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57 r D ' j ' t _B - (The Badger 1QQ4 Copyright 19 5 Gamber E Te tmeyer ?Q) ditor in GhieF and, Howard R lymaiv Rusiness Manager •v; 9kc BADGER iQa4 Annual Publication of Q ie cTurxior Glass oPthe University of Wisconsin at Madison. olurne Qhirty isSht h FOP EU Or D If the 1924 Badger has succeeded in portraying a fai thful delineation of the life of a reat University — if it has expressed the strength of the Spirit of that life — if through the simplicity of its plan it has created for itself the ri ht to live as a thin of beauty not for a feneration hut for the future, then it has fulfilled its mission. w CONTENTS Administration . . . 23 Classes 47 W isconsin Women . .173 AMetics 219 Wisconsin Activities . . 287 Organizations .... 401 Satire 555 DEDICATION o F. Louise Jsfardin who through her enriching personality has interpreted to many the true Spirit of Wisconsin Women, we, the class of 1924, dedicate this, the thirty-eighth volume of ' Uhe Badger " lo QVis ' cons ' fn ■, -g- : A By-Path Scieec® Hall The Armory Ueiversity Bay ( ' ( li ifj ra fon Tine Badger The President Edward Asahel Birge President y HE FUTURE of the University of Wisconsin may be read in outline by all who £ j know her past. Throughout the life of Wisconsin as a State the University has been in every sense of the word a " city set upon a hill " that can not he hid. Since the close of the pioneer period of state life the people of Wisconsin have steadily increased their demands upon the Uni " ersity and have as steadily enlarged her revenues to meet those demands. The coming years w ill bring with them a constantly growing load of duty and of responsibility, a load which her future strength will bear as easily as the labors of the present are performed. The reality of today is great beyond the limits of the faith which we possessed only a few years ago. So we look to the future, not indeed with an adequate faith but with a quiet assurance that the spirit which has risen to meet greater duties with full strength will continue to make the University a constantly richer source of guidance and inspiration to an e er Greater Wisconsin. s. Uy Patt 23 The Badger- The Regents of the University Edward A. Birce President of the University, ex officio John Callahan .... State Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio Officers of the Regents Walter J . KoHLER President Ben F. Faast Vice-President Solomon Levitan State Treasurer, ex officio Treasurer J. D. Phillips Acting Business Manager M. E. McCaffrey Secretary The Regents Gilbert E. Seaman, Milwaukee, State-at-Large 1925 Mrs. Florence G. Buckstaff, Oshkosh, State-at-Large 1923 A. J. HoRLiCK, Racine, First District 1925 Walter J. Kohler, Kohler, Second District 1924 Harry L. Bltler, Madison, Third District 1925 Leola M. HiRSCHMAN, Milwaukee, Fourth District 1928 Theodore Kronshage, Milwaukee. Fifth District 1927 Miss Elizabeth Waters, Fond du Lac. Sixth District 1927 D. O. Mahoney, Viroqua, Seventh District 1926 Franklin N. Nace, lola. Eighth District 1928 Edward W. Miller, Marinette, Ninth District 1924 Ben F. Faast, Eau Claire, Tenth District 1926 Peter Eimon, Superior, Eleventh District 1923 Paf 24 Tine Badger The Board of Visitors Regent Appointments George P. Hambrecht, Madison 1923 Loyal Durand, Milwaukee 1924 Edward M. McMahon, Milwaukee 1925 Mrs. Charles R. Carpenter 1926 Alumni Appointments Israel Shrimski, Chicago 1923 B. E. McCormack, La Crosse 1924 Mrs. Frances H ' DouBLER, Chicago 1925 Mrs. Howard Greene, Milwaukee 1 926 Governor ' s Appointments Mrs. C. C. Patzer, Milwaukee 1923 E. B. Belden, Racine 1924 Carl J . Hesgard, Orfordville 1925 W. A. TiTLS, Fond du Lac 1926 Pate 25 Thie Badger The Deans T N SEPTEMBER, 1922, more than 2,700 Women enrolled at the University of Wisconsin. What do these throngs seek ? Doubtless each autumn will see a few arrive who earnestly seek nothing. They have drifted to college because others were going, and because fiction painted college as a rosy lotus-land, peopled with gay young companions. For these drifters, any college can only pray that they may have a swift repentance or a swift departure, before they have some- what subdued the college to their own likeness. But most of the Wisconsin women saw definite advantages in the pattern of student life here, and these advantages they endeavor to leave unspoiled as a heritage to their successors. They want to establish the tradition of out-of-door play time for every woman every day. They prize the rich oppor- tunities which nature has provided for aried out-of-door pleasure, and what the Un iversity is adding to nature ' s gifts. They prize the buoyant comradeship of swinging along to- gether around the lakes, or picnicking before the fire in the Field House after a radiant hour at hockey or tennis. They prize also the democracy which in physical sports, or the finer mental contests, gives to each woman a chance to establish her own worth, unaided and unhampered by others. They prize an education which holds its ceremony of welcome and dedication for all new-comers at the feet of the greatest of democrats, friend of the dreams of man, Lincoln. ' - -C - f m HE IDEALS of knighthood were valor, loyalty, courtesy and magnamity. These constituted chiv- airy, " the unbought grace of life — the nurse of manly sentiment and heroic enterprise. " Cynics and pessi- mists are e er bewailing the decadence of chivalry in our youth. Coeducation is vociferously decried as contributing to the further downfall of knightly virtues. Such critics simply fail to grasp the significance of changed conditions. The qualities may be called by different names, but courage and loyalty, good breeding, kindliness and con- sideration are as highly prized, while cowardice, treachery, boorishness and selfishness are as much despised, as when knighthood was in flower. This Badger is dedicated to Dean Nardin and in her the Women whom she represents are honored. The act is chival- rous. The Class of 24 has shown its high regard for the rightminded womanhood of the University, a courtesy worthily bestowed and justly appreciated. And this fine relationship between the best men and women of Wisconsin is continually apparent. Chivalry lives no less really, no less nobly, and far less crudely, on the campus today than it did amid the clank of armor in feudal halls or on the field of medieval honor. PattU The Badger The Library School Mary Emocene Hazeltine PrecefJlor ■ • HE LIBRARY SCHCX)L looks forward to a building of its own where enlarged 4 J quarters, not only for the actually needed floor space, but for the consequent laboratory, library, and other equipment provisions necessary for administra- tion on a larger scale, will permit the instruction of larger classes. Larger quarters, closer contact with the other schools and departments of the University and their activ- ities will bring the increased number of students that should be in training annually to meet the country wide demand for graduates of the Wisconsin Library School. The Library School is a professional school offering a one year course of training in library work to both men and women. It was opened in 1906 to meet the demand for more trained librarians to administer the libraries of Wisconsin. Its graduates number 447; they have matriculated not only from Wisconsin but from almost every state in the union and from five foreign countries. Education is a life-long process. The University is contributing to many parts of this process, but especially in the training for librarianship through the Library School is it providing for service to the people in after-school years. Upon such continuing oppor- tunity for advancing education is built the future of the good citizenship of the State. ft u jvb6 --v c. O: P t 2,- The Badger- College of Letters and Science George Clarke Sellery Dean HE COLLEGE of Letters and Science, the oldest college on the campus, was C l founded almost seventy-five years ago to give a liberal education to the youth of the State. Now we have in our College of Liberal Arts two types of education, the liberal and the liberal- vocational. In the former type the students postpone their vocational training until they finish their Letters and Science course ; in the latter, the liberal and the vocational are mingled. Which type will win? Modern business and professional life requires an increasing amount and intensity of vocational training; society ' s need for men and women familiar with the noblest and the best requires the stressing of liberal training. My forecast is this: the liberal and vocational elements in the special courses will both have to be strengthened; as a result, a lengthening of this liberal-vocational type tending to produce the same result as a full liberal course followed by the full vocational course. This prophecy will take, say, fifty years for verification. The graduates of the Class of 1923 ought to see it out. J f J - PaitU s- Thie Badger Pate 29 Tlxe Badger The Course in Commerce William Amasa Scott Dean Sf EADERSHIP in any field is the result of native ability and special fitness, because Tl of tastes and other personal qualities, combined with rigorous, exacting and special- ized training. The Commerce Course should, therefore, be chosen by men and women of ability who have a real taste for business and personalities which fit them to do the work and enjoy the life of business executives and who are willing to under- go a course of rigorous, exacting and specialized training. We have deliberately prepared that type of a course and we expect to maintain a high standard of efficiency in it. The training facilities of the Commerce Course are not confined to the course of study. Since leaders in business must know how to work with, influence and direct other people, indeed all sorts, and conditions of men and women, Commerce students are en- couraged to take part in every branch of University and community activity. They should utilize to the fullest extent possible the great opportunities ror this kind of training afforded by the life of the campus, the city of Madison, the state and the na- tion during their four years residence here. . CZ- oc . p f w The Badger- Page 31 ( The Badger Course in Journalism Grant Milnor Hyde Acting Director Editor of University Press Bureau 3 N 1905, a little group of students gathered in a classroom in Main hall to undertake a new course listed for the first time by the English department, called " newspaper writing. " That was the beginning of the Wisconsin Course in Journalism. In 1922, a department, now familiarly known as " C.J. " celebrated its seventeenth birthday with 540 students in its classes, and 300 students majoring in a four-year course leading to the degree, Bachelor of Arts (Course in Journalism). Perhaps the growth of the school of journalism indicates that the newspaper pro- fession is reaching the standardization and responsibility requiring professional college training. It would seem to reflect a grow ing belief that a college education is needed by the men who are to inform the public of the economic, political, scientific, and social de- velopments of the age. No school is greater than its students. The rapid grow th of the Wisconsin Course in Journalism may be credited to the hundreds of earnest, energetic students v ho ha e passed through its classes and gone out determined to make their mark in the journalistic world. • o Xt - - Paf 11 The Badger Q Pott J J The Badger The Law School Harry Sanger Richards Dean ■ J HE OUTLOOK for law schools of high standards is distinctly encouraging. 7 The insistance by a few schools on higher standards of pre-legal as well as legal work has been powerfully aided through the recent action of the American Bar Association in its declaration that no one shall be admitted to the bar, who has not had at least two years of college training in addition to a four year high school course, and three years in a resident law school, requiring the above pre-legal standards [for its law degree. The University of Wisconsin Law School has been a pioneer in this movement for higher standards, having adopted the pre-legal requirements now regarded as an irre- ducible minimum in 1908. While this action of the American Bar Association is a recommendation merely, yet as an expression of the judgment of the organized American Bar, it will undoubtedly in- crease the attendance at the better schools. The University of Wisconsin La w School with its reputation for high standards, its fine library, and experienced faculty can confidently expect to reap the rewards of an in- creasing number of well-trained students, as a result of its pioneer efforts in behalf of a better trained bar. PofU Tine Badger Paie 3S The Badger- Medical School Charles Russell Bardeen Dean A GENERATION ago the aim of most medical schools was to encourage as many students as possible to enter. Over-crowding resulted in insufficient training in a ' field in which above all the training should be of the best. Reform in medical education set in. The higher standards were instituted first in the schools with the best facilities. Owing to the more severe requirements in these schools there was no over-crowding. Wisconsin began the two years of the medical course which we give with high stand- ards. The number of students in a class were few. There was no difficulty in placing these students in other good schools to complete the course. The number seeking admission at Wisconsin has increased so much that it has been necessary to raise the standards of scholarship required for admission. The difficulty of placing our students in good schools for completing the medical course has become very great. There is every indication that each year the number of students that can be received to advanced standing in such schools will decrease. The only solution is a complete medical course at Wisconsin. . ? r •SXA.UZJ Patlit The Badger Page 37 The Badger College of Agriculture Harry Luman Russell Dean ' " HE PROMOTION of better methods in agriculture and higher standards of rural Olife are among the primary purposes of the College of Agriculture. How well this work has succeeded can best be understood when it is realized that many of the findings of Wisconsin ' s agricultural scientists are today in world wide practical application, and that men have come from every land and state to learn Wis- consin ' s methods and to profit by these results. To make the discoveries of science available to every farmer is one of the problems of the agricultural college, and here again the pioneer work was done by Wisconsin. More and more do we come to realize that other industries as well as the nation are ultimately dependent for their prosperity upon the welfare of that most basic of in- dustries — -agriculture; and because the farm folks and the rest of society are becoming increasingly interdependent as time goes on, there is a growing appreciation of that constructive leadership which is so essential in the maintenance of our agricultural prog- ress. Wisconsin ' s agricultural graduates are, in the main, imbued with the ideals of serv- ice, and through their training they have qualified themselves for that kind of leader- ship which, in the recent past, has made the historic progress of agriculture possible. PttttU The Badger Patt39 Tlr e Badger College of Engineering Frederick Eugene Turneaure Dean Tl EFFECT of the war on technical education was greatly to emphasize its J value, and, as a result of this and oth3r causes, the attendance in engineering schools in all parts of the country has greatly increased during the past four years. In this College, the normal attendance appears now to be about 1,200, a 70% in- crease over pre-war figures. The field of employment of engineering graduates is constantly widening, and there appears to be no limit to the gradual growth in the use of technically trained men in our modern industrial life. As a consequence, more and more is expected of the engineer, and the engineering schools are being called upon [not only to furnish instruction to in- creased numbers, but also to so improve their courses that they may best fit their students for the increased demand of the profession. To this work the faculty of this college is giving its best efforts. r vZ: Pat 40 The Badger Pate 41 The Badger- University Extension Division Louis Ehrhart Reber Dean NI VERSITY Extension has three main objectives. First, extension of the campus jT to the boundaries of the state ; second, expansion of the service to embrace educa- tional opportunities beyond those included in the academic curricula; and third, lengthening of the possible period of education for the individual. In University Extension work Miss Lelia Bascom, Miss Martha Edwards, Miss Har- riette Holt, and Miss Annie Pitman have been successful in instruction, even to include influences far beyond the scope of the lesson itself. Miss Adolphine Ernst and Miss Evelyn Jensen also illustrate in their work the value of woman ' s special powers in Exten- sion teaching. Miss Almere Scott has given a comprehensive and valuable service in building up the Department of Debating and Public Discussion with its great adjunct of package library service. Mrs. E. E. Hoyt is a force for the betterment of women and children wherever she is known. These are but a few of the women serving the state through the University Extension. It is but just to acknowledge that as a whole they exert an inestimable influence by in- fusing into their teaching that motive which strengthens and upbuilds through taking thought of the things of the spirit. Pan 42 The Badger Pate 41 Tl e Badger ' School of Music Charles Henby Mills Director tf T IS a difficult and somewhat dangerous thing to foreshadow events. 11 One may, however, note those things which are tak ing place at the present time and endeavor to draw some conclusions from them. From this standpoint, it would seem that the outlook for music is very encouraging. There has probably been no subject in late years that has had such an enormous expansion as music in the educational field, not only in this country, but practically in the whole of the civilized world. The demand for all kinds of music in the school system of the State of Wisconsin would lead one to believe that the efforts of the School of Music in the past are bringing results. There will be a similar and perhaps greater demand for music, both in the Uni- versity and the State in the near future. Poo TKe Badger Home Economics Jean Krueger Acting Director HE NEXT few years will probably prove the most significant period in the growth £ and development of home economics. The present period of economic and industrial readjustment following the war is offering us a more serious challenge than ever before. The prosperity of a nation must be measured by its important asset — the welfare of its children. The student in home economics is shouldering her share of the responsibility which is everyone ' s portion. By encouraging a respect for the beautiful and the appropriate in home surroundings ; by furthering adequate nutrition, immunity to disease and safe sanitary surroundings ; by adding to our present knowledge through research, Wisconsin graduates are helping to safeguard the children of the future. Qf- ' ■ A ' -tJt. yA Pagt 4 The Badger =b Department of Physical Education Thomas Edward Jones Director of Physical Education ■ HE Women ' s Division of the Department of Physical Cj Education aims to provide wholesome recreation for the women during the college period, to develop and standardize their health-keeping habits. We want to show them the value of exercise and relaxation to keep themselves in condition to meet with power, life. The women students at the University of Wisconsin are to be congratulated on the splendid equipment which the State has given them for their physical education activities. Lathrop Hall, with its gymnasium, bowling alleys, and swimming pool; Camp Randall, with its athletic fields and attractive field house, offer unusual and inviting facilities for the practice of athletic events, and with the completion of the new track in the spring of 1922, and the establishment of the All Year Championship Trophy, a new interest and enthu- siasm has been stimulated. We realize that we must no longer accept the athletics of the men as the ultimate goal which we strive to attain for the women. But as we go forward, we must evolve for women a group of activities suited to their own needs, not beyond their strength or skill. We are particularly fortunate in having our University situated in a city which offers such magnificent natural resources for out-of-door sports, both summer and winter, and the Women ' s Athletic Association and Outing Club have rendered splendid assistance in fostering an appre- ciation of these among the students. • Blanche M. Triixinc Director of the Women ' s Gymnasium Pate 46 t 7ic (j as e The Badger- Williams Downie Rusch Capps Tebell The Class of 1923 Officers RoLLAND F. Williams President Mildred M. Downie Vice-President Hugo L. Rusch Treasurer Isabel L. Capps Secretary GusTAV K. Tebell Sergeant-at-Arms As the class of 1923 leaves the portals of our Alma Mater we feel that during our four years at Wis- consin we have set a standard that will serve as a criterion for future classes to follow. The class has been a well balanced one, and has furnished its share of leaders, athletes, and scholars to the honor rolls of this University. Through our four years, one of the brightest features of the class has been its spirit of co-operation. Personal feelings and private opinions have been cast aside for the common good of the class and uni- versity. It is this spirit that has carried us through our inter-class battles and it is this same spirit that will bring us back to our first re-union five years hence with that feeling of fellowship which is so un- common in so many classes. ROLL.AND F. WILLIAMS Patt 47 The Badger Hdcn ZuchlkQ Portia riiAofl T hpuK: , 4gp,Pdr le , Pat 4S The Badger- u Page 49 Tl-ie Badger PofSO The Badger = Page SI The Badger- Poiifl The Badger Pat, S} The Badger- Edward A. Abramofsky Kenosha COMMERCE Thesis: Analysis of Automobile Adver- tising. 1918-1922. Helen Louise Agar New Westminster, B. C. HOME ECONOMICS Rochester Athenaeum. 1 and 2; Chi Omega; Euthenics Club. !X Karl H. Ackerman Plymouth PHARMACY ThctaChi. Thesis; GelastrusScandens and Evonymus. Thomas L. Ahern Fond du Lac MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa: Pi Tau Sigma: Captain, Ordnance. R. O. T. C. Louis George Adam Horicon ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Campus Religious Council. 4; A. I. E. E., 4. Marjorie Helen Adams Oak Park. III. HOME economics Delta Zeta; Y. W C A : Union Memo- rial Drive, 4. Lois Addington Osage, Iowa LETTERS and SCIENCE Coe College. I and 2; Delta; Bowling Team, Board, 3. Thesis: Balzac Alpha Gamma W. C A. Gertrude Ellen Adelt Kenosha JOURNALISM Kappa Delta: S. G. A Board. I Caitaiia, 2 ; Badger Editorial Staff. 2. 3 Secretary to Editor, 3; Press Club. 3, 4 Cardinal. 4; Spanish Club, 4. ' Iliesis: ' ' Tone " in Advertising. Benjamin F. Ahrens Mukwonago CIVIL engineering Milwaukee Branch. U. of W. 1 and 2 Thesis: A Relocation of Part of County Highway B. Howard Aiken Madison ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Ruth Emma Albee Waler ord LETTERS AND SCIENCE Carroll College I and 2; Y W C A Vera Madeline Albee Water ford LETTERS AND SCIENCE Carroll College. I and 2: French Club Y. W.C A.: Thesis Course. Pott f 4 (f Thie Badger- WiLLARD Benjamin Albert Madison AGRICULTURE Farm House; Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Literary Society. 1,2,3. Arthur O. Albertz Walerlown agriculture Agricultural Literary Society; Agric Triangle; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Apis Club. Flora Alcorn Tulsa, Okla letters and science Monticello Seminary, 1 and 2; Alpha Omicron Pi; Vice Pres. Southern Club, 4. Anne Ruth Alexander Hayward LETTERS and SCIENCE Milwaukee Downer, 1; Phi Omega Pi; Castalia. Thesis; Sulphur Determination in Dif- ferent Vegetables. Daniel Lawrence Allen Oshkosh commerce Oshkosh Normal. 1. Harris G. Allen Madison commerce Chi Phi. Jacob Edward Alschuler Aurora, III. letters and science Zeta Beta Tau: Artus; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra. 3 ; Athenae, 1 . Thesis: Taxation. Kenneth Shirley Ames Kenosha chemical engineering Chemical Engineers " Society. Thomas Amlie Madison LAW U. of Minn., 1 ; U. of N. Dak.. 2; Delta Sigma Rho; Closer in Wisconsin-Illinois Debate, 1921; Closer in Wisconsin- Washington Debate, 1922; Pres. Social Science Club, 3; House Pres. Y. M. C. A. 4. Pearl Amy Anderberg Colton, S. D. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Beta Kappa; Sophomore High Honors; W. A. A.; Hockey Team. 2. 3; Castalia. 2. 3, 4; V. Pres.. 4; Junior Math. Club. 2. 3. 4; V. Pres.. 3; Pres. 4: Captain Union Memorial Drive. 3. Thesis: The Geometry of the Compass Plane. Calmar T. Ant)erson Chippewa Falls COMMERCE Gun and Blade Club; Pre-Military Ball Play. 3. Carter H. Anderson Mauston CHEMICAL engineering Stevens Point Normal. 1 ; Alpha Chi Sigma; Square Club; Chemical Engi- neers ' Society. :i :: PagtSS The Badger Dorothy Vesta Anderson Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE French Club; Spanish Club. Thesis: French Literature of the Ibth and 17th Centuries. Walter E. Anderson Duluth, Minn. commerce Alpha Chi Rho; Student Court; Soph- omore Honors; Commerce Club; Chair- man Ways and Means, 1922 Home- coming; Accountant, 1923 Badger Staff; Secretary 4. Commerce Advisory Commission; Sophomore Commission. Thesis: Accounting Systems. , C Jack Anderson Milwaukee agricultural middle course Mildred V. Anderson Winnipeg, Can. LETTERS AND SCIENCE National Park Seminary, 1 ; Gamma Phi Beta. Thesis; French Course. Olca Anderson Madison letters and science Delta Zeta; Crucible; Orchesus; " W " Wearer; Women ' s Athletic Editor 1923 Badger; Prom Committee, 3; Dolphin Club; President. 2;Board, 3,4; W. A A Board, 4; Outing Club Board. 4; Y W. C. A. Bazaar, 2, 3; Swimming Honors; IDancing Honors; Apparatus Honors; Campus Religious Council, 2; U W Life Savi ng Corps, Secretary, 2. Vice- President, 3. Treasurer. 4; Union Memorial Committee. 3 ; Homecoming Committee. 3. 4; Swimming Team. I. 2. 4; Basket Ball Team 3. 4; Dancing Team. 3. 4; Lutheran Student Cabinet. 1.2. Thesis: Fatigue in Relation to Posture. Orvin H. Anderson Janesville commerce Alpha Pi Delta- Beta Gamma Sigma; Student Court. 3; Commerce Magazine Collection Manager, 3, L)aily Cardinal Collection Manager. 4; Advanced fvlil- itary Course. Thesis: Analysis of Financial State- ments. Roy p. Anderson Superior MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. Ruby E. Anderson Watiwatosa PHARMACY Phi Omega Pi. Pres. 4. Thesis: History of Hyoscyamus Vera C. Anderson Ashland letters and science Northland College. I. 2 Violet Eleanor Anderson Boise. Idaho NORMAL course Albion Normal. 1.2; Rocky Mountain Club. Secretary. 3. 4; Intercollegiate Club. 3. 4. Thesis: Time Element in High School. Clarence Alois Andree Milwaukee electrical engineering Tau Beta Pi. President. 3; A. I. E, E.. 3; C. R. C. 1. 2. 3; President, Baptist Cabinet, 2; Philosophical Club, 3 Thesis: Quantitative Analysis of Static Interference with Radio by Special Branch Tube Oscillograph. James Wert Apker Wonewoc agriculture t .un and Blade Club. I . and Sirloin C lub. 4. 2. 3. 4; Saddle PofSe Tine Badgei X iv George Larkin Arbuthnot Janesville AGRICULTURE Miriam Gordon Arey Oak Park, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Phi: Delta Phi Oelta; Crucible; Badger Staff. 1 , Freshman and Sopho- more Commissions; Y. W. C. A Cabinet 3. Thesis: A Critical Comparison of the Work of the Egyptians and Peruvians in the Setting ol Semi-precious stories. Alice Fay Atherton Albany MUSIC Indoor Baseball Team, 1 ; Choral Union 3. 4; Glee Club. 4 Thesis: The Relation of F ublic School Music to the Community. Ida Dorothea Atkinson Eau Claire letters and science Welleslev, I and 2 ; Kappa Alpha Theta. Thesis: Emotions Revealed in the Characters of George Bernard Shaw. Harry F. Augustine Sturgeon Bay commerce Commerce Advisory Commission; Com- merce Magazine, 2; Commerce Base- ball. 2; General Secretary and Business Manager of Charity Ball Mixers. 3; Sophomore Commission; Junior Council and Y. M. C. A. Treasurer. 3; Finance Committee Homecoming, 3. Richard Wagner Austermann Madison letters and science Platteville Normal. 1 ; Gun and Blade. 2. 3,4; Vice-president, 3 ; Gun and Blade Play, 2; Square Club, 3, 4, Thesis; Measurement of Radio-Fre- querKy ResistarKe and Distributed Ca- pacity of Different Types of Coils Grace G. Austin Madison letters and science Alpha Omicron Pi. Ralph E. Axley Seymour letters and science Delta Sigma Rho; Hesperia. 12 3 4 Semi-Public Debate, 2; Joint [Debate, ' 2. 4; Declamatory Contest, 1 ; Inter Col- legiate Debate. 2 ; Student Senate, 3 ■ Vilas Medal Wearer; Forensic ' W " . Thesis: Requirement Satisfied by Joint Debate Victor Vern Axtell Madison commerce River Falls Normal, I . Thesis: The Trade Acceptance as an instrument of Commerce in the United States. Arthur William Aylward Madison commerce Chi Phi; Class Track and Cross Country; Athenae; Advertising Club; Commerce Club; Commerce Magazine Staff, 1, 2. 3, 4; Editor-in-Chief, 4; Council of Forty. Thesis: The Financial History of the Wisconsin Central Railroad. Marion E. Ayres Oak Park, III. commerce Chemistry Club; Secretary. 2; Sopho- more Honors; Outing Club. 3, 4; Women ' s Commerce Club, 3,4; Badger Staff, 3, 4. Thesis: Papers on Mexico, South America, and the Orient. Vera Mae Babcock Mount Horeb LETTERS AND SCIENCE Lawrence College. I, 2. Pages? The Badger Alphons E. Bachhuber Mayville LETTERS AND SCIENCE Sophomore Honors, Alpha Kappa Kap- pa. Francis Philpott Bacon Madison letters and science Ruth M. Bahlert Pound letters and science Lake Forest College. 1 and 2 ; President, Y. W. C. A. 2; McPherson Cieclamation Prize, 1 : IDelegate. Student Volunteer Convention, iJes Moines, 2; Intercol- legiate Club, 3, 4; S. G. A. Board, 3; Collegiate League of Women Voters, 4; Student Industrial Activities, 4. Jennie Dynes Bailey Elgin, III. commerce Women ' s Commerce Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, 4; Phi Omega Pi. Thesis: Course. Mary Dynes Bailey Elgin, III. commerce Women ' s Commerce Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Phi Omraa Pi. Thesis: Course. Florence E. Bailie Lancaster letters and science Milwaukee-Downer C illege. I ; Badger Suff, 3; Arts and Crafti Club. 3: PreM Club, 4; Cardinal Staff, 4. Mary Elizabeth Baird Madison letters and science Fairmont College. 1. 2; Class Bowling Team. 3; Junior Mathematics Club, 4; W A. A RowE George Baker Tomahawk medicine Sophomore Honors; Phi Beta Pi. Thesis: The Action of Atropin and Physostigmine on the Motility of the Stomach. Harry William Balch Madison commerce Gun and Blade Club. Thesis: The Bank of England During and Since the War. Harold C. Baldwin Green Lake agriculture Ripon College. I ; Grafters ' Club, Sad- dle and Sirloin. Square Club. Indoor Track. 2. 3. Mary Cameron Baldwin La Crosse home economics Alpha Phi: Mortar Board, Omicron Nu. W. A. A., 2, 3. 4; Outing Club, 2. 3; Euthenics Club, 2; Vice-President Green Button; Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission, Cabinet Council 3; Vice- President S. G. A. 4 ; Prom Committee 3 . Ralph Ernest Balliettu Lodi letters and science Plattcvillc Ntjrmal, I. 2, Acacia; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Delta Kappa; Square Club, Director 3; Treasurer Junior Prom, 3; Cardiruil Board of Control. Treasurer. 3, President 3. 4; Chairman fraternity Committee, 4 ; Scruite 4; Inter- fraternity Council 3. 4. Thesis: Types of Errors inihe Processes in Arithmetic. „-::C N Pat0St The Badger . =ir Oliver Terrell Banton Ml. Zion, III. JOURNALISM Illinois, I Hesperia; Club. Thesis: Magazines for High School Use. 2; Sigma Pi; Delta Pi E)elta: Cardinal Staff. 3, 4; Press Catherine Barry Cedar Rapids, la. letters and science Alpha Chi Omega. Thesis Course. Jacob Joseph Baratz Madison MEDICAL Menorah . Thesis: The Relation Between Vital Capacity and Normal Lung Volume in Man. Marion Childs Barber Minneapolis, Minn. LETTERS and SCIENCE Delta Zeta. Thesis: Sociology. William C. Bartels Sheboygan ELECTRICAL ENGINEERIN(; American Institute of Electrical EnKJ- neering- Waldo William Batten Janesville JOURNALISM Delta Chi; Sigma [Delta Chi; Middle Temple; Press Club; Athenae Literary Society; Yale University Press Rep- resentative, 3; Stratford College An- thology of Verse, 3, 4; Cardinal Staff; Badger Dramatic Staff, 4; Y. M. C. A. Deputation Work, 2; R. O. T. C. Officer. Thesis: The Problems of a Community Newspaper. Roger Bawden R. Sloan Barclay Arena Pittsburgh, Penn. agriculture agriculture Saddle and Sirloin. Paul John Barenscher Milwaukee electrical engineering Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1, 2. 3. Walter David Bean Viroqua agriculture Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Wallace Andre Barr Milwaukee LAW Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Football. 2, 3, 4; Star and Arrow. Minnie Dunn Beattie Memphis, Tenn. LETTERS and SCIENCE Randolph Macon Women ' s College. 1 ; Mu Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Pi Epsilon, President,4;S G. A. Board, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Board, 2 ; Cabinet Council, 3 ; Presbyterian Student Cabinet. Vice- president, 3; Clef Club, 4. Pagt 59 Tlr e Badger- Herbert H. Beck Fond du Lac ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu; A. 1. E. E., 2, 3. 4. Adela M. Becken Beaver Dam HOME economics Stout Institute, 1.2. Thesis: Survey of Work Done by Women ' s Organizations in Large Cities to Promote the Home Economics Move- ment. John George Becker Hurley agriculture middle Saddle and Sirloin; Badger Poultry Club. Lloyd G. Becker La Crosse CHEMICAL engineering La Crosse Normal, 1,2; Square Club; Chemical Engineering Society ; Basebal 1 , I. Frederick Beckmann Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal. 1,2; Lambda Chi Alpha; Interfraternity Council. Thesis: Alterations to the Capitalistic State. Ellen H. Beckwith Madison letters and science Girlj " Glee Club. 1.2; Clef Club. 2 Ruth Beebe Sparta LETTERS AND SCIENCE Clef Club, 3 ; Treasurer. 4 ; Glee Club, 4 ; Choral Union, 2, 3. 4; Congregational Cabinet, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 3; Sigma Alpha lota. Thesis: Fifty Model Lessons in Appre- ciation of Music. John M. Beffel Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Beta Pi; Sophomore Honors; Phil- omathia; Edwin Booth; Wisconsin Uni- versity Players; Prom Committee; Homecoming Committee; Badger Ad- vertising Staff. Thesis: Age Determination by Ossifi- cation Centers of Foot. Douglas Bolton Bell Tomah LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Kappa Kappa. Helen Kingsley Bell Franklin, Penn. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Y. W. C. A. Board, 2; Glee Club, 2. 3, 4, Presbyterian Student Cabinet, 2, 3, 4; Hockey Squad, 3, 4, Charles Fayette Bellows Maryville, Mo. letters and SCIENCE Phi Kappa Psi. Esther Katherine Bellows Evanslon, III. letters and science Assistant Chairman Religious Confer- ence. J; W.A A, 1,2, 3,4;Outin((Club, 2, 3, 4; Hockey, 1,2; Basketball. 1 : In- door Baseball, 2, 3; Outdoor Baseball, I, 2; Badger Staff, 3,4. Thesis: Complexity as a l- ' actor of In- telligence. X X -3C Pan 61) Tl: e Badger- =b Harry S. Belman Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Sigma Delta; Athenae, I, 2, 3; Sophomore Semi-Public. 2,3; Secretary, 2; Vice-president. 3; Service 2 years. Charlotte M. Belscamper St. Charles, Minn. MUSIC Grinnell College, !, 2; Sigma Kappa; Mu Alpha, 3; Mu Phi Epsilon, 4; Glee Club. 3, 4; Secretary Clef Club, 3, 4. Marion E. Benedict Madison COMMERCE Acacia; Junior Prom Committee; Spanish Play Committee, 1. Thesis: Economic and Politic Geogra- phy of Latin America and of the Orient. Doris Louise Bennett Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Sophomore Honors; Dante Club; Col- legiate League of Women Voters; Badger Club; French Club. Thesis: Balzac. George Vincent Bennett Janesville chemical engineering Alpha Chi Sigma; Chemical Engineer- ing Society. 2. 3, 4; Secretary, 3; Stu- dent Faculty Committee, 3 ; Exposition; Student Court, 3. Thesis: Course. Adolphus a. Berger St. Joseph, Mo. letters and science Medic, 2; Zeta Beta Tau. Helen Marian Berkwich Milwaukee letters and science Phi Scla Kappa; Spanish Club, 3; Choral Union, 1, 2; J. S. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Thesis: The Development of the Nom- inating Committee in American Pol- itics. Romayne M. Berryman Elkhart, Ind. physical education ■W Wearer; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Board. 2; Outing Club, Secretary. 3; President, 4; Treasurer, 4; Yellow Tassel; S. G. A Representative, 4; Keystone, 4; Physical Education Club. Otis S. Bersing Blair letters and science Square Club; Social Science Club. Thesis : History of Trempealeau County as to Explorations and Early Settle- ment. Elmer Edgar Bertolaet Manitowoc agriculture, middle course Saddle and Sirloin, 3 ; Poultry Club, 4. Althea Elizabeth Betzer Kenosha normal course Milwaukee Normal, 1.2; Intercollegiate Club, 3,4; Geographers Club, 3,4. Thesis; The Development of the Prairie Provinces of Canada as Effected by the Railroads. Cecil Everett Betzer Kenosha electrical engineering Wisconsin Engineer Staff, 2. Page 61 The Badger Roy J. BiBELHAUSEN Shawano AGRICULTURE I ' arm House; Saddle and Sirloin. 2, 3. 4 Robert I. Blakeman Indianapolis, Ind. COMMERCE Chi Psi. Myron C. Bidwell Stevens Point COMMERCE Stevens Point Normal, 1, 2; Alpha Sigma Phi; Prom Committee. 3. Paula Blank Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal and Mar iuctte University. 1, 2. Florence Arnold Bingham Junction City, Kans. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Kansas University, 1, 2. Victor Frederick Bittner Oshkosh CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Chi Sigma; Delta Pi Epsilon. Edith Bernice Black •Sioux City, la. HOME economics Kappa Delta; Omicron Nu; Cabinet OxjrKil, I; Castalia, 1.2. 3; Vice-Presi- dent, 2 ; President, 3 ; Keystone, 3 ; Prom (Vjmmittee. 3 Thesis: O)mparison of Renting and wnership of Homes John William Blattner Sutpher, Okla. letters and science L ' niversity of Texas. 1 ; Kappa Sigma. Everett Birdlebouch Winona, Minn. COMMERCE Delta Sigma Phi; First Lieutenant R. O, T. C. ; Union Memorial Drive; Carnival Committee; 1922 Homecom- ing, Robert Oliver Blodgett St. Paul, Minn. agriculture Alpha Delta Phi; Captain Freshman Track; " W " ' Varsity Track, 2; Varsity Track, 3. 4; Hockey, 3, 4; Ice Carnival Committee, 2, 3; Saddle and Sirloin. 3.4. Albert Edward Blum Monticello commerce Square Club; Square and Compass. Thesis: Accounting System. Bruce Marty Blum Monroe LAW Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Alpha DelU, , Paltdl Tine Badger Henry Martin Blume Milwaukee LAW United States Naval Academy, 1. 2; Marquette University. 2; Lambda Chi Alpha; Gamma Sigma Rho; Forscnic Board Secretary, 3:Hesperia, 2,3, 4, Secretary, 2; President, 3; Censor, 3; Agricultural Literary Club; Hesperia E bate Closer; Junior Representative. Gladys Mary Boase Mineral Point HOME ECONOMICS Stout Institute, 1.2; Euthenics Club. Thesis; Loss of Various Minerals in Cooking Vegetables by Different Meth- ods. J . Carl Bode Keokuk, la. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Freshman Swimming Team; Rifle Team. 2. 3, 4; Captain, 4, Martha Marie Boese Ripon COMMERCE Gamma Epsilon Pi; Women ' s Com- merce Club, 3. 4; Treasurer Chad- bourne Hall, 4; Sophomore Honors. Thesis; Accounting Topics. Thomas R. Bogumill Thorp CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Chemical Engineers ' Society. Robert Bruce Bohman Milwaukee electrical engineering Theta Xi; Wisconsin Engineer, 1, 2, 3; Associate Editor, 3; A. I. E. E., 2. 3. 4; Chairman. 4. Elroy W. Bollinger Sycamore, III. industrial education Northern Illinois State Teachers ' Col- lege, 1.2; Delta Phi Delta. Russell C. Bond Wheeling, W. Va. pre-medic course Sigma Nu; Skull and Crescent; Hares- foot ; Freshman Baseball Manager. Thesis; Topographical Anatomy. Wendell Bonesteel Huron, S. Dak. LAW Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Hares- foot; University Band. Christian H. Bonnin Shawano law Delta Pi Epsilon; Philomathia. Herbert Edwarour Boning Milwaukee commerce Sigma Chi; Skull and Crescent; Edwin Booth. 3. 4; Production Manager Varsity Movie; Commerce Club, 2, 3; Wisconsin Players, Business Manager, 4; Football, 2; Inter Fraternity Council Clarence Herman Bonsack Onalaska agriculture Page,63 Tlr e Badger- Bartel Benjamin Borchers Madison JOURNALISM Delta Pi Delta; Homecoming Com- mittee. 3 : Octopus, 3 . Thesis: Retail House Organs. RuTHViN Bennett Borden Plainfield COMMERCE Scabbard and Blade; Badger Staff; Hesperia; Military Ball Committee. Edward Hubert Borc.elt Milwaukee LAW Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Nathan Boruszak Milwaukee electrical engineering Phi Sirana Delta; Engineers ' Minstrels, 1; R. O, T. C, 2nd Lieutenant, 1; 1st Lieutenant, 2; Captain. 3; Prom Special Features Committee. 3; Military Ball Decorations Committee, 2. 3; J. S. A. Treasurer. 2; President. 3; Varsity Ex- position. 2. Thesis: The Electric Production of Aluminum. Grant G. Bossard Black Earth commerce Ommerce Club. 3, 4; Chairman of Pin Committee. 4; Square Club. 3. 4; Com- merce Advisory Commission; Personnel Memorial Union Committee; Badger Advertising Staff. 4; Commerce Base- ball. Thesis: Getting along with the Per- sonnel from the Standpoint of the Man- agement. Phyllis Adele Bott Milwaukee LETTERS and SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal. I, 2; Alphi Phi; Dolphin Club; W. A. A.; ChetniMry Club; Baseball. 4. Thesis: Double Cyanides. Archie F. Bowers Hudson MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma. Dorothy K. Bowlby Waynesburg, Penn. journalism Goucher College, 1. 2; Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi; Press Club; Union Memorial Drive. 4; Y. W. C. A. Campaign, 3 ; Homecoming Committee, 3; Badger Staff, 3, 4; Octopus Business Staff. 4. Thesis: Women ' s Interests in Country Newspapers. Sidney M. Boyden Chippewa Falls letters and SCIENCE Phi Delta Theta; Chippewa Valley Club; Memorial Union Campaign, 3, 4; U. S Service. Arthur H. Boylan Menomonie LETTERS AND SCIENCE University of Minnesota. 1 ; Theta Delta Chi; Inner Gate; Prom Committee, 3; Junior Cross Country Manager. 3. Margaret Elizabeth Br. bant Marinette LETTERS AND SCIENCE Octopus, 2; Board of Editors, 3 ; Badger Staff, 2, 3, 4; Press Club. 3. 4; Home- coming Committee, 3 ; Memorial Union Committee, 4; Program Chairman Inter-scholastic Press Association, 4. Donald O. Brace Lone Rock agriculture Alpha Sigma Phi; Saddle and Sirloin. I ; 2j 3. 4; Dairy Judging Tcani; U. W. Exposition; Union Memorial Drive. 3. 4; Assistant Manager Little Interna- tional. Pan 64 Thie Badger Philip Brachman Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal. 1. Thesis: Sciencilic Management in In duscry. James L. Brader Madison Letters and Science Beta Theta Pi; Iron Cross; White Spades; Ku Klux; Varsity Football " W. ' 1, 2,3. 4;PiEpsilon Delta; Edwin Booth; Chairman Junior Prom; " W " Club; Freshman Baseball; Freshman Swimming; Cast " Mrs. Bumpstead- Leigh " : " Marriage of Kitty " ; All Uni- versity Traditions Committee; Fresh- man Athletic Association; Circulation Manager Athletic Review; Council of Forty. Thesis: Economic Aspects of Theatrical Production in U. S. Sara Florence Bradford Eveleth, Minn. journalism Eveleth Junior College. I. Thesis: A Study of the Comic Strips in Daily Newspapers. Rachel Hall Bradish Ottawa, III. letters and science Smith College. I, 2; Kappa Alpha Theta; S. G. A. Board. 3 ; Homecoming Committee. 2, 3. Kathryn Mary Brady Quincy, III. letters and science St. Mary ' s College, 1; Castalia. 3, 4; Spanish Club; intercollegiate Club; Swimming Team, 2. 4. Thesis: The Journalization of the Short Story. Philip C. Branch Prenctice commerce Square and Compass; Service twenty-six months. Joseph O. Branks Janesville mechanical engineering Society Mechanical Engi- American neers. Earl R. Brandau Milwaukee mechanical engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon. Wesley W. Brandenburg La Crosse commerce La Crosse Normal, 1.2; Y. M. C. A.; Acacia; Glee Club, 2. 3. Lloyd H. Branks Janesville commerce Whitewater Normal. I ; Alpha Theta Pi : Mercier; Social Science Club. Golda Mary Brant Hamilton, III. letters and science University of Illinois. I, 2; Delta Delta Delta; Pythia;Orchesus. I Inez Almira Brayton Madison journalism University of Washington, 1, 2; Delta Zeta; Pythia. 3, 4. Thesis: Modern Tendencies in Dra- matic Criticisms. Page 6S Thie Badger j= Alma Louise Bridcman Waupaca LETTERS AND SCIENCE Oshkosh Normal. 1.2. Thesis: The EDevelopment of an Ameri- can Merchant Marine Considered from an International Economic Viewpoint. Janet M. Breitenbach Madison MUSIC Delta Delta Delta; Mu?Phi Epsilon. Secretary. 3; Membership Chairman. 4; Charity Ball Committee. 3; Keystone. 4; Clef Club. Secretary. 3; President. 4. Charlotte S. Bremer Madison HOME ECONOMICS Sigma Kappa. Thesis: Comparative Study of Chil- dren ' s Clothing Budgets. Nathanael p. Breslauer Milwaukee letters and science Sophomore Honors; R. O. T. C. Lieu- tenant. 2. 3; Captain, 4. Thesis: An Investigation of Supcrre- gcneration and of its Accompanying Distortion. Lillian G. Bresler Milwaukee letters and science Twelfth Night; Wisconsin University Players; Orchesus; W. A. A. ; Prom Com- mittee, 3; Dancing Honors. Thesis: Trade Tests. Donald P. Breyer Waupun commerce Lawrence A. Brill Milwaukee letters and science, general course Thesis: Financial Plan of Underwrit- ing Syndicates. Ruby Evans Britts Duluth, Minn. music Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mu .Mpha Thesis: Eiach ' s Treatment of the Epi- sode tn F ugue. Herbert Henry Brockhausen Milwaukee journalism Phi Kappa Sigma; [Delta Pi Delta; Sig- ma Delta Chi; Skull and Crescent; Arts and Crafts Club, 2.3; Advertising Club, 3 ; Press Club, 3. 4; Art Editor of Bad- ger, 2; Art Exlitor of Athletic Review. 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Committee, 2. 3; Art Director Homecoming. 4. Service Two Years. Thesis: Analysis of Technique in Ad- vertising Art. Cecil Dewitt Brodt Rice Lake commerce Phi Kappa Sigma ; Haresfoot ; Ku Klux Klan; Band, 1, 2; Union Vodvil, 4. Albert Harlan Brown Madison letters and science Denison University. I ; Inter-Collcgiate Del-tates, 3. Charles Oscar Brown Eau Claire letters and science Northland College. I . Thesis: Public Utilities — Tax Legisla- tion and Administration in Michigan and California. V Poftt The Badger . Elinor Martha Brown Sioiix Falls, S. D. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Grinnell College. 1. 2; Phi Omega Pythia; Intercollegiate Club. Thesis; Course in French. Herbert Joseph Brown Monroe agriculture Delta Chi ; Babcock Dairy Science Club. Maynard Wilson Brown Great Falls, Mont. agricultural journalism Delta Sigma Phi; Class Treasurer. 2; Gun and Blade Club. I. 2. 3. 4; Secre- tary. I, 2; Square Club. 1, 2. 3. 4; Sad- dle and Sirloin; Press Club; Editorial Staff 1923 Badger; Daily Cardinal Spe- cial Writer, 2; Editorial Writer. 3. 4; Student Senate. 3. 4. Secretary. 3; Presi- dent. 4; General Chairman Varsity Jam- boree. 3; Managing Editor, Country Magazine : Council of Forty. Thesis; The Character of Influence of the Editorials in Wallace ' s Farmer. Robert Whitcomb Brown Highland letters and science Sophomore Honors; Business Manager; Varsity Swimming; Zeta Psi; Phi Beta Pi. Thesis; Comparison of Cephalic Meas- urements at Birth with Standardized Internal Female Pelvic Measurements. Rowena Ruth Brown Madison journalism Alpha Xi Delta; Orchesus; Dance Drama. 1. 3; Freshman Dancing Hon- ors; Castalia. 1,2; Badger Staff. 3; Oc- topus Sales. 3; Charity Ball Mixer. 3; Campus Religious Council, 4. Theron a. Brown Madison electrical engineering Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. Warren Browning Boise, Idaho agriculture University of Idaho, 1,2; Alpha Zeta Essay. 3; Saddle and Sirloin, 4; Saddle and Sirloin Essay. Chicago, 3, 4; Rocky Mountain Club, 3, 4; President, 4. Bernice Lillian Bruns Plymouth journalism Rockford College, I; Cardinal Staff, 3, 4; Press Club, 3; Secretary and Treas- urer, 4; Badger Staff, 3; Journalism House, 3; President, 4. Thesis; Features for Women in Pres- ent Day Newspapers. Florence Brunsell Evansville home economics Carl Frank Buchner Mayville mining engineering Tau Beta Pi. Lucille Buck Cape Girardeau, Mo. letters and science Cape Girardeau College, 1, 2, 3. Benjamin Oak Buckstaff Milwaukee letters and science Oshkosh Normal, 1, 2; Social Science Club. Thesis: The Worker in Relation to His Market. !X Page 67 The Badger Alice Fairfax Bullock Madison HOME ECONOMICS Kappa Delta; Euthenics Club. 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 4; French Club; Swimming Team, 3; Castalta, 3, 4; Dolphin Club. 3. Thesis: An Educational Study Made in a Home Economics Class, Frank Ludwig Bumer Pittsburgh, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING Gamma Sigma; Varsity Gym Squad. 2, 3 4; R. O. T. C. Second Lieu- tenant, 2; First Lieutenant. 3; Captain, 4; Chief Engineer U. W. Surveying Camp. 4; Captain Memorial Union Drive, 4; Lutheran Student Cabinet; Y. M. C. A. Foreign Relation Commit- tee, 4. Thesis: The Effect of Countersunk Rivets on Riveted Joints. Peter J. Burelbach Knowles electrical ENGINEERING A. I. E. E,; Regimental Band; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; 1922 Elec- trical Show. John L, Bumbalck Madison AGRICULTURE Saddle and Sirloin; Club. Badger Poultry Carolyn Lee Burgess Yankton, S. D. letters and SCIENCE Yankton College 2, 3; Clef Club. I, 2; Thesis: The Subordinate Characters in Hardy ' s Novels. Joseph P. Burke Oconto letters and SCIENCE Superior Normal, 1, 2. Lloyd Allen Burkey Buhl. Idaho agriculture University of Idaho, 1,2; Rocky Moun- tain Club; Assistant Agricultural Bac- teriology U. W.. 4; Agricultural Literary Society. Thesis: Algae in Relation to Nitrogen Fixation and Vitaminc Content. Bertha Ehman Burkhardt Chicago, III. letters and science Sigma Kappa; Cardinal Reporting. I. 2 ; Special Features, 2,3; Wisconsin Lit- erary Magazine Staff, 2; Press Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Prom Alumni Committee, 3; Outing Club, 1, 2. Thesis: Shelley ' s Romances. Leona Florence Burkhardt Burkhardt LETTERS and SCIENCE Badger Staff, 2; S. G. A. Board, 3; French Club. Thesis Course. Robert Lee Burney Huron, S. D. commerce University of Washington: Pi Kappa Alpha; University Band; Octopus Cir- culation Manager; Press Club; South Dakota Club; University Post. Amer- ican Legion; Homecoming Decoration Committee. 4. Gladys Elizabeth Burns Oakland. III. James MiUikin University. I. 2; Home Economics. Roland Willard Burt Madison letters and science Chi Phi. Thesis: Laws Licensing Occupations in the Various States. . PofU The Badger Mildred Helene Busch Oshkosh JOURNALISM Badger Staff, 1 : Literary Magazine StaC 2. Thesis; A Study of the Special Fea- ture Stories in the Milwaukee Journal. Warren F. Busse Algoma general course Lawrence College. I : Chemistry Club. Thesis: Determination of Structure of Cellulose by Means of X-Rays. James C. Buxton Platteville commerce Captain Union Memorial Drive. 3; Finance Chairman, U. W. Y. M. C. A., 2, 3 ; Foreign Student Sec., Y. M. C. A., 3. 4; Platteville Normal. 1. Elizabeth Irene Byrns Madison HOME economics Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Euthenics Club, 2. 3. 4; Country Magazine, 3. 4; A. C. F. Board. 4. Thesis: Devices for the Improvement of Ventilation in Houses and School Rooms. Elmer Dennis Byrns Madison agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin: Gun and Blade; Mercier Club. Neil G. Cafferty Madison electrical engineering A. I. E. E.. 4. Arthur Allen Cantwell Shawano commerce Service. Twenty-Five Months. Anne Cantrell Winston-Salem, N. C. journalism North Carolina College for Women, 1, 2, 3; Press Club. Isabel L. Capps Brooklyn, N. Y . letters and science Kappa Delta; Crucible; Vice-president, Y. W. C. A.; President, National Stu- dents Assembly. ■22- ' 23 ; Census Chair- man of S. G. A. " 21. Freshman Com- mission; Chairman of Y. W. C. A. Bazaar 21; W. A. A.; Dolphin Club; Physical Education Club; Class Secre- tary, 4; President Sophomore Commis- sion, F. Deane Cardinal Ladysmith commerce Service. Twenty-Two Months. Norma Barbara Carl Green Bay letters and science PHYSICAL education W. A. A.; Badger Staff 2. 3; Outing Club Secretary. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Council. 3. 4; Memorial Union Drive. 3; Vice-President of Blue Dragon. Thesis; Newspaper Treatment of Win- nipeg Strike. Vera Carlisle Robinson, III. letters and science Alpha Chi Omega; Lindenwood College, 1 ; W. A. A.; Dolphin Club; Y. W. C. A. Advertising Board, 4; Memorial Union Personnel Committee; Tennis Team, 3. :i . Pate 69 Tine Badger Vera Thomas Carlyle Madison LETTERS and SCIENCE Lutheran Student Cabinet, 3 ; Secre- tary, 4; Campus Religious Council, 4; Summer Cardinal StaC 3 Thesis: Foreign Policy of Nero. William H. Carson Pittsburgh, Tex. mechanical engineering Pi Tau Sigma; American Legion: A. S, M. E.; Gun and Blade. Harry Eaton Carswell Richland Center chemistry Alpha Delta Phi; Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Lambda Upsilon; First Regimental Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, 3; President-Man- ager. 4. Thesis: The Effect of Certain Catalysts Upon the Reaction Constants in the Saponification of an Ester in Acid and Alkaline Solutions at 25 oc. Louis William Cattau Shawano letters and science Phi EDelta Phi; Varsity Wrestling. Thesis: Public Purpose for Purposes of Taxation and Eminent Domain. Jeanette Cavanach Washington, D. C. normal course Phi Mu Sorority; Y. W. C. A. Board; Dolphin Club; Hockey Team, 4; W. A A ; Badger Staff; Spanish Club; George Washington University, 1. 2. Recina Cawley Watuau letters and science Marion Cazier Wilmette, III. letters and science Phi Beta Phi; Hillsdale College. 1, 2 Marianna Chandler Madison LETTERS and SCIENCE Delta Delta Delta; Y W C. A. 3 4 Badger Staff, 3; French Club. 4; Union Memorial, 4. Thesis Course. Henry Hsueh-Hai Chao 132 Wusih, China course in chemistry Tsing Hua College, China, 1,2; Viginti; Wisconsin Chinese Students ' Club, President, 3; Chairman, Mid- West Sec- tion, Chinese Students ' Alliance of U. S. A., 4. Thesis: Synthesis and Study of Ti- tanium Tetra-athylate. Homer Dwight Chapman Darlington agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; First Regimental Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; University Orchestra, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Commission; Union Vodvil, 3; 1922 Haresfoot Trip; Badger Club. Sydney C. Charney Milwaukee Square and Compass 2, 3; Athena 1,2, 3, 4: Menorah I, 2, 3, 4. Lucius P. Chase Madison commerce Chairman, Homecoming HtHise Decora- tions; President, Student League; Cross Country, 4; Track, 3. 4; Chairman, Ticket Committee l " 23 Prom; Campus Religious Council; Sophomore Traditk ns Committee; Badger Staff, 2; Sophomore Commis- sion. -OO- Page 70 The Badger =b Marjorie Chase Madison HOME ECONOMICS Gamma Alpha Epsilon, 3, 4; Huthenics Club. 2, 1. 4; Badger Club. 3. 4. Thesis; Relation of Diet to Spech De- fects. Mary Everett Chase East Alstead, N. H. LETTERS AND SCIENCE New Hampshire Normal. 1.2; French House: French Club. Thesis Course. Vivian Ellison Cheatham Warrensburg, Mo. LETTERS AND SCIENCE APPLIED ARTS National Park Seminary. Phi. I, 2; Pi Beta Peter V. Cheli Calumet, Mich. COMMERCE Secretary Commerce Advisory Com- mission, 3: Commerce Magazine, 3; Commerce Club Assistant Treasurer. 3 ; Vice-President, 4; Vice-President Com- merce . " Xdvisory Commission. 4; Captain Memorial Drive; Ways and Means Committee " Homecoming " 4. Edward Reynolds Chew, Jr. Pueblo, Colo. agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; Badger Staff. Or- ganization Manager, 3; Committee Chairman University Exposition Trans- portation Committee; Assistant Chair- man Varsity Jamboree, 1923; Captain U. W. Cadet Corps. Mary Lynette Chipman Morrisonville LETTERS AND SCIENCE Beloit College. 1 ; Y. W. C. A. ; W. A. A.. 4; basketball. 2. Hannah Frances Churchill Fairbury, III. LETTERS and SCIENCE 111. Wesleyan Univ. 1; Brenau College Conservatory. 2; Sigma Kappa; S. G. A. Board. 3. John J. Chyle Cudahy chemical engineering Chemical Engineering Society; Pistol Team ; Rifle Team. Dorothy Clare Oak Park, III. journalism Badger Staff, 3. 4; Copy-Editor, cationai Conference Committee, tary, 3; Press Club. 3. 4. Thesis: An Analysis and Schedule Sales Letters. 3; Vo- Secre- of Helen Harris Clark Williston, Vt. letters and science Oberlin College; W. A. A.; Orcheus. Thesis: Employment and Personnel Policies for Knitting industry. John Anthony Clark Manitowoc normal course Milwaukee Normal, 1. 2. Thesis: The Relative Difficulty of the Elementary Number Combinations. Lawrence H. Clark Waukesha commerce CarroU College. I, 2. Thesis: Railway Management. Paf7l The Badger Lenore Wilder Clark Evansville ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E.; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Robert A. Clark, Jr. Mauston ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING University Band; A. I. E. E,; Eta Kappa Nu. Charles Lamar Class East Orange, N. J. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Stevens Tech, I, 2; Chemical Engineer ' s Society. Irene A. Clayton Milwaukee letters and science physical education Kappa Delta; Sophomore Commission; Secretary Yellow Tassel; Crucible; Physical Education Club, 1. 2, 3, 4 Board, 2, President, 4 ; W. A. A, Board, 3,4; Outing Club. 1, 2, 3. 4, Board, 3,4; Hockey, 2, 3; Varsity, 2; Basket Ball, 1, 2, 3; Varsity, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Varsity, 1, 2, 3; President Intersorority Bowling. William Elmore Coddo Anligo mechanical engineering E.; Mechanical Engineer ' s So- A. A ciety. Jesse Cohen Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Sigma Delta; Haresfoot Club; First Regimental Band, I, 2; Engineer ' s Minstrels, 1, Sophomore Traditions Committee, 2; Homecoming Carnival, 2; University Circus, 2; Prom Com- mittee, J ; Composer Prom Fox Trot, 3; Pre-Prom Special Features, 3; Pre-Prom Movie Act, 3; Haresfoot Score, 4; Interfraternicy Council, 4°. Leo Cohen Park Falls COMMERCE Phi Sigma Delta, Advertising Manager, Wisconsin Athletic Review; Home- coming Program. Thesis Course. Edwin DeWitt Coleman Barron CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Ripon College, I ; Chemical Engineering Society, 2, 3, 4; American Chemical So- ciety, 4. Gertrude E. Collins Rockford, 111. letters and science Mixer Committee, 2; Badger, 1, 2; Chairman Prom Fox " Trot Committee, 3; Memorial Union Committee, 4; Kappa Alpha Theta. Thesis: Job Analysis and Its Relationjto Employment. Howard Ridley Combacker Osceola letters and science Hamline University, 1 ■ Delta Upsilon; Freshman Basketball Captain; Varsity Baseball, 3; " W " ; Varsity Ice Hockey. 3; Captain, 4; " W " Athletic Board. Erma Vesta Comstock Madison letters and science Ohio University, I, 2; Girl ' s Glee Club, 3,4. Thesis; Tennyson ' s Modernization of The Material from Malory and Mavi- nogion in His Idylls of the King. John Vincent Conlin Madison COMMERCE Edwin Booth Dramatic Society, 1 . 2. 3. 4; Sccretttryj 3. 4; Wisconsin University Players, 4; Commerce Club, 3, 4; Com- merce Advisory Commission, 2. 3, 4; Treasurer, 2 ; University Circus I ; Pre- Prom Play, 2; Octopus Staff, 3; Com- mittee Chairman 1923 Junior Prom; International Relations Committee. . Pat, 71 The Badger- Lottie Mae Connell Menomonee Falls MUSIC choral Union. Robert Connolly Racine CIVIL ENGINEERING Thesis: A Survey of the Relative Merits of Different Commercial Stones Used in Stucco Construction Work. Marion Victoria Connor Madison LETTERS and SCIENCE Chi Omega; Women ' s Medical Asso- ciation; Badger Staff, 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Editor, 3 ; Varsity Welcome Committee, 4; Prom Committee, 3. Mary E. Cooley Jamaica, N. Y. LETTERS AND SCIENCE University of Michigan, 1.2; Arts and Crafts Club, 3; Badger Staff. 3; Me- morial Union Drive. Thesis; The Italian Master ' s Knowl- edge and Use of Anatomy. Florence Corbin Madison HOME economics Michigan State Normal, I, 2; Euthcnics Club; Intercollegiate Club; Omicron Nu. Elizabeth Miller J. Cordell Madison letters and SCIENCE Alpha Chi Omega. Thesis; The Problem of Evil in Josiah Roycc, George Santayana, and William James. Helen Grace Corey DeKalb, III HOME economics Northern Illinois State Teachers Col- lege, 1. 2; Gamma Alpha Epsilon: Euthenics Club; Intercollegiate Club; W. A. A. ; Swimming Honors ; Swimming Team, 3; Y. W. C. A. Thesis; Loss of Minerals in Cooking Vegetables. William Augustus Cornell Evansville general Evansville Junior College, 1 ; Sociology Club, 2, 3; President. 4. Florence Ann Costigan Madison letters and science Thesis: Studies on the Hairs of Mam- mals. Louise A. Cover Johnstown, Pa. letters and science Cultural Studies Thesis: Some Penicillium. Amil D. Coveyou Janesville LETTERS AND SCIENCE Beloit College, 1 ; Y. M. C. A.. Social Science Club. James N. Coyne Madison MEDICINE A. K. K.; Varsity Football Squad. 4. Thesis: Embryology. yc , £ Page 73 The Badger Dorothy Grain Augusta, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Knox College. 1. 2; Phi Mu- Badger Staff, 4. Edith Lucile Crane Burlington HOME economics Gamma Phi Beta; W. A. A. 2, 1. Bowling Team, 2; Euthenics Club. Mary Craven Washington, D. C. letters and science Goucher College, I, 2; Pi Beta Phi. Thesis; Robert Louis Stevenson as Writer of Informal Essays. J . Forrest Crawford Beirut, Syria agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho ; Water Basket Ball ; Agricultural Literary Society; Saddle arKl Sirloin; Grafters Club; Dairy Club; Apis; Student Volunteer Band; Inter- national Club. Calvin Otis Crocker Wausau LAW University of Pennsylvania; Phi Delta Phi. Walter Claire Crocker Spooner law Phi Alpha Delta; Athena; Sophomore Semi Public Debate; Rifle Club. Second Lieutenant F. A. World War. Wilson McGinnis Cross Geneva, Ind. Alpha Pi Delta; Scabbard and Blade. Commerce Advisory Commission; Soph- omore Commission; Commerce Base- ball; Major Cadet Corps. Dorothea Ann Culkin St. Joseph, Mo. letters and science St. Joseph Junior College, 1, 2. Thesis: A.E. and the Irish Renaissance. Marian Gray Culver Eau Claire LETTERS AND SCIENCE W. A. A.; Outing Club; Tennis Team; Prom Committee, 3 ; Literary Staff. Thesis: Lafcadio Hearn in his Relation to the Japanese. Edward Haines Currier River Falls letters and science River Falls Normal. 1. 2; Phi Delta Meto. Thesis: A Specialized Mortality Table. Carl H. Daley Superior LAW Phi Delta Phi; Pres. Law School Asso- ciation; Student Editor Wisconsin Law Review. Thomas R. Daniels Weyerhauser agriculture Varsity Cross Country Team, 2; Presi- dent Agricultural Triangle. 2; Alpha Zeta; Cardinal Staff. Agricultural Edi- tor; Agricultural Literary Society; Hesperia; Newman Club Treasurer, 3; Saddle and Sirloin; A. C. F. Board; Ag- ricultural Triangle. PagtU The Badger yH Lorenzo Lyman Darling Manawa LAW Phi Delta Phi ; Gun and Blade. Thomas Lozier Dartnell E.asi Orange, N. J. agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Zeta ; Varsity Quartet ; Glee Club. 2, 3, 4; Union Vodvil, 3; Agricultural Triangle. President, 2; Punkin Holler Community Meeting, 2 ; Wisconsin International, 2. 3; University Exposi- tion. 2; Y. M. C. A. News Sheet. Busi- ness Manager, 2. John Stark Davis Bowling Green, Ky. agriculture West Kentucky State Normal. Agricultural Triangle. 1. 2: Eleanor Day Indianapolis, Ind. MANUAL arts Earlham College. 1, 2; Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. Cabinet Council, 3; Y. W. Cabinet. 3. 4; Crucible, Mystic Circle; Badger Art Staff. Claude J. Debbink Milwaukee civil engineering Theta Xi. Thesis: A study of the relative strength of the ordinary masonry mortars when subjected to low temperatures. Agnes Dorothea Delaney Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Junior Mathematics Club, 3, 4. Thesis: The Role of Euclid ' s Axiom of Parallels and Desargue ' s Theorem in Geometry. Marjorie Anne Delbridge Marinette COMMERCE Lawrence College, I; Alpha Delta Pi; Gamma Epsilon Pi; Women ' s Com- merce Club ; Commerce Magazine Staff, 3,4; Assistant Business Manager, 4; Y. W. C. A. Board, 2; Chairman Commerce Women ' s Advisory Com- mission. 4; Jamboree Committee, 3; Memorial Union Drive. 4; Badger Staff. 3, 4. Thesis: Comparison of the Commerce Courses in Ten Representative High Schools. Charles Noyes Demarest Madison JOURNALISM Pi Kappa Alpha, Press Club, 2. 3, 4; Secretary, 2; Octopus. 2. 3; Wisconsin Literary Magazine. 2 ; The Yellow Jacket, 2; Prom Committee, 3; Home- coming Committee. 4. Thesis: Musical Criticism in New York Papers since 18%. Harold A. Denlinger Dayton, Ohio LETTERS AND SCIENCE Thesis: Transportation on the Ohio River. Natalie Densmoor Markesan PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Oberlin Conservatory, 1. 2; Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club. 3. 4; Clef Club. 3.4; Choral Union. 3. 4. Muriel Deopker Valparaiso, Ind. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Western College, 1, 2; Kappa Delta. Spanish Club. Thesis: Study of the Works of Feman Cabal lero. Edna Catherine Dickes Greenville, Ohio LETTERS AND SCIENCE Heidelberg University. 1.2; Girl ' s Glee Club. 4; Pythia. 3. 4; French Club. 3. 4; Executive Board; Intercollegiate Club. 3.4. Thesis: French Literature of the Six- teenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Pate 7S TYxe Badger- Ruth Beatrice Dickover Hammond, Ind. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Kappa Alpha Theta, W. A. A.; Hockey ream, 1 ; Memorial Union Drive, 3,4; Homecoming Committee, 4. Harold F. Diehm Remus, Mich. journalism Delta Pi Delta; Sigma [Delta Chi; Press Club, 4; Editorial Staff of the Daily Cardinal, 4. Thesis: The Attitude of the Press on Some Phases of the Washington Con- ference for the Limitation of Arma- ments. John Herbert Dieterle West AUU mechanical engineering A. S. M. E., 3, 4; University Post American Legion. Kathleen S. Dietrich Pekin, III. home economics Omicron Nu. Leland C. Dietsch Plymouth medicine Phi Beta Pi; Sigma Sigma; Glee Club, 2. 3; Sophomore Honors. Thesis: Topographical Anatomy. Elbert David Dissmore Whitehall PHARMACY II Powers Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: Prohibition and American Pharmacy. Lala Alice Dixon Brandon LETTERS and SCIENCE La Crosse Normal, 1,2. Thesis: Henry Arthur Jones. Harriet T. Dohr Kimberley MUSIC Lawrence College, ! ; Sigma Alpha lota; Choral Union; Glee Club. Ira R. Dohr Kimberley ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Delta Pi Epsilon, Herbert C. Dohrman Mayville AGRICULTURE Agricultural Literary Society; Saddle and Sirloin; Badger Club; Agric Tri- angle; Country Life Club; 1924 Badger Staff. Melvin C. Dishmaker Algoma MEDICINE Piii Chi Medical Fratemicy. Veronica Freitac Dolch Madijon MEDICINE Lewis Institute, I; Deutscher Vcrein. Thews: Topograhical Anatomy. Pati76 The Badger Ellen Vivian Dollard Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Chi Omega; Prom Committee. 3: Daily Cardinal, 3. Thesis: Filibustering Trade with Cuba 1895-1898. Kathryn Louise Doolittle Winnetka. III. letters and science University of California; Northwestern University, 1 . Thesis: Gothic Ornament — Its Origin and Relation to Medieval and Modern Base and Precious Metals. Dorothy Janet Dopp Wild Rose LETTERS AND SCIENCE Oshkosh Normal, 1. 2. Thesis: The Influence of Henry James on Later American Novelists. George Allen Dorsey Kenosha LETTERS AND SCIENCE Sigma Chi. Thesis: Conductivity of Heat in Rari- f ed Gases. Mildred Martha Downie Madison HOME ECONOMICS Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Nu; Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Sophomore Honors; Wisconsin University Players (Red Domino) 1, 2, 3, 4; Euthenics Ciub, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Vice-President. Helen Katherine Dresser Clinton letters and SCIENCE Alice Louise Droppers Milwaukee letters and science Mathematics Club; Episcopal Girl ' s Club; Barnard S. G. A. Representative. Thesis: Taurete Dimensional Geometry. Cecil F. Dull Soldiers Grove medicine Phi Beta Pi; Sigma Sigma; Studerrt Court; Varsity Welcome 1922; A. E. F. Service; American Legion. Leo p. Dunbar Cedar Falls, Iowa pharmacy First Regimental Band, I, 2, 3. Thesis; The Preparation of Milk Bis- muth. Clark A. Dunn Stickney, S. D. CIVIL engineering A. S. C. E.; Hesperia. 2; R. O. T. C. Officer. 3. 4. Thesis: Artesion Irrigation in Charles Mix County, South C ota. Lawrence B. Dunn Appleton Lawrence College Graduate; Hesperia; Men ' s Glee Club. Mildred Gladys Dlvie Tomahawk PUBLIC school music Choral Union: W. A. A. liv. Pat ' 77 The Badger Harold Joseph Dvorak Milwaukee MEDICINE Pi; Milwaukee Normal. I ; Sigma Hesperia: R O. T. C. Officer. Thesis: Female Urogenital Tract in Child and Adult. Lola Miriam Dynes Mount Carroll, III. home economics Frances Shimer Junior College, 1. 2: Phi Omega Pi; Euthenics. 4. Thesis: The Educational Requirements of State Universities, Normal Schools and Colleges for a Teacher ' s Certificate in Home Economics. Madge Frances Dynes Mount Carroll, III. letters and science Frances Shimer College. I, 2; Phi Omega Pi. T hesis Course. Vera A. Eastman Grafton, III. music Chi Omega : Mu Phi Epsilon ; Clef Club ; Crucible Thesis: Piano Recital. Robert William Eddy Madison electrical engineering Freshman Swimming Team; A. I. E. E. 1922 Electrical Show. ::rL Leroy Delos Edwards Lancaster pharmacy Theta Chi ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi; Sophomore High Honors; Ex posi- tion Committee; Freshman Football. Thesis: The Enzymes of Digitalis. Max H. Edwards Toledo, Ohio electrical engineering Lambda Chi Alpha. Miriam Katharine Efrid Winston-Salem, N. C. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Salem College, I, 2, 3; Pi Beta Phi; Inter-Collegiate Club. Emily Elizabeth Ela Rochester LETTERS AND SCIENCE Outing Club. 2; W A A . 2. 3. 4 Thesis: Provisions Madison Women Industry arc Making for Old Age. Laverne Ethel Elleson West Allis letters and science Milwaukee Normal. 1.2; Choral Union, Thesis; Representative Eighteenth Cen- tury Men of Letters. David H. Edwards Cambria chemical engineering Alpha Chi Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Tau Beta Pi. Lippert Spring Ellis Madison agriculture Farm House; Agric Triangle. I. 2. 3, 4. President, 4. Agricultural College Fed- eration. 3. Sophomore Commission. 2. t- eshman Cross Country, . . Z Paf7S The Badger ' =b . Richard Winfield Ellis Evanston, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Delta Phi; Artus; Varsity Basket Ball Manager. Thesis: Investigation Function of Bond Houses. Frederick John Ellison Fond du Lac MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi ; Skull and Crescent ; Base Ball Numerals, 1 ; Homecoming Committee, 2; Sophomore Traditions Committee, 2; Ways and Means Com- mittee 1921 Prom; Varsity Track Squad. 3. Wallace P. Elmslie Milwaukee agricultural chemistry Alpha Zeta;Agric Triangle; Y. M.C. A.; Babcock Science Club. Thesis: Light — Sensitization Due to Buckwheat. Frieda Margaret Elser Beaver Dam letters and science Lutheran Cabinet, 4; Geography Club, 3, 4. Thesis: Geographic Influences in the Development of the Upper Lake Mich- igan Cities. Louise H. Elser Beaver Dam letters and science Lutheran Student Cabinet, 3, 4. Thesis: History of Northern Wisconsin since 1870. Albert A. Elsner Merxomonie NORMAL course River Falls Normal, 1. 2; Phi Delta Kappa; Educational Journal Club- Thesis: Standardizing of the Clapp English Test. Florence Marjorie Elston Muscoda MUSIC Milwaukee Downer, 1 ; Alpha Xi Delta ; Clef Club; Choral Union. Conrad Arnold Elvehjem McFarland agricultural chemistry Farm Flouse; Alpha 2eta; Sophomore Honors; Saddle arxl Sirloin, I. 2, 3. 4; Agricultural Literary Society. 3, 4, Secretary. 4. Thesis; The Sensitization of Animals to Light When Fed Buckwheat. Bernice Jeanette Elver Madison letters and science W. A A; Pythia, 2. 3, 4; Lutheran Stu- dent Cabinet, I. 2, 3, 4; Badger Staff, 1, 3; Indoor Baseball, 3; Varsitv, 3; Out- door Baseball, 2, 3 ; Varsity, 2. Thesis: A Survey of Speech Work in Wisconsin. Robert G. Ely Kenilworth, III. commerce Alpha Tau Omega; Skull and Crescent; Intcr-Fratemity Council. Hans Frederick Emmerling Milwaukee COURSE IN humanities Tau Kappa Epsilon; Freshman Gym Team; Chemical Engineers ' Society; Wisconsin Literary Magazine. Thesis: The Traube Silver Iodide Im bition Process of Color Photography. Margaret Emmerling Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Editorial Eioard Wisconsin Literary Magazine; Red Domino; Wisconsin University Players; S. G. A. Judicial Committee; Sophomore Horrors; Alpha Phi. Thesis: Literary Criticism. Patt79 The Badger Hazel Emmert Madison HOME ECONOMICS 2 ; Euthenics Peru Nebraska Normal, 1 Club; Badger Club. Lawrence Earle Emmons Quincy, III. commerce Junior Council; Badger Staff, I, 3; Track, I, 2; Cross Country. 2; Spanish Club. Otto J. Endres Madison LETTERS and SCIENCE Sigma Delta Psi; Track. 1, 2; " W 1, 2. Thesis: Fiat Feet, Cause and Correc- tion. Henry A. Encler Waukesha commerce Carroll College, 1, 2; Overseas Service. Hugo Fred Encler Waukesha CIVIL engineering Carroll College. I, 2. Thesis : Design of Re-enforced Concrete Warehouse. Donald John English Wyocena AGRICULTURE f- ' arm t louse, 4; Alpha Zeta, tary, 4. 4, Secre- WlLLIAM TrEHANE EnNOR Madison CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Lambda Upsilon; Tau Beta Pi. Gertrude Miriam Erbe Green Bay music Lawrence College, 1, 2; Kappa Alpha Theta. Margaret Priscilla Erbe Green Bay letters and science Lawrence College, 1, 2; Kappa Alpha Theta. Edgar Louis Erickson Durand letters and science Phi Mu Delta; Philomathia. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Semi Public Ijebate, 2; R. O. T. C. First Lieutenant, 3, Captain, 4. Thesis: Life and Work of Captain John Smith. Anne Winifred Esch La Crosse letters and science La Crosse Normal, I, 2; Pi Beta Phi. RicMOR C. Estvad Madison music Clef Club. 3, 4; International Club, I. 2, 3. Treasurer, 3: Glee Club, 4; Choral Union, 2, 3. 4; Dancing, 3, 4. Thesis: The High School Orchestra. :v PttftO The Badger- Esther F. Ethier Milwaukee NORMAL COURSE Milwaukee State Normal, I, 2. Thesis: Milwaukee in 1870 and 1900. Herbert P. Evans Chattanooga, Term. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Milwaukee School of Engineering. I. , Miriam Evans Tulsa, Okla. letters and science Oklahoma University. 1. 2; Alpha Xi Delta. Charles Robert Evenson Baraboo commerce Delta Sigma Phi. Louis L. Evenson Antigo commerce Square and Compass, American Legion University Post. Sterling D. Ewald Louisville, Ky. mechanical engineering Psi Upsilon; Inner Gate; Kappa Beta Phi; Varsity Swimming, 2. 3, 4. Henry Ewertz Milwaukee JOURNALISM Swimming. 1; Cardinal Staff; Sick Visitation; Sophomore Commission. Thesis: Art and the Modern News- paper. Kenneth S. Fagg Alhambra, Calif. letters and science Delta Upsilon; Badger Staff, 1, Assist- ant Art Editor. 3 ; Octopus. 1.2.3. Board of Control, 3 ; Art Editor Commerce Magazine, 2; Badger Ski Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President. 4; Edwin Booth. 2, 3; Press Club. 2; Arts and Crafts Club. 1. 2; Congregational Students Cabinet. 2, 3; Display Publicity Chairman Mili- tary Ball, 2. Thesis: The Novels of H. de Balzac. Walter ' C. Earner Gilmanton agriculture Poultry Club; Saddle and Badger Sirloin. Ivan G. Fay Hayward agriculture Evansville Junior College, 1; Square and Compass; Saddle and Sirloin; Ag- ricultural Literary Society. Elmer J. Fechtner Merrill commerce Tau Kappa Epsilon; Red Arrow Club. Leo Joseph Federer Waukesha LAW TheU Delta Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Haresfoot 1920; Athenae 1917; Uni- versity Orchestra 1917. zx Page 81 The Badger- Orville W. Fehlhaber Wausau COMMERCE Badger Staff, Cashier, 3, Treasurer, 4 Finance Committee Homecoming, 4 Commerce Advisory Commission, 4 Sophomore Commission. 2; Officers Club, 2; Union Memorial Drive, 4; Lieutenant Cadet Corps, 2, , Thesis: New York Exchange During and Since the War. Samuel S. Feldman Sheboygan medicine Thesis: A Study of the Structure, Growth, and Migration of the Thymus Gland. Katherine Felix Prairie du Sac COMMERCE Women ' s Commerce Club; Cardinal, 2; Commerce Women ' s Advisory Com- mission, 4. Miriam Felix Prairie du Sac HOME ECONOMICS Milwaukee Downer, 1 ; Stout Institute 2, 3. Frank C. Fellows Lodi, Wis. NORMAL COURSE Platteville Normal, I, 2; Square and Compass. Thesis: Study of the Characteristics of the Mentally Superior and Inferior Children. Iris Sophronia Fellows StillwaUr, Okla. Oklahoma A. and M College, 1. 2; Kappa Delta; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Castaiia RuFus Benjamin Felten Milwaukee letters and SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal, I, 2; Varsity Swimming Squad, 4; Numerals 1923 — Swimming. Thesis: A Survey of the Milwaukee Vo- cational School System. E5orothea M. Fenelon Rhinelander LETTERS and SCIENCE Mi chael j. Fenisyn Marinette commerce Oshkosh Normal, 1,2; Ex-Service. Alma J . Fenn Prophetslown, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Kappa Kappa Gamma; Red Domino, Treasurer, 3; Crucible, President, 3; W. A. A.; W. A. A. Board, 4; Y. W. Commission, 2; Y. W. Cabinet Council, 2. Thesis: The Relation of Physical Type to Health. Alden C. Fensel Milwaukee CIVIL engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; Badger Club; Ferwing; Wisconsin Engi- neer. Thesis: A Study of City Management with Special Reference to Training. Babeth G. Fernberc Aurora, III. letters and SCIENCE X PttfS2 The Badger X Olivia Primrose Fentress Chicago, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Gamma Phi Beta; Girls Glee Club, 2. 3. 4;W A A.. 1.2; Basketball Team. 1,2; Var sity Track, 1 ; Swimming Honors, 1 ; S. G. A., Judicial Committee. 3. 4; Campus Religious Conference Commit- tee, 3 ; Charity Ball Committee, 3 ; Dance Drama. 2. 3. 4; Orchesus, 3. 4; Red IDomino, 1, 2. 3, 4, Production Manager, 3, Vice-President, 4; Pre- Military Ball Play, 2. 3; Pi Epsilon Delta; Wisconsin University Players, Tryout Manager, 4. George Adolph Fiedler Batchtown, 111. MEDICINE Acacia; Phi Beta Pi; Treasurer, Junior Medical Class- Sophomore Traditions Committee; Captain of Police 1921 Rush; Captain Memorial Union Drive; L. and S. Crew 1921 ; R O. Y. D. Thesis: Relation of Heart Rate to Heart Size Studied by the X-Ray. William Alexander Field, Jr. Chicago, III. commerce Beta Theta Pi; Inner Gate; Scabbard and Blade; Freshman Track Numerals; Varsity Track Squad, 3; Cadet Corps, 1, 2. 3, 4, Captain and Adjutant, 1, 2, 3, Lieutenant Colonel. 4, Colonel. 4; President Cadet Officers Association, 4; University Circus. 2; Chairman Mil- itary Ball Banquet Committee, 2. 3; Military Ball Advisory Chairman, 4; Varsity Football Squad, 4. Albert C. Fishack Fort Wayne, Ind. letters and science Purdue University. I, 2; IDelta Phi Delta; Square and Compass; Badger Staff. 4. Tresis: Attitude of Capital and Labor Toward Industrial Education. Logan Dallas Fitch Madison letters and science Philomathia, 1. 2. 3, 4. Thesis; Esch-Cummins tion and Valuation. Law — Opera- Ida Fitzgibbons Monroe letters and science French Club; Spanish Club; Sophomore Horwrs. James Maurice Fitzgibbons Monroe law Delta Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Delta. Margaret D. Fix Madison home economics Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Euthenics Club, 2.3.4. Thesis: Evolution of Children ' s Cloth- ing Since 1800. Thomas Harold Flarity Edgerton medicine Gamma Tau Beta; Sophomore Honors. Tresis; Dislocations of the Knee Joint. Frederick R. Flickinger Toledo, Ohio letters and science Dartmouth College, 1,2; Lambda Chi Alpha; Press Club; Badger Ski Club; Badger Stafif, 3; Military Ball. Thesis: An Analysis of the Coal Strike. Edith Mildred Flinn Baraboo commerce Gamma Epsilon Pi; Women ' s Com- merce Club. Thesis: Accounting Topics. Alvin Christian Florin Fountain City medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa. f , Pate 83 The Badger 2i Eleanor Jeanne Flynn Chicago, III. LETTERS and SCIENCE Mankato State Teachers ' College, 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Council. 4; Inter- Collegiate Club, 3, 4; Executive Board, 4;Pythia, 3, 4;S. G. A. Board, 4. Thesis; The Settlements in Illegitimacy Cases in the Superior Court of Dane County, Wisconsin. Lamont Erwin Fonteine Cedar Grove COMMERCE Carroll College. 1,2; Square and Com- pass; Kappa Lambda. Thesis: .Analysis of Financial Reports. Lois B. Forcum Paris, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE University of Illinois, I, 2; [Delta Delta Delta. Helene Dorman Foster New York, N. Y. JOURNALISM Columbia University, 1 ; Alpha Xi Delta; Press Club. Thesis; The Evolution and Develop- ment of Make-up and Head-line as Shown in the New York Tribune. EDoNALD Hyde Fowler Superior COMMERCE Superfor Normal, 1, 2 Kurt Michael Fox Janesville COMMERCE Alpha Pi Delta; Sophomore Commis- sion; Junior Council. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Commerce Advisory Commis- sion. Thelma Marcella Fox Mt. Carroll. III. journalism Frances Shimer School, I, 2; Cardinal Advertising Staff, 4; Badger Advertis- ing Staff. 4. Emily Genevieve Francois Brooklyn letters and science French Club. 3. 4; S G. A. Board. 3. Thesis Course; Balzac ' s Novels. David Sol Frank Sparta chemical engineering Chemical Engineering Club; Officer in Cadet Corps. Walter B. Franz Milwaukee commerce Sigma Pi. Edward Joseph Frawley Eau Claire letters and science Delta Upsilon; Ku Klux Klan; Inner Gate; Sophonwre Traditions Commit- tee; Varsity Basketball S.iuad, 2; Fresh- man Basketball; Homecoming Com- mittee, 3; Exposition Committee, 3; Badger Staff, 2. Thesis; The Manner of Eiecoming Sub- ject to the Compensation Act. James Russell Frawley St. Croix Falls commerce Alpha Tau Omega; Inner Gate; Ku Klux Klan; Union Board, 3. 4; Treas- urer. 4; Cardinal Circulation Manager, Associate Business Manager; Adver- tising Club; Editor Union vodvil Pro- gram. 3. liv. PoftU The Badger William H. Frederick Milwaukee AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho; Scabbard and Blade; Homecoming, 3; Bonfire Chair- man, 4; Assistant Etditor Country Magazine, 2; Badger Staff, 3; Union Vodvil, 3; Production Manager Agri- cultural Plays, 3; Charity Ball. 2, 3; Captain Cadet Corps; Poultry Club, 1,2,3, 4, Vice-President ; Manager Poul- try Show; Secretary Egg Show. Miriam Helene French Galesville HOME economics Rockford College, I, 2; Glee Club, 3. 4; Euthenics Club, 3,4; Alpha Delta Pi. Thesis: A Clothing Judgment Test; Based on Eitperimental Work in Wis- consin High School. Newell E. French Racine electrical engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Wisconsin Engineer Staff, 4; Student Branch A. I. E. E. Roy La Verne French Los Angeles, Cal. journalism Theta Delta Chi; Sigma IDelta Chi, 2, 3. President, 4 ; Edwin Booth, 2, President, 3 ; Wisconsin University Players, Presi- dent, 4; Gun and Blade; Council of 40; Pre-Prom Play 1922; Junior Play 1914; Union Vodvil 1912-13. Thesis; A Study of Community News- paper Problems in Kansas. Harold Alfred Frey Madison letters and science Delta Chi; Artus; Sophomore Honors; Business Staff 1921 Badger; Sophomore Representative 1922 Badger; Local Ad- vertising Manager 1923 Badger; Music Chairman Sophomore Dance, 2; Home- coming, 2; Varsity Jamboree Commit- tee. 3; Lutheran Student Cabinet, 2; University Advertising Club, 3. 4; Sophomore Commission. Thesis: The Organization of Industry in Germany since the Armistice. Arthur Freytag Chicago, III. commerce Alpha Tau Omega; Inner Gate; Press Club; Who ' s Who, 1; Octopus. 2, 3; Cardinal Board of Control, 3. 4; Chair- man Alumni Committee 1923 Prom. Karl Friedbacher West Allis medicine Phi Chi. Thesis: Electrocardiography. Paul Edmond Friedrich St. Charles, Mo. letters and science Band, 1, 2, 3. 4; Phi Alpha Delta; Yel- low Dogs. Thesis: The Tax System of Missouri. Morton Charles Frost Kenosha mechanical engineering Union Board; Council of 40; Student Senate; Class Treasurer, 1, 2; Phi Gamma Delta; Skull and Crescent; Ku Klux Klan; Chairman Memorial Union Drive; Chairmanf Homecoming Com- mittee; Chairman 1923 Prom Commit- tee; Captain Golf Team. Mildred S. Frye Sfiarta letters and science Leader of S. G. A. Board. Albert Morse Fuller River Falls letters and science River FallsJNormal. 1, 2. Thesis: Native Wisconsin Black-Ber- Ruth Helen Fuller Waterman, III. letters and science Thesis: American Colonial City Life in the Latter Part of The Eighteenth Century. Q PageSf The Badger- Howard V. Funk Shullsburg INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Oshkosh Normal, 1.2; Delta Phi Delta; Philomath ia. Thesis: Standardizing a Test for Form or Technique in Manual Arts Wood- work. Earle E. Gage Whitehall PHARMACY Kappa Psi; Square and Compass: Gun and Blade. Thesis: Asarum. Leslie R. Gage Peoria, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Delta Phi; Iron Cross; Ku Klux Klan; Inner Gate; Basket Ball, 2, 3. 4 (W). Freshman Captain ; Union Board 2. 3, 4, Chairman Dances, 3; Secretary 3, President. 4; Athletic Eioard. 4 General Chairman 1922 Venetian Night Council of Forty. Vice-President. 4 Union Vodvil. 3, Business Manager Associate Editor Athletic Review. 2, Student Senate. 4; Assistant Athletic Editor Cardinal. 2. Joseph Abraham Gahr Madison agriculture Menorah. I, 2. 3; International Club. 1.2; Agricultural Literary Society, I. 2. 3. 4; Palestine Builders. I, 2, 3, 4. Julia Lorette Gale Oak Park, III. letters and science Ward Belmont, 1 ; S. G. A. Board. 3. 4; Memorial Union Drive, 3. Alfred Galpin, Jr. Applelon LETTERS AND SCIENCE Lawrence College, I 2. Ihesis: Traces of Shakespeare in the Theatre of Alfred de Musset. Alfred R. G anther Oshkosh MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Sigma Phi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Memorial Union Committee; 1924 Badger Staff. William M. Gardner Huron, S. D. letters AND SCIENCE Kappa Sigma. Leo Valentine Garrity Hudson CIVIL ENGINEERING American Society of Civil Engineers. Thesis: A Survey to Determine the Merits of Various Commercial Products for Stucco Walls. Irl Cave Gartner Linnens, Mo. electrical ENGINEERING U. W. Extension College. Milwaukee. 1 , 2 ; Square and Compass. AlLENE JeANETTE GeIGER Monroe LETTERS and SCIENCE Sophomore Honors; Librarian Chad- bourne Hall. 2, Thesis: Course. George Lowell Geiger Leavenworth, Kans. JOURNALISM Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi. Vice- President. 4; Delta Pi Delta, Charter Member; Iron Cross- White Spades; Skull and Crescent; Press Club; Stu- dent Court, 4, Secretary; (xHJncil of Forty; Dai% Cardinal. Reporter, Desk Editor, 2, ConfererKe News Editor, 3. Managing Editor. 4; Assistant General Chairman 1923 Prom. Assistant Ath- letic Editor Badger. 2; AvsistanC Ed- itor Homecoming Program. 2; Chair- man L(x:al Publicity C immittee. 3; Chairman Information Committee, 4; Chairman Military Ball Publicity Gotn- mittee, 2; Chairman Varsity Jamboree Program Cx mmittee, 3 Thesis: Evolution of the Front Page Make-Up of The C ' hicago Tribune Past 16 The Badger- Harvey William Geilfuss Milwaukee agriculture Asricultural Triangle, 2. 3. Helen Henrietta Geller Muscoda LETTERS and SCIENCE Pythia. 1. 2. 3. 4, Treasurer. 4; Glee Club, I, 2, 3. 4. Secretary. 3. Thesis Course. Frank E. Gerhauser Afifyleton. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Wisconsin Athletic Review, Treasurer, 3, Business Manager, 4; Prom Com- mittee, 3; Homecoming Committee, 3, 4, Chairman Finance Committee, 4. Hallett Hunt Germond Madison ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A I E. E. 1.2. 3.4; President ' s Guard. 2 : Winner of Signal Corps Competition, 2; Lieutenant Signal Corps, 2. 3. Captain. 4; Signal Club, 3, 4, Presi- dent, 4. Michael Alexander Gertz Hurley medicine Menorah- Thesis; The Relation of Normal Lung Volume to Vital Capacity in Man. Elmer Raymond Gesteland Janesville COMMERCE Alpha Pi Delta; Junior Crew; Com- merce Club, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A Cabinet Secretary, 4; Beta Gamma Sigma. Thesis; Systems for Farm Accounting. Alexander Myron Gibbon Madison COMMERCE Delta Sigma Phi. Hannah M. Gi bbon Madison LETTERS and SCIENCE Thesis; Civil Service Reform, 1883 up to Present Time in Wisconsin, New York, and Pennsylvania. Merle Irene Gibbs Clinton, Iowa music Sigma Alpha Iota; Girls ' Glee Club. 1. 2, 3. 4; Choral Union, I, 2, 3. Thesis; Recital. Ralph John Gibler Huntington, Ind. journalism Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Thesis; Retail House Organs. Edward Harold Gibson Fort Dodge, Iowa AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho; Sigma Delta Psi; Sophomore Commission; Junior Coun- cil; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 4; Law En- forcement Commission, 3; Agricultural College Federation Board, 2, 3; Fresh- man Track Squad; Freshman Swim- ming Squad; Varsity Track Squad, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; All University Pentathelon Winner, I . Richard F. Gibson Wisconsin Rapids GENERAL COURSE Theta Delta Chi. Ii» Patei The Badger t ii ir f Theodore Markley Gilbert Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Psi Upsilon; Inner Gate; Kappa Beta Phi. TuTTLE Sherman Gildersleeve Childs, Penn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Milwaukee School of Engineering, I. 2 Claude Raymond Giles Madison COMMERCE Commerce Advisory Commission; Me- morial Union Drive. Thesis: An Accounting System for Hospitals. Earle Gill Madison LETTERS and SCIENCE Phi Alpha Delta; Inter-Class Wrestling, 1 : Inter College Track, 1 ; Cardinal Ad- vertising Staff, Summer Session. 3 ; Local Advertising Manager, 1924 Bad- ger; Press Club; Chairman Judiciary Committee of Student Senate, 4; Class Social Committee, 4. Thesis; International Law. Archie E. Gillis Antigo medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa. John Frederick Gilmore Chicago, III. letters and science Purdue University, 1, 2; Kappa Sigma. Elsa Gimmler Milwaukee letters and science Castalia; Chemistry Club, 2, 3, 4; American Chemical Society; Student Council Calvary Lutheran Church. Thesis: The Chemistry of Mayonnaise Dressing, Thomas Giuli Milwaukee civil engineering Engineers ' Football; Ice Carnival. Thesis: Re-enforced Concrete Build- ings. William A. Gluesing Cilmanton electrical engineering LaCrosse Normal, 1 ; International Club. 3, 4; A. I. E.E., 3, 4; Signal Club. 4; Engineers ' Crew, 3; Baptist Cabinet, 4; 1922 Electrical Show; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi ; Service Eight Months. Alfred C. Goessling Milwaukee COMMERCE Prom Committee, Committee. 4. 3; Homecoming Fred E. Goetz Milwaukee electrical engineering A. 1. E. E.; Production Manager Home- coming Minstrel Show. 1920; Chairman Night Ice Carnival. 3; Military Ball Program Committee. 3; Signal Club; Cadet Captain R, O. T. C. Bessie Gold Berlin letters and science Alpha Epsilon Phi; French Club; Spanish Club; Menorah Society: J. S. A.. Secretary, 4. Thesis Course. PofU Tlxe Badger =t :x Irving Goldberg Milwaukee MEDICINE Milwaukee Normal, 1 ; Sigma Sigma; Menorah Society, 3, 4; Palestine Builders, Thesis: Congenital Kidney Arx malies. Sam Goldman Milwaukee AGRICULTURE Agricultural Literary Society, I, 2, 3. 