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1 - , m- . ft V I bj. - ' J :5ii;, LiJ-B-LJhrTp ■HUM 111 Copyright 1915 by G. L. Broadfoot and A. W. Powel! -tAe THE YEAR BOOK Published by the JUNIOR CLASS of the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN VOLUME THIRTY Dedicated To The State of Wisconsin, which, by its bounty and generosity, has made this University and this Book possible. The State Capitol ■ . ' I ADMINISTRATION I CLASSES n ATHLETICS ffi ACTIVITIES Z ORGANIZATIONS M SATIRE M ADVERTISING m. fUTORSFIORmORD T he object of a university annual, as we see it, is to portray the story of the year; and in this, the 1916 Badger, you will find a record of the things that you and your fellow students have done. While it is always necessary to cling to old customs and old traditions, we have made changes this year in the hope that life here may be more near- ly represented. We sincerely hope you will receive it in the spirit in which it is offered; and that in the reminiscences of passing years it may not be entirely valueless as a reminder of happy days at Wisconsin. c c m 1 JQlil [iilil ' [{ L k[{[ .[i llQQtn 1 li UlY taLvLlvQ n J Ui S ilLl QLin? 1 j i 1 1 1 Our Wisconsin Some Interesting Facts About Our University Area of Campus -Approximately 1 ,000 acres. Value of Grounds-$2,077,911. Number of Buildings— 65. Value of Buildings-$3,724.356. Value of Laboratory Equipment and other Apparatus — $547,307. Number of Books-3 15,000. Value of Books- $580,000. Endowments - University Fund, $232,701; Agricultural College Fund, $303,594; Uni varsity Trust Fund, $142,788. Total, $679,084. Income from Endowments — $32,809. Other Income State, $2,153,865; Tuition and Laboratory Fees, $405,514; ot ' .ier sources, $508, 1 9 L Total, $3,068,562. Departments- Graduate School, Letters and Science, Agriculture. Engineering, Medi- cine, Law, Pharmacy, Extension Division, Summer Session. Courses — 29. Faculty — Professors, 103; Associate Professors, 55; Assistant Professors, 127; Lec- turers, 20; Instructors and Assistants, 394. Total. 699. Estimated Number of Students -7,200. First Graduating Class — July, 1854. Total Number of Degrees Granted — 10,980. Main Hall ifffw. f ' «M« ' f i«iniH«v«w«nnT!RsnnnflVHpinnMin Agricultural Hall The Law Bjilding A ■■ Chadbourne Hall 22 Barnard Hall 23 North Hall South Hall 2S Biology Building Chemistry Building 26 The Observatory Some Agricultural Buildings J!iP }s Sit ■ C ' -r . ■ ' ' « The Stock Pavilion i iff Sr The Horse Barn The Lnicn The Clinical Building The Administration Building The Extension Building 3 1 he Willows The Path 31 Moonlicht on Mendota 3 2 In Summer 34 Familiar Scenes In and Around The Gym 3 7 Administration r II i Cary Clark Hammond Horlick Jones McMahon McCaffrey Mahoney Nelson Nolz Seaman Trottman Miss Waters Mrs. Buck staff I Board of Regents Board of Regents Charles RICHAF© Van HISE . President of the University. Ex-Officio Charles P. CARY . . State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ex-Officio STATE AT LARGE Gilbert E. Seaman Mrs. Florence G. Buckstaff Milwaukee Oshkosh CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS First District A. J. HORLICK Racine Second District F. W. A. NOTZ Watertown Third District E. M. McMAHON Madison Fourth District THEODORE M. HAMMOND Wauwatosa Fifth District jAMES F. TROTTMAN Milwaukee Sixth District MiSS ELIZABETH A. WATERS .... Fond du Lac Seventh District D. 0. MAHONEY Viroqua Eighth District GRANVILLE D. JONES Wausau Ninth District ORLANDO E. CLARK ....... Appleton Tenth District B. F. FaAST Eau Claire Eleventh District A. P. NELSON Grantsburg OFFICERS OF THE REGENTS James F. TROTTMAN President A. P. Nelson Vice-President Henry Johnson. . State Treasurer, Ex-Officio Treasurer H. J. THORKELSON Business Manager M. E. McCaffrey Secretary G. L. Gilbert Bursar C. W. FARLIN Purchasing Agent B. F. Faast 40 Board of Visitors MB OF VmSTOM APPOINTED BY THE REGENTS Mrs. Charles M. Morris . Milwaukee George P. HAMBRECHT Grand Rapids Ernest COPELAND Milwaukee John E. McCONNELL LaCrosse APPOINTED BY THE ALUMNI " Mrs. Lynn S. Pease Wauwatosa Claire B. Bird Wausau RicH.ARD Lloyd Jones .... Madison RE . C. F. NILES Menominee APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNOR W. A. Titus Fond du Lac E. B. BELDEN Racine L. J. Stair Brodhead h Lloyd-Jones Mrs. Lynn S. Pease Hambcecht McConnell Titus Belden Stair Bird President Charles R Van Hise Photo by Stein. Milwaukee rottccc ©r ccrrcifi College of Letters and Science Edward ASAHEL BIRGE, ' I ' BK, Z, Dean of the College of Letters and Science. A.B.. Williams College, 1873; A.M.. Williams College, 1878; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1878; Sc.D., Pittsburgh University. 1897; LL.D., Williams College, 1903. Thomas SEWALL Adams, i1 BK. Professor of Political Economy. A.B., Johns Hopkins University. 1896; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1899. Charles Elmer Allen, ] ' BK. at. iz. Professor of Botany. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1899; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1904. K.4THERINE Allen, at. Assistant Professor of Latin. B.L.. University of Wisconsin. 1887; Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin. 1898. Lewis Albert Anderson, F.A.LA.. Lecturer in Political Economy. B.L.. University of Wisconsin. 1899. Arthur BEATTY. Assistant Professor of English. A.B.. University of Toronto, 1893; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1897. Eliot BLACKWELDER, :: Z, BwII, Associate Professor of Geology. A.B., University of Chicago. 1901. WiLLIARD GROSVENOR BLEYER, :l AX. i-)X ' t , IV, Chairman of the Course in Jour- nalism; Associate Professor of Journalism. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1896; M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1898; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Joseph Granger Brandt, 1 BK, Assistant Professor of Latin. A.B., Lawrence College, 1903; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1911. FRIEDRICH BRUNS, Assistant Professor of German. A.B., Wartburg College, 1901; M.A., Umversity of Wisconsin, 1904; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. 1910. Horace Thomas Burgess. i bk. i:z. Professor of Mathematics. A.B.. Yale University, 1906; M.A., Yale University, 1907; Ph.D.. Yale Uni- versity. 1909. Ralph Starr Butler. Associate Professor of Business Administration. A.B., University of Michigan. 1904. William B. Cairns. AV, Assistant Professor of American Literature. A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1890; A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1892; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. Oscar James Campbell, Jr., AKE, Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Harvard University, 1903; A.M., Harvard University, 1907; Ph.D.. Harvard University. 1910. Paul WHITTIER CARLETON, i:Z, AX1 Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Ph.D., Harvard University, 1911. Barry CERF, Associate Professor of Romance Languages. A.B., University of California, 1902; A.M., University of California, 1903; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1908. WAYLAND Johnson Chase. AV, Associate Professor of History. A.B., Brown University, 1887; A.M., Brown University, 1890. 44 College of Letters and Science R. S. Butler P. W. Carlcton J. E. Olson W. L. Cairns A. B. Hall C. S. Schlicter L. M. G ay J. F. A. Pyre J. M. O ' Neill L. Kahlenbcrg E. C. Wooley S. W. Ctlman V, A C. Hcnmon J. F. Davis College of Letters and Science PAUL FRANKLIN CLARK. Associate Projcssor of Bacienology. Ph.D.. Brown University. 1904; A.M.. Brown University. 1903. Ph.D.. Brown University. 1909. WcIORCOVFIN, Assistant Professor of History. AB.. Dalhousie College. 1887; Ph.D.. Cornell University. 1893. lOHN ROGERS COMMONS. Professor of Political Ecorjomy. • AB.. Oberlin College. 1888; A.M.. Oberlin College, 1890 GEORGE CARY COMSTOCK. Professor of Astrono . Director of Washburn ObserOa- loru Director of the Graduate School. „„-, PhB University of Michigan. 1877; LL.D., University of Wisconsin, 883 s ' c.d " University of Michigan. 1907; LL.D.. University of Illinois. 1907. CHARLES DEAN COOL. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages AB, University of Michigan, 1899; A.M.. Harvard University. 1900. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin. 1909. , „, . , PERCY MILARD DAWSON. 4.KT, .I BK, v Z, Assistar t Professor of Physiology. Ib Johns Hopkins University, 1895; M.D.. Johns Hopkins University. 1898. Roil IN HENRY DENNISTON, 1 Z 1 H, SAE, Assistant Professor of Botany. PhG. University of Wisconsin, 1897; B.S., University of Wisconsin. 1899. PhD.. University of Wisconsin. 1904. r v l- U Thomas Herbert Dickinson, atu. Associate Projessor of tnghsh. Ph B Ohio State University, 1899; A.M., Columbia University, 1900, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1906. r t- ;■ i RnRFRT ELKIN Neil Dodge, Assistant Professor o) English. A R Harvard University. 1889; A.M., Harvard University 1 89 . LINNAEUS wIyLANDDoWLING, . Z, .AE, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. PhD., Clark University, 1895. F7FKIEL HENRY DOWNEY, -KBK, Lecturer in Political Economy. A B., University of Iowa, 1907; A.M.. University of Chicago. 1908. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin, 1913. ARNOLD DRESDEN, .-- ' - ' ;- " °[o - 5. pf ' " ° ' i:,; i,ersity of Chicago, 1909. EDw ' a CHA LTslSo°A, ' : . " p.l io;o5i..SL, D, . ' ' J: :: ; ! : - m,-. M.A.. UmversUy of Nebraska. 1897; y S ' rtli::! Professor of Business Administration. A R University of Wisconsin, 1908. , „ . .. i r Heidelburg University, 1879; LL.D., Hobart College, 1892. Ernst FEISE, Assistant Professor of German. Ph.D.. University of Leipzig, 1908. RiTHARn Fischer AXX. Professor of Chemistry. r r i- l- ,„ 1R04- Pl C University of Michigan. 1892; B.S.. University of Michigan. 1894. p ' h.C. University of Marburg. 1900. University, 1900. r ,„ Harvard University, 1900. College of Letters and Science R. T. Elv F. G. Hubbard E. A. Ross A, Dresden C. A. Smith C. Lloyd-Jones F. L. Paxson E. Kremers H. W. March R. H. Hess F. C. Krauskopf L. Martin E. C. Elliott J. R. Commons G. C. Fiske A. Kerr 47 College of Letters and Science 1913. 1875. 1909. Clara Baker FLETT, Mistress of Chadboume Hall. , „, , . A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1884; M.A., University of Washington, Albert Stone Flint, 1 BK, :iZ, Astronomer, Washburn Observatory. A.M., University of Cincinnati, 1880; A.B., Harvard University, OTIS AMSDEN Gage, 1 BK. :;:3, a S ' , Assistant Professor of Physics. Ph.B., University of Rochester, 1899; Ph.D., Cornell University, Edward Hall Gardner, Xr, 1 BK, Assistant Professor of English A.B., Amherst College, 1905; M.A., Columbia University, 1908. Lucy Maria Gay, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1882. WILLIAM Frederic GIESE, I.BK, -AE, Associate Professor of Romance Languages. A.B., Harvard University, 1889; A.M., Harvard Umversity, 1890. Edward MARTINIUS Gilbert, Assistant Professor of Botany. Ph.B., University of Wisconsin, 1907. lOHN LEWIS GILLIN, Associate Professor of Sociology. A.B., Iowa College; Ph.B., Columbia University. 1906. STEPHEN ' warren GILMAN, BFi], 1«A4., I ' l ' , Professor of Business Administration. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1899. SCOTT HOLLAND GOODNIGHT, Ki:, Associate Professor of German, Director of the ABi eka CollTge, 1898; M.A., Eureka College, 1900; Ph.D., Umversity of Wisconsin, 1905. MICHAEL Francis GUYER, Z, Professor of Zoology iqqa pu n B.S., University of Chicago, 1894; M.A.. University of Nebraska, 1896; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1900. MARTIN HENRY HAERTEL, Assistant Professor of German. B.S., St. Charles College, 1895; Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1901, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1906. ARNOLD BENNETT HALL, AilP, -I- AH, Assistant Professor of Political Science. A.B., Franklin College, 1904; J.D., University of Chicago, 190 . WALTER Wilson Hart, a BK, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. A.B., University of Chicago, 1901. Vivian ALLEN CHARLES HENMON, U.BK, i:Z, ATU, Professor of Education A B, Bethany College, 1895; A.M., Bethany College, 1899; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1905. RALPH Henry Hess, Assistant Professor of Political Econorny. BS Colorado Agriculture College, 1897; M.S.. Colorado Agriculture College. 1903: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1908. : ,l r u William Dixon HIESTAND, Registrar of the Unioersity and Secretary of the faculty. Alexander Rudolph HOHLFELD, Professor of German. Ph.D., University of Leipzig, 1888. r n i ,■ ; c ■ Stanley K HORNBECK, BwII, Assistant Professor of Potiticat :icience. FRANK GAYLORD HUBBARD, ' I ' BK, XT, Professor of English AB Wilhams College, 1880; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1887. LEONARD ROSE INGERSOLL, d-BK, i: Z, Associate Professor of Physics. B.S., Colorado College, 1902; Ph.D., Umversity of Wisconsin, 1905. InsFPH lASTROW cl ' BK, i:Z, Professor of Philosophy. . • Tb- uSsity ;f Pennsylvania, 1882; A.M., Umversity of Pennsylvama, 1885; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1886. College of Letters and Science ] D. Starch E. B. Van Vleclc L. W. Dowling T. S. Adams E. T. Owen W. A. Scott W. E. Leonard S. Moore M. V O ' Shc. E. K Voss H. T. Burges: F. A, Parker 49 L. A. Anderson H. B. Lathrop G. C. Comstock J. G. Brandt H. C Bradley A. Beatty J. Jastrow C. Shower man College of Letters and Science 1915. of the 1901; Professor of Pharma- of Wisconsin, 1888; Gertrude Elizabeth Johnson, AXU, Assistant Professor of Public Speaking. B.A., New Hampshire Conference College, 1896; School of Expression, 1898. Louis KAHLENBERG, Director of the Course in Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry. B.Sc, University of Wisconsin, 1892; M.Sc, University of Wisconsin, 1893; Ph.D., University of Leipzig, 1895. Frederick Thomas Kelly, Assistant Professor of Semitic Languages and Hel- lenistic Greek,. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1891: Ph.D., Uni versity of Chicago, 1901. Alexander Kerr, Emeritus Professor of Greek Language and Literature. A.B., Beloit College, 1855: A.M., Beloit College, 1858; Litt.D., Beloit College, 1912. William Henry KIEKHOEFER, Assistant Professor of Political Economy. A.B., Northwestern University, 1904; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, John Louis Kind, 1 ' BK, at a. Assistant Professor of German, Secretary German Department. A.B., University of Nebraska, 1889; A.M., University of Nebraska, Ph.D.. Columbia University, 1906. Francis Craig KRAUSKOPF, 1:Z, in, l ' Ar, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. A.B., University of Indiana, 1904; A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1907 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1909. Edward KREMERS, AV, Director of the Course in Pharmacy, ceutical Chemistry. Ph.G., University of Wisconsin, 1886; B.S., University Ph.D., University of Goettingen, 1890. Arthur Gordon Laird, ATU, Associate Professor of Greek. A.B., Dalhousie College, 1889; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1891. Henry BURROWES LATHROP, ' I ' BK, Associate Professor of English. A.B., Harvard University, 1889. Charles Kenneth LEITII, Z, AXI, Acacia, Professor of Geology. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1897: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1901. Victor LENHER, i;Z, fa, AXI ' , Acacia, Professor of Chemistry. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1898. William ELLERY Leonard, BmII, Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Boston University, 1898; A.M., Harvard University, 1899; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1904. Chester LLOYD-JONES, ' I ' BK, ' I H, XAE, Associate Professor of Political Science. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1902; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1906, Thomas LLOYD-JONES, Assistant Professor of Education. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1896. EVANDER Bradley McGILVARY, KA, Professor of Philosophy. A.B., Davidson College, 1884; A.M., Princeton University, 1888; Ph.D. University of California, 1 897. Herman William March. ' I ' BK., i:Z, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. A.B., University of Michigan, 1904; A.M., University of Michigan, 1905 Ph.D., University of Munich, 1911. William Stanley Marshall, TV, Associate Professor of Zoology. B.S., Swarthmore College, 1888; Ph.D., University of Leipzig. 1892. Lawrence Martin, ::i:Z, Associate Professor of Physiography and Geography. A.B., Cornell University, 1904; A.M., Harvard University, 1906. Martha Mason, Mistress of Barnard Hall. B.A., Smith College, 1894. L College of Letters and Science Jkt R. Fischer F. T. Kelly C. F. Smith W. J. Chase E. B. Skinner M. C. Otto L. B. Woifenson E. B. McCilvary E. B. Schlatter F. Bruns F. C. Sharp R. H. Wh.tbeck 5 1 P. F. Clark R. H. Denniston C, D. Zdanowicz M. H. Haertel B. Cerl J. B. Overton B. Z. Morgan E. Steidt mann K m College of Letters and Science Max Mason ' JT, SS, TA, Professor of Malhematical Physics. BL University of Wisconsin, 1898; Ph.D.. Goettingen University 1903 I03EPH HOWARD MATHEWS. J 2, AXS, Assistant Professor of Physical Chem ' try BS University of Wisconsin. 1903; A.M.. University of Wisconsin 1905, MA Harvard University, 1906; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1908. LOIS KIMBALL MATHEWS, LBK, A! ' , Dean of Women Associate Professor of History A b!, Leland Stanford Jr. University 903; A M., Leland Stanford Jr. University, 1904; Ph.D., Radcliffe College, 1906. WARREN JUDSON MEAD, S Z, i;N, Assistant Professor of Geology BS., University of Wisconsin, 1906; M.A.. University of Wisconsin. 1908. CHARLES ELWOOD MENDENHALL. ■I ' BK, i:Z. Professor of Physics. B.S, Rose Polytechnic Institute. 1 894; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1898. ROBERT BELL MiCHELL. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. A B University of Toronto. 1900; A.M.. Harvard University. 1901; Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin. 1911. PAUL G Miller. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. b!a.. University of Wisconsin. 1910; M.A.. University of Wisconsin. 1911, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. 1914. Samuel Moore, Assistant Professor of English. BAYARD QUINCY MORGAN, AXP, l.BK, Assistant Professor of German. A.B., Trinity College, 1904; Ph.D., University of Leipzig, 1907. DANA CARLETON MUNRO, I ' BK, A ' I . Professor of History. A.B., Brown University, 1887; A.M., Brown University. 1890. FREDERICK AUSTIN OCG. Associate Professor of Political Science. PhB., De Pauw University. 1899; M.S.. Indiana University 1900. A.M.. Harvard University. 1904; Ph.D.. Harvard University. 1908. JULIUS EMIL OLSON. TV. Professor of Scandinavian Languages and Literature. RL University of Wisconsin. 1894. in. JAMES MILTON O ' NEILL. Ai:P. Assocate Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory. A.B.. Dartmouth College. 1907. M VINCENT O ' SHEA. Professor of Education. B.L.. Cornell University. 1892. Max Charles Otto. M ' BK. Assistant Professor of t hilosophy. A B. University of Wisconsin. 1900; A.M.. University of Wisconsin. 1908. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin. 1911. r n, . dl ■ I . TAMES BERTRAM OVERTON. v Z. Associate Professor of Plant Physwlogy. • PhB University of Michigan. 1894; Ph.D.. University of Chicago. 1901. EDWARD THOMAS OWEN. E. -IT. .LHT. Professor of Romance Languages. Ph.D.. Yale University. 1900. David Leslie Patterson. Associate Professor of History. BS Pennsylvania State College. ' 895. ' " Ts!t ' srJ,TTp:™,fv ' .tr ' ,s ' 9 " ' M ' i;, h.,... u„i.e„i.„ 1902. PhD.. University of Pennsylvania, 1903. S2 b College of Letters and Science Elliott Williams Thorkelson W. M. Smith Dyltema Mathews Dudgeon Geise iiii G. L. Gilbert Bunting Van Valzah E. Gilbert Roedder Parkinson Beatty Bleye H, L. Miller Punn Urdahl Watts Allen Cool Rcgin Pearse Munro Michell Flint Slaughter K.ind Mendenhall Evans Laird S3 College of Letters and Science 1905. of German University University of Pennsylvania, 1908. 1891: LL.D.. Frank Otis Reed, I ' BK, SV, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. A.B., Amherst College, 1899; A.M., Harvard University, 1904; Ph.D., Har- vard University, 1905. Frederick William Roe, I BK, AA [ ' , Assistant Dean of the College of Letters and Science, Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Wesleyan University, 1897; M.A., Columbia University, 1904; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1908. John RANSON Roebuck, Assistant Professor of Physics. A.B., University of Toronto, 1902; Ph.D., University of Toronto, Edwin Carl LOTHAR Clemens ROEDDER, I BK, Associate Professor Philology. A.B., Grand Ducal Gymnasium of Bruchsal, Baden, 1891; A.B., of Michigan, 1893; A.M., University of Michigan, 1894; Ph.D., of Michigan, 1898. Winifred TREXLER Root, Assistant Professor of History. A.B., Princeton University, 1902; Ph.D., University Edward ALSWORTH Ross, ' [ ' BK. ' I ' TA. Professor of Sociology. A.B., Coe College, 1886; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Coe College, 1911. Edward Bunker Schlatter, KKK, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. A.B.. Dartmouth College. 1903; A.M.. Harvard University, 1904; Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin, 1909. William AMASA Scott, -J-BK. AA , Director of the Course in Commerce, Professor of Political Economy. A.B., University of Rochester, 1886; A. M., University of Rochester, 1887; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1 892; LL. D., University of Rochester, 1911. George Clarke SELLERY, 1 BK, AV, Professor of History. A.B., University of Toronto, 1897; Ph.D., University of Chicago. 1901. Frank Chapman Sharp, 1 ' BK, , ' I ' , Professor of Philosophy. A.B., Amherst College, 1887; Ph.D.. University of Berlin. 1892. Grant SHOWERMAN, Professor of Latin. A.B.. University of Wisconsin. 1896; A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1897; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1900. Ernest Brown Skinner, iw. ewll. Associate Professor of Mathematics. A.B.. University of Ohio. 1888; Ph.D.. University of Chicago. 1900. Moses Stephen Slaughter, ' bk. ake. Professor of Latin. A.B., De Pauw University. 1883; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1891. Charles Sumner Slighter, ' I BK, I ' Z, l.X. Professor of Applied Mathematics. B.S.. Northwestern University. 1885; M.S.. Northwestern University. 1887. Charles Augustus Smith. J ' BK. Assistant Professor of History. A.B.. University of Kansas. 1908; M.A., Yale University. 1909. Charles FORSTER Smith, XT. Professor of Greek and Classical Philology. A.B.. Wofford College. 1872; A.M., Wofford College, 1875; LL.D., Harvard University, 1910; Ph.D., Leipzig University, 1881; LL.D., University of Arkansas, 1910. Hugh Allison Smith, ' I ' BK, Professor of Romance Languages. A.B., University of Missouri. 1897; A.M., University of Missouri. 1898. Benjamin Warner Snow. iz. av. Professor of Physics. B.S., Cornell University. 1885; Ph.D.. University of Berlin. 1892. Daniel Starch. I ' H. pa. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology. A.B.. University of Iowa. 1903; A.M., University of Iowa, 1904; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1906. College of Letters and Science Engineers in Camp r College of Letters and Science EDVJARD STElDlWim , -: . Assistant Professor of Geolosy. A B.. University of Wisconsin, 1906; A.M.. University of Wisconsin, I9U . Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1910. JSm ADELMDE SlERLmG. Assistant Professor of Germari. BL University of Wisconsin, 1879; M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1896. FARLE MELVIN Terry, Z, Assistant Professor of Physics. A B University of Michigan, 1902; A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1909. , „ ,, , c- HENRY R TRUMBOWER, BI-, Assistant Professor of PoliUcal t conomy. A B, Lehigh University, 1903; M.A., Princeton University. 1908. Thomas KLINGENBERG URDAHL, Professor of Poliiicat Economy BL.. Universitv of Wisconsin, 1891; M.L., Unive.s.ty of Wisconsin. 1892. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin, 1897. n ,; ,■ EDWARD BURR VAN VLECK, BK, .LNh. - Z. Professor ' l ' ' ' ' ' ' t,r,y . p, r A.B.. Wesleyan University. 1884; A.M.. Wesleyan University, 1887, Ph.D.. University of Goettingen. 1893; LL.D., Clark University 909. ERNST KARL JOHANN HEINRICH VOSS, Professor of German ftiUotogy. Ph.D., University of Leipzig. GECRGE WAGNER. ' I ' BK. i: Z. Assistant Professor o .oology. Ph.C. University of Michigan. 1893; B.A.. University of Kansas. 1899. M.A.. University of Michigan, 1903. .. n c I rh.mi lr,, JAMES HENRI WALTON, JR., Z, ' I ' AV. ZT, ...H " P f ' ' B.S.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1899. Ph.D.. Heidemerg u WILLIAM YlNN ESTERMANN. .fBK. AH. -LH. Associate ' •° " f " • ' , ' ' ° ' -, on. A B.. University of Nebraska. 1894; A.M.. University of Nebraska. 1896. PhD University of Berlin, 1902. „ , RAY HUGHES WHITBECK, :Z, Associate Professor of Physiography arrd Geography. A.B., Cornell University, 1901. u„ll„„idir Greek WILLIAM HOLME WILLIAMS, Professor of Scmetic Languages and Hellemslu Grcc A R Universitv of Wisconsin, 1876. r n i ■ ; ., .,„J ALEXANDER NEWT Jn WINCHELL, .fEK, Z. ..TA, Professor of Mineralogy and B S Univfrsity of Minnesota. 1896. M.S.. University of Minnesota. 1897; LOUIS BE RNARD ' wrLEENyi. ' BK. Tsistant Professor of Semetic Languages and A.B. ' un.tiiity ' of Wisconsin. 1901; A.M.. University of Wisconsin. 1902; Ph.D.. Johns Hopkins University. 1907. Hfnry Charles Wolff. i:z. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Ts Umversity of Wisconsin. 1897; M.S.. University of Wisconsin. 1898. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. 1908. , c i- u EDWIN CAMPBELL WOOLLEY. .hKT, Assistant Professor of Lnglish. A B University of Chicago, 1898; Ph.D., Columbia yn ' jersity, 1901. PHIlVp GRAEME WRIGHTSON Comm.n .n Professor of Military Science and Tactics, First Lieutenant. U. S. Infantry. SB., University of Chicago, 1900; S.M., University of Chicago, 1902. nrUni: y1 M5;i l90L4SHarvard University, 1902; Ph.D.. CASIMIR SourLAls ' zTAS Cz ' . ' SK, AT., A stant Professor of o..nce L.., A.B.. Vanderbilt University. 1903; A.M.. Harvard University, 1905, Ph.U.. Harvard University, 1906. ■ ' ' Ni roccGce or College of Agriculture College of A g riculture Harry LUMAN Russell, 1 ' BK, HZ, AZ, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Director of the Wisconsin Experimental Station. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1888; M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1890; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1892. Alexander Septimus Alexander, Professor of Veterinary Science. F.H.A.S., Edinburgh, Scotland, 1882; M.D.C., University of Chicago, 1897. Stephen MOULTON BABCOCK, wax. Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, Emeritus. A.B.. Tufts College, 1866; Ph.D., Goettingen University, 1879; LL.D., Tufts College, 1901. Burr a. Beach, at. Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science. D.V.M., Ohio State University. 1909. GUSTAV Henry BENKENDORF, Assistant Professor of Dairy Husbandry. B.S., Agric, University of Wisconsin, 1910. Leon J. Cole, Associate Professor of Experimental Breeding. A.B., University of Michigan, 1901; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1906. A. L. Daniels, Associate Professor of Home Economics. EDMOND Joseph DELWICHE, AZ, Associate Professor of Agronomy. Branch Ex- periment Station, Ashland. B.S.A., University of Wisconsin, 1906; M.S., University of Wisc onsin, 1909. Edward HOLYOKE FaRRINGTON, AZ, Professor of Dairy Husbandry. B.S., University of Maine, 1881; M.S., University of Maine, 1883. Edwin Brown Fred, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Bacteriology. B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1908; Ph.D., University of Goettingen, 1911. William Dodge Frost, i:z. Associate Professor of Bacteriology. B.S., University of Michigan, 1893; M.S., University of Minnesota, 1894; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1903. James Garfield Fuller, AZ, Associate Professor of Animal Husbandry. B.S., Agric, University of Wisconsin, 1904. Charles JOSIAH GALPIN,AKE, i BK, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics. A.B., Colgate University, 1885; A.M., Harvard University, 1894. Frederick Brown HADLEY, i:Z, Acacia, Associate Professor of Veterinary Science. D.V.M., Ohio State University, 1907. James Garfield HALPIN, Associate Professor of Poultry Husbandry. B.S., Agric, Cornell University, 1905. Edwin Bret Hart, IZ, Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, Chemist to thz Exper- iment Station. B.S.. University of Michigan, 1907. Edwin George Hastings, :l;AE, i:3, AZ. Professor of Agricultural Bacteriology. B.S., Ohio State University, 1898; M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1899. Kirk Lester Hatch, Professor of Agricultural Education. Secretary of the Agri- cultural Extension. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1909. College of Agriculture W. D. Frost C. J, Calpin A. S. Alexander E. H. Farrington E. J. Dclwiche F. H. Scribner A. E. Whitson A. W. Hopkins J. G. Sanders E. G. Hastings F. B. Hadlcy E. B. Fred D. M. Babcock F. B. Morrison 1.. R. Jones J. A. James W. A. Henry 59 College of Agriculture William ARNON Henry, Emeritus Professor of Agriculture. B.Agr.. Co.-nell University, 1880; D.Sc, University of Vermont 1904; D.Sc, Michigan Agricultural College, 1907; D.Agr., University of Illinois, 1909 Benjamin Horace HIBBARD, Professor of Agricultural Economics. B.S.A., Iowa State University, 1898; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1902. Andrew Winkle Hopkins, I ' AX, Agricultural Editor. Professor of Agricultural Journalism. B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1903. George COLVIN Humphrey, AZ, Professor of Animal Husbandry. B.S., Michigan Agricultural College, 1901. J. A. James, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education. Edward Richard Jones, AZ, Associate Professor of Soils. B.S.A., University of Wisconsin, 1905; M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1908. Lewis Ralph Jones, i: Z. Professor of Plant Pathology. Ph.B., University of Michigan, 1889; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1904; Sc.D., University of Vermont, 1910. G. W. KEITT, Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology. E. B. KELLEY, Assistant Professor of Home Economics. Carl EMIL Lee, Z, Assistant Professor of Dairy Husbandry. B S., North Dakota Agricultural College, 1897; M.S., University of Wisconsin, ' l909. Elmer VERNER McCOLLUM, Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. B.A., University cf Kansas, 1903; M.A., University of Kansas, 1904; Ph.D., Yale University. 1906. ABBY Lillian MARLATT, Professor of Home Economics, Director of the Course in Home Economics. B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College; M.S., Kansas State Agricultural College, 1890. Emerson R. Miller, iI ' KT, Acting Assistant Professor of Plant Chemistry, Chemist to the Pharmaceutical Experiment Station. Ph.C University of Michigan, 1892; Ph.M., University of Michigan, 1893; B.S. (Chem.), University of Michigan, 1894; M.S., University of Michigan, 1895. James Garfield MILWARD, AZ, Assistant Professor of Horticulture. M.S. A., University of Wisconsin, 1909, James Garfield Moore, AZ, Associate Professor of Horticulture. MS., Michigan Agricultural College, 1905; M.Hort., Michigan Agricultural College. 1909. RANSON Asa Moore, Professor of Agronomy. Frank Barron Morrison, AZ. i:Z, ' . r, K ' l r, Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry. B. S , University of Wisconsin, 1911. F. L. MUSBACH, Assistant Professor of Soils. In charge of the Marshfield Branch Station. B. S. (Agr.), University of Wisconsin, 1909. Christian PERCIVAL NORGORD, AZ, Associate Professor of Agronomy. B.S. A., University of Wisconsin, 1906. College of Agriculture B H. H.bbard J. L. Sammis H. C. Taylor J. G. Milward E. R. Jones J. G. Halpin A. L. Stone J. L. Tormey F. L. Musback C, E. Lee K. A. Muore G. H. Benkendorr J. G. Moore G. C. Humphrey D. H. Otis C. S. Hean A. C. Oosterhuis J. G. Fuller K. L. Hatch 6 1 J ■■I College of Agriculture ALVIN C. OOSTERHUIS, Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1909; M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1910. Daniel Henry Otis, Professor of Farm Management, Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture. B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College, 1892; M.S., Kansas State Agricultural College, 1897. William Harold Peterson, " I ' BK, PNm, VA, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. B.S., Wesleyan College, 1907; M.A., Columbia University, 1909; Ph.D.. Uni- versity of Wisconsin, 1913. John Owen Rankin, S P. at. Assistant Professor of Agricultural Journalism; Assistant Agricultural Editor. A.B., Dartmouth College, 1904. John LANGELY SaMMIS, I A r. Associate Professor of Dairii Husbandry. M.S., University of Illinois. 1899; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1905. James G. Sanders, A1 ' , ZS, Associate Professor of Economic Entomology. Ph.B., Otterbein University. 1901; M.A.. Ohio State University. 1903. Frederick Howard SCRIBNER. Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry. ALDEN LESCOMBE Stone. Assistant Professor of Agronomy. Henry Charles Taylor. Professor of Agricultural Economics. B.Agri.. Iowa State College. 1896; M.S.Agr.. Iowa State College, 1898; Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin. 1902. John Lawless TORMEY. AZ, Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry. B.S.A., University of Wisconsin, 1907. William Edward TOTTINGHAM, 1 K 1 ' , -I-AV, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. B.Sc, Massachusetts Agricultural College. 1903; M.Sc. University of Wis- consin. 1909. Harlow LESTON WALSTER. AZ. S E, 4 A1 ' , Assistant Professor of Soils. B.S.A.. University of Wisconsin, 1908. Frank M. White. Assistant Professor of Agricultural. Engineering. Secretary of American Society of Agricultural Engineers. B.S.. University of Illinois. 1909; M.S., University of Wisconsin. 1913. Andrew Robinson Whitson. i: . Professor of Soils. B.S., University of Chicago. 1894. ■ s mf mi Jhne « .. ■ ■ -y rOLL C ©r E CMcmc 63 College of Engineering College of Engineering Frederick Eugene TURNEALRE, TBII, rz, Dean of the College of Engineering. C.E., Cornell University, 1889; Doc. Eng., University of Illinois, 1905. Murray Charles BEEBE, XT, ren. Professor of Electrical Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1897. EDWARD BENNETT, Professor of Electrical Engineering. E.E., Western University of Pennsylvania, 1897. WlLLIA. l Black, AA-I ' , Z, Assistant Professor of Steam and Gas Engineering. B.S., University of Illinois, 1907; M.E., University of Illinois, 1908. CH.ARLES Ives Corp, SZ, Assistant Professor of Hydraulic Engineering. B.S., Kansas University, 1903: M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1911. Fred DUANE CRAWSHAW, -ha. Professor of Manual Arts. B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1896; M.E., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1908. Robert CONR.AD DISQUE, 4 BK, TBIL rz. Assistant Professor of Electrical En- gineering. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1903; B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1908. Arthur Lawrence GODDARD, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Practice. Super- intendent of Shops. B.S., (M.E.), University of Wisconsin, 1896. E. G. HOEFER, Assistant Professor of Steam and Gas Engineering. Edwin CHAPIN HOLDEN, ' t-rA, IZ, Professor of Mining and Metallurgy. B.S., College of the City of New York, 1 893; E.M., Columbia University, 1 896. Robert McARDLE KEOWN, Kr, Assistant Professor of Machine Design. B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1901. Edward Dyer Kingman, Assistant Professor of Railuay Engineering. Ph.B., Yale University, 1907. William SPAULDING KINNE, l ' rA, TBH, rz. Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering. B.S., (C.E.), University of Wisconsin, 1904. Jesse Benjamin KOMMERS, TBO, Assistant Professor of Mechanics. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Otto Louis KOWALKE, l r a, TBII, rz. Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1906; Ch.E., University of Wisconsin, 190 ). Richard S. McCaFFERY, rz. Professor of Metallurgy. E.M., University of Columbia, 1896. John GIVAN Davis Mack, TBH, Professor of Machine Design. B.S.. Rose Polytechnic Institute, 1887; M.E., Cornell University, 1888. Edward Rose MAURER, ' I ' Aw, TBII, Professor of Mechanics. B.C.E.. University of Wisconsin, 1890. Daniel Webster Mead, TBII, rz. Professor of Hydraulic Engineering. C.E., Cornell University, 1884. Adam VaUSE Millar, Assistant Professor of Drauing and Descriptice Geometry. B.S., University of Illinois, 1897; M.S., University of Illinois, 1901. 6« College of Engineering Mann Shustcr Janslty Bennett Price Blacliwclder Varnun Holden Maurer Weiss Disque Goddard C orp Hool Keown Millar Kowaike Watson Kinnr Withey Ko Mead Phillips Penc Hocfer Van Hagen L. S. Smith 65 College of Engineering William David Pence, ATU. TBH. IZ, Professor of Railway Enimeermi. C.E.. University of Illinois, 1895. James David Phillips, TBII, IZ, Professor of Drawing, Assistant Dean of I he College of Engineering. B.S., University of Illinois, 1893. John Reese Price, TBIL Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. B.S., (E.E.), University of Wisconsin, 1905. John Wesley ShUSTER, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1899. Leonard SEWALL Smith, BhII, :iZ, Associate Professor of Topographic and Geo- detic Engineering. B.S., (C.E.), University of Wisconsin, 1 890; C.E., University of Wisconsin, 1895. HALSTEN Joseph BERFORD THORKELSON, TBII. i:z. Acacia, Professor of Steam and Gas Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1898; M.E., University of Wisconsin, 1901. Leslie Flanders Van HAGEN, im . Assistant Professor of Railway Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1904. William Harrison VARNL:M, Assistant Professor of Drawing and Design. Pupil of Academic Julian, Rome, 1911. James Webster Watson, ' I.KI, TBII, rz, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engi- neering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1902. Oliver Patterson Watts, a a , 1)BK, i:Z, Assistant Professor of Applied Elec- trochemistry. A.B., Bowdoin College, 1889; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1905. Morton Owen WITHEY, X ' I ' , ' I BK:, TBII, i:z. Assistant Professor of Mechanics. B.S., Dartmouth College, 1904; C.E., Thayer School of Civil Engineering, 1905. LECTURERS IN FOREST PRODUCTS Howard F. Weiss, IZ, fa. Director. Forest Products Laboratory. Ph.B., Yale Univeisity. 1905. Earnest Bateman Ph.B., Yale University, 1906, (S). Eloise Gerry, B.A., Harvard University. 1908; M.A., Harvard University, 1909. Frederick William Kressmann, B.S., University of Illinois, 1909; M.S., University of Illinois, 1910. John A. Newlin, tbii, B.S., (C.E.), Purdue University, 1900. Robert Conrad Palmer, axi i z. B.S., University of Missouri, 1909; Ch.E., University of Missouri, 1910. Arlie William Schorger. Ph.B., University of Wooster, 1906; M.A., Ohio State University, 1908. HENRY Earl Surface, du, s.xi. B.S., Ohio State University, 1907. Clyde H. Teesdale, B.S.Ch.E., American Institute of Technology. Harry Donald Tiemann, M.E., Stevens Institute, 1897. 0. L. E. WEBER, A. S. M. E. B.S., (M.E.), University of Michigan, 1893; M.F., Yale University, 1903. v;?! ?i tf! ' ' ( OtLECE Of 67 College of Law College of Law Jones Smith Harry Sanger Richards, OKN, I BK, A I , Dean of the Law School, Professor of Law. Ph.B., University of Iowa, 1892; LL.B., Harvard University, 1893; LL.D., University of Iowa, 1904. Henry WINTHROP BALLANTINE, AKE, Professor of Law. A.B., Harvard University, 1900; LL.B., Harvard University, 1904. Eugene Allen GILMORE, AKE, t BK, WKN, Professor of Law. A.B., De Pauw University, 1893; LL.B., Harvard University, 1899. EURR W. JONES, TV, [.A ' I , Professor of Law . A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1870; A.M., University of Wisconsin, 18 U, LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1871. John Barber Parkinson, Emeritus Professor of Constitutional and International Law, Vice-President of the Unioersity. A.B., University of Wisconsin, I860; A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1863. Oliver S. RUNDELL, Assistant Professor of Law. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1910. HOWARD LESLIE SMITH, B(-)n, A , Professor of Law. A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1881; LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1885. 6S " 7 ' ir:: ::- ..-■rsfc- ■ ■ ' 1 ' ii fi ' ' JSSr... White 69 i College of Medicine College of Medicine Charles Russell BARDEEN. Professor of Anatomy. Dean of the Medical School. A.B., Harvard University, 1893; M.D.. Johns Hopkins University, 1897, HAROUD CORNELIUS BRADLEY, AT, Associate Professor of Physiological Chemistry. A.B., University of California. 1900; Ph.D.. Yale University, 1905. CHARLES HENRY BUNTING, BHO, NSN. A(-)A, Z Professor of Pathology. B.S.. University of Wisconsin. 1896; M.D., Johns Hopkins University. 1901. JOSEPH SPRAGUE EVANS. ATLi, -Z. A-. Professor of Clinical Medicine. University Medical Adviser. . . . „qq A.B., Haverford College. 1895; M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 189 . lOHN AUGUSTINE ENGLISH EYSTER. Bwn, ' LPl, --Z. Professor of Physiology. BSc., Maryland Agricultural College. 1899; M.D.. Johns Hopkins University, 1905. ARTHUR SOLOMON LOEVENHART. .1 BK, 1 Z, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology BS., Kentucky State University, 1898; M.S.. Kentucky State University, 1899: M.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1903. WALTER JOSEPH MEEK, ATU. .J-BK. SZ, FA. Associate Professor of Phfjogy. A.B.. University of Kansas, 1902; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1909. WILLIAM Snow Miller, Z, Acacia, Associate Professor of Armtomy. M.D., Yale University, 1879. ROBEKV Wm WALZAH, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. . ,Qr,o A.B., Princeton University, 1904; M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1908. 70 .;«? « -i. -:v,. : .;-wr ■.sS SSi-- " J %--i-. ' M Administration Extension Division Louis EHRHART REBER, • ' K , ' I ' K.|., :lZ, Dean of the University Extension Division. B.S., Pennsylvania State College, 1880; M.S., Pennsylvania State College, 1885; Sc.D., Pennsylvania State College, 1908. SECRETARIES John Lewis GILLIN, Secretary of the Department of General Information and Welfare, Associate Professor of Sociology. A.B., Iowa College; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1906. William Henry Eighty, K:;;, Secretary of the Department of Correspondence Study. Ph.D., Cornell University, 1894. Paul Frederick VOELKER, Secretary of the Department of Instruction by Lectures. M.Di., Iowa State Normal Ccllese, 1901; Ph.B., Drake, 1906; A.M.. Drake 1907. ALMERE Louise Scott, Secretary of the Department of Debating and Public Dis- cussion. A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1914. SPECIAL ADVISORS H. E. DEARHOLT, Director of the Bureau of Health Instruction. William H. Dudley, Director of the Bureau of I ' isual Instruction and E.xtension Lecturer in Ornithology. Ford H. MacGREGOR, Assistant Professor, Chief of the Municipal Reference Bureau. Edward J. Ward, Advisor for Civic and Social Center Development. Faculty Yale Arthur BEATTY, Assistant Professor of English. B.A., University of Toronto, 1893: Ph.D., Columbia University, 1897. Horace Thomas Burgess, ' ( ' BK, i;:£. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. A.B., Yale University, 1906; M.A.. Yale University, 1907; Ph.D., University, 1909. Ralph Starr Butler, Associate Professor of Business Administration. A.B., University of Michigan, 1904. WAYLAND Johnson Chase, AV, Associate Professor of History. A.B., Brown University, 1887: A.M., Brown University, 1890. Peter William DYKEMA, Professor of Music. B.L., University of Michigan, 1895; M.L., University of Michigan, 1896. ADOLPHINE BIANCA Ernst. Assistant Professor of German. B.A., Watertown College, 1901; M.A., Watertown College, 1905; Ph.D., Watertown College, 1912. W. H. Henderson. Assistant Professor of Industrial Education. George Albert HOOL, Associate Professor of Structural Engineering. ' S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1905. Cyril Methodius JANSKY, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. B.A., Valparaiso University, 1891; B.S.. University of Michigan, 1904. EARLE Bertram NORRIS, «l r a, ' I ' K I , Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. B.S., Pennsylvania State College, 1904; M.E., Pennsylvania State College, 1908. Annie Maria Pitman, Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek- Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1903. Edward Marvin SHEALY, TBH,, Assistant Professor of Steam Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Special Departments School of Music Charles Henry Mills. Fellow of Royal College Organists. London. Professor oj Music, Director of the School of Music. B.M.. University of Edinburgh: Mus.D., McGill University. Louis ADOLPHE COERNE, I ' AI1, Adelphtc. Professor of Music. Ph.D., Harvard University. 1905; Mus.D., Olivet, Michigan, 1910. Peter William DYKEMA, Professor of Music. B.L., University of Michigan, 1895; M.L., University of Michigan, 1896. Fletcher Andrew Parker, .| ' Ah, Professor of Music, Emeritus. Graduate in Music, Boston School of Music, 1886. ALICE Regan, A.XLJ, Assistant Professor of Music. Graduate of New England Conservatory of Music, 1888. Charles August Mann, TBII, IZ, -l-.V ' , 5. and B.