comm Chm—Stud Wk Guide—Basketball—Chi Psi, Sec. Pres Stephenson, Nancy L.—Madison—Journ. Adv—Co-ronto, Rec Sec—Campus Red Cross Blood Drive Chm Stephenson, Roger T.—Manitowoc—Fin—Fin Soc— Siema Alpha Epsilon Stephenson, Theodore E.—Madison—Civ Engr— Mitchell Airmen, Capt—Arnold Air Soc, Prog Chm—ASCE Stettler, Calvin A.—Fountain City—Mech Engr— United Stud Fellowship—ASME—Gregory Hse, Treas. Sec Stevens, Elizabeth H.—Elmhurst. 111.—Phv Ed— Pi Lambda Theta—PEM Ed—UN Del—Phy Ed Cb. Bd V-Pres. Pres Stiefel, John L.—Milwaukee—Mech Engr—Tf UWM —Soc Student Engr—ASME—Gamma Delta Stock. Garfield R.—Manitowoc—Ag—Tf Manitowoc —FFA Treas, V-Pres Stofflet, Arthur G.—Milwaukee—Fin—Tf UWM— Alpha Kappa Psi—Vet Cb—Fin Soc Stoiber, James G.—Marshfield—Pharm—Tf UWM— Kappa Psi Stokes. Orville P.—Rice Lake—Dairv Tnd—Dairy Sei Cb Stolzman. William F.—Marshfield—Physics—Tf Loras Coll—Mixed Chorus—Men’s Glee Cb—Drama Cb Stover, Jacaueline A—Marblehead, Mass.—Hist— Union Pub Rel Comm—YGOP—Ann Emery, Pres, Soc Chm Stowers. Caroline M.—Portage—Home Ec Ed—Omicron Nu, Pres—Phi Upsilon Omicron. Rec Sec— Eutlienics—Concert Band—Zoe Bayliss Hse, Bd of Dir Strang, David J.—Grantsburg—Med Sci—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—MHA Ed and Scholar Comm—Swenson Hse. Ed Chm Strang, William A.—Madison—Market—Phi Eta Sigma—Greek Newsletter Staff—IF, Treas—Frat Buyers Co-on, V-Pres—NDTA—Market Cb—Chi Phi, Treas. V-Pres, Hist, Hse Mgr Strange, Robert F.—Milwaukee—Acct—Phi Beta Kappa—Beta Gamma Siema—Phi Eta Sigma— Soph Honors—YGOP. V-Pres. Sec Stratton, Sally I.—Waupaca—Occ Ther—AWS Fashion Show, Clothing Chm—Stud Guide—Calvary, Pub Comm—Alpha Chi Omega, Hist, Libr, Asst Pan-ITel Rep, 2nd V-Pres, Co-decorations Chm, Sr Swingout Rep Strauss, Jon C.—Frenchtown. N. J.—Elec—Phi Eta Sigma—Soph Honors—Eta Kappa Nu—Alpha Tau Omega. V-Pres, Rushing Chm, IF Rep Strey, Marshall E.—Beaver Dam—Acct—Calvary— Ins Soc—Fin Soc—Alpha Kappa Psi Stringer, William R.—Clinton, Iowa—Elec Engr— Hoofer, Sailing Cb—AIEE—IRE—Newman Cb— Kappa Eta Kappa. Soc Chm Strommen, Norton D.—Brodhead—Meteor—Tf Luther College—AMS Strutt, Thomas L.—Ridgeway—Ag Engr—Pershing Rifles Strye, LeRoy C.—Two Rivers—Market—Market Cb —Fin Soc—Hoofers—Stud Market Inst—Delta Sigma Pi. Hist, Sec, Soc Chm, Homecoming Chm, Campus Carn Stubenrauch, Phillip E.—Sheboygan—Med Sci—Phi Chi Stuhr, Marion E.—Milwaukee—Tf Milwaukee—Eta Kappa Lambda—Eliz Waters, Treas, Pres—Women’s Tnterhall Coun, Pres—Student Senate Stuller, Joyce A.—Wauwatosa—Phy Ed—Tf UWM —Phy Ed Cb—LSA—Cheerleader Stutz, Barbara L.—Fond du Lac—El Ed—Scheders —Badger—Parents Weekend—Presidents Reception Chm—Sr Swingout—Union Hse Comm—Prom Comm—WSA Travel Comm—Campus Carn—Alpha Xi Delta, Union Hse Rep, Historian Suhr, Gary R.—Madison—Speech—Delta Epsilon— WHA, Student Announcer—WMHA, Announcer —Noyes Hse, Pres, V-Pres, Ath Chm Sunahara, Paul I.—Wahiawa Oahu, Hawaii—Zoo Sund, John J.—Viroqua—Agronomy—Tf Luther College—Sigma Nu, Schol Chm, Ath Chm Sundquist, James D.—Niagara—Art—Newman Cb Sviatoslavsky, Olga—Madison—Ling—Soph Honors —Orthodox Stud Fellowship—Russian Polish Cb Swan, Lee M.—Shell Lake—Ag Ed—ISA—Men’s Glee Cb—FFA—Saddle and Sirloin Cb, Pres— Blue Shield-411 Cb, Pres—Little International, Pub Chm—Dairy Cattle Judging Tm—Ag Stud Coun—Babcock Hse, Pres Swanson, Elmer—Kingston—Econ—Trans Soc— SAM—Fin Soc Swanson, Sue K.—Rockford, 111.—Med Tech—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Wis Previews—Soph Honors— Dolphins. Pres, Asst Show Chm—Alpha Delta Theta, Corr Sec, V-Pres—Pi Beta Phi, Schol Chm, Rush Chm. Asst Pledge Trainer Sweet, Beverly H.—Cleveland, Ohio—Home Ec— Gamma Phi Beta Sweet, Gary L.—Madison—Ind Man—Alpha Kappa Psi—SAM—Ins Soc—Provost Corps Swender, Robert R.—Delavan—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi—Badger Block Swisher, Kay—Waupun—Home Ec—Tf Stevens Point—Eutlienics—Cheerleader—Badger Beauty— 626 Kettercr, V-Pres, Soc Chm Swoboda, Jelmer G.—Suring—Mech Engr—Tf Bismarck Jr. College—Newman Cb—SMC Syse, Sanford D.—Blanchardville—Eng—Tf Augsburg Coll—National Coll Players T Tadych, Harold M.—Manitowoc—Acct Taslitz, Jerry—Milwaukee—Econ—Provost Corps— Phi Sigma Delta Tatham, Jane B.—Glencoe, 111.—Sec Ed—Tf Univ of Colorado—Daily Cardinal Feature Writer— Kappa Kappa Gamma Taylor, Susan R.—Brookfield—Occ Ther—Tf UWM —Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Occ Ther Cb—Badger Block—Hoofers Riding Cb, Sailing Cb—Eliz Waters, Dining Room Comm Temkin, Robert H.—Milwaukee—Speech—Tf Univ of Iowa—Union Hse Comm, PR Comm, Hse Rep, Ushers, Play Circle Tenckhoff, Thomas R.—Pewaukee—Fin—Fin Soc Tennant, David P.—Racine—Econ—Tf Racine— SAM—Fin Soc—MHA Ath Comm, Sec Tenpas, Bruce G.—Vesper—Elec Engr—Tf Central State Coll—AIEE Tepper. Richard I.—Milwaukee—Mech Engr—SAE —ASME—Phi Sigma Delta Teschendorf, Thomas J.—Madison—Eng—Tf UWM —UW Flying Cb, Director—Football Theisen, Robert J.—Branch—Client Engr—Tf Manitowoc—Amer Inst Chem Engr Thelen, Arthur R.—Campbellsport—Chem Engr Thiede, Edwin C.—Muscoda—Elec Engr—TRE—La-Follette Hse. V-Pres—MHA Chorus—Freshman Basketball, Mgr Thomas, Anne M.—Westbrook. Maine—Eng—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Crucible—Phi Kappa Phi—Mortar Bd—WSA, Fall Retreat Chm. Leadership and Partic Comm Chm, Stud Serv Dept—NSAR Regional V-Pres of Stud Affairs—SLTC Living Conditions and Hygiene. Chm—Pan-TTel Counseling, Chm—Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chm, ITumor-ology Chm Thomas, Charles W.—Oshkosh—Civ Engr—Phi Eta Siema—Chi Epsilon—Tau Beta Pi—Iron Cross— ASCE—WSA. Fr Participation Prog—New Stud Wk—IF, V-Pres—Basketball—Delta Upsilon, V-Pres Thomas, Tane E.—Kenosha—Math—Tf Kenosha— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Eliz Waters, Asst Jud Chm Unit TTT, Jr-Sr Banquet Comm—Badger Ol ympics Thomas. Lloyd H.—Milwaukee—Ins—Alpha Kappa Psi—Tns Soc Thompson. David J.—Prairie Farm—Biocliem— Track—Cross Country—Theta Delta Chi Thompson, Douglas C.—Scarsdale, N. Y.—Eng Thompson, Karen J.—Austin. Minn.—Home Ec—Tf St. Olaf Coll—Lutheran Stud Assoc—Eutlienics —AWS Stvle Show Comm—Badger Block Thompson, Thayer D.—Milwaukee—Hist, Speech— Men’s Glee Cb. Pres—Haresfoot, V-Pres, Pres— Wis Players—Theta Delta Chi Thomsen, Glenn C.—Watertown—Poultry—Ag Stud Coun—Poultry Cb—Freshman Football—Alpha Gamma Rho Thorpe, Ernest J., Jr.—Delavan—Econ—Trans Cb— MITA Chorus—Hunting, Fishing Cb Thorstad, Ronald C.—Madison—Fin—Scabbard and Blade—Haresfoot—Delta Tau Delta Ticknor, Franklin D.—Port Edwards—Chem Engr —Newman Cb—Hoofers, Ski Cb—Engr Exposition Tilley, Richard J.—Milwaukee—Hist—Track—Football—Phi Gamma Delta, Historian, Rush Chm, Corr Sec Tisdale, Sally A.—Madison—El F.d—770 Dec Comm —Union Film Comm—Badger Block Comm—AWS Style Show Comm, Big Sister—Stud Guide—Kappa Delta. Rushing Chm Tishler, William H.—Baileys Harbor—Landscape Arch—ASCE—Landscape Council Ring—Univ Chorus—Union Soc Comm—IF Comm—Sigma Nu, Pledge Pres, Soc Chm Toal, Marjorie A.—McFarland—Sp Corr—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Phi Kappa Phi—Pi Lambda Theta —Mortar Bd—Soph Honors—Badger Block—Design Chm, General Chm—Campus Carn, Pub Chm —Humorology, Prom Chm—Sr Swingout—Invit Chm—Homecoming Prom Chm—Badger Block, Sec—Univ Symphony Orch—Alpha Xi Delta, Pres Toan, John—Sao Paulo, Brasil—Elec Engr—Tf Ecole Des Travaux Publics, Paris—A1EE-IRE— Gregory Hse, Pres Toman, Neil j.—Milwaukee—Philo—Tf Ripon— Flying Cb, V-Pres, Sec—Sigma Nu Torgerson, Francis V.—Muscoda—Dairy Ind—Cardinal Circ Mgr-—Babcock Dairy Sci Cb—Ag-ITonie Ec Chorus—Babcock Hse, Soc Chm Torphy, Daniel E.—Madison—Med Sci—Phi Eta Sigma—Card—Wis Players—Theta Delta Chi Towne, Charles E.—Adell—Sed Nat Sci—Badger Block—Sigma Phi. Treas, L'nion Rep Toyama, Ralph M.—Wailuku Niaui, Hawaii—Chem Engr—AICE Tranmal, George A.—Washburn—Mech Engr— ASME Trantow, Pamela R.—Merrill—Elem Ed—Scheders —Treas, Zoe Bayliss Hse Travers, Thomas G.—Mayville—Econ—Fin Soc, Exec V-Pres—Delta Sigma Pi, Jr V-Pres Trebatoski, Anthony T.—Stevens Point—Chem Engr—Tf Central St Coll—Faville Hse Paper, Co-Editor Trebatoski, Fred A.—Madison-—Per Manag—Newman Cb—Am Chem Soc, Treas—Manag Soc— Spooner, Ath Chm—Faville, Ath Chm, Pres Treger, Gerald—Brooklyn, N. Y.—Econ—Baseball —Alpha Epsilon Trewartha, Dan—Madison—Mech Engr—ASME— Wis Hoofers, Ski Cb Trimble, Susannah B.—Madison—Eng—WSA Secretariat—Union Hse Conim, Summer Chm—Union Directorate—Asst to Union Pres—New Stud Guide—Sr Swingout—Chi Omega Trine, Joe A.—Dodgeville—Acct—Beta Alpha Psi Tucker, Burton S.—Weehawken, N. T.—Tf Washington Coll—ITuniorologi—Campus Carn—Univ Chorus—Zeta Beta Tau Tucker, Nancy G.—Omaha. Neb.—El Ed—Tf U of Nebraska—Pi Lambda Theta—Alpha Phi, Soc Chm. Song Chm Turk, Howard R.—Madison—Comm Turner, Lloyd L.—Boscobel—Civ Engr Twetten, Harlan R.—Milltown—Adv—LSA—Pi Kappa Alpha Twiss, Margo L.—Kankakee, 111.—Eng—Daily Cardinal—AWS. Wiscetiquette. Co-ed Wk Publication. MERC Dance Promo Chm, Exec Coun, Activities Chm, Fashion Revue Script Chm—-Badger Olympics Arrange Comm—Greek Wk Banquet Chm—Pan-IIel. Rush Book Asst Editor—WSA, Homecoming Comm, Stud Guide. Freshman Participation Prog Group T-dr. Leadership Training Prog Chm—Gamma Phi Beta, Asst Rush Chm Tvler, Nancy L.—Pronhetstown. Til.—Psych—Tf Univ of Colorado—Gamma Phi Beta, Standards Chm u Uebele, June—Burlington—Home Ec—Gamma Phi Beta Uhlmeyer, Judith A.—Madison—Med Tech—Alpha Delta Theta—Newman Cb Underwood, Mary K.—Madison—Amer Inst—USF —MHA Commons Comm, Sec—Slichter Hall, Chorus. Floor Chm, Act Co-ordinator Unger, Myrna H.—Rego Park, N. Y.—Psych—Tf New York Univ—Union Gallery Comm—Pub Rel Comm—Folk Arts Soc Usher, Gretchen E.—Madison—Home Ec Ed—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Omicron Nu. V-Pres—Badger—Lutheran Stud Assoc—Phi Upsilon Omicron—Prof Pan-ITel—Union Hse Comm— Alpha Xi Delta, Hist V Vanasse, Leonard W.—Spring Valley—Civ Engr— Tf River Falls—ASCE Vance, Judith A.—Elm Grove—Occ Ther—Tf UWM —Alpha Phi Vandelist. Gary A.—Spring Valley—Pharm—Phi Sigma Kappa Vandenberg, Lyle L.—Kaukauna—Pharm—WPliSoc —WPhA—Lambda Chi Alpha, Steward, Pledge Trainer. Pres Van De Plasch, Richard—Menomonee Falls—Bus Ad—Tf Marquette—Badger, Promo Direc—Newman Cb—Prom Com, Enter Guild—Campus Carn Comm—Kappa Sigma, V-Pres, Soc Chm, Prom Skit Chm, Humorology Co-Chm Comm Vander Meulen, Judith E.—Madison—Hist—Phi Beta Kappa-—Phi Kappa Phi—Mortar Bd—Crucible—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Union Placement Chm—Union Directorate Sec—SLIC Frat Org and Soc Life, Chm—Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chm Vanish, Judith A.—Pound—Amer Inst—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Mortar Bd—Phi Beta Kappa—Phi Kappa Phi—Eta Kappa Lambda— Stud Guide—Leadership Participation Com Chm —Hse Pres Workshops—Elections Commis Exec Sec—Chi Omega, V-Pres—Eliz Waters Unit IV Store Rep. Disc Leader Dorm Leadership Conf Van Slyke, William T.—Spring Green—Agr Ed—Tf Platteville Varland, Shirley C.—Morris, 111.—Econ—Union Danskeller, Chm—Union Soc Comm—AWS Big Sister Comm—AWS Fashion Show Comm—Zeta Phi Eta—Pledge Pres Coun—Sigma Kappa, Treas, Pan-ITel Rep, Pledge Pres 477Vasquez, Gabriel—Barranquilla, Colombia—Elec Engr—Tf Colorado School of Mines—A1EE— MCA—Latin-American Assoc Vechinski, Patricia A.—Port Edwards—Med Tech —Alpha Delta Theta—Newman Cb—Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas—Barnard, Jud Coun Velasco, Irene L.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Tf UWM— Rho Chi—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—VVis Pharm Soc —Kappa Epsilon Venzke, Gene A.—Waukesha—Elec Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi—Eta Kappa Nu Verkuilen, James P.—Appleton—Act Sci—Ins Soc— Newman Cb Verkuilen, William M.—Hatley—Mech Engr and Ag—Tf River Falls—Alpha Zeta—Pi Tau Sigma— Tau Beta Pi—Newman Cb—Am Soc of Ag Engr— ASME Vickery, Patricia G.—Suamico—Child Dev—Tf Green Bay—Union Soc Bd—Union Summer Soc Chm—Transfer Stud Guide—AWS—Union Ball, Decor Chm Vielie, Sheldon M.—Milwaukee—Pharm—Ilillel— Phi Sigma Delta Vinson, David E.—Milwaukee—Rec—Union Hse Comm—Delta Upsilon, Sec Vlies, Lloyd E.—New Franken—Mech Engr—Tf Milw School of Engr—Tau Beta Pi—Soc Automotive Engr—ASME—Newman Cb Vogel, Thomas A.—Milton Junction—Geol—Geol Cb—Hoofers, Archery—Badger Block von dem Knesebeck, Sabine M.—Scarsdale, N. Y.— Exper Foods—Tf Pratt Institute—UN Comm, Treas—Interntl Rel Comm—Alpha Phi—Carroll Hall, Treas Von Ende, Zoe—Superior—Journ—Tf Superior—Cardinal, News Editor—Coranto, Arrang Chm—German Cb Vorlop, Frederic C.—Randolph—Hist—Provost Corps—Theta Delta Chi Voss, Dennis G.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Tf UWM —AIEE—Badger Block—Swenson Hse, Pres, Floor Chm W Waddell, Ronald D.—Madison—Mech Engr—ASME SAE Wagenheim, Allan Jay—Brooklyn—Pol Sci—Octopus Bus Staff—JSWF Chm—Phi Sigma Delta Soc Chm, Sec Wagner, Eugene R.—Madison—Chem—Phi Eta Sigma—Phi Lambda Upsilon—Phi Kappa Phi—Phi Beta Kappa—AChS, V-Pres—Ev United Brethren Stud Fellowship, Pres—Tarrant Hse, Soc Chm, Sec-Treas Wagner, Verna C.—Sterling, 111.—Speech Corr—Tf Mary Baldwin—Sigma Alpha Eta—Stud Serv and Welfare Comm—New Stud Wk Guide—Freshman Leadership and Participation Gp Ldr—Pan-Hel, Sec—Delta Delta Delta, Soc Chm Wai, Kee-neng—Causeway Bay, Hong Kong— Pharm—MHA Ed, Schol Com—Chinese Stud Assoc, V-Pres—Botkin Hse, V-Pres, Ed Chm Walden, Hazel M.—Madison—Journ—Coranto, Corres Sec Waldman, Frederick J.—Janesville—Hist—Union Entertainers Guild—Union Soc Comm—Campus Carn, Buttons Comm—Mock UN Conf—Wesley Found—Kappa Sigma Walk, Kermit H.—Cleveland—Prod Manag—Tf UWM—SAM Walker, James D.—Beloit—Min Engr—-Tf Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst—Theta Xi, Alpha Chpt Walker, Robert E.—Janesville—Min Engr—Tf St. Thomas Coll—Mining and Metal Cb—Phi Kappa Waller, Thomas R.—Elmwood Park, 111.—Geol— Soph Honors, Sr Honors—Badger Ed Staff—Badger Bd of Control, Pres—Univ Symph Orch—Geol Cb—YGOP—Alpha Delta Phi, Treas, Pres Walley, Janet F.—Milwaukee—Speech Corr—Sigma Alpha Eta—Stud Guide—Rush Couns—Homecoming Comm—Prom Comm—Campus Carn—Alpha Gamma Delta Walsdorf, William J.—St. Anna—Zoo—Tf Oshkosh Walter, James E. Wauwatosa—Mech Engr—ASME —Theta Delta Chi Walz, Frederick S.—Crown Point, Ind.—Math— Pres Hse, Deacon—UW Band—Lambda Chi Alpha, Corr Sec Wandrey, Mary J.—Green Bay—Home Ec Ed—Phi Omicron Upsilon—Badger Cb—Squire Hse, Soc Chm—Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Sec, Exec Coun, Asst Rush Chm. Scrapbook Chm Wanek, Gerald J.—Milwaukee—Math—Tf UWM— Phi Eta Sigma—MHA Ed and Schol Comm, Pers Comm, Chm—Scabbard and Blade. V-Pres—LSA —New Stud Wk Guide—Conover Hse, Activities Chm, Homecoming Chm, Campus Carn Chm Wanke, William L.—Athens—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma—ASME Warden, Eugene B.—Rhinelander—Econ Warren, Richard H.—Kenosha—Sec Ed—Tf Kenosha Watson, James S.—Madison—Anthro—Alpha Phi Omega—Inti Cb Watson, Jane E.—Oshkosh—El Ed—New Stud Wk Guide—AWS Style Show Pub—Alpha Phi, Rush Chm—Barnard Hall, Jud Coun, Homecoming Chm Watson, Lloyd—Madison—German—Tf Platteville —German Cb, Pres Watson, Suzana—Madison—Psych—German Cb— ISA, Human Rel Comm Watts, Thomas D.—Random Lake—Met Engr—Tf Green Bay—Alpha Sigma Mu—W Cb—ASM-A1MME—Swimming—MHA Cabinet Rep—High Hse, V-Pres Waugh, Donovan L.—Poynette—Soils—Phi Eta Sigma—Men’s Glee Cb, V-Pres—Wesley Found Waugh, Elgin E.—Arlington—An Husb—UW Meat and Livestock Judg Tm—Wis Flying Cb—Cardinal Band Weadock, James J.—Lima, Ohio—Intrl Rel—Newman Cb—French Cb—Spanish Cb—Delta Tau Delta, V-Pres Weavers, Mark W.—Madison—Elec Engr—Union Pub Rel Comm—Art Comm—IF Coun—Delta Upsilon, Sec and Fin Chm Weber, Ruth J.—Shaker Heights, Ohio—Hist—Tf Sullins Coll—WSA UN Comm—Leadership and Participation Comm Webber, Frances J.—Madison—Art Ed—Union Gal Comm Webber, Janis A.—Madison—Mus Ed—Concert Band—Symph Orch, V-Pres—A Cappella—Mus School Stud Coun—LSA, Choir Webster, Colin T.—Madison—Com—Market Cb— Ins Soc—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Weckel, Marilyn—Elmhurst, 111.—Music Ed—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Phi Kappa Phi —Prom Pub Comm—AWS Fashion Show—New Stud Guide—Univ Chorus—Univ Orch, Sec—Band —Tourn of Song, Co-Chm—Univ Woodwind Ensemble—Sigma Alpha Iota, Usher Chm—Alpha Chi Omega, Song Chm, Treas, Pres Wedeking, Russell F.—LaCrosse—Com—Tf La-Crosse—Fin Soc—RELA—Com Bd—Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas Wefel, Walter G.—Wisconsin Rapids—Acct—Phi Eta Sigma—Dist IV Stud Senator—IF Rush Chm —Kappa Sigma Weidenfeller, James W.—Blanchardville—Chem Engr—Tf Platteville—Newman Cb—Am Inst Chem Engr Weinke, Donald C.—Fond du Lac—Mech Engr— ASME—SAE—SAM—WSA. Leadership and Participation, Group Chm—Greek Week—Campus Carn—IF Investigations Comm, Co-Chm—Delta Upsilon, Pledge Trainer, V-Pres Weinzimmer, Judith A.—River Forest, 111—El Ed— Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Pi Lambda Theta—Kappa Kappa Gamma, Asst Rush Chm, Treas Weisberger, William S.—Akron—Econ—Phi Beta Kappa—Ins Soc—Union PR Comm—All-Campus PR, Chm—Pi Lambda Phi Weiss, Joel B.—Milwaukee—Elec Engr—Tf UWM —Stud Gov Rep—Men’s Glee Cb—Stud Engr Soc —AIEE—IRE Weiss, Karen J.—Racine—Acct—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Soph Honors—Phi Chi Theta, Treas—Eliz Waters, Serv Chm Weiss, Peter—Madison—Psych—Sigma Chi Weitz. Charles D.—Richmond Hill, N. Y.—Civ Engr -ASCE, Sec Welch, Gerald A.—Elkhorn—Dairy Ind—Tf LaCrosse—Glee Cb—Football—Theta Chi Weldin, Carole A.—Chicago, 111.—Eng—Prom Pub —Entertainers Guild—Alpha Phi, Pub and PR Chm, Asst Soc Chm Wendt, John F.—Racine—Chem Engr—ATCliE, Pres—Soph Honors—Kappa Sigma—YMCA, Cab, Pres, Chm Campus Carn Comm Wendte, James C.—Madison—Mech Engr—Pi Tau Sigma Werner, Charles E.—Milwaukee—Chem Engr Werrbach, Bonita J.—Madison—Art Ed—Delta Gamma Werth, John A.—Madison—An Husb—Sigma Phi, Pres Wesenberg, Richard L.—Madison—Med Sci—Phi Eta Sigma—USF, Rec Chm—Sailing Cb—Wesley Found—Three Sonares. Soc and Rules Comm— Acacia. Pledge Sec—Phi Chi Westphal, Fred T.—Janesville—Prod Mgt—SAM— Harlan Rogers Award—LSA—W Cb—Badger Block—Swimming, Cant—Stud Ath Bd, Pres— Kappa Sigma, Pledge Pres, V-Pres Westphal. Robert G.—Brandon—Mech Engr—ASME —Soc of Auto Engrs Wetzler, Barbara C.—Nisdale, 111.—Span—Span Cb —Scheders Weyenberg, Sandra—Milwaukee—Acct—Phi Chi Theta—Ilillel—Sr Swingout—UN Conf—Villa Maria, Treas, Jud Bd—Sigma Delta Tau. Treas Wheeler, Tames F.—Oshkosh—Speech—Tf Oshkosh —Stud Coun, V-Pres, Pres, Oshkosh—Newman Cb—Tennis Wheeler, Oliver F.—Kenosha—Com—Tf Long Beach State, Long Beach City, Kenosha, Racine—Tau Kappa Epsilon White, Tanet L.—Vandalia. TIL—Phv Ther—Phy Ther Cb, Sec—Theta Chi Dream Girl—Gamma Phi Beta. Pledging Chm White, Mary B.—River Forest. 111.—Span—Sigma Delta Pi—Summer Union, V-Pres—Pub Rel Chm —AWS Fashion Show Model—Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pres, Act Chm Whitney, William D.—Hartford—Elec Engr—Engr Exp Widmoyer, James R.—LaCrosse—Met Engr—Alpha Sigma Mu—ATME—ASM—Am Foundrymen’s Soc Pres—Pi Kappa Alpha Pledge Trainer Wiener, William S.—Milwaukee—Labor Mgt— NDTA—Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sentinel, Corr Sec, Master Wiesen, Ernest J.—Mineral Point—Elec Engr—Eta Kappa Nu—Tau Beta Pi—AIEE Wigglesworth, Walter A.—Dane—Dairy Husb-y-Wis Country Mag. Photo Editor—Saddle and Sirloin Cb—Badger Crops and Soils Cb. Sgt-at-Arms— Blue Shield-411 Cb—UW Flying Cb, Inc, Sec, V-Pres—Alpha Gamma Rho, Report Wilbur, Charles J.—Chippewa Falls—Food Tech— Food Tech Cb—IFT—Ag Stud Coun—Newman Cb Wiletsky, Bruce R.—Oconomowoc—Psych Wiley, Bette J.—Soldiers Grove—Comm—Tf Carroll Coll—Market Cb—Union Hse Comm—AWS Fashion Show—Hoofers—Delta Zeta, Hse Pres, Hist Wilke, Martin R.—Brandon—Naval Sci—NROTC Pistol Tm, Drill Tm—Mil Ball Exec Officer Wilkey, Richard L.—Green Bay—Met Engr—Amer Soc for Metals—Amer Inst Mining—Newman Cb —Sigma Phi Epsilon Wilking, Werner E.—Madison—Mark—Mark Cb— W Cb—Track Williams, Marion J.—Blanchardville—Home Ec Ed —Altar Guild, St. Francis Hse—Euthenics—Ag-Horne Ec Chorus Williams, Michael C.—Waukesha—Chem Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Tau Beta Pi, V-Pres—Phi Lambda Upsilon—AICE Williams, Sidney B.—Little Rock, Ark—Chem Engr —W Cb, Treas—Football—Alpha Phi Alpha Willke, Carl L.—Anchor, 111.—Ins—LSA, Fin Sec —Badger Block—Ins Soc Wilms, William H.—Madison—Sec Ed—Tf Mena-sha Wilson, Hubert H.—Two Rivers—Pharm—Phi Eta Sigma—Concert Band—Marching Band—Turner Hse, Ath Chm—Tau Kappa Epsilon Wilson, Kline R.—Green Bay—Elec Engr—Phi Eta Sigma—Eta Kappa Nu—Mace—Soph Honors— Badger Amateur Radio Soc—Swimming, Co-Capt —All-American Swimming Tm Wimmer, Joseph E.