4, Secretary, 1 ; Menorah, 1,2,3, 4, Execu- tive Committee, I, Treasurer, 2; Palestine Builders, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President, 2, President, 3 ; Country Magazine, I ; Freshman Declamatory Contest. Thesis: The Relation of Cultural Practices to Blossom Bud Formation and Set of Fruit in Apple and Cherry Trees. Jeanette M. Goldstein Chicago, III. normal course Chicago University, 1,2; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Intercollegiate Club; Menorah Society. Thesis: Recognition and Resemblance. Francis Sutherland Gombar Brodhead LETTERS and SCIENCE Square and Compass; Geology Club; ■W in Cross Country, 2; " W " Club; Freshman Track Squad; Freshman Cross Country Squad ; Service. Thesis: The Street Trades of Madison. Alice Maud Goodell Monroe LETTERS and SCIENCE Superior Normal, 1, 2; Sigma Alpha Iota; Clef Club; French Club. Theses: Sources of Lorenzaccio. Pipe OrganlRecital. Florence Brown Goodenow Berlin, Mich. LETTERS and SCIENCE Alpha Gamma Delta; French Club; Spanish Club. Katherine IDoris Goodhue Edion, Karu. COMMERCE Thesis Course. C. Esther Goodyear Wichita, Kans. LETTERS and SCIENCE Friends University, 1, 2; Indoor Base- ball, 3; Outdoor Baseball, 3. Carol Marston Goodyear Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Gamma Phi BeU; Twelfth Night, 2, 3 University of Wisconsin Players, 4 Dancing Honors, 2; Orchesus, 2, 3, 4 French Club, 4. Carolyn Emily Grams Watertown home economics Milwaukee Normal, I. Thesis: Window Display as a Medium for Advertising Women s Clothing. Robert Edgar Grashorn Sheboygan commerce Literary Editor, Freshman Handbook, 3; Y. M. C. A. Newsheet, 3. Eleanor Warren Graves St. Louis, Mo. letters and science Delta Gamma; Dolphin; Dance Drama, 1 ; Swimming Honors. Thesis: Women ' s Trade Union League. Z Pate 39 Thie Badger Sherman B. Green Jerome, Idaho CIVIL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Literary Magazine, 2; Asso- ciate Business Manager. 3; Badger Staff. 2; Business Manager, 3; Theta Xi. Thesis: Hydraulic Friction Effects of Elbows. Elberto B. Greenbercer E. Las Vegas, N. M. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Sigma Delta; Associate Business Manager Wisconsin Literary Magazine. 3; AS. M. E. Ralph Norton Greenman Oakland, Cal. CIVIL ENGINEERING Triangle; Service One Year. Thesis: Investigation of the Economics of Storage at the Junction of the East Fork with the Black River for Addi- tional Water Power Development at Hatfield. Wis. Frederick C. Greenwood Lake Mills COMMERCE Thesis; Organization and Administra- tion of Large Banks. Seth Harwood Gregory Delavan letters and SCIENCE Sigma Nu; Inner Gate; Haresfoot. 2, I ' irst Regimental Band, I, 2. 3, Homecoming Committee. Prom Committee. 3. 3; 4, 2; Junior Sidney Myron Greiling Green Bay COMMERCE Delta Sigma Phi; Commerce Advisory Commi%sion; Memorial Union Person- nel Thesis: Analysis of f ' inancial Report. Robert Theodore Griebling Milwaukee journalism Concordia College. 1 ; Alpha Chi Rho; Sigma Delta Chi; President ' s Guard: Press Club; Personnel of Memorial Union Drive. Thesis: James Gibbons Huneker as Dramatic Critic. LoNNiE L. Grier Lake Geneva general course Square and Compass : Purchasing Agent 1922 Badger; Prom Committee, 3. Bernice Griffey Janesville home economics Thesis: A Series of Tables which will Minimize the Work of the Dietitian in Figuring Diabetic Diets. Martha Ayleen Groan Dallas, Tex. letters and science Delta Phi Delta. Secretary. 3, Presi- dent, 4 ; Arts and Crafts Club, Treasurer, 3; Badger Staff, 3, 4; Outing Club; S G A. Board. Thesis: The Use of Color in a $5,000.00 House. Robert Wayne Groot Elmwood electrical engineering Milwaukee School of Engineering. 1.2. Eta Kappa Nu. Tau Beta Pi. Edna Rose Groth Jackson letters and science Letters and Science Scholarship; League of Women Voters, I, 2; Baseball, I; W. A A; German CluK 1. 2. 3. 4; Uni- versity Exposition Committee, 2; Castalia, 1. 2. J; University Choral Society, 3, 4. Thesis: Constructive Policies of In- dustrial Hygiene in Employment Man- agement. Pan 90 ( Thie Badger i Pearl Elizabeth Grunstad Worthington, Minn. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Carleton College, 1, 2; ChiOmega;S.G. A. Board, 3; Badger Staffs Pythia. Thesis: The Value of Dramatics in Secondary Schools, Felix G. H. Guenther Port Washington electrical engineering University Band, 1, 2; University of Wisconsin Engineer ' s Club; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Square and Compass. Helen Dorothy Gude Davenport, Iowa letters and science Alpha Chi Omega; Chairman Junior Prom Supper Committee, 3 ; Badger Staff, Office Manager, 3; Octopus Staff. 3, 4; Phi Beta Kappa. Mildred Emma Guentzel Boscobel letters and science Castalia, 2, 3, 4; Arts and Crafts Club; Badger Staff, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A.; Luther Memorial Student Cabinet, 3, 4. Thesis: The Joint High Commission of 1898. Victor Junior Guillemin North Milwaukee letters and science Phi Beta Kappa. Thesis; Magnetron Circuits. James Arthur Gulson Black Earth commerce Delta P! Epsiion; First Regimental Band. 2, 3, 4; Choral Union, 2; Orches- tra, 3. 4; Memorial Union Drive, 3; American Legion U. W. Post; A. E. F; Service, Twenty-Four Months. Lea Gunderson Oconomowoc GENERAL COURSE Memorial Union Drive; Box Committee 1923 Prom. Thesis: Methods Used by Savings Institutions in Attracting Deposits. Edwin B. Gute Milwaukee medicine Milwaukee Normal. 1,2; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Sigma Sigma. Carol G. Haasl Marshfield letters and science Stevens Point Normal, 1, 2; Pythia; Spanish Club; Intercollegiate Club of Woman Voters; Red Domino. William Haber Milwaukee letters and science Athena Literary, 2, Secretary, 3, Censor, 3 ; Closer Sophomore Semi- Public, 2. Thesis: A History of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Arthur Herman Hackendahl Milwaukee PHARMACY Kappa Psi. Thesis: Histology of Kaempferia Galanga. the Roots Irving R. Haddorff Rockford. III. civil engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Wrestling, 2, 4; A. A. E ; A. S. C. E. Thesis: Test of Clinton Junction Air- Lift Pump. Paft9l The Badger- :Wi ' c Pearl Hagens Grand Rapids, Mich. JOURNALISM P thia, 3. 4; French Club, 3, 4; Inter- coltegiace Club Executive Committee, 3, 4; Badger, 4. Thesis: Press Agent Material in News- papers concerning Motion Pictures. Wallace H. Hahn Milwaukee law Milwaukee Normal, 1.2, AiLEEN E. Hall Winnipeg. Canada HOME ECONOMICS Gamma Phi Beta; Omicron Nu; Gam- ma Alpha Epsilon; Twelfth Night, 2, 3; Wisconsin University Players; W, A. A.; Euthenics Club; A. C. F. Board, 4. Thesis: Relation between Nutrition and Speech Defects in Children. Gertrude J. Halladay Salem LETTERS AND SCIENCE Beloit College, 1, 2. Thesis; Some Cultural Aspergillus. Studies on Jeanette Halverson Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Oshkosh Normal, 1,2; Alpha Pi Epsilon Secretary-Treasurer, Thesis: Comparative Study of De- pendent American Families, Norman M. Halverson Blair commerce Delta Sigma Phi ; Square and Compass ; l- ' reshman Baseball numerals; Service, Two Years. Doris Lorraine Hamilton Vermont, III. letters and SCIENCE Illinois Woman ' s College, I, 2; Intercol- legiate Club. Thesis: Axioms of Projective Geometry. Earl M. Haney Crandon LETTERS and SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal, 1,2. Thesis: The Problem of Dealing with Precocious Students. Merwyn a. Haney Sparta AGRICULTURE Saddle and Sirloin; Badger Poultry Club ; Captain Cadet Corps. Oscar A. Hanke Waterloo AGRICULTURE Secretary-Treasurer of Badger Poultry Club: Saddle and Sirloin; Country Magazine Staff. William Vilas Hanks Madison chemical engineering Psi Upsilon- Ku Klux Klan; Skull and Crescent; Chemical Engineering So- ciety ; Freshman Swimming Team ; Class Officer, 2; Junior Prom Committee, 3; Inter fraternity Council, Memorial Union Committee. Harvey Hanlon Plymouth letters and science Delta Chi; Philomathia; Middle Temple. Thesis: Wisconsin ' s Part in the Presi- dcntUI Eleaion on912. iv. X Pat 9Z The Badger Abner Hansen Edgerton LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Delta Kappa. Magnus C. Hansen Thorp chemical engineering Chemical Engineering Society; Baseball, 1. Merrill Elmore Hansen Beloit chemical engineering Delta Pi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Gamnia Sigma; Chemical Engineering Club; Gym Team, 1; Varsity Gym Team, 2, 3, 4; •W; First Prize U. W. Circus, 1; Scabbard and Blade. M. DwiGHT Harbaugh Kansas City, Mo. mining engineering Tau Beta Pi. Gertrude Ruth Harley Madison letters and science Alpha Chi Omega; Pythia. 1,2; Hockey Squad, 1 ; Prom Committee, 3 ; S. G. A. Board, 1 ; Badger Staff, 1.3, Thesis: Employment Management in a Department Store. Mildred Avanelle Harpster Akron, Ohio letters and science University of Akron, 1,2; Delta Gam- ma; Tennis, 3; Swimming. 4; Honors, 3; Life Saving Corps, 3, 4; ODlphin Club, 3,4;W. A. A.,4, French Thesis Course. Julia Anne Harrington Madison commerce Delta Delta Delta; Twelfth Night; Women ' s Commerce Club; Women ' s Commerce Advisory Commission; [Dan- cing Honors, ' 18, ' 21, ' 22; Graduate of U. w . Library School, ' 19; Varsity Jam- boree, 2; Orchesus; Joint Dramatic Club Play, 1; Twelfth Night Open Meeting, 2, 3. Veronica Mary Harrington Madison commerce Newman Club; Swimming Honors. 1 ; Junior Prom Committee. 3; Commerce Magazine, 3; Volley Ball, 1,4; Women ' s Commerce Club, 4; W. A. A. Thesis Course. Esther J. Harris Cuba letters and science Kappa Delta; W. A. A ; Y. W. C. A; Cabinet Council, 2, 3 ; Baseball. I ; Bowling, 3; Varsity, 3; Campus Re- ligious Council, 4; Memorial Union Drive, 3; Methodist Student Cabinet, 2. 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee. Thesis: Research Work on the Changes in the Size of American Families in the Last Generation. Robert Austin Harris Oak Park. III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Chi Phi. Thesis: The optical properties of arti- ficially produced sodium nitrate crys- tals. Elizabeth Jane Hart Waupaca LETTERS AND SCIENCE St. Mary of the Woods College, 1,2; Vice-President of Junior Mathematics Club, 3, 4. Thesis: Geometry of the Rational Plane. William Albert Hartman Wauwatosa agriculture Alpha Zeta Treasurer, 4; Student Court. 4; Gun and Blade Treasurer, 3; Chair- man of Ticket Sale for " Bells of Beau- jalois. " 3; Agricultural Literary So- ciety; Saddle and Sirloin; Ag Triangle. Patt 93 Thie Badger IITL Frances Lucile Harvey Grand Ra Jids, Mich. letters and science Alpha Pi Epsilon. Thesis; Types of Social Problems as Revealed in the Case — Records of the Madison Public Welfare Association. Robert Wayne Harvey Oconto COMMERCE Phi Delta Theta; First Regimental Band. 1. 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Problems in Trust Company Accounting. Arthur Albert HarwooId Cassville CHEMISTRY COURSE Chemistry Club, 1. 2. 3; Sophomore Commission. 2:11 months in A. E. F. Thesis: A Study of the Catalytic Action of Mangarrous Oxide in the Preparation of Stearone. Stella E. Hasley Monroe, Mich. NORMAL course Michigan State Normal. 1, 2. Thesis: State Aid for Dependent Chil- dren in IDesertion and Divorce. Gertrude B. Haven Stoughton letters and science St. Olaf College. 1 . Thesis: Wage Policies as Means of Stabilization of Industry. Mildred Elene Hawks Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal, 1,2; Mathematiu Cluh; Spanish Club. Lillian B. Hays Richland Center LETTERS and SCIENCE Circulation Staff Literary Magazine. 2 : Badger Staff, 3; Phi Beta Kappa: Soph- onx)rc High Horrors. 1 hcsis: The Permanent Element in Arnold ' s Poetry Ramona S. Hayes Madison letters and SCIENCE W. a. A; Outing Club; Baseball. 2. Varsity, 2. 3. 4; Outing Club Pin; Wearer. Thesis; Anatomy of Woods. 3,4; " W " W. Sylva Hazard Sioux Falls, S. D. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Xi Delta; South Dakota Club. 2; Badger Staff, 3. Thesis; Course — French 100, George B, Hazen Peoria, III. letters and SCIENCE Alpha Delta Phi; Skull and Crescent; Chairman Memorial Union Parade; Octopus, 3, 4; Business Manager, 4, Richard Mayfield Headley Chicago COMMERCE course Chi Phi; Daily Cardinal, Circulation; Harcsfocjt Orchestra, 3; University Orchestra, Benjamin Franklin Heald Sheboygan Falls letters and science Theta Chi; Chairman Prom Reception Committee; Service, United States Navy. Pat»94 The Badger » H.J. Heath Madison MEDICINE Phi Btta Pi; Square Club, 2. 3. Thesis: Blood Analysis. Helen Margaret Heck Salem, Ohio LETTERS AND SCIENCE Ohio State University. 1, 2;Pythia, 3, 4; Intercollegiate Club, 3, 4; President. 3, 4;Y. W, C. A, 3. 4. Thesis; The American Historical No cl Between 1890 and 1905. Mary Esther Hedley Dubuque, Iowa HOME ECONOMICS Rock ford College, 1,2; Alpha Delta Pi; Euthenics Club, 3, 4; Transfer Club. 3, 4. Carroll R. Heft Racine LAW Lawrence College, 1, 2; Phi Alpha Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Rho Foresenic; Forsenic " W " ; Vilas Medal Law School Association Vice-President Varsity Debate, 3. 4. Clarence Oliver Heimdal Deerfield medicine Marquette University, I; Phi Beta Pi; Second Regimental Band, 2; First Regi- mental Band, 3, 4. Thesis: The Relation of Venous Pres- sure to Vital Capacity. William Douglas Heintz Rice Lake PHARMACY Kappa Psi. Thesis: Temperature Standard of the United States Pharmacopoeia 1820- 1910. Gertrude Marie Heller Milwaukee letters and science Badger Staff, 3, 4. Thesis: Psychology in the Modern Novel. Edna Hempe Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Sophomore Honors; Collegiate League of Women Voters; Tennis, 2. " ; . Thesis: The Colorado Industrial Dis- putes Act. Napier A. Henderson Madison medicine Beloit College, 1, 2. Christopher Hendra Madison letters and science Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Mu Alpha; Band. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sergeant, 2; Glee Club, 3, 4; Varsity Quartet, 4; Glee Club Secretary and Treasurer, 4; Hesperia; Campus Religious Council; Methodist Cabinet; Choral Union. 1.2. Hilda O. Hendrickson Portland, Oregon LETTERS AND SCIENCE University of Washington; Columbia College of Expression, 1. 2; Red Domino. Elsbeth Jean Hennecke Milwaukee home economics Phi Mu: W A. A.; Outing Club; Eu- thenics Club; Women ' s Medical Associa- tion. Thesis: The Incidence and Significance of Hemolylitic Streptococci in Milk 2n, ii Pate 95 The Badger- Susan Jane Henninger lola, Kansas HOME ECONOMICS Teachers College of Pittsburg. Kansas, 1.2.3. Thesis: Comparative Cost of Women ' s Clothing. Neal D. Herrick Ipswich, S. Dak. electrical engineering Knut Henrichsen Bergen, Norway civil engineering Bergens Kathedral-skule, I . Thesis: Study of Stresses in Airplane Members. George B. Henry Terre Haute Ind. electrical engineering Rose Polytechnic Institute, 2, 3; Sigma Nu. Irene Henry Huntington, W. Va. letters and science Marshall College, 1, 2; Oelta Delta Delta; Arts and Crafts Club; Southern Club Secretary. Thesis: Mythology in Mural Decora- Herbert Dick Hentzen Milwaukee chemical engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Frosh " Dec " Semi-Public Debate. 2; Agricultural Literary; Hcsperia Joint Debate; Cla-ss and College Insignia; Wisconsin Engi- neer Staff; Purple and Gold Club; Hesperian Literary Committee. Otto B. Herbener Mayville mining engineering Mu Epsilon; Mining Club; A. . M. E.; Lutheran Student Cabinet; Lutheran Student Association; Treasurer, 4. Edith Hess Council Bluffs, Iowa letters and science Kappa Alpha Theta; Crucible; W. A. A.; S. G. A. Judicial Committee. 3; Bowling Team. 1, 2, 3; Badger Staff. 3. Gladys Iola Heuer Oshkosh home economics Oshkosh Normal, I, 2; Omicron Nu. Thesis: Effect of Cooking on Food Constituents of Beans and Cabbage. Wilbur J. Heuer Milwaukee commerce Si gma Delta Psi ; IDelta Sigma Pi ; Track I ; Hespcria. 1, 2; Commerce Club, 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling Team, 3. 4; Wrestling " W, " 3 ; Sophomore Commission; Y. IvT C. A.; Varsity Track, 3; Baptist Stu- dent Cabinet. 3; Memorial Union. 4; Commerce Advisory Commission. 4. Harold G. Hewitt Milwaukee pharmaceutical chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon; Kappa Psi; Chemistry Club; Varsity " Expo " , Wis- consin Section of American Chemical Society; Track, I ; Purple and Gold Club: Memorial Union Drive, Henry Parker Higley Dubuque, Iowa chemistry Acacia; University Exposition, 3; Fiomecoming Committee, 3 ; Ticket Manager 1921 Senior Class Play; Chair- man Special Features Committee 1923 Junior Prom; Chemistry Club, 3. 4. Thesis; The Absorption Spectra and Mutirotation of Gelatin as a Function of Che Hydrogen Concentration. Pan 96 The Badger wrj Ruth Isabelle Hicley Youngstown, Ohio LETTERS AND SCIENCE Western Reserve University. I. Miles C. Hildreth Madison letters and science University of Nebraska, I, 2; Acacia Thesis: Railway Credit Years I9I0- 1920. Leslie Alexander Hill Viroqua COMMERCE Tau Kappa Epsilon; Associate Busi- ness Manager Octopus, 2 ; Commerce Advisory Commission 3, 4; Commerce Magazine ; Commerce Club. Anna W. Hilpert St. Louis, Mo. journalism Harris Teachers College. 1,2; Castalia; Press Club. Thesis: A Study of the Genoa Confer- ence as Reported in Certain Represen- tative Newspapers. Helen Hirth Fond du Lac letters and science Carroll College, 1, 2; Executive Com- mittee of Intercollegiate Club. 3; Choral Union. 4; S. G. A. Board, 4. Ingeborg Hjelvik Merrill letters and science 1, 2; Intercollegiate Superior Normal Club. Halbert Wenham Hoard Fort Atkinson journalism Sigma Chi; Badger Staff; Administra- tion Editor. 3; Press Club; Delta Pi Delta; Saddle and Sirloin. William Suhr Hobbins Madison letters and science Sigma Nu. M, Elsie Hodgson Mazomanie home economics Euthenics Club. 2. 3, 4; President, 4 Keystone; Gamma Alpha Epsilon A. C. F. Board ; Wesley League Cabinet Badger Club. Alfred Nicholas Hoelz Milwaukee electrical engineering Freshman Gym Squad; Varsity Gym Team, 2. 3, 4; University Circus, 1; Lieutenant Cadet Corps. 2; Sergeant President ' s Guard. 2; A. I. E. E., 1, 2, 3, 4; Electrical Show. 3. Carl Edward Hoelz Milwaukee electrical engineering Freshman Gym Squad; Varsity Gym Team, 2. 3, 4; Lieutenant Cadet Corps. 2; University Circus, 1 ; A. I. E. E . 1. 2. 3.4; Electrical Show. 3. Henry A. Hofacker Plum City letters and science Phi Mu Delta; Varsity Track, 3, 4; Freshman Track, 1 ; Philomathia. 2, 3.4. Pate 97 The Badger Herman Miller Hoffman Terre Haute, Indiana LETTERS AND SCIENCE Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club. 3. 4; Spanish C ' luli. 2. 3, 4; Spanish Club Play, 2. 3; Badger Staff. 3; University Exposition. 2; Presbyterian Student Cabinet. 3; President. 4. Thesis: Financial Provisions of the Wisconsin Workmen ' s Compensat ion Act and Their Operation 1911-1912. Leslie J. Hoffman Madison commerce Mildred E. Hogan Madison letters and science Rudolf Libbert Hohlfeld Madison letters and science Phi Gamma Delta; F ' ootball; Track. Cora Margrethe Hoiby Madison home economics Huthenics. Thesis; Kinds and Amount Work in I Itgh Schcxjls. i f Art Harold Wilhem Holm Racine electrical engineerinc; Sigma Phi Kpsilon; Engineers Basket Ball. I. 2. 3; Hnsineers RaMball. I. 2; Electrical Show; II S Service, LvLA A. Holt Canxbridge letters and science Y. W, C. A. Cabinet Council; Castatia; Badger Staff; Memorial Union Com- mittee. Orley C. Holt Waukesha letters and science Carroll College. 1 ; Phi Gamma Delta. Thesis: Legislation to Reduce the Num- ber of Automobile Accidents. Beatrice Holton Edgerton Music Alpha Delta Pi; Outinc Club. 2. 3. 4; W. A, A.. 3. 4; Glee Club. 4; Choral t ' nion. 2. 3. Walter C. Holibog Milwaukee AGRICULTURE Sigma Pi; Agricultural Literary Society; First Prize in Alpha Zeta Essav Content. Y.M.C A.. 1921. Joseph Porter Hook Oak Park. III. commerce IX ' lta Kappa F.p ' .ilon; Skull and Oe - cent; Ku Klux Klan; Haresf(K t Plav. 2 Student Senate. 1.2; Secretary. 2. MiLO Hopkins Brooklyn commerce Pi Kappa Alpha; 0 mmcrcc Club. Commerce .Advisory Commission Thesis: Accounting Systems, Patt9$ Tl e Badger " Sarah Josephine Hornaday Indianapolis, Ind. LETTERS and SCIENCE Alpha Gamma Delta; Alpha Pi Epsilon. Hans G. Horne Chippewa Falls agriculture Gun and Blade, 1. 2. 3, 4; Agric Tri- angle Club. I. 2. 3. 4; Saddle and Sirloin, 2, 4; U. S. Service. Dorothy Horter Milwaukee HOME economics Milwaukee Downer, 1 : Euthenics Club; Sophomore Dance Ct mmittee. Thesis: Effect of War on the Hosiery Indu try. TOSHI HOSOYA Tokio, Japan letters and science Ripon College, 1. Eugene C. Hotaling Fond du Lac chemical engineering Phi l-ambda Upsilon. Bruce W. Hubbard Evansville CHEMISTRY COURSE Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambdanjpjsilon; Interfraternity Conference, 3, 4 Thesis; Isolation of Phytosterol in the Oil of Avena Saliva. Warren Sydney Hubbard Shabbona, III. LETTERS and SCIENCE Chi Phi. Arthur C. Huebner Madison letters and SCIENCE Oshkosh Normal, 1,2. Ihesis: City Schools E-vpenditures of Wisconsm. Whitford L. Huff Boscobel agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; Phi Mu Alpha; Varsity Crew, 2; Agric Triangle Pre- i- dent, 3 ; Special Features Charity EJall Mixer. 2. 3; Union Vodvil. 3; Varsitv ( jartette, 3, 4; Glee Club. 2. 3, 4; Gen- eral Manager Agricultural Plays, 3 ; Cj untry Maga::ine, 2. Charles Louis Hughes Pardeeville commerce Marquette. 1; Lambda Chi Alpha; Commerce Magazine, 3; Union Vodvil, Clarence Joseph Hughes Superior LAW Superior Normal, 1.2; Phi Alpha Delta Phi Kappa. Frances Mary Hughes Downers Grove, III. letters and science Northwestern University. I ; Red [Dom- ino, 3, 4; Castalia. 2. 3. 4; Choral Union. 2. 3; Congregational Students Cabinet, 4; Y. W C. A. Thesis: The Interest of High School Students in Reading. _:i r Page 99 The Badger =i Frances Willard Hughes Janesville LETTERS AND SCIENCE Dolphin. 1, 2. 3. 4; Outing Club, 2. 3, 4; Y. W. C, A.; W. A. A., 4; Memorial Union Drive, 3, Katherine Hullincer Chicago, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Pi Beta Phi; Clef Club, 2; French Club, 3. 4. Balzac Thesis Course. Ethel Elizabeth Humphrey Nonhfield LETTERS AND SCIENCE Thesis: Behavior of Ants. Valentine Eugenia Humphrey Patch Grove letters AND SCIENCE Milwaukee-Downer Collette, 1, 2. Thesis: Real Estate Investments of Commercial Banks. Florence Louise Hupprich Madison letters and science Mortar Board Treasurer: " W " Wearer; W. A, A. Treasurer. 3; Vice-President, 4; Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission; Cabinet Council: Physical Education Club Board: Junior Representative; Outing Club Board, 3, 4; Sub-chairman Memorial Union Drive; Mockey, Var- sity; Basket Ball: Field and Track, Varsity; Homecoming Committee. ThesLs: The Relation of Thyroid-en- largement to Physical Types. Gordon Arnold Huseby Madison commerce IX ' lta Sigma Phi; Commerce Advisory Commission; Imerfracernity Council. Frank Perry Hyer Whitewater electrical engineering Ripon College. I • Zeta Psi; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E.;Gun and Blade; Chair- man Parade. 1921. Homecoming; Electrical Show Committee. Dora Virginia Ingraham Milwaukee LETTERS and SCIENCE Sophomore Commission: French Club, 3, 4; Executive Committee Dante Club, 3; Dante Club. 4; Moli re Tercentenary Play, 3. Arthur Charles Inman ' Whitewater COMMERCE Whitewater Normal. 1 ; Beta Theta Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; President. 4; Delta Sigma Rho; White Spades: Vilas Medal; Commerce Club; Commerce Advisory Commission ; Commerce Magazine Staff; Junior Prom Finance Committee: Regi- mental Bands. 2, 3. 4; Intercollegiate Debates, 2. 3. 4; Financial Chairman Memorial Union, 4; Forensic " W " , Josephine Irish Quincy, III. COMMERCE Western Illinois State Teachers ' Col- lege, I, 2; S. G. A. Board. Einar Isdahl Bergen, Norway MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Bergens Kathedrat School. 1. Elsie Marie Iversen New Holstein COMMERCE Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s CVimmerce Club. I, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer. 3; President 4: W. A. A, I, 2. 3; W A A. Pin Badger Staff, I, 2(3; Outing Club. 2 Vice-President of C.hadlx)urne. 3 ; S. G A. Board 3; Kcyst« ne, 4, PaflOO The Badger Esther G. Jacobs Stevens Point LETTERS AND SCIENCE St. Mary ' s of Notre Dame, 1,2; Gamma Phi Beta. Mary Alice James Richland Center JOURNALISM Milwaukee Normal, 1, 2; Delta Delta Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Press Club, 3, 4; Cardinal Reporter, 3; Special Writer, 4 ; Badger Senior Section, 3 ; Charity Ball Mixer Committee. 3 ; Outing Club, Thesis: Humor in American News- papers Between 1860-1880. Howard E. Jamison Appleton agriculture Farm House: National Dairy Show Judging Team, 4; Alpha Zeta; Saddle and Sirloin, Vice-President, 3 ; Agricul- tural Literary Society; A. C. F. Board, 3; Agric Triangle, 1,2; University Ex- position Committees, 2. EuLA Marie Jandell Milwaukee letters and science Northern Illinois State Teachers Col- lege, 1.2; Pythia : Program Committee, 1922-23; Intercollegiate Club; Discus- sion Group. Laurence C. Janes Evansville agriculture Saddle and Sirloin Club. Clifford LaRoy Jaquith Green Lake agriculture Square Club; Saddle and Sirloin, 2; Gun and Blade. 3, 4. John H. Jaquish Madison music Phi Mu Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Assistant conductor, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra; War Service, Two years. Thesis: Development of Bands and Orchestras in Public Schools. Lillian Bruce Jennings Cleveland. N. D. letters and science Jamestown College, I, 2; Pythia Lit- erary Society, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer Intercollegiate Club, 3, 4; French Club, 3;Y. W.C. A.,3,4. Thesis Course. Alfred Harold Jensen Madison letters and science Sigma Pi ; University of Wisconsin Post ; American Legion; Arts and Crafts Club, 3; Spanish Club, 3, 4; Treasurer, 4; Spanish Play, 3, 4; 1924 Badger Staff; Service, U. S. Army Sixteen months. Viola Leonora Jenson Madison letters and science Sophomore Honors; Choral Union, 3, 4; Junior Mathematics Club. 3; Secre- tary-Treasurer. 4; French Club. 4, Thesis: Geometry of the Rational Plane. William E. Jervinc Sheboygan letters and science Milwaukee State Normal, 1,2; Philo- mathia Literary Society, 4. Thesis: Progress of Consolidated Schools in Wisconsin. Eleanor Jewell Grand Rapids, Mich. home economics Michigan Agricultural College, 1 ; Physical Eiducation Club; Outing Club. Pate 101 The Badger Ardin L. Johnson Wautoma COMMERCE Ripon College, 1, 2. Oliver J. Johnson Eau Claire COMMERCE Arts and Crafts Club; Badger StaflF, 4; Memorial Union. Thesis; Modern Rconomic Conditions in South America and The Orient. Edward Wallace Johnson Madison letters and science -Vlarvville College. I ; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4; ' W; Sigma Delta Psi. RoYCE E. Johnson Bear Creek ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A I. E. E.; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. Ethel E. Johnson Sparta LETTERS AND SCIENCE Junior Mathematics Club, 3. 4; Ser- geant-at-arms. Chadbourne Hall. 4. Silas G. Johnson Mt. Horeb GENERAL COURSE Delta Kappa Epsilon; Whitewater Nor- mal. 1 ; Freshman Basket Ball and Base Ball; Varsity Basket Ball and BaseBall. Irving B. Johnson Nakoma ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Stella C. Johnson Eau Claire letters and SCIENCE Alpha Omicron Pi; Eau Claire Normal. 1.2. Lloyd M. Johnson Suffer ior MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Superior Normal School 1 ; Kappa Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E. WiLMA Johnson Argyle normal course Whitewater Normal, 1. 2 Thesis: The Q ntradictory Aspects o Emerson. Marian Fra nces Johnson Beloit letters and science Beloit C .llcg.-, 1,2. Th»-M : ' I he Treaty of Wajthington. [Dorothy Mae Jones Bangor letters and sc;ience Thejis: Elizabethan Theatre. =P Past 101 The Badger i Enos Gray Jones ■Sioux Falls, S. D. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Ames. 1 ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Skiuare Club; Track. 1. 2. 3; Cross Country, 3; Man- ager. 4; " W " , Everett W. Jones Fond du Lac MINING ENGINEERING Assistant Chairman Frosh Cap Night; Sergeant-at-Arms Freshman Class; Chairman Sophomore Traditions Com- mittee; Assistant Property Man Li. W. Circus. 1 ; Captain Service Committee Varsity Exposition; President Inner Gate; President Ku Klux Klan; Card- inal Eioard of Control; Council of Forty; Kappa Sigma. Genevieve Ross Jones Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Translation of " La Prudcncia en la Mujer " by Girso de Molina. Katharine G. Jones Mitchell. S. D. letters and SCIENCE Dakota Weslevan, 1 , 2 ; South Dakota Club; S G. A Board, 3 ; French Club. 3. 4; Spanish Club, 4. WiLLARD Perry Jones Black River Falls AGRICULTURE Inter Fraternity Con- Farm House ference. Florence Suzanne Josephson Cleveland, Ohio HOME economics Western Reserve Woman ' s College, 1,2; Kappa Delta; Castalia. Thesis: Nutritional Study of Junior High School Girls. John Eastman Joys Milwaukee mechanical ENGINEERING A A. E.; A. S. M E ; U.S. Theta Chi Service. Victor Francis Jungers Gra ton COMMERCE Delta Chi; Middle Temple; Mercier Club; Commerce Advisory Commission, 2. 3; Sergeant-at-Arms; Memorial Union Drive, Orin Gordon Kaasa Merrill CHEMICAL engineering Chemical Engineering Society. Milton Albert Kaems Sheboygan commerce Delta Pi Epsilon; Varsity Baseball Squad, 3. 4; Fraternity Bowling Team. Geraldine Dorothy Kaeppel Chicago, III. letters and science Twelfth Night. 1, 2, 3; Wisconsin Uni- versity Players, 4; Kappa Alpha Theta. Sylvester G. Kalley Racine commerce Phi Sigma Kappa. lii. I Pan 103 The Badger Raymond Wm. Kanitz Milwaukee AGRICULTURE Sigma Phi Epsilon. Edgar Benjamin Kapp Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Athena ; Sophomore Semi-Public ; Soph- omore High Honors; Artus. Thesis: A Specialized Mortality Inves- tigation. Lloyd S. Kappers Eau Claire commerce Eiau Claire Normal. I, 2; Acacia; Fra- ternity Bowling; Fraternity Baseball; Fraternity Basketball; Memorial Union Drive. Karl Francis Karel Kewaunee LETTERS and SCIENCE Tau Kappa Epsilon; Hesperia. 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Semi-public Debates. 2; Varsity Debate. 3; Joint Debate, 4; Chairman Transportation Committee 1923 Prom. Helen Kasbeer Normal, III. LETTERS and SCIENCE Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Crucible; WT A. A., Y. W C. A Fresh- man Commission; Sophomore Commis- sion; Cabinet, 2, 3, 4| Vice-President. 3; President. 4; Senior Editor 1923 Badger; Memorial Union Drive; Keystone. Thesis: The Philippines as Allies of United States to fm. WiLBER Griffith Katz Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Hesperia Thesis: f . Direct Primary in Thesis :_Party Responsibility and the ■t Wisconsin. Janice Meredith Kauffman Princeton, Mo. letters and science University of Missouri. I ; Spanish Club; Spanish Play, 3. Otto F. Kaufmann, Jr. Sheboygan commerce Sophomore Commission Commerce Ad- visory Commission; Pi Kappa Alpha. Eliza Kavana La Grange, 111. letters and science Sweet Briar College. I . Thesis: History of Unemployment Re- lief in England. Paul E. Kavanaugh Antigo electrical engineering A. I.E. E. Helen Lillian Keator Belvidere, III. home economics Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Choral Union 2: Glee Club. 4; Badger Club, 2. 3. 4 Vice-President. 3; Y. W. C A Board. 2. Cabinet Council. 3 ; Euthenics Club. 2. 3. 4. Thesis: Microbial Diseases of India in Relation to Those of the United States. Katherine E. Keen Harrisburg, Penn. letters and science Kappa Alpha Theta; Homecoming Committee, 2; Clef Club; Glee Club; S. G. A. Board: Badger Staff. 2, 4; Prom Committee. 3. I hesis: Money Cost of Crime in Wis- oocuin. Pan 104 The Badger- :x Gertrude M. Kehl St. Louis, Mo. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Sigma Kappa: II elta Phi [Delta: Vice- President, 4; Arts and Crafts Club. 1, 2, 3. 4: Y. W. C. A Board, 2: Badger Staff. 2. 3. 4; Art Editor. 3. Thesis: Application of Dynamic Sym- metry to Indian Pottery. Forrest Thompson Kellman Calesville PHARMACY Lawrence College, I : Kappa Psi. Thesis: Uva Ursi. NoRRisJ. Kellman Calesville pharmacy I-a Crosse Normal. 1 : Kappa Psi: Square and Compass. Thesis: Guaiacol. Florence Acnes Kellogg Edgerton letters ANT) science Saint Teresa ' s College, 1,2: Alpha Delta Pi: Outing Club. Charles R. Kellum Camby, Ind. agriculture Earlham College. 1. 2: Alpha Gamma Rho: Glee Club. 3. 4: Saddle and Sir- loin; Dairy Science Club: International Live Stock Judging Team, 4. Dora Catherine Kenney Milwaukee letters and science Michigan State Normal, 1,2: Classical Club: French Club. Thesis: Concerning Cicero ' s Dc Finibus, Joseph Francis Kepple Cadott letters and science Whitewater Normal, I. Thesis: Agricultural and Labor Condi- tions in Czecho-Slovakia. M. Elizabeth Kerr Detroit, Mich. letters and science Bradford Academy. 1, 2: Delta Zeta: Y. W. C. A. Board, 4. Harold John Kersten Wauwalosa electrical engineering Milwaukee School of Engineering. I . Alfred F. Kessler Walertown commerce Square and Compass. Thesis: The Bank Tax Situation in the United States. Oscar Edward Kiessling Jefferson letters and science Delta Chi: Phi Kappa Phi: Football " W " , 3; Varsity Wrestling Team. 3: Sophomore High Honors: Philomathia: Sophomore Semi-Public Debate: Fresh- man Basketball: Student Senate. Thesis: The Part Time Educational Movement in Wisconsin: History. Needs. Present Status, and Future Pos- sibilities. Walter Stanley Kidder Madison commerce Phi Kappa Sigma: Haresfoot: Badger Staff. 2: Prom Committee. 3. Thesis: The Use of Sales Letters by Madison Retailers. Page lOS The Badger- =b Fred L. Kildow Whitewater JOURNALISM Whitewater Normal, 1,2- Sigma Delta Chi: Delta Pi Delta; Director Central Inter-Scholastic Press Association : Press Cluh; Campus Religious Council ; Dailv Cardinal Assistant Night Editor. Maude Marie Killam Milwaukee COMMERCE Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Epsilon Pi Crucible; Women ' s Commerce Cluh Secretary. 3: Y W C. A. Cabinet Council, 2; Bowling Team, 3. Thesis; F ' ederal Reserve System 1920- Margaret a. King Cleveland, Ohio letters and science Lake Erie College, 1 ; Badger Staff. 2. Thesis: Naturalism in the Novels of George Eliot. Lyle H. Kingston Marinette electrical engineering Varsity Crew. 2, 3, 4; Varsity Wrestler. 3, 4; Captain R O. T. C, 4; A I. E. E.. 3. 4. Mary Alcie Kinslow Bowling Green, Ky. home economics Western Kentucky State Normal, 1.2; Omicron Nu; Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Euthenics, Thesis: Mineral Losses in Various Metlvxis of Cooking Vegetables. Elizabeth Kirk New Castle, Pa. medicine Mortar Board; Crucible; Keystone; W A A Board. 3; Outing Club, Presi- dent. 3; Dolphin Club; Blue Dragon President; Red Cross Women ' s Life Saving Cbrps. President. 4; Women ' s Medical Association. President. 4; Sophomore Honors; Chairman. Y. W. C A. Finance Drive. 3; Faculty Drive Chairman. 2; Prom Committee. 3; Chairman Senior Swing CXit; Finance Chairman. W A A. Field Day. 3 Thesis: Effect of lletin on Normal and Diabetic Sugar I ' olerarKe. Walter August Kirmse Marinette commerce Galen Paul Kirsc;her River Falls commerce River Falls Normal. Epsilon. 1 . 2 ; Sigma Phi Harry Dean Kitchen Madison chemical engineering Alpha Chi Rho; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Gym Team, 2, 3, 4, " W " ; Captain, 4; Captain R. O T. C; Hesperia; Chemical Engineers ' Society; Gamma Sigma Freshman Gym Team. John James Klak Thorpe electrical engineering A. I.E. E.. 3. 4; 1922 Electrical Show; Boxing. 2. 3. 4; Class Champion. 2; Naval Aviation Service; American Le- fion; Newman Club; University Radio taff. 2. 3; Engineers ' Baseball. 1,2. Alvin Rietbrock Klann Milwaukee electrical engineering Chi Phi ; Eta Kappa Nu ; Haresfoot ; Haresfoot Follies. 2; Assistant Stage Manager Union Vodvil. 2; Junior Play Production Staff. 3 ; Chairman Decora- tion Committee 1920 Prom; Congrega- tional Students Cabinet Vice-President and President; Wisconsin Engineer Staff. 2; Electrical Show; A IE E. Mildred Hazel Klann Milwaukee home economics Kappa Alpha Theta ; Sophomore Com- mission. 2; Y. W C A Cabinet. 3; Class Vice-President. 3. X Pagt I Ob Tine Badger " GusTAV K. Klaus Green Bay CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Frank A. Kleinheinz Madison agriculture New man Club; Saddle and Sirtoin Club- Gloria B. Kleist Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Mart-tuette University. I. 2; German Club: Campus Religious Council. 4. Thesis: The Letters of the Eighteenth Centurv as Defining the Life of the Times, Florence Suzanne Klenert Portage HOME economics Euthenics ( ' lub; Badger Staff. 2. 3. Thesis: The Effect of Various Factors on the Consistency of Precipitated C-ol- loids in Foods. Raymond C. Klussendorf Milwaukee agriculture Alpha Zeta; Farm House; Varsity Crew " W " : Agricultural Literary Society, I, 2. 3, 4. Tre asurer, 4; Saddle and Sirloin, 1, 2. 3. 4; Manager Little International. 3 ; Vice-President. 4; Dairy Cattle Judg- ing Team. 4: International Live Stock Show Judging Team. Alternate. 3. LOUELLA HoLLES KnEALE Pontiac, III. letters and science Illinois Woman ' s College. I, 2; Inter- collegiate Club. Thesis: Elliptical Geometry from the Analytic Standpoint. Belle Knights East Aurora, N. Y. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Kappa Alpha Theta ; Crucible ; Key- stone. 2; Blue IDragon, Treasurer; Red Gauntlet; Vice-President; Y. W C. A. Freshman and Sophomore Commis- sions; Cabinet Finance Chairman, 3; Senior Advisor, 4; W. A. A.. Treasurer, 2; Board, 3. 4. W; Hockey Team. 1.2. 3, 4; Basket Ball Team. 1,2,3; Base Ball L 2. 3 ; Varsity Basket Ball, 2. 3 ; Chair- man Homecoming Program Sales Com- mittee. 3. Thesis: The IDevelopment of the South- western Railroad Rate Structure. Nelle Knilans Ft. Atkinson HOME ECONOMICS Badger Staff. 4 ; Euthenics Club Thesis: Comparative Study of Chil- dren ' s Clothing Budgets. Alice Louise Knoedler Argo, III. journalism Sweet Briar College. 1.2; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Thesis: The Development of Special Feature Articles in the Saturday Eve- ning Post, William Morgan Knott Antigo electrical engineering Cadet Corps. Captain, 1 ; Major. 4; Scabbard and Blade; Eta Kappa Nu; Operator, Radio Station WHA. Thesis: Investigation of a State Radio- phone Broadcasting Station. Viola Marie Knowlan Green Bay letters and science Northwestern University. 1 ; Alpha Chi Omega ; American Legion. L 3 ; Arts and Craft Club. 2. 3; Military Ball Commit- tee. 3; S G A Board. 3. 4 Thesis: Art and the Community. Alice Knowles Sioux Falls, S. D. letters AND science University of South Dakota. I. 2; Kappa Alpha Theta Thesis; Federal Railroad Administra- tion. Pott 107 The Badger- Harold F. Knowles Tomah COMMERCE Delta Phi Epsilon. Thesis; Time Element in High Schools. Raymond J. Koltes Dane COMMERCE Crew, 1,2: Finance Committee Exposi- tion: Memorial Union Orive; Octopus; Sophomore Commission; Varsity Circus. L. Gerald Koch Appleton LETTERS AND SCIENCE Chi Psi; Inner Gate; Haresfoot, 2, President. 4; Naval Air Service. Thesis: Unemployment Insurance. 3,4; Ruth Kotinsky Philadelphia, Pa. letters and SCIENCE French Club; Phi Beta Kappa. Ellinor Margaret Koehler Milwaukee letters and SCIENCE Sophomore Honors; Archery Team, 1. Thesis: Study of a Candy Factory for Employment Management Purposes. Arthur J. Krause Oshhjsh PHARMACY Oshkosh Normal. 1, 2; Kappa Psi; Chemical Warfare Service. Doris Koeneman Mexico City, Mexico letters and science Southwest Texas Normal College, 1,2; Spanish Club; German Club; Interna- tional Club; Rocky Mountain Club; French Club. Thesis: Galdos ' Treatment of Children in his Novelas Contemporareas. Dorothy Krebs St. Louis, Mo. letters and science Washington University, I, 2; Pi Beta Phi; Memorial Union Drive; FrerKh Club, 3, 4. Edwin O. Koerner Sheboygan electrical engineering Alfred S. Krenz Jefferson chemical engineering Frank J. Kohn Hika agriculture Milwaukee Normal, 1 ; University Band; Band Quartermaster. Ihesis: Handling of Eggs in Relation to Hatchabiliiy. Arthur C. Krueger Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal, 1, 2; Chemistry Club. Thesis: The Electrolytic Reduction of Ortho, Mela, and Para Mononitro- tolvMnc. Poft log The Badger- Ella Louise Kruecer Stevens Point LETTERS AND SCIENCE Stevens Point Normal, I, 2; Intercol- legiate Club. Thesis: Recent Sociological Problems. Raymond A. Krueger Merrill ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I, E. E. ; A. A. E.; Engineers ' Min- strels, 2; Cross Country, 2. 3 ; Wisconsin Engineer: Electrical Show. 3. Frank Kubosch Milwaukee CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Gamma Sigma; Sigma Delta Psi- Varsity Gym Squad. 2. 3, 4; Intermural Board, 3; Memorial Union Drive, 4. Walter L. Kuebler Viroqua LETTERS AND SCIENCE Beloit College. 1 ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Thesis: A Comparative Study of Labor Policies of Large Corporations. Wareham Adam Kuehlthau West Bend ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Herman Wm. Kuehner Cedarburg LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal. 1, 2, 3; Badger Club: Choral Union. Clarence L. Kutil Manitowoc AGRICULTURE Country Magazine Editor-in-Chief. 4: Associate Editor, 3 ; Saddle and Sirloin. 3: A. C. F. Board, 4; Consul, World ' s Agricultural Society, 4: Alpha Zeta. Thesis: The Status of Rural Education in Dane County. James T. Lacev, Jr. Madison medicine Phi Gamma Delta: Edwin Booth: Wis- consin Players; Inner Gate. Albert Henry Lahmann, Jr. Milwaukee letters and science Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kappa; rrosh Swimming Team; Var- sity Swimming Team. 2. 3. 4; Varsity Water Basket Ball. 2, 3, 4; Captain. 3; Luther Memorial Student Cabinet. Kenneth Ellsworth Lamb Madison electrical engineering A. I E. E.; Badger Ski Club. Leslie Francis Lamb Madison letters and science Chi Phi; Joint Debate, 3; Philomathia. I, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Forsenic Board. 4; President. 4; Chairman Junior Prom Decoration Committee, 3 ; Sophomore Semi-Public, 2; Student Senate, 4; Cardinal Elditorial Staif, 3, 4; Council of Forty, 4; Pistol Club, 3; Chairman Homecoming Decoration Committee. 4: Junior Response, 3. Ella Liner Lambert Brandon home economics Oshkosh Normal. I ; Phi Mu: Euthenics Club. Thesis: A Study Between a Child ' s Aversion to Food and his Acquisition of Acceptable Speech. , Z Page 109 The Badger- -O-C- Louise Lamson Fairfield, la. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Parsons College. 1.2; Gamma Phi Beta ; II olphin Club; Gun and Blade Show 1921-1922; Y W C A. Board 22 Thesis: Comparison of Nature in Hardy aod Conrad. Francf.s H. Landon CUntonville Universitv of Minnesota. 1 ; Sigma Kappa; Mu Phi Epsilon, President. 4; Mu Alpha. 3; Keystone. 4; Pythia, Censor. 2; Clef Cluh. 2. 3. 4; Girls ' Glee Club. Pianist, 3. 4; S. G A. District Chairman. 4, Gladys Amy Lane Phillips LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee-Downer Cx)llege. 1 ; Alpha Delta Pi. Sidney James Lang Madison COMMERCE Alpha Pi Delta; Commerce Club; Square and Compass; Collection Man- ager Commerce Magazine, 4 ; Commerce Advisory Commission; Commerce Bas- ket Ball and Base Ball. 3 ; Athletic Rep- resentative of Commerce. 4; Merriorial Union Drive; U- S. Service. Thesis Course. Bertram Byron Langen Cincinnati, Ohio agriculture Alpha Sigma Phi; Sophomore Oim- mission; Agric Triangle. I. 2. 3. 4; Sec- retary. 2; Newman Club. 1. 2, 3. 4; Secretary. 3 ; Saddle and Sirloin. 1.2.4; Grafters Club. 3; Secretary. 3; Agricul- tural Literary Society. 1,2; Agricultural College Federation Board, 3. Carl F. Larson Florence MINING engineering Mu tpsilon; Mining Club. 2. 3. 4; Vice- Presiaent, 4; A. I. M. E.; American A- : sociation of Engineers; American Le- gion, University Post. Guy H. Larson Forestville mining engineer Oshkosh State Normal. 1 ; Mining Club. Noble G. Larson Barron electrical engineering Oshkosh Normal. I; Gun and Blade; Square Club; Student Branch. A, 1. F. E; Service, Nineteen Months. Sylvester F. Larson Superior letters and science Superior Normal, 1, 2; Lambda Chi Alpha. Thesis: Determination of the Solubility of Lead Sulphate in Ammonium Acetate. Mary Margaret Lawless Fond du Lac Oshkosh Normal. 1. 2; Junior Director of Newman Club, 3; Secretary, 4. Dorothy E. Leader Superior letters and science Superior Normal. I, 2. Thesis: Shakespeare ' s Conception Justice. Olive C. Lean Dousman general science Carroll College, I. 2; Methodist dent Chapel Choir. I hesis: ' The History of Palmyra. Stu- Paf 110 f Tlie Badger- Jacob Palmer Lee Mondovi PHARMACY Kappa Psi, Thesis: Bibliography of Colored Illus- trations of Medicinal Plants. Robert Yun-Hua Lee Kwangsi, China LETTERS and SCIENCE Tsing-Hua College, I, 2. Thesis; The Preparation and Nitration of 3-Methyl Hexane. LaRoy Melvin Leean Scandinavia COMMERCE Stevens Point Normal. 1, 2. Carl William Leemhuis Toledo, Ohio mining engineering Frank Bantley Leitz Los Angeles, Cat, letters and SCIENCE Acacia; Scabbard and Blade; Gamma Sigma; " W " Gymnastics, 3 ; Prom Com- mittee. 3; Military Ball Committee. 2. 3, 4; Major Cadet Corps; Manager Gym Team. 4; Memorial Union Drive. John B. Leonard Oshkosh mechanical engineering Oshkosh Normal. 1 ; Triangle; A. S. M. E; University First Regimental Band, 2, 3. 4. Norman Leshin Milwaukee medicine Milwaukee Normal. 1,2; Menorah. Tliesis; Effect of Morphine on the Carbon Dioxide and Oxvgen Content of the Blood. Allyn L. Leveille Lady smith letters and science University of Minnesota. I; Boxing — U. V, [featherweight Champion, 3. Thesis: Composition of Lake Superior Pre-Camhrian Rocks. Thyra Levandusky Hancock music Choral Union. Herman H. Levitz Wauwatosa agriculture Agric Triangle, 1. 2. 3. 4; Menorah, 3,4; Sophomore Commission ; President ' s Guard. 2. 3; Palestine Builders, 3, 4; Babcock Dair Science Club, 3 , 4 ; International Club. 3. 4; President, 4; University Y. M. C, A.; Foreign Stu- dents Relations Committee, 4; Milco Aggie Club, 4. Thesis: The Determination of the Blood Constituents in Health, Scurvy, and Recovered Scurvy. Charles J. Lewin Berlin JOURNALISM Delta Pi Delta; Sigma Delta Chi. Treas- urer. 4; Cardinal Staff, 2, 3. 4; Assistant Athletic Editor, 2: Athletic Editor. 3; Editor, 4; Badger Staff, 2, 3,4; Athletic Editor. 3 ; Publicity Manager. 4; Octopus Board of Editors, 4 ; Press Club; Prom Publicity Committee, 3; Homecoming Publicity. 4; 1922 State High School Basket Ball Tournament; Sophomore Honors. Thesis; Comparison of Sport Stories in New York Times and Chicago Tribune. Harriet Sybil Lewis Chisholm, Minn. letters and science Macalester College, 1 , 2 ; Castalia ; Menorah; J. S. A. .. . Pate III The Badger IvANELLE C. Lewis Lancaster LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee Downer. 1 ; French Ciub. 3, 4. Thesis: Papers on the French Renais- sance. Robert Benjamin Lewis Si. Louis, Mo. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Ralph Herbert Licking Milwaukee letters and science Square and Compass; Philomathia. Thesis; Economic Value of Glacial De- posits. Eugene G. Liebert Milwaukee MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Milwaukee Normal. 1 ; Student Faculty Committee; Engineers Minstrels, 2; A- S. M. E,. Treasurer. 4. Julia Anna Lincenfelder Beemer, Nebr. HOME ECONOMICS Euthenics. 2. 3. 4; Social Science Club, 3. 4; Campus Religious Council, 3. Angeline G. Lins Spring Green COMMERCE Ciamma Epsilon Pi; Women ' s Com- merce Club, 2.3.4; Secretary, 4. Thesis: Accounting Topics. Caroline Barnes Little Kalamazoo, Mich. HOME economics Kalamazoo College. I ; Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Y. W. C A. Board, 3; S C. A Board, 2, 4; Euthenics. Joseph Conrad Lotter Seymour electrical engineering Military Band, I, 2; Concert Band. 3, 4; A. I.E. E, 2, 3,4. Earl Kincsley Loverud Stoughlon civil engineering Kappa Sigma; A. A. of E., 2. 3. 4 Geology Club, 3; A. S. C. E., 2. 3. 4 President. 3 ; Secretary-Trea.surer. 4 Polygon, 3, 4; Wisconsin Engineer Staff, 4. Thesis: Design of a Reinforced Con- crete Building. Robert John Lowth Columbus letters and science Thesis: Topographical Anatomy. Mary Jane Lucas Huntington, Ind. commerce Kappa Kappa Gamma. Robert Louis Luening Oconomowoc chemical engineering Alpha Chi Rho; Scabbard and Blade. I , 2. 3, 4; President, 4; Square Club ;(; del Corps. Captam. I. 2; Major, 3; Lieu- tenant Colonel and Oiloncl, 4; Council of Forty, Badger Staff. 1. 2. 3; Home- ctiming. 4; Military Bali. I, 2, 3, General Chairman, 4. Pof III The Badger Portia B. Lugoff Duluth, Minn. JOURNALISM Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary. 4; Cardinal Staff, 3, 4; Woman ' s Eiditor. 4; Badger Staff, 3. 4; Keystone; Press Cluh. 2, 3.4; Secretary Journalism House; Home- coming Committee, 3; University Ex- position. 3; Union Vodvil Committee, 3;C. IP. A. Thesis; Survey of Women ' s Newspaper and Magazine Articles from 1910 to 1922. Alf Lund Eau Claire LETTERS AND SCIENCE JULIEN MaNDELERT LuNNEY Chif fyewa Falls LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Delta Theta; Inner Gate; Badger Board of Control, 1923 Badger; Assist- ant Prom Chairman. 1923 Prom; Captain Memorial Union Drive 1922. Arleigh James Luther Grantsburg COMMERCE Commerce Advisory Commission; Ad- vertising Club; Hesperia; Memorial Union Drive ; Daily Cardinal Staff; Commerce Magazine; University Expo- sition. Washburn Stark Lyon Milwaukee letters and SCIENCE Chi Phi; .Alpha Chi Sigma. Thesis: Promoter Action in the Drying of Corn Oil. Charles J. McAleavy Ellsworth AGRICULTURE River Falls Normal, 1, 2; Farm House Fraternity; Saddle and Sirloin; Agri- cultural Triangle, 3, 4. Donald Arthur McArthur Gary, Ind. mechanical engineering Pi Tau Sigma ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Student Branch; Cadet Officers Association; Pistol Club. Maurice H. McCaffrey Madison medicine Psi Upsilon; Skull and Crescent; Sigma Sigma. Thesis: Topographical Anatomy. Lee McCandless Davenport, la. LETTERS and SCIENCE Sigma Nu; Inner Gate; Ku Klux Klan; Student Senate, 2; General Chairman Wisconsin in China drive; Sophomore Assistant 1922 Badger; Junior Council Alumni Chairman 1922 Homecoming Sophomore Honors ; Edwin Booth Frosh Track Numerals; Varsity, 2. 3, 4 Union Board. Thesis: South African International Relations Since 1910. Harold Edward McClelland Rice Lake JOURNALISM Hamline University, 1 ; IDelta Pi Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Cardinal, Re- porter, 2; Desk Ediror, 3; Managing Editor 1922 Summer Session Edition; News Editor, 4; Board of Directors, Central Interschoiastic Press Associa- tion, 4; 1922 Badger Staff, 2; Chairman Local Publicity, Venetian Night, 3; Press Club, 2. 3,4. Thesis: Agricultural News in the Com- munity Newspapers. Leslie Willard McClure Litchfield JOURNALISM Pi Kappa Alpha; " W " Track, 1. 2, 3, 4; Freshman Athletic Society; Reporter, Daily Cardinal. 2; Press Club; Varsity Foot Bali, 3; Gun and Blade; Service, A. E. F. Thesis: Methods of Appeal in Special Feature Articles of the Saturday Eve- ning Post. J ESSIE Clay McClymont Milwaukee LETTERS and SCIENCE Freshman and Sophomore Commis- sions; Cabinet Council, W. A. A.; Hockey and Basket Ball Squads ; Tennis Team ' 21; Treasurer League of Women Voters, 3 ; Homecoming Com- mittee. ' 21 ; Prom Conrunittee. ' 21 ; S. G. A. Board Leader, ' 21 ; French Club. Page Hi = The Badger =t) Stuart Alex. McCormick Madison MEDICINE President Senior Class, Medical School Phi Beta Pi; Phi Kappa; Mercier Club Newman Club; Inter-College (baseball Basket Ball Thesis; Studies on Vital Capacity. Elizabeth R. McCoy Springfield, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Monticello Seminary, 1,2; Kappa Kap- pa Gamma. Olive McDermott Darlington letters AND science Platteville Normal, I, 2; Badger Staff 3;S. G. A. Board, 3. Thesis: Emerson, the Puritan Mystic. Helen Marion McDonald Beaver Dam LETTERS and SCIENCE French Club, 3. 4. Thesis: Thesis Course in French. Lawrence McDonald Whitewater commerce Gun and Blade Club. Edward Jerome McDonouch Edgerlon journalism Gladys McFarland Fredericksburg. la. LETTERS and SCIENCE Eleanor Dorothy McGinley Milwaukee LETTERS and SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal, 1, 2. Thesis: History of the Co-operative System. Harry Joseph McGuire Waunakee medicine Phi Beta Pi. Thesis: An X-Ray Study of .Abnormali- ties of the Hip Joint. Ernest Andrew McGraw Lake Geneva chemical engineering Chemical Engineers Club; Rowing. 1. Thesis Course. Willard Hulick McKaig Long Branch, N. J. chemical engineering Alpha Chi Sigma ; Chemical Engineering Society; Junior Prom Committee. 3. Thesis Course. Frank Dowling McKay Marinette agriculture Sigma Delta Chi; Delta Pi Delta; Pre Alpha C.amma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin Club; LJntversity American Legion. C jub; Oafters Club. Treasurer. : Thesis: James Keely — His Influence on Pre-idcnt; Memorial Union Drive; .Agri- Chicago Journalism. cultural College F«lcralion Board , Pan 114 The Badger Nevin Hal McKay Plainfield. N. J. MINING AND METALLURGY Colorado Mines, 1 ; College of City of N. Y.. 2; Sigma Pi; Mu Epsilon; Kappa Lambda; A. I.M. E ; A. E. S ; A C. S.; A. A. E. ; Mining Club, Secretary- Treasurer. 3 ; President. 4; Chemical Engineers Society, Secretary, 4 ; Ko- walker Cup. Thesis: Electrolytic Recovery of the Major Non Ferous N-letals, with I n- novations in the Thermochemistry Involved, and the Rectification of A. C. for ElectrtxJeposition. Blanche Lowrie McKeever Wilmington, Del. commerce Temple University, I ; Women ' s Com- merce Club, 3. 4; Campus Religious Council. 3. 4; Baptist Cabinet, 4; Womens Commerce Advisory Com- mission. 4; Gamma Epsilon Pi. Thesis: Various Phases of Accounting, George E. McKinnis Shawnee. Okla. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Oklahoma Baptist University, 1, 2, Philomathia; Delta Upsilon. Irene Catherine McKone Green Bay LETTERS AND SCIENCE French Club, 4. Helen S. McLandress Indianapolis, Ind. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Xi Delta; Delta Phi Delta. Treasurer, 4; Castalia; Frosh Bowling Team; Campus Religious Council. Thesis: Shakespeare ' s References to the Major Arts. Marion Barlass McLay Janesville LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Delta Pi ; Secretary of Class, 2 ; OutingClub; W. A. A. Thesis: Cultural Studies of Uni-Cellular Algae. Eva McLeod Crary, N. D. LETTERS AND SCIENCE University of North Dakota, 1,2; Red Cross Life Saving Corps; Choral Linion; Outing Club. Thesis: The Attitude ot Lucretius Toward " Religio. " William S. MacCleod Calumet, Mich. CIVIL ENGINEERING Graduate of Michigan College of Mines; Tau Beta Pi; Junior Association; Amer- ican Institute Mining and Metal Engi- neers. Thesis: Concrete Arches. LiLA Elizabeth McNutt Hortonville LETTERS AND SCIENCE Lawrence College. I, 2; Glee Club, 3; Indoor Base Ball. 3; Intercollegiate Club. Thesis: Effect of Practice on Intelli- gence Test Scores. Gordon MacQuarrie Superior LETTERS AND SCIENCE Superior Normal. 1. 2. Thesis: The " Colyum " Newspaper Humor. as a Type of Frank William MacRavey Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Thesis: A Comparison of Similes in Lucretius arxi Virgil. Cora Seville McReynolds Manitowoc letters and science Milwaukee Normal, I ; Mathematics Club; President Episcopal Girls Coun- cil ; French Club; Campus Religious Council; Treasurer of Barnard. Thesis: The Synthetic Treatment of Ellittic Geometry. Page 115 The Badger . 1 - DoROTHY Elizabeth Mack Fort Atkinson MUSIC Kappa Delta ; Castalia, 2 ; Choral Union. 1. 2. J. Everett Mackie Green Bay CIVIL ENGINEERING Triangle; Engineers Minstrels, I ; U. S. Service. Thesis: Investigation of the Economics of Storage, at the Junction of the East Fork on the Black River, for Additional Water-Power Development at Hadfield, Wisconsin, Beda Roberta Mackin Madison letters and science Pythia, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2; Campus Religious Council, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Council, 3; Wisconsin Repre- sentative to National Council of Stu- dent Volunteer Movement. 3. Thesis: Changing Ideals and Methods in Christian Missions. William J. Madden Saivyer commerce Phi Kappa. HiLDEGARDE L. MaEDJE East Cleveland, Ohio COMMERCE Alpha Phi;Cleff Club; Crucible; Fox-Trot Committee, 3. Florence Louise Macaurn Green Bay LETTERS and SCIENCE Kappa Oelu. ThetU Course. Karl A. Maier Milwaukee Humanities Course Alpha Tau Omega; Skull and Crescent; Haresfoot Club, 3 4; Cardinal Staff. Re- porter, 2 ; Desk Editor, 3 ; Foreign Pub- licity, University Circus, 1 ; Associate Editor Exposition News, 2; Homecom- ing, 3, 4; Section Editor ledger, 3; Press Club, 3. 4. Thesis: Consolidation in Railroad Own- ership and Management from 1873- 1890. Joseph A. Maiers Madison Civil Engineering Platteville Normal, 1 ; American Society Civil Engineers; U. S. Service. Thesis: A Proposed Re-location on Highway 12 Near Barahoo. Esther Florence Mainland Oshkosh LETTERS and SCIENCE W. A. A. Board, 4; " W Hockey; Basket Ball; Track; Sophomore Com- mission; Secretary Junior Class; Me- morial Union Drive; Badger Staff, 3. Thesis: Thomas Hardy. Theodore Maldaner Walertown agriculture Agric Triangle, 2, 3. Ismael v. Mallari Manila, Philippines letters and science Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Soph- omore High Honors; Badger Staff, 2 Y. M. C. A. Sophomore Commission International Club, Vice-President, 3 . Philippine Club. Secretary, 2 ; Wiscon- sin in China, 2. Thesis: Tendencies in American Drama. Max W. Mallin Milwaukee commerce Athenae Literary Society, 2, J, 4. l: Pof 116 The Badger- Lewis Campbell Mallow Madison AGRICULTURE Evelyn Laura Maloney Fond du Lac letters and science Castatia. 2. 3, 4. Thesis: History of Eastern Europe. Helen Jane Malsin Merrill letters and science Milwaukee Downer, 1, 2; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; French House, 3, 4; French Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4. Thesis: The Humanitarian Phase of the Novels of George Sand. John V. Mangold Madison MINING engineering Mining Club, ? . 3 , 4 ; Geology Club, 3.4; Mu Epsilon. Treasurer, 4. Carroll Golden Mansfield Wild Rose electrical engineering University of Southern California, I ; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. Benjamin Mariategui Lima, Peru CIVIL engineering A. S. C. E. ; International Club. Thesis: The Financing of Highway Construction and Maintenance. L Edward Marks Kenosha CIVIL engineering A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4; American Associa- tion of Engineers, 2, 3. 4. Thesis: Design of a Reinforced Con- crete Building. Philip Butler Marquart Milton Junction letters and science Milton College, I, 2; Philomathia, 3. 4; S. A. T. C, 1 ; Memorial Union Drive, 4. Thesis: Habits of the English Sparrow. Arthur F. Marquette Indianapolis, Ind. letters and science Sigma Chi. Ramon Gregorio Marquez Lucena, Tayabas, P. . mining engineering Philippine Badger Club; International Club; Filippino Student ' s Federation; A. I. M. M. E.; A. A. E. Hector Charles Marsh Mountain pharmacy Kappa Psi ; Choral Union, 4. Thesis: Sassafras. Hester L. Martin Michigan City, Ind. home economics Phi Omega Pi; Castalia; W. A. A ; Bowling Team; Euthenics. Thesis: Bacteriology of Prepared Salad Dressings and Relishes. , Z Pait 117 The Badger Helen Ervine Martner Prairie du Chien LETTERS AND SCIENCE Keyitune; President of Barnard; Pythia. Arthur D. Marvin Beaver Dam LETTERS AND SCIENCE Zeta Psi; Pi Epsilon Delta, 2. 3, 4; Presi- dent. 4; White Spades; Skull and Cre: - cent; Edwin Booth, 1. 2, 3. 4; Assistant Varsity Cheerleader, I. 2, 3; Pre-Prom Play. 2, 3 ; Mary ' s Lamb, 1 ; Union Vodvil, 1,2; Senior Class Play; Who ' s Who Staff, 2; Badger Staff. 2; Satire Editor, 3 Thesis: The English School of Naviga- gation and Its Effect on the Develop- ment of America. George Eugene Marvin West Allis AGRICULTURE I ' armhouse; Saddle and Sirloin, I. 2, 3, 4; Grafter Club, 3, 4; Vice-President, 4; Apis Cluh, President, 3, 4. Rocjer p. Matteson Chicago, III. University of lUirxiis, I ; Agricultural Literary Society, 2, 3, 4; Associate Ed- itor Country Magazine, 4; Agric Col- lege Soccer Team Champions, 3; Alpha Zeta; University Orchestra. 4. Louise K. Maureaux San Antonio, Tex. pharmacy St Mary-of-the-U ' oods College, 1. 2. Ihe is: Tobacco, Harold John Maurer Milwaukee mec:hanical engineering Alpha Tau Omega; A. S. M. E. J ean Mavor La Grange, III. letters and science Wellesley College. 1. 2; Congregational Student- Pi Beta Phi; Cabinet- Grace Louise Maxcy Washburn letters and science Gamma Phi Beta; Dance Committee. I, 2, 3; S. G. A. Representative Union Eioard Mixers. Edwin Mead Rockford. III. letters and science Track ' Manager, I. 2. 3, 4; ' " W " ; Vene- tian Night, J; Lieutenant Cadet Corp, I, 2; Theta Delta Chi. LiELA Todd Mead Shell Lake letters and science Chi Omega; Badger Staff. 2; University of Minnesota. 3. Wilhelmine E. Mead Merrill LETTERS and SCIENCE special feature writer Badger Staff. 2; Sophomore Dance Publicity Commit- tee; Castalia. 2; ExpHisition Committee. 2; Near East Relief Drive. 2; Cardinal Editorial Staff. 2. 3; Wisconsin Literary Magazine Staff. 3 ; Homecoming Pro- gram Committee, 3; Y. W. C. A. Char- ity Ball Committee. 3; Memorial Union Drive, 4; Dance Drama, 4- Thcsis: The Plot of the Short Story, the Drama. ar d the Novel. Claude A. Mears Pepin commerce :v Pat lit The Badger Thomas Walter Melham Watertown, S. D. COMMERCE Kappa Sigma ; Skull and Crescent ; Track; I ' 23 Prom Exposition. Harold W. Merrill Arcadia, Ind. LETTERS AND SCIENCE New York University. 1.2; The»a Chi; Prom Transportation Committee, . Thesis: Course Correlation u ith En- gineering Shop Work. Charles Royce Merriman Beloit CHEMICAL engineering Beloit College. I : Chemical Engineers Society. 3. 4; Polygon. 4; Red Arrow Club; U. V. Service; Beta Theta Pi. Harold H. Metcalf Monticetlo Alpha Zeta; Sophomore Honors; Soph- omore Crew; Sophomore Commission; " Little International " Committee Chairman. 4; Agric Literary Society. I, 2. 3. 4; Sadd ' e and Sirloin. Ethel Agnes Helen Metz Madison HOME economics Euthenics Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Dolphin. 3; C. S. A., Treasurer. 2; Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Agricultural Library Committee, 4. Thesis: Immunization of Chickens by Tubuvase. August M. Meulemans Wrightstown letters and science Thesis: Position of Sense Organs Animals, While at Rest, Adeline J. Meyer Madison commerce Women ' s Commerce Club. 2. 3, 4; Choral Union; Newman Club; Outing Club, 4; Commerce Women ' s Advisory Commission, 4. Thesis: Beneficiary Contracts. Dorothy C. Meyer Hastings, Minn. LETTERS and SCIENCE University of Minnesota. 1 ; Alpha Pi F.psilon. Thesis: Types of Problems as Revealed in the Case Records of the Madison Public Welfare Association. Ovid Otto Meyer Rosholt medicine Phi Kappa. Thesis: 5tudies on Vital Capacity. Werner Paul Meyer Cedar burg agriculture Managing Editor Country Magazine; Farm House; Agricultural Literary, 2. 3. 4; Agric Triangle, I. 2. 3. 4; Saddle and Sirloin. I. 2. 3; A. C, F, Board. 4; Red Arrow Club; Inter-Fraternitv Confer- ence. 3; U. S. Service; Sigma Delta Chi. Thesis: Agricultural [departments in Daily Newspapers. Everett C. Meyers Reeds burg civil engineering Tau Beta Pi. Vice-President. 4; A. S. C. E Thesis: A Problem in Reinforced Con- crete Design. Margaretha Isabel Meyne Hortonvilie LETTERS AN-D SCIENCE Archery Team. 3; German Club. 4; Col- legiate League of Women Voters, 3, 4. Thesis: The Development of Paper Manufacture in Canada. X Paie 119 The Badger Hugh C. Michels Chilton PHARMACY Campion College, 1: Delta Tau Delta; Kappa Psi. Thesis; Pharmaceutical Creams. June Miles Evansville HOME ECONOMICS Stout Institute, I ; Euthenics. Thesis; A Comparative Study of Line in Relation to the Figure in Costume Design. EsTELLE B. Miller Kansas City, Mo. LETTERS AND SCIENCE KansasCity Junior College, 1,2. Thesis: The Religious Nature Thomas Carlyle. Ezra A. Miller Manitowoc LETTERS AND SCIENCE Mil A ' aukee Normal. 1,2; Choral Union. 3 ; University Orchesla, 3, 4. Thesis; A Method for the Separation of Lead and Bismuth in the Form of Chromates. Florence Vida Miller Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Thesis: The Efifectiveness of the Hun- ger-Strike as a Political Weapon. Fred M. Millincton La Crosse CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Chemical Engineers ' Society. Donald Simons Millman Platteville GENERAL COURSE Platteville Normal. 1 ; Phi Sigma Kap- pa; Gun and Blade; Commerce Ad- visory Commission. Thesis; Survey of Rooming Conditions for Men at University of Wisconsin. Ashley V. Mills Lake Mills AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho ; Saddle and Sirloin ; Varsity Base Ball. 3. 4: U. S. Service; International Live Stock Judging Team, 4 ; Live Stock Judging Team. 4. Dudley J. Mills Black River Falls COMMERCE Theta Xi; Track Squad, 2; Numerals Track. Helen Marie Minch Belleville letters and science Thesis; Workers Production Motives, Neal Edward Minshall Viroqua civil engineering Thesis: Investigation of Water Power at Sand Portage. Norman M. Mitchell Tomahawk mechanical engineering C) Normal, I ; Acacia; Square and Compass; A. S. M. E. X li„ Pa4tl20 f Tine Badgei- i=x Roger David Mitchell Beloit AGRICULTURE Ralph R. Moe Duluth, Minn. letters and science Sigma Alpha Epsiion. Thesis: Effect of Federal Reserve Sys- tem on Business Conditions of 1920- 1921. William E. Montgomery Stanley commerce Culver Stockton College, 1 ; Eau Claire Normal, 2; Sigma Phi Epsiion; Captain Freshman Base Ball. Clara Louise Moore St. Joseph, Mo. letters and science Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Pi Epsiion; Crucible; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3. 4; Undergraduate Representative. 4; Cab- inet Council, 2 ; Campu Religious Council, 2; Jamboree. 2; Annual Re- ligious Conference, 2. 3 ; W ' omens Chairman, 4; Vice-President and Social Chairman. Yellow Tassel ; Prom Com- mittee. 3 ; Crucible Dance Ticket Sale. 3; Memorial Union Drive, 3, 4; Voca- tional Conference. 3; Y. W. C. A Bazaar, 2; Senior Swing Out. 3. Marion Moehlenpah George Winfred Moore Milwaukee Superior LETTERS AND SCIENCE LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Xi Delta; Cardinal Business Staff. 3. 4; Advertising Cluh; French Club. Superior Normal, 1. 2. Thesis; Effect of the Federal Reserve System on Foreign Trade. Peter R. Moeller Milwaukee COMMERCE Margaret Pace Moore Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Commerce Magazine. Advertising Man- ager; Assistant Business Manager, 3; Business Manager, 4; Advertising Club, 3 ; Treasurer. 4; Commerce Advisory Commisson; Commerce Club; Memor- ial Union Drive; Campus Religious Council; Student Cabinet Luther Me- morial Church, Sophomore Honors; U. S. Service. Thesis: Relation Between the Costs of Distributing and the Cost of Living. J. John Mokrejs Cedar Rapids, la. commerce Sigma Chi; Haresfoot, 1, 2; Musical Director. 3; Captain Commerce Crew, 2 ; J unior Crew ; Union Vodvil Orchestra 1. 2, 3; University Band, 1,2; Univer- sity Orchesta. 1,2; Hockey Squad. 3. Thesis: Credit in Foreign Trade. Fond du Lac music Milwaukee Downer College. 1 ; Alpha Phi; Mu Phi Epsiion; Clef Club; Glee Club; Secretarv. 4. Thesis: History of Public School Music. Madeline Lucille Moran Superior letters and science Superior Normal, 1,2. Floyd J. Monk Neillsville LAW Lawrence College, 1,2; Phi Delta Phi. Mary M. Moras Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal. I, 2. _9 Page 121 Tlxe Badger- N Howard Elmer Morey Plainfield CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Stevens Point Normal, 1 ; Chemical Bn- gineeritig Society; American Legion Robert Emmet Moroney Dallas, Texas LETTERS AND SCIENCE University of Dallas. I ; Georgetown College, 2; Phi Delta Theta; College Njnierals, 3 ; Swimming Team, 4. Ada j. Morris Rice Lake LETTERS AND SCIENCE Katherine M. Morrissey Madison commerce Elizabeth Lewis Morrison Owensboro, Ky. home economics De Pau w University. 1,2; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Presbyterian Student Cabinet; Executive Committee of Intercollegiate Cluh. 4 ; C horal Union, 4. Helen B. Morrison Chicago, III. normal course (■hicagu Normal College, I, 2. ThcHis: The Early Develcjpmcnt of the Newspaper in (Chicago. Inez Evelyn Morrow Hinsdale, III. letters AND science Arts and Crafts Club, 1, 2, 3; Badger Staff " . 3; f ' rench Club, 4; Spanish Club; Social Service. Edward Augustus Morsbach Durand LETTERS AND SCIENCE Thesis: Precipitation Values of Hy- drous Ferric Oxide Sols, of Various Con- centrations and Purities. Mariam Sarah Morse Wild Rose home econo.mics Oshkosh Normal, 1,2 Thesis: 5xime Plans for Low Cxist Hous- ing for Workingmen. Wayne Lyman Morse Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Pi Kappa Alpha; Iron Cross; White Spades, President. 4; Scabbard and Blade; Captain R O T C ; Delta Sigma Rho; Hesperia. I. 2, 3, 4. { resi- dent. 4; Forensic Board. Treasurer, 3; Varsity Debating, 2, 3, 4; Joint Debate, Closer, 4; Vilas Medal Wearer; Forensic " W " ; Pipe of Peace Oration, 3; Varsity Welcome Speech. 4; Student Senate. 3; Student Court. 3; Council of Forty. 4; Wisconsin University Players. I. 2, 3.4; Chairman Ways and Means Commit- tee of 1 23 Junior Prom; Assistant Gen- eral Chairman of Homecoming, 4. Thesis: Sati.sfied by Intercollegiate De- bates — 3 years. Alexander E, Morstad Laona LETTERS and SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal, I, 2. Jessie Morton Webster Groves, Mo. HOME ECONOMICS Sweet Briar College; Pi Beta Phi; Buthenics Club, Mystic C jrcle; Cjamma Alpha Bpsilon. Pa4t 122 The Badger Marion Tetia Mosel Sun Prairie MUSIC Alpha Chi Omega ; University Girls Glee Club, 2. 3, 4; President, 3. 4; Clef Club. 3. 4; Keystone. 3, 4; Choral Union, 2. 3; Concregational Students Cabinet. 2, 3. 4; Vice-President, 4; Badger Staff. 3; Prom Fox Trot Committee. 3 ; Y. W. C. A.. 1.2.3,4 Thesis; Violin Classes in Public Schools Oswald John Muecce Walsh, Illinois CIVIL ENGINEERING A S C. E, 3,4. Thesis: Proposed Marshal! Drainage District. Walter J. Mueller M ilwaukee agriculture Theta Chi ; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Badger Poultry Club; Grafters Club; Memoriiil L ' nion Committee. Evelyn B. Mulhall Sioux City, Iowa letters and science Trinity College; Alpha Omicron Pi; W, A. . -: Indoor Base Ball Team, 2, 3, Outd xir Base Ball Team. 2; Union VcKlvil. 3. Thenora Munson Stoughton letters and science Thesis: The Political Career of Gov- ernor.Randall. Harrel Alek Murdoch ' .! Chicago, Illinois LETTERS AND SCIENCE Delta lau Delta, Mary Jeanette Nee Escanaba, Michigan COMMERCE COURSE Saint-Marv-of-the- Woods College; Al- pha Chi Omega; Women ' s Commerce Club; Pythia; Memorial Union f er- sonnel; Inter-collegiate Club, Thesis: The Extent and Importance of Educational Departments in Personnel Work Carl Oliver Nelson Eau Claire MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Intercollegiate and Interclass Cross Country. 2. 3; Interclass Track. 2; American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, 3. 4; Y M. C a. Hi-Y Commit- tee. 4; Y. M, C, A Finance Dirive. 4, Edith Evelyn Nelson Oshkosh letters and science Oshkosh Normal School ; Alpha Gamma Delta; W A, A ; Outing Club. 3, 4; Physical Education Club, 3, 4. Thesis: Thyroid Enlargement to Physi- cal Type. Louis Ellsworth Nelson Superior letters and science Superior Normal; Acacia; Phi [Delta Kappa, Thesis; Coeducation as the Fraternity Man Sees It, Manfred Nelson Superior COMMERCE course Superior Normal. Tyra H. Nelson Superior letters and science Superior Normal. Thesis; The Business Depression of 1021-1 22; the Facts as Compared with Their Newspaper Portrayals, Page 123 Thie Badger- Anthony J . Nerad Racine MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Triangle Fraternity: Pi Tau Sigma; Interclass Boxing; Intercollege Base Ball; Inter-Fraternity Baseball; Athe- nea. President. RuiH Elfreda Nerdrum Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Thesis: The Spiritual-Psychology of Tennyson ' s " In Memoriam. ' " Margaret A. Nethercott Superior LETTERS AND SCIENCE Superior State Normal School. I. 2. Thesis; Sir John A. MacIDonald, C ' a nadian Con.stitution Builder. Harold R. Neubauer Madison LAW Adelbert George Neumann Milwaukee ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Milwaukee Normal. I. Don Carlos Newcomb Waupun COMMERCE Varsity Crew. 1. 2. 1. 4; Phi Gamma Delta. Douglas Kinney Newell Kenosha LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Delta Phi; Daily Cardinal. 2. 3. 4; Business Manager, 4; Advertising Club; 2. 3. 4. President, 4; Council of Forty; Chairman Advertising Commit- tee 1921 Homecoming; Publicity Com- mittee 1921 Wisconsin-In-China Drive; Inner Gate; Memorial Union Drive. Foster S. Newell Irma CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha; Chemical Engineers Society; Engineers Minstrels; Track; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4; " W " ; Air Service, Lee Brownell Nichols Milwaukee COMMERCE Lambda Chi Alpha. ' I hesis: Banking and Finance. Thomas Chester Nichols Milwaukee mechanical engineering Triangle Fraternity; " W " ; Track, 2, 3; Varsity Foot Ball. 4. Walter J. Nickel Sheboygan commerce Martha Nicolai Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal, 1, 2; German Club: International Qub. The.sis: Cxjethe ' s Philosphic IJnd Leben- swciaheit. PattlU Tl: e Badger Thomas McMaster Niles Oak Park, III, CIVIL ENGINEERING Pht Kappa Psi; Badger Staff, 1921 ; Stu- dent Chapter A. S. C. E; Haresfoot Ciub. Thesis: Loss Due to Flow in Open Channel Eiends. R O. T. C. tain. 4. Johnson M. Nimlos • Madison AGRICULTURE First Lieutenant, 3; Cap- Mary Nimlos Madison letters and science Campus Religious Council, 2; Women ' s Medical Association. Thesis: The Standardization of Ameri- can Peptones in Culture Media and the Relation of the Virulence of the Organ- isms to the Growth. M. loNA Nimlos Madison letters AND science Women ' s Medical Association. Thesis: The Standardization of Ameri- can Peptones in Culture Media and the Relation of the Virulence of the Organ- isms to the Growth. John C. Nisbet Richland Center agriculture Saddle and Sirloin, Treasurer. 2; Man- ager l-ittle International, 3; Judging Team at Waterloo; University Exposi- tion. Lola Elizabeth Noble Indianapolis, Ind. music Indiana University, 1, 2; Kappa Alpha Theta; Girls ' Glee Club, 2. 3; Dramatic Club. 2, 3. Blanche Field Noer Madison letters and science Freshman Commission ; Sophomore Commission; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3; Pythia. 2, 3; Advertising Club. 2. 3. 4; Badger Staff. 3 ; Advertising Assistant of Cardinal. 1.2; Merchandising Sales Manager of Cardinal, 3, 4; Honorary Member of W. A. A., 2, 3, 4; Crucible; Registration Chairman of 1922 Home- coming. Thesis; Shakespeare in French Liter- ature. John E. Noran Superior civil engineering Superior State Normal. I, 2. Thesis: Study of Loss Due to Gradual Enlargement in Pipe Lines. EiNAR John Norman Superior commerce Superior State Normal, I, Regimental Band, 3, 4. 2; University Eleanor Norton Algona. la. letters and science Rockford Woman ' s College. 1 ; French Club. 4. Cleveland Ford Nixon Thomas O. Nuzum Racine Janesville CHEMICAL ENGINEERING MEDICINE Treasurer Chess Club, 3 ; Chemical Engi- neering Society. Phi Kappa Psi. Thesis; Topographical Anatomy. -0€- Pait lis The Badger Walter E. Nyhus Chippewa Falls LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Chi Rho. Thesis: Area Study of Per Capita In- vestments in Stocks and Bonds. Rudolph A. Oechsner Leroy agriculture Phi Kappa; Mercier Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; A. S. A, E. Henry C. Oakey Osceola Delta Pi Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta Treasurer Red Arrow Club. William Alfred Oakey Madison COMMERCE Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Chi Rho; Soph- omore Honors; Assistant Business Man- ager of Wisconsin Literary Magazine, 2; Commerce Advisory Commission. I. 2. 5. 4; Vice-President. 4; Associate Col- lection Manager of Commerce Maga- zine Commerce Club. Thesis: The Bank of England During and Since the War. Annette O ' Connor Hartford HOME economics Kappa Delta; Castalia; EuthenicsCIub; Country Magazine. Paul J . Okerstrom Port Wing commerce ' arsity Crew. 2. 3, 4; merce Crew. 3. W 2. 3; Com- Deborah Fay Olds Madison MUSIC Freshman Commission; Sophomore Commission; Badger Board, I ; Cabinet Council. 3 ; E ils of Eieaujelais, 3 ; Soph- omore Publicity Committee, 2. Eva J . Olson Blanchardville normal COURSE Whitewater Norinal. 1. 2; Intercol- legiate Club; S. G A Board. 3 Thesis: Sources of Charles Brockden Brown ' s Novels. George McGregor O ' Connor Harxcock AGRICULTURE Farm House ; Scabbard and Blade ; R. O. T. C. Captain; Agricultural Li- brary E)oard; Country Magazine StafT. Karl R. Omsted Stoughton letters AND SCIENCE Beloit, 1.2; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. May O ' Connor Belvidere, III. letters and science St Mary-of-the- Woods College, I. 2; Alpha Omicron Pi; Union Vodvil. 3; Homecoming Committee. Mar ;aret a. O ' Neil Madison letters and science Paf 126 The Badger :x Lester J. Oosterhuis Sheboygan Falls AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin: Union Vodvil, 3; Prom Committee. 3; Captain Memorial Union of Wisconsin in China Drives; Babcock [Dairy ScierKC Club. President, 4. Rav E. Orr South Wayne AGRICULTURE Country Life Club. 3, 4; Secretary and Treasurer. 3; Badger Club. 3. 4; Secre- tary-Treasurer, 3; President. 4; Agri- cultural Literary Society. 4; Junior Council. 3; Senior Cabinet. 4; Country Magazine Staff. 4. Sylvester Benj. Ostrander Columbus MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma. James E. Ostrum Hancock journalism Stevens Point Normal. 1. 2. 3; First Regimental Band. Thesis: A History of the New York Evening Post. Laures Margaret Owen Madison letters and science Alpha Chi Omega; Union Vodvil. 2: Pythia, I. 2. 3; Twelfth Night, 2. 3; Wisconsin University Players. 4. HjALMERS OyEN Stoughton commerce Freshman Base Ball. 1 ; Commerce Base Ball. 2. 3. Rudolf Pabst Oconomowoc AGRICULTURE Chi Psi; Inner Gate; Varsitv Swimming Squad. 2. 3. 4; Foot Ball. 3.4. Walter R. Palechek Chaseburg mechanical ENGINEERING La Crosse Normal. 1.2. Isabel Reed Palm Madison HOME ECONOMICS Stout Institute. I. 2. Thesis; Comparative Srudy of Im- ported and [Domestic Silk and Wtxil. Walter W. Palmer Oakfield MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Ripon 0 llege. I ; . merican Society of Mechanical Hngincers. Ruth Willard Parkhill Chicago, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Gamma Phi [Beta; French Club. Harris B. Parmele Rockford. III. AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Soph- omore Honors; Arrangement Commit- tee for Little International, 3. Thesis; The Solubility of the Anti- ScorbtJtic Vitamine. i S Page 127 Tine Badger Cleo Parsley St. Louis, Mo. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Xi Delta; Mortar EJoard, 4; Crucible, 3; Freshman and Sophomore Commissions, 1, 2; Red Gauntlet. 2; Treasurer Y. W. C. A., 3 ; Chairman Junior Advisory System, 3; W. A. A., 3, 4; President Self-Government Asso- ciation. 4; President Keystone, 4. Dorothy Harris Patrick Chicago, III. letters and science Alpha Zi Delta; Badger Staff, 2. 3; Y. W C A Board, 2. Thesis: Actuarial Report of the Einglish Compulsory Unemployment Insurance Act. Helen Virginia Patterson Appleton letters and science Kappa Kappa Gamma; W. A. A., Hocke ' Team, 1 , 2, 4 ; Captain, 1 ; Base Ball Team, 1, 2, 3, 4; Manager, 2; Dolphin Club; S. G. A. Executive Council. 1 ; Badger Staff, 3 ; Congrega- tional Students Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Labor Legislation, Margaret Mary Patterson Bloomington letters and science St. Clara College, I, 2; Inter collegiate Club; Newman Club. Harold H. Paul Milwaukee LAW Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Skull and Crescent; Haresfoot; " Kitty Corner " ; " Miss Qiaita " ; Prom Committee; Let- ters and Science Crew ' 18 and ' 19. Helen Grace Paull Madison letters and science W. A. a.; Physical Education Club; Outing Club. Martin R. Paulsen Madison LAW Stevens Point Normal. I. 2; Delta Chi; Law School Representative on Student Court; Contributor " Wisconsin Law Review " ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Earl E. Payton Shiocton agriculture Saddle and Sirloin. Gertrude Pearson Portage letters and science Elizabeth Gordon Pennock letters and science Hollins College, 1. 2; Pi Beta Phi. Thesis: Novels of Balzac. Seymour F. Perchonok Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal, I . !■ Menorah So- ciety; Menorah Choral Club; Palestine Builders; Mathematical Club; Spanish Club Thesis: Modern Analytic Geometry. Beatrice M. Perham Sparta Sigma Alpha lota; Clef Cluh, 3,4;Cirrs Glee CluD, 4; Pvthia; Congregational Student Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral Union. 1 2. 3, 4 Thesis: School Credits for Music. PttflU Tine Badger " James B. Perky Oklahoma City, Okla. AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin; Prom Committee; Agricultural College Crew. 3 ; Sophomore Dance Commit- tee; Campus Section, Chester Alexander Perrodin Wisconsin Rapids letters and science Lawrence College. I, 2; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Thesis; Anatomy. Kathryn Illeen Perry East Aurora, N. Y. journalism Columbia University, 1 ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cardinal Staff. 2, ?, 4; Assistant Woman ' s Editor, 4; Badger Staff, 3; Assistant Organizations Editor; Uni- versity Press Club, 2, 3, 4; Secretary and Treasurer. 3; Memorial Union, 3. 4; Homecoming, 3, 4; Prom Committee. 3; Presbyterian Student Cabinet, 2. 3. Thesis: Development of the Feature Articles in the American Magazine. Frances Ruth Perstein Madison letters and science Alpha Epsilon Phi; Menorah; J. S. A., Secretary, 3 ; Women ' s Medical Asso- ciation, 3, 4. Thesis: The Use of Specific Antibacter- ial Auti-Serum as a Treatment in Diphtheria Carrier Cases. A. Marie Peterson Blair music St, Olaf College, l; Alpha Gamma Delta ; Girl ' s Glee Club ; Choral Union. Clarence P. Peterson Greenwood agriculture River Falls Normal, !, 2; Saddle and Sirloin, 3, 4; Intercollege Basket Ball, 3; Freshman Base Ball. Gladys Irene Petersen Hutchinson, Kans. journalism Kansas State College, 1 ; Chi Omega ; Cardinal, 7. 3; Society Editor, 4; Ad- vertising Club, 2, 3; Vice-President, 4; Press Club, 2. 3, 4; Vice-President, 3; Badger Staff. 3. 4; Assistant Advertising Manager, 3; Octopus Staff. 4; Home- coming Committee, 2, 3 ; Prom Com- mittee, 3 ; Memorial Union Drive. Thesis: Advertisements in American Newspapers from 1880-1890. Julian LeRoy Peterson Beloit MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Pi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; A, S. M. E.. Vice-President, .4; Engineers ' Minstrels, 2. Victor Peterson Washburn letters and science Superior Normal, I. 2. Ernest H. Pett Johnson Creek LAW Milwaukee Normal, I ; Phi Alpha Delta; Chairman Law School Exhibit U. W. Exposition; Luther Memorial Student Cabinet; Athena, 2; Chairman Student Friendship Fund Drive. 3. Tliesis: The Government of Labor Unions. Albert H. Pfeiffer Madison letters AND science Thesis: Scientific Management and Trade Unionism, Milton J. Pfeiffer Plymouth electrical engineering Milwaukee School of Engineering. 1,2. Pag€ 129 The Badger r Walter Joh n Pfister Sheboygan JOURNALISM Phi Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi Delta Pi Delta; Cardinal Staff. 3. 4 Night Editor, 3; Conference Editor, 4. Athletic Review Staff, 3 ; Chairman Prom Publicity Committee, 3; Union Vodvil, 3 ; Chairman Homecoming Publicity; Chairman of Arrangements Memorial Union II)rive. Thesis: The Development of American Humor in the Sunday Supplements. Walter Edward Pfleger Milwaukee CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Theta Xi; Gamma Sigma; Gym Team, 1. 2. 3, 4; Chemical Engineering So- ciety, 3, 4. Grace M. Pflueger Manitowoc letters and SCIENCE Lawrence College, I, 2; Theta; French Club. Kappa Alpha Bertha F. Phillips Sioux Falls, S. D. letters AND SCIENCE I ' niversity of South Dakota, I, 2; Alpha Xi Delta; Glee Club, 3; Clef Club, 3, 4. RuFUS Seely Phillips Madison MFXHANICAL ENGINEERING Wisconsin Mining School. 1; Triangle; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Square and Compass; A. S. M. E.; Student Court. William J. Pieh Madison COMMERCE Harold A. Pinkerton Waupaca medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa. Thesis: Research on the Locking Joint of Fowls. J. Arthur Platten Green Bay agriculture Sigma Nu; Star and Arrow; Athletic Board, 3; Varsity Crew. " W " 2; Varsity Foot Ball Squad, 2. 3; Frosh Crew; Athletic Review Staff. Peter M. Platten Green Bay letters and science Sigma Nu; Freshman Track; Athletic Board; Varsity Track. 2, 3, 4; •% ' " ; University Band. 1. 2- ■W Club; Athletic Review Staff; Octopus Board of Editors; Star and Arrow. Virginia Plattenburg Canton, III. letters AND science MonticcUn Seminary, 1,2; Kappa Kap- pa Gamma. David Corvus Pickard Green Bay JOURNALISM Press Club; Delta Pi Delta. Thesis: History of the Lirvjcype. Joseph Harold Pleck Sturgeon Bay LAW Phi Alpha Delta. :x PuitIK Tl: e Badger- Berenice B. Polasky Kalamazoo, Mich. LETTERS AND SCIENCE French House; French Club; Spanish Club: Outing Club. Thesis Course. Walter Forth Milwaukee MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Llpsilon; Pi Tau Sigma; Gamma Sigma; Gym Team. 2, 3. 4; " W " Intcr- fratemity Confemece, Secretary. 3; President. 4; Business Manager Pre- Prom Play. 3. John Arlington Potts Madison ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. ; Baptist Young People ' s Cabinet. 3, 4:President. 4 ; Campus Religious Council, 2. 3 ; Re- ligious Conference Committee, 2. H. Hickman Powell Duluth, Minn. JOURNALISM Chi Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; White Spades; Cardinal Stafif, 1, 2, 3, 4; News Editor. 3 ; Editor, 4; Edwin Booth, 2, 3; University Players, 4. Thesis: The Editorials of Arthur Bris- bane. Horace Breese Powell Milwaukee journalism Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma [Delta Chi; Student Senate, 3, 4; Elections Com- mittee, 3, 4; Council of Forty, 3, 4; Badger Board of Control, 3, 4; Badger StaC I. 2, 3; Editorial Assistant, 2; Editor-in-Chief, 3 ; Circulation Man- ager Wisconsin Literary Magazine, 2; C.ardinal Staff, 1, 2; Chairman Prize Committee 1 22 Varsity Jamboree; Press Club; Presbyterian Student Cab- inet. Thesis: The Kansas City Star; A Scin- tillating Luminary. Robert Bruette Powell ausau CIVIL engineering A. S. C. E.; Track; Cross Country. Thesis: Efficiency Tests of a Twelve Inch Trump Turbine. Patrick Gerald Powers Mauston LAW Notre Dame; Phi Kappa. Helen Emily Pratt Cleveland. Ohio medicine Barnard College, I, 2; [Delta Zeta; W. A. A.; " W " Wearer; Varsity Basket Ball; Swimming Team, 3, 4; Dolphin Club: Track Team, 3; Women ' s Medi- cal Association; Outing Club; Vice- President Women ' s Life Saving Corps; Badger Staff, 3. Percy L. Pratt Madison commerce Fred C. Prehn Wausau letters and science Phi Beta Pi; Varsity Crew. 2. 3. 4. Elise Didrikke Prels Mason City, la. letters and science La Crosse Normal. 1.2. Thesis: Immigration of Norwegians to Wiscon.sln. George J. Pribyl Madison agriculture . Pat ' 131 The Badger " Elmer Ehlers Price McComb, Miss. CIVIL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma; Inner Gate; President Interfraternity Cxjuncil. Thesis; Investigation of Water Power at Sand Portage on Menominee River. HoBART CaNDEE PrICE Kenosha letters and science Phi Delta Theta; Skull and Crescent; liaresfoot, 2, 3. 4. Nettie Gertrude Prideau.x Mineral Point letters and science Milwaukee Normal, I, 2. Thesis; Mineral Point in Early Days. ::;» , Charles B. Puestow Oshkosh medicine " W " Crew. 2. 3; Prom Committee. Badger Staff. 3 . Thesis; Hydrociphalis. Joseph J. Prokop Eau Claire commerce Phi Kappa; Freshman Basket Ball; Freshman Base Ball; Commerce Base Ball and Basket Ball. 1.2; Varsity Base Ball. 3. 4; Spanish Club. 2. 3; Sopho- more Traditions Committee; Home- coming Committee. 3 ; Senior Alumni Committee. Mary Elizabeth Purcell Madison HOME ECONCMICS Kuthcnics C-Iub, 3, 4. Thesis: Project McthixJ in ' Teaching lHi me Economics. Ora Clyde Rabbitt Viroqua civil engineering La Crosse Normal. I ; Triangle; A. S. C. E Student Chapter; li. S. Service. Thesis: Effect of Countersunk Rivets on Riveted Connections. Arthur Jacob Rabuck Reedsburg CIVIL engineering Whitewater Normal. 1. 2; Triangle; Fraterniy Base Ball; A. S C E Thesis: The " Bates Road " and Its Lessons to Highway Engineers. James Ralph Madison COMMERCE Thesis: ' The Relation of the Federal Reserve System to Agriculture. Wayne Ramsay Madison agriculture Chi Psi ; Sigma Delta Psi ; Star and Ar- row; Athletic Board. 4; Cross Country. 1. 2; " W " .Captain. 4; Track " W. 2. 3. 4. Thesis: Transportation of the Agricul- tural Products of Wisconsin. Karl H. Rang Oshkosh pharmaceutical chemistry Oshkosh Normal. 1. 2; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Kappa Psi; Chemistry Club; iemorial Union Drive. Eunice Rae Ransom Fennimore COMMERCE Women ' .s Commerce Club. Thesis: Accountmg Problems. Patt 132 The Badg eir Clarence F. Rasmussen Park Falls ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Acacia; Iron Cross; Theta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; White Spades; A. A, E.; A. I. E. E.; Advertising Club; Square Club; Council of Eorty; Ticket Manager 1918 Senior Class Play; Bad- ger Staff, Assistant Forensic Advertis- ing Manager, 2; Business Manager, 3; Finance Chairman 1920 Circus; Assis- tant General Manager University Ex- position; Assistant Prom Chairman, 3; Assistant Business Manager; Who ' s Who; Homecoming Committee. 2. HoLGER V. Rasmussen Racine CHEMISTRY Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4. Thesis: Isolation of Phytosterol From Arachis Oil. Reinhold H. Raube Waupun mechanical engineering Triangle Fraternity ; Pi Tau Sigma ; A. S. M. E., 3, 4, Chairman. 4; Polygon, 3,4; Service, Nineteen Months. Charles A. Rawson Portage LETTERS and SCIENCE Philomathia. 2, 3, 4; Vice-President. 4; President, 4; Lieutenant R. O. T. C, Captain. 4 ; Sophomore Semi-Public [Debates; Joint debate, 4; Intercollegiate Debate. 4; Editor Forensics, 1923 Bad- ger President Presbyterian Cabinet. 1 ; Campus Religious Council. 2. 3. Thesis: The Philosophv of Bertrand Russell. A. Clayton Rector At:)pleton LETTERS AND SCIENCE Lawrence College, 1,2; Chi Psi. Edwin Allworth Reeve Western Springs, 111. AGRICULTURE Kappa Sigma. Lester O. Reichelt La Crosse mechanical engineering A. S. M, E. ; Square and Compass. Thesis: The Vaporizing and Super- Heating of Petroleum Fuels. Stephen B. Reichert Duluth, Minn. letters and science Phi Kappa Psi; Inner Gate; Haresfoot; .Assistant Cheer Leader, 1 , 2 ; Badger Staff. 3 TTiesis: Financial Aspects of the British Unemployment Insurance Act. John J. Rellahan Stevens Point letters and science 1arquette University. I, 2. Thesis: A Reasonable Return in the Railway Field. Margaret Amy Remington Hibbing, Minn. commerce College of St. Catherine, I; Women ' s Commerce Club; Outing Club; S. G. A. Board. Mildred R. Replinger Madison letters and science Alpha Pi Epsilon; Alpha Gamma Delta; S. G. A. Council; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Council; Y. W. C. A Cabinet; Pjthia; Forensic Board. Thesis: Study of Feeble Minded Chil- dren after They Leave School. Harold B. Reyer Madison commerce Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Commerce Club; Com- merce Advisory Commission; President Gun and Blade Club; Pre-Military Ball Play; Sophomore High Honors; Me- morial Union Drive. Thesis Course. Paet 133 The Badger Karl Storrs Reynolds Sturgeon Bay COMMERCE Oelta Upsilon ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Commerce Advisory Commission, 2, 3. 4; Commerce Club. 4; Commerce Mag- azine Associate Editor, 4; Literary Mag- azine Advertising Manager; Associate Business Manager, 3 ; Memorial Union Captain; 1922 Prom Committee; 1922 Military Ball Committee; Advertising Club, 3; Numerals. Cross Country. 1; Foot Ball, 2; Freshman Scholarship; Sophomore Honors. Thesis: A Comparative Study of the Finance and Organization of Wisconsin. Michigan, and California Cooperative Fruit Associations. Mildred Mae Reynolds Madison HOME ECONOMICS Lawrence College, 1; F i Omega Pi; Euthenics Club. Thesis: Dietary Studies for Dormitory Women. Robert Leonard Reynolds Milwaukee letters and science Chi Phi; Daily Cardinal, 2, 3; Treasurer Board of Control, 4; Commerce Mag- azine; Assistant Editor. 2. 3; Commerce Club, 2, 3: Treasurer 3; Y. M. C. A. News Sheet Editor, 2 ; Sophomore Cx)mmi.ssion; Congregational Students Association 2, 3. 