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 - Class of 1938

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,,1-MF' MQW' .. Q XE? 5225555 f xx ,::' 4, ' wx? mf ,fi X, 0 S , ,X 121 X: I Q5 TQ ' ay 'S , x :V 6 . Q. H k rv 'Q j 4 ei A ff- fx! . ,gf .. .1 W.: 4 1 , - ' .I f wif kwa .qw W L ,gp K ' . X. Xu' fm sw ., , ., .12-.SQ fs . , J., - i "7 A, , GNN' k' wx .5 -.4 7 I -4 V--N. 'YN , . ,q,. M 'Y' .Tw f 1 . 1 A ,, ',,. 511' Wg? ' f All ii 3 ,4 M- 'wa ' 1, .1 mb. - I , 1 ,. , - V. W , QQ 4 5 . wig, , " A f . w ' ' .Q ' "- 'L , k H f 'Sl " .- yi' ' , 511 y ' - 4' .. 2 . f f . , -, - .. L ' ' - iw fi ,, ' "rj's,.jf-.3 f .. , ,, ,f :Lg ,, ' we .x,:l,zffKzLgX ay. ' f 'y ,, X HH.-1 . .19 'rvf ef ww, , ff A l, ,A X I , A , , .fy ,, ,QC xv - - Um 3 f I 'lg' , w ' ,V -, wx . K .W-,. ff 1 - H ., me g 7. , if H . Ly, I" I ' ' -'5s.f ,V ' f' A ,, ,' f gb. 1, ' X 5,21 ., mx' - ZW. V I M ,. xi. , 'f ., , :VJ If NW? V I ' 4 1 'fy , 2, - '. , ' f. A J, ,iw f C :wg -- , ' x if f-'Mfr' .' .1.2.'ffr M f ' ' NWA f A A .r 721,23 , 4, I .F , mfz.,i, A ,. ' . .HQ lift .,t".,z'f W , , ik, X . . 1 2 . I '1 'fail 7 ' , if ,V " Q 'g,?..'- 4,4 " ,,: 'fi ff ffbng. ,,g,f,4a, ,.f.',.-1: .5553-f-,-:,,, mf if -- 51" -...f 044- t. n '1 'z Aga' . .- fuvpagfzxf. f?"f'3f f1.ig,f f,f',,.xn -. 2 -f , z... X -3 ff 'Qwxf' -. - 941, 1,34 2' ff f. , , :,':1"244f1Mz: 'fra ,. 43.-, ff- lx- -' V f X - P, N if . 5 f , . 3 5, 'AN 1 ' ,. 9, 4, , Q . - .N -, , is . ' V -H V 7 Q yur--3" . 5,'g.Q . fl 'Q 'ZA' -a . 57 f T 50,5 A ' 4 v.. f ' , ,B , 5 N " 1 Q 7 , yt' 'K+ , x , A . KA. f 11' I. " fx h - lr- . 4 Q , 5' 5 ' N' an 1 72 4 , ., f ,, 2. zz-R f-1 , 5. Lf Xxx "fx R Y. 4 sf. Nsgkxf x fa- 54 ' , - 1.1551 V B "5-Fxvf" 'MSif'N'vX1TNmft1gQK rf 'ilk' NNY , ' ' T f X.-K As-, K .1 Q. Q 9 L v Q , . . ,-fra . . . v f my ,Ke QM X ish V Ax . -Vs . fs, 1viQ'i:'Q4Qx 4 Q . ws, 12 ' .3 , .0 . . V A , Q' : 1 L 4 lv ' I 'sv 1 I 4 f fx Wx ff! f fgv-,jg ,I - ff' ,f 1 ff? ff 2 . ,, 4 7 41-I -,J II 4 QA.. , J' 71-4 4 Z!! MW ff ff ,,f W, 0 K 5' v X I . . 5 Q' Q I I , H - II v . ' I . I 'Y ' - I .vs Q. ' ' . -f' W f ,I , " -' -, I B' f . I ' x lv jr If EI , f . H W I , 1 .I . f - I -.7 J,- hf . ' 5 ' I QIQ. ' 1' ' '- " A " ' L - 'Q' ze , Y A ' ' .. "L f ' ' - .. '4 -I axis- -' f x A " A Q- ' ' - I ' ' N I' 1 - ' 0 A 5- I ., NI , I, .I -f-. If ' ' II an I , II'-- -:- ff-U' R : I, 'I V A I ' 'Lf Q H5 O - " ' I ' - "-" ' 1 " 1' -' Q , ?eg91Ci.S' 1 , -:ff W V - '- 1 ' - ' 'W - Q , ' W' , 5 F SI -' ,Il I- ,IM V--' . I 5 LI ix 'Ss I -1 I .1 1 - I M , , , F- X . A G 1 - A . 4, ' - " - -VI Q V ff, lf?"-W-fi Q - -- I -2 , Il.: 1 ' 7 - 4 ng I ' - a - - 'H 1' .I fi X5 if' .-"f 42 5 ,! ffI,. ' -f NW N I- ' , Q ' ' - . A '. , Kit- . ' H I wh ' J? ,"' A ---1 ' Z gl gif Wk" yi ' N 'R ' ' -' K I - L-1 ' 3 'A 1- -I V . R I j I 1, ' S' -' I ' -MIA . l "I ' '. I I gg.,-fr -' 'MQ . " - Q, 4 ,IN Q 'NI M 55. . ' "" i " - - I 1 ' . 1" 'Q ' '- -S 1-'QI W-I - '- , N . f I . . .. . u , f . ww fx I I INI A I, , . 5 . .I - 1 , ,, I , - ,,-. 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AQ ' I 5- 9 - ' - -Q T' 'ff' - I -1 2' - if ' ' - ' ' II -- - ff I 'R' 634322 A' ' 'S' ' A f3efa+- I ff? K ' I N . -as . IX. N- -- YN. Iv SA.- , :ww - 1 w, + mine ml.. Mmm I . f A- -- fm-be 7 A -f - ff, -Q - 2 w K , " ' - fi .3 - . 8 . an II I '- I . ,SII f- 'SUZII - ' W ff ff I , ' ' 'Q . -93945 lx i J. .bg ' f - :M J' - N 1 I .Q KI" 4--Q ,I Q- K if Q. IS-4... QI, ,IM .I W s.g,. 5 . 'W fd - .W MQW pug.-ZW f5LL4fgu MCMXXXVIII EN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN 1938 Q- O O MADISON WISCONSIN Coiiege is a rapici, fast-moving iiie oi its own. Never stop- ping, never resting, We iwurry tiirougii to cram a big part of our iiie into four years. Qniy to iinci as we ieave tinat it nas been a siwort, not a Feature, that tiiere is a bigger, ionger wbrici wiwere names and iames tai4e ages to rise and iai i. UH HH THE DIVERSIONS THE ACADEMIC THE ERATERNAL THE ATHLETIC JHSWUT eg- '. I Y ., 1I' . F-- A 1 II v-11I I .: 2 I J'- 1I1 1 I +11 . YL' g. - 1 1IF,1 .I 3-..,I M -. -I,-,1. FF- . I ,I,. . , 1 ik. 1 Ike. -. ' - 1 QI ' .I ,. : 11. i X . I:-IL - 1 i5 " .- 411 -1" L .L.. I . 1.- ' - FYI: ..,, QI. ,I , - . L 1l.- . 1 -'Iii '- . . . , 1 I . .-'i'J1 al , . Inf I' I1, 1. F , ' f .1- T I 1 ,I III. , , 1 1.IjQ f:gg.vIi' ' '- . ,.-1'- "1f.'1'-'Hel e r ': '.1 - v.I-f: -'rf in , Pi , ' I ' 1 .1 1 i111.L.s .V 1' 1 . I 'I" i'A.I IfI g.gru'gCgf: 1 - 1?-, 15 "P '-JFF. .,rI. . Aux- 44:5 '-,. -- -. - .-II.I'1f1t'?"-7IILI1'1'1'1!h-IETF.- .. . , '+'Jf1f-II' I , II 1 11. ,- vw ., 1 1171: - - , w If ',5g:,I-:Ii .J .- I 1. '- , 11' ' .7 ' .-'1 1 ' 5. II--:n.L11?I. .'-I-fall 1 -I. I' 5' Qi I ,I-I f f1II,,:I-i TIL 4. I I, 1IfP.-: IC!-1 . I.. . :QI 11 Af I,II-II -, . 1 1 -. I, I. Z ... I, 1 ".- 11. -L n-.'- , - Ti.-II I-- '.I11e' .I- ,I. ,.. III I-'ISA f " 41' 1" if .I .I ,. -. ---e.,I., ,- 15 I.. riff 1 1 - I :ff?f9'U P .f ' 'TA . 1-112-1' J L,1,Iy -- -. v. -11.1, S., 11' .I11 . .F 1 1f I '111I in Y',. . L' 1 ' '1 " '1 1 1 1 ... .JI II I IIA S- .1 --I 1.1-' .W g T.- - ., ,II 11 .. 11g- LI ., .1 Lf'-v ll ..J , 1 . ,..1 F, ,N .I , F1 fr "WV X HQ' 1. 1-. Q-Ev. 1I.,-II.I1 11 :I'IEI11iII2.- I .'::,1 :'-f':.-,I.'Ii3II1:,I 1 I-.QI AEQIIII: I.- I I 1 1 1r1.-'Q-11: -- - .. 4 .I nb. --IL 1, I., I. :S-EIEI' I. .. ' -. f i5i'??'1 'L I,., II 1 114 -J . r'1' I- :ff " ,- 'rf 1. -1 "1 , fr K..'1'J'r'. 1: ii 1217.1 .mi r 1' 1 , . , - . 4 1 1 ' 'E . IIIII r 1 . 3 . I ' .I,5f11':-1'?Q',',5,UI- 'T' ' f'1i F1' L'9,.'4 W . .5 -- w'?'Ix ,I .11 1.5 I7-Il, I I' 1' ix 1' 49. "WLS .- Z . I 'F .I I1I I:f:fgfI . I '. 11.'1:.1111., 111 . 1112- 1-. E1- . I 1 -1I.lL1. .1 JI1- .. ,-I W A1 1 ' ..- 55'-. Q1' ' "'J'Il" V111 A ' - ".-"."FiY'-: 'a1l.,,.f-' ...LQ F11 1 L11 . 1111 ..1i:.1 f. 21,-15 ff. .- '..1T ' ,.'.'.1 ' 1' -119' I 1 Il I . .Ia 'MT Vu K.- -," ,11.1I1 1I, . .914 - I' 1 . '! 1 1 I .LL-LJ 111' 1 'vin 1 ' -1 1-:rl - 1 .3.I I I -1 1, - L x. ." 111 I ,H . -1 1 1 -II .I, .-:I ., . 1' ,-E MIS 1 1.112 - :J ., . 4.91. I A I ,I .II1 I . I 'Y 1,-In ' ' ,A ' '- x 4 1I.. . 1 1 'ui .-, ,-I. . 1 -. . 'I . .I H .. xr.. 1112: 1. l I I II I . , .Q -1 -V.. 1 f . . I.. MI I Us ,4 . aw: I. . .3 -A - ,.., :' 51 11 1 I . 1, .71 .. ,VIII ' 1 A ' 1 V-r . . .. I1 15 I -1 - ...Af 5-2 -.LEM l.:3. 2 1- HI I v 1 11. . I .1..' I 1 1 .Qin-'.. mf:-II. V .ur-I1 .II. , . 314 - 1+T5'11" " 1 JL -1 v, . .I.1E .I,1, 1:1-I, -. 1. 1.1 ,"fw.1. , .. ' 3111... . . 1' - 15141 ' -l' ':-.3 Y 721:05 - '11.rf:. 13231 ' .4 I I, 1. -.... .1, . 'Q iw.: A . 4 .--xl? 41, . . -- '11 1 1 4- -'g' Qin' ' f 9' ,. . . I1 1.I,I.r-311 141' . I II AM- - 13.51 II-..-InIL., , ,,iq,1.., 1 5 . . ...,. ' 'Er' U5 11.15 ff I1 .I JII ' II 1.' ':-ni.: . 1II,II1II IIIII III, .1 . , .1 " I 41. I 111Lff' ai? 1' 'I , - ' I 1 'UF- ' L 4 1 1.3 ,,. If 21 .- 4. ,Qi ' ff QW ' , , 5-ily, WWW ' , 4gQ:,,3Qg,5Nf 2 wif'-ia' , , W 2 f' V V, iiyflr , QW ,1f'yK51f ,gyfw ,ww ' f , .yn 1 , ,ri f, , x W 1. 4'4- fwi , A 9 272.31-,. x 'ffm g " f W4 Y gr E T!-IEPEOPLE Tl-IE DEGREES i Al I M,,?,.,.q-pw Speaking before a Madison audience composed largely of University students, john Chapple of Ashland threw a picture of Governor La Follette on a screen behind him and shouted, 'els that the man you want as your governor?" And back came the students' answer, f'Yes, thatls the manll' On another occasion five hundred excited collegians marched down a slushy State street to the Capitol, herded themselves into the Legislative chamber to hear the state's chief executive tell them, "You cannot believe that I, who have been so long and so closely attached to your University, to my University, would do anything to harm it l" But beyond all external demonstration and proof, his University is proud of its nationally eminent alumnus, its former professor, and its constant benefactor, Philip Fox La Follette. EUlfllllUll 3 U? Ulf maint lllltSUHll time Hll j ull l "Together," Clarence Addison Dykstra told the first freshman class to come under him, Uwe shall see new vistas, discover new truthsf' So did Wiscoiisi11's eleventh president begin his first year. But in that year it has been he who has shown new vistas, dis- covered new truths. His associates came to know these things hrst, for they found from the beginning a man thoroughly undisturbed by their factions and their differences of opinion. Something in his deep set eyes and forceful manner echoed what they had heard, that with shirt-sleeves rolled he stood unafraid of their highly publicized "graveyard" I But by nearly eleven thousand students is he best understood. They see much of the man in the "Dyke" who walks, not rides, up and down the hill, in the prexy whose familiar smile is both a verity and a symbol. 'ff - it--115 ff-bf' l ,J 'l 'if Utllll EEUU lltttllllll Mllllltlll Every September the Octopus used to run a picture of a com- pletely sinister and devilish appearing old man who seemed quite ready to bite babies and kick widows out in the snow. Underneath was the caption, "Gentlemen, Meet the Dean." In a school the size of Wfisconsin there must be many Qtoo many. it you ask himj, who never get beyond that stage in knowing Dean Goodnight. So it is to the gentlemen who have met the Dean that we must turn for our appraisal. And they have no little to say. They may not know, for instance, that he's the national president of Phi Eta Sigma, but they do know lie's a hunter and a Hsherman. They may not even know he's con- sidered one of the best in his Held, but they End out in a minute that he's remarkably easy to talk to, even easier to know. So for those who know a real fellow when they see one, the Dean of Men's ofhce holds no terror. Instead there's something almost unexplainable about sitting across the desk from the man and his pipe, and being understood. ..15.. hlust as a Dean of Men should he a tyrant and a hear, so, accord- ing to legend, must the Dean of W'onien be something cold and austere. But that's legend and not, as any VVisconsinite will testify, Dean Greeley. .N description of her would always he inadequateg she's some- thing full ol life. so much so that she seems to have time for everything. She's an efficient educator, her reputation as a Dean is not a small one. Sha-'s complex: she'd have to he as Dean, wife, amateur hotanist, sportswonian, funster, and friend. She's something else, though, something that makes everyone that meets her think of a human dynamo, hut a dynamo with 21 smile. Hut ahoye all, she's clever. Out of her ofhee comes much that makes XYiseonsin tick, for it's really quite a job, taking care of all the routine and extra problems that Come before her. And with all that, she's one thing in eyeryhody's language, charming. 'l'hat's why she's clever. UNH I Ulllll llllltll Ellttttt ..17.. DEAN FRANK CD. l-ICDLT Bacteriologist, horseman, educator and Dean, Edwin B. Fred serves as a model of tireless energy to gradu- ate students around him. Calculating and coldly logi- cal in his Work, he is Warm and congenial in spirit-a rare combination. That is why, when a University is measured by its graduate school, Wlisconsin is ac- claimed lor Dean Fred. DEAN EDWIN B. FRED Wlieii, year after year, Wis- consin marks a new record enrollment, Dean Holt may Well take the bows. It is he above all others who is the University's master sales- man, the dynamo behind the greater part of VVisconsin's service to the state. Cf all his work in the Vast Ex- tension Division and the Bureau of Guidance and Records, the establishment of Orientation Wleek still stands as his greatest monu- ment. Friendly Uncle Fred is a past master in the art of cultivating friends and not buying beers. Genial, jovial, full of good stories and gossip. Nice to talk to-if you pay your bill! Betty Hill, the "life of the party." Tall, slender," she uses a shrill, piercing voice to tell people what's Wrong, how it should be done, and what your best friend has been doing for the past 24 hours. Bill Pryor, has-been. Once a big man on campus, this Prom King political sage has fallen way down now to be like the rest of us, Working hard, playing hard, and remembering what was. Bobbie Mullin, activity woman. Une of those gals who has time to be in everything, get good grades. and still be a good number on anybody's list. Bright, bouyant, beautiful is Bobbie. 1 lllllllll Audrey Beatty, Best Dressed Wfoman. XVe don't exactly know whether she's got more clothes than any other girl, but Audrey looks nice in anything-even in the Cardinal Office! "Tyke" Teiehmann, super apple- polisher. Forceful, blufting, sar- castic in the X!Vl11Cl16ll manner. VVool-pulling, back-slapping, ego- building, he emerges with Phi Bete grades-and yet is brilliant enough to get them on his own merits, ..e21'..' ., , i., qf,lg5j,,,-A , .VW WVVV my U .. 9172 flw' ' mil' Allen S. Jorgensen, man of many activities, or shall We say titles? Mustaches and double breasted vestsg keys and keys and a long list under his name, and to end it, Chi Phi. Best Date, Rosie Hulett. Tall, dark and distinctive is Rosie. Looks better in a formal than in a swimming suit, we're told, her legs are too long. Suits us line regardless. My Howie NVeiss, Campus Casanova. Tall, light, and handsome, not exactly Phi Bete material. Has a nice smile and a corner on Kay Dahl and the Kappa Sigs. Played football. Fritzi Kraut, Charm Girl. Not the college type, nor much like her name. Beautiful, serious, intelligent, and ter- ribly charming. Best of all, shels human. jerry Komar, Man of Deception. You expect to see him in boxing trunks. or throwing a man around a ring, but instead you see him in a block-long shiny car with books on the seat be- side him. Ed Collins, Little Big Shot. Mouth of a politician, but bases his pride on crew. Tries hard to be a typical Psi U, but isn't. Almost lots of things, but never quite makes it. D .22.. Julius, "Call nie Jim" Dieman, politi- cian. On the outer edge of every race, often a prospective candidate, though never materializing. Sunny smile, naive loolcg maybe it's genuine! ill., Dick Tinkham, Phi Gam personality boy, and campus conservative who turns liberal at the slightest provoca- tion. Dimpled, boyish face set on a mannish figure of gangling legs and a sophomore 'KVVH sweater. Best Dressed Man, johnny Eells. Superby styled, a la McNeil and Moore, johnny is as much a part of it as is Bill Purnell. Talks and looks a lot like a MCN and M ad. If he'd only diet a little .... y foe College, Joe Berry. An exceptional man among the "exceptional" Phi Delts, he is a dabbler in all things, college, dates, and politics. No rah-rah boy is joe, his is the super-sophisti- cated, distinctive early 1938 type. ..23. C. , ' .'-, A ' if N . MQW ,fi my , 'W i -six ,its till ' i . .. " N. , 2' A -,i 4...-QL In - ,ii 'r' .: ' kj' ',.iy"r. 5. , eff' ,W'fKiP' at .wtf tr wg' !1,,ig',fs5l ' QF .1 VA, X, at.. V- . K. H. H. CLARK Overly scholarl A. ELVEHJEM Ag. Chem Wisconsin graduate . . . Worked with Sir Frederick Hopkins at Cambridge . . . Punctual as clockwork . . . Doesn't smoke . . . Doesn't care for sports . . . Gets men- tal exercise in lengthy and involved arguments. English y . . . Rather shy . . . Knows his stuff . . . Fairqsense of humor . . . Most polite professor at the U . . . Offers you cigar, cigarette or tobacco in his office . . . Favorite expression, "l'm aw- fully sorry but . . ." Phi Beta Kappa . . . Sigma Nu. P. LINK Ag. Chem Tells pointless jokes . . . Both he and wife are nudists . . . Hates physical chemists . . . Wears long flowing tie . . . Never counts exams . . . Lets students write them at home and bring to class next day. ..24.. llllltltlllllll Never smiles but always has the class rolling in the aisles . . . Tells funny stories about Germany entire class hour . . . Red hair and always wears a green tie . . . Was lV2 hours late to last year's final exam . . . Overslept. N. P. FElNSlNGER Law Smoothest dresser in the Law School . . . Always uses Latin maxims. . . One of the last two bachelors left in the Law school . . . Athleticolly inclined . . . Loves tennis . . . Quick on the trigger. H. lL. HALL Law Resorts to profanity to ex- press himself . . . Towers around 6'-4 in height . . . ls a decided extrovert . . . Al- ways reminiscing of the "Great Days in Cuyahoga County" . . . Never misses a Law Ball . . . Always talking of his sons. ..Q-5.. R, V. CAMPBELL Law Very prosaic . . . Rambles, rambles, and rambles in his lectures . . . ls reputed to be a human dynamo in Analysis . . . A very original thinker . . . Students say that he is an in- trovert by nature . . . Uses very little humor. i i H L t 5 l Commerce Immaculate dresser . . . Uses lavish figures of speech . . . Never seen in shirt sleeves . . . Wore coat even during Sum- mer School . . . Commerce School . . . SAE . . . Phi Beta Kappa. G. FOWLKES Education Excellent billiard player . . . Lover ot the great outdoors . . . Never misses a Union music concert . . . Dresses very con- servatively . . . Always makes you teel at ease . . . Has no eccentricities . . . His wite is an excellent actress. EINAR HAUGEN Scandinavian ..25.. Typical Norse. . . Tall, slender and blond . . . Dresses conser- vatively . . . Humor is very subtle . . . Translated "Little Red Riding Hood" into Scan- dinavian with alterations . . . Ready to match wits with any member ot his classes. i I--1 m HARRY STUHLDREHER GREGORY BREIT Physics Physical Ed Full of energy and dynamic personality . . . Popular speak- er . . . as well as a writer... Plays golf when he has time . . . And raises tour fine sons as an avocation . . . Publicity conscious. , . Coaches football. E. P. WIGNER Physics Most polite member of the faculty . . . Once told a garage mechanic to "Go to hell, please." . . . ls an excellent chess player . . . Humor very subtle . . . Born in Budapest and has been in the U. S. only 8 years. ALFRED SENN German His two great loves are eating and playing Skat. . .Was once a Lithuanian newspaper man . . . Was born in Switzerland . . . Became a U. S. citizen in l936. . .Small in stature... Has thousands ot anecdotes. Very serious minded . . . His pet peeve is being disturbed while solving difficult equa- tions. . . Formerly employed at U. S. Bureau ot Standards . . . Spends his time working on theoretical problems in atomic and nuclear physics. -is Ll- iii--' 11111111 WALTER J, PARSONS Business Manager of Badger in 1900 . . . Worked with con- struction companies after col- lege. . .Since 1919 partner in Wray- Pa rsons realtors . . . Married and has one daughter and three sons . . , sons tin- ished at Wisconsin. C. B. CULBERTSON Business Manager ot Badger 1893 . . . Phi Delt . . . Started law practise in Stanley, Wis- consin . . . District Attorney ot Chippewa County . . . Former member of Wisconsin Assem- bly . . . City Attorney of Stan- ley tor 35 years . . . Married, two sons Wisconsin graduates. H23.. JAMES S. THOMPSON Editor ot 1910 Badger . . . 1910-1918 college representa- tive of McGraw-Hill Book Company . . . Secretary 1918- 1925 . . . Vice President since 1926. . . Phi Kappa Sigma. FORMER EDITORS 133111111 ill FRANK V. BIRCH Editor of 1918 Badger . . . Acacia . . . ln flying force dur- ing war . . . President of Lions International . . . Executive vice president of Klou-Van Pietersom-Dunlap Associates, Inc .... Married and has three sons. CHARLES H. CARPENTER Business Manager of 1918 Bodger . . . Coached football at Stanford . . . . . Joined K . At Wisconsin ieckhefer Con- tainer Company of N. J. in 1922 . . . ln charge of sales . .. Married a Wisconsin girl . . . Three children and a boy. HARRY H. SCOTT Editor of 1919 Badger. . .Sig- ma Delta Chi . . . White Spades . . . Iron Cross . . . Haresfoot . . . Soles promotion and acl- vertising in Sears-Roebuck un- til 192O . . . Now heading one of Milwaukee's largest adver- tising agencies with N. L. Te- lander. BA DG ER MANAGERS . . . Two girls ..2g.. FORMER EDITORS EDWIN P. KOHI. 1 Business Manager of Badger in 1913 . . . Harvard Law School . , . President of For- eign Securities Corporation . . . Harvard Club of New York curities mission Former CHARLES E. BURGESS Business manager of 1895 Badger . . . Junior Class presi- dent . . . Beta Theta Pi . . . President of Burgess Battery Company . . . Claims Badger experience gave first-hand knowledge of "weak markets," "surplus inventories," and "li- bel and recovery suits." HARRY C THOMA City . . . Senior attorney of Se- and Exchange Com- at Washington . . . head of Wisconsin Alumni of New York. Editor of 1928 Badger . . . Senior Class president . . . Union Board . . .White Spades . . . Iron Cross. . . Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Editor of Wisconsin Alum- nus since 1929 . . . Advisor to many campus organizations . . . Secretary of Wisconsin Crew Association. 1111111 ..3O,. BADG El? MANAGERS WALTER M. SMITH Chairman ot the Board ot Di- rectors ofthe 1889 Badger. . . Delta Upsilon . . . Librarian at University ot Wisconsin from 1890 to 1937 . . . Phi Beta Kappa . . . Became "librarian emeritus" in 1937 . . .Wiscon- sin Historical Association. WALTER F. MABBETT Business Manager ot the 1902 Badger. . . Delta Upsilon . . . Railroad engineer 1902-07 . . . City Engineer ot Edgerton 1907-13 . . . Private business for next 11 years. . . Assistant City Engineer ot Madison 1924-19- . . . Married Marie l-linkley, a member ot the 1902 Badger Board . . . proud father of tour. BEN C. PARKINSON ' llllllil Business Manager ot 1890 Badger . . . Played Varsity Baseball . . . Senior Class President . . . Now State Pro- bation and parole otticer . . . 32nd Degree Mason . . . Two children graduated from Wis- consin . . . Now President of Class of '9O. lll1-A-A H31 .. CLARENCE A. DYKSTRA GLENN FRANK JOHN H. LATHROP 1937- 19.25-1937 1848-1858 HENRY BARNARD 1859-1861 The University of Wisconsiii has reached the century mark. One hundred years ago was born a brilliant institution, a University truly representative of a great state. Today, both State and University pause to reflect on the past, contemplate on the future. The University has forged to the front with a creed of educa- tional liberalism comparable only to the pro- gressive State which reaps its harvest. May the century to come see the University of X!VlSCO11Sl11 ever foremost in "the fearless sift- ing and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found." This year for the first time in the fifty three years of the Badgerls history, appear the eleven presidents of the University of VVisconsin. Eleven men representing a century of progress, a forward march in the parade of education, a past of struggle and turmoilg eleven men guid- ing the University of W'isconsin to its enviable peak in the world of today. A E. A. BIRGE 1918-1925 PAUL A. CHADBOURNE CHARLES R. VAN H155 1867-1870 1903-1918 JOHN TWOMBLY JOHN BASCOM THOMAS C. CHAMBERLAIN CHARLES K. ADAMS 1871-1874 1874-1887 1889-1892 1892-1900 'J vw 5 U K U 'Xa 'QI ID Kc GI. Q w I I I -I K: Q 'S-1 E La I U I PJ 'fl' U v-S, Z 'QC III O Y-Q E I 51 'QC U fs. fr H U Y-Q 41 lm WEHWWE ALBERTS ANDERSON, M. BERG BLACK BOETTCHER BRENNAN 1 BRINDLEY ANDERSON, A. BAIRD BJ ELAJAC BLONG BOGUE BREWER BROWN 1 V R EBLE ALBERTS, VVaukesha, Mechanical, Pencing, 2, 3, 4, Rathskeller Com- mittee , 4, Camera Club, 2, Orientation, 3, 4, Haresfoot, 3, 4, Director Wfisconsin News- reel, 1' igma Nu . . . ARTHUR N. ANDERSON, Milton, Electrical, Milton College, 1, Triangle . . . MARTIN P. ANDERSON, Milltown, Mechanical, ASME, Triangle . . . TRAVIS BAIRD, Milwaukee, Electrical, University Extension, 1, Symphony Orchestra, 2, AIEE, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . ROBERT HAROLD BERG, Milwaukee, Electrical, ROTC Drill Team, 2, 3, Sophomore High Honors, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . VASO BIELAJAC, Milwaukee, Hydraulics, University Extension, 1, Z, ASCE, Polygon, Thesis: "Investigation of an activated sludge, sewage plant-Verona, VVisconsin" . . . WALTER EDVVARD BLACK, Madison, Mechanical, ASME, Polygon . . . WILMER BLONG, Port VVashington , Civil, ASCE, Interfraternity Council, Senior Ball, 4, Phi Kappa, Thesis: "Proposed Street Extensions in the city of Port Wasliiiigtoii' '... RICHARD A. BOETTCHER, Milwaukee, Mechanical, University Extension, 1, ASME, Polygon, Evans Professional Group, Tau Beta Pi . . . DAVID BOGUE, Portage, Mechanical , . . NVILLIAM JAMES BRENNAN, Tomah, Mechanical, Marquette, 1, 2, ASME . . . JAMES BREWER, Madison, Electrical, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . RICHARD BRIGGS BRINDLEY, Richland Center, Mechanical, Track, 1, ASME, Sophomore Honors . . . KENNETH M. BROVVN, Fort Atkinson, Chemical, St. Mary's College, 1, 2, AICE, Polygon, Tau Beta Pi. ..35.. a Chemical, University Extension, 1, 2, Phi Lambda Epsilon . . . CMR ES MARLIN BUEHLER, Madison, Electrical, Milwaukee Extension, l, Chairni n tudent Board of Trustees, Polygon, AIEE . . . CURTIS WRIGHT BURR, Kenoshg, Metallurgy, Chi Phi . . . FRANK C. BURRELL, Kenosha, Mechanical, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CHARLES VV. L. BURROUGHS, Madison, Mechanical, Crew, 1, 2, 3, 4, VV Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Tau . . . DONALD JEROME BYRGE, Verona, Chemical . . . MARTIN BARCLEY CONRAD, Yakima, Vlfashington, Mechanical . . . ROLAND LORIN DAGGETT, Milwaukee, Me- chanical, Milwaukee Extension, l, 2, Evan's Professional Group, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi . . . ROBERT RAYMOND DANSFIELD, Kenosha, Mechanical, ROTC Pistol Team, ASME, Polygon, l, 2, 3, 4, SAE, AES, President, 4, YMCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, I-Ioofers Club, 3, 4 . . . BENJAMIN CHARLES DICKE, Sheboygan Falls, Electrical, AIEE, Polygon . . . WILLARD DITTMANN, Wfhitefish Bay, Electrical, Marquette, l, 2, ROTC Pistol Team . . , DANIEL THOMAS DOBROGOVVSKI, Milwaukee, Mechanical, University Extension, l, 2 , ASME , Polygon , Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma.. . CLARENCE VVILLIAM ECKMANN, Racine, Chemical, AICE, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Acacia ...i A LVIN EDELSTEIN, Superior, Civil, Superior Teachers College, 1, Boxing, 2: ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Thesis: "Structures-Design ot Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridgen . . . ROBERT L. ENGDAHL, River Falls, Civil, River Falls State Teachers College, l, 2, Basketball, l, Football, l, 2, Band, 1, 2, Orchestra, 1, Homecoming, 1, Junior Vaudeville, l, 2, ASCE . . . EDVVARD P. FAUST, JR., Antigo, Mechanical, Basic Drill Team, Ad- vanced Corps Drill Team, Military Ball, 3, Scabbard and Blade, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . AUGUST LOUIS FERBER, Sauk City: Electrical, ROTC Signal Corps, Polygon, AIEE, Triangle . . . HOVVARD XNILLIAM FIEDELMAN, Sheboygan, Chemical, Polygon, Sophomore Honors, Tau Beta Pi . . . JEROME M. FRANK, Milwaukee, Electrical, Milwaukee State Teachers College, 1, Z, University Extension, 3, Cardinal, 3, Polygon, 4, AIEE, House Presiclent's Council, 4, Alpha Kappa Tau . . . FREDERICK CHARLES FREUND, Fond du Lac, Mechanical, ASME . . . J. GORDON FULLER, Madison, Mechanical, Basketball, l, 2, 3, Captain, 3, WV Club, Student Athletic Board, President, Student Representative on Faculty Athletic Council 3 Orientation, Badger Beauty Committee, Homecoming, General Chairman, 3, Student Activities Committee, Wlhite Spades, Iron Cross, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . HERBERT CHARLES GEITTMANN, Beaver Dani, Metallurgy, AIME, ASM, SAME . . , I-IOXWARD L. GRANGE, Darlington, Metallurgy, Mining Club, l, 2, 3, President, 4, AIME, ASM, Sophomore Honors, Tau Beta Pi . . . XVIL- LARD E. GRASSER, Kenosha, Electrical, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . FREDERICK JOHN GUNTHER, Sheboygan, Mechanical , ASME, Polygon, l, 2, 3, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . FRANK B, HAMACHEK, Kewaunee, Mechanical, ASMEI, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . VVILLARD GILBERT I-IANSON, Stevens Point, Mechanical, Central State Teachers College, l , Evans Professional Group, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Tau Sigma, President, 4, Chi Delta Rho . . . RALPH JACKSON HARKER, Madison, Mechani- cal, Tau Beta Pi, Thesis: "The Watei' Ejector' '... LAVVRENCE JACOB HASSLINGER, Hartland, Electrical, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . TED B. HAUFE, Waiisaii, Chemical, AICE, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Tau Beta Pi, Acacia . . . ..35.. BRUST BUEHLER BURR BURRELL BURROUGHS BYRGE CONRAD DAGGETT DANSFIELD DICKE DITTMAN DOBROGOWSKI ECKMANN EDELSTEIN ENGDAHL FAUST FERBER Fl EDELMAN FRANK FREUND ..37.. FULLER GEITTMAN GRANGE GRASSER GUNTH ER HAMACH EK HANSON HARKER HASSLINGER HAUFE I XTIOII HEEIB NK, Beloit, Civil, Beloit College, 1, ASCE, Chi Epsilon' Thesis: "Design of Rigid Frahie Structure by the Slope Deiiection Method" . . . LEO HERNING, Cecil, Chemicalf, Orientation, Student Public Relations Committee, Wiscoiisiii Engineer maga- zine, Dzfixiboel Committee Chairman of Interlodging Houses, Alpha Tau Sigma, President, AIChE, Hesperia, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore High Honors . . . ROBERT E. HOFFMANN, Milwaukee, Chemical, University Extension Division, l, 2, AIChE . . . THOMAS MARSHALL HOLLOWAY, VVaukesha, Mechanical, Fencing, 1, ASME, Polygon, Sigma Nu . . . NVILLIAM VVIGHTMAN HUMPHREY, VVhitewater, Chemical, Milton College, l, Z, Tau Beta Pi . . . ARTHUR JOHN JARK, Pevvaukee Lake, Electrical, AIEE, Polygon, Wisconsiii Engineer, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . FREDERICK M. JOHNSON, Rockford, Ill., Mechanical, Wlieatoii College, l, Z, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma . . . RICHARD H. JOHNSON, Milwaukee, Electrical, VVisconsin Extension Division, 1, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . ALLEN S. JORGENSEN, Hfauwatosa, Mechanical, Military Ball, General Chairman, 3, Prom, 3, Homecoming. 3, Sophomore Shufiie, 2, Daily Cardinal, Feature Editor, 2, 3, Badger, Organization Editor, 4, VVisconsin Engineer, 2, Wiscoiisiii Theater Production, 2, Parents XfVeekend, 2, Captain, Corps of Cadets, 3, Orientation, 2, 3, 4, Summer Union Board, 3, Summer Prom, Chairman, 3, House Presidents Council, 4, Haresfoot Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Apprentice Players, 2, 3, 4, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, Senior Council, 4: Iron Cross, VVhite Spades, Scabbarcl and Blade, Chi Phi . . . PAUL MERRITT KETCHUM, Madison, Electrical, Xvisconsin Engineer, 2, Editor, 3, 4, AIEE, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Tau Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, President, 4, Phi Kappa Phi . . . STANLEY JOHN KRANC, La Crosse, Mechanical, La Crosse State Teachers College, l, Polygon, ASME, Polygon, Evans Professional Group, Pi Tau Sigma . . . GLEN CHARLES KREJCHIK, Friendship, Hydraulics, YMCA, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Thesis: "Model Studies of the Big Eau Pleine Dam" ..., A RTHUR HAROLD KRUMHAUS, Wfauwatosa, Mechanical, University Extension Division. l, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . GORDON BERNARD LEMKE, Watisau, Electrical: Football Band, l, Concert Band, 2, 3, 4, AIEE . . . ALDRO LINGARD, Madison, Electrical, Cardinal, Vfisconsin Engineer, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu . . . FRED LOEBEL, Milwaukee, Mechanical, University Extension Division, l, 2, Camera Club, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . RICHARD EDXVIN LOHR, Milwaukee, Mechanical, Soph Shuffle, 2, Polygon, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . ROBERT ARTHUR LOVVE, Cleveland, Ohio, Mechanical, Ohio State, l , Crew, 2, 3, Basketball, 1,2, 3, Track, l, 2, Athletic Council, 3, YV Club, 2,31 Polygon, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . JOE ANTONE MALDARI, Redgranite, Civil, ASCE: SAME, Chi Epsilon . . . JOHN W. MANN, Hartford, Chemical, AICE, SAME, Scabbard and Blade . . . JOHN WILLIAM MARSTON, Marinette, Mining, Mining Club, YMCA, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi . . . KENXNYN MERRIFIELD, Platteville, Chemical, Platteville Teachers College, l, Men's Chorus, l, University Singers, l, Theta Xi . . . LAXWRENCE OTTO MEYER, Elkhorn, Mechanical, ASME, Polygon, Evans Professional Group . . . GEORGE B. MILLER, Milwaukee, Mechanical, ASME, Chi Psi . . . RAYMOND JOSEPH MILLER, Green Bay, Electrical, Kappa Eta Kappa, l, 2, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Pershing Rifles, 2, 3, Military Ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team, l, 2, 3, 4 . . . XVAYNE T. MIT- CHELL, Madison, Electrical, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . WILLIAM A. J. MITCHELL, Milwaukee, Mechanical, Marquette, l, 2, ASME, President, Polygon, Triangle . . . JOHN OWEN NEIGHBOURS, Baltimore, Maryland, Civil, SAME, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Delta Theta, Thesis: "Design of a Reinforced Concrete Rigid Frame Bridge" . . . RICHARD R. NELSON, Madison, Electrical, AIEE, Inter-Fraternity Council, Kappa Eta Kappa, Sigma Nu . . . FRED CHARLES NEUMANN, VVaukesha, Electrical, Kappa Eta Kappa, President, 3, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu . . . ..3g.. HEEBINK HERNING HOFFMANN HOLLOWAY HUMPHREY JARK JOHNSON, F JOHNSON, R. JORGENSON KETCHUM KRANC KREJCHIK KRUMHAUS LEMKE LINGARD LOEBEL LOHR LOWE 'MALDARI MANN ..39.. MARSTON MERR I FI ELD MEYER MILLER, G. MILLER, R. MITCHELL, W. MITCHELL, WM NEIGHBOURS NELSON NEUMANN ILLIAEVI BERLY, Milwaukee, Mechanical, Marquette University, l, Orientation, 1, Phi Del ieta . . . GILBERT LEE OLSON, Pranksville, Metallurgy, Mining Club, AIME, A I . . . ROBERT E. OLSON, La Crosse, Chemical, La Crosse State Teachers College, , Polygon, 2, 3, 4, AICE, Evans Professional Group . . . PRED O. ORTHEY, Racine, Mechanical, Carroll College, l, ASME . . . GEORGE R. OSCAR, Madison, Mechanical, ASME . . . JOHN HARRY PAMPERIN, Green Bay, Chemical, St. Norbert College, l, The lNisconsin Engineer, 2, 3, 4, Prom, 3, Union Committee on Friendship and Marriage, 4, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . HUGH CALHOUN PATTERSON, Cambria, Electrical . . . ROBERT XNATSON PINKNEY, Vifatertown, Electrical, Ripon College, l . . . THERON PLACE, Racine, Mining, Hooters, l, Student Associate in AIME, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . CARLYLE IEDD PRITCHARD, Plymouth, Electrical, Basketball, Senior Manager, Military Ball, 3, 4, AIEE, Scabhard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Kappa Eta Kappa, Sigma Nu . . . HAROLD NORMAN PROPP, Wfauwatosag Mining, University Extension Division, l . . . VVILLIAM ALEXANDER PRYOR, Milwaukee, Civil, Swimming, l, Elections Board, Class President, 3 , Tumas, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Nu . . .ALAN KENNETH ROSS, Madison, Electrical, Band, 2, 3, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi . . . HAROLD EDNYARD RUCKS, Eond du Lac, Electrical, House Presidents Council, 3, Kappa Eta Kappa, Scabhard and Blade, Pershing Rifles . . . ROBERT DANIEL RYNDERS, Milwaukee, Mechanical, University Extension Division, l, 2, Polygon, ASME, EPG . . . KARL EDVVARD SAGER, Appleton, Mechanical, Lawrence College, l, 2, Evans Professional Group, 4, 5, Civic Symphony, 4, 5, University Orchestra, 3, 4, ASME, Polygon, 5, YMCA. 3. 4, 5, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi . . . PETER S. SAROCKA. Rhinelander, Chemical: AICE, Polygon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sophomore High Honors, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . CLIP- PORD LEXVIS SAINYER, Beloit, Mechanical, ASME: Polygon Board, 3, 4, Ereshman Honors . . . ROY E. SCI-IAAL, Gillett, Mechanical, University Band, 2, 3, ASME, SAE . . . ALBERT LEE SCHLUTER, Reedshurg: Civil, ASCE, Triangle, Thesis: '1Investigation of the Operating Characteristics of a Small Institutional Sewage Plant' '... RALPH FRED- ERICK SCHMIEDLIN, Madison, Electrical, AIEE . . . DOUGLAS EDXVARD SCI-INEIBLE, Superior, Civil, Superior State Teachers College, l, 2, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Thesis: "Design of Roadway to NVater Tower Park at Richland Center, lwisconsinn . , . CARL EUGENE SCHULTHEISS, Madison, Electrical, River Falls State Teachers College. l , AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi . . . PAUL B. SCI-IUPPENER, ANI3.L1liCSl13.l Electrical 1 Platteville Teachers College, l, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . NORMAN DONALD SCOVILL, Madison, Civil, ASCE, Thesis: "Design of a Rigid Frame Bridge' '... ROBERT ASHTON SHARP, Milwaukee, Mechanical: University Extension Division, l, Orientation, I-Iarestoot, ASME, Polygon, Sophomore Honors, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Chi . . . LEVVIS LINCOLN SI-IEERAR, Omro, Civil, Polygon, President, 4, Band, 1, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Triangle, Thesis: "Effect of Heat Treatment on the Physical Properties ot High-Yielcl-Strength Low-Alloy Steels" . . . SHEA SMITH, Chicago, Ill., Chemical, Diving Squad, 1, Orientation, Boxing, Inter- fraternity Board, Union Assisting Staff, Phi Gamma Delta . . . ROGER UPSON STANLEY, Kenosha, Mechanical, Wiscoiisiii Engineer, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, Polygon, ASME, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Alpha Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi . . . XWILLIAM STEKETEE, Racine, Electrical, House Presidents Council, 2, 4 . . . ..4Q.. OBERLY OLSON, G. OLSON, R. ORTH EY OSCAR PAMPERIN PATTERSON PINCKNEY PLACE PRITCHARD PROPP PRYOR ROSS RUCKS RYNDERS SAGER SAROCKA SAWYER SCHAAL SCHLUTER ..41.. SCHMI EDLIN SCHNEIBLE SCHULTHEISS SCHUPPENER SCOVILL SHARP SHEERAR SMITH STANLEY STEKETEE NAR VERTON STIEG, Clintonville, Mechanical, Ripon College, 1, ASME, Poly,c HUR STIEGLER, Wauwatosa, Mechanical, University Ex- tension iipision, l, 2, Polygon, ASME, Engineering Personnel Group . . . EDWARD HENRYKSTRAND, Wauwatosa, Civil, University Extension Division, l, Z, Triangle . . . CECIL EDWARD SUNDEEN, Milwaukee, Electrical, Milwaukee State Teachers College, 1, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . ARTHUR THOM, Milwaukee, Mechanical, University Extension Division, l, ASME, Polygon . . . THORVALD MINOR THORSEN, Beloit, Mechanical . . . DONALD DANA TRUMPY, Monroe, Mechanical, Badger Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . LYELL CHESTER TULLIS, Madison, Mechanical, Polygon . . . JAMES SAMSON VAUGHAN, Madison, Civil, Senior Council, 4, House Presidents' Council, 4, Orientation, 3, 4, Organist for Significant Living Series Lectures. 2, 4, ROTC Cadet Major, 4, Pistol Team, 2, 3, 4, Military Ball, 3, Men's Glee Club, 3, 4, Accompanist, 3, 4, ASCE, Engineering Personnel Group, 3, 4, Executive Council, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Acacia, Thesis: "A Study of the Bus Transportation System of Madison, lfVisconsin' '... VERNON H. VOGEL, Shiocton, Electrical, AIEE, Kappa Eta Kappa . . . HENRY KARL VOIGT, Sheboygan, Mechanical, Octopus, l ,Union Board Assisting Staff, l, 2, Military Ball Committee, Senior Council, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Sigma . . . HERBERT YN. VOLKMANN, Juneau, Mechanical, Polygon, ASME, SPRC, Inter-lodging House Council . . , HERBERT WVAKE, VVisconsin Rapids, Mechanical . . . EVERETT C. VVALLACE, Madison, Electrical, AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi . . . CARL PAUL NVALTER, Eanwood, N. J., Electrical, 'VVisconsin Engineer, 2, 3, 4, Pistol Team, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team, l, 2, 3, 4, House Presidents' Council, AIEE, Sophomore Honors, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Tau Sigma . . . GEORGE MICHAEL XWATTERS, XN'ashburn, Chemical, Crew, I: AICE, WVisconsin Engineer, l, Triangle . . . GEORGE R. XVEPEER, Milwaukee, Chemical, University Ex- tension Division, l, 2, AICE, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . XWALTER EARL IVHITEIS, Madison, Chemical, Track, 1, AICE . . . EDGAR L. NVIBERG, Neenah, Chemical, AICE, Polygon, Dormitory Council, 3, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . PHILIP WINTER, Wforcester. Mass., Chemical, VVorcester Polytechnic Institute, l, 2, AICE, Evans Professional Group, VVisconsin En- gineer, Polygon, Tau Beta Pi . . . HARVEY EMIL NVIRTH, Milwaukee, Civil, University Extension Division, 1, Z, Polygon, Thesis: "Performance of a Small Activated Sludge Plant for Institutional Sewage" . . . MERRITT G. WOJTA, Madison, Civil, Hooters, Thesis: "Reinforced Concrete Building" . . . JOHN HOPKINS NVOOD, Edgerton, Mechanical, Triangle . . . JOHN H. VVOY, Madison, Electrical, Kappa Sigma . . . JOHN THOMAS WRIGHT, Madison, Electrical, Pistol iv Rifle Team, Kappa Eta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade . . . VVILLIAM NEXVTON WRIGHT, Milwaukee, Mining, University Extension Division, 1, Polygon, Mining Club, AIME, Tau Beta Pi . . . JOHN YARNE, Milwaukee, Mining '... LYLE E. YERGES, Reeseville, Civil, Regimental Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Wisconsin Engineer, Z, 3, 4, Business Manager, 3, 4, ASCE, Polygon, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, 3, President, 4, Alpha Tau Sigma, Thesis: NA Study of the Bus Transportation System of Madison, Wisconsin' '... SUMNER P. YOUNGBLUTT, Newell, S. Dak. , Mechan- ical, Band, 1, Polygon, ASME, Triangle . . . ROBERT FRANCIS ZWETTLER, Blue Mounds, Civil, Loyola University, l, 2, ASCE, Evans Professional Group, Koinos, 4, Tau B553 Pi! Chi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Thesis Honors, Thesis: "Performance of Mechanical- Pneumatic Water Hammer Arresters" . . . ..42.. STIEG STIEGLER STRAND SUNDEEN THOM THORSEN TRUMPY TULLIS VAUGHAN VOGEL VOIGHT VOLKMAN WAKE WALLACE WALTER WATTERS WEPFER WH ITEIS WI BERG WINTER ..43.. WIRTH WOJTA WOOD WOY WRIGHT WRIGHT, WM. YARNE YERGES YOUNGBLUTT ZWETTLER MICS ECONO ME HO HOHTICULTUHE STS SOIL CHEMI NALISTS UR IO AG ONOMISTS EC AG V"f-1 ANNEAR AUST BABLER BACKES BAKER BARTEL BAYLEY BEULE B I LSTEI N BLACK I ' DORIS i EAR, Richland Center, Dietetics, Euthenics Club, 2, 3, 4, YWCA, l, 2, 3, 4, Thesis: emoglobin Studies of College Sophomores" . . Q ALDEN ERANZ AUST, Madi- son, La scape Design E, Union Gallery Committee, 2,' 3, 4, Orientation, 3, 4, Landscape Council Ring, Camera Club, Alpha Zeta, Sigma Nu, Thesis: "A Landscape Development Plan and Model for the Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Porter Butts' '... HARRIS FREDERICK BABLER, Monticello, Commercial Dairy, Mission House College, 1, 2, Dairy Products judging Team, 4, Union House Representative, 4, Harvest Ball, 4, Ag. Council, 4, House Presidents Council, 4, Blue Shield, Saddle and Sirloin, Alpha Gamma Rho . . . CARL LOUIS BACKES, Athens, Agronomy-Ag. Economics, Saddle and Sirloin, Blue Shield, 4-H, Delta Theta Sigma . . . ORLIE T. BAKER, Seneca, Education, La Crosse State Teachers' College, 1, Blue Shield, 4-H, Glee Club, Saddle and Sirloin, Delta Theta Sigma . . . GENEVIEVE ELAINE BARTEL, Green Lake, General Professional, 4-H, Blue Shield, Euthenics Club, Ag. Student Council . . . EDUAH V. BAYLEY, Lake Beulah, Textiles and Education, Euthenics Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . JOHN DAVID BEULE, Beaver Dam, Game Management, Concert Band, Sinfonia, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . ALICE MAY BILSTEIN, Eoxboro, General Professional, Psi Upsilon Omicron, 4-H, Blue Shield, Euthenics Club, YWCA, 1, 2, Country Magazine, 4, Dolphin Club, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, 2, 3, German Club, 2, Phi Kappa Phi, Thesis: "Home and Family Relationships Courses as taught in High Schools at the present time' '... SIMON BLACK, Racine, Bio-chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta . . . ..45.. ROSE LEE BOLOTIN, Sharon, Penn., Dietetics, Western Reserve University, 1 , Euthenics Club, Omicron Nu, 4, Thesis: "A Critical Analysis of the Procedure in the Chemical De- termination of Vitamin C in Citrus Fruits' '... DONALD BOOTH, Milwaukee, Track, 1, Inter-fraternity Council: I-louse Presidents Council, Orientation, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . ERI-IART XV. BRANDT, Kewaunee, Agricultural Economics, Blue Shield . . . CURTISS BRAUHN, Madison . . . HENRY RANDOLPH BRIGGS, Madison, Agronomy, Glee Club, 4-I-I, Blue Shield, President, 4 . . . MARGARET BROOKS, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, l, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . VVILLIAM TVVINING CHADWICK, Monroe, Delta Tau Delta . . . IANE E. CONKEY, Cleveland, Euthenics Club, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . BETH FARMAN DAVENPORT, Stoughton, General Professional and Education, Phi Upsilon Omicron , Thesis: "Modern Table Covers, '... ELIZABETH CAROL DAVIES, VVild Rose, Education, Central State Teachers' College, l, 2, Euthenics Club, Blue Shield . . . LYMAN DEAN DIERCKS, Bryant, Agricultural Economics, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . HARRIET HARLENE DIZON, Madison, Institutional Foods . . . ELMER J. DUSI-IEK, Lodi, Education, Football, l, 2, Boxing, l, 2, 3, 4, Fat Stock Judging Team, 3, Wisconsiii International, Ch. of Horses, 3, Gen. Ch., 4, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Blue Shield, FFA, W Club, Alpha Gamma Rho . . . EUNICE EGGERS, Omaha, Neb., Dietetics, Municipal University of Omaha, l, 2, Euthenics Club, YWCA . . . HARRY EARL FERG, Manavva, Dairy Industry, 'Wisconsin International Livestock Show, l, 2, Badger, 4, Saddle and Sirloin, 4-H, Blue Shield . . . RAYMOND C. FISCHER, Vlfaterloo, Agricultural Engineering, Regimental Band, Ag. Council, 4, Blue Shield, ASAE, President, 4, ASME, Alpha Zeta, Delta Theta Sigma . . . KATHLEEN FITZGERALD, South Milwaukee, Marquette, l, Orientation, 4, Chi Omega , , , ELIZABETH -IEANNE FLEURY, Madison, Textiles, Dolphin Club, l , Euthenics Club, Pan-Hellenic Council , Alpha Xi Delta . . . OSCAR ANTON FOX, Milwaukee, Dairy Industry, House Presidents Council: Dairy Products judging Team, 3, New Orleans Exposition . . . EILEEN FRANCES FREEMAN, Madison, Textiles, Euthenics Club, Pythia, Blue Shield, Kappa Delta . . . RUTH THERESA GILLING, Green Bay, Dietetics, Bay City junior College, 1, 2: Orientation, 4: Thesis: "Growth of Rats on Illini Soy Beans: Effects of Autoclaving or Extracting on the Nutritive Value with Particular Reference to the Protein' '... XWILBUR GOEI-IRING, Jim Falls: 4-H Club, Delta Theta Sigma . . . GEORGE E. GRESCH, Antigo, Agricultural Education: 4-H Club, Blue Shield, VVisconsin Country Magazine Board, 3, Pres., 4, Agricultural Student Council, Pres., 4, FFA, Delta Theta Sigma . . . MARIANNE GRIEVES, Lacon, Ill.: Gamma Phi Beta . . . IOI-IN GRIFFITHS, Dodgeville, Agricultural Education: Blue Shield: FFA, Saddle and Sirloin Club, 4-H Club, House Presidents Council, 3 . . . CATHERINE FRANCES GROSHONG, Madison, Dietetics, Farm Home Wieek, 3, 4, Euthenics Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Thesis: "Calcium Balance Experiments On College NVomen" . . . CHAMPLIN GROSS, Brussels, Belgium, Country Magazine, Editor, 4: Alpha Delta Phi . . . RALPH MAURICE HAAG, Marshfield: Country Magazine, Editor, 4, Agricultural Student Council, 4, Blue Shield, 4-H Club, YMCA: Alpha Zeta, PhifiQpa Phi, Sigyn Delta Chi . . . DONALD JOSEPH HALADA, Algoma, Agricultural Education: 4-H Cyub, Blue Shield, FFA, Saddle and Sirloin Club . . . EVERETT B. HAI ON, Blair: Wisc ns n International, 3, 4, Saddle and Sirloin Club: Alpha Zeta . . . x ..45.. BOLOTIN BOOTH BRANDT BRAUHN BRIGGS BROOKS CHADWICK CONKEY DAVENPORT DAVIES DI ERCKS DIZON DUSI-I EK EGGERS FERG FISCI-I ER FITZGERALD FLEURY FOX FREEMAN GILLING GOEHRING GRESCH GRIEVES GRIFFITI-IS GROSHONG GROSS HAAG HALADA HANSON EDVVARD R. HAUSER, Onalaska, Animal Husbandry, Vlfrestling, I, 2, 3, Fat stock judging team, 4, Saddle and Sirloin Club, 4-H Club, Blue Shield . . . ARLEY W. HEINZE, Portage, Agricultural Education, Livestock judging, FFA, Pres., Saddle and Sirloin, 4-H Club, Alpha Zeta . . . ROBERT F. HINTZ, Madison, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Council Ring '... DONALD HIRSCH, VVausau . . . EVA LENORE HITCH, Madison, Home Economics, Milwaukee State' Teachers' College, l, Euthenics Club, Girls Band, 2, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 3, 4, Kappa Delta . . . IRVIN E. HOLZHUETER, Waterloo, Ag. Educa- tion, Chairman Swine International, 3, Judges International, 4, FFA, 4-H Club, Blue Shield, Saddle and Sirloin, Delta Theta Sigma . . . FREDERIC M. HOPPERT, Sheboygan, Ag. Engineering, ASAE, Z, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Orientation, 4, College of Agriculture Fresh- man Scholarship, Lodging House Council, 3, 4, Ag. Student Council, 3, 4, SPR Committee, 3, Sophomore Honors, Little International, 4, Alpha Zeta, 3, 4 . . . CARYL S. HOPPMANN, Madison, Nursing, Thesis: "History of Dietary Treatment of Rickets' '... VERNON O. HORNE, Chippewa Falls, Ag. Education, Eau Claire State Teachers College, l, 4-H Club, FFA, Ag. Economics Forum, 4 . . . PAUL HUBANKS, Lancaster, Animal Science, 4-H Club, FFA, Blue Shield, Saddle and Sirloin, ROTC, I, 2 . . . ROSEMARY HULETT, San Francisco, Calif., Professional Textiles, Marygrove College, l, Orientation, 3, 4, Badger, 2, 3, 4, Pan-Hell Ball, 3, Homecoming, 3 , Homecoming Starettes, 4, Pi Beta Phi . . . ARDITH L. HURLEY, Madison, Home Economics, Country Magazine, 4, 4-H Club, Blue Shield, Euthenics Club, Thesis: "Primitive Belt Weaving Done on the Four Harness Loom" . . . FRED JACOB, South Range, Landscaping, Superior State Teachers' College, l, 2, Land- scape Council Ring, 4 . . . HUGH JOHNSON, Tunnel City, Ag. Economics, Saddle and Sirloin, Blue Shield, Country Magazine, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Zeta . . . NORMAN A. JOHNSON, Rio Hondo, Texas , Ag. Economics, Blue Shield, Delta Theta Sigma, Alpha Zeta . . . ETHEL KATZ, Janesville, Dietetics, Euthenics Club, Sophomore Honors, Thesis: "A Study of Relative Amounts of Vitamin C in INisconsin Apples, '... EDVVIN H. KLASSY, Monti- cello, Ag. Education, Ag. Council, 4, FFA, 3, 4, 4-H Club, Blue Shield: Saddle and Sirloin, Alpha Gamma Rho . . . RONALD VV. KLETZIEN, New Holstein, Soils . . . JOHN W. KNECHTGES, Madison, Dairy Industry f... RUSSELL KRONENBERGER, Milwaukee, Soils and Agronomy, Basketball Manager, 2, 3, 4, Ag. Student Council, 3, 4, Orientation, 3, Alpha Zeta . . . CATHERINE KULAS, Superior, Dietetics, Superior State Teachers' College, I, 2, 3, Alpha Phi . . . RALPI-I KUTCHERA, Madison, Technical Ag. Engineering . . . MILDRITH LAUDERDALE, Elkhorn, Clothing and Textiles, Wfhitewater State Teachers' College, l, 2, Euthentics Club, Country Magazine, 4 . . . MARGARET LAURANT, West DePere, Education, Euthenics Club, Blue Shield: Ag. Council, 3, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, 4-H . . . SYLVAN B. LEE, Holmen, Ag. Bacteriology, Luther College, l, Research Assistant, 4, Blue Shield, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Sigma Phi, Thesis: "Biological Oxidation of Molecular Hydrogen' '... EUGENE I. LEHRMANN, Two Rivers, Ag. Education, 4-H, Blue Shield, FFA . . . EDITH A. LEICHT, Medford, Non-professional , Alpha Xi Delta . . . W. GORDON LEITH, Van Dyne, Ag. Economics, Oshkosh State Teachers' College, ' Alpha Zeta . . . THELMA DOROTHEA LIEN, Janesville, Textiles d ducation, 4- Blue Shield, Euthenics Club, Country Magazine, 2, 3, Phi Upsiloi Omic'on, Fresh a Country Magazine, Euthenics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Thesis: "Dec rating Home Econ n ics Laboratories at Moderate Cost" . . . Home Economics Honors . . . VALLIS LIETZ, Madison, General Pr fessioi al and Tex il , ..4g.. HAUSER HEINZE HINTZ HIRSCH HITCH HOLZH UETER HOPPERT HOPPMANN HORNE H UBAN KS HULETT HURLEY JACOB JOHNSON, H. JOHNSON, N. KATZ KLASSY KLETZI EN KN ECHTG ES KRON EN B ERGER KULAS KUTCH ERA LAUDERDALE LAURANT LEE LEHRMANN LEICHT LEITH Ll EN LIETZ PHYLLIS LORD, Madison, Euthenics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Thesis: "Haemogoblin De- terminations on Self" . . . PATRICIA LUDDEN, Mineral Point, Alpha Phi . . . RENA FERN McCORDIC, Madison, Textile Education, Ag. Council, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Euthenics Club, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Omega Pi . . . DAVID MCDOVVELL, VVaupun, Ag. Engineering, FFA, 4-I-I, Blue Shield . . . DONALD McDOVVELL, Montello, Ag.rEducation, Football, 1, 2, Livestock judging team, 3, Little International Beef chairman, 3, 4, 4-H, Pres., 3, FFA, Pres., 4, Saddle and Sirloin, Ag. Coun- cil, 3 . . . HELEN McFARLANE, Janesville, Home Ec. Education, Euthenics Club . . . EILEEN MATHISON, La Crosse, Textiles, La Crosse State Teachers' College, l, 2, Chi Omega . . . CHARLOTTE MEES, Madison, Clothing, Phi Epsilon Omicron, Euthenics, Thesis: t'Inliuence of Historic Costume in Modern Dress" . . . MARTHA JANE MILLER, Richland Center, Related Art, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Orientation, 4, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . DORIS MITCHELL, Eau Claire, Home Economics, University of Minnesota, 1, Orienta- tion, 3, Euthenics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Blue Shield, Omicron Nu, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . MARY A. MOSELEY, Beloit, Textiles, Euthenics . . . ELEANOR V. NEFF, Oklahoma City, Okla., Dietetics, Stephens College, University of Missouri, 1, 2, Hooters, Euthenics, Pi Beta Phi, Thesis: K'Titration of Vitamin C in Tomato Juice" . . . LOIS M. NEILL, Madi- son, Textiles and Education, Pan-Hellenic Council , Euthenics, Phi Upsilon Omicron , Alpha Gamma Delta . . . VVILLIS JOHN NICHOLS, Mount Hope, Education, Platteville State Teachers' College, 1, 2, FFA, Saddle and Sirloin, Blue Shield, Delta Theta Sigma . . . LYNN NORSMAN, VVindsor, Ag. Engineer, Country Magazine, ASAE, 4-H . . . RUSSEL O'HARROW, Oshkosh, Animal Husbandry, Oshkosh State Teachers College, l . . , ALFRED J. OLSON, Spooner, Ag. Education ,4-H ,Saddle and Sirloin, Blue Shield, FFA . . . JOHANN M. ONSRUD, Stoughton, Journalism, Orientation, 2, Football, l, Track, 1: Country Maga- zine . . . GLENN A. PACEY, IVilmot, Animal Husbandry and Education, Fat stock judging team, 4, Vtfisconsin International, 2, 3, 4, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Pres., 4, FFA . . . BEATRICE M. PEPLINSKI, Pulaski, Dietetics, Euthenics, Sormatia, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Thesis: 'AThe Study of Haemoglobin and Erythrocytes in College Wfomen' '... HALLIS VV. PETER, VVindow Rock, Ariz., Soils-Agronomy, Oberlin, I , University of New Mexico, 2, Ag. Home Economics VValkaround, League for Liberal Action, 4, Student Alliance, 3, Orientation, 4, House Presidents Council, 3, 4, Ag. Council, 4, Glee Club, 4, Senior Council, Alpha Zeta, Iron Cross, Saddle and Sirloin Club 1 Wfisconsin Hooters, Camera Club, 3, 4, Sino-American Association, 4. . . ELAYNE PLOUS, Kenosha, Dietetics, Thesis: "Some Studies of Nutrition of College Wfomen' '... JOHN XV PORTER, Mukwonago, Plant Science, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Delta Theta Sigma, Thesis: "A Determination of the Practical Value of a New Method for Separating Carotene from other Pigments in Various Feeds" . . . LESTER G. POTTENGER, Indianapolis, Ind., Horticulture, Eureka College, l, Landscape Council Ring, Theta Kappa Nu . . . JAMES VV. POVVERS, Madison, Animal Husbandry, Football, l, Country Magazine, 2, 3, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Beta Theta Pi . . . OLIVER REINKE, Kewaunee . . . LEVVIS REISNER, Wfarren, Ill., Journalism, Ag. Council, Country Magaine, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Zeta, Sigma Nu . . . BETTY A. RHODEE, Oconomowoc, Non-professional, Carroll College, l, Euthenics Club, Thesis: 'KA Study Pre-school Children and their Compliance with Commands Given byfmgis Adults" . . . VERNON RICHTER, La Crosse, Education, La Crosse State Teayhers' ollege, 1, :Z- e Club, 3, 4, 4-H, FFA, Delta Theta Sigma . . . ELEANOR EIyROBIfNSON, Ri 1l261Cl Center, Education, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Chi Omega ,... f stock judging team, 4, Universitv Orchestra, 3. 