University of Wisconsin Madison - Badger Yearbook (Madison, WI)

 - Class of 1930

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University of Wisconsin Madison - Badger Yearbook (Madison, WI) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 587 of the 1930 volume:

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It is possible that one Costerfof Haarlem, Holland, is the father of printing rather than Gutenberg, but Gutenbefgand Coster began printing frornnmovable type about the same time. 1 -: I do not know an indention that better merits commemoration by the,Badger. Up togthe time of printing from movable type the human tenglency"t6-keep things secret, to develop a monopoly on information and, surrounding a certain sort of knowledge with mystery, to use it as a tool of tyranny over others, ran more or less unhindered. ' i The printer struck a death blow at this monopoly of knowledge the few, and made knowledge the birthright of the masses. ff I A, ' 5 Before the invention of printing from mQvia'ble,typ,em the'sprea'dQQof knowledge was but a thin tricklefrorn individual to individual, and thatgknowle gei wiidh is essfenftialtbQ-intelligent living remained the precious possession of the patrician few. ' After the invention of printing from movable type the spread of knowledge became a great flood enrichf ing and fertilizing the minds of the millions. Thus do the simplest mechanical inventions sometime remake the intellectual and spiritual life of mankind. . ,.,... . , 9 .... 'Q "Wwe-' f 'Ziff 'SSW -1' sw , A-sg' if 3 if f, ' 'Wi' an -,tes i fr giglvi ga 1 'Www Q" 5 11 1 Z1 R as we site 'QE-ig RWWM 5.1 ty 1 fe Swijgg fs 5 ,. ,-T o'o.2?.:3 N R rar 92322 if MEAD GRADY WATERS BACKUS 'CALLAI-IAN RICHARDSON GUNDERSON OLBRICH BERGER CASHMAN SCHMIDTMAN EIMON RUNGE BACHMAN SHOLTS FAAST Q' . . - X . . obe Diegenls of the liniversibg of Wisconsin GLENN FRANK ,.,.. President of the University, exfojficio JOHN CALLAHAN, Stare Superintendent of Public Instruction, exfoffcio ADOLF GUNDERSEN, La Crosse . ARTHUR H. SHOLTS, Oregon . . FRED E. BACHMAN, Appleton . . JOHN C. SCI-IMIDTMANN, Manitowoc VICTOR P. RICHARDSON, Janesville DANIEL H. GRADY, Portage. . . M. B. OLBRICH, Madison . . Omcers of the Hegenls ' DANIEL H. GRADY .......... President BEN F. FAAST ...... . . VicefPresident SOLOMAN LEVITAN, State Treasurer . . Ex-ofjicio Treasurer J. D. PHILLIPS ...... . Business Manager M. E. MCCAFFREX' . Term Expires . . . 193 1 - 1935 . . IQSI . . . 1932 . . 1931 . . . . . . 1930 . , . . . . 1931 . . . Secretary MRS. META BERGER, Milwaukee A. C. BACRUS, Milwaukee . MISS ELIZABETH A. WATERS, Fond MRS. CLARA T. RUNGE, Baraboo du Lac GEORGE MEAD, Wisconsin Rapids. . . JOHN E. CAsHMAN, Denmark . BEN F. FAAST, Eau Claire . PETER EIMON, Superior . ...,,, 1935 DANIEL H. GRADE Page 26 Term Expires - - 1934 - 1933 - 1933 . 1931 - 1934 . 1930 . 1932 1 .QE WQQGWQ ..., j A mv. ,sign . ei, .,. 4225.52.22 E525 im ,465 The Capitol from the Hill Yboaro of Visitors, 1928-1929 Regent Appointments MRS. C1-IAS. R. CARPENTER, Madison . . . GEORGE P. HAMERECHT, Madison . . . LOYAL DURAND, President, Milwaukee .... H. W. KIRCHER, Sheboygan ...... Alumni Appointments WR1. J. MEUER, Madison ....... CHARLES L. BYRON, Chicago .,.. B. E. MCCORMICK, Secretary, Madison . MRS. CARL A. JOHNSON, Madison .... Governofs Appointments W. C. SULLIVAN, Kaukauna ...... MRS. HATTIE C. TEGTMEYBR, Milwaukee . MRS. ALLAN CLASSON, Cconto .... CARL J. HESGARD, Orforclville . . . . PRBSlDENT'EMBRITUS, E, A. BIRGE N Page 27 N Term Expires 1930 IQQ, 1 1932 197-9 1930 1931 1932 1929 1930 IQBI 1932 1929 it W .-.7 4 ,lic ' 'Gm ,l':l..., :ina . ,Amr .1 .i.1p.f-, .-hai 4 .. .-,, ,D 11. S K-3 Wim MMS ,,.,,...,, ,.,x. s ,. ,. ..,?: - ,,,, f- - ,.,fsW Ei i rr SCOTT H. Goonniox-ir Dean of Men 1' ,I F, LOUISE NARDIN Dean of Women eans of men uno Women 1' GAIN this year a spirit of unrest invades the campus. In part, it is backwash from the outside world. We read in the national magazines of the various experif mental attempts in many institutions, including our own, to better college education. But just as many articles appear which ridicule these efforts. At home we have a similar situation. The Experimental College is attacked and defended. Leaders in extra-curricular activities are criticized as monopolists. The leaders, worried and distracted by clissipating their energies in so many direcf tions, hold councils to discuss whether the University is not to blame. All efforts to protect scholastic interests in general and the true interests of the "activists" in particular by en' forcement of the eligibility regulations are resentfully looked upon as interference with personal liberty and are evacled, if possible. , A boy may develop himself magnificently or he may dwadle and flunk ingloriously in the experimental college, exactly as on the hill. The cultivation of the mind, of selfcontrol, and the attainment of success through these means are just as possible now as at any time in history-and just as difficult., We have more knowledge and more facilities than our predecessors had, and we have proportionately increased distractions and complications. Grit and hard work are just as effective, and ucrabbing' and Hbuckpassingn are just as futile to-day as ever. We are the guides of our own destinies as truly as our pioneer forefathers were. Let's prove our worth, as they did. wi' r +'t.1-'l'- .' ,fri .4-F A-15,5 ' is-- -. ... :ef S7 u-.4 ..,.. -. in. -1- i'- J ff-3'-15' I 15-J-L'5.: 5 sais.. A, I1 N a few months most of the class of 1919 will cease to be ,EI leading citizens in a college group, and will become undistinguished privates in a new community. Some will welcome this eclipse. Community responsibility in those last college years has devoured all the margin of the timeg they will welcome a life that is less a whirlwind of meetings and appointments and affords a chance for reading and thought. An educated young person has in mind many a visit which she wants to make to the great who are forever spiritually at home to those who seek them in the spacious hospitality ortheir books. And she has some curiosity to look in on herself for a real visit and see what kind of person is at home in her spiritual and intellectual house. , So these inconspicuous years are a test of the college graduates previous education and her chance to establish a mode of life that makes room for adult selffsought education. A small boy in a Kipling story exclaimed, "Now I know how to read and 1'll never read again as long as I live." So your alma mater wishes you real satisfaction in the years that will elapse before your world again insists on your being chairman and presidents and directors. Page 28 .W I. - . :a y aff-. 1 2125 . ' ' V: -hs, -37-' " . I- - 'sexe-9 f ' - I . ' - 'WE . , . 1 . , ,.s'f'v i X on '-!":,..-- '.-j- - V 1- . ,.':1r!f'f 3-. f 3'15fQ,::fL1qf'j?i- ' ,,.:-.-:-, sfyg,-gy, Er ilk' ri? 'T Dba Yvureau of Guibance anb Hecorbs ri' HE organization known as the Bureau of Guidance and Records was created, upon the recommendation of President Frank, for the purpose of rendering certain definite services to the high schools of the state, to the students in the University and to the faculty of the University. The Bureau has been interested in giving impetus to the establish' ment of guidance in the secondary schools of Wisconsin. Many of the high schools are doing splendidly in this respect. The Bureau has been interested in gathering information about the members of the student body in the University and in using this information to interpret individual relationships and institutional responsibilities. Such interpretations have been of help. The Bureau has had a further interest in supplying various departments of the University with information which has been found helpful in rendering better asf sistance to the student body. CHARLES A. SMITH It is the purpose of the Bureau to provide opportunities for students to secure information of an occupational type which will be helpful in giving the individual student a better basis for intelligent decisions with reference to choice of college and election of subjects. The Bureau is essentially a service organization seeking to make it possible for the University to improve the service which it has always rendered effectively to its student membership. F. O. HOLT, Registrar. JAMES D. PHILLIPS N Page 29 N F. O. Hom: in i gl en 7 wa a . s rear if H. L. Russzu. Dean Agricultwrall Hall l College o ,Agriculture -1' GRICULTURE needs trained leaders. The American public wants to see a prosperous rural America. We are committed to a policy of production at a profit, in agriculture as wellas in industry. The most urgent necessity is for farm leaders who can properly interpret the needs of our farming population. V Since the World War We have had well nigh a revolution in our American farm' ing industry. The next twentyfive years promise even greater changes. If the agriculture of tomorrow is to have trained and effective leadership these leaders of the coming decades are now in training in our agricultural colleges. No field of endeavor is offering greater opportunities to ambitious and capable young men With farm backgrounds who are surveying the .horizon to determine where lies their best chance for constructive and satisfying careers. 1911. vfiv i W 7? K -. ll 1. -' .av f . 1 1 . 971912 il"-r V . T ' :JCI ' ' , 6 f - . The "Ag" Buildings NQPage 30 N 5 , A may ,v 4 ,- t',7',,.i T" 'YZ g'?'T,1'W f - " s f ' lla, J i l ee sa w Sterling Hall School of Commerce -2' URING the biennium 1917-1929, the School of Commerce has been making the transition from a strictly undergraduate Course in Commerce to a School of Commerce that is at least in part upon a graduate basis. For more than a quarter century the work was predominantly undergraduateg at present two years of Letters and Science work are required for admission to the School of Commerce, which now offers a three years' curriculum. The work of the third year consists largely of seminaries and offers students the opportunity of doing research work on business problems. Only those students who complete this fivefyear program are recognized as graduates of the School of Commerce and receive its Masters degree. This development is in line with the practice of the best schools throughout the country. A special feature ofthe work of the School of Commerce both this year and last was the holding of a onefday conference with business men. These conferences have been distinguished both by the high quality ofthe program and the number of representative Wisconsin business men who have participated. The general sub' ject of the 192.9 conference was the movement toward economy in production and distribution. It is hoped by means of these annual conferences to promote the discussion and serious study of some of the more basic problems common to Wisconsin business interests. "Aff Chemistry Building N Page 31 N WM. H. Kuzxnomza Chairman of the Department of Economics Ji A f 4 J li lm Wig Q Q: Q , iiQ l' ,,.x Q 2 fgcwejigfsfasa we itwfyissfw ss! The Engineering Building College o ngineering -Q' HE function of the Engineering College, like that of other Departf ments of the University, is twoffold: instruction and research. It is the duty of the faculty to give the best possible instruction to the young men who wish to enter the engineering profession, and to extend the bounds of l-Lnowlf edge in the engineering field. Study and experimentation is a normal activity for a teacher of engineering, and its practical importance has long been recognized, but not until recent years has it had financial support at all commensurate with its importance. While the research budget of the College is still a small fraction of its total, the available funds are of great assistance, and have brought results that have led to important contributions from the industries of the state and the establishment of several cofoperative research projects. Such work is of benefit not only to the profession and industries, but also to members of the faculty and to students, who are thereby brought into intimate contact with problems similar to those with which the engineer must deal in his professional practice. The upbuilding of the research work of the college in close relation to its instrucf tional work on the campus and to the industrial interests of the state is the desire of the engineering faculty. if agnostic The DriveffPast the Engineering Laboratories N Page 32 N e ii is i roi E529 riisav .Marisa-wif ,k,. lf R- V-,. sa :,,,,, ' MJ 9-ff W Q The Library from the Lower Campus Cbraouale School Q' HE Graduate School puts its emphasis upon the research activities of the University, and it aims to train its students by offering to them the privilege of participation in these activities. Even those who enter modern business and industrial life are beginning to find graduate training essential, which simply means that a student can no longer acquire from an undergraduate course the professional and technical training the world expects. The sudden and phef nomenal growth that took place thirty years ago in the undergraduate colleges of America is now being duplicated by an equally rapid growth in our Graduate Schools. Ltuw CHARLES SLSLICHTBR Dean The Biology Building N Page 33 N Q .,..,, v Mljzp Q ,. ,,,.. . ,,., ., gm ,i A E , N-W qlvh ..k!,,f 5 ,T 0' , Ee l it of afklee fasiadf QE' M fe-:lg 4 'C ABBY E. MARL Dean 'i-ui The Home Economics Building Tlfome Tconomics School -1 ODAY the home is the one field that needs to be doubly safeguarded- not necessarily along old lines but developed to meet the changing eco' nomic and social conditions of today. A Home Economics, the general term that covers the study of all the problems connected with the home and family, offers a group of studies in human activities in which the subject matter is not strictly limited. The helds open to home economics graduates are increasingly important. Each year brings additions to the lists of professions in which the home economics graduate is successful. While the teaching field is always an excellent one, the research held, the extension field, and the commercial field are increasing in their demands rapidly. While personality and aptitude are a tremendous asset in all of these lines of endeavor, the field is so wide that each individual can find her ,special niche and do her part imimproving the health of today and building for the betterment of the generations to come. - ' The best part of home economics education is that whenever the graduate is ready to give up her outside professional work to establish a home, she has the general background which will make it easier for her to meet the varying problems of today and keep on in part with her outside professional work, a right demanded by the intelligent woman today. fm Aim X , 1 ..4q Henry ,Quadrangle 'V Page 34 N E401 Kg a ' M l,,, , , tis? f s efafawilt ? Wil Stats estates, South Hall-The Home of the journalism School School of Tloumalism if WENTYfFOUR years ago last September, 25 students met in a room in Bascom Hall as the first class in journalism at the University. At the beginning of the present academic year, 612 students enrolled in 11 courses in journalism. Twentyffour years ago the one course in news writing was given in the English Departmentg now there is a School of journalism and a Department of journalism. When the University began its systematic training for journalism, it was a pioneer in this fieldg now there are some 25 well organized schools and departments of journalism in other universities, and instruction in journalism is being offered by over zoo colleges and universities. The growth of the School of journalism has made necessary the taking over cf the fourth floor of South Hall, formerly occupied by the State Hygienic Laboratory, so that now the third and fourth floors of that building are being used for instrucf tion in journalism. The new quarters on the fourth floor include a large lecture room seating loo, two class rooms seating so each, a seminary room, a periodical room, and an ofhce. The remodeled third floor now consists of the Printing Laboratory, the journalism Reading Room, the journalism Laboratory, and six oliices for members of the staff. This year 360 students have registered in the freshman and sophomore pref journalism curriculum, and in the School of journalism. This is the largest number enrolled in any school or department of journalism in the country, WILLARD G. BLEYBR 1 . Director Historic North Hall N Page 35' N ,. J - Y X' 1 .4 if . ,rf ,- ' . fre, ,- 5 -. -. ,,. ,- su, L I , . ' 1' 'Q ' X 515 2 ,f ,. ,... ' .,,,. ,Q A if ' ,, ' . ,, ' 3 if l"'13fUf'l' fi . l 1 Af '- 3 . M ' 4 ' X", ' 'l lfifi. Eg . . ls. 5: ' Q. sift-else , i f as E i si s HARRY S. RICHARDS Dean The Low School ' aw School ANY students entering professional schools fail to realize that they have come to a critical turning point in their education, and that they are no longer undergraduates. The law student is in process of preparing himself to be a competent adviser of his fellowfcitizens in matters affecting their lives, their happiness and their property, and to take his place as a wise leader in the life of his community. Unless he has schooled himself in the learning of his subject, and trained his mind to discriminate between the essential and non' essentials of factual and legal situations, he will give a poor return for his client's confidence, and'be false to the professions of legal qualifications. ln the Law School the student spends three years in studying the whole field of the law in a systematic way. If he is diligent and attentive, he will grasp in this period the meaning of legal principles, their scope and limitations, but above all, he will acquire a mind sharpened to discriminate, an intellectual power, which will determine his future as a lawyer. He will find when he has finished school with a worthy record, that his services will be sought in important ofhces, but if he has been content just to uget by," he will find that he is turned away from office doors where opportunity waits for his industrious classmate. The Law School offers opportunity for preparation for a great and useful profession, but advises its applicants for admission to recognize that admission means the end of aimless drifting and superficial study, if they would realize their ambition. Looking Down the Hill from the Law School N Page 36 N ffcisit-. " : P .1."'X1' iff " " 1 Q e ri ..'-L.1. f H 1 i fe i . ,.QA iaigbee W St eed' s it if is Bascom Hall at the Summit of the Hill ' ekters anb Science if 'T HE College of Letters and Science is still the educational mother of most of the graduates of the University of Wisconsin. It is interesting to re- flect on the relations between college and students. The college attempts to guide them in securing a highfgrade education, one of which they need not be ashamed either in the professional school of the business of everyfday life, one which will serve as a genuine foundation for high and when possible happy living. What do the students give the college in return? They provide it with young life, with enthusiasm, with new aspirations, with needs that are to be met, with problems that demand solution. Without the students, no college. Without stimulating students, no stimulating faculty. The Class of 1929 has been the chief benefactor of the College during its life on the campus. The good wishes of the College attends the members of the class as they graduate and go to their work all over the world. On Wisconsin! X Gnoizcs C. SBLLBRY Dean A - . V Q ' .Lincoln 'le'r'r'picef- t. ..N'P?Fe 37 ',.-.assi-',f51:':-.u,. 431.-'f'r2:'i'. F-Ee' ig'-'L-fa-: .,, . U. .,., .ng--f.. ., 24, .,,. .rl .4L,.,f-.asf-X ---- M: fi Lhrf----:w -2. - iw, -f,i,:z,,' 1' wi . c 1 f ,it 'ihtztf-.'.4'fi::4,,:,, 'q1::,s'm-.:fqg:- 1. I 1 1346264 4 vi?z+',1:Lf??.s LTI' 1, ,-. T-rift. . 'W' - ssva--1f12':--":1-W-:wi :gist if-,. - " uisriizua- f-mf-.v-1. su. A. -Q - e. - - -' ies if - Eff' I QQ? w as at Q to Jig, . :-' ft ,,,, . X ie' r M. K. RBBLY Assistant Professor of Bibliography Library Students M ibrary School Q' HE Printed Book is the unit around which the course in the Library School is built. The history of books and printing, including the manuscript bookg the analysis of the contents of the book and its evaluationg the cataloging and classification of booksg are among the specific courses. ,Two mem- bers of the faculty bear the titles, respectively, of Associate and Assistant Profesf sor of Bibliography, and one of the requirements for graduation from the school is the presentation in the part of each student of a scientifically prepared bibliof graphy on a special subject. These bibliographies represent practical pieces of ref ' search, worked out in cooperation with other departments of the University, the Legislative Reference Library, the Department of Markets and other state and local agencies. Student bibliographies have been published in the American Municipal Review, The American Journal of Criminal Law, and in other scholarly periodicals. , The School has its own library and in connection with the course in Books and Printing has built up a collection of rare material. ln the picture above, the students are assembled in the gallery of the School to study an exhibit of this ma- terial. The series on the wall is a facsimile reproduction of the Grimani Breviary, from the original in the library of St. Marks in Venice, a rare example of 15th Century illumination. Other items include facsimile pages from the Gutenberg Bible, from the manuscripts of the Elder Edda, Froissart and other chroniclersg also several rare books, among them De Jure Belli ac Pacis of Hugo Grotius. K. The Gym from the Library -N Page 38 N I f fi-'sg-M www , V, ,, Af-P V ' few: , 'wa 01 fa, .V J N a Ffaggi N255 'LW 'lwffa elite, flfejly-fe-fma 'N sa . ee : l f !'?x'Pw' 'a as i fl - F 'fa 'S f-,,'fQMYa.f'ai?w?U' a fa a x f' .Af ,if Qs2,g,aZ9 New Medical School 'fflleoical School -5 HE Medical School, born in the attic of Science Hall, twentyfone years ago, is celebrating its coming of age by beginning work in the Service Memorial Institute Building for the Medical Sciences. This building, erected from a balance in the Soldier's Rehabilitation Fund, is a memorial to war service and an opportunity for peace service. The Institutes which it houses are designed for teaching, research, and direct public service in the sciences upon which medicine and hygiene are most directly based. Anatomy alone of the fundamental medical sciences, the first department of the Medical School to be established, fails to find lodgement in the new building and remains in Science Hall. Geology receives most of the space vacated in Science Hall, the School of Journalism the space vacated by the removal of the State Laboratory of Hygiene from South Hall, and the general library the space vacated by the removal of the medical library from the Library Building. Thus the Medical School is not the only beneficiary at its coming out party. i R 2 yt ' CHARLES R. BARDEEN ' ' Dean l Science Hall N Page 39 N L ,avi :,,, 11- fi' "" ' ivbb ' li' tl 1 Music Hall - Scbool of music N turning over the time yellowed leaves of old manuscripts, the seeker sometimes experiences the thrill of coming suddenly upon some hidden treasure, which for years has been lost to the hurrying throng that has been too busy to search for it. So in the hurry and stress of this particular age which is so fully occupied with the more prosaic side of life, is it not a pleasure to pause- if only for a moment-to consider something which appeals to the soul! The School of Music is primarily a training school for professionals and in this respect is regarded as one of the leaders in the country. However, it is attempting, in a broader sense, to add to the general culture of the campus. ln its desire to teach all students and to inculcate a love of the l'eautiful in nonfrnusicians, it has not been unsuccessful. This is attested by the popularity of its nonftechnical courses and by the large enrollment in the University Band and Orchestra- organizations which embrace students from every corner ofthe campus, who gather at regular intervals throughout the year to study the great masterpieces. To serve the student body and the community, by bringing within the reach of all the means to know and appreciate the best in our art, to 'educate them to a love of the beautiful,-this is. perhaps the greatest service that the Schcol of Music can give. CHARLES H. MILLS Director 1. ,. Q 1 ' -1 . J-'IFJ-524 usa. i- A gp. 'a-5 A S 6 t if-f . 7s'.:',T2J 91523-ij " ' V. . s W --- f L saxfkli? 5-:ai--' fi. A . 1!?.l'.3v.i1! 74 H ' ' : ' C ' gmt 13 1, Music cchool Annex 2Zg911f5:.'-f ' H .fri-.:,-' ' ' . ' V .N .Pagc,,40.-N 1 y - ji.. UCB-' r. r'f -W-f,,.'v ': 1 " ,I - U ' . -' 'f."fi.7 ' ',.4sH5'::E"1l'-Ltffi' gm... . .- .1 .. '- ' 'L '-I-Iii' . - r , .12- - '!1aZ'?:sEQ5'-gqg:fT,1"'--,,..,1ffg,Qj'g,-1.. ,..ff.-fifsqfjafz, -'j:1,'.Z.1, , , Q ., ,L A W - H A V 1, , l .-frfp, ,V A -lffllgf :GI H ' 32 ii V - . .tl7'TQ:f53'QiL"Qi515151 , Q :il .. . A ,1eE1.5f1.' " A 1 '- "" ' 1- 1- ' 'PVT' '-Y 1' F'.f4". wwf-3' ' "-"'i'Y-1'"J-...Ti::S:EF.,'1 Sw--f " "V" . ' f '- 'T' "2-'Q-'T' 1 is "- -Sw . -'7 -I v .-LW Jv ,f-' .. ,i 4. . f I-lxiufv -32: .4":f 2-,li .w:'?2f..1. 4:2174 .' ,f - '5 -. . ,' .Lxaf5Mfn?e.yfLx.--,'f'4Q 5l1"f'ri5L'if1,.-15'T41'5,.-gsimtgrr, w 1 . if ' 2:-.-Jniifrzmtf J-1 9,1 ,- 1 N . , as: zrf..1-afar :.,jrg-5,11-as-E.: w,Q.i-1--f:m'f1s:fE,a?'s5 ' V1 ' .sa 'V 'ffs 153925K YFQLQAF' fzi2'tffssf3rfs1w'?.'TmmfEnvfbt-4155!-:1E' ' i , IA- f'7i.Ji5 fart 'FFZ1'1kidf'ff52-5ffislwsqiL'rf11Zi, X924,-?:1wl:c'7?T'2':ff- ,"' ig if 1- 555 . sae- V M891 .-za-,s1.m?1QeG2:wae?isum's'ag-m.sw 'X-ff1f:!sa.s.s'i1fr-swf: f f -N " 'ft'-f4ei::.k21Y'i-L.iis'?i':SQ.gQ' Z'-733'-:filep Et ig? . A .asia The Nurses' Dormitory School of Dfursin -5 ACH year greater interest is being shown in the education of young worren in nursing. Today about one hundred Schools of Nursing have some conf nection with Universities or Colleges. In the School of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin we have noticed a marked increase in the enrollment of students. Schools in other states are showing more interest in our course, as evi' denced by the number of visitors and by the requests for our graduates to Sll teaching positions in other Schools of Nursing. In 197.4 this School was established ofering two courses, a three year course leading to a certificate of graduate nurse, and a combined five year academic and nursing course leading to a Bachelcr of Science degree and a certihcate of graduate ZZMQ IIUISC. Along the .Walk Back of Lathrop N Page 41 N 2 VM W .1 '-. fwv , Q ' 1 W5 ci 3 5 w h faasf iffiifsi '--: -A,:. ,... . i :ia m isa n,m61 A,A:: f , AA ,.-: at . GEORGE LITTLE Director of Men's Athletics The Boathouse onthe Shores of Mendota 5ZZen's jJl7ysical'1E6ucalion E feel that our objectives in the Held of physical education are confined to two very direct phases: , First, that we provide for each student in the University some type of daily recreation according to his or her choosing, which mightresultiin better health for having participated. Second, but not of secondary importance, however, it is our hope to develop and maintain strong teams in our Varsity sports that we may be representative of a fighting Badger tradition. We sincerely hope that our athletes of the future may represent us also in the same sportsmanlike manner that they have in the past. Finally, in a effort to fulfill our objectives, we must first of all realize that studies and academic responsibilities are paramount in a student's program. We hope, insofar as possible, to dovetail our physical activities in such-a way as to embody physical education as a rightful part of education. 4 iiffig View of Gym from Lower Campus N Page 42 N Em 43 E555 L fmiciitiiy Qi Aww. Latl1'ropiHall l9l7omen's Tfllyysical 'iioucalion fl' OCKE, in his "Essay Concerning Human Understanding" published in 1690, says: "Keep the body in strength and vigor so that it may be able to obey, and execute the orders of the mind . . . A sound mind in a sound body, is a short but full description of a happy state in this world: he that has these two has little more to wish for, and he that wants either of them will be but little the better for anything else . . , He whose mind directs not wisely will never take the right wayg and he whose body is crazy and feeble will never be able to advance in it . . The modern educator appreciates the necessity of physical as well as mental development if the individual is to live a full, rich, efhcient life, and so the Physical Education Department with its expert staff, its wellfequipped gymnasium, its ten' nis courts and playing fields, has become an important part of college life. The last ten years has been accompanied by unprecedented stimulation of interest in hygiene and health, athletics and outdoor recreation, and it has become generally recognized that rightly guided recreation and proper use of leisure time are important factors in the life of every individual. BLANCHB M. TRILLING Director of Women's Physical Education Barnard Hall N Page 43 N rm is ca if fm f f 1' sa ref es assi digg as efrfsusinlaif swf as M 2, E if as Univefsity Pier V Summer Session fi' HE annual report of the Summer Session is always a most uninteresting academic document, filled with tedious lists and laboriously wrought statistical tables. its soporiiic effect upon Mr. Average Reader is guaranf teed. No one reads it who doesn't have to-in line of duty. Some items, however, selected here and there, are not without interest to those who have University affairs sufiiciently at heart to peruse Badger summaries. V The session enrollment quadrupled in size in the fifteen years from 1910 to IQZS. For the last four years, there has been a registration of more than 5,000 each summer. Nearly one half of them come from the State, every county having been represented last summer except one. But the nonfresident attendance is greater than during the long session. Last summer, the District of Columbia and forty' seven of the forty-eight states were represented. There were also students present from Efteen foreign nations. A faculty of 33,2 members did the teaching last summer, of whom all but 51 were resident faculty members during the preceding year. Of the student body, too, 1,451 had been in attendance at the University for one or more semesters. With such a representation of the customary faculty and student body present, no Wisconsin student feels lonesome or strange during the session. In fact, one student has expressed himself to the effect that a summer session is an academic experience which every University student ought to have at least once. 0 I 0 I Lake Mendota N Page 44 N We . i- .. i s Vi a f i so it it E ' Qbb f :" 623153 Q -'H Q A ii ff - A , vyjisiiiwdefii 225 The Home ofthe Extension Division 'Extension 'Division 'T HE accepted duty of the presentfday state university to put higher edu' cation within 'the reach of all the people is a conception that "would have made Quintilian stare and gasp." It is a big program, involving many problems still unmeasured in scope, policy, and method. Therefore, in 'Lenlarging the University campus to meet the boundaries of the state," the University Extension Division must advance without fixed formulas but with full faith in the democratic experiment-holding fast to tried methods, sounding the new demands as we go and devising new measures to meet them. The advance during the year now closing is most clearly seen in the new Extension Building in Milwaukee. dedicated last September to twofyear college work for the uofffcampusx' student in its Day School and to the service of adult education in its Evening School. Hundreds of Wisconsin physicians are now supplied with professional informaf tion and postgraduate instruction through the agencies of Medical Extension, recently established. Meanwhile University Extension services are meeting a ceaseless volume of demand in fields of sociOlOgY, business, government, public discussion, lyceum work, and visual education, and new services are in preparation-all with one controlling ideal in view: to make the University the coflaborer and trusted guide of all the people in every good work of an advancing civilization. JQSWLQ Looking up from Linden Drive N Page 45 N CHESTER D. SNBLL Dean iw , t 'W tt its s af ' L i a ALEXANDER Maucrizjomz 'Experimental College 'if HE Experimental College is a line and characteristic ex' pression of the progressive spirit and attitude ofthe Univerf sity of Wisconsin. The faculties of the University have frankly faced the possibility that ways may be found of improving current methods of teaching Freshmen and Sophomores. They have therefore delegated eighteen of their own members to make an examination of contents of study, methods of teaching, and the determining conditions of undergraduate life, to see whether or not better forms may be found which might be used in the University as a whole. No one can judge in advance whether or not the venture will succeed in the sense of finding new procedures which may claim general adoption. People outside the College, and inside as well, must wait until objective answers to that quesf tion are available. Meanwhile it is certain that the members of the College, advisers and pupils, are having an exciting and valuable experience. It is also true that they are the source of much interest and excitement-not to say amusement-for the Univer- sity community at large. ,M ,aw f pf.. r NPage-46"-f , -'w, IIIIIGTGGD. TH IRTY MONRAD EDWARD AAEERG MARTHA R. ALEXANDER x x f 'K It as ' 3 'V ? P ti ' mlm- 4-Gita I r ef Greenwood MEDICINE First Regimental Concert Band 3, 4: University Orchestra 4. Thesis: Histology: The Significance of the Concentric Thymic Corpuscles of Hassall. IRVIN I. AARON Brooklyn, New 'York ECONOMICS Artus. Thesis: American Investments in Mexican Mining Operations. ERVIN AERAMSON Milwaukee GENERAL BUSINESS Milwaukee Normal School 1. HOWARD JOHN Alma PHARMACY - Kappa Psi Treasurer 2, 3. Thesis: All-:aloids of Szinguinaria Canaden' SIS. F - . 1 EMMETT ACKERMAN Gays Mills MEDICINE St. Iohn's University L, 1: Phi Beta Pi . 'Thesisglnvivo Phogocytosis of Pneumo- Coccusi A, 1 . RONALD M. ADAMS Eagle River LAW Milwaukee Normal School 'Ig Lawrence College Q.: 'First Regimental Concert Band L, 2, 3: Phi Alpha Delta. JAMES B. AGAN Sparta ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. MARGARET L. AHERN Madison ECONOMICS THOMAS F. AIRIS Eau. Claire ' CIVIL ENGINEERING Carroll College I: Sigma Phi Epsilon. N Page 49 N, Webster Groves, Missouri . PHYSICAL EDUCATION Stephens College r, 1: W. A. A. 3, 4 Physical Education Club 3, 4: Class Qut door Baseball 3. ANNE E. ALINDER Milwaukee . ACCOUNTING Milwaukee Downer College 1: Marquette University 2: Commerce Magazine Wo' man's Editor 4: Phi Chi Theta, Secretary 3, 4: Alpha Delta Pi. ' ELIZABETH WINSLOW ALLEN Valley City, North Dakota A PHYSICAL EDUCATION Smith College 1: State Teacher's College' 2: Delta Gamma. Deaf, R 6 wr .7325 QQ' 1 I i 1 'N 'KG I -'fha QT td ,Qs-R 'il h GIBBS R ALLEN Madison ECONOMICS "ff'2-Riffs'-ref" :SW in IRENE D ANDERSON Biwabi Minnesota CHEMISTRY 4 '. ,eff 32 F, of V' ,gi g in . ' S f rf? Rasa O .J ' 5 -V S-aff S A University of Wisconsin B A , Commerce Magazine Editorial Staff IQ Wisconsin University Players 3, 42 Fall Play 42 Pre' Prom Play 3gNatiOnal Collegiate Players 4g Chi Phi. JANE C. ALLEN Clarlqsdale, Mississippi ENGLISH . Coucher College 1, ZQ Ckimma Phi Beta- Thesis: Tristram and Iseuit in Modern Poetry. MARGARET ALSOP Fargo, North Dakota ADVERTISING Cardinal Board 3, 4, Secretary 3, St. Francis Vestry Member 1, 3, 4, St. Francis Church Group Secretaryg Keyf stone Council 3,1 43 Dolphin Club 3, 4, Class Swimmingf 3g League of Women Voters 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4g Coranto, Sophomore HighSHonors, Theta Sigma 1' :Phig Phi Kappa Phi, Crucible. , Thesis: Cooperative Advertising by Associations of Competitors. BERNICE ALTPETER A RUSSELL ANDERSON Wauwatosa Rockford, Illinois ENGLISH PSYCHOLOGY 1929 Badger Senior Summaries Assistant Managerg IQBO Badger Senior Summaries Managerg 1929 Prom Poster Chairmang W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Class Volley Ball IQ Class Basketball 1, zg Alpha Xi Delta. Yale University 1, 1, 3. ELIZABETH R. ANDERSON MILDRED P. ALVIS Edgerton Madison ENGLISH BOTANY University of Wisconsin B.A. Sophomore Honors. Thesis: Cytology of Ceoglossum Glutinf OSUUI. STAVROS E. ANASVS HERBERT NOEL ANDERSON Vatl1yfSamos, Greece ' Madison SPANISH ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING N Page 50 N Virginia junior College I, 'A WALDEMOR B. ANDERSON Chippewa Falls GENERAL BUSINESS Lawrence College 1, 1, Delta Sigma Phi. ROY ELLSWORTH ANDREE Oak Park, Illinois ECONOMICS Octopus Business Staff IQ 1919 Pre-Prom Play Committee Chairman, 1918 Horne' coming Publicity Committee Chairmang Father's Day Transportation Committee 21 Mother's Day Special Functions Com' mittee Chairman 3, Freshman Crewg Interfraternity Council 3, 4Q Union Board Assisting Staff 2, 3, Alpha Tau Omega. .-4 is ' avrvf' 'fkgrfjq gs QNI 2, fy BQ 1 'J alfa Q like fd QJ CHARLES FRANCIS ANDREWS Roc ord Illinois LAW University of XVISCOHSIH BA W .. sf- .ma II- 4 if xofifsisll 'Ti ALvA IAMES ARMSTROR s ELOISE ARNOLD JOHN PORTER ASI-I South Bend Indiana ADVERTISING Class Treasurer 3 Daily Cardinal Sky I fwiiql. ,. - , A A' K5 Ni! D 4,- 4 ' 'if' 'I if r . 3 5 Club 2, 3, 4, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4Q Phi Delta Phi, Phi Sigma Kappa. DAVID JOSEPH ANSFIELD Milwaukee University of Wisconsin B. S., M, DA Phi Delta Epsilon. Thesis: The Relation of Exercise to Lon' gevity. DAVID BORIS ANTIN Milwaukee ACCOUNTING First Regimental Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Philomathia I, 2, U. of W. Chapter of Avukah I, 2, 3, 4, Hillel Review Reporter 3, Hillel Choir 3, 4. Ephraim, Utah CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi. Thesis: The Possibilities of Using the Flexural Test for Controlling the Quality of Concrete. ELEANOR J. ARMSTRONG Chicago, I llinois ENGLISH Lawrence College I, 2, Delta Gamma. Thesis: A Comparison of the Character of the Idylls of the King by Lord Alfred Tennyson and Edwin Arlington Robin' son. j. HAROLD ARLISTRONG Madison ECONOMICS Delta Sigma Phi. Eau Claire RETAIL MERCHANDISING Eau Claire State Teacher's College 1, 2, University of Wisconsin B.A., WOmen's Commerce Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Phi Chi Theta President 4, Sigma Kappa. LORRAINE ARNOLD Eau. Claire SPANISH Eau Claire State Teacher's College 1, 2, Sigma Kappa. Thesis: Realism of Armando Palacio Valdes. GLENN H. ARTHUR Dodgeville FINANCE Beloit College IQ Dailv Cardinal Assistant National Advertising Manager 2, Mane ager 3, Business Manager 4, IQZQ Prom Week Committee, Summer School Water Carnival Finance Chairman, Wesley Foundation Cabinet Member 3, First Regimental Concert Band 2, 3, Freshman Football, Commerce Club 3, 4, Cgma merce Advisory Commission 4, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. f-'Page 51N rocket Writer 2, Badger Board 2, 3, President 2, 3, Octopus Exchange Editor 2, Associate Editor 3, Editor 4, 1929 Prom Ways and Means Committee, 1927 Homecoming Foreign Publicity Committee, Freshman Track, White Spades, Sigma Chi. Thesis: The Influence of Editorial Policy Upon the Advertisement. EDWARD WILLIAM AZPELL Milwaukee MECHANICAL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Nlilwaukee I, 2, A. S. M. E. 3, 4, Acacia. ELIZABETH L. BABCOCK Lockport, New York ENGLISH Wells College IQ Daily Cardinal Business Staff 2, Oice Assistant 3, 41 Collegiate League of Women Voters 3, 4, Vice' President 4, French Club 3, 41 W. S. G. A. Board QQ Castalia 4, Kappa Delta. Thesis: Religious Philosophies of Shelley and Swinburne. X . . Q25 X - ' f . O : M I sg, P' I . ea C336 'fs ,ESI I N rs Q 5 MAX O. BACHHUBER Mayville MEDICINE 199.9 Badger House Representative Sales Department: Alpha Kappa Kappa, Gamma Tau Beta. Thesis: The Role of the Thymus in Em- bryonic Development. MARIAN ALICE BAILEY Stockton, Illinois GENERAL EDUCATION Frances Shimer College I, ZQ Beta Phi Alpha. Thesis: Nomenclaturexin French Cookery. EDWARD CHARLES BAILLIE Chicago, Illinois PHARMACY W" Club 2, 3, 43 Freshman Swimming, N Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4: Varsity Water Polo 4: Alpha Kappa Lambda. Thesis: Preliminary Study of the Con' stituents of Anathalis Margaratacea. Q. . SIDNEY DUCAN BAILLIES " BERTHA RUTH BARATZ I - 'V'! VC f '51 A . 031' - X ' lf . Minocqua Madison CIVIL ENGINEERING Freshman Crewgj. V. Crew 2: A. S. C. E. 2. 3. 4Q Delta Sigma Tau. Thesis: Tunneling in Rock. HAROLD RALPH BAKER Portage GREEK Episcopalian Vestry Member 3, 4: Hes' peria Literary Society I, 9.5 Sophomore Honors. Thesis: Mithraism and Christianity. NORMAN CHARLES BANEIELD Cuba City GEOGRAPHY Geography Club 3. 4g President's Guard 2. Thesis: A Study of Stream Meanclers. GERMAN Thesis: S:hiller's "Braut von Messina' and Ibsen's "Ghosts" EDWIN R. BARDEN Platteville ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Platteville State Teacber's College 1, 23 Horse Show Committee Chairman 43 Saddle and Sirloin 3, 4Q Interfraternity Council .ig Undergraduate Scholastic Honors: Alpha Zeta: Alpha Gamma Rho. Thesis: History and Development of Guernsey Cattle in Grant County, Wis- consin. HELEN LOUISE BARKER Oak Park, Illinois ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.g Octopus Circulation StaE 3, 4, Alpha Chi Omega. N Page 52, N, J GENEVIEVB M. BARRGN Fond du Lac COMMERCIAL TEACHING Thesis: A Comparative Study of the Transactions Included in Two NVidely Used High School Bookkeeping Texts. MARGARET I. BARRY Milwaukee PHYSICAL EDUCATION University of Wisconsin B.S.g W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Hockey 1, Q., 3, Class Volley Ball ag Class Track I, :Q Phi Mu. MARY IRENE BARSTOW Menominee, Michigan HISTORY University of Wisconsin B,A.g Rosary College I, 2: Alpha' Omicron Pi. Thesis: J. J. Crittenden and Slavery in the Territories. . can a s AM 5-'Pia P f li' Q 1 4 as S 5 sr MARJORIE WILIIELMINA BART-ELT Beloit ENGLISH Beloit College I, ag University of Wisf 146 sin? A JOSEPHINB BEVELYN BASSETT '5' OROTHY CHRISTINE BAUCH we consin B.A.g Pithia 4. JEAN CATHERINE BARTI-IOLOMY Oak Park, Illinois FRENCH r9z9 Badger Circulation Departmentg 1929 Prom Reception Committee, Green Button Treasurer, Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Sophomore Commissiong Alpha Phi. HAROLD EDWARD BARTON Madison V GBQLOGY Lambda Chi Alpha. iffffs- I Few -I I Baraboo Milwaukee CHEMISTRY BOTANY junior Mathematics Club 4Q Sophomore Honors. Thesis: A Study of Some Organic Com- pounds. ORVAL D. BAST Green Bay ACCOUNTING Daily Cardinal Advertising Manager 2, 3, 4g Commerce Magazine Staff 35 First Regimental Concert Band I. ag Hesperia 3, 4g Commerce Club 3, 4Q Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Thesis: Accounting Topics. KIRK MONROE BATES Milwaukee JOURNALISM Daily Cardinal Reporter Q., Special Writer 5, Wisconsin Players Q., 3, 4, Pulnlicity Director ag Sigma Delta Chi: Acaciag. Thesis: An Analysis of the Waterloo, Iowa, "Evening Courier." V rv-Pa Milwaukee Teachers Training College I, 911 Thesis: "A Morphological Study of the Roots of Cycas and Zamiaf' FANNIE STBRNE BAUER Memphis. Tennessee ADVERTISING Daily Cardinal Reporter ag Hillel Council Student Member .ig Hillel Foundation Church Group Social Cbhairmang Wisconf sin University Players 2. - ' Thesis: "The Merchandising and News- paper Analysis of Ward 7,'Precinct 1, 'Of Madison, Wisconsin." JOHN C. BAIJMAN South Euclid, Ohio . LAW - Hamilton College 1, ag Gamma Eta Gamma. - Thesis: CountyfCity Consolidation. Ue.53 N .,u O 3' PU I" s O CI MSU, CI Z De Z Z 4: fog, aiPgaS S2F':'2' ..E'w'59g2 3' 505322. CF' rv mj"Qo....'4 Smwvgo gm,-iCv"' Srnagi-E sc"c:m-- Oil' OWS -no Eg-lg Elm SN-12. A --:: 2? Eos X OE 5""' :H 9.52 0.0 mr!! no mo? :Iii-v r- SZL 2:5 f"s4 OIT-- Q. 51.15. vi ....r ELDA O. BAUMANN ' Milwaukee ENGLISH Thesis: The Induence of Shakespeafs Sonnets on the Works of Samuel Butler. KARL -FERDINAND E. 'BAUMANNA' Milwaukee' if ' , GEOLOGY A :J D 4 1' '. 'H Q . v' A if i' . I if fi 6532 4- 5 XX j f Press Clubg Phi Pi Phi. A Ke w ' A HAROLD EDGAR BEGHLER JL ' ELYNORE A. BELL Milwaukee q Madison ADVERTISING ENGLISH HADASSAH M. BEOKER ARTHUR EDWARD BEEMAN C1355 sammy 1, Freshman Frolie Com' Tl1esis:"Wisconsin State ,lournal"Market Monroe ' Nednah mittee Chairman IQ Sophomore Shulile MUSIC Ecovoxncq Committee IQ Mother's Day Tradi- I . . Analysis Project. LAWRENCE JOHN BECK Racine CIVIL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Alumni Notes Editor 3, Business Manager 4g Polygon, 3, 4, President 4Q A. S. C. E. 2, 3, 4, Vice' President 3, President 4g Alpha Tau Sigma. Thesis: The Distribution of Losses in Fittings and Downstream Pipe. EDGAR EDWARD BEOKER Elkhart Lake LAW Thesis: Present Sratis of Orchestral Def velopment in the High Schools of Wisf consin. HILBERT C. BHGKER Cudahy HISTORY Sigma Phi Sigma. Roy VICTOR BEDESSBM Lawrence College IQ Alpha Tau Omega. XVILPRED WAHLE BI-:HM Davenport, Iowa CIVIL ENGINEERING First Regimental Concert Band I. 2, 32 University Orchestra 2. 3, 41 A. S. C. E. 4, Tau Beta Pig Chi Epsilon: Phi Mu Alphag Phi Kappa Phi, Sophomore High Honors, Delta Chi. Thesis: A Critical Study of Foundation Failures, Iqoo-1928. La C105 55 Louis BELINSON CHEMISTRY LNYIIPTOOZK, New 7 Wk Thesis: Potentiometric Titration of CHEMISTRY Telluric Acid. New York University I, 2, 3. Q Wipage 54 N tions and Decorations Committee I, 2, Horse Show Girls' Arrangements Com- mittee 2g Y. W. C. A. Freshman Com- mission Secretary, Y. W. C. A. Sophof more Commission Secretaryg W. A. A.g Numeral Awards, Dolphin Club I, 2, 3, 4g Class Hockey IQ Class Track I, 21 Class Swimming IQ Alpha Omicron Pi. FERN RUTH BELL Madison BOTANY XV. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Class Outdoor Baseball I, 2, 3g Class Hockey 23 Class Indoor Baseball IL Class Bowling 2. I I Thesis: A Study of the Ferns of Wisconsin. LOIs BELL Green Bay ENGLISH Lawrence College 1, IQ University of XVisf consin B.A., Kappa Alpha Theta. Q -3 11-9:5-ea, at ,gist all .. km 'twat-,. 'Q E5 fs W DAVIS BELL Lynchburg, Virginia ECONOMICS Washington and Lee University I , Sigma ,ipaq ,. fly. V GERTRUDE MARGARET BEYREIS 1, Wausau COMMERCE r,, , .,v EVELYN CAROLYN BERKNESS ', ANITA BESPALOW Thrrrr Labor Turnover . 4 ii 2 l r . I9 gk rf' ef ' 7 if . ,r :' lj? s ' 'Q ' l 'T4 F- hi ti - -?,, W O W Alpha Epsilon. Thesis: Internal Finance of Cotton Mills and its Relation to Commercial Banking. ROY ALFRED BELTER Milwaukee SOCIOLOGY Marquette University IQ Y. M. C. A. Service Secretary 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Thesis: "Measurement of Character Changes in Boys Who Attend the Milf waukee Y. M. C. A. Camp, Season I928." JOHN BERAN Muscoda ENGINEERING Dubuque University I, ag Wesley Foundaf tion 3, 4, Student Cabinet 4g Chi Epsilon. Thesis: Hydraulics. Oconomowoc LATIN Thesis: A Study of Word Groups. ARMBLLA HELEN BERSGH Sheboygan SPEEGILI Pythia Literary Society 3, 4g Phi Beta President. WILLARD JEROME BERWANGER Oak Park, Iliinois MEDICINE University ofChicago L, 2, 3gUniversity of Wisconsin B.S., M.D.g Gamma Tau Beta President Q. 3: Alpha Kappa K2lPP11r President I, 2. Thesis: B.S.: "Internal Anatomy of the Hypoglossal Nerve of The Dog. M.D.: "Poverty and Disease, Chicago, Illinois ' SPANISH University of Illinois 1, Q., University of Wisconsin B.A.g Spanish Club 3, 4g Italian Club 3, 45 Phi Sigma Sigma. Thesis: An Analysis of the Man of Action in Blasco Ib5.I3ez's Novels. R. LELAND BETTS Lake Geneva ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Beloit College IQ Tau Kappa Epsilon. FLORENCE LEONE BEY Madison DIETETICS ' University of Arizona IQ Euthenics Club 3, 4, Phi Upsilon Omicrong Omicron Nu. Thesis: The Copper Content of Eggs. NPage 55 N ALICE REINHARD BIGKEL Reeseville . JOURNALISBI Daily Cardinal Special Writer 3, Mother's Day Program Editor in Chief 3, XV. A. A. 3, 4g Physical Education Club I, ZQ Class Basketball IQ Press Club 3, 4, Secretary 35 Collegiate League of Women Voters 3. 42 Coranto. Thesis: Home Cooking Departments in Modern Newspapers and Magazines. ROBERT GREGORY BIEHI. Prairie du Chien PHYSICS Columbia University I, 2. 21 . . 1 , I 'Q A be 3 'Z Q Bff ot I ll JANE WILSON BIGGAR Oak Park, Illinois ENGLISH Lindenwood College rg Gamma Phi Beta. LUCY BIGGAR Edgerton MATHEMATICS Class Volley Ball 2: Junior Mathematics Club Q., 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4g Col' legiate League of Women Voters 4: Sophomore Honors: Beta Phi Alpha.. Thesis: Double Series. WILLIAM THEODORE BINGHAM Tomahawk ACCOUNTING Commerce Club Treasurer 4g Freshman Scholarship: Alpha Kappa Psi: Acacia, Thesis: Drug Store Balance Sheet Ratios. 7 I 1 V lr l, a Qi Juv I f N :j S 'O MYRTLE R. BINzER VIRGINIA MAY BISHOP Wausau Madison HISTORY FRENCH Beta Sigma Omicron. ELIZABETH BIRT Edgerton, Missouri Iowa XVeslc"an College IQ Y. XV. C. A. Freshman Commission Cabinet 1: Y. NV. C. A. Sophomore Commission: XV. A. A. I, 2, Board ag Class Basketball I, 15 Beta Pi Thetag Pi Beta Phi. ENGLISH GEORGE B. BLACKBURN Stevens Junior College I, 2: University of New Paris' Pennsylvania Vilisconsin BA.: Pi Beta Phi.. b GRADUATE glans: Prose Romances of William Mor- Engimering Technical Club. Theta JOHN VALENTINE BLADY BENJAMIN JOSEPH BIRDSALL Cudahy Sawyer MEDICINE 5011-5 University ofWisconsin B.S.: Sarmatia 4. N Page 56 N ERMINA ADBLHQE BLAKELY Fond du Lac INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT Wesley Foundation Cabinet Member 2, 3, 4: Blue Shield I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. Thesis: The Arrangement ot' Institutional Kitchens. JOHN EGGLESON BLANCI-IAE Windsor STRUCTUAL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E. 3, 4. Thesis: Design of a Reinforced Concrete Building. PORTER BEVAN BLANCI-IAED Madison MEDICAL SCIENCE Junior Lightweight Boxing Champion rg Gamma Tau Beta. Q - +C'4Ea - W -t ...te ase 0 F ' Q I ' v N I 4 V, at X . g .X , ' f 3 I I l r f I ff. ' I K' ' ' 5 is ' 'Y' . fa 'eb' l ' X' l 94 . rx Q 5 5 C Q s l l A wx' 'Q ' ev' I' -5 22-'js' - 44 - JOSEPH BLATECKY, JR. 3 MERVILLE YNEz BOLGER Milwaukee tg Waterloo POLITICAL SCIENCE ' ERENCH Haresfoot Dramatic Club 3, 42 Inter- FLORENCE E. Btoss ' 2 ' MARCELLA MAY BOHREN Thtsgtg Recent Contributions to Balzio. fraternity Council 4Q Delta Sigma Phi. Salem Mgdiggn tiana. f PHARMACY CHEMISTRY ARTHUR A. BLIED Madison ACCOUNTING Delta Sigma Phi. Thesis: Analysis of Retail Stores. WESLEY PHIL BLIEEEET Milwaukee CIVIL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Local Circulation Manager 43 1929 Prom Transportation Committee Chairmang 1926 Homecom- ing Decorations Committeeg President's Guard IQ "W" Club 3, 42 Varsity Cheer' leader SQ Assistant Cheerleader ag A. S. C. E. 4Q Alpha Chi Rho. Thesis: The Location, Size, and Construcf tion of the Proposed Intake and Pumping Station Unit to the Waterworks System of Milwaukee. I Kappa Epsilon Vice-President 1, 3, Presif dent 4. Thesis: Chondrus Crispus Gigartina Mamillosa. ANNE O. BLUM Monroe ECONOMICS Sophomore High Honorsg Phi Beta Kappa. GRACE ELIZABETH BOGART Madison BNG1 IsH Sophomore Honors. Thesis: Ferments in Honey. OLIVIA MARIE BCHRI Fountain City ECONOMICS 1927 Badger Circulation Department: Collegiate League of Women Voters 45 German Clubg Newman Clubg Theta Phi Alpha. HELEN ELIZABETH BOLAND Detroit, Michigan Detroit Teacher's College I, ag junior Mathematics Club 3, 4g Collegiate League of Women Voters 41 Beta Phi Alpha. N Page 57 N MELVIN F. BONN Lancaster LAW Delta Sigma Tau. OTTO ALOIS BOSSART Madison MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. 2, 3, 4. -ve: D. I Ji . J I ty BBATRICE BOUGHNER Grand Rapids, Michigan HISTORY University of Wisconsin B.A.: Delta Zeta. Thesis: The Presidential Campaign in 1856 in Illinois. J. PHILIP BOUSMAN Dixon, Missouri Colorado University Graduate, Missouri State Teachers College B.A. Thesis: Mens' Dress in the United States from 1830 to I87O. ELIZABETH S. BOVIER Elmira, New 'York ENGLISH Elmira College IQ Delta Gamma. I MARGARET E. BRAMMER 4 IRVING BRECKENRELD W Redwood Falls, Minnesota Racine HISTORY Carleton College I, 2. BERTHA HENRY BRANSON Clear Lake, Iowa LIBRARY SCHOOL Iowa State University I, 2. Thesis: Conventionality in Robert Herrick and Horace. GWETHOLYN MARY BRAY Delavan ZOOLOGY Beloit College I, 2, Pi Beta Phi. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Freshman Football, Varsity Swimming 3, Varsity Football 3, Phi Kappa Tau. DONALD THOMAS BRENNAN Manitowoc spiascrr Senior Class Play 4, IQ2Q Badger Draf matics Department Editor: Men's Glee Club 2, 3, Wisconsin University Players 1, 3, 42 Fall Play 3,5 Prom Movie 21 Na' tional Collegiate Playersg Delta Chi. Thesis: Program of Study in High School Elementary Speech Training. REGINALD JOHN BRIDGEMAN Muscoda ANIMAL I-IUSEANDRY Live Stock Show Swine Committee Chair- man 4: "W" Club 3, 41 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3, 42 Saddle and Sirloin I, 2, 3, 4g Alpha Gamma Rho. N Page 58 N MARION CATHERINE BROCK Milwaukee PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Marquette University IQ Keystone Counf cil .Ig Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4, President 45 Class Hockey 2. 3, 41 Class Basketball 2, 3, .ig Varsity Basketball 5. EDWARD WILLIANI BRODY Milwaukee ECONOMICS Class Treasurer IQ 1926 Homecoming Downtown Decorations Committee: Io:7 Homecoming Bonfire Committee, Assist- ant Cheerleader 32 Theta hi. THEO EARL BRoNsoN Madison ENTOMOLOGY Presbyterian Student Cabinet Member 3, 4, Church Elder 3, 4,1-Xpis Club I, 2, 3, 4. Thesis: The Effect of Temperature and Humidity Upon the Susceptibility of Diabroticzi Vittata to Nicotine Dusts. S v Q a s r , . .. .4 .A g se X. fs f A 5. a ,y 25 I U u X -f X, EVEREL WILLIAM BRO-IT Marinette MEDICAL SCIENCE Phi Pi Phi. ILEENE HILL BROUGH Lincoln, Illinois JOURNALISM University of Wisconsin B.A., Daily Cardinal Reporter 2, Associate Circula- tion Manager 4g 199.7 Badger Ofhce As' sistant Business Department, Octopus Business Staff 4: Literary Magazine Busif ness Staff 4Q Press Club 1, QQ Alpha Gamma Delta. Thesis: The Merchandising News Survey of Tenth Ward, Precinct Two, of Madi- son. DOROTHY MARGARET BROWN Mt. Horeb ' ENGLISH Newmann Club 1, 2, 3, 45 W. A. A. 2, 3, 4Q Arden Club 4 Theta PhiAlpha. Thesis: The Position of Women in the fsloazels .Of Hawthorne, Brown 3l'ldkG3f' an . , f .. .- , ...s . .ll JOSEPHINE BROWN Kansas City, Missouri PSYCHOLOGY Kansas City junior College I, 2Q Keystone Council 4. L. WAYNEWORTH BROWN Milwaukee CHEMISTRY University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee I, 22 Phi Lambda Upsilon. Thesis: The Preparation and Characteriza- tion of Certain Organic Compounds. ROBERT VAUGHAN BROWN ,Beaver Dam MECHANICAL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin B.S.g Wisconsin Engineer Business StafF 3, National Ad' vertising Manager .ig St. Pat s Parade Police Committee: A. S. M. E. 2, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi VicefPresident 4, Cataloguer 43 Pi Tau Sigma Treasurer 3, President 4Q Freshman Orientation Week Committee: Sophomore Honorsg Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Tau Sigma. ' -r EMMA MARION BRUNNER Leopolis I HISTORY Oshkosh Teacher's College I, ag Univerf sity of Wisconsin Ph.B. Thesis: Conception of the Pacihc North West as Revealed by the Lewis and Clark Materials. LOUISE C. BRYE Madison HISTORY RUTH M. BUELLESEACH Delafield SOCIOLOGY University of XVisconsin B.S.', Certihcate of Nursing, Kappa Delta. I Thesis: History. Growth and. Develop' ment of Hospitals from the Social and ,Scientific Standpoint. cw Page 59 N 1 . ,-fm. 'T 9 SPENCER ROBERT BUGLAss Portage H CIVIL ENGINEERING Thesis: Theories and Practices in Trade' Waste Treatment and Disposal. AUGUSTA JANE BULL Redfield, South Dakota ENGLISH Union Board Council 41 Octopus Business Staff Q., QQ Mothers Day Assistant Com' mittee Chairman 3, Ticket Committee Z1 Blue Dragon President, Keystone Council 4, President 4Q Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission: Crucible: Alpha Delta Pin ISABEL BUNKER LaGrange, Illinois ECONOMICS . - 1918 Badger Editorial Assistant: 197.9 Badger Division Chief g 199.8 Prom Decoraf tion Committee: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Sophomore .Commission Treasurerg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet' is Treasurer 3, Mortar Boardg- Crucible? Delta Delta Delta. ' Thesis: A History of Industrial Accidents Since 1897. ' ' I r I ilrm...,- --.... S. FRED BURAN' Merrill HISTORY HUGH L. BURDICK Lake Geneva LAW University of Wisconsin B.A.g Phi Alpha Delta: Theta Xi. WILLIAM. T. BURGESS La Crosse JOURNALISM Athletic Board 4: "W" Club 3, 4: Varsity Track 3, 4Q Varsity Cross Country 3, 4, Captain 4g Sigma Delta Chig Lambda Chi Alpha. - Thesis: The Chain Store and the News' paper. JOHN G. BURKE Chicago, Illinois COMMERCE WESLEY JOHN BURMEISTER Middleton CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E. 3, 4, President 4. Thesis: The Design of a City Sewage Disposal System. JOHN POSTEL BURNHAM Richland Center ECONOMICS Union Board Assisting Staff 3 4' 1929 PYQUW Ways and Means Committeeg Mid-West Relay Carnival ag Elections Committee 4Q,I1'ltCff1'3tEI'l'1lfY Council Treasurer 45 First Regimental Concert Band 1g.Delta Upsilon. MARY CHALLONER BURNHAM Milwaukee DIETHTICS Milwaukee Downer College 1, 21 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Kappa Kappa Gamma. LOWELL S. BUSHNELL Danville, Illinois ZOOLOGY Union Board 1, 2: 1929 Prom XVeek Com' mitteeg Mcn's Glee Club 4, Business Manager 4, Freshman Football: Freshman Track: Varsity Football 2, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4Q Sigma Phi. Thesis: The Eifect of Hibernation on Tryphauosomiasis. LUCILLE KATHRYN BUssE Green Lake MATHEMATICS Ripon College I, ag junior Mathematics Club 3, 4. Thesis: The Principle of Quality Conf sidered Algebraically and Analytically. r N Page 60 N CECIL WM. BUssELL Nececlah ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. 4, ELLEN ELIZABETH BUSSEY Edgerton ZOOLOGY Alpha Delta Pi. DONALD A, BU1-CHART Waukesha LAW Carroll College I, 23 Law Reyiew Student Editor 3, 42 Gamma .Eta Gamma: Tau Kappa Epsilon. ' f I xiii Ck: get W this HI, Q J K L J, 31 f In hd ' f " Uwe es' -' . I p L i V... i f' I f ' . ' Qi' A s e fi is . . 5 ,gi .A 5 if 2 I I . ti L" A Q L I A I GLADYS IOLE BUTTERFIELD Dallas Center, Iowa JOURNALISM University of Iowa I, 2.3 Press Club 3, .Ig Castalia 3, 4: Coranto. Thesis: Contemporary American and English Public Opinion in the Crisis Over the Venezuela Dispute in December, ISQS. LOIS ANNE BYRNS Madison ENGLISH Newman Club I, 2, 3, 41 Christian Stein Scholar 4. Thesis: A Study ofthe Treatments ofthe Deirdre Story in Modern Irish Literature. AGNES E. CALDWELL Morrisonville Music Y. W. Cz A. I, ZQ Phi Omega Pi. x 51 DESSA M. CALDWELL -fig", CHARLES J. CAMPBELL Poynette Califomia, Missouri BIOLOGY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin Ph.B.g Phi Omega Pi. x Thesis: "Cytology of Empusa Aphidisf MARVEL E. CALDWELL Poynette SOCIOLOGY llglniversity of Wisconsin B.A.g Phi Omega l. TIRZAH A. CALDWELL Poynette FRENCH Milxvaukee Normal School 11 Daily Car' dinal Business Stall' 2, Promotion Assist' ant 3: Class Indoor Baseball ag Y. W. C. A. 4: Collegiate League of Women Voters 4: French Club 2, 3, 42 Kappa Delta- Thesis: The Biography and WOYIIS of J. K. Huysmans. - Presidents Guard IQ A. I. E. E. 3, 4. ORA I. CAMPBELL Dodgeville sOc1oLOGY Red Gauntlet Committee Chairman ag Wesley Foundation Member 4, Wesley Players I, 2, 3, 41 Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commissiong Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commissiong Delta Zeta. Thesis: Public Vs7elt'are Association in Madison. DOROTHY VERNON CANEIELD Amigo LATIN Octopus Business Staff Q., 3: 1929 Prom Week Chairman: Pan-Hellenic Repref sentative 3, 4, Scholarship Chairman 4Q Alpha Gamma Delta. Thesis: The Literary Circle ofVergil. and Horace. N Page 61. N ORMOND WENDELL CAPENER Baraboo ECONOMICS Lawrence College I, 13 Joint Debate 3g Hesperia 3, 4. LAWRENCE B. CAPPA Lead, South Dakota ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Freshman Footballg Varsity Football Q.. HAZEL LORAINB CARD Marlgesan ENGLISH AND EDUCATION Lawrence College IQ University of XVis' consin B.A. Phi Mu. Thesis: Development, on the Part o Intermediate Grade Pupils, of the Ability to Outline. X if ' Y ' li , Q g g J , A . Y A -Q. I , I , I . Q, P QQ 4' I , 31 X , N l -47 4 i i , 'N f -- wer ' -C n NJ 1 J ' MJ' P 'Q' ' ' X We 4, SP6 15. M , U 5 X J X f' , -4 I R di l I V I 5 U I l l L 57: " ,fe I X ' -Q0 ' 1 5' ' .. +A .. MARY D. CAREY v ADRIENNE A. CHAMBERLALN Piiisiielil, Illinois gf 8 Chicago, Illinois HISTORY , ' JOURNALISM Lindenvvood College rg Wisconsin Uni' KATHRYN PEARL CARPENTER D JAMES DONOVAN CASEY Rockford College I. versity Players 3, 4: Kappa Alpha Theta- Chicago, Illinois San Benito, Texas Tllfmf Nnfkef, AMIYSIS pf fllf NEWS' FOOD MEDICINE papers or the City of Madison. Chicago Normal School I, ag Euthenics Phi Beta Pi. DAGMAR MARIE CARLSON Superior ENGLISH Superior State Teacher's College I, 2, 3. PEG R. CARNS New Toflg City APPLIED ARTS Connecticut College 1, zg Freshman Prize Play Production Staifg Freshman Pageant Assistant Cbairmang Sophomore Hop Assistant Chairmang Sophomore Ex' ecutive Cornmissiong German Club Enter' tainment Chairmang Daily Cardinal Summer Reporter 4Q 199.9 and 1930 Badg- er National.Aclvertising Manager: 1928 Prom Poster Committee and Prom Movie Directorg 1928 Homecoming Art Publicity Committeeg W. S. G. A, Counsel 1. 3, 4Q Castalia VicefPresi- dentg Beaux Arts Secretary 3,4,Beaux Arts Ball 3, Publicity Chairman 3, 4. Thesis: Mural Decorations in the War Memorial Room of the Medical Institute. Club 45 Phi Upsilon Omicron, MARTHA ELIZABETH CARSON Evansville, Indiana ENGLISH National Park Seminary I. 23 Wisconsin University Players 3, 4g Kappa Alpha Theta, Thesis: Stage History and Stage Versions of Hamlet. ILIFF MAURINE CARTER Greenwood HISTORY Phi Mu. Thesis: Pharmacology. MARGARET LEE CASTERLINE Milwaukee SPEECH Rockford College KQ Iqzo Prom Slogan Committee Chairmang Phi Betag Kappa Kappa Gamma. HAROLD HENRY CATH New Glarus AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Country Magazine Editorial Stall' 3, Managing Editor 41 Live Stock Night Show Committee Chairman 4. Publicity Committee 3, Stock Judging Team 4g Freshman Crewg Varsity Wrestling mg Saddle and Sirloin 2, 3, 43 University 4fH Club 45 Delta Sigma Phi. 0 . - ifpage 6251 RUTH V. CHAMBERS Monroe HOME ECONOMICS Stout Institute r, 29 Euthenics Club 3, .ig Phi Upsilon Omicron. Thesis: Hemoglobin Values for Infants of Various Ages. CHI HSIEN. CI-IANG Shanghai, China POLITICAL SCIENCE Tsing Hua University I, Q.. . 1, , ., 1 QQ L fl' .ai 1 Y. r, 'af . :Ls . ... 5' I 5. 4? I - T sq, f'll Jl Q95 - 4 3 LL. . L. KENNETH EDWARD CHAPPELL Belmont LAW Platteville Normal School 1, 2Q Hesperia Literary Society, Square and Compass. BEATRICE T. CHASE Amigo GEOGRAPHY Vfesley Foundation Church Group 2, 3. 4, Wesley Players I, 2, 3, 4. Secretary 4, Geography Club 2, 3, 4, SecretaryfTreas- urer SQ Y. W. C. A. rg Kappa Delta. Thesis: A Selection of Physiographic Types in Europe, Described from a Geographic Viewpoint. ELLEN ROWENA CHASE Sun Prairie HOME ECONOMICS Stout Institute I, 2. Thesis: Aids for the Small House Builder. 'V' '71, 'Tift' "' Isseii e ev KATHRYN CHECHIK Madison sOcIoLOoY University of Wisconsin B.A. Thesis: Prejudice in the 1928 Presidential Campaign. CATHRYN O. CHESLBY Armour, South Dakota HISTORY University of Wisconsin B.A.g Class Vicef President 2, Cap and Gown Committee Chairman 4g i928 Badger Editorial Staff, 1928 Prom Supper Committee Chairmang Campus Religious Council Service Secref tary 2, 3, Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commis- sion, Y. XV, C. A. Sophomore Commisf sion, Class Hockey ig Class Basketball IQ Pi Beta Phi. PATRICIA PEYTON CHILDE Wyoming, Ohio APPLIED ARTS 1927 Prom Reception Committee, Kappa Alpha Theta. Thesis: The Aesthetic Influence of the Gift Shop Upon the Community. -1 i I RGARET ANN L. CHRISTENSEN '- Racine ENGLISH AND JOURNALISM Daily Cardinal Reporter 2, 3, Feature Editor 4Q Woman's Field Day BQ Horse Show Publicity Committee 3g Spanish Club r, 2, 3, Publicity Manager 3g Coranto. HELEN PROBERT CHURCH Milwaukee ENGLISH Crane Junior College I ,2 RUTH CIZON Milwaukee. , SOCIOLOGY N Page 63 N JARED WILSON CLARK Menomonie CHEMISTRY Rifle Team 2, 3. Thesis: The Ullman Reaction. OLIVER PERRY CLARK, JR. Chillicothe, Missouri PHARMACY University of Missouri I, ZQ Rho Ch Kappa Sigma. OWEN CLIFFORD CLARK Madison MEDIoINE Cadet Corps Sargeant 1, 2g President's Guard I, 2, Sargeant 24 Phi Beta Pi. Thesis: The Cardiac Output By Blood Gas Analysis and Oxygen Consumption. ,isa xg, 'L Zhrri s 5 ffefxgflg' 1 K liffCf'Y41y f , ips.-ax 1. i Y ,4 .,-as sq, ex . ,fr a.iah2s,5sN A 3 v251'ssQ,l',Q5f ,. Q - ai A ,. . , - . .. R . W 5 ' 1 I I l l , F' ' ' 7 I f 1, Wi4,5 M.. X 581' I 1 'S , 5, W .55 '. 5 V . X .N ,P N- J X 5 . tl, .l N 5 f . I ' ' J ' X I + 1 ,v Ap all 5 sl 5 1 it I i I I 5 . I ll , ,,,,,,, ' L -, ,, ,. .. ., U- L-.. ' ,, ., '- , .. -' l me I ' X in - I FRANKLIN WILLIS CLARKE ' " MARGARET VALERIA COLE Madison ' Madison ECONOMICS ' my APPLIED ARTS Octopus Business Staff 1, Advertising MEYER MILTON COHEN y A , CAROL FRANCES COLE Octopus Art Stalf QQ Beaux Arts Club 3, Manager zplkssistant Business Mlariiager G7-gen Bay 2, St Louis Missollyi 45 Delta Ehiagelrzu AlpI5aDXi Delta. 6 3, usiness anager 4Q 1919 rom o i ' ' ' Th s' :T ginning an eve opmento Ccmmittee5 1917 Military Ball Assistavni LAW PHYSICAL EDUCATION 8 ls 6 General Chairmang 1926 Military Ball Communications Committee5 Wisconsin University Players 3, 4Q Fall Play 3g Cadet Corps First Lieutenant 1, Major 2g Artusg Scabhard and Bladeg Theta Chi. Thesis: The Recapture Clause of the Transportation Act of 1920. VEEDA LOWELL CLEMENT Madison PSYCHOLOGY Thesis: "The Influence of Punishment on the Rate of Stylus Maze Learning." VERA ALICE CLUM Wauwatosa ENGLISH Marquette University L, 2. Freshman Declamatory Winner5 Sophof more SemifPublic Dehate5 Intercollegiate Debate Squad 35 Hillel Council Member 2, 3, 4Q Hillel Church Group President 42 Presidents Guard IQ Freshman Football5 Freshman Basehallg Hesperia I, '15 Menorah I, 2, VicefPresident 25 Paies- tine Builders IQ Legislative Scholarship I. SAM COHN Walworth ACCOUNTING RAWLINS STEELE COKE Milwaukee Pnysrcs Beloit College 1, 25 St. Francis House Vestrymen 4. Thesis: The Present Status ofthe Teaching of Physics In Wisconsin High Schools. Wisconsin University Players 3. 42 Yellow Tassel5 W. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 4. Physical Education Club 2, 3. 4, Vice- President 45 Class Hockey 2, 31 Class Tennis 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 22 Varsity Tennis 25 Alpha Delta Pi. DAVID F. COLE Sparta MEDICINE Thesis: Determination of Cardiac Output. EDWARD P. COLE Atlantic, Iowa ECONOMICS Union Board 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice' President 4Q Sophomore Class President5 1928 Homecoming Assistant General Chairmang IQ27 Homecoming Decorations Committeeg Father's Day Assistant Chairman 4, Special Occasions Committee 35 Mother s Day Assistant Chairman 3. Special Occasions Committee 25 Freshman Baseball5 Artus5 White Spades5 Phi Gamma Delta. N Page 64 N Graphic Fashion Advertising. FRANCES IANE COLLIER Madison ENGLISH Delta Gamma. Thesis: Bibliography: Walt XVhitman in the Twentieth Century. CATHERINE M. COLLINS Madison ENGLISH St. Mary-offthe-Woods College I1 Phi Beta5 Pi Beta Phi. b 4. . as W e N J x0A.Cf A' wl -uh 95 l I 5 'N I . , .1 3 f' I P 9 l i '41 l l l: N vi. I wi A Q I fx ' 'D 1 75: I .4 RALPH E. CONNER ELEANOR Louise Coxon M W7 -Y MLM nr' M lv Q l Kr- Q L, A , V I '. -1' ' is ,. , 1 5 go al gf I Cincinnati, Ohio POLITICAL SCIENCE Thesis: The Industrial Program of the British Labor Party. CLIFFORD E. CONRY Janesville MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Freshman Crew, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4. HAROLD WALDO COOK Galesville sorts Sophomore Honorsg Delta Theta Sigmag Alpha Zeta. I . N- .X MARIAN B. COOK -5 Madison W HOME ECONOMICS BUDEL CLARKE CORBUS, JR. Evanston, Illinois ZOOLOGY University of Wisconsin B.A.g Varsity Baseball Manager 3, 4, Freshman Track, Freshman Cross Country, Class Outdoor Baseball IQ Class Indoor Baseball IQ Class Basketball IQ Alpha Delta Phi. CARL BOSSARD COSTELLO Grand Rapids, Minnesota IOURNALISM Itasca Junior College 1. zg Second Regif mental Concert Band 3, First Regimental C B d . Thgstijft Azhn Analysis of the "Duluth Herald." sv IRENB Covrrz Flint, Michigan ENGLISH Daily Cardinal Copy Service 41 Alpha Epsilon Phi. EILEEN ANN COWGILL Madison ART Drake University IQ Arts and Crafts Club zg Les Beaux Arts Club 3, 4Q Arden Club 41 Collegiate League of Women Voters 4g Pythia Literary Society 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4. Thesis: The Trend of Design in Illustraf tions and Advertisements ofthe Twenti- eth Century. BBRNICH L. Cox Nashwauk, Minnesota LIBRARY SCIENCE Hibbing Junior College r, 2. 1 Thesis: A Study of the Liberal Republican Party in Illinois. ,'NPage65N 1 Madison APPLIED ARTS 19:9 Prom Publicity Committee, 1927 Homecoming Publicity Committee, Moth- ers Day Program Committee 3g Beauvx Arts Club 3, 44 Orchesusg Dance Drama 2, 4g Delta Zeta. Thesis: Mural Decoration, GEORGIA CRANE Salt Lake City, Utah DIETETICS University of Utah lg Country Magazine Circulation Staff 41 Euthenics Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 42 Phi Upsilon Omicron President 42 Omicron Nu Treasurer 4. HAROLD ALFRED CRANRPIELDZ, Q Madison , .A LAW 1 " University of Wisconsin Ph.B.g.Student Senate 3, Joint Debate 35 Vilas. Medal Wearerg Sophomore SemifPublic' ,Debatg Intercollegiate Debate Squad QQ Ni O. L. Representative 3Q Hesperia, In 'z,,,3g 45' Delta Sigma RhQi White Spades: Pi-Kappa Alpha. , 'V ' - F 5-- 4. fi: , gg 3 , I X i f A . I . . vis, I fm. fs'-5' 1 Y 4 ,JC ALICF JOSEPHINE CREBER Evanston, Illinois SOCIOLOGY Bradford Academy 1 Mystic Circle Kappa Kappa Gamma "' '63-X HGV ' K EDWARD CASS CROUS 4 EDWARD CULLIXIAYE Rochelle Illinois Madison IOURVALISM 1 crvn. ENCINEERNG qi Prom Tran portation Committee Glee Club President 4 Dclri Upsilo ,Q V Club 4 prcshmm Crm, ALEXANDER R CURTIS Kenosha AGGOUNTINIG Literary Maga ine Business Manage President s Guard Commerce Club r. P A LI 4 ,lit y 'l l .Kb 3 A I if 1- F P " , 4' ft s ., , F f f" I I 3 " ' .1 ' 5' n .J K 'A , . - . , , . .5 qi3E?: . . - ' - Yi' A Q . - ' ,. ' I Z' ' , . .1.g 3 ,A V Q, 514 -' S' 'I 2,433 : ' 1 "2 " l 1 ' RUTH CRITCHELL Chicago, Illinois ENGLISH 1928 Badger Circulation Department, 1929 Badger Circulation Department, Congregational Board Memberg W. A. A. 1, 2, BQ Dolphin Club 1, 2, 3, Class Swim' ming 1, 25 Alpha Phi. Thesis: A Comparison ofthe Young Men in 18th, Iqth, and zoth Century Novels. JAMES FREMONT CROSS Watertown CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E. 4. 'I'l1esisuAn Analysis ot the Rochell army Crew H A 5, C E J, 4. New man Club I, 2, 3. 4g Sigma Phi Sigma. Thesis: Tunneling in Rock. 1929 Prom Program Committee I News. GEORGE KENNETH CROWELL Almond ECONOMICS Class Ritual Committee Chairman 4, 1927 Badger Photographic Editorg 1928 Badger Engraving Editors IQIQ Badger Advisory Board, 1929 Prom Assistant General Chairman, Fathers Day Assist' ant General Chairman 42 1929 Military Ball General Chairmang 1928 Military Ball Recruiting Committee Chairman, Cadet Corps First Lieutenant 3, Lieuf tenant Colonel 4Q Presidents Guard IQ Interfraternity Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 34 Artus President 4g Scab- bard and Bladeg Sophomore Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, FRANK CUISINIER Chicago, Illinois PHILOSOPHY Georgetown University IQ "W" Club 3, 4g' Freshman Football, Freshman Swim' ming, Varsity Swimming 3, 4Q Varsity Football 3, 4Q Varsity Baseball 3, 4g Pi Kappa Alpha. JEAN CRAIG CUNNINGHARI Hammond, Indiana FRENCH 1929 Prom Special Features Committeeg Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commissiong Alpha Phi. GEORGE W. CURRQN Coloma ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING President's Guard IQ Tau Beta Pi: Assist' ant Engineer and Announcer University Radio Station, WI-IA 1, 2, 3, 4Q Wiseonf sin Scholarship, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Sigma Phi. .N Page 66 N MARY CHAPMAN CURTIS5 Athens, Pennsylvania IXIATHEMATICS Pennsylvania University 1, 2. ALBDA M. CURRY NURSING s sei oi' 1'- I r Q I , 1 6 ,s X , f 5-S Q 'ffl ' IK" i4 ' if ,A , al A . F I ,- in ' If I r' ' 1 ,4 b 4 g 5 7 l I l I I sv ' :gy W ' fi ' nv A K .xd I U j of of ELMER GEORGE DAHLGREN .l .5 A Rice Lake ' ALICRP. QDAVIS - GEOLOGY Q , 'gy 5 Dai1YBC3rdir1f1l1r1fram1?raESp0IrsEdiror I, HELEN GRACE DALLWIG VBRETTB GEORGE DATERS GENERAL EDUCATION 3,4 4 a ger ntramura s epartment 3, 45 W I ' ' ' C 13 Cf Euthenics Club 2, 3, g Blue Sh' ld H, . Athletic Review 49 1918 Plom Alumni EC6OLl'lILOiIIJO:g 5' BLECTRICALLi3NG1I'ZEERINlG Them: A Study of :various Flsypeg gf C0mU1lfYEC- 1927 H0m9C0l'U1UE PYQEVRUI A ' XVeaves used in Textile Products at the Committee. 197-6 Alumni Committee? Lawrence College and Northwestern A. I. E. E. 3, 4. Present Time and the Relation of Weave Athletic Council, Varsity Intramural University In tOTenSi1e5u.ength. Manager 2. 3, 4g Press Club SQ Wisconf sin Scholarship IQ Phi Kappa Tau. Thesis: "Rock Disintegration by Frost Action." JOHN H. DAI-ILMAN Wauwatosa HYDRAULICS 197.7 Prom Decorations Committee, Mid' West Relay Carnival IQ First Regimental Concert Band I, 2: Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4, A. S. C. E. 4g A. I. Ch. E. I, 2, 3, Vice-President 33 Theta Tau: Theta Chi. Thesis: The Location, Size and Construc- tion of the Proposed Intake and Pumping Station Unit to the Waterworks System of Milwaukee. RAMONA DALENEERG Chicago, Illinois DANCING Wisconsin University Players 2, 3, 4, Tryfouts Manager 3, Secretary 4g Fall Play 3, 4: Phi Beta: National Collegiate Players, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Thesis: Bibliography of Theatre Arts Magazines. MARION O. DANIELSON Waupun MATHEMATICS Class Hockey I, ZQ Class Tennis I, ZQ Class Basketball I, 2, Varsity Hockey 2. Thesiszr Coordinate Systems in a Plane. JOSEPH DAPIN Marion . MARKETING AND ADVERTISING Pi Lambda Phi. MARION A. DAUER Toledo, Ohio FOODS Heidelberg College 1, 2, 3, Eutherlics Club 4. Thesis: Dietary Study of College Girls. RUTH E. DAVIES M ilwaukee PHYSICAL EDUCATION XV. A. A. I, Q., 3, 42 Physical Education Club I, 2, 5, 4, Board Member 25 Class Hockey IQ Class Volley Ball 2, 3, Class Indoor Baseball 2, 33 Class Archery 2g Class Basketball 1. 1 N Page 67 N BESS DAVIS Cleveland, Ohio PSYCHOLOGY Alpha Delta Pi. DOROTHY SANTEE DAVIS Plymouth ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.g 1929 Prom Housing Committeeg Y. W. C. A. Sopho- more Groups Banquet Chairmang Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1 x 1 P A ,. KfTi'i13r?Q- l .,. ELEANOEE A. DAVIS Madison APPLIED ARTS W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4g Beaux Arts Club 2, 3, 4g Delta Phi Delta. Thesis: The Technique of Teaching Every Medium Used in Art, and References of the Best Book for Each. , ELMBR RAYMOND DAVIS Beaver Dam ECONOMICS ESTHER FULTON DAVIS Hudson ENGLISH River Falls State Normal I, ZQ C. S. A. Religious Cabinet Member 3, 4. Thesis: Little Thmtre Movement in England. LAWRENCE CHESTER Richland Center MEDICINE University of Wisconsin Freshman Track: Freshman Varsity Swimming 2, BQ Alpha Kappa: Acacia. Thesis: Diagnostic Accuracy of Chole- cystography. SALLIE DAVIS Oak Park, Illinois ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.5 Class Vice- President 35 1927 Badger Business Depart- ment5 Badger Board Secretary 25 Mother's Day Decorations Committee Chairman5 Keystone Council 4Q W. S. G. A. Presi- dent 42 Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commis- siong Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commis- siong Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 32 Mortar Board.: Crucibleg Kappa Kappa Gamma. Thesis: Comparative Study of Tristram Stories. WILEEP. MARCHANT DAVIS West Allis FRENCH Daily Cardinal Summer Session Reporter I, Assistant Desk Editor 2, Assistant News Editor 4Q Thesis: Rousseau's Ethics." ERINB MARY DAVI.IN Berlin LATIN College of Saint Teresa I, 25 Newman Club 3, 4, Vice-President 45 French Club 3, 45 Pythia Litemry Society 3. 4, Treas- urer 45 Theta Phi Alpha. Thesis: A Comparative Study of the Philosophies of Pascal and Lucretius. HELEN DAY Washington, D. C. PRENGH George Washington University I, 22 University Orchestra 3, 45 Varsity Hockey IQ Varsity Swimming I, 25 French Club 3. 4. Thesis: The Role of XVomen in Balzac's 'Comedie l'lumaine." JUNE ELIZABETH DEADMAN Madison ENGLISH 1927 Campus Christmas Festival General Chairman5 Y. W. C. A. Freshman Com- mission Vice-President5 Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission Vice-President: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet I, 2, 3, Chairman National Student Council of Central Section, Geneva Division 31 W. A. A. I. 2. 3, 42 Class Hockey IQ Class Indoor Baseball 25 Varsity Indoor Baseball 25 Delta Zeta. N Page 68 N TN a 'ef A ANNE CONSTANCE DEAN Chicago, Illinois HISTORY AND EDUCATION University of XVisconsin B.A.5 Congre- gational Religious Council Member 3, 45 XV. A. A. 2, SQ Dolphin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 35 Class Swimming I, 2, 35 Varsity Swimming 2. Thesis: A Study of Objectives in the Social Studies in the Junior High School. CAROLINE MARY DEAN Madison AGRICULTURAL EACTERIOLOGY JOHN JOSEPH DEGKEE Phillips MEDICINE Thesis: Hypertrophy of the Heart. ..-1 .sv 1ai.f.,?fi . ev . ,H I' ,, .,. , A 1 . . J , TD A 1 5 , 1 Y 'I Y A , 1 , , , ,,E:3i,i,j,.,1N 1 i ll l . "I I L -Cx 4 'I '-ebsff D' ' 1 Jfexx ' i' 4? l i l -I r C-I 'l ' 5 , ' Q '.7,,Zrj'L,C r' it 5 DxQ,45fy.5:Qf! T 2 "'TifroEe?2ls T M . L 1 A I gy X V, i ' ' ff I . ' . U 1' 4 T A 5 xl I l , V i A H- 1 in U- T' I Y Y " ' ' I I I -a-urge Q 3 ev 'P ge V' J. ROBERT DE HAVEN ' KATHEYN FRANCESIDEXTER South Bend, Indiana ' ' fl y , -A-llfgfmi Michigan ENGLISH - ENGLISH C1355 President 3g 1930 Badger Assistgnt ESTHER ALICE DEPPE 119' J CATHERINE DESCHAMPS URIVCYSICY of Michigan I, 'LQ' UHWCFSICY Satire Editor, Assistant Satire Editor 1, Marshall 5 Wm Allis of ,Wisconsin BA.: Pyrhw Literary Satire Editor 3g Daily Cardinal Skyrockets DIETETICS ENGLISH SUCIEUYQ All-Thi X1 Delil- Editor 3, 41 Octopus Scandals Editor 3: 1929 Homecoming Assistant General Chairmang 1928 Homecoming Bonfire Committee Chairman, Sophomore Shuffle General Chairman QQ Mother's Day As- sistant General Chairman 3 Interfraternity Council 3, 43 Sigma Delta Chig Theta Chi. Thesis: The Expurgation of College Love Letters as Relating to Lord Byron and Robert Benchley. LOUISE HELEN DBLAVAN Sheboygan Falls ENGLISH Thesis: The Influence of I7th Century French Drama on 18th Century English Drama. JOSEPH J. DELWICHB Green Bay AGRONOMY ' Alpha Zeta, Sophomore Honors, Delta Theta Sigma. Euthenics Club 2. 3, 4: Blue Shield 3, 4, Secretary 3, 43 Omicron Nu. Thesis: A Study of the Use of Animal Experiments in Secondary Schools. GORDON E. DEREER Green Bay LAW Gridiron Banquet, Haresfoot Dramatic Clubg Scabbard and Blade, Reserve Come missiong Phi Delta Phig Sigma Delta Chig Delta Chi. MATTHEW RICHARD DERZON Milwaukee LAW ' Alpha Epsilon Pi. French Club I. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 5, 41 French House I, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 31 Spanish Club I, 2, Italian Club I. 2, 3. Thesis: The Poetry and Prose of Francis Thompson. MARY SWARTZLANDER DE WBESE Kansas City. Missouri ENGLISH Mount Holyoke College I, 2, Thesis: A Study of the Short Stories of Thomas Hardy in Relation to His Novels. MARY DEWEIN Mi lwaulgee ENGLISH Beloit College I, 2. N Page 69 N AILBEN ELIZABETH DICK Alton. I llinois A SOCIOLOGY Monticello Seminary 1, ag Kappa Alpha Theta. MARIANNA E. DICKIE North Freedom GENERAL EDUCATION - V Euthenics Club 3, 49 Blue Shield 3. -4- 4 Thesis: Fact and Fiction Reading for ' Nutrition Students in High School. X N9 f X A 'Vg N X igaft l. N f, pl 4 C JD " ELIZABETH HELEN DIEEOLD Madison BOTANY XV. A. A. 2, 3, 4Q Class Volley Ball 3' Class Indoor Baseball I, 2, Junior Mathe: matics Club 2, 3, 4, Thesis: A Mycorhiza on Corallorhiza. LEILA ELINOR DIEMER Broclhead FRENCH MARJORIE EMILY DILLBNBECK Baraboo LATIN French Club 2, 3, 4, Arden Club 2, 3, 4g Italian Club 2, 3. Thesis? The Sequence of Tenses with the Historical Present in Julius' Caesar. Q- ti? MADALEN HEATI-I DION 3 - I 3 Roy KENNITI-I DONALDSON Madison , New Castle, Pennsylvania . f APPLIED ARTS 5 POLITICAL SCIENCE 1928 Prom Decorations Committee, Les Westminster College I, 21 Liberal Club 42 Beaux Arts 3, 4, VicefPresident 4, Pan- Professional Council 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 42 S200 Departmental Scholarship Inf dustrial Education, Sigma Lambda Treasurer 3, President 4, Delta Phi Delta. Epsilon Theta Pi. ems in the Haitian and Dominican Republics. LAWRENCE ALLEN DODGE Clintonville MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. 3, 4Q Pi Tau Sigma, Triangle. WILLI.Ahi FRANCIS DONLIN Madison MEDICAL SCIENCE RUTHELLA OSEORNE DODGE A Madison HOME ECONOMICS Milwaukee Downer College IQ Dance Drama 3, 4, Orchesus 3, 4, Euthenics Club 4, Phi Upsilon Omieron, Delta Zeta. Thesis: Studies in the Mechanics Related to Interior Decorating. MARION E. DONNELLY Appleton ECONOIXIICS Lawrcnce College I, 2, Commerce Club Zi 4- Thesis: A Comparative Study of Courses and Methods in Commercial Fflucation. N Page 70 N Thesis: The United States and its Prob' Alpha Kappa Kappa, Gamma Tau Beta. GWENDOLYN FLORENCE DONX'DING Chicago, Illinois SOCIOLOGY University of Chicago IQ 1928 Prom Music and Play Committee, Pall Play, Y. W. C. A. Finance Drive 2g Class Swimming IQ Junior Orchesus, Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi. Thesis: "Censorship ofthe Movies." MARY E. DOWELL Riverside, Illinois LETTERS AND SCIENCE Anvm F. DOYLE Madison ECONOMICS Artus. Thesis: Disappearing Control of Com' mercial Banks Over Corporation Policies Through Interest Rate on Working Capital. J X . ag' if- 'f gym ggifgkh - c. M-, .,,. . 4 5 .4 ' 4 P I f N rl- l , f' U 'X f I . r' N I ' f 4 A .V 413 Q3 D - C32 . f ' -A -1 5 . ff f . 1 Y 5 - so E I J I 5' S N I g ' QU 114 . ' T 5 2 J' 4 4 5 'E A - A - 1 . P P ' . 7 ' 7 ' ' 'T' if Qs E p i A - 4- '- JEAN DOYLE MARION M. DRIESSEN Madison Marion SOCIOLOGY , 1 HISTORY Rosary Collggg 1, Delta Dglfgi Dglm, GEORGE F. DRAKE 5 MARIORIE DRAPER Kappa Alpha Thera- JOHN F. DOYLE Waukegan, Illinois PHYSICAL EDUCATION Class Secretaryffreasurer 45 High School State.Basketball Tournament E, 3, 4Q Club 3, 4Q Freshman Basketballg Freshman Baseball, Captain, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Phi Epsilon Kappa, Sergeant' atfArms 41 Iron Cross5 White Spades. FLORENCE ELDRED DRACOO St. Cloud, Minnesota LIBRARY COURSE Carleton 'Colle e I . g . ' Thesisi Gilbert and Sullivan and Victorian' . ismzg I . ' ' Eau Claire MARKETING AND ADVERTISING Eau Claire State Teachers College I, 2, University Orchestra 3. 42 Sigma Phi Epsilon. LESLIE P. DRAKE Madison ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Cadet Corps First Lieutenant 3, Captain 45 Presidents Guard I, 25 Rifle Team I, 2, 3, 45 Pistol Team 1, 29 A- I- E- E-5 Pi Tau Pi Sigma5 Delta Sigma Tau. DOROTHY DRAPER North Freedom HISTORY ' La Crosse State Teacheifs College 1, 22 Wesley Foundation Cabinet Member 4Q Almelin Doyen Scholarship 3. I Thesis: The First Southwestern Expedlf tions toithe Pacific, 1825-1847. North Freedom HOME ECONOMICS University of Wisconsin B.S.5 Euthenics Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Thesis: Review of Studies' Made on Calcium Balances in the Body. HELEN EDITH DREEIN Big Rapids, Michigan PHYSICAL EDUCATION W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4Q Class Outdoor Baseball I, 2, 35 Class Volley Ball 1, 25 Class Inf door Baseball I, 2, 31 Varsity Outdoor Baseball lg Varsity Volley Ball 1, 21 Varsity Indoor Baseball 2, 3. Thesis: Training Rules: A Study of Their Effect Upon the Mechanical Efficiency of the Body. KATHARINE WOODROW DRESDEN Milwaukee 'V HISTORY Arden Club' 2, 3, 4, Presidents. Thesis: The Last Frontier in Wisconsin. Nipage' 7l'N . ' JEAN MERVILLE DRoPPERs Milwaukee ADVERTISING I927 Badger Oliice Staff, 1928 Badger Classes Editorg 1929 Badger Circulation. Manager5 Octopus Business Staff 45 IQZQ Prom Reception Committee Chairmang I929 Homecoming Buttons Committee Chairmang Congregational Religious Cab' inet Board Member I, 2, 3. UnifService Commission Vice-Chairman 2, 3 3, 45 Green Button President, Keystone Counf cil IQ Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commisf sion5 Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commis- sion, Alpha Phi. MARJORIE JANE DROPPERS - Wauwatosa JOURNALISM Q f - Frosh Frolic Class Committee Chairman 1 Daily Cardinal Reporter 2, Assistant Society Editor 3, Desk Editor 4'5. lgdijal Badger Administration Department Chairfg' man5 1930 Badger Organizations Depart' ment Chairman5 Octopus EditorialIStaf35, iozo Prom'Week Committee 'Chairmgmf 5 Y. C. A, Freshman Cdmmissiongji Y. W..C. A, SophomorejCommission5j 'Theta Sigma Phig Alpha Gamma,IQelta.,1k, '17hesi.I:Market-Analysis of Mzidison. ' 5- F. E...-E, ,. MARIE E. DROSTER Madison BOTANY Alpha Gamma Delta. Thesis: The Haustoria oi' Plasmopora Viticola. HAROLD WILLIAM DUBINSKY St. Louis, Missouri ECONOMICS Daily Cardinal Assistant Sports Editor 2, 3, Sports Editor 4Q Athletic Review Editorial Staff 1 3, 43 Interscholastic Track Publicity Committee Chairman 2, Freshman Hockey, Varsity Hockey 2, Varsity Skating Team 2, 3, 4, Captain S Yarsity Cross Country 3, 4, Phi Sigma e ta. VERNON CLARENOE DuERsT - New Glaxrus V ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION University of Wisconsin B.S., Varsity Basketball 2, Phi4Epsilon Kappa. EUGENE SCI-IULTE DUFPIELD Denver, Colorado JOURNALISM Union Board Assisting Staff 1 7-i 3: 41 Daily Cardinal Executive Editor 4, Car- dinal Board ex officio 4, 1928 Prom Pub' licity Committee Chairman, 1918 Home' coming Publicity Committee Chairman, Wisconsin University Players I, 2, 3, 4, Haresfoot Dramatic Club 2, 3, 42 Iron Gross, White Spades, Sophomore Honors, gftna Delta Chi VicefPresident 4, Chi I. DOROTHY ANNE DUNEGAN Stevens Point ENGLISH Trinity College I, 2, Gamma Phi Beta, JOSEPHINE DUNLOP Pueblo, Colorado ENGLISH University of Colorado I, 1, Kappa Kappa Gamma. HELEN ELIZABETH DUTTON Detroit, Michigan HISTORY Michigan State Normal School I, 2, Castalia Literary Society 3, 4, Andersen House 5, 4. President 3. Thesis: The Irish Revolution, 1918-I923. CLIFTON WILLIAM DYMOND Belvidere, Illinois ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Advertising Staff I, 1, 3, 4, A. I.,E. E. 3, 4, Alpha Kappa Lambda. DoNOvAN ARTHUR EASTIN Kewanee, Illinois APPLIED ARTS Knox College 1, Beaux Arts Ball General Chairman 3, Wisconsin University Play' ers 3, PrefProm Play QQ Baiux Arts Club 5, 4, President 4, Tau Delta President 4Q Phi Delta Theta. . N.I?2e972N I LAVERNE W. EASTWOOD Platteville MINING ENGINEERING A. I. M. E. 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi. CATHERINE LOUISE EDWARDS Milwaukee ENGLISH Lindenwood College IQ Delta Delta Delta. Thesis: XValt Vilhitman, a Radical in Poetry. CHESTER LEE EGGERT Manitowoc PRE MEDIC AND ECONOMICS Ea'ther's Day Arrangements Committee 21 Presbyterian Association Member, First Regimental Concert Band 1, z, 3, 4, Freshman Track, Varsity Track 22 Class Track I. 2, Forum 2, Alpha Kappa Kappa. - .-,,s'ir,V ,L I G. i5.f'g..,1, D . "ab S f' . I A 'Q ff fait ei .l,lc3fgi'I7Q C-351533 p I. A . , J xii. .K I jp' 'w - ei . Ja. . ,Y 4 -YW fy, 3 KY li V A. 'grad . . W , , , ' Q i 1 P 1. - TW 4l ' ,' T1 4 L lr. 'x lx- if 'TL M I' ' s' 'R ' I ' X c A -I' 1 X A N ,I . I I l J . I A I if 4 'P l i LB V H A -.,,,, ,,-- L., ...----... ...L . .. ,..,. ,,,,, - .H .. ., . , 7 V 'Y' - , a I YQ I E . RUTH ALICE EGRE W ' - ' I . ELMER WILLIAM ELLSWORTH Cambridge G l Madison coMMERcE it ' GEOLOGY Womens commerce Club 2, 3, 4, Pan' LOUISE MARGARET EISBLE ' I if' CURTIS A. ELLICKSON Congregational student Association Iron Mountain, Michigan ADVERTISING NVarclfBelmont College I, 1: Alpha Chi Omega. Thesis: Typography in Advertisement which Appeal to Women. Professional Council 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Phi Chi Theta. Thesis: "Problems in Retail Buying." ELIZABETH ALLIS EHRLER L Sclfzlwljuflji C URE IRENE HELEN EKERN Ml AIFDDA E ACCIII E T S G A Madison iwawee owner ege 1,12 . . . Board Member 3: League of Women ENGLISH' Voters 41 Alpha Gamma Delta. St. Olaf College IQ Outing Club 2, 3: Thesis: Problems in Landscape Design. Class Hockey 2, Arden Club 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND HENRY ELLERMAN - Chicago, Illinois GEORGE S EISELE PHYSICAL EDUCATION ' Universit of Wisconsin B.S.g "W" Madison Club 3, 4?Freshman Basketball, Freshman COMMERCE Baseball, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Varsity 'W' Club 2, 3, 4: Freshman Track, Basketball 2, 3, 4: Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Track 2, 4. Pi Kappa Alpha. Arlington ANIMAL HUSBANDRY University of Wisconsin B.S.g Country Magazine Collection Manager 3, Live Stock Night Show 3Q Haresfoot Dramatic Club 2, SQ Alpha Sigma Phi. PALMER ELLINGSON Stanley HISTORY RUTH J. ELLIS Bujfalo, New 'York ADVERTISING Syracuse University IQ XV. A. A. 3g Intramural Tennis Winner :tg Class Tennis 2. Thesis: Merchandising and Newspaper Survey of the Second Precinct, Fifth Ward, of the City of Madison, Wisconsin. N Page 73 N Member 2, 3, 4Q Geology Club 2, 3, 4: Alpha Kappa Lambda. Thesis: A Geological Study of the Wau- paca Varved Clay Deposits. RANDAL JOHN ELMER Monticello LAW Varsity Wrestling I, 2. KARL W. EMANUEL Shawano MEDICINE University of Wisconsin B.S., M1D.g First Regimental Concert Band I, 2, 34 Haresfoot Dramatic Club 4: Gamma Tau Betag Alpha Kappa Kappa. Thesis: The Venereal Problem. I X -QW 1 I C N 1 si N -ai. ..- efoa... I 5 . I.- S- , w,S5? 5. 3 ELMER HENRY ENGEL Manitowoc -Zeta Psi. ELSIB ETI-IEL ENGELKE La Crosse ENGLISH La Crosse State Teacher's College I, 1 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 7. IRENE ISABBLL ENGLISH i. ' Ya' s Till , 'E I -1' , HERBERT HENSLEY ERDMA I 'g I M ilwaulqee ECONOMICS Country Magazine Business Stal? ag Delta Pi Epsilon. DORIS MARGELLE ERENEELD Minot, North Dakota ART University of North Dakota I, IQ Delta Gamma. LUCILLE JANE ERWIN Inwood, Indiana ENGLISH MAURINE L. EVA Sterling, Illinois TEXTILES ' Euthenics Club I. 2, 35 Phi Omega P. Thesis: Settlers of Early Wisconsin, Their Contribution to Decoration in Costume. ALBERT ELLIS EVANS Racine MEDICINE Purdue University IQ University of XVis- consin M.D.g Alpha Kappa Kappa: Gamma Tau Beta. '1'hesis:'The Economic Aspect of Soecalled Minot Diseases. OTTo HENRY EY Mt. Pulaski, Illinois ECONOMICS CHARLES ANDREW FABBR Milwaukee MEDICINE Phi Beta Pi. Thesis: Some of the Organisms Involved in Gall Bladder Infection. JOHN EDWIN FAEER Watertown MEDICINE Phi Beta Pi. BETTY R. FAILING East Orange, New jersey ART 'HISTORY Sweet Briar College I1 University of Wis- consin B.A.g 1918 Prom Queeng Kappa . dw Western College I, 1: Alpha Chi Omega. Wisconsin University Players 3. 4g Fresh- Alpha Theta. , Q AP fl mon '.Thesis: The Trend of Consciousness in man Basketball: Varsity Basketball ng Thesis: Development of Rembrandt s - ,PL BD ARTS .the Modern'Novel. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Paintings and Graphic Arts. . 'N P85674-.wi I L' V .. . .' ' " I- 1' . '.-'wil-fl'fL94i"'55Y'-2 A . li., 1 -Q5',.-.'z1:'f.ff-'siif.: 3-4.2 . I X .-1 jf- .aus . fffgigf!gg,g.,-"1-"" v 1 I L l K. VIRGINIA M. FARNWORTH Merrimack EDUCATION DOROTHY Ross FARRAND Delajield ENGLISH Carroll College I, ZQ St. Francis' House Girls' Council 4g Arden Club. Thesis: The Element of the Grotesque in the Novels of Charles Dickens. JACOB FRANK FEDERER Sheboygan LAW University of Wisconsin B.A.g Gamma Eta Gamma. ELIZABETH MARY FI Madison HOME ECONOMICS Thesis: A Comparative Study oi Personal Shopping Services Rendered Department Stores in the United States. MARVIN MEYER FEIN Milwaukee LABOR Union Board Assisting Staff 3, 4Q Daily Cardinal Advertising Manager 2, 3, As' sociate Business Manager 42 1927 Badger Advertising Assistant, 1929 Badger Merchandise Service Managerg 1930 Badger Merchandise Service Manager, Octopus Business Staff zg 1929 Prom Ways and Means, Pre-Prom Play Com' mittee, Hillel Religious Council Member 1, 35 Haresfoot Dramatic Club 3, 4, Prof gram and Advertising Manager 4Q AYNS 3, 4, Master of Rolls .ig Sophomore Hon- orsg Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Lambda Phi. Thesis: A Study of the International Typographical Union with Emphasis on the Period from 1910-1918. HELEN S. FEINBERG Kansas City, Missouri SPANISH Kansas City junior College I, 2. V Thesis: Analysis of Women Characters in Cervantes' Exemplary Novels. ALICE FELDMAN Madison Music I929 Prom Women's Arrangements Com' mittee, University Orchestra 2, 33 Wo- men's Glee Club 3, Accompanist BQ Wise consin University Players 3, 4Q junior Advisory Council W. S. G. A4 Castalia, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3g Scholarship in Music, Mu Phi Epsilon, Sigma. Thesis: Piano Recital. HOWARD A. FBLTEN Milwaukee MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Men's Glee Club 4g Varsity Gym Team 7, 2, Acacia. IRA NELSON FENDER Chicago, Illinois BACTERIOLOGY Country Magazine Advertising Assist' ant 2, Advertising Manager 3g 1919 Prom Floor Committee Chairmang 1927 Homecoming Registration Committeeq Live Stock Show Awards Committee Chairman 32 Haresfoot Dramatic Club 3, 4, Haresfoot Play 2, 3, 4gAFreshman Swimmingg Alpha Sigma Phi. N Page 75 N SARITA MAY FEREBEE Richland Center GEOGRAPHY University of Wisconsin B.A.g Geog- raphy Club 3, 4. Thesis: Geographic Landscapes in the Iran Plateau. ROBERT GAYE FERRIS Harvard, Illinois AGRIOULTURAI. ENGINEERING Octopus Publicity Department lg Fresh' man Swimming, Varsity Swimming 1, 2, BQ Varsity XVater Polo I, zg A. S, A. E. President 2, 3, Tau Kappa Epsilon. ALICE CATHERINE FIELD X Racine Q ENcLIsn - L Y. W, C. A. I, 2, 3, 43 Wr. S. G. A. District Chairman 1g'Kappa'Delta. ' X f' 1,5 I5 . 4, ,P if I ,It ,. eb' U 4 I ii .1 4 'E C25 f X I . ln Gqllc-Q ..- P 4' 7" I F . , , rm D V 9 LOUISE O. FIELD Kilbourn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Horse Show Drill Team ZQ Hunt Club 2, 3, 4g A. l. E. E. 4. KENNETH NEY FINDLBY Wauwatosa CHEMISTRY'COMMERCE Union Board Assisting Staff 2, 3g 1929 Badger Religious Editorg Y. M. C. A. Treasurer 3, Cabinet 3, 4g Wisconsin University Players 2, 3, 42 Chi Phi. ARLINE KATHERINE FINDORPF Madison ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.g Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commissiong Y. W. C. A Sophomore Commissiong W. A. A. 2, 3g Numeral Award for Ridingg Class Rid' ing Team 2, 3Q Varsity Riding Team 1, gg University Hunt Club r, 2, 3, 4, Treasf 'urer 2, VicefPresident 3g PanfHellenic Association 3, judicial Committee 3g Delta Delta Delta. Thesis: Browr1ing's Treatment of Love in His Poems. PEARL M. FISHBECK Manitowoc FRENCH University of Wisconsin B.A.g W. S. G. A. Board 31 French Club 3, 45 Spanish Yf x ' , ' - I ' X L 'I ' j A x MATHILDA A. FINK N LEROY ROBERT FISCHER Cleveland, Ohio 5 Shorewood JOURNALISM CHEMISTRY-GOMLIERGE Club 4' FRANK ALLEN FISCHER Shorewood CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon. GLADYS A. FISGI-IER Tulsa, Oklahoma ENGLISH Tulsa University IQ Literary Magazine Business Stall' 4Q Hillel Social Welfare Group 4Q W. S. G. A. 45 Inter Se 4Q Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Po t Ch.' , QF h Club ZQ Castalg?rSigIrialman2 3 rem Phi Lambda Upsilong Gamma Kappa Phi. Thesis: Dehydration and Preservation of Food Products. NATHAN JOHN FISCHBR jefferson ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon. REUBEN A. FISCHER Cleveland AGRICULTURAL CHELIISTRY Country Magazine Advertising Manager 4g 1929 Prom Floor Commitreeg Harvest Ball Control Committee Chairman 4Q Sophomore Honorsg Alpha Zetag Alpha Gamma Rho. N Page 76 N Thesis: Money as a Motive Force in BalEac's XVork. BURT BECK FISHER Appleton ENGLISH Delta Kappa Epsilon. CATHERINE VIRGINIA FISHER Valparasio, Indiana MEDICAL SCIENCE Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commissiong Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commissiong Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4, Treasurer 4Q Clef Club 2, 3, 4g Sophomore Honorsg Chi Omega. E5 1 I 65625 , F- I Y s W '- 4:-14' ,.,A, ,...,.,.g ,, , i . l l S V" 5 in + f fw fig 1 ,Q 1 J . -A E9 X Q 5 , MINNIE Fisi-IEP, Milwaukee zootoov University of Wisconsin Ph.B.. Thesis: Parasitology. JOHN JOSEPH FITTON Madison STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Rifle Club 2, 32 A. S. C. E. 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Design of a Reinforced Concrete Building. WALTER J. FITZGERALD, JR. Milwaukee FINANCE 1928 Badger Circulation Department, 1929 Badger Business Manager, Badger Board 4Q Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity Tennis 2, 3, Phi Delta Phi, White Spades, Phi Gamma Delta. Milwaukee Wausau i 4, JANE FIZETTE F' cw, ORNELIA OLIN FLIETH o ensic Board 3, 4, Recording Secretary FRENCH gg SPEECH i I ' a JULIUS MAURICE FLEISCHER Macon, Georgia CIVIL ENGINEERING Georgia School of Technology 1, 2, A. S. C. E., Phi Epsilon Pi. Thesis: Surface Aeration of Creamery Wastes. MARY GRACE FLEURY Madison ENGLISH W. A. A. 3, 4, Pin Award, Outing Club 2, Arden Club 2, 3, 4, Collegiate League of Women Voters 4Q Newman Club 3. 4, Y. W. C. A. 2, 4g Theta Phi Alpha. 4, Forensic Debate 4, Intercollegiate Debate Squad 3, Wisconsin University Players 4Q Fall Play, Delta Sigma Rho VicefPresident, Delta Gamma. THOMAS FLINN Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE GENARO A. FLOREZ Oak Park, Illinois SPANISH University of Chicago 1, Union Board Assisting Staff ZQ Daily Cardinal Desk Editor 2, 3, Skyrockets Editor 3, Octopus Editorial Staff 2, Editorial Board 3, 1928 Prom Foreign Publicity Committee Chairf man, 1927 Prom Local Publicity Commit' tee, 1929 Homecoming Tickets Commit' tee, Father's Day Publicity Committee 2, 3, 1927 Military Ball Publicity Committee, Mother's Day Publicity Committee 2, 3, Forensic Board 2, 3, 4, VicefPresident 3, 4, XVisconsin University Players 3, 4, Direcf tor of Publicity, Haresfoot Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4Q Freshman Swimming, Var- sity Swimming 3, Press Club 2, 3, Vice' President 3, Sigma Delta Chi Treasurer 4, Mu Alpha, Theta Chi. N Page 77 N BERNARDINE N. FLYNN Madison SPEECH Wisconsin University Players 421' Na' tional Collegiate Players, Orchesus. LBONORA KATHRYN FLYNN Madison ENGLISH HELEN MAE FOLSOM Fond du Lac ZOOLOGY Kalamazoo College IQ Baptist Religious Council Member 3, Delta Zeta. Thesis: "The History of the Zoology Department in the University of Wise consinf' ' ARJ .H 1' Q .ig .PD ESL' ' flcfxzf- ir" "if 4 tag! X. T vjw, f eff 'ki' if-ZRTSN x f if ui ..afvp"wf4 SJ ,ff liwlise-rw ii b , Aj' ?r51i1Qi.2f .f .5-,GTS kj-if TL" M- W W , Qb:e.,L1f:--L-:L-5-wgiffzfii-f -- - ' 'sw' A' ' "" 'gi 5 "Za,.........Lz.,mm,m,mm..,.........Q -1- is A A P' 1' Q I i f' JA if .x fp ig f . ., Uff . o F' N 1 . i I l l 5 l l 5 1 f J i :gl 2 If l .I Q 4+ J si c9fWf'f M - 'Q ' i F Sk 'A E595 all KX ,x mgfuri 1 V. is ul X if NX J X- P' . l Q3 g Y.,-xy. H . if ,I . N . 'i ff ,,,., .',Qff,g-i,. ,. MARJORIE LOUISE FORBES Madison FRENCH French Club 3, 45 Arden Club 3, 4. Thesis: Jacques Maritain. HARRY FOKMAN Milwaukee COMPARATIVE LITERATURE Freshman Gym Team I, 21 French Clubg Spanish Club. JOSEPH B. FORMAN Milwaukee LAW Marquette University IQ University of Wisconsin B.A.g Hillel Religious Council Member 2, Freshman Footballg Varsity Football 21 Alpha Epsilon Pi President 3. I 3 ' . VI X . X ', - ' X Di -f it J - . D 1,4 I . T.. e., y V 7 mv, . 1 - Q, E TNC ' x T1 : A .J F i ' " is, f 7 F 5 V - , .. Y v .Y 1 9 -1. 'C 'I 'S U '25 ' l 4 ELEANOR CAROLA FRACSTEIN Wauwatosa xg lNTERNATIONAL POLITICS CLIFTON T. Foss RA ALICE ROSAMOND FOX Milwaukee Downer College I: Aloha Sisseton, South Dakota Chicago, Illinois N Dflfl ELECTRICAL ENGINEEIUNG ENGLISH College of Engineering of Milwaukee IQ Convent of the Sa-:red Heart I: Arden Acacia. Club 2. 3. 4, Secretary 3. MARGARET ANNE Fossa ARNIM H, FRANQ-Kg Beloit GENERAL COURSE Beloit College IQ University of XVisconsin B.A.g Daily Cardinal Business Staff 42 W. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 42 Physical Education Club 3, 4g Outing Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Class Hockey 3, Class Archery 2, League of Women Voters 45 Beta Sigma Omicron. Thesis: The Mythology of the Under' world in Augustan Poetry. MERRILL J. FOWLE Milwaukee CHEMICAL ENGINEERING University cf Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee I, lg A. I. Ch. E. 45 Triangle. FRED LEROY Fox Superior ECONOMICS Superior State Teachers College I, 2' Acacia. BETTY LEE FRADENBURG Omaha, Nebraska ERENCH University of Nebraska I, 23 Alpha Phi. Thesis: The Poetry of Alfred De Viguy N Page 78 N Madison BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Freshman Track, Varsity Cross Country 2, German Club 2. 4. ESTHER ELIZABETH FRANK Fond clu Lac FOOD Grafton Hall College 1, 21 Wesley Foun- dation Student Cabinet Member 4. Cost Supper Chairman .ig Euthenics Club 3, 4. Thesis: Adequate Diets lor Minimum Cost. T I ii ,LE ' A .jp-, S I ff - - .. I ,f ggi,-Ikamjw I A. C351 M251 V ' ll - - . . . ., I.. , " h e I. f .- ,mf-wave-'ff-V L... LL., I - f-ximian: I' :l I l Il Q' I 1 M I Il f 1- I fi X 1 l ev if ' N d v l ' "jllVTT',lTx I ,if X QQ , E its-glgffaiibifglmbi " 'ix I ,J . '-J-If ,cpl it 1 inks-vii. 1 I f,gi'?Q.i2fQfQS'P'g3, ' 4-po' . . 1 sw- we.. I f ,JY , If'-1,'f,f?'b ' - " ' L' " L' . I ' C A INKDJKY-,A c f 5:52 TI Ii l Q1-45" .N 4 xv V K , X U- U' 1 I -I , ' ig I 1 I l I lf l i Q . e.,..-, .-.N ..,,,, ,NT -1-,,.. . ,,,,..,,.-..---. ..-... -.,, .... .,.,.,,,l. Q - fr' f' r 'f fr-Y' f ffelv.-e - -----'--------s-1--- Lifsx 'QYQIDTGITJINN dart f ? i j L W, ,l XQ.eff.Ii5'2Q77 I MEYER PHILIP FRANK f ignfgfiiib ANTIONETTE EDITH FRIBSE Madison - v Milwaukee ECONOMICS irygjili ENGLISH Summer Session Daily Cardinal Associate SARA FRANKLIN ARTHUR D- FRBUDENBERG Milwaukee Teachers College 1, Q. I A Advertising Manager 2g Hillel Founda- Milwalikeg Lake M1115 Thesis: Women as Portrayed by Alfred tion Student Council Member 4Q Alpha Epsilon Pi. Thesis: Liquidity of Banks in jefferson County, Wis. PAULA LOUISE FRANKPURTH Milwaukee GERMAN University of Wisconsin B.A.g Phi Mu. DENORAN FRANKLIN . Milwaukee BACTERIOLOGY Panfliellenic Representative 42 Orientaf tion Week Freshman Student Assistant 4g Kappa Phi. Thesis: The Tissue Digesting Enzyme of i thc Streptococci. . MEDICA L SCIENCE Milwaukee State Teachers College 1, IQ Kappa Phi. WILLIS DIETRICH FRETTAG Monticello AGRONOMY Live Stock Show Awards 'Committee Chairman 41 Saddle and Sirloin 1, 2, 3, 4Q Alpha Zetag Alpha Gamma Rho. Thesis: The Development ofa Method to Pre-determine the Germination Value of Alfalfa Seed. HERMAN E. FREUCK Chicago, Illinois 'PHYSICAL EDUCATION A. G. U. Normal College 1, ag Phi Epsilon Kappa. , Thesis: Survey of Eiiiciency and Athletic Ability Tests in United States. PH YSICAL ED UCATION 1929 Prom Transportation ,Committeeg Interscholastic 2, 3, 4g MidfWest Relay Carnival 2. 3, 41 Phi Epsilon Kappa Secref tary, Sigma Pi. WILLIAM HAROLD FREYTAG Milwaukee ECONOMICS 199.8 Prom Assistant General Chairman, Freshman Basketballg Phi Delta Phi, Artusg Theta Xi. Thesis: An Analysis of the Liquidity of Banks in Milwaukee County. VIOLA EMBTA FRIED Madison GERMAN La Crosse Normal IQ University of Wise consin B.A.g German Mixed Chorus Q., 3, 41 German Piays 3, 43 German Club 2, 3- 4- Thesis: The Monologue in Schiller. N Page 79 N Tennyson and Edwin Arlington Robin' son. THEODORE DODGE Faosr Madison BACTERIOLOGY Live Stock Show Special Features Come mittee Chairman 22 Congregational Stu' dents Association VicefPresident 3, President 4, Varsity Cheerleader 4. Assistant Cheerleader 2, QQ Freshman Tracltg Varsity Track rg Phi Kappa Sigma. Thesis: Determining Bacterial Content in Milk. LAWRENCE JOHN FUKA Manitowoc PHAILMAGY . - - junior Mathematics Club 2. Thesis: The "Gold Cure" for Inebriety. .3 J . 9 5 I o x' 4- E X f fl I VT N . , I- as aol.. J A rn. .1 . . ff. 4 lj X 5 5 I' in I -D - I f 'J i 4S'f3,5SE ,- l J X Y Q T T T T T Ti'v',f v 'mgaa ' 1 lj, ' - +A, - MARGARET EDITH FULLER . Madison DIETETICS J , A Class Bowling 1, 1. SOPHIA FURMAN A 's DOROTHY GALE Thesis: Studies of the Effect of Beverages Beloit ' Oak Park, Illinois on Metabolism' ENGLISH ENGLISH DONOVAN HAROLD FULTON Beloit CIVIL ENGINEERING Thesis: The Abrasive Resistance of Varif ous Concrete Floor Hardners. BERNIOE IRENE FUNNELL La Valle NURSING Beloit College I, 2. Thesis: A Bibliography of William Morris. CLAYTON FYFE Milwaukee MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Varsity Truck 3, 45 Delta Upsilon. B. T. GALE Cincinnati, Ohio LETTERS AND SCIENCE NVardfBelmont College IQ Mothers Day Invitations Committee 31 W. A. A. 2, 3Q Class Riding Team 2, 31 Alpha XI Delta. MARION BEATRIGE GALLINGER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ENGLISH Alpha Epsilon Phi. Thesis: Thackeray as a Seeker of Truth as Revealed in "Vanity Fair," "Pew dennis," "Henry Esmond" and i'The Newcomesf' DAVID MARTIN GANTZ Cincinnati, Ohio POLITICAL SCIENCE University of XVisconsin B.A.g 1910 Prom Ways and Means Committeeg Philomuthia 2, 3, Secretary BQ Wisconsin Student Workers' League 1, 3, Executive Committee Chairman 2, VicefPresident 32 German Club I, :Q Political Club Chair- man 4. N Page 80 N ROBERT GEORGE GARLOCK West Salem ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING XVisconsin Engineer Editorial Staff 45 Presbyterian Religious Cabinet Member 2. 32 Church Group Sunday Evening Club Vice-President 3. 45 Polygon 3, .ig A. I. E. E. 3. 4: Sophomore Honors: Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug'Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Kappa Lambda. ESTHER L. GARN South Bend, Indiana' ENGLISH De Pauw University rg Alpha Phi. Thesis: Maseheld's Treatment of Char- actet. NANCY E. GARTON Sheboygan FRENCH Watd'Belmont College IQ Delta .Gamma Thesis: Roland Dargeles. I - wfrii its fi- f.ggi3L.E, I 'I' cf-is als. .z F l i 5 J J ' Qs , - i f Nl: I I J I wt' 5 ' W' ' r ' -.- C - Howiinn Louis GArwENs LORETTA MARIAN GILL Wfiuwanosa ' 1, Madison CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A D ECONOMICS University of Wisconsin Extension Divif FRANK JOHN GEIB '5 . HAROLD W. GERLACH sion of Milwaukee 1, ag A. S. Ch. E. 4g Clgvgland, Ohio ' Bglmonf Triangle. JACOB B. GASCHE Luxemburg SOCIOLOGY ANNABELLE GATES Bloomington ' FRENCH French Club 3, 4. APPLIED A RTS Beaux Arts Ball Chairman 4 gHaresFOot Playg Tau Delta Presidentg Delta Phi Deltag Phi Kappa Psi. Thesis: Mural Decoration. FRED I, GEITTMAN Beaver Dam MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MAX GELIN Milwaukee LAW Law Review Student Editor 2. 35 Sophof more SemifPublic Debateg 'Philomathia Literary Society 2, 3, Secretary 45 Freshf man Scholarship. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Mining School 1, zg Wisconsin Engineer Business StafF4g A. S. M. E. 3, 4g Phi Pi Phi. EDITH ALINE GERRY Oak Park, Illinois HISTORY Chicago Normal School I, zg Gamma Phi Beta. EMMA L. GIBBS Maplewood, Oregon . PHYSICAL EDUCATION Albion State Normal School 1. Thesis: The Games of Indian Children.. N Page 81 N LEONA MARY GILLETTB ' Mt. Vernon, New 'York HISTORY Wellesley College IQ Delta Gamma. Thesis: The, Emancipation Movement Russia 1861 Onward, LORAINE GILMA,N A Burlington, Iowa ENGLISH ',A,. A Western College for Women I, 7.5, Pi' 3 Beta Phi. ', -I '- N - - Thesis: The Prose of Walter Paper. . ' X LJ f lg DJ' e Q I t f X s I 5 I l l r cftmx "Cir ,CST 7 Aff' F gl .... JA., f....s. .,.., ,,.,..s,,L..,.....-..--...:,s,-..-. -. MARY LOUISE GISSAL Alton, Illinois INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT Monticello Seminary I, lg 1919 Badger Advertising Departmentg IQQO Badger Senior Summaries Departmentg Country Magazine Editorial Staff 3, Home Eco' nomics Editor 4, Horse Show Publicity Committee, Harvest Ball Co-Chairman, W. A. A. 3, Euthenics Club 3, 4, Vice' President 43 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Alpha Delta Pi. Thesis: The Grading and Standardization of Perishable Food Products. DOROTHY GLOVBR Wilmette, Illinois ENGLISH Congregational Religious Council Meme ber 1, 2, 35 Womens Glee Club 2, French Club I, lg Alpha Xi Delta, CECILIA PATRICIA GMAHLING Douglas, Arizona ENGLISH University of Arizona I, 2, University of Wisconsin A.B.g 1930 Badger Circulation Department Member, Octopus Editorial Board 3g W. A. A. I, :tg Y. XV. C. A. Ii 2, 35 Phi-Beta-g Kappa Alpha Theta. ,Z i.,..,.,.,.....,,.,,........,,,., m.,L.-.,,..33q.e5-isefzg,-fijsyz-ssseifg..T.,?,,.k4 E Y --f- V -V-as 'I 'ifzfn we-f'i"QQ,v foofpgd .., gui W! l,,,..x I, : .fag YK M f'5f1aS?.,li hiif If I 'shi K C' flf-CJ Ip -'5 -'57 sg' ,Fw X ' .,f -. tx Y 'I v-' I 3' I ,,,i,,N., M 1 Nh?" -1" Y e, N Ii 1 W- fgrts f!,'fgj,,:?'i M . i '-.42 I Q, ALFRED THEODORE GoELE.i,4fdCl-., K ESTHER W. GOLDBERGER Raef Falls PHYSICS River Falls State Teachers College I, 1, junior Mathematics Club 4. WILLIALI CHARLES GOEBEL Mt. H oreb EcoNoIirIcs 1929 Prom Decorations CommittecgSigm1I Alpha Epsilon. Thesis: Financial Analysis of the Sugar Refining Industry. HYMAN GOLD Milwaukee LAW 2' Milwaukee MEDICAL SCIENCE Thesis: Leukocytic Response in Rabbits on Injection of Crystalline Egg Albumin. MORRIS GOLDENBERG Worcester, Massachusetts MUSIC University of Illinois rg University Or- chestra 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Methods in Orchestral Class Work. GERTRUDE CHARLOTTE COLDMAN Milwaukee ENGLISH Frcnch Club I, 2, 3g Alpha Epsilon Phi. "?Page 82.61 , I MANDEL N. GOLDSTEIN Kenosha ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Literary Magazine Business Staff IQ Cadet Corps First Lieutenant 3, Major 4g Presidents Guard I, 1, Freshman Track, A. I. E. E. 3, 4Q Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Presif gent 4g Scabhard and Blade, Pi Lambda hi. PI-IYLLIS GOLDSTEIN Chicago, Illinois FRENCH Hillel Student Council Member 1, 3g French Club 41 Italian Club 4. Thesis: Analysis of the Characters in Bal::ac's Novels. HELEN REBECCA GONSER Payne, Ohio LIEDICAI. SCIENCE Thesis: Physiological Chemistry. A-. 1 Hfiiiesarr ,'.i,:-L k-.H ' J We-,.+--1-L I r I 'Assists'-.vfs W if: " I 'RN of-X1 , N ff K I fi Lf . xx. N659 .-. . A ,f" TN fhgffsa fm un 1 rf. L xwqb Q 2 S . . . ....- .L . .L 2 A . . . .LLMLL ,-A - . 4. - I ' I ' .-- . so X f- I -9 7 . T It ,f I A I Q53 'V fx I ls...,7 5X if X fb 'f I'i,g'ff is-few drags 'viii ' I fl ll Fftsfl W. Ao- . - J of -,A rm ' ,. L11 fs- I A -A L' cllhfjlfrix f lx l , 6' Q .fl iv? xv, J . f N. . 5 L. L Y T V W V 1, 'A .5 fm ff.L':: L L ' "0" z"'T"'T'5'T1If :::""'TTTT"J"1fi'ZTiTff'T"f1L-....,.a New-Q-f'-T ' -'2 Tv'. gee: fr, , .- , Weil Ar if-JJ Q f is fowl' hf9s+2i'f'lV '- vw, A I I-SQQ 521 ilfwigiy "J,--5 X-fiwf Extk. -1' ,ff CARL S. GOODMAN Q51 'Nfl E. JEAN GRIFPITH Chicago, Illinois ,Q.gx,j,f5fg:,f Racine LETTERS AND SCIENCE PHYSICAL EDUCATION BELLE R. GREEN it 'Q',2g4j,sEjf1, ROBERT E. GREILING W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Physical Education Mukwonago '-iw-l55'r3" Green Bay Club I,z,3,4gDolphin Club 1,2gVarsity EDUCATION MECHANICS Indoor Baseball 2' Whitewater State Normal IQ University of Wisconsin B,A., M.A. Thesis: A Study ofthe Traits and Duties of Graduates of High School Commercial Courses. LOUISE GRAHAM St. joseph, Missouri FRENCH ' St. joseph junior College I, 2. ' KVILLIAM CARL GREENWALT Winneconne EDUCATION Oshkosh State Normal School I, 2, 3. HERBERT WILLIAM GRANZO Delavzm MEDICINE CLARENCE L. GREIBER Alpha Kappa Kappag Gamma Tau Beta. Sauk City Thesis: Anatomical Study of the Female Perineum. FINANCE Y. M1 C. A, Cabinet IQ A. S. C. E. 3, 45 Chi Omicron Nug Triangle. Thesis: The Effects of High Temperatures gn the Strength of Reinforced Concrete cams. GERTRUDE GRETHER Wheeling, West Virginia LATIN Phi Beta Kappa. Thesis: The Greeks at Rome. HILDA ANN GREUNRE Toledo, Ohio ENGLISH - University of Toledo I, 2g Daily Cardinal Advertising Assistant 4g Arden Club 3, 4. N Page 83 N Thesis: A Study of the Relation of Weak Feet to the Topography of the Campus of- the University of Wisconsin. MARK ELWYN GRIFFITH Kaukaima SPEECH ELMER J. GRIMMER Kaukaima ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E E. 43 Chi Omicron Nug Triangle. f x ,ff N ,P l lv , .', P. Ui? x Alhbm Qi lj y -4 5 Ig e r - Lf ' ' ' XJ ,I xg x fy j -.- L - ANNA A. GRONLUND f V X Merrill I , -MEDICINE S? HERBERT CARL GRUPP 'E ITH MARTHA HAENTZSCHEI. CHARLES G. GROS Western Springs, Illinois ZOOLOGY Thesis: Muscle Dissection in Comparative Forms of Vertebrates. WILLIAM K. GRUBE Sheboygan ECONOMICS 1927 Badger Assistant Engraving Editorg .1928 Badger Photography Editorg I9z8 Badger Editorfin-Chiefg Badger Board 3, gl-xWhite Spadesg Sigma Delta Chig Delta 1. l l i if 'lr ., 1 ilafrl'-J Mason, City, Iowa Madison CIVIL ENGINEERING Freshman Basketball, Freshman Trackg Chi Omicron Nu, Triangle. Thesis: The Design of a Reinforced Concrete Arch. M. JOSEPHINE CUNDLACH Prairie du Sac zoorocr CRBTCHEN HABERMEI-IL Milwaukee GERMAN Milwaukee Normal School IQ W. A. A. 3, 4Q Physical Education Club 2, Class Indoor Baseball 2, 3g Class Hockey lg Class Volley Ball 3g Tabard Inn 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4. Thesisg An Analysis of the Problems of the Women Characters in the Works of Ferdinand Conrad Meyer. JOURNALISM Daily Cardinal Assistant Desk Editor 3 Io2.7 Homecoming Foreign Publicity Com mittee: Calvary Lutheran Religious Coun cil Member .ig Choral Union Ig Coranto. Thesis: "A Merchandising and News paper Survey of the City of Madison, 7th Ward, Ist Precinct. RUTH HACERTY Chicago, Illinois GENERAL University of Chicago I, 2, Omicron Nu. HAROLD S. HAI-IN Milwaukee STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin Extension Divi' sion of Milwaukee I 2' A S. C E 1 1 - - - 3s 43 Chi Epsilong Tau Beta Pi. MARY HELEN HAHN Eden PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4, Class Indoor Baseball 2, Spanish Club 3. ELLIS COBB HALVERSON Madison ECONOMICS XVesley Foundation Cabinet Member 2, 3, President 23 Artus, Phi Kappa Phi. Thesis: The Relation of the Volume of Brokers' Loans to the Money and Credit Situation in the United States. HELEN IoNE HALVERSON Kimball, South Dakota LAW University of South Dakota I, 21 Univerf Thesis: Design of Reinforced Concrete sity of Wisconsin B.A.g Kappa- Beta Pi, Building. . '49 Page 84 N President 3Q Beta Phi' Alpha. , . A fx 1 - '- .. , -, :-.3-.-e-'-1.59 I L Ts'-.lfi'l. .n il F Q55 '5 4 E xii I q 6, J Q r I all 19 4 'E .M r sa Y - '- ns1b'eUK Aggkezagi Y YY . HLYW, i I if Q - , F 6 , IJ -f o " P.. is b JULIA NINA HANN New Brunswick, New Jersey ENGLISH Thesis: Percival de Galles, Galahad, and A W-'45 . 'F' 'P 'R W' ..s -th - ROBERT W. HAMAN ' ' , Monroe ' ln y CHEMISTRY COURSE 3' A Sophomore Honors: Alpha chi Sigmag HERBERT ALFRED HAMLIN LORETTA M. HANDKE Alpha Epsilon Phi. Phi Lambda Upsilon. Mgyrfll Edggywn Y Thesis: The Influence of Temperature ECONOMICS GERMAN the Holy Grail. Changes Upon the Stability of Colloidal Ferric Oxide. VERNON SIDNEY HAMEL Oshkosh CIVIL ENGINEERING Wisconsin University Players QQ Hates- fooi: Play 2, .ig A. S. C. E. 3, 42 Chi Epsilong Delta Sigma Phi. Thesis: Present Trend of Municipal Street Paving Practice in Wisconsin Cities. ROBERT CLIFFORD HAMILTON Milwaukee r ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Milwaulree State. Teachers College Lag ALEEA F , ,. -4 n-...., I, ,. awp- p- .1-ea, , 5 355 ig: .,,.r' ' Q., -is--Qu-:C ..,:ra Carroll College IQ First Regimental Con' cert Band ag Haresfoot Dramatic Club ag Harestoot Play 3. Thesis: American Federation of Musi- clans. ELBANOR MARIE HAMMER Madison SOCIOLOGY Presbyterian Church Group I, 1, 3, 4, Music Chairman 4, Presbyterian Student Headquarters I, Q., 3, 4Q Class Hockey I, 2. MARIE MARGARET HANAUSICA Janesville ' MUSIC 'Tabard Inn. ' ' Thesis: Piano Recital. University of Wisconsin B.A, Thesis: Lessing and the Bible. HELEN LOUISE HANES Harvey, Illinois JOURNALISM Octopus Business Staff 3, 4. Thesis: An Analysis of High School Publications. JAMES JUDGE HANKS- Madison ECONOMICS A Union Board 2, 3, 41 Cap Night Class Committee Chairman 'Ig 1929 Prom Assistant General Chairmang .1929 Homecoming Assistant' General Chair- mang Athletic Board 3, 4-5 Freshman Footballg Freshman Swimmingg 'Tumas Treasurerg ,Iron Crossg White Spades Presidentg Chi Psi. ' X N Page 85 N HORAOE J. HANSEN Glenheulah MEDICAL SCIENCE Thesis: Anatomy. GSCAR HENRY HANSON. '-' I Cambridge 1 ' A MPDICINE ' ' Phi Beta Pi. . is 1 fs f ROBERT L. HANSON ,, fi. ii' 5 cgfrfv IQQXO F'i'Hj V X ks N X . 5 riff:-viii' I ff: I .3 A ,,il. ""' . , E., .. ,,,. ., . : M L . . I ' l l all in D i f Ishma el sy f ifgpfss .. ,ly ,fd . id iz! Iii I ,J N I T Hgh. ,x , ..,T if I I l I Q I if ,I-is --T1 , ,, W 737 -,,,3,,Y . -- mai:-x.L-Ln..L...,-ag..:.:e.'-Qf.v::g:. li f--m---'-- ----- Y' -3513-144 371:-,ggrf-7f,.,tq ,Fil T7-.-::.. .--.A-L..- ,,a,-.- .a R :wo ,QUTDQ-T 'ofa 'xx' L ft-,gflfgnflf 'CA.4Tf?,,.,,-f Q I . . 6, . H Ki X gg: If I .igejg .1 A, Superior ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Superior Normal College IQ Phi Sigma Kappa. HELEN HARDENEERO Minneapolis, Minnesota PHYSICAL EDUCATION Carleton College IQ W. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Representative 45 Class Hockey 3, 45 Class Track 35 Class Tennis 2g Class Indcor Baseball SQ Class Basketball 25 Varsity Track 35 Varsity Indoor Base' ball 35 Archery Honors, Varsity Tennis 2. Thesis: Manual of Apparatus Activities. X GORDOVN JULIUS HARDER , Beaver Dam - ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I V llniversity of' Wisconsin B.S.5 A. I. E. E.5 -:freshman Scholarship, Kappa Eta Kappa. '-,Kay .L fl N -K I f -of WX Y. ,f x5xqTiJ.5 . sr,-. if-, V, A4 ...uf-. ,.i I. 1 L.. iff' ILTB 'LTFTICC .:Lf 1, gr ' WELLS HARRINGTON Y WILPRED JOHN HARRIS Oshkosh HS Madison SPEECH Oshkosh State Teachers College I, 25 Intercollegiate Debate Squad 35 Y. M. C. A. Student Court Member .45 Wesley Foundation Cabinet Member 45 Delta Sigma Rho. DOROTHY ELIZABETH HARRIS Madison BOTANY WARREN HAROLD HARRIS Madison LAW University of Wisconsin B.S.. HISTORY University of Wisconsin B.A.5 Wesley Foundation Student Cabinet Member 32 First Regimental Concert Band I. 2, 3, 45 University Orchestra 1, 3, 45 Wesley Players5 Wesley Foundation Member 3, 4. Business Manager 3, 45 Phi Mu Alpha. Thesis: "Massachusetts and the XVar ot' 18I1.l' JEANBTTE L. HARRISON Dodgeville SPEECH Thesis: Exercise for Descriptive Diagnosiss and Rceducarion in Articulatory Dis' orders of Speech. KATHERINE M.RRY HART Waupaca FOODS Rosary College IQ Arden Club 2, 3. 