4; Campus Religious Council, 4; Sophomore Honors; Advcr- ti sing Club, 3, 4; Foreign Publicity Chairman 1922 Homecoming; Forensic Board, 4. Eric Vernon Rhenstrom Kenosha LETTERS AND SCIENCE Sigma Chi; Sophonrwre Honors. Glenn E. Richards Madison COMMERCE CJjmmcrcc Advisory Commission. Inez Jeanette Richards Ladysmith LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Beta Kappa; S(M x more Honors. Thoi ' -; The Attituoe of Byron Toward Christianity. John S. Richards Monticello letters AND SCIENCE Thesis; Relations Between England and American Colonies Prior to 1776, as Illustrated by Correspondence. John Willis Richards Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Chi Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Geology Club. Laurence Palmer Richmond Lodi electrical engineering Hesperia ; Signal Club; President, 4 . Signal Unit, R. O. T. C; Presidents Guard; Eta Kappa Nu. Louise Elliott Rickeman Galena, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A. Board. 2; Jamboree Committee, 2, 3; Charity Ball Committee. 2. 3 ; Outing Club, 1 ; Assistant Woman ' s Editor of Badger. 3 Thesis; Comparison of Distribution of Taxes in Wisconsin and Other States. Paul W. Rickerd Traverse City, Mich. AGRICULTURE Saddle and Sirloin; Badger Poultry Club; Agricultural Triangle, Harvey August Riebe Onalaska LETTERS AND SCIENCE La Crosse Normal. 1. 2; Phi Delta Kappa. Thesis: Frequency of Number C m- birutions In Arithmetic Texts. 2ii Pagt 134 The Badger Mildred A. Rieck Chicago HOME ECONOMICS Gamma Phi Beta; Euthenics Club; Y. W. C. A. Board; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Cx)uncil; S. G. A. Council; Vocational Conference Chairman; Ice Carnival. Martin A. Rieschl Madison commerce Stevens Point Normal, Club; American Legion. 1 . 2 ; Mercier Lincoln Alfred Rif.tow Sheboygan mechanical engineering Milwaukee Normal, I ; A. A. E., 3, 4; A. S. M. E.,3,4. BuRD Joy Riccs Crandon MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Oshkosh Normal, 1 ; A. S. M E. Frances Isadelle Rimbach Newtonville, Mass. letters and science Mt. Holyoke College. I, 2; Delta Sigma Rho; S. G. A. Board. Thesis: The Employment Department as a Means of Reducing Production Costs. Elsbeth V. Rinder Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Omicron Pi ; Badger, 2. Thesis; Unity of Thought in Pauline, Paracelsus, and Sordello. Earl L. Risberg Cumberland LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Delta Phi. Frederic Emanuel Risser Fountain City letters and science Hcsperia, 2, 3, 4; President, 4; Foren- sic Board, 4; Sophomore Honors; Of- ficers Cadet Corps, 3, 4; Captain, 4; Gamma Sigma Rho. Thesis: History and Development of the Wisconsin Constitution. Gorton Ritchie Evanston, III. medicine Princeton, 1 ; Phi Gamma Delta; Fresh- man Foot Ball. 2; Freshman Base Ball; 2; Class Boxing, 2. Raymond Robert Rivard Madison letters and science and medicine St. Thomas College. I . Thesis: RoeterK logy of Lung Tunrors. John William Roberts Milwaukee CHEMICAL engineering Sigma Nu; Skull and Crescent; Track. I ; Chemical Engineering Society ; Homecoming 1921 ;U. S. Service. J. Edith Robinson Milwaukee NORMAL COURSE Milwaukee State Normal I. 2. r i Zv ,„ Page 135 The Badger Marion Dorothy Robinson San Francisco LETTERS AND SCIENCE Grafton Hall, 1, 2; Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Board. 3; Girl Reserve Adviser, 4; Badger Staff, 4 ;Rocky Mountain Club, 4. ViRciL Henry Roick Baraboo COMMERCE Band; Commerce Advisory Commis- sion; Commerce Club; Commerce Mag- azine; Hesperia: St. Francis Society. Thesis: The Transfer of Securities by Trust Companies. John P. Rocca Madison PHARMACY Thesis: Linseed Oil. AlMAR H. ROLLEFSON SuJDerior LETTERS AND SCIENCE Superior Normal. I, 2. Thesis: Variation of the Electric Furnace. Temperature Helen Louise Rockwell Oshkosh letters AND science Delta Gamma ; Treasurer Green Button ; Orchesus; W. A. A.; Prom Committee; Hockey; Swimming and Dancing.hon- ors; Union Memorial Drive. Henry August Romberg Ctinlonville medicine Thesis: X-Ray Studies of Dtjgs " Hearts Dorothy Evelyn Roderick Reading, Pa. letters and science Thesis; Keratins. Alfred Rodner Chicago, III. letters and science Jeanette Hannah Rosenthal La Port, Ind. letters and science Cardinal Advertising Staff, 2; Associate Advertising Manager, 2, 3; Advertising Club. Thesis: An Experimental Research on the Powers of Observation. Carl A. Rossmeissl AppUton commerce Varsity Cross Country, 2. 3; Varsity Track, 3, 4. Bruno J. Rohde Milwaukee commerce Alpha Sigma I ' hi; Exposition Commit- tee; I lometoming Committee, 4. Russell J. Rossow Greenwood agriculture Pott l}6 Thie Badger =b Herbert Solveson Roswell Oconomowoc St Olaf College, I. 2, 3, 4; Delta Pi Epsi- lon; American Legion; U. S. Service; Memorial Union Drive. Robert Doehne Rothenburg Springfield, Minn. letters and science Social Science Club. Thesis: The Sale and Disposition of the State-Owned Lands of Minnesota, from 1858 to the Present Time. Helen Rothschild Madison, S. Dak. letters and science Madison South Dakota, I, 2; Sigma Kappa. Katherine G. Rowlands Madison chemistry Base Ball, I, 2 ; Chemistry Club, 2, 3,!;4; Secretary, 3 ; Publicity Agent, 4 ' l hesis: The Effect of Baking Temper- atures upon Shortenings. Harvey Day Royce Ft. Atkinson CHEMISTRY Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Sophomore Honors. Thesis: Isolation of Phytosterol in Nut Oils. Kenneth Metz Royer Eigin. III. agriculture Mount MorrisCollegc, 1; Alpha Gamma Rho; Babcock Dairy Science Club; Basket Ball. I ; Memorial Union Drive; Thesis: The Factors Influencing the Quality and Texture of Ice Cream. David Rozman Madison letters and science Moscow University, Russia. I, 2, 3; French Club. Thesis: The New Economic Policy of Russia. Henry Scott Rubel Brightwalers, Long Island, A ' . Y. letters and science Alpha Delta Phi; Varsity Swimmmg Team. 2, 3 ; Edwin Booth Dramatic So- ciety; Octopus. 2; Art Editor, 3; Pi Epsilon Delta; U. S. Navy; Haresfoot Players. 4. Thesis: " Fragmentism " a Christian Philosophy. Marjorie Ann Ruff Hammond, Ind. journalism Delta Delta Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; President, 4; Crucible; W. A. A.; Blue Dragon Secretary; Keystone, 4; Oc- topus Business Staff, 1,2; Outing Club Board, 3; Badger Staff, 3; Cardinal Staff, 2, 3; Press Club; Physical Edu- cation Club, 2; St. Francis Society; International Club, 3; Literary Eiditor Corda Fratres. 3 ; Prom Committee, 3 ; Homecoming Committee, 3. 4; Charity Ball Committee, 2. 3; Jamboree Com- mittee, 3 ; Memorial Union Drive. Captain, 4. Arnold Sofus Rufsvold Marinette electrical engineering University of Minnesota, I ; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; A. 1. E. E.; Engi- neer ' s Minstrels; American Legion. Robert L. Rundorff Burlington, Iowa chemical engineering University of Iowa, I, 2. Hugo Leonard Rusch Reedsville electrical engineering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Wiscon- sin Engineer; Manager, 4; Senior Class Treasurer; Finance Chairman 1 22 Electric Show; Student-Faculty Committee; . . I. E. E; Advertising Club; Badger Staff, 4 Page 1 37 r The Badger- Carl R. Russell Superior COMMERCE Superior Normal, 1,2; Chi Phi. Cecil Ruffell Russell Chrislchurch, New Zealand CIVIL ENGINEERING Finsbury Technical College, London, England, 1, 2; International Club. 3, 4; President, 3; Instructor Radio En- gineers; A. I. E. E. ; A. S. C. E , 4. Thesis: Study of Overfkjw Weirs. Eldon B. Russell Madison agriculture Phi Kaj pa Sigma; Treasurer " Save a Life " Chinese Drive. 2; Decoration Committee University Exposition; E3ad- ger Poultry Club. 4. Thesis: Financing of Cheese Dealers in the Foreign Cheese Areas of Southern Wisconsin. Margaret A. Russell Superior LETTERS AND SCIENCE Superior Normal. I, 2. Rodger B. Russell Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Chi Rho; Badger Staff, 1 ; Circu- lation Manager, 2, 3; Photographer, 4; President ' s Guard; Captain Pistol Team. 2, 3; High Average, 3; Pistol Ex- pert, 3: Pistol Club President, 3; Scab- hard and Blade. Thesis: A Study of the Change in Con- ductivity of a Colloid With Coagulation. Arthur Rynders Madison MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Milwaukee Normal. 1. 2; A S. M. E Elisabeth M. Salter Unity HOME ECONOMICS Stevens Point Normal, I, 2; Gamma Alpha Epsilon; S. G. A. Board. 3; Euthenics Club. 3, 4. Thesis: The Early History of Home Economics in the united States. Maluena Elizabeth Sammis Madison letters and science Alpha Gamma Delta ; Hockey Team. 1 . 2 ; Bowling, 2, 3 ; W. A. A. ; Outing Club ; Tennis. 2; Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4; f resi- dent Intersorority Bowling. Edwin Wilfred Sanborn Waupun commerce Ripon College. I ; Phi Gamma Delta , Octopus, 2, 3, 4; Commerce Advisory Commission, 4. Katherine Sanborn Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Delta Delta Delta. Thesis Course. Leone F. Sander St. Louis, Mo. letters and science Monticello Seminary, 1,2; Kappa Kap- pa Gamma Walter G. Sanders Florence letters and science Milwaukee Normal, 1. 2. . Pott I II The Badger Eleanor Roberts Sanford La Crosse LETTERS AND SCIENCE La Crosse Normal. 1; Pi Beta Phi; Orchestra, 2, 3 ; Congregational Stu- dents ' Cabinet, 3 , 4 ; Homecoming Committee, 4; Y. W. C. A. Board. 3; S. G. A. District Chairman, 4; Campus Religious Council. Thesis; Governor C. C. Washburn. John Hallock Sarles Madison letters and science Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Student Court, 3; Congregational Stu- dents ' Cabinet ; Philomathia ; Sophomore Semi-Publics ; Associate Editor 1923 Badger; Memorial Union Drive. 4. Thesis: The United States Policy in Haiti and San IDomingo. Kenneth James Sayre Edgerton agriculture A. S. A. E. x. Kitchell Phelps Sayre Edgerton agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Saddle and Sirloin, Vice-President. 3 ; President. 4; International Live Stock Judging Team, 3; Little International Commit- tee, 3. Elizabeth E. Schafer White Haven, Pa. LETTERS and SCIENCE Pennsylvania State College. 1 ; Alpha Chi Omega; Orchesus; President Dol- phin Club, 4; " W " Wearer. Keystone, 4; W. A. A. Board;Outing Club, Board. 2; Swimming, Tennis Apparatus and Dancing Honors; Tennis Team, 2, 3; Hockey Team, 2, 3. Thesis: Fatigue and Its Relation to Bodv Posture. Mildred L. Schaefer Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee-Downer College. I, 2. Thesis: Development of Transportation in Milwaukee. Stanley N. Schafer Sheboygan commerce Social Science Club; Drive. Thesis: Agricultural United States. Memorial Union Credit in the Ella Martha Schalk Berlin LETTERS and SCIENCE 1iiwaukee Normal. I ; Intercollegiate Club, 3, 4. Thesis: Criticisms on Keats Written Since His Death. Aaron Scheinfeld Milwaukee LAW Phi Sigma Delta; Frosh Declamatory Contest; Athenae; President J. S. A. Interfraternity Conference 2 years. Ralph Scheinpflug Boscobel letters AND science Delta UMilon; Skull and Crescent; Pi Epsilon Delta; White Spades; Wiscon- sin University Players; Curtain Club; Senior Play, 2; Union Vodvil, 2, 4; Uni- versity Circus, 2; Production Manager Prom Play. 3; I amatic Editor 1922 Badger; Manager Varsity Welcome, 2; Assistant Director Varsity Movies. Thesis: The Personality Asset and the Function of the Department of Speech in Its Development. Florence Carolyne Schenck Madison letters and science Thesis: The Curves of Farm Prices in Relation to Wage Curves. Lester F. Schenkenberg Milwaukee COMME.RCB Alpha Chi Rho; Commerce Club; Ad- vertising Manager Commerce Mag- azine; Advertising Club. Secretary, 4; Sophomore Commission; Track, I, 2; Advertising Staff, 1923 Badger; Com- merce Advisory Commission. 2b Page 139 The Badger- !x Edward George Schernecker Madison agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; non " W " Repre- sentative of Athletic Eioard, 3. 4; Saddle and Siloin Club. 2, 3; A. S. A. E.. Sec- retary and Treasurer. 3, 4; Varsity Fcot Ball. 2, 3. 4; Newman Club, University ' Post of American Legion, 2, 3; Twenty Months in U. S. N. Aviation; " W " 4. Raymond Arthur Schidlo Weslfield letters and science EiLER R. K. Schjolberg Krisiiania, Norway MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Bodo Gymnasium, I . Esther Schlimcen Madison letters and science Newman Club. Thesis: Tennyson ' s Treatment of Eng- lish Landscape in In Mcmoriam. Helen Elizabeth Schlosser Milwaukee letters and science Delta Delta Delta; Badger Staff, 3; (Vtopus Staff. I; Junior Prom Special f-catures Committee; Homecoming :ommittee, 2 : Ciirls Bowling Team. 2. Elmer Ellsworth Schluessel Algoma pharmacy Kappa Pii. Thesis: Hlstolofy of Panax Quinquifo- lium. Chester J. Schmidt Monroe mechanical engineering Pi Tau Sigma; University Band, 1, 2. 4; A. S. M; E., 3.4. Lewis A. Schmidt, Jr. Milwaukee civil engineering Carroll College. I ; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Engineers Minstre ls, 2. 4; A. S. C. E. 3, 4. Thesis: Determination of Loss of Head in a Pipe Line Due to a " 2. " Insertion Formed by 2 Elbows. Samuel Frederick Schmidt Madison letters and science Northwestern I Iniversity. I . Dominic F. Schmit Port Washington electrical engineering A I. E E , 3. 4; Military Ball. 3; Elec- trical Show. 3; Captain. R. O. T, C ; Signal Club, 3, 4. Myrtle Dorothy Schneider Madison letters and science Thesis: The Expenditures of the Fed- eral Government. RuFus A. Schneiders Marathon medicine Phi Beta Pi. Thesis: The Determination of the Age of Children by Means of the Os- ifjcation Centers of the Hand . . Patt 140 Tine Badger- Fred Schnell Portage LETTERS AND SCIENCE Philomathea; Square and Compass; Deutscher Verein. Thesis: The American Occupation at Coblenn- Maynard Michael Scholl Fond du Lac LETTERS AND SCIENCE I ' hesis: Ownership Grouping of Amer- ican Railroads. Hugo P. Schreier Cashton PHARMACY Kappa Psi. Thesis: Cypripedium, Annieta Harms Schroeder Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Orchesus; Senior Editor 1923 Badger; Chairman Prom Committee. 3 ; Memor- ial Union Drive; W. A. A.; Sophomore Dance Committee; IDancing Honors. Thesis: The Use of Job Analysis in Fixing of Wages and Upgrading. Walter Edward Schuetz Milwaukee AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin, 2, 3, 4; Art Editor Country Magazine, 1, 2. 3; University Exposition Publicity Staff; Little International Publicity. I, 2. 3; Art Staff 1923 and 1924 Badger; Octopus. 2. 3, 4. Joseph A. Schulkin Milwaukee pharmacy Milwaukee Normal. 1. 2; Menorah; Menorah Choral Club; Palestine Build- ers; Treasurer Menorah Society, 4. Thesis; A History of Russian Phar- macy. Florence C. Schweizer La Crosse letters and science University of California. 1, 2; French Club; Arts and Crafts Club. Margaret A. Schwenker Cincinnati, Ohio HOME economics University of Cincinnati, 1. 2; S. G. A. Board. 3; German Club, 3. 4; Euthenics Club, 4; Lutheran Student Cabinet. 4. Thesis: The Comparative Antirachitic Value of Meat arKi Certain Sea Foods. Adrian Scolten Inwood, Iowa letters and science McGill University, I ; Editorial Writer Cardinal. 2; President of Cardinal Board of Cx ntrol, 3; General Chairman Charity Ball Mixer, 2, 3; [ resident oi Campus Religious Council. 3; Gun and Blade; Secretary South Dakota Club. 3 ; Editorial Writer Country Magazine, 2; Octopus. 2; f iblicity Director Union Eioard Concert Series and Music Memory Contest, 2. 3; University Post American Legion, 2. 3, 4; International Club, 3, 4; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia; Press Club. 2, 3, 4; University Exposi- tion, 2; Council of Forty. Norman D. Scott Sioux Falls, S. D. COMMERCE Pi Kappa Alpha; Octopus Circulation Manager, 2; Associate Business 1an- ager, 3 ; Homecoming Committee, 3 ; Prom Committee. 3. Thesis Course. William H. Searls Chicago, III. AGRICULTURE Ciun and Blade; Badger Poultry Club; Treasurer. 2; President, 4. Thesis: Insulation of Poultry Houses. Cedric Edward Seaman Ripon JOURNALISM Ripon College. 1,2; Alpha Sigma Phi; Delta Pi IDelta; American Legion; Press Club; Board of Editors Octopus, 3; Associate Editor, 4 ; Assistant Night Editor Cardinal, 3 ; Desk Editor Sum- mer Session Cardinal, 4; Homecoming Committee, 4; Satire Editor 1924 Bad- ger; Chairman Programs C. I. P. A. Convention, 4. Thesis: Country Weekly Advertising. Page 141 The Badger- Fred Carl Seibold Joseph C. Sexton Camp Douglas Madison LAW LETTERS AND SCIENCE Phi Alpha Delta; Artus; Phi Beta Kap- Thesis: The Underwriting Function of pa. Investment Bankers. Albert John Seitz Cashton PHARMACY Thesis: Lobelia. Mildred Smith Sell Madison letters AND SCIENCE Superior Normal, 1,2; Chi Omega. LiONA Sellers Pipestone, Minn. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Delta Zeu. Thesis: The Standardization of Amer- ican Peptones in Culture Media and the Relation of the Virulence of the Organisms to the Growth. Werner I. Sender Madison MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M E.. 3. 4. Marjorie R. Severance Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Phi; Crucible; Mortar Board; W, A. A., Secretary. 3; President. 4; ' W " Wearer; Badger Boiard; President. Cirecn Button; Sophomore Commis- sion; Chairman Prom Program Com- mittee. Thesis: Employers Mocives. Helen Frances Shafer Wauwatosa LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal. 1. 2. John Minke Shafrin Milwaukee COMMERCE Phi Sigma Delta; Prom Committee, 4 Military Ball, 2; Commerce Magazine Advertising Club, 3, 4; R. O. T. C. Lieutenant, 3; Captain, 4. Thesis: The Organization and Adminis- tration of a Candy Business. Helen Frances Shaidnagle Milwaukee letters and science Clef Club, 1, 2, 3. 4; Treasurer. 2; Glee Club, 3. 4; Archery Team. 2. Thesis: The Influence of Tennyson in America. Fern Shannon Indianola, Iowa journalism Simpson College. 1. 2. 3. 4; Alpha Chi Omega; Press Club. Thesis: An Analysis of the Crime News in Modern Newspapers. Charles L. Shag Shanghai, China letters and science Tsing Hu College, 1, 2; Member of ViRtnti; Local Committee Chinese Stu- dents ' Christian Association of U. S. A. P K 142 Tine Badger X iis Herman Joseph Shapiro Chicago, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Freshman Track; Varsity Track, 2; Menorah, i. 2, 3, 4. Ralph VV. Sharp Orleans, Mich. letters and science Iowa State Teachers College. 1, 2; Delta Phi Delta ; University Men ' s Glee Club. Thesis: The Use and Effect of Color Pigments in Cement and Concrete. Alice Merle Shaw Madisi)n journalism Alpha Chi Omega; Mortar Board; President Yellow Tassel ; Twelfth Night ; Treasurer. 3; President. 4; Freshman and Sophomore Commissions: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3, 4; Pre-Prom Play, 3; Keystone. 3. 4; Crucible. 3; Wisconsin University Players. Vice-President. 4. Thesis: The Dramatic Criticism of William Winter in the New York Tribune. Gladys M. Shaw Madison COMMERCE Beloit College. 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Council. Ralph Shaw La Crosse CHEMICAL ENGINEERING La Crosse Normal. 1. 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Mary Beatrice Shear Rosslyn, Va. letters and science Choral Union. Thesis: Application of Modern Class- room Methods to Modern Science Teaching. John Wesley Shelhammer Blackwell COMMERCE Gun and Blade. Thesis: Analysis of Real Estate Ad- vertisements and Services. Elsie Besley Sherman Vienna, Va. letters and science University of Minnesota. I ; Country Life Club. 3. 4. Thesis: Investigations Concerning Al- leged Correlation Between Size of Head and Intelligence. Elizabeth L. Sholes Short Hills, N. J. letters and science Barnard College. 2 ; Kappa Alpha Theta . French Club; Basket Ball Team. 1. 2; Badger Staff. 3. Worth Edward Shoults Alexandria, Va. letters and science Chi Phi; Iron Cross; White Spades; Phi Kappa Phi; Artus; President. Y. M. C. A.. 4; Homecoming Chairman. 4; Ed- itor Athletic Review. 3. 4; Philomathia. 2. 3; Council of Forty. 3, 4; Sophomore Honors. Thesis: The Changing Attitude of the Press Toward Labor. Mabel Caroline Showers Madison MUSIC Girls ' Glee Club, 3, 4. Thesis: Musical Competition as ai EdLicativc Agency. Dorothy Sickels Sickeltown, N. Y. letters and SCIENCE Cornell University, 1 ; French Club Play Committee. 4 ; Charity Ball Com- mittc. 3; French Club. 3. 4; Secretary. 3 ; Literary Magazine Circulation Man- ager, 3 ; Assistant Business Manager Literary Magazine. 4. Thesis: Byron ' s Dramatic Works. Pat l i The Badger Margaret Baur Sickels Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Gamma Delta; French Club; Spanish Club. 1 hesis: Martinez Sierra. Fredrick Seaton Siebert Mountain Iron, Minn. journalism Kveleth Jr College, 1; IDclta Pi Delta; Director Central Interscholastic Press Association; Haresfoot Productions; Cardinal Staff; Reporter. 2; Press Club; Union Vodvil, 3; Prom Committee, 3; Homecoming Committee, 4; Venetian Night Committee; Badger Staff, 3; f-eature Section; Memorial Union Drive. Irmcard E. Siecmeyer Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal, 1.2; German Club; Girls ' Glee Club; French Club; Interna- tion Club. Thesis Course. Allison William Sievers Milwaukee agriculture Saddle and Sirloin Club. Charles Albert Silver Milwaukee chemical engineering Lawrence College, 1.2; Chemical Engi- neers ' Societ.v. 3, 4. Charles Eugene Silver Milwaukee mechanical engineering Triangte; A. S, M. E., 3. 4; Secretary. 4; Badger Ski Club; O. R. C; A O,; U. S Service. Lucille Simpson Fort Wayne, Ind. letters and science Badger Staff, 3 ; Assistant Editor Alumni Section; Secretary Y. W. C. A, Cabinet Council, 4; Girl Reserves, 3, 4; Presbyterian Student Cabinet, 2, 3. ViRDELLE Simpson Hamburg, Ark. HOME ECONOMICS University of Arkansas, I, 2; Kappa Delta; Gamma Alpha Kpsilon; Euthen- ics; Castalia. Thesis: Nutritional Study of Children. Abraham Sinaiko Madison MEDICINE Menorah, I, 2, 3, 4; Palestine Builders 3,4; Crew Coxswain, I ; Varsity Circus, Thesis: Effect of Morphine on the Oxygen and.Carbon Dioxide Cx)ntent of the Blood. Claire Mildred Sires Sut erior letters AND SCIENCE Superior Normal, I. 2; French Club. 3. 4 Thesis: The Philosophical Technology of Lucretius, Rodney A. Slagg Fort Atkinson letters and SCIENCE Whitewater Normal, I. Thesis: Bioloosv Teaching in Wisconsin; Fundamental Principles and Survey of Courses. Sara Elizabeth Slater Viroqua HOME ECONOMICS Thesis: The Woman ' s Ready-to-Wcar Industry Since the War. X Pag 144 Tine Badger =b John Slezak Racine MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. ; Hcsperia. Hellen Frances Smallshaw Coldwater, Mich. journalism Afpha Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Orchesus; Press Club; Cardinal Staff. 2, 3 ; Badger Staff. 2, 3; Dancing Team. 1.2; Dancing Honors. 2; W. A. A. Board, 4; Prom Committee, 3. Thesis: A Study of Newspaper Fea- tures Designed to Ap[ eal to Women. John Wilfred Smart Montello electrical engineering Theta Xi; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E.; Badger Staff. 3; Wisconsin Engineer, 3. 4. Editor. 4. C. Richard Smith Superior medicine Superior Normal. 1,2- Thesis: Specificity of Autolytic Eln- rymes. Doris M. Smith Lockporl, A ' . Y. LETTERS and SCIENCE Bradford Academy. 1.2; Kappa Delta; Y. W C A. Cabinet Council. 3 ; Y. W. C A Cabinet. 4; Y. W. Delegate at Hot Spring, Ark., National Convention, 3. Edna Louise Smith Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Gamma Phi Beta; Phi Beta Kappa. Thesis: The Influence of the French Parnassians on the Poetry of James Elrov Flecker. Edward Magruder Smith Chicago, III. AGRICULTURE University of Illinois, 1 ; Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin. Ellen Wrenne Smith Green Bay LETTERS AND SCIENCE Trinity College. I. 2. Eno a. Smith Marion pharmacy Delta Pi»Epsilon. Thesis. Cimicifuga. Ermin a. S.MITH Wisconsin Rapids LETTERS AND SCIENCE Stevens Point Normal, i. 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Foot Ball. 3. Thesis Course. Harold Clare Smith Jefferson LAW Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi. Harold Clinton Smith Hollise, Maine commerce Commerce Advisory Commission. 3. 4; Cross Country Squad. 2; Varsity Ex- position. 3; Athenae. 4. :x Pate US The Badgei- J. William Smith Madison COMMERCE MiLO Ervin Smith Huron, S. D. commerce Pi Kappa Alpha; Octopus; Assistant Advertising Manager, 2; Advertising Manager, 3 ; Assistant Business Man- ager, 4 : South Dakota Club; Press Club; Advertising Club. Margaret J. Sneathen Baraboo music Percival George Snyder Clinton AGRICULTURE A. S. A. E.; Saddle and Sirloin; Agric Triangle; Country Life Club; Wrestling. James Henry Sobey Dodgeville ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING First Regimental Band, 2, 3, 4; A (-.. E. Fernando Sola Torino Argentine Republic, S. A. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Buenos Aires University, 1,2; Spanish Instructor, 2, 3, 4; I nternatiorul Club, 3, 4; Secretary. 4; Honorary Member Spanish Club, 3. 4; A. I. E. E. 4; Argentine Delegate South American Qub Univeraicy of Pennsylvania 1921. Eva Marcretha Sommers Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Chemistry Club, 2, 3. George Robert Spangenberc Racine letters AND SCIENCE Sigma Phi Epsilon; Chemistrv Cluh. 2, 3, 4. Thesis: Vinyl Bromide. Alfred C. Sorensen Luck commerce I! eita Pi Epsilon; Student Cabinet: American Legion. Thesis: Cash Discounts. Ralph Ferdinand Spetz Milwaukee civil engineering Freshman Track Captain; Varsitv Track. 2, 3, 4; Captain, 4; Star and Arrow; " W " Club; Pi Kappa Alphfa. Thesis: The Effect of Delay in Placing Concrete. Gordon Peter Spielman Park Ridge, III. mechanical engineering A S M II.: A. S. H. and V. E. Harold j. Spielman Park Ridge, III. CHEMICAL engineering Delta Kappa Epsilon. I Pott 146 The Badger Ralph J. Sprague Eagle AGRICULTURE Square Club; Saddle and Sirloin Adolph William Sprain West Salem LETTERS AND SCIENCE I.a Crosse Normal. 1, 2; Alpha Chi Rho; Student Cabinet Luther Memorial Church. ' Ihe.sis: Taxation of Public Utilities in Texas and Virginia. George Edward Sprecher Madison commerce Commerce Magazine, 3. 4; Commerce Club Frances Claire Stack Duluth, Minn. HOME economics C. ' . liege of St. Scholastica, 1 ; F.uthenics Club. Elmer C. Stahlkopf Hot icon commerce Delta Pi Epsilon; Athenae. DwiGHT F. Stalker St. Anthony, Idaho mechanical engineering University of Idaho. I ; A. S. M. E. Helen A. Staudenmayer Portage letters and science Beloit College. 1.2. Homer J AMES Steel Milivaukee mechanical engineering A s. M. E. Leah Emma Steele Sparta LETTERS and SCIENCE Thesis: The Development and Modern Uses of Pewter. J EROME Reed Steen W. Bloomfield, N. Y. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E.; Signal Club; Wisconsin En- gineer. 4; R. O. T. C, First Lieutenant. 3; Captain. 4. Alice M. Steenberg La Crosse letters and science Milton C. Stephen Milwaukee electrical engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; Freshman Track; interfraternity Conference, 3. 4. Thesis: Tests to [Determine the Effects of Consistency and Gradation of Ag- gregate on Different Mi.xesof Concrete 2i .. Page 147 The Badger Waldo Edward Steidtmann Sauk City LETTERS AND SCIENCE German Club; U. S. Service. Thesis; The Stem Anatomy of Our Native Ashes. Frances Stein Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal, 1 . Thesis; Comparison of Hawthorne ' s and Poe ' s Art in Short Stories. Mildred Elizabeth Stein Harbor Springs, Mich. public school music Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union. 2. 3. George Steinmetz La Farge CIVIL engineering Triangle Fraternity; A. A. E.; A. S. C. E.; Square Club; U. S. Service. Thesis: Investigation of the Economics of Storage, at the Junction of the East Fork With the Black River, for Addi- tional Water Power Development at Hatfield. Wisconsin. Myron Ray Stevens Madison letters and science Delta Upsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Varsity Base Ball Manager. Thesis: On the Un.saponifiable Portion of Certain Fats. Emma G. Stevning Stephen, Minn. pre-medic Valley City. N D. State Teachers ' OiUege. I. 2; W A. A ; Varsity Out- door Base Ball. J; Hockey Team. 2 Frederick C. Stewart WrenshoU, Minn. mechanical engineering A. S. M. E. Robert Bruce Stewart Madison letters and science Phi Beta Kappa; Artus; Delta Sigma Rho; Alpha Chi Rho; Iron Cross; White Spades; Vilas Medal; Sophomore High Honors; Fifty-First Joint Debate. 2. Intercollegiate Debating. ; Sophomore Semi-Public Debate Closer; Philo- mathia. Treasurer. 2; President, 3; Forensic Eioard. President. 3 ; Student Senate. President. 3. 4; Arts and Crafts Club. 2. 3; President, 2; Council of Forty. 3. 4; President. 4; University Ex- position. 2; Commerce Advisory Com- mission. President. 3; Chairman Home- coming Massmeeting. 4. Thesis: Requirements Satisfied by Joint and Intercollegiate Debates. Theodore E. Stickle Cottage Grove commerce Helen K. Stilwill Sioux City, Iowa letters and science Sigma Kappa; Associate Editor 1923 Badger. Thesis: The Taxation of Public Service Corporations in Iowa. Florence Stolte Reedsburg LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Phi; Freshman and Sophomore Commissions; Y, W. C A,; Cabinet Council. 2, 3; S G A Executive Coun- cil 3; Memorial Union Drive, 3. Olaf L, Stokstad Edgerton agriculture Badger Club, I, 2. 1. 4; Saddle and Sir- loin. 4; Wrestling, 2. 3. Pafl4t The Badger Leona E. Stratz Fond du Lac LETTERS AND SCIENCE St. Clara College. I, 2, 3; Intercollegiate Club John J. Stream Chicago, III. AGRICULTURE Thesis: Speculation and the Chicago Board ofTrade. Reeve Orno Strock Polo, III. electrical engineering Lewis Institute. 1; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. 2. 3. 4; Engi- neers Minstrels, 2; Electrical Show, 3; Polygon. 3. 4; The Wisconsin Engineer, 3 ; Staff Member Radio J;tation WHA. Thesis: Investigation of a State Radio- phone Broadcasting Station. Deloris Alfred Strommen Cambridge agriculture Country Life Club; A. S. A. E.; Agricul- tural Triangle. Marian Caldwell Strong Anligo JOURNALISM Milwaukee Normal. I. 2; Pythia. 3. 4. Thesis: The Art of Interviewing. Edmund Pennel Strothman Milwaukee mechanical engineering Chi Psi; Haresfoot Club; Student Fac- ulty. 3; Ice Carnival. 2; Theta Tau; Homecoming, 4; Freshman Gym Team. Helen Elisabeth Stuckey Rockford, 111. letters and science Trinity College, 1, 2; Kappa Alpha Theta; S. G. A., 4; Newman Club. Julius J. Stueber Juneau agriculture Delta Sigma Phi; Babcock Science Club, 3, 4; U. S. Service. Dairy Henriette a. Suess Negaunee, Mich. home economics Phi Mu; Euthenics Club. Thesis: A Comparative Study of Hemo- lytic Streptococci by Some Newer Methods. John Frederick Sullivan, J r. Hurley mechanical engineering AlphaSigmaPhi; a. S. M. E ; a. A E ; Assistant Purchasing Agent 1922 Bad- ger. Susie Sullivan Marshfield letters and science Iowa State Teacher ' s College, 1 . Thesis: Social OrigirM in Lucretius. Edith Beatrice Suppicer Highland, III. letters and science Monticello Seminary, I ; Phi Omega Pi ; French Club, 4; Gun and Blade Play, 3. Thesis: Cythological Study of Some Rusts. Pat ' 149 The Badger 2v ToKiTARO Suzuki Aiea, Oahu, T. H. LETTERS AND SCIENCE University of Hawaii. 1.2; International C-lub, 3, 4; Social Science Club, 4; Base- ball Team, 3; Track. 3; Varsity Wrest- ling. 3. I hesis: Price Movements and Business Cycles. Carrie A. Swails Roosevelt LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee Normal. 1, 2;S. G. A. Board, 3,4. , Helen M. Swensen Madison LETTERS and SCIENCE -Alpha Chi Omega. Thesis: The Scientific Basis of Wage Payment. John Dewey Swift Darlington COMMERCE Phi Sigma Kappa. Robert Hart Sykes Madison agriculture Theta Delta Chi; F ' oothail. 3. 4; ' Basket Ball. 2. 3;Track, 3, 4. W Robert Russell Sy.mons DodgevilU commerce University Post of American LcBion; U. S. Service. Francis Von Szeliski Madison agriculture Hockey; Ag Triangle; A. S. A. E. Guy Kasten Tallmadce Milwaukee MEDICINE Marquette University, I; Phi Chi; Ed- itor, Wisconsin Literary Magazine. Thesis: Studies in Gynaecology. William Joseph Tannewitz Madison letters and science Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Epsilon Delta; Edwin Booth, 1. 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 3, 4; Prom Play, 2, 3; Senior Play, 2; Union Vodvil, 3; Daily Cardinal, 2, 3; Special Writer, 3; Press Club, 2, 3; Prom Com- mittee, 3. Phyllis Wright Taxman Kirkwood letters and science W. a. a. Treasurer. 4; Dolphin Club. Vice-President. 4; ' W Wearer; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Council. 3 ; Outing Club; Physical Education Club, Board. 4; Varsity Basket Ball; Hockey; Indoor Baseball, and Outdoor Baseball. Lloyd Raymond Taylor Rhinelander agriculture Phi Gamma Delta; Commodore Var- sity Crew, 4; Saddle and Sirloin, Treas- urer, 3 ; Babcock Dairy Science Club, 4 ; Secretary and Treasurer, 4; A. C. F- ' , [3oard. 4; Wisconsin in China Division Leader, 3. Ruth Blanche Teare Stillwater, Minn. letters and science a Phi. Theta Stgmi Thesis; Leading Women Writers of Today, Magazine Paa ISO The Badger GusTAV Kenneth Tebell Aurora, III. COMMERCE Delta Kappa Epsilon; Iron Cross; White Spades; Star and Arrow; Inner- gate; Football " W " 2, 3, 4; Basket Ball " W, 2, 3. 4; Captain, 4; Baseball, 3, 4 " W " Club; President Athletic Bioard Class President, 3; Council of Forty Student Senate; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Edward H. Templin Baraboo AGRICULTURE Wrestling Team, 2, 3, 4; Captain, 4; A. S. A. E, 4; Saddle and Sirloin, 2, 4; Agric Triangle, 4. Albert M. Ternes Ridgeway AGRICULTURE Agricultural Literary Societv; Mercier Club. George Walter Iesch Port Washington CHE.VIICAL engineering Chemical Engineering Society. WiLLARD John Tesch Port Washington CHEMICAL engineering Tau .Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Chemical Engineering Society. Robert Cole Thomas Sheboygan Falls agriculture l arm House President, 4; Alpha Zeta; Babcock Dairy Science Club Vice Pres- ident, 4; Gun and Blade, Treasurer, 2; Square Club; Saddle and Sirloin. Earl J. Thompson Cottage Grove commerce F. Louise Thompson Madison home economics Euthenics Club, 2, 3. 4; Secretary, 3 Pythia. 2. 3, 4; Censor, 3; Badger Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, 4; Country Magazine Staff, 3; A. C. F. Board, 3 Gamma Alpha Epsilon. Helen Y. Thompson West Point, Nebr. home economics University of Nebraska, 1, 2; Delta Delta Delta. Thesis: Interior Decoration. John Cameron Thompson Oshkosh LETTERS and SCIENCE Ripon College, 1 , 2 ; Phi Delta Phi. J. William Thompson Wabasha, Minn. commerce Sophomore Commission ; Commerce Advisory Commission ; Delta Sigma Phi. Thesis: The Bank Acceptance. Marion R. Thompson Madison HOME ECONO.MICS Kappa Delta ; Gamma Alpha Epsilon ; Euthenics; Castalia. Thesis: A Study of the Efficiency of Various Chemical Preservatives in Chemistry. . Page IS I ( The Badger Truman Thompson Taylor COMMERCE Athenae. Thesis Course. Gordon Stuart Thomson Duluth, Minn. commerce Alpha Chi Rho; Circulation Manager Commerce Magazine; Commerce Club; Interfratcrnity Council ; Commerce Advisory Commission; Sophomore Com- mission; Ways and Means Committee 1922 Homecoming. Thesis: The Economic Justification of the Modern Grain Exchange. . Florence Marie Thoren Rock Grove, III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Mary Elizabeth Thorkelson East Orange, N. J. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Phi; Y. W. C. A. Sophomore Commission; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3, 4; President Red Gauntlet; Keystone, 2; W A A, 2. 3.4. Samuel H. Ting Peking, China CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Tsin(5 Hua College. 1 ; Chemical Engi- neers ' Society; Science Society of China. American Section; Chinese Stu- dents ' Alliance in America; C. S. C ■ C S. S. C. Thesis: Electrolysis of Sodium Chlor- ide. Harold Heber Tobin Mellen CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Margaret Louise Toepfer Madison HOME economics Thesis: Bacteriological Study of Rel- ishes. Bronson D. Tolman Bel ry, Mont. AGRICULTURE Montana State College, 1. 2. 3; Saddle and Sirloin; Apis Club; Rifle Team. Thesis: Feeding Beef Cattle Under Western Conditions. N. Richard Torrison Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Beloit College, 1.2; Beta Theta Pi. Arthur Towell Milwaukee LAW Phi Alpha Delta; Octopus Staff. Ad- vertising Manager. 4; Business Man- ager. 5; Badger Staff. 3; Senior Di- rector Advertising Club. 5. Hubert Force Townsend Hot Springs, Ark. journalism Phi Kappa Sigma; Skull and Crescent; Ku Klux Klan; Sigma Delta Chi; Delta Pi Delta; Wisconsin Athletic Review. 3; Octopus. 2. 3; Editor. 4 ; Haresfoot Club. 2.3; Vice-president. 4 ; Council of Forty ; Press Club. Thesis: The Development of Art in Newspaper Advertising. Leonard Nathaniel Trachte Madison pharmacy Kappa Psi. Thesis: The Histology Canadensia " Okra. " of Hibiscus Paf If 2 The Badger- Louis M. Traiser New Richmond ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E, E. 2, 3.4. Thomas Alanson Tredwell Brooklyn. N. Y. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Delta Phi; Tennis Team. 2, 3. 4; Captain. 3. 4; Hockey, 3. 4; " W " ; Ath- letic Board. 3. 4; Chairman Wisconsin in China Drive; Y. M. C. A. Junior Council. 3; Cabinet. 4, Thesis: Land Values on the Square o Madison. Helen Trettien Toledo, Ohio LETTERS AND SCIENCE Toledo University. 1,2; Phi Mu; S. G. A. Eioard. 3 ; Outing Club. Thesis; Psychology in Tennyson. Clare A. Trier Hurley JOURNALISM Press Club, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, Barnard, 4. Thesis: Women Editors of Community Papaers. WiLMA Marie Trost Milwaukee commerce Milwaukee Downer, I ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Memorial Union Drive; W. A. A. Board, 4; Baseball. 2. 3; Varsity, 2; Women ' s Commerce Club; Treasurer Outing Club, 4; Union Vodvil, 3. Isabel Trotter Virginia, Minn. letters and science Carleton College. 1 ; Chi Omega; Badger Staff. 3. 4; Secretary to Business Man- ager. 4; President of Pan-Hellenic Asso- ciation. 4; Memorial Union Drive. Thesis: The Eighteenth Amendment. Richard Adelbert Trotter Virginia, Minn. mechanical engineering A. S. M. E. Frederick N. Trowbridge Viroqua letters and science Beloit College. 1.2; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Phi Delta Phi. Lionel C. Tschudy Monroe civil engineering Track. 3. 4; " W " Cross Country, 4; A. S. C. E.; Square Club; Square and Compass. Thesis: investigation of a Water Power Project at Sand Portage on the Me- nominee River. Kathrin Marie Tufts Eau Claire letters and science Eau Claire Normal, 1. J. Fletcher Turgeson Richland Center medicine Gun and Blade. Thesis; Ankylosis of the Knee Joint, Beatrice Chouteau Turner St. Louis, Mo. letters and science Washington University, I ; Kappa Alpha Theta; W. A. A.; Tennis Honors; Hockey Team, 2; Squads, 3, 4; Indoor Baseball Squads. 2; Memorial Union Drive. 3 ; Venetian Night Parade Com- mittee, 3. Page I S3 The Badger Katharine Elizabeth Turney Fairfield, Iowa LETTERS AND SCIENCE Parsons College, 1.2; Gamma Phi Beta; Trench Club; Black Bat. .Acnes Neubauer Tuttle Madison letters and science Delta Phi Delta, 3. 4; Secretary. 4; Arts and Crafts Club. 2, 3. Thesis: The Use of Coloring in a Ten Thousand Dollar Home. Elizabeth Tuttle Shultsburg letters and science V. A. A.; Physical Education Club; Dancing Honors and Team. 2; Indoor Baseball Squad. I ; Gibbons Club. Thesis; Local Color of Wisconsin in Lit- erature. Kathleen Lucile Tyler Clidden LETTERS and SCIENCE St. Mary ' s College, 1 ; Alpha Chi Omega. George Mackenzie Unbreit Milwaukee commerce Phi Delta Theta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Skull and Crescent; Commerce Maga- zine StafT, 3. Elizabeth Sanders Updyke Princeton, N. J. letters and science Trenton New Jersey State Normal, 1.2; lnterct)lleaiate Club. Thesi!»; Morphology of Dothidiella. William Robert Usher Rhinelander commerce Secretary Red Arrow Club. tain Memorial Union Drive. 2. 3; Cap- Sicrud Byron Utgaard Deer Park commerce Athenae; Track, 1 ; U. S. Service. William F. Vander Kodde Sheboygan electrical engineering Dorothy Ruth Van Holten Milwaukee home economics Milwaukee Normal. I ; Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Euthenics; Wesley Cabinet. Thesis; An Ejtperimental Comparison of the Value of Proprietary Floor Finish- ings. Merle Van Horn New Orleans, La. home economics Newcomb College, I ; I hi Mu; Euthenics Club. Thesis: Comparison of Domestic and Imported Cotton and Linen Textiles. Richard J. Van Tassel Whitehall letters and science Stevens Point Normal. 1,2; Delta Chi; Artus; Square Club. Thesis; Industrial Rehabilitation. Pan If 4 The Badger ' Blanche Adelia V ' astine Oak Park. III. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Alpha Gamma Delta: Freshman and Sophomore Commissions Y. W. C. A,; S. G. A. Board. 2; Sophomore Class Cx)mmittee. Thesis: Henri Bataille. Clarence B. Vilberc Mt. Horeb CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E. Thesis: Concrete Building Design. Herman F. Veit Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Zeta Eieta Tau; Swimming Team, 1. fhesis; The Effect of the Hydrogen Ion in the Precipitation of Calcium in the Presence of Magnesium. Charles J. Vergin Poysipfji MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Oshkosh Normal, 1 ; A. S. M. E., 3, 4. Dane Eloise Vermilion Centerville, Iowa JOURNALISM Welleslev College, 1, 2; Gamma Phi Beta ; Theta Sigma Phi : Press Clu " ; Red Domino, 3. 4; President, 4; Production Manager Wisconsin University Players. Francis A. V ' etter Fond du Lac commerce Ripon College, i. 2. Gerhart F. Vetter Stevens Point COMMERCE Stevens Point Normal. 1,2; Delta Chi; Commerce Advisory Commission. Roberto Pedro V ' illatuya Luisiana, Laguna, P. I. CIVIL engineering Tri-State College of Engineering, 1,2; A. S. C. E., 3, 4; A. A. E., 4; Treasurer Philippine Badger Club, 3, 4. Thesis: The Relative Value of Limited Records of Stream Flow. Melvin Carl Viste Sawyer agriculture Agriculture Literary Society, 1, 2. 3, 4; ' ice-President, 4; Saddle and Sirloin. 2, 3. 4; .Agric Triangle, 1, 2. Theo. J. Vitcenda Prairie du Sac mining engineering Mining Club; U. W. C. E. Club. Thesis: The Effect of Temperature of Mixing Water Upon the Strength of Concrete. Norman James Volk Oconto Falls agriculture Philip W. Voltz Madison agriculture Sigma Chi; Saddle and Sirloin. 2; Hesperia, 2. 3, 4; Carnpus Religious Council. 4; Wisconsin Social Science Club, Treasurer, 2 ; Secretary, 3 ; Vice- President, 4; Agric Triangle; Country Life Club, 2. 3; Vice-President, 4; Inter- mural Football. 2; International Club; World Agriculture Society, Vice-Presi- dent, 4; Sophomore Football; Varsity Wrestling Squad, 2. 3; Country Mag- azine Staff, 3 ; University Egg Show ; Publicitv Manager; Memorial Union Drive U. S. Service. Pof ISS The Badger Theodore Votteler Waukesha CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Acacia Fraternity; Chemical Engineers Society; Tau Beta Pi. Gerald Charles Wade Wauwatosa agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Cross Country • ' W, 2; Varsity Track " AWA " , 3; Star and Arrow; Varsity Cross Country Team. 3 ; Varsity Track. 4; Glee Club, 2, 3 ; Agricultural Triangle. Irving L. Wade Wauwatosa mechanical engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Varsity Track Team, 2, 3, 4. Ruth Elizabeth Wadmond Delavan LETTERS and SCIENCE Theta Sigma Phi; Press Club; Daily Cardinal Reporter, 2; Special Writer; Assistant Women ' s Editor, 3 ; Badger Staff. 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Board 2; S. G. A. Publicity Chairman. 3 ; Women ' s Ed- itor Summer Cardinal, 3. Ellia Wain Chisholm, Minn. LETTERS AND SCIENCE University of Minnesota, 2, 3. Nanie Walden Donald, Ohio CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Milwaukee School of Engineering, I, 2;A S. C. E. The.sis: Highway Relocation (County Trunk " B ' T- Albert Livingston Walker Oak Park, III. MECHANICAL ENGINEERI.NG Pi Tau Sigma; American Society o Mechanical Engineers. Howard M. Walker Madison LETTERS AND SCIENCE Arthur Raymond Wall Antigo LETTERS AND SCIENCE Sigma Alpha Epsilon; U. S. Service. Selma Wai.lesz Milwaukee LETTERS A.ND SCIENCE Phi Omega Pi; Lake Geneva Conference. 1 ; Y. W. C. A. Board. 2; French Club, 3, 4 ; Memorial Union Committee, 3 ; Prom Committee, 4 ; Badger Drive Committee, 4. Bernadette Walsh Madison LETTERS and SCIENCE Eau Claire Normal, I, 2. Josephine Walters Oak Park, III. JOURNALISM Kappa Kappa Gamma; Thcta Sigma Phi; F ' reshman 6i Sophomore 0 m- missions; Cabinet Council; Cardinal Re- porter, 2, PattlSe Thie Badger- Herman O. Walther Madison COMMERCE Alpha Pi Delta: Beta Gamma Sigma: Commerce Baseball. 2; Commerce Crew, 3; Freshman Crew; Junior Var- sity Crew; Hesperia. 2. 3; First Regi- mental Band. 4; Orchestra. 2, 3; Presi- dent Commerce Advisory Commission. 4; President Commerce Club. 4; Me- morial Union Drive. 3. 4; American Legion. Thesis; Real Estate Bonds. Gilbert Emanuel Ward Fond du Lac LETTERS AND SCIENCE Beta Theta Pi ; Gun and Blade. Thesis; The Americanization of Labor. Charles P. Warren Ft. Collins, Colo. letters and science Colorado Agricultural College, I. 2. Helen Margaret Wasson River Falls NORMAL course River Falls Normal. 1,2; Alpha Gamma Delta; Congregational Student ' s Asso- ciation. Ernest Starr Watson Whitewater MEDICINE Whitewater Normal, 1; Phi Chi; Athenae; Sophomore Semi-Public EDe- bate. Thesis; Electrocardiography. Kenneth M. Watson Mauston CHEMICAL engineering Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Chemical Engineer ' s Society. Wilbur E. Watts Lomira ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Douglas J ENKYN Webb Lake Mills LETTERS AND SCIENCE Greenville College, 1, 2, 3. William James Webb Shullsburg COMMERCE Alpha Pi Delta; Square and Compass; Commerce Advisory Commission ; Memorial Union Campaign. Clarence W. Weber Sturgeon Bay AGRICULTURE Thesis: Skin Lesions of Tuberculosis in Relation to Non-Pathogenic Acid-Fast Bacteria. GuiDO L. Weber Algoma AGRICULTURE International Livestock Judging Team, 3: Agricultural Literary Society. I, 2. 3; President. 4: Saddle and Sirloin Club, 1. 2, 3. 4; Agric Triangle. 1,2; Vice- President, 3, 4. Francis Lyle Webster Turtle Lake electrical engineering . Page !■ ? The Badger Herbert F. Weckwf.rth South Kaukauna ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Oshkosh Normal. I ; A. I. E. E. , Alfred Weed Chicago, III. agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Zeta; Sad- dle and Sirloin; Associate Editor Country Magazine; Badger Staff; Varsity Exposition; Varsity Jamboree; Intramural Soccer; Entomology Club. Ihesis: Agrilus Ruficollis — Its Injury and Control. Albert Willl-vm Weeks Chilton letters and science University Circus, I ; University E.xpo- sition. 2; Geology Club. 2, 3, 4; Hesperia 2, 3. 4. Thesis: A Study of Some Limestones of Anttcosti Island. Blanche Lucile Wehe Dakota, N. D. letters and science University of North Dakota, I ; Physical Education Club. 2. 3. Carroll Weiler Madison commerce Ernest A. Weinke Merrimac letters aimd science I CroMt Normal. 1, 2; Junior Mathe- matics Club; Phi Delta Kappa. Thesis: The Time Element in High Schools. . IMEE Lf.NICE WeINSTOC:K Milwaukee letters and science Milwaukee Normal. 1 , 2 ; S. G. A. I-kjard. French Thesis Course. Jacob Mathew VVeisman Racine LAW Athenae; Sophomore Semi-PuKlic De- bate. Thesis: Application of Agency Law on Labor Unions. Waldemar E. Weitmann Milwaukee mechanical engineerinc; Milwaukee Normal, 1 ; Y. XL C. A. Cabinet, I ; Y. M. C. A. Finance Drive, 4; International Club; A. S. M. E. William Herman Wen:f.i. Marshfield commerce Theta Chi; Sophomore Dance Com- mittee; Homecoming Committee. 3; Prom Committee ; Memorial Union Drive; Badger Advertising Staff. Grace A. Werth Markesan letters and science Art Club, 2, 3 ; Publicity Chairman. 3 ; Badger Club. 2. 3; Y. W. C A. Board. 3; Badger Staff. 2; Lutheran Student Cabinet, 2. Della Cecil Westover Grolon, S. D. letters and science South Dakota Club. Thesis Course. Pagt IS» Tl-ie Badger JULIEN C. WhALEY Benton LETTERS AND SCIENCE Dubuque College. 1 ; Phi Alpha Delta. Thesis: The Secular Trend in Indus- trial Stocks I9(»-1 522. Kenneth V. Whereatt Superior agriculture Superior Normal, 1,2; Babcock Dairy Science Club; U. S. Service. Dorothy V. Whipple New York, N. Y. letters and science Cooper Union. 1 . 2 ; President, Col- legiate League of Woman Voters: Key- stone ; Social Science Club : Outing Club. Thesis: Electrolytic Condensers. Ben C. White La Crosse commerce Hcsperia, 3, 4; Lutheran Student Cabi- net, 2. 3. 4; Bantamweight Champion, ' 20. Ruth Virginia White River Falls letters and science River Falls Normal, 1, 2; Intercol- legiate Club. Viola Birdelle White Beaver Dam home economics Stout Institute, 1, 2. Thesis: Survey of Work EDone by Women ' s Organization in Small Towns to Promote the Home Economics Move- Kenneth Russell Wicker Stratford CIVIL engineering R. O. T. C. Officer, 2, 3, 4; A. S C. E.; Presbyterian Student Cabinet, 4. Thesis: Artesian Irrigation in Charles Mix County, South Dakota. Winifred Wigg. m Emperia, Kans. letters and science Ward Belmont. 1 ; Washburn College, 2; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dolphin Club. Alice Rastetter Wilkens Fori Wayne, Ind. commerce Women ' s Commerce Club; Commerce Magazine. 3. Robert J. Will Waukesha letters and science Carroll College. 1. 2. Thesis: A Comparative Study of City School Records in Wisconsin. Howard K. Willett Plainfield, N. J. letters and science Swimming Squad, 1 ; Sophomore Tradi- tions Committee; Inner Circle; Soph- oniore Commission; Y. M. C. A.; Cab- inet. 4; Sociological Society. Maud Willey Mead, Neb. University of Nebraska, 1, 2, 3: Junior Mathematics Club. Thesis: Hyperbolic Geometry from Analytic Standpoint. Page 159 The Badger :x Inez Margaret Williams River Falls CHEMISTRY CoURSE River Falls State Normal, 1 ; Chemistry Club. 2. 3. Thesis: A Study of the Reaction of Sodium and Aluminum Alkoxides Upon Certain Alkyl Halides. Kenneth Germain Williams Fond du Lac COMMERCE Alpha Pi Delta; Commerce Advisory Commission. RoLLAND Franklin Williams Edgerton physical education F x thall. 2. 3, 4; Captain. 4; Basket Ball. 2. 3. 4; Baseball. 2, 3.4; BetaTheta Pi; White Spades; Iron Cross. Council of 40; Vice-President Athletic E3oard; •W. " Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Presi- dent Senior Class; Twelve Months ' Serv- WaLTER a. WlLLI.AMS Green Bay LAW Lawrence College. Alfred Willouchby Milwaukee JOURNALISM Delta Pi Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Press Club. 3 : President. 4 ; DaiW Cardinal Night Editor. 3; Chairman Ticket Sales CI. P. A. Convention. 4, Thesis: The Milwaukee Sentinel. Irma Lucile Wilson Madison MUSIC Quoits. 2; Clef Club; Piano Recital. SOLVEIG WiNSLOW Piedmont, Cal. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Smith College. I. 2; Delta Gamma, Mystic Circle; Orchesus; Red Domino; Union Vodvil. 3. Sarah Emma Wismer Britlon S. Dak. HOME ECONOMICS Gamma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Nu. 3; President. 4; Keystone; Badger Club; Euthenics Club. 2. 3. 4; Sophomore Honors. Thesis: Mineral Losses in Various Ways of Cooking Vegetables. Mary M. Wiswell Elkhorn letters and SCIENCE Delta IDelta [Delta; W. A. A.; Outing Club; Bowling Team. 2; Archery Team. 2; Badger Staff, 3. 4; Charity Ball Com- mittee. 2. 3; Archery Honors; Varsity Jamboree Committee. Herbert LuVerne Wolcoit Chelek commerce Alpha Pi [Delta. Frank Tisch Wolfe Kenosha MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Freshman Track; Varsity Squad (Track); Sigma Nu; Skull and Crescent; A. S. M. E. Sheldon R. Wolfe Madison AGRICULTURE Phi Kappa Sigma; Saddle and Sirloin; Signal; South Dakota Club; Varsity Jamboree Committee. 3; Agric Basket Ball and Baseball; Country Magazine, Pat ' 160 The Badger Robert F. Wolverton Oshkosh MINING ENGINEERING Mining Club; Mu Epsilon. OC Mabel Vivian Wood St. Louis, Mo. LETTERS AND SCIENCE Harris Teachers College, i, 2; W A. A.; Badger Club. 3. Thesis: Imports and Exports of Euro- pean Countries Before and After the World War. Catherine T. Woodman Wilmington, Del. agriculture Women ' s College of E elawarc, 1 ; A. C. F. Board, 2; University Exposition, 2; Memorial Union Drive, 2; A. W. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, I, 2; President. 3; Secretary, 4; Keystone Secretary, 3. Thesis; The Nature and Causes of Dis- ease-Resistance in Plants. Joseph Frank Woschitz Milwaukee mining and metallurgy engineering A. I. M. E.; Mining Club; Freshman Track; Captain Ordnance R. O. T. C ; IntercoUege Track. Thesis: Blast Furnace Treatment of Low Grade Iron Ore. Edward Sylvan Wright Oaks, N. D. JOURNALISM Jamestown College, 1; Y. M. C. A. Junior Council and Boys Work, 4; Cardinal Staff, 4; Badger Staff, 4, Presbyterian Student Publicity Chair- man; Press Club. Thesis: A Plan for a Successful Modern Country Newspaper. Wei Chou Wu Shensi, China electrical engineering Benjamin F. Wupper Milwaukee MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Theta Xi; Pi Tau Sigma; Square and Compass; U. W. Advertising Club; Scabbard and Blade; A. S. M. E.; Wis- consin Enwneer, 2, 3; Captain R. O. T. C. ; Pistol Team. Thesis : Test of a Kerosene House Heat- ing Plant with Comparative Costs of Coal and Kerosene as Used in Heating. Leah Ylabroff Sun Prairie letters and science Castalia, 3, 4; Menorah, I; Memorial Union Drive. Thesis: The Growth of Industrial Pop- ulation in the Five States of the North- west. Lloyd John Yaudes Peshtigo COMMERCE Lambda Chi Alpha; Commerce Track Team; Varsity Track. Francis Everett Yerly La Crosse letters and science La Crosse Normal, I; Phi Kappa Psi; HaresfootClub. 2, 3.4. Erling Ylvisaker Zumbrota, Minn. letters and science Delta Sigma Rho; Hesperia; Sophomore Honors; N. O. L. Orator, 3; Lutheran Student Cabinet, 4; Wearer of Vilas Medal. Thesis: Free-Will in St. Augustine ' s " City of God. " Vilas D. Young Galesville agriculture Farm House; Wrestling, 3, 4; A. S. A. E. 3, 4; President, 4; Square Club, 3, 4. Pate 161 The Badger : Ward D. Young Princeton, Minn. CHEMISTRY Thesis: Solubility of Potassium Plat- inic Chloride in Acetone at Various Temperatures. Seth D. Youngquist Florence LETTERS AND SCIENCE Square Club; American Legion; U. S. Service. ' I hesis: Causes and Effects of Price Changes from 1913 to 1922. Elsa K. Yunger Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Milwaukee- Downer College. I ; Girl ' s Glee Club. 2, 3. 4; Clef Club, 3, 4; Out- ing Club, 3; Badger Staff, 3, 4. Anthony Edward Zalewski Milwaukee medicine Milwaukee Normal, 1,2; Phi Chi, Thesis: MicroCapiUary-Tonometer [De- termination of Capillary Flow in Man. Arnold Schener Zander Two Rivers CIVIL engineering Thesis: Test of Clinton Junction Air Lift Pump. Karl L. Zander Manitowoc civil engineering Irianale: A. A E ; A S. C E, 2. 4; President. 4; Engineer ' s Baseball. 3 Thesis: Investigation of Overflow Wiers Helen Zielsdorf Milwaukee LETTERS AND SCIENCE Sweet Briar College, 1, 2. Frederick Adelbert Zielsky South Shore, S. D. Inter-College Cross Country, 1 ; Varsity Cross Country, 2. Ethel Zimmermann Burlington JOURNALISM Alpha Omicron Pi; Swimming Team, 3 Bowling Squad, 3; Press Club, 2, 3; Cardinal Staff, 2; Badger Staff, 3; Memorial Union Drive, 3, 4. Thesis: A Study of the Editorial In- fluence of a Community Paper. Howard McKinley Zoerb Two Rivers mechanical engineering Oshkosh Normal, 1 ; Acacia; Square and Compass: A. S. M. E. Helen Zuehlke Fort Atkinson commerce Mortar Board; Keystone, 4; President of Chadboume Hall; W A A B iard, 4; Outing Club: Badger Staff, 1, 2, 3; Assistant Business Manager, 3; Y. W. C A. E oard, 2; Cabinet Council, 3; Women ' s Commerce Club. Thesis; The German Indemnity. Felix William Zuelow Madison electrical engineering Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1,2, Student Member of American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Pott 162 The Badger- Fronk Kingsford Rohrbeck Burchard Plewke The Class of 1924 Class Officers William J . Fronk President Helen Kingsford Vice-President Edwin H. Rohrbeck Treasurer Mary Burchard Secretary Walter H. Plewke Sergeant-at-Arms The Junior Class feels justly proud of the high ideals and the spirit of democracy which has marked our three years of work at Wisconsin. This spirit manifests itself in the fact that not a fevv but many leaders in the various fields of ac- tivity come from our members. The Class of 1924 shall be unceasingly active in carrying forward its aim, the embodiment of Wisconsin Spirit. WILLIAM J. FRONK Page 163 The Badger Worthy Qcichert : POv lt: Coutu drvJnAany Qgor g riakk: J Pa(« M The Badger- Harry I ' dicr Page 165 The Badger il LLU l r . ' iMi ' . ' Libtdd Pofe (W- The Badger Anib lA Jon. TMiary ureharc Page lb? The Badger ' r - ' ■ " » k: 05hed ' ilbcr ' ittenber Pofldl The Badger Tuhtar John Smith Marshall Stangel The Class of 1925 Class Officers Eugene W. Tuhtar President Dorothy A. John Vice-President Henry C. Smith Treasurer Dorothy I. Marshall Secretary Milton F. Stangel Sergeant-at-Arms The Sophomore Class, having emerged from the embryonic stage, has attained a degree of success that is unusual. The class is fortunate in having as members people who have distinguished themselves as leaders in all forms of activity. This year has been just one of the steps in our collegiate life, but it has probably played the great- est part in shaping our future ideals. The class is united with a common bond of fellowship that will not be destroyed as we pass on into the years that lie before us. EUGENE W. TUHTAR Page 169 Thie Badger - ' -» - Lina TMormdn Oimmy 5ut:taii T drion oot Iilkr . ' tf .Sullivdn , • SbQ b ' X Gb.bzM. Pate 170 f The Badger =b Pate 171 The Badger Flickinger Pier son Sarles Porter Morsel I The Class of 1926 Class Officers James R. Flickinger President Jane Pierson Vice-President William B. Sarles Treasurer Frances J. Porter Secretary Arthur L. Morsell Sergeant-at-Arms If numerical strength has any bearing upon its future, the class of 1926 has a bright prospect just ahead. Entering the University 2,500 strong, the largest class in the history of the school, its members were quick to catch the spirit of Alma Mater and voluntarily revived observance of her traditions. Spirit such as has been reflected throughout the year in ail of the many interests and activities of the University, cannot but augur well for an important and continued program of service. JAMES R. FLICKINGER Patll?l ' idcoiuin iUofnen Tine Badger Introduction T IS MANY YEARS now since our university was founded, and thousands of 1 women have come here and gone again. Many of them came with little purpose or aim, played a while, left, and were soon forgotten. Others came with earnest intent perhaps, but — individuals with ordinary minds — they too left " simply dissipated and relaxed by the multiplicity of subjects which they had never really mastered " and we heard of them no more. A few came with a great vision, a high purpose, and a realiza- tion " that knowledge is something more than a sort of passive reception of scraps and de- tails " — they reaped a golden harvest and went forth to give of it to the world. These few we will remember always and to them we dedicate this section. Their stay here in- stilled in them a great desire — the spirit of which Jean Starr Untermeyer reveals to us in his poem — " It is easy to mould the yielding clay. And many shapes grow into beauty Under the facile hand. But forms of clay are lightly broken; They lie shattered and forgotten in a dingy corner. But underneath the slipping clay Is rock . . . I would rather work in stubborn rock All the years of my life, And make one strong thing And set it in a high, clean place, To recall the granite strength of my desire. " Page 173 The Badger Laura Sherry Poet, Playwright, Actress j ' AURA SHERRY is known as poet, playwright, actress, and founder of one of the most signif- 1 icant organizations in the non-commercial theatre movement in America. In all her stage experience she treasures, as most profitable and interesting a year spent in the company of Richard Mansfield, to whom she owes much of her technical knowledge of the stage. Her training under him gave Laura Sherry an unusual foundation. Believing in the possibilities of her native state, Mrs. Sherry came back to Wisconsin more than ten years ago, organized in Milwaukee the Wisconsin Players, and began producing plays. About that time Professor Dickinson was experimenting with his modern drama class at the University. They combined and exchanged companies and performances. When Professor Dickinson left, Mrs. Sherry continued the work alone. She established a theatre- workshop, feeling that the time had come when an experimental theatre in a community would call together all the latent artists living in it, and from this material might develop playwrights, actors, painters. In the beginning the Wisconsin Players were vagabonds. They had a portable stage and they set it up in halls, ballrooms, schools. Eight years ago Mrs. Sherry took a four-story old English house in the center of Milwaukee and remodeled it into a theatre-workshop, a ballroom, a bookshop, and a tea room. The best plays of the season were presented before the public in the large theatres of the city. Many short tours, and tours not so short, were made to different cities in the Middle West, and in 1917 the company occupied the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York for a month ' s stay. Three separate engagements were played in Chicago. The vision, the industry, and the genius of Laura Sherry made it possible to sustain the work until today the Wisconsin Players are looking forward to the time when they shall take possession of a theatre which will be their very own, and which shall be one of the foremost centers of art theatre enterprise in America. Poft 174 The Badger Marjorie Daw Johnson Social Worker and Lecturer on Constructive Democracy k ARJORIE DAW JOHNSON occupies a unique piosition among the women who have won tt fame through constructive achievement. She was graduated from the University of Wis- consin in 1906 after which she devoted three years to study and research abroad. As a result of a long period of thorough, first-hand investigation and years of personal experience, she understands the educational and social problems that have grown out of the conflict between Amer- ican ideals and the presence of an unassimilated population in the United States. Among the posi- tions held by Miss Johnson are director of Acland Center, the largest social center in London, Eng- land; assistant Dean of Women, Washington State College; Food Inspector and Market Master, Tacoma, Washington; investigator and lecturer for the Consumers ' League. Miss Johnson also worked for three years as a shop girl and factory hand in department stores and factories in New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. As a lecturer she speaks with the authority of accurate scholarship and actual experience. She has given lectures on constructive democracy for State Educational Associations, Teachers ' Insti- tutes, Conventions of Business Men, and Chambers of Commerce, and was endorsed by leading educators, business men, economists and community workers. Dr. M. V. O ' Shea, professor of Edu- cation in the University of Wisconsin, says : " Miss Johnson has the gift of ready, incisive, and grace- ful speech. Her thought is clear and logical, and she has the facility of illuminating general principles by a wealth of concrete illustrations. " During the war she was actively engaged with the Friend ' s Service Committee for a period of three years. She organized the first play and recreation center in Italy and thus introduced what has since become a part of the educational policy of the Italian government. This year Miss Johnson has returned to the University and is taking graduate work in econom- ics and is also lecturing on immigration and industrial subjects. Page 175 The Badger Louise Phelps Kellogg, Ph.D. Senior Research Associate State Historical Society of Wisconsin fl[MMEDIATELY upon taking her Ph.D. degree in June, 190) , Louise Phelps Kellogg ' s connection II with the State Historical Society of Wisconsin began. She entered the library in October, 1901, as research assistant, and has been with the institution continuously since that time. During that interval of more than twenty-one years, she has written, edited, and published extensively, partly in her own name and partly as editorial assistant for Dr. Reuben Thwaites in his " Early Western Travels, " his " Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, " the " Wisconsin His- torical Collections, " and other ventures with which Dr. Thwaites was connected. Independently Dr. Kellogg has edited a " Series of Original Narratives of American History. " She has just completed for the Caxton Club of Chicago a beautiful edition of Charlevoix ' s " Journal of the Voyage to North America. " As a writer of history Dr. Kellogg has contributed to the Wisconsin Magazine of His- tory a considerable number of articles, one series covering the history of Wisconsin from the earliest times down to the period of statehood. She has written many reviews of historical books, is a mem- ber of the American Historical Association, Mississippi Valley Historical Association, Wisconsin Archeological Society, and an honorary member of the Missouri Historical Society. Dr. Kellogg is recognized by historians generally as an authority on everything relating to the history of the Great Lakes region during the French era, and the history of early Wisconsin. But her interests are broad and inclusive, enabling her to turn her hand to almost any critical inquiry in the domain of American history. A considerable proportion of her time, as senior research associate, is given to the making of researches of all sorts for the public who are interested in one or another phase of American or Wisconsin history. Her major work as an historical writer, however, has been on the history of early Wisconsin — a thoroughgoing and definitive treatment of the French phase of that history, including a treatment of the French in the Great Lakes region, which will be published in one volume probably during this year. Patt 176 Thie Badger Miss Nina SIMM0 4DS Associate in Chemical Hygiene in the School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University ISS NINA SIMMONDS after graduating from the Home Economics Department in 1915 jM I began to work with Dr. E. V. McColium in connection with his rat colony maintained for • ' • ' the study of problems in nutrition. Miss Simmonds took the responsibility for preparing the experimental diets, feeding the animals, and for keeping the records of the experiments. Each of these duties had to be done with great care as there could be no mistakes. In this work she had the opportunity of learning the theory on which each diet was planned, and it enabled her to under- stand what the field of research in nutrition really was. The Department of Chemical Hygiene in Baltimore is excellently equipped for experimental work and they have made many new discoveries in their laboratory and have contributed, through their research work, valuable principles in the dietary properties of foods, and the relation of the vitamines to the deficiency diseases. During the past two years in conjunction with Dr. E. A. Park and Dr. P. G. Shipley of the De- partment of Pediatrics of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. McColium and Miss Simmonds have been making a study on the Etiology of rickets. In collaboration with Dr. McColium she has written the book " The American Home Diet. " She has also published with him scientific articles in the following scientific journals — Journal of Biological Chemistry, American Journal of Psychology, American Journal of Hygiene, Journal of The American Medical Association. In the Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin they have also had a great many articles. Miss Simmonds is doing a great work in helping to expand the science of nutrition. Dr. Mc- Colium says that the scientific discoveries in this field are destined to be recognized as the most fundamental of the sciences that contribute to the health of man. Page 177 The Badger Zona Gale Poetess Playwright and Novelist J Kg ONA GALE, poetess, playwright, and novelist, of whom we are justly proud, received her B.L. W ' from the University of Wisconsin in 1895, and her M.L. in 1900. She is the author of " Miss • Lulu Bett, " of almost a hundred " Friendship Village " stories, and of " The Loves of Pelleas and Ettare ' which have given her a very unusual place among American authors. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin she entered newspaper work in Milwaukee. L ater she w as on the New York World. Then her stories began to attract attention and she devoted herself entirely to fiction and playwriting. Her dramatization of " Miss Lulu Bett " was one of the conspicuous suc- cesses of the theatrical season in New York for 192 1 . Miss Gale has also become interested in various organizations and has given freely of her time and energy to these organizations. She is a member of the Board of Directors American Civics Association; chairman of the Wisconsin Civics Association; a member of the Federation of Women ' s clubs; vice-president of the Wisconsin Peace Society ; president of the Portage Study club ; vice-presi- dent of the Wisconsin Suffrage Association ; and chairman of the Columbia So-Suffrage Society ; also a member of the American Association for Labor Legislation and of the Women s Trade Union league. This year she was appointed to the Board of Regents of the University. Zona Gale began writing before she was seven years old and kept on writing for twenty-five years before she achieved success except as a newspaper reporter. It was the everlasting persistence of this western girl that brought her success. From childhood she knew exactly what she wanted to be and what she was going to be. She understands people — sympathizes with them — sees their point of view and understands their motives and purposes. She realizes that people want human nature in the stories they read and in the plays they see. Pafl7S The Badger W ■ ■94 f - ; « 7 ■ ' .S: i Florence Griswold Buckstaff Wor Worker and Leader in Health and Charity Organizations - FLORENCE GRISWOLD BUCKSTAFF took her B.A. ' 86 and M.A. ' 92 from the J University of Wisconsin and has since been engaged in many and varied activities. In Oshkosh, Wis., where she has resided for the past thirty-five years, she has been an active worker in the charities and health organizations, having served on the Board of Associated Charities and on the Visiting Nurse Committee for twelve years. She has been on the I3oard of Uni- versity Regents for sixteen years, having been appointed by Governor Davidson, and reappointed by Governor McGovern and by Governor Phillip. She has also served twelve years as a chairman of the Regent Committee in the College of Letters and Sciences. Before the United States entered the war Mrs. Buckstaff organized a Surgical Dressings and Refugee Relief Committee which sent 7,000 dressings to France. During the war she served on the executive committee of the Winnebago County Council of Defense, and on the nursing, food, and Belgian committees. At this time, too, Mrs. Buckstaff made numerous Red Cross speeches which caused her to become well known throughout the state. Mrs. Buckstaff has given a good deal of her time to social work. She has been on the executive board of the Wisconsin Conference of Social Work since 1918, when she served as president. Besides this she has been chairman of the Mental Hygiene Committee of the State conference and has given addresses on the work in many cities of the state. Pat! 179 The Badger Elizabeth A. Waters Educational Leader •afc " LIZABETH A. WATERS graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1 88 1 with the degree TQ of B.S. While here in college, Miss Waters was well known for her extraordinary ability as a • debator and orator. She was a member of the winning team in the Castalia-Laurea joint debate and winner of the Lewis Prize at Commencement for the best oration as judged by Bishop Samuel Fallows of Chicago, Judge Robert G. Siebecker of Madison, and Judge George Noyes of Milwaukee. Miss Waters followed up her degree here with post graduate work at the University of Minnesota, the University of Chicago, and at the University of Wisconsin. Miss Waters has followed the profession of teaching in administrative work and as an instructor in English, mathematics, history, and German. She has been located in the Neenah High School, 1885-1886, in Fond du Lac German-English Academy, 1886-1887, in Minneapolis Jefferson School as a special teacher of English, 1887-1892. Since that time she has been in the Fond du Lac High School where from 1898-1907 she was principal and from 1907-1923 assistant principal. Miss Waters was offered a position as head of the German department of Whitewater Normal ; and also elected head of the English department of the Milwaukee Normal School in 1 898. Miss Waters has always been interested in educational questions and policies and has given a good deal of time to participation in educational movements. From 1921-1923 she was president of the Fond du Lac Council of Education and before that, from 1916-1917, acted as president of the Modern Language Association of Wisconsin. Governor McGovern appointed Miss Waters as a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, 1911-1915, and in October, 1921, Miss Waters was reappointed by Governor Blaine as a member of the Board for a term of six years. Paitim Tlxe Badger Honors Willsie Editor andlNovelUl tONORE willsie, a descendant of the old New Englanders who " went west, " was born II 1 Ottumwa, Iowa, and took her A.B. degree at the University of Wisconsin in 1902. Soon after graduation she married a consulting engineer and with him she spent two years in the deserts of Arizona. They then came to New York where Mrs. Willsie devoted herself to the task of winning recognition as a writer. For five years Mrs. Willsie was editor-in-chief of The Delineator. But the demands of this position left too little time for fiction writing, so finally in 1919 she decided to devote her entire time to her writing. Her first novel published, " The Heart of The Desert " (1913), won her immediate recognition as a novelist of promise. " Still Jim " (1915), came next and showed growth in that ability to portray strong characters and the bigness of the out-of-doors. In the fall of 1922 came " Judith of the Godless Valley, " one of Mrs. Willsie ' s strongest novels. Hildegarde Hawthorne says of her, " Mrs. Willsie is, first and foremost, a real American coming of old New England stock ; she is moved by a deep love that reveals itself in whatever she writes. She herself is young, fearless, talented, and hard working. Her books will be one of the inspirations toward a larger view and a greater ideal of service, all the more helpful because they are such good stories, written of real people who live and stir us to love and admiration and pity and comprehension. " Pott nt Thie Badger- The spirit of womanhood at Wisconsin which Zona Gale, Louise Kellogg, Marjorie Daw Johnson, and the others in our Hall of Fame typify so splendidly is still a vivid living thing — in the pages which folbw we see this same spirit embodied in the activities and interests of the women of our university today. They, too, are aspiring high and instead of building clay hills during all their col- lege stay, are striving to dig deep and to find the Rock from which to build " one strong thing " which will mark them always as true Wisconsin Women. Poft III The Badger n tif f%te u t 1 W To j i ou;; Landon, Hastings, Zuehike, Iverson, Hodgson, Boyd. Schaefer Second Row: Metcalf, Capron, Kasbeer, Severance, Clayton. Wismer, Martner. Ruflf Third Row: Dickinson, Mosel, Shaw, Parsley, Lugoff, Berryman, Whipple Keystone Membership in Keystone is made up of the Presidents of the recognized Women ' s Activities on the campus. S. G. A Cleo Parsley Y. W. C. A Helen Kasbeer W. A. A Marjorie Severance Pythia Marjorie Capron Castalia Katherine Boyd Mortar Board Merle Shaw Theta Sigma Phi Marjorie Ruff Omicron Nu Sarah Wismer Euthenics Club Elsie Hodgson Outing Club Romayne Barryman Dolphin Club Betty Schaefer Collegiate League for Women Voters Dorothy Whipple Glee Club Marion Mosel Clef Club Janet Breitenbach Red Gauntlet Elizabeth To.mpkins Yellow Tassel Marion Metcalf Blue Dragon Elizabeth Kirk Green Button Mary Brader Women ' s Commerce Club Elsie Iverson Women ' s Agriculture Ass ' n Barbara Hastings Mu Phi Epsilon Frances Landon Crucible Arleen Klug Physical Ed. Club Irene Clayton Chadbourne Hall Helen Zuehlke Barnard Hall Helen Martiner Daily Cardinal Portia Lugopf Pate 183 The Badger Kirk Carl Kuff Knights Blue Dragon Blue Dragon, the Senior women ' s organization of Wisconsin, has been instrumental in attaining a true class spirit and in achieving a class interest in women ' s activities on the campus. Its purposes are furthered through the medium of frequent conferences and functions held during the school year. Officers Elizabeth Kirk President Norma Carl Vice-President Marjorie Ruff Secretary Belle Knights Treasurer 114 The Badger Metcalf Burchard Warren Nolte Yellow Tassel Founded in 1916, Yellow Tassel, the Junior women ' s organization of the University, has acted as a sponsor to the Junior Advisory system. In this capacity it serves to create a unity between its members, which aims to foster a class interest in women ' s athletics and activities. Officers Marion Metcalf President Mary Burchard Vice-President Frances Warren Secretary Rosamond Nolte Treasurer Page ISS The Badger- im j|y Tompkins Wetngandt John Mahorney Red Gauntlet All Sophomore women are members of Red Gauntlet, an organization foremost in fostering a spirit of fellowship among its members. Officers Elizabeth Tompkins President Hazel Weingandt Vice-President Dorothy John Secretary Elizabeth Mahorney Treasurer Pat ISb The Badger Brader Jorris Hawley Green Button Freshman women are acquainted with Wisconsin traditions, and are encouraged to engage in University activities through the work of Green Button, an organization for Freshman women, founded in 1912. Officers Mary Brader President Edith Jorris Vice-President and Secretary Ruth Hawley Treasurer Pott 187 The Badger Top Row: Moore, Capps, D. Smith, Anderson. Biisted, Day, O ' Shea Bottom Row: Corl, Knights. Replinger, Kasbeer, Callsen, Shaw, Thorkelson, Metcalf Youn Women ' s Christian Association Cabinet Helen Kasbeer Isabel Capps Margaret Callsen Marion Metcalf Louise Moore Esther Bilsted . Eleanor Day President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Under-Craduate Representative Finance Social Service Katherine O ' Shea Mildred Replinger Alice Corl . Doris Smith Betty Thorkelson Merle Shaw Belle Knights . . Membership Industrial Vespers Publicity Cabinet Council . Adviser Adviser Dorothy Haskins LuciLE Simpson Eleanor Flynn LiLA Ekern Nina Paris Cabinet Council Leone Immel Gladys Shaw Rosamond Nolte Arlene Klug Marcelia Neff Georgia Stanchfield Helen Heck Margaret Brown Alice Cummings Marjorie Capron Norma Carl Marion Axtell Josephine Bemis collen bodensen Esther Bellows Ruth Buswell Myrtle Biehusen Cleora Bown Helen Barsalowe Virginia Crary Hazel Crilley Elizabeth Cowan J eanne Cavanaugh Ethel Coleman Edna Dickes Helen Emery Hazel Fleischer Mary Lou Fuller Ethel McCall Lina Norman Board Rena Grubb Ruth Griffin Miriam Hedback Janet Hull Mary Hussang Mary Humphrey Esther Hedley Ruth Jones Alice Knowles Elizabeth Kerr Ruth Kelso Iris Kingsley Martha Klerner Louise Lamson Leila Ludden Mary McClun Arline McKellar Elizabeth Mason Mildred Owens Dorothea Oestreich Margaret Powers LUELLA PuTMAN Louise Platz Marion Rucg Anne Ross Elizabeth Rice Edith Rowe Anita Schmidt Marjorie Schultz Edna Soderberg Dorothy Scott Helen Touzalin Margaret Ulrey Pearle Weaver Hazel Weingandt Gertrude Kehl Marie Nooter Elizabeth Gissel Pat ' « The Badger Top Row: Grubb, Capps. Bartholf. Wegener. Patch. Goodnight. Rogers Second Row: Young, Meyer, Odell. Heegard. Strauss. Haren, Fletcher, Campbell Third Row: Twenhofel, Dexter, Ollis, Mautz. Henry, Shreve, McGovem, Osman, Klug Intercolle ate Club Intercollegiate Club is organized under direction of Y.W.C. A. as a medium between Y.W.C. A. and entering upper classmen. Officers Helen Heck President Anita Haven Vice-President Lorraine Jennings Secretary and Treasurer Ernestine Blatz Alice Cummings Clair Hertzberg Dorothy John Gladys Norgord Elizabeth Sears Elizabeth Tompkins Grace Mallot Sophomore Conunission Elizabeth Brown Esther Fi field Louise Holt Elizabeth Mahorney J EAN Palica Elizabeth Stolte Janet Walls Margaret Campbell Charlotte Case Alice Gilbert Margaret Ives Dorthy Mathis Virginia Reznor Marion Streng Irene Whitehead Elizabeth Fletcher Larch Campbell Florence Blish Bernice Klug Beulah Henry Roberta Odell Mary Haven Edith Heegard Freshman Commission Dorothy Strauss Margaret Hoover Margaret McGovern Lillian Twenhofel Mildred Rogers Rena Grubb Ruth Leenhouts Margaret Wegener Margaret Dexter Louise Mautz Mary Ann Young Eleanor Goodnight Dorothy Meyer Esther Shreve Margaret Patch Helen Ollis Page 189 The Badgei- Girl Reserve Girl Reserve work is really a branch of the city Y. W. C. A., but the corps advisors are for the most part university women who enjoy working with younger girls. Industrial Banquets A true spirit of fellowship and of common understanding is engendered at these banquets held in the city Y. W. C. A. at which the industrial girls are served by university women. Pat0l9O The Badger =i Neighborhood House Work Neighborhood House Work is conducted in the city ' s Italian district. Here University women find an opportunity for work in whatever line they may be best adapted. Bradley Memorial Hospital Bradley Memorial Hospital is for crippled children whose families cannot afford medical care. Some of the Y. W. C. A. girls go to the hospital every afternoon and try to make life more interesting for the inmates. Page 191 THe Badger Pat€ 192 w w 7 ml Paie 193 Pafl94 Pat ' 19 f Pif 196 Pat 197 The Badger H ' Doubler Trilling Cairns Department of Physical Education The Physical Education Department of the University of Wisconsin fosters and guides the vital interest of Wisconsin Women in Athletics. From a crude beginning it has grown to a high position in the University curriculum. It offers a great variety of spiorts and technical training courses for teachers of Physical Education which accomplish the two-fold purpose of the department — that is to develop the physique and character of women participants, and to train play leaders and teachers of physical education. It is constantly the aim of the department to better the conditions of play and physical education administration. Faculty Miss Trilling Professor Miss H ' Doubler Associate Professor Miss Cairns Assistant Professor Miss Brownell Swimming Miss Wesson Hockey Miss MosscROP Bowling, Archery Miss Klein Corrective Miss Gall Baseball Miss Rice Basketball, Track Miss Keay Corrective Miss Mac Kimmon Gymnastics Mrs. Smith Swimming Miss Maxwell Assistant Pat ' 198 The Badger Top Row: Anderson, Zuehlke, Bilstad. Tatman. Knights, Shaeffer Bottom Row: Fenn, Mainland, Berryman, Hupprich, Severance, Hall, Smallshaw, Cherry W. A. A. Board The Women ' s Athletic Association seeks to stimulate interest in athletics for women and to encourage good sportsman- ship. It is a member of the National As- sociation known as the conference of American College Women. The adminis- trative work of the organization is carried on by a board composed of the heads of various spnarts and of officers elected by the members. The awards, based on a p oint system, are membership in the Association, W. A. A. pin, small " w, " big " W " and Final Emblem, which is the highest award. The wearer of this must not only have high scholarship, but must be a leader in athletics and campus activities. Winchell Lyman Final Emblem Wearers — 1922 Winter Page 199 Tl: e Badger Physical Education Club Officers Irene Clayton President Marjorie Fish Vice-President Dorothy Simpson Secretary Janet Marshall Treasurer The Physical Education Club is a central unit in the Department of Physical Education, composed of Physical Education majors who have passed scholarship requirements and of instructors in the depart- ment. Through its monthly meetings at which all matters of interest to the club and to the department are discussed and through social gatherings it aims to bring students in the department into closer re- lationship and give them deeper interest in their work. It acts as an advisory board for freshmen en- rolled in the Physical Education Course. Totman Marshall Clayton Simpson Kroncke Paft 2nn The Badger Raper Shafer Brownell Anderson Barry Tatman Dolphin Club Dolphin Club is an organization of women interested in swimming. Tiie club gives one exhibition each semester in swimming, life-saving, fancy strokes, stunts, fancy diving, and water piolo. The purpose is to encourage swimming as a sport, to develop it scientifically, and to present the results to the public. Since the formation of the club in 1919, the interest in swimming has been greatly increased, and the standard of requ irements has been raised in order to limit the membership. A Branch of the National Women ' s ' Life Saving Corps has been established at the University under the auspices of Dolphin Club. Two emblems are awarded. The major emblem is awarded to girls who have attained certain high standards of swimming and diving. The minor emblem is awarded to those who have passed one-half of the requirements for the major emblem. Olga Anderson Lois Barry Alice Brownell Major Emblem Wearers Mrs. Gilbert Smith Mildred Harpster Ann Smith Dorothy Rarer Edith Jorris Vera Carlisle Katherine Fuller Minor Emblem Wearers Annette Mayhew Helen Pratt Edith Rowe Lois Beattie Phyllis Tatman Pmt ' 20I The Badger- Top Row: Haven, Carl. Anderson, Warren Bottom Row: Simpson, Hupprich, Berryman, Wild, Kennedy Outing Club Officers RoMAYNE Berryman President Harriette Green . Vice-President Norma Carl Secretary WilMA TroST Treasurer Dorothy Simpson Roller Skating Anita Haven Ice Skating Sarah Pauline Wild Horseback Riding Clara Klosterman Bicycling Catherine Kennedy ' Picnicing Olca Anderson Canoeing Margaret Henry Tobogganing Beth Bigelow Skiing OutingClub is an organization whicin seeks to promote interest in all sports among the women of the University, but especially in those sports not included in W. A. A. acti ities. Membership may be obtained by doing ten hours ' work in any two or more such sports, attending two consecutive meetings, and paying semester dues. After membership, honors consisting of a pin and a felt insignia may be won. The spirit of Outing Club is always that of friendship and good times. Each year, early in the fall, all University women are invited to a Hobo Hike and Picnic given by Outing Club where the spirit is doubly manifest. Pat 202 Tlie Badger- Helen Kasbeer is a typical all-round athlete. She has earned her " W " in too many ways to enumerate. Marj ■■ Severance, this year ' s president of W. A. A. has earned her " W " in hock- ey, basketball, and track. " Phyl " Tatman has easily won fame for herself and wrought fear in her oppon- ents as a forward in basket- ball since early in her career. M Belle Knights is a well- known figure on the hockey field. Her influence has greatly increased the en- thusiasm for the sport. " Bobs " Carl proves what " White Sox means in base- ball " whenever she steps up to bat. Pof 203 The Badger Irene Clayton. Besides be- ing a strong point on the out- door baseball team each year, Irene has given a helping hand to many aspirants in the sport. " Betty " Schafer might well be called the light-weight champion since she has done most of her work in tennis an dancing. Helen Zuehlke is a bowling enthusiast and promoter. She is the holder of the high score record on the Lathrop alleys. " Slim " Mainland has been ' 23 ' s idol in track for four years. This has not been her only field of conquest, how- ever, as she is also proficient in both hockey and basket- ball. Florence Hupprich. " Hup- py " has held a flying position in the wing of the hockey team for four years. Her abil- ity in basketball is also well known. Paf204 The Badger Alma Fenn has won her " W " in almost as many activities as is possible. Helen Pratt who entered Wisconsin in her Junior year hit the girl ' s athletic circle like a whirlwind. Isabel Capps. " Cappy " has held a firm and im- portant position on a four year championship basketball team. Olga Anderson. Swimming is Olga ' s field of honor and she has greatly advanced its standing in athletics. ■Romy " Berryman is active both in indoor and outdoor baseball and makes the bat- ter feel as if she were stand- ing in front of a machine gun. Page 205 Thie Badger Top Row: Snow, Goodhue, Bilstad, Harris, Bottom Row: Knights, Fox. Clayton, Goldbers 1922 Varsity Outdoor Baseball Outdoor baseball, our national game, is ever gaining in popularity among the girls. Field day termi- nated a season full of interest for baseball fans. The race between the Juniors and Sophomores was very close, but in the end the Juniors won the championship. Patt lot, Tlxe Badger Tot Row: Miller, Williams, Brown, Goldberg, Damez Bottom Row: Hatfield, Warnes, Parker, Kroncke, Harris Indoor Baseball The indoor baseball season of 1923 was marked by the excellent coaching of Miss Gaul and by the girls ' enthusiasm and keeness in entering the class tournament which was held at the end of the season. The Class of 1924 with its abundance of spirit and excellent team work carried off the championship, much to the chagrin of the seniors who had a fine team. Team Standing CLASS PLACE WON LOST 1924 1st 3 1922 2nd 2 1 1923 3rd I 2 1925 4th 3 Pan 207 The Badger Top Row: Paris, Simpson, Knights. Sherman, Boardman Bottom Row: Maytum, Smith, Bilstad, Ellsworth, Hellebrandt, John, Hupprich 1922 Varsity Hockey Last fall we were exceptionally fortunate in having Miss Engels, one of the English hockey players, with us for a week. Her instruction, added to Miss Wesson ' s strenuous coaching, rounded all the players into fine playing form. By tournament time, the teams were primed for hard, fast games. The play throughout the tournament was very commendable. The Juniors may be justly proud of their hard-earned championship. Patt ins The Badger Horseback Riding One of the newest additions to the list of sports is horseback riding. Although this does not have teams and class competition like the rest of athletics, the number taking advantage of this opportunity- increases with every season. _£) Page 209 The Badger Tofy Row: Anderson, Brownell, Walker Bottom Row: Mygdal, Snow, Barry, Smith, Brinkman 1922 Varsity Swimming As a result of last fall ' s swimming meets, the sophomore women were declared the school champions. The final scores were, Sophomores, 156, Freshmen, 140, Juniors, 70, and Seniors, 56. The highest point winner of the season was Lois Barry ' 25, who scored 56 points for her team out of a possible 60. Competition was keen at all times and every existing tank record for Wisconsin women, with the exception of the side stroke, was shattered. Breast stroice Back stroke Side stroke Free-for-all Plunge . Diving . Swunming Records . Ann Smith 40 yds., 31 :3 5 sec. . Lois Barry 20 yds., 13:4 5 sec. . Esther Haven 40 yds., 30 sec. . Ann Smith 40 yds., 24 sec. Lois Barry 60 feet . Lois Barry 103 out of a possible 105 points PofllO TKe Badger =i Knights Pratt Clayton Fish Tatman 1922 Varsity Basketball Under the direction of Miss Wesson, the 1922 basketball season came to an exciting close when it terminated in the annual tournament. Competition ran high and there was much speculation as to the winner of the tournament. The Juniors, however, had the edge on the other teams and by their accurate basket shooting and expert team work won. Because of the heat of the contest all games were attended by large crowds of rooters. Team Standings Class of 1923 First Class of 1922 Second Class of 1925 Third Class of 1924 . . . . ; Fourth l- Pate 211 The Badger Kilgour Ligare Troeme! Paris Helen Barton Edith Ewald 1922 Varsity Florence Hupprich Jean Kilgour Alice Ligare Esther Mainland Ernestine Troemel Track Class 1923 1922 1925 1924 Score Manager 39 Alice Ligare 38 Jean Kilgour 18 Ernestine Troemel 14 Nina Paris Records Events Baseball Throw Running Broad Jump Basketball Throw . Hop, Step, and Jump Fence Vault Hurl Ball . . . 50 Yard Dash . . Javelin .... Hurdles .... Collegiate Record Wisconsin Record Vassar 247 ft. 3 in. Palmer, 18— 226 ft. 3 in. Skidmore School of Arts 16 ft. 3 . in. Hamilton, ' 20 — 15 ft. 5 in. Vassar .... 88 ft. 10 in. Troemel, ' 25— 82 ft. 3 in. Sweet Briar .... 33 ft. 6 in. Hamilton, ' 20 — 32 ft. yi ' r . (None) Fowler, ' 20—4 ft. 11 in. Bryn Mawr . . . . 85 ft. 4 in. Kropft, ' 21—71 ft. 8 in. New Haven Normal . . 