-, Conductor of University Band. Assistant in Music. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1909; M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1911; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1915. Department of Physical Education George Wolf EHLER, Professor of Physical Education, Director of the Department of Physical Education. C.E., Pennsylvania Military College. 1885. jAiMES Claude ELSOM, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. M.D., Medical College of Virginia, 1889. Clark Wilson HETHERINGTON, •I AH, Professor of Physical Education. A.B., Leland Stanford University, 1895. Margaret Lee Johnson, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. M.D., University of Colorado, 1908. Thomas Edward Jones, Acacia, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. A.B., Iowa Teachers ' College, 1905; B.P.E., Springfield Training School, 1908. William Joseph Juneau, BwII, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Walter Ernest MEANWELL, ' I ' K, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. M.D., Baltimore Medical College, 1909. Blanche " M. Trilling, Director of the IVomen ' s Gymnasium, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Wisconsin Library School Wisconsin Library School MATHEW Simpson Dudgeon, at a, ' I A ' I., Director of Library School, Ir strucior in Library Administration. M.A., Baker University, 1895; LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1898. ELVA LUCILE BASCOM, KA(-), Instructor in Book. Selection. B.A.. Alleghany College, 1894; B.L.S., New York State Library School, 1901. Mary Frances Carpenter, Instructor in Library Literature. B.L., Smith College, 1890. Mary EMOGINE HAZELTINE, Preceptor. Instructor in Reference Work arid Biblio- graphy. B.S., Wellesly College, 1891. Marion Humble, a a a. Instructor in Children ' s Literature and Loan Administra- tion. Julia Carson STOCKET, Instructor in Library School. B.A., Wellesly College, 1912. Helen TURVILL, Instructor in Cataloging, Classification, and Library Economy. B.A., Wisconsin Library School, 1906. The purpose of the course in general library science is to train the students to become well-rounded library workers, an efficient medium between people and good books. The graduates of the school are in library positions throughout twenty-seven states. Many are librarians or assistants in public, reference, children ' s normal school, high school, and commercial libraries; others are catalogers or workers on library commissions. The 1915 class consists of thirty-four pupils, seventeen of whom are graduates of the university, and four taking the joint course. The students officers are. Catherine R. Head IRMA M. Walker Jessie R. Henkel Jennie E. Doran President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The Library School is held in the Madison Free Library, 206 N. Carrol Street, under the direction of Mathew S. Dudgeon. February and March each year are devoted to field practice. The regular schedule of cl ass-work is suspended and the students are placed in the libraries of the state, doing practical work of all kinds under the supervision of the local librarians and the members of the faculty of the school. Special Department! University Library Walter McMynn Smith, Librarian. B.A.. University of Wisconsin. 1890. Laurence Charles Burke. Assistant Librarian. B.L.. University of Wisconsin. 1901. Hester CODDINGTON. Assistant Librarian. William Henry Dudley, Assistant Librarian. B.A., University of Wisconsin. 1892. Flora Neil Davidson. Library Assistant. B.L. University of Wisconsin. 1901. ArLENE GROVER. Library Assistant. B.L.. University of Wisconsin. 1898. Isabella Jane McCuLLOCH. Library Assistant. B.L., University of Wisconsin. 1897: B.L.S.. University of I Mrs. Sarah Helen Miner. Library Assistant. Ruth Pauline Miner. Library Assistant. B.A.. University of Wisconsin. 1905; B.A., Wisconsin Frances Josephine Murray. Library Assistant. B.A.. University of Wisconsin. Amelia France Pyre. Library Assistant. B.L.. University of Wisconsin. 1903. ERNA Caroline REINKINC. Library Assistant. B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1910. Delia C. SaNFORD. Library Assistant. B.L.S.. University of Illinois. 1900. Gladys Sutherland. Library Assistant. B.A.. University of Wisconsin. (DijSCONSiN HIGH SCHOOL 1904. Librarv School. 1907. ,fi-, ' - ..y (J OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION Charles Richard Van Hise. President of the Vnitcrsity. Harry Lloyd Miller. ' I AK. I ' BK. Assistant Professor of Education. Principal of the Wisconsin High School. A.B., University of Kansas. 1902. Edward AsAHEL BiRGE. Dean of the College of Letters and Science. Harry LuMAN Russell. Dean of the College of Agriculture. Edward Charles Elliott. Professor of Education. Director of the Course for the Training of Teachers. Joseph S. Evans. Professor of Clinical Medicine. Medical Adviser. SUPERVISORY COUNCIL ElDWARD Charles Elliott. Professor of Education. M. Vincent O ' SHEA. Professor of Education. Vivian Allen Charles HeNMON. Associate Professor of Education. Daniel L. Starch. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology. Harry Lloyd Miller, Assistant Professor of Education. G, F. Wells. Instructor in Education. L. Administration W-M- S " ' tVa Ar " » ' - Paul Franklin Clark, Assodak Professor of Bacteriology. Was graduated from the Portland, Maine, High School in 1900. In 1904 he obtained the degree of Ph.B., at Brown, and in 1905 he received his AM. from that institution. During the year 1909 he was given the degree of Ph.D. by his alma mater. He was a teacher of bacteriology and biology at Brown during the years 1904 to 1906 inclusive. The follow- ing year he was made assistant bacteriologist for the State Board of Health of Rhode Island, and held that position until 1908 At present he is connected with the University in its bacteriology department. Miss ADOLPHINE BiANCA ERNST, Assistant Professor of German. Was born in Watertown, Wisconsin. She received her high school training at that city, and in 1901 she graduated frcm Watertown College, with the degree of B.A., and in 1905 and 1912 she took the degrees M.A. and Ph.D., respectively, at Watertown. She studied in Leipzig, Germany, during 1908 and 1909. Mrs. Clara Baker FLETT, Mistress of Chadboume Hall. Was born in Mineral Point. Wisconsin, frcm which place she moved in 1876 to Madison, where she went to high school and graduated fcur years later. In 1884 the University con- ferred en her the A.B. degree; and in 1913 she took the M.A. degree at the University of Washington. As Mistress of Clark Hall at Washington University she was at school during 1913; and in September, 1914, she came to this institution. Miss ELOISE Gerry, Lecturer in Forest Products. Was born in Boston, Mass., where she received her high school training. She attended Radcliffe College of Harvard University, taking B.A. and M.A. degrees from that school in 1908 and 1909 respectively. She was a fellow at Smith College during 1910, after which she came here. John Henry ROEMER, Lecturer in Regulation of Public Utilities. Was born 1866, in Clarington, Ohio. Prepared in the high schools in that town and then attended Marrietta College. Received an A.B. degree from there in 1887, and an A.M. in 1890. From Yale University in 1892, he obtained the degree of LL.B. Practiced law for several years in the city of Milwaukee. Then was appointed on the R. R. Commission of this stace. He became affiliated with the faculty here, in 1914. 76 Administration Miss Margaret Lee Johnson, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Was born in Waxahatchie. Texas. In 1893 she graduated from the Clara County In- stitute at Memphis, Tennessee, and attended the next year the New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics. The University of Colorado in 1908 gave her her M.D. degree. During 191 1 to 1914 inclusive, she was director of physical education for women at the University of Kansas, which position she had previously held at Colorado University from 1908 to 191 1. She practiced medicine in Boulder, Colorado, from 1908 to 1911. Thomas Lloyd- Jones, Assistant Professor of Education. ' Born, 1870. Took degree of B.S. at University of Wisconsin in 1896. Was assistant principal of Hillside Home School for four years; and for three years, supervising principal of the Hartford Public Schools o! " tiis state. Next served as principal of the MenomonieHigh School for a couple of years, followed by a four-year superintendentship of the schools of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Was also superintendent of the Fond du Lac scho ols for one year. Before coming to the University he was principal of the Madison High School for four years. He is the Inspector of High Schools and Secretary of Committee on Accredited Schools and Appointments. Miss Martha Mason, Mistress of Barnard Hull. Born at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Attended the Brookline High School, and lived in Brookline most of her life. Taught for a few years at the Waltham School for Girls at Waltham, Massachusetts, after having graduated with a B.A. degree from Smith College in 1894. Then came to Wisconsin and took up the management of Barnard Hall. Charles Henry Mills, Professor of Music, Director of the School of Music. Born in Nottingham, England, in 1873. Attended the Guildhall School of Music, London. From the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, he obtained the B.Mus. degree, and from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, the Mus.D. degree. Studied privately under Dr. Ebenezer Prout. In 1907 he became a professor of music at Syracuse University. In 1908 was appointed Director of the School of Music, at the University of Illinois, where he has been until his coming to Wisconsin last year. Frederick Austin OCG, Associate Professor of Political Science. Was born at Salisbury, Indiana, in 1878. Was prepared at the Greencastle High School. Graduated from De Pauw University in 1899, with a Ph.B. degree, and then took a master ' s degree in 1900, from Indiana University. From 1900 to 1902, taught at the Manual Train- ing High School, Indianapolis, followed by a year of teaching at Indiana University. For three years was an assistant professor at Harvard University, after which, and until he came to Wisconsin, he was an associate professor at Simmons College in Boston. Took an A.M. degree from Harvard in 1904, and the Ph.D. from there in 1908. 77 Administration David Leslie Patterson, Associate Professor of History. Born at Pittsburg, in 1 874. Took preparatory work at the public schools of that city. In 1895, graduated with a B.S. degree from Pennsylvania State College. From then until 1902 he was engaged in newspaper work in Pittsburg. Did graduate work at the universities of Wisconsin and Marburg, Germany, also at Columbia University. Was associate professor of history at the University of Kansas, from 1908 to 1914. Now holds a similar position at University of Wisconsin. John Owen Rankin, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Journalism. Was born on April 17, 1884, in Tarkio, Missouri. Received early education in the public schools, and in the collegiate departments of Tarkio, Missouri, taking an A. B. from there in 1904. Taught in the Osceola High School, for a year, also in the University of Tennessee. For two years was both a teacher and instructor in the Iowa State College, and received the B.S. A. degree from there in 1908. Has since been engaged in various editorial and instructional work in agriculture for the government and for the Iowa State College, and the George Washington University. In 1912 he obtained an M.A. degree from the latter place. After two years as a professor at Minnesota University, Department of Agri- culture, he came to Wisconsin. Oliver S. RUNDELL, Assistant Professor of Law. Born in Iowa County of this state in the year 1881. Graduated from the Platteville Normal College. Then attended the University of Wisconsin receiving the degree of LL.B. from here in 1910. He practiced law in Monroe, Wisconsin, for some time. Also served asan instructor in law at the University here for two years. In 1914 was appointed an assistant professor. Frances Ellis SABIN, Assistant Professor of Latin. Born in Chicago, and attended the Chicago public schools. In 1896, graduated from the University of Michigan with an M.A. degree. Then did graduate work for two years at the University of Chicago, followed by one year of art-study at the American School of Classical Studies. Studied archeology for a summer in Germany. Taught in the Oak Park High School near Chicago, and then became connected with the Wisconsin High School here. She now has charge of the Teacher ' s Course in Latin, and teaches Latin. Frederick Howard SCRIBNER, Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry. Was born at Rosendale, Wisconsin, in 1853. Attended Ripon College. For many years was well known in the live stock circles of this and other states. He was with the Farmer ' s Institute for fifteen years, and for several years with the Dairy Division of the United States Department of Agriculture. Took up instructional work at the University in 1914. 78 i Commencement 1914 C0MM(!:C1C !:Md(ST W. X- Str ' .fcUl ' " ' " ' ' SUNDAY. JUNE 14 3.45 P. M. Gymnasium. Baccalaureate Exercises. Address by J. A. Mac- Donald, Editor of Toronto Globe. MONDAY. JUNE 15-CLASS DAY 10 00 A. M. -Upper Campus. Ivy Exercises of the Graduating Class. 2 30 P. M.- Gymnasium. Class Day Exercises. 8.00 P. M. — Orpheum Theater. Senior class play. 1 I GO P. M. -Lower Campus. Pipe of Peace Ceremony. TUESDAY. JUNE 16-ALUMNl DAY 10.00 A. M. University Hall. Annual business meeting of the Alumni Associa- tion. 12.45 P. M.— Annual Banquet. 3.00-6 00 P. M. — Upper Campus. All-Alumni festivities, including the Glee Club reunion and May Pole dance. 8 00 P. M. Orpheum Threater. Repetition of senior class play. WEDNESDAY JUNE 17-COMMENCEMENT D AY 8 45 A. M. — Upper Campus. University Procession. 9.30 A. M. — Gymnasium. Commencement Exercises. 2.45 P. M. — Gymnasium. Orchestral Concert. 4.00-6.00 P. M. — The President ' s residence. Reception to the Graduating Class, Alumni, and other friends of the University, by the President and Mrs. Van Hise. 8.00-12.00 P. M. — Gymnasium. Alumni reception and promenade concert, followed by a ball. 79 Commencement 1914 Class Day Exercises MONDAY. JUNE 15-2:30 P. M. GYMNASIUM Music Lucille C. Deming Class History HELEN D. HARRISON Arthur H. Brayton Class Oration ALFRED P. HAAKE Music Ray Lange Farewell to Underclassmen AGNES M. HALL Junior Response GUSTAVE D. WRIGHT Presentation of the Memorial ARTHUR L. MYRLAND Acceptance by Faculty Professor S. W. GiLMAN Farewell C. EUGENE VAN GENT PIPE OF PEACE CEREMONY LOWER CAMPUS 1 1 :00 P. M. Pipe of Peace Oration JOHN J. JlRGAL Junior Acceptance BENJAMIN H. BULL Music SANDERS DOUBLE QUARTET COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES WEDNESDAY. JUNE 17-10:00 A. M. GYMNASIUM COMMENCEMENT ORATORS Howard Jones College of Letters and Science Harold L. MERKEL College of Letters and Science George E. CLEARY College of Law Archibald R. Taylor College of Engineering George S. BULKLEY College of Agriculture President Van HISE . . Commencement Address and Presentation of Diplomas Commencement 1914 Commencement Week Scenes 8 1 m Seniors scam FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS GUSTAV BOHSTEX)T President RHODA E. Owen .... Vice-President Helen M. Smith Secretary EMIL NEUPERT Treasurer Eugene C. HERTHEL . Serieanl-al-Arms SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Will A. Foster Mary A. McMahon Esther E. Kelly . Ernest 0. Lange . Harry J. Herzog . Gustav Bohstedt . President first Vice-President Second Vice-President Secrttary Treasurer Ser§eant-at-Arms Owen Smith Neunert Herthel McMahon Kc[ Lange Herzog 82 A e n 1 o r : Tubby Keelcr Hi-rb Tavlnr r AijipliV Arriu Willich 83 Euci Bdlows Harold JtTintss Seniors btan Hollen Tom Kennedy Esther Kelly Nettie Karcher 84 Harry Herzog Fred Hall Senior: Ernie Lange r--T Billy Goldie Genevieve Hendricks Sidney Oehlcr Ralph Crowl Bill Foster Seniors i Bob Hedges Winnifred Rettger Hugh Jamicson Julia Avery Al Dexter Seniors Ducky Reynolds Hatlie Engsberg Hoy Clayton Gus Bohstcdt Ida Jones Barney Knudsen 87 Seniors Helen Humphrey Abrams Patch Grooc Letters and Science K AM Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Downer. Milwaukee Downer Club, President: Y. W. C. A. Thesis — The Introduction of the Australian Ballot into the United States. Henrietta " Lorraine Achtenberg . . Madison " hettie " Letters and Science Thesis — The Response to Various Stimuli of Certain Copepods and Cladocera. Howard Allen Adams Oak Park- fH- " HOWIE " Letters and Science (-) AX Thesis — History of the Constitution of Oregon. Roah Mary Adams Madison Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from Milwaukee Downer. William Karl Adams . , Dundee. III. Letters and Science Athena: Edwin Booth. Thesis — A More Democratic Accountancy. John Henry Adler .... Milwaukee " jack " Letters and Science Yellow Helmets; Golf Club (1), (2). Thesis — The Manufacturer ' s Selling Campaign in Regard to the Clothing Industry. Earl Raymond Adlington . . La Crosse " ad " Engineering Red Triangles Wisconsin Engineer. Editoral Staff (3 ; Band (2); Orchestra (2); Chairman Special Features. Ex- position (4). Thesis — An Experimental Investigation of Some Disputed Questions Regarding the Laws of Elec- tro-Magnetic Induction. Michael Agazim Chicago. III. " mike " , " AG " Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Chemical En- gineering Club: 1915 Exposition Committee. Thesis — Electroplating from Fused Electrolytes. 88 Seniors Elsa Acrell Letters and Science XQ Wyslynx: Glee Club (2). Thesis — Ludwig. Siipcn ' or Ho Arthl-r Robert Albert " al " Agriculture Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Literary Society. Secretary (4); Country Life Club (4): Exposition. Soils Department Committee (4). Thesis — Distribution of Phosphorus Among the Separates of Some Sandy Soils. Irma Elizabeth Alexander Lake Geneva Letters and Science Thesis — Valorization and the Marketing of Bra- zilian Coffee. Herman Joseph Allen . Bellecille " BOSS " Letters and Science Hesperia. President (4); Semi-Public Debate (2): Joint Delate Closer (4): Forensic Board. Treasurer (2); Student Conference (2); Geology Club, Rlth Marguerite Allen . Chelsea Letters and Science ATA W. A. A.: Class Bowling, (1). (2), (3): Pan-Hellenic. President (4). Thesis — Course in Mathematics, FlORENZ George AlTENDORF , Port Washington " floss " Commerce HAX Elna Constance Anderson North Crandon Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Lawrence College, Pythia; S, G, A, Board (3), Thesis — Course in Mathematics, pEORGE Herman Anderson La Porte. Ind. ' • " ANDY " Medicine ATil Sigma Sigma: Monastics: Basket-ball (3) " W " , (4). ' ilillillill 89 m mmwiMS Lewis Orvin Anderson . . . BarncnlJ " ANDY " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from St. Oiaf College. Thesis — The Influence of Thyroid and Thymes Preparations on Regeneration in Young Trout. Mamie Elizabeth Anderson Grantshurg Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from the University of Min- nesota. Thesis — Papers on Arpathian Romance. Russell Arnold Anderson Crantsbur; " ANDY " Engineering Acacia Entered as a Junior from HaniHnc University. Monastics: A. S. M. E.; College Baseball (3): Student Conference (4). Thesis — The Effect of Velocity of Water in Closed Pipes Upon the Coefficient of the Pilot Tube. Harr ' .- Charles Anderton Dayton. Ohio " ANDY " Engineering Red Triangles Swimming Team (I); Gymnasium Team (3). (4): Assistant Business Manager. Wisconsin Daily News (3); Union Vodvil (2); Engineers ' Minstrels (3); U. W. Engineers ' Club; A. S. M. E.; Ex- position (4). Thesis- Investigation and Comparative Tests of Commercial Kerosene Carburetors. Olive Viola Andrews . . Oshkosh Letters and Science Thesis — Ecological Survey of Butte des Morts Bog. Rachel Angvick Ashland Letters and Science; Library School Thesis — Jonathan Edwards. William Vernon Arvold . . Whitewater " BILL " Letters and Science Acacia Entered as a Senior from North Dakota Agricultural College. Band: Orchestra. Thesis — The History of the Great Northern Rail- road and its Effect upon the Development of the Northwest. Elsie Genevieve ASTELL Madison " PEGGY " L etters and Science W. A. A., Hockey (2). (3). (4) Baskc t-ball (2), (3). Thesis — The Det ection of Agar Agar as an Adu Iterant of F Dod Product. 90 Seniors Margaret Airland Mtnot. ,V. D. Letters and Science Thesis — Descriptive Element in Milton ' s Poems. Carl Noyes Austin Madison Letters and Science A X Phi Lambda Upsilon. Thesis — A Study of the Photo-Chemical Equih- brium in Mixtures of Ammonia. Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Julia Foster Avery Philadelphia. Pa. Agriculture Motar Board: Keystone (4); W. A. . .. Secretary (2). Vice-President (3). President (4): Varsity Hockey (2). (3). " W " Sweater; Consumer ' s League. Secretary (I); Class Secretary (3V Thesis — A Review of the Literature on Calf Feeding. Harold Albert Bachmann . . Sheyboygan Medicine 1 BII University Exposition (4). Thesis — A Comparative Autolytic Study of Tissues and Organs. Elizabeth Baker Oconomowoc " LAD " ! ' BEm " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh Normal. Thesis — Vocational Guidance in Wisconsin. Marion irginia Baker . . Madison " midge " Letters and Science: Library School Thesis — Historical Bibliography of European Visi- tors to the U. S. from 1830 to I860. Marguerite Baldwin Milwaukee " MARC " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Y. W. C. A. Thesis — Winston Churchill. Merle May Baldwin Dubuque, loua Letters and Science Round Table (1). (2). (3); Choral Union (3). Thesis — Course in Ovid. ig ' n !!l ' lliiiilllJ!!i!,li:i,! ' !u! ' i!!ill!iiiiilia 91 Seniors I if n= - H Clifton Lawrence Barnum . . Clinion " barney " Commerce : AE Commercial Club. Thesis— The New York Money Market of 1912. Harry ELdward Bauer . Fori Atkinson Engineering Thesis — Tests of a House Heating Boiler. William Waldo Bauer . . . Milwaukee " BILL " Medicine 4 Bn Scabbard and Blade; Wisconsin Magazine (3), (4); Cadet Corps. Captain (3). Major (4); Exposition (4); Union Board. Secretary (2). Thesis — A Clinical Method for the Estimation of Urea with the Soy Bean Urease. Harry NeaL BaUM .... Madison Letters and Science Thesis — Count Raymond of Toulouse. Lily KaTHERINE BaUMAN Mendola. III. Letters and Science Thesis — Course in Latin. GLAYDS June BaUTZ .... Milwaukee Letters and Science Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. Thesis — The Development of Theory of Public Parks. Bertha Rlth Beach .... Whitewater Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Cornell College. Thesis — The Courts and the Freedom of the Press. Thorwald M. Beck " BECKY " Law rAE; l ' AA;(-)NE Racine 92 Seniors Gertrude Dorothea Behrens Neu: Richmond Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from River Falls Normal. Thesis — Course in Goethe. Mildred BeIM . Des Moines, loua Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Drake University. Thesis — The Influence of J. R. Planche on the Cos- tuming and Staging of the English Drama. Grace Lina Bell Peebles " BELL " Home Economics Wyslynx: W. A. A. Swimming (2): Consumers ' League: Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: Euthenics Club. Thesis — The Study of the Economic and Social Factors Influencing Race Preservation. Lawrence M. Bell .... Madison Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Ohio State University. Thesis — Securing Dealer ' s Co-Operation. Frank Leroy Bellows . Chicago. III. " buck " Apiculture i ' K:«r Star and Arrow: Skull and Crescent: Friars: Yellow Helmet: White Spades: Freshman Football and Baseball: Football (2). (3). (4), " W " : Basket-ball (1). (2), (3). " aWa " : Class Basket-ball (3). (4): Prom Committee (3). Thesis — The Relation of Salt to Moisture Content and Shrinkage in Storage of Butter. Mary SCOVILLE BeMIS ... Waupaca Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh Normal. Thesis — Investment Philanthropy: a Profitable In- vestment, a Profitable Philanthropy. Walter Sargent Bemis . . . Madison " WALT " Engineering: Letters and Science l AE Philomathia: A. S. M. E.; Student Conference (4): Haresfoot (2). (3). JEANETTE Benson . . Greenwich. Conn. " JEANNE " Letters and Science ' nB i Entered as a Junior from Wellesley College. Thesis — Ideas of Republican Government in Mon- tesquieu, Voltaire and Rousseau. Bm Seniors John EdwAFUD BeNTLEY .... Portage " DOC " Medicine Thesis — Anatomy-Variations in the Pharynx. Paul William Bergmann " DOC " , " bergy ' Agriculture MeJforJ Madison Nathaniel Paul Biart " nat " . " natty boy " Letters and Science Oratorical Board. Secretary (3), President (4): In- tercollegiate Debate. Captain. Negative Team; Phiiomathia. President (4): Student Conference (3): Student Court (4). Thesis — Satisfied by Intercollegiate Debate. Ferdinand DeWitt Bickel . . Behu " BICK " Engineering Triangle Tau Beta Pi: Civil Engineers ' Society: Glee Club. Russell Bernhard Bieri . . Knapp " RUSS " Agriculture K ' l ' F Thesis — Methods of Preparing and of Carrying on an Advanced Registry Official Test. Harold Spencer Bingham .... Milton " BING " Agriculture Entered as a Junior from Milton College. Thesis — The Effect of Treatment with Insecticides and Fungicides upon the Germination of Seed Crops. Fred G. Bishop IVonewoc Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh Normal. Thesis — The Quantitative Determination of Vana- dium. George Marsters Bishop . . . Albany " bish " Chemistry AXS Entered as a Junior from Whitewater Normal. Phi Lambda Upsilon. Thesis — The Equilibrium Between Calcium Car- bonate and Carbon Dioxde Alice Ladd Bitner Letters and Science Seniors Milu ' auk,ee EtHALINDA Black . Mount H ' ashinglon. Md. Letters and Science Xil Entered as a Junior from Goucher College. Balti- more. Thesis — Meredith ' s Conception of Heroic Character. Marguerite Evelyn Black . . . Oregon " marge " Music AXQ Choral Union. . ' Nellie M. Black Madison " schwarzie " Letters and Science; Music Entered as a Junior from Iowa State University. Choral Union; Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. Walter Frank Blair ... Waukesha " BLAIR " , " WALLIE " Engineering Acacia A. S. M. E. George Petit Blakney . . Milwaukee " pete " Agriculture Yellow Helmet; Inner Gate; Skull and Crescent. Thesis — Testing the Relative Hardness of the Cion and Stock Roots of Different Varieties of Apple Trees under Wisconsin Winter Conditions. George Harvey Blanding . . Madison Engineering A. S. M. E. Thesis — A Test of Smokeless Boilers for House Heating. Valentin Blatz. Jr. . Milwaukee " val " Chemistry rAE ' Cadet Corps. Lieutenant (2); Fencing Club. Sec- retary-Treas urer (2). President (4). (5). Thesis — A New Determination of Phosphates for Quantitatne Purposes. meam IB 4 1 iJ iKi!fc ;v:|| m Senior! Albert Arthur Bluemke . . Westfidd Agriculture Thesis — The Nutritive and Physiological Value of Skim Milk. Cyril Robert Bodenbach . Milwaukee " BODIE " , " BOB " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Marquette University. Agricultural Literary Society: " Deutscher Schau- spieler. " Harold Richards Boehmer Indianapolis. Ind. Engineering Chemical Engineering Society. Thesis — A Study of the Process of Securing Rosin from Wood by Extraction with a Petroleum Solvent. Agnes Boeing ... Minot, N. D. " poky " Home Economics r i)B Entered as a Sophomore from St. Mary ' s School, Knoxville, 111. Wyslynx: Green Umbrella. Thesis — A Comparative Study of Drafting Systems, and their Educational Value, with Reference to the Teaching of Domestic Art. GUSTAV BOHSTEDT .... Victor. Iowa " CUS " Agriculture Alpha Zeta: Class Secretary (2): Class President (4); Freshman Crew; Varsity Crew (2). (3). " W " : Hesperia; Athletic Board: Y. M. C. A.. Board of Directors. Thesis — A Study of the Nutrients Required by the Cow for Milk Production. Mary M. BoORSE Milwaukee Letters and Science r t ' B Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Alfred Bercry Booth . Chicago. III. " AL " , " ABIE " Agriculture IN Monastics: Freshman Swimming and Basket-ball; Varsity Basket-ball (2); Swimming (2). (3). (4); Track (3). (4). Thesis — fdercford Winners at the International Live Stock Exposition Since 1909 and their Effect in the Breeding Herds. Clarence Kinne Boucher Rochester. N. Y. Agriculture XT " clar " Entered as a Sophomore from Amherst College. Yellow Helmet: Haresfoot (2), (3). Vice-President (4); Junior Prom Committee (3). Thesis — Insect Pests of the Apple, Peach and Pear. 96 Seniors Alice Veronica Bradley Madison " NELS " Home Economics Hockey (1); Euthcnics Club. Thesis — The Chemical Determination of the Per Cent, of Pectin, Acid, and Ash in Various Fruits. Kendal Benjamin Bragg . . Ecansion. III. " ken " Engineering I ' N Yellow Helmet; Baseball (2), (3). Captain (4); Athletic Board (3). Thesis — Determination of Losses in the Gearing and Overhead Harness of a 30-inch Leffel-Sampson Turbine Under Various Conditions. George Earl Brainard . Lone Rock " brainie " Agriculture Student Conference (I); U. W. Livestock Club: Exposition (4). Thesis — Feeding Draft Foals. George Vaughn Brainard . DuranJ " vauge " Pharmacy Chippewa Valley Club: Chairman. Pharmacy Ex- position Committee: Class Secretary and Treas- urer (2). Thesis — Structure of Roots. Stems and Leaves of Atropa Belladona. Paul GUS BRANN . , Bailey ' s Harbor " BRANN " Commerce Thesis — Economic and Commercial Aspects ol the Panama Canal. William Lewis Breckinridge . . Chicago. III. " BRECK " Engineering XT Inner Gate; Yellow Helmets: Football (1), " W " (2). (4). ElLIDA BreIDABLIK . Madison Letters and Science Entered as an Advanced Sophomore from Oberlin College. Choral Union; Nora Samlag: German- istische Gesellschaft: Y. W. C. A. George Thomas Bresnahan . . Sterling. III. " BOWSE. " " MIKE " Letters and Science t Ki: " Entered as a Sophomore from University of Illinois. Friars; Track (3). (4). " W " ; Cross Country. (3). (4). " W " : Captain (4); Coach (5). Thesis — The Dominican Republic. Seniors Aubrey Keith Brewer . Richland Center Letters and Science Entered as a Junior trom Platteville Normal. Band Thesis — Errors in the Determination of Silicaby the Drown Method. ROV BriNDLEY ... Boscohel Medicine Thesis — The Effect of Acidity on Antolysis. Reva Ernestine Bristol Vergermes. Vt. Home Economics Choral Union (4); Euthenics Club. Membership Secretary (3). Thesis — The Relation of the Housing Condition to the Life of the Family. Cl.arence John Brown P!um City " brownie " Medicine Sigma Sigma; Vodvil (I). Thesis — Anatomical Research. Mabel Mary Brown .... Plaitetille " brownie " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Plattevdie Normal. Mary Storer Brown . Madison Letiei s and Science r Mystic Circle. Black Bat. Green Umbrella. Thesis — The History of the Congressional Vote in the Dane County District. Paul Murphy Brown . . . -. Madi. " POST mortem " Agriculture Country Life Club. Thesis — School Gardens. ISABELLE Frances BroWNELL . Chicago. III. Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Downer. r.i B Thesis — Classic Period of French Literature. 98 Seniors Edwin J. BrUNNER Albion. Mich. Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from Michigan State Normal College. Thesis — Uniform System of Marking. John Francis Buckley . . IVaukcsha " BUCK " Law Entered as a Junior from Carroll College; President U. W. Karel-Husting Club 1914. Fred George Bldig .... IVaierloo Commerce Commercial Club; Gcrmanistische Gesellschaft; Hes- peria; Daily Cardinal. Business Staff. Thesis — A Cost Accounting System for Canning Industries. William Frederick Buech . . " bille " Letters and Science Haresfoot Club; Glee Club: University Quartette. Thesis — The Growth of the Publicity Function of the Federal Government. Earl Francis Buelow H ' aupun " duke " Commerce Entered as a Junior from Beloit College. College Baseball (3). Thesis — Old Age Pensions. Robin Carl Buerki .... lVauk.esha Medicine «1)BII Phi Beta Pi; Wisconsin Musical Clubs (I). (2). (3); President (4); University Exposition (4). Dorothy Etta Bundy . . Centralia. 111. Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Rockford College. Thesis — The History of the Congressional Districts into which Marion County. Illinois. Has Been Apportioned. MaRJORIE BLTtDICK Kalamazoo. Mich. " BETTY " Letters and Science .. A-l. Entered as a Sophomore from Kalamazoo College. Thesis — A Study of Egotism as Shown in the Characters of George Meredith. aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiii 99 Seniors John Edward Blirke .... Milwaukee " pope " Letters and Science ' M ' Sigma Delta Chi; Badger Board (2) (3); Cardinal " Skyrocket " Editor (4); Mandolin Club (1) (2) (3); Press Club; Mendota Crew Club: Junior Play (3). Thesis — Course in English. Gilbert William Burnet .... Antigo " bunny " Agriculture Swimming (I); Track (2); Grafters Club (1)(2) (3); Horticulture Exposition Committee (4). Thesis — Potato Diseases. Thomas Stephen Burns l ' atertown, N. Y. " TIM " Engineering Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E.; New York Club; Student Conference (4). Thesis — Determination of the Capacity Factor of Wisconsin Electric Utilities. Walter Richard Bussewitz Wild Rose Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from Milwaukee Normal. Thesis — Recitation Standards for Supervisors. Dorothy Alden Caldwell Lafayette. Ind. Letters and Science M Entered as a Junior from Oxford College. Ohio. Raymond Bills Carmichael . Madison. " judge " Law •MK. ' I ' A ' I- Entered as a First Year Law from Dartmouth (A.B.) Marie Louise Carns Knoxville. III. Letters and Science KM-) Entered as a Sophomore from Girton School. Win- netka. lil. W. A. A.. Basket-ball (2). (3), Bowling (2). (4): Tennis (3). Hockey (4): " W " : Y. W. C. A.: French Club. Program Committee (3); Prom Committee (3). Thesis Comparison of the Women in the Plays of Dumas Pils and Angier. Helen Mae Carr Ricer Falls Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from River Falls Normal School. Thesis — Course in Meredith. Seniors 1 RUSSEL John Carter . Fremont. Ohio Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma; Conference Auditing Board: Commercial Club. Thesis — Credit and Accounting Systems for Retail Grocers. George Albert Carv . Richmond. Va. " SCOOPS " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Rich mondCollege. Monastics: Dixie Club; Secretary (3): President (4); Union Vodvil; Tennis Club. Thesis — The Weed Flora of Piedmont. V ' irginia. Archibald Williston Case A ' eu ' Yorl City " arch " Engineering I K ' I- Thesis — Loss in Gearing and Overhead Harness of a 30-inch Leffel-Sampson Hydraulic Turbine. Chun Lin ChaI .... Lanchou. China Letters and Science Thesis — The Russian-Chinese Relations in Regard to Mongolia and Eastern Turkestan. Stewart Curtis Chandler. . . Superior " STEW " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Cornell University. Thesis — Tobacco Insects of Wisconsin. Evelyn Chapman Hartland " CHAP " Agriculture Basket-ball (1); Euthenics Club; Ski Club. Thesis — Ventilation; What Constitutes Foul Air. Paul Weaver Chase .... Eoansville " TUCKER " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Evansville Seminary. Thesis — Effects of Liming on Good and Poor Acid Soils. ShIU Yuen Chen . Canton. China .•j, Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Tangshau Engineer- ing College. China. Thesis — British Relations in Tibet. 101 Seniors John Francis Clancy ... East Troy " JOHNNIE " , " jack " Engineering Varsity Football (4); Class Basket-ball (3); Inter- college Baseball (2); A. S. M. E. Emily Ethel Clark ... Portage Letters and Science Pythla (1), (2). (3); Choral Union (I). (2); Equal Sutfrage League; Y. W. C. A. Thesis — Municipal Versus Private Ownership of Public Utilities. Glenn Gardner Clark . Dresser Junction " noisy " . " Stuff " Agriculture Live Stock Club. Thesis — Tenth Seven-Day A. R. 0. Test of Johanna Clothilde IV 60986 and History of the Johanna Family. Henry Wesley Clark Niagara Falls. N. Y. " CHAMP " Engineering Acacia Thesis — Pitot Tube. Leone Letitia Clark ... Portage " LEONE " Letters and Science, Library School Entered as a Sophomore from Ripon College. Pythia (2). (3): Treasurer (4); Y. W. C. A. Thesis — European Travelers to the United States from the Revolutionary to the Jacksonian Period. Warren Edward Clark . Chicago. 111. " MONTY " Letters and Science Ake Skull and Crescent; Freshman Swimming, Numerals; Track; Junior Prom Committee; Union Board (4); Student Conference (3). Thesis — The Insurance of Grain in Transit. William Noble Clark Madison Agriculture Hesperia; Minnesota -Wisconsin Agricultural Debate. Thesis — History of the Scale of Points of the Jersey Breed of Cattle. Hoy Benjamin Clayton .... Monroe Engineering i:ae Monastics; Class President (2); Crew (I). (2), (3). " W " ; Football (I). (2), (4); Star and Arrow; Mendota Crew Club. Thesis — Effect of Downstream Conditions on Dis- charge from a 4-inch Submerged orifice. 10 2 Seniors Paul Coddington .... A ' oi-M Milicaukcc " coddie " , " cod " Engineering Thesis — The Design of an Hydro-Electric Power Plant. Morris SMEAD CohN . Omaha. Neb. " MORRIE " Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma: Varsity Football (2). (3). (4); Varsity Basket-ball (2): Intercollcge and Inter- class Basket-ball (I). (2). (3). (4); Intercollcge Baseball (3); Commercial Club; Class Treasurer (2); Exposition, Chairman. Commerce Exhibit (4); Athletic Board (4). Thesis — Development and Use of Trade-Marks. Frederick William Colbeck . Superior " BECKY " Engineering U. W. Engineers ' Club; A. S. M. E. Thesis — History and Development of Steam Boilers. Flora Bartlett Collver .... Clinton Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Beloit College. Thesis — Motives in South African Literature and in the English Ballad. WiLLARD STEADMAN COMINGS . Eau Claire " bill " Agriculture Robert Rodney Confer . . Madison " coniferalies " Pharmacy Thesis — Electuaries. John George Conley .... Eau Claire Commerce Commerce Club; President of Chippewa Valley Club (3); Treasurer C. S. A; Student Conference; Athenae (1). (2). (3); Sophomore Semi-Public; Class Treasurer (3). Thesis — An Accounting System for Classes and Student Organizations. Edward Joseph Connell .... Beloit " EDDIE " Engineering JEntered as a Sophomore from Beloit College. Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers. Thesis — Arrangements of Driving for University Machine Shop Tools by Use of Line Shaft Clutches Seniors Leora Connors Kauk.auna Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Lawrence College. Thesis — Course — Arthurian Romance. Frederic LeRoy Conover . Madison " FRITZ " Letters and Science Phi Beta Kappa: Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Captain (3), Colonel (4); Hesperia. Thesis — Trinitrides. CuTHBERT Powell Conrad . . Madison " con " Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Civil Engineering Society. President (4); Exposition (4). Thesis — An Experimental Study of Submerged Weirs to Determine a Region for Measuring the Downstream Head with Reference to the Position of the Obstruction Causing Submergence. Frederick M. Cooper . Chicato III. " coop " Letters and Science ' I ' KT Yellow Helmet; Baseball (1); Football (2). Thesis — The Growth of Chicago. Gertrude Marion Corbett National Home " gay " Letters and Science AF College Equal Suffrage League. President (4); Key- stone; Badger Board; Co-ed Sphinx; Consum- ers " League; Y. W. C. A. Thesis — The Relative Spheres of Coercion and Edu- cation in Public Health Promotion. Myron Cornish .... Oak Park. " ■ " MIKE " Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Treasurer (3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3). (4); Board of Directors (4); Chairman of Engineering Commission (4). Thesis — Loss in Overhead Gearing and Harness of a 30-inch LefTcl-Sampson Hydraulic Turbine Under Various Conditions of Operation. Glavds Vivian Cracker . . Reedshmg " glad " Music Supervisor W. A. A.. Senior Hockey (4); Senior Archery (4); Varsity Archery (4); Choral Union (3). (4). John Seneca Crandall Milwaukee " jack " Letters and Science x r Yellow Helmet; Union Vodvil (2); Sphinx (2); Chairman Refreshment Committee 1915 Prom; Temporary Manager Wisconsin Musical Clubs. Thesis — Economic Production of Wheat. Seniors 1 Percy Jay Crandall Milton " PUSS " Agricullure Entered as a Junior from Milton College. Glee Club (3). (4). Thesis — The Effect of Climate Upon the Ger- minating Temperature of Corn. IVANELLE CRITCHLOW " CRITCH " Music Supervisor MetUn Molina. III. Marjorie Anna Cronander " MARJ " Letters and Science Thesis — A Comparison of Tennyson ' s " Idylls of the King " with the Sources in Malory ' s Morte d ' Arthur. • ' Re-inale Richardson Crosby . Madison Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Hamline University. .Alpha Zeta. Thesis — A study of Nutrients Required by the Cow for Milk Production. Ralph S. CROWL .... H ' ateiloo. Iowa " SLATS " Letters and Science Kr White Spades; 1915 Badger. Business Manager: Wisconsin Daily News. Business Manager (2): .Athletic Bulletin. Business Manager (2); Winner ' ilas Contest (2); Author Junior Class Play (4); Mendota Crew Club. Thesis — Biased News Reports of the Three Per Cent Rate Case. Arthl-r Wilson Crlmp . Lake Mills " ART " . " MUMPO " Engineering Triangle College Crew; Mendota Crew Club; Civil Engineer- ing Society. Thesis — The Economic Significance of Ohio River I mprovement. Josephine Marie Cullinan . . Madison " JOE " Home Economics Thesis — A Quantitative Determination of the Amount of Pectin in Various Fruits. Oma Leo Cunningham Paducah. Ky. " cunny " Agriculture , f ntered as a Junior from Valparaiso University. Wrestling (3). Thesis — The Effect of Heat and Moisture Upon Germinating Grains. aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM mm Seniors Roger George Cunningham Janescilk " cunny " Law -J A4 Phi Beta Kappa Thesis Course — History of Enghsh and American Law. Margaret McCune Curry Terrc Haute. Ind. Letters and Science KAW Wyslynx Entered as a Sophomore from Indiana State Normal School. Thesis — Thomas Heywood ' s " Fair Maid of the West. " Glayds Gertrude Dafoe Wauioma " GLAD " Letters and Science Germanistische Gesellschaft Thesis — Course in Mathematics. BEULAH DAHLE Mount Horeh Home Economics Euthenics Club. Thesis — Bacteriological Tests of Cleaning Methods. ANNINA Daly Grand Rapids " FUZ " Music Choral Union; Glee Club. Dorothy Brockway Dana . Muskegan. Mich. Letters and Science KAW Entered as a Junior from Mount Holyoke College. Thesis — Sociology of John Galsworthy. James Harold Dance ... Brookjie ' .d " JIM " Agriculture Agricultural Literary Society: Wisconsin Country Magazine, President: Student Conference: Live- stock Club: Exposition. Thesis — A Determination of the Most Profitable Dairy Products for the Average Wisconsin Farm. James Garfield Danilson . . Spokane. Wash. " dan " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Washington State College. Thesis — Skimmilk as a Food, Particularly When Made into Skimmilk Cheese. Seniors n William Venuste Dargan . Columbus " DOC " . " JOHN " Engineering AX Mining Club, Vice-President (4). Thesis — A Study of the Chlorodizing Roast. HaLSEY DaRROW Athens " HALLEY " Agriculture WAX Thesis — Cost of Milk Production. Yvonne Marie Dauplaise Superior " yonny " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Superior State Normal. Round Table. President (4): Keystone; Choral Union: Senior Class Invitation Committee. Thesis — Course in Shakespeare. Di Marian Lorraine Davies ■, Letters and Science V Mortar Board; Theta Sigma Phi; 1914 Badger Board. Satire Editor; Co-ed Sphinx. Editor (3). Thesis — Oscar Wilde ' s Principles of High Comedy. Bradford French Dearing Shelbycille. III. Medicine Entered as a Junior from Hanover College. Lois LOCKWOOD Decker . Canastota. N. Y. Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Kalamazoo Normal School. A I W. A. A. Hockey (3); Swimming (3). Irene EsTELLE DeNNEEN New Richmond " spud " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Superior State Normal. Junior Class Play: Catholic Students ' Associa- tion. Vice-President (3); Class Memorial Com- mittee (4). Thesis — The Development of Teachers ' Training Courses in the High Schools of Wisconsin. NeSTE DeNSMORE Markesan Letters and Science AXU Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Downer College. Thesis — A Comparison of Schiller ' s " Jungfrau von Orleans " and Percy Mackaye ' s " Jeanne D ' Arc. " Albert Jenness Dexter Madison " AL " , " DEX " Agriculture White Spades: Athletic Board. Vice-President (4); Crew (1). (2), (3). Captain (4); --W Club. Vice- President: Class President (3): Sergeant-at-Arms (3): Student Conference (1). (2): Sophomore Football: Mendota Crew Club: Exposition: Y. M. C. A. Commission: Agricultural Literary Society, Vice-President (4): Inter-Mural Athletic Chair- man (4). Thesis — Transmission of Type in Corn and Its Relation to Yield. Don Clinton Dickinson . . . La Crosse " donniedick " , " red " Journalism Al ' Entered as Junior from La Crosse State Normal. Sigma Delta Chi: Wisconsin Magazine. Business Manager (4): Union Board (4). Thesis — The Influence of the New York Sun on the Style ot the American News Story. Jessie Adelaide Dietrich . Prairie du Chicn Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from La Crosse State Normal. S. G. A. Board (4). Thesis — The treatment of the Mississippi River in American Literature. WlNFRED C-iRlL DiTTMER . Seymour " BILL " Lau Red Triangles. I AA Friars; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Corps. Captain (3). Major (4); Student Conference (4); Athenae. Semi-Public (2). Emma Jane Dobeas Inialls. Mich. " JACK " Letters and Science Castalia. Vice-President (4). Thesis — Comparison of Sigurd in the Volsunga Saga with Siegfried in Wagner ' s Ring des Nibelungen. Walter Locie Dobie .... Madison Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from L ' niversity of Oregon. Glee Club (3). DaCMAR DonECHY .... Kirksiille. Mo. Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from University of Missouri. Thesis — Jane .Austin. Lawrence Harger Doolittle . Madison " DOOLEV " Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from Lenox College. Tau Beta Pi. Thesis — Submerged Weirs. Senior! Lillian Jessie Dow tellers and Science Thesis Course — Ovid. Madison Royal Samuel Draper Norih Freedom " drape " Lellers and Science Hesperia. President (4). Thesis — Administration of Governor Taylor and the Reform Party. ElMMA ADELE DreGER . Maycille " mouse " Home Economics A Euthenics Club; W. A. A. Thesis — The Efficiencies of Different Brands of Yeast. Ella Rose Dlggan Oshliosh Lellers and Science Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh State Normal. Thesis — Course in Latin. Marion Margaret Duke . . Madison Letters and Science Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Grace DULANEY 5 a(er. Missouri Home Economics AZA Entered as a Junior from University of Missouri. Thesis — An Investigation of the Preparation and Nutritive Value of Commercial Diabetic Foods. Edward MaXIMILLIAN DuQUAINE Creen Bay " DUKE Law Olin Moot Court: Philomathia; Student Count (4). (5). Willard Arthur Dustrude Oconomouoc " dusty " Agriculture .,Band (1). (2). (3). (4): Grafters Club; Chairman. Horticulture Committee. Exposition (4). Thesis — Propagation of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. 109 Seniors Harry Wilmer Dye Ncu- Malmoras. Ohio Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Denison University. Grafters ' Club: Agricultural Literary Society; Ex- position Committee. Thesis — The Effect of Cold on the Amount of Moisture Taken up by Woody Plants. Guy Earle Eaglesfield . Mihon Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from Milton College. Band: Orchestra. Thesis — Mathematical Curves Applied to Mechanics Lee MeDBURY Eaton . . . Detroit. Mich. " EATS " Asricutture. Middle Course BWT Entered as a Freshman from Dartmouth. Varsity Track Squad (4). Crawford Charles Edmonds Madison " CRAW " Comrrterce U. W. Engineers ' Club (2). Thesis — Some Current Problems in Railway Finance Rhoda Ann Edmonds ... Madison Letters and Science APA Pylhia Thesis — The Drama League of America. Winifred EdsALL Fort Atkinson Letters and Science AI ' A Entered as a Junior from Whitewater Normal. Thesis — The " Three Best American Books Published Between 1840 and 1850. John Boardman Edwards, Jr. . Madison " JACK " Engineering I rA, AX Student Conference (3): Exposition Executive Com- mittee (4). Thesis — The Making and Testing of Cobalt Ther- mocouples. Elsie Caroline Eiffler . . Milwaukee " el " Letters and Science Thesis— The Travels of Jonathan Carver. Seniors n RaI PH HkRBF.RT EiSAMAN PiUshari. Pa. " EISY " Letters and Science Thesis — The Relation of Alcoholism in the Adult to Delinquency in the Offspring. Paul Nathan Euderkin " ELD " Engineering IVintcrset. Iowa George Eix)red Berlin Engineering Thesis — The Design of a Reinforced Concrete Build- ing. Rose Lawrence Elliot . . Pataskala. Ohio " babe " Home Economics Entered as a Sophomore from Ohio Wesleyan Uni- versity. Thesis — Influence of Roman Classic Art on the Style of Furniture of Adams, Louis XVI, and Empire, Mildred Emery Madison " MILLV " Letters and Science Thesis — Social Life in the American Colonies from 1760 to 1800, Esther Isabella English Letters and Science Mathematical Club, Secretary (4). Thesis Course in Geometrical Constructiorl. Antigo Hattie Clara Engsberg Lake Mills Letters and Science Class Secretary (3); W. A. A, Board, " W " ; S. G. A, Treasurer (4): Castalia; Consumers ' League, President (4); Keystone. ALF ERICKSON La Crosse " ERICK " ' Chemistry Ax::: Thesis — The Determination of Chlorine in Com- mercial Bromine. iiir 0Wm , Senior! Charles William Evert . Milwaukee " CHUCK " AiricuUure AKE Star and Arrow; Freshman Crew. Captain and Stroke; Varsity Crew (2), (3); Track; Agricultural Literary Society. RiAH Belle FaGAN Columbia City. Ini. Letters and Science KAW Entered from Earlham College. W. A. A. Class Basket-ball (4); Tennis (4); Hockey (4); Exposi- tion (4). Thesis — The Human Ideal of Cicero. Florence Fahrquhar Chicago. III. Home Economics Xil Thesis — Course of Study of Textiles in Secondary Schools. Helen Salome Fairbairn Mituaukee Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Milwaukee Downer. Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Elsa Marie Fauerbach . . Madison Home Economics KKr Hockey (I); Exposition Committee (4); Junior Prom Committee. Thesis — Fundamental Designs in Rugs. Their Es- sential Unity and Symbolism. Wirt Gerry Faust Fairmont. W. Va. " trilby " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from University of West Vir- ginia. Glee Club (3). (4). Thesis — The Working out of Standards in English Composition for High Schools. Katharine Ellen Faville . Lake Mills Letters and Science A Mortar Board; Phi Beta Kappa; S. G. A.. President (4): Badger Board (3); Keystone; Pythia. Thesis — Some Cryoscopic Measurements at Elevat- ed Temperatures. Francis Albert Federer . . li aukesha " fed " Letters and Science AXi: Phi Lambda Upsilon. Thesis — A Bibliography on the Cultivation of Medi- cinal Plants. I Seniors Abbie Jane Fellows Lodi " brownie " Letters and Science Germanisticshc Gcsellschaft (2). (4); S. G. A. Board Thesis — The Administration of the Homestead Law. 1862-1878. Clarence Charles Fenn .... Antito " TIM " , " judge " : AE. «I A I Law Entered as a Senior from Georgetown University. Yellow Helmet: Freshman Crew (I); Varsity Basket- ball (2). Nina Fieldstad Waupun Wisconsin Library School Thesis — An Annotated List of Norwegian Books for a Traveling Library. Thomas Edward Fieweger. . . Oshkosh " TOM " Engineering Triangle Civil Engineers ' Society. Thesis — Design of a Concrete Bridge. Freeman Douglass Fletcher . Madison " fletch " Engineering A. S. M. E. Thesis — Investigation and Comparative Tests of Commercial Kerosene Carbureters. Helen Ann Flett Racine " FLETTIE " . " h " Home Economics AV Hockey (1); Exposition Committee: Euthenics Club. Thesis — Calcium and .Magnesium in Metabolism. Roc if or d. 111. TuvE John Floden " PETE " Letters and Science Basket-ball (4). Thesis — The London Money Market for the Year 1913. Hugh FoGO GilUngham " scheele " Medicine Entered as a Junior from Carroll College. Thesis — The Variations of the Spleen and Pancreas. Senior: Will Asa Foster Elkhorn " BILL " Agriculture Iron Cross:White Spades; Delta Sigma Rho; Alpha Zeta: Freshman Blowout Closer, Sophomore Semi-Public Closer. Inter-Collegiate Closer (3); Minnesota- Wisconsin Agricultural Debate Closer (3): Joint Debate Closer (4); Junior Play: Badger Board; Wisconsin Country Magazine; Live Stock Club; Agricultural Chairman, Exposition (4); Student Conference (3). Thesis — Feeding Draft Foals. Freda Monica Frankel . EagU River Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Lawrence College. Under- graduate Mathematics Club. Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Charles Francis Frye .... Madison " TAYLOR " Agriculture Thesis — Availability of Phosphates and the Feeding Power of Plants. Fannie Alberta Fuller Whitewater Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Whitewater Normal School. Thesis — Course Goethe. Arthur Gabler Highland " gab " Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Dubuque German College; Philomathia Thesis — Co-Operative Banks, Herman Victor Gaertner " champ " Commerce Thesis — Lapse Factor, Madison Moline. III. Isabella Anna Gamble " issy " Letters and Science Thesis — Freezing Point Curve of Titanium Tetra- bromide and Benzene, Florence G. Gannon Enid. Oklahoma Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Phillips University. Thesis — The Railroads of Oklahoma. Ill Seniors Ethel Grace Garbutt Milwaukee Letters and Science r i B Green Umbrella: W. A. A.; Basket-ball (2): Tennis (3): Junior Play: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Play Committee: Red Domino. Thesis — The Element of Human Love in Robert Browning ' s Poems. Jonathan GarST . . Coon Rapids. Iowa Agriculture lAE Entered as a Sophomore from Iowa State College. Thesis — The Rate of Oxidation of Active and In- active Organic Matter of Soils. Warren Carroll Garst Des Moines. Jowa Commerce i;AE Beta Gamma Sigma: Cadet Corps. 2nd Lieutenant (2): Commercial Club: Student Conference (2). Thesis — A study of the Legal Rights and Duties of the Parties to a Corporate Stock Subscription Before and After Incorporation and After Com- mencing Business. Anthony Michael Gass " tony " Agriculture Dakota Club. N. D. Madison Gertrude Verend Gath Letters and Science W. A. A. Baseball (2), (3): Basket-ball (3). Thesis — Quantitative Determination of Lead in an Ore. Eugene Alfred Gatterdam . La Crosse " gene " ■I ' rA Medicine Entered as a Junior from La Crosse State Normal. Sigma Sigma. Thesis — Effects of Salts of Heavy Metals on Auto- lysis. CORINNE GeBHART .... Kenosha " CORNIE " Letters and Science Glee Club (3). (4): S. G. A. Board (4): Executive Committee. Germanistische GcscUschaft. Thesis — Effect of Criticism on Storm. -JIobert Harold Gee Studhy. England Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Platteville Normal School. Thesis — Ethical Basis of Imperialism. Seniors s is John Henry GEHRMANN . Davenport, Iowa " GARRY " Enqineering t rA Alpha Chi Sigma; Water Polo (2); Numerals. Varsity Swimming (4): Assistant Chairman. Home Coming (4); Assistant Chairman. Engineering Exhibit of Exposition (4). Thesis — Reduction of Garbage. Alma Madeleine Gehrz . Milicauk.ce " gurzie " Letters and Science Germanistische Gesellschaft ; German Play (1). Thesis — Grillparzer ' s Life: as Affecting His Works as a Whole, Prose. Lyrics and Dramatic. Edwin Anders Gelein Eau Claire " EDDIE " Commerce ATU Monastics; Football (2). (3). " W " ; Crew (2); Com- iiierce Baseball (2). (3); Varsity Baseball (3); " W " Club; 1914 Prom Committee; Chairman Boat House Committee (2); Chairman Eligibility Committee (3). Thesis — Argentine and the Cattle Industry. May Olivia George Madison Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Central State Normal. Michigan. Thesis — Contemporary Society in the Drama of Ibsen and Sudermann. Morton L. GeRALDSON Manitowoc " GERR ' i " A§riculturc Entered as Adult Special from Manitowoc Teachers ' Training School. Thesis — A Study of the Nutrients Required by Fattening Swine. Walter Bertram Gesell . . . La Crosse " wallie " Engineering A. S. M. E. Thesis — Test of a Power Plant. Mildred GiLBERTSON BlanchardoiUe Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Plattevllle State Normal. Thesis — Expansion of Virginia to 1750. Alfred Lincoln Gilbert 5(. Louis. Mo. " mike " , " gib " , " al " Engineering I ' AE Entered as a Senior from Washington University. U. W. Engineers ' Club; Exposition Committee on Shop Exhibit; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Thesis — A study of the Effects of Different Bearing Metals When the Bearing has no Oil Supply. Seniors RbDOLPH Jacob GIESELER . . Racine " RLDIE " Medicine Thesis — The Effect of Manganese Chloride on the Autolysis of Various Tissues. -ig 4 James Monroe Gillett Fond du Lac " JIMMIE " . " tLL)DlE " j Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Glee Club. (2); Secretary (3): Leader (4); Chemical Engineers " Club. Vice-President (4). Thesis The Effect of Physical Properties of Various Liquids on their Use as Quenching Media. William LeRoy GimNCs .... Racine " WILLIE " . " GETTS " Commerce K ' l ' L Cadet Corps. Lieutenant: Athena: Commercial Club. Pearl Constance Gjertson " PEGGY " Music Choral Union. Stoughton M ilu aul(e William Glassner " billy " Letters and Science Entered as a Second Semester Freshman from Lawrence College. Haresfoot Play (3): Junior Play (3); Senior Play Committee: Menorah Society (2): Lawrence Club: Haresfoot (4): Biblical Alliance Association (4). Thesis — Origin of the Synagogue. May Columbia Gleason . Madison Home Economics Euthenics Club. Thesis — Bacteriological Tests on Cleaning Methods. Harry Samuel Gleick H ' ebsier]Groves. Mo. " hank " «« Letters and Science ||P Entered as a Junior from Washington University. Artus; Athenae, Vice-President (3): Student Con- ference (4): Ski Club (3), (4): Economics Commit- tee Exposition: Missouri Club. President (4). Thesis — The Evolution of Banking Regulation in Missouri. ZeLMA Irene GNAGI Monroe " ZIG " Music Sufyercisor Freshman Basket-ball: Sophomore Baseball; Sopho- more Basket-ball: 1916 Badger Board. Seniors Elmer Le ' Crand Goldsmith Milwaukee " GOLDIE " Engineering Cadet Corps. Lieutenant (2). (3), Captain (4), Major (5); Student Conference (3); U. W. En- gineers ' Club, President (5); Cross Country (4); Student A. I. E. E.: Engineers ' Commission; Y. M. C. A. Robert Shiell Goodhue Whueuaier Agriculture Entered as a Junior from Whitewater Normal. Country Life Club. Thesis — Variety. Rate of Seeding, and Time of Seeding Tests with Flax and with Soybeans. William Azell Goss . . . La Grange, 111. " BILL " Engineering Thesis — An Experimental Investigation of the Re- lative Adaptibility of Repressed and Wire-cut-lug Brick for Grout Filled Pavement. RiNALD Herman GrAMBSCH Madison Engineering Eta Kappa Nu: Wisconsin Engineer (4); Engineers ' Minstrels (3); U. W. Engineers ' Club. Thesis — Development of a Meter for Measuring the Average Value of Alternating Current. Nancy Anna Gray Madison Letters and Science Thesis — Some Methods of Separation of Didymium and Lanthanum. Hov ARD Thomas Greene Cenessee Depot " HOWIE " Agriculture XT Entered as a Sophomore from Williams College. Alpha Zeta; Mandolin Club (2). (3). Thesis — Some Farm Management Factors on a Certified Milk Farm. Ruth Elizabeth Green Fond du Lac Letters and Science Castalia. Junior Orator (3). Vice-President (3). (4); Co-ed Sphinx (2); Cardinal (3). Thesis — The Influence of Scandinavian Mythology on English Literature of the Nineteenth Century. Harry Andrew Grinde . . . Madison " nick " Letters and Science I ' N Sigma Delta Chi; Press Club; Editor Sphinx; Daily Cardinal. Skyrocket Editor (3); Wisconsin Mag- azine; Chairman Junior Social Committee; Junior Play Committee; Union Vodvil. (1). (2). Director (3); Producer Junior Play: Assistant Producer. 1913 Circus; Exposition (4); Venetian Night (3); Homecoming (3). Thesis — George Santayana. Seniors Cfj hardt Oscar Cullickson Eau Claire " gay " Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma; Commercial Club. Vice-Presi- dent (3). President (4): Chairman Senior Class Finance Committee (4); Athenae. Semi-Public. President (4): Student Conference. Secretary (3). (4): Nora Samlag. President (4); Wisconsin Forum. President (4); Exposition (4). Thesis — Constructive Accounting. Felix GuSTAF GuSTAFSON Ashland " GUSTY " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Northland College. Phi- lomathia: Chairman Botanical Committee. Ex- position (4). Thesis — Causes of Sap-flow in Trees be fore the Leaves have Unfolded. Helen JaRVIS HaDDEN Muskegon. Mich. Letters and Science KA(-) Entered as a Junior from Mount Holyokc College. Glee Club (4). Thesis — Irish National Theatre. Jean Morgan Hadden . Muskegon. Mich. Letters and Science KAw Entered as a Junior from Mount Holyoke College. Thesis — Comparison of Bourgeois Element as Depicted by Angier and Labiche. Raymond Hiram Halderson . Trempealeau " HAL " Agriculture Entered as a Junior from Lawrence College. Thesis — The Percentage of Meat to Hull in the Wisconsin Pedigree Varieties of Oats. Fred MeNZO Hall ... Enid. Oklahoma " ferdy " Letters and Science (-)AX Iron Cross: Artus; White Spades; Sigma Delta Chi: Union Board (3). President (4); President National Association of College Unions (4); Cardinal Board of Control (3). President (4); Wisconsin Daily News (2): University Editor (3); 1915 Badger Board: Student Conference (3): Athenae. Thesis — The Colorado Strike of 1913-1914. ELEANORE HaLLINE .... De Pere Letters and Science AF Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Downer College. Mystic Circle. Thesis — Morphological Variation of the Diphtheria Bacillus in Wisconsin. James Ellinwood Halsted Commerce Thesis — Insurance Accounting. . Baraboo Seniors Nell Scott Hamilton ... Madison Home Economics IIB 1 Entered as a junior from Kansas State Normal. Euthenics Club. Thesis — Review of Studies on the Role of Car- bohydrates in Disease. Alice Myrtle Hansen , , . . Ncenah Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Lawrence College. Thesis — The Industrial. Economic and Social De- velopment of Neenah. William Carl Hansen .... IVithee Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Stevens Point Normal. Thesis — The Status of the Dairy Industry of Clark County. Evelyn Cornelia Hanson Rio " EV " Music Superi ' isor Choral Union; Glee Club. Helena Christine Louise Hanson . Neenah Home Economics Hockey (3); S. G. A. Board (3). (4); Judicial Com- mittee (3). (4); Vocational Conference Chairman; E. ecutive Board. Thesis — The Effect of Tannin on Gastric Digestion. Ray Stephen Hardin .... Madison " STEVE " Engineering Entered as a Junior from Simpson College. U. W. Engineers ' Club. Thesis — Induction Voltage Regulator. Hurl, Eileen Ma-i ' Harrington .... tiurtey " IRISH " Music Glee Club; Choral Union; Ski Club. Arthur Gilbert Harter . . Waukesha " art " Commerce i Ki: Badger Board ' ' (3); Mandolin Club (2); Orchestra (2). (3); Band (1). Thesis — Amortization. Seniors n LuciLE Dorothy Hatch Baraboo Letters and Science W. A. A.. Hockey (2): (3): Baseball (2); Class Vice- President (2): Glee Club; Pythia; Red Domino, President (4); Keystone. Thesis — Dion Boucicault. Clifford CeDRIC HaUMERSON Fori Atkinson " PEG Agriculture Thesis — Preparation for and the Conduction of an Advanced Registry Official Test. Arjyle Bessie Versalle Hawlev Letters and Science Pythia. Thesis — Spore Formation in a Bird Nest Fungi. Stella Jane Ha-iden .... Milwaukee " STELL " Home Economics F ' l ' B Black Bat: Green Umbrella. Thesis — The Bacterial Growth of Candy. Margaret Elizabeth Hayes " PEGGY " Letters and Science Thesis — Wadsworth. the Englishman George Earl Heath " DOC " Letters and Science Thesis — Fire Insurance Rate Making ARTHLIR F. Hedges .... Madison " art " Agriculture Alpha Zeta. Thesis — Field Organization and Crop Rotations. Robert Hedges Neenah " bob " Medicine Sigma Sigma; Star and Arrow; Tr ack Team, Captain (4). Thesis — Anatomy. O ::;::i:«SiS Madison Pardeeville i Seniors Holland Louis Hegeman Agriculture iiiiiiissaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllilliliiiillillliiilililli Wilmol Oshl osh Harvey Banderod Heider Engineering Thesis — Apparatus for the Mechanical Separation of Tar and Other Products from Smoke. Walter William Heinecke Sheboygan Chemistry Thesis — Preparation of Bivalent Gold Compounds. Warren Fred Heineman . Sheboygan " HEINZ " Engineering Engineers ' Crew (2). (3); Orchestra (1). Thesis — Test of an Automobile Engine with Elec- trical Self-Starting and Lighting System. Aaron John Helfrecht . . Gahton. Penn. Engineering Entered as a Junior from Pennsylvania State College. Thesis — High Power Nickel Solutions. Frances Hemphill ... Neithville Letters and Science XLl Entered as a Sophomore from National Park Seminary. Thesis — The Dramatic Monologues of Browning. Arthur Henry Henderson Cadillac. Mich. " hendy " Agriculture College Crew (3)- Numerals; Mcndota Crew Club: Exposition (4). Thesis — A Comparison of Different Rations for Hogs used for Serum Production. Genevieve Estelle Hendricks . Madison " gen " Letters and Science IIB Mortar Board; Mystic Circle; Black Bat; Class Vice-President (3): W. A. A.. Bowling (2). (3). (4); Swimming Honors; Co-ed, Cardinal (I). Business Manager (3); Business Manager. Womcns ' Number Wisconsin Magazine (4); Prom Waltz Prize (4); Prom Committee (3); Manager May Breakfast (3): Manager Christmas Bazaar (4); Student Council; S. G. A. Board; S. G. A. Dele- gate (3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3). (4). Thesis — Comparison of the Appreciation of Wads- worth and Burns. 122 Senior! Lloyd Alexander Henry IVonewoc Agriculture Agricultural Literary Society. Thesis — The Efficiency Determination of the Shutter Method for the Ventilation of Poultry Houses. Levi Lithgow Henry .... Wonewoc " HANK " Ensineering A. S. M. E.; U. W. Engineers " Club. Thesis — Development of a Device for Balancing Rotating Machine Elements. Madison ! = Ex)«ARD Samford Herri ED , " ED " Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Thesis — History and Development of the Diesel Engine. HarR ' i ' HerSH Milwaukee " DOC " Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu; Wisconsin Engineer (3). Manager (4); U. W. Engineers ' Club; Wis- consin Menorah Society. President (4): Student Conference (2), (3): Cadet Corps. Lieutenant (2). Eugene CoERPER HeRTHEL . . Milwaukee " GENE " Engineering K i ' r Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Alpha Chi Sigma: Class Sergeant-at-arms (4): Fencing Club; Chemi- cal Engineering Society. Thesis — Conditions Affecting the Condensation of Zinc Vapors. Harry Joseph Herzog Racine " cap " Letters and Science K 1 1 ' Monastics: Baseball (2). (3). Captain (4); Fresh- man Baseball Captain; Class Football (1). (2): Student Conference (2); Star and Arrow; " W " Club. President (4); Smoker Committee (4); Hat Committee (2). (3). Milwaukee , Herman Bunsen Heyn " bunny " Engineering WAX Engineers ' Crew (1). (2). Thesis — Search for a Binder for Magnesia Crucibles. Clarence Rawiond Hicks . Madison Commerce Entered as a Sophomore from Western Reserve University. Thesis — A Study of Monopoly and Comoetitive Price. Seniors Clara HiCGINS LeadeilU. Col. Home Economics Entered as a Junior from Colorado Agricultural College. Rocky Mountain Club. Thesis — The History of the Development of Light. Donald Hugh Higgins Madison Journalism Sigma Delta Chi: Daily Cardinal Reporter (2); University Editor (3); Assistant Managing Editor (4); Press Club, Director. Thesis — News Story Style of the New York Sun. Virginia Margaret Higgins . Wheeling. W. Va. " jinny " Home Economics IIB ' t ' Entered as a Sophomore from Lake Erie College. Hockey (2): Euthenics Club. Thesis — Bibliography of the Recent Investigations on BiUagra. Harvey Van Zandt Higley Glen Ellyn. III. " DOC " Engineering ATA Entered as a Sophomore from University of Illinois. Yellow Helmet; Junior Play: Chairman, Music Committee. Junior Prom; Chairman Music Com- mittee, Engineers ' Minstrels; Haresfoot Orchestra (2)- Thesis — A Practical Analysis of Air. William Sobieski Hildreth . IVheeling. W. Va. " bill " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from University of Virginia. Sigma Delta Chi: Track (2); Cross Country (2); Daily Cardinal (2). (3); Student Conference (3); Manager Homecoming (4): Finance Chairman Exposition (4): Finance Chairman Spring Festival; Press Club. Treasurer (4). Ora Lucy HiNKSON .... Poynelle Home Economics Round Table; Euthenics Club. Thesis — A Bacteriological Examination of the Madi- son Milk Supply. ALENE Theresa HiNN . . . ' . Fennimorc Home Economics Pythia; Euthenics Club. Thesis — Methods for Determining the Efficiency of Milk Pasteurization. Ping Sons Ho . . Chekiang. China Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Chekiang Provincial College. Chinese Students ' Club, Vice-President (4). Thesis — Constitutional Development and Political Parties in China. mm Seniors Charles Dodge Hoag La Grange. III. " CHUCK " Agriculture Ki: Cadet Corps. Captain (3) Major (4): Wisconsin Country Magazine (1). (2), Manager (3). Thesis — The Relation of Labor Distribution to Managerial Income on Wisconsin Dairy Farms. Bert Whitman Hocking Madison Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Lawrence Coll ege. Regi- mental Band. Thesis — Matthew Arnold, the Exponent of Culture. Frederick Weed Hodson Chicago. III. " hoddie " Engineering X »!• Yellow Helmet: Mining Club. Thesis — Design of a Tipple for a Coal Mine. Leo George Hoeveler . . Madison Commerce Band (1), (2), (3): Orchestra (1); Mandolin Club (1). Thesis — Some Phases of the Efficiency Movem.ent and their Justification. Frank Joseph Hoffman " hoff " , " doctor " , " pep " Pharmacy Thesis — Oil of Monarda Fistulosa. Tigerton Eugene Davenport Holden . Chicago. III. " DAVE " Agriculture K i ' r Entered as a Sophomore from Iowa State College Class Wrestling; U. W. Tennis Association: Student Conference (4). Thesis — Study of Dodders. Edwin Stanley Hollen . Eau Claire " STAN " Letters and Science A A Iron Cross; Sigma Delta Chi; Monastics: Friars: White Spades: Skull and Crescent; Editor 1915 Badger; 1914 Badger Board: Editor Wisconsin Magazine; University Editor, Daily Cardinal (2): Associate Editor, Athletic Bulletin (2): Press Chairman, University Exposition (1): Edwin Booth Club: Cadet Corps. Lieutenant (2). Thesis — Philosophical Aspects of Joseph Conrad. Harriett Electa Holley . Aniigo Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Milwaukee Downer. Thesis — Course in Ovid. 1 2 S ' Seniors Clara Marie Holman . . " REE " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Germanistische Gesellschaf t. Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Alfred HoLTUM ... Clinton Junction " AL " Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Thesis — Temperature Gradient of Steam. Walter MaTHEW HORNE . Sleoens Point " wallie " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Stevens Point Normal. Soils Journal Club; Soils Committee. Exposition Thesis — Artificial Soil Acidity. Edith Laura Horstmann ... Be oi7 " chub " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Beloit College. German- istische Gesellschaft; Glee Club. Thesis — Course in Goethe. IsABELLE HoUGEN .... Wilmoi. S. D. Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Aberdeen. S. D., Normal. Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Jean Howden Howell . Milwaukee Letters and Science A Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4). Thesis — The Effect of the Bible upon the Language and Ideals of Rudyard Kipling. Walter Ernest Hovord . . . Scandinavia Agriculture Thesis — The Effect of Limestones and Pure Car- bonates of Calcium and Magnesium in Acid Soils on the Growth and Nitrogen Content of Alfalfa. SWEI HSUN Nanchang, China " bear " Letters and Science Entered as an Advanced Sophomore from Peking University. Chinese Students ' Club, Treasurer (4); Editor, Chinese Students ' Quarterly. Thesis — Money and Banking in China. 12 6 S e n i r i William Earle Hubbard . Duluth. Minn. " hub " Letters and Science (-) AX Entered as a Sophomore from Oberlin College. Thesis — The Distribution of Limestone and Dolo- mite During the Paleozoic Era. Earl Hughes H ' ilJ Rose Agriculture Sophomore Football; Wrestling. Robert William Hughes . . Mankaio. Minn. " BOB " Engineering ! ' A H Entered as a Sophomore from University of Min- nesota. Mining Club. Thesis — Mining of the Ore Bodies at Butte, Mon- tana. LuciLE Huntington Chicago. III. " BUDS " Letters and Science Cardinal (2); Castalia Lit Society; Y. W. C. A. Meeting Committee (3); Publicity (4); Cabinet (4): Chicago Club; Ski Club; Swimming Honors; Women ' s Activities. Exposition; Baptist Alliance. Thesis — The Credit Systems of the Submerged Tenth. Earl Wedderblirn Hutchinson Pittsburgh. Pa. " HUTCH " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Pennsylvania State College. Thesis — A Convenient Titration Method for the Estimation of Casein in Milk. Walter Joseph Imig ... Madison Chemistry AXi; Thesis — Preparation of Ozonic Acid and its Titration Cincinnati, Ohio William Wallace Innes " CUPID " Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from University of Cin- cinnati. Thesis — The Relative Viscosities of Tar and Creo- sote Mixtures on the Impregnation of Wood. Walter Carl Isenberg " ike " Letters and Science K ! ' r Monastics. Thesis — Corrupt Elective Methods. Baraboo Seniors Joseph Walter Jackson . . Monroe " JOE " Agriculture Entered as a Junior from Lawrence College. Thesis — The Early Development of the Horse In- dustry of the United States. Ra ' i ' mond Thomas Jackson Mineral Point " JACK " Letters and Science t ' A ' !• Phi Beta Kappa; Artus; Philomathia; Thesis — The Conservation of the Alaskan Coal Lands. Marjorie Jacques NeilhvilU " MARJ " Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from St. Mary ' s College. Girls ' Glee Club; Catholic Students ' Club; Secretary (4). Thesis — An Investigation of the Color Discrimina- tion of Frogs. ICT0R Clarence JaCOBSON . La Crosse " JAKE " Medicine Entered as a Junior from La Crosse State Normal. Sigma Sigma; Choral Union (3), (4). Thesis — Some Etiological Factors in Transitory Albuminurias, Clara Louise Jaggard Madison Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Kansas State Normal School. Choral Union. Henry Francis James ... Hazel Green " jimmy " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from PlattevUle Normal. Thesis — Comparison Between the Rhine and St. Lawrence River Systems as Commercial High- ways. Hugh John Jamieson Poynetie " JAMIE " Letters and Science Ki: Entered as a Junior from Beloit College. Yellow Helmet; Friars; Edwin Booth; Junior Play (3); Red Domino and Edwin Booth Play (4). Thesis — The I ncontestibility of Life Insurance Poli- cies. Harold Peter Janisch . . Waterloo " h. p. " Law t Delta Sigma Rho: Iron Cross; Athenae; 191 3 Badger: Trustee and Classes Editor; Joint Debate; Northern Oratorical Contest; Chief Justice Stu- dent Court (4). Thesis — Thesis Course. History of the American and English Law. Seniors Florence May Jarvis Madison Home Economics Euthen.cs Club; Y. W. C. A. Thesis — A Study of Temperatures Necessary for Cooking in Electric Ovens. HAROIX) JENNESS Nampu. Idaho " scoop " Letters and Science Sigma Delta Chi: Cadet Corps. Individual Compet Winner (1). First Lieutenant (2); Daily Cardinal (2). (3). Managing Editor (4). Thesis — The Development of Sensational News. Ben Melvin Jensen . Grantshurg " JENKS " . " JENNIE " Commerce Thesis — The Economic and Industrial Develop- ment of Burnett County. Wisconsin. During the Past Forty Years (1874-191 4). James Albert Jensen ... Clinton " AL " Agriculture V. W. Rifle Club (1); U. W. Live Stock Club (2): Exposition. Waltej Samuel Jensen Chicago. III. " JENNIE " Agriculture Agricultural Literary Society: Chicago Club: Graft- ers ' Club. Charles Gregory Jewett . Chicago. III. " jewie " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from University of Illinois. Glee and Mandolin Clubs (3); Baseball. Fresh- man (2). Varsity (3). (4). Thesis — The Apple Industry of the Pacific North- west. Arthur Norman Johnson Morrisonoille " JOHNNIE " Agriculture Thesis — Availability of Phosphates and the Feed- ing Power of Plants. Huldah Marie Johnson Madison Letters and Science Theta Sigma Phi: Secretary (4): Daily Cardinal (3): Round Table. Thesis — Dramatic Criticism in Newspapers. 129 Seniors Marshall Charles Johnson Hinsdale. III. " MARSH " . " JOHNNIE " Agriculture AT Star and Arrow: Yellow Helmet; Class Baseball. Football. Basket-ball and Track; International Club; Chairman. Reception Committee, 1915 Prom. Thesis — Variation in Weight and Condition of Brood Sows Through Pregnancy and Farrowing. Wayne Leslie Johnson . RockJord. III. " slim " Agriculture Thesis — The Practicability of Enforcing the Tuber- culin Test in a City ' s Milk Supply. Anna Dorothy Jones . . Sioux City. Iowa " ANN " Letters and Science r l ' B Entered as a Junior from Saint Clara College. Junior Play (3). Thesis — Clara Reeve and Her Place in the English Novel. Fred Rufus Jones .... Mauston " pat " Agriculture Alpha Zeta Thesis — The Capacity and Frost Resistance of Various Types of Silos. Griffith S. Jones .... Milwaukee " GRIFF " , " DOC " Medicine Acacia Thesis — Comparative Autolytic Activity of Various Tissues. Hugh Meirion Jones . . . Madison " RED " Agriculture Wisconsin Country Magazine (3), (4); Agricultural Literary Society. Thesis — Correlation of Ear Characters in Corn with Yield and Time of Maturity. Ida Lucile Jones Sparia Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Downer College. Mortar Board; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); W. A. A. Board (4); Varsity Basket-ball (3); Archery Team (4). Thesis — History of Sparta. Wisconsin. Richard Henry Jones . Engineering Janeseille li. Seniors Floyd Oswald Jorstad Cameron Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Hcsperia; Semi-Public (2); Band(l). (2). (3). Hubert Frederic Juergens Hamburg. N. Y. " hub " Letters and Science 1 BK Thesis — N. P. Willis and Personal Journalism. Karl Lincoln Juve Los Angctes. Cat. " link " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Beloit College. Thesis — A Study of the Growth and Development of Dairy Animals. Charlotte Sarah Kahn hhpcming. Mich. " choddie " Letters and Science Thesis — Course in Goethe Ethel Alberta Kalmbach Sturgeon Bay Home Economics Euthenics Club. Thesis — The Efficient Kitchen, its Size and Arrangement. GONZALO MaNELA KaMANTIGUE. Imus. Caiiite. P. I. " TIGUI " Engineering International Club: U. W. Engineers Club. Thesis — The Relative Effects of the Intrinsic Brilli- ancy and Intensity upon the Blinding Effect of Light Sources and their Application to Street Lighting. William Garfield Kammlade . Sparta " bill " Agriculture Wisconsin-Minnesota Agricultural Debate (3); Agri- cultural Literary Society, Treasurer (4); U. W. Live Stock Club. Secretary-Treasurer (4). Thesis — A Comparison of Rations for Work Horses. Nettie Elizabeth Karcher Burlington Laic Mortar Board: Keystone: W. A. A. Board (3). Presi- dent (4): " W " Sweater: W. A. A. Pin: Manager May Fete (2), (3); Varsity Baseball (3), (4): Castalia. Emil John Kautsky Colby " lefty " , " koutz " Agriculture International Club: Agricultural Literary Society Live Stock Club; Class Smoker Committee (3), (4). Thesis — A Study of the Yearly Increase of Register- ed Guernseys by Counties in Wisconsin. Katherine L. Kearney Letters and Science Thesis — Horace and Maecenas. Ra Ray Monroe Keeler . . La Crosse " tubby " Letters and Science BHII Iron Cross: White Spades: Star and Arrow: Yellow Helmet: Football (1). (2), W. (3). (4). Captain (4): Track (I). (2). W. (3). (4): Class President (1): Sergeant-at-Arms(2): Student Conference (3); Reception Committee. Junior Prom (3): Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3). Vice-President (4): Athletic Board (4): University Exposition Committee (4). Thesis — History of La Crosse 1841-1871. Eleanor Hardy Keller . . . Madison Music Entered as a Sophomore from Ripon College. Glee Club: Exposition Committee. Thesis — American Music. Esther Elizabeth Kelly . Milwaukee " EASTER " Letters and Science A r Mortar Board: Mystic Circle: Black Bat: Green Umbrella. Thesis — Course in Ovid. Martin Thomas Kennedy . ... Ashland " TOM " Agriculture Iron Cross; Freshman Crew; Varsity Crew (2). (3); Varsity Football (3). (4); Varsity Track (4); Athletic Board, President (4): Invitation Com- mittee Chairman (4); Student Conference (2). Thesis — Transmission of Type in Corn and its Re- lation to Yield. Charles Joseph Kidder Letters and Science Orchestra. Madison Madison Mattie Elizabeth Kidder Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Wcllesley College. French Club. Thesis — Course in French. Seniors Rov Brook Kile .... Chippcua Falls " varsity " Engineerini Band. Thesis — An In estigation of the Induction Type Watt Hour Meter. Mary Louisa King Hurley " MAE " Letters and Science Ski Club; Consumers ' League: Y. W. C. A. Thesis— The History of Hurley from 1884 to 1895. Francis Robert Kitchell Chicago. III. •KITCH " Letters and Science A A il ' Yellow Helmet: Golf Team (1), (2). (3): Manager of Varsity Track Team (4). Charles Harry Klotz Milwaukee " CHICK " Engineering - American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Thesis — Bearing Metals. EWALD UlRICH KlLMB .... Milwaukee Letters and Science Al ' l Philomathia (1). (2): Sophomore Semi-Public; Junior Prom Committee: Junior Play Committee; Senior Play Committee. Thesis — Development and Needs of Our Consular Service Since the Introduction of the Merit System. Martin Reinhold Knickel " NIC " Agriculture Campbellsport La Cn Minnie Agnes Knight " BRICK top " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from La Crosse State Normal. Choral Union. Thesis — Industrial History of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Walter Henry Knobel Milwaukee " WALT " Letters and Science Beta Gamma Sigma: Commercial Club. Thesis — Standardization of Accounting Terms and Practices. 13 3 Seniors BjARNE KNUDSEN Algona " barney " En§inecrin§ A V Track (2). (3). (4). " W " ; Student Conference (3). Thesis — Development and Equipment of an Iron Mine. Harry Jefferson Koch . . Madison " JEFF " Commerce - N Sigma Delta Chi; Edwin Booth; Union Board; Manager of Junior Play (3); Manager of Senior Play (4): Daily Cardinal (1), (2); Wisconsin Magazine (2), (3); Badger Board (3). Charles Clay Koelsch . . Madison " KOLISH " Law I ' AA, Ki; Entered as a Junior from University of Idaho. GeorgeTranklin Korf Law . Frceport, III. Edward Adam Conrad Kraemer Milwaukee " prof " Apiculture Wisconsin Country Magazine. Associate Editor (4): Agricultural Literary Society. Secretary (4). Thesis — The Practicability of the Enforcement of a Tuberculin Test in Relation to a City ' s Milk Supply. Edmund Charles Kratsch Milwaukee " gibralter " . " leftie " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal School. Thesis — Meredith. Marguerite Viola Kraus . . . Marshfield Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Downer. S. G. A. Board (3). Thesis — Course in Arthurian Romance. Roland Edward Kremers . Madison Letters and Science Al ' Phi Beta Kappa. Thesis — On the Volatile Oil of the Diggers Pine and the Heptane Obtained Therefrom. Seniors 1 Louis Eugene Krlmholz Arcadia " LOUIE " Letters and Science Thesis — Requirements Satisfied by Joint Debate. Clarence Raymond Kuenzli Milwaukee " CLARE " Law 4 A 1 Thesis — Pleadings in Crimina ' Actions. GusTAv Wesley Kuhlman ... Lowell Agriculture Agriculture Literary Society; Live Stock Club. Charlotte Louise Kurz . . Milwaukee Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Basket-ball (3); Baseball (3). W. A. A. Thesis — History of the First Dragoon Regiment of the United States under Colonel Dodge. M enommee John Clarence Kyle . " RED " Agriculture Thesis — The Feeding Value of Different Rations for Growing and Fattening Swine. William Randolph Lacey . . Madison " BILL " . " CAP " Engineering A XI Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Corps. Lieutenant (2). Captain (3). Winner of Company Compet (3); Chemical Engineering Society. President (4). Thesis — The Use of Asphalt Paints in the Preven- tion of Corrosion. James Alexander Laird . Madison " PINK. " Agriculture K " ! r Thesis — Object and Methods of Seed Investigation. Helene Josephine Laitem . Cleceland. Ohio Letters and Science A 1. Entered as a Junior from De Pau w University. Senior: Dora Lucile Lake .... Madho " dode " Music Glee Club (1), (2). Thesis — Women Composers of America. Lloyd Harold Landau ... Miluaukee " KING " Letters and Science Phi Beta Kappa; Student Conference (4); Philo- mathia. President; Freshman Blow Out Closer; Semi-Public Closer; Chairman. History Com- mittee. Exposition; Peace and War Conference. Thesis — Diplomatic Policy of the United States in the Far East, Since the Spanish-American War. Florence Collimbia Landsberg Erie. Pa. Letters and Science AAA Glee Club (3); Consumers ' League. Secretary (4). Thesis — Some Phases of Commercialized Recreation in Madison. Ernest Otto Albert Lange . Fond du Lac " ERNIE " Engineering Iron Cross; Star and Arrow; Eta Kappa Nu; Varsity Basket-ball (3). " W " , Captain (4); Athletic Board (4); " W " Club; Class Secretary (4). Thesis — An Oscillograph Study of Insulators. Thorpe Messenger Langley . Superior Commerce BWII Entered as a Sophomore from Superior Normal. Yellow Helmet; Baseball Manager. Thesis — The Development of the Paper Industry in the United States Since 1890. Annie Katheirine Larson Marystille. Mont. Letters and Science ALA Entered as a Junior from Montana State Normal College. Y. W. C. A.: Castalia. Thesis — The Direct Method of Teaching German in the High Schools of Wisconsin. Esther LaSSFOLK Benton Harbor. Mich. Letters and Science A ' I ' Entered as a Sophomore from Kalamazoo College. Thesis — Social Aspects of the Chartist Era as Shown by the Novelists of that Period. Lillian Edith Lawson Letters and Science A-l Menasha Seniors Mabel Irene Lehnoff Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Norma Thesis — Course in Latin. Milwaukee Is Sylvia Leonard Poynette " slivy " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from River Falls State Normal. Thesis — Non-Euclidean Geometry. Fond du Lac Harold Arthur Lewis " loogy " Chemistry ZT. A Xi: Phi Lambda Upsilon; Yellow Helmet; Kappa Beta Phi: Freshman Crew; Varsity Crew (2), " W " ; " W " Club: Mendota Crew Club. • Thesis — The Partition Co-Efficient of Hydrogen Peroxide in Various Organic Solvents. Ritchie David Lewis Sun Prairie " rich " Law Philomathia. Sophomore Semi-Public: Student Con- ference (3); Chief Justice, Student Court (4). Russell Francis Lewis . . Sun Prairie " russ " Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Beloit College. Artus: Student Conference (4). Thesis — Effects of the European War on American Commerce. Theodore Gorman Lewis " TED " . " GIF " Law A A Madison Madison Alfred Clarence Lindauer " AL " . " lindy " A §ricutture Baseball, Freshman Team. Varsity Squad: Mandolin Club: Exposition. Thesis — The Distribution of Man Labor on a Dairy Herd in Wisconsin. Uroqua Albon Blake Lindemann . " linde " Commerce Ki; Entered as a Sophomore from Beloit. Badger Board (4). Thesis — The New York Money Market in 1913. 1, 3 7 Seniors Alexander Toris Linn . Siou hion " TORY " Commerce Thesis — A History of Workingmen s Insurance in Germany. Constance Wood Loar . , Bloominsion. III. " CONNIE " ' Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from Illinois Wesley an Uni- versity. Choral Union. Thesis — Womanhood in Browning. Martyn Clifford Lobdell Mukwona o " DAD " Agriculture Agricultural Literary Society; Band (1). (2). (3); West Dayton Club. Thesis — The Use of Milk Serum in Place of Blood Serum in the Complement Fixation Test for Con- tageous Abortion. Louis S IGMUND LoEB . Mexico City, Mexico " MEX " Engineering Wisconsin Engineer (4); Cadet Corps, Lieutenant (3); Engineers ' Soccer (3); U. W. Engineers ' Club; U. W. Chemical Engineers ' Club; Chemical Engineering Exposition Committee. Thesis — A Comparison of the Current Efficiency. Resistivity. Critical Current Density, and General Behavior of a Copper Cyanide Electroplating Bath Containing only Cyanides with Baths Con- taining Carbonates. Acetates. Sulphites, Etc. William Harrison Loerpabel , Nome, Alaska Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from Michigan College of Mines. Tau Beta Pi. Thesis — Equipment and Development of a Mine in South Dakota. Fred Eugene Lohe .... Manitowoc Commerce Commercial Club. Thesis The Relation of the Aluminum Manufac turer to the Retail Dealer. Ottur, Iowa Fred Palmerlee Loomis Commerce e A X Hespcria; Sophomore Semi-Public Debate; Com- mercial Club. Thesis — Distribution of Madison Milk Supply. Edwin Theodore Lorig . South Milwaukee Engineering Thesis — The Development of Excavating Machinery. 13 8 Seniors Glenn Winfred Lycan Agriculture Acacia Entered as a Sophomore from Whitewater Normal. Thesis — The Practicability of Milking Machines. Georgie Margaret Lyle Madison Letters and Science Castalia. Secretary (3). Vice-President (4); German Play (4); Choral Union (4); Gcrmanistische Gesellschaft (2). (3); Y. W. C. A.; S. G. A. Board (4). Thesis — Customs in Wurtemburg and Bavaria. Harley Wesley Lyon Brandon " boss " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh Normal. Thesis — The Effects of the Presence of Chromium upon the Quantitative Determination of Boric Acid. Milton S Chicago. 