4, Saddle and Sirloi , Blue hield, i ..50.. LORD LUDDEN MCCORDIC McDOWELL, DAV McDOWELL, DON MCFARLANE MATHISON MEES MILLER MITCHELL MOSELY NEFF NEILL NICHOLS NORSMANN O'I-IARROW OLSON ONSRUD PACEY PEPLI NSKI PETER PLOUS PORTER POTTENGER POWERS REINKE REISNER RHODEE RICHTER ROBINSON ELEANOR ROSSMAESSLER, Madison, Clothing and Textiles Education, Euthenics Club , Thesis: "Hollywood.Dress Designers and their Influences" . . . MILDRED SANDERS, Marshlield, Dietetics, St. Catherine's College, I, Omicron Nu, Pres., 4, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . JOSEPH SARTORI, Chicago, Ill., Loyola, 1, 2 . . . RUEBEN SCHLEGELMILCH, Green Bay, Agricultural Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Blue Shield, Polygon, Sophomore Honors, ASAE, AIEE, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta . . . MARCUS NWILLIAM SCHMIDT, Eorestville, Education, 4-H Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club, EEA, Delta Theta Sigma . . . CLEMENT C. SCI-IMIEGE, Appleton, Dairy Bacteri- ology, Lawrence College, l, Dairy Products Judging Team, Delta Theta Sigma, Thesis: "Microbiology of Brick Cheese Ripeningu . . . JANE ANNE SIMANDL, Milwaukee, Tex- tiles, Student Public Relations Committee, YVVCA, WSGA, Euthenics Club . . . WENDELL ARDEN SMITH, Fennimore, Agricultural Economics, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Blue Shield, 4 H Club . . . JENNIE SOPSTYLE, Madison, Dietetics . . . ELIZABETH ANN SPOONER, Evansville, Textiles, Country Magazine, 2, 3, Euthenics Club, Blue Shield, 4-I-I Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Thesis: "New Instruments in Testing Textiles" . . . EUGENE STEIN, Milwaukee, Animal Husbandry, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Blue Shield, FFA . . . JOSEPH ANTHONY STEINGRAEBER, Kewaunee, Soils, Badger Foresters, Blue Shield, Delta Theta Sigma . . . HULDA STETTLER, Fountain City, Home Economics and Education, Farm and Home Week, l, 2, 3, 4, Blue Shield, 4-H Club, Euthenics Club, Country Magazine, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Thesis: "Variations in the Vitamin C Content of Tomatoes as Aitected by Season" . . . EUGENE B. STIEFVATER, Manitowoc, Landscape Architecture, St. Mary's College, l, Landscape Council Ring, Pres., 4 . . . RUTH ESTHER STIEMKE, Milwaukee, Education, Milwaukee State Teachers' College, l, 2, Orientation Week, 3, Badger, Euthenics Club, Alpha Xi Delta . . . ROBERT CLARK STOREY, Madison, Agricultural Economics, Military Ball, VVisconsin International, Men's Glee Club, Saddle and Sirloin, Blue Shield, Agricultural Economics Forum, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade . . . ARTHUR R. SVVEENEY, Oregon, Animal Husbandry, University Band, University Singers, Little International, Country Magazine, Haresfoot Club: Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . VVILLIAM HAROLD TAMM, Eranksville, Technical Agricultural Engineer- ing, ASAE, House Presidents' Council . . . MARIE OLGA TEITGEN, Milwaukee: Jour- nalism, Milwaukee Downer College, l, 2, Euthenics Club . . . GEORGE ELMER THEXV, Waulqeslia, Landscape Design, Concert Band, Agricultural Glee Club, Landscape Council Ring . . . JANE MARGARET TINDALL, Milwaukee, Non-professional, Carleton College, I, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta. . . ROBERT J. VAN LIERE, Salem, Dairy Industry, Agricultural Student Council, 3, 4, Dairy Cattle Judging Team, 3, 4, Dairy Cattle VVisconsin Little Inter- national, 3, VVisconsin International, Chairman Night Show, 4: Saddle and Sirloin Club: 4-H Club . . . EARL KENNETH IVADE, Marshlield, Agricultural Education, 4-I-I Club, Blue Shield, EFA, Alpha Zeta . . . WAYNE MORTIMER INATKINS, Edmund, Animal Hus- bandry, Pat Stock Judging Team, 3, VVisconsin Little International, 3, Agricultural Council, 3, 4-H Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Pres., 3, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Sigma . . . ARTHUR EDVVIN WEINER, Sparta, Agricultural Education, EEA, Agricultural Glee Club, Alpha Zeta, Delta Theta Sigma . . . WVAYNE XVEISSEN- BERG, Stanley, Agricultural Education, 4-H Club, FFA, Saddle and Sirloin Club . . . ELIZABETH JANE VVENTE, Hamilton, Ohio, Non-professional, Randolph-Macon Xvom- en's College l 2 Orientation YNVCA Omicion Yu Kappa Alpha Thet JAMES H WIEBE, Deionda' Dairy Industry, Delta Theta Sigma . . MI O I VVILLIA WVIESNER, Sawyer Dairy Industr5 , Dairv Cattle Jud ino' Team 4, Sadd e and Snlo Blue Shield Delta Theta Sigma 3 4 DONALD COVPY WI GINS Lale Gen A I V . 1 g 2: ' .A . p Agricultural Engineering, Varsity Crew,iZ, 3, 4, ASAE,VPresI, 3, Club, i, 3, 4, Agr , tural Council, 3, 4, Crew Club, Alpha Zeta . . . J I ..52.. ROSSMAESSLER SANDERS SARTORI SCHLEGELMILCH SCHMIDT SCHMIEGE SIMANDL SMITH SOPSTYLE SPOONER STEIN STEINGRAEBER STETTLER STI EFVATER STIEMKE STOREY SWEENEY TAMM TEITGEN TH EW TINDALL VAN LIERE WADE WATKINS WEINER WEISSENBERG WENTE WIEBE WIESNER WIGGINS WILSON WINNEMANN WISNER YAHN ZELM ZILMER ZUCOLLO I ' IAME VV' LSON, Egg Harborg Ag. liclucationg Baseball Manager, 1, 2, 35 Live- stock ucl 'ing Teain . . . MARY BTI-TEL XNINNEMANN, Milwaukeeg Clothing and Textilesg University Extension Division, lg YNVCAg Euthenics Clubg Girl Reserve Sponsor . . . JULIUS VVISNER, Two Riversg Animal Husbandryg Phi Kappa . . . GLADYS YAHN, Madisong General Professionalg Euthenics Clubg Blue Shieldg Phi Upsilon Oniieron . . . RUDOLPH P. ZELM, Plyniouthg Dairy Industryg Dairy Products judging Teain . . . LUCILLE E. ZILMER, Maclisong Dieteticsg Alpha Gamma Delta . . . BRUNO A. ZUCOLLO, Crivitzg Soilsg Ag. Glee Clubg Blue Shieldg Lodging House Couneilg Wfrestlingg Delta Theta Sigma . . . ..54.. STS ENTAL MINSTHUM 'X4 LEADERS ND BA LEADERS RCHESTHA -O LOISTS SO S, EH TEACH IWUSIC Cf IC R ROB . ARCI-IIE, Waterloo, Piano, A 'IN A Staff ac om Janist 1, Glee Club 2, 3, Sym- phony Orchestia, I, Phi Mu Alpha, Thesis: Piano Recital . . . E E NOR HAZEL ARTMAN, Madi- son, Public School Music, Orchestra, 3, 4, Singers, 4, X!VO1T1C1'l,S Band, 3, Desert Song Orchestra, Sophomore High Honors, Sigma Alpha Iota . . . DOROTHY E. BIERSACH, Milwaukee, Public School Music, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4, Singers, 4, WOH1C11,S Chorus, 2, 3, Vice Pres., 3, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tudor Singers, Chi Omega . . . PHYLLIS CLAUS, Mauston, Public School Music, Singers, 2, VVomen's Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4-, VVomen's Band, 2, Orpheus, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sophomore High Honors: Sigma Ep- silon Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi . . . FRANCES E. DE GOLIER, Madison, Public School Music, WO1UC1I7S Chorus, l, Singers, I, 2, 3, Babes in Toyland, 4, Chi Omega . LOUISE EVELYNE EMERY, Madison, YVVCA Cabinet, 2, 3, Orien- tation INeek, 2, 3, Vlfomenys Chorus, 2, 3, Singers, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor, 4 . . . FRANCES M. FRITZ, Madison, Music . . . JANE HARRY- ETTA HASLINGER, Marinette, Public School Music, Student Life and Interests Committee, 4, Panhellenic Ball, 3, Orientation Vlfeek, 3, 4, Choir. 2, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres., 4, Singers, 3, 4, Women's Chorus, 1, 2, Sophomore Honors, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . JEAN ADELAIDE HAUSKEY, Madison, Public School Music, Tudor Singers, 4, Singers, l, 2, 4, Italian Club, 3, 4 . . . RACHEL ELIZABETH HERRINGTON, Madison, Public School Music, Professional Panhellenic Council, 2, 3, 4, Singers, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice Pres., 4, Sophomore Honors . . . RALPH VAUGHAN JAMES, Briggs- ville, Public School Music, Singers, l, 2, 3, 4, Con- cert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Tudor Singers, Men's Glee Club, I, Union Program Com- mittee, 3, 4, Student Public Relations Committee, 4, Student Life and Interests Committee, 4, Phi Mu Alpha, Sophomore Honors, Phi Eta Sigma . . . PAUL HOVVARD KUNDERT, Norwalk, Music, I-Iaresfoot, 3, 4, Concert Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, Football Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Mu Alpha . . . JOHN A. LARSON, Shawanog Music, Singers, Phi Mu Alpha ...L A. RNOLD O. LEHMANN, Ableman, Music, Concert Band, Phi Mu Alpha . . . ELIZABETH RHODES, Madison, Public School Music, Orchesis, Womeii's Chorus, Singers, Tudor Singers, Apprentice Players, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Phi . . . LAURA H. STARK, Madison, Pub- lic School Music, VVomen's Chorus, 4, WOmC11,S Band, 1, 2, Sigma Alpha Iota . . . LORRAINE VVILSON, Struthers, Ohio, Sigma Alpha Iota. ..56.. ARTMAN BI ERSACH CLAUS DE GOL! ER EMERY FRITZ HAUSKEY LARSON HASLINGER LEHMAN HERRINGTON RHODES JAMES STARK KUNDERT ARCHIE WILSON "9 4 -. ' w .X4 X 4 A' L1 :lu I fb iii wx U an 5 X14 .Lg ix xx -x .1 R- iQ , - gif Q is X ,NN LF LL UI! fs. 2 lx.: fx -Q R: -Q 'O Q. an m ff. fr CD U I U2 I li S fx. 'E E Ll LC D P1 'QC LL. I UD 91 NU C: O LL id Q: NIE B I HAM, Tomahawk, University of Kansas, 1, 2, Cardinal, 3, 4, Theta Sigma Phi, YVVCA . . C. CARLTON BRECHLER, Madison, Cardinal, 2, 3, Cardinal Board, 4, Foot- ball Ba d, I, 2, 3, 4, Union Forum Committee, 3, 4, Student Life and Interests Publications Committed 4, Assistant Chairman Red Cross Student Roll Call, 4, Sigma Delta Chi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Thesis: "Today's Trends in Displaying and Writing the Newsn . . . HELEN DOROTHEA BUNNELL, Bloomington, Illinois, Magazine Journalism, University of Arizona, I, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . FRANK CHOKEL, Madison, Basketball Manager, l, 2, 3, Cardinal, I, 2, 3, Sigma Chi . . . HY W. CHUDACOFF, Milwaukee, Hillel Foundation Publicity Director, 3 . . . NEALE E. CLARK, Antigo, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . MARIE DARRAH, Oak Park, Illinois, Badger, 3, 4, Cardinal, 3, 4, Sigma Kappa . . . ROBERT JOHN DOYLE, Ladysmith, Advertising, daily and weekly newspaper, Hesperia, l, Hares- foot, 3, 4, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma . . . MARTHA ENGLISH, Milwaukee, WSGA Legislative Board . . . DONALD EDWARD FRICKER, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Extension Division, 1, 2: Haresfoot, 3: Phi Kappa Sigma . . . DELORES A. FROEMMING, Mil- waukee, Advertising, Coranto, Chi Omega . . . BELLE F. GAFFIN, Chicago, Illinois, Advertising, University of Illinois, l 2, Cardinal . . . ANN GAGE, Janesville, Magazine Advertising, Beloit College, l, Coranto . . . WILLIAM G. GNANN, Savannah, Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, l, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . DONALD RICHARD GROLL, Manitowoc, Football Band, l, 2, 3, Intramural Hockey, 1, 2, Student Public Relations Com- mittee, 2, 3, 4 . . . JAMES H. GVVALTNEY, Milwaukee . . . RUTH VIRGINIA HAHN, Madison, Advertising . . . HELEN J. HANFORD, Duluth, Minnesota, Magazine, Duluth Junior College, l, 2, Cardinal, 3, 4, Coranto, Castalia, Theta Sigma Phi . . . BERNARD WILLIAM HARINGS, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire State Teachers College, 1, 2 . . . MARY I. HILL, Toledo, Ohio, Advertising, INomen,s Affairs Committee, 2, 3, 4, Union Gallery Committee, 3, 4, Chairman Spring Fashion, 3, Orientation, 2, 3, 4, Professional Panhellenic Council, Z, 3, Pres., 3, Panhellenic Ball Publicity Chairman, 4, VV.A.A. Board, 1, 2, 3, Parents Weekend, 2, Union Hostess Committee, 3, Coranto, Pres., 4, Outing Club, Bowling Club, Alpha Xi Delta . . . MARVEL Y. INGS, Antigo, International Club, Theta Sigma Phi . . . NORMAN H. JACOBSON, Milwaukee, Advertising, Milwaukee Extension Division, l, Z, Cardinal, 3, 4 . . . JOYCE META JAEGER, Marinette, Advertising, Union Information Committee, Z, Amelia E. H. Doyon Scholarship, Chadbourne Hall Scholarship, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Sophomore High Honors, Theta Sigma Phi . . . GAYLE JOHNSON, Hutchinson, Kansas, Hutchinson Junior College, l, Coranto, Theta Sigma Phi, Chi Omega . . . IVAN CONRAD KASTE, Fountain City, La Crosse State Teachers College, l, 2 . . . GERD VV. KRAEMER, Chicago, Illinois, Northwestern University, I, Concert Band, Football Band, Haresfoot, Sigma Delta Chi . . . LAWVRENCE LEE LEDERMAN, Mil- waukee, Cardinal, l, 2, 3, 4: Badger, 3, HPC, Intramural Board, 4, Wfrestling, l, 2, 3, 4, University Handball, 2, 3 , Omicron Pi, "VV" Club, Hillel Foundation . . . DANIEL MOODY LEWIS, Ladysmith, Advertising, Milwaukee Teachers College, 1, Haresfoot, 3, 4 . . . HAROLD F. LIEBICH, Two Rivers, Beloit College, l, Daily Cardinal, 3, 4, Intramural Council, 3, Winter Carnival, 3, 4, Badger Editorial Chairman, 4, Haresfoot, 4, Alpha Chi Rho . , . HAZEL LIM, Fort Wfashington, Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, l, Z, Cardinal, 3, 4, International Club, Theta Sigma Phi . . . ..58.. BINGHAM BRECHLER BUNNELL CHOKEL CHUDACOFF CLARK DARRAH DOYLE ENGLISH FROEMING GAFFIN GAGE FRICKER GNANN GWALTN EY HAHN HANF GROLL ORD HARINGS INGS JACOBSON JAEGE HILL R JOHNSON KRAEMER KASTE LEDERMAN LEWI S LIEBICH LIM FW fl D aitfoid Journalism . . . JOHN LUTHER MC GEHEE, Joplin, Missourf dvertising, Central College, l, St. Francis House Friars, Delta Upsilon . . . ALLEN FOX MEAD, Geneva, Illinois, Advertising, Cardinal Sports, 1, Z, Dormitory Councili'4 . . . BOOTH B. MILLER, Kenosha, Advertising, Homecoming, 4, Pre-Prom, 3, Cardinal, 3, 4, Octopus, Tumas, Sigma Chi . . . ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY, White Hall, Illinois, Advertising, Washington University, l, Cardinal, 2, 3, 4, Dad's Day, 4, VVSGA, Pi Beta Phi . . . MARION H. MORSE, Kenosha, Advertising, Union Publicity Committee, 3, Student Public Relations Committee, 3, YWCA, Cardinal, 2, 3, Matrix Chairman, 4, Theta Sigma Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . RUTH DERBY NILES, Madison, YVVCA, Congregational Student Association, 2, 3, Orientation Week, 4, Coranto, Phi Beta, University Players, National Collegiate Players . . . BARBARA PATRICIA PEVERLY, Belen, New Mexico, Magazine, Daily newspaper, University of New Mexico, l , Coranto . . . RUDOLPH J. PUPPENDAHL, Rosemond, Holland, University of St. Louis, l, 2, Inter- national Club . . . KATHLEEN REILLY, Madison, Advertising, Intramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orientation, 4, Panhellenic Council, 4, CDU, Kappa Delta . . . JEAN E. RYAN, Montclair, New Jersey, Soph Shuflie, 2, Cardinal, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming, 3, Prom Queen, 3, Military Ball Court of Honor, 3, Orientation, 2, 3, 4, Panhellenic Ball, 3, Coranto, Alpha Chi Omega . . . ROBERT WILLIAM SAMPSON, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, VVashington and Lee University, l , Badger, 2, 3, 4, Managing Editor, 4, Cardinal, 2, 3, Orientation, 3, 4, Prom, 3, Interfraternity Ball, 3, Soph Shuffle, 2, Sigma Delta Chi, Tumas, Phi Gamma Delta . . . VICTOR H. SCI-IOEN, Sheboygan, Journalism . . . JOHN SCHUELE, Milwaukee, Advertising, Phi Eta Sigma . . . PHYLLIS STEWART, Madison: Christmas Festival, 3, Vocational Guidance Week, 4, Senior Swingout, 3, Coranto, Theta Sigma Phi, Mortar Board, Sigma Epsilon Sigma . . . HOVVARD MILES TEICHMANN, Chicago, Illinois, Iron Cross, Cardinal, 2, 3, Homecoming, 3, 4, Prom, 3, I-Iaresfoot, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4, Badger, Crew, Sigma Delta Chi, Pres., 4, Zeta Beta Tau . . . KATHLEEN TELLEN, Sheboygan, Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi . . . FANNIE TURNBULL, Madison, Vassar College, l , Cardinal, 2, 3, 4, University Singers, 2, 3, Badger, 4, Theta Sigma Phi . . . KATH- ERINE M. VAKOS, Racine, Cardinal, 3, 4, Badger, 4, Orientation Wfeek, 4, Coranto . . . EDVVIN J. XNAMSER, Milwaukee: Advertising, University Hunt Club, 3 . . . IVILLARD VVALTER WELLI-IAUSEN, Wauwatosa, Marquette University, l . . . GORDON XV. WILSON, Brookings, South Dakota, Journalism . . . LOREAN M. VVILTROUT, Chippewa Falls, Hooters Club, Cardinal . . . LAURANCE VVOLFE, Long Island, New York, Cardinal, Crew, 1, Union Forum Committee, Cardinal Key, Psi Upsilon . . . LEOTA C. XVOODS, Sparta, Pres. I-Iouse, 3, 4, Cardinal, 1, 2, Coranto: Theta Sigma Phi . . . MARGARET M. XNOODSON, Reedsburg, VVesley Foundation, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orientation lfVeek, 3, Cardinal, l, 2, Coranto, Three Square Club . . . VERE H. YAHNKE, Madison, Journalism . . . ..6O.. MANN MC GEHEE MEAD MILLER MONTGOMERY MORSE NILES PEVERLY PUPPENDAHL RYAN SAMPSON SCHOEN REILLY SCHUELE STEWART TEICHMANN TELLEN TURNBULL VAKOS WELLHAUSEN WILSON WAMSER WILTROUT WOLFE WOODSON WOODS YAHNKE UCATION ED YSICAL PH ART GUIDANCE CATIONAL VO HEHS - C TEA UCATGHS ED V'T"W C12 li TD 1113 ---1 ELEANOR RUTH AMUNDSON, Cambridge, American Institutions, YWCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chi Omega . . . ALEEN MARY ANDERSON, Madison, Speech, YWCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orientation, 2, 4, Zeta Phi Eta, Alpha Chi Omega . . . GORDON ANDERSON, Kenosha, American History, Interlodging House Board, 3, 4, Prom Committee, 3, lflouse President YMCA, 4, Parents Vlfeekend, 3, Rathskeller Committee, 3, 4 , . . JOHN EUGENE ANDERSON, Madison, Physical Education, Intramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4, official, 4, Track, 1, 2, Varsity I-loclcey. 2, 3: Physical .Education Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Gamma Delta . . . MARY ANN ANDLER, Shorewood: History, University Extension, 1, 2 . . . HARRTET JANE AN- DREWS, Baraboo: Zoology: Orientation Wfeelc, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, Daily Cardinal, 2, YWCA, 2, Alpha Chi Omega . . . EDITH JEANNE BALLANTINE, Prairie du Chien, Art Education, Rockford College, 1: YXYC.-X. 3. -l: Sigma Lambda: Chi Omega . . . MYRTLE BARR, Kewaunee, History . . . LA VERN FRANCES BAR'I'IrlOLOMEXfV, Ashland, Zoology, Northland College, 1, 2 . . . SARA JANE BARTLETT, Reedsburg: History: Sophomore Honors . . . EDWARD BATTERMAN, Mil- waukee, Varsity Fencing, 2, 3, -l: "XV" Club, 3, 4, Chairman "VV" Club Ball, 4. . .JEAN CAROL BERG, Rio, History: 1-X7omen's Chorus, 1, Z, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . DOROTHY BERGENGREN, Madison, Art, Vassar, 1 1 Delta Gamma . , . XVINIFRED ELIZABETH BODWIN, La Grange, Illinois, Physical Education: Physical Education Club, Pres., 4: Dolphin Club, VV.A.A., Chairman Banquet, 3, Gamma Phi Beta . . . BETTY LOUISE BOTZ, Berlin, Speech, Ripon College, 1, Wome ' Varsity Deb t Team, 2, 3, -lg XYomen's Chorus, 2, 3, Interloclging House Committee, 2, Homeco 'ng B 't'COI1 Sale C - mittee, 2: Castalia . . . NYILLIAM BRAASCH, Milwaukee: History, Univers' y Ext nsion, 1, 2 . . . DORIS BRIDGMAN. Madison: Speech: Orientation Vtfeek, 2, 3, 4, Zeta Phi Eta. 2 3, 4, App en ice Players, 2, 3, 4, XYisconsin University Players: Alpha Chi Omega . . . EDNA YN ' SON, Iroi f u tain, Mich., Norse Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, German Club, 4 . . . AMUNDSON J, ANDERSON BALLANTINE BARTLETT BERGENGREN BRAASCH A. ANDERSON ANDLER BARR BATTERMAN BODWIN BRIDGMAN G. ANDERSON ANDREWS BARTHOLOMEW BERG BOTZ BRYNELSON T ..63.. ELINORE MAY BUEHLER, Stoughton, English, WSGA Legislative Board, 4, Pythia, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Sophomore High Honors, Phi Beta Kappa . . . RALPH CI-IADEK, Appleton, Mathematics, Lawrence College, I, 2, Mathematics Club, Delta Tau Delta . . . ROY JAY CHRISTOPH, Milwaukee, Botany, Mathematics Club, Badger Club, Gamma Kappa Phi, Sophomore Honors . . . HAMILTON CLARK, Cottage Grove, Mathematics . . . ELAINE BEVERLY COAPMAN, Milwaukee, History, University Extension, 1, Student Public Relations Committee, Pan-Hellenic representative, 4, Pi Lambda Theta, Sophomore Honors, Sigma Kappa. . .HELEN COMINGS, Mondovi . . . MARIAN FERN CORCORAN, XfVebster, History, College of St. Catherine, l, University Singers, 2, 3, 4, YWCA, 3, 4, Delta Zeta . . . THOMAS LOCKE DAHLE, Mt. Horeb, Daily Cardinal, 2, Band, l, Baseball Manager, 2, 3, Sigma Nu . . . MARJORIE DAVIES, Wisconsin Dells, History . . . VIVIAN JANE DAVIES, Neenah, English, Oshkosh State Teachers' College, I, 2, YWCA, Inter- national Club, House Presidents' Council, Thesis: "Virginia Woolf's 'VVomen' ' ,... ZONA DAVIS, Milwaukee, History, Milwaukee State Teachers' College, Wisconsin Players, 4 . . . JANICE JEAN DE BOWER, Dane, Speech Pathology, Wfisconsin Players, Zeta Phi Eta . . . KATHLEEN DEAN, Madison, Speech, Zeta Phi Eta . . . ELAINE CATHERINE DIETRICH, Cadott, French, Eau Claire State Teachers' College, French Club . . . EUGENE NORMAN DILLE, Fond du Lac, Physical Education, Marquette University, l, Varsity Swimming, 2, 3, 4, Cap't, 3 , Varsity Boxing, 2, 3, Water Polo, 2, 3, Drill Team, 4, Basic Drill Team, 1, "W" Club, 2, 3, 4, Dolphin Club, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Kappa Phi . . . RACHEL RUTH EDELSTEIN, Milwaukee, English, University Extension, l , French Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Lambda Theta, Thesis: "A Discussion of Percy Bysshe Shelley's Early Life in Relation to His First Long Poem, 'Queen Mab' ' '... LORRAINE EGGERT, Milwaukee, Art Education, Sigma Lambda, 3, 4, Castalia, 3, 4, YVVCA, 4 . . . CARL ALFRED ENGER, Deerfield, Natural Science . . . ELIZABETH ERBE, Madison, Natural Science, Edgewood Junior College, 1 . . . HAROLD GARET FENNEMA, Salem: Economics . . . JESSIE LOUISE FISHER, St. Louis, Missouri: English, Orientation, 2, 3, Union Library Z3 Committee, 3, 4, Winter Carnival Queen, 3, Alpha Phi, Thesis: "Byron, A Self-Portraiture as Portrayed Through His Seven Tales" . . . MARIAN CHARLOTTE FIX, Madison: German, German Club, 4 . . . MARIE MARGARET FLANAGAN, Bear Creek, English, Prom, 3, Orientation Week, 3, 4, Cardinal, 2, Delta Delta Delta, Thesis: "The California Scene as Depicted by Gertrude Atherton' '... MARJORIE HARKER FROST, Stevens Point, Natural Science, Orientation Week, 3, Castalia, 1, 2, 3, Pres., 4, Gamma Phi Beta . . . STACIA GOLDWYN, Milwaukee, Speech: Marquette, l, 2, 'NVHA Radio Station . . . NORMA MARTHA GRUNDEMANN, Milwaukee, Zoology, XNisconsin Extension Division, l . . . WALTER HAGEN, Milwaukee, Art, Wisconsin Extension Division, l, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . MARY HAGGART, Janesville, Art Education, Mount Maj ollege, l, Si n a Lambda, Alpha Phi . . . VIOLA D. HARVEY, Peterborough, On rio, anada, Ph si!cal Education, University of Alberta, 1, 2, Madison Hockey Club, O chesis . . . DOR T Y HECK, Madison, Art, Sigma Lambda, l, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Chi Ome a . . . Z ,W ..54.. BUEHLER CHADEK CHRISTOPH CLARK COAPMAN COMI NGS CORCORAN DAHLE M. DAVIES V. DAVI ES DAVIS DE BOWER DEAN DI ETRICH DILLE EDELSTEIN EGGERT ENGER ERBE FENNEMA FISHER FIX FLANAGAN FROST GOLDWYN GRUNDEMANN HAGEN HAGGART HARVEY HECK MURIEL MARIE I-IENSLER, Kansas City, Mo., Physical Education, Stephens College, 1, 2, Co-Chairman Randall Spring Field Day, W.A.A., Delta Delta Delta . . . FLORENCE EIGHMY HERRLING, Madison, French, French Club, Alpha Phi . . . CARL EDWIN HILLER, White Plains, New York, Art, Orientation Week Committee, 3, 4, Union Gallery Committee, 3, 4, Tau Delta, International Club, Landscape Council Ring, Delta Phi Delta . . . WESLEY HILLERY, Darlington, English . . . RUTH LIZETTE HINN, Fennimore, Speech, Student Hostess, Radio Hall WHA, Octopus, 2, Sophomore Honors, Zeta Phi Eta, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . MARION EVYLINN HOFFMAN, Madison, Speech . . . MEDA HOWE, Antigo . . . LORRAINE MARIE HUBBARD, Madison, English, Co-Chairman, 1937 Freshman Orientation VVeek, Forensic Board, 3, 4, Ass't. Chairman WSGA Vocational Guidance Week, 3, YWCA, l, 2, 3, 4, YWCA Cabinet, 3, Chairman WSGA Freshman Scholarship Banquet of 1935, Parents' Weekend Committee, 3, Castalia, 2, 3, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, Crucible, Pi Lambda Theta, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Pres., 2, Alpha Xi Delta, Thesis: "Byron As A Satirist' '... JUNE ANNETTE HUNT, Milwaukee, Dance, Marquette, l . . . JANE ELIZABETH JESSE, Antigo, Art Education, University Women's Chorus, 3, Sigma Lambda . . . MARIJANE CARNEY JEX, Royal Oak, Mich., Physical Education, VV.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4, Physical Education Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 3, Dolphin Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Women's Affairs Committee, 4, Mortar Board, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Xi Delta . . . MARY-JANE JOACHIM, Madison, Art, Sigma Lambda, Pres., 4, Delta Phi Delta . . . ERVIN J. JOHNSON, 'Wisconsin Dells, Physical Education, Football, l, Z, 3, 4 . . . HELEN JOHNSON, Hayward: English, University of Minnesota, l . . . GRACE KNILANS, Delavan, Art Education, YNVCA . . . PAULINE KOPP, Madison . . . REBECCA KERN, VVinchester, Va .... MARVIN KRAMER, Madison, Zoology, Parent's VVeekend, 2, 3, Phi Mu Alpha, l, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 2, Concert Band, 2, 3, General Chairman, Band Dance, 2, Chairman, Student Division of Wlis. Dramatic Guild, 2 . . . ARTHUR LARSEN, Racine, Economics, Grand View College, l, 2 . . . VIRGINIA RUTH LEDERER, Milwaukee, English, Milwaukee Downer, l, Alpha Phi . . . XWALTER LEE, Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii, Political Science, Legislative Scholarships, 3, 4, House Presidents' Council, 4, International Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors, 3, 4, Representative, Mid-Vlfest Foreign Students' Conference, 2, 3, 4, Progressive Club, 3 . . . ELAINE LEY, Green Bay, English, Edgewood College, 2 . . . LUCILLE GRACE LIEDING, Kohler, Speech, 'Women's Chorus, 2, 3, Theater Board, 3, 4, Students' Public Relations Committee, 4, VVisconsin Uni- versity Players, 2, 3, 4, National Collegiate Players, 4 . . . ROBERT KENNETH LIEDING, Madison, History, National Society ot Pershing Rifles . . . CATHERINE ANN LONG, Portage, Zoology, Allison Club , Women's Band, 1, 2 , Orchestra, l, 2 . . . ROGER BERTRAM MAAS, Wausau, Speech, International Club, Hesperia, Wfisconsin Players, House Presi- dents' Council . . , ISABEL MC DONVELL, lrVaupun, History, Kalam zoo College, I LUCILLE AUDREY MC GREER, Antigo, Spanish, University Exte sion, l , Internati 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Bowling, l, 2, 3, 4, WSGA President Council, 4 . . . CA ERINE I TINETTI, Hurley, Zoology, Milwaukee State Teachers', l, 2 . . . Club, 2, 3, 45 French Club, 4 . . . VIVIAN LUCILLE MARSI-I wl4lqoi gygologiyi IN. i I . HENSLER HERRLING HILLER HILLERY HINN HOFFMAN HOWE HUBBARD HUNT JESSE JEX JOACHIM E. JOHNSON H. JOHNSON KNILANS KOPP KERN KRAMER LARSEN LEDERER LEE LEY L. LIEDING R. LIEDING LONG MAAS Mc DOWELL Mc GREER MARSH MARTINETTI ..57.. ALTHEA LORRAINE MATI-IEWS, Madison, Art Education, Sigma Lambda . . . JEAN BARBARA MATHEWS, Madison, Art Education, Union Art Gallery Committee, 3, 45 Octopus, 3, Senior Swing-Out, 2, 3, Orientation, Z, Union Forum Committee, 3, Social Pan-Hell, 3, Sigma Lambda, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Delta Phi Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, Sophomore honors, Pi Beta Phi. . , ETHEL MERTZ, Lowell, Botany . . .JAMES MICHNA, Racine, Education, Cardinal Night Editor . . . IEANNETTE MILLER, Rhinelander, English, University Extension Division, I . . . HELEN RUTH MITZNER, Watertown, German and Latin, Northwestern College, 1,2 . . . CATHERINE NAGEL, Hudson, English , Carleton College, l, 2, University Symphony, 3, 4, Student Public Relations Committee, 3, Senior Swing-out, 3, Badger stai, 3, Delta Delta Delta, Thesis: "Clara Reeve and the Eight- eenth Century Gothic Novel' '... LUCILE M. NEESAM, Delavan, History, YWCA, 2, 3, 4, Panhellenic Representative, 3 , Congo Club, 1, Cardinal Business Staff, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . ALICE ERNA NUSS, Newton, Latin, Mission House College, 1, 2, Congregational Church Choir, 4 . . . EVELYN SYLVIA OLSEN, Madison, Art, Sigma Lambda, Delta Phi Delta . . . MARGARET ANN OLSON, Ironwood, Michigan, Art Education, Ironwood junior College, 1, 2, Wisconsin Players, Sigma Lambda . . . ANN MARIE ONSRUD, Stoughton, Mathematics . . . PEARL CAROLYN PATTERSON, Monroe, French, French Club, l, Z, 3, 4, YWCA, l, Z, Sophomore Honors . . . MARGARET PELTON, Los Angeles, California, Dance, Stanford University, I, VVSGA, 2, 3, 4, Census Chairman, 2, XV.A.A. Council, 3, 4, President of Mortar Board, 3, 4, Student Speaker's Bureau, Z, 3, 4, Dance Program for Parent's Weekend, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman of Christmas Program, 3, WSGA Executive Council, 2, 3, 45 Orchesis Dance Club, Bit and Spur Riding Club, 3, 4, Crucible, Mortar Board, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ARTHUR LLOYD PELZ, Madison, Art Education, The Wiscoiisiii Union Gallery Committee, 3, Chairman, 4, 5, Chairman ot the Third and Fourth VVisconsin Salon of Art, 4, 5, Delta Phi Delta . . . IUNO I. PEZOLDT, Kiel, Physical Education, Physical Education Club, 4 . . . RUTH LOUISE RANEY, Milwaukee, English, Lawrence College, 1, 2, Delta Delta Delta, Thesis: "A Comparison of Certain Pre-Revolu- tionary War Literary Propaganda with Similar Pre-Vkforld 'Wfar Literature" . . . MARGARET E. REINER, Readstown, Botany, YWCA, 1, Pythia . . , ALBERTINE REYNOLDS. New York, New York, Speech, Zeta Phi Eta. . .ADA MAY ROE, South Milwaukee 3 Speech, Purdue University, l, 2, Freshman Orientation, 4, NVHA Players, National Collegiate Players, Wisconsin Players, Pi Beta Phi . , . .IANET ROEGGE, Milwaukee, Spanish, University Extension Division, l, 2, French Club, Delta Delta Delta . . . LOIS KATHERINE ROEGGE, Milwaukee, Spanish, University Extension Division, 1, 2, French Club, Delta Delta Delta . . . EDRYS RUETI-IIN, Barron, English, River Falls State Teachers College, l , Thesis: "A Study of Thackeray's Minor Characters" . . . MARIE RUNKE, Algonia , Dietetics, President of Euthenics Club, Professional Home Economics sorority . . . ROLLIN MARSH RUSSELL, Milwaukee, Natural Science, Marquette, l, 2 . . . ANANDA L. SANDSMARK, Stoughton, Speech, WHA Radio Dramatic Group, 4, Phi Beta, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4, Pythia, 4, Women's Chorus, 3, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, 4, Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Phi . . WILLARD sAUcERMAN, ivtfim-QQ, Economics . . . RoBi3Rr Huoo sfarxciar, Racine! X American Institutions, Vlfisconsin Extension Division, I, 2, Men's Ggefi Clubf. . . EARL, ADNETT SCHULTHEISS, Madison, Natural Science . . . GERTRUDEXD. SCHU Z, . . i Milwaukee, English, Alpha Xi Delta . . . FQ fs Q ff , ff ,A fl ,X ff , , ..6g.. A. MATHEWS J. MATHEWS MERTZ MICHNA MILLER MITZNE NAGEL NEESAM NUSS E. OLSEN R M. OLSON ONSRUD PATTERSON PELTON PELZ PEZOLDT RANEY REINER REYNOLDS ROE J. ROEGGE L. ROEGGE RUETHIN RUNKE RUSSELL SANDSMARK SAUCERMAN SCI-IACHT SCH ULTHEISS SCH UTZ ..59.. DOROTHY E, SCOTT, Durand, American History, College of St. Catherine, l, Delta Delta Delta . . . MARGARET L. SIMMS, New York City, Zoology, Hunter College, l, Inter-Church Council, 4, United League for Liberal Action . . . ELIZABETH ANNE SINNESS, Devils Lake, N. Dak., English, Pi Lambda Theta, Thesis: "Thackeray's Place in English Literature" . . . HELEN SKOWLUND, Oshkosh, Physical Education, Oshkosh State Teachers College, 1, 2, W.A.A., 3, 4, Executive Board, 3, 4, Bowling Club, President, 4, Daily Cardinal, 3, 4, Co-ed Sports Editor, 4, Chairman Field Day, Parents Weekend, 3, Physical Education Club, 3, 4 . . . GORDON KENNETH SMITH, Madison, Physical Edu- cation, Wentworth Military Academy, l, 2, Orientation Committee, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Beta Theta Pi . . . JANE SOERGEL, Milwaukee, History, Uni- versity Extension Division, l, 2, Freshman Orientation Week, Union Commons Com- mittee, District Committee, Disciplinary Committee, WSGA . . . RALPH L. STEITZ, Hartford, American History, Ripon College, l . . . DOROTHY M. STEVENSON, Mar- inette, French, Jordan College, 1, Z, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . LEON CARL STOLPER, Plymouth, Economics . . . HARRIET SUMMERIL, Monroe, English . . . ELIZABETH HARRIET TECKEMEYER, Madison, History, VVSGA, Elections Chairman, 3, Senior Representative, 4, YWCA, Student-Faculty Committee Chairman, 3, Member-at-large, 4, Discipline Committee, Orientation VVeek, 2, 3, sub-chairman, 4, chairman second semester orientation for women, 3, Chairman Transfer Orientation, 4, Spanish Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Plays, l, 2, Freshman Scholarship Plaque, Sophomore High Honors, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Pi Lambda Theta, Sigma Delta Pi, Crucible, Delta Delta Delta . . . RUTH H. THOMAS, Milwaukee, English, University Extension Division, l, YVVCA, Apprentice Players, Pi Lambda Theta . . . LEONA E. TORKE, Adell, American Institutions, Mission House College, l, 2, YVVCA . . . VIRGINIA L. TREGANZA, Mauston, English . . . RUTH JEANNETTE VENARD, Richland Center, Speech, Orientation Week, 3, 4, YVVCA ...i A YLEEN MARIE VET- TER, Madison, English . . . JEANETTE JOAN WACHOWIUS, Milwaukee, Speech, Marquette University, l, 2, WHA Radio Players, Pythia, Zeta Phi Eta . . . GERTRUDE WAI-IL, New York City, English, Orientation Committee, 2, Thesis: "Contemporary Drama Depicting Current Problems" . . . ANN DELORES WALUTE, Milwaukee, Mathematics, University Extension Division, l, 2, Spanish Club, l, 2, 4, Hooters Club, 4, Mathematics Club, 1, 2, 4, German Club, l, 2 . . , MARY GRACE XVANDREY, Madison, English, Edgewood Junior College, l, 2, Sigma Kappa . . . KAE M. VVEGNER, Qdeceasedj, Mayville, History, German Play, l, Student Public Relations Committee, 3, 4, Daisy Chain, Senior Swing-Out, 3, Contacts Chairman, Jobs for College Women Series, 4, Union Forum Committee, 3, 4, Sophomore Honors, Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phi . . . CORDELIA E. WERNECKE, Plymouth, German, Ripon College, l, 2, German Club, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . ALVINA WICHHORST, Madison, German, German Club, President . . . GERTRUDE MARIE INILKINSON, Berwyn, Illinois, Physical Education, Frances Shimer School, l, Physical Education Club, 2, 3, 4, Outdoor Club, 2, YWCA, 3, Pythia, 2, Journal Club, 4, Kappa Delta . . . ELIZABETH JANE WILLIAMS, VVaukesha, Botany . . . FRANK NIPPERT WINCHESTER, Madison, Art . . . CHARLES HIBBARD VVINKLER, Mil- waukee, English, Haresfoot Club, 2, 3, 4, Wisconsin Hooters, 3, 4, Chi Psi, Thesis: "John Keats" . . . VERNON EDWARD VVOODVVARD, River Falls, Physical Education, River Falls State Teachers, l, Boxing, 2, 3, Assistant Boxing Coach, 4, American Red Cross Roll Call Chairman for Union, 3, "VV" Club, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Chi . . . AVIS ZENTNE-K VVauwatosa Speech, Senior Council, 4, Union Concert Committee, 4, Panhellenic Ball Qommittee, 4, Pre-Prom Committee, 3, Freshman Declamatory NVinner, Alumni Placehaent Slommittee, 41, Vocational Guidance Committee, 4, University Speakers' Bureau, 3: Orientation VVeek,f2, National Collegiate Players, 3, 4, Wisconsin Players, 3, 4, WHA PQlyers,l,2, 3, 4, WSG? 7 Z Council, 2, Zeta Phi Eta, Pi Beta Phi . . . EMMA ZITZER, Madison' Plgcal Educatio . ff l Lf X' f l4,?,Cf1f U ff If ,4 SCOTT SIMMS SINN ESS SKOWLAND SMITH SOERGAL STIETZ STEVENSON STOLPER SUMMERIL TECKEM EY ER THOMAS TORKE TR EGANZA VERNARD VETTER WACHOWIUS WAHL WALUTE WANDREY WEGNER WERNECKE WICHHORST WILKINSON WILLIAMS WINCHESTER WINKLER WOODWARD ZENTN ER ZITZER -- EXECUTIVES TICIANS STATZS ANDISERS VE H MEBC ANCIEHS FN p, ACCGUNTANTS L.. 3 ij J Nl L I f 5 .......i......-.i A-11.2 X... : -I ANDH ON ANDREAE BAILLES BAKER BEHNKE BLANCHAR BORCHERDT BREHAA BRIDGE BRODD BRUSH- BYRNS CALUES CANNON J.CARROLL I. AND 4 SON, Colfax, Marketing, Rifle Team, l . . . OTTO AUGUST ANDREAE, Long Island, N. Y., I cc inting, Marquette U., 1, VVrestling Manager, 3, 4, NV Club, 4, Hesperia, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . NORMAN BAILLES, Madison, Alpha Chi Rho . . . VIRGINIA GRACE BAKER, Antigo, Accou ing, University Extension, 1, Commerce Club, 3, 4 . . . NORMAN O. BEHNKE, Marinette, Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi . . . DONALD W. BLANCHAR, Madison, Accounting . . . ROBERT EDWARD BORCHERDT, Manitowoc, Accounting, Tennis, 2, 3, Captain, 4, W Club, 3, 4, Athletic Board, 4 . . . EREDERIC BREHM, Sheboygan . . . ARTHUR BRIDGE, South Milwaukee, Accounting, Crew, l, 2, 3, 4, W Club, 3, 4, Badger, 2, 3, Business Manager, 4, Alpha Kappa Psi, President, Beta Gamma Sigma, Wliite Spades, Iron Cross, President, Sophomore High Honors, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi . . . ALLEN CLARENCE BRODD, Sister Bay, Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta 'Gamma Sigma . . . LAUREN FRANCIS BRUSH, Antigo, Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . JOHN VVILLIAM BYRNS, Madison, Baseball, 3, 4, Delta Upsilon . . . RALPH CALLIES, Oconomowoc, Badger Club . . . ROBERT CANNON, Sussex, House President's Council, Interfraternity Council, Baseball, 1, Z, 3, 4, Sigma Nu . . , JOHN STANLEY CARROLL, Kenosha, Marketing, I1Vil1iam I. Fisk Scholarship, 2, Union Board Assisting Staff, 3, 4, Union House Committee, 3, Union Commons Committee, 4, Orientation, 4, Italian Club, l, Phi Eta Sigma, 1 . . . . . 73 . . THOMAS F. CARROLL, Wlauwatosa, Accounting, Cross Country, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, IV Club, 3, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . ALDEN H. CHRISTIANSON, Neenah, Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Acacia . . . VVILLIAM CLEVELAND, Madison, Accounting . . . VVALTER JAMES COLE, New Lisbon, Finance, Board of Athletic Budget, Varsity Football, Z, 3, 4, VV Club, 2, 3, 4, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . GEORGE LORAINE COON, VValworth, Finance, Milton College, 1, Track Manager, 4 . . . GARVIN CREMER, Sparta, Marketing, La Crosse Teachers College, 1, 2, YMCA Cabinet, House Presidents Council, Interlodging House Council . . . ROBERT I. CRIKELAIR, Green Bay, Accounting, Stf Norbert College, 1, Z, Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Nu. . .JOHN RICHARD CROVVLEY, Madison . . .ANN ROSE CUNNINGHAM, Burlington, Marketing-Advertising, VVomen's Commerce Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Chi Theta, 3, 4, Chi Omega . . . MARION LOUISE DAVIDSON, Markesan, Mar- keting, Lawrence, 1, XNomen's Commerce Club, Z, 3, 4, Phi Chi Theta, 4 . . . E. NATHALIE DOEPKE, Merrill, Accounting, University W'omen's Chorus, 1, Commerce Club, Z, 3, 4, Phi Chi Theta, Delta Zeta . . , MAURICE N. DORR, Madison, Finance, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore High Honors, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . LORRAINE M. DOYLE, Madison, Merchandising, Phi Chi Theta, 3, 4, Commerce Club, 3, 4 . . . DALE E. EBERLY, Madison, Finance, Oshkosh State Teachers College, 1, 2 . . . ROLAND A. EISSFELDT, Milwaukee, Accounting, University Extension Division, 1, Rifle Team, 2, 3, 4, Beta Alpha Psi, 3, 4, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . LLOYD ENGEBRETSEN, Beloit: Commerce, Advertising Club, Alpha Delta Sigma . . . LOUISE ENGLE, Milwaukee: Ac- counting, University Extension Division, 1, Italian Club, Commerce Club, Phi Sigma Sigma. . . GLADYS MAY FEI-ILAU, Madison, YVomen's Commerce Club, 1, 2, 3, President. 4, Dolphin Club, 4, Phi Chi Theta . . . ROBERT HENRY FEMRITE, Madison, General Commerce . . . HELEN ELIZABETH FUDZINSKI, VVest Allis, Finance, University Extension Division, 1, 2, Sarmatia Club, 3, 4, NVomen's Commerce Organization, 3, 4, Phi Chi Theta, 3, 4 . . . HERBERT ADOLF FUNKE, Long Island, New York, Accounting . . . CARL THEODORE GEISLER, Manitowoc, Marketing, Cardinal, 2, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . ROYAL VVILLIAM GERLOCK, Madison . . . GRANT F. GODDARD, Ogden, Utah: Accounting, Weber Junior College, 1, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . PAUL S. GODFREY, VVauwatosa, Cardinal, 2, 3, Octopus, Z, 3, Badger, 3, Editor, 4, Prom, 3, Sigma Delta Chi, Sigma Nu . . . MERLIN GRAUL, Madison, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Lambda . . . MERRILL GREGORY, Colfax, Accounting . . . ELISE M f I 4 GRIFFIT , Racine, Accounting, Lawrence College, 1: YVVCA, 2, 3: Wlomen's Co mere Club, 2, 3, 4: Orientation, 3, Phi Chi Theta . . . INILBUR HENRY HAASS, ukaun , Accountng: House Presidents Council, Lodging House Council, Beta Alpha Psi . . i2I?CE VICTO A I-IANSEN, jefferson, Accounting, Phi Chi Theta, 'XVomen's C . . . .,74.. T. CARROLL CHRISTIANSON CLEVELAND COLE COON CREMER CRI KELAIR CROWLEY CUNNINGHAM DAVIDSON DOEPKE DORR DOYLE EBERLY EISSFELDT ENGEBRETSEN ENGLE FEHLAU FEMRITE FUDZINSKI FUN KE GEISLER GERLOCK GODDARD GODFREY GRAUL GREGORY GR I FFITH HAASS HANSEN EDMUND THOMAS HARNETT, Racine, Marketing '... HELEN HAY, VVauwatosa, University Extension, 1, 2 . . . VVILLIAM HEISE, Milwaukee, Alpha Chi Rho . . . JAMES MAXON HINKLE, Milwaukee, Accounting, Milwaukee State Teachers College, 1, 2, Concert band . . . MARVIN HINSTORFF, Milwaukee, University Extension, 1, 2 . . . FERD HINTZ, Madison . . . ROBERT C. HOLSEN, Manitowoc, Accounting, Sophomore honors, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . KENNETH G. HOVLAND, Colfax, Accounting, Eau Claire State Teachers College, 1, 2 . . . ROBERT T. HOWELL, Racine, Finance, Orienta- tion, 4, Dadls Day, 4, Parents' Weekeiid, 4, Senior Council, Glee Club, 3, 4, Tumas, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . DAVID I-IULBERT, Racine, Accounting '... RICHARD JENSEN, Kenosha, Accounting ',.. VERNON FREDERICK JOHNSON, Eau Claire, Accounting, Eau Claire State Teachers College, 1, 2, Interfraternity Ball, Prom, Orientation, Home- coming, Parents' VVeekend, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . ANGUS JAMES JOHNSTON, II, Evanston, Ill., Insurance, Student Public Relations Committee, 1, Orientation, 2, Prom, 3, Dad's Day. 4, Religious Emphasis VX7eek, 4, Tumas, Sigma Phi . . . MARY CATHERINE JOYCE, VVaterloo, Mount Mary College, l , VVomen's Commerce Club, 2, 3, 4 . . . ROBERT DENNIS KAROIWI, DeForest, Accounting . . . FLORENCE A. KAST, Lime Ridge, Accounting, Spanish Club, VVomen's Commerce Club, I-Ioofers, Phi Chi Theta, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Sophomore Honors . . . EULALIA G. KEEGAN, Madison, Com- merce Club, 2, 3, 4, Phi Chi Theta, 4 . . . ALBERT KERSTEN, Milwaukee, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi . . . FRANCIS MICHAEL KONVALCHYK, Rothschild, Accounting, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Loan Fund, Z, Progressive Club, 2, 3, 4, International Club, 2, 3, 4, YMCA, Z, 3, 4, Orientation, 3, Athena, Interlodging House Board, 3, 4 . . . HENRY KRONER, La Crosse, Band, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . MARY ELLEN KUEHNE, Eagle River, Orientation, 2, VVSGA, 3, Commerce Club, 2, 3, 4, YVVCA, 2, Phi Chi Theta, 2, 3, President, 4, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . LENVIS G. LANGSTEN, 'Wfest Allis, Band, 1 . . . VVILMA ELAINE LARSON, Milwaukee, University Extension Division, 1, VVomen's Commerce Club, 3, 4 . . . HAROLD N. LEARNED, Oconomowoc, Oshkosh State Teachers College, 1, 2, Track, 3, 4 . . . VIRGINIA MARGARET LEXNIS, Mauston, La Crosse State Teachers, 1, 2, VVomen's Commerce Club, 3, 4 . . . MAX S. LINDEMAN, Madison, Munici- pal Finance and Administration, YMCA, Union House Committee, Cardinal, Orientation . . . VVILLIAM D. LUND, Milwaukee, Milwaukee State Teachers Colle e, 1 . . ERNESQI' A. LUTZE, Sheboygan, Marketing, House Presidents Council, Z! XQQICA, Stu-Cyeii Z5 f Alpha Chi Rho . . . RUTH Mc MILLEN, Milwaukee . . . DAVI V. M' LEC, Madsoi, Marketing . . . Public Relations Committee, 3, 4, Cardinal, 2, 3, Badger, 2, Union ssistin ' Staff, l, ' HARNETT HAY HEISE HINKLE HINSTORFF HINTZ HOLSEN HOVLAND HOWELL HULBERT JENSEN JOHNSON JOHNSTON JOYCE KAROW KAST KEEGAN KERSTEN KOWALCHYK KRONER KUEH N E LANGSTEN LARSON LEARN ED LEWIS LINDEMANN LUND LUTZE Mc MILLEN MALEC ARNOLD HERMAN MARKVVORTH, Merrill, Accounting, Valparaiso, 1 . . . FRANK- LIN MARRIOTT, Gratiot . . . STUART MATHES, Terryville, Conn .... ARTHUR JAMES MEIER, Madison, St. Norbert College, 1, Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Upsilon . . . JAMES PIERCE MELHUSE, Madison, Phi Gamma Delta . . . ROGER LESLIE MER- RIAM, Madison, Accounting . . . ALVIN FREDERICK MORITZ, Monticello, Account- ing . , . WOODROW H. MYERS, Milwaukee, Finance, University Extension, 1, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . PAUL VVILLIAM NASS, Jefferson, Accounting, Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, University Chorus, 3, Men's Chorus, 4, Beta Alpha Psi, Sinfonia . . . ROBERT GEORGE NELSON, Milwaukee, Banking and Finance, Varsity Tennis, Chi Psi . . . THOMAS EMIL NEUBAUER, Milwaukee, Finance, Kappa Sigma. . .JOHN HATCH O'DONNELL, Janesville, Progressive Club . . . CHALIS VVINSTON OLSEN, Madison, Band, 1, Orien- tation, 2 , Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . DOROTHY M. OTTAVVAY, Milwaukee, Accounting, University Extension Division, 1, 2, Commerce Club, Sophomore Honors . . . 'WILLIAM HERB ERT OTTERY, Fond du Lac, Marketing, Senior Council . . . VVILLIAM SHAVV PACKHAM, Lodi, Accounting, Sophomore Honors, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Chi Rho . . . JOHN J. PAFF, Elk Mound, Accounting, Eau Claire State Teachers College, l, 2, YMCA . . . ROBERT R, PAUNACK, Madison, Finance, Swimming, l, 2, 3. 4, Dolphin Club, Chi Psi . . . HAROLD E. PENTLER, Milwaukee, Marketing, Extension Division, 1, 2, Homecoming, 3, Wrestliiag, l , Cardinal, Pre-Prom, 3, Hooters . . . JOHN PRITZLAFF, VVatertown, Ripon College, 1 . . . ROBERT RASHMAN, Milwaukee, Marketing, Marquette University, 1 . . . PAUL REDEMANN, Oshkosh, Marketing, Union Assisting Staff, 2, 3, Cardinal, 2, Parents' VVeekend, 2, 3 4, Orientation, 2, 3, Prom, 3, Homecoming, 3, 4, Dad's Day, 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . YOLANDA JOAN RENDANO, Youngstown, Ohio, VVestern Reserve University, l, 2 . . . LAVVRENCE E. ROCCA, Madison, Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . GEORGE YV. ROONEY, Appleton, Class President, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, VV Club, Z, 3, President, 4: Assistant General Chairman of Homecoming, 4, Dad's Day, 4: Co-op Board, 3, 4: Union Board, 4, Dance Committee, 4, Athletic Board, 4, VVhite Spades, Iron Cross, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . PERCY ROSEMURGY, Hurley, Mich., Accounting, Michigan State, l , Badger Board, 3, President, 4, Military Ball chairman, 4, Prom, 3, Homecoming'y3qJYlitary Ball, 1 Elections Board, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Tumas, Cardinal Key, Al ia Tayi Omega . . MARY ROWLANDS, Racine, Stephens College, 1, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . THOMAS SAG Milwaukee . . . ROBERT SANDEEN, Hudson, Delta Sigma Pi . . . TIILIP JA SCHUELE, Norwalk, Accounting, House Presidents Council, ..78.. MARKWORTH MARRIOTT MATH ES MEI ER MELH USE MERRIAM MORITZ MYERS NASS NELSON N EU BAUER O'DONNELL OLSEN OTTAWAY OTTERY PACKHAM PAFF PAUNACK PENTLER PRITZLAFF RASHMAN REDEMANN RENDANO ROCCA ROONEY ROSEMURGY ROWLANDS SAGGIO SANDEEN SCHEULE ROTH STEPHEN SCHLECK, Madison, Accounting, House Presidents Executive Coun- cil, Interfraternity Board, Prom, 3, Military Ball, Hesperia, Vlfisconsin Players, Apprentice Players, Phi Kappa Phi, XVhlte Spades, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Kappa . . . DELBERT R. SCHMIDT, Bowler, Accounting, Lawrence College, 1, Tau Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi . . . HAROLD HENRY SCHROEDER, Appleton, Accounting, Lawrence College, 1, Baseball, 3, 4, XV Club, 4, House Presidents Council, 3 . . . LOUIS RICK SCHULLER, La Crosse, Marketing, La Crosse 'State College, 1, 2, YMCA . . . HELEN SCHULTZ, Milwaukee, University Extension Division, 1, 2, Polish Club, 3, 4, VVomen's Commerce Club, 3, 4 . . . MYRON LEVVIS SILVER, Milwaukee, Law and Accounting, Phi Epsilon Pi . . . MAYNARD D. SIMONSON, Cambridge, Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . CARO- LINE M. SKORUPA, Ylfest Allis, Accounting, University Extension Division, 1, 2 . . . ALAN I-I. SKOVVLUND, Marinette, Accounting, Haresioot, Z, 3, 4, Crew, 1, Delta Sigma Pi . . . HERBERT GEORGE SPINDLER, Stratford, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . MORTON P. STRAIN, Lamar, Colo., Accounting: Camera Club, 2, 4, Phi Gamma Delta . . . RAYMOND ROBERT SVVAZIEK, Muscoda, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi . . . MORRIS F. SXVED, Princeton, Commerce, Mathematics Club, 3 . . . RALPH FRANK SXNOBODA, Madison, Finance, Alpha Chi Rho . . . XNALTER TAPLICK, Madison , Alpha Kappa Psi . . . GEORGE BERNARD TERRILL, YVild Rose, Finance, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore High I-Ionors, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . MARGARET ESTELLE THEISEN, Fond du Lac, Statistics, Phi Chi Theta, Commerce Club . . . JAMES THOMAS, Hart, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . JAMES R. TRANE, La Crosse, Parent's YVeekend Committee, 3, Car- dinal Key, Tumas, Delta Tau Delta . . . VVENDELL EARL TURNER, Montfort, Account- ing and Finance, Concert Band, 1, First Regimental Band. 1, 2, Kappa Sigma . . . HARLEY VAN AKKEREN, Sheboygan, Marketing, Mission I-Iouse College, 1, 2 . . . GERALD E. VAN TASSEL, Madison, Accounting, La Crosse State Teachers College ,1 . . . HARLEY SMYTH VVHITMORE, Wfatertown, Insurance, Northwestern Collemec . VIRGIN A LUCILLE VVINTER, Ferguson, Mo., Commerce: XYashington Un've1'sity!l, 2: Pi etc Phi . . . CORNELIUS FRANCIS ZECKEL, Manitowoc: Risk aipl I11S1.11Z1g 1 1... 7,,g.-.-'p7lL:.c. .g. V ,UH NI1lita1Y Academ3 12 Doimitoix Xssociation Council Ul11I 1dC1i'lT' Assn ..gO.. SCHLECK SCHMIDT SCHROEDER SCI-IULLER SCHULTZ SILVER SIMONSON SKORUPA SKOWLAND SPINDLER STRAIN SWAZIECK SWED SWOBODA TAPLICK TERRILL TI-IEISEN THOMAS TRANE TURNER VAN AKKER EN VAN TASSEI. WHITMCRE WINTER ZECKEL D U Z 'Ss -il U2 OC m E 0 O 'Q S4 U3 Q.. U1 F U2 HWS WU SUM EM f fl fi. O G3 1-J E- 'Sa CC P ,A CO EN He 1' ALEXANDER ALTMAN ANDERSON, H. ASZKLAR BAILEY BARLOW ALLEN D ANDERSON, F. ANDERSON, N. BACHUBER BANKS BAROCCA ALLEN R ANDERSON, . ANDREW BAHR BANNEN BARROWS o f . . . VID ALLEN, Oshkosh, Chi Psi . . . RICHARD E. ALLEN, Milwaukee, 4 onomics, F otball. l, 2, Phi Delta Theta . . . VVILLIAM ERNST ALTMAN, Sheboygan, Zoology, l'Ii sion House College, l, 2, 3, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . FLOYD ANDERSON, Racine, he iistry, Progressive Club . . . GORDON FREDERICK ANDERSON, Kenosha, American History, Thesis: "Development of the Colonial Post Office" . . . HELEN I. ANDERSON, Clinton, Economics . . . NORMAN LAVERNE ANDERSON, Cambridge, Chemistry, Wfhitewater State Teachers' College, I , Alpha Chi Sigma, Thesis: "The Analysis of Viscose during the Period of Ripeningn . . . ROBERT HARRY ANDREW, Platteville, Botany, Platteville Teachers' College, l, 2 . . . STANLEY JOSEPH ASZKLAR, Plants- ville, Conn., Geology, Sarmatia Club, Geology Club, Thesis: "Gastropoda of the Platteville Formationn . . . RUTH BACHUBER, Wausau, History, Cardinal Board, ULLA, YWCA, l, 2, 3, 4, WSGA, Senior Ball Queen, 3, Housing Chairman, 3, Senior Representative at large, 4, Union Council, Student Relations Committee, Orientation, 2, General Chairman, 3, Crucible, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Sophomore Honors . . . VIRGINIA M. BAHR, Milwaukee, Sociology, Mount Mary College, 1, Z, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . RUTH WILSON BAILEY, Sturgeon Bay, Speech Pathology . . . BEVERLY BANKS, Vandalia, Mo., Psychology, Wells College, 1, 2, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Thesis: "Earliest Memories" . . . WILLIAM JAMES BANNEN, LaCrosse, Medicine, Northwestern, l, 2, Thesis: "Anatomy and Pathology of Herniae" . . . MINETTE H. BARLOVV, Leavenworth, Kan., French, University of Illinois, 1, 2 , Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . ALDO I. BAROCCA, Kenosha, Chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma, Thesis: "Co-deposition of Cobalt and Tungsten" . . . RICHARD EDVVARD BARROWS, Fairheld, Conn., English, University Singers, I, Union Library Committee, Z, 3, Badger Bar-Bell Club, 3, Men's Chorus, 3, Thesis: "Louis Bromiield, Author, His Depiction of the American Scene as Seen Through His Novels" . . . f Ek NDER, Lake Mills, Economics, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Sophomore n U33.. PAUL Pf'T!ER BASSEVVITZ, Sheboygan, Medical Science, Phi Delta Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, o 'homore Honors . . . HAROLD NORMAN BAXTER, Milwaukee, Organic Chemi ry, University Extension Division, 1, 2 . . . LOUISE HELENE BEAN, Manitowoc, Englisl.,f Iniversity Extension Division, 1 , Thesis: "The Gothic Romances of Ann Radcliffe" . . . ANDREXY B. BEATH, LaCrosse, Political Science, Forensics Contests, 1, 2, 3, 4, Men's Intercollegiate Debate, 3, Forensic Board, 1, 3, 4, Orientation, 3, 4, Speakers Bureau, 4, Senior Council, Senior Finance and Memorials Committees, Hesperia, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 3 . . . AUDREY E. BEATTY, Denver, Colorado, Psychology, Colorado College, 1, Cardinal, 2, Society Editor, 3, Elections Chairman of YVSGA, 4, Prom, 4, Gamma Phi Beta . . . AUDREY JEANNE BECHAUD, Fond du Lac, English, University of Arizona, 3, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . CLARENCE BECKER, Milwaukee, Economics, Pi Lambda Phi . . . HAROLD D. BECVVAR, Eastman, Geology, Geology Club, 3, 4, Thesis: "Sediments of Crystal Lake' '... RICHARD BEECHER, Watertowii, Conn .... ARTHUR H. BEEKEN, Madison, Speech, NVisconsin Players, 3, 4, President, 4, National Collegiate Players, Haresfoot Club, 4 . . . PAUL HERMAN BEHLING, Milwaukee, Political Science, Uni- versity Extension Division, 1, Union Board Assisting Staff, House Presidents' Council, Hooters Club, Hesperia . . . NVILMER FRED BEHLING, Milwaukee, Economics, Cross Country, 1, Track, 1, Acacia . . . INEZ FLOOD BELYEA, Portage, Sociology . . . FRED BENZ, Milwaukee, Economics, Football, 1, 2. 