6 sec. Mainland, " 23 — 6 2 5 sec. Sergent School for Phys. Ed., 98 ft. 2K in Hamilton, ' 20— 90 ft. 1 K in- Bryn Mawr 9 1 5 sec. Kilgour, ' 22 — 9 2 5 sec. Pau J ' - The Badger iiiii» All Year Champion Trophy New Cinder Track Field Day Field day is the culminating event in Women ' s Athletics. It is on this day each spring that the track meet occurs and the final matches in tennis, archery, and outdoor baseball are played. After these are over the all-year championship is awarded to the class winning the most championships throughout the year. Field House I ' ate 213 The Badger Urban Westendarp Archery Varsity 1922 Hazel Fish Dorothy E. Westendarp Helen Meyers Alma Fenn 1923 Margaretha Meyne 1924 A. La Von Jones Faith Urban Alva Amble 1925 Esther O. Toepfer Hazel Fish Archery Honors A. La Von Jones Faith Urban Pan 214 The Badger Tennis 1922 Frances Beecher Clara Rudebusch Charlotte Voorhis Helen Double s Beecher Voorhis 1923 1924 1925 Isabel Capps Lois Jacobs Lois Barry Elizabeth Schafer Dorothy Alshuler Molly Schneider Mildred Harpster Elizabeth Gissal Frances Tipple Ida Atkinson Charlotte Curry Ann Smith Senior-Sophomore, 6-4 ;6-2 Senior-Junior, 4-6; 7-5; 8-6 Freshmen-Senior, 4-6; 7-5; 6-4 Junior-Freshmen, 7-5; 4-6; 6-4 Sophomore-Freshmen, 6-4; 5 -7; 6-0 Sophomore -Junior, 2-6; 6-1; 6-3 Jacobs t Pate 215 The Badger- Top Row: Lowe, Nolte, Haskins Bottom Row: Mosscrop. Zuehike, Fuller 1923 Varsity Bowling Under the able instruction of Miss Mosscrop and the fine management of Helen Zuehike, the 1923 bowling season started in good shape. The first games were played March 19, and after a series of three matches, 1925 was declared the championship team. Among the highest scorers in the matches were Pearl Hirsig, ' 23, Rosamond Nolte, ' 24, Ruth Staudenmeyer, ' 24, Dorothy Haskins, ' 25, Helen Lowe, " 25, and Evelyn Spencer, ' 26. A great deal of interest was shown in the games and a great part of the success of the season is due to the efforts of the class managers. Pafili The Badger- Winning Team — Alpha Chi Omega Inter-Sorority Bowling Irene Clayton Cleo Parsley Josephine Snow League Officers President Vice-President Secretary Team Standings First Alpha Chi Omega Second Alpha Xi Delta Third Alpha Omicron Pi Won 31 30 27 Lost Per Ct. 8 .795 9 .769 12 .692 High Individual Score Doris Gormlf.y 225 High Individual Average Cleo Parsley 139.2 High Team Score Kappa Delta 747 High Team Average Alpha Xi Delta 600.6 O- PofZI ' The Badger Pof lit HOtO H. jOhN Rta WOC eiWetic The Badger Director of Men ' s Athletics Pate 219 The Badger 1 lohlkid, t agc, C-ombacker. Elsom, Tebell, Tredwell, Bennett, Flatten, Ramsey Athletic Board Officers GusTAV K. Tebell President RoLLAtvro F. Williams Vice-President Members Rudolf Hohlfeld Football Representative Leslie R. Gage Basketball Representative Peter Flatten Track Representative Howard R. Comba ;ki;r Baseball Representative Wayne Ramsey Cross Country Representative Arthur Flatten Crew Representative Johnson Bennett Minor Sports Representative Edward Scherenacher Senior Non " W " Representative Thomas Tredwell Senior Non " W " Representative Kendal A. Elsom Junior Non " W Representative Lee D, Hanson Junior Non " W " Representative PattZ20 The Badger " i7 " W " Club Officers Martin Below President Rudolph Hohlfeld Vice-President Edward Johnson Secretary and Treasurer Members N. S Aacesen, Tennis George H. Finkle, Cross Country Leslie McClure, Track George D Ruedicer. Baseball Wallace Barr, Football Leslie Gage, Basketball C. T Miller, Football E. G. Schernecker, Football Martin Below. Football Edward H Gibson, Football Douglas Moorhead, Cross Coun- Ralph Scott. Football Johnson Bennett. Swimming J. S. Gilbreath, Swimming try L. M. Smith, Football A. J Bieberstein, Football Merrill Hansen. Gym Arthur Moulding. Tennis Ralph Spetz. Track R. O Blodgett. Track W S. Harris, Football T. C. Nichols, Football C. F Suhm, Track R. H. Brumm. Football F Hoffman. Baseball F. J. Okerstrom. Crew Robt. Sykes. Football Carl Christianson. Football Rudolph Hohlfeld, Football. F. G. Paddock, Baseball Merrill Taft. Football Herbert Christianson. Basket- Track Ben Pearse. Football Gustav Tebell. Football, Basket- -ball Harold Holmes, Football Ivan Phelp. Wrestling ball, Baseball Norman Clark, Football Mgr. Russell Irish, Basketball, Foot- A. J. Platten. Crew Edward Templen, Wrestling N. R. Combacker, Baseball ball P. M. Platten, Track G. C. Turner, Crew R. E. CzERWONKY, Swimming E. W. Johnson, Track 5. Polaski, Football Thos. Tredwell, Tennis F R Daniels, Cross Country E. G. Tones, Track Walter H Forth. Gym L. Tschudy, Cross Country George H Davis, Basketball Mgr O. E. Kiessling, Football Fred C. Prehn, Crew Lloyd Vallely, Cross Country E. B. Donohue, Track Harry D. Kitchen, Gym C. B, Puestow, Crew G C. Wade, Cross Country, Track R F Dugan Baseball E. A Kletzein, Gym C S. Rossmeissel, Track. Cross Mark H. Wall, Track S. ' Eagleburger, Football Frank Leitz, Gym Country Rolland Williams, Football, Orro J. Endres, Track Basketball. Baseball Perry Crane Walstead Page 221 The Badger Conference Medal George C. Bunge, center on the 1921 Varsity football team, was awarded the Intercollegiate Con- ference Medal last spring. The medal is given each year in each of the Big Ten institutions to the students with the highest rating in scholarship and athletic activity. Bunge was selected for the medal by the faculty and Ath- letic Council out of eight athletes recommended by the Athletic Board. Bunge ' s scholastic average was 88.53. The average includes marks acquired in Letters and Science and Law courses. While attending the University, Bunge won three " W ' s " in football, playing on the Varsity during 1919, 1920, and 1921. He was a mainstay in the Wisconsin line during these years and was selected All-Conference center on many honorary elevens at the end of the 1921 season. The awarding of the Intercollegiate Conference Medal was innovated in 191 5 and since that time has served as a means of inspiring athletes to better scholastic work. Only students with averages above 80, have ever been recommended for the medal. Most of the athletes recommended by the Athletic Board last year had averages between 85 and 88. The awarding of the medal indicates that athletes can be scholars. Although Wisconsin has high standards in regard to scholastic elegibility, few of the best athletes are kept out of competition because of low grades. Wisconsin is one of the leaders in demanding excellent scholarship from her athletes. Medal Winners 1915 — Martin Kennedy 1916 — Dow Harvey 1917 — Mead Burke 1918 — Eber Simpson 1919 — Charles Carpenter 1920 — Anthony Zulfer 1921 — Au N Davey 1922 — George Bunge Pott 222 =p Tlxe Badger ' Captain Rollie Williams Football Season 102? Pate 223 The Badg er jk 1 • f IT- wfrsjTfi f To j ?ow; Schernecker, Pearse, Fabera, Irish, Nolte, Paige, StangI, Smedal Second Row: Whitten. Risteen. Saari, Radke, Alton, Polaski, Slaughter, Opitz Third Row: Auracher, Asst. Mgr., Eagleburger, Coyne. Carlson, Below, Gibson, Millman, Clark (Mgr.) Fourth Row: Bieberstein, Miller, Taft, Barr, Williams, (Capt.), Tebell, Smith, Harris, Hohlfeld Officers John R. Richards Head Coach Charles Carpenter Assistant Coach George Berg Trainer RoLLAND F. Williams Captain Martin P. Below Captain-Elect Norman Clark Manager " W " Men Wallace Andre Barr, 73 Russell J. Irish, " 24 Edward G. Schernecker, ' 2? Martin P. Below, ' 24 R. L. Hohlfeld, ' 23 Robert H. Sykes, " 23 A. J. Bieberstein, ' 24 Carl J. Miller, ' 25 Merrill E. Taft, ' 24 Sidney Eagleburger, ' 24 Thomas C. Nichols, ' 23 Gustav K. Tebell, ' 23 Edward H. Gibson, " 23 Benjamin H. Pearse, ' 23 Rolland F. Williams, ' 23 Welton W. Harris, ' 25 Steven Pulaski, ' 25 M ' gr ' s " W, " Norman Clark, ' 24 Substitutes Harold J. Bentson, ' 24 Clifford S. Nolte, ' 24 B. K. Slaughter, " 24 James Coyne, ' 24 Delbert R. Paige, " 24 Leonard M. Smith, ' 25 W. Fabera, ' 25 F. W. Radke, ' 25 Milton F. Stancel, ' 25 W. Alex Field, ' 23 H. W. Risteen, ' 24 M, E, Strain, " 24 Oscar E. Kiessling, ' 23 Arthur R. Saari, ' 24 Oscar Teckmeyer, " 25 Dean A. Millman, ' 24 Alfred W. Schneider, ' 24 R C. Witten, " 24 A. T. Smedal, ' 25 " aWa " Men Everett E. Alton, " 25 George A. Carlson, " 24 Herbert Opitz, " 25 Carl Christianson, " 25 Pof 214 The Badger Coach John R. Richards Conference Standing Team Won Lost Tied Pet. Iowa 5 Michigan 4 Chicago 4 Wisconsin 2 Minnesota 2 Illinois 2 Northwestern 1 Ohio 1 Purdue Indiana ... 1.000 1.000 1 1.000 2 1 .500 3 1 .400 4 .333 3 1 .250 4 1 .200 3 I .000 2 1 .000 PateZZS The Badger fnORl Wisconsin 26 — Carleton at Madison, Oct. 7 50 100 YARDS 2P0 290 300 101 14 50 out out of li) of I SCRIMMAGE WISCONSIN CflRUeTON PASSES WISCONSIN CflRtCTON PENALTIES WISCONSIN CARLETON TOUCHDOWNS WISCONSIN- OIBSON l.BARR 1, TAFT 3, SAARI 1 CARLCTON - O ao WllUam TebcU Paf226 The Badger Wisconsin 20 — South Dakota O at Madison. Oct. 14 SO YARDS 1127 (19 148 1,6 Scrimmage WISCONSIN S. PHKOTA Passes WISCONSIN 5. DflKOTfl Penalties WISCONSIN S.D4IK0TA Touchdowns WISCONSIN- SflflRI 2, GIBSON 1 S.DflKOTfl - SCHUTTE 1 2,00 250 300 122 out of Below Bieberstein Page 227 The Badger =b Wisconsin 20 — Indiana at Madison, Oct. 21 50 IpO (0 125 10 out of YARDS 200 250 300 5341 106 esj 139 (10 out of 9) Scrimmage WISCONSIN INDIANA Passes WISCONSIN INDIANA Penalties WISCONSIN INDIANA Touchdowns WISCONSIN - WILLIAMS 1, TEBELL 1 TAFT 1 INDIANA - O liarr PmtiU TYiG Badger Wisconsin 14 — Minnesota At Minneapolis, Nov. 4 Scrimmage WISCONSIN MINNESOTA Passes WISCONSIN MINNESOTA Penalties WISCONSIN MINNESOTA 3 50 1 ,, YARDS , 00 250 3O0 ■ 9I ( ■ lpt% 50 OO to out of out of 16) 2) I 10 ■ 10 Touchdowns WISCONSIN MINNESOTA - TEBELL 1, WILLIAMS I - Harris Poiaski q- Page 229 The Badger 1 Hk " ' |b Hi Bid J B . ' ' ' i BHIt ' Hf A ' ' ■•1 Wisconsin — Illinois 3 at Madison. Nov. 1 1 O 50 130 I 00 " 2 00 2 50 3 00 122 55 51 (4 ■■137 out of (9 out 8) of 23) Scrimmage WISCONSIN ILLINOIS PassQS WISCONSIN ILLINOIS Penalties WISCONSIN ILLINOIS Touchdowns WISCONSIN- O ILLINOIS - DROP-KICK b MclLWAIN Nichols Smith -P PofltO Tine Badger Wisconsin 6 — Michigan 1 3 at Ann Arbor, Nov. 18 50 I po 1129 5crimmagG WISCONSIN MICHIOAN Passes WISCONSIN MICHIGAN Penalties WISCONSIN MICHIGAN Touchdowns WISCONSIN- POLA5KI 1 MICHIGAN - KIPKE X, CAPPON 1 15 YARDS 2 5(j gg 3gg Taft Hohlfeld _9 t-age 2.31 Tl-16 Badger- Wisconsin — Chicago at Chicago, Nov. 25 Scrimmage WISCOMSIN CHICAGO Passes WISCONSIN CHICAGO Penalties WISCONSIN CHICAGO 3 50 1 OpYARDS 2 00 aso 300 ! ? IIOI 5) (3 out of (O out of ■ 60 30 Touchdowns WISCONSIN - CHICAGO - - o - Q ill Irish liBglchcrgcr Paf2i2 Tlxe Badger il Badger Bi Ten Coaches ISCONSIN has the reputation for developing coaches. During the last few years, seven Wisconsin graduates have coached athletics in the Big Ten, two of whom, John Richards and Mead Burke, at Wisconsin. Robert Zuppke and Dr. Wilce are without doubt the most prominent Badger coaches in the Conference. Ek)th are known the country over for the strong teams they have consistently developed. Robert Zuppke has won a reputation for himself at Illinois which is hard to beat. Before Zuppke ' s days, Illinois dreamed of a team that could defeat Chicago, but today Illinois and the Maroons are sharing honors for the number of games won. Michigan is the only other team which is now sharing honors with Zuppke, for Illinois has the edge on every other eleven in the Conference. While at Wisconsin, Zuppke won his letter on the basketball teams of 1904 and 1905. The 1905 team was a championship one. Rohcrt Zuppke Dr. Wilce began his coaching career at Ohio in 1913. The teams he has coached have always been strong con- tenders for the Big Ten championship. Probably his ability for producing stars has to do with Wilce ' s reputa- tion as a coach. Chick Harley, Stinchcomb, and Huff- man are three Ohio men who have made Walter Camps ' -All American team. Last fall, Ohio ' s team did not come up to Wilce ' s standard; nevertheless, one can soon expect Wilce ' s team copping another championship. Dr. Wilce ' s coaching experience started at La Crosse H. S. in 1910. Both years he was there. La Crosse held the state championship. During the year 1912, Dr. Wilce served as an assistant coach at Wisconsin. Dr J W. Wilce Page 233 f= The Badger " Harold G. Olsen, another of Wisconsins prominent athletes, is now coaching basketball at Ohio State. Ohio basketeers ha e not won any championships in the last few years, but have always given other teams a hard fight and often ha e turned out to be the dark horse of the Conference. Coach Olsen played on Wisconsins basketball team for three years. He was captain of his team and an All Western man. On the Varsity Football team, he held the position as half back for one year. Harold G. Olsen Another Badger Alumnus with an enviable record is E. O. Stiehm, athletic director at Indiana University. During his college days at Wisconsin he participated in many sports, including Football, Basketball, Water Polo, Tennis, and Track. Stiehm was awarded letters in Football, Basketball, and Track. Ever since his graduation, Stiehm has served as Athletic Director, one year at Fort Atkinson High School, one year at Ripon College, five years at Uni- versity of Nebraska, and the last fi e years at Indiana University. Outside of the Conference, Wisconsin has several alumni coaching athletics, seme of whom are Geo. Cramer at Joliet High School, Ralph Scott and Guy Sundt at Ripon College, Bill Juneau at the University of Tennessee, Van Gent at Stanford. E. O. Stiehm Pmt»l}4 The Badger Captain " Gus " Tebell Basketball Season 1922-1923 0= Pag! 2JS The Badger Conference Standings Team Won Wisconsin 11 Iowa 11 Michigan 8 Illinois 7 Purdue 7 Chicago 6 Indiana 5 Northwestern 3 Minnesota 1 Ohio State 1 Lost 1 Pet. .917 1 .917 4 .667 5 .583 5 .583 6 ,500 7 .417 9 .250 11 . .083 11 .083 Fa« iit The Badger Walter E. Meanwell, M. D. Professor of Physical Education Coach Basketball Season— 1922-1923 W 1 TH the pre-season dope omitting the Badgers from titular consideration, and with the odds Vy hea ily against them at e ery point on the schedule, Coach Walter E. Meanwell and his crew f of Cardinal basketeers, by virtue of ele en victories and but one defeat, brought to Wisconsin the 1923 Big Ten Conference Basketball Championship. " he championship of the Big Ten was not decided until Indiana had been defeated by 35 to 17 in the last game of the Badgers " schedule. The race w as one of the most hotly contested in the history of the midwestern association, with the weakest teams in the circuit continually upsetting the dope, and putting contenders like Purdue and Michigan out of the running. An example of this was Iowa ' s two- point defeat, in the last game of t he Hawk schedule, by Indiana, whose crushing downfall at the hands of Wisconsin came just a week later. The fact that Iowa completed the season at the same station in the percentage column as did Wis- consin gave rise to talk of a game between the teams in order to definitely decide the supremacy, but the Big Ten conference rules did not permit the additional clash. Wisconsin backers based their claims on the crushing defeat which the Cardinal gave to Indiana when the Hoosiers were at the same strength as when they defeated Iowa. In addition, Wisconsin twice defeated Michigan by decisi e scores, while Iowa was able to squeeze out w ins by only one or two points. To make the claim clear, the Cardinal players are conceded to have had a harder schedule than did any other member of the conference. At the beginning of the season, critics at best could not see less than fi e defeats ahead of the Badgers. The material was the weakest and poorest that it had been in years. Running true to the form of the Meanwell play, howe ' er, the squad improved until at the end of the season Coach Meanw ell stated that " the team was the greatest e er representing Wisconsin. " In the last four games of the home season, fans saw a number of perfect exhibitions of the class of basketball which has made Coach Meanwell the leading mentor connected with the cage game. The scoring machine was led by Leslie Gage, who was himself the greatest exponent of the hookpass and hookshot style of play ever produced here at Wisconsin. The passing was so fast that the spectators often could not follow the ball, while opposing defenses never were able to solve the Badger offense. Page 237 Tl e Badger After a two months ' training period, which was discouraging for lx)th players and coach, Doc Meanwell decided to give the public a chance to view his proteges. Accordingly, Pat Page and his Butler outfit were invited up for an hour of entertainment on the evening of December 16. They accepted, they came, and they conquered. The final news read 20 to 1 3, with Page ' s men being awarded the edge in a great offensive battle. They have done it twice in succession, now, and the Badgers are due for a comeback next season. Coach Schissler and his Lombard collegians journeyed up here on December 19 for the second tilt of the season. The game proved to be nothing more than a workout for Meanwell ' s men, the final count being 37-9. The classic event of the prelim season came on Jan. 3, when Marquette was booked to do battle with the Badgers at the Langdon street court. In spite of the fact that students were still out of town, the tickets were all disposed of long before the day of the game. Not a game on the home floor surpassed the Catholics tilt in fierce playing and excitement. Coach Meanwell ' s men relied on individual team play for their points, and while the Badgers put up a pretty exhibition of teamwork, Wisconsin ' s poor shooting allowed the Hilltoppers to carry a 9-8 victory back to Milwaukee. It was conceded that the Badger quintet would do well to get an even break in the first road trip, which included a game with Northwestern, on Jan. 8. But superior teamwork once again triumphed, and the Purple were downed by a 21 to 10 count. More opposition was encountered at Bloomington but a brilliant finish netted a 17 to 10 win. The Maroons came up here a week later and were sent back to the Midway smarting under a 24 to 1 1 defeat. At this stage of the season critics began to prick up their ears at the work of the Badger de- fense. Norgren ' s men, for instance, scored but two field goals toward their total of 1 1 points. Minnesota was easily disposed of Jan. 20 by a 24 to 1 2 score. The following game was the one time that the Badgers tripped during the whole season. The Cardinal were caught fouling frequently, and Holwerda sank 1 1 out of 12 free throws, or enough points to easily cinch a victory. The final score read 17 to 13. The defeat caused " Wisconsin ' s championship stock to take a decided slump, as a number of weaker conference aggregations had taken the Boilermakers into camp. Following the unusual, however, Meanwell ' s outfit came back and played a brand of ball which startled the entire conference. Michigan was licked, 1 8 to 1 5, at Ann Arbor on Feb. 1 5, and four days later the Badgers repeated before the home crowd by a 1 6 to 1 1 count. The season ' s climax was reached on Feb. 24 when Coach Ward Lambert and his aggregation came here to make it two straight. And it looked as though they were going to do it, for the score stood 16 to QbMn Williams Cage ==? PattlJt The Badger = 19 in favor of Purdue when only a minute was left to play. At this point Captain Tebell performed the deed which was responsible for his being heralded as one of Wisconsin ' s greatest basketball players. He r won the conference championship for the Badgers in that 60 seconds of play by sending two long throws ■ through the basket for a one point victory. The game was a marvelous exhibition of basketball, both teams playing a brand of ball which has never been surpassed. The rest of the schedule was " soft pickings " for the Badgers. Minnesota was downed, 36 to 10, while the same treatment was administered Northwestern, 29 to 11. Chicago proved unable to cope with the Badger offense, the victory reading 33 to 1 1. The curtain fell when Indiana was sent to the showers, 35 to 17. A number of achievements were attained by the present team which make them stand above any other quintet which ever represented the Cardinal. The defense hung up a new record, 19 points being the highest score made against it. During the season, 161 points were scored against the Badgers, while Michigan, the closest rival, allowed 1% points to be scored against her. Tebell and Williams were termed by Fred Young, Big Ten conference referee and famous basketball authority, as the " greatest pair of guards in the world. " They felt the brunt of the seasons work, and to them should go plenty of credit for the success attained by the team. Gibson was an important factor in the championship, as he set the pace for conference pivot men in the final games of the schedule. He was a big asset defensively, and a sure scorer in every clash. " No man ever gave more to a Wisconsin team than did Leslie Gage " was the way Coach Meanwell spoke of the famous forwards work after the last game had been played. Les stood sixth among the conference scorers, with a total of 1 10 points. Even the high position is not thoroughly representative of Gage ' s scoring ability, since his superiors gained many points via the free throw route, while the Wis- consin star did not swell his total much in the latter manner. Spooner, " the youngster of the team, " came through at a time when the team was in dire need of a player of his calibre. His coolness and versatility placed him on a par with the leading forwards in the circuit, and the fact that he is only a sophomore insures him a spectacular career during the next two years. Elsom, Diebold, and Barwig were worthy substitutes who came through in the pinches, and aided the regulars at critical times. They are all men of ability and they will materially help in solving the question of filling the vacancies left by the graduation of Williams and Tebell. Spooner Tebell Elsom Page.239 The Badger Wisconsin-Minnesota Game The Season ' s Record Wisconsin 21 Northwestern 10 Wisconsin 17 Indiana 10 Wisconsin 24 Chicago 1 1 Wisconsin 24 Minnesota 12 Wisconsin 13 Purdue 17 Wisconsin 18 Michigan 15 Wisconsin 16 Michigan 1 1 Wisconsin 20 Purdue 19 Wisconsin 3( Minnesota 10 Wisconsin 29 Northwestern 17 Wisconsin 33 Chicago II Wisconsin 35 Indiana 17 Barwig 1|. Diebokl Poft IW f The Badger Captain Forrest Paddock Baseball Season 1922 I r q= Pat 24l The Badger Conference baseball standing at the close last year: Illinois First Wisconsin Tied for Second Michigan Tied for Second Purdue Third Ohio State Fourth Iowa Fifth Northwestern Sixth Chicago Seventh Minnesota Eighth Indiana toured the Orient during the Conference baseball season. Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wiscons Wisconsi Wisconsi Wiscons Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Wisconsi Williams Season ' s Scores n 8 Bcloit 3 n 7 Oshkosh Normal n 9 Union College 1 n 3 Union College 4 in 5 Mississippi A. M. 5 n I Mississippi A. M. 6 n 5 U. of Mississippi 1 n 7 U. of Mississippi I n 4 Northwestern 2 n 8 Minnesota 1 n 9 Notre Dame 1 n 2 Michigan 9 n 10 Notre Dame 4 n 4 Illinois I n 12 Minnesota 2 n 2 Illinois 3 n 6 Iowa 8 n 10 Iowa I n 9 Chicago 6 n 10 Mich. Ags. I n 4 Michigan I n 7 Chicago Ceastr Pof 242 TYxe Badger Coach Guy S. Lowman ■ l ' OSING three Conference games during the 1922 season put the Badger baseball team in a tie with 1l Michigan for second place among the Big Ten teams. Illinois captured the championship crown for the second consecutive year. Wisconsin gave the Illini their one defeat of the year by riding over the Illinois team for a 4 to I victory. Captain " Paddy " Paddock, the mainstay of the Wisconsin nine, hurled his team to a majority of the victories. One of the strongest baseball teams put out at Wisconsin in many years supported Paddock. A slump near the end of the season which resulted in the loss of one game to Iowa, a much weaker team, robbed the Badgers of an opportunity to tie Illinois for the top position. Alvan " Rowdy " Elliott turned out to be the " Babe " Ruth of the Big Ten by virtue of his large number of home runs. Elliott held down the shortstop position and was one of Lowman ' s most consistent men throughout the season. Paddock and Elliott were graduated last spring and consequently are lost to this year ' s nine. Barry, Ceaser and Hoffman, all important cogs in the Lowman machine, are also lost to Wisconsin. Barry was one of Coach Lowman ' s steadiest men throughout the baseball year and held down the back- stop position in nearly every game. Ceaser at center field was a tower of strength to the Badgers. His fielding was of the highest calibre and his hitting was far above par. Although Coach Lowman has lost five of his nine first string men, prospects for this year ' s team are as good as the average. Poft 243 The Badger Last years frosh which will be graduated into Varsity material this spring will be a great help in building up this year ' s team. Johnson, Miilman, Becker, Radke, Feuchtwanger, and Crane, who received their numerals with the frosh squad last year, should offer prospecti e material for this year ' s Varsity. The spring training trip taken by the Wisconsin nine last year was a most successful one. It was the first time a Badger team has entured south of the Ohio River to engage other teams in baseball. On the spring trip, the team defeated Union Qjllege, Notre Dame, Uni% ' ersity of Mississippi, lost one game to the Mississippi Aggies and tied them once. r f 11 Elliott Patt 144 Tine Badger Another southern trip was taken again this year. Coach Lowman put his pitchers and catchers to work in the annex at the beginning of the second semester and consequently they were in good condition at the opening of the season. The men awarded " W ' s by the athletic board for baseball last season were: F. G. Paddock, G. Barry, P. A. Hoffman, J. Williams, H. R. Combacker, H. Piggott, A. C. Elliott, George Ruediger, R. W. Williams, Carl Ceaser, H. O. Christianson and Ross Dugan. Ruediger Barry Combacker Pate 245 The Badger- ' a In Memorium Albert Jason Knollin, Jr. The memory of Al Knollin will always he associated in a peculiar sense with his character and career as a member of this University. Taken from life before life could bring to him any of the changes that come with later years, he remains for us, changelessly, the youthful athlete, the rounded student, the young man fully ready for the world and world ' s work, but not yet absorbed into them. This is a kind of immortality of youth. There is a sadness in a death so untimely and there is a beauty. His death was untimely and it was sudden; and yet death could not. even so, find a man like Al Knollin unready. It was one of the admirable qualities of Knollin, both as an athlete and as a man, that he was so easily himself, so equal to occasions, master of himself and of his powers. What he had to do, he took as he took his hurdles, in his stride. He kept his athletic training in a fine balance with his other activities so that neither suffered, but each profited by the other. When he ran for the school he inspired the confidence and affection which attend a cer- tainty that a man will run true to form. In the deliberations of his seniors, where most I saw him, his modesty, sincerity, and courage gave him the weight of a much older man. Far more than is usually t he case, what Al Knollin was and what he did are a possession of his University, and let us hope it is one that never w ill be lost. Eiecause his college years formed so large a share of years that were all too few, remembrance of him belongs to those and will be treasured by those who know and are proud of his record as a Wisconsin man. ' K«2M The Badger Captain Albert W. Knollin Track Season 1922 5- Hatt 247 TKe Badger Track Team Track Season, 1922 J( ' ME misfortune seemed to follow the Wisconsin track team j y of 1922 throughout the season. The peak of the misfortune 1 was reached in the meet with the University of Minnesota, when, with the Badgers leading by 3 points and only one more event to be run, the Gophers took first and third places, and captured the meet by a score of 68 to 67. Practically the same team that represented Wisconsin during the indoor season reported to Coaches Mead Burke and Tom Jones for the frays at Camp Randall. Led by Captain " Ar ' Knollin, the team as a whole was an excep- tionally good one. It was composed chiefly of veterans, as was the indoor team. The Drake and Penn Relays were the opening meets of the spring cinder season of 1922. Only two men were sent to the Penn Relays to represent Wisconsin. Knollin was entered in the 1 20 high hurdles and Merrick entered the pole vault. In the Drake Relays Stolley placed first in the quarter mile and Sundt placed second in the shot put and third in the broad jump. The Wisconsin team captured fourth place in the two mile relay. Illinois came to Madison on May 8, for the second meet of the season and carried home the bacon with a score of 88 to 47. The I Mini were pressed to the limit in every event but seemed to nose out the majority of first places. Knollin and Sundt were the individual higher scorers of the meet. In the high jump Platten broke the Conference record by % of an inch. (x ach Jt ne3 Pott 24 The Badger The University of Chicago sent its track team to Madison on May 15, and lost to the Badgers on the Camp Randall field 86 3 to 483 . Sundt was high point scorer of the meet. Misfortune then overtook the Badger team when the Gophers defeated Jones ' men 68 to 67. Sundt was easily the star of the meet by taking two first places, one second plac e, and one third place. Minnesota appeared powerful in the distance events and won the mile, two mile and half mile runs. The season closed with the National Intercol- legiate Meet held at Stagg Field on June 1 6 and 1 7. » ■•••w., v -■n 1 SK% j ll hJ Iv % .k ' 1 1 - " " - " • a 1 Q Page 249 The Badger Sundi Speti Plat ten I ' agt Z10 The Badger Indoor Track 1923 HE INDOOR track season of 1923 was one of the most unfortunate that Wisconsin has experienced S in several years. The greater part of the indoor squad was composed of sophomores who were excellent Varsity material, but who lacked experience. The squad this season is a coming one and in a year or two should he at the top of the Ganference. Misfortune overtook the Badger camp early in the season when eight Varsity men were lost because of scholastic difficulties at the end of the first semester. The Seventeenth Annual Relay Carnival was held in the gym annex on February 18th, and an oppor- tunity was given Coaches Mead Burke and Tom Jones to get a good lineup of the men. One record was broken, and two were tied in this meet. Schwarze, St. Johns ' man, heaved the shot to a new annex record with a mark of 47 feet 4}4 inches. Newell tied " A " KnoUin ' s annex record when he danced over the hurdles in 5 and 2-5 seconds. Eagleburger came within 1 - 1 of a second of a ten year old record by stepping the 40-yard dash in 4 and 5-10 seconds. The first conference meet of the season was held at low a Citj-. The Haw keyes, in a dual meet with the Badgers, emerged on the long end of a 5 1 to 35 score. The meet was filled with surprises, many upsets taking place. The Hawkeye relay team clipped four seconds off the record established by the University of Illinois team last year. Wisconsin showed up well in the Illinois Relay Carnival held at Urbana on March 3rd. This meet was one of the largest held in the Middle- West this year. Forty-seven institutions were represented by 5 1 1 athletes and nine records were broken. Norton of the University of Kansas was declared the champion all-around athlete by virtue of his 5,253 points which he piled up during the day. Hamman of Wisconsin took second place w ith 4,885 2 points. The Badger athlete took first place in the broad jump, second place in the pole vault, shot put, and half-mile run and third in the 75-yard dash. He also took fourth place in the high jump. Ayers of Illinois equalled the world ' s indoor record for the 75-yard dash. i: Poft IS I The Badger On March 10th, the Badgers defeated Coach Knute Rockne ' s Notre Dame university squad in the gym annex 50 to 36, taking most all the places in each event. The Conference meet was held at Evanston on March 1 7th and the Badgers were forced to be contented with one point and sixth place. Vallely, a sophomore, took fourth place in the 880-yard dash. The Confer- ence mark in this event was lowered to 1 minute and 58 seconds by Reinke of Michigan. The meet was won by the Wolverines with 43 yi points. I llinois placed second with 2 1 yi points and Iowa took third with 16J points. Men who made the squad are: Capt. Spetz, Hilberts, Hamman, Vallely, Eagleburger, Tuhtar, Flatten, Newell, Rossmeissel, Tschudy, Perry, Graham, Johnson, and Carter. iit-rgiLiCiitr Tschudy Pan VI The Badger 1922 Cross Country - fc HE CROSS COUNTRY season of 1922 was a sur. S prising one as well as a successful one. Stock on the Wisconsin cross country market dropped consider- ably when captain-elect, George Finkle, broke his leg at the indoor track meet against Notre Dame last winter. Many considered the team ruined w irh the loss of this man. Captain Finkle resigned and was succeeded by Wayne Ram- say. With the opening of school in September, about 18 men reported to Coach Burke for the squad. Time trials were held each Saturday among the men work- ing out for the team, until the opening e ent of the year with the Michigan Varsity. The meet with Michigan held at Madison on October 2 1 , was lost by the close score of 27 to 28. The Woherines suc- ceeded in getting first, fourth and fifth places. Isbell of Michigan, who took Finkle " s place as the conference cham- pion cross country runner, grabbed first place o er a 3.9 mile course in the fast time of 2 1 :2 1 1 10. Tschudy and Vallely of Wisconsin placed second and third respectively in the run with Michigan. Vallely, a sophomore, showed up exceptionally well in this meet. On Nov ember 4th Coach Burke took his harriers to Minne- apolis where they swamped the University of Minnesota squad by a score of 16 to 39. Wisconsin men finished in the first four places. Tschudy took first, covering the five miles Coach Burke Or- PageMi The Badger in the record time of|27:33 3 5. The [track was muddy and exceptionally hard to run on. Wade, Vailely and Moorhead finished in the order named after Tschudy. Homecoming Day, November 1 1 , was featured by a meeting of Coach Burkes men and a team repre- senting the University of Chicago. The Maroons were defeated by a score of 1 5 to 40. Wisconsin took the first five places. Wade finishing first. The crowning success of the season for the Wis- consin team was at the ninth annual Conference Cross Country held at Lafayette, Indiana, Novem- ber 25. Michigan took the championship while the Badgers stepped into second place. Wisconsin ' s first man in was Wade who placed fourth. Tschudy crossed the tape in sixth place. Illinois and Ames tied for third place and Ohio State grabbed off fourth. Wisconsin can well be proud of its cross country men. Development of the candidates was almost phenomenal. Members of the Varsity squad were Tschudy, Vailely, Schneider, Perry, Wade, Ross- meissel, Bergstresser, Ramsay, Moorhead and Link. Ramsay Standings of Conference Teams Michigan First Wisconsin . . Second Illinois-Ames . Third Ohio State . . Fourth Vailely Pf 2S4 The Badger Captain George O. Toepfer Crew Season 1922 Pf2S} The Badger- Personnel 1. Capt. Toepfer Walter 2. PUESTOW Pearse 3. Jones Turner 4. Okerstrom Plettner 5. Schuetz Smith 6. Crozier Klussendorf 7. Johnson Bentson 8. Brehn— stroke Newcomb Harley — coxswain Kitchen Poft l!6 The Badger Crew Season, 1922 i [SCONSIN is slowly but surely regaining its position among the leading colleges of the country, V w hich are holding the rowing championship. Early last Spring, the Varsity crew began a season of strenuous training on Lake Mendota. The squad was again led by George Toepfer, who as a man of past experience and ability, helped whip the team into condition within a short period of time. Only two other eterans, Puestow and Turner, reported uith the men in response to Coach Vails call for candidates. Rowers from the pre ious year ' s Junior and Frosh crews filled the other acancies in the shell. Not until more than a month after the crew had taken to the lake did Varsity meet any outside competi- tion. On May 27, Manitoba came down to test their strength against Wisconsin ' s rowers. It was the first time Wisconsin raced against a foreign crew. The race uas hard fought from the start to the ery last stroke. Both shells were neck and neck until the half-mile lines was passed v hen the Badgers began to slowly creep ahead of the visitors. Although the Badgers were three-fourths of a boat ' s length in the lead at the mile line the Canadians came close to w inning as a result of a spurt at the finish. On the same day the Junior arsity team ga e St. Johns ' a decided defeat. The Junior eight took the lead soon after the start and held it throughout the race. This ictory more than accounted for the defeat the crew received from CuK er one week before. Several days after the close of school. Varsity encountered the second strongest crew in the country, Washington State. The race was a decided ictory for Washington who had won by ten boat lengths from California. Our crew proved true to form in that they kept abreast w ith the western champions during the first mile of the race. However, the three-mile course proved to be too much for the Badgers, who were trained only to row o er a one-and-one-half-mile course, and the visitors finished several boat lengths in the lead. If this progress keeps up, which it is sure to do with a coach like Dad Vail at the wheel, Wisconsin will soon be rowing on the Hudson. Pagi 157 The Badger Pott 2ft TKe Badger- Captain Johnson Bennett swimming Minor Sports Season 1923 =P Page 259 The Badger Swimming, 1922-1923 rk " .ANDICAPPED by lack of practice because the new tank was finished behind time and facing the II I possibility of having se eral men ineligible, the Wisconsin Swimming team had a gloomy outlook for the Indiana meet which opened the conference season. January 12. With Bennett ' s remarkable work overcoming the loss of Ewald, w ho remained ineligible for the entire season, the Badger annexed this first meet 38-30 and began intensi e training for what promised to be one of the hardest meets of the year with Minnesota. Ineligibility played its usual part, and in spite of a strong showing the Badgers lost to Minnesota, 41-27. A period of several weeks was spent in trying to arrange a meet with the Milwaukee Athletic Club as a prac- tice meet in place of Michigan which failed to get its team in shape, but due to conflicting schedules nothing was accomplished. The meet with Northwestern was held March 2. They were an all around stronger aggregation and submerged the Badgers to the tune of 44-24. The conference relay record was broken, but since Northwestern did not make it in the annual Big Ten competition it was not counted as a new mark. The last conference meet before the Big Ten meet was held on March 7, w ith Chicago. The Badgers were still counting on Johnnie Bennett as the main scorer and Coach Joe Steinauer used practically the same line-up as had been used all season namely ; Relay .... Captain Bennett, Story, Porter, Ellicott, Gilbreath and Lyons Dives . . - Koch and Maroney 40 Yard Bennett, Gilbreath and Story Breast Stroke Czerwonky and Pope 220 Yard Bennett and Gilbreath Plunge . Dummer and Salzsteen Back Stroke Ellicott and Porter 1 00 Yard Free Style Bennett, Taylor and Lyons Five firsts, two won by Johnnie Eiennett, cinched the meet for Wisconsin with a score of 40-28. ■a(« M) The Badger- C ' oach jMcinauer The Big Ten Conference meet came March 15-16 with championship possibilities in three teams — Wisconsin, Minnesota and Northwestern. Barring breaks, Minnesota had the edge on the others. The meet turned out to be one of the most sensational ever held at Chicago. Contrary to the dope Northwestern won with 32 points, Minnesota next with 30 points, Wisconsin third with 16, and Illinois fourth with 10 points. Three Big Ten Conference records went scuttling to the bottom when Northwestern broke the 440 yard record, the relay record, and Wisconsin tied the 100 yard free style event and Michigan the 150 yard back stroke. Breyer, Northwestern, was high man w ith 1 5 points and Bennett, Wisconsin, was second with 7 points. The Badgers captured second in the relay, third in the 40 yard dash, second in the 200 yard breast stroke and first in the 100 yard free style. With the end of this record-breaking meet Wisconsin returned home to make use of the new tank in producing better results for next year. CONFERENCE RESULTS Team Points Northwestern 32 Minnesota 30 Wisconsin 18 Illinois 10 Indiana 6 Michigan ■ 5 Chicago 4 Purdue 1 Iowa Q- Pa e 261 The Badger V _9 Palt 2t l The Badger Boxing ■jp IXE champions were crowned in the All-University boxing tournament which was held under the 1p direction of Coach Eddie Borgelt on Saturday, March 3 1 . The men offered slashing exhibitions and the claret flowed freely in some of the bouts. Wenzel Fabera and Landon Chapman, middle eights, used everything but the ring posts and the water bucket in their three-round set-to. Chapman had his opponent on the verge of a knockout in the second round, but he was unable to produce the finishing punch. He won the bout and title on a decision. Harold Holmes, football player, and Ray Stipek traveled four rounds, one extra, before the judges could decide w hich was the w inner. Stipek won the bout on points, and as a result, is heavyweight champion of the university. Ferdinand Kojis dropped the welterweight title to Albert F. Mar- tin after four rounds of boxing. The bout went into an extra stanza. Kojis had held the title in 1922 and Martin sat on the welterweight throne the previous year. The little fellows got together in the featherweight match, Albert F. Martin defeating Millard by decision. John J. Klak took a firm hold on the lightweight title when he disposed of Lawrence H. Clark. Klak barely beat out his opponent for honors. Coach Joseph Steinauer refereed the matches. 4 mi ' Si, pi. Page 263 e- The Badger- Wrestling, 1922-1923 rtrXTEREST in wrestling has increased considerably the last two years. This is partly due to the hiring ni of a regular coach and partly to the increased space given to wrestling. The wrestlers are no longer confined to one mat in the little tower room, but have enough of the gym floor partitioned off for eight mats. George Hitchcock, obtained to coach wrestling at the University of Wisconsin, is a man of consider- able experience. Coach Hitchcock is an amateur wrestler and was the holder of the light heavyweight amateur title before he became the wrestling coach. The results the team turned in this season have been gratifying to the whole university. They remained in first place until stopped by the strong Iowa aggregation. Even against Iowa, the Cardinal men did so well that they surprised their own coach. The first meet of the season was with Northwestern at Evanston, January 1 2. Wisconsin easily won 1 9 to 6, winning two falls and three decisions to two decisions gained by the Northwestern grapplers. The first home meet of the season was won by Wisconsin 24 to 8, against Minnesota, February 1 0. Taki- taro Suzuki, ' 23, George B. Schaekel, " 24, and Ingvald Hembre, ' 24, made their debut on the mat. Suzuki in the 1 1 5-pound, Templin in the 1 75-pound class, and Heuer in the 1 58-pound class won their matches by falls. Hembre wrestling in the 145-pound class fought the Minnesota captain to a draw in the feature match of the evening. Benbow and Bieberstein won decisions from their men in the 1 25-pound and heavyweight classes. The outcome of the Iowa meet held here February 23 was in doubt until the last match was over. The score was tied at 1 1 all, when Capt. Johnney Heldt finally won a fall over Bieberstein of Wisconsin in the heavyweight class. Wishing to save Bieberstein and Suzuki for the Ames meet Coach Hitchcock took Gregor and Phelps in their places for the Chicago meet at Chicago, March 3. Wisconsin won three decisions and one fall to their opponents three falls but lost the meet 1 5 to 14. The score, 20 to 5, does not show the fight the Badgers put up against the strong Ames aggregation, when they were defeated at Ames, March 9. Captain Templin was the only man to count against the Ames grapplers and won with a fall. Gregor, Holmes, and Suzuki made their men go overtime matches to win by decisions. Benbow and Bieberstein lost their matches by decisions. Schaekel put up a hard fight, but weight told on him and he lost by a fall. Pmt» 2f- Tine Badger Three Wisconsin men were picked to represent Wisconsin at the conference meet held at Columbus, Ohio, March 16 and 17. Captain Templin and Holmes made the trip as Heuer ' s shoulder had not healed sufficiently to permit him to go. After the men had left, the athletic council received a telegram notifying them to send Benbow. As Benbow had quit training it would have weakened him to make weight for the meet and he did not go. Holmes won fourth place in the meet. In his first bout Templin won a decision from Troutman, last year ' s 175-pound champion. In the second bout Templin lost to Held of Indiana by a de- cision. Held had previously beaten the Penn state man and the Navy man. Coach Hitchcock Pagt 2b5 The Badger Gymnastics, 1922-1923 ■jP OR THE FIRST TIME since 1916, Wisconsin boasts a Conference J title in gymnastics. Against the stiffest gymnastic competition in the Big Ten, Minnesota and Chicago in dual meets, and against the same teams with six others in the Conference meet at Columbus, Ohio, the Wisconsin Gym squad managed to keep a clean slate. The 1 ,000% average, won not without difficulties, is a tribute to Wisconsin Spirit, and the result of hard work and keen determination on the part of the squad. Coach Schlatter was absent on a year ' s leave, and no coach could be secured for the one year job. With most of the veterans from last year ' s team on the job, prospects were too bright to disregard, and so under the direction of Captain Kitchen and Leitz, Manager, practice was begun. A scheme was worked out, by which a senior on the squad assumed the direction of, and was responsible for the work on the apparatus with which he was most familiar. Kitchen took the tumblers in hand, Kubosch su- pervised the work on the horizontal bar. Forth had the parallel bars, Hansen the side horse and Leitz the Flying Rings. Before the conference season opened, the gymnasts journeyed to Mil- waukee and took the Milwaukee Y. M. C. A. into camp by the narrow margin of thirteen points, 360 to 347. In this meet the fencers, Thompson and Reinhold, defeated the Milwaukee foil men in four bouts. After two weeks of hard work on the weak spots, pointed out by the Mil- waukee meet, the first conference dual meet was held at Chicago, with the Capta.n Kitchen Pan 266 The Badger strong Maroon Team as the opponents on February 23. Annexing four firsts, three seconds and three thirds, the Badgers humbled the last year ' s champs 1,194 to 1,166. Reinhold and Thompson each won two foil bouts and lost one to the Chicago men, but the Fencing team was defeated by reason of Kubosch having to forfeit his matches, he being busy on the other apparatus at the time. Virtually it was a victory for the Badger fencers. On April 3, the Gophers came down from Minnesota, for the second conference dual meet, and returned sad, but u ith hopes and determination of evening the score at the big meet. Score, i , 1 7 to 1 .183.25. With wins, by narrow margins over Chicago and Minnesota, and with these teams " out after " Wisconsin, the stage was set for a pretty battle at Columbus, Ohio, on March 17, the scene of the Western Intercollegiate Gymnastic Wrestling and Fencing Meet. Illinois. Ohio State, Iowa, Ne- braska, Purdue and Ohio Wesleyan were entered in the meet, but the dope pointed to a three cornered battle between Chicago, Minnesota and Wiscon- sin, and the results bore out the predictions. The meet was not decided un- til the last event was run off. and the totals gi ' en out, Wisconsin 1,114, Chi- cago, 1,1 13, Minnesota 1,096.5. Conference Championship was never decided before by so narrow a margin. In this meet, Forth took a first on the Flying Rings, Schmidt took third. On the Side Horse Hansen took his usual first. On the horizontal bar Schmidt took a second and Kubosch third. Kitchen took a second in tumbling and Schmidt wound up by a third on the parallels. Thompson w as entered in the foil event, but was unable to get started until too late to o ercome his early defeats. He lost three bouts by the score of 7-6. Reinhold entered the saber e ent and ended in third place against strong competition. B It was a case of a well balanced team, composed of all good men win- P ning out o er teams of a few stars and a group of fillers. Coach Leitz Kitchen Hansen Winners of the ' Kubosch Personnel ' W " PORTH Schmidt Horizontal Bar Side Horse Flying Rings . ' . W. Kubosch, H. W. Schmidt, F L. Bumer, W. E. Pfleger M. E. Hansen, T. Stevens, N. F. Koch, W. E. Pfleger W H. Porth, H. W. Schmidt, F. L. Bumer, E. Krieger Parallel Bars W. H. Porth, F. W. Kubosch, H. W. Schmidt Tumbling ... H. D. Kitchen, F. W. Kubosch, N. F. Koch, F. L. Bu.mer Indian Clubs W. H. Porth Foils and Sabers J. G. Reinhold, A. VV. Thompson Wisconsin, 3oO Milwaukee Y. M., 347 Wisconsin, 1,194 Chicago, 1.166 Wisconsin, 1,197 Minnesota, 1,183.25 Conference Scores Wisconsin | 1,114 Chicago 1,113 Minnesota 1,096.5 Page 267 The Badger =b Hockey, 1923 Jmm ' HE SPEED, skill, team play and endurance C l required in ice hockey, combined with its competitive nature and simplicity of compre- hension are attracting the enthusiasm and the audience it deserves. To so great an extent is home talent de- veloping, particularly at the University of Wisconsin, that in the near future it will be ranked as a Major Sport. At Wisconsin there is one great draw back, the lack of an enclosed rink, which would evade the un- certainty of the surface, and combat the elements of nature particularly for the spectator. Were this cor- rected. Hockey could and would become a self support- ing spxjrt, but with a lighted rink and a little more ma- teria! which will come in time, it should attract by its competitive nature, interclass and inter-Fraternity games. Then it could really be called a University sport. L-upluiii Ct»nihuckcr Ptktt 2t d= The Badger C oach Viner Minnesota- Wisconsin AlSCONSIN in its second year is doing very A e " . although the schedule is as yet incom- plete. In one year Wisconsin has developed from the underdog to almost the equal of its antag- onists and with similar improvement next year, it should be supreme. The team was composed of four of last year ' s regulars, Combacker, Tredwell, Blodgett and Fiske, and six newcomers, Johnson, Mokreijs, Moran, Von Sceliski, Wood and Haugh. Of these it will lose four men by graduation. However, there is good material among the Freshman Squad and next year ' s team should be superior to this. Hockey has made its impression upon the student body, and it will shortly make its mark. U= Page 269 The Badger w Tennis ISCONSIN ' S Varsity tennis squad opened its 1922 season with a decisive ictory over the strong Milton college team. The tournament was taken by a 6 to w in, the Milton representati cs being unable to capture any of the matches. Although the team was handicapped last year by a long rainy spell which de layed practice, it was in fair condition at the opening of the schedule with Milton on April 28. For this first engagement Coach Linden picked for his team Capt. Thomas Tredwell, Bub Gotfredson, Art Moulding and Larry Hastings. Gotfredson was a veteran of two years and Tredwell had experienced two years of Big Ten com- petition also. Moulding, a sophomore, showed up extremely v ell and took third position on the squad. Art was freshman champion the year before. Hastings beat out George Parker, a senior, for fourth place and played creditably through- out the season, showing himself erratic at times and exceptionally consistent at others. Tredwell and Gotfredson were, of course, mainstays of the team. As a double combina- tion they presented a speedy, slashing, dri ing pair, to be feared by any opponents. In the singles Gotfredson was sure to sweep his man off the courts in the first set w ith a whirlw ind brand of tennis, but always dropped into more of a defensi e game in the second and third sets which usually gave him great difficulty. Capt. Tredwell is noted for his consistency. It is almost uncanny. He plays the same type of tennis at all times and is always a puzzJe to the man across the net. Tredwell K HBSling-- Pag 270 The Badger The Conference season opened a week later vv hen the Northwestern aggregation came to Madison and lost five matches out of the six. Coach Linden had his men in the best of condition by this time and real tennis was displayed. Hastings had hard luck by losing the second and third sets after making a pretty win in the first set by 7-5. On May 3, Badger tennis fans witnessed an intersect ional tournament when the University of Southern California ' s country winning racqueteers sw ooped down on Madison and the Varsity. It w as a whirlwind of a contest, Gotfredson taking the first set that the Trojans had lost on their trip to date. However, he lost his match as did Tredwell, and the double combination. Coach Linden then took his men to .Vlinneapol is for their second Big Ten tilt with the Gophers. With the score at 2 all. rain began falling so fast that the meet was postponed. It was played off in Vladison and re- sulted in a tie, 3 to 3, Wisconsin taking both doubles and Tredwell defeating Bros in the singles 7-5, and 6-2. The Conference meet at Chicago, the latter part of May was disastrous to the Badger outfit. The cham- pions were pulled for the first round and Coach Linden ' s men consequently eliminated. The prospects for the Varsity squad this spring are good, but were darkened, somewhat by the loss of Campbell, freshman champion of last year, through in- eligibility. " Nick " . agesen has returned to school, and after a semester of bucking, is eligible again. Aagesen has had a year of Conference competition and will be ably fitted to fill the vacancy created by the graduation of Bub Gotfredson. Around Hastings, Tredwell. and Moulding, Coach Linden will build his team. Henika and Bennett are men who have proved themseKes in the Varsity class and will give these men some keen competition for their former place on the squad. With these men on hand, chances for a Big Ten championship are better than ever. The schedule for this season follows: April 28 Iowa at Madison May 5 Minnesota at Madison May 1 2 Chicago at Madison May 19 Northwestern at Evanston May 21 Michigan at Ann .Arbor May 25-27 at Chicago Page 271 The Badger Golf Y ' % ISCONSIN ' S Golf Team, compiosed of Morton Frost, Capt., L. H. Bauer, Adolph Bock and Henry ' ' Cappen, started the Badger ' s first season on May 6th in a meet w ith Beloit, winning by a score of w 20-0 in 36 holes. The stars of the meet for Wisconsin were Cappen and Frost of Wisconsin, each of whom scored 6 points. The meet held with Chicago on the Maple Bluff grounds on May 1 3th was lost 19-9 in 18 holes. This was offset, however, by a win over Minnesota on May 20th of 18-6. The 1922 golf season at Wisconsin was terminated on June 20th and 2 1st at Chicago where the Confer- ence Meet was held. In this, the Badgers placed third, being outclassed by Chicago and Michigan. The aggregate was 668 for 36 holes. •uur ' I ' at m The Badger £ k Captain McCarthy Captain McCormick Freshmen Athletics Season, 1922-1923 Pagt 27} The Badger Football Basketball PtttlV4 The Badger Track Cross Country Page 17i The Badger Gerald Scarlor John W. Clasman Capt. Henry McCormick Robert T. Short F. M. Blackman W. L. Patrick Wm. H. Hastings RoBT. E. Strauss Wesley S. Walker Frosh Football Men Awarded Numeral Sweaters Oliver L. Alton William G. Hamilton Paul M. Nelson Edward Williams Lawrence P. Reulard Men Awarded Numerals Russell B. Coleman Ernest Simmons Bud R. Walsh Leonard Schmitt Wilbur Stocum Einar Tancen Anson Marks Fred L. Galle Leslie G. Wallace Roy Goodlad George S. Shafer Stuart Porter Capt. Jerry McCarthy Raymond Skoaclund F. J . Christoff Ralph Mechel G. T. Gebhardt Ed Kuhlman Frosh Basket Ball Men Awarded Numeral Sweaters Herbert Olson Oren Wormicke Einar Tangen Men Awarded Numerals C. S. Martine: Francis Myers L. F. Wolf Verne M. McLaughlin McR. Gordon Walker Ed. T. Gernon Ernest Simmons Capt. H. W. Zilist.h M. Held LaVerne Muzzy Loyd Vaudes Wells Sherman Everett Swincile Frosh Track Men Awarded Numeral Sweaters Kenneth Kennedy Harry Cohen Men Awarded Numerals H. K. Snell Phil Niederman Geo. Piper Harry Hill E. W. Callenbach H. K. Sherburne N. V. Smith Clayton Cassidy Jerome Straka E. W. McLowELL Thos. Carter Pat, 176 The Badger ya Interscholastic Track ILWAUKEE high schools again showed their supremacy in the Class A events at the twenty-eighth annual track and field meet. From the very beginning of the meet the Cream City athletes promised to win by a wide margin; it was consequently a battle between the several schools of that city. Riverside and West Side divided honors all through the first period of the meet, each running up a high number of points. Both schools had well balanced teams, Graf of Riverside and Shotolo of Westside sharing individual honors for the day by scores of ten points each. Riverside ' s team, supported by over two hundred cheering fans, succeeded in taking six firsts, a second, a third, and a fourth for a total of thirty-nine points. Several surprises characterized the day ' s events. Kub of Milwaukee North broke Landowski ' s record when he cleared the bar at eleven feet sixteen inches, and Riverside ' s relay team clipped off one and three- fifths seconds from its previous record. Schwartz of Washington High completed the surprises by defeating Graf in the shot put. Much keener competition was shown in Class B. Monticello finished first with only a margin of three points ahead of Spooner and LaFarge who were tied for second. Every event was close and hard fought, for each place was a large factor in deciding the victors. t Pmg 277 The Badger Annual Normal Meet im HREE old records were broken and a fourth one tied in the Annual Normal School Meet held last 4 J June. The meet was the fastest one of its. kind e er held on Camp Randall. Milwaukee Normal gained a big lead early in the afternoon by taking several first and second places. With a powerful aggregation of athletes like Thiesenhussen, Dono an, Zilisch, and Stone, the Cream City normal had little trouble in overcoming all competition offered by the other state schools. The record for the 1 20 yard high hurdles was smashed w hen Armstrong of La Crosse dashed o er the course in 16 seconds, lowering the former mark by 3-5 of a second. Thiesenhussen set a mark for the mile event which, no doubt, will stand for many years. He easily lowered the record when he won the e ent in 4 minutes, 33 and 4-5 seconds, the old record being 4 minutes. 41 and 2-5 seconds. Dono an. another Mil- waukee man. broke the record for the quarter mile. Several of the stars in this meet are now at Wisconsin and are out for track honors. Summary Events First Second Third Record One mile Thiesenhussen, Milwau- Jung, Milwaukee I.einhard. 4 min. 33 4-5 ec. old kee Stevens Point time— 4min.4l 2-5 sees. Quarter mile Donovan, Milwaukee Senn, Oshkosh Tiernan, Milwaukee 53 1-2 sees, old record — 53 3-5 sees. 100 yd. dash McAndrews, Oshkosh Cyre, Milwaukee Stone, Milwaukee 10 sees. Record tied. High jump Armstrong, La Crosse and Christopherson, Eau C;iaire Flvfield, Plattc illc 5 feet II 1-4 inches. Pott 17» The Badger Wisconsin-Iowa Radio Meet ON FEBRUARY 23, the Badger yearlings again took their annual telegraph track meet from the Iowa State freshmen by a lopsided score, their total of 63 points swamping the total of 26 garnered by the Hawkeye frosh. Seven firsts were chalked up b - our men, and clean sweeps were made in the 40 yard dash, the 40 yard high hurdles, the 440 yard run, the 880 yard run, the broad jump, and the high jump. A very presentable show ing for the future Varsity aspirants. Iowa ' s sole dependence lay in the pole vault and shot put, where they took the three first positions. A first place in the 2 mile run and a third in the mile completed the scoring achievements of the Corn Staters. Zilisch, captain of the Badgers, was individual high man, winning first in the broad jump by a leap of 20 feet 6.5 inches, and first in the 40 yard high hurdles, in which he made the time of 5.7 seconds. Summary Events First Second Third Record 40 yd. dash McAndrews, Wisconsin Sherburne, Wiscon- sin N. V. Smith, Wiscon- sin Time 4.7 sees. 40 yd. high hurdles Zilisch. Wisconsin G. Smith, Wisconsin Kerr, Wisconsin Time 5.7 sec. 440 yd. run Held, Wisconsin N. V. Smith, Wiscon- Kerr, Wisconsin Time 56.6 sec. 880 yd. run BuTZ, Wisconsin G. Smith, Wisconsin McDowell, Wisconsin Time2;18 Mile Cassidy, Wisconsin Thayer, Wisconsin Canby, Iowa Time 4:50.3 2 mile Bender, Iowa Lovewell, Wisconsin Time U min. 25.8 sees. Broad jump Zilisch, Wisconsin Landschulz, Wiscon- sin Oatway and Brown, Olson, Wisconsin Distance 20 ft. 6.5 in. High jump Smothers. Wisconsin Tied for second, height Wisconsin 5 ft. lOK in. Pole vault Nefzger and Dauber, Iowa, tied for first Canby, Iowa Height 10 ft. 4 in. Shot put O Dauber, Iowa Lonccore, Iowa Clendenning, Iowa Di.stancc 38 ft. 7 in. =P Page 179 Thve Badger Inter-Class Outdoor Track Meet - B " HE INTER-CLASS Outdoor Track Meet, held at Camp Randall, was an event of unusual interest. £ j Over two hundred and fifty entries were handed in at the Gym before the afternoon of the meet. Any aspirant for track honors who was not a " W " man or a member of the Varsity squad was eligible to compete in the events of the day. Places won in this meet counted toward numerals. The freshmen were picked to win because of their numbers and also because of the fact that their best men were not drawn for Varsity. However, the Sophomores upset the dope and took the meet by obtaining tJyi points. The Freshmen took second with AA}4 points; Juniors third with 17; and Seniors trailed with 5 points. Summary Events First Second Third Record 100 yd. dash H. Sherburne, ' 26 H. Hill, ' 25 K. Krohn, ' 24 10 2-5 sec. 200 yd. dash W. C. Benson. ' 25 H. Hill, ' 25 W. Cleveland, ' 25 and R. Gardens, ' 25 25 4-5 sec. Mile W. Sherman, ' 25 H. Cohn, ' 25 F. GUNDERSON, ' 24 4 min. 57 1-2 sec 1 20 yd. high hurdles H. ZiLiscH, ' 26 E. Hammett, 26 M. Sharples, ' 26 17 1-2 sec. 440 yd. dash A. Merke, ' 25 M. Held, ' 26 E. Campbell, ' 25 54 2-5 sec. 2 mile E. Swingle, ' 25 L. Chase, ' 23 F. Gunderson, ' 24 10 min. 48 sees. 220 yd. low hurdles G. Stebbins, ' 25 L. Holmes, J. Roberts, " 25, ' 24 28 sec. 880 yds. K. Kennedy, ' 2b W. Sherman, ' 25 H. Barton, ' 26 2 min. 10 sec. Pole vault N. Sharp, ' 25 Pyle, ' 26 8 ft. 8 in. Broad jump Shapiro, ' 26 MussY, ]25 V. Smith, ' 26 19 ft. 10 in. Shot put L. Vaudes, ' 24 Johnson, ' 24 H. Thomsen, ' 26 34 feet High jump F. Henninc. ' 25 Roberts, ' 24 Boning, ' 25, Zilisch, " 26 6 feet Discus R. R. Shraeder, " 26 F. Henning, ' 25 L. Vaudes, ' 24 99 ft. 8 in. Hammer throw Conway, ' 26 Osius, ' 25 L. Vaudes, ' 24 76 feet 2 in. Javelin W. Sherman, ' 25 H. C. Deutsch, ' 25 L. Vaudes, ' 24 121 feet 7 in. Paf 2M The Badger Inter-Class Indoor Track Meet » i LL FOUR classes were well represented when their teams met in the gym annex on January 30. A% This meet really took the place of the first Varsity tryout, for the showing the men made counted much when final decisions were made of the men who were to be on the Varsity squad. All " W " men were barred from the meet. Since the Freshmen were not considered as strong as in former years the Sophomores were all set to take the meet. They were surprised however by the Seniors, who won the meet by a small margin of Ayi points. The Sophomores lost the meet by such a meager margin because two men from other classes slipped in for first places which the second year men should have taken. E)onahue ' 24, was high point winner with 8 markers, taking first in the high jump and second in the shot put. No records were broken. Event 40 yd. dash 45 yd. low hurdle 440 yds. 40 yd. high hurdle Half mile One mile Two mile Pole vault Shot put Broad jump High jump First e.4gleburger, ' 24 Smith, ' 26 Kennedy, ' 26 Roberts, ' 24 Carter, ' 25 Schneider, ' 24 TSCHUDY, ' 23 Jones, ' 25 Vaudes, ' 24 Hammann, ' 24 Donahue, ' 24 Summary Second Krohn, ' 24 Snell, ' 25 McCandless, ' 23 Hammann, ' 24 Vallely, ' 25 Bergstresser, ' 25 Perry, ' 25 ScHMITZ, ' 25 Donahue, ' 24 Muzzy, ' 25 TUHTAR, ' 25 Third Sherburne, ' 26 TuHTAR, ' 25 Fluck, ' 24 TuHTAR, ' 25 HlLBERTS, ' 25 Chase, ' 23, Read, ' 24 Cohen, ' 25 Hammann, ' 24 GiLBREATH, ' 25 Zilisch, ' 26 Helz, ' 25, Gibson, ' 25 Record 4 7-10 sec. 5 7-10 sec. 55 4-10 sec. 2 min. 9 sec ' 4 min. 39 sec. 10 min. 18 5-10 sec. 12 feet 37 ft. 1 1 in. 20 ft. 5 in. 5 ft. 9 in. Pate 2SI The Badger Kennedy, I iper. Chase, Siewart. 1 rier. Vaile TURKEY RACE Annual Badger Relay Meet m HREE records uere broken and two tied in the seventeenth annual Relay Carnival which was held L in the gym annex, February seventeenth. " Schwarze, of St. Johns ' pulled the biggest surprise, breaking the shot put record by a five-foot margin. Newell. Wisconsin hurdler, tied the record made last year by Al Knollin in the high hurdles. Pi Kappa Alpha relay team came within 1-5 second of tying the old record. The Inter-Sorority relay was won by the Kappa Deltas, the tie between Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Delta being decided by the flip of a coin. Summary Event 40 yd. high hurdles Wisconsin-College 40 yd. dash Academy 40 yd, dash Open shot put Academy shot put Open high jump First Newell, Wisconsin Second Hammann, Wisconsin Eacleburger, Wisconsin Addie, Beloit Third TuHTAR, Wisconsin Ellison. Wisconsin Graves, St. Johns ' Van Ells, Wisconsin Schwarze, St. Johns ' Donahue, Wisconsin, Academy high lump Matlock, St. Johns ' Wright, Shattuck Hammann. Wisconsin Elliott, Shattuck TuHTAR and Helz, Wisconsin, tied for second Schwarze, St. Johns ' Ledbetter Foster, Shattuck Yaudes. Wisconsin Whitcomb, St. Johns ' Record Time, 5 2-5 sec. Time, 4 1-2 sec. Time, 4 3-5 sec. Distance. 42 ft. 4 in. Distance. 47 ft. 4 1-2 Height, b ft. Height. 5 ft. b 1-2 in. Marquette-Wisconsin special relay, won by Wisconsin, Ellison. McCandless, Johnson. Eacleblirger. High school relay — Central High, first (Racatz, Hansen, Doyle, ZiLiscH);East High, second: Monticello, third; time. 2 min. 27 4-10 sec. (new record). Open pole vault Hammann, Wisconsin Schmidt, Wisconsin Tomlinson, Wisconsin Height, II ft. 9 in. Academy relay— Shattuck, first; (Kimball, Wright, Tappan, Wilde) ;St.Johns ' , second ;Culver, third; time, 7 min. 9 sec. (new record). Inter-Fraternity relay — Pi Kappa Alpha, first (Scott, Wade, Newell, Spetz, Dugan, Bond); Alpha Gamma Rho, second; Kappa Sigma, third; time, I min. 39 3-5 sec. (x)llege relay — Beloit. first (Reitz, Addie, Chamlev, Lancworthy); Milton, second; time, 2 min. i4 4-5 sec. Inter-Sorority relay— Kappa Delta, first (Vallelv, Paulson, Ellison.Christmas); Alpha Chi Omega, second; Alpha Xi Delta, third; time, 8 min. 27 2-5 sec Pati Ul The Badger 1 Soccer XTEREST has been growing in Soccer during the last few years. Gymnasium classes were playing daily on the lower campus ail through the fall season. This fall teams were picked from the different gym classes and were allowed to compete for a championship. Stiff rivalry and fighting were shown all through the processes of elimination. Eight teams were compet- ing for honors. Many of the games were played on muddy and slippery grounds and consequently were not mere fun nor play. The Period Team finally won the championship by defeating the Tigers in a fast and hard-fought game. Although the playing was largely of amateur style some flashes of brilliancy were shown. Soccer is the favorite sport in England, comparing with football in the United States. Interest for Soccer, however, seems to be growing rapidly at many colleges and schools in this country, and soon ought to become a popular intercollegiate sport. It is one of the sports to w hich many foreign students at Wisconsin take a liking. The Chinese students have a team which is a hard one to beat. Immediately follow ing the final game, the Periods were challenged by the Chinese team. The teams were coached bv Frank Leitz. assistant to Coach Linden. Page 2S3 Thie Badger- Intcr-Fraicr- nity Track- Pi Kappa Alpha Patt2$4 The Badger Inter-Fraternit Ba kLiball— Kappa bignia i Inter-Fraternitv Baseball — Acacii Pag.e ISS The Badger- Pafit6 HOTO BT JOHN HE wOOllE Ctctli ' itie5 1 The Badger In " Outside Activities " the student finds a subject that leads him closer to the world at lar e than hy any other means within the college sphere. Activities touch upon almost every phase of economic life; where the student is both the buyer and the seller of ideas. His knowledge is broadened by the contact with other students. His powers of lead- ership are tested to the utmost. Pose 267 The Badger The Memorial Union " A Home for Wisconsin Spirit " Jk UNIVERSITY is made great, and kept great, by the force of a great tradition. _ Such a tradition we have at Wisconsin, and it is with a pardonable glow of pride that we think of her as " the leadine ' state University. " We have an athletic tradition in which the names of O ' Dea, Richards, Van Gent, Weston, Tebell an: flashing symbols ; a scholastic tradition which we owe to a line of able presidents and devoted scholars ; a human tradition which stamps Wisconsin as a great service institution and which has brought forward such men as Professors Babcock, Max Mason and McCafifery to add their bit to the advancement of a needy generation. And the greatest of these traditions is the last, in the spirit of which the University is asking for an additional means to be of service. We are going to have a new type of building on our campus; a building which will be erected out of the sacrifice and devotion of thousands of Wisconsin men and women, which will literally be built of their spirit and love for alma mater, and which will be designed to perpetuate those qualities in Wisconsin generations yet to come. The Union; " .A Home for Wiscon- sin Spirit, " and builded of the very essence of it. The Union! A place where a man can find his own crowd, and make those life-long friendships which grow out of acquaint- ance over a dinner table; a place to play in and work in, and where the life of the University from the pool table to the theatre will find free expression; a place where a man can get a thorough grounding in that which brings success in life, a knowledge ol the other fellow. TTie Union ! A place where we, the a ' erage fellow, can come to know intimately the life of this great University. Where we can take a dad or an alumnus and say, " This is the University. Here ' s where we get together to talk over the points of view we get in classes, and, where solid conceptions of life and duty are formed. Here ' s where radical points of view are tempered by consersative, and conservative enli ened by radical. Here ' s where we put out our student paper, our Badger, our student dramatics. Here ' s where we welcome our alumni when they come back, and put them up if they haven ' t a room. Here is the healthy life of the University all within the frame of one picture. " It is a proud thing to be a builder and part owner of such a building, and it will become still greater as the Union weaves itself solidly into the pattern of life in the University. And if we may venture a prophecy, let us state as our own belief that the life membership button of the Wisconsin L ' nion will become the distinguishing mark of a real Wisconsin man or woman. In the last year much has been done. At this writing over eight hundred and thirty thousand dollars has been pledged, of this about four hundred and eighty thousand dollars is available in cash for building purposes. The immediate goal of a million dollars seems likely to be realized by June. The money that we have now is amply sufficient to begin and continue operations, and as the plans now stand, such otjera- tions will begin next fall. Actual construction of the building has been delayed by a variety of factors, prominent among which have been the exorbitant building costs, and the difficulty of so making plans as to serve the greatest convenience of all for the longest time. Two of the best architects in the Northwest are workingon the plans.and the general form of the building is decided upon. The details of arrangement and construction of a building of this size are always worked out as the work proceeds. The plans include now, a theatre of reasonable size, a Varsity commons capable of seating three thousand at a single meal, and a lounge and cluh room facilities. Then there will be offices and space provided for student activities, bowling and billiard rooms, special guest quarters for visiting alumni and life members who are not alumni. The Union is to be made to suit the greatest convenience of the entire student body, and the greatest care is being exercised in laying the plans for that reason. We are building it only once, and that once must be right. We will have our Union, and that at the earliest moment possible. The future has never looked brighter and the ultimate and immediate success of our project more certain. And perhaps, not until the building is up, and in full operation, will we realize what a splendid big thing we have done for Wisconsin, and with what vision and wisdom we have laid the foundation for the certain future greatness of our University. Pait 2S» TYie Badger- Tap Room Dining Room Main Entrance l: Pago 2S9 The Badger Seering. Chase. Tegtmeyer, Tebell. Baliiette, Aspinwall, Hentzen, Brown, Birge, Ingraham, Cole, Kiessling, Lamb, Wittenberg. Gill, Smith The Student Senate The Student Senate is the sole representative and legislative body of the male students of the University. Its authority comes from a charter granted by the Faculty and Regents of the University in 1916. The Student Senate is given power to ascertain and express student sentiment, to provide for the maintenance of good order in the student body, to co-operate with the Women ' s Self-Government Association in matters relating to the interests of both men and women, to supervise and regulate extra-curricular interests and activities within certain limits, to co-operate with the Faculty and Regents in matters pertaining to student welfare, and to enforce its ruling by means of a student court . The President of the University is ex-officio President of the Student Senate. The student membership is selected as follows: five men elected from the senior class, three elected from the junior class, two elected from the ' sopho- more class, one elected from the freshman class, and one elected by the graduate students ; in addition one representa- tive is elected from each of the following: The Athletic Board, the Cardinal Board of Control, the Forensic Board, the Wisconsin Union Board, and the Badger Board, represented by the Editor-in-Chief of the Badger. E. A. Birge Maynard W. Brown Francis Lamb President Ex-Officio President Pro-Tern. Secretary Ralph E. Bai.i.ikttf. Maynard W. Brown Lucius P. C-hasf. Llewkllf.n R. C )li-; James R. Flick inc;er Members Earl F. Gill Herbert D. Hentzen Osc;ar E. Kiessling Francis Lamb Harold A. Seering Edgar J. Smith Gustav K. Tebell Camber F. Tegtmeyer Wilber W. Wittenberg Ptf 290 The Badger Self-Government Association m HE SELF-GOVERNMENT Association is the governing body of the women students of the Uni- S versity. Ail women automatically become members as soon as they register. The Association has di erse aims. The greatest of these is to further the spirit of unity among the women on the campus. The Association further aims to coordinate the work of the Women ' s organiza- tions, and to co-operate with the Student Senate in matters relating to both men and women students. Through the Legislative Board, which is composed of a representative from each rooming house, sorority, and each of the two dormitories, the Association aims to establish a feeling of unity among the women students. Keystone Council, which consists of the presidents of each of the women ' s organizations, coordinates the policies and work of all women ' s organizations on the campus. The Judicial Committee consists of the President of the Association, three Seniors, three Juniors, and one Sophomore, who are selected from the University at large. Executive Council Cleo Parsley President Mary Baldwin ' ice-President Ellen Harris Secretary Eleanor Head Treasurer Pauline Dickinson Census Chairman Anita Haven District Chairman Keystone Council Cleg Parsley President Helen Zuehlke Secretary Helen Martiner Barnard Hall Elizabeth Kirk Blue Dragon Catherine Boyd Castalia Pauline Dickinson .... Census Chairman Janet Breitenbach Clef Club RoMAYNE Berryman Outing Club Irene Clayton .... Physical Education Club Marjorie Capron Pythia Dorothy Whipple Collegiate League of Women Voters Arleen Klug Crucible Elsie Hodgson . Euthenics Club Mary Brader Green Button Merle Shaw Mortar Board Frances Landon Mu Phi Epsilon Sarah Wismer Omicron Nu Elizabeth Tompkins Red Gauntlet Marjorie Ruff Theta Sigma Phi Marjorie Severance . Women ' s Athletic Association Elsie Iverson . Women ' s Commerce Club Portia Lugoff . . Women ' s Editor of the Cardinal Marian Metcalf Yellow Tassel Helen Kasbeer Y. W. C. A. Patt 291 The Badger Council of Forty ym HE COUNCIL of Forty was originated four years ago to provide a means of contact between the 4 1 heads of all the organizations of male students of the University. Meetings are held only upon the request of a member, or some University group, to discuss and solve some University problem. In the adoption of a plan the Council provides the quickest means of plac- ing it before the whole student body. In the past years the Council has taken in hand the Memorial Union Dri es, Freshman Welcome, and similar activities. Robert B. Stewart, President Arthur Aylward Robert Reynolds John Smart C. S. CUTIL GusTAV Tebell Herbert Townsend Sherman Green Horace Powell Robert Luening Richard Reeve Members Norman Clark John Manierre Burton Billings Del Talley Howard Lyman Gordon Wanzer Clifford Nolte Maynard Brown Leslie Gage Gamber F. Tegtmeyer George L. Geiger Douglas Newell Frank Crane Ralph Scheinpflug Roy L. French Leslie F. Lamb Walter Porth Rolland F. Williams Worth Shoults Wayne Morse Hickman Powell Martin Below Paviai Tine Badger Top Row: Frost, Dawson, Sander, Miliar, Frawley Bottom Row: Wanzer, Gage, McCandless Union Board ym HE UNION BOARD consists of members elected from the male students of the Senior, Junior, and C l Sophomore classes. The primary function of the board is to provide for the social needs of the students. According- ly, the board controls such student affairs as the weekly dances at Lathrop Parlors, University Mixers, Union Vaudeville, University Circus, and the University E.xposition, which is held every fourth year. Moreover, the Union Board has charge of artists ' concerts, bringing many of the world ' s finest musicians before the student body. This year the Board also has taken over the management of convocations, a function formerly controlled by the Forensic Board. All profits from Union Board events are turned over to the Memorial Union Fund. The board is the most active student organization working toward the completion of the new Union Building, and after its completion will have charge of its administration. Members Leslie Gage President Morton Frost Vice-President John Dawson Secretary Russell Frawley Treasurer Lee McCandless Oscar Sander Malcolm Millar Gordon Wanzer Page 293 The Badger- To0 Row: Bottom Row: Packard, Anderson, Phillips, Paulsen Hanson, Hartman. Dull. Gregg, Geiger The Student Court Under the charter granted by the Regents the Student Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction in all cases of discipline of male undergraduates except cases involving dishonesty in University work and flagrant cases of action or behaviour so contrary to the welfare of the University as to require immediate consideration. Cecil F. Dull (Medical) Chief Justice Mendez N. Hanson Commerce RuFus S. F HiLLiPS Engineering John S. Packard l,cttcrs and Science Martin R. Paulsen (Law) Secretary E. Walter Anderson Commerce Hendrick J . Gregg Engineering William A. Hartman Agriculture George L. Geiger Journalism Clifford G. Mathys Prosecuting Attorney •ate 294 t special Occasaoes Page 29f The Badger- Aschenbr enne r Tredwell Shoults Morse Urockhausen The 1922 Homecoming The 1922 Homecoming was a real homecoming indeed. Thousands of old grads returned to their Alma Mater to clasp hands with college comrades, and to refresh the memories of their college days. Not even the defeat of the Badger team ruined the occasion ; for the thousands of spectators who remained in the stands after the final whistle and sang the Varsity Toast gave evidence that the Wisconsin Spirit knows no defeat. It was that spirit of turning defeat into victory that made the 1922 Homecoming a success in all events. Program Friday, November 10 5 :30 House decoration judging 7.00 Massmeeting, men ' s gymnasium Speakers: Rev. H. H. Jacobs, ' 94, Milwaukee; Frank " Red " Weston, ' 21 ; Paulie Meyers, ' 20; Coach John R. Richards, ' 95; Captain Rollie Williams, ' 23; Jack Childs, ' 12; Gus Tebell, ' 23 8:00 Homecoming Bonfire, lower campus 9:00 Homecoming Carnival, men ' s gymnasium 10:00 10:45 11:00 2:00 5:00 9:00 Saturday, November 1 1 Alumni Board meeting. Alumni headquarters Third Annual hobo jjarade Alumni council meeting and Varsity quartette. Music Hall Cross country race, Wisconsin vs. Chicago Kick-off Varsity quartette. Music Hall Homecoming Ball, Lathrop gymnasium and con- cert room Committee Worth E. Shoults . Wayne L. Morse . Thomas A. Tredwell . Edmund Aschenbrenner Herbert Brockhausen Porter F. Butts Lee McCandless Allan W. Walter . F. E. Gerhauser Walter Anderson Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant General Chairman General Chairman General Chairman General Chairman General Chairman Programs Alumni Arrangements Finance Ways and Means Geqrge Geiger . Dorothy Reichert Ralph Scheinpflug Robert B. Stewart Blanche Field Nof.r Walter Pfister Francis Lamb Gerald Koch William Frederick Arthur Trost . Ralph Balliette Information Women ' s Arrangements Carnival Massmeeting Registration Publicity Decorations Dance Bonfire Traffic Button Sale Pan 296 The Badger- rheta Xi Gamma Phi Beta Paee 297 The Badger- ' Wanzer Ambrose Program The 1924 Junior Prom State Capitol, February 2, 1923 Gordon Wanzer, chairman Pauline Ambrose, partner m HE " Prom for Every Badger, " the twenty-eighth annual Junior Class Promenade, was just as successful, if not more so, than its predecessors. It was the seventh " greatest University social function " to be held in the State House. Viewing the prom from the standpoint of numbers participating in the e ent and its organization, the 1924 Prom surpassed all others. Eight hundred couples purchased tickets with supper checks. Nearly a thousand spectators viewed the affair. Nearly one hundred and fifty persons worked on committees. Five assistant general chairmen directed the work of the committees for the first time in prom history. The number of committee chairmen was increased to twenty-three, exceeding by four the number of the previous year. Pattift The Badger Wittenberg Christiansen Coates Vonnegut Hanson Assistant Prom Chairmen WiLBER Wittenberg Lee Hanson Oscar Christiansen Carl Vonnegut Josephine M. Coates Committee Chairmen John Blossom Finance Howard Lyman Ways and Means Oscar Sander Tickets Camber Tegtmeyer Reception Joseph Lawler Publicity Robert Smuck Art Publicity Mayo Story Fox Trot Bessie Berkley Decorations Earl Cannon Alumni Morris Bell Music Roberta Louden Katherine Dietrich Supper Porter Butts Special Features Sam Thompson Transportation Charles Gary Men ' s Arrangements Nella Burgess . Women ' s Arrangements Melvin Ebert Boxes Elizabeth Elsom Programs Herman Von Kaas Electrical Arleen Klug Rooming Arrangements Ralph Wackman Prom Movies Pre-Prom Play Ardeil Louden Lawler Berkeley Von Kaas Stegeman Burgess Thompson Ehert Page Gary Page 299 Tlie Badger Sande Story Wackr inn Kls( Lyman Schmuck Dietrich Tcgtmeycr racki Prom Movies Pof OO Tlie Badger Prom Ni t Awaiting the Dancers Page 301 Tine Badger- Marlewski Program Lucning Military Ball, 1923 HE ELEVENTH Annual Military Ball was held in the state capitol building Friday night, April C 20th. Cadet Col. Robert L. Luening, Oconomowoc, and Miss Sylvia V. Marlewski, Milwaukee, led " the procession of dancers around through the labyrinth of pillars and up the marble stairways. The long line of uniform-clad men and gaily dressed women finally came to a stop and Wisconsin ' s foremost mili- tary event of the year began. After weeks of preparation, the committees finished their work and were ready to entertain the Univer- sity in the biggest spring season party. Bright decorations in keeping with things military were used through- out the capitol. Flags and red, white, and blue bunting and streamers covered the railings and pillars in the rotunda. Nor were tributes to the dead forgotten in the merriment of the dancers. Appropriate decorations in commemoration of Wisconsin ' s soldier and sailor dead were evident. Music for the evening was furnished by Thompson ' s fifteen piece orchestra. In keeping with the policy of reducing the cost of social functions, the committee arranged to secure the best local music rather than get more expensive players from out of the city. Lighting effects for the affair were carefully carried out with exacting regard for the smallest detail. No reasonable expense was spared to make the ball attractive as well as enjoyable. The ball was voted a distinctive success despite the fact that permission to dance until two o ' clock could not be obtained. The dancers were agreed that the Eleventh Annual Ball was the best that they had ever attended. Similar functions in future years might eclipse the brilliancy of the present affair, but this one was to be enjoyed at the moment and treasured as the best. Pan M2 The Badger- Leitz Green Wahle O ' Connor Kitchen Hembre Wupper Robert L. Luening Frank B. Leitz . Sherman B. Green Wilson M. Cross . Howard B. Lyman . General Chairman Advisory Chairman Assistant General Chairman Assistant General Chairman Assistant General ( " hairman Committees LeRoy Wahle Henry Klos Frederick Gustorf Music Features ocal Publicity Sidney Thorson Decorations Llewellyn Cole Arrangements Louis Rutte Ticket Sale Benjamin Wupper Finance Fred Goetz Transportation H. Dean Kitchen Programs George O ' Connor Printing William Frederick Boxes Wayne Morse Reception Ingvald Hembre Floor Frederick Rutte Goetz Morse Gustorf Thorson Klos Pag 303 The Badger The Varsity Welcome " m HE VARSITY Welcome is the formal introduction of the freshman class to the fellowship of Wiscon- S sin loyalty and spirit. At that time the men don their green caps, symbolizing acceptance of Wis- consin tradition. The first out door Varsity Welcome was held in 1920, and the event is already firmly engrafted in Uni- versity tradition. It is held on the first Friday of the school year on Lincoln Terrace. This mighty Presence for our sons and daughters That shows him not in what he wrought. But in the lonely grandeur of that trust Which made him patient, strong, and just. Program Dean Sellery, Presiding The University Hymn Assemblage, led by Dr. Charles H. Mills Introductory Dr. George C. Sellery The Address of Welcome on Isehalf of the University President Edward A. Birge Address on behalf of the State Justice Burr W. Jones, " 70 .Address on behalf of the Faculty Proff.s.sor William H. Kiekhofer The Badger Ballad — If You Want to be a Badger Upper Classmen Address on behalf of the Upper Classmen Wayne L. Morse, ' 23 The National Hymn — America Assemblage I ' of J04 The Badger Maypole Dance Senior- Junior Swin Out Friday, May 26, 1922 Lincoln Terrace Senior-Junior Swing Out has become a tradition at Wisconsin. The Senior girls, wearing their caps and gowns for the first time, are given a fitting fare- well by the Junior girls. The Seniors are escorted up the hill to the Lincoln Memorial, by the Junior girls in white, bearing the daisy chain, and also by girls of the Sophomore and Freshmen classes. The president of Blue Dragon then presents the Blue Dragon Torch to the Junior girls. Program I Daisy Chain Procession Music by First Regimental Band Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen II Maypole Dance I I I Glee Club Chorus — Wynken, Blynken and Nod — Nevin Miss Temperance Johnson — Beautious Mom — German Mortar Board Announcements IV V Handing down Blue Dragon Torch Ima Winchell, President, ' 22 Elizabeth Kirk, President, ' 23 VI Final Procession PageXS The Badger Commencement SIXTY-NINTH COMMENCEMENT Wednesday, June 14, 1922 Agricultural Pavilion Processional March Invocation Bishop Samuel Fallows University Hymn Assemblage The Education of the Lawyer Ray T. McCann Co-operation with Agriculture Charles D. Byrne Changing Views of Culture Sterling Tracy Music — Selection of Moskowski The University Salutation The Graduating Class Address to the Graduating Class President Birge Music — Hail, America! — Drumm CONFERRING OF FIRST DEGREES CONFERRING OF HIGHER DEGREES CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES The National Hymn — America Assemblage BENEDICTION Music furnished by the University First Regimental Band PaitJ06 The Badger- Baccalaureate Exercises University Gymnasium Sunday afternoon, June the eleventh, Nineteen hundred twenty-two Pro-am Selection University Chorus Invocation Rev. J . S. Wallace Solo Te.mperance D. Johnson, ' 24 Scripture Lesson Rev. P. B. Knox Prayer Rev. G. E. Hunt The University Hymn Assemblage Address, The Mystery of the Mind ' s Desire Dr. John H. Finley The National Hymn Assemblage Benediction Paf 307 The Badger- Memorial Services Memorial Day, Nineteen hundred twenty-two Lincoln Terrace In Honor of The University Dead in Th e World War Program President Birge, presiding March of the University Corps of Cadets to Position on Lincoln Terrace Procession of Wreath-Bearers through the C olumns of Honor Escorted by the Guardians of the C olumns Guests of Honor : Gold Star Mothers Escorted to Seats by Members of the University Post of the American Legion America Assemblage Introductory President Birge Address — Their Service to Country and Humanity . Major J. Howard Mathews The Gold Star Roll and the Wreath-Bearing Ceremony Directed by Major John S. Wood Professor of Military Science and Tactics The Battle-Hymn of the Republic Assemblage The Peacemaker " That pain may cease, he yields his flesh to (Jain. To banish war, he must a warrior be. He dwells in Night, eterruil dawn to see. Arid gladly dies, aburulant life to gain. " I ' of }0S " sy M. M " I ' ofr 109 ( The Badger The Badger Camber F. Tegtmeyer Howard Lyman FultCHi Editor Haswell Editor Robertson Assistar t Business Manager Walter Editor Beardsley Erxeraving Editor Brown Senior Editor Stilwiil Engraving Grubb Editorial Assistant Stiver Art Editor Hoffmann Athleitc Eililor Johnson Art Editor Caprcm Administralton Eiittor Nolte Woman ' s Editor Hcuston Activities Editor Maicr Copy and Proof Editor Crandall OrganiuUioru ' Editor Abbott Satire Editor Baldauf Secretary Cole Phoicmraphic Editor Pag0 J 10 The Badger Green Powell Hyde Tegtme er Lyman Cannon Jones Gambkr Tegtmkykr Allan Walter Rachael Haswell Ellis Fulton Marjorie Capron Dorothy Clare ULiA Vestry arie f. kowalke Pearl Grunstad Valentine Humphrey Mar(;aret Grubb i:i. KiLBOURNE Hanson Margaret Callsen Isabel Pomrening Nina Faris Lucille Larson Helen Haswell Leone Immel Esther Fowler Louise Tobey Pauline Newell Howard Lyman Paul Robertson Edgar Tilford Earle Gill IDoROTHY Bach Glen Bell Beth Biglow Grand Bossard Ralph Carlyon Marion Duncan Carlyle Richards C. A. Ross Violet Sharratt