111. James Arthur ' Lyons . " art " Commerce ! ' A H Thesis — The Marketing of School Books Joseph James McCormick . . . Milwaukee " mac " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Grace Margaret McGarry . Walworth Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from University of Illinois. Thesis — Folk-lore Element in English and Scottish Folk Tales. Earnest Charles McGill . Superior Medicine Sigma Sigma. Thesis — Development and Topographical Anatomy of the Intestines. J. Gordon McKay .... Madison Law -I ' A A Freshman Blow Out (I): Semi-Public (2); Junior Opener (3); Joint Debate (4); Student Court (4); Secretary (4); Forensic Board. President (4); Athenae. Seniors Robert Clayton McKay . . Huron. S. D. " bob " Commerce bhii Monastics: Kappa Beta Phi; Football (1); Band (I); Dakota Club. President (3). Thesis — Liability of a Corporation for Torts and Crimes. Margaret Br own McKenna . Green Bay " MARGE " Home Economics A Xi Entered as a Sophomore from Michigan Agricultural College. Thesis — Bacteriological Study of Local Ice Cream. John V, ' Mc Kinney " mac " Engineering A TL2 Assistant Editor, Wisconsin Engineer (2). Thesis — Physical Valuations of Public Utilities. Leland ' Sterling IVCcKittrick . . Eau Claire " mack " Medicine Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Friars; Cadet Corps. Major (4). Thesis — Classification of Pathogenic Protozoa. Annis Cleveland McLean Bozeman. Mont. " mac " Commerce A X ! ' Entered as a Sophomore from Montana State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Art. Monastics. Thesis — Possibility of the Development of Water- power in the State of Montana. Mary AlLMAN McMaHON . . Crown Point. Ind. " MARY MAC " Journalism Theta Sigma Phi; Wyslynx; Daily Cardinal (2). Womans ' Editor (3); Consumers ' League. Thesis — An Advertising Campaign. Mabel Jane Mc Murray . . . Madison " MAC " Home Economics Entered as a Sophomore from Yankton College. Euthenics Club; Vice-President (2); Treasurer (3); Country Magazine (4); Taychopera Camp Fire Club. Thesis — Cost Accounting in the Madison General Hospital. Mary Eunice McNeil " may " Letters and Science Castalia. President (4). Thesis — Course in Shakespeare. Stoughton Sen or! Catherine MacArthur . Superior " KATE " Home Economics ATA Euthcnics Club; S. G. A. Board; Senior Invitation Committee. Thesis — Queen Ann Furniture and its Application to the Home. Leslie MacNaughton . ArgyU. N. Y. " MAC " Agriculture Class Football (2); Exposition Committee (4). Thesis — The Efficiency of Pasteurization of Milk in Bottles. I Archibald Earnest Mac Quarrie . . Superior " MAC " Law A f Acacia Entered as a Junior from Superior Normal School. Olin Moot Court; Chairman Senior Memorial Com- mittee: Student Conference (4). Executive Com- mittee Chairman; President Law Association (4). Thesis — Remedies for the Abuses of the Writ of Habeas Corpus. MiNGHAI Ma . Chili. China Letters and Science Thesis — Remarkable Circles of the Modern Triangle. Joseph Frank Machotka . . Muscoda " joe " Agriculture Star and Arrow; " W " Club; Varsity Baseball (2), " W " ; Hesperia; Bohemian Club. President (3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2), (3). Director (4); Ad- visory Council (4). Thesis — The History of the Beef Industry of Grant County, Wisconsin, 1885-1905. Joseph AlOYSIUS MaCHOVEC ' . . Mansion " JOE " , " MAC " Agriculture Edwin Booth, Treasurer (3); Live Stock Club (4); Catholic Students ' Association. President (3); Chairman Senior Play Committee (4). Thesis — The Small Town Milk Supply. Raymond CADY MaCKAY . . Milwaukee " MAC " Letters and Science BHH Vice-Commodore of Crew (3). Commodore (4); Editorial Board 1915 Badger (3), Advisory Board 1916 Badger (4); Vice-President Mendota Crew Club (4): Harcsfoot Play (1). Thesis — History and Development of the United States Merchant Marine. Jane C. Macklem BeloU " JOHNNIE " Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from Beloit College. Thesis — The Historical Elements in Shakespeare. 1«1 Sei rfMHt Mary Elyda Main Music Supervisor K Kr Choral Union. MaJi. Roberta Rice Mann Muskegon. Mich. Letters and Science K A(-) Entered as a Junior from Wellesley College. Glee Club (3); Germanistische Gesellschaft (4): Ex- position Committee; English Department. Thesis — The Prince of Wales Theater. Esther Caroline Mansfield Milwaukee " MANSE " Letters and Science A ' t Entered as a Sophomore from Milwaukee Normal. Badger (3); Cardinal (3); Junior Play (3). Thesis — George Meredith ' s Tragedies. Fernando MaRGARIDA Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico " FERD " Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from University of Louisiana. International Club; President; U. W. Engineers ' Club; Society of Chemical Engineers. Thesis — Reactions of the Sugars. JOSE MaRGARIDA Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico " JOE " Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from Louisiana State Uni- versity. A. S. M. E.; International Club. Thesis — Investigation of the Properties of Kerosene Oil. Harry Alexander Marshall East Troy " ham " Engineering Civil Engineering Society. Thesis — Design of a Reinforced Concrete Building. Howard Parsons Marshall Milwaukee " PEEWEE " . " HOWIE " Letters and Science Bnn Inner Gate: Badger Board (3); Cross Country Manager. Thesis — The Short Stories of Thomas Hardy. Mabel M. Marshall . . . A ' eit York. N. Y. " MARSHALL " Letters and Science AZ A Entered as a Junior from Hunter College. Ski Club (3), (4); Empire State Club (4). Thesis — Sir William Johnson and his Indian Policy. _J k. Seniors 1 Louis James Martell . West Depcre " M ARTIE " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh State Normal. Football. Thesis — A Study of the Intelligence of the White. Indian and Negro Races by the Binet-Simon Scale for Measuring the Intelligence of Young Children. Herbert Lambert Marter Milwaukee " herb " . " LOUIE " Chemistry A XI Phi Lambda Upsilon. Thesis — Method for the Analysis of Babbitt Metal. Ada North Martin . • . LoJi " ADDA " Letters and Science Thesis — The Historv of the Campaign Funds from 1896 to 1912. George Hilmar Martin . . . Milwaukee " DOC " Medicine ' ! K :: Friars; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Corps. Lieuten- ant-Colonel (4). Thesis — Classification of Pathogenic Protozoa. Patrick Henry Martin " pat " Law Scabbard and Blade; Student Court. La Crosse Katherine Martindale Agriculture K KF Entered as a Senior from Smith College. Thesis — A Comparative Study of Text Books Pre- pared to Meet the Requirements of Domestic Science Instruction. ADELE MASTEN Kansas City. Mo. Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Rockford College. Thesis — Points in Relation Between Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. Cornelia Mathews . Brookings. S. D. Home Economics V ' l B Entered as a Sophomore from Crinnell College. Euthenics Club; Castalia. Thesis — Annotated Bibliography on " Domestic Uses of Electricity. " Madison ' ■ Senior! Harold James Matteson . Duluth. Minn. " matt " Commerce Entered as a Junior from Macalcster College. Commercial Club. Thesis — Institutional Accounting of the Wisconsin State Penal. Charitable and Reform Institutions. Mabel Claire Matteson Leon " MIBSE " Letters and Science xu Entered as a Junior from La Cross Normal School. Thesis — Foreign Relations During the Revolutionary War. Emma Louise Matthews Ishpeming. Mich. " Liz " Letters and Science AAA Red Domino. Vice-President (3); Glee Club; Ger- manistische Gesellschaft. Thesis — A Comparison of the Characters of Wagner ' s " Der Nibelungen Ring " with those of Norse Mythology. Maud Eunice MArrHEWS Milwaukee Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Milwaukee Normal School. Thesis — Folk-lore Element in the English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Donald Frederick Mattson Omaha, Neb. " don " , " matt " Agriculture AV Alpha Zeta: Cross Country (2); Chairman, Eligi- bility Committee (2); Inter-Class Sports Com- mittee (2); Invitation Committee (4). Thesis — The Centralizer Creamery. Joseph J. Maucini Chicago. lU. " joe " Engineering Civil Engineering Society. Thesis — Means and Methods of Water Supply and the Design of a Water Supply System. George Andrew Maxey .... Oshkosh " max " Agriculture A 1 ' il Entered as a Sophomore from Oshkosh Normal. Thesis— Problems of a City Milk Plant. Hazelle Irene Mayberry , . Clinton Letters and Science Consumers ' League; Y. W. C. A. Thesis — The Influence of the Metamorphoses of Ovid upon the Tragedies of Shakespeare. 144 Seniors Cataract Alfred Lisle Mavfield Meilicine Thesis — The Topography of the Male Pelvis. HiLDEGARDE MARY MEISEKOTHEN . " HILDA " Letters and Science Thesis — Course in Goethe. Madison ElDGAR MeLZER ' atertoa ' n ECK Law Entered as a Junior Law from Northwestern College. John M. Olin Moot Court. Grace Perkins Metcalf Spring Green Music Glee Club; Choral Union; Castalia; Y. W. C. A. Herman Charles Meyer . . Oshkosh Medicine Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh State Normal. Sigma Sigma. Thesis — Neurology. George Innes Middle ton .... Ripon " mid " Agriculture N Assistant Football Manager (3), Manager (4). Thesis — Tenth Seven Day A. R. 0.; Test of Johanna Colantha 4th. 60986. and a History of the Johanna Family. Edward Frank Mielke . Shauano Medicine Sigma Sigma; Monastics. Thesis — The Anatomy and Physiology of the Liver. Clara Josephine Miller . Racine Home Economics Euthenics Club. Thesis — Review of Experiments of Inexpensive Houses for Working People. 1 Seniors Glayds EJviMA Miller , . Blue River " glad " Home Economics Entered as a Junior from Lawrence College. Thesis — Study of Rugs for Types. Prices. Beauty. Durability and Appropriate Use. Henry Farrand Miller La Crosse " heinie " Pharmacy Entered as a Junior from La Crosse State Normal. Thesis — The Terpenes of Monarda Punctata. Nina Mary R. Miller .... Racine Commerce Thesis — Constructive Accounting. Its Principles and Problems. Hilda Adue Mingle DaUcilU. Ini. Music K A(-) Glee Club. Frad Clair Mink Cassoille " FRITZ " Pharmacy Pharmacy Baseball. Thesis — The Percentage of Extractive in Fluid Ex- tracts of the U. S. P. and N. F. Ellis Monroe .... Yonkers. N. Y. Letters and Science AY Entered as a Junior from Williams College. Athenae; Edwin Booth: French Play (3). Thesis — Standardization of Agricultural Produce. Anna Roseline Moore . Cambridge Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Whitewater Norma! School. Thesis Course — George Meredith ' s Idea of Nature. Roger Emmett Moore . . Madison " rog " Letters and Science. Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Thesis — Free and Forced Vibration of Springs. Seniors 1 William ALFRIX) MoORHOUSF. . Philadelphia. Pa. " AL " . " WILLIE " Agricullurc Entered as a Junior from Pennsylvania State College. Grafters ' Club; Horticulture Exposition Com- mittee (4). Thesis — Marketing of Vegetables. Michael David Moran . . . Madison " MIKE " Medicine Sigma Sigma Thesis — The Anatomy and Physiology of the Serous Membranes. Thomas William Morris . . Madison " tommy " Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore {font the University of Chicago. Thesis — Banking in Oklahoma. Agnes Morrissey Home Economics Thesis — Bacteriology of Dish- Washing. Edward Walter Moses Kansas City, Mo. " ed " , " mose " Letters and Science Red Triangles Entered as Junior from hiarvard University. Associ- ate Editor Wisconsin Magazine (4): Acting Editor- in-Chief. Daily Cardinal (4); Athenae, Vice-Presi- dent (3), President (4); Censor (4); Intercollegiate Debate. Captain of Affirmative Team (4); English Exposition Committee (4); Student Conference Exposition Committee (4); Student Conference (4); War and Peace Conference (4): Stranglers Society (4). Thesis — Requirements Satisfied by Intercollegiate Debate. Arthur Harcolirt Mountain . Madison " mounty " Letters and Science Thesis — The Poetry of Rabindranath Tagore. NoRBERT R. Mueller . . Princeton " fuzzy " Letters and Science AXi: Thesis — The Action of Light on Solutions of Soluble Ferric Phosphate. JeANNETTE MuNRO .... Madison Letters and Science 11 B t ' French Club. Secretary (2): French Play (2); In- ter-Sorority Bowling League President (3). Thesis — Emily Dickinson. Madison = 147 r Seniors Clare R. ' Murphy . . Madison " MURPH " Leilers and Science Entered as a Senior from Ypsilanti Normal and University of Michigan. Choral Union. Thesis — Comparative Study of Work Done in High School of City vs. Country Pupils. Henry Richard Murphy Beaver Dam " HANK " Letters and Science Sigma Delta Chi; Artus; White Spades: Wisconsin Daily News, University Editor (2). Managing Editor (3): Daily Cardinal. Day Managing Editor (3), Board of Directors. Secretary (3), Vice-President (4); 1915 Badger. Classes Editor (3); Student Conference (3): Student Court, Secretary (4); Athenae. Secretary (3). President (4): Freshman Blowout Closer: Semi-Public (2); Oratorical Board of Control (4); Publicity Chair- man. Spring Carnival (3): Program and Special Features Chairman. Exposition (4). Thesis — Social Insurance in France. Cecilia Elizabeth Murray Madison " celia " Home Economics Catholic Students ' Association. Secretary (3). Thesis — The Antiseptic Power of Spices. Frank Edward Mussehl . Jefferson " mussy " Agriculture Agricultural Literary Society; Junior Play; Ex- position. Thesis— Problems in Artificial Incubation. War Ohio Allan Ellsworth Nance . " mike " Engineering Band (I), (2). (3). (4): Orchestra (1). (2), (3); Engineers ' Minstrels: Haresfoot Orchestras. Thesis- — Design of a Concrete Bridge Fred August Nause . . Sheboygan " FRITZ " Medicine Sigma Sigma. Thesis — Development and Topographical Anatomy of the Stomach. Eleanor Bradford Negley Dayton. Ohio Letters and Science Thesis — History of the Commercial Relations of Canada with the United States. Vernus Edwin Nelson . . Argyle " NELLIE " Commerce A Til Entered as a Sophomore from St. Olaf College. Band (3). (4). Thesis — The Foreign Trade of China with Special Reference to the United States. Seniors Lawrence Louis Neumann. . Xcw I ' Im. Minn. " LARRY " Commerce Monastics; Commercial Ciub. Thesis — History of the Regulation of Municipal Utilities in the United States. Emil Herman Neupert . Lak.c Mills " ty " . " neup " Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma; Varsity Baseball (2). (3). (4); Commercial Club. Secretary (3). Treasurer (4). Vice-President (4). Thesis — Legal and Equitable Remedies in Collection of Commercial Claims. Arthur Tempest Newell . Ashland. Moni. " A. T. " , " art " , " bob " Engineering Mining Club. Secretary-Treasurer (3). Vice-Presi- dent (4); Rocky Mountain Club. Thesis —Electro-Chemical Method for the Deposi- tion of Copper Direct from the Ore. KaTHERINE Newman HopedaU. Mass. Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Farmingham Normal, Massachusetts. Thesis — The Relation of Shakesp eare ' s King John to its Sources. MaRJORIE Elizabeth NIND Grand Rapids. Mich. Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from University of Chicago. Thesis — Complete Bibliography of Manual Arts and Industrial Education. Russell WaSSON NOWELS . Columbia City. Ind. " RUSIT " Letters and Science ■i r A Sigma Delta Chi; Monastics; Daily Cardinal (1), (2). (3), (4); Swimming Team (4); Press Club. Thesis — A Study of Indiana ' s Vote Presidential Elections after 1876. the Si: Beacer Dan William Baker Noyes " BILL " Agriculture AY Entered as a Junior from Brown University. Thesis — Dentition of the Horse. Ox and Sheep. Sidney Loesch Oehler . . La{e Mills " SID " Letters and Science A XLl Mortar Board: Theta Sigma Phi: Class Vice-Presi- dent (3); Baseball Captain (1): Bowling Captain (2); W. A. A. Board (3). (4). " W " ; Editor Womans ' Magazine (4): Glee Club (1). (2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3). (4). Vice-President (3): S. G. A. Board. Secretary (3); Castalia: Red Domino; Red Domino- Edwin Booth Play (4). Thesis — Concentration vs. Distribution of State Institutions. 149 Seniors illllllllllllllllllllilllllllll!lllllllil!lilll!ll!liillllli iliMiig i |!i!lii;illl!l!ii|li!ll Thomas Laurence O ' Hora . . Madison " TOM " Agriculture Thesis — A Quantitative Estimation of Soil Acidity. Harr Frank Oldenburg . . . Milwaukee " OLE " Engineering U. W. Engineers ' Club; A. S. M. E.; Steam and Gas Committee. Exposition. Thesis — A Commercial Plant Test. Edna Marie Ollis .... Madison Letters and Science XtJ Thesis — The Geographical Distribution of Indians in Wisconsin. Marshall Raymond Olsen Rice Lake " OLE " Letters and Science Hesperia; Student Conference (4); President. Pres- byterian Students ' Union (4). Thesis — Course in Arnold. Clifton Anton Olson . Eau Claire " CLIP " Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from Northland College. Eta Kappa Nu. Glan Harrison Orr Oregon Agriculture Thesis — Determination of the Variation in Weight Between the Kernels of the Oat Banacle at the Base, Center and Tip. Rhoda Esther Owen Milwaukee Letters and Science IIB-J- Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Wyslynx: Class Vice-President (4); Glee Club (3). " Thesis — History of the Ananias Club. RolLIN Anthony- PaLLANSCH . Fredonia " ROLL " Engineering Mining Club. Secretary (4); A. I. M. E. Thesis — An Investigation of an Ontario Magnetite Ore to Determine its Commercial Availability. L Seniors Franklin Gray Pardee Wausau Engineering ! ' A (-) Entered as a Sophomore from Minnesota University. Yellow Helmet; Mining Club. Thesis — Paragenesis of Zinc Ores of Mississippi Valley. HoRTON Rudolph Parker , Madison Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from Emory and Henry College, Virginia. Chemical Engineering Society. Thesis — Recovery of Manganese Dioxide from Old Dry Batteries. Robert Percival Parsons . Chicago. Ill " grandpa " Medicine Red Triangle Entered as a Junior from University of Illinois. Sigma Sigma. Thesis — Effects of Manganese Salts on Liver Autolysis. Enrique RIZOPATRON . Lima. Peru " pat " Agriculture International Club; Agricultural Soccer Team. Captain (4). Thesis — A General Study of Wool and its Pro- duction. ROSCOE FOOTE PaTT Creslon. Iowa Chemistry A X Thesis — Effect of Weak Acids on the Reaction of Potassium Iodide and Potassium lodate. Florence Beth Patterson . Ml. Vernon. Ohio Letters and Science K AH Entered as a Junior from Wooster University. Thesis — Recent Growth of the English Vocabulary. Irene Rosalind Paul HurUy Mke " Letters and Science Swimming Honors (I); Choral Union (4); Ski Club. Thesis — Journal of John Woolman. His Philosophy of Life. Kenneth Cleland Peacock Oconomowoc " ken " Medicine ! K ' I- Sigma Sigma; Yellow Helmet; Haresfoot Club; Haresfoot Play (2). (3). Thesis — Normal and Pathological Topography of the Lungs. 151 Seniors Walter Anderson Peirce . Madison Engineering Thesis — The Relation of Rainfall to Runoff in Storm Sewer Design in Southern Wisconsin. Archie Marcus Peisch Eau Claire " arch " Commerce Delta Sigma Rho; Athenae; Treasurer (3): President (4). Sophomore Semi-Public, Junior Orator, Joint Debate (4); Wisconsin-Illinois Debate (3); In- ternational Club; Mandolin and Glee Clubs (4); Orchestra (4): Chairman of Requisition. Exposi- tion (4); Peace and War Conference (4). Thesis — The Wisconsin Income Tax. Helen Charlotte Pence Madison Letters and Science K AW Phi Beta Kappa; Orchestra (I). (4); Pythia; Y. W. C. A.; Germanistische Gesellschaft ; Exposition Committee. Latin Department; Horace Trans- lation Prize (2). Thesis — The Relations of Ciceroand Mark Anthony. Stephen Earl Perrine Bis Timber, Mont. " STEVE " Journalism 1 A E Thesis — The Evolution and Development of the News Story Form with Special Emphasis on the " Lead. " Hans August Petermann . . Milwaukee " honus " . " pete " Engineering Civil Engineering Society; Orchestra (2). (3). (4); Mandolin Club (2). (3); Haresfoot Orchestra (2). Thesis — Design of a 3-Span Reinforced Concrete Bridge. Elsie Vogt Peters .... Milwaukee " pete " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Glee Club. Thesis — Goethe ' s Conception of Women. Elsea Jane Peterson , Sioux Falls. S. D. " pete " , " tad " Letters and Science Castalia. Thesis — Course in Shakespeare; Papers on the Eli- zabethan Inn and Elizabethan Women. Harr ' . Arthur Peterson La Crosse Commerce Red Triangles Beta Gamma Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Com- mercial Club; Cadet Corps. Captain (3), (4). Thesis — The Effectiveness of Advertising Appeals to Retailers. 152 Seniors Dorothy Foster Pettibone Burlington Letters and Science A 1 ' Entered as a Junior from Beloit College. Thesis — Sanitation of the Public Fountain. Alfred David Phillips . . Madison " al " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Whitewater Normal School. Catholic Students ' Association. Presi- dent; Country Life Club. Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President. Thesis — A Study of the County Schools of Agri- culture of Wisconsin. ROSWELL Covert PICKEIT . . . Madison Agriculture A V Track (1). (2), (4): Cross Country (2); Glee Club (2). (3); Sophomore Dance: Exposition. Bessie Arabelle Piper . . Madison " BESS " Agriculture Thesis — The Antiseptic Power of Spices. Walter PITZ Manitowoc " BALDY " Agriculture Thesis — The Effect of Gypsum on Leguminous Plants, and the Status of Nitrogen in the Nodules. Helen Loudora Pohle Letters and Science Round Table. Thesis — Course in Ovid. M adison Ruth Marguerite Pohle . Madison Letters and Science Round Table — Secretary-Treasurer (4). Thesis — Course in Ovid. Cornelius Wyman Poor . . Burlington. louc Letters and Science Z ' V 16 3 Seniors Charles Jerry Popelka ... Racine " poppy " En§incerin§ Civil Engineers ' Society. Secretary (4). Thesis — The Design of a Reinforced Concrete Athletic Stadium. Ejdward Christian Portman. Jr. . . Chicago, lit. " ted " , " forty " Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma. Thesis — The Railways of Argentine. Maurice Cecil Poss Chaiianooga. Tenn. " shorty " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from the University of Virginia. Thesis — Methods of Breeding, Feeding and Man- agement of Some Wisconsin Beef Cattle, Showmen and Feeders. Arthur Frederick Pott . Sheboygan " potty " Agriculture Orchestra (I). (2); Live Stock Club (2). Thesis — The EstabHshment and Management of a Herd of Holstein Friesean Cattle. Virgil POSTON Bonne Terre. Mo. " JAKE " Engineering Eta Kappa Nu. Thesis — A Study of the Characteristics of the Secondary Electrical Standard Instruments. Mary Alice Poulter Cumberland Home Economics Entered as a Junior from River Falls State Normal. S. G. A. Board (3). Thesis — An Annotated Bibliography of Recent Re- searches Concerning the Utilization of Amino Acids in the Animal. John Gardner Poynton . Creen Lake " jack " Agriculture Alpha Zeta; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Corps. Captain (3). (4). Thesis— A Study of the Nutrients Required by Fattening Swine. Reginald Lloyd Prees Cambria " REX " , " father " Medicine International Club. Thesis — The Relation of an Epidemic of Septic Sore Throat to the Milk Supply. Seniors Albertine Prince Chicago. III. Leilers and Science AZ A Glee Club; Chicago Club. Thesis — The Remains of Folk-lore in Shropshire. Herbert Frederic Pritzlaff Milwaukee " HERB " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Cornell University. Ger- manistische Gesellschaft; Mining Club; Teologv Club. Thesis — Distribution of Petroleum and its Trans- portation. Ro-i Harrison Proctor Law Thesis — Course in History of Law. Madison Edward Joseph Prucha Mishicot Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Oshkosh Normal. Alpha Zcta; Wisconsin Country Magazine. Associ- ate Editor: Agricultural Literary Society, President: Country Life Club. President. Thesis — Buckwheat Varieties. Time and Rate of Seeding. Bertha Margaret Pugh Racine Letters and Science V Entered as a Sophomore from Bradford Academy. Bowling (3). Thesis — Thackeray. Grace Madeline Pugh Madison Letters and Science AT A Basket-ball: Baseball: Hockey, Swimming: W. A. A. Pin; Badger Board (3): Co-ed Sphinx (3): Y. W. C. A. Treasurer (4). Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Laurence H. Purdy Acoca Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from University of Oregon. Thesis — Stannous Chloride as a Substitute for Copper Chloride for the Absorption of Carbon Monoxide in Gas Analysis. William Rabak Madison Letters and Science A xi; Cadet Corps, Second Lieutenant (3), (4): Band (I), (2). (3), President (4); Orchestra (3), (4). Thesis — A Chemical Study of Prunus Virginiana, Henry Stephen Rademacher . Milwaukee Law Entered as a Sophomore Law. from Milwaukee Normal. Haresfoot Club (3). (4): Gypsy Suzanne (3): Edwin Booth-Red Domino Play (4): Sergeants ' Inn. Senior Bencher (3). (4); Law School Association. Vice- President (4); Haresfoot Show. " Jan " . (4). Thesis — The Development of Law Through the Great Jurists. Henry John Rahmlow . . Appleion " ROMEO " A§ricullure Agricultural Literary Society: Band (1 ). (2). (3). (4); Wrestling (2); Minnesota- Wisconsin Agricultural Debate (3); Exposition (4). Thesis — The Adaptability of Certain Wisconsin Pedigree Grains to the Clay Soil of Outagamie County. TiMON Norton Rasmussen . Ocono " TIM " Phar macy Pharmacy Baseball: Nora Samlag. Thesis — Ampuls. Floyt) Cecil Rath Sparta Medicine Red Triangles Student Conference (4): Prom Committee (5): Hcsperia: Daniels Chemical Society; Rifle Club. Thesis — Course in Anatomy. William Carl Raube .... U ' aupun " bill " Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Engineers ' Club: A. I. E. E. Thesis — Comparative Tests on Magnetic Brakes. JESSEE Horatio Reed . , Bradcnioun. Fta. " jess " Agriculture Sigma Delta Chi; Wisconsin Magazine (3). (4): Wisconsin Country Magazine (4). Thesis — A Criticism of the Agricultural Bulletins Published in the United States. m John Willis Reex Engineering Rosendale Nathan William Reed " bill " Law t A i ' Thesis — Course in History of English and American Law. Seniors Oliver Brltus Reese Spring Green " DOC " Pharmacy Thesis — Anatomv of Cannabis Sativa. 0, conomou ' oc Stuart Walker Reid " STEW " Agriculture Acacia Alpha Zeta; Baseball (I). (4); Senior Memorial Committee. Thesis — Dry Rations for Swine. Richard Theodore Reinholdt , Madison " dick " Law Associate Editor. Wisconsin Daily News (4); Winner Delta Sigma Rho Cup (3); Wisconsin-Iowa Debate (3); Hcspcria, President (4); Prosecuting Attor- ney. Student Court (5). Anita Ejvima Reinking Madison " NIETZE " Letters and Science W. A. A. Swimming Honors (2). Basket-ball (4): S. G. A. Board (1); Pythia, Vice-President (3). President (4). Thesis — Comparative Study of Haustoria. Elizabeth Elsie Reiser . . ll ' ausau " BETTY " Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Lawrence College. Thesis — Some Aspects of Knighthood in the Thir- teenth Century as Depicted in Early German Literature. Winifred Card ReTTGER Terre Haute. Ind. Letters and Science K Aw Mortar Board. Phi Beta Kappa; Junior Play: Ger- man Play (2). (3). (4); Germanistische Gesell- schaft. Executive Council (3). (4); Exposition Committee: Y. W. C. A. Vodvil (3); Co-ed Cardinal. Thesis — Treatment of Heredity in the Modern German Drama. Milwaukee Louis Frederick Relter. Jr. . " dutch " Engineering Orchestra (I). (2). Thesis — Three-Arch Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridge over the Milwaukee River. TeOFILO Reyes Bocaue. Bulacan. P. I. " REYES " Engineering Entered as a Junior from University of the Philip- pines. Thesis — Test of a 6-lnch Centrifugal Pump. 157 Seniors Villi ■■MAil. Edward STORRS ReYNOUJS . Sturgeon Bay " ducky " Agriculture r Monastics; Varsity Crew (3); Agricultural Crew (3); Sophomore Football; Union Board; Mendota Crew Club. Oscar Bertrand Rhyner Laui Osft osh William Richards South BethUham. Pa. " rich " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Lehigh University and Haverford College. Thesis — Sidney Lanier. Frederick. August Richter Bo-.cman. Mont. " fritz " , " rick " Letters and Science Entered as Senior from University of Montana. Mu Sigma Epsilon. ELDA KaTHERINE RIGGERT Reedshurg Letters and Science A .X !.. Junior Play (3); Junior Play Committee (3); Inter- Sorority Bowling. Thesis — The Ballads in Percy ' s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. Roland Howard Risdon West De Pere " RIS " Letters and Science Cadet Corps. First Lieutenant (2). Captain (3). Staff (4). Thesis — Co-operative Delivery Systems for General Stores. Raymond Heinsdorff Rishel . Chicago. III. " ray " Agriculture Live Stock Club; Sophomore Football. Philip Augustus Ritter Miluaukee " PHIL " Chemistry Phi Lambda Upsilon. Thesis — Equilibrium in the System Mercuric Iodide and Pyridine. Seniors Madi: Ralph Roscoe Ritzman " RITZ " Medicine Basket-ball (3): Cross Country (2), (3), (4). Thesis — The Effect of Salts of Manganese on Enzyme Action. Pall Ramsey Roach Rock Rapids, loua " DINGER " Letters and Science KT Yellow Helmet: Freshman Baseball; Varsity Base- ball (3). " W " . Thesis — Reclamation of Arid Lands of the Western United States. Frank Robotka Frankscille " chuck " A ricultuTe Agricultural Literary Society; Bohemian Club. Treasurer (3): Country Life Club. Secretary- Treasurer (3). Vice-President (4). President (4). Thesis — The Rural Credit Situation in Wisconsin. Blanche G. ROBBINS Des Moines. la. Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from Drake University. Hockey Basket-ball; W. A. A.; S, C. A. Board. Thesis — Course. Otto Ludwig. Royal Arlington Roberts " ROB " Letters and Science !■ A I Assistant Editor. 1915 Badger; Haresfoot (3) Athenae. Thesis — The Growth of State Commissions. Philip Kyle Robinson Green Bay " PHIL " Letters and Science Thesis — Financing of Chicago. Rock Island and Pacific Railway. Lawrence M. Robrock St. Louis. Mo. Chemistry Entered as a Senior from University of Illinois. Louis Charles Rockett Engineering Entered as a Junior from Loyola University. Tau ■ Beta Pi. Thesis — Preliminary Investigations for a Public Water Supply from Lake Mendota. Racine Seniors Hiram Herbert Roehm Laurium. Mich. " hi " Agriculture Ice Hockey (1), Numerals; Live Stock Club (4); Exposition. Bacteriology and Veterinary Science Committee Chairman (4). Thesis — The Occurence of the Lactic Acid Organisms Oscar Edwin Siegfried Roeseler Superior " OSWALD " Chemistry Thesis — Equilibrium in the System, Silver Sulpha- tepyridine. HaRR " ! Edward RoETHE Fennimore " RUFUS " Agriculture Baseball (2). (3): Haresfoot Orchestra (3): Band (1). (2). (3). (4), Manager (4); Agricultural En- gineering Exposition Committee. Thesis — Capacity and Freezing Resistance of Vari- ous Types of Silos. Lester Cushing Rogers Oak Park. III. Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Y. M. C. A.. Cabinet (I), (2). (3). President (4): Union Board (3), Vice-President (4) Civil Engineering Society; Mendota Crew Club. Thesis — Losses in Gearing and Overhead Harness of a 30-inch Leffel-Samson Hydraulic Turbine Len- der Various Conditions. MaRILIS RoLLAND Thief Ricer Falls. Minn. Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Moorhead State Normal. Minn. Thesis — Railroad Regulation in Wisconsin Between the Years 1865 and 1875. Bessie Clarke Rood ... Reedsburg " BETTY " Letters and Science AXti Mortar Board; Keystone; Class Vice-President (2); Red Domino. President (3); Red Domino Play (2); Junior Play (3); Edwin Booth-Red Domino Play (4); Badger Board (3); S. G. A.. Treasurer (3). Judicial Board (3); Glee Club (I). (2). Thesis — Juvenile Delinquency in the Boys ' Industrial School at Waukesha. Ross Newman Root " SHORTY " Agriculture Granton Louis Rosenberg Milwaukee " rosie " Chemistry Band (1). (2). (3); Orchestra (2). Thesis — Modern Washing Powders. 160 L- Seniors Mae Ross Superior Letters and Scier}ce AAA Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Downer. Thesis — The Personality of Wolfram von Eschen- bach as Reveled in his Parzival. Sam Irving Roth Milaaukee " SAM " Erigineering Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. Thesis — Test of Pawling-Harnischfeger Company ' s Power Plant. William Edward Roth Mausion " BILL " Letters and Science Varsity Wrestling (3); Undergraduate Mathematics Club (4): Unity Club (3), (4): Germanistische Gesellschaft (2). (4). Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Lester William Rothe . . . Kilbourn " zek " Commerce Entered as a Junior from Carroll College. Mandolin Club (4). Thesis — State Insurance in the United States and in Foreign Countries. Charles SpURGEON ROWE FreJericksiurg. Va. Agriculture Ai: Entered as a Sophomore from Fredericksburg College. Dixie Club. Thesis — A Comparison of Rations for Swine Used for Serum Production. Herbert William Rlsch Portage " HERB " Engineering Thesis — The Development of a Meter for Measur- ing the A erage Value of an Alternating Current. Ida May RlsH Madison Letters and Science A XU Red Domino Club: Edw-in Booth Play (2); Junior Play (3): Edwin Booth-Red Domino Play (4). Thesis — Stage Furniture and Properties. Especially as Indicated by Stage Directions in the Folio Edition of the Plays of Shakespeare. L-rDA .Marie Ryser . . Appleton Letters and Science Germanistische Gesellschaft; Basket-ball (1) Thesis — Cultural Conditions for the Growth of Certain Chlorophyceae. I e n 1 O T s PlilllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllliH A. Edwin SaCKERSON Iron Mountain. Mich. " SACK " Engineering Civil Engineers ' Society; Varsity Baseball (2): Student Conference (3). Thesis — Heat Treatment of Steels. Nicholas Abram Saich Madison " NICK " Engineering Entered as a Junior from Loyola University. Thesis — Preliminary Investigation of Madison Water Supply from Lake Mendota. FeLICITAS SaLESKI ... Meriden. Conn. " FAYE " . " happy " Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from University of Illinois. Basket-ball (3); Germanistsche Gesellschaft. Execu- tive Board (4); Unity Club, Secretary-Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4). Thesis — New Theatre in London. Pans, Berlin and Moscow. Helen Viola Salisbury. . , Ca:enoi ' ia. N. Y. Letters and Science Junior Play; Senior Plav Committee; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2), (3). (4). Raymond Cleveland Salter . Chilton Agriculture Thesis — The Relation of Soil Acidity to Legume Bacteria. Mary HonORA SAYLE Madison Letters and Science A Xti Junior Play (3); Inter-Sorority Bowling (3), (4); Germanistische Gesellschaft (4). Thesis — The Reactions of Necturus to Stimulation of the Skin. Joseph ElIAS SazAMA .... Kewaunee " sazzy " Commerce Entered as a Junior from Stevens Point Normal School. Commerce Club. Thesis — Transportation Conditions in Alaska. Albert Amiel Schaal . . Casscille " AL " Agriculture Alpha Zeta; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Wrestling (2); College Baseball; Wisconsin Country Magazine (3); Agricultural Literary Society. Secretary (3). President (4); Y. M. C. A. Commission (4); In- vitation Committee (4); Student Conference. Ex- ecutive Committee (4); Exposition Committee (4). Thcsis-The Relation of the Catalase Content of the Corn Kernal to the Germinating Strength. Seniors Charles Frank Schimel ... Tisch Mills Commerce Entered as a Sophomore from Oshkosh Normal. Thesis -What Constitutes Discrimination in LiFe Insurance Donald Franklin Schindler Brooklyn. N. Y. " DON " En§ineerins Mining Club. Thesis — Determination of the Vapor Tension of Zinc. Lead and Alloys of Zinc and Lead. Joseph Herman Schlenvogt . . Madison " JOE " , " doc " Agriculture Cadet Corps. Captain (4); Agricultural Literary Society; Country Life Club; Live Stock Club: Soccor Club (2). Thesis — Economics of the Madison Milk Supply. Roman Anton Schmid .... Milwaukee " schmiddie " Engineering Entered as a Junior from Marquette University. Chemical Engineering Society. Secretary-Treasurer Thesis — Recovery of Manganese Dioxide from Old Dry Batteries. Anna Marie Schmidt . Frecpori. III. Letters and Science Round Table; Choral Union. Thesis — Course in Goethe. Edward William Schmidt . New Hohtein " buster " Agriculture Varsity Football (2). (3). (4). " W " ; Wrestling (2); Exposition Committee. Thesis — The Influence of Chlorine on the Composi- tion and Amounts of Sugar in Sugar Beets. Werner Charles Schmook Agriculture Leo Lawrence Schoepf " fritze " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Washington State College. Band (2). (3). (4). Manager (3); Orches- • tra (3). (4). Thesis — The Fuel Consumption of the Farm Type of Internal Combustion Engine and the Cost of Power Plowing. NpiL Tuo Rivers Appleton, Minn, Seniors Carl Harms Schroeder Milwaukee " DUTCH " Agriculture Football (I). (2): Crew (I). (3), " W " : Live Stock Club. Vice-President: Chairman. 1914 Class Rush; Election Committee; Union Vodvil: Exposition Committee. Thesis — Comparative Values of Various Feeds for Beef Production. Isidore John Schulte .... Milwaukee Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma; Class Treasurer (3); Student Conference (3); Student Court (4); Cardinal Board of Control (4); Commercial Club; Executive Committee, Exposition (4). Thesis — The Constructive Side of a System of Ac- counting for the State Hospital. Harry George Schultz . Milwaukee " TILZ " Letters and Science A x::: Cadet Corps. Drum Corps. Director and 1st Lieu- tenant (2). (3). (4); Regimental Band (1), (2), (3). (4); Orchestra (1). (2); Glee Club (1); Haresfoot Club; Haresfoot Play (1), (2). (3); American Sociological Society. Thesis — A Critical Study of the School Organiza- tion of the City of Madison. George Melvin Schwartz . Byron " MEL " Letters and Science Thesis — Triassic Fossil Horizons Near Wingate, New Mexico, with a Description of a New Reptile. Acompsosaurus Wingatensis. Benjamin Otto Schwendener . Milwaukee " schwen " Agriculture Thesis — The Cost of Producing Milk on the Dairy Farm. Clair Osborne Scott . Fort Collins. Col. " jawn " Agriculture ATA Entered as ajunior from Colorado State University. Yellow Helmet. Thesis — The Ratio of Hull to Meat in Pedigreed Barleys. John Adolph Seaman ... Pharmacy AB Entered from University of Arkansas. Senior Class. Pharmacy. Boscohel President. La Crosse Alma Seielstad " seedy " Home Economics Entered as a Sophomore from La Crosse Normal School. Euthenics Club. Thesis — A Comparison of the Different Types of Commercial Gelatine. 16 4 Seniors Harold Edward SEfELSTAD A§riculture Red Triangles Jackson Johnson Sells Law La Crosse Madison Henry ShACOFF Milwaukee " HANK " Medici ne Anatomy Committee. Exposition. Thesis — The Normal and Pathological Topography of the Kidneys. Dan Albert Shaffer Almond " caruse " , " " shaf " Agriculture Acacia Entered as a Sophomore from Ripen College. Band (2). (3). Thesis — The Effect of the Stage of Maturity upon the Germination of Seeds. Esther Shapiro Milwaukee " shuppy " Letters and Science Round Table; Menorah Society (3); Mathematics Club. Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Mildred Florence Shepherd Milwauke " sheppy " Agriculture AAA Pythia: Germanistische Gesellschaft. Ella Marie Shoemaker . . JanestilU " ELY " Home Economics n B ' l- Euthenics Club. Thesis — Bibliography of the Types and Construc- tion of Houses. Nina SIMMONDS Fonlana " NIN " Home Economics S. G. A. Board (4); Wisconsin Country Magazine. Editorial Staff (4); Euthenics Club. Secretary (2). ■ President (4): Taychopera Camp Fire Club (2). Thesis — The Difference in Nutritive Value Between Fruits and Vegetables Canned by Commercial Process and Home Process. 16 5 S e n i o r i Marshall Garfield Simonds . Chicago. III. " plupy " Letters and Science A r Mandolin Club (I), (2). (4): Haresfoot Orchestra (1 ). (3); University Orchestra (2). (3), (4); Union Vodvil (I). Thesis — A Classification of Madison Shrubs with their Use in Landscape Gardening. Emily Sims DodgecilU " EMOC " Letters and Science Thesis — The Part the Joint Conference Committees Played in the Payne- Aldrich Tariff. 1909; the Single Bills. Vetoed by Taft. 1911; and the Underwood Tariff, 1913. ' EiDWARD ArdEN SiPP Watertown " art " , " TEENEY " Engineering Red Triangle U. W. Engineers ' Club; U. W. Aero Club; A. I. E. E.; Student Conference (4). Thesis — An Analysis of Maintenance Expense for Typical Wisconsin Electric Utilities. Merrill Edmund Skinner Madison " SCHIMMEL " Engineering BHll Phi Lambda L ' psilon; Eta Kappa Nu; Athletic Board (3); Sergeant-at-Arms (1). Thesis — Current Relations in High Voltage Porce- lain Insulators. Rachel Llo ' id Skinner . . Madison " ray " Letters and Science Hockey (1). (2). (3). (4); Basket-ball (3). (4); Baseball (1), (3); Swimming (I); " W " ; S. G. A. Judicial Board; Consumers ' League. Thesis — Outline of a Course in Drawing and Design for the Elementary and Secondary Schools. Charles Mervyn Slagg : Cambridge Agriculture Entered from Lawrence College. Milo Joseph Slagg Agriculture Teachers ' Course. Fort Atkinson Eau Claire Marguerite Slawson . Letters and Science Hockey (1). (2), (3), (4); Basket-ball (1). (2). (3). (4); Bowling (1); Swimming (I); Baseball (2), (3); W. A. A,; " W " ; Badger Board; Castalia; Con- sumers ' League. Thesis — Investigation of Poor Relief in Eau Claire. J 66 Senior! Leon SlOTHOWER , . Madison Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Cornell College. Thesis — Supplements to Ear Corn for Fattening Swine. ThEODOSIA May SloTHOWF.R . Denoer. Col. " THEO " Letters and Science AAA Entered as a Sophomore from University of Denver. Castalia (3); Equal Suffrage League. Secretary (4); Germanistische Gesellschaft (2). (3). (4); S. G. A. Board (3); Tennis (2). Thesis — The English People and the Manorial Courts. ASHTON KeLLEY Smith . . Superior " HAM " ' Journalism Entered as a Junior from Superior State Normal. Thesis — An Investigation as to the Way the Mil- waukee Papers Handled the Michigan Copper Strike. Gene III. [LDNA WiNNlFRED SMITH " SMITH-i " Home Economics Entered as a Junior from Rockford College. Euthen- ics Club. Thesis — The Efficiency of Boiling Milk for Short Periods of Time. Elizabeth Mar ' i ' Smith Milwaukee Letters and Science AT Wyslynx: Red Domino. Thesis — George Eliot — Her Women. Frances Louise Smith . Dcs Moines. la. Letters and Science AT A Theta Sigma Phi; Keystone; Castalia (2). (3). President (4); Daily Cardinal (2); Co-ed Sphinx Thesis — Course in Arthurian Romance Helen Mary Smith H ' auwatosa Home Economics W. A. A. Hockey (2), (3). (4); Tennis (2); Baseball (2). (3). " W; Class Secretary (4); Pythia, Secretary (3). President (4). Thesis — Study of the Course in Art Embroidery in the Colleges and Universities. Russell Gilman Smith Chicago. III. ■■r. g. " Engineering Tau Beta Pi; U. W. Engineers ' Club, President (4); A. S. M. E. Thesis — The Chicago Traction Problem. lf::lliilll, 16 7 Seniors Lorraine Culver Spencer AppUion Letters and Science A t Entered as a Junior from Lawrence College. Thesis — A Study of the Disinfecting Power of Ultra-Violet Rays. Glenn David Spoor Kenosha Agriculture Thesis — Time. Rate and Variety Tests with Flax and Soy Beans. WiLLARD MOOREHOUSE SPORLEDER H ' auualosa " bill " Commerce General Chairman 1914 Spring Festival (3); General Chairman Exposition (4): Press Club (4); Band (2); Wisconsin Daily News (3): Cardinal (3); Union Board (3). (4). Treasurer (3). Thesis — The Financial History of the Erie Railroad. Elsie Lalira Springer Mineral Point " zim " Letters and Science Thesis — Course in Goethe. Samuel Harvey Squier Wauwatosa " SAM " Engineering Thesis — Heat Treatment of Steel. Lester Edward Stam ... Waukesha " LES " Agriculture Thesis — The Cost of Milk Production in Cows of Different Ages. Harry Carpenter Stearns . . Racin Engineering A A ' h Thesis — An Investigation of the Properties of Strav and its Uses as Fuel in Farm Engines. Olga May Steig Whitehall Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from La Crosse Normal. Ger- manistische Gesellschaf t : Round Table, Treasurer (3). President (4); Keystone. Thesis — The General Trend of German Instruction in the United States Since 1898. Seniors Hugh Wynne Steiner Letters and Science A KE Scabbard and Blade. iumcy III. Chicago. III. Joseph True Steuer " dutch " Letters and Science A TA Yellow Helmet: Swimming (1). Captain (2). (3). (4). " W " : Student Conference (3). (4); Decora- tion Committee. Prom (3); Reception Committee. Exposition (4); Junior Plgy. Thesis — The Terra Cotta Industry in the United States. Margaret Stevens . . St. Louis. Mo. " PEGGY " Letters and Science K A(-) Entered as a Junior from Harris Teachers ' College. Thesis — Chemical Analysis of Face Powder. Oren Daniel Stiehl Beach. N. D. " nemo " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from River Falls Normal School. Thesis — Mental Measurements. Walter Henry Stiemke . Watertoicn " WALT " Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from Northwestern College. Tau Beta Pi; Yellow Helmet; A. S. M. E.; Ex- position (4). Thesis — The Development of the Pneumatic Malt- ing Plant. Alfred Julius Stirn ... Milwaukee " avie " Engineering HA X Alpha Chi Sigma; Fencing Club; FWT. Thesis — Conditions Governing the Condensation of Zinc Vapors in the Reduction of Zinc Ores. Balti Md. Earl Raimon Stivers " shorty " Engineering Entered as a Junior from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Student Conference (5); Exposition (5). Thesis — Efficiency of Low-Lift Auger Pumps for the Cranberry Marshes. NORRIS Sanborn StOLZTE . . Madison Law } A A •Assistant Editor 1914 and 1915 Badger (3). (4): Student Court (4); Rocky Mountain Club. Presi- dent (3). (4); Hesperia; Sophomore Semi-Public (2): Olin Moot Court Club: Second Lieutenant (3). Seniors Carrington Harlow Stone Chicago. III. " BRICK " Engineering Entered as a Junior from Lake Institute. Chicago. Chicago Club. Treasurer (4); U. W. Engineers ' Club: A. 1. E. E. Thesis — Design and Construction of a Wireless Station for the University of Wisconsin. EiDITH AdRIENNE Stone Madison Letters and Science A ' Entered as a Junior from Kalamazoo College. Thesis — Magic in Goethe ' s Faust. Frank Moore Stone ... Lancaster Letters and Science : A E Daily Cardinal. Business Assistant (1). Assistant Business Manager (2); Assistant Prom Chairman (3); Student Conference (3). Thesis — A Study of the Conditions Governing the Marketing of Hogs in Grant County. Harold Willis Story . " BUCK " Law BWII. !