3, 4, Kappa Sigma . . . ROBERT GEORGE BERGMANN, South Milwaukee, Pharmacy, Thesis: "Vitamin B" . . . SAUL M. BERKE- LEY, Lawrence, New York, Political Science, Inter-fraternity Pledge Council, "Model League of Nations", Phi Epsilon Pi , . . IULIAN FRANK BERNAT, Hammond, Indiana, History, Frosh Frolic, 1 ,Sophomore Shuiclie, 2, Daily Cardinal, Phi Epsilon Pi . . . NORMAN LYNN BERNER, Antigo, Medicine . . . JOSEPH FRANCIS BERRY, Milwaukee, Eco- nomics, Soph Shuffle, 2, Co-chairman Pre-Prom, 3, Dadls Day, 4, Senior Class Dance, 4, Inter-fraternity Council, 3, 4, Cardinal Key, Tumas, Apprentice Players, Phi Delta Theta . . . HELEN BESSEY, Antigo, Medical Bacteriology, Alpha Xi Delta . . . BETTY A. BETZ, Baltimore, Maryland: Sociology! YYVCA, Cabinet, 4 . . . THOMAS BENWICK, Madison, Economics . . . LESTER H. BLONIEN, Malone, Medical Science, Hesperia Literary Society, 3, 4, Progressive Club, 3, 4 . . . DAVID FERDINAND BOLTZ, Beloit, Chemistry, Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Thesis: "A New Method of Microchemical Analysis for the Quantitative Determination of Aluminum in Silicates' '... EUNICE RUTH BONOXY, Milwaukee, Pharmacy, University Extension Division, 1 , Mortar and Pestle, Kappa Epsilon, Camera Club, Professional Pan-Hellenic Council, Rho Chi, Thesis: "A Bibliography ot Oil of Rose" . . . ROSE BORKIN, Milwaukee: Comparative Literature, University Extension Division, 1, 2, Sophomore Honors, Thesis: UI-Iighlights on Edgar Allan Poe" . . . KATH- ERINE BOUNDY, Beloit, Sociology, INomen's Affairs Committee, 3, Student Public Relations Committee, 3, 4, Orientation, 4, YVVCA, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Kappa Delta, Delta Zeta . . . DWIGHT BOYER, La Crosse, Economics . . . MARION BRADLEY, Cleveland, Art History, WSGA, Freshman Representative, 1, Census Chairman, 2, Elections Chairman, 3, Vice-President, 4, Student Public Relations, 2, 3, Swingout Chairman, 3, Wfinter Carnival Committee, 3, Soph Shuffle, 2, Badger, 2, Union Dance Committee, 4, Gallery Committee, 3, Crucible, Mortar Board, Pi Beta Phi . . . CHARLES PETER BRADY, Manitowoc, Eco- nomics, YMCA, Delta Upsilon . . . ..g4.. BASSEW ITZ BAXTER BECHAUD 3EAN BECKER BEATH BECWAR V BEAT-I-Y BEECHER BEEKEN BEHLING, P. BEHLING, W. BELYEA BENZ - BERGMANN BERKELEY BERNAT BERN ER BERRY BESSEY H85.. BETZ BEWICK BLONIEN BOLTZ BONOW BORKIN BOUNDY BOYER BRADLEY BRADY 4 STONE Oconto, Economics, Extemporaneous Speaking, 1, Debate, 3, 4, Lodging House Council, Forensic Board, Hesperia, Delta Sigma Rho . . . MARY CJBREWER, Richland Center, Bacteriology . . . MARY AGNES BRIM, Columbus, Ohio, Philosophy, Sarah Laurence College, 1, University of Hawaii, 2, Apprentice Players, 3, Wfisconsin Players, 4, WHA Players, 3, Union Library Committee, 4, Curriculum Com- mittee, 4, Student Public Relations Committee, 4, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . XVILLIAM CHARLES BRODHAGEN, Bonduel, Chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma . . . EUGENE G. BROOKER, New York City, Economics, Homecoming, Phi Epsilon Pi . , . JOYCE HEN- RIETTA BRUEMMER, Algoma, Medical Bacteriology, Beloit College, 1, 2, German Club, WSGA . . . ALICE HELEN BRYKCZYNSKI, Milwaukee, Speech, University Extension Division, Milwaukee, 1, 2 . . . JOSEPH LOUIS BUCHBERGER, Park Falls, Pharmacy, House Presidents Council, 2, 3, Mortar and Pestle, Thesis: "Pharmacists Wlho Have Been Honored With Generic Names in Botany' '... MARY JANE BUCKLIN, Wfest Bend, Economics, Badger, 2, 3, 4, Orientation, 2, 3, Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Beta Phi .Y JOHN H. BUDDE, Milwaukee, Economics, Football, 1, 2, Prom, 3, "YV" Club, KappafSigma . . . VVILLIAM L. BUNT, Madison, Economics, Track, 1, 2, 3, "TVN Club, Haresfoot, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . DONALD THOMAS BURKE, Madison, Economics, Football, 1, VV'isconsin Players, 3, Oratorical Contest, 4, Apprentice Players . . . GEORGE M. BURKERT, Racine, Chemistry, St. Petersburg Junior College, 1, Thesis: "Comparison of Methods for Determining the Diastatic Power of Malts . . . BARBARA BURRALL, Free- port, Ill., English, Stephens College, Columbia, Mo., 1, Orchestra . . . VIRGINIA E. CAN- FIELD, La Crosse, English, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . EDYVARD F. CARLETON, Oak Park, Ill., Economics, Freshman Crew Manager, Interfraternity Council, Orientation, Psi Upsilon . . . PHYLLIS M. CARR, Shawano, Psychology, Lawrence College, 1 . . . ELIZ- ABETH CARTER, Neenah . . . MELVIN J. CHADA, Madison . . . XNILLIAM BURTON CHEESEMAN, Sturgeon Bay, Medical Science: Lawrence College, 1, Phi Kappa Tau . . . WALLACE WYLIE CHICKERING, Madison, Geology, Geology Club, Editor Magazine, 4 . . . MARGUERITE ALICE CHRISTENSEN, Trout Lake, English . . . PAUL AUGUST CHRISTENSON, Waupaca, Economics, Soph Shuffle, Prom, 3, Junior Financial Board, Glee Club, University Singers . , . GALE CLARK, Madison, Medicine: RiHe Team, 2, Phi Beta Pi.. .NORMAN M. CLAUSEN, Beloit, Medicine, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Phi Beta Pi . . . MARY CAROLYN CLAVVSON, Hamilton, Ohio, English: Wfestern College, 1, 2, Gamma Phi Beta . . . JACK CLIFFORD, Milwaukee, Medicine, Union Board, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Elections Board, 4, Assistant General Chairman, Prom, 3, Soph Shuffle, 2, President Summer Union Board, 4, Chairman Pre-Prom, 3, Cardinal Key, VVhite Spades, Iron Cross, Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Chi Rho . . . MALCOLM COLE, Madison . . . EDVVIN JAMES COLLINS, Jr., Calumet, Mich., Economics, Orientation, 3, Homecoming, 2, 3: Crew, 3, 4, Military Ball, 2, Athletic Board, 3, 4, "VV" Club, 2, 3, 4, Prom, 3, Cardinal Key, Tumas, Scabbard and Blade, Psi Upsilon . . . MARY CONNAUGHTON, Madison, English . . . v BREAKSTONE BREWER BRUEMMER BRIM BRYKCZYNSKI BRQDHAGEN BUCHBERGER BROOKER BUCK'-'N BUDDE BUNT BURKE BURKERT BURRALL CANFIELD CARLETON CARR CARTER CHADA CHEESEMAN ..87.. CHICKERING CHRISTENSEN, M. CLAWSON CHRISTENSON, P. CLIFFORD CLARK CO'-E CLAUSEN COLLINS CONNAUGHTON f 332792 1 f ROQERT ANIES CONOI-IAN, Madison, Industrial Relations, Kappa Sigma . . . DONALD L. COOlfTM4irrill, Pharmacy, Concert Band, l, 3, 4, Track, 2, Rho Chi, Mortar and Pestle, Sophom ryHonors, Thesis: "Celastrus Scandens, Chemical Analysis ot" . . . PATRICK WILLIAM COTTER, Madison, Economics, Sophomore Honors, Kappa Sigma . . . VVILLIAM JOSEPH COYNE, Madison, Political Science, Basketball, "W" Club, Kappa Sigma . . . JANE B. CRITCHFIELD, Shreve, Ohio, Political Science, Western Reserve University, l, Gamma Phi Beta . . . H. JANE CURTIS, Milwaukee, Sociology, Principia College, l, 2, YINCA, Alpha Phi . . . FOSTER S. CURTISS, Plymouth, Geography, Hooters, l, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Chi Phi . . . JOSEPHINE MARY DAI-IM, Madison, Spanish, University of Illinois, l ,Spanish Club, Alpha Phi . . . CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH DANA, Clinton, Iowa, Speech, Fairmont Junior College, l, Zeta Phi Eta, Pythia, 4, Apprentice Players, 3, 4, Wfisconsin Players, 4, VVHA Players, Z, 3, 4 . . . HOMER H. DARY, Racine, Pharmacy, House Presidents Council, 4, Thesis: 'fDerivation of the Scien- tilic Names of the United States Pharmacopoeias and National Formularies' '... MARY DAVIES, Dixon, Illinois, Sociology, Rockford College, l, 2 . . . JANICE DEBOINER, Dane . . . DOROTHY DENNISTON, Madison, Zoology, Penn Hall Junior College, lg Dolphin g Apprentice Players, YVVCA: Hooters , University Orchestra, Phi Beta, Chi Omega . . . MARIAN FRANCES DIAMOND, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Speech, Iowa State Teachers College, l . . .JULIUS NAST DIEMAN, Fond du Lac, Economics, NVHA Radio Players, 3, Parents Wfeek End, 2, Soph Shuttle, 2, Harestoot, 3, Homecoming, 3, Dads Day, 3, Inter- traternity Ball ,4, Senior Ball, 4, Intertraternity Board: Senior Council, Delta Chi . . . DONALD GILBERT DIETER, Cobb, Zoology '... XYILLIAM HENRY DIETER, Madison, Economics, Pre Prom, 3, Dads Day, 3, Public Relations Committee, 4, Orien- tation, 4, Cardinal Key, Tumas, Sigma Chi . . . MEHMET ORHAN DIKMEN, Istanbul, Turkey, Economics, Robert College, Turkey, l, 2, 3, International Club . . . LEE F. DINS- MORE, Madison, Sociology '... JOHN UPHAM DITHMAR, Baraboo: Political Science, Tennis, l, Tennis Manager, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . AUSTIN A. DODGE, Edgerton, Pharmacy, Valparaiso University, l, 2, Mortar and Pestle, Rho Chi, Thesis: "Bibliography of Cannabis Indica" . . . LEON C. DOSCH, Soldiers Grove, Pharmacy, Band, l, 3, Mortar and Pestle, Thesis: "Derivation of Scientific Names of the Pharmacopoeias and National Formulariesn . . . BRUCE ECCLES DOUGLASS, Berwyn, Ill., Zoology, Concert Band, l, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, University Symphony, 2, 3, 4, University Singers, 3, 4, Men's Chorus, 3, Tudor Singers, 4, Union Rathskeller Committee, 2, Union Program Committee, 3, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Phi . . . EDWIN DROBKA, Manitowoc, Phi Kappa . . . RUTH MARY DUDLEY, Madison, Geology, University Symphony Orchestra, 1, Z, 3, 4, Castalia, 1, 2, YWCA, l, 2, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Thesis: "The Bryozoa of the Maquoketa' '... JEAN HILL DUNCAN, Baraboo, English, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JOHN DUNN, Madison, Economics . . . BERNARD PAUL DUSSLING, Portage, Economics . . . ANDREW W. DWYER, Reedsburg, Medical Science, Phi Chi, Thesis: "The Cross Structure of the Human Brain' '... HOWARD ABRAM EDER, Milwaukee, Chemistry, Union Assisting Staff, Union Forum Committee, Student Public Relations Committee, Sophomore High Honors, Phi Eta Sigma, Thesis: "Some Phases of Autolysis" . . . ..88.. CONOHAN COOK COTTER COYNE CRITCHFI ELD CURTIS CURTISS DAHM DANA DARY DAVI ES DE BOWER DENNISTON DIAMOND DIEMAN DIETER, D. DIETER, W. DIKMEN DINSMORE DITHMAR Ugg.. DODGE DOSCH DOUGLASS DROBKA DUDLEY DUNCAN DUNN DUSSLING DWYER EDER BZITE L. DWARDS, Baraboo, Bacteriology, Chi Omega . . . RICHARD WAYNE EFFLANJD, Milwaukee, Economics, University Extension Division, l, 2, Sophomore High Honors . . . KEITH EGGERS, Madison, Hispanic Studies, Wisconsin Players, WHA Players, fpanish Club . . . CARL A. ENDER, Westby, Medicine, Thesis: "The Possible Role of Vitamin A in Dietary Nephutes" . . . EDVVARD P. ENDERS, Madison, Psychology, Thesis: "Clinical Procedures in Personnel Guidance Programs" . . . JUANITA L. ENGE- BRETSON, Stanley, History, St. Olaf College, l . . . JOHN THEODORE ETTER, JR., Monroe, Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . FRANCES M. EVANS, Oconomowoc, Medical Bacteriology, Carrol College, l . . . LESTER AUGUST FEIERTAG, Milwaukee, Pharmacy, Mortar and Pestle, Thesis: "A Study of the Official Glycerophosphatis" . . . CHARLES H. FENSKE, West Allis, American History, Track, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Cross Country, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 3, 4, Student Athletic Board, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Faculty Athletic Board, 4, "VV" Club, 2, 3, 4, Activities Fund Committee, 4, White Spades, Iron Cross, Sigma Nu . . . EARL RICHARD FINGER, Beloit, Pharmacy, Three Squares Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Frederick B. Power Pharmaceutical Society, Mortar and Pestle, President, 4, Thesis: "Drugs Used in the Extermination of Rats and, Part II: Analysis of Verbena, Several Species" . . . LAXNRENCE JOSEPH FITZPATRICK, Madison, Economics, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Inter- fraternity Council, Haresfoot, 4, Crew, l, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . EDVVARD FLEISCH- MAN, Madison, Hispanic Studies, Thesis: "The Tropical Fruit Trade and Its Effect on the Caribbeann . . . MARTHA HALL FORSTER, Philadelphia, Pa., Economics, Radcliffe College, 1 ,Vocational Guidance XVeek, 2, 4, Pan-Hell, 2, Orientation, 3, Parents' Weekend, 3, Speakers' Bureau, 4, Union Concert Committee, 4, Banquet Chairman of State-Student Dinner, 4, Second Semester Transfer Orientation, 4, VVSGA, 2, 3, 4, Crucible, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, 'Wfisconsin Alumni Award 1937, Gamma Phi Beta, Thesis: "Indus- trial Pensions in Recent Years" . . . DORIS M. FRACKER, Wiashington, D.C., Sociology, American University, l, Z, XVomen's Chorus, YVVCA, Alpha Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta . . . ALLEN JEROME FRANKLIN. Shorewood, Zoology, Drill Team, ROTC Advance Corps, Scabbard and Blade . . . HAROLD REINHOLD FRAUENHEIM, Random Lake, Political Science, Phi Eta Sigma . . . LELAND EDVVARD FREDERICK, Lomira, Medical Science, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors . . . HELEN FREEMAN, Cheney, VVash., Medicine . . . PHILIP E. FROHLICH, Rapid City, S.D., English and Philosophy, Virginia, Minn. Junior College, l, 2, Band, 3, Thesis: "A Comparison of Emerson and Melville" . . . STANLEY GABERT, Egg Harbor, Political Science, Milwaukee State Teachers, 1, 2 . . . ISABELLE GANZ, Milwaukee, Speech, XVI-IA Radio Players, Phi Sigma Sigma . . . RUTH LOUISE GEHLER, West Allis, Sociology, Coronto, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . ROBERT GUSTAVE GEHRZ, Milwaukee, English, Student Public Relations, 4, Student Discipline Committee, 4, Badger, 2, Associate Editor, 3, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Thesis: "A Genetic Study of the Inter-relationship of Jolm Quincy Adams' Political, Social, Economic, Religious, and Literary Ideas" . . . VVILLIAM J. GEIB, West Allis, Hispanic Studies, Track, l, 4, Boxing, 2, 3, Chairman Pan American Day, 3, Solalinde Scholarship Committee, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 3, 4, HPC, 4, Thesis: "The Brazilian Coffee Control and its Effect on World Prices" . . , EMILIE JANE K. GERBER, Wilmette, Ill., Psychology, Northwestern University, 3, Legislative Board WSGA, 4, Thesis: "The Psychological Effects of Praise and Blame on Motor Skills" . . . FREDERICK L. GILLETTE, Madison, Economics, Sigma Chi . . . WARREN ELLSVVORTH GILSON, Madison, Medical Science, Phi Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Thesis: "The Course of the Impulse Initiating Contraction in the Mammalian Ventricle" . . . CHARLES DAVIS GOFF, Stur- geon Bay, Economics, St. Ambrose, l , Wisconsin Players, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4 . . . EVELYN J. GOLDSTEIN, Columbus, Ohio, Psychology, Orientation, 2, Parents' VVeekend, 3, Thesis: "Inter-Correlations of Learning Abilitiesn . . . ..90.. EDWARDS EFFI-AND ENGEBRETSON EGGERS ETTER ENDER I EVANS ENDER5 FEI ERTAG FENSKE FINGER FITZPATRICK FLEISHMAN FORSTER FRACKER FRANKLIN FRAUENHEIM FREDERICK FREEMAN FROHLICH ..91.. GABERT GANZ GEHLER GEHRZ GEI B GERBER GILLETTE GILSON GOFF GOLDSTEIN fx R DSTONE Brooklyn, N. Y., English, Cardinal, 3, 4, Associate Editori fl C airman, 4, Thesis: "The Theory of Poetry as Advanced by Elizabethan Critics" . . . MLZISFEL RUTH GOLLBERG, Milwaukee, Political Science, All University Debate, Orientzition , Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Phi , Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . HARVEY AARON GOLLIN, Milwaukee, Pharmacy, University Extension Division, 1, Mortar and Pestle, Thesis: "A Study of the Monographs of the Official Salts of Hypophosphoric Acid" . . . JEAN GORMAN, Mansfield, Ohio, Economics, Westerii Reserve University, 1, Union Commons Committee, 2, Delta Gamma . . . HARLEY GRAF, Lake Mills, Physical Educa- tion . . . HAROLD GREGER, Hamilton, Ohio, Civil Engineer . . . EUGENE R. GRETHER, Milwaukee, Zoology I... DOUGLAS TALCOTT GREY, Ventnor, N. J., Medicine, McGill University, 1 . . . GERTRUDE LOUISE GRIFFITH, Juneau, Economics, Milwaukee- Downer College, 1, 2, Alpha Chi Omega . . . JEAN GRINDROD, Oconomovvoc, Medical Bacteriology, YVVCA, 1, Z, Sophomore Honors . . . DONALD XV. GRISWOLD, WVest Salem, Political Science, La Crosse State Teachers College, 1, 2, Alpha Kappa Lambda . . . PALMER REQUE GRORUD, Mondovi, Medical Science, Boxing, 1, Sigma Sigma, Phi Kappa Tau, Nu Sigma Nu . . . CARL RUDOLPH GROSSENBACH, Wfauwatosa, Speech, University Extension Division, 1 , Badger, 2, 3, Prom, 3: Theatre Board, 4, Orienta- tion, 4, VVHA staff, 3 , Radio Players, 3 , Wfisconsin Players, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, National Col- legiate Players, 4, Phi Delta Theta . . . RALPH GUINZBERG, Chappaqua, Economics, Zeta Beta Tau . . . ARMIN GULESSARIAN, Madison, Home Economics ...1 A NN CAROLINE GUYLEE, Evanston, Ill., Psychology, Orientation, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming, 4, Elections, 3, Alpha Phi, Thesis: "Vocational Guidance' '... EVELYN F. HAHN, Lake Mills, Geography and Education, XXfl1i'E6VV21'EC1' State Teachers College, 1 . . . KATHRYN M. HAMMOND, Wfauvvatosa, Speech Pathology, Zeta Phi Eta, President, Professional Panhellenic, Badger Board, Panhellenic Ball, 2, 3, Pre-prom, 3, Homecoming, 3, Freshman French Scholarship Award, Alpha Chi Omega . . . PHYLLIS CLAIRE HANSON, Bronx- ville, N. Y., Medicine, University of Missouri, 1, NNAA, 1, Z, 3, 4, YXWCA, 3, Orientation, 4, Alpha Xi Delta . . . LAMONT C. HARBACK, Rice Lake, Economics, Student Public Relations . , . NELLIE C. I-IARDGROVE, Fond du Lac, English, Alpha Phi . . . DANIEL SHERIDAN HARRIS, Superior, History, University of Minnesota, 1, 2, University of Chicago, 3 . . . SALLY M. HARRIS, Boston, Mass., Psychology, College of Williani and Mary, 1, Orientation, 3, Pan-Hellenic Ball, 3, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Thesis: "Earliest Mem- ories' '... RALPH FRANKLIN HARTMAN, Janesville, Medical Science, Haresfoot . . . BURTON C. HAUETER, Oshkosh, Economics, Baseball, 1, Orientation, Z, 3, Student Public Relations Committee, 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . ODVAR HAUG, Stoughton, Economics, Cardinal Board, Cardinal Publishing Company Board, Orientation: Prom, Military Ball, Progressive Club, Norse Club, Scabbard and Blade . . . JAMES HAY, Racine, Zoology, Marquette, 1, Dana College, 2 . . . GEORGE MICHAEL HAYES, Rice Lake, English, Public Relations Council, 2, 3, Haresfoot, 2, 3, Homecoming, 3, 4, Orien- tation, 3, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Theta Pi . . . GORDON B. HEATH, Racine, Economics, House Presidents Council, 4, Dads Day, 4, Orientation, 2, Homecoming, 3, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . DOUGLAS G. HEBERLEIN, Portage, Chemistry, Student Public Relations Committee, 2, 3 . . . ..92.. GOLDSTONE GOLLBERG GOLLI N GORMAN GRAF GREGER GRETHER GREY GRIFFITH GRINDROD GRISWOLD GRORUD GROSSENBACH GUINZBERG GULESSARIAN GUYLEE HAHN HAMMOND HANSON HARBACK ..93.. HARDGROVE HARRIS, D. HARRIS, S. HARTMAN HAUETER HAUG HAY HAYES HEATH HEBERLEIN HAZEL C ,THARINE HEINTZ, YVaterford, English, American Library Association, HOWAf gf. HEDING, Union Center, Zoology, La Crosse Teachers College, l, 2 . . . ff Thesis: UT, anscendentalism as a Criteria in Literary Theory and Criticismn . . . ALICE J. HEL TROM, Madison, Pharmacy, Pan-Hell, 2, 3, Norse Club, 1, 2, Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Xi Delta, Thesis: "Bibliography of Suprarenalumu . . . JOSEPH WILLIAM I-IELZ, Fond du Lac, Economics, Alpha Chi Rho . . . VVARREN E. HERRMANN, Milwaukee, Economics, University Extension Division, l, 2, ROTC, 3, 4 . , . PHYLLIS EDITH HERZIGER, Neenah, Botany, Lawrence College, l, 2, YWCA . . . KARL J. HESS, Fond du Lac, German, House Presidents Council, 3, 4, Secretary, Student Public Relations Com- mittee, 4, Prom, co-chairman of Advertising, 4, Chairman of Elections Committee, Union Publicity Committee, 2, ULLA Executive Committee, 4, Camera Club, l, 3, 4, Hooters, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Phi . . . LAVVRENCE THOMAS HICKEY, Reedsburg, Medical Science, Chairman 'Wfinter Sports Carnival, 3, Men's Union Board, 2, 3, 4, Chairman Class Dance Committee, 3, Parents' Week-end Committee, 3, Orientation Week, Assistant Chairman, 3, Iron Cross, XVliite Spades, Phi Delta Theta . . . JEAN HIGBEE, La Crosse, Sociology, Delta Gamma. . . LEVVIS JOHN HIGBY, Ripon, Zoology, Harvard College, l, 2, House, Presidents Council, 3, Octopus, 3 . . . JOYCE HILDE- BRANDT, Jefferson, Sociology, Beloit College, l, 2, AIVOITISIMS Chorus, 4, VVAA, 4, Delta Delta Delta . . . ELIZABETH STEVENS HILL, Fulton, New York, Botany, Cardinal, 2, 3, 4, Prom, 3, Invitations Chairman, Delta Gamma . . . THOMAS TYLER HILL, Sparta, Chemistry, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Thesis: "Activity Coefficients by an Improved Isopiestic Method" . . . FLORENCE ELIZABETH HINIKER, Hastings, Minn., Sociology, Ames College, 1, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . RUTH ANNE HOCH- FELDT, Chicago, Ill., French, Stephens College, l, 2, Cardinal, Coranto, Alpha Chi Omega. . . RICHARD MATSON HOFMANN, Ottumwa, Iowa, Pharmacy, Crew, l, 2, 3, 4, "W,' Club, 3, 4, Homecoming Committee, 2, 3, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Theta Pi . . . MILTON PAUL HOLZHAEUSER, Milwaukee, Economics, University Extension Division, l, 2 . . . GILBERT O. HORN, Oshkosh: Medicine, Oshkosh State Teachers College, l, Phi Chi . . . JUNE VERA HOSIER, Detroit, Mich., Economics, WIomen's Affairs Committee, 2, 3, 4, Orientation, 2, 3, Parents Weekend, 2, 3, Vocational Guidance, Z, Goodwill Committee, 3, Pres. Inter-Church Council, 3, Religious Emphasis INeek, Co-Chairman Organized Houses, 4, Crucible, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi . . . MARY JANE HOINELL, Beloit, Hispanics, Union Council, 3, IVSGA Executive Council, Junior Representative at Large, 3: Legislative Board, 4, Intramural Basketball, l, 2, 3, Student Orientation VVeek, 2, Assistant Chairman, 3, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Chairman Union Library Committee, 3, Thesis: "The World Trade in Fresh Meats with Special Reference to Argentina, Brazil, and Uraquay . . . ROYCE HELMUTH HUBIN, Madison, German, Orientation Week, 4, Sophomore Honors . . . CLAYTON McKENNA HUGGETT, Fall River, Chemistry, Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Thesis: "Exchange Reactions of Isotopic Oxygen" . . . BERNARD HULBERT, Racine, Medical Science: Phi Delta Epsilon . . . MYRON ERNEST HULETT, Union Grove, Hispanic Studies, Interlodging House Council, House President's Council, Spanish Club, Sarmatia Club, Thesis: "A History and an Interpre- tation of Mexican Agrarianismu . . . JUNE HUNT, Milwaukee, Dance, Marquette, l, Orchesis . . . NORMAN HUTH, Milwaukee . . . THOMAS SHERIDAN HYLAND, Madison, English, Octopus editor, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Chi Rho . . . ROBERT EUGENE HYZER, Janesville, Chemistry, Thesis: '4The Effect of Oxygen on the Photo- bromination of Carbon Tetrabromiden . . . RUTH E. ILER, Madison, Sociology, Orienta- tion, 2, 3, Pan-Hellenic, 2, 3, YWCA, 2, 3, 4, Phi Omega Pi . . . JOHN GILBERT JAMIESON, Madison, Economics, Golf, 2, 3, 4, Student Athletic Board, 3, i'VV"' Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . ..94.. 'fer' HEDING HEINTZ HELSTROM HELZ HERRMANN HERZIGER H555 HILDEBRANDT HICKEY Huh,-I E' HOFMANN HIGBEE HH-L T. HOLZHAEUSER HIGBY HINIKER HORN HOCHFELDT H05'ER HOWELL ..95.. HUBIN HUGGETT HULBERT HULETT HUNT HUTH HYLAND HYZER ILER JAMIESON 7 F'LORENC 1 ANNE JANKUS, Kenosha, Speech, Northwestern University, 1, Zeta Phi Eta, A?147itice Players, Wiscoiisiii Players, VVHA Players, Sigma Kappa . . . ANN I f EFFRI ES, Chicago, Ill., English, Orientation, Gamma Phi Beta . . . DURWARD CHARLES JENKS, Friesland, Psychology, Milwaukee State Teachers College, 1, Delta Chi, Thesis: "Learning for Immediate and Delayed Reproduction' '... LELAND L. JENS New Holstein, Economics, Football, 1, Theta Chi . . . RICHARD LEROY JESSEN 3 J NVauwatosa, Economics, University Extension Division, l, I-Iaresfoot, Beta Theta Pi . . . KENNETH CONRAD JOAS. Chippewa Falls, Economics, St. John's University, 1 . . . BYRON LINDBERG JOHNSON, Oconomowoc, Economics, Hesperia, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 3, Oratory, 1, 2, 3, 4, Frankenburger finalist, 2, Peace contest, 2, 3, 4, Forensic Board, 2, President, 4, Chairman Freshman Forensics, 3, Cardinal, 3, 4, House Presidents Council, Elections Board, 4, Chairman Committee on Student Government, Student Speakers Bureau, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Rho, Artus . . . ELVERA ETHEL JOHNSON, South Milwaukee, History, University Extension Division, 1 . . . JANE ELLYN JONES, Mil- waukee, Economics, Beloit College, 1, 2, Delta Gamma . . . FRANCIC KANEY, Richland Center, Chemistry: Thesis: "The Fat and Phosphoticle Content of Rye Germs" . BEN- JAMIN KASTEIN, VVaupun, Chemistry, Basketball, 1, Badger, 4, Band, 2, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sophomore Honors, Theta Xi, Thesis: "Preparation of Certain Organic Com- pounds" . . . NATHAN KATZ, Newark, N. J., Economics . . . EILEEN KEARNEY, Racine, English, Wfisconsin Literary Society, Thesis: "Day of XYrath" . . . JAMES MARSHALL KEATING, La Crosse, American History, La Crosse State Teachers College, 1, 2, Orientation, Hesperia, 3, Chi Psi . . . ELIZABETH FLOYD KEAY, Clifton Heights, Pa., English, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . SIGMUND JOSEPH KELBANOVVSKI, Kenosha, English, European Travel and Study Scholarship XVinner, Polish Club, 1, 2, Publicity Director, 3, President, 4, Camera Club, Cardinal, 2, 3, Thesis: "The Political Element in Polish Literary History Until 1863 with Some References to English Literature" . . . FRANK E. KELLER, Berlin, Sociology, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Kappa Delta, 3, 4 . . . HARRY KELLEY, Manitowoc, Statistics . . . ALDEN IW. KELLY, Madison, Zoology, Football, 1 ,Apprentice Players, 3 1 W'isconsin Players, 4 . . . HOVVARD RICHARD KELLY, Mineral Point, Physics, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore High Honors, Thesis: "Construction of a Laboratory Apparatus to Demonstrate the Stark Effect in Hydrogen" . . . JANE ELIZABETH KELLY, YVatertown, American History, Northwestern College, 1, 2 . . . RICHARD KELSEY, Madison, Pharmacy, Boxing, 2 . . . KATHERINE LOUISE KETTER, Milwaukee, Zoology, Delta Delta Delta . . . JEAN MARY KING, Racine, Sociology, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Kappa Delta , . . JAMES XY. KISSEL, Hartford, Economics, Football, 1, 2, Varsity baseball, 1, 2, House Presidents Council, 4, Cardinal Key, Artus, Sigma Phi . . . CORINNE BOBBIE KLAFTER, New York City, French, Indiana University, 1, French Club, ULLA Peace Committee . . . BABETTE KLEIN, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Psychology, Thesis: "Intercorrelation of Learning Abilities" . . . RUTH KLINKA, Milwaukee, Food Chemistry, Milwaukee State Teachers, 1, 2, YWCA, Thesis: "The Chemistry of Wild Crab Apples' '... HARRY ROBERT KLUETER, Madison, Political Science, Octopus, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor, 3, 4, Union Rathskeller Committee, 3, 4, Orientation, 3, 4, Soph Shuffle, Alpha Chi Rho . . . LOUISE K. KNEIP, Janesville, Political Science, Orientation, 3 . . . ..95.. JANKUS JEFFRIES JENKS JENS JESSEN JOAS JOHNSO JOHNSO JO-NES KANEY N, B N, E. KASTEIN KATZ KEARN EY KEATING KEAY KELBANOWSKI KELLER KELLEY KELLY, A. KELLY, H. ..97.. KELLY, J. KELSEY KETTLER KING KISSEL KLAFTER KLEIN KLINKA KLUETER KNEIP VVILLY LXYMOND KNIGHT, Fort Atkinson, Economics, Ripon College, l, 2, 3 . . . +LElNg. NELL, Aurora, Ill., History, Lindenwood College, l, 2, Delta Gamma . . . 1 EMIL NOSPE, Algoma, Economics . . . GILBERT HENRY KOCH, Milwaukee' Chemistry, University Extension Division, 1, 2, 3 . . . DANIEL ROBERT KOHLI, Monroe, Medicine, Swimming, l, 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . DAVID A. KRANBUEHL, Mil- waukee, Economics, University Extension Division, 1, Octopus Staff, 2, Orientation, 3, Homecoming, 2, Cardinal Key, 2, Interfraternity Council, 4, Kappa Sigma . . . EDITH KRUEGER, Milwaukee, Geography f... CLARALOU KUHL, Eau Claire, Speech, Rock- ford College for WVomen, 2, Pythia Literary Society, 2, 3, 4, Forensic Board, 3, 4, Inter- Society Council, 4, Alpha Phi . . . RAYMOND KULZICK, Milwaukee . . . JEROME KUMIN, Brookline, Mass., Zeta Beta Tau . . . MATT I. KUST, Madison, Economics, Orientation, 3, 4, Hesperia, l, 2, 3 3 Progressive Club, 2, 3 , Artus, 3, 4, Sigma Nu . . . GEORGE HENRY LANPHEAR, Beloit, Physical Education, Football, Basketball, and Baseball, VV Club, Physical Education Club, Physical Education Honor Roll . . . GRACE D. LARSON, Racine, Political Science, Ripon, l: Marquette, 2 . . . HOXNARD LATTON, Medford, Economics, Athena, 3, 4, Pres., 4, Forensic Board, 4, Artus, Sophomore Honors . . . NORMA LAXNRENCE, Madison, Economics, Orientation, 2, 3, 4, YYVCA, ULLA, Koinos, Italian Club . . . DELOURISE LAYMAN, Mason City, English, Mason City junior College, l, 2, Thesis: "Henry blames and his Relation to the Stream of Consciousness Movement' '... RALPH LAZAR, Sheboygan, Accounting '... ROBERT H. LEHNER, Princeton, Medicine . . . HERBERT S. LEVY, Madison, French . . . 'XVARREN I-IANAN LEVY, New York City, History, Cardinal, 2, WIHA Players, 2, 3, Phi Epsilon Pi . . . MARIE DOROTHY LHEVINE, Tulsa, Okla., Economics, Orientation, 3, 4, Soph Shuffle, 2, WSGA Legislative Board, 4, Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . EMILIE LIEBENTHAL, Milwaukee . . . MARVIN E. LOVE, Wfisconsin Rapids, Finance-Labor, St. Mary's College, I . . . HOXVARD JOSEPH LUEBKE, Two Rivers, Economics, House Presidents' Council, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Committee of HPC Dance, 2, Hesperia, 2, 3, Badger Club, Pres., 2, 3, 4 . . . VVILLIAM VERNON LUETKE, Ontario, Zoology, La Crosse State Teachers College, l, 2, Band, l, 2, 3, Orchestra and Glee Club, l, 2, Football, 1, Basketball, 1, 2 . . . MARY E. LYON, Ligonier, Ind., French, Wfellesley, l , Pi Beta Phi ...' VIRGINIA C. MCCARTHY, Superior, English, Superior State Teachers College, 1, 2, 3, Chi Omega . . . LOIS EMELINE Mc DONALD, Wfauwatosa, Sociology, Milwaukee Downer, 1, 2 . . . MARY BLAIR Mc GRATH, Madison, English, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Thesis: "Literary Criticism of Henry T. Tuckerman' '... VERNALD Mc ILHAT- TAN, Spencer, Zoology, Rifle and Pistol Team, House Presidents' Council, Rifle Team, Basic Drill Team, Advance Corp. Drill Team, Scabbard and Blade, Military Ball, Ori- entation . . . Ugg.. KNELL KNIGHT KNOSPE KOCH KOHLI KRANBUEHL KRUEGER KUHL KULZICK KUMIN KUST LANP H EAR LARSON LATTON LAWRENCE LAYMAN LAZAR' LEHNER LEVY, H. LEVY, W. ..99.. LH EVINE Ll EBENTHAL LOVE LUEBKE LU ETKE LYON MCCARTHY MCDONALD MCGRATH Mc! LHATTAN 1, fl fy K fn, M OBERTk4. MAC IVER, Madison, Sociology, YMCA, Phi Kappa Psi . . . JOSEPH NIACKIN, Iadison, Phi Kappa . . . HERMA ELAINE MALING, Chicago, Psychology, WWW? ' A f Thesis: QAre Two Minds Better Than One' '... GEORGE MANGAN, Milwaukee, History, University Extension Division, 1, 2, Phi Kappa . . . RUTH MANUELL, Madison, Pharmacy, Platteville State Teachers' College, 1 , Kappa Epsilon, Mortar and Pestle, Thesis: 'IBoric Acid Ointment' '... ARLEIGI-I HOLDEN MARKHAM, Sparta, Physics and Mathematics, Football and Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Sopho- more Honors, Chi Phi . . . MARY ANN MARKS, Cleveland, Ohio, Art History . . . MARIAN E. MARSHALL, Peru, Ill., Sociology, LaSalle Junior College, 1, 2, YWICA, Alpha Kappa Delta, Chi Omega . . . WVILLIAM DAVIDSON MARX, Milwaukee, Economics, Swimming, 1, Prom, 3, Dolphin Club, Kappa Sigma . . . HARRY MASON, Milwaukee, Commerce, Swimming, 1, 2, Homecoming, 3, Elections Committee, 2, Hares- foot, 3, 4, Cardinal, 3, Phi Gamma Delta . . . JOHN MATCHETTE, Milwaukee, Com- merce, Cross Country, 1, 2, 3, Harestoot, 3, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Phi Gamma Delta. . .JACK MAXFIELD, Plover . . . FLORENCE A. MAY, Madison, Hispanic Studies: Spanish Club, Thesis: 'Geographical Survey of South Middle Chile' '... JAMES ALFRED MAZZULLA, Racine, Economics, Baseball, Orchestra . . . MURRAY MEDVIN, New York City, Political Science, Octopus, 1, 2, Cardinal, 1, Pi Lambda Phi . . . RALPH ARTHUR MEI-ILOS, Batavia, German, Baseball, 1, Mgr., 2, Basketball Mgr., 1, German Club . . . JOHN VVARREN MEIER, Madison, Chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma, Sophomore High Honors, Thesis: "The Reactions of Hydrayoic Acid Wiith Compounds XVhicl1 Produce the Carbonium Ionn . . . RUTH MEIER, Racine, English . . . MILTON MEISELS, Chicago, Economics, Cardinal, 1, 2, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Thesis: "The NVorld Sugar Traffic 'With Special Reference to Cuba from 1914 to 1938', . . . JOHN B. MENN, Norwalk! Political Science, Alpha Tau Omega . . . BERT J. MEYER, Milwaukee, Zoology: Mar- quette, 1, German Club, Kumlein Bird Club, Senior Honors, Thesis: "Mammals on the University of Wisconsiit Campus' '... BEATRICE HELEN MEYERS, NVestern Springs, Ill., Economics, Northwestern, 1 . . . MARIE ANTOINETTE MILLER, 'VVausau, Eco- nomics . . . MARJORIE MILLS, Lake Mills, English, Carroll College, 1, 2, Glee Club, 1, 2 . . . MILDRED ANN MILQUET, DePere, Sociology . . . OTTO ERNEST MIN- SHALL, Viroqua, Zoology . . . BEN H. MIRMAN, IfVausau, Medical Science, Phi Delta Epsilon . . . HUGH MOORE, Madison, Sociology . . . MARTHA JANE MOORE, Dallas, Texas, Art History, Delta Gamma . . . MARSHALL MORLEY, Nashotah, Economics, University Extension Division, 1, Alpha Tau Omega . . . ..i00.. MAC IVER MACKIN MALING MANGAN MANUELL MARKHAM MARKS MARSHALL MARX MASON MATCHETTE MAXFIELD MAY MAZZULLA MEDVIN MEHLOS MEIER, J. MEIER, R. MEISELS MENN ..1Q1.. MEYER MEYERS MILLER MILLS MILQU ET MINSHALL MIRMAN MOORE, I-L MOORE, M. MORLEY OVVA D VAN NESS MORTER, Milwaukee: Zoology: University Extension Division, l, 2: Pii amma Delta . . . ALTON MOYLE, Big Bend: Zoology: University Band and Orche tr : Phi Mu Alpha . . . HELENE JEAN MULLETT, Milwaukee: Sociology: Beloit Colleg , I, 2: VVomen's Chorus: Pi Beta Phi . . . MARIAN FRANCES MULLIN, Elmira, New York: Sociology: VVomen's Affairs Committee, 2: Union Forum Committee, 2: Union Concert Committee, 3, 4: Orientation WVeek, 2: VVSGA, Junior Representative, 3: Parents' VVeekend, 2, General Co-chairman, 3: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Kappa Delta: Crucible: Mortar Board: Alpha Phi . . . STEPHENA NANIA, Madison: Sociology . . . BEATRICE LOR- RAINE NELSON, Appleton: English . . . XVALTER NELSON, Calumet, Mich.: Chem- istry: University Extension Division, l, 2: Camera Club: Badger, 4: Thesis: "Reaction of Tertiary Butyl Benzoate with Sodium Tertiary Butoxide' '... MARIE ALICE NEUMANN, VVausau: Economics: Milwaukee Downer, 1: Orientation, 4: Alpha Phi . . . INEZ FRANCES NILSSON, Kewaunee: Pharmacy: Kappa Epsilon: Mortar and Pestle: Thesis: "Bibliog- raphy of Extractum Hepatis, ,... HARLEY BREXVSTER NORRIS, Shorewood: Chem- istry: Milwaukee State Teachers College, l, 2: Track: Alpha Kappa Lambda: Thesis: "Polarographic Technique in Lithium Determinations, '... JOSEPHINE EVELYN NUZUM, Viroqua: Psychology: Lawrence College, 1, 2: Kappa Delta: Thesis: "Learning for Delayed and Immediate Reproduction' '... ROBERT EDIVARD OBERXNETTER. Milwaukee: Economics: Phi Kappa Sigma . . . EVA JO ANN O'DELL, Madison: Bac- teriology: W'omen's Band, l, 2, 3, 4: Orientation, 3, 4: IVomen's Glee Club, 4: YIVCA, 4: Pan-Hellenic Delegate, 3, 4: Alpha Omicron Pi . . . SEYMOUR S. OFFENBERG, New York City: Hispanic Studies: Phi Epsilon Pi ..., A. DELAIDE G. OGILVIE, Madisonl Sociology: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Sophomore Honors, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . ANITA OHRINGER, Pittsburgh, Pa.: Sociology: University of Pittsburgh, 1: Orientation, 4: Dad's Day, 4: Panhellenic Council, 3, 4: Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . STUART WIIETZEL OLBRICI-I, Madison: Speech: Crew, l, 2, 3, 4: "Wm Club: CSA: Wfisconsin Players . . . JOSEPI-IINE FRANCES O'LEARY, Superior: French: Trinity College, 1: Kappa Alpha Theta . . . HENRY JOHN OLK, Antigo: History: Badger, 2, 3: Orientation, 2: House Presidents' Council, 4: Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . ELEANOR A. OLSON, Horiconi Sociology: Cardinal, l, 2: Society Editor, 2: Orientation, 2: YVVCA, Z: Parents' Wfeekend, 2: Alpha Chi Omega . . . NORMAN HARLAN OLSON, Verona: Physical Education: Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4 . . . ELIZABETH O'MALLEY, Madison . . . DE LYLE OSCAR OM- HOLT, VVisconsin Rapids: Political Science: Swimming, 1, 2, 3 . . . JOYCE O'NEIL, Juneau: Spanish: Democratic Club, 3: Spanish Club . . . ANN PALEY, Madison: Sociology . . . ANTONINA PARATORE, Madison: Sociology: Italian Club: Orchestra, 3, 4 . . . GEORGE S. PARISH, Madison: History: Scabbard and Blade . . . ALBERT ALAN PAVLIC, Racine: Chemistry: Phi Eta Sigma: Sophomore Honors: Crew, l, Commodore. 2, 3, 4: Badger Boat Club: Thesis: "Addition of Ammonia to Alpha-Beta Unsaturated Ketones and Subsequent Reduction to the Corresponding Amines . . . RUTH PAYNE, Pleasantville, New York: French: Geneva College for Vtfomen, Switzerland, 3: Castalia, 4: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Delta Gamma . . . VERNON FLOYD PEAK, Eau Claire: Physical Education: Football, 2, 3, 4: "VV" Club, 2 , 3, 4: Physical Education Club, Pres., 4 . . . ..1O2.. MORTER MOYLE MULLETT MULLlN NANIA NELSON, B. NELSON, J. NEUMANN NILSSON NORRIS NUZUM OBERWETTER O'DELL OFFENBERG OGILVIE OHRINGER OLBRICH O'LEARY OLK OLSON, E. U103.. OLSON, N. O'MALLEY OMHOLT O'NEI L PALEY PARATORE PARISH PAVLIC PAYNE PEAK 1" OR 1 H. PEDERSEN, Wfauwatosa, Economics, Hesperia, 1, Student Public Re- lations l' House Presidents' Council, 4, Student Vkfage and Hours Committee, 4 . . . KAT I INE ELIZABETH PENN, Madison, Bacteriology . . . EDVVARD PERRY, Sturg n Bay . . . MARTIN VVALTER PETERMAN, VVauwatosa, Economics, University Extension Division, l, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . RODNEY PETERSON, Edgerton . . . JOSEPH ROE PFIFFNER, Stevens Point, European History, Central State Teachers' College, 1, 2, Glee Club, 3, lst Regimental Band, 3, 4, Haresfoot, 4, Orientation, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Gamma Delta . . . EDVVIN PICK, VVest Bend, Economics, Notre Dame, 2, Football, 4, Sigma Chi . . . FRANK FREDERICK PIEPER, Menomonie, Economics, House Presidents Council, l, Freshman Debate Team, Extemporaneous Speaking, 1, Hesperia Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Artus ...I A XNABELLE M. PIER- STORFF, Madison, Hispanic Studies, Spanish Club, Thesis: "Petroleum of Venezuela and its EHect on Public Finance Since l9l3'l . . . HELEN PIFFARD, Plainlield, New Jersey, Latin . . . JOSEPH F. PLAZEVVSKI, Cudahy, Pharmacy, St. Mary's College, l, 2: Kappa Psi, Mortar and Pestle, Thesis: "Medicinal Foods" . . . EDGAR PLISCHKE, Milwaukee, Economics, University Extension Division, I, 2, Union Program Committee, 3, 4, University Singers, 3, 4, Male Glee Club, 4, Student Public Relations Committee, 4: Apprentice Players, 4, Sigma Phi . . . BARBARA J. POST, River Forest, Ill., French, Milton College, l, 2, lYomen's Chorus . . . GEORGE FRANCIS PRATT, Madison, Economics, Cross Country, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 3, 4, Student Athletic Board, 4, 'AWN' Club, 2, 3, 4 . . . LORAINE A. PREISER, Milwaukee, French, University Extension Division, l, 2, French Club . . . HELEN VERA PRENTIS, Detroit, Mich.: Art History: University of Michigan, 1, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . LORRAINE JUNE PUGI-I. Oshkosh, Sociology! Oshkosh State Teachers College, l, 2, YNVCA, Kappa Delta . . . J. MARIE PULLAR, Chicago, Ill., Botany, Gulf Park College, l, YVVCA, Panhellenic Council, 2, 3, Alpha Phi , . . VVILLARD A. QUAMMEN, Blair, Economics, Union Forum Committee, 3, 41 Inter-Lodging House Board, 3, 4, Inter-Lodging House Council, 4, Dykstra Student Open Houses, 4, Senior Council, 4, Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Phi . . . ROBERT C. RANDOLPH, Manitowoc, Medicine, VVentworth Military Academy, 1, 2, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . M. HONVARD RAPP, New York City: Zoology f... STANLEY ALFRED RAZNER, Stevens Point, Pharmacy, Stevens Point Teachers College, l, 2, Mortar and Pestle Club . . . MARGARET ANNE REI-IMER, Milwaukee, Latin: YWCA, l, 2, 3, 41 Senior Swingout, 3, SPRC, 3, 4 . . . JULIA L. REMINGTON, Mauston, Sociology, St. Olaf College, 1, 2, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . MARY JO REMLEY, VVaupun, Zoology . . . ALFRED ORLANDO RICCHIO, Racine, Zoology f... DANIEL POWELL RICHMAN, New York City, Zoology, Antioch College, l, Hooters . . . OSCAR E. RICHTER, Madison: Horticulture, Baseball, l, Basketball, l, 2, 'Wisconsin Country Magazine, 4 . . . EDGAR F. RILEY, Platteville, Botany, Platteville Teachers College, 1, 2, House Presidents Council, 4, Band, 3, 4, Delta Tau Delta, Thesis: "Prairie Flora of Juneau Countyu . . . ELIZABETH GALVIN RILEY, Madison, Sociology . . . ..1Q4.. PEDERSON PENN PERRY PETERMAN PETERSON PFIFFNER PICK PIEPER PIERSTORFF PIFFARD PLAZEWSKI PLISCHKE POST PRATT PREISER PRENTIS PUGH PULLAR QUAMMEN RANDOLPH H105.. RAPP RAZNER REHMER REMINGTON REMLEY RICCHIO RICHMAN RICHTER RILEY, E. RILEY, ELIZ OHN ODROVV RILEY, Platteville, Economics, Platteville State Teachers' College, I, 2, R gi ental Band, 3, 4, Delta Tau Delta . . . ALFRED S. RINELLI, Kenosha, Political Scien e, Jolt . . . ANNE MARIE RINIKER, South Milwaukee, Medical Bacteriology, Univ r ty Extension Division, l . . . HAROLD DAVIS ROBERTS, Madison, Zoology, Union Board, 2, 3, 4, Octopus, 2, 3, Bus. Mgr., 4, Student Public Relations Committee, Z, 3, Prom, 3, Wfinter Carnival, 4, Cardinal Key, Tumas, Sigma Nu . . . VVILLIAM ROBERT- SON, Milwaukee, Economics, Sigma Nu . . . EDVVARD LELON ROBINSON, Madison, Economics . . . HYMAN SAUL ROBOCK, Berlin, Economics, Debate, 4, Orientation Wfeek, 3, 4, Lodging House Council, Pres., 3, 4, House Presidents Council, 3, 4, Pre-Prom Chairman, 3, VVinter Carnival, 3, Progressive Club, 2, 3, 4: Phi Kappa Phi, Artus: Wliite Spades, Phi Eta Sigma: Sophomore High Honors . . . FOREST RODD, Rhinelander . . . VVILLIAM H. RODGERS, Benton, Mo., Hispanic Studies, South East Missouri State Teachers' College, I, Men's Glee Club: Spanish Club: Psi Upsilon: Thesis: "Argentinian Recovery: a General Discussion Including Public Finance" . . . JOSEPH ROSENBERG, Morristown, N. J,: English, City College of New York, l, 2: Apprentice Players: Thesis: "YVriting a Play of College Lite" . , , MARY FRANCES ROSSITER, La Crosse, Sociology, La Crosse State Teachers' College, l, Z, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . EARL CARL ROSSMAN, W'auwatosa, Chemistry , University Extension Division, l, 2, Thesis: K'Quantitative Analysis of Crystal Lake Muds' '... LAURETTE JEAN ROTHSCHILD, Columbus, Ga,, Psy- chology, Sophie Newcomb College, l, Z: Italian Award, Alpha Epsilon Phi: Thesis: "An Experimental Study ot the Stanford Binet Test as Compared IVith the Hemmon-Nelson and American Council Tests of Mental Abilities' '... HARLAN FRANCIS ROUSSEAU. Madison, Economics-Finance and Labor: Crew, Band, I, 2: Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . JACK- SON ROXVLAND, Chicago, Ill.: Political Science, Psi Upsilon . . . RALPH ALBERT RUCK, Wfauwatosa, Pharmacy: University Extension Division, l. 2: Delta Chi, Thesis: "The Therapeutic Value of Cod Liver Oil" . . . HONYARD F. RUFF. Milwaukee: Eco- nomics, University Extension Division, l, 2, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . RUBY M, RULE, Dodgeville, Medical Bacteriology . . . EDXVARD J. SADEK, Milwaukee: Economics, Orientation, 3, 4, Artus . . . HELEN MADELEINE SAGER, Madison, Speech, Pythia, Phi Beta . . . ROBERT SAUCERMAN, Monroe: Economics: University of Calfornia at Berkeley, l, Progressive Club, Pres., 4, YMCA . . . DOROTHY JANE SCHALLER, Mil- waukee, Sociology, YVVCA, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi ..., A XLICE MARION SCHENK, Madison, Political Science . . . DAVID ELTON SCHLONSKY, Milwaukee: Pharmacy, University Extension Division, l, Mortar and Pestle: Thesis: "A History of Ephedrinen . . . VVILLIAM FRANK SCHMELING, VVausau: Economics: Central State Teachers' College, 1, 2, Sigma Chi . . . HAROLD EDXVARD SCHMIT, Madison: Economics: Home- coming Committee, 3, 4, Orientation, 2, 3, Pre-Prom Committee, 3, Prom Committee, 32 Basketball, l, Elections Committee, I, Phi Delta Theta . . . VIRGINIA ELIZABETH SCHIVIITZ, Madison, Italian, Italian Club, Orientation, Pi Beta Phi . . . JAMES EDVVARD, SCHNEIDER, Madison, Economics . . . KATHERINE ANN SCHOENDORF, Milwau- kee, English, Milwaukee State Teachers' College, l, German Club, Hooters Club, YNVCA . . . ANTON PAUL SCHOENENBERGER, Green Bay, Medicine: Phi Chi, YMCA: International Club, Sophomore Honors, Thesis: !'Continuous Observations of Arterial and Venous Blood p.H. Responses to Various Experimental Procedures" . . . ..1O5.. RILEY, J. RINELLI RIINIKER ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROBINSON ROBOCK RODD RODGERS ROSENBERG ROSSITER ROSSMAN ROTHSCHILD ROUSSEAU ROWLAND RUCK RUFF RULE SADEK SAGER ..1O7.. SAUCERMAN SCHALLER SCH ENK SCHLONSKY SCHMELING SCHMIT SCHMITZ SCHNEIDER SCHOENDORF SCHOENEN BERGER ARA I LYN SCHREIBER, Madison, Economics, University of VVashington, 2, 3, YVVCA, , IAA, Photography Club . . . VVILLIAM FREDERICK SCHROEDER, Mil- waukee, C emistry, University Extension Division, 1, 2, American Chemical Society, Beta Tl a Pi, Thesis: "Molecular Structure of the Fatty Oils in the Ether Extract from the Rye Germ' '... I-IOVVARD M. SCHUDSON, Milwaukee, Economics, Orientation Week, Dad's VVeek, Soph Shuffle, Pre-Prom, Interfraternity Council, Senior Council, Pi Lambda Phi . , . JON SCI-IUELER, Milwaukee, Economics, Union Board, 1, Cardinal, 1, YMCA, 4, Artus, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Delta Phi . . . MARTHA ANN SCHURCH, Barneveld, Sociology . . . THOMAS L. SCHVVAAB, Nashotah, Economics, Gamma Eta Gamma, Sigma Nu . . . MARY LOIS SCHXWARTZ, Lancaster, Sociology , , . ETHEL- NORE REGAN SECORD, VVauwatosa, Sociology, Mount Mary College, l, 2, Prom Chairman, 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . , MARTIN HENRY SEIDEN, Staten Island, N, Y., Political Science, Homecoming, Alpha Epsilon Pi , . . ERMA JEANNE SENTY, Inde- pendence, Zoology, Lawrence College, 1, Cardinal, 2, 3, Badger, 4: Alpha Chi Omega . . . THEODORE SERNOVITZ, Milwaukee, SociOlOg'y5 University Extension Division. I, 2 . . . ELLEN MORGAN SEXTON, Marshfield, Medicine, College of St. Catherine, 1, 2, Dad's Day Committee, Pi Beta Phi . . . PHYLLIS SHAFTON, Stevens Point, Sociology, Phi Sig- ma Sigma . . . CONRAD JOHN SHEARER, Kenosha, Economics, Orientation Wfeek, 2, 3, Prom, 3, Student Public Relations, 3, 4, Student XVages Committee, 4, Artus, 3, 4, Acacia . . . DOROTHY ANN SHORT, Salt Lake City, Utah, Comparative Literature: W7est- minster College, 1, 2, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . RALPH J. SIMEONE, Milwaukee, Eco- nomics, Orientation VVeek, 2, 3, Assistant Chairman Orientation, 4, Senior Council, 4, Sophomore Honors, Artus, 3 . . . MARY MYRTHA SIMMONS, Viola: Related Art, Cardinal, 3, 4, Hooters, 4 , . . JOY VIOLA SIMONS, Milwaukee, English, Milwaukee- Downer College, 1, 2, Orchestra, 3, Badger, 3, Cardinal, 3, 4, YVVCA, 3, 4, Pythia, 4, German Club, 4, Alpha Chi Omega , , . JERALD L. SIMONSEN, Cambridge, Economics, Orientation 'Week, 3, Student Public Relations, President Dykstra Reception, 4, Senior Council, Homecoming Committee, 4 . . . EARL C, SMITH, Milwaukee, Economics, Milwaukee State Teachers College, 1, 2 . . , GLADYS RUTH SPEVACHEK, Green Bay, Sociology, Parents Weekeiicl, 1, Orientation Vlfeek, 2, YVVCA, 2, Sigma Kappa . . . RAECHEL N. STARE, Columbus, Psychology, Sophomore Shuffle, 2, Parents VX7eekend, Z, Homecoming, 3, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Thesis 1 "Foreward Conditioning, Backward Conditioning, Psuedo Conditioning in Gold Fish" . . . DOROTHY ELIZABETH STEIN- MEIER, Indianapolis, Indiana, Journalism, Butler University, 1, 2, Cardinal, Union Information Committee, 3, Castalia Literary Society, Theta Sigma Phi, Sigma Kappa , . . HARLAN STEWART, Poynette , . . RAY MARIE STRENG, Louisville, Ky., Psychology, University of Louisville, 1, Orientation. 3, Community Union, 3, Vocational Guidance, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Thesis: "Inter-Correlations of Learning Abilities" . . . FRANCIS JOHN STUMREITER, Fiiield, Finance, Military Ball, 4, Orientation, 2, 3, Cardinal, 2, Hesperia, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Sigma Phi . . , FRANKLIN SUITS, Medford, Pharmacy, Stevens Point State Teachers, 1, 2, Thesis: "CafF1ene' ,... ROBERT C. SWANSEN, Mil- waukee, Economics, Phi Gamma Delta . . . BESSIE SVVEET, Madison, Sociology, Alpha Kappa Delta , , . MARGARET ANN TAPPINS, Hudson, Hispanic Studies, Cardinal, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Delta Delta Delta, Thesis: "Geographic Study of Northeast Brazili' . . . H108.. 9:6 SCHREIBER SCHROEDER SCHWAAB SCHUDSON SCHWARTZ SERNOVITZ SCHUELER SECORD SEXTON SCHURCH SEIDEN SHAFTON SENTY SHEARER SHORT SIMEONE SIMMONS SIMONS SIMONSEN SMITH ..1O9.. SPEVACH EK STARE STEINMEIER STEWART STRENG STUMREITER SUITS SWANSEN SWEET TAPPINS Q f , X, X f f f ,f li fl X J! X f 1 f X f fl f A 1 if I fi! 5 , J , , pf ,r MMA X kwf' JVVILBIJR JDANIEL THIEL, Pecatonica, Ill., English . . . CAECILIA MAGDALEN THIEMANN, Reedsburg, Pharmacy, College of St. Teresa, l , Mortar and Pestle, Rho Chi, Thesis: 'gMitamin B' '... LORRAINE THOMAS, Stoughton, Sociology f... LILLIAN THO PW, Milton Junction, Pharmacy, Milton College, 1, 2, Orientation lfVeek, Mortar and Pest1e,iAlpha Xi Delta, Thesis: "Adrenal Cortex" . . . KENNETH E. TIEDKE, Denmark, Anthropology, Alpha Kappa Delta, Sophomore Honors . . . VIRGINIA FOVVLER TIMM, New Holstein, Economics, Milwaukee-Downer, 1, 2, Alpha Chi Omega . . . GUS- TAVE BERNHARDT TIMMEL, Oconomowoc, Zoology, University Band, 1, Uni- versity Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, University Mixed Chorus, 2, Hooters Club, YMCA, 1, Student Public Relations Committee, Phi Beta Pi, Alpha Kappa Lambda . . . RICHARD PERRY TINKHAM, Milwaukee, Economics, Orientation Vleek, Men's Union Board, Chairman of Union Concert Series, 3, Building Committee: Crew, Cardinal Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Artus, Sophomore Honors, Wlhite Spades, Phi Gamma Delta . . . JOHN PREDRIC TOMPKINS, Rice Lake, Economics, Erosh Prolic, Orientation, 2, 3, Homecoming, 4, Haresfoot, 3, 4, House Presidents Council, 4, lntertraternity Council, 4, Sigma Chi . . . VIRGINIA LOUISE TORCOM, Evanston, Ill., Speech: Northwestern University, 1, 2, Wfisconsin Players, 4, Apprentice Players, 3, 4, VVHA Players, Homecoming. 3, Zeta Phi Eta, National Collegiate Players, Pi Beta Phi . . . PAUL LAIYRENCE TUTTRUP, Green Bay, Economics, Sophomore Shuflle, 2, Parents' NfVeekend Committee, 2, 3, Orientation, 2, 3, Homecoming, 2, 3, Prom, 3, Tumas, Beta Theta Pi . . . FREDRIC IYILLIAM ULL- RICH, Platteville, Natural Science, Platteville State Teachers' College, l, 2, Beta Theta Pi . . . IVVILLIAM HENRY UPHAM, Marshheld: Economics: Hooters, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Delta Phi . . . WVINIERED VAN GELDER, Chetek, Sociology: Orientation, 4, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Xi Delta . . . CORNELIUS MARTIN VAN HEURCK, Appleton, American History: University of Montana, 1, 2, Camera Club, Editor, "The Challenge' '...' FRANCES MARIAN YEA, Stoughton, Eco- nomics, YVVCA, 1, 2, 3, Outing Club, 2, Arden Club, 2, NVAA, 2, 3: International Club, 1: Orientation, 3, Badger, 3, Phi Kappa Phi , Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Sigma Kappa . . . ADRIAN JOHN VERHAGE, Sheboygan: Zoology, Mission House College, 1, 2, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . HELEN MARY VIGH, Beloit, Labor Economics, University of Indiana. 1: Beloit College, 2 , YVVCA: XVAA . . . VIOLET E. VOSS, Kiel: Sociology, YWICA, 4, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . JOHN PHELPS INIAGNER, Milwaukee, Economics, Swimming: UTY" Club, Chi Psi . . . LINUS A. W'ALCH, JR., Madison, Hispanic Studies, Wfisconsin Players. 2, 3, 42 Phi Kappa . . . JACK V. XNALDHEIM, Milwaukee, Psychology: Cardinal, 1, 2, 3, Business Manager, 4, Summer Prom, 3, Summer Cardinal, Business Manager, 3, Homecoming, 4: Hooters, 4, Vlfinter Carnival Committee, 4, Thesis: l'Personality Traits of Newspaper Ad- vertising Solicitors" . . . ALLEEN ELLA XNARD, Beloit: Zoology: Beloit College. l, 2 . . . ELEANOR A. VVASKOVV, Milwaukee, Medicine, Chi Omega . . . HARRIET M. XVEBSTER, Columbus, Sociology .... A LVA JANE XNEINSTEIN, Phillips: Sociologyl Sophomore Honors, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . RAYMOND PAUL XAIELBOURNE, IN-fest Allis, Zoology: Iowa State College, 1, 2, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . STEPHEN LOREN XVELD, Campbellsport, Medical Science, Pi Kappa Alpha, Thesis: "X-Ray Study of Stomach Eniptying' '... ERNEST DANIEL WIENBERG, Wfest De Pere, Political Science, Lawrence College, 1: University Cooperative Council, Wlrestling, 2, YMCA, 3, Progressive Club, 42 Phi Beta Kappa . . . NORMAN ITVING VVENGERT, Milwaukee, Political Science, Con- cordia College, l, 2, Union Forum Committee, University League for Liberal Action: Cardinal Editorial Board, Student Council: Phi Kappa Phi, Thesis: 'KThe Good Neighbor Policy and Latin America' '... THIEL THIEMANN THOMAS THORPE Tl EDKE TIMM TIMMEL TI NKHAM TOMPKINS TORCOM TUTTRUP ULLRICH UPHAM VAN GELDER VAN HEURCK VEA VERHAGE VIGH VOSS WAGN ER WALCH WALDHEIM WARD WASKOW WEBSTER WEI NSTEI N WELBOURNE WELD WENBERG WENGERT WESKE ,V WILKE WILLISON WOY YOUNGREEN fD,WEYl.AND ,I WILKIE WINKLER WRIGHT ZEUHLS ZUEHLKE if EWHITEFIELEX X WILKNER WOULFE WRONSKI ZUCKERMAN ff Q, I 1,7 in ' ,Alf X jf ffl: 572 ff fy f if ff ,f A ii .f f , V iw Q ,X if ffff l f J 7 li iw! fffi A I ZXELONIS fMARY WESKE, Milwaukee, Sociology . . . EUGENE XVEYLAND, Convent, I A N. I., Political Science, Stevens Institute of Technology, l . . . HALLIE LOU IVVHITE- fff FIELD, Madison, Political Science, VVSGA, judicial Committee, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Union fi CouncQy'Parents VVeekend Committee Co-chairman, 2, Presidentis Reception Chairman, 3, Orientation, 2, 3, 4, Significant Living Series Committee, 3, Speakers Bureau, 2, 3, 4, Chairman Vocational Guidance Week, 3, YVVCA, ULLA, Castalia: Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Crucible, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi . . . GERALD FRANCIS XMILKE, Madison, Economics. . . HORACE VVHITE XVILKIE, Madison, Economics, Homecoming, 3, Parents Weekeiad, 3, YMCA, President, 4, Wfisconsin Men's Union Board, 3, 4, House Presidents Council, 3, 4, Herald Tribune Forum, 3, Debate, 4, Oratory, l: Artus: Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Iron Cross, VVhite Spades, Delta Upsilon . . . CHARLES H. XMILKNER, Madison, Pharmacy, Mortar and Pestle, Kappa Psi, Thesis: "A Study of Vitamin F" . . . DONALD MARSHALL VVILLISON, VVaukesha, Medicine, Track, I, 2, 3, 4: Orientation, Sigma Nu , , . CHARLES NVINKLER, Milwaukee, English, Harestoot, 2, 3, 4: Hooters, Chi Psi, Thesis: "Keat's Theory of the Relationship Between Poetry and Experience as Expressed in His Life and W'orks" . . . HELEN F. VVOULFE, Madison, French . . . GRACE H. VVOY, Madison, English, Cardinal, 1, 2, YNVCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pan-Hellenic, 2: Dolphin Club, I, 2, Alpha Chi Omega . . . DOROTHY A. VVRIGHT, Hudson, Economics, University of Minnesota, I, 2 . . . THADDEUS KOSCIUSZKO VVRONSKI, Twin Lakes, Political Science, Sarmatia Club, Spanish Club . . . HAROLD CARL YOUNGREEN, Monticello, Medical Science, Phi Eta Sigma . . . GEORGE ZEUHLS, Markesan . . . JANE BEATRICE ZUCKERMAN, New Rochell, N. Y., Sociology . . . CARL VVILLIAM ZUEHLKE, Bon- duel, Chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, President, 4, Thesis: "Mineral Electrodes" . . . ..,12.. r .-mc -I In M., ,EA nl -QIi:1IJ I 1 - E 5: -JA 1- ,I f':+'1" F 5, - . :leg-'J Eli.: ""r:1- ,Dj 4-fir-:I,'i-v ", 4, iL.2':uu-1 . .4-.-L Af I ..- .G - f, .. . X . . - . - - 'n".-L '-'J-15.QE':X!1 -.E -1" "" ' '1 1 'ia "H 'J ' ":"n-nc "- '--V '-ApwJ,Hf- L-' ! .'.,'E,1--2 :THF ff. H ,- - 'fn IL' - - -.., 1 -jjsip.-fir? ,.-' l, ,5"r.7 li!-t:-ijljwi-,,-:EL I, 1?-M-'.'. I: ,w.-1- .jk-q5j,,'uI I-, I - - 1 -1: . " .f'f- .--'- 4, -' ,.' -1- - .-:Q . 'Q-3.1, 5 if! gl, -fi , 1- f-my if-L :gk 1 !:ilId--1,23-1'-,iw I.-, ,' ,Ig , ,, Nfl? 'lift ,V 1 , F w,. L H.-VI, JJ- I ti-git 1. I V-,rw ir A... dl I i.v,.:V-- -I . ' .,. 1' . ,,-J-I,-1 1-'.- f - ,, A -' ,L '11-vL",""Jr.A"J,,'ll1L I. - ' , 'f 1' "W,-'Q -Q "- I" M 'H - " ' I ".' -V 'l ' 'I 471 " 'mi I"-All-L , -.B -,- - Y X 6-.1,.f1r.,', -,Q ,-,' .-' Jkgq- T w.. m,,J ,' ' Hx. L., ,. 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I ,Lt Fi 4 fi 'I -:Ji ff 511.51 .-7 Qu--l-----,-V -- -W ---1l- .