4. Secretary 45 Euthenics Club5 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Omicron Nu5 Phi Kappa Phi. Thesis: Menu Costs and Analyses. .1 ' N'.Page 86 -N DONALD BRUCE HARTER Oak Park, Illinois JOURNALISM Daily Cardinal Special Feature XVriter 21 E228 Badger Publicity Manager5 Sigma I. Thesis: Social and Newspaper Survey, Tenth Ward, Madison. ROLAND CLARENCE HARTMAN Madison AGRICULTURAL JOURNALISM Country Magazine Reporter I. Alumni Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Editor 45 Live Stock Show Program Committee Chairman 3, Publicity Committee 1, 25 4-H Club 3, 4g Agric Triangle I, 25 Alpha Zeta, Sigma Delta Chi. Thesis: The Typogmphy, Layout, and Makefup of the Magazine. WILLIAM G. HARTLIAN Milwaukee ECONOMICS Delta Chi. -4 I U 1 Q-I :Q W If . fx flgis- 'L - F .ftiggif s I t , ILL- -....-.. L -.......L , I , , , - .-.,.,,.L, ...v ae-rn'::.a 1 ...4.....L ...eamhaas-3 I E l ' I 4 ll f -P L ' 'S f f r-... AREN 1 S f CI r r? - I 'Taft' as-2 i v '12 -C C' A " -Y 1.,!'4 Raja R, , -5214. ' 'ST' - I'-.7 . is-:I c aaanaiaerfit x f x,.Y E F DA' xl g r I . 'xi Raj ,. is . L EARL J. HATLEEERG Madison MEDICINE 1 6 Homecomin Hobo Parade Com 92 E ' mittee, Summer Water Carnival General Chairman 3, "W" Club 3, 4Q Freshman Swimming, Varsity Swimming I, 2, 3, 4Q Varsity Water Polo 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HOWARD, LEROY HAUGE Madison MEDICAL SCIENCE Cadet Corps Battery Supply Sergeant 22 Pistol Team 2, Alpha Kappa Kappa. FRANCES MILNER HAWKINS Madison PHYSICAL EDUCATION Rockford College IQ Mother's Day Field Day Committee 3, Cottage Board 3, 4Q Class Indoor Baseball 2, 3, Class Volley Ball 35 Physical Education Club 2, 3, 43 W. A, A-. 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Training Rules: A Study of Their Effect Upon the Mechanical Elhciency of the Body. Gai .I s LOUIS E. HAWKINS . ' , RUTH HEATON Gracemont, Oklahoma .1 GENETICS Oklahoma A. and M. College Graduate, University of Wisconsin M.S., Union Board Student Senator 4, Stock judging Team 3, 4, Fellowship in Genetics 2, BQ Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, Phi Sigma. RUTH ELEANOR HAY Moiint Carroll, illinois ENGLISH Frances Shimer College I, 2. ALICE DEBORAH HAYDEN Sun Prairie GEOGRAPHY Milwaukee Downer College I,'z, Wo' men's Glee Club 3, 4, Alpha Chi Oemga. Thesis: Geographical Influences on the XVestward Movement. Mmhyaeia APPLIED ARTS University Of Minnesota IQ Alpha Xi Delta. ARMIN RUDOLF M. HECK Mondovi ACCOUNTING Green Cap Committee Chairman 3, Prof gressive Liberal Circulation Manager 3, 1928 Prom Assistant Finance Committee Chairman, Calvary Lutheran Membership Committee Chairman 42 Freshman Track, Freshman Crew, Varsity Crew 2, 3, Sophomore Honors, Commerce Club 3, 4, Alpha Kappa Psi President 4. Thesis: An Analysis of Income Tax Ref turns of Wisconsin Retail Dry Goods Stores for 1925 and 1926. MARY ELEANOR HEFPERAN Grand Rapids, Michigan ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A., 1929 Prom Special Features Committee Chairman, Iviystic Circle, Delta Gamma. N Page 87.N VIRGINIA LOUISE HEIM St. joseph, Missouri ECONOMICS St. Joseph Junior College I, 2, Presby- terian Religious Cabinet Member 4, Womens Glee Club 3, 4Q Pythia Literary - Society 3, 4, Vice-President 4, XV. S. G. A. Representative 4. NATHAN WILLIS HELLER Wauwatosa ECONOMICS Marquette University I, 2, Liteeary Society, Alpha Epsilon Pi. Thesis: The Stock Market, Its Fluctuaf tions and Effect on General Prices. ADOLPH A. HENDRICKSON Hol-men AGRICULTURAL BACTERIOLOGY University of Wisconsin B.S., Country Magazine Collection Manager, 3, Busif ness Manager 4, Live Stock Show Pub' licity Committee 3, University .VH Club Treasurer 3, 4, "Little International 1, Program Chairman 4, Wisconsin Scholf arship, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Phi. Thesis: A Differential Study of Single Cell Strains of Ps. Tumefaciaris and Closely Related Organism. -it A as Wie? s L A Q 515 , N X Y - Qi Qs .AQ-1 , 7 . A. S. C. E. wr, A, - V 'ev' f' I -ii l A A- ' ROBERT HENRY HENKEI. V V X Milwaukee , x f Q I-IYDRAULIGS ' EUGENE R. HERING Q 5 MARGARET C. HESSBRT Thesis: Control and Dissipation of Energy Shell Lglae S Plymouth Through and Over an "Ogee Dam." MEDICINE ENGLISH EVELYN ISABELL HENNINGSEN Milwaukee MARKETING VJomen's Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4g Phi Chi Theta Treasurer 3, 4. JEROME JOSEPH HENRY Basco JOURNALISM Country Magazine Editorial Staff Q., Editor 3, Special Contributor 4Q Iqzo Prom Eloor Committee, Live Stock Show Publicity Committee Chairman 3, 4, Pub- licity Committee ZQ Horse Show Publicity Committee 3g Saddle and Sirloin I, 2, 4, Press Club 3, Orientation Week Student Assistant 4g 4fH Club Q., 3, 4, Sigma Delta Chig Delta Sigma Phi, Rho Epsilon Delta, Alpha Zeta. Thesis: Reporting of Agricultural Fairs and Expositions. St. Thomas College I, ZQ Alpha Sigma Phi. Thesis: Metabolism of Rabbits as Affected by the Feeding of Formaldehyde Preserved Thyroid Glands. VIRGIL E. HERRIGK Stevens Point EDUCATION Sjtevens Point Normal School I, ag Delta hi. Thesis: To Determine an Accurate Dehnif tion of Validity and Reliability as Applied to Standardized Tests. MARVIN HERSH Milwaukee CIVIL ENGINEERING Daily Cardinal Engineering Reporter 3, Special Writer 45 Wisconsin Engineer Reporter 1, Campus Editor 3, Editor 4g A, S. C. E. 1, 1, 3, 45 Polygon 45 Sophof more High Honors, Tau Beta Pig Chi Epsilon, Alpha Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phig Pi Lambda Phi. Thesis: A Study of Current Practice in Chimney Design. Mission House College I, 1. Thesis: William Henry Hudson as a Nature Writer. MELVIN HOWARD HEYROTI-I Two Rivers ECONOMICS XVhitewater State Teacher's College I, 2, University of Wisconsin Ph.B. ALICE M. HICKEY Reedsbwrg LATIN College of St. Teresa I, ag 1927 Prom Boxes Committee, Pythia Literary Society 3, 4Q Alpha Xi Delta. A ' I ' Thesis: The Roman Elements In Virgils Eclogues and Georgics. N Page 88 N a I' E . Q T - J N I f at t 9 1. FRANK LEONIDAS HIcI:IscH La Crosse GENERAL BUSINESS Congregational Board Member 1, 3, 4. Cadet Corps and Lieutenant 3, Commerce Club 3, 43 Alpha Kappa Psi. GRACE ELIzAIaE1-H Hicxoic Madison FRENCH Ward-Belmont 2. LILLIAN IRENE HILL U Ely, Minnesota ENGLISH Ely Junior College I, 2g French Club 3. N, Q gui . nl" -ESI yi, til' f , A ' 1 T ' 5 I N X 1 J IMA . J I A I - AM", "'TT,".Fl?fgi: :"" I I 5 'X ' x lj , l Q, 'N f ,mi q I I Q1 , G bp- JA f ' X UA A , Q 8 lx x x! 1 , ' P J N ip' I P' , if ' 4 rg Ji 1 9 I , J 3 G Q iii . I V V , -1 ' -Io V ' -f' ' 'E 6 ' -' ' 4. '- SAMUEL JOSEPH HILLER Milwaukee I - KENNETH P. HOBL MEDICINE A gg Baldwin Avukah 1, 25- Sophomore High Honorsg DON HINDERLITER I V. EATRICE ESTHER HIRSGHEIELD MEDICINE Phi Delia EI1S11Or1sPhi Era Sigma- Tulsa, Oklahoma ' ' Duluth, Minnesota GEOLOGY APPLIED ARTS Fall Play 3Q "W" Club 2, 32 Varsity Gym University of Minnesota IQ Bcaux Arts Team I, 2, 3, 4, Captain SQ Geology Club Club 3, 4Q Alpha Epsilon Phi. ag Southern Club Q., 31 Phi Kappa Psi. - Thesis: Evolution and Symbolism of Thesis: Hypothetical Horizon Map of jewelry. Trenton Limestone in the States of Michif gan, Wisconsin, Illinois,- Indiana and EVELYN ELIZABETH HODGES Ohio, X Algoml Iowa EDWARD PHILIP HOBLZ LEONARD FOLSOM HILLIS ENGLISH Milwaukee ECONOMICS - Marinette CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E. 2, 4Q Sophomore Honors, Chi Epsilon. Thesis: Experimental Treatment of Cream' ery Waste. PALMER A. HILTY Plym Outh ENGLISH NATHAN HINDEN Milwaukee LAW ROBERTA JANE HINTZE Chicago, Illinois ENGLISH Octopus Business Staff SQ Secretary 4Q Delta Zeta, Thesis: Fairy Tales. Milwaukee Downer College I, 22 Univerf sity of Wisconsin B.A.g Wesley Foundaf tion Cabinet Member 4Q Women's Glee Club 3, 4g Blue Shield 3, 4. Thesis: Inclividualization of Shakespeare's Young Women Lovers. RALPH E. HODGSON Mazomanie ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Live Stock Show Dairy Cattle Committee 33 Stock judging Team 3, 4g Freshman Baseballg Saddle and Sirloin I, 1, 3, 4, President 4, Delta Theta Sigmag Alpha Zeta. . Thesis: The Effect of Scaffed Barley and Oats in the Nation on Dairy Cows and on Their Milk. N Page S9 N Intramural Manager 2, 3, 4g Artus, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Thesis: The Liquidity of Milwaukee County Banks. ERWIN FREDERICK HOFFMAN Wilton MEDICINE Thesis: Early Ossihcation of the Labyf rinthine Capsule of the Pig. f I 1 x 1 J-lf AQ f 1? Fw., , . .jf ,E I t Kfff' X X :TN f , RAY F. HOFFMAN Plymouth ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SARA PHILLIPS HOLLISTER Schenectady, New York socrotooy AND EDUCATION RandolphfMacon Women's College IQ Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Sigma Kappa. Thesis: A Study of Reading Interests in Primary Grades. FRANCES ELLEN HOLMAN Ballinger, Texas ADVERTISING WardfBelmont College IQ Daily Cardinal Reporter 2, Special Writer QQ Alpha Chi Omega. ' Thesis: Survey of Madison. aft? P M sbgfist ,. ALICE ISABBT- HOLMES ' RUTH .IOSEPHINB HOLTON Milton Milwaukee ENGLISH Alpha Gamma Delta. GLENN T. HOLMES Madison PHYSICAL EDUCATION Lake Forest College 1, 2, Freshman Footf ball Coach 2, 3, .ig Phi Epsilon Kappa. DAVID H. HOLT Elkhorn AGRONOMY Varsity Wrestling 2, 3, 43 Delta Them Sigma. ENGLISH Milwaukee Doxyner College I, 2. Thesis: The Life and Literary NX-'orks of Charles Kingsley. TILLIE HOLZNIAN M i lwaukee MERCHANDISING Women'S Commerce Club 5, 4, Treasurer 4Q Spanish Club IQ Pan-Hellenic Repre' sentative 4Q XV. S. G. A. District Repre- sentative ag Orientation Week Student Assistant: Kappa Phi. Thesis: The Growth and Shift of the Im' portant Retail Shopping Districts in the City of Milwaukee. KATHRYN HOPKINS Chicago, Illinois PHYSICS Rockford College 1, 21 1929 Badger Editorial Assistant, W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 2, Pin Wearerg Class Outdoor Base- ball 1, QQ Class Hockey I, 2, 3,5 Class Basketball 2Q Delta Delta Delta. Thesis: Polarization of Light. N Page 90k N EUNICE ANNE HORN Milwaukee DIETETICS Luther Memorial Board Member 32 W. A. A. I, 2, Pin Wearerg Outing Club IQ Class Outdoor Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Volley Ball rg Class Indoor Baseball 2g Varsity Volley Ball 1. Thesis: Studies of the EEect of Beverages on Metabolism, JOSEPH DAVID HORSEALL Bloomington ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING XX isconsin Engineer Advertising Staffz, 3. Local advertising 4, "W" Cluh 3, 4, Fresh' man Footballg Freshman Crew: Varsity Crew 3, A. I. E. E. .gg Delta Sigma Tau. 7 GENBVIBVE MARGARET HORTON Wauwatosa LATIN University of Wisconsin B.A. Thesis: The Similes of Virgil and Homer. 3 1 U' X ip I 'ii E .. afggll a... H 3 52 'Q f I a s E r I C 3 x a J xhfl A J Ig F. I CHAS. ZACHARY HORWITZ Milwaukee PHYSICS PrefProm Play 3, Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Wrestling 3, 4Q Varsity Football 2, 3, 41 Phi Sigma Delta. GENEVEVE R. HOUSE Grand junction, Colorado ADVERTISING Coranto, Theta Sigma Phi. Thesis: A National Advertising Campaign Introducing Primrose Goods. CATHERINE M. HOWARD ' Oak Park, Illinois SPANISH ' Octopus Business Staff 3g 1929 Prom Rooming Committee Chairman, 1928 Homecoming Information Committee, Keystone Council 2, 3, W. S. G. A. Census Chairman -2, 3, Cabinet 2, Alpha Chi Omega. BASIL B. HOWELL MILON GEORGE HUEER Fennimore " Bangor AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING High Freshman Honors, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Zeta, Delta Theta Sigma. JOSEPHINE MANNETTE HOWLAND Reedsburg ENGLISH , Carroll College 1. Q Thesis: joseph Conrad, Novelist and Stylist. HOMER H. HUEENTHAL Belmont AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING Platteville State Teachers College I, lg A. S. A. E. 3, 4. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING La Crosse Teachers College I g A. S. A. E. lgyhaig Saddle and Sirloin 4, Alpha Gamma o. Thesis: The Possibilities of the Combine Harvester-Thresher in Wisconsin. EDITH IOSBPHINE HUERTH Sauk City SOCIOLOGY University of Wisconsin B.S., Certihcate of Nursing, Theta Phi Alpha. Thesis: Public Health Nursing. ELLIS JOHN HUGHES Racine ENGLISH First Regimental Concert Band I,"2, 3, 4Q University Orchestra 2, 3, 4Q Sophof more Honors, Phi Kappa. NPage9l NL GLEE M. HUMPHREY Patch Grove HOME ECONOMICS Euthenics Club I, 2, 3, 42 Phi Upsilon Omicron VicefPresident 4, Omicron Nu, Phi Kappa Phi. Thesis: The Vitamin C Content of Corn' mercially Bottled Sauerkraut juice. MARGARET L. HUMPHREY Ironwood, Michigan TEXTILE Thesis: History of jewelry. RUTH I. HUNT Chicago, Illinois HOME ECONOMICS Chicago Normal College I, 2. D 4:5 X i a li . I ASHLEY A. HUNZICKER Madison GEOLOGY Thesis: Interpretation of Rock Structure from Magnetics. F. BERNARD Huor Superior LAW Superior Normal School I, 2. Lois G. HUSE Los Angeles, California HOME ECONOMICS University of Southern California I, zz, 33 Phi Beta, Delta Zeta, Thesis: A Comparison between Hosiery oi the Revolutionary Period and Today. We , 0' 1 riffs HARVEY GEORGE HYLAND ' EMILY POWERS IGLEHART Beaver Dam Indianapolis, Indiana MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Presbyterian Cabinet Member 3, 43 Sunday Evening Club President 31 Presbyterian Student Alliance President 43 Cadet Corps Lieutenant 1, Captain 13 A. S. M. E, 3g Sophomore Honors3 Tau Beta Pi. HELEN ICKE Madison ENGLISH Daily Cardinal Reporter 22 Mothers Day Arrangements Committee 13 Prcsbyf rerian Association Ivlember IQ Outing Club IQ Alpha Omicron Pi. Thesis: Upper Middle'Class Feeling in the Novels of john Galsworthy. HELEN IGLAUER Cincinnati, Ohio ZOOLOGY W. S. G. A. Representative 23 W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 4, Pin Wearer: Dolphin Club I, 1, 3, 43 Class Swimming I, 2, 3, Captain SQ- Riding I, Class Team 33 Manager oi Sport 33 Varsity 31 U. W. Hum Club 2, 3, 4: U. W. Drill Team 1. 3Q Sophomore Honors. , . I we FRENCH Vassar College IQ French House Prcsi' dent 4g Italian Club 1. 3. 4. President 43 French Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary SQ Phi Beta Kappa. Thesis: La Bruyete. MARIE C. INGEERII-SEN Madison NURSING ANNA GERTRUDE JACOBS Oconornowoc ENGLISH University ot' Illinois IQ University of Wisconsin B.A.Fall Play3 IQ XV. A. A. IQ Physical Education Club 1, 2, 43 Outing Club 1, 43 Class Hockey I 3 French Club 43 Arden House 4. Thesis: Childrcn's Books. N Page 92 N MILDRED DOROTHY JACOESON Dayton, Iowa PHYSICAL EDUCATION Iowa State College IQ XV. A. A. 2, 3, 4Q Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4Q Class Hockey 3, 43 Claw Track 32 Class Indoor Baseball 32 Varsity Hockey 3. Thesis: The Study of Lower Lumbar Scoliosis. GWETI-IALYN HUGHES JAMES Montfort PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC University of Wisconsin B.M,3 XVomen's Glee Club 3, 43 Sigma Alpha Iotag Alpha Gamma Delta. Thesis: A Piano Recital. W. REUBEN JAMES Dodgeville ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Country Magazine Business Staff 43 Live Stock Show General Chairman 43 Live Stock Show Beef Cattle Committee Chairman 33 Stock judging Team 3, 43 Saddle and Sirloin I, 2, 3, 4Q Delta Theta Sigma TFEHSUYCIQ Alpha Zeta. 1' DOROTHY GITA JANDA Madison LATIN Thesis: "The Character of Aeneas, LEO CAsIMIR JANICRI Milwaukee CIVIL 'ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee 1, ZQ Chi Epsilong Tau Beta Pi. Thesis: Design of a Reinforced Concrete Building. JACK WILLIAM JAREO Grand Rapids, Michigan JOURNALISM Menls Glee Club 1, 21 Phi Kappa Tau. Thesis: An Analysis of the "Grand Rapids Herald." THEODORA EMILY Johnson Creek SPEECH University of Wisconsin B.A.5 Forensic Board 3, 45 WOmen's Glee Club 35 Wise consin University Players 42 Fall Playg Keystone Council 45 Class Bowling IQ PanfPrOfessional Council 3, 4, President 42 Pythia 3, 42 Phi Beta Secretary 3, Presif dent 4. Thesis: An Index of the Oratory of the World War. WALLACE MURRAY JENSEN Elgin, Illinois ACCOUNTING Class President 4Q 1928 Badger Printing Editorg Commerce Magazine 35 1917 Homecoming Finance Chairmang Father's Day General Chairman 2, Finance Chair' man 3g 1928 Military Ball Assistant Gene eral Chairmang Alpha Kappa Psig Seab- bard and Bladeg Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Beta Kappag Phi Kappa Phig Iron Crossg White Spadesg Sophomore High Hon' orsg Chi Phi, n RICHARD GLEN JEWELL Richland Center ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi Treasurer 3, President 45 Eta Kappa Nu President 45 Sopho- more High Honorsg Elected to Tau Beta Pi as High Junior. RICHARD B. JOHNS Antigo ECONOMICS Daily Cardinal Reporter 25 1928 Badger Athletic Department Assistantg Literary Magazine Business Stalf IQ 1929 Prom Transportation Committeeg 1927 Home- coming BonEre Committee5 Religious Conference Arrangements Committee Chairman 3Q Congregational Religious Council Member 2, EQ Cadet Corps Corporal 25 Presiclent's Guard IQ Alpha Chi Rho. Thesis: The Propaganda of Industrial Eihciency. ANASTASIA L. JOHNSON Leinont, Illinois ENGLISH 1929 Prom Movie Committeeg Alpha Ch Omega. CHARLES MELBOURNE JOHNSON Madison PHARMACY Alpha Chi Sigma5 Rho Chi. N Page 93 N DOROTHY JOHNSON Milwaukee ENGLISH fvlarquette University 1, ZQ Sigma Alpha ora. Thesis: People in Worclsworth's Poems. HARRIS RAYMOND JOHNSON Brandon COMMERCE Lawrence College IQ Alpha Sigma Phi IRENE DOROTHY JOHNSON Wisconsin Rapids HISTORY Grafton Hall College 1, IQ Episcopal Ref ligious Council Member 3, 4Q League of Women Voters 4: Alpha Gamma Delta. CHQ 'EW . is 4 'Hof , 4' I I 'Xf CW S I? r V- ' 'SJ if X g ,I Q! MARION A. JOHNSON 1 A X ELISABETH R. JOSEPH Superior I Louisville, Kentucky NURSING ENGLISH Beta Sigma Omiemri. THELMA LOUISE JOHNSON -5 MARGARET ELINOR JONES Alpha Epsilon Phi. Osseo ' Columbus PAGE A. JOHNSON Fond du Lac CIVIL ENGINEERING Lawrence College IQ Turnasg Sigma Chi. RLITH MARGARET JOHNSON Superior NURSING Women'S Glee Club 1, 2. PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Luther Memorial Cabinet Member zg Italilan Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: Beta Phi Al a p . Thesis: A Course in Music for Rural Schools. JOHN D. JOHNSTONE Berwyn, Illinois ZOOLOGY 'II-Ailwaukee Normal School rg Phi Kappa au. Thesis: A Survey of Phalangids of the Madison Regime. EDITH MAY JONES Grand Rapids, Michigan APPLIED ARTS Grand Rapids Junior College I, ag French 4g Beaux Arts Club 4g Sigma Thesis: Objective and Subjective Tests for Art Talent and Vocational Aptitudes. HISTORY Carroll College r, 1. Thesis: The Abolitionists and the Civil War. ' CHARLES C. JUNKERMANN Milwaukee CIVIL ENGINEERING Varsity Track Managerg Pi Kappa Alpha Thesis: The Investigation of the Dissipa- tion of Energy Below an Ogee Dam, Con- trolled by a Safe Flow Over and Through the Dam. B. WENDELL JONES Barneveld EDUCATION AND HISTORY Carroll College rg Delta Sigma Phi. MAELE N. JORSTAD Suirgzxgg JOHN G. JURSIK Cudahy River Falls State Teacher's College 1, 2. LAW Thesis: A Study of the Institutions in Wisconsin that are Preparing Rural Marquette University 1, 21 Delta Theta Teachers. Phi. N Page 94 N - i s P , G3 I i aatsa . JI 9 -s WILLIAM JOHN KAHLENBERG Two Rivers ECONOMICS Midwest Relay Carnival 2, Inter' fraternity Council 41 Alpha Sigma Phi. MARJORIE PAYNB KALTENBACK Kenosha APPLIED ARTS 1929 Prom Week Assistant Committee Chairman, 1928 Homecoming Decorations Committee, Mother's Day Program Com' mittee, Live Stock Night Show Commit' tee 4, Horse Show Assistant General Chairman 3, Spring Horse Show General Chairman 42 Keystone Council 4g W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 41 Pin Wearer, Dolphin Club r, 2, 3. 4: Class Swimming I, 2, 3, Varsity Swimming 3, Varsity Riding Team I, 2, 3, 4, Beaux Arts Ball Publicity Chairman, Hunt Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Presif dent 45 Beaux Arts Club 3, 4, Crucible, Chi Omega. HELEN INZA KARLEN Monticello HOME ECONOMICS The Stout Institute I, 2. Thesis: A Bibliography for Supplement Reading for High School Clothing and Textile Courses. s'p-LG- X 3'f-wa ' W GLEB LEONIDOVICH KASH V ' 5 GERTRUDE KATZ Vlaclivostoc , Russia ', ' Madison W MBTALLURGY University of Illinois IQ Mining Club 2, 3,4- ALTON R. KASTE Fountain City JOURNALISM Eau Claire State Normal School 1, Q., 1928 Prom Publicity Committee, Square and Compass. Thesis: Wisconsin State Journal Market Survey. GEORGE KATZ Detroit, Michigan LAW University of Wisconsin B.A., Phi Sigma Delta. GERMAN University of Wisconsin B.A.. Thesis: Social Problems in Hauptmann's Dramas. DONALD HUNTER KAUMP Madison MEDICAL SCIENCE Platteville State Normal School IQ Phi Beta Pi. GORDON LAVERNE KAY Cuba City ECONOMICS ' First Regimental Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4Q Freshman Football. N Page 95 N KATHERINE G. KEBBLER Burlington ENGLISH W. S. G. A. Secretary 3, Chairman of Judicial Committee 4g Green Button Secretary, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Com' mission Vice-President, Crucible Treas- urer, Kappa Alpha Theta. . Thesis: Comparison of the Contemporary hort Story with the Igth Century hort Story. HELEN P. KEELER Chicago, Illinois ECONOMICS W. S. G. A. VicefPresident 4Q Class Secret ry 2 1919 Prom Womens Ar' rangements Committee Chairman, 1928 Information Committee Chairman, Moth- er's Day General Chairman QQ Red Gauntlet President, Keystone Council 2, 3, 4, Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, Mortar Board President, Crucible, Freshman Scholar' ship Cup, Sophomore Honors, Delta Zeta. Thesis: History and Analysis ofthe Retail Clerks International Protective Associaf tion. GERALD WILLIAM KBHR 'Watertown GENERAL BUSINESS Alpha Chi Rho. USE . -A L J 3 JJ' JOSEPH JAY KELIHER Madison ACCOUNTING Cadet Corps Captain 1, Major QQ Scabf bard and Bladeg Phi Kappa. THEON JAY KELLER Prairie du Sac SOILS Saddle and Sirloin I, 12 Alpha Gamma Rho. Thesis: The Rate and Movement of Potassium in the Soil ISABBLLE A. KBLLEY Ashtabula, Ohio ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.g Gamma Phi Beta. ' Q K E9 ' RUTH C. KBLLOGG VERNON W. KELLY Chicago, Illinois E' River Falls APPLIED ARTS Ward-Belmont College IQ 1927 Badger Editorial Departmentg 1928 Badger Sorority Editorg Octopus Editorial Stall' 3, Art Staff 4g 1928 Prom Decorations Com' mitteeg 1928 Homecoming Buttons Com' micteeg Wisconsin University Players 4g Les Beaux Arts Clubg Delta Delta Delta. EDWARD P. KELLY. JR. Chicago, Illinois LABOR 197.9 Prom Alumni Committeeg 19:8 Homecoming Traihc Ccmmitteeg Fresh- man Footballg Freshman Trackg Varsitv Football ag Interfratemity Council Ser' gEHHC1lC'AYmS 4g Theta Xi. EUNICE KELLY Mineral Point HOME ECONOMICS Castaliag Euthenics Club. EDUCATION River Falls State Teachers College I, :Q Acacia. Thesis: Reliability, Validity, and Pupil Achievement on a High School Book' keeping Test. EVA GARNET KENDALL Milwaukee LATIN lviilwaukee State Normal School I, 3 Thesis: Value of latin. FRED JOHN KEssLER Watertown GEOGRAPHY Geography Club 3, 4. Thesis: "A Geographical Statistical Sur- vey of Wisconsin Agriculture: the Perf centage, Distribution of Specitic Crops by Townships in Relation to Cultivated Land." N Page 96 N MARY ANITA KIERNAN Whitewater ENGLISH Rockford College IQ W. S. G. A. Councilg 1929 Badger Summary Deparcmentg Y. W. C. A. Bazaarg Kappa Kappa Gamma. FRANCIS LEROY KINGETER Platteville DAIRY MANUFACTURING Platteville State Teachers College r, 2. HAROLD WALTER KIRGIIEN Great Falls, Montana GEOLOGY Montana State School of Mines 1, 2. 5.1 4 asiiss XE f u all X 'NK ,xv a s 4? THOMAS WILLIAM KIILMSE Marinette MEDICAL SCIENCE Daily Cardinal Desk Assistant, Special Writer 2g Cardinal Board 3, 4, Vice' President 3, President 4Q 1926 Homecomf ing Information Committee, St. Francis Vestry Treasurer 3, 4, Student Senate 31 Cardinal Publishing Co. Board of Direcf tors 4, VicefPresident 4g Election Board 41 Cardinal Publishing Co. Board of Direc- tors 4, VicefPresident 4Q Election Board 4, Sigma Phi. LoIs KATHRYN KIILWIN Madison PHARMACY Kappa Epsilon. Thesis: Menispermum Canadense, WESLEY EVANS KLATT Waukesha MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Carroll College 1: Second Regimental Band 3, 4Q A. S. M. E. 3,'4Q Acacia. f -avr .L 3 ARABELLE META KLEIN - O. LEE KLINE I I signs? Cochrane ' Sturtevant PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC St, Theresa College IQ University of Wisf consin B.M.g German Club 2, 4: Italian Club 3. Thesis: Specific Problems in Class Piano Teaching in the Public Schools. EDWARD L. KLEIN Cincinnati, Ohio ENGLISH University of Cincinnati 1, 2. Thesis: Ezra Pound. LEROY A. KLEIST Potter INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Freshman Track: Varsity Track 2: Varf sity Cross Country ZQ German Club 2, Delta Chi. Thesis: Influence of Taylor, His Followers, and His Dissenters Upon Industrial and Managerial Developments Since IBQO to 1928. AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY Men's Glee Club 3, 4, Sophomore Hon' ors, Alpha Zeta: Phi Lambda Upsilon Delta Theta Sigma. HERBERT F, KLINGMAN Watertown HISTORY Phi Kappa Tau. Thesis: British Policy in the Near East- 182219. ALICE LA RUE KINIAPP Evansville SOCIOLOGY Congregational Board Member, Collegi- ate League of Women Voters 3, 4. N Page 97 N RUTH LOUISE KNATZ Fort Wayne, Indiana ENGLISH Heidelberg College IQ VJomen's Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. OSWALD KNECHTGES Madison CIVIL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin B.S., Freshman Baseball: Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. I Thesis: Practical Methods of Deep Wells. MILDRED A. KNIEEUSCI-I Madison MATHEMATICS Junior Mathematics Club: 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Sophomore Honors. Thesis: Linear Dependence. Elo 9 T , 'fl A 43, - ' F5 tx. A . 'A .. -4: , . l l . 0 A P I 1 F 4 'wr l fp A cf' K9 4 ' -Foe ' 'tif f 5 , . if 1 ' - ' A A . is f' ri . I 1 ' 5 I wr 'V I- J 14 Y 3 A 5 Q I I I P I I IT ' .23 'f X ' We -if RUTH MURIEL KNOERNSCHILD - il - ANNABEL MARIAN KOPP Milwaukee R Platteville SOCIOLOGY .15 Q ENGLISH Alpha Kappa Delta 3, 4Q Phi omega Pi. MARGARET ELIZABETH KNUD 1 ' JULIA F. Korn. Platteville sim Teacher's College 1, 2, 3. Thesis: CongenialGroups-An Analysis. Kenosha Sf. Louis, Missouyi Thesis: The Evolution of the American FRENCH ENGLISH Drama, in Relation to its Background. EDITH KNOPOW Milwaukee MATHEMATICS Milwaukee State Teacher's College 1, 2. Thesis: Systematic Study of Conic Sec' tions. RUTH EVELYN KNOWLTON Sliejfeld, Illinois APPLIED ARTS University of Wisconsin B.A.: Kappa Alpha Theta. Class Rifle Team mg French Club 1, 3, 4. Thesis: Importance of Material Elements in Balzatfs Works. ANITA ELLA KOEHLER Medford GERMAN Lawrence College I, 21 University of Wis- consin B.A.: Y. W. C, A. Cabinet 3, 4Q Kappa Alpha Theta. Thesis: The Women Characters of Gere hart Hauptmann and their Problems. FLORENCE S. KOEPSEL Neenah APPLIED ARTS W. A. A. 3, 42 Class Hockey IQ Class Volley Ball 3: Class Track 3g Varsity Volley Ball 3: Varsity Track 3: Sigma Lambda: Phi Mu. Thesis: Marionettes in Many Lands. Vlashington University IQ Panel-Iellenic 31 Theta Phi Alpha. SOLON KOLTUN Mosinee MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CASIMIR C. KOLTUNSKI Milwaukee LAW Marquette University I, 21 Sarmatia 3, 4, President 3, 4. N Page 98 N ALFRED KOREEL Milwaukee JOURNALISLI University of XVisconsirx Extension Divif sion cf Milwaukee I, 2: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4: Sigma Pi. I Thesis: Insumnce as a Means of Promoting Newspaper Circulation. JOHN ALBERT KOREMACHER Madison CIVIL ENGINEERING Second Regimental Concert Band I, 2 A. S. C. E. 3, 4. Thesis: Experimental Study of Air Lift and Deep Well Centrifugal Pumping in Artesian Wells at Monroe Wisconsin. F X Ko its 'EN 5X X f' sf 5x-. X xx -J X I -f RICHARD BROWNE Koss Des Moines, Iowa ECONOMICS Daily Cardinal Editorial Board 3, 4Q1l'ltEl" fraternity Council 4g Chi Psi. HELEN KRAEGB Madison PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Choral Union r, ag W. A. A. I, 1, 3 Class Volley Ball I, zg Class Track I Class Indoor Baseball 1, zg Phi Omega Pi Thesis: Community Music. G. ALBERT KRAEGER - Pekin, Illinois 1 i MQ? 0322 W' sage v EDWARD NOBLE KRAMER Oregon CHEMISTRY 1929 Prom Alumni Committeeg First Regimental Concert Band 3, 4g Sophof more Honors, Alpha Chi Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilong Phi Kappa Tau. Thesis: Application of the Election Tube to the Titration of Telluric Acid. FRANK RAYMOND KRAMER Madison GREEK First Regimental Concert Band 3, 4Q Uni' versity Orchestra 3, 4g Phi Mu Alpha. Thesis: Personal View of Ethics from Standpoint of Greek Idealism. ARTHUR EDWARD KRATSCI-I DANIEL EDWARD KRAUSE WauwatosaA METALLURGY Marquette University 1, ag Luther Me' morial Cabinet Member 3, 4g Luther Memorial Church Group Vice-President 41 Mining Club 3, 4, Secretary'Treasurer 41 Delta Pi Epsilon. SHERBURNE KRIEGER Kansas City, Missouri LETTERS AND SCIENCE HARRIBTT GRACE KROGH ECONOMICS Oshkosh Valley City, North Dakota Bradley Polytechnic Institute I, ag Uni' MECHANICAL IIIIIGINIIIIRINII , . LATIN versity of Wisconsin B.A.g Alpha Tau A. S. M. E. 3, 4, Treasurer 43 P1 THU University of Montana 1,2 QQKBPPH Omega. Sigma. KHPP3 Gamma- N Page 99 'Q JULIUS ALBERT KRUG Madison ECONOMICS University of Wisconsin B.A.g Freshman Football: Freshman Crew, Varsity Foot- ball 2. MARY LUCILE KUEHL Shawano ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.g Phi Mu. CARL KUEI-IL Two Rivers CHEMICAL ENGINEERING asia Ifia aim , '12 5 fX, ,QP WILLIAM OTTO KUEHN Kenosha ECONOMICS Sigma Pi. Huoo L. KUEHITI-IAU Superiov MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DANIEL HENRY KUENZLI Wauwatosa CIVIL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Business Staff I, Q. Sophomore Honors, Chi Epsilon, Triangle: Daily Cardinal Skyrocket Writer 2, 3g Presidents Guard 1, 2g Arden Club 3Q W' JL. A : sais? IVIARION DOROTHY KUESE 'sa ALMER RUDQLPH KUNDERT Milwaukee ' Madigan DIETETICS ZOOLOGY Euthenics Club 5, 4Q Omicron Nu 3, 4, Secretary 4, Phi Mu. Thesis: The Vitamin C Content of Bot' tied Tomato juice. EMIL KUHE Madison CHEMISTRY Wisconsin Engineer Distributor IQ Varsity GYII1 Team I, 1, 3, 4: Sigma PI. Thesis: Preparation of a Complex Tel' luflumf M0lYbidum Compound and the Finding of its Soluhilities. JOHN H. KULP Madison CIVIL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Review Editor 1, 2. 3, 4, St. Pat's Parade Band Committee Chairman lg First Regimental Band I, 1Q A., S. E. 3, 4, VicefPresident 4, Chi Epsilon: Alpha Tau Sigma, Tau B953 PIL Freshman Honors, Sophomore Honors, Delta Chi. Thesis: A Critical Study of Foundation Failures from Iooo to 1928. Phi Beta Pi: Phi Beta Kappa, Sophomoee High Honors. Thesis: Certain Physiological and Chemie cal Relations between Trypanosomes and their Hosts. GODFREY DAVID KUNZ Manitowoc ECONOMICS Pi Kappa Alpha. HELEN F. KUNZ Fall Creek BOTANY Eau Claire State 'Teachers College I, ag W. A. A. 4g Class Outdoor Baseball 31 Collegiate League of Women Voters 4, Pan-Hellenic Council 4, Beta Phi Alpha. Thesis: The Flora of the Eau Claire River Valley. N Page 100 N CHESTER ST. CLAIR KUKTZ Milwaukee ECONONIICS row Prom Boxes Committee Chairman, Freshman Football, Varsity Football 31 Rho Epsilon Delta. WILLIAM ARTHUR KUTZKE Portage CIVIL ENGINEERING Rihe Team I, 2, 31 Presidents Guard I, IQ Thesis: The Use of Models in Hydraulic Testing. RACI-IEL KYLE Tomah SOCIOLOGY Mother's Day Invitations Committee 3, Congregational Church Group Cabinet 3, 4Q Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Thesis: "The Better Cities Contest in Wisconsin, " ,J llfa.W I. il V . I , 'U Q ll ,A -Q. ' 4 C I 41 Q l 'fb Q . . " ' 3 . --Q R 0. , ' 4 5 l .lf if 7- ' ' r If Q v 4. ' 'V ' ce-ay K 'RJXI GEORGE DIEPENTHAELER LA BUDDE 545, - . E. NEIL W. LANE ilsissaf , ,. , , Ice Carnival Committee 3, 4Q Varsity LELAND DOUGLAS LAMB ETHEL PYNE LANDGRAEE University of Michigan 1, ZBAASQ-I-'M- Hockey Manager 1, 2, 3, 45 Psi Upsilon. Madigan Jeannette, Pennsylvania 42 A. S. C. E. 4gPhi Pi Phi. Union Board 2, 3, Rifle Team, ' Thesis: Investigation of Apparatus for the Thesis: New Realism in the Light of Conf temporary Metaphysics. MARGARET T. LA BUDDY Milwaukee Beloit College IQ Daily Cardinal 2, 3: rQ28 Badger. Thesis: George Moore. Roy E. LADD Edgerton LAW Sophomore Honors, Gamma Eta Gamma. ' APPLIED ARTS Octopus Art Stal? 3g Literary Magazine Art Editor 4g Les Beaux Arts Ball Finance Chairman 3, Beaux Arts Club 3, 4: Arts and Crafts Club 2, Tau Delta Secretary, Delta Phi Delta Secretaryg Chi Phi. Thesis: The Principles of Mechanical Perspective. HAROLD JOSEPH LAMBOLEY Monroe LAW Daily Cardinal Assistant Sports Editor 2, Sports Editor 31 Interscholastic Publicity Chairman 3g Phi Alpha Delta. PAUL B. LAMBOLEY Belleville PHYSICAL EDUCATION University of Wisconsin BS., Interscholf astic 2, 3, 42 MidfWest Relay Carnival 2, 3, 4Q Freshman Basketball, Phi Epsilon Kappa VicefPresident 4. ENGLISH Hood College 1, 22 Alpha Omicron Pi. Thesis: The Influence of Science on Emerf son. MADGE LANDIS Macy, Indiana TEXTILE De Pauw University r, 2, 32 Euthenics Club. KARL P. LANDMANN Wauwatosa ACCOUNTING University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Iviilwaulree r, 2g Commerce Club 4g Chi Phi. Thesis: Accounting Topics. -sf Page lOl N Measurement of Small Differences of Pressure in Water. HAROLD F. LANGB Winnetka, Illinois GENERAL BUSINESS Freshman Swimmingg "W," Club 2, 3, 4. Varsity Water Polo 2, 3, 4, Cap' tain 4: Kappa Sigma. Thesis: Problems of Price Maintenance Policies. - HAROLD R. LARSON Waiclqesha Economics Carroll College 1, 2, University of Wis consin Ph.B., Sigma Chi. f l 'Y- + G 1 i ff A r 4 s 41 rt- I i f Q 92 N , W e A Fif i ' . .V t f .G Ck ,Qxr P A 'Q ,, t, I ' F - P- , ' ,lx ,O G J S g 4 I ,. .. - " ' -H v il 'A 'S' 555, ' PHILIP DUNNING LARSON - L46 ARTHUR MARSH LAWTON Madison V Rockford, Illinois GEOLOGY ' sy ECONOMICS Y. M. C. A. Fresh C m'tte g "W" EDWARD ADOLPH LAUE , ' M , , S' Al ha Epsilon. Club 3, 4g Varsity Tihlck c:n4,lCabtain 4g Mflwaukeg 5 OW-ARD WILLlAM I-AUDCHE xgma P Alpha Sigma Phi. Madison Thesis: The Cryptozoon of the Mendota MARKETING LAW and Lower Ordovcian. THEODORE R. LATHROPE Wauzeka AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Platteville State Teacher's College I, ag Freshman Track. Thesis: ls the Fertility Of Our Soils Being Maintained? CAROL GENEVIEVE LAUB Milwaukee CHEMISTRY Milxvaukee Downer College I, zg Phi Mu. Freshman Swimmingg Varsity Swimming IQ Varsity Water Polo I. LLEWELLYN BALL LAUGHLIN Poynette BUSINESS ADMINISTRATXON University of Wisconsin B.A.: Freshman Trackg Varsity Track 2, 3g Varsity Cross Country 3, 49 Athenae 3, 4, Secretary 3. PAMELIA ANN LAURENOE Delavan HISTORY Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cornmissiong Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commissiong Class Tennis 1, 23 Class Swimming IQ Varsity Swimming zg Kappa Alpha Theta. Thesis: Italian Penetration and Final Occupation of Tripoli. N Page University of Wisconsin Ph.B.g Univcr' sity Exposition Tickets Committee ag Varsity Football 3Q Law School Asscciaf tion VicefPresidentg Phi Alpha Dclta President, Theta Chi. ROBERT LAUSON New Holstein MERCHANDISING Commerce Magazine Advertising Staff 13 Freshman Baseballg Commerce Club 2. 3: Freshman Scholarship, Delta Sigma PI. PATTEE DUsON LAWRENCE Crowley, Louisiana ENGLISH Sophie Newcomb College I, 1, 32 Class Outdoor Basehallg Class Hockeyg Class Trackg Gamma Phi Beta. IOZ N CHARLES FREDERICK LEOOMTE Madison MEDICINE Lambda Chi Alpha. DOROTHY LILLIAN LEE South Bend, lndiana ENGLISH De Pauw University IQ Alpha Phi. Mis I Q! , .oh uh' xi -I . ,..,,,.,-,, , ,,,... I I I I l Q 5 lu , I Nfv- his '34 I D ' 'ig ' ,. Q 5 FLORENCE MARY LEIEPRIED Lancaster HISTORY St. Mary's College 1, 2. Thesis: The Election of 1871 and the Li bf eral Party in Wisconsin. MOSES J. LBITNER New 'York City MEDICINE Iltlew York University I, 2g Alpha Epsilon I Thesis: Medicine. RALPH WARREN LEONARDSON Marinette ECONOMICS Lawrence College IQ Men's Glee Club 2, SQ Phi Mu Alphag Delta Chi. W'-to ' 'a if f ' - +A - sa .Q SYLVIA MARION I-EVINE 'm CHESTER VOC-EL LICKING Ontonagon, Michigan ' Madison LATIN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION University of Wisconsin B.A.g French Delta Sigma Phi. Club 3. Thesis: Virgil and Horace as Court Poets. GEORGE AUSTIN LEWIS Kansasville AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS, SOILS Saddle and Sirloin 1, 2, 3, 4, Hesperia 3, 4Q Bradford Club 3, 4g Agric Literary Society I1 Square and Compass Secretary 2, 3. SANFORD ADOLPH LEWIS Madison RADIO Union Board Freshman Representative rg Freshman Trackg A. I. E. E. 3, 42 Eta Kappa Nug Acacia. N Page Thesis: A Comparison of White Lead Paint with Modern Manufactured Paint. JOSEPH LIEBERMAN CHARLOTTE LIFE Oneida, New 'York LETTERS AND SCIENCE NOKE MANUEL LILLIORAR M 'lwa ILAVERCC Wausau . C Milwaukee State Teacher's College I, zg FINAN E Joint Debate 3g Vilas Medal XVearerg Intercollegiate Debate Squad 3, 45 Hillel Religious Council Member 3g Delta Sigma Rhog Alpha Epsilon Pi. LA VERNE JOSEPH LIEESOH South Milwaukee , U A ' Pflil-,TC UTILIEIES MARGARET E1 LLNDMAN I niversity o isconsin xtension D' '- sion of Milwaukee IQ Phi Pi Phi. lvl Stoughton Thesis: Cofoperative Marketing of Wis- ENGLISH COUSIH POWFOBS- Oshkosh Normal'School I, z.' 103 N . 4 Us BBRNITA RUTH LLOYD Madison APPLIED ARTS Sigma Lambda. Thesis: The History and the Decorative Use of Looking Glasses. JOAN Louise LOEWY Chicago, Illinois Q PRENCH University of Chicago rg W. A. A. 3, 4, Class Volley Ball SQ Prench Club 1, 3, 45 Alpha Epsilon Phi. JOHN LBROY LONG Grafton LAW University of Wisconsin B.S.g Phi Alpha Delta. - is 9 fa , X N Lea- 'if ' Q 'V' Ji 4 ' LIZABPTH MAY LoweNsrn1N p w . MARX Lorne, J . " Colo-rado Springs, Colorado ECONOMICS University of Wisconsin B.A.g Daily Cardinal Assistant Advertising Manager 2: 1927 Badger Assistant Advertising Managerg Intercollegiate Debate Squad 42 Zeta Beta Tau. BERNIBCB N. LOTWIN Menomonie PHILOSOPHY Thesis: The Philosophy of justice: Oliver Wendell Holmes and its Influence Upon His Legal Thought. CECIL ELWYN LOVBWPLL Toledo. Ohio CIVIL ENGINEERING IQ27 Prom Information Committeeg Haresfoot Dramatic Club Trip 3: Haresf Rpt Play 3g Rho Epsilon Deltag Zeta Thesis: Design of a Reinforced Concrete Building. New 'York City FRENCH Class Hockey 1 3 Class Tennis r. Thesis: La Rochcfoucauld. GUY SUMNPR LOWMAN, JR. Madison PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club 1. 3, 41 Arden Club 3, 4: Sophomore Honors. Thesis: On the Correlation between Certain Morphological Characters of Head and Face, as Measured by the Cephalometer, and Ratings on both Intelligence and Specific Social Attitudes Expressive of Conservatism and Radical' ISID. HULDAH SELINA LOYB Milwaukee LATIN Sophomore High Honors, Phi Beta Kappa. Thesis: Virgil's Place in Pastoral Poetry. N Page IO-4 N BLANCHB LUBARSKY Milwaukee LAW Milwaukee Normal College I. DOROTHY E. LUCAs Chicago, Illinois BOTANY University of Chicago r, 2: Summer Ses' sion Daily Cardinal 3g Outing Club 4: Collegiate League of Women Voters 4g Beta Sigma Omicron. Thesis: The Effect of Some Gases on Forcing Certain Flowers. MARCUS A. LUCAS, JR. Clarksville, Arkansas FINANCE College of the .Ozarks 1, ag Sigma Alpha Epsilon. lik? wr .mo al.'f'5kga-as . 'I -0 was ,I PHYLLIQ BEATRICE LUCHSINIGER Mineral Point SPEECH shi ef' MORRIS LUNTZ Milwau ee ACCOUNTING 'N V S 5 1' Fil' A rl. , .Y. .. I:. . , r 3 V T 5 ' ' - o 5-23511-4 e 1 - .i I . , , ,vi . A I e ff I Milton College I, 2g HAROLD CHARLES LUCHT Racine CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E. 7., 3, 4Q Triangle. Thesis: Effects of High Temperatures cn Reinforced Concrete Beams. RICHARD J. LUDWIG Milwaukee LAW Forensic Beard Vice-President ag Soph- omore SemifPublic Debateg Philomathf ian President ag Student Forum Pres' ident ZQ Gamma Eta Gamma President 4. LESTER L. LUDWIGSEN Bayfield ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 'W' Club 2 .3, 4, Freshman Basketballg Freshman Swimmingg Varsity Water Polo 2, 3, 4Q Chi Omicron Nug Triangle. CLARA BEATR ICE LUECIQ Watertown SOCIOLOGY RUTH EVBLYN LUELL Milwaukee ENGLISH University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee IQ University of Wisf consin B.A.g Delta Phi Delta. I Thesis: Matthew Arnold's Treatment of the Philistine of the Victorian' Era as Compared with Sinclair Lewis Treat' ment of Him Today. REUBEN T. LUBLOFP Colby FINANCE 1928 Badger Copy and Collections Depart' ment, 1919 Badger Treasurer, Commerce Magazine Circulation Department 2, Advertising Manager 3g Commerce Club 2, 3, 4, President 4g Commerce Ad' vlsory Commission 3, 41 Delta Sigma P President 4. RUTH ANNE LUHMAN Sheboygan HISTORY Milwaukee State Teachcr's College I, 2. Thesis: The Austins in the Colonization of Texas. BILL ADELAIDE LUNDY . Tulsa, Oklahoma FRENCH University of Illinois I, 2, Chi Omega. Thesis: The French Symholists in Art. N Page 105 N Milwaukee State Normal Collcgc I. LUCILLE C. LYNCH Madison MEDICAL SCIENCE T hesis: Pollen Reactions and Their Rela tion to Anaphylaxis. OSBORNB LYSNE Stoughton GENERAL COMMERCE Freshman Track- Varsity Track ' i 7-i as 4 Rho Epsilon Delta 4, Kappa Sigma. HELEN G. MACDONALD , Aurora, Illinois LETTERS AND SCIENCE WardfBelmont College 12 Y. W. C. A. 'Sophomore Commission, Gamma Phi Beta. Thesis: The Experimental Theatre Since 1918. JOHN IRWIN MACNICHOL Oshkosh ENGLISH Oshkosh State K Teacher's College IQ 1929 Prom Traffic Committee, Varsity Football Manager 4, Psi Upsilon. TOM STUART MACNICHOL Oshkosh ENoL1s1-1 Oshkosh State Teachers College IQ Basketball Manager zg Psi Upsilon. MARTHA MCAULAY Yakima, Washington ECONOMICS University of Washington 1, 2, QQ Internaf Serial Cluh 43 Arden Club .ig Delta Delta e ca. RUTH HARRIET MCCARTAN Portage PSYCHOLOGY Rosary College rg Psychology Club 3, 4. MARY BERNICE MCCARTHY Eden ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B. A.g Scholar in English. MILDRED L. MGCUNE Sheffield, Illinois APPLIED ARTS 1929 Prom Program Committeeg 1927 Women's Decorations Ccmmitteeg Kappa Alpha Theta. Thesis: Survey of Silver Flatware the Consumers Point of View. from GERTRUDE ANN MCDONALD Madison DIETETICS Theta Phi Alpha. EVELYN MCELHINNEY Waterloo, Iowa LETTERS AND SCIENCE N Page 106 N EVELYN EDRIS M3ELPHATR1cR Franklin, Pennsylvania SOCIOLOGY Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 41 Crucibleg Sophomore Honors: Alpha Kappa Deltag Gamma Phi Beta. Thesis: A Study of the Secret Societies Among the Indian Tribes of the Plains Area and their Relation to those Among the Tribes of the Eastern NVoodlands Area. ELEANORE MARY MCERILLY Madison soc1oLoGY ROBERT WILLIANT MCFARLANB Janesville CHEMICAL ENGINEERING First Regimental Concert Band IQ A. It Ch. E. 4, SergeantfatfArms 4Q Alpha Chi Sigma. if' M fl I I , , , .Q R 51r:,.:1. :: , ' gl. . '.."' Q 'jeff i L? 21 A V' ' X N fl fif'if" 'li 4 J 3 9 ' ig Q' Q Q FRANCIS JOHN MCGOURTY Milwaukee MECHANICAL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin Extension Divi' sion of Milwaukee I, 2g A. S. M. E. 3, 4. FRANCIS HENRY MCGOVERN Milwaukee MEDICAL SCIENCE Octopus Business Staff I , Collections Man' ager 2, 3, Literary Magazine Collections Manager 2, SQ 1929 Prcm Decorations Committeeg Haresfoot Dramatic Club 21 Club QQ Freshman Svrimmingg Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4g Nu Sigma Nu, Sigma Nu. JOHN N. MCGOVERN I QJGYF, l vii: Q' KATHRYN ELIZABETH MCCU wg- Bevwyn, Illinois Morton Junior College I, 2: French Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, 41 French House 3, 4, Social Chairman 4. Thesis: The Role of Women in Balzac. KATHERINE ANDREWS MCKEE Oconomowoc HISTORY WarclfBelmont College ly 2., Delta Gamma- Milwaukee JACK C. MCKENNA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Madlsigs A. I. Ch. E., Alpha Chi Sigma, Tau Beta ECONOM Pig Phi Lambda Upsilong Sigma Nu. Phi Kappa Sigma. I ILLIAN ELIZABETH MCKINNEY Delavan ENGLISH CATHERINE M. MCKNIGHT Memphis, Tennessee JOURNALISM WardfBelmont School for Girls I, 23 Corantog 'Iheta Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta. Thesis: "A Newspaper and Merchandisf ing Survey of the First Precinct of the Second Ward ofthe City of Madison." JOHN DANIEL MCLANE West Bend MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee I, ZQ Triangle. N Page 107 N LORRAINE MCMIANAMY Madison APPLIED ARTS Rosary College IQ University Of Wis- consin B.S., PanfHellenic Council 3, 43 Rushing Chairman 4g French Club ag Beaux Arts Club 3, 4, Alpha Omicron Pi. JAMES A. MCMULLBN Omaha, Nelrraslqa COMMERCE Grinnell College 1, ZQ Daily Cardinal Advertising Staff 3, 4gCommerce Maga- zine Business Manager 3, Advertising Manager 4, Delta Sigma Pi. ALICE KATHERINE MCNEEL Beloit X X ERENCH , Beloit College I, 25 Episcopal Vestry. Member 4g Pi Beta Phi. , as is 4? I g Cf . 1. x N GBRTRUDE MAY MCPHERSON Columbus, Ohio FRENCH S. G. A. Council ZQ Y. W. C. A. Fresh' man Commission IQ Y. W. C. A. Sophof more Commission 2, Sophomore Honors Kappa Kappa Gamma. - Thesis: Mme. de Sevigne. JANET AGNES MAGISTAD Forestville NURSING Luther Memorial Cabinet Member 2, 3 Keystone Council 4, W. A. A. 1, 2 Class Outdoor Baseball IQCIRSS Hockey 1 2, Nurses Dormitory President 4, Fresh man Scholarship. LEWIS CLAYTON MAGNUSBN Oshkosh LAW Oshkosh State Teacherls College 1 Phi Delta Phi, Phi Sigma Kappa. s s . ik ww , we la. Mazomanie Racine 1 . N We KEN. L. MAHONY Louis B. MANoNus . E , BOTANY Rifle Team, Freshman Baseball, Class Outdoor Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Track IQ Class Indoor Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Pi Phi. Thesis: A Study of the Lobeliaceae and Other Families. MYRNA A. MALCOLM Madison TEXTILES Lombard College 1, 2, Delta Zeta. PEARL S. MALSIN Republic, Michigan POLITICAL SCIENCE Daily Cardinal Promotion Manager, Women s Sports Editor 2, Merchandising SUVICE MHUHECY 33 1919 Badger Womens Intramural Editor: Octopus Business Staff 15 W- A- A- I, 2, 3. 4, Board 2, Pubf IICIIY Manager 2, Womens Intramural Committee 2, Class Outdoor Baseball 1, IQ Class Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, Class Indoor Baseball 1, 2, Varsity Volley Ball QQ Varsity Indoor Baseball 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Italian Club 1, 2, 3, Entertainment Committee Chairman IQ Sophomore Honors, International Rela' tions Club 3, Phi Kappa Phi. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. 3, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi. ARTHUR W1LL1AM MANsr1ELo Cleveland, Ohio PHYSICAL EDUCATION 1929 Prom Assistant General Chairman, 1929 Prom Trafhc Committee, Athletic Board 3, 4g "W" Club 2, 3, 4, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4Q Varsity Basket' ball 2, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Sigma Pi. Thesis: Infections Caused by Athletic Injuries, their Prevention and Care. LAURA MANTELL Chicago, Illinois ADVERTISING University of Illinois 1, 2. Thesis: The Advertising and Merchandis- ing of a Food Product Exemplihed by the Quaker Oats Company. N Page 108 N ANNE MARINELLI Hibbing, Minnesota HISTORY Hibbing Junior College 1, 2, LeCercle Francais 4. Thesis: History of XVest Point. CATHERINE G. MARKS Madison DIETBTICS Eutheriics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Variation in the Calcium Content of Peas. KENNETH GERALD MARSDEN Edgerton FINANCE Commerce Magazine Business Staff 1, 2, Assistant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4, Motber's Day Finance Com' mittee Chairman 3, Commerce Club 2, 3 4, Commerce Advisory Commission 3, 4 Secretary 4Q Delta Sigma Pi. esta '1 4 I 'IE ' fy , 1 4 .4 f F,-1 . p p E . .Q ,. . pq P V Q I ' r 4 rg n N . S 4 I i fy. 4? Q! ,Q 4 " WJ '- rig " ' '? 4 I f, ' ' 535' 'ls . I f 1 , na- v 4 y a 'S 4 5 .Ame l. L . . . v - Q 7 Y 4' f U' I "' 5' k- 94 .,, A .. Louis Seo-1-T MARSH CHESTER V. MATHISON Elvoy 1, fi Greenwood BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I j Q BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Octopus Business Staff 2, 31 Literary MARGARET MAB MARTII 'sq AGNES IVIARION IVIASSEY Beta Kappa. Magazine Business Staff 2, 3g Y. M. C. A. Wausau ' Lake Ggqqgvg, Freshman Committeeg Y. M. C. A. HISTORY LATIN Sophomore Commissiong Congregational Association Member 1, 2, QQ Haresfoot Thesis: Problems of an Early Western Marquette University IQ Sigma Alpha Play 3g Theta Xi. Storekeeper. Iota. Marks Thesis: Collection of Essays. Roy LEE MArsoN Minneapolis, Minnesota INEZ LOIIETTA MASON U gOiJ5NAu5MBA D ll I niversity 0 isconsin , .g ai y MARGY MARSHALL Beaver Dam Cardinal Desk Editor 3, News Editor 4Q Madison HOME ECONOMICS A I928 Homecoming Publicity Committee, NURSING Euthenics ' Club 2, 3, 43 Phi Upsilon BBATRICE IVIASTERSON Father's .Day Publicity Committeeg I V - I , Qmgcron, San Antonio Texas First Regimental Concert Band IQ Press University of Wisconsin B.S.g Dolphin - , - f h ' C1 b - S' m D lm Chi- Chi Phi, Club 2 Thesis., The Effect offglrocessing o t e ENGLISH U 3, 4, lg 3 6 , , Thesis: Regeneration ofthe Hemaglohin. Vltamlnlacontento ecse' Mt- Vernon Seminary I, 2. Gamma Phi Beta. JACK WILLIAM MASON KAREN MARTIN COMISSZEQZJHQI QBEUSIC L GUERDON IVIORRIS MATTHEWS Pelham Manor, New 'York , , , EONASD TATHES. Plfmgvflle University of Chicago IL Haresfoot Draf Sp, Lows, Migggufg CCOUXITING ENGLISH - - . f A L matic Club 2, 3, 4. President 4, Hares oct ECONOMICS Q Alpha Xi Delta. Play 2, 3, 4Q Phi Kappa Sigma. I I A A Platteville State' Teacher S College 13 Thesis: The Two'Fold Art of William Thesis: Musical Composition for Orches- Vrfashington University I, 2g Varsity University of Wisconsin B.A. Blake, gm, Baseball 3, 4Q Phi Beta Delta. Thesis: Accounting Systems. N Page 109 N W, I ij., F 'E r 6: 5 . get K Q Q V GERTRUDE E. MAURER Milwaukee ENGLISH St. Mary-offthefWoods College IQ Mil- waukee Downer Colle e 2'fArden Club E I 3, 41 Collegiate League of Women Voters 3, Alpha Gamma Delta. WILBUR W. MAvEs Milwaukee PHYSICS First Regimental Concert Band 3, 4. Thesis: The Frequency Response and Efficiency of Loud SpeakingvDevices. HANNAH MAX Sheboygan LETTERS AND SCIENCE FREDERICK AUSTIN MAXEIEL - 4 CAROLINE MEIS tai Milwaukee ' Kenosha I ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING First Regimental Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4Q University Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team 3, 4Q Pistol Team 1, 2g Plailomathia I, 21 De Molay Club I, 2, A. I. E. E. 2, 3, 4, Advisory Board 4g Sophomore Honors, Kappa Eta Kappa, Eta Kappa Nu Secref tary, Tau 'Beta Pi. EDWARD J. MEAGHER Ottawa, Illinois ACCOUNTING ' President's Guard 1, 2, Freshman Foot- ball, Freshman Basketball, Commerce Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary QQ Commerce Advisory Commission 3, 4g Beta Gamma Sigma Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Honors, Delta Sigma Pi. ELDENA MEIER Indianapolis, Indiana INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT Butler University I, 2, W. A. A, , - Delta Delta Delta. I 7' LATIN Thesis: The Study of Perseus in Classical Literature. HELEN DOROTHY MEISELWITZ Kiel ENGLISH W. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Collegiate League of Women Voters 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4g German Club 2, 3, 4Q Castalia 42 Kappa Delta. FRANKLIN MEISTER Slinger MEDICAL SCIENCE Thesis: "Relation of Venous Pressure to Cardiac Size in Man." N Page 110 N ANNE MBLNIR Milwaukee SOCIOLOGY University of Illinois I . Thesis: Child Welfare. CLAIRE LOUISE MENGES Madison GENERAL HOME ECONOMICS Delta Delta Delta. Thesis: The History of Sans EDWARD G. MENNES Stoughton HISTORY St. Olaf College I, 2. Thesis: Presidential Campaign of 1860 in XVisconsin. ,Wx- jfs I v NNN X 45192 . :sit se All ta fc, -'x l 1' q , R X CECIL J. Lvu:n,nI.r vom. . .. L. .... .. X Q X --.-,- L-- , ,,,,,, Y , W, Y QNER MILLER Dodgeville Grafton Shreveport, Louisiana Milwaukee AGRONOMY DIETETICS N f HISTORY CIVIL ENGINEERING Y. M. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Milwaukee Downer College IQ ' S iversity Orchestra 1, Q., Alpha Epsilon University of Wisconsin Extension Divi President's Guard I, 2g Saddle and Sir' Memorial Cabinet Member 3, 4, Euth U I P i. sion of Milwaukee 1, z, A. S. C. E. 3, 4. loin 4g Delta Theta Sigma Secretary. MAURIGE METTEL Milwaukee LAW MILDRED MEULI Chippewa Falls HOME EcoNoMIcs ics Club 4. ' Thesis: Madame cle Stael and Her Relaticn Thesis: A Dietary Study of Meals Served in Some XVisconsin Hotels. HERBERT R. MEYER Fond du Lac CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E. 3, 4, De Molay Club IQ Square and Compass. Thesis' An Analysis of the Location of U. S. No. SI in Dane County. SYLVIA ELIZABETH MEYER Washington, D. C. GEOLOGY Clef Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 4, President 3, Large Dolphin Club 4Q W. A. A. Cottage Board 2g Women's Intraf mural Athletics General Chairman 2, Varsity Hockey E, 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Castalia 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Secref tary 4, Geology Club 3, 4Q Mu Phi Epsilon Treasurer 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar. Board Treasurer, Crucible, Sophomore High Honors, Kappa Delta. I Thesis: An Outline of the Geology of Mexico. to the French Revolution. CECELIA S. MILLER Detroit, Michigan ENGLISH Alpha Delta Pi. EARL ROY MILLER Mi lwaulqee PHYSICS X Milwaukee State Teacher's College 1, 2, Tripp Hall President 4, Arrowhead. Thesis: Long Waves in Sodium Emission. NPage lll N Thesis: The Development of Automatic Train Control. HOWARD QUINCY MILLER Wausau HISTORY Thesis: The Correspondence of King George III from 1763-1775, Tending Toward an Imperialistic Policy in the Colonies. JANET KAREN MILLER Mavinette JOURNALISM Lawrence College IQ University of Wis- consin B.A., Daily Cardinal Advertising Assistant 3, Olice Assistant 4Q Univer' sity Press Club 31 Phi Mu. Thesis: An Analysis of the "Marinette Eagle Star." I 0 ia -r fa, x l 'sv L. JULIUS ANTON MILLER Elgin, Illinois University of Illinois I, ZQ Octopus Artist 3, Assistant Art Editor 4, Literary Magazine Editorial Staff 4. STI'PaEN B. MILLER Monroe CHEMISTRY First Regimental Concert Band 2, 3, 4, University Orchestra 3, 4, Square and Compass. Thesis: Bacteriological Signiiicance of the Catolytic Effect of Iron and Copper Salts on Hydrogen Peroxide. W. LYCAN MILLER , La Crosse ZOOLOGY Club 2, 3, 4, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4. X, 'N x .J f FRANCES MARIAN Flint, Michigan ENGLISH Flint junior College 1, 22 Chi Omega. JOE MITI-IUs Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE HAROLD JOHN MOE Milwaukee GENERAL BUSINESS Octopus Collections Department r, Com' merce Magazine Editorial Board 42 "W" Club 3, 42 Freshman Track, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4: Varsity Cross Country 3, 4, Commerce Club 2, 3, 4, Interfraternity Council 3, 43 Commerce Advisory Com' mission 3, 4, President 4, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Gamma Sigma. Thesis: Retail Store Purchasing Policies. ADIEN MOESER Port Washington TEXTILES Downer College I, 2, Pan' Phi Alpha, of the Costume of the HARVEY WILLIAM MOIIR Milwaukee CIVIL ENGINEERING University of XVisconsin Extension Divi- sion of Milwaukee IQ Freshman Basket' ball, Engineer's Club 3, 4, A. S, C. E. 4, Gamma Kappa Phi. WILLARD LEROY MOMSEN Milwaukee HISTORY Union Board 3, 4, 1929 Prom General Chairman, IQ18 Homecoming Assistant General Chairman, IQ27 Homecoming Massmeeting Committee, 1926 Homef coming Bonfire Committee, Interschol- astic 2, 3, Mid-West Relay Carnival 2, 3, High School State Basketball Tournament 2, 3, Congregational Student Cabinet Member 2, 3, 4, "W" Club 3, 4, Fresh' man Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Tumas President 2, Iron Cross, White 'Spades, Alpha Delta Phi. NPage Ill N LEON MONPRIED Madison CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. S. Ch. E. 2, 3, 4. EDITH CHAMP MOORE Lancaster, Kentucky FRENCH University of Kentucky IQ Alpha Xi Delta. Thesis: George Sand's Ideas on Life and Art. MARGARET ANNING MOORE Monroe FOOD AND NUTRITION 1926 Homecoming Button -Committee, Mother's Day Invitations Committee 2, Delta Delta Delta. , Thesis: Food and Dining in Chaucers Time. .Jem ' masks. Y I A .4 A .. ,, - 4 l I I 1 1 i 4 w .9 01 Oak Park Illinois HISTORY Wisconsin University Players 4 WILLIAM FRANCIS MORRIS Washburn LAW Georgetown University I, 2, 1928 Prom Music Chairman,Phi Kappa. MARVEL ELIZABETH MORRISON Oregon ' ENGLISH Class Volley Ball IQ Italian Club 3, 4. I I I I I 5 L ri Igargx C f ELNAA IRENE MORRISSEY ' A 5 ATI-IARINIE MULLEVBACH gn 'I r P' ,W A I Il' l I 4 HI. f 'K Q It v 1 Q7 I -f v r w I' Q MAXINE MARGUERITE MOORMAN v A -- E, RUSSELL Mumz - A 2 .5 f X .1 I, g 1 329 9' ' Bloomington Clncago Illmots ELENIENTARY EDUCATION Congregational Student Cabinet Mem- ber 2, 3, 4, Church Group Secretary SQ Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Clubs, junior Advisor, Delta Zeta. Thesis: The Present Status of the junior High School. NANCY JANE MUGGLETON janesuille ENGLISH Principia College I, 2g Kappa Kappa Gamma. Thesis: Edna St. Vincent Millay. FRANK ARTHUR MUIRHEAD Eyota, Minnesota JOURNALISM Des Ivioines University I, 2, University of Wisconsin A.B., Honor Thesis. I Thesis: An Investigation into Public Utilities Propaganda as Reflected in Wis- consin Newspapers. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Chi Omega. JOHN KERN MUMEORD, JR. Youngstown, Ohio ECONOMICS Thiel College I, 2, 3, Delta Sigma Phi. BERNICE M. MUNSON London COMMERCE - XVomen's Commerce Club 3, 4g Phi Omega Pi. NPage ll? N Elgin, Illinois MEDICAL SCIENCE University of Wisconsin BS Wisconsin University Players 2 3 4 Rifle Club I Sigma Sigma, Sophomore Honors, Student Assistant in Anatomy, Nu Sigma Nuzg Chi Phi. Thesis: A Study of Cozzlino's Area in the Middle Ear of Mammals. CHARLES DRISCOLL MURPHY Milwaukee ENGLISH Arden Club I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4, Philomathia 1, 2, 3, Vice- President 2, Phi Beta Kappa, Sophomore High Honors. Thesis: jeremy Taylor. JESSICA MURPHY West Hartford, Connecticut HISTORY Mystic Circle, Pi Beta Phi. l L. 1 4 6 I 5 . an y f 5 ,X ROBERT B. L. MURPHY Madison HISTORY 1928 Badger Forensics Department Editorg Cardinal Board VicefPresident 4: Forensic Board Treasurer 2, President 3, Wisconsin University Players 2, 3, 4Q University Theatre Comptroller 3, 4: Hesperia I, 2, 3, 4g Phi Kappa Phig Sophomore Honors, Chi Phi. Thesis: The Historical Development of the English Legal Profession to the Reformation. MARION. AGNEs MURRAY Chicago, Illinois ENGLISH Beloit College IQ University of Wisconsin B.A.g International Club 3, 4Q Delta Zeta. Thesis: The Teaching of English in Sec' ondary Schools for the Past Decade from the Standpoint of Arnold's Educational Ideals. NBLL M. MYERS Glen Haven NURSING oy! : W I ' N 3' Q JACK HOMER NASON . , ' S LUDWINA MARIE NELSON Kenilworth, Illinois W ' 'L Madison GENERAL BUSINESS LATIN Commerce Magazine Collections Man' ager 3, Assistant Business Manager 44 Sigma Phi. Thesis: Balance Sheet Analysis of Sixteen Corporations Representing the Basic Industries of the Nation. WILLIAM FOLSOM NEILL Madison HISTORY Freshman Track, Interfraternity Counf cil 3, 4g Lambda Chi Alpha. Thesis: The Position of the VicefPresident in United States History. GEORGE HIRAM NELSON Madison PHYSICS junior Mathematics Club 4: Phi Sigma Phi SecI'etaryfTreasurer 4: Acacia. Thesis: Television: Construction and Ex' perimcnts with a Television Receiver. Thesis: Street Life in Rome in the Time of juvenal. MARI.AN J. NELSON Madison ECONOMICS Thesis: The History of Boulder Dam. PHYLLIS M. NELSON Sauk City LETTERS AND scIENcE N Page l14- N COURTLAND EDWARD NEWLIAN Superior ECONOMICS Superior Normal School I, 2, University of Wisconsin Ph.B.g Phi Kappa Psi. FLORENCE ELLEN NEWLIAN juda HISTORY NVhitewater Smte Teachers College I 2 Spanish Club 4. LILLIAN NEWMAN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania HISTORY Alpha Epsilon Phi. Thesis: Madame Poland and Her Relation to the French Revolution. N X RBNEE ANNBTTB NBWMAN Milwaukee ENGLISH University gf Wisconsin B.A.g Dailv Cardinal Feature Writer 2. Junior Editor 35 Panel-Ielleniq Style Show Publicity Chair' man 9.5 French Club 1, zg Alpha Epsilon Phil Thesis: Thomas Hardy's Interpretation of Nature. MONONA Louise Nicictas Madison PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC University Orchestra 2, 3g XVornen's Glee Club 3, 4, President 4g Clef Club zg Keystone Council 42 Pythia Literary Society 1, 2, 3g Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Xi Delta. Thesis: Voice Recital. AUGUST NIBBUHR La Crosse PHYsrOi.OoY Thesis: The Effect of Venous Pressur On Cardiac Size. JUDITH F. NINMAN Reedshurg -TOURNALISM Daily Cardinal Reporter 1, Junior Editor 3, WOman's Editor 4Q Athletic Review Reporter 3, 1919 Prom Publicity Com' mitteeg 1917 Homecoming Publicity Com- mitteeg Mother's Day Publicity Commit' tee 3, Religious Conference Publicity Committee Chairman 3g Red Gauntlet Committee Chairman, Yellow Tassel Committee Chairmang Keystone Council 4g Y. W. C. A.Cabinet 3g Class Rifle Team IQ Press. Club Q., 3, Secretary zg PanfPrOfessional Council QQ 4, Vicef President 4g Coranto Presidentg Crucible. Thesis: Analysis of the "Reedsburg Times," GROVER A. J. Notrzizi. Greenwood ECONOMICS First Regimental Concert Band 1, 21 Artus 3, 4. Thesis: International Trade Relations. ROGER A. NOON Peru, Illinois JOURNALISM LaSalle junior College 1, :zg Phi KapPPl- Thesis: A Critical Analysis of the "Postf Tribune" fLa Salle, Illinoisj. LEILA NORTH Detroit, Michigan TEXTILES WardfBelmont College 1, 2, Alpha Chi Omega. Thesis: Fur Seals of Alaska. NAOMI B. NOR-rz Devils Lake, North Dakota APPLIED ARTS Carleton College 1, 2. EDWARD ARTHUR NUSBAUM Richmond, Indiana seater-i University of Florida ig Intercollegiate Debate Squad 42 First Regimental Concert Band 1, 3, 4, University Orche tra 3, 4, Phi .Mu Alpha, Sinfonia, Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Kappa Lambda. Thesis' A Physiological Correlate of Inf telligence of Possible Clinical Use with Speech Defectives. 'vpage ll5 N Mas. CAROLYN L. Nye Madison NORMAL sorioot couizse JOHN ARTHUR OAKEY Madison CIVIL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Business Stalf 34 Cadet Corps Sergeant Major zq Presidents Guard Sergeant Major zg Freshman Trackg A. S. C. E. 4Q Sophomore Honorsg U. W. Summer School Survey Camp Chief En' gineer zg Chi Epsilon. Thesis: An Experimental Study of Deep Well Centrifugal and Air Lift Pumping of Artesian Wells at Monroe, Wis. ANTHONY E. O1BRIEN Mt. Pleasant, Michigan ENGLISH Central Michigan Normal College 1, 25 Haresfoot Dramatic Club 3, 4Q l-Iaresfoot Orchestra 3g Phi Alpha Delta. Thesis: The Comedies of Shakespeare and Ben Jonson-A Com parison. ' Mies is . 9 it yi 1 ..q.m - FRANCIS JOSEPH O'CONNOR Union City, Connecticut ENGLISH Georgetown and Connecticut Agriculf tural College IQ Wisconsin University Players 2, 3, 42 Haresfoot Dramatic Club Q., 3, 4, VicefPresident 4, Haresfoot Play 2, 3, 42 National Collegiate Players, Phi Gamma Delta. Thesis: A Study ofthe Writings ofDonald Grant Mitchell. EUGENE ODBERT, JR. Sturgeon Bay ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING President's Guard I, ZQ A. I. E. E. 3, 4, Chairman Student Branch 4Q Kappa Eta Kappa VicefPresident 3, 4. LORBTTA M. A. ODELL Madison POLITICAL SCIENCE Mother's Day Invitations Committee 2, Baptist Student Cabinet Member 2, 3, 4, VicefPresident 2, Campus Religious Council Member 3g Y. W. C. A. Fresh' man Commission 1925, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission 1926, Varsity Rifle Team IQZGQ Student Forum 1926, International Relations Club 3, 4, Secref tary 3, Sophomore Honors 1926. Thesis: One Hundred Fifty Years ofTreaty Making by the United States: 1778-1928. its ARTHUR M. OEHLER . ALICE I. OISETH Milwau ee Rochester, Minnesota ECONOMICS Marquette University 1, 2. ELIN MARIE OHLSON - Rochester, New 'York FRENCH Syracuse University I, 2, 3, Alpha Xi Delta. Thesis: French. MARGERY ELIZABETH OIHORA Mazomanie HOME ECONOMICS Theta Phi Alpha. Thesis: Factors which Have Influenced the Change in the use of Material in Lighting Fixtures in Our Home. TEXTILES Euthenics Club 3, 4. ISAEEL MARIE OLBRICH Madison ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A., Daily Cardinal Assistant Collection Man- ager 3. 4, Congregational Student Cabinet Member I, 2, 3, 4, Y. VJ. C. A. Freshman and Sophomore Clubs I, 2, W. S. G. A. Advisory Committee 3, Phi Beta Vice' President 45 Alpha Omicron Pi. Thesis: The Effect of Moonlight in the Poetry of john Keats. CARL ROBERT OLDENEURG Wausau ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. 3, 4Q Delta Pi Epsilon. NPage1l6'N MARY VIRGINIA O'I..EARY Chicago, Illinois ENGLISH St. lvfaryfof-the-Woods College 1, Alpha Phi. , 0' i i ? "'-1 Ir' f I QJ . i is . DOROTHY H. OLSEN Rockdale HISTORY Sophomore Honors. Thesis: "Phases of the Diplomatic Caree of Colonel Edward M. House," CATHERINE ELIZABETH OLSON Madison LATIN I' W. A. A. 2, 3, Class Bowling r, Mathe- matics Club 4. Thesis: "T he Religion of Aeneas." if, Ijf. fi ,jig .--5:1,- 1 " 12533 . wg. 0 l X fl x .J F Their Letters, Council ' PanfHellenic Council Q9 .W HELEN A. OLSON f ' X Stoughton ld, , ' ENGLISH L? ' Them: Carlyle and jane Wglqh Carlyle in VALLIE KATHERINE OLSON 'g ERNICE ELLEN ORCHARD Minot, North Dakota ' , Lancaster ECONONUCS PSYCHOLOGY Alpha Phi. Lawrence College IQ Psychology Club 3, 4. Thesis: An Experimental Study of the Change in Social Attitudes of a Group of Students Over a Certain Period of Time. MARGARITA OLSON Eggilgligs ' ' ANNIE LEE ORR Octopus Business Staff 4Q Keystone CATHERINE M4 OQMALLEY V Madison Presidentill' D 1 Z 3, 4' Waunakee ASOQOLOGY 4, C ra 2521- ECONOMICS Arkansas University li Y. W. C. A. Thesis: The Labor Market Since 1890. HENRY RUDOLPH OLSON Spring Valley GEOGRAPHY River Falls State Teachers College IQ Geography Club 3, 4. Thesis: A Study in the Physiography of the Appalachian Plateaus. - W. A. A, 2, SQ Women's Commerce Club 2, 3, 45 Italian Club 45 Theta Phi Alpha. GERALD ROBERT OQMALLBY Madison ECONOMICS Vespers Committee Hostess 2, 31 Cole legiatc League of Women Voters Treusf urer 2, 3: Student Employment Olfice Assistant 2, 3, 4, ' IVANELLE ORR Bloomington CHEMISTRY Milwaukee Downer College I, 25 C01- egiate League of Women Voters 42 Math- ematics Club 4Q Athletic Association I, 22 Kappa Delta. 'N Page 117 N LOUISE LYLE ORR Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ENGLISH Oklahoma City University: University of Wisconsin B.A.g Pi Beta Phi. JEAN ELINOR OSCAR Madison ENGLISH Superior State Teachers College L WILLIAM- BOE OSGOOD Waukegan, Illinois ENGLISH Chi Psi. l .,'f' QF, P l 5f Eb Q P fn- if xQ,"39f ' x HELEN OSTERBIND I Monroe FINANCE VIOLANTE COOK OWEN O Keystone Council 4. Sun Pmim, HAROLD VINTON PACE DIETETICS Mllwauliee University of Wisconsin B,S.g Alpha MARKETING ' Gamma Delta. Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3. 4Q President s Guard 13 Thesis: The Effect of Beverages on Meta' Athenae Literary Society 3, 4, Secretary 4: bolism. U. of W. Radio Club IQ Commissioned Scout Leader in charge of Madison Troop S1341 for Three Years, hesis: Direct Mail Advertising. ALBON WILLIAM OVERGARD Cashton MARTHA AUSTINE PAGE MEDICINE Madison La Crosse State Teacher's College 1, 2: PHILLIP OWENS FRENCH Them: The Ernptyxng Time of the . Cambridge chef Club It 2: Mu Phi Epsilon. sopho, Caecum of the Rabbit. JOHN D. OWEN Phillips MEDICINE LAW Gamma Eta Gamma. HYMAN I. OXMAN Milwaukee 'LAW more Honorsg Kappa Kappa Gamma. RALPH B. PAHLMEYER Madison ECONOMICS Interscholastic 2, 3, 4Q MidfWest Relay Carnival 3, 4Q "W" Club 2. 3. 42 Fresh- man Football: Freshman Trackg Varsity Track 1, 3, 4. Thesis: Financial History and Operating Problem of Wisconsin Power and Light Motor Buss Department in Wisconsin. 'vPa'ge, 118 N BELLA PALBY Madison SOCIAL WORK University of Wisconsin B.A. Thesis: Comparison oi Trait Rating by Oneself and Others. Louis HBRLTAN PALEY Madison ECONOMICS Alpha Epsilon Pi. CARLOS A. PALMER fanesville PHYSICAL EDUCATION University of Wisconsin B.S.g, 1929 Prom Transportation Committeeg Interscholas- tic 2, 3, 44 MidfWest Relay Carnival 2, 3, 45 Freshman Baseball: Freshman Swim' mingg Phi Epsilon Kappa Vice'President 3, President 4: Sigma Pi. 1 s -we Y- ' ' Lifes. as N ..1Ls2S4k'-EYGJX-... 'N is 54 LELAND LAPHAM PALMER La Crosse GEOLOGY 1926 Homecoming Hobo Parade Com "espn W' " ' 1 ef E k 4. GLEN ERWIN PAULSON 'l ACCOUNTING ALICE MARY PARK - A RUBY KATHERINE PATON Thurs Accounting Topics 7 .5 li in Q 4. i it mittee, Y M C A Cabinet 1, W Club 4g Freshman Footballg Freshman Swimming, Varsity Water Polo 3, 4Q Varsity Football 2, Alpha Chi Rho. PATRICIA PALMER Pomona, California ENGLISH Pomona College 1, ZQ Gamma Phi Beta. GENEVIEVE S. PARKER Green Lake HISTORY University of Wisconsin B.A,, Ripon College I. 2g St. Francis House, Presif dent of Altar Guild 43 Girl's Council Daughters of St. Mary Treasurer 3, 4. Madison ' Superior HISTORY CLAYTON F. PASCHEN Chicago, Illinois CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Northwestern University IQ Freshman Swimmingg Varsity Water Polo I, ZQ Class Outdoor Baseball IQ Class Indoor Baseball 1, Class Swimming rg Class Basketball IQ Varsity Swimming I, 22 Delta Epsilon. PHILLIPPA CHARLES PATEY Newtonville, Massachusetts ENGLISH Mt. Holyoke College 1, 2, 3: A112113 Omi' cron Pi. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Superior State Teacl'ier's College rg Wes- ley Foundation Religious Cabinet Mem' ber 3, 4g W. A. A. 2,-3, 45 Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer SQ Dolphin Club 3, 4g Class Outdoor Base- ball 3Q Class Hockey 3, 4g Class Indoor Baseball ZQ Class Archery 2, Class Bowl' ing 3g Barnard Hall 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. ADELINE C. PATTON River Falls ENGLISH River Falls State Teacher's College 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH H. PAUL , Racine ' SOCIOLOGY Lawrence College 1, 2. NPage 119 N RALPH CALDWELL PARKIN Madison HISTORY Sigma Nu. , Thesis: General Impressions ofthe Middle West as Recorded by British Travelers: I88O-1890. OENIA PAYNE New 'York City - ENGLISI-I Class Volley Ball IQ Class Basketball IQ Varsity Volley Ball IQ Gamma Phi Beta. Thesis: james Thronnson, 1832-68. alas . A L - it 5 ...Q -- a e, ici? in E4 'Y' fille' D I f' 9 ,Q .J I 'pf P ', fr R I- r 4 5 5 J l I I I I . CTS' 7. 'f Y 'lf' ew es-a CARL ALBIN PEARSON ' Q " MAX PERLMAN Rockford, Illinois 1, 555 Madison ECONOMICS sg PSYCHOLOGY Beloit College Ig Haresfoot Dramatic DOROTHY ELIzAEETI-I PEEPL 'L " EANOR LUCILB PENNINGTON phiEp5i1OnPg, ' Club 2' 3e 45 Hmsfoof Play 22 Sigma Washington, D. C. ' Madison Alpha Epsllon' ERENCI-I CHEMISTRY JOAN ALICE PECR Herman, Minnesota GENERAL EDUCATION Thesis: A Study of Waste and Portions in Vegetables. VIRGINIA ALICE PECK Clinton, Iowa FRENCH Beloit College rgFrerIch Club 3, 4. Thesis: Francis Carca-Life and Works. George Vilashington University IQ 1928 Badger Classes Department, Delta Zeta. Thesis: Money as a Motive Power in Balzac's Novels. DOROTHY MARY PICKART Stevens Point Rosary College IQ St. Mary's of Notre Dame zg Alpha Omicron Pi. CHARLES EDGAR PBNCB Harvard, Illinois INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION interscholastic 2, MidfWest Relay Care Ulffal 2, 35 Y. M. C. A. Freshman Com- mlff?BL Y. M. C. A. Sophomore Com- mission, Freshman Trackg Freshman Football, Freshman Swimmirgg Varsity Tmfik 7-I 3, 4Q DeMolay Club 2, 3, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Class Secretary 3, 1929 Badger Circulation Staff, Senior Swingout Committee Chair' man 3g Mothers Day Reception Com' mittee Chairman 3, Keystone Council 3, .gg Yellow Tassel Presidentg Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4, President 4, Pythia 1, 3, 4, XV. S, C. A. Council 1, 3, District Chair' man 3, Mortar Boardg Sophomore Honors, Alpha Xi Delta. Thesis: The Acids in Honey. THOMAS D. PEPPARD Manitowoc CIVIL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin B.S.g Sophomore Honors. Thesis: The Design of a Reinforced Conf Crete Arch Bridge. JOHN W. PERKINS Richland Center EDUCATION Thesis: Education. N Page 120 N ELIZABETH PERRY New 'York City ENGLISH Wheaton College rg 1917 Badger Assist' ant Circulation Department, r9zS Badger Assistant Circulation Department, Alpha Phi. Thesis: Kipling's Life as Interpreted in His Works. JOSEPH PESSIN West Allis PSYCHOLOGY Forensic Board 3g Vilas Medal Wearerg Intercollegiate Debate Squad 3, 4: Athenae Literary Society t, 2, 3, 4, Presif dent 4g Sophomore Honors. eil? ...1e?Q?E'Ig?Eax-... 9 4 5 DOROTHY A. PETER Wauwatosa MATHEMATICS AND PRENCH Rockford College I. DOROTHY HARRIET PETERSON Owatonna, Minnesota ENGLISH Denison College 1, 2. EUGENE CLAIR PETERSON Blair ACCOUNTING Chi Phi. Thesis: Accounting Topics. Call? O? - RUTH WINIFRED PETERSOI 'E GUSTAVE PHILLIPS La Porte, Indiana ' Milwaukee ART Sigma Lambda. LOUISE AMELIE PBTRUZZI Milwaukee EDUCATION Milwaukee State Normal School I, 2. Pi Lambda. Thesis: Measuring the Effectiveness of Two Remedial Methods in the Teaching of Language in a DualfI.anguage Com' munity. HERBERT S. PHELPS Beaver Dam ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. 2, 3, 4Q Kappa Eta Kappa! Eta Kappa Nu. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee I, ZQ A. 5. M. E. 4g S. A. E. 4. RACHEL RUTH PHILLIPS Madison PHYSICAL EDUCATION W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pin Wearerg Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey 3,5 Class Indoor Baseball I, 2g Class Bowl' ing 3. HARRY WELLINGTON PIERCE Oshkosh ' ECONOMICS Alpha Sigma Phi. N Page 121 N VENICE PIERSTORFE Madison NURSING I HELEN LOUISE PIKE Detroit, Michigan ENGLISH Sweet Briar College IQ Delta Gamma. Thesis: Mediterranean Induence on the Romantic Poets of England. MILDRED E. PIKE Portage NURSING Intramural Athletic Chairman 2, 3. f N I f W WE , X e f l , ,IEANETTE H. PILTZ Milwaukee ENGLISH W. S. G. A. District Chairman 3, 4g Alpha Delta Pi. Thesis: Development of Octofsyllabic Narrative Verse in American Poetry. KENNETH GEORGE PINEGAE Marinette MEDICINE University of Wisconsin B.S.g St. Francis Vestry Member 3, 4g "W" Club 4Q Freshman Track, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, Kappa Sigma. Thesis: Anatomy. LILLIAN I. PLOTKIN Toledo, Ohio JOUENALISM ' Q FD? A .sie -7 C X . Q., , .9 HELEN ELIZABETH PLUMB - V, HAROLD POLACK Manitowoc - ' Chicago, Illinois ECONOMICS University of Oregon IQ Alpha Delta Pi. RUTH ISABEL PLUMB Manitowoc ENGLISH Alpha Delta Pi. ALLAN POLACHECK Milwaukee LAW Octopus Advertising Manager 3, Busif ness Manager 42 1918 Prom Slogan Com' mittee Assistant Chairmang 1928 Home- coming Arrangements Committeeg i928 Commencement Chairman, Hillel Foundaf tion President 3 Interfraternity Council 3, 4g Member oil Court 4: Zeta Beta Tau. HISTORY Phi Sigma Delta. KENNETH WILLIAM POLLOCK Oshkosh ACCOUNTING Radio Club I, 2, 3, Secretary ag Athenae 3, 4, Vice-President 4Q Beta Gamma Sigma Cup for Commerce Freshmang Sophomore High Honorsg Phi Beta Kappa. Thesis: C. P. A. Problems. ELIZABETH POMAINVILLE Wisconsin Rapids ZOOLOGY Sullins College I: Pi Be a Phi. Thesis: Recent Developments in of Heredity of Nonlphological and Structural Characteristics of Man. N Page 122 N HAROLD GEORGE POMAINVILLE Nelqoosa MEDICINE Freshman Footballg Gamma Tau Beta: Alpha Kappa Kappa. Thesis: The Comparative Anatomy of the Female Perineum. LELAND CHARLES POMAINVILLE Nekoosa MEDICINE Freshman Footballg Gamma Tau Betag Alpha Kappa Kappa. Thesis: The Comparative Anatomy of the Female Perineum. Es'rELLE LORAINE POPHAM Chillicothe, Missouri ENGLISH Hollins College 1. 2g Arden Club 45 French Club 4Q Collegiate League of Women Voters 4. Thesis: The Treatment of the Don Juan Legend in English Literature. Ia. I.-aa 1 I 3 .k , aa. . F P 4 P., x41 E X! l f 'O f . -l J C- 4 , D 'sir 5 's I s ,515 'Q 5 6 . I I r ' 1 I -' '4 I 4 J I ' 5 l "": v 'FY -F ' W' ' 1 U f ' KENNETH EDWARD PORT ' A ' RICHARD THOMAS PUELICHER Ponggg I flVlaCliSOTl ECONOMICS LEO F. PRATT Q: , BETH ANNE PRENDERGAST ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Union Board Assisting Staff 2, 3, 4g Y. M. Madison ' 5, Madison Y- M- C- A- FfCShmHH CQIIIIIIIIUCCS Y- M- C. A. Sophomore Commission, Freshman CIVIL ENGINEERING - BOTANY C- A- 5OPh0mO1'C COIHINSSIOUS Y' M- C- Footballg All American Football 2, 3, Theta Chi. Thesis: Effect of the Automobile Indus' try's Financing Methods on Commercial Banking. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH PORTER Mulgwonago . GENERAL Country Magazine Editorial Stall' 3, Circulation Manager 4, Keystone Counf cil 4, Euthenics Club 2, 3, 4, VicefPresi- dent 3, President 4g Pan-Professional Council 3, 4, Phi Upsilon Omicron Sec' retary 3. Thesis: AStudy of Furniture Trade Marks. GEORGE ALLEN PORTH Milwaukee V ECONOMICS' Carroll-College IQ Fath'er's Day Entertain' ment- Committee 3, Ice Carnival Publicity Committee 3, German- Club. 2, 3, 43 Arden Club 2, 3, 4. Freshman Crew, A. S. C. E. 4. Thesis: "Study of Present Practice in Design of Pneumatic Cassonsf' ROBERT HUMPHREY PRATT Milwaukee ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Io28 Prom Fox Trot Committee Chair' man, Wisconsin University Players Staff Manager 4, Cadet Corps Second Lieutenant 3, Captain 4g Presidents Guard I, 2, Pistol Team IQ Varsity Basket- ball Manager I, 2, Freshman Basketball, Tumas, Zeta Psi. TI-IERON PALMER PRAY -Ashland ECONOMICS , Associate justice Interfraternity Court 4, T927 Homecoming Men's Buttons Com- mittee 2g Men's Glee Club Business Staifz, 3, Business Manager 3: Tumas, Sigma Phi. Thesis: Laws, , Decisions. and Adminis- trative Policies of Commissions Regarding the Consolidation, Reorganization and Incorporation of Public Utilities in Wisf consinf , Thesis: Development of the Flower Reseda. WARREN CHARLES PRICE Milwaukee JOURNALISM - Daily Cardinal I, 2, 3, 4, Chief Editor' ial Writer 4, Summer Cardinal 4, Io27 Badger Special Occasions Department, 1929 Prom Foreign Publicity Committee Chairman, 1927 Homecoming Foreign Publicity Committee Chairman, Sigma Delta, Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Thesis: An Analysis ofthe Editorial Com' ment on the ro28 Presidential Campaign in Five Leading Newspapers. LYLE THOMAS PRITCHARD Oshkosh' ECONOMICS University of Wisconsin B.A., Commerce Mzigazine Business Staff 2, Hesperia Literary Society r, 2, 3, Episcopal Brotherhood 3, 4. President 42 Omicron Delta Gamma. Thesis: The Mechanization of Industry, IQOC to 1926. N Page 123 N F qu,-,. . g . A. junior Council, Men's Glee Club Business Staff 2, 3, Kappa Sigma. I ' PARKER HARRY PUTNAM Janesville ACCOUNTING ELIZABETH HELEN QUADE Kewaslgum . ' PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC . . Wesley Student Cabinet Member -Vlggfi Women's Glee Club 3, 4. 1 Thesis: Music Types as an Approachfto- Appreciation in High School. , -. N ' " I a.ig,fs fi CQ'C7s91E- QFD T n r if I Q1 I QP ' HI :J 'J' FELIX VIOENTE QUIRINO Manila, Philippine Islands ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING University of the Philippines 1, 2, Inter' national Club 3, 4Q A. I.-E. E., Eta Kappa Nu. GUNNAR D. QUISLING Madison MEDICINE Class Track 3. Thesis: Topographical Anatomy. ROLE ANDREAS QUISLING Madison MEDICINE - Class Track 3. Thesis: Topographical Anatomy. NAONII RABE IDE MAYWELL RANSOM ENGLISH . A fi , Delta Upsilon. Chicago, I llinois ECONOMICS ' I us " h ti f ,yy T Sophomore High Honors, Phi Beta Kapp ws: Taxanon of Banks' Thesis: Foot Prints: A Series of Short Stories. EUGENE CHARLES RAGATZ Potosi CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I, Ch. E. President, Tau Beta Pi Phi Lambda Upsilon, Freshman Honors, Sophomore High Honors, Sigma Phi Igmil. W. HAMPTON RANDOLPH Milwaukee JOURNALISM IQZS Summer Cardinal Editor, Daily Cardinal Assistant Desk Editor 2, Desk Editor 3, Managing Editor 4, IQ27 Badger Editorial Associate, 1928 Badger Editorial Associate, Athletic Review Editorial Staff 1, Assistant Editor 2, Editor 3, 1928 Homecoming Assistant General Chairman, 1927 Homecoming Program Committee Chairman, Varsity Tennis 2, 4Q Varsity Cross Country ZQ De Molay Club 1, 2, President 2, Haresfoot Club 3, 4, Sigma Delta Chi' President 3, 42 Phi Kappa Phi, Iron Cross, White Spades, Sophomore High Honors, Phi Kappa Sigma. MARY G. R.APP Chicago, Illinois FRENCH Monticello Seminary 1, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta. GILBERT M. RAPRAEGBR Wausau ACCOUNTING Rifle Team 2, Varsity Rifle Team 2, Com' merce Club 3, 4, VicefPresidcnt 4, Sophof more High Honors, Alpha Kappa Psi Secretary 3, Beta Gamma Sigma. N Page 124 N HERBERT H. RASCHE Milwaukee GEOLOGY Union Board Assisting Stal? 2, 3, 4Q 1929 Military Ball Assistant General Chairman, 1928 Military Ball Service Committee Chairman, Congregational Student Cabinet Member 3, 4Q Cadet Corps First Lieutenant 3, Captain 4Q Bradford Club I, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Scabbard and Blade Treasurer 31 Phi Kappa Phi, Sophomore Honors, Phi Gamma Delta. Thesis: A Study of Kentucky Coal Measure Sands. INOOLE E. RASMUS Chippewa Falls LAW Ripon College r, IQ Gamma Eta Gamma. SIGRID B. RASMUSSEN River Falls APPLIED ARTS River Falls State Teacher's College 1, 22 Sigma Lambda, Delta Phi Delta. Thesis: Methods of Illustration Suitable for High School Annuals. . N 'P FN! A . ff' A E fb. fi 'EF QQTIE . fl e I Y Ev .sg A-fl 'N C + - , ei rp Xi I 4 ' I xx Q , A 49' F2 GERALD ALBERT RAU Two Rivers MEDICINE University of Wisconsin A.B.. A. M., Sophomore Honors, Phi Beta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa. Thesis: Athletic Training and Respiratory Infections. ELEANOR RAUB Indianapolis, Indiana ART De Pauw University I. Thesis: "Egyptian Art and Its Influence on the Modern World, KATHERINE REDD St. Louis, Missoufi PHYSICAL EDUCATION Stephens College I, 2, Class Track 3, Class Basketball 3, 42 Varsity Track 4Q Varsity Basketball 3. K 4 , fp N 'I ,. , an JANE REHPELD 'fb CARMEN MARIE REINECK Milwaukee Elkhart Lake ENGLISH HOME ECONOMICS Alpha Omicron Pi. MYRON S. REID Oconomowoc ECONOMICS Daily Cardinal Advertising Assistant 4, Haresfoot Play z, Sigma Phi Epsilon. MADELINE A. REINEOLD Chilton LATIN Lawrence College IQ Collegiate League of Women Voters 4Q PanfHellenic Council 2, 3, Beta Phi Alpha. Q Thesis: Constructions with Verbs of joy and Sorrow. Milwaukee Downer College IQ Phi Upsif lon Omicrong Delta Zeta. Thesis: A Dictionary of Textile Terms. MARY ELIZABETH REINKING Baraboo ZOOLOGY University of Wisconsin B.A. HELEN C. REITZ St. Louis, Missouri APPLIED ARTS Green Button Secretary, Class Hockey, Gamma Phi Beta. Thesis: NoctOr's Influencing the Design and Manufacture of American Ultra Modern Furniture. N Page125 N ALICE RENK Madison ZOOLOGY Women's Glee Club 2, 3, 4. EDITH CAROLINE REPPERT Madison SOCIOLOGY Italian Club 2, Sigma Kappa. HARLAND E. REX Juneau MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Editorial Staff 3, 42 St. Pat's Parade General Chairman 3g First Regimental Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4Q Polygon 3, 4, President 4, A. S. M. E. 2, 3, 4, VicefPresident 4Q Alpha Tau Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma Secretary 3, VicefPresif dent 41 Tau Beta Pi Secretary 4Q Phi Kappa Phi 42 Freshmen Orientation Come mittee 4Q Sophomore Honors, Sigma Pi President 4. I 1 X A - . v 5 4 Wf jx 4 3 JOHN HARVEY RHODES Estherville, Iowa ECONOMICS Varsity Gym Team 1, 3, 4, Sigma Epsilon. EDITH E. RICHARDS Columbus, Ohio ENGLISH Alpha Phi. LEONA A. RICHARDS Hillsboro HISTORY D. 19 Hifi' 3227 - 4. -. 1 W VALERA HARRIET RIGGERT lg, Loganville 1 . 5 ENGLISH Alpha A. DWIGHT RICHARDSON 'g GEORGE SUMNER RICKER Carroll College 1,1 Bglgit Aw,-,-074' Illinois Thesis: Scotch Customs and Superstitions FINANCE Beloit College I1 Lamhda Chi Alpha. Thesis: Profits and Liquidity of Com- mercial Banks in Wisconsin. WALTER HERMAN RICHTER Milwaukee INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION 1024 Badger Solicitor Merchandising De- partment, Haresfoot Dramatic Club 3, 4, Fall Play 4: Sigma Phi Epsilon. THAD THOMAS RICK Milwaukee CHEMICAL ENGINEERING University cf Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee 1, ZQ A. I. Ch. E. 4, Secretary 4, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon. CHEMISTRY University of Illinois lg 1929 Prom Music Committee, IO27 Homecoming Alumni Committee Chairman, Freshman Basket- ball, Tumas, Delta Upsilon. Thesis: The Preparation of Super Con- ductivity Water. in Sir XX alter Scott s Novels. MAEEI. M. RINIBEY I Fond du Lac FRENCH VIH-I-IAM RICKER Lawrence College I, 2. Appleton ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Lawrence College 1. HILDEGARDE FRANCES RIEMER Sioux Falls, South Dakota MATHEMATICS I Newman Club 1, 2,' 3, 4Q lunior Mathe- matics Club 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Balzac. FLORENCE E. RITCHIE' Beaver, Pennsylvania CHEMISTRY Lake Erie College 1. I .,, NPQEQIZ6 fi 4 i + 1 I x i 'L 1'l-1-P725 , ",.,v,gc-,s-fxi ,I- .,. -f-:wh iss :-r-HX 1-sa1:fff1H:21.QwB:e P-- W l ' ' . '. 1 'x Sf like y U' 14 fi ii if ' ,W '7 'Q ' :qw ef -sur 9 5 fx 0 H if ELBANOR A. RITTEB " A " Milwaukee 1 ECONOMICS Q, , sp A Phi Mu. EVAN OWEN ROBERTS , .iq ARY ELIZABETH ROBINSON Cambria - Kenosha ECONOBIIICS LATIN Daily Cardinal Reporter 1, Assistant Desk Spanish Club I: Sophomore Honors. Editor 31 De Molay Club 1, 21 Inter' Thesis: The Fate ot' the Soul: Lucretius, fratiniiy Cmincilhgg Alpha Kappa Psig Book III, and PlatO's Phaedo. Alp a appa am a. GLADYS MAE ROBBINS Madison CHEMISTRY Thesis: The HydrogenfClon Concentra' tion and the Titratable Acidity of Wis' consin Honeys. CARSON A. ROBERTS E. ALICE ROBESON Kansas City, Missouri SOCIOLOGY Kansas City Junior College r, 2g W. S. G. A. 3, 4g Alpha Kappa Deltag Legisf ative Scholarship: Kappa Delta. Thesis: A Study of Maladiusted Children in the Emerson School, Madison, Wise consin. TOM ALLEN ROGERS Oak Park, Illinois ECONOMICS Sigma Nu. Madison GEOGRAPHY DOROTHY ROBINEAU WALTER C. ROGERS Cadet Corps Colonel 4g University Hunt Qghlaoglq, Glen Ellyn, Illinois ' g1!klI?CaZE1gEg'E5a.3Q Scabbard and Blade, ENGLISH . MEDICINE Thesis: Ice Action on Lake Mendota. Hillel Players Chairman 2. Alpha Kappa Lambda. N Page 127 N LOUISE MILES Rooo Madison VIOLIN University Orchestra I, 2, 3, 41 Keystone Council 4g Castalia r, 2, 3, 4, Vicc- President 3, President 4Q Sigma Alpha Iota President 4Q Phi Beta Kappag Mortar Board Secretary, Crucible, Sophomore High Honorsg Juilliard Foundation Extension Scholarship 4g Kappa Delta. Thesis: Violin Recital. Joi-IN MAONUS ROONEY Madison LAW ' ELLIOTT D. ROOT Sparta MEDICAL SCIENCE 1028 Prom Independent Group Committee De Molay Club IQ Beta Phi Theta Presif dent 3. Thesis: A Study of Viscosity Changes in Milk as a Criterion of Renin Action. I I Sigh' M if 4 ' ' 1 ' P 4 434. W 'nj Q3- 5, i E WM. DBNIS ROPER Fort Atkinson COMMERCIAL ART CLARENCE O. ROSBR Potosi ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Freshman Trackg A. I. E. E. 3, 4, Ad' Visory Council 4: Radio Club I, 2: Kappa Eta Kappa Secretary 4. MARGARET C. ROTT Madison PUBLIC sci-root. MUSIC University of Wisconsin B.M.g Sigma Alpha Iota: Alpha Xi Delta. 'R if A Lf 4' - 5 - JSE . GRACE LOUISE RGWNTREE I . 5 MARIAN S. RUCH Burlington 'II' Peoria, Illinois INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT University of Washington IQ Class Out- door Baseball IQ Class Track IL Class Basketball I, zg Euthenics Club .Ig Phi Upsilon Omicrong Omicron Nu. Thesis: A Study of Dining Car Operation. KATHERINE ELIZABETH ROYCE Platteville GENERAL EDUCATION Platteville State Teacher's College I, zg Phi Upsilon Cmicron: Gamma Phi Beta. Thesis: Changing Method in Making Home Education. FREDERICK L. ROYT Milwaukee SPANISH Hesperia I, 2g Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3. Thesis: The Psychologv of the Spanish People as Interpreted by Unamuno, Contrasted with the Opinions of Six Leading Interpreters of Spanish Char' acter. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Bradley College I. MARGARET IRENB RUESVGLD Eau Claire ENGLISH 1920 Badger Office Manager, Editorial Staff, Congregational Student Associaf tion 4: Y. XV. C. A. Finance Drive 31 XV. A. A. 3,43 Italian Club 3. 4: Phi Mu. Thesis: A Critical Bibliography of jane Austen. JOHN RICHARD RUHOEE Madison CHEMISTRY Cadet Corps Second Lieutenant 3. 4: Scabbard and Blade: Alpha Chi Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilon, Thesis: Characterization of Certain Organic Compounds. N Page 128 N PHIL W. RUPPERT Milwaukee LABOR MANAGEMENT Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Nu. EDWARD WALTER RUSCH Marinette MECHANICAL ENGINEERING UW" Club: Varsity Gym Team 2, 3, 4: Pi Tau Sigma: Triangle. HARRY ARTHUR E. RUSCH Merrill PHYSICAL EDUCATION interscholastic 1, 3, 43 MicI'West Relay A Carnival 2, 3, 45 Freshman Baslcetballg Phi Epsilon Kappa. Thesis: An Intramural Program Adaptf able to Junior and Senior High Schools. . Q 5 tfibih ra w . X. r'-5 N -o' Vol! R. X RAYMOND EARL RUSSELL Superior ECONOMICS Superior State Teacher's College I, 2. MARVIN HUGHITT RUTHERFORD Lake Mills MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. 3, 4, Chairman 4: Sophomore Honors, Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Sigma. DOROTHY LUCILLB RYAN Madison LATIN French Club 2, 3, 4Q Sophomore Honors. Thesis: juvenal and Martial: Their At' titude Toward the World About Them, and a Comparison of Their Methods. ROBERT MERLYN SACHTJ ' 4 5 MARVIN I. SAMPSON I sgea Class Track IQ Alpha Kappa Kappa. Streptofhemocidin cn Hemoglobin. Madison l 1. Oconto Falls MEDICINE GENERAL COURSE Beta Kappa. Thesis: 'The Nature of the Action of CHARLES WILLIAM SAND Milwaukee LAW SAMUEL D. SAEERO Milwaukee HISTORY Marquette University IQ Pi Lambda Phi. RUTH SAMPLE Madison APPLIED ARTS University of Wisconsin B.S.g Beaux Arts Clubg Delta Phi Delta, Delta Gamma. Thesis: Historic Plates of American Costume. Phi Beta Delta. DAVID EDWIN SANDERS El Paso, Texas ADVERTIZING University of Arizona I, ag Octopus Business Staff 3, 4: Literary Magazine Advertising Manager 3, Business Man' ager 4g National Academy Championship Program Editor-infChiefg Zeta Beta Tau. Thesis: A Complete Analysis of "Tide" Magazine. N Page IZQ N CATHERINE E. SARFF Sliullsburg ENGLISH Phi Omega Pi. Thesis: Stage Versions and Interpretaf ticns of Othello. CHARLOTTE FERN SATTLER Milwaukee INTERIOR DECORATION Luther Memorial Religious Cabinet Member I, 2, 3g W. A. A. Q., 32 Class Archery IQ Arts and Crafts Club I, 2. Thesis: The Values of Cofordination in Interior Decoration. ELIZABETH SAXTON Richmond, Indiana HISTORY I9a7 Badger Secretary to Editor: 1918 Badger Division Chief, 1919 Badger Ad- visory Boardg Mother's Day Assistant General Chairman, Y. W. C. A. Fresh- man Commissiong Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Mystic Circle: Crucible: Pi Beta Phi. Thesis: Disraeli'S Foreign Policy! ya .4 J I AKFQ QES , -!X.! X ir MARY BURBANK SAYLOR Green Bay SPANISH Lawrence College rg St. Francis House Choir 2, 3, 4, Daughters of St. Mary 3, 4, Altar Guild 2, 3, 4, W. A. A. rg Spanish House 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 4, Secretary 4: International Club 1. Thesis: The Social Problem of Spain as Seen by Unamuno. FRANK SAZAMA Colby ECONOMIC ENTOMOLOGY Agric Triangle r, 2, 3, 4, President ZQ Apis Club 3, 4, President 4. CATHERINE Louise SCANLAN Rochester, New 'fork PHYSICAL EDUCATION TQ2Q Prom Supper Committee, W. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Physical Education Club r, 2, 3, 4g Class Outdoor Baseball 2, Class Hockey I, ZQ Class Indoor Baseball rg Class Basket' ball.2, 3. Thesis: The Study of Danish Therapeutic Gymnastics. 4?-. i DAN SCHAAF 4 51 UTH MARGUERITE SCH!-:RER g y V Spooner ' Palmyra POULTRY HUSBANDRY Monmouth Collcge 1, 2. ANITA A. SCHAEFER Thiensville FOODS Stout Institute IQ University of Virginia 2: Euthenics Club 3. Thesis: The Effect of Beverages on Metabolism. ' IRBNE Louise ScHAueR Hartford INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT Milwaukee Downer College IQ Univerf sity ofWisconsin B.S.g Tau Delta Zeta. Thesis: Institutional Management. SPEECH Vilas Medal Wearerg Womcn's Intercol- legiate Debate Squad 3, Charter House 2, 5, 4, Social Chairman 3, House Manager 4g Women's Undergradutea Scholarship 3, Phi Betag Delta Sigma Rho Secretary' Treasurer 4g Phi Kappa Phig Franken' burger Oratorical Contcst. MARGARET SCHRMERHORN Oak Park, Illinois ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.g Y. XV. C. A. Freshman Commission, Y. XV. C. A. Sophomore Commissiong University Hunt Club 1, 2: S. G. A. Representative 31 Gamma Phi Beta. Thesis: The Stream of Consciousness Novel. RUTH KATHERINE Ssnnzssraa Monroe ENGLISH Octopus Business Staff 2. 3, 4, Arden Club 1, 2, Delta Delta Delta. Thesis: A Criticism of the Literary Style ofGuy de Neaupaussant. ev Page.l30 N WALTER BYRON SCHINI La Crosse GEOLOGY University of Illinois rg Delta Chi. Thesis: Crystal Structure and Refractive Index of a Series of Iviolvhdn Tellurates. DOROTHY BROWNFIBLD Sci-main Bellevue, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania ENGLISH Skidmore College 1, 21 Alpha Omicron Pi. Thesis: The Earlier and Later American NVritings of Washington Irving. MURRAY E. SCHLINTZ Boscobel LETTERS AND scnzNcn sas Qi:-Q :SLAM 'A R :01 We Q55 I? r" '-1 fi me Q EDWIN SCHLONDROP Milwau ee CIVIL ENGINEERING ,Q . HERMAN CARL SCHMALLEN 5 OROTHY ELIZABETH SCHMID FLORIAN SCHMIDT Osceola COMMERCE University of Minnesota 1 Sigma Pi A A i . 3 U Y. -3 :W 3 . , 3 I R -A A ., GERHARD L. SGHLUETER , Madison GERMAN Northwestern University I, 2. GERTRUDE SCHMALHAUSEN New London LAW New London MEDICINE University of Wisconsin B.A.. AUDREY W. SCHMELZKOPF Madison DBITETICS Euthenics Club 3, 4. Thesis: A Survey ofthe Present Use of Sauerkraut in Relation to Health. BERTHA M. SCHMID Monroe GENERAL EDUCATION University of Wisconsin B.S.g Keystone Council 4Q Omicron Nu 3, 4. President 4: Freshman Scholarship Cupg Sophomore Honorsg William Fiske Scholarship 4: Delta Zeta. Thesis: The Determination of Hemoglobin Values in Infants of Different Ages. Ene Pennsylvania ADVERTISING Oberlin College IQ Daily Cardinal Sunday Magazine Editor 4: Literary Magazine Typographer 4: 1928 Prom Women's ArrangementsCommitteeAssistanrChairf mang Theta Sigma Phi 3, 4, Treasurer 4g Alpha Omicron Pi. Thesis: Advertising Campaigns of the Hammermill Paper Company-Their History and Nature. LAWRENCE CHARLES SCHMIDLBY janesville GENERAL BUSINESS Commerce Magazine Business Staff SQ Freshman Footballg Commerce Club 3, 4g Delta Sigma Pi. CLAIRE SCHMIDT Park Falls SPANISH Spanish Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3. Thesis: The Man of Action in Pia Baroja. NPage131N Thesis Economics The Analysis of the Liquidity of all the Banks of Polk County. Wisconsin. JOI-IN RBIK SCHMIDT Stanley ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING KENNETH WITWEN SCI-IMIDT Madison MEDICAL SCIENCE Freshman Track. Thesis: Blood Supply to the Auricle. Q i M P -or if I ALTON J. SCHMITT Sheboygan MEDICAL SCIENCE Sigma Sigmag Sophomore High Honorsg Delta Sigma Phi. Thesis: Cardiac Output. ARMIN DANIEL SCHNEIDER Beloit LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Congregational Student Board I, Cabinet 3,4. CARLYN C. SCHNEIDER Milwaukee ECONOMICS Carroll College I, 21 Phi Mu. gf 'xg -ig GEORGINA ELAINE SCHNEI 1 Monroe ' I r , C MARK SCI-IORER Sauk City I X xi - 1 Q GENERAL EDUCATION Wayne State Normal College I, ag Eu' thenics Club 3, .ig Phi Upsilon Omicron, Thesis: Status of Home Economics in the State of Wisconsin. EDGAR Joi-IN SCHOEPP Lodi HISTORY University of Wisconsin B.A.g Hesperia 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. Thesis: History ofthe World Court. MAURICE Sciroiz Brooklyn, New 'York HISTORY German Club 1, lg Legislative Scholar 2, 3, 4. Thesis:'The Problem of National Min' orities In Postfwar Europe. ENGLISH Literary Magazine Business Staff 2, Editorial Staff 5-g Haresfoot Play 31 Pi Kappa Alpha, WILLIAM C. SCHORER, ja. Sauk City ECONOMICS Freshman Footballg Freshman Baseballg Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4Q Pi Kappa Alpha. OSCAR HENRY SCIIOTTLAENDEI1 South Milwaukee ECONOMICS University of Wisconsin Extension Divi- sion of Milwaukee 1, ag Gamma Kappa l. N Page 132 N LEONARD SCHRAM Chicago, Illinois ECONOMICS 1929 Badger Business Smifg Literary Mag- azine Business Staff 4Q 1926 Homecoming Bonhre Committeeg 1917 Cap Night Committeeg I-Iaresfoot Production Staff ZQ Zeta Beta Tau. Thesis: A Study of the Financial Opera' tions of Certain Large Merchandising Corporations. CI-IAS. C. SCHROFER Kenosha NIEDICINB Marquette University I, 2Q Haresfoot Dramatic Club 3, 43 Haresfoot Play 5. 4: Pi Kappa Alpha. Thesis: Comparative Osteology Radiology of a Lioness. HARRY M. SCHUCK Slinger LAW University of XViscor1sin B.A.g Dormi' tory Fellow 1, 2, 33 Delta Sigma Pi. LYLE B. SCHUELEP. New Holstein MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Kappa. HELEN SCHUBTTE Manitowoc ENGLISH Alpha Xi Delta. ARTHUR JOHN SCHUGT Wausau ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. 5, 41 Eta Kappa Nu. EVELYN LORRAINE GLADYS SCHUSTER Madison Milwaukee FRENCH CHEMISTRY French Club. Thesis: Henri de Montherlaut. DOROTHY SCHULZ Madison . ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B. A. Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commissiong Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commissiong Y, W. C. A. Finance Committee x, 31 Memorial Union Drive Captaing W. S. G. A. District Chairman IQ Delta Zeta. ELVA CLARE SCHUMACHER Milwaukee ECONOMICS Milwaukee Downer College IQ PanfHel' lenic 3, 41 Alpha Delta Pi. Thesis: Development of Chain Stores. N Page University of Wisconsin Extension Divi' sion of Milwaukee I, ag Commerce Club 42 Phi Chi Theta. Thesis: The Effect of Temperature Changes Upon the Stability of Colloidal Ferric Oxide. ALOYSIUS WILLIAM SCHWAKE Two Rivers PHARMACY Freshman Track, Kappa Psi. Thesis: A History Ot' Some Early North American Botanical Gardens. JOSEPHINE HELEN SCHWEIGER jefferson APPLIED ARTS Sigma Lambdag 2, 3, 4g Phi Mug Uriif versity of Wisconsin B. S. Beaux Arts Club 3, 4. ' Thesis: Primitive Timekeepers and Famous Clocks. 133 N EVAN J. SCOTT fanesville HISTORY Congregational Student Cabinet Mem- ber 3, 41 Philomathia 2, 3. Thesis: The Letters of Captain William and Lieutenant Walter Scott: A Study in Military Life in the Army of the XVest. SHEROD BLANOHARD SCOTT Denver, Colorado EcoNOMIcs 1929 Prom Assistant General Chairman, 197.7 Homecoming Dance Committee Cbairmang Freshman Football, Freshman Crewg Tumas VicefPresidentg Delu' Kappa Epsilon. EDMUND A. SEARING Milwaukee MEDICINE J N G L x , li! - i EE QS In r ss , i I f I Q , N X. nf. ilk 'Viv' i ,E v X I , Q3 re I lg x E A fj j -V A - LAURA ELENORE SEEERIED f V X WALTON SEYMOUR Cleveland, Ohio Madison PSYCHOLOGY X , Q ECONQM1C5 Oberlin College 1, IQ Psychology Club 3, ELIZABETH A. SELLERS 'L M LYNN SEWARD Chess Club 41 Sophomore Honors. 3jhK2llilPR 32151 f h P h hn ENGLISH ' Lake Mills Thesis: Historical Development of the fm- U1 YO Y 9 F950 00l C llde La Crosse Normal School I 2 MEDICINE Taxation of Public Service Corporations MARGARET LouIsE SEIDL ' Omaha, Nebraska ENGLISH Omaha University I, ag Phi Mu. Thesis: Parallelisms between Shakespeare and the Old English Drama. BELLE SELIG Milwaukee IQOLITICAL SCIENCE Milwaukee Downer College 1. Thesis: World Peace and the League of Natlons- Thesis: University of Wisconsin B.A.g Phi Chi. OLWER WILLl.AM SEYEOLD ARL . EEN SELMER Forest junction ffjglfjga ECONOMICS Sigma Chi. THOMAS R. SEYMOUR ISABEL L. SEvERsoN Milwallkee Canzsbndgc MECHANICAL ENGINEERING EN LISH Class Committee Finance Chairman 4, Family Relations in Shakespeare. Beta Theta Pi. N Page 134 N in the State of Wisconsin. ALLEN bl. SHAPER Madison ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Stevens Point Normal School 1. SARA EDY1-HE SI-IAPIRO Milwaukee GERMAN Milwaukee Downer College I, 1. Thesis: Child Life in the Black Forest of Germany as Portrayed by Heinrich Hansjakob. 9 N5 age ..4isS5fI3'haf.. 'N T 'L .4 S RICHARD LAURISTON SHARP Madison PHILOSOPHY Alpha Delta Phi Thesis Leonardo Da Vinci EMIL MICHAEL SHEEESTA Manitowoc MEDICINE University of Wisconsin B,S., M. D.g AlhaKa aKa a P PP PD - Thesis: Prophylactic Phase of Blindness. MARGARET GRACE SHEPPARD Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ENGLISH University of Pittsburgh 1, ag Daily Car' clinal Advertising Assistant 35 Arden , Club 3, 4Q Italian Club 4.- 2 62 gil f '-Q ,g, .3-Kg-L.,5g.i,.r .1 112. Mg..- fI.'1i Fir.. zz: ' ff i--I'4f,f5'I- .. :L:.r,::z5-gr'--1-,VE 5-...I-'-'si 1 .wr U -.f'.--2.9 .F -"1-I-fs-3'.'. . 3 S I' , HUGH O SHEREERT ' SAMUEL N SHERMAN . V 7 " ' '71 A "'. ' p .Q l " X I i . Y i .', ' 4-94 ' A 0 9' ' u 3 X' . f . I X U56 I I 'C4 ff' Q 9 Weyauwega ' Waterloo, Iowa PHYSICAL EDUCATION University of Wisconsin B.S.g Little International Stock Show Finance Com' mittee Chairman 25 Freshman Footballg Freshman Baseballg Varsity Wrestling I, 2, 3g All University Wrestling Champion' ship IQ Athenae Literary Society 5, .ig Delta Pi Epsilon. Thesis: The Psychology of the Fundaf mentals Theory in Athletics. RUTH MARIE SHERIDAN Fond du Lac HISTORY Grafton Hall College 1, 2.5 Theta Phi Alpha. GLENNA SHERMAN Oak Park, Illinois V APPLIED ARTS A Octopus Business Stall: 2, 35 Y. W. C. A. Bazaar 'Decorations Committee QQ W. S. G. A, Vocations Committee 2, 3, Board ag Arden Club, IZ Les Beatix Arts Club 4g Alpha Chi Omega.. - I Thesis: History ot Costume Illustration. - Page JOURNALISM Iowa State Teachers College IQ Sigma Delta Chi, Legislative Scholarship 3, 4. Pi Lambda Phi. Thesis: Prohibition and the Press. IONE W. SI-IERWOOD Green Lake NURSING NELLIB ANN SHOLTS Madison SPEECH ' - Phi Omega Pi. . - Thesis: A Syllabus, and Critical Bibliogf. . raphy for Elementary Students of 'Speech Correction. V V I 1135 fr' f' I JOHN PARKER SHOWBRMAN Madison LATIN Varsity Swimming 1, 3, Varsity Gym Team 4, Sophomore Honors, Alpha Delta Phi. Thesis: k'Services on the Bucolies of Virgil." OTTO SIGNORETTE Milwaukee INDUSTRY Varsity Wrestling I, 2, 3, 42 Les'Beaux Arts Club 3g Arts and Crafts Club :Q Philomathia Literary Society 4.- , X Thesis: EmployeefEmployer Relations. RAYMOND S. SIMBNSODIU .- Wautoma I -V '31, g. 1 .MEDICINE ' 'ij' flgf Gamma -Tw Beta: Alpha. Ki1I5Pfij'Kfll5P?:.l Thesis: .'MicrofCapillary, ToIiomet6ffDe1 termination of Capillary F-Iovri Af i I ,Y ci Gb 'lla in as . - KENNETH D. SIMMONS Neenah PUBLIC scHooL Music First Regimental Concert Band 3g Phi Gamma Delta. GLADYS KATHLEEN SIMPSON Sturgeon Bay HISTORY University of Wisconsin B.A.g Io28 Prom Reception Committee Chairmang Congre- gational Student Cabinet Member 3, 4g VicefPresident 4g Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commissiong Class Hockey I1 Class Swimming Q., Class Basketball IQ Pan' Hellenic 3, 4, Treasurer 4g Kappa Delta. Thesis: Anglo American Settlement after the Civil War. CLIFFORD DOUGLAS SIMS Rice Lake ACCOUNTING I M ega. ' DELLA E. SINYIQIN I 'I , Madison GERMAN Literary Magazine Business Stafl"4g Moth' er's Day Athletic Committee ag Hillel Foundation Student Council, W. A. A. rg Numeral Awardsg Class Volley Ball IQ Class Basketball 32 Varsity Basketball IQ German Club I, ag Sigma. WILLIAM M. SLAVIIQ Oak Pa-rk, Illinois ECONOMICS Octopus Circulation Manager 2, 3Q 1919 Prom Assistant General Chairmang Athletic Board 3, 45 Freshman Crewg Varsity Crew 2Q Tumasg Kappa Sigma. HARRIET LOUISE SLINGLUPE Oak Park, Illinois HISTORY Milwaukee Downer College I, ZQ Gamma Phi Beta. N Page VIIGINIA SLINGLUPP Oak Park, Illinois GENERAL EDUCATION Milwaukee Downer College I, 2 Wo' men's Glee Club 4g Class Swimming 3 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Gamma Phi Beta DOROTHY BoEscH SMITH Burlington, Iowa LATIN Stephens junior College 1, lg Pi Beta Phi DOROTHY GERTRUDE SMITH Oak Park, Illinois PHYSICS St. Francis Girl's Council President 4 W. S. G. A. Board 3, 42 junior Mathe: matics Club 4. Thesis: XfRays. 136 N s ELIZABETH M. SMITH Chicago, Illinois ZOOLOGY Phi Mu. HESTER READ SMITH Manhattan, Kansas PHYSICAL EDUCATION Kansas State College I, ag W. A. A. 3. 4: Physical Education Club 3, 4Q Dolphin Clubg Class Hockey SQ Kappa Delta. JANET MCNBIL SMITH Rockford, Illinois HISTORY XVestern College IQ 1928 Badger VJomr:n's Athletics Editorg Iozo Badger Classes Editorg Octopus Secretary 32 Kappa Alpha Theta. 5 182' +5342 53 X. fa , f f .:f'ff:- , 1 . gm 0- H .. G P 1 -f 4 v -Q . i K f I I 7145 ak f I S I 'U i s-ffefsl D E+ W ff 4 , 5 I I V524 Q' 'We' f R rf ' : - 5 W 2 A X Y . fi- S' I f I txt U I fe, Wi, , ,., ,, . ., E osomr aogp K 'hr A I 4 f 'AV '- JEANNETTE L. SMITH , - CATHERINE A. SOMMERS Kankakee, Illinois '-,,, - ' Neenah FRENCH 5 HISTORY University of Illinois I, 2, Chi Omega. OLIVE HOYT SMITH I 'l ',"' LORNA IVIARIE SNYDBR Rosary College I, Q., Gamma Phi Beta. Madison Spring Green GLIDDEN MAXINE SMITH Rockford, Illinois ZOOLOGY Rockford College I, IQ W. S. G. A. Board 3, Andersen House. Thesis: A Histological and Physiological Study of the Oviduct of Chrysemus Marginata. MILDRED SMITH Dallas, Texas socIoI.ooY University of Oklahoma IQ Southern giethodist University ag Alpha Omicron l. SOCIOLOGY Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Secretary 3, W. S, G. A. District Chairman 4, Crucible, Delta Gamma. RALPH WILLIAM SMITH Moline, Illinois ENGLISH Augustana College IQ Men's Glee Club 2, 3, Glee Club Corporation 3, Haresfoot Dramatic Club 3, 4, Haresfoot Follies 3, Chairman 4, Haresfoot Play 3, 4, Fall Play 4Q Phi Kappa Psi. ELIZABETH FRANCES SNOW Kalamazoo, Michigan FRENCH Kalamazoo College 1, 2, Phi Mu. ENGLISH Religious Conference Chairman 4g Key' stone Council 3, Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4, VicefPresident 41 Mu Phi Epsilon, Crucible President, Delta Zeta. Thesis: Some Tendencies in Naturalism in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Cen' turies. AMELIA E. SOLDAN Madison ENGLISH Luther Memorial Cabinet Member 1, 1, 3, 4, Women's Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 4,Clef Club 2, 3, 4, VicefPresident 4, DORIS E. SOMMERFELDT fanesville HISTORY XVhitewater State Teachers College I, 1, Thesis: The Lyceum, 1830-1860. N Page 137 N HARRY V. SOMERVILLE Mavinette ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Art Staff 1, 1927 Homecoming Massmeeting Committee, Radio Club IQ A. I. E. E. 4g Alpha Chi R o. ELNA HOLMES SORENSON Racine JOURNALISM Collegiate League of Women Voters Executive Board Member, Coranto Secretary. Thesis: An Analysis ofthe Sunday Comic Supplement in Regard to Its Influence on the Child Reader. ei? 71' 15" i F 51 l " . W Q fs is . J 2. firm. : -. I -- i E BARBARA JEAN SOVBREIGN Riverside, Illinois PHYSICAL EDUCATION Rockford' College IQ Alpha Xi Delta. WILLIAM LOUIS SOWICKY "Y ' v--- " 7 A ' " Kala? x, i f fw - ln ALVIN H. SPEVACEK fi Green Bay ' COMMERCE Commerce Magazine Collections Man' ager 4g Y. M. C. A. Sophomore Com' mission, Spanish Club 2, 3g Commerce Club 3, 4g Delta Sigma Pi. m ' - LAIRB EDWARD STALLMAN Elk Mound AGRONOMY Dairy Stock judging Team .gg Saddle and Sirloin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasf urer 43 Alpha Zeta. Thesis: The Value of Barley as a Feed for Swine, GORDON STAUFFACHBR Monroe MEDICAL SCIENCE - Octopus Business Staff 1, 2, 3, 4Q Presi- dent's Guard, Sophomore Honorsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Radne ROBERT PRBNTISS STEBBINS PHARMACY LYLE ERVIN SPOONER Madison K P . . Elle Mound appa si President 3. I BCQNOMICS Tim: The Aiiaioias of Hydrastis ACCOUNTING WILLARD FRANK STARK . d A . . S E . F h . Canaclensisl . U ld Union Boar ssistxng ta 2, res man Eau Claire Normal School I 2 Luther Bayfe S , V . , V C . . ' 1 wimmmg, arsity J. . rewg.. Memorial Cabinet Member 3, 45 Student ECONOMICS Worker's League Treasurer 3, 42 Young , , Men's Progressive Association 3, Uni' Northland College 19 Junior Vufslty versity De Molay Club 3, 4Q Senior Ad- Cf?W2S VHYSIUY CYCW 3- 42 Delta Sigma visory Council for Freshmeng Student Ph'- Workers' League Organizing Committee, Delta Pi Epsilon. KATHERINE P. SPANGBNBERG ERNA R, S1-BCH I Madison A E S KATHRYNB ANN STAUD Fairmont, Mfnnggogg LATIN LICE 1610? PRAGUE Rochester, New 'York ' ENGLISH. ' UI1i'Q21'SifY OfWiSGOnSif1 . ' ' 'socilolgon HOME ECONOMICS. Iowa State University IQ Washington Them: cOmemPOfafY History in The A ' GY Rochester University I, 2. University 2. V , A'-fgllitan Poets. , Baptist Student 'Cabinet Member 3, 4. Thesis: History of Tapestry. Thesis: The Spoon River Anthology. A '5 N Page 1.38 of A f:.fF-1.134 .FT ,. ,. . L ' 'ff' . f 1 ef-,',j?j.1'fli" .X ff' A iijfiigig., . - fc ,l 'I 1 :'f'e'f.1L--i-2' dd? 'T1'f'kZa:.'7,"'i' ' '14 H T I 'Q T I ' " 2 '72-" A i iii? ' l ' I 1 - In ' r . yu! vpfglb-L 3 Qiif-0.1 , , , n p I , 1 gf I u E' I N f " JT? I is 5 ,SL4 ff ' Sw' E I 'Fi is V 7-J x .. J, fr L I - ' LK H I l ff v -Y -! Y, v -P 'J ' 'YF 4 3-"'52.-' j" 3f"" 5 MILDRED STEEL S 545 ' GEORGE L. STETSON Milwaukee Lake Mills ZOOLOGY -1' " MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Keystone Council 41 Barnard Hall Presi- dent 4. Thesis: Translation of 'Estudios Sobre Al Gunos Protozoarios Ciliados de las Aguas Dulces Del Uruguay," by E. H. Cordero. . JOHN RICHARD STEHN Milwaukee PHYSICS Thesis: Photofionization of Potassium Vapor. WILLIAM S. STEIN New 'York City ENGLISH' Phi Upsilon Pi. IRENE MARY STENZ 5 CONRAD L. STEPHENSON ,. . I Madison ENGLISH LORENE MARY STENZ Madison ENGLISH CLYDE KERNICK STEPHENS Montfort CIVIL ENGINEERING Rifle Team IQ Presidents Guard I, 2: A. S. C. E. 4: Sigma Phi Sigma., Thesis: The Reliability of Visual and Penetration Tests on Fillet Arc Welds. Superior ENGLISH University of Michigan I, 2: Phi Gamma Delta. ALEX STERN Milwaukee MARKETING Pi Lambda Phi. Thesis: Reducing the Costs of Marketing HARRIET STERN , Kenosha LAW University of Wisconsin LL.B.. N Page 139 N MILDRED E. STETZER Madison MATHEMATICS Junior Mathematics Club 3, 4g Beta Phi Alpha. CYNTHIA Louise STOKES I ' Elkhorn SOCIOLOGY Delta Zeta. V Thesis: The Growth ofa Mother's Rights ,RPF ., . .-. f 'E 6 'I 2' K -li z , V 7" hge . i l 55, , K el ku' I HUGH LESLIE SToREs Elkhorn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 'rst Re imental Concert Band 1 Fi g , 3, 4: A. I. E. E. 2, 3, 42 Eta Kappa Nu, Sopho- more Honorsg Sigma Pi. THERESA STOLEN Madison ZOOLOGY University of Wisconsin B.S. - Thesis: The Life and Works or joseph Leidy. ELEANOR LOUISE STOLPER Plymouth GERMAN Lawrence College IQ Calvary Lutheran Religious Council Member 42 Calvary Lutheran Girl's Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. Thesis: The Norse Version of the Nibelf ungenlied. "rw . .. T l' .RIEBW . 4 FERN AGNES STONE I",' HARWOOD L, STOWE Pl17li Fl1llS Kimberly, Idaho HOME PCONOMICS MEDICINE Stout College I. EDITH E. STONBR Valparaiso, Indiana COMMERCE Valparaiso University I, 2, Womenls Commerce Club 3, 4. ADELB E. STOPPENBACH jefferson PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Mother's Day Swingout Committee -35 Mu Phi Epsilong Sophomore Honorsg Alpha Chi Omega. Athletic Board Secretary 3, 41 "W' Club I, 2, 5, 4Q Freshman Trackg Varsity Track I, 2, 3, 4Q Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Chi Rho. BRUNO CHARLES STRoINsI:I Cudahy ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin Extension Divi- sion of Milwaukee I, ZQ Sarmatia 3, 4Q A. I. E. E. 4. . LAURA E. STRUCKMEYER . .Madison HISTORY Thesis: The Influence of john Cotton on Civil Affairs. N Page 140 N META C. STUEBE Wauwarosa LATIN XV. A. A. 2, 3, 41 Class Volley Ball I, ag Thesis: The Parasite in Roman Comedy and Roman Life. MARGARET A. STUCREII Rockford, Illinois FRENCH Rosary College IQ Rockford College ag University of Wisconsin B.A.g I918 Homecoming Decorations Committee, Kappa Alpha Theta. FRANK K. M. SU Weihuei, Hanan, China HISTORY Tsing Hua College I, 2. I ,-3 ' F X I r aw I X 1 -sl' ANDREW MATI-IIAs SUEHS Luxemburg ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Varsity KVrcstling I, 2, 3, 4g A. I. E. E. 3, 4. ARTHUR JAMES SULLIVAN Bethlehem, Pennsylvania PHILOSOPHY Muhlenberg College IQ Luther Memorial Student Association 2, 3, 4, President 3, University Service Committee 3, 4Q Arden Club 3, 4Q Pi Kappa Alpha. Thesis: "I-'hilosophie Attitude of George Santayanafl MICHAEL PATRICK SULLIVAN Chicago, Illinois POLITICAL SCIENCE The Triad Business Manager 1, Triad Jubilee Assistant General Chairman 1, 1929 Prom Music Committee Chairman, 1918 Homecoming Awards Committee, Arrowhead 3, 4g Phi Kappa. 'N :hr s xi ii ' I CM M ' +ve JG cg. X . JOSEPHINE M. SUMNER ALICE JOYCE SWBENEY Madison Edgerton FRENCH Dclta Gamma. Thesis: "Sacha Guitryf' ARTHUR WILI.IAM SUSOTT Elberfeld, Indiana JOURNALISM 1.1318 Prom Local Publicity Committee, Sigma Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Phi. Thesis: An Analysis of "The Kokomo Clndj Dispatch." ELIZABETH FRANCES SUTHERLAND Madison FRENCH Congregational Student Association lviemf ber 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, VicefPresident 33 Phi Omega Pi, Thesis: The Novels of Balzac: Money as a Motive Force. ENGLISH Oshkosh Normal College 1, 2. Thesis: Reasons for the Decline of Brown ing's Popularity. ALVA LAFAYETTE SWEET Tomali ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Presidents Guard IQ A. I. E. E. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Sophomore Honors, Kappa Eta Kappa Treasurer 4, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. MARY S. SWBNSEN Madison ENGLISH 1918 Prcm Arrangements Committee Kappa Kappa Gamma. N Page 141 N EsTI-IER SARA SWERDLOPE Madison sociotooy W. A. A. 1, 3, 4, Pin Wearer 41 Class Outdoor Baseball IQ Class Hockey 1, 1, 3, 4Q Class Basketball I, lg Press Club 3, 4. CHAS. H. SWETIC Milwaukee JOURNALISM University of Wisconsin B.A., Daily Cardinal Skyrockets Editors., 3g Octopus Editorial Staff I, Q., Assistant Advertising Manager 3, Prom Assistant General Chairman 2, 31 Homecoming Publicity Chairman 2, 32 Military Ball Publicity Chairman 2, 3,Y.M.C.A. Freshman Come mittee, Y. M. C. A. Sophomore Com- mission, Y. M. C. A. junior Council, Rifle Team I, 1, 3, Freshman Track, Spanish Club 1, 1, 3, Tripp Hall House Chairman 4. Thesis: A Critical Analysis of the "Mil' waukee Sentinel." ROBERT H. SYKES Madison MEDICINE Theta Delta Chi. 94? ,giant W ...dim ylkwh. 'I 31,0 Miki ? ,4 ,Qui ,oe 5 IEANETTB SYLVESTER Madison APPLIED ARTS Kappa Delta Thesis Modern Tendencies In Sculpture W , 1 1' - + INA MARGARET TEsAI1 V Prairie du Chien ln ENGLISH FLENORE HOBBINS TALLARD 'V I " ARCI-IIE HANWIT TAT Wisconsin Players Q, Rho Epsilon Delta Madison H Milwaukee e ss .. I Y .I I lj m x 3 5 5 ELLIS SANBORN TAFI' Milwaukee ECONOMICS Artusg Sophomore Honors. Thesis: Unemployment in England Since 1925. JEAN TALBOT Somerset, Kentucky BN CLISI-I 1928 Badger Circulation Staff, 1920 Bad' ger Office Manager, Mother's Day Senior Swingout Committee 31 Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Sophomore Hone orsgAlpha Xi Delta. ' Thesis: A Study of the Tristram Legend as Interpreted by Malory, Tennyson, Swinburne, and Robinson. CHEMISTRY U. W. Horse Show Tickets Committee Chairman 3: Live Stock Show Entries Committee Chairman 25 W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Numeral Awards, Class Riding 2, 3, 4g Varsity Riding 2, 3, 4g University Hunt Club I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4. Thesis: "The Effect of Sodium Chloride on Sauerkrautf' ANN CELESTE TAPPINS Madison PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Thesis: A Survey of the Changes in, Public School Music Education from 1917 to 1925. JOHN TASCHE, JR, Sheboygan MEDICINE University of Wisconsin B.S.g Boxing Numerals ZQ Lambda Chi Alpha. Thesis: Cardiac Hypertrophy Produced by Experimental Pericardial Adhesions. N Page MEDICAL SCIENCE University of Chicago I, 2. ANNE LEE TAYLOR South Bend, Indiana PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC XVomen's C-lee Club 3, 4, PanfProfessional Council 3, 4Q Sigma Alpha Iota Secretary 4. Thesis: A Study of the Inherited and Acquired Musical Ability of Thirtyetwo Seventh Grade Children. ELMER F. TENHOPEN Cleveland, Ohio PHYSICAL EDUCATION Athletic Board 3 "W" Club 2, 3, 41 Freshman Basketball Captain, Varsity Basketball 2 , 3, 4, Captain 4g Theta Xi, 142 N LAMB OTTO TETZLAPP Mishicot EDUCATION Whitewater State Teachers College I 7-I University of Wisconsin Ph.B. Thesis: The History of Supervision STELLA D. TI-IAL .Sis Y ff? aa SL s g -'fe S THEODORE A. THELANDER, JR. Chicago, Illinois HISTORY Union Board MCmb6I4lf'L3fgE 3, 45 Union Board and Vice-President, Me' morial Union House Committee Chairmang Y. M. C. A. Freshman Committee Presif dentg Y. M. C. A. Sophomore Commis- sion: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4, President 4, Religious Conference Chairman 3Q Freshman Baseballg Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4g Phi Kappa Phi, Iron Crossg White Spades, Sophomore Honors, Beta Theta Pi. Thesis: Critobulos. CLARENCE FREDERICK TI-IIEDE Columbus POLITICAL SCIENCE High School State Basketball Tournaf fnent rg Freshman Baskethallg Varsity Basketball 1, 3Q Tau Kappa Epsilon. CLARENCE JOHN THIEL Random Lake ECONOMICS IsIcn's Glee Club 4Q Presidr:nt's Guard I: Phi Kappa Tau. V Thesis: The Production of Pectin and Pectin Products: A General Survey of Pectin. NN. iq. X Fl? 9 f .1 -ll DOROTHY ELIZABETH T Lancaster MATHEMATICS EDWARD THOM Marshfeld JOURNALISM Sigma Delta Chi. Thesis: A Newspaper and Merchandising Survey ofthe Sixth XVard, Madison. BERNIECB THOMAS Chicago, Illinois PHYSICAL EDUCATION XV, A, A, 3, 45 Physical Education Club r, 1, 3, 4: Class Outdoor Baseball 3g Class Hockey rg Class Volley Ball 2, 3, Class Track ag Class Indoor Baseball 2, 3. JEAN ELIZABETH THOMAS Milwaukee sociotoov Kappa Alpha Theta. Thesis: Study of the Maladjusted Child. NORMAN GOODSEL THOMAS Cobb ' MEDICINE Lawrence College IQ First Regimental Concert Band 1, 3: Alpha Kappa Kappag Gamma Tau Beta. Thesis: Radiology and Fluorology of the Osteology of the Ostrich. HARRIET A. THOMPSON Madison TEXTILES Union Board Freshman Assistant rg Euthcnics Club 3, 4g U. W. 4-H Club 1, 3-4' Thesis: Settlers of Early Wisconsin- Their Contributions to Clothing. N Page 143 N WENZEL SLACK THOMPSON La Crosse CHEMISTRY Beloit College I, zg Haresfoot Dramatic Club 4: Phi Kappa Psi. Thesis: Carbohydrates in Butyl Fermentae tion. WILLARD N. THOMPSON Mauston MEDICINE University of Wisconsin B.A.g Freshman Track, Interfratemity Council 3, 4: Phi Chig Beta Kappa President 3, 4. Thesis: In Medicine. HERBERT H. THOMSEN Red Oak, Iowa ECONOMICS Freshman Track, Zeta Psi. l J 4 W a s 7 cis 1 , T" T i f if X-f fs X. LOUISE C. THOMSEN Fond du Lac GENERAL EDUCATION Country Magazine Feature Writer 3, Assistant Home Economics Editor 45 Euthenics Club 3, 4g Alpha Delta Pi. DOROTHY MARY THOMSON -San Antonio, Texas ENGLISH Mount Vernon Seminary I g University of Wisconsin B.A.g Gamma Phi Beta. Thesis:'Galsworthy's Change of Attitude Toward the Older Generation Through His Novels. EDGAR ALLAN THRONSON Cambridge CHEMISTRY Carroll College 1, 23 Phi Lambda Upsilon. Thesis: Characterization and Preparation of Certain Organic Compounds. 2335 N i. xii fE9 U I v L Q .., Si . X Q43 -9 LOWELL THOMAS THRONSON 'I' JAMES PATRICK TIMBERS Edgerton Mauston LAW St. Olaf College I. 29 First Regimental Concert Band 31 Phi Alpha Delta. RU5iEI.IA H. TIEDEMAN Madison APPLIED ARTS Les Beaux Arts Cluhg Chi Omega. Zhesis: Study of Composition in Modern rt. ELLA ALVINA TIEDKE Oconro EDUCATION Thesis: The Teaching of Science in Junior High School. N Page ECONOMICS Newman Club Secretary 3, President 45 Phi Kappa. VIRGINIA I. TINGLE Evanston, Illinois COMPARATIVE LITERATURE Sweet Briar College IQ University of Wis' consin B.A.g Mystic Circle Presidenrg Kappa Kappa Gamma. Thesis: Tragedy in the Plays of Eugene O'Neill. JOHN C. TONJES Milwaukee HISTORY Marquette University 1. 