■ A4 . A XX Miluauk,ee ISABELLE BVINGTON STOVER Letters and Science A-1 ' Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Normal School. Thesis — The Classic Period of French Literature. iDELLE Celeste StRELOW . . Madison " ILE " Letters and Science Baseball (I): Hockey (2); W. A. A. (2). (3); Pythia. Thesis — Course in Goethe. William Kimball Strickland . Superior " BILLV strick " Letters and Science A r Entered as a Sophomore from Superior State Normal. Yellow Helmet: Sphinx ( 1). (2). (3); 1916 Badger; Band (1), (2). (3). Thesis — Pattern Making for High Schools. Sylvia Gertrude Stuessy . . . Madison Home Economics Thesis — Action of Heat on the Vitamines of Milk. 17 Seniors Genevieve Stump Whiteuater Letters and Science ' B Entered as a Sophomore from Rockford College. Mystic Circle. Thesis — The Motive of Salvation in the Works of Hauptmann. Edmlnd Julius Slur . Chicago. III. " EDDIE " Agriculture Exposition Committee: 1914 Class Rush. " Cop . Thesis — Comparative Values of V ' arious Feeds for Beef Production. Florence Natalie Swingle MuscoJa Home Economics Thesis — The Harmonious Use of Different Styles of Furniture in the House. George Durban Talbot HiWoujAiy. Ohio " DURE " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Ohio State University. Thesis — Some Factors Affecting the Germination of Weed Seeds. Agnes LaLRA Ta LOR Barron " AGG " Letters and Science AAA Entered as a Junior from Milwaukee Downer College. Thesis — State Mothers ' Pensions, with Special Reference to Barron County. Madison = Clifford Chaffee Ta-ilor Agriculture Entered as a Junior from De Pauw University. Country Life Club: Live Stock Club. Thesis — Price Factors and Fluctuations in the Beef Cattle Market from 1910 to 1915. George Herbert Taylor Chicago. III. " herb " Engineering XT White Spades: Varsity Football (3), (4). " W " ; Swimming (2). (3). Captain (4), " W " ; Star and Arrow: Junior Prom Chairman: Sophomore Dance Chairman: Kappa Beta Phi. Thesis — Mechanical Means of Purifying Smoke and Fumes. Olive Elizabeth Thauer Watertoun " OLLIE " Letters and Science ATA Entered as a Sophomore from Lawrence College. S. G. A. Board(3): Y. W. C. A. Thesis — Developmentof Knickerbocker s Magazine. Seniors Marie Anne Thielman Wesi Send Letters and Science Glee Club (2). (3), (4); Germanistische Gesellschaft ; S, G. A. Board (3). Thesis — Course in Ludwig. Edward John Thomas . Riecr Falls " tomm:e " Commerce Thesis — A Criticism of the Advertising of Gold Medal Flour from 1866 to June 1915, Inclusive. Joseph Peter Thomas Kenosha Commerce Commercial Club. Blanche Lucile Thompson Shullshurg " bish " . " tommy " Music Choral Union. Elmer Clarence Thompson . . Wyocena " tommy " Agriculture Freshman Basket-ball; Freshman Baseball: Varsity Football (2); Varsity Basket-ball (2); Sophomore Basket-ball: College Baseball (1). James Everett Thompson . . Madison " TOMMIE " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Cornell College. Thesis — Standard Tests in History. Jessica Agnes Thompson . Madison Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Sinsinowa. Thesis — Grading of Doyle Tests. Louis Charles Thomsen " LO UIE " Agriculture Thesis — Agricultural Education. Medjord 172 Seniors Merville Spoor Thompson Miluauk,ee " merve " Engineering .1« KT Yellow Helmet: Harcsfoot Play (I). (2). (3); Hares- foot Club. President (4); U. W. Chemical Engineer- ing Society. Thesis — The Washing of Precipitates in Filter Presses. Norman Burr Thompson Miluaukee " tommy " Engineering ■t ' KT U. W. Chemical Engineering Society. Thesis — The Washing of Precipitates in Filter Presses. Thomas DeColon Tifft ii ' auuatosa " tommy " Engineering K ' ' I ' Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu: Student Conference (4); A. S. M. E. Frank William Tillman " TILLY " Commerce il I ' A Beta Gamma Sigma; Monastics; Swimming (I). (2) (3), (4). Manager (4); Circulation Manager Wisconsin Magazine. Thesis — The Merchant Marine. Eau Claire = John Christian Tingvold " ting " , " jack " Commerce Commerce Club: Nora Samlag: Commerce Baseball (2), (3); Manager (3); Athletic Board (4); Union Stand (2). Manager (3). (4); Commerce Exposi- tion Committee: Chairman. Ice Carnival (4). Thesis — Advertising Policies of the Sherwin- Williams Co. Walteji Stanley Todd Tabor. Iowa " talt " Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from Tabor College. Thesis — Design of a Water Supply System for South Madison. Eben Henry Toole ... Baraloo Letters and Science Hesperia. Thesis — The Development and Removal of Food Reserves in Leguminous Seeds. Jacob TRANTIN. Jr Madison " JAKE " , " YOUNG JAKE " Engineering U. W. Chemical Engineering Society. Thesis — Metal or Alloy to Resist Corrosion in Zinc Chloride Solution. La Crosse Seniors Helen Edna Treakle . Madison Letters and Science Castalia, Secretary (4). President (4). Thesis — Factors Governing Sexual Reproduction in Chlamydomonas. John McClelland Trembly Madison " JAWN " Letters and Science Artus; Philomathia. Secretary (2). Treasurer (3). Vice-President (3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3): Union Board (2), (3). Thesis — The Efficiency of Child Labor Legislation and Administration. Max Rudolph Hendrick Treu. Johannesburg. So. Africa Agriculture International Club; Glee Club. Soloist. Thesis — The Success and Failure of Four Pouchry- men. Dorothy Trowbridge Viroqua Letters and Science A ■! Entered as a Junior from Beloit College. Castalia. Thesis — A Comparison of Mythology in Ovid with Mythology in English Writers. Yu MEI Tseng Haimen Hsien. China " willy " Chemistry Thesis — Chinese Sauce: Its Manufacture and Com- position. Helen Caroline Ulrich . . La Crosse " dutch " Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from La Crosse State Normal. W. A. A. Hockey (3). Bowling (3). Thesis — Das Demetrius Problem in Paul Ernst ' s Drama Demetrius. Robert Wayne Uphoff . Cottage Grace " bob " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Northwestern College. Thesis — Course in Mathematics. Vincent Jewell Vallette Engineering Thesis — Mechanics of Wood Goshen. Ind. 174 S e D i o r i Grace Lenice VanNatta . Plaiiccilh Chemistry Entered as a Junior from Platteville Normal. Thesis — The Determination of Cerium by Titration with Potassium Permanganate. LouiNA Montague Van Norman Milwaukee " LOUIE " . " VAN " Letters and Science Entered as a Senior from University of Minnesota. Y. W. C. A. Publicity Committee. Thesis — The Development of the Clown or Comic Character in English Drama from Earliest Times through Shakespeare. Frederick Rice Wahl MHwauke Law Haresfoot Play " 1913. Harold Ray Walker Madison " walker " , " walk " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from River Falls State Normal. Alpha Zeta; Glee Club (4). Thesis — Co-operative Marketing of Stock in Wis- consin. Lillian May Wallace Mineral Point Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Platteville State Normal. Thesis — Carl Schurz as a Reformer. Marvin Weil Wallach Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh State Normal. Artus; Junior Oratorical Winner: Philomathia: Student Conference (4); Press Club. Thesis — Economic Background of Wisconsin Judi- ciary. Everett Leroy Walters Calesburi. III. " WALT " Letters and Science ::; A E Entered as a Junior from Illinois State Normal. College Crew. (3). Thesis — A Comparative Study of Present State Legislation on Public Utility Regulation. Louise Warner .... Keuanee. III. Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Southern Illinois Normal School. Thesis — Course George Meredith. Oshkosh Seniors ai i!l l:i!!!!||l!i!! ' !;li!r5i|l!i!3Hli||lll RoLLiN Aldrich Warner Madh " honk " Letters and Science A r. «l ' A A Haresfoot (3), Treasurer (4). Thesis — Designs for Lower Grade Craft Work. Florence Giddings Watson . River Forest, III. " BOBBIE " Letters and Science Pythia; Junior Ex (3); Co-ed Editor Atfiletic Bulletin (2): Glee Club; Suffrage League Cabinet; Chicago Club. Secretary (3); W. A. A. Pin (3). Thesis — The Social Aspect of the Motion Picture as a Recreative Project. GUSTAVE Hugo WaTZKE Madison Engineering Chemical Engineering Society. Thesis — Electroplating on Aluminum. Charles Nicholls Webb Lancaster Letters and Science Thesis — The Picaresque Novel in America. LiLAH Marguerite Webster llaco. Texas Letters and Science A Xil Theta Sigma Phi; Red Domino; Glee Club (1); " The Girl with Green Eyes. " Thesis — Character Study in David Copperfield. Bertha Mary Weeks Letters and Science K Kl ' Rac Carl Frederick Wehrwein Manitowoc Agriculture Sigma Delta Chi; Wisconsin Country Magazine. Editor-in-Chief; Country Life Club. President (3). Thesis — A History of the Agriculture of the Town of Newton. Manitowoc County. Wisconsin. Harry Albert Weingartner . Madison Agriculture Alpha Zeta. Thesis — The Influence of Ground Limestones and Pure Carbonates of Calcium and Magnesium Applied to Acid Soils on the Growth and Nitrogen Content of Alfalfa. hii Seniors Grant Roberi Wells Oaifidd Engineering Entered from Oshkosh Normal. Eta Kappa Nu; Engineers ' Minstrels; A. I. E. E. Thesis Investigation of the Effect of Submergence and Length of Weir Box on the Discharge of a Submerged Orifice. Ernest PaL ' L WENSTADT Shawano " CHARLIE " Pharmacy Entered as a Junior from Shawano High School. Pharmacy Baseball; Exposition Committee (4). Thesis— Spirits. Pharmaceutical. Ra vmond Clarence Werner Milwauk Letters and Science Thesis — The Fur Trade in Wisconsin. Herbert William Wesle . . Medjord " WES " Engineering Band (1). (2). (3). Thesis — Effect of Varying Velocity of Water in a Closed Pipe upon the Co-efRcient of a Pitot Tube. Burton Ra-imond Weston Mason Cny. loua " DOC " Medicine Sigma Sigma. Thesis — The Effect of the Halogen Derivatives ot Methane on Autolysis ot the Liver Tissue. Geneva. III. M Leo Richard Wheeler Engineering Civil Engineering Society. Thesis — Design of a Reinforced Concrete Building Clarence Fred Whiffen . Sheboygan " WHIFF " Letters and Science Artus; Philomathia. Freshman and Sophomore De- bate Closer; Orchestra (2); Student Conference Thesis — Regulation of the Hours of Labor of Man. Earl Howard Whitcomb . . Rioer Falls " jack " Law Acacia Entered as a Junior from River Falls Normal. Monastics. Seniors AdDIE M. White Madison . Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Northern Illinois State Normal. Harry Gordon White Milwaukee " brownie " Commerce A Til Monastics; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Corps, First Lieutenant (2). Captain (3); Chairman Finance Committee. Military Ball (3); Commerce Base- ball (I). (2); Sophomore Pipe Committee. Thesis — Advertising Campaign ot William Wrigley. Jr. Rachel Effie White ... Rhinelander " ray " Letters and Science Entered as a Sophomore from Lawrence College. Thesis — The History of the Smoot Case. Vila Elizabeth White . . Madi: " vi " Music ATA Orchestra. Nellie MaNDI WIGHTMAN Richland Center Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Whitewater Normal. Thesis — The Laboratory Method of Training Teach- ers for Rural Schools. Perry Wadsworth Wilder ■ . Madison Engineering Robert Pinkerton Willan Eau Claire Agriculture Chester Albert Williams Fond du Lac " chet " Agriculture Live Stock Club. Seniors Garvin Daniel Williams . Cambria " UAITLER " Chemistry Entered as a Junior from Ripon College. Joseph Lucas Williams Gcr oa Junction Agriculture m Louis Howell Williams " LOU " Engineering ' PI- Lal c Kcgonsa Verle E ' Mon Williams ■ " . . . Madison " monk " Engineering Entered as a Sophomore from Ripon College. Band (I). (2). (3). (4); Orchestra (3). (4); Glee Club (3). (4). Thesis — Electric Starters for Automobiles. Wilfred Hamilton Williams . . Whiteicaier " peg " Commerce B(-)II Entered as a Sophomore from Whitewater State Normal School. Band. Thesis — Increasing Efficiency of the Sales Organiza- tion. RlTH WilLITS Mt. Pleasant, loua " RUFUS " Letters and Science AZ A Entered as a Senior from Iowa Wesleyan College. Girls ' Glee Club (4). Thesis — History of Railroads in the State of Iowa Prior to 1873. Inez SeARLES WilLSON Duluth. Minn. Home Economics Entered as a Junior from Smith College. Stanley Miller Wilsey Newark. N. J. " STAN " , " bloodhound " Agriculture A K E Entered as a Junior from Rutgers College. Varsity Gym Team. ,A. Seniors Graham Eugene Wilson ... Viola Agriculture Thesis — Influence of Width of Drill Rows on Yield of Grain. LUELLU MiNETT WlNANS Madison Home Economics Entered as Advanced Freshman from McKendree College. Euthenics Club, Membership Secretary. Thesis — Sanitation of Bakeries, their Present Needs and Future Possibilities. Ruth Edna Winkley Wausau " SQUINK " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh State Normal. Thesis — -Arthurian Romance. Clinton Raymond Wiseman . . Benton Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Platteville State Normal. Wisconsin- Minnesota Agricultural De- bate (3); Agricultural Literary Society. Thesis — Receipts and Prices of the Chicago Hog Market from 1905 to 1914. ARNO WiTTICH . , Milwaukee " ARNI " Agriculture Alpha Zeta; Swimming (I): Crew (I), (2), Captain (3); Mendota Crew Club. President (4); Star and Arrow; White Spades. Thesis lnvestigations of Plant Growth in a Sandy Soil with Varying Water Tables. Benjamin Frank Wood . Fond du Lac ■ " ben " Agr iculture Philomathia; Grafters ' Club; Exposition Committee. Thesis — Landscape Gardening Materials Used in Vilas and Tenney Parks. Frederick Wood Zionscille. Ind. Letters and Science Thesis — -Mathematics. Overton Sidney Woodward Richmond. Va- " woody " Agriculture Entered as a Sophomore from Richmond College. Dixie Club. Treasurer (2); Student Conference (2). 18 Seniors Ivan Morris Wright .... H aukesha " I. M. " Asricullure Wisconsin Country Magazine. Business Manager (4); Agricultural Literary Society. Treasurer (2), President (4); Presbyterian Students ' Alliance (4); Circus (2). Thesis — Speculative and Real Values of Farm Crops. Helen Louise Wl-rdemann Milwaukee " WLIRDIE " Lelters and Science A3: A W. A. A. Basket-ball. Baseball. Swimming; Co-ed Sphinx (2); Prom Committee (3); French Club; Exposition Committee. Thesis — Course, Mededith. Emugene Elaine Wvman Ashland " EMMA jane " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Superior State Normal. Thesis — A Study of Newspaper Technique. John Barlow Youmans Mu uonago " jack " Letters and Science Entered as a Junior from Carroll College. Thesis — Halogen Substitution Products of Stearic and Palmitic Acids. KWANG Pi Young Tientsin. China " K. P. " . " MONGLAI " Chemistry International Club; Chinese Students ' Club. Thesis — A New Method for the Qualitative and Quantitative Separation of Aluminum from Zinc. Clarence William Zachow , CUntoncHle " BILL " Engineering Thesis — Development of Oil Burners. Oscar Carl Zilish .... II aiertoun Journalism Entered as a Sophomore from Northwestern College. Watertown. Cardinal. Reporter (2). (3); Exposi- tion Advertising Committee (4); Press Club; Student Assistant in Journalism. Thesis — Tendencies in the Structure and Style of News Stories. ■Vera Charlotte Zuehlke Bimamuood Pharmacy Pharmacy Vice-President; Exposition Committee. 181 Juniors - M 9T - tMo- -a — iqif- Cummings JU(NIOR FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Leo B. Cummings . Marion E. O ' Neil Stevenson P. Lewis Geore E Booth Melvin H. Hass SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Lynwood H. Smith Helen J. Zillmer . Kenneth D. Carter Lewis P. McGilvary Leo B. Cummings . President Vicc-Prchident Secretary Treasurer Scrgeanl-al-Arms President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Serjeant-at-Arms ONeil Zillmer Carter McGilvary 182 m Juniors Dow Harv Peggy 0-Ne Paul McMaster Cub Buck Helen Aurland Eddie Stavrum Juniors Babe Jackson Harriet O ' Shea Hckn Zillmer Billy Clifford 184 Junior: Al Kessenich Charlotte Bodman Ward Freeman Arlie Mucks Anita PIcuss John Frazee 18 5 Junior! f i t . Rf a I I 1 1 ' fc H 1 ■- v™ 1 R ,— — " Ruth Glassow George Lev Ruth Boyle Crawfotd Wheeler 186 Sophomore s OFhonona FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Henry M. Powell Helen A. Barr Louis G. Kreuz Victor H. Engelhard Robert M. LaFollette President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ser§eant-at-Arms SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Harold G. Olson . President Katherine T. Whitney Vice-President Keith S. McHugh Secretary George S. Baldwin Treasurer Henry M. Powell . Serjeant-at-Arms Kreuz Engelhard Whitney McHugh 18 7 Sophomores Bob LaFollette Katt Whitney Hank Pow Haiold Olson H len Barr 188 Sophomores l Johnnie Mitchell Mead Durbrow Ray Albright Moose Gaidner nore Kamsay Louis Kreuz C 1 a s s e ! The Rush 190 Classes 1 iw-. ' I ' •«MKM ' «HK4 ©• ■ ■ - r • i 1 ' I T- ' . ■ • 1 . ' l ) m- ' i Lots of Pep n Freshmen ■W. |. S-r ' le ln.i— . .Qlf. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Serjeant-at-Arms Smith Goethcl FRESHMAN TRADITIONS Major Traditions 1. No freshman shall wear a derby or stiff hat except on Prom night. The prescribed green cap shall be worn in the fall between registration and November 1st, and in the spring between Easter Sunday and the end of examinations. 2. Freshmen shall not sit or lean on the gym fence. 3. Between the first of November and Easter every freshman shall wear on his coat lapel a small green button with a red center. 4. No freshman shall be impertinent to an upperclassman. Minor Traditions 1. No freshman shall smoke on the university grounds except in the Wisconsin Union before May 1 . 2. No freshman shall carry a cane unless physically disabled. 3. No freshman shall wear corduroy trousers. 4. No freshman shall sit or loiter on the steps of any university building. 192 ■i Athletics Athletics President Vice-Preside ' nt Secretary Martin Thomas Kennedy Albert Jenness Dexter Claude N. Maurer Non " W " Men -V George Edward Booth John Charles Tingvold Fred M. Distelhorst Morris S. Cohn Claude N. Maurer " W " Men Ray Monroe Keeler Football Robert N. Hedges Track Edward J. NEUENSCHWANDER Baseball GUST AV BOHSTEDT . Crew Ernest 0. LANGE . . Basket-ball ATHLETIC COUNCIL Professor George Wolf Ehler, Chairman Professor Murray Charles Beebe Professor Charles Henry Bunting Professor Max Mason Professor James Francis Augustus Pyre Professor Max Mason Professor James Francis Augustus Pyre Cohn Maurer Keeler Langc Dexter Kennedy Tingvold Booth Goldie Hedges Distelhorst NeuenschwandeT _■ ' Bohstedt 193 Athletics N)l£ l s i ' " ' 1915 Harry C. ANDERTON, Gymnastics, 3 George H. Anderson, Basket-ball, 3-4 Frank L. Bellows, Football, 2-3-4 GUSTAV BOHSTEDT, Crew, 2-3 ALFRED P. Booth, Swimming, 3-4 Carl H. CASBERG, Crew, 3 Hoy B. Clayton, Crew, 2-3 Albert J. Dexter, Crew, 2-3 Charles W. Evert, Crew, 2 TUVE FLODEN, Basket-ball, 4 Edward A. Gelein, Football, 2-3 William B. GOLDIE, Track, 2; Cross Country, 2-3 Robert N. Hedges, Track, 2-3 Harry J. HERZOC, Baseball, 2-3 Ray M. KEELER, Football, 2-3-4; Track, 2-3 Martin T. Kennedy, Crew, 3; Foot- ball, 3-4 Barney Knudsen, Track, 2-3 Ernest 0. LANGE, Basket-bail, 3-4 Harold A. Lewis, Crew, 2 Earl LIDDLE, Baseball, 3 Clarence G. Jewett, Baseball, 3 Thorpe M. LANGLEY, Baseball, 4 Joseph F. MACHOTKA, Baseball, 2 Raymond Mackay, Crew, 4 George I. Middleton, Football, 4 Howard P. Marshall, Cross Country. 4 Christian J. Otjen, Crew, 3 Paul R. Roach, Baseball, 3 Harry W. Reiger, Football, 4 William E. Roth, Wrestling, 3 Edward W. Schmidt, Football, 4 Carl H. SCHROEDER, Crew, 3 Joseph T. STEUER, Swimming, 2 Alfred J. STIRN, Fencing, 4 George H. Taylor, Football, 3-4 Swimming, 2-3 ARNO WiTTlCH, Crew, 2-3 1916 Lemuel R. BOULWARE, Baseball, 2 George A. Benish, Track, 2 John B. Brown, Crew, 2 Howard Buck, Football, 2-3; Wrestl- ing, 2 Leo B. CumMINGS, Football, 2-3 George F. Davy, Football, 2 Ward Freeman, Wrestling, 2-3 William D. Harvey, Track, 2-3; Cross Country, 2 Richard H. GaRLING, Gymnastics, 2-3 MELVIN H. HASS, Basket-ball, 2-3 George W. Levis, Basket-ball, 3 Herbert J. Moon, Baseball, 2 ARLIE M. Mucks, Football, 3 Edward J. NEUENSCHWANDER, Base- ball, 2 Thomas B. Noble, Gymnastics, 3 Harold L. Rau, Football, 3 Roy H. Schmidt Wrestling, 2 LYNWOOD H. Smith, Football, 3; Basket-ball, 3 Edwin R. Stavrum, Football, 2-3 Ray E. Williams, Track, 3 1917 Malcolm E. Galvin, Football, 2 Milton L. Gardner, Football, 2 Louis G. Kreuz, Football, 2 Henry J. Olson, Basket-ball, 2 Athletics The " W " Men First Row -Sttucr. Evert. Haas. Lange. Lewis, Freeman. Bohstcdt, Wittich.Schroeder. Casbcrg. Mueller, John. Second Row — Otjen. Holmes. Williams. Knudsen. Ferry. Benish. Harvey, Hedges. Becker. Goldie. Brcsnahan. Third Row — Mucks. Kennedy, Taylor. Marshall. Middleton.Stavrum. Gal v in. Kreuz. Kelly. Schimidt. Gardner, Perry. Fourth Row — Breckenridge, Rau, Davis. Smith, Mc Master. Bellows. Keeler. Buck. Tormey. Cummings. Gelein. Fifth Row — Anderson. Boulware. Moon. Neuenschwander. Slaby. Herzog. Roach. Payne, Machotka. Kleinpell. Bragg, Dietzc. Hugh M.1C Arthur 19 5 --J A t h 1 e t i c £ Frank L. Bellows Hoy B. Clayton . Emil H. Neupert Carl H. Schroeder 1915 Basket-ball 2-3 Football 2 Baseball 2-3 Football 2 1916 Newell S. Boardman Crew 2 George E. Booth Basket-ball 2 Lehn L. Brown .... Basket-ball 2-3 Ward B. Freeman Football 3 Alois M. Kessenich . Football 2 Austin R. Mathews . Track 2 Harold H. Huston . Track 2 Verne L. Stephenson Basket-ball 2 Dana W. Walsh .... Football 3 Edward F. Voss .... Basket-ball 2 1917 Stuart C. Lawson Raymond J. McCrory Cross Country 2 Football 2 Athletics 1 A Review of the Athletic Year BY Arnold Jackson A resume of the athletic year up to the time the Badger goes to pressshows that Wisconsin has not attained the success thus far in the 1914-15 season that she has in the past few years. Since the 1912 renaissance in Wisconsin athletics, when four major sport championships were won, alumni -and undergraduates have be- come so accustomed to seeing the Badger teams triumph over their rivals that the success of this year ' s teams did not come up to their expectations. The wonderful eleven developed by Coach Zuppke of Illinois deprived Wis- consin of whatever chance she would have had of sharing the title with Illinois and Minnesota. The ' defeat at the hands of the latter team also took the starch out of Wisconsin ' s aspirations, but the great battle against Chicago was a source of joy for the rooters, and considerably lessened the sting of the other defeats. The remarkable showing of the green basket-ball team which finished in third place, and which, untd near the close of the season, threatened the leaders, was a surprise, unaccustomed as the followers of the team are to seeing it in anything but first place. The baseball team proved its superiority over the leading nines by defeating Chicago twice and Illinois once, but lost the championship through inability to play the same brand of ball against the weaker teams. The track team, with its few individual stars, made a hard fight for the title, but again it was a case of " too much Illinois, " and the better balanced team forced Captain Wahl ' s boys out of the lime light. For the first time in several years Wisconsin ' s runners were not the first to cross the line in the Annual Conference Cross Country run. but an occasional defeat in any sport is necessary to keep up the interest. The poor showing of the crews on the Hudson was a bitter disappointment to all water sport enthusiasts. Its never-say-die spirit was expected to some day give Wisconsin a crew superior to any other. The swimming team, in spite of the ample supply of water on hand, found the going pretty hard, and once again the conference officials counted three times before they called Wisconsin. H O fans, however, have hopes that the mermen will bring back the championship in 1916. Coach McChesney and his gym team saved Wisconsin ' s rep for this year. With the best balanced team it has had in years the varsity easily defeated its opponents and thereby attracted more interest to this sport than it has received in many a day. The results obtained during the past season are not very satisfactory, but the prospects of a winning baseball team and of a strong track team that may yet close the season in glory, are worth contemplation. With excellent football and basket-ball material for next year, Wisconsin should again take her place at the top in these sports, provided that eligibility does not deprive the teams of their stars. 19 7 Athletics The Athletic Department Dr Meanwcli Dr. Ehler Biiiv Richardson The Office 19 8 Athletics The Department of Physical Education BY George Wolf Ehler To the old alumnus and the new student " Physical Education " has connoted " gym, " a hated routine of mechanical movements without rhyme or reason, a task to be avoided if possible, to be endured if necessary. The present generation of students, however, have found that even " compulsory gym " may be a thing of pleasure and joy and that the best physical education for the average person is secured through the various forms of vigorous -play that we call " athletics. " They have also learned that all of our intramural and intercollegiate sports and games are but phases of real physical education and insteadof being " mere " play or recreation, " incidents in the life of the student, " are activities having high values as educational and social agencies. The young man or woman who leaves the University without cojisiderable practice of some of these events under competitive conditions, fails to secure certain vital experiences for which there are no substitutes. The chief efforts of the department have been directed during the past four years toward four ends: — 1. The largest possible participation of the student body in games. 2. Efficiency, success, and true sportsmanship in intercollegiate athletics. 3. Increasing the supply of trained and efficient teachers and coaches for schools and playgrounds. 4. Adequate facilities to enable every student to secure at least one hour of vigorous exercise daily. The extent to which these ends have been attained may be judged somewhat from the following facts: — 1. Sixty-two per cent of all undergraduates, both men and women, were enrolled in the department ' s activities during the first semester 1914-1915. 2. Since October, 1910. intercollegiate Conference Championships have been won as follows; Previous to 1901. 3. Starting in Baseball Basket-ball Cross Country Football Gymnastics Track 1910 Wisconsin had but 1912 1912, 1913-tie. 1914 1910. 1912. 1913 1912 1913 1913 (Indoor) one major championship, football. for il t r special training in 911. the number of students enrolled physical education has increased from twenty-four to sixty-five at present. Eight students, four men and four women, secured positions in 1914 at salaries ranging from $900 to $1,800. 4. Plans have been adopted with the approval of the Regents which, if sanctioned by the Legislature, will give opportunity for twelve games of football, soccer or field hockey, and forty-three games of tennis at the same time, which with other facilities will provide practice for 750 students per hour. Only the conscientious and skilful service of a corps of high class instructors and coaches whose employment and retention are due to the generous support of President Van Hise and the Board of Regents, together with the support and co- operation we have had from students, alumni and faculty, have made possible the department ' s progress during the last five years. ' Athletics Wisconsin Coaches Vnil Jones JK :% 200 bii Athletic! 1 Wisconsin Coaches - • 1P Hind man McChesncy Schlatter Athletics Wisconsin Managers George Middleton Randolph Payne Robtrt Stafford Roland Homet Howard Marsh Karl Schweizer 2 2 Athletics Tubby Kecler OFFICERS Raymond Monroe Keeler George James Middleton Hartwick Stang . William Joseph Juneau Earl Sidney Driver . Thomas Wilson . Edwin R. Stavrutvi Howard Buck Paul H. McMaster Edward W. Schmidt Martin T. Kennedy Arlie M. Mucks Milton L. Gardner Raymond M. Keeler William M. Kelly Harold L. Rau Frank L. Bellows Raymond J. McCrory Leo B. Cummings George H. Taylor George Booth Louis G. Kreuz . Malcolm E. Galvin Harry W. Rieger Lynwood H. Smith Ward Freeman Albert C. Weimer RECORD Wisconsin, 21 Laurence, Wisconsin, 78 Marquette, Wisconsin, 14 Purdue, 7 Wisconsin, 7 Ohio State, 6 TOTAL Wisconsin ...... Opponents ...... PERSONNEL W W W W W W W W W W W aWa W W W w W w w aWa aWa OF GAMES Wisconsin, Wisconsin, 3 Wisconsin, 9 POINTS Captain Manager Assistant Manager Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Left End Left Tactile Left Guard Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Guard Right Tackle . Right End Right End Quarterback, Quarterback, Left Halfb ack Left Halfback Left Halfback Fullback Fullback Fullback Right Halfback Right Halfback Right Halfback Chicago, Minnesota, 14 Illinois, 24 122 51 2 4 Athletic! The 1914 Varsity Football Team First Row — Cu minings. Kelley. Buck. Mucks. Gardner. Walsh, Mc Master. Rieger Second Row — Stang (Ass ' t Mgr.). Dr. Mid die ton. Freeman, Cohn, Clayton, Schmidt, Kreuz, Galvin, Steinauer (Trainer) Third Row — Middleton (Mgr.). Breckenridge. Taylor. Keeler. Bellows, Kennedy. Juneau (Coach) Bottom Row — Stavrum, Rau. Smith. Weimar, McCrory Athletics The Lawrence Came Athletics 1 A Critical Moment A Line Drive Athletics Bellows Hitting The Line Old Style Football 2 8 H Athletic! 1 Hit Em LoM Tubby Gets in the Way ao9 Athletics Two Stone Walls An Open Play 2 10 Athletics Four Yards to Victory What the Officials See 111 jfci W- ■ ' ■ 1 ' ' - ' Sn Athletic! Russell Tries To Break Away Cummlngs Circling the End 2 13 A t h 1 e t i c s The Band Frosh 2 13 Athletic! 1914 W Football Men Tubbv Kcekr Right Tacklf. Varsity 3 Height b ft . age 23 Weight 185 Cub Buck Left Tackle, Varsity 2 Height 5 (t. 10 in., age 22 Weight 193 Buck Bellows Quarterback. Varsity 3 Height 5 ft. 9 in-, age 22 Weight lb3 Tom Kennetfy Center. Varsity 2 Height 5 ft. 11 ' .. in., age 25 Weight 172 Arlie Mucks Right Guard. Varsity 1 Height 6 ft. 2 4 in., age 23 Weight 253 SCB Jack Cummings Left Half, Varsity 2 Height 5 ft. 11 in., age 26 Weight 170 :j@j|-| Herb Taylor Left Half. Varsity 2 Height 5 ft. 7 in , age 23 Weight 130 Cs Paul McMaster Right Guard, Varsity 2 Height 6 ft,, age 20 Weight 193 Eddie Stavrum Left End. Varsity 2 Height 5 ft 7 1-2 in , age 23 Weight 162 214 Athletics Toppy Rau Ri ht End. Varsity 1 Height 5 ft. 8 in., age 23 Weight 153 I Lvnn Smith Right Half. Varsity I Height 5 ft. 9 1.2 in., age 22 Weight 166 Harry Rieger Fullback. Varsity I Height 5 ft. 8 1.2 in., age 25 Weight 182 Red Kelly Ri ht End, Varsity I Height 6 ft. 1.2 in., age 20 Weight 161 Louis Rrciiz Fullback. Varsity I Height 5 ft 8 3-4 in., age 11 Weight 178 Moose Gardner Left Guard: Varsity I Height 6 ft. 1-2 in., age 20 Weight 195 Bill Brcckenrldge Fullback, Varsity 2 Height 5 ft, 8 3-4 in., age " 23 Weight 172 Male Galvin Fullback. Varsity I Height 5 ft. 10 3.4 in., age 20 Weight 175 Eddie St hniidl Left Guard, Varsity I Height 5 It. I I 1.2 in., age 23 Weight 190 2 16 Athletics tmnn The 1914 Football season opened on Sep- tember 20th when between fifteen and twenty men reported to Coach Juneau. Practice was held twice a day till the opening of school, at which time the squad had increased to forty- five men. The material was not good, most of the men being green to Varsity methods and this their first year as regular squad members. Graduation had taken several of the 191 3 team and the " con " took some more, for the " con squad " numbered nineteen. The season opened with Lawrence on October 3rd. and even this game looked hard for the Badgers , for Catlin brought a husky bunch of veterans from Appleton who were here for victory. After a hard game, on an exceedingly hot day, Wisconsin won 21 to 0. The next contest was with Marquette at Madison in which the Cardinal was again victorious by a score of 48 to 0. On the 1 7th of October Purdue came to Wisconsin with the best team that had represented that university for years. The first half ended 7 to in their favor and it looked mighty bad for Wisconsin, but in the second half the Cardinal " came back " , and in one of the hardest fought battles ever seen at Camp Randall succeeded in beating the Boiler- makers 14 to 7. Wisconsin next journeyed to Columbus. Ohio, where Ohio State was met and vanquished 7 to 6 before the largest crowd ever assembled there. Wisconsin played Chicago a tic game at our Homecoming on October 31st. The Chicago team had been touted as Conference Cham- pions up to this time, but Wisconsin showed that it too was in the running, for Chicago was outplayed in every department of the game. It was nothing more, however, than a moral victory for the score board showed to at the final v histle. Wisconsin met her first defeat at the hands of the Gophers on Novem- ber 14th at Northrup Field. Minnesota dis- played a great comeback, in a game much similar to the one of 1913, when, as in this year ' s contest, the score was 3 to at the end of the first half in favor of Wisconsin. Minne- sota in the second half beat us 14 to 3. The Conference Champions were met on Novem- ber 2lst at Camp Randall when they were victorious by a 24 to 9 score. Illinois was " Pogue better " than Wisconsin, is the only way that this game can be described, for Wis- consin fought a hard uphill battle against the Champions, scoring our points by a touch- down and a safety. ' t...a Although crowed down into third place for conference football honors last fail, the can- didates for the team are already laying their plans for staging a " comeback " in 1915. The material in the university is good. Seven members of last year ' s team are slated to return, and the Freshman team can good men to fill the places of Keeler. guard. Kennedy, center. Bellows, quarterback, and Taylor, halfback, the men who graduate this spring. Then twenty or more men of known football ability, who were ineligible last fall. have given their word of honor that they will mend their ways and appear in football togs, with the official sanction of the faculty when the first call tor candidates is made in 1915. We have to meet a higher scholastic stand- ard in order to take part in athletics than any of our rivals: but it is a condition that we are aware of and we must brace up and overcome their advantage by hard work. 1 say " brace up " and show your fellow-stu- dents that you can be eligible. Do not be satisfied with grades that just let you by, but by earnest application get good grades and earn the right to represent your University in football next fall. If we can best the " con " in the coming examinations, the football enthusiasts in Wisconsin will find on their return next fall a stronger array of football talent awaiting development than has repre- sented the Cardinal for several seasons. Athletic; The 1917 Football Team OFFICERS Eber Simpson Captain ARMIN D. SCHULTZ Manager Thomas E. Jones Coach PERSONNEL Eber Simpson (Captain) H. E. BoNDi . Vern Brown Herb Cramers Herbert Clark . Gregg Kessenick. Lawrence Carroll H. Handcock Ernest Heimberg, W. B. Koch James Payton borge gunderson Earl Pottinger . 0. J. Rohsenberg K. Siemens W. Goethal Lynn Howard Marshall Jones . Quarterback, and Hal} Halfback Quarterback Right End Left Half Left End Left End Left Guard Left Tackle and Left End Left Tackle Fullback . Right Guard Center . Right Tackle . . Right Tackle Left Half Fullback . Right Half Brown Howard Carroll Clark Bondi Rosfnbergcr Schultz Kessenich CocEhals Payton Cramer Siemens Jones Gunderson Hancock Simpson Roscnberger Pottinger HambrechtJ Athletics Honor Elevens ALL CONFERENCE ELEVENS By Walter M. Eckersall, CHICAGO TRIBUNE FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM Cherry. Ohio State ..... End Craves. Illinois Buck, Wisconsin Tackle Armstrong. Illinois Chapman. Illinois Guard Stegcman. Chicago Dcs Jardiens. Chicago Center Rosenthal. Minnesota Routh. Purdue Guard Mucks. Wisconsin Shull. Chicago Tackle Keclcr. Wisconsin Squier. Illinois End Gunderson. Iowa Clark. Illinois Quarterback Russell, Chicago Pogue. Illinois . Halfback ■ Gray. Chicago Hightower. Northwestern Halfback . Parsons. Iowa Solon, Minnesota . , . Fullback Schoblnger, Illinois ALL -WESTERN ELEVENS By G. W. Axelson- CHICAGO HERALD I FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM ! Cherry. Ohio State ..... End Carberry. Iowa Buck. Wisconsin Tackle Shull. Chicago Chapman. Illinois Guard Bachman. Notre Dame Dcs jardirns, Chicago Center Rosenthal. Minnesota Routh. Purdue Guard Stegeman. Chicago HaMigan, Nebraska Tackle Townley. Minnesota Baston, Minnesota End Stavrum, Wisconsin Clark. Illinois Quarterback Hughitt. Michigan Maulbetsch, Michigan Halfback Chamberlain. Nebraska Pogue, Illinois Halfback ■ O ' Brien. Purdue Solon. Minnesota Fullback ■ Graf. Ohio State By Malcolm MacLean, CHICAGO EVENI JG POST Cherry. Ohio State ..... End Stavrum, Wisconsin Hall ig an. Nebraska Tackle . Mchale. Michigan Mucks, Wisconsin Guard Chapman. Illinois Des Jardiens, Chicago Center Rosenthal. Minnesota Routh, Purdue Guard Bachman. Notre Dame Buck, Wisconsin Tackle Kirk, Iowa Graves, Illinois End r . Huntington, Chicago Clark. Illinois Quarterback Hughitt Michigan Pogue. Illinois Halfback . Hamilton, Minnesota Maulbetsch. Michigan Halfback . Chamberlain. Nebraska Solon. Minnesota Fullback . Brien, Purdue SECOND ALL-AMERICAN TE AM By Walter H. Eckersall, CHICAGO TRIBUNE CONFERENCE STANDINGS " , ' ' , Solon. Minnesota . Buck. Wisconsin ,„. . Tack.1 ' Illinois Ursl Guard Chapman, Illinois, Captain Minnesota Second Center Journeay. Pennsylvania Wisconsin I tl- j Guard Chicago ' f " " TachU . O ' Harc, Army Halligan. Nebraska Iowa Fifth End OHcarn. Cornell Purdue Sixth Quarterback Ghee, Dartmouth Ohio State Seocnth Halfback Pogue, Illinois Indiana Eighth Halfback Bradlee. Harvard Northwestern Ninth Fullback Le Gore. Yale 2 18 ■ M Athletics n )i J Ernie Lange 2 19 Athletics TM FEAM OFFICERS Ernest 0. Lange Roland S. Homet Walter E. Meanwell Captain Manager Coach PERSONNEL George H. Anderson (W). Forward Lehm L. Brown (W). Guard TUVE J. FLODEN (W). Center MELVIN HaSS (W), Forward Ernest 0. Lange (W). Guard Charles H. Thomas (aWa). Guard George W. Levis (W). Forward Frank S. Morris (W), Guard Peter A. NaPIECINSKI (aWa). Forward Harold G. Olson (W), Guard Lynwood H. Smith (W), Guard RECORD OF GAMES CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Pet. Wisconsin 28 Beloit . 16 ILLINOIS ... , 12 1 000 Wisconsin 45 Arkansas A jgies 7 Wisconsin 29 Lawrence 21 CHICAGO 9 3 750 Wisconsin 21 Milwaukee Mori 10 Wisconsin 41 Grinell 19 WISCONSIN 8 4 667 Wisconsin 39 Indiana 18 Wisconsin 28 Purdue 24 NORTHWESTERN 5 5 500 Wisconsin 23 Minnesota 20 Wisconsin 47 Indiana 15 MINNESOTA . . . . 6 6 500 Wisconsin 19 Chicago . , 24 Wisconsin 19 Illinois . 39 PURDUE . 4 8 333 Wisconsin 17 Illinois 19 Wisconsin 26 Ohio State 21 OHIO STATE . , . 3 9 250 Wisconsin 26 Purdue . 21 Wisconsin 31 Minnesota 7 IOWA . 2 6 250 Wisconsin 23 Ohio State 12 Wisconsin 18 Chicago - 30 INDIANA .... 1 9 100 Totals 480 323 Players Haas Levis Flodden Lange Smith Olsen Morris Anderson Brown Thomas Napiecinski INDIVIDUAL RECORDS— CONFERENCE GAMES Games Field Goals Free Throws Total Points Foul Made Miss Pers. T .... 6 6 12 9 lOM 48 44 41 140 20 ' 5.4 19 38 15 lO ' ., 15 7 3 31 27 11 7-8 16 32 6 IM., 25 2 2 52 9 1 ) 7-8 2 2 4 4 3-8 1 7-8 1 2 U A t h U t i c s n 1915 Varsity Basket-ball Team Youngman Olson Thomas Levis Floden Morris Hass Hornet (Manager) Lange Mean well (Coach) Napiccinski Anderson Brown Steinauer Smith Athletics ■■ " ' IfeS -; Ernie Lange Windy Levis Mel Hass Ole Olson Tuve Hodcn Lynn Smith Athletics Inter-CoIlege Basket-ball This was one of the most successful years that intra-mural basket-ball ever experienced. Without a single exception all of the games were hotly contested and extra time was required in several to decide the winner. A very noticeable feature at all of the games this year was the large turnout of rooters, perhaps due to the popular hour at which the games were held. The Commerce five again captured the championship. Cohn was the star of the latter aggregation. By choosing competent managers of the various teams, basket-ball can easily be made the most popular of all intra-mural sports. To win a place on the Cham- pionship Inter-College five is an honor second only to that possessed by the " W " basket-ball men. STANDINGS Won Lost Pet. Commerce .... 4 1 000 Engineers .... . . . . 3 1 .750 Hill i 3 .250 Laws 1 3 .250 Agrics 1 3 .250 Lesltt Mitchell Mandel Mcintosh Cohn Burch Athletics Inter-Class Basket-ball The 1915 Inter-Class basket-ball tournament was without doubt the most successful tournament held here in years. Both the players and the students showed a keen interest in the games played, and was responsible in a great measure for the many close games which were played. The Freshman squad, with longer training and the services of a regular coach, had an advantage over the other class teams. This advantage, combined with the fact that this year ' s Freshmen squad was represented by one of the best balanced teams in years, won for them the Inter-Class Championship. The other three class teams are deserving of praise for the brand of basket- ball displayed. Invariably not more than two or three points separated the winners from the losers. The Seniors had the distinction of having played the Freshmen the closest game, losing out to the yearling squad in the last few minutes of play by a 13-10 score. STANDINGS Freshmen Seniors Sophomores Juniors Won 3 2 1 Lost 1 2 3 Pet. 1 000 .667 .333 .000 Jones (Coach) Howai d Br Farr- ' l Ellis Wanzer Ben way Roddy Hedquist Bascom Carlson Mcintosh den Simpson Chandler Burch McCanlin (Manager) Neilson n Athletics Inter-Fraternity Basket-bail Inter-Fraternity basket-ball made its debut at Wisconsin this winter. Under the direction of Dr. Meanwell, a league of twenty-four fraternities was formed. The league was divided into two groups and the games, which were nearly all hard fought and exciting, were with, but few exceptions, played as scheduled. The two winning teams from each group played in a final series of five games, and were awarded handsome trophies in the order of their final standing. The success with which this league met, and the increased enthusiasm in basket-ball due to the league, has guaranteed its continuation in the future. .. ; DIVISION A DIVISION B Won Lost Pet. Won Lost Pet. Phi Delta Theta 10 1 909 Delta Upsilon .11 1.000 Beta Theta Pi 10 1 909 Phi Gamma Delta 9 2 818 Phi Delta Phi . . 8 3 727 Acacia 9 2 818 Alpha Tau Omega 7 4 636 Phi Alpha Delta 6 4 .600 Chi Psi 6 4 600 Sigma Nu 5 4 .556 Kappa Sigma 6 5 545 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4 6 400 Red Triangles 6 5 .545 Phi Kappa Psi 3 5 375 Alpha Delta Phi 5 5 500 Psi Upsilon . 3 6 333 Delta Kappa Epsilon 4 7 .364 Triangles ... 3 6 333 Kappa Phi Gamma 2 9 .182 Sigma Phi . . 3 7 .300 Zeta Psi . 1 9 .100 Alpha Sigma Phi 3 7 .300 Delta Tau Delta . 10 .000 Alpha Chi Sigma 9 .000 Play-off for first place won by Play-off for second pl ice won bv Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta FINALS Delta Upsilon First Phi Delta Thet a . . Second Phi Gamn na De a Pi Ita . Third Beta Thet Fourth F. Chandler Findorff W. Chandler G. (Cessenich Freeman A, Kessenich Johnson Beatty II Athletics mm The 1914-15 basket-ball squad did not win the conference championship, but had to be contented with third place. This, however, was a satisfactory showing when the difficul- ties that had to be overcome are taken into consideration. Last year ' s senior class de- prived us of three stars — Van Gent. Harper, and Sands, and the two remaining men ol last year ' s team had to play positions en- tirely new to them. The first half of this year ' s season had to be played with four men; in fact, every position on the team had to be filled by a man to whom the position was new. The prospects at the beginning of the sea- son were very poor. Coach Meanwell call- ed out the squad early in October in hopes that through a lot of hard work it might be possible to develop a fair team. After two months of hard practice the team had its first trial against Beloit. The playing was poor, and the team work, which had been so good in previous years, was entirely lack- ing. The following preliminary games only verified the fact that the team work was poor, but each game was an improvement over the preceding one. By consistent work and through the per- sistent efforts of Coach Meanwell. a team was finally developed that was far above the average, and although Wisconsin met with four defeats, the season can only be con- sidered as a successful one. because practi- cally the entire team had to be built up from new men. The basket-ball season of 1914-15 was the most trying one in my experience as coach. Of the regulars on the squad, but two had played a full half of conference ball in previous seasons; only one of them was over 5 feet 8 inches in height and but one was a senior. The failure of the three best reserves of former teams to return to the University left us with a squad of men lacking in stature, experience and the age necessary for the acquirement of full powers of speed and endurance. Coupled with this was the circumstance that two of our opponent teams were practically intact from the pre- vious season and were exceptionally strong in just the essentials which we lacked. With these factors in mind the record of eight con- ference victories is as creditable as was the showing of our recent teams. Next season should see us on a par with our opponents in many respects and in a position to make a strong fight for top hon- ors. We lose but three men by graduation; Lange. Floden and Anderson, and. if our regulars and freshmen return, our next team should be considerably stronger than the present one. The freshman material is of better grade than for several years past, and will provide high grade men not only for the vacant places but for several other positions as well. This will provide a new and desirable feature in Wisconsin basket- ball as I have known it. namely, competi- tion by equally able men for places as regu- lars. Athletics Ken Bragg Athletic: OFFICERS Randolph R. Payne Thorpe Langley . Kendall B. Bragg " Slim " Lewis William J. Juneau PERSONNEL OF THE TEAM Manager Assistant Manager Captain Head Coach . Assistant Coach Elmer Rule W Catcher Paul Roach W Catcher E. J. Neuensch wander w . Pitcher Moon w . Pitcher Emil H. Neupert aWa . Pitcher Kendall B. Bragg (Captain) . W First Base Frank Slaby . W Second Base Ernest H. Hoppert W Third Base Harry J. Herzog (Capt. Elect.) w Short Slop C. G. JEWETT .... w Left Field Earl Liddle w Ccnter ' Field Lemuel R. Boulware w Right.Field The Squad Athletics n 1914 Varsity Baseball Team Langley (Assistant Manager) Lewis Juneau Liddle Bellows Ncupert Roach Moon Herzog Hoppcrt Bragg (Captain) Rule Payne (Manager) Boulware Slaby Ncuenschwander Jewett Athletic; The Winning Run ' ■ J r: ' - Sliding Home Athletics Hoppert Connecting for a Two-Bagger ' = ' " F " 7 A.. T,T % v- ( 4 !L- Hoppert Scoring on an Infield Out 23 1 B Athletics t9iii S ' : iuJff " « : . Ken Bragg hT 1 Ir jl ' Gummie Hoppert Harry Hcrzog Earl Liddle I Athletics ' S - f Ir Paul Roach bht rt blaby ! L.llv N.u.i.schw.i.ul,- Slide Rule Athletics aO0% Kli-.:: ?? i ' .diiue. Charlie Jcwett % I ,--% . ' ' fe ° «i ' Enul Nciipcrl Bull Boulware r ) Athletics Record of Games 1 Games Played, 18; Won, 1 1 ; Lost, 7 Wisconsin 2; Norte Dame 9 Wisconsin 2; Armour Institute 4 Wisconsin 4; Campion College 3 Wisconsin 8; Carroll College 2 Wisconsin 4; Northwestern College 1 Wisconsin 3; Indiana 1 Wisconsin 1; Purdue 6 Wisconsin 4; Indiana 2 Wisconsin 4: Northwestern 3 Wisconsin 1; Illinois 2 Wisconsin 1: Minnesota 6 Wisconsin 6; Northwestern College 2 Wisconsin 3; Chicago 2 (1 1 inn.) Wisconsin 3: Chicago 4 (10 inn.) Wisconsin 2; Purdue 3(14 inn.) Wisconsin 2; Northwestern 4 Wisconsin 5: Illinois 2 Wisconsin 7 Minnesota 4 THE SEASON ' S AVERAGES Batting Averages Fielding Averages A. B. H. Pet. F.C. E. Pet. Hoppert 44 14 318 55 8 .855 HERZOG 45 12 261 67 6 910 LlDDLE 43 11 256 23 2 913 RULE .... 