-- -114 .L,,,V SDE. 070155 0000,-fL 62116, 000555 gjm QQL! gf ff' A334 X ZSS JO V15 WQCJXOVL 'ss mQ:CqG'!ll'If'y1fL owes Sxq .:,.,si- e NA 91. wx z quant- ' 4 ff' 00455 Q04Mml, Q QW1T,SS QGYQVLQ Z 'NPHQ4' CLASS GF 1938: Virginia Baker, Ann Cunningham, Marion Davidson, Nathalie Doepkeg Lorraine Doyle, Gladys Eehlau, Helen Eudzinski, Elsie Griffith, Alice Hansen, Mary Joyce, Mary Ellen Kuehne, VV'il1na Larson, Virginia Lewis, Margery Swenson, Margaret Theisen, Iris Uebersetzig. CLASS OP 1939: Irene DeNoyer, Gladys Dite, Bernice Enge- bretson, Jeanne Hosier, Eulalia Keegan, Doris Maas, Dorothy Miller, Carla Muth, Rita Sorge, Mildred Walker, Marie West- phal, Mary Louise Zander. CLASS GF 1940: Jeannette Barthel, Dorothy Cook, Lois Roy. CLASS OE 1941: Elizabeth Anderson, Margaret Bowen, Dorothy Connor, Marion Ellis, Margaret Lingard, Margery McCaughey, Geraldine Pearson, Billie 'lean Rittase, Dorothy Sanders, Ellen Schwartz, Vera Sostarich, Eileen Schwister, Irene Sylvester, Lucille VValker. -1 ,L Y -1-4 L- W , L Gladys Fehlau .....,.... President Mary loyce ...... Vice President Marie Westplial ........ Secretary Margaret Theisen .... Treasurer Lorraine Doyle ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..................PTOg'1'E111'1 Chairman Elsie Griffith, Gladys Dite .... ..................Rushing Chairmen "'1 " ' K' wf- e if-ri -M 'y1.f ..i V , .f, f if , First Row: Westphal, Fehlau, Theisen. Second Row: Sorge, Rattunde, McCougl'1ey, Swen- son. Third Row: Keegan, Muth, Griffith, Maas, Roy. Fourth Row: Cunningham, Davidson, Sostrich, Anderson. ,W . V , .- , , ff W, A lf U124.. First Row: Hansen, Bowers, Smiles, Biggar, Frost, Bohr, March, Muth. Second Row: Powell, Grumann, Burkitt, Lynch, Atwell, Schmidt, Smith, Botz. Third Row: Adams, Mc- Caughey, Loyd, Brown, Gesley, Page, Ramage, Woods. Fourth Row: Lindholm, Ptund, Dixon, Zoerb, Steinmeier, Eierman, Freeling, Sutherland. Fifth Row: Steinmesch, Bartenbach, Andersen, Frederick, Pork, Pence, Griem, Nuessle. Marjorie Frost ,..,.,.... President Margaret Muth,.Yice President Mary Starr .... ..,.,. S ecretary Elizabeth March .,.... Treasurer Eunice Biggar ...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, .,......,,..,.Intersociety Member Dorothy jane Bahr ,,,,.....,.,,, ,.......Forensic Board Member Betty Howland ...,.................. ..............,,.,Rushing Chairman Leota Wfoods ....,,......,,....,...,,,, ................Publicity Chairman CAST Llc Kay Aclams, Elizabeth Andersen, Marjorie Atwell, Dorothy jane Bahr, Dorothy Bartenback, Eunice Biggar, Betty Botz, Betty Ann Bowden, janet Bowers, Dorothy Brown. Florence Burkitt, Gertrude Dixon, Ruth Mary Dudley, Lorraine Eggert, Mary Eiernian, Venus Fifer, Kathryn Frederick, Margaret Freeling, Marjorie Frost, Ruth Gesley, Betty Glosz, .Xrdis Grieni. Marie Grumann, fX1'1l1lI1C Gulesserian, Helen Hanford, Mariani Hansen, Maxine Henius, Martha Hershey, Betty Howland, Lorraine Hubbard, Mary Susan Klas, Ruth Krug, Kathryn Kuechen- meister. Lorraine Kuhlinan, Eleanor C. Lawson, Margaret Lindholni, Mary Lord, Evelyn Loyd, Lois Lynch, Elizabeth March, Marjorie Mc- Caughey, Mary Meek, Dorothy Miller, Evelyn Miller, Margaret Muth, Mary Louise Nuessle, Marion jane O,Connell, Carolyn Page, Elizabeth Park, judith Patey, jane Pattie, jean Paunack, Ruth Payne, Ruth Pence, Betty Pfund, jean Powell, Mary Raniage, Dorothy Reid, Betty Reinek- ing, Marjorie Riordan, Betty Schmidt, Ann Smiles, Audrey Smith, jeannette Smith, Mary Starr, Dorothy Steinmeier, Barbara Steinniesch, Erva Strand, jean Sutherland, Mary Sylvester, Margaret Thiel, Marian Thiel, Ann Wallace, Priscilla White, Hallie Lou Wliitefield, Elizabeth VVilliams, Karen XfVillian1s, Leota YVoods, and Wiiiifred Zoerb. WQMENS l,lTERA.RY lSOClEil"Y ..j25.. fv, -,h -. :if v v 1'-'L xv 1'-gt' f slqgdfl J f-- . ' ,,, . yi 4 , N4 . Q, ' ifxl 'S ill l it ,lift "" ii"illi'fiiY 'P X, " - -.Y-1, Lau. Maia, .1 L Barbara Bartley, Betty Bascom, Carolyn Bishop, Florence Blake, Julie Bleecker, jane Bleyer, Eleanor Buehler, Betty Bullwinlcel, Margaret Bush, Polly Coles, Morna Crawford, Barbara Dratz, Gertrude Esch, Dorothy Gee, Fern Griffin, Ruby Hannon, Helen Hernlem, Betty Hill, Kitty Holloway, Lucille House, Clara Lou Kuhl, Laura Laue, janet joeven- hart, Ruth Lowman, Helen McGilvra, Myrna Metcalf, Mar- garet Murrish. Naomi Newman, Irene 0'Neill, Margaret Reiner, Mary Lou Rowley, Ruth Runclell, Helen Sager, Ananda Sandsmark, Marion Schmidt, Bettyrae Schroeder, Evelyn Schroth, Lois Senty, Mary-Ellen Silverstone, joy Simons, Patricia Sonnenberg, Helen Tank, Jeannette Wfach- ovius, Betty Ann VVanclrey, Mary Grace Wfandrey, Virginia Wfeber, lane Zeratsky. P3.Lili1'1C Coles ......,.,,,, President Ruth Lowman ..Vice President BZI1'l3E11'2L Dratz ,...,,,,,,,, Secretary Betty Bascom ...,,,,,,,,, Treasurer Betty Hill..Rushing Chairman Clara Lou Kuhl ..,,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Forensic Board Representative Betty Bullwinkel ...,.. Historian i H126.. winkel, Coles, Kuhl, Bascom Goedecke. Second Row: Simons Schmidt, l-louse, Sandsmark Sormenberg, Bleyer, McGilvra Griffin. Third Row: Bartley Ier, Sager, Bush, Schroeder way, Metcalf, Blake, Hannon l-lolzknecht, Dratz. First Row: O'Neil, l-lill, Bull- Schroth, Dana, Newman, Bueh- Fourth Row: Hernlem, Hollo- First Row: Biggor, Whitefield, Murphy. Second Row: Boird, Underhill, Teckemeyer, Crone. Third Row: Gross, Forster, Mul- lin. ' f 'I N' It VM-'o was V Hallie Lou Wfhitelield ..., ....,........... P resident Marion Bradley Gross ..., ........ V ice President Marion Mullin ......,.......,........ .................,......,. ............. S e cretary Kathryn Kuechenmeister ,....................,.................... ....,.......... T reasurer Ruth Bachuber ...... Senior Representative at Large on Union Council Sonja Frankowsky .... Junior Representative at Large on Union Council Bette Teckemeyer ..A,..............,..,........,.......,. Senior Class Representative Virginia Lambert Vivian Underhill .. Mary Murphy ........ Mary Golcllnerger ..... Martha Forster ..... Audrey Beatty ..,.. Eunice Biggar .......,.. ............Iunior Class Representative .......Sophornore Class Representative ......Freshman Class Representative ,.....,......,......,........Census Chairman ........judicial Chairman ....,,.,Elections Chairman ......,,...District Chairman LOU-grime Hubbard ..,...................,,,.... Orientation Chairman Salli Crane ,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,t ,,...., H ousing Committee Representative Hilary MgtQKeQhnie ,....,..,,..............,,...... Executive Secretary W0lVl1EN'S SELF-CQVERNM.EN'Vll' ..1Z7.. Marijane lex, President: Yivian Marsh, Vice Presi- dentg Betty Horn, Record- ing Secretaryg Eunice Rob- inson, Corresponding Secre- taryg Mary Lu Sanborn, Treasurerg Marguerite Rob- inson, Poster Publicity g Mary Robinson, Tea Chair- mang Lena Kelley, Guting Club: Catherine Marting, Basketball Clubg Margaret Pelton, Orchesisg Eleanor Shipps, Hockey Clubg Helen Skowlund, Bowling Clubg Doris Thysell, Dolphin Club. First Row: Horn, Marsh, Jex, Sanborn. Second Row: Pelton, Shipps, Skowlund, Thysell, E. Robinson. Third Row: Kelley, M. Robinson, Mory Robinson, Morting. First Row: Shipps, Stoel- ting, Bodwin, Howe, Sec- ond Row: Morting, Belk, Reich. l I Xllinitred Bodwin, Presi- dentg Germaine Reich, Vice- Presidentg Emily Belk, Sec- retaryg Catherine Marting, Treasurerg Mida Howe, Senior Representative: Elea- nor Shipps, junior Represen- tative: Marie Stoelting, Sophomore Representative: Mary Jane Peters. Eresh- man Representative, In the XVomen's Physical Education Club an effort is made to secure a unified or- ganization of general physi- cal education and dance ma- jors ot the University. All majors are automatically members and it is the aim of the club to uphold the high standards of the profession. I N, 1 I F Y G X, U!! li! U Nl lb I+! TI-IE EXECLJTIVES Percy Rosernurgy, Kathryn Hammond, Ruth Arrmann, Ber- nard Greene. Donald Nelson, Ray L. Hilsenhoff, Robert R. Aurner, Frank Thayer. TI-IE BADGEIQ BCDAIQD QF CQNTIQQL THE EADS l Firsf Row: Elo, Rieft Oetking, Nelson, Show Hopkins. Second Row Wiegond, Jorgensen Spector, Faust, Johnson bich, Bucklin, Herrmonn Totmon. EDITGRIAL STAFF Editor, Paul Godfrey, Managing Editor, Ro- bert Sampson, Editorial Chairman, Harold Liebich: Senior Editor, Mary jane Buckling Photographic Editor, Robert Hopkins, Per- sonnel Director, Marjorie lNiegandg Associate Editors, Allen Jorgensen, Richard Totman, Max Herrmann, Social Sororities, Jane john- son, Occasions, Williarn Spectorg Sports, Tom Faust, Fred Baxter, Groups, Robert Elag Pro- fessionals, Theodore Reiffg History, Robert Shawg Women, Caroline Iversong Photog- raphy, Robert Oetking, Walter Nelson, Ford Brown, Plaines Taylor, Ben Kastein, Howard Third Row: Sornpson, Lie- First Row: Froncke, Urschitz, Vokos, Bode, Torkelson. Second Row: Dowdy, Born. Third Row: Iver- son, Wenstodt, Teichmonn, Le- Grcmd, Turnbull, Roberts, Bid- Inger. - .34 ' all Q QI? MCMXXXVIII Bell, Kuony, Pfiffner, Altman, Wfilliam Bateman, Editorial Assis- tants, Howard Teichmann, Roger LeGrand, Joyce NVenstadt, Nadine Strate, Jo Roberts, Fannie Turnbull, Kay Bidinger, Mary Cru- zen, Betty Fellenz, Dorothy Jambor, Joan Matteson. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager, Arthur Bridge, Circula- tion Manager, Harry Bell, Ed Zeisig, Joyce Francke, Edith Torkelsong Advertising Man- ager, John Urschitz, James Pfiffner, George Bode, Armin Schapiro, James Osborne: Or- ganizations Manager, Jack Kuony, Frank Born, John Dawdy, Kay Vakos, Henry Gardner. llll Ullll MORTON NEWMAN JACK WALDI-lElM EXECUTIVE EDlTOR BUSINESS MANAGER Robert Ralph Fred Chris Julian Taylor Samuel Alexander Retson Borrmstein H134.. iliilllii Ruth Bachuber Odvar l-laug Carlton Brechler Pauline Coles Eldon Mueller Newman Holmes Waldheim Bennett Mueller LeC-:rand Jacobson Beatty Davis LaRus Reiff Wengert Carlson Sfeinmetz Goldstone Simmons U135.. lhe Daily Cardinal HCOlTlDlZl2 CdmDUS COVZVCHQZH Founded April 4, 1892, as a daily newspaper at the University oi Wisconsin, owned and controlled by the student body. Published every morning except Mon- day by The Daily Cardinal company during regular session and every Wednesday and Saturday during the summer session. Printed by the Cardinal Pub- lishing company. Entered as second class matter at the post-office, Madison, Wisconsin. BOARD OF CONTROL: Ruth Bachhuber, president: Pauline Coles, secretary: Eldon Mueller, C. Carleton Brechler, Odvar Haugg Morton Newman, Jack Waldheim, ex-ofliciog Grant M. Hyde, Don R. Fellows, Phillip G. Fox, faculty. EDITORIAL STAFF EXECUTIVE EDITOR ,......... MORTON NEWMAN Managing Editor ............,.......,....,..............,.., Robert Taylor Editorial Chairman .............,. ............, R alph O. Samuel Sports Editor ...........,,.,,.,,...... ....,.. ....... F r ed Alexander Society Editor ............,..,.,.............................. Audrey Beatty Feature Editor ..........,.............,........................, J. J. La Rus Desk Editors: Richard Davis, Norman Jacobson, De- lore Michael, James Michna, Theodore Reiff. News Editors: James Bennett, Richard Davis, Rich- ai'd Guiterman, Edgar Heineman, Roger LeGrand, Alan Steinmetz. Editorial Page Writers: Norman Wengert, Byron Johnson, L. K. Brandt, Richard Goldstone, Justin Winnig, Milton Sherman, Laurance Wolfe, Hilton Hanna, Richard May, George Read. Sports Staff: Lawrence L. Lederman, assistant sports editor: Wheeler Holmes, Robert Minden, Manny Brownstein, Helen Skowlund, Richard Siggelko, Jack Segal, Edward Koblitz. Feature Staff: William Spector, Dorothy Boettiger, David Oppenheim, Virginia Crump, Beatrice Wieg, desk editors: Lorraine Schmeisser, Helen Wicks, Mary Goldberger, Margaret Frankel, William Rust, Hope Levy, Sheila Smith, Alex Temmer, Shirley Weimar, Virginia Ripner, Ruth Goren, Ivan Silver, David Katcher, Marcelle Feybusch. News and Night Staff: Douglas Barrett, Dorothy Arnquist, William Lochner, Kemper Diehl, Betty Gerhard, Natalie Grabfelder, Sydney Jacobson, Helen McGilvra, Ida Murphy, Ruth Nason, Edwin Newman, Jo Roberts, Dorothy Steinmyer, Robert Monk, Adolph Juninger, John Scheftier. SOCICW Staff: Jane Bingham, Joyce Franke, Helen Mae Collentine, Ann Rein-ian, Betty Jane Adams, Elizabeth Montgomery, Joyce Simons, Dorothy Knauss, Jo Mattson, Jessie Ann Baird, June Oehl, Bonnie Kate Owens, Thomasina Hyland. Art:.A1 Draves, Armin Schapira, Salli Crane. Special Writers: A. L. Schneider. Melvin Schifter, Wade M05bY. Fannv Turnbull, Robert Shaw, Mar- tha Murphy, Betty Hill. BUSINESS STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER .............. JACK WALDHEIM ASSOciate Business Manager ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Chris Retson Advffflslng MZUHECF .-.-.-..................... ..... J ulian Bornstein Natl Advertising -Mgrs .....,. George Carlson, Dick Jones Advertising i Solicitors-Gordon Chadek, Guy Coons, Julius Leis, Martin Levitan, Harold Pentler, James .Pryor: Mary Simmons, Fannie Turnbull, Jean Ryan. Clfculafwn ............................ .................,...... R ichard Fenno Office SeC1'et31'Y .---------,.-.-. -................... ...... I r ma L. Randall First Row: McGilvray, Chilsen, Adams, Newman, Beatty, La Rus, Crump, Rei- man, Collentine. Second Row: Roberts, Cunningham, Gerhardt, Carlson, Millar, Bauer, Francke, Bingham, Simmons. Third Row: Davis, May, Schneider, Rob- bins, Pryor, Silver, Mosby, Spector. Fourth Row: Miller, Reiff, Steinmetz, Michael, Carlson, Brownstein, Heine- man, Wendroff. Fifth Row: E. Newman, Wengert, Michna, Bennett, Johnson, Jacobsen, Minden. The largest staff of any of the publications Works six days ofthe Week editing the Daily Cardinal, one of the finest college dailies, a consistent winner in college com- petition, one of the few remaining uncensored college newspapers. First Row: Leviton, Ozonick, Hood, Kommers, Thorkelson, Boncyk. Second Row: Hal- vorsen, Senft, Lingcrcl, Ket- chum, Walter, Jonkus, Rich- ardson. Third Row: I-Ierning, Anoff, Sanford, Schutte, I-Iuppler. IIII HIIEIIIIIEII IIIEIIIIIII EDITQRIAL STAFF: xxfyilllillil Thorkelson. lfditorg Robert Hopkins, Photographerg Her- bert Sanford, Personnel Directorg john Senft, Feature Editorg Harold Leviton, Alumni Notes Eclitorg Alan Jankus, Biographerg VVilliam Hood, Campus Notes Editorg Aldro Lingard, Humor Fditorg Anthony Qzanick, Hugh Rather, Seymour Anoff, Clarence Boncyk, Evan Schutte, Leo Herning. BUSINESS STAFF: VVilliam Kommers, Busi- ness Managerg Robert Richardson, Circulation Managerg -Iohn Huppler, Miles Standish, Ken- neth Halvorsen, Williain Sorenson. I, ' ' I I. ,I I I I I WILLIAM TI-IORKELSON 3 EXECUTIVE EDITOR I I. I III WILLIAM KOMMERS I BUSINESS MANAGER Il II I I I1 I I II ..137.. I '. I W, I III IIISIIIIIEIT UIIU I U2 1- 'ff 5,1'.'f7QCT-953"T BOARD OF EDITORS in Robert Nash X38 Myron Gordon '39 TL Robert IiIL16'EC1' '38 Carol Liebl '40 V ' Homer l-laswell '39 Ralph jones '40 Ray Vallier '39 Robert Pierron '40 Gerald Erdahl '39 Leonard Silk '40 TOM I-IYLAND HAL ROBERTS EXECUTIVE EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER SILK, VALLIER, KLUETER GORDON, OETKING, PIERRON r JONES, I-IASWELL, WURTZ, LIPPOLD ga-rasfas BUSINESS STAFF Lenell Goodman ROb61't ROShOlt Robert Oetkiug Gladys Dite Bradley Bjgyk Barbara Bartley Arthur VVebber ..139.. MAURICE HAAG LEWIS REISNER EDITOR IN CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER EDITORIAL STAFF: Maurice Haag, Editor, Ethel Mae Seward, Home Ec Editor, Ruth Botz, Associate Editor, Dorothy Schultz, Assistant Home Ec Editor, joe Onsrud, Symphony and Ragtime, Dorothy Achtenberg, Dan Britts, Alan I-Iargrave, Elton Iniig, I-Iarold Imig, Darrel Metcalfe, Emily Moeller, Robert Monk, Carolyn Page, W. I. Porter, Carl Wiegand, Robert I-Iackbarth, Lawrence Monthey, Zenas Beers, Lynn Norsman, Edgar Mercer, VVilfred Chesernore. BUSINESS STAFF: Lewis Reisner, Business Manager 5 Art Sweeney, Advertising Manager, Marjorie Rothe, Circulation Manager, Alice Bilstein, Marion Brannon, 'Iohn Braun, I-I. Randolph Briggs, Beatrice Endres, Milton Gutknecht. BOARD OF CONTROL: George Gresch, President, Ardith Hurley, Secretary, Robert Niedermeier, Elizabeth Lappley, Miss Hazel Manning, Professor VV. B. Sarles, Dean I. L. Baldwin. llll EUUHIIIH IIIHEHIIHI First Row: Botz, Seward, Haag, Reisner, Rothe. Second Row: Achtenberg, H. lnnmig, Schultz, Mercer, Page, Metcalfe. Third Row: Briggs, E. lmig, Chesemore, Hackbarth, Endres, Brannon, Bilstein. Fourth Row: Hargrove, Wiegand, Monk, Braun, Gutknecht, Moeller. 1 if 1-.-ex. ,i-l4O-- N LIEUT. COLONEL W. G. WEAVER AND STAFF CADET FIELD OFFICERS INEANTRY CLASS SIGNAL CORPS CLASS ENGINEER CLASS OUR SUMMER HOME R ls! K M X BUILDING PONTOON SUMMER 4 .r ..., ,,r.':- 1 ..1 f- 1-:,-1 - Q ., . - -. f A1 .N.x.,-X . .. . .Ng -. as , xx, ., , " '- "" 11 ' 3' Q - ge vw.- . Q 'A ' f , V .,AEAM A P .,,, -, , ,-wf-3:1-qi 1 f.v-7,,m.WM-, , '. Q- I .1 , Kg.:-4 ..,-.,1,qqg:3QgwR ,. ' f ' 'K f ""z -":l"1i'?'-12:34, 'lf-'iw :.- f- ,, M 11122-2: .1 H , - .,-- Ey.4z1:?.:e-LQ, .5 "" , 1 : .:. 'QQ' --2,543 - 451, - .Y bb f - , ,- - . :e'1..,f,':f:3g- ev, -' , -sf V, mb - PARADE 144-- u.',f.' fl f 4 N: W 1 ..145.. UNIVERSITY BANDS Raymond F. Dvorak Bruce Douglass, President Assistant Directors: Ralph James, Vice-President Leonard Hang Leopold Liegl Williaiii Schempf, Secretary Richard Grindle Since their founding in 1885 the University of VVisconsin Bands have grown in membership from fifteen to the present enrollment which numbers over two hundred. For facility in handling and to allow the players to work with the grade best suited for them, three distinct organizations are maintained: the concert band which performs the highest types of symphonic literature and which is made up of the more proficient and experienced players: the First Regimental Band and the Second Regimental Band. The Regimental Bands act as training schools and provide experience necessary for member- ship in the Concert Band. The combined organizations provide music for football and basketball games, pep meetings and boxing matches. The Concert Band performs four regularly scheduled concerts and assists in University convocations and exercises. Important activities of the Concert Band in the course of the year have been its appearance on the broadcast of the University Founders' Day program and its own series of twenty-four weekly broadcasts over Station WIBA of Madison. Some of these were carried also by State Stations VVI-IA and VVLBL, Stevens Point. . ' r " ff" ' .' ,g:,,.,- .. rf:" -Q v. . 'st-,: "- , " 1. Q ' f ' ' . TW' " ' ' u - -. ' - : "t" " , .2 f .4-.'-..!,.Aa ,.,4..,v. ,ft , . . MA. f ,M , Ag.. N. , K. . .,,t,2,g, .ma '14 aa.. : ., . 12. Y. , ., H143.. l CGNCERT BAND Flute and Piccolo: Harold Harris, George Shafer, Josef Benkert, Arleigh Markham, Donald Cook. E-Hat Clarinet: George Klumb, Robert Kirkpatrick. B-Hat Clarinet: Allan Bone, Wil- liam Schempf, Earl Boyd, Charles Klein, Nicholas Margetis, Robert Woollen, William Vlfiese, Jack Chudnoff, Karl Klapka, Elmer Mau, Paul Lipton, Robert Holtman, Richard Grindle, Lahron Schenke, David Boltz, Kenneth Simmons, David Perlman, Otto Vasak, Charles Seefeldt. Alto Clarinet: Forrest Zantow, Herbert Stecker, Leo Yorde. B-ass Clarinet: Leo Brodzeller, Robert Kelso, Arnold Lehmann, Lyman Carter. Oboe: james VVatson, Michael Olbrich, VVilliam Higgins, Arthur Wagner. Bassoon: Thomas Bewick, Robert Parker, VValter Dean. Saxophone: Kenneth Zweifel, Ralph Koester, Stanley Thompson, George Thew, Herbert Spindler. Cornets: VVilliam Dennis, Kenneth Cuthbert, Evor Roberts, VValter Blair, Joseph Brager, Robert Tottingham, Leonard Haug. Trumpet: Glenn Wood, Edwin VVebb, Roger Taylor. French Horn: Hugh VVright, Carleton Leith, Hubert Silberberg, John VVoldt, Richard Snyder, Leo Svitavsky, John VVitte. Trombone: Paul Kundert, James Hinkle, Donn Maas, Paul Goeb, Howard Krueger, Martin Bonesteel. Baritone: Adolph Pfund, Raymond Brusen, james Timbers. Bass: Bruce Douglas, Francis Krause, Edward Bauer, Ralph James, 'lack Sylvester, Robert Hawkins. String Bass: john Bickley. Percussion: Malcolm Little, Charles Nason, Allan McGovern, Theodore Kaap. ..149.. First Row: Schmitz, Becker, Kirkpatrick, Lescohier, Houg, Scherer, Goedjen, Kuengi, Duel, lmhoft. Second Row: Voegels, Jenswold, Willett, Wright, Wagner, Hornby, Tuedke, Kailing, Detjen, Sharrow, Pratt, Knox, Faust, Knopow. Third Row: Eckstam, Zellmer, Bakke, Mitchell, Hottmon, Tuhrsen, Clark, Parrette, Doocon, Dougherty, Kressin, Bruemmer. Fourth Row: Ross, Daehnert, Brown, Morkusch, Barfknecht, Schroeder, Sprenger, Johnson, Berg, Rosen, Krohn, Holmes. FIRST REGIMENTAL B SECQ ND REGIMENTAI. First Row: Hirshkowitz, Rasmussen, Rohrer, Johnson Hannon, Quant, Bussewitz, Cox. Second Row: Bennet Mueller, Eickstaedt, Wurtz, Belik, Knobeck, Grindle Schulz, Chapman, Wohlrabe, Larson, Pang. Third Row Garner, Falk, Cizensky, Schwartz, Wieg, Huber, Luhr- sen, Oetking, Handrich, Miller, Withey, Wegner, Wood- ward. Fourth Row: Harry Johnson, Heise, Sprenger, Richard Johnson, Shetney, Robert Johnson, Robert, Mc- Drory, Evans. I 1 AND BAND ..'l5O.. umwrifaslw SYMPHCDNV GRCHEST2 First Violins: Raphael Flanagan, XYilliam Horowitz. l-lelen Freeman, Louise jones, Audrey Hennings, :Xlice Livermore. Sidney Kramer, .-Xbagail Warren, Robert VVlll1T1Ol'C, Lucille Klafter, Frances johnson. Maurice Schachter. Coletta Boyle, Virginia Hacker, Lowell Darst, Duane Longaker. Second Violins: Robert Marek, Sylvia Ballard, Frank Salerno, Catherine Nagel. Margaret XYlfZl'llZlll11, Philip Christainsen, Lorraine Hanselmann, Marie Lee, Elizabeth Schadaucr, Rosemary Green, James Gwaltney, Doris Sinaiko, Hjordis Rossing, Lyman Carter. Flutes: Evelyn Zipse, Anita Hanneman, Joan Mithus, Katherine Bryan, George Schaefer. Piccolo: George Schaefer. Violas: Virginia Bennie, Glenn Vlfood, Harold Klatz, Clare Schwartztrauber, Eleanor Artman, Rachael Wlilliams, VVilliam Schempf.,Lydia Ryan. Cellos: Gretchen Dalley. Leona Pratt, Ken Lindsay, Ruth Dudley, Betty Pfund, Franklin Kotrick, Mary Eelker, Myrtle XVilkoWski, jane Edmund. String Basses: Bernard Stepner, John Bickley, Vera Hammersley, Howard Kilbert, Bernadine Rawles, Bruce Douglass, Robert Hawkins, Orville Shetney. Oboes: Roderick Gordon, Michael Olbrich, Richard lVagner. English Horn: Roderick Gordon. Bass Clarinet: Alan Bone. Clarinets: Earl Boyd, Bob Vlfoollen, Dorothy Biersach. Bassoons: Bob Parker, Thomas Bewick, Madelyn Biersach, Roderick Huff. Contra Bassoon: Roger Hornig. Horns: Hugh VVright, Margaret Thorp, John Vlfoldt, Leo Svitavsky, Helen johnson, Frances Kurek. Trumpets: VXfilbur Dennis. Evor Roberts, Roger Taylor, Kenneth Cuthbert. Trombones: Paul Kundert, V. Harris. Bass Trombone: Howard Krueger. Tuba: Bruce Douglas. Percussion: Donald Voegeli, Harriet Jeffers, Robert Draves, Allan McGovern. Harp: Margaret Cooper. . . 1 51 . . l Orien E. Dcnlley A Phyllis Claus ..........,... President Marion Jones ..., Vice-President Pearl Lambrecht ...... Secretary Mary Swanton .,..,,..,. Treasurer ,lean Harmony ......,.,. Librarian y l. First Row: Posey, Mullett, Lambrecht, B. Powell, Bergen- dahl, Swanton, Claus, Hope, Second Row: Pollensky, Perlin, Brisbine, Hacker, Doughty, Schmedel, Buchanan, Silver- stone, Liebner. Third Row: Plehn, Naset, Lawent, O'NeilI, Post, Mathes. Fourth Row: Rosenau, Washburn, Freeling, Schuster, J. Powell, Hilde- brandt, Chrisler, Westphal, Fifth Row: Laund, Kemmerer, Jorgensen, Ratzlow, Potter, Nelson, Jesse. Sixth Row: Thompson, Reetz, Elizabeth Lounsbury, Elinor Lounsbury, Bly, Pfund. VM ll 4 r , l ' CLASS OF 1938: Phyllis Claus, Doris 1-Tracker, Helene Mullet, Laura Stark. CLASS OF 1939: Eliza Caswell, Margaret Esterl, Margaret Ereeling, Joyce Hildebrandt, Edna May Jorgensen, Pearl Lambrecht, Katharine VVashburn. CLASS OF 1940: Gloria Buchanan, Florence Bur- kitt, Sally Curtin, Lois Hagen, Jean Harmony, Anita Kemmerer, Phyllis Liebner, Vivian Lienau, Irene Lound, Hope Mathes, Mary Nuessle, Irene 0'Neill, Betty Pfund, Marion Pollensky, Jean Powell, Mar- garet Reetz, Joyce Roberts, Ruth Schlafer, Margaret Stephens, Mary Swanton, Helen Thompson. CLASS QE 1941: Seone Anderson, Jean Becker, Lor- raine Bly, Margaret Brisbine, Miriam Chrisler, Car- lysle Hope, Phyllis Mae Langner, Rose Lawent. Elinor Lounsbury, Elizabeth Lounsbury, Yvonne Naset, Marjory Nelson, -lean Perlin, Eleanor Pfund, Charlotte Potter, Beatrice Ratzlow, Betty Schniedal, Beth Schuster, Mary Ellen Silverstone, Reva .lean VVestphal, Marion Young. , ' M ,f l , -K Ar-5 1 T F-fw 1 ' il f if l l w, l if K-, Lx V L il l H 1' ,J ' ' "xx , r ' l l' li if lr Ag W 5 1 :H 4' N ll. ,L , - ,l , 1,3 by 1 , lf., va, KQN' vl Lu Y, ..'l52.. First Row: R. Goff, Schoenteldt, Mueller, M. Schmitt, Jones, Danielson, Snodgrass, E. Schmitt, Goehring. Second Row: Murphy, Frailey, l-laertel, l-lo- well, Draves, Norgren, Hehs, l-liggins. Third Row: Toepel, C. Goff, Olsen, Jurik, Webb, Mc- Williams, Braun, Toepel. Fourth Row: Austin, Mills, Wartinbee, Long, Bennett, Hass, Brensike. Fifth Row: Tessman, Dalrymple, Johnson, Nass, Rodgers, Aus- man, Storey. Not pictured: Aeopler, Higgins, Opoenheim, LaVenture, Munz, Olson, T. Storey, Barckley, C. Gait, Nehs, Norgren, Phelps, Rusch, Russell. Paul C. vltnies, Director. First tenor: NYillia1n .-Xeppler, Harland Austin, .lanies Bennett. Bruce Dalryinple, Robert Draves. Melvin Schmitt, Robert Storey, XVil- lianl Ytlartinbee. Second tenor: Vaughn Ausnian, Nohl Braun, John Brensike, Paul Danielson, Merlin Goehring. Chester Haertel, Don l-liller, Wlilliain Hig- gins, john MelN'illian1s, Davitl Oppenheiin, Elroy Schmitt, Verl Sehoenfelclt, Eugene Toepel. First bass: Robert Hass, Anton Jurilc, Gerald LaVenture, Wlayne Long, George Mueller, Victor Munz, Donald Olson, W'illian1 Rodgers, Thomas Snodgrass, Tenny- son Storey, Wlillarcl NN7ebb. Second bass! Marvin Barekley, Charles Goff, Robert Goff, Bertill johnson, Russell Mills, Ieronie Murphy, Paul Nass, DeXNayne Nehs, VVillard Norgren, Ferrel Phelps, NVihner Ruseh, lack Russell, Hubert Tessinan. Aecompanist, Charles Frailey. ' Charles Goff ,.,,,,,,,,.,,, P1-egideut James Bennett ..Viee-President John Mexhlillfains .,,,....,..,, , ,,,, ...,....Seeretary and Treasurer Paul Qlones ..........,,,,,,..., Director MENS CH RUS Fred Niles, Robert Bird, President Vice-President Norman Harms, Mary Theobald, Secretary Treasurer AI3I3I72ElNlTlCE PLAYERS In the year 1929 the Wiscoiisin Players formed a subsidiary organization known as the Apprentice Players. The idealis- tic function of the club was to groom aspirants in theatre work for the honorary group, Wisconsiii Players. This year the Apprentice Players produced a one-act play, directed, acted, and completely staged by the group. Mem- bers of the faculty spoke at various meetings, and a group of the faculty read a three-act play before the club. Members of the club have read before various groups including the housemothers meeting. Each member of the organization firmly believes that speech, stage, and radio work are beneficial to the develop- ment of an individual's personality, and pledges to create and stimulate an interest in speech work, Betty -lean Adams, Mary Margaret Adams, Ethelyne Bahcall, Robert VV. Bird, Donald Burke, John Canepa, Marion Adele Canright, Alice Elizabeth Cashel, Mar- garet -lean Cashel, john Clark, Dorothy Collentine, Mary Audrey Collentine, Mary Ellen Conway, Char- lotte E. Dana. Dick DeWitt, Stanley Ehlenbeck, Mary Evans, Ger- trude Friedman, Ben Goldfien, Harriet Hanson, Nor- man Harms, Mac Hemmings, Joy Holmboe, Elizabeth Jelinck, Leonard Korf, Phyllis Mae Langner, Nina Larson, Marcia Mahnke, Ruth Matters, Margaret Meyer, Marjorie McGrath, Rachal Max, lda Miller, Carl Muckler. Shirley H. Mullin, Eugene VV. Nelson, Fred Niles, David Oppenheim, Janice Gppenheim, VVen Palmer, Ralph Pomarke, Kathleen Potter, Jean Powell, Win- nefred Quies, Richard Redheld, Robert Rosholt, Mary Ellen Silverstone, George M. Simon, Patricia Sonnen- berg, Mary Starr, Don Strutz, Alida Ann Taylor, Mary Theobald, Ruth Thomas, Ruth Timm, Edith Jane VValker, Allison Wells. '- i5-4 f X Xxx I CLASS QF 1938: Marvin Alberts, XfVa1'ren Alberts, Michael Ashfloxfn, Bill Lunt, Robert Doyle, Herschel Feldman, Don- I JW fi R raw X7 fi Xff X , ,f f alcl Frielcer, Ralph Hartman, Richard lessen, Gerald Kumin, Paul lxundert, Daniel Lewis, Harry Mason, Robert Sharp, Alan Skowland, Arthur Sweeney, John Tompkins, Charles lVinlcler. CLASS OF 1939: john Bode, joseph Bubul, john Canepa, Robert Geisel, Robert Genske, Theodore Kaap, Joe McMahon, .lim Phffner, Wfilliam Sehenipf, Glenn Scherer, Jim Vlfatson, Forrest Zantow, Jack Zinidars. HOWARD TEICHMANN MAX T. NELSON JOSEPH BUBUL President Publicity Director Business Monoger in---:mn ----- i--W - -- l z is ..155.. lllllllll llll Elllll adn-1 nl tl? And in the leading roles of the 40th anniversary show, top row, RICHARD KEPLER as Tanya, the gypsy queeng Don STRUTZ as Lieut. Franz Fedor, the juvenile Ieadg JIM PFIFFNER as Whimpy, king of the gypsiesj middle row, DAVE LIPPERT as Nemo the Mighty Nubiang WEN PALMER and PAUL SCHUETTE, magicians and ventriloquists, with their alter egos, LITTLE JASPER and OSCAR HIGGlNSg ARTHUR BEEKEN as Major Count von Stritza, mole ro- mantic leadg bottom row, ALDEN KELLY as Abdul Ben Raschild, prince of Turkeyg SEYMOUR HOR- WITZ as Miklos, the gypsy vil- Iaing RICHARD AUTEN as Col. Hermann Dommsbeeken. HAIQESFQOT LET S TALK ...'VI56,.,. 1lOth YEAT 2 , 'X -A J 'iw S- f 1 f r TURKEY" "All our girls are men, yet every- one's a lady." Yes they are for the fortieth year. Among the "prima donnas" and "chorines" who trod the boards for "Let's Talk Turkey" are WARREN ALBERTS and MIKE ASHDOWN, who are spending their second year with the Hares- foot Club. New faces in the bob- bing chorus lines were DON HEN- NINGFELD, GORDY HEATH, SEYMOUR FELDMAN, and FRED GRUENBERGER. Seen leading the sensational French can-can dance and romancina with his "heart" interest DON STRUTZ is FREDDY NILES as the flirtatious Made- moiselle Fifi. PRODUCTION HARESFOOT Top Row: In off-guard moments . . . DON STRUTZ apparently cheating on his Haresfoot leading lady as he holds hands with his girl friend during a rehearsal . . . FREDDY NILES, Mademoiselle Fifi, doffs wig during a lull in the pic- ture-taking . . . something amuses CY FELDMAN, one of the more "beautiful" chorines. Middle Row: ALDEN KELLEY, only red-headed sultan on the legitimate stage, makes up . . . campus social royalty shows the Horesfooters how it's done, GORDY HEATH, RUTH ARTMANN, military ball queen, DURWARD JENKS, JEAN PARK, junior prom queen, and JIM PFIFFNER. Bottom Row: MIKE ASHDOWN looks on as CY HOR- WITZ makes up FRED GRUEN- BERGER . . . life catches up to WARREN ALBERTS during dress rehearsal . . . HOWARD TEICH- MANN poses DAVE LIPPERT and FRED GRUENBERGER. 40th YEAR -Kok Top Left: FREDRIC MARCH, '20, now movie idol at Twentieth Cen- tury-Fox Studios in Hollywood, then actor in the l9l7 show "Jamaica Ginger." Top right: JOSEPH E. DAVIES, '98, now United States Ambassador to Bel- gium, then a strolling minstrel in HA Colonial Girl," l9Ol. Bottom Left: MAX FRIEDMANN, 'l2, now general manager of the Three Schuster Stores in Milwaukee, then prop man with "Alpsburg," l9lO. Bottom Right: NICK GRINDE, 'l5, now director for Columbia Pictures in Hollywood, then featured dancer with "Jan of the Trails," l9l5. ..159.. ALUMNI First Row: DeBower, Roe, Niles, Grossen- boch, Liedirig, Bridg- mcm, Torcum. Second Row' Jclrikus, Kviot- kotsky, Schneider, Moos, Wolch, Olsen. Third Row: Broun, Trosch, Goff, Cohen, Olbrich. Fourth Row: Kewley, Shovers, Por- terfield, Kelly. WISCONSIN PLAYERS Corl Grossenboch President Arthur Beekerm Vice-President Lucille Lieding Secretory Ruth Niles Treosurer ..16O.. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Gerald Bartel, Pierce Kramer, Linda Rosenheiiner, Ivan Trosch. CLASS OF 1938: Arthur Beeken, Doris Briclginan, Sidney Cohen, Janice DeBower, Keith Eggers, Charles Goff, Carl Grossenbach, Esther Holman, Alden Kelly, Robert Kviat- kofslcy, Lucille Lieding, Roger Maas, Ruth Niles, Stuart Olbrich, Margaret Olsen, Ada Mae Roe, Elizabeth Rhodes, Roth Schleck, Charles Schmidt, Virginia Torcum, Linus XValch, Avis Zentner. CLASS OF 1959: Nohl Braun, Mary Agnes Brirn, Bettie Ford. Monte Kewley, Gordon Klopf, Florence blankus, Chester Porterheld, Abe Schneider, Morris Shovers, Phyllis Trione. CLASS OF 1940: Francis Benn. Harriet Cle- land, ,lack Gates, Robert Gates, Orville Larson, Evelyn Schroth. Excursion Babes ln Toyland l-ligh Tor The Circle Marco Millions Forensic Board First Row: Robert Huber, Professor Gladys L. Borchers, Clara Lou Kohl, Robert Breakstone, Ruth Lowhman, Lorraine Hubbard. Second Row: Pro- fessor Henry Ewbank, Byron Johnson, Edward Samp, Marlin Volz, Robert DesJarlois. Not Present: Katherine Tourtellot, Dorothy Bohr, Professor An- drew T. Weaver, Chester Krohn, Mitchell Ginkowski, Andrew Beath. Forensic activities on the campus, steadily expanding in scope during the past few years, are under the direction of the forensic board composed of representatives of the various literary societies and elected members. This year, the board was headed by Byron johnson, "father" of the much discussed and narrowly defeated "johnson plan" for revision of student government. Under the direction of this board, a well rounded program of forensic events for freshmen and upperclassmen was planned and completed. This group also assisted in handling the numerous details for intercollegiate debating and the annual national Delta Sigma Rho forensics tournament held March 26 and 27. Over ZOO debaters, orators, public discussion speakers, and after-dinner speakers convened on the campus for the two- day speech parley. Seventy-eight debating teams, representing 26 colleges and universities from nine states, debated three rounds each on the National Labor Relations board question. FQREIXISICS ..'I62.. First Semester Debate Squad First Row: Horace Wilkie, Robert Breakstone, Abra- ham Schneider, Cole Brembeck. Second Row: Leon Epstein, Douglass Pledger, Gordon Dupee. CT? Men's Debate Club Front Row: Negative debaters. Roland Day, Robert Van Dreser, Robert Henning, Charles Mullens, Ro- bert Huber, coach. Second Row: Affirmative cle- baters. Joe Barnett, John Short, William Collins, Warren Bilkey, George Totten, coach. U153.. Women's Debate Club Evelyn Loyd, Ruth Thornpson, Gloria Buchanon, Betty Botz, Leota Davis, Winifred Quies, Helen Paulson. Second Semester Debate Squad Robert DesJarIais, Cole Brembeck, Hyman Robock Byron Johnson, Leon Epstein, Abraham Irwin Robert Breakstone, Horace Wilkie, Gordon Dupee 164-- MBSEUHN V9 'W QUE N VIRG NIA SCH Z . CO M AsslsTAN1' GENERAL CHAIRMEN HOWARD M, TEICHMANN ROGER W. Le-GRAND GEORGE ROONEY Prograni, Alan Steinnietzg tickets, Harry Bell, alunini, Bob Sampson, bonfire, jack Murphy: men's buttons, james Diemang advertising, Jack VVa1dheimg "all-starettesf' Max Nel- son, information, jack Saviduskyg awards, Steve Gavin, class reunions, John Tompkins, entertainment, Joseph McMahon, women's buttons, Kay Hammond, decorations, Harold Ro- berts, publicity, Morton Newman. UWC Um ..167.. lllllllllllllll llll General Chairman, Kay Haminond, Alpha Chi Oniegag Hostess Chairman, Dorothy Knauss, Alpha Chi Oniegag Ticket Chairman, Mar- jorie Wfiegand, Gannna Phi Betag Decorations Chairman, Avis Zentner, Pi Beta Phig Pub- licity Chairman, Mary Hill, Alpha Xi Deltag Orchestra Chairman, Gail Broclhead, Kappa Kappa Gamma. QUEEN KATH RYN I-IAMMON D KING ARTHUR BRIDGE H163.. MARYLY LA FOLLETTE EDWARD FLEMING General Chairinan, Edward Fleming, Arrange- nients, Thomas Catlin, Publicity, Roger Le- Grandg Advertising, john Boeckg Music, Eu- gene Kuehlthaug Finance, Henry Quarlesg Entertaininent, john Kuony, Decorations, Audrey jones, Tickets, Williaiii Spector, 770 Club, Edmond Boehckg Pictures, jackson Evans, Major Domo, Leonard Ben Houfek. wt ,V ' - HOWARD BELL ROBERT REHFIELD JOHN REYNOLDS KING BOB WALKER King number two, the Waltz King PROM COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Advertising, John Boeckg Tickets, Donald lser- inanng Boxes, John Ziindars, Wlilliain Marxg Decor- ations, john Heuser, Ruth Artinanng Rathskeller, Riclnnond Griswold: Traffic, Paul Resop, Kurt Kuelilthaug Governors Wfelcoine, Marjorie Wfie- gand, john McVay: Prom Dinner, 'William Breckiniiclgeg Pictures, Allan Eton: XA7O111CD,S Arrangeinents, Etlielnore Secordg Publicity, Alan Steinmetzg Independent Relations, L. Ben Houfekg Programs, Virginia Schneiderg Reception, Robert Hillerg Music, Donald O'Nei1g Grand March, Ed- inond Boehckg Invitations, lane johnson, Wade Mosbyg Retreshnients, Sl1e1'bu1'n Adasliek. 2 W J .nw 1' IL1 -X V K. ,--F , f x 5 v 1 5 l I 5 l l l , l ' 5 5 i l i ., 'iwf L l l law QUEEN J EAN PARK Assistant General Chair- men: Arrangements, Thomas Catling Promo- tion, Roger Le Grandg Finance, Williaiii Fried- niang Edward Fleming, Robert Rellfeld, Howard Bell, john Reynolds. 'M V: q l E , ROGER LeGRAND EDWARD FLEMING THOMAS CATLIN Ammunition in the Powder Room ..17'I .. Hl tts!-l - H ll-EH-H JACKIE PETERSON JANE PELLEGRIN JANE STARK MARY KNOX WILSON SALLI CRANE 4' 4 Q A ff M 1 W 5 X Z ff 73, ..--' ,X ,,.. - Y., f ,J V J, , .., '12 -f ha, 'i - . " - f- was A .:,.1,7, ,Mfg W gif'-- :Wifi emi I 4, 1 5 QQ 1, 3' 4 Q: " fi ?:f"'n' 2 V. COMMANDER PERCY ROSEMURGY CHAIRMEN Williaiii Spector, Publicity, john Neighbors, Dinner, Francis Stuinreiter, Program, Dale Greenwald, Invitations, Harold Trainor, Ticketsg David Iungliuhn, Provost Marshall, Ver- nald Mcllliattan, Aide to the Assistant General Chairmen, Robert Storey, Raymond Miller, Decorations, Carlyle Prit- chard, Display, james Hare, Arrangements, Clayton Murphy, Reception, Odvar Hang, Advertising, George Cassidy, Army and Naval Relations. ..172.. R+ U er -aeQ-3-a- -1 HONORARY COLONEL RUT i ri 9 xl I - R 1 ASSISTANT GENERAL CHAIRMEN Roth Sclileck .,.,............ Finance Gordon Smith ..Arrange1nents Bob Taylor ,.,,,..,...... Promotion Henry Voight ........ Formalities H ARTMANN 'L -i QW,- 5 AIDES Edwin Collins Allan Jorgensen - - 173 ROTH SCHLECK GORDON SMITH BOB TAYLOR HENRY VOIGHT -ri' fzafzrrf-Y f-' ' w , "ffl, ' , .2 . '52 Q"-gs: f Z ,S , 3 21, 'i l ,W 12 . 1' : Ziyi. ? 5 V- ' SUN SHUHH 1 . y ii cl-IAIRMEN ii Arrangements, Wfilliam Pfeifg promo- V tion, Richard Guitermang finance, L N Thomas McG1ynng tickets, Edward f Sampg 770 club, George Pellegring pictures, Leon Epsteing music, jay Dudleyg advertising, Robert Monkg N decorations, john Putzer. i H r I it ii 13 H KING DONN MAAS t QUEEN EVELYN MARGGRAFF 11 A I ..174.. -i : ii li Lili' I ,Li Ill First Row: Wilkie, Clifford, Rooney, Hickey. Second Row: Tinkhom, Roberts, Fleming, Kittleson, Frank. Third Row: Nestingen, Bell, Gordon, Fried- mon. Combining activities dealing with the social, the cultural, alumni, parents, prospective students, and the Vlfinter Carnival, the Union Board again attained new heights in a year of far-reaching expansion. Filling a needed part of student social life, the Board sponsored 770 Club throughout the year, in addition to Dateless Dances earlier in the year. The Student Public Relations Committee served its place by enter- taining visitors, and by contacting prospective students and their parents. Culturally the Board conducted a Concert Series on which were heard some of the most prominent of international artists, while the Forum Series brought leading speakers to student audiences. The Union Board, in addition to the above activities, is also recognized as the representa- tive body of the inen students on the campus. lts officers also govern the Union Building through meetings with the Union Council. -1U- JACK CLIFFORD CJ .J President U176.. Characterized as the Civil Service of campus politics, the Assisting Staff provides an opportunity for students interested in student government and administration to hnd an opening in that held. Vlfork on this staff is a requirement for Union Board membership, and staff men gain experience as assistants on various Union and campus committees. Evidence that this year's staff has furnished activities with competent Workers is shown by the large number of members aiding with such events as Grientation VVeek, Homecoming 'Weekend, the Wfinter Carni- val, the Book Mart, the Concert Series, and Parents' Vlfeekend. E ir L PORTER BUTTS I-louse Director ..177.. 1.71 Harold Roberts, a dyna- mo of nervous energy, he tackled his jobs enthusi- astically, met with ulti- mate success. Under his direction came this year's Wfinter Carnival, earning him the title of "Snow Manf, and last year's chairmanship of Student Public Relations. ' Richard Tinkham, the sound, rational thinker whose opinions were re- spected as valuable to board betterment, Serving as Treasurer and Concert Series chairman last year, he was given charge of third wing activities and chairmaned Orientation VVeek during 1937-38. George Rooney, who joined the board by virtue of his senior class presi- dency and fulfilled his duties by championing the senior cause through- out the year, plus an added interest in the fra- ternity angle. Rod Kittleson, who in his position as chairman of the Assisting Staff carried out the spirit of the board by faithfully training fu- ture members, justifying his selection as Vice- President. Horace Wilkie, who fath- ered the House Presi- dents' Council for two years. Skilled in the arts of political intrigue and realizing his position as pivot between the frater- nity and independent fac- tions of the board, he played his cards well. Larry Hickey, most ably characterized as an "ef- ficient administratorfl he lived up to his reputation by successfully perform- ing his duties as head of the l937 Winter Carnival and this year's Dance Committee. jack Clifford, the ener- getic organizer who rose fiom Rathskeller chair man to President and be- came recognized as the most efficient board leader in recent years. i 1 1 l l 5 A yr , l +1 5 il N I l V f . L . l a 5 Q I l 1, I l i r john Frank, a staunch liberal and usually alone in his views, he aided the board by balancing all outcroppings of the con- servative element. Pos- sibly because of his alleged interest in the masses he held the chair- manship of the Student Public Relations Commit- tee. l 4, 1 K rl.- Ma X. HAL ROBERTS DORY BURGI-IARDT Milli fllllllll General Chairman, Harold Roberts g Dance, Larry Hickey, Production, ,lack Clifford, Mort Newman, Publicity, Bob Taylor, Style Show, jean Henkel, Richard Tinkhaing Plaid Shirt lfVeek, Rodney Kittelsong Skating Races and Hockey, Stanley Nestingeng Program, Myron Gordon, Hoofer Relations, John Prank, Snow Sculp- ture, Edward Sampg Ice Boat Races, Harold Liebiclig Toboggan and Sleighs, Percy Roseinurgyg Pictures, Roger Le Grand, Tickets, Bill Spector. 2 ' - FRATERNITIES: Fred Kraatz, Ernest Lutze, Carl Zuehlke, Don Davis, Samuel Chaimson, Harris Babler, Thomas Hill, Donald Booth, Sam Mead, Paul Tuttrup, Allen Jorgensen, Charles VVinkler, Russel Nye, Howard Huenink, VVoodrow Tupper, Hugh Higley, Arthur XVeiner, Roland Kennedy, Fred Neumann, David Kranbuehl, Donald Larson, Lawrence Hickey, VVilliam Kaplan, Shea Smith, Roth Schleck, Jack Baskin, Robert Kuemmerlein, Donald Isermann, Mason Baer, John Beule, Howard Schudson, Edward Carleton, Paul Redemann, Andrew Vosburg, Robert Cannon, Bruce Douglass, Gordon Heath, Donald Blodgett, Benjamin Kastein, William Mitchell, Howard Teichmann. PRQFESSIONAL FRATERNTTIES: Maynard Simonson, Kenneth Swanson, James Nellen, Raymond Nortman, John Van Gemert, R. Paul Jahn, Nathan Steinberg, Norman Higson, John Anderson, Rudolph Schwartz. LODGING HOUSES: Leo Herning, Myron Ropella. Vtfilliam Little, Charles Meyer, Jerome Frank, Frederic Hoppert, Gereld Reier, Wilfred Bank, Roger Maas, L. Ben Houfek, VValter Lee, Philip Davy, J. Orvin Mundt, Wiiacell Chady, Herbert Jacobi, Richard Hawkins, Calvin Anderson, Joseph Bires, Lee Stagner, Francis Farrell, Robert Des Jarlais, Edward Larsen, Robert Densmore, Aaron Teitelbaum, Bruno Zucollo, Robert Rosholt, Garvin Cremer, Julian Bornstein, Bradley Bjork, Arthur Krenzein, Howard Mather, Frederick Wolf, Homer Gensley, Jonas Lagergren, Clyde Miller, Roger Schuette, J. Sid Margoles, Ben Goldnen, Tom Heebink, Henry Kjentvet, Forrest Donald, Paul McGuire, Laurence Royt, Lawrence Lederman, Gordon Chadek, Merton Tofson, Gerald Rabideau, Hal Bahcall, VVarren Brown, Frank Trilling, Theodore Reiff, Ralph Vlfestphal, Byron Johnson, Maynard Omerberg, Philip Schuele, John Stella, Homer Dary, Vernald Mcllhattan, George Reichert, Alfred Rohrer, Elmer Kluchesky, Fred Volz, Francis Coon, Clarence Petersen, Lawrence Monthey, Arnold Heggestad, Josef Block, VV. E. Frank, Gerald Libman, Theodore Erdman, Leo llllUEf PMS! ..18O.. Mory MocKecl'mie, Hyman Ro- bock, Horace Wilkie, Roth Schleck, George Pedersen. Michels, Clayton Hicks, Arthur Thaler, Bill Geib, Donald Viereg, Ted Possell, Abraham Schneider, Burt Koenitzer, Lester Schade, Carl XlV3.ltC1', Wfilliam johnson, Floyd La Fayette, Robert Grueschow, Robert Blaney, YVilliam McGovern, Paul Behling, joseph Hogan, David VVilsey, Oscar Shienbrood, Karl Hess, Oscar Coen, Norbert Voss, Franklin Vlfinter, Dick Hater, Howard Luebke, Ralph Waiidel, john Nickelsen Willard Quammen, Wlilbur Iaass, Gordon Anderson, Loren Phillips, james Deuster, Hollis Peter, I. I. La Rus, Van Miller, VVillia1n Mills, Gordon Kemmeter, George Carlson, F. Anderson, Calvin Schorer, W. Paul Resop Henry Florey, Helmer Bakke, Carl Kluge, Steve Kalagian, Arthur Mead, Anton jurik, john O'Connell, P. Slotnick, Ernest Kunzelman, Harley Wfhitmore, Edward Bohlman, Robert Roderick, Chet Meske, Joseph Torman. J 1 DORMITORIES: Ralph Koester, jerry Simonson, Clarence Stephan, Eldon Mueller, Richard Witz, Alfred Hermann, Charles Goff, Leo Brodzeller, Hugh Moore, Robert Richardson, Norman Iantzer, Al Mead, Peter Stupar, Stanley Ehlenbeck, Robert Amaden, Ed Selke. The House Presidents Council is the legislative organ of the Men's Union, and is composed of the presidents of all the men's organized houses-dormitories, fraternities, and lodging houses. It is governed by an executive committee ot four-a chairman appointed from Union Board and the representative of the Dormitory Council, the president of Inter-Fraternity Board and the president of Lodging House Board. This committee plans the program of HPC, and the program is operated on a budget received from Union Board. Outstanding among the activities sponsored by the Committee during 1937-38 was the Student Activities Bureau, the work of the Student Wag'es and Hours Committee, and the inter-house discussion contest. Polls of student opinion on such matters as student government reorganization are taken through the medium of the house organization, and a weekly bulletin announces coming events in which house members might be interested. UllllE lllllllll H181 .. Volz, Anderson, Zucollo, Ro- bock, Dollord, Quommen, Reiff, Block. The Lodging House Council, composed of all the presidents of the n1en's lodging houses, has progressed greatly during its second year of existence. Under the leadership of Hyman Robock, president of the council, this unit of the HPC has continued in its purpose of providing a fuller social and campus life for nien living in lodging houses. The increased prestige and greatly increased nieinbership of the council will in the future be certain to fulhll the expectations of its founders. llllllll luis llllllll F 1. ! J I M J u Y, 'V V I 1 N 1 I 1 5 3 :Ye fi mu ff' 'M vf, 1 nm di dx 31 1 xx lab H 'V N i ii J il! ,rx E -IQ I --14 -A - ' P ff ' Hi L. N . 4' V MII' -1' ,V fii Lf, X nl .. L: YJKK1--,--A -- 3-1. fm- :might ,SA Y -- AQ-T - 1-QQ9.1-L+:-vi ........,, KT, L, -wa 5,1-qgmxl, u.,.- Q r-2Jl-:.- ..'-ww ----A-'- ----- --H- No politician at all, BOB WALKER rode the Greek ma- chine onto the Prom King's throne. Representative of the old time Fraternity Row re- gime, neither his prom nor his presidency was a disappoint- ment. No one doubted that inde- pendent forces were never more concentrated than they were in L. BEN HOUFEK, de- feated candidate for prom king. l-le lost, but lost well, to a dark horse and unprecedent- ed Greek consolidation. The dark horse, BILL JOHN- SON, mysteriously appeared on the prom race ballot as an independent. Likable, seem- ingly earnest, his purpose was to split the independent ticket, thus give Walker the race. Wearing a "W" sweater GEORGE ROONEY rode beside Walker on the winning Greek band wagon. As senior cla s president his biggest headache involved his senior dues increase he would have had all seniors pay. Chief drum-banger for Walk- er was JACK HEBARD, who took the sophomore class presi- dency on Cardinal Key back- ing, only to relinquish it on a dean's ruling between semes- ters. His original opponent, Donn Maas, first a Greek, then ci barb, then a Greek, finally took the job. 4 Smooth and foxy ROGER LE GRAND came out as well as any of the many "politicians behind the throne." Front man for dark horse Johnson, he came out on top when Walker and the Greeks came into their Ei LJ l 1 Ci own. s I Most surprising in Ll elections was the record vote established by ll J T an interested student body at large, l2l fraternity and so- rority compulsory voting rules, and 437 vigorous campaigning by the United Students' As- sociation. l ,il Political ringmaster was the 1 high mogul of the Elections V committee, JOHN BYRNES, fi who, from his perch in the law i 1 school, cracked an adminis- l 5 trative whip over all aspiring l politicians. l l l l i l Badger Board candidate JACK l l LA RUS searches for his noisy l , whelping running .mate in l i spring elections, but HARRIET XJ SPECTOR is not in the picture. I-j When it comes to eligibility l rules, she wouldn't speak the i J dean'S language. wlywql l i i 5 Members of the Badger Board E by default, JOYCE FRANCKE and STEWART MILLER are typical of the Greek-controlled i spring elections. Again the i 'X ..1g5.. U.S.A. fought hard and again it came out the loser. Always in the Wisconsin scene, as assistant to the Dean of Men CHARLES DOLLARD proved himself resourceful and considerate as well as a good story-teller. Climbing to great- er heights, he is now secretary to a Carnegie corporation committee. Courageous official in Local 223 of the American Federa- tion of Teachers, WALTER AGARD has spoken sharply and without hesitation, send- ing forth a clear conception of the liberal point of view. Broad in scope, from his office in the Classics department news has always come. Poly Sci l22 tPoIitical Parties under J. T. SALTERJ is unique in that Wisconsin's politicians are often brought into the classroom. Here in a charac- teristic pose is a perennial visitor, Wisconsin's illustrious state treasurer, SOL LEVITAN. With a big black cigar in his mouth, JOSEPH RUSSO puts an extra touch of the romantic into the study of Italian. This summer he will personally con- duct a nation-wide and much acclaimed tour of Europe. Ci L! L ll K7 I fin I IA!! I.. li Spirited, precise, individual, RUTH WALLERSTEIN stands as a living symbol of honest intellectual effort. To her stu- dents in English literature, both undergraduate and ad- vanced, she is the friendly rep- resentative of higher, hard- earned learning. Cuts in DICK I-lUSBAND'S psychology lectures are rare, because his students heartily agree with his prime theory of teaching, that of combining fact and fun. Certainly one of the most talked about faculty members, he is probably the most popular. Editor, text-writer, lecturer, economist, and business man, WILLIAM I-l. KIEKHOFER conducts Wisconsin's largest lecture course, Economics I A. Forceful and yet convivial, his platform manner and presen- tation send beginners out eager to go further in his field. Embryo campus journalists were once aware that on any subject, be it cats or Katzen- jammers, E. A. ROSS was al- ways good for a quote. This year he left the campus to travel by freighter into central Australia, where he will con- tinue sociological research. - Y-.n. V- - ,.,.-Y,. ..K,,,,. , y Y Childish to some, deadly seri- ous to others, election day is interesting to all. Paid adver- tising prohibited, ta c tio n s twice each year delight them- selves with parades, drums, and continual bawling through megaphones. l-el-l- Win, lose, or tie, Homecoming brings decorations, the law- yers' parade, trattic jams, col- legiate grads, unsteady under- grads. Remembering l9l2, Wisconsin beat Iowa in mem- ory of a returned group of con- quering heroes. Press photographers were not supposed to be present when Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Madison. Unique is this picture ot a president and a president's wite, smiling at an enthusiastic but small audi- ence in the field house. Led by King HAL ROBERTS and Queen DORIS BURG- l-IARDT, snow-mad students wore plaid shirts, hoped, prayed, crossed fingers for a blizzard. Rain came, but win- ter-clad dancers topped the gloom with a good Snow Ball. N. Y.-c.1z4 - - re- ,-4 ' ' Political scientist J. T. SALTER found this an interesting camera study ot examinations. Twice a year students find them not so intriguing, often the sure way to board the proverbial "sore-eye" special. its i 5 ii ill Biggest commercial innovation on the campus was Cardinal business manager JACK WALDHElM'S Lucky Strike broadcasts. As a result of over l7OO auditions in the Union, two were chosen to newscast Cardinal headlines five nights a week. Just as the election night cele- bration at the Chi Psi house made history, so did it set the pace for the brightest-lettered day in the social season, Prom. A between-semesters ordeal, it sent merry-makers back to classes worn down and ready. Picking a queen to reign over the annual Military Ball is no easy job. Together King PERCY ROSEMURGY and Queen RUTH ARTMANN led ball-goers through an evening strictly military, strictly great. i ,. .. ...., A :-f11----?- .e- V . E- l JACK CLIFFORD has succeed- ed in two important jobs. As president of the Union Board he made himself pertinent to a scope of activities unrivaled by any other campus position. As a med student he has proved himself a scholar as well as a leader. ii l ll ill Something about the way they combine collegiatism and dig- nity makes MARTHA EOR- STER and CHET PORTER- FIELD interesting. Theirs has been the effort responsible for much of the success of the Union's eighteenth annual concert series. Perhaps because they smile while they work, HAL RO- BERTS and PERC ROSE- MURGY get much done. Win- ter Carnival king, business manager of Octopus, Hal has zest and zeal in common with the king of the l938 Military Ball. Perc has been a key man in the affairs of the Badger Board. . Quietly BYRON JOHNSON presented and vigorously de- fended his plon for sweeping reorganization of campus gov- ernment. Although it found student approval by a narrow majority, the plan found a resting place in the faculty pigeon hole. H190.. fl? in Gigi nuff. 