2. Thesis: The South and the Right of Secession in the Antebellum Period. 144 N MARTIN J. TORPHY Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE A. ISABEL TORPY Minocqua SOCIOLOGY University of Wisconsin B.A.g Ch Omega. LEWIS MCLEISH TOWERS Portage SOIL CHEMISTRY 4 4 Z aka wi ,V ii J: gi .i in i il I E . gf it Q' il lrl I I CLI he ' l 0 I PM 'ff i fl ft .Q pix. Q 5 MARGARET A. TRAINOR Madison APPLIED ARTS Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Director 4, Beaux Arts Club 2, 3, 4, Theta Phi Alpha, Rho Epsilon Delta. HENRY TRANMAL Washburn BACTERIOLOGY River Falls State 'I'eacher's College 1, 2. SIGURD TRANMAL Washbufn ACCOUNTING Daily Cardinal Assistant Promotion Mane ager 3, Promotion Manager 4. Thesis: Analysis of the Retail Clothing Industry in Wisconsin. 'fwfr . 'PIPER JEAN ELIZABETH TRAT1-IE. , ' 5 ORVILLE JOHN TRENARY C595 Shawano , Madison HISTORY Collegiate League of Women Voters 3, 4 Secretary 4, Spanish Club 1, Castalia 4g Kappa Delta. Thesis: GermanfAmericans in YVisconsin and the Civil War. CYEII. TEAYEORD Chicago, Illinois PHYSICAL EDUCATION Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Freshman Hockey. ASI-IEE E. TREAT Antigo ZOOLOGY Mens Dormitory Assistant Clerk 2, 3, University Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 42 University Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4, U. W. Woodwind Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Hesperia 1, 2Q Sophomore Honors, Phi Mu Alpha Treasurer 2, President 3, Su' preme Councilman 4,,Arrowhead. Thesis: Sound Perception in Ants. I AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING Octopus Business Staff 2, Presidents Guard Corporal, A. S. A. E. Secretary- Treasurer 3, 4, Phi Pi Phi. M. RUTH TROYER - Goldfield, Iowa PUBLIC SCHOOL Musto Women's Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Sigma Alpha Iota. Thesis: Music in the High School. EDNA TRUMEULI. Rockford, Illinois TEXTILES Congregational Student Association Member 1, 2, 5, 41 Euthenics Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Omicron Nu, Beta Sigma Omicron. Thesis: Comparative Analysis of Silk and Rayon. N Page 145 N GBRDA HENRIETTE TRUMPY Madison PUBLIC UTILITIES Women's Commerce Club IQ Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Spanish Club 2, Castalia 4, Collegiate League of Women Voters 4, Beta Phi Alpha. Thesis: A Financial History of the H. M, Byllesby Company. RUTH LOUISE TRUNIPY Monroe LATIN Collegiate League of Women Voters 4, German Club 41 Beta Phi Alpha. Thesis: Mythology of Woodland and Pasture in the Augustan Poets. MARGARITHA E. TSCHAN Oconomowoc . NURSING ' ROSE M. TSCHAN Oconomowoc NURSING MARION BLANCHE Tufts Chicago, Illinois APPLIED ARTS Dolphin Club 1, ZQ Class Swimmin Sigma Lambda: Alpha Omicron Pi. Thesis: Mural Decoration. ALLAN FOREST TURPIN Highland Park, Michigan ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. 2, 3, 4. ROI' JOHN TURTON WILLIAM R. USHER Alma Madison ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Engineer Advenising Staff 1, 31 Local Advertising 3, 4: Freshman Base' ballg Varsity Baseball 3: A. I. E. E, fStudent Branchj 3, CNationall 4: Delta Sigma Tau. MARGARET JANE Twouro Milwaukee PUBLIC SCHOOL Music Castalia 4: French Club 45 Theta Phi Alpha. Thesis: Creative Music. WILLIAM CARL ULRICH Lomira . ECONOMICS Ripon College IQ Rifle Team IQ Freshman Basketball: Athenae 3Q Young Men's Progressive Association 2, QQ Delta Sigma Tau. Thesis: The Problem of "Trade Ins." to the Automobile Dealer. LETTERS AND SCIENCE FRANCIS LEE UTLEI' Escanaba, Michigan ENGLISH Daily Cardinal Special W'riter 3, Literary Editor 45 Literary Magazine Editorial Staff 3g Sophomore High Honors: Kappa Sigma. - Thesis: The Early Years of "The Quarf terly Review" Story Criticism. CLIFFORD H. VAN ABEL Madison ACCOUNTING Q N Page 1,46 N IVAN VAN AIQREN Sheboygan CIVIL ENGINEERING Thesis: The Design of a City Sewage Disposal Project. GEORGE A. VAN VALKENBURGH Two Harbors, Minnesota CHEMISTRY Hibbing junior College 1, 1. Thesis: Molecular Diameter of Nitrogen Penroxide. GEORGE WILLIAM VATER Clinton ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Carroll College IQ Eta Kappa Nu. is nfs: -QW? . do . ' 4 - HJ l . Q 3' qqf.. a x ! A Q15 4522 A 5... 5 A - EDWYN FRANK VICKERY f 5 A Madam 1, COMMERCE ' 1 'S Committee of "go" as -Freshmang Y. M. CARLOS ROBERT VOLLENWBI , RALPH LESLIE WAGNER C' A' Freshman C'?m?mf'ee5 Y- M' Q- A' Buenos Aives, Argentina Chicago, Illinois Sophomore Commissrong Congregational I I Church Group r, QQ Cadet Corps Ser' MEDIC NB F NANCE 222112 If 25 PY6SidCUf'S G'-l3fCl SEFEEKHF 7-5 Phi Chi. Haresfoot Dramatic Club 2, 35 Freshman Freshman Basketballg Sigma Pi. LESTER VELIE Milwaukee HISTORY Daily Cardinal Assistant Desk Editor 2, Desk Editor 31 Sigma Delta Chi5 Pi Lambda Phi. HENRY W. A. VIETMEYER Milwaukee ' ECONOMICS Memorial Union'Drive Class Committee Chairman IQ 1928 Prom Tickets Come mitteeg Freshman Swimmingg Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4g Varsity Water Polo 2, 3, 4Q Phi Kappa Sigma. Thesis' Didacticism V. Case History in Medical Education. DONALD Louis WADE Greenbush FINANCE ROBERT L. WAEELE Fond du Lac MEDICINE X929 Prom Boxes Committee! Cadet Corps Corporal 2. - Thesis: Physiological Chemistry. Basketball. RUEE E. WAGNER St. Paul, Minnesota PHYSICAL EDUCATION Interscholastic 2, 3. 45 MidfWest Relay Carnival 2, 3, 45 High School State Basket- ball Tournament 2, 3, 45 Club 2, 3, 4Q Freshman Football5 Freshman Basket' ballg Freshman Track5 Freshman Crewg Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Varsity Track 2, 3, 45 Iron Cross5 White Spades5 Phi Epsilon Kappa. Thesis: Scoliosis. 'MARY E. WALKER Dubuque, Iowa APPLIED ARTS Clarke College IQ University of Wisconf sin B.S. Thesis: Nature as a Source of Inspiration for Color In the Costume. N Page 147 N RUTH F. WALKER Hancock ENGLISH Milwaukee Downer College x, ZQ Arden Club 4g Alpha Chi Omega. ADELE WALLIN Duluth, Minnesota ART Superior State Teacl:rer's College 1, 25 University of Wisconsin B.S.5 Beaux Arts Club, Sigma Lambdag Delta Phi Delta. Thesis: Subjective Tests for Art Talent and Vocational Aptitudes. ALICE JANE WALSH Madison APPLIED ARTS X I . s I, J ish,-fi fiifiklik fsfifz-Ef.ij3,cEf r , , ex ""'t1s.f I ,L xxQiii,e'y ' i fi ffiisfagwb ' ,.2,.5:' si! fs . iififeiawaiGia!ig ..,.,..,.-. .. ..,. ,,.j... 7, ...... ..-.... il Il 7 I l. l 2 l ' i I. i T. lx . , I, ll. ll ii 3, ' l l I 1 l l I li l , ,l Q' , all I " ,. Jil l A ,f 1 .gxdgjffx A , J : W -I I-. I elif? I A ' I ': QE fill WU .Na I , ,F Q, I-' n ' A . ll ggi- 5E li f 3 . Hiirai I 1-has , XG? J I I ll 'L ill-ibn-KJ X H :I I If f I . if ll l- , . . ia 1 il ll I 5 l I 5 5 l i l .li F I l ll UT C' " if ' mn A .argiga,g'fi1g,,.aiL1i. W, . .21 jg N Jgff-gxtj fi! XT' ' U V231 QTJP3' li gg . r rea, aa-. P3531 X JAMES D. WALSH hgwkgibflifix ERNEST A. WEGNER Mansion GERALD CHARLES WARi'E.7fsh-QJIPIQQY ALEXANDER WAI'O Tmnah IXIEDICINE . s,9,,Q gf . , , ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING , , , , , New Lisbon f ,gr S Whiting, Indiana ,I l 3 3 l , UUIVCFSIUY Of WISCONSIN B-S.: Phi Beta HY R h.'Qgf'If Wisconsin Engineer National Advertising Pi: Phi KHPPH- . . .D AULICS , JOURNALISM Manager 2. 3, Business Manager 41 A. I. 41-hem: Group Medicine Compared with Wisconsin En ireer Editorial Staff I f the Individual Practice. ROBERT H. WANGERIN Elkhart Lake COMMERCE Commerce Magazine Subscription Staff 2, Rifle Team I, zg Rifle Club 1, 2, Vice' President ag Commerce Advisory Come mission 43 Delta Sigma Pi. NORMAN G. WANN Silverwood, Indiana EDUCATION AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Eatlham College Graduateg University of Wisconsin Ph.M., Freshman Football Coach. Thesis: A Study of the Play and Recreaf tion in Dane County, Wisconsin. g . Editor 2, Board ci' Directors and Editor 3, Advisory Editor 4, Men's Glee Club 3. 4, Glee Club Corporation 3, 42 Engineers Christmas Sing Chairman Ig A. S. C. E.. 3, 4, Publicity Director .ig Chi Epsilon Secretary 3, President 45 Alpha Tau Sigma: Co-Founder 3, President 4g Tau Beta Pi 3, 4, Treasurer 42 Phi Kappa Phi, Wisconsin Scholarship IQ Freshman High Honors, Sophomore Honors, junior Honorsg Acacia. Thesis: A Study ofthe Welded Structural joint. and the Devising of a Practica Field test for Strength and Quality. Lors ADELE WASKOW Chicago, Illinois MEDICINE GulffPark College rg Pi Beta Phi. MAX WAX Milwaukee ECONOMICS Intercollegiate Debate Squad 3: Avulrah 1, 3, 4, VicefPresident 3, President 3g Ameri- can Student Zionist Federation President Freshman ScholarshipgSophomore Honors. 4g Artusg Delta Sigma RhogPhi Kappa Phi, Thesis: "Economic Development of Rus' sia Since the Revolution." N Page Daily Cardinal Sports XX riter 21 Athletic Review Editorial Staff 3g Ice Carnival Publicity Committee 31 Press Club 1. 1. 3, 4, President 33 Wis. H. S. Press Conf vention Student Manager 3, Assistant University Psess Steward 1, 35 Delta Chi. ELEANOR MARIE WEAVER Janesville GENERAL Country Magazine Editorial Stiff I, 3, Business Staff .Ig Euthenics Club 2, 3, 4. Thesis: The History ofthe Egg in Io lc' lore, Mythology and Superstition. JEAN WEBSTER Columbus AGRICULTURAL BACTBRIOLOGY Live Stock Night Show Committee 1. 3. Congregational Student Cabinet Mem- ber I, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, .gg W. A. A. 1, 3, 4, Head of Bowling .ig Class Volley Ball I, 2g Class Bowling 1, 2, 3Q Varsity Bowling :Q Agric Triangle I, 25 Saddle and Sirloin 3. 4, VicefPresident 43 Beta Sigma Omicron. Thesis: A Study of Lactobacillus Acidophf ilus and some Factors in Maintaining Its Viability in Milk. HSN E. E. .ig Sophomore Honors, Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nug Alpha Tau Sigma. Tri- angle. KENNETH WARREN WEGENER Lake Mills PHYSICS XVesley Foundation Cabinet Member 4: First Regimental Concert Band 3, 4. Quartermaster 43 junior Mathematics Club 2, 3. .i, Secretary 3, President 4, Chess Club 41 Sophomore High Honors: Phi Beta Kappag Phi Sigma Phi President 4: Phi Kappa Phi. Thesis: Electron Emision from Metals Due to Positive Ion Bombardment. VICTOR A. WEGNER Beaver Dam CHEMISTRY OTTO WM. WEHRLE Milwaukee CIVIL ENGINEERING University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee I, 23 A. S. C. E. 3, 4g Chi Epsilon 5 Tau Beta Pig Acacia. Thesis: The Eiiiciency of Super'Cements and Rich Dry Mixes in Producing Early Strength Concrete. CHARLES F. WEILER F lemington, New jersey ECONOMICS Princeton University I, 2. PHILIP WEINBBRG Whitewater LAW Whitewater State Teacher's College I, 25 Law Review Student Editor 3, 4. MARGARET PAGE Evanston, Illinois LETTERS AND SCIENCE Sweet Briar College I, 2: University of Wisconsin B.A.g Kappa Kappa Gamma, LILLIAN M. WELLNER Sanborn, Minnesota PHYSICAL EDUCATION University of Chicago IQ Calvary Luth- eran Cabinet Member ag W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 4, Head of Hockey 4, Pin Award, Small "W", Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4: Class Outdoor Baseball 2Q Class Hockey' 3, 42 Class Tennis 3, Var' sity Outdoor Baseball 2, Varsity Tennis 35 Beta Sigma Omicron. ROBERT J. WELLS Fontana GENERAL BUSINESS Delta Sigma Phi. EUDORA ALICE WELTY jackson, Mississippi ENGLISH Mississippi State College for XVomen I, ag University of Wisconsin B.A. Thesis: A Novel, "All Available Brocade' FLORENCE WENDT Hofricon ACCOUNTING Whitewater State Teacher's College I, 2 XVomens Commerce Club 3, 4, Gamma Epsilon Pi. Thesis: Survey of Advanced Accounting Problems. KARL RINNBR WBNDT St. Paul, Minnesota PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Marquette University IQ Municipal .Ui-ii, versity of Akron 2, Research Assistant in Chemistryg Lambda Chi Alpha. Thesis: The Potential of Zinc in Zinc Ammonium Solutions. N Page 149 N KENNETH LYNN WESTEY Fort Atkinson COMMERCE Milton College I, ZQ Men's Glee Club Soloist 5, 45 Theta Delta Chi. CLAIRE MARY WEYRER Dousman BOTANY Newman Club Sophomore Advisor 2, 31 Pythia Literary Society 3, 4, Secretary 4Q Freshman Scholarshipg Theta Phi Alpha. Thesis: Comparative Study of Fruits of the Solanaceae. ELIZABETH ALICE WHIPP Milwaukee ENGLISH Collegiate League of Women Voters 3, 45 Kappa Delta. Thesis: The Conflict between Religion and Science in Arnoldsand Tennyson's Poetry. - I -fs, . an X- 5-Q QWB . N I, FBLICIA MARIE WHITE New 'York City SOCIOLOGY W. S. G. A. Board Representative I, 4Q W. A, A. 2, 3, 4Q U. W. Girl's Riding Team 4Q Hunt Club 2, 3, 4, Social Chair' Bari 4g French Club I, 2g Alpha Kappa e ta. AUDRAH E. WHITFORD Clinton, Iowa APPLIED ARTS Lawrence College IQ Phi Omega Pi. GEORGE WHITNEY Wauwatosa ECONOMICS in-25? MARION H. IEMORE - BEssIE RAE Winmzs Sycamore, Illinois FRENCH Rockford College I, zg Alpha Omicron Pi. HAROLD E. WICKER Madison AGRICULTURE Country Magazine Staff I, zg Live Stock Night Show 1, 33 Stock judging Team 45 Saddle and Sirloin I, 2, 3, 4. GUNNARD ALOOI' WIOKMAN Ashland INDUSTRIAL EDUOATION Varsity Basketball Manager 1, 1. Thesis: Related Occupational Information for the Adolescence. Duluth, Minnesota SOCIOLOGY University of Wisconsin B.A. HARRY MEYER WIEN Burlington MEDICINE Thesis: Anatomy. IRVING A. WIEN Burlington MEDICINE Phi Delta Epsilon. . 'N,kPage 150 N E. ELEANOR WIESE Madison GERMAN Thesis: The German "Volkslied." HAVENS WILBER Madison JOURNALISM Thesis: A Newspaper Analysis and Market Survey of the Third Whilfd, Second Precinct, Madison, XVisconsin. DONALD E. WILCOX Osseo AGRICULTURE University of XVisconsin B.S.g Vifesley Foundation Cabinet Member 3, 4: Bash' ford Club President 4 Stock Judging Team 4Q Blue Shield 4g Saddle and Sirloin 3, 4. gg, X . I ' f' 4-In i O. pq I. fi alfi' ' s- . 66 1235 . . '-4 - I 3' X Clgillf Xi :D f . Q. J KATHRYN WILDER Madison NURSING ERNBSTINE LOUISE WILKE Two Rivers ECONOMICS 'Milwaukee Downer College 1, ag Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4Q Geographers Club 4Q Arden Club 4: Alpha Chi Omega. Thesis: A History of Women in Industry Since ISQO. ELLBDA VBA WILLARD Stoughton ENGLISH Oberlin College 1, zg Alpha Phi. , ik jf . :JV'a',: V f -.- -I - 1 j N GENEVIEVE ELIZABETH WILL hy JOHN JOHN WILLIAMS Lancaster '1 Marquette, Michigan MATHEMATICS Thesis: On Hyperbolic Geometry and Trigonometry. HAROLD MILTON WILLIAMS Chicago, Illinois ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.g Daily Cardinal Assistant Desk Editor 3, Edie torial Writer 4g Literary Magazine- Busi- ness, Staff IQ Sophomore SemifPubl1c Def bateg FreshmanfSophomore Debateg-Pres byterian Sunday Evening Club Presidentg Freshman Trackg Varsity Cross Coun- try zg Athenae Literary Society 1,.2, 3, 4. Secretary 2, VicefPresident 3, President QQ Freshman Legislative Scholarshipg Beta Phi Theta. p Thesis: "The Humorous Element in Oliver Goldsmith's Citizen of the World Papers." IVAN E. WILLIAMS Neenah HISTORY Freshman Trackg Freshman Tennisg Phi Pi Phi. n Thesis: The Effect of the Change Ain Franchise Qualihcation upon the Election of Andrew jackson. MINING ENGINEERING University of Michigan IQ Mining Club 1, 2, 3, 4' MARION WILMARTH Minneapolis, Minnesota APPLIED ARTS University of Wisconsin B.S.g Pi Beta Phi. Thesis: Correct Dress for the Individual. MARION josiziei-IINE WILSON Fort Atkinson ENGLISH Whitewater State Teachers College' I, ag Thesis: Fairy Stories and Nature Myths in English Literature. 'vpage lil N ERWIN J, WINTER Antigo PUBLIC UTILITY ECONOMICS Calvary Lutheran Council Member 4g Church Group Treasurer 4: Delta Pi Epsilon. Thesis: Financial History of the Wiscon' sin Gas and Electric Company. JACK ALFRED WINTER Milwaukee ECQNOMICS University of Wisconsin B.A.g Literary Magazine Circulation Manager 4g Na' tional Academy Championship Program Business Manager 9.5 Interscholastic Field Committee ZQ Haresfoot Dramatic Club Production Staff 31 Freshman Track Manager IQ Zeta Beta Tau. Thesis: Thesis Course in Finance. MILTON C. WITTENBBRG Milwaukee COMMERCE Marquette University I, ag Iozo Prom Independent Campus Groups Assistant Cbairmang Luther Memorial Cabinet Member 3, 4, President SQ Men's Glee Club 4Q Arrowhead President. as J ...H yo, ,- g ' ., J' 2. V. -, qA ,1. ,. ,. , .. ,. - .... .., F, 'l I-if ' sg 'nil up GWENDOTdYN MORTON WITMEE Racine ENGLISH University of Wisconsin B.A.g Daily gardinal Skyrockets Writer BQ Kappa elta. MILDRED JUSTINE WITTICH Beloit BOTANY Class Hockey 1. Thesis: Cytology of Taphrina Species, ETHEL M. WOLF M ilwaulqee ENGLISH Marquette University 1, 25 Sigma Alpha Iota. MIRIAM E. WOLF ' rl' L 1 . BENJAMIN C. WORBIELT Kansas City, Missouri GERMAN Kansas City junior College 1, zg Women's Glee Club 4, Castalia Literary Society .gg Sigma. ROYLETTA WOODLE Larrnie, Wyoming NURSING FRANCIS CAMPBELL WOOLARD Wauwatosa ECONOMICS Union Board 1, 3, 42 1927 Prom Assistant General Chairmang 1928 Homecoming General Chairmang 197.7 Homecoming Bonlire Committee Chairmang 1916 Homeeoming U Downtown Decorations Committeeg W Club 3, 4Q Varsity Baseball Maflaglff I, 2. 3, 44 Elections Committee 3g Iron Cross, White Spades, Alpha Chi Rho. Thesis: International Printers', Pressmens' ano Assistants' Union. ' . N Page Cambridge POULTRY HUSBANDRY Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Freshman Crcxvg Varsity Crew zg Delta Theta Sigma. Thesis: Protein Requirements Cf Growing Chicks. KENNETH E. WORTI-IING Fond du Lac LAW West Point Military Academy 1, 22 Law Review Student Editor 3. 4g Mili- tary Ball Music Committee 3. 4: Congre- gational Board Member 3Q Cadet Corps First Lieutenant 3, Major 45 Scabbard and Bladeg Gamma Eta Gamma. WALLACE WM. WORZELLA Plover AGRONOMY Country Magazine Business Staff 3g First Regimental Concert ,Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Boxing 3, 45 Womens Club junior Repref sentative 3Q Saddle and Sirloin Club 3, 4. junior Representative Newman Club. ISZN JAMES WRAY Glencoe, Illinois ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JOSEPH WREND Madison PHYSICAL EDUCATION Freshman Footballg Freshman Baseball, Varsity Football ZQ Phi Epsilon Kappag SecretaryfTreasurer. M. JEAN WRIGHT West Allis SOCIOLOGY University of Wisconsin Extension Divif sion of Milwaukee 1, ag Alpha Kappa Delta. Thesis: The Working Girl and Her Problems. 'N CR' X I X 'lgstf ... B-lies.. etggik .-562 31 bers wr., V " EMMA IRENE YAI-IR Chicago, Illinois ADVERTISING Coranto IRVIN ELMER ZASTROW x 4 BERNIOE A 'ZIEEELL HELEN GERTRUDE COOHR ANE Portage HISTORY Sigma Kappa . 65155 . , - 13 I Q Iliff 4 if., Fm I I 5 , Km, 1 . I A . Thesis An Original Advertising Cam ?gE3Cioggi1e California XValnut Growers' ELECTRICAL ENGINEENNG Freshman Footballg Freshman Swimmingg A,1. E. E. 4g Delta Sigma Tau. CHARLOTTE YOUNG Chicago, Illinois LETTERS AND SCIENCE ' CHEMISTRY Presidenfs Guard IQ Phi Pi Phi. I Thesis: Preparation and Classihcation of Organic Compounds. RAY H. ZEUNERT Ceclarbufg DOROTI-IEA ZARBELI, . Lomsmue' Kmwcky WALTER CURT ZIBHLSDORFF U n A f IQSINCII BA D I Washburn niversity o isconsin . .g ai y Cardinal Staff 2, 3, 4g French Cluhg CIVIL ENGINEERING , , Alpha Xi Delta. A. S. C, E.g Freshman Scholarshipg Chi Tliesis:Balzac on Health. Epsilong Tau Beta Pi. N Page Portage Beloit SOCIOLOGY Beloit College 1, 2. CHRISTIAN ZILLMAN Chicago, Illinois LETTERS AND SCIENCE HELEN G.. ZINGSI-IEIM Green Bay PHYSICAL EDUCATION Oshkosh State Teachers College Gradu. ateg American College of Physical Educaf tion 1, ZQ Class Basketball 3. ' Thesis: Compensation made by the Body upon Shifting of Its Center of Gravity Due to Assumed Postures. l53N ANN JOHNSON Madison ECONOMICS Thesis: Cooperative Unionism. NORMAN WESLEY PAUL Madison MEDICINE Wesley Foundation Cabinet Member 1., 3, President 35 Blue Shield Q., 3, 4, Treasf urer 3, Vice-President 41 French Club Treasurer ag Wesley Players 3, 4g Phi Beta Pi. Thesis: Dehydration and Preparation of Visceral Organs for Demonstration. e-4345 W A A '- 4 - : A:,:,. 7 WALLACE M. JENSEN JOHN F. DOYLE tg N Se tember, 1 Q. , as members of the Freshman Class, we marched roudl P 9 5 P Y N' A up the Hill to be welcomed into Wisconsin by its new Prexy-Glenn Frank. . . . . . . The traditional Varsity Welcome was an inspiration for us to make the most of our opportunities during the next four years. And now, the time is short until we willassemble in Camp Randall Stadium to receive our degrees and President Frank's charge to the graduating class-the first class to complete four years under his administration. We have witnessed the growth of the university during these four years-an experiment in education in the form of the Experif mental College, additions to the physical plant in the form of new buildings, and the conf struction and use of the new Memorial Union. No doubt we have failed to appreciate fully the opportunities presented to us. Nevertheless, I am sure that I express the sentiment of the class in saying that we are deeply indebted to Wisconsin for the background and ideals that it has given us, and for the true friendships that we have formed. We pledge our continued loyalty to Wisconsin and sincerely hope that we will conf tinue that "fearless winnowing and sifting" in the search for the truth. WALLACE JENSEN, Senior Class President. N Page154 N 4 ""- "mf 'AQS"f"x:""5LE ff, Q" , s. ' ' .fit f aff' gwrwarwf A , ,Q mm, em.,-L,,'w tw-gi' ' as 9 fl? ,Q .H L , , , cja I' JE tQ,,j,a. ,Q ff ,J l H .Broooonno W. Youszc D. MCNARY S OWEN Class of 193O When the class of 193o pauses a moment to examine its proht and loss statement for the past year, we 'rind the following among the items of income: The editing of the Badger, the junior Prom, Union Board work, participation in athletics, some achievements in scholarship, and other items. The expenses include consider' able hard work, time, and a few errors, leaving in all a proht of a very pleasant and successful year. When we consider our assets of a creditable record, much energy, and, may we say, some good will, We hope to be able to meet the liabilities of another year in the University and life in the world. As the class of 1929 completes the senior year, the responsibilities of which we are about to assume, we congratulate them upon their graduation and send with them our best wishes for their success. DAVID MCNARY. Class of 1931 Last year the Class of 1931 arrived at this institution in various stages of dismay at the appalling, and, to some, rather mysterious challenge offered them in the form of higher education. At the end of a few months the challenge had been met. The answer appeared in what the class did for the school. But this is only typical of the spirit of the class. This year has been a repetition of the successes enjoyed during those past semesters. The Class of 1931, in the first year in which it could take active part in the extrafcurricular life of the University, won honors for itself and glory for the school. Moreover, the class as a whole carried its responsibilities, in the form of the Sophomore Shuffle and in supporting the Memorial Union during its iirst year, to a satisfactory conclusion. Next year, and the year after next, when even more will depend upon the success of the Class of 1931, the experience of the past year will enable it to carry on in the spirit of its predecessors. HUGH BLOODGOOD. Class of 1932 'LA class is a logical group to meet for social and intellectual companionship." This is the premise which the president and an appointed executive 'committee of twelve assumed in planning this yearns freshman activities. Among these were the traditional Frosh Frolic, a series of four convocations, a spring formal, and a movement to change freshman traditions and orientations. WM. A. YOUNG. N Page155 N ,. i .,A. 3? A ,,gA.,,A 5 , ,,,i,, ,:., A n .1,f, .,,, . ,f,1 , ,,::, we i s Q . -wg' V 'A ' A"5 'fa , '., A 6' . - 4 i H Q .5 The Gffaf HHN of the Memorial Union "Pase156 N .ff-' ,, , , gf ' ' ' '44 ' L., '34 N" 49- ,- - I -- 'Q' 11- ' af-. ",1,'1:,s-A9117 up-1. ,ag-V-'gffi-J, F' W -'iw . 4 1" . gf , if , vfglff I3 1 F Q , , M I , L,..t,, ..', X N r53'F.f,'.,,f'.5- A .f 1 I .- ' 5 "' ,' ' J':-':-'j1f- ' ' "'."14'13 - r I . Y Q X. ,r . v.'f 1 fn L - - - V -4- ,. r 4 ,i.,:,,.., SV X J Q1 X 1 ny ' 1 X '-. N9 4, -Q D m x ' - , sfwgf-'QM' 2.75, ., .7:L,gL.fL'i,,.17 , r 1 L. A M4 fy are 0 If x ,, ....A .-.f I 1 v w 5 y , A , F, , 1 1 Q1 if J- X 1 5 " ,J uf-rf' ws ,.Y.,'. ,N ..,,... I , "-eff-W ,wr pf. - 1:1,,-Lf- ., 2-,Q 'QHjj,'1Qfk .Jgj-553 - ,V-,-74: .5 -A:,.1-Aw.: :,Q3E,'.:f.1:? ew.,-xx 1, any :tial A E.-'ill I W l I , H " H f- 1:'I.,.-.fha "ing, A- ,Inj ru f,.. - i-Q1-A - V.. 1 . , , Ymu-741 3,,,.555 :QQMQ 5g,5hg.., '1. .bg1v,..f,.4, y W, A Q, ., M. . . .. -i:u,:5VN,.5:7 t. x,,.:,L H ' - -,f:f:',.:..:f::.-- 3 1:-1.31 :X -:gg--E-va. -np-, r --Q .-x : f f,.Q3':sws,.n.3.- . 1 wisconsin TACQS eg o 47 Q A A - fb 'EE QE f F W' . S- ' E. 1. 124. or LE E .E ' af - fm. f .1 5? M5 .A ' M55 'Gi 0 Aww ?Q 262232 M - A if U .1 Elton f ross .. -. 53.13 L Q' , . . 31 - 534,1 up-25 5 Semor Men s Honorary Socmy if A '-1.3 L . -. " CLASS OF 1929 .V-V f " T9 -, ' Q OHN F. DOYLE WILLARD L. Mo:.1sEN 'X 1 ",.,+'!gff:. W'- EUGENE S. DUFFIELD WADE H. RANDOLPH . ,Q Q. 22, 4323 I 4 ,3 if 35 3 ' JAMES J. HANKS THEODORE A. THELANDER 'W WALLACE M. JENSEN , RUBEN E. WAGNEE a if ' - 5 xr - f E mortar Yaoaro Senior Women's Honorary Society HONORARY MEMBER HELEN C. WHITE ISAEEL BUNKEE SALLIE DAVIS HELEN KEELEE SYLVIA MEYER ELEANOR PENNINGTON IRMA RINOE LOUISE ROOD N Page 158 N W AQ? Q white Spaoes Cfruoiblc junior Mc CLASS OFJ 1929 JOHN P. ASH EDWARD P. COLE JOHN F. DOYLE EUGENE S. DUEEIELD WALTER J. FITZGERALD WILLIAM K. GRUBE JAMES J. HANKS WALLACE M. JENSEN WILLARD L. MOMSEN W. HAMPTON RANDOLPH THEODORE A. THELANDBR RUEE E. WAGNER FRANCIS C. WOOLARD Junior Womcrfs Honorary Society CLASS OF 1929 MARGARET ALSOP JANE BULL ISABEL BUNKER SALLIE DAVIS JEAN DROPPERS MARJORIE KALTENBACH KATHERINE KEEBLER HELEN KBELER EVIELYN MCELPHATRICK SYLVIA MEYER JUDITH NINMAN SALLIE RINGE LOUISE ROOD BETTY SAXTON OLIVE SMITH LORNA SNYDER CLASS OF 1930 MARGARET CHARTERS MARION HORR DOROTHY HOLT EMILY HURD LILLIAN KRUHGER ELIZABETH MAIER SUZANNE MARTING MARIE ORTH SALLY OWEN MARION PALMER JESSIB PRICE BONNIE SMALL JANET MCDONALD SMITH DORIS ZIMMBRMAN CI-IARLINE ZINN N Page 159 N 7175 Honorary Society CLASS OF 1930 JOHN B. CATLIN HAROLD E. FOSTER NEWMAN T. HALVORSON STUART L. HIGLEY EDWARD L. LANGE MERTON M. LLOYD CARL H. MATTUSEN DONALD MEIKLEJOHN THEODORE P. OTJEN JOHN L. PARKS JEROME W. SPBRLING IRVINGID. TRESSLER REID A. WINSEY , ,"' lx .Q !,.. X ,Wg zjfff. -, 1 .,,.,., I i W1 "" 'Q -..., ? 'A oS?WW?'g ' 7 R A W ff: 2. 4 97: 'ft' WN 1 V ii 7 If 2 wisconsin 'Haas Top Row: I. Bunker, J. Bull, B. Balclwin, J. Ash., M. Alsop Middle Row: J. Burnham, G. Burriclge, L. Bushnell, R. Calkins Bottom Row: J. Callenbach, J. Catlin, E. Chrnielewski, C. Chesley, E. Cole N Page160 N w A"' ,. 57? W - ik.. ' ,hm Smggif Qhmxyj ,,,: 2.51 ' ,, Z N4 f' wisconsin 'Haas Top Row: K. Crowell, F. Cuisinier, R. De Haven, E. Dahlgren j, Dixon Middle Row: M. Fink, M. Droppers, W. Grube, H. Dubillsky Bottom Row: C. Fleich, B. Fronk, W. Fuller, T. Frost, H, Fogter N Page 161 N EW l QE wisconsin TACQS l l l Top Row: T. Holstein, D. Holt, R. Hartman, M. Horr, J. Doyle Muidle Row: J. Hanks, N. Halvorson, L. Gulick, A. Mansfield Bottom Row: H. Keeler, K. Keebler, W. Jensen, E. Hurd, H. Kowalczyk N Page 162, N Eel wisconsin :Kees Top Row: W. Momsen, R. Murphy, C. H. Nelson, F. O'Connor, M, O1-th Middle Row: R. Godley, D. Meiklejohn, J. Miller, D. McNary Bottom Row: L. Krueger, E. Lange, S. Krueger, H. Lange, J. Lucas N Page 163 N x E? ei we WH emimsm so wisconsin 'Rees Top Row: J. Price, J. Parks, M. Pasch, E. Pennington, W. H. Randolph Middle Row: D. Schmid, W. Rogers, D. Sanders Bottom Row: T. Otjen, S. Owen, M. Palmer, M. Parkhurst, R. Scherer N Page 164 N N ffm. Q i 1'- A P 'A ' -1 A A,A, in wisconsin flsxccs 'Top Row: T. Thelander, E. Tenhopen, I. Tressler, R. Wagner, L. Stedman Middle Row: I, M. Smith, L. Snyder, J. Sperling Bottom Row: C. Williston, R. Winsey, F. Wollard, D. Zimmerman, G. Zinn N Page 165 N o EUS + Q? The Council Room of the Memorial Union ' Pg IG6 KJ, 1- - 'V 1 .. F ',,.5: ,A ' 1 hmmm IIIDGTEED. THIRTY f 11 t 'W W ,,q '12 .. 1- "'I mv, M'W. ,- "W -P. , 'W Wfwlw, 'fa 0 ? P is W -. fi K 2 XM? 1Ef1f' F75 W, EL' 4 , f - N f Q J ' c 6 2 H ' i aff f Q f g wi i :D ,, " 527 9 f. if-12' Jw: serif ,,,A ssiml it is Y. If EVAN A. EVANS Two tbeffxlumni and Stubenfs QIWA of tl7.e1CniversiIy of Wisconsin if O the tens of thousandsof students who spent, or who are now spending, happy months in Madison atf tending the Uniyegsitygkthe Alumni Association sends greetings. That the depth and beauty of the lasting friendships here formed maymbe strengthened through reunions and the messages carriediby the Alumni Magazine in the years to corne,,is the Wish of those in charge of the Association. :A , p ' EVAN A. EVANS Presidentj N Page 169 N Q 9 '::' :..-.,., ,..., + . :::: 1 HERMAN EGSTAD LOYAL DURAND General Secretary VicefPresident Q' HE Wisconsin Alumni Association from its inception has been primarily a service organization. Its chief function is, of course, to serve the University, to interpret its aims and accomplishments, and to promote its strength. But it also aims to serve the graduate and the student and to bring before prospective students the opportunities for development offered at Wisconsin. The loyal student has the spirit of service in him for that is the spirit which the University instills. Truly loyal students make loyal alumni. They wish to continue in close contact with the University and to conf tribute to its progress. The Alumni Association is the medium through which they may do so most effecf tively. A great university deserves a great alumni association. There is none greater than Wisconsin. In the process of building such an association, alumni have confidence that the Class of Twentyfnine will do its share. General Secretary. Alumni Offices N PageV1q70 N I J 1235 pi, Q' r Q ts sig? ? i -,A... , I FAY H. ELWBLL WALTER ALEXANDER Treasurer, Wisconsin Alumni Association Recording Secretary, Wisconsin Alumni Association The Wisconsin AlumniAssociation, avoluntary organization ofWisconsin's loyal graduates, is performing two great functions, one, to aid the University in its undertakings, the other, to keep strong the ties that bind its members to their Alma Mater and to one another. It serves to keep the alumni of the institution in close touch with the University, to show them its needs and its troubles, to lead them to a clearer understanding of the University and its purposes. With its magazine, its recently installed system of records, and its new headquarters in the Memorial Union Building at Madison-a center of Wisconsin life, the associations value to the University as a unit, and to the Alumni as an entirety, is steadily growing. U The program of Wisconsin Alumni Association includes "The organization of Wisconsin clubs throughf out the state, the crystallization of Alumni thoughts and ideas concerning the University, to better acquaint the local organization of the city, village, and county with the service that the University is rendering its State and its students that they may more willingly cooperate, and Hnally, to serve as bureau of contacts, the center of alumni activity, and sociabilityf' Wisconsin-the school and the state, the faculty and the students, ap reciate the art the Alumni are P P playing through its association, in making Wisconsin an institution praised for its undertakings, admired for its accomplishments, and beloved for its memories. V N Page 171 N I W, Rvgagkggg 6, Q? i i s i rf r o 2-::k . E has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved muchg who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little childrengvvho has filled his niche and accomplished his taskg who has left the world better than he found it, Whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem or a rescued soulg vvho has never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to express itg who has looked for the best in others and given the best he hadg whose life was an inspirationg whose memory is a benediction . . . MRS. A. J. STANLEY NPage 172 N A St iles H 'Tram lQ7isconsin's 'Distinguished :Alumni e G oosc CHARLES F. H.-moms, B.A. '75, M.A. '79, LL.B. 'So- Because he has practised law since 1880 in Chicago, special- izing in federal and equitable branches, because he served the State of Illinois as a mem- ber of the State Immigration Committee, because he was appointed by the Secretary of War as a member of the Board of Contract Adjustments, and finally, because he was hon- ored by the University of Wisconsin in 1025, when the degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred upon him. ORD CHARLES L. BYRON, B.S. 'o8-Because after graduating from the University of Wis- consin, he completed a law course, and has successfully practiced patent law through- out the country, because he has been actively interested in the welfare of the Uni- versity, and finally, because he has served the University and the Alumni as President of the Alumni Association of the University of Wisconsin. josisri-i C. BLOODGOOD, B.S. '88-Because since his graduaf tion from Wisconsin, and Johns Hopkins, he has been asso- ciated with the staff of johns Hopkins in many important positions, because he is on the advisory staff of such hos- pitals as: St. Agnes, Cecil County, Elkton, and Wash- ington-all of Maryland, and finally, because he has served the medical profession and his country by many researches in the field of infectious di- seases. DAD ELIZABETH F. Coiuxtrr, B.A. 'ro-Because she is the author of four published books including "The Vanished Helga" and "Puritan and Pagan," because she is a con- tributor to standard maga- zines, and Enally, because she has just completed "Walt," a dramatic biography of Walt Whitman, which has been hailed by critics as founding a new school of American biographical writing. HELEN C. WHITE, Ph.D. '24 -Because she has organized and lead literary tours of American students abroad, because she is Vice-President of the Wisconsin Federation of Graduates, because she is Professor of English at Wis- consin, and finally, because she is the author of Mysticirms of William Blake, a book well- known in the profession. 0k.9 FRANK O. How, Ph.B. '07, Ph.M. '15-Because he has been very prominent in Educational circles during the years he held the Superin- tendencies of some of the larger High Schools of the State, because he was at one time president of the State Teachers Association, and Enally because he is now Di- rector of the Bureau of Guidance and Records and Registrar of the University. N Page 173 N Aaci-ne W. KlMBALL, B.A. '16-BCCZIUSC he was assistant superintendent of the West Suburban Hospital of Oak Park, because he served his country abroad during the World War, because he has served as Income Tax Auditor for both the United States and Wisconsin, and finally, because he was recently ap- pointed to the Wisconsin State Tax Commission. 006 BELLE C.-xse QMRS. RoB"r M.l LAFOLLET-ra, B.A. '7Q, LL.B. '87-Because she was the irst woman graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, because she is Associate Editor, l.aFollette's Magazine, because she has taken an active part in Woman Suffrage Campaigns and other political movements, and fin- ally, because she is now com- pleting a biography of the late Senator Robert M. La Fol- lette. HELEN ANN Huonss, B.A. '18-BECAUSE since her gradu- ation from the University of Wisconsin, where she played many important roles in Wis- consin University Players' productions, she 'has contin- ued her dramatic career, hav- ing important roles in Elmer Camry and the Strange Inter- lude. me Lunvro HEKTOEN, M.D.P. US. '86-Because he has been Professor of Pathology in Rush Medical College since 1897 and in the University of Chicago since IQOIQ because he has been Editor, journal of Infectious Diseases since 19041 because he possesses honorary degrees from the University of Norway, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Michigan, and the University of Cincinnati, and, Hnally, because he is Editor-infChief of the Archives of Pathology, which position he has held since 1026. if "" ""f"cfiffe, fs. :WMV 3 'V .. c ia 255355 5,2 1 .5433 ga .sg Tmmrlib ,, igiifbgfziiv . ig t. e as E 4 Wi fist? ' . as po. wack ffl-sift? ?ff,aje,...a,sybtsfL,e23sasM A 2 as V---' r este! .V.. , , 1.. e Choose PORTER Burrs, '24-'BC cause he once wrote a Haresf foot Play-Ivan Hog because he organized the new Bureau of Graduate Records and Ref' erenceg because he was Alumni Recorder until 19263 because he then became Secretary of the Memorial Union Building Committee and bas always been one of the foremost promoters of the Union, and tinally, because he was appointed the House Director of the Union by the Regents-the youngest Die rector in the country. GYO Joram D. BLACK, A.B. '09, A.M. '10, Pb.D. lI8-BBCZUSC he has instructed at Western Reserve University, Michigan College of Mines, and Wise consing because he has been Professor of Agricultural Eco' nomics at the University of Minnesota and at Harvard University, because he is the author of Introduction to Prof duction Economics and Agri' cultural Reformg and finally, because he has held the travel' ing professorship on the lriierf national Education Board. NELL B. Nic:-rots, M.S. '17 -Because since her graduaf tion she has been a contributor of note to such magazines as The Pictorial Review, The Delineator, and the Ladies Home journalg because her research in the field of social welfare has contributed much to the success of these magaf zines, and finally, because she is at present on the editorial staff of the Woman's Home Companion. UND Drt.Ros1em- Htcnta, Ph.D. '08-Because of his scientihc research in zoology in Mexico and in Massachusetts, because he organized the Department of Medical Zoology at Johns Hopkins University: because he is Professor of Protozo' ology in the School of Hy' giene and Public Health at johns Hopkins, and finally, because he has just been ap- pointed Visiting Professor of Parasitology at the University of the Phillipines, where he will be in residence from May 1, 1929 to May r, 1930. RUTH Bovts, B.A. '16- Because she worked overseas in Y. M. C. A. work during the War, because she has been Womens Editor of Farm and Fireside, contributor to news' papers and magazines, and Associate Editor of the Mc' Call's Magazine, because she has worked on Hearst's and the Cosmopolitan, and finally. because she is now Associate Editor of Good Housekeeping. 059 WILLIABI H, Krtxr-forex, Ph.D. ,115-'BECAUSE he has inf structed in this University since his graduation, and has been ranked as professor since IQZOQ because he is the author of An Outline of Economics, Syllabus of Economic Theory, and, in preparation, Eco- nomic Principles, Problems, and Policiesg and Enally, be' cause he is a director of the First National Bank, Central Wisconsin Trust Company, the University National Bank, and the University Y. M. C. A. N Page l74 N RALPH MCB.-me Sci-iris' PFLUGG, B,A. '13-Because he has had an active career since leaving Wisconsin appearing in Indianapolis Stock Com' pany and stock in Louisville. Ky.g and finally, because he has now established a permaf nent repertory theater in Hartford, Connecticut, where he is the director of and sponsor for the Macbane Players and where he has very successfully produced The Government Inspector, The Swan. A Bill of Divorce' ment, and The Devils Disciple. Ok!! Axpncws ALLEN, B.C.E. '91, C.E. '94-Because he was contracting engineer for the Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Company from 1899 to iorrg because he is now President of the Allen and Garcia Com' pany, consulting and conf tractmg engineers-a com' pany which has planned and constructed such engineering feats as the largest mine in Pennsylvania, for the Youngs' town Sheet Ee' Tube Co.- the three largest and most modern coal washing plants in the country for the Pittsburgh Coal Co.: and Enally, because he is the inventor of many improvements in the art of coal mining. joseen HOWARD M.-vrrrews, B. S. 'o3,M.S. 'ci-7, M.A. '06, Ph.D. '08-Because he was thc lirst chemist called into the service of the American Army during XVorld XVarg because he was recently promoted to Lieutenantfflolf onel in the chemical XVarfare Service ofthe United Statesg because he established the now annual National Sumpo- sium of Colloid Chemistryg and finally, because he now instructs in the University of XVisconsin in the Chemistry department. can Lenoir F. HAMA, B.S. 'oS- Because he is a consulting en- gineer at Chicago, having enf gineered to completion: the Great Lakes Power Co., at Sault Ste. Marieg Central Power Co. at Kearny, Ne- braskag the Michigan C-as ff? Electric Co., at Three Rivers, Michigan, and many othersg because he engineered the Burgin, Ky., highway bridge, :so ft. above the river and ooo ft., which is the only one of its typeg and finally, because he is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and of Mechanical Engineers, besides belonging to many other minor pro- fe sional groups. ,e - ,i 6' A ' gi !""'3i WRX' -. M WWW ' " K ff"W'i'. i":fT"'?' fkvzwefe-M . ww? we My I M g E 5 K-sis? , .4 Q .MJ fa, E Qyamjgj In i . futgit, ,tt 5,7-gt!! ri 4.1 2, ,fa "ge,,..,,,.g . -. M. , 4 -Y si 1 sw as M get l we ef , , f 1 ,1 f -,, ff-,2 ,, i,,,.,2 ,fa ,,!ifs, , tg, ' if"'fS:', - Qs-sig? 'ls.....tEw?iQpSf,g7fX-Witte!! fhcaetiii as x"""W 3 me l gftwwtiif J e Choose Oswato Sci-mtixsri. B.S. '97, M.S. '99, Ph.D. 'oz-Because he was awarded the Ebert prize, and the American Pharmaceutical Prize for his chemical researches upon the fundamental principles of soil fertility, because he is the inventor of the Schreiner colorimeter, an instrument invaluable in chemical re- smrches, because he was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the First lnter- national Congress of Soil Science in IQ17Q because he was President of the Associa- tion of Official Agricultural Chemists in IQISQ and finally, because he is Chief of the Division of Soil Fertility in the United States Department of Agriculture. FO Joi-iN G. Barren, B.A. '11- Because he instructed in the Department of journalism fol- lowing graduation, because he is a Director of the Wis- consin Society for the Friend- less, because he is a member of Sigma Delta Chi and Red Arrow, and finally, because he is now State Editor of the Milwaukee journal. Fntotrucx D. Htatn, B.S. '94, MS. '96-Because he has taught botany, biology, and pathology in Parsons College, University of Texas, State College of Washington, because he holds the depart- mental positions in botanical research under the United States, and the State of Texas, beause he is Editor of the Northwest Science, because he is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi and Alpha Zeta, because he is the author of numerous pamphlets and books dealing with various subjects of plant pathology, and because he is now head of the department of Plant Pathology in the State College of Washington. 640 Cn.-ixtts A . Lrxostizcn- Because he is the Eagle of the Flying service of the United States, because he can take fame and fortune and still keep that ever-ready, boyish, "Lindy" smile. Epcaa G. DOUDNA, Ph.B. '17-Because he has devoted his life to the furtherance of educational activities, because he was Editor of the Wiscon- sin journal of Education, be- cause he has been both secre- tary and a member of the Executive Committee of the Wisconsin Teachers Associa- tion, because he is Secretary of the Board of Normal School Regents of Wisconsin, and Enally, because he has pub- lished two books: Our Wis- consin and A History of the Badgev State. GN? Mas. HONORE Wrttsua Mort- now, B.A.-Because she has been Editor ofthe Delineator, and because she is the author of "Henry of the Dese1t," "Still jim," "Lydia of the Pines," "Benefits Forgot," "The Forbidden Tvailf' G90 Donato L. Hatvtnsox, B,A. '15, M.A. 18-Because he has been Director of Halls and Commons at the Univer- sity for a number of years, now having complete charge of the service at the womens' and mens' dormitories, besides the three commons at the Memo- rial Union, and Enally, because he is the only director ofsuch a department in any Univer- sity, who can show a profit in his Held during its operating year. N Page l75 N DANIEL W. Hoax, B.A. 'os-Because he drafted the Workmen's Compensation Act of Wisconsin, because he served from 1910 to 1916 as City Attorney of Milwaukee, because he is Director of the City Auditorium of Mil- waukee, and iinally, because he has served Milwaukee as its chief executive since IQIC, defeating all his opponents by an over-whelming majority- the only socialist Mayor in a conservative city. GNOO Honact Stciusr, A.B. '07, A.M. '09, Ph.D. '11-Because he is Professor of Economics and Statistics at Northwestern University, because he is at present Visiting Professor of Director of Research at Clare- mont College. California, because he has served as Statistician for the Wisconsin Industrial Commission, U. S. Shipping Board, and the U. S. Railroad Labor Board ,' because he has written many eco- nomic papers, and finally, because he is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, American Economic As- sociation, and others. Marin: A. BRUNNER, LL.B. 'IQ-BECAUSE, since her grad- uation, she has practiced law in Clintonville, Wisconsin, with her husband, because she served as City Attorney for a term, because she has been Circuit Court Commissioner for Waupaca County since 1921, and tinally, because she is President of the Seventh judicial Circuit Bar Associa- tion. 000 C. W. Mufti-mtitcta, M.S. '11, Ph.D. '23-Because he has served the State of Wis- consin since his graduation as assistant professor of Toxicol- ogy, and as State Toxicologist, in which his work is closely connected with the legal de- partments of the state in in- vestigating criminal and ac- cidental poisoning, and finally because he is the author of many valuable scientiiic treat- ises, among which are Shoe Dye Poisoning, Arsine Intoxi- cation, and the Excretion of 'fvyparsamida Q The New Union Library N P g 176 N 'zz ,AVN 'E ' --Q frvf- , Q4 ,.. 5 -P , DIDGTEGH THIRTY -M r 'N tl +553 gl rt The Fulfillment of Dreams i ' memorial lrirtion 'ilhzoication' -9' S the realization of the hopes of many students, the Memorial Union Building was dedicatedl this fall. This event vvhich had been anticipated for so long, more than reached the expectations of the throngs of people that flocked to see the dedication of this remarkable building on theivveekfend of the Notre Dame football game. Many occasions were crowded into this busy vveekfend, and in all the splendor of its mag' niicent glory, the Memorial Union vvas dedicated and opened to the public. It was with the sincerest joy that the crowd Watched the dedication of the building which has become the center of university activities. ' ,ff . -. l paying F555 On the Lakeshore Terrace N Page 179 -N- a H aig ff? New Students Receive Official Welcome Varsity welcome 1' S the band strikes up the stirring strains of "On Wisf consinf' another group of two thousand young men and women march proudly up the Hill to be welcomed into the folds of its chosen University. This official welcome that a freshman receives when he enters the University is one of the most impressive of ceremonies that takes place at Wisf consin during the entire year. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors gather in a body and march down the Hill to greet the newcomf ers at the foot, and then escort them to the exedra on the Lincoln Terrace where the University faculty, the student body, and the State have their spokesmen welcome the Freshman class. A more fitting ceremony than this to introduce the new stuf dents to the faculty and the other classes could not well be devised, and the other classes all marching up the Hill in a body is signihcant of the cornradeship and the school spirit of Wisconsin. That the new class should be received by the student body is highly proper and is expressive of the real interest that is disf played in each yearls' Freshman Class. N Page 18.0 N PROP. J. OLSON , ' , v u ,i.h ol .633 lf! V K C045 . K 1 K The Banquet in the Great Hall Tilfatbefs 'Day ff" ATHER'S DAY, one of Wisconsirfs finest traditions, is the day when the student son and daughter play host to Father and entertain him with an inspection of the University, a crossfcountry race, and a football game. It's that day of days when home ties, severed in the fall at the opening of college, are first renewed, bringing attendant joy. This year, even though Wisconsin suffered a defeat in footf ball, the spirit kept up. An entire section of the stadium was devoted to the visiting fathers and their sons and daughters, and it is a well known fact that that section did more and better cheering than any other that afternoon. After the game the happy students led "Dadl' from place to place, proud to be the hosts of so distinguished guests. GENERAL CHAIRMEN WALLACE JENSEN P A. T. WEAVER WVALLACE M. JENSEN ASSISTANT GENERAL CHAIRMEN G. KENNETH CROWELL WILLIAM K. GRUEE EDWARD . COLE WILLIAM W. FULLER RALPH GOSLING ' NEWMAN T. HALVORSON W. HAMPTON RANDOLPH ROBERT M. KAUDY N Page 181 N O 1 .1:i- ,I I . ,awww -v.,Q,z,,S.,s-sf,K Ms h IN -v.V4v 1 V- . M X Q ' vw ' ,. ' t W . t is ff efffif if fs. il :S 'Y 'ff rr" 1 iriffgfut as V'QP .5 -s,i:':re fl-J. iiai fQA : , ,,,1QAW-A Q Z1 riai. isa? ., ., l Sigma Kappas Win Fi-rst Prize Hf2ff,izi?H 7l'fOm2COmins 1928 FRANCIS WOOLARD O tradition of College days is more cherished by the Wisconsin Alumni than Homecoming. Homecoming- a Jubilation, the forgetting of care and worry, a temf porary abandonment to the spirit of fun, laughter, and happif nessg the gathering of old friends and classmates from every corner of the earth, who have left all and sacrijiced, perhaps, to be present at this joyous reunion-so strong the tie, and so indissoluble the bond of memories and associations which bind then to one another and "Old Wisconsinfi In the fleeting space of a weekfend the Old Wisconsin and the New meet again. Down Langdon street, transformed into a blaze of welcome, the grads come back to Wisconsin to greet a new regime in a school that is ever changing and yet always the same on the surfaceg it is a time when blitheness and jolly good fellowship seem to hold sway, but deep in the hearts of true Wisconsin men and women, Homecoming is a period of refconsecration to the ideals for which Wisconsin has always stood. The Bonfire N Page 182 N Plii Sigma Kappa House Tlfomecoming 1928 FRANCIS C. WDOLARD . ....... General Chairman ROBERT DE HAXVEN, HAMPTON RANDOLPI-I, WILLARD MOMSEN, JAMES HANKS, EDWARD COLE ,..... JACK HUSTING . H. LOUGEE STEDMAN EMILY HURD , . MERRILL THOMPSON JOI-IN CATLIN . . WILLIAM W. FULLER CAROLYN OLSON . HARRY L. PLOUS NEWMAN HALVERSON MONROE PUTNAM. CI-IORLINE ZINN . DOROTHY HOLT . ED LANGE . . . WILLIAM RAMSEY H. K. VON MALTITZ GEORGE EVANS . STANLEY KRUEGER. REID WINSEY . COMMITTEES Assistant Chairmen . . . Dance . . Men's Buttons . Wornen's Buttons . . . . Bonfre Men's Decorations . . . Publicity Women's Decorations Downtown Decorations . . . . Finance . . Alumni Information Registration . . Traffic . Massrneeting Arrangements . . . Roaming . Ways and Means Art Publicity ,, Egg? 3527? 3 I r 7 I I 3 I W. FULLER D. HOLT E. COLE T. TIIELANDER Top Row: I. Husting, C. Zinn, N. Halvorson, J. Catlin, E. Lange , C. Olson, W. Ramsey, R. Winsey Bottom Row: M. Putnam, E. Hurd, M. Thompson, L. Stedman, G. Evans, H, Von Maltitx, S. Krueger, H. Plous N Page 183 N Et -ig i t BETTY BALDWIN ' tomb if HE Prom Memorial-a phantasmagoria of color, the gay procession of pretty girls, beautiful gowns, jewels, music, the rhythm of graceful motion--for the first time held in the magf niiicent rooms and corridors of our new Memorial Union building. Prom with a new and deeper sigf niflcancefmore truly a student event in the student's new home. On this one evening of the year, the students of the University pay formal homage to that brilliance and grace which has given Wisconsin a nationfwide repuf tation for being a great center of undergraduate elegance and social charm. ' That night of February 8, when President Frank and new Governor Kohler, bade the University make merry, was a htting climax for a brilliant social season at Wisconsin, and for the first time, joyous youth was triumphant over the signilQant beauty of the Memorial Union. - - I 1 Top Row: N. Halvorson, M. Thompson, O. Laven, R. Orton Bottom Row: M. Pasch, Lucas, M. Lloyd I H, The Prom Memorial N Page 184 N . . . A - ff 5? v e , .-""1f?"'5'f WW si . ' f ' C7730 "'!7Nm5 .. "" 'E . '- L L H - - L- , eimfxs. f , A '-33 -5 In E, 3 ,sa 3 SQ? 5374? Qgvik .51 g2f'?,J ,L u gs I , S 5 6,33 Q ,3 p. W ,, A ,5c,,,:6, W: 555 ,., J 0? A. -1 : E I-W 9 f , I 1-3 M :i2,. 29.71 f fn ii . 2- -if V ., '. X i. ' fx 'E 1- .f "1 X .55 wiv' ? 'al ",f - - ' 1 Afflrom Chairmen ' JOHN CM-LIN .....,., General Chairman NEWMAN HALVORSON, MERTON LLOYD, OTTO LOVEN, JOE LUCAS, RICHARD ORTON, MAURICE PASCH, MERRILL THOMPSON ...... Assistant General Chairmen COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN NEWNXAN HALVORSON TED S. HOLSTEIN . JOHN DIXON . . . WILLIAM SCHNEIDER ROBERT EVANS , . VAN JOHNSTON . WILLIAM RARIsEY , EMILY HURD . TED OTJEN . . . STANLEY KRUEGER . JACK LINDEN . . MARIAN PALMER JACK LACHER . LEE GULICK . . JOHN CALLENBACH . HELEN BRAND . BETTY BALDWIN . . JANET MCDONALD SMITH . ELEANOR ANDERSON HELEN LEE . , . HAROLD MORRISSEY . . . . . Finance . . Publicity PrefProm Dance . . . Music . . . . Boxes Independent Groups . . Decorations . . Programs PrefProrn Play . Ways and Means . . . . 'Traffic . , . Supper X. . . Alumni , . Posters . . Floor , . Prom Week . . Reception Roaming Arrangements . . . . Slogan Special Features . . . . Tickets CLARENCE JACOBSON . Transportation CHARLINE ZINN . Womerfs Arrangements LAWRENCE DAvIs . . . . . Fox Trot PA UL ENGLER . . , . Prom Film Bottom Row E Hurd,J Smith W Ramsey I JOHN CATLIN f i-in ' ' A3 Top Row: T. Otjen, M. Palmer, J. Dixon, T. Holstein . . . , x My jf, f f K i f 4 Top Row: V. Johnston, J. Lacher, J. Linden, E. Anderson, B. Baldwin, AH. Brand, H. Lee, C. Jacobson, W. Schneider Bottom Row: R. Evans, S. Krueger, C. Zinn, P. Englef, H- MOFUSSCY, ,l. Callenbach, L. Davis, L. Gulick N Page 185 N ,iii easaa,i5ie2J 5 ,,.., y ,,AA as ,,,AA AA,.Q, ELIZABETH BURCHARD The Cadets Reign Supreme 'Ciba military Ball 'T HE Military Ball-student warriors in nhattlels magnihcently stern array," with fair women by their sides, laying siege to the stronghold of society girded with song and dance. It is an occasion of gaiety, yet there also runs under the surface laughter, a current of seriousness, a feeling of reverence and respect for the young men who fought in the world war. On this April evening, the military spirit is domif nant, as khaki uniforms mingle with tuxedo and formal dress. In the Union building, scintillating with countf less lights and flags of the various nations, the soldiers were the rulers. 2 WALLACE JENSEN ROY THIEL Page 186 N ER W QWR ca' T 5 , T . . , , CADET MAJOR WALLACE M JENSEN Adjutant CADET COLONEL CARSON A ROBERTS Personnel CADET CAPTAIN HERBERT RASCHE Intelhgence CADET MAJOR Rox W THIEL Operamon Finance Officer . Decorations Oflicer Billeting Officer . Drum Major . . Program Oflicer . Signal Officer , . Survey Officer . Service OfHcer . Provost Marshall . Transportation Offi Communications Officer CADET RESIN PLOTZ Receptlon OfHcer CADET CAPTAIN ROBERT PRATT CARSON ROBERTS HERBERT RASCHE , 'N -7 I R Y - M' ymfswq ,isfwycav -.'iW,,.M1 .Mn ,fq,gf,s -WWW Z A ,W'f""t " .... 5 s. X ,I sr! .L :ff rw I V If .K Q ' U w R-f X sw ci- 5 v .4 A, K WF, 3, . , ',., 9 , 5 I y gmgigf ...v 5335 ,.., V. JBNNXE Honors The Ball "Under the Sea" ' 'Ciba Yaeaux Iris Ball -'D' GLIMMERING, shimmering ball under the sea-this was the Beaux Arts Ball, the most colorful event of the second semester. The panels and decorations, made by the Art students, were of a marine character. Pirates, sailors, mermaids, colonial dames-all in one grand array at the gorgeous costume ball. This unique and new innovation gives promise of becoming a Wisconsm traditiong another social spectacle of which our University is famous. ln the new Memorial Union, in the decorated beauty of its halls, for this night King Neptune ruled over his subjects of many lands. Joi-IN Gans N Page 188 N , Q .,,. :Z .iw ' L 1 "' I.. U CW lv A ti l N I al wff3h,f,.3.iafr C gf Mtiwiili 1 .3 W A MOfl16TqS Day Group , .- motber s Day 'T' HE Mothers of Wisconsin men and women come to Madison in the spring to see the campus in all its glory, ' to see Wisconsin at her best. From far and near come Mothers to know more intimately the interests and pursuits of their sons and daughters, and Wisconsin has set this day apart for the purpose of expressing her devotion to Mother. On this Weekfend Wisconsin does her utmost to make Mothers stay at the University one which would linger long in the memory of those who come. Proudly and happily each student puts everyf thing else aside, and devotes his entire vveekfend to showing his best friend a good time-his Mother. N N Page 180 N HELEN KEEUER Et + 4 To Those Who Give Their All The WfeathfBearing Ceremony memorial Tay HEN Taps are sounded, signifying peace and calm- a reverent momentls pause for the living-eternal rest for those who heard the call, answered it, and made the supreme sacrifice to serve all humanity and their country-this day is consecrated in tribute to their devotion. Once again Wisconsin has paid tribute to her glorious dead. The Wreath' bearing ceremony, when vvreathes are laid at the feet of the Great Emancipator in honor of those who have laid down their lives for their country, is a fitting expression of the regard and honor in which Wisconsin holds her heroes. As the Parade Swings Up Langdon Street N Page 190 N .T A w ' 'T P -.ff W 5, -3 CE NAV. ,gawk , 'V ,N 5 1 U ,7 will Z,,M4j'ffZ,6Z ,Q 1, as Af if it Coming Up The Hill Senior Swingout ENIOR SWINGOUT-the senior women's farewell to the Juniorsg the passing on of the Torch to them' with an admonition to keep its flame constantly alive and bright. This occasion marks that time in the course of a woman's col' lege career when she has become a Senior and is about to leave that place which has been her home for four happy years. The 'daisy chain preceded the march of the classes and the torch is passed from Senior to Junior on Lincoln Terrace. ln the mellow glow of a spring evening, one is not likely to forget the beauty and signihcance of Senior Swingout ' . The Daisy Chain - N Page 191 N J-X I7 The Dante Q i s Q M rrEir,h The Services Baccalaureate N a beautiful calm Sunday evening, on the eve of their commencement, the Seniors and their friends and relaf tives gathered to hear the final 'message of the president of the University to the outgoing class. His message touched their hearts, and for the first time made them realize what it meant to be going out into the world. Lindy Attends A, c ..... S-E' Baccalaureate March N Page 192 N M. ---f , 1 . fi T G 'f was to ss My We . .,gQ,52'f, eisiklfi was AQ' A , C 6:12 f'5?J1i? 'ff' ..f J' W: Q-A PM v 0, gs U Aw? '0 ,f Ji- KW Q 6, 'Y V Zi GW, I 'fi ,.,.- gina ,imma-ati: -e if 1. , ,ff ws. K W . JP' 'fem 'PW' -2 ' X -' J i 6 .,, if it if? ft: ew Commencement Exercises Commencement PROGRAM The University Procession The University Hymn , .... THE ASSEMBLAGE Invocation ...... REVEREND W. PAUL S. JOHNSON Greetings from the State . . Gov. FRED R. ZIMMERMAN Charge to the Graduating Class . PRESIDENT GLENN FRANK Conferring of First Degrees Announcements .....,.. PRESENTATION OP MEDALS Overature .,......., UNIVERSITY CONCERT BAND Presentation of Army Reserve Commissions Conferring of Higher Degrees something done Wisconsin s Hnal blessing bestowed upon those who are about to start out on the new adventure of life-some to taste bitter- ness and sorrow, perhaps, others to bask in the sunshine of prosperity and sucf cess. With Colonel Charles Lindburgh as a fellow classmate, the feeling came to the Seniors that school was over. Filled with a deep reverence, the Seniors became conscious of the fact, as Prexy spoke, that they were leaving that instif tution which had given them a fourfyear training with which to start their new adventures of life. - GOMMENCEMENTfthe eonferring of degrees for usomething achieved, T On the Hill Toward the Stock Pavilion and Commencement N Page l93 N DIIIGTGEIZ THIRTY I . - f 'War f A' Si Ag A .life ' I-t A D -. of ' fl: f-'X 'Y ,a W 2 7 --Qagiwiffkrg' arm-Alffigfrvfmsffiffmaffvl-Zm.4ff. 43 axis " A 'Wg W aj so f5 flfliw Top Row: J. Ninman, D. Fuller, E. Haight, S. Davis, M. Olson, S. Meyer, Orth, M. Parkhurst Second Row: L. Rood, H. Keeler, M. Brock, B. Schmid, E. Pennington, MQ Steel, H. Osterbind Bottom Row? Nickles, J. Smith, M. Alsop, J. Bull, J. Magistad,,l. McGovern Tlfeystorte Council up Keystone Council, consisting of the presidents of all the womens organizations in the Universitv is a governing body of W. S. G. A. By conferring with the Dean of Women about matters regarding the activities and the general welfare of the women students, by submitting nominations for W. S. G. A. ofices by passing upon the advisability of forming new organizations on the campus, and by acting as a general advisory body this thoroughly representative group is of value to Wisconsin. JANE BULL MARIE ORTH SALLIE DAVIS . . , ELEANOR PENNINGTON . IRMA RINGE . . . HELEN KEELER . . MONONA N1cIcLEs LOUISE Room . . EVELYN OLSON . . JEssIE PRICE . . EsTI-IER HAIGHT . VIRGINIA PORTER . I MARY PARRI-IURST . MARGARET ALSOP . I JUDITH NINMAN . BERTHA Sci-IMID. . DOROTHY FULLER . ISAEEL MGGGVERN A MARIE ORTH . . JANE BULL . . . HELEN OSTERBIND . MILDRED STEEL . SYLVIA MEYER . MARION BROCK. . LOLITA CRUMMEY . MARGUERITA OLSON . MARGARET ALSOP . . JANET M. SMITH . . JANET MAGISTAD . . THEODGRA JAX . . OFFICERS or . . . .President Secretaryffreasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY N Page 197 . . . . , W. S. G. A. . . T. W. C. A. . . W. A. A. . Mortar Board . Glee Club . Casralia . . . . Pytliia , . . Crucible . . . ' . Mu Phi Epsilon . . 'V . . , . . . Eutlienics . . . 1 .. . L . . . Dolphin Collegiate League of Women Voters . . . ..'.Q,.. . Daily Cardinal - l f- . . Omicron Nu . . Green Button . . Red Gauntlet . . 'Yellow 'Tassel . . . Blue Dragon Ghadbourne Hall . . Barnard Hall - . . Clef Club . Physical Education Club . Womerfs Commerce Club - . . . . PanfHellenic . . . . . Theta Sigma Phi Census Chairman of W. S. G. A. Nurses Dormitory Professional PanfHellenic fr MMA f'Eb,,,.f"V' A sag? ff, MW' ww SYQW KW f' I 0 2 Q"' ' ., a M5 if 'TZ ' A 'M' ' 'c "3 has 1 - sexi? is A -f 5 be s A Q ls 35 Sum X 3 1 W Il ,A ' f 2 1. M 1:-if v 1 A 'N ' . . X A cs W" ' ' ff ' 2 .M .,.. amp S- 733: .ix slip QQ kifgsfxi. C. , I .t - w f M 353.-153.1 r .- Top Row: H. Findley, M. Hoff, E. Wilke, C. Zinn, L. Krueger, S. Loomans Second Row: R. Lemmer, F. Nichols, S. Matting, L. Snyder, E. Pennington Bottom Row: J. Tennant, V. Fisher, E. Hurd, J. VanHagan 37. 317. C, TA. Cabinet The Y. W. C. A. Cabinet is the general council of the organization, composed of the officers and chairf men of clubs and committees, which directs the Work of broadening and deepening friendship among Uni' versity Women and discussing solution of those problems which most vitally concern the girls. It aims to better the general life of the University through active effort-carried on by Freshman and Sophomore Comf missions Sophomore Clubs, and District Chairmen. CONSTANCE CONNOR HELEN B. FINDLBY C. VIRGINIA FISHER MARIE HOPE OFFICERS ELEANOR PENNINGTON .,.... . . President LORNA SNYDER . . . VicefPresidenr CONSTANCE CONNOR . . . . Secretary VIRGINIA FISHER . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EMILY V. HURD LILLIAN E. KRUEGEE RUTH T. LEMMER SARAH L. LooMANs SUZANNE MARTING EVELYN E. MCELPHATRICK JEANNE L. TENNANT FLORENCE M. NICHOLS E. JEAN VAN HAGAN ELEANOR L. PENNINGTON ERNESTINE L. WILKE LORNA M. SNYDBR CHARLINE E. ZINN N Page I98 v i H ' of err at es A , + rosa. F. i. sg fr. o . . .i o Top Row: M. Carr, R. Burdick, H. Kauwertz, A. Bolton, K. Theobald, L. Ashworth, G. Winter Bottom Row: M. Parkin, D. Lee, M. Modie, J. Clark, E. Martineau, E. Mosby Sophomore Commission OFFICERS .IOSBPHINB CLARK . . .,.. . , , Pfgsidgm: ELLSWORTH Mossv . VicefP1esident ISABEL MCGOVRRN , . . . Secretary RUTH BURDICK . , , Trgagurey The Sophomore Commission of Y. W. C. A. is a group of fifteen girls chosen in the spring of their freshman year for leadership and scholastic ability. These girls form the nucleus of the freshman department and are the leaders of the discussion groups, whose aim is to promote friendship among freshman women. N Page 199 N . 2 A f Q: f . E. Kf'- . f . If of .... J .r I R: -'-' gf 'gg rs M94 R :,, w.... VX in 'QE -f 2 ' E .:- . 1 'Ii A "'v J - A A ':':' :.,, '..,,. ff Top Row: G. M. Pope, R. S. Phenicie, M. D.Lindsay, E. Scott, J. I. Jardine, Ni J. Gestland, H. E. Darby Second Row: R. M. Dyrud, D. J. Webster, A. L. Kendall A. E. Lindberg, R. E. Greiling, J. L. Cannon, M. E. Briggs M. S. Brostron Bottom Row: D. J. Griesbach, J. L. Tennant, B. McCleerey, G. V. Buss, J. C. Radley, A. R. Wahler, A. E. Bell ' u Sophomore Clubs COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN MARION BRIGGS ANNE KENDALL BETTY BURCHARD HELALNE LINTLEMAN GERTRUDE Buss RACHEL PHENICIE , JANE CANNON JEANNE TENNANT JEAN JARDINE DOROTHY WEBSTER The Sophomore women brought together in the Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Clubs carry on the work that has been begun in Freshman Discussion Groups, with the purpose of creating new friendships and con' tinuing those that have been made previously, and broadening the general social contacts at the university -by active service. N Page 200 N I . 'W"fITv'iiR fm 1 "WM - , Wm A N ,Z 'Qin A' Q' 51815-M f f , 525335. 517 YL. HM 'restart sl are ,N 1 faffftriirt .aw ei W- R- ws? V S-N-b.Q ififfig-i,lf, Qaiwaffgg nw' 'lnfliaf g?3a . Top Row: S. Merton, B. Horton, S. Meyer, I. Ringe, M. Fosse, T. Wiesner, H. Boyer Second Row: M. Roueche. M. Parkhurst, L. Verhulst, C. Cole, K. Newborg, J. Webster Bottom Row: C. Flint, J. Meyer, F. Pease, I.. Wellner, H. Iglauer , ..f .f women s ,Athletic Association The Women's Athletic Association promotes a program of "Play for Play's Sake" and "Sports for All." Clubs sponsored by the Association are for riding, dancing, hiking and swimming. Intramural team com' petition reaches large numbers of students throughout the year and cups are awarded to winners of all tournaf ments. Through class team sports individuals earn awards of numerals and of letters. Membership in the Association is open to all University women upon the signihcation of their interest and upon payment of dues. W. A. A. BOARD SALLY RINGE . . HELENE BOYER. . CHARLOTTE FLINT FLORENCE PHASE . SYLVIA MEYER . SALLY OWEN . . JEANNE MEYER . HELEN IGLAUER . MARY PARKIEIURST MARGARET FOSSE LILLIAN WBLLIQIER CAROL COLE . . RUBY PATON . . SIBLEY MERTON . BERENICB HORTON MARIE THORNSON THEODORA WIESNER LUCILLB VERHULST KATHERINE NEWBORG . MADELEINE ROUBCHE. . Page 201 . . President . VicefPresident . . . . Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Intramurals . Dancing . Riding . Swimming . Outing . Hockey . . Tennis . . . Bowling Indoor Baseball . Outdoor Baseball . Volley Ball . . Track . Basketball . Cottage . Alumni rr ff El ll A aa a Q -2 Valley Ball fllnlmmurals The third year of Intramural activities has been most successful. During the year, ten tournaments were held with Hftyftwo groups entering over 850 different individuals. The Intramural Committee, headed by Sally Owen, included Lois Stocking, Dorothy Lambeck, Eleanor Tupper and Ruth Van Roo. Seventeen teams entered the hockey Intramural tournament this fall. Because of rain, many games were postponed and a new feature, night playing, was introduced. These games, played under two powerful spotlights, were a great attraction. In the finals TrifDelts defeated Kappa Kappa Gamma. Beta Sigma Omicron was winner of the consolation. The volley ball tournament scheduled after the close of hockey was a popular sport, having twentyfseven teams entered. Ohadbourne took the championship from Theta Phi Alpha. Top Row: F. Pease, G. Niss, M. Parkhurst, S. Owen Bottom Row: B. Owen, G. Holt, F. Rietvelt, M. Owen Delta Delta Delta Hockey N PaEe 202 N I ia , ol Q51 .... .,-f - i Ir's a Ringer! Horseshoe pitching was inaugurated at Wisconsin in the fall of 1927. As a sport it has been, so far, limited to Intramurals, not appearing in class competition. At the beginning of the season this year, the horsef shoe pitching teams numbered twenty. One by one, they were eliminated until the finals saw Chadbourne as the winner, and French House as consolation titlefholder. After having held the Intramural bowling title for two years in conjunction with Beta Sigma Omicron, Chadbourne Hnally took a step ahead and took the cup for itself this year. The score for one game was 569, which is to date the record score for Intramural bowling. E. Piehl, D. Strauss, E. Hull, M. Hass, Chadboume Bowling N Page 203 N , ,.-i f - AA' i " T ' - mf i A ig fb f afeew 76 aajsf 5. 67225512552 'vV-1 is ass: f. In Kiflafif 55523 Batter Up! This year thirtyfsix teams were out for glory in basketball. Yet for the third successive year the Gamma Phis became the Intramural champions. We expect there will be a "Break that Jinx" war cry next winter. Through an unfortunate change of weather the winter carnival took place in the slush. Skiing, tandem tobogganf ing and sled races were the main events. The cross country ski race, one of the features, we hear, was quite enthusiastically received by the boys at the dorms. The Outing Club finished in first place with the Grads and Chadbourne tying for second. The final swimming meet this year was an exciting event. Phi Mu won by M of a point, nosing out TrifDelts who have held first place for two consecutive years. N ,X 1. QW: r , i T017 Row: H- Bilfdeen, M- N101-Clllfl, H. Reitz Winter Carnival Bottom Row: S. Wash, M. Briggs, J, Lord Gamma Phi Beta Basketball N Page 204 N r 1.1" V: ' 1 -V-' nw. -4: ,,., -.,..,,.i..-, ,A-.-U. , .rv.,1,, i x 'f-.3-1'F2,'1:.f5'--r,s::,' .nf-' .L aim sf f4.1E'.'f A HH- , .mifv ,s "..3,E' ,j"-:fin '-' -1.91 ' 'ffm-Fizj, ft gm' was K ww figfggifvgm I '?P,'T 1.4-i0"76cLii.ii'-sl. ' .'-1. .. ' ' JW,"-1 ' ' X-'fi ' ' Phi Mu "Crossing the Bar" The spring events in Intramurals for last year opened with outdoor baseball. The Delta Zetas were the victors. On May 22, Field Day, the Hnal Intramural track meet was run off. This took the place of the class meet previously featured on Field Day. A large enthusiastic audience witnessed the event, for upon the outcome depended the award of the year's championship cup. The competition between Phi Mu and Trif Delts for the final cup was accelerated by their closely matched skills in track. The result of the meet was Phi Mu, first, TrifDelt, second. The spring tennis tournament was won by the Grads. Of the twentyfseven teams entered, they showed superior ability throughout. E. Briggs, C. McClanahan F. Koepsel, Manager - A - , Gmd Tennis E. Ahern, A. Lindberg, R. Read, Nlqlflealy Q p , A , PHi5Mu Swimfming .V P V V' Af Page 205 N' V V' ' YN. :i,,g--. , 4.-4:-' gr"1wry.-:r".'ZU'fnQ'1,'4:jQqQ-E--I5f , , ' siflsiiais. . -- - 1. 1 2 Q E Eli 'ig as , si? a,a.. .s .. ffm Swimmers Ready! Class At the start of the final interfclass swimming meet the class of 530 seemed to have the favored team. The tables turned, however, at the close, when Q32 won first and second places in the diving and captured the relay. The ultimate score of 28-24 gave the honors to the freshmen. The juniors, who had shown such prowess at the beginning, were eliminated, for the sophomores came in for second place. Again the freshmen showed their ability and carried off the volley ball honors for the year. They entered two teams in the tournaf ment which was evidence that they were out to win. The juniors put up a good fight but the freshmen A team was undefeatable. They established a record by winning three games and losing none. I Top Row: A. Ernst, R. Kuehne V Bfnpom Row: Konz, J. Hanas, G. Kroner, D. Gelbach H, , A Q 1' ' rvlpage 206'-f g , V Q Y. ' 'f ' ' . - .-li: ".-fn.-k L L- inf- - :,.'i.:'1 - , . A wt- -'. i- -.":,x1-53f'Q:-,5'f:",-'51"H-':... , . .- s , ' "1 fgrfiii 5. .'P-miiuffie . 1 r. " W QVAAK' fb . my kt The Seniors Won It is only within recent years that field hockey has become such a popular sport for women. At Camp Randall this fall, while the men were practicing for the Big Ten football games, the fullbacks, quarterbacks and forf wards on the womens field were competing in interfclass hockey games. The seniors, due largely to their strong defense, came in for the title at the end of the season. Here as in almost every sport the freshmen turned out in large numbers and were surprisingly strong in ability. Knocking down tenpins seems to be another favorite sport for class competition. The end of a long continued rumbling of balls over in the Lathrop alleys saw the class of 531 emerge as the victors. The class of '50 knocked down second place. I E. Larson, M. Bullamore, J. Radley, S. Nash, E. Piehl N Page 207 N g as Q rtiij ' .gi f ..,, '30 Basketball Champs! Indoor baseball was won this year by the freshmen. They showed the best team work in spite of the fact that many varsity members played on the opposing teams. Class basketball competition ended in favor of the juniors. The title game played between the juniors and seniors was very close, with a tie at the end of the half. The juniors led, however, with a final score of 43-35. ' The track season began, last year, the week following spring vacation. At the time of the finals, staged on May 9.2, a telegraphic meet was run off with Illinois and'Minnesota. In the telegraphic meet Wisconsin won. In the interfclass competition 529 led, taking first place in every event. Helen Hardenberg broke the discus record with a throw of 78 feet, beating the old standard of 69 feet 8 M inches. BWTUHE up fhf Cinder Path! Top Row: A. Reinhardt, L. Dimmitt, Ainslie, A. Maurus A ' V Bottom Row: Murphy, L. Krause, B. Cohn, D. Teschan 5 . 'vPage 208 51 ' ' ' i T 1 -Q 1- 'A - sa ' F i f tfll h Wilt? Qtdt 1.5 3 1 4 .,::-: ,Q .,,,h ,4,.. 'Qi' , Tally' ho! The class tennis tournament for last year, including both singles and doubles, was started the latter part of April. The final matches played on Field Day resulted in a tie between Q-29 and '3o. The outdoor baseball championship for last spring went to the class of '3o. Another spring sport in class competition was riding. On Field Day, the riders led the parade to Randall Field where the finals were held. The four best horsef women from each class competed in three gait riding, in pair- riding, and in a musical chair event, a game similar to 'Coingftofjerusalemu but played on horseback. A cowboy drill was a spectacular feature of the day. The classes of '28 and XZQ tied for first place. In archery the class of '28 showed great skill and succeeded in winning the championship. Miss Sherwin, K. Wasson, C. Cole, S. Merton, L. Wellner V ' Another Bull's eye! 'I , ' E H - C. Flint ' N V' 'A 1 H ' NP:-1geZO9N ' f fa .fs 5-iwxgbqg i s?Qmg38Q? . tL?i.,,g,gS i , w W, 2 ., b Qsggw Ji? e N Q ff W . "J at a .. 2 :., Q-..:: .. -, f , he it ' ""-i ':2 1 at ::::: A- W. A. A. Banquet At the end of each sport season W. A. A. has a banquet at which the Intramural cups and individual awards are presented. At the spring banquet the large cup is awarded to the Intramural team winning the most points during the entire year. Last spring the cup was won by Phi Mu with a total of S40 points, TrifDelt running a close second with 532 points. Final emblems were awarded to four seniors, Alice Nauts Marion Goodkind, Marion Rhode and Margaret Boggs. The W. A. A. Cottage on Lake Mendota affords excellent opportunity for weekfend parties and over night hikes. Any group on the campus is privileged to use the cottage which is open throughout the year. Outing Club Cottage Party Q N Page 2l0 N r E as ra gi g ea at Q a Tlbysical 'Eoucation Club OFFICERS MARION BROCK . ..... . . President CAROL COLE . . . . VicefPresident MERCEDES WEISS . AGNES ERNST . ELIZABETH GRIMM KATHERINE WASSON HELEN HARDENBERG EVELYN SPINDLER . , .... Treasurer Freshman Representative Sophomore Representative . junior Representative . Senior Representative . Scholarship Chairman N The Physical Education Club of the University of Wisconsin has for its purpose the promotion of good fellowship among the Physical Education majors, minors, and-faculty. Initiation is held for all Freshmen and transfer students at the Hrst party in the fall. The traditional parties given during the year are the Welcome Party at the W. A. A. Cottage in the fall, the Christmas Party, presided over by the King and Queen chosen from the junior class the previous year, the Folk Dance Party, in March, and the Farewell Cuting for the Senif ors in the spring. The cardinal aim of the Physical Education Club is to further the highest interest and ideals of the profession and to bring all the people of the Department into closer contact with one another. X . P '-vPage 211 N X tr-'Q-N41 ,Ng .,,, , g gzspp .---.. ' at .- ' I W ii. , is asia B is ag sr,i tis ,.'i slit? ,-.V .A..T.',.V 'Top Row: N. Buck, D. Davis, H. Iglauer, H. Bardeen, A.Woldenberg, E. Barton, Miss Sherwin, G. Sierners, D. Lambeck, B. Owen ' M. Owen, S. Owen, R. Read, H. M. Quinn Bottom Row: K. Wasson, L. Stocking, M. Parkhurst, F. Ritchie, A. Powers, N. Deal, I. Cohn, D. Birket, J. Van Hagan, R. Paton, O. Zuehllce, B. Weinburgh, M. Antisdel, M. Healy 'Dolphin Club X OFFICERS MARY PARKHURST ........ . . . President EDITH BARTON . . . . VicefPresident HELEN BARDEEN . . .... Secretary JEAN VAN HAGAN . .... Treasurer RUBY PATON . . . . Exhibition Chairman MARGARETA SHERWIN . . . Faculty Advisor The Dolphin Club is an honorary swimming organization. Membership is open to any University woman who can qualify in a simple test in speed, form, endurance and diving. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester. Water sports, games, stunts, parties and individual improvement in swimming and diving make up the usual program. There are two main features-one, a life saving demonstration presented in the fall, for the benefit of the public and of the swimming classes, and the other, an original water pageant pref sented in the spring, featuring floating formations, group and individual stunts, diving, and form swimming. Dolphin Pageant f47Page 212 N V af' +?i fi Orcbesis r Orchesis, an organization of girls interested in the study of the dance, was formed in 1917, It is an unique group, for unlike most organizations it has no constitution. Unity is kept by the interest of the members alone. Any girl having creative ability and attaining certain standards of technique is eligible for membership. At the weekly meetings in the Dance Studio, in Lathrop Hall, interesting problems are studied, and varied individual creations result. Orchesis presents its Dance Drama each spring on Mothers Weekfend, the program being a direct outgrowth of the group's creative effort. Cuting Club Outing Club is an organization under the Womenis Athletic Association which promotes outdoor sports. It is an informal group of about forty girls, who spend Weekfends and holidays in outdoor activity. The main sports in the Winter are skiing, coasting, and tobogganing. In the spring and fall of the year interest is centered in camping at the W. A. A. Cottage, in hiking, and in canoeing. The purpose of the Outing Club is to interf est University Women in allfyearfaround activities. I N Page 2,13 N Pg 214 H+ Q Q E IIIIIGTGED. THIRTY Et rg C fs? diff? Qtitttt Q fix George iilii t 'Q' HIS year saw affurther enforcement of George Lit' tle's athletic policy for.Wisconsin. He has built up an improyed coz-ioliing staigadrawn the univerf sity closer to the state, increased the number of men in intercollegiate and intramural competition, and is at last to see the actualttonstruction ofiliis projected Heldqhouse. lfbbe f1Fielo'FI'fouse .L f The Wisconsin Field House, a project of the Athletic Department since George Little came here in IQ2S,Will be a reality before the first of the year. It represents a for' ward step in successful Wisconsin athletics. The building will be dedicated at one of the early basketball games next fall. The structure will be a part of the stadium, standing at the south end of the field, and concrete standsyvill be built against its north wall. When complete, it will contain a basketball floor with a seating capacity of 1z,ooo, complete track facilities, andf room for indoor football and baseball Work. ' E 'vPage2l7 e"' as Jef" 'it 'A ' 1-vmmfs " ' 'V SQWW fu .V we ,sw R355 f,-f' -A 'gif' Reese eww Lf-A A htfwkfwvwwmemw l 'Top Row: W. Slavik, E. Tenhopen Second Row: H. Stowe, W. Clark, R. Evans, J. Hanks Bottom Row: J. McCarter, H. vOnMaltitZ, A. Mans5eld, W. Burgess, D. Mitchell! at Athletic Boaro 1928-1929 DON MITCHELL . .... President WILLIAM BURGESS . Cross Country Representative JOHN MCCARTER . . . . VicefPresident WILLIAM CLARK Minor Sports Representative STANLEY BINISCH . . Football Representative WILLIAM SLAVIK . . Senior non-W Representative ARTHUR MANSEIELD . Baseball Representative JAMES HANKS .... . Senior nonfW Representative ELMER TENHOPEN . Basketball Representative HELMUT VONMALTITZ . . Junior nonfW Representative HARWOOD STOWE . . Track Representative ROBERT EVANS . . . junior nonfW Representative LAWRENCE KINGSBURY . Crew Representative D Alljlelic Council PROFESSOR J. F. A. PYRE ...... Chairman J. D. PHILLIPS ....... Business Manager DIRECTOR GEORGE E. LITTLE ....... Secretary DR. E. R. SOHMIDT, JERRY RIORDAN, HY MARKS, WALTER DEAN SCOTT H. GOODNIGHT, PROFESSOR OTTO KOWALRE, ALEXANDER, GEORGE LEVIS, DON MITOHELL, JOHN PROFESSOR JAMES GQ MOORE MCCARTER filnlramural Council G. L. LARSON, MISS L. B. JOHNSON, ELMER DAHLGREEN, SYLVIA MEYER ' FALLON BARTZ I "Shorgty".Bartz has charge of the football and track equipment rooms. The task of caring for the equipment of hundreds of men is a diifcult job, but it is in capable hands. Blu Fallon is head trainer, C0ming.this year from the Universityof Missouri where he served in a similar capacity for live years- He has already found his place in athletic activities at Wisconsin. l . ' N Page-2.18 -N ,:. --,X f- .',' 'I I M5 F , ..,, v 4 I er.. fi EG.. st an no if "'. .J' W fi' " W' 'I ' 'S' E 'limi f Q' Name and 'Year Sport P. LEIGHTON AHLBERG, '30, Football AUGUST C. B.-xcxus, '29, Football EDWARD C. BAILLIE, '29, Swimming AUGUST BARTELT, '29, Gymnastics KENNETH BARTHOLOMEW, '31, Football SAM BEI-IR, '31, Football STAN E. BINISH, '29, Football WES P. BLIFFERT, '29, Cheerleader R. J. BRIDGEMANI '30, Wrestling WILLIAM BURGESS, '2Q, Cross Country GEORGE CASEX', '31, Football EDMUND CHMIELEWYSKI, '31, Basketball G. R. CONNOR, '29, Football CLIFF CONRY, '29, Football XV. F. CROWLEY, '30, Swimming FRANK X. CUISINIER, '29, Football KNUTE DAHL, '29, Skiing HOMER DAVIDSON, '31, Football CHESTER DILLEY, '31, Cross Country JOHN DOIILE, '29, Basketball JAMES W. DRUMMOND, '30, Hockey DON C. DUNAWAY, '30, Football HAROLD DUBINSI-:Y, '29, Skating HARRY ELLERMAN, '29, Baseball RAY ELLERMAN. '29, Basketball OSCAR ELKINS, '30, Water Polo WILLARD A. ENGLEHORN, '30, Football MAURICE FARBER, '30, Basketball DELLSAR FINK, '29, Cross Country HOWARD FOLSOM, '29, Track, Cross C LAWRENCE W. FORSTER, '31, Football HAROLD FOSTER, '30, Basketball DAVID FREEBORN, '29, 'Tennis ARTHUR W. FRISCH, '31, Football RICHAILD J. FROST, '30, Golf ountry VERNON GOLDSWORTHY, '31, Cross Country JAMES GALLAGHER, '31, Hockey lV1ll.TON GANTENEEIN, 31, Football " H men Name and Tear Sport NELSON HAGAN, '29, Golf EARL HATTLEEERG, '29, Swimming NEIL HAYES, '39, Football DON HINDERLITER, '29, Gymnastics DAVID HOLT, '29, Wrestling CHAS. HORWITT, '29, Football JOHN HUME, '30, Basketball Manager JACK KANALZ, '29, Track OscAR KANER, '29, Tennis EDWARD KESTlNG, '29, Crew XVILLIABI KETELAAR, '30, Football EDW. J. KONKOL, '30, Hockey Manager HENRY KOWALCZYK, '29, Basketball GIL KRUEGER, '30, Hockey JOHN KOWALSILY, '30, Football ED LANGE, '30, Swimming H. F. LANGE, '29, Water Polo PHIL LARSON, '29, Track DIETRICIL LUNDE, '29, Crew HOWARD LEE, '29, Track Manager L. LUDWIGSEN, '29, Water Polo JOHN M. LINDEN, '30, Football MILO LUERATOVIGI-I, '31, Football WILLIANK LUSBY, '31, Football ALEXANDER LIVERIGHT, '29, Cross Coun GEORGE LABUDDE, '29, Hockey Manager FRANCIS MGGOVERN, '19, Swimming HERMAN MGKASRLE. '30, Football try Mgr. ARTHUR MANSEIELD, '29, Baseball, Football AMEROSE MASSEY, '29, Baseball WALTER MATHIAS, '29, Wrestling CARL MATTHUSEN, '30, Basketball JOHN MAYER, '29, Track DON MEIKLEJOHN, '29, Hockey GORDON MEIKLEJOHN, '31, Hockey FRED MILVERSTEDT, '29, Skating W. LYCAN MILLER, '29, Basketball Nan-Ie and Tear Sport CHESTER MILLER, '31, Football HAROLD MOE, '29, Track FRED MORTON. '30, Crew DAN NELSON, '30, Football ROBERT OEENDOREER, '31, Football ROBERT O'COcx, '31, Skating TURY OMAN, '31, Football FRANI: ORTH, '29, Crew JOHN PARIcs, '30, Football ALLAN J. PEDERSON, '29, Swimming A. B. PRICE, '29, Football LAWRENCE PETERSON, '31, Hockey HAROLD REBHOLZ, '30, Football GILBERT ROTTMAN, '31, Football LARRY SHOMAKER, '30, Football H. G. SGHUERMAN, '29, 'Track GEORGE SCHUTT, '30, Cross Country A. W. SMITH, '29, Wrestling LEWIS SMITH. '29, Football HAROLD C. SMITH, '31, Football LOUIS Z. SMITZ, '29, Wrestling GEORGE L. STETSON, '29, Wrestling EDWARD SWIDERSRI, '30, Hockey XVILLIAM SHEEHAN, '30, Football KITCHELL SMITH, '31, Football ROGER STEVENS, '30, Football TI-IEO. THELANDER, '29, Baseball MCCLURE THOMPSON, '30, 'Track ALBERT J. TIFFANY, '30, Crew Commodore HANS TROYE, '31, Skiing ELMER TENHOEEN, '29, Basketball ART THOMSEN, '31, Hockey RUBE WAGNER, '29, Football MORRIS WINER, '30, Baseball REID WINSEY, '30, Swimming DARVEI' W. WIxON, '31, Cross Country F. C. WOOLARD, '29, Baseball Manager EDGAR ZIESE, '30, Track, Football E116 Cheefifig team, made up of Hal Porter, Pesch, Ashley, Ben Porter, and Dixon, was under the leadership of Ted Frost, '29 this year. These men were on and at every contest of Badger teams. Their Well-Organized and energetic cheer leading improved Wisconsin spirit and Wes an important factor in many games N Page219 N' "W - ' . 4492 far'-H 'ws-W V- fs, .- W- W- fr'-7 vY""w1iv53 iff' W 1 ,K . ,,,,- .. , 1 z '45 7 93 Y7' ,t . ' 'V ' M s,,"s" M. J, , f' VM, 1 .,, , J. 4' - : -5'4" We Qi -- X Y-hs., 351233 V fy 'aft .-. 4 i wr: fi Og Q at 1' M - 4 A . if E aiaaaf f f ,Q J. - -was 53:5-ff? 7' Z24a':"??-J' "K "Rf" -' f "--G he-f " i. i'.'i.e'i'1s-tffff YN, am., ' 1 mf ,'- , '-'- ,iagqggl-Q' 4,-f 1-'fw'J'I 1, X 11-5 , ' Nlipkgsg "1 iff' .f.' if f1fwfZr:2r!af.fSf2, . .4"2f2-12" . . . S . '- ' 'z' H kg,s,JQ:gf,,sg:l2i" 5,t,,,: 'C . r . , " " 214.3 ',:sf2ffff'1z:ax.f -' iz. 1 ek ,sin 4:49 ' . W ,, X' K. , ,f.2fQi..:,.1.f,g,i-5 - HER, ' 1 ,Jr ft 53- '-17, j"f. 1251 N I, , 'f L ,'-f ft is 4 .jx if Ii! tw f 2 'ggi ,, i i , 1 4-k' 1 iff li, . 1 V Z, Q , 5' ff. 1 J ' V .f . - V. ,.,.WsgXw.,.,, ..:,.a,1,, 5 Y -11...-tau, I -- , , ' A . . 'Wim' L. ,L - ,-:Fry 'Louis .Behr -9' p OUIS BEHR, Rockford, Illinois, Won the 1928 Conference Medal for excellence in scholarship and athletics by virtue of his fourfyear scholastic record of 88.32 and his three years of basketball competition. He Won three letters, and was captain of the team in his senior year. He also engaged in religious activities, was elected to Phi Kappa Phi, Iron Cross, and White Spades. He was a , true Wisconsin man-an athlete and a scholar, I. UTBRITZ, T. L1EB,'G. THISTLBTHWAITH,.G. SUNDT, L. ALLISON N Page 220 'N N .., ' 7' I V Tfootball ljvv ' j 3 I. og 0 . fywzff jf ,. , i, , , a f we f . ..-- .fs N , A--- - .- .Ms Sz -so :f a .. 4 i. ' 1 fs ar 35354 w?fTw3K 1-IQQJWJ' 5 2 wifi Q. f.vf..m45f'W af' 'a.w14. X' ,LM-we f 2 as Lf 5 1 ' - sf ' 'WW is . - Mafia 'N . . -if ,SIM , .4 s 4. , W ... SS. Mg ,. .Q .. . ,. si . gf gxx f Q as fm' ga agar? . T -f 0. it gg ii ,... .-n,fHu.f I, ,gN'.'4. 5. K.. A- fav.:-,N My 1 ' . . , . M L N h -h . viii ' W Semi! SMM Mfwwv fe. QSM' is-gj,.a21 , Abi? giwfji ' --inn. f Top Row: G. Thistlethwaite, Coach, S. Behr, H. McCaskle, L. Shomaker, C. Conry, J. Parks, R. Stevens, C. Miller, A. Mansheld, L. Smith, J. Davis, E. Warren. N. Cooksey, L. Allison, Coach Second Row: G. Sundt, Coach, M. Gantenbein, A. Frisch, G. Connor, R. Wagner, Captain, R. Garrison, J. Linden, A. Backus, J. Kresky, W. Lusby, H. Davidson, H. Smith. T. Oman, G. Casey, T. Lieb, Coach, J. McNickle, Manager, K. Cady Bottom Row: M. Lubratovich, G. Rottman, A. Rebholz, N. Hayes, W. Ketelaar, B. Price, G. Rose, R. Obendorfer, F. Cuisinier, W. Sheehan, K. Bartholomew, J. K. Smith, E. Ziese Varsity Squad This is the squad that played the sofcalled suicide schedule and came out with only one loss and one tie. The righting spirit and clean play of this year's team stamped it as one of the best to ever Wear the Cardinal colors. Captain Rube Wagner was in every play, and his name is added to the list of scrappy, aggressive Badger captains. To climax his career he played in the annual EastfWest game in California on New Year's day. He was also president of the W Men's Association. john Parks, an excellent guard is captainfelect of the 1930 team. A Wealth of material returns next fall to follow him through another tough schedule. D . h Football Managers S-.C0Yl6, R- Bulglaank, H. Stemhough, J. Yonts, E. Soloman, L. Stedman, G. Burridge, H. Miller, J. Thompson, -Sm1th,,l- MacN1chol, Senior Manager, K. Cady, Senior Manager, S. Jennings N Page 222 N W? Wi? Q., 1, gg, . , , ,AZAHY ww .. V f . riff--, V W aww S f' gg , F p. A V 31' ' ' , -,ff-I K. . E Q i a i i, f Glenn, Ebisltletbwaile ECAUSE of his energy, fair play, and mental alertness, Glenn 'Thistlethwaite has, in the last three years, lifted Wisconsm out of the football rut and restored it to the ' prominent place of former years. His record at other schools is that ofa coach of championship teamsgwand Wisconsin followers, with implicit faith in his ability, are A lookingforward to the Hrst gridiron title since 1912. p N Pagegzzs N iili . it "': xv 4..- ' f:' ,- Et 'rg i t Top Row: R, Obendorfer, T. Airis. L. Schuek , Second Row: A. Mansheld, R. Ashman, W. Hanks, R. Schilling, N. Slaven, R. Harvey, K. Kolka, E. Marsh, I. Uteritz, Coach Bottom Row: D. Nelson, J. Kowalski, J. Elliot, L. Del-laven, E. Czerwinski. R. Ritter, I-. Foerrester, D. Hulten, K. Pinnegar 55 Squab Wisconsin's B squad was an innovation in Western Conference athletics. The purpose of this second team was to allow more men to gain experience from competition. Some of the squad members were moved to the varsity squad during the season. ' Of the schedule of ive games only one was lost. The M'ichigan B Team, North Dakota State, Northwestern College, and Oshkosh Normal were defeated and the last game with the Illinois B Team was lost. N Freshman Squad N Page 224 N gli, 1- V! 2" 'f Q., ggi-by-sw H b' N 'Wa -'W A as K ' - ffwwfmg 1 "7' 1 'H J fyf fff fjffz wl 5-vfwflfwgsq , R'-r ma., as E was of , I ':"': ff' i' ' 4' ' sf l M' i 'i Er' N I ,V V' x ' 3 f':'fL" lx mf iff c" 5 if fm '?4?3T', I -..f..1QM sri isis ,a,sfra1fa,,aaa,,t,,,,a,Z if i W v aa fain? The Homecoming Crowd Q Varsity 'fifootball X ITH a nucleus of sixteen lettermen and fortified by a wealth of sophomore material, Coach Glenn Thistlethwaite and Captain Rube Wagner led a fighting Wisconsin football team to a second place in the Western Conference race. Faced with the most difficult schedule ever played by a Wisconsin eleven, the Badgers came through with six victories, one loss, and a tie. In addition to Conference victories over Michigan, Chicago, and Iowa, Notre Dame and a strong team from Alabama fell before the Cardinal. A disastrous tie with Purdue and a loss at the end of the season to the powerful Minnesota team, kept Wisconsin from the championship. The end of the season found Wisconsin vvell represented on mythical honor teams. Wagner, by his. sterling Work in the line, was a unanif mous choice at tackle. "Bo" Cuisinier, diminutive quarterback, and Ernie Lusby, halfback, also won berths on many of these teams. 'I The Band Parades-"On Wisconsin" N Page 225 N 472 k l CAPTAIN'ELECT PARKS I .,., ZIA' ,Q.5fe .l:'v gg 5::., Nice Scoreboard lk ,x CASEY CONNBR LUSBY wisconsin 22- -notre ?Dame 6 In the feature game of the day the Wisconsm eleven opened the season by crushing a strong Notre Dame team by a score of 22 to 6, Doped to lose, an untried team held the famous Rockne offense completely in check and, taking advantage of every Notre Dame mistake, scored three touchdowns and a safety to give the Irish their first defeat by a Conference team since 1921. Breaking through to block Carideo's kick, Ketelaar gave Wisconsin its first score of the day-a safety. In the second quarter, Notre Dame, led by the brilliant Niemic and Chevigny, pierced the Badger line for its only score. A fumble and a kick blocked by Gantenbein, gave Wisconsin its first touchdown of the game in the third quarter. Another Notre Dame fumble and a long pass resulted in a second Badger touchdown, and Cuisinier's brilliant run of 40 yards through a broken field following a pass from Behr, was the hnal score of the day. Bartholomew Skins the Irish End iw Page 226 f i :M ' Et Qi f it ' 'C fefgimia N5 at i .aa 71295212 WJ? LEW SMITH Lummrovicn Krrcr-nzrr. SMITH wisconsin 49--Cornell College O Displaying an offensive not seen in the Notre Dame game a week before, Wisconsin ran rough shod over the little Cornell College eleven. The Badger football machine demonstrated that it was ready for the long Conference grind ahead. "Bo" Cuisinier was outstanding among the stars of the day, who were Behr, Bartholomew, Wagner, and Hayes. His brilliant cutfbacks and ability to snag passes were the high lights of the game. Behind a fast charging line, the versatile Badger backs completed thirteen Hrst downs and ran up 21 points in the first two periods. An entirely new team made the same number of downs in the last half and added 28 points to the total. Outweighed and outplayed, but making a desperate attempt to score on passes, Cornell made two lirst downs in the final quarter. After this break in the schedule, the Badgers faced an unbroken series of six diH'icult games in as many weeks. The First Score Cornell Fails 'Through the Line i N E mi ,awgw if 'eating M526 It ,,,., X Behr Comes 'Through MANSFIBLD BINISH Cuygmygg wisconsin 19 - -filurbue 19 With weaknesses still unknown and facing a Eghting opponent inspired by a homecoming crowd, the Wisf consin team came near defeat in its opening Conference game at Lafayette. Starting a team largely composed of sophomores, Coach Thistlethwaite replaced them with another team headed by Cuisinier and Lusby when Purf due ran up ra points in the Hrst quarter. Throughout the major portion of the game the Wisf consin line failed to function according to its previous reputation, and with the ends completely boxed, the Badgers title quest seemed to be ended, Cuisinier, ably assisted by Rose and Lusby, brought Wisconsin from behind to score two touchdowns in the second periodg and the score was tied as the half ended. Purdue scored once more in the third quarter, but Wisconsin came from behind again to put over the tying marker at the end of the same period. The game ended in the 19-19 tie that was to cost Wisconsin an equal share in the title with Illinois at the end of the season. The Secondary Stops Cafreway W5 W 3 Q A FEW fir fff- - 'Wi fLQ'Kif4'?3VffS? ' K3 ' is 1 1" 5153, fi S A " 1' ," if ' 'fag ,-.. he Q1 at 1 N -' ' , Y' - J' .' 53- M3 at pi J vi :Jabra 3' bird? , - , L af if 1,1 f .Vf '- , ct -' f J vw , Y nf, f- sa ,KH ,-. sf f ' 1 , '43 - 1 ,,-A Q iw' . 1 I BACKUS wisconsin 7- -michigan O Breaking a 29 yearfold jinx, Wisconsin defeated Mich' i gan for the Brst time since 1899. During this time the only answer to Badger players was a 7-7 tie in 1911. For three long quarters and most of the fourth the CONN GANTEN BEIN Yostfmen and the Badgers fought scoreless on nearly even terms, and it seemed that Wisconsin followers would again be disappointed. During the entire first half Wisconsin outplayed and outfought Michigan, making ten first downs to the Wolve's three. The first half ended with- the ball on Michigan's 4fyard line. In the third quarter Michigan made an attempt to break the deadlock, but Wisconsin held and took the ball on its own rofyard line. In the final period came the answer to Badger hopes. Lusby intercepted a pass on Wisconsirfs rofyard line and returned to the middle of the Held. Two plays later Behr stepped back and threw a pass to Cuisinier who twisted his way through the entire Michigan team, crossing the remaining twenty yards for a touchdown. The Michigan jinx was broken. Get That Wolverine! 'N Page 229 A Badger Pass Fails weld if y twigs Q W gc. tgsfj5gX.s?'i'E Mieics 5 5 MILLER OMAN KRESKY The i'Bama" Line Weakens wisconsin 15--Alabama O For the second time in a quarterfcentury a southern team invaded Camp Randall and returned home empty' handed. This was the Erst intersectional game Wisf cousin had engaged in since the great team of 1912 crushed the hopes of Arkansas. With a reputation of having a heavy line and a bone' crushing backfield, Alabama found itself helpless before the near perfection of the Badger team. Following repeated smashing attacks which tore great holes in the "Bama" forward wall, Hal Smith ran IS yards to score the hrst touchdown on a well executed fake play. In the third quarter Cuisinier twisted his way down the field to return a kickfoif 63 yards. Backus dropped hack from his guard position to execute a perfect drop' kick from the zofyard line. Again in the third quarter Cuisinier electrified the stands by running 18 yards to score the final touchdown of the day. In this game the Badger line returned to its old form, smothering Alabama's only chance to score. Hal Smith Takes the Ball Over Em ig ss Ross DAVIS SHEEHAN wisconsin 25 - - Chicago O Wisconsin successfully celebrated its 1928 Home' coming by defeating a weak but fighting Chicago team. Resorting to trick plays from the start, the Maroons had Wisconsin in hot water in the early stages of the game. Passes by Mendenhall and Libby and successive penalties put the ball on the Baclger's afyard line at one time in the first half. The line held at this point, Cuisinier intercepted a pass, and Chicagds last hope of scoring disappeared. Rebholz went over for Wisconsin's only touchdown during the Hrst half. . In the third quarter Behr brought the huge crowd to its feet by racing 65 yards through the entire Chicago team for a touchdown. Smith's line plunging and a pass from Lusby to Casey accounted for the other two scores of the day. Gantenbein at end and Rebholz asdefensive fullback, starred throughout the game, while Behr's brilliant ballfcarrying and Lusby's kicking and passing were a constant threat to the Chicago team. A Chicago Kick Goes Wild Chicago Gets in the Open Page 231 t ag KHTELAAR r ,,:, WARREN HAL SMITH A Wisconsin 13--filowa O Playing in a sea of mud and water, a great Wisconsin team outplayed and outgeneraled their previously un' defeated rivals at Iowa City. By this win the Badgers Iowa Underneath went into first place in the Conference title race. Although rated as one of the best lines in the country, the' Iowa forward wall was outcharged and the famous backtield of McLain, Armil, Glasgow, and Pape was dominated by a lighter Wisconsin line. Both teams were waiting for breaks and the half ended scoreless, although the Badgers narrowly missed a goal from the field. Ernie Lusby's kicking kept Wisf consin in the game. In the third quarter he turned the game in Wis- consin's favor by returning a punt 65 yards for the first score of the game. In the linal quarter Casey fell on Mc' Lain's fumble behind the goal for the second touchdown. Lusby was removed because of injuries late in the game, but Tury Oman's kicking kept Wisconsin in the leadf The final threats of Pape were squelched and the delirious Cardinal rooters tore up the Iowa goal posts the Pile to celebrate the victory. Glasgow Around End for Nine 'Yards N Page 232- N Ei ? eeea i .7 Prucn Raanorz wisconsin O - - minnesota 6 Before the largest crowd ever packed in Randall Stadium, the powerful Minnesota team pushed back a weary Badger eleven, winning by six points. The effects of the hard schedule were apparent as the tired Badgers were lacking the snap and spirit so prevalent at Iowa the week before, The mighty Gopher line outcharged the Badgers on the offensive and was a stone wall on defense. The Minnesota backs, by skirting the ends and tearing through the line, kept the ball in Badger territory. Pharmer, Hovde, and Nagurski could not be stopped. It was a trick of fate that Minnesota scored its only touchdown on a Badger fumble in the third quarter, but the Gophers won on their merits. Wisconsin's only threat came in the same period when Cuisinier took Behr's pass to the Minnesota ofyard line. Line bucks failed and Minnesota punted out of danger. Although the game came a week too late for the weary Badger team, which had been keyed up for the imporf tant games throughout the season and it could not rise to the occasion, Wisconsin Hnished a highly successful season in second place in the Conference standing, Bunn Shake off :kat Gopher The Last Kickfojf N Page 233 N 2 W-Nfwrw WW Nw' I rttr I N E + a Illinois . Wisconsin . Minnesota . Iowa . . Chio State . Purdue . . Northwestern Michigan. . Indiana . Chicago . The First Score of the Season-Ketelaar Blocks Carideols Kick Conference Slanbing N Page 234 Won Lost 4 1 3 1 4 2 3 2 3 2 2 2 2 3 2 3 2 4 0 5 Tied Pct. 0 . 800 1 .750 0 . 667 0 .600 0 . 600 1 . 500 0 . 400 0 . 400 0 - 3 53 0 . 000 COICAPTAINS TBNHOPBN AND DOYL Yvaskelball W J ,J S 1,1 og 0 Et ? it X I Top Row: J. Paul, J. Schroeder, I. Doyle, E. Tenhopen, H. Foster, L. Miller, R. Ellerman, E. Chmielewski, W. Fry, Trainer Bottom Row: G. Little, Athletic Director, L. Gage, Publicity Director, W. Meanwell, Coach, C. Matthusen, M. Farber, J. Poser, J. Hume, Manager, G. Nelson, Assistant Coach, C. Andrews, Assistant Coach f ' . ff! FOSTER Basketball , N the hardest competition the Con rence has seen in ,T years fprefseason dope giving eight teams a chance for the titlej, the Wisconsin basketball team tied for the charnf pionship with Michigan. Wisconsin went through the season with only two defeats. Meanwell had a wealth of material with big, rugged men, and some smaller, more brilliant performers, and produced a powerful offense and a defense that was the equal of iany in the Conference. Foster and Chmielewski were elected to many AllfConference teams, with- Tenhopen and Ellerman given serious consideration. Cofcaptains Doyle and Tenhopen, and Miller and Ellerman have played their last game for Wisconsin. 'Graduation in June will make the absence of these men keenly felt next season. The Wisconsin cagers swept through four preliminary games, winning by good scores. Franklin fell, BQ-IQ, then Wisconsin journeyed to Milwaukee to beat the Pittsburgh Panthers, 34-9.4. Lombard was beaten 29-12, and Carleton suffered a 52-24 defeat. N N Page 236 N I if? M" Wifws. ' '1' if ,.f:- '3fy'r',lh Ni? f lb- 4.: :A- I ' .VA"' 'akifiiiiq 5 ,a if Top Row: C. Brown, A. Kneghtges, C. Roth, H. Griswold, L. Zoelle, H, Dornfeld, N. Pacetti, G. Tomskey, R. Menahan, R. Fries, W. Anderson, T. Noyes, J. Considine, Manager Bottom Row: F. Nowak, G. Nelson, Coach, N. Miller, H. Rishard, R. Rebholz, M. Steen, E. Kossak, H. Egan, W. Holmes, H. Steinmetz, D. Nelson, C. Andrews, Coach ' 1 The Conference season was opened auspiciously on January 5, with a 9.9-21 win over Minnesota. Joy was turned to gloom when Michigan handed the Badgers their first defeat. Wisf consin's desperate efforts failed before the slowfbreaking pass attack of the Wolverines, and the final score was 31-23. Wisf consin then traveled to Chicago to trim the Maroons in a rough game. The score was 33-9.1. On January 14, a rejuvef nated Badger team stole a close game from Indiana, 24-zo, by holding down Branch McCracken. Indiana led until the last few minutes, zo-18, but Tenhopen's long shots won. Wisconf sin went into third place in the standings with Michigan and Purdue in iirst and second. Minnesota lost a second time when the Badgers ran wild, winning 3Q'I7 in a fast game, Chmielewski at times went through the whole Minnesota team with his tricky dribbling. Tenhopen and Foster each counted five times from the floor. COACH MBANWBLL N Page 237 N r ,N 4,,A, . ..,. , VV,,A4:,, , :., I ,Y " ' .Et W K! Q32 M 15 ts 'E , A grim . ,,.q,, AVJ, ,V 1 .1 1-31 , , , v 1,131 11 1,11 11 .1 , .. , . ,,,, J ,., ' IH 1 f sK'1'f-WSI B 1-111 1 Q . , 1, 3 . 'NNW ' ' .. '. 1 J w - f1 '1 1 " ffl ,ri 1111.1 , 1 1 'WZ 11 . , .3 4 "": f 11 "' Z f f" nf '1 f 7,227 , 1 1, 116 82,3 1 fjw 111711, ,1 111 4 1 f 11 11 , ,1 1, A077 m 1111? 'j 'f 0 Ufyyg M 11311 fa ff M51 ' , 1 1 1795, 1 W 1 1 I 1 2., i ,5f1.,1,4,'..1 1.1f1ff'Vi1 1 ' ' , Z1 'A 1 1'f11'l11fM X 1 ,fffl Hgh 1 , 7,111 11. 1 ,Y 1 , 111 1 ' M1151 1 1 Zi g2:.5,g1Wh ,vf11711 1 ? ' L , fy ff f I '75 N , 1,1 I 10 ul 5 I I!! Mr 7 49 rf f ' 1 2 ,ns -M1 1 1 1 ' 1f11f'f'11f i1f51W1ffft 716 A 1 011' 1 " '11 1 71 AW 1:1 1111 f'fff,1 11 fd! 1 111 1 151,11 ,171 1' " 1 1 W 7' 11 1 I MH 'Ziff 2,1 1 f 11,4 M9115 ' "l171 fait 1' 7 MQ 7 MQW 1 1 , 141 Q7 2011 ' 111, , f-111 111 -t W5 7 7 1 7 011 ,1 ff. 1 1 i f 1 11 1. V 1 1 1 01 'Zi-Q' 1.1 I. . , ' W 14555 ELLBRMAN TBNHOPBN , 1 7 1 1 . 11010 1 1- if -M 1 ff' x ,11, 1 1 111.1 N 15.11 1 X41 X 1 1 s Ml ' 11111 is M1111 1 1 1 1 1!11f1g'7 111 fm, if X Wifi? "1 45 50 Rn! 1151111 !71fl! 11 1' f 77 lfow , 1 4,117 J 1 ff A 1 1 11 f gif 1-ff V51 V71 1 1 f 'V 11 711 " 1M1r 1-1 "' ' " '1 71017 lk'-Q 1111? ' fm f H '4 ll I 1 W , 111 1 777111 7, 1 ,W ,1 1 1 1 ' M111 X 111 ' 11'Hf' 1 1 'f 1 1112 1 11, 1 f, 1 1 1 1 11 11 fm! H117 MMV' 111 ff ' , 5111 17,1 111,111 V111 1f N' ffff gf ,Bw ff M111 11 1 , W 9 Q 1, 3 1 " 1 5111 ' ,vp A 1 f , if g tif .1 1 J 1 i 0 1! 179 1 N ' 1,1 ' ' 1' 1"-1?1f11" i i ,. KOWALCZYK Wisconsin then journeyed to LaFayette to beat Purdue, strong title contenders, by a 31-26 score. The , I 1 Badgers tied their opponents for second place in the conference by this win. Murphy was stopped by the Cardinal defense. The field goals were evenly divided, but Wisconsin sank I3 of 15' free throws. After a twofweek rest, the Badgers met the Bradley midgets and routed them, 48-20, as a preliminary to their return to Conference competition. Wisconsin came from behind to win when Indiana was beaten at Bloomington, 27-25. Tenhopen was the leading scorer, but Chmielewskfs two long shots from the center of the floor overcame the Hoosierls 25-217, lead and then won the game. Two days later, on February 18, the Badgers bumped up against Northwestern and turned in a comfortable 37-23, win to take undisputed possession of first place in the Conference standing with seven victories and one loss. The cool, careful offense and the tight defense were perfect. Matthusen, unexpectedly put in the starting linefup, scored nine points in the first half to put the Badgers out in front, and Northwestern could not catch up. In a return game at Evanston, Wisconsin again beat the Wildcats, this time 31-25. Northwestern spurted in the second half to overcome the Badgers' lead, but the offense, led-by Foster, was too powerful. Wisconsin still retained the Conference lead. Returning to Madison, the Badgers took a nrmer grip on the title bv coming from behind to defeat Purdue 27-24. Thirteen points were scored in the second half before the Boilermakers lly. Chmielewskfs flashy dribbling and Matthusen's guarding of Murphy were the features of the game. March 4, at Ann Arbor, the Badgers took their worst defeat of the year m the second game with as 3,7-22. The slashing Wolverine offense was held in check the firsthalf, and Ellerf could ta Michigan. The score w man's long shots kept Wisconsin in the game during the third quarter, but the defense crumbled. This defeat t M h pu A ic igan in first place and wrecked Wisconsin's hope for a clear title. In an unexpectedly close game, Chlilgo WHS beatefl, I9-15. The Badger offense was weary and lifeless, showing the effects of a hard schedule. Te d d h' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' n open en e is career by making nine of his team s nineteen points. A win was all that was needed, and Wisconsin ended the season as cofchampions with Michigan. N Page 238 N Eil igss . k? CHMIELBWSKI Wisconsin Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . Wisconsin . DQYLE MATTHUSBN 1928-1929 Season Uiecorb BQ Franklin College . . . IQ 34 Pittsburgh University . . . 24 . ZQ Lombard College . . . I2 . 32 Carleton . . . 24 . 29 Minnesota . . . 21 . 23 Michigan . . 31 , 33 Chicago Q . . 21 . 24 Indiana . . . 20 . 39 Minnesota . . 17 . 31 Purdue . . . 26 . 48 Bradley . . h. 20 . 27 Indiana . . . . 25 . 37 Northwestern . . 23 . 3 I Northwestern . . 25 . 27 Purdue . . , 24 . 22 Michigan . . 27 . IQ Chicago . . . IS N Page 230 " j yxfff 1 xsh vp :R fyj"lA wx 1 M in flame wana www ffffweab MILLER FARBER COA CH ANDREWS final Conference Slanoing Wisconsin . Michigan . Purdue . . Northwestern Ohio State . Illinois . Iowa . . Indiana . Chicago . Minnesota . W L Pct. 2 .853 2 .833 3 -750 S -582. 6 .Soo 6 .500 7 -417 3 -533 IO .167 I1 .o83 fDickinson Hating Wisconsin . Michigan . Purdue . .' Northwestern Qhio State . Illinois . Iowa . Indiana . . Chicago. . Minnesota . vw Page 240 . , 9.2.50 . 21.25 . 19.63 . 19.17 . 16.36 . 15.83 . 14.17 . 14.oo . 11.67 . IO.83 . H 5. 5 1 i Q Y ilu 3 3 2 fl A ,, , 4 s 'Y' 'Y Q i ' 2 f 5? gi 4 ff W .vit egg ,W sig J SE 5 , Sis X X -ff 'Q 1 ic . Nr, ' COAGH NELSON CAPTAIN LARSON Erack I J Q? j E Q31 I i i . A if its fi Top Row: N. Buechner, M. Diehl, N. Focereto, C. Junkerman, Manager Third Row: M. Jones, R. Ocock, J. Purtell, J. Dorsch, D. Fitchet, L. Haswell, O. Gafke, G. Gilkey, P. Roden, Leisk Second Row:gD. Maxwell, A. Brandt, F. Kemp, E. Lunde, H. Hoffman, P. Cassidy, V. Goldsworthy, J. Follows, O. Lysne, L. Neupert, R. Levy Bottom Row: G. Eisele, C. Dilley, H. Folsom, G. Benson, P. Larson, captain, H. Moe, W. Ramsey, W. Henke, W. Paschong, H. Davidson Oulooot Crack ITH strength in the Held events sadly lacking, and no individual high scorers, Wisconsin was forced to be content with sixth place at the Conference Meet in 1928. The usual strength in the distance events was evident, with Bullamore and Petaja conf sistant winners. Pahlmeyer was always dangerous, and Mayer, Shoemaker, Larson, Stowe, and Smith were mainstays of the team. Stowe, Pahlmeyer, Petaja, and Bullamore are the stars lost to the 1919 squad. The Freshman squad, under Coach Guy Sundt, completed a very successful season, continuing their indoor triumphs. In the Drake Relays on April 28, the sprint relay team of Smith, Larson, Benson, and Ramsey placed third in the 44ofyard race and second in the half mile relay. Bullamore won by inches from Hawarth of Penn College, and Pahlmeyer was nosed out by Trumbell, Valley champion, after leading over the last hurdle. V On May 4, Wisconsin placed second in the triangular meet with Iowa and Minnesota. Mayer, Larson, Petaja, and Bullamore, took first places, and Stowe, Folsom, Smith, and Thompson, counted more points to total 37 M. Iowa was an easy winner with 68 M, and Minnesota scored 9.9. The annual Quadrangular on May 12, found Wisconsin taking second with 49 points. Ohio State counted 64, Northwestern 43, and Chicago zo. Petaja, Thompson, and Moe took first, second, and fourth in the mile run, while Bullamore took a first in the two T- JONES- Coach GUY SUNDT, Assistant Coach 'HOWARD Kizrsnr, Trainer A N Page 242 N W M A - L. QQ Stl as M ft Top Row: F. Frusher, G. Davis, H. Krieger, G. Parker, B, Ludowise, S. Manix, H. Lee Third Row: G. Kabat, H. Thatcher, R. Lemmer, E. O'Gara, T. Shaw, E. Saradakis, A. Madved Second Row: L. Kirk, K, Bertrand, B. Roden, R. Spellman, R. Kommers, V. Rice, G. Nowotny, J. Zingen Bottom Row: G. Sundt, coach, J. Dunn, L. Berg, H. Fox, G. Epstein, J. Michell, H. Greenwald, C. Mauer mile, breaking the meet record with time of 9:38.7. Mayer and Kanalz took second and third in the javelin, forcing Bagge of Northwest- ern to a new record, while Lemrnefl and Mayer placed in the pole vault. Wisconsin took second in the mile relay, after Northwestern established a record of 3:20. Northwestern returned the next week to defeat the Badgers in a dual meet, 7oMf64M. Points in the Held events were missed, although Warren and Shoemaker garnered points in the weights. Petaja, Moe, Pahlmeyer, and Smith won most of the Badger's places on the track. Competing against a brilliant Held, and lacking individual stars, Wisconsin was forced into sixth place at the Conference Meet, held at Evanston, May 26. Bullamore took second, forcing Abbot to break the record in the two mile, and Mayer lost a second place in the javelin when Bagge, his old rival, beat his throw by an inch. Thompson, Petaja, and Pahlmeyer scored the other points. Team scores were as follows: Illinois . 585 Wisconsin 16 Iowa . . 45' M Chicago 15 Ohio State , ZQ M Indiana I2 Michigan . 26 Minnesota . . 8 V, Northwestern . . . 23 Purdue . 6 ff ': f 1 i I W' I r ,, . ., ,, il gmt . iw, lf' H ' . I 5 rf WTTVL . , ,. Q., . - -' ' . . oaff:w-gw.f- H e 1n,,,:.z:'7 Q W. ,W rc .zr , 2, W f - .- ff ff , jf gui fv 1 1 ff 4 Ll I M ' ' ' Qi? sf .M . f flkfirf . if-: 'J If r :Mu fy if 22 iii .-I., I , EISELE g-ff 7 '- .mi f ZW- , ,V ,, , iw.: 'f' 4" 1 rkz-2141: '- wp . -aww! 1 04, -ju 1 .g : ff -' .4 " 4424: , 513 ,aj6 ,,l?,g 1 of fi 'r 'fox wi 1--if 4:41 - W, ...-, 5752 11141 1-4 3 f 'Ii it : 1' , i ,,,. N MOE DILLEY N Page 243 N K7 exfg g . ,,.. K .... A sw . b- '- s 2. M' ies? . , . . it Purtell, Brandt, Roden, Eisele over the hurdles Tlnboor Crack Although relying to a great extent on sophomore men, Wisconsin placed a very strong team in indoor track competition this year. Two of the three dual meets were won, and first place in the Quadrangular and third place in the Conference Indoor meet fell to the Badgers. The first meet of the season found Iowa outpointing Wisconsin, 50-36. The score was no indication of the team's strength, for the 44ofyard dash, half mile, and the two mile were lost by inches. The mile relay team won easily, and Larson and Moe took firsts in the 6ofyard dash and the mile. Wisconsin then won the Quadrangular meet by a drive in the final events. The team scores were Wisconsin 43.8, Chicago 32, Ohio State, 28.6, and Northwestern 27.6. Larson broke the meet record in the preliminaries of the 4ofyard dash, but was forced into third place in the iinals. Brandt won the low hurdles in record time, while Goldsworthy, Dilley, and Folsom placed back of Baker of Northwestern, who broke the two mile record. The two mile relay team took second, and the mile relay team won a first to cinch the meet. ' BBHR Cassmny Gornswonrr-nf N Page 244 N Et i ia Mile Relay Team: Levy, Henke, Ramsey, Davidson At Minneapolis, February 23, Wisconsin overwhelmed Minnesota in a dual meet, 67 M-3,6 M. Henke took first in the quarter mile dash after Catlin of Minnesota tripped over Davidson. Newpert, Goldsworthy, Larson, Eisele, and Fink took other first places. Bal' anced strength in all events was evident in this meet. Wisconsin then took on Notre Dame, March 2. Scoring slams in the high jump and pole vault, the Badgers almost doubled their opponent's points, S7-29. Larson was beaten out by Captain Elder in the 4ofyard dash. Behr returned to the track team and easily won the shot put, while Moe broke the mile record for the Annex. Lysne, Lunde, and Purtell took all the pole vault points, and Kemp, Purf tell, and Callendar tied for Brst in the high jump. In the Indoor Conference Meet, Wisconsin fulfilled the dopster's predictions by taking third place. Iowa was Hrst and Illinois second. The mile relay team took a second place and Davidson and Henke also accounted for points in the 44ofyard dash. Dilley was third in the two mile. Behr heaved the shot 45'I'7 M" to win his event, and Kemp tied for Hrst in the high jump. :. . 4 I' W: , ,aw f . . f. , 5 f , , fi im g' . I my Z ! , A ,if ,,,, . i 4, ,, k ,V 4 ' mi - " ,Z 1iz1?iZ,, wig' 1 ff i 745 ffl 4 ff f l W f if fi A rj ' ' 0 z lg ' Q I '23 1 , 1 ' - rw' f, ,g.,!.fZ,i..5,,, . 'mm 'V-.1 'I I ' -f 4 ji f Wi J ..aU...,.V,.., 1, f' W ti.: f flvwg Ai 0, . f 9? f , , . 16 ff if ' 1 r'f fl ii , V54 i 1 ff, A , X ,f ,ff J I 'IZ 1 fl W M., , , ,M Miki 4 My fr' -f N 4 -2 f V., 'f f 1 1 .2 , - 0- ,hw JAWJEI. -r , . . . wif - MIMM-,i,1f, 7 Hg, f ,, ,f X ,OJ ff f'f ij ,f ff, , ,,, y I ,Z9 f 4 1 L , if " W ik? 1 -I we ,5 1, k ug, , Mfg J ' fir ' 7 if 1 fy 'fi 9 i 7 N K . f,,.,-V,-, tg ,,,1:,,,.w,,., ., ,W .., ,wi - 7 f 4 f , , .,,17,,,n M-ww-yizff 1 1 I' f if Fig ,if J ' ' 23124 :ir ,.,. ,J ,,, ., 'wil 1 ff fi Iyar if , af, 6,5559 5295126 I ,1 -1 4 f IQCI' -l?l7?P'. Um., Lan - it ,I 5' QQ' sw- ,uv 4 1 lr- 1 yy J! 44 dy! ,, . mia. , , wzif ,-7.i LYSNE FoLsoM PURTELL N Page 245 N E QE QE The team scores in the Conference Meet Iowa . Illinois . Wisconsin Chicago Michigan 1 ' ., f , 'Lili 'Q V - V, ' ' - , Wy VA f. ai- I ,ff ll W J 1 W 1 If ' I aff If 4 Wf lil fif W IW ? '25 ' KBMP Lunde Up and Over were as follows: - - 7-9?