42 10 238 112 2 .982 BRAGG 40 9 .225 141 4 .972 SlabY 25 5 .200 28 4 857 JEWETT 50 10 200 31 4 871 BOULWARE 41 8 .195 16 2 875 NEUENSCHWANDER 27 5 185 32 5 844 ROACH 30 5 167 9 1 000 Moon ... 14 l 071 18 2 .889 Athletics tmnn The baseball season of 1914 was one of the most successful in the history of the school as the team not only endec) well up in the front — in third place — but gave the students a brand of baseball that kept them on their feet all the time. Such high class baseball had not been seen on Camp Randall for some time, and the students showed their appreciation by overflowing the stands at every game and giving us the support that no Wisconsin team has ever had be- fore. The team had a fighting chance for the championship all through the season. and was the most feared of any in the league, as we broke even with Illinois, the Confer- ence Champions, defeated Chicago, the team that won second place, in two extra inning games, and took two games from Indiana, spoiling their chances for the cham- pionship. But. unfortunately, several ot the teams in the second division caught us off form and we had to be content with third place. The good showing of the team was due in a large part to the great pitching of Neuen- schwander and Moon, and to the big stick of " Gummie " Hoppert who put the finish- ing touches on several of the games. A great deal of the credit is also due to the coaches Juneau and Lewis, to " Slim " for the baseball brains and " pep " he injected into the nine, and to " Bill " for the inspira- tion his example was to every man on the team. An attempt to predict or to make any statement regarding the baseball season next year will be necessarily very general at the best. As the present season is only fairly under way it would beeven hard to predict what this season holds for Wisconsin. It is safe to say. however, that the 1915 base- ball team will be represented by one of the best pitching staffs that has reported here in five years. Such veterans as Captain Herzog. short- stop on the 1914 team. Roach, catcher; Moon. Neupert. and Sackerson. pitchers who have all proved their ability, will be lost by graduation this June. Wisconsin is particularly fortunate in losing so few men by graduation and if the remaining members of the squad will put forth every effort to maintain a high scholastic standing which will enable them to participate in the National Game. Wis- consin ought to be Well represented in the 1916 Conference pennant race. Some of the most likely looking that will be left to make up the 1916 squad are Boul- ware. Machotka. Slaby. Reese. Bill. Ross. Hughes. Galvin. McHugh. Jewett. Connelly Luebchow. Levis and Peterson. The year- ling squad has not as yet made its appear- ance this season, but the " dope " has it that there are some likely looking men that will materialy aid in rounding out the 1916 squad. W " X M TL d T ' M ' c; x w Athletics Inter-Fraternity Baseball, 1914 DELTA UPSILON CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM Hayden M. Pickering, Alois M. Kessenich, Shod Stop Marshall C. Johnson, Second Base George W. Levis, Third Base Charles M. Freeman, Left Field Philip B. DESNOYERS, Center Field Manager, Right Field Carl D. KEAST, Captain, First Base William V. Dargan, Pitcher Frank A. McCoy, Catcher Byron R. HOUSER, Pitcher Vincent J. VALLETTE. Substitute SCORES OF THE FINAL GAMES Delta Upsilon . 8 Phi Kappa Sigma 6 Delta Upsilon . 12 Phi Delta Theta 9 Delta Upsilon . 13 Beta Theta Pi . STANDING OF THE TEAMS FIRST DIVISION SECOND DIVISION W. L. Pet. W. L. Pet. Phi Delta Theta • 5 000 Delta Upsilon 6 1 857 Kappa Phi Gamma 4 2 667 Delta Tau Delta 5 2 714 Delta Kappa Epsilon 3 3 500 Chi Psi 4 2 667 Theta Delta Chi 2 3 400 Alpha Delta Phi 4 2 667 Sigma Nu . 1 3 250 Phi Kappa Psi , 2 4 333 Kappa Sigma 4 000 Alpha Tau Omega 1 5 167 Alpha Sigma Phi 6 000 THIRD DIVISION SEMI-FINALS W. L. Pet. W. L. Pet. Phi Kappa Sigma 5 000 Beta Theta Pi 2 1 000 Beta Theta Pi 4 2 667 Delta Tau Delta 1 000 Red Triangles 3 3 500 Kappa Phi Gamma 1 000 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2 Acacia 2 3 3 400 400 FINALS Phi Gamma Delta . 5 .000 w. L. Pet. Delta Upsilon . 3 1 000 Beta Theta Pi . 2 1 666 Phi Kappa Sigma . 1 2 333 Phi Delta Theta . 3 000 Athletics Intra-Mural Baseball 1917 Baseball Team Buchanan McHugh Farrand (Manager) Ross Zick Fox Reese Griem Don B avan Lonsdor rown Keeley Steinauer (Coacht Standing of the Inter-College Teams Commerce Law Engineers Agrics Hill P. 8 8 8 8 8 W, L. 8 4 4 4 4 2 6 1 7 Pet. 1.000 .500 .500 .16b .143 The Commerce Team Stout Tittsworth Conley Cohn Tingvold Buelow 1 inison Levis Ross Lane 238 A 1 h I f t i c ! Arno Wittich 2 3 9 Athletics The 1914 Varsity Crew OFFICERS Arno Wittich Karl T. Schweizer Raymond C. Mack ay Harry E. Vail . RoLLiN A. Warner . Captain Commodore Vice-Commodore Coach Engineer THE CREW Position Name Age Weight Height Bow Hoy Clayton . 23 170 6 ft. Two Carl Schroeder . . 22 170 6 ft. 1 in. Three Martin T. Kennedy . . 24 170 6 ft. 1 in. Four John B. Tasker . . 22 175 5 ft. 1 1 in Five Carl H. Casberg . 27 170 6 ft. Six . Alfred J. De.xter . 22 164 5 ft. 11 in. Seven Arno Wittich (Capt.) . 22 170 6 ft. Stroke GUSTAVE BOHSTEDT . 26 167 6 ft. Average age , 23 2 years; average weight. 1691 y. average height , 6 ft. Coxswain John B. Brown . . 23 106 5 ft. 2 in. P. Sub. . GusTAVE E. Sells 20 155 5 ft. 101., in S. Sub. . Edward S. Reynolds . 23 160 5 ft. 101.2 in Brown Bohslidt iiu. ii Ucxtrr " . astnri; 1 a ' ik ' t K. ,: ' t hrni ' diT L l.tyton Ki. ynolds i olfs r Athletics l j ' -ggy ' f Arno Wittich Bruce Tasker it 4 I I Al Dexter Tom Kennedy Athletics w " .3» !Kii ' r Carl Schrocder Hoy Clavton ■ Carl Casberg Gus Bohstedt 242 A t h I f t i c ! W " ■ ' Chuck t crt T Dr. Van Valzah L IjPI ( ( J Dui ky Reynolds Joe Stcinauc 2 4 3 » il Athletic: Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 The Poughkeepsie Regatta Held June 26, 1914 THE VARSITY EIC.HT-OARED Crew Columbia Pennsylvania Cornell Syracuse Washington Wisconsin The record for the four-mile course is 18 minutes. 53 in 1901. Time 19:27 4-5 19:41 19:44 1-5 19:59 2-5 20:01 2-5 20:20 -5 seconds, made by Cornell FRESHMAN EIGHT-OARED 1 . . . . Cornell ... . . 10:26 2 . . . . Syracuse 10:50 1-5 3 . . . . Pennsylvania 10:50 2-5 4 . . . . Wisconsin 10:56 1-5 5 . Columbia . . 10:59 The record for the tu-o-mile course is 10 minutes, 1 second, made by Cornell in 1909. Results of Previous Poughkeepsie Regattas VARSITY EIGHT-OARED 1900 — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Cornell. Columbia, Georgetown. Time, 18:53 3-5. 1901 — Cornell, Columbia, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Syracuse, Pennsylvania, r me, 18:53 1-5. Record. 1902 Cornell, Wisconsin, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Syracuse, Georgetown. Time, 19:05. 1903 Cornell, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Columbia. Time, 18:57. 1904 -Syracuse, Cornell, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Time, 20:22 3-5. 1905 — Cornell, Syracuse, Georgetown, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Time, 20:29 2-5. 1906 Cornell, Pennsylvania, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Columbia, Georgetown. Time. 19:36 4-5. 1907 -Cornell, Columbia, Annapolis, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgetown. Syracuse. Time, 20:02 2-5. 1908 — Syracuse, Columbia, Cornell, Penns ylvania, Wisconsin. Time, 19:34 1-5. 1909 — Cornell, Columbia, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Time, 19:02. 1910 — Cornell, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Syracuse, Wisconsin. Time, 20:45 1-5. 1911 — Cornell, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Syracuse. Time, 20:10 4-5. 1912 — Cornell, Wisconsin, Columbia, Syracuse, Pennsylvania, Leland Stanford. Time, 19:21 2-5. 1913 — Syracuse, Cornell, Washington, Wisconsin, Columbia, Pennsylvania. Time, 19.28 3-5. Athletics PERSONNEL Position Bow 2 3 4 5 6 7 Stroke Name Clarence H. Poppe Lyman V. Montgomery Howard J. Brant Earle B. James John R. Perkins Harvey F. Nelson . John L. Mitchell (Capt.) Raymond W. Albright Age Weight Height 21 170 5 ft., 11 in. 22 162 Oft. 18 170 6 ft., 2 in. 20 163 6 ft. 21 162 6 ft. 20 160 6 ft. 21 160 6 ft. 20 162 6 ft. Average Age, 20 4 Years: Average Weight, 62 ' j ; Average Height, 6 ft. Substitute Substitute Coxswain Byron G. Webster . Ira 0. Slocumb Raymond H. Cummings 20 163 6 ft. 19 160 5 ft., 11 in. 18 105 5 ft., 1 in. ' :;; l!f; ?■ • Cummings AlLnght iMitchell Nelson Perkins J.imi.-s BrdiiL MuiiLgunn-rv Webster Slocumb Poppc Athletics -«»i . Out for a pl Frosh Leading the Varsity 246 Athletics On the Hudson 348 Athletics Having Fun 2 4 9 Athletics When the crew season opened in the Fall of 1913. things looked very bright for Wis- consin. Sixteen men had their daily row on the lake the entire Fall; the last row being taken the day before the close of school for the Christmas vacation. In the Spring the ice went out early and rapidly so that the crews could get out im- mediately. The purchasing of a new launch being out of the question, the old Cardinal had to be repaired. This left the crews without coaching for four whole weeks. Then came the trip east. The enthu- siasm of the students as shown by the mon- strous send-off was great. A thundering cheer went up when the coach said that his varsity crew was the fastest that he had ever turned out from Wisconsin, this not to be taken entirely from his opinion, but from the actual count of the stop watch. The training on the Hudson was done some five miles below the usual course, the crews being encamped on the west bankof the river. The entire first week the crews did not have one good row. due to the rough water. The second week the river was somewhat calmer and hard work-outs were taken twice a day. the crews going over the actual course but once. Then came race day. Every one knows the results and there was not a person but what expressed his great surprise at the poor showing made by both the Wisconsin crews. The other crews were not as fast as those of the year before, and Wisconsin ' s crew had proven stronger than ever before, while still on Mendota. These two factors, together with the final and conclusive fact that the physical condition of the men was worse than ever before, show that, " The Encampment on March Alley. " as it was called, was at fault. — The best team does not always win. — That Wisconsin will some day become so settled in regard to this most fascinating of sports, that it will be in a position to place a winning crew on the Hudson and have it win, is the sincerest hope of Wisconsin ' s crews experienced the worst year of any during the period that I have been in charge of rowing at Poughkeepsie last June. The freshmen placed fourth in their event, while the varsity was last to cross the line. The varsity eight, composed of veterans looked like a powerful crew at the early part of the season. Their work on Lake Mendota during the spring gave me hopes for a creditable showing from the senior eight. When they arrived at Poughkeepsie, however, they began to fall off in their work and they suffered a great reversal of form. Of course we encountered bad weather when we reached the training camp. There were only two or three days when the water was in shape for rowing and this proved a serious set-back for our crews, which never reach the height of develop- ment until in those last two weeks. Our camp proved to be too far away from the course and we were able to have only a single time trial over the course during our two week ' s sojourn there. We also had trouble with our launch, especially on the day of the race, when it took us several hours to travel from our boat house to the Columbia float, where we left our shells, back to the training quarters and then up the river again where we awaited the time for the varsity race. This long period of waiting had a bad effect on the men and when it came to row the race they were in poor shape mentally for such a race as they were called upon to row. Since the action of the faculty in abandon- ing intercollegiate rowing, for the time being, we are planning on featuring intro-mural rowing at Wisconsin, In the spring we will have a series of races every Saturday between crews representing the various classes, colleges and other organizations, and at the time of the Spring day we will have a grand climax of water events on Lake Mendota, Athletics 7 Athletics iJ nr fr TCwfr Robert C. Wahl Robert R. Stafford Francis R. Kitchell Thomas E. Jones OFFICERS R. C. Wahl . C. E. Van Gent S. H. Kerr F. M. Legler P. G. Schley F. M. Keeler F. E. Downey I. A. White . G. M. Chritzman R. M. Butler N. D. Bassett R. E. Williams Dow Harvey R. N. Hedges Barney Knudson C. S. Perry . G. A. Benish G. T. Bresnahan W. M. Heyman H. L. GONYON H. B. Merrill A. R. Matthews H. H. Huston Captain Manager Ass ' t Manager Coach PERSONNEL High Jump and Broad Jump Weights Pole Vault Hurdles Quarter-Mile Weights Half-Mile Two-Mile and One-Mile and Drake Relay Hurdles and Jumps Hammer Throw Hurdles and Quarter-Mile Quarter-Mile One-Mile and Drake Relay One-Mile and Drake Relay Sprints Two-Mile and Drake Relay Two-Mile Half-Mile Hurdles Hurdles (Low) and Relay Half-Mile Quarter-Mile and Relay Pole Vault f i-9. f¥M0 ' § W ! i W ' Av The Squad as2 " Oik Athletics The 1914 Track Team Klotsch Kcelcr Huston .n Cl,u P-.rry Butler Becker Hedges Benish Heyman Chritzman Downey Bassett Williams Kerr Stafford (Manager) Mathews Knudsen Lcgler Bresnahan Merrill Kitchcll (Assistant Mgr.) Gonyon Harvey Wahl (Captain) Schley Jones (Coach) Athletics jV; ' KV ii Bassett and Ht-yman Chritzman Doing the High Hurdles S6i Athletics The Weight Men Athletics Knudscn Wins the 220 Athletics Drake Relay Races Dcs Moines, Iowa, April 18, 1914 EVENT FIRST SECOND Two- Mile University Illinois Chicago One-Mile College Coe Hamline Half-Mile University Chicago Illinois Two-Mile College Yankton Brookings Four-Mile University Wisconsin Illinois Half-Mile College Hamhne Colorado One-Mile University Illinois Iowa Wiscon.sin led practical this was due to track. y all of the way and finished far ahead of THIRD TIME Northwestern 8:00 Knox 3 32 2-5 Drake 1 31 Colorado 8 33 4-5 Northwestern 19 03 2-5 Cornell 1 33 1-5 Northwestern 3 30 2-5 d of Illinois. Time was slow but Record- S econd- ■18:36 2-5 was made by Northwestern in 1913 -18:46 2-5 was made by Wisconsin in 1912 White Hedges Perry Harvey Jones (Coach) 367 RSI Athletics Ohio State Dual Meet Columbus. Ohio. Saturday. May 2. 1914 WISCONSIN, 79 OHIO STATE. 47 SCORE _c c j: o -1 -0_0 ■ 5 o 1 E (4 Q -a - 0 Q -a -o - c 3 - 3 i 3 -D I ' ■ 5 a 3 a. e 3 3 o H 3 3 a. o o o o « » cil ol bO o " o « o 2 fN ■ CO CO o s- — CS I CQ a. Q I tn l- Wisconsin 6 9 8 4 6 6 8 8 4 5 4 4 1 6 79 Ohio State 3 5 i 3 1 1 5 4 5 5 8 3 47 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD lOO-Yard Dash Knudsen (W) Froehling (0) Bassett (W) :I0l4 220-Yard Dash Knudsen (W) Schley (W) Williams (W) 22 2-5 440-Yard Dash Williams (W) Schley (W) Briggs (0) 52 880-Yard Run Phillips (0) Merrill (W) Bresnahan ( W) 2 00 One-Mile Run Harvey (W) Carroll (0) Hedges (W) 4 30 2-5 Two-Mile Run Perry (W) Dawson (0) (W) y 51 4-5 120-Yard High Hurdles Chritzman (W) Heyman (W) Simmcrmacher (0) 16 1-5 220- Yard Low Hurdles Bassett (W) Gonyon ( W) Barnhart (0) 26 2-5 High Jump Pittenger (0) Chritzman (W) Huston (W) 5 ft. 9I4 in Broad Jump Chritzman (W) Culbertson (0) Kerr(W) ( Pittenger (0) 21 ft. OI4 in Pole Vault Kessler (0) Huston (W) (Tie 11 ft. 6 in. Discus Throw Rankin (0) Van Gent (W) Keeler (W) 113 ft. 3 in. Hammer Throw Roads (0) Geisman (0) Keeler (W) 116 ft. 2 in. Shot Put Van Gent (W) Geisman (0) Keeler (W) 43 ft. 8 in. Athletic! Illinois Dual Meet Camp Randall. May 9, 1914 WISCONSIN. 391., ILLINOIS. 86I2 SCORE a Q a Q c 3 c 3 Oi c 3 -„ 5 i a S 3 a -a n) - -a • -T3 a - -a 1 S -0 w 31 31 HD H 3 1 E 3 a. c dX cSI U — « 04 00 H (-N| X CQ Q. Q I « H Wisconsin 1 5 1 6 4 1 3 5J2 1 3 3 5 1 39 H Illinois 8 4 8 9 3 5 8 6 3H 8 6 6 4 » 86!4 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 100-Yard Dash Hohman (I) Hammitt (I) Knudsen (W) :10 1-5 220-Yard Dash Knudsen (W) Burk (I) Stirton (I) 22 2-5 440-Yard Dash Goelitz (1) Sanders (1) Williams (W) 50 1-5 880-Yard Run Henderson (I) Tapping (1) Rapp(l) 1 59 4-5 One-Mile Run Harvey (W) Wright (1) Hedges (W) 4 34 2-5 Two-Mile Run Mason (I) Perry (W) Benish (W) 9 52 120-Yard High Hurdles McKeown (I) Fish (1) Chritzman (W) 15 3-5 220-Yard Low Hurdles Fish (1) Bassett (W) McKcown (1) 25 2-5 High Jump Wahl (W) Claar (I) Khritzman (W) ;Polakow(I) e 5 ft. 1 Oh ' in. Broad Jump Pogue (I) Husted(I) Chritzman (W) 22 ft. IH in. Pole Vault Culp(I) (Oswalt (I), Ti, )Kerr(W) ( Huston (W)!-j-, ) Taylor (W) 11 ft. 3 in. Discus Throw Van Gent (W) Currier (I) Rue (I) 119 ft. 63 in. Hammer Throw Van Gent (W) Sicbens (I) Butler (W) 125 ft. 4 in. Shot Put Van Gent (W) Keeler (W) Schobinger (1) ' 4 ft. 834 in. J Athletics Stiles Doing the Broad jump Fish Wins (rom Bassett by Inches L Athletics Minnesota Dual Meet Minneapolis. May 22, 1914 WISCONSIN 91 MINNESOTA 35 SCORE » o r- 3 a Q -a cd - a a • o a Q -a a - 3 a: -a ■ i o X - 3 o -J. -a o E 3 -C 00 a E a o 3 i B e a X 3 0. o 0) O r«4 ■ ■ o PS 3: CQ cu Q H Wisconsin 8 6 8 8 6 8 6 6 9 3 7 4 4 8 91 Minnesota 1 3 1 3 1 3 3 6 2 5 5 1 35 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 100-Yard Dash Knudsen (W) Bassett (W) Spink (M) :10 220-Yard Dash Knudsen (W) Spink (M) Bassett (W) 21 4-5 440-Yard Dash Williams (W) Matthews (W) Bierman (M) 53 1-5 880-Yard Run Bresnahan (W) Merrill (W) Montgomery ( M) 2 04 2-5 One-Mile Run Harvey (W) Wallace (M) Hedges (W) 4 35 2-5 Two-Mile Run Perry (W) Benish (W) Rapacz (M) 9 51 3-5 120-Yard High Hurdles Chritzman (W) Martin (M) Heyman (W) 16 1-5 220-Yard Low Hurdles Bassett (W) Martin (M) Gonyon (W) :25 3-5 High Jump Wahl (W) Chritzman (W) Huston (W) 5ft. lOi- in. Broad Jump Molumby (M) Wahl (W) Murray (M) 21ft. 2 in. Pole Vault Kerr (W) McKay (M) Huston (W) lift. 2 in. Discus Throw Robertson (M) Van Gent (W) Keeler (W) 125ft 1 in. Hammer Throw- Robertson (M) Van Gent (W) Keeler (W) 159ft. lOin. Shot Put Van Gent (W) Keeler (W) Robertson (M) 42ft. 6 in. S61 l-g ' Athletics Harvey Wins the Mile Williams Loses to Illinois Athletics The Conference Track and Field Meet University of Chicago. June 6, 1914 FIRST— Illinois ... .... 457 12 SECOND— Lcland Stanford. Jr 23H THIRD—Chicago 2014 FOURTH — Wisconsin l ' i SCORE FOURTEENTH ANNUAL TRACK AND FIELD MEET INTERCOLLEGIATE CONFERENCE— ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION University of ChicagO: June 6, 1914 JC Ji e c jC » Q T3 d ;• a u a -0 ■ ii 0: ii I N -0 " " " 2 " " 2 - 3 a. B 3 -C a . E 3 -0 3 a « 3 H u E E a 3 B. (9 a e 4 ? CO i- I a a. Q I OT tt H 5 1 « 6 5 5 5 vm 5 45 ' 12 L.Std.Jr 2 5 5 6 ' s 5 23M Chicago. . 5 6 1 2 3 1 . ' s 2 20H 3 4 5 ' 4 1 1 3 2 I9H Denver . . 5 5 10 II 3 3 6 ' ' Purdue . . 1 1 31 3 51 3 2 3 5 ■ Ohio State V3 1 3V3 fA 3 ' 3 1 41 3 3 3 N ' t Dame 1 n 2 3 n 2 ' ., u 2IS Got 2 n 2 n 2 u 2 Drakt . .. n 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 a V3 1 3 Nebraska u u Va. » ■4 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD FOURTH RECORD 100-Yard Dash Hohman (I) Barancik (C) Knight (C) Bergman (ND) :10 220- Yard Dash Barancik (C) Hohman (I) Shearer (D) Knight (C) :22 440-Yard Dash Henderson (1) Sanders (I) Cline(Col.) Stegeman (C) :50 880- Yard Run Henderson (1) Osborn (NW) Bonnett (S) Tapping (I) (New Con 1:55 3-5 erence Record) One-Mile Run Wilson (S) Harvey (W) Campbell (C) Schmedel (P) 4:23 4-5 Two-Mile Run Msaon (1) Perry (W) Moss (M) Benish (W) 9:50 3-5 120-Yard High Hurdles McKeown (1) Norton (S) Murray (S) Bancher (P) :15 4-5 220-Yard Low Hurdles Murray (S) Ward (C) 1 Davis (Col) IShrader (la.) Lighter (Coe) Knight (C) Pittenger (0. State Harvey (0) tie :25 ) 25 ft. 11 in. High Jump Wahl (W) Boyd (C) Broad Jump Pogue(I) ( Kessler (0. Sta Maker (Cal.) te) •J James (NW) Pittenger (0. S tate Maurice (NW) Huston (W) Thomas (C) Lindstrum (N) 22 ft. 8 in. Pole Vault JSchobingerd) Phelps (P) Culp(I) Kerr (W) Oswalt (I) Krohn (S) Reavis (N) 12 It. Bingham (D) Robertson (M) Des Jardiens (C) Van Gent (W) 129 ft. 7 in. Wiley (Cal.) Berry (L. Forest ) Bingham (D) Butler (W) 157 ft. 5 1-5 Shot Put Bedaeu (S) Van Cent (W) Eichenlaub(N. U) Reber (K) 44 ft. 3 3-5 m. Relay Illinois Colorado Wisconsin Kansas 32:3 1-5 Wahl Relay Team (Order of Finish) Williams Gonyon Mathews Harvey in exhibition broke conference high jump record with 6 ft. I?2 n. [[- — 1 i Athletics 1 w EVENT isconsin Track Records NAME YEAR RECORD 100-Yard Dash E. T. Fox 1899 :10 ( G. C. Poage 1902 F. L. Waller 1905 H. B. Myers 1907 A. R. Tormey 1912 220-Yard Dash G. C. Poage 1902 :21:4 F. L. Waller 1905 B. Knudsen 1914 1 440-Yard Dash G. C. Poage 1902 ;49:3 880-Yard Run J. E. Daniels 1902 1-57:2 Mile Run E. J. Dohmen 1910 4 21 Two-Mile Run E. A. Seaton 1912 9 43 120- Yard High Hurdles E. J. Natwick 1907 15:3 220- Yard Low Hurdles G. C. Poage 1904 25 Pole Vault J. K. Gold 1913 12 ft. 8 in. High Jump R. C. Wahl 1914 6 ft. li. in. Broad Jump E. S. Gillette 1910 22 ft. 614 in. Hammer Throw A. A. Johnson 1907 147 ft. 41 , in. Discus Throw John Messmer 1908 129 ft. 9 in. Shot Put C. E. Van Gent 1914 44 ft. SU in. CONFERENCE RECORDS 100- Yard Dash C. A. Blair, Chicago 9 4-5 sec May 30. 1903 220-Yard Dash Archie Hahn. Michigan 21 3-5 sec May 30. 1903 1 440-Yard Dash I. N. Davenport. Chicago 48 4-5 sec June 4. 1910 , 880-Yard Run L N. Davenport. Chicago 1 56 3-5 June 4. 1910 One-Mile Run A. F. Baker. Oberlin 4 20 4-5 June 4. 1910 Two-Mile Run T. N. Metcalf. Oberlin 9 42 4-5 June I. 1912 120-Yard Hurdles G. P. Nicholson. Missouri 15 1-5 June 1. 1912 220-Yard Low Hurdles F. Fletcher, Notre Dame 24 4-5 June 4. 1910 High Jump R. C. Wahl. Wisconsin 6 ft. P ' in. June 6. 1914 ; Broad Jump H. M. Friend, Chicago 23 ft. 03,, in. June 3. 1905 Pole Vault J. K. Gold. Wisconsin 12 ft. 8I4 in. June 7. 1913 Discus Throw J. C. Garrcls. Michigan 140 ft. 2 3-8 in. June 3. 1905 Hammer Throw K. Shattuck, California 160 ft. 4 in. June 6. 1913 Shot Put Ralph Rose, Michigan 47 ft. 0 ' , in. June 4. 1904 Relay i t Leland Stanford. Jr set 3:23 1-5 June 4. 1910 Athletics Central Association A. A. U. Meet Daylon. Ohio. July 4. 1914 THE SCORES Illinois Athletic Association Chicago Athletic Association University of Wisconsin University of Illinois Detroit Y. M. C. A. University of Chicago 57 45 15 15 6 5 EVENTS IN WHICH WISCONSIN PLACED EVENT 100-Yard Dash 220-Yard Dash Discus Throw Hammer Throw Relay FIRST Hohman (111. U) Smith (W) Mucks (W) Schobingcr (111. U) Illinois SECOND Loomis (C. A. C.) Bird (I. A. C.) Cross (Detroit Y) Van Gent (W) I. A. C. THIRD Smith (W) Parker (I. A. C.) Colter (I. A. C.) Bedaeu (Stanford) Wisconsin :22.3 133 ft. 2 1-5 Fourth place in hammer throw — Reber (Kansas) Relay Team in order of finish; Williams Burke Mathews Smith 265 Athletics Dual Track Meet Madison, Wisconsin, February 20, 1915 WISCONSIN. 56 PURDUE, 30 SCORE 3 o: o: OD I 2 3 E " 2- " O - o o o 00 oo s c o o 5 i- " o 0. M X o -C -2 |5 o H 6 3 6 3 4 3 8 1 5 4 3 6 6 3 7 2 6 3 5 56 30 1 EVENT 40-Yard Dash 440- Yard Run 880-Yard Run Mile Run Two-Mile Run 40-Yard High Hurdles Pole Vault High Jump Shot Put Relay FIRST Stiles (W) Williams (W) Van Aken (P) Harvey ( W) Hedges (W) Whitcomb (P) Huston (W)(ji (Taylor ) Stiles (W) Gardner (W) Wisconsin SECOND Banker (P) East (P) Merrill (W) Schardt (W) Klipple (P) Banker (P) Growe (P) Wisconsin Relay Williams Hauser Schardt Harvey THIRD Booth (W) Hauser (W) Etter (W) Large (P) Miller (P) Dixon (W) Stahl (P) Wan Aukcn (W)?-ri, Shumaker(P) (W) RECORD :04:3 55 2 04 4 40 10 00:2 05:4 10 ft. 9 in- 5 ft. 9 in. 41 ft. 1 in. 3:44:4 J Athletics Dual Track Meet South Bend, Indiana. March 6, 1915 WISCONSIN. 52H NOTRE DAME, 33 SCORE ■s a CO ; o c 3 cc -a n - o 3 d: V. (0 - o OO c 3 1 i c o c 3 1 6 O Q. E 3 I 3 a. 3 a. O JZ — 0 o 1- 4 5 5 4 3 6 5 4 9 6 3 8H M 6 3 6 3 5 52 ' ,:; 33H EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 40-Yard Dash Hardy (ND) Stiles (W) Booth (W) :04:3 440.Yard Run Williams (W) Henehen(ND) Welsh (ND) :54:3 880-Yard Run McDonough (ND)Schardt (W) Voelker (ND) 2:04:3 Mile Run Harvey (W) Waage(ND) McOsker (ND) 4:36:3 Two-Mile Run (Hedges (W)) - ' Goldie (W) Tic for first iBenish (W)t 10:32 40-Yard High Hurdles Burke (W) Kirkland(ND) Huston (W) :03:4 High Jump Stiles (W) [t; j Nelson (W)( Ulills(ND) -Ti 1 Huston (W) 5 ft. 8 in. Pole Vault Huston (W) Yaeger(ND) Taylor (W) 11 ft. 6 in. Shot Put Keeler(W) Bachmann(ND) Gardner (W) 43 ft. 7I4 in. Relay Notre Dame 3:38:1 Notre Dame Relay T earn Harry Kirkland Welsh Henehen Athletics The Indoor Track Squad Casey Eaton Smith Pickett Feldenheimer Knudsen Schardt Brodda Hauser Lawson Mathews Kitchell Beckwith Nelson Mucks Gardner VanAuken Merrill Seymour Jones Dixon Burke Benish Hedges Harvey Goldie Williams Huston S68 Athletics Annual Indoor Conference Meet Evanston. Illinois. March 20. 1915 SCORE c ' « i 3 a: -a 3 -a d: X -a o 3 a - • ■ S 2 o i H -c 3 0. o . s o ■-r oo 00 o CM a. I Hi Q£ H Chicago 8 8 5 8 U 1 2M 5 375-1 1 2 3 1 3 2 5 1 2 8 1 6 4 ■ ' 4 3 2 5 5 1 15»i 22!i Wisconsin 14 2 2 1 5 Minnesota 3 5 1 s n n n n !2 Ohio State EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD FOURTH RECORD 50- Yard Dash Knight (C) Ward (C) Bradlev(NW) Hohman (I) :05:2 440-Yard Run Dismond (C) Hotchkin (NW) Breathed (C) Carnwell (C) 52 880- Yard Run Merrill (C) Osborn (NW) Van Aken (P) Tapping (I) 2 02:2 One- Mile Run Campbell (C) Stout (C) Harvev (W) Wright (I) 4 29 Two-Mile Run Mason (I) Watson (M) Hedges (W) Troxter (NW) 9 45:2 50-Yd. High Hurdles McKeown(I) Ames (1) Whitcomb(P) James (NW) 08 Pole Vault ( Schobinger (1) 1 1 Huston (W) ( " Tie Culp(l) Fisher (C) Polakow (1) 12 ft. 3 in. High Jump M. James (NW) H. lames (NW) Whiting (C) Tie Claar (I) Pendarvis (1) 3 ft. II in Athletics tason Between fifty and sixty candidates res- pon ded to the first call for indoor track sent out by Coach Jones, and prospects for a successful season appeared fairly bright. There was little promising new material, however, and it was early evident that the strength of the team would depend on the veterans. With the arrival of the Indoor Conference meet, the squad had dwindled to twenty- five men. due to injuries and scholastic troubles. Although we had some individual stars, we lacked the well-balanced team that Illinois possessed and were forced to take second honors. As soon as the weather permitted in the spring. Coach Jones had the men in the field preparing for Ohio State. The Buck- eyes proved an easy victim, but Illinois surprised us a second time, defeating us by a 27 point margin. A few weeks later we journeyed to Minneapolis and there added another victory to our string, taking the Gophers into tow with little trouble. Illinois lived up to its reputation at the annual outdoor conference meet on Stagg field, and captured first place with 47 ' -j points. Leiand Stanford took second with 23Ja. and Chicago nosed out Wisconsin for third honors by three-quarters of a point, totaling 20 to our I9 ' .i. Our full strength, however, was not in evidence in this meet, as several of the men were badly crippled and others had to remain out entirely on account of injuries. Great credit is due Coach Jones for his patience and untiring efforts, and the team and myself herewith wish to acknowledge our appreciation of his work. V0- It is now too early to get a definite line on the 1916 track team. Pre-season or paper team is one thing and the team that brings home the honor is another. Wis- consin won the Indoor Conference in 1913, but we have never succeeded in winning the big event in June. Hopes are high now for winning this event in 1916. The team will lose through graduation in June. Capt. Hedges. " Tubbie " Keeler. Barnie Knudsen. and Bill Goldie. and the loss of these men will be keenly felt; yet consolation Is to be had in the fact that the 1918 class has some high grade recruits. Among the freshmen to give promise are the following men: William Carter. J. Peterson, and Gilman in the dashes; F. F. Webster in the high jump; Raymond Becker in the weights and hurdles; Ebcr Simpson and Harry Heintzen in the hurdles; C. P. Felton in the mile; Fred Steb- bins and Willard Curtis in the middle dis- tance runs; and Dummer Golden should make a good two miler. There arc a number of other good men in the freshmen class that will help recruit the varsity team. A year in advance is rather early to pro- phesy the future of a team, but this much may be said, that with this group of men here and eligible. Wisconsin prospects for 1916 appears bright. 370 P " Athletics First Annual Novice Indoor Track Meet Gymnasium Annex, Jan. 23, 1915 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 40-Yard Dash Casey. ' 16 Sweet, ' 17 Butterbaugh. 16 04 4 1 Lap Run Casey. ' 1 6 Sweet. ' 1 8 Butterbaugh. 16 17 2 2 Lap Run Wolfers. ' 18 Blodgett. ' 17 Broadfoot. ' 1 7 36 1 Quarter- Mile Stebbins, ' 1 8 Beckwith. 16 Broadtoot. ' 17 yj 2 Half Mile Stebbins. ' 1 8 Margenau. ' 1 6 Urech. ' 18 2 12 Mile Run Grosser. ' 1 8 Saborhagen. ' i 8 Carlson, ' 1 8 b 15 Two- Mile Run Golden. ' 18 Pedley. ' 17 Wall. ' 17 10 53 40-Yard Low Hurdles Frudden. ' 1 8 Rohm. ' 18 Reese. ' 17 05:3 40-Yard High Hurdles Frudden. ' 1 8 Cox. ' 18 Reese. ' 17 05:3 Broad Jump Belden. ' 17 Frudden, ' 1 8 Cox. ' 18 10 ft. l in High lump Frudden, ' 1 8 Kinne. ' 18 Fowen. ' 1 6 5 ft. 5 in. Pole Vault Rohm. ' 18 Peterson. ' 1 8 Schrader. ' 1 8 10 ft. 4 ii. Shot Put Roddey. ' 18 Reese. ' 17 McMurray. ' 18 39 ft. 9 in. 2 7 1 mp Athletics Fall Inter-Class Meet EVENT WINNER SECOND THIRD RECORD 100-Yard Dash Booth, ' 15 Gillman. ' 18 Smith, ' 18 10 2-5 220-Yard Dash Booth, ' 15 Donaldson. ' 1 8 Smith. ' 18 22 4-5 440- Yard Dash Maury, ' 18 Broadfoot. ' 17 De Pue, ' 18 52 3-5 Half-Mile Etter. ' 17 Stebbins. ' 1 8 Urech. ' 18 2:10 Mile Eaton. ' 1 7 Grosser, ' 18 Maddox. ' 18 5:08 Two Mile A. Rosenheimer. ' 17 M. Rosenheimer. ' 18 Wood. ' 18 11:07 High Hurdles Heintzen, ' 1 8 Simpson. ' 1 8 Fruden. ' 18 16 3-5 Low Hurdles Simpson, ' 1 8 Cox, ' 18 26 2-5 High Jump Webster, ■17 Frudden. ' 18 Endres Raymond 5:10 Broad Jump Webster. ' 17 Peterson. ' 18 Belden. ' 18 18 ft. Shot Put Becker. ' 18 Mc Murray. ' 18 Owen. ' 18 Schrank, ' 18 38 ft. 98 ft. Discus Throw Becker, ' 18 Omlie. ' 18 Cass. ' 18 97 ft. Hammer Throw Schrank. ' 1 8 McMurray, ' 18 Sherman. ' 1 7 10 ft. Pole Vault Endres. ' 17 Clark. ' 18 Freeman. ' 1 7 Rohm. ' 18 Relay Carter. ' 18 Oilman, ' 1 8 Donaldson, " 18 272 A t h 1 L- t i c s 1 Fall Inter-Class Meet 2 73 Athletics First Annual " Badger " Handicap Meet Camp Randall INTER-CLASS HANDICAP SCORE j: -c j; c c -C s s o Q Q Q 3 0 a: o: -1 T3 n E 0. E 3 3 o o -1 -D tJ h- iO « c o 5 !a " 0 fl " E E I CL « " 0 O o - o CM ■ o ■ o OO o - 5 o " o a. 3 Q - 5 dl o Seniors 61 2 2 8W 3 5 5 5 2 20 2 5 3 3 W 2 3 2 234 Freshmen.. . 10 5 5 7 7 10 10 8 8 5 3 8 10 96 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 100-Yard Dash Byers. ' 17 Belden. ' lij " (Burke. ' 17 S :10 2-5 220-Yard Dash Byers. ' 17 Michel. ' 15 Wiegand. ' 16 23 2-5 440-Yard Dash G. Felton. ' 16 Coff man. " 1 7 Wallrich. ' 17 53 2-5 880-Yard Run Burke. ' 17 Margenan. ' 16 Schardt. ' 17 2 04 One-Mile Run R. Felton. ' 17 Eaton. ' I 6 R. Johnson. ' 1 7 4 42 4-5 Two-Mile Run M. Rosenheimer . ' 17 Barrett. ' 17 Nash. ' 17 10 55 120-Yard High H urdles Burke, ' 17 Dixon. ' 17 Vigneron. ' 1 7 16 3-5 220-Yard Low Hurdles Vigneron, ' 1 7 Burris. ' 17 29 1-5 High Jump Wahl. ' 14 Klatsch. ' 14 Huston. ' 1 6 Endres. ' 1 6 6 ft. in. Broad Jump Byers. ' 17 Dixon. ' 17 Falevsky. ' 1 6 22 ft. 6M in. Pole Vault Taylor. ' 15 Huston. ' 1 6 Kerr. ' 14 11 ft. Gin. Discus Throw Buelow. ' 1 5 Gardner. ' 1 7 Burke. ' 17 107 ft. 3 in. Hammer Throw Buelow. ' 1 5 Gardner. ' 1 7 Buck. ' 16 128 ft. 6 in. Shot Put Gardner. ' 1 7 Rhodes. ' 17 Buelow. ' 15 38 ft. 6 in. 120-Yard Low Hurdles Starr. ' 17 Waldron- ' 17 Spayde. ' 1 7 15 4-5 VARSITY CLASS EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 100- Yard Dash Brodda Bassett D. Johnson :10 1-5 220-Yard Dash D. Johnson Brodda Pickering :23 1-5 440 Yard Dash Williams Mathews Hauser :53 3-5 880-Yard Run Merrill Bresnahan Forsberg One-Mile Run Hedges Harvey 4:48 Two-Mile Run Perry Benish 120-Yard High H urdles Chritzman Heyman :16 1-5 220-Yard Low Hurdles Gonyon Bassett Heyman :26 1-5 Pole Vault Endres Freeman Dean 10 ft. 6 in. Athletics 1 Eleventh Annual Turkey Race First .... George E. Wood . Turkey Second . . . ADOLPH L. ROSENHEiMER Goose Third .... August H. Martin Chicken Booby .... Walter E. Seward . Egg A Close Finish ■P7 Athletics Inter-Scholastic Track and Field Meet Camp Randall, May 23, 1914. SCORES FIRST: Milwaukee West Division 2414 SECOND: Milwaukee South Division - . 23J THIRD: Milwaukee East Division . . . . - . 15 Sheboygan ,.... ' .. 15 EVENT 100-Yard Dash 220-Yard Dash 440-Yard Dash First Group Second Group 880-Yard Run One-Mile Run 220-Yard Low Hurdles High Jump Broad Jump Pole Vault Discus Throw Hammer Throw Shot Put Relay First Group Second Group FIRST Kline (RL) Kline (RL) SECOND THIRD Musgrove (MW) Sommers (MS) Sommers(MS) Filter (ME) Filter (ME) Soergel(MS) Stubenrauch (S) Stumpf (CF) Stubenrauch (S) Cassidy (CF) Conrad (S) Smith (ME) Felton(MW) Busse(MS) Gill(M) Ij. Kaestner (M)i Stone (M) Musgrove (MW) Punks (A) _. u i r, , « ,T, lTle Haugen (Me) Rohn (MW) Gillo (MS) Morgan (MN) Tavlor (La C) Gillo (MS) Gillow(MS) Taylor (La C) Milwaukee West Milwaukee East Chippewa Falls Sheboygan RECORD 10 1-5 23 3-5 54 54 06 2-5 47 3-5 37 1-5 Kuensil (MW) Evans (B) C. Englehart (ME) 2 Donovan (MS) 4 Billerbeck (MN) Williams (ME) 5 ft. 8 in. Schultz (ME) 15 ft. II in. I Newman (MW)j.r, 10 ft. Corstevet ( Ms)) Mueller (ME) 1 12 ft. 1 in. Morgan (MW) 141 ft. 9 in. HoUing (0) 43 ft. 10 ' 2 i Wa 3:43 3:47 SCORE BOARD Milwaukee West Division 24M Milwaukee South Division 23J Milwaukee East Division . . 15 Sheboygan 15 Madison 11 Rice Lake 10 La Crosse .... 8 Chippewa Falls ..... 6 Appleton . .■...- 4y, Milwaukee North 2 Oskosh 1 " Athletics Second Annual Freshman-Sophomore Indoor Track Meet Gymnasium Annex, February 13, 1915. THE SCORE -C Q 3 -c •J) 3 o _1 j Q -o a B i a E 3 i ■E-o - " 2 -a 3 CL 3 q: -a S - L •-i o -X o o u -i o o i « O o ■«■ CO CO o in 5 CL s 03 H 1917 6 3 6 3 5 4 6 3 8 1 6 3 4 5 6 3 5 4 5 8 1 4 5 67 1918 46 EVENT 40-Yarcl Dash Mile Run 40 Yard High Hurdles eSO-Yard Run 40-Yard Low Hurdles 440-Yard Dash Shot Put High Jump Pole Vault Broad Jump Two- Mile Run FIRST Stiles, ' 17 Felton. ' I 7 Burke. ' 17 Schardt, ' 17 Stiles. ' 17 Schardt. ' 17 Becker, 18 Field. ' 17 Endres. ' I 7 Stiles, ' 17 Golden. ' I 8 SECOND Peterson. ' I Johnson, I S Heintzen. ' I Stebbins. ' 1 1 Burke, ' 17 Stebbins, Gardner, Becker, ' I Rohm, ' 18 Field. ' 17 Nash. ' 17 Relay won by Freshmen; THIRD Blodgett, ' I 7 Wood. ' 17 Becker. ' 18 Etter. ' 17 Heintzen. ' I 8 18 Smith. ' 17 7 Blodgett. ' 17 Wood. ' 17 Schroeder. ' I 8 Peterson. ' I 8 Wahl. ' 17 time. 2:23:1 RECORD :04:4 4:52:2 :05:3 2:06:2 :05-3 :56:l 39 ft. II in. 5 ft. 6 in. 10 ft. b in. 21 ft. 3 in. 10:43:2 tliV Athletics Ninth Annual Indoor Relay Carnival Gymnasium Annex, February 26, 1915 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 40-Yard Dash Casey Smith Stiles :04:4 40-Yard High Hurdles Becker Huston Heintzen :05:3 45-Yard Low Hurdles Stiles Burke Becker :05:4 Pole Vault Huston Endres Roantree 11 ft. High Jump Stiles Huston Van Auken 5 ft. 8 in. Shot Put Becker Burke Roddy 38 ft. Inter-Company Relay Company L, Company I. Company I, 1:48:3 Second Reg. Second Reg. First Reg. Inter-Fraternity Relay Kappa Si gma Phi Kappa Sigma Delta Upsilon 1:41:2 Inter-Literary Society Relay Philomat iia Athenae Hesperia 1:54:3 Inter-Sorority Relay Kappa K appa Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi 8:28:3 Gamma Theta r ! ' A t h 1 , I i c s j 1 1 ■Hw H Bill Goldie ' 1 879 ... . 1 Athletics mrTEiM sag :T | ,=-ry i m i " ii : " " ' " llk: ' ' ' f " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' " ' OFFICERS William B. Goldie . Howard P. Marshall George T. Bresnahan R. B. Hedges S. C. Lawson J. F. Gross Captain Manager Coach THE TEAM H. B. Merrill A. A. Schardt G. J. Henkel THE FRESHMAN TEAM D. Golden R. B. Blodgett C. R. Grosser R. P. Williams R. E. Habermann J. T. Leimert THE SOPHOMORE TEAM J. S. Donnelly L. B. Nash A. H. Martin A. L. ROSENHEIMER M. W. ROSENHEIMER G. E. Wood RESULTS OF THE CONFERENCE MEET Minnesota won an easy victory in the annual five-mile cross country run, participated in by all the " big nine " conference colleges and Ames. Watson of the Gophers was the first man to cross the tape and his time, 26:25, sets a new record for the event. Minnesota ' s score was 45. The other teams in the order in which they finished and their scores follow: Ames, 81: Illinois, 98; Ohio State, 116; Wisconsin, 124; Northwestern, 128; Chicago, 132; Purdue, 142; Iowa, 211; Indiana, 263. Mason of Illinois, finished second. Griffin of Minnesota third and Merrill of Wisconsin fourth. Athletics 1914 Varsity Cross Country Team Gros: Henkel La s.un M- rr.ll MoJ .s Bresnahan (Coach) Marshall I Manager) Athletics mmn After winning the Western Conference Cross Country Championship for four con- secutive years. Wisconsin was finally forced to bow to a superior in the Conference Cross Country race held at Lafayette, Ind.. on Nov. 23. 1914. This does not. by any means, reflect any discredit on the members of this year ' s team. In fact, nothing but praise can be given to the fellows, who, against great odds and hard luck, which followed them throughout the season, fought for the honor of Wisconsin and fought to help her uphold the precedent which teams before them has set. To begin with, three members of the pre- vious year ' s team were lost through gradu- ation; finally, all with the exception of one were forced or advised to stop training for one reason or other. With such conditions as these facing him. Coach G. T. Bresnahan found himself con- fronted by the enormous task of developing a new team out of practically green material. Under his able tutelage, the squad rapidly rounded into shape and the team turned out was one of which Wisconsin can justly feel proud. The dual meet with Minnesota ended rather disasterously. but the boys certainly came back in the Conference race. By hard fighting they secured fourth place, which was by far better than was expected of them. Throughout the season a squad of about thirty men. which, to my mind, is no where near enough, worked out night after night at Camp Randall and tried out for the team. At Cornell University, where over three hundred men compete annually in theinter- class race. Cross Country Championships have become a part of the institution. Why not make Wisconsin the Cornell of the West? With the 1914 cross country team losing but one man. Captain Hedges of the 1915 track team, the outlook for a squad of high calibre five-milers in 1915 appears rather favorable. Aside from the runners of last year ' s sextette, it is quite likely that the services of Captain Goldie of the 1914 team, of Benish. who placed in the recent out-door Conference two- mile run, and of Harvey, the best miler in the west, will be available for university competition this fall in case these men desire to resume the sport. Captain-elect Merrill. Schardt. Lawson, Henkel, and Gross will form the nucleus around which this year ' s team will be built. Some valuable material is expected to spring from the class teams of last fall, sophomore and freshman. The results of these men promise to be interesting, as no regularly organized class teams have been put into the field heretofore in this branch of athletics. A movement in now on foot to inaugurate spring cross country running as a university spor t in conjunction with fall work. Run- ning, just as does football, baseball, basket- ball, and crew, demands experience, good judgment. alertness, and tact, and these qualities are only instilled in the participant through repeated efforts in competition. Hence a six weeks period of training in the spring will have the advantages in seasoning and conditioning the runner as would an additional term of fall practice. An increase in the number of men reporting for spring workouts is bound to produce better teams, aside from making cross country running more popular as a means of physical exercise. Wisconsin might well imitate the custom of various country clubs throughout England and in certain sections of our Atlantic coast in promoting long distance running for the benefit of the normal individual, and inci- dentally for the development of the trained athlete. Barring the failure of our potential candi- dates to return to school and the ravages of eligibility, the 1915 team should press the intact Minnesota champions and the crack Illinois team for top-notch honors in the next Conference five-mile run. " 1 ■ Athletic! OFFICERS George Herbert Taylor Captain Frank W. Tillman . . Manager Harry H. Hindman . Coach PERSONNEL Alfred B. Booth (W). 40; 100; relay. Russell W. Nowels (W). plunge. John Fordyce, 220. Joseph T. STEUER, (W). 40; 100; relay. George H. Taylor (W), back stroke; breast stroke; relay. ARNO WITTICH, 100; relay. Varsity Illinois Northwestern Chicago RECORD OF MEETS 37 Freshmen 39 Wisconsin 38 Wisconsin 38 Wisconsin 20 19 21 20 Conference Meet: Northwestern, Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin. H ■ rJ ■ pi ■ ■ ■ H r) ' 9 1 n«. SfSP s It n ' ' 3 H H HntK E|« B i J ■R " 1 b ' - 1 UEm Ea 1 % H B y] M hi ImA; ' M Nowels Hughe Steue; Booth WiUich Fordyce Tayior Tilln 284 Athletics ) 1916 ( WhjC5 IK ( PERSONNEL Fred C. Schlatter, Coach Wallace J. Landry, 175 lbs. and over. Earl Hughes, 135 lbs. Ward B. Freeman, 175 lbs. Benjamin G. Penningroth, 158 lbs. William E. Roth, 145 lbs. Guy A. Ramsdell, 125 lbs. WESTERN INTER-COLLEGIATE MEET Lincoln, Nebraska: April 10. 1915 Heavyweights, Barron, Iowa; Landry, Wisconsin; Dale, Nebraska. 125-POUND Class, Gran, Iowa; Pascale, Nebraska: Williams, Indiana. 135-POUND Class, Bowman, Nebraska: Meyers, Indiana; Hindt, Iowa. 145-POUND Class, Drollinger, Indiana; Hemmingson, Iowa; Tanner, Minnesota. 158-POUND Class, Rutherford, Nebraska; Cope, Illinois; Demmon, Indiana. 175-POb ' ND Class, Freeman, Wisconsin; Peckinpaugh (tie ), Indiana; Otoupalik, Nebraska. Freeman Won Medal on Toss of Coin. ' Jw § J The Squad Athletics PERSONNEL Harlan D. McChesney, Coach Richard Garling. Captain William Fritschi Russell Smith George Banta Thomas Noble Adonis Kletzien Harry Anderton RECORDS OF MEETS March 6. at Madison, Wisconsin, 851; Illinois, 6743 2- March 13, at Chicago, Wisconsin, 120214: Chicago, 11433 . WESTERN INTER-COLLEGIATE MEET Lincoln, Nebraska, April 10, 1915 Side Horse: Smith, C: Dyer, C; Garling, W. Horizontal Bars: Noble, W; West, M: Fritschi. W. Smith W- 1 Parallel Bars: Garling, W: HoUingsworth, C; i ' if tie. ° K.amm, 1 ) Flying Rings: Sims, I; Bennett, C: Bucher,I. Tumbling: West, M; Sims, I: Davis, C. Indian Clubs: Gernon, C; Smith, W; Nilsen, I. INDIVIDUAL HONORS West, Minnesota, first. Garling, Wisconsin, second. SCORE Wisconsin Chicago Illinois Nebraska 1257 1246 1181 1097 FENCING Foils. Stirns, Wisconsin, first. Broadswords, Stirns, Wisconsin, first. 286 Athletics 1915 Varsity Gym Squad Steinauer Wiltse Kletzien Palmer Fritschi Garling HUI McChesnc Hoppe Suhm Reck Smith Nobl? " " Nelson Niemend Sic vers Ehrgott McCuIIough Hay den 287 Athletics ■P 288 Athletics 1 2 8 9 Athletics VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Charles E. Spencer Ernest Peterson Western Inter-collegiate Tennis Meet Madison. May 28. 29, 30, 1914 SINGLES Salazar (III) vs. Thayer (LF) won by Salazar Squair (C) vs. Busher (Mil) won by Squair Peterson (W) vs. McGee (Minn) won by McGee Long (Mil) vs. Chaflin (III) won by Long Spencer (W) vs. Stillwagen (Minn) won by Stillwagen Bye (III) vs. McNeil (C) won by McNeil SEMI-FINALS Salazar (III) vs. Squair (C) won by Squair Stillwagen (Minn) vs. McNeil (C) won by Stillwagen FINALS Squair (C) vs. Stillwagen (Minn) won by Squair DOUBLES Stillwagen and McGee (Minn) won from Peterson and Spencer (W) Busher and Long (Millikin) won from Melroy and Thayer (Lake Forest) Squair and McNeil (C) won from Stillwagen and McGee (Minn) Moses and Buhai (III) won from Busher and Long (Mil) FINALS Moses and Buhai (III) won from Squair and McNeil (C) Athletics PERSONNEL David Henny . Walter E. Meanwell Edwin Andrew Albert Cummings Joseph Carson Cuthbert Conrad Captain Coach Clark Kauffman DwiGHT Fowler Olyntho Mendonka Reginald Frees Fred Stadelbauer STANDINGS IN INTER-COLLEGE TOURNAMENT Engineers Agrics. L. S. VARSITY VS. WINGRA PARK w L Pet. 2 1 1 LOOO 500 .000 W L Pet. Varsity 3 1.000 Wingra Park . 3 000 29 1 Athletics 1 I9l6 E Hock INTER-COLLEGE HOCKEY TOURNAMENT W L Pet. L S 2 1.000 Engineers ....... I 1 .500 Agrics .000 THE VARSITY TEAM Fitzgerald Evans Bill Steinauer Johnson Boucher Nelson 292 Athletics Winter Sports 29 3 £2 Athletics . LW| 1 19(6 1 W] STANDINGS Won Los t Pet. Delta Tau Delta .... 52 1 I 825 Kappa Phi Gamma 51 12 810 Beta Theta Pi 47 16 ,746 Delta Kappa Epsilon 46 17 .730 Alpha Delta Phi 40 23 .635 Theta Delta Chi . 