Layton Tollack E.J. Thomas Margaret Baer Bessie Berkley Lois Cole Ethelyn Sell Lillian Netzow Jerome Bjerke The Badger Board Editorial Staff Luetta Crandel Fred Knowles Robert Pfeifer E G. Williams Mary Ives Marion Ayres g. w. longeneckf.r A Schaefer Margo Topp Walter Coutou Harold Maier Pauline Dickinson Albert Fishack Sara Pauline Wild Katherine Harrington Donald Abbott David Steenberg Frederick Flickinger John Desmond Thelma Wiles Lawrence Nelson Virginia Parker Eugene Meng Edwin Uehling Josephine Coates Leola Urban Florence Bailie Mary Margaret Morgan Lois Palmer Mildren Gaentzel Capitola Steensland Jean Cavanauch Pauline Peterson Ruby Anderson Adolph Bock Clifford Nolte Alfred Peterson Melvin Ebert Mary Turner Orville Fehlhaber Carl Vonneout Lyman Kimball Year Margaret Fathauer Malcolm McDonald Alice Johnson Rosamond Nolte Ellen Harris Elizabeth Gissel Lois Jacobs Arlene Klug Calvert Dedrick Bonnie Lee Farrior Kathryn Winter Dorothy Johnson One Semester Elliott Guild Harold Brandt Edward Wric;ht Otis Wiese Rena Grubb Weston Kimball Pearl Hag ens Joseph Lawler Margaret Brown Abbott Fox Business Staff Arthur O ' Hara Albert McGlasson William Sullivan Isaac Brader Ben Anderson Hugo Rusch Lloyd Mueller Joseph C. Lotter Lemore W. Clark Leland Rasmussen Ernie Merow WiLLARD KiRCHNER Helen Kingsford Ruth Merrill Georgia Kerr F.J. Kojis Carl Hauffman [Dorothy Crane Charles Lewin Jessie Morton Elizabeth Stolte Henry Sanborn Muriel Leitzel Michael Stiver Margaret Meyer Georgia Stanchfield Marion Metcalf Sheldon Vance Llewellyn Cole Dave Wheeler Joseph Vaile Fred Gustorf Helen Stilwill Marjorie Dellbridge Margaret Brabant Marion Robinson C. J . Hazelwood B. B, Amundsen Lucille Johnson Helen Blake Lois Barry Golda Brandt Kathryn Kenney Arm IN EDorau Herbert Dohrman F, Fox Ward Hickock Frank Bellman Mildred Hanson Louis G. Adam Sam Estes Lucy Jamieson Cathryn Davis Joseph Lawler Frances Warren Harry Barsantee Clark Austin Lee Hanson Perry Fulkerson Le Roy Cholseth Mary Eldredce D Schmall Elizabeth Schott Marc;aret Moellenpah Katherine Kennedy Orrel Baldwin Helen Baldauf Lillian Tyler Mary Ball Valentine Humphrey Dorothy Lawton Gilbert Hoffmann Vernon Beardsley LiNA Norman Janet Marshall La Mona Ma pes Keith Davis Walter Frautschi LeRoy Wahle Clarence Engelbrath Donald Norris Ernestine Blatz Josephine Hirsig Virginia Gibler James Sutton IDoNALD Bell Al. Finnel B. T. Masslick Elizabeth Loomer Hugo Backhuber Catherine Roberts Al Ostermann Elizaaeth Milliuan Alice Knoedler Barbara Shallenbercer Edna Smith Grace Thomas Frances Cobabe Elizabeth Elsom William Fronk Robert Bryson Charles Gary Henry Smith Dan Seeber Perry Fulkerson Olive Congdon Page 311 The Badger Kcnnt.J Dedrick Immcl Norris Kehl Klug Davis Harris Vance Brandt Engraving Forensics Co y Pictorial Art Alumnae Satire Women Athletics Pictorial Sutton Clare Desmond Ball Vaile Sophomore Seniors Engraving Office Photography Office Assistant Jones H. Smith Lawton Mueller Office Classes Office Satire Weise Dickinson Vestry l- ' ishack Jacobs Gibier Wahle Norman Marshall Kowalke Freshman Office Engraving Art Women Office Military Office Women Seniors Assistant mwiBmmimmmm Fathauer Copy Guild Engraving Brabant Gustorf Humphrey MacDonald M. Meyer F- ' rautschi Tobey Office Orf anizaiions Seniors Copy Art Publications Office SeerinR Forensics Haswell Ives Amundsen (■ arris Ay res Hazel wood Williams hlhott Knowlcs CZoutu Office Organizations Organizations Women Organizations Organizations Organizations Office Organizations Organizaliot, . a m n a m m m B Rickinger Seller Steenberg Sianchficld Wheeler Blatj Pfcifcr Ncff i lunson Kimball Satire Offia .Satire An Sophomore Auitlaiu Office Organtzatwns Piclorial Sororities l- ' reshman . ssiMarU Page 312 The Badger =b Winter Odell Leitzcil Moore Tylor Schaefer Douglas Walker Met calf Longenecker Alumnae Activities Art Athletics Office Seniors Cofyy Satire Art Organizations Blake Topp Office Wiles Engelbuth Hagens l ce Robinson 1 4cuer Stroh Office Office Engrarins. Seniors l ffict Office Pomenring Baines Seniors Activities Wilde Office Cooley Office l irsig Office Mapes I.Johnson Grunstad Office Office Classes Karrior Harrington A. Johnson Callsen Activities Office Copy Administra- tion Morris Athletics iVlarLin Activities J arson Offic, l-owki 1 » Mabiey Office Vt ' omen Women Barrv Office Brant Seniors Kasdin Office Wright Art Page 313 The Badger Fehlhaber Treasurer Hanson Advertising Manager Kirchncr Circulation Manager Bock Organizations ' Manager Urban Office Manager Bjerke Foreign Adver- tising Manager Gil! Local Adver- tising Manager Fronk Cashier Kingsford Assistant Circu- lation Manager Rusch Copy and Collec- tion Manager Gary Purchasing Agent Merril! Circulation Office Manager Til ford Assistant Adver- tising Manager McGlasson Accountant Bell Milwaukee Advertising Manager Trotter Secretary Estes Assistant Circulation Manager Vunnegut Assistant Cashier OHara Assistant Cashier Kimball Assistant Cashier l- " ulkcrson Assistant Local Advertis- tising Manager Osterman Merchandise Service Manager liiiiBiB Sullivan Sophomore AssistarU Seeber Sophomore AuistarU Smith Sophomore AsMistarU Brader Freshman Aasittanl Arxlerson I ' reshman Assistant Chicago Advertu- inn Marxagef Ebert Circulation Kojis Circulation =P Pof JI4 The Badger f9M m an E Davi liryson Circulation Assistant Cashier Crane Richard-s Cole Schmal! Morton Lawler Stolte Nolte Circulation Advertising Advertising Advertising Circulation Publicity Circulation Organizations Bock Hausmann lamiestjn Ross Hanson Advertising Circidation Circulation Advertising Office Thomas Office Palmer Bossard Cavanaugh Sanborn Office Advertising Office Circulation Warren Masslick Sharatt Nelson Burdick Leterson Turner Barsantee Elsom Mueller Publicity Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Organizations Organizations Publicity Organizations Copy and Col- lection Congdon Advertising lerow Kinney Adam Milligan Clark Bureley Rassmussen Kerr Copy and Circulation Copy and Advertising Asst. Copy Advertising Copy and Circulation Collection Collection and Collec- Collection tion Manager Duncan Tollack Schott Letter Eldredge Carlyn Biglow Choiseth Sell Advertising Advertising Advertising Copy and Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Collection Austin Publicity Bachhuber Circulation Moehlenpah Advertising Guentzel Office Morgan Office Steensland Shallenberger Smith Loomer Office Office Office Office Bailie Office Netzow Advertising Sherwood Advertising mm IDoran Knoedler Bell Baer Circulation Advertising Advertising Advertising K ' j|flr L V m m m m m m Fox Editor Hickok Editor Cobabe Office Bellman Peterson Dohrman Editor Office Circulation Pag 31S The Badger 8% Brntsf (ff riiitaJ Geiger Newell Wisconsin ' s only student newspaper was founded in the spring of 1892. Since that time it has successfully brought to the majority of campus breakfast tables all the news of the university world. Two competitors have threatened the existence of the Cardinal, the Aegis, a weekly appearing at the time of the founding of the daily, and the Wisconsin Daily News which had a two year existence following its initial publication in 1912. The Cardinal today is student owned and student controlled and has a circulation of over 3,000. The Cardinal Board of Control Ralph E. Balliette Margaret A. Callsen Arthur Freytag Robert L. Reynolds Joel Swenson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Member Editorial Staff George L. Geiger Managing Editor H. Hickman Powell Editor Charles L. Lewin Editor Portia B. Lugoff Woman ' s Editor Walter J . Pfister Conference Editor Maynard W. Brown Editorial Writer Reinette E. Douglas Night Editors H. Eugene Alleman, Porter F. Butts, Harold F. Diehm, Walter A. Frautschi, Fred Gustorf, Joseph F. Lawler, Harold E. McClelland, Harold R. Maier, David K. Steenberg Night Assistants Elmer L. Boehrincer, Rene J. Hemmingway, Max F. NiNMAN, John T. Weimer, Wilfred C. Wille Special Writers Gertrude E. Adelt, Helen J. Baldauf, Harry P. Gladys 1. Petersen Kathryn 1. Perry . Thomas R. DanIiel.s Hampton K. Snell Eliot H. Sharp Society Editor Assistant Woman ' s Editor Agricultural Editor Forensics Editor Feature Editor Wes W. Dunlap Morgue Editor . Skyrockets Editor Barsantee, Lois A. Cole, Kenneth A. Hamlin, Robert F. Pfeifer, Edith A. Porter, Marion SeCheverell, Frances H. Warren Reporters Florence E. Bailie, Roger D. Baker. Lois V. Barry, Gladys M. Bayer, Dorris M. Berning, Phyllis M. Bond, Charles A. Carey, Gladys M. Davidson, Jewell R. Dean, Clarence Engelbrett, William Engelkinc, Esther L. Fowler, Virginia G. Gibler, John A. Hacer, Dorothy M. Hedler, Meredith S. Hendricks, Ehrmel W. Neese, Lina 1. Norman, R. Marla Ogden, Dorothy R. Polacheck, Thelma 1 . Roach, George V. Vaughn Freytag Balliette Callscn Reynolds Paitiie Tl e Badger Lewin Powell Lugoff Maier Plewke Business Staff Douglas K. Newell Business Manager Walter H. Plewke Asso. Business Manager Donald L. Bell Advertising Manager Harold H. Laskey Asso. Ad. Manager Robert C. Salsbury Asso. Ad. Manager Robert D. Casterline Circulation Manager Orvin H. Anderson Collection Manager Blanche F. Noer Merchandise Service Mgr Hawley V. Porter C2ollection Assistant Merchandise Service Assistants Luther E. Brooks, K. Ingolf Dyrud, Hans R. Griesser, Lester R. Johnson, Robert M. Lewin, H. James Lyons, Dorothy 1. Marshall, Alice Moehlenpah, Marion Moehlenpah, Lloyd R. Mueller, Elizabeth H. Schott Circulation Assistants Harley C. Gates Earl E. Wheeler Butts Salsbury Noer Alleman Lawler McClelland Anderson Casterlin ' " Pfister Bell Merrill Page 317 The Badger H ' ' ' B E V 1 K l P ( HT pi H - K. - H _: K P Top Row: Hemingway, Boehringer, Beatty. Dyrud, Jones. Gustorf Second Row: Sharp, Porter. Grieser, Perry, Petersen, Schott, Pfeifer, Wheeler Third Row: Diehm, Snell, Davidson, Polacheck, Fowler, L.Johnson, Laskey Fourth Row: Connors, Bruns, Reichert. Baldauf, Bailey, Gibler, Norman. Clark At Work $li The Badger- T ieWisconsin Crane Sapper Familiarly known as " The Lit, " the Wisconsin Literary magazine appears each month on the campus with the poems, literary writings, and impressions of student literati, with now and then a particularly clever professor ' s latest effort thrown in. " The Lit " is successor to The Wisconsin Magazine which was preceded by The Aegis which way back in 1895 had the reputation of being the leading college literary magazine. Editorial Staff Frank D. Crane Editor-in-Chief Margaret Emmerlinc, Margery Latimer, Guy K. Tallmadce, Louise Smith, Kenneth Fearing Associate Editors Business Staff Herbert D. Sapper Business Manager Dorothy Sickels Asst. Business Manager Cyril J . Ballam Asso. Business Manager Dorothy Reichert Publicity Manager Mark Childs Sales Manager Marian G. Culver Circulation Manager C. H. Bachuber Advertising Manager Roy Dingmann Asst. Circulation Manager Margaret Baer Asst. Advertising Manager Louise Gottlieb, Mildred E. Hanson, Virginia Newell, Edward H. Seim, Catherine Kenney, Mae Newell, Blanche Peabody, Elizabeth Harrison, F. G Kojis, Joe Hanzel, Betty Brown, Dorothy Polacheck Top Row: Peabody, Hanzel. Dingham, Wilson. Sime. Smith, Sapper. Ballam, Bachuber Bottom Row: Sickels, Culver. Reichert, Hansen, Crane, Baer, Newell, Latimer. Harrison t Page 319 Thie Badger Townsend Towell The Octopus has reached a throne of permanency as a Wisconsin humor magazine. Previous to the Octopus the Awk, the Blackbird, the Sphinx and other publications failed to obtain the necessary student publications. The Octopus was founded in 1921 and already has attained an enviable place in the college magazine zoo Board of Editors Hubert F. Townsend, " 23, Editor Richard Bellack, ' 24, Asso. Editor Charles 1. Mueller, ' 25, Art Editor GoRixjN Lewis, " 25, Publicity George B. Hazkn, ' 23, Business Manager Clark Hazelwood, ' 24, Advertising Manager Willard Kirchner, ' 24, Circulation Manager Oscar Sander, ' 24, Collections Manager Peter M. Platten, ' 23 Laurens G. Hastings, ' 24 C HARLES J. LeWIN, ' 24 Helen Baldauf, ' 25 Michael Stiver, ' 25 Oscar Riecel, ' 24 Editorial Staff Katherine Harrington, ' 25 Muriel Leitzell, ' 24 Elizabeth Maynard, ' 25 Dorothy Bowlby, ' 23 John Kohler, ' 25 Business Staff Thomas Carter, ' 24 Helen Gude, ' 23 William Fronk, ' 24 Top Row: f-lastings, Sanders, Platten. Manaim. Lcwin. Ricgcl Second Row: InRraham, I3cllack. Carter, Bowlby. Baldauf. f ' mnk. Albert Third Row: Kirchner, (-lazen, M. Smith, Towell. Townsend. Seaman, Mueller. Lewis Pat 320 Tine Badger- AA AZCntl Aylward Moeller The Commerce Magazine prints articles received from important business men and Wisconsin alumni from all over the country as well as contributions by university students. The magazine first originated at a Commerce club banquet in 1916, and since that time, with its various departments, it has never ceased to be one of the most popular of the campus publications. Editorial Staff Arthur W. Aylward Peter R. Moeller . Editor Business Manager Edwin Schujahn Karl Reynolds Associate Editors Edgar Smith Maude M. Killam (Women ' s Editor) Herman Walther Earl Wheeler Business Editor Marjorie Delbridge Advertising L. F. Schenkenberg Manager Lawrence R. Nelson Assistant Managers L. A. Murphy William Searing Harold Laskey Vernon F. Houghton Business Staff Collections Sidney J. Lang, Mgr. Wm. a. Oakey Ed. E. Jandrey Geo. Sprecher Joe C. Payne Bessie Berkley Accountant Albert J. McGlasson Circulation Gordon S. Thomson, Mgr. Leslie A. Hill Cornelius Poppe Rich. Saunders Earl Cornwell Mary Ball Ralph Giles Earl Yahn Victor E. Vaile Top Row: Strong, Weidenfeller, Moeller. Schujahn, Hill Second Row: Oakey, Bidwell, Cornwall, Thomson, Sprecher, Walther Third Row: Payne. Lang, Schenkenberg. Nelson, Aylward, Yahl, Wheeler, Reyer, Blair Fourth Roir: Smith, McGlasson, Laskey, Killam, [Delbridge, Ball, Saunders, Wiley, Ehrlich 321 The Badger WISCONSIN ENGINEER Smart Rusch Wisconsin ' s technical magazine is one of the oldest of the campus publications, having been founded in 1896. Since its founding the magazine has expanded and is now of only a semi-technical nature with stress placed on articles of interest to students. The magazine has had a continuous publication since its founding. Editorial Staff John W. Smart Editor Alden C. Fensel Feature Editor John K. Kolb Art Editor Lawrence T. Sogard Athletic Editor Earl L. Caldwell Campus Editor Herman K. Von Kass Alumni Editor Newell E. French Business Staff Hugo L. Rusch Business Manager Frederick D. Blanch Circulation Manager Leslie T. Bruhnke Advertising Manager Hendrick J. Gregg Jerome R. Steen Hubert G. Holmes Lorenz W. Heise Adrian A. Purvis Ferd R. Lhotak 7o Row: Gregg. Bruhnke, ( tdwell, Stecn, Senger Bollom Row: Smart, Ruich, Holmes, French, Sogard, Von Kass, BlarKh Pm iU The Badger The COimW Kutil Meyer With only one hundred and forty-three students in the College of Agriculture in 1906, The Country Magazine, then known as " The Student Farmer, " was originated and proved a success. Except for a short period during the war, the magazine under its present name, has brought news and articles of an agricultural interest nine times a year to the farmers of the state, the Home Economics students, and the Agricultural students. Editorial Staff C. L. Kutil Editor-in-Chief W. P. Meyer Managing Editor T. K. Whitehead F. J . TOLFORD Home Economics . . Art Editor Associate Editors J. C. Read Elizabeth Byrns Harold Wicker Maynard Brown E. H. Rorhbeck R. P. Matteson Crawford Ellis R. E. Ammon Hazel Goddard Assistants S. H. Sabin Barbara Hastings H. A. Allison Gordon Hamley S. H. Matteson Business Staff , Business Manager E. W. Bunce .... National Advertising Manager Assistant Business Manager H. C. Schaefer .... Local Advertising Manager Gerald Jenny Circulation Manager Assistants Ray Orr Hazel Young A.J. Platten Helene French Esther Hedley O. A. Hanke Harriet Lewis Marjorie Lewis Pat ' 323 Tine Badger ATlLEiniC IR,EVIEW ' ' hoults Gerhauser The Wisconsin Athletic Re iew is the official publication of the University Athletic Department, but it is edited and managed entirely by the students. The Review seeks to promote a greater interest in athletics and to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship in all kinds of athletic competition. It is the purpose of the book not only to acquaint university students and alumni with what ' s what in Wisconsin ' s athletic vvorld, but to prove of interest and help to the high school athletes throughout the state. Staff W. E. Shoults Editor F. H. Gerhauser Business Manager H. H. Brockhausen Art Editor A. V. Walter Associate Editor L. W. Sogard Associate Editor H. C:. Hollenbeck Humor Editor P. K. Robertson K. B. Hamlin E. C;. Crane E. Sutherland B. L. HiLBERTS Circulation Manager E. Sorenson Asst. Business Manager C. E. Oakford Treasurer N. Edelson J. L, Berc.stresser L. Zarne 7 j » Row: i.ranc, R bert« n. H »llcnhcck. Htckok. Hcur. C Kioru tiottom Hou- I lilhtTts, ( thcn. (icrhauscr. Shiwlts, Walter. SoKarJ. Sc)rcn p PiffiH Tl e Badger WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW The Wisconsin Law Re iew , published quarterly by the faculty and students of the Law school, deals primarily with questions of Wisconsin law ; and with questions of general law, which are of especial interest to Wisconsin. It is published in the hope that a discussion of legal problems with particular application to Wisconsin law, will be of service to the bench, the bar, and the people of Wisconsin: and that a survey of the present condition of Wisconsin law will contribute to its scientific development. William H. Page f. t. boesel H. S. Richards Faculty Board of Editors H. L. S.MITH O. S. RUNDELL Editor-in-Chief J. B. Sanborn J. D. WlCKHEM C. G. Mathys Carl H. Daley A. J. Englehard MiRi.AM L. Frye Board of Student Editors Carroll R. Heft M. K. HoBBS Student Editor-in-Chief Morris Karon Martin R. Paulsen E. J. Porter Page 32S Tl: e Badger- ' a , -Wisconsin- Alumni MAGAZINE The Alumni Magazine is the official publication of the Alumni Association — the organization of former students that helps the University through co-operative efforts. As a means to such an end, this publication was started in 1 899. By keep- ing former students in touch with the University and with each other, the Alumni Association adds co-operative endeavor to individual goodwill. As nearly eight thousand former students are members of the Alumni Association, its official pub- lication, The Alumni Magazine, reaches a larger representative, diversified, cosmo- politan list of readers than does any other publication promoting University inter- ests. These members are included in all the classes from 1860 to 1923 and are found in every state of the United States, the Canal Zone, Cuba, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, eight Canadian provinces — Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Java, Korea, Mexico, Persia, Peru, Roumania, Servia, Siam, Siberia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, and Uruguay. The Alumni Association through the publication renders unique and distinct service to Alma Mater in keeping members of her ever increasing family in touch with her and with each other, in increasing individual goodwill, and in adding to such goodwill co-operative loyalty. Its members recognize " the obligation of all former students to keep alive and growing in a healthful and vigorous manner the spirit of the Universitv. " PofJZd Page 327 The Badger Captain Ward Major Wood Commandant Captain Ballard The Cadet Corps The work of the Wisconsin Corps of Cadets as part of the Reserve Officers " Train ing Corps uas brought to a successful close by the annual General Staff inspection held on May 20, 1922. As a result of this inspection, the University of Wisconsin was again rated as a " Distinguished College " by the War Department. The high stand of the Military Department in the past several years has been due in great part to the general interest and willingness to co-operate of every man in the Corps of Cadets. It may be predicted with confidence that a continuation of this spirit will keep the University among the leaders in the important work of training men for the national defense. 1 Tot? tiow: Lt. Suthcrlund, Lt. Keelty Bottom Row Lt. Crane, Lt Rogcrn, Lt. O mstock, Lt. Erick ton Pat€32S The Badger t t f t f j I I I I t t t I I I I I t I I I P t » t I t f f. f f . f, |, 1 I htr H f f t i t ' vy ' THE PRESIDENT ' S GUARD The leaders of our people in peace or war come, to a large extent, from our college men. Until there is some definite assurance of the impossibility of future war, it would seem that a training which better prepares these men for such an emergency should be of extreme importance to the nation. The Reserve Officers ' Training Corps is so considered by the War Department ; and the University of Wisconsin, in this work as in other fields of endeavor, has long been foremost among the colleges of the country. JWJL . La cv o Major, U. S. .Army. - Company r— U ' inncr Annual Competition Page 329 The Badger Field Cadet Staff Personnel W. A. Field R. L. LUENINC F. B. Leitz Major, Infantry W. M. Cross Major, Infantry H. B. Lyman Major, Infantry L. K. Arnold . W. M. Knott . W. L. Frederick . Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major, Artillery Major, Signal Corps Captain and Adjutant Top Row: Frederick. Leitz, Lyman Rottom Row Knott, Arnold, Luening, Cross Q l ' at, ' 3J0 The Badger =b Roster of Cadet Officers Second Semester Robert L. Lueninc Colonel Frank B. Leitz Lt. Colonel H. Dean Kitchen Wilson M. Cross J Howard B. Lyman Majors William H. Frederick Louis B. Rutte Captain and Adjutant Thomas L. Ahern Orvin H. Anderson DwiGHT E. Aultman Wilfred B. Bates J. Carl Bode RuTHviN B. Borden Nathan Boruszak Nathaniel P. Breslauer Frank L. Bumer Lucius P. Chase Ned Chew Ezra J . Crane Ira R. Dohr Clark A. Dunn David H. Edwards William T. Ennor Edgar L. Erickson Captains David S. Frank Hallett H. Germond Fred E. Goetz Sherman B. Green Mervin a. Haney Merrill E. Hansen Lyman H. Hart Edward W. Johnson Lyle H. Kingston Bertram B. Lange Robert B. Lewis Ralph H. Licking Donald A. McArthur Nevin H. McKay John V. Mangold Carl E. Mohs Wayne L. Morse Johnson M. Nimlos George M. O ' Connor Charles A. Rawson John W, Richards Frederick Risser Roger B. Russell Frederick A. Rahr Lawrence P. Richmond Dominic F. Schmidt John M. Shafrin Jerome R. Stein Walter E. Thomas John C. Thompson LeRoy L. Wahle Edward C. Wolters Joseph F. Woschutz Benjamin F. Wupper Raymond M. Baldwin Paul G. Beer Leo F. Berg Thomas G. Boerner Paul S. Brant John F. Bridgman Frederick C. Buerk E. Addis Drake William R. Carlyon John J. Chyle George O. Darby Ernest B. Doescher Roy C. Dowling August E. Draeb Delos E. Dudley Stuart O. Fiedler Herbert B. Fischer Kenneth S. Gardner First Lieutenants Ernest W. Greene gustav a. gunther Lee D. Hanson Arthur O. Johnson Edward H. Kietzman Henry W. Klos Clyde J. Koskinan Frank Kohn L. Francis Lamb Othmar F. Landkamer Andrew W. Lathrop Otto Lessing Edward A. Manns Harvey R. Melcher Frederick J. Mollerus William E. Ouweneel Anthony Paroni Ralph E. Purucker DeLBERT J . QUAMMEN John M. Rae Christian J. Randall Horace H. Ratcliff Henry A. Schoegel Harold H. Schoenlaub Jerome A. Straka Everett J . Thomas Albert W. Thompson Sam D. Thompson Horace I. Trenary Daniel E. Vornholt Bernard A. Weimer Stuart M. Welsh John P. Wells W. Norris Wentworth Kenneth R. Wicker George L. Zamzow William G. Beatty Elmer W. Becker Burton G. Billings Bowman K. Breed Elsworth Bunce Leslie A. Buse William A. Gerhardt Theodore B. Godfrey Arnold H. Haberkorn F. Sinclair Henika Raymond L. Hilsenhoff Second Lieutenants John H. Holzman Howard E. Johnson Norman F. Koch Arnold A. Lenz Joseph D. Marshall Ernie L. Merow Clifford A. Mulholland George A. Munkwitz Philip H. Niederman Victor J . Olson Paul K. Robertson Joe Roseky John A. Rutherford Samuel H. Sabin Paul A. Schafer August J . Scherr Delbert H. Schmall Wells A. Sherman Roy L. Stith Sidney R. Thorson Frederic W. Voedisch Willis Wood Page 331 The Badger SENIOR INFANTRY OFFICERS Top Row: Risser. Rutte. Nimlos. Anderson, Licking, Erickson. Chase, Wahle Bottom Row: Bates. Crane, O ' Ccinnor, Richards, Langen, Haney « fr - 12 Machine Gun l.niptin-irm-m Pagi }}2 =P The Badger SENIOR ARTILLERY OFFICERS Top Row: Lamb, Lathrop, Adultman, Russell, Chyle Bollom Row Kitchen. Arnold, Dun. Drae Instruction in Range Firing — Summer Camp L. Pate 333 The Badger SENIOR ORDNANCE OFFICERS Top Raw: Woschutz. Wolters, Johnson, Bode, Lewis, Hart Bottom Row: Frank, Hamen, Cape. Crane, McArthur Thomas SliNIOR SIGNAL C(mPS Ol I K:LRS Top Haw: Stein, Goctz, Breslaucr. Schmit Bottom Roiv: Rahr. Dohr. Ccrmor d. Richmond, lioruszak Poft in The Badger M mm C ' i mp Wm ' P 1 I ' j ' H L nM uLj w 1 ftJI ' ' f M n - ■f w I " P - THE RIFLE CLUB — Champions of the Sixth Corps Area Tof) Row: Meyer, Ross Second Row: Ludwig, Tolman, Sporer, Long, SchItck,[Drake Third Row: Fransien, Chyle. Von Rohr, Preu, Price. Kilpatrick, Swetil Fourth Row: Rorison, Sgt. Bode, Coach Shire PISTOL TEAM Top Row: Aultmann, Russell BoUom Row: McArthur. Capt. Breed. Maj. Ward, Coach Wupper Pag 33S Tine Badger ■• ftfifc i ..-jbte w mtw i ' ' Saturday Morning Inspection L( ;Riing a Martin Bonihcr Firing the " Big Boys ' f a$$3U Page 317 The Badger Tofy Row: Seering, Schaars, Meyers, Risser Bottom Row: Reynolds, Kasdin. Lamb, Replinger, Erickson Forensic Board The purpose of the Forensic Board is to administer to the Forensic interests and activities of the students, over which it has administrative, regulative, and financial control in the forensic field. To this end it works in conjunction with the six literary societies on the campus. The Board is composed of two members elected from the senior class, one member elected from the junior class, and one member each from the Agricultural Literary Society, Athenae, Castalia, Hesperia, Philomathia, and Pythia. Officers L. Francis Lamb President Eugene Meyers Vice-President Gertrude Kasdin Secretary Milton Erickson Treasurer Harold Seering Corresponding Secretary Milton Erickson Gertrude Kasdin Francis Lamb Members Eugene Meyers Mildred Replinger Robert Reynolds Fredrick Risser Marvin Schaars Harold Seering Pott }}» The Badger Top Row: Moreau, Morse. Inman, Axley Bottom Row: Ylvisaker, Stewart, Heft Vilas Medal Wearers The first William F. Vilas medals were awarded in 1910 through the courtesy of Mrs. William F. Vilas. The coveted medal made possible by the Vilas Fund is annually given to not more than seven students who have represented the University in an Intercollegiate Forensic event. The medal is the official award of the university for excellence in forensic endeavor. Membership Faculty Prof. Andrew T. Weaver Thomas Amlie Ralph E. Axley C,. RROL Heft Undergraduates and Graduates Arthur Inman Frederick H. Kraege Frederick J. Moreau Wayne L. Morse Robert B. Stewart q- Page }39 The Badger Blake Thor on Intercollegiate Debate Wisconsin vs. Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota April 20, 1923 Wisconsin ' s Negative Team Arthur T. Thorson Henry W. Blake Arthur C. Inman, closer Question: Resolved, that all debts and obligations due the United States arising out of the recent war, unsettled on May 1, 1923, be cancelled. Wisconsin vs. Northwestern Madison, Wisconsin April 20, 1923 Judge: Prof. Ray K. Immel, University of Michigan Wisconsin ' s Affirmative Team Charles A. Rawson Francis K. Karel Robert B. Stewart, closer Rawnn Stewart Kai«l Pa$0i4O The Badger Axiey Morse See ring Intercollegiate Debate Wisconsin vs. Michi n Ann Arbor, Michigan March 16, 1923 Judge: Prof. Edmund E. Day, University of Michigan Wisconsin ' s Negative Team Ralph E. Axley Harold A. Seeking Wayne L. Morse, closer Decision for the Affirmative Question; Resolved, that whatever statutory or constitutional means necessary to render impossible the use of the Injunction in labor disputes should be im- mediately made. Wisconsin vs. Illinois Madison, Wisconsin March 16, 1923 Judge : Prof. Frank M. Rarig, University of Minnesota Wisconsin ' s Affirmative Team Wilbur G. Katz George J. Fiedler George E. McKinnis, closer Decision for the Afifirmative Kau McKinnis Fiedler Pate 34 1 The Badger Axley Morse Karel Fifty-Second Annual Joint Debate Hesperian Literary Society vs. Philomathian Literary Society Question: Resolved, that the Constitution of the United States should be so amended that any law or portion of a law declared unconstitutional by the Su- preme Court should be valid law if re-enacted by a two-thirds ' vote of both houses of the next succeeding congress. Music Hall Chairman: Hon. Gov. John J. Blaine Judge: Prof. James M. O ' Neill Decision for the Affirmative January 5, 1923 Hesperia, Affirmative Ralph E. Axlev Francis K. Karel Wayne L. Morse, closer Philomathia, Negative Charles A. Rawson Walter A. Dahl Harold A. Seering, closer Rawson SeerinR VMM PattU2 The Badger Auchter Gallas Hanaen Girls ' Fourth Annual Open Joint Debate Castalia vs. Pythia Question: Resolved, that the United States Constitution be so amended as to make possible the passage of Federal Child Labor Legislation. Presiding officer : Mrs. E. C. Hoebel March 30, 1923 Judges. Prof. Selig Perlman, Martha Sell, Prof. John H. Kolb Castalia, Affirmative Freida Auchter Eleanor Hansen Fannie Gallas, closer Pythia, Negative Blanche J andell Martha Dalrymple Kathryn Bigham, closer JandeU Bigham I! alryniple Pof 343 The Badger Ylvisaker Northern Oratorical League Annual Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest Urbana, Illinois H May 5, 1922 Dean Henry Craig Jones. University of Illinois Presiding Officer The Contestants UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 1 . The Privilege of Power 2. Soviet Russia Robert O. Hayes Sidney Benson UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 3. The Parting of the Ways Julius B. Glasgow UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 4. The Adventure of Peace James W. Arms ironc; NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY 5. Thy Neighbor in 1922 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN Erlinc Ylvisaker (, An American Foreign Policy Vernon L. Sharp UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Decision: Northwestern, first; Minnesota, second: Michigan, third. Judges Prokessor Frank M Rark; University of Minncsoiu Professor Thomas C, Trueblood University of Michigan Professor James M. Lardner Professor James M. O ' Neill . Professor Glenn N. Merry . Professor Charles H. Woolbert Northwestern University University of Wi.sconsin University of Iowa University of Illinois PofiU The Badger Schaars Rohrbeck Clements Athenae-A Lit Debate Athenae Literary Society vs. Afe Literary Society Question : Resolved, that the 1 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States should be repealed. December 8, 1922 Judges: Donald Mowry, Alvin C. Reis and George Mathews Decision for the Affirmative Afe Lit, Affirmative Harry Clements Edwin Rohrbeck Marvin Schaars, closer Athenae, Negative Samuel Soref Edgar Smith Eugene Meyer, closer Soref Smith Meyer Pof, us The Badger Scheer Kapp Blake Smith Si I j an Williams Sophomore Semi-Public Debate May 26, 1922 Question : Resolved, that the United States government should own and operate the coal mines. Athenae won 2, Philomathia won 1, Hesperia won Athenae Affirmative Eugene Williams Harold Siljan Edgar Smith, closer Affirmative Harold Laskey Ernest Green Milton Erickson, closer Affirmative Frank Stuart David Sinclair Calvert Dedrick, closer Philomathia Hesperia Negative Arthur Scheer Edgar Kapp Henry Blake, closer Negative Allan Walter Henry Klos Harold Seeking, closer Negative Robert Pfeifer Albert McGlasson Seth McKitrick, closer Laskey Klos Erickson SeerinR Green Walter Sinclair Stuart Dedrick McGlauon Pfeirer PaitJ46 The Badger Levitan Rhode Berkoff Nicholas Bell Sophomore Semi-Public Debate December 15, 1922 Cizon Question : Resolved, that the Lasker bill merits adoption. Athenae won 2, , Hesperia won I , Philomathia won Affirmative Simon Levitan Richard Rhode Louis Berkoff, closer Athenae Negative Max Cizon Glen Bell George Nicholas, closer Affirmative Carl Damsheuser Clifford Fransien Frank Stuart, closer Hesperia Negative Beverly Masslich Edwin Uehling Harold Cranefield, closer Affirmative Hampton Snell Max Brackett Stuart Strong, closer Philomathia Negative Vernon Houghton Harold Sporer George Mitchell, closer Fransien Damsheuser Stuart Cranefield Uehling Snell Brackett Strong Mitchell Sporer Houghton Past 347 The Badger Tofj Row: Krieghbaum, Rode. I wen. Mrkvicka, Nerad Second Row: Soref, Utgaard, Jackman, Rogers, Bell, Meyer, Williams Third Row: McMurry, Levitin, Smith, Kapp. Nicolas. Cizon Athenae Literary Society Throughout the seventy-three years of its existence at the University, Athenae, the oldest literary society on the campus, has aimed to promote careful and systematic investigation and discussion of current events, with the logical and forceful presentation of conclusions. Meetings have been devoted to debate and discussion. Officers Edgar Smith President Henry Blake Vice-President Alfred Nicolas Secretary WiLLMARTH Jackman Treasurer William Haber Max Mallin Members in University Seniors Eugene VIeyer AiMTHON ' ' Nerad Samuel Soree Morion Steinberg Sigurd L ' tgaard Thomas Amory Henry Blake Clark Hazelwood Juniors WiLBERT IWEN Edgar Kapp August Sherr Edgar Smith Eugene Wiixiam.s Glen Bell Louis Berkoff Leroy Cholseth Maxmillian Cizon Austin Cooper Sophomores Willmarth Jackman HiLLiER Krieghbaum Ernest Kellog -. Samuel Levitin Iacob Mantell Neil McMiirrv Lewis Mrkvicka Alfred Nicola.s Richard Rhode Barton Rogers Pat»iM The Badg er ' To j Rou!: Chapman, Stuart, Luther, Fiedler, Slezak, Sinclair Second Row: Ylvisaker. Pfeifer. Conway, Banton, Masslich, Seeman, Cranefield Third Row: Fransien, Hartwig, Maclntyre, Thorson. Blume, IDunn, Arnold, Damsheuser Fourth Row: McGlasson, Clapp. Roick, Morse, Bachhuber, Ballam, Katz Fifth Row: Axley, Kler, Hamline, Risser, Dedrick, Weeks, Wilbert, Axley Hesperia Literary Society Hesperia, devotes itself to persuasive argumentation andoratory on present-day economic, political, and social issues. During the entire sixty-nine years of its existence, Hesperia has produced many forceful-speaking and clear-thinking sons. Officers Frederic E. Risser President Frank C. Stewart Vice-President Clifford C. Fransien Secretary George J . Fiedler Treasurer Alumni Henry M. Blume Laurence B. Dunn Frederick H. Kraege Fred J. Moreau Ralph H. Peterson Seniors Lyman K. .■ rnold Ralph E. Axley Oliver T. Banton Charles Greco Harold VV. Hartwig Herbert D. Hentzen Francis K. Karel W iLBUR G. Katz Arleich J . Luther Darrell D. MacIntyre Wayne L. Morse Frederic E. Risser Virgil H. Roick Roger B. Russell John Slezak Members in University Arthur T. Thorson Phillip W. Voltz Bruno Walzak Ben C. White Erling Ylvisaker Juniors Hugo C. Bachhuber Cyril J. Ballam Calvert L. Dedrick Edward E. Jandrey Ferdinand G. Kojis Albert J . McGlasson Robert F. Pfeifer David J. Sinclair Sophomores Harold E. Ashcroft Frederick H. Clapp Harold A. Cranefield Carl W. Damsheuser George J. Fiedler Clifford C. Fransien Beverly T. Masslich William R. Seeman Frank C. Stuart Edwin A. Uehling Leonard J. Wilbert Frederick Luehring Bernard A. Tostenson Kliment L. Honeycomb Freshmen Frederick R. Axley Landon L. Chapman Kenneth H. Conway Vivian R. Dunn Francis B. Encel Laurence C. Gram Edmund T. Hamline Joseph W. Hanzel Leon H. Hirsch Joseph H. Kler Harold O. Reade Matt J . Richdorf George A. Schutt Page }49 The Badger 14 t ' f %■ % ' % Tofj Row: Rothermel, Licking, Seymour, Stewart, Brackett, Nemetz, Siegal Second Row: Zube, Millard, Sarles, Hilberts, Kuhlmann, Rawson, Jerving, Lemmer Third Row: Hicks, Lamb, Goldman, Schlick, McDonald, Douglas, Porter. Sporer, Pulsford Fourth Row: Laskey, Ansfeld, Darby, Dahl, M. Erickson, Alberts. Funk, Houghton, Marquart, Zierke Fifth Row: Klos, Pagel. Snell, Woy, Nimmer, Mitchell, Peterson, Rorison, Schnell Philomathia Literary Society Thirty-seven years old, the youngest society on the Hill, yet the richest in honors and accomplish- ments, such is the Philomathian Literary Society. Its aims are two- fold: the promotion of good fellow- ship, and the development of men by teaching them to think clearly and soundly, to express those thoughts simply and effectively, thus helping them to attain their ideals of leadership and personality. Officers Presidents Francis L. Lamb Milton H. Erickson Charles A. Rawson Seniors Henry A. Hofacker Francis L. Lamb Charles A. Rawson Charles Hi ken Phillip B. Marquart John H. Sarles Edgar L. Erickson John H. Holzman Walter A. Dahl William E. Jerving George E. McKinnis Fred Schnell Robert B. Stewart Howard V. Funk ■ Harvey Hanlon Herbert R. Licking Henry A. Romberg Arnold J, Ansfeld Juniors Milton H. Erickson Ernest W. Greene Arnold G. Zube Harry C. Alberts Nathan S. Siecal Malcolm McDonald Vice-Presidents Edgar L. Erickson Francis L. Lamb Harry C. Alberts Secretaries Ernest W. Greene George Mitchell William E. Jerving Members in University Sam D. Thompson Harold A. Seering Robert E. Sher James U. Snydacker George O. Darby Henry W. Klos Rush Pagel Charles H. Hicks Friedrich W. Nimmer Harold H. Laskey Victor W. Nemetz Allan W. Walter Raymond H. Ludden Walter T. Peterson Sophomores Vernon F. Houghton James K. Douglas Milton F. Stangel Firman H. Hass Walter J. Seymour Mark C. Porter George F. Rentschler Georc;e W. Mitchell Max a. Brackett Theodore H. Goldman Carl R. Hansen Treasurers Friedrich W. Nimmer Harry C. Alberts Phillip B. Marquart Hampton K. Snell Leon W. Larson Stuart E. Strong Harold J . Sporer Fred Gustorf Bert M. Hilberts Victor W. Zierke William A. Rorison Freshmen Reinhard G. Hein Vernon E, Lemmer George T. Bunker Darwin Pitz Carl J. Reinhold Frank H. Woy Cyrus B. Koonz Maurice F. Bemrer Carl J . Ludwig George H. Pulsford Lloyd S. Sadler Norton V. Smith George E. Millard Edward J. Kuhlman George C. Connor Ullah a. Rothermel Hugo A. Schlick Pat }fO The Badger- Agricultural Literary Society For eighteen years the Agricultural Literary Society has aimed to stimulate interest in agricultural and economic topics by presenting them in debates. The institution of an annual debate between Agricultural Literary society and the hill society not competing in the Joint has resulted in victories over Hesperia and Athenae in debates second only to the Joint. Officers GuiDO L. Weber President Melvin C. Viste Vice-President Conrad A. Elvehjem Secretary R. C. Klussendorf Treasurer Victor Olson Sergeant-at-Arms Walter F. Renk A. C. F. Representative Marvin A. Schaars Forensic Representative Seniors Arthur O. Albertz Ralph E. Ammon Thomas R. Daniels Herbert C. Dohrman Conrad A. Elvehjem Ivan G. Fay Joseph A. Gahr Howard E. Jamison R. C. Klussendorf Roger P. Matteson Lloyd A. Burkey Werner P. Meyer Raymond E. Orr Albert M. Ternes Members in University Melvin C. Viste Guido L. Weber Juniors Elsworth W. Bunce Harry F. Clements Ingwald O. Hembre Ernest J . Heggestad Howard R. Lathrop Stephen H. Matteson Victor J . Olson Walter F. Renk John C. Roberts Edwin H. Rohrbeck Joseph E. Pelnar George V. Gregor George D. Scarseth Marvin A. Schaars Earl F. Vandrell Sophomores Ernest E. Ehrgott Earl J . Renard David A. Skalitzky Herbert C. Schaefer Freshmen Ralph K. Jacobs Fred H. Kaufmann Thomas Pinney Edwin J. Rasmussen Hermon K. Sherburne Lewis Williams Pagt 35 The Badger Top Row: Hilperts, Simpson, Walters, Thompson. Fellows. Guentzel, Malony Second Row: Koh!, O ' Connor, Aise, Tyler, Baldauf, Roth. Diefenthaler. Hanson Third Row: Lewis, Brady, Rasmussen, Kittleson, Gallas, Haskins, Holt Fourth Row: Auchter, Yabroff, Goldberg. Simpson, Hulbert, Harrison, Redeman, Hughes Fifth Row: Norman, Fellows. Kasdin, Anderberg. Boyd, Jones, Gregg, Hansen, Winnie Castalia Castalia, organized in 1864, is the oldest women ' s organization on the campus. Begun as a purely literary society it has extended its work so as to include, debating, dramatics, and music. The society is attempting to stimulate the interest of its members in all Forensic activities. Officers Catherine Boyd President Pearl Anderberg Vice-President Jennie Gregg Secretary ' .Anita Jones Treasurer Graduates Pearl Anderberg Seniors K; iHtRiNE Brady Alice Bullock Iris Fellows Elsa Gimmler Mildred Guentzel Cornelia Groth Anne Hilpert Lyla Holt Harriet Lewis Marion Thompson Lea Yabroff Members in University Juniors Anna Aase Katherine Boyd Fannie Gallas Yvette Goldberg Jennie Gregg Anita Jones Gertrude Kasdin Martha Kohl Annette O ' Connor Mildred Redeman Mildred Rooney Alpha Roth Esther Saenger Lillian Tyler Sophomores Freda Auchter Helen Baldauf Della Dean Diefenthaler Esther Fowler Eleanor Hansen Mildred Hanson Beth Harrison Mary Hulbert Gertrude Kittleson Dorothy Mack Lina Norman Lois Palmer Carrie Rasmussen Edna Walter Paf }f2 The Badger Tof} Row: Replinger, Hocking, Strong. Heise, Crummey, Hagcns, Flynn Second Row: Long, Bigham, E. Jandell, Weingandt, Burchard, Nee, Toush, Brown, McCarthy Third Row: Dickes, Brayion, Ritter, Jennings. MiichcH, Geller, Elver, Reichert Fourth Row: Heck. Rcdekcr, Dalrymple, Capron, Gottlieb, Jcrfinson. McCoIIum Pythia The Pythian Literary Society was organized in 1902, as a sequel to the Laurea Literary Society, which was founded in 1 872 and dissolved in 1 899. To care for its changed and increased demands the Society has revised its constitution this year — and the purpose of the Pythia members as stated in the re- vised preamble, is to obtain " the opportunity for self-expression in the capacities for which we are best fitted. " Officers Marjorie Capron President Vesta Ritter Vice-President Muriel Edwards Secretary Helen Geller Treasurer Miss C. F. Berkeley Miss Abby S, Mayhew Miss Ariel McNaughton Seniors Inez Brayton Elinor Brown Edna Dickes Bernice Elver Eleanor Flynn Helen Geller Bertha Glennon Pearl Grunstad Pearl Hasens Gertrude Haven Helen Heek EuLA Jandell Lillian J ennincs Beda Mack in Myra Mitchell Mary-Jeanette Nee Honorary Members Miss F. Louise Nardin Miss A. M. Pitman Acting Members Mildred Replinger Marian Strong Louise Thompson Juniors Mary Burchard Kitty Callahan Marjorie Capron Mabel Crummey Muriel Edwards Louise Gottlieb Cornelia Heise Lois Livingston Dorothy Lons Bernice McCollum Beatrice Perham Miss Blanche Trilling Miss Rhoda White Mrs. Karl Young Dorothy Redeker Dorothy Reichert Vesta Ritter Rosalind Toush Dorothy Scott Laura White Sophomores Kathryon Bigham Martha Dalrymple Annabel Douglas Pearl Hocking Blanche Jandell Lucille Johnson Mildred Rowe Mary McCarthy Hazel Weingandt o Pagt 353 The Badger =b Morse Secring Lamb Pagi if Pott 3SS The Badger .. U BR ' l HSi ' ' " ifl K d 7f « St t- ' s i H wmmd ammm B HMM j W9M%MWS W f M. 151 . Sc- ; -.- - - ? 1 First Regimental Concert Band Major E. W. Morphy Conductor Lieutenant J . P. Wells Manager Lieutenant Frank Kohn Quartermaster Sergeant J . F. Rolfe Assistant Conductor Sergeant H. C. Hollenbeck Drum Major Earle Christoph Principal Musician First Clarinets Earle Christoph K. L. Honeycomb Harold Addington C. W. Osgood M. K. Katz Second Clarinets C. W. Krause Joel B. Hendricksen Third Clarinets R. M. Harvey J. C. LOTTER Fourth Clarinets C. O. Heimdal E. C. Hocking £ Flat Clarinet H. E. Carswell Piccolo S. H. Gregory Flute Karl R. N. Grill Oboe Frank Kohn Alto Clarinet Alfred Moore Bass Clarinet Leo Dunbar Bassoons Raymond Ludden Alden Losby Soprarw Saxophones J. E. Alschuler T. W. MORONY Alto Saxophones W. B. SCHOENOFF C. J. Schmidt Tenor Saxophones E. W. Guild K. W. Emanuel Baritone Saxophone C. E. HOLDEN String Bass G. H. Head £ Flat Cornet C. Arthur Inman Solo Cornets Arthur Gulson Frederick W. Nimmer J . F. RoLFE First Cornels Robert Morris F. R. Lhotak Second Cornets G. B. Tjoflat Walter Frautschi Third Cor ruts F. E. MOONEY J.J. Kerwin Horns William E. Warner James H. Sobey S. A. Buseth Edward Morris J. A. Leirich J. E. OSTRUM R. O. GiROD Trombones W. Bonesteel L. V. Metcalf F. L. Cusick D. D. McIntyre A. W. Spittler R. A. Clark Baritones Otto Meili Paul Friedrich £ Flat Bass J. E. Gray BB Flat Bass J. P. Wells E. J . Norman Sousaphone J. B. Leonard Snare Drum I.J. Gesme Bass Drum Christopher Hendra Tympani H. D. Chapman Librarian F. A. Lenicheck fattJf The Badger The University Bands The University Bands consist normally of about one hundred and twenty-five men, divided be- tween two organizations known as the First Regimental Concert band, mainly a concert organization, and the Second band, which forms a training school for the less experienced students. The concert band gives several winter indoor concerts, and a series of outdoor concerts on the Upper Campus in the spring. Both bands contribute music for university athletic contests and the annual review of the corps of cadets. The bands are conducted in the interests of musical education, giving students an opportunity to perfect themselves on their instruments, and to gain a knowledge of the outstanding compositions of band literature. Reserve and Second Band First Clarinets Y J. A. Cowan D. W. Prideaux M h Baritones R. A. Smith T. F. Darrenaugue M| IS E. A. Uehling Selmer Dahl Second Clarinets i ES I Ib E. B. Kellogg O. E. Anderson O. E. TjOFLAT W £ Flat Tubes Third Clarinets 1 1 J. L. Jenkins H. Garness Franklin Potter • • T. H. Ricketts J. E. Albright William E. Fieting Fourth Clarinets Alio Saxophones J. K. Valentine William Marshall Third Cornets BB Flat Bass Russell A. Nelson Frank Maresh WiLLARD C. Ward F. M. Stiehm W. H. Bennett Snare Drums K. P. HOEL Tenor Saxophones Ralph Timmons E. P. Schager Kenneth Cook E Flat Clarinet Carl Zilch L. B. Kimball R. A. Nixon G. J . Scherer Horns H I DONKI F Piccolo S. E. Meyers Cymbals Ben N. Anderson Leon M. Kelhofer 11, L . A— ' v. rNrvL-n. W. B. Montgomery C. T. Bunker Flutes Solo Cornets W. J. Hefty John T. Hale Clarence Welker C. C. Ragatz W. F. Thurber Bass Drum Carl R. Krausslach H. E. Reeves A. G. Kammer N. F. Benfer Bassoon P. B. Jensen J. O. Mael Tympani C. A. Kasper First Cornets Trombones J. L. Kolb Oboe Russell H. Reed H. B. McGraw L. E. Rasmussen C. E. Skifstad G. Hurtley Drum Major H. C. Hollenbeck Sofirano Saxophones Second Cornets P.J. Burelbach M. B. Smith Walther Beier F. J . Dagnon Librarian L. J. Tickfer Rudolph Mueller E. L. Gage J. F. Mantell Page 357 The Badger- Top Row: Hunsaker, SoUer. Otis, Johnson, Brandenburg. Guild, Dartnell Second Row: Flugstad. Wade, Lentzner, Garness, Hendra, Gallup, Nethercut, Hilberts Third Row: Farnsworth, Wentworth, Kellum, Carswell. Hoffman. Krebs. Hill, Naujoks University Glee Club The University Glee Club under the direction of Professor E. Earle Swinney has developed into an organization capable of presenting a grade of music which is above that of the majority of glee clubs. It has been the purpose of the club to help raise the standard of music in the colleges and universities and it welcomed the organization of the Intercollegiate Glee Club Association in Chicago last May. At the first contest of the association inOrchesta Hall, Chicago, February 9, 1923, Wisconsin won first place, competing with eleven of the best clubs in the middle west. On the evening of March 3rd the club sang in Carnegie Hall, New York City, as the guest of the Intercollegiate Glee Club Corporation of New York. Officers Harry E, Carswell President and Manager Richard W. Farnsworth Business Manager Christopher Hendra Secretary and Treasurer Herman Hoffman Librarian Prof. E. E. Swinney Director First Tenors Stanley L. Bernet Merle R. Gallup Robert E. Hill Francis J . Hunsaker Arthur C. Johnson Christopher Hendra George V. Vaughn Second Tenors Wells Anderson Kenneth Damon Wilson D. Flugstad Bert M. Hilberts Herman Hoffman Oswald A. Krebs William H. Oatwav Ralph W. Sharp Gerald C. Wade First Bass Harry E. Carswell Thomas L. Dartnell Richard W. Farnsworth Hartwick C. Garness Charles R. Kellum Edward N. Otis Carroll Robb W. Norris Wentworth Second Bass Wesley W. Brandenburg Oscar Christianson Elliot W. Guild Whitford Huff Lloyd W. Lentzner John Murphy Theodore Soller Ralph A. Steadman Francis C. Whitehead Pat 3! I The Badger Top Row: French, Yunger. Belscamper. Belt, Dickes, Manville Second Row: Cretney, Landon. Perham. Beckwith, Dohr, Holton, Gibbs Third Row: Murray, Gray, Lorentz, Moore, Hasse, Showers, Pettersen, Morrison Fourth Row: Atherton, Beebe. Briggs, Estvad. Mosel, IDensmore, Shafer, Siegmeyer. Comstock Girls ' Glee Club The University Girls ' Glee Club is an organization composed of forty voices picked from the uni- versity women. Tryouts are held twice a year, and only the best voices are chosen. The club has weekly practices under Dr. C. H. Mills " direction, and owes a great part of its efficiency to his excellent leadership. The girls are trying to become better known in university and state life in order that they may some day take concert trips, and add to the fame of our campus life as our men have done. There are eight soloists in the club, four first sopranos, two second sopranos, and two altos. With their aid the mid-winter concert was a great success. In the spring, the Glee Club usually gives another concert which is an in itational affair for friends of club members. Officers Dr. Charles H. Mills Director Marion Mosel President Charlotte Belscamper Secretary Louise Madden Treasurer Mabel Showers Librarian First Sopranos Louise Madden Margaret Moore Irmgard Siegmeyer Aagot Borge Helene French Natalie Densmore Marion Mosel Edna Dickes Elvira Meiselwitz Frances Briggs Clara Hertzburg Members Margaret Murray Ruth Beebe La Verne Morrison Ellen Beckwith Gertrude Haase Helen Pettersen Elizabeth Griffing First Altos Fay Atherton Myrtle Bean Harriet Dohr Nancy Lorentz Pearl Weaver Erma Comstock Helen Bell Second Altos Bernice Kuehn Jeanette Manville Merle Gibbs Martha Chandler Mertis Shanks Helen Cretney Elsa Yunger Page 359 Thie Badger Top Row: Mackemer, Heise, Belscamper, Wilson, Jones. Burgess, Beckwith Second Row: Madden, Moore, Jacobs, Brown, BeatCie, Wheeler, Neckerman, Tucker Third Row: Elston, Estvad, Rodolf, Breitenbach, Mose!. Densnwor, Britts Clef Club Clef club is an organization of about forty girls chosen from the student body for special musical ability, either instrumental or vocal. Tryouts for membership are held in the Spring and Fall, when the club hears applicants and chooses from among them a limited number for membership. Regular closed meetings are held twice a month during the school year. During the past year the club has been giving programs twice a month at the Mendota hospital for shell shocked soldiers. An annual concert is given in the spring. Officers Janet Breitenbach President Helen Wheeler Vice-President Margaret Moore Secretary Ruth Beebe Treasurer Mildred Rodolf Clef Members Seniors Ruby Britts Louise Madden Janet Breitenbach Norma Schoen Marion Mosel Frances Landon Margaret Moore Juniors Sophomores I rm A Wilson Lois Jacobs Lillian Tucker Marie Peterson Helen Wheeler Ellen Beckwith Marjorie Elston Charlotte Belscamper Eunice Neckerman Vera Eastman Irma Duncan Virginia Reznor Alice Goodell Sylvia Rosenberg Mildred Rodolf Minnie Beattie Grace Jones Eva Machemer Carolyn Burgess Ruth Beebe Esther Rowe Recmor Estwood Beatrice Perham Elizabeth Mason Elsa Yuncer Gertrude Haase Harriott Brown ( Pof JtO Page 361 The Badger Top Row: Koch, Nolte, Thorson, Reichert, Irish, Thompson, Cornelius, Maier Second Row: Frautschi, Niles, Tredwell, Bonsteel, Farwell, Gregory, Brodt, Mokrejs Third Row: Fitzgerald, Hiatt, Kildow, Fairbanks, Wittenberg, Bond, Townsend, Hall Fourth Row: Butts, Vonnegut, Schee, Price, Yerly, Cohen, Murphy The Haresfoot Dramatic Club Officers L. Gerald Kcx;h President Hubert F. Townsend Vice-President Porter F. Butts Secretary Sidney Thorson . Treasurer Thomas A. Tredwell Manager Walter A. Frautschi Keeper of The Haresfoot Members in Faculty James M. O ' Neill James F. A. Pyre Clarence Fernberc Active Membership Cecil D. Brodt Thomas A. Tredwell Alfred H. Hiatt RussEL C. Bond Everette Yerley RusselJ. Irish Walter S. Kidder Wendell Bonsteel Karl A. Maier L. Gerald Koch Porter F. Butts Edwin Murphy John Mokrejs Jesse Cohen Thomas M. Niles Harold H. Paul Knight D. Farwell Clifford Nolte Hobart C. Price Nelson Fairbanks Samuel Thompson Stephen B. Reichert John Fitzgerald Sidney Thorson J. H. Schee Walter A. Frautschi Carl V. Vonnegut E. P. Strothman Harwood Gregory Wilber Wittenberg Hubert F. Townsend T Faxon Hall Alvin Klann " All (Hir RirU nre mcr- Pait J6Z Tl e Badger ORIENTAL nights, a speeding ship controlled by pirates, beautiful girls, ad- venturous Americans and a cutthroat Sheik with a sumptuous harem — this is the setting for " Kikmi, " the siher anniversary production of the Haresfoot club which was produced during the spring vacation inOshkosh, Appleton, Milwaukee, Racine. Kenosha. Rockford. and Chicago, and later in Madison. A new venture in Haresfoot activity this year, was the building and painting of all the scenery used in the show. In this way the correct atmosphere for all the situations were obtained to the minutest detail and a new line of activity for uni- versity students was created. The Haresfoot Club is the oldest dramatic organization on the campus ha ing been founded in 1898 at which time light comedies and farces were presented. In 1909 the Haresfoot Club entered the field of producing an annual musical comedy and since that time with the motto " All our girls are men — yet everyone a lady, " the club has annually offered a student opera which ranks with the best. ■■ — vet everyone a lady. ' Page 36} The Badger Wisconsin University Players The Wisconsin University Players was formed in October, 1922, by the coalition of Red Domino and Twelfth Night, women ' s dramatic clubs, with Edwin Booth, men ' s dramatic club. Purpose : to further the appreciation and understanding of that which is most serious and worthy in the dramatic art, and for increasing the interest of the students at the University of Wisconsin in the drama by study and production. Officers Roy L. French President Merle Shaw Vice-President Aletha Smith Secretary Laurens Hastings Treasurer Herbert Boning Business Manager Harold Bentson Production Manager Olivia Fentress Tryout Manager Vincent Conlin Historian Pauline Ambrose John Beffel Lillian Bresler Charlotte Case George Bunker Keith Davis Dixie Davis Mildred EX wnie Reinette Douglas Alma Fenn Kenneth Gardner Horace Gregory Ester Griffith Carol Goodyear Aileen Hall Julia Harrington John Harrington Hilda Hendrickson Members Robert Holcomb Frances Hughes Margaret Ives Geraldine Kaeppel Arleen Klug James Lacey Fulton Laberman Roberta Louden Don Marvin Richard McCaffery Agatha McCaffery Lee McCandless Thomas McLean Bernard Monfried Wayne Morse Olivia Orth Katherine O ' Shea Laures Owen Hickman Powell Carlisle Richards Carrol Roach Henry Rubel Ralph Scheinpflug William Tannewitz Helen Tyrell Dane Vermillion Hazel Weincandt Solveig Winslow Catherine Wilson Associate Members Alfred Ludden Hallie Ward Olander Ruth Wenzelmann Merle Raines March 24 The Wisconsin University Players gave a private guest performance of the three one-act plays : Pariah Schnitzler Play-goers Pinero The Stronger Strindberg Pau JM The Badger- Pariah Play-goers The Stronger Page 365 The Badger- mi f- Ef ti 1 1 H i " ' ' " P l ud HV 1 - _ R A , — , J " fr ?!«» JH Ix. ■■■• WT.- fei Pre-Prom Play February 1st marked the first public appearance of the Wisconsin University Players when they produced Carlyle Moore ' s farce comedy, " Stop Thief, " for the prom goers. The production, managed by Herbert Boning and Harold Bentson, was a decided success and showed the results of careful coaching by Ralph Schein- pflug. Members of the cast were Katherine OShea, Pauline Ambrose, Carol Goodyear, Olivia Orth, Alfred Luddin, Thomas MacLean, Laurens Hastings, Don Marvin, Lee McCandless, Roy French, Vincent Conlin, Carlyle Richards, Carroll Roach, and William Tannewitz. i Pof ' M The Badger The Blue Bandits The Gun and Blade presented as this year ' s production a comic opera entitled " The Blue Bandits. " The setting of the opera is the village of Broux, France, after the war. The plot evolves over an ex- pected raid by " Blue Bandits " and their final capture after many contretemps; the fun evolving around a village " nut, " the pompous pride of the village war hero and his five trusty Gendarmes, two American doughboys, and French girls whom they woed and won. Cast Jacqueline, the Village Queen Gussie Button, a Yank Yvette, the Village Belle Silas Bean, a Yank ... Joachim 1 Mike t Napoleon The Village Gendarmes Siki I Corp J .Helen Wood T. H. Ford LuciLE G. Hanson Wm. Christiansen fD. Welch I E. GiLSON . G. E.. Johnson 1 R. Thrope [A. NORGARD Margot, the Village Spinster Coco, a Nut Gaspard, the Village War Hero His Honor, the Village Mayor Arnould, a Bandit Degary, a Bandit . Arsene Lupine, a IDetective Bobo, the Waiter Pierre, a Peasant Artists. Village Girls. Village Belle;, Village Men, Waitresses, etc. . HOLDA SCHULTZ E. L. Peterson Carrol Robb B. H. Berndt G.Julius . . J.F.Jones R. W. Austerman Carlos F. Corres c. l. iverson Committee Chairmen R. W. Austerman General Chairman H. B. Reyer Finance F. Price Tickets T, H, Ford Programs H. L Palmer Prot erties Wm. C. Christiansen Sptcialties W.M Hayes, Jr Publicity Pagt 367 The Badger The Curtain Club The Curtain Club, a dramatic organization made up, for the most part, of members of the fac- ulty of the University of Wisconsin, was founded three years ago for the purpose of giving distin- guished performances of superior plays, and of fostering playwriting by adequately presenting worthy original plays which have not yet been submitted to professional producers. The Curtain Club was especially fortunate in securing for its last production. Red Bird, the work of one of its members. Red Bird is a play based on the most interesting and moving events in the early history of the State of Wisconsin. It was written by Professor William Ellery Leonard, of the depart- ment of English of the University, a nationally recognized poet and playwright. Officers James Milton O ' Neill President Bayard Quincy Morgan Secretary William Harrison Varnum Treasurer Fredrick William Roe Robert Elkin Neil Dodge William Ellery Leonard Bayard Quincy Morgan Eugene Hugh Byrne Chauncy Depew Leake Frank Riley Members Karl Young E. Marion Johnson James Milton O ' Neill Carl Russel Fish Max Carl Otto Alan Lang Strout Ralph Scheinpflug James Francis Augusine Pyre Clarence Leonard Fernberg William Harrison Varnum James Reed Sterrett Fredric Adolph Ernst Robert William West Norman Basset Pof IM T ©y ,j= M. Y. M. C. A. W f Q. -4 Pa«« 569 The Badger- = Augustine Shoults Coates Gesteland University Youn Men ' s Christian Association Officers Worth E. Shoults President Haskell E. Coates Vice-President Elmer R. Gesteland Secretary Harry F. Augustine Treasurer The Association was founded in 1882. During these 4! years of activity its influence has been felt throughout the entire world. Its members have carried into all walks of life a high ideal of Christian service, and the contribution to Religious Leadership has been considerable. In Association work itself many have risen to most influential positions, not only in America, but in Japan, India, China, Hawaii. Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, and Greece. The Association aims to serve every man in the University and in turn seeks to enlist him in volun- tary Christian service on the Campus, in the city of Madison, and throughout the State. .About 300 men are organized under the leadership of the President and the Cabinet, the Junior Council, the Sophomore Commission and the Freshman Committee. Some of the most influential members of the Faculty and citizens of Madison constitute the personnel of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. Cabinet Thomas A. Tredwell Boys ' Work Haskell E. Coates .... Deputation Teams Allan G. Halline . Discussionals and Bible Study Harry F. Augustine Finance Elsworth Bunce Foreign Student Work Kurt Fox . Inter-Collegiate and Hi-Y Relations Elmer R. Gesteland Membership Edward H. Gibson Member-at-Large GusTAV K. Tebell Member-at-Large F. Williams .... Member-at-Large Paul K. Robertson Publicity Worth E. Shoults .... Religious Conference Howard K. Willett Sick Visitation Social Social Service Pres. Junior Council Pres. Sophomore Commission Pres. Freshman Committee Albert G. Finnel . Wilbur G. Katz Allan W. Walter . Henry C. Smith. J r George W. Gore Carl R. Rogers Delegate to World Student Conference, Peking Frederic E. W olf General Secretary William L. Young Associate Secretary A. B. Hall Pres. Board of Directors woir Hall Young I ' att }70 The Badger Tredwel! Halline Bunce Fox Robertson Wiilett Finnel Katz Gore Smith Walter Rogers Gibson Tebell Willii ?= Page 371 The Badger Thomas C. Amory El WORTH W. BUNCE Clayton M. Bond Edwin A. Carlson George O. Darby Albert G. Finnel Walter A. Frautschi William J. Fronk To0 Row: Bunce, Longenecker, Pfeifer, Gilland, Williams, Gerhardt, Amory Second Row: Hanson, Lyman. Robertson, Tegtmeyer, Frautschi, Murphy Third Row: Darby, Thomas, Hopkins, Walter, Noer. Price, Fronk Junior Council Allan W. Walter President Rudolph J . Noer Vice-President Bert E. Hopkins Secretary William A Gerhardt Robert F. Peeifer George H. Gilland Walter H. Plewkk Lee D. Hanson Ferdinand T. Price William G. Longenecker Paul K. Robertson Howard B. Lyman Chamber F. Tegtmeyer John F. Murphy Everett J. Thomas Calvin C. Oakford Leland W. Williams Edward S. Wright Sophomore Commission Henry C. Smith. J R President Frederick H. Clapp Vice-President Clifford C. Fransien . ; Secretary Cyril E. Abbott Frederick G Hu i. Clarfince W Sharratt Gordon W. Abbott Kenneth E. Hunt Clyde S- Simpelaar John P. Anderson Grady H. Jones Henry C. Smith Herbert P. Benn Stanley W. Kadow Ralph A. Smith Wm. C. Benson Lloyd W. Lentznfk Millard B Smith EJoN E. Bloodgood Wm. L. Lowry Hampton K Snell Stanley R. Caldwell Clarence F. Martin Percy Sorenson Frederick H Clapp Joseph B. Mason Kenneth S. Sp x n Carl W Damsheuser Beverly T. Masslich Clarence J . Stephenson Lester C. Dingeldine Otto H. Meili Roland R. Tews Clifford C. Fransien LaVern W. Muzzy John G Thompson Ellis G. Fulton Vernon W. Palen Strawn Trumbo Leon J. Griffey Richard E, Saunders George F. Walsted Elliott W. Guild - Edward T. Schele W. Freeman Whiting Arthur C. Hansen (-Ierbert W. Schmidt Robert R Yehle Harold F. Hasse Wm. R. Seeman , Jerome C, Zufelt Top Row: Cole, Martin. Kadow. B«nn. C jildwcll. Sharratt, G. Abbott, Griffey Second Row: Scephcnflon, Damsheuser, Simpelaar, Yehlc, Spcx n, Seeman, C. Abbott. Blocxlgncxi, Walsted Third Row: Nuesse, Schmidt, Snell, Clapp, Smith, Fransien, Palen. Mason Pai }7Z Tlie Badger Top Row: Snyder, Smith. Toenhart. Gunderson. Schutt Bottom Row: Kent, Badstuber. Gore, Hastings, Cook, Onstad Freshman Committee George W. Gore President Robert R. Hazard Secretary Max E. Badstuber John S. Harter Everett C. Onstad Harold F. Bemm Wm. H. Hastings John H. Ray Kenneth E. Cook Robert R. Hazard George A. Schutt Abbott Fox Edward L. Kent Gilbert J. Smith George W. Gore George E. Millard Robert H. Snyder SvEN M. Gunderson Otto E. Toenhart House Organization Thomas Amlie President Ray E. Orr Vice-President Clifford C. Frans.en Secretary Walter K. Link Sheriff - ' ■ 4 , , , . -TTT ' m Pate 373 The Badger Paft}74 The Badger What the Camera Caught Page 37S The Badger Lakohore by Moonlight Pof }76 The Badger- Pier in the Moonlight On the Campus Near the Law Building Pagt 377 The Badger- The Frosh — Ready for the Rush The Rush I hf Vicinriouv Ntph-- uti SniK direct Pof )7B The Badger The Bags Before the Rush An J AiLcr - " i di BJ k S ' ' 1 k ».; Mi -A Leaving the Gym In the Midst of It ' r 1 -T m i i b h ■- s mc ' • ---SB m f V 1 The Battle The Sophs Parade the Square The Sophs Before the Battle Page 379 The Badger The Football Gridgraph WaidiiiiK the Icam by GridgrHph Pa4«SS0 The Badger 1 I.UX ' .looI 1-1,1 Pagi 3S1 The Badger I ioniecoming Decorations " Julius " in Acti At the Carnival P att }I7 The Ba-dLger- A Wagon in the Hobo Parade A Ford on Parade The Hobo Parade Sail Boat The Hobo Jazz Band The Bonfire Afterwards 1 ' Pagfi 3S3 The Badger Entries I ' ait (Clearing the Jump An Obstacle Cleared The Line Up A; Joust -And Not So Fair Pat0 384 The Badger tLJi PagelSS The Badger Sterling Court Dance Maypulc Dance Pagt iSt Tine Badger " " Kitty Corner " — Haresfoot Production m irC m •Wells " •Regd " " E ave " Pof 387 The Badger Hobart Price — Just Posing •Hub " — At Work Haresfixn Initiation Paf iS8 The Badger The Engineer-Law School Snow Battle ( ' asiialties q= Page 389 The Badger Haresfoot Stars in the Radio Room An Op en Air Class Hor «cback Riding Camp Randall from an Airplane Pagt 390 The Badger- kH 1 E c R il j Memorial Union Dedication Leading Cheers The Crowd ==P Page 391 The Badger Camp Randall Fire New Stadium Under Construction PQit392 The Badger Barnard at Play A Sorority Masquerade Party Arxjther One ==? Page 393 Tine Badger " Bon Voyage " Co the I earn The Winter Campus Pagt iV4 f= The Badger Getting Ready for Cap-night The Last Load Last Minute Preparations The Fire Patt 395 The Badger- A Band Concert Mortar Board Supper at Barnard Paf39( The Badger " V ' atching ihe Water Carni al on Itu .T cholastic Day A Fait Race Page 397 The Badger =b Diving — Venetian Night Celebration Pa ns s- The Badger A Pier on Venetian Night HHtM I H IP H H Je RU|S| , . H l Rh V K ' JH H 1 -.: 1||| SS L s l At the Side Lines — Venetian Nig t Page 399 The Badger Paf400 MOTO Br JOHN REA WOOLLE Cfnjt i i( a fon Page 401 Tlxe Badger =b Tofy Row: Reyer, Prof. C. V. A. Smith. Stewart. Series. Edwards. Mallari Second Row: Rogers. Berkwich. Prof. Sharp, Pres. Birge. Prof. Young. Richards. Guillemin Third Row: Outhouse, Killam, Prof. E. A. Smith, Hempe. Anderberg, Hays Phi Beta Kappa Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 Number of Chapters, 93 Officers F. C. Sharp President Karl Young Vice-President E. A. Smith Secretary C. V. A. Smith Treasurer Pearl Amy Anderberg Helen Marion Berkwich Bertha J . J . Blumer Leroy D. Edwards Helen Dorothy Gude Victor Guillemin Muriel Catherine Batz Samuel Becker Gertrude Louise Bonzelet Aagot Marion Katherine Borge Gertrude Elizabeth Breese Elsie May Brennan George Frederick Brewer Franklin Chester Chillrud Herbert Faulkner Copeland Margaret Frances Daly Marion Grace Dill John Adrain Dollard Rheinhold Otto Ebert RoLLiN Evans Ecke J EAN Emerson Hazel Mary Fish Elected from Class of 1923 Lillian Blanche Hays Edna Hempe Maud M. Killam Ruth Kotinsky Ismael Mallari Elected from Class of 1922 Esther Theresa Guerini Joseph Alfred Hall James Hargan Gladys Marjorie Haskins Ruth Emma Hoffman Selma Bertha Hofsoos Matilda Olca Horn Evelyn Leona Horton Dean Prichard Kimball Katherine Ardelia Kitchin Martin Rudolph Kriewai.dt Florence May Lampert Mary Wilson Maxwell Arthur Henry Moeck Annie Elizabeth Morton Bryn H. Nissen Valerie Estelle Olson Alice Irene Outhouse Harold Benedict Reyer Inez Jennette Richards Carl Ransom Rogers John H. Sarles Robert Bruce Stewart Rene Wentworth Pinto Frances Mortimer Potter Frieda Helene Radke Clara C ora Ruedebusch Mary Lee Rutter William Merritt Sale Dorothea Marguerite Schmidt Lillian Victoria Stewart Marion Brunette Strassburcer Thomas Warren Stratman Norbert Carl Trauba Alice Needham Tucker John Frank Waddell Eloise Waldron Burton Henry White Ima Winchell Pan 402 Tine Badger ' Tof} Row: Senger, Watson, Gluesing, Andree. Phillips Second Row: Nethercut, Hansen, Meyers. Rusch, Nolte, Bowers, Clark, Burelbach Third Row: Peterson, Rufsvold, Tesch, Mansfield, Adam, Johnson Tau Beta Pi Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Number of Chapters, 36 Wisconsin, Alpha. 1899 G. H. Aacaard E. Bennett H. Fuller M. A. Giles E. H. Hartwig D. L. Hay G. H. Head O. A. HOL ' CEN L. E. Kelso W. S. KiNNE J. B. Kommers O. L. KOWALKE Members in Faculty J. D. Livermore E. R. Maurer R. S. McCaffery D. W. McLenecan D. V. Mead A. C. Meyers C. W. MUEHLBERCER A. E. Neumeister L. J. Peters J. D. Phillips J. R. Price R. A. Ragatz R.J. ROARK H. E. SCHRADER F. E. TURNEAURE L. F. Van Hagan C. N. Ward R. W. Warner J. W. Watson W. Weaver C. A. WiEPKING D. M. U ' lLSON J. E. Wise M. O. Withey Graduates Clarence A. Andree Honore C. Hubbard Charles E. Wheeler Seniors (Elected as Juniors) Louis G. Adam Carl F. Buchner David H. Edwards Merrii L E. Hansen DwiGHT M. Harbaugh Royce E. Johnson Members in University Carroll G. Mansfield Everett C. Meyers Julian L. Peterson Hugo L. Rusch WiLLARD J . Tesch Wilson D. Trueblood Kenneth M. Watson (Elected as Seniors) Archie F. Bowers Peter J . Burelbach Lemore W. Clark William T. Ennor William A. Gluesing Robert W. Groot .Anthony J. Nerad Frederick W. Nolte Rufus S. Phillips Clarence F. Rasmussen .Arnold S. Rufsvold Werner I. Senger Ralph Shaw .Albert C. Silver Theodore N ' otteler Junior Robert C. Nethercut Page 403 The Badger- Tof Row: Nolte, L. Clark, Gluesing, Watson. Klann Second Row: Finkle, Knott, R. Clark, Burelbach. Mansfield, Potts, R. E. Johnson, Gregg Third Row: Rasmussen, Hyer, Price, Scott, Brown, Bennett, Peters, Wise, French Fourth Row: F. D. Johnson, Rusch, Groot, Smart, Rufsvold, Adam, Blanch, Richmond Eta Kappa Nu Honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity Founded. University of Illinois. 1904 Numl er of Chapters. 16 Edward Bennett John R. Price Wisconsin. Theta Members in Faculty James W. Watson Leo J. Peters Kenneth L. Scott John E. Wise Seniors Louis G. Adams Herbert H. Beck Theron a. Brown Peter J. Burelbach Lemore W. Clark Robert A. Clark George H. Finkle Newell E, French William A. Gluesing Members in University Robert W. Groot George A. Hill Frank P. Hyer RovcE E. Johnson Alvin R. Klann William M. Knott Carroll G. Mansfield Fredhrick W. Nolte J. Arlington Potts Clarence F. Rasmussen Lawrence P. Richmond Arnold S. Rufs old Hugo L. Rusch John W. Smart Juniors Frederick D. Blanch Hf.ndrick J . Gregg Floyd D. Johnson Pott 404 The Badger- Top Row: Porth, Ahern, Johnson, Phillips. Drissen, Nerad, Walker, Slezak. Anderson Second Row: Greiling. Mollerous. Senger. Kahlenberg. Roube, Ostrander, Schmidt, McArthur Third Row: Hrubesky. Bowers, Carson, Prof. Orth, Wupper, Breed, Peterson Pi Tau Si ma Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity Founded. University of Illinois, 1915 Number of Chapters, 4 Wisconsin. Alpha, 1915 C. I. Corp W. L. Dabney E. A. LONGENECKER Members in Faculty P. H. Hyland J. D. Phillips M. A. Giles G. L. l,ARSON H. G. Orth J. P. Woods K. G. Shiels Seniors Thomas L. .Ahern Roy p. Anderson .Archie F. Bowers William H. Carson LoYD M. Johnson Rodger W. Kahlenberg Donald A. McArthur Antony J. Nerad Members in University S. Benjamin Ostrander Julian L. Peterson RuFUS B. Phillips Walter H. Porth Reinhold H. Raube Chester J . Schmidt Werner 1. Senger John Slezak Irving L. Wade Albert L. Walker Benjamin F. Wupper Juniors Bowman K. Breed Wallace W. Drissen George F. Hrubesky H. Mollerous David Greiling Patt40S The Badger To ) Roiv: Link, BtschofF, Head, Rankin, Peterson, Stein, Watson, Hotaling Second Row: Muehlberger. Stevens. Jenkins. MacQueen. Ennor, Rasmussen, Black. Brunkow. Schmidt Third Row: H. C. Hubbard, Nissen. Royce. Tesch, Griem. Frick, Hrubesky, B. Hubbard Phi Lambda Upsilon National Honorary Chemical Society Founded. University of Illinois, I8 W Number of Chapters, 1 8 H. B. Adkins S. M. Babcock H. C. Bradley Jesse E. Day David E, Fahlberg E. B. Hart Olaf a. Houcen l.ours Kahlenberg Fritz E. Bischoff Roland M. Bethke Archie Black Orvin R. Brunkow Carl E. Frick Oscar H. Gerhardt Walter B. Griem Ernest H. Hartwig Guerden H. Head Philip J. Hickey Carl A. Hoppert Harry E. Carswell David H. Edwards William T. Ennor Merrill E. Hansen Beta Chapter, 1906 Faculty Members Otto L. Kowalke Edward Kremers F. C. Krauskopf Victor Lenher A. S. l.OEVENHART J. H. Mathews F. B. Morrison J. L. Sammis Graduate Members C. E. Hrubesky HoNORE C. Hubbard John D. Jenkins James H. Jones John R. Koch W, A. Koehler Wilbur A. Lazier Karl P. Link W. B. McQueen W. V. Meloche C. W, Muehlberger Elmer M. Nelson Undergraduate Members Eugene C. Hotaling Bruce W. Hubbard HoLZER W. Rasmussen Harvey D. Royce J. H. Schmidt H. A. SCHUETTE E. L. Severinghaus Glen S. Skinner Harry Steenbock W. E. Tottingham Emil Truog James H. Walton C. L. Neumeister B. H. N issen L, B. Parsons L. W. Peterson Roland A. Ragatz Ralph E. Ramsay Eugene J . Rankin Bruno A. Stfin Henry Stevens Earl L. Whitford R. V. Williamson Myron R. Stevens Willard J. Tesch Wilson D. Trueblood Kenneth M. Watson Patt 4tl6 The Badger Si ma Sigma Honorary Medical Officers NoRBERT Tranba Cortex President Carroll Osgood Medulla Vice-President Alice Outhouse Phalanx Secretary K. K. Chen Sphincter Treasurer C. D. Leake Faculty Advisor Marie Louise Carns Leland C. Dietsch Cecil Dull Reinhold Ebert Irving Goldberg Edwin Gute Maurice McCaffrey Mark Wall q= Pagt 407 The Badger Top Row: Reyer, Anderson, Reynolds, Moeller, Walther, Fox Second Row: Inman. Gesteland. Elwell. McMurry, Gilman, Umbreit. Ruediger Beta Gamma Si ma Honorary Commerce Fraternity Fayette Herbert Elwell Phillip G. Fox Members in Faculty Edward Hall Gardner Stephen Warren Gilman Charles Jamison Karl Franklin McMurry William Amasa Scott Orvin H. Anderson Elmer R. Gesteland Arthur C. Iimman Members in University Seniors Peter R. Moeller Harold B. Reyer Karl S. Reynolds George P. Ruediger George Umbreit Herman O. Walther Patt40S The Badger " Top Row: Christianson. Pleck. Tredwell, Alschuler, Mertzke. Stewart, Ellis, Moreau, Collipp Bottom Row: Fritschie, Frey. Kapp. J. Perlman, Ely, Kiekhofer. S, Perlman. Keith, Van Tassel Artus " Omicron Delta Gamma " Honorary Economics Fraternity Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1912 Number of Chapters. 8 Wisconsin, Alpha, 1912 John R. Commons Richard T. Ely Meade Burke Honorary Members William H. Kiekhofer Members in Faculty Arthur J . Mertzke Sidney L, Miller Selic Perlman Jacob Perlman Thomas N. Burke Oscar Christianson Graduate Members W. Fulton Collipp F. Halsey Kraege Fred J . Moreau Joseph H. Pleck Fred C. Siebold Jacob E. Alschuler R. Winfield Ellis Oscar Fritschie Active Members Harold A. Frey Edgar B. Kapp George M. Keith Richard J. Van Tassel Robert B. Stewart Worth E. Shoults Thomas A. Tredwell Patt409 The Badger Top Row: Matteson. Dartnell, Parmele. Kutil, Elvehjem, English, Klussendorf. Reinhold Second Row: Hartman, Tolman, Rohrbeck, Matteson, Schaars, Renk, Thomas, Calienbach, Elmslie Third Row: Albert, Weed, Daniels. Kohn, Byrne, Templin, Sayre, Jamison Alpha Zeta Honorary Agricultural Fraternity Founded. Ohio University, 1897 Number of Chapters. 33 Wisconsin Chapter. 1905 Babcock A. R. Albert Hugo Wm. Albertz J . Arlington Anderson Alexander S. Alexander Stephen M. Babcock Roland M. Bethke Archie Black John W. Brann George A. Chandler Edwin J. Delwiche Walter H. Eblinc Edward H. Farrington Wm. C. Frazier Wm. D. Frost {AMES G. Fuller .awrence F. Graber E. B. Hart Graduates Charles D. Byrne Paul A. Eke Ward W. Fetrow A. A. Granovskv Gerald Heebink Karl L. Helwig Earl J. Heisinc William A. Kuntz Carl C. Lindegren Karl Link R. E. McConnei.l Harold H. McKinney Oscar C. Magistad E. R. Meacham Howard G. Nrisley David R. Pheasant Members in Faculty Edward G. Hastings Kirk L. Hatch Benjamin H. Hibbard Andrew W. Hopkins George C. Humphrey John A. James Edward R. Jones {AMES H. Jones •Ewis R. Jones Theodore Machlin Lawrence H. McKay Verne G. Milum James W. Milward James G. Moore Ranson A. Moore Frank B. Morrison Members in University William H. Pierre D. G. Steele S. D. Sims Windsor P. Thomas Milton C. Tompkins Harry R. Wellman Seniors Willard B. Albert Thomas R. Daniels Thomas L. Dartnell Wallace P. Elmslie Conrad A. Elvehjem Donald J . English Howard E. Jamison Frank J . Kohn Raymond C Klussendorf George B. Mortimer Elmer E. Nelson Griffith Richards Harry L. Russell Victor A. Tiedjfns E. M. Tillany Hugo H. Sommer Harry Steenbock H. W. Stewart William A. Sumner Emil Truog Richard E. Vaughn John C. Walker Andrew R. Whitson George S. Wehrwein William H. Wright Otto R. Zeasman Clarence L. Kutil William A. Hartman Roger P. Matteson Harris B. Parmele KiTCHELL P. Sayre Edward H. Templin Robert C. Thomas Bronson D. Tolman Alfred Weed Juniors Ernest W. Callenback Stephen H. Matteson John G. Reinhold Walter F. Renk Edwin H. Rohrbeck Marvin A. Schaars Pat 410 The Badger- Tot Row: Weipking. Hess, Dodge, Manning. Heuer. Kreuger, Kinslow, Arbogast. Heisig, Braun Bottom Row: EJaldwin, Wismer, Parsons, Corbin, Dietrich, Moser, Black, Parkenson, Cowles Omicron Nu Honor Home Economics Society Founded, 1912 Number of Chapters, 1 5 Wisconsin, Eta, 1915 Omicron Nu was founded in 1912 for the promotion of leadership and scholarship. Election is based upon scholastic attainment. The organization maintains a scholarship fund for students in Home Economics. Officers Sarah Wismer President Mildred Downie Secretary AiLEEN Hall Treasurer Gertrude Arbogast Ann Braun May L. Cowles Dodge Members in Faculty Jean Krueger Hazel Manning Abby L. Marlatt Gladys Meloche Members in University Graduates Helen Parsons Elsie Hess Dorothy Weipking Elsie Heisig Mary B.aldwin Edith Black Florence Corbin Seniors Kathleen Dietrich Mildred Downie Aileen Hall Gladys Heuer May Reynolds Alice Kinslow Ada Moser Sarah Wismer Page 41 1 Tine Badger Si ma Delta Chi Professional Journalistic Fraternity Founded. De Pauw University, 190Q Number of Chapters, 34 WiLLARD GrOSVENOR BlEYER Carl Russell Fish Wisconsin, 191 1 Members in Faculty Edward Marion Johnson Andrew Winkle Hopkins Grant Milnor Hyde William Allison Sumner Henry E. Birdsong Graduates Rodney Costello Welsh Charles David Byrne Russell E. Frost Seniors Ralph E. Ammon Herbert Henry Brockhausen Waldo W. Batten Harold F. Diehm Roy L. French Members in University George Lowell Geicer Robert Theodore Griebling Gordon Hamley Fred Leslie Kildow Charles Julius Lewin Werner P. Meyer Harold Edward McClelland Edward Jerome McDonough Walter John Pfister Harbeson Hickman Powell Horace B. Powell Cedric E. Seaman Hubert Force Townsend Alfred Willoughby Juniors H. Eugene Alleman Porter F. Butts Joseph F. Lawler Harold R. Maier Oscar N. Riegel RoswELL H. Stinchfield Pof 411 Tine Badger Top Row: Callsen, Warren, Walters, Lugoff Bottom Row: Bowlby, Teare. Ruff. Smallshaw, Capron, Shaw, Reichert Theta Si a Phi Honorary Journalistic Sorority Founded. Seattle, 1909 Number of Chapters, 25 M Wisconsin, Beta, Oct. 2, 1910 Members in Faculty Prof. W. G. Bleyer Ruby A. Black, Instructor in Journalism Marjorie Ruff, President Josephine Walters, Vice-Pres. Helen Smallsh. w, Treasurer Anne Stoffrecen Frances Warren Members in University Seniors Portia B. Lugoff, Secretary Dorothy Bowlby Juniors Margaret Callsen Dorothy Reichert Merle Shaw M.ARY James Dane Vermilion Marjorie Capron Ruth Teare ?= Page 41} Tl-ie Badger = Top Row: litis, Hendra. Townsend. Dartnell, Huff, Wahlin, Petersen, Bennett Bottom Row: Brown, Carswen,_Hibbets. Mills, Swinney, Jaquish, Nethercut. Christophe, Morphy Phi Mu Alpha Honorary Musical Date of Founding, National, 1896 Phi Chapter, 1921 Cecil Burleigh Peter W. Dykema Edgar Gordon George K. Hibbets Lester Cappon Harry Carswell Thomas Dartnell Earl Christophe Members in Faculty Leon Iltis Charles H. Mills E. V. Morphy Max Petersen Members in University Graduates Kenneth Damon Seniors Meredith Givens Juniors Whitford Huff Sophomores E. Earle Swinney Lowell L. Townsend W.J.Uhl H. B. Wahlin Noel Stearn Christopher Hendra Adrian Scolten Robert Nethercut Elliot Guild Edwin Uehling Pat 414 The Badger- Top Row: Kilgour. Jones. Beiscamper, Walker, Breitenbach, Beattie Bottom Row: Britts. Jacobs. Madden, Landon, Moore. Eastman, Duncan Mu Phi Epsilon Honorary Musical Founded. November 13. 1903 Number of Chapters. 36 Mu Lambda. IDecember 2. 1922, Wisccrisin (Local Chapter, Mu Alpha, founded March, 1920) Helen Gunderson Gaxe Peterson Seniors Janet Breitenbach Ruby Britts Minnie Beattie Vera Eastman Jean Kilgour Frances Lantjon Margaret Moore Members in Faculty Evelyn Benham Members in University Juniors Charlotte Belscamper Erma Duncan Lois Jacobs Grace Jones Hilda Schultz Beatrice Walker Helen Wheeler Lucille Campbell Cooper Helen Piper Law Sophomores Carmelita Lenro Louise .Madden Graduate Barbara Hildreth t Pat€4t5 The Badger Edgar Bernard Gordon Margaret H ' Doubler Olivia Fentress William Tannewitz Ralph Scheinpflug Henry Rubel Olivia Orth National Collegiate Players Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Members in Faculty Gertrude E. Johnson Margaret McCarthy William Ellery Leonard Members in University Graduate Alfred Ludden Seniors Donald Marvin Merle Shaw Dane Vermillion Roy French Juniors SOLVEIG WiNSLOW Harold Bentson James Milton O ' Neill Andrew Thomas Weaver John Beffel John Cornelius Lee McCandless Alethea Smith Sidney Thorson Page 416 The Badger l op Row: Baldwin, Johnson, Wilson, Tuttle, McLandress. Kremers, Streets. Wild Bottom Row: Metcalf. Sharp, Funk, Groan. Bollinger, Fi hack. Arey Delta Phi Delta Honorary Professional Art Fraternity Founded. Topeka, Kansas, !912 k Wisconsin, Eta. 192! Number of Chapters. 1 1 V I R Applied Arts Laboratory Officers Martha Groan . President Gertrude Kehl Vice-President Agnes N. Tuttle Secretary Helen McLandress Treasurer Members in Faculty William H. Varnum Della F. Wilson Laura R. Kremers Members in University Seniors Miriam G. Arey Martha Groan Ralph Sharp E. W. Bollinger Gertrude Kehl Frances W. Streets A. C. Fishack Helen McLandress Acnes N. Tuttle Juniors IDoRis Baldwin Dorothv Johnson Marion Metcalf Howard Funk Sarah Wild I ' agc 417 The Badger To J Row: Ylvisaker, Stewart, Seering B au m Row: Moreau, Morse, Heft, Inmah, Axley Delta Si ma Rho Honorary Forensics Fraternity Founded, 1906 Q AIP T Number of Chapters. 60 Delta Sigma Rho is an honorary forensics society having chapters in practically all of the universities and colleges in which forensics occupy a prominent position. Elections are based upon proficiency in debate and oratory. Arnold B. Hall James M. O ' Neill Members in Faculty James F. A. Pyre W. RussEL Tylor Andrew T. Weaver Tho.vias Amlie Ralph E. Axley Francis W. Coscrove Carrol Heft Members in University " Arthur Inman Halsey Kraege Fred J . Moreau Wayne L. Morse Harold A. Seerinc Robert B. Stewart Erling Ylvisaker P»f ii Thie Badger Tot Row. Harvey, Hirsig, Dr. Gillin, Bachman, Rcplinger Bottom Row: Fellows, Halvcrson, Meyer, Dr. Ross. Moore .Beattie, Witmcr Alpha Pi Epsilon Honorary Sociological Founded, Madison. January, 1922 U Number of Chapters. U. of W., I Officers C. Louise Moore President Jeanette H. Halverson Secretary-Treasurer Helen Clark Virginia Bachman Minnie D. Beattie Iris S Fellows Members in Faculty Dr. J. L. GiLLEN Members in University Graduates Elaine Eschweiler Seniors Frances L.. Harvey Pearl Hirsig Dr. E. a. Ross Helen L. Witmer Dorothy C. Meyer C. Louise Moore Poft 419 The Badger Iron Cross Honorary Senior Society Members in University Graduate Clarence Fisher Rasmussen Seniors James Lyman Brader Worth Edward Shoults Leslie Richards Gage Robert Bruce Stewart George Lowell Geiger Gustav Kenneth Tebell Wayne Lyman Morse Rolland Franklin Williams :P fmir 410 The Badger i Mortar Board Senior Women ' s Honorary Society Election to memlDership is made at the end of the Junior year on the basis of scholarship, service, and womanliness. Officers Merle Shaw President Helen Zuehlke Vice-President Mary Baldwin Secretary Florence Hupprich Treasurer Members in University Mary Baldwin Elizabeth Kirk Marjorie Severence Florence Hupprich Cleo Parsley Merle Shaw Helen Kasbeer Helen Zuehlke Pag£ 421 Tine Badger White Spades Honorary Junior Society James Lyman Brader George Henry Finki.e George Lowell Geicer Arthur Charles Inman Arthur Donald Marvin Martin Paul Below Porter Freeman Butts Walter Albert Frautschi Russell Johnstone Irish Members in University Seniors Wayne Lyman Morse Harbeson Hickman Powell Clarence Fisher Rasmussen Ralph Kenneth Scheinpfluc Juniors Howard Bertram Lyman Harold Ryan Maier Harold Albert Seerinc Worth Edward Shoults Robert Bruce Stewart Gustav Kenneth Tebell Thomas Alanson Tredwell RoLLAND Franklin Williams Merrill Edward Taft Gamber Fredrick Tegtmeyer Allan Wylie Walter Gordon Bradley Wan:er Pagt 4U The Badger Top Row: Haven, Greene, Nolte. Day, O ' Shca Second Row: Henry, Jacobs, Callsen. Harris, Murray. Kennan Third Row: Paris. Gumming. Klug, Kingsford, Metcaif Crucible Junior Women ' s Honorary Society f Officers Arleen Klug President Helen Kingsford Treasurer Janet Gumming Secretary Esther Bilstad Margaret Callsen Janet Gumming Eleanor Day Nina Paris Harriet Greene Members Ellen Harris Anita Haven Margaret Henry Lois Jacobs Jeanette Kennan Helen Kingsford Arleen Klug Marion Metcalf Margaret Murray Rosamond Nolte Katherine O ' Shea Pate 42} Tine Badger Top Row: O ' Connor, Richards, Hanson. Arnold, Larson. Frederick. Rae, Morse Bottom Row: Kitchen. Klos, Cross, Luening, Ma j. Wood, Lyman, Warner. Borden Scabbard and Blade A Company, 1st Regiment Founded, Wisconsin, 1905 Number of Chapters, 23 Major John S. Wood, U. S. A. Major Orlando Ward, U. S. A. Major Howard Milligan, U. S. A. M embers in Faculty Captain Joseph Comstock, U. S. A. Captain John A. Ballard, U. S. A. Sergt. Major William Atkins, L ' . S. A. 1st Sergt. Frederick Post, U. S. A. Van a. Johnson Thomas E. Jones Lyman K. Arnold RuTHviN B. Borden William M. Cross L. P. Chase Ned Chew William A. Field Lef, D. Hanson Henry W. Klos Arthur J. Larson Members in University Seniors William H. Frederick Sherman W. Green H. Dean Kitchen William M. Knott Frank B. Leitz Robert L. Luening Juniors Howard B. Lyman John M. Rae Allan W. Walter Sophomores Joseph D. Marshall Wayne L. Morse George M. O ' Connor John W. Ri(;hards R. B. Russell Laurence P. Warner Benjamen W. Wupper Louis Rutte Samuel D. Thompson Sidney R. Thorson Pait 424 =P Fraternities Pagt 425 The Badger Senior Member Walter Forth, President Walker G. Dollmeyer Allen L. Park Tom McCandles Herbert Boning L. Brown Walter Pfister ' . Lee Edwards H. G. Braudt Robert L. Renolds Harold Benton Robert Ely C. E. Seaman L. W. Cramer William Elliott Ralph Balliette Allen G. Halline Wayne Morse Ned Chew Sherman Green ilas Hanks Harold W. Merril Leslie A. Hill John Beffel, Jr. M. C. Steffen Gorex)n Huseby John Alexander Richard Gibson George M. Parker JULIEN M. LuNNEY L. L. Darling B. W. Hubbard D. C. ONeil Herman Von Kass Harold Pinkerton J, Kellman K. G. Williams Aron Scheinfelt Willard Jones Herbert Hintzen C. G. Mathys Rudolph Of.chsner Adolphus a. Berger O. T. Benton Gordon S. Thomson Glstave Tuckerman Merrill E. Hansen Holden Roberts Inter-Fraternity Council Fraternity Delta Upsilon Phi Sigma Kappa Zeta Psi Sigma Nu Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Sigma Delta Tau Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon Chi Phi Beta Theta Pi Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Sigma Phi Chi Psi ' Alpha Delta Phi Acacia Sigma Phi Phi Kappa Alpha Alpha Gamma Rho Theta Xi Psi Upsilon Theta Chi Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Beta Pi Sigma Phi Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Phi Kappa Psi Theta Delta Chi Phi Gamma Delta Phi Delta Theta Phi IDelta Phi Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Alpha [Delta Triangle Gamma Tau Beta Kappa Psi Alpha Pi Delta Phi Sigma Delta Farm House Lamba Chi Alpha Delta Chi Phi Kappa Zeta Beta Tau Sigma Pi Alpha Chi Rho Kappa Sigma Delta Pi Epsilon Phi Chi Junior Member Charles Chambers Joseph Schudt John D. Maxcy Walter Frautschi Merril Esterline Don F. Murry Calvin Oakford A. V. Stegeman P. C. Gault Emory M. Heuston Ben Johnson Eberette Bogue A. J. Pennefeather E. W. Hooker John D. Blossom Fuller Milton J. Kissel Donald L. Bell E. W. Callenbach George Carlson Van Pearse Harold Daniels Dwight a. Spooner RowE Baker J. P. Wells Thos. N. Herreid, Jr. Carl Vonnegut Douglas Gibson Don C. Newcomb Fred Page Fredric Troweridge H. W. Rasmussen A. L. Park C. E. Silver D. L. Jenkinson Artur G. Phillips E. L. Schujahn Joe Feuchwancer Morris Schaars John Packard L. S. Clarke Gerald McCormick Herbert W. Hirsh E. N. Otis Earl Cornwell Marty Below Harold Seerinc Ebert Reinhold Pttf42b Tine Badger Fraternities Phi Delta Theta 620 North Lake Street Beta Theta Pi 622 Mendota Court Phi Kappa Psi State Street at Sterling Chi Psi 150 Iota Court Delta Upsilon 644 North Frances Street Delta Tau Delta 16 Mendota Court Phi Gamma Delta , . . 521 North Henry Street Theta Delta Chi 22 Langdon Street Psi Upsilon 222 Lake Lawn Place Kappa Sigma 62 1 North Lake Street Phi Kappa Sigma 289 West Oilman Street Sigma Nu 625 North Henry Street Alpha Delta Phi 640 North Henry Street Sigma Alpha Epsilon 627 North Lake Street Delta Kappa Epsilon 524 North Henry Street Acacia 615 North Lake Street Alpha Tau Omega 225 Lake Lawn Place Sigma Phi 106 Prospect Avenue Alpha Sigma Phi 6 1 9 North Lake Street Zeta Psi 104 Langdon Street Alpha Gamma Rho 1726 Hoyt Street Chi Phi „ 200 Langdon Street Phi Sigma Kappa 211 Langdon Street Theta Xi 168 Prospect Avenue Lambda Chi Alpha 148 West Gilman Street Tau Kappa Epsilon 216 Langdon Street Theta Chi 140 West Gilman Street Delta Sigma Phi 210 Langdon Street Pi Kappa Alpha 131 Langdon Street Sigma Phi Epsilon 134 West Gorham Street Delta Chi 150 Langdon Street Phi Sigma Delta 209 EJernard Court Phi Kappa 407 Wisconsin Avenue Alpha Chi Rho 609 North Lake Street Sigma Pi 1530 University Alpha Theta Pi 224 North Murray Delta Pi Epsilon 321 Wisconsin Avenue Zeta EJeta Tau 148 Langdon Street Professional Fraternities Phi Delta Phi (Legal) 616 North Lake Street Alpha Chi Sigma (Chemical) 625 North Frances Street Phi Alpha Delta (Legal) 271 Langdon Street Triangle (Civil Engineering) 438 North Frances Street Phi Beta Pi (Medical) 416 North Carroll Street Kappa Psi (Pharmaceutical) 115 Ely Place Alpha Pi Delta (Commerce) 313 North Mills Street Farm House (Agricultural) 309 North Mills Street Delta Pi Delta (Journalism) 501 N. Henry Phi Chi (Medical) 143 Prospect A enue Alpha Kappa Kappa (Medical) 5 Langdon Street Gamma Sigma Rho (Legal) Page 417 The Badger Top Row: Harvey, Currier, Paige, Boyden, Salsbury. Coates, Estes. Werrell Bottom Row: Moran, Price. Hilbert, Casper, Lunney, Schee, Bennett, Cocrpcr, R. Moronev Phi Delta Theta Founded, Miami University, 18i8 Number of Chapters, 88 Wisconsin, Alpha, 1857 620 North Lake Street Homer D. Adkins Benjamin Beecher Lucius T. Gould Members in Faculty Arnold Bennett Hall Fred Hodges GusTus LuDWic Larson Edward Rose Maurer Fletcher Andrew Parker William Davison Stovall Seniors Sidney Millard Boyden Henry John Coerper, Jr. Edward Haines Currier Robert Wayne Harvey Theodore Hannon Phillip Fox Hilbert Julien Mandelert Lunney John Rodgers Moroney Robert Emmet Moroney HOBART CaNDEE PrICE John Huston S :hee George Mackenzie Umbreit William Alexander Werrell Juniors Johnson Edmund Bennett Members in University Deloit Fast Estes Delbert Romig Paige Richard Keith Werner Sophomores Clark Albert Austin William Jacob Casper Kenneth Baird Coates Randolph Rogers Conners Joseph B. Fleming Frederick George Hill Robert Chappell Salsbury Charles Brooks Stevens, Jr. Freshmen Boyd Alon2a Burkhardt James Hudson Dunlap John Elbert Dunlap William Kenneth Hazard Frederick Ludincton Samuel Addison Megeath, Jr. Ralph Afton Schneider Fred Howard Stemm, Jr. Leslie G. Wallace Pof 42t The Badger =b Tof? Row: S. Taylor. Bentson. Nolte, Manson, Field, Hayden Second Row: Ellison, Barnett, Lyman, Leberman. Winchell, Nethercut. Inman Third Row: Sutton. Gardner. Fitzgerald. Jackson. Brader. Bock. Williams. Crane Beta Theta Pi Founded, Miami University, 1839 Number of Chapters, 85 Wisconsin Alpha Pi. 1873 622 Mendota Court James Adams Ballard Charles Henry Bunting George MacMillan Carghill Julian Darst Conover John English Eyster Carl Russell Fish Gordon Scott Flucher Members in Faculty Donald Littlejohn Halverson William Ellery Leonard Ernest Lindstrom Curtis Nettels Frederick Austin Ogg James Francis Augustine Pyre John Richards Ernest Brown Skinner Gilbert Smith Howard Leslie Smith Leonard Sewell Smith Maxwell Austin Smith James Park Woods Graduate James Park Woods Seniors James Lyman Brader Frederick John Ellison William Alexantjer Field, Jr. Corrington Calhoun Gill Charles Arthur Inman Harold Clare Smith Herbert Halliday Taylor, Jr. Gilbert Emanuel Ward RoLLAND Franklin Williams Juniors Harold Jack Bentson Adolph Bismark Card Bock Frank William Coscrove Ezra J ennings Crane John B tram Fitzgerald Members in University Charles Leslie Hayden Benjamin Frank Jackson Howard Bertram Lyman Stewart Horn Manson Robert Clifford Nethercut Stanton Eugene Taylor Sophomores Warren Wesley Barnett John Henry Esch Kenneth Stuart Gardner Fulton Herman Leberman Paul Sherman McGinnis Clifford Simpson Nolte Donald Arthur Pollock James Wynne Sutton Alexander Vaughn Winchell Irving Washington York Freshmen IssAC George Brader Luther Eve Russell Brewer Coleman SvEN Martin Gunderson Ralph Knolton Jacobs Weston Cawthorne Kimball Gilbert Ewing Roach Edward Phillip Sc:haecer Herbert Miller Olsen WiLLARD Carl Ward l= Page 429 Tlxe Badger Top Row: Aller, MacArthur, R. Talley, Alexander, Reichert, Muenzberg. Brenneckc, D. Talley Second Row: Bowser. Hemingway. Grounds, Yerly. Buell, Farwell, Lang, Boley. Nilcs Third Row: Johnson, Moran, Weeks, Whitten, Cristman, Hamilton, Roberts. Bellows, Calderwood, McNeil Fourth Row: Nuzum, Kerr, Cramer, Landschuiz, Vonnegut. Goss, Morsell, Bauer, Crawford Wisconsin Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi Founded, Washington and Jefferson College, Feb. IQ. 1852 Number of Chapters. 