'uw' P1104 W-'IW W' eff' 1 W." tv At work and at play, BOB SHAW and WADE MOSBY have been constantly in the news. Spreaders of campus comment in their column and on the air, these Troubleshoot- ers have made the campus their business, Cardinal readers their readers. A determined liberal, JOHN FRANK has often opposed his colleagues on the Union Board, often stood alone against bit- ter and concentrated attack. As chairman of student public relations he has brought that function a new importance. ED FLEMING is often in the news, oftener behind it. Alert to all manner of publicity pos- sibilities, Ed has been the Union's star salesman. Always active, always in the know, he may well promise l938-39 a fitting finale to a career well begun. The United Students' Associ- ation's candidate for senior class presidency, HYMAN RO- BOCK, was defeated by a Greek landslide. But before and after the election there has been little to be desired in the poli- tician. Clear and definitive, he played an important part well. - 4: llll mills llflfll At any given moment on any afternoon, the center of cam- pus activity is the Memorial Union. Of the seven thousand students who enter it daily, most pass CHUCK OWENS at the desk in the main lobby. Here in the unique Rathskellar some play pool, ping-pong, cards, eat Dutch lunches, talk, listen to the radio, or drink cokes and beer. A floor for men, under the arches "the boys" are often gathered. In the Council room students and faculty together "come in for a free cup of coffee" on Friday afternoons. lnformal, casual, these lapses in the busy day have proved that even university students enjoy a Hkaffee klatsch." Sooner or later the word from RAY H l LSENHOFPS office be- comes necessary. Student fi- nancial adviser, through him must pass all finances in stu- dent affairs. Here he checks with ticket-seller BILL SPEC- TOR on Winter Carnival. At least once during the after- noon every extra -curricular worker takes a moment to see how the new Union addition is progressing. Long dreamed and planned, it will provide more room for expanding student activities. No day is dull in the promotion of l-lARESFOOT'S annual show, this year called "Let's Talk Turkey." Afternoons are spent publicizing, writing, singing, dancing, working toward the opening curtain in spring. Center of the Women's Self- Government Association, this office is always busy. Mary Mac Kechnie explains a ruling to a caller, tells her that for all university women Saturday will be a l2:3O night. Publications claim every after- noon. ln the BADGER office lay-outs are being finished, long lists of names are being checked. Down the hall the CARDINAL and the OCTOPUS are taking the afternoon from similar groups of writers. l lll ll lllt lll The class began under freshman class president BOB MCCLOSKEY and his erratic manager JOCK RYAN. We chose to combine with the sophomores under JOE BROOKS, thus to run a Frosh-Soph Frolic under a dual mon- archy. But Joe was a politician, and although only a freshman, Bob had ideas of his own on such subjects as comps. The duality turned out all Brooks, no Mc Closkey. Under the then existent Steven Gov- ernment Plan, if an elected president became ineligible, the class officer of the previous year took the job. Thus the MARK SODEN-BOB FlSl-l direc- torate gave way to BOB MC CLOSKEY and his new manager, JACK CLIF- FORD. In that year we ran our first dance, the Soph Shuffle, so lost thirty dollars. . . . mf" ef." Emi M Biggest event in the history ot our junior yeor wos the fiery election ot president BILL PRYOR. A Sigmo Nu, he cornpoigned on two promises, o queen outside the big six ond o toss up of prom spoils between troternities ond independents. ln the end Alpho Chi Ornego JEAN RYAN become Queen, but troternities took the mojor honors. l i l 1 i 1 i I l i l , Q.. :F li' ff Q A J: i.-,. wind i x ' 1.1 "Tx When SAE GEORGE ROONEY rnoved into the senior closs prexy's office he cleoned house, tirst dusting out the troces ot his predecessor, rodicol JIM DOYLE, ond next p'onting the Greek bonner squorely on his desk. The re- sult proved on exciting yeor, ci return to the conservcitive told culrninoting in the trouble over increosed closs dues. l f' On the corner of Langdon and Park streets, a ' Madisanian named Brass built the three stary frame structure as a home for his family and a roaming house for students. Because of its proximity to the campus the Brass roaming house was always filled. . fl For S5000 the Brass house was purchased by the ' University to be used as a presidential residence. After a complete job of renovating and refurnishing the house was ready for use. First to occupy it was President Chamberlin, followed by his successors, Charles K. Adams, Charles R. Van i ' i 4 Hise, Edward A. Birge. The John M Olin home was bequeathed to the ' University and the executive residence was moved from Langdon street to University Heights. Presidential bed- rooms in the old house were turned into student activity offices. A gold gilt sign dangling in front tagged it, "Old Union." 'I 8' To make way far the theatre wing of the Memorial ' Union the frame building was razed. The Univer- sity paid S74OO to have the timber torn down and the hole dug, 952400 more than the original price of the house. lnto the Union went the employment bureau, I-loresfoot, Octopus, YWCA, I-loofers. Last to leave was the lron Cross, symbol of the Senior Men's Honorary which was traditionally chained to a post in the basement. ..1g6.. is .vifkigma X, X Q if 2 -',. G . YO' , fx fi N E VL - . 3 X A .149-' K N.. fix, + 5 w 64 96 we x . ,ly A in ii:f"P"-2"1s- b iiiiihgff-gf-.mzzlyr-,.' 1 :- - , 4: gr- Qi- fi-fr I 5 G THE FALL TI-IEWINTER N " - 1 'J - x- ,Q ,, M ,--gf 4,... .F . S A 2 HARRY STUHLDREH ER A decided step forward in the rebirth of Wiseoiisin football was the quartet of victories and a hard-fought tie struggle given the Badgers by the dy- narnie little general who has been making things hum ever since he came to Madison. Tl1at's Harry Stuhldreher! 202 O FRED BENZ One of the most dangerous pass receivers ever to Wear the Cardinal. One of the most in- spiring leaders ever to show the way for the Badgers. A real page in the history of Wis- consin football. That's Fred "Hooks" Benz! r J p WISCONSIN ........... .... 3 2 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE . . . . . 0 Amassing a total of 21 first clowns and gaining 439 yards from scrimmage, the Wiscon- sin eleven gave forecast of its potential power by clialking up its largest score in half a decade. Particularly promising was the showing of Badger sophomores. GAVRE, SCHMITZ, WEISS, BELLIN 204'- H , WISCONSIN .. .... iz MARQUETTE . .. o Securing adequate revenge for two successive defeats at the hands of the Hilltoppers and regaining the state champion- ship, a hard charging line aided fast elusive backs to dispose of Marqiiette with touchdowns in the first and final quarters. In contrast to 1935 and 1936, the Wfisconsin 0'oal was never threatened. b 0'BRIEN, DAVIES, COLE, DORSCH WISCONSFN .. . . .27 CHICAGO 0 Anxious for their first confer- ence victory in two seasons, the Badgers journeyed to the Mid- way and took advantage of every break to romp roughsbod over what proved to be an un- expectedly stubborn Maroon eleven. Scoring in the initial quarter, the Cardinal backs were held at bay until the sec- ond half when they completely outclassed a tired Chicago team. H206.. F...-..-.,.,. W ,- POHL, MALESEVICH, GRADISNIK, MURRAY ECKL, WINDWARD, MARTIN, RIORDAN WISCONSIN .. . . .13 IOWA .... ... 6 NVith their goal line as yet un- crossed, Homecoming as the occasion, the "l9l2" champions as an incentive, and national recognition as a reward, the Badgers seized upon early ad- vantages to score in the open- ing period. Obviously unaware of their impending defeat, the Hawkeyes came back in the third quarter to cross the virgin goal with a score of their own only to have an undaunted VVisconsin team tally the win- ning marker on eight plays in the final period. ..2Q7.. WISCONSIN . . .. 0 HTTSBURGH .. .... 21 The Badgers left for Pitts- burgh knowing that they would arrive there the decided underdog, but still possessing a sufficient confidence in their ability. Fate stormed in, how- ever, riding on the back of "Mad Marshall" Goldberg, and when the afternoon was over Vlfisconsin was sinarting from the sting of its hrst defeat. Neither the offense nor the de- fense clicked, and the Panthers roinped over the Badgers at Will. Yet Stuhldreher was well satisfied with the courageous battle offered by his charges against what was later recog- nized as the outstanding teain in the nation. LOEHRKE BRODHAGEN CONLEY '-ZO8 - 1 4 , WISCONSIN ..,.. .. 6 NORTHWESTERN . . , . , .14 Unable to get its aerial game functioning, the VVisconsin eleven fell before the mighty Purple wave for its first con- ference loss of the year. This proved to be the only contest of the season in which the Bad- gers were outclassed at home. One redeeming feature of the game to Wisconsiii followers was the touchdown by Bill Schmitz on a play which was fast assuming the name of "the sure touchdown." LEWEIN BELLILE 209-- WISCONSIN ... .. 7 PURDUE ... .. 7 Returning to battle after an open date, the Badgers faced the Purdue Boilermakers in what proved to be the freak game of the season. With the weather proving a deficit to both clubs, Dorsch, sophomore tackle, fell on one of Cecil Is- bell's fumbles to score in the opening quarter. 'Wisconsin then completely bottled up the Purdue attack until just before the close of the Hrst half when Zachary slipped by the Cardi- nal defense and took a long pass from the same Cecil Isbell to jaunt unmolested across the goal. DOYLE P E A K ..21Q.. 'ni YV'- WEIGANDT P A U L WISCONSIN .. .. 6 MINNESOTA .. .... I3 Minnesota won the conference championship, hut not without lirst submitting to one of the most furious battles ever seen in Memorial Stadium. The Badgers left for the North rated the lowest of underdogs. but the dopesters forgot to reckon with the gallant heart of Howie lveiss and other XVisconsin stalwarts. Taking the initiative from the start they outelassed the Gophers in every department except scor- ing. Despite this defeat, the Badgers of '37 will always re- main famous for this game and one of the most interesting seasons in many years. Left fo Right: Jones, Fermske Corrigan, Cooper, Senft Forin, Carroll, Prott, Kubly Towle, Vlosek, Mgr. Continuing the 1936 harrier's undefeated record, this year's Cross Country squad scored six straight Wins before finally being defeated. And that one defeat was registered by Indiana's Hoosiers at the Central Intercollegiate meet, the season's finale, held this year at East Lansing, Michigan. The season opened with the Badger's registering their usual victory over the Milwaukee Y. For the Illinois run the following week, the Badger's were strengthened by the return of Captain Chuck Fenske from his summer invasion of japan. The result, another Cardinal Win, 17-44, Fenske pacing the field with the hne time of 15:46. NVith just our Sophomores running, Beloit was a pushover. The score, 15-40. A three-way run with Chicago and Loyola on the course of the latter proved easy as Fenske, in great form, broke the track record. November 13, Purdue's Boilermakers came here with the result, another victory for Coach Jones. Penske, as usual, led the pack. The season was climaxed when the Badgers took the first three places in the state A. A. U. meet. Fenske, Pratt and Senft nnish- ing in that order. MUSE , Q- Major letter winners were: Captain Chuck Penske, George Pratt, Brad Towle, Bill Farin and John Senft. Ellllllll i First Row: Kent, Cibik, Rundell, Davis, Frey, Powell, Rooney, Mitchell, Weigandt, Gallagher, Smith. Second Row: Coach Foster, Schwartz, Anderson, Guis, Marsh, Jones, Bell, Dupee, Christianson, Booke, Pritchard. Although the 1937-38 basketball season was not the best that the Badgers have had under the coaching of Bud Foster, it was one ot the most interesting, and Wiscoiisiii fans showed their appreciation by setting a new attendance record of l3,000 for the field house. This Hgure also represented the largest crowd to see a basketball contest in the country outside of Madison Square Garden during the past season. The record of the team was ten victories and an equal number of defeats, seven of which were suffered in conference games against live victories to give the Badgers seventh place in league competition. Known to sports writers as the "unpredictable tive," 'Vlfisconsin opened the year by dropping the Marquette fray at home, a game which they entered as top-heavy favorite. The Badgers did every- H214.. Mgllfl thing wrong. They couldu't hit the basket, they couldn't guard. they couldn't hang onto the ball. and they refused to tight, :X return to form was exhibited in the North Dakota game, a fast fray and an easy conquest, but the Badgers did not show their real unpredictable qualities until the next two games. First came the Pittsburgh tilt, and the Fostermen surprised everyone by decisively defeating the lfastern team. Two days later the team played Notre Dame at South Bend, and gave them the closest game of their whole season. It was only a timely last minute spurt of scoring by the Trish that allowed them to win. These two games put the Cardinal supporters in a good frame of mind for the return game with Marquette at Milwaukee. Again, however, the Hilltoppers completely outclassed the hapless Badgers, and added another loss to their record. E The last non-conference game to be played by the Badgers before the opening of the Big Ten race was with the University of Missouri on New Year's Eye. Functioning smoothly as a unit, VVisconsin's quintet won easily. In its first conference game, VVisconsin engaged the Northwestern aggregation at Evanston. The Badgers played the same kind of ball in this fray as they did against Marquette, and as a result, suffered a decisive defeat in their initial Big Ten attempt. Returning to Madison, Coach Foster's men played Minnesota on Saturday night. The "unpredictable five" turned on the heat in this game and, playing brilliant ball, handed the strong Minnesota team one of their three defeats of the conference race. Everything worked smoothly, and the Badgers had no trouble remaining in the lead throughout the contest. This victory raised the undauntable spirits of the Vlfisconsin players, and in the next game with Chicago, they ran up one of the biggest scores of years. The Hnal tally showed the ..2i5.. Rooney Powell, Frey. Badgers Winning 50-27. Everything seemed to click. The offense worked remarkably well as shown by the score. The Badger's defense was comparatively impregnable. The fast Chicagomen found difficulty getting close enough to the basket to attempt a shot. Still in the running for the first division, the Cardinals invaded the new Purdue freldhouse at Lafayette. The game was very close throughout the first three quarters. The lead see-sawed back and forth, neither team leading by more than several points at any one time. In the closing minutes Jewell Young and his fellow Boiler- makers outlasted the Badgers, and defeated them by six points. This defeat was hard, and when they returned home to play Michigan, Rooney and Powell led their team-mates to their third conference victory against two defeats. This game closed the first semester season. During the vacation between semesters, the Badgers played Michigan State at Madison, and defeated them handily. Beginning the second semester, the Badgers swung-into action by journeying down into Indiana to meet the Hoosiers. After trailing throughout most of the ..2l6.. game, Wiscoiisiii put on a scoring spree in the last few minutes that fell short 44-47. Northwestern's Wfildcats came to Madison for a return engagement with the Badgers, and won a close victory to maintain their conference leadership. The first half of the game was dull, but Northwestern pulled far ahead in the early minutes of the second half to cinch the victory. The following week Chicago was met at Chicago. This game broke the long-standing road-jinx of the Wiscoiisinites, and brought the Badgers the second win over Chicago of the season. In the next fray the Cardinals played host to the Boilermakers of Purdue with a record crowd of over 13,000 spectators. The two teams put on another one of their thrilling games, with Purdue again outlasting the home team. Hod Powell and Jewell Young put on a scoring race, each man finishing with 20 points to his credit. The two defeats at the hands of Northwestern and Purdue removed any title hopes for Vifisconsin, and then at Michigan the Badgers ..217.. Bell, Jones Mitchell fell apart to suffer one of the Worst defeats any Wisconsin team has ever taken. The Vlfolverines ran up 58 points against Wiscoiisiil, with Townsend taking the leading role in the massacre. From Michigan Coach Foster took his squad into the East to meet the usually strong University of Pennsylvania quintet, It was in this game that the Badgers chalked up the season's record by scoring 52 points, and decisively defeated the Eastern team. Tn their last home game of the season, the Badgers met Indiana in one of the most spectacular games ever played in the ieldhouse. Ernie Davis, sitting on the floor near the free-throw line, put in the shot which won the game for the Badgers 34-32. The season ended at Minneapolis Where Wiscoiisiii met the Gophers, Weigondt, Dovis, Schwartz. . . 218 . . who got revenge for their previous defeat by tipping the Badgers 38-25. In this game the lfVisconsin team played just as they had been all season. Several early flashes of brilliance put the Badgers in the lead. However, several minutes later they sulfered a complete reversal of form, and went into a slump for ten minutes. This was just long enough to allow the Gophers to go into a lead which they main- tained through the remainder of the game. The new style ot basketball was enthusiastically received by VVis- consin cage fans despite the fact that the Badgers ended up in the second division. Most of the games were hlled with action, and the scoring was frequent. A proof of this is that Hod Powell took fourth place among the leading scorers of the league. He also brought himself and Vlfisconsin another honor by earning a berth on the All Conference team. Anderson, Dupee, Mo rsh. H219.. Hlll-U Q Dushek, Torgerson, Schiro Strand, Chisholm, Crocker, J Walsh, A. Walsh, Coach Walsh "National Collegiate Champions." That's the record of the 1938 Wlis- consin Boxing team. Facing the strongest teams from coast to coast, coach Johnny VValsh's Battling Badgers came through undefeated. untied, to mark the most successful season in the history of the sport here at the University. TEAM SCORES INDIVIDUAL RECORDS VVYISCQNSIIXI WISCONSIN WISCONSIN VVISCONSIN VVISCONSIN VVISCONSIN ,M ............ . ...... . ...St. Norbertls, IM , 6Z..Syracuse, 1M Louisiana State, 3 , 7 ............ Tulane, 1 ,sw .........,.....,...... Penn State, ZW XNISCONSIN, 7 VVest Virginia, 1 ,sw ...................... ................VVashington State, ZX! Art 'VValsh, 115 lb. .....,. . Jim YValsh, 125 lb. ..,............ . Omar Crocker, 135 lb. ............... . Joe Czys, 145 lb. ....,.......... . Ray Chisholm, 145 lb. ..,..........,. . I-Ienry Strand, 155 lb. .........,..... . Captain Vito Schiro, 165 1b. ...........,.... 7 Truman Torgerson, 175 lb. ................ 6 Elmer Dushek, heavyweight Jack Murray, heavyweight UZZQ.. Won Lost Draw O O O 0 0 1 0 O 2 0 Vito Schiro, Ray Chisholm. Henry Strand, Elmer Dushek Jim Walsh, Art Walsh. X Truman Torgerson, Omar Cracker. First Row: Senft, Geib, Viereg, Farin. Second Row: Coach Jones, Petrie, Reichert, Learned, Best, Fenske, Mehl, Kornmers, Smith, Pratt, Gannott, Man- ager. Third Row: Brandt, Hob- erman, Dorsch, Moler, Carlson, Leeman, Malisch, Padway, Gardner, Schmidt, Cooper. 5 J LJ , 3 i L i i i Coach Jones entered his 25th year of coaching this year at Vifisconsin. Although he has rarely had much outstanding material to work with, he always manages to turn out a well rounded squad which acquits itself very well in Big Ten competition. Several veterans returned to the fold, and were expected to carry the brunt of the Badger attack. Penske, Mehl, Padway, and Towle were looked to as consistent point winners. The rest of the squad was made up mostly of sophomores who were as yet untested in stiff competition. The track season opened against Marquette here at Madison. Pre-meet articles predicted that the score would be very close between the two rivals, but the Badgers came through in expected style and won the match 45-41. However, in winning this meet, the Badgers were pushed so hard that several of the veterans had to set new records to win. Fenske set new records in the 880 and the mile, and Smith broke the existing mark in the 40 yard high hurdles. A squad of 25 men entered the triangular meet with Purdue and Chicago, but no serious competi- tion arose from these teams. Wiscoiisin took iirst place with 49M points and eight Firsts. Fenske H222.. won the mile, Padway took the pole vault, Malisch won the shot put, Schmidt copped the broad jump, and the one and two mile relays were cinched by NNisconsin. Padway vaulted 13 feet, 6 inches, giving jones hopes that he will be one of the few to attain 14 feet. The 'following weekend XVisconsin met Minnesota at Minneapolis. In this dual meet VVisconsin ran wild and collected the highest total of points garnered in any meet. Fenske, Padway, and Smith set new field house records in their events, and Kauffman took second in the sprints. This meet offered no serious competition to the Badgers, but it served to give the sophomores experience which they needed for the Iowa meet, Wlith three victories under their belts, the 'Badgers trained intensively for their engagement with lowa. The blonesmen hoped to continue their string of dual meet victories. Iowa was also undefeated up to this meet, but W'isconsin shut them out by a score of 54-32. Captain Penske again stepped out to set a new record for the lield house in the mile, and in addition gave his team mates lO points as his share in the winning score. Nehl ran second to Chuck in the mile. Malisch, Dorsch, and Tremaine took the lirst three places in the shot put. Mehl and Towle took the lirst two places in the two mile and Padwav won the pole vault. The annual indoor conference meet at Chicago next took the attention of the Badger tracksters. The usual point winners contributed their share, and the sophomores secured enough points to enable the Badgers to win an undisputed second place. .-Xll of the veterans turned in excellent performances, and caused considerable comment in track circles. 'Fenske hung up a new record in the mile, and Mehl, the XYauwatosa junior, won the two mile event, and he also set a new record. Chuck took another hrst in the half mile, adding more points to the Badger total. Padway, as expected, won the pole vault, while Best tied for third in the high jump, and Kauffman placed second in the dash. These performances proved to jones that he had an outstanding aggregation, and in the closing event of the year, the :Xrmour Relays, the Badgers did outstanding work. Fenske took the spot- light with a record-breaking -l: 08.9 mile. while Mehl eclipsed the existing two mile mark. Other Badger record-breakers were Padway with 13 feet 9M inches in the pole vault and Smith in the high hurdles. By virtue of his victory Fenske gained the privilege of meeting Glenn Cunningham one week later in Chicago's Banker's Mile, losing in the final spurt by less than a stride. U223.. First Row: Steinouer, Seifert, Thompson, Fronk, Emmerich. Second Row: Pounooch, Hol- berg, Pellegrin, Crowley, Deutsch, Beordsley, Dille. Third Row: Weiss, Stemkopt, Er- menc, Ristow, Jones, Wielgosz, Morgan, McKnight. by The swimming season was considered an advancement over the past three or four years both in the greater number of squad members and the superior calibre of the material. ' The season's results in the competitive field were fairly successful. Wiscoiisiii placed third and fourth in the Relays at the Conference Meet, won dual meets from Chicago and Purdueg won non-conference meets from Michigan State, Carleton College and Lawrence Collegeg lost to Northwestern, Minnesota, and Iowa. Two of these teams, Minnesota and Northwestern were beaten in the relays at the Conference. Two meets were cancelled, Indiana and Illinois, which deprived Wfisconsin of two more reasonably sure dual meet victories, Hlym l Il E lll l lll lN'isconsin's fencing team. under the direction of Coach Masley, turned in a very creditable record for the season. Ont of a total of ten matches, Vlfis- consin fencers won four, and tied one. ln the foils, Sylvester, Schiff, and Zeizig produced the best results 'for the Badgers. Batterman and Kaftan were leaders in the Sabre, and Alberts and Nowakowslci carried the colors in the Epee. Alberts and l-lauboldt did all of the dueling. Milwaukee YMCA, Rantoul Flying Corps, and Marquette were victims of the Badgers, and they tied Northwestern. Chicago, Notre Dame. and Illinois proved too much for the Badgers. In the Conference meet 'lliisconsin took fourth, with Alberts and Kaftan taking third in their respective events. First Row: Nowokowski, Schiff, Kaftan lcoptoiril, Houboldt, Zeisig. Second Row: Alberts, Foster, Bottermon, Mosley Icoochl, Simon, Carlin, Sylves- ter. UZ25.. wi- tllil ll HE Front Row: Quin- connon, Rochon, Knoll, Newbury. Second Row: Coach Mortin, Ledermon, Piotkiewicz, J. An- derson, Merry Mgr. Andreoe. Third Row: Junior Mgr. J o la n s o n Beecher, A. Ander- son, Wright, Dol- ton, M o r t e n s Cook, Kollitsos, Arowinko. Not in picture: Meod, So- bee. 1 r 1 WVisconsin wrestling took a definitely upward stride this season. Although the percentage of wins did not increase, the Badger's did improve sufficiently to win impressive victories over Iowa, Ghio University and Northwestern, teams which have consistently topped VVis- consin in the past. Particularly outstanding was Lawrence Lederman, Milwaukee senior at 145 pounds, who VVOII the Big Ten title in his weight class. In the Conference tournament Lederman won clean cut decisions over three men who were previously undefeated, including the former Conference champion at this weight. Consistent winners were Kenneth Newbury, Sewickley, Pa. sophomore, winner of fourth place in the Conference meet, john Anderson, Racine junior, Francis Quincannon, Lake Geneva junior, Chester Piatkiewicz, Hillsboro junior, Piatkiewicz lost but one dual meet match during the entire season and was high point man on the team. Other men who saw considerable action were, Harold Ronchon, Marshfield, Verne Knoll, Beaver Dam, Sam Mead, Columbia, Mo., Donald Merry, Elkhorn. The reserve team of Lawrence VVright, Russell Cook, Richard Beecher, Robert Martens, Reinhardt Sabee, Allan Anderson, Zigmund Arawinko and james Kallitsas won all its meets, collecting a total of 109 points to 32 for its opponents. Major letters were awarded to Newbury, Lederman, Anderson, Quincannon and Piatkiewicz. 226 liiiiilii Back Row: Art Spitzer, Mgr., Chet Rudolph, Mgr., Ken Fjelstad, Harlan Palmer, lrvin Doudna, George Zuehls, Howard Ferris, Pat Baker, Norman Olson. Middle Row: Verne Kent, Stan Haukedahl, Bob Henrichs, Coach Douglas, Howard Radder, Florian Radke, John Marriot. Front Row: Robert Krause, Stanley Ferris, Hal Schroeder, Albert Palmiter, Roger Reinhart, Cap't John Gerlach, George Lamphear, Les Fox. A54 like ,NM-vw In his first season as baseball mentor at Vlfisconsin Coach Lowell "Fuzzy" Douglas produced a very creditable ball club. Douglas, on a leave of absence from Baylor University, was not entirely new to Madisonites. He gained much of his valuable ex- perience pitching for the Madison Blues, a semi- pro team. -- -gums- 1. .1115 2.--.l H223.. 1937 Competition within the infield was in- tense throughout the entire season. Haukedahl easily won the initial sack position, while Kent turned in a good performance at second base. Co-captain Gerlachplayed consistently at short stop. Kent and Gerlach combined to make one of the best double play com- binations in the Big Ten. Marriot, Zuehls, and Henrichs carried the pitch- ing load while Radke, Rondone, and Palmiter caught. Henrichs turned in the best pitching performance of the season, shutting out Notre Dame at South Bend. The leading batsmen for the Badgers were Raclder, Gerlach, Reinhardt, and Kent. W'isconsin was seriously handicapped, especially in the early season, by a lack of any out- side practice whatsoever. The Badgers hnished the season in third place. It was the two games lost by such a narrow margin to Illinois that kept X!VlSCO11Sl11 from ending up the season in H1-st place. The Badgers lost these two hard fought contests by the narrow scores of 3 to 4 and 3 to 5. These losses took the spirit from the team, and they lost the next game to Northwestern. ' For the 1938 season the Badgers have even better chances than they had this year. "Fuzzy" Douglas will again coach, and Gerlach was reelected cap- tain. Very few men were lost through graduation, and for those that were lost there are sophomores coming up with great possibilities. Coorlas will understudy Gerlach, and Bietila will augment the catchers. H229 The successful Version of the 1937 track team was again coached by one of the oldest and most familiar tigureslon the Badger campus. Coach Tom Jones in his 26th year of coaching easily repeated his record of former years. He managed to turn out a Well balanced team which was undefeated for the third year in succession in any dual or triple meet on its schedule. Back Row: Coach Jones, Warren Schmidt, Milt Padway, Clar- ence Tommerson, Walter Bicktord, Mgr. Middle Row: Ed Hein- richsmeyer, Lloyd Cooke, Sampson Schartt, Jack Kellner, Co-Cap't, John Weichman, Howard Rich. Front Row: George Pratt, Walter Mehl, Chuck Fehslce, Al l-laller, Co-Cap'tg Robert Brandt, Riley Best, Bradford Towle. lllllll In the annual duel with Marquette the Badgers were far superior. WVith seven hrst place winners NVisconsin amassed more points here than they did in any other meet. Fenske, Best, and Kellner were among the winners. The next meet was the Drake Relay in which no team winners were chosen. However, YVisconsin took third place in the distance medley relay, and hrst in the four mile event. ln the hrst race Rich, Towle, lienske, and Mehl carried the baton, while in the second event Cooke substituted for Rich. Haller and Padway took second and fourth re- spectively in the pole vault. Kellner took first place in the hurdles. .,.. 4l-- g Against Qhio State the Badgers also took seven Hrst places. Fenske, Hein- richsmeyer, Kellner, I-Ialler, Christian- son, and Tommerson led the attack. The outstanding point winner was Kellner, taking two hrsts. Illinois provided the closest competi- tion of the season for the Badgers, but the Jonesmen managed to pull the meet out of the hre by a score of 66M to 64M. XVeichman won the high jump by going to 6' 3", and Tommerson threw the javelin for a distance of 195 feet for lirst place. Haller easily won the pole vault, and co-captain Kellner managed to take two second places in the hurdles. lQ3l Cn May 15 the Badgers closed their 1937 season against the Iowa team. Wfisconsin won this meet 782 to SSM. Penske again led the parade of point winners with two firsts. I-Ie ran the mile in 4:21, and the two mile in 9:48. Mehl won the half mile in 12569, while Haller vaulted his usual 13' 6". Wfisconsin placed fifth in the Confer- ence meet on May 24th. Up against some of the stiffest competition in the country only I-Ialler took a first. Penske, renewing competition with Lash of Indiana, took second in the mile, and third in the two mile. Co- captain Kellner ran second in the high hurdles. -- -I ' - 7 l---- E----- - 7 --ni-0 In a post conference meet with the Gophers the Badgers won easily. Penske won two first places, and Pratt won first place in the two mile event. In the Central Intercollegiate meet Penske, I-Ialler, and Christianson each took second in their events, and Scharff took third in the pole vault. In the National Intercollegiate meet Penske, Christianson, and I-Ialler again competed. Penske took first in the mile. Back in Milwaukee Penske entered the National A.A.U. meet and ran third in the 1500 meters, earning a trip to Japan. He was undefeated in any meet over there. 232 Front Row: Botzle, Borcherdt. Second Row: N e I 5 o rm , Coyle, Stofford. Coach W'illiam Kaeser again put forth a tennis team this season which, despite its limited facilities. acquitted itself remarkably well, ending the season in the Big Ten with a .500 record. VVisconsin opened the season away from home by losing to the slightly superior Michigan State team 4 to 3. The next match against Michigan was Won by the Badgers 4 to 3. The Illini and Marquette each lost 6 to O. The Gophers were beaten at Minne- apolis 4 to 3, but badly drubbed the Badgers in a return match 7 to 2. VVisconsin then played Northwestern at Evanston, losing 8 to 1. Iowa was the next victim of the Badgers, and the score was 4 to 3. In the post season conference matches Chicago won first place, Northwestern second, Ohio third, and VVisconsin and Michigan tied for fourth. The ranking men on the 1937 team were, in order named, Staf- ford, Borcherdt, Richardson, Coyle, Nelson, and Batzle. T NE E . W 1 .N Q f i I I 3,14 l f ..2-33.. 0-A . 1 If ' Left to Right: Roy Pacausky, Bob Heinze, Art Bridge, Ed Collins, Charles Bourroughs, Ed Ryan, Franz, Ibisch, Don Heun Don Wiggins lCoxswainJ. titil Witli oars sparkling brilliantly in the setting' sun over Lake Mendota the Wiscoiisiii crew opened the season against Marietta on May 22nd. The Wiscorisiii oarsmen far outclassed the eight of Marietta, and won easily by seven full lengths. The same day the junior Varsity was beaten by Marietta by several lengths. In the slides for this race were Hoffman, Brooks, Schultz, Kratz, Krause, Olbrisch, VVolfe, and Boehck. Vlfith the bill split so far between the two teams the freshmen put Wiscon- sin on the winning side by defeating St. Iohn's varsity. However, on june Sth the freshmen lost to Culver academy. '..234.. Q' "x N fi, The Cz1lil'n1'ni:1 crew enroute to Pouglilceepsie heat the Baclgers hy one small length. The szune clay the 'lreslnnen lost to the CZllllU1'1llZl freshmen hy Z1 slight inzirgin. Alter the close ul school XYisccmsin went to the annual Pough- keepsie classic. The luest ul crews were l'6lJ1'C5Cll'ECfl, including xYZ1Slll1lglQOl1. Navy, anal Syracuse. XYisconsin F1ni5hec'l only 34 seconds hehincl the winning crew, Xx'lZLSlllllglIOll. Those making the trip were lleun, lhiseh, Ryan, lgll1'1'UllgllS, Collins, Bridge, Heinze, zlncl lj2lC2LLlSlij'. The possibilities of the 1938 crew are in clouht lJCCZll1SC seven new men will be at the oars. U235.. Left to Right: Robert Ploetz, Robert March, Joe Steinouer, Coach, Hod Powell, John Jamie- son. Ellf Handicapped by a lack of outdoor practice, Coach Steinauer's golf team placed only fourth in the Wfestern Conference. How- ever, due to the fairly consistent playing of the Badgers, they won all four of their scheduled dual meets. On this year's schedule for the Badgers were Minnesota, Chicago, Iowa, and Notre Dame. Vlfisconsin won the first three easily, but barely eked out a win over Notre Dame 14 to 13. In the VVestern Conference golf tournament Bill Ploetz placed fourth, and Bowden Davis Won hfteenth place. Several sopho- mores for the 1938 team have shown considerable promise. H236.. Football ...... ,..................... ,,....,...,,.,,,.,.,4, 1 7 red Benz Basketball ..... ...... I -Iowarcl Powell, George Rooney Baseball ......................,..............,.....,......., John Gerlach Track and Cross Country ...... .,.,,, C re w .... . Boxing .ll., Swilnnling .... XVl'CSflll1g' ..... Coll ,,,,....,.... Fencing Tennis .Charles Penske ,..EclWin Collins ......,Vito Schiro ...Black Thompson ......IOl'll1 Anderson Howard Powell ..............F1'ed Kaftan ......,.1QOlDCl"E Bo1'cl1e1'clt l,. ,l., , Leff fo righf: COI- Iins, Thompson Borcherdt, Ander- son, Pratt, Aspin- woll, Fenske, Benz Kofton, Gerloch Schiro, Rooney Powell. lllllllal lllll ..2-37.. rllllill Intramural sports again occupied much of the time of aspiring athletes this Year in the university. Under the capable direction of Guy V. Lowman, Art Thomson, and Les Hendrickson, the events were well managed and supervised. More men took part in these sports than ever before, and a high type of sportsmanship was characteristic of all competition. Football was the first sport to occupy the attention of the Intramuralers. The games were outstanding this year because so many of them were so closely contested. Several tie games had to be played off to decide division champions, and as yet the all university championship has not yet been decided. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Won the fraternity championship, while Fallows house led the Dorms and the Presbyterians cinched the independent title. Q When cold Weather set in the various teams turned their attention to the basketball court. Here again close competition was the keynote of the contests. Proving that football men can be good basketball players, Benz, VVeiss, Eckl, and Zabel led the Kappa Sigs to the fraternity and All-University Championships. Richardson won the Dormitory championship, and the Hot Shots easily Won the independent competition. All University Hockey Champions - Lake Shores ' Vorel, Wirth, Theis, Smith, Brown, Konopko. ..23g.. All University Basketball Moeller Cibik, Weiss, Benz, Zabel Eckl. I 1 F' f ll ll H 1 Q In volleyball, the independents turned the tables. and walked away with the All University championship. The Champs lived up to their name and won the title. Theta Xi easily won the fraternity championship, and Gregory House CZLIHC through lor the dorms. This year was the best for ice hockey that we have had for several years. The ice was in good condition at all times, and many teams took advantage of this winter sport. A total of 66 teams were entered in the competition. and they tLl1'1lCCl out some games which were well worth watching. As expected, the Chi Phi's won the Fraternity charnpionship, but the Independent Lake Shore team won the All University cham- pionship. The dorms had only o11e team entered in Ice Hockey. They entered the Independent league. The Kayla Sifrs again came llll'UL10'l'l and won the fraternitv chain Jionshin in swimming. Some excellent 6 tv 6 . 22: tT1Zl.lS were recorded in these events. The Non-Stars won the 1llC,lCpCl1ClC11t league COH1PCt1t10l'1, and Frank- enburger House won for the Dormitories. Indoor track has not yet been completed for all three divisions, but the winner in the Dormitory league Was Noyes House. The Independents ended up in a tie between Hillel and the Badger Club. A new sport has entered the Intramural roster this year. It is Badminton, and is expected to be very popular. It is being tested in the fraternity division this year, and it it proves popular, it will be entered in the Badger Bowl standings next year. Champions Kappa Sigma ltllrlllll lllllllll FOOTBALL 1941-Robert Anderson, Les- ter Brownlee, Steve Chiovaro, Irvin Comp, Edward Conley, Richard Dozier, Richard Embick, Erick Fagerstrom, Carl Faust, Frederick Gage, Gordon Gile, Walter Grell, Carl Hager, David Harrison, Robert Holloway, Charles Hyink, Malcolm Jensen, Rex John, Cyril Kabat, Ned Keller, An- drew Konopka, Harry Knickelbine, Chester Kozel, Albert Lorenz, Harry Martens, Babtiste Mazza, Kenneth Miller, Jim Miner, George Paskvan, Clifford Philips, Alex Polasky, Francis Post, Luther Reagan, Dick Roosevelt, Marvin Schroetter, Ken- neth Sauter, Henry Schueneman, John Tennant, Elmer Tornow, Claude York, Emil Danjanovick, Hugh Robertson, Ed Jones, Jack Gaumer. TRACK-George Bahser, Berton Conley, Tom Corrigan, William Craig, John Dar- ling, John Dick, William Farin, Orville Fisher, Robert Gardner, Fred Griffith, War- ren Haberman, Frank Kauffman, Robert FRESHMAN TRACK Kramer, Harold Learned, Michael Linta, William Malisch, Arnold Mortenson, Bruce Norris, George Reichert, Robert Kramer, Jerry Siefert, Sam Smith, Ed Spoerl, Evan Walker, Fred Volz. 1939 NUMERALS AND JUNIOR MAN- AGERS-Chorles Lange, Sherburn Adas- hek. WRESTLING-Verne Knoll, Allan Ander- son, Kenneth Newbury, Zigmund Arawin- ko, Sidney Williamson, William Ryan, Robert Dalton, James Kallitsas, Walter Pregler, Jamison Newell, Russell Cook, Robert Martens, David Yahn, Mgr. CROSS COUNTRY - Joe Brady, Arthur Brooks, Eugene Brzeszkiewicz, Edward Bull, Allen Bussan, John Day, Howard Knox, lrvin Kriesel, John Pearson. TENNIS-Edgar Koehlo, Jr., John M. Roe- . . .' 240 . . buck, Louis H. Cummings, Russel Garver, John L. Riley. I CREW-John Davenport, William Drath, Martin Quincannon, Richard Watson, Harry Stroebe, Ralph Rogers, Robert Ros- enhelmer, Andrew Ellickson, Elmore Buck- ethal, Omer Peck, Henry Husting, Edgar Milhaupt, Robert Roderick, Lee Taylor, Donald Kukkuck, Carl Matthies, Edward Vopal, Oscar Neremberg, David Randall, Curtis Reimann, Lloyd Hughes, Mgr., How- ard Crosland, Mgr. GOLF-Charles Stokes, John J. Figi. BASEBALL - Harley Kuehling, Robert Horn, Russel Dismier, Nello D'Orazio, An- drew Smith, Alfred Maes, Norman Mc- Caffery, Nick Calabresa, Cyril Bucker, Peter Coorlass, Lloyd Schnieder, Royal Thompson, Clarence Stephan, Marvin Englehuber, Robert Schilling, Paul Bietila, Thomas Dahle, Roland Tank. llll FRESHMAN BASEBALL FRESHMAN FOOTBALL :Lk ., .Sinks-K , 1: ,bb X Q MAJCDI2 AWARDS 1936-1937 0 TRA K Riley Best, Robert Brandt, Edward Christianson, Lloyd Coo , Charles Fenske, Alb t Heller, Edmond Heinrichsnieyer, Jack Kellner, W lter Mehl, Milton Padvx y, George Pratt, Wari'en Schmidt, Howard Ri , Sampson Sharff, Robe Towle, Clarence Tommerson, John Wiecliii nn, Vlfalter Bigford. . 0 BASEBA L John Gerlach, R ger Rinehart, Stan Haukedahl, George ehls, LaVerne Kent, Harold Schf oeder, Norman Glson, Stan Ferris, How rd Radder, Leo Fox, Florian Radk , Albert Palmiter, Walter' Zuehls, John Iarriott, George Lanphear, Ervin D idna, Robert Hendricks, Chester Rudol h, Arthur Spitzer. 'GOLF Bowden Davis, How' rd Powell, john Jamieson, VVil1am Ploetz, Robert March. 0 T E N N I S Willa1'd Stafford, Stephei Richardson obert Borch-rdt, Douglas Coyle. 0 CREW Robert Heinze, Donald Hrien, Ed -und Ryan, Charles Bur- roughs, Arthur Bridge, Edw 1 llins, Raymo i d?causky, Donald Vlfiggins, Joe Brooks, Richard Hofmaii. Albert Pavlic, part Olbrich. Front Row: Martin, Best, Piatkiewicz, Anderson, Johnson, Wiggins, Towle, Frank, A. Walsh, J. Walsh. Second Row: Rooney, Davis, Batterman, Thompson, Beardsley, Bunt, Radke, Stupar, Lederman, Gerlach, Mariott. Third Row: Doyle, Mur- ray, Hartman, Bellin, Riordon, Davies, Borcherdt, Gradisnik, Brandt, Carroll, Dushek, Pratt, Collins, Weiss, Benz, Jamieson, Ploetz, March, Bachhuber, Schmidt. Fourth Row: O'Brien, Coyle, Fenske, Fitzgibbons, Dille, Heinze, Bridge, Burroughs, Hofmann, Ryan, Brodhagen. ..242.. 1937-1938 . FOOTBALL Fred Benz, Roy Bellin, liugene Brodhagen, VValter Cole, Albert Dorsch, John Doyle. Robert llckl, Vincent Gavre, Anthony Graclisnilc, Edward Hartman, Lynn Hovland, John Loehrke, Bronko Malesevich, James Martin, Ralph Moeller, John Murray, John O'Brien, Herbert Paul, Vernon Peak, Neil Pohl, James Riordan, Bill Schmitz, Robert 'VViegandt, Howard Wfeiss, john Erskine, Herbert Blackstone. 0 CROSS COUNTRY Charles Fenslce, Wfilliarn Farin, George Pratt, John Senft, Bradford Towle, Harold Vlasek. 0 B A S K E T B A L L Howard Powell, George Rooney, Charles Jones, Lee Mitchell, Byron Bell, fliirnest Davis, Nannie Frey, Bob W'iegandt, David Dupee, Carlyle Pritchard. 0 F E N C I N G Fred Kaftan, John Sylvester. I WRESTLING Kenneth Newbury, Lawrence Lederman, John Anderson, Francis Quincannon, Chester Piatkiewicz. MINCDR AWARDS 1936-1937 0 T R A C K Toni Carroll, l'VIlli8.111 Konnners, Robert Larson, Donald lVillison. I B A S E B A L L Harlan Palmer, Kenneth Fjlstacl, Howard Ferris, John VVilson. 0 C R E W Fred Kraatz, Donald Krause, john Boehck, George Virgil, Robert Wfolfe Robert McNeisch. 1937-1938 o FOOTBALL Berton Conley, Vincent Cibik, Williaiii Davies, Orville Fisher, Ervin John- son, Abraham Soref, Robert Altman. 0 CROSS COUNTRY Thomas Corrigan. ' 0 F E N C I N G WVarren Alberts, Rodney Nowakowslci, Edward Batterman. ll H E l UQ U243.. Elffllflllf WH l 37 To Leonard L. Lovshin was awarded the 1937 Conference Medal for scholastic and athletic proficiency. Entering Wisconsiii from Chisholm, Minnesota high school, Lovshin successfully combined superior scholastic ability with superb athletic skill to be the unanimous choice of the faculty athletic council for this honor. Junior Phi Bete, three letter football regular, Iron Cross, 'White Spades, president of the "NV" Club, president of Sigma Chi, are a few of Len's more important achievements. LEQNAQD V, LCDVSHIN -Cn' - V' Qzlljly ,ffm-,11L..,U A 1. H1 .. Q4 ,1,v,1,Mm-Wd.-F H 'f' I-"f-' 1,pix-4,-,f'f.-A ,,1 N I .r- 5, lA:,v?!v4:g.'iE-luggj .H J - W1 N JI N V H W . , 4 1 X I Tv'-.ui-.- T , 1 . .H l V X X J -1-, . - L 1 s . ' 1.g,m,- .V '- -. wyryv-,w,lfW'. A1 .jf LU'-L L, " ,1 . ' V' 'Q' r-,f ln- '- -, . . ,, ' ,' ' 13- 'fr . ' L - V w ' , ' ,Q --- ' L f 44. lv ' 7 'fg,, H "ff f . n 1 .'gf-Jsvff' '."- ,wr '- 'vi Y'- M' ... . .1' -- V- - V YV.. , 5 "IJ .- " ' -ff -, 1- - 1 fi V. ., 'I 1- A nl. if."-'Q ,. A !"g 1" ' .J ' -I .- 'JI ,f"'2':u:lA ' '-.,wf1-w- xr L , -' , ,' ,Z11,.1-.,-.- A . .1--. . ' ' 1 ' fx. rf, 4,231 mv ,J,'i-lJl-',.'nD4l,- fhll,,Al': I .I V Y xx .711 t A ., V' 1, . -J X it , JEL: ,. 5, vy- ,--- -h I. ,N 1 --,NJ .- ,-u. , f : 4 -. V , 1 , AI- , z Q.-J ' .sv T' 5,11-' 'mgdgglw -R-Tw?--,. ': -f ' ' l-"P 1 ' 'f --H-5f2"E wr wwf' V, ,,'.'4,J'L'L. .Y-U., . 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RGGNEY WAR mmm R U T H B A C H U B E R M A R I O N B R A D L E Y M A R T H A F O R S T E R I U N E H A S L A N G E R JUNE HOSIER LORRAINE HUBBARD M ARIIANE IEX MILDRED MARSHALL MARIQN MULLIN MARGARET PELTON PHYLLIS STE'WART ELIZABETH TECKEMEYER HALLIE LOU VVHITEEIELD ..25O.. MW SFHULE A R'FLIU R E Rl D JCA C K C L IF E O CIIAIIL ES EIEN 5 J O H N E R A N CIIAnIRI.IN CERO L A R R Y LII C R I AIQLIZN JOIKGIENSII MORTON NIIXVM GEORGE ROON H Y M A N R O B O R O T H S C H L E C RICHARD TINKH H O R A C E NV I L K I F D E K S Y N N Y K K M F .1 WUEJQH ALBERTA ARNOLD EIIIZAIEEHTH BfxSCcJM EIIN IC E BI GCEA R S A L L I C R A N E G L A D Y S D E T E I A N E I 0 H N S 0 N KATHRYN KUECHENMEISTER MARION JANE CVCONNELL ELIZABETH DENTZ UPHAM CsfNirH IA W'fNfXN'T ..251.. UH! lllllllll Plll OFFICERS-President, Professor NV. I. Meek, Vice-President, Professor Abby L. Marlatt, Secy-Treasurer, Professor VV. B. Sarles, journal Correspondent-Profes sor A. T. Weaver. FACULTY MEMBERS: H. L. Ahlgren, C. Anderson, R. Ashton, G. Bac- huber, Leilia Bascom, Edward Bennett, Theodore Bennett, Robert Blum, Gertrude Bonzelet, H. C. Bradley, P. M. Buck, Ir., C. W. L. Burroughs, Margaret Doubler Claxter, L. I. Coles, I. R. Commons, Prof. F. Daniels, P. S. Davy, I. VV. Emmerling, V. S. Falck, Alice D. Frazee, E. B. Fred, L. K. Garrison, H. H. Goldberg, S. H. Goodnight, E. B. Gordon, M. F. Guyer, Louise M. Haack, E. B. Hart, E. G. Hastings, R. S. Heinze, V. A. Henman, B. H. Hibbard, R. Hill, O. Himba, A. Hobson, A. R. Hohfeld, A. W. Hopkins, N. H. Hoveland, F. G. Joachim, C. L. jones, L. R. jones, H. Kammer, G. VV. Keitt, W. H. Kiekhofer, C. Kipen, E. L. Kirkpatrick, H. Kolb, O. L. Kowalke, Elizabeth Krauskopf, G. L. Larson, C. K. Leith, D. D. Lescohier, I. H. Lilly, P. P. Lipton, W. T. Little, W. F. Lorenz, L. L. Lovshin, R. S. McCaffery, Abby L. Marlatt, I. H. Mathews, E. R. Maurer, D. W. Mead, VV. I. Meek, Caryl Morse, W. K. Neill, M. T. Nelson, F. A. Ogg, H. I. Peppler, Selig Perlman, Lillian T. Pfeiffer, I. D. Phillips, B. H. Roche, F. W. Roe, I. R. Roebuck, 0. S. Rundell, H. S. Russell, W. B. Sarles, H. H. Schmidt, H. Schneider, P. VV. Shuette, H. Steenbock, VV. A. Sumner, W. S. Stafford, O. E. Swenson, W. E. Tottingham, F. E. Turneaure, VV. H. Twenhofel, H. L. Terwilliger, A. A. Vasileiv, V. Wfall, Prof. Ruth Wfallerstein, A. T. VVeaver, Helen C. VVhite, A. T. VVillson, R. H. Whitbeck, M. G. Withey. SENIORS: Eleanor H. Artman, Ruth Bachuber, Robert H. Berg, Alice May Bilstein, Arthur Bridge, Mary Jane Bucklin, Phyllis M. Clause, Grace E. Clem, Eugene N. Dille, Bruce E. Douglass, Ruth Mary Dudley, Francis E. Fontaine, Martha H. Forster, Robert G. Gehrz, Muriel R. Golberg, James H. Gwaltney, Maurice R. Haag, VVillard G. Hanson, jane H. Haslanger, Michael Hayes, Leo A. Herning, Karl I. Hess, june V. Hosier, Lorraine M. Hubbard, Ruth L. Huenemann, Marijane C. lex, Byron L. Johnson, Paul M. Ketchum, Marie D. Lheyine, Rena F. McCordic, Mildred J. Marshall, Jean Mathews, Marion F. Mullin, Margaret Pelton, Hollis XM Peter, joseph R. Pfiffner, Willard A. Qammen, Hyman S. Robock, Karl E. Sager, Ananda L. Sandsmarck, Roth S. Schleck, Robert A. Sharp, Lewis L. Sheerar, Helen V. Skowlund, Roger U. Stanley, Elizabeth H. Techemeyer, Richard P. Tinkham, Ir., Frances Vea, Henry K. Voigt, Marlin M. Volz, lfVayne M. VVatkins, Norman I. NVengert, Hallie Lou Whitefield, Horace M. Wilkie, Lyle F. Yerges, Robert F. Zwettler, Kaetchen M. Wegner Cdeceasedj. H252.. Ellllll Illlllll Ellllll QFIFICEKS-President, Elizabeth Gay, Vice President, Elizabeth March, Secretary, Susan Postong Treasurer, Lois Ray, Finance Chairman, Shirley VVeimar, Historian, Esther lVithei-bee. Honorary Members: Susan B. Davis, Emma L. Fisk, Ann M. Pitman, Gertrude Johnson, Abby L. Marlatt, Helen C. W'hite. Faculty Members: Irlelen Y. Twenholel, Amy .-X. Gessner. Active Members: Elaine Allen, Frances Benn, Inge Bruns, Given Campbell, Lila Cliff, Xvl1'gll'llZlCl'LllllIl,JCZI.11 Douglas, Elizabeth Cray, Lois I-l agen, Lorraine Hanselman, Myra Hayes, Joan Hazel, Jane lflutchinson, Shirley Kaub, Ruth Koehler, Lorraine Koehn, Rosemary Kreilkamp, Irene Lound, Elizabeth March, Ann McCorry, Lura McDowell, Joan Mithers, Margaret Muth, Dorothy Nohr, Elizabeth Pfund, Susan Poston, Jean Powell, Hjordis Rossing, Lois Ray, Alice Sanborn, Harriet Schlager, Hildagard Schultz, Irene Schwartz, Janice Smith, Sheila Smith, Lucile Sprenger, Helen Thompson, Mary Tomlinson, Margerie Travers, Shirley XN'eimar, Esther W'itherbee, 'Winifred Zoerb. Members in the University: Annette Alexander, Alberta Arnold, Elizabeth Bascom, Phyllis Bennett, Elizabeth Bettinger, Eunice Biggar, Angeline Bilotti, Coletta Boyle, Elinore Buehler, Phyllis M. Clause, Marion Conrad, Nancy Lee Davidson, Irene De- Noyer, Roberta Dickie, Gladys Dite, Jean Dorman, Ruth Mary Dudley, Jean Edgar, Elsa J. Emmrich, Bernice Engebretson, Agnes Etzeiler, Elizabeth Even, Theresa Fein, Regina Fein, Dorothy Gant, Rose Genzeloff, Margaret A. Halbert, Ruby Hannon, Vir- ginia Hare, Lois Hugget, Caroline Iverson, Mary A. Jensen, Jane Johnson, Hilda Kott, Pauline Krause, Katherine Kuechenmeister, Mary MacKeclmic, Jane Machlis, Marcia Mahnke, Mary Maltby, Lula Margetis, Jean Mathews, Maxine Mehne, Dorothy Miller, Elizabeth Meyers, Janet Nelson, Marian Jane O'Connell, June Oehl, Adelaide Ogilvie, Jean Paunack, Ruth Payne, Alma M. Price, Marion Radke, Edith Robinson, Eleanor Robinson, Amanda Sandsmark, Jean Seidel, Esther Sneberk, Alberta Steinfeldt, Margaret Tappins, Elizabeth Teckemeyer, Elizabeth Dentz Upham, Virginia Ver- geront, Mary Ellen VVehrmann, Anne Weiiier, Hallie Lou Wliiteheld, Dorothy Ann Williams, Cynthia Wiiiaiit. H253.. it-il EIA SOMA Edward J. Samp .......... President Eric S. Burns ..... .---------- Vice-P1'eSiClC1'l'C Frank Born .... Secretary Charles A. Peters .......... Treasurer John A. Vlfilkie ......-------- Historian Henry K. Voight ........ Senior Advisor Dean S. H. Goodnight, Grand National President. Honorary Members-I. L. Baldwin, J. L. Bergstresser, Charles Dollard, Neil Drought, Glenn Frank, H. Glicksman, F. O. Holt, J. A. James, W. J. Meek, A. V. Millar, F. W. Roe. Class of 1940-Donald K. Acker, Donald G. Allen, John W. Armbruster, Ernest C. Barkofsky, William F. Bechtle, Grover W. Bellile, Roger I. Bender, Marver H. Bernstein, Robert.W. Bird, Clarence Boncyk, Frank J. Born, David C. Boyce, Hymie H. Brenner, George M. Briggs, Robert J. Bryan, George S. Buettner, Vernon J. Burch, Eric S.. Burns, Victor S. Burstein, Richard E. Butzlaff, Anthony L. Casciaro, Richard Christopherson, Benjamin H. Ciscel, William F. Collins, Russell J. Cook, Farrington Daniels, Elwood B. Davis, James L. Dean, Constant C. Delwiche, Chester F. Dennis, Robert W. DesJarlais, Charles F. DuBois, Leonard A. Ducharme, John A. Dunster, Stewart Edgerton, Herman Eisenberg, Harry S. Eizen, Lawrence N. Eldred, John F. Elliot, George XV. Ema, John M. Erickson, Eugene D. Ermenc, Charles J. Finn, George E. Fischer, Seymour S. Fishkind, Chester Foster, Charles U. Frailey, Robert J. Gander, Francis E. Gehin, Henry E. Gianantonio, Marvin N. Golper, Charles Hahn, Norman M. Hankin, Marcus C. Hansen, Walter H. Humboldt, Richard G. Hawkins, Clayton Hicks, Otto L. Hoffman, Dale E. Ihlenfeldt, Norman L. Jacobson, Stanley Jones, Theodore Kahn, Edmund H. Kanzenbach, Bergere A. Kenney, Harold C. Krahnke, Richard F. Kratochwill, Robert E. Krause, Francis L. Kurek, Gerald C. Leigh, Carlton J. Leith, Richard N. Lovett, Ronald C. Malzahn, Daniel Mansowitz, George D. Matson, Bertrand J. Mayland, Alfred A. Mayr, John S. Meek, Darrell S. Metcalfe, John A. Miller, Stewart E. Miller, Russell C. Mills, Lawrence G. Monthey, Edward J. Morse, Robert IN. Morse, Max VV. Mueller, Abner B. Nelson, Oscar O. Nerenberg, Earl J. Netzow, Irving B. Oneson, Howard L. Parsons, Charles A. Peters, Kenneth R. Pike, Elmer D. Queram, Donald A. Rice, Victor K. Riggs, Bruce P. Roberts, Evor Roberts, James Robertson, Russell R. Roseman, VVayne M. Rounds, Harry J. Runyan, James Russell, Edward J. Samp, Ernest J. Saslow, Robert F. Schilling, James C. Schopp, Evan H. Schuette, Loris H. Schultz, Joseph F. Seianas, Herman L. Silberman, George D. Smithwick, Rosario Sorbello, Edwin R. Stellmacher, Robert H. Storey, Curtis C. Stueber, George M. Sutton, William S. Twenhofel, John A. Urschitz, Cedric P. Voll, Alfons VV. Walanovicz, Wayne W. Weber, Victor F. Weiss, Ralph E. Westphal, Delbert Wile, Robert Wilfong, John A. Wilkie, VVilliam L. Williams, Earl L. Winger, Ivan H. Witt, Thomas K. Wyseman, Orville L. Zeeh, Frank Zimer, John E. Zim- merman, Burton M. Zimmermann. FRESI-IMAN HONORAW FRAIERNIIV . . 254 . . '-, . . ' H 1, -. ' .5 ' s - i i 1 gc-sl 1. ,ill -. ti if l. .ilf3lC S l,iI-l llll? ,fx la tlshfx l Elitll l pf CLASS OF 1938-Alden Aust, Frederick Barlow, Simon Black, Lawrence Carpenter, Raymond C. Fischer, Maurice Haag, Everett Hansen. Richard Hansen, Arley I-leinze, Hugh Johnson, Heinz E. Lauiifer, Sylvan Lee, Orvin Mundt, john Porter, Lewis Reisner, Tlioinas Rendall, Rulven O. Schlegel- milch, Earl YVade, Joseph Wfagner, Artliui' E. NVeiner, Donald lYig'g'i11s, Wflayne Wfatkins, lra NVissenger. CLASS OF 1939-Richard Ames, Mantord C. Rear, Raymond I. Hesprich, Ronald H. Nelson, Robert P. Niedermeier, Owen D. Owens, Lawrence Plzalc, Richard L. Ranney, lidgar Selke, .lohn C. Sylvester, Glen V. Vergeront, Richard L. Wfitz, lYilson L. lVright. My .. - X Hollis Peter .... ...,... C hancellor Norman Johnson ..,......... Scribe Gordon Leith ............ Chronicler Russell Kranenb erger .... Censor Fredric M. Hoppc-:rt..T1'easurer pert, Peter, Kronenberger, N Johnson, Ames. Second Row Niedermeier, Wissinger, Haag Bear, Porter, Schlegelmilch Fischer. Third Row: Nelson ner, Black, Weiner. Fourth Row Witz, Aust, Selke, Plzak l-leinze, l-l. Johnson. Fifth Row Watkins, l-lesprich, Wright Mundt, Sylvester, Vergeront Wade. ALPHA ZETA H255.. First Row: Wiggins, Leith, Hop- l-lanson, Ranney, Barlow, Reis- ARTUS QQMICRCN DELTA GAMMAJ First Row: Tinkhom, Little Shienbrood. Second Row: Levy, Shearer. Third Row: Volz, Lot- ton, Kissel. Williani T. Little .................. ....Master of the Round Table Richard P. Tinkham .............. ......Master of the Exchequer Oscar Shienbrood ....A............. ................Master of the Rolls FACULTY MEMBERS: John L. Bergstresser, John R. Commons, Martin G. Glaeser, Harold M. Groves, Harry Jerome, Chester Lloyd Jones, Vwfilliarn H. Kiekhofer, Donald D. Lescohier, Walter A. Morton, Selig Perlman, VV. Bayard Taylor, Henry R. Trumbower, Edwin E. Xwitte. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Robert Blum, John Emmerling, Clair Finch, Alexander Georges, Glenn Kengott, Howard Kornitz, Sidney Lerner, Jack Levy, Paul Lipton, Wfilliam Little, Paul McGuire, Elmer Mau, Edward Nestingen, Wfil- liam Osterfund, Willa1'd Putnam, Alan Ritter, Paul Schuette, Oscar Shienbrood, Thomas Smith, VVillard Stafford, Henry Taxman, Alex Temlcin, John NVhitney, John Zambrowicz, Hilbert Zarky. CLASS OF 1938: Hubert Arndt, James Kissel, Kenneth Kupper, Matt Kust, Howard Latton, Frederick Meythaler, Frank Pieper, Hyman Robock, Eugene Rotwein, Edward Sadek, Jon Schueler, Conrad Shearer, James Silbermen, Ralph Simeone, Edward Stodola, Richard Tinkham, Marlin Volz, Horace Wilkie. HCDNQRARY ECQNGMICS Fl52ATEl2NilV U256.. ie-WQNQRARV CQMMERCE Fi?ATEi2NlT'tf FACULTY MICMHIQRS: Prof. F. H. iilweil, 'I'mi. All il. Fox, Charlea Heiss, Prof. I. A. Hensey, Miss AX. Li. Lins, Prof, H. QX. Truinbower, Miss R. ilif. x'YZll'l1iiC. UNDERGR.XDU:XTIC MEMBERS: 1'Xl'ti1l1l' Bridge, Allen Brodcl. Lauren Brush, Thmnas Carroll, Alden Christianscm, Maurice Dorr, Rolzmcl liissielclt, Grant Guclcimcl. Robert llnl- sen. Henry Kroner, Laurence Rocca, George Terrill. I.aurcnce Rocca ........ President .Xrtliur Bridge ......................,. Secretziry-Treasu1'er Henry Kroner .,...................... Sergeant-at-Arms Firsi' Row: Heiss, Elwell, Rocco Trumbower, Fox. Second Row Brodd, Christiansen, Eissfeidt Dorr, Brush. Third Row: Holsen rill. BETA QAM A SIGMA -..'257.. Goddard, Bridge, Kroner, Ter- Cl-ll EPSILCDN First Row: Voss, Moldori, Krej- chic, Thompson. Second Row: Alexander, l-luppler, Edelsfein. Third Row: Sheeror, Johnson, Zweftler, Schneible. joseph A. Maldari ..., President Fred C. Alexander, Alvin Edelstein, john I. Huppler, Herbert A1-HOIC1 W, V055 ,,,,.,,,,,,..,,,,,,, E. Johnson, Glenn C. Krejehic, joseph A. Maldari, Milton O. ViCC-PfCSid611f Schmidt, Douglas F. Schneible, Lewis L. Sheerar, Glen A. John J. Huppler ........ Secretary Thompson, Arnold VV. Voss, Lyle F. Yerges, Robert F. Glenn C. Krejehic .... Treasurer Zwettler. nQlNlOl2ARV CIVH. ENGVNEERING FRATERNITY r -l + V f AALQ .w'llf ,QleelAlNllQ FACULTY MIIMBERS: O. C. Cromer, ll Hanson, R. S. l'lZ1l'tClll.Jlll'g', P. H. Hyland, G. MeNaul, A. Y. Millar, D. N-V. Nelson, H. D K. G. Sliiels, G. C. NVil5on, L. A. XYilsrm, XV ' 'C A' A 'fAl lf lNlCQi5llX IVV l3IlXlC5.i l3lQAlElQlNllT'! -. -. . - f. . CJ. Llliot, lu. l L. Larson, XV Ortli, lfeot, C, VVoerner. GRADUATE MEMBICRSI bl. Cadwell, A. lr, Rolnonson. ACTIVE MEMBERS: G. R, 1Xll1C'l'j', li. lf. Hauer, C. XY Burroughs, M. N. Boiiclcliagen, R. L, llaggett, D. T. Dobro gowslci, E. P. Faust. R. M. Flanagan, IJ. K. Creenwald, A. C Hagg. K. M. Halvorson, R. L. Hznnaclieli. XV. G. Hanson. H. bl. Hoge, Wi. lf. Hood, F. M. Dlolinson, XV. -li. Konnners, S. R. N. Sabee, R. A. Sharp, R. U. Stanley. XY. L. Tliorlcelson, lf. U. Utrecht, P. R. XYelaer, C. C. YanderXVall. Kranc, H. XY. Kutcliera, H. Leviton, lf. A. Loelmel, R. C. Ring, NfVillard G. Hanson ..President Daniel T. Dobrogowski ........ Vice-President Robert A. Sharp .,.... Treasurer Harold Leviton ...................... Recording Secretary Fred A. Loelnel .......,..,........... Corresponding Secretary G. L. Larson ..Faculty Adviser First Row: Flanagan, Loebel gowski, Sharp. Second Row Bauer, Hood, Hoge, Weber Utechf, Greenwald. Third Row VanderWall, Ring, Kommers Kutchera, Sabee, Thorkelson ha us, Hamaclaek, Amery. QI l'ALl SIGMA ..25g.. Hanson, Prof. Larson, Dobro- Jolanson. Fourth Row: Halvor- son, Stanley, Burroughs, Krum- Pl-ll BETA KAPPA CLASS OF l938: Robert Harry Andrew, Max Birn- baum, Arthur Bridge, Helen Davison Carpenter, Wfilliam Burton Cheesenian, Phyllis Marie Claus, Richard Hoh- enlohe Dahl, Howard Abram Eder, Richard Wfayne Effland, Margaret Fowler, Harold Reinhold Frauenheim, Evelyn Florence Hahn, Joseph Hershkowitz, Kenneth Gordon Hovland, Royce Helmuth Hubin, Joyce Meta Jaeger, Florence Anne Jankus, Howard Richard Kelly, Byrlton Douglas Lohmiller, Williaiii Frederick Mar- quardt, John Thomas Mathiesen, WVarren Meier, Arthur Bernard Ness, Alice Erna Nuss, Adelaide Gertrude Oglivie, Jean Leigh Paunack, Edwin Charles Pick, Frank Frederick Pieper, Patrick Francis Quinn, Eugene Rotwein, Ellen Morgan Sexton, Phyllis NVelch Stewart, Ray Marie Streng, Peter 'Wfilliam Topping, Raphael Darrel VVagner, VVilliam Vklalsh, Eugene Lloyd Wfey- land, Hallie Lou Wfhitefield, Horace VVhite Wlilkie, Harold Carl Youngreen. CLASS OF 1939: Elizabeth Ann Bascom, Gladys Eliza- beth Dite, Regina Feiner, Charles Daniel Gelatt, Dudley Gregor Huppler, Giftin Denison Jones, Hilda Kott Mason, Marian Jeanette Radke, Alberta Merle Stein- feldt, Elizabeth Dentz Upham. HONORARV LETTERS AND SCIENCE SCJCETN' ..Z6O.. f-iQNff'Q.flf?Y ACME ECGlNlQ!vllCS SORURITV Ruth Huenemann ,.., ,,,,,,..,. P resident Mildred Sanders ........ ,,,,,.. V ice-President Rose Bolotin ..,..... ,,,,,,, S ecretary Eloise Larson ,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,,, 'l 'reagurer Elizabeth Even .,,,., ,,,,,.4,, E ditor F.-XCULTY: Cecelia Abry, May Cowles, Portia Cilindeman, Dorothy I-lussemann, Doris Johnson, Prof. Hazel Manning, Prof. Abby L. Marlatt, Shirley Newsom, Nlulia Nofsker. Prof. Helen Parsons, Prof. May Reynolds, Frances Roberts, Arlyle Stichl, Madelaine Mehlig. CLASS QE 1938: Rose Bolotin, Elizabeth Even, Ruth Huenemann, Eloise Larson, Doris Mitchell, Mildred Sanders, Elizabeth Wlente. The purpose of Omicron Nu is to further scholarship and leadership in Home Economics. This is done by awarding a silver loving cup to the freshman home economics student having the highest scholastic aver- age, presenting a scholarship to a senior or graduate student, and tutoring home economics freshmen. QMICRQN NU SCABBARD AND BLADE First Row: Ross, Pritchard, Miller, Rucks, Wright, lst Lt. Neighbours, Capt. Smith, 2nd Lt. Cutting, Mcllhattan, Flem- ming, Rosemurgy, Spector. Sec- ond Row: F. Meuller, Franz, Dille, Schleck, Parent, Storey, Higgins, Franklin, Peterson, Buchberger, Bewick, Lilligren. Third Row: Thorkelson, Blair, Murphy, Zawasky, Schubert, Dickenson, Runke, Kahn, lser- mann, Jungwirth, l-laug, Moores. Fourth Row: Frank, O'Connell, Griswold, Amery, Radke, Trainor, Guttormson, Upham, Schoengarth, Pullen, Stuyvesant. Major Norman Nelson, U. S. Infantry .... Faculty Advisor Gordon K. Smith .......... Captain john Neighbours ...,.........,...,., lst Lieutenant Duane Cutting ,........,....,,.,.,,,., 2nd Lieutenant John Mann ............ lst Sergeant CLASS OF 1938: George Cassidy, Duane Cutting, Eugene Dille, Jerome Flemming, Allen Franklin, Merle Hall, Odvar Haug, james Hare, Felix Kahn, Sam Mead, Vernald Mc- llhattan, john Mann, Raymond Miller, Melvin Mueller, Fred- erick Mueller, Clayton Murphy, John Neighbours, Richard Fiechowski, Caryle Pritchard, Frank Ross. Percy Rosemurgy, Harold Rucks, Roth Schleck, Paul Schuppener, Robert Storey, Francis Strumreiter, Gordon Smith, Harold Trainor, John VVright. CLASS QF l939: George Amery, Vtfilliam Bewick, john Blair, George Bode, Vlfilliam Breckinredge, Leo Buchberger, James Christensen, Guy Coons, Allan Dickson, Vlfarner Frank, San- ford Fencil, Harold Franz, Richard Griswold, Floyd Guttorm- son, Charles Higgins, Don Hilgendorf, Don Isermann, Milton Iungwirth, Donald Lillegren, Howard Moores, Neelian Nelson, Iohn G'Connell, Robert Parent, Arthur Peterson, Gordon Radke, Charlton Runke, Lowell Schoengarth, Ray- mond Schubert, VVilliam Spector, Williain Thorkelson, Norman Staalson, Arnold Stuyvesant, Vtfilliani Upham, Herlut Wfanggaard, Lee Zawasky. HQNQRARV MlLllAlW Fl?AlFl2N!T" U262.. HONC 7iQ,fX1QV .159 U12 N fx l.-lSf vi H-if4XilgQl3NiAi' if.exCUI.'1'Y Miiiliiaiinsr an-gmt N. Hyde, Ami-QW W. Hop- kins, Frank Thayer, VVilliani Sumner, Robert Foss, Henry L. Smith, Philo N. Buck, Grayson L. Kirk, ifdniund D. Ayres, H ' NY. Bayard Taylor, Wfilliani M. Moore. Hwwmld M' lclchmalm """" President CH.rXPTIiR :Xl,7X"lSOR: Frank ri9i1ZL3'Cl'. V e Q Q K1 A u . M Xxvviiiiillll F. Muenchow t1R.XDU.eX'l'IL MICMBRRS: Howard M. Telcliiiiznni, Max I.. ,. . Nelwu .....,..,,.............. Nice President CL.-XSS CDF 1958: Gerd XY. Krneiner, C. Carlton Breehler, Qi- C211'1w11 BVCCNCI' ---- Tmsllfef Robert J. Doyle, XYiIliznn F. Klueiieliow, Robert XV. Sampson, Y. V Paul Godfrey, Maurice R. Hzlag, Chznnplin XV. Gross, Paul hem W' KMCIHC1' "---- Secretary Edlund, .Xrniin S. Rahanian. . . W . ' XYIHIZLIU JX. lander ....., Historian CL,-XSS OF 1959: Carl R. Schroeder. Richard XV. Jones, X'YiiiiZl1'll .-X. Ender, Harry Hell. Jzunes XV. Bennett, Roger XY. A. Letlrand, Theodore J. Reifli. Gordon LX. Sabine. First Row: Thoyer, Kroemer, Teichmonn, Brechler, Ender. Second Row: Moore, Bell, Ro- honion, Reiff, Hoog. Third Row: Godfrey, Jones, Bennett, Schroeder. SIGMA DELTA Cl-if TAU BETA Pl First Row: Edelstein, Berg, Fied- elman, Herning, Laughnan, Huppler, Yerges, Leviton. Sec- ond Row: Yarne, Grange, Mars- ton, Wright, Sharp, Humphrey, Utecht, Ross. Third Row: Sager, Krejchik, Harker, Brown, Win- ter, Hanson, Ketchum, She-erar. Fourth Row: Hoge, Dobrogow- ski, Sarocka, Sabee, Boettcher, Mitchell, Davy, Zwettler, Spors. Fifth Row: Stanley, Voigt, Bur- roughs, Hopkins, Lingard, Za- wasky. Paul M. Ketchum ...... President Kenneth M. Brown .,,...,,......,. Vice-President Peter S. Sarocka .....,.,,.......,,,, Corresponding Secretary Robert B. Hopkins ,,,,-,,.....,,,, Recording Secretary Donald H. Gordon .... Treasurer Leo A. Herning .....,.. Cataloger Frederick C. Alexander, Kenneth M. Beals, Robert H. Berg. Richard A. Boettcher, Kenneth M. Brown, Charles TN. L. Burroughs, Ronald L. Daggett, Everett H. Davies, Philip S. Davy, Daniel T. Dobrogowski, Alvin Edelstein, Howard XY. Fiedehnan, Francis E. Fontaine, Leo Fuchs, Donald H. Gordon, Howard L. Grange, Wlillard G. Hanson, Ralph bl. Harker, Ted B. Haute, Leo A. Herning, Harvey I. Hoge. Robert B. Hopkins, XVilliam VV. Humphrey, john I. Huppler. Paul M. Ketchum, Glenn C. Krejchik, Arthur H, Krumhaus. Thomas G. Laughnan, Harald Leviton, Aldro Lingard, john VV. Marston, VVayne T. Mitchell, Alan K. Ross, Reinhardt N. Sabee, Karl E. Sager, Peter S. Sarocka, Carl E. Schultheiss, Robert A. Sharp, Lewis L. Sheerar, Raymond P. Spors, Roger U. Stanley, Everett H. Utecht, Henry K. Voigt, Everett VVallace, Carl P. VValter, Philip Wiiiter, Williain N. Wriglit. John L. Yarne, Lyle F. Yerges, Joseph Zamsky, Lee M. Zawasky, Robert F. Zwettler. rlQNQl2Al2V .ALL-ElXlGllXlPERlNG Fl2ATERNlTY H264.. "Nl4l3'NQUlQfXRy JCfDL1RlNlALlSlVl SQRCRITV CLASS OF 1957: Elizalmeth L'l1z1x':u111ess, BlZl.l1CllC Overlein, gxllll Plz11'111cli, 1211611 Surge. CLASS OF 1938: -Iauie l3i11gl1z1111, Helen l'lZ1lll.01'fl, Marvel lugs, Joyce Jaeger, Gayle Nlol111so11, Hazel Lim, Ruth Matters, Rlarion Morse, Phyllis Stcwzwt. Kathleen Tcllen, lTE,ll'll11C rlillfllllllll, Leota Xloocls. CLASS OF 1939: Xxvlllllll. tloenleclce, C2Ll'Ol1IlC lYCl'5OIl, Clunvor -1Ol'l2'l111'1CSC11, Dorothy Steinmeier. Kzlthleen Tellen ..,,.... President Ruth Matters .... Vice President Marion Morse .... l"l1yll1s Stewart . BlZ1l1C11C Overlein Joyce Jaeger ..... ll-lElA SIGMA PHI H265.. ........5CCl'CtE11'y .....,,rl1I'CZlSLl1'C1' ,.....bX1'el1ivist ......Pul9licity First Row: Morse, Tellen, Bing- ham, Joeger. Second Row: Lim Goedecke, Sfewort, Iverson Turnbull. Third Row: Plavnick Johnson, Honford, Woods Fourth Row: Johormesen, lngs, Steinmeier. Donald Biehn QDelta Upsilonj, Dave Bradley CChi Psij, Herman Birr QAlpha Chi Rhoj, jay Dudley QBeta Theta Pil, jack Hebard QDelta Kappa Epsilonj, Richard Her- rick QPhi Kappa Psij, Kenneth Higley CDelta Tau Deltaj, Gene Hook fSigma Phij, Jack Howard QPsi Upsilonj, Robert Qefiein CKappa Sigmaj, George Pelle- grin fAlpha Tau Omegaj, Bill Pfeif QPhi Delta Thetaj, Alex Pringel QPhi Kappa Sigmaj, Hugh Robertson CPhi Gamma Deltaj, Carl Ruhoff CAlpha Delta Phij, VVilliam Schilling QSigma Chij, Lee Taylor QSigma Alpha Epsi- lonj, Robert Wood CSigma Nuj. Michael Ashdown QSigma Nuj, Fred Baxter QDelta Kappa Epsilonj, Ed Boehck QSigma Alpha Epsilonj, john Boehck CPhi Gamma Deltaj, Torn Catlin QPhi Delta Thetaj, jackson Evans CPhi Kappa Psij, Pete Forester CDelta Upsilonb, Phil DeGuerre QAlpha Delta Phij Richard Griswold CSigma Chij, Carl Johnsen QSigma Phij, Eugene Kuelthau fDelta Tau Deltaj, Dick Metter QBeta Theta Pij, VVade Mosby CPhi Kappa Sig- maj, Don O'Neill QPsi Upsilonj, Lyle Schuman QAlpha Tau Omegaj, Bob Walker QChi Psib, Howie Wfeiss fKappa Sigmaj. U265.. ,fx 1 F-. -Y., - , . Q li' l 5 ' .fl xl ' ' First Row: Taylor, Dudley, He- bard, Schilling, Herrick, Robert- son. Second Row: Ruhoft, Hook, Bradley, Pfeif, Wood. Third Row: Pringel, Birr, Howard, Biehn. T2 T Q First Row: Kuehlthau, Mosby, Johnsen, Baxter, Catlin. Second Row: De Guerre, Ashdown, Weiss, Evans, Griswold, Metter, Walker, J. Boehck, Schuman, O'Neill. Pershing Riiies was founded at Lincoln, Nebraska in 1894 by General john I. Pershing. The society was established for increasing the proficiency of the basic corps cadets of the various Reserve Cf- licers Training Corps units of our government. Company C, Second Regiment, was formed at VVis- consin in May of l936 through the efforts of Colonel DeVoss of the State University of Iowa. The in- creased proficiency of the cadets in the society has been marked because of their additional training in the society. In addition, the society holds social functions and participates in other activities of the Military De- partment. In the future the society holds as its aim the furthering of the importance of Military Activi- ties on the campus. The Second Regiment held its regimental meet here this spring. First Row: Mueller, Moores Second Row: Frank, Weber Lillegren, Stuyvesant. 'rl CJ IWQE,f9R5f Ml UTA RY SC C l E7 - 267 0' G K if S73 Z Sf.. 4 V: sa. A ' C -,Vz,,g:441.fa Y ,455 .gms ji' 1 f x .ii r , ffwzm as A P 0 Q X 1 , f , 5 Q . , 4 . 3: ,- fp bfi . 1 'Of 'Q Va 2 s an wa-on im ' Y " .dmm ,, M V' Q4 1 x w A W 9,25 if CM Q I 0 P'-AE" 4 M .. f' W -' Sf-:EEK 1: ?1Z'?"4.- 6 hs-a. . 1 .M k-1 iwilm "1 we x N ,E 5 W Ag w fa 3 Qx X O N 2423355 ' 213 i -268- ALPHA CHI OMEGA KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at DePauw University, 1885, at Wisconsin, 1903 ALPHA EPSILON PHI SIGMA CHAPTER Founded at Barnard College, 1909, at Wisconsin, 1921 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA BETA CHAPTER Founded at Syracuse University, 1904, at Wisconsin, 1905 ALPHA OMICRON Pl ETA CHAPTER Founded at Barnard College, 1897, at Wisconsin, 1912 ALPHA PHI IOTA CHAPTER Founded at Syracuse University, 1872, at Wisconsin, 1896 ALPHA Xl DELTA THETA CHAPTER Founded at Lombard College, 1893, at Wisconsin, 1905 CHI OMEGA NU CHAPTER Founded at University of Arkansas, 1895, at Wisconsin, 1902 DELTA DELTA DELTA OMEGA CHAPTER Founded at Lewis School, 1874, at Wisconsin, 1881 DELTA GAMMA MU CHAPTER Founded at Boston University, 1888, at Wisconsin, 1898 DELTA ZETA TAU CHAPTER Founded at Miami College, 1902, at Wisconsin, 1918 GAMMA PHI BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded at Syracuse University, 1874, at Wisconsin, 1885 KAPPA ALPHA THETA PSI CHAPTER Founded at DePauw University, 1870, at Wisconsin, 1890 KAPPA DELTA TAU CHAPTER Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1897, at Wisconsin, 1920 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ETA CHAPTER Founded at Monmouth College, 1870, at Wisconsin, 1875 PHI MU ZETA BETA CHAPTER Founded at Wesleyan College, 1852, at Wisconsin, 1919 PHI OMEGA Pl THETA CHAPTER Founded ot University of Nebraska, 1910, at Wisconsin, 1915 PHI SIGMA SIGMA PHI CHAPTER Founded at Hunter College, 1913, at Wisconsin, 1930 PI BETA PHI ALPHA CHAPTER Founded at Monmouth College, 1867, at Wisconsin, 1894 SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded at Colby College, 1874, at Wisconsin, 1894 THETA PHI ALPHA NU CHAPTER Founded at University ot Michigan, 1912, at Wisconsin, 1926 ..27O.. SGCIAI. PANPELLHMC CGUNCII. First Row: Carney, Gunther, Pullar, Henkel, Dudley, Fleury, Wiegand. Second Row: Feldman, Sacks, l-leskett, Lawrence, Anderson, Rundell, Kirch, Dobson. Third Row: Thwaites, Crow- ley, O'Dell, Peck, Paunack, Rlelly, Torkelson. Fourth Row: Graven, Belk, Moore, Hammond, Ulsvick, Dickson, Coaprnan Utter. 1 ALPHA CHI GMEGA: Katherine Haniniond, Mary Elizabeth Rundell. ALPHA EPSILON PHI: Anita Ghringer, Pauline Liepold. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA: Florence Hiniker, Betty Kireh. ALPHA QMICRQN PI: Io Ann O'Dell, Eleanor Crowley. ALPHA PHI: Marion Jane O'COnnell, Marie Pullar. ALPHA XI DELTA: .leanne Fleury, Edith Torkelson. CHI OMEGA: Peg' Graven, Betty Carney. DELTA DELTA DELTA: Marie Elanagan, Alberta Arnold. DELTA GAMMA: Martha -lane Moore, lean Paunack. DELTA ZETA: Helen Utter, Dorothy Dobson. GAMMA PHI BETA: Bette Gunther, Marjorie Vlfiegand. KAPPA ALPHA THETA: Jeanne Henkel, Mary Ellen Me- Inerny. ' KAPPA DELTA: Katherine Rielly, Nevelle Dickson. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA: Audrey Voet, Mary Anderson. PHI MU: Louise Heskett, Emily Bell. PHI OMEGA PI: Ragna Ullsvick, Helen Peek. PHI SIGMA SIGMA: Sylvia Sacks, Phyllis Eeldrnen. PI BETA PHI: Betty Lawrence, Barbara Dudley. SIGMA KAPPA: Elaine Coapman, Betty Howland. THETA PHI ALPHA: Marjorie McGrath. .- 1 7 . -3 . - . T. ,L.aaaa,.1aa,..-X-fag V 'wi -ff:-771 --"-'-2.3 1, CLASS OF 1938: Aleen Anderson, Harriet Andrews, Mary Connoughton, Doris Bridg- man, Barbara Dratz, Gertrude Cfriffith, Kath- erine Hammond, Dorothy Heck, Ruth Hoch- felclt, Eleanor Olson, Jean Ryan, Erma Jeanne Senty, Joy Simons, Virginia Timm, Margaret Tyler, Grace Wfoy. CLASS OF 1939: Ros 75 Bachhuber, th Cruikshank, Beth Fry my C-illett, Virgii Hare, Ottie Jane Kin Margaret McLeo Loraine Olman, Jun lil ary Lou Park , Mary Liz Rundell, F- A"' Sherman, J e Stark, Ruth Thom son, Kath 'ine Tourt ot, Betty VVagner. . CLASS OF 1940: Dorothy Allen, Margery Bridgman, Helen Collentine, Marion Cnare, Mary Dunning, Joyce Francke, Lois Haswell, Dorothy Knauss, Patsy Liebner, Joan Matte- son, Joanne Nelson, Dorothy Stark. CLASS OF 1941: Mary Jane Astel, Beverly Bliss, Doris La Stofka, Carol Meng, Harriet Schroeder, Joyce Teague. U272.. Al.Pl-lA Cl-ll OMEGA First Row: Stark, Dratz, Bliss, Kintzel, Hare, Gillet l-lochfeldt, Connaughton, Olson, Timm, Dunning Thompson. Second Row: Knauss, Sherman, Wagner Senty, Woy, Andrews, D. Bridgman, Anderson, Ryan Parker, l-laswell. Third Row: La Stotka, Schroeder, Run- dell, Stark, Tyler, Simons, Olman, Cruikshank, McLeod Meng, Astell. Fourth Row: Francke, M. Bridgman, Oehl Bachhuber, Collentine, Allen, Matteson, Teague, Cnare 1 1 ALPHA EPSILCDN Pl-ll First Row: Klopat, E. Kahn, Rothschild, Prentis, Lhevine, Goldberg, Banks, Ohringer, Streng, Harris. Second Row Marcus, Hornstein, Lewin, Glick, Brunswick, Cohen Haffheimer, Liepold, Bloomfield, l-lutzler. Third Row Schreiber, Kaufman, Pouzzner, Everston, Berliner, Koller Block, Kaven, Bagran, Mecklenburger, Brouer, Scheff Fourth Row: Grief, Hertzfeld, J. Nickall, Rosen, Judell Vogel, Levy. Fifth Row: Fieldman, Altfeld, Beitmon Loeb, Altshuler, A. Kahn, Belond, Wernick, L. Nickoll Glassgall, Witcaff, Katz, Menges, Martinson. 1 FACULTY MEMBER: Elizabeth Jacobs. CLASS QF 1938: Beverly Banks, Minette Barlow, Muriel Gollberg, Sarah Harris, Marie Lhevine, Anita Ahringer, Helen Vera Prentis, Laurette Rothschild, Ray Marie Streng. CLASS OF 1939: Bi lie Bath, Doris Bloom, Edith Bloomfield, Jea ii, Hertzfeld, Ruth Horn- stein, Edna Kahn 115, en Kaven, Pauline Leipold, Janet -M ' S its Pornerance. CLASS OF 19 aniund lI3.gI'El.I'1, Babette Black, Jean ir :H Ire Berliner, Dor- othy Cohen, Aga ig, GU M. lsa Cfreii, Helaine Haffheirner, Bernice atz, Corinne Klopat, Eunice Koller, Marjor Lewin, Frances Meck- lenburger, Lucille Ni all, Rena Rosen, Lor- raine - it catf. CLASS OE 1941: Dorothy Altteld, Adeline Altschuler, Joan Beitinan, Virginia Beland, Shirley Brauer, Ann Everston, Phyllis Feild- nian, Barbara Glassgall, Elizabeth Hutzler, Nancy Judell, Aleyne Kahn, Frances Kauf- man, Mildred Levy, Dorothy Lightinan, Max- ine Loeb, Cecele Marcus, Alice Martinson. Muriel Menges, Janice Pouzzner, Mildred Shiff, Margaret Schreiber, Esther Vogel, Selma Vlfernick. ..273.. FACULTY MEMBER: Dr. Madeline Thorn- ton. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Alice Frazee, Marion Hinkson. CLASS OF 1938: an Berg, Elore Ci Bliss Virvinia Canfield, ean Duncan lorence Hiniker, Phyllis ,li n Vallis Liet . Mary Ellen Kuehne icil Neesam in Neill Bahr, Marylyi utterwic Mary ill ev Col- lentine Robe a Dickie arla Muth Thekla Huth lmlean Oleson M ion S65 m r, Elea- nor Streekewald, Harriet ribht. I Mary Louise Sot iwo h, Cordelia V rnecke, lb G -N y . Lucille Zilnier. , y CLASS GF 'S-' 'H Artinann, fi irvinia 1 'I l , 1 , , f 1 ' U CLASS OE 1940: Dorothy Bushnell, Betty Coppernoll, Carlyle Hope, Kathleen jones, Ruth Kern, Betty Kirch, Mary Lord, Eliza- beth MeGahey, Virginia Parker, Geraldine Sanders. CLASS OE 1941: Dorothy Dunlap, Harriet Kuehne, janet Newton. H274.. ALPI-IA GAMMA DELTA First Row: Canfield, Lietz, P. Lord, Hiniker, Neesom, M. E. Kuehne, Duncan. Second Row: Berg, Streckewold, Frozee, Seymer, Bliss, Neill, Zilmer, Southworth. Third Row: Bushnell, Sanders, Bohr, Coppernoll, Collentine, Artmcmn, Kirch. Fourth Row: Lehn, Dunlop, Cumming, Kern, Oleson, T. Muth, H. Kuehne, Butterwick, Wright, Porker, M. Lord, MocGohey. Fifth Row: C. Muth, Dickie, Hope, Newton, Jones, Wemecke. ALPHA GMICRGN Pl First Row: Thompson, Gaspar, O'Dell, l-laslanger, Schaller, Crawford, Meek. Second Row: Rothe, Ascham, Starr, Ebert, Turner, Koehler, Trippe. Third Row: Thomas, Lea, Cowgill, Patterson, Crawley. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Katherine As- com, Betty Gaspar, Katherine Patterson. ,A SS OF 1 93 : jar e aslanger, -lo Ann -1 Darothx ne Sc aller. CLAS GI' 193 Loi a Cowgill, Morna Eber Maman L e H -3 Meek, Marjorie RO e Marv Sta M'1r1 1 Thomas. ' an , If ,, ' S 4 I xl Crawf d, Mary '1eano1 Crow1ey, Margaret 1 ,H C 'i 1' 3 Q .E f A .L , J , C. A CLASS OF 1940: Ruth Koehler, Elaine Thompson, CLASS OF 1941: Katherine Turner. N275.. CLASS OF 1938: Jewell Bunnell, Jane Curtis, Josephine Dahin, Jessie Fisher, Ann Guylee, Elizabeth Haggart, Nellie Hardgrove, Clara Louise Kuhl, Catherine Kulas, Virginia Led- erer, Patricia Ludden, Marion Mullin, Marie Neumann Marie Pullar Albertine evnold: Flizabeth Rhodes CLASS OF 1939: Marian Beard . ey, iadys Dite, Marjorie Fenniniore, Fliz neth 5 ones, Eleanor Joyce, Prue Kelley, Ma Jane aun- don, Betty Manegold, Marian Helen Savage, Barbara W ers, Cyi hia VVinant. CLASS OF 1940: Betty Ann Bowden, Frances Clarke, Jean Bruce Douglas, Hesseltine Fay, Mary Helen Luebke, Kathleen Marlowe, Lillian Schroeder, Jessie Lou Settle, Jean Vlfright. CLASS QF 1941: Betty Blankinship, Jeanne Fritschle, Alicia Haalqe, Mary Susan Klas, Laura Laue, Dorothy McGrath, Jean Mills, Elizabeth Mueller. H275.. ALPHA Pl-ll First Row: Stoples, Guylee, Fisher, Mullin, O'ConneIl Winant, Harclgrove. Second Row: Pullar, Kulas, Hog- gart, Lederer, Bunnell, Reynolds, Jones. Third Row: Bow- den, Joyce, Fritschle, Neumann, Furnner, Curtis, Wright McGrath, Savage, Luebke, Clarke. Fourth Row: Murray Forbes, Fay, Laundon, Kelly, Marlowe, Howe, Douglas Mills, l-laake, Klas. ALPHA Xl DELTA First Row: Ripp, McMillen, Moneval, Woollen, Fleury, Schmidt, Helstrom, Powell, Hanson, Plenske, Wehrmann Farley. Second Row: Torkelson, Anderson, Moore, Bessey, Leicht, Jex, Hubbard, Schatz, Hill, Stiemke, Van Gelder, Norton, Sanborn, Kirlin. Third Row: Gay, Pollensky L'Hommedieu, Houston, Pollock, March, Reynolds, Kuechenmeister, Nickles, Speth, Goedecke, Schurenberg Michell, Burkitt, Harmony, Kirschner. Fourth Row: Had- ley, Hernlem, Huntley, Metcalf, Schroeder, Byrns, Mehne Hoffman. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Blair Hanson, Theodora Herfurth, Emily Johnson, Elizabeth Lamoreaux, Elizabeth Powell. CLASS OF 1938: Helen Bessey, Jeanne Fleury, Florence Farley, Phyliss Hanson, 1- A stroni Mary ill Lorraine Hubbard, Marijane ex Fdith eicht Ruth McMillen, Marion qCl'l1T11Cl1I C r rude Schutz Ruth . , ll l , I 1 . .A . I 7 1 Y - , T . , Stienike, VVinnifred if n Gelder. 5 , Y CLASS OF 1939 C. . an Byrns, VVilnia Goedecke Kay ueche eister Elizabeth Maneval, Maxin Mehne, Josephine Moore, Nancy Norton, " th Plenz e, Joan Reynolds, Janet Ripp, Ma f Lu San orn, Jean Seidel, Edna Speth, Li an Thorpe, l dith Torkelson, 11 Eilnri n l , , CLASS OF 1940: Geraldine Anderson, L. Elizabeth Gay, Jean Harmony, Jean Hoffman. Janet Houston, Catherine L'Hommedieu, Elizabeth March, Doris Miehell, Marion Pollens-ky, Marjorie Pollock, Florence Schroe- der, Theo Schurenberg. CLASS OF 1941: Florence Burkitt, Sue Had- ley, Helen Hernleni, Jane Huntley, Arleta Kirlin, Carol Kirschner, Ruth Metcalf, Marge Nickles, Marian Saenke, Betty Lou VVoollen. ..277.. ' GRADUATE MEMBERS: Linda Rosen- heiiner. CLASS GF 1938: Eleanor Ainundson, Edith Ballantine, Dorothy Biersach, Anne Cunning- ham, Francis De Golier, Dorothy Denniston, Elizabeth Edwards, Kathle n Fitzgerald, De- lores Froeming, Gayle Iohn n, Eileen B' thi- son, Marion Marshall, jean 'li, c1ver, .I anor Robinson, Edith jane VV ,t., lcer, i leanor Waskow CLASS OF 1939: Madeline Bier ch, Eliza- beth Bullvvinkel, Betty Carn , Crenevive Cowan, Nancy Lee Davidson, C 1 rlot Freng, Pauline Graven, Elizabeth Hi l Virgi a Mc- Carthy, Isabelle Nyhagen, ielen kers- hauser, Janice Ryan, Beverl Schelong, iza- beth Schwarting, Virginia Vergeront, .lean VVi1lett, Margaret X!Vl11gCf, Margaret Wfirka. CLASS OF 1940: Jane Bandelin, Alice Beech- er, Nancy Cady, Dorothy Carlinark, Mary lane Du Bois, Jean Garrity, Margaret Karn, Margaret McIntyre, Marion Theil, Ann Wal- lace, Dorothy VVeber, Adeline jane VVest, Marcia Wright, Katherine Zabel. CLASS OF 1941: Virginia Bray, Florence Elszstrand, Marion McCullough, Marion Ryan. H278.. Cl-ll GMEGA First Row: Mc lver, M. Biersach, Schelong, Robinson Fitzgerald, Elkstrand, Wirka, Second Row: D. Biersach Carlmark, De Golier, Willett, Ballantine, West, Beecher Third Row: Vergeront, Edwards, Zabel, Winger, Mathi- son, Wright, Schwarting. Fourth Row: Carney, Rosen- heimer, Cady, Bullwinkel, Froeming, Cunningham, Mc- Intyre, Johnson, Arnunclson, Marshall, Garrity, Weber, Waskow. 1 1 - DELTA DELTA DELTA First Row: Coles, Boscom, B. Schmidt, Garny, Gallaher Teckemeyer, Weissbrenner, Glaettli, Knott, Even, Raney. Second Row: Nordness, Gardner, C. Schmidt, Koch Zeratsky, Evans, Poston, Nelson, Weinhordt, Kettler, Nohr, Martin, Hensler, Jessen, Moore, Kolter, Hilde- brandt, Biggar, Bush. Third Row: Englert, Arnquist, Mann, Symmes, Marlow, J. Roegge, Sebastian, L. Roegge Meyers, Regan, Flanagan, Burkhardt, Griffin, Erickson Kerner, Scott. .. "3 , J .3 - T' i TV s , 1 . -. I , ,5 lj, , , u ' :i G. ,,' ip GRADUATE STUDENTS: Marion Carson. CLASS QF 1938: Betty Even, Marie Flana- gan, Muriel Hensler, Katherine Kettler, Cath- erine Nagel, Ruth Raney, Dorothy Scott, Betty Teclcemeyer, Tanet Roegge, Lois 1' oegge, Jeanne Glaett f fl ASS OF 1939: J 'ta Arnold, Dorothy A iquist Betty B sc t, Eunice Biggar, Fr estine Burkhardi, PaL 'ne Coles, Elizabeth Eb tt Crlendala l n0'le une Erickson, Ia Garny, He n Gal ier, Joyce Hilde- bran Marjorie lessen, l athrine Kolter, Vlrgi a Marlo ', Jane E. l yers, Charleen Schmi Beth ebastian, B atrice Symmes, eisslnr 1 oi' . ' T CLASS GF 1940: Tane Bleyer, Tedo Bush, Mae Kerner, M. Carlisle Knott, Betty T. Martin, Ruth Morrison, Lois-Mayre Moore, Dorothy Nohr, Sue Poston, Ann Regan, Helen Evans. CLASS OF l94l: Martha Gardiner, Fern Griffin, 'lean Koch, Betty Jean Mann, Betty Nelson, Betty Jane Nordness, Tean Weiii- harclt, jane Zeratsky. ..279.. CLASS OF 1938: Dorothy Bergengren, Elizabeth Fox, Jean Gorman, lane Hemp- stead, Elizabeth Hill, lean Higbee, Mary Hyde, VVilma Janes, Carol johnson, Mary Kimberly, Helen Knell, Martha Jane Moore, lean Paunaek, Helen Piffard, M rgaret Tor- mey, Mary Ann Wilson. X. f CLAss or 1939. Cimioae J da -S, Nancy Averill, Katherine Beale, ther e Dahl, julie Hallstroni, Virginia amber Althea Lewis, Virginia Schneider Sally Vmons, Betty Trane, lane Wagn , Lorrain Wey- land, Dorothy Ann Willia s. y CLASS OF l94O: Meredith Burke, Charline Everett, Kathleen Kilgore, Virginia Par- mentier, Sibly McCulloch, Dorothy Schaeffer, lane Vfheeler, Martha Murphy. CLASS OF 1941: Roberta Donaldson, Clar- issa Kerr, Margaret Kootz, Esther Marseh, Ann Musson, Edith Schley, Helen Schuette, Ellen Seaman, Ann Smiles, lean Smith, Inez Taylor. '-28O-- DELTA GAMMA First Row: Bergengren, Higbee, Moore, Lewis, Kimberly, Hallstrom, Hill. Second Row: Symons, Piffard, Williams, Jones, Adams, Paunock, Gorman, Hempstead. Third Row: AverilI,.Knell, Wheeler, Trane, Dahl, Wilson. DELTA ZETA First Row: Hayes, Hartberg, Mc Connell, Hazinski, Cor- coran, Dobson. Second Row: Ackerley, Riopelle, Thomp- son, K. Boundy. Third Row: Menoher, Cook, Ryan, Maas, Doepke, M. Boundy, Hansen, Utter, Hoag, Pearce, Charnley. FACULTY: Fnicl Davis, Lillian Twenhofel Pfeiffer. GRA A IBERS: Elizabeth Hart- berg,Har1'iette azinski. CLASS OF 938: Kay Boundy, Marian Cor- coran, N ialie Doepke, Evelyn Pearce, Ro- berta T rnpson. CLASS QF 1939: Rena Charnley, Dorothy Dobson, Doris Maas, Frances Ryan. CLASS OF 1940: Marjorie Ackerley, Marian Boundy, Dorothy Cook, Helen Hansen, Letty Hayes, Jeanne Hoag, Kathleen McConnell. Kathleen Menoher, Elaine Riopelle, Bohye Lou Utter. N281 .. CLASS OF 1938: Audrey Beatty, La Von Beck, Winif1'ed Bodwin, Mary Clawson. lane B. Critchheld, Martha Forster, Marjorie Frost, Ann Fred, Marianne Grieves, Ruth Harrison, Ann Jeffries, Betty Kniffen, Elizabeth Ann O'Malley. CLASS OF 1939: jessie Ann Baird, Betty jane Cochran Virginia Dean Helen Louis Gaspar, Mary Gosi 1, lane Griffin, Bett Gunther, Marion Ha it Mary jean jefferson Marian Knapp, Estell Lindovv, Marion Rc 1 Knox Wfilson ane edal CLASS OF 1940 Ka leen Biwer lf: 'i Bidinger, Mary Ldn Cruzen Suzanne 4' num Helen Gunther Lois Hisaw Patrici Moore Madeline Orc t Bonnie Kate Owens GAMMA Pl-ll BETA First Row: Yeomons, Reimon, Biwer, Mcirshcll, J. Van Brunt, Gunther, D. Von Brunt, Orcutt, Rowlands, Feser. Second Row: Bidinger, O'MoIley, Wiegond, Critchfield, Jeffries, Schultz, Frost, Fred, Clowson. Third Row: Hi- sow, Smith, Wolcott, Williams, Cruzen, Schlitz, Clink, Moore, Spohn, Willison, Trippe. Fourth Row: Brooks, Knapp, Gosin, Cochran, Tcifel, Boird, Owens, Gunther, Gospor, Lindow. dolph, Mildred Ro and, Maxine , O u F I .' ji 3 7 Eli, 1 Marjorie Wiegaird, tella Williaiiis, ' , I . , S A I I ! in 1 V ' -1 4 7 a 1' i f l . ,V if ' Ii , ' Anne Reiinan, Audr Smith, Mary Spohn, Marjorie Tafel, Alice Woodsoii. CLASS OF 1941: Barbara Brooks, Virginia Clink, jean Crowder, Mary Jane Dunwiddie, janet Feser, Barbara Marshall, jane Schlitz, Harriet Trippe, Del Van Brunt, jane Van Brunt, Harriet Vlfillison, Connie Wolcott, Gerry Yeomans. HZ82.. KAPPA ALPHA Tl-IETA l First Row: Gamble, Tindall, V. Bagley, W. Reis, Sanders, Brooks, Henkel, O'Leary, Pelton, Secord, Wente, Brict- san, Noble, Freeman. Second Row: Harwood, Rebban, Grady, Monfort, Oerding, Falk, C. Reis, Symonds, Raasch, Holmes, Sclaaper, Anger, Mclnerny, Kenney, Joslyn, Meyer, Maurey, Newcomb, E. Freeman. Third Row: E. Bagley, Fish, McGuffey, Haverstick, Ferguson, Benson, Peterson, Frost, Judd, Mortonson, Eagan, Von Vagenen, La Follette, Adams, Heiser. CLASS OF 1938: Violet Bagley, Margaret Brooks, Francis O'Leary, Margaret Felton, Mildred Sanders, Etlielnore Secord, jane Tindall. CLASS OF 1939: Betty Anger, Ruth Bennett, vonne Brietson, .if mc Eagan, Marion mble, Jeanne l enkel, Iary Ellen Mc- i rny, Anne lortonson, lean Peterson, Be y Rebban, YV inifred 1, Ruth Welton. i ' CL S OF ill! Betty lea Adams, Ellen Yvonn Ferguson, liirley Haver- sticlc, arbara dd, Euni 'ff- Kenney, Jane Newco in b, Qlaequel, Pet on, Doris Scliaper. CLASS CF 1941: Mary Margaret Adams, Ann Fish, Jean Freeman, Marjorie Frost, Jean Falk, Mary Ellen Grady, Marniian Harwood, Madeline Maurey, Jeanne Mueller, Virginia Oerding, .lean Ogden, lane Rash, Carol Ann Reis, Elizabeth Syniond. ..283.. CLASS OF 1938: Doris Fracker, Eileen Free- man, Eva Hitch, Lorraine Pugh, Kathleen Reilly, Gertrude Wilkinsoii. CLASS OF 1939: Gert ide Esch Margery Hoeper, Roberta Houstof, .ul Karstaedt, Dorothy Mc Nown, El Owens, Mary Jayne Parker, Lucille ql i ilner, Barbara Taylor, Flora Thierfeldei Faitl ilkins. CLASS OF 1940: Eleanor Bergum, Nevelle Dickson, Florence Gruen, Bettyrae Schroeder, Madelyn VValter. H284.. KAPPA DELTA First Row: Pugh, Wilkinson, Reilly, Kendig, Hitch, Free- mon, Bergum. Second Row: Walter, Schroeder, Gruen Thierfelder, Wilkins, Fracker. Third Row: Hoeper, Mc- Nown, Toylor, Schreiber. Fourth Row: Owens, Dickson Parker. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA First Row: Voet, Conkey, Stare, Keay, Short, Bechaud, Young, R. Lynott. Second Row: Jones, D. Davis, Church, Brodhead, Dingee, Boettiger, Murphy, A. Davis. Third Row: Fazen, Steiner, A. Moore, C. Moore, M. Lynott, Burghardt, Eschelman, Hempstead. CLASS OF 1958: Audrey Bechaud, Mary Agnes Brim, Jane Conkey, Betty Keay, Ruth Lynott, Mary Blair McGrath, Dorothy Ann Short, Rachel Stare, Audrey Voet, Margaret Young. CLASS OF 1939: Mary Anderson, Gail Brod- head, 'etty Br fn, 've yn iurch, Margaret Col n, Clara tschelnian, Betty Hunt, Au- clr i jones, fear North, Mary North, Marian rker, Harrie Pullen, Jean Randolt, Iona ink. CLASS OF 1 O: Barbara Bickel, Dorothy Boettigger, Do 's Burghardt, Dorothy Gene Clifton, Alice avis, Dixie Davis, Gladys ngee, Helen ivans, Grace Fazen, Douglas He stead, Ge aldine Kuehmsted, Margaret Lyno Mary Lennon, Alma Moore, Cecilia Moore, Jeanne Murphy, jean Steiner. CLASS OF 1941: Jean Becker, Eleanor Cain- pion, Elizabeth Davis, Katherine Kennedy, Janet Leitsch, Ann McDermott, Catherine McDermott, 'lane Pelligran, Barbara Stevens, Ruth W'heary, Peggy Woodlieacl. N285.. CLASS QF 1938: Louise Heskett. CLASS OF 1939: Lelia Extro Edna Earl Wilsoii. A CLASS QF 1940: Emily fi: 1 mf, Virginia Guest, Jean lord il ci' Lu- cille Sprenger. ' ,L , A CLASS OF 1941: Janet Bow rs, Marjorie Rom. H286 First Row: Bowers, Wilson, Heskett. Second Row: Dexter Sprenger, Guest. Third Row: Jordan, Extrom, Pence, Belk Rom. Pl-ll CDMEGA PI First Row: Srollmocher, Peck, Wojto, Ullsvick, M. Lor- son, Murley, l. Groves. Second Row: Johnson, Youngs, ller, Kindschi, Smith, A. Groves, S. Larson. Third Row Zeosmon, Philumolee, Crofoot, Cleosby, McCordic, Glenn CrRADL':XTE MEMBER: Ellen Glenn. CLASS OE 1938: Ruth Her, VVilnia Jean John- son, Dores McCordie, Rena MeCordie, Delia r ott, Rogna llsvik. CLAS OF 19 'Q Ka n Lauritzen, Marie Larson 1 elen k. CL XSS 11 194 Claia elle Cleasby, Shirley Ciofoo Beinic Kind hi Sylvia Larson, une l urlex NI r0a1et hilaniulee, Virginia Hel in Zeasnian ' Q ' ' Q ' W , .V dh. 1 1 A .l - ,lv A 1 2: Sniitl Dorothy tellni cher, Marge Wojta, Ta . Kffllril- 5:11731-flfffe ' l 1 CLASS OE 1941: Jane Youngs, Dorothy Trunimer. ..gg7.. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Ann Plavnick, CLASS GF 1938: Phyllis Shafton. CLASS OF 1939: Estl r Breme my is Feldman, Reeva Golden, uth Lappin, Jane Alice Machlis, Vivie 1' ancy Stei u. Ronah VVeblJer. Q CLASS OF 1940: lfielg '- ii ahcall, enell Goodman, Clarissa Lerne Janice Cpp nheiin. Frances Paul, Ruth Ra en, Syli Grace Saxe. CLASS OF 1941: Laurian Averbook, Rosalind Burnstein, Rita Golden, Thelma 1-lynien, Rhoda Schwartz, Bernice Shafton, Lillian Shapiro, Judith Silberman, Hinda XVolf. .. . 233 .. .. Pl-Il SIGMA SIGMA First Row: P. Shafton, Bremer, Lappin, Lerner, Goodman Webber, Nakitin. Second Row: Reeva Golden, Rotten Feldman, Averbook, Sachs, Paul, Schwartz, B. Shafton Third Row: Steinau, Saxe, Silberman, Wolf, Rita Golden Oppenheim, Hymen, Bloom. Pl BETA Pl-ll First Row: Bucklin, Vedder, Zentner, Sexton, Bradley, Johnson, Roe, Lyon, Mathews, Torcum. Second Row Peterson, Collins, Copeland, Brannon, Hinch, Stone Potter, Welch. Third Row: Nason, Schatz, Tensteldt Lawrence, Watts, Wenstadt, Jambor. Fourth Row: Rapp Fellenz, Sellers, Grant, Groth, Underhill, l-lorning, Sorurn Morey, Bickler, Patzke, Fifth Row: Froede, Stephens Moeller, Lyon, Baker, Langholtf, Rose. 1 GRADU.'XTl:E STUDENTS: Mary Bigelow, Dorothy Capps. CLASS OF 1938: Marion Bradley, Mary Jane Bueklin, Rebecca Clark, Francis Harbit, Rose- mary Hulett, Mary Lyon, Jean Mathews, Elizabeth Montgomery, Eleanor Neff, Ada oe Lllen Sercto Vnonna Torcum, Vnfin Vedder Axis ntnei CL XSS L 1939 Mai n Brannon Eileen Collins Iaioaret C pe nc anice DeBolt, Barb Dudley uby inch ane Johnson, awience l rnily lloelle1 iRuth Nason, Janet Pe ison thleei Patt i Ruth Tens- feldt Cha otte An Yoi CLASS O 1940: Uarj ie Atwell, Lorraine Criant ary Groth oiiothy ambor, Lois it are a, Jayne Rapp, .leanor Roadhouse, Margaret Stephens, Portia Stone, Nadine Strate, Vivian Underhill, Virginia Vlfatts, Maryon Welcli, Joyce VVenstadt. ' 1 fir, A T ' - -' ' W , . . 1 -, 2, . .T. ,1 Y. l 6 4 , 1 , . 7 , Q , ,. 4 ' l - L L 1 . - ,I , . , ' be , Q2 , Q. . .., ' , rf , U ' c -J ', le ,, 1 y V , , , I . ,N ,A 1- if, :, L p I - KJ l J A' 5 J . H, V! , c , '3 ,, . -5 . , ' , , V ,N ., , f , J. e , v C 1 Q f I .- , I I CLASS OF 1941: Kathryn Baker, Janet Bick- ler, Josephine Cox, Betty Sue Fellenz, Janet Froede, Marie Horning, Lois Langholff, Bar- bar Lyon, Virginia McCormick, Barbara Morey, Peggy Patzke, Mary Louise Rose, Virginia Sellers. FACULTY MEMBERS: Gertrude L. Bon- zelet, Helen Gibson Cannon, Rita Griep, Iva Rankin Mortimer. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Evelyn Smith. Margaret Stemler. Darrali, Anabel Follett, Flo ii-nce Jankus, Mil- dred Olen, Gladys Spevaclielr Frances Vea, Mary Grace Waiidrey. . CLASS OF 1938: Elai1 Coapman, Jeanne CLASS QF 1939: Lucile Aust, M- :ion Gaus- man, Mary Frances Jackson, Caro: ne Kuehne. Dorothy Steinmeyer, jean T." aits, Betty Ann Vlfandrey. CLASS GF 1940: Alice M. L eatli, Betty How- land, Maigai et MacM1lla'1! . '-'15-'Al'QL. . ,i'lii.3'lff T cu-iss OF 1941: Ada Mae Follett. Lola Shaw, Ruth Timm. ..29Q.. SIGMA KAPPA "'lRow: Thwoits, A. Follett, Coopmon, Dorroh, Jcm- 'u75,' M. Wondrey, Spevcichek. Second Row: Kuehn Heath, B. Wondrey, Smith, Stemler, Shaw. Third Row Ucickson, Vec, A. M. Follett, Timm, Howland. .l l l,'f ll Tl-IETA Pl-ll ALPHA First Row: Rupp, Thompson, Achtenber, Rosenburg. Sec- ond Row: Miller, McGrath, Willioms. CLASS OF 1938: Marguerite Col1iu5, Kath- erine M. Rupp. CLASS OF 1939: Marjorie McGrath. '51 CL " GF 1940 . Do othy Aehtenberg, Mar- ll iii! li LT 'aret iller, S r1ey 1ewe11, Betty Roehm, Al athr 11 Rosen urg. ' ' , l ,V 5' sf - " 1 ,,',.' fi LASS OF 1941: Virgh a Bueuz1i, Audrey Thompson. . . 291 . . ,Q IW! ,X , QA? X H a I, .Sw ...ig "1 V 5 -' ,P 1:-. egg S 1.15 IXXUC 1 5.121 1 21132 A- 5 I ff , ,.1., F , 'ffl 4 X is r ff i , QI, 'j.,x' 1,11 4 -su I W -- ?"' fs X . . ,. ' , , ,,,,,,,Q -il izflx 62' H292.. 'i l, ii, ,,,, ,Q , ul.ii' ,.v ix. I 1. , ,YW .gli ACACIA KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at University of Michigan, 1904, at Wisconsin, 1906 ALPHA CHI RHO PHI OMICRON CHAPTER Founded at Trinity College, 1895, at Wisconsin, 1922 ALPHA .DELTA PHI WISCONSIN CHAPTER Founded at Hamilton College, 1832, at Wisconsin, 1902 ALPHA EPSILON PI PI CHAPTER Founded at New York University, 1913, at Wisconsin, 1926 ALPHA GAMMA RHO IOTA CHAPTER Founded at Ohio State, 1904, at Wisconsin, 1915 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded at University of California, 1914, at Wisconsin, 1923 ALPHA SIGMA PHI KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at Yale University, 1845, at Wisconsin, 1909 ALPHA TAU OMEGA GAMMA TAU CHAPTER Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1865, at Wisconsin, 1907 BETA THETA Pl ALPHA PI CHAPTER Founded at Miami University, 1839, at Wisconsin, 1873 CHI PHI KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at Princeton University, 1824, at Wisconsin, 1916 CHI PSI ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Founded at Union College, 1841, at Wisconsin, 1878 DELTA cHi wiscoisisiisi cHAPTER Founded at Cornell University, 1890, at Wisconsin, 1921 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON RHO DELTA CHAPTER Founded at Yale University, 1844, at Wisconsin, 1906 DELTA TAU DELTA BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded at Bethany College, Virginia, 1858, at Wisconsin, 1888 DELTA UPSILON DELTA UPSILON CHAPTER Founded at Williams College, 1834, at Wisconsin, 1884 KAPPA SIGMA BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded at University of Virginia, 1869, at Wisconsin, 1898 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ALPHA BETA ZETA CHAPTER Founded at Boston University, 1909, at Wisconsin, 1917 PHI DELTA THETA WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER Founded at Miami University, 1848, at Wisconsin, 1857 ..2-94.. PHI EPSILON PI ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Founded ot City College of New York, 1904, ot Wisconsin, 1925 PHI GAMMA DELTA MU CHAPTER Founded ot Jefferson College, 1848, ot Wisconsin, 1893 PHI KAPPA LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded ot Brown University, 1889, ot Wisconsin, 1922 PHI KAPPA PSI ALPHA CHAPTER Founded ot Williorn ond Mory College, 1852, ot Wisconsin, 1875 PHI KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Founded ot University of Pennsylvonio, 1850, ot Wisconsin, 1901 PHI KAPPA TAU OMEGA CHAPTER Founded ot Miorni University, 1906, ot Wisconsin, 1922 PHI SIGMA DELTA PI CHAPTER Founded ot Colurnbici University, 1909, ot Wisconsin, 1920 PI KAPPA ALPHA BETA Xl CHAPTER Founded ot University ot Virginia, 1868, ot Wisconsin, 1920 PI LAMBDA PHI TAU CHAPTER Founded ot Yole University, 1895, ot Wisconsin, 1923 PSI UPSILON RHO CHAPTER Founded ot Union College, 1833, ot Wisconsin, 1896 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER Founded ot University ot Alcibomci, 1856, ot Wisconsin, 1903 SIGMA CHI ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded ot Miomi University, 1865, ot Wisconsin, 1884 SIGMA NU WISCONSIN CHAPTER Founded ot Virginia Militory Institute, 1869, ot Wisconsin, 1902 SIGMA PHI ALPHA CHAPTER Founded cit Union College, 1872, ot Wisconsin, 1908 SIGMA PHI EPSILON BETA CHAPTER Founded ot University of Richmond, 1901, ot Wisconsin, 1921 THETA DELTA CHI SIGMA DEUTERON CHAPTER Founded ot Union College, 1847, ot Wisconsin, 1895 THETA XI PHI CHAPTER Founded ot Renssciloer Polytechnic Institute, 1864, ot Wisconsin, 1917 TRIANGLE WISCONSIN CHAPTER Founded ot University of Illinois, 1913, ot Wisconsin, 1913 ZETA BETA TAU ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Founded dt College of City of New York, 1898, cit Wisconsin, 1922 1 l"""l gl 3 - -- ..295.. First Row: Shea Smith, Roth Schleck, Julius Dieman. Second Row: William Thorkelson, Frederick Baxter, William Friedman. INTERFRATERNITY BGARD VVorking with the Interfraternity Council to promote the in- terests of the fraternity system the Interfraternity Board serves as the coordinating unit of the organized Greek houses. It is engaged in preparing the case for removing the taxes on the houses of the fraternity men. The Board this year closed the Interfraternity Ball to all unaffiliated men and conducted it as a dance for fraternity men only. It originated a pledge Council for the respective houses and engaged in propaganda Work for fraternities as a whole. Interfraternity Board also serves as a ruling council for all violations of the rules that the organized have set up for themselves. U295.. ACACIA First Row: Gatterman, Maxfield, Shearer, Wise. Second Row: Behling, Follett, Eckmonn, Wendt, Kraatz, Kenn- gott, Haufe, Guttormsen, S, Femrife. Third Row: lhlen- feldt, J. Femrite, Baum, Vaughan, Kuechenmeister, Polan, Eaton, Young, Swazee, Niess, Peterson, Brey, Koepsell, Ambelang. GRADUATE MEMBER: Glenn Kenngott. CLASS OF 1938: Wilxner Behling, Kenneth Brey, Clarence Eckmann, James Femrite, Ted Ha e, Fred Kraatz, Jack Maxfleld, Conrad Sheare Carl Swazee, Martin Wendt. CLASS OF 1939: Charles Ambelang, Kenyon Follett, loyd Guttormsen, Harold Koepsell, -fllh ' Marquardt, Arnold Niess, Robert Polan, aul VVeber. CLASS OF 1940: VVillia1n Gaterman, Thomas Harris, Stanley Ihlenfeldt, Hugo Kuechen- meister, George Peterson, Francis VVhitcomb, Wfilliam Young. CLASS OF 1941: Robert Baum, Sidney Femrite. ..2Q7.. FACULTY MEMBERS: Dr. Llewelyn Cole, Dr. Ralph Lemmer, Dr. Reno Porter. GRADUATES: John Decker, Erwin Fred- rich, Fred Euhrman, Jerry Komar, Wfalter Rowse. CLASS GF 1938: Norman Baillies, I ck Clif- ford, Vlfilliam Heise, seph Helz, homas Hyland, Robert Klu ', Williarml rsau, Harold Liebich Erne L1 tze Wlilliam ack- ham, Robert Stex en n lph Swoboda. o bert Volbrecht Roo r Brt eckbauer. CLASS OE l939 ell, NVallac lr- win, George Kisse Jack Sav dusky, Ray ond Vallier, George eber. l CLASS OF 194 : Herman Bir ', Ralph Boldt, Douglas Burnette, Elmer Busse, VVillia1n Gleiss, Carlos Hessler, Robert Kaems, Robert Longwell, Chuck Schulz. CLASS OE 1941: Stewart Hitzelberger, NVil- liam jones, Alva Zook, George Ross, VValter Leitzke. ..29g.. ALPHA Cl-ll Rl-I0 First Row: Bell, Sovidusky, Lutze, Helz, Volbrecht, Clif- ford, Swobodo. Second Row: Hyland, Pockhom, Frederichs Liebich, Bcuillies. Third Row: Korsorm, Kissel, Weber Irwin. Fourth Row: Volller, l-lessler. Fifth Row: Jones, Schulz, Koems, Gleiss, Zook, Longwell, Birr, Boldt Bumette. 4 l Al.l9l-lA DELTA Pl-ll First Row: Kirklond, Boer, C. Kosten, Dovis, Bullock Billings, Burgess. Second Row: F. Kosten, Young, Collins, Moyer, DeGuerre, Schueler, J. Yost, Kroger. Third Row: Muckler, Grincle, Ringle, Gross, Owen, Ruhloff, Brodley, Frazer, H. Yost, Wilkie. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Stephen Brouwer, john Burgess, Don Davis, XNa1ton Miller, Stoughton Wfhite. CLASS QF 1938: Charles Baer, Robert Bill- ings, Chaniplin Gross, Carl Kasten, Charles ingle, Ion Sch eler, David 1!Vilkie, John Tost. 1 H SS gl' 193 Geo 'e Frazer, Williaiii P "l Geor e Mili r, Gi tave Moede, Henry es, Wi l"!'.-J, . ,,.' ,V 'Q .VV,Y y QF 1940: tdward Bullock, John Col- lins, Farrington Daniels, Philip DeGuerre, Howard Grinde, Carl Muckler, Carl Ruhloff, Chandler Young. CLASS QF 1941: Don Bradley, Fritz Kasten, Randall Kirkland, Robert Gwen, Harry Yost. H299.. CLASS OE 1938: Harris Babler, Elmer Dush- ek, Edwin Klassy. CLASS OF 1939: Richard Ames, Harold Imig, Edward Morris, onald Nelso '!lG" afdf25'5f1ll!- Radke, john Reynol Darrell Shr tis, Glen Vergeront. ,"' 1 V CLASS OE 1940: 1 ernari Britts, 1 att Brit- Damm, Robert 'ill ilton itknecht, Elroy Hagberg i Alan Hl rgrave Harold ton, Melford Cla on, 'lla Coo r Willis Henneman, Elt lmig, Robeir Mon , Eugene Nelson, Robert Peacock, Allison Peck, Harold Reinecke, Richard Schuster, Donald Smith, Norman Sprecht, VVilliam Straham, VVayne VVeber, Warren Wilke. CLASS OF 1941: Lloyd Burnett, Paul Goede, VVilbur Hockerman, Charles Kreuger, Ed- ward Mraz, Leon Vodak. ALP!-IA GAMMA Rl-KD First Row: Ames, Shulfis, Klossy, Bobler, Dushek, Rey- nolds, Morris. Second Row: H. lmig, Burnett, Vergeront, Monk, Smith, Nelson, Clayton, E. Imig. Third Row: Goede Gerhordt, Gutkneclnf, Hogberg, Specht, Weber, Hargrove ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA First Row: Norris, Kaliher, Schwier, Rhody, A. Axley. Second Row: Evan Roberts, Hogg, Mau, Robinson, Hill, T. Axley, Griswold, Olson. Third Row: Nelson, Pederson, Shepard, Spears, Edward Roberts, Zuehlke, Lobus, David- son, Miller. ITACULTY AND HONORARIES: Otto Toenhart, Robert Bartels, john Fowlkes, -lohn Gillen. Mathews, Robert Michell, VVar- ren Price, Marvin Rosenberry, Elmer Sevring- haus ' enn Trewarth Rav VVhitbeck. G DUATE sTU 2LlilTS: john Axiey, E1- er Mau, Evan Ro er 'Z Robert Spears. CLASS OF 1938 Merl i Graul, Don Gris- wold, Thomas ll, Br vster Norris, Gus innnel. CLf S OE 193 : Albert Ax ey, Arthur Hagg, Donalc Miller, Richard Ols , Eldon Robin- son, Marlon Schwier, Robert Eluck. CLASS OF 1940: james Davidson, Arnold Kraus, Roland Nelson, Arnold Pederson, john Shepard, C, Buker. CLASS OF 1941: Roland Labus, Vern Kali- her, Harvey Rhody, Edward Roberts. M3010 GRADUATE MEMBERS: Burnell Eckardt, Robert Herlihy, Herbert Hueimekens, George Lightbourne, Daniel McKinley, Fredrick Schwertfeger. CLASS OF 1938: Dohrl Booth, Neale Cflark, VValter Hagen, Frai eis Stumreiter, Adri 1 Verhage, Edgar Wil f1'ff. fy: J' b Y. Ctaxss CDF 19394iXYHhadt Aibfan, Byi g Bell, Roman Ell li Karl orsgren, Trlmoii Haritos, Stuart La hrop, Edgar Selke, No 'man Selmer, Archie S,MO1'13.t, Eugeiigwelcln.- CLASS OF 1940: Robert Ackermann, Leroy Emmerich, jack Lemberg, Arthur Schneider, Gerald Sieloff. CLASS OF 1941: Edward Christoph, Williaili Heuer, Arthur Steele. ..3O2.. 'ALPHA SKNWA PHI First Row: Albrecht, Hilgendorf, Forsgren, Booth, Ver- hage, Selmer, Eckardt. Second Row: J. Hartman, Clark Heuer, Stumreiter, Hagen, Ackermann, Lathrop, Chris- toph. Third Row: Shonat, Welch, Emmerich, Sieloff, Bell, Lemberg, R. Hartman. ,L i Q Mill P. . N " ALPHA TAU QMEGA First Row: Kuehlthou, Morley, Ailts, Hoffert, Mead, Trubshow, Holcombe, Gibbs, Schurnon. Second Row: Judoy, DeMunck, Allen, Pellegrln, Hilgendorf, Menn, Stone, Hoffman, Robinson, Crossmon, Dickerson. Third Row: Lynch, Strosser, Low, Zeisig, Nelson, Leyrer, Reed, Urschitz, McCormick, Pockord, I-lock. CLASS OF 1938: lilrner Ailts, Robert Dicker- son, Kiel Gibbs, Wlilliam Hofert, Marshall Morely, Percy Rosemurgy. .A ' OF SP7 75.11. Hilgendorf, Paul I offman, Rob Holcom A' Kurt Kuehlthau, 1, am Mead, I m Menn, R bert Miller, jack obinson, VV' iam Stovall. QLASS or 1 0: Henry llen Donald D - Iunck Art E' nman VT cent Hack Keith ohnson Thurs on Iuda Robert Leyrer amcs McCormic' Frgirick Niles, Harold Packard, George Pellegrin, Phil Raddatz, Robert Reed, Lyle Schuman, Edward Stone, Louis Trubshaw, Edmond Zeisig. CLASS OF 1941: Floyd Bennett, Chester Bible, Donald Christi, Marvin Engleliuber, Phil Hendrickson, Charles Howell, Marc Law, Norman Nelson, William Strasser. ..3O3.. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Frederick Baker. Stuart Becker, Don Dobson, Richard Phel, Bruce Rogers, Norbert Shultz. CLASS OF 1938: George Hayes, Richard Hofmann, -lohn Hubbard, Paul Hibbard, Eu- BETA THETA Pl First Row: Hayes, Cullough, Tuttrup, Hubbard, Service, Soutar, Taylor, Gaumer. Second Row: McLaughlin, Mar- tineau, Hofmann. Third Row: Schroeder, Geisle, Metter Morowetz, Jones, Altman. Fourth Row: Heuser, Briggs K. Smith, Grell, Dobson, Baker, Lowe, Ullrich, Miler Shultz, Dunwiddie, Blanchard, C. Smith, Reynolds Becker. gene Martineau, ,l.,9. .: , 1cCough1in, Edwar , McCullough, Joh Mora m Benjamin y- nolds, Wfilliam S iroeder, G don Smit ,lRo- bert Spanagel, Pl: ul Tuttrul ,, Fred l lrich. David Van Epps. CLASS GE 1939 :L obe t "hir an, Joh B ul 1 John Heuser, Ha old Ingalls, ichard lessen, Richard jones, R bert Lowe, chard letter, Dean Service, Si ey Silcock, nneth rnith, Douglas Soutar, A Wfilson ef fart, X1 liain Taylor, Richard l itswortl ' CLASS OF 1940: Sherman Blanchard, john Colborne, jay Dooley, james Dunwiddie, ,lohn Gaumer, Edward jones, Erwin Koeber, Don- ald Locke, Joseph Mei-gen, Edward Morse, George Sutton, Dick Vlfesterman. CLASS OF 1941: Lyman Briggs, John Clark, Walter Grell, Russel Hunter, Philip Marti- neau, Tom Miler, Chandler Smith, Herbert Twiliger. 1 Cl-ll Pl-ll First Row: F. Randle, Markham, McConahay, Wakefield Burr, Jorgensen, Thorkelson, Bruns, Wolcott, R, Randle. Second Row: Walthers, C. Christenson, Russell, J. Chris- tenson, Curtiss, Butcher, Ela, Collentine, Milligan, Shaw Hurth, Hare. Third Row: Porter, Frey, Louthaine, Mack Coans, Turner, Lippert, Maier, Sorenson. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Gtto Hibma, John Hurth, John McConahay, Louis Maier, CLASS IDI 1938: Curtis Burr, Foster Curtiss, Samuel lett, Allen Jorgensen, Fred Kaftan, a Jn 1 anclle, James Vlfakeield. George Oosterhous. Arlei fl lillqm, Robert Milligan, Foster R J 'go ll? 'sit Dewitt Atkinson, Ernest Bruns, S li es Christenson, Guy Coons, Robert Ela, Jam Hare, John Porter, Jack Russell, Russell Sl aw, VVilliam Thorkelson, Daniel Turner, Roger Wolcott. CLASS OF 1940: Robert Butcher, Charles Christenson, Arthur Collentine, Robert Lou- thain, VVillard Mack, Williain Sorenson. CLASS OF l94l: Louis Frey, David Lippert, Bruce VValthers. H305.. CLASS QF 1938: David Allen, John E1ls,jolm Erskine, Ben Gross, James Keating, George Miller, Robert Nelson, Paul Reinsch, Edward Solie, John Wagner, Char s Winkler. CLASS OF 1939: William Bre iienridge, Noble Heaney, Willis Heaney, 4' gf' ur -lanes, Robert Keating, Donald Lillegr i, Joe Mc- Mahon, VVilliam Pipkorn, VVilli ugh, Tom Shaw, Rodney Stebbens, Wil i f: St les, Ro- bert Vlfalker, Robert Webb. CLASS OF 1940: David Bradley, Clyde Cross, Carl Glienke, john Janes, Allison Vlfells. CLASS QF 1941: Francis Classen, Franklin Johnson, Robert Johnson, Robert Kelly, John Lord, Stanley Thompson, Harold Timmins, Robert Ziebell. Cl-ll PSI First Row: Martens, Thompson, Surles, Kelly, Lord, John- son. Second Row: Truax, J. Keating, Nelson, Reinsch Winkler, Gross, Miller, Wagner, Johnson. Third Row Pugh, A. Janes, Allen, Lillegren, W. Heaney, W. Pipkorn Breckenridge. Fourth Row: Stebbins, Cross, Webb, Wells N. Heaney, Walker, McMahon, Hogan. Fifth Row: J Janes, Glienke, Bradley, R. Keating, Griffith. 1 I DELTA CHI First Row: Ritter, Wolf, Robbins, Nye, Becker, Foelsch Garcia. Second Row: Christel, Loabs, Dibble, Cooper Koske, Clark, Pappas, Omsted. Third Row: Bennetri Weseloh, Timbers, Ricks, Dieman, Rubens, Zimmerman Becken 1 GRADUATE MEMBERS: Sig Krostue, R. B. Nye, Charles Ricks, Allan Ritter. CL OF 1938 jim Dieman. CLASS F 939. Bernard Becker, Francis Davis G 1 e Foelsch, Chester Harrison, Leon La 1 Peter Pappas, james Timbers, . , g John 'Ji OF 19 : Orlando Garcia, Daniel Greenwood, Donald Jacobsen, Daniel Mullen- dore, Kenneth Omsted, Hilbert Pickel, George Robbins,-VVilliam ,Ryan, Eldon YfVolf, Max Zimmerman. CLASS OF 1941 : Harold Becker, john Christl, Wai-ren Cooper, Robert Dibble, John Pappas, Vlfoodrow Tollaksen. ..3O7.. GRADUATE MEMBERS: George Rodman. CLASS UF 1938: VValter Cole, Robert Fish, Lawrence Fitzpatrick, Stephen Gavin, Howard Huenink, Douglas Terrell. Carturiglit Frederick D i en ames ack son Robeit Pfeifer d'1r Power bert Charles Stoops, Wal, r Vol ath, lli i,?'F'V C1 ASS UF 1940 R nert Goodni 1 Tre rick DELTA KAPPA EPSILON First Row: Cartwright, Terrell, Fish, Huenink, Vollrath Rehteld, Springer. Second Row: Goodman, Schmidler Clark, Dohmen, Sorenson, Snaith, Hebard. Third Row Jackson, Lange, Walters, Pfeifer, Gavin, Smiles, Baxter Sullivan. Fourth Row: Griffith, Rodman, Netzow. CLASS OF1939 Freder Baxter : rf' J ', C I . . , .S 7 ' Q , I - l i y 1 . y .X C , ,K Rehfeld, Williaiii Snii s, ie eph Sprlag fp. , 1 X 0 VValte1's. l J . : , S ip, , 4 Griffith, jack Heb , na a ange, Earl Netzow, David Price, Robin Smith, Jack Sor- enson. CLASS O1-T 1941: David Clark, Williarii Schniidler, Edward Shaw, Arthur Sullivan. ..308.. D E LTA TA Ll D E l.TA First Row: Freitag, Arnold, Klumb, Meyfholer, Lind, H. Higley, J, Riley, Chadwick, Buchanan, Trane. Second Row Harman, Thompson, Wright, Gezelschap, E. Riley, Can- right, Goetter, Fisher, K. Higley, Schanen, Backus, Simon, Kuehlthau, Conrad. Third Row: Roosevelt, Taylor, Cor- rigan, Supper, Gantert. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Frederick Mey- thaler. CLASS OF 1938: Harvey Buchanan, VVillian1 Chadwick, Edgar Riley, -Tohn Riley, R. Trane. LASS OF 1939: Fl f" uis Arnold, Hugh Higley, ohn Klumb. -if- af Kuehlthau, Ronald Lind, -dward Simon Ro'i-.