38 25 .603 Sigma Chi 36 27 .571 Phi Delta Theta 33 27 .556 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 34 29 .540 Phi Gamma Delta . 32 28 .534 Acacia 33 30 .525 Alpha Sigma Phi 32 31 508 Phi Kappa Sigma . 29 34 460 Zeta Psi . 27 33 .450 Kappa Sigma 25 35 .417 Sigma Phi 26 37 .413 Alpha Tau Omega . 25 38 397 Sigma Nu 22 38 .367 Delta Upsilon . 18 42 300 Psi Upsilon 18 45 .286 Phi Kappa Psi 17 45 270 Chi Psi . . . 10 53 .159 High Individual Average " " glfy 193 High Average for three games erzog 229 High Single Game . , . 1 e zog 264 High Single Team Game appa Ph i Gamma 1039 High team total for three games , appa Ph i Gamma 3075 1- , ■ 9 - - ' -«awL Women ' s Athletics The May Fete Women ' s Athletics Department of Physical Education Blanche M. Trilling Director of the Department Henrietta R. Brown Track and Team. Fencing, Swimming Leslie Sawtelle Hockey, Indoor Baseball Alice M. Brownell Archery C- ( - N ' Margaret N. H ' Doubler Basket-ball. Baseball Mary R. McKee Bowling, Tennis Dr. Johnson Corrective Gymnastics Mary L. Ayer Musician 2 9 7 Women ' s Athletic; Women ' s Athletic Association Board 1914-15 Zillmi-T Emery Jones Ghissow Slawson Bo dm an Oehler Avery Engsbcrg Pleuss Peterson OFFICERS President JULIA F. AVERY Vice-President .... ANITA V. PLEUSS Secretary RUTH B. GLASSOW Treasurer IDA L. JONES HEADS OF SPORTS Hockey .... HATTIE C. ENGSBERG Basket-bail . . MARGUERITE F. SLAWSON Bowling Sidney Oehler Swimming .... HELEN J. ZiLLMER Tennis . . . CHARLOTTE M. BODMAN Baseball . . . REBECCA 0. PETERSON 29 8 Women ' s Athletics Sidney Oehler Imogene Kriskey Charlotte Bodman Elsie Astell Ruth Glassow Helen M. Smith Julia Avery Marguerite Slawson Ruth Morris Rachel Skinner Anita Pleuss Helen Zill mer Nettie Karcher Harriet O ' Shea Hattie EngsbcrE Marie Cams Ci ■ 1 Mi Women ' s Athletics Marguerite Davis Gladys Palmer Leda Weir VARSITY TEAM Rebecca Peterson LiLLIE Spiering Ruth Glassow Frieda Boss Olene Lapham Nettie Karcher Ruth Morris 1914 Nettie Karcher Elsie Newman Olene Lapham Ruth Morris Marie Weiss Edan Jolivette Alice FitzGibbon Olga Presentin Alice Foxwell Rlth Springer Georgia Miner Marguerite Ivev Interclass Cha 1915 Carol Hill Ida Jones Frieda Boss Helen M. Smith Emma Dreger Marguerite Slawson Hah IE Engsberg Elizabeth Kelley Rachel Skinner Marjorie Nind Charlotte Klirz Gertrude Ulrich Sidney Oehler mpionship won by 14. CLASS TEAMS 1916 Ruth Dillman Rebecca Peterson Ruth Glassow Grace Peebles LuciLE Pritchard Margaret Whitehead Helen Hohlfeld Dora Coleman Harriet O ' Shea LiLLiE Spiering Marion O ' Neil Genevieve Deminc Helen Zillmer 1914 1914 1914 1917 1915 1915 GAMES vs. 1916, 12 to vs. 1915. 12 to vs. 1917, 19 to vs. 1916. 14 to vs. 1917, 4 to vs. 1916, 22 to 1917 Leda Weir Marguerite Davis Gladys Palmer Katharine Whitney Dorothy Wiehl Mary McNulty Mary Eastman Mildred Pederson Mary Beatty Helen Boll Clara Blau Ethel Mygrant Eleanor Ramsey 3 00 " OBIh Women ' s Athletics 1 FORWARDS Margaret Fraslr. ' 18 Katherine Whitney. ' 17 Anita Pleuss ' 16 Ruth Dillman, ' 16 Hattie Encsberg. ' 15 1915 Elsie Astell Marie Carns Gladys Craker Emma Dreger Hattie Engsberg, Captain RiAH Fagan Ida Jones Elizabeth Kelley Ruth Morris Marjorie Nind Blanch Robbins Rachel Skinner Marguerite Slaw son Helen M. Smith Helen Ulrich Interclass championship won Second place by ' 1 7. 1916 Ruth Anspaugh Dorothy Belleville Charlotte Bodman Ruth Dillman Ruth Glassow Marjorie Hompe IMOCENE KRISKEY Doris McFadden Harriet O ' Shea Anita Pleuss Mary Rooney Bernice Stewart Ruth Thomas Margaret Wahl Helen Zillmer. Captain by ' 16. VARSITY TEAM HALFBACKS Helen Zillmer. ' 16 Rlth Glassow, ' 16 Margaret Wahl, ' 16 CLASS TEAMS 1917 FULLBACKS Dorothy Belleville, ' 16 Ethel Mygrant. ' 17 GOAL KEEPER Ruth Thomas, ' 16 Helen Barr Edith Bond Gladys Blchner Marguerite Davis Mary Eastman Mary Henry lONE HOWLAND Mary McNulty Lethe Metcalf Ethel Mygrant Gladys Palmer Captain Louise Patterson Mildred Pederson Eleanor Ramsay Katherine Whitney 1918 Eva Charles Marion Clancy Magdalen Cronin Jessie Evans Laura Faville Margaret Eraser, Captain Jean Gordon-Smith Isabel Crell Martha Healy Rosa Krause Paula Lingle Eleanor Mueller Claire Schneider Adele Thielke Tresa Woolhiser GAMES Junior-Senior. 1 to Junior-Senior. to Junior-Senior, 4 to Freshmen-Sophomore. to 4 Freshmen-Sophomore, to 3 Sophomore- Junior. 1 to 3 Freshmen-Senior. ! to 4 ville. Bodn Wahl, Thomas, Sawtelle, Ste Glassow. Zillmer, Rooney, McFadden, O ' Shea. Kri Anspaugh ikcy. Pleuss. Women ' s Athletics FORWARDS Helen Barr Helen Ulrich VARSITY TEAM CENTERS Gertrlide Gath Ida Jones Kat ' herine Whefney CLASS TEAMS 1915 Evelyn Chapman Hattie Engsberg Gertrude Gath Ida Jones Elizabeth Kelley. Captain Ruth Morris Marguerite Slawson Rachel Skinner Blanch Robbins Helen Ulrich Julia AVERY, Manager 1916 Ruth Anspaugh Charlotte Bodman Ruth Dillman Ruth Glassow IMOGENE KRISKEY Anita Pleuss Harriet O ' Shea Vera Spinney Margaret Wahl, Captain Helen Zillmer, Manager GUARDS Margaret Frazer Ruth Glassow Blanch Robbins 1917 Helen Barr, Captain Helen Boll Lois Clark Mildred Cozzins Mary Eastman Myra EImery Zelma Gnagi Eleanor Ramsay Katherine Whitney Susan Comstock. Manager 9 « Jessie Evans Margaret Eraser Gladys Gnagi Isabel Grell Agnes Kelley Elizabeth Kendall. Captain Paula Lingle Dorothy Loomis Lilly Moe Marguerite Schneider Dorothy Simpson, Manager Interclass championship won by ' 1 7. Whitney Gna HDoubIc stock Eastman Ramsay Cozzins Clark -«MA Women ' s Athletics 1 Pritchard. Conov McKee. McFadden. Foot Luc VARSITY TEAM Laijra Havward. ' 17 Ingeborg Rudd. Grace Dulaney. ■18 ' 15 Doris McFadden. Sidney Oehler, ' 15 16 CLASS TEAMS 1915 Sidney Oehler. Captain Grace Dllaney Genevieve Hendricks Mabel Matteson Gladys Craker Marie Carns 1916 Marion Conover Evelyn Foote Elizabeth Helm Doris McFadden. Captain LuciLE Pritchard Marion Luce Dora Coleman 1917 Laura Hayward. Captain Vivian Swerig Helen Younker Georgia Loy Violet Simon Margaret Simon Jeanette Lewis 1918 Laura Faville Dorothy Dickerson Martha Sage Reba Haner Helen Parkinson Captain Dorothy Ullrich Ingeborg Rudd ■■ Women ' s Athletics OFFICERS President .... GENEVIEVE DEMING Vice-President .... MARION O ' NEIL Secretary-Treasurer . . LUCILE PRITCHARD Championship Won by Kappa Alpha Theta. Second Place by Kappa Kappa Gamma. High Score, 212; Ruth Allen, Alpha Gamma Delta. High Average, 143; Ruth Allen, Alpha Gamma Delta. C. Bodman. D. Dana. M. Conovcr. A. PleuSi M. Cams. L. Pritchard. L Hayward. Women ' s Athletics RiAH Facan 1914 RiAH Fagan Helen Harrison Frances Leenholts Championship won by ' 14. VARSITY TEAM Helen Harrlson CLASS TEAMS 1915 1916 Ethel Garbutt Charlotte Bodman Mary Young Anita Pleuss Marie Carns Georgia Smith Susan CoMSTorK 1917 Susan Campbell Helen Barr Myra Emery Ruth Ebinger •■ i ?: - Whose Serve? Waiting A Moment of Suspense SOS ■w Women ' s Athletics 1916 Rebecca Peterson, Capt. LILLIE SPIERING Dorothy Belleville Helen Haner Bernice Stewart Margaret Whitehead Laura Meyer Beatrice Baker Jennie Talbot 1917 Marguerite Davis, Capt, Inez Noll Mary McNulty Louise Patterson Ethel Mygrant Gladys Buchner Edith Wengel Marjorie Carlton Clara Blau Katharine Coville Adelaide Adams Championship won by 1916. 1918 Eleanor Mueller, Capt. Ray Cooley Nina Westigard Margaret Robinson Helen Martin Elsie Howell Margaret Rogers Janet Reid Florence Clark Claire Nolte Ethel Rindy GAMES Sophomores Versus Juniors Date Won by Score February 26 Sophomores 28 to 27 March 13 Juniors 27 to 22 March 30 Juniors 34 to 12 Juniors Versus Freshmen March 8 Freshmen 21 to 20 March 22 Juniors 30 to 24 March 26 Freshmen 1 5 to 13 March 29 Juniors 48 to 22 Sophomores Versus Freshmen March 6 Sophomores 23 to 20 March 15 Sophomores 34 to 14 ' WUh Women ' s Athletics Normal Gymnasium M Junior-Senior Normal Class The normal training class was started at Wisconsin in the year 191 1-1912 with an enrollment of twenty-four students. At present there are sixty-four students either majoring or minoring in physical education. Only two girls, Katharine Cronin and Edna Cantrill, have received their major degrees. -I! l Sophomore-Freshman Normal Class 307 Women ' s Athletics ■ 1 th H HP 1 Kellev Craker Jones Morris Championship won by " 15. Gladys Craker Ida Jones, ' 15 VARSITY TEAM ' 15 Myra Emery, ' 17 Rlth Morris. ' 1 5 1915 Ruth Morris Gladys Craker Ida Jones, Capt. Elizabeth Kelley CLASS TEAMS 1916 1917 Ruth Glassow Luella Powell Mary Elwell, Capt. Edith Bond Charlotte Bodman Myra Emery, Capt. IMOGENE KRISKEY CAROL McMlLLAN MINOR SPORTS Won Quoit Tournament by Cecil Baragwaneth and Frances Smith. Track and Field Tournament Won by " 17 Indoor Track eel Won by 16 308 -«Wi ' r- Women ' s Athletic: May Fete May 22. 1914 Maypole Pan The Seasons , N» jW giitr ' ' ■ v .i Mercury ' ■ kM vr. tttunrntwr- The GracLS THE DANCES THE PIPES OF PAN. 1. The Procession — Pan. Mercury. The Graces. The Horae. 2. The dance of the Dryads. 3. The dance of the Oreads. 4. The dance of the Naiads. II. THE TRIUMPH OF SPRING. 1. The call of the winds. The coming of the rains. 2. The unfolding ot the leaves. 3. The blossoming of the flowers. III. THE SPRING-TIME FESTIVAL. I. The dance of the Maypole. 309 ■■■ Women ' s Athletics Wisconsin Marksmen Escorting the Victors Quoits Over the Line 5afe on I ' irst 1915 Mascot Near Champions 310 Summer 1 In Summer T In S ummer nfi T ;• . ■ 1 Hfe-fel Hh B ig| L. ' SK . T H Ilk- ' - Activities The Press BADGER BOARD Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Classes Editor ... EDWIN L. ANDREW Assistant Classes Editor ARTHUR A. JAMIESON Athletics . . Arnold S Jackson The Stage GEROLD E. LuEBBEN The Platform MiLO K. SWANTON Fraternities . . WOLCOTT W. HUBBELL O ' Neil Grover L. Broadfoot ... Al W. Powell Festive Occasions Organizations Societies Administration The Press Sororities . . SATIRE Arthur A. EaSFMAN Chairman Marion D. Luce Assistant Chairman Louis A. Pradt Mary F. Little Beatrice Baker Meade M. Morris SATIRE ARTISTS Arthlir Kittelson Georgia A. Loy Zelma I. Gnagi Mathew J. Casey Margaret Whitehead ART Webb White Chairman William K. Strickland Special Artist Horace D. Simmons James R. Davidson Clarence R. Grosser WOMEN ' S SECTION Marion E. O ' Neil Helen Van Arsdale Doris McFadden Mary P. Morsell Louise Shepherd Marjory Hendricks -r Women ' s Editor Assistant Editor Athletics Special Events Organizations Organizations PHOTOGRAPHIC Thomas B. Noble Chairman William Dow Harvey C. Al Sandberg BUSINESS James R. Bill Advertising Manager Esther N. Ayer , . . . Assistant Advertising Manager Beatrice Baker Junior Assistant Manager John H. Morris Sophomore Assistant Manager Vernon W. Packard . Freshman Assistant Manager RoLLiN A. Warner William F. Leimej t SOPHOMORE ASSISTANTS John F. Downing Hi bbard E. Broadfoot . . Helen Aurland ALBON B. LlNDEMANN Erwin W. Fisher Dan W. Flickinger James R. Frawley Hazel M. Caldwell Powell Hubbell Richard W. Beach Randolph L, J. Willard F. Wadsworth Moore Eastman T h f Pre! White Swanton l-ucc Stricktard Jackson Flickinger Little Lindc fS II Caldwell Kilt el son Jamie son Noble Loy Luebbcn Frawley Aurland m Fisher Broadfoot Beach Bill Grosser Gnaei Warner Packard Van Arsdale t Mofsell Simmons Baker McFaddcn Morris Whitehead Davidson Hendricks Sandbe mz Downing Pradt Morris Wads worth Moore Ayer Shepherd Casey Harvey The Press UXTRCEU ONE Ft705H TROWS TFTfE 50PH5IN.LAKE DAILY CIlI DINnL Daily Cardinal Staff 1914-1915 NEWS STAFF Managing Editor , , , , HAROLD JENNESS Athletic Editor WiLLlARD MoORE Assistant j Donald HlGGINS Inter-collegiate Editor . HlLTON HORNADAY Managing Editors ) WILLIAM CLIFFORD Skyrocket Editor . . JOHN E. BURKE Univerfity Editor ARTHUR W. pRUSSING F ' rst Semester Assistant University Editor. ROGER WOLCOTT Composing Room Editor . LAURENCE BELL EDITORIAL STrtFF Editor Harold MERKFL Associate RuSSELL NOWELLS BUSINESS STAFF Graduate Manager , Alvin H. Kessler Circulation Manager . REPORTERS Joseph Carson, ' lb; Charles Johnson. ' 17; Herbert Curtiss. ' 17; Heyward Sid- dons, ' 17; John McNeil. 17; James Lamb. ' 17; Herbert Howe. ' 17; John Ramsay. ' 18; Hyman Rosenblatt, ' 18; Robert Gorman. ' 18; Harold Wieban, ' 18; Marvin Taylor. ' 18; William Leimert. ' 18; R. W. Beach. ' 1 8. WOMEN ' S STAFF Editor Ruth Glassow Assistant Editor RUTH BOYLE Advertising Manager Callender a. Grosser John Bickel REPORTERS Esther Ayer. Florence Ellman. Mar- guerite JENISON, Lela Nichols. Marion O ' Neil. Bernice Stewart. Helen Van Ar.sdale. DAILY CARDINAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS Fred M. Hall, ' 15, President; Henry R. Murphy. ' 15. Vice-President; JOHN P. FRAZEE, ' 16. Secretary; ISADORE J. SCHULTE. ' 15, Treasurer; HARRIET O ' ShEA. Janne Boyle Wolcntt Hornaday n The Press EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Stanley Hollen Associate Editors Jesse H. Reed John H. Abbott Nick Crinde Ivan N. Ketcham Ruth Boyle Edward W. Moses Webb White John F. Barrett Thomas E. M. Hefferan BUSINESS MANAGER Don C. Dickinson Assistants William Stericker David Miller Harold F. Chapin Lowell Leonard Marion Luce Circulation Manager Frank Tillman Hollcn Reed Grinde Boyle Ketcham Hefferan Leonard Dickinson Tillman Sterilow Chapin Luc f «■ The Press pa. ctGHim THE CDISCONSIN COUNTRY MHGflZITE k. Editor-in-Chief . Consulting Editor Business Manager C. F. Wehrwein E. R. MClNTYRE I. M. Wright EDITORIAL STAFF W. A. Foster H. M. Jones E. C. Kraemer J. H. Reed J. N. Elliot HOME ECONOMICS Nina Simmons Mabel J. McMurry BUSINESS STAFF Circulation Manager ... Assistant Circulation Manager Assistant Business Manager J. H. Dance H. P. Roberts C. W. Evert The Press General Manager ... HARRY HERSH Editor Edwin Lee Andrew Assistant RiNALD H. GRAMBSCH Alumni C. R. Grosser John K, Sherman Campus George E. Booth Circulation EDWIN A. KALMHEIMER John E. Wise Allan C. McCullough Assistants DANIEL F. BRESLAUER Charles J. Goldammer Advisory Editor Assistant Professor R. C. DiSQUE Wise Kaumhcimcr Grosser Andrew Grambsch McCullough Sherman 3 2 1 The Press THE RLUMNI nnGRziNE Official Organ of the Alumni Association of the University of Wisconsin EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ernst Von BRIESEN, ' 00 President Grace H. Andrews, ' 99 . . . Vice-President Louis P. LOCHNER, ' 09 . Recording Secretary Charles N. Brown. L ' 81 Treasurer Thomas Lloyd Jones. ' 96 General Secretary and Editor Mrs. E. D. Sewall. ' 79 Lynn S. Pease, L, ' 91 George A. Buckstaff. L. ' 86 Mary F. Connor. ' 86 Carl H. Tenney, L, ' 97 Mrs. Mary Howe Shelton. ' 84 rr T li e Press Co-ed Publications CO-ED MAGAZINE The Co-ed number of the Wisconsin magazine is issued annually in April under the auspices of Mortar Board. The management and compilation of the entire number, including the securing of advertisements, the composition of the stories, poems, and essays, contained in this issue, are in the hands of the women students. The co-ed number gives the women an opportunity to show their ability in issuing a publication, and the proceeds go toward the Mortar Board scholarship fund. CO-ED CARDINAL The Co-ed Cardinal is issued on the first of April every school year. The editor of the daily woman ' s page acts as editor-in-chief and the usual staff of women reporters is greatly increased. The edition contains about thirty pages. In addition to the regular news items there are many fea- ture stories. The women students have charge of the finan- cial and advertising, as well as of the strictly journalistic departments of this issue. CO-ED SPHINX The March 1914 number of the Sphinx was given over, according to custom, to be edited and managed by the women of the university at large. The editorial and busi- ness staffs were chosen by try-outs, and an unusually large number of women were elected to bring out the Co-ed Sphinx. This edition of the magazine was for the purpose of promoting interest in humorous writing among the women. and for the purpose of raising money to carry on the work of the Y. W. C. A. The edition was very successful in that the four hundred copies printed were all sold. The pro- ceeds amounted to ItlOO which was turned into the treasury of Y. W. C. A. The women showed great interest in the number and it is to be regretted that, with the discontinu- ation of the Sphinx, the co-ed number has been abolished. 323 r Ti he L iMlorm bJB-WHITE lb The P 1 a t f o I pumsiv hoard Nathaniel P. Biart Louis E. Krumholz Archie M. Peisch . ATHENAE Henry R. Murphy Archie M. Peisch HESPERIA Harold F. Connors Louis E. Krumholz PHILOMATHIA Nathaniel P. Biart George C. Robinson President Secretary Treasurer 1 The Platform QnQnnnBfessHnnn KinnnnizinnL W WEARERS I I Ut l ' M ' ' 1913 William A. Foster John P. Frazee Clark H. Getts Alfred P. Haake Peter C. Kolinsky Archie M. Peisch 1915 HiLDiNG E. Anderson Charles R. Bernstein Nathaniel P. Biart Francis D. Higson Edward W. Moses Paul S. Taylor 3 2 7 The Platform Joml IJeWe Hesperia vs. Athenae Music Hall. Friday. December 18. 1914 Chairman of the Evening Michael B. Olbrich HESPERIA Affirmative Louis E. Krumholz Orrin a. Fried Herman J. Allen (Closer) ATHENAE Negative John p. Frazee Archie M. Peisch William A. Foster (Closer) ATHENAE ' S TEAM Peisch I HPS ? B BN ji- H -0 H MT ' A Foster Frazee 3 2 8 j r The Platform THE QUESTION Resolved. That the PubUc Utilities Law of Wisconsin, sections I797IVI1 to 1797M109 of the statutes, inclusive, should be so amended as to give the munici- palities the exclusive right to control rates and service of municipal public utilities — municipal public utilities to include all telephone, electric, water, gas, heating and toll bridge utilities, except telephone systems and electric power systems so far as they are not engaged in furnishing local service. JUDGES Judge A. G. Zimmerman Professor George C. Comstock Mr. Burt Williams Professor Eugene a. Gilmore Professor GEORGE C. SELLERY Decision. Athenae wins, 5 to in favor of the negative. hesperia ' s team Krumholz Fried Allen The Platform li iToJle§EileJJeJ5de Wi Mich] isconsin vs. iviicnigan Madison. March 26, 1915 PRESIDING OFFICER Professor H. W. Ballantine SUBJECT Resoleed, That in anti-trust legislation, labor unions should be exempt from the construction as combinations in ' restraint of trade. WISCONSIN Affirmance Francis D. Higson Edward W. Moses HiLDiNG Anderson MICHIGAN Negative Bruce F. Gates George C. Classen Samuel J. Rosenstein JUDGES Professor H. B. GISLASON, University of Minnesota Mr. Frank L. Anderson, Chicago, Illinois Professor J. S. GAYLORD, Winona Normal School Decision, 3 to in favor of negative. Higson Mos Anderson The Platform |idera)llegEile]jekile linois vs. w isconsin Urhana, Illinois. March 26. 1915 PRESIDING OFFICER Professor Oliver A. Marker SUBJECT Rcsoleed. That in anti-trust legislation labor unions should be exempt from construction as combinations in restraint of trade. ILLINOIS Affirmadce E. B. Hayes G. W. Bristow R. E. HINSTEDT WISCONSIN Negative Paul S. Taylor Nathaniel P. Biart Charles R. Bernstein JUDGES Professor N. M. Barnes. De Pauw University Honorable Ross F. LOCKRIDGE. Indianapolis, Ind. Professor J. M. Cochran, Carleton College Decision, 3 to for the affirmative. Taylor Bernstein Biart The Platform Agricultural Inter-collegiate Debate Wisconsin vs. Minnesota Musk Hall, March 27, 1914 P RESIDING OFFICER Professor James G. Fuller SUBJECT Resolved, That a sufficient number of co-operative agricultural banks should be established in Wisconsin and Minnesota to meet the needs for real credit by the farmers of these states. WISCONSIN Affirmative William G. Kammlade Henry H. Rahmlow William a. Foster (Closer) JUDGES Professor C. D. Hardy. Northwestern University Professor C. D. Crawford. Beloit College Professor F. W. Ore. Lawrence College Decision. 3 to for Wisconsin. Klammlade Foste The Platform Agricultural Inter-collegiate Debate Minnesota vs. Wisconsin Minneapolis, March 27, 1914 PRESIDING OFFICER Mr. R. p. Speve SUBJECT Resolved, That a sufficient number of co-operative agricultural banks should be established in Wisconsin and Minnesota to meet the needs for real credit by the farmers of these states. WISCONSIN Negative Clayton R. Wiseman William N. Clark HiLDiNG E. Anderson (Closer) JUDGES Professor Glenn Clark Mr. G. W. Kimball Mr. C. M. Bracelen Decision, 3 to for Wisconsin. Anderson The P 1 a t f c phoniorejjeMciiJ Philomathia vs. Hesperia Muiic Hall. May 20. 1914 CHAIRMAN OF THE EVENING Nathaniel S. Biart QUESTION Resoh ' cd. That jurlges in Wisconsin be subject to recall by petition of twenty-five per cent ot the electorate. PHILOMATHIA ' S TEAM Robinson PHILOMATHIA Affirmative Reuben R. Pfeiffer George C. Robinson Abraham Assovsky (Closer) JUDGES Mr. Ben Arne.son Mr. A. Walsh Decision. 3 to for the affirmative. Assovsky Pfeiffer HESPERIA Negative Ellsworth C. Alvord John F. Stephl Joseph K. Greene (Closer) Mr. Vailey Ramsdale hesperia ' s team Slcphl Greene £34 Alvord -•vM The Plalform 1 [J :)honioipjjeW(i!j Hesperia vs. Athenae ,l i;5 V Hall. May 21. 1914 CHAIRMAN OF THE EVENING Nathaniel P. Biart ' QUESTION Resolved. That a sufficient number of co-operative agricultural banks be established in Wisconsin to meet the demands of rural credit there. HESPERIA ' S TEAM Briggs HESPERIA Affirmative Gu-i ' Briggs Harold F. Connors Joseph W. Burke (Closer) Connors ATHENAE Negalioc Stephen D. Stephens MiLO K. SWANTON John P. FrAZEE (Closer) Mr. Sumner H. Slighter Decision, 2 to I for the affirmative. JUDGES Mr. B. F. Moore Mr. E. Dow Gilman ATHENAE ' S TEAM Stephens Frazee 33 5 H The P 1 a t f I Mu5 c a , May . 1914 Howard M. Jones THE SPEAKERS Howard M. Jones, University of Wisconsin, A Plea for More " Pods. John H. Gabriel, University of Iowa, The New Palrioiism. A. V. ESSINGTON, University of Illinois, The Hope oj Democracy. Fred TYRON, University of Minnesota, The First Minnesota. Paul B. BLANCHARD. University of Michigan, Myselj. R. B. Baxter, Oberlin College, The Injustice of Justice. JUDGES Professor Nathaniel Barnes, De Pauw University Professor Warren E. Simmonds, Knox College President Thomas Blaisdell, Alma College President Samuel Planty, Lawrence College Honorable Charles D. Rosa, Beloit, Wisconsin Decision: Illinois, first; Wisconsin, second: Michigan, third. The Platform Wr.ght Chicago, April 3, 1914. Presiding Officer, Mr. Hoffman. Richard Y. CONTESTANTS Lisle M. Albright (Northwestern), The American Ideal. Benjamin J. Swab (Iowa), The Fourth Pillar. Paul Blanchard (Michigan), The Pul- pit and the Social Situation. Gustav Wright (Wisconsin). Social Insurance. JUDGES William B. Austin George T. Buckingham Rev. Johnston Myers Decision; Mr. Swab, first; Mr. Blan- chard, second. University Hall. April 30, 1914. Presiding Officer, Mr. S. D. Stephens. CONTESTANTS Gustav Wright, The Liquor Problem of Today. Milo K. Swanton, The Power that Shackles Conscience. Isadore W. Mendelsohn, The Econo- mic Aspect of the Liquor Traffic. JUDGES Professor James M. O ' Neil Rev. E. W. Blakeman Professor B. F. Moore Decision; Mr. Wright, first. State Prohibition Contest Waukesha, Wis., May 18, 1914. First place awarded to Mr. Wright. Central Interstate Prohibition Con- test Clinton, Mo., June 20, 1914. Fourth place awarded to Mr. Wright. 3 3 7 J The P I a t f o 1 »| Wright Music Hall, March 5. 1915. Chairman of the Evening, Professor F. W. Roe. CONTESTANTS Gustave Wright, Infant Mortality, Milo K. Swanton, Our National Duty. James B. Blaisdeli, The Master of Crisis. William V. Arnold, Community Spirit and Leadership. Marvin W. Wallach, The Spirit of Leadership. John P. Frazee, Our Duty to the Latin American Republics. Herman A. Zischke, A Plea for a Per- manent Court of International Ar- bitration. JUDGES Professor Dana C. Munro Judge E. Ray Stevens Mr. Fred Merk Mr. Michael Olbrich Decision: Mr. Wright, first; Mr. Swanton, second: Mr. Blaisdeli, third. University Hall, February 25, 1915. Chairman of the Evening, Mr. Archie M. Peisch. CONTESTANTS Gustave Wright, Infant Mortality. William V. Arvold, Community Spirit and Leadership. Marvin W. Wallach, The Limits of Political Leadersh ip. Henry R. Murphy, The Future of the Democratic Party. JUDGES Mr. Willford I. King Mr. James W. Shannon Professor Chester Lloyd-Jones Decision: Arranged according to rank. I The Platform tmfbr Swanton University Hall, February 23, 1915 Chairman of the Evening, Marvin W. Wallach. CONTESTANTS George C. Robinson (Philomathia), Opportunity. Milo K. Swanton (Athenae), Our National Duty. Anita V. Pleuss (Pythia), Alice Free- man Palmer. Alice Goodwin (Castalia), The Future of the Moving Picture as an Edu- cational Factor. Clarence Hitt (Hesperia), The Wis- consin Idea. JUDGES Professor F. L. Paxson Professor F. W. Roe Professor F. A. Ogg Decision: Mr. Swanton, first; Miss Pleuss, second: Mr. Robinson, third. University Hall, February 24, 1913. Chairman of the Evening, Nathaniel P. Biart. CONTESTANTS John P. Frazee, Our Duty to the Latin American Republics. James B. Blaisdell, the Master of Crises. Abraham Assovsky, The Insuring of Social Progress. George C. Robinson, Opportunity. Clarence Hitt, The Wisconsin Idea. JUDGES Professor F. 0. Reed Professor H. R. Trumbower Mr. A. L. Hawkins Decision: First three arranged accord- ing to rank. The Platform Zischke Pete University Hall, February 17, 1915. Chairman of the Evening, Louis E. Krumholz. CONTESTANTS Herman A. Zischke, A Plea for a Per- manent Court of International Ar- bitration. Isadore W. Mendelsohn. The Octopus. Hyman Rosenblatt, Know Thyself. Henry A. Bullis, Power of a Purpose. JUDGES Professor Thomas Lloyd-Jones Professor Harvey G. Houghton Professor Daniel Starch Decision: Arranged according to rank. University Hall, February 12, 1915. Chairman of the Evening, Harold F. Connors. CONTESTANTS Arthur Peterson, The Evolution of Peace. Milton Moses, The Death Penalty. Leo J. Landry, The World ' s Orator. Leroy I. Burlingame, War and Public Opinion. Harold E. Kinne, The Wandering Jew. Harold R. Wieben, The Raven. Lawrence W. Murphy, At the Tomb of Napoleon. Isadore Reichenbaum, The Unknown Speaker. JUDGES Mr. Gustave A. Lake Mr. Ben A. Arneson Mr. Clarence F. Whiffen Decision: First place to Mr. Peterson. Mr. Moses and Mr. Landry tie for second. The Platform The Season The past year of forensics at Wisconsin has proved with certainty that ora- tory and debate are taking a more important position as student activities. The Joint Debate maintained its traditional standard. In this event the rivalry be- tween Athenae and Hesperia, now nearly half a century old, resulted in a victory for the former. The new inter-collegiate relationship that Wisconsin has assumed by connecting herself in triangle with the universities of Illinois and Michigan has done much toward placing a new impetus in the activity of debating. The Agri- cultural College has extended the interest by beginning what is now to be an annual dual contest with the agricultural college of the University of Minnesota. These new features with the older ones intensified mark the present status of debating at Wisconsin. In oratory the situation has been exceptional. The various class contests exhibited the utmost competition and were watched closely by the student body. Wisconsin, in her connections with the Northern Oratorical League, has taken a most important position. Two honors have fallen to her which she will not enjoy again for several years. The N. 0. L. contest itself was held in Madison for t he first time in seven years at which Howard M. Jones took second place. Although victory in inter-collegiate oratory has been attained but four times, this second place adds another to the great list that Wisconsin has achieved and which now causes her to stand near the highest in this field. At present we have the gratifi- cation of having placed a Wisconsin man, Mr. Gustave Wright, in the position of president of the Northern Oratorical League. In all it may safely be said that the University of Wisconsin during the past season has made unprecedented advance- ment in the way of forensics. %C •( ' , S " ' 7 ' t. Z li PV The Platform len e © OFFICERS Archie M. Peisch President HiLX iNG E. Anderson Vice-President Fred B. Schaffer Secretary Harold B. Evans .... Treasurer Edward W. Moses Censor Lee W. Hutchins . .. R ecordin% Scribe SENIORS William A. Foster Edward W. Moses Harry S. Cleick Henry R Mlfrphy GusTAVE A. Lake Ellis Monroe JUNIORS Archie M. Peisch HiLDiNG E. Anderson John P. Frazee Charles R. Bernstein Martin H. Higgins Jr. Forrest R. Black Henry P. Melnikow Henry R. Briggs Elias Powell Verne E. Coapman Fred B. Schaffer Harold B. Evans Stephen D. Stephens George W. B. Fall James H. Farrell SOPHOMORES Milo K. Swanton Austin J. Baird Irving A. Mielenz Harry M. Baldwin Sidney F. Miller Mahlon H. Caradine Timothy A. Pedley. |r. Julian D. Conover John E. Porter DwiGHT S. Fowler John J. Quail Francis D, Higson Farrand D. Shuttleworth Robert C. Johnson Edward G. Silvers Adonis T. Kletzien Louis B. Slighter Harold M. Langer Paul S. Taylor William S. Macfadden Robert L. Warner James H. March FRESHMEN Louis G. Weeks George S. Baldwin Knut H. Houck David V, Beckwith Lee W. Hutchins Harry S. Belowsky Rolf T. H. Johannesen Thomas E. Colleton Harold E Kinne Harold Cornish Milton Moses Ben Louis Ellman Fairfax ]. Saunders Lyndon B. Emerich William S. Schwab Frederick W. Fuhrman William G. Simpson Glenn L. Gardiner Judson C. Sutherland William J. Haake Frank A. Tuchscherer Ra -mond M. H EC km an James L. Whittet Harold R. Wieben The Platform Ath enae II $ f f rf ' irfiiv Pcdiey Higgins Taylor Coapman Higson Frazee Baird Moses Lake Whittet Moses Johnson Conover Colleton Thomas Haake Murphy Smith Swanton Wieben Macfadden Langer Weeks Picsch Roberts Powell Tuchscherer Mictenz Kinne Schwab Miller Gleick Briggs Gardiner Foster Stevens Kletzein E-nrrich Johannesen Gullicson Saunders Heck man Fowler Haake £11 man Anderson Caradine Sievers Evans Schaffer (I 3 4 3 OJE The Platform OFFICERS Louis E. Krumholz Martin M. Kloser ... Henry A. Loftscordon William E. Pors Harold F. Connors .... President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Censor SENIORS Herman J. Allen gustav bohstedt Fred L. Conover Royal S. Draper Orrin a. Fried Walter A. John Richard T. Rheinholdt Floid 0. Jorstad Louis E. Krumholz Joseph F. Machotka George E. Ostrander Floyd C. Rath NORRIS S. Stoltze Ebin Toole JUNIORS Ellsworth C. Alvord Guy E. Briggs Edward E. Brockhausen Harold F. Connors Arthur Euler Joseph K. Greene Arthur Hitt Guy a. Jolivette Martin M. Kloser Henry A. Loft.sgordon Ralph E. Nuzum William E. Pors John F. Stephl Charles R. White William . Schmidt Fred H. Reimers SOPHOMORES • Guy W. Black Carl Edward Zellmer William F. Groves John R. Roberts A. J. Black Sylvester L. Wheeler FRESHMEN Ovid B. Blix Eugene E. Brossard Howard 0. Eaton Ernest A. Toennis Eugene A. Hatch Herman Holt George B. Sellars Leo J, Landry Francis D. Murphy Otto E. M-iRLAND Ellis D. Potter Marshall W. Robson Irving Roof i The Platform Hesp eria First Row — Sticlow. Brockhauscn. Conner?. Loltsgordon Roberts. Bohstedt. Nuzum. Eaton. Brossard. Black. Second Row — Zellmer. Machotka. Alvord. Klosser. White. Jorsted. Pors. Sellers. Euler, Holt. Third Row — Schmidt. Anderson. Murphy. Blix. Conover. Hitt, Draper. Keimcrs. Rath Fou ' th Row — Steph!. Ostrander. Tocnnies. Myrland. Fried. Alien. Krumholtz. Robson, Landry. Jolivettc. Briggs The Platform lyjiilomolhia 1 m il OFFICERS Nathaniel P. Biart Reuben P. Pfeifker . George C. Robinson IsADOR W. Mendelsohn Herman A. Bullis Nathaniel P. Biart Benjamin H. Bull Arthlir Gabler Aaron Helfrecht Walter W. Heinecke Ra-iMONT) T. Jackson Lloyd H. Landau Abraham Assovoskv John J. Foote Arthur W. Miller SENIORS JUNIORS Reuben R. Pfeiffer President I ice-President Treasurer Secretary Censor Gleen D. Sporr John M. Trembly Marvin W. Wallach Clarence F. Whiffen Benjamin F. Wood Frederick Wood GusTAVE Wright George C. Robinson Lester H Smith Morris Sanborn Stoltze SOPHOMORES Philip Abrams Herbert P. Antes Alvin G. Brendemuehl Henry A. Bullis Jacob G. Calvart Eugene L. Grant Otis E. Hoffman Arthur H. Robinson Hvman Rosenblatt Herman A. Zischke Carl M. Janskv Nathan L. Kahn Edwin B. Kurtz Charles A. Lebowsky Maurice Leven Harold W. Marshall IsADOR W Mendelsohn Robert L. Peters Walter A. Werner FRESHMEN Frank V. Birch Leroy J. Burlingame Matthew A. Carpenter Lawrence K. Carroll Darlington Hoopes Arno R. L angjahr Noble W. Lee Arthur Peterson Edwafid F. Pritzlaff Blirton R. Reynolds R. Wallace Thauer Clayton F. Van Pelt Sergeant P. Wild Robert D. Winn The Platform Ph iiomatnia thi Werner Lee Bullis Wild Wallach Wood Lehowsky Foote Burlingame Whiff en Landau G abler Trembly Bull Kurtz Thaucr Jansky Grant Hoopcs Birch Carpenter Langjhar Leven Zischke Vanpclt Spoor Pritzlaff Peters Quick Abrams Kahn Mendlesohn Rosenblatt Jackson Brendemuehl wv The Platform OFFICERS Ivan M. Wright President JAjMES SvKORA Vice-President Cyril R. BODENBACH Secretary Albert A. SCHAAL Censor SENIORS Arthur R. Albert Ernest H. Bailei ' Cyril R- Bodenbach JaiMes H. Dance Albert J. Dexter Harry W. Dye Arthur N. Johnson Hugh M. Jones William G. Kamklade Ivan M. Wright JUNIORS Emil J. Kaltsky Edward C. Kraemer Edward Joseph Prlcha Henry J. Rahmlow Albert A. Schaal Joseph H. Echenvogt Carl F. Wehrwein Graham E. Wilson Clinton R. Wiseman Samuel Basherov Eugene E. Dietz Dan W. Flickinger Wallace J. Landry Stevenson P. Lewis Arnold Ivan Maxwell Joseph L. Williams Arthur H. Neumann Gail W. Palmer Frederick J. Pease James Sykora Horace W. Truesdell Rynier V. Evera SOPHOMORES Allen R. Foss Walter S. Jensen Robert B. Kellog Ned Royce Ellis Harry M. Goodwin FRESHMEN Gustav W. Kuhlman John B. Roberts Russell 0. Weaver James B. Mosher Harland G. Schlacht The Platform Agricultural Literary Society Roberts Neumann Truesdell Mosher Schlenvogt Wehrwein Kracmer Kamniladc Hanson Williams Dietz Landry Evert Goodwin Foss Kellogg Kuhlman Kautski Flickinger Johnson Wilson Lewis Weaver Jensen Van Evera Ellii Bodenbach Eversoll Palmer Sykora Basherov Maxwell Re ms berg Wiseman Albert Jones Schlacht Bailey Prucha Schaal Dye Dance Pease The P 1 a t f o r 1 ( LTl lia ® Castalia, the oldest literary society for women in the University, was founded in 1864. with the purpose of providing an opportunity for university women to study oratory and to improve their knowledge of good literature. Every year, the Freshmen. Junior, and Senior members of Castalia give a stunt, which usually amounts to a small play. The annual spring banquet is also a special feature of the year ' s program. Last year was jubilee year and instead of the spring banquet, a jubilee banquet was held during commencement week. OFFICERS President HELEN TreAKLE Vice-President . . . DORA MlLLER Secretary .... LlLLY KOEHLER Treasurer EMMA DOBEAS Musical Director . MARION MARSHALL SENIORS Emma Dobeas Hatfie Engsberg Ruth Green Lucille Huntington Nettie Karcher Anne Larson Margaret Lyle Cornelia Matthews May McNeil Dora Miller SlDNE-l Oehler Elsa Peterson Marguerite Slawson Frances Smith Helen Treakle Dorothy Trowbridge JUNIORS Ruth Boyle Florence Fle iinc Ruth Glassow Alice Goodwin Marguerite Hawley Viola Kieckhoefer Marion Marshall Katherine Sarazin Edith Sharkey Martha Stanley Bessie Sutherland Anne Wilson Katherine Wright Lsabelle Young SOPHOMORES MAR.IORIE Adams Helen Boll Katherine Coville Evelyn Day Eunice Fenelon Esther Jensen Marguerite Jenison Lilly Koehler Elsa Kremers Grace Metcalf Lethe Metcalf Helen Millar Mary Morsell Clara Moser Ilse Schrader Virginia Williams May Gunderson Ramona Reichert Lillian Gaddis FRESHMEN Dorothy Bell Magdalin Cronin Harriet Goodwin Elsie Howell Mildred Sprague Alberta Titus — «akl The Platform Castalia Ly!e Goodwin Boyle Young Covilie Karcher Larsen Boll Stanley Jenison Trowbridge Gunderson Adams Sarazin Williams Bell Sutherland Titus Marshall Treakle ICoehler Do be as Green Breck Gaddis Howell Fleming Sprague Day Miller Reichert Feneiow 3 6 1 The Platform jy j 1 hi ® Pythia was originally an outgrowth of the Laurca Literary Society, which was founded many years ago. The purpose of the society is to further interest in college activities, to make their members prominent in these activities, and to learn the value of good music, good literature and oratory. The special features every year are the Sophomore and the Fresh- men stunt nights, which are dramatic or social affairs. In its programs Pythia follows a regular course for each year. This year a study of modern English and American authors and play- wrights is being taken up by the society. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Keeper-of-the-Archives. Censor . . . . Helen Smith Genevieve Deming Bertha Cowley Helen Younker Katherine Faville Lalka Stromme Elna Anderson Leona Clark Katherine Faville Lucille Hatch Bessie Hawley Fannie Atwood Charlotte Bodman Grace Colby Marion Conover Bertha Cowley Genevieve Deming Ann Edwards Norma Eitelgeorge Jeannette Hamilton Helen Haner Helen Barr Rltth Chase Katherine Griswold Anna Heise Ruth Kentzler SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Alene Hinn Helen Pence Anita Reinking Helen Smith iDELLE STREHLOW Dorothy Lewis Marian O ' Neil Harriet O ' Shea Anita Pleuss Lousene Rousseau Charlotte Smith Bernice Stewart Laura Stromme Faith Wilcox Marjorie Wilder !VA Ketcham Gladys Palmer Mildred Pederson Helen Piper Helen Younker Laura Faville Irma Frankel FRESHMEN Norma Stauffer Edith Martin Margaret Rogers -nn|W The P 1 a t f o r I Pythia Conover Griswold Frankel Faville Hawlcy Clark Hinn PIcuss Kcntzlcr Lewis Eitelgeorge Yonkers Atwood Smith Pence Cowley Demmg Reinking Piper Bodm in Ketcham Petersen Martin Hcisc Rogers Anderson Wilcox ■■ The Platform i oimd I ' d le Round Table, one of the women ' s literary societies, was established in 1904 to facilitate literary research and training. Its chief purpose is to develop perfect self-ex- pression; to combine, in one society, music, debating and oratory, and to create a taste for all that is good in literature. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer SENIORS Yvonne Dauplaise Ora Hinkson Eva Jolivette Jane Macklem Helen Pohle Marie Schmidt Olga Steig JUNIORS Dora Coleman Laura Meyer Esther Shapiro Esther Wattawa SOPHOMORES Mabel Benson Gertrlide Golla Esther Jacobson Viola Pohle Olga Steig Dora Colman Laura Meyer f r The Platform 1 Round Table Shapiro Hinkson Pohle DePlaise Meyer Steig Golla Smith Macklem Pohle Wattawa Coleman Jolivette Pohic Jacobson p ■TO The Platform L uiuaent lovTrr.infnt UJ B UJHITE 16 Self-Government Student Self-Government By President CHARLES R. VAN HiSE The majority of the students, when they enter the university, are at an age between that of boys and girls and men and women. With few exceptions, when they graduate from the university, they have passed legal ma- jority and should be men and women ready to take part with other adults in the affairs of the world. In the high and preparatory schools, students are under tutelage: they are treated as boys and girls. When they come to the university they should begin to assume the freedom and responsibility of men and women. The change cannot be made instantaneously; and, therefore, the university necessarily takes a measure of responsibility for the conduct of the students, especially for the first two years. The chief purpose of the university is to create inde- pendent, right-minded men and women. One of the best methods of doing this is for the students to take responsi- bility for their own affairs. This they do thru the student conference and student court for the men and the self- government association and the judicial committee for the women, under which the upper-classmen have a controlling voice. An incidental advantage of student self-government is that in proportion as they wisely take charge of their own affairs, the faculty are relieved from this work and are able to give a greater proportion of their attention to teaching, investigation, and personal relations with the students. The system of student self-government at the Univer- sity of Wisconsin, perhaps as highly developed as in any university in the United States, is regarded as one of the chief educational forces in the university in training students for active life and service in the world. n Self-Government 1 r The Student Court Ritchie D. Lewis Henry R. Murphy . Richard T. Reinholt Chief Justice Secretary Prosecuting Attorney JUSTICES Nathaniel P. Biart Patrick H. Martin Elton J. Morrison Henry R. Murphy ISADORE SCHULTE GusTAVE D. Wright Wright Biart Murphy Martin Lewis Schulte Rrinholt Duquaine Morrison 3 5 9 Self Government The Student Conference OFFICERS Doctor Charles Richard Van Hise Ben a. Arneson GeRHARDT 0. GULLICKSON Chairman Ex-Officio Chairman Pro-Tcm. Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Ben a. Arneson Alfred P. Haake George E. Booth Albert Schaal Louis Krlimholz Russell F. Lewis Marshall R. Olsen Clarence F. Whiffen Walter S. Bemis Edward A. Sipp Thomas D. Tifft Eugene D. Holden Flo-id C. Rath Guy E. Briggs Arthur A. Eastman Fred B. Schaffer Edwin L. Andrew John B, Wilkinson Lloyd D. Herrold George Lovlquest Meade Durbrow Arthur J. Black George S. Baldwin Overton Sidney Woodward Harry S. Gleick Ernest MacQuarrie Hilding E. Anderson Orrin a. Fried Louis Bloch Lloyd Landau Edward W. Moses Marvin W. Wallach R. A. Anderson Thomas S. Burns Earl R. Stivers James Dance Iohn Conley Wm. B. Webster Fred M. Distelhorst Harold B. Evans Stephen D. Stephens William R. Haggert GusTAV A. Sell M. F. Campbell Wm. Brockhausen EDWAFtD G. Silvers Allison F. Scott Gus. A. Bauman Carl B. Shank BORGE C. GuNDERSON 1 1 ? ft ■ fj 1 ' 1 ! ' ■ t ' l f ' 1 ' l J ' h ' 1 1 1 If- Anderson Waliach MacQuarrie Scott Wilkinson Bauman Roth Gleick Conley Baldwin Lewis Eastman Holden Schaal Sells Burns Webster BopU Brockhausen Dance Shank Arneson Van Hise Guilickson Krumhoiz Herrold Durbrow Cimpbfll Whiffen Evans Stivers Briggs Fried Sicvers Anderson Stephens 3 60 Self-Government Union Board Fred M. Hall President Lester C. Rogers Vice-President Harry J. Koch Secretary Crawford Wheeler Treasurer Don C. Dickinson WiLLARD M. SPORLEDER Edward S. Reynolds Warren E. Clark John P. Frazee 1 1 1 1 E B W} Rcvnolds Sporlpdcr Koch Frazee Clark Rogers Hall Dickinson Wheeler 361 i 1 ' " " s elf-Gover n m e r 1 1 Self-Government A ssociation The Self-Government Association was organized in 1898 for the pur pose of drawing up rules by which the life of the women students might be re£ julated. an d for the promotion of social intercourse and mutual help among the women of the University. The Execu tive Board whic 1 is composed of the four officers of the Association and representatives of thesoron ties, dormitories, rooming houses, an d town districts, is directly responsible ft K all matters pertaining to th e social | lif e of its members. The Student Judicial Committee has exclusive jurisdiction i in all cases of discipline of women undergradua .es except in cases of dishonesty ! in University work and in all cases arising in the summer session. OFFICERS President . Katherine Faville Vice-President . Dorothy Bannen Secretary Helen Zillmer Treasurer . . Hattie Engsberg 1 MEMBERS Jessie Dietrich Marjorie Cronander Amanda Ross Millie Wrighton Ruth Anspaugh 0. A. Goss Julia Sewood MiRi.AM Hubbard Gladys Craker Harriet Holly Virginia Gleerup Marion Conover Nina Simmonds Florence Fleming 1 Isabel Young Dorothy Bannen 1 Vina Huntington Anita Pleuss i Lela Nichols Elsie Springer Margaret Lyle Juan IT A Scott Ora Hinkson Elizabeth Eddy Corrine Gebhart Hattie Engsberg Joy Andrews Dorothy Cooke Madeline Mattox Beatrice Baker Myrtle Milner Katherine Faville ■ Laura Higgins Betty Br ice Marion O ' Neil Maude Parker Kate Huber Elizabeth Kelly Blanche Robbins Helen Zillmer Imogene Kriskey Mary Ellwell Helena Hanson Ruth Boyle Helen Miller Ruth Speers Ruth Dillman Charlotte Bodman Harriet O ' Shea Grace Wilcox Margaret Robbins Dorothea Poppe Helen Ulrich Gladys De Foe Frances Gannon Elsie Peters Mary Rooney Abbie Fellows Irene Deneen Marion Jennings 1 362 Self Government S. G. A. at Wisconsin By Dean Lois K. Mathews The Women ' s Self Government Association of tfie University of Wisconsin, called in com- mon parlance " Tfie S. G. A. " was founded in 1897. and has therefore been in existence eighteen years. Its inception was due to the experience which the first Dean of Women at this Univer- sity, Miss Anne Crosby Emery, brought trom her association, with the origin and growth of the Self Government Association in her alma mater. Bryn Mawr College. Other universities, such as that of Michigan, have Women ' s Leagues, which do about the same work, but the University of Wisconsin was the first to have an organization similar to that which exists in other promi- nent women ' s colleges. Its work is many-sided and varied, but its fundamental purposes is to create and conserve student public opinion among the young women. The concensus of that opinion finds explanation in a few rules which govern the social life of the women students and in the general attitude which says. " That sort of thing is not done here. " It helps very materi- ally in bringing the freshmen into a realization of what is expected of them as university women, and is ready, especially through its junior members, to act as friends and adviser to any girl who wants such aid as older students can give. In the middle of the year the Self Government Association stands back of and manages the Vocational Conference by arranging for the discussion , by specialists in their fields, of occu- pations other than teaching which are open to college women. From time to time the social committee gives costume parties or teas to which girls alone are invited, and where they find the value of association among themselves, a form of social life highly developed in the woman ' s college, and scarcely found at all in most co-educational institutions. Beside the social life and the side of the Vocational Conference and the Junior Adviser System, the Self Government Association is an admirable training school for administrative work, into which young women can go after graduation. Our high schools are having to meet the same sort of problems, which confront our universities and high schools are having to regu- late a burdensome social life and athletic program just as colleges do. The normal schools share the difficulty but not in so large a way. Young women who have in college had experience in moulding and directing student opinion, will find an ample field for their talents in connection with their teaching. The demand for young women who can do administrative work in normal, high and grammar schools is at present greater than the supply. Apprenticeship tor play ground work, and for other forms ot social service is gained by holding a house chairmanship or other executive office under the central organization. Self Government Associations alone cannot regulate college life, but they are most admirable and invaluable adjuncts to a faculty administration which is endeavoring to do the constructive work. A dean of women could not do her work effectively without the co-operation which such an association affords. 