—'Watertown—Acct—St. Francis Hse—Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Pres Windsor, James H.—Milwaukee—Mech Engr—Tf Yale—Pi Tau Sigma, V-Pres—Tau Beta Pi— ASME—Beta Theta Pi Wineberg, Joel M.—Chicago, TU.—Market—Cardinal—NDTA—Humorology, Fin Chm—Union Soc Comm—Pi Lambda Phi, Treas, Hse Mgr, Asst Treas Winston, Judith W.—Lockport, 111.—Diet—Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pres—Mortar Bd—NSA—USF, Corr Sec—State USF—Ellsworth Hse, Pres Winter, Ellen J.—Plymouth—Merchandising—Wesley' Found—Euthenics Winter, Evelyn R.—Chicago, 111.—Span—Span Cb— French Cb—Alpha Epsilon Phi Winter, John M.—Antigo—Civ Engr—ASCE—Delta Upsilon Winter, Ralph E.—Catawba—Journ—Tf Eau Claire —Pi Delta Epsilon Winter, Richard D.—Oshkosh—Mech Engr—Tf Oshkosh—Navy and Mil Ball Design and Decor Chm —Oschner, Pres, V-Pres Wirth, Rudolph F.—Kenosha—Mech Engr—ASME —SAE—Fallows Hse, Ath Chm—Bryan Hse, Ath Chm Wisiol, Klaus H.—Stevens Point—Com—Fin Soc— Mark Cb—Theta Delta Chi Wisner, Julie C.—Rockford, 111.—Home Ec Ed— Badger, Stud Gov Editor, Bus Staff—SLIC Pub Comm—New Stud Wk Co-Chm, Guide—Union Summer Soc Chm—Stud Resp Comm—Wis Previews—Phi Upsilon Omicron—Langdon Hall, V-Pres—Delta Gamma Witte, Glenn E.—Madison—Elec Engr—Tf Syracuse Univ—IRE Witte, Robert O.—Cottage Grove—Am Inst—Provost Corps—Univ Marching Band—Univ Concert Band—Humorology—Crew—Chi Psi Witthoft, Barbara J.—Arlington Heights, 111.— Spanish—Tf Beloit—Spanish Cb—UN Comm— Humorology—Alpha Chi Omega, Homecoming Chm, Campus Carnival Chm, Mag Chm Wivel, Bette-Jo—Madison—El Ed—Badger, Copy Staff, Sr Section Editor—Scheders—Chi Omega, Humorology Skit Chm, Rush Chm W hlford. Duane D.—Wausau—Geol—Tf Wausau— Newman Cb—Hoofers, Outing Cb—Geol Cb Wohlford, John R.—River Forest, 111.—Econ—Daily Card, Asst Circu Manag—IF Pub Rel Comm—Fin Soc—Basketball—Phi Gamma Delta Wolff, James F.—Arbor Vitae—Elec Engr—Tau Beta Pi—Eta Kappa Nu Wollinka, Jerome E.—Wauwatosa—Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chm, Soc Chm, Activities Chm Wong, Mary—Beloit—El Ed—Mortar Bd, V-Pres— —ILS Council—Scheders, Sec—Zoe Bayliss Hse, Floor Chm Wright, Gerald E.—Madison—Eng—Daily Cardinal Staff—Crew Wrobleski, Raymond A.—Rocky River, Ohio—Com —Homecoming Buttons Comm. Chm—Humorology Prog Comm. Chm—IF Ath Comm—Prom Rep— Union Rep—Prom Elections Comm—Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Warden, Chaplain, Sr Council, Ath Chm, Herald Wudell. Victor R.—Kenosha—Elec Engr—Tf Kenosha—IRE Wuest, Mary E.—Oshkosh—Home Ec—Tf Oshkosh —Newman Cb—Blue Shield—Euthenics Wyatt, Judith K.—Fond du Lac—Econ—Sigma Epsilon Sigma—Sigma Delta Pi—Phi Kappa Phi— Phi Beta Kappa—New Stud Guide—Parents Weekend Comm—Prom, Fin Chm—Eliz Waters, Serv icc Chm—Alpha Phi Wyngaard, Michael J.—Madison—Market—Soph Honors—TLS Coun—NDTA—Market Cb—Theta Delta Chi Y Yocco, Frederick E.—Racine—Market—Tf Racine— SAM—Market Cb—Richardson Hse, Soc Chm Young, Allan W.—Beloit—Geog—Pershing Rifles 4782 Zahour, Charlotte E.—Wauwatosa—Music—Sigma Alpha Iota—Women’s Chorus Zander, Karla—Washington, D. C.—Hist—WSA Secretariat, Asst WSA Pres—SL1C Music Sub-Comm—Badger Party—Sr Swingout, Invit Comm —New Stud Wk Exec Sec—Pan-Hel Rush Mech Chm, Rush Coun, Orch—Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres, Editor Zander, Neal C.—Cross Plains—Econ Zarnstorff, William C.—Lake Geneva—Elec Engr— AIEE-IRE Zastrow, William L.—Wausau—Psych—Tf Wausau —Cal Luth Stud Center Ziegler, Walter A.—West Bend—Geol and Anthro —Forensics—Geol Cb—MHA Film Comm—Bash-ford Hse, Pres, V-Pres, Sec-Treas Zielesch, Donald W.—Wausau—Labor Rel—SAM, Pres—Ins Soc Ziolkowski, Donald J.—Wausau—Com—Tf Wausau —SAM, Prog Comm—Badger Vets Zillmann, Richard D.—Eau Claire—Acct—Newman Cb—Tripp Hall Blood Drive Chm—Delta Sigma Pi, Treas Zimmermann, Polly M.—Watertown—Occ Ther— Sailing Cb—Country Mag Bd—International Cb, Pub Chm—Gamma Phi Beta Zwerg, Charles A.—Madison—Psych—MHA Chorus —Tau Kappa Epsilon—Showerman Hse, Sec, V-Pres 479Organizations Index Page Number A Capella Choir.................................249 Acacia..........................................373 Agricultural Economics Society..................205 Agricultural Student Council....................200 AIEE—IRE .......................................216 Alpha Chi Omega.................................357 Alpha Chi Rho...................................374 Alpha Delta Phi.................................376 Alpha Delta Theta...............................231 Alpha Epsilon Phi...............................358 Alpha Epsilon Pi................................377 Alpha Gamma Delta...............................359 Alpha Gamma Rho.................................378 Alpha Kappa Psi.................................211 Alpha Phi.......................................360 Alpha Phi Alpha.................................406 Alpha Phi Omega.................................207 Alpha Tau Omega.................................379 Alpha Xi Delta..................................361 Alpha Zeta......................................194 American Institute of Chemical Engineers........217 American Society of Agricultural Engineers......206 American Society of Civil Engineers.............214 American Society of Mechanical Engineers........215 Anderson House..................................414 Ann Emery.......................................408 Arnold Air Society..............................273 Associated Women Students........................82 Babcock Dairy Science Club......................202 Babcock House...................................414 Badger Beauties.................................136 Badger Christian Fellowship.....................263 Badger Crops Soils............................205 Bahai Youth Group...............................265 Baptist Student Center..........................263 Barnard Hall....................................324 Beta Alpha Psi..................................209 Beta Gamma Sigma................................194 Beta Theta Pi...................................380 Blue Shield—4H..................................201 B’Nai B’rith Hillel Foundation..................264 Calvary Lutheran Student Center.................259 Campus Carnival.................................154 Carroll Hall....................................409 Chi Epsilon.....................................195 Chi Omega.......................................362 Chi Phi.........................................381 Chi Psi.........................................382 Christian Science Organization..................262 Cochrane II ouse................................415 Cole Hall.......................................332 Coronto ........................................222 Crucible .......................................188 480 Daily Cardinal......... David Schreiner House.... Delta Delta Delta...... Delta Gamma............ Delta Sigma Pi......... Delta Tau Delta........ Delta Theta Sigma...... Delta Upsilon.......... Delta Zeta............. Elizabeth Waters Hall.. Eta Kappa Lambda....... Eta Kappa Nu........... Euthenics.............. Evans Scholars......... Fifths of Langdon...... Food Technology Club.. . . Future Farmers of America Gamma Phi Beta......... Gilman House........... Hampton House.......... Haresfoot Club......... Homecoming 1958........ Humorology 1959........ Independent Student Assn. Insurance Society...... Integrated Liberal Studies. Iron Cross.............. Joint Military Board... Kappa Alpha Theta...... Kappa Delta............ Kappa Epsilon.......... Kappa Eta Kappa........ Kappa Kappa Gamma.... Kappa Psi.............. Kappa Sigma............ Ketterer House 620..... Kctterer House 626..... Lake Lawn House........ Lakota House........... Lambda Chi Alpha....... Landscape Council Ring. . . Langdon Hall........... Langdon Manor.......... Law School Council..... Lincoln Lodge.......... Lutheran Student Assn.. . . Mace................... Marketing Club......... Page Number .........238 ........421 ........363 ........364 ........383 ........384 ........385 ........386 .......365 .325 .322 .195 .206 .420 .218 .207 .202 366 421 415 252 .88 132 .84 210 219 187 271 367 368 232 213 369 233 387 416 416 412 417 388 203 410 417 234 418 .258 .191 .211Page Number Men’s Hall Assn................................334 Men’s Hall Stores..............................341 Military Ball..................................144 Mortar Board...................................189 National Defense Transportation Corps..........276 New Idea.......................................244 Newman Club....................................265 Nu Sigma Nu....................................230 Omicron Nu.....................................196 Orchesis ......................................221 Pan Hel Council................................356 Pershing Rifles................................274 Phi Alpha Delta................................235 Phi Beta.......................................224 Phi Beta Kappa.................................186 Phi Chi........................................230 Phi Chi Theta..................................209 Phi Delta Epsilon..............................231 Phi Delta Phi..................................234 Phi Delta Theta................................389 Phi Epsilon Kappa..............................228 Phi Eta Sigma..................................190 Phi Gamma Delta................................390 Phi Kappa......................................391 Phi Kappa Sigma................................407 Phi Mu Alpha...................................226 Phi Sigma Delta................................373 Phi Sigma Kappa................................392 Phi Theta......................................227 Phi Upsilon Omicron............................199 Pi Beta Phi....................................370 Pi Kappa Alpha.................................393 Pi Lambda Phi..................................394 Pi Tau Pi Sigma................................272 Pi Tau Sigma...................................197 Pi Lambda Theta................................196 Polygon Board..................................212 Poultry Club...................................203 Professional Pan Hel...........................222 Presbyterian Student Center....................261 Provost Corps..................................275 Psi Upsilon....................................395 Red Cross......................................270 Rho Chi........................................197 Saddle Sirloin...............................204 St. Francis House..............................262 Scabbard Blade...............................271 Scheders ......................................229 Senior Class Council...........................424 Senior Dolphins................................228 Shepard Hall...................................418 Sigma Alpha Epsilon............................396 Sigma Alpha Eta................................223 Sigma Alpha Iota...............................225 Page Number Sigma Chi........................................397 Sigma Delta Chi..................................221 Sigma Delta Tau..................................371 Sigma Epsilon Sigma..............................192 Sigma Nu.........................................398 Sigma Phi........................................399 Sigma Phi Epsilon................................400 Slichter Hall....................................330 Society for the Advancement of Management........208 Society of American Military Engineers...........274 Society of Automotive Engineers..................215 Society of Mitchell Airmen.......................273 Tabard Inn.......................................419 Tau Beta Id......................................193 Tau Kappa Epsilon................................401 Theta Chi........................................402 Theta Delta Chi..................................403 Theta Sigma Phi..................................198 Theta Tau........................................212 Three Squares Club...............................268 Tower View.......................................411 Transportation Club..............................270 Triangle ........................................404 United Student Fellowship........................264 University Bands.................................245 U. of W. Men’s Glee Club.........................250 U. of W. Student Nurses’ Dorm....................323 University Symphony Orchestra....................248 University Women’s Chorus........................251 Varsity Pistol Team..............................277 Varsity Rifle Team...............................277 Victoria H ouse..................................419 Villa Maria......................................413 W Club...........................................280 Wesley Foundation Student Assn...................260 Wisconsin Badger.................................240 Wisconsin Conservative Club......................269 Wisconsin Engineer Magazine......................236 Wisconsin Forensic Union.........................268 Wisconsin Interfraternity Assn...................372 Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society.................232 Wisconsin Players................................256 Wisconsin Pre-Views..............................182 Wisconsin Student Assn............................72 Women’s Interhall Council........................322 Women’s Physical Education Club..................227 Women’s Recreation Assn..........................220 YMCA.............................................267 YWCA.............................................266 Young Republican Club............................269 Zeta Beta Tau....................................405 Zeta Phi Eta.....................................223 Zoe Bayliss House................................329 481Student Index A Aamodt, R., 349 Aasterud, J., 193, 195, 216 Abbott, B., 190, 373 Abbott, H., 350 Abbott . K„ 364, 408 Abbott, S., 237, 355 Abeles, D., 362, 410 Abendroth, A., 408 Abendroth, K., 333, 334, 335, 368 A be ik, R„ 235 Abert, J., 364 Abing, J., 400 Abler, M„ 216 Abraham, H., 340, 350 Abrahamsen, M., 360 Abrahamson, G., 355 Abrams, B., 415 Abrams, W., 415 Ackerman, E., 211, 368 Ackerman, J., 409 Adams, C., 323, 370 Adams, J., 371, 373 Adams, L., 327 Adams, R., 269, 353 Adams, W., 373 Adamski, C., 209 Adamski, J., 203 Adamson, C., 361 Adamson, J., 323, 357, 408 Adamson, R., 381 Adashek, D., 394 Adaskavich, N., 367 Addington, A., 192, 369 Adelman, L., 412 Aderman. E., 417 Adler, D., 418 Adler. T., 394 Adolph, K., 415 Ager. R„ 208 Agnew. Ch.. 417 Agusiobo, O., 207 Ahlstrom, E., 217, 353 Ahmad, Saiyed, 229 Ahmed, I., 355 Ahmed, N., 348 Aimer, R.. 276 Ahonen, C., 208 Ahrens, M„ 327, 368 Ahrens, N.. 328 Akgtilian, T., 348 Albert, J.. 193. 195, 403 Alberts, A., 394 Albracht, N., 363, 410 Albrecht, A.. 193. 195, 214, 236 Albright. J.. 228 A blag, P„ 192, 329 Alderman, E.. 353 Alexander. L., 409 Alitz, O.. 1.95 Allain. T., 355 Allan, B.. 322, 325 Allan, S., 326, 360 Allen. B„ 206, 326, 333 Allen, E.. 207, 348 Allen. T.. 324. 390 Allen, K., 361 Allen. M„ 332 Allen, N„ 331, 335 Allen, R„ 212 Allen. Y„ 331 Allie, C., 359 Allman. R., 197 Alpcrt, K., 358 Alt, F„ 215, 274. 334, 353 Altaie, F., 344 Altemose, W.. 2’6 Altenburg, T„ 221 Altepeter, A., 227 Altcrman, A.. 412 Althaus, R.. 350 Althouse. P.. 352 Altman, .T., 328 Altman, S.. 231 Altschul, A.. 377 Altschul. S.. 377 Ambrose. W., 382 Amend, W.. 379 Ament, T.. 201 Ames, J., 329 Amundson, T., 328, 364 Anbuhl, S.. 345. 390 Andekian, E.. 206 Anderle. B., 341, 349 Anders. R., 418 Andersen, R., 230 Andersen, S., 188 Anderson, B.. 328. 360 Anderson. C.. 323, 361 Anderson, D.. 2' 263. 264. 277. 379. 421 Anderson, F... 2 9. 352 Anderson, G.. 381 Anderson, H.. 195, 2’6, 263 Anderson. T.. 217 233. 326. 327. 356. 357. 365. 374, 384. 408. no Anderson, K., 328. 410 Anderson. M„ 26k 264, 275. 364, 389, 428 Anderson. N., 373 Anderson. P., 36' Anderson. R„ 203. 212 263, 345. 347, 351, 362, 397 nderson, S., 244. 369 nderson, T., 215, 352. 372, 381 ndley, R., 355 ndree, S., 366 ndres, A., 328 Xndres, N., 412 ndrews, E., 263 Xndrews, J., 395 ndrews, M., 327 ndringa, C., 397 Xndrus, P., 326 ngoli, C., 344 Xnkeney, M., 251, 327 Xnkerson, D., 331 Xnnear, B., 192, 209, 324 Xnnear. E., 203 Xnsell, S., 212, 215. 264 Xnselman, L., 410 Xnsfield, T., 354 Xnstett, J., 402 Xnthold, R., 277, 340, 344 Xnthony, T., 406 Xntoine, A.. 355 Xnton, C., 324 Xnton, R., 323 Xpida, R., 344 Xporta, G., 353 Xpos, D., 385 Xrbogast, J., 410 Xrditti, B., 415 Xrky, J,. 412 Xrle, M„ 265, 419 Xrmaganian, H., 208 Xrmbruster, M., 369 Xrmour, N., 394 Xrmstrong, B., 343 Xrndt, G., 275 Xrneson, F., 221 Xrneson, L.. 359 Xrnet. J., 368 Xrneld, E., 354, 373 Xrnold, M.. 264. 353, 415 Xrnovitz, A.. 415 Xron. M.. 355 Xronov, R., 332 Xronson, L., 190, 256, 394 Xrthur, W., 274 Xrvold, X ., 323 Xscher. K., 362 Xske, I).. 215 •Xsmus, D., 381 tsmussen, J.. 234, 339, 343 Xspinwall, .T., 363, 410 Xspinwall. P., 360 Xssenheimer, R.. 353 Xtinsky, S., 411 Xtkins, N.. 275 Xtkinson. G., 368 Xtlas. C., 221. 415 Xtten, C.. 235 Xtten, M.. 225. 410 Xtwood, K., 261. 327 Xtwood. R., 230. 264 Xusman, T.. 334. 336, 341, 348 Xustad. W., 230. 345 Xustin. M.. 410 Xvery. T., 350. 357 X veil. R., 217 Xyer, C.. 217. 269, 277 Xvers, E., 406 B Babbitz. R., 409 Babcock. A., 333 Babcock. D., 214 Bablcr, J.. 330 Bach, M., 394 Bach, P.. 347, 386 Bacher, W.. 417 Bachler, N.. 363 Back. D.. 373 Backer, E.. 358. 362, 409 Backus, T., 249 Backus. M.. 410 Bacon. T., 333 Bade. S., 201. 332 Baechle, P., 326 Baer, B., 358 Baer, H., 412 Baer, L„ 275, 405 Baer, R., 345 Baer. S.. 385 Bahadori, M„ 367 Balder, H., 326 Bailey, A., 389 Bailey, R., 401 Baker. B., 324 Baker. C., 411 Baker. I)., 402, 428 Baker. G„ 372. 380 Baker, H., 396 Baker. I.. 192. 367. 390 Baker, L., 395 Baker, M., 395 Baker, N,, 325 Baker, R., 214 Bakke. N.. 362 Baldwin, C.. 234 Baldwin, P 251. 328. 360 Bales, R., 342 Balge, R.. 203 Balian, D., 267 Balicki, B„ 329 Ball. S„ 412 Ballam, S., 361 Ballou, J.. 273, 389 Ballowe, S., 362, 417 Balson, D., 333 Balter, S., 412 Baltes, R., 213 Ban, J.. 371, 411 Bandt, P., 334 Bandy, H., 347 Banen, M., 418 Bang, J., 201 Banghart, H., 417 Bangs, A., 201, 330 Bannister, F., 421 Banov, L., 358, 419 Barany, J., 402 Barash, H., 244 Barber, IX, 188, 216, 223. 367, 397 Barber, J., 349 Barcelona, G., 201 Bard. M„ 251 Bard well. M., 227 Bare, T.. 349 Barenscher, J., 327 Barfknecht, C., 232. 233 Bai gholts. B„ 209, 368 Barland, G., 267 Barland, .T., 347 Barnard, E., 347 Barnard, J., 392 Barnes, D., 210, 211 Barnes, E., 251, 332 Barnes, H., 344 Barnes, J., 210, 211 Barnes. R., 231 Barneson. R., 275. 280 Barnett, J., 369, 408 Barney, B., 367 Barney, F.. 380 Barnum. T., 382 Baron, J., 413 Baron, S., 418 Barrack, L., 358, 42S Barrans, ,T.. 208 Barrett, D., 210 Barrett, T., 273 Barrington, J.. 215. 236 Barrow, L., 221, 406 Barry, G., 210 Barry, M., 364 Barry, W.. 397 Barstow, B.. 198, 365 Bartel, D., 209 Bartel, S., 327 Bartell, J., 232 Bartels, D., 344 Bartkowiak. D.. 228. 267 Bartz. J.. 214. 272, 334, 344 Basaw, XV., 344 Basch, S., 394 Bass, Abraham, 349 Bass, F., 419 Bassewitz, XV., 405 Bates, C., 357 Bates, E.. 391 Bathke, E., 400 Battendorf, R., 353 Batterman, L., 323 Batterman, R., 342 Battig, XV., 334, 337. 350 Battist, G., 381 Battiste, A., 412 Bauder. A.. 388 Bauer, E., 186 Bauer, T., 414 Bauer. XL. 250, 353, 379 Bauer. R„ 234. 331. 355 Bauman. C.. 244, 269. 365 Bauman, R.. 372 Baumann, T., 201. 206. 368 Baumann,R., 405 Baumgarten. S.. 330 Baun, P.. 193. 195, 216 Baxter, T., 349 Baxter, L.. 366 Bay. E.. 369. 408. 410 Bayer, L.. 262, 385 Beachley, C., 369 Beadle. K.. 322 Beall, H., 347 Beaman, C.. 355 Bear. A., 409 Beattie. N., 360 Beatty, B„ 332 Beaver, A., 205. 385 Rccher, A.. 326 Rechthold. N., 386 Beck, A., 348 Beck. B.. 186. 394 Beck. E„ 203, 388 Beck. I.. 354. 370. 408 Beck, S.. 412 Beckenbaugh. T., 364 Becker, D.. 397 Becker, T.. 264 Becker. K., 328. 417 Becker. R.. 352 Becker. T.. 337, 345, 375 Beckwith, M., 265 Bednarek, D., 403 Bedwinek, F., 358, 409 Beebe, T., 267 Beechen, J., 411 Beecher, G., 200, 202, 204, 385 Beeckler, I)., 343 Been, H., 377 Beermann, J., 394 Behrens, E., 217, 344 Behrens, F., 274, 381 Behrens, M.. 206, 331 Behrmann, D., 330 Beier, B„ 232 Beier, D„ 342 Beier, M., 229, 249, 355 Bell, B., 205, 369. 416 Bell, H., 392 Bell J., 364, 369, 406 Bell. M„ 206, 229, 361, 408 Bell, R., 367, 417 Bell. T.. 273 Beilin, H., 354 Bellrichard, G., 345 Below, B„ 369 Bender, K., 327 Bendis. I)., 213 Benedict, T., 392 Beneditz, N., 213 Benekcr, F.. 200. 