47 Wisconsin Alpha. 1875 State at Sterling Oliver Douglas Weeks Percy Millard Dawson Seniors Charles Fayette Bellows Ezra Dormer Cristman Thomas McMaster Niles Stephen Barnheardt Reichert Francis Clark Lang Harold Clark Buell Knight Dick Farwell Thomas Ochsner Nuzum Francis Everett Yerly Juniors Emerson Duncan McNeil, Jr. Carl Richard Voimnegut Paul Henery Muenzburg Frederick Wall Johnson Members in Faculty Henry Whitco mb Sweeney Members in University Robert Clay Written Sophomores Eugene Flynne Crawford Donald MacArthur Edward Everett Hale .Arthur Sperry Pearse Rene James Hemingway Delbert H. Talley Freshmen John Alexander Brennecke Henry John Cramer Gordon Aller George Marshall Grounds William Thom. s Goss Wilfred Lee Roberts John Edward Moran, Jr. .Arthur Lee Morsell, Jr. William Gavin Hamilton Howard Brattstrom Kerr Edward Rexford Bowser William Arthur Landschulz Pan 4)0 Tl-ie Badger =b Tofj Row: Barwig, Niedcrman, Cassoday, Eddy, Pabst, Brant, Elsom, Hegelcr, Blakeman Second Row: Bur, Gchrand. Fitzgerald. Dye, Koch, McCaflfery, Cramer, Ogiivie Third Row: Ramsay, Rector, Bowman, Burke. Wanzer. Foy. Hooker. Strothman, Hall Chi Psi Founded. Union College, 1841 Number of Chapters. 22 Wisconsin, Alpha Iota, 1873 I 50 Iota Court Eugene Hugh Byrne Members in Faculty Frank Gaylord Hubbard Charles Foster Smith Horace Kent Tenney Seniors Robert I. Blakeman, Jr. Paul Swint Brant Egbert Bird Bundy Lawrence William Cramer Tory Byers Foy Theodore Faxon Hall L. Gerald Koch Richard S. McCaffery, Jr. Rudolf Pabst Wayne Ramsay A. Clayton Rector Edmund Pennel Strothman Juniors Byron Barwig, Jr. Wilbur Joseph Eddy Members in University Kendall Adams Elsom John Drake Fitzgerald Edward Wight Hooker Edward C. Hegeler Gordon Bradley Wanzer Sophomores Francis Favile Bowman, Jr. Clare Walter Burke Arnold George Bur John Cassoday Edward Ellsworth Dye Philip Henry Niederman William Edward Ogilvie Freshmen James Luther Clark Paul Holman Faust Edward Taylor Gernon Elbert Osborne Hand Warren Brown Koehler Richard Canby Nicodemus Ernest Wilson Simmons Gordon Reed Walker Harold George Wieland Pott 431 d= The Badger Tofy Row: CXirand, Bunker, Gilbreath. Slattengren, McMurry Second Row: Start, Hoard. H. Boning, W. Boning, Anderson, Scipek, Jones, Dorsey Third Row: Rhenstrom. Marquette, Warren. Aitken. Mokrejs, Schmuck, Laitner. Story. Estcrlin Fourth Roiv: Carey, Robinson, Youmans, McDonough, Valentine, Roger, Rockstad. Butler Si ma Chi Founded. Miami University. 1855 Number of Chapters. 77 Wisconsin. Alpha Lambda. 1884 630 N. Lake Street Members in Faculty Charles Sumner Slighter Llewellyn B. Parsons Graduates Roland M. Schacht Daniels Maloy Young Seniors Wallace Andre Barr Herbert Edward Boning, Jr. Edward H. Borgelt George Allen Dorsey Halbert Wenham Hoard Arthur Marquette Harry Lee McMurry John Mokrejs Harold Henry Paul Eric Vernon Rhenstrom Byron Ferris Story Juniors Donald W. Anderson Members in University Paul L. Coutant Loyal Durand, Jr. John S. Gilbreath Edward C. Jones Hugh Kent, J r. Robert B. Schmuck Sophomores William J. Boning Charles A. Carey Merrill B. Esterline Albert J. Roger Raymond J. Stipek John N. Warren Addison B. Youmans Freshmen Herbert M. Aitken George T. Bunker William P. Butler, Jr. Carter Laitner Kenneth B. McConough Laurance P. Robinson LaVern p. Rockstad Wilber F. Start John K. Valentine Clarence G. Wollaeger af 02 The Badger Top Row: Harris, Sarri. Guenther. Hipke, Scheinpflug, Thompson, Black. Sellery, Murphy Second Row: Stevens, Frawley, Varney, Schmitz. Reynolds, Stewart, Fladoes. McGrath Third Roiv: Fagg, Porth. Jensch. Graham, Kellogg. Chambers. Munkwitz. Combackcr. Greeley Delta Upsilon Founded, Williams College, 1834 Number of Chapters, 48 Wisconsin. 1885 644 North Francis Street Charles Elmer Allen WiLLARD GrOSVENOR BlEYER Harold Cornelius Bradley Graduates Henry Stevens Paul McDonald Seniors Howard R. Combacker Kenneth S, Facc Edward J . Frawley Walter H, Porth Karl S. Reynolds Ralph K. Scheinpflug Myron R, Stevens Juniors Robert W. Black Charles J. Chambers John A. Fladoes William F, Greeley Malcolm M. Hipke Members in Faculty Wayland J . Chase Edward Hall Gardner Edward Kremers Members in University Charles C. Jensch John McGrath John M, Murphy Arthur R. Saari George B, Sellery Sturtevent Stewart Samuel D. Thompson mt Frank Otis Reed George Clark Sellery Walter McMynn Smith Sophomores Marshall J. Diebold George B. Graham Valentine C, Guenther Welton W. Harris Wilmarth Jackman Ernest B. Kellogg George A. Munkwitz Gilbert Schmitz Carleton Varney Freshmen Ralph Crowley Stephen Frawley Earl McGinnis Kenneth Kehl John Powell Norton Vernon Smith, Jr. Charles H, Varney t Page 4ii The Badger Top Row: Brightly, Blinks, Hendry. Kuhnen, Teckemeyer, White, Murdcx;h, Hosmer Second Row: Reeves, Hippie, Schlicht, Allan. Edwards, Stegeman, Drew, Smith. Mewhinney Third Row: Ruggles, Michels. Temples. Sucher. Denison, Dore, Gamble. Stephens Delta Tau Delta Founded, Bethany College, 1859 Beta Gamma of Delta Tau Delta M Wisconsin. 1888 lb Mendota Court Graduates Frances H. Herrick John B. Randolph James M. Fitzgibbons John L. Musmaker Seniors Harell a. Murdoch V. Lee Edwards Hugh C. Michels Juniors A. Vinton Stegeman Wm. Nathanuel Blinks William M. Schlicht Allan P. Hendry Members in University Sophomores Frederick C. Brightly, Jr. John D. Denison, Jr. James B. Hipple Joseph M. Bricker H. Kenneth Ruggles Curtis W. Kuhnen Oscar W. Teckemeyer Howard W. Schiffmann Frederick C. McCord Gordon E. Smith Frank W. Reeves Frederick B. Mewhinney John P. Dore William T. Hosmer Freshmen William S. Temples William W. Gamble William M. Turner Robert N. Sucher Russell H. Allan Ben H. Drew NoRVAL B. Stephens Charles S. White Pof 4i4 Thie Badger Top Row: Carlson. Ritchie, Strain, Hohlfeld, Ross, Newcomb. Martin, Sarles Second Row: Tuttle, Arey. f-rost, Lacey, Adams, Ardiel, Parker, Bruske, Pritzlaff Third Row: Sanborn, BillinRS, Evans, Farnsworth. Hess, Taylor, Head, ( dell. Six Phi Gamma Delta Founded, Washington and Jeflferson College, 1848 Number of Chapters, 64 ♦ Wisconsin, Mu. 1893 521 North Henry Street Albert G. Hinman Arlie p. Julien Otto L. Kowalke Members in Faculty William S. Kinne Edward A. Ross Alexander N. Winchell John W. Williams Ben. W. Rowland Seniors Charles K. Carroll Morton C. Frost Rudolf L. Hohlfeld Orley C. Holt James T. Lacy Don C. Newcomb George M. Parker Gorton Ritchie Edwin Sanborn John H. Sarles Lloyd R. Taylor Juniors Arthur H. Ardiel Herbert E, Bruske Donald W. Carlson Farnham a. Clark Richard W. F ' arnsworth Albert F. Martin William H. Oatway Members in University Athol F. Odell Richard G. Pritzlaff Marion E. Strain Sophomores Lawson M. Adams Gordon Arey Charles D. Campbell Evan A. Evans Howard L. Erickson Daniel O. Head Edwin A. Hess Lester W. Ross Norman F. Six Neil F. Tuttle Freshmen Curtis Billings Gordon F. Brine Walter D. Copeland Clifford S. Dikeman Edward Friday Thomas Friday Lloyd D. Gladfelter Perry Newton Melvin H. Morsbach Frederick S. Rye William B. Sarles Carl Wester Pat ' 43S The Badger Tofy Row: Anderson. Tuttle, Gibson, D. Hilbrant, Gibson. R. French Second Row: Gesme, Hollister. Parker, Sykes, Mead. Boylan. Delfossc Third Roiv: Gibson, J. Jarvis, Habighorst. Cook, Allen. McCormick Theta Delta Chi Founded. Union College, 1 847 Number of Chapters, 29 Wisconsin, 1895 22 Langdon Street Graduate Clifton M, Tuttle Seniors Arthur E3ovlan Roy L. French Richard Gibson Edwin Mead Robert Sykes Juniors Well Anderson- Joseph Delfosse IssAC Gesme D oucLAs Gibson James Gibson Members in Faculty Stephen Molten Babcock Howard B. Doke Members in University Edgar Habighorst Van Dyke Parker FoRDYCE Tuttle Sophomores Harry Allen Cameron Cook Robert Hilbrant John Hollister Arnold Jarvis Cassius McCormick Freshmen Edward Baillie DoRSEY Buckley John Fowler John Hogan Edwin Johnson James Kellogg Richard Larson Leif a. Neumann James Prindle J ere Witter Donald Wheeler l at 4 id The Badger Psi Upsilon Founded. Union College. 1833 Number of Chapters, 2fa Founded at Wisconsin, 1896 222 Lake Lawn Place William Stanley Marshall Members in Faculty Max Mason Julius E,mil Olson Edward Thomas Owen Seniors Sterling Donald Ewald Edwin James Chapman Theodore Markley Gilbert William Vilas Hanks Maurice Henry McCaffrey John Kenneth Moorhead Juniors Morris Adam Bell Bertrand Herrick Doyon William Foster Ingraham Benjamin Hughes Pearse Joseph Martin Powers Robert Reese Thompson Sophomores William Lo(;an Fenley Members in University Harley Walker Forbes John Allen Hager Philip Edwin Denu Neal Howard MacNickol James Cornish Bolton Norris Goodhue Murphey Robert McKee Thomas Edward J. Williams Freshmen Nelson Bowsher Hoyt Franchere Theodore Winchester Gray J. W. Halls Seymour John Hollister Frederick John Lenfesty Anson Mark, Jr. John Marshall Carlton McCaffrey James B. Overton, Jr. Walter W. Stebbins Charles Streich Wesley S. Walker t Page 417 == The Badger Top Row: Reeve, Blattner, Price. Irish, Jones. Risteen. Nelson, Flamer Second Row: Reed. Childs. Bonesteel, Johnson, Below, Slaughter, Poser, Morrison, Hitchins Third Row: Perry. Froehlis. Tuckerman, Gardner, Melham. Geiger, O ' Brien. Morton Kappa Sigma Founded. University of Virginia. I86Q Numi er of Chapters. 88 Wisconsin. Beta Epsilon. I8 S 62 1 North Lake Street Scott Holland Goodnight Members in Faculty William Henry Lighty LoRiN G. Miller Frank Palmer Woy Seniors John William Blattner Wendell Bonesteel Marquis Childs William McHard Gardner George Lowell Geiger Lloyd M. Johnson Everett Ward Jones Thomas Walter Melham Elmer Ehlers Price Gustavus Tuckerman, Jr. Edwin Allsworth Reeve Juniors Edward A. Banner Martin Paul Below Paul Becker Anton E. Flamer Owen Stanhope Hitchins Russell Johnstone Irish William John Morrison Members in University Edward Falk Poser Horace William Risteen Blanchard K. Slaughter Sophomores Rudolph V illiam Froehlig Howard Colby Morton Clarence IDonald Morrison Paul Martin Nelson Stacey Weldon O ' Brien Walter Gordon Perry Stephen Harris Polaski Jacob Thomas Reed Raymond Jennings Moore Freshmen Joseph M. Bell Ola Nelson Falk George Wesley Martin Frederick Falk Poser Calvert J . Legcett George M. Schmidt John Marshall Souerbry Eix.AR Hills Si evens WlLEORD ARLESS RiSTEEN James Allen Van Altena Frank Palmer Woy. Jr. Orin W. Wold Pat 4ft The Badger =b Tofy Roii. ' : Haessler, Stuart. Hunsaker, Hollenbeck. Wolfe. Kidder Second Row: Newell, Brockhausen, Roddewig, Hilberts, Ehrlinger, Baine, Brodt, Chesebro, Tucker Third Row: Schils, Sorenson. Pfister, Sweenev, Fox. Townsend, Oakford, Schneider Phi Kappa Si a Founded. University of Pennsylvania, 1850 Number of Chapters. 3 I Wisconsin Alpha Theta. IWl 28 E. Cilman Street Louis Erhardt Reber James Webster Watson Members in Faculty Merritt Albert Giles John Warner Taylor Warren Weaver Carl Louis Neumister Seniors Cecil DeWitt Brodt Herbert Henry Brockhausen Alton Sprecher Heassler Walter Stanley Kidder Walter John Pfister WiLLARD CaRLYLE SuMNER Eldon Babcock Russell Hubert Force Townsend Sheldon Redlin Wolfe Juniors R. Parnell Baine Charles Anton Fox Henry Clay Hollenbeck Calvin Curtiss Oakford Dick Roddewig Lawrence Martin Sweeney Members in University Alfred William Schneider Albert Belman Tucker Sophomores Robert Edward Chesebro )S | Henry Philip Ehrlinger Bert Martin Hilberts Francis Jay Hunsaker Joseph Nesbit Newell Frank Clarence Stuart Edwin J AMES Sorenson Julius Raymond Schils Freshmen William F. Bode Clement G. Cook Frank F. Foster John H. Lee Carlos S. Martine: Howard R. McGillivray Louis J. Mistele Stanley W. Sorenson T. Norman Weisk erch q= Page 4)9 Tine Badger Top Row- J. Roberts, Crozier, P. Platten, Tuhtar, Turner, A. Flatten. Bond, Stoltz. Hopkins Bottom How Wolfe, Warner, G. Roberts, Rittenburg, Gregory, Harrington, McCandless, Salentine, Morony Sigma Nu Founded. Virginia Military Institute, 18fc9 Number of Chapters. 83 Wisconsin, Gamma Lambda, 1 X)2 25 N. Henry Street Smiley Blanton George Anthony Chandler William Otis Hotchkiss Seniors Joseph Jackson Hopkins Willis Moore Fanning Lawrence Potter Warner Frank Tisch Wolfe Gilbert Charles Turner Delos James Harrington Russell Conwell Bond Seth Harwood Gregory Lee McCaimdless John Arthur Flatten Peter Michael Platten John William Roberts Juniors Everett Harvey Crozier Walter Albert Frautschi Members in Faculty Francis Craig Krauskopf Danial Divance Lescohier Members in University Thomas Gordon Roberts Frederic George Sal entine Gerald Hugo Stoltz Glen Fitch Rittenburg Sophomores Harry Sylvester Kf.arby Warren J udson Mead Ray Sprague Owen Harley Frost Wilson Thomas Ward Morony Kenneth Sinclair Mainland Eugene William Tuhtar Allen Melvin Ziegler Charles Merrill Ambler Freshmen Guilford Shaw Turner Frank Dunham Turner Rowland Ische Benjamin Alex. Wiedring James Henry Van Wagenen Melanchthon Henry Simpkins Jay Reader Russell Nixon Grin Wernecke Jack Mason Iohn Hobbins Paf440 The Badger To ) Row: Bekins, Nesbit, Blossom, Gage, Blodgett, Elliott, D. Norris, Tredwell. Ellis Second Row: Griesser, Kastler. Knowles, Hastings. K. Leith, Carswell, Newell, C. Norris Third Row: J. Moulding. Weller. Hiatt, Hazen, Rubel. Casterline. Sharp. Auracher, A. Moulding Alpha Delta Phi Founded. Hamilton College, !832 Number of Chapters, 26 Wisconsin, Alpha IDelta Phi, 1902 640 N. Henry Street Farrington Daniels Richard Theodore Ely Members in Faculty Edward Morehouse Paul A. Raushenbush Frederick William Roe William Amasa Scott Oliver Patterson Watts Seniors Robert Oliver Blodgett Harry Eaton Carswell Richard Winfield Ellis Leslie Richards Gage George Brewster Hazen Donald Montanye Kastler Joseph Watkins Moulding Mark E. Nesbit Douglas Kinney Newell Henry Scott Rubel Thomas Alanson Tredwell Horace Look Weller Juniors Paul Bekins John Dickson Blossom Laurens Grose Hastings Members in University Alfred Hoffman Hiatt Kenneth Leith Donald Dean McCormick Arthur Tilt Moulding Donald Robert Norris William Clarkson Norris, Ir. Sophomores George Edward Auracher Robert Dickinson Casterline William Davis Elliott Hans Richard Griesser Frederick Hersf.y Knowles Eliot Hall Sharp Freshmen John Fflix Gruenheck Harley Clarke Gates Donald Burgoyne Hatmaker Richard Jacob Lund Andrew Leith Robert Chesley Osborn William Harrison Studley ,Pagi 441 The Badger- Top Row: Richtmann. Jones, Hickok. Mitchell, Brown, Omsted, Cummins. Roberts Second Row: Engelke, Dodd, Robertson, Bean, Vance, Johnson. Hall, Warren, Nelson Third Row: Hill. Behling. Read, Frye, Kuebler. Sparks, Hermann, Beck. Hume. Hammatt Si ma Alpha Epsilon Founded, University of Alabama. I85b Number of Chapters. 8 ' Wisconsin. Alpha. 1903 627 N. Lake Street William Henry Denniston LiNNEAS WaYLAND DOWLING Members in Faculty Edward Geor{;e Hastings Walter Ernest Meanwell William Howard Richtmann William Henry Twenhofel John Dunne Wickham Law School Lloyd Joseph Brown pREDEfticK Newell Trowbridge Grorce Sheldon Vance Seniors Walter David Bean Ralph John Gibler Harold Edgar Mitchell Ralph Ray Moe Richard Alexander Roberts Arthur Raymond Wall Charles Picken Warren Karl Ragnar Omsted Juniors John Morris Dodd Herman Gerard Engelke Members in University Ward Romayne Hickok Floyd Elmer Nelson Paul Kedzie Robertson Sophomores Theodore Edmund Camlin Orrville Myron Frye RoswELL Broward Johnson Neilson Jones Abram Crosby Hammatt LoREN Alexander Hume Donald Franklin Murry William Muir Richtmann Freshmen Elmer George Beck David John Behling Wilfred Dean Cummins Valentine Francis Hall George A. Hermann Charles Winthrop Lyman- Joseph E. Mahoney Frank Fordyce Newell Kenneth Henry Read George Lee Sparks Patr 441 The Badger Top Row: Pinkerton. Tehell, Collins, Walter. Mogg. S. Johnson, Wright. Stiver, Chapman Bottom Row: Brandt. Spielman, Gault. Chase. Hook. Snydacker. Ritchie. Clark. Reeve, Morri Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded. Yale University. 1844 Number of Chapters. 43 Wisconsin. Rho Delta. 1906 524 North Henry Street Clarence Casson Members in Faculty Moses Stephen Slaughter Carl Stephenson Seniors Joseph Porter Hook Silas Gaylord Johnson Jermiah Owen Mogc Harold Joseph Spielman GusTAV Kenneth Tebell Juniors Harold Gaylord Brandt Theron Tagcart Chapman Norman St. Charles Clark Francis Walker Morris Lyall John Pinkerton William Edward Ritchie James Underhill Snydacker Allan Wylie Walter Members in University Sophomores Hamilton Chase John Carlton Collins Philip Clinton Gault Maurice Lee Johnson Rowen Thompson Johnstone Ned Harrison Leavitt Richard Dodge Reeve Michael LaMar Stiver Robert Llewellyn Wright Freshmen Lincoln Bass Frazier Lauren Benjamin Hapgood Horace Hale Holcomb, Jr. Stuart Perlee Porter Robert Campbell Reeve John Rogers Riley Francis Wilson Thayer Jacques Rene Tramonti Thomas Blair Wilson Ormonde Phillip Welsfi Pagt443 The Badgei- Tofy Row: Leitz, Frazier, Brandenburg, Nelson. Fiedler. Knight, Rasmussen Second Row: Vaughn, Walker. G. Ballatn, Higley. Willey, Kappers, Whitford, Jewel Third Row: Kolb, Sundby, Fuller. Gross, EDonald, Balliette, Nolte, Thorsen. Mitchell Fourth Row: Zoerb, Reed, Schmidt, Porter. Pederson, Votteler, Schultz, Benedict Founded, University of Michigan. 1904 Number of Chapters, 27 Acacia WnBk Wisconsin, 1906 615 North Lake Street Philip Ruggles Clugston Frederick Brown Hadley w. o. hotchkiss Leon Leonard Iltis Thomas Edward Jones Charles Kenneth Leith Members in Faculty Victor Lenher Ford Herbert McGregor Theodore Macklin William Snow Miller Charles Henry Mills George B. Mortimer Ray Sprague Owen Walter Theodore Schrank John A. James Lowell Leslie Townsend Richard English Vaughn Clarence Reuben Wise William Harmon Wright Graduates William Carroll Frazier Earl Lester Whitford Seniors Ralph Ernest Balliette Marion Elias Benedict Wesley W. Brandenburg George Adolph Fiedler George Harrison Gross Henry Parker Higley Miles Carroll Hildreth Lloyd S. Kappers Frank Bantley Leitz George Mitchell Mason Norman McLeod Mitchell Louis Ellsworth Nelson Frederick William Nolte Clarence Fisher Rasmussen Theodore Vottler Howard McKinley Zoerb Members in University Juniors SuEL Orr Arnold George Alfred Ballam Henry Chester Fuller Everett L. Joppa Everett B. Keck John Karl Kolb Carl Severin Pederson George Letchworth Reed Adolph G. Thorsen George Verne Vaughn Sophomores Horace Victor Ballam Richard Thurston Porter Herbert William Schmidt Clifford A. Sundby Howard Elsworth Willey Freshmen Lester Howard J ewfx Gilbert Jacob 5 chult2 Pott 444 The Badger Tofy Roiv: Culbertson, Cave, Freese, Hazelwood, Bogue, Maier. Frawley, Ely Bottom Row: Bacon, Trier, Hausman, Oavis, Butts, Maurer, Freytag. Bergstresser, Rowley Alpha Tau Ome Founded, Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Number of Chapters, 76 Wisconsin. Gamma Tau. 1907 225 Lake Lawn Place Joseph Spracue Evans Vivian Allen Henmon Members in Faculty Arthur Gordon Laird Walter Joseph Meek William Middleton Graham Stuart Seniors James Cave George Cundall Davis Robert Gilman Ely James Russell Frawlev Arthur Freytag Karl Maier Harold John Maurer Juniors Hilary Edwin Bacon, Jr. Eferet Alan Bogue Porter Freeman Butis Carl Genal Hausman Clark Hazelwood James Arthur Rowley Members in University Sophomores John Bergstresser James Culbertson George Freese Robert Trier Lewellyn Walker Freshmen Harold Bowles Malory Cassidy L. F. Daucherty MiLBERT Held Roger Inda LouRiA F. Lewis John Mac Cansland quin s.-vmpson John Speed Roland Walker Frederick Wilcox, Jr. Payson Wild Page 445 The Badger Tot Row: Taylor, Cleveland. Gary, Seeber, Dawson, Trumbo, Kissel, Porter, Winston, Kissel, Murphy. Giles. Manierre Second Row: Kohler. Coates, Mabry, Gilman, Pope, Halline, Murphy Third Row: Hinnman Anderson Blackman, McDougai. Legler, Reed, Hammett Si ma Phi Founded, Union College, 1827 Number of Chapters, 10 Madison, 1908 lOt) Prospect Avenue Members in Faculty Stephen Warren Gilman Seniors Haskell Eugene Coates Allan Gates Halline Armon Ercell Mabry Henry Pope, Jr. Juniors John Coleman Dawson Charles Vilas Gary George Cranston Giles Sturtevant Hinnman Milton John Kissel Edwin Brookfield Murphy John Falk Murphy Thomas Mumford Winston Members in University Sophomores Paul Clements Cleveland Lester Louis Kissel John Michael Kohler John Foster Manierre Robert Taylor Porter Fred Daniel Seeber Porter Case Taylor Strawn Trumbo Freshmen Benjamin Newhouse Anderson Thane Miller Blackman Donald McDougal Edward Hammett John Clarke Legler William Page Reed Paf 44 The Badger Top Row: Ganther, Meng, Miller, Lenher, Pennefeather. Urbanek, Sanderson, Sheery. Bidwell Second Row: Curren, Brown. Chase, Seaman, Taylor, Porter, Brace, Sullivan Third Row: Dear, Eagleburger, Langen, Reinhold, Rohde, Madsen, Hansen, Sullivan, Showalter Alpha Si ma Phi Founded, Yak. 1845 Number of Chapters, 23 Wisconsin, Kappa, I9(W Kenneth L. Scott Members in Faculty Donald L. Jenkins Graduates Frank Bacan Wayland Osgood Seniors Myron Clarence Bidwell Donald Oschner Brace Lucius Peter Ch. se Alfred R. Ganther Hersey Hansen Bertram Byron Langen Mars Laurice Madsen Colby Arthur Porter Bruno John Rohde Cedric Edward Seaman John Frederick Sullivan, Jr. Juniors Windsor Phillip Brown Ralph Benjamin Curren Reginald Ernest Dear Members in University Sam Lenher Eugene Charles Meng Ambrose James Pennefeather Max Fr. ncis Reinhold George Webster Sanderson Rueben Henry Sherry Harold Patrick Taylor Paul John Urbanek Sophomores Luther George VIedley Carl Joseph Miller George Samuel Shafer Alden Guyer Showalter Milton Francis Stangel Willis Gregory Sullivan Freshmen Robert Fairchild Brown Edward William Forkin Kenneth Aubrey Hamlin John Timothy Harrington Clifford Irving Huff Francis William Meyer Russell Osgood Morris Thomas Edward Palmar Francis William Pfleuger Mark Carl Porter Palmer William Taylor Page 447 The Badger Top Row: Roach, Dyrud. Stolte. Eschweiler, Riggert. Taft, Hardgrovc Bottom Row: Wheeler. Park, Hardy. Nielson. Marvin, Fairbanks. Paulson. Brown. Thomas Zeta Psi Founded. New York University, 1847 Number of Chapters, 27 Wisconsin, Lambda Psi. 1910 Members in Faculty James Henri Walton William Herbert Pace Seniors Frank Perry Hyer Warren K. Stratman-Thomas Arthur IDonald Marvin Robert Whitcomb Brown Members in University Carroll E. Roach Merrill Edward Taft Sophomores Albert E. Deacon Martimus Jacob Dyrud Maurice A. F. Hardcrove Frederick Alexander Nielson Marius Curtis Pace William Arthur Stolte David Eastman Wheeler Juniors Paul Eschweiler Nelson Russell Fairbank Lloyd Earl Hardy John Danforth Maxcy Allan Lamoreaux Park Gerhard Owen Paulson Edwin William Riggert v « ' ii Freshmen H. Harold Jaeger Lester R. Gunderson Ralph E. Merkle Laurence P. Reuland Paul T. Smith George C. Swan Paf 4S The Badger Top Row: Wood, Millar, Maier, Lyon, Jax, Sutherland, Taylor Second Row: Harris, Allen, Aylward. Headley, Stuart, Guyer, Reynolds, Richards Third Row: Heuston, Shoults, Burt. Behneman, Sharp. Withcy, Wheeler, Fulkcrson. Conine Fourth Row: Hubbard, Marshall, Powell, Hanson. Lamb. Hoffmann, Beach, Russell, W«Uis Chi Phi Founded. Princeton University. 1824 Number of Chapters. 25 Wisconsin. Kappa. March 11, 1916 200 Langdon Street William Henrv Kiekhofer Adam Vause Millar Graduates Arthur Chandler Taylor Philip Hershell IDowling Seniors Harris Gibbs Allen Arthur William Aylward Roland Willard Burt William Hinman Conine Richard Mayfield Headley Robert Austin Harris Warren Sydney Hubbard Alvin Rietbrock Klann Leslie Francis Lamb Washburn Stark Lyon Edwin Michael Cooley Guyer Harbeson Hickman Powell Robert Leonard Reynolds John Willis Richards Carl Ross Russell Members in Faculty Frank Chapman Sharp Members in University Worth Edward Shoults Juniors George Harrison Beach Rueben Perry Fulkerson Lee Delbert Hanson Emory Mark Heuston Gilbert Frederick Hoffmann Clarence Gerald Jax Harold Mayo F. Behneman Morton Owen Witney Harold Ryan Maier Robert Shepherd Wallis Rudolf Juul Noer Sophomores Joseph Daniel Marshall Malcolm Gray Millar Wells Alvord Sherman, J r. Delbert Erastmus Stuart Edmond Robbins Sutherland Earl Eugene Wheeler Freshmen William Alfred Christians, Jr. Arthur Fritch, Jr. Charles Earl Kading Leland Douglas Lamb Douglas Ballard McIntosh George Hughes Ross Robert Hazen Snyder Herman Wenzel Wirka Pate 449 Tlr e Badger =% Top Row: Crawford, McKay, Moorhead, Huff. Perky, Dartnell. Wackman, Ellicott, H. Stiles Second Row: Perry, Oosterhuis, Anderson, Schernecker, Parmele. Read, Comstock, Frederick, Royer, Callenbach Third Row: Davis, R. Stiles, Chew, Thompson, Holmes, Kaiser, Zaumeyer, Kcllum, Wentworth, Chapman Fourth Row: Ash, Harris. Gibson. Fritschel, Sayre, Mills, Ingraham, Stevens. Stinchfield, Schuetz Alpha Gamma Rho Founded, Ohio State. 1904 Number of Chapters, 20 Wisconsin. Iota. 1916 1 72b Hoyt Street John William Brann George Anthony Chandler Clinton Joseph Chapman Albert Charles Fiedler James Garfield Halpin Seniors Elza Glenn Ash Homer Dwicht Chapman Edward Reynolds Chew Joseph Forrest Crawford Elmer Dennis Byrns Thomas Lozier Dartnell Harry Lloyd Edwards William Henry Frederick Edward Harold Gibson Whitford Lynn Huff Frank Dowlinc McKay Ashley Vail Mills Douglas McCord Moorhead Lester John Oosterhuis Harris Barnum Parmele James Barney Perky Kitchell Phelps Sayre Edward George Schernecker Walter Edward Schuetz Edward Macruder Smith Juniors Elmer Charles Bouchton Ernest William Callenbach Members in Faculty Kirk Lester Hatch John Barry Hays George Calvin Humphrey Leon Kilby Jones John Harrison Kolb Members in University Gilbert William Comstock Erwin Frederick Davis Roland Godfrey Fritschel Chester Crandall Ellicott Charles Reeve Kellum John Chinn Read Kenneth Metz Royer Theodore Stevens RoswELL Eric Stinchfield Hugh Raymond Stiles J . Raymond Thompson James Garfield Moore William Allison Sumner John Charles Walker Harley Frost Wilson John Jonathan Yoke Ralph Bruce Wackman William Norris Wentworth Sophomores John P. Anderson Harry W. Faville Orville Frank Harris Lawrence Germain Holmes Richard Ingraham John G. Kaiser Herbert L. Kropp Russell L. Perry Russell Simmons Stilf.s DwiGHT M. Warner Charles H. Whitworth William John Zaumeyer Freshmen Carlos F. Corres William S. Dunlap Theodore W. Goers Harvey B. McGraw William J. Poehlmann Hermon K. Sherburne Pof 4S0 The Badger % f f i f I f, % % % % 1, % % 1 1, % Top Raw: Millman. Shudt. Swift. Dollmeyer, Knutson, Hoffman, Pickford. Aschenbrener, Walker Bottom Row: Chadima, Ebert, Millman, Wallrich. Kalley, Ruediger, Harpter, Porter, Stebbins, Ruhmer Phi Sigma Kappa Founded, Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1873 Number of Chapters, 32 F. B. Morrison Graduates J. A. Danksys B. A. LOUNSBURY B. W. Melcher Seniors Edward L. Aschenbrener Sylvester G. Kalley Donald Millman George P. Ruediger John D. Swift Shores A. Walker Marshall J. Wallrich Wisconsin, Zeta Deuteron, 1917 21 1 Langdon Street Members in Faculty H. Steenboch Members in University Juniors Walker G. Dollmeyer H. W. Stewart Melvin D. Ebert Philip A, Hoffman Deane A. Millman Jerome M. Pickford Joseph A. Shudt Lawrence L. Stebbins Sophomores WillardJ. Chadima John S. Harpter Clarence E. Knutson Hawley Porter Vilas Ruhmer «l- Q Pat ' 451 The Badger Top RouK Hand. Dodge, Sprester, Hance. Gage, Feirn, Mills. Lessing, Zanzow, Foxon, Pfleger. Debbink, Melcher, Green Second Row: Peck, Stair, Smith. Callen, Kropp, Redin. Carlson, Hotchkiss. Bohman, Emanuel Third Row: Smart, Wupper, O ' Brien. Opitz, Carter, Gould, Keasler Theta Xi Frederick Eugene Turneaure James David Phillips Members in Faculty Earle Melvin Terry Charles Ives Corp John Edwin Wise Walter Curriden Mackey Russell Edward Puerner Seniors Robert Bruce EioHMAN Claude John Debbink Alvin James Emanuel Sherman Baldwin Green Walter Edward Pfleger John Wilfred Smart Benjamin Franklin Wupper Juniors Carroll Francis Callen George Alfred Carlson Theodore Dodge William Hatherell Feirn Roy Draper Foxon Othmar Frank Landkamer Otto Lessing Members in University Daniel Gilman Taylor Harvey Rockefeller Melcher George Marshall O ' Brien George Louis Zamzow tS SJAMS nt Sophomores Thomas Brandon Carter Herbert Lawrence Hand HoLLis Charles Peck Theodore Carroll Hotchkiss Harold Alfred Kropf Henry Bowen Stair Herbert Charles Opitz Henry John Sprester Henry Charles Smith Freshmen Clifton Willard Redin John Godfrey Keasler Russell Emery Gage Raymond Aplin Goult Gilbert Smith Patt 4S2 TKe Badger- Toff Row: F. Flickinger, Van Utorn, Brumm, Powell. Beckmann Second Row: Hentzen. Hughes. Baries, Scaife, Straka. Bauman Third Row: Cooley. Smithyman. Whitwright, Blume, Nichols Lambda Chi Alpha Founded. Boston University, 1909 Number of Chapters. 60 Wisconsin. Alpha Beta Zeta. 1917 148 West Gilman Street Rodney Whitman Babcock John Blake Seniors Charles Jerome Baries Frederic Courtney Beckmann Henry Martin Blume Max Hadsel Edwards Frederick Rodgers Flickinger Herbert Dick Hentzen Charles Louis Hughes Sylvester Larson Darrell Donald MacIntyre Lee Brownell Nichols Eugene McCarthy Frederico Pupo Nogueira Horace Breese Powell David Knox Steenberg Floyd John Yaudes Juniors Victor C. Anderson Donald Clinton Bauder Walter Edward Bauman Roman Henry Brumm Leslie August Buse Members in Faculty Philipp Gorder Fox Virgil Porter Lee James Donald MacLean Members in University Donald Nash Cooley Hugo Emil Czerwonky Edward Francis Duffy Eldred Junius Ellingson Robert Charles Gibbons Frank Gunderson John Joseph Hurley John Sandee Packard Edward Francis Rothman Gordon Nightingale Theodore Livingstone Scholtz Charles Scaife Ralph Pendleton Smithyman Jerome Anthony Straka Jerome Maxwell Whitwright Sophomores Harold Coulter Francis Finucane Raymond Griffiths Kliment Leroy Honeycomb Harold Horstmeyer Robert James Hurley James Lowe Kenneth Reed Van Dorn Freshmen Harold Barton Stanley Clausen James Rodgers Flickinger Allan Hardy Percy Lambrix Elmer Lewis McGillem Paul Meagher Pagt 4S3 The Badger Tofj Raw: Du Bois, Rang, O. Sander, L. Hill, Karel, Monroe, Wilken, Weingandt. Breister Second Row: Gollmar, Lathers, Lahman. Spooner, Sapper, Schneider, Bruemmcr. W. Radke Third Row: Weed. Gallagher, Stocum. Schmidt, Hewitt, Koch, Rathcrt. Emmerling. Fcchtner Tau Kappa Epsilon Founded, Illinois Wesleyan University. 1899 Number of Chapters. 19 Wisconsin, Lambda. 1917 2 1 6 Langdon Street Graduates Robert A. Aspinwall Julian P. How Roland M. Bethke Claude C. Kennedy H. Eugene Henke Chauncey J . Pellow Seniors B. Walter Breister Hans F. Emmerling Elmer J . Fechtner Oon F. Gallagher Harold G. Hewitt Leslie A. Hill K. Francis Karel Aaron I. Koch Alfred Weed Albert H. Lahman Howard J . Monroe Donald E. Rathert Lewis A. Schmidt, Jr. Members in University Juniors Clarence B. Hill Walter L. Radke Oscar A. Sander Herbert D. Sapper Earl E. Schneider A. DwiGHT Spooner Walter B. Willard Howard C. Weingandt Rodney F. Wilken Henry M. Willard Sophomores Miles R. Bruemmer Floyd Christoph Durwood C. Du Bois Robert H. Gollmar Sam L. Henke Herbert F. Hoese Victor M. Lathers Howard J. Murphy Arthur G. Phillips Fred W. Radke Wilbur E. Stocum Freshmen Roy a. Dingman Louis C. Leak Stuart H. Perrin Adolph H. Peterson Willard G. Sander Dale C. Sayre Edward H. Seim Richard F. Siman John B. Skala Paf4f4 The Badger Tot Raw: Quammen. C. Mueller, Bunce, Ackerman. Riddell. Giles, Gilland, Krafft, Gonzenbach Second Row: Joys, Holman. Hart, Timm, Heald, Hiestand. Ncese. Edwards. Manns. Menke Third Row: Wenzel, W. Mueller. Merrill. Lewis. Miller. Ratcliffe. Daniels. Stehling, Waltemath Theta Chi Founded, Norwich University, 1856 Number of Chapters, 34 Wisconsin, Psi, 1913 140 West Gilman Street Orvin Richard Brunkow Graduates Merwin Hayden Howes, Jr. James Hugo Wegener Seniors John Edward Doerr, Jr. Leroy Delos Edwards Lyman Herbert Hart Luther Leslie Holman Benjamin Franklin Heald John Eastman Joys Harold William Merrill Carl Ernst Mueller Walter Joseph Mueller Harry Arthur Waltemath William Herman Wenzel Karl Henry Ackerman Juniors Ellsworth William Bunce Earl Nelson Cannon Members in Faculty FAYETTE5 ERBERT ElWELL Members in University Harold Edwin Daniels George Hobart Gilland, Jr. Bennett Robert Lewis, Jr. Edward Albert Manns Delbert Jonathan Quammen Horace Hussey Ratcliffe, Jr. Ehrmel Wayne Neese Sidney Lincoln Miller Sophomores William Ralph Giles Albert Ernest Gonzenbach William Andrew Hiestand Roger Eastman Joys Lee Menta Krafft Albert William Menke Frank Roy Miller George Alexander Riddell, Jr. Ralph Joseph Stehling Arthur Edward Timm Herman Edward Wegwart Jerome Crosby Zufelt Freshmen George Whitcomb Gore Abner Anthony Heald Arthur Leonard Otto Edward Messner J AMES Beck Parker William L. Patrick Walter Wegner Q_ Pai 4SS Tlr e Badger Top Row: Hoffman. Hanson, Wienke. Thorson. Nichols, Hendra, Bruning Second Row: Juhl. Murphy, Stueber, Thompson, McConnell, Trayser, Alleman, Gibbon, Halverson Third Row: Stebbins, Herried, Birdlebough, Servatius, Greiiing. Evenson, Flueck, Guttke Delta Si a Phi Founded, College of City of New York, 1899 Number of Chapters, 36 ♦ Wisconsin, Alpha Kappa, 210 Langdon Street 1920 Vance L, Bohnson Henry Lenzen Schmitz Graduates Maynard W. Brown Lester William Peterson Kenneth McConnell Seniors Everett Birdlebough Sidney Myron Greiling Herman Miller Hoffman Charles Robert Evenson Alexander Myron Gibbon Norman Mortimer Halverson Julius William Thompson Julius John Stueber Christopher Hendra Irving R. Haddorf Juniors Arthur W. Christianson John E. Grey H. Eugene Alleman Herbert Flueck Sidney M. Thorson Members in Faculty Members in University Walter Otto Guttke Mendez Nathaniel Hanson Hans W. Lawrence Calvin Dedrick Herbert Otto Christianson Donald Trayser Paul Bruning Harold E, Murphy John Merrill Fargo J. Mayne McCoy Sophomores Ralph Victor Galby Arthur W. Wienke Theodore Gavart FerdinaimdJ. Kojis John Peter Servatius Ralph L. Nichols Martin M. Juhl Richard Klare George A. Kriz George Griswold Stebbins James W. Douglas Fred E. Jones William Hayes Freshmen Allen Millard Harold Bruns Walter Flueck Donald Huseby Orrin Noth Paul Johnson Louis Falb Wes W. Dunlap Pan 4 6 The Badger Top Row: Kaufmann. E Jones. Newell, Carlson. Spetz. D. Jones. Tannewitz Second Row: Bell, Scadden. I Wade. G Wade. Scott. Leinfelder. Hopkins, Cranefield Third Row: Smith. Sanborn. Bumey. Morse. Arnold. Demarest, Hoppert, Longaker Pi Kappa Alpha Founded, University of Virginia, 1866 Numbtr of Chapters. 60 W. Lerch E. K. Johnston Wisconsin, Beta Xi, 1920 1 3 1 Langdon Street Members in Faculty L. P. Whitehead R. O. Ruble O. O. White C. Hoppert Seniors Lyman K. Arnold Robert L. Burney Charles N. Demarest Milton L. Dooley MiLO D. Hopkins Enos G. Jones Otto F, Kaufmann, Jr. Leslie W. McClure Wayne L. Morse Foster S. Newell Francis H. Scadden Norman D. Scott MiLO E. Smith Ralph F. Spetz William J. Tannewitz Gerald C. Wade Irving L. Wade Members in University Juniors Donald L. Bell Edwin A. Carlson Ross F. Dugan Flavian A. Leinfelder John M. Rae Henry H. Sanborn Sophomores Harold A. Cranefield Donald H. Jones Sterling H. Albert Duane S. Longaker Walter DeSmith Freshmen Clifford M. Bond Carl Fritsche Earle Hopkins Placidius J. Leinfelder B. Frank Morton Herbert Parkinson Robert M. Wheeler Page 4i7 The Badger =b Tap Row: H. Holm. Nelson. C, Holm. Lange. Smith. MacDonald Second Row: Shaw. Montgomery, H. Tollack. Spangenberg. Brandau, Zimmerman, Steffen. Rosenthal, Kanitz Third Row: Johnson. Schubert, Otto. Weiss. Flugstad. Ouweneei. Wells. Gruennert, Schaefer. L Tollack Fourth Row: Anderson. Haugen, Faust. Moe. Benson. Melvin, Kircher. Blumenstein. Luther. Natwick Si a Phi Epsilon Founded. University of Richmond. 1901 Number of Chapters. 48 Wisconsin, Beta. 1920 134 West Gorham Street Members in Faculty Michael Kline Elmer Martin Nelson Seniors Earl Rudolph Brandau Harold Holm Ermin Smith William Montgomery Raymond William Kanitz Milton Carl Steffen William Emmert Haugen George Robert Spangenberg Ralph Shaw Roy Earl Melvin Galen Paul Kircher Juniors William Anton Ouweneel Clarence Carlyle Holm George Lange James Franklin L.uther Members in Univeraity Wilson Dale Flugstad Carl Eugene Schaefer John Wesley Natwick Harold Charles Weiss Karl Walter Otto John Wells Arthur Zimmerman William Emil Schubert Sophomores William Heraly MacDonald William Carl Benson Hugh Tollack George F. Kress Layton Eugene Tollack William Johnson Neil Vogel Blumenstein Elmer Harry Nelson Lesley Anderson Freshmen Lawrence O. Moe Edwin C. Gruennert Eustace W. Faust Henry L. Rosenthal I Pat 4fg The Badger Third Raw: . f f f t I I ' To ) Rou;; Jungers. Kiessling, Hart, Batten, Smith Second Row: Crutchers, Baker, Porter, Hanlon, Vetter, Ingebritson, Brown, Fosgate Christiansen. Weber. Van Tassel, Wahle. Lichtenwalner, M. Paulsen, Mathys, Ballou, Schoechert Fourth Row: P. Paulsen, Gregg, Scheie, Taggart. Corbett. Frey, Bellman Delta Chi Founded. October 13, IS ' W Number of Chapters. 22 J% Madison. Delta Chi. 1921 1 $0 Langdon Street Seniors Ray p. Lichtenwalner Clifford G. Mathys Waldo W. Batten Victor F. Jungers Oscar E. Kiessling Harvey Hanlon Harold A. Frey Martin R. Paulsen Lawrence E. Hart Gerhart F. Vetter Frank P. Fosgate Herbert J. Brown Richard J. Van Tassel J. Emery Porter AsHTON C. Gregg Loran S. Clark Members in University Juniors Kenneth H. Corbett George E. Weber Horace R. Taggart Roger D. Baker Le Roy L. Wahle Paul L. Paulsen Henry P. Ingebritson Oscar Christianson Sophomores Adolph E. Schoechert Ralph N. Ballou Frank W. Bellman Frank D. Crutchers Edward T. Schele Freshman H. Bowen Smith Page 4S9 The Badger- Top Row: Boruszak, Morse. Malsin. Feuchtwanger. Klemperer, Eiseman, Shafrin Second Row: Eisenberg. Chudnow, Levitt, Edelson. Belman, Krom, Nemeroff. Grabin Third Row: Greenberger. Zarne, Scheinfeld. Breimeister, Cohen, Goldstein Phi Si a Delta Founded. Columbia University. 1909 Number of Chapters. 16 Wisconsin, Pi, 127 W. Gilman Street Seniors Harry Belman Nathan Boruszak Jess Cohan Leo Cohen Elberto Greenberger Aaron Scheinfeld John M. Shafvin Juniors Harry Breimeister Nathan Edelson Charles Eiseman Louis A. Eisenberg Nathan Grabin Members in University Leo a. Klemperer George Krom Morris Melnik Herbert Morse George Levitt Le Roy Rieselbach Leon Zarne Sophomores David Chudnow Irving Goldstein Joseph Geuchtwancer Arthur Malsin Victor Nemeroff Freshmen Herman Block Arnold Klein Alvin Strnad Paf460 The Badger Top Row: Ahcrn, O ' Hara, Sheridan, Stumpf, Wiedenfeller, G. McCormick, Sullivan, Morris, Welch Bottom Row: Madden, Porter, Mayer, Barrett, Prokop, Oechsner, Meyer, Preston, McHugh, McCarty Phi Kappa Founded, Brown University, 1889 Number of Chapters, 1 2 Seniors Thomas L. Ahern Albert C. Barrett William J. Madden Stuart A. McCormick Clifford J. McHugh Ovid O. Meyer Rudolph A. Oechsner P. Gerald Powers Joseph J. Prokop Walter P. Stumpf Juniors Harold J. McCarty Madison, Lambda, 1922 407 Wisconsin Avenue Member in Faculty Richard S. McCaffery Members in University Gerald T. McCormick Arthur J. O ' Hara Frank N. Porter Fred W. Weidenfeller John F. Welch Sophomores Robert N. Morris Charles F. Preston Andrew W. Sullivan Freshman Carl G. Mayer Page 461 The Badger M t; t t I . i v.! % % % Top Row: Cornwell. Anderson, Thomson, Luedtke. Stewart, Oakey, Savery Second Row: Schenkenberg, Cole, Nyhus, Luening, Sprain, Gustorf, Hembre, Griebling, Russell Third Row: Tegtmeycr, Melandy, Kitchen, Rutherford. Blair, Nuesse. Walsted. Saunders Alpha Chi Rho Founded, Trinity College, 1895 Number of Chapters, 19 Wisconsin, Alpha Chi Rho, 1922 609 North Lake Street Seniors Elmer Walter Anderson Robert Theodore Griebling Harry Dean Kitchen Frederick Halsey Kraege Robert Louis Luening Walter Edmund Nyhus William Alfred Oakey Roger Bridgeford Russell Lester Franklin Schenkenberg Adolph William Sprain Robert Bruce Stewart Gordon Stuart Thomson Juniors Earl Roosevelt Cornwell Elroy Robert Luedtke Member in Faculty Bayard Q. Morgan Members in University Gamber Frederick Tegtmeyer John Albert Rutherford Ingvald Oscar Hembre Sophomores Edward Blake Blair Charles Fay Christensen Llewellyn Rathbun Cole Frederick Gustorf Elmer Carl Nuesse Richard Edmond Saunders George Fitzgerald Walsted Freshmen Thomas Henry Savery Loren Thayer Melandy Lorraine Allen Murray Pan 462 The Badger Top Row: F. Holscher, Bernet. Otis, Hartwig, Banton, Woodward, Crane, H. Holscher Second Row: J. Atwood. Beardsley, Breaw, McGuire, Finkle. Holzbog. Jensen, Hargan, R. Atwood Third Row: Cappon, Dvorak. Wo!fe, Franz. Hindes, West. DeWitt. McKay Si ma Pi Founded, Vincennes University, I8Q7 Number of Chapters, 20 Wisconsin, Tau, 1922 1530 University Avenue Member in Faculty James Hargan Graduates John Thomas Atwood Lester Jesse Cappon Herbert Frederick Holscher Seniors Oliver Terrell Banton Harold Joseph Dvorak Walter Bernhard Franz Alfred Harold Jensen Nevin Hal McKay Juniors Vernan Charles Beardsley Frank Harold Breaw Frank Dougal Crane Members in University Virgil Orr De Witt Frederick Kemp Dibley George Henry Finkle Harold William Hartwig Edward Neal Otis Sophomores Robert Burrows Atwood Stanley Louis Bernet Clarence Encelbreth Lawrence William Hindes John Henry Holzbog George Stedman Woodward Freshmen Frank Charles Holscher Daniel Graham McGuire Lloyd Henry Rooney Arthur Richard Thomas Donald Knilans West Harry C. Wolfe Pate 463 The Badger Tot Row: Hilton, E. Richardson, Brooks. Roethke, Walczak, Jandrey, Jones Second Row: Williams, Rintelman, Shier. Wood, Stephens, H. Richardson Third Row: Domogatia, Price, Reitan, Stein, Peterson, Hatch, Branks Alpha Theta Pi Founded, April, 1922 Number of Chapters, 1 Alpha Theta Pi 224 N. Murray Street Graduates Bernhard Domocalla R. Norman Reitan Bruno A. Stein Seniors Warren Busse Lloyd B. Branks Jesse H, Brooks W.|.Llewlyn Rintelman Juniors Edward E. Jandrey Du Wayne John Peterson Members in University Ferdinand T. Price Harold B. Shier H. LeRoy Stephens Bruno Walczak Price R. Williams Sophomores Hobard H. Hatch Robert K. Hilton Edson G. Jones Howard E. Richardson John E. Wood Freshmen Edward C. Richardson Earl E. Roethke Poft 464 The Badger " Top Row: Stahlkoph. Oakey, Christianson, E. Smith, Schmidt, W. Baum Second Row: R. Peterson, Thessin, G. Baum, Anderson, Nammacher. Roswell. Berg Third Row: Dohr, Knowles, Searing. M. Dahl, Bittner, V. Sorensen. Ackerman. Plcwke Fourth Row: Bonnin. Gulson, Bunde, Hoesly, Hansen, Kleist, Jensen Fifth Row: Raddant, Treskow, A. Sorensen. Erdmann. S. Dahl, J. Peterson. Nimmer, E. Smith Delta Pi Epsilon Founded, University Wisconsin, 1922 Number of Chapters. 1 O. A. Haucen C. I. Hendrickson Seniors Victor F. Bittner Chris H. Bonnin George E. Baum Walter Baum Carl Christianson Ira R. Dohr Arthur Gulson Merrill E. Hansen Milton A. Kaems Harold F. Knowles Henry C. Oakey Julian L. Peterson Herbert S. Roswell Karl E. Sibilsky Eno a. Smith Alferd C. Sorensen Elmer C. Stahlkoph Paul G. Thessin Wisconsin, Alpha, 1922 321 Wisconsin Avenue Members in Faculty H, W. Albertz Members in University Juniors Adolph J . Ackerman Clarence W. Albrecht Victor M. Anderson Leo F. Berg Herbert A. Bunde Herbert H. Erdmann P. E. Fossum S.J. Dahl John J. Hoesly Prescott B. Jensen Traugott H. Nammacher Fredrick W. Nimmer Walter H. Plewke Louis A. Raddant Harold A. Seering Victor O. Schmidt Sophomores Milton T. Dahl Arthur L. Koch Robert L. Peterson Frank G. Treskow Freshmen Edwin H. Kliest Volmer H. Sorensen Pate 46! The Badger Tot Row: Goldsmith, Alschuler, Goldman, Kahn, Weiss, Hirsh Bottom Row: Hirsch, Veit, Englehard, Breslauer, Cohen, Franklin. Taub Zeta Beta Tau Founded. Zeta Beta Tau, 1898 Number of Chapters, 32 Alpha Kappa, 1922 148 Langdon Street Members in University Seniors Jacob Edward Alschuler Adolphus Arthur Berger Herman Frederick Veit Juniors Alfred Benjamin Engelhard Henry Myar Franklin Walter Joel Goldsmith Herbert William Hirsh Stanley Grauman Weinbaum Sophomores Clarence Max Breslauer Sydney M. Cone, Jr, Melvin S. Goldman David Livingston Taub Freshmen Lawrence Eugene Cohen Ernest Newman Kahn Edwin Waxel Hirsch Bernard Weiss Pott 466 Tl: e Badger- Top Row: Baker, Rawlins. Pfeifer, Guild, Beaver, Vestal, Thompson Bottom Row: Boies, Trewartha, Moreau. Webster, Meyer, Wald, Martin, Darby Alpha Kappa Lambda Founded. University of California, 1914 Number of Chapters, 5 Wisconsin, Epsilon, 1923 302 Huntington Court Members in University Graduates Ray Erwin Baber Oscar Roland Baker Howard Tichenor Beaver Lawrence Randall Boies Fred James Moreau Thomas Elsworth Rawlins Glenn Thomas Trewartha Edgar Fred Vestal F HiLiP Jenkins Webster Seniors Horace Perry Martin Hugo Leonard Rusch Juniors Walter Coutu George Switzer Darby George M. Keith Carleton Wiepking Meyer William Russell Newton Robert Fulton Pfeifer Arthur Wald Sophomores Clifford Carlton Franseen Everett Lyle Gage Elliott William Guild John Gordon Thompson Erwin Charles Gerber Edwin Albert Uehling Pate 467 The Badger Tofi Row: Trowbridge, Janisch, Darling, Brown, Christiansen, Daley, Thompson. Werner, Cristman Second Row: Persons, Kletzien, Jones, Story, Paul, Monk, John, Aschenbrenner, Luther Third Row: Krieser, Smith, Crocker, Cattau, Connors. Jonas, Kileen. Carlson. Risberg Phi Delta Phi Professional Legal Fraternity Founded. University of Michigan. 1869 Number of Chapters. 53 15 Barrister ' s Inns Harlan. Wisconsin. 1891 616 North Lake Street Frank Boesel Stephen Warren Oilman Arnold Bennett Hall Inner Temple Harold C. Smith Wallace A. Barr Edward H. Borcelt Lorenzo L. Darling Carl H. Daley Calvin O. Crocker Harold H. Paul Floyd J . Monk Clifford G. Mathys Middle Temple William J. B. Janisch Lloyd J . Brown Russell P. Jones Frederick C. John Edward W. Hooker Thomas B. Martineau Members in Faculty Benchers at Inns of Qjurt On the Woolsack William Herbert Page Homer F. Carey Harvey Sorger Richards Oliver Samuel Rundell Members in University Apprentices at the Inns of Court John Maroney Byron F. Storey Elmer A. Kletzien A. Walter Dahl John C. Thompson Fred N. Trowbridge Victor D. Werner John Bell Sanborn Howard Leslie Smith John D. Wickham Harold H. Persons Carl Christianson Outer Temple Louis W. Cattau Harry V. Carlson Lionel 1. Krieser Farnham a. Clark Earl L. Risberg G. Sheldon Vance C. Ransom Samulson Ezra D. Christman Robert R. Thompson Roy E. Kileen Joseph M. Powers Fred C. Jonas Edmund L. Aschenbrenner James F. Luther Randolph R. Connors Pait468 The Badger Tof Row: Black, Jenkins, Head, Anderson, Link, Lyon Second Row: Jones, Edwards, McQueen, Tilford, Meloche, Breitenbach, R. Clark, Brunkow, Gerhardt Third Row: Stevens, Bennett, D. Clark, Rasmussen, Whitford, Hrubesky, Withrow, McKaig. Bittner, Botts Fourth Row: Gerhauser, Mooney, H. Hubbard, Griem, Steinle. B. Hubbard, Schmidt, Muehlberger Hoffman Alpha Chi Si a Professional Chemistry Founded. University of Wisconsin, 1902 Number of Chapters, 34 Wisconsin. Alpha. 1902 625 N. Frances Street Homer Burton Adkins Harold Cornelius Bradley Van Loran Bohnson Farrington D. Daniels Jesse Erwin Day Ernst David Fahlberg Richard Fischer Edwin Bret Hart Guerdon Herbert Head Olaf a. Hougen Members in Faculty George Kemmerer Francis Kraig Krauskopf Otto Louis Kowalke Charles Kenneth Lieth Victor Lenher Joseph Howard Mathews Richard Stanislaus McCaffery Joseph F. Oesterle Roland A. Ragatz Ralph Edwin Ramsay John Henry Schmidt Walter Theodore Schrenk Henry August Schuette Elmer L. Severinghaus Harry Steenbock Emil Truog James Henri Walton Oliver Patterson Watts Robert Vernon Williamson Clarence Ruben Wise Graduates Roland Martin Bethke Archie Black Elbert Dysart Botts Orvin Richard Brunkow Ralph William Clark Frederic L. Conover Sheldon J. Dickinson Oscar Henry Gerhardt Walter Bert Griem Louis Benjamin Haines Philip John Hickey Carl Arthur Hoppert Clarence Earl Hrubesky HoNORE Clinton Hubbard John Donald Jenkins James Hazlitt Jones John Ralph Koch Arlington Colton Krause William Lerch Karl Paul Link William Blair MacQueen Ralph B. Mason ViLLiERS Wilson Meloche! Clarence W. Muehlberger Llewellyn Bradley Parsons Fredus N. Peters Members in University Ben W. Roland J. Vernon Steinle Emil Gustave Schmidt Hugh Longwill Templeton Martin Tosterud Harold F. Wakefield Earl L. Whitford Lloyd 1,eo Withrow Seniors Carter Henry Anderson George Vincent Bennett Victor E. Bittner David Harold Edwards John Philip Gerhauser Bruce Watson Hubbard Washburn Stark Lyon Willard Hulick McKaig Holgar Wurtz Rasmussen Harvey D. Royce Myron Ray Stevens Wilson David Trueblood Juniors Theodor Braasch William E. Breitenbach Allen David Dickson Charles Vilas Gary Frank L. Gunderson Gilbert Frederick Hoffmann Sam Lenher Edward Albert Manns Fred Elmore Mooney Walter Herman Plewke Edgar Lockhart Tilford PateZ469 The Badger =b Tofy Row: Meyer, Showalter, Whaley. Slagg, Oakey Second Row: Welsh, Kuehl, Fritschler, Krebs, Roberts, Sells. Anderson, Fitzgibbons Third Row: Bunde, Bonesteel. Coop er, CoUipp. Federer, McCaffrey, O ' Neil, Seering. Bundy Fourth Row: Friedrich, Hughes. Williams, Choinski, Hopkins, Pett, Heft. Park, Thorson, Reynolds Fi th Row: Seibold, Blum. Crocker, Towell, Gill, Murphy. Ruediger. Pleck, Goilmar Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Founded, Northwestern University, 1897 Number of Chapters, 43 Wisconsin, Ryan, l ' W4 271 Langdon Street Eugene Allen Gilmore Seniors Bruce Marty Blum Charles Wendell Bonesteel Egbert Bird Bundy Charles Patrick Cadican Walter Claire Crocker, Jr. Leo Joesph Federer James Maurice Fitzgibbons Carroll Rahn Heft Joseph Jackson Hopkins Clarence Joseph Hughes George John Krebs Frank William Kuehl Henry Cooper Oakey Ernest Herman Pett Joseph Harold Pleck Frederick Carl Seibold Arthur Richard Towell Rodney Costello Welsh Members in Faculty Harry Glicksman Members in University Juniors Rudolph Anderson Fulton William Collipp Claude Fenimore Cooper Paul Edmond Friedrich John Curtis Fritschler Eugene Paul Meyer Allan Lamoreaux Park William Gorham Rice, Jr. Daniel Callahan O ' Neil Thomas Arthur Reynolds Arthur Owen Roberts Arthur Max Sells Forrest Showalter Lowell Silverwood Slagg Arthur Thomas Thorson Sophomores Herbert Albert Bunde Walter Francis Choinski DuRwooD Carl DuBois Earle Francis Gill Robert Howard Gollmar Arthur Laurance McCaffrey Robert Floyd Morris Harold Albert Seering JuLiEN Charles Whaley Eugene Griswold Williams Pan 470 M ( The Badger Top Kaw:7Phillips, Leonard, Bruden, Steinmetz, Rhode, Haugh, Caldwell, Wheeler, Hayward, Nerad Second Row: Zander, von Kaas, Raube, McLeisch, Nichols. Gregg, Greenman, Dudley. Silver ThirdE ow: Palen, Kuenzli. Hume, Robb, Rabuck, Sogard, Rabbitt, Blanch, Smith, Gladson Triangle A Fraternity of Engineers Founded, University of Illinois, 1Q07 Number of Chapters, 8 Wisconsin, 1913 438 North Frances Street Daniel Webster Mead William Spaulding Kinne Members in Faculty Richard Stanislaus McCaffery Leonard Sewall Smith Christopher Armin Wiepking Graduate Charles Eugene Wheeler Seniors Clifford Otto Bruden Ralph Norton Greenman La Verne Milton Hoffman Lloyd Edward Hume John Burton Leonard James Everett Mackie Anthony Joseph Nerad Thomas Chester Nichols Rufus Seeley Phillips Ora Clyde Rabbitt Arthur Jacob Rabuck Reinhold Henry Raube Charles Eugene Silver Lawrence Taylor Sogard Members in University George Phillip Steinmetz Karl L. Zander Juniors Frederick Blanch Earl Leroy Caldwell Delos Edson Dudley Harvard Giddings Clifford Clarence Gladson Hendrick Jefferson Gregg Howard Vincent Hayward Herman Karl von Kaas Walter Arthur Kuenzli Carroll Elbridce Robb Sophomores George H Field Earl W. Haugh Herbert Lange Kenneth Clinton McLeisch Vernon W. Palen Richard V. Rhode Millard Smith Harold John Youngberg Pat 471 Thve Badger t 1% " % I % «:,i f Toly Row: Weed, Whitmer, Fiedler, Hannon, F. Prehn, A. Smedal, Richdorf Second Row: Sumner, Guy M. Smedal, Heimdal. Shaw, McCormick, Dietsch, Woodmansee, Teschan, H. McGutre Third Row: Dull, Drake, Dietrich, Cole, Steen, Paull. Landa, Trauba, Baker Fourth Row: McNair, Spittler, Heath, Clark, Pcarse, Bradley. Berg, D. Prehn. Schneiders, Bassuener, Linden Fi th Row: Lingenfelter. Leake, Dr, Drake. Meek, Kay. Miller. Loevenhart. Guyer. A. Jackson. Cromwell. Bast Sixth Row: Donovan, Herrman, Holcombe, Beglinger, Sommers, Brown, Bcffel. Donkle, L. McGuirc, Kcnnard, Jones Phi Beta Pi Medical Fraternity Founded, University of Pittsburgh, 1 89 1 Number of Chapters, 39 Dr. T. H. Bast Dr. H. C. Bradley Dr. Percy Dawson Dr. H. W. Cromwell Dr. p. F. Clark Dr. F.J. Hodges Dr. R. H. Jackson Dr. C. D. Leake Gradnates Reynold O. Bassuener Harry J . McGuire Linton G. Weed Ralph G. Whitmer Gabriel E. Linden George O. Berg Harold F. Beglinger Seniors RowE G. Baker John M. Beffel Robert W. Brown Cecil F. Dull George A. Fiedler Harold J. Heath C. Oliver Heimdal Stuart A. McCormick Fred C. Prehn RuFUS A. Schneiders WiLLARD C. Sumner Theodore R. Hannon Alpha Pi Chapter 416 N. Carroll Street Members in Faculty Dr. M. F. Guyer Dr. a. S. Loevenhart Dr. W. I. Meek Dr. W. S. Middleton Dr. W. S. Miller Dr. a. S. Pearse Dr. T. W. Tormey Members in University Juniors Carlisle Dietrich Roy F. Herrman Emmett F. Guy Ralph E. Jones Elmer E. Kennard Julio F. Landa ET Ralph McNair Rudolph J . Noer Dr. C.J. White Dr. J. A. Jackson Norbert C. Trauba Leland C. Dietsch Clarence H. Woodmansee Robert L. Holcombe John S. Lingenfelter Albert G. Young John S. Packard RoscoE A. Paull Douglas T. Prehn Gerald W. Shaw Arno W. Sommers August W. Spittler Gamber F. Tegtmeyer E. Addis Drake Sophomores Llewellyn R. Cole Harold L. Donkle Joseph T. Donovan Agnar T. Smedal Hugh F. Folsom Leo J. McGuire Recnold R. Steen Freshmen Magnus I. Smedal Matt J . Richdorf Pof 472 TY e Badger Top Row: Lounsbury, R. Clark, Beck, N. Phillips, Bcnn, F. Kellman, Tanner, Tilford Second Row: Hansen, Rang, Michels, Abbott, E. Gage, Boudry, Bosshard, A. Phillips, Heintz Third Row: L. Gage, Trachte, Taylor, Schreier, N. Kellman, Wirig, Foley, Krause, Pritchard. Schluessel Fourth Row: D. Clark, Coulter, Lange, Lee, Marsh, Schief. Murphy, Hackendahl, Albert, Helstrom, Hewitt Kappa Psi Professional Pharmaceutical and Medical Fraternity Founded. Medical College of Virginia. 1879 Number of Chapters. 109 Wisconsin. Beta Psi. 1919 640 N. Frances Street J.O. Foley Members in Faculty R. W. Clark P. H. Reif Seniors E. E. Gage A. H. Hackendahl O. H. Helstrom H. G. Hewitt W. D. Heinlz F. T. Kellman N. J . Kellman A. J. Krause J. P. Lee H. G. Marsh H. C. Michels K. H. Rang E. E. Schluessel H. P. Schreier W. G. Tanner L. M. Trachte Juniors J. A. Bosshard Members in University J. T. Delfosse M. A. Hansen E. W. Lang H. E. Lounsbury P. W. Taylor E. L. Tilford Sophomores B. W. Abbott S. E. Beck H. P. Benn D. H. Clark H. L. Coulter E. L. Gage H.J. Murphy A. G. Phillips N. J. Phillips F. C. Pritchard M. H. Wirig Freshmen S. H. Albert M. O. Boudry G. A. SCHIEF Page 473 The Badger f f I f f t Top Row: Manny, Young, Klussendorf, Tiedjens, McAleavy. Schaars, Palmer, Reinhold, Ellis Second Row: Elvehjem, Rohrbeck. O ' Connor, Pierre, Marvin, English, Bibelhausen, Thomas, Longenecker, Johnson Third Row: Dennerlein, Meyer, Jamison, Renk. Jones, Tenpas. Schaefer, Ammon Farm House Founded, University of Missouri, 1905 Number of Chapters, 5 Frank B. Morrison Andrew W. Hopkins Madison, 1921 309 N. Mills Street Members in Faculty Edward R. Jones Ransom A. Moore William D. Frost George B. Mortimer Graduates Victor A. Tiedjens William H. Pierre Theodore B. Manny Carl C. Lindegren John A. Anderson Seniors Roy J. Bibelhausen Howard E. Jamison Vilas D. Young Charles J. McAleavy LippERT S. Ellis Ray C. Klussendorf Robert C. Thomas Ralph E. Ammon Members in University Werner P. Meyer Donald J. English George M. O ' Connor Conrad A. Elvehjem Alvin L. Throne Willard B. Albert George E. Marvin Willard P. Jones Juniors Reuben J. Tenpas Arno a. Dennerlein Walter F. Renk Tracy W. Johnson William Longenecker Marvin A. Schaars John G. Reinhold Edwin H. Rohrbeck Byron F. Heal Sophomores Lester M. Palmer Herbert C. Schaefer Pan 474 The Badger Top Row: Mich. Hoard, Hood. Bailey. Abbott. Barsantee Second Row: Crawford. Welsh, Seaman. Brockhausen. Lewin, Mueller, Riegel, Diehm Third Row: Townsend, Lewis. Burke. McDonou . Geiger. Hamlin, Borchers, McClelland Fourth Row: Bjerke. Hazard. Lawler. Kildow, Pickard. Crane, Willoughby, Hanson. Timmons Delta Pi Delta Professional Journalism Fraternity Founded. University of Wisconsin, 192 1 501 N. Henrv Street WiLLARD GrOSVENOR BlEYER Andrew Winkle Hopkins Members in Faculty Grant Milnor Hyde Edward Marion Johnson William Allison Sumner Graduate Rodney C. Welsh Seniors Herbert Henry Brockhausen Oliver Terrell Banton George Lowell Geiger Charles Julius Lewin Harold Edward McClelland Edward Jerome McDonough Walter John Pfister Cedric E. Seaman Hubert Force Townsend Fred Leslie Kildow Ezra Crane Halbert Hoard Members in University Alfred Willoughby Bartel B. Borchers Harold Diehm David C. Pickard Juniors Jerome Oliver Bjerke Chester Bailey John S. Burke Joseph F. Lawler Oscar N. Riegel Sophomores Donal Abbott Harry Barsantee Charles L Mueller Kenneth Hamlin Gordon Lewis Carl R. Hanson Page 47S Thie Badger- I % % I % % % " 7 V Top Row: Dishmaker, Piatt, Zalewski, Carlson, Tallmadge, Seymour, Hertzman, Ralph, Koehlcr. Benell Second Row: Evcnson, Trautman, Bulley, Behneman, Meanwell, Watson, Kaderabek, Friedbacher. Krause, Brooks Third Row: Beach, Henke, Koepcke, Sibjlsky, Osgood, Coon, Ebert, Smith, Lampman Phi Chi Professional Medical Fraternity Founded, University of Vermont, 1889 Number of Chapters, 50 Wisconsin. Tau Beta, 1921 143 Prospect Avenue W. E. Meanwell Graduates Otto E. Benell Gaylord p. Coon Reinhold O. Ebert Harold E. Henke Alrick B. Hertzman Alfred E. Koehler Arlington C. Krause Harold K. Lampman Carroll W. Osgood Carl E. Sibilsky John A. Wilson Seniors MelvinC. Dishmaker Frank S. Fellows Karl Friedbacher F. Bertram Platt Guy K. Tallmadge Members in Faculty g. h. robbins Harold M. F. Behneman Members in University Ernest S. Watson Wallace B. White Anthony E. Zalewski Juniors Arbie L. Brooks E. S. Sevringhaus Earl E. Evanson Rodney J. Gray ErwinJ. Kaderabek Gerald M. Koepcke HoldenJ. Robbins Carl R. Smith Milton Trautmann Warren Tuft Sophomores Miles R. Bruemmer Kenneth G. Bulley Elmer W. Carlson L. Paul Ralph Walter J. Seymour Freshman Lawrence R. Beach Pof 476 The Badger Tot Row: Emanue!, Benson, Thoeny, Puestow, Harmon. Bell, Wall, Portman, Canutson Second Row: Perrodin, Flurin. Curtin. McKinley, MacIDonald. Murphy, Hindes, Pinkerton Third Row: Metcalf, Boies, Jenkinson, Bachhuber. Dauksys, Mueller, Gute, Wheelihan. Stearns Alpha Kappa Kappa Professional Medical Fraternity Founded. Dartmouth College. 1888 Number of Chapters. 50 Wisconsin, Beta Zeta, 1922 5 Langdon Street Dr. R. T. Cooksey Dr. F. D. Geist Honorary Members Dr. James P. Dean Dr. J. K. Chorlog Dr. William J . Ganser Dr. W. D. Stovall Graduates Archie C. Gilles Hubert F. Harmon Didrik Sannes Mark H. Wall Edwin D. McKinley Gustav G. Mueller Joseph Dauksys Dana P. Stearns William J . Murphy Charles B. Puestow Henry L. Schmittes Lawrence R. Boies Seniors James G. Curtin Alvin C. Florin Edwin B. Gute Harold A. Pinkerton J. Newton Wakeman Douglas B. Bell Chester A. Perrodin Members in University Juniors Alphonz E. Bachhuber Ralph I. Canutson Robert Krohn Lawrence S. Extrum Albert H. Lowman Hubert J. Hindes Ralph L Metcalf Harold Bennett John E. MacIDonald David L. Jenkinson Oscar W. Thoeny Sophomores C Dempster Benson Ray Goedeke Frank X. McGreane Raymond Portman Robert Y. Wheelihan Karl Emanuel Alvin J . Emanuel Myron B. Junkins Freshmen James P. Conway Darrel S. Sharp Rexford Stearns Richard S. Lea William A. Sannes Page 477 The Badger- To ) Row: Braathen, Resh, Reitan, Risser, Belknapp, Bareis Second Row: Nelson. Petersen, Roswell, Hobbs, Williams, Anschuetz, Bonnin, Stephens Third Row: Dunn, Blume, Denyes. Roick. Maclntyre, Garrigan, Hahn Gamma Eta Gamma Professional Legal Fraternity Founded. University of Maine, 1901 Seniors Charles J. Bareis Chris H. Bonnin Henry M. Blume SvERRE O. Braathen Lawrence B. Dunn George A. Garrigan Wallace H. Hahn Merville K. Hobbs Upsilon Chapter Members in University Frederick W. Nelson Herbert S. Roswell Walter A. Williams Juniors J. R. Belknapp Darrell D. MacIntyre R. Norman Reitan Sophomores William J. Anschuetz Lawrence O. Denyes Ralph H. Petersen Warren H. Resh Frederic Risser Virgil H. Roick tJwiGHT 5. Stephens Patt 47S The Badger Ji.JI PP ii . %, % J, 1 ' , 11 % ' t ' r % h h f t ft % T f, V To Roii;; Webb, Anderson, Moeller, Williams, Schujahn, Gesteland, Payne Second Row: Heuer, Wolcott, Fox. HXigan, McMurry, Benson, Walther, Miller Third Row: Swenholt, Degerstedt, Peterson, Reyer, McCartney, Galby, Cusick. Hass, Kober Fourth Row: McGlasson, Kerth. Wheeler, Cross, Greenwood, Wiley, Fronk, Lang, Gibson Delta Si a Pi International Commerce Fraternity Founded, University of New Yorlc, 1907 Number of Chapters. 23 Wisconsin. Psi. 1923 313 N. Mills Street Henry John Duwe Graduates Arthur H. Benson Francis L. Cusick John Richard Degerstedt Ernest Ray McCartney Frederick W. Nelson Seniors Orvin Henry Anderson Wilson McGinnis Cross Kurt Michael Fox Elmer Raymond Gesteland Fred C. Greenwood Wilbur James Heuer Sidney James Lang Peter Rudolph Moeller Herman O. Walther Members in Faculty J. Currie Gibson Members in University William James Webb Kenneth Germain Williams Herbert LuVerne Wolcott Juniors Leo Francis Dugan Karl F. McMurry William James Fronk Manford Casper Galby Kenneth Hayes Kober Albert Jackson McGlasson Arthur Richard Miller Joseph Cannon Payne Alfred W. Peterson Otis H. Reyer Edwin Ludwig Schujahn Casper Swenholt Julius Morgan Wheeler Archie Richard Wiley Sophomores Firma n H. Hass Daniel A. Kerth Poft 479 The Badger Top Row: Herbener. Hawkins. Gorrow, McKay Bottom Row: Lorig. Hunsader, Howes. Wolverton. Larson. Mangold Mu Epsilon Professional Mining, Metallurgy, Geology Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1922 Number of Chapters, 1 Nevin H. McKay Clarence Lorig MiLNER H. Hawkins John V. Mangold Members in University Robert F. Wolverton Merwin H. Hawkins Otto B. Herbner Lawrence J. Hunsader Carl F. Larson George E. Wiggers Mitchell G. Gorrow John Bennett John E. Doerr Robert E. Harris Pledges Lyman H. Hart Allan C. Tester George Koresh Garold L. Knight Olaf N. Rove John D. Maxcy Everett J oppa Patt4tO The Badger Top Row: Buell. Ardiel. Taft. Jones. Bf-ll. Paige, Thompson. Ristien, Frawley Second Raw: Fairbanks, Vonnegut, Stegeman, Blossom, Frautschi, Butts. Hook Third Raw: Oakford, Murphy, Clark, Wanzer (Pres.), Schee, Townsend, Crane Ku Klux Klan 4L Officers Gordon B. Wanzer President Morris Bell Vice-President John Blossom Secretary Sam Thompson Treasurer Seniors Leslie Gage RussEL Frawley James L. Brader Joseph Hook George Gates Edward Frawley Everett V. Jones J . Houston Schee Morton Frost Harold C. Buell Hubert Townsend Vilas Hanks MoRD Bogie Lee McCandless Allan Halline Richard Gibson Nelson Fairbanks Organization Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Psi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Psi Upsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Theta Delta Chi Zeta Psi Juniors John Blossom Porter Butts Ezra Crane Gordon Wanzer Norman Clark . Vincent Stegeman Samuel Thompson Horace Risteen Delbert Paige Arthur Ardiel Carl Vonnegut Calvin Oakford Morris Bell John Gilbreath Walter Frautschi John F. Murphy Douglas Gibson Merrill Taft I ' age 4Sl The Badger Top Row: Nolte. Collins. MacArthur. Tuhtar. Elliott, Salsbury, Williams. Leberman Second Row: Tuttle, Vamey, Head, Morrison, Munkwitz. Moroney, Hilberts Third Row: Morton, Sharp. Burke, Sorenson, Taylor, Leavitt, Crawford, MacNichoI Skull and Crescent Officers Clifford S. Nolte President Robert C. Salsbury Vice-President Clare W. Burke Secretary John J. Manierre Treasurer John L. Bergstresser Frederick C. Brightly Clare W, Burke Carlton Collins Eugene F. Crawford MartinusJ. Dyrud William D. Elliott Merrill B. Esterline Joseph B. Fleming George E. Freese Maurice A. Hardgrove Members in University Daniel O. Head Bert M. Hilberts Arnold G. Jarvis Ned H. Leavitt Fulton H. Leberman Donald MacArthur Neal H. MacNichol Cassius D. McCormick John J. Manierre Thomas W. Morony Clarence D. Morrison Howard C. Morton George A. Munkwitz Clifford S. Nolte Robert C. Salsbury Eliot H. Sharp Edwin J . Sorenson Proter C. Taylor Oscar W. Teckmeyer Eugene W. Tuhtar Neil F. Tuttle Francis C. Varney J. Edward Williams Addison B. Youmans Pledges Nelson S. Bowsher Thayne Blackman John A. Brenneche Gordon G. Brine Russell B. Coleman Marshall J. Diebold Ben H. Drew Edward Friday Gavin Hamilton Edward Hammett Lauren B. Hapcood Donald B. Hatmaker Kenneth Hazard John F. Hogan Harold Jaeger Andrew Leith Anson Mark Camby C. Nicodemus Laurence Reuland Gilbert E. Roach Laurance p. Robinson Albert J . Rogers QuiN T. Sampson George Schmidt John M. Sebride Fred H. Stemm James H. ' an Wacenen Ormande p. Welsh Orin S. Wernecke Charles S. White Harold Wi eland Payson S. Wild J ere D. Witter Patt4S2 T e Badger Top Row: Hill, D. Talley. Hildebrandt, R. Talley, Harris, Adams Second Row: Casterline, Griesser, Zigler, Phleuger, Buckley, Stevens, Arcy Third Row: Amber, O ' Brien. Culbertson, Reeves, Stiver. Graham, Dougherty. Sutton Inner Gate Officers R. Reeve President D. Talley Vice-President J. Culbertson Secretary D. Buckley Treasurer Active Members Phi Gamma E)elta Sigma Chi Kappa Sigma Adams Arey Cleveland Kohler O ' Brien Perry Theta Delta Chi Beta Theta Pi Phi Delta Theta Buckley Hildebrant Sutton Pollack Stevens Hill Chi Psi Delta Kappa Epsilon Zeta Psi Cassody Bur Stiver Reeve Stolte Wheeler Delta Tau Delta Psi L ' psilon Alpha Tau Omega HlPPLE RUGGLES HoLLISTER BoLTON CuLBERTSON DoUCHERTY Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Phi Kappa Psi Warren Stipek Zicler Amber D. Talley R. Talley Delta Upsilon Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Delta Phi Harris Graham Phleuger Hamlin Griesser Casterline Pledges Rye Kimball Temples Lenfestey Legler Stevens Friday Walsh Stevens Strieck Anderson Risteen Wheeler Johnson Wollogen G. Turner Forris Studley Fowler Porter Staut Turner Cassidy Osborne Hand Grounds Smith Burkhardt Lewis Merkle Clark Moran McGinnis Dunlap Smith Pati4S3 Pat»4t4 Sororities -A A Page 48S r The Badger Pan-Hellenic Association The Pan-Hellenic Association seeks to maintain the highest standards of sorority life and to promote in the best possible manner a spirit of sympathetic and helpful co-operation among the sororities at Wisconsin. Its aim is to support the high ideals of the women students, in the University and to better fit them to be true citizens in later life. Officers Isabel Trotter President Dorothy Redeker Vice-President Marion Richter Secretary Helen Winkleman Treasurer Seniors [Dorothy Redeker Mary Headly Helen Winkelman Bessie Gold Marion Lynch Miriam Arey Marion Richter Isabel Trotter Mary James Eleanor Head M. Elizabeth Briccs Ruth Parkhill Gertrude Collins Annette O ' Connor Alice Knoedler Jessie Morton J eanette Cavanauch Hester Martin Frances Landon Members Organization Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta IDelta Delta Delta Gamma IDelta Zeta Gamma Phi £3eta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi PhiMu Phi Omega Pi Sigma Kappa Juniors Helen Blake Mildred Riesterer Dorothy L ' Hommedieu Sylvia Risenberg J eanette Boyer Georgia Stanchfield Margret Knox Kathleen Harms Arlene Kluc Elaine Mabley Elizabeth Ken Mildred Rieck Catherine Kenney Margaret Knauf Frederica Crane Marjorie Mason Margaret McHardy Arlene McKellar Frances Warren PagtUb The Badger- Sororities In the order of their establishment at the Uni ersity Name Address Kappa Kappa Gamma 425 N. Park Delta Gamma 250 Langdon Gamma Phi Beta 428 Sterling Ct. Kappa Alpha Theta 823 Irving Place Pi Beta Phi 233 Langdon Alpha Phi 819 Irving Place Delta Delta Delta 120 Langdon Chi Omega 615 N. Henry Alpha Chi Omega 146 Langdon Alpha Xi Delta 434 Sterling Ct. Alpha Gamma Delta 418 N. Frances Alpha Omicron Pi 626 N. Henry Delta Zeta 10 Langdon Sigma Kappa 430 Sterling Ct. Phi Mu 222 Langdon Kappa [Delta 15 E. Gilman Alpha Delta Pi 135 Langdon Sigma Alpha lota Alpha Epsilon Phi 205 N. Murray Phi Omega Pi 629 N. Frances Gamma . " Mpha Epsilon fag 4S7 The Badger Top Roil: KcmpLon. Sander. Crane. Wilson, Millar. Patterson Second Row: Thorp, Plattenburg, Thorp, Walters, Fenn, Knoedler, Keeler Third Row: Davis, Bromiey, Anderson, Fenn, Holt, Kasbeer, Ambrose, Britts Kappa Kappa Gamma FoufKlcd, Monmouth College, 1870 Number of Chapters, 48 H Madison, Eta, 1875 425 N. Park Street Member in Faculty Mrs. F. a. Sprague Graduate Margaret Smith Seniors Pauline Ambrose Ruby Britts Alma Fenn Helen Kasbeer Alice Knoedler Caryl Parkinson Helen V. Patterson Virginia Plattenburg Leone Sander Josephine Walters Juniors Ann Anderson Frances Bromley Fredrica Crane Camilla Fenn Members in University Margaret Henry Clara Keeler Elizabeth Kempton Janet Millar Esther Saenger Catherine Wilson Sophomores Josephine Carle Catherine Davis LuisE Harris Florence Hinners Louise Holt Esther Muggleton Helen Stewart Marion Streng Harriet Thorp Jane E. Thorp Carolyn Turcrimson Freshmen Barbara Beatiy Selenda L. Black Jane Gray Cleveland Ida Crary Virginia Crary Eleanor Goodnight Esther Koenig Ruth Leenhouts Virginia Parker Frances Porter Jeannette Tooman Pagf 4t» The Badger ' S.l ' Si % poaai 1 tti Tojb Row: Seaman, Palica, McClintock, Winslow. Dietrich, Klaesson, Marshall, Fowler Second Row: Mabley, Rockwell. Sherwood, Hobart. Jones, Cannon, Clark, Brown, O ' Shea Third Row: Oliver, Graves, Eastman, Baumann, Kennan. Wanzer, Head, Davidson, Douglas Delta Gamma Founded. University of Missouri, 1872 Number of Chapters. 35 Wisconsin, Omega, 1880 250 Langdon Street Members in Faculty Katherine .Allen, Ph. D. Harriott Holt Graduates Harriett O ' Shea Orlie Pell Seniors Eleanor Graves Eleanor Head Helen Rockwell SoLVEiG Winslow Juniors Katherine Dietrich Katherine O ' Shea Dorothy Jones Elaine Mabley J eanette Kennan Frances Seaman Reinette Douglas Eugenie Bauman Margaret Ringheim Josphine McCoy Members in University Kathryn Klaesson Marian McClintock Jane Radford Sophomores Harriott Brown Juliet Clarke Avery Davidson Ruth Eastman Margaret Hobart Frances Hayden Lucile Wanzer Beatrice Fowler Doris Oliver J ean Palica Phyllis Maple Virginia Mackemer Freshmen Mary Kney Geraldine Thompsom Louise Scheifflin Ethel McCall Evelyn Oliver Catherine Hastings Louise Houston Ruth Powers Marian Reynolds Anna Margaret Clifford Jane Osborne Juniata Scheible Pat 4i9 The Badger Top Row: Tyrell, Brennecke, Parkhill, Schroeder, Fentress, L. Smith, Hocking. Baines Second Row: Day. Shaner. Crane. Hall. Anderson, Sellery, A. Smith. Corbett. Bohner Third Row: Anderson, Rieck, Jacobs. Louden. Lamson. Vermilion, Haley, Turney, Maxey. Goodyear Gamma Phi Beta Founded. Syracuse University 1874 Number of Chapters, 29 Wisconsin, Gamma. 1885 428 Sterling Court Member in Faculty Alice Gaul Graduate LUCINE ROUSSIAN Seniors Mildred Victoria Anderson Edith Lucile Crane Olivia Primrose Fentress Carol Mauton Goodyear Aileen Hall Catherine Horner Esther Jacobs Louise Lamson Grace Louise Maxey Ruth Willard Parkhill Florence M. Schroeder Deborah Shaner Alice Parry Smith Elizabeth Turney Dane E. Vermilion Juniors Marguerite Baines Gertrude Bohrer Mary Janet Burchard Members in University Catherine Mary Corbett Eleanor Day Mary Louise Haley Roberta Biddle Louden Ruth Jacobs Julia Horner Mildred Aileen Rieck Helen Tyrell Laura White Sophomores Janet Anderson Helen Brannum Margaret Brennecke Katherine Cromer Harriet Jackson Margaret Jones Marie Kerr Margaret Howells Esther Gray Pearl Hccking Beatrice Sellery Freshmen Mary Ai wood Kathleen Ballard Martha Clark Catherine Claussen Catherine Cairns Alice Lyon Evelyn Fuzua Katherine McCoul Alice Vocel Maxine Walker Gertrude Wallrich Pagt490 The Badger Top Roil Grey. Kiann, Sceiger, Kellogg. Perry. Chapman, Mahorney, Gumming, Turner Second Row: Atkinson, Kaepple, Rheinholt, Guild, Tompkins. Currey, Cherry. Williams Third Raw: KiUam, Taylor, Wiggam, Bensley, Shoals, Stuckey, Sherman, Fairbanks. Reene Fourth Row: Marshall, Trost, Brown. Turner, Hess. Collins. Bradish. Knights. Dickovcr Kappa Alpha Theta Founded, DePauw University. 1870 NumlTer of Chapters. 48 Wisconsin, Psi. I8 X) 832 Sterling Court Caryl Rtce Members in Faculty Ruth Chase Marie Carns Graduate Sarah Pratt Seniors Ida Atkinson Rachel Bicedish Gertrude Collins Ruth Dickover Edith Hess Jerry Kaeppel Katherine Keene Maud Killam Mildred Klann Belle Knights Catherine Perry Betty Sholes Elizabeth Stuckey WiLMA Trost Beatrice Turner WiNNiFRED Wiggam Juniors Oral Baldwin Virginia Bensley Vera Chapman Members in University Jeanette Cherry Janet Gumming Charlotte Currey Elizabeth Elsom IsABELLE Fairbanks June Grey Grace Kellogg Katherine Kenney Carmalita Lewis Janet Marshall Sophie Steiger Phyllis Sherman Dorothy Williams Sophomores Betty Brown Marian Guild Betty Mahorney Helen Reinholt Sarah Taylor Elizabeth Tompkins Pledges Margaret Campbell Betty Cowan Mary Ellen Fuller Lucy Gale Grace Malott Louise Mautz Sarah Maxwell Rachel Millican Harriet Randall Marion Riegg Mildred Rogers Gruda Schmidt Helen Tonzalin Imogene Warren Past 491 The Badger To ) Row: Cheatham, Mann, Curtis, Blatz, Nolte, John, Alexander Second Row: Harris, Hitchner, Haven, Esch, Randolph, Mason, Burt, Porter Third Row: Morton, Griffing, Sanford, Fox, Pennock, Newell, Bingenheimer, Mavor, Hullinger Pi Beta Phi Founded. I8fe7 Number of Chapters, 65 imiH Madison, Pi Beta Phi, 1894 233 Langdon Street Seniors Vivian Cheatham LuciLE Curtis Miriam Efird Anne Esch Katherine Hullinger Dorothy Krebs J ean Mavor Jessie Morton Elizabeth Pennock Eleanor Sanford Juniors Emily Belle Farr Florence Fox Ellen Harris Anita Haven Della Mann Marian Metcalf Pauline Newell Rosamund Nolte Members in University Mary Elizabeth Randolph Sarah Pauline Wild Elizabeth Williams Margaret Wolcott Sophomores Jean Alexander Gertrude Bingenheimer Mary Blair Ernestine Blatz Helen Burt Elizabeth Gripping Dorothy John Julia Hitchner Marjorie Mason Catherine Porter ane Truesdall Freshmen Dorothy Adams Katherine Butler Frances Cobabe Evelyn Freese Mary Garstman Mary Elizabeth Haven LuciLE Higdon Helen Richardson Catherine Sober Monica Wells Patt 492 Tine Badger ' lot? Roiv: Knight, Davis. Conklin, King, Stolte Second Row: Runkel, Megeath, Farnsham, E. Stolte, Hastings. Maedje, Jamieson, Shepardi Third Row: Merrill. Stanchfield. St. John, Baldwin, Severance. Moore, Smallshaw. Chapman, Arey Fourth Row: Benton, Kerr. Orton, Thorkelson, Bott, Freeman. Evans. Fox Founded, Syracuse University. 1872 Number of Chapters, 26 Alpha Phi Madison. Iota. 18% 819 Irving Court Graduate Elaine Eschweiler Seniors Miriam Arey Mary Baldwin Phyllis Bott Dixie Davis Margaret Emmerling HiLDEGARD MaEDJE Margaret Moore Marjorie Severance Helen Smallshaw Florence Stolte Elizabeth Thorkelson Juniors Margaret Conklin Katharine Farnham Barbara Hastings Lucy Jamieson Georgia Kerr Members in University Helen Kingsford Ellen Knight Metta Megeath Paulona Orton Dorothy Runkel Georgia Stanchfield Sophomores Marjorie Benton Geraldine Chapman Alice Evans Anna Fox Alice Freeman Esther Griffith Ruth Merrill Dorothy King ViDA Shepard Catherine St. John Elizabeth Stolte Katherine Thompson Ruth Young Freshmen Florence Blish Elizabeth Conklin Ruth Hawley Janice Joy Blanche Peebody Virginia Sever Marjorie Titus Harriet Wheelihan q- Page 493 The Badger Top Row: Klug, Breitenbach, Sanborn, Klueter. Newell, Sheakle , Chandler. Ruff Second Row: Trent, Peters, Schlosser, James, Moore, Wiswell, Cummings. Orth, Gilbert Third Row: Hanson, Oscar, Brandt, Winter, Hirsig, Henry, Wyckoff. Thompson, Rickeman Delta Delta Delta Founded, Boston University, 1888 Number of Chapters. 63 Wisconsin, Mu, 1898 1 20 Langdon Street Florence Allen Lydia Brown Members in Faculty Mrs. William Elliot Hattie Hicks Alice Nyman Helen Wood Seniors Marianna Chandler GoLDA Brandt Janet Breitenbach Lois Forcum Julia Harrington Irene Henry Mary James C. Louise Moore Mary Peters Helen Thompson Louise Rickeman Marjorie Ruff Katherine Sanborn Helen 5)chlossf.r Mary Wiswell Juniors Lucille Hanson Josephine Hirsig Katherine Klueter Members in University Arlene Klug Agatha McCaffery Marcelia Neff Olivia Orth Helen Newell Helen Oscar Evelyn Sheakley Frances Trent Kathryn Winter Helen Wyckoff Sophomores Alice Cummings Gretchen Gilbert Mildred Hirsig Janet Olsen Marleine Reader Frances Reger Mae Newell Freshmen Olive Congdon Elizabeth Fletcher Harriet Hanson Beulah Henry Bernice Klug Florence McCabe Margaret McGovern Judith Olsen Margaret Reger Emma Jo Schlosser Pott 494 The Badger =b Tofy Row: Harms, Sandsten, Chorlog. Connor. Longcor Van Meter, Petersen Second Row: Mason, Grunstad, M. Callscn. Robinson, Trotter, Agar, Kowaike, Klerner Third Row: H. Callsen, Reichert, Mead. Eastman. Lentz. Gerberich, Connors Founded. University Arkansas, 1895 Number of Chapters. 58 Chi Ome a Wisconsin, Nu, 1903 61 5 N. Henry Street ft t Seniors Helen Agar Marian Conner Vivian Dollard Vera Eastman Pearl Grunstad Leila Mead Gladys Peterson Marian Robinson Isabel Trotter Dorothy Van Meter Juniors N Iarcaret Callsen Lozelle Connors Kathleen Harms Martha Hollingsworth Marie Kowalke Members in University Dorothy Reichert Helen Sherdahl Ruth Staudenmeyer Sophomores Helen Callsen Margaret Chorlog Gladys Gerberich Martha Klerner Margaret Reichert Lentz Elizabeth Mason Emilie Sandsten Pledges Helen Brodd Margaret Dollard Irmagarde Foster Gertrude Graham Lida Hollingsworth Sarah Lewis Doris Pitechner Florence Poppenhagen Katherine Harrington Dorothea Speith Patt 9i The Badger Tot R-ow: Nee. O ' Neill, Schafer, Sammons, Fletcher, Gude, Mayer, Harley. H, Haswell, Topp Second Rqw: Tyler, Cordell, Crandell, Larson, Knoliin. Shaw, Owen, R. Haswell, Marquis Third Roto: Carlisle, Redeker. Mosel. Barry, D. Swenson, Johnson. Densmore, Cockrell Alpha Chi Ome a Founded, De Pauw University, 1885 Numtscr of Chapters, 27 Madison, Kappa, 1903 146 Langdon Street Margaret H ' Doubler Seniors Catherine Barry Helen Dorothy Gude Marion Mosel Merle Shaw Helen Swenson Gertrude Harley Laures Owen Marcarite Martini Elizabeth Cordell Mary Nee Natalie Densmore Kathleen Tyler Elizabeth Schafer Juniors Helen Batterman Luetta Crandell Vera Carlisle Winifred Fletcher Memb ers in Faculty Gertrude Johnson Members in University Rachel Haswell Helen Haswell Dorothy Mayer Jean Marquis LuciLE Larson Dorothy Redeker Marco Topp Margaret McCarthy Dorothy Swenson Carol Mortimer Sophomores Margaret Ives Ruth Kelso Lucille Johnson Alice Cockrell Mable Knollin Helen Blake Catherine Morton Harriet Godfrey Elizabeth Sammons Catherine O ' Neill Freshmen Emmaline Levis Helen Ollis Vene Marquis Pat 496 I The Badger Tofy Row: Davis, Foster, Sheltman, Simmons. Thomas, Richter, A. Ligon Second Row: Evans, Norgord, Smith, Brown, Hoese, Knox, Moehlenpah, PhiUips Third Row: M. Ligon, Stevens. Goddard. Bird. McLandress. Eken, Ekern, Mochlenp ah, Temples Alpha Xi Delta Founded. Lombard College. 18 3 Number of Chapters. 34 Wisconsin. Theta. 1904 434 Sterling Court Helen Gunderson Members in Faculty Helen B. Smith Ruth Smith Bess Williamson Graduates Marie Riker Dorothy Grace Hammelrath Florence Coerper Brown Seniors Helen Bohan Miriam Evans Helen Foster Sylva Hazard Helen McLandress Marian Moehlenpah Cleo Parsley Dorothy Patrick Bertha Phillips Juniors Geneva Bird RowENA Brown Irene Davis Rl ' th Eken Members in University LiLA Ekern Marjorie Elston Hazel Goddard Margaret Knox Mary Ligon Marian Richter Emmy Lou Sheltman Alethea Smith Gertrude Stevens «a .. Pauline Temples Beatrice Walker Sophomores Clara Hoese Ann Ligon Alice Moehlenpah Gladys Norgord Elizabeth Si.mmons Louise Thomas Pledges Pauline Dexter Ruth Elston Gertrude Ford Dorothy Gaines Louise Marshall Roberta Odell Jane Pierson Ina Taylor Helen Powell Q- Pate 497 The Badger Tofy Row: Hale. Smith. Peacock. Sammis, Fannin. Wasson Second Row: Strauss, Sylvester, Winkelman, Levi, Hoebel, Ehlert, Johnson Third Row: Williams. Luenzman, Osman, Bigham, Peterson, Goodenow, IHommedieu, McClun Fourth Row: Paris, Boardman, Addington, Nelson, Replinger. Sickels, Barnes, Wohlford. Warnes Alpha Gamma Delta Founded, Syracuse University, 1903 Number of Chapters, 29 Wisconsin, Beta, 1905 418 N. Frances Street Seniors Lois Addington Florence Brown Goodenow Josephine Sarah Hornaday Edith Evelyn Nelson Anna Marie Peterson Mildred Ruth Replinger Malvena Elizabeth Sammis Margaret Baur Sickels Helen Margaret Wasson Blanche Adelia Vastine Juniors Lola Barbara Barnes Janice May Boardman LuciLE Margaret Ehlert | Members in University Nina Charlotte Paris Elizabeth Louise Hale Dorothy Trathuie Johnson Ethel May Smith Muriel Mae Warnes Helen Dorothy Winkelman Sophomores Kathryn Grace Bigham Pauline Vertheim Hoebel Dorothy Kellogg I ' Hommedieu Nina Catherine Fannin Leonore Schell Luenzmann Lenore Mariam Sylvester Melba Donna Williams Freshmen Mary Ethel McClun Mildred Ossman LuELLA Belle Peacock Dorothy Minetta Strauss Pati49S The Badger Top Row: Boyer, Keech. Sikes. G. Xlciarlanc. Jones, J. McFarlane. Alcorn, Johnson, Austin Bottom Row: Snow, Lynch, Gray. Zimmermann. Wjesler, Riley. Rinder, E. Mulhall, M. L. Mulhall. O ' Connor Alpha Omicron Pi Founded, Barnard College, N. Y., 18 )7 Number of Chapters, 27 Wisconsin, hta, 1917 626 N Henry Street Seniors Flora Alcorn Grace Austin Stella Johnson Elisabeth Morrison Evelyn Mulhall May O ' Connor Elsbeth Kinder Ethel Zimmermann Juniors Dorothy Gay Iosephine Keech Marian Lynch Gertrude McFarlane Joan McFarlane Mary Louise Mulhall Members in University Elisabeth Riley Eleanor Sikes Josephine Snow Dorothy Wiesler Sophomores Ieannette Boyer Mary Devine Je. n Fisher Maude Gray Irene Jones Deborah Sanborn Elizabeth Sears Freshmen Mary Brader Fi.orene Breitenbach Madeline Dorsey Lenice Goodrich Mary Lee MacComas Helen Melaas Marie Post q= Pate 499 The Badger = t t i l £ i 1 f 1 t ( Top Row: Anderson. B jdinson, Barry, Weaver. Kreatz, Shaw Second Row: Young, Pratt, Drake, Burd, Barber, Martin, Briggs, Robinson, Adams Third Row: Kerr, Mayhew. Struve. Brayton, Sellers, Johnson, Sharratt, Eberly Delta Zeta Founded. Miami University. I ' WZ Number of Chapters, 46 Wisconsin. Tau. 1 18 10 Langdon Street Members in Faculty Helen Robertson Edith Gladstone Wray Seniors Marjorie Helen Adams Margaret Elizabeth Kerr Inez A. Brayton Olca Anderson Marion Childs Barber Helen E. Pratt Liona Sellers Juniors Mary Elizabeth Briggs Hazel Elizabeth Young Sophomores Virginia C. Johnson Members in University Lorraine J. Kreatz Annette K. Mayhew Lx)is V. Barry Helen Robinson Marie Margaret Struve Louise E. Burd Violet H. Sharratt Lillian I. Dell Blanche Rowe Freshmen Virginia H. Othmer Berenice R. Martin Adelaide Kilstrom Gwendolyn Drake Alice F. Shaw Pearl L. Weaver Coleen Bodinson Clara B. Eberly Ellen J. Matheson I ' ate S(H) Tine Badger Top Row: Haase, Warren, Landon, Belscamper, Bremer, G. Dierut, Hooper, Kuehn, Weingandt Second Row: Killilea. Burkhart, Jacobs, Jobse, R. Stilwill, Porter, Netzow, Rothschild, Pergandc. Gibson Third Row: Madden, Dickinson, Power, H. Stilwill, Kehl, Kennedy, L. Oieruf, O ' Mallcy Si ma Kappa Founded, Colby College, 1874 Number of Chapters, 29 Wisconsin, Psi of Sigma Kappa, 1919 430 Sterling Court I Seniors Helen Stilwill Gertrude Kehl Helen Rothschild Bertha Burkhart Frances Landon Charlotte Bremer Juniors Marion Se Cheverell Letitia O ' Malley Lillian Netznow Charlotte Belscamper S. Katherine Kennedy Edith Porter Frances Warren Mabel Jobse Members in University Sophomores Lois Jacobs Gertrude Haase Margaret Pergande Pauline Dickinson Gladys Dieruf til III Else Kuehn Florence Killilea Hazel Weingandt Louise Madden Louetta Dieruf Ruth Stilwill Fern Power Helen Gibson Elizabeth Hopper Freshmen Dorothy Meyer Dorothy Strauss Barbara Warren Myrtle Netzow Anita Netzow Alice Colony Janet Clark Page 501 The Badger Tofy Row Grain, Suess, Hennecke, Newton, Klosterman. Daly, Page. Martens. McHardy, S. Davis Second Roiv: Cavanagh, Trettien, Wheeler, Kohn. Artz, Robin, Lund, Kindschi, Dunlap Third Row: Lambert. Kane. Wenrelman, Lewis, Hempe, Hanson, Langhoff. Fleischer, Dean. Van Horn Founded. Wesleyan College, 1852 Number of Chapters, 38 PhiMu Wisconsin. Zeta Eieta. 1919 222 Lansdon Street Graduates Bernice E. Newton Naomi Wenzelmann Seniors Jeannette Cavanac;h Dorothy Grain Edna Hempe Elsbeth Jean Hennecke Ella Liner Lambert Henriette a. Suess Helen Trettien Merle Van Horn Juniors LiDiA H. Artz IDoROTHY Dean Hazel Ann Fleischer Members in University KiLBouRNE Hanson Clara Klosterman Kathryn C. Kohn Margaret A. MacHardy Alice Martens Arlene L. Page Helen A. Wheeler Sophomores Annis Daly M. Soule Davis Gertrude M. Dunlap Esther Fowler Velma Kane Martha Keller RosANNA L. Kindschi Anita Langhoff Helen Lewis Edna Lund Gertrude Robin Freshmen Annabel [Sodden HixEN Davis Opal Finberc Elsie Koch Katharin Spencer Margaret L. Williams Patt f02 The Badger =b, Tofy Row: Wilson. M Knauf. Smith, Powers, Adelt, Tesch, Kvammen, Capps. Thompson, Van Ess Second Row: Kroncke, Deopker. Harris, Clayton, Trumbull. Josephson, Oakes. Ulry, Druse. Fremstad, Ashcraft Third Row: Dodge. Connell. O ' Connor, Bullock. Fellows, Webb, Simpson. Mack, Redeman, Kriz Kappa Delta Founded, 18q7 Number of Chapters. 38 Wisconsin, Tau. 1920 1 5 E. Oilman Street Graduates EsTELLE Ashcraft Myrtle Bean Laura Duncan Margaret Powers Seniors Gertrude Adelt Edith Black Alice Bullock Isabel Capps Irene Clayton Muriel Deopker Iris Fellows Esther Harris Florence Josephson Dorothy Mack Florence Macaurn Annetta O ' Connor Virdelle Simpson Doris Smith Marion Thompson Members in University Juniors Mabel Brown Dorothy Dodge Lylah Fremstad Mary Kriz Gretchen Kroncke Olca Kvammen Mildred Redeman Mildred Rooney Arlene Van Ess Sophomores Myra Connell Ethel Druse Margaret Knauf Esther Oakes Dora Orcutt Gertrude Tesch Marjorie Trumbull Louise Webb Elizabeth Wilson Freshmen Louise Ackley Larch Campbell Marian Colby Genevieve Ellis Margaret Hoover Katherine Knauf Lois McCarthy Beulah Naset Frances Perlowski Margaret Ulry Elsa Walber I ' agt SOS The Badger Tofy Row: Bayer, Lane. Hand, Watson, Iverson. French, Hedley, Delbridge, Hanson Second Row: Ludwig, Wray, Greene, Douglas, Schultz, Wiedeman, McLay, Gormley Third Row: Rhode, Riesterer, Bonnet, Young, Holton, Palmer, Gehan. Nelson, Schoenberg Fourth Row: Ritter, Kellog, Greenwood. Sutor, Roby, McDowell, Wahlc. Burgess Alpha Delta Pi Founded, Wesleyan Female College. 1851 Number of Chapters, 34 Wisconsin, Alpha Mu, 1920 135 Langdon Street Graduates Mary McDowell Rhea Wahle Seniors Marjorie Delbridge Helene French Mary Esther Hedley Beatrice Holton Elsie Iverson Marion McLay Juniors Dorothy Bonnett Gladys Brew Nella Burgess Doris Gormley Harriette Greene Florence Kellog Members in University Gladys Lane Elsie Palmer Bernice Rhode Mildred Riesterer Vesta Ritter Edith Schoenberg Dorothy Sutor Katherine Watson Alice Wray Sophomores Gladys Bayer Dorothy Coe Annabel Douglas Evelyn Gehan Constance Greenwood Mildred Hanson Myra Ludwig Dorothy Nelson Hilda Schulz Esther Scofield Ruth Wiedeman Freshmen Emma Hand Winifred Rosy Mary Ann Young PafS04 The Badger Top Row: Soldan, Dohr. Goodell, Spear, Chandler Second Row: Bassett. Wood, Borge, Plumlce Third Row: Stein, Garness, Gibbs, Perham, Beebe Si ma Alpha Iota Professional Musical Sorority Founded, Ann Arbor. Michigan, 1903 Number of Chapters, 27 Wisconsin. Rho, 1920 Florence Bergendahl Members in Faculty Aagot Borge Martha K. Chandler Irene Eastman I Graduates Alice Goodell Helen Wood Seniors Ruth Beebe Merle Irene Gibbs Members in University Harriet Dohr Beatrice Perham Juniors Ariel Bassett Gladys Garness Sophomore Mildred Stein Freshmen Katherine Arnquist Lillian Soldan Grace Plumlee Mary Spear Page SOS The Badger Top Row: Goldstein, Toplon, Morgenthau. Eiseman. Lobowitch, Feerer. Schwartz Bottom Row: Mark, Weinman, Goldberg. Perstein, S. Rosenberg, Malsin, Hauptman, Gold, E. Rosenberg Alpha Epsilon Phi Founded. Barnard College. New York City. 190 " Number of Chapters. 18 Wisconsin. Sigma. 1921 205 N. Murray Street Graduate Jane Morceimthau Seniors Be ssie Gold j eannette goldstein Helen Malsin Frances Perstein Juniors Yvette Goldberg Evelyn Hauptman Sylvia Rosenberg Members in University Sophomores Cecil Eiseman Helen Feerer Esther Rosenberg Freshmen Helen Labowitch Bernice Mark Beatrice Toplon Freda Weinman Rosalind Schwartz Pott f 06 The Badger- Tofy Row: Urban. Muehlberger, H. Anderson. McKellar. Crummy. Shaw, Suppiger Second Row: L. Dynes, M. Dynes Westerfield. Hardy, Martin, J. Bailey, Brown, Tough Third Row: VVallesz, M. Bailey, Capron, R. Anderson, U ' Ren, Alexander, Baldwin Phi Omefea Pi Founded, 1910 Number of Chapters. 13 Wisconsin. Phi Omega Pi. 629 N . Frances Street 1915 Seniors Anne Alexander Ruby E. Anderson Jane Bailey Mary Bailey Elinor Brown Lola Dynes Madge Dynes Hester Martin Mildred Reynolds Edith Suppiger Selma W ' allesz Juniors Doris Baldwin Members in University Mable Crummy Marjorie Capron Arlene McKellar Edna Muehlberce: Rosalind Tough Dora U ' Ren Leola Urban Florence Westerfield Sophomores Genevieve Hardy Dorothy Hedler Ruth Shaw Freshmen Helen Anderson Sadie Hedler Gertrude Ruff Pag f07 The Badger Top Row: Wismer, Hall. L. Thompson, Hodgson, Salter, Fix. Kinslow. Keator, Corey, Wiepking Bottom Row: King, Hicks, Little. Simpson. Hess. Byrns, Morton. Chase. Van Holtcn, Ray Gamma Alpha Epsilon Professional Home Economics Sorority Founded, Wisconsin, 1921 Abby L. Marlatt Elsie Hess Seniors Elizabeth Byrns Marjorie Chase Helen Corey Mildred Downie Margaret Fix AiLEEN Hall Elsie Hodgson Helen Keator Alice Kinslow Caroline Little Honorary Members Jean Krueger Hazel Manning Members in Faculty Florence King Florence Ray Members in University May L. Cowles Dorothy Wiepking Elizabeth Salter Virdelle Simpson F. Louise Thompson Marian Thompson Dorothy Van Holten Sarah Wismer Juniors Genevieve Hicks Jessie Morton WiLMA Rathbun Put ' fOt The Badger- Top Row: Cleveland, Winslow, Marshall. Stuart. Blair, Wilson, Fowler, Thompson. Truesdall Second Row: Wells. Higdon, Koenig, Walker, Ringheim, Adams, Randolph, Day Third Row: Crary. O ' Shea, Atwood, Baines, McCoy. Jackson, Kerr. Louden Fourth Rotv: Ambrose, Cairns. Brannum, Baumann, Kney Holt. Freeze. Morton Mystic Circle Mystic Circle which was originally organized for social purposes is now annually engaged in some big charitable work in Madison. A varying number of freshmen are elected each year to make the membership eight from each of the following sororities: Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi. Officers Eugenie Baumann President Katharine O ' Shea Secretary Beatrice Fowler Treasurer SoLVEiG Winslow Social Chairman Members in University ¥ Pauline Ambrose Florence Schroeder Roberta Louden Eleanore Day Edith Jackson Catherine Wilson Seniors Juniors Solveig Winslow Jessie Morton Helen Stuart Marguerite Baines Eugenie Baumann Mary Elizabeth Randolph Elizabeth Marshall Katharine O ' Shea Josephine McCoy Margaret Ringheim Louise Holt Beatrice Fowler Sophomores Mary Atwood Dorothy Adams Helen Brannum Mary Blair Mary Kney Geraldine Thompson Catherine Cairns Maxine Walker Freshmen Esther Koenig Jane Truesdall Monica Wells Marie Kerr Jane Gray Cleveland Ida Crary Evelyn Freeze LuciLE Higdon Pate 509 The Badger Tof) Row: Dickes, Chase, Anderson, Malsin, Brenke, Mioche, Johnson Bottom Row: Tallandier. Palisse. Aspinwall, Hurlbut, Gary, Pons, Polasky French House 1 105 University Avenue In the summer session of 1918 the French House was established by the Romance Language De- partment of the University for the purpose of furnishing to the students a speaking knowledge of French and an acquaintance with French life and customs. Isabel Gary . Berenice Polasky Mary Aspinwall Officers President Treasurer Social Chairrrum Mlle. Marguerite Pons Mlle. Jeanne Palisse Members in Faculty Mlle. Marie Mioche Members in University Graduate Katherine Brenke Mlle. Germaine Tallandier Miss Ruth Hurlbut, Chaperon Dorothy Anderson Mary Chase Seniors Helen Malsin Berenice Polasky Edna Dickes Mary Aspinwall Juniors Isabel Cary Gertrude Johnson Patf 510 Page 511 The Badger Barnard Hall Officers Helen Martner President Clare Trier Vice-President Gladys EBoerner Secretary Seville McReynolds Treasurer Florence Killilea Sccial Secretary Calendar for Year Oct 1 Tea for Freshmen Oct. II Frosh-Soph Party Oct. 13 Tea Oct. 22 Open House Oct. 28 Hallowe ' en Dance Nov. 12 Homecoming Tea Nov. 16 Dance for Chadbourne Nov. 29 Thanksgiving Dance Dec. 16 Christmas Party Jan. 19 Informal Dance Feb. 16 Formal Dinner Dance Mar. 22 Facultv Dinner Mar. 31 Informal Dance May 13 Mothers ' Week-end May 19 Spring Dance May 29 Swing-Out lltfM I Pagt SI2 The Badger =b Chadbourne Hall Officers Helen Zuehlke President Leone Immel Vice-President Louise Beebe Secretary Martha Boese Treasurer Hilda Schultz Social Chairman Calendar for Year Chadbourne Tea Initiation Marshmallow Roast Informal Dance Chadbourne Spread Homecoming Tea Alumni Banquet Thanksgiving Day Festival Semi-Formal Dance Christmas Party Christmas Carols At Home Informal Dance Corridor Spread Freshman At Home Faculty Dinner Upperclass Party St. Patrick ' s Party Easter Egg Hunt Formal Dance Mother ' s Week-End Pageant Senior Swing-Out Silent Night 0= PatiilJ The Badger- Top Row: Guilefoile, Lu ff, Dewey, Lawton, Bruns. Elbe! Bottom Row: Hilpert, Cole. Baldauf, Hagens, Hussong Journalism House 430 North Frances Street The Journalism House was founded in 1921 so that women in the University with a common in- terest in journalistic activities might live together. Women majoring in the Course in Journalism are those chosen for membership in the organization. The girls make an efifort to have every member represented in some one of the many jourroalistic activities on the campus. The organization isthe first of its kind established anywhere in the country. Faculty Adviser WlLLARD G. BlEYER Members in University Seniors Bernice Bruns Pearl Hagens Anne Hilpert Portia Lugoff Juniors Lois Cole Bertha Elbel Elizabeth Guilefoile Dorothy Lawton Edith Porter Anna C. Stoffregen Sophomores Helen Baldauf Mary Elizabeth Hussong Freshman Ella Dewey Pan SI4 Tine Badger- Tot Row: Mortimer. Bemis, Capps, Rowe, Kinslow. Zander. Eichhorsc, Uakcs Second Row: Dick, G. Sherman. E. Sherman, Carpenter. Teare, Roderick, Segner Third Row: Dine, PauII. Black, Hinz, Jaeger, McCarthy Tabbard Inn Officers Alice Kinslow President Esther Segner Secretary Edith Black Treasurer Stella Hinz Chaperon Graduates Stella Hinz Ruth Pointer Seniors Edith Black Isabel Capps Alice Kinslow Helen Paull Dorothy Roderick Mildred Rowe Elsie Sherman Ruth Teare Members in University Juniors Josephine Bemis Marie Carpenter Irma Dick Marie Eichhorst Ruth Jaeger Mary McCarthy Carol Mortimer Sophomores Volunta Dine Esther Oakes Esther Segner Freshmen Grace Sherman Bernice Zander Pate SIS The Badger Top Row: L. Wood. V. Wood, McNutt, Hodgson Second Row: Garwood. O ' Neill. Owens, Dresser. Hampton Third Row: Harris, Groth, Ingraham, Meyne, Van Holten, Lyons The Charter The Charter was organized in September, 1921, as a women ' s co-operative house. The members of The Charter have found it to be a bond of fellowship and a true home. Officers Marcarttha Meyne Mildred Owens Dorothy Van Holten . President Vice-President Recording Secretary LiLA McNuTT Elsie Hodgson . Ruth E. Garwood Members in University Seniors Helen Dresser Dora Ingraham Edna Groth Lila McNutt Elsie Hodc;son Marcarttha Meyne Dorothy Van Holten CorresfHtnding Secretary Treasurer Chafyeron Juniors Dora Harris Evelyn Lyon Josephine O ' Neill Mildred Owens Top Row: Cooper. Koehler, Shajdnagle, Brown, Wicks Second Row: Jewel!. Chandler. Maynard. Newman Third Row: Shaw, Oliver. 