-5 . zcgg 1596 - 1396 796 Ohio State . Indiana . Purdue . . Northwestern . Minnesota . Bullnmo-re at the Drake Relays N Page 246 N ' I fr ' ,gif 1 1 m 1 1 ' K BRANDT 4 I CAPTAIN Buncrzss Cross Country Q5 0 O Et i EEE ? if Top Row: T. Jones, Coachg A. Liveright, Manager Bottom Row: V. Coldsvx crthy, D. Fink, W. Burgess, D. Wixon, N. Folsom, C. Dilley Cross Country -'D' FTER a record of five cross country championships in as many years, the Wisconsin team was forced to be content with fourth place this season. Lacking brilliant stars, but always finishing well bunched, the Badgers made a good showing, losing but one dual meet, winning two, placing first in the trianguf lar, second in the quadrangular, and fourth in the Conference meet. With Captain Burgess and Fink as the only letter men returning, Coach Jones was forced to build a new team. Goldsworthyls return to competition, and the addition of Moe, who won his letter in the mile run last spring, and Folsom, veteran two miler, raised hope for a strong team. The hrst meet of the season was with Notre Dame on October 6. The Badgers won, 26-go. A milling crowd at the finish made correct counting difficult. J. Brown, of Notre Dame came in first, the Wisconsin men were Wixon, second, Goldsworthy, third, Folsom, fourth, Ocock, eighth, and Burgess ninth. Because of the crowd, Ocock, Burgess, and Moe stopped ten feet from the line and Brennan brushed past them to take seventh place. Wisconsin then journeyed to Evanston, to engage in the fourth Quad' rangular ,meet with Northwestern, Chicago, and Indiana, and was held from a win for the first time since the inception of the meet. Indiana was Hrst with a score of 27, but the Badgers were close behind, finishing men in fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth places for a score of go. Wixon continued to show well, and the team had balance and power. On October 27, the same team strength beat Michigan, zo-45, at Ann Arbor. Captain Wuerful of the Wolverines finished first, but Wixon, Goldsworthy, Burgess, Fink, and Folsom followed him to the tape. At Homecoming the Badgers won a triangular -meet agaipst Minnesota and Chicago. Their score was 9.5, with Minnesota counting 4Q and Chicago 63. Again tive Cardinalfclad runners trailed in together to take places from third to eighth. - COACH JONES fv Page 248 N Et 'IEE Top Row: A. Liveright, Managerg H. Folsom, R. Ocock, H. Moe, M. Schroeder, V. Goldsworthy, E. Hoffman, C. Dilley, T. Jones, Coach Bottom Row: D. Fink, D. Wixon, W. Burgess, G. Eggers, P. Icke, C. Blair Running over a muddy course in a heavy downpour, the Badgers lost to Iowa, at Iowa City the next Saturday by a score of go-27. Wisconsin took six consecutive places, but two Iowa men finished ahead of them. This was the first dual meet a Wisconsin harrier team had lost in four years. The Conference Meet was held at Madison, on November 7.4. Indiana ascended the throne so long occupied by Wisconsin with a low score of 71 points. An unexpectedly strong Ohio State team slipped into second place with 78 points, Wisconsin was rated third with rio, and Iowa and Michigan tied for fourth with 112. After a protest by Michigan, a checkup revealed that Benson had finished twentyfsixth and the DILLEY Wixox FINK N Page 249 N af' QE at The Squad on the Ag Green Badgers were relegated to fourth place. Again the team strength was evident, Wisconsin finishing five men before any other team, but the lack of outstanding stars spelled defeat. Goldsworthy, the first Badger to finish, took nmeteenth place and was followed closely by Dilley, Fink, Folsom, and Burgess took twentyfsecf ond, twentyfthird, and twentyfseventh, respectively. Wilton had cramps early in the first mile and was forced to drop out. Captain Burgess and Moe are the only two letter men not returning next year. With Wixon, Fink, Goldsworthy, Dilley, and a wealth of other material, Wisconsm may next year regain her customary cross' country supremacy. u,i X FOLSOM Bunoiass GOLDSWORTHY N Page 250 N 2-gff -IM I . .g- , f CAPTAIN ORTH Crew W J f J 5 Q1 0 Q: ,:,. ll Qf" 'N . ' vzll flfarty TE. ".5Da6" Vail -1' LL who have watched the progress of rowing at Wisconsin have associated its activities with that grand old figure, "Dad" Vail. He came to Wisconsin after his own brilliant success as a professional oarsman and from the coaching position at Harvard and some of the best boat clubs in the East. He led Wisconsin to victory over the greatest crews in the country. Only by his dauntless courage and ability to face and conquer the almost insurmountable obstacles of weather, lack of material, and lack of facilities did he keep Wisconsin in the rowing limelight. . Although his crews never won at Poughkeepsie, at least three times it was fate that snatched the victory from him in the last few hundred yards of the gruelling four miles. His record since the time of his coming to Wisconsin is excellent when the difficulties of his positionare apparent. Wisconsin s 'LDad" Vail-honest, courageous, and true to those who placed their faith in him-is gone will neverbe forgotten by those who towed in his boats or were associated with him. 1 , s 1 : 2 - . , , V NP?Eg?.252 af N - Htl + at E. Morton, F. Crth, J. Parks, W. Drouet, H. Kiewig, D. Beers, D. Lunde, L. Kingsbury, J. Horsfall Crew 1928 ISSING the guiding hand of Coach Vail and hampered by the usual lack of equipment and the late opening of the lake, the 1928 Varsity Crew went through a discouraging season to win over the Milwaukee Boat Club and The Minnesota Boat Club. A decision on the Poughkeepsie trip was withheld until the last week of the season and the Cardinal crew was missing on the Hudson in June. The first part of the season was passed without a coach because of i'Dad" Vail's illness, the veterans trying to instruct the new men in the mysteries of the stroke. His absence was keenly felt., Finally he came from a sick bed to coach, and under his hand the crew began to show signs of power. The greatest problem was the lack of a dependable stroke. Kingsbury, Parks, Goodman, and Captain Orth were used at different times. ,Kmessuny - , ,DP-OUBT, 1929 CAPTAIN X -. 'ypag-'e253'7',..' -- - Et ig gr is J. Ascher, T. Otjen, D. Beers, P. Coombs, H. Wilson, O. Sherry,,J. Sperling, O. Woefel, R. Zentner ,On May 12, at the "W" Men's Reunion, the Varsity Crew rowed twice. The Milwaukee Boat Club Crew failed to arrive on time in the morning and the Varsity defeated the Junior Varsity and Freshman crews by two lengths over a mile and an eighth course in 5 minutes S7 seconds. On the arrival of the Milwaukee crew, composed of former Wisconsin men, the Varsity again went out. The lead this time was six lengths and the unoflicial time was 4 minutes 30 seconds. May 26 the freshman shell rowed against St. John's eight and were defeated by five lengths. The race was a mile and a quarter. In the face of the announcement that the Eastern trip was cancelled, all the crews continued working with wonderful spirit. The Minnesota Boat Club sent Varsity and Junior Varsity crews to meet the Badgers 4 KIEWIG LUNDB PARKS .N Page 254 N Htl Eh? my , .W A v 5-fl . ,rt - Freshman Crew in Action on Mendota May 16. Both Wisconsin crews won, the Varsity by over a length. The course for both races was a mile and a quarter. Varsity men were Captain Crth, stroke, Parks, 7, Drouet, 6, Kiewig, 5, Goodman, 4, Lunde, 3, Kings bury, 2, Horsfall, bow, and Morton, coxswain. Rowing in the junior Varsity shell were Otjen, stroke, Beers, 7, Coombs, 6, Wilson, 5, Sheiry, 4, Sperl ing, 3, Woeful, 2, Zentner, bow, and Ascher, coxswain. In the Freshman boat were Weber, stroke, Gafke, 7, Wright, 6, Bush, 5, Woodman, 4, Dutton, 5, Ober dick, 2, Iandasck, bow, and jones, coxswain. , Of these men, Orth, Kingsbury, Kiewig, and Zentner have rowed their last race in the Cardinal shell. N Page 255 N ...,,,, 2 W, f' QZMQ7 'ilwr -1' 1 , T' ,+a-gX,,.f,-vf,.'- .ffm-M.i -H My mayLf.4v,4y.m:,','42' 'ff m " " - vi :QM 1 ,,. , 2-1 11. :sf -1125 if . -"' 1 .2 .f-'fi'-iz T" 4" - -"' f ' , 1 19 . f, Qgyif-2,1 ' 'Q' "" . 1, ,vw "':'6L2 Mm .faffft ' 'Q if riff: iyitvf' 1 ,W-, 1 'I' " ,WW ., ,.,ff'-.1 WM.w.,!M ,, Q, A, VH, ,, , fm .,,J,..4,.,u '., f ., , fp. v , 1 94 gwmi. my w me 4 :aw-, f , I -rwffmwfw ww gy., . Y' ,y??3',.,'f'7,,,, .,. ff 3 22 ' Pwmlriflflf 31+ 1:,W.,,,f1.f',2,Zg HORSFALL Burns MORTON CoxswAiN s I 5 ' - ug. . 2 A1-- V 9 -M .t s-rr' A I7 ,,' V V fl - I t V at f . . gap aa :--V -f1' ' ' ' 1 -' ' :-- " 2 E G. W. Murphy Ebis pear x ISCQNSINS new crew coach is L'Mike" Murphy, the former Washmgton stroke and captain. After six years experience at Yale, where he turned out four champion freshman crews, he brings to Wisconsin the famous "Washington Strokel' and his own vibrant personality. He has started things moving at Wisconsin with a definite schedule arranged and the crew assured of a trip to Poughkeepsie every year. - A new shell has been purchased, barges are being built, and there is new life at the old boathouse, which may be replaced by a new structure in the near future. Four varsity and four freshmen crews push off the docks daily-things are happening at Wisconsin! I l In the Loft N Page 256 N fm xg ff va. 'L Y X L. ' I, A ,Y,,iF.Lvfw'Y mr. . .,n..,0 A V 2 T . - f x .'v'f ,Av V x S f i 1 bv, , 4 N- d W 'fe W ff "g' Q gp. i. ' .ff jf-4' .' .gjs" ' 35? .. , ' : ..3i' V L'i-19-fh , ia f , ,Q , e NX mf: '1f:5,..2:g:m K J gg up ,A fag ,fins 5,5 W J, ,pc , 7 H Q f W 7 ' ,1 1 7 f K 1 522 1 4 Y 5 I V . S 1: Q V 1 X f J 1 is ' 1 M' 2 J'f-M 1 1 5 af ' ff? W' ff ' ,N , YL' , v T' Ad Wifi, 1 '25 7 as ,H mpg- Qyg f ,ff , ,LQ ,.. xi H Z , , W 1, H 9 , ' if fx Y ri 3 41 f CO'CAPTAINS MASSBY AND Dxzcxcm Baseball F563 O klmugf 0 g X 13 ,f X! I! 6 i a c gi tg rs Q Top Row: G. Lowman, Coach, P. Michelson, M. Winer, W. Momsen, C. Matthusen, O, Kneghtges, F. Wollard, Manager Bottom Row: F. Haggerty, M. Schorer, A. Mansfield, K. Decker, E. Jacobsen, A. Massey, J. Doyle, T. Thelander, F. Cuisinier, 4 W. Beebe Baseball 1928 1' ACKING consistent batting strength, going into slumps at times, and hampered by bad weather, inf juries, and the loss of such, stars as Clausen, Burbridge, and Captain Murphy, Wisconsin's IQ28 Baseball Team finished the season in a tie with Chicago for third place in the Conference race. Decker and Massey, who were cofcaptains, and Jacobsen, Haggerty, and Beebe, played their last games for Wisconsin. Experience gained this season and a good Freshman Squad promise a successful team for 1929. Starting on the annual southern trip with nine games booked, rain forced the cancellation of two of them and cut four of the remainder to Eve innings. Defeat came at the hands of Butler University, Milsaps College, Spring Hill College, and Mississippi A. EG? M. Mississippi College was tied in one game, beaten once, and the trip ended with a 7-4 win over St. Louis University. Returning home the Badgers found the ground covered with snow, and the game with Bradley Tech was cancelled. The season was opened April 21, by an 8-3 surprise victory over Northwestern. Thelander pitched well allowing one hit in six innings, and Jacobsen staved the Wildcats off for the remaining three. New men played well, and the team showed signs of power. 231. 'lip-QL. gh ,V jr., , ', 'fl' g, :fi if ' . sri Q I -5':yA.-has? 'fq ,Q " 'sf'-f,.,- fgf " V . gg, il , . : - i- asv' , W 3 ' , 51 1 , . W so- x, ,,. agen, X . IE: 5 533 I 4 3 M ay if al . .19 ,gi 52 " Lil.-a f . EIAX ' l . , Xt gt 3 ,kg 'Iii Wg , .- ., -s ' ' .2 .Trft.fftl'r. ' vi ' 'Fx ' 1 421. p X . 11, , 15 lg 5 ..s1.?l4-h is :-.34 fu 1 ' :I gg Ln '-2,5 ' f .,.:.- Q - rs. -new V 3, .... , as t rf . .f V , , '- .,,:-, .1 nv V - "2 " 2 A ' We ,- " .... ' .V . . 1 ' f .N W s'f' Jr , .-.. I f 2 as -V ' gap 120115: Kahl, F. Werner, E. Shomaker, R. Sandke, W. Tuffnel, E. Miller, E. Masor, I. Uteritz, Coach, F. Wittner, Manager econ OW' E- Marsh, L. Strum. R. Kohlman, W. Nickols, E. Hall, J. Gale, L. Mathes, C. Hughes, A. Streu, H. Horwitz, Manager Bottom Row: H. Ferris, O. Ey, R. Poser, W. Mittermeyer, L. Schenk, M. Farber N Page 258 N Stl ig wi if p l, A ' t a I .4 05' A 1 ff I :wxfii XA! Q X . 'J -Y, 5, if sw Q, 's -2-V5 11 . Nl ,. ai ., tw? mf Y 1 251 ' 4 ai "' P if .Q . 1 , -Q as ' I w Q Er I 3 Q I W . 2 , ai HAGGERTY .g.-5 gc- 'saw 2.3, 1' 2'v , .,: , , v . , N l -4' A no " ff' ' vffaf ,,. aff' 54 W , fjgv M1 ,H , iffi 045 WM ' 2M If ff" COACH LQWMAN - .- ,r rf-' ,i :9Wf'1Z?H ..a5L4"' Lv A1351 BBBBE The next Monday, Carleton College defeated Wisf consin in the last of ten long, cold innings. Haggerty pitched good ball most of the game. Hackett saved the game for Carleton by his four sensational catches, one of which was Momsen's fly in the ninth to keep the score tifd at 3 all. Carleton's winning run came on a squeeze p ay. On April 28, after a Izfinning battle, Iowa beat the Badgers at Iowa City by a 5 to 4 score., Wisconsin got ir hits, but unsteady fielding and Thelanderls one bad inf ning, won for Iowa. Matthusen's unassisted double stopped one Iowa rally in the tenth inning. At Champaign the following Monday, a spectacular ifrun rally in the last inning meant a win over Illinois. The Sucker inheld went to pieces under Badger slugging while Jacobsen allowed but five hits. After this game the Badgers were considered a dangerous team. Wisconsin was tied with Iowa for fourth place in the standings. Chicago beat the Badgers on their home field the next Saturday. The score was 7 to 3. Thelander's erratic pitching and a wild throw-to first gave Chicago a 4-frun lead in the first inning, With Zimmermankeepinguthe nine hits he allowed well scattered, ,Wisconsin could noccatchup- , . Qu May .8,,at Ann Arbor-, the Badgers faced the-superb pitching of McAfe,e and went down by gi"SCQI.fCH'Of:lQ'LZf. Qlvlichigani scored fiveftimes in the Hrst inning., Wisconsirfs loneimarker came 'on Winer's homer. This igameipushed the,Badgers down into a tie for sixth place with Chicago and .Chio State. I I ' f if A ' 5 ' 'A I it ,Va I ,i ,"f5'4'PQgC'15g'.f5f- Vi 4 ELLERMAN 1 pa . ig, f' ,,,.,yz ,. 'W f .I f ff fliifeg ff ' if . -f1.g1 5 f ' . 7 'V K' QZL ' J- 1 I " , ' ' '3-'fiqfiiff . 77.5 'ff COACH Urrzanfa. , ff r Fall Practice on the Lower Campus The next weekend Minnesota was given an even chance because of Wisconsinls poor showing and Massey's illness. The game did go to ten innings, but Wisconsin won, 5 to 4. Thelander held the Gophers to one run during the last six innings after Jacobson allowed three in the three frames he pitched. Cuisinier starred by cracking out four safe hits to drive in three of the runs. The Badgers took revenge when they journeyed to Chicago on May 15, by a 6 to I victory. Rain cut the game to five innings. Wisconsin won when Pitcher Greenwald and his infield blew up in the last frame. Haggerty pitched his first game well, the win putting Wisconsin in a fourth place tie with Indiana. The following Saturday, Michigan continued its unbroken string of victories by defeating Wisconsin 4 to 5. With five hits to Michigan's ten, the Badgers played "heads up" ball to be a constant threat. The game was bitterly fought, with the lead shiftmg and frequent arguments. This was the game in which Decker, expecting to be put out at third, pointed at a grounder, with the result that Loos booted it and allowed both Decker and Matthusen to score. , On May 21, Iowa was defeated in a long, ragged game. Errors were common, but Wisconsin played sparkling ball at times and forced Iowa to use three pitchers. Mansfield was the one bright spot, cracking out two singles and two doubles, executing a double play unf assisted, and saving many bad throws to his base. Wisconsin went into a fifth place tie with Iowa. . THBLANDER DOYLB NIATTHUSBN Z, ' I N Page 260 N , - a H: ,L Avfx. H ,N ,ii i pxp, .- p glph V ,tgp 1 1 . . 4 if if ':f' "iii .i'.',., illfkfl i,'f LQ,'HQ-:k?.::'-'1.l-.1 s-slA.. 1 9' '- .- 3 JFS.45fst5tfff.l5.ii-1eL32af3si5Ss515A32iL' .fe 5... a Q52 .W ,. EQ. if lii'.' A +319 Illinois Out at First Journeying to Urbana the next Saturday, the Badgers went into the ninth inning six runs behind, and showed enough drive and power to come out with a ro-9 win. Stewart of Illinois held them to three hardf earned hits until the slugging began. By this spectacular rally the team was tied with Purdue and Iowa for second place. Going on to Northwestern on May go, Wisconsin met the refvamped cellar champions and barely nosed them out 5 to 4. Led by Mansfield at bat, the Cardinals bunched their hits in the second inning for four runs. Thelander was touched for nine hits but kept them well scattered. With a certain second place staring them in the face and a supposedly weak Minnesota team as opposif tion, the Badgers failed in their last game at Camp Randall. The score was IO to 7. Wisconsin's five runs in the fourth inning seemed to put the game on ice with the score at 6-1, but Minnesota hit everything offered by Jacobsen, Haggerty and Thelander and overcame the lead. The Gophers hit safely only seven times, but three of these were home runs that came at the crucial moments. This gave the Badgers seven wins and five losses and they ended the season unexpectedly high in the Conference standing in a third place tie with Chicago. - 1-L ,, .5 9'-E4 Iimtzr z , '-my w -q,zj.,y,4r", -f V: y' ..w,Mg Img, ,Q f I I W. ff . , I . ,. 'V-'v . l f,,-wwfmf x K, r ,. ff my ,ig-i ., 5 ni , '.fv5.4l1y ffffvw-' ,1 ,ww .Hw.m- fav. w,:.:-,.-.- ,T V :'i!'f72.:4-QM R ve .. '- . .4 W 2"'1'1::i3, A- ,fm Ig 1- 3 - f lf 5.2 1 U'2..,,q.': I v at f f ,,f f f f y 522 f ff My , ffl, A 1' 1 ff ma, rw, , 1 X f J PM if f , , N W 7 , Q I 1 43 J ff' L X 4 ff 1 0 , f 1 aff ,gf jg fa, gm, fa Q. if ., ff Q i fkf ,' 141 f Mfg 2717 ' mf ah f V ff gf 1 f, 1 224 221 rf, if 'L 1:54 'uf FP "Wi" .1 1ei?lfgy 'l M., A . Q Mg? Z my , jf, -JACOBSEN MOMSEN MANSFIELD A' N Page 261- N f- 4 W 7' 'L I C + M 5 - fyeib w 3 -'Q .1 Cuisiniev Rounding Third :Baseball Recon-6 1928 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Butler University . . 4 Milsaps College. . . 6 Mississippi College . 1 Mississippi College . 2. Spring Hill College . 9 Mississippi A. E? M. . 4 St. Louis University . 4 Northwestern . . . 3 Carleton College . . 4 Iowa .... . 5 Illinois . . 2 Chicago . . 7 Michigan . . 9 Minnesota . . 4 Chicago . . . 1 Michigan . . 5 Iowa . . . 6 Illinois . , . . 9 Northwestern . . 4 Minnesota .... xo ,H 2fjfjI2age.i'lfb2,-'Nu' ,5 iw K ., ,, Y- - 1 l s Q J .--A .. - X, 9 CAPTAIN E. LANG1: Swimming I 1 ' ,J 2 ,1 wx ,W O f iz. ':L:1 . g. . M M. . .- F t ,,, ,. , VA--- f ,.,,A1- s Top Row: A. Pederson, Assistant Coach, H. Popkin, H. vonMaltitz, J. Zizmore, J. VanVleet, R. Schaffter, R. Czerwonky, ' E. Byanskas, J. Steinauer, Coach, L. Davis, P. Putnam, Manager Bottom Row: E. Main, A. Meyer, H. Krueger, A. Thomsen, E. Hoffman, E. Lange, Captain, D. Perry, T. Tanaka, H. Lange, R. Winsey, W. Arliskas. Swimming OACH STEINAUER gathered together "the best balanced team Wisconsin ever had," only to see it G wrecked by the loss of eight men, at least four of them of varsity calibre. There still remained enough point winners to make a dangerous team. Wisconsin won two of the snr dual meets by good scores from Chicago and Purdue, Iowa managed to eke out a onefpoint victory, and three meets were lost by more or less onefsided margins. The competition of men from last year's freshman squad bolstered the team and promises well for next year. The season opened February 9, with a hard fought meet against Iowa. Almost every event changed the lead, but the goofyard medley relay beat the Badgers by a 3,6-35 score. Next Saturday Wisconsin showed power to beat Chicago, 44-27. Taking only two firsts and the relays, the swimmers counted up enough second and third places to win. COACH STEINAUER Hmrinaaao TANAKA N Page 264 N at ig ik if Top Row: A. Pederson, Coach, R. Duncan, R. Cook, W. Prins, P. Stone, X. Taylor, E. Horneman, V. Reich, H. Corbin, W. Murray, W. Hutcheson, Manager, R. Slightam, Manager ' Bottom Row: G. Hall, G. Schipporeit, J. Montgomery, J. Ermence, C. Chizeh, W. Falk, K. Connell, A. Olander, H. Hooper Wisconsin then made a trip south to meet Illinois and Purdue on February 22 and 9.3. Illinois beat the Badgers 49.-29. Meyer hung up a new tank record for the Sucker's pool by swimming the zoofyard breast stroke event in 2.41 The meet with Purdue was more successful, Wisconsin winning, 47-14. Lange lost a thrilling race to Nickerson in the iofyard free style swim. At home again, Wisconsin was handed a 45-26 beating by Michigan. Ault was the shining light for the visitors, Meyer and Hattleberg continuing to be Wisconsin's consistant first place men. The last dual meet of the season was lost to Minnesota, 47-24. Hattleberg and Cuisinier were forced to be content with second and third in the dives. Meyer ended his season with another win. ' Wisconsm then took fifth place in the Conference Meet at Chicago to end the season. Meyer took second in the breast stroke, the medley relay team took fourth, and the 16ofyard relay team was second. 'THOMPSBN MEYER Culsmrsn N Page 265 N E4 4 Z5 I u CED 4 Top Row: J. Steinauer, Coach, P. Putnam, Manager, S. Beery, E. Schabart, R. Schaffter D Perry A Pederson Assistant Coach Bottom Row: L. Palmer, R. Winsey, E. Lange, H. Lange, Captain: E. Byanskas L Davis H Krueger Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Season Hecorb - - 3 5 - 44 . ZQ - 47 . 26 . 24 Iowa . Chicago. Illinois . Purdue . Michigan Minnesota DAVIS BYANSKAS N Page 266 N CoAcH MASLEY minor Sports Q" ,1 2 ,f X399 O ,,., lV-a .0 Y 4? gs Q 'ZFX ,H 1 Ei' .....,.. ii ...,, 'l G. La Budde, Manager, L. Peterson, H. Siegel, J. Gallagher, A. Thomsen, A. Frisch, G. Meiklejohn, D. Meiklejohn, Captaing G. Krueger, Captain: J. Farquhar, Coach. Tffoclwy ECAUSE of the return of only two veterans, sickness, and the loss of men in midfseason, Wisconsin experienced a rather poor hockey season, tieing with Michigan for second place in the conference standings. Krueger and Don Meiklejohn were cofcaptains and formed the nucleus of the team. Coach Farquhar used men from the freshman squad of last year and regulars of two years ago to build a new team. The squad returns intact next year, making prospects for a title bright. Two preliminary games were played on a trip to Michigan, the Houghton School of Mines bemg tied 1-1, and the Marquette Cwls beaten, 3-1. On New Year's Day the Wausau Hockey Club was beaten, 4-1, and then the team traveled to Chicago to win a 3,-1 victory over the Chicago Athletic Association team. The North Dakota Aggies stopped in Madison on their barnstorming tour and were trounced in two games, 4-2 and 8-4. Thomsen's injury kept him from the Marquette game, and Wisconsin took a 9-o beating, the worst defeat of the year. Frisch had shown up as a very capable goalie, and now Thomsen and Gordon Meiklef john were moved to defense positions to help Gallagher. The results were apparent in the smoother play. A'-, 1 , pgjsvj. . l,,, ,,,1.,,, , 4 4 . .il 1 ,1 4 6 f f' f i f as Wfl W WW fflffz 1' 1 ' 3 5,0 0,lLvfwfv 42" fjmr mf, 1 if I A gp! A I 4 J 5 3464 lg jg I Z' 4 IM 17 ,,y 4 f ,, my 'f ,1 :iv mme . . .. i,., ,ul . . WHS! x M 1 f 1 H, we ,I if J 1 ff X "ffm, f 'ff 1 of 1 M! 'ff 1 ff ff Zg?4Z'.,,4z,:nij,L."',"f'f fgmy .im-f . V , A . -214 f 'L pf- -rfmaxaavswmu fe' , 'L 127 - f ' I - V W . , M . fi 4 , .' ,W -fo , , , M1627 'sf.WWnf4w ,, A U FW-7 ,anis n, ww.. 'f - 4.1 -'i' 'Q -"' , ,,.- ' if "'2, 'f . f..f , COACH FARQUHAR D. MEIKLBJOHN AND KRUBGBR N Page 268 N Et ri RBBHOLZ, Fiuscx-1 AND GALLAGHER At the Wausau Winter Carnival, the Marquette Owls were again beaten, I-o, but Eveleth Junior College conquered the Badgers in the semiffinals, 9.-o. The Junior College had the strongest team in the northwest. The conference season opened February I3 and 14. The twofgame series with Minnesota was split, with a 2-I win and a 2-o loss. Michigan then beat the Badgers in an overtime period, 3-2, but also suffered a 3-o defeat. With four conference games remaining on the schedule, and four wins necessary for a clear title Peterson was lost through illness and Thomsen joined the swimming squad. In spite of these losses, the Marquette defeat was avenged in a return game, 1-o, and the Chicago Athletic Association again beaten, 1-o. Traveling to Michigan with one substitute and minus the services of Farquhar, who was also ill, the cripf pled team lost the iirst of two games, 3-1, but came back the next night to tie the Wolves, 2-2, in a fast game and two overtime periods. At Minnesota, the Badgers lost both battles of the last series, 2-o and 4-o. The lack of subs showed when the team held during the first periods and let down in the final stages of the matches. Thus Wisconsin ended the season tied with Michigan for second place. ,aa ,i r,' if rf! ..,. M4 ' 'ur ' 1.7,-'F-JV! ,. ,,s,,f- su iifl.,f" "rw ll 'I J, ' f '-W, Ni ' 'Q H' Q X ' 'H . , , , g ' V THOMSN G. MBIKLEJOHN N Page 269 N is at i what , , i as ii , x as , if a FBISCH Season Hecorb Wisconsin . . 1 Houghton School of Mines . . 1 Wisconsin . . 3 Marquette fMichiganj Owls . I Wisconsin . . 4 Wausau Hockey Club . . . . 1 Wisconsin . . 3 Chicago Athletic Association . x Wisconsin . . 4 North Dakota Aggies . . . . 2 Wisconsin . . 8 North Dakota Aggies . . . 4 Wisconsin . . o Marquette ...... . 9 Wisconsin . . 1 Marquette CMichiganj Owls . o Wisconsin . , o Eveleth Junior College . . . 1 Wisconsin . . 2 Minnesota .... . I Wisconsin . . o Minnesota . . . 1 Wisconsin . . Q. Michigan . 3, Wisconsin . . 3, Michigan ..,.. . o Wisconsin . . 1 Marquette ...... . o Wisconsin . . 1 Chicago Athletic Association . o Wisconsin . , 1 Michigan ...... . 3 Wisconsin . . 2 Michigan . 2 Wisconsin , . o Minnesota . . 1 Wisconsin . . o Minnesota . . 4 ay :N it '-1,i, - . . 1 t , .17 mal Stanomg V, sqs 5 i "i -1i. s "-f - ' ' A W L T Pct. A a--is M y ,ifgsurzsq ..,,., 'f- " I GUNS , fi'i 1 ff'fi 2 -f--' - J Minnesota , . 7 1 o .875 E , ,Q " A ""'-1i 'H-'-- f , ,,,,A,, 1 ..,. 1 ..1,, , ,,-,. - . . ,. 'ii' 1 ' ' . ,,4gQ,, H ' ' ' " " : Wisconsin . 2 5 I ,184 'Q' " ' 1 g Michigan . . 2 5 I .184 f-'f- .. ' W , . s-V' .h U -sit' P P if f'i' i'iiil A ffii ti" . METCALP PETERSON N Page 270 N c in s. t if '2l'-1P g, I t Z., 2 gafgrfgf 2vV-,. k2iL..,M iiagfaww .,:1.. ,,--f f 'Y' ' .mf w.aa.f4ZPa,4,a ,jf ,v-2 ""' I Q' Mirviznsi-izor Ococxc Dusmsicv - Winter Sports Q' HE Wisconsin Winter Sports Team, under the direction of Coach Farquhar, completed another season of successful competition. Troye and Dahl were the best skifmen, and Captain Dubinsky, Ccock, and Milverstedt were the star skaters. On January zo, the first competition found the team split up. Ocock ran away with the Wisconsin skating Association Cold Skate Derby at Milwaukee by placing in three events. Troye won first in the ski meet at Stoughton with a jump of 113 feet. Milverstedt was winner of the Madison Skating Championship by taking all but one event. Dubinsky took first in the open mile at the same meet, and Dahl took ninth in the class B jump at Oconomowoc. 'As Cn january 17, Ocock tied for first with Einert and Hollander of Milwaukee at the State Meet. Dubinsky took one third place, and Milverstedt won a second. Ocock then won the Silver Skates Derby at Oconomowoc, from a good Held. Wisconsin entered a large team at the Wausau Winter Frolic. Ocock won all his races on the first day and then took three more Hrst places to win the Cold Skates Derby. Dubinsky and Milverstedt were consistent second and third place winners. Dahl took hrst in the class A ski jump competition and Parker was third in class B. The last meets of the season found Troye winning another ski meet at Stoughton. At Kenosha, Ocock suffered aleg injury while racing, and was forced out of the meet. None of the other men placed. V 1 . 'Tizovn A 2.-,km V . . - Page-'27 l N1 . 1 ..1 ' Lrg . if l.'11'1.h-Eifvfiv 'A--av". '?"p,S:-'.'.13'.w '.- 'TA -,ef . ' - " l' ' . . 46,1 U'-1' '. r" ef..---.4.:. . 1 . . , .4 f ' '5.wfi5il.f?i-E'1,a'1'3 "gf-1 -ff3f'f-2-'., :,, 'f.1'f"'2'i2"',-3 ' , , 1-"1 :id :Q.-Q-'s-rim,'--4.',f,':.J'f.-3: W.a:':',.-.':'t-ALge'-5-. Q'-13lI11'17'J3 ' X, ' ' ' -1. '. 1 1-' . -- ,.i -dl. .g:u.- x1ig..,'-.wfgaaf , Hg. Vg- :?j'1..q,- F- 31...-1-,gip .- 5 ,. 14, 1- 1 , Hia.. "Q Lftixf' "L'.f:.- ' 'mmf-. H- ga' -w- -' ' v' ' - -- .2 .. ,L Wd' "'Zrf5-f1,"lTfL , vw 14 fv,1 '1 ,gy M y n I .. it Ania. f We av gj-I fm .BD--,.,.'-"'-' 2 ,li-llfl""fE'if44'f?lQi?iV'f--ii'if'Ski'--it-"ZS-Fliif MQW s,...,41a.- .. aa. .mwl R -ma:-f.'e'Ei514'-2:5ga1.l.xe.i-f,,t-'fi- Qi, E l 4 ks " Top Row: E. Josephson, W. Mathias, J. Hayward, S. Swenson, F. Hammer, W. Osterhoudt, G. Hitchcock, Coach Bottom Row: G. Stetson, Captain, I. Boelk, M. Harris, W. Karsten, C. Eggert, D. Holt, M. Hales wrestling Composed mainly of inexperienced men, the 1929 Wrestling Team completed a very successful season. Only two men of the 1928 squad returned. Captain Stetson performed very credibly in the 1z5fpound class, but the heavyweights were the most consistent win' ners. After winning a preliminary meet from Lawrence College, 9.9-2, the grapplers fell before Illinois, 25-5. Then came a tie with Northwestern, 16-16, and a defeat at the hands of Chicago, 22-8. On a weekfend trip to Iowa, Cornell College was beaten, 18-14, and a meet with Iowa State Teachers was lost, II'9. Wisconsin then finished the season with three victories over Minnesota, I8-12, Iowa, IS Mao 54, and Purdue,19-9. The conference record shows three wins, two losses, and a tie. Hammers, Heywood, Swenson, and Mathias placed first, second, third, and fourth, respectively, at the Conference meet. At the National Intercollegiate Meet Swenson took second, and Heywood and Hammer each took a third place. Gymnastics Led by Captain Brill, the Gymnastics Team improved steadily during the year, ending the season by taking third place at the Conference Meet. The first meet was lost to the Milwaukee Y. M. C. A., 875 M-862 M. After this meet, Hinderliter,a dependable point winner in three events, was lost to the squad. The first triangular meet, on February 16, found Chicago and Iowa, with 1077 14 and IO74 points, beating out the Badgers with 995. After this meet, Kuhe, star performer in two events, was out for the season because of illness. I At Madison for the only home match of the year, the Badgers perfected their form to win the second triangular meet with 1112. points. Purdue counted 1094 and Minnesota 1o1o. Chicago again defeated Wisconsin, this time in a dual meet, 1176 S6-113951. At the Conference Meet on March 9, the gymnasts took third behind Illinois with II43.85 and Chicago with 11o9.85. The Bad' 'gers were close, scormg 1o85.5. Captain Brill with two places, and Bartlett, Reich, and Rhodes counted for Wisconsin. ' 'Q1lHaYW3fds E- Kulie. Mg Brill. Captain, j. Rhodes, P. Coker, E. Rusen, R. Krout, A. Bartelt, H. Felten, A. Masley, Coach Q, A , fffPage,Z72 N, .. 7 I A L!:s.A.,r::I i,1iF,-gyfgfiggie-Aigjggsi? X, . , . , . I X' A. Masely, Coach, W. Konnack, P. Judson, H. Brown, F. Graebel, G. Sinykin Tifencing The 1929 Fencing Team experienced a rather unsuccessful season, winning its two nonfconference bouts, but dropping its three conference matches, and failed to place high in the Conference Meet. Konack, Judson, Graebel, and Brown, made up the team personnel. The Erst match was won from the Milwaukee Y. M. C. A. Then Wisconsin fell before Purdue, 8-6. Most of the bouts were lost on onefpoint margins, the point total being 55-52. The next match with Chicago was also lost, 8-6. At the Conference Meet Konack took sixth place in the duelling swords, Graebel was in last place with the foils, and Brown took fourth place in the sabre event after three men tied for third. On a weekfend trip to!Michigan, the Badgers won from Michigan State 8-6, and the following night, although they outfscored Michigan in total points, gr-49, dropped the last match by an 8-6 score. Yaoxing Under the direction of Coach Allison. the most successful all university boxing tournament was run off during March and April, Two knockouts and three technical knockouts were the features of the hnal bouts. Four champions successfully defended their titles, The championship bouts resulted as follows: 112 pounds-Hales forced Frank out in the second round. II8 pcnmds-Goodset forced O'Conner to quit in the second round. I26 pounds-Reich won a decision over Lerner. 130 pounds-Nashban won a close decision from Medler. 135 pounds-Curreri clearly outclassed Heidt. 140 pounds-Wrend fought to a draw with Craig and, after being shaken by a fall from the ring, won on the coin flip. 147 pounds-Nickel knocked out Thorsen in the first round. 160 pounds-Stephenson won a close decision over Marsh. ' 175 pounds-Mathias won a close decision over Strehl in the hardest fought bout in the tourney. Heavyweight-Mansheld knocked out Tobias in the second round. 1- Q Ortegon won the cup for the hardest fighter by his aggressiveness in the bout in which Medler eliminated him in the rgofpound class. Many of the bouts in the elimination rounds were fast and required close decisions. - N Page 273 N Et Qi 2 FREBBORN, CAPTAIN MCMILLAN LABORDE ' Dennis The T918 Tennis Team won the conference championship. Captain Freeborn, Boldenweck, McMillan, LaBorde, Reeves, and Don Meiklejohn were the ranking players. In the Erst match, Marquette was crushed by a 740 score. The conference season opened when Northwestern fell, 6-3. Boldenf weck, Freeborn, LaBorde, and Meiklejohn won their sets. The Badgers had an easy time with Iowa, winning 6-1. Only one doubles match was lost. Rain caused the postponement of the Michigan match, and Minnesota was the next victim, 7-2. The following Mon' day, the Badgers repeated their 7-o victory over Marquette. At theConference Meet, McMillan and LaBorde were eliminated in both the singles and the doubles matches. The team finished the season with a win over Ohio States previously undefeated team, 5-2, and Chicago, 6-1. Five wins and a percentage of .rooo won Golf p Due to the lack of experienced players, the 1928 Golf Team had a mediocre season, winning only two of the five dual matches played. Captain Gernon, Hagen, and Marshall of the 1927 team were unable to compete, and in addition, the late spring made it im' possible to practice or determine the quality of the material before the first match. Wisconsin did, however, eke out a surprise victory over Marquette, 9-8. The first conference match, played a week later against Iowa, resulted in another win. The margin of victory was again one point, io-9. Wisconsin then took on Michigan, the conference champions, and sufered a decisive defeat, io 5-7 M, although all the matches were close. Frost and Manzer won the doubles for the only points. The Badgers were defeated again at Northwestern. Furst, a new man, scored the only points. The last meet was against Chicago, unexpectedly the most brilliant team faced. Girard, the Maroon captain, thrilled a large gallery by breaking the Maple Bluff amateur record, his 69 beating ManZer's 76. Wisconsin lost the match, iz-5. The personnel of the singles and doubles teams were: No. 1, Max Manzer, No. 2, Captain Frost, No. 3, William Pope, No. 4, Charles Furst, and FrostfManzer, PopefFurst. the title for Wisconsin. STEWART Faos-r, CAPTAIN Mfwzen I N Page 2,74 N ALLISON, Intramural Director Tlnlramural 9 , O Q O . 1" K GT ffl" 'ii' ' sixtie s? W fSifWss fdsQEE ssxebs T 'ares : st Theta Chi, 1928 Badger Bowl Wirmers Top Row: K. Port, E. Ziese, F. Fuchs, R. Toepfer, E. Lunde, H. Schrub, H. Schwahn Second Row: B. Bayha, R. De Haven, H. Nelson, J. Paul, E. Timm, W. Eclrers Bottom Row: J. Dahlman, E. McKenzie, N. Cuneo, R. Krout Tlnktamural Tfxlbletics NTRAMURAL athletics enjoyed another successful year under the supervision of Leonard "Stub" Allison, who succeeded George Berg last September when the latter left for Los Angeles, to practice medicine. The number of teams competing this year shows an increase in each sport, larger and better trophies are being awarded, and a keener interest is being shown in this branch of the "athletics for all" policy which is becoming a reality here at Wisconsin. BADGER BOWL 1928 Theta Chi won the Badger Bowl, emblematic of fraternity supremacy in all sports, last June, after a hectic struggle. At this time Theta Chi is righting to retain the trophy with Theta Xi, Kappa Sigma, and Pi Kappa Alpha, for close competitors. The leader s are so close together and some other houses are so close that a dark horse may yet come through to win. CROSS COUNTRY Sigma Phi Epsilon upset the Delta Theta Sigma monopoly of the Greek harrier championship last fall by copping the annual meet with a total of 16 points. This is the lowest total yet made in any fraternity cross country meet. Delta Pi Epsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha finished second and third, respectively. BASEBALL Delta Kappa Epsilon's team was on top of the heap last fall for the second consecutive time after the usual hard strugglezinlthis sport. Botkin House, Tripp Hall Dormitory Champions fTop Row: H. Hemmingway. R. Babington, R. Meyer, F. DeClerq, J. Schifllin, A. Langlyklce Bottom Row: E. Abramson, A. Eberhardt, P. Waite, L. Patterson, C. Ramien N Parte 276 N gsm, Q , , ,. . K QV-b ,I p , V t ' Q f s 223194 3 figs K E , ,, I ' .,.x.' V . ht 'Z . ft Sigma Phi Epsilon Cross Country Team K. Kundert, J. Andreason, A. Butz, I. Dorsch, J. Lacher TOUCH FOOTBALL Forty odd fraternities competed in the most successful touch football race in the fraternity competition. Theta Chi won the championihip for the second consecutive year. Theta Delta Chi, Theta Xi, and Alpha Chi Rho Hnished second, third, and fourth, respective y. TACKLE FOOTBALL Theta Xi was the third team to win its second consecutive championship when the Varsity Football trophy went to them after the battle with Kappa Sigma. Delta Theta Sigma took third place honors by defeating Phi Gamma Delta. , ' INDOOR TRACK Kappa Sigma had little difficulty in winning the indoor track championship in January, with a strong team. Alpha.: Delta Phi placed second, and Delta Upsilon third. HOCKEY Delta Sigma Pi took the hockey championship after a thrilling match with PhiKappa Psi. Last year's champions were thus pushed down into second place. BASKETBALL After the usual hectic basketball race, Sigma Phi Epsilon took the championship by a one point Win over Pi Kappa Alpha. In the contest for the allfuniversity trophy, the Greek leaders lost to the church league Winners in an overtime battle. Theta Xi Tackle Football 'Team Top Row: H. Hanson, G. Snow, H. Stevenson, W. Drouet, W. Freytag, J. Berk Bottom Row: W. Weathers, H. Spreester, E. Brody, C. Wiswell, S. Marsh N Page 277 N f '- 4'- i s if 'tif 'E in F N in if' asa Theta Chi Touch Football Team ' Top Row: B. Bayha, E. Timm, R. Sullivan, J. Dahlman, J. Paul, G. Florez V Bottom Row: W. Mueller, K. Port, P. Fuchs, R. Toepfer SWIMMING Theta Chi won their second championship, also for the second consecutive year, by copping the swimming title. Pi Kappa Alpha was second and Kappa Sigma third. ' WATER POLO With the division games completed, six teams are left in the light for the title. Theta Xi. Theta Chi, and Phi Kappa Sigma are the division winners and Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Sigma, and Triangle are the runnersfup. FREE THROW CONTEST Phi Kappa Tau won the free toss title from a field of 26 houses. Theta Xi and Phi Sigma Kappa tied for second place. CHURCH LEAGUE Calvary Lutheran won the church league title for the second year. In the allfuniversity series, this team defeated the dorf mitory champs and the Greek leaders to win the University championship trophy. Hillel Foundation won the touch football competition, while Calvary Lutheran won the Varsity football championship. This leaves Calvary Lutheran in first place in the Church League race which they won last year. DORMITORIES LaFollette House of Adams Hall took the dormitory touch football championship. Their brilliant record consists of no defeats. Frankenberger House of Tripp Hall won the cross country title. Botkin House of Tripp took the Basketball title and then tied with Richardson House of Adams for the hockey championship. W. Arliskas, L. Giessel, F. ' Delta Sigma Pi Hockey Team Wiesner, F. King, C. Rauschenberger, R. Wangren, A. Spevacek, D. Davlin, W. Aspenwall N Page 278 N , 'VIP' ,Y W Q 1 ' Av. ., .,V. .iff . ,a .1,, 5 Q T' THIRTY H3159 use 7 lim-X iii 3 CED 4 5 11. f'eEzT3i??fQQ N-, mul- ,sq M iq,-,, 5 f.M5i21sg7eec W .5gLgiQ,,,. 1735? . gb? if-Xa fi Q..fi1:!'Q7 5,651 Q ffl ggi, '1 412 sig? :GE Emi Rwfli - ' L L 3 ixmgii Tlx? 1 LVYQQJ , Eg fNeGy5 - ,sfriigligfs vmflwwc? 'LZPQFN 1 rwx, HMM? S. xii ai if J! .H Ev.-lies -x Q lij94,LQf1,,' '::?I+1i"' 145' It was September again- we came back to Wisconsin and visited the new Union Building while we were not busy registering. Page 281 , 3 ps "A I W2 We N WWNWW ff we Wx W' ffm if 1 . 2 "W S' iii' . w N '- 4-M -. W?" md , li 1 3512?-5 V was ix3'T?l22aS's?'i?i5"?foi1e ii .fl ff 2 V M ' 4 f A . 'Q' xx 'Wm N A. -' x 'Q s K ' ' W ' ' N 'W 9 f ' A N V Wy l, G Q' V .5 , , .F , In 'Z , gfffbxfqgebbw 55: Sig Qgggyggelisizxw 283 im Q. , QQX 1 fi' Nw 4 ...N My mibzfkii Soon came Professor Olson's annual Varsity Welcome, and Prexy ojjclcially welcomed the fresh' men. We found that we could no longer drive on the hill. " 1 j 'jj .-V33 - 3 mygfn,5ggcgyv J X325 Avi .ea 'X - 'ff -:Q 'Q A Twig?-k?QEay.a 'A "iv mf ' , ,er- M ,wqegjgsliegkigil WMM: 5 we ww fr-Q5-2.1 ii fe. ' 'QM f X -H639 f N -Page 282 lv Q' QE r The sororities had their customary pledging spec- 1 x X I, f f 7 K A f 4 f 1 1 fr, 'Q f:famf'.y,9f4, f H - -- ,WZ " ra,,,1, 3 ,VV I, y ,, .Wag 5 racle. The R. O. T. C. boys brought back many tales of their life in the summer camps. ar r a rr,ea 2 1 15 Gr i eg 5 iff? ' Z h V N-f x Q , NV Page 283 sf' s NE! 'Q ' . -1 :fly - . l?l'Lg?q5 .--. 4? 215 ' Rf ,, ng ff if 1 0. ' if , Z-we a ff m! 'S fd j 51, ,La 1 - 338-, 23 75 'Q-J It wasnlt long before the football team with the Wisconsin Smith Brothers started the season by beating the Irish. The old fashioned Bag Rush was reinstated after a years absence. Page 28 4 we W r s l f 5? Jfifiir, , 32? 5Q.f1gg.1.g?3, fd fmfwf' we X A , l Nfwntf ,- 4 fx- 1--- gf,-sgsfig , gs, X- 1 -1 f" sf.. ffwi ok -ggrfifsgmggq O ,,.N.,....f,1 :NX .x , - lmmxi-iff 1 so Vg xr "diy xv ,Q s ic 1 gory -'Yi New J' MPC.. 'f 5. of f Ui fs, is 4170! In spite' of football games, we went to classes. The Ala' hama team played here, and the two governors got together he' tween halves. Professor ufoe' Steinauer was heard broaclf casting the games. 1 N Page 285 N I ' ' Players put on R. U. R.g students and -f professors were busy in the laboratories, A f but we managed to rind time to play too. N Page 286 N .VIA 134, -...V Q Q 0 fl Ffh-. 'JN' 1 of . -L- ll Iii ' il 'C ,I ma wll ggiibg qi, 2122? D -,--- .R no 1-1 or-ferry ar l 5, -as " A af ,W 33? There were dances in the New Union, and the Ex' perimental College gave "Lysistraca." The photogf rapher caught informal pictures of cofeds and the old-Rustic Bridge. N Page 287 N i ,B rj 6, I , 'qi 1,21 .,.. A 4 4:5 wqggg - ,Q e W . f , wg If W g .l qu., iw- Ak W f ,.5 X :gm .. 'W r ,h My K K K i jgwv 4 R' L -S1 2 ' we Q. f5!f?iQQ25fmw,f2fz?f6' , ---1 V Kfmjiefifzfs fv Page 283 'ISEQWY " .A I UNE QXUQTZ ' UW' 401 -fkxgf? ' ff5xG'4?f5 '::. f- 'M , mm 'Q N . 2, Q! xiwwwg X N: Q if 7. jf N L' 5,42 1 gyg- 9 o Ac fl ies: 'xa5?ff-I V4 I .:-give mf 'Wes-kb?" Mb, -'29-if ' X555 eff? wit! Homecoming! Deco' rations, bonjires, cross' country race, the game, h cl ' l1 t e town crowcle wzt alumni! What a host of memories they all bring back' H1 +2 we 4 fJl0ff5wx,K 131 H A E ' fx rig fig af ab M :gg of +R XX X 3? ii Sz ' QQ , , .duff 7 xg X X":,f4Q45v Eff' 2 X f , 'jx 11 g 3, pf X25 Ae, W '59 4 Rr! N 1 XA xwdff Some o us spent a very wet weekend in Iowa-but with victory, who cared? The women had sesf sions around the W. A. A. fifeplace. N Page 289 N '- 0 ff' .2 "f.T??f' f . A N5"f?WWV TEM ' "' 'W if " V 0' QQ? 3 Qz, C? K' Gfsieg j is A sg Qi? Q 51 , 1- 'y'-' sf ,.,,.' - f , , I ' :f -f-- K? W9 .M-w...Q ,.,,4 W W.,x...,5..,. fiiaagfgzqg X Ui 4 ,5- N Page 290 N color to the fmlled stadium. Came the Minnesota game and Dad's day with many dinners for Dad. The cheerleaders, balloons, and mascors all added 51 GEESSQ J xx XX f-J' oxQ M K, 1' 1 gil-QF? .As I K 1 Q S M HQS ?YF1UiLs sQ-f L vl ' N J e f? 1 M R552 s I Em i an Q eflifwlg 'f i Players presented the 'LDevil's Disciple," and we watched the Thanksgiving Turkey Race. The new Chemistry Building addition was getting steady use all the time. ff- fm , ,353 ,a'cC .Viz , . .., -. , li' Jgcwn Cs ft fx QA .- 6 in jd E W Qk qiif if XGA! fi KSN h 2f11, kj?L, te? A K-v. 2701 -- f f: Ay, If X af 05 4 ' frshg 5,91 iii, ff Kixggtefrf V N Pae5eg:29l N Q CJ C 'CM mfs? M fb E ,135 fy Q- -fr--f fi-ff-fs H fi-2f,'f' '22 .M 11 ,-V 3. .YL 5 :I fur 1'j,.:-Ifffgbg M-ZH-.l.,f'1'f QF" 'g:QC:41T11. ,E :, plrgci 13.34 Q51 "Wi mal- if iE17I":5fl" - , . J 4: 4 1-c L-V. wfiff 45 +537 fiTQ..r!-is +5a' K+! f ii" uf? -4 51? fl 'riffs After the T. W. C. A. Bazaar and after Players gave uTl1e Cradle Song," we packed A our trunks early for Christmas Vacation, for school was suddenly closed because of the "Flu" epidemic. xl N Page 292 N I l .'wi- , , ,,, .ff-' ff? E: 'ip W-e1'Z+-+ fl 33 1 in K If lr.-41: N- vw :awww--1 . 73, ff-up 'fy ' if x' yi -14' gm' ww if-Q, .E pm ii Q f 'fi r KW 51.?'f"H'5W- 5' ,Jf'lL,5?S1?f?,pi?f5g?:Xk1.: M3 . .if '- TV 9-' J gfx ,gkidx-'Q6q.1?EYg. Aff? its l 1 + 2 47' if K'-'EH 517. T J .iv -1 H45 I r 4 fx' E Nw M3 NA:?'3'3"v3 L' M A . i ig QL ix f-.. aww aging ' ng, fvia' p Us. -. L. T839 ci ' V iv"-I ' Rigfir?-x:Hj:Lv,5LgL,: '- ff -:f Q 225 43 X . 1 ' X 1:18 Back from vacation to a Wisconsin of snow and a hill of slippevy sidewalks we came. Deserted icefboats and Fords were buried deep in the drifts. 'N Page293 N . '- ' 3' 4 -..ATI 1-ESQ- if" JJ like iz' fg?EQeQQ? sie? j?i ,i? 14623573 ggggy -9, I f 24 , All the University 'reveled in the winter sports, both the timid and the bold getting chances to show their skill on skiisg toboggans were much in demand. ,.,,..-,vm- ,.w-wafyaigwgr, .. gg --"'- IT gwa2u:,w:5Qfe'1ys- g',,Mv " sw lv 5- ,-: .. ,1::- 1 - , :1e4g,isge,, ,-.5,2g.:,..-gf: , . 5 U 1 62- A+. , ' -, i- :Bt X , . .Aus ,. W. .E .Y , 1 ,G is, v,fae,W-, . 1 .-,A N L- .ii , u -4 J, -A .53 , ' , s Tfifafkf 2 X Ev L I! , XNAi , 7 'N PQQCAZQ4 F f I. 5 . . . l P 'il , - i . i L - , ,z " :g-ri s 'A .. , ,. X liz. ,Li-Q5?i:4W541jggf2myis-L,..,,i., ,- L, 2 ' ,. . - . Q" i.. - --i QE, M , Ry if ..,s54:Tw5fg- 1-1',f5ig,' ?,si?f",?LB"-"k1h:'i-I iz'-:SH i1:!5':.vf1w,HL 2512" 5192,vf123121:-36'--,25fiK4aii3f'-.Ni'lg',,fziz'f mi:-f'v.f3,,.iwa4f-Q74 4152,-.Q-.iris '1?L71!,. -an 53:1 Q, 1421-Nw if-I' 'f-.1 X pf x A- 4 --:N , 1 --4. -',s5-.- ffurfsm-.-w5,,ru: Y -:' -5i:,.g-1 .- 1 qgfgfi 1, ,- 51, ii- f-5,9 .w-4-.:,Ji-4.-.1-ii -.1,,-iw 4-iw. :,g.qegi-,-.f-,Si,- ,-l,..LJ,-is :..:.,f: Lsqqfg'-'uf . pg:5'4.?:1-1-1, , L-.V X, if- vp, L- 'f.:,:-in - - i wi.,-,F .ri w,.1.,.i,+'n,,:,'.,'.11-W :,..Y-'.1..Afi i-,ui-,L :M-.f:,..,.N., ,Lf-3x71-if-I.-:Ji f - is ,, rv rf- w.:L,Q.m-if f - N lnefm- .f he 4-1,1-fiQfvisfadiai'z'zEa2?5..zui?.-Eafwsdiifzil2-,iazQsMssma3..if?:p,an-TAmall-5-:sbrxveff'-s'9f"7f11'1f5'MF'Sf"4safff4EW:fV-sisfmif:i.:ivm--..,AW,,-iK-,iw-.n,-V . Q--wi.. K fw iv' 2 X I Jffffb ,1T7.:'- f:'e'Q'fX'i 'W Q 'VS e 5 - WE EWQ 41WF'a9v Lfwm ., 1 6 ,,4xvm. M5-3-, N-,Q, I mu im-X M. ,WX 'X A cr EVN -YWSNHX ' , .'f'm"iW ':- 1' W X Twp rw, fN'W5'f,, 7-,iff-fg , rx W we ig- ew gg ggi JW, .e",gMi"g?,,L,27 MW., yrs!! 3,-wwf ea .VQMYQQ ff: Q, ina ,N 5, if A 45:2 Qvagxkgg .,,. rw fb? 5,-5, iw , Qf1,ff,lM,wEfv,..iwg W X 4' my . f 'Q f ' ,f .1 gif 134,53 ' ,fi,,,,fQM,,g3,W 'Qdbmdyf wimizrff R551 ,f?Lfw,p, My flhwme Z A' ' 'K rim? There were horse shows and skating race s. We plodded up the snowy hill to class, where Mr. Brown was ever on guard to keep us from driving on the forbidden hill. 1 . Y ' x Page 295 ' Q V? QV ' fzjiaelg arg. ,- , r3,gf,,xQ , 2:4 SWL! YZ? ,, i, ve",-rf if-42,3 EP rg r N Page. 296 Prom carne and went with its king and queen and its parties. Players, electricians were found at their switches during the Prom Playg Engineers worked hard in their labs. fi ,QQ 17 "fi -'?N 'ag ' P E Q 'riff-rf2rEf! W' 1 h AA" V? Ex 3 gi g ? H fs if? Sigma Delta Chi sent out invitations for the Gridiron Banquet, held in Tripp Com' mons. Various groups had novel parties. Dean Birge was caught at his work. s s s is " w:,f2.f, k 51' A Q 1 43263 Q r f if h ad f M i' 'R 7 4' Nags, 25 NM' -' hw .N -Q tw X 11-lb'-A ---m:4:4' " 1 .'zv Eg iv -055, J 4 Ugly QS?-7 Page 297 N ,, ' vv". 'Z W A2 'v'?fT?'1f53 ,LW iw A, 4 Y ,, .Q K , "'1 e 1 q fa e st. tt. t Beaux Arts ball, with its gay costumes and decorations, was staged in the Union. It was Spring again, and we could walk the hill in safety. Former Badger Editors allowed themselves to he seen together. .-S,f5l5f?lk . M Us 1. 1154-f:5,.rt1e,s FD tw X 9 A fa.. -eww, Lf f' 2 5360 fszgl LC. sl - lyifx - x X NX 'I' NRE, tg! W2 get 1 gre .4559 X as mi- 492' ' x Jj fg-V YS- fs xN If 1 3501 ,-ey.: f :1?S,f N:lJ4f'lQ ' ix fs, V riff 4' we:1:v,.5r 1 y y! 'fd ylfrkfffblf' 'X fn. 2-34553 5? X N Page 298 N 'N ' ,..! ' 7:--QW 1,253 -155, gil QW 427' . I Q -N 53 .A A 23 iigfiffm x 2 Miki? fg if Ziggy a - 65' Q We saw 'LLiliom" in Bascom Theatre. The crew ' ' h lake, and the abandoned the Towmg machmes for t e wack team van outside again. N, page 290 rw e 'l e,"'-. -, 'ffl WEE lla E9 -l 1 .., l SEQ? Q .. ,1 ,g :.,.h .,,E, ll The baseball team came home from their southern trip and played their Jirst games. The Engineefs Parade, headed by St. Pat, was voted a success by every' A one-except the lawyers. O s ffz f si? ll Ld f llfz s f yggfj Page 300 -www' W fx W- --.,.- -,wi ,. , ,. . .. . , , xr- CF 5' 4 EA-W N 's Gigi g gif.. 1, Www M MW - 1- .Q-.-Wim: - , -Y A wifwfg .qw V Y L M -,mm 5'-Nl if gf I Nils. M V - NX E3 Q? ' fiffsiff? QQ? slffigfi t WHAXGWMF ijjghdsyiff .v ' I P C9221 NVQ ', W ' F" fs ff 2, K 3 1 N Ai, 5 fvljv, W, fi tfdif' w'y'M- ff 4 QQ, sf "2w"t.,,ga- Q 15,2 .A xi ew .min Qi.-N. if ,., l, W 1,5 1 ,m,9i,!.M M-I A iw- .5 35--MA! Mg"i:2fvfffflNv"vQ,,,il99 45Q'249sI4'?jmA 'lf' - w322?7ffl'lZlZfffi2 After a two weeks 'road trip Havesfoot "girls" showed themselves in Madison. We spent spare time on the tennis couvts, and laughed with the Hcwesfoot men going through initiation. N Page 301 N T M C Qifggigpiie K 1 o x sw 1 eeiii we . si s Xg. ,'gg35 + Va With the sp1'ing'R. O. T. C. review came the distribution of the Badger at the Union Annex. The water became popular again and Tumas amused us with ics annual initiation. A N Page 302 an ' , 3 ff ff M E1 35525 42 fi 'K f" -212 sf-gm, S - -A .4 Nfl Jyffw -i if 35.01 f X1 E TT' fl.-r - - -:.,. " git-,eg 1, Tig: sf. . ' "L " ji w' -K Y If .,-v.5QJ' 13 "-15 .Q--" We paid owr tribute to Wisconsin,s brave sons in the University services on Memorial Day. Then came Mothefs Weekfend, and with it the Senior Swing' out and other entertainment for Mother. Page 303 Q A f i I A 'vvwzuqqg The seniors were spend' ing their last days at Wisconsin, and Mendota was alive with students spending happy howrs in the water and in canoes and sail boats. 1' 'G1 7' Q Q N Page 304 N ,v5r1'4'-2:F:,.i.,. ZW. ff! r. 115-429 S K. V - , .1711 qjffn' -J in 75517 pl' 5, l 63555 .. i 7 Q? Commencement week was full ofactivity. Lindy was entertained by the Franks and took them for an air view of the city. There were class reunf ions and the senior play among countless other events. C' -, Q-'ff-Qfgi-5 J iflwki-a mr ' E - - :gb -- -. --Q new f A Eff-LQ Fir '-.f if '-Exif? struts 1 5, ge ,. , XL. ll ,,,'2'f'7Q11 559351 DI 'gr-Kring fajsg K ---' -'L 3591-.f ' I'1J be "TI,- wm -1, n si' - . .le--,J 1 .J 'jf -Lg-ii' l X' rT.,1'1-LVL .' 'MESS-1 f '-142 1, , 'rv Page 305 N 'V . ,E if Then Commencement, the end. . We saw Lindbergh get his diplof n 'ma along with the seniors. N Page 306 N ublications W O Et r rf STUART HIGLEY MBRTON LLOYD Editor Business Manager Elm 1930 Babger A somewhat smaller book, though more compact and inclusive than former Badgers, now finds its way to the student body. The categorical aspect always of a certain sameness is varied by the manuscript theme used throughout the book. We hope that in these pages many pleasant hours of contented reminiscing will be found, that is a major aim of our endeavor. Q 'The staff, certainly, has acted as a unit, cofoperative and willing whenever called upon to work, their spirit serving at all times an inspiration of purpose. The Badger is now yours and our work is complete, two things remain: your approval means our success. THB EDITOR ,Top Row: N. Halverson, W. Grube, B. Baldwin,,K. E. Olson Bottom Row: C. L. Jamison, M. Thompson, A. Jonas, W. Fitzgerald ' 'N Page 308 -N 1 .a -N' '-21 - Q' " AH "Nfl f- ' f s- "f .Xi -. ww-'f za." XM" gf -"u-A 'K was .fy-14 f-,rf , i . ' ,t :ff Fri? We ,Qs 7' qw-' ' 3. N'fwyaf ik Q ' H515 . ...i 'sissy Top Row: M. Moclie, L. Krueger, M. Palmer, F. Crashaw, M. D. Scott, T. Otjen Bottom Row: E. Schmidt, M. Fink, T. Stone, L. Swenson, P. Carns, T. Hartridge ' The last copy for the 1930 Badger is about to go to print, making the final bit of work in the production of the book. The responsibility for its completion lies to a great extent in the hands of a competent staff whose willingness to Work and to cofoperate has made the publishing of this book during the year an enjoyable and Worthwhile task. Further acknowledgment is extended to 'iHerb" Brockhausen of the Brock Engraving Co., Whose sugf gestions, interest, and creative genius have contributed toward the material aspect of the book. Aloe" Sexton, Superintendent of the Cantwell Printing Co., who has made possible the typographical improvements now in the book. 'iRass" Rasmussen from his shop has added many Valuable finishing touches. Miss Winterbotham at the Photo Art House, Who, in spite of many changes, has carried through conf sistently with good Work. "Russ" Russell, the Badger scenic photographer, who has caught something new about the campus in his pictures. At DeLong's, Miss McDonald has given continued good service and to "Dave" Birkhoff, we extend the credit for many of the group and portrait pictures. The Carl Thomas Studio has given us outstanding studio prints. Top Row: C. Roby, L. Stocking, R. Burdick, J. Renshaw, M. Droppers, D. Connolly ' 'Bottom Row: L. Hursch, M. Hoagland, K. Schoenfeld,-'D. Zimmerman, F. Wuerzberger, F. Husting ' T 'K V - L i'v'Page309 141' K 7 L Q"-5' -,, 5 M E "-. , V v-,K-rw... , rr F I ,, ,N . - ,,,. .L A R- ,, if 'W' 'X -' ,.. ' ' . ,O -s QL ,,., , gx I 1 Era A 5 N 63733 , ,,.-'Q t , iv 5.57 ig... .ggi .iigix E Rigs? ,II E i'zR5,, , er ---: .,,, , E Rs 'Sim 5 WEA . F A ' QESRNREZBEEZ REE Top Row: K. Wagner, H. Howard, E. Wslper, J. Dixon, B. Altpeter, D. Holt A Botton Row: E. Savery, A. Kendall, B. Sherman, W. Ela, Clark, T. S. Halstein EDITORIAL STAFF Editor in Chief . ........ STUART HIGLEY Advisory Board ISABEL BUNRER RUTH BURDICK THOMAS STONE ANNE KEND.KLL DORIS ZIMMBRMAN Secretary Honorary Groups Forensics MARJORIE CARR ANNE KENDALL ELEANOR SAVERY MARY FULTON ETHEL TRENARY Woman's Division Chief Alumni Memorial and Wisconsin Union ROBERT VAN HAGEN DORIS ZIMMBRMAN MARION PALMER EDWARD FRONK RICHARD REHWALD Fraternities Special Occasions Drama BETTY KEELER TED OTJEN CSOciall DOROTHY HOLT JOHN DIXON Sophomore Assistants CLARK ROEY CHonoraryj Women's Activities MARY MANN, Assistant MERRITT LUEKIN Sororities BONN1E SMALL QGovernm'tl Religious Groups BRAYMER SHERMAN ELEANOR KETTLE QSociaD LOIS STOCKING CAthleticsD MARTHA HOAGLAND PAUL ICKB MARY D. SCOTT CHonoraryl Athletics Music DAVID CONNOLLY GLADYS WALTERS CPrOfesSional THOMAS HOLSTEIN ELEANOR TUPPER Editorial Assistants Campus Groups ISABELLE WITT VIRGINIA BARRUS MARIE ORTI-I PHILIP STREICH Ojice Manager R. O. T. C. KATHERINE THEOBALD HAROLD MCKLNLEY JOSEPHINE CLARK PAUL PALM CATHERINE CROWELL Administration Intramurals Satire JOSEPHINE RBNSHAW MARGARET FINK ELMER DAHLOREN TED HOLSTEIN AMELIA THOMAS ETHEL BUBLOW University Events BOE DEHAVEN, Assistant EVELYN WALTBRS Classes WALTER ELA Index BETTY DITPURTH MARY M. HARRIS Publications LILLIAN KRUEGER BETSEY OWEN PEG MODIE, Assistant C. HJALMAR NELSON ETHEL LOHMAN MERLE OWEN FLORENCE MONROE Top Row: L. Smith, J. Polk, R. Karnm, I. Price, E. Tupper, O. Meslow Bottom Row: T. J. Holstein, E. Kettle, A. Thomas, R. Guentzel, L. Christensen, L. Gulick N Page 3l0 N E ,232 WGW Q , ,, . ,far-wars, I f M .r er H Q in s . A Top Row: L. Mapes, M. Lufkin, P. Streich, F. Lavengood, M. Fein, E. Dahlgren, M. Max, E. Fronk, R. Rehwald Third Row: R. Heycla, J. Dixon, M. Ludden, B. Thomas, I. Little, I. Corlies, H. McKinley, M. Boyce Second Row: M. Rhodes, L. Stocking, J. Sontag, R. Higby, I. Bunker, R. VanHagen, E. Benner, M. L. Gissal, M. Valier Bottom Row: D. Lee, M. Owen, M. Randolph, J. Clark, B. Owen, J. Polk, S. Keefer, B. Small Business Staff Business Manager MERTON LLOYD Secretary to Business Manager LILILIAN CHRISTIANSON Ojice Manager ,IESSIE PRICE Treasurer RALPH KAMM Circulation Department Manager EILBEN WALEER Assistant Manager FRED CRAWSHAW General Assistants HELEN HOWLAND KATHERINE SGHOENEELD Sorority Sales LEOTA SWENSON Women's Dorrnitories FLORENCE WUERZBERGER Elm 1930 Badger Women's Rooming Houses ELEANORE BENNER Fraternity Sales FRANCIS HUSTING Men's Dormitories RALPH GUENTZEL Adams Hall ROBERT HEYDA Tripp Hall ROBERT HIGBY Men's Roaming Houses FRANCIS LAVENGOOD Ojice Worlgers RUTH BAKER BETTY CLARK LEE THOMPSON ISABEL LITTLE BETTY THOMAS VERGENB WOLFE MAXINE RHODES Advertising Department Manager LEE C. GULICK Assistant Manager LESLIE SMITH Foreign Advertising Manager MARGARET CARNS Local Advertising Manager TED HARTRIDGE Assistant Local Advertising ORMAND MEsLOw Advertising Assistants MAXWELL BOYCE IRMA J. CORLIES RAY EISFELT STELLA KEEFER LEO F. LODL MARGARET LUDDEN LLOYD MAPES ARTHUR MAXEY MOSES MAX ALMA OBLMILLER MARGARET RANDOLPH JEAN SONTAG ELIZABETH THOMAS MARTIN SPERO MARVIN FEIN Merchandising Service Copy and Collections Organization Departments Manager MARJORIE DROPPERS Assistants DOROTHY LEE PHILIP GREGORY MARY VALIER SANFORD LBVINGS Publicity Department JEAN POLK Purchasing Agent Senior Summaries Department Manager BERNICE ALTPETER - Assistant Manager MARY LOU GISSAL S The-Office of the IQ3O Badger N Page 311 N I f ER n'Q 1 -::" rtfffsi RR. A Miyglfd' , Q 2 . iz' eiiii MARE .,:11 ' L h" ' EUGENE S. DUEEIELD GLENN H. ARTHUR Aj .i Dba Daily Caroinal EDITORIAL STAFF Executive Editor ........ . EUGENE S. DUEEIELD Managing Editor . W. HAMPTON RANDOLPH Chief Editorial Writer . , WARREN C. PRICE News Editor . . ROY L. MATSON Wornen's Editor . . . JUDITH NINMAN Night Manager , ..., C. HJALMAR NELSON Sports Editors . . HAROLD DUEINsIcY, AARON GOTTLIEB Assistant News Editor ...,....., WILLIAM STEVEN, HERBERT TSCHUDY Desk Editors-MARJORIE DROPPERS, DAVID S. MORRISON, LEONARD C. SOHUEERT, ALLEN TENNY, CHARLES WILLISTON, EDWARD -IENISON Assistant Womens Editors .... MARIORIB HAYDEN, JEAN POLK, BERNICE TWEED Editorial Writers ........ FREDERICK A. GUTI-IEIM, SIDNEY HERTZBERG Assistant Desk Editors-I. GUNNAR BACK, FREEMAN BUTTS, JOHN DERN, DONALD ERIGRSON, ROEERT HEYDA, WILLIAM MCILLRATH, LYMAN MOORE, CASIbiIR SCHEER Society Editor ................, MARJORIE ROOsEN Theater Editor . , . ROBERT F. GODLEY Intramural Sports Editor .,............ ELMER DAHLGREN Sports Assistants-M. BERNIGE HORTON, GEORGE KRONORE, WILLIALI MGILLRATI-I, RUTH VANROO ' Special Writer ............ ...... C ARLOs QUIRINO REPOTECTSTBETTY GEHRAND, J. PARK GODPREY, LILLIAN PLOTKIN, CATHERINE WOOD, DOROTHY LAKIN, CLIFFORD SIMAK BOARD OF CONTROL Pfesidfm- - . ....., THOMAS KIRMSE ViCC'PTCSiIIlCnf . ROBERT IVIURPHY Sfcfemfy - . SALLY OWEN Tffasufff A . DAVID MONARY Member - - - ...... MARGARET ALSOP Ex'0llicio Members . . .,... EUGENE S. DUEEIELD, GLENN H. ARTHUR Faculty Advisory Board GRANT M. HYDE, Chairman, DON R. FELLOWS, J. C. GIBSON N Page 312 N A 5, I Q D gmc VI Q or TEA' M"r.?'2 I.'?EjfiQ 3 ,J at ' Q ,f A 2355 I zi, .. ,6. 'EMM -W Top Row: H. Randolph, J. Ninrnan, W. Price, D. Schmidt, R. Matson, C. H. Nelson Bottom Row: W. Steven, D. Morrison, M. Droppers, L. Schubert, A. Tenny, H. Dubinsky Abi Lobe Daily Catoinal BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . . . . GLENN H. ARTHUR Associate Business Manager . . MARVIN F. FEIN Local Advertising Manager . . WILLIAM PAYNE National Advertising Manager . . MARQUIS V. NEWELL Circulation Manager ...... GIRARD SECKER Collection Manager . .,.. ROBERT KAFTON Promotion Managers . . SIGARD TRANMAL, JEAN SONTAG Assistant Circulation Manager . . ILEENE BROUGI-I Circulation Assistants-RUTH SMITI-I, HOWARD PAUTSOH, JACK GRAETZ Advertising Assistants-MYRON REID, JERRY BERNSTEIN, JAMEs MCMULLEN, MARTIN SPERO, LEA ROSENBLATT, WALTER WONDREY, HILDA GRUENRE, ROBERT LAEMLE, EMMA LA RUE, MAURIOE PASCH, SAM SWENSON Assistant Collection Manager . . . GORDON CHAPMAN Collection Assistants-MARION WORTHING, ISAEEL OLERICH, GEORGE WBISENDONK, DAVID SEIGEI. Service Assistants . . CHARLES METZ, HILTON, SIMON Copy Service Manager . . . . . IRENE COVITZ Office Secretary . . ..... CARMEN NYGARD Ojfce Assistants-DOROTHEA ZARBBLL, BETTY BAEOOCR, ROSALIE WOLF, MARGARET FOSSE, BERNIOE GEEEERT, BAEETTE LEAVITT, MARION SWENSON, MARY SLIGI-ITAM MARGARET WILLISON M. Fein, G. Seclrer, M. Newell, R. Kafton, W. Payne 'vP:-me 313 N . am ., , . b f 1 s i -i E Him? E' ,,,, , 65 s Top Row: G. Chapman, I. P. Godfrey, J. Roberts, W. Comee, R. DeHaven, L. Schubert, T. Millist, C. Sheer, C. Metz Fifth Row: P. Dean, H. Deck, B. Leamle, G. Kroncke, L. Patterson, R. Kaftan, E. Dahlgren, A. Kuelthan Fourth Row: D. Erickson, J. Gunnarback, M. Spero, H. Nelson, M. Fein, L. Moore, M. Price, J. Seckers, A. Goldberg Third Row: E. Duffield, R. Heyda, C. Quirino, H. Tschudy, I. Dern, R. Matson, H. Dubinsky, B. Meiss, W. Payne Second Row: B. Gehrand, N. Babcock, I. Ninman, M.Todd, M.Gardener, J. Brown, B. Horton, M. Christiensen, R.Molif, I. Olbrich, I. Cowitz Bottom Row: I. McMullen,G. Arthur, L. Rosenblatt, M. Droppers, M.Joslyn. B. Marshall, M. Roosen, I. Polk, A.Tenny, M. Pasch Lobe Daily Cardinal When The Daily Cardinal is asked at the end of the year to crystalize its message to the campus, it is interesting to see whether or not by running back over the year and using direct quotations frcm various editorials, we can piece together 'a harmonious mosaic representative of our policy. Each of the following paragraphs has been a part of some editorial published during the year. In the whole these editorials expressed our complete message to you as readers of The Daily Cardinal during the 1928-29 college yearg ab- stracted and fitted together they form as nearly as may be a brief statement of our policies. "Early in their administration the editors encountered certain 'collegiate' affairs-pep rallies, overfgrown student activities, and extrafcurricular honor societies. These icons, when tapped with an inquiring finger, had a hollow ring, or at least a ring so raucous that it was incompatible with a rich tone of scholarship. The Daily Cardinal was thereupon stimulated to evaluate the college world in which it existed. "After a bit of reflection, it appeared that a university in its pristine state was s community dedicated to the impersonal pursuit of learning per se. Here was the measuring stick we were to apply to collegiate institutions, here-if you please-was our platform . . "Turning from our ideal and regarding the actual university, what did we find? We found a community that could turn out 2,000 souls for a junior prom or 4'5,ooo for a football game and couldn't even respectably H11 the Music hall auditorium when Max Eastman spoke there . . ." "Doesn't it seem preposterous that a young man enrolled in an institution dedicated to study should spend five hours of every work' ing day managing a student corporation which sometimes turns over a profit of 31,200 a month?" "When 80 men report for spring football and a playfwriting contest languished from lack of contestants . . . when a oofyard run means more than a Phi Beta-Kappa key, we suspected that the portion of athleticism has become so large that it too had soured the academic flavor of the university." 1 . Fraternity scholarship was slovenly, athletes could limp through four years under a disreputably low standard, the lnterfraternity council was more afraid of bankrupting fraternities than of devastating a freshman's early weeks with rushing-all this we found in what was supposed to be a community of learning. ' "The question of how this topsyfturviness had come about has too many ramifications to be discussed here. Partially it came about when, in this era of democratic education, masses of youths uninterested in study came to the places dedicated to study." Moreover, 'ilt is the age of practicality . 1 . 'The plain parent's concern is that his boy learn how to make a good living . . .' " "Because Wisconsin ,is a state university, it is impossible-and perhaps in the long run undesirable-to throw all the 'lovely chil 1 dren' out and reinvoke the oldftime cloister of knowledge. "The problem, then, is to shift the emphasis back where it belongs and to overhaul the 'collegiate' arrangement of values. "This The Daily Cardinal has endeavored to do by questioning everything that tended to reenforce such a standard. Every White Spades election, every Crucible selection, every Badger Ace section adds a grain to the glorification of a standard which is incompatible with a healthy university . . . "Be it understood, therefore, that what The Daily Cardinal is driving at through White Spades and Badger Aces" fmay we now add athletic eligibility, fraternities, and rahfrahismj, "and every other institution upon which we comment is the heightening of the pure intellectual level of the university community. This is our task, and, realizing that it can never be accomplished in a year or in a dCCHClC, W6 Wholefheartedly give ourselves over to it." EUGENE S. DUPFIELD. N Page 3l-l N gf' . 'Wa Top Row: C. Quirino, A. Susott, E. Thom, W. Price, O. Bast, M. Reid Bottom Row: H. Randolph, D. Lucas, F. McKusick, J. Polk, P. Carns, G. Arthur Summer Session Catoinal EDITORIAL STAFF Managing Editor ..... HAMPTON RANDOLPH Associate Editor . . .... W'.-IRREN PRICE Sports Editor .,...... ARTHUR SUSOTT Assistant Sports Editors . . EDWARD THOM, RAY BELTER Society Editor ......... JEAN POLK Feature Editors . . . WILSON OLBRICH, FRBDRIC JOOHEM Literary Editor ...... WESLEY F. PETERSON Special Writers . . . JAMES MOE, MRS. E. J. BISHOP Reporters-W. M. DAVIS, CARLOS QUIRINO, WILEER C. CRANE, DOROTHY LUCAS, FRANCES MCKUSICK, PEG CARNS BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ...... GLENN H. ARTHUR Advertising Manager . . ORVAL D. BAST Asst Advertising Manager ..., MYRON REID Ojjice Secretary ....... MYRTLE CAMPBELL ' The Summer School Cardinal is published three times a week during the summer session-Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday The paper is written, edited, and managed by and for the summer school student body. In furnishing news, entertainment, and comment it serves the University and provides a unifying influence for thousands of students from hundreds of educational institutions. It spon sors the annual Summer School Water Carnival-one of the most remembered activities of the session. Top Row: T. Kirrnse, S. Owen, R. Murphy, D. McNary Bottom Row: M. Alsop, G. Hyde, J. C. Gibson, D. R. Fellows ' NPage3l5N 7- l - , ,M-W ,A ,K Y W ,,kN,,,, QXQQ ge... ,NJ I NWN-lwxwg ,gss't:v,M vw. -,Nw Y. 5, .-,MVN -. ,V X iw is .ions A rife fi: .iss-D Airs '- N. sw's"'M"As gjtit 22" A of A .fs-A A Y tiff' - 1 fr. wwf ef.: rw 3-y X252 ff aww . ss :Wi - E K, - fs if 4 X-NES 'Q' 'wr-. wlggz Wjeff -rsrsmmfiffr . if skew Reise ZIQIQSA- gk 5533+513 ADOLPH A. HENDRIcIcsON ROLAND C. HARTMAN Country Ullagazine EDITORIALZSTAFF Editor .......... ROLAND C. HARTMAN Associate Editors . A. A. ZURBUCH, HAROLD H. CATE Home Econo-mics:Editor ..... MARY LOU GISSAL Assistant Home Economics Editor . . LOUISE TI-IOMSEN Special Feature Writers-JEANETTE STEWART, JEROME J. HENRY, HERMAN KORS Alumni Editors . . LAURA STILES, MANSEIELD LIEBELT Agric Reporters-OLAE LARSON, JOHN M, HETTS, THEO. RACCOLI Home Ec REPOVICTSTELIZABETH BIRONG, FLORENCE HINZE, EDITH GRAP, MARION COOK, HELEN BRIGGS, K. SCHERf NECRER 4fH Club Editor . SYLVIA BRUDOS Short Course Editor . CLARENCE DRAEGER BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..... ADOLPH HENDRICKSON Advertising Manager ...... FRED BRIGGSON Advertising Assistants-EVA ADAMS, DOROTHY ADGATE, REUBEN FISCHER Circulation Manager . .... C. W. NIEEAUER Circulation Assistants . VIRGINIA PORTER, ROBERT HOGAN Collection Manager ...... ROBERT ERICKSON WALKAROUND, October 2, 1928 ROLAND C. HARTMAN, General Chairman-ADOLPH HENDRICK' SON, MARY LOU GISSAL, HAROLD H. CATH, JEROME J. HENRY, SYLVIA BRUDOS HARVEST BALL, November 23, 1928 HAROLD H. CATE, General Chairman-MARY LOU GISSALI JEROME J. HENRY, EVA ADAMS, ROLAND C. HARTMAN, ADOLPH HBNDRICKSON, VRIGINIA PORTER, REUEEN FISCHER Top Row: A. A. Hendrickson, O. Larson, R. Fischer, A. A. Zurbuch, R. Hogan, R. C. Hartman, C. W. Nieber Second Row: J. M. Hers, M. Liebelt, L. Stiles, M. Cook, M. L. Gissal, F. Briggson Bottom Row: V. Porter, F. Hinze, K. Schernecker, J. Stewart, E. Graf N Page 316 N is Q W 5? MQ? 'M H32 if-iff? Wir gi-f I-MJD! XV? L.. QMNQMMW J QQLM Wf!f15Z!.f-2 awww? qwwbgsg . f . . A . 'V-' - 1 r Kffffffwir. f-- - 5 I f , , I if 21. .. rr CDM E? 1: fr r- -' 5 II 'Q' V ' 'Ng 1 Lk' .. .lgftff !11fL,,.? , I gb W lg Af ,. A' b,,,,Wm1-4, fg ff N, ', .42 'E 2, ', , NAD . :f W 62 , I f ri A rf: A . ' f VW- I J' . ' f ' y agp 455 .rj fs FREDERICK GUTHEIM DAVID SANDERS M wisconsin ilikerary magazine Organized in IQO4 Editor ........,. FREDERICK Gu-II-IEIM Editorial Staff-JANET TIETJENS, RALPH IZARD, FRANKLIN TESAR, JULIUS MILLER, DOROTHY SCHMID, WILLIAM OSGOOD Business Manager ....... DAVID SANDERS Business Staff-ROBERT Foss, GLADYS RISOIHIEN, MARION APPLEMAN, GERTRUDE ROSEN, PHYLLIS Mosrov, DOROTHY MARKS, DELLA SINYKIN Advisers . . W. R. AGARD, R. B. QUINTANA, ZONA GALE Top Row: D. Sanders, F. Gutheim, Winter, J. Miller Bottom Row: L. Cohen, G. Fischer, J. Tietjens, M. Appleman, G. Rosen NPage 317 N Et EE + gqyu p-,,,,,wMw,? QW! Jid9 tm 'C ,.., KENNETH MARSDEN GEORGE H- GOEHRIG Ai' , Dba Commerce magaznne Editor Business Manager Advertising GEORGE H. GOEHRIG LLOYD A- GESSBL JAMES A. MCMULLEN fMgr.l Faculty Advisor EDWIN F. LATTIMER Associate Editors PHIL W. RUPPERT KENNETH J. WILLIANIS Editorial Staff ANN ALINDER EDWARD J. FRONK NEWMAN T. HALVORSON JOHN G. LANGE RBUBEN T. LUELOPP R. R. AURNER, Ass't Prof. Assistant Business Manager JACK N. NAsoN Accountant CHARLES E. HOYLE Editorial Board GEO. H. GOEHRIG EDWARD MEAGHER HAROLD J. MOE Circulation LINDSBY R. BOYLE CManagerJ WILLIAE-1 V. AELISKAS Collection ALVIN H. SPEVACEK CManagerJ FENTON P. MUEHL HARRY W. NELL S d R I Top Row: H. Moe, L. Boyle, A. Alinder, E. Meagher G. Goehrig econ ow: L. Giessel, D. Hackney, A. Kuenkler, N. Halverson, A. Spevacek, K. Williams, K. Marsden, W. Arhskas Bofmm Row: H. Nell, J. Lange, F. Muehl, P. Darling, R. Luelolf, E. Lattimer, J. McMullen lv Page '3 I8 'RE .Leis EASE R D EIMS I 'f IRVING TRESSLER FRANKLIN CLARKE M 0 O Lobe wtsconstn Octopus IRVING D. TRESSLER . ..... Editor FRANKLIN CLARKE . . Business Manager EDITORIAL BOARD THEODORE HOLSTEIN ........ Associate Editor REID WINSEY ..... . . Art Editor GORDON F. SWARTHOUT HOMER STEVENSON HOLLEY J. SMITH MARCIA TODD BUSINESS STAFF Assistant Business Manager Advertising Manager Collections Manager Secretary RALPH PARKIN TED MANDBLSTARI FRANCIS MOCOVERN HELEN HANES Assistant Business Manager Circulation Manager Production Manager ELEANOR PARKINSON ORMOND MESLOW EDWARD LANGE THEODORE HARTRIDGE EDITORIAL STAFF CHARLES WILLISTON HARWIN BROWN PEG JOSLYN ADELINE LANG CARL BUSS DAVID GOLDBERG JAMES MUNRO ART STAFF JULIUS MILLER PAUL CASSIDY EDWIN SINAIKO FREDERICK AIRIS JAMES WATROUS PROE. PAUL FULCHER . . ...... Book Editor PROE. KENNETH OLSON . . . . Guiding Light BUSINESS ASSISTANTS RUTH ALBRIGHT ROY EISFELDT KATHERINE HOWARD RUTH SOHEISSER MAX SLAVIN GLADYS STEINMAN ILEENB BROUGH CHARLOTTE FLINT KATHLEEN NEEDHAM GLENN SHERMAN FRED STARR CATHERINE WOOD JEAN DROPPERS BETTY REED DAVID SANDERS MARGARITA OLSON RUTH YOUNG 'Top Row: E, Lange, F. McGovern, H. Stevenson, C. Willistolm, R. Eisfeldt, T. Hartriclge Third Row: J. Tufts, F. Stlre, Watrous, O. M:slOW, R. Rothman, D. Goldberg, H, Brown Second Row: A. Quislingi, H. Smith, M. Slavin, I., Tressler, F. Clarke, T, Holstein, T. Mandesltam, S. Steinman Bottom Row: G. Steinman, H. Hanes, C. Wood, K. Needham, J. Hintze, E, Parkinson, C. Flint Npage 319 N V- . f- . New is . A R R RN , I' '- r . J 1 '1f'Z'jQ ii,,315-Wffiiixfi. .f2'f3al1f 5 V R' ' ' . 'X sed? i- Q N. " 4 we W .5 . ? ' f. Q.- till Gln ff Rnkxskfleis ,-,RQ W. T.W1LSON R. J. Poss Top Row: S. Johnston, E. A. Wegner, J. D. Horsfall, J. H. Kulp, M. Hersh Second Row: R. S. Plotz, F. T. Matthias, G. C. Ward, W. P. Bliffert, S. K. Guth, H. E. Rex Bottom Row: J. H. Lacher, R. V. Brown, B. Teare, R. J. Turton et' Obe Wisconsin 'Engineer G. F. TRACY . . R. T. Homzwoon . F. E. VOLK . . R. S. MCCAFPBRY F. T. MATTHIAS . S. K. GUTH . . O. L. KOWALRB . G. L. LARSON . . L. F. VAN HAGAN . G. C. WARD F. T. MATTHIAS S, K. GUTH . R. S. PLOTZ . J. H. KULP. . H. E. Rex . . G. C. WARD . M.H1:RsH . . J. D. HORSFALL R. V. BROWN J. H. LACHBR . W. P. BLIFPERT W. H. TBARB E. A. WEGNBR T. H. PERRY Founded 1896 BOARD OF DIRECTORS . . . . . Chairman Electrical Engineering Department Secretary, Hydraulics Department Librarian, College of Engineering Professor of Mining and Metallurgy .......Editor . . . Business Manager,- Professor of Chemical Engineering . Professor of Steam and Gas Engineering - STAFF Professor of Civil Engineering . . . Editor Business Manager . Alumni Editor . Engineering Review Editor STAFF ASSISTANTS rv-I Page 320 N . . Campus Editor . . . Editorials . . . Editorials Local Advertising National Advertising Circulation Manager Local Circulation Mail Circulation . . Business S. L. JOHNSTON C. SCHMBDRMAN R. TURTON 'sbs wg Cf? 2?-Jie in 52' ,WW sw - '- Y '15 fa I A WY ,af iw I Q lafxi-.f--' 'g?'fEf"'f':i M' "QE 'YMW 7 'l ' :fn f ' ' Mfffir' l -rf 1 EQ I. a M 5:11-as 23153. I f EEE ff Rai VERNON CARRIER HARRY TI-IOMA 'Ciba Wisconsin ,Alumni magazine EVAN A. EVANS, '97 . . ......, President HBRMAN M. EGSTAD, '17 . General Secretary and Editor HARRY TI-IOMA, '18 . . Managing Editor, 1929 VERNON CARRIER, '27 . Managing Editor, IQ28-29 EDITH A. PRINZ . . . . . Associate Editor ANlTA KNABE . . Circulation Manager BOARD OF DIRECTORS Terms Expire jane, 1929 ' Terms Expire june, 1930 WALTER ALEXANDER, '97, Recording Secretary . Milwaukee CHARLES BYRON, 'o8. ..... , . L. F. GRABER, IO . . FRANK CORNISH '96 . ALICE GREEN HIXON '05 KARL MANN, '11 . . Terms E L. F. VAN HAGAN, '04 . xpire November, 1929 JESSIE NELSON SWANSEN, '98 . EVAN A. EVANS, 'g7. . EARL VITS, '14 . . B. E. MCCGRMICK, '04 . Madison Berkeley, Calif. Lake Forest, Ill. New York City . Madison Milwaukee . Chicago Manitowoc Madison MARY CLARK BRITTINGHAM, '89 . F. H. ELWELL, '08, Treasurer . . . LOYAL DURAND, '91, VicefPresident . . RALPH BALLIETTE, '13 ....... Terms Expire November, IQ3O A. G. BRIGGS, '85 ..,.., . H. A. BULLIS, '17 . . HARRY THOMA, '28 . . . BASIL PETERSON, '11 . . . MARIORIE MUELLBR, -'26 . Page 321 N Chicago Madison Madison Milwaukee . Antigo St. Paul Minneapolis Milwaukee Chicago Milwaukee ,Z L ff., Nb. ' -:lgiyfwxgxiwii 4,15 xf f is -V -i f 2- A Q . iw h 'x I E gi? 52552 EIL? I 2.3 AM V .. . I ., A N.. .1 E - ' 4. . -A , 1 '- I L . -ff 'I - Zi, if! gms Qivjfjvquv., 33-rw ww iw ., ik . jk! Am, IM TRW 693 A wisconsin 'law Uieview BOARD OF EDITORS H. PAGE .... FRANK T. BOESEL RAY A. BROWN CHARLES O. GREGORY PHILIP F. LAFOLLETTE W. G. RICE. JR. BOARD j. H. BEUSCHER W. WADE BOARDMAN WILLIAM S. HOOPER IRVING A. PUCHNER . EdirorffnfChIef M. B. ROSENBBRRY OLIVER S. RUNDELL JOHN B. SANEORN MALCOLM P. SHARP JOHN D. WICKHELI STUDENT EDITORS N Page 322 WARD REOTOR NORbIAN E. RISJORD WILLIAM H. Voss PHILIP WEINBERG A-V W A QM? 2? Q WWW? ,rf ' fl """ ol li LAURISTON SHARP memorial Knion The Wisconsin Union is an organization of the entire Wisconsin family. Through the agencies of the Men's Union and W. S. G. A., the Womenls Union, it attempts to furnish means for the enlargement and improvement of the social and cultural life of the University of Wisconsin student. The ideal of the Union is a fellowship of its members, all University men and women, wherein they may meet and mingle together with mutual interest and goodwill, intellectual and emotional tolerance, and cultured conduct. To aid in the achievement of this ideal the University of Wisconsin, past and present, has given to the University of the future a home for its everyday life-the Memorial Union. The doors of this house were opened in the fall of nineteen twentyfeight, after a quarter of a century of planning and organizing. The activity of the Union, the use of its house during the past year, have meant much to Wisconsin life. But it is the hope of all interested in the ideals for which the Union stands that this organization and this structure, through the years to come, may quickly overcome initial difficulties, and may increase their services many fold in bringing to successive gener' ations of Wisconsin men and women a greater sense of fellowship, a larger cultural interest, and the comforts of a pleasant home. W LAURISTON SHARP, F'res1'dent. N Page 323 N . eti .li ia-. f c kill s? l 7 Ai1:'- l :.,, - Av,:..,., g I Top Row: N. Halverson, T. Otjen, C. L. Jamison. C. Johnson, H. M. Egstad, D. Halverson, L. Sharp Bottom Row: P. Butts, H. C. Bradley, S. Owen, J. Bull, S. Davis, T. Thelander, E. Cole Ebe Knion Council The Union Council, composed of the representatives of the alumni and the faculty and the representaf tives of the governing organizations of the men students and the women students, began to function early in May in its executive capacity as the directing agency of the Wisconsin Union. With the opening of the Mef morial Union Building in September, the Council's work began in the determination of policies to be followed in the development of the buildings activities and in the conceiving of means whereby the building could be made most attractive and beneficial to the members of the Union. This Council, dominated as it is by students and aided by the friendly guidance of alumni and faculty, is a great advancement in the function of student control, and the placing of the responsibility for the success of the Union upon the shoulders of this capable group has met with commendable results. ORGANIZATION OF TI-IE WISCONSIN UNION wscowsnv on U 0 PRESIDENT BUSINESS MANAGER or THE um vezsurv FACULTY ALUIVIN I OF THE uwvezs TY MEMBERS MEMBERS UNION COUNCIL 3 fy! W + IVIEN5 UNION W SGA. 1 ALI. MEN ALI. WOMEN STUDENTS STUDENTS UNION BOARD VIISGA COUNCIL A55 I STI NG STAFF I I I I I I I I I .J I I Iuoustl Icommousl Iinfsaenavl Ieanvumfl Isrumol Imufmfasl Imoemml Ijfffgl L,-jp House COMMITTEES ' I '- g 1 ' , ' N Rage 324- N K' C2 ' was wrfwf- '-f1:ws."'f'v .tam M., L.. ., ,,..... .. m,,.,,,,.,W.W.. ,.,f ,,,, ., ...W . . ir ' 4 X E - r as m J., 3, , fl p tg 1 sa- rwwl fwrfwf 'Sw' 4" 2. A Q sg gy :fam -gs., 5. ,L Q-wiv.: . f ta Wifi tres e fw s ...M sm, ,,. ,,,s..,fst,'w.s' waits -a.m,y .w s,af,,m.aM 45411554 Top Row: T. Otjen, F. Willard, W. Jensen, J. Sperling, R. Calkins, T. Thelander, W. Momsen Bottom Row: L. Bushnell, N. Halverson, E. Cole, J. Hanks, G. Burridge, E. Fronk, L. Sharp Ebe 5ZZen's Knion Board The Union Board, as the board of directors of the Wisconsin Men's Union, continued to promote the social and the cultural activities of value to students and to cofoperate with other university enterprises where it could render a service. With the facilities of the new Union Building at its disposal, the Men's Union reached a turning pomt in its career in that the obligations that it has assumed in its capacity of rendering service to the whole student body have increased. This year, as never before, has the Men's Union Board been able to offer more of a social and cultural nature to the student body, and it has successfully carried out its obligations of service. The Assisting Staff and Candidates To the junior and senior members of the Assisting Staff must go a great amount of credit for their able support and cofoperation in the carrying on of Union activities. Their work in making the Rathskeller popular and attractive and their efforts in helping to carry on the work of the Board have been invaluable. The fifty sophomore members of the group of candidates for the Assisting Staff worked tirelessly through- out the year in doing the general work of the Union, and showed an active interest in promoting the activities of the Wisconsin Men's Union. ' Assisting Staff Top Row: C. Schmedeman, H. Rasche, W. Hawkins, C. Silcott, K. Port Bottom Row: J. Dixon, S. Krueger, W. Campbell, T. Holstein, J. Burham N Page 325 N Candidates for Assisting Staj: Band Trips As in the past two or three years, the Board assisted in financing band trips with the football team by the loaning of funds early in the season and the collection of money for that purpose by a bucket brigade at the Chicago game. Concerts One of the Boards most important activities is the interesting of students in fine music. This year the concert series listed the following group of artists: Tito Schipa, Paul Kochanski, Dusolina Giannini, and the Chicago Little Symphony. I Dances T Dances have been held regularly in the Union Building by the Board every Saturday evening and occaf sionally on Friday evenings. These dances have become very popular and the Board has seen fit to hold such novelty dances as the Bungle Bavvl, The Dixie Dango, and the Hifjack dance. Freshman Work The Work of the-Board among Freshmen consisted in the aidmg in the organization of the personnel of student advisors for orientation week, the holding of a freshman smoker in the Rathskeller, and the sponsoring of a freshman mnrer in the Great Hall of the Union. Extensive plans are being made for greater service along this line for the coming year. The Board cofoperated with the other University organizations in staging Varsity Welcome and in prof moting the Wearing of the green Frosh caps. Union Dance N Page-32,6 N W. S. G. A. BOARD MEMBERS E IE I Top Row: Sally Owen, Marian Horr, Olive Smith, Katherine Keebler, Theoclora Wiesner, Helen Keeler Bottom Row: Jane Bull, Marjorie Hayden, Janet M. Smith, Sallie Davis, Margaret Fink livomerfs Self Government 'lssociation COUNCIL SALLIE DAVIS . . President MARGERY HAYDEN . Publicity Chairman HELEN KEELER . VicefPresident THEODORA WIEsNER . Elections Chairman MARGARET PINK. . . . Secretary JANE BULL . . . Blue Dragon President MARIAN HORR . . . . Treasurer MARIE ORTH. . Yellow Tassel President JANET M. SMITH . . Census Chairman ISABBL MCGOVERN . . . . Red Gauntlet President KATHERINE KEBBLER . . judicial Chairman DOROTHY FULLER , , . Green Button President OLIVE SMITH . . .... District Chairman SALLY OWEN .... Memberfatflarge of Union Council LEE FAIRCHILD BACON . . . . Executive Secretary The WOmen's Self Government Association is an organization including every undergraduate woman. It functions through a council composed Of its Oihcers, chairmen of standing committees and class society presidents and through a board of representatives from every house on the campus Of more than three girls. W. S. G. A. promotes all worthwhile women's activities, especially those of the most general interest which are not fostered by other organizations as Freshman ,Week Activities, Varsity Welcome, Mother's WeekEnd, Father's Week End. It correlates with the Men's Union through the Wisconsin Union Council, the three Women members Of which are W. S. G. A. representatives. It attempts to maintain a high standard of social life and of social Values On the campus. LILLIAN HORVATH JANE BULL JEAN VAN HAGAN MARIAN BAILEY JANE HINTZE MARJORIE BEALS IRMA CORLISS TILLIE HOLZMAN GERTRUDE HELM IDA BALHE ALICE ROEESON GRACE KENT ELIZABETH PAINE JEAN WILKINSON DORIS WEIEENSEL MILDRED DRBSBN MYRTLE SMITH GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS MILDRED ZWEIEEL HELEN GINSBURG GLADYS STEINMAN JEANBTTE TERRILL VIOLA VIETMEYER JOSEPHINE BROWN MARIAN HORR GLADYS FISCHER DOROTHY EVANS MARGARET MODIE INA TESAR ISABELLE WEED HELEN STBINBACHER RUTH HUNT ELIZABETH PAUL LUCILLE BUssE ELEANOR KILBOURN FRANCES KLUNR ALICE SPRAGUE IRENE FLADER MARGARET BANCROET LOHNA KEHR FLORENCE COE LOIS MILLS VIRGINIA HBIM HELEN GITCHELL BETTY MATHEWSON ELSIE OHLSON VIRGINIA FONTAINE EDITH GERRY FLORENCE DINGAD VIRGINIA SHAVER KATHERINE BERGSTRESSER MARGARET CAsTERLINE Page 327 VERA LACREY EDYTHB HASLBR DOROTHY SMITH GERTRUDE MAURER RUTH OHMAN FBLICIA WHITE LUCILLE VERHULST GENBVIBVE DVORAR PEG CARNS LOUISE ZINN JANE FIZETTE VALERY VANEVENHOVEN LENORA WEEEER THEODORA WIESNER ELIZABETH SELLERS ISABELLE DODD VIRGINIA PECR ALICE BOLTON BERNIGE OLSON EVELYN SPINDLER MIDA QUINLAN MILDRED WILSON DOROTHY DUMNE MARIAN JOHNSON JOYCE CODY BILL LUNDY GERTRUDE THEL EVELYN NELSON JOE SCHWEIGER NBLL DE FORD G. HUMPHREY ANITA TIMMERMAN VERONA HARDY KATHERINE RHODES MAEEL RYNKE BETH YOUNG DOROTHY DUNN ALICE SWEENEY RUTH BRADY MYRTLE SMITH ARLINE MORGAN EVELYN DEHERGE MILDRED WILSON 'DOROTHY SHATTUOK JANE PATCHEN MARGARET HUMPHREY JEANEIVIE LETT LEILA BUDD MILDRED VETHE ADELE WALLIER MARGELLA STEEL -l Dramalics ,1 2 ' if O iv A R P A :., 1 L.. .,QA I , "px - ' JV ' Q" EI, R. -I if X ,F - ,A AA.: I A f-1- ' - f gw-Eff. -rI-f - P .,xA,,, I3 M. PALMER C. CROWNHART R. DALENEERO M wisconsin Kniverslty 13 layers OFFICERS C. H. CROWNHART, JR. ....... . . President JOSEPH RICHTER . . . VicefPresidenI: RAMONA DALENBERG . . . Secretary MARION A. PALMER ........... . Treasurer GEORGE ADAM FRITZ AIKIS JOSEPHINE ALEXANDER BETTY BALDWIN L. G. BRIGGS ARMELLA BERSOH MARTHA CARSON CHARLES CROWNHART FRANKLIN CLARKE LAWRENCE DAVIS OTTO EY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EVELYN FELDMAN KEN FINDLBY GEN FLOREZ ERWIN FORD STEPHEN FREEMAN MARION FRITZ MARCUS FORD CORNELIA FLIETH GEORGE GOEHRIG KATHLEEN GRAYEILL MOLNAR GYULA DOROTHY HOLT THEODORA JAX VAN JOHNSON RUTH KELLOGG ROBERT LBAHY JEAN MAI-HISON ROBERT MURPHY MAXINE MOORMAN FRANCIS O'CONNOR GRANT OTIS SALLY OWEN MARION PALMER J. RICHTBR RALPH PARKIN ROBERT PRATT CHARLES REHWALD JOSEPH RICHTBR GEORGE SCHLOTTHAUBR HERBERT SCHWANN PERRY THOMAS LAWRENCE TICE DONALD VARIAN DON WILLIAMSON LESTER WHITNEY The Devil'S Disciple N Page 330 N W .. L, I3 K, 1 ya -A 1 Y W ,Q W, EQ, Cv Q' - I f gww W MEEEYWR M fig .. ..,f Q -:-. f-., , Qiw A923259 A QQAZEZZQ WTQA A 1220 EM' EMEA wg? R PRATT G. ADAM D HOLT Wisconsin Kniversily flllayers fllrobuclion Staff Production Managers Stage Manager . . Costumes Managers Property Managers Makefup. . . Scenic Artist . Electrician . . Publicity Directors . Staff Managers . Budget Director . Cradle Song Page 331 SBLDEN CLARK KERMIT KAMM L. G. BRIGGS STEPHEN FREEMAN DOROTHY HOLT SALLY OWEN MARION PALMER HAZBL SEIEERT JOE RICHTBR RICHARD RHODE L. G. BRIGGS ROBERT PRATT GEORGE SGHLOTTHAUER GENARO FLOREE ROBERT PRATT DOROTHY HOLT ROBERT PRATT 'I National Collegiate T13 layers Honorary Dramatic Fraternity ' To affiliate closely the college groups which are working for the betterment of the drama in their Own institution and so in America. To stand as a national college unit in all nationfwide dramatic movements. TO raise dramatic taste and standardsg and to further dramatic activity in the community. DONALD BILENNAN CHARLES CROWNHART BERNADINE FLYNN PORTER Burrs GEORGE CROWNHART GLADYS BORCHERS GERTEUDE JOHNSON OFFICERS CHARLES CROXVNHART . . . . President JOSEPH RIOHTER . . . Secretaryffreasurer WILLIAM C. TROUTMAN . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS ACTIVE DOROTHY HOLL MARION A. PALMER FRANCIS O'CoNNOR JOSEPH RIOHTER ASSOCIATE MILDRED ENGLEE AGATHA MCCAFFEIIY FACULTY LOUIS MALLORY HAROLD MOCARI-Y LAWRENCE MENDENHALL iii C - l N Page 332 N ETHEL ROCKWELI. WM. C. TROUTMAN WILLIAM SCI'-IROBDER PERRY THOMAs HBRMAN WIRKA WILLIAM PUILNELL SYDNEY R. THORSON A. T. WEAXVER R. W. WEST Q is W ' A 'M My ifb :zi The Importance of Being Earnest Elm Kniversity Tvbeatre Dedicated May 18, IQ27 WILLIAM C. TROUTMAN . . . . Director PERRY M. THOMAS .... Business Manager ROBERT B. MURPHY .... Comptroller MARY RODEN, CAROLYN LOUNSBERRY, ARNO MEYBRS ..... Ofice Assistants Cradle Song -1 Page 333 N r., rr 1 is iaas t so A, :,, , 5 gf- ,g 1 ,v aio ,i , gh gglifi,Q2'Q cg? Qvggggsg msg, V50 Av ? u iiwg ..f" " ' N' g,.,Mri.agvsQa,,.+s9?s4igf G mga! ila2Q,,ef.?3 5' any .'f'4 F , ..-' At the End of the First Act Tlfares foot ITH ever present verve and brilliancy, the peppy Haresfoot girls,and its artistic and beautiful scenery, the Haresfoot Club of theUniversity of Wisconsin in its thirtyfflrst annual production played to capacity houses in the theaters of thirteen middle' western cities. The story, "Hijack," centers around a valuable painting owned by Rollo Quail, an art collector, the theft and recovery of the painting with the atmosphere given by "Red" Powell's night club made the show the best in the history of the club. 'LHijack" was written by Bob De Haven, ,29, with music by Jack Mason and lyrics by Bill Purnell, Bob De Haven, and Jack Mason. What with its clever dancing, brilliant comedy, and the best score in years, the show was acclaimed by critics throughout the middlefwest the finest in the current college shows. Dave Willock, '31, Bob De Haven, '19, and Lester Shuck, '29, played the roles of three tough guysg David Sachs, '30, depicted a gang leaderg while "Red" Powell, a cafe owner, was played by Edward Roemer, '31, Roy Goodlad, grad, took the comedy role of Gus the waiter, while Franklin Prinz, '30, played the part of Dreamy, a singer. Other members of the cast were Ralph Smith, '29, a reporter, Vernon Hamel, '29, an enticing night club hostess, Francis O'Connor, '29, as Dugan the detective, Marcus Ford, '39, as a lawyer, Walter Richter, '2Q, as Rollo Quail, Donald Varian, 531, his sister, and James Curtis, '31, as his daughter. Returning to its usual program of playing during spring vacation, the club gave its first performance on the ninth of April in Oshkosh. The other towns in its itinerary consisted of Menasha, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Chicago, St. Louis, Peoria, Rockford, and Janesville. Six shows were given in Madison on the week ends of April 26 and 27 and May 3 and 4. William Schroeder was again business manager, Gordon Derber, publicity director, Marvin Fein program manager, and joe Richter and Orrin Evans stage managers. William H. Purnell again directed the show. With the unusual plot, ingenious dancing, and wonderful music, "Hijack" was especially fit for a college musical comedy. With unusually effective settings designed by Molnar Guyla and jack Meyers, and with gorgeous and colorful costumes forming an attractive and picturesque background for a fast-moving plot, "Hijack" again brought the Haresfoot Club fame as a college musical comedy organization. With thirtyfone years of record making history behind them, Haresfoot can well be proud of its accomplishments and point to its motto: "All our girls are men, Yet every one's a lady." I VERNON HAMBL N Page 334 N il f 1 . f . E Qi s f V. HAMBL V. HAMEL R. SPRING Tlfaresfoot Club "HifJack!" a rip roaring musical comedy revolving about Chicago's gangland, was presented this year as the thirtyfhrst annual production of the Haresfoot Club. Capacity houses all along the tour of thirteen midfwestern cities greeted Wisconsin's famous impersonators of femininity, and the club enjoyed one of the most successful road trips in its history, capped by a brilliant lastfstand Madison triumph. Gangsters, hifjackers, detectives, and especiallly the "ladies" for which Haresfoot is unexcelled, in collegiate musical comedy, all played important parts in the gangland opus written by Robert De Haven, '19, and produced by William H. Purnell, director of the Haresfoot club. With the opening of the plot in the "Bloodfshed", a gangster hangout, the action of the story roves rapidly through a maize of underworld activities to end in the ultra fashionable home of a Lake Forest capitalist. The theft of a famous picture, the blundering of a detective in its discovery, and the love story of a cub reporter with a night club hostess are all interwoven in a fast moving plot. Fourteen characters, the largest in the history of the club, had places in "HifJackl" Vernon Hamel as Maisie, a night club hostess, James Curltis, as Gladys Quail, a daughter of a fashionable artffancier, and Donald Varian, as Lydia Quail, her sister, headed the feminine character ists. Franklin Prinz, as Dreamy, a table singer and night club entertainer, Ralph Smith, as the cub reporter, Roy Goodlad as Gus, a waiter, and Francis O'Connor, as Mike Dugan, a detective, led the male characters. David Sachs as Derby Dobbs, a gang leader, Edward Roemer as Red Powell, cafe owner, Marcus Ford, Jr., as Herbert Page, a lawyer, and Walter Richter as Rollo Quail, an art collector, all had important character, parts. David Willock, Robert De Haven, and Lester Schuck played the parts of three gangsters. Beautiful settings and scenes previously unrivaled in Haresfoot or any collegiate dramatic production were provided as a back' ground for chorines and choristers bedecked in the most brilliant and beautiful costumes obtainable. Jack Mason, president of this year's Haresfoot club, was the author of the music for "HifJack!" and Mason, Purnell and De Haven collaborated in the writing of the lyrics for the show. An orchestra composed of twenty musicians playing both brass and string instruments provided the music under the direction of Al Butler. Archie D. Scott was again the dance director of the Haresfoot choruses. William T. Schroeder, '28, was business manager, Gordon Derber, '28, publicity director, Marvin Fein, '29, program editor, and Joe Richter and Orrin Evans stage managers for "HifIack!" Cities included on the trip were Oshkosh, Menasha, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Chicago, St. Louis, Peoria, Rockford, Madison, and Janesville. 1 '5 . fgey-7 wk, .. 5, ,.'.- ,.., ,.,,,,,.,,N,.,,.,,,K?7Q.. , ..., ...- . . . 4 f - 1-. .. . f , 1 ,Q , ,,tfiw .,M, -- -i ,,,f.:i,.-.,ia,,wMf-Q,me,ly f- , M a ' ' l 1 -M 'wi qasvw ' 'Q ill ' ' Q Q , . ' " ' A Lis . ., ,, ., X '.,:e'.a:- View ,ill-.gig 15 ff sri ,:g,g.f5., , 31.::'.1s,-fs::p,2, I - ,- aaa, K. ,. 'ffl Bai a it U' -- I f M Fwy? ,K P ,, , , X , 'jpwff , .i , , is fy. .1 s . w ,sim ,Q-,Q?Q??46fiff2 ,. ,, . t V - i ,. ,,,y ..-ni-' :ox5?"? dis, .games-19.4.5 4, 1 . ii.-,:,s,a.W , sae: ., .1 :nz .1 1:5 ,X-fLe:,fz'-,QW : V:-if . if-?5eV2','f'-'ri' f. - - as fri.. ' L' " Y--7 2 . Ti ,cy 715,-g4g:,v1., .f.p::t?4,,5:5,:',f',545 ,fpj jf gif! ' NS' '7f.,e,g.G',':f-1: Wx I h '- .K yy 3ff'E-mg., -1, .,:i6:aCew,, '-4' .. vfgmf-it - W- .f'f2'Q5Vy,2f:.Q3 " ' - I X .te lg?Yf"3ff'rf.fw'ie V " 4:-,,Q1..f ,11s'W a42z1rf3ivf:, ff-YSQQG4 ' V ' " i Nz'-5222235 i g, x33-aff . - 'f J? .. Q. -P if ,- 1: i s-.KQV ,t .,.,., 5f1,,.f gfffmgg-at WAV, wx,m-s,Mf25.Wf .w.-f- .sw ,,..,.,1 eh' it ff ff - v- i , .1 fi fm: V- 2 w me'-if c i ,,-:iff is -ia:-V,f.f..,-Kew:Zrfaivga-aria. ,few 1- ,- , X fr V ir , 1. . tt 'a f i f -g. ' - bf -it '?'w:. :f,W',,e 2 , i ,i .wt .a,.,,,. ., , ,vp ,v V A, . , ,,,, ,Agfa ,, Arg uf , gy In , ,N .W ,g, ,,.,,.,: "A v - y f ' ' "T 5. M sf A , 55 ,, 4 ,V ,I , , , ,,.,. ,. M . . , ,i?,?5,, i,v,,,,, A p A A ,2!,5,j," A we is , ' , 6 ww ,Ne fs -I ' ffl' if, iw-1 X. .A " , ' ' Q s. H F If-f".f '."' 5 ..,:: VJDQS. ' -.ffl lm' ll , .1 313-,:sf.fag, Y? ,, iifmh , ,, .5-.i, , Y ' xl ' 4' gala as riff. wb' 'z ,X M y 4 4 J A f ', My , A ff ,, ,yi 4,3 f ,vw as ,312 glxggp' 1 f Y ,NSW 4 I Q i 1 46 F N gre U , f me sw ,ff M ,fate 5 X. ,if 1 , If 0, if ,f argl: 4,4 , mf! f g, aww 5 lfffffiff fx iglfffifs ew' if ff l, 1 'i f " 1 A 1 Lew Q 4 ' , f , Q , ,Q , K t M 1 gf A gg 2 pkg l 4 a ,am iii, ,Xa ,, .,, 3 ,AZ 3 1, F494 .E i i riff. W f 4 .si-, .M Ma, . , ,m.5'. .5 ,. . a, 1 2 ww ' s gs i ',:,,i - ,Av f -:s:-:g.,.N-:i1'....:- "M frs-.' 'vfr -f 'V P6 4 M. - af, A .2-.gawi Q 4' W 'EW 1' . ftfif? P W f , .fa 1,...: ' ' 1' tis- , H tv 45351 X ':f 33:55-"-. . 443921-L.. ':w: 3-zfsisff ia afsit.: af 14? ax gi mwae ., gpg! ,xy iv - ' 2 ', 'M ' if, , gf ffz f .. ., .sf M . '- - ,ze . ff 5 at 3332 i gl if , r , ,Y 1 l x vi I its 4 4,-, fi ,ia if , 3.52131 .521 iii 'f, EM, fl' s f iii, x , 7 . ,, , -- . G. .... . . . . .feats .- + a JAMES Cuaris N Page 335 N Silk ggi? +R Top Row: S. Kahn, W. Schroeder, I. Fender, G. Derber, C. Sehrofer, J. Mason, F. O'COnnor, J. Lucas Third Row: A. Paustian, R. Smith, C. Pearson, D. Sachs, F. Prinz, M. Fein, R. Wagner Second Row: J. Mackin, A. O'Brien, G. Perisho, J. Blatecky, C. Ellickson, G. Lincoln, V. Hauprich, D. Matthews Bottom Row: W. Thompson, W. Richter, S. Colehour, N. Hindin, R. Goocllad, H. Hamlin Taba Tlfaresfoot Club JACK MASON . . . FRANCIS J. OSCONNOR FRANKLIN W. PRINZ ROY GOODLAD. . . GORDON DERDER . . WILLIAM SOHROEDER . W. H. PURNELL . . Organized in April, 1898 OFFICERS . . . President . Viccfllresidenr . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer Keeper of the Haresfooz . Business Manager . . . Director MEMBER IN FACULTY PROE. JAMES F. A. PYRE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES JOHN MAORIN ROY GOODLAD WILLIAM SCHROEDER CLASS OF 1929 JOSEPH BLATEORY CURTIS ELLIORSON G. L. LINcOLN CHARLES CREWE KARL EMANUBL JACK MASON GORDON DERBER MARVIN FEIN ANTHONY OSBRIBN EUGENE DUPPIELD IRA FENDER FRANCIS OJCONNOR KEREERT B. EARLE HERBERT HAMLIN ALBERT PAUSTIAN OSCAR ELRINS SOL KAHN GORDON PERISHO JOHN LEIOH CLASS OF 1930 FRANKLIN PRINZ HERBERT HALSTEAD JOE LUCAS BRYANT GALE NATHAN HINDIN CARL PBARSON CLASS OF 1931 PHILIP COLEHOUR JAMES CURTIS VICTOR HAUPRIOR W. T. SCHROEDER W. H. PURNELL J. MASON N Page 336 N HAMPTON RANDOLPH WALTER RICHTER CHARLES SOHROEER RALPH SMITH WENZEL THOMPSON RALPH WAC-NER DAVID SACHS HOWARD SUBY DONALD MATTHEWS Uieligious QQ? OQXTA Q X957 EM 'Ra if Top Row: Findlay, Thelander, Korbel, Belter Bottom Row: Rogers, Lange, Hibbard, Fronk, Christian R oung Uflerfs Christian :Association CABINET OFFICERS AND MEMBERS THEODORE A. THELANDER .... KENNETH N. FINDLEY. . WALTER C. ROGERS . . EDWIN A. CHRISTIAN . . . ROY A. BELTER . . JOHN LANGE , , . WILLIAM P. STEVEN EDWARD J. FRONK . WALTER C. ROGERS ALFRED KORBEI, . . . . . . . President . VicefPresident . . Secretary . . . Social . . Infirmary . ...... Foreign Students . , . . . . Public information . Co-Chairman University Religious Conference 37. 522. C. lkljfmployeo Officers JOHN G. FOwLIcEs ...,... Education Dept., Chairman Board of Directors C. V. HIBBARD . , . R. L. SCHUMPERT . JOHN GILLIN . . CofCliairrnan University Christmas Festival . . Association Hall House President . . . . . . General Secretary . . . . . . . . . . Secretary Secretary to Foreign Students Cpart timej TED SCHULTZ .... Secretary to Sl-iort Course Students Cpart time? T. THELANDER C, V, HIBBARD 'vbpage 3 3 8 Au Erma +R QE Top Row: Schumpert, Schultz Bottom Row: Gillin, Hibbard, Fowlkes young ffllerfs Christian lssociation Iiclivities Over forty years the Student Association has been engaged in continuous service on the Wisconsin Campus. During this time campus life and conditions have undergone many changes creating new needs and demands of the Association. The present officers of the Association have attempted to meet these new needs and demands, they have sought to do this not by organizing new groups and committees, but by working in and through the existing campus bodies. Activities include such things as Freshman Banquet and Discussions, short and immediate loans to worthy students, personal interviews and counselling, employment aid for working students, activities for and with students from other countries, activities for and with Short Course students, iniirmary visitations, Freshmen Convocations Ctaken over by class in Januaryb, Round Table discussions, Christmas Festival, and University Religious Conference. r :Association Hffall One hundred and thirtyfeight men make this their home while attending the University. The group is a selffgoverning body. The House Court deals with the common problems of the group. HOUSE OFFICERS ALFRED KORBBL . . . President EMU. FRONK . . Vice-President RONALD EDGERTON . . Secretary EUGENE PETERSON . . . Treasurer EMILFRONK . . Social Chairman GEORGE KNUTH . . . Fire Chief A. KORBBL N Page 339 N rage at Top Row: Rev. Haentzschel, M. Heck, E. Schoenfeld, E. Winter Second Row: F. Treskow, T. Kammholz, E, Stolper, R. Molzahn, R. Lueloff Bottom Row: E. Haentzschel, G. Mueller, I. Wollaeger, B. Quandt Calvary 'iutbetan Sluoenl Council OFFICERS FRANK Tnnsicow . . .... . . President REUBBN LUELOFF . . VicefPresident IRENE WOLLAEGER . . . Secretary ERWIN WINTBRS . . . Treasurer MARCBLLUS HECK . . . . . . . Membership BBRNICB QUANDT ........ Girls' Club EDITH HABNTZSCHEL, 'THEOPI-IIL KAMMHOLZ . Publicity ROLAND MOLZAI-IN ...... . . . Program GERTRUDE MUELLBR, ANGELINE BLASB . Entertainment ELBANOR STOLPBR ...... . Social Chairman BILL SBBMAN, EDWIN SCHOENPELD . . . Ushers The Lutheran Synods of Missouri and Wisconsin, which have a membership of nearly two hundred thousand in the state, foster Calvary Church for the spiritual care of their students at the University. Cal' vary's history began with a service held, by the present pastor, on the first Sunday of the fall semester of 1920, in the hall now occupied by Hillel Foundation. This hall served as a center for five years, and Esther Vilas Hall of the Y. W. C. A. for a further year. Meanwhile, funds were collected in the congregations of the state, the old Murray property on State Street was bought, and the church was built. It was dedicated in September 1926. Calvary is primarily a student church, for While it has also a resident membership, its affairs are controlled by the Student Council of fifteen members who are annually elected by the Whole group. 'N' Page3340 N DEPARTMENTS Sfm t? C it i Top Row: L. Fish, K. Wegner, L. Trowbridge, W. Harrington, J. Reid, A. Krussell, H. Nichol Second Row: R. Paton, E. Blakely, J. Beran, E. Ford, B. Constance, M. Withey Bottom Row: D. Draper, O. Campbell, E. Frank, G. Metzel, E. Hodges, E. Trowbridge, L. Draper Ebe Wesley Tfounoation Through the Wesley Foundation Of Wisconsin, the Methodist Episcopal Church provides Opportunities for worship, religious education, and Christian fellowship, especially for Methodist students. Its program is formulated and promoted by the students functioning through the Wesley Foundation Student Association. Alumni LEONARD FISH Athletics HARRY NIOHOL Cost Supper PAUL COOPER ESTHER FRANK Bashford Club DONALD WILCOX OFFICERS JAMES REID . . .... . . . President MARION WITHEY . . VicefPresident DOROTHY DRAEER . . Secretary BRADFORD CONSTANCE ...... . Treasurer THE STAFF REV. ARLIE H. KRUSSELL ...,. .... GEORGE V. METZEL . Devotional ARNO MYERS Extension DONALD WILCOX Fellowship ORA CAMPBELL LUOILE DRAPER International HOON Koo LEE AUXILIARY O Choir ELIZABETH QUADE Membership EDWIN FORD ERMINA BLAKELY Music RUBY PATON EVBLYN HODGES Publicity LEROY TROWERIDGE KIRK BATES RGANIZATIONS N Page334-l N Director . Q ...... Associate Director Religious Education KENNETH WEGNER Social JOHN BERAN EVELYN TROWBRIDGE Social Service ETHEL TRENARY Wmld Service WELLS HARRINGTON Wesley Players LENORE STOLEN Top Row: J. Klotsche, O. Meslow, M. Wittenberg, L. Lavold, J. Goetz, D. Krause, C. Jorgensen Second Row: W. Knope, E. Anderson, R. Wuerzberger, G. Bratlie, A. J. Soldan, N. Gaulke Bottom Row: C. Meyer, I. Koegel, H. Daehn, M. Hurth, F. Wuerzberger Members not on picture-R. Manley, H. Druschke, F, Thorstensen, G. Wittenberg. 'ilulber memorial Stuoenl Cabinet CHESTER JORGFNSEN ........ . . President DANIEL KRAUSB . . VicefPresident NORA GAULKE . . . Secretary JOHN Goan . . Treasurer A. J. SOLDAN, D.D. . . Pastor The Luther Memorial Student Cabinet is the governing body of the Luther Memorial Student Associaf tion, composed of Lutheran students on the campus. The cabinet cofoperates with the pastor in bringing the Lutheran students into closer touch with the church and with each other. v Page 342 fv - -' f - - VT , ww- f , -W, , , . -I .,.,.. . ""47eKr"Ww 'Retief' 'et , I , , . riii i ft Elm i . . 'Top Row: M. Feldman, M. Spero, S. Kahn, M. Levine, Sinaiko Second Row: S. Brodsky, A. Polaclaeck, H. Miller, M. Pasch Bottom Row: B. Kasdin, B. Hirschield, Rabbi S. Landman, D. Sinykin, F. Bauer Elyse 55'nai 55'riIl7 Tffillel Tfounoakion A Jewish Organization for the promotion of religious, educational, and sozial activit students at the University. ALLAN POLACI-IECR SOL J. KAI-IN . . MARTIN R. SPERO ReligiousfEducational Committee Social Welfare Committee . . Social Committee . . Hillel Players . Publicity Committee . Athletic Committee . OFFI CERS DIRECTOR . . . President . VicefPresident Secretaryffreasurer MAX FBLDMAN, Chairman MAURICE LEVINE, VicefChai-rmari MARTIN R. SPERO, Chairman DELLA SINYRIN, VicefChairman SIDNEY BRODSKY, Chairman FANNIE BAUER, VicefCl-iairman MAuRIcE PASCH, Chairman BEATRICE HIRSCHFIELD, VicefChairman SOL J. KAI-IN, Chairman MEYER FRANK, VicefChairman IEROME SINAIKO, Chairman HARRY MILLER, VicefChairman RABBT SOLOMAN LANDMAN v Page 34351 ies among the ' are, , ar ie . LA' 33 tr 23 VD . fl- ..,. Top Row: H. L. Miller, S. Tax, M. Max, R, F. Meyer, B. Nudelman, S. Davison, A. Alk Bottom Row: M. Goldsmith, E. Iushewitz, B. Kasdin, L. Grossman, M. Wax, D. S. Mazur :Axvulaab Organized at American Student Zionist Federation, 1918. Purpose: To develop the Jewish academic youth for service and leadership in the Zionist Movement. OFFICERS MAX WAX . . . . President ABE ALK . . . . , Secretary LENA GRQSSMAN , VicefPreSident DAVID MAZUR . . Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 DAVID RABINOWITZ MAX WAX CLASS OF 1930 AEE ALR LEE CROSSMAN ELISI-IEVA IUSHEWITZ BEATRIOE KASDIN SOL DAvIsON DAVID S. MAZUR CLASS OF 1931 MOSES MAX HERMAN L. MILLER HAROLD SPITZER SOL TAX RALPH F. MEYER BEN NUDELMAN MORRIS N. WOLKOMIK CLASS OF 1932 BEN ALR MAX E. GOLDSMITH MINNIE MIcHAELsON FRED PLOUS SAM ALR AARON TLETLEEAUM Newman Club Purpose: TO promote the social life of Saint Paul's University Chapel by enabling students to meet in a social group. The Newman Club, named in honor of the great convert, author, and churchman, John Henry Newman, OxfOrd's most distin- guished alumnus, Offers social entertainment to the students who attend Saint Paul's University Chapel. Its membership is composed of all the Catholic students in the University. In 1906, Father H. C. Hengell was appointed its Erst spiritual director, the first fullftime Catholic chaplain in the United States at a state or secular university. He is still rector of Saint Paul's Chapel. OFFICERS JAMES TIMBERS . . . . . , President ARDYTH CONOHAN . . . Secretary CATHERINE DAVLIN ...... . Vice-President DAN MEYERS ....,. . . Treasurer DIRECTORS JAMES TIMBBRS, MARGARET TRAINOR. . . Senior EDWARD VIDAS, ELNORA SCANNELL . . . Sophomore HENRY SCHOEN, MILDRED WILSON .,.., junior ARTHUR COUGI-ILIN, VERNE KOVAOI-I .... Freshman l Top Row: Henry Schoen, james Timbers, Arthur Coughlin, Dan Meyers Bottom Row: Mildred Wilson, Verne Kovach, Ardyth Conohan N Page 344 N , one :-VW Q-" , 'sir Miflf A tif?-. t ' . 'taflfitt in E .J 1 Top Row: T. Bronson, J. Teska, D. McNary, H. Hyland, H. Cunningham, Rev. A. L, Miller Bottom Row: V. Heim, D. Atwood, Rev. M. G. Allison, G. Bronson, V. Ceaglske, R. Peterson HARVEY HYLAND . DAVID MONARY . VIVIAN CEAGLSRE . THEODORE BRONSON HAROLD WILLIAMS . VIRGINIA HEIM . . MABEL AUSTIN . . HOWARD CUNNINGHAM DOROTHY ATWOOD . LAWRENCE BRANDT ' reslwyterian S tuoent ffxlliance Purpose: To provide for the social and religious needs of Presbyterian students. OFFICERS . . . President REV. M. G. ALLISON . . VicefPresident REV. A. L. MILLER . . Secretary MRS. THEO. E. BRoNsoN, CABINET . . . . Church Suriclay Evening Club . Koinonia Guild . Pliilia Guild . . Social . . Social Intramurals ELEANOR HAMMER . RUTH PETERSON . . GLEE HUMPHREY . . THERON BUTTERWORTH HORACE STONE . . . JOSEPH TESKA . . . . . . University Pastor . . Associate University Pastor Dean of Presbyterian Student Women . Music . . Bulletin Commissary . . . Outdoor Infirmary Men's Club Ffennelb Sterling fiDa'g Aware The Kenneth Sterling Day Memorial which was donated to the university in 1923 by Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Day of Cleveland, Ohio, in memory of their son, consists of a figure of a young man holding the globe upon which is this inscription: "So long as earth shall bear such names as these, so long shall hope remain." It bears the successive names of the senior man chosen each year as the best specimen of manhood in the university. The bases of award are these: Christian character, religious participation, student activity, scholastic attainment, and physical fitness. Louis Behr, prominent campus leader and winner of last year's award, ranked highly in the class of 1928. Among his activities was included work on the Hillel Foundation Religious and Educational Committee, membership on, and captainship of, the Varsity Basketball team, and basketball representative of the Athletic Board. For his scholastic and athletic ability, Louis Behr received the Conference Medal in 1928. Other honorsaccorded him were Artus, Phi Kappa Phi, Iron Cross, and White Spades, he was afiliated with Phi Sigma Delta Fraternity. A N Page 345 N tele A AA,--, NJ .A:.: - .,.,, Ebe Kai-Service Committee The UnifService committee was instigated as a means of furthering religious tolerance and understanding between the various denominations on the campus, and of appealing to every creed in a single religious service. The work of the committee was Enanced for the most part by contributions from the student churches, the Y. M. C. A., and the Y. W. C. A. President Frank opened the series of services at Music Hall in the fall semester, speaking on "Religion and Civilization." At the second service Rabbi Solomon Freehofl: spoke on the topic, 'kCan Religion Ever be Liberal?" Mr. Charles W. Hurrey discussed "Stu- dents and the Clash of Religions Around the World." STUDENT COMMITTEE HELEN BARNARD CHESTER JORGENSON MARIE ORTH 'IBSSIB PRICE EMILY HURD ANNE KBNDALL ALLAN POLACHECK CHARLES STROBBEL DAVID MCNARY ADVISORY COMMITTEE PROP. GEORGE BRYAN MR. C. V. HIBBARD RAEBI S. LANDMAN DEAN F. L. NARDIN PROP. C. R. FISH PROF. W. KIERHOEER JUSTICE M. ROSENBERRY Lobe Mntverstty fiieligious Con erence Committee - A University Religious Conference brought to the campus this year a representative of each of the three major religious groups in America: Catholicism, Judaism, and Protestantism. Each speaker addressed a University Convocation Over which President Frank presided. These representatives were Father J. E. Ross, of Newman House, Columbia University, Rabbi Felix Levy of Emmanuel SYSHEOEUC, Ch1C2-EO, Hlld B1Sh0p J. McConnell, President of Federal Council of Churches.. Each of these .men made an independent in Constructive statement of religion from his own point of view. A number of fraternities and sororities, as well as church and ormitory groups, Invited men and women of mature experience to lead discussions among their members. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN AND MEMBERS The gofCha11me5: EDWARD J. FRONK, LORNA SNYDER Arrangements: FRANKLIN MATTHIAS, Chair-mang JUSTUS ROE- 6574477 to hmrmen' ALLAN T- WILLSON ERTS, CHARLES BOESEL, HARRETTE C. BEACH Publlmyf WILLIAM P. STEVEN, RUTH LEMMER, CofChairmeng Discussions: GEORGE BURRIDGE, ERNESTINE WILRE, CO'Ci1diT' ,1ElJrggAI5TgI:IMAN, RUTH DYRUD, SAMUEL STEINMAN, CLARK men: JOHN CONWAY, RUTH HYSLOP, HBLBNE KAUWERTZ, Pmgmms and Music' IEA V STEPHEN W. BROUWER, HUGH BLOODGOOD, HOWARD FOL' BURCHARD GERALBINB I-Iii JARDINB, Chawmang ELIZABETH VSOM, WALTER ELA p A AND!-EY Finance: ROBERT HILTY, Chmrmang GEORGE KNUTH N Page 3-L6 N music 9 6 Et lg It Top Row: E. Steig, A. Soldan, A. VanDoren, A. Renk, A. Taylor, R. Smith, D. Chesak, R. Troyer Third Row: H. Wollstein, M. Atkinson, M. Ernst, A. Hayden, R. Emerson, M. Wolf, M. Thomas, C. Gray, H. Seifert, M. Kirk Second Row: M. Keller, E. Quade, K. Costley, M. Palmer, M. Holscher, G. James, M. Fink, L. Carrell, B. Ruck Bottom Row: G. Stauber, J. Wiggenetz, E. Sinaiko, K. Bergstresser, M. Hering, Ivirs. Caster, M. Nickles, E. Cross, R. Knatz, V. Slingluff A 9 Kniversity Women s Glee Club OFFICERS MONONA NICRLES . .... . . . President ELEANOR CROSS . . VicefPresident RUTH TROYER. . . . . Secretary RUTH KNATZ . . .... Treasurer GLADYS STAUVBR . Business Manager MAF.GARET PINK . . . .... Librarian MARGARET SNYDER . . . . Accompanist MRS. DORIS BURIEP CAs'I-ER . . . Director The University Women's Glee Club is composed of forty voices selected from university women by competitive tryfouts. Its aims are to promote the highest type of interest in vvomen's singing at Wisconsin and to serve in a musical way university and civic audiences. The year's program includes the formal spring concert, several outfofftovvn concerts, and numerous appearances On radio, university and CIIZY pI'OgI'3111S. The club is highly indebted to Mrs. Caster, for her excellent and untiring Work as director. KATHERINE BERGSTRBSSER ALICE HAYDEN GWENTHALYN JAMES MARGARET KELLER DOROTHY CHESAK PAULINE COLLINS VIRGINIA COSTLEY MARGARET ATKINSON MARGUBRITE ERNST MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lois CORELL BEATRIGE PERHAM RUTH KNATZ MONONA NICKLBS ELIZABETH QUADB ELBANOR CROSS RUTH EMERSON MARGARET FINK MARION HERING CARRIE GRAY IVIARJORIE HOLSCHER MINA KIRK GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 N Page 348 N BARBARA RUCH ALICE RENK AMELIA SOLDAN ANN TAYLOR MARION PALMER HAZEL SEIEERT ESTHER SINAIKO JANET LARSON RUTH SMITH MARY THOMAS RUTH TROYER MARY WATTS HELEN WOLLSTEIN GLADYS STAUBER ENID STBIG MIRIAM WOLE ARLEEN VAN DOREN JULIA WIGGENBTZ 5121 '52 1. : i- 'R ' -' 'Z .: l ' A' , . 'iFLI'fi5fi.l'Ji" "!'12'I5t-eye-ffazfhsil.1s'frI.:L':i-I-flafffzifefffi'REa1i1.f:vi"'fI'Sw 4 I. A ara f Nix E , . Q? " "L"' P ,f-' . Z Wells. A, N E A . Q! .2 , if lv, . rfb 'iff R 7 if L, . A' e'--i" E '-L:-' W3 I 9 A E3 E553 ' ,A,, 'Top Row: Levine, Paullin, Schmidtl, Wahlberg, Wormeli, Fitchett, Diulio, Tice Fifth Row: Thiel, Ward, Weiler, Anderson, Seefeld, O'Neil, Crane, Robinson, Drow, Wittenburg Fourth Row: Kamm, Popp, Westby, Thronson, Johnson, Leonardson, Sargent, Schrock Third Row: Kline, Felton, Muehl, Grabel, Prof. Swinney, Molzahn, Myers, Stine, Einstein, Bath Second Row: Rogers, Dixon, Roby, Crouse, Bushnell, Garstang, Davies, Bishop, Robertson, Allen Bottom Row: McGrath, Treskow, Scholl, Leonard, Byrge, Aschenbrenner, Benninger, O'Neil, Still, Borkon 'Ciba Kniversily 5ZZen's Glace Club E. EARLE SWINNEY, Conductor Under the eleventh year of Mr. Swinney's direction, the University Men's Glee Club ended late in the Spring one of its most outstanding concert seasons. Beginning with a fourfday engagement in February at the Orpheum Theater, Madison, the Club made during the year some thirty appearances and sang before approximately twentyffive thousand persons. On the annual Spring tour of the Middle West, thirtyffive members of the organization carried Wisconsin song into new regions in a number of engagements in Illinois and Indiana cities. The itinerary included Rochelle, Illinois, April 6, Joliet, Illinois, April 7, Aurora, Illinois, April 8, Streator Illinois, April 9, Champaign, Illinois, April ro, and rr, Danville, Illinois, April 12, Indianapolis, Inf diana, April 13, Oak Park, Illinois, April 14, and Glen Ellyn, Illinois, April 15. On an evening early in May, sustaining a longfestablished tradition, the Club gave its Spring serenade to Wisconsin cofeds. The activities ofthe year closed with the annual formal banquet. at which the officers for the coming season and elections to the Corporation were announced. fvbe Corporation- Ojjicial Organization of the Glee Club OFFICERS EDWARD C. CROUSE ........ . . President THOMAS Y. STINE , . . . . . VicefPresident WALTER C. ROGERS . . . . Treasurer JOHN J. DIXON . . . . . Secretary ROLAND F. MOLZAHN . .... Librarian L. F. BUSHNELL ........,. Business Manager MEMBERS IN FACULTY STEPHEN W. GILMAN E. EARLE SWINNEY CHARLES H. MILLS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES GEORGE O. JoHNsON LAWRENCE W. TICE FRANK G. TRESKOW CLASS OF 1929 EDWARD C. CROUSE WALTER C. ROGERS CHARLES F. WEILER KENNETH L. WEsrE Y LEE KLINE GERALD C. WARD BENJAMIN C. WORMELI CLASS OF 1930 HAROLD F. BISHOP ROLAND F. MOLZAHN WILLIAM J. ROBINSON GEORGE H. SEEEELD JOHN J, Du-ION SIDNEY J. THRONSON I CLASS OF 1931 HOMER N. BYRGE N Page 349 N El AE EE Violins LOUISE ROOD MARY F. WATTS ANITA VINOGRAD ESTHER A. HAIGHT ALLEN J. TENNY STUART A. LYMAN IDBLLE STRELOW HEIDE Roos JUSTIN WASHEURN FRED BERMAN PHTLLEO NASH AI.TCB M. KAPP GEORGE F. DRAKE MARTHA C. ADAMSON Kniversiky Crcbestra E. W. MORPHY . WILLARD TOMPKINS EDITH G. WYANT ROY C. EISEELD DON GILLIES HELEN DAY SUSAN WHITE KENNETH RAWSON Violas ANTHONY DONOVAN FRANK C. LADWIG ERIC SCHEE MARY L. JONES FRED BAUMANN MELVIN F. SCHNEIDER RUTH MILLER Violoncelli LEON H. RUBNITZ MAURICE GOLDBNBBRG WILLIAM C. CALDER CHARLES W. FURST DAVID G. WILLIAMS EDNA CARLSON LEON PERSSION WILERED W. BEHM CARL F. JEEE HANS GEBHARDT JOSEPH G. RIDDLE MAX PLAVNIOR String Basses FLORELLA KELLY T. M. DOEROWSKY . . . . Conductor GORDON H. SNOW PAUL H. SOI-IERMERI-IORN JAMES WHITE Piccolo STEPHEN B. MILLER Flutes EDWARD A. NUSBAURI WILLARD H. WOODSTOCK Obocs PETER K. KNOEEEL MARY M. MATTESON English Horn PETER K. KNOEEEL Clariners FRANK MARESH LOUIS MANTELL Bassoons DONALD C. MATTHEWS ELLIS J. HUGHES Page 350 N Trumpets BERNIOE LEE RUSSELL D. MOEERLY Hovns ASHBR E. TREAT FRANK R. KRAMER LEROY G. KLOSB FREDERICK A. MAXEIELD Trombones WILERED HARRIS ADOLPH M. HOVE M. E. AAEERG Tuba CARL P. OLSON Drums ROY L. LANGWORTHY Tympani ' J. P. SWANSEN 'fi Sup yy? r H M32 f W E E gqq, "1"' M fglq A 'Aabj E. W. MORPHY . THOMAS BAILEY . ASI-IER E. TREAT CARL P. OLSON . Piccolo STEPHEN B. MILLER Flutes W. H. WOODSTOOR EDWARD A. NUSBAUM JAMES E. MARTIN Oboes FRANK K. VILEN HERBERT A. HAMLIN Bassoons DONALD C. MATTHEWS HARRY E. WOOD ELLIS J. HUGHES E Flat Clarinet EMBRY H. MACMILLAN First Clarinets THOMAS BAILEY HARRY VOOTS LOUIS MANTELL ARNO LESHIN JOHN T. HAIGHT, JR. ROBERT H. GUNDERSON Second Clarinets MARLIN R. SOHROEDER FRANK MARESH G. J. HARDER CARL FRIES Kniversity Concert Band OFFICERS . . . . Conductor . Assistant Conductor . . . . President . VicefPresiclent Third Clarinets THEODORE R. GREBE EDWARD KRAMER WALLACE W. WORZELLA WILBUR W. MAVES R. D. LEAOH LUCIEN HANKS Alto Clarinets MILO OTTOW LAWRENCE W. BRANDT Bass Clarinets B. RICHARD TEARE, JR. JOHN B. MILLER I GORDON KAY ' Violoncelli LEON PERSSION CARL IEEE String Bass GORDON SNOW E Flat Cornet EDWARD TATUM Solo Corners RUSSELL MOEERLY ELTON S. KARRMANN FRANK FISCHER fv EARL I. COOPER . . KENNETH V. WEGNER WILLIAM TEARE . . CHARLES WILLISTON . First Cornets EARL I. COOPER BENJAMIN B. BLUM First Fluegel Horns WILLIAM CAMPBELL GRMAND MESLOW Second Fluegel Horns H. E. REX ROBERT B. MCCORMICK French Horns ASHER E. TREAT FRANK R. KRAMER LEVI O. DEES LEROY G. KLOSE EARL D. HALEY FREDERICK A. MAXFIELD CARL COSTBLLO RONALD B. EDGBRTON' Trornbones WILERED J. HARRIS GORDON W. BREWER KENNETH V. WEGNER , M. E. AABERG PAUL EASTWOOD ADOLPH M. HOVE JOSEPH MARESH Page 351 N Secretaryffreasurer Quartermaster Assistant Quartermaster Drum Major Baritones RONALD M. ADAMS EVERETT A. JOHNSON R. K. CULLEN E Flat Bass FRANK C. LADWIG BB Flat Basses CARL P. OLSON PAUL H. SCHERMERHORN Drums ROBERT J. LBAHY Bass Drum H. L. STOKES 'Tympani ROY L. LANOWORTHY RUSSELL MAEOHEL Property FRED S. ORCUTT EDWARD O. BRANDT Library CI-IARLES A. GETZ L. B. LAVOLD rl.. VL. A--Us Al. Lg-271.2 A .V-' .. , .. 3, WWW . 15' ' .V W i 1 , 5, 2 ., .V .E 'gg Ba Q 1 yi 1' . R 4 , ,I W V Qfm Wg? 5 g - I 2 "gf .. ' S? " f F' A5 A 5 A QQ O RKA Aff - '.,,.f'f. .,,,e V , ' of is 32.552 ,,gL,,,,L.56:S' -I R N' A.. S Nad is-rf.,,,,,,,.g,V1: AVE, .,., . . I ..,v X ""' ' A V W , 4' f 'E gg 34-1, ! ,7 gf 1 . fin fi, .4 .. ff ' -' ASEE .1 of ig H50 .VA-I , f V- . ' ' . . ' 5 . ---f V 9' ' fe -1 ...- :'V f. I 134 ,- -r ' Refi' .V--.ff-i, if K 1, I. km, , .Li M. Avi .xii .i,g1",.': I .1 Li , , A .vli,...,V,--V,--V -uw q ja 1 "" ' Nui" ,ff ,,,, ,.,'."' 14,13 ff4g:i5-I l.. ,.., ' .. : f RV 1, A .v,.. 'Ri , I ,vw 94457. x 515 ' W?" Q ji --...Si , .I f ,1 " I "" ' ,f I S A . .auf Af 71 fn' , f:"""1g. QA., E -. . I ' 'I ,1 . jfj4W"I.,r A.' -f'f- fa. f ' .L 5597-4 f'-. ' ,, " VP' ' VV ""Z,V 1 45.1115 ,QF .f A "gf"w7f52A V . VV V ' V V 1 ' ' ff. ., . . , " . ' 5 is ' A l E J' 5 'J 5 .- V K 1' 'Ji-T I I' V . , VHS ' Q . .X XYZ! if IiV,.,.h . . . ,Q E V 'E , A Lv ,f ,Iyvf-. --p 1-.Im - ,- , I-43.11, i n AQ V I, ...Vr!'j..., W J K., -J . rl -Mr .EQ1-gt 1 I. . 4 Q- mil: .V P759 ' ,fi am' S. Mi- 1 A '. " V ' . 'T .