202, 385 Benes, J., 194, 204 Benkert, C., 206, 362 Benn, L., 228 Benner, M., 231 Bennett, H., 210 Bennett, M., 396 Bennett, R., 334, 354 Benning, J., 327 Bensene, G., 347 Bensman, A., 230 Bensman, M., 344 Bensman, R., 212 Benson, B., 368, 410 Benson, G., 376 Benson, T., 223, 265, 417 Benson, M., 206, 322, 325, 328, 332, 361 Benson, R., 350 Benson, S., 365 Benter, N., 368 Bentley, F., 235 Bentson. J., 186, 230 Benz, F., 348 Benzschawel, G., 208, 383 Berend, N., 367 Berent. 206. 329 Berg, E., 189, 334 Berg, M.. 364, 410 Berg, T., 190, 322, 386 Berge, P., 397 Bergenske, S., 229, 361 Berger, J., 221 Berger, M., 348 Berget, K., 339. 355 Berghoff. H„ 357 Berglund, S., 380 Bergntann, K., 332. 357 Bergsbakcn, C., 207 Bergstreser, M., 227 Beringer, J., 190 Beris, J., 419 Berke, S., 360 Berkoff, M., 186 Berling, S., 192 Berman, J., 358 Berman, S., 343, 405 Bernard, J., 186 Berndt, J., 349 Rerndt, N., 232 Berner, L., 352 Berner, M., 410 Bernfeld, A., 377 Bernhardt, N., 327 Berns, R., 349 Bernstein, P., 371, 411 Bernstein. R., 202, 204, 353 Berntson, S., 363 Berrett. J., 350 Berry, 1.. 370. 408 Berry. R.. 232. 329 Bersch, M., 326 Bertels, L., 370. 413 Bertholdt. J., 211 Bertram, F.. 365 Berweiler, G., 396 Berzinskv, B., 363 Best. J., 384 Beth, R., 250 Bethke, A.. 413 Rcthkc. D., 211 Betla. C.. 361 Beugen, S., 412 Bcuscher, H., 193. 195, 216, 347 Beuscher, K., 327 Bevenue, L.. 331 Bevington, P., 364, 410 Beyer, J., 269. 333 Beyer, R„ 204 Beyer, S., 360, 408 Beyer. T.. 209. 385 Bezella, G.. 2’7. 400 Bidder. D., 352 Biegert, P., 357, 510 482hes minding YOUR business YOUR HEART IS HIS BUSINESS. He’s a research scientist—one of thousands supported by the Heart Fund. His life is dedicated to finding the unknown causes of the heart diseases, and new methods of treating and preventing them. He and your Heart Association have made your heart their business. YOUR HEART IS YOUR BUSINESS. Wh aiever your way of life, your future depends on your heart. Heart disease causes personal suffering and undermines the happiness and economic welfare of the family. No one — no child or adult — is immune. THE HEART FUND IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS. When you support the Heart Fund, you help all hearts. You support heart research—and you make it possible for your Heart Association to bring the latest advances in heart research to you and your family through your doctor. GIVE GENEROUSLY for EVERY HEART YOU LOVE Harry S. Manchester, Inc. HELP YOUR HEART FUND HELP YOUR HEART 483Biehl, M., 230, 384 Bierman, E., 362, 408 Bierman, G., 227, 331 Bicrsach, J., 349 Biggs, J„ 406 Bing, R., 267, 384 Bingen, G., 267 Birbaum, T., 387 Birenbauni, S., 407 Birenholtz, C., 358, 418 Birk, R„ 396 Birnbaum, M., 373 Birren, J., 192, 410 Bischel, S., 333 Bischoff, B., 359 Bischo T, K., 209, 210 Bishop, B., 387 Bishop, J., 343 Bishop, L., 398 Bissell, G., 330 Bitter, R„ 208. 209 Bittermann, D., 373 Bittner, N., 229, 365 Bittrich, J., 335, 340, 343 Biwer, J., 352 Bjelland, R., 351 Bjerning, E., 381 Blachman, L., 349 Black, B., 412 Black, H„ 367 Black, J., 344 Black, S., 380 Blackadder, S., 220 Blackmore, J., 277 Blackmun, G., 428 Blackwell. D., 380 Blahnik. G., 396 Blaim, H., 342 Blair, W., 345 Blake, B„ 328, 370 Blake, L., 364, 366. 410 Blanchar, P., 327 Bland ford, B„ 327 Blaney, R., 378 Blank, K., 414 Blank. R„ 396 Blanke, E., 210, 211, 355 Blank Jein, R., 372, 373 Blankstein, S., 241, 243, 418 Blasi, A., 332 Biasing, E., 328 Blawat, C., 333 Blazek, J., 210, 346 Blazkovec, A., 186 Bleck, G„ 213 Blcck, V., 331 Bleich, J., 412 Bleier, A., 368 Blickenstaff, J.. 263 Blish, R.. 228. 335. 336, 338, 349, 352 Block, M„ 327 Block, R. 421 Blodgett J.. 415 Bloedow, W., 263 Bloniberg B., 358 Blomquist, T., 331 Bloniquist, R., 353 Bloom, F., 394 Bloom, P., 329 Bloomfield. T., 418 Bloss, R„ 273. 396 Blue, E.. 369 Blue, G.. 375 Bluemink, G.. 342 Blumberg, E.. 330 Blumer, J., 361 Blun, L., 417 Bly, D., 345 Bly. J., 345 Bodden, D., 343 Bodi, S., 391 Bodner, G.. 280 Boe, A., 401 Boecher, B., 328 Boehlke, S.. 332 Boehrer, T„ 229 Boeker, L„ 262. 364 Boerschinger, 1., 333 Boesel. E.. 364 Boettcher. A., 345 Boettcher. C., 353 Boettcher, N., 192, 327, 368 Boettcher. S., 326 Boettge, W.. 276. 380 Boex, P.. 363 Bogart, .T., 363 Bosrost, N., 332 Bofim, J., 211 Bohm, R.. 377 Bohnen. R., 364. 408 Boldig, B., 328 Boldus, R., 396 Boiler, B., 384 Bolles, T„ 348 Bolles, T.. 348 Bollom. W.. 208. 209 Bolstad, B., 197. 215 Bolstad. L.. 328 Bomba. S.. 272 Bond, P.. 231 lioness, D., 393 Bonini, K., 244 Bookhout, C.. 333 Boone, T., 228. 370 Boonted. A.. 348 Booth, D„ 207. 370 'tooth. M., 228 Borax, J., 210, 394 Borchardt, R., 230 Borchcrt, L., 344 Borden, J., 209. 211 Bordow, A., 405 Bork, D., 263 Borkon, E., 411 Borkowski, J., 345, 347 Borland, A., 228, 367, 410 Born, D., 216 Bos, H„ 200. 205, 378 Bose. B.. 267 Bosshardt, C., 197, 232 Bostrom, D., 350 Boswell. C., 408 Boswell, D., 362 Botham, B., 370 Botham, R., 370 Bothun, R., 249 Boulanger, S., 330 Bouman, C., 415 Bourkland, M., 361 Bovino, C., 250 Bowen, T., 355 Bowen, R., 267 Bowes, S., 364 Bowl by. IC.. 331, 368 Bowl v. I.. 228, 412 Box. R.; 343 Boyce, I.. 276, 381 Boyd. C.. 402 f Bovd. R.. 379 Boyer, A., 208 Hover. D„ 264, 267 Rovle, D„ 343 Bozdogan, K., 264 Rraden, B., 235 Braden. T., 369 Brader, I., 380 Bradford. B„ 417 Bradford, M.. 365. 410 Bradley, J.. 356, 370 Bradley, N„ 328 Brahmstedt, H., 249 Brain. A., 409 Bramble. P., 333 Bramer. D., 415 Brandel. B.. 332. 336 Brandriff. B.. 188, 367 Brandt, E., 267 Brandt. K., 388 Brandt. M., 414 Brandwein. B.. 419 Branum, J., 420 Bratton, E., 333 Brauer, W., 386 Brault, D., 397 Braun. B.. 344 Brauns. R., 212, 274 Braunschweig, J., 395 Braver, S., 221, 371 Braverman, G.. 409 Brearley, A., 353 Bredendick. W., 381 Breen, J., 353 Breidenstein, B.. 194 Breitzke, K., 323. 361 Brenckle. R., 393 Rrenneke. R., 381 Brenner, L.. 186 Brennom, W.. 347 Brentan, S.. 415 Brenzel, D.. 346 Breskc, P.. 249. 348 Bretman, J., 419 Bretscher. L.. 364 Brever, T., 230 Brewer, R.. 380 Brey, T., 205 Brick, S.. 369 Bricker. E.. 371 Brickner, N., 263, 323 Briesemeister, L., 385 Brigham, A.. 403 Bright. J., 375 Brill. S.. 327. 369 Brillman, M.. 346 Brinkman, W.. 214, 343 Brintnall, T.. 355 Brock. R.. 344 Brodkin. J.. 409 Brody, B., 402 Brcetzman, G., 195, 214 Broetzman, R.. 354 Brokaw. K., 398 Bronk, D.. 351 Bronson. F.. 334, 337, 354 Brooke. D., 214 Brost, E.. 200 Brostoff. A.. 244, 270 Brotman, T., 358 Brott. S.. 360. 408 Brower, S., 359 Brown, A., 405 Brown, B.. 201, 263, 367, 413 Brown. C.. 267. 273, 349, 364 Brown, D., 386 Brown, J., 217. 225. 249, 375. 416 Brown, N„ 196, 199, 414, 418 Brown, P., 262 Brown, R., 343 Brown, S., 344. 357 Brown. T., 397 Browne, J., 397 Browning. D.. 343 Brownstone, J.. 358, 419 Brozek, W., 342 Bruch, L., 186, 401 Bruch, P„ 399 Brudnick, H., 377 Bruggink, E., 196 Bruhn, C., 324 Bruhn. D., 211 Brunei 1, IX, 229 Brunell. J., 209, 210, 229 Brunette, K., 230 Bruni, J., 274 Brunins, G., 348 Brunner, G., 420 Brunner, M., 201, 204, 414 Brunner, N., 212 Brunner, T., 194, 200, 201, 204. 387, 414 Brunner, V., 420 Brusberg, R., 193, 262, 375 Bruss. E., 417 Bryan, G., 196 Bryan, J., 348 Bryant, K., 328 Brygger, J., 263 Bublitz, L., 348 Bublitz, P„ 370, 410 Buboltz, B., 331 Bubolz, M., 410 Buchanan, A., 192, 251, 328 Buchanan, L., 328 Buchanan, M., 387 Buchberger, S., 204, 385 Buchhauser, T., 226 Buchholz, C., 326 Buchholz, H., 378 Buchta, W., 381 Buckley, M., 241, 368 Budic, C., 227, 416 Budig, S., 203 Buece, S., 401 Buechner, R., 203 Buedingen, R., 388 Buege, J., 208 Buebler, E.. 340, 348 Buehrens, M., 330, 335, 361 Buerki, R., 345 Bubrmester, A.. 369 Buhrow. N., 339, 350 Bukowski. K., 250 Bull, D.. 347 Bull, N., 330, 362 Bullamore, M., 228, 365 Bullene. R., 195 Bunce, W., 186 Bunck. D., 381 Bundlack. R., 385 Bunge. C.. 323, 362 Buol, B.. 227, 270 Burant. W.. 195. 214 Burbridgc. P.. 189. 366 Burdick. R., 349 Burgardt, A., 329 Burgemeister, C.. 362 Burgermeister, G., 206 Burgert, D . 333 Burleson. L.. 350 Burgess, P.. 428 Burghardt. K.. 194. 211.414 Burgoon. S., 364 Bui gy. N„ 330 Burick. E.. 394 Burke. T.. 420 Burke, K.. 333 Burke, W., 203 Burkhardt. M.. 205 Burkbart, A.. 386 Burkbart. T . 228. 242, 364 Burkhart. X., 417 Burks. L.. 274 Burlend. B.. 412 Burmaster, M., 235 Burmeister, N., 276. 381 Burmeister. R.. 230 Burnham. V., 413 Burnjas. L.. 227. 410 Burns. C.. 186, 363 Burns. E.. 350 Burns. T.. 417 Burns. M„ 186, 194, 363, 364 Burns. P., 363 Burns R.. 193, 402 Burr. C.. 225, 251 Burrall, A., 211, 364 Burroughs, C., 397 Busby, .T„ 328 Busby, M., 370 Busch. B.. 326. 363 Buscher, F.. 400 Buschick, C., 228 Buser. I., 350 Bush, K.. 251 Busher. M„ 348. 403 Bushnell, R.. 382 Buskens. N.. 364 Bussewitz, J., 350 Bussey, J., 395 Bussian. H.. 326, 363 Butenhoff, C., 213 Buth, R.. 402 Butterbaugh, N., 363 Buttery, M.. 331, 335 Button, A., 263, 267 Butzke. S.. 331 Buye, A., 344 Bybee, N., 349 Bvczek, W., 354 Byer, L.,366 Byer. W., 385 Byerley, K., 354 C Cadden, A., 235 Cade, P„ 335, 339, 347 Cadigan, L., 360 Cain, M., 328, 416 Calabresa, C., 327, 357 Calaniaras, M., 410 Caldwell, C„ 251, 357, 410 Caldwell, D., 363 Caldwell, M., 367, 408 Caldwell. S., 323 Calera, P., 349 Calhoun, J., 363, 408 Call, M„ 333 Callan, E., 379 Callies, Q., 230 Calvert, S., 323 Calvi, P„ 189. 225, 249, 362, 428 Cameron, J., 364 Camp, N„ 357, 408 Campbell, D., 263 Campbell, J., 415 Campbell, K., 263, 277, 400 Campbell, S., 359, 413 Camplin, F., 376 Cangiano, B., 369 Cannell, R., 215 Cannon, E., 386 Cannon, H., 216 Cannon, L., 250 Canowitz, M., 419 Cantwell. M., 397 Capelle, C., 332, 365 Caplan, C., 405 Capper, C., 401 Capron, C., 370 Card, C.. 466 Carey, G.. 197 Carl. R., 280 Carlson, A., 209, 333 Carlson, B., 419 Carlson, C., 370 Carlson, D., 342 Carlson, J., 211, 262, 329, 397 Carlson. N., 228, 362, 410 Carlson, S., 362 Carlson, T., 345 Carlstein, K., 363 Carlton, J., 335. 340. 345 Carmody, M„ 200, 207. 414 Carnesale, L., 331 Carnesale, P., 186, 230 Carpenter. T., 402 Carr, D„ 327 Carran, J., 351 Carroll, D., 214, 400 Carter. R., 324 Carver. G.. 215 Casat. S., 249, 256 Casciaro, L., 330 Case. S.. 328 Casel v. C.. 326 Casl, R.. 380 Casper. J.. 345 Cass, R., 230 Catalanello, R., 211 Cavanaugh, T.. 251. 380 Cecil. S.. 211. 241. 368 Cechin. X.. 343, 396 Cegclski. R„ 209 Cehanovich, P., 271, 353 Ceilesh. D.. 345 C’ll H.. 207. 226 Chaimson, R.. 394 Chalcraft. .T.. 263. 359 Chalekian, S., 275 Challoner. A., 410 Chamberlain, J., 354 Champion, V., 364, 408 Chan. R„ 230 Chandler, J., 346 Chandler, S., 335 Chang, M„ 327. 362 Chapman, A., 405 , 428 Chapman, D., 213, 359 Charlson. K., 326, 359 Chase, H„ 230, 251 Chase, K., 225, 368 Chase, R., 405 Chase, S., 332, 337 Cheeseman, J., 217, 348 Cheney, R., 407 Cherkasky, B., 409 Chernenko, N.. Cherney, L., 197 Cheskin, J., 409 Chiemcliaisri. Y., 348 Chin, T„ 193. 353 Chin. M., 328 Chinander. R., 276, 401 Chipman, Ch., 215 Chiponis. B., 354 rhiroff, R.. 186, 403 Chitwood, N., 223, 365 Chmielinski, E., 397 Clio. C.. 354 Christel, J., 333 Christensen, C., 193, 195, 324. 326, 396 Christensen, E.. 347 Christensen, ,T., 264 Christensen, K., 188, 327 Christensen, N., 370 Christensen, T., 357, 389 Christenson, A., 273, 350 Christenson, D., 230, 345 Christenson, P., 349 Christenson, S., 199, 329 484For 51 years, emphasis on exceptional quality has been the keynote of Rogers yearbooks. A wide range of type selection, finest materials, careful preparation of all printed forms and good binding, combine to assure an outstanding yearbook. Personal advice on all yearbooks, based on years of experience in serving America’s leading schools, has created a tradition of sincerity and excellence which has been recognized as a security to the school and an inspiration to the staff. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY 485 OFFICE-919 N. MICHIGAN AYE., CHICAGO, ILF. PLANT-SOT FIRST ST., DIXON, ILLINOISChristiaansen, R., 347 Christians, F., 381 Christiansen, K., 370 Christiansen, M., 419 Christiansen, R., 373, 381 Christman, J., 332 Christmann, M., 333, 361 Christoftersen, A., 267 Christopherson, R., 242, 280, Christopherson, W., 217 Christoplis, P., 273. 402 Chryst, G.. 188, 22S, 275, 280 Chudy, ].. 377 Chummers, S., 417 Church, A., 366 Church, T., 249 Church. M., 224 Chworowsky, C., 259 Ciha, M., 365, 415 Cikanek, C., 259, 323 Ciotti, C., 192, 321 Cismoski. E., 215 Clabots, M., 327 Clancy, D., 346 Clapp, D., 354 Clark, B„ 242, 364 Clark, G., 354 Clark, T„ 362 Clark, L„ 273 Clark, M„ 360, 365. 410 Clark, S., 351 Clarkson. P., 408 Clarson, E., 331 Clary, A., 196 Class. M., 357 Clatworthv. M., 251. 357 Claus, R.. 390 Clausen, R., 210 Clay. J., 364, 401 Claybaugh, I.. 396 Clayton, T., 361 Cleary, R.. 232 Clement, M., 367 Clemons, T., 230 Clemons, T., 234 Cline, D., 230 Cline, E., 331, 366 Cline, S., 353, 387 Close, J., 230 Clothier, S.. 368. 417 Clow, F„ 397 Clumpner, .T., 188, 334, 340 Cnare, J., 403 Coan, W.. 230 Cobabe. T.. 360 Cobb. D., 264 Cochenet, L., 348 Coel. T.. 236 Coffey, D.. 348 Coggeshall, C., 413 Cohen, A., 394 Cohen, B„ 405, 409, 412 Cohen, E., 244, 371, 411 Cohen, J., 394 Cohen, M., 230, 377, 418 Cohen, N., 244 Cohen, S., 221. 377 Cohen, T., 272. 373 Cohen, V., 350 Colin, D., 421 Cohn. S.. 333. 411 Cohrs, A.. 249 Colbert, G.. 324 Cole, A., 380 Cole. P., 256 Cole. S.. 256. 344, 402 Cole, T.. 275 t'oleman, C., 263 Coleman, R.. 384 Coll. N.. 360 Collat. C.. 327 Collett. T„ 354 Collins. C.. 262. 385. 417 Collins. M., 333 t'ollins. T., 355 Combs. T.. 230. 392 Cornbs. T.. 403 Comer, M.. 349. 403 Compton. B.. 206. 361, 408 Comstock, R., 382 Comstock, R. 347 Comte. K., 408 Conard, G., 338. 344 Conger, B., 370 Conklin. T.. 366 Conley. W.. 211 Conner, R.. 345 Connor, G.. 382 Connors. M., 388 Connors, R.. 389 Connors. W.. 190 Conrad, M.. 33.3. 337 Conrad. P.. 357. 359 Consigny, T.. 235 Constalie. F.. 354 Conway. C.. 328 Conwav, K.. 235 Cook. C.. 273. 379 Cook. D„ 421 Cook. L.. 413 Coomb®. T.. 381 Coon. S.. 323 Coonen, E., 414 Cooper, G., 353 Cooper, T., 273. 358 Cooper. L., 196, 227, 419 Cope. J., 345 Copeland, B., 410 486 Coplan, A., 377 Corbeille, )., 328 Cornbleet, S.. 409 Cornell. M„ 213 Cornell, W., 34S Cornette, R., 267 Cornfield, A., 231 Cornish, R., 342 380 Cornwell, J., 393 Corpron, N., 343 Cors, W., 402 Cort, E., 413 Corth, T., 236 Corwin, R., 373 Cotton, A., 250, 271, 273, 280 Cotton, J., 263, 273 Cottrell, G., 216 Couper, N., 262, 268 Cowan, M., 223, 369 Crago, M., 227, 327 Craig, 1)., 202 Crain, M., 327 Crane, J., 229, 370, 396 Crandall, J., 351 Crandell, M., 263 Craine, J., 229, 370, 396 Crary, C-, 198 Cratty, W., 262, 399 Crawford, G., 271 Crawford, S., 327 Creasey, E., 390 Creger, 13., 208, 216 Crego, A., 217 Cresap, R., 366 Critchfield. J., 273, 391 Crook, L„ 214. 274 Crosby, A., 366 Crotteau, R., 388 Crowe, K., 206 Crowe, M., 408 Crownhart, S., 360 Crump, P., 235 Culbertson, C., 249, 263, 419 Cullen, F., 215 Culler, L„ 410 Culver, J., 271, 277, 392 Cumminbs, J., 208 Cummings. K.. 228. 265, 330 Cunningham, P., 328 Curley, M., 413 Curnow, H., 353 Currie, V., 328 Curry, A., 328 Curtin, F„ 368. 408 Cuthbert, M.. 226, 355 Cutler, S.. 413 Cvikota, J.. 229. 368 Cwayna, M.. 351 Czarnecki, D., 326, 363 Czarnezki, E., 333 D Daane, H., 400 Dabe, S„ 332. 362 Dachelet, W., 421 Daehler. G.. 369 Daellenbach. C.. 349 Daentl. E., 186 Dahl, T„ 251. 333 Dahl, P„ 344 Dahl, W.. 193. 197 Dahle, G., 370 Dahle, N.. 352 Dahnke. W.. 215 Daigh. P„ 229. 362. 413 Dake, M„ 215 Dale, ,T.. 354 Dale. W.. 390 Dalles, G.. 223. 361 Dallich, M.. 333, 370 Dalton, M„ 360 Damm. T.. 212. 216, 372, 396 Dam row, T.. 273 Damske. L., 343 Daniel, M., 186 Daniels, G., 215 Daniels, L.. 407 Danielson. L., 204, 414 Danielson, S.. 329 Dannerbeck. T., 381 Dargel, R.. 421 Darling, T., 379 Darling, R.. 386 Darrow. R.. 34S Dau, D.. 421 Daum. A. 387 Dauska, W.. 344 Davidson. C.. 415 Davidson. M.. 223 Davie, V.. 35“ Davies. T.. 192, 229 Davis. B., 346 Davis. C., 349 Davis. D., 328 Davis. F.. 332, 3 5. 358 Davis. T.. 188. 275. 394 Davis. K.. 100. 206. 322, 324 Davis, N., 221 Davis. R.. 385 Davison. A.. 3’12 Davison, T.. 372. 325, 327 Dawson. G.. 311 Dawson. K.. 366 Dav. T.. 201. 201 Dealer. 1.. ’ 17, 232, 322. 332 Dean, A., 366 Dean, L., 221,224, 256 Dean, M., 336, 339 Dean, T., 395 Debiack, E., 328 de Bower, D., 323 DeBruin, G., 350 DeBuhr, T., 351 DeCarlo, D., 363 Decker, J., 262, 414 Decker, L., 378 DeCleene, D., 215 Deer, F., 333 Degner, E., 421 Degner, H., 276, 280 DeGroot, R., 186 DeHaven, H., 369 DeHaven, M., 408 Dehring, B., 206, 326 Dehring, C., 225, 249, 329 DeHut, R„ 360 Dejanovich, E., 355 Delknapp, R., 407 Delson, J., 409 DeLucca, C., 193, 403 DeLugish, A., 421 Delwiche, R., 272, 355 Dembasky, L., 215 Demerath, J., 369, 413 DeMillc, 224 , 249, 364 Demo, O., 347 Dempsky, K., 389 DenDooven, V.. 360, 369, 425 Denenholz, R., 394 Dennis, B., 367 Dennis, D., 273, 353 Dennis, G., 192, 367 Denniston, C., 275 , 344 DcNoble, B., 380 DePue, M„ 223, 265 Derby, S., 363, 410 deRevey, J., 410 Derge, L., 333 Derleth, E., 264, 327 DeRocher, D., 327 Derusha, R., 348 Despres, R., 376 DeTienne, J., 349 Detrick, M., 395 DeTuncq, D., 325 Deutsch, S., 373 I)eVetter. D., 329 Devlin. R., 280, 396 deVos, D., 332 Dewa, R.. 381 DeWitt, D„ 402 DeWitte, L„ 197 _ Dexheimer, R.. 375 Dexter, D.. 347 Diamond, D., 421 Dickie, P., 186 Dickinson, J., 342 Dicus, S., 366 Diedrich, J.. 328, 344 Diehl, M„ 272 Dietrich, J., 274 Dietrich, L., 213 Dietsch. M., 363 Dietz, R., 400 Diller, H., 353 Dilley. R., 256 Dilling, G., 369. 410 Dinnen, R., 382 Dingle, S., 385 Dinion, L., 264, 373 Dippel, T.. 339. 352 Dirkse. C.. 208. 210 Dirmish, R., 405 DiSalvo, B., 380 Dittmer, J., 227, 347 DiVall. G., 350 Dixon, D., 389 Dixon, G.. 328 Dobbins, D., 221 Doblin, T„ 411 Dodge, D., 381 Dodge. L., 217 Doehler, H., 355 Doering, G., 199, 323 Doering, M., 408 Doering, P., 366 Doherty. J.. 366, 413 Dohse, I,.. 345 Dolhun, T.. 359 Dollar. J.. 204 Dollinger, G., 349 Dolly. E„ 349. 380 Donald, J.. 366. 408 Donaldson, T.. 216 Doneit. J., 332 Donkle. J., 230 Donnell. J.. 324 Donohoo, D., 216 Donohoo, T., 195. 216 Donohoo, R., 216 Donovan, T., 328 Donovan. M.. 328 Dooley, D.. 345 Doornink, T.. 414 Dopp, F., 201 Dopp, S.. 360 Doran, G.. 362 Dorfman. G. 373 Dorman, N.. 274 Dorn, T.. 205 Dorner. A.. 321 Dornfeld. T.. 360 Dorrancp, M.. 342 Doty, M„ 328 Dougherty, K., 332 Douglas, C., 349, 386 Douglas, J., 327 Douglas, L., 217, 353 Douglass, E., 339, 352 Dow, D., 400 Dowling, F., 404 Downey, R-, 211 Day le, C., 215 Drago, R., 359 Dragotto, J., 360, 410 Drake’ 1’’, 208, 236, 274, 389, 404, 423 Draper, L., 370 Draves, A., 330 Drees, D., 355 Dreger, T., 343 Dreger, L., 256 Dregne, D., 362 Dregne, M., 428 Dreher, E., 210 Dreier, W-, 193, 212, 21 , 349 Dressier, A., 327 Drew, E-, 326 Drew, R., 327 Drews, D., 273 Driessen, C., 223, 367 Driscoll, J., 209 Drought, T., 234 Drununy, M., 269. 361 Drury, C., 220, 370, 413 Drury, D., 333 Drye, J., 280_ Dubin, A., 377 Dubin, L., 256 DuBois, J., 346 Dubow, D., 419 DuBrucq, D., 428 Duchow, W., 211 Dudley, J., 331 Duemling, W., 421 Dueringer, J., 354 Duffv, B„ 352 Duffy, J.. 211, 342 Dugan, P.. 330, 337 Duhl, R., 275. 394 Duhr. A., 211 _ Dumbleton, D.. 328, a44 Dunbar. C.. 327 Dunham, B., 227, 324 Dunkel, T., 403 Dunker. M.. 331. 370 Dunn, G., 352 Dunn, J., 364 Dunn, P., 342 Dunning, T., 383 Dunst, 345 Duntley, M., 265, 3a7 Durand, C., 355 Durbin, E., 418 Durchslag, S., 405 Duren, C., 344 Durian, R-, 275, 420 Durkin, W., 265 Durler, C., 347 Durst, D., 214 Dushek, W., 343 Dussault, T., 354 Dutrisac, R.. 382 Dutton, J., 193. 195, 214 Dutton, R., 403 Duvall, C., 234 Duvall, E., 370 Du we, B., 359 Duzinski, N., 333 Duzy, J., 331, 340 Dvorachek, R.. 343 Dvorak, T.. 374 Dvorak. M-, 323 Dvornik, D., 256 Dyer, J., 348 Dykema. W., 344 Dvmond, M., 333 Dymond. S.. 370 Dyson. S., 366 Dzemske, J., 361 iagistein, W.. 394 lastman, B., 251, 359 iastman, M., 328 lastwood, M., 330 iaton, IL, 366, 408 ibben, D., 329 ibbers, B., 418 ibeling, J., 385 iberle. P., 353 ibert, D., 344 ibert, V., 249 , 335 . 343 icht, D„ 405 ickerle, T.. 250. 391 _ ickerling, S., 275, 373 ickhardt, K., 398 ickles, W.. 347 ickrose, R.. 345 iekstein. T.. 200. 205. 344, 38a idelen, L., 221. 361 idelstein, C., 409 idelstein, S., 209 ider, R.. 348 idercr, C., 327, 330 iderstrom, K., 357. 410 idgcumbe, T., 359 idgerton. J., 384 idison, M., 329 'dland. M.. 361 klwards, C., 354, 394Jalm Ollier Again A familiar and reassuring slogan Familiar ... because it has appeared in thousands of the country's finest yearbooks for the past half century. Reassuring...because those years of specialized experience bring complete service, outstanding Quality and dependable delivery to the yearbook staffs with whom we work. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago 7, Illinois 487Edwards, G., 326, 420 Edwards, S., 414 Eeles, S., 228, 366, 410 Egan, D., 420 Egger, J., 355, 396 Eggers, T„ 272, 337, 345 Eggert, A., 192 Eggert, G., 355, 387 Eggertsdottir, H., 229 Eggman, L., 230 Egli, C., 344 Egtial, F., 324 Ehlers, L., 328 Ehrenpreis, A., 251 Eide, K.. 332 Eigen, R., 211 Emerson, P., 349 Eisele, R., 234 Eklof, F., 385 Eklov, A., 327 El a, W., 390 Elbert, J., 213 Eliason, IX, 213 Eliason, J.. 337, 339, 340, 353 Eliot, T.. 354 Elland, K., 347 Ellegard. J., 235 Eller. H„ 228 Ellig. B.. 19 . 208, 334, 340, 350 Ellikcr, R.. 273 Elliot, C., 380 Elliott, T-, 235, 362, 387 Elliott, P„ 387 Elliott. R., 391 Ellis, IX, 351, 401 Ellis, H„ 395 Ellison, 13., 407 Ellsworth, 249. 348 Flmburg. J., 369 Elmer, H., 249 Elmhorst, W., 416 Elonen, R., 421 Else, C., 361 Elston, A., 354 Elstran, J., 277, 375 Elwattar, Z., 270 Emanuel, E., 274 Emerson. W., 344 Emery, P., 380 Emmrich, N., 208 Fmrich, M., 326 Endicott, R., 234 Endicott, W., 420 Endler, S., 418 Engar, R., 412 Engel, 1.. 337. 343 Engel, M., 323 Engel, R., 353, 373 Engelman, L., 326, 363 Engels, M., 194 Engersbach, N., 345 Engesether, K., 328 Engle, G., 354 Enider, IT., 382 Engler, W„ 384 Engmann, V., 351 Enockson, B.. 208, 211 Enright. M., 356 Eppenberger, K., 415 Epstein, D., 371, 418 Epstein, J.. 192, 409, 418 Erdmann, C., 366, 408 Erdmann, D., 382 Erichsen, T., 206, 324 Erickson, D., 211 Erickson, G., 373 Erickson, T., 362 Erickson. R.. 202. 204, 272, 275, 3S5 Ericson, D.. 217 Errath, I., 380 Errath, T., 380 Esch, E„ 200, 204, 378 Escbner, V.. 200. 328 Eschrich. J.. 331 Eskin, N.. 324 Esposito, B.. 357, 417 Esten, E., 364 Etsten, P., 408 Ettenberg, M.. 412 Euclide, T., 404 Euclide, R„ 344 Evans, M., 263 Evenson, A., 251 Evenson, T„ 223, 328. 359 Evenson, R.. 328, 355 Evers, L., 215 Everson, E., 216 Evert, J.. 215 Evinrude, T.. 390 F.vjen, R., 349 Ewald, C., 365 Ewers, T., 227. 326 Ewing, R., 324 F Fagerland, D., 390 Fagerstrom, W., 212, 215 Fago, H„ 227 Fairbanks. D.. 373 Fairman, D., 377 Falch, I.. 251 Falcon, L.. 394 Falit, H„ 352. 373 Falk. B.. 326 Falk. R„ 262 Falk. W„ 19X 202. 204, 378 Falkenberg, G-, 344 488 Falkenberg, K., 397 I'alle, B., 324 Falstad. R.. 193, 197 Falz, €., 330, 357 Fandre, D., 276 Fantl, G., 409 Faraca, A., 393 Farley, D., 262, 399 Farley, J., 403 Farmer, S., 327, 367 Farnum, J., 351 Faxon, S., 221 Fay, F., 267 Fav, 368 Fearer, S., 189 Febock, J., 361 Feddersen, K., 331, 336 Feder, D„ 383 Fefer, L., 412 Feher, J., 362 Fehlhaber, R., 396 Feiges, L., 231 Fein. J., 356, 371, 419 Feinberg, L., 418 Feinsod, A., 415 Feir, D„ 333 Felde, R„ 213. 421 Feldhausen, A., 360 Feldman, A., 377 Feldman, G., 377 Feldman, H., 394 Feldman, I., 409 Feldman, L., 375 Feldman, L., 419 Feldman, R., 344 Feldman, S., 192 Feldstein, C., 230 Felland, T.. 347 Fellbaum, C., 231, 324 Fellenz. D., 207 Feller. L., 404 Fels, G„ 373 Fels, M„ 249, 256, 363 Feltman. D., 419 Fennema, E., 196 Fennessy, J., 347 Fenrick, K., 251, 352 Fenske, D., 202, 383 Fenske, .T., 274, 401 Fenske, M., 323 Fenske. R., 229 Fentz. R., 345 Ferg, A„ 200. 414 Ferguson, M., 362. 413 Ferkin, J., 327, 356, 369 Fernandez, T„ 229 Ferris, A., 228, 428 Ferris. L., 263 Ferris. M„ 328 Ferry, C„ 227. 370 Ferry, IX. 230 Fest, S.. 205 Fetzer, W., 372. 385. 42S Feuchtwanger, A., 358, 409 Feuer, B., 373 Feuerzeig, IT., 320 Fey, W.. 346 Fiebig, T., 192 Fiedler. I.. 2U. 328 Field, B.. 3"0 Fields. H.. 256 Fike, M.. 331 Filler. S.. 322 Findler, H., 347 Fink, I.. 231 Fink, M.. 192 Finlay, T., 398 Finley, C., 201 Fiidey. M.. 332 Finn, T., 363, 408 Finnane, T.. 390 Finnegan D.. 327 Finner. M 205 Fins, T., 336, 343 Firehammer. T., 226 Firle. S„ 328 Fischer, D.. ’01 Fischer, T., 256. 365 Fischer, P., 415 Fischer. T.. 354 Fisold. M„ 418 Fischl. P., 395 Fischrunn. J.. 382 Fiscus. M.. 366 Fi«h, K„ 410 Fish, L.. 276 Fisher, B., 275. 405 Fisher, E., 200. 2'0. 360 Fisher, G.. IRS 322, 333. 334. 336, 340, Fisher, M., 404 Fisher. P.. 23d. 244 Fishman, E., 356, 358 Fishman, T.. 377 Fishman, P., 405 Fishman. S.. 373 Fitch. M„ 332, 360 Fitzer, J.. 377 Fitzgerald. K.. 265. 328 Fitz-Gibbon, C., 368 FitzGibbon, S„ 322. 332, 334 Fitzpatrick, D., 3d2 Fitzpatrick, L„ 209, 276, 334. 338, 348 Fivian, R.. 390 Flader, W., 343 Flagel, A., 232. 233 Flaherty, A., 327 Flaherty, W„ 214 Flate, R., 405 Flath, E., 213 Fleck, J., 333, 335 Fleischakcr, S., 358 Fleischer, R„ 210 Fleisher, J., 419 Fleisner, E., 232 Fleming, E., 326 Fletcher, R., 354 Fleury, J., 215, 388 Flint, R„ 209 Flisram, N., 389 Flor, J., 353 Flora, A., 368 Florence, F., 343 Florin, G., 189, 196, 199 Fluss, S., 244 Foeller, A., 273 Foertsell, M., 327 Foley, J., 401 Foley, L., 273, 335, 345 Folkman, A., 404 Foral, N., 333 Forbes, J., 234, 378 Ford, F„ 349 Ford, M., 335, 337 Foreman, K., 221 Forester, M., 364 Forgione, R.. 348 Forman, D., 240, 243 Forman. J., 413 Forrester, A., 356, 359 Forsberg, M., 360 Forsberg, T., 327, 357 Forster, L., 379 Fosdal, F„ 334, 350 Foslin, P., 347 Foss, R„ 263, 273 Foster, IX. 228, 323, 384 Foster, T., 368 Foster, K., 350 Foster, S., 186. 208. 366 Fowell, K„ 251, 324 Fowler, A., 234 Fowler, N.. 328 Fox, B„ 327 Fox. C„ 326 Fox, E., 211 Fox, T„ 369 Foxwell, W.. 216, 348 Frackelton, B.. 199 Fraedrich, B., 421 Frailing, N.. 369 Frampton, B.. 332 Frank, C., 273, 346 Frank, C., 215 Frank, K., 327 Frank, L., 358 Frank, M., 413 Frank, N„ 332 Frank. S„ 326, 421 Frankard, M.. 332 Fran ken, P., 265 Franklin. H.. 209, 417 Franks. D.. 234 Franz, R., 249 Fraser, .T., 276, 349 Fraser, S., 228, 370 Frautschi. T., 186, 399 Frazier, M., 324 Frea. J., 194. 200. 385 Frechette, T., 346. 397 Frechette, P., 275, 397 Fredrich, R., 399 Free, IX. 384 Freed, M,, 369 Freedman, G., 405 Freedy, P.. 215, 353 Freeman, M.. 406 Freiburger, R., 265 Frcifeld. A., 373 Freigang. R.. 263 Freitag. R.. 232, 233 Freix. J.. 327 French, G., 369 French. M„ 332, 337 French, T., 234 Freriks. J.. 192. 332 Frey, A., 193, 2’7 Frey, F., 334, 347 Frey M„ 326 Frey, T.. 349 Friauf, A., 262 Friauf, G., 214. 274 Friauf, M., 262. 331 Friberg. D.. 211 Fried. IX. 340, 34S Friedland, T.. 209, 351 Friedman, B., 231 343 Friedman, I., 358, 409 Friedman, T., 192, 358. 421 Friedman, L., 347 Friedman. S„ 228. 367, 394 Friedrich, S., 360 Friedrichs, B., 331 Friedrichs, W., 352 Friedstein, S.. 405 Friess, F., 350 Frisch, T.. 421 Frisch. M., 415 Frisk. N., 384 Fritsche, K.. 366 Fritz, A., 196 Fritz. T„ 273 Friz. T.. 207. 267 Froberg. S.. 363 Froehlich. H., 269 Froehlich. R.. 330. 350, 362 Froemming, D., 330 Frolich, A., 331 Frome, B., 333 Fromer, A., 415 Fromm, B., 365 Frosch, R., 213, 216 Frota, J., 229 Fruehauf, N., 264 Fry, A., 375 Fuelleman, R., 230 Fuller, H., 373 Funk, B., 209 Funk, X., 227 Funk, T„ 359, 410 Furchtenicht, II., 374 Fuson, P., 269 Futterman, M., 231 G Gaarder, L., 357 Gaarder, N., 379 Gabert, A., 205, 385 Gabert, J., 389 Gabrielson, L., 208, 211 Gadow, G., 330 Gaffney, M., 370, 410 Gagan, R., 264, 346 Gagnon, R., 207 Galanis, 1., 209, 275 Gald, IX, 398 Gale, C., 364 Gale, .1., 327 Gallatin, I., 263, 324 Galli. R„ 215, 271, 273 Galos, K„ 332 Gamroth, T., 327 Gandt, V„ 226, 249, 393 Gangadbaran, G., 267 Gapinski, T.. 351 Garbelman, D., 350 Garber, M., 396 Garberson, R., 373 Gardenier. J., 331, 336, 338 Gardner, J., 323 Garens, .1., 357 Garens, Y , 211 Garlen, T., 415 Garlick, .1., 249, 41S Garlock, E., 365, 410 Garlock. J., 242, 387 Garmager, L., 410 Garness, M., 357 Gamier, C., 349 Garon, M., 358, 419 Garrett, J., 387 Garris, B., 409 Garver, P., 267, 389 Garvey, E., 3S0 Garvey, G., 215 Gasper, K., 264, 421 Gasul, J., 358 Gates, J., 393 Gauger, C., 330 Gauger, IX, 209 Gauger, G., 350 Gauger, R„ 249, 339, 344 Gaulke, G., 323 Gausewitz. A., 421 Gausman, R., 401 Gavol, R„ 210 Gaydos, R., 211, 340, 343 Gaydos, S., 344 Gebo, J., 210 Gecker. M„ 223 Geddeis, D., 275, 402 Geffert, D., 349 Gebl. M.. 330. 366 Gehle, S„ 331 Gebri, D., 387 Geiger, S., 409 Geishirt, J., 330 Geissler, G., 419 Geist, M., 333 Geittmann, M.. 408 Geleneser, L., 267 Gelhar, L.. 193, 214 Gelhaus. F., 392 Geline, R., 230 Gellcr, G„ 263 Geller, J.. 361 Gendlin, D., 421 Gennrich, D.. 388 Gensichen, D., 323 Genunzia, E., 326 Genzmer, D., 228 George, M., 263, 346 Gerber, R„ 274. 421 Gerend, R., 215 Gerhard, C., 230 Gerhard. V., 355 Gericke, G., 326 Gerken, G., 332. 337 Gerlach, F., 372. 386 Gerlach, W„ 327. 386 Gerland. S., 370 Germershausen, R., 347 Gernay, R.. 277 Gernoske, J., 3S3 Gerold, J.. 344 Gershaw. S.. 347 Gerson, R.. 343, 405 Gersten, C.. 412 Gertz, D., 411 Gertz, P.. 359 Gertz, S., 394 Gessert, C., 262. 379 Gesteland. R.. 399 Getschmann, G., 211, 342Strive to present quality merchandise in this miWieu o changing trendsGettle, R., 361 Gettrust, R., 328, 347 Getzel, R., 227 Getzen, C., 332 Geyer, L., 326 Gharrity, M., 3S0 Ghormley, W.. 399 Giannasi, R., 347 Gibb. R.. 228, 32S Gibson, C., 192 Gibson, I., 333, 362 Gibson, R„ 343 Giese, B„ 348 Gieseler, E., 209, 338, 346 Giessel, C., 190, 372, 384 Gifford, J., 373 Gilardi, R„ 193, 197 Gilbert, C., 211 Gilbert, D., 349 Gilbert, G., 210 Gilbert, H., 328 Gilbert, J., 324 Gilbert, N„ 227, 328 Gilbert, T., 412 Gilbertson, A., 410 Gilbertson, G., 347, 380 Gilbertson, H., 326, 389 Gilbertson, J., 195, 342, 396 Gilden, M„ 353. 42' Gilderslecve, R., 336, 344 Gile, J., 414 Gilfillan, A., 220 Gill, G., 363 Gill, R., 390 Gillespie, J., 203 Gillett, N., 364 Gilley, E., 324 Gillingham, S., 251 Gillman, D., 186 Gilmore, J., 227, 416 Gilson, J., 342 Gilson, R., 272 Gilts, C., 408 Gimbel, S., 394 Ginsberg, A., 338, 353 Giuntoli, G., 234 Gizinski, F., 254 Glaeser, R„ 259, 394 Glaser, D., 338. 341 Glaser, L., 190, 342 Glass, D., 350 Glassel, M., 232 Glaub, W., 347 Glauber, S., 373 Gleichman, T., 380 Gleisner, L., 330 Gleissner, M., 328 Glesner, M., 328, 359 Glick, L„ 419 Click, R., 350 Glickauf, C., 332, 362 Gliniecki, B.. 211 Glitz, D., 207 Gluck. N., 408 Gluth, J., 206 Gobel, F„ 230 Gocht, J., 353 Godfrey, T., 334, 337, 345 Goecks, C., 326 Goehrig, E., 326 Goes, P., 383 Goetsch, C., 327 Goetsch, R., 232. 233 Goetz, K., 186, 230 Goetz, R., 350 Gold, T., 418 Gold, P., 377 Gold, V., 371, 409 Goldberg, C., 227, 228 Goldberg, G., 234, 377 Goldberg, L., 409 Goldberg, M., 413 Goldberg. N., 353, 405 Goldman, J., 348, 371, 394 Goldman, K., 421 Goldman, R., 411 Goldstein, B., 358 Goldstein, C., 412 Goldstein, I., 192, 251. 256, 415 Goldstein, T., 394 Goldstein, L., 264, 413 Goldstein, M., 412 Goldstein. R., 419 Golland, J., 256 Gollhardt, J., 380 Gollnick, B.. 322, 330, 334. 336 Goltz, D., 414 Goltz, E., 327 Goltz, S., 264, 327 Gomberg, H., 409 Gonce, R., 211 Gonia, E., 417 Good, E.. 329 Goodman, A., 358 Goodman, B., 358, 409, 421 Goodman, C., 413 Goodman, D., 330 Goodman, N.. 228 Goodwillie, C., 410 Goossens. M. 265. 332, 337 Gordon, B., 192, 371 Gordon, C., 275 Gordon, D., 371, 411 Gordon, G.. 200. 204. 414 Gordon, PI., 275. 405 Gordon, .T., 358 Gordon. R., 3“ 7 Gordon, T., 197, 232 Gorham, C., 386 Gorton, M., 323, 365 Goshaw, A.. 193, 195 , 212, 213, 216 Goss, E.. 228 Gosse, R., 267 Gossett, W., 383 Gossoff, F., 358 Gottschalk, R., 265 Govan, D., 347 Cover, T., 375 Grace, M., 251 Grace, T., 353, 375 Graff, B„ 327, 361 Graff, L., 421 Graffin, YV., 186 Graham, L., 386 Graham, R., 351 Grahn, W., 250 Grais, I., 264, 405 Gramling, H., 205, 265 Granberg. D.. 215, 342 Granger, B., 326 Grano, E., 229 Granoff, G., 409 Gransee, B.. 324, 368 Grant, J., 326 Grant, T., 327 Grassl. T., 383 Gratehouse, J., 397 Graubart, G.. 412 Grauel, A., 277 Grauel, M., 32S, 359 Graves, D., 215 Graves, F., 202 Graves. N., 360 Gray, .T., 386 Gray, M., 353 Gray, S., 410 Grayson, P., 350 Greaton, K., 366, 428 Grebel, M., 331 Greeley, J., 328 Green, E., 367 Green, F., 330 Green, IP., 263 Green, R., 215, 370 Green. S., 408 Greenberg, P., 223, 371, 421 Greene, A., 343 Greene, .1., 409 Greene, R., 347 Greengard. J., 216 Greenspan, S., 418 Greenwald, C., 358 Greenwood, K., 231 Greenwood, R.. 347, 400 Greenya, W., 339, 34S Gregg, J., 327 Gregg, N., 365 Gregg, P„ 330 Gregg, R., 394 Gregorius, K., 215, 344 Greiman, C., 409 Gremmer, T., 349 Gresbach, M.. 227, 362 Gresenz, T., 269. 420 Gresenz, T., 348 Gresscl, M., 227 Gretzema, J.. 344 Griffith, B., 227, 327 Griffith, W„ 386 Griffiths, B.. 207 Griffiths, M.. 329 Grimm, A., 368, 410 Grimm, T.. 344 Grimm, M., 328 Grimm. R.. 375 Griswold, S.. 419 Gritt, G., 265 Grob, L„ 206. 330, 336, 337 Grobe. I... 345 Grody, M. 276, 373 Groeneweg. T.. 193, 215, 273, 334, 345 Groh. G.. 413 Gronauer, L.. 413 Grorud, G.. 323 Grosberg. j.. 358 Gross, M., 217 Grossberg, G.. 377 Grossenbach. R.. 275 Grossman, M.. 328 Grosz, T.. 349 Groth. D„ 326 Groves, R., 187 Groves, S., 189 Grube, D„ 352 Gruber, T.. 1S7 Gruber. M., 330, 362 Gruble. S.. 326 Grul 1. J.. 359 Gschwind. J.. 274, 421 Gubbav, A.. 415 Gudert, B.. 327 Guenther, R.. 249 Guest, I).. 372 Guiles. J.. 264, 413, 428 Guilette, K.. 355 Gulbrandsen, O., 234 Gull. T.. 232. 233 Gumbiner, R., 418 Gundersen, T., 230 Gundersen, L., 380 Gunderson, D., 421 Gunderson, N.. 328 Gundlach, R.. 200. 205, 221 Gundlach. W., 392 Gunnelson, J., 205. 414 Gunnersen, J., 390 Guntly, C., 342 Guida, B., 244 Gurnee, R., 347 Guse, T., 391 Guse, YV., 350 Gusloff, K., 362, 410 Gussow, E., 421 Gustafson, D., 389 Gustine, N., 369 Guthrie, G., 369 Gutierrez, C., 211 Gutkin, S., 223 Guy, J., 265 Guy, M., 232 Guyer, N., 357, 410 H Haack, D., 214 Haas, B., 357 Haasch, J., 342 Haase, G., 421 Haberman, M., 209 Haberstroh, J., 346 Hable, A., 400 liable, YV., 351 Hack. S.. 269 Hackbart, D., 275 Hackenberg, T., 382 Hacker, J.. 265 Hackler, YV., 217, 398 Hackney. P., 370 Hadley, R., 372 Hadsel, J., 372, 390 Haefner, J., 214 Hagberg, L., 410 Hagemeister, H., 349 Hagen, B., 324 Hagen, R., 344 Hagey, G., 396 Hagon, A., 327 Hahn, J., 329 Hahn, M., 353 Hahn, P., 397 Hahn, R.. 350 Haight, B., 324 Haight, S., 369 Haiicek, R., 380 Haiostek, R., 368 Hake, D., 275, 397 Halbman, M., 225, 251, 265 Hale, E„ 234 Hales, E., 406 Hales, T-, 327 Haley, T„ 190 Halferty, R., 400 Halon. M., 408 Hall. F„ 275 Hall, G„ 216 Hall. IT., 363 Hall, R„ 335. 344, 352 Hallam, B., 382 Hallock, P„ 262, 402 Halloin, J., 347 Halmrast, D., 349 Halpert, C., 358 Halsell, YV., 352, 406 Halsman, Iv 412 Halverson, C., 225, 251 Halverson, M., 368 Halverson, M., 330 Halverson, P., 345 Halverson, R., 382 Halverty, B., 372 Halvorsen, J., 274, 366 Halvorsen, K.. 189, 322. 413 Halvorson, T., 210 Hamann, H., 344 Hamarlund, S., 323 Hamel, D., 267, 381 Hamel, R.. 381 Hamerla, J., 333 Ham ill. D.. 338 Hamilton, R., 405 Hamilton, T., 205, 378 Hammer, E., 214 Hammer, P., 264 Hammerman, S., 358 Hammes, M., 408 Hammes, R., 417 Hammett, C.. 408 Hammill. YV.. 270 Hamre, S., 344 Hanchett, J., 351 Hancock, YV., 353, 389 Hand, F.. 364 Hanewall, YV., 389 Hanke, T.. 396 Hanke. YV., 213, 216, 342, 389 Hankel. R.. 401 Har.nes, L., 391 Hanover, M., 411 Hansen, B., 368 Hansen, C., 408 Hansen, D., 323 Hansen, E., 193, 195. 324 Hansen, T„ 222. 344. 349. 385. 410. 416 Hansen, K., 352, 364, 410 Hansen, P., 355 Hansen, R.. 256 Hansen, T., 262 Hanson, C„ 366 Hanson, D., 193, 216 Hanson, F., 352 Hanson, T., 204. 347, 350, 379. 398 Hanson, K., 328 Hanson. L., 224. 363. 390 Hanson. M., 192, 329, 345, 363. 417 Hanson, R., 216, 380 Hanson, T., 193. 215. 346. 363, 369 Hanson, YV., 217 Hantke. R., 346 Happe, D., 350 Happel, J., 220, 329 Hardaker. R., 329 Harden, J., 386 Hardgrove, S., 227, 410 Hardin, E., 216 Hardin, K., 196 Hardt, A.. 421 Harell, D.. 209, 414 Harford, S., 232, 327 Harley, K„ 232, 233 Harlin, A., 418 Harman, B., 393 Harman, G., 362 Harman, J., 413 Harmon, M., 222 Harned, G., 399 Haroz, M., 417 Harper, C., 330, 357 Harper, J., 325, 328 Harriman, J., 186, 375 Harrington, H., 365 Harrington, J., 277, 344 Harrington, T., 250 Harris, B., 409 Harris, M„ 192, 227, 332 Harris, R., 232, 233 Harris, S., 371, 413 Harstad, B., 227, 331 Hart, C., 210 Hart. G., 228, 327 Hartfield, J.. 397 Hartig, P., 408 Hartl. R., 343 Hartman, C., 347 Hartman, G., 230, 342 Hartman, R., 234 Hartman, T., 221 Hartmann, F., 211, 336. 344 Hartmann, J., 331, 337 Hartnig, R., 373 Hartsell, J., 410 Hartstein, S., 409 Hartwig, C., 350 Hartwig, N., 385 Hartwig, P„ 194. 200, 204. 205, 378 Hartwig, R., 386 Hartwig, r., 346 IParty, J., 211, 353 Hartzell, R., 204, 414 Harvey, F., 345 Harvey, G., 324 Harvey, J.. 342 Haselow, D., 342 Haselow, K., 330 Hass, C., 208. 211 Hass. H., 353 Hassberg. IP., 396 Hasselhofer. D., 387 Hasselman, T., 325, 327, 328 Hassemer, D., 327 Hathaway, P., 211 Hathaway, S., 413 Haug, YV., 217, 350 Haugy, A., 382 Haugh, L., 265 Hausfater. G.. 409 Hausler, G.. 274, 352 Hawk, D.. 388 Havvkes, J.. 361 Hawkins, P., 410 Haxton, T., 328, 359 Haxton, L., 359 Hayden, S., 223 Haydon. J., 234 Hayes, R., 391 Haynes, C.. 361, 408 Hayward, L., 369 IPazekamp, S., 364 Heal. J.. 198. 366 Hearn, N., 346, 406 Heath, B. IPeath, C., 386 Heath, J., 386 Heath, M., 326 Heath. S.. 271. 276. 382 Heath. W., 337 Hebal, M., 326, 366 lPebal. R., 276, 384 Heberlein. M.. 365 Hedberg, J., 331 Hedfield, H.. 212, 379 Heegeman, T., 379 Heermann, T., 344 Heffernan, M., 367 Heffernan, F.. 276, 380 Heffler. L.. 415 Heft. C.. 234 Hefty, PI., 347 Heggestad, R.. 346 Hegley, T., 273 Heiden, YV.. 273 Heidniann. D.. 273. 337, 348 Heidner. R.. 334. 3 8 Heimerdinger. T.. 366 Heimerl. J.. 225 Heinrichs, B.. 269 Heintz. T., 357 Heinz, D.. 345 Heinz, O.. 208, 210 Heinzen. S.. 328 Heiser. N.. 327. 368 Heiskell, R., 211 Heibling, S.. 327 490Coming are dramatic new advances in science and industry that will crowd centuries of progress into decades . . . bringing new challenges, new opportunities, new rewards. You're just in time! ALLIS-CHALMERS W H ere engineering IN ACTION IS AT work on your future todayHelburn, I., 275, 405 Held, B„ 327 Held, J., 235 Helgeson, J., 378 Hellermann, W., 237 Helm, R., 380 Helmbrecht, M., 331 Helminiak, T., 354 Helms, R., 203 Ilelmueller, J., 214, 265 Helmus, C., 363 Helstad, A., 385 Hemingway, D., 230 Hemker, A., 259, 324 Hemming, R., 355 Hemmv, R., 267 Hemp, M„ 241. 379 Hendon, N., 358 Henderson, D., 205 , 351, 385 Henderson, K., 323 Henderson, P., 187, 193, 208 Hendricks, P., 364, 413 Hendrickson, S., 362 Henkel, S., 329 Henkes, N., 344 Hennig, N., 222 Henning, D., 342 Henricksen, W., 344 Henry, B., 234 Henry, J., 395 Henry, R., 205 Henryson, L., 358, 409 Henschel, C., 215 Hense, H., 333. 366 Hensiak, J., 197, 232, 233 Hephner, A., 402 Hepp. R„ 200, 202, 204, 205 Herbrand, W., 352 Herbst, G., 217 Ilerbst, L., 352 Hergert, R.f 396 Merlin, M., 369 Herman, A., 412 Herman, E„ 227, 364, 428 Herman, K., 352. 396 Hermann, F., 213, 216 Herness, E., 205, 263 Herreid, D„ 250, 326, 408 Herreid, .T., 357 Hcrriott, A, 264 Herriott, W., 369 Herrling, D., 234 Herrman, C.. 357 Herrmann, J., 386 Herrmann, M., 209, 327 Herro, R., 349 llersh, M„ 408 Hersh. S., 371, 413 Hershner, R., 275 Hertwig, J., 327 Hess, G., 370 Hess, J.. 359, 396 Hess, W., 349 Hester, L., 410 Hewitt, J., 346 Hewitt, P., 232 Hicken, R.. 262, 363 Hickman, W., 335, 345 Hicks. J„ 382 Hicks, S., 362 Hickson, W., 350 Hidde, A„ 372. 389 lligbie, R., 343 Higgins, S„ 232, 327 Hildebrand, N., 408 Hildebrand. P.. 349 Hildewig, D., 208 Hilfiker, A., 359 Hilgers, M., 356. 365 "ill. I)., 230, 323, 362 Hill, E„ 350, 406 Hill. G.. 204, 385 Hill. T.. 269. 399 Hiller. II., 371, 421 Hiller. P„ 351 Hilton, D„ 347 Himes. T.. 270. 382 Himmel, D.. 401 Hinckley, D., 342 Hinckley, K., 397 Hinckley, P.. 328, 360 Hinderman, T., 330 Hindes, R., 334. 353 Hingiss. A.. 275 Hinke, O., 345 Hinkes. R„ 192. 265, 332 Hintz, E., 210. 211, 410 Hintz, R„ 213. 269 llintze, R., 213 Hintzen A., 187 ITintzmann. A., 353 Hinytzke, S., 347 Hinz, T., 332 Hinz, R.. 208 Hinz, W., 215 Hippenmeyer. B., 237 Hirsch, N., 358 Hirscli, P., 347 Hirsch, S„ 328 Hirsch, T.. 212, 215 Hirth, J.. 327 Hlavac. R.. 230 Hoag, E.. 206 "'iag. W.. 211 Hobart. VV.. 380 Hobbs, 1.. 280 Hobbs. W.. 275 Hock. G.. 335, 338 llocutt, G., 190 Hodges, C., 333 Hoets, W., 234 Iloc-ft, R., 347 Hoegn-Guldberg, N., 397 Hoenn, D., 267 Hochne, J., 208 lloel, O., 215 lloel, S., 327 Hoerter, M., 251 Hoesly, M., 264, 324, 400 Hoewisch, VV., 400 Hofberg, S., 411 Holiman, U., 2.0, 227, 335, 388 Hoffman, J., 390 Hoffman, J., 330 Hoffman, K., 232 Hoffman, R., 373 Hoffman, W„ 281 Hottmann, B., 328 Hoffmann, D., 346, 384 Hoffmann, S., 249 Hottschmidt, G., 342 Hofheinz, C., 323 Hogan, K., 418 Holanda, 15., 215 I-Ioldampf, K„ 408 Holden, R.. 359 Holderby, K., 326, 363 Holderness, C., 213 Holderness, E., 382 Holderness, L., 333, 337 Holland, C., 381 Hollander, R„ 207 Hollenberger, R., 383 Hollingsworth, F., 228, 364 Hollister, D., 216 Holloway, J., 332 Holly, A., 333 Holly, S., 366 Holm, L., 348 Holman, J., 237, 242 Holm berg, K.. 220. 221, 359, 416 Holmes, J., 355, 390 Holody, A., 332 Holoubek, J., 380 Holschuh, II., 383 Holstein, VV., 388 Holt, E., 386 Holt, VV., 395 Holtebeck, D„ 214 Holter, I., 382 Holz, P„ 328 Holz, V7.. 