1 cgge Fourth Row: Cook. Graf. Thompson. Clark, Humphrey Fi th Row: Alexander, Madden. Wegel. Evans, Rogers, Remington Gladys Cook Graduates Seniors Cochrane ' s 602 North Frances Street Members in University MiLntF-D Hawks Valentine Humphhi y , Eleanor Jewell Juniors Maiicaket Brown LocilSB Madden Ethel Weiiel Martha Chandler Eleanor Koehler Margaret Remington Helen Shaidnagle Elizabeth Maynard Katherine Tyler Alice Clark E5oROTHY Evans Sophomores Katherine Thompson Mildred Teoce Freshmen Martha Alexander Helen Cooper Harriet Graf Katherine Newman EvKi yn (Viver Alice Shaw Edna Rogers Virginia Wicks Pate ilb Pat€ 517 The Badger HEN the sons and daughters of our people leave home to enter upon an CJ entirely new phase of life at the University, they do so handicapped by the lack of those happy associations which the home offers for the building of strong character. Since students are necessarily denied these associations, it has been felt that they ought not also be denied the opportunity to develop the spir- itual side of their lives. The University which, as a public institution, can teach nothing that is " partisan in politics or sectarian, in religion, " is unable to offer its students this opportunity in the fullest measure. It is for this reason that the religious forces of the state have established centers of religious activity about the campus. A survey of the activities of these centers indicates that a very large majority of the students are interested in religious work in some form. The work in most of these centers is carried on by the students them- selves, under the direction of their respective pastors; and the records show that the number of students thus actively engaged is considerably more than one thousand. As an opportunity for religious education these centers offer not less than forty formal courses in religion. This department in the Badger has been established for two purposes : first, that those who are interested might know the nature and extent of this opportunity offered students for the development of their religious life; second, that those stu- dents who chose to temper their college life with this ennobling influence of religion might have a permanent record to which they might turn in the future to renew memories of associations and friendships made dear by a common effort toward this attainment of a high purpose in life. =P Patt fit The Badger Campus Reli ous Council Officers H. J . Walter Coutu President Dorothy Simpson Vice-President Rev. S. M. Cleveland Secretary-Treasurer Purpose and Work The Campus Religious Council is the co-ordinating body of organizations doing religious work on the campus. The council conducts a series of all-uni " ersity religious convocations throughout the school year, speakers for which are secured from among the representative men of the nation. Besides doing work among foreign students, taking an annual religious census of the university, holding lenten and summer religious services and encouraging religious education and activity among the students, the Council, through its business and social sessions, furthers efficiency and co-operation among its con- stituent organizations. The purpose and the justification of the Campus Religious Council is co-opera- tion and co-ordination of campus religious work, educational, social and spiritual. Baptist Reverend J. B. Gleason Clarence A. Andree Elizabeth Kempton, ' 24 Blanche L. McKeever, ' 23 J. Arlington Potts, ' 23 James W. Suttor, ' 25 Congregational Reverend J. E. Sarles Margaret L. Brown, ' 24 Rachel L. Haswell, ' 24 Alvin R. Klann, ' 23 Robert L. Reynolds, ' 23 Eleanor R. Sanford, ' 23 Episcopal Reverend S. M. Cleveland H. J. Walter Coutu, ' 24 Wes. W. Dunlap, ' 25 Cora S. McReynolds, ' 23 Virgil H. Roick, ' 23 Henry S. Rubel, ' 23 First Evangelical Reverend L. C. Viel Louis G. Adams, ' 23 Floyd Christoph, ' 25 Walter A. Frautschi, ' 24 Representatives Cornelia D. Heise, ' 24 Eleanora M. Hermsmeier, ' 24 Lutheran Reverend A. J. Soldan Vera T. Carlyle, ' 23 Peter R. Moeller, ' 23 Carol M. Mortimer, ' 24 LuLA D. Staab, ' 24 Wilbur W. Wittenberg, ' 24 Methodist Reverend E. B. Blakeman Rowena R. Brown, ' 23 Lucius P. Chase, ' 23 Esther J. Harris, ' 23 Christopher Hendra, ' 23 Fred L. Kildow, ' 24 Presbyterian Reverend M. G. Allison Elizabeth E. Gissal, ' 24 Gloria B. Kleist, ' 23 Helen S. McLandress, ' 23 Charles A. Rawsen, ' 23 Howard K. Willett, ' 23 Reformed Reverend E. H. Vornholt i Nora D. Blum, ' 25 Louise V. Bolliger, ' 24 Howard W. Drummer. ' 25 Harold E. Hanson, ' 24 Otto H. Meili, ' 25 Unitarian Reverend A. E. Hayden Julia A. Lingenfelder, ' 23 H. B. Shier, ' 24 David Sinclair, ' 24 P. W. VoLTZ, " 23 [Dorothy Whipple, ' 23 y. M. C. A. Frederick E. Wolf, Secretary Haskell E. Coats, ' 24 Elmer R. Gesteland, ' 23 Allan G. Halline, ' 24 Carl R. Rogers, ' 24 Worth E. Shoults, ' 23 y. W. C. A. Miss M. Anderson, Secretary Margaret A. Callsen, ' 24 Dorothy A. King, ' 25 Dorothy Simpson, ' 24 Susie M. Sullivan, ' 23 Ethel L. Tyrrell, ' 25 Poft S19 The Badger- Tof) Row: Wald, Andree, Potts, Duket. Gage, Rider Second Row: Field. IXithey, Fuller, Gluesing, Dedrick, McKeever, Ransome Third Row: Wallace, Thomas, Blanchard, Kempton, Reppert, Larson, Morrison, Gleason Baptist Youn People ' s Cabinet The Baptist Young People ' s Cabinet co-operates with the First Baptist Church and the Baptist Student Headquarters. Its purpose is to correlate all Baptist Student and Young People ' s social and religious activities at the University of Wisconsin. The Headquarters at 429 North Park Street is always open for Baptist students and their friends. Officers J. Sherman Wallace Minister J OSEPH B. Gleason University Pastor J . Arlington Potts President Ruth M. Larson Secretary Presidents Blanche McKeever, Christian Endeavor Florence Reppert, Junior Philatheas Mildred Hawks, Senior Philatheas George Field, Junior Mixers Sandy Duket, Senior Mixers Representatives Elizabeth Kempton Garnet Morrison James Sutton Herbert Olson Committee Chairmen Clarence Andree, Campus R eligious Council Grace Blanchard, Christian Workers William Gluesing, Foreign Students Irma Kahle, Baptist News Bulletin Calvert Dedrick, Gospel Teams Mabel Duthey, Americanization Eunice Ransome, Unit System Mildred Thomas, Devotional Florence Fuller, Finance Merle Rider, Publicity Arthur Wald, Choir Lyle Gage, Social PafS20 The Badger Tofj Roiv: Gray, Junkins. Sneathen. Smith, Miller Second Row: Sanford, Andrews, Brown, Klann, Perham, Spoon, Biglow, J. H. Sarles, Oscar, Strong Third Row: Darby, Dunbar, Williams, Hughes. J. E. Sarles. Goddard, Robertson, Dickinson, Tucker, Knott Fourth Row: W. Sarles, R. Haswell, Nethercut. Mosel, Wentworth, H. Haswell, Martin, Mavor. Robb, R. Beebc The Congregational Students ' Association The Congregational Students " Association is an organization composed of all Congregational stu- dents at the University of Wisconsin. Its object is mutual acquaintance and the promotion of the in- terests of the Christian Church as an agency for the betterment of individual character and the im- provement of life in all its relationships. Officers Alvin R. Klann President Marian T. Mosel Vice-President Margaret L. Brown Secretary Robert C Nethercut Treasurer Rev. J. E. Sarles University Pastor Department Chairmen Church Finance Music Helen A. Haswell Calvin C. Oakford Estelle B. Miller George O. Darby A. Clinton Andrews N. June Gray Lawrence B. Dunn Pauline D. Dickinson Myron B. Junkins Elizabeth M. Knott Francis C. Finucane Beatrice M. Perham Helen G. Oscar Dorothy A. King Paul K Robertson Kenneth S. Spoon Russel D. Schoenfeld Margaret J. Sneathen Publicity Religious Education Social Frances M. Hughes Horace P. Martin John H. Sarles L. Francis Lamb Louise Beebe Ruth Beebe Helen V. Patterson Elizabeth A. Biglow Jean P. Dunbar William B. Sarles Hazel M. Goddard Theodore J. Smith Helen M. Wasson Walter A. Kuenzli M. Jean Mavor Rolland F. Williams Henry M. Willard George M. Newton Social Service ' ¥?d 4fi Campus Religious Eugene G. Williams - ' j Tjp ' Council Delegates Muriel M. Edwards •. ABrl S -Alvin R. Klann Virginia Newell ' (P. BBHIB ' " - Rachel L. Haswell Carroll E. Robb ' J5i Bl F i»ifi Robert L. Reynolds Stuart E. Strong I M [j, _ Sl___-1 x flflL Eleanor R. Sanford Albert B. Tucker ll riHP VUBHBMBBMB W. Norris Wentworth Pate 521 The Badger- First Evangelical Church Wisconsin Avenue and E. Johnson Street Rev. Lyndon Clyde Viel, Pastor The Church with the Student Heart Student Activities Christian Endeavor: A Sunday evening society of young people meeting to discuss vital problems of religion and life. Friendship Bible Class: A discussional Sunday morning class led by the pastor. Survlay Social Hour: A regular program each Sunday afternoon at the various homes of Madison members at which games and old fashioned talk are featured. Saturday Hikes: A frequent activity of large numbers of students who learn to know each other better, have a good time, and find out something of the fair city in which they are receiving their edu- cation. Social Times: Once or twice each month evening social hours at the church are held by various church organizations. The student is always welcome. Pat S 22 The Badger- Top Raw: Sorcnson, Peterson, W. Baum, Herbener, G. Baum. Pett. Haugen. Murphy Second Row: L. Elser. F. Elser, Steenburg, Kvammen, Chorlog, Schwenker, Guentzel Third Row: Carlyle, Soidan, Steensland. Rev. Soldan, Wittenberg, Mortimer. Elver, Staab Lutheran Cabinet The Luther Memorial Student Cabinet is the governing body of the Luther Memorial Student Association, composed of Lutheran students on the campus. The cabinet co-operates with the pastor in bringing the Lutheran students into closer touch with the church and with each other. Officers W. WiLBER Wittenberg President Bernice J. Elver Vice-President Otto B. Herbener Treasurer Vera T. Carlyle Secretary Committees Religious Education Committee Alice Steenburg, Chr. Lulu Staab Alfred Peterson Freida Elser Margaret Schwenker Finance Committee Peter Moeller, Ciir. Adolph Sprain Else Kuehn Membership Committee Walter Baum, Clir. Capitola Steensland Mildred Guentzel Alfred Sorenson Publicity Committee ....... . ' . j g ttliiE ; " " Social Committee Louise Elser, Chr. - " B Margaret Chorlog, Chr. John Murphy jlp George Baum Frank Bumer illH IHk—M ' Ernest Pett Ben White .kj lK B r " Gladys Muscheid Olga Kvammen H .ZiM MllO li ||i| H William Haugen Lillian Soldan Carol Mortimer Page 523 The Badger Committee on student work — Vornholt. Hansen, Bolliger, Blum, Neili, CXimmer Memorial Reformed Church 14 West Johnson Street Memorial Reformed Congregation invites students to all its services. A Bible Class in English and either a German or English preaching service are conducted every Sunday morning. Christian Endeavor meetings and discussions of interesting subjects are held each Sunday evening. Beside the Social Hour and Cost Lunch given bi-weekly there are other Social gatherings. Oct. 14 Opening Reception Nov. 6 Hike to Sunset Point Nov. 21 Thanksgiving Play Last Year ' s Social Calendar May 30 Hike to Lake Forest Dec. 20 Christmas Party Feb. 24 Costume Party May 10 Picnic PoffU The Badger- Presbyterian Student Alliance The Presbyterian Student Alliance consists of all Presbyterian students at the university. Its affairs are conducted through a Student Cabinet elected by the Alliance. There is also a regularly organized Presbyterian church. The Presbyterians have a club house in which all student acti ities center, and a girls ' dormitory. The Staff Rev. M. G. Allison Director of Religious Work Miss Myrtle E. Jobse Women ' s Secretary Officers of the Alliance Herman M. J . Hoffman President James K. Douglas Vice-President Howard K. Willett Secretary-Treasurer Athletic Clyde W. Gleason Music Helen S. McLandress Social James K. Douglas Committee Chairmen Bible Class Oscar R Baker Poster Helen Powell Social Service Helen K. Bell House James T. Watson Publicity Ma«ian Se Cheverell Sunday Evening Club Charles A. Rawson Officers of the Church Elders Oscar R. Baker James K. Douglas Harry E. Carswell Charles A. Rawson Trustees Minnie D. Beattie Ted H. Field Herman M. J. Hoffman Helen Hirth Dorothy Jones Elizabeth Morrison Elizabeth Nelson Pagt 515 TKe Badger- Saint Francis Society (Episcopal) Officers Henry S. Rubel President Vergil S. Roick Vice-President Phoebe L. Smith Secretary Robert E. Harris Treasurer Rev. Stanley M. Cleveland Chaplain Cabinet Girls ' Council Seville McReynolds Director Jean L. Palica Vice-Director Genevieve Hicks Vice-Director Rosamond R. Nolte .... Vice-Director Esther G. Fifield Secretary Brotherhood of St. Andrew Wes W. Dunlap Director Robert F. Brown Vice-Director W. J . Walter Coutu Vice-Director Hawley V. Porter .... Secretary-Treasurer Altar Guild Alice M. Pratt ■ . . . Chairman Servers ' Guild Burr W. Phillips Chairman Frederick Gi;storf Members-at-Large RuFus S. Phillips Marion N. Walker George S. Woodward, J r. Mrs. Alice M. Pratt Members Ex-Officio Mrs. Stanley M. Cleveland Rev. Stanley M. Cleveland PattSZt The Badger Saint Paul ' s University Chapel Location: 719-23 State Street (opposite Lower Campus) History Saint Paul ' s University Chapel is the oldest student church at the University of Wisconsin. Its Rector, The Reverend Doctor H. C. Hengell, appointed in SeptemlDer, 1906, was the first Catholic chaplain appointed to care for Catholic students at a state or secular university in the United States. The Chapel has five services every Sunday, including four Masses. There are fifteen hundred Catholic students at the University. Rector: The Reverend H. C. Hencell, Ph. D Assistants: The Reverend Leo Rummel, O. Praem., M. A. and alternating Redemptorist Fathers of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. F. Roller, G. J. Schmitz, P. F. von Szeliski, V. S. von McCoRMicK, J. E. McDonald, F. M. Porter. D. F. Acolytes: A. L. O ' Hara, J.J. Prokop, R. J. Quinn, A. Szeliski. Ushers: H. J. Bott, T. N. Burke, H. J. McCarty, S. ScHMiT, W. P. Stumpf, L. M. Traiser. Choir: Anne Malecke (Director and Organist), A. C. Barrett, F. A. Birnbaum, Elizabeth Conklin, Mar- garet Conklin, a. J. Engelhard, E. Kehr, Alberta C. Leonarz, E. Schaeger. Organization: 1 . The Newman Club, composed of the 1 ,500CathoIic students, provides for the social entertainment of its members. Officers — A. C. Barrett, President ; Mary McKenna, Vice-President ; Mary Lawless, Secretary ; F. J . Madell, Treasurer;R A. Oechsner, Senior Representative; A. F. Roller, JuniorRepresentative; Volunta Dine, Sopho more Representative; E. Kehr, Freshman Representative; Katherine Brady, chairman of Refreshment Com- mittee. 2. The Mercier Club, a branch of the Newman Club, is composed of students who are Knights of Columbus. Officers: A. F. Roller, President; D. F. Gall-vgher, Vice-President; V. F. Jungers. Secretary-Treasurer; W. Stumpf, Chairman of Social Committee. 3. The Sacred Heart League, about 200 members, receive holy Communion at the chapel on the first Friday of each month. Page 527 The Badger Top Row: Chase, Handra. Iwen. Knight, Nichol Second Row: Blaketnan, Denyes, Harris, Mitchell, Bulley, Hare Third Row: Lean. Brown, Pointer, Mink, Bemis, Van Holten, Hodgson Wesley Foundation of Wisconsin Student Cabinet Lucius Chase President Edna Soderberc Secretary WiLBERT Iwen Treasurer Department Chairmen Spiritual Missionary Social Service Ernest Watson, ' 23 Kenneth Bulley, ' 24 Paul Nichol, " 24 Esther Harris, " 23 Ruth McClurg, ' 24 Olive Lean, ' 23 Recreation Membership C " - " Supper Josephine Bemis, ' 24 Rodney Slagg ' 23 George Mitchell, " 25 Ardath Hilberry, ' 25 Elsie Hodgson ' 23 Lorraine Claus, " 25 Forum Crusaders Lawrence Denyes, LI Glenn Trewartha, Grad. Mertis Shanks. 23 Christopher Hendra, ' 23 Mabel Batcheller, ' 23 Bashford Club Hall Class Oxford Club Forrest Crawford, ' 23 Tracy Johnson, ' 25 Gerald Knight, Grad. Ruth Mink, ' 23 Marie Carpenter, ' 24 Marie Gapen, Grad. Wesley Foundation Staff Edward W. Blakeman, D. D Pastor Howard Hare Religious Education E. Tetreau, M. a Rural Studies J. R. Denyes, D. D Field Secretary Laura Harker Office Secretary Esther Harris Social Secretary PagtSl Campiuis Societies -6. L Pate SZ9 The Badger H v« " SK ' ijyiHf ■ ■■ " ■- ' . ?; 1 ife ' -HlB ■ 1 I K| P 1 ' i i k ' T HH wk « HBfii ' 3 kI- V V 1 ■ H W m B . ■Kii n. E Hm V rf M jKii - C Lm h« |H V ' taaV ■ j M 1 ■ M M ■ ml- » - K»- H •» ' 4 H b 3 S ' " HI PO 3 I ■r ' 1 kk •» kT " Bb M. .i l H Im i li m " m WTa B H ' Hhi I B ' J I Bfl E ; WM 1X1 W i .rcVIH KJ nil ■ hi H ii ■ 7 ' oit) Roif . Stein, Herrick, Bean, IDoescher, Lxitter, Gluesing, Krueger, Goetz, Carolyn Second Row: Hoelz, Gregg, Trenary, Lamb, Welsh, Boerner, Clark, Weckwurth, Nemetz, Peterman Third Row: Thomas, Landkamer, Hill, Richmond, Pletcner, Beck, Timmons. Burke, French. Rusch Fourth Row: Beer, Guenther, Ratcliff, Myosoki, Melcher, Bohman, Smart. Burelbach, Dohr, Germond, Traiscr Fijth Row: Klak, Baxandall, Hyer, Lilja, Ackerman, Vander, Kodde, Hoelz, Branovan. Nimmer, Coe American Institute of Electrical En neers Officers Robert B. Bohman John W. Smart . Executive Committee Edward Bennett Hugo L. Rusch RoYCE E. Johnson Chairman Secretary-Treasurer Members in Faculty Edward Bennett James T. Rood Members in University Graduates Harry 1. Miller Herbert H. Beck Seniors William C. Bartels Robert B. Bohman Theron a. Brown Peter J. Burelbach Lemore W. Clark Robert A. Clark Simeon A. CoE Ira T. Dohr Robert W. Eddy George A. Hill George H. Finkle Newell E. French William A. Gluf inc Hallet H. Germond Fred E. Goetz George B. Henry Neal D. Herrick Alfred N. Hoelz Carl E. Hoelz Frank P. Hyer Irving B. Johnson RoYCE E. ' Johnson Paul E. Kavanauch Lyle H. Kingston John J. Klak Alvin R. Klann William M. Knott Raymond A. Krueger William A. Kuehlthau Kenneth E. Lamb Joseph C. Lotter J . Arlington Potts Frederick A. Rahr Clarence F. Rasmussen Lawrence P. Richmond Hugo L. Rusch Arnold F. Rusvold Dominic F. Schmit John W. Smart James H. Sobey Ferdinand T. Sola Jerome R. Stein Reeve O. Strock James S. Timmons Louis M. Traiser William F. Vander Kodde Francis L. Webster Herbert F. Weckwerth Juniors Mathew Baxandall Adolf J . Ackerman George E. Bean Paul G. Beer Frederick D. Blanch Thomas J . Boerner Leo Branovan Frederic C. Buerk Ralph W. Carolyn Roy C. Dowling Ernest B. Doescher Hendrick J . Gregg F. G. Gunther Othmar F. Landkamer Otto Lessing Edgar D. Lilja Harvey R. Melcher V. W. Nemetz Friedrich W. Nimmer Arthur M. Obriecht Paul H. Peterman Earl M. Plettner Horace H. Ratcliff Sturtevant Stewart Raymond J . Steipek Everett J . Thomas Horace . Trenary Frank J . Vaclavik John F. Welch Stuart M. Welch Sophomores George W. Boushea Stuart H. King Herbert C. Mayer Masao Miyasaki Melvin a. Thomas Freshmen Paul J. Barenscher PattSlO Thie Badger Top ' iow: Thessin, Smongeski, Wandschneider, Towie, Czerwonky, Trotter, Nelson. Schmidt, Spoodis, Koch, Drissen, Larsen, Hollenbeck, Peterson. Hrubcsky, Walker, Reichelt Second Row: McArthur. Strothman, Steel, Palmer, Vergin, Wupper Third Row: von Kaas. Mason, Rietow, Stalker, Sibbe, Hartwell, Quamman, Mollerus. R. E. Johnson, Slezak, Kahlenburg, Dieterle. Alberts, King. Kolb Fourth Row: Phillips, Ganther, Ahem. Anderson. Koskinan, L. M. Johnson, Nerad, Bolender, Carson, Sanger, Breed, Sullivan, Stewart, Pervis, Palacnek, Madell, Addington Fifth Row: Krause, Bowers, Liebert. Rynders, Silver. Raube, Naujoks, Hildreth, Greeley, Chambers, Ostrander. Porth, Gross, Greiling, Hansen. Bruhnke American Society of Mechanical Engineers University of Wisconsin Branch Officers G. L. Larson Honorary Chairman Reinhold H. Raube Chairman J. L. Peterson Vice Chairman C. Eugene Silver Secretary Eugene G. Liebert Senior Treasurer Carl E. Schaefer Junior Treasurer Arthur H. Aagaard A. H. Anderson Chas. I. Corp Members in Faculty Patrick H. Hyland GusTus L. Larson Ernest A. Longenecker Daniel W. Mead Herbert D. Orth Benjamin S. Spieth Seniors Thomas L. Ahern Roy p. Anderson Archie F. Bowers Joseph A. Branks Charles Clare William E. Coddo John H. Dieterle Fred J. Ellison Alfred R. Ganther Elberto B. Greenberger George H. Gross Lloyd M- Johnson John K. Joys Roger W. Kahlenberg Eugene G. Liebert John B. Leonard Constant H. Michael FIarold J . Maurer Donald A. McArthur Norman M. Mitchell Anthony J. Nerad Carl O. Nelson Sylvester B. Ostrander Walter R. Palachek Walter W. Palmer JuLiEN L. Peterson KuFus S. Phillips Walter H. Pc»th Reinhold H. Raube Lester O. Reichelt Burd J . Riggs Lincoln A. Rietow Arthur F. Rynders Chester J . Schmidt Werner F. Senger C. Eugene Silver Frederick C. Stewart Members in University John Slezak Anthony Spoodis Gordon P. Spielman Carl F. Sibbe I bvight F. Stalker Homer J . Steel EiAioND P. Strothman John F. Sullivan, Jr. Richard A. Trotter Paul G. Thessin Charles J. Vergin Irving L, Wade Albert L. Walker William M Whalen Benjamin F Wupper Howard M. Zoerb Juniors Harold Addington Harry C. Alberts Charles A- Bauer Jerome S. Bond Howard H Bolender Bowman K Breed John N. Bruce Leslie T. Bruhnke George A, Carlson Earl L. Caldwell Charles J. Chambers Sherman Chase Hugo E. Czerwonky Delos E. Duch-ey Wallice W. Drissen George R. Fisk William H. Feirn Maurice E. Fitze William F. Greeley David J. Greiling Harold E, Hanson Henry T. Hartwell Howard V. Hayward Gunahr B. Henricks Lane W. Hili»eth Owen S. Hitchins Philip A. Hoffman Henry C. Hollenbeck George F. Hrubesky Howard E. Johnson George P. Karnath Herman K. von Kaas Norman F. Koch Kenneth J . King Clyde J. Koskinan John K Kolb Carl W. Krause Warren A, Mason Frank J . Madell Frederick J . Mollerus Clifford A. Mulholland Waldemar M. Naujoks William A. Ouweneel Richard F. Plummer Leroy M. Poull Adrian A. Purvis Delbert J. Quamman Bruce F. Reinhart Alfred E. Rand Joe Rosecky Samson G. Sarcis Carl E. Schaefer Paul P Smongeski WiLBER T. Towle Robert Wallis Fritz W. Wandschneider George L. Zamzow Page 531 The Badger- Top Row: Jensen, Baker, Carlson, Tschudy, Christopherson, Aldon, Didley. McLeisch, Smallshaw Second Row: Augstein, Muegge, Quinn, Russel, Liddle, Abendroth, Fensel, Jardine, Rick. Lathers Third Row: Hirsch, Rutherford. Lx verud, Landwehr, Fisher, Gonzenbach, Marks. MarJatcgui, Bloodgood Fourth Row: Schmidt. Lindner. Mason. Sherburne. Zander, Sogard, Keteihonn, Smith, Gluli, Villatuya American Society of Civil Engineers Officers Karl L. Zander President Alden C. Fensel Vice-President Earl K. Loverud Secretary-Treasurer Oswald J. MuECGE Publicity Chairman Carroll E. Robb Critic Graduate S. Shen Seniors B. F. Ahrens C. O. Bruden F. L. Bumer F. C. Christopherson C. A. Dunn H. F. Encler A. C. Fensel L. V. Garrity S. B. Green I. R. Haddorff T. R. King E. K. Loverud A. E. Mabry J. A. Maiers B. Mariatecui I. E. Marks E. C. Meyers V. L. Minear N. E. Minshall O.J. Muegce T. M. Niles C. A. Philo R. B. Powell E. E. Price A. I . Rabuck C. R. Russell L. A. Schmidt R. Shaw L. C. Tschudy C. B. Vilberc R. P. Villatuya D. O. Walden Members in University K. R. Wicker A. S. Zander K. L. Zander Juniors T. J. Augstein E. W. Becker M. Breivocel E. A. Carlson W. A. Collins J. T. Desmond F. K. Dibley W. H. Fisher V. Hammann E. Hirsch R. S. GOODRIDCE C. E. Holden H. D. McCuLLOUGH C. E. MoHS E. R. LUEDTKE A. Mathy E. N Otis K. W. Otto E. G. Plautz W. L. Radke A. W. Schneider E. C. SCHUMAN L. T. SOGARD L. L. Stebbins R. L. Stith Sophomores G. H. Abendroth A. S. Baker H. V. Ballam W. G. BONAWITZ K. G. BussEY D. N. COOLEY W. S. COTTINGHAM L. C. Crews R. E. FiNLAYSON E. A. Gonzenbach L. R. Harms Z. Jardine A. H. Ketelhohn V. R. Kneer W. J. Landwehr C. P. Lindner J. B. Mason J.S. Pittz R. J. Quinn N. A. Rick C. E. Robb M. H. Rutherford H. C. Sherburne J. Smallshaw W. R. Taylor J. G. Thompson W. F. Whiting E. Winzenberger H. Winzenberger Freshmen G. S. Bartleson D. E. Bloodgood H. Herzog G. Liddle H. L. Reynolds H. J . Youngberg Pof f}2 ef= The Badger Chemical En neers ' Society Officers First Semester John P. Gerhauser President Stuart Fiedler Vice-President Nevin H. McKay Secretary Wm. E. Ouweneel Treasurer Officers Second Semester Kenneth M. Watson President Chas. a. Silver Vice-President Robert L. Rundorff , . Secretary Fred M. Millington Treasurer Seniors Kenneth S. Ames LoYD G. Becker George V. Bennett Victor F. Bittner J. Carl Bode Thomas R. Bogumill John J. Chyle William T. Ennor Vilas Hanks Magnus C. Hansen Merrill E. Hansen Clarence M. Hare Herbert D. Hentzen Eugene C. Hotaling Orin G. Kaasa Alfred S. Krenz H. Dean Kitchen GusTAV K. Klaus Frank Kubosh Robert B. Lewis Robert L. Luening Charles R. Merriman Ernest A. McGraw Willard H. McKaig Nevin H. McKay Fred M. Millington Howard E. Morey Foster S. Newell Cleveland F. Nixon Walter E. Pfleger Jerome M. Pickford John W. Roberts Robert L. Rundorff Members in University Charles A. Silver George W. Tesch Willard J. Tesch Walter E. Thomas Ssu H. Ting Harold H. Tobin Theodore Votteler Kenneth M. Watson Raymond W. Wengel Juniors William B. Baehr Otto Barenscher William E. Breitenbach Milton S. Davidson Melvin C. Donkle Stuart O. Fiedler Harold Florman Charles V. Gary William A. Gerhardt Ernest W. Greene Robert E. Harris Clarence L. Hawn Gilbert K. Hill Carl W. Hirth John A. Krombolz Walter A. Kuenzli Howard J . Monroe Edwin F. Nelson Herbert J. Schultheis John F. Welch B. A. Weimer Sophomores Edgar T. Bellew G. Milton Ehlers Paul A. Elfers Claude W. Eyer Rudolph A. Froehling R. Perry Fulkerson Robert O. Guettler John L. Hall George F. Hrubecky Harry Kuhe George Lonercan Frank Meresh Edwin J. Miller Freshmen Neil A. Fox Russell E. Hansen Russel E. FIarr Arthur Hesse Clarence E. Howlett Harry C. Hull Orvin a. Klema R. Malcolm Koch Richard G. Koch George F. Millard James M. Poole George H. Ross Richard H. Rudy Ray J. Scott Albert O. Wingender q= Paft Hi The Badger Tol Row: Herbener, Hawkins, Howes. DoUmeyer, Spero Second Row: McKay, Beatty, Weiss, Siren, Wolverton, Gorrow Third Row: Mangold, Hunsader, Woschutz. Murp hy. Larson, Lerch, Barker Mining Club Affiliated with American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Officers Nevin H. McKay . President Carl F. Larson Vice-President Mitchell G. Gorrow Secretary-Treasurer MiLNER H. Hawkins Publicity Joseph J. Zaleski Mucker George J . Barker Graduate Sherwood Buckstaff Seniors Merwin H. Howes Edward C. Wolters Nevin H. McKay Carl F. Larson Otto B. Herbener Joseph J. Woschutz John V. Mangold Everett W. Jones Theodore J . Vitcenda Dwight M. Harbaugh Robert F. Wolverton Members in Faculty Joseph Oesterle Richard S. McCaffery Members in University Ramon G. Marquez Guy H. Larson Juniors Walter W. Boley Clifford C. Gladson Milner H. Hawkins Mitchell G. Gorrow George W. Dollmeyer Lawrence J . Hunsader Joseph J. Zaleski Joe Zapata Grattan H. Lynch Floyd A. Nelson William G. Beatty John M. Murphy Edwin R. Shorey Sophomores Arthur J. Yahn Clarence Holm Harold C. Weiss George C. Wigcers Henry P. Ehrlincer Edward R. Siren Victor P. Spero Joe Wong Freshmen Glenn B. Lerch Alfred Bosshard Emerson D. McNeil Alfred M. Zoellner Raymond G. Lamboley Pati fU The Badger Junior Mathematics Club Officers Pearl Anderberg President Elizabeth Hart Vice-President Viola Jenson Secretary-Treasurer Seniors Pearl Anderberg Elizabeth Baird Agnes Delznev Alice Droppers Elizabeth Hart Mildred Hawks Viola Jenson Ethel J ohnson Seville McReynolds Ernest Weinke Maude Willey Members in University Juniors Lorraine Bailey ISA Botten Helen Danielson George Darby Ruth Eken Belva Gaffney Anna Gebhardt Esther Goelzer Tella Griffin Ernest Ludwic Donald McGregor Helene Pedersmoen Myrl Summers Maxwell Whitright Sophomores Sarra Abrams Elizabeth Breitzman Frank Bruner Julia Calliss Karl Gebhardt Ellis Heineman Vernalene Johnson Pagt 5iS The Badger Top Row: Andrews, Edwards, Tschudy, Wchmhoff, Bossard, Lathrope Second Row: Stoddard, Hill, Upham, Knutson, R. Ralph, Fay, Stith, Licking, Dodge Third Row: J, Ralph, Kolb, Strom, Larson, Cardinal, Gage, Weeks, Jaquith, Baker, Williams Fourth Row: Milum, Bersing. Howard, Kaderabek, Halverson, Phillips, Funk, Longbotham, Fristad, Schmidt, Brown Fifth Row: Coulter, Grier, Wittenberg, Muehlberger, Branch, Austermann, Knowles, Becker. Gartner. Lang, Schnell Square and Compass An Intercollegiate Organization of Master Masons Founded, Washington and Lee University. 1917 Number of Squares, 22 Wisconsin Square, 1922 Officers RuFus S. Phillips President Roy L. Stith Vice-President Lynne H. Halverson Treasurer LoNNiE L. Grier Secretary Norman M. Mitchell, Ralph Balliette, R. Herbert Licking . . . Trustees Arthur H. Aagard Harvey G. Ahrens Clinton Andrews Richard W. Austermann George W. Baird Kenneth Baker Ralph Balliette George M. Becker Lloyd G. Becker Jamie R. Belknapp Otis S. Bersing Albert E. Blum G. Grant Bossard Phillip C. Branch Russell D. Brewington Maynard W. Brown F. Deane Cardinal Sydney C. Charney Gerald R. Coulter James E. Davis Louis F. Decler Edward S, Dodge Wes W. Dunlap Walter H. Ebling Theodore Edwards Harry E. Farnsworth Ivan A. Fay Norman S. Fish Albert C. Fishack Lamont E. Fonteine FiLiP C. Forsbeck Nordahl S. Fristad Henry C. Fuller Howard V, Funk Earle E. Gage Irl C. Gartner Members in University Francis L. Gombar Lonnie L. Grier George H. Gross Felix H. Guenther Lynne H. Halverson Mendez N. Hanson James Hargan Donald L. Hay Howard V. Hayward George A. Hill W. Burdette Howard Lloyd E. Hume Gordon A. Huseby Ben F. Jack.son Clifford L. Jaquith Erwin J. Kaderabek Harry D. Kemp Alfred Kessler Clay G. Knowles Clarence E. Knutson John K. Kolk Sydney J . Lang Noble G. Larson Howard R. Lathrope Frank K. Levin R. Herbert Licking Gilmore T. Longbotham Ernest W. Lundberc Frank C. McAdams Vern G. Milum Norman M. Mitchell Clarence W. Muehlberger Maurice L. Neilson George H. Nicholas Frederic W. Nolte RuFus S. Phillips J. Stanley Ralph Robert O. Ralph Lester O. Reichelt Simon L. Rolsted Frederic G. H. Salentine Samuel F. Schmidt Fred Schnell Oliver H. Schunk W. E. Slocum Donald P. Smith George P. Steinmetz Tempey O. Stenerson Dwight S. Stevens Roy L. Stith Neal H. Stoddard George A. Strom Robert C. Thomas Alvin L. Thorne Adolph G. Thorsen Glenn T. Trecwartha Lionel T. Tschudy Cecil R. Upham Gordon B. Wanzer William E. Warner William J. Webb Archie S. Weeks Elmore B. Wehmhoff Leland W. Williams Wilbur W. Wittenberg Ben F. Wupper Clinton R. Yapp Adelbert Young Vilas D. Young Donald V. Zoerb Howard M. Zoerb Pat ' !}6 r The Badger- =b Tof Row: Doudna, Aubey. Boerke, Norgord. Bolin, Scolten. Yapp Second Row: Hartman. Shelhammer, Jones, Johnson, Hendrickson, Berndt, Spies, Stein Third Row: Olson, Fuller, Lowry, Coates, Englebreth, Thorsen, Smith, Thatcher, Wells Fourth Row: Price. Reitan, Brown, Lounsbury, Anderson, O. M. Kaiser, Home, Bollen, Marx, Oertel Fifth Row: B. Anderson. C. T. Anderson, Van Steenberg, Hawley, Millar, Reyer, Trout, Canuteson, Kaderabek, Austermann, Palmer Sixth Row: Barber, Welch, Tollefson, Klockau. Gilson, Julius, Looker, Kuester, Nye, Jacobson Gun and Blade Officers Edison M. Boerke National President Local Officers Harold B. Reyer President Wm. C. Christianson Vice-President Clifford S. Hawley Secretary Ralph I. Canuteson Treasurer Victor Van Steenberg Sergeant-at-Arms Board of Directors Adrian Scolten Richard W. Austermann William L. Lowry Clarence F. Iverson Harold B. Reyer Honorary Melvin H. Teige Clement E. Trout Dean J D Phillips Walter L. Chisholm Dean A. V. Millar Myron J . Buck Seniors Calmar T. Anderson James W. Apker Edison M. Boerke Roy L. French Earl Gage William A- Hartman George B, Henry Hans G. Horne Clifford L. Jaquith Erwin J. Kaderabeck James T. O ' Hora Harold B. Reyer Adrian Scolten John W. Shelhammer Robert C. Thomas Fletcher Turgeson Eldyn E. Van Lone Clinton R. Yapp Juniors Richard W. Austermann William C. Christianson Ralph L Canuteson Paul L- Coutant Lewis F. Decler John W. Desmond Henry C. Fuller Members in University Thomas H. Ford Elmer F. Gilson Clifford S, FIawley Joel S. Hendrickson Henry P. Ingebritson Clarence F. Iverson Gustavus E- Johnson Edwin E. Johnson Herman A. Kleinhammer FIarry E. Lounsbury John H. Michaels Frank R. Miller Everett Oertel Ferdinand T. Price Ephraim Peterson Simon F. Rolsted Jacob A. Spies Adolph G. Thorsen Victor Van Steenberg Charles L. Wells Gilbert E. Ward Sophomores Ben O. Anderson Fred H. Bollens David H. Gorman Irl R. Goshaw Mitchell G, Gorrow Oswald H Hering Hugo L. Kuester Wohn G. Kaiser ILLIAM L. Lowry Roy F. Nye Herbert H. Smith Ralph A. Steadman Reed Thorpe Freshmen Oscar M. Anderson Andy Norgord Special Students Arnold B. Aubey Bernhardt Berndt William J. Brown Donald W. Bolin Forrest M. Barber Kenneth B. Coates Leland a. Doudna Clarence Engelbreth George A. Garrican Charles Greco John F. Jones George Julius James R. Jacobson HerbertJ. Kuckuk William F. Klockau Arthur Looker Maurice Louret Joseph E- Marx Lawrence McDonald Arthur R. McCaffery Robert A. Merrill James Moore Martin Nelson Emil B. Okeson Edgar Olson Harold L. Palmer Norman R. Reitan Francis H. Rabuck William H. Searles Bruno A. Stein Albert Simonson Paul A. Thatcher John M. Tollefson Dale W. Welch Herbert H. White Joseph J. Zaleski v Page S37 The Badger- Top Row: Home, Hagen. Wicker. Helz, Salter. Strommen, Tetzlaff Second Row: Weyker, Johnson, Olson, McAleavy, Weber. Schaars. James, Daniels Third Row: Koelch. Perkins. Longenecker, Kuhns. Osius, Lathrope. Rohrbeck, Anderson Fourth Row: Clements, Johnson, Hartmann, Murphy, Manny, Langen, Schaefer, Snyder Agricultural Trian e Country Life Club Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1919 The slogan of the club is " To train leaders for rural community service. " This is accomplished by sending the members out to rural community meetings to give agricultural talks and to render humerous selections and musical numbers. The members of the club served as play day leaders for twenty-five play days in Dane County rural schools last season. Each year the club presents on the campus its " Pumkin Holler Community Meeting, " the net proceeds from this event serving to finance the trips into the rural districts when the local organizations can not meet these expenses. Officers T. B. Manny President Herbert C. Schaefer Vice-President W. F. Osius Secretary G. S. Tetzlaff Treasurer Theo. Salter Member-at-Large T.R.Daniels Member of A. C. F. Board G. C. Humphrey A. W. Hopkins Oscar E. Anderson A. O. Albertz E. Bunce H. F. Clements T. R. Daniels A. D. Dickson J. S. Davis LippERT S. Ellis T. H. Ford W.J. HiGCINS Geo. E. Helz Hans G. Horne A. E. Hagen W. A. Hartman Members in Faculty J. A. James Members in University M. J. Harris T. W. Johnson A. L. Johnson R. J . Koelch R. J. Kuhns Bertram B. Langen T. R. Lathrope Wm. G. Longenecker C. J. McAleavy H. E. Murphy Werner P. Meyer T. B. Manny W. F. Osius V.J.Olson J. D, Pope J.H. KOLB E. M. Tiffany E. H. Perkins E. H. Rohrbeck Paul Rickerd Herbert C. Schaefer Theo. Salter D. a. Strommen M. A. Schaars P. G. Snyder G. S. Tetzlaff F. J . Tollford E. H. Templin H. E. Wicker C J. Weyker Guido Leo Weber Paf fit The Badger Top Row: Hembre, Rohrbeck, Kutil, Thomas, IDaniels Bottom Row: Hodgson. Young, Meyer, Taylor, Hall, Byrns Agricultural College Federation Board The Agricultural College Federation was organized in 1919 to promote and unify student activities in the college. The executive body of the Federation is the Federation Board, which is composed of representatives from each of the organizations in the College of Agriculture, from the faculty, and from the student body. Officers Edwin H. Rohrbeck President Hazel E. Young Secretary Walter F. Renk , Treasurer Members of the Board Elizabeth I. Byrns Euthenics Club Ernest W. Callenbach Poultry Club Thomas R. Daniels Agric Triangle Country Life Club Aileen E. Hall Omicron Nu Ingvald O. Hembre American Society of Agricultural Engineers Elsie M. Hodgson Student Body John A. James Agricultural Faculty Clarence L. Kutil Country Magazine Frank D. McKay Grafters ' Club Werner P. Meyer Student Body Eugenia A. Outhouse Agricultural Women ' s Association Walter F. Renk Agricultural Literary Society Edwin H. Rohrbeck Student Body Josephine Swift Home Economics Faculty Lloyd R. Taylor Saddle and Sirloin Club Robert C. Thomas Alfjha Zeta Hazel E. Young Student Body Page 539 Tine Badger w X4 .T .•, - 4 To ) Row Bibelhauscn. Lathrope, Oosterhuis, Doyon. Perkins, Pellow, Webb, Palmer, Elwejem, Aldrich. McAleavy. Goers, VanLone, F ehlman, Weber, Stiles, Janes, Cooper. Mueller, Kaiser Second Row: Anderson. Becker, Kuhns, Jamison, Stinchfield. Ash. Tolman, Snyder, Marvin, Rohrbeck, Daniels, Osius. Albertz, Wentworth. Payton. McKenzie, Duffin Third Row: Home. Fuller, Jacobsen, Lu Caldwell, Renard, Oertell, Scivers, Wicker, Wiseman, Wilkensen, Olsen, Johnson. Bawden, Ammon, Mills, Kleinheinz, Viste, Stiles, Humphrey, Miller Fourth Row: Hull, Wilke, Woods, Bunsack, Handke, Sayre, Read, Renk. Nisbct, Klussendorf, Brace, Vandrell. Robinson. Smith. Pelton Wisconsin Saddle and Sirloin Club Wisconsin Saddle and Sirloin Club, organized in 1920, is for students interested in animal husbandry. The " Little International, " an annual stock show, is held in the spring of the year, and livestock judging teams are sent to the International at Chicago, and to the National Dairy Show and Dairy Congress. Officers KiTCHELL P. Sayre President Raymond C. Klussentdorf Vice-President Walter F. Renk Secretary John C. Read Treasurer Donald O. Brace Custodian John C. NiSBET Manager of 1 923 International Members in Faculty A. S. Alexander W. A. Henry F. Kleinheinz S. M. Baboock a. W. Hopkins F. B. Morrison J. M. Fargo R. S Hulce H. L. Russell J G. Fuller G. C. Humphrey E. S. Savage Members in University Hans G Horne Harold H Hull Harold S. Irwin Clarence F. Iverson j.r.j aoobson Howard E. Jamison GusTAVUs E. Johnson H. Johnson L. C. Jones Charles R. Kellum Adolph W. Kozelka Patrick E. Kirley Frank Kleinheinz George G Kloser Raymond C. Klussendorf Andrew W. Lathrop Howard R Lathrope Lisle L. Loncsdorf Charles J McAleavy George E. Marvin Emil a. Miller Ashley V. Mills Hugo A Murray Douglas M. Moorhead Keith E McKenzie John C Nisbet c onald r norris Alvin H Noth GEOR iE M, O ' Connor Everette Oertel Victor J Olson Lester J , C)osterhuis WitxiAM F Osius Rudolph R Oechsner Lester Palmer Leland C Pellow J LeRoy Pelton Everald H Perkins William J Poehlmann John C. Read Arthur O Albertz Ralph E Ammon James W. Apker t. Glenn Ash R. Bawden Harvey L. Becker John G. Becker Basil W. Berg J G. Bellinger Roy J . BiBELHAUSEN B BOLIN Clarence H. Bonsack Robert Blodgett George M Bracke Donald O Brace T. Bronson Leland P. Brown John L Bumbalek Elmer D Byrns Lester Caldwell Arthur M Carmody Austin A. Cooper Eldred S Culbertson Thomas R Daniels Erwin F Davis Herbert C Dohrmann Bertrand H Doyon Donald G. English Walter C Earner Ivan G Fay William L Fenley Theodore W Goers Clarence F Hammen Robert S Harrison William A Hartman Alfred ( ' Hartwig Byron F Heal Gerald Heebink Harry Hill o. holzman O. A. HONKB Walter F Renk Arthur F. Robinson Walter M Redfearn P Rickard Edwin H. Rohrbeck Samuel H Sabin KiTCHELL P Sayre C. Schmidt George Sery F. Shriner Allison W. Sievers David A. Skalitzky Hugo G. kiiTH J Smith Dewey G. Steele Hugh R Stiles George Snyder R. H Stinchfield Olaf L Stockstad Walter E Schuetz Edward H, Templin F H. Ulbrich E, F Vandrell Elryn E, VanLone M C ViSTE Browning Warren V G Watte Y F Watts George W Webb GuiDO Weber W- N Wentworth Clement T Weyker Harold E Wicker Alfred Weed Gilbert C. Wilke F. Wilkens J W. Weesman Earl M Wolverton John B. Woods Charles Whitworth Vilas D Young Patt$40 The Badger Tof} Row: Royer, Crawford, Berndt, Faville, Perry, Lange Second Row: Kellum, Corbett, Harris, Tenpas, Stueber, Davis, Young Third Row: Zaumeyer, Whicworth, Schneider, Whereatt, Mohr, Thomas, Edidin Fourth Row: Farrington. Thompsen, Barcfay, Thomas, Oosterhuis Babcock Dairy Science Club The Babcock Dairy Science Club was organized in the spring of 1922. Membership in the club is limited to students in the middle or long course of the College of Agriculture, and graduates of the long course of an Agricultural College. The Club aims to promote interest in the manufacturing, marketing, and scientific phases of the Dairy industry. Officers Lester J. Oosterhuis President Robert Thomas Vice-President S. R. Sloan Barclay Secretary-Treasurer Herbert J . Brown Custodian Prof. E. H. Farrington Members in Faculty Prof. J . L. Sammis Prof. H. H. Sommers Mr. Thompsen Seniors S. R. Sloan Barclay Herbert J. Brown Wallace P. Elmslie Charles R. Kellum Lester J . Oosterhuis Rudolf Pabst Harris B. Parmele Kenneth M. Rover Julius J. Stueber Lloyd R. Taylor NoRRis Wentworth Kenneth W. Whereatt Juniors Kenneth H. Corbett Members in University Stanley G. Dahl Erwin F. Davis B. M. Edidin Otto F. Lance Charles A. Mohr Rueben J . Tenpas Robert Thomas Sophomores B. A. Berndt Harry W. Faville Orville Harris J. R. Jacobson Russell L. Perry Russell Stiles Charles A. Whitworth William J. Zaumeyer Freshmen Harold E. Bruns Carlos F. Corres Ernest Schneider Graduates Eugene T. Drake J. Forrest Crawford Windsor P. Thomas Daniele M. Young Page S4l The Badger Top Row: Bcrkman, Woodman Bottom Row: Outhouse, Hastings, Brereton, Wright Agricultural Women ' s Association Officers Barbara Hastings President Eugenia Outhouse Vice-President Charlotte Berkman Secretary-Treasurer Catherine Woodman Corresponding Secretary Members Catherine Woodman Senior Charlotte Berkman, Barbara Hastings. Eugenia Outhouse Juniors lONE Brereton, Mary Wright Sophomores Tso Yung Chu Freshrrmn Mary Johnston Associate-Merrtber Pat 2 The Badger Tofj Row: Morse, Thompson, Saunders, Young. Matteson. Schwenker, Fix, Kinslow, Haswell, Agar, Crane. Wyard Second Row: MacCarthy, Simpson. Purcell, Hoiby, Hennecke, Hall, Boase, Wismer, Humphrey, Seiess, Metz, Jones Third Row: E )wnie, Topp, Mellor, Corbin, Pidd, Davis, Gefke, E5ynes, Aylward, Maynard. Kellum, Cook, Horn Fourth Row: Byms. Gregg, Stevens, Lewis, Duncan. Van Holten. O ' Connor, Riising. Stevenson, Herried, Gregg Fifth Row: Wright. Talcott, Bird, Rieck, Emmert, Mahar, Hodgson, Reynolds. Lambert. Little, Chase, Bartle, Morton Euthenics Club Officers Elsie Hodgson President Marion Thompson Vice-President Alice Bullock Secretary ViRDELLE Simpson Treasurer Graduates Gladys Cook Elsie Hess Seniors Helen Agar Mary Baldwin Geneva Bird Gladys Boase Alice Bullock Elizabeth Gyrnes Marjorie Chase Helen Corey Florence Corbin Mildred Downie Hazel Emmert Helene French Margaret Fix Aileen Hall Esther Hedley Elizabeth Hennecke Elsie Hodgson Cora Hoiby Dorothy Horter Helen Keator Florence Klenert Nelle Kuilans Alice Kinslow Ella Lambert Julia Lingenfelder Caroline Little June Miles Elizabeth Morrison Marian Morse Hester Martin Members in University Ethel Metz Jessie Morton Annette O ' Connor Caryl Parkinson Mary Purcell Mildred Reynolds Mildred Rieck Elizabeth Salter Margaret Schwenker Virdelle Simpson Sarah Slater Frances Stacle Henrietta Sulas Louise Thompson Marion Thompson Sarah Wismer Dorothy Van Holten Merle Van Horne Juniors Florence Ackley Florence Aylward Vernetta Bartle Edith Crowe Mary L. Drabe Pauline Dickinson Marian Duncan Lola Dynes Edna Gifke Hazel Goddard Marion Gregg Jennie Gregg Marion Haswell Genevieve Hicks Martha Hollingsworth Ruth Jones Anna Killum Elizabeth Knott Harriet Lewis Gladys Mohar Elizabeth Maynard Margaret McHardy Eddis Mellas Blanche Riising Kathleen Saunders Gertrude Stevens Persis Galcott Margo Topp Adeline Wright Hazel Young Grace Shugart Hazel Pidd Sophomores Loraine Claus Helen Emery Constance Greenwood Emma Hummel Mary Humphrey Ruth McClug Doris Oliver Irene Scanlan Marjorie Trumball Charlotte Wyard June McMurray Esther Scofield Freshmen Valunta Dine Helen Herried Lois McCarthy Esther Segner Beatrice Sylvester Pat 543 The Badger TotJ Row: E. W. Anderson, Stuart, Oakey. Schujahn, Moeller, Hill. Bossard, K. Reynolds Second Row: Inman, Hanson, O. Anderson, Payne, Reyer, O ' Hara, Pope. Sprecher, Chase Third Row: Cannon, Hopkins, Heuer, Thomson, Oilman, Walther, Aylward, Cornwell. Schenkenberg, Gesterland Fourth Row: McGIasson, Straka, Conlin, Lang, Cheli. Huseby, Houghton. Nelson, Roick Commerce Club The Commerce Club was organized in 1902 to foster intimate relations between its members and the business world in general, to stimulate investigations on commercial problems, and to promote the interest of the Commerce School. The Commerce Club elects its members on the basis of scholarship and activities in the Commerce School. Officers Herman O. Walther President Peter V. Cheli Vice-President Arthur C. Inman . Secretary Orven H. Anderson Treasurer Fayette H. El well Edward H. Gardner Members in Faculty Stephen W. Gilman C. C. Jamison Karl F. McMurry William A. Scott Seniors E. W. Anderson Orvin H. Anderson Arthur Aylward Grant Bossard Lucius Chase Peter V. Cheli J. Vincent Conlin Elmer R. Gesteland Wilbur J, Heuer Leslie J. Hill MiLO Hopkins Gordon Huseby Members in University Arthur Inman Sidney J. Lang Peter R. Moeller Harold Reyer Karl Reynolds Vergil Roick L. F. Schenkenberg George Sprecher Gordon Thomson Juniors Earl N. Cannon Earl R. Cornwell Mendez N. Hanson Howard B. Lyman Albert J. McGlasson Lawrence R. Nelson William Oakey Arthur O ' Hara Joe C. Payne Henry Pope, Jr. Edwin L. Schujahn Sophomores Vernon Houghton Frank Stuart Pa4t 544 Thie Badger Top Row: Wilkins, Ransom. Harrington, McKeever, Lins, Zuehike, Delbridge, Ayres, Shaw, Hoffman Second Row: J. Bailey, Flinn, Lemke, Nee, Blix. M. Bailey, Ball, Rhode, Boese Third Row: Remington, Harrington, V. Shafer, Schaade, Roesch, Iversen, Meyer, Berkley, Felix, Killam Women ' s Commerce Club Officers Elsie Iversen President Jennie Bailey Vice-President Angeline Lins Secretary Eunice Ransom Treasurer Seniors Marion Ayres Jennie Bailey Mary Bailey Martha Boese Marjorie Delbridge Katherine Felix Julia Harrington Veronica Harrington Elsie Iversen Maude Killam Members in University Blanche McKeever Angeline Lins Angeline Meyer Mary Nee Eunice Ransom Margaret Remington WiLMA Trost Helen Zuehlke Alice Wilkins Edith Flinn Juniors Bessie Berkeley Irene Hoffman Mary Ball Bernice Rhode Laura Blix Esther Schaade Florence Roesch Florence Lemke Sophomores Susie Shafer Ruth Shaw Pafc S45 The Badger Press Club Officers Alfred Willoughby President Edith Porter Vice-President BiiRNiCE Bruns Secretary-Treasurer Members in Faculty G. M. Hyde E. M. Johnson W. G. Bleyer Graduate VVlLI-lAM BlOECHER Seniors Florence Bailie Oliver Banton Dorothy Bowlby Maynard Brown Bernice Bruns Mildred Busch Bartel Borchers Margaret Brabant Herbert Brockhausen Harold Diehm Earle Gill Helene Foster Robert Grieblinc Anne Cantrell Pearl Hagens Anne Hilpert Charles Lewin Marian Moehlenpah Portia Lucoff Harold McClelland Gladys Peterson Katherine Perry Worth Shoults 1 Ierbert Townsend Fern Shannon Ethel Zin4merman Cedric Seaman Alfred Willoughby Dane Vermillion Members in University Juniors Mabel Batcheller Nella Burgess Chester Bailey Hugo Bachhuber Donald Bell Jerry Bjerke Helen Adams Lois Cole Josephine Coates LozELLE Connors Margaret Callsen Irene Davis Elizabeth Guilfoile Bertha Glennen Marjorie Capron [5orothy Lawton Joseph Lawler Kilbourne Hanson Fred Kildow Arlene McKellar Marcelia Neff Grace Thomas Dorothy Kingsbury Edith Porter WiLFORD Wille Frances Warren Ephraim Peterson Rush Pa(;el Oscar Riegel Elizabeth Schott Edward Wright Dorothy Wiesler George Vaughn Mary Ule Sophomores Harry Barsantee Gladys Bayer Cyril Ballam Elsa Bendeke John Burke Helen Baldauf Frank Bellman Lois Barry Charles Carey Frank Breaw John E. Davis Wes Dunlap Ellis Fulton Jewell Dean Esther Fowler Alice Jirtle Carl Hanson Dorothy Hedler Gladys Davidson LiNA Norman Dorothy Polacheck Mark Ogden William Rousen Hampdon Snell John Weimer Freshmen Kenneth Hamlin Vivian Lansworth Gordon Lewis Paf S46 Tofy Row: Blair, K. Reynolds, Salsbury, Mealier, Bell, Schenkenberg, Benson Second Row: Schaefer, Hanson, Lyman. Robertson, Rusch, Shafrin, Hazen, Plewke Third Row: Frey, Towell, Moehlenpah, Peterson, Clark, Newell, Smith Advertising Club Officers Douglas K. Newell President Gladys Peterson Vice-President Lester Schenkenberg Secretary Peter R Moeller Treasurer Arthur Towell, Donald Bell Directors Members in Faculty Alkred G. Hinman Edward M. Fisher Edward H. Gardner Seniors Horace Martin Douglas Newell Gladys Peterson Peter Moeller Blanche F. Noer Lester Schenkenberg John M. Shafrin Benjamin Wupper MiLO Smith Harold Frey Members in University Karl Reynolds George Hazen Hugo Rusch Arthur Towell Arthur Benson Juniors Donald Bell Walter Plewke Allan Walter Lee Hanson Howard Lyman Marion Moehlenpah Elizabeth Clark Paul Robertson Sophomores Edward B. Blair Herbert Schaefer Robert Salsbury Jerome Bjerkr Poi, 547 The Badger Tofy Row: Koeneman, Kenney, Hocking. Proctor, Osterman. Hocking, Darby, Norton, [• " ish, Jen son Second Row: Wright, Crary, Hagens, Munn, Suppiger, Krebs, McReynolds. Newell, CarF)enter, Randolph, Morrow Third Row: Francois, Malsin, Lyons, Gold, Sickels. Hones, Kroster. Aspinwalt, Chase, Bromley, Kimmel, Lowe Fourth Row: Siegmeyer, Bickies, Lewis, Fitzgibbons, Albee, Thorp, Hutton, Albee, Robin. Anderson, Andrews Fifth Row: Sires, McClun. MoeUer. Polasky, Sickels, Goodman, HuHinger, Hilpertshauser, Harrison. Bennett, Schweizer, Coffey French Club The Undergraduate Club of the University of Wisconsin was organized primarily to enable its mem- bers to make progress in speaking and understanding the French language, and to become better acquainted with the art, literature, and customs of France. At the meetings of the organization, held every two weeks, French songs, dramatic performances, talks by students and members of the faculty especially intimate with French customs and literature, and general social intercourse constitute the program. Officers George D. Hockinc, President Mary E. Chase ... Vice-President and Program Chairman George S. Darby Treasurer Mary Aspinwall Secretary Members in Faculty R. F. Bradley, Chairman H. M Acton Hazel Brash ear J. S. Irwin Marie Mioche Jeanne Palisse Marguerite Pons Germaine Tallandier Marcuerite Treille Mary Albee Vera Albee Martha Ale:xander Ann Anderson Dorothy Anderson Leontine Andrews Mary Aspinwall Lois B. Beattie Doris Bennett Francis Bromley Richard Bubolz LeoNA Burkhardt Marie Carpenter Isabel Cary Marianna Chandler Mary Chase Lucile Coffey H. Walter Coutu Marjorie Covert Hilda Cunipf Martha Dalrymple Gbokcb Darby Edna Dickbs Dorothy Evans Babeth Fernberc Mildred Fish Ida Fitzcibbon.s Emily Franoiis R0SAI,YN f ' RANK Helen Gellkr Alice Gilbert Bessie Cold Fijorsnce Goodenow Carol Goodyear Members in University Pearl Hagens Dorothy Hardigg Beth Harrison Evelyn Hilpertshauser Elton Hocking George Hocking Marie Lxjuise Hopkins Katherine Hullinger Helen Hutton Dora Ingraham Viola J enson Alice Johnson Gertrude Johnson Katherine Jones Dora Keeney Elsie Kimmel Mabel Kimmel Doris Koeneman Ruth Kotinsky Dorothy Krebs Gladys Krostu Helene La bow I to I Helen Lewis ' Ivanelle Lewis Phyllis Lockwooo Gladice Love Edna M Lowt WiNNIFREO Lowi- Helen Lyons Hei.en Malsin Mary McClun JESSIE McClymont arcaret McO)vern Srvim F M :Rfynoi.ds Marie Mercil Mildred Merrill Dorothea Moeller Inez Morrow Rose Munn Virginia Newfj.l Eleanor Norton Dane Osborni-i Albert Osterman Robert Paddock Ruth Parkhill Grace Pflueoer Berenice Polasky Mary I otts F ' ORREST Proctor Mary Elizabeth Randolph Helen Reinhoi.dt J. Virginia Reznor Gertrude Robin Lucile Salentini Louise Schiefi-i-.lin Florence Schweizer Dorothy Sickels Margaret Sickels Irmgard Siex,meyer Claire Sires Helen Stewart Edith Siippigfr Walter Taintor Harriet Thcwt Elizabeth Turney Helen Wood Helen Wright Helen Zifi sdori t ug, 54$ The Badger Spanish Club Officers Robert Dunstan President Calvert Dedrick Vice-President M. SiCKELS .... Secretary Alfred Jensen Treasurer H. C. Acton Gertrude Adelt Dorothy Anderson Elsa Bendeke Jacob Bernal Gertrude Beyer Marie Bezold Kathryn Brady Jeanne Cavanaugh Alice Cummings Hannah Cummings George Darby Calvert Dedrick Muriel Deopker Irma Dick Robert Dunstan Elizabeth Fisher Ida Fitzgibbons Gladys Gauger Phil Gault Bessie Gold Rhoda Gold Yvette Goldberg Florence Goodenow Louise Haley Edna Harrier Mildred Hawks Herman Hoffman Marguerite Hoppe Members in University Alfred Jensen Otto John Gertrude Johnson Genevieve Jones Katharine Jones Janice Kauffman Doris Koeneman Berta Leonarz Lois Longenecker Helen Malsin Elgie Marcks IsiDRO Marrero Claud Mbars Marie Mioche Grace Morrow Inez Morrow Lewis Mrkvicka Irving Nichols LiNA Norman Manuel Ortega Bernice Polasky George Reed Juan Riera Herbert Sapper Helen Shafer William Sheldon Margaret Sickels Fernando Sola Martha Thompson Chloe Tilden Arthur Tofte Marjorie Trumbull Valentine Van Tassel Fred Weidenfeller Ruth White Martha Wilbur Mary Winslow Helen Wood " De Madrid a AJcala " Page S49 The Badger Top Row: Maxcy, Isdahl. Flickinger, Marten, Rothermel, Taylor, Dahl, Wengel, Tressler, Pluninier, Murphy. Goldberg Bottom Row: Schee, Strachan, Schjolberg, Strom, Fagg, Holder, Varncy Badger Ski Club The Badger Ski Club was founded in 1919 and since then has held several tournaments on Muir Knoll, with the best skiers in the country competing. The club belongs to the National Ski Association of America and its members have taken several prizes at national ski tournaments. The plans for the winter of 1922-23 included a tournament on February 3, on Muir Knoll, and a ski meet at Madison between Dartmouth, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. A ski team was also sent to Lake Placid, N. Y., to compete for the Harding Cup. Officers Gordon Taylor President Kenneth Fagg Vice-President Clyde Strachan Secretary Fred Flickinger Treasurer .Sverre Strom Captain C. H. Anderson Pai l Barenscher Oscar Christianson Arthur Dahl Kenneth Fagg Robert Goldberg Richard Goodridce Knut Hendrichson Lyman Holder Members in University Arthur Husted Einer Isdahl Vincent Johnson Kenneth Lamb George Martin Jack Maxcy D.J. Murphy R. T. Plummbr U. A. Rothermel Harold Schee Eiler Schjolbf.bc; Don Smith Clyde Strachan Sverre Strom Gordon Taylor Willis Tressler Charles Varney Raymond Wengel PauSSO The Badger • fi P 1 RH ■■ L i r f i H HF . " . HH V HH " tf l B I ■ (i l ft . M. ' KT ■ ' ' " t V A 4 l K m ImBHBh Mhi -J1 Jl--jlHR To j Kow; Thorpe, Pack, McConnell, Burkey Second Row: Stone, Hebgen, Gilland. Hughes, Myers, Eyer, Clearman Third Row: Cronk, Smith, Gormley. Porter, Harmes, Stith, Steadman, Burleson Fourth Row: Vestry, Cherry, Hutton. Duniap, Anderson, Sandsten, Koeneman, Erbes Rocky Mountain Club It is the purpose of the club to instill Wisconsin spirit among the Western students and to promote good fellowship and sociability among the men and women from these states. Officers Roy Stith President » Hawley V. Porter Vice-President Eleanor Anderson Secretary Henry Smith Treasurer Kathleen Harmes Socio Chairman Donald Anderson Historian Lewis Nettleton Sergeant-at-Arms Lloyd Burkey Ray Davis Donald Anderson Eleanor Anderson Elmer Bean Winona Cherry Ann Craig Louise Clearmon Norma Cronk Donald Donahue Edward Donahue Theodore Edwards Muriel Edwards Florence Erbes Claude Eyer Nina Fannin Hurley Fellows Members in Faculty Alexander Granovsky John Lewis John Liucenfelter Members in University George Gilland Doris Gormley Lonnie Grier Kathleen Harmes Max Hebgen Talcott Hopkins Julia Vestry Browning Warren Gardiner Howland Helen Hutton Ruth Hughes Doris Koeneman Robert McConnell Lorraine Moody Robert Myers Marylene Norton Lewis Nettleton Marie Mioche Leon Pack Hawley Porter Annie Ross Emilie Sandsten Eva Silva Henry Smith Dwight Stalker Ralph Steadman Harmon Stephens Roy Stith Helen Stone Reed Thorpe Bronson Tolman Milton Tompkins Elizabeth Van Brimer Q- l age is I TKe Badger International Club Officers Herman H. Levitz President Takitaro a. Suzuki Vice-President Sola Fernando Secretary Chuang Nai Lochaya Treasurer Members in University Herman H. Levitz, America Vaclav J. Strela, Norway IDoRis Koenemann, Mexico Swaminatha S. Aivar, India Yi YiNG Ching, China Ardeshir Khosrshid, India Wang Chi-Chen, China Yasusaburo Ishumura, Japan Mildred E. Fish, America Toshi Hosoya, Japan YussuF Zia, Turkey Ryoso Matsumoto, Japan Juan B. Riera, Argentine Masakazu Morishita, Japan David Rozman, Russia Heiichiro Motohashi, Japan Matilde Bensaude, Portugal Carlos S. Martinez, Mexico Pow-DONG Chang, China Cecil R. Russell, New Zealand Shen Shou, China Eiler K. Schjolberg, Norway Irnegard Siegmeyer, America Sverre Strom, Norway YuN-HuA, China Eilaine Eschweiler, America Simon G. Peterson, America Carlos F. Corres, Mexico Clara D. Tigay, America Helen L. Gunderson, America Jean Nestor, Rumania Evelyn Bentran, America Mariano Bundak, Philippine Islands Margarite Mioch, France Felipe O. Cevallos, Philippine Islands Alexander A. Granovsky, America Jesus de Mesa, Philippine Islands Herman J. Wiedfeldt, Gerrhany Ismael Mallari, Philippine Islands Benjamin Mariatecui, Peru Ramon G. Marquez, Philippine Islands Bella Sisserman, America Gerardo O. Ocfemia, Philippine Islands John H. Potter, America Agustin Rodolfo, Philippine Islands Henry Chao, China Rufino Ramos, Philippine Islands Charles L. Shao, China Quintin Urazon, Philippine Islands C. S. Su, China Johns V. Spielmans, Russia C. S. Chon, China Jose G. Sola, Argentine Sonya Forthal, Russia Sven A. Norlinc, Sweden Mary Johnstone, America Manuel Ortega, Spain Rachel Kelsey. America Petrus J. Naude, Transvaal Pio B. Martinez, Philippine Islands Jan a. Viljoen, Kroonstad Ernest Schneider, Switzerland Alfred Hudson, Argentine Mary Eleston, America N. Frederico, Gerold Heebink, America Fernando Sola, Argentine Chuang Nai Lochaya, Siam Herbert D. Sapper, Guatemala Pankie Alice Day, America Masao Miyasaki, Hawaii William G. Gluesinc, America Toshisuke Shimuzu, Hawaii Martha Nicolai, Germany Takitaro A. Suzuki, Hawaii Isidro Marrero, Porto Rico Germaine Tallandiere, France PofSSZ The Badger Top Row: Udan. Aquino, Bundok. Marquez, Mallari, Cevallos Bottom Row: Villatuya. Martinez, de Mesa. Ocfemia, Rodolfo Philippine Badger Club The purpose of the Philippine Badger Club is to bring the members into a closer association and to disseminate accurate information to the American people regarding Philippine affairs and conditions. Officers Jesus de Mesa President Agustin Rodolfo ... Vice-President Gerardo Ocfemia Secretary Roberto P. Villatuya Treasurer Clemente Alquiza Eustaquio G. Aquino Mariano Bundok Felipe Cevallos Jesus de Mesa Members in University ISMAEL Mallari Ramon G. Marquez Pio B. Martinez Patricio Mina Gerardo Ocfemia RuFiNO Ramos Agustin Rodolfo Juan Udan Quintin Urazon Nicanor Teodoro Roberto P. Villatuya Pagt 553 The Badger Top Row: Schulkin, Scheier, Alk, Mosber. Goldman, Edidin, Katowitz, Goldberg, Krisscs, Lieberman, Levin, Gold, I lalperin Second Row: Levin, Sinaiko, Schwartz. Lavine, 0 hcn, Beckerman. Charney, Bresiauer, Lepkovsky, Perchonok, Shapiro. Wolfson, Laskey Third Row: Goldstein, Wigonitz. R. M. Halpcrin. Rozz Ha perin. Gasul. Nathcnson, Rosen. Miigram, Hauptman. Eiseman Wisconsin Menorah Society Officers Irving Goldberg President Harry J. Katowitz Vice-President Rose A Nathenson Secretary Joseph Schulkin Treasurer Samuel Lepkovsky Member of Executive Committee Gertrude E. Kasdin Member of Executive Committee Graduates Irving Goldberg Alfred M. Wolfson Samuel Lepkovsky Seniors Nathaniel P. Breslauer Sydney C. Charney Bessie Gold j annette m. goldstein Norman Leshin Herman H. Levitz Harriet S. Lewis Seymour M. Perchonok Joseph Schulkin Samuel M. Soref Juniors Russell M. Beckerman Members in University Benjamin M. Edidin YvETTE Z. Goldberg Jennie Kantor Gertrude E. Kasdin Harry J . Katowitz Harold H. Laskey Charles A. Lepkovsky Frank K. Levin Rubin Levin Ben Lieberman Herman A. Mosher Joseph B. Scheier Nathan S. Siegel Belle Sinaiko Edythe E. Sinaiko Ellia R. Wain Sophomores Sara M. Abrams Louis C. Alk Harry D. Cohen Norman V. DeNosaquo Theodore H. Goldman Evelyn Hauptman William H. Lipman Sara E, Milgram Rose A. Nathenson Evelyn E. Schanfeld Alvin Shapiro Freshmen Hazel S. Buchbinder Fannie Furman Marcia E. Gasul Bernice M. Mark Tillie S. Pitzele Edith S. Rosen Miriam Wasserman Samuel Wick Freda B. Wineman I ' Of ff4 SATIRE Pate f yj I The Badger A Curiously Irreverent Treatment of the World ' s Greatest YEAR BOOK with divers delightful digressions in different directions All of Them Highly Immoral To make folks laugh in keenest pleasure Is Satire s aim in fullest measure; And tho we roast you thru and thru And many laugh at cost of few We hope you ' ll laugh when the joke ' s on you Heavens and Earth! What else can you do? PafSf6 The Badger Pag S 7 The Badger Joe Steinauer Picture a good-looking young chap with quiet ways. Modest in demeanor, soft-spoken, observers would hardly judge him to be I ' homme des affaires that he really is. Quietly he goes his solitaryjway, scarcely stopping his all-important work to chat with friendly passers-by. Smooth, verging on the hand- some, quiet and inconspicuous; those are qualities which go to make up this perfect being. Again picture this super-man silently sitting in high councils, absorbing all that is said, but saying nary a word. This man is NOT Joe Steinauer. For the information of students who have been here only three or four years and who have not yet become acquainted with all of the " big boys, " Joe Steinauer is the swimming coach at this here Uni- versity of Wisconsin. He teaches men how to swim during the winter and coaxes the girls to swim in the summer. Joe is the third partner in the firm of Bunque and Bumkem, but he is not the silent partner. He is more loquacious than a drunken bond salesman, and he would make silver-tongued Bill Bryan look like a stuttering clam. When Joe starts talking, the gang pulls up the chairs, opens the windows to let the hot air ooze out, and prepares to tell the wife that a sick friend caused the delay. This guy puts out championship swimming teams. He drives his men like they were a ten-dog team competing in the annual race from Quebec to Nome, Alaska, but he gets them there. Every year he loses two teams through ineligibility, but takes the remnants and with the help of Joe Steinauer and God, develops an outfit that makes Northwestern, Chicago, and the rest of those cheap schools demote swimming to a minor sport and give big letters to chess players. Steinauer knows every prize-fighter from Battling Siki to Eddie Borgelt. He trained most of them and those that didn ' t learn from him personally got all their dope from Steinauer ' s book, " How to Be a Successful Fighter Though Married. " He ' s the all-around, come-on, knock- ' em-dead, he-man, Rattlesnake-Bill sort of a guy and he ' s got more friends than a mongrel dog has fleas. Pott f St Tine Badger 7ri Dell ' ConvocaNon Page SS9 The Badger- Sam Becker As I think back over the short years I passed at Wisconsin, and recall all the school did to me and how it tried to change me and how I refused to be changed, I realize that I was sent out into the cold hard world prepared to go through tag day fights and noon hour lunch rushes as few men have been. When I recall what a big man I was on the Campus and what an active chap I was in everything from the Menorah society to the Haresfoot chorus, it occurs to me that my departure must have created a great vacancy on the hill. The more I think of my past greatness and things I accomplished in school, the more I am tempted to say to myself " Sam, if your future will be as great as your behind, you ' ll be a prominent man some Day. " Although I made Phi Bete in the university, my best passes were made in Hinkson ' s basement with my pair of educated dice. I was so active at Wisconsin that I miss here the jolly association with youths of both sexes of my own age and temperament that I enjoyed there. Jolly old Harvard tries to discourage these frivolities but not to be denied my fun 1 joined both the Knights of Columbus and the Ku Klux Klan that I might glean every particle of social enjoyment. Right here I must give Wisconsin credit. She brought me out. From a bashful blushing boy as a Freshman, the various Varsity functions that I allied myself with brought out all my good qualities until now, I am, as we say in the East, finished, at home among the best people, always at ease and all that sort of thing. Little do you who are still in school know how we graduates would love once more to hear Joe Steinauer ' s mellow voice whispering in the twilight, or to choke down one more of Morgans Sta-comb Malted Milks. To overturn once more a canoe on a warm Spring night, or to flunk another Accounting course. If you knew how much these little touches will mean to you after you have left the lovely old institution, you would co-operate with the f- aculty, flunk more courses, and delay the pleasure of grad- uating as long as possible. " SAMMY " BECKER f ' att fM The Badger Re Garstan Having been an idol in the hearts of the undergraduates in the university last year, it has been very hard for me to settle down in the monontonous hum drum of the business world where one seems to get so little applause for his accomplishments. The trouble is that the university spoiled me. She lavished publicity and fame on me and held me up before the public eye as an example of what a young man should be, as much a part of the institution as Bascom Hall or Kehls. I miss the slap-on-the-back, and the familiar " Hello Reg " that used to make the Freshmen nudge each other and say " There goes Reg Garstang " when I went by. I will never forget the numerous activities which at school were my very life, but I have been so busy with my chosen profession, Publicity Work, that I have had little time for outside diversions. Of course, I am still very enthusiastic about my Y. M. C. A. work, but I have neglected my theatricals to such an extent that I fear I couldn ' t even qualify for the Follies now. The university taught me one thing which in all probability will shape my future career. That is Publicity is the thing that makes a man famous. In other words, it is not what a man does that makes him great, it is what the press says about him. I hold myself up as a living example of this. Through the agency I used to mould public opinion, namely, the Commerce Magazine, the students were given a chance to think over and settle by popular vote many important questions of the day. The result was that I was elected the honour of being called the most popular man in school. I suppose the vote was not actually necessary but was taken merely as a matter of form. Wisconsin holds a warm spot in my heart, and I await with anticipation the day that I shall return to my Alma Mater which I am sure will be proud of me. Perhaps it shall be as an alumnus with a parcel of advice or perhaps as a prominent member of the Faculty to instruct one of my favorite subjects. REG GARSTANG : Pat» 561 Tine Badger Football Mary is a grand old name, and football is a grand old game. Yeh, uh huh, you ' re right, like ' 11 you are. They get a couple of boilermakers together, put em in some leather harness and then chase them out on a grass field which is enclosed so they can ' t get out. In front of them, they got eleven guys who are sore because they ain ' t on the first team and behind them they has a coach, trainer, faculty adviser, and dean of the medical school, all of which is there because they got to have some excuse for going to the bursar ' s office every week and signing a pay voucher. Well, they ' s a couple of guys on this here Wisconsin football team that nobody ain ' t going to for- get. One of them is Rollie Williams, which isn ' t the bimbo who invented a shaving soap, and the other is Gus Tebeil which plays a mighty mean game at end and thinks that all co-eds are nive. This guy Tebell learned to throw a football when he was two days old and he was a good tackier at the age of five when he used to tackle his old gent for some jack. Tebell and Williams is a fine quartet of Siamese twins, which doesn ' t mean that they are black, even if they do have murder in their hearts when they get introduced to an Illinois guy. Williams is faster than a girl just escaped from a convent, and Tebell has to wear lead in his boots so he don ' t walk out of the state. Yeh, they ' re a nice pair of guys, they are. When Williams and Tebell pack up the old kit bag and pull out, Tom Jones can hang up a sign ov er the gym door, " Closed for the season. " No fAuelUr PattStZ The Badger Basket Ball If anybody says any more about Gus Tebell and Rollie Williams you ' ll think this book was a continued serial about them two boys. But it ain ' t. Gus never saw a basket ball before he was two years old, and still he plays a purty fair game. Williams knew that basket ball wasn ' t a substitute for highball. Take this here guy, Les Gage, for instance, of a bold what can throw a mean leather around the bounded court. Leslie has a front name like the man in the Arrow collar ad, and his last cognomen is no gauge of his ability, but that boy sure knows that a basket is for more things than waste paper. His eye is more accurate than a Burroughs adding machine. He shoots more baskets than wives do their husbands, and all the passes he ' s had are not on the C. N. W. Ry. Les is a better player than he is a politician. He knows how to get around people, especially when same people are on an opposing basket ball team. He ' s steadier than a Chi Psi fussing a D. G., and he ' s more consistent than the guy what takes a bath every Saturday night. Yuh gotta admit it, the kid was good. WIS puRoue e) (9) Mu€|l«Y Page 56. ' The Badger The Memorial Union May 30, 1972 " With the laying of the corner stone of its million dollar Memorial Union building, Wisconsin again gives promise of ranking as one of the most progressive universities of the Middle West. Northwestem ' s ten million dollar skyscraper university is already inadequate to care for the increased enrollment, " And Northwestern on Lake Michigan is cramped for space and therefore unable to expand further, while Wisconsin on Lake Mendota has many building sites available and with the laying of this comer stone IS building, " Prof. E. H.Gardner, venerable promoter of the " home for Wisconsin spirit, " pointed out in his comer stone address. " Hap " Baker ' s son, Reginald Baker 72, lead the crowd of students in a cheer for the gray headed man and Hap, who was assisting Professor Gardner with a trowel, felt so proud and excited that he caught his chiefs flowing beard in the mortar with which he was cementing the stone. Kathryn Perry ' 23, who handled publicity for the first Memorial Union drive fifty years ago, screamed on seeing the aged man ' s plight and the entire crowd looked UP to her. Ex-President Scott Holland Goodnight, who attended the ceremony in a wheel chair, wore a con- tented smile. In the benign realization of this Wisconsin Union he forgot to worry about the high cost of dances Carl Russell Fish wore his green vest much to the DEELIGHT of the frosh. Two moments of silence were dedicated to the memory of the Ex-Presidents Birge and Sellery. na4tS64 The Badger A Quiet Week at College Pate S6S The Badger- The Student Senate The Student Senate is composed of seventeen orators, elected because no one else runs for the job. Its chief function is to lay down rules for the conduct of class-rushes, elections and other free-for-all fights. It passes resolutions condemning the methods used after each affair. One of its other functions has been to revise the dictionary. It has abolished the obsolete definition of a tradition as " a custom so long continued that it has almost the force of a law " (Funk Wagnalls) and substituted its own : " A tradition is anything we say. " In the course of a year or two it is expected to do away with the word " tradition " as well as the thing itself. The Senate invites visitors to listen to its members compliment each other with the title " Mr. Senator, " and to hear debates on Parlimentary Law. Its minutes are piosted in the Libe for the same purpose. The Student Senate performs a very important function in University life. Besides furnishing a constant ground for complaint (which no student would be happy without) it keeps most of the hot-air oratory within one group. It co-operates with the S.G. A., the Forensic Board, T. N. E., the Board of Visitors and Farm House Fraternity in enforcing any regulations found on their statute books. It is rumored that it once en- forced a regulation alone, but no one remembers when or what it was. Does it ever do anything worth- while? PoitSti The Badger The S. G. A. The origin of the name of " S. G. A. " is lost in obscurity, although some persons demonstrate their ignorance by making the assumption that it means " Self-Government Association. " The Association, whatever it may be, is compiosed of an indefinite number of indefinable girls, ho hold formal meetings and also teas at which they can be natural and swear occasionally. It lays down regulations regarding the kind of clothing girls may wear, when they have to be home, and what sorts of dates they are allowed to have. So the S. G. A. is a huge success and nobody complains about it. The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial committees jDcrmit many girls to become acquainted who would never know each other otherwise. They are the only co-eds who find the S. G. A. a nuisance. The Association has its uses. If a girl draws a dumb-bell on a blind date she can always say that S. G. A. rules force her to be in at 9:30. The Satire Section of the Badger would close down were it not for the S. G. A. The stock joke of " Sigma Gamma Alpha " and the young freshman would never have originated without the Association. One can readily see that, except for the Scorpion, the S. G. A. is the most useful thing on the campus. Pag e Sh7 The Badg er XTbe 2)ail Carbinal VOL. XXXII. NO. 149 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MADISON, MAY 1, 1923 PRICE 5 CENTS CO-EDS SLAUGHTER STUDENT FIANCE WITHSHOlGUNS Edwards: Skee-Slide Man, Succombs to Feminine Revenge EDWARD ' S DEATH. A pleasant surprise was experienced by the entire student body at twelve 32 this p. m. when six revengeful coeds and women who later were ascertained to be fiances, appeared from the six points of the compass simultaneously and shot Lee Edwards of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. One used a Cold automatic and the others used sawed off shot guns as mediums for showing that they disap- proved of the Hymanial fluctuations of this more or less active young man. Edwards passed from this terrestial sphere to a better land which lies beyond the grave while being conveyed to the St. Marys hospital, 123 West Side, in a wheel barrow which was passing at the time the slaughter occured. Edwards Is best known about the hill for lis activities on the skee slide. Al- though not of Scandinavian parentage, this dating little Welshman trained upon tea and Tom Collins imtil he became one of the skeelngist guys that ever broke a heart, and in spite of innumerable falls he was always back to climb the tower when the sun had gone to rest. He leaves to moutn his loss twelve Delt pins and their fair wearers. OBITUARY O ' er his Post Toastles Cupid laughs aloud. His competition lies beneath a shroud The corner is richer thirty cents, And phony tears are much In evidence. Mendota Court is gay with flags and drape, and not a single Delt is wearing crepe, Since brother Lee has gone below to tell How he could love unwisely and so well. Fairchild 24 will never ring again. Nor will the Brummel ' s trusty Baby Ben Sound off at four pm. with lusty thrill Arousing Lee to keep a date with Lll. ' Twas Lll at four and Mary Anne at five Seven to eight ' twas Nellie on the drive. Each hour he rushed another fiance Because he had to see them all each day. He ' s gone and alt his wives are doing fine. They do not necm to miss the rustic line, In fact they grin and giggle o ' er the pelt That once was Vallntlno D.Tau Delt. His corpse Is welcome as the flowers In May aHMMBlfe- Altbougb alive It never fot away. Ho bum. Us that a carnival, my dear? No Jacob,[that ' stbe|Edwards funeral bier. Social Notes Geiger Marriage Notice was receibed today through special sources that George Geiger was married last summer sometime. Haymow Party Cornstalks and hay will be found in connection with the Delta Chi party Saturday night. Farmer and Mrs. Brown will lead in the marathon. Elopment It was learned from reliable sources that negotiations had been begun to at- tempt to try to look for a ladder with which to aid an elopement from the Car- dinal office window. The elopers are said to be thought to be assumed to be Mr. Cohler and Portia Lugoff. Delta Gammas Mixer Beer and pretzels were handed out to the long line of some three thousand students and townsfolk at the delightful Pre-Volstead party held at the lodge on Langdon Street last evening. Among the out-of-town guests were: Pussyfoot Johnson and nurse, Herbert Tarrytown, Pall Mall, and the Egyptian Deity called Omar. Virginia Dare of Pebbleford brought some Antique punch for the occasion. Those asked to chap- erone were Blossom Seeley and Railroad Jack. We eledt to the Hall of Fame — Dai Steenberg, familiarly known aso " Dave. " The American Magazine has this month an article on Famous Journalists. He was editor and pubUsher of the Al- goma Record Herald. It is alleged that he was a Wisconsin News desk man and Is Main Rewriteman for the State oour- nal. In a speech to the Press Club he said, " Just remember that if you keep at It long enough you can succeed at almost anything " WEATHERaREPORT By George Geiger Weather for today is expected to be generally fair anp warmer. No change in temwerature Is predicted for tomorrow and no rain is in sight. POWELL RAZZES HUMOR SHEET Claims Townsend is Putrid and Stores Need Wasifing Up Critic Ways Some Words on Octopus By H ickman Powell I don ' t like the book, it has a cover on it, also it contaisn advertising, also I have not heard any of the jokes before. Here ' s a good one that I heard yesterday that was not in the so-called humor mag : He : Did you ever hear the story of the three eggs? She: No. He (answering her): Too bad. Now if that low, lewd, putrid, filthy, rotten, mess of blubbering will, called the Octopus could have some nice clean jokes like the above I would not mind criticising it. I nodded 962 times reading the blaa entitled " Hot Times, " and I think that Heinz Ruble wrote it so it is verj- poor, decadent, and a space waster. Let ' s have something in the next issue by Hickman Powell so that it will get a rise out of the flocks, look at my rocker col. Don ' t you think that it is good? Yesterday a lady told me that she thought that the Octopus was going to be good and I told her that it was not and now I am so glad that I can provemy poiht. Even Hub Townsend is getting putrid. That ' s a good word " putr-id " : Reynolds told me that one but I had just thought of it anyway. There is too much verse, prose, short stuff, long stuff, and illsatm-ated matter in the Octopus to make it a good humor mag. I told them so a long time ago and they would not beUeve me. Now they will believe me because my oiflce hours are from 10 to 12 o ' clock. Here ' s another good one that I handed in to the Octopus which they did not print: Why is a dog? It ' s a good joke and there Isn ' t no answer to it; that Is what makes it good because no one can answer it. Well, all In all, the Octopus is a worth- less publication and I do not likeit and I hope that they won ' t sell any, but I have a refe copy anyhow and that is all I want. . rthur Ardlel smiles like a cupie doll : also he Is running for a office. If you vote for him you can ' t go wrong, girls. NOT BAD. not bad. I saw a girl on the hill today and she was bowlegged. That mus ' be the reason why they got long skirls, huh? PafS6i rf= The Badger THE DAILY CARDINAL TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1923 EDITORIAL By Porter P. Butts I was walking down the street today and heard some noise which reminded me that Howard Lyman is running for some- tliing, and that these impossible persons of mediocre intellect, who play jazz music all of the time, could be voting for him instead of playing jazz music all of the time and could be thus doing a der- vice to humanity instead of trying to torture the high tension souls of us of the intellectuality, by playing jazz all of the time. Mr. Brunswick should never have built this music box of his with which the people of mediocre intellects play jazz music all of he time because it grates on the nerves of us of the intellectuality and makes us more appreciate the fact that about 99 and 44 J190 per cent of our so- called fellow-creatures are far Inferior to us morally, mentally, and should be physically if it were not for the fact that we have so much mental gymnastics to do, that we haven ' t got time to do any physical gymnastics. Which reminds me that these persons who have been besess- ed by an unthinking God with a strong back and a wea,k mind are not so many, — pardon me; I mean they are not doing any good to humanity and are therefore a detriment, and should therefore be chloroformed. Which reminds me that Bob Reynolds is runningjfor the seanate and that you should all vote for him, because he is a Chi Phi even if he isn ' t so many because he win be all right when I have had time to correct his faults. It is a nice day to-day; the sun rose over the A. T. O. house. TO LATE TO BE CLASSIFIED Eliot Sharp who used to work on the Daily Cardinal died today at 2 o ' clock. His heart burst. Friends have been expecting it for some time. IBITUARY Now let the folks all chortle and be gay. Another prune has shrivelled by the way. The scribbling world has lost a spavined pen. Which, praise the Ford, will never scrawl Again. His death was sudden, quite, and imre- flned, A pas.sing not unworthy of Ws kind. While scribbUng meters of his palsied verse. He heard the porter call " Back up the hearse. " The poem which took his life to pay the Uble, Was planned to be a take off of the bible. He had the book of Genesis revised. When Exodus was promptly dranatized. Death called a halt to Sharpie ' s drunken quill. And cheering thousands paid the funera bill. He ' ll soon be showing Satan rhyming tricks. If Charon doesn ' t drop him in the Styx. We ' ve one regret ; unfortunately too late, ' Tis sad his body wasn ' t laid in state. ' Twould make no difference what the state might be, Decadent,jcoma, or just infamy. Well, well, he ' s gone, we ' re rid of all his stuff. Death beat us to the pole and called bus bluff. Call out the band; declare a hoUday, This is no time for mourning, let ' s be gay. SKYROCKETS HA HA HA With this introduction we hope to put you all in good spirits. Won ' t you have a drink? That was a good one — Wasn ' t it? I WROTE THIS A bird goes to heaven, A soul goes to heaven, A bird meets a soul going To heaven. Ah bird. This one has a connotation. Get me? THIS IS A POEM I love to hear ' em play jazz. So I can give ' em the razz Because when they jazz ' em I razz ' em. Not bad eh? Southern Wisconsin Trust Co. Safety Deposit Vaults Page 569 The Badger lama can I have o d ' wink? " ype Virtuoso I ' att f70 The Badger Pagr i l Thie Badger (Octopus Editor ' s Note — We claim to print only the best and latest jokes of any college publication in the country. Judge for yourself.) " Why does a miller wear a hat? " " Don ' t know. " " To cover his head. " First he: That ' s a girl with knickers on. Second him: Ya-a-a, that ' s a girl. (That ' s some joke, eh?) Prof, in lecture : Did you ever hear the joke about the dirty window pane? Class: Naw. Prof, (proudly) : Can ' t see through it. (A Professor handed this in.) Little Jack Horner sat in the corner Eating a Christmas pie : He put in his thumb, And pulled our a plum; Said, " What a smart boy am I. " (Humorous poem by Margaret Emmerling.) Philly: How many two-cent stamps can I get for a cent and a quarter? Silly: Dunno. Philly: Gosh, you ' re dumb. Thirteen. (Contribution from one of the deans.) Campus boy: Please may 1 take out this book? Librarian: Have you got your fees paid ' ' Who is your grandpa ? (The fella that wrote this is married now .) Pag» STl The Badger Rumor Has It — that the Tekes had a li ' l party in the Spring — " Jush a li ' l ' sparty — Thassall — and the Satire Sleuth crept in during the change of scenery to partake of a few of the innocent toasts to the modern co-ed. Might have been cider, or grape juice or even the mince pie, but — anyway someone mixed the glasses and slipped in some old stock (by reputation) acquired before the dear dry days beyond recall. Suffer- ing Bow Wows! What malevolent juice! " Oi, " cried he, " Again 1 am ruined ! Oi ! what a jagged feeling ! " Like the man in Jericho who had been taken in. " Why is it, " he wondered, as he sank into a coma. The dancing dervishes swirled on about him. His limp body flopped across the bar. Pat ' s 3 The Badger- Forensics This man is noted for the amount of blaa that he can hand out. If Bryan knew about he would spend the rest of his days in solitude bewailing rising generation. i Nx i W y - q t -- if y- y . m f uI Bb - Wf f CI.M, It is a curious fact that when was bom, he started to talk as if he were a filibuster orator try- ing to get the endurance record in the senate. He holds the record for continuous speaking. He talked steady for 54 hours killing off two hun- dred of the audience, maiming 48, giving the sleep- ing sickness to 24, and permanently disabling 35. This man is noted for the number of silences that he dissipates in. It has been known for him to sit quietly for five minutes without saying a word. This man is a good rebuttaler. (In a confidential letter to the satire editor he offered him $5 for putting him on this page. The S. Ed. took the cash.) I ' att f?4 The Badger — r-nvcllef-— Haresfoot Club There is no doubt that Haresfoot is the envy of David Belasco, and the choruses which fool the sophisticated campus hound have made Flo Ziegfield spend many a sleep- less night worrying about something beside Billie Burke. The club last season came back proudly after its road trip and flaunted a vegetable collection that the Ag school never could have raised. And the reason. A Haresfoot chorus makes a Follies ' chorus look like a bunch of washwomen doing a Virginia Reel. The songs are so snappy that Irving Berlin ' s songs sound like " The Last Rose of Summer " sung by a church choir. And the singing. It is almost as good as a barber shop quartet singing " Sweet Adeline. " It is rumoured that Port Butts has something to do with the productions. Probably he drew all the farm products. Page 575 The Badger Prom It was a good prom — best in the country. Benson ' s Victor orchestra performed and the crowd which hung on the railing in the rotunda seemed to enjoy them. The rest of us tried to dance. We thought it was good music — for Chicago. The storm scene was pretty good but neither good nor pretty. In fact it was such an insult to nature that she was mean about it all Spring. Every other girl was a Theta. One of them wasted two dances talking to the governor in an effort to secure the capitol for their next dance. We didn ' t se e many Kappas. Somebody told us that Zeta Beta Tau had decided to make the Military Ball their big event of the season. After the week end we weren ' t able to afford dessert with our dinners " till Easter time. One thou- sand gowns were crushed — more pins lost — it was one eventful night. Pat ' f76 t agc 577 The Badger Chadbourne Hall Year ' s Social Calendar Sept. 28 • Pot Luck Dinner Sept. 30 Box Social Oct. 10 . Slumber Party Oct. 15 Dinner at Chili Al ' s Oct. 18 Mixer Oct. 23 At Home (Third degree) Oct. 29 . . . Freshman-Sophomore Hair-pulling Contest Dec. 21 Christmas Tree and Everything Jan. 9 . . . Bridge, Pedro and Checkers. Prize Given Feb. 22 Washington ' s Birthday iVlar. 