-..?', ,V f ff- - .' " fl- ' M - V ..,: .TV 7 " V - -A 7 THOMAS BAILEY, Conductor Piccolo ROY L. BANKER RODERICK Q. JOHNSON Baritones CHARLES J. DANIELS Flute CARL R. STOELTING E Flat Clarirlets RUSSELL H. STOKES WALDEMAR DASLER First Clarinets JAMES COLEHOUR CHESTER L.-EGGERT VERNON C. SCHROEDER LAWRENCE JENKYN MARK M. TEMKIN FLOYD W. MCBURNEY ARNIE F. BETTS GREGORY GEHL MYNARD BESSERT WILLIAM B. DENNIS WAYNE A. DOCKHORN Second Claririets SHELDON GARDNER EUGENE R. KRUKE VICTOR MARS VERNE V. VEDDER DAYTON F. PAULS KENNETH TUHUS GUSTAV E. ARCHIE RONALD JONES Third Clarinets KERMIT D. FRY W. M. PINKERTON WILBUR GILES ELMER B. C. MCMURRY FREDERICK J. MEYER . ROBERT G. DUDLEY HOWARD C. BAKER HAROLD L. KINYON ALVIN GROTH EMERY W. JONES MILLARD HILL Alto Saxophones R. B. KIEWG WENDELL B. RATHER LAWRENCE L. KRASIN Tenor Saxophones ELY BLOCK EUGENE C. VOIGHT Baritone Saxophories JOHN A. DICKIB RUDOLPH E. TIMMEL F. J. STARE Bass Clarinet HAROLD L. STEINHOFF Solo Corners L. EDWARD BECKMIRE WESLEY E. KLATT HAROLD B. BUCHANAN DEVORE O. HITCHNER FRANCIS H. KUEHN JOHN F. GOETZ R. D. WICKERSHAM LLOYD A. GIESSEI. First Corriets MELVIN H. KIREY S. G. SWENSON HERMAN KOEHLER JOHN H. HOCKING R. E. GLASSOW LAWRENCE A. DODGE JOHN E. SOMERVILLE BYRON W. PAINE Second Corners PAUL E. LIGHTY ELMER GOTTSCHALK SERAPH F. SCHAENZER JOHN R. STEHN Third Comets D. A. WESTON LESLIE H. YOUNG CLIEEORD J. F. MEYER LYMAN H. MORGAN Horns EDWARD C. SODERBERG MANEORD K. DIETRICH C. A. MAASKE E. KENNETH EVENSON R. E. STEPHENSON CHARLES H. NEWLIN First 'Trombones HARLAN O. HELCESON G. W. GIBSON HAROLD O. SCHNEIDER AUGUST H. ROEBER F. L. BRUNCKHORST Second Trombones CEDRIC M. PARKER ROBERT N. GRISWOLD W. E. KOCH ROY T. RUEDI Third Trornbones MELVIN J. STERBA ROLAND S. POWELL T. R. MOYLE Page 352 N GEORGE H. WESBNDONK WILLARD WAGNBR BRUNO WESSHAPPBL J. W. ZIBELL HAROLD E. KRAUSE HERBERT Q. MARTIN KENNETH RAWSON Basses FRANCIS M. EULBERG BERTRAM M. BORRUD JEROME A. OWENS KENNETH W. VOSS G. D. THORESON FRED BRIGGSON R. J. ALTPETER WILLIS C. HUBBARD Snare Drums RUSSELL L. MACHAEL ARTHUR G. MET? GARDNER M. BURCH WILLIAM L. HANKE RODERICK A. PORTER B. H. LEICHI' LESTER L. WHITING Cymbals DAVID MACK RUDOLPH E. DARBO Bass Drum EMMETT J. FINCHBR Property J. DON KOPEL ALFRED M. RODE Drum Major CHARLES S. WILLISTON A A .J A . .- f-Wa ,VE-4 .. , ihqswf-?.i1I,:.f59 V 3.3 .' lgf lf. - .- ,I " V ' Sw" nk., .m.-.,. . ,lug SD, J .V , . h I -I 9 f R 'li1"f9j.3IV?-'fji9f"2'9 '- 1 sl I 4' .1 MAJOR TOM Fox military T X S Swift 5K.5 o '11 2 IZ N141 N 195 A l. -WAR, 'awfs al ggsg A aaa, J A' ' Y l J .V 'nx : ,fx ' fi ""'l32v R M.. W N1 Q Et Top Row: E. Meisenheimer, Lander, W. Jensen, F. Milverstedt Bottom Row: M. Goldstein, C. Roberts, K. Crowell Gabe! Regimental Staff 'T' HE Cadet Regimental Staff is composed of the senior cadet staff Oflicers of the infantry and signal corps regiments. They are the representative men from the regiment and aid the instructional staff in carrying out the policies of the entire cadet corps. The Cadet Staff are responsible for the regimental reviews and all ceremonies of the entire corps. They also are committee chairmen of the annual Military Ball. Cabal fiiegimenlal Staff COLONEL CARSON A. ROBERTS ........... Commanding Regiment LIBUTENANT COLONEL GEORGE K. CROWELL . . ...... Executive Officer MAJOR ADJUTANT EDWARD A. MEisENHE1MER . .... Regimental Adjutant MAJOR WALLACE M. JENSEN ...... Machine Gun and Howitzer Officer MAJOR ROY W. THIEL ,...... . . . Commanding zncl Battalion MAJOR FRED MILVERSTEDT . . . . Commanding ISE Battalion MAJOR QUINTIN S. LANDER . . . . . Commanding 3-rd Battalion MAJOR MANDEL GOLDSTEIN . Commanding Signal Corps Battalion CARSON A. ROBERTS CADET COLONEL N4Page 354- N Weil my s ,, 53' C' DMEM". Q 5 - Q ii Lewin 1- W e M 59 29 2132 f, ,ffii W 47 ,QS ' Qifi :f- ' ' 15932 -. ei if' 'aswftsfisfiii Kristie .Q fi ,ai Top Row: Woodford, Watson, Tiegs, Kuelthau, Hanners Second Row: Terry, Guth, Dickinson, Goldstein, Jones, Gantz Bottom Row: Woodward, Tiemann, Toft: Flugum, Onsrud l' ,Aovaneeo Signal Corps Among the many special competitions held in the cadet corps, one of the most interesting from a military standpoint is the com pany drill competition held late in spring in conjunction with the annual war department inspection. The degree of finesse in close order drill is very evenly divided among the several companies and by the time of the spring inspection the competition is very close. The winner of the company competition in 199.8 was E Company. The members of this company are therefore privileged to wear the red and white foureguerre cords marking them as the color company during the present school year The officers commanding E Company at the time of their winning the competitive drill were: Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant EVERETT A. Loci-IEN FRED MILVBRSTEDT FRANK L. HICKISCH The present advanced course officers are: Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant HERBERT H. Rascr-IE VWLAN F. RILEY BERNARD PORTER First Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Sergeants EDWARD T. HOFPMANN JOHN A. CALLENBACH LAURENCB D. FEIGES WALTON E. GILBERT Company Competition GEORGE D. MARKEL RUDOLPH RUST ADOLPH C. BARTNBSS - Machine Gun Target Practice N Page 3 5 5 N -fi ? il -,.2 ,v.,,A,, Parade Formation Tlnstructional Staff It has been due to the general misunderstandings of the incoming freshmen that they have not availed themselves of the opportunities offered by the R. O. T. C. in our University through the efforts of our Federal Government. This past fall, under the capable leadership of Major Tom Fox and his Staff, the Corps has attained a high "Espirit de Corps." This was gained largely by a careful selection of men to take the advanced work in military science, those who had the ability and had the interest to put out their best efforts at all times in the interest of the R. O. T. C. Typical of the progress which is being made by the local unit is the change in uniforms. In contrast to the effect presented by the uniforms of former years, the smart blue outfits of the basic course men of this year stand out sharply. These are the creation of Captain Miller and are almost a happy compromise between the rather meagre allowance made for clothing and the demands ofthe university man of today for neat appearances. The men in the advanced course are also newly uniformed to the vast betterment of the appearance of the corps. If "clothes make the man" it would be hard to deny the local unit of the R. O. T. C. less than a first place among the units of the universities and colleges of the country. iz! rw MK wa- 5 ..:, , X p p . .. JP' .... V "' ' i 'lf . - . 'sf - f- ' :G-'wr '55 ... ' 'gm-'T ' S ag fs 4 . - .1 EW N ,, .:..'g,M . i A - A n r 'X 3 . .... -. U' ' A 2 '1' 1 . 1 -Q' '- rt .. uw... , .. .5 ,,,. . .. X... , .,. 4. . x.., . ,sci ..xm.,-xy-"'x"-"-M1 M ,ff f 1 i K is H A 3isQ'tw..i 3. es W, ,a -f , Q r Q M wwf f 3 A ft f Ziasfwwg 7 Parade-Summer Camp N Page 356 N . .,.. .. D h, , V . , '4 1, 3.1 . ' 'Ni 13. '-ri 4' , ,M - . ., wi 'v if-are it K -N . . s Ei' i i T . e - 5 , ' . g . 5 X-1 .55yj...i,-1.,gf1'..qg3 - - ' f V f an M' ' .V ,rf Q' 'rl' 1+ i ' V l ' " ' 1 i Spring Review on the Lower Campus - Elie Spring Review p On May 28, the entire University R. O. T. C. Unit, consisting of infantry and signal corps, held its annual parade and review before a War Department Inspecting Board. This board also visited the classes in which the cadets receive their instructions and drill. This year the corps has worked to attain the disf tinguished college rating which it held a few years ago. According to the work of the corps at present, it seems very likely that it will be attained. Practice reviews are held on Thursday afternoon throughout April and May preceding the big annual review to accustorn the cadets to the operations and movements of a formal review. Major Morphy has trained a Military Band for use in these reviews, which makes a marked militaristic scene. On the final day of the inspection, each company of the branches of the R. O. T. C. put on practical demonstrations of the training they have received throughout the year. ' I 450 ShotsaMinure f ,N ' ' NPage 357 N - ,W H Vzll , , M ti., A-Av 2 I ewj 5 K- X 1... TE- 3 . - ,,v.:A-, ii' , " Y: ff? . ' ,. ik . fffiiligs 1 'XR wb fi x Q- X' ' V2 C Rfisfifg Ries 5 ?lif""""'W if A f?f1..?iif X' -' WEVPWRX ky J. A J, ay . . 2 ,ge ggi? saggy Z., A SX A 5 S A A ' .A ,..,. ,bla-3.3.1 Mani University R. O. T. C. Dfill 'Team Top Row: Holloway, Roberts, Haight, Palm, Oakey, Davlin, Rauschenberger, Kraut Bottom Row: Lt. Carothers. Guettler, Kittleson, Cole, Judson, VanNatta, Jentz, Callenbach, Hoffman, Lander . Senior Tlnfanlty J The senior infantry makes up the commissioned personnel of the University R. O. T. C. unit. It is composed of those men who have satisfactorily completed the two year basic course and the Hrst year's work of the advanced junior and senior course. Every senior infantryman is given a cadet commission within the regiment. The commission awarded him varies as his merits in military and scholastic proiciency vary. The grade ofthe commissions are from Second Lieutenant to Colonel, who is the senicr OfEcer in-command of the entire regiment. The work of the senior class is both practical and theoretical covering subjects of advanced military science and gaining practice in leadership and command of definite regimental units. lt is this group of men that aid the instructional staff in the leadership of the basic personnel of the regiment. Upon satisfactory completion Of the fourth year of R. O. T. C. work the cadet, upon having also completed four satisfactory years in the university, is given a Second Lieutenant's commission in the Oflicer's Reserve Corps of the Regular Army approved by the President of the United States. Tin faulty- S eniot Cabal O meets Colonel Captains First Lieutenants CARSON A. ROBERTS Lieutenant Colonel GEORGE K. CROWELL Majofrs WALLACE M. JENSEN ROY W. THIEL FRED MILVERSTEDT QUINTIN S. LANDER E. A. MEISENHEIMER MARCUS C. FORD, JR. ROBERT H. PRATT HERBERT H. RASCHE GILBERT L. JENTZ EDWARD A. HAIGHT FRANK L. HICKISH GEORGE F. KONWINSKI FRED N. LARSEN FRBDRICK S. HOOK VIVIAN F. RILEY CARL A. FLOM WALTER H. BRUMMOND Second Lieutenants ERIC KAUTZ PERRY M. THOMAS STEPHEN HART BERNARD R. PORTER HOWARD C. WALDEN HARTLEY E. LACHAPPELLE JOHN R. RUHOEE ROLAND A. Kucicurc Mess Time N Page 358 N 1' .forensics . 1 1 og g, Top Row: R. Kuckulc, W. Ela, T. Stone, G. Florez, A. Tenny Bottom Row: D. Holt, E. Kelley, C. Fleith - Torensic Boarb Date Of Organization, 1916 OFF IC ERS ROLAND KUCKUK . ...... . . President GEN Fioiuzz . . VicefPresident WALTER ELA . . . . . Treasurer CORNELIA FLIBTH ..... Secretary DOROTHY HOLT . . . . Corresponding Secretary The Forensic Board is composed of nine members, four of whom are elected at the Annual General Elections and five of whom are chosen by the five literary societies. The board plays a prominent role in the activities of the University. It is interested chiefly in the promotion Of intramural forensic events, some of which excited unusual interest this year. The board also cofoperates with the Speech Department in sponsoring such events as intercollegiate debates, the Northern Oratorical League Contest and the state high school debating and declamatory contests. v Vilas medal winners In 1910, Mrs. W. F. Vilas, the wife of William Vilas, established a fund for the purpose of encouraging and promoting forensics at the University. Since that time, the Speech Department has awarded the Vilas medal to eight men and women a year. The medal, which is the highest honor accorded in the forensic field, is given to the eight students who excel in intercollegiate oratory and debating. AWARDS 1928 WALTER GRAUNKB JOE LIEBERMAN F. H. PROSSER RUTH SCHERER FRANCIS HYNB ' JOSEPH PESSIN JACK ROE KENNETH WEBSTER 1927 RICHARD CHURCH MATLLDA GELL ESTHER LERNER WALTER WILXE 1 INORMA GAULKE ESTHBR JOHNSON ROBERT E. MCARTHUR ALINE ZKEBELL N Page 360 N wg? mg Gvegf' Sffrgi fs is - . .- , E- S ,,... ,, .fi . ,f ' sw A , 1 , N ff . f f QM ' WW. .iw 'it as we ff QM? iiiizifgeif ,seal je rg Qaeffaaelsffieef 5332 we QQ iw? K. WEBSTER E. NUSIfAUbi J. ROE W. GRAUNKB J. PESSIN western Conference 'Debate 'league WISCONSIN vs. IOWA Music Hall, December 13, 1928 Resolved: That the Senate should ratify the pact of Paris without reservations. December 13th Wisconsin Afirmative Wisconsin Negative at Minnesota JOSEPH PESSIN KENNETH WEBSTER THEODORA CASE EDWARD NUSBAUL4 VJALTER GRAUNRE JACK ROE WISCONSIN Vs, MICHIGAN March 11 Great Hall, Memorial Union Resolved: That in all trials throughout the United States a judge or board of judges should be substituted for the jury. Wisconsin Ajlifmative Wisconsin Negative vs. Northwestern JOHN TARAS JOE LIEBERMAN WELLS HARRINGTON ROBERT CAPEL GEORGE LARKIN WALTER GRAUNKE A J. TARAS J. LIEBERMAN ' W. HARRINGTON G. LARKIN N Page 361 N A ie e f ci ' 4 Ii Q v 1 V' :x E 5 J. G. BACK I A. TIETELBAUM S. LBSI-IIN J. E. ROHAN W. USHBR Western Conference Debate league WISCONSIN vs. NORTH DAKOTA WISCONSIN vs. MARQUBTTB March 6th February 18th Wisconsin Negative Wisconsin Negative AARON TIETELBAUM JOHN E. ROI-IAN J. GUNNAR BACK WILLIAM R. UsI-Ina SYDNEY LESHIN Resolved: That the eighteenth amendment should he repealed. l27omen's ?Debakes WISCONSIN vs. MINNESOTA April 3 Resolved. That the principle Of censorship should he abandoned. Wisconsin Affirmative ALICE MCCAUL DOROTHY HOLT MARGARET JONES -A M- JONES A. MCCAUL D. HOLT N Page 362 N ' P. Luci-xsincizn A. GATES L. GROSSMAN western Conference Tebate 'league Resolved: That the principle of Censorship should be abandoned, Iowa City Wisconsin Negative us. Iowa PHYLLIS LUCHSINGER AGNES GATES LENA GROSSMAN The Winner of the David B. Frankenburger prize and representative in. Northern Oratorical Contest- RUTH SCHERER Title of Oration-i'Seeing is Believing." The winner of the Freshman Oratorical COHtESt-ROBERT BASSBTT R. Sc,HERBR R. BASSBTT ' N Page363 N Q Et re? Q G e ,., gl A TIER I QR f .M Ce? - B. A. A. P. O. C. H. ANDREWS W. BAKKEN BARTRLT BooTs CAPENER CURRAN DIBDRICH W, DOCRI-IORN Top Row: Kohn, Dockhorn, Zerwick, Kielsrnier, Stone, Kurtz, Hill, Bakken Second Row: Meienberg, Haight, Olds, Whitney, Capener, Gust, Loehning Bottom Row: Schoepp, Karnmholtz, Stroebel, Konkel, Andrews, Egre Tlfesperia 'literary Society EDWARD HAIGHT . LESTER V. WHITNEY EDGAR SCHOBPP . ELMER KURTZ . . MILTON MRIENRURG TED KAMMHOLTZ . LESTER V. WHITNEY GAYLORD LOEHNING Morro: Magna Parens Viiwim OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester . , President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . President . VicefPresiderIt . . Secretary . . Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. S. EGRB O. EVANS C. A. GUST E. HAIGHT R. HEATH C. W. HUTH O. JUSTL N Page 364 N T. KAMMHOLTZ K. KBILSMRIBR G. KOHN - KURTZ A. LEWIS M. MEIENBURG J E. B. QLDS L. PRITCHARD B. RBLII-IAN Ed. I. SCI-IORPP T. STCNE C. F. STROEBRI. . J. TBRRAS L. V. WHITNEY O. A. ZERWICK . ttl.t f . ' A Em 'AE . .. to A Top Row: C. Bowers, G. Fischer, Sf Meyer, E. Vold, J. Larson. E. Steig, C. Horn Second Row: D. Webster, J. Trathen, G. Buss, H. Seifert, M. Palmer, M. Twohig Bottom Row: F. King, H. Meiselwitz, E. Babcock, L. Rood, M. Nourse, E. Feldman, G. Rosen Caslialia 'literary Society Organized in 1864 Castalia, founded in I864, is the oldest WOHICHNS organization On the campus. Its interest extends to music, forensics, dramatics, dancing, and the applied arts. This year, a change of policy was inaugurated, and tryouts have been abolished. Meetings are held fortnightly, and a joint meeting with Pythia is an annual event. ELIZABETH L. BABCOCK PEO R. CARNS EVELYN FELDMAN LILLIAN P. COLLINS IRENE H. ERERN DOROTHY J. HOLT CLAIRE F. BOWERS GBRTRUDE V. Buss CATHERINE L. EDWARD S Motto: Fideliter, Fortiter, Felieiter LOuIsE Room . . PEG CARNS . SYLVIA MEYER . ENID STEIG . . HAZEL SEIRERT. . OFFICERS . . . President . Vicefllrcsident . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . SergeantfarfArms MEMBERS IN FACULTY Mxss H. C. WHITE GLADYS A. FISCHER Miss R. C. WALLERSTEIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 SYLVIA E. MEYER HELEN D. MEISELWITZ LOUISE M. ROOD CAROLYN M. HORN ALICE L. MCCALL HESTBR MEIGS FLORENCE M. KING JANET B. LARSON CLASS OF 1930 MILDRED E. NOURSE MARION A. PALMER GERTRUDE ROSEN CLASS OF 1931 N Page 365 N JANE M. MORRIS MARGARETE A. TYVAND JEAN E. TRATHEN MARGARET J. TWOHIG MARY F. WATTS HAZEL L. SEIEERT ENID H. STEIG MIRIAM WOLF ANITA G. VINOGRAD EVANGBLINE O. VOLD DOROTHY J. WEBSTER 'Vf' , - VME SW ' ' E? REA? A5 32930 fi! 5 353 3 A3553 --"' h i,, , f Q Top Row: Dorothea Sander, Mary Miller, Eileen Cowgill, Evelyn Olson, Dcrathy Krueger, Theodora Jax Second Row: Eileen I-Icffrichter, Gladys Siemers, Jane Eizette, Mary Coulson, Alma Oelmiller Bottom Row: Veronica Schilling, Josephine Alexander, Mildred Gier, Gladys Gier, Elizabeth McLeod, Virginia Heim Tlytbia 'literary Society Pytbia Literary Society was established twentyfeight years ago to offer Women of the university an opportunity for expression in dramatics, music, the dance, forensics and literature. The purpose of the society is to foster creative ability in these fields. Members are chosen on the basis of tryouts, all Women of the university being eligible for tryout except hrst semester freshmen. EILEEN COWGILL JOSBPHINE ALEXANDER MARJORIE BARTELT KATHERINE DAVLIN MARY COULSON EUNICE Foss FLORENCE MAUERMAN EVELYN OLsoN . VIRGINIA HEIM . CLAIRE WEYKER . EILEEN COWGILL . . KATHERINE DAVLIN . THEODORA JAX . OFFI CERS . . President . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . . Treasurer Forensic Board Representative MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JANE FIZETTE GLADYS GIER EILEEN HOPPRICHTER MARY HURTH ELIZABETH MCLEOD MILDRED GIER SIGNE JOHNSON Lois MULLIN CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 N Page 366 N VIRGINI.A. HEINI ALMA OELBIILLER EVELYN OLSON DOROTHEA SANDBR STELLA KEEPER DOROTHY KRUEGER THEODORA JAX GLADYS SIERIERS VERONIC.-X SCHILLING CLAIRE WBYKER MARY MILLER RUTH RUBINSTBIN DOROTH EA TBSCHAN DIDGTEED. THIRTY Yl'fonot iat"g Organizations 1:14 'P' N 05 0 .,,,, ., V J 5 b 5,1 A .R ww, ..,....., , ,AV .uuu Q.,-V Q. J fi... in .I V15 ... sssss T . I E A Phi Beta Kappa 1 O q 13191 Beta .Kappa Purpose: Promotion of scholarship and friendship among students of American colleges. OFFICERS P. W. ROE. . . .... . . . President G. SHOWERMAN . . Viceflnresident W. R. SHARP . . . . . Secretary W. J. CHASE . . . . Tfeasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 ANNE O. BLUM GBRTRUDE E. GRETHER FLORENCE L. AXEN HELEN A. BIRD ELSA M. BOHMRICH MARJORIE E. BOND RUTH B. BORCHERS DOROTHY R. BUCRLIN HELEN L. BUNC-E EILEEN DUGGAN MARCBLLA M. EIERMAN MARY ESCHWEILER ' WALLACE M. JENSEN CHARLES D. MURPHY PALMER R. KUNDERT KENNETH W. POLLOCK HULDAH S. LOYE ELIZABETH A. FELDMAN HARRY FBLDMAN JOHN M. FOGELEERG JEAN C. FOWLER RACHEL A. FRAZER NINA B. FREDERICKSON SARAH A. HARDY HELEN A. HUGHES EMILY P. ICLEHART EARL D. JOHNSON Founded 1776 William and Mary College 107 chapters O l" De U1 UJ O 'TJ D-I no IQ oo ..a.,,..f.. Z 'U au rm 0 MJ os oo Z .,. . RUTH E. LERIRE HELEN A. LUEBCHOW JOHN C. MOCARTER DONALD W. MACCOLLUM MARY K. MARTIN EMMETT A. MEILI THEODOSIA MILLER GERTRUDB E. MUELLER ALICE A. NAUTS Local chapter Alpha of Wisconsin Established 1899 LOUISE M. ROOD KENNETH W. WEGNER FLORENCE M. PHARO LENA E. POLSON NAOMI F. RABE MARGARET I. ROBINSON E. CLARE RCONEY WINEFRID RYAN ELIZABETH SEAMAN ELISBO VIvAs GERTRUDE M. WALZ MAUDE K. WEERES E19 +R E Top Row: F. A. Maxfield, H. L. Stokes, H. G. Hyland, W. C. Ziehlsdorff, W. W. Behm, P. R. Eastwood, J. H. Kulp Third Row: G. C. Ward, Carl Kuehl, J. A. Oakey, R. G. Stephenson, E. A. Wegner, E. C. Ragatz, H. E. Rex, O. W. Wehrle Second Row: R. V. Brown, A. T. Lenz, R. G. Garlock, Marvin Hersh, A. L. Sweet, T. T. Rick, M. H. Rutherford, O. J. Knechtges, A. H. Schoofs Bottom Row: D. H. Kuenzli, A. J. Armstrong, J. N. McGovern, G. W. Curran, H. S. Hahn, L. B. Mangnus, L. F. Hillis, R. G. Jewell, L. C. Janicki 1' l' Dau Bela 131 National Honorary Engineering Fraternity . . . . President . . VicefPresident OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester R. G. JEWELL ....... . . . President R. G. STEPHENSON . . R. G. STEPHENSON ....... VicefPresidenr R. V. BROWN . . . MARVIN HERSH . . . . . Recording Secretary H. E. REX . . . . M. H. RUTHERFORD . . Corresponding Secretary W. C. ZIEHLSDOREE . G. C. WARD . . . ..... Treasurer T. A. GEISSMAN . . R. V. BROWN . ..... Cataloguer C. W. WEHRLE . . MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. A. ANDREE E. BENNETT R. R. BENEDIOT C. BRAATZ P. M. DAWSON W. S. KINNE M. E. KTNSEY J. B. KOMMERS E. A. LANDWE1-IR G. L. LARSON A. MEYERS A. V. MILLAR D. W. MEAD E. R. MAURER P. T. NORTON A. O. DAHLBERG L. LARSON D. W.'NELsON E. T. HANSBN A. T. LBNZ L. J. PETERS R. E. JOHNSON J. D. LTVERMORE D. H. PLETTA L. E. A. KELSO R. S. MGCAEEERY J. R. PRICE O. L. KOWALKE F. MARESH ' MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES J, BARDEEN ' I. B. LUETH CLASS OF 1929 ALVA J. ARMSTRONG LEONARD F. HILLIS Louis B. MANGNUS WTLERED W. BEHM HARVEY G. HYLAND FREDERICK A. MAXEIELD ROBERT V. BROWN LEO G. JANICKI J. A. OAKEY GEORGE W. CURRAN CARL A. KUEHL EUGENE C. RAGATZ LAVBRN W. EASTWOOD DANIEL H. KUENzLi HARLAND E. REX ROBERT G. GARLOGK OSWALD J. KNEGHTGES THAD T. Ricic HAROLD S. HAHN JOHN H. KULP MARVIN H. RUTHERPORD MARVIN HERSH JOHN N. MGGOVERN CLASS OF 1930 THEODORE A. GEISSMAN GEORGE C. ROEMING l. C9 Founded 1885 Local chapter Lehigh University Allilhn 76 Chapters J Established 1899 N Page 369 rv Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . Cataloguer R. J. ROARK R. A. RAGATZ H. L. TURRITIN F. E. TURNEAURE L. F. VAN HAGAN J. WATSON K. M. WATSON M. O. WITHEY K. F. WBNDT W. WEAVER B. R. TEARE ALEXANDER H. SCHOOFS RONALD G. STBPHENSON HUGH L. STOKES ALVA L. SWEET GERALD C. WARD OTTO W. WEHRLE ERNEST A. WEGNER WALTER C. ZIBHLSDORFF ef' -A 1 f AMO ' -f. S2.rR'WRA Clk S r, MTH f r: rx. . ...EER-5 I 2' S ., fi A 2.23, Aggie, Qi? 5:-X C, , f f R . 'E Q f Y I in-'53 A fx Top Row: F. Hook, W. Fuller, P. Palm, G. S:hlOtthauer, W. Jensen, J. Ruhoff, B. Porter, E. Haight Third Row: Q. Lander, F. Milverstedt, B. Guettler, P. Judson, H. Rasche, F. Hickish, H. Walden Second Row: K. Crowell, M. Goldstein, E. Hoffman, M. Ford, M. Terry, E. Meisenheimer, R. Plotz, J. Callenbach Bortcni Rc w: W. Erurrrrond, R. Kaut, C. Konwinski, E. Kautz, C. Roberts, V. Van Natta, C. Rauschenberger DR. H. C. BRADLEY LT. D. C. BURNETT LT. G. E. CAROTHERS GEORGE CHANDLER NORMAN J. BAKER GORDON T. DEREER WALTER H. BRUMMOND KENNETH G. CROWELL FRANKLIN W. CLARKE CARL FLOM MANDEL GOLDSTEIN JOHN CALLENBACH MARCUS FORD, JR. WILLIAM H. FULLER BLAISE GUETTLER Scalvbato cmb Blaoe IN. Company ffirst Regiment Honorary Military Fraternity OFFICERS WALLACE M. JENSEN .... . . Captain G. KENNETH CROWELL . . ISI Lieutenant HERBERT H. RASCHE . . . 2nd Lieutenant QUINT-IN S. LANDER .......... ISE Sergeant MEMBERS IN FACULTY SGT. W. S. DION DIRECTOR GEORGE LITTLE MAJOR TOM Fox DR. W. F. LORENZ SGT. W. H. HBILMAN LT. F. C. MEAD PROFESSOR T. E. JONES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES LLOYD PLANK FRANK D. HICKISCH WALLACE M. JENSEN GILBERT JENTZ ERIC KAUTZ JAY KELIHER FRED S. HOOK RALPH J. KRAUT QUINTIN S. LANDER EDWARD HAIGHT EDWARD HOFFMAN Founded IQD5' University of Wisconsin 72 chapters CLASS OF 192 CLASS OF 193 GEORGE SCHLOTTHAUER 9 GEORGE KONWINSKI EDWARD MEISENHEIMER FRED MILVERSTEDT ROBERT PRATT 0 BERNARD PORTER PAUL G. PALL4 MELVIN C. PERRY CLASS OF 193 1 fn if" by -AS 'J X., ay! ,. -5, . .11 .N A M . L. HX, -, K, V 'MM N Page 370 N PHILIP M. JUDSON Local chapter A. Company, First Rcg't Established IQOS CART. G. A. MILLER SGT. H. J. MCGRATH PROP. RAY S. OWEN SGT. F. W. POST HARRY THOMA KENNETH WORTHING HERBERT RASCHE CARSON A. ROBERTS JOHN R. RUHOFP PERRY THOMAS ROY W. THIEL RBZIN PLOTZ CHARLES RAUSCHENBERGER VIVIAN RILEY VAIL VAN NATTA E559 +2 A 'Top Row. B. Patterson, G. House, C. McKnight, R. Lauder, D. Schmid Bottom Row: M. Joslyn, M. Alsop, S. White, M. Droppers 42' i Ebeta Sigma .13 Honorary Women's1ournalism Fraternity OFFICERS MARGARET ALSOP . ...... . . President RUTH LAUDER. . . VicefP'resident GENEVIBVE HOUSE . . . Secretary DOROTHY SCHMID . . Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROP. W. G. BLEYER HELEN M. PATTERSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARGARET ALSOP GENEVEVE HOUSE MARJORIE DROPPERS ELIZABETH DURAND MARGARET JOSLYN MARGERY HAYDEN BLANOHE PATTERSON Founded 1909 University of Washington 33 chapters CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 ,I 4. N Page 371 N RUTH LAUVDBR ELEANOR RBESE Local chapter Beta . Established IQIO CATHERINE MCKNIGHT DOROTHY SCHMID BERNICE TWEED SUSAN WHITE i an ef . .il A EW Rn. I E 1 fi R r Top Row: E. A. Johnson, J. A. Lester, F. A. Maxield, H. L. Stokes, R. H. Pratt, L. B. Gappa Second Row: E. W. Howes, S. A. Lewis, A. L. Sweet, H. S. Phelps, G. W. Vater, R. G. Garlock, E. A. Wegner A Bottom Row: L. B. Mangnus, R. G. Jewell, Prof. E. Bennett, A. J. Schugt, F. V. Quirino, R. W. Fairweather 'Eta' 'Mappa :flu Honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity Eta Kappa Nu, Honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity, was founded and dedicated to the purpose of providing a means for the bringing together, particularly during the days remaining for them of college life, those men in the profession of Electrical Engineering who have manifested hy their attainments in college and in practice a deep interest and marked ability in their chosen life Work. It is hoped that through this association mutual benefits may be derived which will work to the betterment and success of the individual and the profession of Electrical Engineering as a whole. MR. R. R. BENEDICT PROP. E. BENNETT JOHN BARDEEN LAWRENCE B. CAPPA ROBERT G. GARLGCK RICHARD G. JEWELL S.-INPORD A. LEWIS ROEERT W. FAIRWEATHER R. F. F. A. E. H. OFFI CERS G. JEWELI. . . ...... . . President R. COLLEOHM . . . Vice-President A. MAXPIELD . . . Recording Secretary G. SCHUGT . . Corresponding Secretary A. WBGNER . ..... Treasurer L. STOKES . ........... Bridge Editor MEMBERS IN FACULTY Mr. R. E. JOHNSON PROP. L. J. PETERS MR. L. C. LARSON PROP. J. R. PRICE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES I. B. LUETH U ' CLASS OF 1929 p Louis B. MANGNUS ROBERT H. PRATT- FREDRICK A. MAXPIELD FELIR V. QUIRINO HERBERT S. PHELPS ARTHUR J. SCHUGT CLASS OF 1930 EDWARD W. HOWES EVERETT A. JOHNSON .ll H Q Founded 1904 f Local chapter University of Illinois I "."' P '- J A i Theta zz chapters I E I Established IQIO Sffpage '73 72 N J PROP. J. W. WATSON PROP. G. C. WILSON B. RICHARD TEARE HUGH L. STOKES ALVA L. SWEET GEORGE W. VATER ERNEST A. WEGNER JOHN A. LESTER . . .Q-A L- Z km .. K , I Ei as . .. 'I Top Row: W. C. Price, W. H. Randolph, B. Dennis, J. R. DeHaven, J. B. Miller, L. C. Schubert, S. N. Sherman Second Row: R. L. Matson, E. S. Duffield, W. P. Steven, D. S. Morrison, A. Wayo, C. H. Nelson Bottom Row: W. T. Burgess, E. Thom, W. K. Grube, R. C. Hartman, G. A. Florez Sigma 'Delta Gfbi Professional Journalistic Fraternity Purpose: "TO associate college journalists Of talent, truth and energy into a more intimately Organized unit of good fellowshipg to assist the members in acquiring the noblest principles of iournalism and to cofoperate with them in this Heldg and to advance the standards of the press by fostering a higher ethical code, thus increasing its value as an uplifting social agency." OFFICERS W. HAMPTON RANDOLPH ...... . . President EUGENE S. DUEPIELD . . VicefPresident WARREN C. PRICE . . . Secretary GENARO A. FLOREZ .......... . . Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY WILLARD G. BLEYER RALPH D. CASEY GLENN FRANK RALPH O. NAFZIGBR PHILO M. BUCK CARL R. FISH GRANT M. HYDE KENNETH E. OLSON CHILTON R. BUSH W. A. SUMNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES GORDON E. DEREER GEORGE F. GERLING MARCUS M. WILKERSON CLASS OF 1929 KIRK M. BATES WILLIAM K. GRUBE JOHN B. MILLER SAMUEL N. SHERMAN WILLIAM T. BURGEss ROLAND C. HARTMAN WARREN C. PRICE ARTHUR SUSOTT J. ROBERT DEHAVEN JEROME J. HENRY , W. HAMPTON RANDOLPH EDWARD THOM EUGENE S. DUEEIELD ROY L. MATSON LEONARD C. SCHUEERT LESTER VELIE GBNARO A. FLOREZ ALEXANDER WAYO CLASS OF 1930 BRUCE DENNIS DAVID S, M0RRisoN C. HJALMAR NELSON WILLIAM P. STEVEN ROBERT F. GODLEY ALLEN J. TENNY PLEDGE Founded 1909 De Pauw University 39 chapters VAN RENSSELABR SILL N Page 373 N Local chapter Wisconsin Established 101 I G fi fi fl 055 Q az . My eww ,QME5 5 Risky? NN 453.2 L' 5.532 Laila? r:gaMf5.f ww? 1,2559 .SQL Top Row: J. Best, E. Meagher, W. Jensen, H. Moe, P. Ruppert Bottom Row: G. Rapraeger, Prof. C. L. Jamison, Prof. F. H. Elwell, G Arthur Bela Gamma Sigma HONORARY MEMBERS F. H. CLAUseN J. W. JACKSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. H. ELWELL S. W. GILMAN C. L. JAMISON W A Scorr P. G. Fox H R Tnumiaownn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES JOHN S. BEST WILLIAM T. SCHROEDBR F A STATBN CLASS OF 1929 GLENN H. ARTHUR V WALLACE M. JENSEN HAROLD J. Mon GILBERT M RAPRAEGER MARCELLUS A. HECK EDWARD J. MBAGT!BR PHILIP W RU1 PFRT Founded 1913 University of Wisconsin 24 chapters N Page 374 N Local chapter Alpha Established 1913 T A , AIA WE . I E? AE . I L. BANE B. CI.ow MINNIE COLE FLORENCE BEY GEORGIA CRANE ESTHER DEPISE Top Row: K. Hart, G. Rowntree, G. Crane, E. Trumbull, F. Bey Bottom Row: E. Deppe, M. Stephens, B. Schmid, M. Kuesel, G. Humphrey Cbndcron Blu MEMBERS IN FACULTY B. DODGE H. MANNING H. D. GUNDERSON MEMBERS OF DELTA CHAPTER M. Cowuzs H. PARSONS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES RUTH HAGERTY GERTRUDE SCI-IMIDT CLASS OF 1929 KATHERINE HART MARION KUESBL GLEE HUMPHREY GRACE ROWNTREE Founded 1911 hi an State Colle Mic 'g E3 I9 chapters K "fm-55.4 I REE? i N Page 37 5 N Local chapter Eta Established 1915 A. L. MARLATT M. S. REYNOLDS ALICE WIRICK MARIE STEPHENS BERTHA SCHMID EDNA TRUMBULL 0 aa fm? Q ,,, gag X 8,62 Ygtwfwt J F , t gi N2 ...Ah Mask V-L l'w""i' - it A C. BRAATZ E. T. HANSEN P. H. HYLAND ROBERT BROWN LAWRENCE DODGE ORVILLE CROMER RALPH KRAUT Top Row: R. Kraut, H. Rex, R. Brown, A. Kratsch, L. Dodge, M. Rutherford Bottom Row: W. Wilson, R. Kubasta, F. Schefe, J. POWeI's, A. Schoofs, O. Cromer, E. Rusch Ili Eau. Sigma National Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity R. V. BROWN . . H. E. REX .... M. H. RUTI-IEREORD L. A. DODGE . . . E. W. Ruscn I. G. BAKER . . . R. S. HARTENBERG . H. E. REX . . . E, J. KOEBKE . R. V. BROWN . . OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester . . President . . . Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . . .Treasurer . . . President . . . Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . . .Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY G. L. LARSON D. W. NELSON H. D. ORTH J. D. PHILLIPS K. G. SHIELS R. A. TROTTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ARTHUR KRATSCH HARLAND REX ROBERT KUEASTA Founded Iqrg Universities of Wisconsin and Illinois CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 N Page 376 N EDWARD RUSCH MARVIN RUTHERPORD JOHN POWERS Local chapter Alpha Established IDIS G. C. WILSON L. A. WILSON F. A. WOY ALEXANDER SCHOOPS LOUIS WHITE FRED SCHEEE WALTER WILSON VN .,A, ..x. P W igigmiw Nl .... . 'EE III M3 - As. .,.5. M, AA A .sm . 'Top Row: G. Krueger, E. Davis, H. Summ, J. Miller, M. Cole, Geib Bottom Row: R. Sample, A. Wallin, J. E. Smith, S. Rasmussen, F. Blosser, K. Wilcox MARGARET COLE ELBANOR DAVIS FLORENCE BLOSSER FRANCES FOSSHAGE Founded 1912 University of Kansas I3 chapters .Della 'Ilbi ' ella MEMBERS IN FACULTY DELLA F. WILSON PROP. W. H. VARNUBI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOIEIN GEIE MADELEN HEATH LELAND LAMB GILBERT KRUEGEE ED FESKA CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 N Page 377 N JULIUS MILLER SIGRID RASMUSSBN JANET E. SMITH RUTH SAMPLE ADELLA WALLIN HELMUT SUMM KATHERINE WILCOX , Local chapter Eta Established Igzo Wag " " ' gfwgrgsrw' www Er AR r Top Row: L. F. Hillis, G. C. Ward, J. A. Oakey, W. C. Ziehlsdorff, W. W. Behm, J. H. Kulp, O. W. Wehrle, M. Hersh Bottom Row: H. S. Hahn, L. Jariicki, A. T. Lenz, D. H. Kuenzli, V. S. Hamel, J. Beran, A. J. Armstrong, F. A. Fischer, W. S.,COTTINGHAM R. T. HOMBWOOD PROFESSOR L. H. KESSLEK PROFESSOR W. S. KINNE ALVA J. ARMSTRONG WILERED W. BEI-IM JOHN HERAN FRANK A. FISCHER E. G. Heberlein Chi Epsilon Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity GERALD C. WARD . MARVIN HERSH . JOHN H. KULP .... WILERED W. BEI-IM . . WALTER C. ZIEHLSDORFF WILERED W. BEI-IM . OTTO W. WEHRLE . LEONARD F. HILLIS . JOHN A. CAREY . LEO JANICKI .... OFFI CERS First Semester Second Semester . . . President . . VicefPresident Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . President . VicefPresident . . . . Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. A. LANDWEHR PROFESSOR D. W. MEAD DEAN F. E. TURNEAURE A. T. LENZ PROr'EssOR R. S. OWEN PROFESSOR L. F. VAN HAGAN PROFESSOR E. R. MAURER A. W. PILZ K. F. WENDT PROFESSOR M. C. WITHBY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 HAROLD S. HAI-IN LEO J. JANICKI J. A. CAREY VERNON S. HAMEL DAVID H. KUENZLI GERALD C. WARD MARVIN HERSI-I JOHN H. KULP OTTO W. WEHRLE LEONARD F. HILLIS WALTER C. ZIEHLSDORFF EDWARD G. HEEERLEIN Founded 1922 University of Illinois 9 chapters CLASS OF 1930 fs ...,...l WISCDHSUH N Page378 N Local chapter Wisconsin Established 1927 4112? fmwfilloa aw. M A if I EI W my CEI A Top Row: W. Calder, E. R. Bell, R. Rollefson, K. Wagner Bottom Row: H. Osterberg, C. H. Nelson, G. Suits pt' Tb 13 National Honora-ry Physics Fraternity i Sigma i OFFICERS KENNETH WAGNEI1 . ..... . . . President WILLIAM CALDER . . , VicefP1es1dent GEORGE H. NELSON . Secretaryfreasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. R. INGBRSOLL C. E. MENDENHALL J. R. ROEBUCK E M TERRY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY - ' GRADUATES EARL R. BELL WILLIAM A. CALDER RAGNAR ROLLEESONI C GUY SUITS HAROLD OSTERBERG CLASS OF 1929 GEORGE H. NELSON KENNETH WAGNER Founded 1917 University of Wisconsin IU: my 7, ,.', 3:-. 3 "" - 'fl I N Page 379 N Local chapter W' ' Al ha ISCOHSIH p Established 199.5 Et A T3 Top Row: G. Seefeld, W. Behm, L. Dees, A. Treat, E. Nusbaum V Bottom Row: A. Tenny, P. Knoefel, S. Lyman, B. Teare, T. Bailey Thi mu Txlpba, Sinfonia f1Jbi Chapter Foundcd at New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, 1898 Local Chapter, Phi, established I92I. Number of chapters, 41. OFFICERS GEORGE SEEEELD . ...... . . President ALLEN TENNY . .... . VicefPresiderIt STUART LYMAN . . . Secretary JOHN HAIGHT . . . . Treasurer EDWARD NUSEAUM ..... . Warden The national musical fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia, is represented On this campus by Phi Chapter. Election to this organization is based upon high scholarship and achievement in musical activities sponsored by the School of Music. Its Object is the promotion Of the best in music, particularly the Works of American composers. By the inauguration of the Interfraternity Song Contest, in the Spring of IQ23, Sinfonia began to become an important factor in the musical interests of the campus. Besides continuing these contests annually, Phi Chapter promotes each year an AllfAmerican Concert. MEMBERS IN FACULTY . PROE. CECIL BURLEIGH PROP. E. B. GORDON PROP. LEON ILTIS DR. CHARLES 'MILLS PROE. LELAND COON JULIAN HARRIS PAUL G. JONES E. W. MORPHY O- E- DAT-T-EY PROP. E. E. SWINNEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES THEODORE DOBROVSKY WILERED W. BBHM WILERED HARRIS THOMAS L. BAILEY LEVI DEES CHARLES W. FURST LEROY S. KLOSE .. V oz 0 4' 6 ,fogfhhsdq Q- Gb. 22 Q0:l3,' PETER K. KNOEEEL FRANK KRAMER RALPH LEONARDSON JOHN HAIGHT JOHN B. MILLER WILLIAM ROBINSON FRANK LADWIG CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 FRANK MARESH STUART LYMAN EDWARD NUSBAUL4 MELVIN F. SCHNEIDER GEORGE H. SEEEELD BERTEL W. LEONARDSON N Page 380 N B. RICHARD TBARE ASHER E. TREAT KENNETH L. WESTEY EDWARD TATUM ALLEN TBNNY DAVID WILLIAMS RUSSELL L. MOEERLY . '25 MEMBERS IN FACULTY ,.qa M M .E 5,3 In .,: I A Q25 ,gig my A q QRPQEMII EI LELA BASCOM DORIS BENNETT WILLARD G. BLBYER HAROLD C. BRADLEY LEON J. COLE JOHN R. COMMONS WALTER H. EBLING SCOTT H. GOODNIGHT EDGAR B. GORDON HELEN W. GUNDERSON E. M. GUYER MICHAEL F. GUYER MARGARET ALSOP WILERED W. BEHM ROBERT V. BROWN EDWARD P. COLE GEORGIA CRANE G. KENNETH CROWELL SALLIE DAVIS EUGENE DUEPIELD MARVIN FBIN EVELYN FELDMAN C. VIRGINIA FISHER ROBERT G. GARLOCII 13 bi Tlfappa 13 bi OFFICERS A. T. WEAVER . ...... P - PTC-Sfdfm F, LOUISE NARDIN . . . ViCefPTCSidEnt VJ, A, SUIIINER , S6crctaryfTI'easu1'e1 HONORARY MEMBER DR. W. F. LORENZ EDWIN B. HART EDWIN G. HASTINGS BENJAMIN H. HIBBARD ANDREW W. HOPKINS THOMAS LLOYD JONES LEWIS R. JONES GEORGE W. KEITT OTTO L. KOWALRE G. L. LARSON CHARLES K. LEITH DON D. LESCOHIER CLEMENT P. LINDNER ARTHUR S. LOVENHART THEODORE MACKLIN ABBY L. MARLATT JOSEPH H. MATTHEWS RICHARD S. MCCAEEERY DANIEL W. MEAD CHARLES H. MILLS RALPH O. NAPZIGER F. LOUISE NARDIN FREDERICK L. PAXSON JAMES D. PHILLIPS RUEUS S. PHILLIPS BENJAMIN H. ROOHE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 CSERTRUDE E. GRETHER ELLIC C. HALVERSON KATHERINE HART ROLAND HARTMAN ADOLPH HENDRICICSON MARVIN HERSH TILLIE HOLZMAN GLEE W. HUMPHREY WALLACE M. JENSEN RICHARD G. JEWELL HELEN P. KEELER PEARL S. MALSIN FREDERICK A. MAXEIELD JOHN C. MCCARTER SYLVIA E. MEYER ROBERT B. MURPHY EDWARD A. NUSBAULI WILLIAM A. OLSON ELEANOR L. PENNINGTON JOSEPH PESSIN KENNETH W. POLLOCR WARREN C. PRICE W. HAMPTON RANDOLPH HERBERT H. RASCHE HARLAND E. REX Founded 1897 L 1 h . . . 3 K oca c aptcr UDlV6fSltY of Mama , Established IQD7 3Q chapters NI W .WBIIRN N Page 381 N FREDERICK W. ROE JOHN R. ROEBUCK HARRY L. RUSSELL GRANT SHOWERMAN ERNEST B. SKINNER WILLIAM A. SUMNER WILLIAM E. TOTTINGHAM FREDERICK E. TURNEAURE KENNETH M. WATSON ANDREW T. WEAVER RAY H. WHITBBCK HELEN C. WHITE LOUISE M. ROOD RUTH M. SCHERER R. LAURISTON SHARP JOHN P. SI-IOWERMAN THEODORE A. THELANDER ASHBR-E. TREAT GERALD C. WARD MAX WAX JEAN WEBSTER KENNETH W. WEGNER DONALD E. WILCOX HAROLD M. WILLIAMS . ... 25954 ALFRED C. BARRY EARL L. BELL HELEN I. CLARKE ROY J. COLBERT CALVERT L. DEDRICR RALPH AMMON ROBERT BREHMER HELEN L. BUNGE ALBERT E. CROET ALICE BATTEN MARY DAHLR GWENDOLYN DOWDING MARGARET A. ELLINGSON GRACE L. CALDWELL TAlpl7o. Tlfappa 'Delta OFFICERS HELEN I, CLARKE . .... . . . President LOWRY NELSON . . VicefP'reSident RACHEL KYLE .... . . Treasurer MARGARET ELLINGSON . . Secretary MEMBERS IN FACULTY LIPPERT O. ELLIS JOHN H. KOLB JOHN L. GILLIN DON D. LESCOHIER ASAEL T. HANSEN LORNA LEWIS JOSEPH K. HART DAVID E. LINDSTROM ELLIS O. KIRKPATRICK RALPH LINTON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES ARTHUR C. DAHLBERG MARGARETTA LORKE ROBERT A. POLSON JUDITH F. RUSSELL WAYNE T. GRAY ERWIN HUEBNEK LEONARD LOGAN CLASS OF 1929 EVELYN MCELPHATRICIC MAURICE PEARLSTEIN E. ALICE ROBESON GLADYS JENSEN RUTH KNoERNs:HILD RACHEL KYLE KATHERINE MARR JEAN E. THOMAS CLASS OF 1930 MILDRED C. EGGERT JEANNE MEYER V Founded IQZO Local chapter Umversity ot' So. California Beta I8 chapters Established 1922. -v Page 382 'N . HENRY G. MOI-ILER LOWRY NELSON FRANCES B. PERSON PHILIP H. PERSON KINIBALL YOUNG HAROLD D. SCOTT HENRY SHELDON EDWIN A. WILLSON VERN C. WRIGHT RUTH THOMPSON FELICIA WHITE M. JEAN WRIGHT IRENE M. ZEALLEY MAX STERN v '.v +5 . . V --I2:,'1'.gLv,.g.-2. Em R IES - ,M L L AETEI . 3 C A MEEI , , . . GLENN FRANK H. GLICKSMAN HENRY L. AI-ILGREN VICTOR C. ANDERSON FRED J. ANSFIELD J. GUNNAR BACK ALEXANDER BRAZE HOWARD L. CANEIELD MONTAGUE CANTOR PAUL H. CASSIDY ALLAN L. COHN ALEXANDER COWIE ORVILLE CROMER ROBERT M. ERICKSON F. J. ESSOGK FRANK J. FISCHBR ROGER C. FONTAINB GORDON L. PREDENDAHL BERNARD FRIEDMAN '33 i ' Ia Sigma Freshman Honor Society OFFICERS IVlILTON KLEIN . .... . . President ALEXANDER COWIE . . VicefP1esident JOHN A. ZERATSKI' . . . Secretary FRANK J. FISCHER . . Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS S. H. GOODNIGI-IT J. A. JAMES SENIOR ADVISER AUGUST JONAS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1931 GLEN W. GIBSON ASGAR F. LANGYKKE LAURENCE F. HANCOCK LUCIAN M. HANKS, JR. JOHN H. LILLY GEORGE H. LOOK CHESTER A. HANSON IVIERRITT N. LUFKIN ARNOLD W. HARTIG EINAR H. LUNDE HERBERT H. HORw:Tz RAYMOND A. MCCREARY JOSEPH C. HURTGEN HENRY L. JAEEE MAX H. KARL WALTER F. KARSTEN EARL E. KING MILTON H. KLEIN LEO F. KOSAK PAUL N. LACHMUND FRANK C. LADWIG GEORGE J. LAIKIN JAMES E. MAGKOWSKI ARNOLD F. MEYER DONALD J. MILLER DAVID S. NAROTSKY RICHARD A. NOELOK LOUIS E. OEERDECK ROBERT C. OCOCK CARL O. PAULSON FRANK PERLMAN HAROLD R. POPE .. Ja Founded 1923 Local chapter University of Illinois Alpha 6 ighnpnei-5 ' Established 1927 E. N Page 383 N A. V. MILLAR F. W. ROE JAMES D. PORTER KENNETH REHACE JUSTUS B. ROBERTS DE VERE W. ROWAN LEON H. RUBNITZ GORDON SINYKIN NEIL H. SMITH NOREERT STECKLER CHARLES F. STROEBEL S. YEWELL TOMPKINS GAYLORD M. VOLK LOUIS A. WEISRELDT ERNEST B. WILLIAMS GORDON C. WILLIANIS ROLLA R. WOLCOTT - JOHN A. ZERATSKY JUDAH ZIEMOR EA A + Sigma Epsilon Sigma Purpose: Honorary sorority for encouragement and promotion of high scholarship during the Freshman year. MIss SUSAN B. DAVIS DOROTHY A1-WOOD AMY E. BAUM ROSAMOND BLAORBOURNE MARIORIE BUOIQINOHAM RUTH BURDIOK MARIORIE CARR JOSEPHINE CLARK OFFICERS MARJORIE CARR ...... . . Pvesidenn GRACE WINTER . . Vice-President RUTH BURDICK . . . . Secretary DOROTHY LAMBECK . . . Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS MIss F. LOUISE NARDIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1931 VIOLA FRY GRACE GANNETT AMY GESSNER ANNA GESSNER CLARA HAGER HARRIET HOBEINS MYRTLE HOFFMAN Founded I927 University of Wisconsin 3 chapters N Page 384 N RUTH HYSLOP ELIZABETH KEHLER ESTHER KRUG DOROTHY LAMBECK MARY LIEBENBERG CAROLINE LOSCHBR ROSE NATHENSON Local chapter Alpha Established T927 MISS A. M. PITMAN GBRALDINE RICHARDS HELEN ROBERTS ELNORA SCANNELI. LILLIAN SHAPIRO GLADYS WING GRACE WINTER MARION WOLT,IN Pg mi 4 nw EEWW iggfwmf gay T "':' z '.,W I A 'AL..i .X L A ifv My J' EU I NA E9 'T AE icifwkmfkg? Top Row: H. L. Ewbank, Roe, A. T. Weaver, W. Graunke, W. Harrington Bottom Row: J. Lieberman, R. Scherer, G. Borchers, M. Wax M 1Delta Slgma Hbo OFFICERS JACR ROE . . . .... .... P resident CORNELIA FLIETH ..,. VicefP-resident RUTH SCHERBR .......... Secretaryfreasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. R. AURNER H. L. EWBANK H. M. GROVES G. L. BORCHBRS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATE C. L. LEHMAN CLASS OF 1929 HAROLD CRANEEIELD WALTER GRAUNKE JOE LIEBERMAN CORNELIA FLIETH WELLS HARRINGTON JACK ROE Alpha Zeta OFFICERS GEORGE M. WERNER ..... Chancellor JOSEPH J. DELWICHE . . , Scribe ADOLPH HENDRICKSON . Censor RUEBEN FISCHBR . . . . . Treasurer LEE KLINE .............. Chronicler MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. S. ALEXANDER W. D. FROST B. H. HIEEARD J. H. KOLB G. B. MORTIMER S. M. BABCOCK J. G. FULLER C. E. HOLMES C. LINDOW G. RICHARDS I. L. BALDWIN E. H. FARRINCTON A. W. HOPRINS E. L. LUTHER H. L, RUSSELL J. W. BRANN A. A. GRANOVSKY G. C. HUMPHREY T. MACKLIN I, W, Rupgy, G. A. CHANDLER E. B. HART J. A. JAMES J. G. MILWARD H. H. SQMMER E. J. DELWICHE E. G. HASTINGS E. R. JONES R. A. MOORE H. STEENEOC14 C. A. ELVEHJEM K. L. HATCH L. R. JONES J. G. MOORE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES L. J. ALEXANDER A. E. DARLOW L. E. HAWKINS P. W. MILLER E. J. RE-NARD E. J. BELL, JR. W. H. EBLING M. H. KNUDSEN D. R. MITCHELL R. R, RENNE F. BRANT M. C. FORD R. H. LUSH - H. OTTERSON K. T. RISTY J. CHUCKA F. L. GUNDERSON J. E. MCCLINTOCK R. H. POLSON i CLASS OF 1929 E. R. BARDER J. J. DELWICHE W. FREITAG A. A. HENDRICKSON R. JAMES C. W. BROWN R. A. FISCHER R. C. HARTNIAN R. HODCSON L. A. KLINE H. W. COOK J. A. CALIJENBACH M. H. MITCHELL CLASS OF 1930 R. T. NICHOLAS Founded I897 Ohio State University 34 chapters 0 sfo gd? 3 N Page 385 N K. G. WECKEL Local chapter I Babcock Established IQOS I D. D. LESCOHIER A. T. WEAXVBR RUTH SCHERER MAX WAX XV. A. SUMNER E. M. TIEEANY E. TRUOC R. E. VAUCHN J. C. WALKER A. R. WHITSON W. H. WRIGHT B. H. ROCHE H. E. SACEN L. WYKER C. P. WILSIA C. E. STALLMAN G. M. WERNER D. E. WILCOX H. F. WISCH EA A 'Top Row: D. Graves, H. Jerome, F. Clarke, M. Fein, L. Pritchard Bottom Row: G. Noetzel, E. Taff, K. Crowell, M. Wax, R. Schwenger Hrtus HONORARY MEMBER HAROLD M. GRovEs MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES J. L. BERGSTRESSER ROBERT B. SCI-IWENGER CLASS OF 1929 IRVIN L. AARON FRANKLIN W. CL.ARKE M. GERHARD DOKKEN ELLIS HALVERSON BIDE M. RANSOM AUGUST W. BARTELT EDWARD P. COLE MARVIN M. FEIN GROVER A. NOETZEL ELLIS S. TAEF FRED W. BAUMANN G. KENNETH CROWELL KARL HAGEMEISTER LYLE T. PRITCI-IARD MAX WAX Top Row. A. Stoppenbach, E. Haight, S. Meyer, T. Snyder Bottom Row: T. Halverson, H. Seifert, M. Watts mu '13 bi 'Epsilon National Honorary Music Sorority OFFICERS E. HAIGHT . . . President M. WATTS . . Secretary T- SNYDER - .... VicefPresident S. MEYER . . Treasurer MEMBER IN FACULTY KATHLEEN MCKITRICK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 EVELYN FELDMAN SYLVIA MEYER LORNA SNYDER ADELB STOPPBNBACH MARY WATTS CLASS OF 1930 ESTHER HAIGHT HAZEL SEIFERT MEMBERS IN MADISON V- ANDERSON T. HALvERsoN N Page 386 N Social Sororilies 05 I Q J! I 14' V 5 . X.. r.- L. I . ff ,QAM I -I. 3 I I E I.-Ji W KI-I-1, ,- W I W A. ,,--:X x, 3 Y V mf If W A -'Jw fr rl' ' ,QRXI 1 .5 TE! , .4 r ..,Il ,A ,r .4 I., T! . g., 91. , . -,ff '1, ,cy .K .H .K PQI, fx' Q! 'I VTE LL: E.::.L.LmL:,.,s:,,4,A. A LL- 1 ,. ,L .-...-.,....f:L:. l-,f.mL?.1,M Vg .,- I-J-3,-. -- '- -E-,. , .. I.-1:-If 1 ,EL ,-,, AL ,LAL ,... QQ., ..--...L.M,.,.1.,L,. - . .--,F . 1-Ai.:---V-iz-.TIE-.Em-.-,LI-3.-. H I MIL I Q1 L N If?-I?ggI-QJIII fgg If -.KQV Jpwl Qs. 1' Y 3.-,:1,. Irfan FJ!! V 1 V A evil' V 4 5? ff fVF:ES.Qf F, I-HYVI I 1 if 9 3 1 Top Row: A. J. Creber, E. Savery, M. S. Swensen, V. I. Tingle, S. Davis, J. Friedl, E. M. Baldwin, D. S. Davis Second Row: O. Olson, M. P. Weisiger, K. Foster, R. Dalenberg, A. Kiernan, A. Young, J. Bliss Bottom Row: N. Muggleton, V. Clement, M. Casterline, G. McPherson, M. Burnham, V. Miieller MARY C. BURNHAM MARGARET CASTBRLINE ALICE J. OREEER ELIZABETH M. BALDWIN JANE BLISS HORTENSE DARBY ELIZABETH GOEP MARY BOARDMAN ELIZABETH DODGE 'Mappa Tlfappa Gamma MEMBERS IN FACULTY LOUISE HOLT ANNIE PITMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARY F. BYARD RAMONA DALBNBERG DOROTHY S. DAvIs SALLIE DAVIS VIRGINIA J. CLEMENT KATHARINE L. FOSTER JANE D. FRIBDL GRADUATE CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 MARY A. KIERNAN GERTRUDE MCPHERSON NANCY J. MUGGLBTON MARY MANN VIRGINIA A. MUELLER ELIZABETH HAUMERSON . VERNA RAVENSCROPT Lors MILLS CLASS OF 1932 MARION EMERY LUCIA JACOBS MARY ANNA Fox ELEANOR MARLING SHIRLEY HOBBINS Vin ,ig - ' If-'..r,If-+I T I A .YI JSF 1555 "ju JBQEI.-'-YI' Ifgffj UI" .I I5 TH,-' I TTI ' 'EI If Llf II 'YL-' I IW I I z.,,fL If QHZJA iff Jlf ana I 3 B-- J. W I '.,"1 Founded 1870 1 ' ' Monmouth Colle e F Q 'FAM I I IL' II E 1'-XXI. 1 4 ' j, 57 chapters .I I 'U Ji I Wir., II Qlmx ' 2 If' . II, uf, . if I 1 -6 QU 7,13 A. J I II :WLS 'U F J- '1-ix, Ii-IJ 5 II I I frIj'Ir'?, ' , ZR- Q 'S I 1,.,L,L R If '55 tw fF'IHf1 '-Ia' ,, I-:Aww F. I mmf I ., ,W -I I' ' . III . If! f I 5' I- I IIAa.2geq5,gg5qa1p.g5Yf3g1--IEW LII5I,q5:I:4-Q...:.--ml .. - 1, - . - II N wiofiaIMJMK.'IrsIr2RIEgEI?5 M 'ff I ,- F if N' Zin: NIL! . H1 YF! J I 'V-ff, -2,3 kg Ji ZW If., A ,K A, U - ' ' . I I I I T5 I . 5 ' ,WW A 1 I. 15" r"'L I y'IIQIJ23 " , ' f I, .I' . . F 21" IITI 'Fxf' 2 .- f "WI 3251 1. . I.I.I. . , V Iw I I ' ff' . 1-3I1:ff .. I wh- 5.7.1 5, IA, ,peg I ng- .9 . Mi I . I"YI,'-I1 "'D-'52 E., iff II? ' ,. " I I' ' I' 'Q '1EWI'.ITf':' 4f??z W 3.233 III . I ELI' QI I war' mf I LK? 1- I- 75 5 -' if X1-Ae' 43' IYQWf'5f5 '::f I fx? '-'ffQ'I'-TWA I 3- "TV A "L . if ' F n I.I I' A ?iM?'AY1fHC2iM!M1iOML -'IIA .-.,R,,.. LMI 53, I N Page 388 N f IN. E-'ETA 5"VwW'71,v: HI MARY S. SWENSEN VIRGINIA I. TINGLE MARGARET P. WEISIGER CAROLYN A. OLSON ANNE YOUNG VIOLET RAVENSCROPT ELEANOR SAVERY VAUN PURCBLL ALLISON SMITH , ,LL ,. .LL..,,L.f, 'I fgfirgitf 3. 42413 539553 I IIQI II-Y . I ' -'41 ' """2'w'x1If"'I3 0' J I1 Lui T17 Iii I qilf fy VIS I I2 A Ti IIIQH I 'QNIJJI 'A I "KS III A I jig I --'T'-"-"' ,Tha U T ja! I A Local chapter I' jx ,, In 1. .IN H Em .I 'I jx Esfablishedlsvgjl N I ,nf-I II , ' I I 32? lIJ34.'I5QI II J- ' -Lf lx ivh"..f' I ,I fig, .. -. nI'.I- ,Lima YI ff "1-f .In 'ami 's."5'x.Q-f if "IL 1 IL? L ' -I. ' ' '..IL.:'i:i A -Q .-J, .Lgf1."e:r.24 Et 1-waiter- .. i.,.L .,.. . Top Row: M. Dunlap, D. Luedke, O. Smith, E. Allen, D. Page, L. Gillette, H. Hobbins, M. Whitaker Second Row: M. Beardmore, K. McKee, W. O'Brien, H. Rumsey, N. Garton, M. Hefferan, R. Burdick, L. Pike, H. Mautz Bottom Row: M. Modie, K. Gary, J. Smith, E. Bovier, R. Wacldle, I. Sumner, R. Sample, J. Hodges K. ALLEN ELIZABETH W. ALLEN MILDRED BEARDMORB ELIZABETH S. BOVIER CORNELIA O. FLIBTH JUANITA B. FOSSUM KATHERINE W. GARY VIRGINIA L. GORDON RUTH BURDICK FLORENCE F. BURNS MARY L. CALLENDER M. EUNICE CONROY MARY M. DARLING MARJORIE CHASE DOROTHY E. CHELLEERG IK-. , Ri'-.'I.f4- .I' - .I--1 ,,, 1 g-1:32, 731.7 . i I'. I' 1 . if I ,r .: I I I I II .L If ll l L' ' l ' i li ll FEIS' ,. IQ. E fI'i,l .2 ""l l 'l Elfnrf f"' I II I - . an itil! I 1 iii I' gi If- fi., Founded 1872 H14 --l , ,University of Mississippi fi 'lil ,. Il' L 43 Chapters ,IL , . I , I , ,. It II I I W- 7' 1 GI II wg, ,.-If.. I. I I! li qw lik... ff? I Q? I! iw-lk al' "" Lf'fE25,',l -IL5 lrylg 'l , , . .l . ,I Ai i iDelta Gamma MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. B. JOHNSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF NANCY E. GARTON LEONA GILLETTE MARY E. LIEFPER.-KN CLASS OF MARY E. KELLEY DOROTHY R. LUEDKE HELEN D. MAUTZ CLASS OF CAROLYN J. DIETRICH MARY R. DUNLAP GERALDINE D. HANDLEY HARRIET E. HOEEINS HELEN HUNTER CLASS OF ALIOE W. EARLEY SIDNEY L. LYMAN 1929 JENNIE T. HODGES KATHERINE A. MCKEE H. LOUISE PIKE 1930 WINNIERED O'BRIEN DOROTHY B. PAGE 1931 ELIZABETH G. KENDALL LYDAEELLE S. MACCARTNEY HELEN MBINARDI MARGARET L. MODIE 1932 MARY D. QUARLES PAULA F. STEELE ' I '- . .L -. f . I I .4 -A :E -ff , I .sf-fu. I' '. -. . , . :L -2' I ft I if LN lK I I ' ' ff ' P 'EI ' ' I .L 'I' E+-GSW iff'-I., X -gal V I . . ' 5, WA-+R.,,hY I FPA, - T " AI: " .,.,. ' '-"-""- I , I.-:.1:: Elf "" i ' f ,, f I . .... I ' I,I.Iw--' r .. ew: f II u--" I -+1 ' - , I- ' -I1 I. N Page 389 rv K. JONES M. MARJORIE QUIGG RUTH SAMPLE OLIVE H. SMITH JOSEPHINE M. SUMNER HELEN B. RUMSEY JANET M. SMITH RUTH A. WADDLE MARGARET A. OSNIOND SALLY PURCELL D. FAY REHDER ELIZABETH A. WEESNER MARY E. WHITAKER M. JANE STREICH MARY A. WHEELER - -. I - I 1. III J--gas .gi fl I-" 'fl I U91 2? - 'I . 7 1 II In ,I I, I.- I. I. ,Wt ' I4 I .,I y III I-.Q ',, I, lp fl Ill 'Egfr f,'I"f,ll ' V93 ' 'ffl ,..., , I if I, . .I II lv r ' L 'Il' ,J .I .A ,AA Iii - .i. ' , H I I AN, U lvl I, 4. ,I I ,glfgx Local chapter 'ff'-H' ' gi ,AL Omega if" I I lvl Established 1880 IQ' If, ' "1 I ml II E' I fi fix .. 53' I I'Il 'I 1 I f 'l ' , ' Il ' I 'lf I ,Im 1 .A I5 E L II ff ll f' I H- 1 JI' I :LAT IRI '. fl. E , .I-:Iv .J M, 'I . I I I! js 11.15 I f :L -X I! fllj 1. E L 'FF' 5 -I R ADW .fl,g:1lI Ei JI -4,I-- ,-ill ga! 'RHI IV I I 'II II II ..L.,L.-x.L...-...Lm.,- - G. L.. ,.,.,..,H 7.??PY-:.::-f.S:-.25-?Q.w1fC..-yi- -ll' . - . ,H e..1W.I- - 4-- - -A- I I I A 1.3-Q. Q Lx... S. "f"'fl.:g.Q1 'Top Row: H. MacDonald, E. E. McElphatrick, P. Palmer, M. McLellan, H. McLellan, J. C. Allen, D. Lawrence, J. Jardine Third Row: J. L. Tennant, D. A. Dunegan, I. A. Kelley, E. A. Gerry, E. N. Clausen, M. E. Brlggs, M. Schermerhorn Second Row: H. L. Slingluff, C. A. Sornmers, B. Masterson, J. W. Biggar, D. N. Thomson, H. C. Reitz, S. Nash, M. L. Brandon Bottom Row: A. V. Slingluff, E. J. Anderson, V. H. Stearns, O. J. Payne, K. E. Royce, M. M. Harris, H. B. Campbell JANE C. ALLEN JANE BIGGAR DOROTHY A. DUNEGAN EDITH A. GERRY ISABELLB A. KELLEY ELEANOR J. ANDERSON HELEN BARDEEN ELIZABETH W. BARTLETT MARY J. BELLACI: MARY L. BRANDON MARION E. BRIGGS EI.1zAEETH BURCHARD MARGARET R. ATKINSON .I Q25 , III I.. .. I ff J I 21 - -2 K KI I' -'III .3 V "' 'Q J if-'Tlf II IIIIEEI 2 I QF I If '-. III, , I ' I I I I --A .,.' I '. Il IU.-'P ,I F I2 I Il Q.A,IgI as N II l I r 'ff' W ,IWIVFI P .!, I ISU I ' A I? . I 3 II l IE! ' IIL wx l l ll ll 'l KI :S S, I. Founded IS74 lx pf.XI,y Syracuse University V ' I ' UI, 35 chapters fi -Q' I" I If 'J'-ff. -' , Ij I l J I I IR I. , I I I I ' I 5 L I I., ' IE -XI I'- JI: .-E . 1, 1. Gamma JJ bi Bela MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 PATTBB LAWRENCE , PATRICIA PALMER HELEN MACDONALD OENIA PAYNE BEATRICE MASTBRSON HELEN C. REITZ EVELYN E. MCELEHATRICR KATHERINE E. ROYCE CLASS OF 1930 HELENA B. CAMPBELL MERCEDES JELSRIA KATHRYN CROWELL HELEN MCLELLAN MARGARET MCLBLLAN RUTH M. GRAY MARY M. HARRIS ' CLASS OF 1931 MARY LINDSAY JODEEN LORD SUSAN NASH VIRGINIA BUSWELL ELNA M. CLAUSEN JEAN JARDINE CLASS OF 1932 FANCHON M. BLACKHALL CAROLYN SMITH MARY E. SAGER ,Max 4,--L. ...f ,,..,I ,Q I ., , -. . - R , I L., I Lvzf. MARGARET SCHERMERHORN HARRIET L. SLINGLUEE A. VIRGINIA SLINGLUFF CATHERINE A. SOMMBRS DOROTHY THOMSON DOROTHY W. PLUMMER VIRGINIA STEARNS JEANNE L. TENNANT MARGARET E. NEWMAN CONSTANCB RUBY ELBANOR SCOTT HARRIET P. TREAT FRANCES A. VROOMAN -gg-H IT: g-,ivirfiw-iv f-'I I II 1 II, I 3-1, 1.3 SQ ,III fijlgfgfgggli j IAM bmifgg L ,L,, 'iii 5:1 my I "f:2.f" I -'II I fy .I Ii? I2 IIC' '-1.I'I: is .gl lxI:gIfII I tk!! I . lg, ll I 'I II V' If I fQl"II ' IJ-. I,-. Local Chapter , "Il-lx , Gamma I 'J I I Established 1887 If ll' fl I " 11.11 -1,-4'sl.,x id I l II. II. ,. . .- I II I, ,R If '- - '-I '-Wm.. .Ref of fa ' .Fi .. R. J. .1 .30 l I , 'lx Ky' w K-inrii. IIE' I I.. , 1,-I4 A -N. ,E ,jf s--I ,I-I' , .I wr--7. '-eff -41 J ,-Ig.zqf:Ix,r-154 ' - ' - - -- Y -, -...Ye L-L 3 S. . -A. G .-:1-I. 31.19, A E, - - if-. ...Y A - 1-1-J-L: -1- 1 . Y S--. r-:-1-zu-Q19-ff :er-1-sf En-GL N Page 390 N I , I EI ! 5 .LN ESI 'IP'Rf'ER. fl' X? lfEgirAIx"R,s'S 'S-ifIJj4.,A:, . Sf fi,-4?-lil F71 H3 if .IRS X Iigj I eaaggf, 1 II'cIUIIl'?4-.J Cay 3 N...I'I5f YI Ili if .SIM ,AII UTI. Z-vjvb. 'I G: ' Y .F II. -A., J MX-Af' VI-If' I' Fi II ww. Ig-.1 .1 E. ff... Y - ff, SI J". - . .I 0"Iy?,fLiI'5?5.' I 4' CC" . fe "UP, I JN J., . ...QL ,I -.f,1f .- -'f53??T'?fI.fQI I jk, . Q K I. ,nl -. .-.,I L V , L, - .,, ilwixkfii, IX 1? 1 -fe xx -I.. 'I S' ...A-I.- - - .a.bL J:-L., ag:-12:5 -A AF- L . ..Y, 1 .. ,IN In Q... . I 'f. .. K I If I il 5' .J 5, Top Row: D. Boyd, J. Hunter, E. McElhinney, A. Dick, V. Manchester, K. Keebler, C. McKnight, M. Tomei. C. Wood Second Row: M. Stuckey, E. Hurd, M. Carey, M. Driessen, M. Fulton, B. Blackwell, P. Laurence, M. Rapp Bottom Raw: P. Childe, H. Beach, E. Martineau, E. Paine, J. Smith, R. Knowlton, E. Thomas, M. Carson, K. Theobald MARTHA D. CARSON MARQ' D. CAREY PATRICIA P. CHILDE AILEEN E. DICK MARY P. FULTON JEAN M. HUNTER HARRIET C. BEACH BETTY B. BLACKWELL MARY A. BLACKWELL MARJORIE H. ARCHIBALD GERTRODE J. BRETT JANE E. CENSKE I .-lx.-. 51.-,,.2 .-U . . .-Z,.L, .. ,.-.-.Ia If U .Kappa 'Alpha Chaka MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. M. RICE C. A. GIJYLES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATE H. VON WEISE CLASS OF 1929 MARION M. DRIEssEN KATHERINE C. KEEBLER RUTH E. KNOWLTON PAMELIA A. LAURENCE MILDRED L. MCCUNE EVELYN MCELHINNEY CATHERINE M. MCKNIGHT CLASS OF 1930 EMILY V. HURD VIRGINIA MANCHESTER CLASS OF 1931 DOROTHY M. BOYD . ELINOR C. MARTINEAU ELIZABETH GILLETT ELIZABETH PAINB L. DALLAS HIRST ALPHA L. SLEETH CATHERINE E. JACKSON CLASS OF 1932 JEAN E. IRMIGER DOROTHY M. MUELLER ALICE J. PORTER MARGARET A. SACKET I. gfhnri., "' 'l wif-.-. : . N I 'ITE TI I Ill S , I '- I 4 I' Lg,-f' j.:1- A A' ' Y -. I X . . . . ,. . . tg lr, Q "III fy" 'J-I, l' I vf. K . , 'II' I' QI .' .. . N .. Q A' . ' -A ,., . .. , 5. h, .IL A 3494 'Y I J ', ., , 2 . '- I lj,--'JW' ,W , IAQ I 1 A 1 32231 I A , -,A I - ,.-, ,-I ef Q L- ---I - ,. N 1, I' . I. A, ' g W: Iv-.... .ej .fs:Iz2 , ,Lg l ,Af 'Elm nal . f a I III moo- 'III f JI IIE' XX Y Jl' T.ijIgfIf ,!-.A ..., LMI , I . - .fl--AA " G 5' I ,Il :I f .gg I, I?-I, JI' ,,,, I UITQ 4,7 .. f I f52fEiZ1"iC I '-3.1 'II Egzvfaf, . 'Z I'i!1L,,E H,Tf:f'11" Y' ?22.i.Y2i,:-:fA I' Qlfvx .K l 'f I C55 Founded 1870 Il I I' I - I I I I .3"5'i1 if-A fi 'f"...- T21 47 ,,4'r52f" Ijw-2 LZ V' 'l,"iS"' 7 . , 9 L77 -'1 H 1 -'25 FIIJLI De PAUW UUWCFSIFY NC"'YI '- 14' I, .i l .W IHS, . I A 'I f I I' I 2 1 9 Hf 'IfI" I- 11: II E F- IQ Mi I l 'I I. ii Chapters I 5 E I!-- ,Q-, q -,v-mam I Jig. iff- - I I . -, f 1 'W .-' I 1-V J 51- . .IRQ 3571 'I' '-If A :'sI',1fL.L, f?:f-.I 3.11. f, - 'aff ' f' 'I R .,.. 1 ..I - - f.- .I .ff .. . -I+-Y , . 2 ., I l N 3? -A -,fdfv UAW- . A A Y -. .G . . Y , AWA . syifa.. .,x. .M . . , -I lf? If DEFRA II' I ,I If' Hs I fzI "i'II"" I' ' 'Im g .i?,9,, "l -. jj KR. . Q., I - A .I 'X V. I' , ln, Qi IJ 'fs If ID' - 'I ,, -- 4'-5'.AE?fI?- .E . ..:+..'fIf .. 'vw'- 5 '+ . - ,J ,R ig I 'ICJ' 3.5, ,rk u .zfg ..,. Ii.. Irffjqf I1-3:22-.Q-'IJf,g5g1g2NYgj:,.:5' 'ffff'-E-:L Iffigacfqbz:-Q,py1iT'. E1 IE .",.?vs1'w.9".21'I"I '91 T-Efmisfflf. I--' . 'T 1' ff - f' , r I,g:Lz.JE:L-4I..,i..4,..H.,,.H1:.......--,.....L,..1...,-...,L.. . L.. . f G Af:-f - A L,,.,LLL..u Z, ,. ..-., ,..,..G,.L. N, .f- N.: -.fa-...-:.f-a.I::1Q--1,41-.v.e---L- Y- -A MARY G. RAE? JANET E. SMITH MARGARET A. STUCKEY J. ELIZABETH THOMAS MARGARET T. TORIEI CATHERINE E. WOOD JANE E. STRATTON MARIBEA SWANSON KATHERINE J. THEOEALD CBLIA SHERRILL MARY A. VAN NUYS HELEN E. WORTHINGTON 5 'Ting' 'V WT 7 Mg T'YlWnfT',f If -'iii ' ' -9 ' , " -flil E " . 1- Iv' iss' 'I I I" I' 6' P Il ,I I,.,.LII ' Jfiiahl QQ: I In ,M H I III . I , ,I X JI I .I I I' , H" 'J I Iii-BB. Local chapter JA'-,ill Psi I. HA JI 'IVIII Established 1890 ,ffl 1 ' ' Q ' Ll ,K I.. - W I, I- ,fly I ,Q x . . . 4- ...L , i.ikIlfl:..lI..., 'JI-f ,'.i..IlJ ,,- I -' 4 y - 1 .. I-,sg -am: H., mf, wnff-ve,-1 1--TTA-T-A-.-:A vagal-. A: .LM-z.-,L-V -a-, :1-G: . . .. Page 391 N ,G I 'I I ,Jin is MA: .fx .4-xg i' 3201 I Y I-- L 1 l "' I I I"R:',lf.f f If I fiflf' ' T545 e-.L 'VLY I-A ,fr QR 5 I I A ll I- ,rl I1fI Top Row: A. Kendall, E. Saxton, C. Collins, J. Grosvenor, J. Cannon, E. Birt, A. Young Second Row: L. Waskow, L. Gilman, E. C. Pomainville, C. O. Chesley, M. L. Searle, M. J. Murphy Bottom Row: E. White, C. B. Conner, l. Witt, D. B. Smith, L. Orr, H. Wilkinson, M. Wilmarth ELIZABETH BIRT CATHRYN O. CHESLEY CATHERINE M. COLLINS CONSTANCE B. CONNER VIRGINIA H. LINN SARAH AGNEW I JANE CANNON DOROTHY BAKER EMILY CHESLEY NANCY DUNCAN 'I f' V. . J I l fg-1' "'Ll'l-" IRI ,.I 1 I , V ,I Nl . ' ' C ,, " I J i 1 gy,-1.1. ..-,-. S ff .z ' :gl l .-".,x I' ,ij 3 IM JM nay, .Q ' ,HI I IEE ,gl-fll 3 ,Jiri Founded 1867 A ,JT ,,""l,MonmOuth College If -. 77 chapters 1 A . ' , Q' 1. I 'W' 1 1 Lx "'f'lIj 1 I L' ' I" .Ji 1' 1' Ili Ezra ,Ubi MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 LORAINB GILEIAN ELIZABETH C. PONIAINVILLE M. JESSICA MURPHY ELIZABETH SAXTON LOUISE L. ORR I DOROTHY B. SMITH CLASS OF 1930 DOROTHY NASH JEAN WILKINSON CLASS OF 1931 JUDY GROSVENOR ANNE KENDALL MARJORIDEL HUBERS JBANETTE SIMMONS CLASS OF 1932 HELEN HOSLBR CATHERINE Rooms MARY J. MILLER ELIZABETH STROCK FRANCES PHILLIPS ,., N Page 392 N LOIS WASKOW BETTY A. WERDER MARION V. WILEIARTH CHARLOTTE WILLIALIS ANNBTTE YOUNG ELEANOR WHITE ISAEEL WITT DELORES THOMAS KATHARINE TRUESDALL BETTY WOODARD 1-5:11 ,Lg Tl, YY.:x .C .- , ..---1 ., I T "JI i 1, . " .. " V I-.VI :R I 51' ' 'gi ,wi rg -. "H .1 Ni J' ,. ' ' .A wg., , A 'lil M 1 I fm '12 ,J A ,, I ul, . H251 W le . 92,4 ' IM I . . 1 I V 0 , F f- X I ms, , ' II., ,I Local chapter fl ll.:-,Lf fl, Wisconsin Alpha v,I,5.lgI.,-3 I lll ' " Established18O4 ff' 'W gui X V .I ' ,-L1,,.,- 7 I. V' " L94 1 H, W., J, 5,,fJ,I . if '1:tu.+i.I , I I P- '-.J dr' "I :FJ-E, S, , H7 'ET' Ji -En, ' gr. L.-ILE-3:5-ESQ. I l I I I I Top Row: H. K. Meiklejohn, E. Richards, V. O'Leary, P. Barker, V. Olson, M. Johnson, M. E. Shaner, J. LeCOmte Second Row: E. Willard, E. Perry, E. Laper, J. Price, E. Laird, J. Bartholorny, J. Droppers Bottom Row: L. Bell, R. Critchell, F. Cline, C. Mather, C. Young, E. Cam, M. Palmer, C. Blunt JEAN BARTHOLORIY RUTH CRITCI-IELL MARY DOWELL CHARLENE BLUNT MIRIANI JOHNSON POLLY BARRI-:R LOUISE BELL LOUISE BAUMCART RUTH BEYNIER JEAN BROWN BARBARA CRITCHELL L5 I P . I", lf . I ,If, Iii dl., C' .' wx K4 ll I P V fz I 1 i g 5 . Founded 1872 bf' I Syracuse Univers J If QI-X Z8 chapters J . ity 'Alpha Thi IVIENIBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 JEAN DROPPERS MARTHA MAINLAND ESTHER GARN CARMEN MATHER DOROTHY LEE VIRGINIA O,LEARY CLASS OF 1930 HELEN K. MEIRLEJOHN MARION PALMER CLASS OF 1931 FRANCES CLINE ETHEL LAPER DOROTHEA HANNAHS JULIETTE LECOMTE EMILY LAIRD CLASS OF 1932 ELXZABETH EASTBRLY MARY M. MACKILLICAN JEAN ELLIOTT MARY L. MISTELE V LAURA J. MACKILLICAN JANE MORRIS N Page 393 N VALLIE OLSON ELIZABETH OLSON EDITH RICHARDS JESSIE PRICE ELIZABETH SHANER KATHERINE RHODES KATHERINE VEA CHARLOTTE RANDALL JANE SCHUETTE CATHERINE WATSON ELLEN WHYTE '5-I kg ,fix ' 1 'y A Q' I ia Local chapter Iota Established 1896 Q . l 1 I : I I l . . . .L L.. L V.- L. ,MNH-.ifi L LJ:LL .T,ff:11 11 1 I ,-,L.,.f - -LQ: ,LZ L- 7 If-:ff 1- -J-:.-A-:EL ::E mi:,f,1:,1v --LS:-:E-,LW 0 l 1 1 1 I Top Row: L. Ashworth, Buth, D. Holt, L. Field, I. Bunker, B. Chamberlain, V. Snyder, C. L. Menges, A. Findorff Second Row: F. Pease, R. Dunlop, J. Lankow, M. Parkhurst, K. Hopkins, A. Moores, J. Doyle, F. Kinsella Bottom Row: N. Ballenger, J. VanHagen, V. Masden, L. Berner, R. Schiesser, E. A. Albrecht, I. McGovern, E. Meier, R. Oscar ISABBL BUNRER JEAN DOYLE CATHERINE EDWARDS EMILY A. ALBRECHT NANCY BALLBNGER LILLIAN BERNER MARION COKE LOUISE ASHWORTI-I RUEY BURKHARDT JOYCE BUTH MARIAN DODGE GWENETH HOLT li. 'S W 111 lv! 3' WEEE? J Founded 1888 Boston University ' 71 chapters . l 'Pclta Telta 'Delta MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. E. ALLEN L. B. PALMER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARGELLA STEEL ARLINE FINDOREE KATHRYNE HOPKINS LOIS FISH BESS HAYNBR DOROTHY HOLT FLORENCE KINSBLLA GRADUATE CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 BARBARA CHAMEERLAIN RUTH CUNNINGHAM RUTH DUNLOP LILLIAN FIELD CLASS OF 1932 RUTH KELLOGG CLARA L. MENGES VIRGINIA MASDEN RUTH OSCAR SALLY OWEN ALICE HAGEN KATHERINE KRUSE JEANETTE LANKOW' MARGIA MGKENNA ELIZABETH MURPHY RUTH MENGES N Page 394 N ELDENA MEIER MARGARET MOORE RUTH SCHIESSER MARY PARKHURST FLORENCE PEASE ELIZABETH THOMAS JEAN VAN HAGEN ISAEEL MGGOVERN FRANCES RIETVELT HARRIET TOWNSEND BETSY OWEN MERLE OWEN 1 N R 6 ' Y W "x!I'll1',g J. E ' ' V ,I 'I' 1111 f " W is 1 'NJ If ' 1 gl ' . A 'l -115 J A VA ll X, 41 I A .inf Locagxihapter v,fi7L"f1 ' u 7 11 lp' '. EmI111Shed1sQs fp -12 E., Iv ,1 I, -1' II11 I' ' ' ,,',.1, Q .' ,1 :V 1 if 1 J, , Q 1,.. 5 I, l 11 il 11 1 31 1 '-. 1 lifa I 1. RFE K If-' 21 R . 'J lm' T ll P O 13. C- R 1- glgei UF ff-ff ljj .1 fi- M R J 1 1 Y s .iw-fr 4' lk LA l 1 I LL... M.........,L.,.,-.L.,Q.L.. L..- . .A ,, lx r Top Row: V. Fisher, G. Gilbert, M. Kaltenbach, R. Blocki, A. Ochsner, J. Solrnes, G. Morgan, M. Mitchell Second Row: J. Radley, J. Gregory, B. Lundy, E. Kettle, L. Swensen, B. Rutter, K. Mullenbach, J. Smith, H. Dines Bottom Row: E. Wright, K. Graybill, M. Gilbert, L. Robinson, R. Tiedeman, K. Schoenfeld, M. Sorensen, I. Torpy, C. Posthuma K. L. CRONIN HELEN DINES C. VIRGINIA FISHER RUTH L. BLOOKI CHARLOTTE FLINT MARION E. GILBERT ELOISE ATEN FRANCES BURNS DOROTHY C. COSTON GEORGIA F. GILBERT BETHANA BUCKLIN CAROLINE HESS l I ' . I -'K 5 ' , v i 4 V I Y lifljll p Q' A: Qi tongs' C95 'Mi J I '' mg 'J I Qlqm' . I Ig Y M ' . QI ll ful Founded 1895 I ,Q ,"' I University of Arkan 'Q 11' A 3 -In 84 chapters I I' If I l I. I if I 1 I rr' .I susjl' 1. I V . 5 I' Chi Omega MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. V. HOLMES M. MYER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 MARJORIE P. KALTENBACH KATHARINE MULLENBACH BILL A. LUNDY L. JEANNBTTE SMITH F. MARIAN MITCHELL CLASS OF 1930 KATHLEEN M. GRAYBILL ELEANOR E. KETTLE GRACE A. MORGAN ALICE C. OCHSNER CATHERINE C. POSTHUMA LOIS ROBINSON CLASS OF 1931 JEANETTE J. GREGORY WINIERED RECORD BERNIOE LEE E. BERNICB RUTTBR JANE C. RADLEY KATHERINE L. SCHOENPBLD VIRGINIA B. RANDALL ' CLASS OF 1932 DOROTHY KBLLOGG A ARLINE KNIGHT MAXINE KIRCH BERNICE LUDER N Page 395 fw J. THORNHILL RUMELIA TIEDEMAN ISABEL TORPY E. JANET SOLMES LEOTA J. SWENSEN MARGARET WISE MARION SORENSEN ELLA VON KRUG MARY C. WILKINSON ELLEN D. WILIGHT BERTHA P. MOODY MARJORIE SCHULT I In , gn . Z' Yll FI , X Q I ll K ' ,il I - X.. I V Local Chapter u ,, N I ' A I - Established IQOI J. xf WT .1 Top Row: A. Hayden, E, Wilke, H. Barker, K. Needham, H. Cheeseman, M. H. Miller, G. North, E. Rowell Third Row: A. Stoppenbach, D. Rowan, B. Phinney, R. Emerson, R. Walker, L. Folsom, L. Erwin Second Row: L. Eisele, M. Carr, G. Schlacks, F. Holman, J. Peflley, M. Withey, B. Tweed, C. Howard Bottom Row: E. Mosby, B. Hornby, J. Sterling, G. Steinman, A. Mackenzie, M. L. Irvine, A. Johnson. M. HNDOUBLBR HELEN BARRER LOUISE EISELE LUCILLB ERWIN CATHERINE BLAORMAN HARRIBT CHBBSEMAN ESTBLLE FORD ANNE BELL MARJORIE CARR RUTH DYRUD 4 RUTH BAKER HARRIET CHAPMAN ELEANOR CLEENEWERCK III. 0 9 .13 l . f ill? l I Qgggig' V - 5, Founded 1885 De Pauw University . so chapters l Alpha Chi Omega MEMBERS IN FACULTY G. JOHNSON MEMBERS IN' UNIVERSITY BARBARA HORNEY ALICE HAYDEN FRANCES HOLMAN CATHERINE HOWARD ANASTASIA JOHNSON AILBEN GILL ETHEL LOHMAN MARY H. MILLER LUCILLE FOLSOEI CATHERINE HILL RUTH HYSLOP ALICE MACI-:ENZIE JEAN HEINZI: CORNELIA JOHNSON BERNICE LENONT GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 MARY L. IRVINB GERTRUDE NORTH DOROTHY ROWAN GLENNA SHERMAN MARY J. PULVER ELIZABETH REESE ELLSWORTH MOSEY KATHLEEN NEEDHALI ELIZABETH PHINNEY MARGARET MONEII. JUSTINE PERRY N Page 396 nv J. MORRISON ADELE STOPPENBACH RUTH WALKER ERNESTINB WILRE GLADYS STEINRIAN BBRNICE TWEED MARIAN WITHEY ELIZABETH ROWELL A GRACE SCHLACKS JANE STERLING ALLINB PHELPS MARIAN SWENSEN HELEN TWENHOEEL Y' ' ' Y Tzii-'fire-il .l J ll l L' I' A-fi l in l ff Il J. , I , X , 'Ax X' l :L-.Nil IJ f '. ,I ly, I. , l, X . I! V I X!! lga ,IN ,X :all I' M il" Local chapter 1 " , l . I KHPPQ .5 I? 'I 'T . Established IQO3 . ',...I'! f, ivy 2 I ALMA RUNGE BBRNICE ALTPETER MARGARET COLE KATHRYN DEXTER ELEANOR FRAGSTEIN LILLIAN CHRISTIANSEN LENOIR FRANSEEN VIRGINIA HANNAH PHYLLIS C. BIRR ELISABETH CLARK ELEANORB BENNER MARIAN DUDLEY 4 L , Y . 1 'I '25, J 'I 4 -'T ll! . . ,, me I v ,aiu U ll fgij 5 , -E Ml 1. Q 'f Wt' il lift' It .. .E.i:- ' ' W . .. Q 1 gu"fu1f,'1g.g4e.:..,.,,g,' ' , 1.' I , , ,,,,, ...IM-:km X J' ,D j Il mn W.. I Y. .UI l R Founded 1893 ' '-, 3 N, Lombard College "- - 1 - 1 47 chapters I' . . V, L-A , . g...,v,, W, ...Y Top Row: E. Pennington, H. Howland, K. Martin, V. Shaver, C. Zinn, D. Gale, R. Heaton, M. Sapp, B. Sovereign Second Row: M. Rott, A. Hickey, D. Clover, E. Moore, E. Walper, E. Fragstein, L. Christiansen, B. Altpeter Bottom Row: H. Schuettze, K. Dexter, M. Pennefeather, M. Nickles, j. Talbot, L. Franseen, D. Zarbell Tlixlpba Xi .Della MARIAN RYAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 DOROTHY GALE EDITH MOORE DOROTHY GLOVBR MONONA NICKLEs RUTH HEATON ELEANOR PBNNINGTON ALICE HICREY MARGARET ROTT KAREN MARTIN CLASS OF 1930 MARY PENNEFEATI-IER VIRGINIA L. SHAVER FLORENCE RANDOLPH RUTH SHIRLEY CLASS OF 1931 HELEN HOWLAND MARIAN SAPP EDYTHE A. LEFFINGWELL BARBARA WEINEURGH EVBLYN LE MUNYON CLASS OF 1932 DOROTHY E. EIGHMY MARGARET LEHMANN JOSEPHINB GRIEEITH ' ISABBL LITTLE ISABELLE HANCOCK N Page 397 N RUTH WALKER HELEN SCHUETTE BARBARA SOVBREIGN JEAN TALBOT DOROTHEA ZARBELL IDALEEN VELDE EILEEN WALPER CHARLINE ZINN VIRGINIA WILSON MARY A. WING NORMA MORRIS MARYISLIGHTAM lg' XM, ' I 1. M., pw '- 1 I. ,. . A Local chapter Theta Established 19O4 Top Row: M. Hoegberg, E. Ehrler, S. Loomans, J, Pattee, M. Hoff, E. Buelow, H. Lee, I. Kleinpell, D. Schomberg Second Row: F. Fosshage, M. Droster, M. Willrnan, D. Canfleld, I. Brough, O. Steenis, J. Sontag, M. Roosen, M. Hayden, E. Schultz Bottom Row: H. Vance, J. Polk, M. Fink, E. Cross, G. Maurer, M. Droppers, S. Holmin, G. James, A. Holmes ILEENE BROUGH DOROTHY CANFIELD ELEANOR CROSS JUNE EDWARDS MARGARET FINK FRANCES FOSSHAGE MARGERY HAYDBN ETHEL BUELOW MARION HOEGBERG flixlpba Gamma Walla MEMBER IN FACULTY MRS. H. GUNDERSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 MARJORIE DROPPERS ALICE HOLMES MARIE DROSTER GWBTHALYN JAMES ELISAEETH EI-IRLER CLASS OF 1930 MARIE HOPE SERENA HOLMIN IRMA KLEINPELL HELEN LEE CLASS OF 1931 CAROLYN LOUNSEURY DOROTHY LEE RUTH SMITH DOROTHY LAWLESS SARAH LOOMANS JANET PATTEE JEAN POLK DORIS SCHORIEERG ORITHIA STEENIS IRENE JOHNSON GERTRUDE MAURER MARJORIE ROOSEN FLORENCE ROSENHEIMER EDITH SCHULTZ JEAN SONTAG HARRIET VANCE ARLEEN VAN DOREN MARGERY WILLMAN CLASS OF 1932 BETTY BAT-L EVE!-YN GESME LORAINE LEE EMILY SIMPSON MARGARET BOYD FLETA GROSSENBACI-IER JEssIE LOOMANS MARIAN SUITS HELEN DAMME DOROTHY HAWKINS JANE LOVE MARY VALLIER i"T'l'f1f, , A , , J -f If W J K ' K 1 in ' IL . f H. I . . -A I ' ,U lt, ,I I 1 I- -. -. A l . .A-.- . I.,- X , I, A, , ' Y 5: :ENN N 4, 5' . - f . -, A I 'll ll' 7 Lil, J A V' f Q ' ' --4 I II I. Q ' U ' V- ll I I-I fi I . . A . f 1,1 I ll l' - ' ' If " X 7 fl . Il . ., J r -' '15, 5 . - ' '- 5, W 5 -3 ,-fm .. , .- -. I. ll f -1 i I, 2 . - , . I' Ol, ll I, X . sz... A . ,. I. . 3. , . . xl., ,L -' I. f9 -f ' . " 1 .1 HQ ,Li ..f . I V 'mv '. 'l I JEQJYQQ 'Y - 1 .. l A ll IQIDROZQ E 5 9 ' . 'I l I fn.. 5' l Rm-Kem ff I P' ' l S V' l .1225 E ff .if f .s 4131" ..,. ,..,,:-f- A-2:21 . l I.. 1 ' ,N ,Of Il., ,, . - M fi, ' .2 .Am .- fr . . .T-A--...Q X-'L 5- ,- ' I ll I l' A - I f" lf ll' IZ.. ' L ' l ' F ll Ill :A W mm IE .eil F 3 ESml'1'S"fd19f'f -"f1f'I"lI . f ' . -. AE 311:-" , .... wl. .Q l 1' A-H ' 1 Ir , H . I V l . ' X . w " ' ' ...piss-'A" 'fsE1iQ.fS. ' J li ' ' 1 3 . , ,J . ..,.., , A .w ll N Page 398' rv . . 1 . . V, ,JET J. , lg I I l 4 Il. A IC. I ff, X if ,- liz: iI,kll!X gi, N l jiri sl llllli Ili' rl , G. l If , ,, li-3 I lf, lwl lf A I 1. ,I -i ,eri- -'-1 I . un'-' ur..-1.1 I -'1'Zi'fl ' 'rf 'L w--f ISI '5"'-I , . 'ii' II 'Top Row: B. Sutherland R. Knoernschild, C .Sarfi L. Stiles, A. Whitford, A. Gates, D. Siekert, M. Jones, E. Kuchle Second Row: M. Eva, G. Richards, E. Haywood, R. Hovey, M. Worthing, H. Kraege, M. Hering, M. Caldwell Bottom Row: A. Caldwell, L. Webber, N. Sholts, D. Schott, F. Livergood, D. Caldwell, A. E, Caldwell AGNES E. CALDWELL DBSSA M. CALDWELL MARVEL E. CALDWELL MARJORIE B. BBALS RUTH L. CURTIS AGNES E. GATES ARLBTTE CALDWELL ELIZABETH HAYWOOD MARY JONES LILLIAN JOHNSON I ff f L , l.Y.1f . 'I .4 -r. If I , fy 'fi' if I 'f' I 'I-H' ' ' I AE. W LI", WX ,Q Wi II 503 ii ii 'Life' I TW R' I !i.L-2 I inf Founded 1910 Iv, 'T Ai 31 f ',,University ofNebraskzIQ1 -J." 'Q 'XIX' "A gnu IQ chapters " " "VV I J - I 'Q iv. 1 lf.: .1i'xf."' , V C ' 'N 'V I-,ff '- F 7' . 1.1 I .' if- if 'Dbl Omega Ili MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES C. HETTRICIQ R. SHAW' CLASS OF 1929 MAURINE L. EVA BERNIOE M. MUNSON RUTH M. KNOERNSGHILD CATHERINE E. SARPF HELEN E. KRAEGE CLASS OF 1930 MARION M. HERING MARY M. MICHELSON RUTH E. HOVEY VERNA RIGGS FLORENCE B. LIVERGOOD CLASS OF 1931 GLADYS KOLLMEYER MARION PRATT EVELYN KUCHLE GERALDINE RICHARDS AGNES MGCALI. MARGARET L. PROUTY CLASS OF 1932 ,,.A N Page 399 N NELLIE SHOLTS ELIZABETH F. SUTHERLAND AUDRAH E. WHITEORD LAURA C, STILES SHIRLEY WATSON LENORA E. WEBBBR DOROTHY R. SCHOTT 'DELTA M. SIEKERT MARION W. WORTHING FERREE A. SEALS . r G ..I V Local chapter 'Ihr Theta I ' ' ff, Established IQIS lvl ,x. l W7 Top Row: F. Reynolds, M. Smith, E. Parkinson, H. Thomson, M. Whittemore, M. Ludden, I. Corlies, I. Olbrich, K. Lunceford Second Row: D. Adgate, I. Barstow, H. lake, E. Lanclgraff, E. Adams, D. Schleid, L. McManamy, J. Rehfeld, Due Bottom Row: E. Bell, D. Schmidt, M. Serwe, D. Peickert, M. Tufts, K. Patterson, M. Bain, H. Laird EVA M. ADA!-IS IRENE M. BARSTOW ELYNORE BELL GWBNDOLYN DOWDING DOROTHY ADGATE JULIA CARR JULIA F. DUE ELIZABETH DURAND MARIAN BAXN HELEN BARTEL VIRGINIA DEAN HARYDINIA HARRIS r A l A '55li gl2?5V , .9-?2'I.',r .i"'v'6e I E 'ln' er A. if s , Q, .'-- Sta as-ff Founded 1897 Barnard College 37 chapters Txlpba Omicron 'Ili MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ELIZABETH OSBORNE CLASS OF 1929 HELEN ICKE ETHEL LANDGRAPE LORRAINE C. MCMANAMY PHILLIPA PATEY CLASS OF 1930 HELEN LAIRD MARGARET LUDDEN KATHRYN LUNCEEORD ELIZABETH MATHEWSON CLASS OF 1931 IRMA J. CORLIES LUCILLE HALL KATHERINE PATTERSON CLASS OF 1932 KATHERINE KING VIRGINIA MARKS DOROTHY M. PEIORERT JANE REI-IEELD DOROTHY B. SCHLEID ISABBL OLBRICH ELEANOR K. PARKINSON FLORENCE REYNOLDS VIRGINIA RALPHS MARY V. SLOANE JEANETTE NORTH DOROTHY PALMER ,. 1. A . I ,. pl N- I ' 'I l I DOROTHY E. SCI-IMIDT MILDRED SMITH MARIAN TUFTS MARIAN WHITTEMORB JESSIE RICHMOND ELIZABETH SBRWB CAROL L. THOMPSON HELEN THOMSON DOROTHY STRANGEL ETHEL WILSON SARAH ROGERS ZELLA M. SPENCER Iv. .,.1 J x . . If , I ' ll - K-'H T, ' , Ana . 1 W ' B' ' Kllfl S Y . ',, 'I ll Local chapter -1 ' E1 I Eta V Established 191755 V' '.., A , , .L I li" 1 W LM' i A ..-1 r J Top Row: H. Findley, B. Boughner, J. Hintze, V. Barrus, L. Coxon, J. Deadman, B. McCaShen, M. McKenzie Second Row: E. Tupper, C. Reineck, B. Peeples, D. Schulz, H. Keeler, B. Schmid, A. Cooper, S. Matting, L. Snyder Bottom Row: B. Reed, C. Stokes, E. Morrissey, M. Murray, R. Dodge, J. Smith, O. Campbell, H. Kundert BEATRICE BOUGHNER ORA CAMPBELL E. LOUISE COXON JUNE DEADMAN VIRGINIA BARRUS HELEN CAMPBELL ADA COOPER HELEN FINDLEY E. LOUISE BALL ADELE BERGER ELISAEETH BRIOKSON MARY ALICE COLLINS J -E I I ,L-" li I if E 521 1731 ' f. My .RS l I so , A 5, I -7 1 I V J . ,H R ar, , ,fl La LT "SL,S.e5Ew'g5"' 1 'M G 'U ll ff like I mmf TI 3fi712l5S " it F Founded LOGE . 'J :ax Miami University ' l' My 74 chapters - .Tm W .AW M' W Y 7 LM, ,. I' I J nal:-Y A I - I J Air alta Zeta MEMBERS IN FACULTY O. F. ANDERSON L. H. TWENHOEEL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 RUTHHLLA DODGE R. JANE HINTZE HELEN KEELER ELLIA MORRISSEY CLASS OF 1930 MARTHA BELL HOAGLAND VIVIAN KINSLEY HELEN KUNDERT BEULAH MCCASHEN CLASS OF 193 1 KATHRYN COY DOROTHY DAVIS MARGARET E. DOW CLASS OF 1932 LUCILLE FISHER ,rx ll .gg ,fw 1 Q' '--. -. , -.ww N Page 401 N MARION MURRAY MARGARITA OLSON D. ELIZABETH PEEPLES ELEANOR REYNOLDS MARGARET MCKENZIB SUZANNE MARTING ELIZABETH REED CARMEN REINECR ALICE GETSCHOW MARGARET JENKINS RUTH KUEHNE BERTHA SCHMID DOROTHY SCHULZ LORNA SNYDER CYNTHIA STOKES IRENE SOHAUER JANET E. SMITH M. ELEANOR TUPPER MARION TURNER ANN JONES GARNO REYNOLDS JANET THELBBN DOROTHY WELLER AQ ...E . " Ill ajafilfi 1, I "M fy --.fx lu wf? ""':" 'L 1 L., I' W ,ll ,uf 2 ,nhzff Local chapter V' -L li . . Tau ,I .. rf l - Established 1018 ,iff li, . . . 141- A -.--' ,E .- ,El ,f Af- f. 1 AF Q4 . N I. ,Y 5. .ilkf arid 'JD , .K .K .f 4 -Wi? "J J .vsvfql .Xa .51 i 5 .JV my J 'I I 'V . if If EI ffff I rv--.---V+ xp:--.iuEq5. .-.. :'r.3..:,TA:,.1,..1nT . .L if N-1::---.,-,----f- -.3-1--1-,-114, -if 3111- ff 1 - -f - - -. - "f- Q - --Y :.-. .Y..- fi: lf' J? 1: - L S -. L:A,..-- 1.-it V. ,s,:,::.,L.m. TI LL 1 5 M,. . Efigfxx ,A ,fwg I EE-1f'I1 J IIY1-1Y'd 'iw-1.79 J clf R P' ti 5 I Top Row: E. Ritter, A. Lindberg, A. Lang, H. Nelson, Miller, P. Frankfurth, E. M. Smith, C. Laub Second Row: L. Osborne, E. Mason, E. Snow, J. Schweiger, A. Kroncke, M. Krueger, R. Read, M. Kuesel. F. Weinhagen Bottom Row: G. Paul, M. Barry, I. Carter, 1. M. Norris, J. Clark, M. Rufsvold, M. L. Kuehl, F. Koepsel K MARGARET BARRY PAULA FRANKFURTH FLORENCE KOEPSEL MARION KUESEL ILIEF CARTER ADELE KRONCRE DOROTHY KUNDE JOSBPHINB CLARK' MARION KRUBGBR ELLEN AHERN i If-'15 T C ,J ff . I ' f, 1. ,- ,ff ,. IWPALQQLZT I .i 3-gf 1 -' Wi if I A lim-."'fj iN? .'991bj?g! G I, I5 H 4 il 9 t l '24 r- Q, e 'i ly., Q90 aye ii nm a ifgfilx ,H Founded i852 I ., Vifesleyan College ? ,lj 'AV 'IRQ S2 chapters , .. ,B , IWILRN wi,-.4 A. f If-A-. Y Ik l . , -Vs: . fu f", K j',Lfir 'SI'G:- 'i as lf Xggiirlill .Lg-gal! Xt., -, . I' lj' 'H' ..'. .45 N I:'.,.f 1: ' 2: '. .. L: -Y - V-g , V.- 1 Tflbi mu MEMBERS IN FACULTY NELLIE BILSTAD ELNA MYGDAL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ADELINB LANG CAROL LAUB JANET K. MILLER ELEANOR RITTER HELEN MARTENS ELEANORE MASON MARTHA MEIER HELEN I. NELSON ALICE LINDEERG EVELYN MORRIS AMARIORIE E. HEALY CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 MIRIAM ROUSE MARGARET RUFSVOLD ELIZABETH SMITH JANE M. NORRIS LILLIAN OSBORNE GWENDOLYN PAUL JOSBPHINE RENSHAW - . . - . A 3- .-.---.L ef -Y.- ..---.g.A --f H?-wr-:.,.,.f1.- ., ,, --Y CLI-. .,4.gc 71212- I : -f ,WI CARLYN SCHNEIDER JOSEPHINE SCHWEIGBR ELIZABETH SNOW MARGARET SEIDL HELEN SHULTI-IEIS LORE STANGB FRANCES WEINHAGEN MARY RODEN RUTH READ REGINA REILLY wRIf5fFTfTf1 i nf , 'If fl A"Yi'rI."1:xEQf5i V1 f .Lf '- 1. A-, if -' 11 ini, ll, QL! Ziff' Ji 41 xr ff' fy ', ' ,Qnf gif' mv MW 1Q' ,-. -. Q. er -.Q M ' Xi' Mx II. in LGZRI clgptcr Hifi! "yn Ctrl BE3 -,J I, . ,YY E1 Established 1919 :If WT li r1'?5w.,w 1. ii- ,af . 4515? f , ,X , .,V..,r7::4 fd. V, U I l'A,1-Elf' M:-aLRg2:f1 'sQ'1i41,1 yr N 7- .15 ET' ,f,.- L.. F . -1 1-v 5-, ,,,.1:L. .LLLLLYW .41 wwf. ,n-,.....i-iq.-L-La N Page 402 .I ', I I sm. 1' ,L V-I-I Y 1 I. 'U ' Ja? l-'xlllqrj I,-,lv Q' 3, ff? I .ij f1I22f..1f.A2fe .E A- J':fIC25f42L5ss i4iIZ'I,.'l?"wI4 ,f fx Nl .1.ff'. '-'H' 1 1 . I. x J4""' ffkxi-3 iiI'I:+1.f I I. xr ,. ., 7 har! Jw VY 'I WJ .....,,E,-v.s.m-- QQ..- . .. 1 -. 1.- 7 I l . I. ll I4 l. IIA ,Ii ll al- l ll .,., J ll yr . lj.- . ,V 'I I ,A l. .I hr- -3.2-11:1 L1-P-.L ..-. -,-.-.. L, , ,- . ,. .M , , , Y LY 1,,,,,.- ,. E E W - - -' - -- ve III .R 'Top Row: B. Young, L. Krueger, M. Caverno, B. Ferber, E. Amann, D. Krueger, H. Keller, E. Hannan, K. Schaeffer, I. Wollaeger Second Row: L. Arnold, J. Walker, F. Gunnarson, M. Orth, J. Tietjens, H. Kauwertz, M. Johns, E. Reppert, S. Hollister Bottom Row: R. Holton, E. Arnold, E.Wollaeger, B. Kissel, C. Burgy, M. Horr, J. Stigleman, H. Cochrane, D. Zimmerman, R. Albright c' 1' Sigma Tlfappa MEMBERS IN FACULTY G. L. BONZELET W. C. INGE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATE CATHERINE KUEHNE - CLASS OF 1929 . I ELOISE ARNOLD MARGARET CAVERNO RUTH HOLTON SARA HOLLISTER LORRAINE ARNOLD HELEN COOHRANE EDITH REPPERT CLASS OF 1930 RUTH ALBRIGHT FLORENCE GUNNARSON HELENE KELLER JANET TIETJENS EUGENIA AMANN ELBANOR HANNAN LILLIAN KRUEOER JEAN WALKER CATHERINE BURGY MARIAN HORR MARIE ORTH IRENE WOLLAEGER MARGARET COOLEY MELVA JOHNS KATHRYN W. SCHABPFER DORIS A. ZIMMERMAN CLASS OF 1931 BEATRICB FUREER BEATRIOE KISSEL DOROTHY C. KRUEOER H HELENE KAUWERTZ ELIZABETH KEHLBR ESTHER WOLLAEGER CLASS OF 1932 JEAN M. BROWN DOROTHY FULLER JANE M. MANZER EVELYN WALTERS HILDA E, FANTON JANICB B. GIEEHORN HELEN MUELLER JUNE E. WATKINS JANET FISH FRANCES JENRS ELIZABETH TORRANOE LOUISE A. ZINN fj.l,Q!.i ..I.'1.3"4f-TT-L'.ff, 55'."lf'5 "-'N 4 1' A V Al 'll lf? lj kkf' ' Cl! If ' I ,I I 'I .,, , 1! . 3 I- ..-1. QJLLE' 43+ Rini' Jwwu ' li-QM ,- I J-1 5 f -they, "' . Mr -Q llf, A ' A Y, Wffv 9- 'Wi 'Ma w vai '-fl If , my! .9 Q, .Aff lj' ' , 'QI I ,, . 69 2, 'Ill E 11 . A. ' if Sf? .Z ' ' I -W . if ' ff " If l L .92'a'o1o.ea:aiffb J, ,sq 'If lf. ', .f fm! ',' , 515, :if ill. f J J Fbunded ,374 57131 Local Chapter S f l ' X' :A Colby College Llxffij gy' ,PSI m,-. -Y 'f Q IK 43 chapters fl! 'IQHV M 5' , -.x Establxshcd IQIQ NI V I . .1 I- wk gl v I " .ff -' 'Q L15-.J ,I 5 fum VI, LA I K. ,Hi X -gl ld I+ . -I E. f ,fr , ,gp-A f 1. ,1x,..,I.,.J, w.,,e .1 .1 . le R51 in-a':','fJx':f'1l .Hf-A-ffw: ew. L -1.1:-1:3 Q"'l' f- 1 I ll f l f'F4fX'r-f'T-A-291' f'f.,Q?Il1..1,!f".VflL K Y Y Y , H ,,,, vm, E, A H ,,,v Q l A f jjlj '-'fgf 'E ' . 2.-.. 1... ,...f,.,E..m1.E,.O--E..-E-n,L......E.:.'QL. V-. L V-W I L L- V - -f f L- A --H- L -H H L..-L. L Z.. -. . .-. ..,... 5 .ifefw...:.,..,,.m,LL1LQOL..E .EEL T - ,-f. . . ..-..l. , .E E11 V - :f N Page 403 N I ANNE ALINDER JANE BULL ELLEN BUSSEY BBRNICE PERSCHBACHBR ALICE BENNETT GERTRUDE BREMER HARRIBT CHADWICK I I -I I Top Row: M. Gissal, C. Cole, C. Miller, R. Plumb, A. Alincler, E. Bussey Second Row: M. Talbot, J. Piltz, W. Huebsch, R. Young, L. Thomsen, L. Neitzel, M. Rhode Bonrom Row: H. Plumb, B. Perschbaeher, G. Bremer, Bess Davis, J. Bull, C. Nelson 'llpba 'Falla 'Ili MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARGUERITE KUEI-IN CAROL COLE BEss DAVIS MARY L. GISSAL WILMA HUBBSCH PI-IYLLIS THORNTON MARY M. GLEASON ELEANOR Looms VICKERY HUBBARD GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 CAROL CHAMBERLAIN CECELIA MILLER LEONA NEITZEL JBANBTTE PILTZ WILNKA WALLICI-Is CATHERINE NELSON MARY RHODE MARIANA WERVE 'u HELEN PLUMB ELVA SCHUMACHBR LOUISE THOMSEN RUTH YOUNG MARY A. TALBOT GLADYS WIIG CATHERINE WERNER ,AY:::ri!w .. -2.13-7 , I I 'U 'Nfl w'I"l's l 5 A I, - II , , . L II I, II .4- - A If , K Y, ,, ,, III, I, ll ll 'f' 'Qi T lll' L' X5 lf" 1 LT? fI',f'll3"5l"flall ,'I,,,l I .IY,I, 1 l Y. .,,,.,,, II ... 4, , . IQ-' Q 5 I, 9 -'I' Y' I I " I lr. B'-.5 "-,Q,1" Ii I l1I' ' , ' A. - -- I R' A KT' I '-"' I II J 'F -II A I' ll I' il l lfll I lg llkfwbggll . 5' ' .gl I 'I 1-WI Aw I 1 Q V,r XX, I I I l ., I II llhll l lf - - A 'I-I . I IW -590 ag -as A I I I., E he . Q, . QII .519 -E9-was I I . lr- Il an 'i4AKS,o I I ,, - :I Q ml Images K- II , I M 1 " I -"R EI- :If I ll ,lf-.lx Founded I8sI I IZ' !n'fWesleyan Female College II Lim Ifjf-if 1 l I Q- i' l' 47 ehapters ,Q ll Local chapter -QQ 'jg fl I ,J I -'f 1, NI I,,I,l, Alpha MII .Iyfu , 'IQ A 'l ' l V lf. Established 1919 Il 'G li' " , lx, I f-9, S- ' I l I+ .Q 1. I , I JI ,W is - If-. I I l r -I, In 4' A-.. . 1 fl lilfjll lf ' T -. W-Y-'I' IIA" ,E ,Is - I O.- ' I -+,g'f1 I "-:.s-,-ez - , -Qzgvau - .Y - --. A V--I -.. Y,.Y.-.... W., . rv.-. .-,M A.k,..v-..4.5vEv,,Eg ,, N Page 404 N r .L -.- . . . .L Top Row: C. Bowers, N. J. Cestland, R. Phenicie, N. Schutter, S. Meyer, I. Orr, M. Lindsey, L. Seefried Third Row: C. Horn, D. Webster, A. M. Fink, H. Kroncke, M. Weeman, E. Whipp, L. Rood Second Row: A. Taylor, M. Brostrom, J. Trathen, A. Robeson, H. Smith, L. Ackley, M. Kirk, G. Witmer Bottom Row: M. Ivlorse, B. Chase, B. Babcock, C. Simpson, A. Field, L. Smith, H. Meisilwitz, T. Caldwell, J. Sylvester ELIZABETH BABCOCK TIRZAH CALDWELL BEATRICE CHASE ALICE FIELD LOUIsE ACKLEY CLAIRE BOWERS ALICE M. FINK DOROTHY AUGUSTINE MAXINE BROSTROM MILIJRED BULLAMORE ELEANOR AHRBNS I :ll ' rl 6 00 Q16 'P Q M '5'KA"v ,gl ovvraa 1 Y: O.. ly' am ll" N . . , 7 Founded 1897 ' , I ,fVirginia State Normal I x w . , I X ll' , 63 Chapters .flll 1, .q7,f.-.. , Tifappa 'Delta MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ISABEL DOW CAROLYN HORN HELEN MEISILWITE SYLVIA MEYER IVANBLLE ORR ALICE ROBESON HARRIET KRONCICE MINA KIRK LORRAINE DEMAREST RUTH GREILING NEVA GESTLAND MARGARET AMEND DOROTHY Fox GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 MARGARET ULRY LOUISE Room LAURA SEEERIED GLADYS SIMPSON HESTER SMITH IVIARY LINDSEY MARJORIE MORSE ELIZABETH GRININI MILDRBD LONGTON ALICE REINHARDT N Page 405 N JEANETTE SYLVESTER JEAN TRATHEN ELIZABETH WHIPP GWENDOLYN WITMER NANCY SCHUTTER LOUIsE SMITH ANITA TAYLOR RACHEL PHENICIB MARY WEEMAN DOROTHY WEBSTER KATHRYN ZILLMAN ,r n I. l 1 f 4 C Local chapter Tau l Established IQZO l ,,,.A ,..,.,.. Top Row: M. Potlitzer, R. Wolf, V. Bookman, B. Hirschfield, B. Levitt, R. Newman, E. Joseph Bottom Row: L. Rosenblatt, L. Newman, M. Gallinger, M. Leopold, I. Covitz, J. Loewy, M. Freeman, J. Harm IRENE CovITz MARIAN B. GALLINGER GERTRUDE C. GOLDMAN VIRGINIA BOOKMAN MARCIA M. FREEMAN CELBSTE L. LBHMAN BABETTE J. LEVITT BETTY A. COHN GERTRUDE GOLDSTEIN .-l,l K '- Zi' ii 12:-I 'eff a If 1 - ...- I .. I , 02 X i - 2424- 3.1.6931 .Q- , . I , I 4 ' Founded 1909 , Barnard College 16 Chapters jsxlpba 'Epsilon 'Ilbi MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 JULIA N. HANN ELIZABETH R. JOSEPH BEATRICE E. HIRSCHPIELD JOAN L. LOEWY CLASS OF 1930 ELINOR GETZ EDNA A. LUNTZ MARGARET LEOPOLD CLASS OF 1931 RUTH MILLER MILDRED H. POTLITZER PI-IYLLIS MUSTOV LEA G. ROSENBLATT CLASS OF 1932 HELEN M. JOSEPH BETTY LEBOY N Page 406 N BEssIE L. MILLER LILLIAN NEWMAN RENEE NEWMAN ROSALYN ROSENTI-IAL IRENE K. SILVER ROSALYN SILVER ROSALIB P. WOLF RENA B. LUGOEE VIVIAN M. STEENLICI-IT I V 1, J- . g, I, 1 1il.5,.IfLq:IE J Q33 fr? I I IL... :II 'I' ' 5 ..,. . 1 A f I Il llx , I Local chapter -V. 'L Sigma IQ ' J L' , Established I91I ' I W M . I . W J Ax I2 . ii , KA A. J, .. I '31 J I PM l lf lien I J. 'il lk. L ' ffsfff, .9 3121 .id 1 I9 We xl ... I -5.-AI .-rg. , I UI, IJ, . .. . l "f..,if'ff'.E9" l Ehiliifzff. ' I 'x I " 1 'EL f I B N V., jx I ' J P If M1 I 'El' J 5 I In 'f , '51 ll? I II lf ' L5 fl, +I... 1- ,I cfvj, f' ' 'i' ' Lf' ,R fi-2 ,-" -gif:-y .- ,I I I I Q-.. . E-L.-,f,,, L .Y ,gLZ...L.S..,. Ld., L .L R, .f.. -r 1 I I l Top Row: E. Trumbull, E. Krug, H. Petrie, M. Fosse, E. Sharpe, A. Timmerman, E, Carlson, A. Fosse Second Row: F. M. Nichols, F. Ballerud, J. Burgess, E. Stokes, D. Parsons, D. Laudenbeck, D. Lucas Bottom Row: D. Grebe, E. Lindley, V. Volz, j. Webster, M. Binzer, L. Wellner, E, VanDOnk, R. Smith MYRTLE BINZER MARGARET FossE EDNA CARLSON ALICE FOssE DOROTHY LAUDENBECK FLORENCE BALLERUD DOROTHY GREBE L 233 5 as - f T Founded 1388 ' I ,T - f University of Missouri 1 ,V : I7 chapters M 5 L ' 1 Beta Sigma Omicron ' MEMBER IN FACULTY HARRIET RATHBUN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EVELYN VAN DONK DOROTHY LucAs FLORENCE M. NICHOLS DOROTHY PARSONS ESTHER KRUG EDITH LINDLEY BLANCHE MOE JEAN BuRoEss GRADUATE CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 EDNA TRUMBULL HELEN SHARPE ESTHER SHARPE HELEN PETRIE DOROTHY SHATTUCK DONNA SMITH N Page 407 rv JEAN WEBSTER LILLIAN WELLNER ROYETTA SMITH ETHEL STOKES VIVIAN VOLZ ANlTA TIMMERMAN RUTH VAN ROO 'D A ,f I ,,,.. 1 . gf . :s"f"" ' h Local chapter Alpha Alpha I Esrablished 1926 L -1-- Top Row: H. Kunz, T. johnson, V. Miller, G. Trumpy, H. Halverson, H. Conlon, I. Torkelson, E. Haight, L. Biggar, D. Wagner Second Row: A. Alton, H. jansky, A. Bonk, R. Trurnpy, R. Moeser, H. Seifert, B. Schloesser, M. Austin, C. Claridge Bottom Row: M. Bailey, A. Siebenlist, H. Boland, H. Eichler, M. Reinhold, R. Clark, D. Week, M. Stetzer MARION A. BAILEY JANE W. BIGGAR HELEN E. BOLAND MARIE S. ALTMBYEK - ALICE B. ALTON CATHERINE M. CLARTDGE HAZEL M. CONLON ELEANOR BEAM S Q . .fin gfirul iiigf 1 , 2 QM' as E-QI, Founded 1909 University of California -. T 18 chapters Beta Thi laxlpba MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY M. AUSTIN HELEN HALVERSON THBLMA L. JOHNSON HELEN F. KUNZ RUTH H. MARTIN ESTHER A. HAIGHT HELEN A. JANSKY GRACE E. MBTZ VERNA M. MILLER ARMBLLA L. BONK RUTH M. CLARK GRADUATE CLASS OF 1929 RUTH MOESER MADELINE A. REINBOLD MILDRED STETZER CLASS OF 1930 MILDRED E. NoURsE ELBANOR S. OwENs BARBARA S. SCHLOESSER CLASS OF 193 1 HAZEL M. EICHLER L., -. -.A 1, N Page 408 N GERDA H. TRUMPY RUTH TRUMPY MARY DEWEIN HAZEL L. SBIFERT ANTTA K. SIBBENLIST -IEANETTE M. ToRRELsoN DOROTHEA WAGNBR DOROTHY WEEK 'Z ,f -3 fi' ., vivvf vf . L 2 Q. A Nw... ..,,...,.--" I 5 LOCHI chapter Iota T Established 1927 - it i i. ,,. L ig., Qi ii , :vi if ff' -'A inf' B -'ii' ik .4 f l ilzargl , A ii !j5."il i i D i I ..x', .fb w , "Q, ,iid 1+ -L T., V .-Ll ii I E' .9 L MH- 1 .,,.-f Qt: 5'- . Lvl' 3. x WL:-I Hffef. ' 5 f. ' ann 545 U . 1.. ,if ' Iii, 5 H .-.,f. .... EVELYN FELDMAN MARION APPLELIAN LILLIAN COHEN JANICB AVLRBROOK VERA BLOCK JANET FBDBR V. git- 513.-.5112-vf . 'Top Row: S. Roth. B. Kramer, J. Mittleman, M.Provus, M. Wolf, M. Passen, J. Feder, D.Sinykin Second Row: E. Feldman, M. Kanter, M. Appleman, B. Krieger, C. Fischer, M. Margolin, I. Marcus, D. Lakin, M. Turk Bottom Raw: G. Rosen, P. Collins, B. Marsack, J. Averbook, L. Cohen, E. Sweet, S. Thal ---"1-""' fs'-,,-: Huff'-f-ef". F225 '-' If-.G . Ax JV Sigma MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BERNICE IZNER GLADYS FISCHIBR DELLA SINYKIN PAULIN1: COLLINS AILEEN DERMANSLY MARY KANTER DOROTHY LAKIN Blass KRAMER BEATRICB KRIEGER GRADUATE CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 STELLA THAL juni TH MITTLBMAN BRRNADINE MARSACK IRBNB MARCUS MAR MARGOLIN MIRIAM WOLF GLRTRUDB ROSEN Es1-HER SWEET MATHILDA PASSEN MILDRED Pnovus SYLVIA ROTH - -- ww- V ffm-1 -V fi -5 . Lfef.-nfxfi fn-f Y l 1" . '. - xl ,. ,ll "1 ga- tl--ij :,5lgf,:11-frfsq 9:5 .sl 'sw r '-f'wf1':f +'-,mf 1, Lf, Mg- as V+ ,, ,L . 1-A -i.,-fel 'P " .,. I Eqjf- - xl L U J My M EZ, 5 vu RJ:-je, :I 4. yi W l .1ff,lfl7 'E-4'..ilxl' ' -1 ll? I ij-ij . yzfal -A .4-Lal! ,Jf'7Lfd' " 1 . , 1 -:wg-. 1 :I .1 'N l 'fn' -156,515 gt' All EI thy' . f marc! A ,Ah it 1 Z. l -. fl , ' . Ria., ' - 1, A WX rr '-'fJ"4.'-.-..-.w,1 1 , 5 ' .l f in I . X- F It-1. .. iflfliy La, ff l llzyillf , Fofmded 1924 , jllfql Established 1924 li Q", li, Umversxty of Wlsconsxn ' -5 ig ,-1 H rail., -vi -p- ,SIE 1 1 :sf 'QR 412 'gl " I1 in gg 1-"f1ref.w -1 . A. w 'N Q 5, :Ax-N Nay: in -if bl, .jp wg , A, , .AQ f xg. bd., ,. -J Il, 3,5 1, ' 'Th ' ,jQ 1 lf V ' 5 J ,V . .vie fe- fr- L -1-. N Page 409 N - H., V, .Y.. . . , -., .- A ,.,. .71-....,1,Z1v---1.--117f..1-Qf-fA--- -mv.'.f--A-A-xzr--1? Y . -if-,,- . Top Row: M. Twohig, M. Trainor, D. Brown, C. O'Malley, N. De Ford, R. Behrend, P. Nelson, J. Kohl Bottom Row: O. Bohri, C. Wey'ker, R. Helz. E. Hoffrichter, A. Conohan, R. Jamieson, M. O'Hora, M. Fleury OLIVIA M. B01-IRI DOROTHY M. BROWN CATHERINE M. DAVLIN MARY G. FLEURY ROSEMARY BEHREND ARDYTH M. CONOHAN MARY E. DERNBACH PHYLLIS M. DE BRUYNE I 'c . 'F L . 3-V"'s. I fl Ex! ea- A ir N mu 4, . fair , . . . L: .-A ' Founded 1911 X " , QA University of Michiganfl A I , 16 chapters if fl I I I I 1 . J' Ig. I, L l .h -I Ebeta 'fflbi 'Yxlpba MEMBER IN FACULTY M. J. ENGLEEERT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 PI-IYLLIs M. NELSON MARGERY E. ONHORA CATHERINE M. OHMALLEY EDITH J. HUERTH JULIA F. KOHL GERTRUDE A. MCDONALD CLASS OF 1930 RUTH A. HELZ EILEBN M. HOPERICHTER NELL DE FORD MARIE C. FOY CLASS OF 1931 EUGBNIA M. HAGGART CLASS OF 1932 VIOLA E. HENRY ANNA V. KOVACH . .. .,,- . ..., .., . . , Y. ., - , 5 -fr-,L--,-WHY.--E-A-.. A-f-.-V-A --AML-, NPage 410 N .r MARGARET A. TRAINOR MARGARET J. Twomc CLARA M. WEYKBR MARY L. ZIEBARTH ROSALIE A. JAMIBSON ELIZABETH A. MCLEOD MARIE B. VALLO MARGARET C. KLEINHANS 1, . 'I lf. 124 Il , M I f if 43 'TWA I .11 .5 1, - lp A I W .I I4 H5 ' lx HI. 'flyf ! Loczxlchupter fv., ' I I Nu ,KF A,.1 my " Established 19:6 peg., -I' W IF 'I I I I - ,e I ' A, l 9' I-,K .Q Mgiwa l 'N I, I W Q ' v'.'..,...J- f"'a 'H -I?": 2 All l if 'I l 9 ,Q 11' AM 7 7 l.' 45' I ll. ' 4: ' , ix. -K 3 , ""f1'lwQ'.R" . 'L' 4,41 " xl. 577 sgvgjihs .,if,'-0.2.1 . V5 " sr .YALL-E.-W-r-4m,s:....z.5.5u'1-F 5. : " -fr z'-f3.:.:f:::ng1:s:'f'-1:1 kg' .- RMA " af'.,, mx 51 'f 'Z'-.' - 1.1 ,f-. Arr' L I bl .5 ,.f 5 Eijjif-if If ' I ' I I W5 ' . I, I I I 2 0- ff -, r . .. I, I., ., - 55 frm., I .tif ,L-. ,. Et C . Top Row: E. Saxton, A. Creber, G. Handley, V. Tingle, M. Dunlap, M. jelsma, M. Emery Second Row: J. Murphy, 1. Bliss, W. O'Brien, M. Newman, M. Briggs, M. Atkinson Bottom Row: D. Claellberg, M. Quarles, E. Burchard, E. Goff, J. Wilkenson, B. Woodard, E. White ALICE J. CREBER JBNNIB T. HODGES JANE BLISS MARION BRIGGS MARGARET R. ATKINSON DOROTHY E. CHELLEERG mystic Circle MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 MARY E. HEEEERAN ELIZABETH SAXTON JESSICA M. MURPH1' CLASS OF 1930 MERCEDES L. ,IELSMA CLASS OF 1 931 VIRGINIA I. TINGLE WINIFRBD O'BRIBN ELIZABETH L. BURCHARD MARY R. DUNLAP ELEANOR D. WHITE JEAN H. WILRENSON CLASS OF 1932 MARION EMERY GERALDINE D. HANDLEY MARY D. QUARLES ELIZABETH I. GORE MARGARET NEWMAN ELIZABETH E. WOODARD . 06' 'Tffo Founded IQO4 4, ' mir - University of Wisconsin V 1 ESUJl3l1Sb2Cl 19574 NPage 4-ll N Ugg, 55' 3 S fl ,, is ami' ffs-My: , if 1. f 'Tw Ffewrzf fill". ' ff . V S P ie I RS ati? 2? il 5119 KZ? ,ff AQ,x W ,g.QEsf,5wFs-.Ea M Aww MIMW EMEA-J V W 'Top Row: M. Lindsay, E. Smith, G. Trumpy, M. McLlellan, M. Olson, J. Pattee, E. Hannan, C. Chesley Third Row: A. Kroncke, H. McDonald, A. Kiernan, L. Waskow, J. Hunter, R. Young, L. McManamy Second Row: B. Failing, E. Reppert, A. Cooper, D. Luedke, M. Fosse, D. Canheld, R. Moser, C. Olson Bottom Row: N. Sholtz, F. Kinsella, F. Nichols, E. Schumacher, G. Simpson, R. Waddell, M. Hering ' an-Tffellenic Tfxssocialion OFFICERS MARGARXTA OLSON, Delta Zeta ..... EDITH RBPPERT, Sigma Kappa . GLADYS SIMPSON, Kappa Delta . ELIZABETH SMITH, Phi Mu ..... MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Delta Pi . . Alpha Epsilon Phi . l Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi . Alpha Phi . . . Alpha Xi Delta . Beta Phi Alpha . . Beta Sigma Omicron. Chi Omega . . . Delta Delta Delta . Delta Gamma . Delta Zeta . . Gamma Phi Beta . Kappa Kappa Gamma . , Kappa Alpha 'Theta Kappa Delta , , Kappa Phi . Pi Beta Phi . Phi Mu . . Phi Omega Pi . Sigma . Sigma Kappa Theta Phi Alpha , SENIORS GERTRUDE NORTH ELVA SCHUMACHER BEssIE LOU MILLER DOROTHY CANFIELD LORRAINB MCMANAMY MARTHA MAINLAND BERNIOE ALTPETER GERDA TRUMPY JEAN WEBSTER JANET SOLMES BARBARA CHALIBERLAIN RUTH 'WADDBLL MARGARIPA OLSON MARGARET MCLBLLAN ANITA KIURNAN BETTY FAILING GLADYS SIMPSON TILLIB HOLLMAN CATHERINE CHESLEY ELIZABETH SMITH NELLIE SHOLTZ MARY KANTER EDITH REPPERT DOROTHY BROWN N Page 412 N . . President . VicefPresident . . Treasurer . Secretary JUNIORS DOROTHY ROWAN RUTH YOUNG EDNA LUNTZ JANET PATTEE HELEN LAIRD HELEN MEIKLEJOHN CHARLINE ZINN RUTH MOSER FLORENCE NICHOLS KATHERINE SCHOENFBLD FLORENCE KINSELLA DOROTHY LUEDKE ADA COOPER HELEN MCDONALD CAROLYN OLSON JEAN HUNTER MARY E. LINDSAY SARAH FRANKLIN LOIS WASROW ADELE KRONOKE AGNES GATES MARION APPLEMAN ELEANOR HANNAN ROSALIE JAMIESON Social 'fraternities f J ,I 2 ,f og, O ,. --.-.WL Y , --22-.--L -f.... .. ,., AY LLi,...,,, TA-l L, BL, ,VW ,Y L .. , H, , -- .-N: .- i.-.-..-?f11.-Y-1f1f- V1. -YL-IL? A-1-13.-E-:nr-me-S-62:1-If-,-.Y--.-, JULIAN HARRIS PROE. G. L. LARSON CHARLES W. CREWE DONOVAN A. EASTIN JOHN B. CATLIN LORRIE N. DOUGLASS FREDERICK AIKIS MARK S. CATLIN HOMER T. CULVER JOHN T. AIRIS JAMES E. CONSIDINE MANUEL GIEEIN l ., I Sr ll A . .. in - ZQQSLEG'-e .VI v f- "' - A .B JI gene IIN ,I 'Q' I I Founded 1343 JI' 3 QA Miami Universi bl . 96 chapters J 'J ,V ' -. .4 In ,K . I I CY I I A R. II' f 4, Top Row: F. Airis, D. Pattison, J. Catlin, E. Taylor, F. Weaver, C. Shelden Second Row: C. Crewe, E. Heberlein, F. Joachim, G. Parker, B. Gale Bottom Raw: E. Roerner, L. Douglas, P. Campbell, D. Eastin, H. McKinley, H. Culver 'fbi 'Della Chaka MEMBERS IN FACULTY :A V PROP. E. R. MAURER PROP. W. R. SHARP DR. JOHN MORRISON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES PAUL E. CAMPBELL FRED F. DIXVOKY CLASS OF 1929 BRYANT T. GALE HAROLD C. MCKINLEY EDWARD G. HEEERLEIN FRANK M. HUSTON CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 WILLIAM R. DUSENBERRY GEORGE M. PARKER BENJAMIN F. GUY ROBERT G. KORSAN CLASS OF 1932 FREDERICK G. JOACHIM Q DAVID L. MCNARY JAMES T. SHELDEN WILLIALI W. STORMS ALIIERT G. MARTIN WILLIANI J. NEWMAN PROP. JOEL STEBBINS DR. W. A. WERRELL CHARLES H. SHELDEN PERRY M. THOMAS DONALD H. PATTISON EDWARD P. ROBMER WALTER A. STRINGFELLOW EDWARD-J. TAYLOR FRANK M. WEAVER CHARLES A. SCHOEN JOHN H. SOVEREIGN JOHN H. TERHORST . V -A Y- - --1.-.A B L -.5-r, L. ,-,Mfrs ,. I J A A fhlyj .I J. II. .1 I- ', Qi j li rl "AQ" " 1" fl .F . .W I .. li M 255' If .'1 N33 I Q ' 5 1 'T ma. Av , 'li 'fi f IL ' 'QV Local chapter "Lf , ,hi XVisI:onsin Alpha Al 1.-I I I V 3.0 Estnhlished 1857 jf? 'lf 1 I l Jlitllw'--, Iii-l'N ', 151' .L " -Q 2'Eg5.L,.L,g"If'If -341 I ip 1'5'II"z-'fr' .I R- -1- I'lk'f-,vi IW I PFD uf' 4 '4-V41 Wharf fl I-'Lf .4..s ll 1 Ole? I-x"'..Qu' A fi-11' P fi:-J "fi IK ' . ,L HL., ,H aerial:-:gi,411.L-V . N' .ITN ,Lf fi ' ff -1,- -. L 1-Q -.- , - 'ff ef- ?rrggL1 H, . N Page 414 N J Top Row: J. Lucas, D. Gooclnough, L. Shomaker, C. Meyer, E. Warren Third Row: B. Greene, E. Fronk, W. Smith, T. Thelander, S. Levings, D. Hutchins, T. Seymour, H. Jennings Second Row: G. Cable, E. Fronlc, J. Watrous, J. Curtis, M. Neal, E. Miller, G. Gilkey, F. Baker, G, Luebkeman J. Lange, D. Lucas, M. Newell, W. Clark, R. Seymour, R. Atwell, S. Schager, V. Chapman Bottom Ro C. H. BUNTING J. A. EYSTER C. R. FISH GORDON E. DAWSON VICTOR J. CHAPMAN CHARLES R. ATWELL F. DON BAKER JAMES A. CURTIS EDWARD J. FRONK GEORGE W. CABLE WARREN G. CLARK EMIL P. FRONK GEORGE P. GILKEY HENRY BUNTING ARNOLD A. DUEEIELD WILLIAM D. FARR . ily yf 1, ' If-I ,N 'ff I ll :ml l, IJJ' il Ill .R .4 I Til J Ni l l " ie 1.4 ,-I LW l if llE3l'1r ' I- gi .,. ,. 1: ':. :fl B .,. , Founded 1839 Miami University 86 chapters S IN ,-2, -R 9 ,. .J I. ... n. A 1' IJ -. . J, LUI YQ 'I 4, . IJ. ll Y 1' Beta Gbela .Ui N MEMBERS IN FACULTY D. L. HALVERSON R. K. LEARNARD W. E. LEONARD C. P. NETTLES F. A. OGG J. F. A. PYRE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES GRANT L. OTIS CLASS OF 1929 GARRISON R. LINCOLN THOMAS R. SEYMOUR CLASS OF 1930 DELBERT T. HUTCHINS JOHN G. LANGE . DANIEL A. LUCAS CLASS OF DAVID W. GOODNOUGH BRUCE A. GREENE HARRY E. JENNING5 JOSEPH A. LUCAS, JR. GEORGE C. LUEEKEMAN JAMES G. RICHTER 1931 CHARLES S. LEVINGS CURTIS E. MEYER EARLE J. MILLER CLASS OF 1932 FREDERICK S. GLANVILLE THOROLE E. GUNDERSEN WILLIAM NAPPER 1 E ,J '-I as li HARRY J. NOYES, JR. CARL ROETH, JR GUY SHORTHOUSE, JR. LH. , .. fri' , S..- -L .Luffy-X Sk I Q .J , L ... ...A J QQj4"gf'-.w."lf'flkfikn' I, I ll LI .ag ' 4.-,N ,.gL,.,.L -cl' L. E - - '..L-Z2-,ei . . -. .,. . -....... -Y. LS 71.24, E- .Q-,. .Cllr-I-,TgB,..,-.4.,,:1.L.:-i,3,-A. ge., 43,11 f -- 1 , . -:,- ,, . ll... . Y.. ..,.,,. L, .Y .. -, N Page 415 fw H. R. SWENKER H. L. J. SMITH S. D. TRAVIS JACK E. ROE THEODORE A. THELANDER LAWRENCE SHOMAKER WILLIAM N. SMITH EBBRT O. WARREN JAMES S. WATROUS MARQUIS V. NEWELL V CHARLES K. OTIS SENG A. SCHAGER RICHARD M. SEYMOUR FRANK STEINMETZ SEYMOUR STOWE LAIRD WILSON f ll,lQ2ff,' V . i' 'Sggjhx I --gf. f Wil I . U . , , ,. JI A A ll l + lf .-.Q I Local chapter ,III fa x Alpha Pi zIfjT,. ,I M, Established 1873 fiqlr I 9 N1 f 174' I I 5 , -wx '-I .K Jw J, ' J lv . IA -' . I, I I ll ' A SW: "f. 'I 'I ... H' .. wwf .. F. R2-j .V 2 - . U, I LA! 1 Lfvpa, 3, in .ll l l I Il l 1 J l "l I' l I1 3 Top Row: J. Hibbard, R. Larkin, C. Newman, W. Schroeder, F. Barrett, D. Mitchell Second Row: D. McDermaid, B. Pearce, R. Smith, R. Buell, O. Nicewarner, W. Mueller. W. Boardman Bottom Row: W. Conway, J. Ceib, J. Kennedy, D. Reeke, D. Willock, D. Hinderliter SAM H. BOYER FRANK J. GEIB DONALD R. HINDERLITER FRED T. BARRETT W. WADE BOARDMAN WILLIAM BINDLEY WILLIAM J. CONWAY EDGAR P. BAUM WILLIAM B. BRADLEY 'fbi 'Mappa fflsi MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES JOHN C. MCCARFBR CLASS OF 1929 EDWIN LARKIN ROBERT B. LARRIN CLASS OF 1930 ROBERT A. BUELL JOSEPH E. KENNEDY CLASS OF 1931 EDWARD W. FORKIN JAMES F. HIBBARD MILTON E. DOWSE HOWARD S. MASDEN WILLIAM E. MULLIKEN CLASS OF HOWARD E. MONTGOLIERY WILLIAM A. MUELLER 1932 JOHN B. SCHIERLIN HERBERT S. THATCHER --ff -Q 2----1--e--fa-fn -f-T-:K-:-.TL-f-1-.'1fw:. R V .I N W N X AS L-..-. -,-..i ' .i 7 A 1-.,g,., I Vill3i1i',ff 'R ll If if If . . J .,WJ 1? , , ,, ... , ,,,. I Q ,. gf- A Il 1:1 ii I 8 Il, Founded 185 Washm ton and e .Lg . g J V. Rx, So chapters V, ". " . :Mt H J V 'Aix 4 , I 7- ,'l fl'ersg5nI-I - I' If N Page 4-I6 mf WILLIAM T. SCI-IROEDER COURTLAND E. NEWMAN RALPH W. SMITH DONALD W. MCDERMAID DONALD O. MITCHELL BILLY PEARCE DAVID W. WILLOCR JOHN L. THOMPSON CHARLES R. WALTERS CQ' Cf. 'T -P-,AAA . .FJ I 3.75. jffmg -M Ir rn, 4 .An l.- - ' Xl' 'I 'I' I H?f'z...R5 l ,E 1, It II F I' 1.25 I 1' .5 III H ll I ff? I 32 D lf ,fri :fl II Local chapter Alpha I - Established 1875 I il A - I' f.1v, . ' - , T NL J Top Row: R. Kaudy, R. Calkins, R. Woodman, A. F. Jonas, W. Borges, A. Bardes, R. Callender, J. Smock Second Row: J. Deerholt, L. Chase, N. Hagan, R. McMillan. W. W. Ward, J. Hanks, M. Lloyd, T. Rawson, F. Mead Borrom Row: W. Jones, E. Hoffman, J. Wilson, R. Osgood, J. Bell, J. Jones, R. Koss, E. Solomon LYNN CHASE THOMAS F. FURLONG DAVID D. FRBEBORN NELSON M. HAGAN JOHN S. BELL RICHARD CALLENDER ROBERT S. CALIcINs ALBERT G. BARDES WALTER F. BORGES JOHN W. DEARI-IOLT GERHARD BEORER GEORGE C. BURNHAM ALEXANDER CANNON DALTON B. CHAPMAN I I ll -' ld . . It VI .X I J I QI OXQQGI l ,J r Eg 1,3 2:53853 Gfbi 'fflsi MEMBER IN FACULTY E. H. BYRNE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN R. LBIGH JAMES J. HANKS ELDON J. CASSODAY PHILIP Fox AUGUST F. JONAs FREDERICK R. HANSON GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 EDWARD T. HOEEMANN LYMAN T. POWELL RICHARD B. Koss ROBERT KAUDY MERTON M. LLOYD ROLAND S. OLSON JACK W. SMOOR W. MEAD STILLMAN KENNETH F. WEBSTER ROBERT MCMILLBN WILLIAM B. OSGOOD FRANKLIN B. MEAD THOMAS RAWSON WILLIALI W. WARD EDWARD D. WALKER JOHN A. WILSON JAMES LLOYD JONES EMMETT G. SOLOMON .RICHARD D. WOODMAN WILLIAM F. JONES CLASS OF 1932 ROBERT N. COOL JOHN INNES WILLIAM PERRIGO HAROLD FALK EDWARD B. MAY DANEORTH R. Ross PHILIP S. GREGORY JOHN E. MONAOHAN WILLIAM H. WARNER HAROLD E. HOLEROOIQ JOHN T. MURDOcIc DAVID G. WEL-ION . . 1 1 I. 'J Town .al . ' OAI? ' .E I. fig? " . Ig I ,194 I I' is BQ: A ' I l P, 'Eff- ' Founded 1841 y .A Union College 25' chapters .ll if N Page 417 N Local chapter Alpha Iota . Established 1878 --V. -Z--...LC1.,22- -S-T-,-,ig-W.. V Y. Y . . -v . . Y Y Y . Y . .. . . Y Y . -- :- Top Row: W. W. Garstang, J. P. Ash, R. B. Baldwin, H. John, G. E. Bills, W. Owens Second Row: A. Chmielewski, H. N. Bills, S. Williston, P. Johnson, R. Paris, O. W. Seybold, T. Newcomb, J. V. Paulson, E. Lynaugh Bottom Row: J. B. Castle, P. McCormick, C. Dunaway, E. G. Schempf, J. T. Howard, H. J. Smith, J. R. Edwards, J. Tufts R. A. BROWN JOHN P. ASH JAMES B. CASTLE DON C. DUNAWAY ROBERT BALDWIN NEWMAN BILLS GEORGE E. BILLS Sigma Gbi MEMBERS IN FACULTY EDMUND A. CHMIELEWSKI D. DOWES HOWARD JENSEN IM ., .P . V J' '--A 1, I I ,I I' ' gt , ...,.... . ., .... .. Y , - I Founded 1855 N ' ,I I l A Miami University ,' T 'l 88 chapters A , ' 'II M Q. .. I. ' .Yu ll I' .. , K :I I V. K J 1' ,. , . - 1 C. T. CADDOCK L. M. LOGAN L. A. DURAND MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES HERBERT M. AITIQEN KENNETH B. MCDONOUGH CLASS OF 1929 PAGE A. JOHNSON F. B. LYNAUGH CLASS OF 1930 JOSEPH EDWARDS MONTGOMERY P. MCCORLIICK WILLIAM W. GARSTANG FLOYD T. NBWCOMB HERBERT A. JOHN CLASS OF 1931 WILLIALIS C. COMEE CARL W. MINTON MILTON E. GANTENEEIN ROBERT G. PARIS JAMES HOWARD JOHN PAULSON CLASS OF 1932 FRANCIS LAVENGOOD HENRY MULEEROER EDWARD MARSH C. SCHRECR CHARLES MARTIN ' 'l I' - . l N, . .. .. ,- . - -. L. L 1 .L .,... L .. . . I ..:.-. C. .i::.Cg-35,4-9 N Page 418 N M C. S. SLIOHTER OLIVER W. SEYEOLD EDWARD G. SCHEMPE CHARLES S. WILLISTON HOLLEY J. SMITH CHARLES L. STREETER JOHN F. TUPTS P. WHITNEY DOUGLAS SIMMONS CLAIR SUTTER 5 -I .UI 'I ., ..,.. . fl 11 I I 'f.l."i I 'I 'VI l Hi Y If l ,ifj .f If t, f I Local chapter .II . II Q. Alpha Lambda J' 'I Il Established 1884 34 f ' H I: I III . ., . 'L I. .-.OV I II .I 3, , E. -mf.. -I l' 2-""'f'.i IM , AIIJZILX Y I ,IMI I , I ,I -- ,. ,'.V.I1 ,I ,.,I LF.. W--Li., 7.1 . , L M .... Y., L -L -L ..., T, l lil, Ilgi, IQIQQ-Bm In 3'-fq. I . I ' US' .Il-T -I , l"'IfTkI?A'f' YPIPLE-. 5 .Wage LE ,,Lll?,.f 1.,.A ,225 VIIETAWIJ' 2Z'w.F'gfN 6 E' E I ll 5 . iw-.3-da' "wa E fm' C.. f-.., .3g?7llI7' ., 5,1 .., Nw cfbfY,13.1lf?j7.:.. -:I .:' ,U I A-T 1-fi-:Esc-,W hx. ,E V IRS' .If -I P1 W. T I -5 1, K li, U' I iii ,ll'ffI'1'F hi I NI if JN 4. -,l.., E A ,. il 1. 4. .Ni 'v sf 'Y I. N -. .Al A-f'l ,f 1 3 l' ??'-1' li 'Top Row: H. S. Allen, D. S. Seator, H. P. Davidson, R. C. Fyfe 'Third Row: F. W. Neuenfeldt, G. N. Burredge, B. M. Ransom, F. E. Harlow, H. W. Folsom, B. D. Kribben, P. F. Icke Second Row: T. H. Perry, P, W. Icke, C. F. Paschen, E. C. Crouse, P. Burnham, M. North, R. B. C'Neil, L. W. Gallagher Bottom Row: W. R. Ramsey, E. D. McEchron, T. W. Tormey, F. A. Murphy, D. J. Still, R. M. Forester, B. Still CHARLES E. ALLEN WILLARD G. BLEYER HAROLD C. BRADLEY WILLIAM B. CAIRN5 JOHN P. BURNHAM EDWARD C. CROUSE HAROLD S. ALLEN GEORGE N. BURREDGE HOWARD W. FOLSOM HOMER P. DAVIDSON RICHARD M. FORESTER LESLIE W. GALLAOHER ROBERT C. BASSETT NORMAN N. DANIELSON EDWARD E. DBNDOOVEN I. Walla Kpsilon MEMBERS IN FACULTY WAYLAND J. CHASE EDWARD KRBMERS EDWARD J. CHASE LOUIS H. KESSLBR RALPH M. CROWLEY SAMUEL L. LENHER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES KENNETH C. KEHL R. CLAYTON FYFE FRANK E. HARLOW NEIL B. HAYES PAUL W. ICKE CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 EDGAR D. MCEACHRON CLASS OF 1931 BERTRAM D. KRIEEEN RICHARDS C. LEWIS BENJAMIN C. EIMON JOSEPH W. FLINT J. NBWBLL HILDIE CLASS OF 1932 ROGER C. MINAHAN GERELL C. LAGERLOEE I L.-F: ...I . I I ww' pai..-,QM .Q .1:..'fff,Ig-1 . I , -,gpg-4,,..J'. : .7215 1 13.1 1' Pg--1, . -Q, I mg.: w:4,:,. M. 1-SAR -, 1 S: ,-.if-zvrhfggg .145:fe:rv,f.44fq': Dgxqxff - ,S I i'1f'f4A?j5Si.f-A ,T"j'25f I "' 'l L f I ' I f ' . 1 3-if 91"-5 " ' E 4 ' -5-I ,rum vm ff QW .' fp . I ,I f 3, 4 A ' 52,1-ft gf,L...1' S - .-.., iff 'S . E , thy mf 14? IIE' ' I 9--.qw ,f sa m. il T I E - . l 'VL 9.9 i,1.g.g3,i.1:,, MUF . f ' .Riffs '. ',':'.-5? f"'f5.:"""':T7?.. Z'..1qv,57N:::?'fIC'1977' ' " ' A , " KX: 'H SRI. '. Founded V- 1 ' ' Williams clflfia I -- . 1'l,w'. snhapfcfs , I ' I 'F' ' I ' "fr, 3 ' .1 I li 2 ,J fa ' fgff,.1..fIi1-Ewa!11.3.-.a,l'ZiQE.?LS,.tfRggi 453331317 ,llllllllllllilllll .,,,, 1 I- , . ' ' f ' ' ' I 5'-J.. 'w'TZf?'2: .sei fi, . A i 'JV fa- " il .,l . I 'f , , ,. A Eg.,.f.. . ,. J,..,,.,U,.St, 49 , ., ,... ,..1. . ,, .l '. V r ' I 'fm U ' 4'1" ' " 1' 'MK' 'if ' ,1.,,,l--35" 5 - I li 4: I -V ' .H , . . ,216 MS .. - .,,.2-.3335-an ,A -., . A I .4 Vg. - 'L i -Q15.i....." f - . A .4 vt 4 , ,YL 1, . . .. ! . N Page 419 N JOHN W. POWELL H. MELVILLE SAYRE GEORGE C. SELLERY WALTER M. SMITH G. SUMNER RIOICER DOUGLAS S. SEATOR FREDERICK W. NEUENEELDT CLAYTON F. PASOHEN WILLIAM R. RAMSBY THEODORE H. PERRY DONALD J. STILL . THOMAS W. TORMEY WILLIAM S. PROUDEOOT ROBERT C. SMITH WALTER A. VILEERG Local chapter Wisconsin Q Established 1885 I Q J v I 1 I 4 G. FRANK Ono A. BACRUE AUGUST C. BAoKUs ROBERT D. EVANS GEORGE ADGATE JAMES T. BANNEN WILLIAM E. CARNEY WALTER A. BAcIcUs HOMER G. CROWDEN HERVEY W. DIETRICII DONALD C. FROST Q. :I . 4 I , ., . Q I Y-'ig VK ' 35 .41 I In , H , , 31-3 fi-1552 L I :MAI Founded 1859 1 1 I Bethan Colle ,. IN ,, . , I Y ge .I Q , 74 chapters , N Top Row: L. Nagler, Backus, Redeker, Nickles, Donovan, Carney Second Row: Evans, Adgate, Harbridge, McCabe, Holliday Bottom Row: Stedman, Smieding, Conroy, Wilson, Curry, Bannen l Della Eau ella MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. H. HERRIOTT E. J. HOLT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES JAMES J. CONROY WILLIAM SOI-ILIcI-IT CLASS OF RICHARD C. CURRY MURRAY L. HOLLIDAY WILLIAM N, DONOVAN FREDERICK S. HARBRIDGB JOHN O. MCCAEE HARVEY W. HALLBT MALCOLM D. HARERIDOE PHILIP L. HOLLIDAY IRVING P. JOHNSON CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF ROBERT J. NICRLES WILLIAM G. PASCHONG CLYDE A. REDEKER HARLAND E. KERNAN NORTON D. KLUG NIEL M. MILLER Page 420 'I J . 'I 1 E. O. WIIG HENRY S. SMIEDING LOUIS G. NAGLER H. LOUGEB STEDMAN RUSSELL G. SIMENSON ROBERT E. WILSON ROLLA R. WOLCOTT VICTOR S. RICE JOSEPH SCANLAN ROEERT S. SCHACHT JAMES R. WHITE . 1 Em? V I 1 . ' N I Local chapter Beta Gamma 'I . 'J fm , Established lass , f. .. xr'- A. 3 . figs 'Eff-E".l K ,I .gl Q' lk, if 4 ASTE.--1 fl' 'if lil L. gig-E':'.Q-' ,wif W , Y , ., H, W ,, ,4.C,-.SEQ-Q-E---..f..:,..- C .- W, .f-- Y -.- .-.... f-W11:-:I':.: -ns-:L E.xxi1: 1mE- . . . . .fy -J:-f-am.1::- 'avg gig..-.Er W lag .-S-1 r .. ., . ,... -. I I I I l I 'I a.2L-16.4. - --.7yE.--..-,..,T:.:x-1.-2 ..- .- . ... . . .1.-...,...-W ......... f..... .fE.,.L:,-...-..E -.. . LHS., -. . . . .... .C . -....- .-- -E7,. .1 . .. ... 5... .. ....m..-..iY,..--. .. 1 A.g,...n ,D .:.......-v..,-Q-.-J: 1... iq-.Eng-,ravi.-FSu.,,.....1iEg-. ASEE.. ,-.,,,1- 1 C. -.Y .-. - A - Top Row: J. Swansen, L. Probasco, F. O'Connor, S. M. Herlin. A. S. Reed Third Row: C. L. Stevenson, D. L. Garlick, C. P. Flick, R. E. Fallis, J. R. Donnelly, R. J. Fallis, L. F. Gulick, E. P. Cole Secohd Row: H. B. Page, F. S. Crawshaw, F. Jensen, W. C. Powell, T. S. Burdon, J. V. Evans, A. C. Maxey, S. H. Goodnight R. McCormick ' Bottom Row: R. Fitzgerald, R. C. Dix, E. F. Reed, L. Gutsch, E. R. Abert, C. Morsbach, W. J. Fitzgerald E. A. EVANS M. L. HANLEY THOMAS BURDON EDWARD P. COLE WALTER J. FITZGERALD SCOTT H. GOODNIGI-IT, JR. E. RICHARD ABBRT A. VICTOR CHASE FREDERICK S. CRAWSHAW J. RUSSELL DONNELLY ROBERT C. Dlx LYNN BAKER GEORGE BENNETT ARTHUR BRANDT CHARLES CLOGHER Thi Gamma .Della MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. S. KINNE G. RITCHIE O. L. KOWALKE E. A. ROSS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES CHARLES NBWCOBKB EDWARD H. RIKKERS CLASS OF 1929 LAURENCE W. GUTSCH FRANCIS J. 0'CONNOR FREDERICK JENSEN HERBERT RASCHE CLASS OF 1930 RONALD W. FITZGERALD LEE E. GULICK ROBERT B. MCCORMICK CLASS OF 1931 THOMAS MEDARIS CHARLES A. MORSEACH DAVID L. GARLICK STANLEY M. HERLIN ARTHUR C. MACEY JOHN V. EVANS RBGINALD J. FALLIS ROBERT E. FALLIS CLINTON P. FLICK CLASS OF 1932 , JOHN H, KIRKPATRICK CHARLES LUDLOW NEIL R. MCBEATH PHILIP SARLES ROBERT HIGBY GEORGE HOPKINS RICHARD L. JONES DANIEL KERCKHOEP J. W. WILLIALIS A. N. WINCHBLL H. LOUIS WHITE ALFRED S. REED KENNETH D. SIMMONS CONRAD L. STEVENSON HENRY B. PAGE -JOHN P. SWANSEN WILLIAM C. POWELL LEWIS PROBASCO GREELY WARNER CARL A. SCHROEDER - GEORGE SPIES WHEDON SLATER GERALD WOODING -7 - -L... -. -.. -LAX,-1:.E1:::l'-.'.. 4..g.Q:v :Z -,..-.,,4c E -. L1-:L ,K-.-Fr V... -E ,5.-....Y....,.,:,,- -,V .,?,..- 4 ... f. . . Y -. ... -. . -.- C I it L l ' f "3!q'lli3'?iEA LERSIID' ll,J'iff.'3Qlrm i 'I i2LJ.'Y"3:5'lI ill figQ.1b.1C,1:hl1 5 .1252-J . if 'e41l,...1.,Qgg . li , l S-:f".?' MEC R19 I J A li- I "1 ii I swf-f' l If I I jf SJC J, . I M if X1 3 lg! J tk If f Q A J, DB if --.ALJ , H 2. 'Wil ll 5 'Ali W ' . . .J I , 'flf :I UI A v . ' I : f T . 'A l X . . ..., N I.. . ' .1 -Q JIT 4 Q bfi' ll , A Founded I848 fr Local chapter I .l -1- , Vashington and Jefferso 'Ale ff'-Ig?" sk Mu I z'S,g'i',I I ll ' jg 69 Chapters I J J .,XEstabl1shed 1893 , X, , . . ' I. . . . ' -v N. '- if . In1f:'w'f . A 'F 5, 5 l fl WIS fs -1' IIQEYECIEQP We-l,f1w L - .Lf 0 N-'11, f I Ewiil, 'f.1I2A+.Pfr..fZfHr wfiffff' I EIT' -.JTICJPA 1 HMM, I in :D AEDT-- -..,-.. .I.E,gE..f':z.Ef..E4L.,.E.IfE.:.S-E51 MJ N Page 421 N li 3 Pls. xi.,-A ? Il 553: 'S lfiyi Q F' 'Q' I, jg. ESC ,-9 3 'it fjjjf' Q . YL!" 1,3444- ,R .. 4 V 449 lg I QJ I I9 17 F3 .644 3 A, l fu., 'L ff' 5, . lfiy' ,T F I I l I I -,., 'T 13, ., . I i l v I IE I 11 I I l l I l S. M. BAECOOR W. F. ANDERSON PAUL M. GOLLEY ROBERT H. KASISKA CARROLL F. BERRYMAN JACK H. DELAP J. DONALD ALLEN ARTHUR F. BRANDT WILLIAM D. HAMILTON JOHN P. CONSIGNY FREDERICK B. JUDSON NORMAN P. KELLY Bfqngagfxl og F-C 164 'Top Row: T. Stavrum, P. Judson, J. White, A. Brandt, F. Larsen, K. Westby Second Row: R. Kenney, H. Mills, J. Wilson, C. Berryman, H. Porter Bottom Row: W. Van Natta, W. Hamilton, J. De Lap, R. Lauritzen, J. Hart, P. Nash t' Obela .Della Chi MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. B. DOKE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROLP KING GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 RICHARD LAURITEEN ROBERT H. SYRES THOMAS F. MCCAUL JAMES A. HART ROBERT J. KENNEY PHILIP M. JUDSON HARLAN E. MILLS ALFRED A. SCHULTZ EDWARD E. SCHULTZ- CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 FRED N. LARSEN ALLEN PORTER PHILLEO P. NASH VAIL A. VAN NATTA WILLARD SIQOGLUND ROBERT H. THAYER l I ' A 124 22' 1 W 'O , 0 IVY I V I 'Q 4.9 Founded 1847 Union College N V' go chapters N Page 422 N A. M. MEIRLEJOHN ELLIS STOKDYK KENNETH L. WESTBY JAMES G. WRAY THOMAS G. STAVRUM JOHN J. WHITE JOHN C. WILSON HOWARD R. ZIEMANN HAROLD H. ZINN GLENN G. THOMPSON XVILLIAM W. VAN NATTA HAROLD H. WINE I JI, Local chapter Sigma Deuteron l .V Established ISQS ' l WILLIAM E. CLIARK HOWARD BOOGHER BERNARD C. BR-AZEAU GEORGE A. BLAKE HENRY F. FURLONG JAMES P. BLAUL TULLIUs BRADY WILLIAM H. BRIGGS WILLIAM E. HUSTING ADRIAN D. KUEPPER I XI -Quiiffa SA L 'KJ 5' All ,LLL 'vivo if I I' if Q' .ww fan f " ,J fl I If . 1,21 Jixuh If sw I F,-52? 'V .ff L3- N. 'W oun e I 3 IIA X' ML Union College W, If I 26 chaprersri,-f'g:.fz , 55 'J T'M.fI ?ijTIjj"'af.x,f'- If J' 11 II.-'H' O 1-'Swv' 'L Y JIIIEFA L' si Mpsilon MEMBER IN FACULTY JULIUS OLSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' WILLIAM T. GILL GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 GORDON R. CONNOR MARVIN A. LUNGREN GEORGE D. LA BUDDE JOHN M. REDEORD RICHARD W. KRIEG EDWARD D. MAIN WILLIAM W. MBYST ROBERT R. MULLEN CLASS OF 1930 PHILLIP A. STREICH CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 MARC J. MUSSER WALTER W. SI-EEEIN JOHN I. MACNICHOL TOM S. MAGNIGHOL FRANKLIN G. WILCOX CHARLES A. WINDING MARK J. SCHMITZ S. BRAYMER SHERMAN WILLIAM S. PRUESSING WARREN H. STROMBERG WARREN D. RBIMER5 RAYMOND V. VAN WOLRENI-EN . . Ii -ff Page 423 N ARTHUR D. WILLIAMS I I J f..- ,. , H J." 'I 2 "' 4 Local Chapter ' Rho LI Established 1896 , I 1 V . J. . I FYI . .ia T"-Qf f l I -I .eff -H .1 .Eiy - 3. .6 ,egg A-. 4 TE. 9-: .1 , Q, II SI 3. A .LQ Vw j, J .I ,.. f-IV. I' YI gf l 3 K I tw, .2354 'J' 431 ,.,,, 1,1 ,J 4. - ' Dfifuff' Hg-I vi-.I T. L Z1 Y . NVQ- -11,3-4-1, L... Kw,,,.,,,..-,,...,., . Y , WYYW Ynt, VY A Vw' YY- A LAm.,,,,,,- 4,3 3.1 .7 . --r,a-1Irff-:w-hrn:n:wLwQwA-Ecru-irmm-Ifwwpfi-Irgfzx-1 :f.f.:L-L. . J.. . Q-.q:f:..-Lv.:--A-A ..L -Rv.-:K ...z...:..t:?.T.. . LLL- -.1.,,. . Lin, ,Z M., V Top Row: R. Hollander, W. Caldwell, E. Byanskas, J. Kresky, W. Slavik, H. Foster, E. Lange, H. Mueller, W. Blanchard, A. Small Sgcond Riywg W, Lehman, W. McDaniel, E. Ford, H. Lange, F. Stare, H. Krueger, H. Rebholz, E. Christian, R. Nehs Bottom Row: F. Morton, R. Ainsworth, K. Pinegar, O. Lysne, E. Fox, F. Utley, R. Slightam, A. Meyer A. J. BIEEERSTEIN S. LEE ELY EDWIN CHRISTIAN JOSEPH L. KRESKY ROY C. AINSWORTH WILBERT G. BLANCHARD LAWRENCE M. DAVIS ERWIN C. FORD EDWARD L. BYANSKAS WILLIAM G. DICKINSON HENRY J. FULDNER W. ALLAN ABBOTT WILLIAM S. BECRER GEORGE D. CRAIG ROBERT L. DIXON I 'Mappa Sigma NIEIVIBERS IN FACULTY J. W. GALE G. M. SUNDT S. H. GOODNIGHT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES HENRY A. MEYERS WILEORD RISTEEN CLASS OF 1929 HAROLD F. LANGE RICHARD T. PUELICHBR OSEORNE LYSNE WILLIAM M. SLAVIK KENNETH PINBGAR CLASS OF 1930 HAROLD FOSTER WALTER E. Fox ROBERT H. HOLLANDER ' CLASS OF 193 EMIL JANDACEIQ HENRY KRUECER JACK KAMINSKY CLASS OF 193 EDWARD M. DUTIEL DONALD T. EVES JUSTIN J. FORD H. DOUGLAS FULLER HAROLD HARLAN EDWARD L. LANGE WILLIAM LEITSCH 1 WALLACE LEHMAN WILLIANI K. MCDANIEL ARNOLD F. MEYER 2 FORREST H. JOHNSON WALLACE A. JOHNSON RAPHAEL A. KELLEY ROBERT M. KEOWN F. P. WOT ARTHUR C. STEHR ALVAN L. SMALL FRANCIS L. UTLEY FREDERICK MORTON HAROLD E. REEI-IoLz MORRIS SCOTT RICHARD C. SLICHTARI HERBERT MUELLER ROBERT P. NEI-Is FREDERIC J. STARE ERIERY M. O'GARA ALDEN C. OVLANDER EDWIN D. SARIDAKIS JARVAL O. SCHULTZ WILLIAM C. HUTCHESON V, ,f -1- .- Awf,....V.f :La W- .. -211114.-. I. W -,. .... 2, YL ,Y W - A K. as X K W EX 4-,tgwfb V' I ' '. S llgff'LEU.1All:3i'fg:ulF!"E'5"Al'gs:-6 ' ' f . f44'IF-'I I' mf7H'+-4. 'N' ,l ' ,I I I. -f :gr '1. R .IL -I. -of I LG' 2-lE.J'F' ' 'Y 1.1 in ll I? Akswfj' 'I yl 5 -f2?'LgQ 'w.,,. .If .-31' K I ISI I ,Rf "If I Il I I I ' I ' I IL. 5 .V .A n . 4 . f I .- .M . L J 1. ,SI . , , 351' ffl .. if-Egl iizg' A 3 IRL!! lI Rf aagkpyfv 1 ,ff sf' af 5 ITV? I' a,FI3,o4?ijL,I!-'fe Q 3,5 V. , XMI Q 3 ' Z4 .9'w5' Q. 9f'. I-1f, ,g- I- ' I R' A- I 'IS ' I II . I.-Sigigfw fied: .A - 14.-1 . l I X I 4 " ff'-74? .,,. is vfkfkgk 44913 Y ' A " . '-1 I ' 9 l ' -' X! . .I If-vgfaxjffwfwilfg 'lfkwtfg 5451. Q . I - . -. .I Nw 4 A 'I' "'4'-'Q-if-W5 "A' fm- I 4521 ' 5- ' ' ' I - US. .. 12 1 !x,.'--I. ' ' . hi.. FOI1fIded186v . ig IRI lla ' University of Virgini I ' ,. . - . 4 - j .A J E ,-' Local chapter A ' AVI ' 5' - III-I Bm.EPSi'0" 15 ' .II "IA if 11 , if W. I II ' ESi"b"5l"2d '39s A I Il 1 I T fx - 2 2" -' - ' 7 '1' ..,L.A..' ' ff-.' .R 'f ' ,I - , ' . I A 'ESR fS,'l " VII QI' , - I -I' A' . . - ,Sf I 1 I ' I ' - 1' -I ua.,-J ZLLJLLLLLLE.. m.Sf"lm7:T'TIe""'iiTr"TO I "":f'1' "-frfrffnf-ff ' - A "K z. A NPR 424 I A A I A I 1 I I A' HI if I I 521. T-Tia A I if ffkff :XYZ QE' 5 I T I V -:aaa-I-2-Af-25.1.-2::.::+---l,,,,...A--,:,,- -..Ly YY ...-.f-ig.-Cz.-:..::,r:,'. G,-- L.: 1- J- B -,f -, 1 1-0 -lg:-.-.V-.-,L--H4.1.3-.gif-. 1...--1:-1.1 ,,.,.I..s.L,1?f -W: -,fn van---A ip, -L ,E-.Amr :gf '35, 5 A Y--Y 41. .. ,f.-2-:Lf :-4-Inn.-.-. .,--- W . . I .... .S J.. , G . L Z.. - -..,..-.II,f...f,.E2LE..fGi-L-1:-QL' - .m-r:f5,g.1--.....IM- :JBL .5 - . TL -.:.g-5-ary, 'Top Row: W. H. Randolph, W. Fuller, E. G. Fournace, G. Smith, J. Iwioylan, J. Miller, R. Hagerty, C. Lueth Bottom Row: C. Kurtz, C. Foster, C. Roby, D. Mack, H. Vietmeyer, H. Suby, R. Harrison CAPT. F. G. BORDEN D, R. H. FELLOWS KERBERT B. EARLB CHARLES M. FOSTER THEODORE D. FROST HERBERT D. HALSTED HOWARD L. CORRELL WILLIAM W. FULLER E. GENE FOURNACE BLAISE GUETTLER LYMAN C. HASWELL ROBERT E. JONES ROBERT C. ALLL4A'N PAUL L, CLBMENS HUGH J. HELMER I Fflif I 'lab :'N.' II If ,.i' .747 .ff ' 1 II 5 i'?'.,uI',1'!I - 'I' ' ' ,I ,. N. V- 129 J j1'!' II .N ,JI ..I I Iv I..- II BI' I I wx I F" J pf.-.ER I qi , .Lx 3 I Founded 1850 1 X. .'kUniversity of Pennsylvaniiifhslf J4 1 YQJII 35 Chapters I . A ,I If -I J 1, Q 7 Il? 'Jw HI JSE It I 19 E., A I If'1,'IV2 ,Z QI frrffzr II 1, QI! 1,425 Irff- -I Iv 17:-I.k1I1 I ,I.-N. -zz 4.7 w.ff?l..1"j'.ff.i'J J U 3'-' "' r I I x f If .dI,IJ,' sill 'YN' L 'W I ,J 1' Tlbi Mappa Sigma MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. W. HALLALI J. W. TAYLOR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES CARLETON E. KELLEY THOMAS P. A. LEONARD CHARLES J. KELLOGG CLASS OF 1929 CHESTER S. KURTZ JACK W. MASON JOHN C. MOKENNA JOHN B. MILLER CLASS OF 1930 ROBERT F. HAGERTY RICHARD W. HARRISON CHARLES S. LUETH CLASS OF 1931 ROBY LAMPHERE RICHARD J. LOOMIS JAMES D. PORTER CLASS OF 1932 ROBERT E. KOMMERS HOWARD W. MEAGLE ROBERT A. MAURER ROBERT J. MISTBLE JOHN E. MORGAN W. HAMPTON RANDOLPH CARSON A. ROBERTS DAVID J. MACK HAROLD C. MARSH JOHN N. MOYLAN CLARK D. ROBY KIRBY H. RAAB HARLOW S. ROBY JAMES H. RANK ROBERT W. RUMMELE DOUGLAS WEAVER I , IX ,Matt-I ,-'-.,,,.,A:I 1.13. V If i K- V L I---amaze' - 2591211-J-s::ffIs1fg'T1A,QL.e,,G,.: - 1-.1 -I --L -3- - T - I A- - - - I ,-A ,,x,-,JM , -- ,,,,, Y, -,, M, . ,LJ4 Y.: .Yi -L-.--7-g:2g:5f-,-,-..-.4 xnczz.-i. 111211.-. -Sv -C ,--Y -1 I N Page 425 N 1 J. W. WATSON W. WEAVER HARRY C, THOMA JOHN R. ROBERTS ROY W. THIBL HENRY W. VIETMEYER GUERDON F. SMITH DOUGLAS STEWART HOWARD I. SUBY FREDERIO L. TIEGS HAROLD M. STEINBAUGH LESLIE E. WILDE JAMES W, YONTS JACK H. WOODROW WILLIAM A. YOUNG FRED R. ZIERATH II., I- , ., AJ" , 1 Ji I I I . . JI V1 '- QI I' i I I' T.. IA 1- , ,K .,,v. i. J , .N It I III' 3,1 2 lx W X . .. 1,157 Bl. 'I Mx ,IJ tx ,N Local Chapter pa I Alpha Theta .fl "I ' I 'ff-,NI Established IQOI I- 2,1121 jg ' I I -Ik, 11 I '-1 1 V III 5 ,. N5 lf IL fy- IIHN. I Lui' if . A "gg aw . wif! N t .f -fzxffij I II L .I I .g 2- ' L 1, 'CSI 3151 VV, SQ FEL SI . ly Uffffc I,' .MI E 1, ,rn U' S I H Top Row: G. Williams, J. Gale, J. Sperling, R. Stebbins, J. Parks Second Row: R. Jackson, H. Blooclgood, I. Tressler, W. Hardin, W. Mornsen, L. Hanks, R. Izard, J. Schmidtman Bottom Row: H. Hiatt, O. Loven, H. Groth, F. Shaw, J. Showerman, R. Oberndorfer, R. Garrison W. R. AGARD F. DANIELS L. R. GAGE BUDD CORBUS RALPH R. IZARD RICHARD GARRISON HOWARD HIATT HUGH BLOODGOOD JOHN GALE HOWARD GROTH ROBERT BURGESS CHARLES COLEMAN FRED GOESLING 'l832 .