326 Holzer, O., 363 Holzknecht, F., 392 Holzmiller, N., 227 Homan, D., 331 llomb, K., 404 Hong, H., 214 Honish, T., 232 Monoid, G., 378 Honzel, L., 420 Hook. I.. 335 . 337, 348, 363, 417 Hoonsbeen, D., 353 Hooper, N., 364 Hooper, R., 273 Hoover, A., 328 Hooverson, R.. 274, 275 Hope, A., 386 Hopf, C., 361 Hopkins, J., 380 Hopkinson. R., 362 Hopp, J., 400 Hoppe, D., 401 Hoppe, G.. 344 Hoppenfeld, C.. 192, 415 Hoppert, F., 346 Horman, G., 410 Hormig, R., 203 Horne, C.. 235 Horneck, T., 328, 359 Hornick, F., 421 Horning. R., 347 Hortsch, H., 186 Horvath, R., 333 Horwich, A.. 409 Hosig. D., 215, 379 Host. K.. 220. 228, 328. 370 Hostak, D.. 391 Hotchkiss, D., 207 Hotchkiss, M., 327, 405 Hottmann, M., 344 Houck, K., 234 Hough, E„ 251 Hough, VV., 345 Houle, T.. 263 Houle, VV., 263 House. G., 414 Houtkamp. S.. 327 Hovecar, C.. 347 Hoveland, J.. 192, 328 llovey. D.. 267 Howard, E., 348 Howard, T., 387 Howard, M„ 211 Howard. R„ 350 Howard. V.. 396 Howe, G., 346 Howe, T., 359 Howe. T.. 215, 388 Hoy, H„ 274 Hoy, V.. 330 Hover. G.. 3 »2 Hron. R.. 336. 349 II rub v. T- 208. 351, 398 Hsi. C.. 350 Hsiung, C., 327 Hubbard, M„ 360, 428 Hubbard, S., 360 Hubbel, R., 343 Huber, C., 235 Huber, I)., 350 Huber, J., 276, 372, 397 Huber, VV., 202, 383 Hubert, R., 269, 343 Huckstead, N., 206, 330 Huddleston, S., 369 Mud is, J., 349. 396 Hudson, J., 408 Hudson, R., 396 lludy, VV.. 197. 232, 233 Huebner, G., 387 Huebner, J., 206 Huebner, VV., 338, 350 Hucbschen, B., 354 Iluelsman, A., 214 Huenemann, R., 339, 342 Huerkamp. B., 413 Huggett, J., 39S Hughbanks, T., 354 Hughes, D., 355 Hughes, .1., 229, 322, 324, 421 Hughes, M., 230 Hughes, R„ 210, 211 Huibregtse, C., 416 Huibregtse, M., 263 Ilulett, N., 332 Hull, B., 354 Hull, C„ 360, 413 Hull, S„ 413 Huls, T., 193, 215 Hultman, A., 333, 336 Hundley, B., 363, 413 Hundley, M., 223 Hunn, C.. 362 Hunold, R., 346 Ilunsader, T., 347 Hunt. C., 387 Huppler, J.. 334, 347 Hurd. T„ 382 Hurrle, R.. 345 Hurwitz, J., 421 Hurwitz, N., 405 Huser, B., 265 Hussa, R., 353 Husting, P.. 369 Husting, VV.. 382 Huston, J., 209 Hutchens, C., 204 Hutchens, S., 366 Hutchins, C., 414 Hutchinson, L., 328, 362 Hutchinson, P.. 355 Hutchison, I., 263 Huth, K.. 332. 337 Hutton, A., 234 Hvan, J., 229, 359 Hyne, N., 365 Hyne, S., 333 I Igeta, B., 350 Ignaszak, T., 347 Hide, G„ 186 I hie, C., 352 I hlenfeld. T„ 211, 383 Imingen, M.. 225, 249. 327 Immerman. VV., 276, 377 Inbinder, C., 186 Indermuehlc, D., 204, 205, 414 Ingle, R., 369 Ingraham, V., 228 Inselman, H.. 205 Irwin, H„ 369, 42S Irwin. J., 187 Iry, N„ 335. 352 Isberg, J., 192. 330 Isham, L., 263 Ishizaki, N.. 380 Tson, M., 380 Tushewitz, L.. 418 Iversen, B„ 372, 388 Tverson, K.. ?72. 333 Iverson, M., 3S4 Tverson, N., 397 Iverson. R., 213 Twaki. M.. 264 Izquierdo, A., 346 J Tablow, N., 333 Jackson, C., 411 Jackson, J., 366, 367 Jackson, P., 357 Jackson, R., 421 Tackson. T.. 380 Tacobi. E., 205, 212, 273 Jacobs, G., 409 Jacobs, R., 193. 195 Jacobs, VV.. 250 Jacobson, B., 317, 418 Jacobson, E., 388 Tacobson, T., 334. 349 Jacobson, P., 329, 371. 409 Jacobson, R., 274, 275 , 280, 349, 402 Tacobson, S.. 327 Jaeger, J., 350 Taehnig, M.. 355 Taff. M„ 350 laffe, R., 411 Jaffe, S.. 371 Jahn, C., 230 Jahnke, 1)., 205, 334, 344 Jakop, M., 332 James, J., 332, 334 James, P., 345, 380 James, R., 380 James, R., 407 Jameson, K., 331 Janes, D., 378 Janis, A., 208 Janke, T., 353 Jannidcs, S., 335, 339, 340, 349 Jansky, L., 401 Janssen, G., 205 Janssen, L., 205 Janzen, M., 368 Tanzer, B., 251, 410 Jaquith, R.. 347 Jaschob, R., 211. 337, 350 Jasin, J., 216. 272, 343 Jasin, P., 221 Javid, P., 265 Jaworski, N., 195 Jawort, C., 259 Jebens, J., 351 Jefferson, J., 386 Jeffords, T., 390 Jenks, T., 221 Jennings, J., 372. 379. 396 Jennings, R., 237, 390 Jensen, J., 324 Jensen, J., 329 Jensen, N., 360, 417 Jensen, R., 343, 349 Jenson, J., 327 Jenson, K., 332 Jenson, W., 373 Jepson, B.. 375 Jermain, K., 323 Jermain, R.. 349 Jesinski, J.. 250 Teske. R.. 211 Jewell. R.. 350. 389 Jinkins, M., 251 Jodie, J., 352 Joern, B.. 359 Johanek, M., 193 Johannes, G., 342_ Johansson, F., 235 lohansson. VV7., 208 Johns, J., 382 Tohnson, A., 328. 389 Johnson, B„ 217. 243, 343, 348, 363. 364, 36S Tohnson, C., 326 Johnson, D„ 267. 343, 345 , 351, 386, 397 Johnson, E., 413 Johnson, E., 355, 381 Johnson, G., 197. 210, 232 Johnson, H., 365 Johnson. I., 197. 223 , 249, 263, 323, 365, 366, 369, 415 Johnson, K., 210. 364 Tohnson. L., 326, 361, 366, 374, 414, 419 Johnson, M„ 223, 227. 280, 349, 361 Johnson, P., 225. 333, 390 lohnson. R., 263, 369. 386 Johnson, S., 186. 196. 229, 230, 323. 368, 410 Johnson, T., 216 Johnson, VV., 216, 397 Johnston, C., 367 Johnston, K., 344 Johnston. M., 332 Tonas, G., 197 Tones, C., 234 Jones, D„ 205, 230, 343. 348, 369, 410 Tones, E., 331, 335, 336. 364 Tones. T„ 197. 215, 362, 398, 402, 408, 410, 421 Tones, K., 215 Tones. M„ 229, 327 Tones, N„ 345. 350, 389 Jones, R., 236 tones, S., 269. 343, 368, 415 .Tones, V., 232. 233 Tones, VV., 328 Jorgensen, C.. 215 Jorgensen, S., 326 Jorgenson, D.. 346 Joseph, A., 276 Toslin, K., 193, 217 Tosserand, C.. 198 Joyce, D., 251 Joyce, T., 251 Joyce, M., 227 Joyce. S., 361 Tuckem, K., 323 Juetten. P.. 350 Tulian. T., 351 Julian. R„ 388 Tuneau. P.. 344 Tung. E.. 331 Jursik, J., 326 K Kaack. C., 213, 216, 259 Kabb. R., 409 Kaczor, J., 352 Kades, I,.. 411 Kadlec. VV7.. 269 Kadletz, M., 32“ Kaercher, L., 223. 365 Kaerch-r. R.. 274, 334, 353 Kahl, K.. 362 Kahn, I.. 394 Kaine. B.. 421 Kaiser, H., 353 492IT'S NOT THAT BAD To paraphrase Candide, this is not the best of all possible worlds. No one can successfully rebut that point. However, it’s not as bad as they says it is, either! The gloomcasters are victims of mental myopia; squinting onto the future, their vision cannot pierce the murk of the shadowed present. They sadly lack the sight of youth. Don’t let them cloud your vision with the smoked glasses of their pessimism; even the brilliance of the sun is obscured when viewed through such a medium! Look upon the world with your own unshrouded eyes, for with them, you can see its good as well as its bad, its future as well as its present. You will find that it’s far from perfect. But it’s not that bad! MILWAUKEE BREWERS’ ASSOCIATION Blatz Brewing Company A. Gettelman Brewing Company Independent Milwaukee Brewery Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company Miller Brewing Company Pabst Brewing Company 493Kaiser, W., 188, 344 Kalb, K., 366 Kallblad, E., 327 Kalscheur, L., 357, 408 Kalsow, D., 323 Kalter, R., 204 Kaluzny, E., 232, 233 Kambayashi, E.. 343 Kaininer, N., 413 Kaminski, C., 351 Kanim, E., 274 Kamni, R., 194, 275, 280 Kamni, S., 370 Karamer, R.. 267, 381 Kampempool, S., 353 Kanaan, A., 375 Kane, S., 421 Kang, C., 352 Kankam, J., 194 Kami, B., 409 Kanter, A., 409 Kantliak, B., 355 Kao, V., 375 Kapelle, F., 389 Kaphengst, A., 343 Kaplan, S., 394, 419 Kapocius, V., 221 Kapoor, H., 346, 354 Karabensh, J., 211 Karau, J., 408 Karau, T„ 211, 403 Kaibjinski, B., 349 Karlin, S., 323, 368 Karls, D., 368 Karlstrom, C., 393 Karmatz, C., 358, 412 Karon, S., 413 Karpuleon, F., 350 Karren, A., 358 Kaschner, J., 232. 326 Kaska, B., 366, 408 Kass, B., 411 Kass, B., 411 Kassner, A., 353, 421 Kassner, M., 382 Kastberg. J., 347 Kasten, G., 392 Kastenschniidt, L., 204, 414 Kastner, P.. 330 Katte, S., 355 Katz, D., 418 Katz, E., 347 Katz, F., 418 Katz, R., 405 Katz, Y., 206 Katzenmeyer, P.. 269, 331, 340, 366 Kaufelt, J.. 371. 413 Kaufman, J., 187 Kaufman, R.. 377 Kaufmann, E., 234 Kauth, W„ 209. 398 Kavalauskas, M., 326 Kay, .T.. 418 Kay, M., 326 Kayal, A., 215 Kayser, E.. 364 Keberle, E.. 415 Keck, R., 390 Keck. W.. 390 Keddie, P., 354 Keefer, A., 350 Keenan, D., 390 Keepers, W.. 3£ 9 Kehl. B., 274 Kehl. J.. 208 210 Kelnn, T.. 383 k'eboe. M.. 189, 360 Kehr, D., 190 Kehr. R., 210 Keliher, K.. 209 Kell. F„ 327 Kellenberg, W., 212 Keller. D., 384 Keller, F.. 377 Keller. T.. 383 Keller. M., 394 Keller. W.. 272. 343 Kelley. W.. 281. 388 Kelling, E., 215, 236 Kellock. G., 231 Kellogg. F., 264. 348 Kelly, R.'. 226, 343 Kelly, T.. 351. 389 Kelsey, A., 273, 335. 337, 355 Kelsey. E., 204 Kelzenberg. M., 367 Kemp, C., 343 Kennedy, D., 351. 390, 396 Kennedy, K., 208 Kennedy, M., 359, 408 Kennedy. T.. 2'2 Kenney, R., 339 351 Kenney, W.. 343 Kenny. G., 408 Kent. D.. 241. 262. 275 Kent. M.. 275 Kenyon, M.. 362 408 Kerckbove. G., 200. 205 Kerr, K., 366 Kerr. M„ 362 Kerr. S.. 360. 410 Kerstein, R.. 2’1. 402 Kersten. H., 249 Ketsten, P.. 335, 348 Kese, T., 350 Kesselman, D.. 304 Kessinger. L.. 428 Kessler, F.. 373 Kester, J.. 186, 276, 334, 337, 355 Ketchum, E., 364 Ketchuin, J. 206, 328 Ketelhohn, R.. 400 Keune, S., 400 Khadjavi, A., 190 Kidd, D„ 421 Kiddle, M„ 370, 40S Kieffer, G., 345 Kieffer, J., 398 Kiehlbauch. .1.. 332 Kielbasa, J., 413 Kielhold, 1... 205 Kienast, P., 236 Kies. T., 232 Kiesling, D., 273 Kiesow, J., 343 Kiessling, R.. 343 Kieweg, K., 324 Kifle, I., 267 Kilander, C., 350 Kiiger, R.. 343 Kilgour, W., 262 Killingstad. K., 274 Kim, j., 214 Kimbel, A., 357, 428 Kincy, B.. 408 Kind, H., 211 Kind, P., 267 Kindschi, G., 345 King, A., 415 King, T., 421 Kingeter, K., 206, 328 Kinkade, R., 210 Kinney. T.. 3S4 Kircliman, D., 362 Kirihara. K., 353 Kirkpatrick. M., 332, 337, 338 Kirrnse, E.. 214. 274 Kirsanoff, B.. 217 Kirschling, N., 326, 359 Kirsling, S.. 333, 359 Kirt. R.. 397 Kiselow. M.. 186. 230 Kiser, C., 265, 362 Kishner, M., 326 Kissinger, S., 206, 330 Kitze, A., 331. 334, 335, 337 Kivlin, T., 230 Klabough, J., 344 Klabunde, J., 357 Klappenbach, D., 349 Klappenbach. E., 403 Klassy, R., 226 Klaus, F., 372, 401 Klawiter, P.. 350 Klebesadel. R.. 193. 195, 213 Klee. B., 370. 410 Kleewein, F., 216 Klein, A., 411 Klein, E., 421 Klein, G., 374 Klein, M.. 275. 377 Kleindl. D.. 213 Kleinfeld, A.. 347 Kleinheinz. B.. 332 Kleinpell, J.. 363 Kleinsclnnidt, R., 234 Kleist, T.. 403 Kleman, D.. 343 Klemencic. D., 401 Klemme, M.. 404 Klctzien. S.. 321 Klevay. I... 230. 399 Kleven, I)., 386 Kleven. J.. 227 Kley. K.. 351 Kline, C., 349 Klinefelter. D., 327 Klinge. H.. 193. 195. 216 Klingenstein, D., 394 Klinke, N„ 368 Klinner, T., 329 Klister, D.. 250 Klockow, D.. 193, 216, 343 Kloepfel, E.. 324 Kloppedal, E.. 230 Klotz, C.. 421 Klotzko. B.. 419 Klug, M.. 360 Knaack. T., 370 Knapp. K., 198, 265, 332 Knapp, W.. 347 Knapton. S.. 344 Kncin. D.. 275, 403 Kneiske, M., 363 Knepper, H.. 355 Knight, A.. 211, 401 Knisely. M_. 343 Knoblock. J.. 367, 410 Knoche. K.. 328 Knollmuller. H., 366, E.. 366 Knopes, R.. 400 Knopp. F., 224. 326 Knox, P., 347 Knudson, D., 354 Knueppel, K., 326. 369 Knueppel. R.. 232 Knuesc, I., 232 Knutli, W.. 354 Knutsen, R., 214, 386 Knutson. D., 204. 340, 385 Knutson, T., 331. 347 Knutson, R., 274 Knutson S.. 229 Knutzen. D.. 344 Kobak. C.. 421 Koch, B., 363 Koch, E., 343 Koch, J., 389 Koch, R., 328 Koch, V., 228, 331 Kocourek, D., 275 Kodner, 1 ., 419 Koege, M., 408 Koeltler, G., 216 Koehler, J., 380 Koelin, R., 345 Koehne, C.. 332 Koeller, L., 210, 211 Koene, W., 202, 385 Ixoenig, G., 353 Koenig, L., 232 Koenig, T., 280, 403 Koenig, W., 38S Koeper, R., 395 Koerner, D., 331, 337 Koeze, M., 369 Kofoed, R., 354 Kofsky, R., 421 Kogutj C., 192 Kohl, T., 210, 211, 355 Kohlenberg, S., 413 Kohlmetz, D., 356, 369 Kohlmetz, K., 327 Kohlnteyer, C., 337, 345 Kohn, A., 365 Kontsi, W., 334, 335, 340, 348 Konarski, J., 342 Konemann, H., 421 Konnak, G., 228, 327 Konnak, J., 355 Konop, .1., 208 Konovsky, J., 413 Koonz, C., 326, 366 Koos. R., 342 Kopf, G., 230 Kopff, D., 330 Kopp, C., 206, 228, 251, 331 Kopp. F., 355 Korbitz, B.. 230 Korn M., 232, 332 Kornbluth, I., 353. 405 Kornspan, H.. 377 Korotev, P., 387 Korseberg, G., 249 Kortkamp, D., 193, 352 Kortkamp, L., 192 Kosak. R., 373 Koss, J., 362 Kosser, R., 419 Kotchevar, S., 360. 428 Kotnik, R., 336, 350 Kotnour, K., 388 Kotter. j., 343 Kouchich, A.. 354 Koutskv, J., 391 Kovacs, M.. 265 Kowalski, J.. 192, 324 Kowitz, A., 220, 359 Kozlowski, W., 386 Kracnter, A., 228. 251 Kracower, A., 377 Kraemer, J., 199. 206, 329 Kraff, B„ 358. 411 Ixrahn, L., 202 Krall, M.. 215 Kramer, B., 419 Kramer, J., 210. 334 Kramer, R.. 273 Kramsky, J., 358 Krapp. P., 375 Kratze, S., 409 Kraus, E.. 230 Krause, C., 267 Krause, D., 208 Krause, .T., 336. 346 Krause, P., 267 Krause, R., 202. 344 Krautkramer, D., 256 Kreeger, C., 415 Krernbs, J.. 414 Kremins, B., 409 Kresky, P., 380 Kretschman. M.. 256 Kreul, P., 223. 365 Kreunen. C., 263 Kreunen, R., 197 Kreutzmann, K.. 397 Kreuzer, C., 362 Kreuzer. G., 329 Kriegshaber, D., 333 Krier. J.. 396 Kripps, 19., 206 Krishna. S.. 335 Kristy, F„ 227. 363 Krivit. if., 412 Krivitz, P., 328. 361 Kroehn. T.. 193. 214 Kroening, J., 349 Ixroening, §.. 367 Krohn, A., 366 Kroll, D., 341 Kroll, ,T.. 215 Kroll, R., 347 Kromrey, J., 256 Kropidlowski, J., 265 Krueger, A., 419 Krueger, C., 194, 204, 385 Krueger, D., 215 Krueger, E., 192, 196, 328 Krueger, G., 400 Krueger, .T., 344. 410 Krueger, K., 346 Krueger, L.. 333. 337, 341, 346 494 Krueger, M., 357 Krueger, T., 401 Krueger, W., 344 Krupinski, F., 324 Kruse, J., 354 Krush, N., 348 Kruswicki, A., 347 Krvshak, M., 209 Kryshak, T„ 209 Kuba, D., 337 Kubisiak, J., 341, 352 Kubler, R., 204 Kubley, R.. 349 Kubly, K.. 328 Kuchera, R., 342 Kuckhahn, R., 232 Kudla, T., 327 Kuehl, M., 324 Kuchl, S., 330 Kuemmerlein, P., 360 Kuersten, J., 420 Kuetemeyer, J., 348 Kuetemeyer, W., 217 Kuflik, L., 421 Kuhagen, D., 327 Kuhl, J., 342 Kuhlen, R., 342 Kuhn. F.. 216 Kujath, A., 328 Kukulski, L., 420 Kulas, B„ 228 Kulbarsh, R., 358 Kulcinski, G., 381 Kullmann. K.. 352 Kulwin, R., 405 Kulzer, D., 348 Kunert, K., 354 Kunesh. E.. 342 Kunz, M., 331, 335 Kurhajec, J., 386 Kurowski, J.. 402 Kurth. lx.. 328 Kurth, R.. 355 Kurz. J., 344 Kussow, W., 385 Kutchera, R.. 343 Kutz. L., 273 Kutzbacli. I.. 195. 273. 403 Kwarcinski, L., 216. 334, 336. 420 L Laadt, V., 366, 408 Laak, D.. 344 LaBelle, H., 401 Lachowicz, S., 325, 327, 362 LaCourt, K., 361 Lacy, H., 216 Ladd, N., 370 LaDousa. T., 347 Ladwig, E., 387 Ladwig, N., 410 F.aFollette, B., 234 LaForte, L., 364, 410 Lahey, L., 211 Lahey, S., 206, 327 F aiberlich, M., 415 Laidly, P.. 349 Laitman, J.. 333 I aitsch, L., 234 Lanber. .T., 408 Landa, H., 334. 337. 338. 339, 345 Landaw, R., 373 Landesman, J., 373 Landis, E., 394 Landmann, J., 334, 347 I andmeier, J., 410 Lando, D., 387 Lando. J., 333 Landskron, D., 323 Lane, P., 333 Lane, R., 344 Lang, E., 417 Lang, L., 351 Langdok, R., 211 Lange, C., 207 Lange, D., 210 Lange, .T., 227 Lange, K., 327 Lange, P., 251, 325. 328 Langer, J., 265. 333, 335, 338, 347 Langford, J., 344 Langhofer, S., 220, 231, 325, 327 Langhus, M.. 372. 398 Langman, W.. 234 Langnes, G., 398 Langsdorf, W.. 217. 387 Lanphear, G., 276 Lapean, L., 217 I.ara. L.. 347 Larkin. B., 359 Larkin, E., 230 Larme, K., 265, 330 Larsen, D., 225 Larsen, G., 353 I arsen, .T., 329, 349 Larsen, K., 324 Larsen, L., 349 Larson, C„ 187, 234. 272. 334. 340. 349, 408 Larson, D.. 208, 210, 229, 276. 402 Larson, G., 351 Larson, J., 209, 225. 227. 230, 249, 263, 276 I.arson, L., 263, 353, 363 Larson, M., 325, 327 Larson, S„ 327, 328 I,arson, T., 208, 215 Laskowski, N., 384PLUMBING FIXTURES with distinguished new fittings New Kohler fittings of fresh beauty—the Constellation series— complement Kohler fixtures in design and quality. They afford positive, easy action, maintain constant water flow at volume desired. Construction is all-brass, chrome-plated. Brass is the most durable, serviceable material for plumbing fittings. Kohler fixtures provide a wide choice of styles and sizes for homes, and public, industrial or commercial buildings. Write for complete information. New Kohler all-brass fittings Constellation series KOHLER CO. Established 1873 KOHLER, WlS. KOHLER of KOHLER Enameled Iron and Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures • Brass Fittings • Electric Plants • Air-cooled Engines • Precision Controls 495Lassanske, G., 215, 354 Lassig, T., 350 Last, J., 347 Lathers, M., 364 Lathrope, P., 324 Lattuada, C., 207 Lauer, C., 197, 232 Laughlin, D., 213 Laun, K., 408 Laun, M., 327 Laupp, C., 351 Lautz, W., 277, 381 Lawnicki, C., 347 Lawrence, A., 356, 361 Lawrence, C., 324 Lawrence, M., 328, 405 Lawrence, N., 209 Lawson, J., 249, 381 Lawson, R., 330 Leach, J„ 192, 324, 360 Leach, L., 360 Leathernian, L., 329 Lebow, N., 394 Lecher. D., 347 Lechner, J., 280 Lechowitz, M., 264, 415 LeClaire, W., 347 Lecy, G„ 380 Ledyard, R., 262 Lee, A„ 409 Lee, D„ 407 Lee, H., 206, 207 Lee, J„ 234, 382 Lee, L., 347 Lee, M„ 323 Lee, R„ 232, 233 Lees, J., 215, 348 Lefkowitz, L., 415 Lehman, J., 389 Lehman, R., 386, 387 Lehner, B., 326 Lehner, G., 407 Leidel, E., 262 Leifer, L., 371, 409 Leifer, R., 396 Leigh, F., 328 Lein. K., 267 Leisenring, J., 354 Leissring, J., 376 Leiter, M., 353 Leith, D„ 208 Lem, D.. 355 LeMahieu, J., 211 LeMahieu, M., 361, 415 Lemberg, L., 327 LeMere, J., 216 Lemhouse, J., 331 Lentke, B., 330 Lemke, S., 198, 367 Leinke, T., 346 Lemmer, G., 390 Lemon, J., 192 Lendved, M., 326 Lengacber, W„ 374 Lengel, E„ 352 Lentz, G., 327 Lenz, J., 365 Leonard, L., 327 Leonard, R.. 332 Leonhardt, T.. 277, 348 Leoyard. R., 217 Lepak. R., 347 Lerdahl. L, 364 Lerner, B., 409 Leroux, J., 333 Lescohier, J., 344 Lesiecki. G., 215 Leslie. D„ 338, 349 Lesniak, T., 386 Lestina, C., 330 Lev, S., 344 Leventhal, J., 409 Leveroos, M., 370 Levin, E., 421 Levin, F., 418 Levin, M., 412 Levin, N., 415 Levin, P„ 371, 411 Levin, S.. 405 Levine, G., 354 Levine, H., 308 Levine, M„ 335, 336, 344 Levine, P., 349 Levitats, M., 373 Levitt, L., 410 Levitt. R., 394 Levy, E„ 358. 409 Levy, S., 244 Lewandowski, J., 271 Lewandowski, K., 195, 212, 216, 272, 421 Lewinson, J.. 375 Lewis, D., 190, 226 , 262, 267 Lewis, G., 262. 343 Lewis, H„ 395 Lewis, T., 265. 327 Lewis, K., 384 Lewis, L., 389 Lewis, R„ 208 Lewis, S., 412 Lewison, D., 333 Lewi son. R., 398 Lewke, D., 204. 348 Lewnau, J., 192, 331 Leyendecker, R.. 347 L’Hommedieu, B., 369 Libby, G., 421 Lichte, L., 207, 210, 211, 250. 263 496 Lichty, T., 396 Licking, J., 230 Lickus, B., 417 Liddle, B„ 341, 346 Liden, G., 234 Liebenberg, A., 350 Lieberman, J., 417 Lieberman, M., 409 Lieberman, S., 192, 241, 409 Liebetrau, A.. 400 Liebsch, M., 327 Lieding, R.. 387 Lienau, J., 324 Liesch, N., 324 Lieske, M„ 228, 326 Liff, A„ 358, 419 Liggett, S., 362 Lighter, M., 359 Likas, R„ 267 Lillesand, J„ 215, 271, 273 Lincks, R„ 277 Lindberg, A., 410 Lindemann, N., 387 Lindemuth, T., 226, 353 Lindgren, 19., 211 Lindmark, M., 330, 337 Lindner, J., 217, 221, 353, 355 Lindow, W., 211 Lindsay, P., 339, 352 Lindsey, L., 396 Lindsley, G., 348, 374 Lindstrom, W., 354 Lindwall. J.. 345 Lingel, G„ 392 Link. B„ 204, 352 Link. G„ 262 Link, M„ 211. 229, 263 Linke, R„ 214, 280 Linke, S., 360 Lins, S„ 328. 362 Lintz, H., 419 Lipkin, M„ 371, 413 Lippert, E., 234 Lippold, L., 359, 410 Liss, R„ 342, 405 List, P„ 368 Listecki, R., 349 Litt. F„ 371, 411 Little. P„ 211 Littlefield, R., 213 Litwack, M„ 405, 428 Lizzo, J., 420 Lloyd-Jones, N„ 262, 326, 366 Locher, R.. 230 Locke, J., 264 Locketz, A., 377 Lockyear, T., 345, 396 Loeffler, B., 357 Loeffler, R., 351 Loehning, R., 217 Loescher. R.. 186 Logan. D., 208. 249, 395 Logeman, T., 273 Lohr, J., 229 , 361, 428 Lokensgard. E., 380 Long, C„ 220. 328, 370 Long, J., 193 Long, M„ 220, 228, 370 Long, S., 228, 370, 410 Longenecker, G.. 194, 203, 264, 385 Lonngren, K., 236, 336 Lonsdorf, J., 276, 381 Loock, C., 410 Look, K„ 170, 400 Loos. D., 267 Loper, D., 403 Loppnow, R.. 348 Lorenz, A.. 352 Lorenz, M„ 189, 224, 256 Lorenz, W., 386 Lotnian, M., 377 Lott, I., 277 Lotz, T„ 346 Loucks, C., 395 Lousier, L., 330, 337, 338 Lovaas, T.. 267, 389 Love, E., 410 Love, G., 264 Love, J., 264 Lovedale, R.. 347 Lovewell. E., 262, 368 Lovstad, D.. 323 Lowe, A., 380 Lowe, F., 215 Lowe, 1., 275. 280 Lowe. S.. 409 Lowell. S., 326, 357 Lowrey, L., 364 Lozenicins, 1., 353 236, Lubar. P.. 394 Lubeck, K., 259, 339 Lubow, D., 344 Lucht, J„ 383 Luck, A., 231 Luckow, L., 206, 329 Ludel, E„ 353 Ludke, E.. 343 Ludkey, N„ 193, 217 Ludlum, R., 347 Ludtke, R.. 397 Ludwig, D„ 347 Ludwig, R„ 193 Ludwigsen, C.. 389 Luedtke, J., 208. 210 Luellwitz, A.. 346 Luenzmann. D., 349 Lueschow, R.. 349 Luethy, W., 212 Lukas, S., 350 Luljack, V., 353 Lullo, J., 390 Lund, D., 234 Lundholm, R., 393 Lurie, R., 412 Lusignan, R., 350 Lustok, J„ 228, 358 Luther, W., 393 Luttichau, F., 386 Lutz, H., 346 Lutz, L., 236, 337, 350 Lux, C.. 366. 