31 Classes all day. At Home All Evening Apr. 21 Strand Theatre Party May 13 informal Picnic Dinner on Drive May 17 Breakfast May 30 Chadbourne Tea, Milk or Coffee June 3 Formal Examinations Pat4 S7S w T. cT Advertising Section QL These firms have shown their appreciation of the student hody at the University of Wisconsin hy advertising in this, our 1924 year hook. Let us now show them our appreciation hy ivin them our undivided patronage whenever the opportunity presents itself. The satire scattered thruout these advertisements is the best in the hook. £1 Pate 579 The Badger- THE CENTRAL LIFE OFFERS AGGRESSIVE MEN WHO HAVE ABILITY AND AMBITION A SPLENDID INDUCEMENT COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY MEN FIND THE FIELD OF SALESMANSHIP EXTREMELY PROFITABLE. THE FIELD OF LIFE INSURANCE RANKS AT THE FRONT AMONG THE VARIOUS PROFESSIONS FULL OR PART-TIME CONTRACTS PLEASANT AND PROFITABLE WORK STATE OFFICE, FIRST CENTRAL BLDG. MADISON, WISCONSIN A. C. LARSON, Stale Manager TELEPHONE BADGER 1148 PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Patt iW The Badger What is the Co-Op? That is one of the first questions that the new student will ask upon arriving at Madison. Feeling that a great many future students will read the Badger, we are going to tell in a brief way, what the Co-Op is. In 1892 a number of Alumni rented a small room and sold supplies to students at prices very much less than was being charged by the book stores. In 1894 the Co-Op was incorporated and has been doing busi- ness since, increasing the stock each year until now we have about everything that a student might need, in books, school supplies, furnishing goods, shoes, athletic goods, etc. To become a member of the Co-Op, and we advise every student to join as soon as they arrive, you pay $2.50 for a Life Membership and receive free a $2.50 fountain pen. Each membership is numbered and on every purchase that you make you call your number. At the end of each year you get a rebate on all you have purchased during the year. For the year 1922 the rebate was 15%. saving. That gives you some idea of During the summer we enlarged our store and are now carrying a complete line of clothing. We are carrying some of the finest lines of young men ' s clothing in the country. Among them you will find Stratford, Rosenwald Weil and Hickey Freeman. It will pay you to wait until you arrive in Madison to buy your clothing. Our prices are as low and probably lower than any other store in the country and you will also get a rebate at the end of the year — an additional saving, and you will get clothes that are built for college men. That does not mean that they will be freak clothes but it means that they will be finely tailored, of high quality and perfectly fitted. If you buy clothes at the Co-Op you will be well dressed. The Co-Op is a students ' store, no private capital, controlled by the Regents and Alumni, operated for the students. You will save money if, when you reach Madison, you will ask two questions — What is the Co-Op and where is it ? University Co-Operative Company E. J. GRADY, Manager 506-508 State Street Madison, Wis. STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Patt SSI The Badger =b THE HOME OF THE HOT FUDGE THE CHOCOLATE SHOP ESTABLISHED 1818 ' imi t CLOTHING MADISON AVENUE COR. FORTY-FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone Murray Hill 8800 phis is a Complete Establishment operated continuously for more than One Hundred Years- under the same name and still in the control of the Direct Descendants of the Founders. We specialize in the Outfitting of Men and Boys from Head to Foot with Garments and Accessories for Every Requirement of Day or Evening Wear Dress, Businses, Travel or Sport Send far " Comparisons " BOSTON NEWPORT Trkmontcoii. botlston 220 Bkllcvuc avinus BROOKS BROTHERS ' Building, convenient to the Grand Central, Subway, and to many of the leading Hotels and Clubs STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS. IND. PaffSi ( The Badger fjoleprcDf fj[Qsi(2rg I__rOLEPROOF is the hosiery of lustrous beauty and fine tex- ture that wears so well. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is selected by college students and grads who can afford to pay far more for their hose, but who prefer the Holeproof combina- tion of style and serviceability at such reasonable prices. Obtainable in Pure Silk. Silk Faced, and Luslenzed Lisle styles for men, uomen and children, in the season s f fular colors. HOLEPROOF HOSIERY COMPANY, Milwaukee, Wisconsin HOLEPROOF HOSIERY COMPANY OF CANADA, Limited. LONDON. ONTARIO PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO., MADISON. WIS.— BINDING t Page S3} The Badger Netzow Ideals Maintained Since i88 ' -THIRTY- EIGHT years ago the first Netzow piano was built — today their factories are among the largest and their reputation so well es- tablished as to preclude any doubt as to their super- ior craftsmanship. chas. f. netzow. Pres. The Netzow Mfg. Company Piano Manujacturers Milwaukee Wisconsin Factories: 1st St., Keeje and Island Avenues Music Salons: 270-272 West Water Street Clear in Tone! ' There ' s a Difference We don ' t want to argue, but You will agree that, there is a vast difference between the Food you get at or- dinary eating places and this cafeteria. E)elicious, satisfying dishes are a daily feature at the College Refectory " ' " Street Styleplus Clothes at RUPP ' S Feature Styleplus Clothes I ' att SS4 The Badgei Where Dependable Quality is Low Priced Madison ' s Most Progressive Department Store A BLOCK FROM THE CAPITOL CORNER STATE and DAYTON STREETS Correct Modes in Women ' s Apparel For Sports, Street or Evening Wear Furnishings for Sorority and Fraternity Houses and Apartments at Special Rates LOWEST IN THE CITY — PRICES It is rumored that the A. O. P ' s have the scandalous habit of handing out open bids: " We like your kind and we think that you will like us, won ' t you give us a chance? " Freddie Crane of the Kappa Kappa Gamma house steps out with the best picture of the whole bunch on display at the Photoart House. We found it amongst those of the sorority parties. John Fitzgerald — that great big Chi Psi is holding his head loftily in moody seclusion of late. Wonder what put it there? The Phi Gamma Deltas, otherwise known as the " Permanently Gone Deads, " are still wearing borrowed tuxedos. But that is an old one! General Paper and Supply Company MANUFACTURERS OF Tay-Cho-Pera School Pads and Papers PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO., .M. DISON, WIS.— BINDING Page 58i Tine Badger " A W isconsin Product " Tib© Hoinni© oi Fm© Monotype Composition Ne-w Type on Every Job Consult us on any kind of Printing TELEPHONE BADGER US Where the " Badger " waB Printed Press R.oom and Bindery Facilities Unsurpassed WE OFFER THE SERVICES OF OUR SKILLED WORKMEN. MODERN EQUIPMENT. AND LARGE FACILITIES AT MODERATE PRICES Cantwell rindn Company 12l-12i SOUTH PINCKNEY STREET, MADISON. WIS. Clothing and Furnishing RUPP ' S Clothing and Furnishing PafSSt The Badger SAY IT WITH PRINTING FLOWERS DIE DEMOCRAT PRINTING COMPANY 114-124 SOUTH CARROLL STREET MADISON -;- WISCONSIN EbiroFLiPiU Qflour Quality Clothing and Furnishings For Men You will find here, at all times, the newest and best in Young Men ' s clothing, tailored by such style authority as -KUPPENHEIMER ' Furnishings you ' ll recognize as being the best KINGLY SHIRTS " ALLEN A " UNDERWEAR INTERWOVEN HOSE BEAU BRUMMEL CAPS FOWNES glove;s The store where quality and ecorwmy combine DRUGS and PHOTO SUPPLIES at SUMNER CRAMTON, 670 STATE ST. Pat ' fS7 SOLO AT ALL UEADINC M1URC AND DEPARTMENT STORES I(967W.20 ' -ST. JCHICAGOj Pint SSI The Badger THE BURDICK MURRAY WILL DO FOR YOU ANYTHING ANY GOOD STORE OUGHT TO DO _ = = COME IN Ladies ' and Children ' s Apparel, Dry Goods and Millinery The Psi Upsilon much talked of football player — Benjamin Pearse, and none other — is a great rushing p oint and a very important man. The Phi Psi chapter is at present ordering Stacomb in barrel lots. That reminds us of what has become of that picture of their pledges as it was shown in the 1922 Badger! The Lambda Chi Alpha chapter got in its carload of picks and shovels in preparation for next year ' s rushing season. They will need them. Hanley, the Delta Tau Delta " W " man, has returned to school for the current semester. What ' s left of the Zeta Psi pledges ! ! ! (Vacant quarter page — they all flunked out.) OUR SECRET AMBITIONS Mine: To out-rollie Rollie Williams on the football field, to shoot more baskets than Cop Tay- lor, to jump higher than Pete Platen, to bat more homers than Rowdy Elliott — instead of writing drivel like this. Yours: To say to the prof, who gives you grades of 76 — 84 — 92 : " Sir, I do not know why you should have a personal grudge against me unless perhaps you resent my outspoken habit of disagreeing with some of your pet theories. Of course grades are of minor importance with me, but in view of the fact that honest endeavor is not to be re- u arded with decent grades in your course, I feel that I must change to another. I would re- main in spite of your obvious narrow grading system if you had anything cultural or broaden- ing to offer, ' ' ou are, my dear sir, small potatoes, etc., etc. " WITTWER ' S THE SHOP FOR MEN Al-WAYS something new in 727 University Ave. NECKWEAR HENRY T. SHELDON LAWYER Commissioner Circuit and Superior Courts 413-414 GAY BLIDG, MADISON. WIS OTTO HARLOFF KARL LOPRICH HARLOFF-LOPRICH ELECTRIC CO. CONTRACTING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES CORNER STATE and FRANCES STREETS iVIADrSON. WISCONSIN STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Paie «9 The Badger HOT CREOSOTE IS DELIVERED TO TANK CARS THROUGH THIS PIPING BARRETT MFG. CO. PLANT AT CHICAGO RELIEVING EXPANSION STRAINS IN PIPING Crane pipe bends, produced to absorb expansion strains and insure perma- nently tight joints in piping systems for hot fluids or steam, are made from the highest quality steel pipe in a plant exclusively devoted to the accurate forming of pipe bends. Bends for special installations are treated as in- dividual problems and great care is given to obtaining the correct radius of curvature and tangential delivery to insure the least possible resistance to flow. The ends are accurately fitted into malleable iron, cast iron, cast steel or forged flanges. Exacting fac- tory tests prove their endurance before they leave the works. They can be supplied in any size or shape required. CRAN E GENERAL OFFICES: CRANE BUILDrNG. 836 8. MICHIGAN AVE.. CHICAGO Branckci and SaUi Officii in One Hundred and Tkirty-fi-ve Ciliet National Exhibit Reomt: Ciicago, Neiv York, jltlantit City ffitrh: Ciicago and Bridgeport Ctant 7i Loa Priiiuti CUie Faht Pattf90 The Badger OUR BEST WISHES TO YOU SENIORS, who have helped to make our business such a splendid success, we wish to extend our thanks and congratulations. At school opening and during exams you have kept us so busy repairing your pens and fitting you out with new ones that at times our heads fairly swam. But your friendly co-operation and appreciation of our efforts to please you have made it a real incentive to find new ways and means of accommodating you TO YOU UNDERCLASSMEN . ND NEW STUDENTS who will be with us again, or for the first time, next year we wish a fine, invigorating vacation. During the summer we will be busy manufacturing RIDER MASTERPENS, selecting our stock, and improving our machinery so that we can give you Real Pen Service in improved form again next year. RIDER ' S PEN SHOP " s I E FRAUTSCHI FURNITURE 217-221 King St. T NOur Balcony ■ ' ■ Gift Shop are gifts for every pre- cious anniversary. Latest gift ; articles are always to be found here. U. W. Meat Market QUALITY MEA TS SERVICE OF THE BEST Fairchild 521 728 University Ave. Madison, Wis, parpnts kid nw not h smoke. I don ' t, or listen to a nau hti jokp. I don ' t, heij told tnc it im wrona la wink ifpretii girls ir evpn iaink About intoiicatin(i drink. J dont. donee or flirt im wr iitonii I dont. M itipti ctiasmmen, wine andsonq. Idont Up nmr tiii pd (Kjirl.-niit one In fact, I don ' t Ifnou ' lioii ' its done. Ytu ma ttimli Jdoiit tim mi fun. I Jotit-. Drawing Tables, Boards, Scales, T Squares, Tri- angles, Curves, ' nstruments, etc. DIETZGEN Drawing Instruments and Materials can be bought at reasonable prices and are of a quality that means satisfaction to you. Catalog on request Eugene DietzgenCo. Chicaso New York San Francisco New OrleaiW Pittsbursrh Philadelphia Washinston STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Page 591 The Badger ' ' AND HERE IS YOUR BATHROOM " KOHLER Look for this name, un- obtrusively fused into the enamel of every Kohler fixture. It is your guaranty of gen- uineness and of these distirKtive Kohler qual- ities — (U the beautiful snowy whiteness of the durable enamel ; (2) the uni ormi(yof that white- ness in every fixture. When the hostess says simply, " And here is your bathroom, " she is in fact saying, " The free- dom of the house is yours. You need not shape your habits to ours, nor be fearful of incom- moding us. " An additional bathroom often spells the difference between easy, gracious hospitality and embarrassed, apologetic hospi- tality. And when no guests are present it adds immeasurably to the comfort and convenience of every member of the family. Let the capable plumbing dealer who sells Kohler Ware in your neighborhood show you how a model bathroom can be installed in a space as small as five feet by six, no larger than a good-sized closet. And let him demonstrate in figures the reasonableness of the investment that will insure your obtaining the unsurpassed quality that every piece of Koh- ler Enameled Plumbing Ware represents. Let us send you our booklet of Kohler Ware for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. KOHLERofKOHLER Kohler Co., Founded 1873, Kohler, Wiscon.sin - Shipping Point, Sheboygan, Wisconsin BRANCHES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES MANUFACTURERS OF ENAMELED PLUMBING WARF-: AND KOHLER AUTOMATIC POWER AND LICI fT 1 10 VOLT D. C. Styleplus Clothes at RUPPS Feature Stylepius Clothes Q Pagt S9Z The Badger ORPHEUM JUNIOR THEATRES ORPHEUM CIRCUIT THE BEST IN VAUDEVILLE THREE PERFORMANCES DAILY 3:00, 7:15 and 9:00 P.M. NIGHTS AND SUNDAY MATINEES MAIN FLOOR 45 ENTIRE BALCONY t n PLUS it Z-V TAX WEEK-DAY MATINEES ALL SEATS 22C PLUS TAX SEATS RESERVED FOR ALL PERFORMANCES PROGRAMS CHANGE EVERY SUNDAY and THURSDAY The Theatre Beautiful The Parkway Theatre High Class Photoplays and Legitimate Attractions ' Always a Good Show at the " PARKWAY " s T R A N D MADISONS PHOTOPLAY THEATRE DE LUXE " Ne er Changing Prices " ADULTS 22c, Plus Tax AFTERNOONS 2 to 5 EVENINGS 7 to II CONTINUOUS Saturday, Sunday and HoUdavs, I to 1 1 OUR SECRET AMBITIONS {Continued) Heinz Rubeis: To wear golf pants, horn rimmed glasses, smoke a two foot cigarette holder, and lean nonchalently against Old Abe the while emitting witty gems in a thoroughly man-about-town manner: Ralph Scheinpflug: To find myself a hobby that will permit me to wear queer, sporty clothes and yet not de- mand that I shall look so like a silly ass as I now do when engaged in horseback bumping. Peter F. Burns: To get $2.25 for fifty cent sox instead of $1 .25 as at present. Dad Morgan: To collect rent from Ralph Scott, Jack Corn Joe Steinauer, and since they never buy anything but just hang around all day. David Sinclair: To be noticed by the student body. Why not Didn ' t they, 10 years ago, elect " Little " Bob La FoUette president of his class on his father ' s reputation ' ? Well, my father ' s reputa- tion ought to get some place without my ha ing to make a roaring boob of myself w ith this Scorpion thing. VARIOUS HEIGHTS The foreign prof, who thinks — well, always says — that the U. S. is far inferior to his coun- try in culture, art, and manners, yet sturdily refuses to return home to a salary of about a third of that which he gets from our own crude institution. STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Page S93 The Badger Branch Bank of Wisconsin Capital and Surplus $360,000 Comer State and Gilman Streets Madison, Wisconsin Styleplus Clothes at RUPPS Feature Styleplus Clothes Patif94 The Badger Stands as an Honor to Wisconsin retail business circles — a steadfast example of square dealing — always providing the utmost quality for the least money — a store whose articles of Jewelry for all men and women become instantly and remain constantly possessions of pride and value to both giver and recipient, a store befitting the splendid peo- ple and State of Wisconsin. A Real Jewelry Store for All Students whether shopping in pjerson, or by mail- er call for all you desire in Jewelry. -write ARCHIE TEGTMEYER Grand Ave., at 4th Street MILWAUKEE The Jewelry Store of Merit for 30 Years M I L I TAR Y SCHOOL SUPPLIES:— UNIFORMS AND ACCESSORIES BADGES MILITARY BOOKS BANNERS FLAGS PENNANTS PILLOWS BELTS SUPPLIES FOR FRATERNAL ORGANIZA- TIONS:— MASONS ODD FELLOWS PYTHIANS ELKS EAGLES MOOSE K. C. CATALOGS ON REQUEST WRITE US FOR SPECIAL BELT BARGAINS PETTIBONE ' S In CINCINNATI 51 Years PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Pate 59S The Badger- " " E have instructed our buy- ' ' ers to give special consider- ation to the requirements of our college girl custom. You will find that smartness and youth are the most significant characteristics of many of the better garments which are designed by three nation- ally approved houses: Printz Miss Manhattan House of Youth Token tHMHiW.MiminSt. VARIOUS HEIGHTS {Continued) He had often debated the same only too many times before and it has always been this indecision and here she was looking down at him with a mingled feeling of friendship and amusement. He would not give in to her this time. He would not yield to her impatience. He would think it out tonight or never, for with every time she came to him in this manner his resistance became weaker and weaker. He knew by her every movement that she was becoming more and more vexed with his indecision. Her attitude was changing from friendship and amusement to boredom and indif- ference. She was nervously making a pattern on the floor with her delicate, slim little foot. Why not give in to her rather than cause this attitude of hers ' ' But no, he must not give in to her; tonight he must be firm. She assumed an attitude of unconcern but suddenly with an uncontrollable air blurted out, " Well, what will you have? " Meekly he replied, " Oh, 1 guess you can make it a hamburg without and a cup of coffee. " Eyes Examined - Lenses Ground DIETRICH-DENU OPTICAL SPECIALISTS Pioneer Block — Next to Orpheum Madison. Wis THE FINEST EATS AT UNIVERSITY " Y " CAFE 740 LANGDCHM STREET AUG. J. SCHMITZ PRACTICAL PLUMBER ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY FURNISHED 311 State Street Phone Badger 886 MADISON. WIS. J ENSEN ' S BOOT SHOP QUALITY FOOTWEAR 614 State Street Styleplus Clothes at RUPPS Feature Styleplus Clothes Paff96 f= %= The Badger TO THE PHOTOART HOUSE WITHOUT YOUR HELPFUL AD- VICE, EXCELLENT WORKMAN- SHIP, AND EFFICIENT SERVICE OUR TASK WOULD HAVE BEEN EVEN MORE ARDUOUS THAN IT WAS. THE PHOTOART HOUSE HAS BEEN A GREAT HELP TO THE 1924 BADGER. SIGNED CAMBER TEGTMEYER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF H. B. LYMAN BUSINESS MANAGER 1924 BADGER This page contracted for by the Photoart House, Wm. J. Meuer, President Official Commercial Photographers for the 1924 Badger PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Pagt 597 Tine Badger STEWART Enameled Gas Range STEWART STOVES and FURNACES are made nnd Guaranteed by THE FULLER-WARREN COMPANY Milwaukee, Wisconsin STEWART on Stoves is like STERLING on Silver r " ' 75 3f TPiNIC yifiJESTY ANNOUNCEMENT The Satire editor wishes to announce that Frank Crane, one of our distin- guished literators, has recently won a magnificent prize of fifty German marks for submitting his last worthy no el, " Playthings, " which is a study of Wis- consin women, to the Cyril Ballam Pub- lishing Company. Did you ever have a date with a co-ed for a quiet walk along the drive on a balmy spring evening, and begin to be assailed by doubts, " Does she fuss? " The big night comes, and as you start your promenade she hangs onto your arm and with a quiver in her voice remarks that she always feels so sentimental on nights like this. Your spirits soar and your heart beats faster, but as you walk and walk your steps lag, for it seems others have come before you, and there ' s not a darn place to " park " ; so you end up at Lawrence ' s. Where to Buy: Munsing Wear Black Cat Hosiery Van Raalte Gloves Jamestown Wool Dress Goods Thomfyson ' s Corsets Burtex Rugs and many other lines of Standard Merchandise Maw-Olson Dry Goods Co. STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO.. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. ' a«« S9S The Badger = Tl-ie Badger iMachinists, Mill and Railroad Supplies Brass, Copper. Bronze and Nickel Silver BESLY GRINDERS— BESLY TAPS The leading Engineering Colleges and Institutes have found Besly Quality and Service a IDecisive factor. CHARLES H. BESLY COMPANPf 118-124 N Clinton Street CHICAGO. ILL. liim i ij CHICAGO The largcM gears ever cut by the bobbing pnicesa HERRINGBONE GEARS We manufacture power transmission units and steel castings. Our plant, equipped with the latest types of ma- chinery and conducted along strictly modern lines, operates the largest gear cutters in the world. Our foundry, producing open hearth steel castings from 1 to 100,000 lbs. for all commercial purposes, is the biggest of its kind west of the Pittsburg district. We extend a most cordial invitation to graduate and undergraduate in the Engineering College of Wisconsin University to inspect our plant. THE FALK CORPORATION MILWAUKEE. WISCONSIN Clothing and Furnishing RUPPS Clothing and Furnishing I ' agt OOU The Badger =b AUTO REPAIR ING TIRES ACCESSORIES WISCONSIN AUTO SERVICE CO. ' UNIVERSITY TRADE CATERED TO ' 250 STATE STREET MADISON BADGER 450 We cordially suggest your inspection of new designs in FURNITURE Recent creations include the latest Period and Finish Vogues C. R. JERDIN 1 13 KING ST. Next door to the Majestic VARIOUS HEIGHTS (Continued) Merrill Taft calling up Gordie Wanzer to tell him how much better the Chi Psi Prom wa s than the Zeta Psi Prom would have been, etc., etc. Wayne Morris and Bob Stewart helping Rollie Williams write his class day speech. (Or have you forgotten last fall ' s hot campaign?) UNIVERSITY CLINIC Each and every city of the world has its seven wonders, and Madison is no exception. We can discard with impunity the last six which include Kehl ' s, Pantorium, Morgan ' s, Memorial Union Building, Social Science Club, and Shorty ' s Dugout; and BEHOLD the greatest ac- complishments of the human brain, THE UNIVERSITY CLINIC. Scolten wishes to give his geneological tree through the medium of the Satire Section: Oldest ancestor: Adam. My dear Adrian Scolten: I hear you are the editor of the Scorpion. I also hear you are a member of the social science. I also hear that you care nothing about school activities. I also hear that you care nothing for co-eds. I also hear that you go to the University. Yours truly, Upton Sinclair. My dear Upton: Ya I am editro of the Scorpion. The Social Science club is the only good club on the campus. School activities are the bunk. Bah! Co-eds are all gold-diggers. I attend the University. Ya, 1811 spread your propaganda. Yours truly, Adrian. Adrian: I have a new book out. STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Pate 601 The Badger Dinner, Dance, and Debuts The exacting requirements of evening wear are provided for in every detail by The Man ' s Shop. With intelligent regard for absolute cor- rectness these evening clothes are never- theless designed to apparel the man thoroughly at his ease. They are tailored to fit faultlessly but without tightness, either in fact or effect. They are offered ready to wear in all sizes. (You may order by mail) r f ' Man ' s S op lie SOUTH MICHIGAN BOULEVARD Chicarfo o PRINTING-CANTWELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING PafdOl The Badger THE MILITARY DEPARTMENT No, they are not the Boy Scouts. Cant you tell the difference They are the R.O.T.C. cadet corps, the pride and joy of the entire University. This outfit costs the state $13,000,000 every semester, but the state assemblymen consider it a great bargain for the military training that these stalwart youths receive. The spirit of the corps is remarkable. Every frosh and soph to the last man signs up for drill, with the exception of those that are lame, have flat feet, and are blind. Isn ' t that fine! Although the unit is already the best in the country. Major Wood will suggest that the following resolutions be passed by the Faculty-Student Executive committee: 1 . Cadets shall not under any circumstances attend drill in track suits. 2. At least one article of the regulation uniform must be worn at the classes. 3. The customary practice of non-coms applying thumbs to their noses and gleefully v aving their extended fingers in the direction of any officer who addresses them, is to be strictly prohibited. THE SATIRE EDITORS MAIL Dear Editor: When I came to the University, I was raised on a pinnacle of publicity, but lately I do not receive all that I crave. Please put something in your book about what I think about the Wisconsin co-ed. That ' ll make good copy. Yours for France, The German Ambassador ' s Son. My dear Editor: Before you put anything in the Badger Satire about me, let me read it over. Get me? I know that my name in the column will make the section live with person- alities, but let me see it first. Coyly, Mr. Merrill Taft. Styleplus Clothes at RUPP ' S Feature Styleplus Clothes Page 603 The Badger SODAS Prompt Service GINGER ALE Silver Spring Water Co. Purest. Sfjftest Table Water Known Used in Hundreds o Homes and Offices " Prxjiong Your Health Day by Day — Drink Silver Spring Water Everyday " Phone Badger 551 1 Phone Badger 2646 The Davis Transfer Company 148 South Blair St. Madison, Wis. FREIGHT and BAGGAGE LUNCHES and DINNERS Served at Mrs. Main, Manager Fairchild 2606 " THE BADGER ROOM " (Ground Floor Woman ' s Building) Catering Jor Weddings and Formats a Sf ecialty PRIVATE PARTIES — LUNCHEONS AND DINNERS CRETNEY JAMESON REALTORS BANK OF WISCONSIN BUILDING Fairchild 372 Fairchild 373 The character of the merchandise — and the pleasant atmosphere have made this shop headquarters for student musical interests and needs. UNIVERSITY MUSIC SHOP At 511 State Street Phone Badger 7272 THE SATIRE EDITORS MAIL (Continued) Dear Satire Editor: Don ' t mention that I come from the wilds of Iowa — from Nevada, Iowa — population, 39. Tactfully, Polly Ambrose. Dear Mr. Editor: May I take you out to dinner tonight? I hear you are Satire editor. There ' s a good show at the Strand. Shall we go there later? Nervously, Russ Irish. P. S. — Are you going to run a scandal page ? Mr. Editor: I hear you are editor of the Satire Section. Could 1 help you in any way? Did you know that I was engaged lately? If I can help, command me. Trembling, Jack Cornelius. Up-to-Date Method All Branches of Work Manufacturer of Monona Toilet Preparations Varsity Beauty Shops Ella White Courtney Varsity Apartments. Across from Chadboume Hall Telephone Badger 42 Branch Parlor. Park Hotel BIdg. Telephone rairchild 822 W. C. MALONE igfi WHOLESALE and RETAIL 434 State Street Telephone Badger 1164 Madison. Wis. Agency for RICHELIEU Brand Pure Food Products THE STUDENTS ' INTEREST IN THIS STORE You are a stranger at our founlain only once — IS THE RESULT OF OUR INTEREST IN THEM THE CARDINAL PHARMACY, University Avenue at Park Street HARRY A. SCHULTZ— HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES— MADISON Paf«04 The Badger SAVE THE SURFACE AND YOU SAVE ALL PAINT AND VARNISH WILHELM BROS. DECORATORS 411 WEST GILMAN ST. Dealers in WALL PAPER, PAINTS VARNISHES and FLOOR VARNISH — PAPER HANGING and INTER- I OR FINISHING OUR SPECIALTY WE COVER YOUR WORK WITH SATISFACTION FLOWERS adapt themselves to all occa- sions in every day life. Artistic bridal and corsage bouquets our specialty. The Best Flowers The Best Service The Best Values lib State Street FLORAL CO Phone Badger ! 79 MY FRATERNITY BROTHERS They have blind-dated me with oil cans, they have used my clean shirts, worn out my socks, borrowed my books and never returned them, stole my toothpaste, broken my safety razor and used up all the extra blades, ate dinners on me when they were broke, borrowed money and never paid it back, made me drag them to bed when they were drunk, bulled me, paddled me when a pledge, and the only reason that I am sticking around is that I am curious to know what in hell they are going to do next. BUY TIRE WITH Free: Inspection. Estimates, Advice, Air We Give " Service That Counts " COME IN AND GET ACQUAINTED 725 UNIVERSITY AVE. PHONE BADGER 7157 PRINTING— CANT WELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Page 60 f The Badger MOUNTAINS, miles and minutes give way before electricity, the magic motive power. Properly applied, it drives giant loco- motives across the continental divide, tows ocean liners through tlie Panama Canal, or propels huge ships. Through good light, safe signals, and illumi nated highways, it is making travel better and safer and also is increasing the usefulness of transportation methods on land, sea or in the air. In short, electricity is revolutionizing trans- portation, making it quicker, safer, more eco- nomical and reliable in all sorts of weather. And back of this development in electric trans- portation, in generating and transmitting ap- paratus as well as motive mechanisms, are the co-ordinated scientific, engineering and manu- facturing resources of the General Electric Company, working to the end that electricity may bet- ter serve mankind. mM..EiM(Uwmm mmmMw ' l The Badger " If I couldn ' t get another set of PARA- GON DRAWING INSTRUMENTS, you couldn ' t buy these at any price. " Engineers and Draftsmen, with years of experience behind them, tell us this every day. The same thing is said about our SLIDE RULES, SURVEYING INSTRU- MENTS, etc. Our name or trade mark on a Drawing Tool guarantees the Quality. Look for it when you buy again. Keuffel z Esser Co. NEW YORK, 1 27 Fulton Street General Office and Factories. HOBOKEN, N. J. CHICAGO, 51( 20 S. Dearborn St. ST. LOUIS, 817 Locust St. SAN FRANCISCO. 30-34 Second St MONTREAL, 5 Notre Dame St. W. Drawing Materials — Mathematical and Sur ey- ing Instruments — Measuring Tapes When in need of pure pasteurized milk, cream and fresh churned butter, ask for CAPITAL Dairy Products Early and prompt service 636-640 West Wilson St. Badger 761 B. C. FISHER W. R. FISHER FISHER BROTHERS FINE CIGARS KEPT FINE CIGARS. ICE CRE. M SOFT DRINKS, BIL- LIARDS. LONDON MADE PIPES, AND SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES 20 W. MIFFLIN ST. Next to The Hub Phone Badger 4668 MADISON, WIS DELTA GAMMA A Drama in Four Parts Part One He: Aw, come on ! She: No, I can ' t. He: When can I see you next? She: Next Friday. Part Two Time: Friday He: Aw, come on ! She: No, I can ' t. He: When can 1 see you next ? She: Friday. Part Three Time: Friday He: Aw, come on ! She: No, I can ' t. He: When can 1 see you next ? She: Next Friday. Part Four Time: Friday He: Aw, come on! You can ' t refuse me tonight. | She: Weil, if vou insist; but don t squeeze my hand too hard. PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Q Page 607 The Badger PARK HOTEL Special Attention to Dinner Dances MADISON WISCONSIN Styleplus Clothes at RUPPS Feature Styleplus Clothes l aif MS The Badger SCHOOL ROOM CHAIRS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION - 50 PHOENIX CHAIR COMPANY SHEBOYGAN, WIS. RESPECT YOUR HAIR AS YOU DO YOUR FACE Keep your scalp clean and your hair healthy and beautiful by using a clean brush. That ' s the best tonic. SANITAX BRUSHES can be washed, boiled, or sterilized, every day if need be, without injury. SANITAV •BRUSHESA Scientifically Weighted Correctly Balanced and Extremely Penetrative SANITAX BRUSH COMPANY 1001 W. Washington Blvd. CHICAGO BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED That Madison be made the home of more moving picture houses. If you ever took a girl to a show upon an evening when you felt that all the world was yours and you had the courage to take it, you will agree with me. Did you ever start to slide your hand around the back of your girl ' s seat and encounter someone s knee? and then find that the knee belonged to your roommate or a sorority sister of your girl ' s. If you did, vote Aye. Take your choice of saying No or telling the truth. Or did you ever start to whisper sweet nothings into your girl ' s ear just as the man behind you sneezed? Do I hear a chorus of Ayes? Or did you ever try to find your girls hand and as yours softly crept towards where hers was supposed to be, squeeze gently the toe of some- body ' s shoe? Then bear with me! The Ayes have it. Now it is up to some live manager to get busy. PHONES: Office Badger II 5S Residence Badger 6048 OFFICE HOURS; 9 to 12 A. M. 2 to 5 P. M. DR. J. L. OHNSTAD DENTIST Suite 503-504 Bank of Wisconsin Building MADISON, WIS. KOPPER KETTLE TEA SHOP 417 STATE STREET CO-OP TAILORING CO. Owen z Vetter CLEANING, PRESSING, REPAIRING ALTERATIONS " Give us a trial " PHONE BADGER 7542 508 STATE STREET ALL of the real news from Madison and other points — for the best you must read The CAPITAL TIMES Official paper of the state of Wisconsin. Published evening. Over 16,000 circulation. Get Your Expert Work Done at SINGERS BARBER SHOP— 620 State Street Pate 609 The Badger Stationery Supplies Business Furniture Commercial Printing At the down-town store where prices are moderate and service of the best. -:- -:- -:- THE PARKER COMPANY 12-14 SO. CARROLL STREET MADISON, WIS. NEXT TO TELEPHONE BUILDING J. B. DRIVES FUEL COMPANY COAL, WOOD COKE and BUILDING MATERIAL Phone Badger 628 303 S. PATERSON STREET FROM A SWAYING TREE It is spring and the breezes blow And I ' ve halted on the side of the road; I feel like a king from my perch in this Tree by the side of the road to failure. I see others grinding their lives away In the pursuit of success that theyll Gain at a time when 1811 have the satis- faction Of being dead. Now what is worth more than the feeling I Have in this tree by the side of the road ; The farmer that is sweating his brow in his field That I enjoy from this beautiful swaying tree? Yet 1 must come down for the primitive man call, I must beg from the farmer for food. My delight has been sweet but rather short And now he who sweats may have his de- light in Feeding a lazy and worthless tramp. STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. PattblU The Badger One Man in a Hundred Out of 100 men who start at the age of 25 with good health and mental ability, only one has become wealthy at the age of 65. Four are able to live on their incomes, six are self-sup- porting but must still work, and 35 are dependent on relatives, friends or charity. Barring unusual circumstances, it lies entirely with the individ- ual as to which group he will be in when he reaches 65. You can be the one wealthy man or one of the four who are independent — if you will start now to save a part of your in- come each month. First Wisconsin National Bank Milwaukee Capital and Surplus Ten Million Dollars Remember that time when you were a pledge and had that keen date? I ' ll bet you do, as you ' re probably fussing her now unless she is married. Well! How about that time you went to Lathrop and felt so proud that the fellow at the door had to tell you twice to shell out with one-fifty. And, darn the luck, two of your brothers had blind dates and weren ' t so wild about their women, but, oh, they did like yours and the dance you had with her was a bear. Well, I had the same experience and now I only go to masquerades when I have a keen date. UNIVERSITY INFIRMARY This is the University Infirmary. Its the cutest place on the ol ' campus, for it is here where we play with the M. D. ' s. Let us drink a glass of water to the Infirmary . Here ' s to the institution that proved the Strength of our constitution. How do you like this New Oxford, Mr. Man! It ' s one of the " Hub ' s " new specials — and priced at only $8.oo— Tan or Black The Sheik ' Madison, Wit. r. 3. aCHMITZ SONS CO. HARRY A. SCHULTZ— HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES— MADISON Page 61 1 The Badger HOTEL ASSOCIATION MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN Miss Hetty Minch Maker of Gowns Frocks Wraps Sport Suits Telephone Badger 3029 2 26 STATE STREET THE MONARCH I sway from my tree and survey my lands I gather in the whole panorama of my view, 1 am lord of the things that I survey, Of all that is JDeauty to me. FROM " A FUSSER ' S DIARY " I belong to the Phi Psi chapter, I ' ve had an interesting past; A co-ed loved me a month ago But I felt that it wouldn ' t last. I thought I would raise a mustache and so I did, and she grew ill ; The doctor said she had swallowed var- nish .And she sent me the bill. So now I use only Crisco My mustache to shine and curl, It adds a domestic flavor And won ' t hurt any girl. ORIGINAL STORIES He: I heard there was a hot party at the Alpha Sig house the other night. She: It wasn ' t so much the heat as the humidity. Stylepius Clothes at RUPP ' S Feature Styleplus Clothes Tine Badger ORIGINAL STORIES {Continued) First Monkey: What do you think of this evolution that people are talking about? Second Monkey: All I have to say is that they condemned us without a fair trial. He: The Phi Psi ' s call their Ford " True Love. " She: Why? He: It never runs smoothly. Abey: See that pretty girl, Ikey? I key: No, where? Abey: On the other side. Ikey: Other side of what? Abey: Your nose, Ikey, your nose. One : I wonder how old she is. Roommate : Why don ' t you ask her. One: My manners stop me. Roommate: Never let trifles stand in your way. She : How can I reduce ? He: Talk a lot. Sam Thompson says it keeps you in form. Smart Gowns For All Occasions Our aim is to please you, best qualities assured. Or have your frocks made to order, combining style and quality. " Exclusive without being expensive ' r Ciar ' Ai I|OfI)If Phom F-29S9 40i State St. When You Shed Your Coat Don ' t shed your dignity, too. Wear a shirt that looks trim and neat, cool and efficient. Such a shirt must not only be clean — it must be properly laundered, our professional way. We know just how your shirt should be washed, starched and ironed — we have special equipment for doing these things properly. Send us your shirts and collars — then shed your coat with confidence. ALFORD BROS. PHONE BADGER 172 1 13 N. Carroll St. MADISON, WIS. GET THE NEW MUSIC AND RECORDS AT HOOK BROS. Page 613 The Badger AMERICAN ICE CREAM COMPANY H. A. HASS, Proprietor Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers of FANCY ICE CREAMS, ICES, SHERBETS, Etc. The Cream of Creams Telephone Badger 1821-1822 525-527 University Avenue MADISON, WISCONSIN T. BLOSSOM The young lady who is the main topic of this literary masterpiece can easily be told by her beauty. Atlantic City would be incomplete without her and all beauty contests are con- sidered null and void if the judges are so blind as not to award the prize to Miss Indianapolis. For further information on this subject address Mack Sennett. In case the backward and mentally deficient have not recognized her yet we will further state that this young lady took Geology 4 as a fussing course and that road graders seem to be all to the good with her. For further information on this subject address Supt. of Construc- tion, Devils Lake, Wisconsin. At the time of going to press we have nothing else of note about this young lady to put in our memory book, but additional information is desired and anonymous communications ad- dressed to the Editor will be given careful consideration. Not that we have a date with her BUT, we still have hopes. 1725 Monroe Street Phone Badger 6135—6136 HERSCH GROCERY CO. GROCERIES Our Delivery Schedule: 9 A M. 10 A M 2 P M , 4 P M THURINGER-GARBUTT CO. A Store for Ladies The bestplact ajttr all to buy Silks, Velvets, Dress Goods Fir e Knit Underwear Stlk Underwear and Silk Hosiery Waists and Dresses 430 STATE STREET Artistic — Becoming — Distinctive U A T C FOR WOMEN ri 1 O OF TASTE AT COYNE HAT SHOP 10 S CARROLL ST. MADISON. WIS. Looking for a Place to Eat? CAMPUS CAFE Henry Smith, Prop. 1317 Univtrsttv Ave. MEALS AT THE RIGHT PRICE IHEYRE GOOD TRY THHM PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Pate 61 4 The Badger Personality We Appreciate Your Patronage We want you to Appreciate Our Good Work That intangible something called personality is expressed in the clothes we wear — to a far greater extent than we realize. Manchester frocks and wraps are chosen from the best designers in New York to express the personal- ity of the young university woman. WdrryS. anc iesCe 7 A FORD NYBERG PRESS SHOP 409 N. FRANCES PHONE B-4498 ORIGINAL STORIES {Conlimied) A young Prom politician speaking at the Sigma Kappa house: " The next meeting will be at the new Phi Psi house, girls. It will be a good chance for you to see the house. " A. O. Pi, the Ancient Order of Piety, wishes to announce: Tryouts for mem- bership will be held on the University drive on Wednesday evening, May 1st. Further particulars may be had and ap- pointments made by calling Badger 6409. Only experienced women need apply. ODE TO A ROOMMATE A roommate is a wonderful thing, She shares one ' s joys and clothes. She borrows this and borrows that. And goes off to the shows While 1 stay home. What I have fits her, hers don ' t fit me. She hasn ' t a thing I can borrow Except a friend who ' s an Alpha Delt — I ' m borrowing him for tomorrow While she stays at home. Awnings and Tents— MADISON TENT AND AWNING CO.— Madison, Wis. Page 61 S The Badger Stratford Clothes come from a cru- cible into which are poured the ideals of the maker, the skill of the weaver, the inspirations of the designer, the soul of the cutter and the pride of the craftsman. From such a process evolves creations in cloth which un- obtrusively attract attention and lend personality to the well dressed young men who wear Stratford Clothes. 37 North Pinckney St. MADISON, WIS. BERNARD ' S BOAT LINE On Lake Mendota Public Launches to Bernard ' s Park around the lake Large Dancing Pavilion in connection Paddling Canoes and Row Boats Launches for Private Parties Iceboats — in season W. P. Bernard Phone Badger 373 624 E. Gorham St. MADISON. WISCONSIN ORIENTAL RUGS LARGEST STOCK IN WISCONSIN Our firm is established here to Satisfy the tastes of new home makers Quality of goods, choice of designs and reasonable prices arc our effort WE DO EXPERT CLEANING AND REPAIRING MADISON ORIENTAL RUG CO., Est., 1910.Haswell BIdg., 11 7-19 State St. S A. GULESSERIAN. Proprietor PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Pai, 616 The Badger HOW CONVERSATIONS CHANGE 1923 ; You " re the only girl I ever loved ! 1931: A dollar? What did you do with that dime I gave you last week ? HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BEFORE Dear Dad: I would have written to you before, hut 1 am so busy studying all the time that I never can manage to write. Tonight 1 shall have to study until about 1 o ' clock and then study tomorrow too for my lessons Monday. I have so much work to do that I do not know how I am going to do it. Well, goodbye for this time. Ralph. P. S.— Please send me $50. He: I hardly knew you last night; you looked so beautiful. She: Don ' t get funny. How much do you charge for a Ford ? Twenty dollars an evening. Say, I don ' t want to buy it; I want to rent it for a little while. The Universal Grocery Company Q — STORES IN MADISON — Q " We live and let live " 412 State Street 817 University Avenue 1701 Monroe Street 405 Atwood Avenue 1 342 Mound Street 901 East Johnson Street 1354 Williamson Street 109 South Webster Street 2104 East Washington Avenue " WE SELL FOR LESS " Our Goods Are Best Another Successful Year The winners of the 1923 Little International were pupils of this Academy. Only by scientific training can you become a pro- ficient equestrian. We are in position to give you that scien- tific training as a part of your University curriculum, as equi- tation is an accredited sport at Wisconsin. BLACKHAWK RIDING ACADEMY Elkhart Lake Wisconsin Madison Palace of Sweets 20 No. Carroll Street MADISON ' S LEADING CONFECTIONERY See us for quality Candles and Punches If it " s from the Pal. — Its the BEST HARRY A. SCHULTZ— HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES— MADISON Page 617 The Badger SPOf ? ' r V 1 The Busy Mans 7 emporary Let-up A§, On the bridle paths, golf links, tennis courts, polo grounds, or motoring — the men who do the big things of the world may be seen enjoying a day off. ]K These men know by experience that a temporary diversion from business is an essential help to their success. £ And they also know that no matter what the recreation is, clothes play an important part. There ' s a tremendous satisfaction in knowing that your attire is correct. English Worsteds And there ' s satisfaction, too, in knowing that Jerrems " tailoring possesses the finest materials, designing and needlework that can be had at moderate prices. Scotch Bannockburns Irish Home Sfmns Norfolk, Outing and Sport Suits with Extra Trousers or Knickers $65, $70, $75, and Upwards While Flannels Silks and Linens eHe n n FORMAL • BUSINESS AND SPORT CLOTHES THREE STORES 71 East Monroe 157 North Michigan 7 North U Salle Clothing and Furnishing RUPPS Clothing and Furnishing i Patt 618 The Badger TELEPHONE BADGER 1993 Castle Doyle COAL, WOOD, MASONS ' SUPPLIES OFFICE: 125 STATE ST. YARD: MAIN and LIVINGSTON STREETS MADISON WISCONSIN YARD: MONROE and REGENT STREETS HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BEFORE? (Cont.) Young Pup : Can I marry your daugh- ter ' ? Wi se Old Dog: What with? Y. P. : Two can live as cheaply as one ! W. O. D. : Good! Go down and get me two tickets for Chicago. She: What is the interest? Bank Teller: Superlative! Thelma Blossom in six poses. Com- promising scene on some sorority porch. You ' re so useless that restaurant keeper has it all over on you. How ' s that? He can raise the price of a meal. Her father finally consented. Who ' s the best man " ? Her father. He : I love you. She : I ' m sorry I can ' t say the same. He: Then I ' m a better liar than you. Marge Capron: I ' m going over to Ra- cine for the week-end. Joe Lawler: Why, there is nothing there but movies and parks. Marge: Why, that ' s enough. EAT Teckemeyer ' s Candies I Teckemeyer Candy Co. Madison, Wisconsin The Two Best Places to Eat— HOME AND COP ' S CAFE Page 6 9 Thie Badger 20 Miles p r Gallon of Gasoline 12,500 Miles per set of tires (National Average) A ride of 50 miles or more and you will say that this is the easiest car you ever rode in. Let us give you this demonstration. THE FRANKLIN The easiest riding and most economical car Buying a car is buying transportation, nothing else. First, con- sideration is comfort of transportation. Second, is economy. The economy of the Franklin Car has long been established by owners ' records. RITTER AUTOMOBILE COMPANY Telephone Badger 347 222 N. HENRY ST. MADISON, WIS. HEINZ RUBEL Although our eastern writer has not reported officially on the subject we are inclined to consider it more than a coincidence that Flo Zeidgield is discontinuing his production of the Follies at the same time that this very worthy young man is far from the center of art (for art ' s sake) and is directing operations at the U. of W. As we are great lovers of opera and such we shudder at the thought that no more is the Long Island estate to see conferences be- tween the two greatest artists the stage knows in this generation. No more are the combined productions of our hero and Flo to make the public (men) bring opera glasses with them when they have seats in the first row. Now we will have to rely on pictures the Herex for some outlet for our appreciation of beauty. Oh, Heinie, perish the thought and bring Flo once more within the fold. Sho y TtUphone F-259S Room 50i Beaver Building ROGERS BEAUTY SHOP SHAMPOOING, MARCELLING. ETC. Miss F. Rogers Badger 5150 422 State St. THE DOUGHNUT SHOP ' Serves Ei ' erything and the Best " WAFFLES AND WHEAT CAKES ac any time from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. Also regular dinrxers, steaks, chofys, omelets, ana chicken dinners on Sundays. Telephone Badger 1356 MADISON RUG FACTORY J. F. SCOTT. Prop. CLEANING, WEAVING. REMAKING SHAMPOOING and RESIZING Upholnering. Sedan and 124 W«t Mifflin Street Coupe Cleaning « Spctiuliv MADISON. WIS. RICH ' S PANTRY KITCHEN Pies Sandwiches Cakes Tasty Picnic LurKhes d la Order. 621 tiniversity Ave. Phone F-3437 Clothing and Furnishing RUPPS Clothing and Furnishing Paf620 The Badger •7 it ' s new we have it ' Misses ' Suits Coats Dresses Sport Clothes WOLDENBERGS CLOAK CORNER Mifflin at Pinckney Street You will enjoy your vacation in an outfit from our store, whether you work or play. We can equip you in either case, and we try partic- ularly to take care of young men BAILLIEO ' C ONNE ILQ MEYER ■ —— 1 rMCO RfOW ATE) r - ■ - — -■ " T dUALITY JEWELRY THE TREASURED GIFT Everyone treasures beautiful jewelry, and given as a graduation gift it is sure to win grateful admiration. Here are complete stocks quite as large as found in the larger cities — everything from inexpen- sive novelties to costly gems. It is a treat to walk through this store — sugges- tions for appropriate gifts are on every hand. O. M. NELSON SON JEWELERS 2 1 North Pinckney St. Madison, Wis. Established 41 years , CV N SHo AN ENJOYABLE BATH Giving full force or a gentle spray of water of required temperature at will of the bather. Write for Bulletin B-24 Hoffmann Billings Mfo.Ca MAMUFACTuOFOS SINCE IS5 r lLWAUKEE. U.S.A. DRUGS and PHOTO SUPPLIES at SUMNER CRAMPTON, 670 STATE STREET Pagr 621 The Badger- ? ■ ' m W i r f fl V- ' i 5 ■ ST ' SKii " - 1 i " l •- ' - — ,9. - _ l: " - . ■ Jm s .-- To Satisfy Every Motoring Demand Sr ln ' u.nirto ' anl ' : usual satisfying degree. Case motor cars meet completely the requirements of the most exacting. Replete with many new and improved features reflecting individualitv and competence in every line of their graceful con- ci; " a " ; ev rp ' Ibrer " : : J- I- Case T. M. company Racine, Wisconsin Thank You- for your hearty co-OF eration which has made it possible to serve you many years. We hope your " little Jour- neys to our Drug Stores " may continue. Menges Pharmacies reliable since 1891 SMART SHOES — FOR— II MEN AND WOM EN »7I 1 A D U ' lKir 109 State Strett MADISON, WISCONSIN THE C. REISS COAL COMPANY SHEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN DOCKS: SHEBOYGAN, MANITOWOC, TWO RIVERS. GREEN BAY, ASHLAND and SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN and ESCANABA, MICHIGAN STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Pat 622 The Badger Madison Appreciates Service For ten years The Kennedy Dairy Com- pany has been " on the job " in Madison and each one of those years has been one of growth — we feel that the university student body has been an important fac- tor in maintaining this growth. Today we have almost completed building a large new plant which will be ready and going when you return in the fall. We will then be able to offer even more satisfac- tory service. Phone Badger 7100 618 University Ave. Kennedy Dairy Company Sole Manufacturers of Velvet Ice Cream THE WAIL OF IGNORANCE I sure do hate to blow my horn, But I ' m the wise guy still; I know the profs and all their stuff, And what makes some studes ill. I don ' t know where Heinz got his weight Nor Rollie his marcel. I don ' t know why those co-eds sweet For my face never fell. Where have our girlies " limbs all gone How comes back all their hair? Why do so many darling men Such galoshes wear ? Why does the Scorpion really want To kick up such a row 1 Can our Home Ecs bake decent bread ' ! Can Ag studes milk a cow? What is the matter with Tom Jones! ' Will he be coach next year? Does drill breed warlike instincts rash, Or inculcate deep fear? Now all these things I do not knou , What ' s more, I do not care; But, gosh! I sure would like to learn Hoiv Rudolph slicks his hair. THANKS- MUCH WE HAVE TAKEN THIS SPACE. NOT so MUCH TO ADVERTISE OUR WARES. AS TO TELL THE STUDENT BODY HOW VERY MUCH WE APPRECIATE THE BUSINESS YOU GIVE US WE WANT EACH ONE OF YOU TO FEEL THAT WE ARE YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR ANY AND ALL THINGS PERTAINING TO TYPEWRITERS IT IS OUR AIM TO ALWAYS GIVE YOU THE VERY BEST SERVICE AND PRICES WE KNOW HOW. l tf isSiiiBY " 521 State Street Phone Falrchlld 422 SINGER BARBER SHOP— STUDENT HEADOUARTER - 20 STATE STREET I Page 62} The Badger Offering a Complete Printing Service The one safe and economical manner of taking care of your printing is to place it with an institution that can handle it in its entirety — an institution that does qual- ity printing of all kinds — and has the proper facilities. This centers responsibility and insures a piece of print- ed matter that you as well as the institution that does the work will be justly proud to own. Layout, Copy and Art Work Engraving and Electro- types — Printing and Lith- ography — Type Setting — All kinds of Binding — in fact — a complete printing service. On this basis we solicit the publishing of large edition, high quality annuals and commercial printing of all kinds. We offer you a complete printing service. Western Printing z Lithographing Co. Racine (Telephone No. One) Wisconsin Cut Your Fraternity Bil ls Thru The Warner System of Fraternity Management Allow us to reduce you bills and decrease your chapter labor thru concentrated purchases, cash discounts, and accurate records. Represented in: University of Minnesota University of Chicago Rush Medical College University of Illinois University of Michigan Northwestern University University of Wisconsin 642 State Street Madison, Wi.scoasin THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP Direct service with sectional markets NORTH EAST FRANK BROTHERS WEST SOUTH MEANS An Inviting Product AT A Low Price 609-61 1 UNIVERSITY AVE. Phones : B-5335, B-2689, B-71 it ' s to bt had — we have it STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Patt6Z4 Thie Badger The CAMRO ROOVl A Most Exquisite Bait -Room LOCATED NEXT TO ORPHEUM THEATRE THOMPSON ORCHESTRAS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PARTIES ESTHER BEACH MADISON ' S POPULAR DANCE PAVILION PHONE BADGER 2020 PHONE BADGER 2021 THE AWAKENING A Tri-Delt said she loved me and I be- lieved her! I hollered when a freshman because one of my instructors gave me only a good! I spent 75 bucks for Prom thinking I would have a good time ! I went to mixers thinking that I might find romance! I have gone to the Orph thinking I would see a good show ! I thought all college men were cold blooded and calculating, but during initi- ating I found out that every man has a tender spot ! Lo ingly she caressed him because he was her dog! She was respectful to him because he was a waiter ! She waited for him because he was a barber! He handed her many a lemon and she paid him for it because he was her grower ! She abused and jilted him, kept him waiting and guessing because he was her man and she loved him. DRINKING FOUNTAINS RUNDLE SPENCE CO. MILWAUKEE ALL FINE THINGS MUSICAL AT HOOK BROS. Page 62S The Badger SMART COLLEGE CLOTHES A Specialty HARRY A. SMUCKER Reasonable Prices 602 North American Building, Chicago, Illinois HARRY A. SCHULTZ— HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES— MADISON Paie 626 The Badger MORGAN S MALTED MILKS 532-34 STATE STREET MADISON OBLIGING My father committed suicide last night. What for? My mother wanted a new dress with the insurance money. I received my co-op rebate yesterday. That ' s nothing. A fellow robbed me last night and left my watch on me. I drew my last dollar out of the bank today. I wrote a check for fifty dollars yes- terday. I wrote a story for the Saturday even- ing post, too. She : Give me some velvet. He : Why don ' t you try Prince Albert ? I can ' t live without you. I drew my last dollar out of the bank yesterday. Deceiver ! LAWRENCE ' S RESTAURANT . . and . . CAFETERIA Have been doing busi- ness on State Street longer than any other restaurant. There is a reason. Remember the number 662 State Street Styleplus Clothes at RUPP ' S Feature Styleplus Clothes Pate 627 Tine Badger- MAC DID IT SIGNS 107 KING STREET PHONE BADGER 1058 MR. RAY-aLITE YOUR GUtDE TO GUARANTEED BATTERIES — RAY-O-LITE FLASHLIGHTS AND BATTERIES RAY-0-VAC -A ' AND " B " RADIO BATTERIES FRENCH TELEPHONE AND INC IT ION DRY CELLS FRENCH BATTERY and CARBON CO. MADISON. WISCONSIN Branch and Warehouse: Chicago New York Minneapolis Kansas Oty I3enver Atlanta Dallas Printing Engraving Multigraphing Mailing Service WISCONSIN ADVERTISING COMPANY Madison, Wisconsin 704 Beavers Insurance Building Phone Badger 5128 Clothing and Furnishing RUPP ' S Clothing and Furnishing Patt62i I T]-ie Badger- Tke cover for tkis annual was created by THE DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. i857 N.WESTERN AS E. CHICAGO Sen4jorSampUs TRUE STORIES {Scandal, in other words) After the Phi Psi ' s rough house initiation — one fellow broke his pledge and three others, being in the infirmary, are too weak. The Alpha Phis were in need of a man one time — and so, when one of Marj Severance ' s sixty-year-old " cases " telephoned to her, they invited him to dinner. He said he had a large family and would be unable to accept. The Purity League is composed of men formerly members of Theta Chi. Whoever is ex- pelled from Theta Chi is automatically invited to join the Purity League. Most anybody can qualify for one or the other. CHAS. POLACHECK BRO. CO. MANUFACTURERS OF LIGHTING FIXTURES Estimates cheerfully furnished 217-219 Third St., MILWAUKEE, WIS. Represented in MADISON by ENDRES ELECTRIC COMPANY The Two Best Places to Eat— HOME AND COPS CAFE Poft 6Z9 The Badger- How to select doth with the competence of a woolen expert. An instructive little volume written by the best authority in this country. We have a few of these little books on hand that will be sent you free on request. Imagine the advantage of being able to select a suit of clothes with the abso- lute knowledge of its various qualities. There are no strings tied to this offer, but write today and a copy will be sent you prepaid. RICHARD W. FARMER COMPANY 12-14-16-18 West Jackson Boulevard CHICAGO. ILLINOIS STEINWAY AND OTHER PIANOS AT HOOK BROS. ' u« 6 JO The Badger What 131 Years Mean to You Consult your insurance agent as you would your lawyer or doctor Time weakens an individual but strengthens an institution. This is definitely and importantly true of insurance organizations. In selecting an insurance policy remember that a policy protected by 131 years of company history is a double safeguard. The Insurance Company of North America, " The Oldest American Fire and Marine Insurance Company, " puts behind its very policy a record of 1 3 1 years of met obligations. In Colonial Days this Company protected the commerce and the homes of Americans. Today it offers its long history as proof of its certain strength. A North America policy is a wise protection. Your agent can give you this protection today. INSURANCE COMPANY OF NORTH AMERICA PHILADELPHIA ■THE OLDEST AMERICAN FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY " FOUNDED 1792 STEAK and OYSTER HOUSE BEN STITGEN, Prop. PHONE 6-922 120 W. MAIN STREET CAPITAL CITY TIRE COMPANY KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRES, TUBES. TRUCK TIRES and TIRE ACCESSORIES We repair all makes of tires aod tubes Drive in Service room and Service cars 208-210 South Pinckney St. Phone Badger 2847 MADISON, WISCONSIN The Wisconsin Blue Print Company Student Engineering Supplies a Specialty Phone Badger 6800 26 West Mifflin Street Clothing and Furnishing RUPP ' S Clothing and Furnishing Pott 631 The Badger- T) HASWELL FURNITURE COMPANY THE HOME OF GOOD FURNITURE 10% cash discount GOODS DELIVERED AND FREIGHT PREPAID 1 17-1 19 State Street] MADISON, WIS. Milwaukee Drug Co. Wholesale Druggists " Service Jobbers " Since 1848 Milwaukee Wisconsin Walk-Over We guage our success by the number of people who come again and buy Walk-Overs year after year. Our job is to fit feet with good shoes, to be pleasant about it and friendly, and to make you glad you wear Walk-Overs. JAY F. ROSE ■ Ot. MARK. RtO U.S.PAT OTT. BOOT SHOP 611 STATE ST. THE FAMOUS GRUEN WATCHES $25.00 TO $50.00 AND UPWARDS Write us for a descriptive catalog of these wonderful watches — no obligation to buy ALL THE NEW ODD SHAPES IN WHITE GOLD OR PLATINUM JBSM " " fe- Sro r, - . Trtwi rHI-ltHttltltliSBi RANK MOTTERAM CO. ' " JEWELERS COSNCIlt WATtH MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN •WE FILATURE GOOD LOOKING THINGS ' PRINTING— CANT WELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Patt 632 The Badger THE CaEDS HANDBOOK (A textbook in flapper technique) How to land a date : 1 . Norma Talmadge is my favorite ac- tress. (Name of actress should always be that of one appearing in town.) 2. Fve heard that you were the best dancer. (Drawl comes on word best.) 3. Doesn ' t this air just make one long to walk and walk. (Especially good whene er the drive has been mentioned.) 4. I ' d just love to see 5. I feel so peppy tonight and I haven ' t a thing to do. How to land a feed : 1 . This weather always makes me hungry. 2. I had so much to do this noon I missed lunch at the house. 3. Lawrence ' s always have the best sandwiches. 4. It ' s the coziest little tea room. 5. I ' m dieting and hardly eat a thing these davs. IRVING CAFETERIA 419 STERLING COURT A DESIRABLE PLACE TO EAT, WHERE ONLY THE BEST IS SERVED F. R. and W. L. FULLER CONSULT ME FIRST Z ; , ' - nection with my job department enables me to make you a low price on your repsairing. C R RR TX7 f f one Badger 712 V ' ■ _ir .._. Shop: 138 N. Fringes St. Contractor and Builder Madison. Wi onsm Telephone Badger 3637 W. L. BALLINGER Jeweler and Optometrist " est Main Street MadUon, Wisconsin BROWN BOOT SHOP 224 State Street SHOES OF THE HOUR HEILMAN 121 E. Main St. BAKING CO. " ' " " " " " OUR BAKERY PRODUCTS COST MORE— WORTH IT The Fischer Tire Co. Can Furnish You TIRES Guaranteed 6,000 to 10,000 Miles TELEPHONE BADGER 3 Madison Fuel Co. E. J. FRAUTSCHI. Genl Mgr. and Treas MADISON WISCONSIN Flags and Pennants— MADISON TENT AND AWNING CO.— Madison, Wis. _9 Page 63} The Badger Moser Shorthand College Special Three Months ' Course open to University Graduates or Undergraduates BULLETIN ON REQUEST ii6 South Michigan Avenue Twelfth Floor, Randolph 4347 CHICAGO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ONLY ARE ENROLLED DR. J. A. BANCROFT DR. V. G. BANCROFT Dentists Comer of Park and University Avenue Above Menges Pharmacy 901 University Avenue Badger 3682 yAe Store of yrimdiy S rvicr ' The Finest Men s Store In Wisconsin! ' That ' s what they tell us and we rather like to hear it — but the recognition the University men and women have given the new store means much more to us. Karstens MADISON PRINTING— CANT WELL PRINTING CO., MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Patt b}4 The Badger Good Things To Wear You ' ll always find them at this store Clothes from Hart Schaffner z Marx Shirts from Manhattan and Kingly Hats from Stetson and Pope- Davis Shoes from Johnston Murphy Olson z Veerhusen Co. University Pharmacy Comer State and Lake Streets DRUGS Telephone Badger 40 Imported Perfumes and Powders Four lain Service Student Supplies Madison Packing Co. Wholesale and Retail PURVEYING OF HOTELS, CLUBS, RESTAURANTS, FRATERNITIES and SORORITIES OUR SPECIALTY Phone Badger 4920 307 W. Johnson St. Madison, Wis. O. NEESVIG, Mgr. JONES AUTO CO. GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING 506 UNIVERSITY AVE FAIRCHILD 1500 KISSEL and MITCHELL SERVICE Food that satisfies at the Service; 7 a. m. to 1 a. m. College Lunch Room LOCATED OPP(»ITE THE CHEMISTRY BUILDING OBLIGING (Continued) Remember Jack, how our old friend had the longest summary in the Badger, how he was the prize of Kappa formals, the last thing in class for all the U. functions Well, he sells ribbons down in Marshall Field ' s now! He: Why do you let me kiss you? She: Gee, you never take me any place. Got to have some fun out of life. He : She is all booked up for next se- mester? Why, she is positively unat- trac tive. She: Come down — she is the libra- rian. My father committed suicide last night. What with? With a razor. Yes, he was trying to shave with safety. Did you read that new book by Lewis? Babbitt ? Yes. No, I haven ' t. Did you see the Murder of Rue Morgue ? I ' d have just died to. HARRY A. SCHULTZ— HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES— MADISON Page 6}S Tl e Badger The PANTORIUM Almost a family word for REAL satisfaction in CLEANING PRESSING and DYEING Use the Phone, call- ing Badger 1 1 80 or 1 598 and leave the suit or gown in the hall — the rest we will do — guarantee- ing satisfaction. State St. Next to Morgan s • " «-» - ' y NORTHERN FURNITURE COMPANY SHEBOYGAN WIS " ' OUNG men and women of cultiva- J tion naturally select furniture whose artistic forms please their sense of good taste. The aix) e emblem is the stamp of good form and refinement in furniture. When it comes time to buy, no matter whether it is to be a single article or a full suite, be sure to look for the Northern emblem. The fur- niture dealer will show you. NORTHERN FURNITURE CO. Manufacturers SHEBOYG. N. WISCONSIN H. P. ALSTED C. I. KASTEN A.J. KASTEN G. E. G. KUECHLE ALSTED-KASTEN COMPANY FINE JEWELRY STATIONERY ARTISTIC SILVER FRATERNITY PINS MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN A. E. GILBERG CO. (Incorporated) CANNED FOOD PRODUCTS COFFEES. TEAS Caterers to Fraternities and Sororities PURE FRUIT JAMS PURE FRUIT JELLIES 229 NORTH STATE STREET CHICAGO, ILL. Clothing and Furnishing RUPPS Clothing and Furnishing Pai4tM The Badger- CONKLIN SONS COMPANY COAL, WOOD and MENDOTA LAKE ICE ESTABLISHED . . 1854 . . CEMENT, STUCCO, WHITE LIME, HAIR and SEWER PIPE MAIN OFFICE: 24 E. MIFFLIN ST. MADISON. WISCONSIN THE CO-EDS HANDBOOK {Continued) How to make em fuss: 1. Kiss Dad or Mother real affection- ately when " he " is around. 2. Say: " I ' m crazy about our new davenport. " 3. Subdue lights when " he " is calling. 4. Brush your hair against his cheek. 5. Lean lightly against " him " when sitting together. How to land a pin : 1. I think you have the best looking pin. 2. Wouldn ' t those pearls look wonder- ful against a dark dress. 3. So many girls at the house are wear- ing their man ' s pin and they are all so happy. 4. Fred wanted me to take his pin but I just couldn ' t. 5. I think your pin is so much prettier than the Beta pin. E. F. BRETZ C0. 418 Milwaukee St. Milwaukee " We Specialize in Dresses ' DRESSES, COATS SUITS, SKIRTS and WAISTS " SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY " DRUGS and PHOTO SUPPLIES at SUMNER CRAMPTON, 670 STATE STREET Page 637 The Badger Your Daily Bread GLOBE BAKING CO. 219-223 EAST MAIN STREET MADISON, WISCONSIN Plain and Novelty cakes or pastries made and delivered for dances, dinners or entertainments LISTEN! Your money ' s worth and a clean place to eat at HAHN ' S LUNCH Variety in Regular Meals Best there is in Short Orders Hot Weather Specials PICNIC LUNCHES PUT UP TO ORDER Quickest Service in the City 51 3 STATE STREET ESTABLISHED 1877 A. Geo. Schulz Company Manufacturers of Paper Boxes Folding Boxes Solid Fibre and Corrugated Shipping Cases Milwaukee Wisconsin R. E. BUSER DEALER IN Staple and Fancy Groceries Goods Delivered Promptly Phone 1016 1337 UNIVERSITY AVENUE REFRESHES THE STUDENT INVIGORATES THE ATHLETE THE ORIGINAL Nutritious food-drink. Finest quality and flavor. Drink a glassful after study or exercise, and whenever tired or hungry. Send for " Student and Athlete " booklet HORLICK ' S, Racine, Wis. REFUSE IMITATIONS AT THE FOUNTAIN KEEP A JAR IN YOUR ROOM Clothing and Furnishing RUPP ' S Clothing and Furnishing Pate 6J« The Badger Buying Supplies For Your School or Institution is a Task Not to be Lightly Disposed of We make a specialty of supplying Schools, Colleges, Sororities, Fra- ternities and all institutions where the absolute necessity of using pure, wholesome, health-giving foods is paramount. " Natural " and " Sunny " labels on can or package guarantee you these qualities. B. A. Railton Company Wholesale Grocers 373-405 W. Erie Street, CHICAGO, ILL. Coffee Roasters, Importers and Manufacturers In) Steel and Cast Iron Enameled Wares THE VOLLRATH CO. Sheboygan Wisconsin TRUE STORIES (Continued)] jane Pierson, Alpha Xi Delta pledge, got into some difficulty in freshman elections last fall by breaking campaign rules. She was requested to get her friends to vote for a certain girl in the Y. W. C. A. elections. She went into the Y. W. C. A. office and told the powers that she was a campaign manager, asking for a list of rules. She was promptly and properly given such rules in abbreviated form. She wishes to announce her withdrawal from Y. W. C. A. political field. (Y. W. C. A., of course, tolerates no campaigning.) Quotation from Carl Russell Fish: " On the frontier, things were different. A man would kill a bear. His family would have bear meat for breakfast and his wife would wear the bearskin for a party dress. " GO TO Schaub-Bradford Electric 229 STATE STREET ...for... READING LAMPS, BULBS, CURLING ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS Company IRONS AND Phone B -5166 CAMPUS RESTAURANT 716 STATE STREET Keeley ' s The richest Candy in all the world OLD FASHION On Sale at all stores CHOCOLATES Sample one pound box postpaid to your address. 50 cents LEWIS PHARMACY appreciates your patronage across from Co-Op ALWAYS GOOD SERVICE at SINGER BARBER SHOP— 620 STATE STREET Pate 639 The Badger First Mortgage Investments DURING Fourteen years of investment banking it has been our privilege to have aided in the development of Madison and adjacent territory by supplying more than nine millions of dollars for the construction of homes. Investments in these mortgages and mortgage bonds helps to finance this community. The security is convenient and accessible for thorough investigation. FOURTEEN YEARS WITHOUT LOSS TO ANY INVESTOR These investments are offered to the public with our highest recommendation. Investments of this type are attractive because of interest returns and large margin of security. THE JOSEPH M. BOYD COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1908 CAPITAL and SURPLUS $200,000.00 MADISON, WISCONSIN The Delt Whistle (and secret meaning.) Who in the devil are you? I am the devil. Who are you? Tune — Nobody Knows. Words — Anonymous. She: I want some cigarettes for my brother. He: Turkish? She: No, he ' s Irish. NEW RELEASES OF THE BUNK PUBLISHING CO. Gibson— The Call of the Wild. Rollie— How to Play Football. Don Brace — The Sport of Kings. Scotty Goodnight — Who ' s Who and Why Not. Gordon Lewis — The Fraternity Hand- book. Joe Lawler — Marjorie, A Study About Struggling Journalists. YELLOW BAD 300 CAB We call for R. R. checks and deliver trunks Clothing and Furnishing RUPP S Clothing and Furnishing Paf640 The Badger- Fine Stationery Engraving Greeting Cards Framed Mottoes Party Favors Gifts Netherwood ' s 519 State Street Job Printing Student Supplies Royal Typewriters Typewriters Supplies Rugs of Quality As interpreted by the keenest buyers MEANS NEW YORK STORE The House of a Thousand Rugs PIPER BROTHERS Madison ' s Finest Food Store 31 YEARS SQUARE DEALING ESTABLISHED 1892 Capitol Square at Pinckney and Mifflin ALL CARS LEAD TO PIPERS OBLIGING {Continued) Mary saw a billy-goat; She thought it was her lamb. The billy-goat it butted her And Mary said, " Oh my! " " Oh my head! " It was a beautiful evening. Soft music was playing. The youth and chivalry and beau — . No, not that! Anyway, the youth of Madison were tripping (yes) at the Gasfitters ' ball. Out on the balcony was a couple. No, not a couple of any- thing. Just a couple. They were gazing into each other ' s eyes. And she said coldly, oh, so coldly, " Did you say your name was John Smith? " And he said, " No, Pocahontas, I did not. " INCONSTANCY He took her to parties and dances Which slowly depleted finances, But time changed her taste He spent but for waste And now he has holes in his pantces. HARRY A. SCHULTZ— HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES— MADISON Pagt 641 Tine Badger The beavers legal reserve life insurance AGES 2 60 Insurance in Force - - $30,000,000 Total Claims Paid - - - 2,000.000 Total Assets - - - - 2,050,000 Modern — Progress ive — Sound Home Office Beaver Bldg. Madison, Wis. Fraternities and Sororities A telephone call will bring our representati e — he will be com- petent to handle your construc- tion problem whether it be for repairs, decor- ations or any work requiring wood. Our new, modernly equipped wood-working plant will turn it out for you at a rea- sonable cost and on short notice. Capital City Lumber Co. Badger 384 Used Car Exchange Fords a specialty. Large stock on hand — Sold on time or WHAT HAVE YOU? INQUIRE OF THE UNDERSIGNED AT CHI PHI GARAGE 200 LANGDON STREET CHEVROLET— Used— ' Squirt " Russell FORD COOP— Battered— " Bozo ■ Farrell (call me papa) FORD— " Runnin " Wild " — " Washy " Lyons FORD MODEL T— 1822— Has Sieves— " Radio " Harris— " Coke " Connie FORD— Backfires— " Rosie " MAXWELL Model 4 Years Before Christ (Wc offer reward to anyone who will be seen takinn this away) Styleplus Clothes at RUPPS F-eature Styleplus Clothes I ' m, Ml The Badger- Ask Your Dealer for Glove-Flex Garments Made from Soft Pliable Glove Leathers If your dealer does not carry them in stock, have him write us and we will advise him where they can be pur- chased. Fried, Ostermann Co. Manufacturers Milwaukee, Wis. PROM SAVED For Class of 1925 Late in the session of the Legisla- ture the Senate finally has con- curred in House Bill No. 5271, granting the use of Frank ' s Sta- dium, 1 9 rnile west of Middleton, for the 1925 Promenade. " Give Her a Prom Date F " or Christmas! " " Where you see the styles of youth ' p ARSON S -■- WOMEN ' S OUTFITTERS (Incorporated) 121 STATE STREET COATS and WRAPS GOWNS and DRESSES SUITS and SKIRTS FURS and BLOUSES MILLINERY SILK HOSIERY SILK L ' NDERWEAR Quality garments without the penalty of a high price Madison, Wisconsin Jewelry The gift that endures It will carry your generous thought oner many years to come — in fact, it will he a continual reminder of your good wishes. Gammas Personality That seems to be the key to success. A clean cut appearance gives the im- pression of right personality — and is essential to success. Men who are careful of their appear- ance like Runkel ' s best. RUNKEL ' S Barber Shop Sails and Boat Covers— VIADI SON TENT AND AWNING CO.— Madison, Wis. _9 Page fi4i Thie Badger Thirty -one Years of Leadership The Creamery Package Mfg. Company where pioneers in the manufacture and distribution of milk handling machinery and supplies, and from a humble beginning thirty years ago have grown until fifteen great manufacturing plants are now necessary to satisfy the demand for the CP-Master-Built Line of machinery for creameries, cheese factories, ice cream plants and dairies. The Creamery Package Mfg. Company SALES BRANCH OFFICES (Write to Nearest One) CHICAGO, ILL , 61-67 W. Kinzie St. ATLANTA. GA., 58-68 Nelson St BOSTON. MASS., 138-50 Washington St. BUFFALO, N Y., 133-37 E Swan St DENVER, COLO., 1659 Blake St. JERSEY CITY, N. J., 122-128 Morgan St. KANSAS CITY, MO , 1408-10 W. 12th St. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., 318-20 Third St. OMAHA, NEBR., 113-15-17 Tenth St PHILADELPHIA, PA., 1907 Market St. PITTSBURGH, PA , 804 Duquesne Way. PORTLAND, ORE., e 8 N. Front St. SAN FRANCISCO, 699 Battery St. ST. LOUIS. MO,, 508 Second St. TOLEDO, OHIO, 1 19 St. Clair St. WATERLOO, IOWA, 40( 8 Svcamore St. CAN YOU DIG? Get the highest salaries by applying in person to the Wisconsin Posthole Com- pany. We can positively place anywhere from eight to ten of this year ' s senior class in spite of the great mass of evidence as to their weak mindedness. We have a contract to dig 8,694 holes this summer out in I3elgian Congo where such things as co-eds, canoe dates and he- man clubs will not interfere. Jungle moon is very mellow. WISCONSIN POSTHOLE COMPANY P. O. Box 842, MADISON, WIS. LIVE TO EAT BOARD AS WELL AS LUNCH . . . AT . . . FRANK ' S RESTAURANT Delicious Sundaes and Sodas 82 1 University Avenue We deliver evenings, 9:30 to 12:00 Clothing and Furnishing R UPP ' S Clothing and Furnishing Pai0 644 Tlr e Badger =b WISCONSIN FOUNDRY AND MACHINERY COMPANY MADISON, WISCONSIN DYNAMOS and MOTORS Manufacturers of Mining Machinery and Equipment Power Plants of All Kinds Designed and Installed Motor and Dynamo Repair Work Engine and Mill Work Boyds Orchestras Suggestive of the utmost in dance music — with the as- surance of the colorful syncopation so essential to the life of your party Prices gladly quoted Office at the Studio IT ' S EASY TO PLAY A HOLTON SAXOPHONE Holton ' s the Choice of Musicians Who Know FRANK HOLTON COMPANY Elkhorn, Wisconsin You can iearn to play the scale of C in fifteen to thirty minutes with the aid of a chart, and from then on it is oniy a question of a short time before popu- lar melodies can be played. I f you have some previous knowl- edge of music, especially if you are familiar with some brass instrument, the ease with which you can learn to play a Holton Saxophone will astound you. PLEASURE and PROFIT Are yours with a Holton. If you are a musician the profits will come quickly in what you derive from orches- tra and band playing, and whether you study with the idea of eventu- ally making the instru- ment profitable to you or otherwise, t he pleas- ure you derive will wonderfully refiay you. YOURS FOR TEN DAYS We will ship you a Holton Saxophone and allow you to use the instrument for ten days just as if you had purchased it, and at the expiration of that time ou can arrange to purchase it, on easy terms if you desire, or send it back at our expense. The opportunity is yours; write today. CAMELS DREWS NICHOLAS 613 UNIVERSITY AVE. HIGH CLASS AUTO LIVERY THE AUTO SERVICE CO., Inc. PAIGE and JEWETT DEALERS Limousines and open cars for Parties, Weddings and Pleasure Driving Phones: Office, Badger 5163 213 E. Washington Ave. Res , Badger 2308 MADISON, WIS. Rosemary Beauty Shop 523 STATE STREET De Longe Building Badger 62 1 1 OPEN Expert operators in each department Thursday Evening Soft rain water or Shampooing A. D. J. V. FREDERICKSON GENERAL CONTRACTORS PINE, HEMLOCK and HARDWOOD LUMBER Manufacturers of Builder ' s Materia! MADISON, WIS. PRINTING— CANTWELL PRINTING CO.. MADISON, WIS.— BINDING Page 64S Tl: e Badger Two Modern Drug Stores ' L rof " Student Supplies BADGER PHARMACY == — = Cor. University Ave. and Warren St OsCOr Rennebohm DrUg Co. CENTRAL STORE Next to Madison Theatre J.J. WERTH, Proprietor Phone Fairchild 2019 524 STATE STREET, MADISON, WIS OUR MOTTO —SERVICE SHOE REPAIRINGii°SHINE WE CALL FOR fand DELIVER Occident Baking Company Quality Supreme Occident Bread Madison Wisconsin PAINT IN THE ROCKIES BROADMOOR ART ACADEMY COLORADO SPRINGS. COLORADO Summer Session. June If — Sept. If Landscape, Birgcr Sarxizen; Figure, Robert Reid; Crafts ftjeninning June 15 or July 2J), Louise Strang and Alice Craig; Batik. Woodblock, IHouse Decoration, Design, Grade School Art. (Mountain setting perfect for summer work.) Excursion ratn and retuonabU living. Catalog, Director Registrar LOUISE L STRANG RUTH HARTER We Render a Special Service as Executor Administrator Guardian Trustee and Agent SAVINGS LOAN TRUST COMPANY STEENSLAND BUILDING MADISON WISCONSIN MRS. W. WENGEL The w Z 11$ State Street Phone: Fairchild 79 Loken Bros. Store Styleplus Clothes at RUPPS Feature Styleplus Clothes =J Paf646 - The Badger- The General Cord Tire Goes a long ways to make friends Monona Tire Company 1 28 S. Pinckney St. Fairchild 1 590 State Street Leader Dry Goods and Women ' s Apparel Your Most Convenient Store Next to Co-Op Corner State and Gilman Madison, Wis. ALLAN D. CONOVER ARCHITECT Member American Institute of Architects SCHOOLS— ACADEMIES— INSTITUTIONS 23 Tenney Block, MADISON WEHRMANN ' S TRUNKS, SUITCASES AND LEATHER GOODS Largest Stock in Southern Wisconsin Exclusive Agents for Hartmann and Indestructo Trunks 116 KING STREET MADISON. WIS. LOST MOTION place. Be effective — take up the slack. Phone: Fairchild 294 If you are going to get by in this life you can ' t have any lost motion. Every blow you strike must be at the right time in the right Tliat ' s the way 1 make clothes. O. C. OLSON 228 State Street STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO.. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Pare 647 Thie Badger ,., )j£m9i. 7. ' ' «-f-?- »: Seruice PLACING your engraving contract with Stafford is more than merely buying plates. You secure a highly skilled and trained organization, with more than thirty years ' experience in college and school publications, which serves you as eagerly as if we were part of your staff. Yours to command STAFFORD ENGRAVING COMPANY Artists : Designers : Engraven ' i Finisher Z Clothing and Furnishing RUPP ' S Clothing and Furnishing Pagt bAi Tine Badger " A College Man ' s Shop that Shares the Economy of Our Great Buying Power College- Correct Styles Shown Exclusively lyttouColle Shop TF you didn ' t know anything about Clothes at - all, you would come here and be sure to get what is correct on Campus. No style is shown that ' s un- tried or unproven. Just good clothes and woolens of real character with College Men to show them. Also Hats, Shoes and Furnishings for College Men nenrg CLytton S Sons Largest Fine Clothing Store in the World— STATE at JACKSON, Chicago m The Two Best Places to Eat— HOME AND COP ' S CAFE P :ige( 49 Tine Badger The year ' s work on the 1924 Badger has been completed. It is not with regret that we find our task finished, but it is with a certain touch of sadness that we feel our year of pleasant asso- ciation coming to its close. A Badger has been published, but more than a book has been cre- ated. Lasting friendships have been made through the united effort to produce a single result. A Badger cannot be edited without effort. We thank those on the staff who have so willingly given of their time. To them is due the credit for whatever degree of success we attain. We are much indebted to both the Photoart House and the Badger Studio and others for the splendid assistance they have given us. Both Mr. R. R. Maplesden of the Stafford Engraving Company and Mr. F. Streber of the Cantwell Printing Company have been of inestimable service to us in planning and executing our book. To them we are deeply indebted. Our advertisers, too, have done much to make our Badger what it is. To Mr. and Mrs. J. Woolley and those who worked with them, we are particularly grateful. They have made possible for us the entaglio in- serts of which we are justly proud. We have reached the end and gladly write finis Past 6fl The Badger Advertisers ' Index Alford Bros 613 Alsted Kasten 636 American Ice Cream Co 614 Auto Service Co 645 Badger Pharmacy 646 Badger Room 604 BailHe. OConnell Meyer 621 Ballinger 633 Bancroft. Drs. J. A. V. G 634 Beavers, The 642 Bernard Boat Line 616 Besley, Chas. H 600 Blackhawk Riding Academy 617 Boyd. J. M 640 Boyd, Orchestra 645 Bradley Knitting Co 599 Branch Bank of Wisconsin 594 Bretz. E. F. Co 637 Broadway Art Academy 646 Brooks Clothing Co 582 Brown Boot Shop 633 Burdick Murray 589 Buser ' s Grocery 638 Campus Cafe 614 Campus Restaurant 639 Cantwell Printing Co 586 Capital City Lumber Co 642 Capital City Tire Co 631 Capital Dairy Co 607 Capital Times 609 Cardinal Pharmacy 604 Case. The J. I. Co 622 Castle Doyle 619 Central Life Insurance Co 580 Chocolate Shop 582 College Lunch Room 635 College Refectory 584 Conklin i Sons 637 Conover, Allen D 647 Co-op 581 Co-op Tailoring Co 609 Cops Cafe 619 Coyne Hat Shop 614 Crane Co 590 Creamery Packing Co 644 Crescent Clothing Co 616 Cretney Jameson 604 Davis Transfer Co 604 Democrat Printing Co 587 Dietrich-Denu 596 Dockstader Sandberg 602 Do-Nut Shop, The 620 Drews Nichols 645 Drives, LB. Fuel Co 610 Eugene Dietzgen Co., The 591 Excelsior Shoe Co 622 Falk Corp.. The 600 Farmer Co 630 Fischer Bros 607 Fisher Tire Co 633 Ford Nyberg 615 Frank Bros 624 Franks Restaurant 644 Frautschi Furniture Co 59! Frederickson. A. D. J. V 645 French Battery Carbon Co 628 Fried Osterman Co 643 Fuller-Warren Co 598 Gamm Jewelry Co 643 General Electric Co 606 General Paper Supply Co 585 Gilberg A. E. Co 636 Globe Baking Co 638 Hahn ' s Lunch 638 Ha r ley-Davidson 604 Harloff-Loprich . . 589 Haswell Furniture Co 632 Heilman Baking Co 633 Hersch Grocery Co 614 Hicks Cafe. Walter 599 Hills Store 585 Hoffman Billings Co 621 Holeproof Hosiery Co 583 Holton. Frank. Co 645 Hook Bros 613 Horlicks Malted Milk 638 Hub, The 649 Hub Clothing Co 611 Insurance Co. of N, America 631 Irving Cafeteria 633 Jensen Boot Shop 596 Jerdin Furniture Co 601 Jerrems Clothing Co 618 Jones Auto Co 635 Karstens Co 634 Keeley Candy Co 639 Kelly Typ ewriter Co 623 Kennedy Dairy Co 623 KohlerCo 592 Kopper Kettle 609 KeufTel Esser Co 607 Lawrence Lunch 629 Lewis Pharmacy 636 Loken Bros 593 Madison Fuel Co 63 Madison Oriental Rug Co 61 5 Madison Packing Co 63- Madison Rug Factory 62 ' Madison Tent z Awning Co 615 Malone Grocery Co 604 Manchester, Harry S 615 Marinello Shop 646 Maw-Olson 598 Menges Pharmacies 622 Milwaukee Drug Co 632 Milwaukee Hotel Association 612 Minch. Hetty 612 Molloy. TheDavid J., Co 629- Monona Tire Co 647 Morgan Bros 627 Moser School of Shorthand 634 Nelson. O. M.. Son 621 Netherwood Printing Co 641 New York Store 641 Northern Furniture Co 636 Occident Baking Co 646 Ohnstadt, J. L 609 Olson Veerhusen 635 Oscar Olson Tailoring Co 601 Palace of Wisconsin 617 Pantorium Co 636 Parker Co . . . 610 Park Hotel 608 Parson ' s 643 Pettibone Mfg. Co.. The 595 Phoenix Chair Co 609 Photo Art Co 597 Piper Bros 641 Polacheck, Chas.. Co 629 Railton. B. A 639 Rank Motteram Co 632 Reis. C , Coal Co 622 Rentschler Floral Co 605 Rich ' s Pantry Kitchen, Pastries 620 Rider ' s Pen Shop 591 Ritter Auto Co 620 Rogers Beauty Shop 620 Rosemary Beauty Shop 645 Roos Mfg. Co 588 Rundle-Sfjence Mfg. Co 625 Runkel Barber Shop 643 Rupp ' s Clothiers 603 Sani-Tox Brush Co 609 Savings Loan Qi Trust Co 646 Schaub-Bradford Electric Co 639 Schmitz. August J 596 Schuiz, A. George. Co 638 Sheldon, Henry T 589 Silver Springs Water Co 609 Singer Barber Shop 607 Smucker. Harry G 626 Speth ' s 587 Stafford Engraving Co 648 State Street Leader 647 Stitgen. Ben 631 Sumner Cramton 607 Teckemeyer Candy Co 619 Teck ' s Tire Service Station 605 Tegtmeyer Jewelry Co 595 Theaters — Orpheum 593 Parkway 593 Strand 593 Thompson ' s Orchestras 625 Cameo Room ........ 625 Esther Beach 625 Thuringer-Garbutt 614 United Shoe Repairing 617 Universal Grocery Co 617 University Music Shop 604 University Pharmacy 635 U. W. Meat Market 591 U. W. Y. M. C. A. Cafeteria 596 Varsity Beauty Shop 604 VollrathCo 639 Walk-Over Boot Shop 632 Waltham Piano Co 584 Warner System of Fraternities 624 Wehrman, Chas 647 Western Printing Lithographing Companv . 624 Wilhelm Bros 605 Wisconsin Advertising Co 628 Wisconsin Auto Service Co 601 Wisconsin Blue Print Co 631 Wisconsin FourKiry Machine Co 645 Wisconsin National Bank 611 Wittwer. E. M Co 589 WoldenlJerg ' s Cloak Comer 621 Yawkey-Crowley Co 647 Ye Garment Shop 613 Yellow Cab Co 640 Ziegler. George, Candy Co 603 t Pat ' 651 The Badger =b Index D Acacia 444 Aces— Senior 48-53 Junior 164-168 So[ K more 170-171 Advertising Club 547 Agriculture, College of 38 Agricultural College Federation 539 Agricultural Society 351 Agric Triangle 538 Agricultural Women ' s Ass ' n 542 Alpha Chi Omega 4% Alpha Chi Rho 462 Alpha Chi Sigma 469 Alpha IDelta Chi 441 Alpha Delta Pi 504 Alpha Epsilon Phi 506 Alpha Gamma Delta 498 Alpha Gamma Rho 450 Alpha Kappa Kappa 477 Alpha Kappa Lambda 467 Alpha Omicron Pi 499 Alpha Phi 493 Alpha Pi Epsilon 419 Alpha Sigma Phi 447 Alpha Tau Omega 445 Alpha Theta Pi 464 Alpha Xi Delta 497 Alpha Zeta 410 Alumnae 173-182 Alumni Mag 326 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 530 American Society Civil Engineers 532 American Society Mechanical Engineers . , 53 1 Archery 214 Artus 409 Athenae Literary Society 348 Athletic Board 220 Athletic Review 324 B Babcock Dairy Club 541 Baccalaureate 307 Badger Board 310 Badger Ski Club 550 Badger Staff — Business 314—315 Editorial 311-313 Band 356-357 Baptist Student Council 520 Barnard 512 Baseball — Captain 241 Interfraternity 285 Men ' s 242-246 Women ' s Indoor 207 Women ' s Outdoor 206 Basketball — Interfraternity 284 Men ' s 235-240 Women ' s 211 Beta Gamma Sigma 408 Beta Theta Pi 429 Birge, Pres. E. A 23 Blue Bandits 367 Blue Dragon 184 Bowling — Interfraternity 285 intersorority 217 Women ' s 216 Boxing 263 Bradlev Memorial 191 C Campus Religious Council 519 Cardinal 316-318 Castatia 352 Chadbourne 513 Charter 516 Cheer L eaders 22 1 Chemical Engineers Society 533 Chi Omega 495 Chi Phi 449 Chi Psi 43 1 Class CMficers — Senior 47 Junior 163 Sof iomore 1 69 Freshman 172 Clef Club 360 Cochranes 516 Commencement 306 Commerce, Course in 30-3 1 Commerce Club 544 Commerce Mag 321 CxKifcrencc Medal Winner 222 Congregational Students ' A« n 521 Councifof Forty 292 Country Mag 323 Crew 255-256 C:rucible 423 C:urt«inauh 368 Daily Cardinal 316-318 Dancing 194-197 Debate — Athenae Ag Lit 345 Girls " Joint 343 Intercollegiate 340-341 Men ' s Joint 342 Sophomore Semi-Public 346-347 Dedication 9 Delta Chi 459 Delta Delta Delta 494 Delta Gamma 489 Delta Kappa Epsilon 443 Delta Phi Delta 417 Delta Pi Delta 475 Delta Pi Epsilon 465 Delta Sigma Phi 456 Delta Sigma Pi 479 Delta Sigma Rho 418 Delta Tau Delta 434 Delta Upsilon 433 Delta Zeta 500 Dolphin Club 201 E Engineering. College of 40 Eta Kappa Nu 404 Euthenics 543 Evangelical Students ' Ass ' n 522 Extension Division 42 F Farm House 474 Field Day 213 Final Emblem 199 Football — Captain 223 Coach 225 Games 226-332 Squad 224 Standings 225 Forensic Board 338 Foreword 7 French Club 548 French House 510 Freshman Athletics — Men 273-276 Freshman Commission — Y. W. C. A 189 G Gamma Alpha Epsilon 508 Gamma Eta Gamma 478 Gamma Phi Beta 490 Girl Reserve 190 Glee Club— Girls ' 359 Men ' s 358 Golf 272 Goodnight, Dean S. H 26 Green Button 187 Gun and Blade 537 Gun and Blade Play 367 Gym — Men ' s 266-267 H Haresfoot 362-363 Hesperia 349 Hockey— Mens 268-269 Women ' s 208 Homecoming 296-297 Home Economics, Course in 45 Honor Societies 401-424 Horseback 209 I Industrial Work 190 Inner Gate 483 Interfraternity Conference 426 International Club 552 Iron Cross 420 J Jones, Coach 219 Journalism. Course in 32-33 Journalism House 514 Junior Math Club 535 K Kappa Alpha Theta 491 Kappa Delta 503 Kappa Kappa Gamma 488 Kappa Psi 473 Kappa Sigma 438 Keystone 183 Knollin Memorial 246 Ku Klux Klan (Tumas) .481 Pai0 6S2 Thie Badger- Index — Continued Lambda Chi Alpha 453 Law School 34 Law Review 325 Letters and Science, College of 28-29 Library School 27 Literary Magazine 319 Lutheran Church Students ' Association .... 523 M Medicine, Course in 36 Memorial Day Exercises 308 Memorial Reformed Students ' Ass ' n 524 Memorial Union 288-289 Mencrah Society 554 Military Department 327-336 Military Ball 302-303 Mining Club 534 Mortar Board •421 Mu Epsilon 480 Mu Phi Epsilon 415 Music, School of 44 Mystic Circle 509 N Nardin, Dean F. Louise 26 National Collegiate Players 416 Neighborhood House 191 Normal Meet 278 Northern Oratorical Contest 344 O Octopus 320 Omicron Nu 41 1 Outing Club 202 P Pan Hellenic 486 Phi Alpha Delta 470 Phi Beta Kappa 402 Phi Beta Pi 472 Phi Chi 476 Phi Delta Phi 468 Phi Delta Theta 428 Phi Gamma [Delta 435 Phi Kappa 461 Phi Kappa Psi 430 Phi Kappa Sigma 439 Phi Lambda Upsilon 406 Phi Mu 502 Phi Mu Alpha 414 Phi Omega Pi 507 Phi Sigma Delta 460 Phi Sigma Kappa 451 Philippine Badger Club 553 Philomathia 350 Physical Education, Department of 46 Physical Education Club 200 Pi Beta Phi 492 Pi Kappa Alpha 457 Pi Tau Sigma 405 Pre-Prom Play 366 Presbyterian Students ' Ass ' n 525 Press Club 546 Prom 298-301 Psi Upsilon 437 Pythia 353 R Radio Meet 279 Red Bird (Curtain Club) 368 Red Gauntlet 186 Regents. Board of 24 Relay Meet . 282 Reserve Officers ' Training Corps 336 Rocky Mountain Club 551 S Saddle and Sirloin 540 Scabbard and Blade 424 Self-Government Ass ' n 291 Senior Section 54-162 Senior Swing Out 305 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 442 Sigma Alpha Iota 505 Sigma Chi 432 Sigma Delta Chi 412 Sigma Kappa 501 Sigma Nu 440 Sigma Phi 445 Sigma Phi Epsilon 458 Sigma Pi 453 Sigma Sigma 407 Skull and Crescent 482 Soccer 283 Spanish Club 549 Square Club 536 St. Francis Society 526 St. Paul ' s University Chapel 527 Student Court 294 Student Senate 290 Swimming — Men ' s 259-262 Women ' s 210 Swing Out 305 T Tabbard Inn 515 Tau Beta Pi 403 Tau Kappa Epsilon 454 Tennis — Men ' s 270-271 Women ' s 215 Theta Chi 455 Theta Delta Chi 436 Theta Sigma Phi 413 Theta Xi 452 Track, Inter-Class — Indoor 281 Outdoor 280 Track — Interfraternity 284 Interscholasttc 277 Men ' s 247-254 Women ' s 212 Triangle 47 1 Turkey Race 282 U Union Board 293 V Varsity Welcome 304 Vilas Medal Wearers 339 Visitors, Board of 25 W W. A. A 199 " W " Wearers— Men 221 Women 204-206 Wesley Foundation Students ' Association . . . . 528 White Spades 422 Wisconsin Engineer 322 Wisconsin Players 364 Women ' s Athletic Ass ' n 199 Women ' s Comnnerce Club 545 Wrestling 264-265 Y Yellow Tassel 185 Y. M. C. A 188-189 Y. W. C. A 369-375 Z Zeta Beta Tau 466 Zeta Psi 448 Page 653 ENGRAVINGS BY STAFFORD ENGRAVING COMPANY INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA PRINTED BY CANTWELL PRINTING COMPANY MADISON. WISCONSIN

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