-fm:- ww '- Founded 1832 Hamilton College 31 chapters W' Tfxlpba 'Bella 'fflbi J. M. GAUS P. A. RAUSCHENBACH C. O. GREGORY F. W. ROE M. MURPHY A. F. SAUNDERS D. S. OTIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 WILLARD MOMSEN LAURISTON SHARP OTTO LOVEN JOHN PARKS LUCIEN HANKS WILLIAM HARDIN WALTER HOILES WALTER GRAEBNER RUSSBL HIBEARD EDMUND HIITSON RICHARD HOLLEN CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 JEROME SPERLING REGINALD JACKSON HOWARD NILSON HERBERT LEE ROBERT MAGGREGOR BRUCE MILLER '-"pi-7-Q R G"93"-wx -If 'A "'L'i"l '52 ' 'z-. '1 X' -' 'X' ' - L S fa - . H25 Hr- " ' .R f YF L R1- ' av: W A-1. ' TE' -s. 'A'x - g.:.:Egqgrf3Y-vgaawfqa'2.Q2g.:fSgq Am 951 5. :-' -27" .I f - . . ,.. . I ? 2 4,25 :Il ,. f '41 "'.4'-:I XX Q Q 1:-'f :lf i15""".,E'1 -E?-2555-352-5-T . I ' A - -342 .1 7? 1 ' filwg iq 3f,:.1r 'i'f 'gfffv 'j..i'S :mm . I-Gp- I .f. y-Mgr.. ,- - A -. me 4.4. sw! all I ,. A .l.5Li!...q R, 1 1 I , 4.3914 1',,.,fV J GJ ,gn Q5 rt 11-.fy Q .ZNN:?x.:, . 1f"":' i+'7'5.Q- ,,,'1' ' v 'Eff 5 '-df, f pl H. . 'I . J' ,I ' , ,. .sf ff- 9, , I I A I ? 4,3635Q2C147-Igfi-ffifwf-13737 ' lf , 555'-5. ' M - 1 A --' -V I 7 , " . . ' , "" N Page 426 N W. A. SCOTT M. P. SHARP W. L. TRESSLER FRANK H. SHAW' JOHN SHOWERMAN IRVING TRESSLER GORDON WILLIALIS ROBERT H. OEERNDOREER JOHN SCHMIDTMAN HAROLD SMITH HARVEY MILLER THEODORE SHAW OLAP VEA . TA Nb ' I Local chapter Wisconsin Established IQO2 , I l l I I 'Top Row: F. McGovern, J. Estas, J. Schroeder, W. Davis, C. Alberg Second Row: C. Zillman, R. Parkin, T. Regers, H. Gehrig, D. Hitchner, M. Fritz, A. Junker. G. Adam Bottom Row: R. Wilson, J. Hume, J. McGovern, J. Best, E. Gordon, P. Colehour, P. Ruppert GEORGE A. CHANDLER FRANCIS C. KRAUSKOPE JOHN S. BEST HENRY C. CASSBLL FRANCIS H. MGGOVERN GEORGE H. ADAM P. LEIGHTON AHLBERG HAROLD V. BERGS T. JACKSON BARNETT JAMES K. COLEHOUR RBGINALD M. COMSTOCK STANLEY B. ASHLEY NEIL F. CROWELL DONALD E. DANIBLSCN Sigma Nu MEMBERS IN FACULTY ID.-XNIEL D. LESCOHIER WARREN J. MEADE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES LOWELL FRAUTSCHI EDGAR S. GORDON CLASS OF 1929 JOHN N. MGGOVERN THOMAS A. ROGERS RALPH C. PARKIN CLASS OF 1930 S. PHILIP COLEHOUR THOMAS FLINN, JR. WEST C. DAVIS MARIAN T. FRITZ EDWARD L. HASLA51 FREEMAN HEIM OWEN HUBBELL CHESTER V. DILLEY WILLIAM DONALDSON COTTER FERGUSON RALPH F. FOSSHAGE SO, "" I Ddfg? - Q w I N .D .I -a I " Siwwff Y l Y I 94553 . 94549 Il I 'fgyy I, ' X el ' fa- -A 'al .I f Founded 1869 'I' j- 1 yirginia Military Institute ,L Je, 92 chapters 1' f " ' 'l CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 EVERETT F. ISTAS AARON J. JUNCKBR THOMAS ROBERTS WINERED GREIBLING ROBERT B. HUEER EARL I. KBNZEL '6- IZ, N Page 427 N RAY S. OWEN HARLEY F. WILSON PERRY W. WILSON PHILIP W. RUPPERT CHRISTIAN C. H. ZILLMAN G. HAROLD GOEHRIG DEX'ORE O. HITCHNER JOHN P. HOME JOHN K, SGHROEDER J. ROBERT WILSON GORDON B. ZIMMERMAN KONRAD B. KRAUSKOPF JACKSON E. KREUTZMAN HERBERT WALLBAULI I J,.' if - Local chapter Gamma Lambda Established TOO: , ffl E35 X' 1? ,ff AO. .if EF .jf g5,j'l'9? J 54' U !1,m-aa: Q. A ,IZ J if figejfigy 'Q l.1?'f'1AV I. Qffggkgfx E-S3--sf Lf . 5' I-L T vi' - 7 .. , Z.. ..,, L 1?- K .:...L,..,. I ef ----I-V Y .-7-BALL, ---AW -MLW-,l 1,,-.-.E.+SEE?- its HEL:--.fa-5-f-TE,..Ef.e,..:Ef1-.i- we-.-.LREEELE - S. N- --LEC... 11- .N--:wen Je- E AP. ijiibjfiifQ'l'fQL52mSE'?HiE2f'5.SWSEExifirE1C5CEyZ'S7FEbEodk ST'1i'7RDE:?rEf5Ef"C C C" 'E C' EERE Third Row: C. Olson, W. Goebel, Urban, G. Wolff. D. Johnson, D., Williamson, H. Storck Second Row: N. Munson, G. Stauflfacher. C. Lewis, K. Crowell, M. Lawton, W. Densky, R. Manley, R. Dettlebach Bottom Row: J. Rhodes, E. Haley, J. Wilgus, G. Mueller, F. Werner, L. Peterson, D. Connolly, G. Swarthout R. R. AURNER R. H. DENNISTON GLEN H. ARTHUR G. KENNETH CROWELL OTTO H. EY WILLARD C. DENSRY EDWARD A. FREDERICKSON EARL D. HALBY ROBERT T. MANLEY JOHN H. COCHRAN C. DAVID CONNOLLY ROBERT F. DETTELEACH STANLEY C. FEBOCK EARL J. ANGBVINE CHARLES W. BROWN MERRILL M. HALEY if Sigma .Alpha .lEpsil.on MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. W. GIESE C. L. JONES W. E. MEANWELL W. H. RICI-ITMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 WILLIAM C. GOEBEL A. MARSH LAWTON CHARLES N. LEWIS MARCUS A. LUCAS CLASS OF 1930 STEPHEN E. MCDERMOTT ANTON L. METZ GEORGE W. MUELLER NEWELL C. MUNSON CLASS OF FREDERICK GRAEEEL STEPHEN HART DOYLE W. JOHNSON DANIEL B. RILEY CARL P. OLSON LAWRENCE L. PETERSON C. LOWELL PEEIEER HELBIUT K. VON MALTITZ 1931 EDWIN SCHAREACH ROLLAND W. SM1LBY HERBERT P. STORCR GORDON F. SWARTHOUT CLASS OF 1932 WALTER B. JOHNSON CHARLES A. JURACI: JOSEPH A. MATTAS NEIL H. MILBE1: JOSEPH SCHUBACK WILLIAM C. SHERMAN W. H. TWENHOFEL J. D. WICKHEM JOHN H. RHODES GORDON STAUEEACHER WALLACE L. WILGUS EARLE H. URBAN DAVID G. WILLIAMS DONALD A. WILLIAMSON GEORGE P. WOLEE LAWRENCE C. VASS FREDERICK T. WERNER GORDON W. WORMLEY CLIPEORD B. WOODWARD JOHN W. SOPFEL FREDERICK J. WAGNER RICHARDVB. WALSH T Y R7 fl QLDLQTQYQPZRT-Tsbznz-'f'i,D' f 1. X Ai1114T,fg1np4.if-'Ze LUQNJ J I j , . gg 4 'E L A Q If :L I' P "f f - "1 .'.H:!"l.S.i'7ill V 'VTE l l'1ff'T-SQL?" " N' ,,.j,' ', :I ,1I.'u "i',,f Ijfvf V L: 1 , 1,1 I 1. f. I .1 , '- ' 1 ll fl ll N if Jie.-ff 12A 2 l I I. I IH l - M, gg 11 ll' V' .l R 'L .. I 4 l iff" E - d d 1' l Ii E1 I OLD e 1856 ,. JJ I - ,Ifrfy Umvcrsity of Alabama,IK,fIQ7f I J I 12. Ioo chapters ,- . "f JV-pl f':.1fQ.w.u L ,ffl if - ' '13 11. fif '11 ' .l WX 13.9 '.-.'.1.::JgAs' lv., ,J 5: 'J wr zu X., 44 J R My-Ig .P -4 QQ ' .11:.:.f'-. , ' Www .eg EQ. .ef-'-HL.. 1- 1'--1'-7 . . , ,gf , In I 1 v I -f H: Rf jew.. f-E.-:,:v,1---.Zyl-:Liv ..,.E.::--51.Nm,-?--'-ew N Page 428 N -,LEMVJO tix. :Rib lglii Y R , Lg,fggix5gr.,QSf, -In J ll ! 'J'-7, ix' "Y, fill' l .'.,l 4, . H M ,. ,.y ll I x 'I I . 1' l -7. I1 E l f' l vf Iggii-. I . 'NJHA , l f .-f"5Y.s. - g if ,I W 3 l M I J . eff lg!! W 'l ll fa' 3. .137 J' Local chapter 4fjcf2 XVisconsin Alpha J 41.3 il i W Established IQO3 fsff-vm M. A A ' ll A ll ' ' 'J .. q'7Q'vff1.QgX.., .' w J 1'-HS -'-'Q :wi .A ,. ' - '-Cyl.-Aff.. -' fill ra 1 Q I W. C..W.L.LL ,,us..E,E.f.m7fm. T 'TT .. TQ A- If -3' ' I. rw, l ai ,f 4 ' oA + 4 I If xg? - ,gf ,.u::::L..L?-+-. . .. - -- --.S-2i2.1...4.,m--gif-A----A ,--:.+:v7:,i fv:yrT- 1 .-, ,-- gli. .- .7-,:,Y,Yv4,, ,f,, L Y ,, - . - . ....-x ,DIE :W 1-14. - f--TM. . .,, YYY -- ,..c..,--..-Z H, I Wifi ' .pi ,, ll .E I L. , -I, Ryan: P' I ' 'f-I-U . I Rig, '. .Ep '- .fin 6. Y ill l 74- Ilia I sa ' Squaw" l..l.ff'5J 2 ,- -X R- :L ,Av '-'P CSIJI P 'f I I iIaL. ?A1-.4 Iii I I ,'I'2"1O 5 .Y . .xxgy A .. .. ip. .A 1 ll ?,g".J'!i I I fy' 3' l Twf52'R5ilTIIiLEdBA53eifi, iL7F1EE,'6TX7iBH5eQ,7R1 FH5bT535rfDf'EEEE13E?fRQfE:?gQEfI'if4DZEIqIiisfL" 'ST"TJ Third Row: P. Darling, C. Morrow, D. Jones, G. Ward, A. May, C. Foss, W. Tompkins, W. Feiker Second Row: V. Kelly, P. Them, M. Skinner, W. Bingham, E. Freyburger, O. Wehrle, H. Felten, E. Peterson, K. Bates Bottom Row: W. Klatt, C. Nicolazzo, B. Silcox, R. Costello, E. Wilson, R. Fox, L. Davis, G. Nelson, T. Stine H. H. BAKREN E. E. BEAN M. W. BRAY J. S. DONALD W. Ebling J. W. FREY F. B. HADLEY LEWIS BUCHANAN DELMAR COOPER EDWARD AZPBLL KIRK BATES WILLIAM T. BINGI-IAM LAURBNCE DAVIS WILLIAM FEIKER EDWIN FREYBURGER MELVILLE COSTBLLO ROBERT CRANE JOHN BOSTWICK -av -q4-'1-w---- - 1 -..- Q ,J .-....- A . H-. LLL.-. - . . II,- ,I .1 E.,-.'?:1f:vYl .I ,1,., lI,xf,r. .., ,J L ., for if 211'-1" 'A I Zdxcacia MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. L. ILTIS J. A. JAMES T. E. JONES C. K. LEITH E. B. LEITZ S. MAORAY T. MACRLIN F. H. MACGREGOR E. B. MILLER W. S. MILLER C. B. MILLS C. B. MORTIMER W. A. MOWRY A. M. MUORS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES IRVING LUBTH A SCOTT MACRAY CLASS OF 1929 HOWARD FBLTBN CLIFTON Foss FRED FOX CLASS OF 1930 EDWARD GANSEN DAVID JONES CLASS OF 1931 HAROLD LAKIBENSTBIN RALPH OLSEN CLASS OF 1932 RAYMOND DA I-ILQUIST GEORGE NELSON WESLEY KLATT VERNON KELLY SANFORD LEWIS ARTHUR MAY RBNNIE MOE EUGENE PETERSON GILBERT WAHLBURG R. S. OWEN E. E. SWINNEY L. W. TIOE R. E. VAUGHAN H. W. WILLING L. A. WILSON W. H. WRIGHT THOMAS STINE LAWRENCE TICE CECIL MORROW MORGAN SRINNER GERALD WARD OTTO WBHRLE WILLARD SMITH WILLARD TOMPKINS HAROLD POPE PHIL THERN EUGENE WILSON L' I. , ,f,.7',:-3I',',. rg. Rf,-,gr 4.3 ',,,pmX T. W 1' W 5' I,r2'i lf'3'.2f-1-2A1H',5I l' H4 .1 . 1... 3-.44 ,I if l N f f- ' I .1 .3 I' W? 'R' x .. lg , l I 3,9 I' all 1' is +595 'IQ if l' I 5. I 'Af' wi . I- Iv lx? I l I I 1 In lil 55" WWLQIL. I Qi: I-A R ii lf. WJ I MM' Local chapter fl? if 43 QSYX I Fmfnded 1994 , 1. 'Pm A Wisconsin Acacia ff fi -' u M gf., University of Michigan vafafi rg 1 ,H Established ,906 1,:",::lv M, 2' 34chapters lkffy, " 15,5l,FL W I fwzvi I I l If . I' TM J I . J7' X ,ffl E: JI L li DRI, .EE35,f.. ., fifw. I ,fi I . I. ,, . . . Q1 H ' A 1,4'..f,f?i'?f"fgIEI'w gf"--I 'R-nf,:f fb-f"Z.S E LSI., ik,-3 447,-ZfQlb:.,f--3' jguklflj 1 A. Y 1. I 'ii 1iJ,l"l.4 , P3157 ,E ,JI 51 , f,,ff-f....,p4. H'4lfZ",..f1f1".ij.Jl . If f . . Q rug Il . 5 ' I-'Llsesml b3.':r.'Qh2.: .S.:LaLk:.sJ.A-..1.- .-.f.EE.,:- - -- . .L . :SG - .,.Ez:Qr.9...Q-y-,-:.:,,...f. ,.. E.: --- I..-.--f-.4--3 .:.,AAJ,.?Q.-L.,..A .:.,. va :L-:J 5.veh..fL,fQ L .5 ,,dIY,,,,, 2:1-2- -H-mm Y ,,w-lmwwi ,,.,,. ,YL,,-,G-,,,,:,l,,::-1... ,L , 4 1 W,,.U-Mi, -, .TAY-.AQYW--X-1-Z. ,ya ,1..-' Y: 7 rf:-::-L, D.. Sava. ' 1 . wi' ' N Paze 429 N Q Top Row: A. K. Ellis, E. Ried, P. Lytle, D. Nelson, G. Evans, R. Stewart Second Row: G. Wilson, R. Snyder, R. Campbell, J. Bailey, S. Scott, B. Fisher, J. Linden, G. Hines, R. Burbank Bottom Row: C. Coyle, C. Holmes, J. Hamilton, C. Bauer, D. Snydacker, C. Mee, H. Quinlan. D. Stiver S. A. BOSTOCK ALBERT K. ELLIS, JR. JOHN W. BAILEY CHARLES E. BAUER ROBERT W. CAMPBELL CHARLES H. HOLMES ROBERT LYONS GEORGE W. BARRER KARL H. BATTERMAN DONALD T. CAMERON is QS? Founded 1844 . . Yale University 47 chapters 7Delta Tlfappa 'Epsilon MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. D. BRISOOE W. ROGERS H. KLEIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BURT B. FISHER PAUL A. LYTLE CHARLES S. COYLE GEORGE H. EVANS JOHN KRAMER PAUL G. MAYER PIERCE PETERS WILLIAM POWERS HOWARD QUINLAN HENRY J. CUSCADEN JOHN H. FLOOD JAMES W. HARRIS CLASS OF 1929 CLASS 'OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 DANIEL E. NELSON JOHN M. LINDEN C. HARRY MEE DANIEL SNYDACRER JOHN R. STBARNS G. ROBERT STEWART ROBERT JONES JOSEPH MODONOUOH HARVEY T. MURPHY N Page 430 N X C. STEVENSON SHEROD B. SCOTT EZERIEL C. REED LEWIS G. WILSON JOHN H. STIBB DANIEL D. STIVER DUNCAN B. TINGLE ANDREW P. SCOTT RUSSEL B. STEPHENS RALPH E. SWANSON I in 4' L Local chapter Rho Delta ' Established 1906 'W I I 1. Top Row: H. Roberts, J. Nuzum, A. Beeman, R. Spencer, J. Radley, F. Prinz, R. Andree, R. Toll Bottom Row: F. Butts, A. Kraeger, L. Forster, R. Walker, C. Johnson, P. Brayton, H. Tanner, P. Parmier J. BERGSTRESSER P. BUTTS P. M. BUCK W. CALDWELL ROY ANDREE PAUL PANNIER FREEMAN BUTTS LAWRENCE FORSTER JOHN CANFIELD RICHARD CANTWBLL WILLIAM DRUCKER RUSSEL FOSSE ffxlpba Eau Omega MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. F. CLARK G. E. LIHLE J. S. EVANS J. MCDONALD V. A. HENMON W. J. MEEK A. G. LAIRD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES JAMES DOLLARD ARTHUR BEEMAN POTTER BRAYTON FRANKLIN PRINZ CHARLES JOHNSON JOHN RADLEY HARMON GREENE RICHARD KOCH CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 GORDON PBRISHO JOHN NUZUM HOWARD TANNER RICHARD SPENCER WILLIAM MCKINSTRY EDWIN 0'BRIBN MAURICE MCCAEE SAMUEL PERKINS l I 'i YE... ..,2 , .,.. , Y if I -. J, 'JI . 5,3 fl" .tr 1 ,AM fy Founded 1865 T- .J ' I ' Virginia Military Institute ' J I ' 8-7 chapters N Page 431 N W. S. MIDDLETOWN E. S. RECTOR W. RECTOR C. ZDANOWICZ HAROLD ROBERTS ROLAND WALKER ERNEST STRUB ROBERT TOLL EDWARD STEFFELIN E. STRAUB STUART SCANTLIN VERNE VEDDER R .... ,.. Local Chapter Gamma Tau Established IOO7 ' gi. .. . Y l iff! if .., I . -W A! W I iv,f,.ij" A1 l 5- "fri T- :MVIS pf' Qffitfifl 5 I X 'I Z2-' J' amz: Rl "V L ,,,,,,.-,.M,,T.,:1-----.13,...f-.. if - - -- Y. WY Y Y. -. W , , ,,,. , ,,7,, 1..m .. ,,.- - 1 "-- fwwv 3 ,:v,:.fL: wa-wr? Y fuss, ....r,ii- -if K,,.-Ty-. ...:.,.,,.,, LV, L -,- . -M , Top Row: D. Mack, J. Hickok, D. Harter, L. Bushnell, H. May, W. Best, T. Pray Second Row: W, Hayhurst, J. Nason, C. Turgirnson, J. Sheldon, V. Lundgren, J. Hardy, P. King, J, Dixon Bottom Row: T. Kirmse, J. Husting, B. Porter, J. Dowell, R. Griswood, D, Jones LOWELL F. BUSHNELL JOHN DIXON JOHN T. DOWELL JAMES W. HARDY WILLIAM P. BEST 1 f 'T' .iff 1-T ' Iv 1" X- 4' iff" ' I ' f.. uf Q1 1, I. .ff I JP If -255. gg. -I", l . , ,J J bf ,H - Y W J . .ff"' V. J' I 4' J ,-I I 3 IH5' V' 1 i:'i,,J.1lJf I 1' .I , fl' l JS-fl W JTIQI .fill J fl-Q' 'foiigksfa ll :Il 2 .'fQ"":7w..L--4. I I ll H, ,.v.s.v.o59s I I yi ' 9' , .I--A I V , JJJIIZJ Founded 1827 I I 3'XV?l.K Union College X J, i ' IO chapters ' J I .silk .H J ' Ill-l ll'f'-'fl Qlfrillxk Q , I,f2.?T, ,512-ii "Af 11, :1Q,ff'k3l l ,iv .:'1-'fkfSsfES+45- -J' -x. NLM,-.L K L W A-V .-Y . -XE ' I 1 ' - vi' Sigma T13 i MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES VERNON G. CARRIER KNIGHT C. PORTER CLASS OF 1929 DONALD B. HARTRR JACK H. NASON TI-IERON P. PRAY THOMAS W. KIRMSE CLASS OF 1930 WILLIAM C, HAX'HURST JOHN J. HUSTING HARRY C. MAY A CLASS OF 1,931 JOHN H. HIGKOIQ DANIEL W. JONES BENJAMIN T, PORTER FRANCIS E. HUSTING JOHN F. SHELDON CLASS OF 1932 ROBERT N. GRISWOLD DAVID MACK CHARLES D. TURGIMSON PAUL F. KING -.. .R Rf Wav f 4 . ,,. f -,.1LQ.If .1 ,,., :if E5-E Q --, :-. m -. -.--.. - G...-f -f-v-V' -- - -4,-H.---T1-f-,--ff--1-L:-4...--fzfr ,,1 --W ---J.-,.f.f,u W -.V -- - - - -- - -V--f--ev, -4, . - M- - ,T f ',M,ilal-L,QlpL.'j-'-:EOL IJ ' f. aff- N I ' r- .Qu-A. xr v:'2,'F aj fl Y Q 1 4 A J bk ,pw JJ in M ll 5,9-fix' J .5 I. 5, le. :J I by YI Jw li l Il f 5' -'AT ' lf' WSU' l lil I I-I in f F . E, J Va kai Al Iijocagcigxjxpter W -. 351 ' ' V 7 W Ei.:bI...ISi32sQg I , 244 I fsRX2RfI,.,.. , ..ffffJ-QR' H fa' ,:.-'ilgikglf -51 .-1-7. 7.7: :L , .ef ...-,fl-I-we-nffi-KT-vw A--v-V-----f-fx' 1 -I---S11--if-114 ..- -, ..,.. L.- -T-, :eva ., ,fm -.,,.. .,.-...Mai 4 , --21:12 Page 432 N Jw . l JE? P ? ,,, -o J B I W V' P bluff!-I' A 1 fl 'TC Ia. PRI I -1,2 I It IMEI I I- I R-Q24 K L3 'I 'I il I L. .- .,., Y ,L.......,...L-..Lv ,, .....-:v-fgQ2.L:... WH... ,LL ,Ni X I 'I I J ie H ' ' . '+L 1 .-A U I I I l IZ l Top Row: W. Barker, H. Pierce, F. Kemp, I. Fender, W. Ketelaar, W. Wuethrick, C. Marshall, J. Powers, W. Kahlenberg Second Row: K. Tuhus, N. Demmon, H. James, C. Ellickson, A. Paustian, R. Justin, H. Troye, E. Hering Bottom Row: C. Voigt, R. High, E. Vogel, J. Kahlenlzerg, J. Dragotta, J. Strassberger, P. Larson, M. Bekkedal, H. Johnson GEORGE CURRAN NEWTON DEMMON CURTIS ELLICRSON BYRON CALDWELL NORMAN CAUERRE WILLIAM BARICER MARTIN BERKEDAL RALPH HIGH ,nr lxlpba Sigma jlbi MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IRA FENDER EUGENE HERING GILBERT JAUTZ HENRY JAMES WILLIAM KETELAAR FRANK KEMP MILTON LILGE WILLIAM MCGURN CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 193 2 HARRIS JOHNSON WILLIAM KAHLBNBERG PHILIP LARSON ORVILLB LEONARD JOHN POWERS ROBERT STRASSBURGER HANS TROYE CHARLES MARSHALL ALBERT PAUSTIAN HARRY PIERCE CHARLES VOIGHT EARL VOGEL HERLIAN VETTER WILLIAM WASKOW WERNBR WUETHRIOK SIDNEY BURMASTBR JOSEPH DRAGOTTA RAYMOND JUSTIN MALCOLM LARSON FRANCIS BUBLL FRED FLIBGE ERIC LARSON EDMUND MELAAS 'f 1-L ll I'dI,,IE?5TETsIj:'IgIQ:5I2iIEl Ii T' IpIl.i:I3.'I. l ,lb ,f T- Wyfffwx L--WE 'wi I llnwfgg ff- ,'-ff' IiTF'E'-H, "II ' I I.I4f.IIAAi.IIE1:A-IAfiI.I.IffAIIII III I I 1351+ if JU fu :.-igayix sxiigwlj V.. I I' f If I "IHI".I' " I II' fl 1 ' I I If ,I I II' I3 ,f 5- - , I ER I 5 I .4330 I I I I , I Il . '-. A N Founded 1845 :Il Local ch:IPter ' I-A! Yale Linmversxty J ,I Ei I A I goc apters L . I 4331? Stain e Iqcc,yggxUA , apr 1 f I,a:w..HI lfwwawi MIEWQHM .I A - A L4 L L 4'.I.ASL., 1 l L 1 ' A'l I " 1 4' ,PQ ' .Eiga lf 1 ' - .. '. , e- LL..- .ILL .. L. .. Y- f- - --4 ---A--A f 1-f - --K - 1 - gr i - Y , .4 F LY, L, .. LP - W , ' ' .- --. lffvif' N Page 433' N- Q I I I "-QI P ETH " - ji 0,47 SAI jifpl I WX l .1-ff I- .A-4: .5 ,z JE, ,S V ,fi I.- ff"-. 1 A L-IL I-"ff .IQ - I, if-2 ilk l llITf'q'l1Qgb.2?l 3, 1,26 I ,fvgfair-if , In I fri-f45ff Il .gif I l PI 1 If 1 I ' I I Q :... l ALJ A. ak' '-3 v4.1L 'J I5 le 'L 1 CAPT. G. A. MILLER JOHN BARDEEN ELMER ENGEL ARNOLD L. CROWELL JOHN A. DUNLAP LBROY T. EASTMAN GEORGE M. HINES RICHARD E. BARRETT lvliiili' vis , :O A. -.Q , .MJ V - Founded 1847 .' . New York University , 19 chapters Top Row: E. Engel, J. Mueller, J. Dunlap, J. Sladen, H. Thomsen, A. Crowell Bottom Row: L. Eastman, C. Lovewell, C. Crowell, K. Walters, J. Bardeen Zeta ' si MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROE. W. H. PAGE I. C. UTERITZ L. GRIFFIN BRIGGS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES PROE. J. H. WALTON R. U. GOODING CLASS OF 1929 CECIL E. LOVEWELL ROBERT H. PRATT HERBERT H. THOMSBN CLASS OF 1930 CHARLES L. CROWELL ALLAN L. EDGARTON JOHN R. MUELLER MELVIN V. SCHLAAK CLASS OF 1931 BERNHARD W. MINCI-I PHILLIE G. REED JOSEPH A. SLADEN KENNETH N. WALTERS CLASS OF 1932 FRANCIS V. BEMIS KEYES MCCURDY GEORGE A. MACEACHERN KENNETH DAEHLER N Page 434 fv 4 J 9 I x ' 5 1 fx I . '? . N. .N .ana N . . Local chapter g. Lambda Psi .N Established 1910 1 IJ. .5 li l. E l l ! 1 ll l I l E H 'Top Row: I. Morrison, E. Wegner, H. Lucht, L. Dodge. H. Kieweg, E. Crimmer, H. Grupp Second Row: J. McLane, H. Garvens, R. Greiling, R. Bird, C. Case, W. Lindeman, F. Kerns, L. Luclwigsen Bottom Row: R. Kubasta, D. Kuenzli, S. Guth, E. Rusch, W. Tuffnell. M. Fowle, K. Dahl F. M. DAWSON CLINTON CASE LAWRENCE A. DODGE MERRILL FOWLE HOWARD GARVBNS KNUTE DAHL RALPH C. BIRD EDWARD HAVALAND FRANCIS KERNE li. l .Ai V . it . .N X .7 I . I ,, A .AV l im., , If l ll T' Sil- -' 'J QQ.. 2 V, ,rf mlm . f "Z RF-.',':-"S l il J ' . ' Y A 'f -sf T 145. .ff .0101 .a'f6.FZu: . 'Q I' .X l ,m Q -gt IQ Founded IQL7 I Q' i. G, University of Illinois I j 1 I4 chapters wg Y I v I 3 I A . . . ll 'N-A lu C if' . I I .. iw! I 'A xl li' Uriangle MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. S. KINNB R. S. MOCAEEERY G. L. LARSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 ROBERT E. GREILING HOMER KIBWEG ELMER J. GRIMMER DANIEL KUBNZLI HAROLD C. GRUPP HAROLD C. LUCHT CLASS OF 1930 SYLVESTER K. GUTH XVALTER W. LINDEMAN ROBERT W. KUBASTA JOHN LEACH ROBERT MATSON CLIFFORD RIEEE HOWARD DAREO 1 5 A Ii .4 -l -t 'ii .1 I, , Y . CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 JOSEPH ROSECRY FRED SOHEEE FRED STOLTZ N Page 435 N D. W. MEAD LESTER L. LUDWIGSN JOHN D. MCLANE EDWARD W. RUSCI-I ERNEST A. WEGNER LAURANCE MORRISON RALPH SOHROEDER WILLIAM TUFFNELL FREDERICK E. VON SOI-ILICHTEN 1 f Local chapter W Wisconsin Established 1917 . Ji .-,cgi T.. In I L. X, S---.- .Y . W, f 4 . Cy' i.,jl.Il f 5 iff- .9 Ari? 1T'.k7i fi HP l F: fzfy ,Lyfri I lift . ia.-f'f3"J ., ipaq. sf L. -,Ll . .3 'l Y lv l l li I, V- W. --.W .. . ..,., ..+....,Y I . ...L LL- -7 . - ...A -. .Y-.m:m:1:LE:i14-l LX,lr I -.-..1- -- v.-M,, .....- , -M ,.. ,xg LOT f IL Top Row: S. Freeman, K. Rehage, W. Hovey, D. Hastings, J. Boesel Fourth Row: K. Findley, C. Boesel, R. Murphy, W. Ela, R. Harvey, K. Landmann, W. Lumpkin, E. Peterson 'Third Row: C. Rehwald, N. Halvorson, E. Haight, R. Matson, W. Jensen, J. Harrison, D. Erickson, R. Kaftan, R. Cullen Second Row: R. Godley, J. Simpson, E. Duffield, J. Dern, G. Allen, S. Higley, S. Cullen, C. Macomber, W. Rowe, D. Maxwell Bottom Row: H. Baker, R. Spring, R. Vollrath, W. Payne, D. Klein, F. McKee, J. Bolton, R. Muntz, R. Brown H. L. EWBANK W. H. KIEKHOEER CHARLES H. CROWNHART GIBBS R. ALLEN EUGENE S. DUEEIELD KENNETH N. FINDLEY HENRY K. BAKER CHARLES M. BOESEL JAMES R. BOLTON EDWARD L. BECKMIRE JOHN P. BOESEL ROBERT K. CULLEN JOHN L. DERN STEPHEN E. FREEMAN GEORGE R. EDMONDSON WILLIAM R. FISCHBR EARL HALVORSON ,. ,. C ' 0 Chi ,JJ I MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. V. MILLAR E. R. SCHMIDT E. R. MUNTZ F. C. SHARP R. T. RAGATZ MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES LLOYD T. PLANIQ CLASS OF 1929 WALLACE M. JENSEN CHARLES E. MAGOMEER KARL P. LANDMANN ROY L. MATSON CLASS OF 1930 ROSWELL E. BROWN STUART C. CULLEN WALTER P. ELA EDWARD A. HAIGHT JEROME B. HARRISON RICHARD G. HARVEY DONALD W. HASTINGS WILLIAM B. HOVEY CLASS OF DONALD M. ERIcIcsON ROBERT F. GODLEY NEWMAN T. HALVORSON 31 DONALD L. KLEIN WILLIAM W. LUMPKIN DONALD A. MAXWELL FRANK J. MCKEE KENNETH J. REHAGE CLASS OF 1932 JOHN C. HANOHETT RICHARD T. REI-IWALD RALPH H. KEHL JAMES T, REID WENDELL E. MUNTZ H. R. TRUMBOWER M. O. WITHEY HBRNKAN W. WIRRA E. RUSSELL MUNTZ ROBERT B. MURPHY EUGENE C. PETERSON STUART L. HIGLEY ROBERT J. KAFTAN ROBERT A. ROHN CHARLES A. REHWALD WILLIAM J. ROWE JOHN A. SIMPSON WILLIAM B. STEELE ROBERT P. VOLLRATH ROYSTON F. SPRING ROBERT L. VAN HAGAN NORNiAN H. WITHEY ' V'7Lt'?ifT"i 5-f?1?-F? .,,,.1i:i?- if--TT--W ff-H -f f-" . - 'iff 'Qifff-QTf.Qf-iff 'flfl . .,-..' .lf "f'f"1'F7 l liiflsifji'-Qgfjs il li 'gffgej I ,Q-'Qijbff 4135- 53'f',H,f5g'lI K l Ii fffiiii' gf--v srxyw- .Ci I WVLL r,Lil:,,,- A A-,J-I,'., IU.,,Ir-1 ffif . J-h1D,vG-QXBI. Q1 7 ep FJ we 'Nia DY li IN If I I' IW' Nw' ll -iff .fix I 'l I my Off if iii KI ' I' X i S . , V. ' f"- I - WI' 'I-Jil 5' f T J ' , f' ' I I 7fff:gfV gs I I 2 .tx Q' I' " Founded 1824 Locwl chw ter ' I4 TIN 'ix Princeton University LM, knpgap ' url, I. Sochaptm ll .JL Esr1IblishedIoI5 I I J ill l.E?ym7..yf6-iT?-ii? f l . . I If , 1. I-EIA Ag ile WI' E- 'E f 4 I ll FELRQ EJ-Old Ifffiwl . , Q13 Lia fl R ' I-me A ---ma -mf: A . A- . I 1 .-- 1 -If N Page 43.6 ,IQ f Q"i-511 .,,- .,,. T 3 '. ,L I ,J 4 J- -ro .,, . ,. -:Tlx fr.-V-"1 .1 ,l I- . , ., HA Lvl 'R ... 4',. 3.- I. I,-,J-S L :L Ll... . , T A xv- -.- .--A.:-ly ll if, .Q 'J -'. IRI,-I QIIRH- I rf I , If . -.Ny N . I '-.' In ' MJ"f. I .M yur-- .. l X-3+ CI X. I, R I ,144 1 ff., V' If f. 'RI I I . 1 l 1 IE is ! I , E it ! 'I l .ly J I-G...L.,..-,,....-Tww-.. N., f,-- . - -A - . .. .W .. --J -- . Top Row: H. Inman, R. Templin. E. Barden, J. Anderson, L. Heywood, E. Kuester, D. Stauffacher Thi-rd Row: M. ROSS, V. Stroebel, R. Fischer, O. Woefel, G. Craig, L. Mahnke Second Row: C. Schnurr, P. Porter, H. Bruhn, J. Hill, W. Freitag, J. Callenbach, D. Hickozc Bottom Row: T. Keller, R. Proctor, R. Henderson, L. Jewell, R. Bridgeman, M. Hales 'llpba Gamma Xbo MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. W. BRANN G. A. CHANDLER C. J. CHAPMAN J. W. DUEEEE J. G. HALPIN FRANK H. BRANT EDWIN R. BARDEN REGINALD J. BRIDGEMAN WILLIAM J. AERAMS JACK A. ANDERSON JOHN A. CALLENBACH GEORGE I. CRAIG HJALMAR D. BRUI-IN MYRON W. HALES J KENNETH CONNBLL GEORGE E. DAVIS EARLE J. ELLILI I V I l rl l H , . I I W, xg 'oo Y' . X' g '- I Tvlf. I G P 3 Founded 1904 J - If "Ohio State Univers , l 3,4 chapters K. L. HATCH J. H. KOLB J. B. HAYES J. G. MOORE G. C. HUMPHREY R. A. POLSON V. E. KIVLIN G. H. RIEMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES FRED T. BURGY CLASS OF 1929 V REUEBN A. FISCHBR I MILTON G. HUEER WILLIS D. FREITAG TI-IEON J. KELLER G. ROBERT HENDERSON LELAND J. HEYWOOD HOWARD C. INMAN EDDIE F. KUESTER DAN W. HICKOX JOHN D. HILL LEE I. JEWELL CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF CLASS .OF ALVIN A. PILLAR PAUL A. PORTER CARL M. SCHNURR DIETRIOH W. STAUFFACHBR 1931 HERBERT F. KRAHN LEROY F. MAHNRE 1932 JOHN M. HETTS JOHN H- LILLY GEORGE E. HOFFMAN PERCY M- PARIS 4 I Inyf N Page 437 ma C. W. ROE W. A. SUMNER E. E. VAN LONE J. C. WALKER H. F. WILSON JAMES R. MODRALL ROBERT C. PROCTBR DONALD ZELLMER VICTOR L. STROEBEL ROY A. TEMPLIN OSCAR G. WOLEEL ALFRED A. ZURBUCH MERRILL F. ROSS EDWARD J. SCHANTZ ALPHONSB N. SCHANTZ GEORGE C. SMITH DWIGHT J. ZWIBFEL ' ,W um lil' Ag' I- 1. Local chapter Iota Established 1916 ,, . f, .wil A. Q I, ' .6 fgxfqf .ad 111 fl ll lffffgvn. ll . , .. wg A C2 A E . .nf 4 D 1' .11 I3 N 'U1'ljmx1l,3 V5 1 Eff- YA 'iw l 'x" 'wfifiy .-Q -JFS if L . -4 .410 1 l Q 'L f.E.....- ..-w:..-A 1.5. M... ., ... ... ,422 -1, --Q - W :,,,7Y1,,,H7,-7311... . ,.-.IL-.n.L..,.:: -,E..,.....,..i., .- -. . ...., .1 REQ..- ,. -1315-.MEET-1.9--M 5 -,F-.-..5.,.. .f QT.-lmfgggf 1f....:L-4 . .A.,.f.,ef,,-,, A.---. ., . . -. L 7.7 -.T..f.-L.-,Q-.-....f ---- --- 1 I 1 l 1 1 11 1' 1 1 Q1 11 IL...E.....-..Emi..S.i:.Mz....,.E.A. 1 -. - :..E.-1...Z..Q.- E. .M LL..L.....- . .f.R.:...l1 . -.. M-. Y -..-... .- nav-v,.f.f- .gf .A--.W .,-Y- -. -W -. W.-H .LQ 1-L. L.. . - .-- 1 1-::E1.3C1:T....f-..-. f,...S .,...' - f 1-N-,-.T--1:,f':f1-.3-if fgf--.-ff: Top Row: E. C. Schmidt, C. C. Hertzberg, J. A. Paul, Jr., H. R. Schrubb Second Row: E. A. Ziese, E. W. Timm, K. E. Port, J. R. DeHaven. H. M. Manzer, C. H. Nelson, G. A. Florez Bottom Row: E. C. McKenzie, A. J. Tenny, R. J. Kraut, F. W. Clarke, N. J. Cuneo, W. F. Eckers G. BOHSTBDT GEORGE BLAOILBURN FRANKLIN CLARKE JOHN H. DAHLMAN J. ROBERT DEHAVEN OSCAR FOSIED PAUL HEMMY CARL HERTZBERG GUNNAR BACK KENNETH BARTHOLOMEW BENJAMIN BAYHA CARL BERNARD WESLEY CALLAHAN ALBERT DEFUNIAK 'V . f- ,, I . L 1 3 V 3 4 LI - .1 ' 1 1 Q . A , ' 'lA " 'Eve 1 ,I Q.x,f 1 4 1, ZIV l T11 1, Founded 1856 '1 i 1. , 1 Norwich Universit X YQ.. 44 chapters 1 A 11 CQ 1 l 1'- 'V1' . 1 If 1 552-37 2. I Y Ebela Chi MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. H. ELWELL W. A. HIESTAND MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES HOWARD W. LAUSCHB CLASS OF 1929 NOREERTO CUNEO EDXVARD MOKENZIE JOHN A. PAUL WALTER F. ECKERS GENARO F. FLOREZ CLASS OF 1930 1 1, .,., 1,1 I l RALPH KRAUT MAXWELL MANZER HJALMAR NELSON DELISLE CRAWFORD PHILLIP FUCHS EARL GERNAND JOHN GRAETZ JAMES HOUSTON JOHN FERRIS NORBERT MCGREANE RALPH ROUssY CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 HARRY RUMPE GERARD SECRER PHIL SMALLEY EINAR LUNDB ROBERT MCGANN LYMAN MOORE HOWARD PAUTSCH CHESTER SCI-IMIDT RALPH SCHROEDER N Page 438 N B. E. LANDOW WALTER J. MUELLER KENNETH E. PORT EDWARD C. SCHMIDT HENERY R. SCHRUBB ALLEN TENNY EDWARD Tllxlbi EDGAR ZIESB ALLEN RIEDT KITCHBLL SMITH ROBERT SULLIVAN ROBERT TOEPPER EARL TEWS HAROLD ZIEBELL 1 :ggi i , '17-E KVI. .'..1l1 li 5.51 .J I L 4' '4....l. FQ W: 1 'lf 2 'Ti' ' .E 1 .,.x1K 1 I1 Q' .Q ull, l Ixllrfvlll ll 1. gi- 1 1 1 .. - Evil - 1 . 'V 1111 1 ll ll 1 .1311 sl 1 'h Local chapter I I" 1' Psi jc ,El I-1 F- I Established IQI7 f.,:'NJl.j, E 1 , ,f31,- ,BAL ,'1 ,rl 11- -we '11, 1. g , ' 11,151 L1 'II f .:':.ff. I E 11. L1 N. - -1.11 , 'LA fr. 4 1 N... -- .1 ,Lgl ,.,g,,g..15Lfg-44 fi 1 1! T .R.. J... R1 .l'2?1"N f . EB I ' l ik aff if gg' ll -I IW QQ 4023 Ayfgviviq '6'fT'w'w ' .fSN- ,sigqc , S HE.. .,, , 'N . S. ' ..,I-ff Lim J if I F I.. . , 53:51 fig? Ir- R-f--gnupg. - -4--' :E-we W--rv.f. A . .-..-:A-EI: -.Ek ...,1e..,.... X- 11:11 . -:E LL, .. .-...,.?.:Ee,,. M .T Y V .er Y, i- --P A - - E- ,, .S . Y A L ZLYA.,-... V ,fl I: S M. I-.-.-,-Ass-vi... yggi-2.94.4 I IN -w--sS:..7- ff- .LLM L.LA ....,' L 1.-T -. L E.- ,,.. , L, ...L ,L..-.,,L....,G.. . .. . A . f - f - f---H... .E J Top Row: D. Hulten, C. F. Le Comte, E. E. Sullo, G. A. Kroncke, A. D. Richardson, C. A. Dasney, J. H. Hill, R. J. Leahy Second Row: W. F. Neill, C. M. Hulten, S. L. Johnson, H. E. White, G. L. Ott, R. A. Czerwonky, C. F. Kestly, K. R. Wendt, T. S. Holstein Bottom Row: T. H. Burgess, J. A. Tasche, E. A. Coombs, R. A. Hamilton, T. J. Holstein, H. E. La Chapelle, W. T. Burgess R. W. BABCOCK P. G. Fox HAROLD E. BARTON WILLIAM T. BURGESS HARWIN J. BROWN EUGENE A. COOLIBS JOHN W. FOLLOWS THOMAS H. BURGESS RALPH A. CZERWONRY JOSEPH L. BEAMAN GARDNER M. BURCH I, .I. ,, .,i I-' :' 1... 1' .- . ,L 'E A'I3f , ,fl If II , 'If' .II - MI' HJ : 1' "MII .Q III L., JI IIN' - ll' A ' amboa C171 Tfnlplya MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. D. MGLEAN E. M. SEARLES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 STANLEY E. CLAUSEN A. DWIGHT RICHARDSON CHARLES F. LECOMTE JOHN A. TASCHE WILLIAM F. NEILL CLASS OF 1930 GEORGE A. KRONCKE CHARLES F. KESTLY HARTLEY LA CHAPELLE ROY I. HANSON THEODORE S. HOLSTBIN CHARLES M. HULTEN STEWART L. JOHNSON CLASS OF 1931 CHARLES A. DASNEY ROGER A. HAMILTON JAMES H. HILL THOMAS J. HOLSTEIN DONALD HULTEN RAYMOND T. GUTZ CLASS OF 1932 ROBERT J. JENKS WILLIAM B. MCMILLAN .ii J - 'I .IJ If., 'I I L., . I 1 Ifflyl 'I' I 5 JI' , II-.Nl Q l.i,flU I2 -' I JEFF? :QI I" W I III! Il A 1" JI I! I I I II II I i Aw' :I MIA -'iszxfiifq CV J JIJ " lg ,Iv "J J '7-Pi FOUl'lClCd4l9O9 ig I I1 Boston University ILI',,.!,,J 1 J , MIX 77 chapters "",i'I . . I :. , ' . I 5 Il .' flu: ": lffle- I fl li 'xml ff5.f!'If7'i'.T:Ir'-TQ. If L I'.f',5IlV I Iiwxbvqg .xx ifjtfgfvfiie-A E-ez 'UWA .3 'l I . ..,,,--V . ALT'--f:,.. -...-. L. . ... .. . .... L,-E,-:.a,f5.,f.,.,..-e'2-f. WLAM..-... . , . N Page 439 N W. H. SHELDON W. E. TOTTINGHAM BURR J. VAN DOREN KARL R. WENDT ROBERT J. LEAHY GEORGE L. OTT HARRY WHITE ROLAND F. JOHNSON ERWIN E. SULLO LAVERNE C. VAUGHN GEORGE VICK .. :I I UM, , .V I Ja. ,Ill I. III I ll' Il If J Local chapter f J: Alpha Beta if I, 5 I, Established 1917 L: I' " I + .F . I 'L' l' I 'll I: lj I II.. I IE? ' If I I IR . J l I I IL. 2 ' far l If Il J ,F l 11.045 I I'- if If II Lf' I I I . I I -4 -LLL: . .--- -f .L - - .f ...V -.Y 'R L . .1-'rf--Y ---WL-..-AQ--f..-3 V.-I-.1--.-..... - . LL, A .rr .-.--E.. - icif.-L1 .E..1..-sf, 1f,.f:-rf: .53-L XE.: -1--9:-tif.:-1-nf..-:L-,sg-.,,1:24. ' Top Row: W. Thiele, R. Hanke, E. Peslre, B. Dennis, L. DeHaven, J. Strom, C. Lloyd, S. Kjellgren Bottom Row: D. Matthews, D. Morrison, C. Nottleman, C. Counsell, G. Klosterrnan, W. Mcllrath, J. Wedlake CHARLES F. ANDREWS ROBERT HANSON GEORGE H. KLOSTBRMAN CHARLES H. COUNSELL BRUCE W. DENNIS LESTER L. DEHAYIEN QEQQQ, . Ven! "1 fini ' 4 . v EE ., n -, . I Founded 1873 Massachusetts Agricultural .I College go chapters Tflbi Sigma Mappa MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. D. HOLDEN H. STEENBOCK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' GRADUATES FREDERIC W. CROSBY LEWIS C. MAGNUSEN CLASS OF 1929 ' ROLLAND A. KucIcUIc CARLETON F. NOTTLELIAN J. MANPRED STROM VICTOR A. WBGNER CLASS OF 1930 ROBERT E. HANRE DAVIS S. MORRISON WILLIAM F. THIELE KENNETH E. HERESTER EDGAR PESKE JAMES R. WEDLARE WILLIAM F. MCILRATH CLASS OF 1931 CARL LLOYD DONALD C. MATTHEWS STANLEY E. KJBLLGREN CLASS OF 1932 N Page 440 N I "I, L Zeta Deuteron Established 1917 -I - I I "JI lr, 'I' Lowxl chapter 3 ff-.MI Nkzsuy Qhxggg l I -4 .'Q:ff:f?i- Rf, A I bl l X' if W:'.v?7,-L qvnyfv ul .V-.Vs ,A 1 F xg... . --.Qu J ,jf ' '31-Jxf' I ,I 4 1- A I " Il ,J . .X l1:w".. m 13 H.. 'I .s . - . Nz- 1 -- - RCE , I I . . , x ...I .. S. .L .4 KRW. ...f ., N . I 1 USS NS.-I C . 41 V If ,I fkii ,A V. 'YUM uf .1 ...V - ., . ,Q .. i --Y.-fir? ,,.....1g-lx:--11251.-.1 - -V , .-- T- -Q - -.- - - V -- v--W f.--A 4 Tw -f Y - I I I, --- I.. Top Row: H. Mitchem, C. Thiede, W. D. Mougin, C. Hans, C. Campbell, W. E. Lusby, H. Lenicheck Second Row: M. Boyce, M. Bingham, R. G. Ferris, C. R. Johnson, D. Fisher, E. StCfl'-ke, S. Wraight, J. Walch Bottom Row: M. Thompson, E. Hath, R. Taylor, D. Mundt, R. Crabb, E. Hoelz, K. Cady DONALD GRAHAAI KBNDALL CADY ROBERT FBRRIS RUSSELL HENDRICRSON COLONEL R. JOHNSON MAXWELL H. BOYCE MURRAY BINGHAM ROBERT CRABB WILLIS AUSTIN PAUL HUTCHINS b-, ir f .1 f-f Q2 -,fi-15' 'Q is-'J L ,T - Eau .Kappa Epsilon MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. L. E. NOLAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MERRILL SCHEILL DWIGHT FISHER LEWIS KOLTES HERBERT LBNICHBCK CARI, HANS EDWARD HETH WILLIAM E. LUSEY GEORGE KRIEGBR BRYANT PUTNEY GRADUATE CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 EDWARD HOELZ CHARLES RAY RICHARD TAYLOR WILLEBALD MITTBR HERBERT MITCI-IEM STANLEY STOKES JOHN THOMPSON ALFRED WEED WILLIAM MOUGIN CLARENCE THIEDE MERRILL THOMPSON JOHN WALCH DONALD MUNDT ELMER STEFFKE STANLEY WRAIGHT MARVIN WINGER ARTHUR WOOD 1. 7,7 .f 1 1 -M-. ' - I -4 'I . .N T f , I . 2 If 1-4 T I I' :.,," , I' 4.-,I .2 -' ,." 'X 'X '11 fra- , A - I l IIl.z'g. .T-f-F3 31 I+-D ffff' ,af ' T I I. Ig IM f1'.C.'f'f 11I IL'-' A ' I. f . ' 1 I . 2- 3 . f I I-I, A. 5.0" 'A K, iq Sa ' ., 1. . , 3 - . .' J Ii if ' l 'I f"f 1,4 .I - I '- A I? 1. ,If A 7,31 'I RE -, . ,. Ig? I I I, .lo ' , .II IJ .1 .1 . .I ,I Tj .. I 2 A ff" , 'W-TM X,-: I JY I.-g' - JI lf! 1 . 4' . ' ' l 1' I 1':f7l Wa .-A vm ii. I 'T . I 1 1. ' -II., -, R. , . -g,.,g , f:H'v :..,. , ..,. 5 - ,Q V -. ., -Q' I ' A f f I '- .--II.-I ' ,f'w-f,-:c.If-- ,fzwawfw .ffm2Q,,.. , f .of ,, .I I I I- I I l 1' Ag gl. JI P. 'f' ' Il A XM J' ,jf'?f53i99E42'iff IQl Q ' i' 19 1 AP'Mwww'f'ff'QIMlL2Q5??"'f ,Ek . M IV : W.. 4:7 ' of: rig:-: 2:1 I I. .I J' - ' I 1' 1,1 ' I fmmw, ,AEWQ-,.':1 . 1, ' 17 lg IQ " "2 .f-'T QIE .f Umlchapfef gif "I I lk ,, M I ' I Ei , w, Lambda . ll afTI.'1 Founded 1399 :III 1, , I 51 49 " -I " Emb1ishfd1g17 II ul IJ llffigj Illinois Wesleyan fl ' f""."'I" I f 'A g " I 'Q' Qgigfgq' ,U In, .I If lu 1 W9 sochapfefs .J I A S'1l ., I i f I ' ll - I 'I I ,N V f . - If E .,,.: I ...4:Z?,:.ff5i 'ff . 1 A ,-f 5- . I - 1 'I . Lk .I"P5s,x ijfxx TI EA '- ,5:1I.11'ffT1?,.. : :5 J " Q .,'-L , Q fl 1 ' ,QF Em. lffa I J' E P917-f fm' A AH- I HI I Il 'I 'Y li ffl-W-LEASE. all II f . ' -I If I 1- I 11 I Il . . . . . .. . . . ..... . ,.., .. .. -. . . ,. . Ifflplfl MT,-w.I"I fd SL' Il' . 11,1 RI 'f . 1- I I I 1 L ' ' 1 V l'1.i.?sLwl.f'f:iggL:Zec'Ii-'QQ-.x,L-EQH -1.ak.ff.:.f-- ...QE-6. L.-.V-..,:.D ,-, 1 . . - fi - 1 "' ' ' ' T 'i ' ' "I I1 , N, Page 441 1 F. fx 4 Li,1"'fi'45 V J 1 A Um I ll J in . 5 IN 1 U.. . ,L "PJ 'I .X r 'I I. ,. , ., R, .- iz' f ffm 'r I' I + l fgrgil -I ii: CLR ffl --WAI. ul 4 9' I WJ si ,lv I II G l 'l EQL , ...... 0,1 ,L . 35-M? l I L, ,H-:?J j7?t.,qay?i y,,xr1E,fv TIT-. Y RJ, gb . Ji, -., E' Ll .---,.Q,..gL 1 4111- Y-A-x, Q- 1- -L1 E-it 3-E-, :If .::L-:ig-. u.1l if E or yu. I li - V f' - --V -f--- - -4--i1-n:mIn5.-- -1: A fe ff:-:..A-.-1 -.-.-L: Jr Ev- -- -+3 Top Row: H. I. Hansen, W. Drouet, E. F. Tenhopen, H. C. Kowalczyk, W. H. Freytag, G. Snow ' 1 Second Row: J. G. Burke, E. P. Kelly, R. F. Moren, O. C. Thalacker, J. S. Ascher Bottom Row: B. J. Smith, L. S. Marsh, P. H. Cassidy, R. T. Phillips, E. W. Brody, G. F. Olwell P. H. HYLAND G. B. NELSON JOHN SEARY EDWARD W. BRODY JOHN G. BURKE JOHN S. ASCHER WARREN DROUET WALTER S. HARE HARRY I. HANSEN PAUL H. CASSIDY ELOY BAXTER WILLIAM D. COMER Ebela Xi MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. D. PHILLIPS R. E. PUERNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES F.. M. TERRY F. E. TURNEAURE CLIFFORD Y. WISWELL LOUIS S. MARSH ELMER F. TENHOPEN GORDON H. SNOW HENRY J. SPRESTER HOMER F. STEVENSON WILLIANI M. WEATI-IERS A. F. PETERSON GEORGE A. SCHUTT CLASS OF 1929 WILLIAM H. FREYTAG EDWARD P. KELLY CLASS OF 1930 ROBERT R. HORTON GLENN F. OLWELL HENRY C. KOWALCZYK ROBERT T. PHILLIPS ROBERT F. MOREN BERNARD J. SMITH CLASS OF 1931 JAMES P. ELLIOTT MAURICE MCCLANATHAN CLASS OF 1932 NORMAN CONRAD THOMAS MILLS RICHARD HIPPENMEYER ,IOSEEI-I SCI-IAAE DOUGLAS NELSON ROBERT RELIHAN rv- - ' -A -f -Y Y- 1- - Y wg, . -A--pf--, 1. -Lf., 1 .. . -f--tv -ev -T 1:-vwv:-xg, 1 ya? , , ff-17 PFW.. T ' ' T? - L- ' - -ff-:-:- f-'if - 2 21. 4' -'fx-ff: .--mfrxxf-12:-Rf-F'-":j?Lf,l ll' ll ll'I+1llf,i'l " lfg' T W' " MJRZQ-:ekRiI's? ' .71 1213.51 TSE ll QF 'iid' I T ,YH ' " -" J.. '.,"." i f L ' ' firm 'L25"'--:Elf fhxvuk' I 'fl ,, .-,ae fi! 4- ffix 'QI ', 'T F '. Y' ' 7 l . .. - 1 H ' 2 1 -I 'f.:s,E-AR' ' ' -.Mfg-ig,a f K+' 'ff' AT 'fw-ly" 1 I If I. sf: 1 I l fr 'ZH-E s . 'fl-f"lf'?2'fia.E. .- A . . A I Lg. ' .VI f . -9- sr ll 1 wr' I. I I MP,-' Xia!! I I l 11'-UR' ' 5355255 A W' 'EE "j if ld? l .l 1' QM ll 2' J 'CHQ' ' . f II -IJ , .:"E,1,,,-:rf-fl .au--, -, -S31 - ,. ,,. QI- A , .vw .fe VL, mf ffI"'Qqf1.. xw fix! .31 f -f l MI' 3 gg1,xQg.- .55 . . ,ff - 'Rl 'Q ' R . b pn , 'O' ' -'.' f 2-..Sfi,ff' ... T-T. ' 'l k ' U ' ' 'FRN' 'S-2' '-"' 'fl " 'LT '- -2: .. IFJ . ' if. lf A I I I WA: if 'W-f.3f"" R-Iv Fxliiw I IIERRI- ' . 5-" M ll .I ' 'A' i In . l ".,.j5.. Founded 1864 1,1 V 523,25 -fl :Es - F , Vx Rennselner.Polytechnic 'X LQQU aj' -If Lg -.fg'-2ff+- l 5 . l -- "f.:""'V'- f- if . l-I Local Ckmpgef 'f' f'WffM Institute ,bij A , i , - ww , QA -U -'Ml Phi , 5 ,lx Af. 30 Chr-DMS l ll 'FR I A. A l W QE, Esmlwlished 1917 T: K! 1, I1fi,,,X I X - jg. ,. i?L::Tq:Lx. '- L ' .. 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W. Jones, V. S. Hamel, H. Armstrong, A. Susott, R. Ripsom, H. Haas Bottom Row: D. Hayward, R. Jacobson, G. Look, C. Dedrick, V. Riley, NV. B. Anderson, J. Blatecky, H. Acl-:man C. DEDRICK WALDEMAR ANDERSON HAROLD ARMSTRONG JOSEPH BLATECKY ARTHUR BLIBD PAUL ENGLER HERBERT HAAS DANIEL HAYWARD PERCY GLIDDON GEORGE GRAHAM HARVEY ACKMAN ROLAND JACOBSON MARVIN FRANCOIS Cilklta Sigma 'Il i MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. ERICKSON J. FARGO MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 HAROLD CATE JEROME HENRY LEONARD GRANEERG FREDERICK HILLYER VERNON HAMEL ADOLPH HENDRICRSON ROBERT KRAEMER STANLEY NORTH GEORGE LOOK WILBUR MANSEIELD ARTHUR MILLIES KERMIT LA CHAEELLE :Lf L4 I 1 I I. 1 Wfyffwf, ,.fSiTMg"3-.i.. - ' . , . ,F 4, In ,. , , I1 ll"- Y: Lg: I Ifk Of-A-+"'f1P..' ' .4 V 'I I 'M ' 'I Will lf' "5 73:3 I 'l XII' jlhf ,F 'll I I I 1' ge! Nl , Q 'f fl qlw 41' if I I I' + If 'Fl I fl 2 ' lrh .f I ik .ffll N Founded T899 , I Fi' 'Adm College of the City off J ,Sw CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 WENDBLL JONES CARL KUEHL JOHN PIVONKA VIVIAN RILEY GENTZ PERRY ROLAND RADDBR RALPH RIPSOM RODNBY SPERLE II, la lf ,I ll Ill llef "J . IM ,W QI A if-H. lf . 1.7 . , ..r . T',,ylIm New York jg"-.y' Y 4 E, I -A 'Illia 47 chapters Y J ' ' M Z A -- ,QT-S. 2 ' ml 'QQ v33f4g'x.i,fj'?f', A-I-1,144 H 1 I-Q24 Y r -ef'-85' B. 1.'-Gffigi I ' L . . . 1' .L ?f'A'fT"'ff'1"f" It 5 -r ffrif..:g::g.gj331:'TT:T1Tfiff'fif' N Page 443 N R. NAFZIGER CHESTER LIGRING ALTON SCHMITT ARTHUR SUSOTT ROBERT WELLS ALBERT SCHAEFFER WILLARD STARK EDWARD TATUM WILLARD SERSHON JULIUS SIREN EDWARD TBSKA ALVIN VRANEY HARRY VOGTs "mmf KJ, Z 4 J 1-I P! lf 5 ml' I I' I all 3 lk fl. Hlvll l V, :f '. 'J ' V vlfi, BI J Il fl ., ..., ., Local chapter ,'f',: Alpha Kappa ,ll 7.3 Il Established IQZO ,lf - I Y! lu 1: A Qi 'i . .. Y .4 C 'ill l I.. I--Zi. 103,-lg MY. ' . , . - .1 Vg " . 'i 3 I f. .,-.A ... A ,D E L- a-'u - - A --,- -A--- - - -A ---- ---4---A-1,5 A fftv-321:-f.:m::-:gi-..-Z:-1,-ff.-D, Ulf? .5 5, If Y Q1-'GJD RoLu:V WynII R. ASISTIIRII J'I.CDHISChke AROEODS, SChrOfEL,VD.V SEDHIRCSEGSRRIICISODL-VY 1 a v 1 n A. Rasmussen Second Row: H. Cummings, C. Cary, E. Ross, O. Olson, C. Landgren, E. Woerner, W. Osterhoudt, M. Schorer, E. Soderberg Bonto-rn Row: D. Kunz, W. Schorer, C. Junkerman, R. Johnston, E. Donagan, D. Young, R. Winsey, C. Matthusen, J. Cant, F.Cuisinier D. C. BURNETT HAROLD A. CRANEEIELD HAROLD W. GLASSEN FRANCIS X. CUISINIER DAVID N. DANIELSON WILMER W. DAVIS BENJAMIN DUGGAR BURTON ASHLEY G. ROBERT ASHMAN JOHN F. CANT HAROLD F. CUMMINGS CHARLES CARY FLORIAN CZERWIENSKI CHARLES BROWNE CARLTON EICHLER JOHN GOODER I I' A 11 I KM .QV I III fi! Fifi' wiv? I I' 9 I-.Lf JP' J 1 III lie. ag? II I II Q-W ? I IASI 1 I Ii Z 0 If- hx Founded lass I. '1,I,--,University of Virginia ' 'Q' I I " I .h 73 chapterslgid QI Rf 'I ', "L l,- 1 . . R. It I RV: " Af- Y 1 . xy I I 1 Ti Tlfappa :Axlpba MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. R. BUSSH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES W. PAUL GRIEEITH HOWARD J. LEE EARL D. JOHNSON RAYMOND ELLERMAN CHARLES JUNKBRMAN G. DAVID KUNZ HAROLD DRUSCI-IRE HARRY ELLERMAN ADRIAN FREUND RUSSELL C. JOHNSTON HAROLD KRAUSE CARLTON E. -LOHR OSCAR OLSON CLASS OF 1929 ARTHUR J. RASMUSSEN MARK SCHORER WILLIAM SCHORER CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 193 CARL O. LANDGRBN CARL H. MATTHUSEN WALTER J. OSTERHOUDT 1 EARL A. Ross GEORGE W. WESENDONIQ CLASS OF 1932 ROEERT JOHNSON CHARLES NICHOLS GORDON MCCORRLE RALPH RICHARDS VICTOR MELVILLE DONALD C. SHARPE J. O. CLOSS P. JOSEPH LEINFELDER NORMAN RISJORD CHARLES G. SCHROFER ARTHUR SULLIVAN EMANUEL O. WOERNER DANIEL S. YOUNG KEITH W. PETERS NORMAN E. SCHULZE EDWARD C. SODEREERC A. REID WINSEY HAROLD WILLIAMS OLIVER WYNN CHARLES STARRITT JACR THORNTON HENRY S. WINKLER A HH.- 223 fy -- Ls' ' . ,I'.- F--.. W AN, iii I 1. A . . . . FIX... .. ,HJJ SIMM. M' Ii lc. . 1 I. . .fi 4. NX . I 'K Sf I A II 1- Us Ld? :iq Local Chapter iii Em Xi fi.-dl. J I 1 , , H Established Iozo fl ,' I I xx.. ,.f"iffI'! I ' '- I f'Tw.,,N,,-:"' f 'T-5' . II, ,- I i I 3 g II .."..I.T.-1,-'Rf - I ,541 If t IF kidstliikdg . A -' - ,E --:' f. .ands I- -. I -.L AA- -- A Q- .U -I -if .... -.- Y--ff' --4-A -hvT'vv : N Page 444 N Q. I I I wi IH. . lvc' 2 I IRQ-j IEA! I ,AW 'C x af- ' Rf Sf' J' 'I 1, J C. Il, U . i I I II-'L' Cf It M ..C 1 S xff - '--.1 M, II , .J I: L II 1' XXX .4 I 'D .fa A"' ...-5:2253 ff 'arid 5 'V ,gym I A A A I1 G"a.4Z-Rf:-410 If. Q..-N 4 .IEE-A . .W . V. Aw- V, .I F24 ,l KaigQ.1 KW X A .-ix :all I ' Il l EEC' 'TLA 4. I LFS? J I l'l I -71:9 A-H, -7- --I L--f AAA. ....A2,f- -.. A -- -,,.T... . --.,.4-... ,,.g4-in -E.-Y1. .J --. - -- V 1 - '-.V - III. ' l l l J I rr, - LK:.l...x..E--.....,-... . ,.,. ,,., .,, ,,-, , ,,,hY, H, Y H , , , , , ,Y ,,. ,YA -, ,. - VL.-A -f-,figs-4-2 I--.. ENE- .- . .. . S . . , , . ., A ,., ,,.T..,,.Lf: , - ,-.Y --f--,,..,.,,,, W, ,, Y, YW T, LVL, Top Row: P. H. Rosenthal, J. O. Mithus, G. Drake, R. M. MacGregor, L. Smith, I. H. Highland, R. Ritter, T. Beebe Second Row: H. L. Severson, I. H. Dawes, T. F. Airis, J. T. Haight, C. A. Silcott, O. D. Bast, W. Steven, C. Jorgenson, W. H. Richter Bottom Row: M. Reid, W. Wandrey, J. Nichols, C. Schmedeman, K. Burch, W. Teare, J. Hocking, J. Lacher Sigma 'fflbi Ffpsilon MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. COLEURN J. WADDELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES DON BROUSE B, RICHARD TEARE CLASS OF 1929 THOMAS F. AIRIS ORVAL D. BAST GEORGE DRAKE KENNETH BUROH IRVING DAWES JAMES F. DOUGLAS JOHN T. HAIGHT CHESTER E. JORGENSQN JOHN C. ANDREASSEN HAROLD H. BALES THOMAS BEEEE ALFRED A. BUTE KARL H. KUNDERT CHARLES W. ADAMSON WILLIAM CAMERON ,Z-., .I .Q NATHAN J. FISCHER IRVING F. HIGHLAND EARL W. LUTHER JOSEPH O. MITHUS MYRON S. REID CLASS OF 1930 GILBERT H. KRUEOER JACK LACHER LOUIS K. MANTELL FRANKLIN T. MATTHIAS JOHN L. NICHOLS CLASS OF 19 JOHN B. DoRscH WALTER C. FISHER WILLIAM D. HEDEACK JOHN HOOKINO RBZIN S. PLOTZ REGINALD RITTER PAUL H. ROSENTHAL CARL SCHMEDEMAN 31 ROBERT N. MAOGREGOR WILSON M. OLBRICH ROBERT J. SANDRE M. WARREN SMITH CLASS OF 1932 GERALD H. LETOHER HERBERT MARTIN . LF, v .W I CHARLES G. OLSON I I I: JFLFL7 QQ-lf 551-sf?-'.QL,: f"'l1l' My 3 gay., R" " To QVC -4 Q I Is' il llflfy IJ Jfkfig, 'X J 1' I-...J vw. 1? mf . :SI .003 ug' Egg, l QZISEP J 0 , O ,' I . Db, Ji., '- ' 'LI ' FN - I Founded 1901 ,J I I.fG1,x Richmond, Virginia ,i.up',1, V 54 chapters ky' I W l gf , " I . 1 553 f TT., W 1 'rf-,iffy " I 4 Ima M ll ilwl J l 5 lkiaf 5: ff 'XXV '- ' J' fl '7 MJ -. - Eff. .1 -'feff4'l l hwy-.jk . flfxvk qs. " ff 47: 'I laiii.Q.iQ.f.l2Qx4.L3Jf..QLif2l..s.LL-.,L. .YZE-..E.L.. . .V -D Eff-,. ,,.-,N Y. ...x-JL-.11 , ., . -,,:...E... E .S -.L-. 4.1. -L . .. ,.., ...W .1,, , fi .,.-- L. . ,Y :lr-ft-27,-E.-:.:.,..i-1 Envy., -L-.1 L.: H1 1- - ,-1,,..1- C 1-1-- A 3 3 . WALTER H. RIOHTER HAROLD L. SEVERSON LEWIS F. SMITH LESTER B. SCHUCK CLARKE A. SILCOTT STEWART W. SMITH WILLIAM STEVEN WILLIAM E. TORKBLSON WILLIAM H. SORENSON WILLIAM TEARE S. YEWELL TOMPKINS WALTER WANDREY LEE C. YOUNGMAN ROBERT M. WELLS KYLE C. WHITEEIELD ,MLS .... V.-.. 1. J -I If I I I , . R -. 'I' h'.4ig Mig. .1 f A II Ia . 7 I li lv .few 54177, ll J'-.affj if Ili li. .fm I Local chapter 5' Beta Alf-,ii I Established IQZO 'A' I4 I ,y . Tm... . .Il LW, I. ,S . ' VIN- li ,ly 5,11 va I A " ? - 'K' N 'pdl 1 1 .- . .f.- A ..-.-,fan " F 1..L-L-124 E47-.ff 1 4,4 ,-134 " we A ul J K' -J' I .N-I 1 -1. 5 '--I E P -. I Hz Iv' may lr ,.,-wx -:r-11,:33 i-.T-...... . . L ,.r-,rf-- .A - f --Y -YLZLQEM -.-...-Vf:,..., - -, mmf W 1 . -f- -A :E-E, --if--A-EAT-5-. 7 - Top Row: S. Imerman, A. Krom, S. Behr, R. Rome, G. Lappin, R. Laemle, J. Samuels Third Row: R. Levin. M. Weinberg, L. Hurwitz, L. Grabow, S. Krieger, L. Markson, M. Slavin, H. Dubinsky Second Row: D. Hackner, M. Farber, H. Cohen, D. Siegel, C. Goodman, N. Beernbohm, S. Roth, J. Bernstein, H. Polack Bottom Row: F. Mann, G. Katz, L. Jacobsen, A. Friedman, O. Kaner, L. Cook, M. Pasch HAROLD DUEINSRY CARL GOODMAN NORMAN BEERNEOHM LEONARD COOK SAM BEHR JEROME BERNSTEIN HARVEY CO1-IEN LEONARD EINSTEIN T ' Aff.-5 I - -.wi 7 . .rl ' Ai V T. Q, 7 .-J . . A-,"' ' A ,U M ATM: 1 , 5. , ' Ci' gg 5 it A oiisii fj,' o 0 inn ,P 'Wwsi' Arif? 5 A6?.y'a Vx 0 0 . . JI ,il V, A , I ones. WA if". VW -' Iv- L',,f E Y 'J W 1, Founded Iqog Yr, Q-3 .4 P I bv ' - .I K, .num 1.1 Universxtyfi iff. ' ' 21 chaoters ,V5 lf J A .. - V,. V, I I f . ex. ," " Q 'V .- A . , .H f. - r l9...l .. ,Jw I-1. . t..-. A, TVN' HJ bi Sigma 'Pelta MEMBER IN FACULTY DR. H. M. KAY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES SIDNEY J. IMERMAN GEORGE KATE CHARLES HORwITz MAURICE FARBER LOUIS GRABOW ARTHUR KROM ALFRED FRIEDMAN ARTHUR FRISCH DAVID HAOKNER LEONARD HURWITE ROBERT LEVIN , ..,.. L03 'Q W . ,II CLASS CLASS CLASS OF OF OF 1929 1930 1931 OSCAR KANER ROBERT LAEMLE LEONARD MARKSON LLOYD JACOESON GERALD LAPPIN FERDINAND MANN SI-IERBURNE KRIEGER HAROLD POLACK MAURICE PASCH SOL ROTH RAY ROME JULBS SAMUELS CLASS OF 1932 MAXWELL SLAVIN MARTIN WEINBERG DAVID SIEGEL 1. QT' V5.6 Q p 'X 1316. -- I: . W .af Ki, 6727, ..1'.p.9fm5:-A-R. . .-.f:Eg-- I 'wwf-7... .E . . 442.--:,. . f" :A-f ':,.f :2f:,:.1'---EE'e'9w. ., 2. ', - -A R-'E-f .LA -4 , --4-e,f,. . .f, -i,z'y1.i1Eyv1jP :E - ' ' . ' -,,-1-:ga - ,.,"'J'i:'4'1, ,q.:.:5g3i-3 veg " - .-,1f':,ff?.ff..z:.,-.A -..-I-45c.v,':3'. Ry M' 4 1- 4.1: 'Q A +..'t-R--': V-.gze ' ' '- Trfge-515.952-f'1?i'gf f ,wif-4-"L .. EL .. . V-Q1-Q!! , 51",-i"3'QxfZ'4 it 'w..'SfgQ:1E,u42'-fi1ffj'1gJyflugrg 175 ' ' , """1- TE 'ini ' -1, . vi'-fm". aw .: . . , ........ ....,:,,.,.,.,f--mn A -, , ' A-,:. pm- - .i-,if .- , 1 . --SJW -- 5 5544, -ffrA1.,.., . lm . Ezw ' f"- 'T-A-ED., ' -131. .1 'sc-433:26 ,. - 92552 M ...P ' - 1 :UF-T435 A E593 - ' f:z5'S., 1 iq, ie --. - 49 2 'Z' . . .... 4 we E 1 - , .- 1 1 -V .1.,,q,R.::s,, Siim .. :ffeiq , J., Aw- W' R- f A- .... . 'ff .EEC , -gg.: - 2 - - A-f1+E.1'sE ' 71' 'Q' . :A --A -'-fcfkwitib' V.. . g:f4.fr1:Q4cf.f:f-1Egfmgwfi-15-4-2' . .f...'- -E 2 E -s4' ip .:-w.,',.+- 'M '- 1 .5a'vSfq,l':2r. -:-:!,,q-.faq-H' -E41 .5-mv ,fgzgfgfgllff-,,gE,. msg f A A ,, Efmw-v rr-"T ,.:zm.f.-wryz.,.f,g.3--:- f'f---ef'fm-23e- . X -.f--:.. Sw f::"f-'-wf'fs.- .. ' - .aff-..4Ew..1.-,. , ...R-1,-,-x., .....l. -- ff, 3i-v-- 1, -,E-1.1-+fmE:?7,, ,- . + A-1 ' , -...,'. , A-2 .-,. f--3jQ,.,5E,-:EEFQQQL 'VA JQ ,, . -37:41 J ian Mlm . ...QM , w. A fx .,.,. 1 , N A X. LW, ,. - L L- V.-R---...,. --fi. 'f ggfiv f:4i2'r1'F':Ei.:f -R1 , 'I -Y -. V ,- V fL.f -.V 4. ' J " f41F4,g1"' 'L-'.i0x,IfA,'i if aug' ng E. .f.1f'm, .1 qs -,I if ,.'.i..,E.wf1-+,,,q,, XJ, i if R Y .-' R, -,M Ju iq .. , ., . . . yt, .V ,I iw A J ,U ?4 '51 -Pt' X7 4.1! C Q.-2' yQf.i.f'nf N' ifffi . 'xfffl 3 PV' rrr A I 'r 5 . , fi, 9 VY M3 JT 'vi A 9' ' X W ,K Nr, X N Page 446 N X 1' Mg ,E . Q Jifi Q1 S Local Ehapter if PJ... i N Y. I -ex JS, Esmblishecl xqzog, I f'.'.."f,, ,nr I. 42.12 5 I ,,.ffifE gg' g 'f5fTiW:TE fi.if5Ik1.2f is .: 4153. JY-Jflf.S'i11.i'Qi3 p A '-.1 ' ' ff .Eau-:z-f4E1..mE.a.2,s,.r.E .E L -.... . .... ,...,,., .I 1 . ,gil . 455'-5X V'23qf,3Ji A 1123, 'xtifuff pf- 'Age-'fo 1 . J fy' I 3 I J E A5113 4.-gg rffll wg? pf J if-A f' if A, I V135 I 1 I r I ELSE- Cv if . .r uf-flvcsfg -'Ego ASTE- f ' V I TU J Q! Q5 1121. ,f I' fffilffss TIN I5?I1f5IffE.-vi . .Mi V ll,f53l?lI gf A i21egfI':w 'Lge f 1-SQL-1-Q 5122?-ful QW. .A , - Gi 'ff gl fy., .9 M ., J I L- --Ijifqf 1-A .Q-3 I r..!'I- 'E -KILQLD Pl ' 1,'G5' H- W lima. 'Y II J If. 1+ I--kvrlfr---4-A - -:-'T- :W 1--Y:---.MY L.- . .....E:.A.M- A..,.-...i..i...1........4..L+.5,-.-...Jv.A1-4.13--.V. Top Row: M. Hirsh, S. Krueger, D. Sanders, J. Stein, J. Winter, L. Marks, P. Rose, G. Epstein Second Row: R. Rothschild, N. Sobel, M. Lorig, M. Rosenbaum, H. Siegal, L. Lehram, L. Dizon, J. Michell, T. Mandelstam Bottom Row: B. Michelson, H. Salmson, L. Lazuras, E. White, A. Polacheck, E. Gugenheim, S. Hess, A. Heller ALEXANDER LIVERIGHT STANLEY KRUEGER LEON DIZON SAMUEL BERGER GEORGE EPSTEIN Zeta :Beta Dau ALAN PoLAcHEcIc MARX LORIG DAVID SANDERS THEO. MANDELSTAM EMIL GUGGEMHEIM MORRIS HIRSH LESTER MARKS JEROME MIcI-IELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATE CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF 1929 1930 1931 1932 LEONARD SCHRAM IACK WINTER GERALD RICE JAMES STEIN LUCIEN LAZARUS EDWARD M. ROSENBAUM BERNARD MICHELSON WALTER POLACHBCK PA UL ROSE ROBERT ROTHSCHILD -I SEGAL H355 HARRY SALMSON Qfl..'giffl""'r"'7fQ ,f."fil'7.'.-1?1f'7fffl 1233-Ifl?'5il.fij.,j?Qf' ilu: T-A-S2434 'II II Nl-4,5 ffryqf, 115- Qj571.f'.,j ifil 'I' fa 1 -.ff aff Q12 H+' ' II Ii gIfe,g2f,-,,.,-',-p-tffh:I'.5,,' ,-II:-f'1I.I2l I V, EH: I l l igfAL'gf.I-Q-Jf.I.IIf A'lIl'IlI'Sl "fl ll.lIi7ih A 'Il-' Il , 4 ,I vii?-' 'IIE' Qir? I I., . In - .J .1 LJ' I . Ifif lffjff NIIEEJ V 'I gg U It il I,N I y.,,I ' A, 'j,,.f L I5 II I If ' y 1' ' ' 4. Ng, if AI. II Iftfl' . 'IPIIW l I I If-I om. we-'I .l.I',II II. II I I ttf X544 "TW '-QQ-fjl I .I..,f ' Q YQ. EJ F5541 QV' AA 'I -I , l I Wg 'IIIII I I .fav I 'fl II 1 X I I veg. I IH 2 fd ' I 'v l A I I ll III l IQ ' gk: I .I 'E I, !I I L37 Founded 1898 Local Chapter fl ll X l College ofthe City of I W-I EAIHTEKSPPZ' Afrlv,-1, New York EIT stm IS e 1920 MIK M H. 4 I! 53 chapters ls, W , N Y I, 4 ,III g "r.2:ff 1 'I I-'R 5 5- R2 2? ll 1 l" 5,I,If- Il- +5 FLIT 'li"f YT: 5 .- 3 1. 1 'Y' l l 1 I.E-fmltffr' 1 X351-7Q:1yAf.f" .I'1s',f-CI I ,I 5 I-I '.'. ZW I lI l .- 1--. .....Q.f.y..-...L. .A -f-llll"'T""-I T4 1 al III I -. ' . .... ...... L . L . . ., ...Y Y... . .-T,f. if, f-..,.. ,TABTLV M- , ,,,. .-SQ.. N Page 447 Af --fwfw -----,:- f--L.,-.1-,,.YL-0 -,L ,,,,,A .. .., . . ., . Y , .- .F wifi 7132.--AT, L,.,-f::',L1x..E1-:.,LA,.t,l-.f,- 2 -J -ez.-:111Tf-11-:Af:::::1-ivfizn fl L. ....W.fw-L LL. .-,,7..,L., .......L.--LTL..-L...., ,..--, V V -..... I I T YH A V W. Behrn, J. Kulp, J. Zander, R. Ballou, M. Hanson, E. St John Second Row: L. Bidwell, M. Brandt, L. Kleist, B. Leonardson, L. Cole, C. Birkenmeyer, W. Schini, S. Blencoe Bottom Row: H. Nell, R. Leonardson, R. Drake, G. Houghton, D. Brennan, W. Hartman, E. Theida WILERED W. BEHM DONALD T. BRBNNAN WILLIAM K. GRUBE MARSHALL H. HANSON JOE J. BALLARD LLOYD H. BIDWELL RAY A. BALLOU KRONER E. CASBERG i fi' Della C i MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. G. JONES A. S. ZANDER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 WILLIAM G. HARTMAN LEROY H. KLEIST VIRGIL E. HERRICK JOHN H. KULP CLASS OF 1930 HARRY W. NELL EARL E. ST. JOHN VERNON L. ROSHOLT CLASS OF 1931 CARL B. BIRKENMBYER WATSON M. CONNOR SHIRLEY G. BLENCOE WILLIAM J. DEMUTH FREDERICK H. BOROHERDT ROBERT O. DRAKE MYRON C. BRANDT CLARENCE GIFFERT CLASS OF 1932 . . 2 gI"'fl Jff' 'I., I-'1 1. . 1 , ' .I .L-.Vi RI, 11 1 , 'J l Elf! I K Q I1 fl' 'i13T5F" ll' Q . I H, .V 1. l li ' I 1 Il I ' IH? ' . h4L"I.. I 55. Founded 1890 I ,I 5 xy' 'Ia Cornell University A .la -i, " K 35 chapters - ' 'I ' ff - ' 1 f flf"'I"'.'. I I I, ,vw I.' ' If -15,4-'., H, I I. f. .. A .5 . Y -L L I J ,A-:,.L.,x. ...we L -.:..,L1.f,-.1 ,L.'..,,,.: LL.-ln: .La-,.Tg:-..-f,7:Lvim..-1,3-E4 A., RALPH W. LBONARDSON WALTER B. SHINI H. SMITH EDWINlS. THEIDA JOHN F. HANSSEN BERTEL W. LEONARDSON PETER SBIDL ROBERT L. KIESSLING . . -, ,,Y?..,..,,.1 l f7.'T'-7"7I'Cfi .V CD7-7'f1 T377-7 s' -.ff 3 3-, .,j '-1-4,w:.,'I1 1, 1 ' wx --,."-. , l , 'llxilgy-I....g,' fx . 1,-I? Fr - 'ig -A.:-1 I. 1 I, I If I ll ,, W RJ' I' 'I Ilcqy I.1JL:I,3 lg t I AAKFE -I X I I Mug' Eli : HI I ji! ii "1 ll HQ I I ,ggi I I I ,J I' Il Local chapter ,KIA II fly Wisconsin 15 MT- l 'lil la, Established Igzx ,fttfsyl li lizllw. ,Af l' it , -,Il F -...,.f-PI'z- 3-0. I g, 55,15 fa iiff,j.x1i,,-41 if gf'1,Lil ff 'JI QQK-,..4jf'E . ifggaxfg. ffffllf Fl T I no 'NA ,. 'I llQaif1i!!ilt.sI:i',LQ.Lf-:Exflhrlfbif- ' ' " f' I --f - ---- - -LL, .--ff -. 1- L.. -. .. -.-1: A 7 , - .4..:LfLA.,I.: .3113--are---f I N Page 448 N l I .L lf" E3 I' seg , 6 W -.IT RCI if . 4'-,. ,Riff . IX N Lftfi-T"x Ei. A I I X 1 5 lv' I PM :"' - I. Jxlfiig 7' F-is .J ' K iff! 'fl AQFW' 'S' -QQ! :- I if." .LW 5 l cl l ' 1 I I I .-.hxfqg-. -ff fnef: x-1 :Af-ew T- if .,. Y A 1 -..:. : L L., in ,-. - LU- 111.--Y--A -ff ' Ev- 'R' l l Top Row: F. Baumann, W. Atten, R. Kelly, R. Noon, H. Kelly, K. Healy, D. Gannon, J. Gallagher Second Row: W. Morris, M. Pages, W. McCarthy, W. McGarty, V, Hauprich, G. Schultz, J. Timbers, J. Kelliher, M. Sullivan Bottom Row: R. Kenney, A. Metz, K. Wiggins, L. Smith, E. Hughes, W. Schneider, G. Schmid 'fbi 'Mappa MEMBER IN FACULTY PROP. MAURICE E. MGCAEEREY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES EDWARD J. IRELAND GEORGE H. MGGREGOR DR. HAROLD OQBRIEN JOHN C. MAORIN DR. OVID MEYER CLASS OF 1929 ELLIS J. HUGHES WILLIAM F. MORRIS ROGER A. NOON JOSEPH J. KELLIHBR CLASS OF 1930 ROGER R. CURRERI SIMON JENNINGS MAURICIO G. PAGES J. DEANE GANNON CHARLES F. KBLLOGG . FRANK J. ROHRER KENNETH C. HEALY WILLIAM A. MGNAMARA CLASS OF 1931 DONALD F. EIERMAN HAROLD F. KELLY WALTER E. MCDONALD JAMES C. GALLAGHEK RAEHAEL L. KELLY WALDO D. MCCARTHY VICTOR J. HAUPRICH ROGER J. KENNEY ARTHUR G. METZ LEO F. LODL CLASS OF 1932 KENNETH E. ANDERSON GARRET J. CALLAHAN ARTHUR P. COUGHLIN WILLIAM H. BAUMANN FRANK CARNEY JERRY DIEEOLD PHILIP B. BUENZLI ROBERT L. CONWAY WALTER J. LILLESAND I Jjj J E:Q.fg3g',,I f' N V "iz-jr., ' - .. V' , ,EI Q 1: J' V l I ,, rl". fy I 'l 531 hifi? 5 'I ' I . fm IN VA Li, .I ,.... . Founded I889 A 3 i 1.3, chapters , i' I .-,I I- Q' Brown University R ' . ,- ., , L .1 N Page 449 N DR. WILLIAM o'MALLY JAMES WALSH MICHAEL P. SULLIVAN JAMES P. TIMBERS WILLIAM M. SCHNEIDER LESLIE J. SMITH GEO RGB WEISS LYMAN H. MORGAN GEORGE C. SCHMID GEORGE SCHULTZ WALTER D. MCGARTY WILLIAM W. MGKENNA JOHN E, MUELLER . 5 W E ,,,,i . ',,, Y a I.. wiv wf SRM Local chapter Lambda Established 1922 . 'II l, 1, .I 'l' ll f All ' I l rr..-ag.-.3?::.:5.-.1:4 . lI l I l . II I I Tl ll I 'I Il W YW H ,LL LL. .w,,.,,,.L..,:..,.. . 1 - L nv,f..v. ,.,.-.,7 l l .91I Top Row: T. P. Otjen, M. L. Putnam, C. J. Jasper, E. J. Shabart, O. G. Dutton, T. S. Stone, H. C. Weber, C. O. Miller Second Row: C. Wollard, J. A. Zeratsky, J. A. PaWloWski, A. C. Ramlow, R. B. Johns, H. W. Black, R. M. Ruddick, L. L. Palmer, J. E. CASTER R. P. HERWICK FBRDINAND L. KOCH WVESLEY P. BLIEEERT RICHARD B. JOHNS HOWARD W. BLACK CLAUDE J. JASPER THOMAS L. MCDERMAND EDWARD A. ANDREWS HENRY H. BEHNKE ORVILLE G. DUTTON LOREN A. GAPKE ARNOLD H. DAMMEN EARLE W. HORNEMAN RICHARD H. JOHNSON 'I' . I . , . I I I. I K. I l .- Q 5 l S: V I'l , f -,',1'b- f . M' sn ow I l . ll. Q 1 5 I I .9 5 Q e" b I 'Qui' I gg il l li. J l' I? Founded 1895 II' ' 1-. JI.. Trinity College ' II Il l I I l 22Ch21pFCl'S -A l fl' . 'A H ,I I H, ,V - I. ,, Q . .1 I I. 'I ' -' . , I . , , . - - I I ll lllll-TI'-' .. I , r.:...1,,,', T ' r ,Y D. G. Nolte Bottom Row: H. V. Somerville, L. W. Rather, W. P. Bliffert, C. V. Mars., H. H. Behnke, K. J. Williams, G. A. Rudolf Iilpba Chi Uibo MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. H. KINGSBURY F. L. ORTH B. Q. MORGAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY, GRADUATES KENNETH E. LEMMER CLASS OF 1929 GERALD W. KEHR LELAND L. PALMER THEODORE F. MELTEER DANIEL A. QRTH THEO. P. OTJEN JOHN A. PAWLOWSRI MONROE L. PUTNAM HAROLD S. JONES MERRITT N. LUEKIN C. VICTOR MARS CHESTER O. MILLER JAMES M. JOHNSTON RALPH W. LEMLIER FRANK W. MONEY CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 LEE W. RATHER ROBERT M. RUDDICR ELMER J. SHABART DEXTER G. NOLTE WILLIAM E. POWERS ARNOLD C. RAMLOW GEORGE A. RUDOLE OTTO N. MUENSTER ARTHUR J. ORTH N Page 450 N II f ', ffl l ll -- Elf :fi II ' if Il I. l. l I I l -,....-L- . . A. J. PEDERSON H. L. STOWE PAUL H. SCHMIEDICKE HARRY V. SOMERVILLE FRANCIS C. WOOLARD THOMAS S. STONE JENNINGS C. TRIELOFP KENNETH J. WILLIAMS HARVEY C. SARGENT JOHN R. SQUIER HENRY C. WEBER JOHN A. ZERATSKY WENDELL B. RATHER JOHN E. SOMERVILLE PHIL J. STONE . Y . ,. . ,W-' I' Il. X V. NI Ikl I ,.., ...WN T, ,.. .,.. L .O I 'I . I' f Q 5 l ll MM? I. 411 I- Local chapter Il, l Phi Omicron 4 " Tl Established i922 -j'flll'll -II . I . 3- .E :tu I S ll-I .-. C .--A WI' I .. 9 . 111-L , ,.:-' ' e- - I. ,A 1 , E I-,Af II I . I1. Ill -A If--,Av .' ,Af " ,fx 1' , v-If -'T --4 '- .f.,,1 A--H .V J .,f 1 .. . . ....-Yiizl'-I l -,. 1 -231:51 f- SA.-:Jr WI: I FI I fl I I I . l 'fl J . 'liifx .I -fx ' TI .ZH hH5,.m,, NCL 1 ,,. -. ll II N I ,I .I l hw I Sllififif lk. QE. ,. 1 !.QfiT'.,-aff -277 7 g'lII ffl I I Elie EIIESI lg?-lv14'3ivf 33.1 MTBF 'II A NHL EEESI ltxkii Q W3 li? MI I I li . I RE I-.II-,L an-ig,--.AZT-ge -.:.-geeevfve ef- --I .-.ef -1I- ff, rg- fs, L.-R... T, E D Egan T..-712: 1,3-11:-1: A,,fE1 -f - LEW , , , Len- , :Zip - A , .A -,,.gL V ,ELA In ,E A Y W . . W . ,....... . .LQ..IQL,........L..-,, .:..,-,.I. -...ww ..,e,,,,,' 1: v - Top Row: E. Schee, F. Klug, H. Erdmann, W. Bourkland, R. Eisfelcl, G. Winter Second Row: G. Krohn, R. Lee, H. Scherhert, E. Becker, D. Krause, O. Guenther, O. Meslow, C. Nelson, E. Winter Bottom Row: T. Kammholz, F. Treskow, M. Dokken, W. Brummuncl, L. Lee, E. Ortmann, L. Spooner, G. Winter R. D. BIENEANG RALPH BIENEANG OLIVER AJER WALTER BRUMMOND GERI-IARD DORREN ROY AVERY ELMER BEORER ROY EISPELDT HARVEY BERNER CLARENCE BISTLINE WALTER BOURRLAND BERNARD BENNETT if ' ella Di 'Epsilon MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. L. FEVOLD P. E. FOSSUM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES HUGH SI-IEREERT CLASS OF 1929 HERBERT ERDNIANN CLAUDE GUBNTHBR EARL LEE CLASS OF 1930 LEROY HALL THEOPHIL KAMMHOLZ CLASS OF 1931 HARRY GARMAGER WALTER GREEE CHESTER HANSON CLASS OF 1932 NORMAN LANZEL --I FRANK TREsROw LESTER LEE HARVEY MOHR REUBEN KROI-IN ORMOND MESLOW AARON IHDE ELMBR KLUG WALTER LAST GILBERT TOMSKEY O. A. HAUGEN GUSTAVE WINTER OEERT OLSON LYLE SPOONER ERWIN WINTER CLAYON NELSON ELMER ORTMANN ERIE SCHEE MARLOWE PETERS ARTHUR TRAUBE GERHARD WINTER EARL WALLEY I If :f"'3?f'fT F' V 'FFJY' " ' ' ' " Y' W ' Y 'F' Y V V I V I V A I' il , H1 'jf ,L 'lil FI I",-4 J' . I7 'H . ,, pw Nj ,I -eu,',Q'..I::,.. 'M.1, -, Ni .I II,I7f,j.,ff1II Il -,fLIIggf,,1,,rIII :WQIIIIII ,II II II -I ae. .1-,E my V , Y., 1 .. I I Iwi I I-1gII,f' 'R . ,if I II I, Q. ,Vw If. ,I 'I I ll ,lI' I 'Af xI.:','J Il ll silt I 3 I IEE 219, 'MII I IIIIVN -f5A'II l'IItI:IlI fm-'fx II I Ilfl of In - l I I ' ' If' 'Pfflf-'E' I-'Il I Il I I 96X R iv I M If .' Kg :A II Iv' , II -I I I+ .Q - 'gf I! 'II I I ' 6 Il' I R ' I . iw. ' YI, ,FM ' I if I I Founded 1912 N Local chapter 'Y ,"I I II 1'j,Il , University of Wisconsing, If: I , , .I A Alpha ' 1' I 'Il' II MIM! 4 Chapters ,flj III' .I '3' lilir' Established 1922 I 'I 1 l ,I I P., I' .l' II '-I, I , ,III I ...A , , , ., . . A . I I . "I 'H I Ai:-QW , .Rfk ELL. I 'ffl , - I .JII J l'HI'Ii .QIFfa:-.-.g..efIIII5"f I I I " ' I I' Il I flbf ggff I::Q:QI':iII5fJ l"Af,9'l-4fl,Ill gl rf. 1 I I 5' "IH-:TL Il I I I A . I iQ-fy:I1rLEg5,.X.:,'Ef3.I'5Qf,l,O,,,E, E f .... -ff Ts . 7 A- -AA A+-4.f-- A 932:-I-I ' --1, -4-Ju.-.---,...,.-.,..:.,.... .... ei J. ,L ..- ..,. LL.- . Y Y . .. - Y - I N Page 451 N, . ----- - -11-,L -:.1fY--.1..f., I-.0--T ,-- .pf - J. DAVIS D. K. FOLTS DAVID FOLTS WAYNE GRAY KENNETH CHAPPELL ALTON KASTE WILMER DAVIS 'Top Row: W. M. Davis, C. Sweet, E. P. Nickel, W. T. Gray, D. E. Lindstrom, E. T. Hansen Second Row: R. Bobb, E. Prisk, D. Thomas, R. Thomas, H. Meyers, H. Roberts, H. D. Scott Bottom Row: A. Kaste, W. Rand, L. Raclway, K. E. Chappell, G. A. Lewis, S. B. Miller Square cmb Compass MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. A. GRANovsIcY D. E. LINDSTROM E.-T. HANSEN W. E. MEANWBLL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES EINAR HANSEN AUSTIN LEWIS ERNEST NICKEL CARLICB SWEET v .M- .I , I . I I I Q 'O 0 0 9 -9 'e 13 9 xQ 5, IQ Q W ?.' Founded 1917 V ' . , Washington and Lee 5 Universitv ' ' .I 48 chapters I I . CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 WENDELL RAND HENRY MEYERS EDGAR PRIsIc DoN THOMAS N Page 452 N W. RAND H. D. Sco-rr HAROLD Scorr RALPH THOLLAS STEPHEN MILLER H.ARVEY ROBERTS LAURIE RADWAY 1 I Z 4 l . I I ' lv I E I 5 R I I' I I H I ' 1 hi . .1 I . Y N' 'I Local chapter - ll I ' ,- ' XVisI:onsin Square UQ ' V Established 19:1 I I ,J I, E. I . I A I .iz:l:1"2' ' N fi H. Is... UFS- I. ,27 ,417 xh- . "fi . p .f -4-1- EQ el , . N, 1 fur- ' ,, 1. Iff: if S: . . f Q K.-ex I. .. ?t5'I5!" I M ri "1-Rx wifi. 1 V I. -41 I ,E rf- . 'IA I, L ll ll: lf a ,E .--fra fail ll l vf I 'I Mi :ii E- .. 4' -We :Bl .Lg .XI -' :1.,'-I' 7 -LIQQJJVJ ' 43,-i-TW fl Qfijrj I-14 :4fifff2F?"5' ff' if L- I 1 mi f z r.. R vein' '. 'iIi..lKi:F1'i V, ' LI". If it Ki -lxa -Wifi .E .I ,lr .U ,Qui T 'I MJ I l lm 4 1 il l ' 4 ...l' I T I I I, gf- L., ..,. ..1.. ,..-., .. . -.,, . T.-.avvea -ef..-f::.:..-.f.',f ,Mix -.JY ,, L , ,L , , f ,AY ,VW ,,,,,h,,,,-,,-L.. ,..--, ,,,,,,,, W Y , A. . V YW Y YNY W, V A I z l l I I I L. -.MY ive..-.. . J- . . . Top Row: H. H. Kieweg, W. A. Howe, H. P. Bryant, J. P. Kusner, A. M. Hutter, H. L. Stokes, E. F. Murdoch, L. E. Nelson, C. E. Hoyle Second Row: W. O. Kuehn, V. B. Wake, J. A. Jarvis, C. A. Palmer, H. E. Rex, C. S. Solberg, E. E. Stewart, E. J. Mueller Bottom Row: V. E. Richards, W. L. Carle, E. Kuhe, W. V. Dewey, A. D, Freudenberg, F. Schmidt, J. J. Lofy, G. L. Stetson, F. D. CRANE HERBERT BRYANT ARTHUR D. FREUDBNBERG W. B. HILDEERAND ADOLPH M. HUTTER LEWIS E. CASWBLL WILLIAM V. DEWEY WILLIAM L. CARLE ROBERT M. CURTIS JOHN T. CONWAY If Q4-1-,J-an--A.-A: -- - --f- -ff l..-..e. . .. N. Y Y -- f-- ,. D. F. Gillies i Sigma MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. G. GUMBRECK L. V. SPRAGUE C. G. SUITS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 ALFRED KORBEL ELLISON F. MURDOOH ELLIS E. STEWART ERNIE KUI-IE HARLAND E. REX HUGH L. STOKES WILLIAM O. KUEHN FLORIAN SCHMIDT EDWIN F. VIOKERY ARTHUR W. MANSEIELD GEORGE L. STETSON VAN B. WAKE 1 CLASS OF 1930 JOHN A. JARVIS HOWARD H. KIEWEO JOHN P. KUSNER RONALD C. JONES CARLOS A. PALMER CLASS OF 1931 DON F. GILLIES CHARLES E. HOYLE LEONARD E. NELSON WILLIAM A. HOWE JEROME J. LOPY CLARENCE S. SOLDBERG CLASS OF 1932 CLAUDE E. RICHARDS KENNETH E. RYDEN I" 21.1 QTWZQ. 65' . ' i.,f-ff' U ' ' l I I-."..'f'e'Tif7-2?ff' 4'fIITl3 7 l 'I ul-A J' is Z U' I T-1: ' I F' " .5 If ,iw il ,- .. II -I ,li ll Iiriff "W J li I Fl" ul" L' I fill' I' '--sl.-1' if" 'W if I S1 H wil: ,Ii 1: ll ji" ,, 9, , "Lily 1 og y 'Wg I .. . 'Mg if I 'J .3 Ig. is fa l- I J LJ . ag?E E,g'2ff' li' 5-4 J F V r. -1. is 1, 1,542 -V Jl Founded 1397 Local chapter I I Vincennes, Indiana Wil? Tau j 'J 'al M 6 ,LX 23 Chaptgrs Arai. J 1 s ix, Established Igzzyfrrg . :X . l "' -fjffff 1 Isl ij 4 If it ,I I-'ff 1" ,I E , ,Iii 1 If,JQ1j.., 9, ,yr L , -4, ,, , ,V , . -I. . W fS.q'AiA,'y-fCJ- if-'-Q4 .. 1 V. , - Ii f' ,gk 'V fy- ts'-'REIT J' ij' .Av,?' if .I ,-f",-lf-" . . I 'S '4 lL'ii2'5Qflrmi:J5'il11A"1R453-"-'tk2k'L-M1'A:r2T'-I ' T31 -T'-EMR-1-T-I Yiffiffifffjff' if-S ig af R .'g-.135.iQi. ffng i N Page 453 N V, L, ., .r.L.,F . . .391 . w. LVL, Am. -2 ,TY Y., , - . - .. .L U K, . , A 2- -., ,Unix ?.:1?,E,..f: .ISL-Q -:J-:E ::111.E:.:-,::mT.,-Z.,-2: v--I ..--J .I . .. - ..,..:k,, .L ,,:!,,,- U , ,, ,,,L,, ,., ,.,, WY.. , ,A-Y, L . .I , .ECP--.-3?--:.TE -,flimfrmfrc -1-,fern--A-T EI Top Row: R. W. Orton, S. G. Swenson, D. H. Beers, G. M. Benson, I... J. Kielly, E. M. Schoenfeld Second Row: J. D. Swartz, R. C. Born, W. E. Golbert B. R. Porter, H. F. Klingman, B. Dornogalla, P. J. Musolf, G. H. Duncan, G. Jentz Bottom Row: N. Sikes, J. A. Johnson, I. J. Breckenfeld, L. E. Foulke, F. P. Zeran, S. O. Holla, J. W. Jareo, S. E. Allen JACK JAREO DUNCAN BEERS HARLOW CHAMBERLAIN MILTON DIEHL STAEPORD HOLLE GLEN BENSON LAWRENCE FOULKE STUART ALLEN J, for O 'll in .I1QQ'5l2..h U 0 Q Q I. 'PKI E I . X, Qfg' I ll 1 I I 4' v'I, Founded 1906 f'Il: Y Minndi University I K I' 37 chapters . I . l Thi Tlfappa Eau MEMBER IN FACULTY BERNARD G. DOMOGALLA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 JOHN JOI-INSTONE HERBERT KLINGLIAN CLASS OF 1930 LYLB KIELLY PIUS MUSOLF BERNARD PORTER GILBERT JENTz JOHN JOHNSON BERNARD KASTEIN CLASS OF 193 1 WALTON GILBERT HARRY SPEICH ARNOLD LAMM CLASS OF 1932 IRVING BRECKENEELD GERALD DUNCAN N Page 454 N EDWARD KRAMER EDWIN SCIIOENEELD JOSEPH SII:Es SBLMER SWENSON FRANKLIN ZERAN JOHN SWARTZ MCCLURE THOMPEON RICHARD ORTON ,. I 'I , ....,... I l I f .... . I 3 'l 'ri -X .T ,. Ig Q .H 21 -f .ff li Local chapter ff 1 " I Omega If I, Established I926 -' J' Af' al .4 "1 I .X In A - -x I In .Y --......s-'I I H, A. "L - 3 5. T'1JfffI.',I F A. .Ll LJ. Y.. qi 'QC-,X ff' -.ff K4 f '.-1 ' 1-' F I- -14:1 . ' .11 Y: Y V - :IL :11f.:E:.. 'E 13. I JUN Eti gr WR am L,-3 -- ' ,A H, -11 K FL.. NT' I - mp, V. , Vg, I1 1ls."l,Rf.fIJl:P"f lp NW iw S f. I- Q. M CIAO. all .J - -' 4-I H J.. E -' af-,HIT ,Q 5 E., If FA ,, 4 -A.. .Q ,A F .-A WAR -Q-A "JE, -'-I 'Cs If. 1+ .. I-. ., .n, L-..1 xy, 1L'J EI: .I . 5' I,- f .J . S. H.- .I I ':. F. I", X. if . NI.. .QI ,f I -ff 92' ' IDN We-T.?5i. E I Q Il- .,-f.. L W -, V ,Yu L ,LL Yi .,w.1 .:..:--,g 1 .ML Y .--M I . - ..,.L1., l?:.T.F-.fjnxgm A-.I-, , fr . L JOSEPH DAPIN MARVIN M. PBIN MANDEL N. GOLDSTEIN ELI L. BORKON EUGENE GOODMAN AARON GOTTLIEB MARVIN S. COHEN MAX G. FELDMAN JOSEPH BURSTEIN HAROLD GOLDPUSS HERBERT JUBELIRER MEYER W. SHUTKIN MARVIN HERSH SAM LBIBENSON MAX LITOW PHILLIP HALPERIN BERNARD J. HEILPRIN SOL J. KAI-IN ROBERT H. LEVY MILTON HARRIS HARVEY H. HORWITZ HENRY L. JAEEE ' i ' ambba 'Tlbi MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 THORN L. VOGEL DAVID J. SACI-Is SAMUEL D. SAEERE CHARLES W. SAND CARL MEADOWS E. MILLER HARRY J. PLOU5 SAMUEL R. LEPP JOSEPH L. ROSTRER 'Sl II I JI I 4 I' I-FI. TI" II s.-:BH , .-'rf' 'E fx' ., 'I,.L I 1 " 'Q LL--.V I 1-QTK' , I Fefiiailfe- I 'I II H 'Q ge 49' I II IIE-Tfv' J' rw K H F. El. I'I Ii SAMUEL N. SHERMAN ALEX STERN LESTER N. VELIB EDWARD E. RUEIN HARRY SOMMEREIELD MORRIS C. WINBR LEON H. RUBNITZ JULIUS SRLUTE LOUISKANCHUK FRED PLOUS MANERED N. SHUTKIN HEREERT D. KRIEGER MAXWELL R. ROSENBAUM HILTON SIMON 1. ,I JACK STEINBERG ' "GiPF:i""H'-5?-2 A '11 - --Q ---3 -- - - I - -L I' -'W - S ---' . v. -H - I- 1 ,I J iff v L: If-LI Iii A ' L' I .. . A I JI ' I " ' ,-TXT? ' "'z'I- P 'ff E5 5.14 I 5 I' FJ I,'??x"' 'MIX' if ,, E "J f" ' ff' 5 41. I, I 4 -X 4' f 'X W.-I J X . I I.MfI' III I I . QL I If "?.I1 JI!!5, I I.I:,I.' ,. lf ff 5 ,sg I gf! . I IW' . - 'IJ-I iff' '5- .N Lf ""-If -944--If '13 ml HJ W ' 'I II I' -II II .I .. I II A I II , N., X. C W 1' 'II Iwi QNX :ix gl , P+ L 1 h fix- . Q? Founded 1895 I, R 053 C UPWF , II . 'WI x Yale University I xy? .W THU Mix.,--fQ ,. I 19 Chapters 'ails I I ' flask Estzxblxshed T913 'gli if N I I 'QS I I Jf' LRF, wi I Xi? I I 'I Il' "'f. F31-fI1T2 ' Iliff! B 1 W5-'AIAKJ J xpk, , J'u,,VifQ.Er..1:. h.?i1f,I,,l . N A X 5. , H '--1".1:::'Y' . W' -,J .. S, Y f'f,e I Q ,ij 'X QQ gf I A l A -I iifillfijsj Q, 119. LL LTA -A L ----.AA -ALO 4.f'ALJ.fr1.kf.g:.Qgi fag ' N Page 455 N if - ...nLf.gu21g:..Q T- .Sv-I-Q: , , Y U, ,Hi L ,!, M, . Y .B V --- 1- --- .H f -----Y-ff'---,-A-.1ff-lr.--.f 5--V -1- Q.:-'H -----52-EELZLH:-B---,H+---if:-T. Top Row: F. S. Hook, L. Fleming, Prof. E. L. Sevringhaus, O. A. Zerwick Third Row: M. C. Peterson, G. H. Seefeld, P. C. Hoeffler, E. A. Weinke, Prof. J. G. Fcwlkes, R. A. Belter, J. B. Roberts Second Row: E. O. Roberts, C. P. Stroebel, J. W. Rogers, W. C. Price, Prof. J. L. Gillin, C. E. Pence, E. W. Ellsworth, J. E. Dow Bottom Row: E. C. Baillie, C. W. Dymond, E. A. Nusbaum, W. C. Rogers, J. R. Smith, R. G. Garlock, R. R. Gilson 'Alpha 'Mappa 'iambba MEMBERS IN FACULTY ff fivfglff ' IJ I Fi! J. G. FOWLKES K. E. OLSON E. L. SEVRINGHAUS G. T. TREWARTHA J. L. GILLIN M. B. ROSENEERRI' O. E. TOENI-IART - R. H. WHITBECK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES ERVIN W. HOPKINS DAVID J. ROBERTS ARTHUR G. WEBER ERVIN A. WEINRE CLASS OF 1929 EDWARD C. BAILLIB ELMER W. ELLSNNORTH EDWARD A. NUSBAUNI WARREN C. PRICE ROY A. BBLTBR I ROBERT G. GARLOCK CHARLES E. PENOE EVAN O. ROBERTS CLIFTON W. DYMOND WALTER C. ROGERS CLASS OF 1930 JAMES E. Dow FRED S. HOOK JOHN W. ROGERS GEORGE H. SEEEELD RAY R. GILSON MILTON C. PETERSON O-no A, ZERWICK CLASS OF 1931 ARNOLD L. FRANSEBN PHILLIP C. HOEFPLER JUSTUS B. ROBERTS JOHN R. SMITH LAWRENCE FLEMING CHARLES F. STROBBBL lf E. if 'IW ll 1 RAS vyffil, .53 ., R I jig I ,+A if 1 R xx i,I:TlJF1 RTS ll . lf I-Z, ,J - J l ii lx' luis! R l-I .I . lvl 'I ' 1. 1-'LS .f 1' II I' ' 1 --f- :J ff l Jil L. , E , ,I o ,- .' 'mfg 5, Founded IQI ,ll if f' ., . , " xl ,LI 'Vx' University of Cnlfi'ornfa"ki. LO'E1g3EgE"' ,Il -i":"'., 7 Chapters f l, Established 1923 I 11- . . Lf-we I El 1 .A -IN" VRIE.. ,'-it I.-is rf Y ..,. L , . . .. L., I 'Nfl Clif E' ' .Q ,-,-R-.4 A R.-L-wg-.Q:A:.L.11, .J -tg! Es, ZR-T -'fi 11. A .. . .. , L L .1-RL.-.--TLA N Page 456 N E R11 T lt -, 'QS H 'za ll J, , ,T-S ,, lll2rSi'!1'SJ:7"r J GEL I - .- . ' I ' 'EY 1 SLI'-,I ,-qv fnxfyg. ,jg ff, IX plfvidfibfr -5--13.5. 25,5 ,. I, f rw rug-Ae ff-If , ' '41 ff- , ik? V' l- L. . " Q fy N7 Q Iliff' '. lib L ll 'gf Z I 'T li 1: 0 ,. . .- A 11:52, --. :.--.r- A-,Y-2 - , V g.-Y .-. .i': -,-fi---Dy - -- 9 J . fi I .. 51 . I . .L R. T. HOMEWOOD HILEERT C. BECKER JoI-IN BERAN TRUMAN B, BLOss MARVIN E. Cox SIDNEY D. DREW DONALD HANESWORTH WILLIAM G. DENNIS FREDERICK LOORER . Fu wa' '-'529'f9-'- If I :I 5213? J?-A I ,I O, my 3 f .ego I7 .1 lynx ' lm, " 'IAQ 18 chapters 5, ,is I ..I..N I: if 44 , A - . . 3Q"5'f.' 2' H II. ,I ., . , . . , fr, I S "LQ, 1 ig Founded 1908 , If ' W, .x,,UgIiversity of Pennsylvagia "RJ 4 E V W ' I 5 ,Y .. . . , , , A ,YM ,,.,f:,.,..,.-... ,,,..... , . . , L . .,-, - ,,, ,,- ,WH UH, Top Row: L. Rennels, E. Johnson, F. Geittman, D. Zoesch, E. Ragatz, M. Cox, R. Homewood Second Row: D. Perry, A. Wehmeyer, J. Teska, G. Konwinski, E. Meisenheimer, H. Schuerman, C. Stephens, H. Becker Bottom Row: S. Drew, R. MacGregor, J. Cullinane, M. Kirby, L. Mapes, J. Eagan Sigma Tlbi Signia MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. M. JANSKY S. M. MOELVAIN A. W. PILTZ MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES WILL D. MERRI1-T WILLIAM C. TREICI-IEL CLASS JOHN E. CULLINANE FREDERICK J. GEITTMAN CLASS EDWARD W. HULEERT EVERE-IT A. JOHNSON GEORGE F. KONWINSKI RODERIOR D. MACGREGOR CLASS JOHN K. EAGAN ROBERT C. HEYDA CLASS THOMAS C. RENNELS i 1 li I I 5 I J N Page 457 N LAMONT N. RENNELS CLYDE K. STEPHENS EVERETT B. SOHWARTZ JOSEPH J. TESRA ARTHUR H. WEI-IMEYER DELEERT H. ZoEscI-I DONALD D. PERRY JOEL M. WILDER 1' " 1' 5' " ww' Local chapter Mu Established 199.4 'Top Row: K. LeCount, E. Brott, R. Zeunert, H. McKaskle, K. Magee. H. Glave, Third Row: R. Garrity, L. Clikernan, N. Lane, D. Myse, D. Hedrick, V. Liebsch, L. McCormick Second Row: H. Bechler, H. Gerlack, R. Ulrich, T. Burrows. F. Evans, N. Clark, W. Seigrist, A. NCNOWII Bottom Row: R. Moore, I. Bridges, C. Barglof, D. Graves, R. Rohrer, G. Roberts HAROLD E. BECHLER EVERELL W. BROTT CHARLES J. DANIELS BEN DIEDERIOI-I RICHARD W. GARRITY STUART R. HADDBN CLIFTON G. BAROLOE MARRIOT A. CLARK M. LAMONT CLIKEMAN DONALD E. GRAVES JAMES E. BRIDGES HARRY C. COLEMAN ARNOLD C. HEREER Y l Founded T916 . University of Chicago N ' , , I6 chapters 3351731 'Dbi MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. EVANS I R. NOI-IR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 HAROLD W. GERLACI-I LAVERN I. LIBBSCH NEIL E. LANE CLASS OF 1930 DEAN D. HEDR1cIc KENNETH R. LECOUNT KENNETH L. MOGEE CLASS OF WILLIAM A. KUEHLTHAU ROBERT H. LARSON EDWARD J. LITEL CLASS OF CLAUDE MAURER ARTHUR McNOwN ROBERT RAMSEY LAWRENOE J. MCCORMICK HERMAN MCKASKLE DARYAI. A. MYSE 1931 WILSON A. MILHRANDT JOHN R. MOORE ROEERT A. ROHRER 1932 GEORGE W. ROBERTS AARON G. STURGEON Page 458 rv CRVILLE J. TRENARY RAYLIOND H. ZBUNERT CLAIRE L. ONSGARD STAN W. SALATY RANDALL P. WRIGHT HARVEY C. SCHNEIDER WARD F. SIEGRIST NEIL H. SMITH WILBUR WENDT ROBERT C. ULRICH PAUL M. VAIL CLAYTON WEAX'ILLE ' I 6, ,, I . I' '. 4 II I ilk! '-Ill 4 .yljrl 'yu .X L' a '- ln SM Jil 5 . 1 K ' J gg I .iff Local chapter if 'Zeta fr .Q ' Established 192.4 5,52 It fl hi ,-'IKRJAI ll Q L. .-SIX X: itll, ll I T I ' I I I I 5 Top Row: A. Fein, S. Koman, M. Levine, J. Weyenberg, R. Benjamin, H. Gruenberg, W. Stein, R. Gruenberg, J. Fleischer, H. Kaufman Second Row: W. Goldman, G. Sinykin, S. Morell, D. Phillips, E. Gottlieb, M. Perlman. E. Vinograd, Wasserman, A. Cohn Bottom Row: H. Yudin, M. Gerner, M. Goldman, S. Brodsky, M. Brill, L. Richman, K. Bisno, B. Levitas I MILTON GOLDMAN SIDNEY BRoDsIcY MARTIN BRILL IRVINC FISHER KENNETH BISNO ALAN COLIN ABE FEIN ROBERT BENJAMIN rr, . T 'lgz' H . -f I' 1' ,iff ,I IA I,-H,-5 I IU I4-Q. mf.,- lfx. yi LI, l I, ,-.I J.. f .I .. gf' 'I M ,... ,,,,,, H 55 CJ 'rw ,M - I 'I ls.-"aw ' Founded 1899 .I ps Ppity College of New Yorylcf cf' j'Mv!1, 17 chapters 47 ' J , igikgsa H, Q ,I I It 'Y-TR ,. . h . ,Q .I .-..n-.-III, ,,x.I.4.,. .. ..1 'I' ,' I xgxqf A-" 'Y' ' J ' I '-i . 1 -tx, ,I,.. I' - 'Il i 'Epsilon A' i MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HERBERT GRUENBERG JULIUS FLEISCI-IER MAURICE GERNER HENRY KAUEMAN MAURICE LBVINE DAVID PHILLIPS GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 EUGENE SCHUSTER MAX PERLMAN SEYMOUR KORMAN LAWRENCE RICIIMAN GORDON SINYKIN WARREN GOLDMAN RICHARD GRUENBERG EMMANUEL GOTTLIEB N Page 459 N JOHN WASSERhiAN WILLIAM STEIN SAM MORELL EMMANUEL PIORE EUGENE VINOGRAD JACK WBYENBERG HARRY YUDIN BURTON LEVITAS A 1 'I 7: ,I T I' 5, A l ll-,II ,, Jil 141, ' V :A ' I I ,V , E I . . Q , ,,. Local chapter , ij i Alpha Eta I, ' if li Established 1914 I' L L l 1 I A., V W . 57: T:--V., . .i4, , LTL,-If f-.1-T. .1-:LJLm1xm.4:LM1 -W-I Y,-9 Z.,-TL.-Q-..:..:.L:1--f--M.Hana?-31.15 .L-E:-..---.g 5.4.2 -2 ll, .L Li..-. Y -- Top Row: D. Fitchett, L. Fitchett, G. Dalman, G. S. Watson Second Row: P. Merriman, L. Kaiser, L. B. Schueler, Prof. C. Merriman, C. V. Mathison, W. N. Thompson, G. Volk Bottom Row: R. S. Heath, K. Williams, D. Loomis, M. Sampson, R. Groves, C. Gwin CHESTER V. MATHIESON ANDREW DECKER CLARENCE GWIN GLENN DALLMAN pafq, :No ' 'L 'Sixth 'zvffgg Q' UT 'IXV' vxjrw Q CHX 'V gf V... W I Founded Igor Hamlme ' Univer ' -. 13 chapters T" sIty Beta Tlfappa MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROF. C. MERRIMAN PROP. M. H. WILLING MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES LAURENCE FITCHETT LLOYD KAIsER CLASS OF 1929 GUBRDON MATTHEWS LYLE B. SCHUELER MARVIN SAMPSON CLASS OF 1930 R. SAMUEL HEATH DAMON Looms CLASS OF 1931 DONALD FITCHETT LELAND WILLIALIS GEORGE K. WILLIAMS CLASS OF 1932 ROLAND GRovEs GAYLORD Von: N Page 460 N WILLARD N. THOMPSON STANLEY WATSON HEREERT WBGNER THOMAS WOLEERT X .Y N i, 1 ,V r, sl F1 .gl 'l .l in 'f ll 53 L, Local chapter IA 'Y ' I lx. 1' Mu g 4 Established 192 X- ' . 'X 'AI ' -V .. . fl 1' . .. - , L. I ' I , . .Y ll ' . - Liss Q KI I i I . fi l . VL. Ii. ll'i"Il H H25 ff'-3.. . 55,3533 ll liz! , 41 .Mig .pi . .1 'Y .- X Alu? gil-ilglg' l If lliffiiqff i 32 I . . II' gE,i,xlbxIf ., 1 .je I :qs-if" .ff K SE: , eff Ili' Il' fa ly .- .. F. T I 1. L V F-,...,...-..:....,...,... :..,....... Liv? V, Y , dl L . P ' P- x 4 . "L G,42i.f?5l' 11 YZYWJ M-A Neff!-.?f I4 U, '- gil w --Ll M1 A 4 x A43 ' la RE- 'Ht . xo?-iff , li ,ru .I 1, l i l 'L .f.: .::-4:-5 f 154---L? -Z L.: -fl. L. .-.1-sw V .. Top Row: M. Karl. C. McManus, I. Bassewitz, M. Leitmer, J. Forman, M. Bensman, M. Derzon, B. Gorenstein C. Peckarsky Fourth Row: J. Post, F. Swimmer, J. Borkin, S. Blankstein, L. Chaimson, M. Davidoff, L. Klatz, P. J. Fox Third Row: M. Levin, S. Nashban, L. Paley, H. Karl, S. Posner, K. Posner, H. Fox, S. Tonkonogy, D. Zubatsky Second Row: E. Dinerman, E. Perlson, C. Jacobson, L. Holstein, N. Hindin, L. Weisskopf, H. Scholl, M. Frank Bottom Row: L. Grossman, B. Galinsky, S. Chechik, N. Heller, L. Weisfeldt, J. W. Bensman, J. Lieberman BENJAMINE GALINSIQY MOREY BENsMAN MEYER FRANK JULIUS BAssEwITz JOHN BENSMAN SAMUEL BLANKENSTEIN MAX KARL SAMUEL NASHBAN JOSEPH BORRIN LBOBE CHAIMSON . l??-ff- gl. , ' - or Q lg' 'Jil-4 lt 1. IJ ww-'iflgf Vllf' , fl IEFF' ,ill ' M, ,fl 5 'S-Tx f. f 5 ' gg IAQ Founded 1911 Q lgy, Ii, New York University lH,,if1 Q FJ " 1.1. no chapters . .-- ff' 5 H l' -QFYTYH. J. " QA ll, 4.12 'jj - ,f "" 4 ' l ti-.iff . I In-. I P ' ww l' Alpha 'Epsilon Ti MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SAMUEL CHECHIR MATT DERZON NATHAN HBLLBR NATHAN HINDIN LEo HOLSTEIN MILTON DAVIDOEE ELI DINERMAN HENRY Fox LAWRENCE GROSSMAN HERMAN POSNER LEO FIDLBR PHILIP Fox HARVEY- GORENSTEXN GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 JOSEPH FORMAN Mosxas LEITNER MOREY LEVIN CLARENCE JACOBSON HARRY KARL LEON KLATZ JUDSON PosT G. MCMANUS CHARLES PECKARSKY . ..x.,,. J: . .- P 'x Y , . . . . 5' . ... N Page 461 N JOSEPH LIEBERMAN LEWIS PALEY HERMAN SCHOLL EDWARD PERLSON HENRY TONKONOGY DAVID ZUBATSKY LOUIS WBISSFELD1' LEONARD WEISSROPP SYDNEY PosNER FRANK SWIMMER O I ll . .fl Local chapter , Pi H Established 1926 . .V w," , IVV . Y . I .. .I , 1 .- 1 2 ,L .',.. ..,,-- 1 , A-" .-. . Ea 'TNR W ' ,V,:q1 -lur Siiaafaihi A ,,,., . Top Row: L. Davis, W. Lehman, H. Ackman, L. Einstein, G. Katz, R. DeHaven, E. Lunde, E. Barden, G. Watson, H. Morrissey, V. Taylor Fourth Row: D. McDermaid, D. Fisher. P. Palm, H. I. Cramer, E. Murdoch, H. Kiewig, D. Thomas, M. Davis, D. Baker, W. Neill, C. Frick, S. Krueger, A. Polacheck L, Third Raw: C. Zillman, J. D. Owen, R. Taylor, R. Johns, C. Jasper, E. Roberts, M. Bensman, J. Ash, H. Vietmeyer, C. Williston, L. Kaiser, C. Pfeiifer, T. Stine Second Row: XV. Boardman, E. Kramer, M. Bekkedal, W. Kahlenberg, L. Lee, H. Scholl, W. Lindeman, R. Kubasta, J. Burnham, G. Burridge, J. Blatecky, H. Klingman, J. Swartz Bottom Row: M. Feldman, H. Plous, R. Toll, R. Andree, N. Thomas, R. Lauritzen, J. Hart, A. Edgerton, J. Callenbach, W. Richter Tinker-fraternity Council ORGANI ZATI ONS Acacia ....... Alpha Chi Rho . Alpha Chi Sigma . Alpha Delta Phi . Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Alpha Gamma Rho . Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Sigma Phi . Alpha Tau. Omega . Beta Kappa . . . Beta Theta Pi . Chi Phi . . . Chi Psi .... Delta Chi . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Pi Epsilon . Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Pi . Delta Tau Delta . Delta Theta Sigma . Delta Upsilon . . Kappa Sigma . . Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Beta Pi . , . Phi Delta 5-psilun . Phi Delta heta . . Phi Epsilon Pi . , Phi Gamma Delta , Phi Kappa . . , Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Sigma Kappa . Phi Kappa Sigma , Phi Kappa Tau Phi Pi Phi . , . Phi Sigma Delta , Pi Kappa Alpha. , Pi Lambda Phi . , Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi , , , Sigma Nu. , , Sigma Phi , , , Sigma Phi Epsilon . Sigma ' Square and Compass Theta Chi . . , Theta Xi , , , Tau Kappa Epsilon Triangle . . . , Zeta Beta Tau. . Ze:-.1 Psi , , Pi ..., SEN I OR TOM STINE RICHARD JOHNS HOWARD CRARIER WVILLARD MORISEN MAURIGE BENSRTAN EDWIN BARDEN EVAN ROBERTS XVILLIAM KAHLENBERG ROY ANDREE WILLTXRD THOSIPSON JAMES WATROUS CHARLES CROWNHART JAMES HANRS WXLLIANK GRUEE SHEROD SCOTT LESTER LEE JOSEPH BLATECRY HAROLD MOE Louis NAGLER VERN TAYLOR JOHN BURNHAM LAWRENCE DAVIS WILLIARI NEILL CHARLTON FRICI: S. D. KATE EDWARD HEBERLEIN WILLIAM STINE WALTER FITZGERALD MICHAEL SULLIVAN WADE BOARDRIAN JOHN STROM HENRY VIETRIEYER HERBERT KLINGRIAN RENDALL WRIGHT GEORGE KATZ DAN YOUNG MAX FELDRIAN KENNETH CROWELL JOHN ASH JOHN BEST THERON PRAY W. H. RICHTER HOWARD KIEWEG DON THOMAS ROBERT DEHAVEN E. P. KELLY DWIGHT FISHER R. W. KUDASTA ALLEN POLAGHECK HERBERT THORISEN N Page 462 N JU NI OR DAVID JONES CLAUDE JASPER E. N. KRAMER JOHN PARKS HERMAN SCHOLL JOHN CALLENDACH JARIES DOW TVIARTIN BERREDAL ROBERT TOLL STANLEY WATSON MARQUIS NEWELL ROBERT MURPHY' AUGUST JONAS LLOYD BIDEWELL GEORGE EVANS WALTER BRURIRIOND Pl.-XRRY ACRRIAN ARTHUR KUENKLER MURRAH' HOLLIDAX' HAROLD MORRISSEY GEORGE BURRHJGE XVALLACE LEHMAN HARRX' WHITE LLOYD KAISER M. E. MARGOLES GEORGE PARKER MARTIN BRILL LEE GUIICR LESLIE SMITH DOBX.-XLD MCDERLKAID RUSSEL WEDLAKE E. GENE FOURNACE RICHARD ORTON DARYAL MYSE LEONARD EINSTEIN KEITH PETERS HARRY PLOUS LOWELL PFEIFFER TOD WILLISTON CHRISTIAN ZILLRIAN JOHN HUSTING C. E. JORGENSON ELLISON MURDOCR XVILLIAM DAVIS EINAR LUNDE XVARREN DROUET RICHARD TAYLOR W. W. LTNDEMAN STANLEY KRUEGER ALL.iN EDGERTON af' +93 iii A Top Row: John Parks, George Evans, John Catlin, Bill Fuller, Joseph Lucas Second Row: Jack Husting, Don Mac Dermade, John White, Floyd Neweomb Bottom Row: Paul Panier, John Hume, William Ramsey, Laureston Davis, Dick Abert JOHN J. HUSTINC GEORGE H. EVANS WILLIAM R. RAMSEY . . JOHN P. HUME . JOE A. LUCAS . Tvumas OFFICERS ORGANIZATIONS SENIOR Alpha Delta Phi Alpha 'Tau Omega . . Beta Theta Pi . Chi Psi . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Psi Upsilon . Sigma Chi . Sigma Nu. . Sigma Phi . A Theta Delta Cm Zeta Psi . . WILLARD MOMSEN LAWRENCE SCANTLIN MYRON WELCH JAMES HANKS SHEROD B. SCOTT AUGUST C. BACKUS SUMNER G. RICKER WILLIAM M. SLAVIK WILLIAM MACCARTNBY FREDERICK G. JENSEN JAMES DRUMMOND CHARLES M. FOSTER PAUL SCHUETTB PAIGE A. JOHNSON CHRIS C. ZILLMAN THERON P. PRAY WILLARD BECKLEY ROBERT H. PRATT . . President VicefPresident . . Secretary . . Treasurer SergeantfatfA1ms JUNIOR JOHN L. PARKS PAUL J. PANNIER JOE A. LUCAS MERTON M. LLOYD GEORGE H. EVANS LOUGEE H. STEDMAN WILLIAM R. RAMSBY LAWRENCE M. DAVIS JOHN B. CATLIN RICHARD E. AEERT DONALD W. MCDERMAID WILLIAM W. FULLER MAX MURPHY FLOYD T. NEWCOME JOHN P. HUME JOHN J. HUSTING JOHN J. WHITE ALLEN L. EDGERTON Founded 1905 S Local chapter University of Illinois WQSCOUSIU TU MAS has 13 Chapters X Established LQIS ' ' 1 T f Page 463 N rofessional Sororilies arab fraternities 4 J ,I 3 If 1,9 Sb W -Y - Q- Y. - -. Y. ...AW ,--f,L2.f......2l,Jinf.:.----. FLORENCE BERGENDAHL AAGOT BORGE JUDITH DIXON GWBTHALYN JAMES MARGARET ATKINSON ELBANOR CROSS URSULA BAUMANN DOROTHY CHESAI: ELIZABETH BAUMANN ALICE KAPP . ELEANOR MARLING Flllllllllgb W l . N2 ' University of Michigzmf' II ' 49 chapters JI .R ,. 'I I I -ff l . I I If lm L El NTI F N 'YTZQX ' 35 'x Q. 'm 'H-on LN. l 'I 3 J' j"3"f iii? l..ffT'3l9g gffszgialgk-xg, Rf TTS' :'f.f,i"Sf- I-:JI -L..I- l .I In 11. 13- CJ! I I 4 - l I 'ilfvi - I - P. I' I' J?" F151 .I 1.7 I? . - A .I Top Row: K. Vea, R. Troyer, F. Ralston, A. Taylor, H. Thomas, B. Perham, D. Rodruan Second Row: M. Nickles, M. Kirk, D. Maercklein, P. Hanford, M. Dresen, V, Gordon Bottom Row: K. Rhodes, G. james, L. Rood, M. Fink. E. Cross Tx Sigma lpba 'Hola OFFICERS LOUISE ROOD . . .... . . . President MARION PALMER . . VicefPresIdenL ANNE TAYLOR . . . Secferary IRENE EASTMAN . . . Treasuref DOROTHY RODRUAN . . . . Chaplain VIRGINIA GORDON ..... . .... SergeantfatfArmS MEMBERS IN FACULTY LOUISE L. CARPENTER DORIS B. CASTER NEEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FLORENCE AXEN MONONA NIGRLES LOUISE ROOD MARGARET FINK VIRGINIA GORDON MILDRED DRESDEN MARGUERITE ERNST PHYLLIS HANDPORD MELEA MEWHINNEY JULIA NOER FRANCES PHILLIPS MARIE RAUP 1 I I .N L LI I l I I I GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 N Page 456 N BEATRICE PERHAM MARGARET ROTT ANNE TAYLOR DOROTHY MAERGRLEIN MINA KIRK BERNICE LEE ANITA SCARLOS HEIDI Roos PEARL Roos E I I J. I L Il I ' I- 'I I V9 I lat. .EJ II- I1 l'--frfk l 7 . T"' IRENE EASTMAN EVELYN MAR HELENE THOMAS RUTH TROYER MARION PALMER DOROTHY RODRUAN FLORENCE RALSTON KATHERINE VEA VINOLA SEAVER LURA WALKER ELIZABETH WALLIRER Iv ' I ' ' fl . li fi. . si' ' ' ' H I ll , . 5 'I ,f,. I VL L' 1 ' ll . - I , Local chapter Q Rho Y' V. ' ' Established 19:1 gg jp -. T" .- 5 1 !' I Efrviizig- 3' I X-. - ,ff Log--'g 5: 11 -,-A , .N,...1.-. X--'-.- -,S-If-A-'ll G--. ......a.., NLM. ,..,L-su.. I M54 .T .rg .r -A A1231 ..-ii? cf ,j V. 4 fdlfzgii , r 1 R' ,3 :L l K5 3 jf?-Q '1-Wil ,i A.,f,1-,4"-'1g-J:'- , CRX ,rf":,EV':Q,"' fl.,-L J '- xxx I CPI, T 1 we UQ H Fe f rs-.K ,I-ya, 7- if Q3 Qu' ,XQTJ T , Top Row: A. Bickel, R. Lernmer, E. Goudie, M. Christensen, E. Nelson, R. Lauder, C. McKnight, C. Wood, E. Yahr Bottom Row: G. Butterfield, V. Volz, M. Alsop, R. Wallschlaeger, J. Ninrnan, G. House, L. Plotkin, E. Sorenson PROP. WILLARD G. BLEYER MARGARET ALSOP ALICE BTGREL GLADYS BUTTERELELD ELIZABETH GOUDIB RUTH LEMMER ESTHER ANDERSON CORNBLIA ANDREWS . wr ,rf ' I -' - lt-h. T- Rf T ll -4 Ml 12,5 , - lf llg. vi w l 'LFE ' -' ll Founded 1924 ,L l ' 'Rall , , . . 'Vxlvi ll: E1 .lilnrversxty of Wisconiigg H" I Coranto MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROP. G. M. HYDE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 MARGARET CHRISTENSBN CATHERINE MCKNLGHT GENEVEVE HOUSE JUDITH NINMAN RUTH LAUDER CLASS OF 1930 KATHARINE MITCHELL VLVIAN VOLZ ESTHER SHARPE RHYDA WALLSCHLABGBR CLASS OF 1931 DOROTHEA GRIESBACH EVELYN NELSON MARGARET MCGEE AUDREY MEYER FRANCES MCCAY CLASS OF 1932 'f al. P. fl J .4 ll LR lk -V-Ylfcvlf ',L.,'g'f,4.', I A 'fx - wr.. -f A . 1lg2T5.iQ1.EQQLL.?'s4fiQ1.:z.w.g.E'..1 9. A M N Page 467 N Mrss HELEN PATTERSON LILLIAN PLOTRIN ELNA SORENSON EMMA YAHR DOROTHY WHEELER CATHARLNE WOOD ANGELA ROUSE 'MARY SULLIVAN l In uf l Local chapter Tiff? Alpha Q . X Established 1924 A ' i ,NV W l,,. V , . -I Il ,, 'rl A Y I- , -, 1 . ,,. . ,V .E ac. .,., Wg...A--1-,i.....:.1-W-fgrzfDfyfff-,L -- . . . A.-J-. -,fx-L-,.,a:.,-:fa L..:,.g.:., ,- -:IL-zggizmz J. L. BANB B. GLOW M. COwLEs BBULAH HUNZICKER FLORENCE BEY MARY BURNHAM KATHRYN CARPENTER ROTH CHAMBERS MARION COOK ANGELINE BLASE ZILLAH BRADSTEEN RUTH CLARK Q ' IRT II, . 1 W.. rf. I .1 1, '!,1.'J - ' I 1 . j, - HI Silifi JM, HQ! Wilt. I Fonnded 1909 'I UH 'W ',nIversIty of Minnesota 1 TM VKYLIQEQ IS chapters I rf I .E ,, I I If"f1 ,A h 9' I- 1 I"'.fb.-":lf,lI I:.' 152. .. .. -.-T.. jig! f -fA:'T., W 4,7-rf.. ' J -gm y ' I I 'L-'Ev' - I Y L q Q ,X ,Rf -., dqljxf P. xff'lUf2:.1, 1.5.3 .I .. ,Q ' I .-, ,..,...,..,,,,f1 ,Y 71.46. ,Y . . ,If ,, 5,4 ... . 7.7. . ,,,:,,,.......,..,...,,,v..-...-m,,1z.,L f A--.4 if -L-1 A-vw 1: 1 - .L - -.. . 11?-:?...:my -,wif 'Q J FL, Q 'E I?i..3+-. 'SQ , L25 -ff? 5: V Q 55 vw egjjvibggs-1 r-Rf aagffy- BSL, -' F-Y -.'x7'- N ffl-Rgj I ,Q E-jo"-3 Ci-51,442 - if ,Y if, Jwx in I, ..-I. 1-ii J' J .,.'Ef.f' .f I.-. ' f. V f Jif II V JI 2? JT Top Row: K. Hart, G. Rowntree, Z. Bradsteen, R. Dodge, R. Chambers, A. Blase, R. Clark Thifd Row: J. McCarter, F. Bay, M. Herrman, K. Carpenter, M. Grunow, J. Stewart Second Row: G. Humphrey, E. Graf, V. Frank, C. Meyer, C. Reineck, J. Fladen, V. Pqrter Bottom Row: H. Vance, J. Van Hagan, K. Royce, G, Grave, V. Slingluff, G. Schneider Thi Kpsilon Omicron MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. GRIEEING H, MANNING E. MCCOY A. MARLATT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GERTR UDB SCHMIDT GEORGIA CRANE RUTHELLA DODGE MARY GISSAL KATHERINE HART JULIE FLADEN VIRGINIA FRANK EDITH GRAI' GRADUATES CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 GLEE HULIPHREH' JANET MCCARTER CORA MEYER VIRGINIA PORTER MARION GRUNOW MARIE HERRMAN FLORENCE HINZE I I f 2' -in .Y W vs ff,-.1 Lg...-' -'A -W ,,,.-:.i. .iii--Ezfffg-Eg.: H. PARSONS A. RAISBECK E. SALTER DOROTHY SCHINDLER CARMEN REINECR GRACE ROWNTREE KATHERINE ROYCE GEORGINA SCHNEIDER VIRGINIA SLINGLUEE JEANETTE STEWART JEAN VAN HAGAN HARRIET VANCE U N T.. L... , L.-.. ., 13' 37 Rffi' f. EDT! 1" iixkm I MTHJRERREEEW NL Q"-lim' 'R,,ETf,! J ,I -I Fwy xx-Lg: yi 9 9 gxkxjij. I XJ, WJ QI .5 W ,fr I Localbihnpter kj! XI, J-Ln Established 19:5 .4 5' ' , fx " 1 lgi,..,Rf 4x,"N.. 'KAJQZ JG! I I 4 Iwyafa, V35 5:13. ig! A I QEHRMHE RTW L. L, ,,,..gx. Y:z,..- ' W T' " ' '-- "'f""JL' "-'-'I -f':f'j1H"-fr'?--' x-.ra::L::.1 . ...:Q :.M.....:-E-11.12. W - -A. :nu 7 itif- -H -45- N Page 468 N ., A 5 .u . . 7-15. 'II 1' I 'mr . A-,g'J,'v.. -ur-....v., -, .f, JE. .v. Laois I n fig? '-'- if Qi? 25? Q5 wif if -' E543 QAM J M2 Top Row: R. Egre, G. Sieverkropp, A. Alinder, E. Henningsen, R. Misfelclt Bottom Row: C. Sachs, E. Arnold, M. Schuster, M. Zweifel, I. Yonkers Tfllpi Chi Tbbeto. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss I. A. HBNSEY Miss A. G. LINS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 ANNE E. ALINDER ELOISB ARNOLD RUTH EGRE MAXINB SCHUSTER A CLASS OF 1930 RUTH H. MISPELDT GLADYS K. SIEVERKROPP MILDRBD ZWHIFHL , Q. as Q 939 A ,. ' , ff .- aa ' my 5 5 ' Founded 197.4 University of Chicago I7 chapters Esta N Page 469 N Local chapter Iona blished 19:7 A AR A O. ' A --VV f'14 ..4,.. 1'-- ...,.f ARMELLA BERSCH MARGARET CASTERLINE CATHERINE COLLINS ELIZABETH BALDWIN VIRGINIA BARRUS CEGILIA GMAHLING MISS CORNBLIA COOPER MISS MARY E. HAZELTON PROE. AND MRS. H. EWBANK MISS F. LOUISE NARDIN if , .S ' E ' ff 1,2 I H V951 Founded 1912 Northwestern Univers 17 chapters Top Row: D. Sanders, C. Collins, T. Jax, V. Barrus, R. Scherer, D. Holt Second Row: A. McCau1, I. Olbrich, V. Linn, C. Kyle, F. Nichols Bottom Row: E. Mathison, J. Brown, M. Jones, A. Bersch T13 bi Kala MEMBER IN FACULTY SUSAN B. DAVIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CATHERINE KUEHNB GRADUATE CLASS OF 1929 RARIONA DALENBERG THBODORA JAX LOIS HUGHES CLASS OF 1930 DOROTHY HOLT FRANCES KLUNE CONSTANCB KYLE CLASS OF 1931 JEAN BROWN MARGARET JONES ALICE MOCAUL MARGARET MCLBLLAN ELIZABETH MATHISON VIRGINIA LINN ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MISS RUTH JACQUES MRS. MAUD NICHOLS MISS LOU KENNEDY PATRONS AND PATRONESSES MR. AND MRS. RAY SKINNER DR. HOMER SYLVESTER MISS GLADYS BORCHERS MR. AND MRS.MICHAEL OLERIOH MISS GBRTRUDE JOHNSON 'I Page 470 ISABBL OLBRICH RUTH SCHERER DOROTHY TODD MARY MANN FLORENCE M. NIGI-IOLS DOROTHY SANDERS MRS. PITMAN POTTER MRS. HOMER SYLVBSTER PROE. WM. C. TROUTRIAN DR. AND MRS. A. T. VJEAVER R AI Established 1927 LO'al Ohapter . M. V I at " Af T3 -- ew f-reef' I ,,.A fi wif PM it - .A Il if JK 5:5 -- KC A Wgxf far J, 'QV inf' fi Top Row: E. Arnold, R. Egre, A. Taylor, T. Jax, J. Smith, F. Hinze Bottom Row: V. Porter, C. Bauer, C. Kyle, E. Parkhill, E. Goudie l' Av' JJ ro fessional Council Purpose: To refestablish and maintain cofoperative organization and elevate standards among professional fraternities for women 0.11- THEODORA JAX . JUDITI-I NINMAN . GLADYS BAUER . FLORENCE HINZE . RUTH EGRE . Alpha Epsilon Iota, Mediciiie . Coranto, journalism I . Kappa Epsilon, Pharmacy . Phi Beta, Speech . . . Phi Chi Theta, Commerce . . . . Phi Upsilon Ornicron, Home Economics Sigma Alpha Iota, Music .... Sigma Lambda, Art . . OFFICERS President . VitefPresident Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Juniors EDITH PARKHILL ELIZABETH GOUDIB FLORENCE BLOSS CONSTANCB KYLE ELOISE ARNOLD FLORENCE HINZE ELEANOR Cuoss JANET SMITH N Page 471 N Treasurer Seniors RUTH CALDWELL JUDITH NINMAN GLADYE BAUER THEODORA JAX RUTH EGRE VIRGINIA PORTER ANNE TAYLOR MADELINE HEATH ER R NELLIB CHASE EDITH M. JONES F. FOSSHAGB VIVIAN KINSLEY DOROTHY DAVIS 'Top Row: L. Martin, M.. Withey, B. Lloyd, V. Kinsley, E. Wittwer, S. Rasmussen, E. M. Jones Second Row: N. Chase, J. Richmond, R. Read, E. Morris, J. Schvveiger, A. Wallen, M. Tuqto Bottom Row: F. Koepsel, K. Patterson, M. H. Dion, F. Fosshage, D. Weeks, D. Davis .ip-37. Fou Q 'S U J A A '. es,-,5..., - nded 1923 University of Wisconsin 2 chapters Sigma 'iamboa MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FLORENCE KOEPSEL BERNITA LLOYD LENORE MARTIN 'TESSIE RICHMOND EVELYN MORRIS KAY PATTERSON CLASS OF 1929 SIGRID RASMUSSEN JOSBPHINE SCHWEIGER CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 N Page 472 N JANET A. SMITH RUTH READ MARION TUQTO ADBLE WALLDI ERNESTINE WITTWER MARION WITHEY DOROTHY WEEKS + hiv S Loca! chapter Alpha Established 1923 I, a4mJI-.. m--u. C,-.:, ,C-1... A W .-:..m:,:,,.,..,:3L.. Y--,.A.,-. C -. .- 7 ,T Cy, . . , V , . , , ,. , J 14 ff . 5.l'iiffifi?:'5i-235i THQ WFT? uf, :J 'K snr, , ,gr--Y 'L....w- -'-1-rs ,Y-fi, --..1f.:----Q-vzreff W- -rr.-.-.C-.3 .- L ..1 I Llzlz..-Ln:-:. 5 - zrwiw- .rn J..i-Q.-geiqevgir C., ,. , ... .., ,LL Y my Wm ...,,,.,E,,,.,, 1, - 1 ..-Cr 1- 2.-1.1-T if V -1' ha-. --.-,:...' wvgvf. :ff-E Q-:rim :rg-1-E.,.1S..-fe. mr. Saga.. ..:..-..' ----ML. -,..L V .-M - 4 .. '-...f ,eg ,.-..... .... ...LC . .--I -, A--Q-Iiexiuvfs.-1. ,.:Q,L.:..4- --AE zrdmr ...Y -A .-- Top Row: P. B. Jorgenson, D. W. MaCCallum, B. J. Van Doren. C. A. Faber, E. T. Ackerman, E. Kruenan, N. A. Bonner Second Row: W. E. Norem, C. S. Mills, M. J. Pescor, O. H. Hanson, K. D. Fry, F. D. McCarthy, G. D. Reznichek, R. G. Williamson Third Row: D. H. Kaump, P. R. Kundert, G. A. Rau, T. F. Shelton, E. V. Hicks, J. E. Faber, L. F. Kaiser, L. N. Reis, P. M. Cmelya Bottom Row: L. M. Simonsen, H. H. Fechtner, O. C. Clark, R. H. Biehn, F.. C. Hougen, W. E. Engels, M. H. Tripani, S. J. Martin DIL. T. H. BAST Dx. H. W. BEANS Dx. J. E. BENTLEY DIL. H. C. BRADLEY Dr.. R. E. BIJEIu:I H. W. CI-IIaIs'rENsoN DR. P. F. CLARK DR. W. P. Com. P5 OO 54 F F5 95 O 71 U E 5 O F' O If 2 U1 F cn Z. . . nog E . H1 2 F F U .sv FH. F' 9 fb E 0 z 'Ilbi Beta Ti MEMBERS IN FACULTY Da. P. M. DAWSON DP.. P. F. GREENE Dn. M. G. GUYEII C. J. HAIIILE H. F. HANEY P. S. HENSHAW DR. C. A. Hzruucx E. V. HICKS DE. F. L. HISANV DP.. F. J. HODGES Dx. H. M. KAY P. K. KNOEEEL Dx. A. S. LOEVENI-IAILT F. D. MCCARTHY S. J. MARTIN C. G. REENICHEK DOCTORS IN RESIDENCE DP.. J. A. HUIILBUT Dr.. R. H. JACKSON DR. A. S. JACKSON DR. E. E. KIDDER Da. J. A. JACKSON DR. G. A. SI-IAW MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES DIL. W. J. MEEK DR. W. S. MEEI: DI1. W. S. MILLER DIL. H. W. MOSSNIAN Dix. W. A. Mowrw DE. C. W. MUEHLEEIIGEIL DE.. W. T. POMMEIIENCIQE DP.. E. F. SCHNEIDER DE. E. J. WITEEMAN DP.. T. C. TGRMEY DR. H. W. VANDERKARIP DI1. A. V. VAUGHN DIL. M. H. WIRIG OFFZF' grip? SULHUJUDW 58.109 nrlrmzci 'H-lin: iw: ,, - E. T. ACKEILM.-INN O. C. CLAIIIQ J. J. DECKER L. F. KAISER T. J. KE.oI'EIx W. H. KREI-IL D. W. MCCOLLUM W. E. ENcEIs J. E. FAEEI1 C. A. FAEER CLASS OF 1929 C. R. PEARSON M. J. Psscon A. QUISLING C. A. RAU O. H. HANSOT' S. W. LINCOLN D. H. KAUMP D. J. ROBERTS A. F. TEssIEn B. J. VANDOEEN J. D. WALSH H. W. WIRKA P. R. KUNDERT O. W. ONsTAD N. W. PAUL W ..., ,,'RQ. JN , J: 15. f.5L.Twf-W- Q lb." ll fl V? I . W. E. Noxsxx L. M. SIIIoNsEN R. G. WILLIABISON T. F. SHELTON M. H. TEIPANI ...s 1 . .- H- 134W 1-J-5.17-...:f, 7, K xv ff-',j' no As E., 4, ,C 5-., .. -,Iv I QIQNU HF wi A .. . . ,f-xv? " ' :li at, ,fi ARE. '-lv A'-H. 414 ' ' flk mv, , JV! '11 vi ', :tif . V Q V. 'Q ,IQ R Q. 9 ' .Cu .X ,Q My Local chapter JFS Alpha Pi ,cw il J Established 191711-ALX I mx.. J. ."l.1l1' li FFJTKT-'P IJ P". 'if 14: n'i-QL'-IF-A' , -.f',fc,,j If r13i,,a il W 42 ......f,. - . . , CLASS OF 1930 H. F. BISHOP T. L. HARTRIDGE ' C. S. MILLS P. M. CEIEYLA E. C. HOUGEN H. J. MUENICI-I W. F. GEITTMANN P. B. JORGENSON CLASS OF 1931 R. H. BIEI-IN K. D. FRY R. M. Ococu E. C. FAEEIL R. W. GILBERT L. N. REIS C. L. INGWBLL 'FT' TTT 'l'1f'fTTf'f3'if'ffTf i:f'T1 fffflfiflfl 1 Qf gif T fiQflQ-ii. 1.1711igQf.i:ifLi', LLL. - - , l FV Y-HTFR I W Y A Y ' 'F 'P V li sf A 'fIiih?z:.?fif+s:5 rr Q NWI Je. 3 -, xi Qin "..1Q' U J' 'J 'xff' ' JIQ5g,f'j ' l lui l nkrll .Q-9 . will .Q wi. My v 9 fl' wg I I! JW 'QESP ir J - 1 "QR,g' ff . res" 53 2 l ' l Founded 1891 ' University of Pittsburg! N 40 cha pters 'X g, ' if .,,,.,7,1.....5,'Y,-..f?Ii4 - l IQ ill it C.g3t.4?:giy.ifjfs4,i I If .I '. A 4. , 1 f A A ZLf,g-,I,.Qs.?. .-.-.LL.n..,C:.C.,, - ,.-....---.rC.C...C.. C 5. ... C -.. -- ---- -- -.L V- Afm-Q ..a-'..g.4- -H.:-CA-1: fmzfz. :L-fsygv.-.4-1fsELia-a-if-"' 'f.z:. - I N Page 473 N 1. l Fi IJ. 24. if Sill. .N l Sgr PN" .I '7wtf'Kl,ifv.., wilt,-Env.-sv A, ,f , t . Q , 'I-:mi lfftrg - 'Q- 's x .F - f'Iff!J lf? wk fi- ,ij Ni?f51'h -1 ff' Lil,-rs 3 I J.. T' -'x My :Nj 'I 173T9'?e3fF3'I N I '25 'FHM ITfTI?igI32.f-T' '17 I gl-geif 25.7 Ir. J . . . . . -. .TEH - .,-W.--It - f- vw ,--V, ,, .A -MC..- YSx,,,,.L,I 'Top Row: G. Ayers, A. Keenan, R. MacFar1an, H. Moore, R. Heinrich, W. Caldwell Third Row: L. Heidt,4G. Batchelder, J. Reid, R. Davidson, R. Casselman, L. Preuss, P. Stroup, R. Robinson, R. Seborg Second Row: H.KOch, E. McLoud, P. Mayer, H. Cramer, J. Fogelberg, J. Ruhoff, H. Burdick, F. Dievoky, H. Gustafson, C. Georgi Bottom Row: R. Biehn, L. Holt, J. Lacher, E. Kramer, W. Kutzn, I. McGovern, R. Harnan H. B. ADKINS G. H. AYBRS G. W. BATCHELDBR H. C. BRADLEY .Alpha Chi Sigma I MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. F.. BURDICK H. N. CALDERWOOD W. E. CALDWELL R. W. CLARK J. O. GLOSS R. C. CROss F. D. DANIELS L. E. CLIFTON H. I. CRAMBR J. H. HOIIF C. A. BAUMANN H. J. GORCIOA R. T. CASSBLMAN C. E. GEORGI R. C. DAVIDSON J. B. DORSCI-I 4, . . 1' ,I I I LI' I 211 I U... ifrfy-V! 'ii if vgjf . '. V' II' .II p Ax: R fu' Rfk r . , ,O , HI, YL? L . ..+-T Founded Iooz I rj rf. I ,iigpniversity of Wisconsinhil, if If 'SIA-I Q 41 chapters ,,1g"g' M I?T.xITQiikV arg. mn I, I . I' 1.'IIl.,f'1,3 'U Eff? 7'-Q if I ' T I M :fx xg Mfg. , .H xp. ,,.rni.,aN,-5:4 .LI . if Vw " . 1-,I Isl fn, I - I- I .A-,-4.14-'7i:l1+,i..I..:. g:I.,:1.'s. . , . H. R. DITTMER L. C. HURD F. F. DuvoIcY H. C. KOCH H. L. FBVOLD C. F. KOELSCI-I R. FISCHER O. L. KOWALRB J. M. FOGELBERG F. C. KRAusIcoPF E. B. HART W. M. KUTZ L. J. HEIDT K. P. LINK R. G. HRINRICH J. H. MATI-Inws M. L. HOLT P. E. MAYER O. O. HODGRN R. S. MCCAFPERY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES C. M. JOHNSON R. J. ROBINSON L. PREUSS R. SRBORG O. T. QUINIBY H. W. GUSTAFSON R. W. HAMAN E. N. KRAMER J. H. LACI-IRR A. F. LANGLYKKE E. S. McLouD CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 R. W. MACFARLANE J. N. MCGOVERN J. T. LOWE H. J. MOORE .. A -Y' -La-. 344.1 A 3.7, A -.. .I...f,.L-L,efA' -C... .A -...- :..:,- ---. -- 1-1 Af.: .',.. .Y-I i I I Y , -, f. .,... Y K-.. 1 I- I AI- .II III . V . T25-. .. AL' . If-1. ' ' 'I I i 'H I I 'i . I ,..,I-4, V. W. MUBHLBERGRR M. S. NICHOLS J. F. OBSTBRLB J. H. PETERSON R. A. RAGATZ H. A. SCHUETTE E. L. SEVERINGHAUS H. STBENBOCK J. H. WALTON O. P. WATTS A. G. WEBER T. SBTTERQUIST P. T. STROUP W. H. WOODSTOCK G. S. RICKER J. R. RDI-Ion' D. I. MACK J. A. REID W. F. SPBNYEMAN P. H. WAITE ,ffzwt 'Aff If Zi. Ii? N: 'I .qi .mail If I I .1 J' 'W' ...fkyg I, ,, ,. M. .J , ,I f., I .. 3. IJ' I 4"' if X .' I In. I X522 N1 If J 'r . 0- 5-JI I . In KSVQFIA' I1 3' Ixfi sv M., . I I vel! I .ff 'Nev if .IMT miifsez " 3 I 5 Q: xxx .Hwy I IIA ..,. N 'TEES Localchaprer Uk: Alpha liz' 'Q5 ik Established 1901 xl 1I ff 'I 9 .,., I ,- I . fI',If3? . IV nf P7 . .Rai II 31, I PI. AL M I ifijjgr iii' I., . .LQ + , L li. fxxk -' R 'IT NM- ' f' I . 1.4 , Linq'Rcg:fls-I 5. 13 . A T- -- - - L' Af-T-.---. :-- A- I --.fvvemn -. QQQLRL fz..ILL :1e::g-grim-:.v1.L---1-Lzxqg ref- LR:-i:r.:iz:i ' N Page 474 I Q0 f .1 A' WJ " :ij . ,Rl 3... .I 1: :I I I7 P ff If ff! 5. f5m23gZf'i O '. 4. - W X Q 'ii of. - LPI M W r. - ,.- -....1.,,...E.:.,.u:--2-5-L-'-K-' ' ' " '-L ff-- .f...f--...ein-:-s..:1 I. -Q-:E-.S-I., . , .r--4- -- --- V--v...1:L,.,,A.zE+. . .,-- , ,..- izah., ,...,Y ,L . 'Top Row: E. Krug, J. Bauman, R. Varnum, K. Worthing, N. Sorenson. E. Konkol 'Third Row: L. Kay, E. Mulder, C. Olson, G. Conrad, W. Voss, A. Markham, D. Jones Second Row: R. Ladd, H. Rogers, R. Ludwig, E. Weinke. I. Rasmus, G. Burke, H. Zearing, J. Federer Bottom Row: D. Munson, P. Owens, R. Dougherty, E. Miller, M. Krueger, R. Wearing, L. Roonev HAROLD AUNE DONALD BUTCHART JACOB FEDERER LORIN KAY V. GEORGE BUSSAN GUY CONRAD EDWARD KONKOL MARVIN KRUEGER JOHN C. BAUMAN HAROLD J. BOGUE GEORGE L. BURKE .Q- Oamma Ia Gamma Professional Legal Fraternity EUGENE KRIJG ROYAL LADD PHILIP LEHNER DEXTER MUNSON CLARENCE OLSON C. ROBERT DOUGHERTY WILLIAM E. FRBY DAVID O. JONES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1930 WILLIAM KIESSLING RICHARD LUDWIG CLASS OF 1931 C LASS OF 1932 PHILIP OWENS INGOLF RASMUS HAROLD ROGERS ' LUCIUS A. SQUIRE ROBERT G. VARNUM ELTON S. KARRMAN JOHN C. LOVE NORMAN SORENSON WILLIAM Voss ELLIOT WALSTBAD KENNETH WORTHING RAYMOND WEARING ERVIN A. WEINKE CLARENCE Ai WEs'I-RING HERBERT C. ZBARING ARTHUR W. MARKHAM EDWARD J. MUELLER HARVEY M. ROBBE I. 1, ll -fq4:T:aN-K-mffveffbf-1' fm A +A-if ff- -A 4-WE'-'ff-TEYT' ' :fuk ' 'T-N nf-fffqjyiR-Trfil-iffi gfwilffw L " if 'II ENVJZQUICEJ 1-Il'A"1fC I H I- Va. I I V15 gli''fUL,U.j?7L.j"N3i,,fi'Q J' 0 12295759514qQ'f?Q5QfW'J - QT ' . 1 I , wwij 'LV1f:'f-'iii-11'.fW'7iQf"?4", 'ffFQfifIVff'!1 yf ga Q1,u.2ff1ERa.1f-fIAsa'-. -tm , .... ww' HI 5' 1. 'gif 'I-425113 A . I ,I 5. 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If-ax QI ' XJR:--A-1 l ff I 5+-5 KY 'gl .I , ,..a. I, , .I Q-r '-I .ff -Il' J vu fuk :f I -F ARE- E' V. -L gb may .. fa, RK.. EK. I' . v sg-Lrg, -1,11 1? 1' , , A? Fifi-Ei....,p, V 5 '.EAI1i'e1: ., ,L':.-ff ,Wu E 11 2 , N-. .I I II , .1-,.q.f!..,-If: -NI r:1S.f+w-1-fe-f-M I f . i I, ' Az Iwi -my Rig -I- na ,JL -Q Sa I 1 5 1. "' -I . ,. -S2335-f -,. I 25? 4.63 "I . 'lil 1. X ? '12 w. 7 I YJ , ,KK -4.,, X VIII If I ,U V I l I l l I 4-:E-I-,T. xv .,,, . W. ..,. .:,,.-.-....iv5f.mngnm,-7.7 ,-qw.. ,,..... .. . . F...-,,,.,,-.E-..,.,.. -., ,....., . Y ,.,.,..-, Y Y ,..,,.. L. .. ----M ,.!e.:5,-L11:.-....f::..,... A--J: - ----m-. ,. .,...Y,,. .:, ,J-6, .. . ..., .l :V iw' w?""M"' """ ' j-3e.EL?fA1i.-.------- - Ig.,-..--.-- .. . I E,: Y L .-.feng .....,....,:.: I . IN R-R55 ff-SF L S2922 ,J ---a1.11,m-.i-I-2 J- ..Q... , .-.L-. ,RI-......::1::-meg, I wwf . .,,:ff Ta--...Q L., M ., -- nge. v - A . ,-Y ---mr A Top Row: A. Backus, J. Roe, J. Leigh, O. Cooke, Jr., F. Brady, W. Stillman, L. Nagler Second Row: W. Treichel, W. Hooper, "L, Powell, G, Dawson, J. Conroy, G. Derber, V. Lundgren, W. Boardman Bottom Row: K. Smart, T. Woolsey, R. Thiel, W. Stebbins, B. Manser, F. Barnes, M. Lungren F. BOESEL R. BROWN E. GILMORE CHARLES ANDREWS I v.R. .QS . .5 Y. 'Dbi Tlklta Tflbi MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. GREGORY DEAN H. RICHARDS H. PAGE O. RUNDELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES CONROY CLASS OF 1929 VICTOR LINLEY J. SANBORN M. SHARP J. WICRHEM KENNETH SMART FULTON BARNES GORDON DERBER LYMAN POWELL, JR. WALTER STBBBINS FREDERICI-I BRADY WILLIAM HOOPER WILLIAM TREICI-IEL CLASS OF 1930 AUGUST BAORUS JOHN LEIGI-I LOUIS NAGLER JOE SCHIDLBR WADE BOARDMAN VICTOR LUNDGREN WARD REOTOR WILLIAM STILLMAN OSMIIN COOKE, JR. MARVIN LUNGREN JACK ROE ROY THIEL GORDON DAWSON BURTON MANSER THEODORE WOOLSEY PLEDGES EDWARD COLE ' JEROME Fox LEWIS MAGNUSBN BIDE 'RANSOM FREDBRIC CROSBY WILLIAM FREYTAG FRANCIS NOWAR ALFRED REED ALLAN L. EDGERTON HERBERT GUENEL WILLIS OSGOOD HENRY SMIEDING WALTER FITZGERALD FRANKLIN MCDONALD EARLE URBAN . -+5 iii Qiigf if if! ' "li I . O . . .. 'O T I l5 I'ff-f' LLff'l?i'I kr..11"'Af"L f'l'J"'x1iL'7Y'-5557W'l'37 :lx I If" ' ,321 Mrk' 134 v I I ll ' 'E I :II . 'Neil si ll f'E If if lj If 126' A JJ . 1?-I I-'S .I I -If I-SI:-I l"Q11l.'.r lygqj I ff., I .1 llkL1'2"l X2-ff K REV- , 7 ll ' ' J- I Founded 1860 -I L fl h- University Ot' Michigan X tfggrlindlllfsr 73 Chapters A' Established 1891 ' .LI I' f ' Zffifg I-551' lg I ff' If TTI. If-'lf ' 'J 'l , . i.., -I , I, ,A . U. lill I I-., JJ 11' I ,Z Sgt J A-,A . , V, A1 lf I .wg T l I3 I 'IX ff-A I ' 'LI' 'iw'-SQ. .. -'fm 1' I -ffl N. flfy J PA' ll ,'gI,,I if Iqfjm I' I2I,?'i.J 56 fl .1 - -fn YI-Qgiz ' Zffiffl M' L l RN. 12-I R' Ikvl IS- L--QUE I- I .f ' iw fra, Spmxsr' firing-' awf- Qxyfnf-f-fafwrfffesw....f-Er.....,.L .. .J..-...w....E,.E. L. .W.L,ra,,.iw3..I...,,...,....l,'sr..4fSQfOSia..,." R- E ' - f--A xl- I -1.-f.a.l,.T, .1-1-I-gffigqgexgxamg me .TSW , ,. ..-, ,.., LLRM-iua1:E::w1.i1f::,:.f:, . L.,-P1 .. ..,,, eg-ga.:-Y , .g,-:i.....-.. N Page 476 N K ,L l if . . me 111:15 --I.1:I-S . I. .4213 - ,-:: " 2:.'m'?-1' C-fl 'fffii ISRRQ I Ei V . 6, A RQ? T yp+rwn-m.g-Wm A., ,YN ,- .,,.,..TY-..,,,.....Y:.L ,,Tw?,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,., -, MTW., ,qgbrf !Yn,,i?v --Hx ,Wm--N-TA WY, ,,,LL.L,.L..,.-.V-L ...-- Y,.a-- .. Y..,...-.-, ,--,.. -. .--L ..- - Y . k- .Lune-.f-,..-21mg - L: -L'-1 . Q.-:- ..f.2,-Lu-.S4..E if-9. ,,-4-1 ALL. . V -- .-4 Top Row: E. Hall, H. Ream, B. Wormeli, J. Gericke, A. Ullstrup Third Row: H. Cook, M. Mitchell, D. Klockow, L. Taylor, A. Anderson, E. Josephson, W. Brown, H. Roberts Second Row: L. Kline, C. Wilsie, W. Renk, H. Morrissey, B. Howell, O. Barndt, L. Weyker, D. Fink, G. Marvin Bottom Row: R. Hugunin, D. Holt, J. Delwiche, C. Metcalf, J. Chucka, R. Hodgson, R. James, E. Davies J. S. DONALD W, D. FROST JOSEPH CHUCKA EDMUND DBLWICHE WILLIAM BROWN HAROLD COOK JOSEPH DELWIOHE ALBIN E. ANDERSON DELMAR FINK JOHN GERICRE ORIN BARNDT -i Della 5l7eta Sigma Professional Agricultural Fraternity MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. W. HOPKINS R. A. MOORE E. R. JONES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES GEORGE MARVIN HENRY OTI-ERSON RALPH HODGSON DAVID HOLT BASIL HOWELL CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 LEE KLINE CECIL MBTCALF ELGIN HALL DONALD KLOCKOW ROY HUGUNIN MACK MITCHELL EDGAR JOSBPHSON HAROLD MORRISSEY EDWIN DAVIES CLASS OF 1931 -7-,,1q...,C... ,.Fl' 7r,3T.-Q -ATE, 1. -----5.-:-42:01 .A -Y , -1. . E., -L.-A Y Y- - : -. :- ' f-H rf: H -- ' E, 1'-ir' 'N' "gif" QW' 4 --v, I 'i 573 ly' nf' '--by JL ri.-Af' -'V ,561 .iii . I-I' fi wg"Q.'f1'11,j, fi: Iv-ii . ,IQ , ztvvf .' 'I ..f -f Q. ,,,lx.L,R .-kdm, jj in J nf 1,4 f? A , l. A ly, I -A ,lg J I lily l . ix -525,3 A 'iw lg: 5 i 'idi ig-2' I.. QQ. ,X 5 N, 44 .l .lk Founded 1906 ii I . . . . .r. .I , . if,-gvnviycruti of Miggqlgl I ,JA , l ' A -img.: aptqwf' ,f .3-, f iw? .if E131 JM bn, --551,-wg.. 1- J my ' -C.QTif4iiE3L'I4:-ILE.?iE.7l'li,E'LL -I . i,,.,,.,.-- - L . ...- 1.4.9,-'.,,:i ,,::...:.-1.5,'v .. -fr--,..i.T,..4AlL214,, L. ...Q-1.7 Ax., L .LL . - ,..- ----1-fl --.. ..-:.:.- -qty.,-L L:1: 1se-1-.SA-Q:-rmzwm R- - N Page 477 N G. B. MORTIMER E. TROUG EARL RENARD LAWRENCE WEYRER JAMES REUBEN HAROLD ROBERTS BENJAMIN WORMELI HOWARD REAM ' VERN TAYLOR ARNOLD ULLSTRUP WILBUR RENK 1- ff I-' ' I .- J .. O, y,ifjQ.,, ...91.W.,J+3 4 ff ' I - I .' ' R A ki'-'RF 5.7 1' ' . 4 I 4.51 I' 'l J ' L M 5.1.42 I 'N .1 l if 'Zi I' MTR tlil li ww.. I f-gl if 'I J lf I. "mln ' N ' .15 "l J 'N Jr ff- lil- S, My I X Tzu ' fb, ll' ' 5,2 is fflf- I Local chapter gi: '23 1 In Wisconsin f,9',.3,',A -' Established 1911 -'J I LI ,Ji '114 I 'TA .. 'I 'FI-.1151 i fii 5 :fri " I. Ar -'l , 1- Eff ,Q I . -34-9 fj KJ . 1. :TJ :3f.1a51k.-ri.. r'1' a 'I E' I I r,--.P-1 - 983,15-.S-y. wi N ' ,fr -- . :1,.,. --., I f"2E L .:-4 ff "lf-iii F fl A- A 'L fiyfg ji. M-"' -mfg ,sr If 'RQ SS 4,51 I 1 r 'Q.i'I2f"fl5ir ne, , .. J, 2, .gr ,I Q. Y fl 3 5 -'I I Q7-1,fff!lflQllwffLff'QQf1QllQl.'Q.Qffiffml-,lm LEQILLF , ,rg L Wu ,, Y Y ll if lg Jil A ' fr ILL l 3 I W 1 f A - 1.1-fy I ff'-,, D- II I . .lf fl? , mf ll fiilfft- gg Kr, I' wx . I 92 If l' I,y'CjYdy,'5.l'R :fl l l I eL""fl"'77, VUASH I . l?Ifl?'! If I f LP :ARF 9 "5 If A I f:-Rf 3 ttf N ld, I I I ll.-. .- -.. ...-.L..L .. L ...IL ., .. , , , A " I ....L- , 1 1,..,... 'Top Row: V. A. Benn, W. F. Crowley, G. W. Peterson, V. F. Neu, L. J. Seward, W. C. Kleinpell, E. M. Dessloch Second Row: O. A. Mortensen, J. A. Stiles, H. P. Beatty, G. S. Grant, Dr. V. D. Rathgeber, A. M. Hutter, W. N. Thompson, ' D. L. Williams Bottom Row: G. K. Hemphill, O. E. Tjoflat, K. Icks, O. R. Vollenweider, E. A. Watson, V. J. Springer, E. P. Ludwig l' 13 bl Chl Professional Medical Fraternity MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. K. FRIEDBACHER DR. W. E. MEANWELL DR. J. H. ROBBINS DR. I. R. SIsIc F. MARESH DR. L. H. QUINN V DR. J. A. SANFORD DR. J. N. SISI4 P. B. MARQUART DR. V. D. RATHGEBBR DR, A, L. TATUM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES HARRY A. BARNES KARL ICKS PHILLIP B. MARQUART OLIVER E. TJOFLAT HARRY P. BBATTY JOHN B. DYNEs CLAUDE S. GRANT SAM L. HENKE ADOLPH M. HUTTER GEORGE K. HEMPHILL HUGO G. BAUM VERNARD A. BENN GORDON J. KASKA WALTER C. KLEINPELL ERWIN P. LUDWIG FRANK MARESH LYNN J. SBWARD CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 WARREN R. TUET CARLOS R. VOLLENWBIDER DAVID L. WILLIANIS ELDON L. WATSON EARL F. WEIR OTTO A. MORTENSEN WILEORD A. RISTEEN JOHN A. S1-ILEs FRANK TRESKOW C. ARTHUR STEHR WILLARD N. THOMPSON GORDON W. PETERSON DONALD M. CALDWELL ELI M. DESSLOCH WALTER F. CROWLEY VICTOR F. NEU it la CLASS OF 193 1 VINCENT G. SERINGER HENRY M. V1vAs ?f ,Riggs-E1 x - -efrzw., 3 , . -- -f A if , " A fl I ' ' QV fw.1fi..'lgi:Q.11fQ.?I.fE':I: QM V W 4. 4, ,-. 5 A I f I R,-Q. Af- xr.: H' ll Il iw I .lf Nt' .I YF I llfzi f' 4,115 l .V We XV I 1 I Q4 ,il ' ' le'J."f W4 QQ..-ff' 512 izjll .R I gif lqiqwl lf.-ff' .HH l K 'ff vl ' I ' 'I' In? 'g um 'IQ ALA .-J" ll 3 3 W. lo .L All :l ,Q I . , ' I , uf 5 553 I I qos? - . X I list 096' l" l"'4-I .fl . l V" I' I 1 :A ' R y 1.1 ll' . L... ,f Ja " ' - ,- -A L.. 'O Founded 88 " f. 'Q 1 ' '1,llf5l4University of Rlgmont 'lllfill I Local Chavfff ,IJ I ,P KIM -. . lx SX, S9 chaorers 9 l f NW Tau Bam - ff Ir 1, M, 3 ' if 3 ' I X Established IQ21 if ' '31, l f??311?nf.-b.t- Eff?-.f l Pl . l H31 eff . .'1l,g'lIl'7i:5 'QL Qhllifff' N lvl 'll I-'A l. lv' .f Yer, k-.1 I If r Y- Y I.. K f.4 Af- ffff,-J I I Q If 5, JA - I 5111'If2'7?--L,-pflfj'E'f5FfI,f'.',1:"Q:fRQ7,lu I 5 ,,i64f..V' S.. ' Li ..'ifijEgiE-Qeqwligi, + 12-Qmg-A AH- W- fm. - ..U...L---EM.w....,-1. . ...-.-...Y..UIk:L.eaf' ' ' A -'fx ' -f N Page 478 N -. H- Sf.-il .... . I, .F ! 1f -QZQQA ---3.11-L -e,f.v-ah an-1-...'L.....-.,f...-L LLQLJL-,,x.2.,-.... ,EQLDL-.Eq... L., :NSE it ...UA-,KZ-.S,-.L:.L..1-:A....E1e-4.11. .cw :.::.-- -A' ,LTER . ' 11 .MER Igfgmlfitiol W " JL--31251 . 'Tiff . . ,g-E, , aa-xi ly ,JJ 1 BRL?-,i1'I'I :IK V All Ra. Y' . H1 3 Il -I . -I I 1 4 .II - ...,-,,, .. - .,,.,.- , I Top Row: W. F. Donlin, A. J. Earnev, E. A. Meili, W. J. Urben, R. E. Jones Fourth Row: R. A. Sachtjen, L.C.Pomainville, H. G. Pomainville, G. B. Benson, M. E. Monroe, M. F. Reis, A. M. Bachhuber, R. C. Morrison Third Row: F. M. Frechetzte, E. M. Shebasta, E. L. Lochen, W. J. Berwanger, R. S. Simenson, C. G. Ochsner, C. F. Cheli, H. W. Granzo, R. F. Martin Second Row: N. G. Thomas, O. W. Hurth, W. R. Manz, W. J. Ganser, F. D. Geist, S. J. Briggs, W. H. Marsden, O. F. Rosenow, O. W. Friske, A. E. Evans Bottom Row: R. D. Perkins, E. F. Stark, G. A. Parish, O. H. Donkle, C. R. Duncan, M. J. Donkle, K. W. Emanuel, M. L. Livingston fcbxlpba Mappa Mappa MEMBERS IN FACULTY GEORGE V. I. BROWN, M. D. FRANCIS R. FORSTER, M. D. WENDELL H. MARSDEN, M. D. KENNETH L. PUESTOW, M. D. RALPH I. CANUTESON, M. D. FREDERICH D. GEIST, M. D. OBERT O. MEYER, M. D. WILLIAM D. STOVALL, M. D. JOHN W. FORSTBR, M. D. CHARLES L. LYGHT, M. D. WALTER E. SULLIVAN, M. D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES V I I I T GEORGE B. BENSON WILLARD J. BBRWANGER NORMAN J. BIRKBECK OTTO S. BLUM ALOIS M. BACHHUBER CLEMENT F. CHELI MILTON J. DONRLE LAWRENCE C. DAVIS KARL O. EMANUEL ALBERT E. EVANS FRANCIS O. FRECHETTE OSCAR W. FRISKE EDWARD D. HUTH ARTHUR C. HANSEN EARL R. LEE EVERETT L. LOCKEN MAURICE E. MONROE RUSSELL C. MORRISON BERNARD L. MOBAIN RONALD F. MARTIN EMMETT A. MEILI CLARENCE G. OCHSNER JOHN D. OWEN OSCAR F. ROSENOW EMIL M. SHEBESTA ROBERT SACHTJEN NORMAN G. THOMAS WALTER J. URBEN LESTER L. WEISSMILLER CLASS OF 1929 MAX O. BACHHUBER HERBERT W. GRANZO WILLIAM O. OLSON LBLAND POMAINVILLE PORTER B. BLANOHARD HAROLD L. HAUGE HAROLD POMAINVILLE MICHAEL F. REIS WILLIAM F. DONLIN EDWIN J. MITTERMEYER CHESTER L. EGGERT RAYMOND S. SIMENSON CLASS OF 1930 ROBERT E. JONES MAX B. LIVINGSTON GEORGE A. PARISH CLASS OF 1931 ADAM J. EARNEY GEORGE F. MAYER ROBERT D. PERKINS EARL F. STARR CLASS OF 1932 OLIVER H. DONKLE CHARLES R. DUNCAN MORRIS S. HANSON OSCAR W. HURTH .. Y' ,Q"5,,l-"Q -f"g.1TFT..U1 Ihr-Lyf . ' I' A A W ' 'J N11 Yff,,:' lg' igyif f -jgjifz I. I I f T- I T ll . -I IVV . 9:12 I'-xvif I 5, TVA XYLKL--Lweazgigf-,I!.,Jf 'A l I 1 lull-Q., f J L: f wE,,d,L,., ' -.FP-.. .ji -if 'R-gh .,f I RJ ku I 47- 'xx' T J ij Q lt if ,ILA I al PL 141.5 -swf A A . lr ljlwfl rv WFJJ 11 Lifj Jjzx- ,f I '55 1 1 Q 6 E 'R6fga 'E I A 'W' a x 'H , B ,, ,VH 35, ' - . ' W2 . I IL If' f T43 N If-X Founded 1888 if Local chapter JJ . Dartmouth College lip W,-A Beta Zeta ,f A , . .!, W W Q ,h I 5, . L, r Q S4 chapters j-gxy T EJ LX Established 191: M V H R J EI . -nl.. ,K gi' su, J ffl' V' ffl ,I ly 5 -fxfj? ,,,af.lJQ1'na I l l rg IT..-R I PI .4 ll .IV-am' G '- I-'YI 'J ' -JJ E 3' 'w awk 'aww A" -l ' J' :S-' ' A if L I S, .J . V-. - I. M J M1 KI, -I R--. 3' 414, -:fe A. -- 1,314-.AL f - .Z A, CLOSED! I J , L, - L-,.LL.,L..... 'V Page 479- N L,-,fn-. .--- -- --L -.T . V Gif.-14, yr -:H J - A 3553.25 Ia ,L In I I H Ilia-Y. X . Q I l E, ,NR I A 'I ,jp I w QR.. J. E 'X-jf -JU ,.r- I I J ,I I jaw 'nftew E U .5 .vf . .4 cs--if-, VK Crt I' if ST? 'fm L l I. V II EFF-E If 5' :lf I .1319 T . in ISK Y igligqi- I 9-4, 1 ,F L. ll. 1 gif! . jg 5 S f , lf , f'-I 1 --5215? g3ff4J'?5" . :. "' -.IL-1' ..-W " "1 5 f.'3c1 3 Rgilfl 1 0.1-..f...f4 I 'E " Rh. Q . .jeg 7 Lg! I' N ,E-L 4 'ffiih wffil 1 . .fsi My w 4 Q' ! 74 '1 'R I . I .,. W, HW, ,. ..-L J. L- . -... . . , --. L. ....:m:1f..1...M,:TE..-- . .1-T-4--T,-:-Egg.. - -1,---rv .,-,. M V T' I 1 I -RQ x ., .7 I.. 4+ I fl. r I Sz:-K 1,--Mlm. Y ..:......??,. . .... ,, ..Y -....-.. ..- Top Row: K. G. Marsden, A. R. Myers, F. E. King, R. W. Dassow, A. M. McArthur, F. A. Wiesner, G. W. Chapman 'Third Row: G. A. Knuth, H. J. Moe, H. J. Holm, W. L. Henke, R. H. Wangerin, B. Meagher, A. R. Kuenkler, A. H. Spevacek Second Row: D. E. Davlin, F. E. Dean, L. R. Boyle, R. F. Kamm, R. G. Lauson, R. T. Lueloff, H. A. Jones, L. C. Schrnidley, WILLIAM ASPTNWALL ROBERT G. LAUSON REUEEN T. LUELOEE DONALD DAVLIN ROMAINE W. DAssOw LLOYD A. GIEssEL DONALD HACKNEY WILLIAM ARLISKAS LINDSAY BOYLE GORDON W. CHAPMA N W. V. Arliskas Bottom Row: D. P. Hackney, R. E. Molzahn, W. H. Aspinwall, L. A. Giessel, F. P. Muehl, E. H. Lattirner, C. L. Rauschenberger, K. A. Kamm, J. A. McMullen Ai' Delta Sigma 'i HONORARY MEMBER S. W. GILMAN MEMBER IN FACULTY PROE. J. C. GIBSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES FREDERICK E. KING CLASS OF 1 929 KENNETH G. MARSDEN JAMES A. MCMULLEN CLASS OF 1930 HENRY J. HOLM HAYDEN A. JONES RALPH F. KAMM CLASS OF 1931 FREDERIO E. DEAN EARL HANSON CLASS OF 1932 BENJAMIN BUOKINOHAM HARRY M. SOI-IUOI: EDWARD MEAGHER HAROLD MOE KBRMIT A. KABIM GEORGE A. KNUTH ARTHUR R. KUENIQLER WILLIAM L. HENIQE EDWIN H. LATTIMER DAYTON PAULS LAWRENCE SCHMIDLEY ALVIN SPEVACEIQ ROBERT WANGERIN ANDREW M. MOARTHUR ROLAND E. MOLZAHN ARNO R. MYERS CHARLES L. RAUSCHENBBRGER FBNTON P. MUEI-IL M. IVAN POTTER FRANCIS A. WIESNER .A E- -- - -Y . Y . . L -- -. - ,........-.., L-.j.,....-..,,-,--..,.E-.4-..L.1f...-.,,g..,..LEg,-:Q c.-.,.z.. - '. 'L fQ1":'v 11 -T 21'--Ag,-.14, -J. Y... if: . - 12 ,,. .--,. .. . L.. , .,,. .-. . .,.,..,,, ,L ,. ,-., ,,EAv.,.,L,,,,,:,,,,,,,,-,,,f,,, -bU,,,g,,,m:,NM,T ,wi VA-:EL ,, P ,' Y" -Q1 ,.flv'wli 1 vu A'fx.-- I H' V 'TTI n , E?"-L51,,f7f5f.f.11ff,TFRRLDQQIFW A 'f I . 2 -132 'F 'f R- If' I ' Edie. I 44 Ti 5 ,rj,.?1AIf' Yi", Q, .1 Ff in 1-gf' ' if A Ili 1. 1.5.2375 QU!-.,jY, lf? REQ U 5 Q .ef R51 I TE' 1 1 KW . 35 "' if 51 1 4 'f ha 1 ' I A 'Q '21 :fx She! ,fl If A L fill' fi W Founded 190' IM ' ' 'ref ' New York UniveIsityf"'Sy'Eh Localffhapter ji.,kf,4-1 A df I 44 Chapters W. j, Q Establislid I9z3,."iggI W X N . i fi?-H:i.',h'IwLE,Y u,.P.'fR'LrTl?' I .IW ' ks 'div 'K A 1 Iwfurv fif4:Q.TTW'f-1' pk.. AU'-f 'wi'-g-,. , 1-'Fw , I3 :sq x-an -Epi' wif..-.f,1 'Alfa I1 Q1f,!'TfQp gyms. 'fs 1' 'F-.5"'!f'::hT:ffv'Q:'fi,A"gF'T7"ifffi . 3: 'lFTyi4'yx'LTk1' -" 'f I W' E' K ff,-fi in .L .1-lgjfglf.-Z:...E-f.Q-,,,.,m?w.-. wmlwmn TY., Q MV H W, iw 519:21 17325-::f': 741,-I 'ATF'-' """' TTTTTX: 'WT-T 24:-3111.------R QQQ-li.-AM l.fT.Ql,....42'ffT'Fffff"'Ai'i?Mlil.. ,R 'Z"i?f,3n,,,.," I Q, LL-.....A-.,..- M. ff: Q:zn,......,, D N Page 480 N W N X fikl. ,J I v 1' 'H I Lx i .1 --fw- .-F, N Y JLG JM, 5.-T ,ek gm. L. :J- . .:. ,ills 4 -Q -"iw I' lp C .Ef- X A ' r ll .' Jil :J qi A .5 K7 il il " x W'-27' , r. , . .. l lf 1, r, ? ,.' li Ni lr l 1 f1.-',.L.L. ma. L,--..:-..-n-1-..1 1-...E . .,,, . N ww. ,A , A ,nu A-H H YMJY,-M ,ww WW, , L. LSA.,-..i.-TLB... H l l l l f l ,, -LL . ....R- .,- , ,L......-... . .. . . , . . .-- . . ., ...L-.... .,.. .......W..- .,. .. - --..A..-.---..-4 L .L .,.. ..e1- Linz., . L.. . Top Row: B, R. Teare, E. G. Kwapil, P. T. Kuczynslri, E. W. Odbert, F. A. Maxfield, C. O. Roser Second Row: J. W. Rhodes, L. G. Larson, R. E. johnson, E. Bennett, G. F. Tracy, R. R. Benedict, G. H. Brown Bottom Row: T. H. Hagon, H. S. Phelps, L. B. Knaak, C. R. Dickinson, L. C. Warren, A. L. Sweet E. BENNETT RALPH BENEDTCT GORDON HARDER FREDERICK MAXEIELD GEORGE BROWN 'Mappa A' la Mappa Professional Electrical Engineering Fraternity MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. E. JOHNSON L. J. PETERS L. C. LARSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES RICHARD TEARE CLASS OF 1929 EUGENE ODEERT HERBERT PHELES CLASS OF 1930 CLARENCE DICKINSON PAUL KUCZYNSKI THOMAS HAGON G. F. TRACY LAWRENCE WARREN CLARENCE ROSER ALVA SWEET CLARKE SILCOTT CLASS OF 1931 LAWRENCE KNAAR ELMER KWAPIL JOHN W. RHODES R-E1-mf i f iTTi?fL.lEflfJiffQ,i.f fill- 'T.fl'-'iff "ll 'l lligigxi L' l, li '!n'?i7?1if Q Ent N2 -Ol lf ' A ' 'T r- 'ii if 'Ha T Tiff t W,.i.,ifl..fflin A A-.4 . T. lf I A4 'gg 'R r '- -. 1. in ,-' 'i T fi Of NIE' f. il fl fl li l Wi' T li' ll R .M li i f . ,: -A li if 'l A LIE? f3"l!A . .Ig Wi.-lg lr 5 -Q' if "' .f nl mi QD 0- lsljl ff. R 'ii li llaf -of 'em - .il i nl ri I EH, ' 0 47 "iw T is Q- x +1 111- , ll! vi V X Q. 69 ,il f ll I l Q5-5' i it Pi i ' r' 1 "4 2 - 'r ji 4,"n., 'i Q ,823 gill 1 -f ii , , ,iw k ,, ' 'V Founded 1923 FTF' 211 Local chapter J, , T, : it 6 mjnviq University of Iowa Jwffll r Q5 wk. Delta iff, Q, I fi 1 is W' by 7 chapters ,, l' ' L Kwlistablished 1924 V5 l ll Y' I I:-igri.. fl il 'il Q' ' .. ,l 1 .f .Tr 1 1 , Q R5ffT.f-f"f??xl rwffing ,Y ' ia YJ 'lu H, l - . I up xii 'R i J il lrlu xiii H1 If ' 1 u ' 1 ll lfimi'-..,fig4fgf 'Iw'E'.l . f. N 1 af n' ll .-.1f,,E'g.g1,+11g ej "..... .,,,..., C ,E.,.LL,...-....,..-5. ..-w..-Y V. N--A-.. -..-e. L-1 '- -1 - A 'Q' .4, N Page 481 N -E51 I vfif by -..: Top Row: N. Halvorson, E. Kurtz, I. Highland, M. A. Heck, E. Roberts Bottom Row: G. Rapraeger, G. Arthur, W. Bingham, O. Bast, F. Hickisch, R. Taylor I. S. BEST GLENN ARTHUR ORVAL BAST WILLIAM T. BINGHAM GEORGE H. GGEI-IRIG NEWMAN T. HALVORSON PHILIP G. HOEPPLBR 'D OP Founded 1905 New York University 56 chapters 'Alpha Tlfappa T151 Professional Commerce Fraternity MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES FRED EVANS CLASS OF 1929 MARCBLLUS A. HECK WALLACE M. JENSEN FRANK L. HICKISCH CHARLES KELLOGG CLASS OF 1930 IRVING H. HIGHLAND ELMER H. KURTZ PLEDGES WALLACE W. KRAUSE NEIL SMITH QUINTIN LANDBR N Page 482 N WILLIAM SCHEOEDER GILBERT M. RAPRAEGER EVAN O. ROBERTS PHILIP W. RUPPBRT GEORGE H. SEEEELD RICHARD P. TAYLOR EMANUEL WOERNER I riff-i K' Local chapter Alpha Mu Established 1923 Campus Gvroups f l Q? ,I 5 Q1 Q29 M Wm. V. I .I'...,,, B . EE ELIZABETH R. ANDERSON EMMA M. BRUNNER ELLEN E. BUSSEY ESTHER W. GOLDBERGER GERTRUDE E. GRETHER JOSEPHINE G. ALEXANDER GLADYS C. BAUER VIVIAN C. CEAGELSKE RUTH C. COLT KATHERINE E. FOELLER VIRGINIA C. FRANK DOROTHY S. ATWOOD REVA M. BAUMGARTEN GERTRUDE V. Buss LAVILLA M. COPENER HELEN E. DAVENPORT MARION DWINNELL HETER E. FIEDLER NORA M. GAULKE HELEN E. GITCHELL MARIAH W. ANTISDEL MARY E. AVERILL REGINA E. BANG E. ELAINE BARTLETT ELIZABETH M. BAUMANN ELIZABETH M. BIEDERMAN LOIS BROUGHTON BETHANA E. BUCKLIN ADELINE M. CHURCH BETTY A. COHN JANET R. COHN CATHERINE CADY GLADYS COOLEY ELLEN DASSOW LYNDALL DIMMITT RUTH V. DORNBROOR PHYLLIS V. EHLERT VIRGINIA E. FINKH N Yvarnarb 'EH' all OFFICERS First Semester MILDRED STEEL . ...... . . President ELLEN BUSSEY . VicefPresident GRACE WINTER . . Secretary GLADYS BAUER .... . Treasurer ' Second Semester MILDRED STEEL . .... . . President ELLEN BUSSEY I ViCC'PT6SiCJCnt GRACE WINTER . . . Secretary GLADYS BAUER .........,.. . Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 MARGARET Hggsmr MAXINE MOORBIAN THEODORA E. JAX RUBY K- PATFON MARGARET E. LINDMAN LEONA RICHARDS RUTH A. LUHMAN JANET A. GEREER MARY C. HURTH ELERIEDA M. KASTNER DOROTHY M. KUNDE RUTH H. MISEELDT ALICE L. MGCAUL STELLA E. PHILLIPS ELIZABETH GRIMM HANNAH JACOBSON ELSA B. KRAUSILOEE DOROTHY M. KRUEGER ELINOR M. KRUEOER DOROTHY M. LAMBECK ANNA M. LANGE BERNIOE LEE DOROTHY M. LEE MARY LINDSEY BARBARA M. FLUECK PAULINE L. GOELTL DOROTHY F. GELEACH IRENE W. GOLDBERGER ALYCE E. HEP'RON MARGARET HAMMERSL1' KATHRYN HENSEY JEAN E. IRMIGER DORIS JOHNSON ALICE M. KAPE DOROTHY A. KING MARINE KIRCH KATHLEEN A. KNIPPEL DOROTHEA J. KNOERNSCHILD ELIZABETH KYIE MARIE M. LAMEECI4 HELEN R. LAWTON JANICE I. LOHRIE CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 N Page 481 N VALERA RIGGERT FRANCES L. PROCHEE FLORENCE C. ROSENHEIRIER LORNA G. SEABURY HELEN R. SHARP DOROTHY A. SMITH LORE STRANGE GENEVIEVE PARRIAN CHARLOTTE M. RABIN NORMA E. ROBINSON ELEANOR A. SCHALR JEANNETTE C, SGHALR ELVIRA C. SENO RUTH E. SMOTH RUTH A. SULLIVAN JANET L. THELEEN JESSIE L. LOOMANS JANE R. LOVE EDITH P. MANTELL RAE V. MAYER MERCEDES H. MENDELSON RUTH J. MEYER LEILA G. MORRISSEY HOLLY E. PENCE ELAINE T. PEROUTKY DOROTHY M. PETERSON MARGARET I. POPE DOROTHY M. REINBOLD JANE M. ROBINSON SARAH ROGERS CLARIBEL SCHLOSSMAN HELEN M. SCHNEIDER LUCILLE SCHRUEB ELIZABETH ROBINSON MARINE SCHUSTER MILDRED E. SMITH MILDRED STEEL HELEN G. ZINGSHEIM JEAN M. SUTHERLAND DOROTHY E. TODD ANITA B. WAMNES JUSTINE M. WEYHER PAULINE A. WILSON IVIARGARET M. JONNS RUTH E. VAN Roo HELEN M. VERGERONT ALICE R. WAHLER EVELYN K. WALTERS HELEN G. WELIL DOROTHY M. WHITE ELEANOR T. WILLIALIS GRACE M. WINTER BLANCHE C. WOLPERT MARJORIE E. SCI-IULTE HELEN SCHUMACHER RUTH SGHWARTZ EMILY N. SIMPSON JUNE D. STEINMETZ WILBi.A V. TAMBLINGSON MARGARET E. TANKE FREMA M. TAXEY DOROTHEA L. TESCHON ARDEL E. TRIER LILLIAN C. TUREK GERTRUDE M. ULLRICH GAVENA C. VIOXERY DOROTHY WAGENER THELMA B. WVENDT CATHERINE T. WILLIABIS GRACE G. WISKEROHEN PEARL E. WOOD A A , RT. .QQ E i ,.1 . 52219. LYDIA ASHMAN BEATRICE BAKER GENEVIEVE M. BARRON JOSEPHINE BASSBTT RUTH BIEHUSEN ALICE H. BINGHAM JOYCE BLACKBOURNE ROSAMOND BLACRBOURNE VERA BLOCK ELEANOR BODDEN ARLYN BRAXMEIER HELEN R. BRAY NADINE BUCK VIOLA BURMEISTER RUTH CAPE FLORENCE CHAMBERS JEANNETTE CHASE THELMA CRANDALL RUBY A. CURTIS MARGARET CUSHING ERMA L. DASSOW LBILA DIEMER MARJORIE DILLENBECK MARY ALICE DUNEHY RUTH A. EGRE GLADYS E. ERICKSON DOROTHEA EVERT JANET M. FEDBR BETTY FINDLEY CARRIE FITZE JULIA FOCKE . DOROTHY FULLER Gfbabboume TH' all H. OSTERBIND L. VERHULST . C. MARSHALL V. BURMEISTER . STUBBE . E. REINKING . SOPHIA FURNIAN MARGARET C. GARRIGUS ELIZABETH GIESELER HELEN GILMAN EDITH M. GRAE BEATRICE M. HAAN CLARA HAGER BLANCH HAHN GRACE I. HALL HELEN HANSEN MYRA HAAS MAY HERMAN GLADYS L. HORE M. BERNEICE HORTON GENEVIEVE HORTON LILLIAN HORTON EVELYN HULL MARY M. HUSSA MELEA HUSSA HAZEL JANDA MARGARET JOHNSON MARION JOHNSON ROSALYN KAISER THELMA M. KEYES DORIS M. KINGSBURY RUTH KNOERNSCHILD HELEN L. KOHLI CHARLOTTE KRASEMAN LUCILLE KRUEGER MARION KRUSB HELEN D. KUENZLI IRENE KUTCHERA OFFICERS N Page 485 N , . President . VicefPTesidcnt . . Secretary . . . Treasurer SergezmrfatfArm5 Social Chairman ANITA LAARS BETTY LEEOY NORMA LEE MARGARET E. LEHMAN HULDAH S. LOYE JOSBPHINE LUPEER CECILIA MARSHALL MARY MARSHALL MARGARET M. MARTIN LORRAINB M. MATTHAIS MARGARET MBLLODY CORA MEYER VIOLA M. MILLER GBRTRUDE MONROE KATHLEEN MORRISSEY CARROL MORSE HELEN M. NEE FLORENCE NELSON FLORENCE E. NEWMAN HELEN OSTERBIND KARIN OSTMAN ELDRBD PIEHL FLORENCE A. POWERS KATE PRICE ELIZABETH QUADE BERNICE QUANDT MARY E. REINKING ALICE REINHARD KATHRYN ROSSMAN ELIZABETH ROTHERMBL LORRAINE D. SAWYER GRACE SCHENKENBBRG I FRANCES SCHILDER CATHERINE SCHMIDT JEANETTE SCHROEDER CHARLOTTE SCHUCHARDT KATHRYN SICKINGER MARJORIE SMALE CATHERINE L. SMITH BEULAH E. SOHN EVELYN A. SPORER RENETTA STANTON RUTH A. STAMM DOROTHY STAUSS DOROTHY L. STEINEERG META STUBBB HELEN A. TERRY JEAN THOMAS RUTH TRUMPY MARY E. VALLIER BERYL VAN DERAA LUCILLE VERHULST MERCEDES WEISS DOROTHY WHEELER ELEANOR WICKMAN VIRGINIA R. WIG MARION J. WILSON ESTHER WIRICR MILDRED J. WITTICK FLORENCE WUERZBBRGER RUTH WUERZBBRGER ALICE ZOBEL ORA ZUEHLKE HELEN ZWOLANKE X? 'R ww MT NAJSZS S R zS,,,g' f ' "1'-- Q .ull 1 "" Ap' 5 " ?'ff"'w gf 'myiy ,rf 'QQ M N51 Em? 3 RYE A ywgaf ,nfxqmf , ,Mix I Q2 J "' R -'-X- A: My Tb? ,,., ,. f""w 13-f ,, QS- M I I fu, 4 "w W - A - A . E f ,,4.-TM' ,.,. ,A jw 1,4 f. sq. z: I It 'i?'?Z4,ie 412,...,.5' 6 M5215 WC -,,V?KSS1A'iRSA5m 'R-A,,.fi K QV ?j!m2S4k ,523 Wa -W ALICE BATTEN MARY BAXTER AMY BILLINGTON NANCY BINGHAM LUBLLA BLARELY DORA BLUM RUTH BUELLESEACH HELEN BUNGE FRANCES BURKHARD BBRNICB CALDWELL DALLICE CHRISTOPHERSON FRANCES CLARK SUSAN CONAN GLADYS COOLEY MARJORIE DRAPBR RACHEL DRECNE JULIA DUE EVBLYN FINKH HELEN FOLSOM Student Nurses, Tormilory Organized 1915 OFFICERS J. MAGISTAD . .... . . President R. TSCHAN . VicefPresident E. FINKH . . K . Secretary R. STILLMAN . Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BERNICE FUNNBLL GRACE GOVIER RUTH GRONLUND DOROTHY HAGBDORN AGNES HANEY' LUCILE HEIMANN DOROTHEA HESSERT BERNICE HOCENSON EDITH HUERTH JUNE HYSLOP MARIE INGEBRITSEN GLADYS JENSEN MARION JOHNSON RUTH JOHNSON LYDIA KAUPANCER HELEN KULL VIOLET LAEURIE VERNA LEE OLIVIA LINDERT SARAH LOWTHBR N Page 486 N JANET MAGISTAD MARGIE MARSHALL KATHRYN MAUBRMAN EDNAR MAXIM CHARLOTTE MAXON NELL MYERS CAROL NELSON MILDRED NELSON CHRISTINE NIELSEN ASTRID OLSON MARJORIE PAQUIN JBANETTE PAULSON VENICE PIERSTORFF MILDRBD PIKE KATHERINE PINKERTON MARIAN ROUSE ARLEEN SELMER IONE SHERWOOD BERNICE SMITH WILMA SPRAGUE ROSE STILLMAN THBRESA STOLEN ELAINE SWICGUM FRANCES TAYLOR DOLORES THOMAS RUTH THOMPSON HATTIE TRAUEA MAROARITHA TSCHAN ROSE TSOHAN CARLETTA TYVAND MARION VAUOHN JEANNETTE VROOM SHIRLEY WATSON KATHRYN WILDEll MYRA WILLIAMSON HELEN WILSON ROYLET1-A WOODLE MARY ZIEBARTH EA ' ETHEL L. ANDERSON ZORA I. ASH MARGARET R. ATKINSON P. ARNOLD FRANCES L. BAURIGART MARY BOARDMAN DOROTHY M. CAREW JOYCE H. CODY HELEN F. COLE X M. COMMONS LUCILLE M. CONRAD ALICE B, DIETERLE DOROTHY H. EDWARDS MARION EMERY C. FORKIN E. JEAN GRIFFITH Villa maria OFFICER FREDERICA PEASE . .... . , President MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ALICE F. HAGEN MILDRED L. HALLER FLORENCE J. HARIBURGER ISABELLE H. HANCOCK GLADYS V. HANZEL ELIZABETH M. HENDERSON CATHERINE M. E. HILL HELEN H. HOBLIT HELEN S. HOSLER MARJORIDEL C. HUBERS MARY E. KBLLBY ELIZABETH J. KISSEL DOLORES M. KOELSH GLADYS M. KRONQUEST RUTH L. KUEHNE MARGUERITE C. LALOR BETTY S. MANCHESTER Page 487 J. MARTIN MELBA B. MEWHINNEY LOIS S. MILLS J. MILLER V. MILLER JANE MORRIS VIRGINIA C. MORRIS DONNA D. PARRISH VIRGINIA E. PEARSONS FREDERICA PBASE FRANCES E. PHILLIPS DOROTHY W. PLUMMER D. POSEY HELEN M. QUINN CHARLOTTE A. RANDALL MARY K. RODOLE ,sf ANITA-MARIE ROEMHELD ANNA P. SCOTT D. SCHULTZ MARY L. STOGSDILL BARBARA N. SWALLONL' VIRGINIA R. TAGGART CAROLINE TAYLOR URSULA TRASI: ANTOINETTE B. VAN EDIG JUNE E. WATKINS CATHERINE E. WATSON CATHERINE J. WHITESIDE E. WOLFE BETTY B. WOODARD B. WALWRATH ETHEL K. ZABEL looms Tifellows Top Row: D. Orr, F. Stegmuller, P. Herzog, J. Bergstresser Bottom Row: G. Schutt, D. Otis, J. Garrison, J. Briscoe Eripp cmo 'Adams Tlfalls The men's dormitories have outgrown the experimental stage of the last two years, and now, under the government and control of the Men's Dormitory Association, form one of the smoothfrunning departments of the University. Dormitory men enjoy many advantages which would be diiiicult to secure anywhere else on the campus. Personal contacts with prominent men of all professions by means of informal talks in the dens of the various houses, the intramural fields offering unexcelled athletic facilities, and the beautiful lakeside situation of the halls are but a few of the advantages enjoyed by the residents of Tripp and Adams Halls. A most successful social season was enjoyed by the halls this year. Dances and songffests in the Ref fectory were always attended with great enthusiasm. i A Dormitory library and reading room was opened in the basement of Vilas House late in April. Nearly three hundred volumes of short stories, detective stories, fiction and nonffiction, science, biography, and art, as well as newspapers and magazines from all over the world are there, to be read any time during the day. The success of Tripp and Adams Halls is evidenced every fall by the large number of room applications received by the Director of Dormitories and Commons. As their plans for the future workeout, they will undoubtedly receive even greater approval and acclaim. H. Walden W. Garstang D. Meiklejohn N Page 488 N wi' DPPP A W E ERA? I EE 'E 'Cfvripp 'ffellows Top Row: P. Henshaw, A. Colburn, G. Chandler, G. Derber Bottom Row: R. Homewood, N. P. Neale, E. S. Rector, H. Schuck ,Arrow bono MEMBERS IN FACULTY HARRY M. SGI-IUCR GEORGE CHANDLER PAUL S. HENSHAW MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MILTON C. WITTENBBRG ASHBR E. TREAT WILLIAM E. POWERS WILLIAM W. GARSTANG ALLAN P. COLEURN EDWARD A. HAIGHT M. SULLIVAN EDWARD H. JBNISON GORDON E. DERBER M. FRITZ GEORGE A. SCHUTT EARL R. MILLER BURT A. TEATS NORMAN P. NEAL EDGAR M. ALSTAD SIDNEY D. WILGUS GORDON W. WORNILEY VICTOR E. WOLFSON DAVID L. MCNARY Top Row: C. H. Walden, F. Hornig, E. Abramson, R. L. Brown, W. Hedback Bottom Row: J. Lewis, D. Meiklejohn, F. Hornig, J. Savaglio, Cavaliere, ' N Page 489 N l "I like this place, and willingly could waste my time in it." l Aroen Club OFFICERS KATHERINE W. DRESDEN ..... . . . President CHARLES D. MURPHY . . VicefP1esident KATHERINE M. HART . . Secretary JOHN E. CONWAY . . Treasurer The Arden Club is an organization of both men and women who are interested in furthering fellowship among students and faculty members who desire a cultural atmosphere in which to develop a wellfrounded campus life. The Arden House provides club rooms for the various activities, a place in which to while away time pleasantly, and a meeting place for those with common interests. A well selected library, containing also the best current periodicals is open to all members. The club was founded under the English department, but people from every department become members and participate in the club activities. Informal afternoon teas and fireside talks offer an opportunity to discuss modern trends of thought, frequently under the guidance of outstanding leaders in various Helds. A drama reading group furnishes a fellowship for those interested, and a poetry group stimulates creative work. The club also makes an effort to bring to the campus literary artists of interest and distinction. N Page 490 N I .f A Q I e To EfI5Q+g . W . II.-ERA. A Top Row: J. Stewart, Z. Bradstecn, H. Hogansen, F. Ralston, F. McCay, H. Ferris, G. Habermehl, F. Coe Second Row: M. Mudgett, P. Luchsinger, U. Wallo, L. Cuthbert, P. Massie, L. Handke, M. Simon Bottom Row: M. Esser, L. Howes, M. Backus, V. Jones, L. Kaste, E. Weaver, M. Rohrer, K. Wilcox Eabarb Tlnn Organized 199.0 OFFICERS GRETCI-IEN HABERBIEHL ....... . President MILDRED ESSER . . . . . Secretary LORBTTA HANDKE. . . . . Treasurer HELEN HOGANSEN . . Social Chaifman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATE MARY MCCARTHY CLASS OF 1929 GRETCHBN HABERMEHL LORETTA HANDKE PHYLLIS B. LUCHSINGER MARIE HANAUSKA CLASS OF 1930 ZILLAH BRADSTEEN MARGARET MUDGETT MELVA ROIIRER FLORENCE COE CLASS OF 1931 LUCILLE CUTHBERT HELEN G. HOGANSEN LILY-IAN E- KASTE MILDRED F. ESSER CLASS OF 1932 MARJORIE BACKUS HAZEL FERRIS LUCILE V. HOWES VIRGINIA B. JONES N Page 491 rv FRANCES B. MCCAY .2613 :aff PHOEBB W. MASSIE ELEANOR WEAVER JEANETTB STEWART KATHERINE WILCOX L. JEAN RADEBAUGH FLORENCE RALSTON MILDRED M. SIMON URSOLA G. WALLO gk gk cp we Ig A ' 'N 'rm QW P gg E I Top Row: G. Mercier, F. Brewer, M. Austin, T. Jaffe, M. Hurlbut, C. Despres Bottom Row: M. Andrade, C. Deschamps, G. Kent, P. Malsin, K. McGuire 'ia Uilaison 'Francaise OFFICERS EMILY IGLEHART . . ...... . . . President KATHERINE MCGUIRE . ...... . Social Chairman PEARL MALSIN ........... Secretaryffreasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY MARGUERI1-E ANDRADE GERMAINE MERCIER M. COXIERT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES FRANCES BREWER MARY HURLBUT CLASS OF 1929 CATHERINE DESCHAMPS EMILY IGLEHART PEARL MALSIN KATHERINE MOGUIRE CLASS OF 1930 MABEL AUSTIN THERESA JAPFE SIBLEY MERTON CLASS OF 1931 GRACE KENT CLASS OF 1932 Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Jan. Jan. jan. Pictu CLAIRE DESPRES CAROL MASON . RICHARD HOLLEN . KATHRYN MCGUIRE . CATHERINE DESCHAMPS MARGUERIT TREILLE 'ie Qiercle 'ffrancais Organized 1908 Purpose: ' TO afford opportunity for acquaintance with French life and culture, and for conversation in French." OFFICERS Program for the First Semester I6-"ln the Pyrenees" . . . . 9.8-Play: La Surprise d' Isidore. 5-"The Private Life of Louis XIV' IO-Play: "Nous Verronsf' ' Music 9.5-"La Champagne" . . , , 5-Two Plays at the Union. 8-Musical recital. 1Music by M. VASILIEX' by MR. AND MRS. GULLETTE I3-"Bicycle Tour Through Brittany" 2.9.-Elections. re: Cast of "La Poudre aux Yenxf' N Page 492 N, . . . President . VicefPresident . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Faculty Advisor . MISS LAURA JOHNSON M. E. A. LEMAITRE . M. ANDRB LEVEQUE Mrss LAURA B. JOHNSON Et Top Row: M. Hoegberg, B. Bucklin, J. Love, S. Meyer, D. Gelbach, E. Dow Second Row: E. Dassow, H. Damme, A. Soldan, D. Wagner, G. Buss Bottom Row: M. Hurth, M. Rupp, K. Mullenbach, I. Snavely, R. Dyrud, M. Gilbert Clef Club OFFICERS SYLVIA MEYER . ...... . . . President AMELIA SOLDAN . . . . VicefPresident MARION GILBERT . Secretaryfreasurer BETI-IANA BUCKLIN . . ..... Clef Clef Club is an organization for University women who are not enrolled as majors in the School of Music. Membership is gained by tryfout in voice or on any musical instrument. The purpose of Glef Club is to allow students who otherwise have no musical contact to broaden them' selves in the music line and to further an interest in music in the University. Varied and interesting programs have been presented at the meetings. Each girl is expected to perform at some tune during the year in one of the programs. This year a study of various operas has been undertaken. One open program is given annually. VIRGINIA FISCHBR MADELINE BUSHMAN MARION GILBERT GBRTRUDE Buss ELIZABETH Dow BETHANA BUCKLIN HELEN DAMME MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 SYLVIA MEYER KATHERINE MULLENBACH MARY HURTH MARGARET RUPP RUTH DYRUD MARION HOEGBERG CLASS OF 1930 CLASS OF 1931 CLASS OF 1932 ELLEN DAssow DOROTHY GELBACH N Page 493 N AMELIA SOLDAN IRENE SNAVELY DOROTI-IEA WAGNBR JANET LUCHSINGER GARNO REYNOLDS ALICE KAPP JANE LOVE . I, A iw Et .D D , DDDDD , ia 'Top Row: Margaret Cole, Ed Teska, Vivian Kinsley, Robert Hurd, Eleanor Davis Second Row: Florence Blosser, John Geib, Richard Rhode, Margaret Carns Bottom Row: Ruth Sample, Janet Gerber, Sally Owen, Frances Fosshage, Jennie Hodges 'ies Yaeaux Iris Club Organized 1927 OFFICERS RICHARD RHODE . . i..... , President PEO CARNS . . . Secretary HELMUT SUMM . Treasurer Les Beaux Arts Club was founded December 3, IO27, for the purpose of furthering the interest and possibilities Of Art among the members Of the club, and in the University as a wholeg to aid the Art Department in its work, to create a social atmosphere center' ing around the Art School, and to assist in planning art exhibits, securing lecturers, and Offering entertainment. During the scant year and a half of its existence, the Beaux Arts Club has grown rapidly in activity and numbers. Its development and success may be credited to the generous support Of one of the best art departments in America, to the cofoperation of Tau Delta, professional art fraternity, Sigma Lambda, professional art sorority, and Delta Phi Delta, honorary art fraternity, and to the energy and enthusiasm of the members of the club. The Second Annual Beaux Arts Ball was given by the club in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union Building on March 8. The Great Hall was transformed into an undersea region for the occasion by the decorations created by students of the art school. Seaweedf like hangings on the chandeliers, sinking Spanish galleons, submerged chests of treasure, and a dull blue light paling the center of the floor heightened the grotesque effect. Soft melodies played by the costumed Haresfoot orchestra blended with the atmosphere Of the evening. Over the undersea realm ruled John Geib, 529, and Jennie Hodges, '30, as King and Queen. The policy of Offering the Beaux Arts Ball to the students Of the campus will be continued in the future, as its success assures the club that the campus will look forward to it as an aifair Of exquisite beauty and novel artistic effects. The policy of expansion of Les Beaux Arts Club will be progressive, yet it will embody a conservative spirit of careful selection and supervision of whatever outside chapters the club will choose to accept. It is the sincere hope of the club that it will maintain Its established position as a powerful and progressive art club on the Wisconsin campus. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 PEG CARNS LOUISE COXON FRANK J. GEIB CHARLOTTE SATTLBR MARGARET COLE ELEANOR DAVIS ELEANOR RAUB RUMELIA TIBDBLIAN DORIS ERENEELD RICHARD RHODE CLASS OF 1930 FLORENCE 'BLOssER JENNIE HODGES VIVIAN KINSLBY SALLY OWEN BEN DUOOAR ROBERT HURD MAXWELL KRASNO JESSIE RICHMOND FRANCES FOSSHAGE HELEN JOHNSON LENORE MARTIN HELMUT SUMM .lf-NET GERBBR REID WINSEY CLASS OF 1931 PEG CHAPMAN RALPH GUENTZEL EDWARD TRESKA ELEANOR WHITE DOROTHY DAVIS MARGARET MITCHELL DAVE WILLOCK CLASS OF 1932 INvfJvAR1ON JENDERSON PAUL CLEMENS JEAN LINDSAY ADELAIDE RUMMLERS ILUAM ARI-B SYBU- COFFIN JEAN MCDONALD MARCIA SHBNNER ESTHER COMMONS N Page 494 N -I 3- M. G73 Q fi g'CL1WMWZl W ' "e w '- WA HI? cpiggg .2 "-.-.. S fiifibf 52,3215 QIZ3?E,.,LEf1 fL'- A. ' f-' LZCHJWI ' I Top Row: M. Grunow. A. Nieman, F. jones, h Third Row: A. Alton, G. McMillan, K Second Row: K. Schlaffer, M. Burnham Bottom Row: E. Deppe, M. Dernhack, M. Knospe ALICE ALTON GENEVA AMUNDSON VIOLA ANTHOLT ZORA ASH FLORENCE BEY ZILLAH BRADSTEEN BERNICE BRATZ HELEN BRIGGS MARY BURNHAM KATHRYN CARPENTER RUTH CHAMBERS RUTH CLARK MARION COOK GEORGIA CRANE HELEN CROMER LUCILE CUTHEERT MARGARET DAUER ALICE DAVIS AILEEN DERMANSLY MARY DERNEACK ESTHER DEPPE IVIARIANNA DIGKIE .1- I. Torkelson, G. Crane, Z. Bradstein, O. Van Vuren, M. Gissal, V. Antholt . Marks, R. Clark, D. Schomberg. A. Davis, A. Schmelzkopf, H. jansky , U. Schilling, H. Cromar, M. Dickie. M. Stephens, A. Siemers, E. Graf , U. Porter, J. Fladen, V. Frank, E. We3xIer. IVL Rohrer, Z. Parlett, G .Schneider Eutbenics Club VIRGINIA PORTER . MARY LOU GIssAL . VERONICA SCHILI.ING GEORGIA CRANE . . JULIE FLADEN . RUTH CLARK . . President . . VicefP1esiderIt Second VicefPresideI1t . . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer SergearItfaI:fArms MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MAURINE EVANS H.HZEL FICHLER JULIE FLADEN BARBARA FLUECK ESTHER FRANK VIRGINIA FRANK MARY GISSAL EDITH GRA? MARION GRUNOW 'KATHERINE GUNDLACH KATHERINE HART MARIE HERRMAN FLORENCE HINZII CATHERINE HODGEN MILDRBD HODGES GLBE HUMPHREY FLORENCE JONES HELEN JANSKY EUNICE KELLY ALICE KLAWES MILDRED KNOSPE M.ARION KUESEL MADGE LANDIS DOROTHY LEE GRACE LOWE JESSIE LOWE GABRIEL A. MCMILLAN CATHERINE MARKS RUTH MARTIN INBZ MASON ELDENA MEIER CORA MEYER MATILDA MILEM ELEANOR NESSVIG ALICE NIEMAN ESTHER MENDORE ALICE OISETH LUCILE OSTBY GBNEVIBVE PARMAN ZINA PARLETTE MILADA PROCHESKA VIRGINI.A PORTER MELVA ROHRER GRACE ROWNTREE GEORGINA SCHNEIDER DORIS SCHOMEERG KATHRYN SCHLAEEER ELIZABETH SCHLECK VERONICA SCHILLING AUDREY SCHMELZKORE MILDRED SMITH MARIE STEPHENS JEAN STEWART LAURA STILES PEARL STOECKLIN FERN STONE HELEN THOMSON JEANETTE TORKELSON HARRIETT VANCE VALERY VANEVENHOVEN ALINE VAN VUREN IRENE WACHSNIUTH ELEANOR WEAVER C.ARYLE WINGER HELEN ZVJOLANEK- EA I , i , AQ? 'Top Row: G. H. Nelson, K. W. Wegner, A. T. Goble, S. T. Gardner, J. R. Stehn, H. L. Kinyon, H. F. Thrapp, G. H. Rudolph Third Row: E. H. Diebold, L. Biggar, F. W. Malkow, H. Schapiro, M. Quam, J. B. Bassett, L. K. Busse Second Row: A. K. Siebenlist, E. G. Piehl, G. Williams, M. Sullivan, C. Olson, M. A. Kniebusch, H. A. Janda, H. E. Boland Bottom Row: M. M. Hass, M. E. Stetzer, C. G. Hager, M. J. Wittick, C. E. Sclxoenfeld, H. F. Riemer, D. Smith junior I mathematics Club Organized 1917. Purpose: To further the interest in Mathematics and to bring together in an informal way the students and members of the Department of Mathematics. OFFICERS KENNETH WEGNER ....... . . . President MILDRED KNIEDUSCH . . . . VicefPresident LUCY BIGGAR . . . . Secretaryffreasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 JOSEPHINE B. BASSETT LUCY BIGGAR HELEN E. BOLAND LUGILLE K. Bussn MARIE S. ALTMAYER MARTHA V. DOUGLAS MYRA M. HAss CLARA G. HAGER ELIZABETH H. DIEEOLD ALFRED T. GOBLB MILDRED A. KNIEBUSCH GEORGE H. NELSON CARL P. OLSON IVANELLE ORR HILDEGARDE REIRIER DOROTHY G. SMITH JOHN R. STEHN CLASS OF 1930 SHELDON T. GARDNER HAZEL A. JANDA FLORENCE W. MALKOW MARGARET QUALI CATHERINE E. SGI-IOENEIELD CLASS OF 1931 HAROLD L. KINYON LEO F. KOSAK GEORGE H. RUDOLE HERLIAN SGI-IAPIRO MILDRED E. STETEER KENNETH W. WEGNER GENEIIIEVE E. WILLIAMS MILDRED J. WITTICK ANITA K. SIEEENLIST MARGARET E. SULLIVAN HENRY SGHEEEE HARRISON TI-IRARP ELDRED G. PIEHL COMMITTEES Publicity . ............ H. F. RBIMER Program . . M. A. KNIEBUSCH, M. S. ALTMAYER, M. E. STBTZER N Page 496 N E IQ f . 3 GD 4 Top Row: N. Lillicrap, O. Meslow, R. Dassow, M. Heck, K. Lanclmann, E. Meagher Third Row: E. Fronk, F. Dean, R. Wells, R, Lueloff, H. Moe, A. Kuenkler, A. Spevacek Second Row G Chapman, A. Myers, G. Knuth, R. Molzahn, W. Bingham, K. Marsden, C. Rauschenberger W Henke Bottom Row G Rapraeger, A. Curtis, E. Lattimer, D. Davlin, K. Williams, L. Giessel, L. Schmidley G Arthur Ghz Commerce Club R. T. LUELOFF G. RAPRAEGER R. F. MOLZAHN W. BINGHAM . R. Dnssow . G. RAPRAEGBR L. Gnasau. . R. Dfxssow . W. BINGHAM , F. HICKISCH . Date of Organization, 1903 OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester N Page 497 N . . President Viceflnresident . . Secretary . . Treasurer SergeantfatfArrns . . President VicefPresident . . Secretary . . Treasurer SergeantfatfA'rms A I ,X ,Q N . 3 M . K J Q I ,Aw S ,, , , ., ,,.. . , 'f 3, Rst ittfsrsffeww ,, , til ma ts! Top Row: Ruth Misfeldt, Evelyn Henningsen, Ann Alincler, Theresa Hibma, Harriet Kroncke, Ruth Egre Second Row: Florence Wendt, Edith Stoner, Louise Ackley, Maxine Schuster, Eloise Arnold, Christine Sacks, Mildred Zweifel Bottom Row: Tillie Holzman, Bernice johnson, Marian Donnelly, Isabel Yonker, Bernice Munson, Nancie Clark lQ7omen's Commerce Club Founded March, 1917 Membership in the WOmen's Commerce Club is elective and requires a student to be enrolled at the University at least one semester before being taken in as a member. Such members must intend to pursue the Commerce Course. The purpose of the WOmen's Commerce Club is to stimulate greater interest in the Gelcls of commercial enterprise and to foster higher ideals for vccmen in business. ANN ALINDBR ELOISB ARNOLD MARION DONNELLY LOUISE AOKLEY ROSBMARY Bal-IRRND OFFICERS EVRLYN HBNNINGSEN . ...... . . President RUTH MISFELDT . . VicefPresidenr ELOISE ARNOLD , . . Secretary TILLY HOLZMAN . , . . .Treasurer ANN ALINDER. . . . Womcn's Editor MEMBER IN FACULTY lRENE HENSEY GRADUATE BERNICE IOI-INsON RUTH EQRE EVELYN HENNINGSIZN TII.I.IE HOLZNIAN NANOIB CLARK TI-IERESSA HIB5iA HARRIRT KRONCKE CLASS OF 1929 BERNICE MUNSON KATHERINE OXMALLEX' CLASS OF 1930 Q-N Page 498 N RUTH MISFELDT MAXINE SCHUSTFR CHRISTINE SACHS EDITH STONER FLORENCE WENDT ls.-IBEL YONKER MILDRED ZWEIFEL fifblfl fi,3x'-22,355 .., ., ,.-,sf EMD AEE Q AE Top Row: Giner, S. Guzman, A. Giron, D. Usita, F. Quirino, V. Aganad, R. Torres Bottom Row: C. Quirino, M. Escarilla, A. Rodolfo, F. Tonogbarxua, A. Bayla, P. David, A. Ancheta 'fflbilippine ffaabger Club Organized 1903 X , The objects of this organization are: C11 To create the spiritof unity among the Filipinos in Madison, fzj To promote their social and intellectual welfare, and Q35 To help create the spirit of friendship and understanding with all peoples in Madison. Among its prominent members are Manuel T. Escarilla, winner of the 1928 Beloit College and State of Wisconsin oratorical championships and member Of the Delta Sigma Rho, national forensic fraternity, Agustin Rodolfo, formerly president of the International Club and 1929 chairman of the Oriental Students Conference, Carlos Quifino, vicefpresident ofthe University Press Club, Arsenio M. Bayla, division chief in the Philippine Bureau of Agriculture, Pedro A. David, instructor in agronomy in the College of Agriculture, University Of the Philippines, Ambrosio j. Ancheta, formerly president of the Filipino Club in the University of Nebraska, Ruperto C. Torres, assistant principal 'Of the Pampanga High School, and Francisco G. Tonogbanua, formerly student's editor of the Manila Tribune and at present connected with the Philippine Bureau Of Education. On Friday evening, January 1 1, 1929, at 8:Oo o'clock, the club gave a program at Lathrop Parlors in commemoration of the thirty' second anniversary Of the death of the Philippine National hero and martyr, Dr. Jose Rizal. The guest of honor was Professor Philip F. La Follette, lecturer in criminal law, of the Law School. The affair was sponsored by the International Club. The club, besides Was entertained by Mrs. Charles M. Panzer, on Thanksgiving Day, by Miss Margaret C.AWilsOn on New Year's Day, and by Mrs. Joseph Chada, in February. OFFICERS FRANCISCO G. TONOGBANLJA .... . . . President ARSENIO M. BAYLA . . . . VicefPresident RUPERTO C. TORRES ......... Secretaryffveasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES VICBNTB AGANAD ARSBNIO M. BAYLA MANUEL T. ESCARILLA FRANCISCO G. TONOGBANUA AMBROSIO ANCHETA PEDRO A. DAVID AGUSTIN RODOLFO RUPERTO C. TORRBS CLASS OF 1929 Faux V. QUIRINO ' CLASS OF 1930 ANGEL B. GIRON CLASS OF 1931 JUAN R. GINBR CARLOS QUIRINO CLASS OF 1932 ' SIMEON GUZMAN N Page 499 N DOMINGO R. USITA E me fer A The University Hunt Club Kniversity Tlfunt Club MARIORIE KALTENEACR . JEAN JARDINB . . . GRACE MORGAN . . GLADYS HANZEL . . ELEANOR TALLARD . Organized I926 OFFICERS . . President ViCefPresident . . . Secretary , . . . . Treasurer . Captain of Drill Team The Hunt Club became a student organization three years ago, and now has a membership of about sixty. lt originated as the Prince of Wales Club seven years ago. The club supervises and has charge of two things, chiefly: the wOmen's mounted drill team and the Spring Horse Show. One of the main features is the supervision of Organized group riding. An example of this is the junior Hunt Club, made up of Madison high school students, which now has about sixty members. It also sponsors the W. A. A. interclass riding which is held every spring. ELIZABETH BALDWIN RUTH BLOORI CARLINB BLUNT BARBARA CHAMBBRLAIN EMILY DAWSON CATHERINE DESCHAMPS LOUISE FIELD ARLIIJE FINDORFF GLADYS HANZBL CATHERINE HILL HELEN IGLAUBR JEAN JARDINB ROSALYN KAISER MARJORIE KALTENEAOH DOROTHY KBLLOGG DOROTHEA KNOERNSCHILD MARCIA KUEHN HELEN LAWTON VIRGINIA MASDBN MEMBERS N Page 500 N MARGARET MODIE BBRTHA MOODY GRACE MORGAN KATHERINE NEWEORG OENIA PAYNE LLOYD PLANK DOROTHY POTTER CARSON ROBERTS CLARA ROI-TER HERMINE SAUTHOFF GRACE SCEHENKENBERG MARGARET SI-IERMERI-IORN MARJORIE SCHULTZ LORETTA SUHR ELENORE TALLARD DOROTHEA TESCHAN ELIZABETH THOMAS FELECIA WHITE 'E 3 .Ar A f I If-, f M 7? iw? A EM. W W R WE. it I ll H ..,.... 'liifili .,:. e1,ffi?E,i,15?, ,.A. ,1. I -iiv like airy? Wag M, Top Row: M. J. Burkhardt, N. W. Paul, W. T. Gray, A. A. Zurbach, R. A. Polson, F. B. Wolberg, D. Lindstrom, L. W. Clay, L. T. Earls Second Row: R. Bufton, M. E. Dickie, Prof. E. L. Kirkpatrick, C. P. Lurvey, J. A. Dickie, O. G. Van Vuren, D. E. Wilcox Bottom Row: E. A. Deppe, V. M. Schilling, S. J. Brudos, Dean F. L. Nardin, A. M. Bally, E. E. Hodges, E. Frank :Blue Sbielo Country 'life Club In the Spring of 1918, Ag Triangle-organized in 1919, and Blue Shield Club-organized in I923, united to form the Blue Shield Country Life Club. Its purpose is to develop in people who expect to return to rural communities the quality of leadership, with particular reference to group recreation and improved social conditions. This work includes playfdays for schools, games, dramatics and specialties. Each year several plays are produced which are put on in the various centers in Dane County. Extension trips are also made to nearby communities where programs are presented for the purpose of demonstrating how to make use of local talent. The work is sponsored and guided' by the Rural Sociology Department. Membership in the group is open to any student interested. Dinner meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays Of each month at Wesley Foundation Parlors, at which time instructional work is given along with actual participation in activities. OFFICERS ALFRED A. ZURBUCI-I ...... . . President VERONICA M. SCHILLING. . VicefPresident SYLVIA J. BRUDOS . . . . Secretary JOHN A. D1cIcIE . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROE. F. A. AUs'r ........... Horticulture PROP. E. R. JONES . . . Agricultural Engineering PROP. G. C. HUMPHREY DR. E. L. KIRKPATRICK . PROP. J. H. KOLB . D. E. LINDSTROM . . P. LOUISE NARDIN . . BENJAMIN J. BIRDSALL RAY BUFTON MARJORIE B. BEALS MARTIN J. BURKHARD1' ANNE M. BALLY SYLVIA J. BRUDOS PAUL L. CLEMENs Animal Husbandry Agricultural Economics Agricultural Economics Agricultural Economics . Dean of Women MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LAWRENCE W. CLAY ESTHBR A. DEPPE JOHN A. DIOKIE MARIANNA E. DICKIE WAYNE T. GRAY EVELYN E. HODGES GERTRUDE M. HELLI LEE I. JEWELI. ALICE P. DAVIS - CLAYTON P. LURVEY LESTER T. EARLS ROBERT A. POLSON ESTHER FRANK NORMAN W. PAUL Page 50l VERONICA M. SCHILLING ETHEL A. TRENARY OLIVE G. VAN VUREN DONALD E. WILCOX BENJAMIN C. WORMELI FLOYD B. WOLBERG A. ZUREUCI-I 1'A-'1, . , 'I 1 D .A , ff? . -, -, ae, .ll I THQ liaise .thai ,1 ,,., . HAROLD CLARK HAROLD WICHER COACH RAPEL CLAIRE STALLMAN RALPH HODGSON Tilial Stock Zluoging Beam This year the Fat Stock Judging Team, with two members of the Dairy Cattle Judging Team, won thirteenth place at the Kansas City American Royal, and thirteenth place at the Chicago International Livestock Show. The expenses of the Fat Stock and Dairy Cattle judging Teams are paid by the Saddle and Sirloin Club. The Club annually puts on the Little International and Horse Show. The revenue from these events is always sutlicient to send both the teams and their alter' nates on their trips to the various contests. 'Dairy Cattle fifuoging Beam The Dairy Cattle judging Team represents the University of Wisconsin in two meets every year: The Waterloo Dairy Congress, which convenes at Waterloo, Iowa, and at the Collegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest, which is part of the farffamed National Dairy Show. The Wisconsin Team can always be relied upon for a very creditable showing at both these meets, as past records well prove. In the autumn of IQZS, John Craig took first place in the Collegiate Contest, then held at Indianapolis. The team holds the Jersey trophy won at Detroit in a national contest against severe competition in 1916. This year the team placed second at the National Dairy Show, gaining permanent possession of the trophy by virtue of winning this position the third time. N Page 502 N EZIL RR .B EE Top Row: B. Agan, A. J. Santrock, A. M. Suehs, R. F. Hoffman, E. J. Grimmer, E. A. Wegner, G. H. Harder, C.R. Dickinson, S. L. Johnson, G. H. Brown, A. N. O'Neill, T. H. Hagon, R. T. Manley Third Row: R. L. Machael, H. N. Anderson, J. R. Schmidt, L. Field, J. W. Scheer, C. W. Bussell, R. W. Fairweather, J. G. VanVleet, A. J. Shafer, E. W. Howes, L.B.MangnUS, H. S. Phelps, R. L. Betts, F. D. Grams, S. B. Jordan Second Row: C. R. Oldenberg. F. V. Quirino, B. C. Stroinski, R. G. Garlock, J. J. Rosecky, A. F. Turpin, R. G. Jewell, R. C. Hamilton, G. J. Jautz, E. M. Flugum, P. T. Kuczynski Bottom Row: A. H. Toepfer, A. L. Sweet, H. D. Seielstad, F. A. Maxield, L. B. Cappa, Prof. E.Bennett, Prof. C. M.Jansky, C. O. Roser, E. G. Daters, E. W. Odbert :American Tlnslfitute of 'Electrical 'Engineers Organized 1919 OFFICERS EUGENE ODBERT ...... . . . President ALVA L. SWEET ....... Secretaryffreasurer PROF. C. M. JANSKY ...... . . Counselm C. ROSER, F. MAXEIELD, C. DICKINSON . Student Advisory MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROE. EDWARD BENNETT PROE. C. M. JANSKY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRADUATES R. RALPH BBNEDICT B. RICHARD TEARE ' DIMITRY P. TIEDEMAN CLASS OF 1929 GEORGE H. ADAM JAMES G. AGAN HUBERT N. ANDERSON R. LELAND BETTS CECIL W. BUSSELL LAWRENCE B. CAPPA CHARLES J. CAMPBELL EDWIN A. CHRISTIAN MAURICE CHRYSLER EVERETTE G. DATERS LESLIE P. DRAKE FRED N. BAILEY ALASTAIR C. BARNETT JOHN W. BIEEERSHEIMER GEORGE H. BROWN CLARENCE F. DICKINSON EDWARD F. HAVILAND CLIFTON W. DYMOND LOUISE O. FIELD ROBERT G. GARLOGIC MANDEL N. GOLDTSEIN ELMER J. GRIMMER ROBERT HAMILTON ROBERT HANSON GARDEN HARDER RAY F. HOFFMAN JOSEPH HORSEALL ROBERT JEWELL LESTER L. LUDWIGSON CLASS OF 1 ROBERT W. FAIRWEATHER ERLING FLUGUM THOMAS H. HAGON EDWARD W. HOWES GILBERT JAUTZ CLASS OF 1 WILBUR A. HOWE WILLIAM A, KUEHLTHAU LOUIS B. MANGNUS FREDERICK A. MAXPIELD EDWARD A. MEISENHEIMER EUGENE GDBERT CARL R. OLDENBURG HERBERT PHELPS ROBERT H. PRATT FBLIX V, QUIRINO CLARENCE ROSER JOHN R. SCHMIDT ALEXANDER H. SCHOOES 930 SCOTT B. JORDAN PAUL T. KUGEYNSRI HENRY LANDA RUSSELL L. MACHAEL ARTHUR N..O'NEILL 931 JOSEPH J. ROSECRY N Page 503 N ARTHUR J. SCHUGT ALLAN J. SHAFER HUGH STOKES BRUNO C. STROINSRI ANDREW SUEHS ALVAN SWEET ADOLPH TOEPFER ALLAN F. TURPIN ROY J. TURTON EMII. A. WEGNER IRWIN E. ZASTROW JOHN W. SCHEBR HAROLD D. SBIELSTAD DOUGLAS O. TORT ALVIN SANTROCR JAMES G. VAN VLEET FREDERICRE VON SCHLICHTEN G It .2 G? Et A ,.,.3 ,. q A Top Row: G. H. Brown, R. M. Roden, E. Freyburger Second Row: C. Schmedeman, F. T. Matthias Bottom Row: J. H. Lacher, R. G. Garlock, H. E. Rex, H. W. Gustafson, M. Hersh T13 olygon Object: TO have at all times an organized body of representative students which can act for the interests of the College of En gineering, present to the faculty matters of special interest to the student body, and assist in organizing the various activItIes ID the Col lege of Engineering. OFFICERS HARLAND E.REx . . . . . . . . .President FRANKLIN T. MATTHIAS . . Sec'reraryf'l'reasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 ROBERT G. GARLOOK, E.E. HOWARD W. GUSTAFSON, Ch.E. HARIAND E. REX, M.E. ROBERT M. RODBN, Min.E MARVIN HERSI-I, C. E. CLASS OF 1930 GEORGE H. BROWN, E.E. EDWIN FREYBURGER, M.E. FRANKLIN T. MATTHIAS, C.E. CARI. SCHRIEDERIAN, Min.E JACK H. LACHER. Ch.E. --f Page 504 N MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY at R 'L T fi Ei .. .. . . A Ra . . . . Top Row: L. S. Barron, J. H. DeLap, A. E. Kratsch, D. W. Hinkle, L. A. Dodge, B. E. Taft, F. Hammer, W. C. Hasslinger, G. W. Gibson, R. C. Bird Second Row: D. Miller, M. F. Mortenson, W. I. Nelson, H. Cady, E. W. Aspell, W. E. Klatt, G. Philips, X. S. Kohun, A. H. Schoofs, O. A. Bossart . Bottom Row: H. Henderson. G. Jones, C. J. Quinn, H. W. Gerlach, R. Czerwonky, M. H. Rutherford, C. J. Daniels, R. V. Brown, H. A. Felton, H. E. Rex, G. L. Stetson 'American Society of mechanical 'Engineers OFFICERS MARVIN H. RUTHEREORD ...... . . President HARLAND E. REX . . VicefP1esident CHAS. J. DANIELS . . . . Secretary ARTHUR E. KRATSGI-I . . . 'Treasurer PROP. G. L. LARSON .......... Faculty Advisor EDWARD AZPBLL WILLIAM BARRER LESTER S. BARRON GILBERT BAYLEY RALPH BIRD OTTO BOSSART NORMAN BREIBY ROBERT V. BROWN HAYDEN H. CADY CLINTON D. CASE G. W. CARBLL MELVILLE R. COSTELLO RALPH A. CZBRWONKY CHARLES J. DANIELS JACK H. DE LAP LAWRENCE A. DODGE JAMES E. DOUGLAS ERWIN H. EGGERT HOWARD A. FELTBN EDWIN FREYBURGER GLEN GIBSON FRED J. GEITTMAN FERDINAND HAMMER WILLIAM C. HASSLINGER HAROLD N. HENDERSON DUANE W. HINKLE BRAYTON W. HOGAN GORDON H. JONES PHILIP M. JUDSON WESLEY B. KLATT XAVIER KOLTUN ARTHUR E. KRATSCH HUGO L. KUEI-ILTHAU FRANCIS J. MOGOURTY DONALD MILLER MARTIN MORTENSON WILLIAM I. NELSON GUSTAVE PHILLIPS CHARLES J. QUINN HARLAND E. REX GEORGE A. RUDOLF MARVIN H. RUTHBRFORD ALEXANDER H. SOHOOES RALPH SCHROEDER CARLYLE J. STEINRE GEORGE L. STETSON BERNARD E. TAFT EDWARD G. VIDAS RAYMOND L. WEISS WALTER T. WILSON Kniversity .13 ress Club The University Of Wisconsin Press club Was established in 1892. It has had the longest continuous existence of any Press club in the country. It was started as a means for bringing the student in the journalism department into a closer relationship and to establish a com' mon interest. The Press club of this year has these things for its aims: to promote professional intimacy among journalism students, to acquaint the students with the unlimited opportunities of the profession, to cooperate With the faculty in maintaining a high standard of journal' istic quality, and to bring to the campus such literary personalities as shall further the interests of journalism students and be of interest to the general public in an effort toward the higher, type of newspapers and journalism in general. At its meetings social activities are combined With vocational activities. At every other meeting, the club attempts to bring as speaker some worthwhile person of journalistic or literary fame to tell the students of the Opportunities open to them in the field of journalistic and literary endeavor. Membership is Open to all students in the school of journalism and to all students interested in literary studies. The officers this year Were: Donald M. Plummer, '30, presidentg Herbert O. Tschudy, '31, vicefpresidentg Jean Jardine, ,3I, secretaryg and Eleanor Reese, 151, treasurer. ., 1"H'Tf Q'g'5'Q4r'-'1fQffw'774' ! 'if "1 "P 5... sv ,, , 1 , ., H ' S' 'P'-E ' h71fU'f-x'1'3 'J' - ' A ' ' Y 5 ' V' - . I -. f. "'.f TSN,--' ?..':'-,. ' 1 1' -.:11?,'. f:.Pg,x-:','?,,1:. LQ! - 5:-Q., , If ,A . I I... .. .. H1-IS' 'I - I ff"1.1'. FHS. '- '- ' ' - 5 ' '- ' 1 .SL I ' ,- . wg L 5 -, -R 5 ,yi N- . 5 I.,-L., NE, ML-.5-5 fwwih' I--., 2.5, wg, I 1 , ' ., ' 11 A-Vf m . A I f jilpbqa imelta Sigma Honorary, Pfofessianal AclucrtisingiF1a.tcrnify b OFFICERS PHILIP- A. 'STRETCH . . . ' . . . . . President WILLIAM' E. PAYNE . . . VicefPresident GEORGE DRAKE . . Secvetaryfrcasurey MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. R. BUSH R. D. 'CASEY A A. HAPLAM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1929 GEQRGE DRAKE DONOVAN EASTIN HAROLD MCKINLEY RALPH SMITH . CLASS OF 1930 WILLIAM E. PAYNE ROBERT RUDDICK PHILIP A. STRBICH ,. xg , W,-7,3 --I -f T-.Y :H -- V- g1..w:,.g.. w-.gif 4 X, I H A , ' N ,yfgm5151.Q21,r:' --xi' 7 -VJ? ' - !',3:'!-,.'.AfJfJEf!i4- "ff5?Iv iT2'.':-11:1-4?fQ-'ipggw 1- . ., . :r ,..,, ., , . , .. ,. K, ,.1.,, .v- U- .- 1:-wr--:N . - - , .- . . ,, -4 , .HE - :..6.- 'fi'-' 35.4 ,5f.1f.g! 1. 3A -4 g- -fl -, -4 .1 .. v-,,f.-P W'-V, 'fir A, ,,., Wh:-C! V 4 V, 57 . A ,,,Y, 4. wsu .pgs-if 4 ' 1 ' '- -:sw V4 ..1.l.'5 Egger' EL! jf g I"'f-,V fi ,' --M-:zz 2 ' ' .-5'1" ' PJ' ,. . ,S v , I-Lv J i' .:, hr, 1 fe " Vw Vx ,-.Ziff ',X. . .A 9 X X xwh a""9-N1 """G"' -cea- .- w . M'-A DIDGTGEIL THIRTY , If - .f P Nesmm X5 vw 2,3 XX .,fe1X3 23' 7 N ,-.F-X Qkff 5 'Sf 1LJ fzff li L, J ,ff 7 ,ff97,' ,L mx ,ff 4 ,L auf: 'L J!! fl fx! x aifawiaaxafintfff vtNXXXllli ll l X 555' W' '51 wi SX ll X X 1 P., Xl W X J QMS lvl l Little Boy Blue, come, blow your horn: -fa ex f 'l NN Nm fi ' The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn. Fki y y RX X "Where's the little boy, who looks after the sheep? P ..:Q NW N N H- r 5 0 . "He's under fthe haystack, fast asleepf, 'X XBM X y'Ns X EK52 X qt X . .six 4 1 K in X Q X QQ sl 657 x 'Q Vx I flf ff -jf! Xa J QNX ' if X e xp 2 'L w'.' X w'SMW Z X N, ' f ' f l , 1' ,,,,.,,r,:,' :Q 'N if -Q R --Ei "-4. if , 4 -- ' i. fr 2 J if 'S-222 XX' N1 X ivllmf :fv2?f1-JJ. -m -:a'a, . -f :f f ' f , W jf ' ,J - . '11-we - one uw' ,Q , 1 9.N"?ei if -9-"EJ 1 - "" ' i , If I. . r,-'- r 105 ,. I . fri .s gr,-mg' ., . 'ww-av - X -V 4 J . ' vu .1 .f .I r ,-' 4- ' N " f1'i5Lgf:'1fJrlx "'35fux" ' eff, X I2 .XX X X , '- . . - X - , X l - g M ,if lx x NX . .wwaaawwhfwwwv N xi vw fr O' w- p tr. yg v ,U la " .., 4-ir J , ' . " 1 ' , i . X., .,.'--W-QTXQ -1 - 'kfivk lf- x ' XX 1 l 't is .'.-fi j,.'V ' ' " ' U ' -t in , ' r 1 , '-.-vu.: I - 5 Sb--.X Xi-,Tw will m ,MQW " vt QM R 'yQQz,'5.m .. V ,M .. f I . ,t - ti. p , ,m t 2, 1 -9 ,, ' ,.f'f,f, ',-,Na r 'wi ,bi-, ,AI-7'.,.fL -- vi t'Y""ll 'X ' x B ' illlwx 'xll":"lLr .11 '. - ' . 'f- K-QM - , e. V 2 5 f: f -"f- si X l .r Ii " 1 . . ex. .- ..,1-s., a. . :-'.--: 1. - J- J i.'.'.".'- ,, :.,, .qi , ., f, -- ' i,i,,j-3,5--,'-V A kYfE,,:.r, , tg:-ge--,P-7.-fl. I " -1, - . -1 YQ 'V N '4-H-age' ' ' Wifi, ' 1 '-1--g1,.f'z' i N WL 5 -me-'tic "awww - r. I- sb- - .R 'Wx , ig' X Auf'-X ' Ni: if .. Q,.:1.rf1-'.r Q. S ..- I -NRL. 'f ' ' "f 'fy' Y"-"'s- 'V " -, if ,. . Qld :' - x . Q. a x . .1 - ,,g.,.T:41' ' , ' 'J ' .- Q f MQ. . Mia ff " mf:-f -' Q U- Q ' f K ,' 'N .Q Q I , .r.f 5f'9 , ' JH' 1 ' , Aff ' Little Boy Blue has been slumbering for quite some time- almost three years since he became a freshman Cand not only in lecturesl. He sleeps not in peace, for strange dreams trouble his dormant consciousness, fantastic scenes peopled with crazy creatures whirling about the setting with kaleidof L scopic designs. W 5 You who would, have ,Little Boy Blue interpret his visions for you, bear with the seer. 'Perhaps he dreamed about you You who believe dreams come true, and are fearful of what is revealed in the unconscious mind, forbear, since no one, not even Little Boy Blue, can control the psychic stimuli that cause dreams. N Page 509 N 157.11 ,7.1,.3., ,FFL ,V ,WN I 1 , .. N , ..,...f. ..., .F cc . . -.4-:rMv..Q..-,1.-M: sa-Q: vx ri- -1 .. W, 4.9. .., X., ,. ali. , , . j ., K .:.:,f-3. 1 a5i1.fP',,1., ., .. , .. . ..,,, . , , ,y i f. f, f, -,V f .,.1-rszvwyfzas rs fnifbi'1-uf?--.4-1-'iw'-.-Q'.-',1fir,ff'5v':kfff,iv'?i.:2wi4 ffm whfwt i V. f- v - f- f ' H f ' " -' .: 1-I - 1 , .Eiga,sw:Zs+.:,s..-1'f?J': Q s,,.- 2, is y. .H,:g.p.fs f- '., 'Q , 2 ' 'f .y ff waz 'f-fi f sf' L... 's .-M1 'vu ss "eff x-mr.s- 'Lew .i"1"f3 F , ' Lf it -Plwmff 5- ff s iff, i!'fff'ff!f i'3'.fs" 2 .fiffi '-214'-,fiffwrzzsfi?" ,shy 14-H f'fsf1f5i3fmf,:1:..',31fL1v-.fiffzz-,ai if f it yy' Li-V sir ev ' 2-'f' 'Z' .5 f .. JN- 'L 1' 9-' 9 if, 'M fszlz, 64, 4 W '3 J 5 Truly a dream. Or else the Trib editor was asleep when he gave Wisconsin the front page banner headline. Prexy presents the university budget to the Legislature. "Cripes but it takes a pretty good sized Wad of dough to run the old U," he orates in his most forceful style before the Worthy solons. Mu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta holds pledge meeting. "Now when you are actives, you ll all be big men on the campus like Brother Cole and all the rest of us," the pledge master is advising. 'vPage 510 I 1: QQ QQ i A 1 2 4 . 'V V li Sl, X i Q3,Q.IJIl,gy . R all 6' .533 t A: K I f a- M ' 1, 3 ., fi 5' -fi as iff? ' ': . .l,.. a 2,2 ,. , . ' V 'A The Dean is right. Fraternity hell Weeks are brutal beyond def scription. Imagine try' mg to prepare school lessons for the ensuing day after being paddled for Eve or six hours by a monster like this. , v... 'rfigiix 1 Haresfoot in Peoria. The flooded condition of the stage is due to late. spring rains prevaf lent in Illinois, southfeastern Patagonia, and other. foreign countries, but Haresfoot doesn't mind that. You maybe sure that the man slightly out of line in the front row will ,catch the very dickens from the director after the perfor mance. NPage 511 NY , A milling mob of millions waited at the depot till 2 A. M. to welcome the victorious poultry judging team back from Iowa. 'iWho said we didnit have school spirit?" the coach demanded wereupon all the town drunks and the girls from the telephone office answered with a cheer for ofofoflflfd Wisconsin. Victory ahoy. The Badger shell is seen sweeping ' f2"t"s"w 'lnl 1 N' the berry crate anchored on the shore. down the sixth lane to victory. Mike Murphy has M' i . A vi, .A . , f . .V . I I tffi ' u -F 'LA -ani Q ing- Ma! ' f 'L Y. . Q ."'f5i A M.. Q P .1 A--.rr-, .V , ?1, .1 . ' - :LN - -nf ,, ' 7-7' 'Fa ' A -.. " Y , . x 31 - - Q ,-5153-4 , fs,-A. . , W- .V If What big eyes you have grandma. This is the alleged wolf in sheep's clothing, 'ithat man" referred to by professors who start rumors of the dirty work done by the athletic department in hiring athletes and working their way through school for them, financially and scholastically. Fred Evans commits the henious crime of helping the boys to get jobs and chstising them when their grades start slipping. NPage 512 N ,- .-AL.. Grady's wins basketball championship. Grady's roomf ing house defeated the Pi Phi sisterhood for the vvomen's basketball championship. The winning shot, snapped by the photographer, was made in the last two seconds of play. Dean Nardm wishes to arf range a postfseason game with the Illinois University wo' men's champs in order to es' tablish womerfs intercollegif ate athletics. Miss Nardin is an ardent advocate of such contests as a part of vvomen's equal rights. For shame, Prof. Gillen. How can you claim that athletics degrade men, when it is plain to be seen that it causes them to strain for higher things? NPage 513 N Interflilraternity Council called to order. It's like a maypole dance: the boys spend half the time twisting things up and the other half in untangling themselves. ri ,1 , s The morning after. The Gamma Phis do have the most riotous parties-hravvis one might call them. The house mother has a perfect devil of a time trying to keep track of the girls. Two frat boys practicing up for a date. This is a common sight at the AKL house every Thursday night in preparation for a strenuous week end. ' Page 514 N l Prom Committeemen meet. The publicity chairman who had his own picture in the paper before the others can be found in row 236, third from the center aisle. A quiet day in the Octy ofiice. The editors take a vacation and let Octy take care of itself. Even the circulation depart' ment is stilled for a day. V The scene of many a student's downfall. Some of the school's slipperiestscustomers frequent this place. Page 515 N George Little's dream comes true. Spring football practice is held in the new field house. The coaching staff Cclad in the customary white uniformsb carry laurels to crown the valient gladiators who are about to make a rush to the goal posts at the far end of the new arena. The Sig Phi Eps get their men. Their rushing team is well organized and eagerly awaits the end of the deferred rushing period. N Page 516 N Some people Willact on the slightest suggestion. Evidence that Octopus sets the pace in the degradation of undergradf uate morals. QPeelc and ye shall fmdj Q 5' NW u . I , .Nl-jage 517 N- I tudents' Banking Headquarters Y I 4 for more than Twenty Years I . I 6 IIN 1907 the State Street Branch Bank of Wisconsin began its service to students of the University of Wisconsin, faculty members and business men of the fast- growing lower State Street section of Madison. Its specialized financial service to students has won wide reputation as the leading system of its kind. I -ll-HE growth of the community found an invaluable assistant in the Branch Bank of Wisconsin. New services, new facilities, new aids to business men of the section have made it the banking leader of the section. AXAND now, climaxing its history as an important university institution and an important community-comes the en- largement and remodeling of this famous business house. Next fall you will return to find your banking headquarters doubled in size, equipped with countless new helps for student patrons. Thus the State Street Branch Bank of Wisconsin promises to serve many more student generations-with a specialized service. State Street Branch Bank of Wisconsin State at Gilman NPg 518N DVELY, IBIEAIJTI FIJI. This beautiful Vollrath Ware in Color is so lovely, so stunning. And it comes in a variety of colors to harmonize with the decorative scheme of your kitchen. It makes the room where you spend so much time bright and gay. Consider the practical value of this lovely ware-you clean it with soap and hot water as you do your china. No MORE AND MORE THE BETTER C and Jo mufh more pradiazlf scouring with special cleaners. Hard, smooth, non-porous, it keeps its lus- trous beauty and brightness. What a saving in time! And in drudgery! Begin today to brighten your kitchen with a few of these lovely pieces. Be sure it's genuine Vollrath made only by The Vollrath Company, fEstablished 18741 Sheboygan,Wisco1isi11. OOKS ARE USING ENAMELED WARE l raihwa re The orchestra. "We're going to have a wow of an orchestra next year," says Major Morphy, "a swell one," he reiterated. 'LMost of the backfield men will be back, and we'll have a hell of a fine wood wind section if the boys don't go off on a toot." They grow them big and strong on the Ag Campus. Between classes the ladshgather infront of the Home Ee school and perform stunts tovekhibitqtheir muscular prowess before the adrniringeyes of the,I-Tome Ee lassies. ' . ,. . : K -T , , - ' 1' J 1 ,H .ff , . Well, Anyway, They Rate The Thetas are better than the Alpha Sigs. It must be true because the Alpha Sigs say so. One spring evening an Alpha Sig brother clad in pajamas wandered down to the lake shore where he informed an admirf ing audience that he wash'n A'fa Shig which wash the besht Greek letter outfit on the campush. He then retracted that statement by saying, "No, the Thetash 're besh. We rate the Thethas, A O Pish, ever' one." So after the Thetas and Alpha Sigs, the rest of the chapters will just have to fight it out among themselves. Gone but not forgotten. When King Winter occupies this throne at the end of Park street, lovers and neckers must hie themselves elsewhere. But the Union is only across the street, and the Great Hall is only on the second floor and can be easily reached v-ia elevator-when it works. The davenports there are more comfortable than this stone one. N Page 520 N G' V I -f-1 S- 'ix ff ...ffm .4,,..,M-1,-,,, .,f ,w,,,c,.,N ,cn .,,..ywpvf,m g,v"'Sq,, ,W-M--NM, f ,,,.7,,,,,f,,, .1 X- W, p sf: xy, ns". X of if Ga?-'ff' ..ff,. -wma Maw Kwmlf fm, seem , fm 24 W ff W4-We, H -- meow 7 af ff ff,-xg sf V 1 mmfa,,.sQ vr.wL6,,. , y .,4,, f.,' -uf M y 2342 iff! W, 16 f QW' f fn 57W 'fe 4 an E, has f, :gi gl, f.--'MJ 1,-L Q 4, in,,..,4,w as ,,.,.,, 4 ,ez 5 .f,, ,,W,,,,p ,Q-2 if !,,,,,Q'-4 .Ez 2 3 2, !4,,,,,,m gf N., 4 ,L Q . N5 1.1 1 .' is Xue Q :V ' 'I ff jhel ,. 'iff , Zyi V42 ., VZW '42, QW 3 X rf 1 .f 1 - . as 'fl if W W ,, -'f-3- ,gs-Yf 'f ff sf, :4 -.-, V, 1, f .1-nf, W , bf 1 2-, -. 4 .1 - .. -2 'Q XX. f f t 1 : f-X f 'ff ff W 5 4 I 7' W ze M : -fy ' f f: -if 1,4 5 1. v- .xy ff X f 4- H, X2 , f ff ' if ,ff ,U sg cp, . f N " A , .M 4. , I 1 yay , if 4 1 ' gf f Q cw, .,. an fa ,ez ., QW am 7 ya w 5 Y' ,, " iffy '-f, 4 ' bf 5 aff ' 3 av ., V, X Q .A 35 .. h 'Q' ,V ' ,Z 57 3 K X' 'QM -f" :N 12 9, If 55, 1 ' fi, 4 "W, f 'J M pg .aims .1:fv5s in , fy Q, Hff.:.,5ggX,z :zjdfw sy Aga, gym-,Q .,,ff .get H, ,Qf fybffmy, Q NA J' wh. My .jf .Mr V. f ,,,, , N. cya 471,41 f'2,,.f,f'., ' 21,54 wg vw '-Hia. Ziyi Q.. 'Vis ' MI' -' ,Qf-Q if 1'1 4 '4' ,fi ' ?"+ ' ff fmwawf41.f,,3c---5:35 ' ea W7 X 2 ,fvfc-ggwy, ww? " 9, A G ' an s X X f' .f- N N X Pl, ' nf"WY. '1',, Y nab f 'ff 'f',,,,j' ,QQMZ fir 'Q pf 6414532 X if -, 11 , , . -3 - W A H 1 N' +' bf A 1 el f ., f , -f-if 1 4 e. 1 w X Rey- in MH . ' ., , f.::5g,:x me Q! wwf Que an 1.0 , he E? .fm X ,Q sz. X J rw: M' ' N' AM. .ffm 'ef,,,W, M-.M 2 'd W 5 Mm ,.,,.e if my W, G N ,,.., cj wx M. M., 4' 5 2 fa, - fr- , X my K , fv , ?,gmfs,xg,,! f .je ,K 2, yew-,ff,.2 if f' J, nf, Va, : :, Sf' VT! 1 ,4 - X? 32 Q13 Qi: :EZ f f 1' ' 2 XZ I fr 2' ' .4 ' gl 5151 4 4 t I P 2: ' I N Nm 15N -1- f - . Y 4,,ay.,fy:7 jpg ,Nm ,x auf ima., fm? fgf "eff mf 4,5 ee , s ,. . Q . if V at ' mm ,I ff '- f f f4.W,,..nff THE NINETEEN THIRTY BADGER MEMORIAL UNION W MADISON,W1SCONSIN May4,1929. Brock Engraving Company 115 South Carroll Street Madison, Wisconsin. Dear Brock: In the editorial section of the book you will find that an effort has been made to acknowledge the invaluable service you rendered last year. I want to repeat that service was invaluable. Layouts for each section are different, every technical detail of advanced engraving progress is embodied as nearly as possible in the year book. Despite our restricted budget and Mert will back us up on this, much has been done in the line of art Work. The appearance of this year's Badger is a proof of that fact. Finally, Brock, co-operation, invaluable advice, and readily available work by experienced craftsmen have made the publishing of the 1950 Badger a pleasant task.. ' Cordially. iff:-nf' Editor STUART HIGLEY En mnvm-cms: Mzsvom Lnovn. enemies MANAGER . 0 - , -ff 12 , mlwfsc., Q a. -,V '22 , L,:.3..W-W. ' Q., .,,.A,w22f:a,, ,f in .,,MG,, a A ., -:, Ae5,..e.., 4,1 Mffwf f NH, :":W'f"v+,. ri f" xwff' '.,,f'm, wi ff' vw:-fd .mfs .IM 'f ff f ANTMW ff 2' rf? if WC?" , www W. jf yfsa-'Msgs f,yf"'f'es as is ff wg-1. ff' Ms 92 y ff W nf wi 95 1 'Wi ff,-is M Qf ,, gf ' M , 3 g Q L If. -4 P 4 .4 4, - .wa 've 5' W 9 Q ,Q '- ffm, ' g' ,..,, f b we if wa 2 f 4:1 ' W'-5 if gf! M 'Q-Q71 5,-ff' V315 Sv Y 4? wwf? MQ 742147 Afnqzd 155 -we w-L1 gp new win 'ma fin- X' ww ,fs 464 e Q zz' 'ff We in' .KV , f Q M f . of f-:LS MW ,, 4:1 aff - . 4 1' 4 V-4 2' . fy? '-5 :K M73 gif 1 yn- aff- XMB ,Sis 'wk 252 1? fffb V55 1323, Psa "dvi H65 bf' ffii PQ 4423 ZH! ?g!' 93:52, yy ww ,- iff rf sf as V 172 Q W 'ff W: M z,f 2 if ms fi 2 f YY f af Sv -Q ff ., jf! H Q 22 14' JL fs-i .. , -a5i.,4.,,f:, w,...q,f- f a w:,'Wf'5 ' W' , e , Q , 1 avg 1 an x ' it .Q ' 1 ' sf if " Q 'M iff' wr W is-Q. af we ' ' f 2-2 M-53 72 W! "Q wh J .-0 fx ff-W asia l Z 'W If-if ,ffW'f'5K'e? 4531" M2254 fied V431 if' -ai 2, " if Za ffsffagmi,-Q4..,Jy'a-ef-.,g,' 'jf sp 0-'gy fy'-wp W "1 -2, if Qnjjq. ',, ,f 4, fn, ff ,-me-tg 24. fn nm 'w 1' we .L-2. .FZ Q . we fs I.. E f J x?,bj' 0"'9e's as mf ff!! M221 wif xy" Q2 if f X MWA WV W F' g Mai. 2 f ea" 'E 7 af. We av 2 hifi: 1, Q i mimi we :rf 1 i me ,.s. A 9. nf 'sf Page 521 N It looks like a boyish prank. The dawn hasn't came but Iowa. Werenit they surprised when the third time they ref it's coming. Maybe we know now why three Teke's insisted turned and found a gentleman had kindly traded berths on sharing a lower berth with a young lady on the way to with the lady? Typical Wisconsin spring weather. This picturesque It is rumored that Chicago students enroll in the ROT campus View invariably greets milady coed on Easter morn Club to keep from getting homesick. as N Page 522 she gaily plows her way to church in her new spring arctics. as f Mn f!' :J 1 vi t lyoffgi mi, ?l"'.7f ' e5?FF' gy 35: J ij... , , ,. ,.g.g71 f 1-4 3- .nf I -," f' 'rms . -wif , u na'-ix fig" f iff' ' -- ,,, . - avg' , , v" . 4, 14 F33 4 .-f - - J Nt...-3' . I ,h A ,X lv mag.. 41 ah E 'w . Wgu?Q,.l,1w,f,1,. '1 I " -. A' - " T'qQ"i.t'Qu f ' f 4' .,.772lff3 No. 08 Thorn ' 'TH "I "f!'.,'A"f' in fm 4 fl 54.00 '. No. 67 Thorn - 355' ss4.oo Smoke this modem N0.f3a51E1ain If y0u've never smoked a Drinklessfliaywoodie, y0u've never really enjoyed the height of pipe pleasure. Only a DrinklessfKayvv00clie brings out all thefull, sweet, satisfying f lavor of your favorite tobacco. 33.50, 34.00, 35.00 and 37.00fff at all campus smoke shops. . N Page 523 N 5 ,W,.,,b fy .eww it ,Wyaamw by ,wfaq,,wf5.,,ffMffma, 5' 'P ,www-W., fkvpfmxiwwfwm ,,fW"'fw-ggwwggg.,-g,9vfagw,,u ,,f' ,fffwwll mr myf' wwgyygyfl ., MM: I ,Kc .ww I -me -,W .ash aa -, 962, My 4 VM V4 70, ,Z YM, V? affymmfi ff v , , fi lf amiga, ,za .136 'ww f'?Qyw,Kan,,4ni paw Wi isa fsW24?f',5Q ,aa fy ,ZZ game, ef 75 W w?"fwfNaf 25:4 if mga . W9 2 sive W 2' if 3. fgfffiw- M 1 ffm 2 sf wmef, M w we go J was ,ff sc ie Z 2 ff ke air aff ff? as asia Mc M5 25 Am. I , t - 5 H Z A gq,,MM?,0,9 I 6 tj., I W 4, , ,ff 5 , 11,4 5 Xen i Hyfiu- ya! wiv, It 5's-Awfyf 2 1 ,Mfg Z- fz ?! if wwf, swf W. 5 ag, A' 2 My ai -6 nf, M we f at M gf, wi ,Q fc 0? 1 W? MQ, eN,.,5G2rfi7,, as W 4-HQs,,,92w pwlxgvf ,, J W ,M-'ce?,wf252, am-asf' ' wg Cf'-Mwwffey-W-e2.e 21' V! W''-was-fs,,.-M',f2"'9mS. ' W ew, rw-ra ,af Qffsffgfffgafas Qgazify if 'Q zfffgws Mwfyfkae5wYv'WW afQ3wQQ w7'w-Qfwseww W a'erwaea2 QL Wfnfaaaaf2? T ,imffbj swf mS,,,,42fi Q Z l,,,Qs.f Aggyyfmgw XZWXYWE ?i2Wij ,,..Y,! aegI,,Lm,,h2,h,,Z Zmmgga an Q' M sa , ffta Ws5a,,!aaMa4 ,gknapwyfehwftnwwf 26? Q W, scan as ' 25 swears af 'cW- 21 setWxNa,fJaWWwf 3 THE NINETEEN TI-IIRTY BADGER MEMORIAL UNION"ifK MADISON,WISCONS1N Apr-11 27 , 1929 Mr. David E. Birkhoff DeLonge Studio Madison, Wisconsin Dear Mr. Birkhoff: Your last picture has been received for the 1950 Badger, marking the final detail of a complete work which has been very satisfactory. Cooperation has been a very refreshing part of the work, coupled with wonderful crafts- manship and technique. Required specifications which necessarily must be met in order that the book may be uniform and attractive have fully suited our needs. I now wish to thank you for your work throughout the year and extend my appreciation as well as that of the staffs for your service. Gordially, -Z. STUART HIGLEY. EDITOR-INACHIEF VERTQN LLOYD, gl-35154555 MANACKR A . ffllwt., wx W-mlm. Na as-1 -f -M MQW., fx f' fy f,- ,' 30 N' 'N wwf- " -,Jax aff 1' .. A-iw!! V, . , X- eqswff .. v- , 'lbw-1. :grave M -fs 'Nz' Af',g,,xsffZggi we f y,x,eApy2. QX Z! jgzsxa if 'ig QQ?- zf 5 K, x we s Q. 5 4? ' awe QL ,f-we s 'nf 14 5 W 1 an-V-. 5' ,,.-Q., 5 X: S I 4, l m,.,X 4,-3 fy' 1 X' Eg Q if f Wm xg ,NN w Nr - ,gy sp - NX xi .fi ,MN S .ex R Q 026 We 6? A 22252 vs 57' 232 -osx: Yi? ,M gm' A gs Ng fb 'Kgs' mwemfhw if :- aff H, f za xi V M gr: is K ZY'MfN1Nii4'f .- wi NL.. W Q gg-wi N7 27 , :fe H 2 v' sag X: ff i . E1 s if X5 ,gf cy gsxuwisfxg gNjj,,,,.f1Jgg ' ,, f, if X' ,Q law., KVQ JQQM 4 W-'ivy-We 2 ,rf f v 'aww vw' f iw wi., - ,W ee ,. 1 N-:Sw ,gm M. .Ax 1 2 wwf , . vw - -.Q 50,1 A-?Vw,f.ffg MSMSAQJZ qs 4 lg Qzsvfwdxg MOA W cg ,.,,,,,.s N.-6,0 at at S:,.M.5,.q,x.w AX 5,- f' y X! 1' ax fb he ff LN Y N f--an , ,3 1 , f5,,,w1,N,- A 5 ,f , f t, wwf, ,V a 9 ,4 fa u., var pu., N. , 2, 4 5 XJ, WW. lf mx! N ff as , af. .0 A ,fa ,-.,,-4 s QQ., ,if If ,Mfg ,Q A 'Zn Nr my 1, 54 kb A A 35:21 xg: ,J 5 ybjim gy sexy I Aa.-pi' 5513 Q .QT N Pass 524 N PPERSONALITY! Have you got NIT?" Do you want to develop a strong personality? Personality is your reaction toward your environf ment. It is WHAT you say-and HOW you say it. Hesitation, Stammering, and Faulty Expressions are the earmarks of an UNDEVELOPED personality. Debating and Public Speaking BUILDS personal. ity. It teaches you WHAT to say-and to say it WELL. JOIN THB ATHENAE LITERARY SOCIETY Thursday, October 4, IQ28 Bascom Hall Damn IT! Ask any Athenaen. He knows what to say out on the Drive when the girl says "Noi" for the third time. Port is vexed. Mr. Butts cannot become reconciled to the loss of the decorations of the Rathskeller Hreplaces. "I didn't mind so much when these vandals started on the phonograph records and magazines, but when they take the paint off the wall, that's really terrible," he sobbed. Canned Speeches President Frank spoke his piece for the talkies. All his speeches .ought to be presented in that manner, so the audience could hear them a couple of times and have a chance to figure out the meaning of the greater part of his vocabulary. What the swell dressed Experimental College student is not wearing. Mr. Harry M. Schuck, Tripp Hall, decries Adams Hall styles and sets an example for the Guinea Pigs as to what to wear to the better funerals or weddings. The leaders of the Ex College starting at the left and going round the circle are Mr. Reynolds Cwith hair still wet from his latest bath in the lakej, Mr. Gutheirn, manager of Meiklef john for Union Board clubj, Mr. Wolfson QExfDeet theater editorj, ash tray, Mr. Bubbert Cantiffraternity exponentj, and- Mr. Hertzberg CChief .counsel for defense in the ExfCo11ege vs. Public casel. - Do not make a mistake: the one between Messrs. Wolff son and Bubbert is an ash tray. N Page 525 N UNIVERSITY THEATRE PROP. WM. C. TROUTMAN, Director BUSINESS STAFF Manager . . . Perry M. Thomas Assistant . . . Arno R. Myers Budget Director . Robert H. Pratt Comptroller. . . Robert B.VMurphy Assistant Comptroller Patrick 'Cooney Secretary . . . Carolyn Lounsbery Ticket Sales . . x. . Mary Roden xp PRODUCTION STAFF Y L. Grifhth Briggs . Kermit Kamm L. Griffith Briggs Properties Manager ,... Hazel Seifert Assistant Properties Manager . Charles Crowell Stage Manager ..... Stephen Freeman Costumes Manager . . . Sally Owen Electrician Manager . . . Robert H. Pratt Makefup ...... joe Richter Production Manager . . . Assistant Manager . Art Manager ..... Designs by L. G. Briggs Zetes' publicity. Why not get another title, Griff? There is still room on the bottom of the program for 'Publicity Manager," or are we to take that for granted? Not an underwear ad. When Henke forgot part of his equipment at the Iowa Indoor meet, he proved that he was not on the Badf ger track team for the sole purpose of being a lingerie model. How "Rus" Russell at the Photoart house feels when the Badger goes to press. Rus, with his trusty camera takes shots of anything and everything from Badger aces to the president of Union Board making a payment to cover the 18c deficit of the football band and does it morning, noon, or night. No one whom Rus shoots can complain about being half shot. The only reasons Rus survives each Badger are the girls at the Photoart. Ask Roundyg he knows. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever," as the poet has so aptly put it. Need we say more? ALL KINDS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND MIISIC-WARD BRODT MUSIC COMPANY ' 1 t LLL - 1 .-. 1- nan, e.- .1 v 1 . - .- . - f . - n. o., 1. ' "i::.l' ' inii' ' ' ini' ' if-R' ' ini' i.-iii' ing' i:-Ji' ' ini' N irfii' ' inii' Viftii iiftii' , J. 'fe- 9 9' asa A ??Q .- Y .- J F335 fe WE ?Q " xr.: -4. -- I 1 Elingnr Ennhrrh '-Tightg-Eur igvara Z nf ilnapiratinn Mara Ihr iilrintrr as at li Z...-,H . sue fmgn po: safcjlt -0- s W . R , if T .-:-'.. 5- - f 5 3 ra 2? T 5 5 i ggi 9 A ::: f 7 t -', , ra ' sms . - Xfi-gpg e A' Q 'i?f4"'.ia 5 ' 1 f 4 5'-72 ?ef",'r s " " T' .C -,, " ,"v2'H" i 1- A .- 1 "Sita Li 9 :tt Na -.1 cg: n t 4 ?k:5- ! Q ' f '-M W :Tr : :..- t 'X . X c - 71' K f J " 5 1, C " 2. A i i .J il ' Z 1:74 i l .T '.: I Q -' : . ? 1 1 1 J 1 2 : : ' Ii A i : 5 C Q Ufyxg -l g 5 A 1 .Jam . l : ,- j 1 l 3 BA i. lv' E CH: At the dawn of modern civiliza- tion, when men began to rub their l nd ak f f s eepy eyes a W e rom ages o darkest ignorance, there rose out of obscurity a craftsman. As he looked down through the centuries he knew that for men to learn to live they first must learn to read. He saw further that to teach men how to read there must be books, books and more books. He be- lieved that ease in making books would give great minds courage to write their thoughts for preserva- tion. qf The craftsman, Johannes Gutenberg, of Mainz, invented est book printed with movable type, the Gutenberg Bible of about 1455, has never been surpassed. qf Every true craftsman carries in his blood an inspiration tracing back to the courageous Printer of Mainz. . E112 130011285 WEN? H Story Emily QI In the days of the old world printers, a "mark" of some sort was as necessary to identify their work as a trademark is to the modern manufacturer. And as those "marks" had clearly a definite significance, so it is with the printer of today. qf The mark of Cantwell was chosen with the Anchor and Dolphin of Aldus Manutius, the great Venetian printer of 1499, as its inspi- ration. The Dolphin symbolizes alertness and agility in execution, while the Anchor enforced ability and security. qf The back- ground for the original mark of Aldus is the ancestral coat of arms of the Cantwells. It represents more than sixty years of skill- ful printing by two generations of crafts- men-an impressive testimony of the qual- ity of Cantwell work. DVD Eletwu 13655225 9-al?-2 Tditfilltll 1390025 QI There is the pride of achievement in placing the mark of Cantwell on this 1930 Badger, the eleventh volume to go forth Q 'iftii' U' A -Em! t 4 T' r fx ASH 1 1 nr' 'Cx , if .Pf"'!,m J'-. -- s 4.1 ' 4 if 'N , ,. -HAH! E 1, QJ.3 -EV! S fb. r .Ll Q- Z 1' 'P ff Cr if J. raw lf, f 3 Q ,,, --. Y: s ggggtlgoggfggi ,531 Qgignhggggi fIFf?hZui.?Z53i2? Sl1S53:.SE,5S iTEESLi?li.? OES? there issued noble fruit from the which We are responsible' "fs" fi ' f .Ad" ' - ' 1? " iw Wff.r511r1,2zi.zzm:r.. .3 fllflniwvll iirmrmr Qlumiwnu ample of ine typography, the Sarli- lilrintets Shire IBB? a za, Q iiilnhisun, misrunsin Q' ' 'ilin -fPagesz7N , ,, ,..,, . , .. . - .ww 'V , vi fifwfsz. 21' ci 'mv it :ff 2526 fs? sigfg fr, 1 :5'f4'?r,sy"v,.. -W ' g gsyisgfwzv N. 1 Q 4 w 'f r A . .yf ' 5.-Qi if :IN . ff ""?- sf KQJSNQJX glrysblifw uw LVX- jg.. few ,V-TQ: .-1-",,-wfla I V " 4 055721. 4 govwf 1' 934-.ygymf ,ZYQQQQ f. lsrsgfariv-. 2. ygztyfif JXN ZQ. fi! , X ,yff . . ., - . ,x,, if ...V . . . ,. of 24 'wing Qfwf f 'X K' ,QNSWIQ Ki? 'W SX? ,Z MWYW W t 4 72? , f xg-Q4 Mead.:-W X ff fy 35.1,-g f- 4 -f-rw. meg AM ,fb-fffzyyfwf , '. mf ' . ww iw 3-f'f7wCs1M?s-"Liar - .twig lim-,.'fffl.z,': -a.1y'w.f,-V252-W f.,r3bff5'ff ..:fzs4z14::v,.gy, ,,.Q,.g5w,. .'sw.4m.,:f-4,.f.-w' ' fr ' ff GN ft ' - ' -f V ' . V T Good will, though intangible, is a most valuable business asset. High courts have recognized its monetary value. Account- ants enter it on the balance sheet as an asset. Business executives and financiers place high value upon it when arranging the sale or purchase of an established business. Good vvill is that feeling of confidence, trust and friendliness that you have in a manufacturer or seller, in his products and trade name. The Burgess organizations have been building good will all through its career. The faith that men and Women all over the World, in many diversified industries, have in the name Burgess is of inestimable value. But it is not primarily as a financial asset that We prize it. Rather as a tribute to an adherence toideals and the keeping of prom- ises. As a monument erected through years of service and development. And as a spur to further progress. We pledge ourselves to a continuance of those policies and ideals which have built "Burgess Good Will." C.E BURGESS LABORATORIES I NC. BU RGESS BATTERY COMP NY T' I y 7 N Page 528 N BURGESS BATTERY EURO ESS PATENTS Milwaukee and Allis-Chalmers both Internationally Known ---two names that have grown famous together. 1 Each helped the other to attain that fame. MILWAUKEE, as a city, was only one year old whe11 in the year 1847 a small shop for the manuf facture of mill stones was started near West Water and Second Streets. In a few years Milwaukee was known as the only city in the country where a complete flour mill could be furnished from one establishrrent. In 1866 the E. P. Allis Company, as it was then known, moved its plant to Clinton Street. In this plant, later known as the Reliance Works, the Company gained further prestige through its Corliss engines and sawf mill machinery. In the year IQOI, through a consolidation with sevf eral other companies of similar interests the Allis' Chalmers Company was organized and construction of a modern plant at West Allis was started. The com' pany expanded and extended its manufacturing facili, ties until today there is probably no other plant in the world better tooled and equipped to build heavy and diversified machinery than this Company with its l scores of skilled engineers experienced in the design i and construction of power, electrical and industrial machinery. From the mines of Alaska to the wheat A fields of the Argentine, from the copper mines of Chile to the gold fields of the Transvaal, in India, Siam, in China and Japan, and the islands of the sea-wherever man reaps or mines, mills or saws, manufactures or prof duces power-you find AllisfChalmers machinery. And wherever Milwaukee made machinery goes the name i of Milwaukee becomes known and its fame as the greatf est machinery manufacturing center in the world grows. f'L'-'SJ Fc"lf,',':.'1'.'E33E""'!i,L! 52935156 SOSUZANY ' Yes you may. . .. ,.-..-.,..,,.3.,,,, .,.,.,.,,,.,,, . E.. . x -I . ,G 1 f 5 l 1 . ' al a A - . , , V, -'fx :rf ,Q U -A-fag 3, V. , I -+-.. mpg: ,-A -4-vh pa c. Eff. s-1 't 5' N+'gfr.'.'f? Heaven help him. Daniel had nothing on him, the .most courageous man on the faculty. Thats Prof. Ken Clson who censors both Octy and Badger. He has to delete enough to prevent the n1idfVictorian senses of the faculty from being shocked and let enough go by to interest a bunch of twentieth century nit wits. He deserves a laurel wreath when he finishes his jobs, but probably will be ready .for la lily. I V , N Page 529 N ' Wi Her sisters thought she was popular be- Whose Zoo at Wisconsin Perry Thomas--Wisconsin Playersl maker of assorted cur, tain speeches. The patrons get their money's worth up to and including a curtain speech every time Perry is on deck. ' Jack Roe-the spellbinder who annually decries universif ties as "Babbitt factories," but what could be more 'Babbittish for a student than a coonskin coat and getting pulled out of Mendota with a couple of well oiled brother Betas by Cap Isabell? Al Edgerton-not a big shot, but the man behind the guns in the class of IQBO political campaigns since 1926. This year the guns backfired, and Al didn't know enough to get out of the way of the recoil. Merrill Thompson-1930 Badger editor Qin Wausaul. As president, he guides the destinies of Badger board, but ever since Christmas holidays has been known Cin Wausauj as editorfinfchief of the book. Dick Harvey-minister extrafordinary from Racine to the Experimental College. One day the boys in his section caught a sparrow in the hallway, and Dick had sparrow on toast for dinner. Glenn Arthur-business manager and deficiency expert of the Daily Cardinal. Glenn allows the editorial staff 179. pieces of copy paper daily and counts it out and distributes it in person. Unless the reporters furnish their own paper or borrow from the Octopus, the Cardinal is short of news. Clarence Weinstock-one who believes in freedom of the dress. It is rumored that Clarence has become so civilized since his matriculation at Wisconsin that he tolerates chairs in his room. Bill Steven-Tri Delt publicity agent. In addition to put' ting the Tri Delts on the front page of the Cardinal every morning, Bill knows enough news to makea few highest and mightiest politicians tread lightly. David Gordon-PCET, who see tits to select Lindbergh's Hancee for him, since Lindy's girl happens to be a million heiress. Poets are supposed to regard love as the supreme emotion. Railroad Jack-a man who can talk longer and say less than any professor in the University of Wisconsin. Hence the jealousy and reluctance to let Jack entertain during a single lecture hour. Hampton Randolph-inciter of Wisconsin spirits and pref server of Wisconsin traditions, provmg that the typewriter is mightier than the sword. Hamp's editorials Cwith by-line attachedj enticed fans to mass meetings where the coach and captain told them that the teams were evenly matched and that on the morrow the team would do its best and would iight till the last whistle. . cause she could swim . . . . . . . g , . Kal- A . .- 'xiii' But the D- U-'S knew - - - s "2' tfftit .- She had bought her suit at MANCHESTEIPS Page The sad case of the freshman French student who made a mistake and went to the Spanish House for his meals. The poor boy couldn't parler Espanol, so he starved to death. The Spanish instructors have not yet decided who of their number shall get credit for his attendance at the Casa Cervantes. 530 N X 1 i P i l il 'r li E ii r 1 A-...N-A 4--, V, , agp . ERHAPS it is because present-day conven- iences enable women to feel more cheerful about kitchens that these rooms have dropped drabness -for cheerful color. Such conveniences, for example, as the Crane combination sink and laundry tray. Seen here in a thrifty Dutch setting of painted Wall-paper and tiled floor, it is thrifty of steps, time, money. It costs much less than two fixtures, and it saves many trips to the ll l 4 1 L. l. si ,gi ,W if Mil 32 wi J lr? fm 4-, 1? X4 3, V, ,A W lm, 'lr 11 V , Qi ,. 3,21 ZW 1 33,552 Li' 5 basement laundry. The nickel-silver drainboard shifts over tray or sink and is removable for carrying dishes. Crane Exhibit Rooms are well stocked with other suggestions for kitchen and bathroom decoration and equipment. Visit them. Write for the illustrated book, New Ideas far Bathrooms, with color schemes, floor plans, wall elevations. About lasting Crane econ- omy, ask any responsible plumbing contractor. iii.: .Tim K xx 150 2500 Pound: Pressure "wif P01014-Y PHSS1472 B7 old! ' FIXTURES, VALVES, FITTINGS, AND PIPING, FOR DOMESTIC AND INDUSTRIAL USE CraneCo., 521 Williamron Sl.,Madi5o71,WiJc. -6 Brancherandsafei ojicfs in one bundredandeightycitie: ff? My! . Hold Up Jesse james carried a gun, but Sigma Delta Chinropes them in with a line on a small bit of paper which starts As a repref sentative man" and ends "S2.5o." The result is the sameg the suckers hand over their money just like they did to Jesse. The result is called the Gridflron banquet. Paternalism The Athletic department is extremely .solicitous of its proteges' physical welfare. For instance, Bill Burgess, cross country captain, goes to the store room and says: "Gimme a track shirt," and the store keeper says: "Whaddya want, an old one for track or a new one for underwear?" A Cherished Remembrance it CAMPUS SODA GRILL "The Place That Malted Milks Made" Next to Library A ter YOMJTQ Out-- You will appreciate even more the factor of quality in suitings and haberdashery. For your- convenience, we have a complete size register service. Through this medium, you will still be able to secure our mer- chandise in your sizes-and delivered direct- ly to your address, wherever you may locate. May we 'register you today? HUAK as DUNN 644 State Street Madison, Wisconsin When you need . . . -typing -rnultigraphing -mirneographing -private stenographic -addressing and mailing Let us serve you COLLEGE TYPING CO. . W Vx. Lmdy flies over Madison. The Lone Eagle was eagerly watched by many such crowds as this when he circled the city. Raw! Raw! Raw! - Nothing is more pitiful than the exfcheer leader at Home coming who becomes imbued with patriotism to the extent that he must lead a cheer. The introduction to the crowd is, of course, merely incidental. The old boys are either too tight to lead or have lost their former skill so that they would have to be tight to properly lead. They finally persuade the Varsity cheer leader to introduce them just about the time the teams are coming out for the second half. Then everyone forgets them while watching the warming up maneuvers, and for a week the grad cheer leader nurses a strained back. Wonder what their wives think of them. Quit the horsing around and settle the question. No decision has been made as to whether Lystrata, Ex. Coll. drama, was foul or the minds of the audience were foul. Maybe the play was QQ 44,fIOOIZ pure, but if so, why did .Q .pi Badger 3747 . 515 Camp'-IS AI'C3dC many of the spectators forget their ,professorial dignity so S' Facing Lower Campus far as to titter and nudge one another? The titters are perf E it V. p U 4 ' p A 1 missible, but the nudges are suggestive. , ..',.. f .i'ig9B.4lY!T0.N1Q.1QR-HQ' Q0-, Drugs,an4-Phprp Supplies, Madison, Wisconsin. . 1, figiftf .. 1 V. -1: Q r, .. Y i C J - .5 The Sigma Kappas are always cutting capers. The house is draped in mourning for an alum who was in such a hurry to get back for Homecoming she ran smack into the hitching post where Sigma Kappa dates leave their rentfafbuggies and knocked herself and her car all to smitherines. The tragic affair simply ruined the Sigma Kappa celebration. Did You Know That 1. Prom chairman election was decided in Herman Mcf Kaskle's room at the Phi Pi Phi house and not at the polls? 2. Dekes don't go to Alpha Phi parties since some of them forgot where the first floor of the Alpha Phi house ended? 3. There was no epidemic preceding the Christmas holif daysg there were just a lot of people sick at one time? 4. The Delts at Virginia do not drink? 5. The style of Bob Godley's column was copied from a column in the Cleveland Press? 6. Cardinal Key is supposed to be a secret organization? 7. Women were not supposed to be in the male cheering section at the stadium? 8. No woman has ever crashed the gate to the Gridiron banquet? 9. An empty bottle was once found in front of the PAD house the morning after a party? Io. Unafilliated students have practically nothing to say about campus politics? Da-da-a Da-da-da-a CTO the tune of i'Stars and Stripes Forevernl Wisconsin sort of spoiled Iowa's plans for a whoope celef bration after the game last fallg Iowa didn't get evena moral victory, so the Daily Iowan showed up the battle as an irnf moral victory for the Badgers, by claiming that some of the Wfarmfband wearers who had imported a little corn into Iowa "let their pep run away with them so much that they were a disgrace to their school and their state." Further quotations from the editorial follow: H . . . some misguided vandals . . . tore down not only the colors of Iowa, but the Stars and Stripes-and the flag of our nation was dragged in the mud . . i'We are not crabbing about the results of the game . . "Nor do we complain because the Wisconsin rooters were exhuberant about their victory . . "The tearing up of the goal posts showed their childishf ness . . . "But we could have forgiven this horseplay. But we cannot forgive them for tearing down . . . the flag of the United States." Somebody page jack Dalton and the U. S. Marines, and a boy carrying a large sign, "Sour Apples!" But then editorial writers are necessary evils on any college daily staff, as anyone at the U. W. can tell you. Stock Pavilion. The stock pavilion once more gains prom' nence in the public eye as the annual Horse Show takes place there. aB1'ing or Mail Us Your Shoe Repairing The Qooolqear Shoe Repair Co. J. Sehuffz, Prnprielar We Make Dancing, Sandals and Corrective Gyrn Shoes 652 State St. Madison. 1DiS- Phone: Badger 5164 Exclusive Evening Slippers C0 fig' y 9: . stiffer '69 i - f jENSEN'S BOOT SHOP 614 STATE STREET MADISON FUEL CO., 601 W. Doty St. THE EVV SCC-GP V ,..--.,, . gyj . ,,.....,, iw ---- l From a small establish- ment in 1892, with one clerk and a mere handful of members, the Co-op has grown to its present size, occupying its large, mod- ern building, with a per- sonnel of 25 clerks and 35,000 members. It is now a veritable students' de- partment store, truly a university institution. This growth has been made possible only through the skill and energy of its managers, its sales person- nel, and its directors who have steadfastly held to one purpose-to furnish Wisconsin students, fac- ulty and alumni with the merchandise they want at the lowest market prices. Not one penny of profit is distributed to any one but members. A rebate is declared each year. This rebate has been 1562 an- nually for the last several years. Surely a saving of this amount in your college expenses is worth consider- ing. . . Are You a Member of the Co-op? The University Co-op E. J. Grady, Mgr, STATE Sv. LAKE ST. Believe It Or Not An explanation in regard to the architectural styles of the eating club houses opened this year might be in orderhere to prevent strangers from falling into error. - The Phi Gam house is not a high class hotel. The better class hotels are located close: to the capitol square. The Theta Xi house may look like a barn with a silo at one end, but it isn'tg it's a perfectly good frat club. The projection towards Langdon street on the Chi Phi house is not a garageg it's the living room or maybe the boys call it the drawing room. The wall around the A O Pi house is not for the purpose of confining the pledges to their own front yardg it isn't high enough. lncidentally, we wonder how many cups of tea it will take to pay for the new Kappa lodge. . Reason Six reasons why oneffourth of the average student's curriculum should be devoted to the study of foreign languagesi 1. The average student isn't interested in them. 2. They won't do the average student one damn bit of good after he graduates. 3. They train the mindg so does chess. 4. They give cultural instruction in history, etc., that can be obtained in less than one half the time from direct study of foreign history, etc. 5. They give instruction in English grammar and composition that can be obtained in less than onefhalf the time from a direct study of English. 6. Foreign language instructors must live somehow. H Prom Queen commits indiscretion. Miss Betty Baldwin won the displeasure of the deans when she had her pitcher took with Roundy. Roundy does not own the hatg it was borrowed from Glenn Frank merely for the occasion and ref turned later when Roundy went to Glenny's for dinner. 34 N -1 Kohler jixtures in Autumn Brown-the paneled Mayfair bath and Bellaires vitreous ehina lavatory Do you Want a bathroom of your own? ' If so, you're like hundreds of others who realize the added con- venience and delightful privacy that such a room brings. You Will Want beautiful fixtures in it. You can have Kohler fixtures -for no more than you would pay for others of far less distinction. And color. Charming, lovely color right in the fixtures them- selves, for Kohler ware is available in six permanent shades as well as black and White. There are so many places in the average home Where this extra bathroom could be-an unused bed- room or closet, the end of a hallway -Waste space just waiting to be turned to some useful function. How much will this bathroom cost?4Well, suit yourself. How much does a house cost? Or an automobile? Or an evening gown? Kohler Co., Founded1873, Kohler, Wis. Shipping Point, Sheboygan, Wis. Branches in Principal Cities NPage 535 N Umbirt ing! the! Utmost Beauty and lfltilitu ina jjlumbin rzbtturg if r' """' .Ji W' F, llllll Xxllll The grateful Cellini fittings fused on the Bellaires lavatory shown at the lefty is illustrative of the exquisite artistry and workmanship whieh Kohler is building into sturdy, praetieal fffingi with renew- able parts and a heavy touting of lustrous ehromiurn. A New and Attractive ' Booklet There are bathrooms in eolor--sugges- tions for layouts--descriptions and illus- trations of over two hundred plumbing futures--in this new book. Won't you let us send you a copy? Are you using marble-or plasterg tile-or linoleum? It all depends. But there is one very important fact-and a cheering one-to bear in mind in all your planning and counter-planning. This- Kohler fixtures in color-the love- liest-most desirable fixtures made -add very little, indeed, to the cost of the finished bathroom. Investigate the possibilities of having this delightful private bath- room for yourself. And at the same time, note the new Kohler of Kohler fixtures for kitchen and laundry. tif E. Q11 KAR TE Specialists in apparel and footwear for men'-Out' fitters by popular appointf ment to the men of the University of Wisconsin. 5 5 On Capitol Square 22-24 No. Carroll St. S 1,5512 5 W? Phone: Badger 712 C. B. Fritz Company General Contractors Mill and Office: 138-142 N. Frances St. Madison, Wis. Dealers in Pine, Hemlock and Hardwood Lumber 117 South Webster St. Phone: Fairchild 364 Mayer Printing Company The Home of Fine Printing Madison, Wisconsin ,fas,,f..fa14-.f. 5? .5 .,.. E . .. ..,,. ,.s.,,,, " " 1: ,ff .V .X .5 r X X 6 , if L 151.522 - ' W PFW F352-.13f:fi . ,.,, . 1 1. I 2iiL1:'.v:aj 'f'J5vE,::!4?5: if 'QQ .1 ' mi..-5 -1,'l . 5-1-Ziicrif 111 -24573r"2iZLf"'?'l '14-. ...,. 3 me-A 'if w,.,fw31 -14 mg, ll . "T, 55' :fx 'ff-'.f"53 'Vi f aff 2,!U7fif"':1?Vf,Yl fi5ff4" .,..: ..r.-',w1s:v.ff:. fir L 1 , YF- 'f' 53.41 ., .. .X W' " -"f,'s.11 W 1--11-an. . .- 1 .-f '7.59zfvA,w.f'fi'23itQ'fQj1 A .1.f'.' 51- 0- .-ffft . , 1 , ' as f- M . ,f-.i-11. '2 - M4-gr. ' ' E151 'eq 1 1 4,1252-,,.,,, ,uf-5: .ay - gf 3 I 1 1 1 Knute Rockne, interviewed while taking a bath, said, "My 1928 team was a bunch of farmers, but they didn't know enough to make hey hey at Wisconsin while the sun shined. That shows that the long grass wasn't the only green thing on Randall Held. 'The sod on Soldiers' Field will be removed next fall and the ground painted green. Then watch my team when they are not hindered by long grass." Mr. Rockne's hat, it will he noticed, is still pulled over his ears since the Wisconsin game of 1918. True Story She had a friend in the receiving line at Prom, so She had to go down the line. I-le was slightly on the way as Promfgoers sometimes are. All went well till they approached the President of the University and his wife. He was introduced to this Frank person. Slightly confused he said duhiously, "Frank?" i'Yes," was the reply. "Frank who?l' He answered. Curtain. Self Explanatory Claim 'cSweetl1ea'rt" Song Constitutes Illegal Rushing Frank O. Holt, university reg- istrar, said yesterday that the only formal complaint lodged with his olhce concerning fra- ternity rushing during orienta- tion week was made by Bob Calkins, '30, who charged that partiality was shown in includ- ing "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" in the Wednesday evening song program. Calkins, it was reported, sang another fraternity song while Clarke Silcott, '30, and Newt Halvorson, '30, two others with Calkins, kept silence and sang "Some other words' respec- tively. Mr. Holt did not seem worried over the seriousness of the charge. RUNKEL'S BARBER SHOP, 642 State St., Madison, Wis. ' The editor of the Wisconsin Student Independent about to hurl a bomb at the Memorial Union Building, that umonument to war." QNotice the long hair.D As yet Prexy Frank has not called the editor into conference on problems of university policy nor given any indication that he appreciates or even has seen the gratis advice of said editor. Thank you, Mr. Capitol Mr. Victor Wolfson, former Cardinal theater editor, wishes the Satire section on his behalf to thank Mr. Capitol of the Capitol theater for the lifeftime pass which he received in recognition of the criticism Mr. Wolfson gave his shows in the past season. Mr. Wolfson received the pass by mail with the ,following inscription engraved on the back: uln appreciation of your timely and helpful criticism." "I am glad," Mr. Wolfson says, "to see that my constructive efforts are esteemed, especially by Mr. Capitol, forl think the productions offered at this theater exemplify the signincant and artistic in drama. L'However, all the credit for my scintilating reviews does not go to myself. Most of it should be placed at the door of the Cardinal Board which so fearlessly adopted the policy of giving me free rein to tell the truth about the movies." Post grads. A group of Wisconsin graduates are doing post graduate Work at another state institution located at Waupun. These master minds take big problems and make little ones of themg hence, the phrase "making little ones of .big ones." Machinists', Mill CHICAGO Railroad Supplies BESL , and Brass, Copper and Bronze in Sheets, Rods, Wire and Tube For over 50 years the leading Engineering Colleges and insti- tutes have found Besly Quality and Service a decisive factor. CHARLES H. BESLY and COMPANY 118 to 124 N. Clinton St. Chicago Works: Beloit, Wis. Ford - Nash - Buick - Pontiac - Knight Badger Rent-a-Car We Deliver Prompt Service State Sr Henry Fairchild 6200 Established 1874 'BID IIMKMK lI31lD'D IK r IBII N ID IEIIQW Library Binding A Specialty 454 W. Gilman St. Telephone: Fairchild 469 N Page 537 N The R-S Line includes Sanitary Drinking, Fountains, Bath and Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies C9 G 9 Let us Send you detailed Bulletin Rundle-Spence Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, Wis. Phone: Badger 25 Main Office: 24 E. Mifflin St- Established 1854 Coal, Coke, Wood and Fuel Oils Ice and Building Materials Gasoline, Lubricating Oils and Greases Cement. Sand, Gravel, Lime, Sewer Pipe. Brick and Building Tile Wismimism ,A i IJOPRICH umgwrr- 5 4 i..,,., Q ELECTRICK- l "'.76e best 171 - ff fhbzgf elecmbai " sos 51-nz srnzsrxu jremoisore wisconsin l Barnard Burns. The fire was started by one of the inmates smoking in her room. The affair was commercialized and Barnard lost its amateur standing in the annual campus fire race when Lucky Strike and Chesterfield companies bid on the right to advertise their brands as having the honor of starting the conflagration. How About it, John? One question that should be settled is Whether John Catlin forgot his gloves at Prom and Prexy removed his to save john embarrassment, or Whether Prexy forgot his and john did the good Samaritan act, or whether they both forgot their gloves, Anyway neither of them wore white gloves. "Watch out for this guy Frank," says Father Hengell, 'iHe wants you to think for yourself instead of letting me think for you." N Page 538 N A :S How to throw a dance is demonstrated by Bob Calkins, Union Board dance generalissimo. Bob has written a book on the subject which will soon be put on sale Cby Union Boardb. The first chapter begins: "Never, never, never schedule a prefProm dance and a University League dance at the same place on the same night." This is Station Bluh-bluh-squak-sqeee There ought to be a bounty on radio football announcers, say EB2,ooo.oo per head. Anyone of the stayfatfhomes on the day of the Iowa game will heartily agree to this and perhaps will even donate something towards a bounty fund. While Wisconsin struggled in the rain and mud, it seems that the WGN announcer was having a birthday. A bunch of pub' licity hounds anxious to hear their names come galloping out over the ether were congratulating the announcer. "McLain gets the ball and starts around left end. Rebholz breaks through and throws him for a live yard loss," would be followed by: "A telegram from Mr. and Mrs. Oswald D. Blimp of Kof komo, Indiana, 'Many happy returns of the day. The game is coming in finef Well, that's mighty nice folks. Clad to hear our service is good. "McLain has the ball, he's running, hels running, he's running-Cuisinier of Wisconsin got him. Let's see now, he gained, just a minute, he gained a yard and a half." 'LThis is the forest primeval," The Drive is another Badger institution as necessary as a winning football team. Parts of it have appropriately been posted as ia 'iwild life refuge" by the' State Conservation Commission. THE ORIGINAL A' MALTED MILK gg-ali' HORLICICS is serfuecl in all clepartf merits of the Urlifuersity where beverages are solcl STUDENTS require the strengthening, up-build- ing qualities provided by Hor1ick's Malted Milk- That's why coaches and athletic directors every- Where specify it during training. Wherever malted milk is served in the depart- ments of the University of Wisconsin, there you will find Horlick's-tic Original- a guaranty of highest quality. Use "Horlick's,' in you-r room. A cupful hot. on retiring brings sound, restful sleepg prepares, you for an energetic tomorrow. For samples' address Hor1ic1i's Malted Milk Corpin, Racine, Wisg , vi ' ' ' V NPage539N MM IDIEIIQN That one word explains best the attraction of clothing as created by our tailors at Fashion Park. Garments that are in demand today and will be wanted by the dress-conscious young man to-morrow. Our connection with these style creators makes it easy for you to obtain clothing and haherdashery that are the trend of modern fashion. Fashion Park clothing retails in our shop for forty dollars and more. PJ LL1 O'CONNELL IE MEYER MADISON N NWISCONSIN l09 State f X Street NP U 540 N ELASHLIGHT CASES ELASHLIGHT BATTERIES RADIO BATTERIES y RADIQ TUBES I A IGNITION AND TELEPHONE DRY BATTERIES GVOKPOOGNNQ Sales Office ' Factory S0 N- Michigan Ave- FRENCH BA I I ER Y C0 Madison , o Chlcago . Wisconsin Branches A New York Chicago Atlanta Minneapolis 76 Vanck Street 30 N- Milihiiian Ave. 132 Walker Street, S. W. 627 First Avenue, North Kansas City Los Angeles 2021 Main Street 737 Terminal Street This appears almost as silly as the Daily Cardinal editorial policy. It's a tough life, that of a university president. Prexy is so dog tired that he has to drag one foot on the ground. A Lucky Break Luckily the Kluckohnfl-lanks, etc., expedition broke their only camera in the forepart of their trip or the reading public would have had innumerable photos inflicted on it in the Cardinal last fall. The members of Rho Epsilon Delta ought to take a trip like this oneg they would have a chance to make the ' front page more often. FRANK BROS., Fancy Groceries and' Fruits. 611-613 University Ave. CLEANING PRESSING REPAIRING CWEN M VETTEIQ Satisfaction Cleaners Wc're in the Badger once a year. Wc're in your house A twice a day. Tag 'em and hang 'em up. Phone: Badger 7542 654 State St. Awnings Add IOOZ More Beauty To Your Home! At An Amazingly Reasonable Cost! just Call CCKROPF AVVNINGSM Badger 66 3 QQ?-D MADISON TENT if AWNING COMPANY 313 E. Wilson St. Madison, Wisconsin No Foolin' Now An impositor was in our midst for four years and we knew it not. Everybody always held Louie Behr in highest esteem. He was a Phi Bete, a Day medal winner, and basketball captain. After he had graduated, the Daily Cardinal scooped the world with the following headline: Louis Behr, ExfU.W. Cofed Engaged Either Behr is an impositor or the Cardinal made a mistake, but the latter is hardly possible. , 1 f, Let There Be Light Main Street, Podunk, is not like Main Street, Madison fthough Madison is considerably podunkishj, the legislators discovered. They couldn't meander across the street on the Square like they can at home where the horses and buggies whizz past, so now we have four new traffic lights on the Square to confuse traihc. Of Course The curricular attractions of our university should be en' hanced by the addition of a broad general course in husbandry. True, there is already one in "Animal Husbandry" in the Ag School and a "brides course" in the Home Ec School, but what we need is an allfaround course that trains women to approach a man's heart other than through his stomach, because four out of 'five coeds come here to get married, and the fifth comes here to study for a career-until she gets a man. Chairs C9 Tables Tents 6 Camp tofRcnt Furn 't l R .1 -H , N lure 0 cn When bigger and better frat pins are made. Kappa Sig A ,,,, Qi I 1 sweethearts will make them. . MPase.sf+zlN a . A .- ., ' ' . a ' gfizl- f '- EF ui H C C lIlidi1Q3.Sf5:ifiJf' r as 'va " AL ' ll-1 D . ,X ,: , g, -an -.4 V .15 1 - i .Y- ' '--- ' ,- .' . -L-.f.-'. . sv 1 ' -'H . fi M' ,- ,T 14 cl 1: Q f l 1 1' f K P f I Q f ' 1 . x sl ,W l ll w f l i, l , I V ,i I , I. 1 ll .. f A l .V ,. .4 7 l rl ' qize Enesi Aluminum hduroflovered Pans Trtplefthiclg-VapO'Seal type i he 'ZJ6Vq latest They are just about the hnest, we bef lieve, that have ever been offered to the housewives of America. The Mirro Test Kitchen s experts are proud of them-of their beauty that goes clear through and lasts forever, and of their cooking ability! These superb pans are three times as thick as ordinary good aluminum ware. They have heavy fitted covers. They have superhne knobs and handles, the latter insulated and locked to prevent turning Their straightfside, flatfbottom shape, long preferred by professional chefs, is extra eilicient in the utilization of heat. 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'i i pff' , V Clothes for Vacation and Summer Sport 5 ,'-772 pylj eww effe- .1 V eff? "1 7: ,. W .ZF f., wif' 7 it-',,,.i 'fu i . . Q, i Hal xv? VB i Iii? V 'lk 5,13 1 1 93 ew . X .y A fr cr' :gi, l lata, l i t ff :il I .1 ., ip I, L 4-H iii f l f s lsjhi ' f Vlg llei ,- Y -47 6, 17,5 l im H 7-S i S. -', :skin ilifwe 1 'L if W W 'JZ X -' 1 'fl i N lhrwolwlf , X rv N if I I i ltiffi'-f" ff- 413' F . I . . U .H iak fffwss Sem! for New Ilfurrwzled Czzffziogue " X N ell .. S BOSTON .. "i.q,ffJ'ff"1'j'ig'M' A. my 0'fiMiiW,...,vfdf4i.,.!ql Nlawsunv comusn or BERKELEY STREET NEWPORT PALM BEACH Super'atives As clever as an Orph bill. MALONE GROCERY Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 434 Stale Street Phones: Badger 1163 f 1164 The University Pharmacy DTUQS Fountain Students Supplies , Phonm Badger 40 C srner Stare and Lake ililirs. liiatren Sturt L5rft5 Zmnnrm-Sprcmllira in Ernlhrr, Haniluxrnuglit sihur ani ilrnn E-Ituuihnriir musk Shnu ll jfgiirfhim gi, iiizxilfsnn, B-lisrnusin V As pure as an Octy. popular as the "New" satirical Skyrockets. thrilling as an intercollegiate debate. severe as a Madison cop to a drunk at a football game. As traditional as green caps and the bag rush. As stringent as interffraternity rushing rules. As collegiate as a Madison high school kid. h As calm as a Waiting housernother at 12:51 on a 12:30 night. As intelligent as a political science instructor. As punctual as any Madison orchestra. As sober as a Haresfoot chorine. As sincere as a student. talking to an instructor about a As As As con paper. As date. As As As As As As smooth as Lake Mendota the night you have a canoe democratic as Phi Psi. fair as an intrafmural referee. rapid as a Madison street car. safe as Langdon street on a busy day. sick as Ted Otjen after smoking a cigar. unperturbed as a piiich hitter in the ninth with two on and the score 2-o. As dumb as a Wisconsin coed. P What's a poor weatherman going to do? At one and the same time Mr. Miller has johnny Farquhar praying for arctic weather and lots of ice and Mike Murphy for balmy breezes and clear water. lt's almost as bad as trying to satisfy a coed on a date. ALLAN D. CONOVER, ARCHITECT, 23 Tenney Block, Madison, VVis. Sorority Pins Sorority pins are those monstrosities of the jeweler's art which prove to the OUTS that a girl is an IN, and labels a girl so the exclusive frat boys can tell at a glance if he dares to date an IN. If all the hard earned dollars which papas have expended on these talismans were laid end to end, they would be enough to pay off Germany's war debt to France and the United States, or enough to reduce by 5ofZ3 the indebtedness on the Union building. The question is what good are they? A girl can't even give or lend one to get necking privileges, or shall we say rights? Of course the pin furnishes a good excuse for an initiation ceremony in order that the mystic symbols may be explained to the wondering neophytes Qwho will wonder still more when they witness the battle at their first chapter meetingl. Explanations of the mysteries are here offered by a layman. Fraternity pins have as many or more potential explanations as the emblems of the sisterhoods, and not chiefly because there are twice as many frat clubs, but the printer doesn't need any more copy to fill out the Satire section, so why bother as nobody cares. QF' 3 :lf niemvnrnv. are . . ., What might be the key to the situation is worn by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters. It has nothing to do with the cellar. It really must be the key to a Kappa's heart because she wears it where it is easily accessible for use. In case you can't get an original, a skeleton key from the 5 Eff' io cent store will work just as well. -9 Shiver my timbers, but the anchor of Delta Gamma does not indicate a preference for sailors. In fact quite the opposite seems to be true from the looks of the crowd in front of the D. G. house at IO 9.9, on any spring evening. Apparently there is a decided preference for land lubbers, or anyway lubbers, The rope entwined about the anchor is a sample of the D. G. line which the girls hand you. '-ba, One glance at the Gamma Phi Beta pin doesn't reveal much and closer examination less. Hence one concludes that it doesn't represent much. But one mustn't pin onels faith on a little thing like that, for the Gamma Phi's aren't as intriguing as their pin. N' Page 545 N ettihone Uniforms are Worn at the University of Wisconsin and the leading Mili- a,.p f l tary Schools and Col- l ul f leges throughout the l country. X 1 Caps and Gowns for 1f' Faculty and Students rnade to your order, or . f u r n 1 s h e d f r o IT1 ou r large rental stock. Costumes and paraphernalia for College Fraiernites. Sepa- rate catalog 'or each .i 1 'H organization. . If-ffm... ,Q , W! - 1' ,x,M,x ...... rf: W ,fy vw! at A "if " 1 W .2 ,G+ Q , j if 4 Af s W2 in 'FX f 1 vt , W 1 .5427 M ,gf Q ,,I fi , A N r ' r V . A WAFS The Pettilbone Bros. Mfg. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio I-. A i it , r , jul ll 1 ,..-1.1!lll ml' tw il l? 4l l My my 'lllllf if In t l I all l X Iieeaasszzzxihiillggil ll !! 1 ' ' ' V I l If Printing for Fun An ad in "The Badger" is no place for a thesis on why we are in business, but frankly, not the least of all our argu- ments is 'that we like to have students around us. and we enjoy doing their work as we have for the past three quarters of a century. Democrat Printing Company 1 14 South Carroll Street Madison, Wisconsin A' . P ,- ' . ' r ,V as , was . if ' SAND X ' A Strictly A ..V' Q X, . ' Chemicall Pur - - c e ss si ,'A- ,A i 1 , 2. 'f ' f f , 2' -- - V flttrzwiczd Z f - ff 1161 hz' T i 4,,,, , 5 y roc' one 1 X M9014 f" f GRASSELLI I fig-4 mmonium Z ,ff 'Hydrwrlde X6 " Q -' ' an W a?4,521?kkL MRSSQE w a s ' can ar e ig or ears w s - -X20 -:-2 The Grasselli Chemical Co. Incorporated Founded 1839 Cleveland, Ohio , Branches in 19 Cities vef- RONALD MATTOX ACCOUNTANT Offices at Madison, Wis. Bloomington, Ind, Lafayette, Ind. 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When You Want Quality Plus Satisfaction Plus The Newest Modes in Ladies' and Misses' Dresses Suits Coats Furs is? Visit WOLDENBERG'S A Cloak Corner , i 3.2 East.Mifflin Street Reading from front to back the Alpha Phi emblem looks like "Al" and MO", but the "I" and "O" combine to form a Phi which is a character of the Greek alphabet. The letters are large and plain for advertising purposes, but-that is ex' cusable, for if the Alpha Phi's don't advertise Alpha Phi, who will? ' - .1 s4 fe'- ll I tl: .1-T 1 5 V I . w' 'PI . The three stars of the Delta Delta Delta pin are reminiscent of the good old days when such astronomical signs meant Hennessy whiskey. Along with this is the more modern em' blem of the moon. As if to eternally ally themselves with these signs, the Tri Delts have placed three deltas below, but don't take this wrong, it merely shows that the girls work hard though some of them are effervescent. Z The X does not indicate where the body was found, and the horseshoe has nothing to do with good luck as any wearer of the Chi Omega pin will tell you. Neither does the skull and cross bones have the same meaning as when found on a bottle in the bathroom, and the owl surely cannot signify wisdom. Nobody seems to know the signification of the Chi Omega pin except the Chi Omegas, and they won't tell. . , ifggggla' fic? "Always harping on something" one might say after a glance at the Alpha Chi Omega badge. It does look like som' one had been stringing them. Evidently the sisters heard that "music hath charms" and decided that they would have to have something in the order with which to charm, and so selected a harp. :ps sn 1, Q, .. !:. -ya, Z 7' The Alpha Xi Delta charm is easily taken for a tooth brush, but the girls swear it is a quill and sayit makes a ducky pin. The row of pearls along the top was put there by a jewelry. company. ' N Page 548 N IV V ,Q wk V 63" V. Vw W 4- I M: V , A "lf 4, T4 ,A V ' in yt ' W" I 9 ftV:g,.,,:,N 'Q 1 ,.'V , g f ' 'f"Vi2f5'-Pffi, ' - " , .'sz2fwV- , 'V . V V ""Qar,gzgs1' V " -V . . V V ' 711 V: N ' ' ff f M245 - from '--V:5--V,yV.'..,.,:VQ.-15512 , ff,-V, LV '- --V' - ' . V , ee T253 gm ,ljlglf , , 4:11522 ' 1 .V X -,g"d?5I'is:-g.,X5SF -V K ,V "" " Vi-zfifggiigfi V V -4 N V be R---'lif-.W , ,.. ,, " ' "1 ' V " L V Q Q ' ' 'N fff?ff?Z?Q452' ' V-iw. VKV. ' F' :V .,5-ffVVfffe2f1'7:25iLfl ,V ' ' 2,,V-V',Q!,'2,V'1'-WM'-'Viiefl'34' . .. , ' ' "'V,V,W..-4:VfgesVcV.fvgnT?fz.VVf1f,.VppfVsf'- V WV 1 -1 . : V V Vi' 5 ., f-VV . .,-' N ' V V V ' -' ff A V V ,V ,V V V , V V , V , M ., ,V , . V .4 ., V.. ,gVf.-V, V VV , VV , ,,,.-:gp:- V- :V,VV:,1-,,,.5.,g:5f ,V Q i 'J W A 1 'iizli' V- 1 ff:f'53?s,' V .. VVV, 'rl A .. , g'2:j.iF'ffVff7V,,,, f'1,V- V."T' -2 .7 . 5113 11- V 5 V , V V, ., ,A , ' H ' 5 '?fV:. 1 -,...,,. M, ,V 2u1'g6'gff29Vn1a1E'V1''--:,4W,,V 'V ,VV V V A -V ,V,g5,2' 'Q if J L . Lf' I -wif' qi: ' 1' 514' ' 'fi , V4 .2 3 ' if ! H V if ,i?V2f'1eV V - 1 - Xi V' V PM y " A 'x' E: .' i- -5 5- Vj 19, gg.. VV V A f ' V4 V x,4V.V V V ' H 73 f 'V A VV . V VO 'V - NJ V1 , 175'-3 Wg' ' ,-V Va 9. ,'V iw , -f: Vaw?':eVs,fg:.. gg V , ,1 1 V ' . 'ff ' .Vx is ' " ' ' - QV' ?"37'ff2 5' V -1 5 VFW 'Vi' V ,..V Q. V-.-1.,l,4,.v: V 5 V I A... W ,. fi , ,-- V. 12 V1 ' XV N : ,- V' V1 W 4, Aamir. 3,5 V I .f V K ' 'f V1 .fl KIM! ,f V , ,Z ,g Q ,j fs V, Q g : Q. if V V 'V+ -MA V-'f"'V , 1: e gg, V, , Y VV V 5W'Zf Mew . , , ' 7 - U V'v1,Vs5" ' . " .- ' " V- V 'V Y' Ffgs xrl "f'?V'- Win. '.,. .VV,, V f ' - 'iV "fl V-:,'V!V'1 V- 'T V Iw i ' M ?4f.fV'VV-iw. 5 V we . V. V V ,WMV-., 1 V - . V. . mt, my 3'-V VV ,g 5' A-' ' ' V, , 'QV -,VH-1' V gy.-w pg i n ,f .f,pf?1 EVM' V4 "1 ,H-7 V Q". V V My .V V 1, 1:51, 15: iigjjgtgi . g2:55gV:E3f5g QV ,V ' ' 1 if VV V 'Y giEVI?3C'E- wig, ' E V E f V -1' " ' P' VVVVff P Vffb52H'L'?f?f5'VW"A?-5V'2 5 - -VV- V, -V -V .V A G1 '-V-by - V Vf.,V1,, , ,VV,:+'VH ,V .Veg ' V V i V . -V. A . . U-VVV.Vf . V x5 ,V QV ' 4 V -. A 'A 11 if V V. V 1 ' - VV Vf ' ' 5 J, "M 1g42'1""'Vl-Q: V' f -Vi. ,J fgwff V, " - V f':.',V'. .:. 1 ' YV " 'Orff-' 'V-Wff.: - Jfqvfif ' ,,, p lg MV ffVi,6g15:,g-155 VC V VV., ,, ., .zz 21, V2 1 f : ' 3 1' ,V'IfVV 7' VV V V, ' . Vi 1 V, -. Q gigVVgVff-5345545151 S.25??gi.IJ, V 3 '. . .Vukwigeg-11siii.' V Q .Q-14", : ---'H A 5 qjj'g'::3-91 '-' V5 V .V . V. ' 3 fVVzQV:5'Z?' Lliri 5 -E V V V 5Vffw'g::V .,VV'. 3: V1 - , V. ,IQ g Qimgzfrffs 3 " Vw?-f A . VD: ,V VV by 1' i 9 zfgiggbj V- V VVV V A V. .. H, VAQV-'V - V V, Q . gf-:ff ,,g, Vp ,VVQVQ V3 ,V wsy3g1'g,,,g.Vf,g'-V 5 V f 3' IM Yu"-4" 1' V ' fi :VW VV " rf V Q9 ' ' - ,cv , V V55 :Ly 4 R V V V 4-V. V V- A -HV , ,V ., f V V -VVVGV V- -VfVV'f.VV'VV .V -m,1vVn M Ve. . . 549, V. , zifigw ' V V - ' fr? ' VV ' VJ '5 9'u" V 1V?1S'325i?iV?5V1,V: , ' if Aff- V Q 'Uni W-EQ-' V10 E-N W 'V V , , V ,HA ' 1 ff if Eff' v -,. ff'- IQ 2- rv: ' C t ,. X , X v, K his Ak ini. Hug WMMW-- !::F::f:iMW s'E'E::L.'n9 ' i - 'Ng' ' 1 I .,, . , 15- a -sg!! - lg - ' - 1'-1 - - '1 t f he if .. N ' ll N Q 2 - Z - E Er E: 2 - - 1 T 2 i S e ZX it -3 ' f .. , J - . 5 - 2: 1 i A .. - . Q Q Q SMT? william hotter muse UNIVER ITY SUITS at TOPCOATS Msf-H550 'By Special Mppointment to the Ljftton College Shop Charter House typifies the aristocratic traditions and exclusive fashions of English university life which is the admiration of youth the World over. These far-famed clothes faithfully reflect the taste of University Men as well as of those in business activities who adhere to university sources and Standards of style. We are glad to announce that Clothes by Charter House are now presented in The Lytton College Shop. 'rHEif1ITl.l1'HvEHUB Henry C.L tton 3 Sons BROADWAY and FIFTH, Gary STATE ezmlJACKSON, Chicago MARION and LAKE, Oak Park ORRINGTON and CHURCH, E nsion Take the 134 f47ipidl7'af15iI Hua!! To and From Milwaukee and M a d is o n T ' 3 Trips Dries with Dining Car al V Except Sunday Low Fares --- Fast Running Time Free transfer and HCVV A S nient bus Stop For University Folks OUTBOUND Passengers for Milwaukee and intermediate points may board buses at South East corner of North Murray Street and University Avenue at 20 minutes before Union Bus Station, West Washington Ave and North Fairchild Street, leaving time. Purchase tickets at Union Bus Station and at the Co-Op. INBOUND Passengers from Milwaukee and intermediate points who wish to go to the vicinity of the University may take advantage of the new stop on North Charter Street be- tween University Avenue and West Johnson Street. Bus Ticket will arrive at this stop about ten minutes after Union pil-ivi lege to F Bus Station,West Washington Ave. and North Fairchild ci ty ca rs in are Street, arriving time. M'1 k . lwau ee 82.25 NEW UNION BUS STATION "W West Washington Ave. and North Fairchild Street O e W W D 21V .ii OPEN MAY ist - Eg Wisconsin Motor Bus Lines 9 .33 1152 mf 'F E X The Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Co. gg ' IHIIHUIBQ m-g 7 . -A -.,. Mgoisog TIQRMINAL MILWAUKEE TERMINAL V 1"-Y Q? IN firm- Yi,i- Y' Y B-H I it t' A W. Washinrgigitixrn arildllzlv Fairchild St. 3rd and Michigan Streets fx 'Q 9 a0R anj 0 ' ' 5 G inm f Anyone who can interpret the Alpha Gamma Delta pin should send a description to the Satire editor before May 13, 1929. Write only on one side of paper. Typewritten manuf scripts preferred. The prize for the winning description will be a secondfhand copy of Sears and Roebuck catalogue, IQI8 model. Members of Alpha Gamma Delta and their families are excluded from the contest. sages all 2 9' 9 owning up o Phi Omega Pi had to shine some way, so they put a star on their badge. It certainly was a bright idea. On lovely spring evenings down at the POP house on the lakeshore young men can be seen star gazing. Lamp off the Delta Zeta pin, boys. The lamp has nothing, to do with the search for knowledge because Delta Zetas have already found all that. It might have something to do with midnight oil-the kind that is burned in rentfafcars, but by certain authorities it is stated that the lamp signifies that the DZ's are looking for an honest man. 'lon' . . W Q UQQoOg'6 ' gkfeswe 98 60 Three stars must mean something important since so many of the sororities insist on having them on their emblems, Phi Mu included. Or maybe that's why they donit mean a thing. But then one must have some sort of decoration on ones pin. There are also four jester's masks on the pin which remind one of the girls: you don't know whether they're laughing withor. at you. e 0 er .9 0 or 69 QQ .6 'Q V Q rl 3 ' 'gg wxdx' J di 9- -3 able .93 Two thousand years ago Aesop said, 'ilt pays to advertise," and Alpha Omicron'Pi'believes him. You can see the pin about as far away as' you can hear the awning on their front porch. fa .Q Q. . .ata ezoeme P I A triangle is most prominent in the Sigma Kappa pin and right away one thinks of the eternal triangle. How approprif ate !-with Sigma Kappa right in the center of it. -. 3 . N I V N fwfPage5-l9'v ' p A A qlapp ,thrillflled Vacations in the Yellowstone Ramrer Puget Sound Country Olyrnplc Penlnsula Alaska Set yourself thls year for a happy carefree wonderful vacatlon ln the Pacliic Northwest For sheer enjoyment glorlous scenery sports that thr1ll dellghtful spots that rest and refresh there s nothmg to compare wlth thls marvelous Summerland O1ll1WCSt Wondedand Choose as you W111 from 1ts enchanted reglons nowhere else 1n Amerlca ne1ther 1n forelgn lands W111 tune and money yleld so generously 1n enjoyment Fares to the North west W111 be surprlsmgly low thxs summer To help you w1th your Pac1iic Northwest plans later vvzth your travels The Mllwau kee Road 1S ready to serve Travel spec1al1sts fam111ar wlth every lntrlgulng spot awalt your call They know the West Tell us what you have ln rmnd the extent of your time and means we ll cram your days and nlghts wxth 2Ct1V1t16S youll cher1sh forever If you wlsh travel mdependently out one way back another every day dlfferent and thrlll fllled If you prefer compan your vacation ldeas are advlse us Well glve you lrnmedlate personal SeI'V1Ce and subm1t 1t1nerar1es we are sure W111 please J C Frnen A B Batty 05EWt St Mfflg tk W Ctyllzi g A W B Dxxon A Cgllg me MHLWAU KE E ROAD Low Summer F ares :Himsa Mzwxzwrff ST PAUL implltl If U I .I . 0 0 , 7 . r i 0 ' s a . . - 9 l . u 'T g c . . , 1 . 9 ' - 1 7 I . 1 - .. . - . . ' I , n u . 1 ' I . 1 , . . . . . , . . , . . i , ions, try the escorted, all-expense tour party plan. Whatever 1 7 s . , Q Q Genera en- i 488611 er gent 4 . aer ., 'wau ee, is. adison,Wis. General.Passenger ent hica 0,1 . F N Page 550 N you Q50 fam- vu l.a' The Alpha Delta Pi emblem is surmounted with a couple of clasped hands, probably this symbol of alliance is just to show that the A. D. Pi's are just a group of friendly girls who like to meet people. '...' I O ails O..:..O Kappa Delta has a sword above its initials on the pin which may be a very pointed reminder to the boys that the boys might get stuck. - ' :::-5333 - 'A' 51 :mi -asf' ' It looks like Mr. Balfour suggested that theiAlpha Epsilon Phils impress the crowd by putting lots of jewelry on their pin and that the A. E. Phi's fell for Mr. Balfour's sales talk. f'i'L'T J fi at I, , ., M I' ofi X 'iwitflf There is just a plain gold band around the Beta Sigma Omicron badge which shows where the sisters' minds are. U J Ill ' U' '-iml'?l'lff nn ,Alf , A Q, A cursory survey would reveal that the Beta Phi Alpha's also were victims of a conspiracy on the part of the amalf gamated jeweler's union. They should know that all is not gold that goes into sorority pins. 2 qggiq-3 me. 'Y' we 9 All v 1 hifi 'A pin is a necessary accoutrement of every sorority, so Sigma, when it wanted to be a sorority, put some pearls on a Sigma and let it go at that. afvfis iff' 49 M41 - '-":"a.'tff'P Theta Phi Alpha started out to get a pin that would tell everybody exactly who they are but got the letters a bit confusing. Maybe they arranged them thus on purpose bef cause they hgured everybody knows who they are. Above is a flashlight picture of part of the local Theta Chi chapter taken while asleep. During, the morning hours of Homecoming from 2:30 to 6 the Badger Bowl was supposed to have been stolen from amongst the slumbering hordes at the chapter house. Chardourne Hall residents were accused of swiping the silver gaboon to add to the dormitory collection, but a search of the dorm mantle revealed nothing but a worn out French grammar, half a pack of Camels, and a pair of step ins. The bowl was found a week later in Biology Building where- it had been placed by the Genaro Florez in one of his playful moments. He said he thought it was a good joke and that he had conceived the idea as one of the best publicity stunts he had pulled on the campus since his matriculation. a thousand gift ideas The luggage and leather stocks of the two Wehrmann stores have made gift selection simple. A visit to the Wehrmann store is the answer to the worries of any gift list. 9 W elwmcwm s 116 King Street 506 State Street Telephone Badger: 3047 18 East Mifflin Street Madison, Wis. HAHRDRESSHNG SHUP ' Mrs. Rose Bastick Marceling, Tinting, Dyeing, Shampooing, Manicuring, Facial and Scalp Treatments, Toilet Requisites, Hair Goods United Shoe Repair Shop 524 State St., Phone: Fairchild 2019 LOHMAIERPS CONFECTIONERY, 710 State St. l l Money in the Bank In college or out of it, no feel- ing is as .satisfying and comfort- able as knowing that you have a comfortable balance in the bank. - 'r + i' i Those four words, Money in the Bank, have worked wonders for lots of people. They'll do the Same for you. If you save part of your wages - summer jobs or permanent, when you graduate - you'll always know the com- fort and security that money in . the bank always brings. . FIRST WISCONSIN NATIONAL BANK MILWAUKEE This old picture was discovered in the files of the Historical Library. It was taken way back in 1929. It is believed by some .of the older inhabitants of the university to be a scene either of twoevents. ' Bill Stevens, '30, thinks it is the Sigma Delta Chi chapter diggingup a new tradition. The ancient tradition gag was . . . Page . used to entice students into the newly completed Union building on November 2, 1928, in the uncomfortable formal dress of the era to a formal brawl that was called the Gridiron ball. Ted Otjen, '30, is equally sure that it is the Union Bored burrying an old tradition. The Cofop Store tried to prolong the freshman green cap tradition. Under the ministrationsi of the Cofop assisted by the Union Bored the tradition died a lingering death while the Cofop collected fees for treatment of the tradition. The poor thing was finally burried in 1929. Dry Squad Will Arrest Drunks at Grid Games fFrom a Madison Newspaperj P. S. And rinal exams will be abol- ished. 552 N f I 'icuflitiflin Vg.. . . ir.. . s , 5,5 .L HI-Iold my hand, John, sol Won't fall," the Prom queen said as she and her escort stepped out for the grand march. The start was OK., but the darn thing tween the first and second floors and keller as Well as in the Great Hall, but then grand marches are funny that way. got lost somewhere hef ended up in the Rathsf Ne 'P :.' "Iliff ,:QQ'2'l5i:7Ni.L'g Qglf, , --13.441, y 15-5, fvsiiawgl - .tzff ' E?i?6an ,ms 'ff' Zfefzfifez yygwwr 5. -fiifm -:ri 1:-11: 7, : if 143 :X N' wi HHSP --E: Q E is ei' X If gi- N "If-'V GE xX " Nxxxxm kg ' 1 , i Q s,g, 5 XX 5 1, V , tts Ng! K 0 O X A - I xl- 0 W K: 0 if , i ' "G-'J-,J . . itifanyas 546 State Street There is distinction in wearing TIFFANY Frochs - A ..... ,ki-V,. 1 "7""5!7'IF"f"'f'4NfT"fr""" r-7-1'1 fwffi'-'r"'f'r' -' - - - -Y nf .,--. .,:, ,..,.,.f, iw. ,- fy ' , f fa. -'f we - , v, X , ,N , ' i. Q - i ff 52231 f , ' ,A I Q ' is 7 9 t , .A 1 2 1 ,P tiif sfii ff 1 J it .M --Q f , ' v E Z 'A I if 1. 5 52 T' 'r ' i f 1 A 'f fl ',. Madison's Leading Metropolitan Hotel W "'- tr, 1LoRAiNE Homer Madison Postfgraduate course in HomefEc or PhyfEd. N Page 553 The Problem of Young Mengs Clothes Is one to which we have given a great deal of thought. Eor years we have enjoyed the privilege of makf ing clothing for college men and it is very gratifying to see the large number of them who have grown up in the business world and who continue to buy Ierrems tailoring because they know they always get dependable quality at prices they know are right. A complete line of readyftofwear English Top Coats We suggest an extra pair of Knickers for Sport Wear. Riding Breecizes. English Cricket Flannelr. Slzeilandr. Jw Formal Burinerr and Sport Clother 324 South Michigan Avenue CHICAGO 71 EAST MONROE STREET I4O'I42 SOUTH CLARK STREET 7 SOUTH LASALLE STREET 115' NORTH WABASH AVENUE Is my father in there? Get away from those swinging doors! The Nurses' dorm open house was a howling success-like other open houses. Such a mob crowded into the parlor that men had to wait in line for blocks. The gents at the head of the lme may be seen eagerly ready to crash the party as soon as there is an opening. One for the Money- Oi, oy yoi, and phewie wot an election that was. All the loyal sons of St. Patrick on the right side of the Hill held their annual collection of money which decided who shall lead the collection of bums around the Square. If you really want to be king for a day, you do it like this. The votes cost Sr per r,ooo, cheap, even for an engineer. Don't cast any ballots till the final afternoon, and then stand by the ballot box and watch your rivals. Every time one drops some money in the box, guess how much it was and cast a similar number of votes. lf you desire to be the high mucky muck is backed by 35125. you can proudly ride down State Street in a red wig momenf tarily expectmg a bath of decrepit farm produce. g f' . 