408 Lyga, R., 353 Lynch, M„ 221 Lynch, P., 327 Lynch, T., 249, 396 Lvnts, P., 234 I yon, H„ 193 Lyon, W., 386 Lyons, T., 420 Lysagnt, M„ 232, 265, 332 M Maas, J., 250, 379 Maas, P„ 353 Maass, K., 267 Mabelkos, E., 216 MacArthur, M„ 234 MacDonald, J., 198, 362 MacDonald. K„ 326 MacDonald, R., 342 MacGregor, R., 350 Machida, J„ 326 Macho, T., 337, 344 Mack, P„ 396 Mackesey, J., 211 Mackey, J., 229 MacMurray, E., 263 MacNeil. D„ 382 Macon, T., 339, 344 MacPherson, D., 380 MacQueen, V., 413 Madaus, B., 206, 332 Madding, D., 361 Mader, P„ 227 Madison, F., 395 Madsen, C., 353 Madson, I)., 265 Maercklein, L., 343 Magnin, H., 385 Magnusen, M., 364, 408 Magnussen, C., 206, 269 Mahdi, A„ 207 Maher, L., 369 Mahnke, C., 395 Mahoney, I., 389 Mahoney. K., 223 Maiale, F., 390 Maier, C., 240 Main, V„ 398 Makosky, M„ 364, 413 Makous, W., 186 Malcolm, B.. 326 Malek, V„ 410 Malewiski, L., 263, 421 Malick, L., 324 Malinovsky, L., 229 Malkin, L., 373 Malkowski, T., 401 Malkowski, T„ 232 Mallare, V„ 267 Mailman, T„ 347 Mallow, C., 330 Malmborg, J., 333 Malnekoff, T., 394 Malon, R„ 272 Malone, B., 323 Malone, T., 388 Maloney, S., 251, 361 Malsch, R., 326 Malueg, A„ 210, 379 Malueg, T.. 230 Malzahn, R., 388 Mancoflf, N., 405 Mandel, D., 231 Manhoff. J., 421 Manis. D., 418 Manis, R., 231 Mann, L„ 371, 411 Mann. R„ 195, 212, 214 Mannis, K., 230 Mattson, J., 331 Mansour, E., 327 Marchi, O., 229 Marcks, G., 355 Marcus, B., 271, 275 Marcus, D„ 358. 409 Marcus, J., 372, 377 Marcus, R., 373 Marcus, S., 409 Marden, P., 231 Marggi, T.. 326 Margoles, F., 419 Margoles, I., 371, 409 Margolis, I.., 394 Margolis, R., 405 Marion, G., 409 Marion. J., 265 Mark, P.. 357 Marker, D.. 342 Markham, G., 401 Markoff. R.. 394 Markowitz, H., 405 Marks, I)., 275 Marks, J., 221 Markstrom, P., 215 Markus, R., 394 Markusen, T., 273, 344 Markworth, J., 381 iVlarold, M„ 222, 327 Maroney, H., 379 Marot, G., 333 Marquardt, E., 351 Marquardt, K., 197, 232 Marquardt, R., 202 Marr. M., 361, 408 Marsden, L, 327 Marsh, B., 368, 408 Marsh, M„ 251, 326, 332 Marshall, A., 419 Marshall, C., 397 Marshall, J., 345, 396 Marshall, L., 397 Marshall, P., 215 Marshall, R., 194, 202, 414 Marshall, W., 396 Martell, D„ 213, 216 Martens, L., 214 Martens, R., 202, 346 Martens, T., 379 Martens, W., 230 Martin, D., 211, 344 Martin, J., 192, 207, 216, 274 Martin, K., 326, 366, 383 Martin, M.. 327 Martin. R., 221, 348 Martini, M., 229 Marton, W., 352 Masak, J., 210 Masch, A., 250 Masengarb, P., 347 Mashuda, E.. 333 Masing, I., 356, 366 Mason, J., 343 Mason, J., 408 Mass, A., 418 Massey, F., 348 Massey, R., 393 Masters, C., 355 Matarrese, R., 343 Mateyka, D., 211 Mather, C., 192, 326 Mather, L., 326, 359 Matheson, L., 352 Mathews, D„ 214, 274 Mathews, G., 215, 342 Mathias, W„ 200, 207 Mathiesen. K., 327 Mathieus, K., 330 Mathison, J., 230 Mathison, R., 222, 327 Matoi, A., 229, 264, 330 Matos, C., 213 Matson, F., 328 Matson, N., 364 Mattacotti, A., 351 Mattes, J., 324, 361 Matthews, .T., 333 Matthews, S., 209, 210 Mattison, B., 397 Mattison. M., 367, 410 Mattka, M., 366 Mattke, E„ 273, 352 Mattke, P.. 352 Mattson, B., 214 Matuga, R., 353 Mau, B., 416 Mau, M„ 331. 340, 366 Mauger, R., 386 Maurer, R., 380 Maurer, W., 353 Maxfield. J., 398 Maximovich, M., 336, 375 Mav, D., 349 May, I.. 325, 326 Maver, A., 233 Mayer, R„ 273, 352 Mayhew. M., 329 Mayne, M., 267 Maytag, M., 369, 408 Mazeska, D., 390 Mazur. R., 189, 264 McAndrew, E., 223 McArthur, R., 348 McBeath, A„ 230 McBeath, S., 327, 360, 366 McBride, P.. 362. 408 McBurnev, G., 360 McCabe, J., 338, 355 McCall, M., 396 McCallum. D.. 234 McCann. P„ 208 McCanse, A., 190 McCarter, M„ 370 McCarthy, T., 226 McCarthy, P.. 367. 410 McCartney, M., 396 McCauley. J., 347 McClintock, W., 401 McClure, C., 193, 216, 272 McClure, D., 210 McCone. A.. 237. 269 McCorkle. W„ 281 McCormick, G., 193, 195, 213, 216 McCormick. P„ 189, 198, 241, 361 McCurdy, J., 398 McCutcheon. M.. 230 McCutchin, T., 414 McDaniel, S., 229, 361 McDevitt, R., 349 McDonald, B., 396 McDonald, D., 349 McDonald, J., 208THE UNIVERSITY CO-OP 702 STATE STREET SERVING WISCONSIN STUDENTS FOR OVER 60 YEARS THE C. W. ANDERE’S CO. 702 STATE STREET 497 THE STORE FOR MENMcDonald, M., 230 McDonald, T„ 380 McDonough, H., 367 McDowell, D.. 386 McDowell, R., 210 McEachron, S., 344, 386 McElya, M., 256 McEwen, A., 366, 410 McFadden, K., 350 McGee, E., 355 McGee, M., 370. 410 McGillivray, D„ 333, 362 McGinn, M., 232 McGinnis, C., 262, 369 McGinnis, N., 331 McGinnity, P., 329 McGough, I)., 388 McGowan, J., 210, 384 McGowan, R., 389 McGrane, A., 349 McGuire, B., 359 McGuire, J., 355, 396 McGuire, S., 369 McHale, J., 275 , 351, 398 McIntyre, D., 380 McIntyre, K., 269, 408 McIntyre, M., 323 McKee, E., 408 McKee, M., 362 McKee, W„ 230 McKenna, j., 355 McKenzie, M., 356, 357 McKirn, M., 211, 361, 417 McKinnell, L., 326 McKinney, D., 280 McKinney, J., 332 McKloskey, J., 222 McLaughlin, J., 428 McLay, R„ 193. 197, 348 McLeod, P., 230 McMahon, P., 263 McMenomy, J., 232, 233 McMillan, R., 380 McMillen, D.. 274 McMillian, B., 417 McMurray, T.. 351 McNamara, V.. 275, 386 McNeel, D., 347 McNown, L., 244 Meacham, H., 352 Meacham, N., 328 Meade, A., 355 Means, E., 367, 410 Mechanic, B., 412 Meckenstock, L, 396 Meckes, M., 408 Mendenwald, D.. 228 Meerschaut, B., 361 Meert, K.. 265. 327 Mehlom, R., 398 Mei, K.. 193, 216 Meier, L., 207. 383 Meier, M.. 410 Meilahn, W., 347 Meili, P., 264 Meineke, M., 361 Meissner, D., 187, 188 Meissner, E., 328 Mekelburg, K., 327 Mekkelson, P., 379 Meldgaard, G.. 215, 334, 342, 374 Melick, G., 327 Melin, L., 412 Melito, E., 391 Melnik, L., 419 Melzer, D., 273, 396 Melzer, W., 267 Menke, K., 326 Mennes, K., 251 Menzel, L., 192. 327 Menzel, S., 264, 418 Mercer, J., 337. 345 Meredith, C.. 364, 408 Mergv, T„ 328 Merkel, B„ 192. 225, 249, 329 Merkel, R., 210 Merrill, F., 375 Merrill, T„ 323 Mertig, A.. 334. 338, 349 Merwitz, A.. 366. 410 Messenger, H., 404 Messniann, D., 329 Metcalf. K.. 333 Mettlacli, T.. 355 Meulemans. K., 211 Meuli, J.. 324 Mever, C„ 270, 383 Meyer. D„ 193, 214, 236, 404 Meyer, G.. 230. 326 Meyer. H.. 204, 267, 414 Meyer, I., 327 Meyer, K., 262, 325, 328 Meyer, L.. 345 Meyer. R„ 190, 335, 350 Meyer, S.. 409 Meyer. T.. 397 Meyers, A., 212 Meyers, G., 343 Meyers, S., 368 Mevst, C.. 352 Micek. E.. 375 Michael. T.. 333 Michaels. S.. 413 Michels, S.. 364 Michel son. R.. 276 Miohler. T . 348 Mick. G.. 202 Mickelson, C., 350 Mickelson, J., 265 Mickelson, R., 383 Mickiewicz, J., 398 Middleton, S., 367 Mielke, J., 328 Mielke, L., 389 Mielke, M., 421 Mielke, W„ 249, 347 Miess, J., 193 Miethe, P., 369 Mietzel, D., 349 Mikkelson, G., 249 Milad, K., 326 Milch, R„ 211 Milestone, D., 324 Milewski, M., 324 Milkowski, C., 333 Millard, M., 362, 415 Millard, W., 347 Miller, A., 379 Miller, B., 325, 326, 366, 370, 410 Miller, C., 230, 327 Miller, F., 342 Miller, G., 186 Miller, 1., 236. 249. 328, 352, 367, 369, 397 Miller, J., 408 Miller, K„ 324 Miller, L., 418 Miller, M., 211, 232 Miller, N„ 215, 372, 401, 413 Miller, P„ 227, 421 Miller. R., 345, 347, 393, 394 Miller, S., 208 Miller, T„ 259. 263 Miller, W„ 353 Millgard, C., 345 Milligan, A., 223, 369 Millis, J., 326 Mills, B„ 360 Mills, D„ 380 Mills, G., 421 Mills, Kv 328. 360 Millspaugh, M., 228, 410 Miilunzi, A., 212 Miliar, J., 327 Miner, W., 215 Minshall, B., 215 Minsliall, D., 215 Mintz, C., 415 Miracle. G., 211 Mirah. S., 372 Miresse, L., 389 Miske, T„ 347 Mitchell, B., 346 Mitchell, J., 194, 204, 353, 378 Mitchell, M„ 194, 200. 378 Mitchell P.. 232, 233, 326 Miyamoto, R., 267 Mockert, R., 343 Moczulewski, R., 379 Modahl, G.. 352 Moder, G. 208, 210 Moe, J., 208, 270 Moeiius, K., 365 Moede, J., 388 Moegenburg, C., 227 Moelis, J.. 352 Moeller, L. 193, 345, 396 Moeller. W.. 276, 396 Moen, G., 194 Moglowsky, M., 333 Mohler, I., 369. 410 Mohr, C., 265 . 280 Mohs, F., 275, 382 Mohs, T., 382 Moin, W., 347 Moir, C„ 327 Mokrejs, J.. 365 Molander, D„ 387 Moloney. M., 333 Molsin, L., 419 Molzalin, G., 381 Molzow, T., 396 Mongan, P., 402 Monroe, M., 360 Monson, K., 398 Montgomery, C., 380 Montgomery. P„ 333 Moody, D.. 230 Moody, H., 387 Moody, L., 331 Moody. I , 267 Moon, H., 344 Moon, R., 230 Moore, B., 342 Moore, G., 340, 351 Moore, T;. 249. 277, 410 Moore, K., 416 floors, P., 207 Moran, T., 372, 383 Moreland.' J.. 337, 345 Morell, A., 244 Morel 1. D., 190. 383 Morelli, F., 347 Morey. D., 234 Morgan, E.. 208. 328, 355 Morgan. M.. 232. 332, 363 Moriarity, D„ 380 Moriarity, F., 379 Moriarity, J., 215 Morinioto, A.. 331 Mork. P.. 379 '4orley, .T., 347 Morner. K.. 369 Morris. B., 367, 410 Morris, D., 397 Morris, T.. 369 Morris, M., 275, 405 Morris, R., 334, 337, 349 Morrison, B., 372 Morrison, J., 361 Morrison, L., 367, 413 Morrison, N., 360 Morrison, R., 296, 397 Morrissey, P., 332, 365 Morse, J., 370 Morse, M., 326 Morsel 1, A., 376 Morsell, M., 367 Mortensen, D., 353 Morter, M., 329 Morton, P„ 392 Moseler, J., 268 Mosely, G., 369 Moskowitz, L., 421 Moss, D., 343 Motl, R., 273 Motz, J., 350 Mouchka, M., 327, 367 Moulton, H., 273, 389 Mouty, J., 227 Mouty, L., 214 Mouree, B., 408 Mowery, J., 345 Mov, B„ 417 Moyer, G., 336, 353 Moysey, E., 369, 410 Mrotek, D„ 217 Much, C„ 213, 267, 272 Muckerheide, M., 231, 324 Muegge, W., 214 Muehl, N„ 408 Mueller, G., 347 Mueller, M., 402 Mueller, P„ 326, 361 Mueller, R„ 249, 345 , 372, 375, 399, 400 Mueller, W„ 351 Muench, J., 347 Muenzberg, M., 352 Mulholland, C., 202 Mulicli, J., 265. 326 Mullen, M.. 391, 397 Mullen, K„ 40S Muller, R„ 396 Mulock, D., 421 Mulvaney, N., 324 Munger, G., 349 Munscn, D., Munson, E., 235, 335, 343 Muranaka, M., 355 Murkve, M., 331 Murphy, A., 209, 276 Murphy, J., 209, 211, 235, 328 Murphy, L., 343 Murphy, M., 227, 333, 416 Murphy, R., 230 Murphy, S., 370, 408 Murphy, T., 186 Murray, A., 411 Murray, F., 230 Murray, T., 232, 328 Murray, M., 263, 327, 360 Murray, R.. 263 Murtfeldt, M., 333, 366 Murthy, N., 215 Myers, T., 346 Myers, K„ 323 Myers, N., 410 Myers, S., 251 Myrah, S., 395 Myrant, R., 413 N Nack. R„ 334, 355 Nack, W., , 353 Nadig, F., . 351 Nafziger, J.. 264, 403 Nagel, B., , 274 Nagel, E., , 324 Nagi, T.. 242. 379 Nagler, B ., 275 Nagley, J. , 370 Nagursky, , D., 374 Nagy, T.. 397 Naimon, H., 405 Nakagawa , F., 352 Nakamura , E.. 333 Naling, M ., 397 Nanper, P ., 220 Nason, S., 228. 327 Nass, B., . 356, 368 Nass, P., ' 186, 194, 209 Natarus, B.. 235. 373 Nathan, S, ., 409 Natoli. S., 197. 232, 233 Natwick, ] ST.. 327. 370 Nault, J., 335. 354 Navin, J., 348 Naybert, I 351 Nayudu, M.. 267 Neathery, G.. 355 Nedderman. T.. 382 Needham, T.. 420 Neef, J.. 355 Neese. J., 400 Neess. P.. 326. 370 Neevel. P. . 351 Nehls, C., 205 Nehring, J .. 223, 359 Neimann, P.. 342 Neitzke, C ., 208 Neitzke, R ., 250, 374 Nelesen, J. ., 357 Nelsen, D. , 210 Nelson, A., 215, 263 Nelson, B., 409 Nelson, D., 244, 353, 375 Nelson, F., 375 Nelson, G., 208 Nelson, L, 217, 265, 277, 332, 340, 347 Nelson, K., 357 Nelson, L„ 202, 402 Nelson, M., 363 Nelson, N., 355 Nelson, O., 345 Nelson, P„ 186, 270, 271, 338, 352 Nelson, R„ 210, 222, 233, 359 Nelson, T., 342 Nelson, W., 355, 373 Nemec, B., 196, 360 Nemetz, B., 359 Nerenberg, W., 373 Nesbit, J., 395 Nesbit, M., 366 Nesbit, N., 366 Nesbit, R., 280 Netterblad, J., 235, 403, 420 Netzel, S., 223, 256. 265 Neuenschwander, G.. 208, 210, 344 Neuman, H., 412 Neumann, E., 331 Neumann, J., 327 Neumann, S., 325, 327 Neumann, T., 346 Neumeycr, J., 346 Neupert, N., 332 Neuville, S., 328 Neve, R., 276 Newberry, J., 263 Newbury, N„ 206, 326 Newby, D., 379 Newlin, N„ 360, 410 Newman, J., 259, 269, 383 Newman. T., 229, 402 Ng. J., 350 Niblcr, J.. 352 Nichols, B., 331, 398 Nichols, J., 212, 272, 350, 421 Nichols, R., 342, 375 Nichols, T., 338, 340, 345 Nichols, W., 349 Nicholson, E., 353, 389 Nickel. D„ 386 Nickles, L., 369 Nickles, R., 389 Nicolaus, J., 344 Nicolazzi, R., 228 Niebuhr, D., 281 Niedermeier, R., 204 Niedfeldt, T., 414 Niedfeldt, R.. 204, 414 Nielsen, G.. 214 Nielsen, N., 206 Niendorf, G., 326 Niesen, A., 217 Ninmer, J., 330, 366 Ninneman, M., 327 Nitzkowski, H., 277 Nixdorf. K., 378 Nixon, j., 406 Noah, S., 350 Noe. K„ 206, 249, 328, 361 Noer, P., 226, 249 Noffke, R.. 347 Nohr, W„ 351. 398 Nolin, L., 353 Nolte, D., 203 Nolte, F„ 352 Nolte, L., 369 Nolte, S., 326 Norager, T., 226 Norbutas, S., 420 Nordeen, R., 342 Norin, S.. 418 Norlach, D., 211, 397 Norman, A., 356, 357 Norman, S.. 417 Normand. B., 370 Noroger. T., 249 Norris, M.. 332 Northan, B.. 217. 262 Norton, T., 276. 372, 403 Norton, R., 344 Noth, M., 213 Noth, P., 375 Nott, B.. 225, 251, 262 Nott. R.. 235 Novak, D., 354, 396 Novenski, G., 212, 214 Novenski. J., 351 Nower, E., 332 Nowinski, D., 230 Nuernberg, R., 396 Nuernberg, R., 349 Nusbaum, K., 186 Nussbaum, L.. 358 Nygaard. D.. 205 Nygren, E., 361 Nygrett, T., 343 Nyman, L., 215 Nysted, R.. 383 O Oakey. H., 357 Obenberger. T., 212 Oberdick. H.. 187, 395 Oberheu, K.. 230 Oberhofer, T.. 402 Oberman. T.. 409 Obey, E„ 398 498carrot (jronj) jjliot(Mjra eri the 1959 (J3adc er commercial "fast service — reasonable rates" industrial portraits 205 university AL 5-3638 Your humble servant . . . Reddy and waiting to do your bidding. Whether it’s more school, work, or play, when you call on Reddy Kilowatt you can be sure you’ll LIVE BETTER . . . Electrically! BROWN’S Book Shop, Inc. 673 State Street 712 State Street HEADQUARTERS for BOOKS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Wisconsin Mjwer Lig rh FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS SERVICE 499Obma, E., 196, 368 Obnia, K.. 337, 339, 351 O’Brien, A., 410 O’Brien, G., 234 O’Brien, J., 366 O’Brien, P„ 357 O’Brien, T., 344, 397 O’Connell, D., 329, 408 O’Connell, E., 359 O’Connor, J., 197', 205 , 212, 337, 351, 361 Odegaard, R., 352 O’Donnell, P., 419 Oechler, H., 230 Oehler, R., 230 Oelhafen, N., 330 Oertel, H., 378 Ogle, G.. 206, 416 O’Hara P„ 338, 342 O’Hearn, G., 340 Ohlhausen, J., 421 Ohlinger, D., 421 Ohlsson, R., 345 Ohm, G., 403 O’Kane, Id., 267 O’Keane, D., 408 O’Keefe, T., 363 O’Keefe, P„ 331 Oken, S., 411 Olansky, M., 418 Olen, M„ 328 Olen, K., 354 Olep, W., 407 Oleson, J., 3S1 Olcvskv, H., 343 01 fe, E., 355 Olin, G., 190 Olle, J., 420 Ollonger, D., 263 Olsen, A., 188, 224 Olsen, C., 230 Olsen, D„ 195, 212, 216, 230 Olsen, R., 210 Olshefske, J., 323 Olson, D.. 193, 203. 213, 375, 385, 396, 420, 428 Olson, F., 344 Olson, G„ 193, 206 Olson, J.. 204, 228, 324. 345, 347, 366, 389, 414 Olson, K.. 189, 213, 356, 362, 419 Olson, M„ 333 Olson, P„ 368 Olson, R.. 195, 197, 216, 321, 336, 350 Olson, S„ 349 Olszewski. T., 396 O’Meara, J., 363 Omidi, E„ 265 Onan. R., 212, 403 O’Neill, P„ 417 Oosterwyk, J., 354 Opgenorth, A., 351, 390 Opgenorth, G., 392 Oppeneer, K.. 215, 343 Oradei. J., 368, 410 Orchard, B., 186 Orlando, L., 348 Orloff, S„ 192, 419 Orner, J., 371, 404 Orr, H., 387 Orr, S.. 408 Orth, F., 265 Osborne, G., 20S Osborne, T., 402 Osheroff, S.. 408 Osterberg, R., 227 Osterhaus, H.. 393 Ostrow, J., 377 Otjen, A.. 203. 360 O’Toole, J., 265 Ott, G., 340, 345 Ott, J., 327 Otter, A.. 200. 205, 378 Otterson, G., 385 Otteson R., 224 Otto, .T.. 332 Otto, M., 370 Otto, R., 216 Otto, V.. 351 Ott uni, M.. 205 Overman, K.. 323 Ovson, I.. 419 Ovson, M[., 371, 421 Oweis, L., 263 Owens, T.. 269. 343 Owsarski, P., 353 P Pabst, V.. 364 Pacetti. E.. 328 Pack. R.. 231 Packer, B., 328 Paczkowski, D.. 328 Paddock. M„ 402 Paddock, S., 276 Padway, P„ 330, -08 Paetow. E.. 227. 410 Page, T.. 343 Page, W.. 267 Pannke. D.. 20S Paine, C.. 264 Paislev. D.. 421 Palecek. E„ 223 Palen, R., 327 Paley. H.. 373 Palm. S.. 333 Palmer. C.. 418 Palmer, L., 324 Palmer, S., 222, 330 Pamanet, H., 333 Pandolfi, J., 186 Panozoo, D., 364, 416 Pansch, D., 345 Pansch, J., 351 Panzenhagen, D., 421 Papenfus, W., 259 Papenfuss, J., 370 Pappadis, C., 357 Parcher, J., 269, 343, 380 Parent, L., 338, 343 Park, S„ 324 Parker, A., 225, 410 Parker, B., 357 Parker, D., 351 Parrish, J., 406 Parrott, E., 190 Parson, A., 321 Parson, R., 214, 217 Parsons, E., 216 Parsons, F., 402 Parsons, W., 381 Partch, M., 333 Pasbrig, K., 403 Pasbrig, W., 343 Pasch, R., 354 Paska, M„ 331, 335 Paska, R., 391 Pasqualucci, A., 344 Patch, N., 323 Pateyuk, J., 336, 353 Patterson, A., 328 Patterson, M., 360 Patterson, N., 264 Patterson, W., 406 Patti, M„ 325, 327 Patton. D., 413 Patton, J., 375 Paudler, F., 351 Paul. D., 415 Paul, L., 349 Pauley, M., 228 Pauls, T.. 194 Pauls, W.. 217. 353 Paulsen, G., 205. 385 Paulson, W„ 195, 214 Pavlovics. E.. 264 Pawsat, R., 230 Payleitner, R., 403 Payne, N., 344 Payne, W.. 396 Peabody. K.. 225 Pearce, R„ 216 Pearson, E., 333 Pearson, M., 367, 408 Pearson. R„ 348, 390, 395 Pease, R., 382 Pech. S., 193, 195 Peckham, J., 364 Pedersen, 11., 354, 382 Pederson, T., 208 Peiffer, J.. 356, 363 Pekarek. J.. 215 Pellegrino. E., 344 Pendleton, D.. 332 Penman, J.. 198, 222 Pennefeather, A., 223. 366 Pennington, D., 359, 413 Penrith, C., 276, 372, 402 Perez, V.. 192. 264, 419 Perkins, M.. 328 Perkins, P., 206, 331 Perkins, R., 264, 343 Perlman, A., 408 Perlman, .1., 230, 358, 413 Perlman, R., 344 Perlman, S., 412 Perlstein, J., 250 Perozzi, M., 308, 328 Perry, D„ 197, 212, 215 Perry, G., 420 Perry, J.. 382, 386 Person, K., 199 Pesch, J., 227 Pesetsky, B., 193 Petasnick, ,T.. 230 Peter, T., 346 1'eterka. J., 350 Peters, E., 221 Peters, J., 354 Peters, M., 330 Peters, R., 264 Peters, W.. 407 Petersen, C., 186 Petersen, F., 217 Petersen, H., 197 Petersen, 1., 197, 232 Peterson, A., 196, 333 Peterson, C.. 229, 333, 402 Peterson, D., 393, 402 Peterson, E., 263, 267 Peterson, F., 380 Peterson, G.. 397 Peterson, T., 328. 334, 346, 352 Peterson. L., 230 Peterson. M.. 251. 308 Peterson, P„ 324. 334. 337, 338, 351 Peterson. R., 2’0. 345 Peterson, S., 417 Peterson, T., 188 Petranek. J., 216 Petrich, M.. 327 l’ettersen, F., 193 Petzke. R.. 2’5, 336 l’ezon. E., 213. 216 Pfefferkorn, R., 316 Pfeiffer, N., 206 Pfeiffer, W., 351 Pfeil, J., 338, 351 Pfrang, K., 392 Pfund, G., 237, 390 Phillippi, W., 393 Phillips, A., 355 Phillips, C., 410 Phillips, J„ 323 , 358, 409 Phillips, N., 206, 362 Phillips, R., 352 Phillips, S., 206, 333, 405 Phillips, T., 348 Pick, L., 214 Pick, W., 205, 378 Pieh, W., 343 Piehl, N.. 365 Pielson, J., 342 Pierce, P., 408 Pierce. R.. 214, 347 Pierpont, D., 348 Pierpont, J., 348 Pierson, J., 374 Pies, S., 235 Piggins, D., 267 Pike, R., 397 Pilarski, E., 274, 348 Piltz, R„ 281 Pine, D., 416 Pines, B., 394 Pines J., 228 Pingel, K„ 211, 383 Pingitore, J., 343 Pinkert, R., 349 Pinney, P., 323 Pinnow, C., .333 Pinsof. L.. 351 Pinther, M., 408 Pionke, H., 374 Piper, J., 392 Pitrof, J.. 353 Pittenger, W.. 343 Pitterlc, T.. 215 Pitts, T., 348 Placeway. P.. 196, 199, 249 Plagenz, L., 386 Plahuta. M„ 208, 338, 349 Plater, R., 230 Platos. T.. 378 Platt. T.. 367. 408 Platten, P., 380 Plautz, B., 333 Plcger. E.. 234 Pleister. R.. 277, 336, 347 Plcnge, S., 206. 415 Plengvidhya, P., 344 Plenke, T-. 357 Pliszka. I).. 403 Ploenske. B., 361 Plonski, G.. 353 Plos, J., 230 Plotkin, G.. 216 Plotkin, .1., 418 Plotkin. R.. 231 Ploughman, J.. 417 Pluckhan. F.. 335. 340 Plumb, R. 261 273, 352 Plunkett, T., 350 Poad. C„ 234 Podolske. M.. 350 Pofalil, I-I., 333 Poggensee. V., 389 Pohj_and, D., 327, 366 Pok, J., 215 Pokorney, J., 384 Polacheck, G., 358, 413 Polacheck. D., 333 Poland. J., 210 Polansky, E., 358, 409 Polhemus, P„ 228, 367, 408 Polinsky, M.. 211 Polisky, .T., 356, 358 Polivka. S.. 407 Poliak. P.. 362. 416 Pollack, E., 410 Pollack, T., 274, 405 Pollack. R., 409 Poliak. M„ 418 Pollard. R., 351 Pollock. II.. 408 Pollock. L.. 360, 410 Polzak, I... 343 Potnainville. T.. 369 Pombo, M.. 375 Pomeroy, D., 3 9 Pomeroy, J.. 346 “omrenke, R„ 208 Poole, C., 210 Poole, I., 349 Poole, N.. 269. 361 Poon. T., 352 ope, C., 389 Pope, D., 381 Pope. I.. 332 Popp. W., 250 Poppy, I)., 195 Poppy. M.. 323 Port, ,T.. 328 Porter, B., 364, 40S Porter, G., 203 Porter, T., 208. 384 Porter, P.. 370, 408 Porter. S.. 377. 414 Porter. W.. 250. 400 Portnoff. M.. 377 Pospeschil. F.. 350 Post. N.. 187. 232. 416 Potter, J., 344 Potter, P., 269, 410 Poullette, P., 249 Poulson, T., 339, 347 Pound, J., 333 Powell, D., 231, 400 Powell, J., 335, 340, 344 Powell, P., 326 Powers, M., 330, 335, 337 Powers, P., 366 Powers, R., 216 Pownall, J., 216 Pownall, L., 236 Powzukiewicz, W., 214 Pozorski, M., 324 Pracht, P., 330, 335 Prange, R., 348 Pratt, T„ 189, 224, 370, 428 Pratt, L., 208, 385 Pratt, W„ 202, 38S Pratz, P., 274 Precourt. R., 195, 216 Preder, R., 355 Presler, M., 332 Prestegard, P., 365 Pribbenow, R., 347 Price, E., 413 Price, K., 324 Price, L., 370 Pride, L., 332 Priedeman, A., 196, 199, 366 Prieve. E.. 211 Prill. D.. 204 Primakow. C.. 421 Primeau, L„ 326 Prinslow, R., 386 Printz, R„ 394 Prisk, E„ 349 Pritchard, L., 414 Pritchett. N., 208 Priwer, E., 412 Proctor, A., 209, 416 Proctor, M., 342 Pronin, R., 412 Protsman, J.. 331, 337 Prouty, R., 274 Prueher. L.. 210 Pucci. C., 328 Pudleiner, P.. 216 Pufahl, O., 204. 414 Pumper, F., 202, 265 Pusch, D 210. 21! 262 Putnam. P.. 192, 360 Pyle, J„ 41S 0 Quade, H.. 347 Quaderer, C., 255 Quail. I., 322. 324 Quam. V.. 249 Quandt. R.. 3 7 Quasius. R.. 383 Quentmeyer. K., 249, 265 Quick. C.. 416 Quiglev. B.. 416 Ouirk. J.. 271. 384 Quisling, D., 369 R Rabas. B., 370 Rabas. C.. 352 Rabehl, C.. 327 Rabinowitz. M.. 377 Race. R.. 327. 