- Schanen, Frederick upper LASS OF M401 on as Corrigan, Orville isher, Al G ntert, Gor n Harman, Kenneth igley. A CLASS OF 1941: Robert Anderson, Carl Backus, George Canright, Collins Conrad, james Goetter, VVayne Freitag, Richard Roose- velt, William Taylor, Gordon Thompson, Harold Vifright. U309.. DELTA UPSILCDN GRADUATE MEMBERS: john Byrns, Wil- liam Calvy, Harold Huffman, Raymond Nort- nian, Herbert Terwilliger, john Whitney, james Wilkie. CLASS OF 1938: Walter Bond, Charles Brady, Roland Kennedy, .lohn McGehee, Ar- thur Meier, Horace Wilkie. CLASS OF 1939: Gordon Forester, alfa ul Goeb, Harvey Kutchera, Harry Man Robert March lames MeArdle Heber tanton Stavrum Iyar Torkelson Hom T1' D1lCOY ohn 71mdars CLASS OF 1940: Dnald R1 in St rt 1 -' - o , el , l a Edgerton, John Findorff, Hawkii on, Robert Howard, james M Glynn, Stewart, Williain Twenhof , 'W e, Toni Wyseman. CLASS OF 1941: Ben Anderson, ,loe Barnett, Harlow Brown, Bub Brueniiner, Fred Gage, -lack Gunning, Clay Hogan, Harold lessen, Richard Kasbeer, Robert Meuer, VVilliam Mutchler, jack Nadon, Bill Selzer, Miles Standish, Richard Swendson, James Tieten- thaler, Harry Winegartner. ..31Q.. First Row: M. Wilkie, Nortman, Meier, Manzer, Ken- nedy, Trebilcox, Howard, Byrns, Forester, Brady, Hutt- man, Zimdars, Kutchera. Second Row: McArdle, H Wilkie, March. Third Row: J. Wilkie, Selzer, Standish Fourth Row: Edgerton, Twenhofel, Hawkinson, Torkel- son, Barnett, Goeb, Jessen, Wysernann, Stewart, Mutch- ler, MCC-Ilynn, Madon. Fifth Row: Anderson, Brown Kasbeer, Gage, Tietenthaler. Sixth Row: Findorf, Ryan Starrum. KAPPA SIGMA First Row: Tollack, Woy, Schoengarth, Slack, Kronbuehl Morx, Sternkopf, Logan, Frankfurth. Second Row: D. Lake, Davidson, Bonesteel, J. Scheffler, Darling, J. Lake, R. Scheffler, Gregory, Hyink. Third Row: Oeflein, Zim- merman, Weiley, Murphy, Frey, Turner, Zabel, Davies, Benz, Weiss. FACULTY MEMBERS: Malcolm Beesom, S. Lee Ely, Harold Foster, Joseph Gale, Scott Goodnight, VVilliam Lighty, Peter McCarter, Eugene Neff, John Reynolds, Fred Stare, Guy Sundt, Ellis Waldron. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Robert Barter, Victor Falk, Richard Grove, John Hickman, Richard Johnson. CL LX S OF 1938: Fred Benz, John Budde, Robei Conohan, Fat Cotter, William Coyne, John tt. n, Leo Hamacher, David Kranbuehl, William llf arx, Thomas Neubauer, Wendell Turner, 'll Walter, John VVoy. CLASS OF 939: Martin Bonesteel, Lorenz Frankfurt Manny Frey, Harold Logan, Wal- ter Maa ohn Scheffler, Lowell Schoengarth, Carste gm Slack Howard Tollack, Howard Wc C C W1 i-f'1 3' Keith Carter, John Darling, William Davies, James Dean, Shelburn Donkle, George Ema, 1Nilliam Ender, Richard Fenno, Gordon Frederick, Henry Hackbarth, Danton Lake, James Lake, William Mohaupt, Robert Oeliein, John Murphy, Richard Schei- fler, Albert Sternkopt, Howard Vlfeiley, Ralph Zabel, John Zimmerman. CLASS OF 1941: Richard Garner, Charles Hyink, Harold Masuhr, Horace Schantz, Ray VVernig. H311.. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Paul Bagwell. CLASS OF 1938: VValter Card, Clair Finch, Kenneth Kenehan, Ch les Morris, A thony CLASS OF 1939. bert F in Robert Fla - gan, John Grindro , Richar ashold, H old Skuldt. Philippsen, Join m Ward. CLASS OF 1940: Howard Anderson, Clarence Boncyk, David Disch, Donald Larson, Donald Treleven. H312.. LAMBDA CI-II ALP!-IA First Row: Philippsen, Skuldt, Larson, Bagwell, Finn Finch, Frothinghom. Second Row: Boncyk, Greiling, Nos- hold, Kenehcm. Third Row: Schoffenberger, Treleven Kobof, Anderson, Cord, Disch. Pl-ll DELTA Tl-IETA Firsf Row: l-loyes, Grossenboch, Schmit, Hickey, Neigh- bours, Berry, Grubb, Nelson. Second Row: Johnson, Gord- ner, Boerner, Eoron, Pfeif, Bell, Cotlin. Third Row: Mox- well, Rogers, Judge, Mangold, Osmun, Nelson. Fourth Row: Bandelin, Dutcher, Dewitt, Totrnon, Blozer, Ellis. Fifth Row: Grueber, Greer, Kriel, Born, Holton, Abney, Buechel, Moos, Meier, Gooding, Hopkins, Breyfsprook. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Henry Grueber, Charles Nelson. CLASS OF 1938: Richard Allen, joe Berry, Bob Bishop, Herman Boerner, Carl Grossen- bach, Paul Grubb Ai Hayes, Larry Hickey, ohn Neighbour ill ill: Harold Schmit. LASS OF 9: Malcolin Andresen, Harry li- Don Bl er, Thomas fi atlin, Bill Earon, nry Gard r, Harry I y, Arthur Maas, 1? Nelson, i , ick Totman, Bill llC6f. OF 91' Ruben ney, Frank Born, cl Breyts aak, Don ietrich, Dick De- , obert 'lb p.-i' Gooding, Richard , Tom I tuart Koch, Karlan Kriek, Paul Mangold, Bill Maxwell, Bob Os- mun, Bill Pfeif, Fritz Velde. CLASS OF 1941: Carl C. Bandelin, Henry DeHartog, Vincent Dutcher, Phil Greer, Hugh Holmes, Bud Hopkins, Harry Kaul, Karl Kriel, Al Meier, James Moses, john Rydell. ..3i3..' GRADUATE MEMBERS: David Goldstein. Williani Kaplan, VVirth Koenig, Charles Ros- enberg, Myron Silver, Milton Wexle1'. CLASS OF 1938: Saul Berkley, Iules Bernat, Robert Bernstein, Eugene Brooker, Seymour Horwitz, Warren Levy, Gerald Libman, Sey- mour Offenberff. CLASS OF 1939. joe elm, Archie rauer, Manny Brownstein I rslliu Grossman Martin Kaplan, VV'illia1 in File Li schutz. C1 ASS OF 194 Vic I st 'n 'Lphael Carrou Leslie Cohen ert Heclem n Sey- mour Levin, Earl Levit Alvin Lipsc z, Ed- b . fi ' , I ' i , -li Lfni Richard Posie , ll ni ii J' ii ,i Q1 , lE' C C ,J 7 ' 'L l v win Rubin, jack Segal, onald Shaft u ald Weiidroff. CLASS OF 1941: Robert Arnold, Gene Brin- dis, Seymour Gooclfriend, Arnold Goodman, George Kohen, Richard Levy, Sherman Lip- stein, Marvin Paul, Joseph Prowler, Elliott Resnek, Leonard Salzberg, Gerry Schwartz- berg, Bert Vlfaldman, Mayer Zukermann. H314- Pl-ll EPSILOIXI Pl First Row: Brauer, Koppel, Posner, W. Kaplan, Bernot Rosenberg, Lipshutz, Silver. Second Row: Brooker, Hede- rnan, Salzberg, Levin, Spector, Burstein. Third Row Shafton, Brindis, Libmon, Levy, Grossman, Goodfriend Resnek, Brownstein, Prowler. Fourth Row: Levitt, Segal Waldmon, Berkely, Cohen, Zuekerman, Crossman, Wend- rotf, M. Kaplan. Fifth Row: Lipshez, Lipstein, Kohen Koenig, Carrow. Pl-ll GAMMA DELTA First Row: Batzle, Du Bose, Boehck, Heinze, Fleming Hiller, Jim Pfiffner, Wheary. Second Row: P. Strain Swansen, Tinkham, Smith, Mason, Bewick, Joe Ptiffner, Bauch, Robertson. Third Row: Snodgrass, Holt, Eiring Mc Neil, Van Briggle, Jones, Sampson, Genske, Kelly Cockren. Fourth Row: Wood, Barrett, Withey, E. Strain Dyke, Davis, Stauffacher, Marling, Swanson, l-lulten. 1 CLASS QF 1938: Thomas Bewick, Harry Ma- son, john Matchette, Howard Morter, Joseph Pliffner, Bob Sampson, Shea Smith, Pat Strain. Robert Swansen, Richard Tinkham, Robert NVolfe. CLASS OF 1939: VVillard Batzle, john Bauch, Ernest Davis Thor DuBose George Dvke, Eugene Flernino-, 512 5 Genske, Robert Hil- ler Vlfilliarn Mc ff- ames Pfiffner Robert Stark, Arthur S uffac r, Frederic Wlieary. auch, Joh Boehck, Joseph Bubul, i , S f zs , b I 4 CLASS GF 431' Dou las Barrett, Loren Cockrell, Rob t Eiring, 'fb illiam Fisk, John Holt, Ralph ones, Willi Kelly, Richard Kepler, Hugh Robertson, Thomas Snodgrass, Earl Strain, Melville Tinkham, Howard Van Briggle, Loren Vlfithey. CLASS 017 1941: John DuDuniain, Harry Garrison, john Hulten, Louis LaBoule, 1fVil- liam Marling, John Swanserl. U315.. PI-II KAPPA GRADUATE MEMBERS: Howard Buenzli, Robert Byrne, Harvey Carroll, Karl Lawton. CLASS OF 1938: VVilmer Blong, Edwin Drab- PIOSIROVS ski Roth Schleck AlV1n ' h1ls Llnus Walch, jules Wis11er CLASS O111939 1410118.61 O3 le vais, Chester Surprise. ka, joseph Mackin, George M gan, Alex 4 : ' 1 f , C er- CLASS OF 1940: Clem Eiden, 3111 Ireland, John Kavanaugh, Steve Lewein, W llis Peters, Albert Punser, Harold Roche, Robert VVain- Wright, Fred Zaner. CLASS OF 1941: Charles Hermann, Fred Klancnik, Charles Martine-C, Sam Reiman. U316.. First Row: Wisner, Roche, Walch, Buenzli, Drobka, Schleck, .BIong, Schils, Mackin. Second Row: Klancnik, Riemann, Surprise, Mangan, Peters, Whitty, Cavanaugh. Third Row: Hermann, Hizler, Cotter, Ireland. Fourth Row: Piosikowski, Punser. Pi-Il KAPPA PSI First Row: De Groot, Evons, Baskin, Stiles, Broughton. Second Row: Herrick, R. Curtin, Harvey, Brotz, Gerend, Bewick. Third Row: Millin, Stemper, J. Curtin, Moclver, Mo rscholl, Sec rle. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Ned Laubenstein, Paul Fullen, john W'adde1l. CLASS F 1938 VVi1 am Broughton, Arthur wick, Fredrick B ?,,, A-'o Curtin, Jackson Xans Verdine ohns Stewart Stiies. Geren Rober -lac I er. ASS OF 1939 Ja B kin, VVi1lia1n Be- 4 r , ' I yi , CLA ' OF 1940: Ed ard De Groot, Horace Herrick, charles Ma chall, James Millen, john Stemper. CLASS QF 1941: Frank Brotz, Robert Cur- tin, Ned Harvey, Robert McCarter, Lucius Searle. ..317.. GRADUATE MEMBER: Robert Straub. CLASS OE 1938: Edward Brown, Palmer Pl-II KAPPA TAU First Row: Kittleson, Anderson, Grorud, lsermonn, New- berry, Dr, Domogollo. Second Row: Brown, Honson, Piper Feckler, Holub, Lee, Hoesly. Third Row: Straub, Hurfgen Kerney, Ruedebusch, Paulsen, Hatleberg. Grorud, Rodney Kittles r, Norman P rlson. CLASS OE 1939: V -W i '- In eckler, S arley Hoesley, Donald .l-. in , Io us lame 1, lol Keane, VVilliam erney, il' ober Lee, 'ifi rrl Newberry, Fritz edeb sch. CLASS QF 1940: Frank isbow, Geral Han- son, john Holub, john alker. A CLASS OE 1941: Chal Hattleberg, Alfred Harre. ..31g.. KAPPA SIGMA First Row: Johnson, Gunther, Fricker, Kuemrnerlein Berg, Lohr, Ruff. Second Row: Homochek, Oberwetter, Kornmers, Gnonn, Corroll, Jacobsen, Daniel, Mosby Borger. Third Row: Myers, Schindler, Voigt, Prengel Krumhous, Dolrymple, Rosenheimer, Lernes, l-lomochek Barrett. CLASS OF 1938: Robert H. Berg, Thomas F. Carroll, Donald E. Fricker, VVilliam G. Gnann, Frederick I. Gunther, Frank B. Hamachek, Richard H. johnson, Arthur H. Krumhaus, Richard 1 . Loh ll-'lw' eel Myers, Robert E. -Sl" wetter, bert I. Rosenheimer, How- ard Ruff, Henr . . Voight. ASS QF 1939: R ert L. Kuemmerlein, 7' illiam J. Kommers, 'Au H. Mosby, Rich- ard L. Hamachek, Valb G. Borger, Bruce ' . Dalryniple. C OF 194O' Malcolm G. Gestland, in Geor F. Jacobs , Alex T. Prengel, Robert W. 'Nl dler, R ert J. Ternes. CLASS GF 1941: john A. Anderson, Robert G. Barrett, Richard F. Daniel, Raulf A. Han- son, Bernhard H. Herrmann, Donald Rutlin, ,lack S. Wriglit. U319.. c Pl-ll GRADUATE MEMBERS: Sydney Rich. CLASS OE 1938: Mason Baer, Irving Glick, Bernard Meyer, Maynard Ornerburg, Leonard Rabucliin, Henry Taxman, joel Taxrnan. CLASS OF 1939: VVillia1 Feldman, Jert Sliulnian. ' . CLASS GF 1940: aniel i rden, Mil- ton Chinich, Bertram anie nrt on Epste' , Leslie Grubin, Fred :SWF ""' , Wallace s- enburg, Herman Silberina ,. CLASS QF 1941: Milton Bass, Mauri Cherin, Melvin Grubin, Jerome Gumbiner, I Milton Kossoy, Sanford Rabenowicli, Berton Ruby, Stanley Stark. SIGMA DELTA First Row: Shulmon, Meyer, Silbermon, Boer, Rich, Ro- buchin, Feldman. Second Row: Epstein, L. Grubin, Glick Ruby, Rosenberg, Robinowich, Gurnbiner, M. Grubin Third Row: Bloomgcirden, Kossoy, Stork, Hoodwin, Tox- mon, Boss, Cherin. Fourth Row: Spiegel, Bertram Daniels, Chinicla. Pl KAPPA ALPHA First Row: Winsouer, Weld, Brechler, Huebner, R. Wel- bourne, Beule, McVoy, Wepfer, Pomperin, Reis. Second Row: Morrissey, Cutting, Rernmel, Giglio, Murphy, Fields, Olsen, Johnson, Little, Neprud, Neitzel, Rhode. Third Row: Gerloch, Gibbs, Smith, Richert, I-lipskind, Thessin, E. Welbourne, Green. CLASS OF 1938: 'lohn Beule, Carlton Brech- ler, Bernard Green, John Gerlach, John Pam- perin, George W'ebfer, Raymond XYelbourne, Loren 1Veld. CLAS GF 1939: D ue Cutting, Millard Du: iry, Carl Gigli Frederick Huebner, I n Mc'Vay, YVill 4 Morrisey, Robert leprud, Otto Olsoi, Vey Richert, john Senft. ASS OF 1940: "" 'W"'i'1- Clarence Gibbs, Ge We Hipskind,' l3 ob Iohns i, Verne Knoll, Louis lordemai Bob Reme Clyde Rhode, Robert Smith, Vlfilliam Thessin, Everette VVel- bourne. CLASS OF 1941: Clair Burgdorff, james Little, Kermit Neitzel, john Murphy. N321 .. FACULTY MEMBER: Morton Bloonineld. GRADUATE MEMBERS: George Feinberg, Jack Levy, Richard Marcus. CLASS OF 19 : aren Becker, Saniu Cliortek, Elliot fliman, Murray Medvi , Howard Schudson. l A 2 . ' CLASS OE 1939: i erburi Adashek, Wil ni Eriedrnan, Stuart H rst, 101 1 La Rus, VVa ace Leibner, Harold VV 1ininge , Sol Plevin. I CLASS OE l94O: yn1ou1 'Eeld1nan, rbert Ereidlen, Sanford i ldenb g, Norina Han- kin, Edward Koblit ., Artln ' Korf, Ia ' Mer- vis, Ernest Saslow, Armin Shapira, Albert Sil- berman, Billy Wolf. CLASS OF l94l: Hubert Arons, Louis Fen- ster, Seymour Radzwiller, Mortimer Rosen, Leo Ruslander, Gerald Schatlander, Edgar xA7CI'fl'1Cl1T1C1'. ..3Z2.. PI LAMBDA Pl-II First Row: Chortek, Levy, Lehman, Adashek, Schudson Herst, Marcus, Becker. Second Row: Feldman, Mervis Rosen, Koblitz, Wolf, Hankin, Friedlen, Schaflander Third Row: Feinberg, Plevin, Leibner, Fenster, Saslow Korf, Wertheimer, Goldenberg. Fourth Row: Silberman Medvin, Radswiller, Ruslander, Schapira, Friedman Arons. PSI UPSILCDN First Row: Greger, Wolfe, Rowland, Carleton, Collins, Dousman, Rodgers, Second Row: Solfisburg, Howard, Steinmann, Pickford, O'Neill, Pullen, Bellile, Kline. Third Row: Yeager, Wakefield, Nehs, Stiehl, Ogden, Dithmar. Fourth Row: l-loeffel, Gosin, Coerper, Somp, Murray, Trulson, Densmore. liillfxljllxxililz STUDENTS: Richard Bra- zean, Edward Dithniar, George Theurer. CL.-XSS QF 1938: Edward Carleton, Edwin Col' 5, V' a Dousinan, Harold Greger, ll' iam dgers, lackson Rowland, Laurence Wlolfe, R ert Hunt. CL,-XSS 1 1939: Roswell Picklorcl, joseph 1-loeffel, Nl hn Kline, Kenneth Bellile, Donald O'Neill, 1 axwell Pullen, W7illiam Murray. CLASS 1 1940: Frederick Steininann, De Wfayne Nehs, Chauncey Densniore, john Howard, Anton Trulson, Roland Coerper, Elmer Yeager, Edward Sanip. CLASS QF 1941: Frank Qgden, John Gosin, Williain Solrisburg, john Wllalcehelcl, john Stiehl, Philip Stare. H323.. FACULTY MEMBERS: Robert R. Aurner, Chester L. jones, WV. H. Twenhofel. GRADUATE MEMBERS: lohn Pnellamey, Terbilcox. CLASS GF 1938: Akbar Brinsmade, Wfilliam Bunt, Gordon Fuller, Burton Haueter, Robert Howell, Dan Kohli, james Lindholm, Walter Martin, Chalis Olsen, Howard Powell, Paul Redemann, Geor ooney, obert Sakrisoi , Arthur Sweeney, FQ, Knellwolf. CLASS OF 1939: W iam Bateman, Edwc Boehck, Howard Fran VVilliam Golz, P1 ton Hallman, Frederick arsh, Gordon li vin, Willis Perschbacher ' llartin Peter Wfilliam Ploetz, Charle oberts, Jerry lfert, Leslie Strandbur Clark Fisher, -rr. 1 mil -lorgenson, Paul Mil , Robert Petrie, l avid Tack, ,lack Thomp n. CLASS GF 194 .,.i A in .-nnon A Robert Davis, Leland Taylor, Ross Amos, Robert Arthur, George Bowers, Richard Harrigan, Robert Kurtenacker, William McCoy, Edward Nelson, Robert Smith, jack Thomas, Robert Waite, john Witte. CLASS QF 1941: Stan Lovald, Hubert Mooney, Dan O'Connell, Al Redlin, Charles Smith, Walter Smith, Robert VVirka, Robert Eskuche. ..-Z324.. SIGMA ALPI-IA EPSILON First Row: Olson, Peterman, Bunt, Etter, Sweeney, Rede- mann, Fuller, Brinsmaid, Kohli, Bateman, Perschbacher Rooney, Jamieson, Haueter. Second Row: McCoy, Mar- quette, Ploetz, W. Smith, Roberts, Brannon, Harrigan Thompson, Jorgenson, Lindholm, Wirka, R. Smith Miller, Howell, Terbilcox. Third Row: Eskuche, Strand- berg, Davis, McConnaughey, Fraser, Marsh, Sietert Waite, Fischer, Tack, Taylor, Wood, Bauer, Recllin Petrie, Jordan, Golz. Fourth Row: J. Rundell, Mooney Witte, Nelson, O'Connell, Melvin, Boehck, Kurtenacher Frank, Lovolcl, Thomas. SIGMA Cl-ll First Row: Croslond, Corisch, Vosburg, Griswold, Sharp. Second Row: Conepo, Vernet, Shewis, Locker, Chokel Dieter. Third Row: Hobermon, Schilling, Thompkins, Pick, Schmeling, Herdegen. Fourth Row: Rybeck, Rohr Gelott, Smith, Twesme. Fifth Row: Gilette, Gilmore Krause, Rather. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Louis Fellenz, Norman Higson, Glenn Lempereur, Leonard Lovshin, Gilbert McDonald. CLASS OE 1938: Frank Chokel, Williani Die- ter, Vtfilliam Ellwanger, Fred Gillette, Rich- mond Griswold, Booth Miller, Edwin Pick, Hug' Rather, ilding Rybeck, Willia1i1 Schme ng, Rob er Sharp, Harry Skewis, John Thomp "I, f ert Twesme, Leslie Wortley'. CLASS I I 1939 john Canepa, Robert Carxsch 0 1 ard Crosland Charles Gelatt, Wlllianl ilm e, Donald Krause, john Von .1 ll 'Y IJ . .I . . I rl- All' 7 Rohr A ndrew sburff. J - b V . I CLA S GF 1940. obert Gardner, Earl Ha- berman, VVarren Haberman, John Locher. Elgar Martin, Charles Metcalf, Robert Morse, Burt Smith, Robert VVhitr0ck. CLASS OE 1941: Dean Becker, Robert Herde- gen, Ed Holden, Wfilliam Schilling, -lohn Vernet. U325.. SIGMA NU FACULTY MEMBERS: H. H. Clark, R. VV. DeBusk, D. D. Lescohier, R. S. Owen, VV. Stegner, H. F. Wilson, P. VV. VVilson. GRADUATE STUDENT:G ff K1 I CLASS OF 1938: Warren Alberts Hubert eorbe uma. Arndt, Alden Aust, 1 , bert Crikelair, Thomas Dahle, Charles Penske, Paul Godfrey, Marshall Hollo '-lf r ay, Matt Kust, Richard Nelson, Carlyle rd, William Pryor, Lewis Reisner, Harold U yerts, Wil- liam Robertson, Tom Sehwaab, Emerson Vorel, Donald Willison. CLASS OF 1939: Gene Goe n, Harold Kaiser, Leonard Kust, Robert tking, james Osborne, James Pryor, Joh Shaw, Robert Shaw, Wilford Anderson, Oltll Dawdy. CLASS OF 1940: Michae s own, tacy Brown, Aleron Larson, Robert Lind, Karl Klapka, Marvin Race, Robert VVood. CLASS OF 1941: William Gilmore, james Taylor, Arthur Webber. U326.. First Row: Holloway, Nelson, Schwoob, Connon, Adam Anderson, Vorel, Arndt. Second Row: Willison, Wood M. Kust, J. Pryor, Aust, Goedjen, Roberts, L. Kust Kaiser, Osborne. Third Row: Oetking, Dohle, Crikeloir Roberts, Robertson, W. Pryor, Godfrey, Ashdown, Reisner 1 1 SIGMA ,gxigee 1 ,-q..- W . ,-4 , First Row: Pfund, Bickley, Plischke, Johnston, Merriman, Kissel, Douglos, Coyle. Second Row: Nielsen, Hook, Boyce, Johnsen, Jones, Woodhouse, Porterfield, Kuony, Smith, Schempf, Cote, Roberts. FACULTY MEMBERS: julian Mack. CLASS OF 1938: Bruce Douglas, Angus Johnston, James Kissel, Edward Plischke. CLAS -.O F 39: John Bickley, jack Cate, Dot as Us 1-Lafl Johnsen, Jack Kuony. Ad ph 'J Chester Porterfield, Bill Sch pf. CLASS O 1940: Dave Boyce, Gene Hook, Evor Roberts, Bob Sanderson. CLASS OF 1941: Bill jones, Art Nielsen, Ned Smith. ..327.. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Thomas Carpen- ter, Robert Greenhalgh. CLASS OF 1938: Lyman Diercks, John Dith- mar, Edward '72, s , i f A eisler, :lin Heath, Vernon John on, Robert Lowe, Hei y Olk, Theron Place, bert Randolph, ggu,lEii,y1 Rousseau, Peter Sarock George fi, CLASS or 1939: john B Max 1- Wlreeler Holmes, Marv' Love, Robe cl ton, Mark Soden, an Steinmetz, -m'5"'U.E.1fIF Stiefvater. ' CLAss or -new-Bauman, By U Bennett, David Bennett, Byron Burch, Irving Collins, Van Dittberner, Woodrovv Felts, jack Fitzgerald, George Hibner, Max Kolb, Forrest Kubly, Curtis Reiman, Ralph Rogers, George Simon, james Vlfatson, David Yahn. CLASS OF 1941: Roland Olk. . . 328 . . SIGMA Pl-ll EPSILGINI First Row: Peck, Place, Rousseau, Steinmetz, Johnson Randolph, Faust, Bauman. Second Row: Terrill, Soden Olk, Heath, Dithmar, Diercks, Love. Third Row: Kubly B, Bennett, Collins, Simon, D. Bennett, Fitzgerald, Geis- ler, Burch, Herrmann. Fourth Row: Yahn, Olk, Renne- bohm, Carpenter, Rogers, Kolb, Stiefvater, Blair. 1 Tl-IETA DELTA Cl-ll First Row: Woke, Pinegor, Jonkus, Mollen. Second Row: Blodgett, Brandt, Hollodoy. FACULTY MEMBERS: Howard B. Doke, Merrit Y. Hughes, Alexander Meiklejohn. JJRADUATE EMBER : XVarren Pinegar. SS OF 1938: 'lin Halladay, Herbert OF 1 9: Don Blodgett, Wfalter llan nkus. 1 l ng Q A CLASS OF 1940: Robert Brandt. CLASS QF 1941: Robert Fuller, Raymond Mollen. H329.. ig 9 FACULTY MEMBER: Kenneth Stampp. H GRADUATE MEBIBERSZ VValter Felber, Robert Ritzenthaler. A CLASS OF 1938: Dale Greenwald, Benjamin Kastein, Emil Malesevich, Kel NT' n rrilield, Albert Pavlic, Oswald 'Wed md Brown, Burnill Davis, Wr liaiii Garrott Ar- thur Guetzke, Harrison kel ohn L hr- ke, Fredric Ulrich. CLASS OF 1939: Edward ii11C1C1'SO1'1, Fo yce A ' , , I , CLASS OF 1940: Nick Buja 'tr rich lil illiam Craig, Kermit Gunderson, lack Haley, Harold Hiller, Edgar Koehl, David Krause, Otto Leipski, Norman Lofthus, Anthony Samoraj- ski, Ernst Spangenberg. CLASS GF 1941: Carl Berger, Thomas Hau- gen, Howard Jacobson, Harley Kuehling, lim Miner, George Paskvan. THETA First Row: D. Greenwald, Felber, Kastein, Garrott, Wede- kind. Second Row: Malesevich, Ulrich, Lofrhus, Haase, Craig, Krause, R. Greenwald, Guetzke. Third Row: Koehl, Henkel, Paskvan, Haley, Davis, Summerfield. Fourth Row: Samorajski, Spangenberg, Finch, Merrifield, Davis. TRIANGLE First Row: Watters, Bauer, Wood, W. Mitchell, Sheerar, Youngblutt, M. Anderson. Second Row: Runkel, Evans, Adams, Wilkie, Smithwick, Mc Connel. Third Row: Van- der Wall, Pike, Weyker, P. Mitchell, A. Anderson. FACULTY MEMBERS: R. Hartenberg, VV S. Kinne, G. L. Larson, R. S. McCaffery, D. NV. Mead, R. Price. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Vtfilliam Fluck, Eugene Gradt, joseph Liska, Robert Maersch, hn Strand CL S OP 1938: Stanley R. Adams, Arthur Ande on Martin Anderson, August L. Fer- Vifilliam I Mitchell, Albert L. Schluter, Ldu ard Strand, George M. Watters, Hari e5 We orf, john H. Wood, Sumner P. ,ull . f y ber, bert johnson, Roman Kwasniewski, l l . ff . . 3 if lil.. ' Y 7 "gli O. u Younbblutt CLASS OE 1939: Edward E. Bauer, Jack E. Runckel, Cliiford Vanderwall, Robert G. Wey- ker, Edward A. VVilke. CLASS OE 1940: Ralph Evans, Paul D. Mitchell, Kenneth R. Pike, George D. Smiths- Wick. . . 331. . CLASS QF 1938: Jerome B. Kumin, Howard M. Teichmann. Blaushrld Edward Freschl oseph Ill Ralph Gumzburg, Davi Stemberg ll Zenoll stein, Gerald Gl piegel, Xfvllliillil lj- CLASS OF 1939: Sqmor i Anoff, 1 ZETA BETA TAU First Row: Bernstein, Anoff, Kumin, Teichmonn, Guinz- berg, Freschl, Bloushild. Second Row: Riegelmon, Zenoff, Michelstetter, Glosspiegel, Gollusch, Minden, Bender Meyers. Third Row: Steinberg, Bournohl, Altman, Polar- sek, Kohn, Silberberg, Gerstenfeld, Keeshin. CLASS OF 1940: ger Bender, Par Donald Michelste er, Eli' 1 ' inden, 7 ou s Porter. Robert Riegelman, Hubert Silberberg. H332.. PROFESSIONAL CHEMISTRY FRATEIQNITV FACULTY MEMBERS: Dr. H. B. Adkins, Dr. C. Baumann, Dr. H. C. Bradley, Dr. R. W. Clark, Dr. F. Daniels, Dr. A. Dickson, Dr. R. Fischer, Dr. N. F. Hall, Dr. E. B. Hart, Dr. M. L. Holt, Dr. O. A. Hougen, Dr. E. N. Huffman, Dr. O. L. Kowalke, Dr. F. C. Krauskopf, Dr. C. K. Leith, Dr. K. P. Link, Dr. R. S. Mc Caffery, Dr. H. Matthews, Dr. V. W. Meloche, Dr. M. S. Nichols, Dr. J. P. Oesterle, Dr. R. A. Ragatz, Dr. G. I. Ritter, Dr. H. A. Schuette, Dr. E. L. Sevringhaus, Dr. E. C. Sherrard, Dr. H. C. Sorum, Dr. A. I. Stamni, Dr. H. Steenbock, Dr. P. Strong, Dr. E. Truog, Dr. I. H. VValton, Dr. O. P. Watts. GRADUATE MEMBERS: R. C. Anderson, H. Atkinson, R. Blodgett, R. Blumblay, R. O. Carter, D. R. Colingsworth, R. E. Conary, VV. P. Conner, P. W. Cox, I. D. D'1anni, W. L. Dunn, F. E. Fontaine, G. O. Kohler, VV. A. Lindbeck. H. C. Mayland, D. Musser, I. I. Oleson, W. L. Owen, E. S. Per- rachio, O. Quimby, D. B. Rollins, I. G. Roof, D. Saunders, H. M. Sells, M. A. Stahrnian, W. H. Stark, D. Swalheiin, WV. G. Van Beckum. CLASS OP 1938: N. Anderson, R. Aude, E. Herrel, C. Hugget, D. T. Lurvey, M. M. Mueller, F. Steldt, I. VVagner, C. W. Zuehlke. CLASS OF 1939: E. Granlnerg, K. Hartwig, M. Kewley, B. Lohman, M. Neipert, H. Stecker. CLASS OF 1940: W. Parrish. First Row: Radue, Zweifel, An- derson, Mueller, Zuehlke, Van Beckum, Stecker, Owen. Second Row: Fontaine, Arndt, Gran- berg, Pope, Wagner, Huggett, Byrns, Parrish. Third Row: Zophy, Franz, Roebuck, New- man, Aude, Peracclaio, Lohman, Nickols. Fourth Row: Herrell, Lurvey, Verduin, Kewley, Hart- wig, Neipert, Redfield. ALPHA CHI SIOIVIA ALPHA KAPPA PS! First Row: Simon, Bridge, God- dard, Dorr. Second Row Hughes, Woller, Hunt, Alt Third Row: Urschitz, Droeger, Anderson, Mortensen, Bendyk Fourth Row: Torgerson, Jones, Toplick, Harmon. FACULTY MEMBERS: F. H. Elwell, P. G. Fox, XV. B. Taylor. CLASS OF 1938: Arthur Bridge, Maurice Dorr, Clarence Drae- ger, Grant Goddard, Raymond Hunt, Robert Jones, Maynard Simonson, Vllalter Taplick, Robert Torgerson. CLASS OF 1939: Roland Alt, Franklyn Anderson, Raymond Gillard, Robert Harmon, Robert Mortenson, Edward Simon, Raymond Wfahler. CLASS OF 1940: john Bendyk, Dudley Hughes, john Urschitz. PRCFESSKDNAI. CQMMERCE FRATERNITY N335 .. Fl2A'llfl2Nll M44 ,Dl7lifQ SlUNAl.. CfOWlMt.l?3QE lf.fxcU1.'1'Y Mlcixfligalcnsz if. H. liiwen, J. C. Gilisfm, H011- orary, il.. F. B1'L111l1'l1, Honorary. Lauren F. Brush ...... President Prof. F. I-I. Elwell ...,..,,,,, ,,,, ....Permanent Vice President CLASS Oli 1938: Norniztn O. Behnke, Allen C. Broclcl, IJZILIFCU li. llrusli, Robert Crilcelair, Alden H. Cliristianson, Roland A. lEisslelclt,WillJe1' l"'l. ilfl1l2lSS, Arthur Meier, Paul VV. Nass, Williztlli S. Pztelcliztin, Lawrence lf. Rocca. Arthur J. Meier .................,,, Vice President A l clen I-l. Ch ristian son ,...,... ....................................Seeretary CLASS OF 1939: Gorclou QF. Hilclelarancl, Rztynioncl lf. Novy, lilclon M. Robinson, lirztnlc P. Ruppert. BETA ALPHA PSI Robert J. Crikelair ...........l.... ..................................Treasurer First Row: Brush, Meier, Crike- loir, Christionson. Second Row Prof. Gibson, Brodd, Hooss Behnke, Eissfeldt, Ruppert Third Row: Rocco, Ness, 'Pock- hcm, Novy. First Row: Stewart, Henius, Hill, Gage. Second Row: Vokos, Goedecke, Tellen, Eiermon, Noson, Robinson. Third Row: Ford, Hochfeldt, Coldon, Geh- ler, Woodson. Fourth Row: Relsbol, Froemming, Andrew, Johnson. CCRXXNTQ CLASS OF 1938: Delores Froennning, Ann Gage, Ruth Gehler, Helen Hanford, Mary Hill, Ruth Hoehfeldt, Gayle MBU' Hill -......-- -.-----. P 1'6SiC1C11t Johnson, Ruth Niles, Barbara Peverly, Phyllis Stewart, Kath- . leen Tellen, Katherine Vakos, Margaret Wfooclson. Phyllis Stewart .... ..............,... V106 P1'CSidC11'E CLASS QF 1939: Harriett Ford, Vvlllllil, Goedecke, Maxine Henius, Ruth Nason, Phyllis Robinson. Ann Gage .,.....,..,....... Secretary Maxine Henius CLASS OF 1940: Marjorie Ackerley, Barbara Calclon, Mary ...,.,,,Treasurer Eiernian, Velma Riesbol. CLASS OF 1941: Dorothy Andrew. PRQFESSIQNAL JQUFQNALISM SQRQRITY N337 . . 3?"DFESSIQNAL AGRPCULTURE ACTIVFS: Carl Backes, Orlie Baker, Helmer Bakke, Ray- mond Fisher, Ward Fischer, Henry Fortmann, Willatir Goehring, George Gresch, Robert Hazellaerg, Raymond Hesp- rich, Willis Holsten, Irwin Holzhueter, Howard Hunt, Lenard Hunt, Norman Johnson, Raymond Kahler, Frank Kauffman, Emil Mueller, W'illis Nichols, Russell O'Harrow, Lawrence Plzak, john Porter, Verne Richter, Clement Schmeige, Marcus Schmidt, VVilliam Seestrom, Joseph Steingraeber, Alvin Vogt, Paul Walske, VVayne Watkiias, Arthur Weiiier, James Wielue, Milton VViesner, Wilsoii Wriglat, Gilbert Zimbric, Bruno Zucollo. PLEDGES: Hugh Alberts, Marshall Bergstrom, Merlin Goehring, Thomas Green, Edward Knutson, Iames Lowe, Charles Mittelstadt, Leonard Schaitel, Marion Staley, Sidney VVilliamson, Richard Witz. FRATERNHY Arthur Weiner ,,,.....,. President 7 Russell O Harrow .......,.....,.,.. President Milton Wiesiier ........ Secretary Raymond Hesprich ..Treasurer Norman johnson .................. ...................,,.Social Chairman VVillis Nichols ...........,..,...... .....................Pledge Chairman First Row: Gresch, Hesprich, Johnson, N ic h o I s , Weiner, Wiesner, O'I-lorrow, Holsten. Second Row: Bokke, Bockes, Fortmonn, Holzhueter, Fischer, Mueller, Richter, Vogt, Kauff- moni Third Row: Seestrom, Zu- collo, Plzok, Zimbric, Boker, Koehler, Hunt, Fisher. Fourth Row: Wolske, Goehring, Schrniege, L. Hunt, Steingrober, Wright, Watkins. DELTA THETA SIGMA U338.. KAPPA EPSll,UlXl First Row: Mcnuell, Buelow, Sonnenberg. Second Row: Neu- morm, Konclais, Nilsson, Moore. Third Row: Bonow, Windemutla, Bonisfer. Caroldean Buelow .,.. President Mildred Cook ..Vice President Eunice Bonow .........,............ .,.....,Secretary and Treasurer Dr. Nellie Vifakeman ,.., Advisor FACULTY MEMBER: Dr. Nellie Vifakenian. CLASS OF Strom, Ruth CLASS QF Kanchis. CLASS GF Sonnenberg. 1938: Eunice Bonow, Mildred Cook, Alice Hel- Manuell, Inez Nilsson, Nevada vVx7l11dC1l111lIl1. 1939: jane Banister, Caroldean Buelow, Stella 1940: Ruth Moote, Kathleen Neumann, Patricia 33 SLFESSICDNAL l3HAI2MACEU1'l,CAL SGRCDRITV --339 PRGEESSIGNAE SPEECH SQRQRITV CLASS OF 1938: Helen Sager, Ananda Sandsmark, Edith jane VVa1ker. CLASS OP 1939: Ruth Artinann, Dorothy jane Bahr, Pauline Coles, Dorothy Denniston, Eleanor Joyce, Ruth Lowrnan, Ruth Rundell, Doris Siekenieyer, Mary Theobald, Phyllis T1'iOHC. CLASS OP 1940: Betty Ann Bowden, Margaret Bush, Mary jane Du Bois, Yvonne Ferguson, Ruth Kern, Elizabeth Mc- Gahey, Ruth Pence. CLASS OF 1941: Fern Griffin, Mary Louise Rowley, Mary jane Samp. Ananda Sandsinark .President Pauline Coles ..,. Vice President Helen Sager .............. Secretary Ruth Rundell ............ Treasurer Edith jane XValker .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....................Editor, Historian First Row: Rowley, Rundell, Coles, Sager, Walker. Second Row: Griffin, Bush, Kern, Low- mon, Du Bois, Ferguson. Third Row: Somp, Pence, Trione, Siekemeyer, Bohr, Pl-H BETA Pl-ll Cl-ll THEUX First Row: l-lansen, Kast, Kuehne, Doyle, l-lay. Second Row: Theisen, Westphal, Engle- bretson, Maas, Sorge. Third Row: Fehlau, Keegan, Rat- tunde, Fuclzinski. Fourth Row: Zander, Cunningham, David- son, Griffirh, Muth. Mary Ellen Kuehne ..President E. Nathalie Doepke .............. Vice President Florence Kast .......... Secretary Alice Hansen ............ Treasurer Lorraine Doyle ,........... Hostess Marie Westplial ...................... Counselor CLASS QE 1938: Ann Cunningham, Marian Davidson, E. Nathalie Doepke, Gladys Eehlau, Helen Fudzinski, Elise Griffith, Alice Hansen, Helen Hay, Florence Kast, Eulalia Keegan, Mary Ellen Kuehne, Margaret Theisen. CLASS GF 1939: Bernice Englebretson, Doris Maas, Carla Muth, Ardis Rattunde, Rita Sorge, Virginia Vergeront, Marie VVestphal, Mary Louise Zander. PRCDFESSIQNAI. CCDMMERCE SGRQRITV ..341.. MUSFC Fl2AlERNlT'X GRADUATE MEMBERS: Arnold Clark, Howard Kunsman, Willaur Dennis. CLASS OF 1938: Thomas Bewick, Ralph V. James, Marvin Kramer, Paul Kundert, John Larson, Arnold Lehmann, Arleigh Markham, Alton Moyle, Paul Nass. CLASS OF 1939: Roderick Gordon, Theodore Kaap, Reynold McKean, Jackson Main, Richard Snyder, Leo Svitavsky, Kenneth Zweifel. CLASS OE 1940: Earl Boyd, Kenneth Cuthbert, Charles Erailly, Kenneth Jones, William Higgins, Henry Kleinert, Robert Parker, Kam See Pang, Frank Potter, Evan Roberts, Bob Tottingham, Edwin Webb, Robert Will- more, John M. Witte. CLASS OF 1941: Robert Woollen, joe Bradley. mann, Pang, Potter, McKean l X nis, Cuthbert, Roberts, Frailey Webb, Svitavsky, Wilmore Fourth Row: Kleinert, Kopp Parker, Clark, Tottingham Snyder. Fifth Row: Bewick len, Jones. .., ALPH A QS lt-,L1,FrCtf .M 1 A 5 H342.. First Row: Nass, Zweitel, Gor- den, Kramer, Markham, Hig- gins. Second Row: Boyd, Leh- Witte, Larson. Third Row: Den- James, Kundert, Bradley, Wool- Pl-ll UPSILQN QMICRQN First Row: Groshong, Etzweiler, Peplinski, Seward, Louront, Miller, Yohn. Second Row: Un- derhill, Bilstein, Loppley, Aust, Boyley, Runke, Spooner. Third Row: Toepfer, Sneberk, Mees, Botz, Hitch, Mitchell, Guele- sorion. Fourth Row: Stettler, DiVoll, Nelson, Woterston, Lin- der, Englebretson. Fifth Row: Lein, McC0rdic, Huenemon, Pies, Muth. Ethel Mae Seward Margaret Laurant .,., Beatrice Peplinslci .... .President President 'lane Miller .,.............. Treasurer Agnes Etzweiller ......,......,,.. . Corresponding Secretary Doris Mitchell .....,..,,.. Chaplain Gladys Yahn ,Social Chairman Gene Runke .,.............. Historian Catherine Groshong..Librarian Elizabeth Spooner ..........,..... ............................CanClle Editor ACTIVE MEMBERS: Lucille Aust, Ednah Bayley, Alice Bilstein, Ruth Botz, Beth Davenport, Lorraine DiVall, janet Englebretson, Rebecca Cfilson, Armine Gulesserian, Ruth Heunenann, Kay Kuechenmeister, Elizabeth Lappley, Thelma Lein, Martha Linder, Rena McCordic, Charlotte Mees, Theck- la Mnth, Estere Nelson, june Pies, Esther Sneherk, Hulda Stettler, Sue Toepfer, Mary Underhill, jean Vlfatterston. INACTIVE MEMBERS: Maxine Hagen, Eva Hitch, Lois Neill. Pl2CFESSlQlNl!Xl, HCME CECGNQMICS SCDIQCRWA' ..343.. DRQFESSIQNAL SCRQWIY CGUNCII. CORANTO, Harriett Ford, Maxine Heniusg KAPPA EPSI- LON, Eunice Bonaw, Caroldean Buelowg PHI BETA, Ruth Artmann, Margaret Buslig PHI CI-II THETA, Nathalie Doepke, Bernice Engebretsong PHI UPSILQN OMICRON, Lucille Aust, Jane Millerg SIGMA ALPHA IQTA, Marian Elile, Rachel Herringtong SIGMA LAMBDA, Barbara Dud- ley, Marguerite Sherniang ZETA PHI ETA, Kay Hammond, Kathryn Tourtellot. Kay Hammond .......... President Rachel Herrington .... Secretary Barbara Dudley ........ Treasurer First Row: Aust, Hammond, Herrington, Artmonn. Second Row: Buelow, Engebretson, Bo- naw, Henius, Miller. Third Row: Ford, Bush, Sherman, Ehle. PRCPLSSUNAI.. PANQHFI COUNCIL H344- SIGMA ALPHA IQTA First Row: Moore, Hathaway, Schumaker, Roberts, Hacker, Lee, Schadauer, Sutton. Second Row: Fisher, Claus, Naset, Adams, Midthun, Corry, Ehle. Third Row: Witte, Zipze, Kem- merer, Schwarztrauber, Witze- mann, Gehrmann, Lound. Fourth Row: Herrington, Swanton, Art- man, Haslanger, Emery, Bier- sach. Jane Haslanger 1 Rachel Herrington .. ....,...President President Elizabeth Rhodes ...... Secretary Irene Eastnian ...,.,... Elizabeth Schadauer Louise Emery ..,.. .. .Treasurer .Chaplain .,....Editor CLASS OF 1938: Eleanor Artman, Dorothy Biersach, Phyllis Claus, Louise Emery, Jane Haslanger, Rachel Herrington, Elizabeth Rhodes, Josephine Sproesser, Laura Stark, Mary Titus, Lorraine Xwilson. CLASS OF 1939: Eleanor Crowley, Joan Fisher, Helen Free- man, Audrey Hennings, Betty Moore, Dorothy Reid, Eliza- beth Shadauer. CLASS OF 1940: Mary Baldwin, Marion Ehle, Virginia Hacker, Doris Hathaway, Anita Keniinerer, Marie Lee, Irene Lound, Joyce Midthun, Marguerite Reetz, Joyce Roberts, Jane Schumaker, Portia Stone, Mary Swanton, Phyllis Witte, Evelyn Zipse. CLASS OF 19412 Charlotte Adams, Katherine Bryan, Eliz- abeth Ann Carry, Jeanne Cfehrmann, Carlyle Hope, Yvonne Naset, Clare Schvvarztrauber, Frances Sutton, Margaret Witzemann. Woresslomfxt Music soeomw U345.. l5lQCFESSlCDlXlAL ART SQRQRITY CLASS OF 1938: Edith Ballantine, Lorraine Eggert, Eliza- beth Haggart, jane jesse, Mary-jane Joachim, Althea Mary-jane Joachim ..Presiclent Caryl Onsgard ..................,.,.,, Mathews, Jean Mathews, Margaret Olson. CLASS OF 1939: Muriel Culham, Margaret Esterl, Norway President Elizabeth Haggart .... Secretary Marriner, Marjorie Mueller, Ruth Rundell, Marguerite Sher- man, Maryon Schuetz, Maxine Van Wiiiter. Marguerite Sherman .Treasurer CLASS QF 1940: LaVerne Bradford, Jean Mills, Caryl Ons- gard, Elaine Riopelle, Marguerite Robinson, Mary Robinson. Althea Mathews SIGMA LAMBDA ........Historian First Row: A. Mothews, Ons- gcrd, Joochim, l-loggort, Sher- mon. Second Row: Schuetz, J. Mathews, Mills, Morriner, Cul- hom, Bradford. Third Row: Mueller, Bollontine, Esterl, Eg- gert, Rundell. Fourth Row: Rio- pelle, Von Winter, Jesse, Mary Robinson, Marguerite Robin- son, Olson. ZEJA PHI ETA First Row: Dano, Torcom, Hom- mond, Bridgmon, Anderson. Second Row: Adams, Wacho- wius, Kelly, Deon, Froncke, Knouss. Third Row: DeBower, Dowdy, Asleson, Cruikshonk, Tourtellot. Kay Haniniond .......... President Virginia Torconi .................... President Albertine Reynolds .Secretary Doris Bridgman ........ Treasurer Aleen Anderson ..................,... ..........,.......Rushing Chairman CLASS QF 1938: Aleen Anderson, Elie Asleson, Doris Bridg- nian, Ruth Cruikshank, Charlotte Dana, Kathleen Dean, Janice DeBower, Kay Hammond, Ruth Hinn, Florence Jankus, Cody Noble, Elizabeth Ann O'Malley, Virginia Torcom, Avis Zent- ner, Jeanette Wlachowius. CLASS OF 1939: Florence Jankus, Frances Kelly, Kathryn Tourtellot. CLASS OF 1940: Betty Jean Adams, Frances Benn, Jane Dawdy, Joyce Francke, Dorothy Knauss. lmortssuomfit SPEECH solaow ..347.. DQQFPSSICNAL CQMMERCE FRATERNIW GRADUATE MEMBERS: Harold Burkholtz, Tod Davis, Martin Heltz, Harry Schuck, Paul Rockey, John Gerlach, Harold Michler, George Wi11g, Albert Berhens, John Schoon- enberg. CLASS OF 1938: VV. A. Tupper, Raymond Swaziek, Robert Sandeen, Albert Kersten, Alan Skowlund, Delbert Schmidt, Norman Kurtz. CLASS OP 1939: Gene Speltz, Harry Rusch, James Caldwell, Gene Burdick, Walter' Conway, Kenneth Hosely, Stanley Phelps, Ernie Swanson, Paul Houston, Lawrence Sondreger. CLASS OP 1940: Carl Suckow, MacLean Hemmings, Page Schultz, Howard Olmsted, Adolph Spengler, George Peter- son, Francis Powers, Milan Johnson, Carroll Steinhoff. CLASS GF 1941: Gene Stuessy, Don Burrowbridge, Robert Kailing, James MacMillen, Robert Henkle, Robert Eergusen. DELTA SIGMA Pl ..343'.. VV. A. Tupper ............ President L. Page Schultz ............,....... President MacLean Hemmings .,........., ....................................Secretary Raymond Swaziek ..Treasurer Gene Speltz ,......:.................... ,,,,....................House Manager Harry M. Schuck .................. ......................Chapter Advisor First Row: Schmidt, Skowiond, Hemmings, Tupper, Swoziek, Speltz, Schuck. Second Row: Stuecy, Johnson, Swanson, Schultz, Hoesly, Sonderegger. Third Row: Olmstecid, Suckow, Coldwell, Steinott, Burrow- bridge, McMillan, Hinkle. Fourth Row: Krier, Sondeen, Burdick, Kurtz, Ferguson. Fifth Row: Rusch, Wing, Phelps, Peterson, Arvold. Edward E. Bauer . August Ferber ...... Peter S. Sarocka .. Clifford L. Sawyer Charles Schmidt ....,., Lewis L. Sheerar ,. Arnold V oss .................. VVilliam N. VVriglit ALL-ENGINEEWNG SCCIETY ...ME ..Ch.E ...M,E. Min.E. Miu.E. Lewis L. Slieerar ...... President Peter S. Sarocka ,.,..... Treasurer Clifford L. Sawyer .... Secretary PCLVGCDN --350 First Row: Sorocko, Sheeror Sawyer. Second Row: Bauer Ferber, Schmidt, Wright, Voss ,sf-.X ,, X, I, Cs, is First Row: Smith, Browne, Herning, Winter, Hoffman, Ubbelohde, Christionson. Sec- ond Row: Fiedelmon, Wiese, Whiteis, Jonosok, Meochom, Olson. Third Row: Brown, Cic- hocki, Wiberg, Sorocko, Hud- son. Philip XYinter ............ President F Robert Hoffman ......,,....,o,,,..... ,,........................YicefPresident Leo Herning .,......,,......,,,,,,,,,,,, ................Seeretary-Treasurer CLASS Ulf 1938: Stanley Adams, John f'Xntllinger, Kenneth Brown, Clarence Lhiehoclci, Clarence liclcmann, lfloward Ficdelman, Ted Haute, Leo l-lerning, Robert llolilimann, Max Lindoo, Kenwyn Merriheld, lrlerman Miller, Ray Pacausky, Shea Smith, XYalter NN'hiteis, lfdgar TlVllDCl'g, Philip VVinter, CL.-XSS Ol? l039: Thomas Christianson, Howard Crosland, Herbert lfichner, Tse Chin Fong, Karl lforsgren, Leo Fuchs, James lol are, Karl Hartwig, John lfleuser, XYalter Liedlce, XVillard Norgjren, N'Valter Otto, lrlerbert Sanford, Donald Schenk, lilarlo Scott. Carl Yelguth. CLASS Ol? 19-lO: XValter Blair, W'illis Browne, Allred Carley, John Erickson, Eugene lirmene, Chester Foster, Ralph Koester, Thomas Morrissey, John Roebuck, Lee Sargent, Robert Schindler, Eugene Sehueler, John Scott, Jack Seelow, George Smithwick, Roland Sprenger, Cwordon 'VVeber, Ralph Wfestphal. CLASS OF l94l: James Allen, Norman Anderson, Carl Bandelin, Wfilliam Barclq, .lflcnry Blankenburg, Joseph Brager, Lyman B1'iggs, l-lfarold Burgess, Norman Chappell, ,l4lerbert Cooper, Douglas Daulifenbach, lfloward Davis, Fred Diulio, Douglas Dowie, John du Domaine, Robert Durkee, Vernon Falkenau, Wlalter Fiedler, Cordon Gile, Carl Hager, Levern l9lanstedt, Charles l-larp, Leo l'laydoek, NVilliam l'litzelberger, l-larold ,l-ludson, Owen l-lussa, Richard James, Donald Janasak, Oscar Joyner, James Karabis, W'illiam Koss, NVarren Kotz, Norman Krause, VVilliam Krajewski, Charles Lasley, James Little, Robert Martin, Lester Massey, Thomas Milhaught, Raymond Mollen, 'Floyd Mueller, VVilliam Mutchler, Charles Pendock, Eugene Pope, John, Pratt, Harold Radtke, Williaiii Reingard, Chester Rembleske, Philip Rhifsnider, Norman Ritter, Harold Ritzman, Gale Robertshaw, Donald Schumaclier. Eugene Smaler, VVarren Sommer, John Stephens, Reuben Strelow, Thomas Tabbert, Kenneth Ubbelohde, Robert Van Sickle, Deane Vtloody, Don Zentner, Michael Zimmerman. CHEMICXXL ElXlGlNEEI2S, N351 .. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS COUNSELOR: Prof. Crordon F, Tracy. CLASS OF 1938: Norman Ahlsvvede, Paul Brewer, Charles Buehler, Walter Clarke, Everett Davies, Benjamin Dicke, VVillard Dittmann, August Ferber, Jerome Frank, William Hafstrom, Harrison Henkel, Arthur lark, Martin Kaplan, Paul Ketchum, Ceordon Lemke, Aldro Lingard, Gordon Mickelson, Wayne Mitchell, Richard Nelson, Robert Parent, Wayne Reesman, Ralph Schmiedlin, Carl Shultheiss, Thomas Sell, Harry Sellery, Harold Vlasek, Everett Wfallace, Carl Walter, john VVoy. CLASS QF 1939: George Albing, Donald Blodgett, Chester Piatkiewicz, Robert Richardson, john Roller, Richard Thews. August Ferber ............ President Carl Shultheiss ...............,,....... ................Secretary-Treasurer U352.. First Row: Shultheiss, Ferber, Tracy. Second Row: Hafstrom, Lemke, Parent, Lingard. Third Row: Mitchell, Schmiedlin, Frank. Fourth Row: Clarke, Dicke. First Row: Zovriic, Moxfield, Clark, Reed, Ale-xorider, Mock- rud, Thompson. Second Row: Krejchik, Schuetre, Bortz, Hil- gendorf, Edelstein, Morril, Ko- nopko. Third Row: l-logenseri, Voss, Wirth, Schrieible, Sheer- or, Scovill, Weridor, Dolgiri, Doehm, Fourth Row: Jonkus, Krcilriri, Bolstod, Dormer, Plumb, Holgote. A S. C. E. Glenn C. Krejchik ...... President A. Allan jankus .........,,.........., President, Evan H. Schuette ...... Daniel D. Hilgendorf Secretary ....................................Treasurer CLASS OF 1938: F. Alexander. V. Bjelajac, Z. Dolgin, A. Edelstein, R Fngdahl. H. Greger, T. Heebink. H. johnson, P. Klieger, G. Krejchik, F, Malesevich. J. Maxlield, J. Rosecky, A. Schluter, M. Schmidt, L. Sheerar XV. Toole, J. Vaughan, F. Vorel. M. VanSickle, H. Wirtli, M. VVojta, L Yerges. D. Schneible. CLASS OF 1939: -l. Airis, L. Arnold, F. Bartz, M. Brokaw, F. Cape, K .DZl1'111C1','-lr. Dietz, E. Ebbott, I. Fitzpatrick, T. Holgate, I. Huppler, H. Huston A. vlankus. li. Kraemer, R. Krahn, C. Laird, K. Lehmann, H. Ley, M. Plumb T. Prawdzik, G. Thompson, A. Voss. CLASS OF 1940: F. Bartolowitz, C. Bedore, C. Bogengagen, I. Bolstad, F, Bucketlial, G. Buske, VV. Daehn, VV. Davy, I. Elliott, VV. Faulkes, R. Goodier XV. Helm, N. ltzkowitz, R. Johnson, L. Kohl, K. Lemke, S. Nestingen, C Plog, I. Savorias, E. Schernecker, F. Schuette. N. Solochek, G. Vroman, F NVilke, B. Yllerner, A, Zounic. CLASS OF 1941: VV. Carpenter, A. Barnwell, A. Becker, C. Belik, F. Bertle I. Blair, A. Bredeson, D. Bruce, F. Brzeszkiewicz, VV. Christensen, R. Clark W. Clark, H. Clarke, R. Cull, R. Derio, I. Drutz, F. Erickson, G. Finnet, P Fluck, H. Getts, C. Hall, E. Hird, R. Hogenson, VV. Huber, Kellogg, E Kehone, A. Konopka, J. Kuelling, G. Landsness, R. Langdon, S. Little, M Lunder, R. McBurney, R. Milaeger, K. Morrill, W. Nelson, R. Newman, P Nolte, M. Palmer, H. Platt, A. Polasky, R. Remley, J. Riley, I. Roth, F Sandner, L. Selzer, F. Shaw, W. Smith, P. Sodemann, E. Sundermann, I Taylor, VV. Taylor, J. Vollsfedt, J. Walsli, N. Weiidt, F. Werren, VV. Witten G. Yeager, R. -VVelJer. CIVIL ENGINEERS . . 353 .. MECl-lANlCAL ENGINEERS M. Anderson, E. Bauer, W. Brennan, R. Bennewitz, R. Bates W. Black, R. Boettcher, M. Bondehagen, R. Dansfield, W Dickinson, D. Dobrogowski, R. Fisher, F. Freund, R. Gaiser F. Grether, F. Gunther, R. Halberg, C. Higgins, C. Hobart H. Hoge, L. Houfek, I. Hubbard, V. Inman, L. Iesselun, F johnson, W. Kommers, S. Kranc, L. Kubos, R. Lanibeck, H Lavin, F. Leidel, F. McGrath, R. Merck, L. Meyer, S. Miller F. Mintzlaff, W. Mitchell, F. Orthey, G. Oscar, Pelz, K Pike, C. Preisig, R. Ring, P. Rohling, A. Rosenberg, B. Rowe W. Rowe, C. Runke, R. Rynders, K. Sager, C. Sawyer, F Schiffer, R. Sharp, R. Stanley, B. Stieg, A. Thom, S. Vaicelunas, H. Voight, H. Wright, R. Wright, S. Youngblutt, H. Young- quist, H. Zachariasen. s , W. A. Mitchell ............ President R. U. Stanley .... Vice President D. T. Dobrogowski .... Secretary A. Thom .......... Treasurer C. L. Sawyer ..........Polygon Representative E . F.. Bauer ............................ ..........Polygon Representative A. S. M. E. H354.. First Row: Meyer, Anderson Stanley, Mitchell, Dobrogowski Thom, Shorp. Second Row Stieg, Hoge, Schiffer, Kronc Youngblutt, Oscor, Lombeck Third Row: Donstield, Mintz- lotf, Boettcher, Pike, Orthey Merck, Kommers. Fourth Row Grether, Rohling, B. Rowe Melms, McGrath, Goiser, Sow- yer, W. Rowe. IVIINING CLUB First Row: Allan Brooks, Nicko- lai Friesen, Herbert Geittman, Gilbert Olson, Howard Grange, John Kildsig, Philip Rice, George Billings. Second Row: William Staak, Russel Gubbins, Darwin Swanson, John Anderes, Harold Erlien, Joseph Etzkin, Henry Eickelberg, John Marston, Ther- on Place. Third Row: Max Lib- man, Jackson Beyer, Anthony Ozanick, James Christenson, Joseph Beck, William Wright, David Seltzer, Harold Propp, Roger Prange. Fourth Row: Oscar Nerenberg, William Swenson, William Goodier, Charles Schmidt, Errol Black, Walter Dickinson, Charles Klein, Sidney Strasburg, DeWayne Miller. Fifth Row: Robert Rip- pey, Ernest Bean, Jr., Robert Adams, Robert Schroeder, Francis Albers, Arthur Gervais, Hector Van Buskirk, Simon Becker. Howard Grange .,,,,... President john Kildsig .... Vice President Karl Klapka ..... ...... S ecretary Herbert Geittman .,.. Treasurer John Yarne ....... ....... B Tucker Harp CLASS OF 1938: F. A. Bemis, C. VV. Burr, H. L. Eickelberg N. bl. Friesen, H. C. Geittman, lr., H. L. Grange, R. Kildsig gl. NV. Marston, G. L. Glson, T. P. Place, H. N. Propp, YN. N Xllrfglit, bl. Yarne. CLASS OF 1939: R. B. Adams, E. P. Bean, Beck, H Beyer, G. NY. Billings. I. G. Christenson, E. L. Koltun, M. Lib- inan, S. Lyons, R. E. Mieritz, F. R. Mueller, A. R. Ozanick C. XY. Schmidt, S. G. Strasburg, H. C. Taylor, -l. WHLSOI1. CLASS OF 1940: F. Albers, I. Anderes, S. Becker, B. Black U. TN. Boresch, A. Brooks, R. Eiring, J. Etzkin, A. Gervais R. Gubbins, E. Harvey, R. Hendy, G. Hille, G. Hipskind K. Klapka, C. Klein, WV. Koltun, K. Kuelthau, L. Layman, O Leipski, DeVV'. Miller, G. Nerenberg, R. Prange, F. C Raeschen, F. Reichert, M. Rosenow, D. D. Seltzer, R. Stewart C. Stone, D. Swanson, VV. Swenson, H. A. Van Buskirk, I Zainbrowicz, R. Toellner, G. Swartz, M. Habush, A. Mc- Connell. CLASS GF 1941: V. Benton, A. Brooks, R. Deno, C. Drier, C Du Mont, P. Engsberg, VV. Goodier, P. Rice, R. Rippey, T Rosenthal, H. Schneider, R. Schroeder, G .Schuknecht, T Schweitzer, M. Sievert, W. Staak, M. Stern, E. Tullis, A Westphal. MINING ENGINEERS AGRICULTURAL STUDENT COUNCI- ALPHA ZETA-Hollis Peter, Russell Kronenberger. OMI- CRON NU-Ruth Huenemann, Eloise Lauson. PHI UPSI- LON OMICRON-Elizabeth Lappley, Ethel Mae Seward. EUTHENICS-Gene Runke, Ruth Botz. SADDLE AND SIRLOIN-Glenn Pacey, Robert Van Liere. BLUE SHIELD -Randolph Briggs, Helnier Bakke. 4-H CLUB-Genevieve Bartel, George Gresch. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS- Rayniond Fischer, Donald VViggins. INISCONSIN COUN- TRY MAGAZINE-Lewis Reisner, Maurice Haag. DELTA THETA SIGMA-Arthur Wfeiner, Russell O'Harrow. AL- PHA GAMMA RHO-Harris Babler, Edwin Klassy. BAB- COCK HOUSE-Fred Hoppert, Robert Niedermeier. SHORT COURSE-Ralph Swan, Phillip Tung. George Gresch .......... President Ethel Mae Seward ...,............,, ..........................Vice-President Gene Runke ,......,....,,.. Secretary Elizabeth Lappley .... Treasurer Dean I. L. Baldwin ...... Adviser First Row: Runke, Loppley, Gresch, Seward, Louson, Bortel. Second Row: Wiggins, Pcncey, Swon, Hopperr, Briggs, Botz. Third Row: I-laog, O'l-lorrow, Weiner, Jung, Huenemonn, Fischer, Niedermeier. Fourth Row: Peter, Klossy, Von Liere, Bobler, Kronenberger, Bokke. AG COUNCIL BLLIE SI-IIELB First Row: Harris, R. Swan, Page, Mitchell, Richter, Bil- stein, Briggs, Lapley, Yahn, I. Bauman, Hanson. Second Row: Loepfer, E. Bauman, Roska, Dena, Retzlatf, Peckham, Fran- ecki, Hesprick, Reese, G. Briggs. Third Row: Bullis, Sontag, Wa- terman, Jandt, Boynton, Huber, Butt, Luetscher, Kellom, Loner- gon, l-lubatch, Gresch. Fourth Row: Lamm, Lein, Gillette, En- dres, Gesley, Paggemiller, Stev- enson, Burkhalter, Britt, Roun- tree, Hudson, Nelson. Fifth Row: Dineen, Brandt, Lehrman, Barton, Ruben, W. Swan, Winn, Knutson, Martinson, Mittel- stadt. Sixth Row: Pritzl, Mc- Neil, Beers, lhlenfeldt, Klinge- man, Sutter, Jandt, Wunsch, Johnson, Thayer, Agerjord. H. Randolph Briggs..President Irene B aum ann ,....,...,....,......... ice-President Alice Bilstein ..........,. Secretary Russel G'Harrow ...... Treasurer Elda Iandt ........ Recreation Chr. Eugene Lehrman ......,............. ........................Discussion Chr. Vernon Richter ..,....,.........,,,, . ........................nlfxtension Chr. Carolyn Hubatch .,,,..,..,.,.....,,, Chr. Professor John Barton .......... The Blue Shield Country Life Club, originally the Triangle Club. was founded to provide an opportunity for practical ex- perience in leading varied community activities as well as a source of social activities for its student members. Drama, readings. debate, music, games, and planned parties are all important phases oi community recreational activities in which club members participate. During the year the club practiced its leadership training by responding to twenty four requests of nearby rural communi- ties to put on an evening's program of entertainment and recreation. Blue Shield aims to carry out its motto of: "Training to serve." CCDLIINITIQY LIFE CLUB ..357.. HGME ECCDNQIWCS G. Bartel, B. Baumann, L Baumann, B. Bayley, M. Beardsley B. Bergum, A. Bilstein, R. Botz, M. Brannon, B. Cockrell, C Conant, Conkey, M. G. Davis, E. Davies, P. Dexter, H Dickinson, L. Di Vall, B. Eggers, B. Endres, J. Engebretsen A. Btzweiler, L. Ferrigan, Fleury, S. Pranlcowsky, C Gauson, R. Gesley, H. Gilberg, B. Gilray, A. Graves, M. Gregg L. Hall, M. Hamilton, B. Harris, M. Hickey, H. Hernlem, E Hitch, E. Horn, A. Hrejsa, C. Hubatch, M, jackson, B. jandt E. Katz, E. Lappley, M. Lauderdale, M. Laurant, E. Lauson A. Leary, S. Levine, M. Linder, S. Lonergan, M. McDonald, V McKenna, D. McNown, C. Mees, D. Mitchell, E. Moeller, T Muth, B. Nelson, I. Niland, B. Olson, G. Olsted, C. Page, I Patterson, V. Patterson, H. Peck, B. Peplinski, B. Pfanku I. Pies, M. Raabe, B. Rhodee, G. M. Runke, F. Rosemark, B. Rossmaessler, M. Schmidt, P. Schroeder, N. Schroeder, V. Schroeder, E. M. Seward, M. Singer, L. Skupniewitz, C. Smith, R. Smith, E. Sneberk, C. Soehnlein, B. Sontag, M Spahr, M. Stephenson, H. Stettler, B. Stewart, R. Stiemke M. Stukey, M, Teitgen, G. Thomsen, S. Toepfer, B. Torgeson R. Torgerson, V. Treganza, R. Voelker, E. Wfanek, K. Wfash- burn, M. VVerts, M. VVinnemann, G. Yahn, B. Zeman. 7 Agnes Etzweiler ........ President Gwendolyn Olstad .................. President Ruth T. Botz .............. Secretary Margaret Laurant .... Treasurer Sue Toepfer ........ Publicity Chr. First Row: Sontag, Katz, Botz, Olstad, Etzweller, Runke, Se- ward, Yahn, Conant. Second Row: McNown, Bilstein, Page, Bolotin, Graves, Dexter, Patter- son, Davis, Dickinson, Stewart. Third Row: E. Bauman, McDon- old, Zeman, Toepter, Laurant, Skupniewitz,Sneberk,V. Schroeder. Fourth Row: Loner- gon, Janclt, l-lubatch, Enders, DiVall, Smith, l-lomilton, Pies, Stettler. Fifth Row: l. Bauman, N. Schroeder, Cockerell, Ber- gum, McGilvre, Gregg, Linder, l-lorn, Hreisa. Sixth Row: Win- nemann, Steimke, Hitch, Mees, Russell, Olson, Bayley, Ely, Lauderdale. l NICE CLUB M-4 CLUB George Crresch ..........,. President Wfarren Schmidt .,.........,.,,..... ................,.,,......Vice-President Irene Bauman ............ Secretary Edward Hauser ........ Treasurer Verne V. Varney .......... Adviser Geneva Amundson ......, A dviser The 4-H Clubs in 'VVisconsin are a part ot a national move- ment in which the county, state, and federal governments cooperate, permitting boys and girls in rural areas between the ages of 10 and 20 to organize into clubs wherein each member carries a project in agriculture or home economics. The University of VVisconsin 4-H Club is a continuance of the organization. It is composed of former 4-H Club members and leaders from all over the state. One of the many objec- tives in this club is to promote a wider and better acquain- tance between our farmer 4-H'ers who are in attendance here at the university. AGRICULTURE and HQME ECQNOMICS H359.. JNIVERSITV LIBRARY SCHQQL CLASS OE l938: Richard. Barrows, Louise Bean, VVilbert Beck, Helen Benkert, Mary Elizabeth Bigelow, Lois Mae Bird, Doris Call, Margaret Davidson, Emma Diekroeger, Marie Drolet, Nathan Dubester, Frances Duck, Miriam En- gan, Helen Gallaher, Frances Gibson, Ruth Gregory, Agnes Grimsrud, Thelma Hall, Victoria Hargrave, Hazel Heintz, Lois Hendricks, John Herling, Elvera Johnson, Nina Kachur, Dorothea Krause, Delourise Layman, Edward Lynch, Ioyce Nienstedt, Evelyn Pearce, Merriam Peterson, Emma Roethel, Jennie Rose, P. Marcus Schmidt, Sister Mary Albertus Vvil- helms, Evelyn Ann Smith, jean Spray, Catherine Telier, Wfaldemar Thurow, Mary Vocelle, Ruth VVilkinson, Erma Zarling. Mary E. Bigelow ..r. President P. Marcus Schmidt .............. ..........................Vice-President jean E. Spray .,........ Secretary Vlfaldemar A. Thurow .......... ..................................Treasurer Marie E. Drolet ....................r. ............EXecutive Committee Margaret E. Davidson .......... ............Executive Committee First Row: Barrows, Reely, Gib- son, Herling, I-lazeltine, Lester, Benkert, Thurow, Evert, Spray. Second Row: Schmidt, Davis, Peterson, Zarling, Heintz, Bean, B. Smith, Wilkinson, Curtiss, Hendricks, Beck. Third Row: Hall, Rose, Pearce, Gregory, Johnson, E. Smith, Duck, En- gan, Vocelle, Layman. Fourth Row: Lynch, Diekroeger, Bige- low, Gibson, Nienstedt, Call, Drolet, Davidson, Krause, Grimsrud, Dubester. Fifth Row: Telfer, Hargrove, Roethal, Schaefer, Kachur, Runge, Bird, Gallaher. LIBRARY SCHQCL From the day when a prospective freshman decides to enter the University of VVisconsin the University YMCA is ready to Work with him in planning his campus career. An extensive freshman program is arranged each year with the purpose of orienting and adjusting the freshmen to their new environ- ment here at the University. A-program of discussions and other functions is also scheduled for the edification of the upper classmen. Every possible effort is made to get students into worthwhile activities, to interest them in the vital issues of the day and to urge them, on the basis of their experiences, to formulate some definite ideas on the value of religion. Directed mainly at the "unchurched" the Y is interdenomi- national and interfaith in respect to religion. The character of the YMCA program is essentially individualistic, based on small, rather than large group activity. U362.. CABINET Officers Horace VV. 'Wilkie ...President Bertill W. Johnson ................ President E. Chester Foster ...... Secretary Committee Chairmen john R. Collins .... Membership B ertill NV. johnson ................ ......................Special Lectures Garvin I. Cremer ..Discussions Stanton T. Stavrum .............. .............................Publications john A. XVilkie..Special Events Robert H. Richardson .......... ..................Christmas Festival Stewart Edgerton ........ Finance Homer S. Trebilcox .... Publicity Francis M. Kowalchylq ........ ......................Freshman 'Work Sidney D. Wfells, ............ .. ................International Affairs Stanley R. Nestigen .............. ........Survey of Campus Wfork Gordon F. Anderson .............. ......................House President Robert H. Bowen .................. Community Relations F. Chandler Young..Personnel E. Chester Foster .................. ........Intercollegiate Relations Clay Hogan ..........................,. Freshman Council President STAFF Carlisle V. Hibbarcl .......,...... General Secretztry Robert L. Schumpert ......, 'Xssociative Secretarg Edward L. Nestigen ...,......,.. ,... ........... S e cretary Rene Gaieunie .........,,. ......, S 6C1'C'EZll'j BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dean P. Q. Holt, Cliairmzm of the Board Prof. 