1 f rl H 1 T lr. ' 3 1. S., -E. ,. " - 1 4 .,, W1 X Y- .3 ,' ff, . . M. 'Q iff? 1' lafiz'-'. ,W I -i1'Q' L .: 'M ff L" ' 'Wifi f 'lufy f ' l " X31 f f Ax Xa .V X L U SILT.- l K HA university education is worthwhile," says Aloysius K. Flop, president of the American Amalgamation of Bums. The same line that used to go so big with English, biology, or whatfhavefyou instructors still goes, largely speaking. COLUMBIA 8: BRUNSWICK RECORDS-WARD-BRODT MUSIC COMPANY he cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MGLLOY Co. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois HPV!! any Molloy Made Cover bears ' trade mark on back id. Healthful - Nourishing Palatable 1 i WM' just the thing for that noonday lunch- for a snack at four, or late at night! PABST-ETT is ideal as a sandwich spread for salads, or cooked with maca- roni, potatoes, etc. At the better dealers, restuarants and lunch counters. PABST CORPORATION 917 Juneau Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Eat at . It ,562 State St. 1317 University Ave, N Page. r V-Here' s the 'Words !i Write your own music My auto 'tis of thee Short cut to poverty, Of thee I chant. I blew a pile of dough On you two years ago, And now you quite refuse to go, Or won't or can't. Through town and countryside , You were my joy and pride. I A happy day. I loved thy gaudy hue, Thy nice white tires so new But now you lose at least one screw Most every day. To thee old rattlebox Came many bumps and knocks For thee I grieve. Badly thy top is torn, Frayed are thy seats and worn The whooping cough affects thy horn, I do believe. Thy perfume swells the breeze And good folks choke and sneeze. When we pass by. I paid for thee a price, 'Twould buy a mansion twiceg Now everybody's yelling 'ilceln I wonder why! Thy motor has the grip, Thy sparkplugs have the pip And woe is thine. I too have suffered chills, 'Ague and kindred ills Endeavoring to pay my bills, Since thou wert mine. Gone is my bankroll now, No more 'twould choke a cow, As once before, Yet if I had the moon So help me, Brother John, I'd buy another car, I swan, And speed some more. -Exchange. Peekin' Thomas Twice C2 timesj the Delta Zetas busted into print, right in cold type, this year. Once it was because they caught a bold, bad robber. They claimed he was taking a purse while they were in the dining room where the feed bags are, but there are those who say that he was returning it after snitching it the night before because he hadn't found anything in it. The time when the Delta Zetes commanded the screaming' est headlines was the night a peeping Tom was supposed to be shot at on their fire escape. After due consideration such a situation hardly seems possible. One might be shot on the fire escape, but not shot at. It is rumored that Thomas peeped and then tried to commit suicide. Siofv E. Dear Girls: This ought to interest you. The first chance you get, go down to Kessenioh's, or Ma.nonester's and ask them to show you the ve.- rious Venus goods. Be sure to see the traveling package-there ' s nothing handier for vacation use . Your friend, C o - e ci . We f X Richelieu Food .ex yxfmvi- Products f BU SER? S GRO QUERY 'flfoflfk he w 4-J' What are the man and Woman thinking about? Perhaps , the have for otten Geography the assi nment for next Y 3 5 8 Wednesday or perhaps they are trying to remember where t Q they parked their car, Phone: Fairchild 1800 Both wrong! They are a couple of social lions wondering . . what is left in life now that they must do their roaring before 1337 University Ave' the bewitching hour of midnight. ALLAN D. CONOVER, ARCHITECT , 23 Tenney Block, Madison, Wis. t i 26 W. Mifflin St. Phone: Badger 2407 I ' O If Cleopatra were a Wisconsin co-ed CARL 'rnoiyias L Photographer She'cl Surely Shop At i C SlIMtlDS'UN'9S TWO STORES A We Specialize in Grumpy on the Square At the CO-OP Liberal Club Deliberates: Members of the Liberal Club met of the effect of the arrest of Joe Kresky and Gene Rose on the last night in the Memorial Union Building. that 'imonument starving natives of Russia. Aresolution condemning something to War," as one of the club members has so eloquently def or other will be sent to somebody at someplace as soon as all scribed it in the Student Independent. the bulls are thrown. Thus can be seen the Liberal Club's The members can be seen throwing the bull on the question policy of relating student life to world affairs. Excellent QYERKNG ON LY f Bt-S An Ideal Place Cooking A , ,I r 9 , 4 t0 Edt il: ' NI- V V V Q V f t O 4 - L Located Three Surroundings r-.-.-1 55- 554 STATE STIQT ' University N Page 558 N 1 A Guaranteed Line of Cooking and Heating Appliances WHY NCT Select the Best for Your New Home? QUALITY SINCE 1852 A Lifetime of Service Made by FULLER-WARREN CO. Milwaukee, Wis. Sold through Dealers Send for Booklet and Nearest Agent GAS RANGES ma WARM AIR FURNACES I -I , W an ,f i w 'P ,,r.,M. ,,.. ., WM ,M,.,r..,.w,,.g:::z:::z:::z7:xzz ' L - lp ml f-ff--fmt -W Q , iz' ' f 145 1? Yami fi f ,LF it f w i- w e Z it' x-awe, ez . 1' :p eel .1 ,Ht r I 'fr i " ' , H " ' 'P' . "if Sf? ,e9?3'1'5Qc 4 5 fffiiffk ' 1 42:39 :x :J ,f.f-z2z,wi:zt '2 ' I, ,.v,....,.., -fi. -ilk ' . Q if' ' f 1 "" 5 lf' -31 5 yi. "'0'W,!v 7 .. ff: li . 1 ' P :sl -W f . - : g V ".r- ef. ' ' ' " 1" 'f n . , w1'f'fgf,f1ff,..i,22z f ' , -1 '- ,J 5 lf' 3-a,3,,Zg3,.MW.,n , . , l:-.A ,,,,,,g, , , , ,,:2- . gg .f ,,- , l ,I if xt l f f , wwf' .. , -if :.:,f-:gg 5 50451 , 1, .. ,, , , U... ,ff ,,. ,f, . f' . , ' V ff' ',fL'jQv,4f5 . .45 f? , - i i i 5 V, V,,V: f ,V,, ,if, i ., ,,,:,,, , ,r,,,,A , rit , fam -i ffgiyaf ' ff 7'-112 2122 : 'rib' f. -'Q 'L 21-J .if J N v . at . fs- -' wi f' 1 221 1 , fe. ' 46476 ff , Q ,fi gf yi fa , v if f igf if , X 2 5 I .5 V 3 . fi f if Zyl 1 "' 7 v ii ,-4 45 5 ,,f , ,, if i f i 9 ' f f 3 I X I f 1 f 7 if gr if w il li t GQ R-23 F I UAV: Qrugfogqg -4. -ram Hoevrzm, a Honorary fraternities. The week of March 1-7 was mem' Orable in that an honorary fraternity was not founded at the University of Wisconsin during that entire period of seven days. The occasion is hitherto unheard of in the annals of the Badger institution. A bill has been introduced in the Legislature requesting that this week be annually set aside in observance of Nonfhonorary fraternity week. Strong opposition has been accorded the bill ny lobbyists representing fraternity jeweler's iompanies which have a monopoly on production of fraternity eys. The attached photo shows Herbert Hoover, Pres. of these here U. S. being initiated into Run Darnya Run, national honorary track fraternity. How to Interview a Dean Many and various are the ways to interview a dean. One way is to .drive slowly and persistently over the Hill in your car so The Man With The Stick in front of Bascom will have time to take the number. Another is to forget to go to classes till after midsemester. These and other methods are guaranteed to get results. The dean will call you in to his oiiice by special appointment. But did you ever voluntarily try to gain a dean's ear in order to change a course? The old boy will not be as accom' rnodating for some reason or other. The procedure is generally as follows: Go to the dean's office and discover that there is a line of approximately 2385 people ahead of you. Wait an hour while three of these people disappear within the inner portals of the sancturn. Then go to your next class. Phone the dean's oilice and try to make an appointment for the next day. Listen patiently while the dean's secretary tells you that the dean doesn't make business appointments with students. A Call at thetofhce and carefully note the dean's ofhce hours. Return during the aforementioned office hours and gleefully see that there is no one ahead of you. Listen patiently while the dean's secretary informs you that the dean is not there. Decide you want to take the course anyway. N Page 559 N Fifi 1 3: 3: 3: 3: 3: 22 4 4 X 1 1 5 5 is 3 92 X 3 3: 3 2 ,3 FTFT li X! K fx' 1 AKE your own movies during vacation and show them to your friends next winter- FWWFW XXL! C Do this yourself with aHBell-Howell camera LK and projectors. we 5 4 ,E P 4 sr f 1 ci : " X ar . 4 T 5 Q ' 1 C ,J ff T X El if FWFTFWFWFWFWFWFWFTFW TPGK ki! Jljkililjlilikjlik V WFIHIE IDII-I'DWf1DAIlQTf IHIDIUSIIE Ci 4-13 State St., Madison Wisconsin I F' X X 1 C I3 F E Come visit our movie salon in our new home. F X,-fLJkXlXlXkXlXlXKJLXX,-Jkikilikililililjkikilik,-flilj Pg LO FRAUTSCHI OVV to make homes more beautiful, more livable, that is our aim. Better furnishings and better arrangement make rooms lovelier, of course. Wie can help you with both. For here are furnishings that can well endow a home with an ut- terly new ease and charm-that will serve long and well. Our salesmen are skilled in working out beautiful rooms. Let them help you. ' FURNITURE 213-221 King street 'fi 7 w flu' .AU . ,Digg 5, C 55 - , 62? :L IQ p 014 .12-. iw ,Wg ii it et f 7 0 I V . . f i EEF' C, ,L N545 , 4' 54, . f , ,. , i , f-1.1 ' ' f'4,.,:if,mll5?f',l'gf,"' ' --.: -xii ? a-?1'i55'fu2i1.1gf. , riqjx' S I ' - Zt.B"f-' W f ' yd,-' ii ,I if .X 'Q3fgf'f'ii'gyfq, 1 ,fr --1. ggqf ' 9 553,-, l F M4Z""P3-'slr' ' ' "'. Z4 fmiwiffl' mf? ' rf F f.,,1 'xv . ,Q M I - Je N. 56 . and RUGS Madison, Wisconsin I W Xxumliu A-7 ' Do You Know About Western States 'C 5 W 1 .,,. N it Felt Brush Gummed Envelopes? .- wtf ' X X .lil 'li A. I . ji lf not, Why not? They are the last 'lk 1 V if ' lg word in envelope manufacturing and lil' lu li ll. arf' ,, 'li cost no more. Manufactured and N ' 5 l' ' B lil, carried in stock by- assistant professor of assistant professor of this morning, and the second chauffer is attending his cousin's funeral, so I was forced to drive my Loco to the college myself this morning." 'lBlast it all, Harry," the third philosophy is saying to the fourth classics, umy man, Struthers, was ill "Goodness gracious, William, you have my sympathies," replies the fourth assistant professor of classics to the third assistant professor of philosophyg "but that proves the hardf ships attendant on our profession." , Both men married into exceptionally wealthy families. i Qriagxicg g A small boy asked for a drink at aisoda fountain. 'fWhat kind?', asked the druggist. f'The kind that tastes like your foot's asleepf' replied the little boy. V WESTERN STATES ENVELGPE CO. fplant and New Annexj South Water from Clinton to Ferry Streets Long Distance Telephone: Broadway 8540 p ,iMilWaukee, Wis. we 575115 Ask your Printer or Lithographer or send direct to plant for samples 2 V, 'A , , , , FRANK RILEY, ARQHITECT, 24N E. Mifflin sr. , Bel-lnmalfdufi Boat Line 624 E. Go:-ham Sl. Phone: Badeel' 373 Madison, Wisconsin On Lake Mendota . Public Launches to Bernard's Park and Around the Lake Large Dancing Pavilion in Connection-Lanches for Private Parties Ice Boats in Season Paddling Canoes and Row Boats LETTERCRAFT, INC . -Makers of Dance Programs Engraved Stationery FT P93311 FREN Neil! 725 University Ave. Madison, Wis. ' A4 Page Warren G. Price. One of his editorials, a flare, a flash, it's gone, and who cares? - Csjrimgxifg Beaux Arts Ball winners. These couples were awarded prizes for the most striking costumes at the annual Forget' yourfinhibitionsfandfshowfyourfsurpressedfdesires dance. The man third from the left later in the year was wounded Qhalf shotj at Military Ball. 562 N Kennedy Dairy Company Visitors Always Welcome' if-fs ICE CREAM Perfectly Pctsteurizeol Milk 'if' Cream Butter 'Q' 'if' Buttermilk Cottage Cheese 'Q' 'if' 'if' Milcolate Selected Guernsey Mz'l,5 Pan-Hellenic Association Pres. M. Olson: "The meeting will come to order. Girls caught chewing tobacco will be ostracized. All those who object to the way Kappas rush will step over to this side of the room-Company-Halt. No, that won't dog you are too crowded: you will have to go in the Gym. Stack hammers and leave your clubs with the janitor. We will now listen to the evidence-one at a time." CFour Garnrna Phis, ten Thetas, and ninetyforie Alpha Phis jurrip to their feet. Two Tri Delts run out their teeth and holcl the crowd at hay. H Pres.: The Ring Leader of the Alpha Phis may have the oor. First speaker: "Meow, psstfpfsfsst meow." Chorus: "Meow, Meow." First speaker: NI am not in favor of very heavy punish ment hut I feel that they ought to have their house closed up, their charter taken away, their pledges kept from them, and the chapter kicked out of school." QChorus stamp their feet and holler.j ' Pres.: "C-irls, if we can't he ladies we can at least he quietfl Third speaker: QI-ler recl hair hristlirig, drops her dumbells and springs to her feetj: 'LThis mud slinging is going too slow- Moots sez that action is the only way to gain success " Memo For House Managers -I: When Winter Comesil- Wisconsin's cold W e a t h e r---your fuel bill---those will be part of your Worries next Winter. Drives' High Test Fuel has helped many house managers to reduce this Winter Worry. Drives' High Test Fuel is especially chosen for its quality. It burns completely---eliminates Waste. It is designed for modern heating plants and their requirements. You'll do Well to remember it and the phone number, Badger 628, when Winter comes again. Chorus: "Hooray for Moots, down with Kappa." l J. B. D rives Fuel C 0 First speaker: HI move that we adjourn." Chorus: "We favor your movement." They ight their way to the door, and purr their way back to the court, throwing fish at the Kappa porch as they pass. 303 S. Patterson Street BADGER 628 Corner State and Lake St. - COLLEGE BARBER SHOP - Phone: Fairchild 4166 p Permanently yowrs . Q? Cardinal Beauty Shoppe 6 ' 625 State st. Phone: Fairchild 3966 General Paper Sz Supply Company Wholesale Distributors for University of Wisconsin Laboratory Notebooks Tay- Cho-Pera Sehool Supplies . my , Ofice and School Equipment 6 - Madison . A 'Q Wisconsin-E . , 4 f i'When the cat's away the mice will play" is an old saying, and just to prove it this is what happened the afternoon the Mu Nu Delta house mother decided not to forego her afternoon Siesta. The campus blanched as the fair maidens came rompmg up the hill. Not even Ed Nickerson, the graduate student who tosses toy airplanes all over the lawns, could unrivet the attention of the students from them. Then came the climax. Mrs. Hoognesloofer, for that was the house mothers name, came running up the hill, umbrella in one hand and liver sausage in the other. The girls screamed but found that there was no way out. They were severely scolded and sent off to bed without supper for their disobedience. Here, however, the young ladies showed that they possessed hearts of gold. Before departing for their chateau on the lake they paused to sing, Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt. While in this reminiscent mood, they were snapped by our photographer. elcwefcwo , ilii N523 I 9' .4 ' Qs I I X is 6 it ll l fl l' fl ,QM L-if T- A . "Fd walk a mile for an Old Gold" T- . - ,- 'N,Pfgee.-'56+ V 'Q 1 553325317-" A . ,-21155 :. al f-QM. 1 gg-.-1 ng. j 5 --Q.,--,F-.-'Vs fi-5 .3 at '. 1' .- '-'1i ag. 'i -3 'L".fg.iiffS2 .. , . 1"f-'ff f. gy.1g,,5i2Qi,:.1 43.31. '.-11--' ,.',':Z4.'f J .L1:1:f.::t.:"- i 'ai-Hg.,-1 ".i?3"f'i ' -' ' ' IM' -"':'..l. Pri- '5:'V:"-l 'A-""' ' -M. "1 'L.-2 -' - L . fl V' - '- "-7' ' I. '. Y 1 -f., - -1, , . .-. 1 w , . , A , --v, ev- T-iq-ug-,g'a.fe',,m..b ef:-9'1-,f-'.s,:A1.,eaqv ,. .. , ,T - ,,., v. wr yr-,l'M'..y-A-1 '.., ,i, r . -. , , ,: :-gl We YQ-K'-ffle5ssrm.1fgsr,?fTe.-pwiw.22265121-f"-i,S1 YysT'ag,l'g,:w1:i1'xii-.f--2.-5-5.5-ff :,w.':g,.q",f1-3:-1-ag,s,f::"ems:.1-,s 'lf-,p V1-'r.'22a'-L-1 111-' sfizeif X" dwgf'j,yv.':'fi"t"liiifP'fl"-:Effialairssrfgi-,:1'1EQflsfzfrgzLp 4-fl,-wg xl -5 'Er'i5."i4EF"PEl,vf'.'F'-,b7:i1J5VffI1i" W: 1.,..v.-,LJ :T 2--':.f'- :r .-'.1w,'g:s- ' ' ' iv:-fs - "w -5.3.-4.4, M . avg-r.gas1w,,,f.'fnQ'sf:.21.f,pEggwwiflfezgg is-1, at-m,..m1.1.'s3'f:f a-1-fs 1341"-'27 -1-:Pink-"'-'ALJ' 4' .4 iff" -f - '- '- f' K. K -:L--s la- 2f....., H es-fs:-r' 4-J.,-94-M-.wa fs Y-lair'-is sr- -f . . . . v .SGTifZ!x'W5?EtErl+1'I2fG.E ,:?:a'?'H':'.'i-3,-:lla-V .-fm'?v:4-::Yf:l-.091310...JE..4i-aqui? filet.-1-i.9'mif'l.' 1.. 1- el'i':'-mia-4 ' ' 'V V ' .. , ' -Y ' Ftffiffuflgij -- - 1 : v 3 f. A -N X, V Q , V: V - j,.i 1-jf, V- .-1-:'.j,'ux,J ggi,-1, .31..1- 'L,fg- 'f75l?gi-55,3 ,Sf ' .ff rs' 'f -J 4 , ' -- :JA fs- Y . f' "f. ,..g-1 t ..1s-'.TL-aff lmfi-Wap.-t,'v.g-Q'-k'- 'f,.f'.1' 151112551 , -:gig-9 fi-If-,n fav -aff? 1 -:- f ww- ' CASTLE DOYLE, INC. r 7 Office: I25 State Street Telephone: Badger 1993 1 COAL z : WOGD BUILDINGMATERIAL Tavds : Main and Livingston Streets Regent and Monroe Streets Every Town Has- w w A liar. A s on er. , A sfharg Alec. Qdny C1-lffle A blatherskite. Its richest man. Some pretty girls. A girl that giggles. A weather prophet. A neighborhood feud. A woman that tattles. A justice of the peace. A man who knows it all. One jacksonian Democrat. More loafers than it needs. Men who see every dog fight. A boy that cuts up in church. A few meddlesome old women. A stock law that is not enforced. A preacher who thinks he ought to run the town. A few that know how to run the affairs of the country. A grown young man who laughs every time he says anything. A girl that goes to the postoffice every time the mail comes in. A legion of smart Alecs who can tell the editor how to run his ' GHERES no time of day when THE CI-IOCQLATE SHOP is not the place to go . . . Luncheon, dinnerftime, a ft e r f noons, evenings, between classes, before the game, after the game, Sundays, holidays, after the party . . . And Wisconsin's smart people are those who follow the old saying which says: Any time at all is the best time to visitfffthat best of places, y The Chocolate Shop 528 State Street paper. ' Scores of men with the caboose of their trousers worn smooth E y gg as glass.-Exchange. f Y " NPage565N Cflfadisonhs Accredited Riding Academy Reliable Mounts ' For ' ' Novice or Professional "We Teach the Theory of Riding" Fashion Stables J. P: Corcoran, Principal 2024 University Ave. Badger 7223 GUEDEN and CGMPANY Meat and Fish S of .Quality Special occasion Meat and Fish for the Everyday Table "Them was the days," sighed Dean F. Louise Nardin wist- fully in speaking of the first few years of her regime as dean of young ladies at the University of'Wisconsin. "They lived the simple life then. Every night was a 9 o'clock night except Saturday, which was a IO o'clock night. Every third Saturday the young ladies were allowed to have company in the presence of a chaperon for every couple till 10:30. "And, gosh," she continued, "they had the peppiest pare ties. They played Spin the Bottle, Drop the Handkerchief, and even Post Office, until the Faculty Committee on Student Life and Interests passed a rule forbidding that. 'Crimenentlyl I Wish the old times were back." Qxicgriisj .g J: W, is it 35' - . ' . fi - f. . w . r . . , ' . .5 . X, 5 ' W4 1- TY YF - -w ' ' .-.-r , f F 4. Ji' f - - '21 . Nga-1-1 .Zi :? IX' 1FiQY Ax' 3 '. ' 1-gi N ' . --1253 5 SE 5 if ' - " . 1 . i Whoever heard of a Satire section without a crack at Scotty Goodnight? The difliculty arises when the editor can't find' an inspiration about Scotty for a dirty crack. , STEINWAY PIANOS-WARD BRODT MUSIC COMPANY SINCE 1 9 0 o arbonic C 3 J f'System" Refrigeration Air Cooling and Conditioning Drinking Water Cooling and Special Applications to Meet All Conditions and Temperatures. 33434 AMERICAN CARBONIC MACHINERY CO. WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WISCONSIN Ojfices in Principal Cities A Few Prominent Installations Memorial Union Building E. I. Du Pont cle Nemours Corp. Ford Laboratory Florsheim Shoe Co. Celluloid Co. Goodyear Tire 6' Rubber Co. General Railway Signal Co. University of Michigan University of Illinois Univerity of Minnesota Purdue Memorial Union University of New York Dry Ice Corporation of America Kuppenheimer Co. International Shoe Co. Standard Oil Co. Studebaker Corporation Rules and Regulations L'Don't wear red." It has a bad effect on the men. CThat's a bully idea.j "Don't say prunes, pears, pickles or soup because it puts your mouth in a kissable position." Donit dance teeth to teeth with anyone. It may leave a "false" impression. Donit receive anyone you have not known for at least two months. It mayllead to familiarity and popularity-both of which are to be shunned. Donit stay out after ten o'clock. The moon is usually full and the night superb. If you enjoy the beauties of nature now you will have nothing to enjoy when you grow older. Don't be seen on the campus after dark. It is an ideal place for lovers, and some of the unrestricted poorly educated townspeople may be Seen there walking arm m arm in some other compromising position. Keep pure, bathe often, and don't- think things that would not look well in print. I Couldn't Tell Which From Tother "Have you postfcard views of the town?" "Yes, on the rack here." "I-Iow much are they?', "The town Views are three for five cents, the comics, one cent each." "Which are the comics?" Diamonds Watches Jewelry Engraved Stationery-Invitations - Announcements Manufacturers and Designers of College - Society - Fraternity Emblems of every kind Medals and Trophies for all Athletic Events Crest Mounted Party Favors Fraternity Silverware Sterling or Plated - Most Complete Stock in Middle West Any Pattern or Quantity Write for special quotations attention of Fraternity Department S!! S!! Our Representative Will Call Bunde do Upmeyer Cv. Jewelers -Mlilwaultee Planhinton Building Where Wisconsin Ave. Crosses WestWater SD. N Page 567 N 1 "Welcome Strangeri' TO MADISON On the Capitol Square 17-23, E. Main St. Phone: Fairchild 6400 There's always a smile for you at Burdick SL Murray's-Madison friendly store, QUALITY DRY GOODS Women's and childrenis' apparel and millinery Fair Prices F rieridly Service B O O K S arid STUDENT SUPPLIES BRUWN Book Shop 621-623 State Street N Page At 11:37 a. m. on the evening of February 31, an aged oval of hen fruit landed on the steps of engineering hall and was smashed to smithereens. Brother GinfNipper stopped to mediate. Why should this egg have lived to grow so old and why should this old egg of all old eggs have been chosen to fall there and by whose decree? When the students came stream' ing from all directions, it was Police Chief Trostle who saved the day, by shouting "Walk, do not run, to the nearestlexitf' Whereupon everyone organized in parade formation and sang the theme song, "Rotten Egg, I Love You." Meanwhile Brother GinfNipper gathered the facts. He visited the Alpha Delt house and read the latest TrifDelt story. He attended a Deke formal and joined the Student life and interests comf mittees. Then he released the details. tDetails in our next issue. Order your copies in advance, for our news stand sale is limitedj , J A sir-. if I7-li 2 '.'i 11 W Ilycfxs -- V . lie .i s.: "Jvc 1, 4' A 2-52- :2 ' I " Q Qi W You just know shell be a coed some day. A Cowboy, Perhaps He was my hero. I locked him up in the directory and memorized his middle initialg I took anthropology because he was a social science majorg I cultivated a taste for hominy because he came from North Dakotag I walked a block out of my way to pass him on the hill in the morningg I wore low heeled shoes because he was only five feet eightg I let my hair grow because he was a senior and three years older than Ig I waited a whole hour outside his French class just to see him walk byg I told myself he wasn't really interested when I saw him with a girl on the campusg I used lemon juice in my shapoo because gentlemen prefer blondes . . . and then one day, I saw him with his hat turned up in front I-MARCIA. 568 N we cU,uuN'r1-cr: OUR CARBON NOT TO BE PAINTED OR DOCTORED Compliments of Maurice Bandlev I IEIDNAIDIDI ANIDILIEIIQ akilfomlf IMPORTERS OF 'CAXIDIIQUIN IBLACK DIAMUNDSI AXNID lB'DlD-lf For Dianlond Drills and All llleclaanical Purposes ll il ll 8 WEST 40th STREET, NEW YORK CITY X -f f , 'f 'Fw gif' r. niagar a r rp f , EE r W ML, I F- f ' .lun -A - U r Complzmen ts of 'wr .M A-me ff? lf xl AWP . l f lr Xl 7 lrml l lll ff ' Q I f-.' 'Z M 1 LWAI IK E E ' a DRU rv., ffffffffv 4 From right to left: Passenger, another passenger, a trio of C 0 M P A N Y basketball referees on a vacation. 1 ,.o A lf ' 5 rw ,, ,K is 1 .,.,,,2,,....."' Y ef r-:ff --3 ll g A ,campus political campaign gets under Way. N Page 569 f-f Olson 8: Veerhusen Co LQSEQIR .sill Af "The Business College with a University A Atmosphere" REPARE for a business career at the only Business College in the West which re quires every student to be at least a four year High School graduate Beginning on the first of April July, October, and anuary, we conduct a special complete intensive three months' course m stenography which is open to College Graduates and Undergraduates Only Enrollments for this course must be made before the opening day preferablysome time in advance, to be sure of a place in the class Stenography opens the way to independence, and is a very great help in any position in 1CCtlll'CS, SCIIHOHS, COl'lVC1'S3tl0Il Rnd In many other Sltl.l3tl0l1S IS 8 great asset BULLETIN ON REQUEST No Solicitors Employed PAUL MOSER J D Ph B President 116 South Michigan Avenue Randolph 4347 12th Floor Chicago Illinois 43404 B7 ' ' l 9 ' N , ' J D r I . 1 lil' ' . N , ' . . . . . life. The ability to take shorthand notes of . . . ' ' 3' I 7 s Q . Q, I In the Day School Girls Only are Enrolled izllxlipgtfsr. - ' X There's nothing that satisiies like having your friends say "He's a well dressed man" ii? The correct styles are here in the fine quality you want-our experienced sales staff will assist you in making a selection to show you at your best. il WP' 7 and 9 N. Pinckney St. A. R. GRANT M. B. HOPKINS ALEXANDER GRANT 635 Co MPANY CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCGUNTANTS AUDITS COST SYTEMS FEDERAL TAXES SPECIAL ANALYSES 7 S. Dearborn St. Members CHICAGO AM- A Irifsililiiifir OF 150 William st. ACCOUNTAN s NEW YORK "The light that failed" State Distributors for O'Shea Sweaters Wilson Athletic Goods Trophies for all Events C Z' Wisconsin Sporting Goods Co. 0221 State Street 1-M Page 547,O-- N . ex- 32 YEARS OIF UNIEXGELILIED SERVICE! 32 Years is a long way back but each year has found the Hub improving its service until today it is unexcelled. Society Brand Clothes, Florsheim Shoes, Kingly Shirts and Dobbs Hats are trade marks that quickly identify the apparel of a smart manfffand just as quickly point out the smart store. The Hub stocks them! , ,,i,1. wxxiii l Wf . ,M X yt , I I F.J.'SCHMITZ Si Sorts Co., 22,24 vvissir Mirriiiv sritisisr S J Why? Theffact that such is never how And how is never such And so and so is seldom thus He worried me so much. How is it that the moon's not square? And why,can't dark be light? And green is very seldom pink, And dull is 'never bright. Why doesn't ice cream pink and green. Grow in banana skins? Why aren't cats made inside out? And why don't goats have fins? Why don't flowers grow upside down? And air be made of wood? And why aren't mountains made of air? Why shouldn't bad be good? Why shouldn't whys and whens be whats? And why can't its be buts? Why aren't I in the booby hatch, With all the other nuts? -ANON. Skeleton Key Solemnly, I signed the moon an acquiescent postg And with your goodbye kiss You went into my room of dusky shades, My most exclusive ghost. Solemnly, I said your spirit shade would never creep To bring me one regretg But today, in spite of lock and bar I find that ghosts won7t Sl6Cp.'-ANANIAS. - . -- . Payfeurziczizbn if Health Salwzfiofz A protection that prof tects, from infancy up. No uifs nor ansl' about it - when Gridley serves, you're safe. 8o,ooo Milwaukee Housewives believe this. MADISON FUEL CO4 601 W. Doty St. No Need To Be Without A Car-- Wlten You Can Rent One For So Little ffl' The Capital City Rent-A-Car stands ready to serve you whenever transportation is desired. !,1When our motors are delivered you may be certain that they will be clean, safe and comfortable. They will carry you quickly on your errands whether business or pleasure. The cost is little and the con- venience is great. Every car is covered by the best of insurance. 'CA ID II WAX IL 4C II lfy ID If N lf"AX"'CAX ID A Campus Institution of Friendly Service 531 STATE St. FAIR 334 CHILD 434 W. GILMAN ST The Very Best For So Much Less THEUNIVERSALsl Owned and operated by the Kroger Grocery 8: Baking Co. l l Direct buying, huge purf chases, and a steady outlet y through the thousands of l I Krogerfowned stores makes l y possible the fresh, line qualf , ity and the consistently low prices for our groceries, meats, I I and baked goods. Zooo BARGAINS V in every store and every article of the very best obtainable. l 83 Groceries and 19 Markets l ' in Wisconsin ,sf Page 572 ,r , MORGAN9S Billiards Smokers' Supplies Fountain WW 1 ,4gv,,,., , rf ' as. C0'1-mf' Hifi .112 .. S llllllllllllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIll i. H""'l""'l"l"H'IlIIl'I "' aaa t HHIHIIIIIIIIIII lllllllilllillllil .t M ' ll axe T' "n"m'111I1lNIll I will :li mi ' " L EE something different this year! Go west for this year for your sum- mer vacation. Select one of the following wonder spots- The Black Hills of South Dakota, , I . 'I Zion - Grand Canyon National ParkS, 1 in is-5 -' ' ' ,Sf Colorado, California,Paeifie Northwest, b A Jasper Park, Northern Wisconsin, Min- ' '. L nesota Arrowhead Country or Upper lllllllu' num mu . Michigan. Then write or call at one of llllllllllllllllllll our Offices and We Wlll tell You how cheaply you may go there. CHICAGO 8 w.B0a,2g1.::f'EBU,2C11,1 k fs 'Z tg t URTH ESTERN 664. Tl I I' dg 5682 RAILWAY N ED GKEN ss-m iss es A A PERMANENT s' LEAK PRUOF .ier f Complete With if NIEDECKEN Which Can Be Installed A BED ROOM The Stall is made of M inch copper bearing steel and must be finished with water proof enamel paint after installation is completed. Write for Bulletin B. 30 -fllnp Pantorium Company Madison Master Cleaners HOFFMANfllNlf,I'Af3'lWQLLl:l'!N,!Sig-.MFG. 5 58 State Street Phone: Badger 1180 NAI!-VVALIKEE. lJ.S.A. THE WAFFLE-SHOP LUNCH, 422 State Street Mr. C. S. l-lolt Save Safely at all A RENNEBoH Me C- 5' Holt BETTER DRUG STORES BLACKHAWK R d H g A C 3 d 6 my six sf Ofes Conveniently Located 1019 Conklin Place Across from Lathrop Hall A 0k90kSCNN90kD Phone: Badger 6452 Madison, Wis. Madison, Wisconsin Rover Boys Roving Skyrockets column was supposed to be satirical this year, in case you didn't discover the fact, whereupon the Rover Boys wrote a column delineating their opinions on women. Probably they could have Written a Whole book, but they gave a rather good resume in a single column. Since the column was run on the last day before Christmas vacation when no one reads a paper, the message will bear reprinting here. The note at the end, to which Little Boy Blue says amen, is to be blamed on the Half Wit's Half Brother. The Rover Boys, real names will be kept secret, but as an added precaution they have been provided with one-way tickets to Siberia. By THE ROVER BOYS During the last month or so we have been conscious of a growing urge to write a column on that most disconcerting of all things: the Wis- consin co-ed, that phase of the uni- versity the praise of which has been sung even more loudly and more consistently than that of its football teamst Today we succumb to that urge. And what we have to say is exactly what we are thinking, for we are quite sincere and believe in calling a spade and not a shovel . . . or a no-trump. ??'? The woman of Wisconsin has the most expanded conception of her own importance of any woman 011 whonm it l1as been our privilege to waste our tinle or allowance. This became apparent to us nine years ago when we met our first Wiscon- sin co-ed. It has been ground into our consciousness every time we have met another. ??? We hnd evidences of this group-con- ceit in every thing the women do or say. They dress like Lake Shore Drive sub- debs when they are mere small town merchants' daughters, because they come to believe themselves to be better than their own families before they have been here a month. ? ? ? They sit next to men in class, copy their lecture notes, get their . " V N Page 5,7-ll N' A help during exarnination, and then snub them on the hill the next se- mester. ??? Their gold-digging is so notorious that it hardly needs mentioning. It all comes from a belief that they are so superior that men owe them a good time, the best time that they can afford. ??? Their conceit leads to downright rudeness. They saunter up or down the hill four abreast. He who has solnething more important to do than show a silky calf or a new 'eoon coat II1llSt step completely off the sidewalk into the rnud or snow- bank in order to pass thenl. ??? They leave most of the work of the university to the men, devote some of the time which this shirking of activity work saves them to study, and, then claim that they are smarter because' they get better grades. A . :,.:'7 .,., 55 ., , -.A-tu' ' e.'s51W?Q75'SeE' ' Q v via- , U , ' . -5.1. .K : . 2:1251 For easy ricling ana' fast travel the Franklin has no egaal RITTER AUTOMOBlllLlE COMPANY 222 N. Henry St. At first this group-conceit anlused us. Then it angered us. Recently we have developed a lnellow philo- sophical attitude about it all. QOur combined age is 42.j We have made it the object of not a little study and thought. ??? We belive the Wisconsin woman's attitude to be due to two causes. The first is the reputation they have through- out the country. The other is mathe- matical, pure and simple. ??? They gained their reputation at summer school when love-sick young jackasses from Iowa, Oberlin, Illi- nois Wesleyan and Oklahoma met eager little cuties from Texas, Ala- bama, Missouri, Tennessee and Mis- sissippi, mistook them for Wiscon- sin girls, and went home singing their praises. ' - ??? As to the mathematics. It is just this. There are about 3,500 women and 5,500 men in school- Socially they-are organ- jiied into-'28 sororities and over 65 fra- ternities.. The result is obvious. It is Llililavoidable. With such a discrepancy nj-" W ' A' ' ' H .-. ta in numbers of course the women are over-rushed. '??? Dlathematically every woman in the university should have 1.54-5 boy friends all to herself while each man can have but .636 honeys on the string. ??? It will probably always be true that over-attention by men tends to spoil women. But when this is due to mathe- matics rather than any sheer merit it ought not to make snobs of them as it does here at Madison. ??? And that's that. ??? Dear Rover Boys: 1 Thanks for this wonderful col- umn. Everything you say is true. lim all for youg such Rockets are what we need badly. Your philoso- phy of Wisconsin women is correct, but . . . just one thing, Boys . . . Imean . . . you are right . . . but really I mean it, you ought to know the one I know. . . Congratulations, ' - Page 57561 There was the bright sunny day when the Student Independent blossomed forth on the campus. All the campus was agog. Even the TrifDelts could not have gained a better publicity ace. There was a wild rush of student opinion, but at no time was there a greater turnoutof students then when President Glenn Frank, President emeritus E. A. Birge, et al, gathered to ofiicially welcome the opus to the campus. ln the far right, is the Liberal club appointing a committee of sixtyffive to investigate the-rumor that the university student loan funds are trusts. Seventh from the right in the sixth row is the subscriber 'to thenevv publicaf tion. Especially notable in this photo? graph for the convincing manner in which Prexy puts his best foot forward. Very few students missed theloccasion, but those that did were "., mdependerftt :--.-V : ?'3i'Lf:i'7- '1'i':."?' 1.-:' 'l1r.2ff'.' sar'.' 11 iz'-. eg 'Y Ji 2-1 . I 15:?'f1T:s" 5?.3iri4L'i3:FiTZf11.1-f'?leig l -7,3 g.:H. , Lv. iqi..,.X lfiiziff -1 L -fe' z I 1 X I Ag" Hall NPgge 576 N b if ,LL v 1 f.gL-1-1,535 Tlnbex of Slubenls Organizations cmb Tfxbvertisers ,g c ,f 5 ,Af AllisfChalmers Mfg. Co. . Aluminum Goods Co. . . American Carbonic Machinery Co. Badger RentfafCar . . . Baillie, O'Connell E99 Meyer Bastick ....... Bernard Bandler E? Sons . Bernard's ...... Besly, C. H. E59 Co. . . . Blackhawk Riding Academy. Branch Bank of Wisconsin , Brock Engraving Co. . . . Brooks Brothers . . . Brown Book Shop . Brown's Cafeteria. . Bunde by Upmeyer . Burdick E99 Murray . Burgess Battery Co. . Buser's Grocery . Campus Soda Grill . . Cantwell Printing Co. . . Capital City RentfafCar . Cardinal Beauty Shoppe . . Castle E99 Doyle .... Chicago 599 Northwestern Ry. Chocolate Shop .... College Barber Shop . . , College Typing Co. . Conklin Es? Sons Co. . Conover, A. D. . . Crampton Drug Co, . Crane Co. . . . De Longe Studio . . . Democrat Printing Co. . Drives, J, B ...,. Fashion Stables .... First Wisconsin National Bank Frank Bros .,.... Frautschi Furniture Co. . French Battery Co. . . Fritz, C. B. Co. . . FullerfWarren Co. . , General Paper G9 Supply Co. Goeden 599 Co ..... Goodyear Shoe Repair Co. . Grant, Alexander E99 Co. . Grasselli Chemical Co. . Gridley Dairy Co. , , Grimm Book Bindery . HarlofffLoeprich Co. . . Hoak E99 Dunn . , , Hoffman E5 Billings Co. . Horlick's Malted Milk . Hub, The ...., Jensen's Boot Shop . Ierrem's , , , Kaplan Fruit Store . C 'fAoverliser's Tlnoex - 57-9 543 557 - 537 . 540 551 559 . 562 - 537 - 574 . 518 . S21 544 568 i 558 - 567 . 568 . 528 A 557 . 539. - 527 572 564 - 565 573 565 . . 563 . . 537. . . 538 A 544-'557 . . 531 . 531 . 57.4 545 563 . 566 . 552 . 541 . 561 541 536 - 559 A 564 . 566 . 533 570 546 . S71 - 537 . 538 . 532 - 573 - 539 . 571 - 533 - 554 . 546 Karsten's . . . Kaywoodie Pipe Co. Kennedy Dairy . . Kohler Co. . . Lawrence's. . . Lettercraft Press . .. Lohmaier ...' Loraine Hotel . Lytton, H. C. . Madison Fuel Co .... Madison Tent E99 Awning Co. . Malone Grocery .... Manchestefs .... Mattox, Ronald . . Mayer Printing Co. . Milwaukee Drug Co.. Milwaukee Road . . Malloy Co. . . Morgan's . . . Moser, Paul . Nash Motors Co. . Olson E99 Veerhusen . Owen 69 Vetter . . Pabst Corp. . Pantorium . . . Pettibone Bros. . Photoart House . Rennebohm Drug Stores . Rentschler Floral Co. . Riley, Frank .... Ritter Automobile Co. . RundlefSpence Mfg. Co.. . Runkel's Barber Shop . Scott's . . Simpsons .... Thompson's Orchestra . Thomas Studio . . TiH:any's .... T. M. E. R. E99L.. . United Shoe Repair . University CofCp . Universal Stores , . University Pharmacy . Venus . . Vollrath Co. . Waffle Shop .... WardfBrodt Music Co. . . Wehrman's ' ..... Western States Envelope Co. Wisconsin Foundry E99 Machine Co. . Wisconsin Sporting Goods . Woldenberg ..... . 556 - 523 - 563 5 535 556 562 . 551 - 553 - 549 - 533'571 . S42 544 538 i 546 . 536 569 550 - 5 5 5 . 572 . 570 - 547 . 570 . S42 . 556 - 573 - 545 . 560 574 546 . 561 - 575 . 538 536 544 558 546 558 - 553 - 549 . SSI 1 534 . S72 - 544 - 557 - 519 - - 573 527'554'556 . . 551 . . 561 . 548 . 570 . 548 N Page 578 N Acacia . . Aces . . Activities . . Adams Hall . . Administration . Administrators . Agricultural School Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Rho . Alpha Chi Sigma . Alpha Delta Phi . Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Kappa Delta Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Psi . Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi . . . Alpha Sigma Phi . Alpha Tau Omega . Alpha Xi Delta . Alpha Zeta . . Alumni ........... Alumni Magazine ........ American Institute of Electrical Engineers. . American Society of Mechanical Engineers . Arden Club ........, Artus .......... Athletic Board . Athletics . , . Avukah . . Baccalaureate . . 1930 Badger . Badgers ..., Barnard Hall . . Baseball . . Basket Ball . . Beaux Arts Ball . . Beta Gamma Sigma . Beta Kappa . . . Beta Phi Alpha . . Beta Sigma Omicron . . . Beta Theta Pi ...... Blue Shield Country Life Club . B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation . . Boxing ,... .... Cadets .... Calvary Lutheran . Campus Groups . Castalia .... Chadbourne Hall . . Chi Epsilon . , Chi Omega . . Chi Phi . Psi . J Class Officers . Classes . . . Clef Club . . . Combined Bands . Commencement . Commerce Club . Commerce School . Concert Band . . Book filnoex - 429 . 160 - 279 - 489 . 23 . 29 . 30 396 456 v 474 . 41.6 - 404 . 506 . 406 . 461 398 437 . 382, 479 456 . 477. . 400 - 393 - 433 . 431 - 397 385 . 167 . 321 4 503 . 5o5 . 490 . 386 . 218 . 215 - 344 . 192, . 308 . 157 - 484 . 157 - 235 . 188 - 374 . 460 . 408 - 497 - 415 . 501 - 343 . 273 - 353 349 483 . 365 . 485 . 378 - 395 . 436 - 417 4 154 - 47 - 493 . 352 - 193 - 497 . 431 . 351 Coranto . . Crew . . . Cross Country . Crucible . . Daily Cardinal . Delta Chi . , . Delta Delta Delta . Delta Gamma . . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Phi Delta . . Delta Pi Epsilon . . Delta Sigma Phi . Delta Sigma Pi . Delta Sigma Rho . . Delta Tau Delta . . Delta Theta Sigma . Delta Upsilon . . . Delta Zeta . . Dolphin . Dramatics . . . Engineering School . Eta Kappa Nu . . Euthenics Club . . Experimental College Extension Division . Father's Day . Fencing . . Football . . Forensics . . French House . . Gamma Eta Gamma . Gamma Phi Beta . . Golf ..... Graduate School . . Gym .... Haresfoot . . Hesperia . Hockey .... Homecoming ..... Home Economics School. . Honorary Societies . . Ice Carnival .... Instructional Staff . . . Intercollegiate Debates . . Intercollegiate Frankenburger Interfdebate Frosh Contest . Interfraternity Council . . Intramurals QWomen'sj . . Intramurals QMen'sj . . Iron Cross . . . journalism School . , . junior Mathematics School . Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Kappa Delta . . . Kappa Eta Kappa . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma. . Kappa Sigma . . . Keystone Council . 457 251 247 159 312 448 394 389 430 377 451 443 480 385 410 477 419 401 111 329 31 372 495 46 45 181 273 221 359 492 47 5 399 274 .3 3 9.72 334 364 168 182 34 367 171 356 361 363 363 467. 108 275 158 35 496 391 405 481 388 47-4 1 97 N Page 579 N Lambda Chi Alpha . Law Review . . . Law School . . . Le Cercle Francais . . Les Beaux Arts Club . . Letters and Science School . Library School ..,.. Luther Memorial . . Medical School . . Memorial Day ..... Men's Glee Club Corp. . Men's Physical Ed. School . Military Ball ..... Minor Sports , . . Mortar Board . Mother's Day . Mu Phi Epsilon . Music . . . Music School . Mystic Circle . . . National Collegiate Players Nursing School .... Newman Club . . . Octopus . . Omicron Nu . Orchesis . . Orchestra . . Outing Club . Pan-Hellenic Association. . . PanfHellenic Professional Council Phi Beta ....... Phi Beta Kappa ..... Phi Beta Pi . . Phi Chi . . . Phi Chi Theta. ' . Phi Delta Phi . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Epsilon Pi . Phi Eta Sigma . . . Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Kappa . . . Phi Kappa Phi . Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Kappa Sigma , . Phi Kappa Tau . Philippine Club . . Phi Mu .... Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia . Phi Omega Pi . . . Phi Pi Phi . . . Phi Sigma Delta . Phi Sigma Kappa . . Phi Sigma Phi . . Phi Upsilon Omicron . Pi Beta Phi . . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Pi Lambda Phi . Pi Tau Sigma .,... Polygon ,...... Presbyterian Student Alliance . Professional Societies . . . Prom ....... Psi Upsilon . . Publications . Pythia . . Regents . . Religion . . . Regimental Staff . . 439 522 36 497- 494 37 38 347- 39 IQO 349 42 86 267 1 58 189 386 347 40 411 1 337- 41 334 319 375 213 350 213 412 471 470 568 473 478 469 476 414 459 383 421 449 381 416 427 454 499 402 380 399 478 446 440 379 468 397- 444 455 376 504 345 465 184 47-3 307 3,66 26 337 354 Saddle and Sirloin Alpha Epsilon . . . Satire .... Scabbard and Blade Seniors .... Senior Swing Out Sigma .... Sigma Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Chi . . . Sigma Delta Chi . Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Social Epsilon Sigma Kappa . . Lambda . Nu . . . Phi . . . Phi Epsilon Phi Sigma . P1 . . . Fraternities Social Sororities . Special Occasions . . . Square and Compass . . . Student Nurses Dormitories . Summer Session .... Summer Session Cardinal . Swimming ..... Tabard Inn . . Tau Beta Pi , . Tau Kappa Epsilon . Tennis .... Theta Chi . . . Theta Delta Chi . Theta Phi Alpha . Theta Sigma Phi . Theta Xi . . . Track . . . Triangle . Tripp Hall . Tumas ..... Uni-Service Committee . University Hunt Club . University Players . . University Theatre . Varsity Welcome Villa Maria , . Visitors . . W.A.A. . . Wesley Foundation . . . White Spades ...... Wisconsin Commerce Magazine Wisconsin Country Magazine . Wisconsin Engineer .... Wisconsin Literary Magazine . Wisconsin Union ..... Women ...... Women's Athletics . . Women's Class Sports . . . Women's Commerce Club . . Women's Glee Club Corporation . . . Women's Intramurals . . . Women's Physical Education Club Women's Physical Education School . . Wrestling ....... W.S.G.A .....,. Y. M. C. A. . Y. W. C. A. . Zeta Beta Tau. . Zeta Psi . . 502 507 370 49 191 409 428 466 418 373 584 403 482 47-7 437- 445 457 453 413 387 177 457- 486 44 315 265 491 569 441 274 458 422 410 371 447 241 45-7 488 463 346 OO 5 330 331. 1 80 487 17 201 341 159 318 3,16 320 317 323 195 202 206 498 548 208 211 43 272 377 538 198 447 434 N Page 580 N E A Aaberg. M. E .,.. . Aaron, I. I .....,.. Abbott. W. A ..... Abert, B. D.. . . . Abert, E. R .... . . . Abrams, W. J.. . . . Abmmson, E ...... Achenbach, H. J.. . . Ackerman, E. T.. ... Ackley, L. ...,.. . Ackman, H ...... Adam, G. H.. . . . Adams, E. M.. . . . Adams. R. M.. . .. Adamson, C. H. .... . Adamson. M. C.. . Adgate, D. ...... . Adgatc, G.. . . .. Agan, J. B.. . .. Aganad, V. .... . Agard. W. R... . Agnew, S.. . . . Ahern, E. ...... . Ahern, M. L. .... . Ahlgren, H. L.. . . . Ahrens, E ....... Ainslie, M ........ Ainsworth, R. C ...,. Airis, F ........... Airis, J. T. .... . Airis, T. F. ...... . Aitken, H. M.. . .. Ajer, O. ......... . Albrecht, E. A.. . . Albright, R. ,... . . Alexander, A. S.. . Alexander, J. G.. . . Alexander. L. J.. . . Alexander. M. R.. Alexander, W.. . . . Alinder, A. E. . . . . Alk, A. ........ . Alk, B. ...... . Alk, S. ...... . Allen, C. E .... Allen, D. D.. . .. Allen, E. W.. . . . Allen, F. ...... . Allen, G. R. .... . Allen, J. C.. .. Allen, K .... ...... 49119151 .... . 491586 . ..... 414 .. . . . . 158 ....411-463 ......437 ....4o-176 .......4o 49 ..........4o5-498 --4--330'331'417'503 ..........3I6'4OO .........49f351 --A-447 . ..... 350 ....316'4oo ........41o '---49403 ........4qo ....317f416 ......4o1 ...1o5-4o1 49 ....383 ....4Of ........1o8 ..........424 3l9'330'4I4 414 49214447 ........418 . ..... 451 -----V394 ....31Q'.lO3 ..........385 33of356-484 ...........385 171-118 49's r8'404'469-498 174-344 --.-344 ....4lQ ....411 ---.WABQ . ..... 394 ....5o1436 ....5of3oo ....38o Allen, S ............. .... 454 Allison, L.. . . . . .. ...111-175 Allison, Rev. M. G. ..........,,.. 345 Allman, R. C ......,. Alsop, M. ......... . Alstad, E. M. ...... . Altmeyer, M. S ...... fO'l 59-160119713 11' 1 11'371'381'467 .............4o8 Alton, A. B. ....,.. ,... . ..... 4 o8f495 Altpeter, B ..,. ..... Altpeter, R. J. ..... . Alvis, M. P ..... Amann, B.. . . . Amend, M .... Ammon, R. .,.. . Amundson, G.. . . . Anasis, S. E. ..... . Aneheta, A. J. ..... . Anderson, A. E ..,... Anderson, A. K.. . . . Anderson, E ....... Anderson, E. J .... . Anderson, B. L.. . . Anderson, E. R. .... . Anderson, H. N.. . . . Anderson, I. D.. . . Anderson, J. ..... . Anderson, K. B.. . . Anderson, O. F. .... . Anderson, V. O.. . . . Anderson, W. B. .... s 5 as 5 F? gn 3' :a ci. KV -1 vi o :J Andreassen, J. C.. . . Andree, C. A.. . . . Andree, R. E.. . . Andrews, B. . . . . Andrews C. ....... . Andrews, C. F. .... . Andrews, B. A. ..,. . Angevine, E. J.. . . . Anslield, D. J ...... AnsEeld, F. J.. . . Antholt, V ....... Antin, D. B. .,..... . Antisdel, M. W ..... s9'31Cf311'397'412 5o ....4o3 ....4o5 ....381 -.--495 5o ....4oo --H477 .. 5o ....467 ...185-390 ......487 ...5O'484 ...5of5o3 5o -M-349 .W449 ......4Ol ........383 - . - - sOf337f44s ........411 ......4o3 ....117f445 ..........369 50-431f461 5 1f136f137f14o-440 .............45o 51 ....383 -.--495 SI ....4B4 Appleman, M.. . Archibald, M. Hffj Archie, G. E.. .. Arliskas, W. V. Armstrong, A. J: l I A Armstrong, E. J. Armstrong, J. H. Arnold, E. ..... . Arnold Arnold, P. .... . Arthur, G. H.. .. Ascher, J. S ..... Ash,J.P. Ash, Z. I.. . .. Ashley, B. ..... . Ashley, S. B.. . .. Ashman, G. R.. . Ashman, L... . .. Ashworth, L.. .. Aspinwall, XV.. . Aten, E ......... Atkinson, M. D.. . .. Atkinson, M. H. Atkinson, M. R. Attow, M. .... . Atwell, C. R... . Atwood, D. S... Augustine, D.. . . Aune, H: ....... Aurner, R.. . . Aust, F. A.. .. Austin, M. .... . Austin, Marg.. . . . Austin, W. .... . Averbrook, J.. . . Averhill, M. F.. . . Avery, R. ..... . s1'4Os'469-471'471f498 ,L. ........ . etsonal Clllnoex 317f4o9f411 ............39I ..........351 264f178f318f48o ......51-369178 ...........51f543 . .......... 51-403 S1112-313'315'37if428 ..........154f441 .... 51-1 59-16o'418-461 -----A--A-487-495 . ............. 444 ......417 . . . .. 114f444 .. . . .. 485 1947394 ... 178-480 4 f...' 397 ........466 ......... .348 3QO'4II'487 ........351 ..........4IS 34i'334'434 405 .. ...... 481 318-385-418 ........SOI ......345 .....4o8 .....441 .....4oo .....484 .......451 Axen, F. ....... ..... 3 68f466 Azpcll, E. W.. . . .... 51f419'5o5 Babcock, B. ..... ........ 3 13 Babcock, E. L.. . . .... 51-3651405 Babcock, R. NV .... . ....... 439 Babcock, S. M.. . ..... 3850422 Babington, R. ...... ........ 1 76 Bachhuber, A. M. .... ...... 4 79 Bachhuber, M. O Bachman, F. E.. . Back, J. G ....... Bqckus, A. C. ..... . Backus, A. C., Jr .... Backus, M ...... Backus, O. A.. . . Backus, W. A.. . Bailey. F. N.. . . . Bailey, J. W.. . . . Bailey, M. A .... Bailey, T. L ..... Baillie, E. C ..... Baillies, S. D ..... Bain, M. .... . Baker, B.. . .. Baker, D .... Baker, F. D.. . . Baker, H. K ..... Baker, H. R.. . .. Baker, H. C.. . . . Baker, J. G.. .. Baker, L. .... . Baker, N. J.. . . Baker, R ........ Bakken, A. W.. . Bakken, H. H.. . . Baldwin, E. M.. . Baldwin, I. L.. . . Baldwin, R ...... Bales, H. H ...... Balke, L. ..... . Ball, B. .... . Ball, E. I.. .... . Ballard, J. J.. . . . Ballenger, N.. . . . Ballerud, F ..,. . . Ballou. R. A ..... Bally, A. M.. . .. Bancrrft, M... .. Bane, J. L. ...... . Banneld, N. C.. . Bang, R. E. .... . Banker, R. L ..... Bannen, J. T .... Baratz, B. R.. . . . Bardeen. C. R.. . Bardeen, H. .... . ...........S2'47Q 311'314'362'383'438 . . .1r9f111f119-410' 463473 ..........491 .....41o .....4zo ......5o3 ..........43o S2'327'4OB .......351-380 51f119'456 51 ......4oo .....485 .....391 .....415 .....436 51 ....351 .....I7S .....411 ......37O ..... 311f3o6 364 . ........... 419 ...16of184f185f3o8f s3fy388'47O ..........385 .... . . .. 418 ..... 445 . .... 317 3o8 .....4o1 448 .....3o4 .....4o7 .....448 ......5o1 . ....... 317 . .... 375f468 S2 .....484 .....y,51 .....41O S2 39 .. . . . 1o4f111f3oo Bardeen, J ...... Barden, E. R.. .. Bardes, A. G .... Barglof, C. G.. . Barker, G. W.. . Barker, H. L.. . . Barker, P. .... . Barker. W.. . . . Barnard, H.. . .. Barndt, O. .... . Barnes, F. ..... . Barnes, Harry A.. . . . Barnett, A. C.. . Barnett, T. J.. . . Barrett, F. T.. . . Barrett, R. E.. . . Barron, G. N.. .. Barron, L. S.. . .. Barrus, V.. . . . Barry, A. S.. . . . Barry, M. I.. . .. Barstow, M. I... Bartel, H ....... Bartelt, A. .... . Bartelt, A. W.. . Bartelt, M. W.. Bartholomew, K. Bartholomy, J. cl .I .I ... I Bartlet, A. .... . Bartlett, E. E. .... . Bartlett, E. W.. . . . Bartness, A. C. . Barton, E. ..... . Barton, H. E.. . . Barty, S ....... Bascom, L.. . . . Bassett, J. B.. .. Bassett, R. C.. . Basserwitz, J.. . . Bast, O. D ...... Bates, K. M.. .. Batten, A. .... . ---4369'372'434 51f385f437f461 ...........4I7 ..........458 ....43O 51-396 ........393 ----433105 ......346 H--477 473 ....478 ....5o3 ....417 ....416 '---454 .....51f485' ...........5o5 3IO'4OI'47O 381 . .... 511401 ...S1'4OO ....4oo ......364 ....119'386 ...53f366 ...arg-438 --'73'393 ....171 ....484 ....39o ----357 ....111 .-4.52-'439 ....118 381 -.-S1435 363f419'441'472 . . . ...- 73'341'373'4'1-9 . . . . ........ 381486 Batterman, K. H... .. ........ .. 430 Baucb, D. C.. .. Bauer, C. E ..... Bauer, F. S ....... Bauer, G. C.. ... Baum, A. E ..... Baum, B. P.. .. Baum, H. C... .. Bauman, J. C.. . Baumann, C. A.. . . Baumann, B. O.. Baumann, E.. .... . Baumann, F. W. Baumann, K. F.. Baumann, U.. . . Baumann, Wm. H Baumgart, F. L.. Baumgart, L.. . . Baxter, B ....... Baxter, M ...... Bayha, B. ..... . Bayla, A. M .... Bayley, G. .... . Beach, H. C... . Beals, M. B.. .. Beam, E.. Beaman, J. L .... Bean, E. F ...... Bean, V. A.. . . . Beardmore, M.. . . . Beatty, H. P.. .. Bechler, H. B.. . Beck, L. J. .... . Becker, E. E.. . . Becker, E ..... . Becker, G.. . . . Becker, H. M.. . Becker, H. C.. . .. Becker, W. Sp. . . Beckley, W.. . . . Beckmire, L. E. .... . Bedessem, R. V. .... . Beebe, T.. . .... . .. Beebe, W ........ Beeman, A. E.. . . Beernbohm, N.. . . . Beers, D ...... . . . . . Berry, S ......... Bebm, W. W .... Behnke, H. H ...... Behr, L ......... Behr,S. Behrend, R.. . . Bekkedal, M .... . Belinson, L.. . . Bell, A. .... . 53 ....43o ----535543 ....471f484 ........384 ......416 ......478 V---13475 .....53 73 ....466'484 .... 350386 S3 ..,.466 . -.... ---. 4 49 ....487 ....3o3 Baumgarten,R.M 84 ........441 486 . .... . 4 . . . 1761178438 ........4g9 ........5o5 ......346f391 .4 -- 3'l7'399'70I ............4DB ........439 ....419 ....478 ....389 ....478 -.-.s4'4s8 14 -- 54 ....4fl ....417 S4 ---'54'45'7 ......414 ........463 ---43f2'436 54 ......445 ....158-159 -v------'5'4'-131 2s3'2s4f277'454 . : - -f4'3s9fa69fa78' 38O'5B1'448 ......... 45o ..........11o'345 . 119a111e133f144'446 ..........41of498 .. .... 433f461 74 ....3q6 of Q Fi ?' F' Bell J., Jr.. . . . Bell Bell Bell Bell, J. S.. . .. Bell, Lois ...... Palais was Bell, L. ........ . . Bell, W. J. D.. . .. Bellaeh, M. J.. . . . Belfer, E. ....... . Belter, R. A.. . . . Bemis, F. V. .... . . Benedict, R. R ..... . Benjamin, R. ..... . Benner, E ...... Bennett, A.. . . . Bennett, B.. . . . Bennett, D.. . . . Bennett, E. .... . . Bennett , G. ....... . . . Bensman, John. . . Bensman, M.. . .. Benson, G. B.. . . . Benson, G... . . . Beran, J. .... . Berg, L. ...... . Bergendahl, F .... Berger, A. ....... . Berger, Mrs. M .... Berger, S. ........ . Bergs, H. V. ........ . Bergstresser, J. L ..... . Bergstresser, K. . . Berk, J ............ Berkmess, E. C ..... Berman, F ........ Berner, H. .... . Berner, L. ..... . Bernstein, J. .... . Berryman, C. F.. . Bersch, A. H. .... . Bertrand, K. .... . Berwanger, W. J.. . . . Bespalow, A. ..... . . Bessert, M. .... . Best, J. S.. . .. Best, W. P.. . .. Betts, A. F.. . .. Betts, R. L. .... . Beuscher, J. H. .... . . . Bey,F. Beymer, R.. .... . Beyris, G. M.. . . . Biekel, A. R.. . .. Bidwell, L. H.. . . Bieberstein, A. J.. Biedermann, E. M .... Biehl, R. G. ...... . Bicbusen, R.. . . Bienfang, R.. . . . . Biggar, J. W ..... . Biggar, L. ...... . Billington, A.. . . . Bills, G. E.. . .. Bills, N ........ Bilstad, N. .... . Binang, E .... . . Bindley, W .... .. Bingham, A. H. . . Bingham, M.. . . . Bingham, N ..... . . . . . Bingham, W. T. . Binisb, S. .,.... . Binzer, M. R ..... Bird, H. ..... . Bird, R ........ Birdsall, B. J.. . . . Birge, B. A. .... . Birkpeck, N. J.. . . . Birkenmeyer, C. B .... Birr, P. C. ..... . Birt, B. ........ . Bishop, Mrs. E. J. Bishop, H. F ..... Bishop, V. M.. . . Bisno, K. ..... . Bistline, C.. . . . Black, B ........ Black, H. W.. . .. Black, J. D. ...... . Blaekbourne, J.. . . . Blackbourne, R. . . Blackburn, G. B.. . . Blackhall, F. M.. . Blackman, C.. . .. Blackwell, B. B.. . Blackwell, M. A.. Blady, J. V ........ Blair, C. ....... . .....54f4oo .....385 ...381 4--379 54 ...417 74 ---393 55 .......39o .........315 --5-77'33S'456 .........434 --f369'372'431 ..........459 311197 ..........4o4 457 ..........381 369'372'43I'sO3 ..........411 ..........461 ....461f461 ------2411179 ..........454 .-.1s'541'378'4S7 ..........143 .........466 ....4o1 16 .........447 ..........417 . . . 386'43I'488 ......317f348 .......177 55 ....35o ....451 .......3o4 ....313f446 .........411 - - - 55'330'470 .......143 --'--559479 55 ..........351 s74f41'1'462'472 ..........431 ..........351 . . ........ 55f5o3 ..........322 ssfsvs-468497 ..........393 55 .....55f467 ....448f461 .....414 ....484 55 .......485 .. ....... 451 56f3qof4o8 .....56f496 ......485 ....418 ....418 ....4o1 ....316 ....416 .........4B5 ..........441 ..........486 - - A - - f6'4i9'471'497 1184191118 .......56f4o7 ......368 ----435105 ...56f5o1 27 ---'479 ....448 ......3o7 ...56'3o1 ....315 -.-.349 .. 56 -'--459 ....451 ....351 ....45o 174 .......485 ....384f485 ...56f438 ....39o ....396 ....39l ....39z 56 -'--249 N Page 581 N Blake, G. A.. .. Blakely, E. A.. . .. Blakely, L. .,.. . Blanchar, J. E.. . . . Blanchard, P. B. . . Blanchard, W. G.. Blankenstein, S.. . . Blace, A ......... Blatecky. J. Jr ..... ..., Blaul, J. P. ...... . Blencoe, S. G.. . . . Bleyer, Prof. W. G. . . Blied, A. A. .... . Bliflfert, W. P. .... .. Bliss, J. ....... . Block, V. .,... . Blocki, R. L.. . . .. Bloodgood, H.. . . . Bloodgood, J. C.. . Bloss, F. E. ..... . Bloss, T. B.. . .. Blum, A. O.. . .. Blum, B. B.. . .. Blum, D. ...,. . Blum, O. S.. . .. Blunt, C. ....... . Boardman, hi.. . . . Boardman, W ..... Bodden, E. .... . Boelk, J. .,.... . Boesel, C. M ..... Boesel, F. ...,. . Boesel, J. P ..... Bogart, G. E.. . . Bogue. H. .... . Bohmrich, B. .... . Bohren, M. M .... Bohri O. M. .... . Bohstedt, G.. . . Boland, H. E.. . . . Bolger, M. Y.. . . . Bolton, A. .... . Bolton, J. R.. .. Bond, M.. . . . Bonk, A. ..... . Bonn, M. F. .,.. . Bonzelet, G. L.. . . Boogher, H.. . .. Bookman, V.. . . Boots, P. ....... . Borcherdt, F. H.. . Borchers, G. L.. . . Borchers, R. B.. . . Borden, Capt. F. G Borge, A. ....... . Borges, W. F.. . . . Borkin, J. ..... . Borkon, E. L.. . . Borrud, B.. . . Bossart, O. .... . Bostock, S. A.. . .. Bostwick, J. . . . . Boughner, B. .... . Bourkland, XV.. . . Bousman, J. P.. . . Bovicr, E. S. . . . . Bowers, C. F ..... Boyce, M. .... . Boyd, D. M.. .. Boyd, M.. . . . Boyer, H... .. Boyer, S. H... . . Boyle, L. R.. . . . Boyle, R. .,... . Braatz, C.. ,.... . Bradley, H. C.. . .. Bradley, W. B.. . . Bradstein, Z.. . . Brady, F.. . . . Brady, R. ..... . Brady, T. ....... . Brammer, M. B.. . Brand, H. ....... . Brandon, M. L .... Brandt, A. F.. . .. Brandt, A. F ...... Brandt, E. C... ... Brandt, L. W.. . .. Brandt, M. C ..... Brann. J. W.. .. Branson, B. H.. . . Brant, F. H.. . .. Bratz, B. ........ . Braxmeier, A.. . . . Bray, G. M.. . .. Bray, H. R.. . .. Bray, M. VV.. .. Brayton, P.. . . . Braze, A. ..... . Brazeau, B. ...... . Breckenfeld, I. S.. . . Brehmcr, R ....... Breihy, N. .... . Bremer, G. ...... . Bremer, G. W.. . . .....423 ....76f341 .......486 76 . .... 76-479 ... .......... . 414 . . ............. 461 468140 . 77'336'443'462 .. .., ........ .448 .--37'371'373f381f 419-467 77'443 .. . 'i7'2I9'32O'4iO . .,.... 388f41 1 409-487 .. ....... .. 397 . . . . .. IiS'346"426 .........I73 -. 77's77'471 .. ....... 477 ....77-368 .......371 ...4S6 .....479 . . ....... 393 3884487 3 22'4 16'462'473 ............487 .. ....... 272 ... 346-417 322'473 ... 436 S7 ... 481 ... 368 ..... S7 71410 .........438 . .... f7'4OS'4Q6 S7 199f327f4o3 .........4I7 .......368 ...4o8 77 ...4o3 ...423 ...4o6 ...364 .....448 ...332f387 .....368 ...427 ...466 ...417 ...461 --.457 .....372 -4'-77'707 .......43o .......427 ....58'4o1 .....471 78 ....78f389 4--367107 .....311 ...SQI ...398 ...ZOI . ...... 416 ., ...318f48o . ........... 174 .......369-3,76 3241-70'381'419 ............416 468'491'497 A--4-----473 .......317 ...423 78 ...187 . . ........... 390 . ........... 421 2424244-246-422 ............371 .......347f371 .....448 ---3370437 78 -4.387437 -4-4.497 ...487 78 ...487 ...429 ...431 ...383 .....423 ----78'474 .......382 ...7o7'7o6 .....4o4 ...371 Brennan, D. T... . Brett, G. J.. . .. Brewer, F. .... . Briekson, E. .... . Bridgeman, R. J ..... 7S'332f448 .........391 .......492 .........4OI 784191437 478 Bridges, J. E. ....... .......... . Briggs, E. ..... . Briggs, H. ..... . Briggs, L. G.. . . Briggs, M.. . . . Briggs, XV. H.. . . . Briggson, F.. . . . Brill, M .... . . Briscoe, J. D.. . . .........2o7 316f497 53O'3a1'434 . . . . 1o4f39of411 .. ....... 423 ..... 316f372 . . . . 2724479-462 . .... 43O'488 Brock, M. C.. . . ... S8'1Q7'21l Brodsky, S.. . . .. . .... . 343-479 Brody, E W.. . . . . .. 784277-442 Bronson, G.. ..... ......... 3 47 Bronson, T. E.. . . .... 78-347 Brostrom, M. .... ........... 4 07 Brott, E. W .... . .......... 79f478 Brough, I. H.. . . ..... 79-3133 10198 Broughton, L. .... ............ 4 S4 Brouse, D. ....... ........... 4 47 Brouwer, S. W ...... . .... . . 346 Brown, C. W. .... ....... 2 37'428 Brown, D. M. .... .... 7 9f41of412 Brown, G. H. .... ..... 7 o347o4 Brown, G. V.. . . . ...........479 Brown, H. J. ......... .... 273'319f439 Brown, J. M. .......... ..... 3, Q3'47O Brown, Jean McLean ..... ....... 4 og, Brown Josephine ....... .... 7 Q'327 Brown, L. W. ........ ......... 7 9 Brown, R. A. .... . .. 32221184473 Brown, R. E .... ............ 4 36 Brown, R. L ...... .............. 4 89 Brown, R. V. .... .... 7 Q'32O'1,6Q'376' 381504 Brown, W.. .. .... ..... . . 477 Brown, C. ..... . .. 444 Brudos, S. J.. . . . . Bruhn, H. D ........ Brummond, W. H. .. Brunekhorst, F. L.. . . Brunner, E. M.. . . . Brunner, M. A.. . .. P Byron, Bryant, H. ...... . Brye, L. C. ....... . Buchanan, H. E.. . . . Buchanan, L. .... . Buck, N. ..... . Buck, P. M. .... . Buckingham, B.. . . .. Buckingham, M.. . .. Bucklin, B ........ Bucklin, D.. . . . Budd, L ........ Buechner, N .... Buell, F. .... . Buell, R. A ..... Buellesbach, R.. . . Buelow, E. .... . Bucnzli, P. B .... Bufton, R. .... . Buglass, S. P .... Bu11,A.J ...... Bull,J .... .....,, . Bullamore, M.. . . . Bunge, H. L.. . . Bunker, P ..... Bunting, C. H.. . . Bunting, H.. . .. Bnran, S. F.. . .. Burbank, R. ..... . Burch, G. M.. . .. Burch . . Burchard, E.. . .. , K.. . . . Burdick, H. L ....... Burdick, . ...... . . 71 Burdon, T .... Burgess, J. .... . Burgess, R Burgess, T Burgess, W. T ....... Burgy, C.. . . . Burgy, F. T.. .. Burke. G. L.. . .. rof. G.. .. . H. ..... . ...........7oo ............437 . . . 378'37o'471f462 . ............ 372 ........79f484 .....I7S ...346 ---473 SQ ...372 ...429 .....487 ---373'-H1 .........48o ...........3B4 .-.- 371'397'4F44 .........368 .......3:7 ...241 --1-633 .....416 79-436 ...31o-398 ----,449 .......7oo SQ . . . . . . S9'3'l7'-904 ... 179160-197-324 1971407 ..... 3683824486 ....79f178f179416o' 310'311'3Q-l ...........417 .......417 60 .....222 .......372f439 .. .......... 445 . . . 186f346f39of41 1 60 1991093 10134189 ..............4o7 . .... . ................. 426 6of218f219'z 47'248' 7-49'7'70'373'439 ...........437 . ..... 481 Burke, J. G. ...... .... 6 of44: Burknarcl, F. ....... ..... 4 86 Burkhardt, M. J.. .. ... 701 Burkhardt, R. ........ ... 394 Burleigh, Prof. C. ..... . . . 380 Burmaster, S ........ . . . 433 Bnrmeister, V. ..... . ., 485- Burmeister, W. J.. . . Burnett, D. C. ..... . Burnham, G. C. .... . Burnham, J. P ..... . Burnham, M ........ Burns, F. ......... . Burns, F. ..... .... . Burridge, G. N.. 160' .. ..... 60 1 -..-A.. 370444 6of16o-419f462 ....6of388f468f497 2'J.2f246f327f417'462 Burstein, J. . . . Bush, C. R.. . . . .....477 --A---4-'373'-W4 Bushman, M. .................... 372 Bushnell, L. S. ..... . Buss, Carl ..... . . . Buss, G. V.. . .. Bussan, U. G.. . .. Busse, L. K. Bnssell, C. W.. . . . Bussey, E. E. .... . Busswell, V. ...... . Butchart, D. A.. . .. Buth, J. .......... . Butterfield, G. I.. . . . Butterworth, T.. . . . Butts, F. ........ . Butts, P. ...... . Butz, A. A. ..... . Byanskas, E. L.. . . Byard, M. F .... Byrge, H. N.. .. Byrne, E. H.. . . Byrns, L. A... . Byron, C. L .... . C Cable, G. W ....... Caddock, C. T ...... Cady, C. ....... . Cady, H. H.. .. Cad K y, . ....... . . Calder, W. A ...... , Agnes E.. . . Caldwell, Arlette .... Caldwell, Bernice .... Caldwell. Byron .... Caldwell, D. M... . . Caldwell. G. L ...... Caldwell M. E.. . .. Caldwell caiaweiil R. .... . Caldwell, T. A ..... Caldwell, W... . . Calkins, R. S.. . . . Callahan, G. J.. . . Callahan, J. ..... . Callahan, XV ......... Callenbach, J. A. . . .. Callender. M. L.. . Callender, R. .... . Cameron, D. T.. . .. Cameron, XV.. . . .. Campbell, Charles J.. . Campbell, Helen ..... Campbell, Helena B.. . Campbell, Myrtle .... Campbell. O. I .... Campbell, Campbell, R. W... Campbell, XV.. . . . Canfield. D. V.. . . Canhcld, H. L.. .. Canfield. J.. . .. Cannon, A... .. Cannon, J.. . . Cant, J. F.. .. Cantor. M.. . .. Cantwell, R. .... . Canuteson, R. L.. . Cape, R. ....... . Capel. R. ......... . Capener, O. W .... Cappa, Lawrence. . Card, H. L. ..... . Carell. G. XV.. . . . Carew, D. M ..... Carey, M. D.. . .. Carle. W, L.. . . Carlson, D. M.. . . Carlson, E. .... . Carney, F. ....... . Carney, W. E.. . . . Cams, P. R. ..... . Carothers. G. E.. . . Carpenter, Mrs. C. Carpenter, K. P .... Carpenter, L. L.. . . Carr, J. ....... . . P.E ...... 60'l60'37-5'349'43'1- 319 ... . . . . 37zf367'484 .........481 . . . . . 6of327f496 . . ...... 6of7o2 . . . . 6of4o4-484 390 . . . . Go-481 .......394 ....61f467 ...........347 .........312f431 --174'37'4'337f'-L31 ,........277f447 .......266f424 .....388 -'-349 ...417 61 27473 ...417 ...4z8 ... 484 . .. 707 .. 2:2441 -- - 370170 . . .. 61199 . . .... 390 . ..... 486 .......433 ....61':LQQ .......382 6l'5QQ .....471 ....61f4o7 ...........431 160-3174417 ...........449 26 . ............ 438 ..16of187-1S7f37of 387437462 . ......... 389 .......4I7 . ..... 43o .. ....... 44-I .. ..... 614703 .. ....... 401 .. ......... 390 . ..... .... 3 17 61-3411401 .........414 .......45o .........3-11 .. . . . 613981412 .........383 .......431 .....4I7 .. . . 200'3Q2 .....444 ...3S3 ...43r ----V79 .......4S7 .........361 ........61-364 .....61f37zf7o3 61 .......7o7 .....4S7 .....6:-391 ...475 62 . . . . 37of4o7 4:0 ..6:f3o9-311f317'3:7- 2-67'494 .53 R. ............ 27 ......... 6244684497 466 Carr, M... ...... . ... . 1991310-3841.96 Carrier. V. G.. . . . Carson, M. E ..... Carson. M.. . .. Carter, I. M.. .. Cary, C .... .... Casberg, K. E. Case, C. D.. . .. Case, T. .... . Casey, G. .... . . Casey, J. D .... . Casey, R. D. .... . Cashman, J. E.. . . Cass, C. ...... . 321-432 .... 62'33CJ'3QI . ........ 33o . . . . 6'.:f4o2 H---444 ...44S .......7o7 ...........361 219-2:2-2:6 62 . ...... 373 .. 26 -4-439 Casswell, H. C. ................. . 437 Cassidy, P. H. ..... 242-244f319f383f442 Cassoday, E. J. .................. . Caster, D. B.. .. Caster, J. E.. . . . Casterline, M. L Castle, J. B.. . .. Caswell, L. E.. . Cate, H. H.. . . . . ....... 62'327'-488' ............62-316' 417 466 470 470 418 453 443 Catlin, J. B.. .. .179f16of18 '18 4 1 f 6 Catlin, M. L. ........... 313 Caverno, M. ..................... 405 Ceaglske, V. C. .... ... 3451484 Chadwick, H. ...... ....... 4 o4 Chaimson, L. ........ ,,,,. 4 61 Chamberlain, A. A ..... ...... 6 2 Chamberlain, B. ...... ..... 3 9.1f412 Chamberlain, H. .......... ....... f 474 Chambers, R. V ............ 69,463,494 Chambers, F .... Chandler, G.. . . 487 - A - - 3704387427-4s7'489 Chang, C. H. ................... . Chapman, C. J.. Chapman, G. n ' A ' I H Chapman, D. B.. Chapman, H. ................... . . Chapman, V. J ..... Chappell , K. F... Charters, M. .... . Chase, A. V .... Chase, B. T.. . .. Chase, Chase, E. R.. .. Chase, J. .... . Chase, L Chase, M.. . . Chase, N.. . . .. Chase XV. J.. . . cheCh'ii,, ic.. . . . Chechik, S ..... 62 437 -l-T7 A - - 3 W3 14'-480497 396 415 632452 159 421 63f4o7 Cheeseman, H.. . ' I I U Chelberg. D. E.. . .. Cheli, C. F. ..... . Chesak, D... .. . 419 63 487 417 389 482 410 65 461 396 3894411 479 3 8'-66 Chesley, C. O .... . .... 63'16O"j32'il2 Chesley, E.. . . . Childe, P. P .... 39?- .. . . ........ .6Jf391 Chizek. C.. ............. ........ . A Chmielewski, E. 267 . . . . .16o-2191136139 Christian. E. A. ...... .... 35S'414'70' 418 Christiansen, L. ....... . . 31of311f397 67 Christensen, M. Chriscopherson, Chncka, J. A.. . A. L. .... .... . D 337' Church, A. M ...... Church, H. P.. . . . Cizon, R ........... Claridge, C. M .... . ... 3,11 Clark, E. ........ ...... . Clark, F. M.. .. Clark, J. E. . . . . J W 634 486 477 434 63 53 408 ' '597 436 ... . 199510-51145841401 Clark. . . ........ . ..... ..... 6 3 Clark. M. A. .... ..... ....... 4 7 8 Clark, N. ...... . . . 4QS'SOO Clark,O.C.... 63 Clark. O. P ..... ..... 6 5 Clark. P. F. ...... ....... 4 31 Clark. Ruth E ...... .... 4 68f497 Clark. Ruth M.. . . . .. . .. 408 Clark, Selder ..... .... 3 51 Clark, YV. G ...................... 417 C.ark, XV. E. ................. 1191423 Clarke. F. W... . . 644519-330-3704336-438 Clarke, H. ....................... 706 Clarke, H. l. .................... 382 Classon, Mrs. A.. .. .. 27 Clausen. E. M... . . . . . ,oo Clausen, F. H.. .. . 374 Clausen. S. E. .... .... 4 39 Clay. L. Rf. ...... .... 7 or Cleencwerck, E. .... .... . . . 396 Clemens, P. L .... .... 4 27-701 Clement, V. J.. .. . . . .. 388 Clement, V. L. ..... . . . 64 Chikeman, M. L.. . . .. . 478 Cline, F .......... . .. 393 Clogher, C. .... 4:1 Closs, J. O. .... ..... 4 44 Clow, B.. .... 377-468 Clum. V. A. ..... ....... 6 4 Cochran, J. H .... . . . 187423 Cochrane, H.. .. Cody, J. H.. . .. Coe, F. ....... . . .- - 173'-903 ... 327-487 . . . 3274491 Cohen, M. M .... . .... Cohen. H. .... . Cohen, L ....... Cohen, M. S.. .. Cohn, A. L.. . .. Cohn, B. A .... . Cohn, J. R.. . . . Cohn, S. .... . Coke, M. ..... . Coke, R. S.. . . . Coker. P ..... 64 446 469 475 - .-.. 783479 . . . . 'zo8f4o6f484 434 64 394 64 27: N Page 582 N Colbert, R. J. .... . .,........4.., 382 Colburn, A. ..........., ,. ..,. 447'48Q Cole, C. F.. ........ 64'2o1'2o9'21 1-404 Cole, D. F. ...,. ... ......,...... . 64 Cole, E. P. ...... 64-159f160f183f324-325- 358-38I'586'42 1'-+73 Cole, H. F. .,.,.,....,.........., 487 Cole, L. J. ...........,........... 381 Cole, Margaret V.. . . .... 377f397 Cole, Minnie ...... Colehour, J. K.. . . .......375 -H-392'-I?-7 Colehour. S. P.. . . .,,. 336f427 Coleman, C. ......, ..... 4 26 Coleman, H. C. ..,... ...,... 4 58 Callenbach, J. A. .... ..... 3 55'358 Collier ..,. .,.,.,...., 6 4 ,F. J.. .. Collins, C. M.. . . Collins, L. P ...... Collins, M. A.. . . Collins, P.. . . .. Colt, R. C. ..... . Comee, W. C.. . . Comer, D. ....... . .....6.Q.'1.Q2'47O . ....,,,. 365 .......4o1 ....348'4o9 .......484 ....jI4'4'l8 .....442 Commons, J. R. .... ... 381 Commons, M. .,..... . . . 487 Comstock, R. M. ..,, . . , 427 Conan, S. .......... ... 486 Conlon, H. M... . Connell, K ...... Conner, R. E.. . .. Connolly, C. D.. . .. Connor, C. B.. . . . Connor, G. C. .... . Connor, W. M.. . . . . . . . . 408 -265437 .. . . . 65f222-226 . . . 3o9f31o-428 198-392 ..... 65-219f423 448 Conohan, A. M .... , , , 344,410 Conrad, G. ...,.. ,,... 4 75 Conrad, L. M.. . . 487 Conrad, N. .... . ,.,. 442 Conroy, J. J.. .. ....... 42:-473 Conroy, M. E.. . . .........., . 389 Conry, C. E. ...,. ...,. 6 5f2r9f222f229 Considine, E.. . .. Consigny, J. P.. . . Constance, B. ..... . Conway, John E.. . . Conway, J. T.. . .. Conway, R. L.. . . Conway, W. J.. . . Cook, H. W.. . . Cook, L. .... . Cook, M. B ..... Cook, R. .... . Cooke, O. .... . Cooksey. N.. . . Cool, R. N.. Cooley, G. .... . Cooley, M. ..... . Coombs, E. A.. . . Coombs, P.. . . . Coon, L ...... Cooper, A.. . . Cooper, C .... Cooper, D ...... Cooper, E. I. ..,. . Cooper, P. ...,... . . Copener, L. M.. . . . Corbett, E. F.. . . . Corbin, H.. . . .. Corbus, B. C ...... Corell, L. ,,.,, . Coricz, I. ..... . Corlies, I. J .,.. . . Correll, H. L.. . .. Costello, Carl .... Costello, C. B.. . . Costello, M ..... Costley, V. ..... . Coston, D. C. ..... . .........237f414 ...........422 .......341 ---346490 .....453 .......449 .........416 M- 65-585477 ............446 . . . .. 651316-468f495 ............265 ..........473 .....222 .......4r7 ...484-486 .....403 ---430 .6254 .....38o ...4o1f412 .....47o ...429 ...351 ...341 ...484 173 .....265 ....65f426 ...311f348 . ,... ..... 3 I3 311f327f4o0 .........425 .. ...351 65 ...429f5o6 .....348 ---397 78 Cottingham, VJ. S. .... ..... 3 Coughlin, A. P ..... Coulson, M. ...... . Counsell, C. H.. . . . Covert, M. ,.... . Covitz, I. ,...... . Cowgill, E. A.. . .. Cowie, A. .... . Cowles, M.. . . . Cox, B. L.. . .. Cox, M. E .,.. ---34-V449 .....366 .....44o .......494 .... 65f4o6 .... 65f366 ,.... 383 ... 375f468 . .... 65 .....457 Coxon, E. L ..... .,.. 6 5f40I Coy, K. ..... . . .....,. 401 Coyle, C. S. ....,. . . . 222f430 Crabb, R. ....,.... ..... 4 41 Craig, George D.. . . ... 424 Craig, George I. .... ... 437 Crandall, T. ...., ............., 4 85 Crane, F. D. .... ................ 4 S3 Crane, G. .... .... Crane, R ....... Crane, W. C. ..... . Craneheld, H. A.. . . Crashaw, F. ...... . . Crawford, D. L.. . . . Crawshaw, F. S.. . . . Creber, A. J.. . . .. Crewe, C. W.. . .. 651-75's81'468f494 ............315 --1-65'33S'444 .....3OQ'3ll .........438 ..........421 6615881411 336414 Critchell, B ..... ....... 3 93 Davis, S. ..... .... 6 8f1 8f1 11 '32 - Critchell, P... .. ..... as-393 5 ff7.Q'Q,:35'g Croft, A. E.. . . ..... 382 Davis, S. B. .,... ...... 3 84'47O'47l Cromer, H. .... . .... 497 Davis, W. C. ..., ......,. 4 27 Cromer, O. ...... .... 3 761383 Davis, W. M.. . . ,... 68f315 Cronin, K. L... . . Crosby, F. W.. . . Cross, E. A.. . .. Cross, J. F.. . .. Crouse, E. C. ..... . Crowden, H. I. ..... . A L Crowell, .K... Crowell, C. L.. .... . . C Crowell, Crowell, K. .....,., . Crowell, N. F. .... . Crowley, R. M.. . .. Crowley, W. F ..... Crownhart, C. H.. . .. Crownhart, G. ..... . Crummey, L ......... Cuisinier, F. ....... . Cullen, R. K.. . .. Cullen, S. C. ....,. . Cullinane, J. E.. . .. Culver, H. T. ....., . Cummings, H. T.. . .. Cuneo, N. .,..... . Cunningham, H.. . .. Cunningham. J. C .... Cunningham, R.. . .. Curran, C. ...... . Curran, G. W.. .. Curreri R. R.. . .. Currv, R. C. .... . Curtis. A. R.. . .. Curtis, J. A.. .. Curtis, R. A.. . . . Curtis, R. L.. . . Curtis, R. M... .. Curriss, M. C.. . . ...........395 . .,..,.,, 44of473 --343'398'466'471 66 V.-.466'34of419 ...,.........42o . ...... ...... 4 34 .........3IO'434 66f16of187f358f37of381f 386e428'462 .............39o .......427 .........419 2r9f478 -- 3s0's31'436-462 197 66f161f2r9f228-258' 262f265f444 .........351'436 .......436 ....66f457 .....4r4 -----444 ...276-438 .......345 66 -I-V-----304 ........l...364 .....66f369-433 .........449 .......42o ......66f497 ---4337'336'41S .........485 ---3---399 ---453 66 Curry, A. M. .,.. ... 66 Curry, R. C. ....... ... 420 Cuscaden, H. J. .... . . . 430 Cushing, M. ..... ..... 4 85 Cuthbert. L ...... . . . . . 491f495 Czerwienski, F. .... ,,... 2 24'4-14 Czerwonky, R. A. .... . . . 264f4.39f5o5 Dahl, K.. ......... ... 2194435 Dahlberg, A. C. .... .......... . 382 Dahlberg, A. O. .,.. .,.........., 3 69 Dahlgren, E. G. ......... 67f161f218f310f 311-312f314 Dahlk, M. .... .,........... 3 82 Dahlman, J. H. .... .. Dahlquist, R. A. .... . Dalenberg, R. .... . Dalley, O. E.. .. Dallman , G. ..... . Dallwig, H. G.. .. Damme, H. ....... . Dammen, A. H... .. Daniels, C. J.. . .. Daniels, F. ...... . Danielson, D. N... . Danielson, D. E. .,.. . Danielson, M. O.. . . . Danielson, N. N.. . . Dapin, J. ....... . Darho, H. .... . Darbo, R. E.. . . Darby, H. ....,. . Darling, M. M.. . . . Darling, P. ...... . Darlow, A. E ..... Dasney, C. A.. . .. Dassow, E. ....... . Dassow, Erma L.. . . Dassow, R. W.. . . Daters, E. G. .... . Dauer, M. A.. . .. . . . 67f276'278f438 429 . . . 67-330-388f47o .............38o . ...,,..... 460 67 393493 450 . . . . 352f458f505 ...........426 .......444 ...427 67 .......41Q ....67f455 .....435 ...352 ...388 ...389 ...318 385 439 --.484'493 .......485 ...48O'497 ....67f5o3 67 Davenport, H. E.. . . .. . 484 David, P. A. ..... .......... . 499 , Davidoff, M. ..................... 461 Davidson, H. P. .... 219f222f242f245-419 Davies, E. .... . . . ............ . . 477 Davies, J. ..... . Davies, R. E .... Davis, A. P.. .. Davis, B. ....... . Davis, Dorothy .,., Davis, D. S. ...... . Davis, Eleanor A .... . E F Davis, Davis, E. R ..... Davis, G. E.. . .. .........222f231 67 ... .. 67f495-501 67'404 . . . 4o1f48z 67-388 ....68f377 68 68 .........243-437 Davis, J. ........................ . 452 L C Davis, Davis, L. M .... I8S'2 . . . 68-429-462f479 640661 30'424'463 Davis, W. W.. . . Davis, William. . . . Davidson, S.. . . . Davlin, C. M.. .. Davlin, D. .... . Daw, J. E. .... . Dawes, I. ...... . Dawson, F. M.. . Dawson, G. . .. Dawson, P. M.. . Day, H ........... Deadman, J. E.. . .. Dean, A. C.. . .. Dean, C. M.. . .. Dean, F. E. .... . Dean, V. ...... . Dearholt, J. W... Deher, G ......,. De Bruyne, P. M. Deck. H. ..... I. . Decker, A. ..... . Decker, J. J.. . . . Decker, K.. . . . De Clerq, F.. . .. Dedrick, C. L.. . . Dees, L. O ...... DeFord, N .... . . . DeFuniak, A. ...... . De Haven, J. R. .... . De Haven. L. L.. De Berge, E. .... H De Lop, D. D.. .. De Lop, J. H.. .. Delavan, L. H.. .. Delwiche, E. J.. . Delwiche, J. J.. . . . . .... 444-452 462 . ........... 344 . . . . 68f344f366f4o8 . . . 278'378'48O'497 ........456f462 ..........445 ......435 4151473 ......369 ....68f35o ....68f40r 68 68 314f48of497 ........40o .......417 .....473 .....410 .....314 .....460 68 ...257f258 ......276 382443 ..........351f38o ..........327f4o8 69'161f182f224f276f 3 1O'3 1 4f438f462 .............44o ..........327 422 .....422 69 .......385f477 69'385f477 Demarest, L. .... ........ 4 05 Demmnn, N. .... ....... 4 33 De Muth, W. J. ...... ..... 4 48 Den Dooven, E. E. .... ..... 4 I9 Denne, H. I .... .... ..... 4 1 Dennis, B ......... ... 373f44o Dennis, VJ. G.. . .. Dennisron, R. H.. .. Densky, VJ. C.. . Deppe. E. A. . . . Derber, G. E. . .. Dermansly, A.. .... . Dern, J. L. ..... . Dernbach, M. E.. . .. . .... 4zof4o5 Derzon, M. R.. . .. Deschamps, C.. . .. Despres, C.. . . . . Dessloch, E. M.. . . . Dettelbach, R. F.. . . De Weese, M-. S.. . . De Wein, M. .... . Dewey, W. V... Dewoky, F. F .... .-.3527457 ......428 ...........69-375f5oo 69'336'370'373'439 409-495 312-314f436 ....69f46r ....69f492 .....492 .....497 .....428 . ..... 69 ....69f4o8 .....453 .......414 Dexter, K. F.. . . .... 69397 Dick, A. E. ..... .... 6 9-391 Dickie, J. A. .... ..... 3 52f5o1 Dickie, M. E.. . . .... 69-495-501 Dickinson, C.. . . ... 355f483f503 Dickinson, W. G. ......... 424 Diebold, E. H. .... .... 7 6496 Diebold, J. ..... ..... 4 49 Diedrich, H. .... . ...... 364 Diehl, M. ...... . . . 2421454 Diemer, L. ...... .... 7 o-485 Dieterle, A. B. .... ..... 4 87 Dietrich, C. J .... . .. 389 Dietrich, H. W. .... ... 418 Dietrich, M. K .... ............... 3 52 Dillenbeck, M. E. ...........7of485 Dilley, C. V.. . . 219-242f243-248449-427 Dimmitt, L. .............. .... 2 o8-484 Dinerman, E.. . . Dines, H.. .... . Dingad, F. ...... . Dion, M. H. ...... . Dion, Sgt. W. S.. . .. Ditfurth, B.. . . . .. Dix, R. D. .... . Dixon, J. J .... Dixon, J. ....... . Dixon, R. L. ..... . . Dizon, L. ........... . Dobrowsky, T. M Dockhorn, W. ..... . Dodd, I. ........ . Dodge, B. .... . . . . Dodge, L. A.. . .. Dodge, M. ........ . Dodge, R. O.. . . Doke, H. B.. . .. Dokken, G. ..... . Dokken, M. G.. . . ...395 ...327 70 370 2 . ....... 310 1 ...161f185f219-31o- 311'349'432 466 .... . .. 424 ... 447 ..... 350 -H 372664 .....327 Dodge. E. ......... . 701 5'1'376'401'-13 S705 ..............3o4 ...............7of468 .....422 ...451 ...386 Dollard, C. V.. . Dollard, J. ....... . Dollard, R. V... Domagalla, B. C. Donald, J. S ..... Donaldson, L. K. Donaldson, W.. . Donkle, M. J.. .. Donkle, O. H.. .. ..158 ....431 ....158 ......454 . - - - 429-479 70 ....427 ....479 ......479 Donlin, W. F. ..... of 79 Donnelly, J. R. .... .... . ill Donnelly, M. E.. ... 7of498 Donovan, A. ........ .... 3 5o Donovan, W. N.. . .. 420 Dornbrook, R. V... .. ...... 484 Dornfeld, H. ...... ........ 2 37 Dorsch, J. B. .... . . 242-277f445 Doudna, E. G.. . Doubler. M. H.. Douglas, J. E .... Douglas, L. N.. . Dougherty. C. R Dow, E. ...... . Dow, M. E' ..... Dowding, G. .. . Dowell. J. T.. ,. Dowell. M. E... Dowes, D. ..... . Dowse, M. E.. . . .........175 ........396 A---445705 ......4r4 . .... .... 4 75 ......493 ........401 ....7O'382'4OO ........432 ---70393 ......418 ......416 Doyle, A. F. ..................... 70 Doyle. J. ..................... I7l'3Q4 Doyle, J. F. .... . 711154-158f1591162f2r9f 23 5f236f239'258f26o Draeger, C. ..... ..... ............ 3 1 6 Dragoo, F. E ..... Dragotta, J.. . . .. Drake, G. F.. . .. Drake, L. P.. .. Drake, R. O.. . .. Draper, D.. . .. Draper, L... .. Draper. M ....... Drebin. H. E.. .. Dregne, R. . ...... . Dresden, K. W.. . . Dresden. M. ..... . Drew. S. D. ..... . ........433 4-- 7l'350'447 . .... 71-503 ...... 448 ... 71f341 ...... 341 ... 71f486 71 ......486 ...7I'4QO ....327f466 . .. ...... 457 Driessen, M. M... .. f' 1 Dro ers .M.... PP ,J - Droppers, M. J. .........7139 -- - - 71'15'9'319'393 ....71f161f3o9-311' 3I2'3I3'371'393 Dmster, M. F .................. 721398 Drouet, W. ..... ..... 2 53-277f442f462 Drucker, W.. . . . Drummond, J.. . . Druschke, H ..... . ..........219'463 Dubinsky, H. ...... .72-r61f219-271f312f Dudley, M.. . . Dudley, R. G.. . . Due, J. F. .... . Duerst, V. C.. . . Duffee, J. W. ....... Duilield. A. A. .... . 31s'314'-H6 .....,..352 ....4oo'486 Duffield, E. ......... 72f158f159f311f314- Duggan, E .... . Duggar, B. ..... . Dumne, D. ....... . Dunaway, D. C.. . .. Duncan, G. ...... . Duncan, N ........ Duncan, R. C.. . .. Dunegan, D. A .... Dunlap, J. A.. . . .. Dunlap, M. R ..... Dunlop, J. ..... . 336-3737.81-456 ............444 ....327 ...219'418 -....-454 ......392 -A-265479 ....72'39O ........434 .....389'41r 72 Dunlop, R.. .. .. .. 394 Dunn, D. ....... ..... 3 27 Dunn, J ........... ..... 2 43 Dunphy, M. A. .... ...... 4 85 Durand, E. ......... ..... 3 7I'4OO Durand, L. A. ........ . . 27f17of418 Dusenberry, W. R.. .. .... ., 414 Du Tiel, E. M. ..... ..... 4 24 Dutton, H. E. .... ... 72 Dutton, O. G ..... Dvorak, G. A ..... Dwinnell. M. .... . .....45o ......327 . ....... 484 Dymond, C. W. .... .... 7 2f456f5o3 Dynes, J. B. ..... . Dyrud. R ..... Eagan, J. K. .... . Earle, K. B ........ Earley, A. W.. . .. Earls, L. T. .... . Earney, A. J ..... Easry, G. .... . Easterly, E. .... . Eastin, D. A.. .. Eastman, I.. .. ..........47S - - 3-i6's96f49s E 457 336425 .......389 .....5o1 .....479 .....442 .......3o3 ....72-414 .....466 N Page 583 I N Eastman, L. T.. . Eastwood, L. VJ.. . .. Eastwood. P. R.. Eberhardt, A.. . . Ebling, W. H.. . . Eckers, W. J ..... - ---- 434 . ,..... 72f369 ............351 . ...,.......... 276 . 2763813851429 Edgarton, A. L.. ....... 4341462463473 Edgerton, R.. . . . Edgerton, R. B.. . Edmondson, G. R. .... A.----4 V 436 Edwards, C. L.. . Edwards, D. H. .... . Edwards, oseph. J Edwards, June. . . . Egan, H ........ Eggers, N.. . . . Eggert, C. L.. . .. Eggert, E. H.. . . . Eggert, M. C.. . . Egre, J. S. ..... . Egre, R. A. .... . Egstad, H1 M. ......,... . Ehlert, P. V.. . Ehrler, E. A.. . . . Eichler, Carlton ..... .... Eichler, H. ..... : Eierman, D. F.. . . . Eierman, M.. . . . Eighmy, D. E.. . . Eimon, B. C.. . . . Eimon, P. .... . Einstein, L.. . . Eisele, G. S.. . .. Eisele, L. M.. . . . 50 36 .-..72f365f394 ........487 ......4I8 ....398 ......237 ........24o . . . . 72f272-352 5 2 73'469'471'485"497 . 17of32 1 f3 24 . .............. 484 H .... 73-398 444 ....4o8 ....449 ....36S ----397 ....419 26 ........446f462 ....73f242f243- 244 - ---,--- 73396 31r'319'35O' Eisfeldt, R. C.. ........ 451 365 Ekern, I. H.. . .. Ela, W. P. ..... . ..........31of346f436 336 Elkins, O.. .................,. 219' Ellerman, H. F. ............... 2191444 Ellerman, R. H. . . 73f219f236f238f259f444 Ellickson, C. A. ............ 73f336-433 Ellingson, M. A. ..... 339- Ellingson. P.. . . . Elliot, J. ...... . Elliot, P ...... . Ellis, A. K.. . . Ellis, E. J.. . .. Ellis, L. O ....... Ellis, R. J. ...... . Ellsworth, E. W.. . .. Elmer, R. ..... . Elvehjem, C. A.. Elwell, F. H ....... Ely, S. L. ......... . 73 ..224'393 ....442 ....43o 4---437 ....382 73 - - - 73'456 - -.--- 73 ........385 171-374f438 ..........424 Emanuel, K. W. ,... . . . . .73f336f479 Emerson, R ....... Emery, M ...... . Engel, E. H. .... . Engelke, E. E.. . . Englebert, M. J.. Englehorn, W. A. Engler, M ......... Engler, P. .,... . English, I. I.. . .. Epstein, G.. . . . . Erdmann, H. H. .... . Erenfeld, D ..... D a Erickson, . M.. Erickson, G. E.. . Erickson, R. M.. Ermence, J.. . . . . Ernst, A. ..... . Ernst, M. .... . . Erwin, L. V. .... . Escarilla, M. T.. . . Eschweiler, M.. . Esser, M. F.. . . . Essack, J. ....... . Eulberg, F. M.. . Eva, M. L. .... . Evan, E. A. .... . Evans, A. E.. . .. Evans, D. .... . Evans, F ...... Evans, G. H. ... Evans, J. S. .... . Evans, J. V.. . . . Evans. M.. . . . Evans, O ....... Evans, R. D. ..... . Evenson, E. K.. . . . Evert, D. ....... . Eves, D. T. .... . Ewbank, Mrs. H .... Ewbank, H. L.. . . . Ey, O. H. ..... . Eyster, J. A .... Faast, B. F.. . . Faber, C. A.. . . . Faber, J. E. .... . Failing, B. R.. . . ............348 388'4II'487 -----4-74'434 74 ....41o ....219 ......332 ..1S5'443 74 .-.12-43'447 -....74'451 74 .. .. . . . . . 312-314436 485 316f383-443 ..........265 ....2o6f211 ....348'466 ---74106 ....499 ....368 ....4o1 ....383 ....352 ---74399 169 ----74'32I'479 ............317 458f472 . . . . . 183f43of462f463 431 ..........421 ..........495 ............364 185-2r8f42o ..........352 ........485 ..........424 ............47o . . . . . 385f436f47o 74'158'2-30428 415 .. 26 -. 74 .... 74 . .. 74f412 Fairweather, R. W.. . . ..... 372f5o3 - 427 Falk, H. .... .... . Falk, W. ..... . . . . Fallis, Reginald J. . Fallis, Robert E. . . Fallon, W. ...... . Fanton, B. ...... . Farber, M. ....... . Fargo, J ..... ....... Farnworth. V. M. Farquhar, J .,.. . . . Farr, W. D. ..... . Farrand. D. R.. . . Faulke, L. ....... . Febock, S. C ...... Feder, J. ...,,,.. . Federer, J. F. .... . Feeney, E. M ..... Feiges, L. D.. . . Feiker, W.. . . Fein, A.. . 1 .. Fein, M. M.. . . .. Feinberg, H. S.. . . Feldman, Elizabeth. . Feldman, Evelyn. . . . Feldman, H. .... . Feldman, M. G.. . ......25 .. .... 421 ............42r ..............4o3 219-236f24of258'446 ....268 .....415 75 ...--454 ......428 ....-406485 ----75f475 75 .....355 ..........429 . .......... .459 ....7S'3ll'3I3'3I4' 336f38I'386'545 ----75'33v365'381' 339409 ..........368 - . 4. ... 3435455462 Fellows, D. R. H ..... ..... 3 12f3 159425 Felton, H. A ........ Fender, I. N ...... Ferebee, S. M.. . . . Ferris, H. ,.... . Ferris. Hazel .... Ferris, J ...... Ferris. R. G.. . . . Ferguson, C .... Feska, E. ....... . Fevold, H. L. .... . Fichler, H. .... . Fidler, L. ,..... . . Fiedler, H. E.. . . . Field, A. C.. . .. Field, Lillian .... Field, L. O.. . .. Fincher, E. J .... Findley, B ...... Findley, H. ...... . Findley, K. N.. . . . Finclorff, A. K ..... Fink, A. M. .... . Fink, D. ........ Fink, Maragret P.. Fink, Mathilda. . . Finkh, E ..,. . . . Finkh, V. E. .... . Fischer, F. A.. . . . Fischer, F. J. .... . Fischer, G. A.. . . . Fischer, L. R.. . . . Fischer, N. J. ,,.. . Fischer, R. A.. . . . Fischer, W. R.. . . Fish. C. R .... . . Fish J. ....... . Fish, Leonard .... Fish, Lois ........ Fishbeck, P. M.. . . . Fisher, B. B. ,... . . Fisher, C. V.. . . Fisher, D .,.. . Fisher, I. .... . Fisher, L. ..... . Fisher, M Fisher, W. C.. . . . Fitchett, D. J.. . . . Fitehett, L.. . . . Fitton, J. J.. . .. Fitze, C .......... Fit erald R W Zg , - . . . Fitzgerald, W. J.. . .. Fizette, J. ...... . Fladen, ....... . Flacler, l.. ..... . . Fleischer, J. M. .... . Fleming. L. ..... . Fleury, M. G .... . Flick, C. P.. . . . Fliege, F. ......... . 75f272-4291506 ---4--75'336'-433 77 ......258 .....49r ....438 ....75f44r .....427 5-'H377 .....451 .....495 .....46r ......484 ---.75'405 ----394 76 ....352 ..........485 .........lQ8'4OI ....76-3301338436 ...........76f394 ............4o5 - - - 219448-247477 . . .161-2484983091 3 1 of3 271466 76 ........486 ........484 ........76-378 ........35rf383 -4 . - 76127-365-409 76 ..........76'4.4.5 ---- 76'316'385'437 ............436 --. 373'346'417 ..........4o3 ........34l . ...... 394 76 ...........76f43o .... 76498381-395 .........44r'46:. ..........459 .....4Ol 77 ..........445 . . . . . 242f349f46o ..........46o . ....... 77 .. ...... 485 ............42r ---.77'15o'3O8'42I' 467-'473 ......77f327f366 468'49f ......327 4---77'459 ......456 ...........77'41o Flieth, C. O ......... 77f161'33of385'389 Flinn, T. H.. . . . Flint, C. ...... . Flint, J. W... .. .............77f427 2o1-2o9-3r9f395 419 Flom, C. .................... . 358-370 Flood, J. H. .... ............... . . . 430 Florez, G. A ..... '17'278'33O'3'51'Q,73'438 Flueck, B. M. ................. 484-495 Flugum. C. ................... 355f5o3 Flynn, B. N ..... Flynn, L. K.. . .. Focarto, N.. . . . Focke, J ........ Foeller, K. E.. .. ...........77f332 77 ....242 ....4S5 ....484 Fogelberg, J. M. . .. . ......368 Follows, J. W. ................ 249x439 Folsom, Helen M.. Folsom, Howard. . . Folsom, L. ....... Folts, D. K. .... . . .. Fontaine, R. C ...... Fontaine, V. .... . Forbes, M. L.. . . . Ford, Edwin .... Ford, Erwin .... Ford, Estelle. . . Ford, J. J. .... . Ford, M. C.. . .. Ford, Marcus ..... Forester, R. N.. . . Forkin, G. .... . Forman, H.. . . . Forman, J. B. .... . Forster, F. .... . Forster, J. W.. . . . Forster, L. .... . Foseid, O.. . . Foss, C. F.. . . Foss, E. .... . Foss, R. ...... . Fosse, A. ....... . Fosse, M. A ...... Fosse, R. ..... . Fosshage, F. .... . Fosshage, R. F.. . . Fossum, J. B ...... Fossum, P. E.. . . . Foster, C. M .... . Foster. H ....... Foster, K. L.. . . Fournace, E.. . . . Fowle, M. . . Fowler, J. C ...... Fowlkes, J. G.. . . . Fox, A. R ...... Fox, D. ..... . Fox, F. L.. . .. Fox, H. ..... . Fox, J. ....... . Fox, M. A.. . .. Fox, P. G ..... Fox, P.. . . . Fox, T ..... Fox, W. E .... . . . Foy, M. C. ..... . .............77f486 . 2 19f242'245f2481249- 15fr346'419 ........452 .....383 ......327 78 34I'4'14 .......33o .... .396 ............424 -.-187'33O'358'37O ............419 ..........487 78 ....78f46r ----M479 ........479 . . . 219-224f43r .... . . .. 438 781429 ..........366 ............-117 ..............4o7 78f2o1f313f4o7 ............43r 377'398f482 ........427 .......3S9 ..........4fI .........425f463 1611219-236-424 ............388 .......425-462 ---.78-435 3381456 73 .......4o5 ......78f429 243f46r .......473 .......388 37-V439 .....4l7'46I .........37O 266-3531424 ........4IO Fradenburg, B. L. ..... ....... 7 8 Fragstein, E. C ..... ........ 7 8f397 Francke, A. H. ........ ......... . . 78 Francois, M. ..................... 443 Frank, E. E. ..... . Frank G .......... ---.-- 7S'341'4Q5'5O3 15f16f193f373f383'42O Frank, M. P ................ 79-343-461 Frank, V. C. .............. 4661468484 Frankfurth, P. L.. . . ...... 794402 Franklin, D ....... Franklin, S.. . .... .. Franseen, L. N ...... Franseen, A. L. .... . Frautschi, L. .... . Fraser, R. ....... . Frachette, F. O.. . . . Fredendahl, G. L. .... . Frederichson, E. A.. .. .. . . . . . . Frederickson. N. B.. . . ..... . . . . . 79 ....79'411 -----397 .....456 . .... 417 368 H---479 .....383 428 368 Freeborn, D. D. .... ... 219127 f 1 Freeman, M. M.. . . ......... Freeman, S. E. .... ... 330133 1'436 Freitag, W. D. ..... .... 7 9'3SS'437 Freuck, H. E.. ....... ........ 7 9 Freudenberg, A. D.. . . Freund, A. ........ Frey, J. W. ..... . Frey, XV. E. ..... . Freyburger, E.. . . . Freytag, W. H.. . . Frick, C. ..... . Fried, V. E.. . . . ---'79'-173 --M444 .......429 ...........175 .----42fr504'5o5 79477'-4-l7'473 79 Friedbacker, K.. . . . ..... 7'47S Friecll, J. D ..... ..... 3 88 Friedman, A .... ..... 4 46 Friedman, B.. . . ..... 383 Fries. C. ..... .................. 3 Sl Fries, R. ......................... 237 79 Friese, A. F. .................... . Frisch, A. ...... 21 9-222-268-269'27o-446 Friske, O. XV. .................... 479 Fritz, M. T. .............. 33014271480 Fronk, Edward J.. .. r6r'325f338f346f415 Fronk, Emil P.. . 3ro'311f318f338-4r5f497 Frost, C. N.. .................... 385 Frost, D. C ....................... 20 Frost, R. .... . Frost, T. D.. . .. Frost, W. D.. .. Frusher, F.. . . Fry, K. D. . . . Fry, W. . . . . Fuchs, F.. . . . Fuchs, P ...... 4 .........2rof27.4 '79'I6!'2lQ'425 ..........385f477 . .... ....... 2 43 .....352 .....236 ......276 . . . 278438 Fuka, L. J.. . . Fulcher, P .... . . Fuldner, H. J.. . . . Fuller, D. ........ . Fuller. H. D. .... . Fuller, J. G ......... Fuller, M. E ......... 79 ..........3r9 ............4U.4 -.197'317'4O3'485 ............424 ..........385 80 Fuller William H. ............. 161-370 Fuller: William W.. .. Fulton, D. H. ..... . Fulton, M. P.. . .. Funnell, B. I.. . . Furber, B. ...... . Furlong, H. F ..... Furlong, T. F ..... Furmna, S. .... . Furst, C. W.. . . Fyfe. C. .... . Gafke, L. A.. . . Gafke, O. ..... . Gage, L. R.. . .. Gale, B. T.. . . . Gale, D. .... . Gale, J. D. .... . Gale, W.. . . . Gale. Z. ....... Galinsky, B ....... Gallagher, J. ...... . Gallagher, J. C ...... Gallagher, L. W ..... Gallinger, M. B.. . . . Gannett, G. ..... . Gannon, J. D.. . . . Gansen, E. ......... . .. 183487-425463 So .......3IO'39I ....8of486 .....403 .....423 .......4r7 ....8of485 .....35o138o ....8O'41Q .......45o .........242 .......236f426 801336-414 ------30197 . . . . . 258f426 .......424 .......317 .........461 219468-269 -r-------449 ........419 ....8of4o6 .....38.4 ...........449 .............429 Gantenhein, M. E. ..... 2I9'222'229'4I8 Gantr., D. M. ...... . Gardner, S. ........ . Garlick, D. L. ...... . Gnrlock, R. G. ..... . Garmager, H.. . . . Gam, E. L.. . . . Garrigus, M.. . . Garrison, J.. . . . Garrison, R.. . . . . Garrity, R. W. .... . Garstang, W. W.. . . . Garton, N. E ....... Garvens, H. L .... Gary, K. W.. . . Gasche, J. B.. . . Gates, A. E.. . . Gates. A. .... . Gauerke, N ....... Gaulke, N. W... . Gaus, J. M. ..... . Gebhardt, H.. . . . . Geffert, B... .. . Gehl, G ........ Gehrancl. B.. . . . Geib, F. J.. .. Geib, J ....... Geist. F. D ..... Geitrman. F. J.. .. Gelbach, D. F. . . . Gelin, M ....... Genske, J. E.. . . Genrz. G. ....... . Gerber, J. A ...... Geriche. J. ........ . Gerlach. H. W.. . . . Gerling. G. F.. . . . Gernancl. E.. . . . Gemer, M... . . Gerry, E. A.. . . Gesne, E.. . . . Gessel, L. A.. . . Gesner, A.. . . . Gestland. N.. . . Getschow, A.. . . . Getz, C. A.. . .. Getz, E. ........ . Gibbs, E. L. ....... . Gibson, G. .... . Gibson, Prof. J. Gier, G. ......... . Giese, F. YV. .... . ...........8of355 ............352 8C'36frs72'381'456- 503704 ....8O'3Q3 .....485 .....488 .222f426 .....458 . ..... 418 ....8of38o ....81-435 .........389 81 ---363-399-412 S1 .......433 ...342'484 .....426 ...35o 'SIS .......352 .........3r2 S1f416-494 183377 A - -.----- 470 31-457705 . . . 2061352484 . . . . . . . . . 81 .......391 .....37O .....484 ------.477 ....8rf45S ------V373 .........43S ...........459 ....8r-327'39o .........39S .......3rS ...384 .....4Oi .....4or .......351 .........4o6 81 ---37'-5'383'iOS ...3I2'3If' 480 366 ..fIf1Iff.,2s Gieseler. E. ...... . . ........... .485 Gicssel, L. A .... . . .... 2783521480-497 Giifert, C. ...... . Giffhom, J. B.. . .. Giliin. M. ...... . Gilbert, G. F.. . . . Gilbert, M. E.. . . . Gilbert, W.. . . . Giles, W.. . .. Gilkey, G.. . .. Gilkey, G. P.. .. Gill. A. ..... . Gill. L. M ...... Gill, W. T.. . .. ............44S ..........4o3 .....4r4 -4---395 ---399493 .....355f ........ 2 454 35 .......:42 .....415 .....396 81 .....423 N Page 584 N Gillett, F.. ,......, . Gillette, L. M. ,... Gillies, D. ..... . Gillin, J ...... . Gilman, H ..... Gilman, L.. . ,. Gilman, S. M.. .. Gilman. S. W.. . . Gilmore, E. .... . Gibson, R. R.. .. ......391 ..,..81-389 ......35o-453 ..,..338-382-456 . .,.,....... 485 .,.....81-392 ........48o ---4349374 ..,...473 ....456 Giner, J. R. .,... .... .... 4 9 9 Ginsburg, H, .... .............. 3 27 Giron, A. B ...... ................ 4 49 Gissal M. L. ..... 3lI'3I6'404'468'49S Gitchell, 1-1. Ef. . . ,.. Glanville. F. S. ......,......., . Glassen, H. W.. . .. Gleason, M. M... . Glicksman, H.. . . Gliddon, P. .... . Glasson, R. E.. , . Glover, D., ...... . Gmahling, C. P ..... Goble, A. T.. , ., Godfrey, J. ..... . Godley, R. F .,... Goebel, XV. C.. . . Goehrig, G. H.. . . . Goeltz, P. L., . . Goesling, F.. . .. Goetz. J.. . .. Goff, E. ...... . Gold, H. ....... , .........,3'J.7'484 ...415 ------444 ....4o4 ....383 ----443 352 ...82-397 ..,82-47o ........,498 312-314 -.163-311-373-456 ........,..82-428 318-33o-472 .........484 . ..,.... 426 ....342-352 ....388-411 82 Goldberg, A. ...... .... 3 I4 Goldberg, D. ........ .... 3 IQ Goldberger, E. NV .... . . . 82-484 Goldberger, I. W ..... .... 4 84 Goldenberg, M ..... . . . 82-35o Goldfuss, H. ...... ...... 4 55 Goldman, G. C. .... . . . 82-406 Goldman, M. ..,.. ,... 4 SQ Goldman, W, .,.... . Goldsmith, M. E ..,.. Goldstein, G ......... Goldstein, M. N.. . . . Goldstein, P. ....... . Goldsworthy, V ..... Golley, P. M.. . . . Gonser, H. R.. . . Gooder, J. ....... . Gooding, R. V ..... Goodlad, R. ...... . Goodman, C. S.. . . . .. .... 459 ........,,...4o6 S2-334-sis-379-455 ...219-249-248-25o- 242-244 422 ... , 82 444 434 .. ...... 336 .....,....83-446 Goodman. E. ..............,.. 253-455 Goodnight, S. H. . . . . Goodni ht S H r , 28-44-381-383-424 218-421 E . - -.J ..... Goodnough, D. W. ............... 415 Gordon, E. B .,..... Gordon, E, S.. . . . Gordon, V ....... Gorenstein, H ..,. Gottlieb, A., . . Gottlieb, E. .... . Gottschalk, E.. . . Goudie, E. .... . Govier, G.. . . Grabow, L.. . . . Grady, D. H ..... Graebel, F. ,.... . Graebner, W.. . . . Graetz, J. .... . Graf, E .,...... Graham, D.. . . . Graham, L.. , . . Grams, F, D.. . . . Granam, G. .... . Granberg, L.. .,... . . Granovsky, A. A.. . . Grant, C. S ........ Granzo, H. . . Granuke, W., . . . Graves, D, E,. . .. Gray, C. ..,... . Gray, R. M.. .. Gray, W. T .,.. Graybill, K ..... Grebe, D .,.. .... Grebe, T. R.. . .. Grebe, W. ,... . Green, B. R. .... . Greene, B. A.. . .. Greene, H ......... Greenwald, H.. .... . Greenwalt, W. C.. . . Gregory, C. G ..... Gregory, J, J.. . . . Gregory, P. S.. . . Greiber, C. L.. . . Greibling, W.. . . . Greiling, R. E ...... Greiling, Ruth, . . . . Grether, G. ...... . Greunke, H. A.. . . . Griesbach, D.. . . . Grilling, E ,..... ....38o-381 ..,....427 ....389-466 .......461 ----317-'457 ......459 .,....352 ....467'471 ........4S6 ..,...446 26 ......273-428 ....,..,...426 .........313-438 . , '-1,I6'468'48S'497 .........,.441 83 ,...H......SO3 .........4.43 ........443 . ,... 385-452 ......478 ....,83-479 ...,361-385 .,,...458 .......348 .........39o . . . . 382-452-5o1 - - - - 330'397'-194 .........4o7 ......,351 ....4j'l 83 ....41S ....431 .....,.243 83 322'426'473 ...........395 ....311-417 83 . ...... 427 .....,...84-435 .............4OS .,.83-368-381-484 83 .........467 ....468 Grimth, E. J.. , .. Griffith, J. .,... . Grith, M. E.. . .. Grifhth, W. P.. .. Grimm, E. ..,.... . Grimmer, E. J, ,... Griswold, H. ...., . Griswold. R. N.. , . Gronlund, A. A.. Gronlund, R ....... Gros, C. G. ...... . Grossenbacher, F. . . Grossman, Lawrence .,.., Grossman, Lee ..... Grossman. Lena. . Grosvenor, J .,.. . Groth, A. ...,. . Groth, H. ........ . Groves, H .M. ..,............... . Groves, R., ..... .. 83-487 397 ....,. 83 ,,,..... 444 .. 211-405-484 83'435'503 .,....,.237 . . .... 352-432 84 "QIQQ4s6 34 .,..398 ..,.461 ---4344 ....363 ....392 .,..352 385 460 Grube, W. K. ....... 84-159-161-3o8-373- Gruenberg, H .... Gruenherg, R.. . . Gruenke, H , .... . 448-461 459 313 468-495 Grunow, M. ..... . Grupp, Harold C. ,,., . Grupp, Herbert C. .... . Guenther, C. ........ .,...... 4 SI Guentzcl, R. ..... . Guenzal, H. ...... . .....,435 84 310-311 .. ......... 473 Guettler, B, ............... 358-370-425 Guggenheim, E. ,.... . .,..,,...... 447 Gulick, L. ...... 162-185-3 lO'3II'42l'462 Gumbreck, L. G. ................. 453 Gundersen, A. ................... 26 Gundersen, T. E. .... .... 4 IS Gunderson, F. L. ...... ...... 3 86 Gunderson, H. D. ........ ..,..... 3 77 Gunderson, Helen W .... .... 3 81-398 Gunderson, R. H. ..... . Gundlach, K ......... ......351 ....4o5 Gundlach. M. J.. . . .. 84 Gunnarson, F. ..... .... 4 O3 Gust, C. A .......... ..,. 3 64 Gustafson, H. W. .... ........ 5 o4 Gutch, L, XV. ..... ......... 4 21 Guth, S. K. ..... .... 3 20-355-435 Guthcim, F .... Gutz, R. T.. .. Guy. B. F. ..,.. . Guyer, E. M, .,.. Guyer, M. F.. . . . Guyles, C. A.. , . Guzman, S.. . . . Gvvin, C.. . , . Haan, B. M.. .. Haas, H .....,. Haas, M. ...... . Habermehl, G.. . , Hackman, H.. . . . Haclsner, D .... Hackney, D.. . . . Hadden, S. R.. .. Hadley, F. B... , . Haentzell, G. .,.. . Haentzschel, E,. . . Hagan, N. M.. . . Hagedorn, D.. . . . Hagemeister, K.. . Hagen, A ........ Hagen, N... .. Hager, C. ...,.. . Hagerty, R. F.. . . Hagerty, Ruth. . . Haggart, E. M.. . . Haggerty, F.. , . . . Hagon, T. H.. . .. Hahn, B. ..... . Hahn, H. S. ..... . Hahn, M. H .,.... .........3l7 ........439 ....4I4 ....3S1 ....381 ....391 ----499 ....46o H ....485 ....443 ..2o3-485 ...84-491 ....443 ......446 ...,318-480 ......458 ....429 .....,5oo ...84-346 ....4I7 ....486 ......386 ---.394-487 ........219 ...,384-485 ......425 ...S4-375 ........41O ....258-259 ....475-503 .........485 84-369-378 Haight, Edward A ..... 187-358-37o-436- Haight, Esther . , , Haight, J. T. .... . Hake, W. S ...... Hales, M. W.. . . Haley, E. D... . . Haley, M. M .... Hall, E. ...... . Hall, G. I.. .. Hall, L. R.. . .. 489 197-350-564-386-408 .. . . . . . . . 351-386-445 Hall, L .......,.... Hallam, A. W., . . Haller, M. L.. , , . Hallet, H. W.. . . Halperin, P ...... Halpin, J. G. ..... . Halstead, H. D.. . Halverson, D. L. . . . Halverson, E.. . . . ....272-437 ....35I ......428 ----218-477 ..265-485 .......-451 ....4oo ....42f ....487 ....42o ----471 ......437 .-336-415 ----324-415 ......436 Halverson, E. C. ......,........ 84-381 Halverson, N. . .1 Halverson, T, ,.... . Haman, R, W. ,.... . 808 Halverson, H. I. .... .........,. 4 -4 5'Q'l62'l84'18S'308'3I8' 324-327-436-472 Hambrechr, G. P. ........ ,...,,... 2 7 Hamburger, F, J. .............,.. . Hamel, V. S. ...,... . 487 81-3 34-3 3 5-378-443 Hamilton, R. A. .................. 4 39 Hamilton, R. C, ...........,... 85-5o3 Hamilton, W. D.. . . Hamlin, H. A .... Hammer, E.. . . . Hammer, F. ..... . Hammersly, M.. . , . Hanas, J. ,.,.... . Hanauska, M. .... . Hanchett, J. C. .... . Hancock , I, ..... . Hancock, L. F.. . . Hanford, P.. . , . Handke, L., . . . Handley, G., . . . Hanes, H. L. .... . Haneswarth, D.. . . , .........422 ..... 85-336-351 85-345 ... 272-505 ,....484 ..2o6 ....85-491 . ...... 436 --- 397'-437 ..... 383 ....... 466 . ,,... 85-491 .... 346-389-411 .. ...... 85-319 .........457 486 Haney, A. .... .................. . Hanke, R. E. ..................... 44o Hanke, W. L.. . ................. . 352 Hanks, J. ..... . . Hanks , L Hanks, W.. ..... . Hanley, E. D... .. Hanle M L . y, Hann,J.N..... Hannah, V.. . . . Hannahs, D. .... . Hannan, E. ....... . Hanners, H. W.. . ,. Hans, Carl ....... Hansen, A. C.. . . Hansen, A. T.. . . Hansen, E. ...... . Hansen, H. I.. . ,. Hansen, H. J.. , ., A Hanson, C. .. . . Hanson, E ....,... Hanson, F. R., . . . Hanson, H. ....... . Hanson, M. H. .... . Hanson, M. S .... Hanson, O. H.. . . Hanson, R. .... . . Hanson, R. I.. . . . Hanssen, J. F.. . . . Hanzel, G. V.. . . . Harhridge, F. S. ..,. . . ................. 351-383- 85-158-159-162-182-218 325-417-462-463 426 ...........224 .......428 ,,...421 ....85-406 . ..... 397 .......3o3 .,.4o3-412 .....355 ..,.,..441 ........,479 ...........382 ---- 369-376-452 ....,....442 85 ...383-451 .....48o ...4I7 ...277 .......448 .........479 85 86-440-503 .........439 .......448 ...487 . ........... 42o Harbridge, M. D .................. 420 Hardenburg, H. ..,.,........... 86-211 Harder, G. J.. . ,. Hardin, W ,..... Harding, C, F., . . ..... 86'3SX'47f'SO3 ........,...42o ...........173 Hardy, J. W. ..... . .. 432 Hardy, S. A .,.. , .. 368 Hardy, V.. .. 327 Harga, L. F ..... ... 174 Harlan, H, ....,. , ............. 424 Harlow, F. E. .................... 419 Harrington, W.. . Harris, D. E, ..... Harris, H. ,... . Harris, J. W .,.. Harris, J .....,... Harris, M. M., . . Harris, M. .... . Harris, W. H.. . . , Harris, W. J,. . . . Harrison, J. L ..... Harrison, J. B ....... Harrison. R. W.. . ,. Hart, E. B. ......... . Hart, J. A .,.... . . . ...., . . 86-341-361-385 86 "ffffffffQQI4ef. , ..... .430 380-414 25lO'3QO t ------ 272-457 , .... 86-3 50-351-380 86 "fffffflff436 .......425 .......381-385 . . ............ 422 Hart, J. K. ...................,... 382 Hart, K.. ....... 86-375-381-468-490-496 Hart, S .,...,................. 358-428 Harter, D. B. ..,..,.,.......... 86-432 Hartig, A. W. .................... 383 Hartman, R ...., 86-162-316-373-381-385 Hartman, W. G. ..,............ 86-448 Hartriclge, J. ..........,,.. 309-311-3 IQ Harvery, R. G.. , . ..... 224-436 Haslan, E. L. .... , . . .....,. 427 Hasler, E ........,... . . . 327 Hasslinger, W. C. ..,. . . . 5o5 Hastings, D. W. .... ..... 4 36 Hastings, E. G. .... .... 3 81-386 Haswell, L. C.. . . .... 242-425 Hatch, K. L.. . .. Hatleberg, E. S. . Hauge, H. I... , . . Haugen, O. A.. , Haumerson, E. ..., . Hauprich, V. J.. , .. Haviland, E. F.. . . . Hawkins, D.. . . , . . . ......, 385-437 . . , ..... 87'2IQ'264 .....-87-479 .......4SI .....388 -4--336-449 ----437503 .....398 Hawkins, F, M.. .. Hawkins, L. F.. . . . Hay, R. E. ..... . 87 ..,..,...87-385 87 Hayden, A. D .,.. ,........ . 87'348'396 Hayden, M ..... Hayes, J. B.. . . . , Hayes, N. B.. . .. Hayhurst, W. C.. . . . Hayner, B. ..... . Hayward, D.. . . . Hayward, J.. . . . Haywood, E., . . . Hazelton, M. , . H'Doubler, M.. . . . Heald, F. D.. . .. Healy, K. C., . ,. Healy, M. E.. , .. Heath, M. ..... . Heath, R. S.. . .. Heaton, R. ...... . Heberlein, E. G., . . Heck, A. R.. . . . Heck, M. A.. . .. ..... 312-327-371- 398 .,......219-419 ......432 ..-394 ...271-443 ....272 ----399 ....47o ....396 175 ...,,,449 ....20i'402 ----377'-871 ....364-460 .......87-397 378-414-462 - - - - - - 340-374-472-497 Hedback, W. D. .............. 445-489 Hedrick, D. D.. . , , Heferon, A. E.. . . . Hetleron, M. E.. . . Hegner, R ......, Heilman, W. H.. . . Heilprin, B. J.. . . Hein, F. .,... . Hein, V. .... . , . . Heinman, L. . . , Heinze, J ..... . . . Helgeson, H. O.. . . . Heller, N. W... , Helm, G. M.. . .. Helmer, H, J. ,... . Helz, R. A. .... . Hemmingway, H.. . .. Hemrny, P .... .... Hemphill, G. K. .... . Henderson, E. M.. . . ...,...,..484 87-389-411 .,......174 .. ..,... 370 ............455 ---- 37-317-345-366 ....,.......486 . ......... 396 ....352 .....87-461 ....327-501 ......425 ....41o . . 276 438 477 . . . . 487 Henderson, G. R. .,...... . ....,.., 437 Henderson, H. N. ...........,.... 505 Hendrickson, A ...... S7-3 16-381-585-443 Hendrickson, R. .... .............. 4 41 Henke, S. L. .,... . Henke, W. L ...... . , . 242-245-480-497 Henkel, R. H.. . . Henman, V. A. .... . 88 43 Henningson, E. I. .............. 88-498 Henry. J- J- ..--.- -.-- 3 8-3 16-573-443 Henry, V. E.. . .. Hensey, I.. . . . Hensey, K ...,, Henshaw, P.. . . . Herber, A. C. .,.. . Herbster, K. E.. . Hering, E. R.. . . Hering, M, .... , Hcrlin, S. W.. . . Herman, M.. . . . . . Herrick, V. E.. . ,. Herriot, J. H.. .. Herrman, M ..... ............41o ......,...499 ..,.48 4 ....489 458 440 . . . . 38-433 -- - 348-:-99 421 ....468-496 ....88-448 ..,.42o Herschfiekl, B .,....,.............. 343 Hersh, M. ...... 88-320-369-378-381-455 Hertzberg, C. ...... ........... 3 12-438 Herwick, R. P.. . Herzog, P. ..... . Hesgard, C. J ...... Hess, C. ....... . Hess, S. ..... . Hessert, D. ..., . Hessert, M. C.. , Heth, E. ....,.. . ....488 27 ....395 ----447 ..,.486 ....88-484 ..,.441 Hetkoen, L. ..... .... 1 73 Hettrick, C ...... ...,,,,. 3 Q9 Herts, J. M. ...... ,.,... 3 16-437 Heyda, R. C. ......, .. . 311-312f457 Heyroth, M, H.. , . . Heywood. L. J.. . Hiatt, Howard .,.. Hibbard, B. H.. . ., Hibbard, C. V.. . . Hibbard, J. F.. . .. Hibbard, R .....,. 88 ......437 ..,...426 381-385 .....33S-346 ......416 ....426 Hibma, T.. .... ......... , ........ 4 98 Hickey, A. M.. ,.........,.,... 88-397 Hickisch, F. L .... 88-355'-3 58-37o-472-497 Hickok, G. E. ....... .........,.. . 88 Hickok, J, H .,.................... 432 Hickox, D. W. ..., . Hiestand, W. A.. . . , Higley, R .....,... Higley, S. L ..... . .... 437 ..........438 ..,.. 311-421 . . . 159-308-3lo-436 High, R ,..... .... .........,.... 4 3 3 Highland, I. H. ....... ....... 4 45-472 Hildebrand, W. B.. . . . Hildie, J. N. ....... . Hill, o. ......... . I-I'll 1,J. Hill, J. D., . .. Hill ,L.I..., Hill, .--4--453 ........419 .....396'487 ......43o ..--.437 88 .....352 N Page 585 N Hiller, S. ul. .... ,... . ..... 8 9 House, G. .,... . . . 911711467 Jacobson, E., . . , , 1 3. 6 L R Hillls, L, F.. , . . . . 8Qf369f378 Houston, J. ..... ......,. 4 38 Jacobson, H.. .... . 382 lggiil I I ' ' A I ' I ' 9212385 Hillyer, F ..... ........ 4 43 Hove, A. M. .... .... 3 go-351 Jacobson, L ........ .... 4 46 jones, M. H l I A ' I ' ' ' ' 94 3 2 470 Hilton. S.. .... ...... 3 I3 Hovey, R. E .,... .. .... BQQ Jacobson, M. D., . . ,,,, 92 Iones' 'A" """' ' ' 2? Hilty, P. A .... ...... 8 9 Hovey, W. B., ..., ........ 4 36 Jacobson, R. ..... ,,,,,, 4 43 jones' M L ' ' ' ' ' ' A ' ' " 3 Z Hilty, R. ..... ........ 3 46 Howard, C. M.. . . .. , 91f319f396 Jacquess, R ..... ....... 4 70 jones' P. ' l H ' ' H Zlgojwg Hinclen, N. ..... . .. 891336-461 Howard, Al. ...... ..,..... 4 18 Jaffe, H. L. .... ...... 3 33,455 Jones' R- E '4A' ' ' ' " 3 O 44 Hinderliter, D. .... . . . 8Q'21Q'416 Howe, W. A.. . . ..,. 4531503 Jaffe, T, ..... ........... 4 Q1 jones! R LU H A R l A V 425,430,479 Hines, G. M.. . . , ,....... 434 Howell, B. B. .... ..... 9 P477 james, G. H., ,, , H 92343,-493,466 Tones, R' C' "" "" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 421 Hinkle, D. W .... ...... 5' os Howes, E, W.. . . ...... 372-503 james, H.. . ., .......... f . . 431 jones, T: EU ' H l ' A,352:4s3 Hlnsey, I. A ..... .......... 4 69 Howes, L, V. .... ........... 4 Q1 james, J. A.. . . .... 383-385f42fp Jones, T. I ' ' l ' V I 4 4 49 370 459 Hmtze, J. ....... ...... . . j,IQ'37.7 Howland, H. ...... .... 3 1O'3II'3Q7 james, R. ........ .......,. 3 85' jones V. B b I H t U ' I I l l ' Y ' ' H V H 3 I Hintze, R. J. ...... ...... ..... 8 9 'AOI Howland, J. M.. .. ......... QI james, W. R. ...... ......... 9 2 jones, W r L 4 A' ' ' ' ' N A ' ' ' H 491 ginze, F. ...., ........ 3,16f468-471f495 Hoyle, C. E ...... . , . . 318f45'3 Jamieson, R. A. .... ....... 4 xoqm Jordglq 5' B" I A A V ' ' 'A'A ' ippenmeycr, . ................. 442 Hubbard, V, ...... ...... 4 O4 Jamison, C. L. .... ,,,, 3 f , ' ' H ' ""' ""' ' ' ' ' ' Hfrschaeld, B, E, .... ......... s 9,406 Hubbard, W. C.. .. .... 351 Jandn, D. G.. . . .ffl fl' 332 lglEfZ15Ol11CNE" ' ' ' ' " 342'W'462 Hirsh, M. ........ .... 4 47 Hubbell, O. ....... .... 4 27 janda, H. ...... . ...... 485' Joseph ,E .I A ' A I ' H ' ' H 94 Hirst, L. D. .... . .... 391 Hubenthal, H. H. .,.. . .. . QI Jandacek, E.. , . . ....... 49,4 Jgysgphl ' l 4 ' ' ' N 94,402 gitc2cockbG6 .... . ....... 272 Sugar, M. G. ..... . . . 9rf437 janicki, L. 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VV, ,,.... 91f347,375.381f Jensen, F. G ...... , . gzqfiixfigg Kzzlftixn, R. J. ,,,,, A A , , ::'3'r'3li 0 v - -----------'--'--'-A- 193198 46Sf.g97f5o'1. Jensen, G ..... . ........... 381-486 Kahl, XV, ,,,,,,,, v 2 8 Hoffman, E. F. ...,............... sg Humphrey, M. L, .... ......... 1 f 2 Jensen H, .... """""' 5 Hoffman E4 T. V 249'164qSSqS8,37Or4I7 Hum R J 9 ,3 7 5 , XV M ................... 418 Kahlenberg, W. J. ..... 97,433,452 Hoffman, G. E. ......... . . '. 437 Huntgr A A V A AA 'HH 91 Jensen, b A A A 'g3'IggiIs8'l7g,Igg, film! SLI" A A A A ' AA AAAAA 336,457 Hoffman, H. ................ ffff H I I M 37435 '3 ' falser' ' """' "" 4 60462 Hoffman, R. P ....... 0332 Hllgggkglr A. A. .... ""f"' 412 P 5vvsv4fa81-436172 kmser. R ..... . 43, , 9 7 3 , . . . . Q2 j-ntz, G. ...... ............. v, 58-454 Kaltenbacb M . , lgoffrlchgerbgi. M.. . . .... 36621.10 Hunzicker, B. .................... 468 Jewell, L. 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Kiekhofer, XV. . . ....96f4z9 . ,.... 242 ........369 ... 242f246f433 . 31of346f392 ...... 389 96 ....... 416 412449 327'4Q2 ......4:7 .....424 .....421 .....420 -----415 96 ---373119 ......119 ..........41Q ...219-232f433 ........31o-395 .... 3l'174'346'436 Kielly, L. ......... ....,....... 4 T4 Kiernan, M. A.. . . ..., Q6'fk88'4I2 Kiessling. R. L. .... ............ 4 .18 Kiessling, W. .... .......,...,, . Kiewi H H Kilborn, E. ....... .. Kilpatrick, E. O.. . .. Kimball, A. W.. . .. D King, . A. ..,. . King, E. ,... .. King, F. M .... King, F. F... . .. King K.. . .. King. P. F .,.. . King R. ....,.. . 475 ,A e. - ...-. 1s3'254'-153462 Kiewg, R. B... ............,. 351 .. ...... 327 ....3:2 173 ....484 ....383 ......365 ...278'4So ....4oo ....432 ........412 K ingetert F. L. ..,.. ....... ..... 9 6 Kingsbury, D. M. Kingsbury, L. H. ..,...,... 2181253450 Kinne, W. S. ...,....,. 369f378f4:z1f435 Kinsella, F. .... . Kinsley, V ...... Kinyon, H. L.. . . Kirby, M. H.. . . Kirch, M. ..... . Kirehen, H. NV.. . .. Kircher, H. W.. . . . Kirk, L. ......,... . . Kirk, M.. ........ . . . Kirkpatrick, E. L.. . . . Kirkpatrick, J. H. .... . . ..........394f411 ........4o1-482 ......351 ...352f457 1--395'-384 96 27 ..........z43 348f4o5f466 ..........5o1 ..........421 Kirmse, T. W ..... .... 9 7f312f315-432 Kirwin, L. K. .... .. Kissel, B. .... . Kissel, E. J. .... . Kittleson, J. L.. . . . Kivlin, V. E. ..,... . . Kjellgren, S. E. .... . . . Klart, W. E. ..... .... Klarz, L. ..... . Klawes, A. .... . Klein, A. M ..... Klein, D. L.. . . Klein, E. L .... Klein, H. ........ . Klein, M. H. ....... . Kleinbans, M. C.. . . . Kleinpell, I. ...... . Kleinpell, W. C.. . . Kleist, L. A ...... . . Kline, O. L .... J. . Klingman, H. F.. . . . Klochow, D .... . Klose, L. G. ......... . Klosterman, G. H Kiug, E ..,. ....... Klug, N. D. .... . Q7 ....4o3 ....487 ..........3-78 ..........437 ..........44o 97157-'47-9"iO7 ..........461 ..........49s Q7 ....436 97 ....43o ....J 83 410 398 ..........478 .......97f448 97'149f18s'477 - . - . o7f4s4'-462 ..........477 35of351f38o . ......... 440 . .... 451 ......42o Klune, F ..... .... 3 27f47o Knaak, L. ..... ...... 4 81 Knapp, A .... . .......... 97 Knatz, R. L. .,... ......... 9 7348 Kneehtges, O. ..... .... 9 7f237f258f369 Kniebusch, M. A.. . . ......... 97f496 Knight, A ......... Knippel, K. A.. . .. Knobe, A. ......... . ..........395 ......484 ..........32l Knoefel, P.. ....... . .......... 3501380 Knoernsehild, D. J. .... . Knoernschild, R. ....... . Knopow, E .... .... . Knospe. M. . . . . . Knowlton, R. E.. Knudsen, M. H.. .. . .. Knudson, M. E. ....... . Knuth, G. A ..... ..... Koch, F. ..... . Koch, R. ...... . Koch, W. E .... . Koeiiler, P. C.. . . Koehler, A. E ...... Koehler, H. .... . Koelsch, D. M. .... . . . Koepsel, F. S. .... . . . . ..........484 98'381's99'489 98 ..........495 . . ......... 98-391 ..........385 98 338's46f48f1'4Q7 ..........45o ..........431 ....352 ....472 98 ..........352 ..........487 98f2o5f4o2f482 Kofel, J. D.. .. Kohl, J. F. .... . Kohli, H. L.. . . . Kohlman, R... .. Kohn, G. .... . Kohn, s. 1 ..... Kolh, H.. .. Kolka, K. ..... . Kollmeyer, G.. . . Koltes, L. ...... . Koltun, SJ. ..... Koltun, X. ........ . Koltunski. C. C.. Kommers, J. B.. . Kommers, R. .... Konkol, E ..... Konnack, W.. . .. Konwinski, G .... Konz. M. ...... . Kopp, A. M ..... Kops, H. ...... . Korbel. A. ..... . Korfmaeher, J. A Korman, S.. . . . .. Korszm, R. G.. .. Kosak, L. F ...... Kaska. G. .... . Koss, R. B. .... . Kossak. E. ..... . Kovaeh, A. V... Kowalezyk. H. C.. . . Kowalke, O. L.. . Kowalsky, J ..... Kraege, H. ...... . Kraeger, G. A... Kraemer, R ...... Krahn. H. F.. . .. Kramer, B. .... . . Kramer, E. N.. .. Kramer, F. R... . Kramer, H.. . . Kramer. J. ..... . Kraseman, C... .. Krasin, L. L.. . .. Krarsch, A. E. . . Krause, D. E .... Krause, H.. . . . Krause, L. ..... . Krause, W. W.. . Krauskopf, E. B.. Krauskopf, F. C.. Krauskopf, K. B.. Kraut, R. ...... . Kremers, E. .... . Kreutzman, J. E... Kresky, J. L.. . . . Krueger. G. .... . Kribben, B. D.. . . . Krieg, R. W.. . .. Krieger, B. ..... . Krieger, G ....... Krieger, H. D.. . .. Krieger, S ....... icmgh, 1-1. G ..... Krohn, R... .. Krom, A. ...... . Kroncke, A. ..... . Kroncke. G. 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H.. . .. ........ 2e6 ......487 .........366f4o3 ......484 .. ........ 484 ....-..268'377f44s Krueger, H. ............... 2644.66-424 Krueger, L. E. . . 1 'l63'198'3OQ'3IO'403 Krueger, M. .................. 4991481 Krueger, S .... Krug, E.. Krug, J. A. .... . Kruke, E. R.. . . . Kruse, K. .... . Kruse, M. ..... . Krussel, A. H... . . Kubasta. R. W.. . . Kuekle. E. ..... . Kuekuk, R. A.. . .. Kuczyuski, P.. . . Kuehl, C. A ..... Kuehl, M. L.. . . .. Kuehlthau, H. . . Kuehlthau, W.. . Kuehn, F. H.. . . . Kuehn, W. O.. . . . Kuehne, C. ...... . Kuehne, R. L.. . . Kuenkler, A. .... . Kuenzli, D. H.. . .. Kuenzli, H. D ..... Kuepper, A. D.. . . Kuesel, M. D .... Kuester, E. F.. . . Kuhe, E.. . . . Kull, H.. . . . 163-183f185f447f462 ....... 385-4074481 ........352 ..---3194 ........485 ............341 --A--376'437'462 ..........399 358f44o 483-503 -99169-443 ......99-402 1oo'3r4f5o5 --.z11'4i8'S0s 352 lOO'4f3 ........403'47I ..... . . 2o6f4o1f487 318-462f48of497 . . . 1oof369-3781435 . ........... 485 423 . . . 1oof375f4o2 . ....... 437 . . . 1oof272f453 ........4S6 Kulp, J. H. . . . . . . 1oof32of369f378f448 Kunde, D. M.. .. Kunderr, H ...... Kundert, K. H.. . Kundert, P. R.. . .. Kunz, G. D. .... . Kunz, H. F.. . . Kurtz. C. S.. . . Kurtz, E. H. .... . Kusner, J. P.. . .. Kutchera, I. .... . Kurzke, W. A.. . .. Kwapel, E ....... Kyle, C .... . Kyle, E. .... . Kyle, R.. . . . Lziars, A. ...... . La Borrlc, G.. . . . La Budde, G. D.. . . La Budde, M. T.. La Chapelle, H.. . La Chapelle, K.. . Lacher, J. H. ...... . Lachmund, P. N.. Lacken, E. L.. . . . Lackey, V ....... Ladd. R. E ..... . . Ladwig, F. C.. .. Laemle, B.. . . . Laemle, R. ..... . Laeurie, V. .... . ...........4o2f484 ...........401 ---.7-77'447 ..lOO'f568 ..1oo-444 lOC'408 ..1oof425 ....364 -'-4473 ....485 105 ..........481 4211470-471 ..