368 Raczek. T.. 354 Radcliffe. R.. 344 Raddatz. G.. 360 Radde. K.. 328. 360 Radke, T„ 194, 205, 272, 350 Radi. A., 366 Radi. T.. 366, 408 Radloff. II.. 385 Raemisch, S.. 370 Raffay, D., 410 Ragatz, D., 391 Ragatz, R.. 397 Ragland, A., 390 Ragsdale, D., 390 Ralin, B., 353 Rahr. K„ 277. 407 Ramlo. J.. 230 Ramlow. B., 211, 361 Ramsey, S., 327 Ramsey. T.. 349 Rand, M.. 394 Randall, T., 363 Randall. P.. 192, 324 Randolph. S.. 370, 410 Ransom, G., 343 Ransom, M., 410 Rasmussen, B., 323 Rasmussen, C., 347 Rasmussen, T.. 336 Rasmussen, M., 206 Rasmussen, R.. 208 Rathert, R.. 347 Rathke. R„ 2 0, 403 Ratner, T., 409 Ratsch. j.. 276, 378 Rau, D., 331 Raudonis, R.. 407 Rausell. A.. 227, 410 Ravel. T.. 264 Ravenhill. M.. 327 Rawitscher, R., 275, 394 500Traffic fatality rate reduced 40 per cent a familiar pattern Public interest in schools greatly increased Ownership of U.S. Savings Bonds at all time high Church and Synagogue attendance rises Outdoor Advertising speaks for a better community and country. It informs and persuades people to act in the public interest. The Outdoor Advertising industry contributed $10,000,000 through the Advertising Council during 1958 in behalf of public service. Good neighborhoods are our nations strength MANUFACTURERS SINCE 1897 Of Products Used Throughout The World REGISTERED TrADEXAMES PYLE-STAR-LINE TRIPLOC QUELARC STRATE-LINE Electrical Connector Plugs and Receptacles PYLET Conduit Fittings, Switches, | Circuit Breakers, Motor iStarters and Industrial Lighting Fixtures PYLE | Floodlights, Headlights, Steam f Turbines and Turbo-Generator GYRALITE I Gyrating Warning Lights MULTIVENT I Air Diffusers for Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning Literature Furnished On Request THE PYLE-NATIONAL COMPANY WHERE QUALITY IS TRADITIONAL Chicago 51, Illinois 501 1334 North Kostner AvenueRawlings, K., 331 Ray, D., 235 Ray, N., 328 Raymond, L., 188, 230, 375 Reader, 402 Rechord, R., 406 Rector, K., 364 Rector, S., 395 Redell, K., 352 Reder, E., 419 Reder, S., 413 Redler, S., 405 Redman, R., 209 Reed, K., 324 Reese, J., 348 Reese, P., 207, 213, 264 Reese, S., 406 Refvik, J., 359 Reger, D., 214, 273 Regh, R„ 332 Reglitig, B., 329 Reh, R„ 342 Rehm, C.. 390 Reich, S.. 358. 409 Reiclil, C„ 226, 249 Reid, 1., 215 Reid, S., 228, 370, 408 Reideman, M., 324 Reierson, D., 352 Reif, D.. 221, 365 Reigel, A., 263 Reigel, D., 263 Reimer, C., 404 Reincke, R., 227, 409 Reinert, J., 227, 263 Reinhardt, P., 194 Reinitz, M., 263 Reinke, R., 375 Reinke, W., 379 Reinnoidt, M., 353 Reiss, J., 405 Reiss, T., 390 Reiter, M., 333 Reithmeier, E., 209 Rcmer, L., 277, 340, 351 Remington, A., 204 Remington. J., 328 Remmert, J., 280, 420 Remstad, B.. 333, 340 Renk, R., 338 Renk, S., 344 Rennekampff, T., 228 Renner, M., 331 Rensch, J., 348, 396 Renz, F., 210 Renz, R.. 344 Repka, C., 274, 344 Resan, S.. 404 Resnick, W., 394 Rethke, R., 372. 392 Reu. L„ 204, 385 Reuben, G., 421 Reuben, L., 353 Reuter, A., 196 Reyner. B., 371 Reynolds, C., 378 Reynolds, D., 403 Reynolds, F., 230 Reynolds, J., 241. 380 Reznichek, J., 344 Reznichek, R., 249, 396 Rhodes, R., 403 Rice, C„ 360 Rice, D., 349 Rice, .T., 417 Rice, K., 269 Rice, M., 403 Rice, R., 263, 411 Richards, C.. 389. 428 Richards, D., 201. 211. 275. 277. 336, 344 Richards, H., 204, 414 Richards, ,T.. 331. 363 Richards, W., 397 Richardson, L., 365 Richardson, V., 408 Richel, A., 366 Richmond, D.. 215. 342 Richter. T., 384 Rickard. T., 365 Ricker, M., 330 Rickmeier. J.. 276, 381 Ridberg, E., 413 Ridgley, C.. 332. 334. 337 Ridgway. R.. 273, 353 Ridley, M., 367. 413 Rieckman, S., 209 Riedeman, IT.. 332 Ricder, C., 359 Rieder, S.. 331 RicfT, A., 225 Riek, D.. 343 Rieman, B., 186 Rieman, G., 249 Rieman, R., 398 Riesen, E.. 345 Riesen, K., 216 Riesenwehcr. R.. 194. 208. 209 Rigcrt, M.. 328 Riggs, J., ’93. 349 Rikkers, B„ 369 Rikkers. C.. 369 Riley, C., 367 Rinehart, N., 352 Rinehart R.. 365 Ringer, R., 270. 276 Ringler, B.. 186 Ringrose, C., 351 Ringrosc, S., 328 Ringsmuth, R., 251, 364, 417 Rioux, J., 345 Rippe, T., 344 Risser, M., 221 Risser, R., 367 Risteen, B., 359 Ristow, J., 345, 350 Ritter, S., 192, 206, 410 Rittschof, F., 346 Ritzenberg, S., 412 Ritzcnthaler, D., 345 Ritzenthaler, J., 274, 350 Ritzke, M., 329 Ritzman, K., 360 Rivera, B„ 331 Rivers. T., 276, 382 Real, D., 351 Robar, B„ 251, 361 Robb, C., 281 Robbin, B., 418 Robbins, H., 280, 420 Robbins, S., 328 Roberts, D., 383 Roberts, E.. 251 Roberts, G., 326 Roberts, IT., 419 Roberts, K., 327 Roberts, M., 330, 364 Roberts, P.. 221. 251. 417 Robertson, D., 379 Robertson, R., 330 Robertson, W., 229 Robey, L., 353 Robin, G., 409 Robin, M., 409 Robinson, A., 231 Robinson, I)., 211 Robinson, F., 406 Robinson, J., 351, 366, 410 Robinson, L., 358, 409 Robinson, M., 324, 410 Robinson, R., 262, 398 Robinson, S., 277 Roche, C., 364 Rockman, E., 373 Rockstad, J., 273 Rodenkirch, M.. 353 Roderick, A., 215 Roeber, D., 236. 404 Roebuck, A., 354 Roecker, J., 328 Roebr, J.. 351 Roelke, R., 193. 197, 274 Roemke, J.. 198. 416 Rocrdink, II., 231 Roethig, D., 338, 349 Rogahn, A., 349 Rogers, G., 263 Rogers, L., 236, 263 Rogers, S., 232. 359 Rogneby. J.. 2S0 Rogoff, F., 371. 412 Rogowski, 232 Rohde, T., 361 Rohlf. D.. 415 Rohloff, B„ 384 Rohrer, B.. 265 Rohrer, C.. 410 Roiahn, W., 334, 343 Roland. C., 365, 40S Roley, M.. 349 Holland. S.. 324 Roller, B., 331 Roloff. M„ 347 Roman, C., 327 Roman, L., 332 Roman. R., 39' Ronnies, I., 273 Romnes, P.. 273 Rood, I.. 376 Root. N., 263 Rose. A., 361 Rose, E.. 331 Rose, J.. 409 Rosen, T., 4’ 1 Rosen. S.. 323. 338. 354 Rosenbaum, R., 405 Rosenberg. B.. 358. 409 Rosenberg, 1.. 419 421 Rosenberg, K., 409 Rosenberg, 14., 418 Rosenblum, B., 418 Rosenauist. T., 323 Rosenthal, B., 358 Rosenthal. I., 363 Rosenthal, R., 388 Ro=hkind, G.. 377 Rosio, E., 202 Ross. E.. 235 Ross, M.. 413 Ross. T . 413 Ross. T.. 190. 380 Rossin, R.. 344 Rossiter. D.. 26t Rossman. S.. 418 Rosso. A.. 274 ?75 386 Rost, G.. 323. 366 Roth, H.. 205 Roth, T.. 344 Roth. M.. 333 R«(he. M.. 220 415 Rothermel. I., 267 Rothman. E., 358, 409 Rothman. S.. 186 Rotman. S.. 223 Rotsch. J.. 372 Rotzoll. B., 192. 327 Rounds, T., 343 Rouse, S., 360 Rovell, J., 418 Rowe, M., 267 Rowe, P., 327 Rowe, T., 381 Rowley, L., 352 Royal, C., 210, 396 Royce, R., 334, 335, 340, 352 Ruben, G., 352 Rubenstein, B., 232 Rubenstein, N., 371, 413 Rubin, S., 405 Rubinstein, A., 211 Rubinstein, W., 413 Rubnitz, A., 373 Ruchman, H., 409 Ruck, J., 229 Rudat, K., 327 Rudie, I., 421 Rudman, G., 275 , 334 Rudman, L., 358, 421 Rudnick, J., 394 Ruecker, J., 352 Ruesch, R., 249, 352 Ruffalo, R„ 232, 233 Ruland, D., 412 Rule. S., 229, 269 Rumbac, T., 214 Rumble. R„ 389, 428 Rummele, S., 361 Rummler, W., 349 Rumsky, R., 412 Rundell, R., 385 Runkel, M„ 197, 232, 265 Rupena, J., 342 Ruppel, L., 359, 428 Rupprecht, E., 227 Rusche, C„ 263, 421 Rusche, D., 263 Ruscher, E., 273 Rush, B.. 413 Rusnak, L., 411 Rusnak, R„ 274, 388 Russell, G., 399 Russell, M„ 192. 206 Russell, N„ 332 Ruston, D.. 326 Ruth, R„ 354 Ruttenberg, B., 244. 251, 415 Ruttenberg. H., 353 Ruud. G., 210 Ryall, A.. 362 Ryan, C., 331 Ryan, T., 235 Ryan, P.. 333 Rydberg, F., 346 Rye, R„ 352 S Saari, M., 211. 328 Sabcl, A.. 209 Sabourin, I-., 408 Sachnoff. X., 39’ Sachs, T., 354. 371, 411 Sachs, L., 333 Sack. S.. 412 Sackett. R.. 215 Sadauski. R., 324 Sadowski, R., 353 Safer. S., 371. 411 Sagen, I., 188, 366 Sagle, X . 231 Saiberlich. T.. 362 Saicheck. J.. 229_ Sainsburv. P., 351 Saint. I., 265. 353 Saint, L.. 327 Salama. S.. 350 Salensky. A.. J09 Salinger, .T. 405 Salisburv, M.. 355 Sallas. T.. 327 Salscheider, M.. 330 Saltoun, A.. 21’ Saltzberg. G.. 264 Saltzman. D.. 2’5, 340. 344 Salvesen. A.. 399 Salzwedel. R.. 352 Sampson, T).. 36), 410 Samson, A.. 3J8 Samuel. S., 333 Samuelson. L.. 342 Sanders, 1)., 332 Sanders, R.. 39" Sanderson, T.. 270. 276 Sanderson, K.. 348 Sandholm. T.. 391 Sandman, F.. 233 Sandstrom. S.. 357 Sand void. E., 380 Sandvold. I.. 323 Sanford. D., 2’6. 272 Sanford. N.. •”3 Santee. M.. 1°3 Snntilli, D., 230 Sarason, T., -''09 Sarbackcr, T . 2’'1 Sarbacker. M.. 299 Sarig. S., 369 Sarin. L.. 193. 197. 215. 334 Satter. B.. 326. 368 Sauk. C.. 709 Sauthoff. IT.. 300 Sauvey. S„ 332 Savage. K . 327. 357 Savage, W., 354 Saverz, P., 408 Sawers, T., 351, 380 Sawle, S., 323 Sawyer, R., 350, 380 Saxena, M., 267 Saxton, I., 208 Savles, W„ 413 Sayre, L., 333 Scbaack, J., 342 Schaars, W., 348 Schacht, C., 362 Schacht, K„ 330, 362 Schacht. S., 380 Schachtschneider, J., 348 Schadewald, L., 196 Schadt, F., 347 Schadt, R.. 330. 334 Schaefer. B„ 228, 370 Schaefer, D., 365 Schaefer, E., 217, 262, 387 Schaefer, K., 414 Schaefer, M., 327 Schaefer, R., 347 Schaefer, T.. 352 Schaeffer, M., 332 Schaefgen, J., 203 Schael, B., 263 Schaetz, G., 215 Schaffer, I)., 326 Schaffer, E., 195, 373 Schaffer, M., 365 Schaffer, R., 343, 419 Schaffer. S., 328, 367 Schain. B., 358, 413 Schaldach, F., 230 Schaleben, J., 326 Schaleger, V., 331, 339 Schalles. N., 416 Scham, B., 419 Schantz, L., 377 Schappe, N.. 391 Sellarnagl. E., 363 Scharnke. M.. 186, 259 Schaub, P., 263, 421 Schauf, R., 265 Schaum, S., 228, 367 Schaus, R.. 226 Schecliter, H.. 405 Schecter, B., 358 Schedler, .T., 209 Schedler. W.. 250 Scheer, .1., 359 Scheer, N.. 362 Schefrin. R.. 377 Scliein, T., 412 Schelletiberger, R.. 211 Schellin. L„ 192, 328, 365 Schemberg, M.. 418 Schend, R.. 343 Scherz, J., 193, 195 Schick, J., 337, 346 Schiekofke, R., 389 Schiffer, A., 325. 328 Schiffleger, C.. 188, 364 Schilcs, J., 357 Schilffarth, J.. 363. 408 Schilleman, R.. 343 Schiller, G., 345 Schiller. M.. 358 Schilling, B., 327 Schilling, G., 343 Schilling, W.. 347 Schindel. A.. 373 Schini, T.. 208 Schipporeit, T.. 342 Schirmer. M„ 354, 397 Schlaak. J.. 403 Schlaefer, L.. 234 Schlafman. G.. 373 Schlaver, T., 346 Schlecht, E., 227 Schlegel. F., 235 Schleifer, I’., 250 Schlesinger, S.. 405 Schlicht,-T., 275 Schlichting. P., 275, 3S1 Schlising, D., 347 Schlising. R.. 346 Schloeman. H.. 346 Schlorf. R„ 213, 216 Schloss. J.. 358. 409 Schlough. I., 321 Schlough, [... 199. 265 Sclilueter, T., 399 Schlueter. P.. 259 Schnielzling, H.. 208 Schmidt. D., 333, 345, 353 Schmidt, E., 331 Schmidt. T., 193. 328. 333, 334. 346 Schmidt. L., 328, 373 Schmidt, X., 389 Schmidt, P., 352 Schmidt. R., 353, 354 Schmidt, S.. 280. 420 Schmidt. W.. 349 Schmidtke, I).. 337. 340. 345. 347 Sclimidtke. R.. 232. 233 Schmiedeskamn, R.. 323, 365 Schmitt. A., 390 Schmitt, R., 230 Schmitz. N.. 211. 383 Schnabel, G.. 342 Schnaitter. J., 227 Schneck. M.. 264 Schneckenburger. B.. 360 Schneider, C.. 251. 410 Schneider. D., 338 Schneider. T.. 409 502Congratulations Graduates from COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF: • FLASHLIGHTS BATTERIES • LANTERNS • HEADLIGHTS • WlLLSON SUNGLASSES •Willson safety equipment • RAY-O-VAC COMPANY A Division of Th Electric Storage Battery Company MADISON 10, WISCONSIN (Correct (f in din (j Serving... dor livery i3ooh University of Wisconsin Students Each book is intended for a specific and the people of Madison purpose. No two are alike. There is Since .... a suitable design, style and material for each. 1912 Experience, “know-how” and crafts- Prescription Service manship all combine at Brock and Drug Products Rankin to give each binding job the Famous Cosmetics quality, appearance and “feel” it should have. Classroom Supplies Fountain Service BROCK and RANKIN D « Edition Book and Catalog Binding Since 1892 A iAf fjif 4501 West Sixteenth Street Chicago 23, Illinois REXAL DRUG STORE 503Schneider, J., 208, 210, 223 Schneider, K., 192, 356, 368 Schneider, M., 324, 328, 330, 411 Schneider, P., 346 Schneider, S., 196, 199, 336, 337 Schneider, T., 281 Schneyer, R., 393 Schnider, M., 368 Schoeraan, K., 214 Schoenauer, F., 215 Schoenberg, P., 264, 418 Schoenfeld, C., 357 Schoenwetter, B., 230 Schoenwetter, L., 267 Schocphorster, J., 327 Schoknecht, B., 192, 328 Scholnick, H., 394 Schomann, B., 331 Schomann, N., 328 Schoniberg, D., 194, 200, 204, 414 Schommer, J., 249, 347 Schonke, D., 404 Schooff, D., 379 Schooff, P., 267 Schoofs, M., 327 Schor, A., 421 Schrager, P., 275 Schram, L., 408 Schrannn, H., 394 Schrank, H., 328 Schrank, S., 421 Schreiner, J., 187. 188 Schreiner, W., 215 Schreve, H., 209 Schreve, S., 367 Schriber, S.. 418 Schrinslcy, A., 377 Schroder, G., 206 Schroeder. I).. 200. 213. 276, 349, 421 Schroeder, G., 332, 421 Schroeder, T., 365. 367 Schroeder, K., 397 Schroeder, M., 186 Schroeder, R.. 272. 343, 351, 421 Schroeder, T.. 350 Schubert, .T., 352 Schubert, I .. 360. 410 Schuchardt, T.. 265, 267 Schueppert. G.. 2 0, 390 Schulein, K., 348 Schuler, A., 228 Schuler, R., 205 Schulkin, F.. 231 Schull, C.. 327, 366 Schultz, C., 211 Schultz, D„ 346, 373 Schultz, F., 345 Schultz, T.. 235, 330, 364 Schultz, M., 419 Schultz, P., 421 Schultz, R., 397 Schultz, T„ 347 Schultz, V., 227 Schulz, A., 329 Schulz, C., 216 Schulz, D., 353 Schulz. T., 408 Schulz, L.. 226 Schulze, G., 353 Schulze. N., 336, 383 Schulze. R., 276 Schumaker. M.. 327 Schuman. A.. 352 Schunk. D., 362 Schunk. G.. 192. 363 Schurger, N., 206 Schuster. D., 265 Sclutte, C., 369 Schuth. C., 374 Schwab, T.. 262 Schwab. M., 225 Schwall. K.. 354 Schwanke, R., 343 Schwarte, F., 327 Schwartz, A., 377 Schwartz, C.. 418 Schwartz. H., 186. 231 Schwartz, T., 367. 370. 421 Schwartz, K., 328 Schwartz, L., 232. 332, 418 Schwartz, M., 329 Schwartz, N., 415 Schwartz, P., 190, 348 Schwartz, R., 342 Schwartz. S.. 411 Schwartzbach, B., 419 Schwartzman, L., 419 Schwartzmiller. D., 349 Schwarz, N., 382 Schwarz, R., 327 Schwebs, L., 205 Schwede, L., 352 Schwefel, O., 209 Schweger, J., 267 Schweiner. M.. 330 Schweppe. J.. 263 Schwin"el. W., 343 Schwoch. R., 344 Schwulst. R., 274 Scklore. K., 358, 413 Scobie. K.. 265 Scott, C.. 230 Scott, E., 249 Scott. G., 250. 382, 403 Scott, R„ 216 Scribner. F., 207 Scripko, H., 359 Searles, D., 353 Seastone, S., 186 Seaton, R., 267 Seaver, J., 270, 271, 274 Sebcny, R., 216 Sebranke, J., 215 Sedlmayr, A., 199, 206 Seefeld, D„ 216, 33S, 347, 348 Seefcld, W., 339, 350 Scefeldt, L., 243, 328, 359 Seeman, J., 264 Seering, S., 330, 335 Seevers, P., 366 Segal, J., 405 Sehler, B., 231 Seidel, C., 391 Seideman, W., 203 Seif. F. 209 Seifert, E„ 323 Seifert, H., 410 Seiler, 19., 226, 393 Seinwi 1. G . 274 Seiter, S., 360 Seitz. 1 :., 209. 330, 337 Selberg . R- 186 Sellers, L., 410 Sellers, R„ 389 Sellner J., 365 Selsor, V„ 402 Seltzer J., 328 Semrau , L. 208. 211 Sensiba, G. , 275 Senty, T.. 375 Senzig, D., 216 Serbin, M„ 411 Servais , H. 383 Sessler R. 349 Settecase, K., 388 Setterquist, A., 327 Severson. L.. 329 Sewell, L.. 227, 368 Sewell, W., 281 Sexton, J., 395 Seymour, J., 332, 338 Shaler, A., 335. 337. 348 Shames, S., 264. 418 Shanberg, B.. 333 Shank, M„ 324 Shanks, G., 379 Shannon. R., 347 Shapiro, B., 358 Shapiro, I)., 358, 409 Shapiro, I., 411 Shapiro, J.. 419 Shapiro, M„ 274 Shark, S„ 409 Sharp,.D., 382 Shauker, L., 371 Shaver, P., 262 Shaw. J.. 335, 337, 395 Sheaffer, S.. 192 Shebesta. M., 332 Sheehy, R., 215 Shefrin, F., 415 Sheldon, R., 221 Sheller, K., 192, 330 Shelp, 230 Shely, V., 325, 362 Shenz, J., 373 Shepard, D., 386 Shepard, J.. 210, 211 Slier, A., 409 Sheridan, D., 190, 403 Sheridan, P., 352 Sheridan, R., 414 Sherman, C., 358, 409, 411 Sherman, D., 230 Sherman. L.. 224 Sherry, K., 363 Sherry. M.. 333 Sherwood, R., 349 Sherwood, S.. 369 Shinn, H., 189 Shinners, G.. 352 Shoen, T., 409 Shoop, S., 332, 337, 338 Shore, S., 251 Shovers, A., 405 Shrank, S., 362 Shutan. R., 389 Sias, M.. 359 Sicula, F., 409 Sicula, P.. 394 Siddiqi, M.. 346 Sidell, C„ 333 Sieber, J.. 3A5 Siedschlag, D., 343 Siegel, L., 275 Siegel. M., 224 Sieia, M.. 331. 337 Sielaff, C.. 232. 233, 259 Siemers, G.. 421 Siggelkow, D., 328 Sigman, R., 275 Si.eoloff, R.. 405 Silberman, R., 275 Sillers, K., 364 Silver, A., 358, 409 Silverman, J.. 244, 415 Silverman. L., 419 Silverstone. H., 373 Simenson, R., 349, 403 Simerson, T., 380 Simkins, L., 332 Simmons, A., 371 Simmons, K., 333 Simmons, M.. 409 Simon, D., 391 Simon, G., 354, 415 Simon, H., 337, 350 Simon, M., 347, 371, 418 Simons, A., 411 Simonsen, F., 375 Simonsen, J., 387 Simonson, K., 328, 370 Simpson, A., 413 Simpson, D., 394 Sims, P., 333 Sims, R.. 344 Simsky, H., 409 Sinclair, C., 348 Sindelar, J., 342 Sinke. L., 327 Sinkler. M., 368 Sinkula, A.. 232, 233 Sizer, N., 330 Skagen, M., 222, 327 Skalinder, L., 346 Skarvan. G., 326 Skeels. L., 388 Skinner, S., 370 Skofronick, J., 193, 195 Skornicka, J.. 187, 275 Skulan, T.. 230 Slafer, G., 251 Slagg, H„ 357 Slagowski, E., 273 Slate, W., 235 Slattery. K., 375 Slavik. R., 343 Slinger. J., 337, 352 Sloan, D., 405 Slomar, C.. 324 Slotnick. A., 377 Slottcn, W.. 200. 202, 385 Smedema, T., 213 Smelser. B., 415 Smith, A., 243 , 369, 390. 417 Smith, B., 408 Smith, C., 229 Smith. D„ 231. 249. 336, 343 , 345 , 349, 350, 364. 398, 408 Smith, E., 337, 349, 350, 364 Smith, F., 211 Smith, G., 263, 368, 376 Smith, H„ 406 Smith, I., 397 Smith, T., 206. 234. 325, 327, 333, 315, 352 Smith, K., 202, 355 Smith, L.. 216, 250. 357 Smith, M„ 221, 265 , 322, 326. 369 Smith, N„ 263 Smith, P.. 220. 370 Smith, R„ 346, 375 , 393 Smith, S„ 263 Smith, T., 345 Smith. W.. 215. 250 274. 338, 406 Smoody, R., 229, 265 , 324 Snavelv, T., 330 Snell, T.. 393 Snell. M.. 188. 198. 356, 367 Snuggerud, R., 204, 414 Snydacker, T., 395 Snyder, E.. 397 Sobczak, C.. 346 Sobel. A.. 377 Sobel, G., 351 Sobieski. J.. 421 Sc hot a, A., 327 Sobota, T., 343 Soderberg. V.. 417 Soderstrom, K., 417 Sodke, D.. 351 Soffer. D.. 412 Solakian, H., 343 Soles. T.. 211 Solochek, S., 236 Solomon, E.. 210 Soltis. T.. 327 Sol verson. P.. 250. 324 Somers. E., 214, 346 Somerville. M.. 341 Sommer, B., 328 Sommers. C., 334. 339. 340. 355 Sonderieker, T., 345 Sonnenberg, B.. 228 Sotinenberg. D., 343 Sook. M.. 215 Sorden, ,T.. 264 Sorensen, R., 332 Sorenson. G., 186 Sorenson, T., 204. 215. 275, 414 Sorenson, L.. 354 Sorum. T.. 370 Soukup. F., 211, 402 Soule. M.. 251. 332, 370 Sousek. T., 326 Sowka. C.. 333 Spangler, B., 352 Spangler, T.. 393 Spangler, M., 359 Spangler, P.. 213 Sparr, D., 331 Snarr, M„ 327 Spates, T-. 350 Spear, L.. 370 Specht, R.. 208 Speckharel. M 230 Spector. M.. 394 Spellman. P.. 217 Spennetta, T.. 349 Sperbeck, T., 204, 414 Spevacek, .T., 192. 222. 226, 331, 391 Spiegelberg. H.. 212, 217, 340. 353, 375 Spielman, T.. 276 Spierling, N., 408 Spindler, F., 395 Spiritus, E., 355 Spiro, S., 373 Spitz, W., 377 Splinter, G., 329 Splittstoesser, J., 232 Spooner, T., 214, 336 Sporer, M., 186, 194 , 209 Spraetz, W., 281 Sprague, C., 276 Sprecher, D., 205 Sprengeler. R., 277, 378 Sprenger, W., 344 Sprinter, J., 332 Staab, D., 192, 333 Staab, W., 354, 384 Stack, C„ 207 Stack. J., 280, 3S6 Stade, R.. 337, 344 Stadel, D., 351 Stadclmann, D., 274, 354 Stadheim. R.. 389 Stadler, D., 344, 381 Stae, R., 217 Stafel. W., 396 Staffin, C.. 217, 334, 343 Stafford. C.. 210 Stafford, R., 230 Stagl. A., 342 Stahl. D., 249, 395 Stahlkopf, K., 388 Stahmann. R., 354, 396 Stahnke. K., 363 Stainhofer, D., 325, 327 Stainhofer, K., 327 Staley, P., 196. 327 Stamm, B., 368 Stampen. J., 379 Stamps, V., 328 Stankc, M., 213 Stanki, M., 354 Stanley, D., 215 Stanley, T., 344 Stanton, C., 370, 408 Stanzel. K., 251 Staral, E.. 330 Starr, B.. 409 Starzel. R.. 250, 267, 390 Statz. C.. 280 Stauele, M., 416 Stauff. M„ 186 Stauffacher, R„ 194, 204 Stauffer, S., 369 Stauner, R., 416 Stearns, E., 346 Stebbins, T., 327 Stebbins, R., 274 Steddick, T., 397 Stedman, J.. 384 Steeno, C.. 274 Steenson. K., 361 Steeve, G.. 413 Steffen, B., 221 Steffen, C., 323 Steffen, D., 221 Steffen, G., 345 Steffen, T., 353 Steffen, K., 421 Steffen. M.. 227, 323, 366. 402, 413 Steidl. 1’., 327 Steiger. W.. 188. 269. 382 Steigerwaldt, R.. 352 Steigmann, T-, 199, 371, 413 SteiF. W„ 213 Stein, B„ 231, 323 Stein. C., 419 Stein, H., 358. 419 Stein, T.. 340. 358, 418 Stein. T.. 340. 358, 41S Stein. R., 231 Steinbach, D., 401 Steinbach, S., 418 Steinberg. D., 409 Steinberg, M., 418 Steinberg, S., 231. 358, 359, 413 Steindorf. R„ 208, 273, 402, 428 Steiner, B., 358 Steiner, E., 368 Steiner, M., 400 Steiner, R.. 375. 394 Steivang. K., 362 Stellmacher, M.. 222 Stellwagen, C.. 324 Stencil. A., 208 Stencrson. P.. 331 Stenger, R.. 375 Stenklyft. T.. 345 Stenner, R., 217 Stensbv, R., 345, 390 Stenson, J.. 324 Stephens, T., 354 Stephens, S., 280 Stephens, T.. 347 Stephenson, T., 382 Stephenson. N.. 222, 270 Sterling, T.. 210 Stern, B., 411 Stern, T., 409 Stern. R., 352 Sternberg, D., 421 Sternberg. N.. 328 Stetson, K.. 384 Stettler, T.. 205, 385 Stettler, W.. 194. 205. 385 Steuberraucb, P., 230 Stevens, C., 370 Stevens. E., 227 Stevens, G., 396. 