'Wfalter R. Agarcl Asst. Dean I. L. Bergstresser Prof. George S. Bryan Dean Chris L. Christensen Prof. C. D. Cool Dr. Elmer SCV1'l1lgll2lL1S Prof. .lolm Guy Fowlkes Mr. Lowell E. Frautschi Dean Scott H. Goodnight Prof. D. Hicks Prof.iOliver S. Runtlell Mr. John St. Iolm Prof. Glenn T. Trewartha Prof. Andrew T. VVeaver Mr. Horace VV. Wfilkie, ex-officio Mr. Chester Foster, ex-officio U363.. V HORACE WILKIE President of the Cobinet V. M. C. A G. F. K'Boss" Anderson ......,. 1 .......7........,...,.,.......,.... President C. H. "Bruiser" Lange .......... ..................Vice-President and Social Chairman D. E. "Hooks', Hirsch .......... .................................,..Secretary G. C. "Pete" Peterson .......... ..........................Treasurer --.av .eee DORMITORY COUNCIL Dragn Blong, LD. "Spike" Anderson Red" Condon "Farmer" Voegeli The Badgers of twenty years ago chronicle the fact that Association Hall was the center of the social life on the campus. Vlfith the advent of the Memorial Union, and the subsequent transfer of student activities there, attention was turned to making the dormitory a compact, intelligent unit in student affairs. During the past two years under aggressive and capable administrators, the position of the dormitory has become so advanced that its residents are recognized with important posts in all campus activities, The growth ot the fraternal spirit has welded the 140 residents into a cohesive whole that has put its men on the Union Board, the Lodging House Board, the Ag Council, and has made its social affairs something to talk about. VDFJNG MENS CHl2lSllAN HSSQCIATIQN VQUNC1 WQ!Nfll2N'S CWQISTOAN f1SSQClf'il'lffQ'x Margaret Ebert, X committee: liilizalvetli Eblaott, Mantlily Meeting: Virginia lflare, Publicity: Betty Betz, International: Mary Golclberger, Social Service: Kay Bouncly, Social: Eleanor Aniunclsen, Freslnnen: Dolly Siinonsen, Meinlner- ship: Peg Matthews, li'ulJlic Affairs: Kay liueclienineister, Student-faculty Relations: Margaret Relnner, Finance: Nor- ma Lawrence, Geneva Conference: lflizaluetli hlones, Cliristinas Festival: lfleanor lfaircliilil, General Secretary: lietty Teclie- ineyer, Member-at-large. Milclrecl Marshall ...... President Helen Piffarcl ..Vice-President lictty llfagner ,.,,i,,,., Treasurer lietty Maneval .,,,,,,,,, SQQ1-eral-y Y. W. C. A First Row: Ebbott, Marshall Hare, Boundy. Second Row Matthews, Rehmer, Amundsen Piffard, Wagner. Third Row Ebert, Betz, Fairchild, Jones. U CALVAIQY First Row: Nack, Pastor Bur- hop, E. Baumann. Second Row: Haldiman, Kurtz, Schuette, Koeninger, Lehmann. Third Row: I. Baumann, Jandt, Toe- pel. Fourth Row: Hartwig, Krone-nberger, Stolper, Wen- gert. Arthur R. Kurtz ...... ............... P resident Paul W. Schuette ....... ........' X fice-President Elda M. jandt .......... ............... S ecretary Eugene A. Toepel .,..........., ......r. T reasurer Pastor VV111. C. Burhop ................ ....., A dviser l.,.-EE Irma H. Koeninger .................... Social Chairnian John C. Haldiman, Ruth Nack ............................ ........................,.............Membership Committee Arnold Lehman, Arthur R. Kurtz ...................... Committee Leon C. Stolper, Norman Wfengert .................... Committee Irene A. Baumann, Edna Baumann, Karl T. Hartwig ........,.... Q ........ Refreshment Committee Calvary Church is primarily a student organization. The coun- cil and tl1e various committees are composed of stude11ts. These, together with tl1e pastor, plan and direct the activities of the cl1urcl1. The church is sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Synods of Missouri and of lfVisconsin for the beneit of all students belonging to the Synodical Conference, as Well as ot others who may desire to avail themselves of its facilities. It has been serving this purpose si11ce the fall of 1920. LUTHERAN CGNGl72EGfXllQiXlfXL Brva Strand, Bradford Club Leader, Betty March and James Robertson, Social Coinniitteeg june Hosier, Barbara Dratz and Leon Wfyer, Personnelg jean Ferguson, VVorshipg Isabel McDowell and Vifayne Mitchell, Anonymous Clubg Betty Stephenson. Social Service: Howard limieh, Publicity, Gordon Sabine, Pilgrim Playersg Alan Hargrave, Congo Courierg Doris Mitchell, Suppersg Isabel Skinner and XVayne Long, Athletiesg Robert Davies, Freslunan Cabinet Learlerg Charles Goff and lack lfVilkie. lnterehureh Council: Carlton Leith, Ushers: Robert Boardman and Carlton Laird, Co-op Representatives. A Freshman Cabinet, with Kenneth Ubbe- lohde as president, assists in the conduct ol Freshnian activities. Stuart NN. Olbrich .... President Betty Waltfnii ............ Secretary Lyman I. Nooi-dhoH ,,,,.,.,,,,, ..................................Treasurer JUNIOR CABINET First Row: Schwarztrauber, Wil- son, Ubbelohde, Johnson, Hoy- er. Second Row: Stephenson, Blankinship, Daniels, Pogge- miller, Greening, Kuelling, Third Row: l-losier, Burgdorff, Jones, Laird, Burrowbriclge, Potter. SENIOR CABINET Frrst Row: Skinner, Wilkie, Ol- brich, W. Mitchell, Noordhoff, Stephenson, Wyer. Second Row: March, Strand, Walton, Dratz, D Mitchell, McDowell. Third Row: Sabine, Robertson, Goff, Merriman, Long, Hargrove. Nj U367.. NEWMAN Edwin Drobka ...,...... President joseph Steingraber ..............., ..........................Vice-President Mary Ellen Conway e............. ........Secretary and Treasurer Kenneth Lehmann, Esther Sne- berk, Raymond Novy, Andrew Dwyer, Edwin Drobko. Holy Name Society: Andrew Dwyer, Presidentg Paul Mueller, Vice-Presidentg Edwin Drobka, Sec'y Treasurer. St. Vincent de Paul Society: Kenneth Lehmann, Presidentg James Van Lanen, Secretaryg John McCann. Catholic Daughters of the University: Esther Sneberlc, Presidentg Mary Frances Rossi- ter, Vice-Presiclentg Erna Kessler, Sec'y Treasurer. Catholic Cooperative Eating Clubg George Buettner, Managerg Ray- mond Novy, Presiclentg Robert Flannigan, Vice-Presiclentg Delbert Clavette, Treasurerg john Conway, VVork Steward. CATHQLIC .. 353 .. L l'llPhIll"f i in A if ,Q - -. -1 x,,, Y, 1' xx ! Y. Williaiii Steketee, President, ul ack Collins, Gladys Yahn, Tom Christianson, Mary Anderson, Eleanor lXl11lll1ClSOl1, Scott Miller, Charles Fisk, Glen Vergeront, Ruth XfVhite, Charles Kallevang, Janice Smith, janet Houston, Jeanette Tiedje, Elizabeth -Iones, Katherine Turner, Stanley Custer. Church Trustees Fred Bush, Chairmang Colin Hudson, Marian Ratlke, Jean Sutherland, Francis Davis, Charles Meyer. Church Session Robert Bowden, Clerkg Walter' Mehl, Martha Linder, Roger Cheever, Jane Haslanger, Bert johnson, Stanley Custer, Mar- vin Kramer. Q i PRES First Row: Turner, Houston Tiedje, Jones, Sutherland ond Row: Rev. Lower, Steketee Christionson, Linder, Rodke geront, Mehl, Bush, Johnson Rev. Holi. White, Mrs. Lower, Yohn. Sec- Smith, Anderson, Hudson, Cus- ter. Third Row: Kollevcing, Ver- Fisk, Meyers, Collins, Kromer, First Row: Regensdorf, Dexter, Wilsey, Belk, Wolcott. Second Row: Hood, Read, Fornum, Juli- on, Sinness, Dickinson. Third Row: Compbell, Coppernoll, Andresen, Henning, Chord. ST. FRANCIS The Reverend Alden VESTRY OFFICERS ' D V K .,......,. c 0 . . rem alley Chlplam David B. VV1lsey, Qconomowoc ....... ,...... S enior 'Wfarden The Reverend Leonard E. Nelson H-.Assistant Chaplain Roger Wolcott, Shanghai, China ,.,,, ....,.. I unior VVarden Miss Norma C. Behrens ,..,.. Emily Belk, Bismarck, N. Dak, .--.,... Secretary ................BxeCutive Secretary Philip Regensdorf, VVauwautosa ..,..... Treasurer Mrs. Clarice B. Nelson ........ Social Secretary Flora Dexter, Kenosha ....... EPNSCCDPAL Social Chairman Lucille Aust, Orlie Baker, Rayinoncl Bice, -lanies Borcliert, Gwendolyn Campbell, Gertrude Dixon, Glenn Dunn, Earl Ricliarcl Finger, Anabel Grax-'es, lsaluel Graves, NfVillzu'cl Hanson, Nina Larson, Roger Maas, Helen Plank, .lean Powell, Phyllis Robinson, Hazel Roclnizer, Thomas Sell, Robert Snyder, Elizabeth Stuinpl, Maxine YzmXYinter, Earl Wlacle, Harriet Xlhtson, Ernest XYenl5zerg, Donald XX'iggins. WESLE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF NVESLEY CABINET Earl Richard Finger..Presiclent Orlie Baker ...... Vice-President lS21l.lCl Graves ,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretary Earl Wlacle ..... ...... T reasurer son, Sfumpf, Robinson, Larson l. Graves. Second Row: Maas Plank, Powell, Wiggins, Finger Third Row: Wenberg, Baker Hanson, Borchert, Sell. First Row: Graves, Aust, Wai'- Rodnizer, Dixon, VanWinter, Snyder, Campbell, Woodson, Dunn. Fourth Row: Wade, Bice, lei ll to ffl , sqm: A , w,...A :aaa The B'nai B'rith Hillel foundation is the spiritual and social center for the Jewish students at the university. Its aim is to enhance the life of the student on the campus, to provide extra-curricular opportunities for growth in per- sonality, development of abilities, and enlargement of interests. At the foun- dation the student finds fellowship with other students, classes and discussion groups in jewish subjects and in social problems, a medium for cooperating with other religious bodies and campus groups, a number of social diversions, and sympathetic guidance when in difficulty. The activities are generally classified under the main divisions of education, religion, social, athletics, the Hillel Review, social welfare, library, dramatics, music, and Avukah. The cabinet, the governmental unit, is composed of representative students. The council is a smaller body consisting of the executive committee and the heads of the various committees. Athletics, Leonard Bursteng Avukah representative, Beatrice K 1 . Zipersteing dramatics, Abe Schneider, Pierce Kramer, educa- Marvel' Bernstein "" Pfesldeuf tion, Herschel Feldman, finance, Arthur XVeinsteing freshman - - A league, Arthur Friedman: Hillel review editor, Lawrence Irvin Vlfindward ....,...........,,,,., - - Ledermang inter-church relations, Regina Feinerg library, ............,.............X'71CC-P1'CS1ClC11lZ V I . Lucile Miller, music, Philip Lermang publicity, Ivan Silverg Clarissa Lerner ....,..,.. Secretary religion, Seymour Fishkind, social, Ruth Lappin, social wel- fare, Lenell Goodman, past Hillel president, Bernard Meyers. ,vtvwse ..372.. University catalogue pic- tures of Adams and Tripp set in trees and sparkling blue water forget this picture that bespeaks the midnight oil that keeps the Dorm Boys high in the All-University grades. ADAMS HALL: Faville House: I. Abajian, R. Amaden, C. Belting, G. Belting, A. Cote, L. Dawson, T. Fuhr, T. Johnson, A. Katona, T. Koerner, H. Krueger, P. Kummerow, K. Lehman, A. Lillibridge, VV. Masters, R. Magnuson, R. Merck, W. Mueller, I. Roof, I. Shuman, B. Smith, F. Smith, R. Trytten, W. Turner, W. Tyler, P. Van Sickle, R. Walsh, R. Wehner, G. Whaples, A. Wiese, G. Worley, W. Wright, O. Zietlow. LaFo11ette House: W. Altman, VV. Ardern, R. Boettcher, R. Braun, E. Brill, D. Clark, W. Damm, L. Epstein, J. Forman, I. Forss, R. Gillard, R. Goldstone, L. Halle, H. Hasselkus, R. Herdegan, C. Klocksin, D. Krider, W. Larson, D. Maas, L. Meyer, E. Milhaupt, T. Milhaupt, R. Mudroch, G. Mueller, I. McNeely, K. Neubauer, D. Qppenheim, V. Peterson, W. Pikofsky R. Richardson, N. Rosen, P. Smithyman, R. Snell, T. Trapp, O. Vasak, R. Wernig, P. Winter, G. Young, I. Zastrow. 9 Noyes House: D. Chandler, C. Chang, VV. Dryburgh, M. Predman, M. Freedman, A. Green- wald, N. Gulliksen, I. Hart, I. Heise, C. Hobart, V. Hoeser, N. Jacque, H. Karas, H. Kaul, I. Koehler, L. Krawetz, R. Kronstadt, L. Lanz, H. Lubotzky, A. Mead, C. Metcalf, I. Mirkin, W. MacDonough, G. Otten, L. Rall, P. Roberts, H. Sanford, R. Schilling, I. Short, J. Taylor, I. VVeidner, R. Wurtz. Ochsner House: M. Andresen, H. Baxter, Clarence Boncyk, Clement Boncyk, O. Brown, V. Burch, I. Coffin, V. Dittberner, N. D'Orazio, D. Dowie, A. Draves, W. Draves, P. Dressler, S. Ehlenbeck, L. Payette, D. Haddow, I. Harris, P. Heppe, H. Horneck, N. Horneck, I. Kaufman, L. Klecker, M. Law, H. Leviton, R. Marck, R. Mills, D. Mitchell, P. Mortenson, H. Pace, A. Pines, J. Pratt, B. Rossman, R. Ruck, S. Scovell, R. Stafford, C. Sundeen, R. Taylor, R. Vogelman, F. Wallber, E. VVisnewsky. Richardson House: I. Beck, G. Becker, H. Borum, M. Capurro, N. Chappell, H. Eickner, R. Eller, W. Gerbrick, E. Kaplan, M. Kiley, B. Kummel, D. Leaman, J. Mayer, WV. Muenchow, R. Nicolai, I. Palmer, H. Panos, W. Pesold, A. Roecker, K. Royt, A. Schneider, C. Scott, E. Selke, I. Shaney, E. Shaw, I. Slotkin, P. Teige, H. Weingartner, G. Wooderick, T. Young C. Zeckel, N. Ziege. Siebecker House: P. Altmeier, M. Arrieh, G. Bowman, R. Cohen, B. Predman, VV. Geiger, I. Griggs, N. Ianzer, H. Jones, R. Knudsen, A. Leisk, L. Lieberman, I. Lindsay, E. Newman. R. Parkins, P. Piper, R. Ratenstein, T. Robbins, K. Sauter, R. Sedgwick, C. Seraphim, M. Sherman, R. Shufelt, Strey, M. Swed, C. Van Sickle, D. Zellmer, B. Zimmerman. Tarrant House: W. Bade, I. Bergner, C. Bullwinkel, M. Calloway, R. Cooper, -l. Ettli, L. Goren, G. Hansen, G. Heller, R. Huff, XV. Imerblum, E. Jackson, W. johnson, T. Kahn, S. Kelbanowski, D. Klaus, R. Klocksin, I. Knapp, G. Kraemer, P. Kreuziger, R. Lundskow, H. Marachowsky, K. Meyer, R. Mierendorf, A. Neumeister, P. Place, R. Radue, H. Reinecke E. Rotter, P. Ruppert, H. Shapiro, I. Shapiro, L. Sharrow, R. Sharrow, T. Silberman, R. Spika, P. Stupar, H. Zirwes. J Van Hise House: H. Frihart, H. Punke, C. Hahn, H. Harris, R. Holsen, I. Kachel, R. Kaems E. Knospe, J. Kreher, H. Moore, M. Mueller, J. McCollow, L. Norteman, I. Phoenix, M. Rapp L. Reuter, S. Rishovd, I. Rosenberg, D. Smith, G. Stampelos, H. Van Sickle, C. Yerkes. 1 7 ..374.. . 1--1-nn71l-11 TRIPP HALL: Bashford House: F. Balzer, C. Belik, M. Berg, C. Berger, E. Brandt, L. Brodzeller, R. Christopherson, H. Dick, T. Faust, R. Feiner, R. Guis, T. Holgate, H. Holmes, R. Iverson, N. jasper-son, ,IQ Jensen, A. Kaems, E. Kraemer, W. Leitzke, K. Lindsay, H. Merry, XV. Mohaupt, Moses, R. McNeish. l'l. Fech, C. Pendock, C. Roberts, R. Skeffington, F. Sprengeler, R. Swendson, Xfanderveer, P. X7Veber, A. Weinstein, H. Wright, R. Wright, R. Xwyckoff. , p 1 kd Botkin House: C. Albert, P. Altshul, l. Armour, R. Baker, H. Bickel, L. Briggs, R. Deno, G. Duel, H. Fder, R. Gehrz, F. Gruenherger, Gwaltney, R. Heidner, D. Henningfeld, Hofheimer, B. Huber, D. lunghuhn. G. jones, A. Kerns, B. Lyon, F. Martineau, H. Mulder, S. Nelson, H. Pentler, C. Pierce, NI. Seelow, N. Smith, E. Stellmacher, C. Stephan, F. Stief- vater, A. Thompson, XV. VVashburn, A. XXf'estphal, VV. X1Vidman, R. XfVolcott, F. Yordy. Fallovvs House: G. Burgess, F. Cape, XX". Carpenter, C. Christenson, VV. Conrad, A. Domanick, L. Ducharme, R. lilllaiitl, R. Gregory, L. lflarhach, C. Higgins, S. Hitzelberger, W. Hood, D. Johnston, I. Lohman, R. McCain, P. Miller, M. Nelson, M. Oreck, G. Pederson, A. Pinard, R. Frange, M. Schachter, nl. Simonson, R. Stanley, R. Stevenson, I. Stiehl, L. Yerges. Frankenburger House: I. .'Xlderkauski, B. Andren. lf. Bernein, T. Borton, C. Burgdorff, D Christl, M. Dann, E. Due, XXV. lithier, G. Evans, C. Gausewitz, D. Groll, R. Haushalter, A Hermann, R. Hoffman, R. H offmann, D. LaMar, D. Lange, XV. Liedersdorf, R. Lutz, M. Paul R. Pentzien, R. Reed, G. Ross, XX'. Selzer, J. Stemper, M. Tank, T. Taylor, R. Ten Broek XXV. Xian Cleat, F. Xferduin. Gregory House: I. Benkert, X'. Bjelajac, I. Blomquist, J. Caterina, H. Clarke, H. Derus D. Dobi-ogowski, H. Fagen, G. Finner, O. Giles, C. Goff, R. Goff, Grand, C. Hamby F. Herwig, K. Klapka. F. Laehnitt, O. Luedke, F. Moore, P. Moskowitz, F.. Mrkvicka, F McGrath, Newell, .-X. Oerding, R. Patterson, Porter, R. Reese, D. Richards, R. Scheer L. Schenke, R. Schroeder, C. Smith, R. Thayer. bl. XXf'akeheld, B. XfVerner, M. XXfiberg. High House: Z. Arawinko, 'IQ Bullard, G. Day, S. Denning, A. Goodman, Gruender, E Hansen, R. Holst. C. Howell, XT. Ketner, XX". Kotz, H. Kroner, F. Loebel, E. Mueller, C McKeown, G. Neilson, M. Nelson, E. Rathsack, R. Richter, XV. Riggs, E. Spoerl, R. Steintz N. X7Vengert. Spooner House: R. Arndt, XX7. Baker, K. Beals, R. Boothroyd, A. Bruss, R. Clemens, W Dennison, XXV. Ender, D. Gressler, R. Gubbins, C. Huebner, J. Kaiser, R. Krahn, R. Menchl B. Nelson, R. Plantico, F. Reihold, R. Remley, C. Ruth, XV. Schmidt, B. Shapiro, H. Shapiro XX7. Smith, C. Stanley, C. XlX7ehster, E. XNiherg, R. Witz, P. Zechel, B. Zimdars, Zwicky G. Thompson. Vilas House: H. Bixby, P. Bixby, J. Brower, P. Coonley, XV. Feutz, G. Foster, R. Goldsmith R. Goodier, XV. Goodier, L. Grossman, I. Grueschow, R. Guiterman, M. Heindl, C. Hogan H. Huntington, R. Koester, L. Langsten, M. Meyer, R. Moser, I. O'Neil, E. Pope, A. Post D. Price, P. Raifsnider, M. Salter, XIV. Scholz, R. Schroeder, R. Short, H. Stroebe, G. Vroman I R. XX7agner. Firsi' Row: Jonzen, Elling- son, Thompson. Second Row: Brodzeller, Higgs, Moore, Gehrz, Hood, Goodier, Third Row: Stu- por, Newmonn, Mead, Witz, Koester, Ehlenbeck, Richardson, Simonsen. Fourth Row: Goff, Sun- deen, Mueller, Amoden, Selke, Hermonn, Peder- son. 7 76 rell, B. Carter, M. Diamond, L. Bggert zum, M. Olen, C. Nagel, I. Ostrum, M mesch, H. Vincent. CLASS OF 1939: M. Atwell, V. Bahr R. Czerwinski, G. Dite, M. El11'1l11gC1', R1 Bsterl, G. Gillett, J. Hosier, K. Hyde, K Kolter, W. Janes, P. Kootz, K. Korf, A Lehmann, McCrory, Meany, M Meyer, M. Miller, P. Moore, A. Olson R. Payne, M. Pinkley, M. Thomson, I Tiedje, Treleven, M. VanDerzee, H Wfitherell. CLASS GF 1940: I. Bandelin, B. Bindley, C. Bue- low, M. Calland, B. A. Campbell, E. Conley, S Cords, R. Czerwinski, I. De Bolt, V. Drew, M Engersbach, H. Evans, C. Everhard, B. Ferry, I Freudenberg, A. Fritz, D. Furnner, V. Gardner S. Gneiss, M. Goetsch, B. Greengard, A. Harbutin M. Harwood, D. Hoerner, Hoffman, M. jecklin J. Johnson, Keefe, L. Kinsella, M. Kuck, V Kuntz, D. Langmack, O. Maersch, B. Mann, I. Mills M. Moon, B. Murray, M. McCollough, H. Nelson M. Qrcutt, Park, V. Parmentier, Patey, M Pinkley, M. Prinz, M. Pripps, G. Ramenofsky, M Reynolds, I. Riach, I. Rowley. A. Sommers, B Symons, M. Stephens, M. Tomlinson, B. Twesme K. VanDerzee, M. Vodicka, VVagner, B. Wfendt L. Vlfeyland, M. XVilker, B. XViger, M. NVolters, G Yeomans, C. York. CLASS QF 1941: 1. Antkowski, F. Barkow, I Becker, C. Bishop, B. Brewer, B. Brooks, M. Beh- lendorf, V. Clink, Coleman, Crowder, Dia- mond, D. Eichstadt, C. Farnham, B. Fischer, A Follette, C. Forbes, R. Frederick, P. Frey, I Fritschle, G. Gansen, P. Gillen, L. Gould, F. Griffin I. Griffin, Groh, M. Gurichan, D. Hart, A. Heisser C. Hilton, R. Holzman, Huntley, F. Johnson, I Keefe, C. Kerr, S. Klas, C. Lange, Elinor Louns- bury, Elizabeth Lounsbury, L. Langholff, M. Law- rence, J. Leitsch, L. Lippold, A. Luhman, I. Lynch B. Lyons, B. Morey, B. Mueller, A. Mussen, R Morrison, D. McGrath, McGruer, A. McMullen B. Oetking, I. Pellegrin, H. Reynolds, M. Riordan M. Rose, B. Schley, Schlitz, M. Schmidt, S Schmidt, H. Schroeder, F. Schubert, V. Sellers, A Smith, M. Smith, S. Smith, M. Spearbraker, R Staples, I. Taylor, J. Teague, J. Tiedje, H. Trippe J. Van Gelder, R. Wlieary, M. VVoodhead. CLASS OF 1938: H. Bunnell, B. Bur- J I. Hosier, M. Hyde, I. Nuzum, M. Nu- Plank, M. Powers, B. Rhodee, D. Schu- macher, L. Sorenson, Spray, B. Stein- J y GR:XDUA'l"li STUDl2N'l'S: C. Morse. CLASS OF 1938: M. Andler, D. Annear, R. Bolo- tin, M. Brewer. P. Carr, C. Dana, M. Davies, L. DiVall, R. Fdelstein, li. Eggers, L. Fngle, R. Gill- ing, E. Goldstein. l9lildehrandt, R. Hinn, B. Klein C. Kuhl, L. McDonald, H. Maling, B. Meyers, Miller, M. Mills, M. Mosely, H. Mullett, Y. Ren- dano, M. Rowlands, R. Smith, F. Turnbull, M Titus, M. Tyler, K. Vakos, J. 'XMachowius, A. VVein- Stein, Y. XVinter. L. X-Voods. CLASS OF 1939: R. Adler, R. Bauman, C. Bohrn V. Bookxvalter, B. Chilsen. V. Christopher, M. Col- lentine, M. Crawford, I. Fclwarcls. M. Freyerinuth M. Gleiss, M. Golnlherger, C. I-lackharth, M. Hickey R. Hornstein, I. Houghton, P. Hovland, B. .Iaeobs B. Judd, C. Keays, F. Kelley, R. Nason, L. Newell J S. Nicholson, B. Nigh, I. Niland. tl. Peterson, M. Piehl, E. Pierce, B. Qualy, M. Schuetz, I. Tarhox, M. Teitgen, B. Unger, R. XYZl.SSC1'Sl1CCl'l, -T. XVater- ston, D. XVinther. CLASS OF 1940: Adler, L. Andersen, B. Beck, P. Beil, P. Brody. B. Carre, Y. Carroll, H. Carter, M. Coleman, B. Duenk, M. Bagan, V. Fifer, D Finigan, L. Grant, B. Graves, 12. Gross, L. Hanunes M. Hansen, D. Harnagel, H. Harris, L. Haswell, M Hayes, I. Hazel, A. Heath, H. Hofheimer, M. Iac- ques, F. Kenney, G. Killinger, L. Koehn, I. Kraw- czak, H. Krogstad, L. Laue, D. Lange, D. Lenz, C. Liebl, P. Liebner, 12. Lindow, I. Lippold, G Lowry, B. Marggraff, B. Martin, M. Matala, M Maurey, C. Rabenowich, S. Regensburg, B. Rittase, E. Schatz. B. Schroeder. F. Schultz, D. Schutt, L. Seelig, I. Settle, D. Stauffacher, M. Storandt, M. Stowell, H. Trewartha, D. Trewartha, D. 1N7illis, M. Vtfilson, B. Wiltrout, P. Witte, H. Wrolf. CLASS OF 1941: M. Alter, M. Abelman, C. Anderson, I. Anderson, C. Baker, M. Baker, M. Baur, H. Booth, N. Bugher, F. Brannen, I. Buckley, D. Cavanagh, I. Cumming, L. Davison, A. Elwell, Feser, E. Freeman, G. Goldswortliy, D. Haddow, B. Harris, M. Hersch, E. Horn- 1 ing, M. Hutter, B. Joslin, D. Maxon, P. Mulligan, C. Peters, M. Peters, D. Peter- I son, A. Phalen, I. Rockman, H. Scheid, M. Seaman, A. Silberschmidt, Smith, M. Smith, M. Soenke, A. Sprague, C. Steinborn, Strange, K. Turner, B. Vanerka, I. Weiiiliardt, E. Wiegert, H. Wiese, B. Wyman, H. Zogg. 77 BARNARD HALL GRADUATE STUDENTS: D. Chandler. CLASS OF 1938: B. Betz, I. Bingham, Z. Davis, S. Ely, I. Engebretson, D Fracker, R. Goldberger, R. Hartman, M. Howell, H. Lim, R. McMillen, M Olson, M. Rehmer, E. Ruethin, H. Schultz, M. Tappins, R. Thomas, R. Venard, G. Walil, K. Wegiier, H. VVhitef1eld, M. VV'inneman. CLASS OF 1939: E. Bettinger, I. Campbell, C. Conant, E. Dowie, M. Eagan E. Ebbott, B. Engebretson, M. Freeling, H. Freeman, R. Hannon, M. Hughes C. Iverson, P. Lambrecht, M. Linder, D. Maas, M. Mueller, 1. Murphy, C Muth, T. Muth, J. Pies, A. Price, M. Radke, M. Ramage, M. Scott, V. Simon- sen, L. Skupniewitz, J. Sutherland, P. Trione, M. Tyndal, M. NValker, K VVashburn, M. Westplial, R. VVhite, G. Wfitter, M. Yahr. CLASS OF 1940: B. Adams, M. Ahlers, M. Baldwin, B. Bartley, E. Bradley F. Burkitt, V. Buth, F. Clarke, L. Ellis, S. Farnum, L. Fieber, Harmony V. Harrison, J. Henkel, L. House, E. Jelinek, H. jones, M. Lindholm, R Lovett, M. McDonald, I. Martina, H. Matthes, V. Midthun, E. Pfund, A Reiman, A. Risch, E. Robinson, L. Schroeder, A. Smith, E. Stewart, R. Tess- man, B. Weblnles, J. VVinterhalter, E. Wfitherbee, M. VVitt. CLASS OF 1941: B. Aalleth, M. Adams, D. Anderson, L. Bachhuber, I Bickler, M. Burgard, M. Chrisler, Cox, R. Deming, Falk, H. Fullerton A. Haake, M. Haselow, V. Hoiby, B. Huppert, H. Hurd, I. Imig, D. Iverson M. jones, L. Kasper, H. Kuehne, H. Leavitt, E. Lee, D. McCormick, R McDonald, M. Marquardt, Meves, D. Miller, E. Oakley, V. Oerding, M Patzke, E. Pfund, B. Ratzlaff, L. Redstrom, E. Ritland, M. Robertson, I Rudolf, R. Ruess, P. Sapp, V. Schroeder, B. Schuster, I. Seefeld, L. Shaw, I. Skacel, H. Stowell, D. Swift, R. Timm, D. Van Brunt, J. Van Brunt, C Wahler, L. Warfield, E. WVeber, E. VVells, C. VVl1ite, M. Witlaers, C. Wolcott. ..37g.. 1 CHADBGURNE HALL CLASS OF 1938: V. Baker, M. Christensen, P. Claus, M. Davidson, E Griffith, I. Grinrod, I. Jaeger, H. Johnson, E. Liebenthal, C. Long, V. Marsh E. Mertz, M. Morse, D. Ottaway, E. Perry, L. Preiser, E. Roberts, G. Runke E. Sinness, H. Slcowland, H. Summeril, M. Theisen, A. XValute, L. 'Weske E. VVilliams. CLASS OF 1939: B. Bigford, Charlesworth, Edgar, H. Ford, Foster S. Frankowsky, E. Geraldson, P. Henriksen, E. Horn, M. Knaze, E. Lappley M. Laurant, H. McDonald, C. Marting, H. Maurer, M. Mehne, D. Miller, B Moore, E. Myers, V. Patterson, D. Schubert, D. Schultz, E. Seward, E. Shipps C. Smith, C. Stiehm, A. VVellhausen. CLASS OP 1940: M. Dewey, B. Fenwick, L. Gregg, M. Hislop, H. Holland A. Hume, M. Johnston, H. joseph, P. Liebner, 1. Lound, E. Madden, I Meiklejohn, H. Mervosh, joan Mithus, D. Moore, M. Morris, I. Oppenheim D. Romaine, H. Schlager, I. Schumacher, L. Senty, S. Smith, P. Sonnenberg M. Stoelting, H. Tank, C. Timm, S. VVei1nar, H. Wficks, M. VVoerfel. CLASS GP 1941: C. Adams, E. Allman, Baillies, R. Bartell, V. Christo- pherson, R. Colingsworth, D. Conner, H. Dahl, D. Dunlap, R. Plorine, I Prank, R. Frank, N. Friedman, E. Gardner, B. Guyon, A. Hanneman, A. Han- sen, M. Henkel, E. Hirsch, F. Huppler, H. jasper, M. johnson, A. Kendall A. Kirlin, I. Knocke, L. Latham, P. Lyons, R. McQuillin, S. Meyers, M Moser, M. Murphy, C. Nickels, Y. Oliaro, I. Pace, M. Parmentier, I. Patter- son, E. Price, R. Quackenbush, H. Quirt, I. Silberman, N. Smader, C. Smith A. Sokoll, E. Streckert, B. Stroebe, M. Taylor, H. VVhiffen, M. VVhiffen, M Zeisler. ..379.. l NURSES' DCDRMITCDIQV ELIZABETH PYLE.-President RUTH WELTON ................ Vice-President HELEN HOEEMAN..Secretary HELEN DCHSNER..Treasurer First Year: Kathryn Baltzer, Rebecca Clark, Marion Davies, Marion Dunn, Ruth Femrite, Berna Fleming, Charlotte Freng, Doris Eroelich, Grace Gesley, Rhoda Jensen, Irma Koen- inger, lean La Chapelle, Mildred Larson, Charlotte Maas, Mary Mader, Marjorie McGrath, Helen McKnight, Ruth Merkle, Alice Meyer, Helen Milward, Virginia Nelson, Virginia Rieder, Ruth Rodger, janet Ryan, Harriet Sorrenson, jane Travers, Geraldine Wfelsh, Mar- garet Wojta, Phyllis Zeunert, Regina Zielinski. Second Year: Harriet Allman, Marion Alton, Amy Ellen Arnold, Lucille Brissette, Benjaline Brown, Betty Cutsforth, Lula Emanuel, Doris Esselstyn, Helen Germer, Hope Hats, Maxine Hagen, Helen Hoffman, Margaret Holden, Ethel Hunsader, Ragna Kaupanger, Mary Maltby, Marjorie Melberg, Mildred Miller, Jean Nusbaum, Helen Qchsner, Berna Qvergard, Lillian Qvergard, Elizabeth Pyle, Marie Radke, Frances Ryan, Elsa Sandgren, Myrtle Schlosser, Ruth Sjolander, Ethel Smith, Ida Tjepkema, Lucille Treskow, Hila Van Alstyne, Ruth Welton. Third Year: Mary Frances Barry, Dorothy Blasing, Doris Cuthbert, Rita Drew, Ruth Haase, Helen Hendrickson, Alma Henninger, Caryl Hoppman, Dorothy Horsfall, Avis Hulterstrum, Lorraine Johnson, Muriel Larson, Mariana Melick, Alice Mullen, Margaret Natwick, Marion Rosen, Randine Schmidt, Aleda Stolen, Elva Waters. ..3g0.. WE GWh ICD IHESE... BLTSHING a "Badger", is a job no man can do by himself. The est editor in the world can do no better than his associates will let him. A If We have put out a good "Badger" and one that will be remembered out of the rest, and we hope that we have, credit for it should go to the line cooperation from those who have Worked with us on the "Badger" Needless to say, the student body have shown tremendous interest in the "Badger" and a line spirit ot helpfulness. Their good wishes have kept us going when the worries seemed thick. Mr. Eldred Qlson of the Iahn 81 Qllier Engraving Company has been as close to us as one of the staff, and as much interested in our book. Mr. Vernon Brettman and Mr. Henry J. Klicka of the Foxvle Printing Company have thrown in a generous quantity of knowledge and crafts- manship seasoned with a spirit that has made us good friends. VV'e have had no Worries with the photography in the H1938 Badger." VV'e have been given what we hardly dared ask tor, splendid pictures with a speed and accuracy that sets a new mark. Mr. C. R. Reierson and his staff have made the pictures in the "Badger" a pleasure to handle as Well as to look at. Many thanks should go to Mr. Lee DeGraff and the North American Press, tor they have given us a cover to be proud of. They have met our demands to the fraction, and have gone us one better. In addition, we have been given valuable help by Mr. Robert Foss of the University, Mr. Harry Thoma of the Alumni Association, and Mr. Ray Hilsenhoff, our Financial Advisor. Vlfere space to permit, we might thank many, many others for the parts they have contributed to the H1938 Badger." And now that we are through We call all of these men our friends, and we hope that they have enjoyed working with us as we have with them .... The Badger HUYAL wonLn's No.1 TYPEWHHEH Give Royal the DESK TEST! ,Iust phone or write and say "W'e're inter- ested in a typewriter!', That's all! The fact that you are interested is enough for us. We'I1 call immediately and leave an Easy-Writing Royal. Your own secretary can then prove to your complete satisfac- tion that Royal is World's No. I Type- writer-easier, faster, better constructed -able to turn out better letters at lower cost. TRY THE ROYAL PORTABLE. No obli- gation. Perfect for the busy student-for home and general family use, too. Three models . . . three prices. Convenient pay- ments if desired. MADISON TYPEWRITER CO. 644 State St. Fairchild 667 UNIVERSITY TYPEWRITER CO. 430 State St. Badger 3234 U333.. E V31 . xg ff ' W If! N, Z of M 1 E 5 Z M Z? '- V' 2 905 EJ A . ' , 1?-'v ws A U , :Ev 6 67' M 1' 1 Q ff 0 I n L a r' w V, 'JE 1 A 0 I Q W I 1 I UD l v G J' ' I x' y Un , Q, 4 OUTEITTERS TO GENTLEMEN MACNEIL AND MOORE MILWAUKEE MADISON Hotel Pfister Bldg. 602 State St. PCR 30 years Woldenhergis have been catering to the CO-eds oi Wisconsin. Niaice it your head- quarters For Dresses, Coats, Suits, Furs, Miiiinery, and Shoes. GLDENBERGQS 26-28 East Mifflin Street WESTERN STATES E N V E L O P E C O. Manufacturers of ENVE LOPES For Your Needs , . ..l- . ..T- 31 V-L. o Quality Druggists, Whose Merit is Recognized hy University Stud ents vvho De- mand Rexallls Better Service f Felt Brush Gummed '13 STQRES IN MADISQN U 1616 West Pierce St. 1 fx MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN Q- N N E B Q H M I 'X - i v ..3g5.. 1 w ww r x v 'I I 1 1 1 1 2 r H, - 1 ,i T ,,n:w,,w, , :dx JH -, aw::::::,mW, ,M gl N ' ' I I D x, MAR I L f ww X ' lf Q 1 XX S N B3 "7-Q K Q-PM . jk a x X C, N 9 ' J , x x ff Y " " Ol" - . Q5 H ' X fi iw? X, , M fyf M Wj X l x ' I L Q XX n H' 'S 47 7 : x fd KK ,fx f ll W- ,VX If -- ---f' ff , -.,- P , N H 3-f s t 1-'- , ff! X i x x ID I a ff Q T 'CQ ENE IL VW -'Ef: ': "" , N QW g, f,1Q,f,Q,,. Q U 4'J'L g , ., ' 3 x.f,.A B ' 'V fx , ,. X ,f fQXu?wQjD 1, f . ff -1 L2 --Qi' f j-'L X ff X J "' wg E ' X if -fri fn 'CC 'f' fwf U nf f p f ' , X U I X n Z .-,f yig .- X Y Q-r-FX "' XI X Q ' X in 2 x . Z ,ii-.r S- - x 'FN Op' X . --NK "Y4'Sz4'f4faw-: 53f25'9'iVw Q 'IME 5 Q f Iii ww- 'Z4? 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"" . -' ...v'3.J iw-..l 1 " ,,,fjj'E?r2s.xj I ,, sefx1g2mixi ,,-a - ' A ,T . Y, 1 ,47apl21l7'i175il For Convenient-Lovv Cost Transportation Service in l SCDLITI-IEASTEIQN WISCCDNSIIXI THE MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC RAILWAY AND N532 LIGHT COMPANY Lffl, If A PIcLce To Corrie To When You Return Arid To Remember WhiIe KYOLIITG Away BROWN'S BDOK Sl-IDP Wisconsin's Iargest stocI4 of cIean used coIIege textbooks has made avaiIabIeto you extra savings. Add to this Brovvn's Rebate Checks and you have real economy. I' ,AKA .Lf rt Browne New Bookroom - - - Rental Library I I-Iere you've had avaiIabIe the best of the new books as quicI4Iy as they are reIeased 'Lx rf by the publishers. In addition IVIadison's Iargest rental Iibrary, of more than QOOO "' 1 recent titles. Q N 3 cents per Day'---10 cents Minimum---No Deposit Q ' Wisconsin's 0 Largest ' College o Bookstore ' ' 0 I Brown s ook Shop CCDRNER STATE AND LAKE STREETS ..3g7.. I 1: , wx 5 f rl' 5 is 1 ll 3 L ' 1 3 5 J V 1 'i ,g,,l,- M, m..,.,, CALL BOARD A cLfrw47:1y ' SEEN C921 753 3? 2 K9 i Z- 4 """ H 4 N ' QM lin? " i r O I. k Q'b I i glxxzigifz-E4.-:X'. I I LAL Q ' Ns f X ' A C650 .' Q ,F a ,,3m-R,-- l "I I N F 1 1 1 v 1 -Ni r K l ..33g.. New jewel Case in- cluded with Matched Pen and Pencil Sets at 38.50, .SI1.25, 31275, 315. X Qefgerk o,m7?C 739 Graduates jf, 938 were asked by 73 College Newspapers .44 I 1 I Which Pen would You 1b1fej?1f as cz Gzj5fPf' Q THEIR CHOICE TELLS WHAT TO SELECT EOR THE NEW GENERATION .Z 3 -4 l ' You couldn't ask for a better guide X! ,J 4"-ara' 2' .201 .ff '19 TELEVISION I r, J - , LBSE 1 an X.. .5- acfua 'z HOLDS 1022 MIJRE INK THAN UUR FAMOUS DUUFOLD '49 if fi if I um . 'q Cf , 14. .. - 7. ' xg 11' 9 ,, if 4 . '. ' ' it .L at 321 T 4 , . tl n Q.. - , - ' .0 iv . ,., 1 ae .i,. I vY N . it it ,Xl X fr - 'flff " .-7' 1- '1 ' L 1 6' i .g ui 4 . - - 2' ff I 'ff . . ,- ' , 11 lf' - .1 -' ,V fl . 1 I 1 '96 ' I? C l l 5 . I 'Q , . 'I B ,, li U Q u :it 1. fu u M:- 1 .' . . rl' ,.. . if . ',1 A Q -1 iw in 1 5 1 i GT' . ' f 'f '- h 'Q' 1 1 I -, sie! I ' .1- W ll I in selecting a Gift. For this year again the No. 1 Choice of college graduates is the revolutionary Parker Vacumatic. This pedigreed Beauty introduces an air-conditioned barrel, double ink capa- city, full Television Ink Supply, and Parker's new Scratch- proof Point wrought of Platinum and Solid Gold, tipped with Flawless Osmiridium, twice as costly and far smoother writing than ordinary iridium. Among 3,739 students soon to gradu- ate from leading colleges from coast to coast, this modern marvel received al- most as many votes as all other pens combined. And this poll was taken only recently. Here are some of the reasons stu- dents give: "Shows when to refill!" Not merely laSt-drop visibility, but full-length visi- bility. "Double ink capacity!" Because the Vacumatic's patented Diaphragm Filler abolishes 14 old-time parts, it has room for IOZLM, more ink than even our famous Duofold. "World's smartest Style!" Shimmer- ing circlets of Pearl and Jet form' a barrel gracefully slenderized for restful balance. "Inspiring Point!" Is always ready to start when you are-utterly compliant to your hand and brain-writes any style as deftly as another. So take the shortest route to any nearby pen counter today, and try this national favorite. The Parker Pen Co., Janesville, Wis. To make your pen a self-cleaner, use Parker Quink, the new pen- cleaning ink. 15c, 25c and up. PENS ,4 oo 5 so 3 Cl' M5 vAcUMAr1c:i:: U0 U339.. RATHSKELLER noon V FOR ME N is:l:nslsznz1s:a1a mm 4 4 . N li J' ' am 13 g N f ' Q! 1 f - ,g f M 390 The Favorite Campus Rendezvous ot Students Who Want a Coke or a Snack after the game between classes any old time Lohmaier's CGRRECT a campus institution . . . APPAREL FOR Typing Mimeographing M E N Supplies Nlultigraphing Planographing K A R. S T E N S COLLEGE TYPING COMPANY - NEXT TO THE LOWER CAMPUS On Cap1to1 Square 22 North Carroll PHONE: B' 3747 TRADE AT ln- l MX flf' mx HoME sToREs OWNED and OPERATED BY H391 .. X A f S E, -- X f llx 7 0:3 m K 0 .4,, MN J M X X M l QQ Q , Q X NWC HK 0 W X' W Hfllbuhf f1ff4 I Q A I JN- O 7 A W A f J ,X ,- ,f- Xxx X M X I f JL N Y ff J K J k PX f X Jbnyw ,f R2 7 X-Z L, , X ' Ll' X Ll S U Hx xv f P A v S, A 2 L H Z X X M XX Rvxmef 92 CHINA GLASSWARE SILVERWARE e invite you to visit our Crystal Room to inspect our Display of Newest Dinnerware, Fine Table Crystal and Giftware. Manufacturers of Stainless Steel Food Service Equip- ment for Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions. S. J. CASPER CO., Inc. BUY ? YoUR I BooKs FRoM JERRY A Slogan that Really Means Something to "Wisconsin,' Men and Women Student Book Exchange 845 N. Plankinton Ave. Milwaukee "Nearest the Campus" A C2531 Kr, EVERY H OME--old or new-- l if f 1 ' ' ll z needs this coNvENlENcE ei l Q in K o Out of all proportion to space re- fitted into the space under a stair- ,Q ., quired - 3Vz' X 4V2' is enough - Way, an unused closet, or a hall-end. ,A it 1 li are the advantages and comforts of It costs surprisingly little. QQ' lfrlalifrfi "l a Kohler lavette' 0 Lavette illustrated has Gramercy y llvifxi 1, Y . A laveue Saves Steps for the busy shelf-back lavatory and quiet Bolton V Vt i mother of young children - indeed Closet' , 'X " I it for all the family through the day- 0 Visit a Kohler showroom, Or let 55? " my , , trifle. time hours: and it's a much appre- Your Master Rlufnber hglp You Plaff f' . t d rt S t uests one of these biggest little rooms If i"i l ts- mae Cou e Y O g ' in the house. Kohler Co., Kohler, ' ' " t f o Often a Kohler lavette may be Wis. ,M ' , 'L . ,.,,- Q- ' A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE . . . Under One Roof 0 DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING-The Letter Shop, cr subsidiary, creates cmd produces crll types of Mail Advertising. 0 PHOTO-OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY ot the Demo- crctt rneuns complete camera service, three presses and ci competent stuff. ' GENERAL PRINTING - Business forms, adver- tising literature, everything, in fact, from or culling ccrrcl to cr book. DEMOCRAT PRINTING COMPANY MADISON w1scoNs1N VARSITY HAIR SHOP "Where Ethical Standards are Rigidly Maintained" El 16 OPERATORS Madisons Largest and Most Popular Beauty Shop 672 State Street Phone: Fairchild 3830 Open Wednesday and Friday Evenings 9 7 V UU mm W 411 '33 394 .. , ., . l 2 rr WU llJ.l..IJ..U.LL.U X LU Gull Summers Night .... Don this dream of a dinner dress, black swirling chiffon skirt and top of dusty pink with a demure little hood that falls softly clown the back, when you slip it off your head. Size 12, S25 ....... Frencfz roam, ,recofzd Floor. Harry S. Manchester, Inc. Af One Call Wisconsin . . One I r One Res onszbzlzzjf f S Why let one firm care for your shirts, one for your dry cleaning, one for your woolens, . . . one for each bit of wearing apparel? Such procedure involves much bother and is so unnecessary. Our F , large, modern establishment is ca- Or every Occaslon pable of caring for all your cleaning needs. This fact has been proven by our many student friends. 230 State 1 1 Badger-177 Ulf 5 Cloth ...We ll Clean It Telegraph Delivery Service 3 - F LAUN D RY 751E.DAYTON BAdger 4000 E 1 l I .2352 2 m I ' ' ' KQMW My - px 6996 'RU G Mug J W ' 6 I qw M tj me U2 N if as 'L Hs X! ,H W E 1 i Q I ! l H396.. The Co-op Department Store Por Wisconsin Students l-lere, under one roof, are prac- tically all those things needed loy the Wisconsin student of to- day---furnished and provided to you loy those who understand student needs. MENS WEAR . . C. W. Andefres Co GIRLS' APPAREL . W. jf Randall, Inc, BUCKS 82 SUPPLIES . .. . The Cofop 397 J I 1 4 . Q I Y Y f 1 ! ' TLT T Yf?ii??YA kgzvrixifi iww--f x Q, Q 5 VE 233 Y, : 1 P Q :Q ry 4 H Vw, '1i1': Vqpqyibw- QQ--, ygvqfq ,1'1Pq'1 a,g Q6 ,ss -...Q 9,g f 4 s - q L v Q kqpg, -6,Q.6 Qt, ,qsq "024'XWv k'4 ,4:1'4'C H wkfsvr ' no-oc, f 4 X QQ 501 p'g- -.49 561 1 t ka MQ sv- 145292443 1 1 1 ' Q2 va W '4 5 X X ' Q4 -A WM? if f, A 5 45 9 bv a - Q' 9 bo X X X 'f' Pm 5 O C fn ' -4 r X X 1' '-I mg. f -wg 98 NW K4 R94 Qmffw. g7"W'ww . AV 9!jZQ',? :5 N an 1022 fffg , x 3 D X 17553 52 X X' ,O Q I ! u NW 1. U Q i . 1 , I I . 'N , 1 3 4 E 4 5 R? 0-'Fjx X..-' 4 xiTQ5 QV! S2 I V L E 1 J i IQ W 'N 'X X FQ 'E '5- , . ---. ,G 398'- wh, N xiii? f 4, - f lk I 1 f f, 1 ' 5 4 f ,ff ,'r"ff,.:: 'A' 'll fff rw, ff " 0 h"5vw f ffgfff 44 4 I F 1 I "M-,YW fff 'Xl -?- 551 5 . 'QQ P N -wqsla E Q X 1152? 3 -SQ?-2 1 'OE-,. 1. ix 1 - 3 f' .1-9. "':f-5 1 'Q N" Z 3, E Sv if , X155 , 4, "MK-X y Nl ,aj . 5 5 , M pf , f7ff - 1 I J Q , , . K If N- . , .D . , ' I D ,X - . , ,F w, f ' : X N' 42 I xx 744-I Wolff DORMITORIES COMMONS hernerd adams chadhourne tripp AND FRIENDSHIP AWAITS All -the charm and gaiety and warm tradition of your own home can be yours when you decide to live at the university dormitories. It will be a wise choice, for here, among pleasant surroundings, you will find congenial people, whose interests are yours and whose friendship will be a thing to treasure always. The quiet and independence of your own room offers haven for study, and the varied social program offers a means of knowing better both friends and faculty. For women, Barnard and Chadbourne are situated in the center of activity at the foot of the historic Hill. For men, Adams and Tripp, overlooking Lake Mendota, offer mannish comforts and excellent foods. H399.. YCDU SUYVTJD Q , MEAL ' V TICKE T5 0 5 ' E ! fg5:i?lf! 'Y w ""f , Wikia Q, 2 V -I in 'f ' 55 52 xvozrru V OF RUSHING NXEALTICKETS FOR ONLY- isff WDEANOFMENS OF CE 42 2, W Q - - Z ff' 4 W9 5 W H405-3, The Zlflezrk of Qualify FI.aslJIigl9ts and Batteries For more than three decades, in almost every Part of the world, Ray-O-Vac products stand for excellence of Quality and Workmanship . . . a standard proudly protected by every Ray-O-Vac engineer and craftsman. RAY-O-VAC COMPANY, Madison, Wisconsin BIGGER AND B lleil Products Serve World Markets The world-wide acceptance of Heil equipment is the result of fundamen- tally sound Heil manufacturing principles which call for strict standards of quality in the purchase of raw material, eflicient engineering design and highest quality workrnanship. Resolve now to 'investigate Heil Quality Products before you buy! ' MTU VIII!-35 CILMCQCQL GENERAL OFFICES - MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN FACTORIES -- MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN " HILLSIDE, NEW JERSEY Branches and Distributors Everywhere V ga? Nmfi-' 1' . J' ' MA L -ik .. 111 6 I ? E 1 I Q H 4 , ly N M ' f ' ' r .SQA 6,5 'K ,'Q2- , :f-wk! '-SL'-" f'I"aV' X!! A, g. jf 'I f . v 1 L i wa:-' ' 1 in " y . E29 P -Q21 - 5 A Q L il gi E1 3 if M i' :I NI M 15' --402-' Q I Tom the "COKE" Rallies.. Q after the game Q after the show Q in fact, any time FULL DINNERS-TASTY SANDWICI-IES GET sdo fo fjzow on 5 540 State SI. Madison, Wis. ODORLESS .... PICKUP AND DELIVERYSERVICE "Have It Cleaned Right" "The Nu-Way is the best way" BADGER NU-WAY CLEANERS AND TAILORS 705 STATE STREET MADISON WIS. FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS ' Y C0 o QQ? QF 3 o ,, . ,X , i x I if . - 6 Sas ' 4 li' , 44 ' AWE 5 ' lf sal' , t T N i l Serving FRATERNITIES and SORORITIES at W isconsifn LABORATORY CONTROLLED DAIRY PRODUCTS its been over QO years that Ken- nedy-Mansiieid iias been serving Madison and tire University of Wis- consin Witlw pure, pasteurized, lab- oratory controiied dairy products . . . your extra assurance oi quality I . products ano dependable service. Kennedy-MansfieIdDairy - MADISON, WISCONSIN l tie . . . IS TOO SHORT TO MAKE TWO REPUTATIONS . . . So during the past forty-one years we have devoted our entire time and effort to making an enviable reputation Worthy of your pat- ronage. Thank You! BURDICK SL MURRAY CO. ON THE SQUARE at STATE STREET COMPLIMENTS OF EBERHARDT'S CARDINAL ' BEAUTY ' SHOP 625 STATE STREET EAIRCI-IILD 3966 Open Wed. 82 Elattering Fri. Eve. I-lair Styles by aff Msn, - 4 x -1 , 3- J X, f ,ff- g I M QM TELEPHONE BADGER aso C a m pu 5 Sod a G ri I Ie " Where Tradition Reigns" Empire Fuel Oil Company Q 714 S S Main Office and Yard Office tate had Madison, Wisconsin 733 E. Wilson Street Madison, Wis. Phone: Fairchild 3535 STUDENT: P R GALLAND-HENNING MFG. Co. ' Posters ' Booklets I IVIILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN ' Programs N . Magazines T OFFICIAL JEWELER ' Pamphlets I L dn F 'Offs d S H ea mg raternztles an ororltze Newspapers N E G L. G. BALFOUR CO. "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges" MADISON BRANCH - 708 STATE STREET On the Campus QUALITY SINCE 1848 I gl CARDINAL LAGER PUBLISHING COMPANY 740 LANGDON STREET BADGER1137 Fauerlaach Brewing Co., Madison, Wis. .I .n .H . O O N C9 Q' 4QRr"92,'7lh7 Rf i t they re a s afte s Greek Pl 0 9 Z' , ' -4' 'xi u 0 - l l 'gi L Q FZ li" f . Damn i , , lway r' u S. --4o6-- IT WAS A BIG Vhfxkll D0 'You Remember: The new high in registrotion? The housing crisis . . . dorms? Thot revivol ot tootboll spirit? Homecoming? The Cordinol's librory survey? The LLA restouront workers' drive? Senior Dues? Cordinol News Broodcosts? Prom? The Johnson Student Government Plon? Thot peoce convocotion? The St. Pat's parade? Haresfoot's 40th anniversary? Mighty Chuck Fenske's track feats? And dozens of other interesting things . . . Sure, you do - how can you ever forget them? There'll be more like them hoppening next yeor, ond in yeors following. The university promises to be even more olive ond kicking in l939. lt storts on its lOlst yeorl You'11 Want to keep up with vvhat's going on! Keep in contact with YQUR university - do it the best Way. S3 on the campus 53.50 anywhere else in the world I hr Eailg Gletrhinal "Americas Most Quoted College Dai1y" ..407.. Q .. yy 3 6, Wx 'Y ' V 351465 XX XX ixx IIT IIII, IIIIEI BY COVER PRODUCTS DIVISION, TI-IE NORTI-I AMERICAN PRESS, MILWAUKEE, wiscomsim E S T A B L I S I-I E D 'I 8 6 5 And Again this Year . . . ALLIS-CHALMERS MFG. CO WISCONSINS OWN UNIFORM TAILORS TaiIorecI the R.0.T.C. anoI Band I,IniIormS THE GLOBE TAILORING CO. MILWAUKEE Otficens Uniforms Civiiian and Riding Attire MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Qiiices in aII principaI cities POWER, ELECTRICAL, and INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY EIectricaI Machinery, I-IydrauIic Turbines Steam Turbines ff ss Condensers Steam, Gas, ancI Oil Engines CentrifugaI Pumps, ff Pumping Engines Mining and MetaIIurgicaI Machinery Crushing and Cement MaI4ing Machinery EIour Mill and Saw Mill Machinery 44 fc Texrope Drives ss ss fc Biovvers and Compressors sw Farm and Road Machinery Earm and Industrial Tractors - - 409 I U H iii? - Mgt Are you sure this is Saturday? . . 43,0 . . l XL L S GODIRIZY. JR- AKIIIUR BRIDGI I 1 1 l'f 15 u .lnr TIIE VVISCIOIWSIIW 1938 BADGER VLN-SIEVENTY LANGDON STREET, MADISON, WISCONSIN March 16, 1958 Mr. C. R. Reierson Reierson's Studio 25 South Pinckney Street Madison, Wisconsin Dear Mr. Beierson: Now that there's only one more week to go for the 1958 Badger, we can begin to sit back and catch a few breaths. We're proud of the record we've set this year in getting the book out early, and we have you to thank in a large part for it. All year we have been able to rely on you entirely. You have been accurate and you have been efficient. You have had work done when you said it would be done. Worries and hitches are things we haven't known with our photography this year. More important than that, probably, is the fact that your work has been of the finest. We can see from the engravers and printers proofs that the photography in the 1958 Badger will set a new standard. And so, to all of your staff as well as to you, we say thanks. For your friendly spirit of helpfulness and cooperation you have every right to take the bows with us for the 1958 Badger. Yours sincerely, THE 1958 BADGER Pezzd Godfrey Paul Godfreyzjc Editor All Negeztives of Seniors Will be Kept zn Our Fdes cmd May be Ordered from dt any tzme THE REIERSON STUDIO 23 South Pinckney Street M3d1SOH, WISCOHSIH 412 f' ,I- X . T115 DQ. 'Owl c NTI E To the 1958 BADGER University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin HE? and your splendid cooperation. EEE Z CD CD OJ I-' CD U1 U1 H' O U1 Q3 F E CD HJ CD CD I-' 5.1. FF E Q7 UI SD EEE QMEQQ 0793 4-+ EDU C3532 D423 lJ.QJ D UQ!-h IIS -fi Os r-1 Eco 5 CDE QD DSW my-h IIS c-+012 13' cno H: 1-1 nom CNE ooo 'DJ Ud Em I3 CJ trio DOC -4+ I EEE distinct privilege for us to have had eases 5 9 Tse 5 E. C 3. amass success in your future endeavors, Q Sincerely yours, E y Q Q3 THE FOWLE PRINTING COMPANY E gg Printers of School Annuals E N e gg AF:D gg Q33 EEK E 594 N. MILWAUKEE STREET, MILWAUKEE WISCONSINI H PHONE DALY 2506 SwEEEEQQQEEE H413.. A Acacia . . . ...,... . Academic, The .... Adams Hall ....... Agricultural Council. Agriculture Seniors . . A.l.C MQ' ..,...... Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Omega .. Chi Rho ..... Chi Sigma . . . Delta Phi .... Epsilon Phi . . . Gamma Delta. Gamma Rho . Kappa Lambda Kappa Psi . . . Omicron Pi .. Phi ....... Sigma Phi . . . Tau Omega , . Xi Delta Zeta ....... Alumni Association . Ann Emery l-lall .... Apprentice Players . . Artus A.S.C.E. ........ . A.S.M.E. ....... . Assisting Staff .... GENERAL IN DE X 297 9 374 356 44-54 351 352 272 298 334 299 273 274 300 301 335 275 276 302 303 277 255 28-31 376 154 256 353 354 177 Athletic, The .... 197 Athletic Board . . . 237 B Badger, The 1938. . . 130-133 Bands ........... 148-150 Barnard l-lall ...... 378 Baseball, 1937 .... 228, 229 Basketball ........ 215-219 Beta Alpha Psi ..... 336 Beta Gamma Sigma. 257 Beta Theta Pi ..... 304 Blue Shield ........ 357 Boxing ........... 220, 221 C Calvary .......... 366 Campus Bigwigs . . . 20-23 Cardinal Key .... 266 Castalia ........ 125 Chadbourne Hall . . 379 Chi Epsilon . . . 258 Chi Omega , . . 278 Chi Phi ...... 305 Chi Psi ........... 306 Churches, The ..... 361 Coeds, The ...... 117-123 Commerce Seniors . 72-81 Conference Meda' . , 244 Congo ......... 367 Coranto ........ 337 Concert Band ...... 149 Country Magazine . . 140 Crew, 1937 ....... 234, 235 Cross Country ..... 212 Crucible ...... 251 D Daily Cardinal, The. Deg rees, .The ..... Delta Chi ........ Delta Delta Delta. . Delta Gamma .... Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Theta Sigma . Delta Tau Delta ... Delta Sigma Pi .. Delta Upsilon Delta Zeta ..... Dignitaries, The . . Diversions, The . . . Dormitories The .. Down wifh'the Oldi Drill Team ....... Dykstra, President . E Education Seniors , . Engineering Seniors Esthetic, The ..... Euthenics Club .. F Fall, The ....... Fencing ......... First Regimental Band .......... Football .......... Forensics .... . . . Four-l-l Club .. Fraternal, The ..... Fraternities, The . . . Fraternity Roster . . . Fred, Dean ........ Freshman Athletics. . G Gamma Phi Beta .. . Golt ........... Goodnight, Dean . . . 134-136 33 307 279 280 308 338 309 348 310 281 13 1 13 373 196 146 15 62-71 34-43 147 358 201 225 150 202-21 1 162-164 359 245 293 294-295 18 240-241 282 236 16 Greeley, Dean . . . Groups, The ..... H Haresfoot Club Here's What We .Did ln College ... Hillel ............ Holt, Dean ........ Homecoming ...... Honoraries, The . . . . House Presidents lenic Council . 344 Council ........ Indoor Track ...... lntertraternity Board lntra-murals ...... 238 Iron Cross ........ J 194, T66 l80 222 l7 349 l55 l95 372 l8 l67 249 l8l 223 296 239 250 Journalism Seniors .. 57-6l Junior Promenade . . l70, l7l Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa K Alpha Theta . Delta ...... Epsilon ..... Kappa Gamma Sigma ...... L La Eollette, Governor Lambda Chi Alpha . . Langdon Hall ...... Let's Talk Turkey . . l 56, Letters and Science Seniors ......... 82- Library School ..... Lodging House Council ...... M Men's Chorus . . . . Military, The ...,.. Military Ball Mining Club Mortar Board ......l72, 283 284 339 285 3l l l4 3l2 377 l57 ll2 360 l82 l53 l4l l73 355 250 Music Seniors l . . . 55, 56 N Names ln The News. l90, l9l Never A Dull Moment ..... Newman ...... Nurses' Dormitory O Omicron Nu .... P Panhellenic Ball . People, The .... Pershing Rifles . Phi Beta ...... Phi Beta Kappa . Phi Chi Theta . . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Epsilon Pi .. Phi Eta Sigma .. Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Phi . . Phi Kappa Psi .. Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau . Phi Mu ........ Phi Mu Alpha .. Phi Omicron Pi . Phi Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Sigma Phi Upsilon Gmicron. Pi Beta Phi .... Pi Kappa Alpha . Pi Lambda Phi . . Pi Tau Sigma ... Pistol Team .... Political, The . . . Political Potpourri Polygon ....... Pre-Prom . . . Pres ....... . . Presidents ..... Press, The ..... Professional Panhel- Psi Upsilon ..... Pythia ........ R Red Letter Days Review, The .... Rifle Team .... S Saint Francis . . . Scabbard and Blade. l92, 4, l88, l93 368 380 26l l68 l9 267 340 260 34l 3l3 3l4 254 3l5 3l6 252 3l7 3l9 3l8 286 342 287 320 288 343 289 32l 322 259 l46 l75 l85 350 i69 369 32 l29 323 l26 l89 l83 l46 370 262 Second Regimental Band .......... Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sigma Sigma Alpha lota .. Chi ........ Sigma Delta Chi .... Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Sigma Kappa ...... Sigma Lambda .... Sigma Nu ..... Sigma Phi ....... Sigma Phi Epsilon .. Social, The ....... l 50 324 345 325 263 253 290 346 326 327 328 l65 Social Panhellenic Council ....... Soph Shuttle . . . Sororities, The . . Sorority Roster . . Spring, The . . . Swimming ..... T Tau Beta Pi ...... Teachers Made News l86, Tennis, l937 ..... Theta Delta Chi ... Theta Phi Alpha .. Theta Sigma Phi .. Theta Xi Track, l937 ....... 230- Triangle .... . . Tripp Hall .... Tumas ........ U Union Board ..... Union Seniors .... University Bands .. Un'versity Symphony Orchestra ...... W "W" Club ....... WAA ........... White Spades . . Winter, The ...... Winter Carnival 4. .. Wisconsin Engineer, The .......... Wisconsin Octopus, The ........,, Wisconsin Players . Women's Chorus . . Women's Commerce Club ......... Wrestling ....... WSGA ........ Y YMCA .......... Youngest Protessors YWCA ......... Z Zeta Beta Tau . .. Zeta Phi Eta 27l l 74 269 270 227 224 264 l 87 233 329 29l 265 330 232 33l 375 266 l76 l78 l48 l5l .242,243 128 25l 2l3 l79 l37 l38, l39 l60, l6l l52 l24 226 l 27 362-364 24-27 365 332 347 4l S.. ADVERTISEIQS' INDEX Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. . . . Badger Cleaners ...... . . Balfour, L. G. ........ . . Brown's Book Store Burdick and Murray .. . . . Campus Soda Grill Cardinal Beauty Shoppe .... Cardinal Publishing Company Casper Company, Inc., S. J.. College Typing Company . . . Co-op, The .............. Daily Cardinal ........... Democrat Printing Company Dormitories and Commons . . Empire Fuel G Oil Company. Fauerbach Brewing Company Fowle Printing Company, The Galland-l-lenning Mtg. Co.. . Globe Tailoring Company . . l-leil Company ........... l. G. A. Stores . ., ......... . Jahn C1 Ollier Engraving Co.. Karsten's ............... Kennedy-Mansfield . . . . . 409 403 405 387 403 405 403 405 393 391 397 407 393 399 405 405 413 405 409 401 391 412 391 403 . . 416 Kohler Company . . . . Lohmaier, E. J. ... . . MacNeil G Moore ... .. Madison Typewriter C7 Pen Co. .......... . Manchester, l-l. S. ....... . Milwaukee Electric Railway C7 Light Company . . North American Press Company ........ . . Parker Pen Company ...... Ray-O-Vac Company . Reierson's Studio .....,... Rennebohm Drug Stores .... Rentschler Floral Shop ...,. Snowdon's Restaurant ..... Student Book Exchange Three E Laundry ..... .. Toby G Moon ............ University Co-op ......... University Typewriter Co. . . Varsity I-lair Shop ........ Western States Envelope Co. Woldenberg's ............ 393 391 385 383 395 387 409 389 401 41 1 385 395 403 393 395 403 397 383 393 385 385 -n.. J . O sf' N' A 5 5,4 Q 4 fy in V H " I if ' H134 1', If L: 'A ' 1.415-gifs? ' w!-Y f 3 lg, -'fg,i'1X -- ' v gff' F , i. di?-w fx M . .QS . wi 9 .,, X X..X -, 2, Q4 4, X W ' V Xw A ,Xw , M iii. Q ' ' 2' . 1, 557 is QQ . W S' gg A+ Q JM My , :ff ' H " mmf! A 'lfif 2' ff. K, -' X 'M . Q gm. iff-1 X - 3 -,MQ X 4. X5 E522 ,V .15 X jf N X kQ,. 2. . -4.-QW. 1 ' f L c ZX f' .-1 .. L' 1- Q Qi' X W 5 . , ' 'iQJf.XP3v2.Z 7 'Q 'V .. , A ffm, M " Vw.. Q : Z. Wig " " A Q ffl! 535- -5 A V A I W x . Q Q2 3 'i 1 .., f f arf 7' .1 Q . 15 ' ' ' .43-Q" -G , - 4, ' 3371,-T -5. 4 ' I, Q -Q - 4: . 4.5, I V' ff, X-I , QQ . f-- 1,-V. H. . f XX. . j- -. ' ' ,ja . ' Q M XV 1 ' --9 X X X .. ' 4 ' As,v9lQg W... V . - A X M gf Ni. I E, Q U., B4 A . W -X J ff' Q gf' A -QQ g X . Q X E f Q H N , V16 X Q Q ' ff- 'L -. few- X ' X if? J - . K-I ,v-,gin y Xa H '. . it X A - '- X H Q .N .Imax L -QXSNA 341 if . 'pi I - -41' ,K . ' -, X 1 ' .. k my V4 1 X 8. " ' , H I Km - "'.. - ' - s 'Q ' XX " - ,gp . X .ff X .-f .J ,. X .. N. .Q 'Q A h XX 5 psf A V Vi " . f' " ' ' - X. X- . 53 . '- A' - fm, , -. - -4- . Y , -f -- " 1- . X N - 'K "h ,X f- .. XX' 11. f - -X - 4--ww -'f-XX-sf:XQg: "-'VV -fZ'1 'L X-4 W X- X: w X f. .1 f ' 5 F.. 1 X as I I 67- 0 'gpg .9 X A W QQ N A .1 J , ' :H Q - fi? P as:-' Q " Q . x 2' X 912-. - . 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X f ' " Vw - MQ Q ICQ- QPR ,XX I vw- W if . ,f , dm .. f ww- -X -- ,. ,ww -g 2 MW - ? ,. 3 , - my X - sm? ' - Vg , -'VX , X :X QQ , .QQ if W Sf gg - 11? 1 x X L f - f - X. WX W . Sig . A Q, , My Xi .5 X A WK ,KX . 5 .M N 6 N- lf! SS X-QNX? ' - f Q 'X .gh -My ' f X- , . v -' - 'I' W N . gy K QQ. : v X. 1 XXX Q L . N gt QX ms QRS ' 2 --WSE - X 1 ., 1 Q Q NY 5 Q., E

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