415 504TO YOU . . .GRADUATES OF 1959 Hearty congratulations! May you find happiness in the years ahead and be successful in your chosen field. FINE MEATS SINCE 1883 •MADISON •DAVENPORT • CHICAGO • LOS ANGELES •ATLANTA •PHILADELPHIA Oscar Mayer Co. — Madison Plant Quality Motor Control and Electronic Components ALLEN-BRADLEY CO. Milwaukee 4, WisconsinStevens, J., 367 Stevens, L., 384 Stevenson, D., 330 Stewart, C., 350, 380 Stewart, J., 276 Stewart, S., 331 Stcwig, W., 343 Stibbe, P., 215, 354 Stich, G.. 226 Stickler, K., 277 Stiehm, W., 395 Stiles, N., 408 Stiles, O., 183 , 327 Stillman, R., 350 Stirn, R„ 352 Stivarius, J., 360 Stivers, P., 361 Stock, G., 194, 202 Stodola, J., 217, 344 Stodola, L., 329 Stoibcr. J„ 232. 233 Stoltenberg, T.. 346 Stolz, W„ 273 Stone, C., 412 Stone, I)., 387 Stone, S., 349 Stouffer, M., 408 Stout, T., 353 Stover, J., 408 Stowell, J., 336 Stowers, C., 192, 196, 329 Stowers. D., 421 Strade, E., 400 Strand, M., 354 Strand, R„ 343 Strang, B., 372 Strang, D„ 230, 339. 351 Strang, W„ 276. 381 Strange, R„ 186. 194, 269 Strangnian, G., 259 Stratton, S., 357 Strauser, R., 263. 339, 355 Strauss, J., 195, 379 Strauss, R., 394 Streator, J., 334, 337, 344 Strehlow, W., 342 Strcy, M„ 210, 211. 276 Strieker, M., 359 Strigei, J., 348 Stringer, W„ 213 Strock, G., 403 Strom, J., 371, 411 Struck, C„ 343, 389 Strunce, M., 331 Sti ve, L„ 211. 383 Stubbs, A., 343. 402 Stubenrauch. A.. 325, 326 Stuber, B.. 332. 36S Stubnik, N.. 409 Stueck, T., 347 Stuhr, M„ 325. 327 Stuller, J.. 326 Stumbo, L„ 40S Sturgis. V., 349 Stutz, B„ 229, 361 Stutzman. C., 331 Suelflow, B., 259 Suelflow. J.. 211, 259, 270 Suess, H., 343 Suhm, S., 265, 342 Suhr, G., 340 Suhrbier, T., 3 8 Sullivan, P.. 402 Summeril, T.. 344 Summers, H.. 409 Sund, J.. 398 Surfus, J., 360 Sutkowski, E.. 390 Sutton, D., 250. 272 Sutton, M., 227. 329 Svestka, F., 393 Svoboda, J.. 274. 348 Swan, K., 251, 265, 328 Swan, L„ 200. 250. 410 Swan Y . 207. 215. 337. 344 Swanke, T-. 354 Swannack, J., 399 Swanson, S.. 22S. 231. 370 Swanson, T.. 375 Swardenski, T., 3S0 Swedenberg. S., 416 Sweed, L., 354 Sweeney, T., 206. 327 Sweeney, L.. 350 Sweet, G., 208 Sweet, R., 373 , 405 Sweetser, A., 328 Swendcr, R.. 209 Swenson, C.. 330 Swenson, G.. 379 Swerdlow. K.. 351 Swiden. J.. 40S Swift. T„ 216 Swisher, E., 4’6 Swisher, K., 416 Swisher, R., 421 Sv. M„ 361 Svbers. H.. 230 Szep, N., 328 T Taber, X.. 323 Tacke. S., 327. 361 Tada. T.. 267 Taitelb'”,m. B., 231 Talbot. T.. 394 Talley, C., 332, 361 Tallroth, H„ 402 Tamkin, L., 412 Tamm, M., 332 Tanzmann, H., 418 Tarmann, W., 354 Tarnow, M., 275, 377 Taschek, L., 268 Taschek, W., 217 Tasky, M„ 412 Taslitz, J., 275 Tates, P., 327 Tatham, J., 369 Taube, S., 352 Taugher, J., 206, 265 Taylor, A., 276, 420 Taylor, A., 401 Taylor, B., 366 Taylor, G., 228, 331 Ta'vlor. P„ 280, 345 Taylor, S., 327 Taylor, T.. 250. 348, 392 Taylor, W., 398 Tease, H., 190, 390 Teasley, M., 364, 413 TeBeest. R., 193, 195 Teeter. M., 417 Teigen, D., 210, 211 Teitelman, J., 358, 419 Templar, D., 388 Templeton, B., 326 Ten Brock. A., 335, 347 Ten Eyck. S.. 326 Tennant, D., 208, 351 Tenpas, B., 216 Tepid y, T.. 230 Tcppo, J., 213 Terhune, C„ 213 Terhune, R., 392 Te Ronde, J., 331 Terrill, K., 344 Terry, T„ 390 Teska, T., 276. 334, 338 Testwuide, P., 351 Tetzlaff, 1)., 366. 410 Tetzlaff, W., 343 Tewalt, T., 359 Tews, W., 232 Theis, II., 400 Theisen, W., 267. 268 Thering, R., 204. 273 Tbcw, B., 365 Thicde, E., 348 Thiede, R„ 339. 342 Thiede, V„ 348 Thiel, R.. 271. 397, 399 Thiele, R.. 328. 359 Thiele, E., 192, 360 Thielmann, J., 327, 363 Thiesenhusen, .1., 268, 273 Thiesenhusen, W., 187 Thiessenhusen, D.. 390 Thill. R„ 343 Thomas, A., 415 Thomas, C., 187, 195, 386 Thomas, J., 327 Thomas, L., 210 Thomas, M., 215 Thomas, N., 350 Thomas, R., 347 Thomas, W., 353. 381, 396 Thompson, B., 333 Thompson, D., 229, 397, 403 Thompson, 271. 323 , 397 Thompson, K., 324, 397 Thompson, R., 347, 386 Thompson, S., 328 Thompson. T., 397, 403 Thomsen, G., 203. 378 Thomsen, T., 397 Thomson, K., 217, 384 Thorbjornsen, A., 350 Thoreson, B., 271 Thoreson, K.. 333 Thorman, P., 350 Thorne, G.. 355 Thornton, T.. 267. 396 Thorp, B.. 243 . 343 Thorpe, E.. 346 Thorson, T.. 380 Thorssen, C., 323 Thorstad, R.. 271 Thronson, R.. 324 Thums. R.. 207. 342. 392 Ticko, B„ 358. 413 Tiegs. C.. 366. 410 'ricrnev J., 337. 345 Tilley, R.. 390 Tillman. W.. 197 Tilton. T., 396 Timm, K., 410 Timm. M., 327 Timm, S.. 264 Tipple. R., 217 Tipps. W.. 410 Tisdale. S.. 368 Tishler. W.. 203 39S Tioflat. I.. 225. 369 Tioflat. M., 186 Toal. M„ 189 . 361 Toan, J.. 216 Toetz. D., 340 352 Toft. D.. 21S Tokarskv. S.. 358, 411 Tolkon. IT.. 413 Tolzman. T., 338 Totnn'ek. S.. 32S, 359 Tomlin. C.. 329 Tompkins, YY7., 330 Topaz, H., 354 Topel, D., 202, 204, 414 Topel, J., 236, 404 Topel, M„ 241, 321 Topp, R., 267 Toraason, C., 215, 350 Torgerson, A., 334, 354 Torgerson, F., 414 Torgerson, R., 202, 378 Tormey, D., 380 Tormey, M., 228, 366 Torngren, R., 389 Tornowske, R., 355 Torosian, H., 345 Torphy, D., 230 Tosch, I., 272 Tosti, R., 364. 413 Tower, J., 333 Towers, T., 340, 353 Towne, C., 399 Towne, D., 212 Tozman, T.. 350 Traas, G., 330, 334, 335 Trachsel, R., 342 Trachsel, W., 195, 386 Tracy, L., 215 Tranmal, G., 215 Trantow, T., 355, 398 Tratt. J., 413 Traub, P„ 333 Traut, M., 369 Trautmann, M., 211, 393 Trautmann, P., 230 Travanti, D., 344 Traver, E., 190. 265, 267 Travers, T., 383 Traxel, R., 273, 348 Trebatoski, A., 345 Trebatoski, F„ 20S Tredway, R.. 343 Trefz, R., 269, 343 Treger, A., 405 Treichel, J., 205 Treichel, I’., 186 Trepa, R., 265 Treptow, D., 374 Treu, S.. 421 Trewartha, M.. 399 Trieglaff, A., 347 Trieloff, S., 215, 236 Trimble, S.. 362 Trimble, T., 273 Trine. J.. 209 Trinkncr. B„ 324 Trinrud, R., 331 Troch, J., 389 Trochlell, R.. 345 Trosch, J., 394 Trost, T., 267. 397 Trout, M„ 408 Troxel. W„ 381 Truax, C.. 192 Trujillo, M., 362 Trukenbrod. W., 380 Trummer, H.. 262 Trummer, R., 262 Tureck, D.. 358 Turenne, R., 335. 340. 350 Turkewitz, M., 394 Turner, B., 417 Turner, D.. 344 Turner, M„ 332 Turner. T., 343 Tumi, A.. 417 Twet, J.. 397 Twiss, M., 356, 366. 428 Tyler N„ 366 U Ubbink. A.. 32S Udell. J.. 388. 418 Udkler, J., 215 Uehling, A.. 192. 326 Uhlmeyer, J., 231 Ulezelski, t.. 324 Ulmer. S., 249. 327 Underberg, T.. 230 Underbrink, T.. 372. 391 Underwood, M., 188, 209, 370 Unger, H„ 385 Unger, M., 377 Unger S., 325. 327 Unthagrove, T.. 227. 275, 280 Urban. J., 230, 340. 351 Urfer, T„ 331 Uritz, D.. 373 1 "sadel. M.. 249 Usher, G., 361 T’tecb. C.. 32“ Uveda. C., 343 Uveno. I., 328 Uzsoy. S.. 229 V Vader. D.. 270 Valasis, E., 324 Vanacse. L.. 21J Van Cura, L., 354 '’andehey, Y7., 326 '"andelist. G.. 392 Vandenberg. L.. 232. 332, 38S Vanden Brink, S.. 368 Van De Plasch, R.. 372. 387. 428 Vandercoy. E., 225. 244, 359 Vander Heiden. W.. 347 Vander Kelen, R.. 355 Van Der Laan, H., 263 Van Der Linden, J., 333 Vander Meulen, J., 184, 186, 428 Vander Velden, L., 386 Vandervort, G., 230 Van Dreel, B., 230 Van Egeren, T., 401 Van Engen, N., 324 Van Ess, L., 334, 345 Vanevenboven, N., 332 Van Every, J., 223 Van Fleet, L„ 327 Van Hagan, G., 327 Van Handel, J., 209 Van Hecke, R., 392 Van Hercke, C., 40S Van Horn, J., 384 Van Horn, L., 351 Van Horn, R., 339, 354 Vanish, J., 186, 189, 362 Vankat, E., 225 Y7an Lent, M., 408 Van Nederveen, B., 267 Van Ness, E., 251, 326 Van Ness, P., 265, 328 Van Pelt, W., 267 Van Riper, M., 370, 408 Van Selow, J., 410 Van Slyke. W„ 202 Van Straten, D., 229 Van Valkenborg, D., 263 Van Verst, R„ 380 Yran Vleet, L., 370 Van YVilligen, J., 344, 368. 389 Van YVilligen, S., 330 Varco, B., 326 Varland, S., 223, 410 Varner, S., 364 Varnum, C., 328 Vasaitis, K., 214 Vasquez, G., 267 Vaswani, N., 267 Vater, M., 333 Y'aughn, B., 410 Vaughn, J., 324 Vavrin, C„ 230 Vechinski, P., 231, 367 Vechinski, T., 230 Y7een, C., 215 Vehlow, R., 346 Velasco, I., 197, 232, 416 Veldhuizen, J., 418 Y7elicer, L., 190, 204. 351 Vellema, J., 214, 274, 352 Y’enzke, G., 193, 195, 216. 272 Veret, L., 411 Verhagen, B., 381 VerHagen, J., 346 Verhulst, F., 381 Verhulst, M., 192, 331. 337 Verkuilen, J.. 210 Verkuilen, YY’.. 197, 205, 215 Y’erthein, J., 364 Y7esel, C., 342 Y7eum, T.. 204. 205. 414 YHchick, D„ 359, 409 Vickery, P., 206 Y7idar, A., 410 Y7ien, B.. 419 Viener, C.. 371, 411 Y'il wock, C., 324 Vilwock. R., 383 Vinakmens, A., 342 Vinson, 1)., 276 Vinton, .T., 206. 328, 361 Y7itkus, R.. 380 Vlach. R„ 233. 352 Y’lasak. L., 326. 361 Y7lies, L.. 193, 215 Y7oborsky, J.. 214. 343 Vodicka, T., 410 Vocglie, P., 419 Y’oeglie. S.. 361 Y’ogel. J., 264 Y'ogt. P„ 267 Voightman, E.. 272, 354 Y'olk. H„ 221, 264 Volkmann, P.. 232, 327 Y7on Allmen, H.. 345 Y7on Dem Knesebeck. S.. 360 Von Der Vellen, J., 273 von Elbe, J., 207 Y7on Germeten, J.. 387 Von Gunten. J.. 206 von Isakovics. A., 410 7oo, D„ 217 Y7orloi . F., 275. 403 Vorpahl, T„ 330 YTosmek. G., 251, 331 Y7osmek, ,T.. 350 Y’oss, D., 353 ''oss. L., 354, 401 Y’oss, N., 333 Y7oss. R.. 262, 392 Y’otava C.. 230 Voxman, J., 354 W 'Vachsman, E . 412 YY'acker. D.. 421 YY’ackman. YY’.. 326. 370 YVaddell. R.. 215 YY’ade, D.. 343 YVadenhul. T . 328 YVadzinski. D.. 209. 210 YY7aeffler. R.. 327. 368 506Congratulations, jfresfjman! anb pe3t Wistyes on You Don't Have To Be a Millionaire To Feel Like One When Life Insurance Is The Base ©our truest Jfor JSormalcp Courtesy i§ cf)ueppert anb 4 atl)fee enterprises jHabtsion’S Jfastest= rototng Cartel The Handwriting’s on the Wall . . . THE VARSITY BAR 625 Where Kollegians Kongregate . . . KOLLEGE KLUB 714 STATE Of Your Financial Program The Wisconsin Life Insurance Company Serving the Midwest Since 1 895 507 Home Office in Madison, WisconsinWaelti, J., 204 Wagenheiin, A., 373 Waggershauser, S., 327 Waggoner, D., 343 Wagner, 1)., 369, 408 Wagner, E., 186 Wagner, L., 202, 205 Wagner, S., 369 Wagner, W . 210, 276, 374 Wahlstrom, L., 327 WaT, K., 342 Waite, G„ 225, 251, 324 Waitrovich, S., 231, 333 Wake, M„ 332 Walbrandt, C., 382 Wald, R.. 373 Walden, H., 222 Walden, L., 380 Waldman, F., 387 Waldron, G., 381 Walecka, A., 333 Waligorski, T., 205 Walker, A., 406 Walker, J., 226 Walker, L., 355 Walker, P„ 329 Walker, R., 391 Wall, G.. 328 Wallace, J., 342 Wallace, S., 332 Wallack, II., 335, 337, 352 Waller, K., 363 Waller, T„ 376 Walley, J., 359 Wallin, C., 375 Wallis, J., 228, 264, 326 Wall man, D., 263 Walt, S.. 412 Walter, K.. 389 Walters, M., 327 Walther, D., 409 Walthers, K., 364, 408 Wambach, D., 414 Wan, P„ 26S Wandschneider, R., 280 Wandsnider, T., 340, 351 Wanek, C„ 328 Wanek, G„ 271, 336, 339, 341, 344 Wanek, P., 391 Wanek, R., 421 Wanke. W.. 197, 215 Ward. P„ 363. 413 Ward, T.. 342 Ward. W., 373 Wareham. S., 370, 413 Warlunt. M., 265 Warne, E.. 332. 365 Warner, R., 355 Warnock, R., 354 Warrow, R.. 343 Wartiovaara, L., 229 Wasberg, I.. 328 Wasbburn, C., 209. 211 Wasilewski, Y.. 327 Waskow, S.. 328 Wassberg. C.. 273, 344 Wasser, R., 217 Wasserman, A.. 377, 409 Wasson, M., 370 Waterdrinker. G., 250, 386 Waterstreet, W., 205, 351 Waterworth. M., 198, 222, 265 Watke, J.. 416 Watson, A., 370 Watson, E., 410 Watson, G., 227, 410 "atson. I.. 207. 360, 364 Wats, I., 250. 403 Watt, J.. 418 Watts. T5., 333 Watts, N., 332 Watts. R.. 216 Waugb. E„ 204 "nueh. M.. 361 Waupochick. B., 333 Wavro. R.. 342 Wax. R.. 377 " eadock. T., 384 Weaver, G., 251, 332, 336 Weaver, R.. 353 Weavers, M.. 386 Webb, C.. 221 Webb. D„ 344. 387 Webb. M.. 352 " ebber, T-, 249 Weber, A.. 354, 405 Weber. F.. 215 Weber, L., 228 Weber, M., 329, 357 Weber. R.. 354. 417 Webster, C., 263 Webster, D-, 382 Webster, M., 410 Wechter. S.. 358. 408 "'eckel. M.. 225, 249. 357 Weckmueller. T., 351 Weddig, S., 265, 326 Wed dig, T., 343 Wedeking. R., 388 Weed. S.. 323 Weeks. M.. 328. 366 Wefel. S.. 327 '”»fel. W.. 273 Wegner. M.. 228. 361, 410 Wegner, W., 398 Welmieyer, J., 392 Weidcnfellcr, J., 217 Weidenkopf, M., 327, 357 Weigman, S., 324 Weil, D., 405 Weil, J., 394 Weil, S., 405 Weinberg, H., 394 Weinberger, J., 324 Weinberger, M., 421 Weinberger, R., 207 Weiner, B., 418 Weiner, P., 204, 414 Weiner, S., 371 Weinhold, O.. 210 Weininger, M., 405 Weinkauf, F., 345 Winkauf, K., 206 Weinke, D., 372, 382 Weinke, S.. 372. 382 Weinricb, S., 333, 370 Weinstein, L., 358, 411 Weinstock, N., 368 Weintrob, D., 333 Weinzimmer, T., 369, 428 Weis, 1)., 273, 420 Weisberger, W., 394 Weisfeld, T„ 326, 371 Weisner, J., 413 Weiss, A., 334, 352 Weiss, J., 250. 400 Weiss, K., 194, 209, 328 Weiss, M., 327 Weiss, P„ 397 Weiss, R., 377 Weiss, S., 371 Weissburg, J., 419 Weissman, G., 394 Weitz, C„ 214 Weix, J.. 414 Welch, P.. 363. 413 Weld in, C., 360 Weldon, G., 351 Welke, W., 209 Welker, C„ 332 Welks, W.. 186 Wellner, K„ 331 Wells, A., 211. 336, 344 Wells, E., 345 Wells, R., 346 Welniak, G., 324 Welter. G„ 269 Wendel, H.. 275. 377 Wendling, M., 195, 402 Wendorff. W.. 347 Wendt, B., 326 Wendt, E., 349 Wendt, J.. 217, 387 Wericlt, R.. 351. 376 Wenger, K.. 227 Weninger, R., 381 Wennecbe. K., 327 Wensing. K.. 329 Wentz, C.. 364. 410 Wenzel, R.. 337. 354 Wermuth. J.. 265 Werner, J., 324 Wesenberg. I)., 230 Wesolowski, J., 275 West. K., 351 Westbrook, P., 351 Weston, L.. 250 Westphal, F., 280 Westphal. R., 215, 342 "'estphal, W„ 389 Westring. R.. 11, 12S, 166, 280, 327, 384 Wexler, L., 353 Weyenberg, S., 371, 413 Weyers, V., 421 Weybmiller, T.. 378 Weyres. R., 265 Wheeler, L„ 382 Whelan, T.. 323 White, T., 227. 335, 363, 366 White, L„ 390 White, R„ 268 White. V., 364 Whitford, W„ 347 Whitman, R., 351 Whitmer, D.. 274. 344 Whitmore. M.. 328 Whitnev. A.. 225. 249 Whittaker, L„ 364 Whvte, B.. 333 Whvte. F.. 251. 333 Wicbelt, R.. 421 Wicbman, H., 394 Wick. R.. 354 Wickstrom, P.. 263 Widera, O., 349 Widmoyer, T.. 393 Wiecki. T-. 225 Wiedenfeld. T.. 391 Wiedenhoefer. R.. 349 Wiegner, E., 269, 343 Wieland. J., 352 Wiens, D., 344 Wienney, R.. 408 Wierzbach, FI., 349 Wieseman. J.. 327 Wiesen. E.. '93, 195 Wiest. D.. 348 Wigdalc, R.. 348 Wigglesworth, W., 205 241, 265, 277 Wilber, J., 354 Wilbert, M., 417 Wilbert, R„ 320 Wilbur, C., 207, 265, 382 Wilcox, N., 324 Wilde, C., 222, 327 Wilets, D., 349 Wiley, B„ 209, 365 Vvilke, K„ 414 Wilkens, J., 198, 359 Wilking, W., 211 Wiliam, D., 329 Willan, D., 215, 354 Willard, A., 264 Willcocks, J., 277, 344 Wille, G., 336, 351 Williams, B., 327, 338, 350, 355 Williams C., 332 Williams, J., 190, 214, 268 Williams, K.. 267 Williams, M.. 193, 217. 328. 364, 410, 411 Williams, R., 208, 350. 354. 380, 397 Williams, S., 339, 406 Williston, S., 265 Willoughby, R., 326 Willson, J., 363 Wilmot, M., 268 Wilms, IF., 390 Wilms, W„ 395 Wilsing, M., 227 Wilson, A., 323 Wilson, B., 236 Wilson, G., 380 Wilson, H., 347 Wilson. J., 375 Wilson, K., 269 Wilson, W., 268, 271 Winch, B., 263 Windsor, J., 193, 197 Wineberg, J., 276, 394 Winetzki, T., 269, 374 Winfrey, D.. 328, 359 Wingender, R., 280, 400 Winkel, P., 399 Winkle, R., 376 Winkler, A., 327, 363 Winney, R., 366 Winston, J.. 189. 196, 199, 264 Winter, E., 409 Winter, H., 324 Winter, J., 351 Winterbotham, J., 364 Wippermann, F., 343 Wirka, H., 230 Wirth, R., 215, 343 Wirth, T„ 420 Wise, R.. 250 Wishau, K.. 193, 195 Wisner, T„ 364, 428 Wisner. K., 364. 410 Wisnicky, T., 350 With. I)., 243, 262, 403, Withbroe, J.. 227, 330, 337 Witte, D., 215 Witte, G., 216 Witte R.. 275, 382 Wittemvyler, G., 324 Wittig, R.. 346 Wittkop, IF.. 351 Wittmann, P., 355 Wittmann. R., 346 Wittwer, J., 397 Witucke. R.. 344 Wivel, B.. 362 Woclios, P.. 326 Wodajo, K.. 267 Wohlfeil. W.. 235 Wolilford, T.. 390 Wohlt. S.. 225. 330 Woiak, T„ 209 Woiciechowski. M., 269, 420 Wolf. T.. 273. 415 Wolf. M.. 411 Wolf. P.. 327, 362 Wolfe, P.. 370 Wolfe. T„ 343 Wolff, A., 210 Wolff. T.. 193. 273, 331 Wolff. L.. 409 Wolfgang, D., 256 Wolfman, I?.. 192, 419 Wolfmever. W , 230 Wolk. K„ 251 Wolk. L„ 411 Wolkenstein, A., 373 Woll. S.. 375 Wollinka. J.. 400 Wollitz, A., 222, 328 Wolter, T., 393 Wong, K., 263 Wong. M„ 189, 229, 329 Wonsetier. R.. 273 Wood. T.. 348. 382 Wood. L„ 209. 330 Wood. M„ 272, 274 Woodford, A., 354 Woodruff, H.. 415 Woods, D„ 339, 354 Woods, R.. 345 Woodward, A., 324. 363 Woodward. M.. 363, 417 Woolard. T., 390 Worbs. W.. 267 Wordell, W., 251 Worden, C., 382 Worthington, M., 402 Wotruba, T., 402 Wright, C., 329 Wright, D., 343, 389 W right j M., 205 Wright, S., 381 Wrobleski, R., 396 Wrolstad, FI., 415 Wurtz, C., 359 Wurtz, K., 324 Wussow, J., 343 Wuthier, R., 263 Wyard, J., 367, 410 Wyatt, J., 186. 206, 211, 360, 396 Wyatt, M., 357 Wyatt, IF., 347 Wyche, B., 413 Wykhuis, F., 341 Wyman, J., 326 Wyngaard, M., 211, 403 Y Yalowitz, K., 405 Yang, W„ 328 Yasukawa, J., 324 Yates, A., 359 Yates, F., 418 Yazdi. IF., 267 Yee. J.. 263 Yelle, M., 340. 345 Yocco, F., 208, 211. 351 Yontrarak, B., 343 Yoshino, A., 347 Young, D., 344 Young, T., 211, 345 Young, R„ 215 . 226, 249, 393 Youngsteadt, D.. 396 Younkin, G., 413 Yount, V . 230 Ysebaert, M., 192, 327 Z Zabawa. P.. 203 Zabel, J., 215, 342 Zaclie, A., 414 Zache, R., 250 Zagar, C., 327 Zahn. C.. 264, 328 Zahour, C., 327 Zander, K., 367 Zanton, M„ 324 Zarnstorff. W.. 216 Zastrow, D., 337, 350 Zastrow, G., 349 Zeiger, A., 418 Zeiger, H., 269 Zeitlin. S.. 409 Zelen, B., 412 Zelen, IF.. 405 Zellin, IF., 409 Zclm. W.. 350 Zeloski, D„ 351 Zemella, F.. 193. 343 Zemlicka, W., 274 Zenk, J.. 268, 346 Zermuehlen, L., 190, 340, 342 Zcuske. R.. 348 Zibell, R.. 342 Zidan. M., 342 Ziebell. B.. 331. 337 Ziegenhagen, E., 376 Ziegenhagen, P., 337, 350 Ziegler. K., 349. 386 Ziegler, W.. 210. 342, 347 Zielenski. P., 348 Zielesch. D., 208. 210, 270 Zielinski. C., 326 Zielke. II.. 342. 392 Ziemelis. O.. 213 Ziemer, K., 204 Ziemer. IF.. 332 Zigmund, .T., 397 Zillniann, IF., 383 Zilz, D.. 230 Zimmerman, G., 353 Zimmerman, J., 327 Zimmerman, L., 420 Zimmerman, S.. 236. 377 Zimmermann, K.. 331. 339 Zimmermann, P., 333 Zimmermann, R., 388 Zirbel, R., 344 Zisook. B., 405 Zitzer. T.. 231 Zizic, T.. 190 Zlabek. I).. 345 Zodrow, W.. 230 Zollner, P., 263 Zolman. V.. 262 Zorko. J.. 343 Zox. S., 419 Zucker. M„ 394 Zuckerman. A., 405 Zuelsdorf, J., 326 Zurbuchen, G., 217 Zussman, A.. 418 Zwak. V.. 333 Zwank. B.. 368 Zwickey, J., 345 Zwicky, S., 264 508The Credits Unlike most campus activities, the people on the BADGER staff have Their Moment only once a year—when the book comes out. We want to take advantage of that moment to add our most sincere thanks for all the hard work and helpful ideas these people gave — for without them even these two pages wouldn’t have seen print. Roger Rathke — Editor George Schueppert — Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF The Titled Ones Peg McCormick.............. Merwyn Hemp................ Sue Cech and Dick Westring. . . Donna Forman and Dave Kent Laureen Seefeldt........... Bev Johnson and Bruce Thorp. Dave With and Joe Garlock. . . Carol Goldberg............. Everybody.................. .....Associate Editor .....Associate Editor ..........Copy Editors Production Managers . . Living Units Editor Organizations Editors ........Sports Editors .........Index Editor .......Senior Editors The Staff COPY: Shiela Blankstein, Mollie Buckley, Judy Davies, Jim Reynolds, Betty Risteen, Mary Liebsch, Sharaline Lieberman, Nancy Butterbaugh. PRODUCTION: Liz Henryson, Marcia Waugh, Laura Lindberg, Priscilla List, Jean Edgcumbe, Marcia Topel, Polly Rosenthal, Betsy Lovewell. SPORTS: Terry Nagi, Richard Christopherson, Jim Ladwig, Paul Garver, John Hoffman. 509Photographers Dave Lee, Brad Wood, Jay Kaufman, L. P. Anderson. BUSINESS STAFF A1 Smith and Sherry Burkhart J. C. Holman.............. Jack Woolard.............. Janette Burkhart.......... Sales Staff Myron LaRowe, Judy Beckenbaugh, Betty Clark, Tom Jeffords, Dave Schuster, Gale Pfund. PRODUCTION REPRESENTATIVES Mr. John Culley, Rogers Printing Company; Mr. Edwin Hackle-man, Mr. John Hancock, Mr. Ralph Van Dyke, Jahn Ollier Engraving Company; Miss Nan Ritter, Wheelen Studios; Mr. Carroll Hanson, group photographer; Mr. Harold Beckett, Deluxe Craft Cover Manufacturing Company. HELPING HANDS John Riley, senior picture photographer for Manchester’s; Jim Mott, Sports News Service; George Richard, Editor of the Wisconsin Alumnus; Bob Taylor, University News Service; Fan Taylor, Union Theater; Duane Hopp, University Photo Labs; Claire Salop, Union News Bureau. BADGER BOARD Prof. Lester Hawkes Ray Hilsenhoff, financial advisor Prof. Frank Thayer Prof. James Bower Tom W’aller, President, First Semester Merwyn Hemp, President, Second Semester Bev Johnson Dave Kent Peg McCormick A1 Smitth .......Sales Managers .. Advertising Manager Organizations Manager ......Exchange Editor •-j.jasagt - v •5». •i’.J" ? i,. - vi y »’- - V?- f r Sf - v, _- ■ r" ■-, . . % v . V" ••. -V » -.. f— ' •»r i ■ '■•'-V' - ■».», _ ,t . -'. . - -li •”-4 ■+ z"' ■: 3S . _•, ■ • . • r . • ": • :. ; - r .v? • - • •; «' „. ilp - '- r v- . •. • +£ ••$V - : v!S- H 5£f ■'■£ I '.'£ :"- ' ?-£ ■ '.: !', • • '.V?. ‘ ■ .;. ...... ■ . • •...'- ■ . •" ’ - • ••■• • - -' ■' n ,v tX- ■■• •-V-r. v ,' -V . ••■» • .■ ■•■•• vv -'- ■ ' - - .- '-S - ,'i • S ‘ ' • ' ;■ v.' ■

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