3 6 3 Self Government l EY5T0N CLUB JRP Keystone, a society which consists of the presidents of tlie women ' s organiz- ations in the University, was established in 1909. Its purpose is to equalize the women ' s activities and spread them out over a larger field, by using the " point system, " in which each activity is comparatively considered to be worth a certain number of points. No girl is then allowed to gain more than a specified number of points. This prohibits monopoly in women ' s activities. The problem of Keystone is to meet the various problems of the different organizations, and to help each society by means of its president. This council confers with the Dean of X ' omen on matters concerning the interest and welfare of the women students. Y. W. C. A. S. G. A Castalia . . , Pythia Round Table . Equal Suffrage League Consumer ' s League Euthenics W. A. A. . . Red Domino Theta Sigma Phi Glee Club Marjorie Nind Katherine Faville . Frances Smith Helen Smith . Olca Steig Gertrude Corbett H.ATTIE ENGSBERG Bessie Piper . Ruth Glassow Margaret Wahl . Ruth Glassow . Ruth Ebinger Thf5i t Oc WB UyHITE 16 The Stage EOWMBOOT ajJB The Edwin Booth Red Domino Dramatic Societies Presented at the Fuller on January 15. 1915 THE GIRL WITH THE GREEN EYES By Ci.vDE Fitch THE CAST Bessie Rood AcTJSn. ActJUI. AcTlHI. ACT IV. Jinny Austin John Austin Ruth Chester Geoffrey Tillman Maggie Mr. Tillman Mrs. Tillman Mrs. Cullingha m Peter Cullingham Susie . Grace Dane Belle Westing May Nott Housemaid Butler Guide Mrs. Lopp Carrie French Couple Herbert P. Antes LiLAH Webster Hugh J. J. ' lmieson Margaret Wahl Henry Radem. cher Mrs. Seyboldt Ida May Rush Ted Palmer , Sidney Oehler LuciLE D. Hatch Virginia Rodigan Anita Pleuss Gladys Allen Julian Conover Ellis Monroe Mary Little Florence Bark ay German Couple. Tourists, Footmen, Etc SYNOPSIS OF SCENES Tillman ' s house. New York. The wedding. Two months elapse The Louvre. Paris. The honeymoon. Three weeks pass. Austin ' s house. New York. Night passes. Same as act one. Scene 1. Dawn of next day. Scene 2. Early part of same morning. THE STAFF OF PRODUCTION Director TtlOMAS H. DICKINSON Manager . HaRRY J. KoCH Stage Manager ElLIS MONROE Property Manager A. A. EASTMAN Assistant F. M. SlI ' ER Publicity Manager , . . HEVWARD SiDDONS The Stage Frank m. Sizer Joseph A. Machovec Victor Rubin Herbert P. Antes Harold L. Merkel Ellis Monroe Arthur A. Eastman Frederick P. H. Siddons Le Roy L. Emmell William a. Nevin ACTIVE MEMBERS Miles E. Standish Harry J. Koch Roy Burke William K. Adams Hugh J. Jamieson James F. Jenkins Julian D. Conover William Stericker Eldridge Palmer Joseph B. Deming Lawrence W. Murphy Earl W. Brandenburg William G. Bullen Ralph M. Beckwith Reuban R Pfieffer Gilman D. Blake Daniel G. Regan Randolph F. Brown Theodore G. Lewis Thomas E. M. Hefferan Alfred M. Rogers Rubin Eastman Siddons Monroe Ada Koch Nevin I Machovec Jamieson Emmell 3 67 The Stage mTTHTsf !! : vJ?S " ?-;.M gv HftRpSFOOT CLUB fi 1 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Manager OFFICERS Merville S. Thompson Clarence Boucher . John Abbotf RoLLiN Warner . Erich C. Wollaeger - »iUI The Stage Spohn Wadsworth Rademache Pratt Schultr Wakefield Boucher Clifford Warner Abbott Buech Grant Wollaeger McQueen Prieste 3 69 The Stage Jan of the Trails By Ivan Adair Bickelhaupt Presented April 10, 1915 Jan, Chief of the Forest Rangers Mr. Van Downe. i . , ■ . w; i i n Mrs. Van Downe. l ' ' " ' " ° " ' ' Wealthy Parents George Van Downe. The Obliging Son Harry Van Downe, His Cynical Brother Mr. Orton, Who Owns Many Mills and Little Money Mrs. Orton, Ambitious Socially Dorothy Orton Beatrice Vance. George ' s Sisterly Friend Percy, a Chap with a Touching Story William Adonis Arronship. a Nature Study Prof Stonewall Jackson, His Servant .... Prof. Majekowitch. Magician Specialty Dancers MAIDS. GUESTS, RANGERS, ETC. Henry S. Rademacher I Harrison McCarthy I Webb White Randolph Wadsworth Harvey Higley . Paul K. Ayres Wirt Faust Harley Higbie Harold Wengler Burr Lee . Victor Dahl William Glassner HaRR ' i ' Grinde M. Thompson I H. Grove I W. Brand W. Young BROILERS Maedje. C. W. Strickland. W. K Glassner William Hirsheimer H. W. BULLEN. W. G. TOWNSEND. G Act L A garden of the Van Downe Act II. The mountain trails. MEN Wakefield. Dorr Grove. Harry Young, William Ostrander, B. C. Gilbreath. W. S. Vail. S. C. SCENE SYNOPSIS WOMEN Reichert. J. L Weeks. P. Winter. J. H. Kauffman. C. E Brand, W. H. Wengler, H. ho me in a western city. Time — the present. MUSICAL SYNOPSIS Ad I The Dance . ■ . . . Nix on the Love Stuff Money Makes the Man 1 Could Love you for your Money Ambition 1 Wonder Girl Who Comes When Lights are Lo Call of the Trail " They ' ve Run Away " Ensemble Harry and Girls . Percy Percy and Girls Parents George ' and Beatrice George George and Jan . Ensemble Ad II Ranger ' s Awakening and the Queen of the Wonderland RANGERS Love is What you Make It DOROTHY AND GEORGE Nature Study Man , . . ArRONISBY AND STONEWALL Efficiency PERCY Serious Side of Love DOROTHY AND ARRONISBY Comfortable Comfort ' . MR. ORTON AND VAN DoWNE Ranger ' s Song jAN AND THE RANGERS Mountain Flowerl ENSEMBLE j)ong Keview ) ■.......--. The Stage Every Girl a Man " 37 1 m The Stage CIJJB Red Domino was originally organized as a secret society open by tryouts to those women students who were interested in dramatic work. This year it has been reorganized. It is no longer a secret society and the scope of its work has been widened. The first semester of every year the club gives some big production, the second semester it studies dramatic work, holds several open meetings and gives one outdoor play. OFFICERS President . . MARGARET WAHL Secret ary . . GL.ADYS ALLEN Vice-President . ANN WILSON Treasurer . . IDA MAY RUSH Domino Eaima Cors et MEMBERS Gladys Allen Kathryn Miller Florence Barkay Stoney Oehler MONA B.MES Anita Pleuss Isabel Bodden Ruth Price Rlth Davies Ida May Rush Eaevla Corsvet Bessie Rood Ethel Garbltt M. RY V. Rodican Lucille Hatch Kath.arine Sarazin Beatrice Hl-miston Mrs. Ottlie Se -bolt Helen Laflin Elizabeth Smith M.ARY Little LIL.4H Webster Rlth McKennan Ann Wilson Louise Matthews Margaret Wahl HONORARY MEMBER GERTRUDE Johnson 3 72 The Stage Wahl Pric Ochle i vl Mille: Scy boll ' A Mc Kennan Smith Boddcn L, The Stage ' JUNIO PLAY The Snob By Ralph S. Crowl THE CAST Phil Trumble . Jack Sidney John Edwards Fred McMillen Edwin Fredericks Colgate Scott Ralph Fletcher Harry Vogel Raymond Keen Rudolph Schultz Carl Wolf Kenneth Willsby Robert Strung J. E. Jerrems . . A. A. Higgins Prof. Bloaken Mrs. Strung, Robert ' s Mother Mrs. Blake. A Mother to all the Boys Mary Blake, Her Daughter Margaret Holmes, Mary ' s Friend Mrs. Holmes. Margaret ' s Aunt Mrs. Prof. Bloaken Effie. the Maid Thomas B. Casey Randolph F. Bro«n Ralph M. Beck with Leland D. Seymour J. Rai ' MONd Bill RAi JD0LPH L. WaDSWORTH Fremont A. Chandler George Wahl Reuben Pfeiffer Ellsworth C. Alvord George A. Benlsh Lloyd D. Harold Daniel J. Regan Earl K. Lightcap I Grover L. Broadfoot Members of Kappa Delta ) Non- V Fraternitv [pre Me Alumni of Kappa Delta Irving H. Wanzer Ruth Davies Mary Dupuy Beatrice Howard Alice Curtis Beatrice Baker Bessie Kelly Helen Haner SYNOPSIS OF SCENES Act 1. Parlor in the rooming house of Mrs. Blake. College registration week in September. Act II. Scene 1. — Exterior of Kappa Delta Fraternity house. Three years later. Scene II. — Same evening. Act III. Living room of the Kappa Delta Fraternity house. Act IV. Same as act III. Commencement morning the following spring. PRODUCING STAFF Dan M. SpOHN Manager Mis.s Gertrlde E. Johnson Coach LOREN MacQUEEN Stage Manager Crawford Wheeler Properties THE PLAY CONTEST ( Miss Gertrude E. Johnson, Chairman The Judges ProF. J. F. A. PyRE ( Prof. E. H. Gardner RESULTS First Prize. Rai PH S. CrOWL, " The Snob " Serond Prize. VICTOR RUBlN, " The Enchantment " The Stage 1916 Junior Play Committee Alfred D. CHICKERING. Chairman Harry a . Bellows John M. BiCKEL William F. Clifford Hazel IV 1. Caldwell Mary E. DUPUY Robert L. Grant Marion D. Luce Paul H. Mc Master Anna E. Wilson John H. Winter 1 The Cast ■«p The Stage On ne badine pas avec 1 amour de Alfred dc Musset. Presented on the University Campus. May 16. 1914 j-roMtf The Baron Perdican. his son Maitre Blazius. Pe CAST Ralf Runge Julian Conover n ' s tutor. Maxwell Smith Maitre Bridaine, parish priest. EllIS MonROE Camille. the Baron ' s niece MaRY HERBERT Dame Piuche, her chaperonc . ALICE CrANE Rosette, Camille ' s foster sister. Adelaide Rawson I J ( Anna Heise Leaders - ' . — . Chor ChLOE TlLDEN Caroline Munro C. F. Kidder Elizabeth Brown Marjorie Burwell Elbert H. Carpenter Mary C. Comstock Anna M. Ely Dorothy Hart Anna Heise Marjorie Kinnan Ellis D. James F. Jenkins THE CHORUS Thomas Rivers Julius Collver Margaret Fay Paul S. Taylor CERCLE FRANCAIS Katherine V. Mabis Jeannette Munro Thomas E. Rivers Maxwell A. Smith Helen L. Wurdemann Mary A. Ashby Florence E. Beatty Isabelle a. Bodden George M. Cargill POTTFR EJDITH Louise Shepherd John E. Burke Paul Feldenheimer Ethel L. Dummer Adele R. Cavoille Harley G. Higbie Selma S. Konig Roland E. Kremers Ruth C. Kuhns Sylvia Leonard Dorothy G. Marshall David B. Miller M. Smith 376 — MdJr The Stage (germa •piattS m Gf«3»r OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Dr. a. W. Aron Miss Sarah M. Beach Mr. Ralf T. Runge Prof. J. L. Kind EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Consists of (1) the officers. (2) the Following Committee Chairmen: Scientific Committee PROF. E. C. RoEDDER Literary Committee DR. J. F. HaUSSMANN Dramatic Committee ProF. ErNST FeISE Musical Committee Dr. W. J. KelLEJI Social Committee PROF. S. A. STERLING (3) the Following Student Members: JUNIORS Miss Helen Hohlfeld Miss Charlotte Harpel Mr. R. D. Jameson Oct. Oct. Nov Nov, Dec. Dec. 11 1914. 1914. 1914. 1914. 1914. 1914. Jan. 20. 1915. Feb. 24. 1915. Mar. 10. 1915. Mar. 24. 1915. Apr. 7. 1915. Apr. 21. 1915. May 5. 1915. May 19. 1915. SENIORS Mr. C. E. Dunn Miss Corinne Gebhart Miss Felicitas Saleski Miss Winifred Rettger SOPHOMORES Mr. F. W. Stadelbauer Miss Elizaueth Baker PROGRAM FOR THE YEAR 1914-1915 Puppet play. Der Knopf. Illustrated Lecture. " Nurnberg und Rotcnburg. " by Prof. M. H. Haertel. Musical Evening. Comedy. " Die Heinzelmannchen. " presented by members of the German House. Lecture. " Die deutsche Weihnacht. ' by Prof. E. C. Roedder. " Ein deutsches Weihnachtsspiel. " presented in high school auditorium, under direction of Dr. E. Feise. Marchenabend. arranged and presented by the student members. Musical Evening. Puppet plav. Dr. Faustus, presented by members of the faculty under direction of Dr. Kind. Illustrated Lecture. " Der deutsche Dom. " by Prof. L H. Haertel. Lecture by Prof. Bonn. Dramatic evening. Student program. Potpourri- vaudeville. 3 7 7 Fff The Stage m Trelawney of the Wells At the Orpheurn Theaire, June 15, 1914 THE CAST THEATRICAL FOLKS Tom Wrench , . , - . Ferdinand Gadd . ... James Telfer j Of the Augustus Colpoys -X Bagnigge ....... Rose Trelawney (.Wells Theatre Avonia Bunn Mrs. Telfer (Miss Violet) Imogene Parrott of the Royal Olympic Threatre O ' Dwyer. Prompter of the Pantheon Theatre Mr. Denzil Vice-Chancelor. Si NON-THEATRICAL FOLKS William Cower John Burrel Ryland Boorman Alfrex) Haake Marshall C. Graff Jessie W. Sumner Genevieve Bond Bessie Britell Faustine Alston Arthur Alexander Jerome R. Head Howard M. Jones Charles P. Jandel Mar ' i ' Farley Hazel Phillips Nelson Trottman Mildred Caswell George Reinhart . Hazel Author Gower His Clara De Foenix j Grandchildren Miss Tralfalgar Gower, Sir William ' s Sister Captain de Foenix. Clara ' s Husband Mrs. Mossop, a Landlady Charles, a Butler Sarah, a Maid .... ..... SYNOPSIS Act 1. At Mr. and Mrs. Teller ' s Lodging, No. 2 Brydon Cresent. Clerenwell - May. Act n. At William Gower in Cavenish Square — June. Act III. Again in Brydon Cresent — December. Act IV. Behind the scenes ot the Pantheon Theatre, a few days later. Period: Some time in the early sixties. STAFF OF PRODUCTION Director and Coach WlLLIAM 0. CONWAY Business Manager EUGENE H, O ' NeIL Stage Manager IVAN BiCKELHAUPT Assistant Manager , JaMES A. CuMMINGS THE SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE John B. Nelson. Chairman William 0. Conway Helen D. Harrison John A. Burrel Eugene H. O ' Neil Harold S. Ofstie Louise A. Schoenleber WiNifRED M. Keith Frances Laloer 37 8 The Stage OJUSICflL .CLUBS OFFICERS OF WISCONSIN MUSICAL CLUBS R. C. BUERKI President F. H. Edwards Secretary Prof. I. W. JonF.S Faculty Member E. H. Carpenter Leader of MantioUn Club J. M. GiLLET Leader of Glee Club John M BicKEL ... Manager of Clubs MANDOLIN CLUB. First Mandolins Elberi H. Carpenter LELAND J. FORRAND Alfred C. Lindauer John W. Reed Seth H. Seelye Second Mandolins George M. Fuller Reimar a. Frank Harold C. Law Eugene M. Perry J. Basil Roberts Violins Marshall G. Simonds Thomas J. Hughes Mandola Maxwell A. S.mith Flute Archie M. Peisch ' Cello Will C. Hyde Ukulele Allan W. Renton Guitar Walter L. Clarke Harold R. Bravton Robin C. Buerki Carl F. Schaub Banjo Walter L. Clarke GLEE CLUB. First Tenor S. Harold Edwards John H. Gill Harry W. Hirschheimer Julius Smith Verle E. Williams Second Tenor Percy J. Crandall Ferdinand D. Bickel Stuart C Lawson Allan Renton F.Harrington MacCarthey Richard A. Zwemer Baritone James M. Gillet Ben S. Buckmaster Wirt G. Faust Haroijd M. Halverson Lyman C. Ward Bass Lyman Beeman Aldro Jenks Jr. Burr E. Lee A. Wallace Meyer W. Alexius Royce Walter Scherf First Row — Crftndall. Williams. Renton. Manly. Jcnks. Ay Second Row — Law. Simonds. Schaub, Brayton. Homct. Sai Third Row — Connelly. Loomis. Oskamp. Wild. Buchholz. Gill. Lauson. Chile s Wohlenbcrg Fourth Row — Royce. Smith. Walker, Roberts. Reed. Edwards, Buerki, Fox. Rickcl. Byrne, Meyer . Schwind, Scherf. Halverson. Zwemer. Hyde, p. Danielson. lohnson. Smith. Green, Lee. FiLh Row- Sixth Row- Beeman. Winsor. Dv ■Buckmaster, Shirctiff, , Lindauer, Gillet, Crandall, Carpenter, Hirshheimer Forrand. Blaisdcll. Halbert, MacCarthey. Allen. Full Shearer. PeasleJ. •r , Spencer, Clark. The Stage w The Girl ' s Glee Club is one ot the oldest women ' s organizations, ever before, the membership was increased from thirty to s:xty voices. This year it is larger than Every year the club gives a dance. C. A. at a concert before the University Club where they arc entertained with a banquet and In the spring they give a large concert alone and one joint concert with the city Y. W. the Fuller Opera House. OFFICERS President RUTH EbiNGER Secretary and Treasurer .... HELEN HaNER Director MRS. J. G. SANDERS Accompanist ELEANOR KELLER MEMBERS 1st Soprano Helen Camins. ' 18: Jean Cox, ' 18; Dorothy Daw. ' on, ' 17; Ruth Elizabeth Ebinger, ' 16: Gladys Guagl ' 18; Reba Haner. ' 18; Evelyn Hanson, ' 19; Marion Jennings, ' 16; E.sther LfvITAN. Grad; HELEN T. LOUNSBURG. ' 17; VivIFNNE Ma.XWELL, ' 18: ElsIE PETERS. ' 15; Dorothy E. Pickard. ' 18; Rl-th E. Robertson, ' 17: Agnes Schaller, ' 16; Kathleen Van Hecke. ' 16; Virginia Williams, ' 17; Isabel H. Young, ' 16. 2nd Soprano Martha E. Davis, ' 17: M.arian Doty. ' 18; Genevieve Hittner. ' 17; Edith Horstman, ' 15; Charlotte Humble. ' 17; Marjorie Jacques, ' 15; Frances Mary Little. ' 16: Marion Mar- shall, ' 16; ELFRIEDA NACHTIGALL, ' 17; RUTH D. NOER, ' 18; ALBERTINE PRINCE. ' 15; AGNES C. Skelton, ' 18; May Wescott, ' !7; Phebe Whipp, ' 15; Dorothy Williams, ' 18. 1st Alio EMILIE BENESH. ' 18; LUCILE BERG. ' 18; HARRIET IRENE COOK. ' 17; ElLEEN M. HARRING- TON. ' 16; AMANDA HESSMAN, ' 18: E.STHER JENSEN. ' 17; LeAH LAEMLE, ' 17; JANE D. LEWIS. ' 17; VIOLA Meister. ' 17; Lethe Metcalf. ' 17; Mabelle Paulson, ' 17: Lucile Pritchard, ' 16: Eleanor Sheskley. ' 17; Helen Spain, ' 17; Gladys D. Tyrrell, ' 17. 2nd Alto Lilly M. Andrews, ' 18; Mary Florence Fleming. ' 18; Blanche 0. Fo. . ' 18; Corinne Gebhart. ' 15: Helen Haner, ' 16: Lilly M. Koehler, ' 17: Nellie M. Larsen, ' 16; Grace Metcalf, ' 15: Esther Peterson. ' 18: Charlotte E. Preston. ' 16: Madelyn Stanchfield, ' 18; Ruth Willits, ' 15. The Stage Major Charles A. Mann, Conductor Captain Jesse Saugstad. Asst. Conductor Captain Leo J. Bachhuber, Student Condu First Lieut. Rov A. Brendel Second Lieut. William Rabak Chief Musician Leo L. Schoepf Principal Musician Stuart A. Bishop Drum Major Albert W. Powell Librarian E. Morris Jones. OBOE Leo J. Bachhuber BICCOLE Harry A. Shearer FLUTE Otto Zobel Glenn E. Pelton e. flat clarinet Albert C. Weimer CLARINETS Roy a. Brefjdel David Roltt Harry E. Roethe Louis A. Watzke Louis Rosenbejig Freeman D. Lohr Willard A. Dustrude Henry J. Rahmlaw Philip C. Quentmeyer Vernus E. Nelson Elbert H. Carpenter Bert W. Hocking Glenn E. Moore Oscar Becker SOP. SAXAPHONE Ralph A. Bohn ALT. SAXAPHONE Frank W. Shemick TEN. SAXAPHONE Herbert E. Wipple BAR. SAXAPHONE Claire M. Hamilton BASSOONS Jesse Saugstad Frances C. Lathrop TRUMPETS William Rabak Chester H. Hoesly Richard H. Garling Wendell E. Dunn CORNETS HUBER A. CHAPIN Harold R. Brayton Frank P. Fosgate Harry G. Marsh FRENCH HORNS Carlisle E. Stevenson Vele E. Williams Charles H. Sanderson Maurice L. Barton Everet G. Jacobi John Fordyce BARITONES Leo L. Schoepf Fred R. Fisher TENOR Roy B. Kile TROMBONES Stuart .A. Bishop Robert A. Luhmann Norman E. Waldron Lyle A. Howard Charles F. Baxter Gerhard W. Duemling BASSES Peter C. Strehlow Lenard Gates William V. Arvold SOUSAPHONE Dwicht J. Deihl Guy Eaglesfield SNARE DRUM Allen E. Nance William J. McCoy BASS DRUM Edw. J. Neuenschwander TYMPANI Frank P. Fosgate 3 8 1 The Stage Charles A. Mann Waldemar Von Geltch Conductor Concert Master First I ' iolins Walx)Emar Von Geltch J. C. Jurriens jeannette jones Helen Barr Freeman D. Lohe Eugene M. Juster Roy H. Schmidt Walter A. Danielson Kurt L. Seelbach Benjamin Leith Katherine Hay Second liolins W. H. Peterson Helen Churchill Carl E. Porter loHN B. Roberts Walter W. Truran Arthur 0. Buchholtz George Y. King Ronald H. Mahre Inez Noll Ellen Perkins Louise Brown Violas Mrs. Laura Ward Marshall G. Simonds Otto Zobel Dliane Smith Clarence W. Conrad Cellos Robert Montgomery Emmons Luetscher Charles J. Kidder J. D. McLean Basses Robert Disque WiiT.iAM V. Arvold Guy E. Eaglesfield Oboe Leo J. Bachhuber Flutes Harvey A. Uber Archie M. Peisch Glenn E. Pei.ton Clarinets Roy a. Brendel David Routt Louis Rosenberg Bassoon Jesse Saugstad Frances Lathrop French Horns Carlisle E. Stevenson Verle E. Williams Charles H. Sanderson Maurice L. Barton Trumpets William Rabak Chester H. Hoesly Richard H. Garling Trombones Leo L. Schoepf Robert Luhmann Gerhard Duemling Tuba J. Dwight Deihl Snare Drum McCoy Bass Drum Edward Neuenschwander Tympani Frank B. Fosgate 3 S 2 1 liiir rLj Mil I t a r y The University Corps of Cadets COMMANDANT Lieutenant Philip G . Wrightson. U. S. A. ASSISTANT COMMANDANT Battalion Sergeant Maior William C. Atkins U. S. A. (Retired) THE FIRST REGIMENT Colonel Frederic L. Conover Captain an Captain an Captain an J Adjutant ..... Harry A. Peterson Roland H. Risdon J Commissary Edward L. Falevsky Major BAND Charles A. Mann Captain Leo J. Bachhuber First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Roy a. Brendel William Rabak FIRST BATT.iiLION. Major , . Second Lieutenant and Quartermaster and Commissary Waldo W. Bauer Raymond P. Porter COMPANY A company C Capt. . First Lieut. Sec. Lieut. Mahlon H. Caradine Leslie V. Nelson Glen S. Houghland Capt. . First Lieut. Sec. Lieut. . Dan W. Flickinger Richard A. Zwemer Harlow P. Roberts COMPANY B company D ■ Capt. First Lieut. Sec. Lieut. Kenneth C. King Harold Wengler Robert L. Warner Capt. . First Lieut. . Sec. Lieut. . Clarence E. Cramer Timothy A. Pedley ISADOR W. MENDELSON SECOND BATTALION Major First Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant ..... Christian J. Otjen Edwin B. Kurtz COMPANY E COMPANY G Capt. , First Lieut. Sec. Lieut. Guy. S. Hales Paul S. Taylor Walter A. Werner Capt. . First Lieut Sec. Lieut. . Edward M. Piitenger John H. Helmer " C. Moreau Jansky COMPANY F COMPANY H Capt. First Lieur. Sec. Lieut. Leonard T. Sprague Julian D. Conover Ross M. Carroll Capt. First Lieut . Sec. Lieut. Cyrus J. Rounds Gail W. Palmer Frank M. Sizer THIRD BATTALION Major Second Lieutenant and Quartermaster and Commissary J. Charles Walker Gus. A. Bauman COMPANY I COMPANY L Capt. . First Lieut. Sec. Lieut. Bradford Hamilton Harold P. Whitlock WiLLSON V. MELOCHE Capt. . First Lieut. Sec. Lieut. , Charles F. Johnstone Ernest E. Roberts Hilton P. Hornaday COMPANY K COMPANY M Capt. First Lieut Sec. Lieut. Owen H. Loynes Charles Weller Fred J. Hodges Capt. First Lieut. . Sec. Lieut. George C. Robinson Harry N. Baum Stanley R. Belden 3 i i M i I i t a r y SECOND REGIMENT Colonel H1LMF.R C. MARTIN Captain and Adjutant JOHN C. POYNTON Captain and Quartermaster LEWIS B. A. McDoWELL Captain and Commissary NF.LSON D. BaRNETT BAND Captain J. E. SaUGSTAD COMPANY A Captain First Lieutenant ........ Second Lieutenant ..... COMPANY B Captain .......... First Lieutenant ......... Second Lieutenant .......... COMPANY C Captain ............. First Lieutenant .... .... Second Lieutenant .......... SECOND BATTALION Major First Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant Second Lieutenant and Quartermaster and Commissary COMPANY E Captain .......... First Lieutenant ......... Second Lieutenant COMPANY F Captain First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant ........ Captain ...... First Lieutenant ......... First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant ......... THIRD BATTALION Major . Second Lieutenant and Quartermaster and Commissary . COMPANY I Captain ........ First Lieutenant .... Second Lieutenant .... COMPANY G Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant COMPANY K COMPANY L COMPANY M Starr S. Eaton Victor H. Englehart Carl F. High James P. Woodson FREDFJ ICK p. H. SlDDONS Edwin F. Gouua Walter R. Webb Cecil M. Russell Charles D. Hoag John B. Lord Reuben Pfeiffer Arthur W. Howsen Stephen G. Gould Paul T. Roth well Lucius A. Squires Haroix) E. Phillips Karl Ehrgott Gilbert F. Roddewig Roy G. Rom Myrle H. Spicer Elmer L. Goldsmith Ralph A. Harbach Joseph W. Bollenbeck Henry J. Olson Gerold E. Luebben Randolph F. Brown David B. Miller John F. Bresks Allison F. H. Scott Herbert H. Brown Richard F. Knott- Lyman C. Ward EIdward W. Illet Arthur W. Gowfr DETACHMENT OF ENGINEERS CORPS Ralph A. Grant DETACHMENT OF HOSPITAL CORPS Lieutenant. Colonel and Surgeon ........ J. C. ELSOM 3 8 5 Military Wright son Mann Atkins Conover Martin Bauer Hoag McKillrick Goldsmith Otjen McDowell Howsen Johnston Peterson Squire Saugstad Ehrgott Scott Eaton Roberts Woodson Brown Caradine Barnett Robinson I.oynes Crame Bollenbeck Poynton Hamilton Falevsky Sprague Pittcngcr Taylor Conover Palmer Hi %. % 0- - Lord Moore Zwcmer King Roberts Whitlock Warner Pcdley Nelson Military Brown Leonard Webb Hales Gould Miller Ucllcr Bauman Ron B i% Brcndcl Cower Hodges Roddwig Helmer lllet Siddons Wengler Olson f ' % i? If w . Luebben Meloche Wtrner Hornaday Rounds Pfieffer Phillips Roberts Bresks Knott Spicer Bel don Coffee Sizer Rabak Carroll Roberts Wehr :!? % rir 1 %% Kurtz Jansky Mendelsohn Englehart Roth well Houghland High Gould Walker 3 8 7 1 ■FV Military Comp( )etltive Drill COMPANY COMPETITION WON BY COMPANY A May 13, 1914 CAPTAIN William R. Lacey FIRST LIEUTENANT Chester C. Schneider SERGEANTS Allison F. H. Scott, (First Sergeant) Glenn C. Richardson (Quartermaster) E. 0. White F. T. Richards Merrill Brooks Gregor L. Affleck Norton T. Ames Walter M. Bagemihl Austin J. Baird Harry M. Baldwin Robert I. Barker Alphonso Barrett John W. Barrett Robert A. Baxter Erwin a. Behnisch Stanley R. Beldon George Bergman Byron M. Bickfofuj Edward A. Biery Arthur J. Black Guy Black Winfield G. Blackburn Percival J. Blatchford Donald J. Blodgett George L. Bostwick CORPORALS Lucius Nash PRIVATES SECOND LIEUTENANT Owen H. Loynes Howard M. Van Auken George B. Farney Edward W. Illet Arthur D. Burke Ross M. Carroll Harold W. Brock Dudley E. Brooks Harold A. Brown Herbert H. Brown Donald R. Burnham E. Langworthy Blirwell Thorwald A. Carlson Percival Case Marshall H. Childs Deane G. Davis Donald P. Dixon H. Merrill Douglass Bernard H. Drowatsky Rolland R. Etter Henry J. Fadness A. William Gower Gail W. Palmer Victor H. Quick Russell C. Rosenquest Randolph L. Wadsworth INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION WINNER Sergeant Childs, of Company K. HONORABLE MENTION Sergeant McDowell, ot Company F. Corporal L. M. Brown, of Company E. JUDGES LiELITENANT DeLANCY. Commandant at the University of Mich Lieutenant Gunner, Commandant at Saint John ' s Military Academy. Lieutenant WoLLNAUGH, Commandant at the University of Minnesota. igan. Military Military Scabbard and Blade Company Rosier FACULTY MEMBERS Lieutenant P. G. Wrightson Charles A. Mann Van L. Bohnson Henry A. Schuette H. L. Gardner Ralph P. Hammond ACTIVE MEMBERS George H. Martin Waldo H. Bauer Frederick L. Conover Leland S. McKittrick Harry A. Peterson John G. Poynton Christian J. Otjen Joseph W. Bollenbeck Randolph F. Brown Arthur W. Howson Kennith C. King Lyman C. Ward James P. Woodson Owen H. Loynes Dan W. Flickinger Cyrus J. Rounds Starr S. Eaton Military " 1 Scabbard and Blade Founded at the Lniversity oj W isconsin in 1905 THE REGIMENT Company A. Lniversity of Wisconsin. Company B. University of Minnesota. Company C. Cornell University. Company D. University of Iowa (inactive) Company E. Purdue University. Company F. University of Illinois. Company G. University of Missouri. Company H. Pennsylvania State College. Company I. University of Washington. Company K. Michigan Agricultural College. Company L. Kansas State College. f I J t f t ■ : -■ ♦ McKittrick Howson Peterson Bollenbeck Otjen Martin Wright son Flickinger Loynes Brown Woodson Poynton Bauer Conovrr Rounds Ward Eaton Military Risdon Military Ball Februaru 20, 1915 Captain A. W. Howson Major E. L. Goljdsmith Captain R. F. Brown Captain L. C. Ward Captain H. A. Peterson Major L. S. McKittrick Major C. A. Mann Captain J. W. Bollenbeck Captain R. H, Risdon Bollanbeck 3 92 3 3 Special Occasions The 1916 Junior Prom Paul H. Mc Master Louis R. Bunde Louis P. McGilvary Ray E. Williams General Chairman Assistant Chairman Assistant Chairman Assistant Chairman THE COMMITTEES DECORATIONS PUBLICITY John H. Wintkr Dorothy Bannen Chairman Assistant Chairman Arthur W. Pruss ing Frederick L. Pease Chairman Assistant Chairman Edward M. Pittenger Randolph F. Brown Paul H. Coon Dorothy D. Dexter Laura Sfromme James A. Towler Frank L. Cato. Jr. Arlie M. Mucks David Henny Anita V. Plouss FLOOR MUSIC Glen C. Richardson Henrietta M. Wood Chairman Assistant Chairman Alois M. Kessinich Marion E. O ' Neil Assistant Chairman Chairman Austin R. Mathews Arthur M. Hayes Orlando M. Hollway Mary E. Duply John H. Abbotf PROGRAM L ■ 1AN B. Park Webb B. White Robert L. Grant George W. Levis Roy F. Burmeister Verne Bullis Richard D. Robertson FINANCE Alvin C. Rowe . Genevieve E. Deming Chairman Assistant Chairman Clifford I. Josephson Louise SHEPEfUj Chairman Assistant Chairman Clark W. Finnerud Erwin C. Trlimpf Madeline E. Mathews Irene C. Edwards REFRESHMENTS Chairman Assistant Chairman Arthur W. Miller Bessie I. Sutherland William H. R. Haggart Samuel C. Vail Arthur M. Moll Hazel M. Caldwell Mildred M. Moore RECEPTION Chairman Assistant Chairman Albert W. Powell Helen M. Aurland , William F. Clifford Albert M. Storrs Victor G. Foshinbaur George A. Foshinbaur Vera S. Kayser John F. Harper Grant I. Bltterbauch Charlotte E. Smith Ralph M. Bohn George E. Booth BOX Kenneth D. Carter Chairman Ruth M. Boyle Assistant Chairman Dora M. Coleman FX)WARD J. CUSICK Jack M. Bickel Ellsworth C. Alvord Warren A. Taussig WAYS AND MEANS Grover L. Broadfoot Richard A. Zwemer . Chairman Assistant Chairman Mary F. Litfle Helen G. Smith Merton L. Wright L 394 - " mmik r " Special Occasions m te jjfj||£ii«: £ L 4 -lu ji! li!w ' .-i« special Occasions d0C UZl -g - gpf- UNION DANCE May 29, 1914 Barnard ' s Park UNION DANCE October 31, 1914 Lathrop Hall February 5, 1915 JUNIOR PROMENADE Gym SOPHOMORE PROM February 12, 1915 Lathrop Hal MILITARY BALL February 20, 1915 " W " DANCE February 26, 1915 BARNARD HALL DANCE March 12, 1915 , . - . ■ FRESHMAN DANCE March 13, 1915 OFFICER ' S FORMAL March 19. 1915 BAND DANCE March 2 0, 1 15 EXPO DANCE March 27, 1915 BRIGADE HOP April 9, 1915 JUNIOR DANCE April 16, lQi5 . . ... Gym Gym Lathrop Hall Gym Park Hotel . Lathrop Hall Woman ' s Building Lathrop Hall Lathrop Hall Special Occasions " m ' «. i ' . P ' l " »» " i " awnTTcrr r SPRING p isg " May 22 and 23. 1914 PROGRAM FOR FRIDAY, MAY 22 2:00 p. M. Tennis Meet -University Tennis Courts. 5:30 P. M. May Dance Fete— Upper Campus. 8:30 P. M. Venetian Water Fete — Lake Mendota. PROGRAM FOR SATURDAY, MAY 23 10:00 A. M. Canoe Races Lake Mendota. 10:30 A. M. Crew Races Lake Mendota. 2:00 P. M. Interscholastic Meet Camp Randall. 4:00 P. M. Coburn Players present " Merry Wives of Windsor " — Sylvan Theatre. 6:00 P. M. Interscholastic Banquet — Woman ' s Building. 8:00 P. M. Coburn Players present " The Canterbury Pilgrims " — Sylvan Theatre. 1914 CARNIVAL BOARD William M. Sporleder George H. Andrae General Chairman Assistant to the Chairman Harry A. Grinde WILLIA.M S. HILDRETH Dean W. Glaspell Harry J. Koch Henry R. Murphy C. J. Otjen A. T. Sands ■9 Special Occasions October 30 and 31. 1914 GENERAL CHAIRMAN William S. Hildreth FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30. PROGRAM 6:20 P. M. Torchlight Parade. Starting from the Lower Campus. 7:30 P. M. Mass Meeting at the Gymnasium. 9:00 P. M. Home Coming Dance at Lathrop Hall. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 31. PROGRAM 2:00 p. M. Wisconsin-Chicago football game. 4:30 P. M. Woman ' s tea for alumni and visitors at Lathrop Hall. 7:30 P. M. Smoker at the Wisconsin Union (Y. M. C. A.) October 8. Dr. J. Timothy Stone, of Chicago. Subject —Valuing Life. November 16. U. S. Senator Theodore E. Burton. Subject — The Growth of National Expen- ditures. December 4. Bishop William F. McDowell. Subject — A Day at Rugby. January 7. President Haas, of .Muhlenberg college. Subject — Goods and the Good. February 22. Sir Douglass Mawson. Subject — Illustrated Lecture. March 25. Dr. Elbert Parker Fitch. President of Andover Theological seminary. Subject — The American Student and His Use of Time. The Exposition The Executives Willard M. bporledcr General Manager Marion D Luce ' omen ' s Activities Decorations Crawford Vt ' heeler First Assistant Man.Tger Will A. Foster Agnc ultural Manager John B. Edwards Engineering Manager Al W Powell Edward M. Pittcngcr Alex D. Lan Finance Assistant Publicity Assistant Chairman Manager Manager Chauncey O. Frisbie Edward C. Portman Joseph W. Bollenbeck Henry R. Murphy Isadore J Schultc Assistant Special Courses Publicity Program and L. and S. Manager Manager Manager Special Features Manager 399 The Exposition Review of the Exposition On March 25, 1915. the greatest student enterprise, the Second Quadrennial University Exposition, opened in the Armory and Athletic Annex with the purpose of giving the faculty, the students, and the state a " Birdseye View of the University. " When the Big Show closed at midnight, March 27. nearly 8.000 visitors had viewed the Exposition and gone away with the highest expressions of delight and praise. At the opening exercises, which took place in front of the gymnasium at one o ' clock. Gover- nor Emmanuel E. Phdipp and President Charles R. Van Hise made short speeches of welcome before a crowd of 1.500. After satisfying the moving picture man a few moments, the Governor and President ordered the doors opened, the crowd surged forward, and the great show was on. From the first moment, the 30.000 square feet of floor space was crowded. The attendance reached its climax Friday evening, when 2.500 people filled the aisles. The Exposition had paid back the $1,800 which it cost. From nine o ' clock Saturday morning till midnight, the booths were surrounded, and the Union was assured a profit of over $2,000. If it is true that interest is the highest compliment, the Exposition workers were surely repaid for their efforts. All but two departments in the University asked for and received exhibit space. To build the booths, 6,500 yards of bunting were used. Over 5,000 more completely concealed the ceiling and walls of the armory. Nearly 13.000 feet of lumber went into booth construction. About 3.000 feet of wiring, installed by students, were necessary to carry the iOO kilo-watt current which was supplied by great transformers and motors in the annex. Gas. water, and compressed air were piped to ail parts of the floors. The estimated value of the exhibit materials is $75,000. As was the case with the Exposition of 1912, the Wisconsin Union stood sponsor for the show. The Union Board decided on October 27, 1914, to hold the Exposition, and appointed Willard M, Sporleder, one of its members, genera! manager. Shortly before Christmas vacation, the chairmen of departments were chosen. After careful consideration of all eligible students in the University, over 400 men and women were picked to form the great Exposition committee, and actual work on exhibits was begun early in January. So well were the committees chosen that few changes were made. Each one of the 400 worked faithfully and efficiently to put all that was of the best into their exhibits. On Friday. March 19. the decoration, electric, emer- gency, and piping committees began to construct the booths under the direction of Crawford Wheeler, while the transportation committee gathered the exhibit materials from all over the campus. Owing to well laid plans and wonderful co-operation, the greatest single task, that of putting the show on the floor, was practically completed at ten o ' clock Thursday morning. The Expo- sition, planned, managed, and executed from start to finish by students, was cleared for action at half past twelve o ' clock. The result of all this labor is well known to 8.000 visitors and will never be forgotten by them. The weekly " Press Bulletin. " reaching nearly 500 Wisconsin newspapers, and the " Ex- position News. " sent tor seven weeks to every Wisconsin preparatory school, added " persuasion " to the " suggestion " made by 20.000 posters put up by high school students all over the state. In consequence, the estimated attendance from outside of Madison reaches toward the 2,000 mark. Many legislators accepted the formal invitation to attend the Exposition, and nearly every student left his name on the visitors ' book. That the Exposition deserves the name of the " Greatest Student Achievement " is the gen- eral verdict. Representatives of tour large universities were present, and we may expect to sec this " Wisconsin Idea " carried elsewhere. All visitors, president, governor, legislators, students, and citizens, are agreed that the Exposition gave the best possible " Birdseye View of the Uni- versity, " The Exposition E.S.Reynolds C.H.Schroeder V.O.Law Chairman Chairman Assistant Emergency Transportation Floor Committee Committee Chairman VJ.Vallette G.E.Bralnerd J.H.Gehrman A. W.Dun widdie C.F.High Heating and Assistant Assistant Advertising Chief Piping Agricultural Engineering Manager Electrician Committee Chairman Chairman THE ELECTRICAL COMMITTEE Carl F. High Chairman. M. T. Carr, Assistant Chairman: Raymond Wood. Donald Hay. James Wall. L. B. Nash. Arthur Buchholtz. W. E, Seward. L. V. Nelson. William Cower. R. H. Ter.y. O P. Harloff. Stanley Polachek, E. F. Krause N D. Barnett. A. L. Kniidstad. J. F. Roberts. Harvev Gnem. E. A. Behnisch. K. C. Barrows. C. L. Ballard, H. J. Ludden. J. A. Rcinhardt. D. W. Gray. R. P. Porter. R. N. Falgc. 1. C. Miller and F. G. Kachelhoffer. THE EMERGENCY COMMITTEE Edward S. Reynolds. Chairman; Arthur Black. E. R. Hill. L. D. Suhr. R. M. Coughl.n, F. M. Sizer. J. F. Breske. Charles Farquhar. B, J. Anson. C. F. Owen s. N. J. Hooper. Wilbert Lambert, C. D. Byrne and Ray- mond Albright. THE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE Carl Schroeder. Chairman: Harold Huston. Assistant Ch; -irman: P. H, McMaster, G. A. Foshinbaur. B C. Gunderson, A. M. Mucks. F, S. Morris. Victor Foshin- baur. Verne Bullis. Clifford Haumerson. Arthur Hender- son. Gustav Sell, Carl Juve, Herbert Hodgson. Robert Filtzer. F.W. Whitney and A. M- Van Ostrand. The Exposition DECORATION COMMITTEE Marion D. Luce. Chairman; R C, Pick.U. J, K. McCullnugh. G, A, Chandler. P. T. Rothwcll. J. R, l.amb. E. J. Hopkins. F. W. MacKay, H. Simmons. M. H. Caradinc, C. S. Rowc, and Missi-s Genevieve Hendricks. F,thel Garbutt, Charlotte Bodman, Georgia Loy. Anita Pteuss, Edna Rankin and Irma Frankcl RECEPTION COMMITTEE H. D. Wakrfii-W. Chairman: ' R. M, LaFollclle. P E. Bchrcns. R. W. Jordan. J. T. Slcucr. W. F. Clifford. H, L, Mcrkcl. F. L. Bellows. G. H. Taylor, Homer Dav.s, E. S. Hollcn. L. H. Smith. .1. M. Bickcl, and Misses Winifred RcUrlt, Marion O ' Ncil. Irene Paul. Harriet O ' Shea. Lyda M. Reiser. Rhoda E. Owen and Alire Bemis. FINANCE COMMITTEE Al W. Powell. Chairman: C. S. Perry. W. W. Noelling. A. C. Lindauer. Frank Tiliman. C. W. Hendrickson. J. F. Breske. Henry Rahmloe. G. L. locobus. F, D. Row, Leimert, Tillman. Latimer. Rahndlow. K, D, Carter. D. B. Miller. J, E. " Hardy. A. D. Burke. J. E. Farrand. H- B, Heyn. Victor Hameister and Paul Hunt icker. SPECIAL FEATURES AND PROGRAM COMMITTEE Henry R. Murphy, Chairman: H. B. Evans. F. B. Schaefer. Royal Roberts. E. G. Sievers. Guy Briggs, F. D. Higson. Fred Distelhorst. Hilding Anderson. Carl Wchrwein. Fred Butig, Guy Fisher and Robert Mc Cutchron. ADVERTISING COMMITTEE R. A. Zwpmer, Chairman; .1. H. Adicr, Assistant Chairman. State Committee: A. W. Dunwiddif. Chairman; O. C. Zillisch, A, W, Howson. Lawrence Bell and Robert Patterson. Local Committee: W. A, Meyer, Chairman; S. L. Brink. H. Hnrnaday and Northrop Jones, Oeo c ,jy -I Schooi of Medicine. i Map Jraininq £du cation Fhilosophy L a tin Astronomy r ft; Pharrnacyj Military Set ' tut German Political Science, Y ( V ENTRANCE EKIT TO ANNEX. 1 Physical Ei du cut on L n liih Math. Likr rj Lair Sckocl Manual Art .5 Jfudent fictiritt ' es His ior ■TO-ANNEK " P anm frw tr. Lncfr r ' roducU Sihop Chet strj Mui The Exposition College of Letters and Science ASTRONOMY E. R. Stivers. BOTANY F. G. GUSTAFSON. Chairman; H. E. TrEAKI.E. E. A. BaIRD, E. H. ToOLE and MiSSES Bessie V. Hawley and Juanita Rankin. EDUCATION H. G. HOTZ. Chairman; F. L. WRIGHT. J. B. PAUL and G. C. BRANDENBURG. ENGLISH H. F. JUERGENS, Chairman; E. W. MoSES. and MISSES WINIFRED B. RICHARDS, MaRJORIE BuRDiCK. Roberta R. .Mann, and Helen Wurdemann. GEOLOGY R. W. hart. Chairman; W. L. DOBIE, M. C. LAKE, G. M. SCHWARTZ, and W. C. TOEPEL- MANN. GERMAN R. T. RUNGE. Chairman; and MISSES SELMA S. KoENIG. AnnIE K. L. RS0N. and RltH Norton. HISTORY D. D. Smith. Chairman, A. H. Brunf.lle and Misses Esther Kelly. Dorothy Caldwell and S. Amelia Yf.ager. MANUAL ARTS W. K. YOCUM. Chairman; R. H. CUMMINGS, V. R. MCDOUGLE. M. W. HECKMANN. W. K. Strickland. B. F. Nelson, and Misses Rachel L. Skinner, Fannie E. Atwood. M. E. Nind and Marie Anderson. MATHEMATICS R. E. Moore, Chairman; C. J. KiDDER. E. JOHNSON. M. Ma. and R. W. BaBCOCK. MEDICINE A. R. TORMEY. Chairman. E. C. McGiLL, R. R. RlTZMAN. H. ShACOFF. M. D. MORAN. W. W. Bauer. H. A. Bachmann. P. C. Hodges. R. Parsons. E. H. Townsend. R. C. Buerki. L. S. McKlTTRICK, and K. A. MeNNINGER. PHILOSOPHY C. L. Hull. Chairman: and E. J. MENGE. PHYSICS B. L. Combs. Chairman; W. H. Hoover, A. F. Kibler. and Hazel TeSelle. POLITICAL ECONOMY E. R. NaRR. Chairman; H. S. GLEICK. C. F. WhIFFEN. H. BarNBROCK. H. E. BENEDICT. K. Duncan. E. J. Brunnf.r. H. B. Evans, Miss Malde Le Ro . W. L. Schwalbe, A. H. Hanson. 0. A. Fried. G. L. Ramsdell, J. Smith, and S. D. Collins. POLITICAL SCIENCE R. J. Cunningham. Chairman; R. L. Warner. J. R. Frawley and R. A. Roberts ZOOLOGY A. R. CaHN. Chairman; T. C. NeLSON. C. L. PaRMENTER, F. MEADE and MiSS OlIVE V. Andrews. College of Engineering CHEMICAL ENGINEERING E. C. HeRTHEL. Chairman; M. AGAZIM, J. M. GlLLET. H. R. BOEHMER. A. J. StIRN and L. S. Loeb. city planning K. B. Bragg, Chairman; T. FiEWEGER and H. F. JANDA. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING W. C. RaUBE. Chairman; P. N. ElDERKIN. T. D. TiFFT, and C. H. StONE. FOREST PRODUCTS H. B. HEIM, Chairman; H. BRADLEY. P. B. FERRY. L.McNAUGHTON and MiSS ELOISE GeRRY. HYDRAULIC AND SANITARY ENGINE RING Cuthbert P. Conrad. Chairman; G. E. Whitman and B. Bird. MACHINE DESIGN W. H. StIEMKE. Chairman; R. G. SMITH and E. T. LORIG. MECHANICAL DRAWING D. F. SCHINDLER. Chairman; and W. H. NEGLEY. MECHANICS F. 0. lORSTAD. Chairman; W. F. HeINEMAN and R. FI. JONES. MINING AND METALLURGY W. H. LOERPABLE. Chairman: R. A. PaLLANSCH and F. W. HoDSON. RAILWAY ENGINEERING W. S. Todd. Chairman: and L. C. ROCKF.TT. ROADS AND PAVEMENTS R. T. CaVAN. CH. Chairman; R. M. CONNELLY. L. R. MORRIS and L. R. WhEELER. SHOP WORK C. W. ZaCHOW. Chairman; C. H. KlOTZ, A. L. GILBERT. ReED ROSE and D. F. BRESLAUER. STEAM AND GAS C. N. MauRER. Chairman; H. C. AndERTON. G. F. OLDENBURG. F. 0. FLETCHER. R. JeNS and W. B. Gesell. STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING F. D. BicKEL, Chairman; 0. A. BaILF.Y and A. E. SaCKERSON. TOPOGRAPHICAL AND GEODETIC ENGINEERING J. W. TaNGHE. Chairman; J. A. SCHAD and W. C. GREEN. 4 4 The Exposition College of Agriculture AGRICULTLiRAL CHEMISTRY E. Schmidt. Chairman; A. SCHAAL and WALTER PlTZ. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS J. Dance, Chairman: C. WeHRWEIN. F. ROBOTKA and I. M. WRIGHT. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING F. Jones. Chairman; H. ROETHE and L. SCHOEPE. AGRICULTURAL JOURNALISM AND EDUCATION E. R. MClNnRE. Chairman; H. PaTE. A. MAXWELL. 0. STINE and J. WHEELER. AGRONOMY H. H. Humphrey. Chairman, P. J. Crandall, E. D. Holden. R. S. Goodhue. H. E. Larsen and A. H. Wright. ANIMAL HUSBANDRY G. Clarke, Chairman; S. Reed. W. G. Kammlade, E. Suhr. C. Haumerson. G. Middle! on, R. MCCUTCHEON. V. BULLIS and C. MERRIMAN. BACTERIOLOGY AND VETERINARY SCIENCE HiRAM RoEHM. Chairman, MARTIN LOBDELL, ARTHUR HENDERSON and MiSS HaZEL GRAY. DAIRY HUSBANDRY W. Johnson, Chairman; J, MaCHOVEC and E, K.RAEMER. ECONOMIC ENTOMOLOGY Neale Howard, Chairman; Lloyd France and George Chandler. EXPERIMENTAL BREEDING L. BaCHHUBER, Chairman; B. WoOD and C. WOODWORTH. FARMERS ' INSTITUTES A. Dexter. Chairman; W. KREUCK and J. POYNTON. HORTICULTURE W. A. DUSTRUDE, Chairman; G. W. BuiRNET. H. DyE and W. MOOREHOUSE. PLANT PATHOLOGY Stewart Ch.andler. Chairman; Paul Chase and Albert Lillie. POULTRY HUSBANDRY F. E. MUSSEHL. Chairman; E. J. HaUSER and L. A. HeNRY. SOILS W. HORNE, Chairman; A, WiTTlCH, J, SyKORA, 0. R, ZeASMAN and A. R. ALBERT. WISCONSIN AG. EXPERIMENT STATION G. BOHSTEDT. Chairman; C. D. HOAG, D. FlICKENCER and E. M. CaIUWELL. SPECIAL COURSES CHEMISTRY C. N. Austin, Chairman; R. F. Pait. H. a. Lewis and Miss Katherine Faville. COMMERCE M. S. CoHN, Chairman; G. 0. GULLICKSON, I. C. TiNGVOLD and A. D. ChICKERING. JOURNALISM S. I. Brink. Chairman; W. B. ReEDY. F. M. DLSTELHORST and MiSS CLAIRE M. HAMILTON. LAW E. J. Morrison. Chairman; G. T, Fisher and F. R. Wahl. MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS S. S. Eaton, Chairman; M. H. CaRADINE and E. M. PiTTENGER. MUSIC M. Witts. Chairman; J. M. SnyDER and MlSSES E. H. KELLAR and M. LiNSE, PHARMACY G. V. BrAINARD, Chairman; E. P. WeNDSTADT and MiSS V, C, ZuLKE, PHYSICAL EDUCATION R. M. KeELER. Chairman; V. B. HayDEN and F, E. SCHLATTER. WOMEN ' S EXHIBITS HOME ECONOMICS Agnes Boeing, Chairman; Nell Hamilton, Florence Jarvis. Cornelia Mathews, Grace Bell, Helen Flett. Edna Smith. Helen Smith. Vera Spinney. Honore English, Helena Hanson, Florence Farquhar. Elsa Fauerbach. Josephine Cullinan, Alice Bradley, Nina Simmo.nds and Virginia Hicgins. Y. W. C. A. Lucille Huntington. Chairman; Helen Abrams. Elizabeth Baker. Marguerite Rogers. Marion Holmes and Elsa Peters. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ann CaHOON. Chairman; IDA jONES, JULIA AVERY and MARIE RiGHTER. S. G. A. Dorothy Bannen. 4 6 The Exposition THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN EXPOSITION NEWS ■dward IL PtttMfar. I MADISON, WISCONSIN, MARCH 6, 1916 CHANGE EXPOSITION DATE TO MARCH 25 aUOENESa OF OEEAT STU DENT ENTEHPEIBE NEOEfl- 8ITATEB 3HIFTIN0 07 DATE yEmBETuRUHigiTS WAECH 2 , 20, 37, HOW SET AS FIi-AL TIME FOE UMl VEUSITY FUMOTION 0( Mmrcb iV ud 2« u bad Oeta orisin Cell tu " wvtk ton " »rt -w t»iiM4 ► U . :i) (uuoJ ibal la Itiu ( rloJ I ' f (Lsie t.iD«HilM " ' o " the ortt D«i dire II ..ouU ( .■ •!! u " «f unpoMiimiir In rttlii-t lo«-ih»r th. iDMt Pt i " » " UlMd.t«tdM c.otJ=l.« mil b. ' 4 Pirt Ot IbB KTft " bVMMJB nunjilloo or ib " tacuUr Ibo d»l« b« ' nilcD ffl thi- pinuil ot pn.-i.«rUlo built prepwaj tww ' M ' " " ' ° " " PURPOSE OF UNIVERSITY EXPOSITION OUTLINED BY PRES. VAN HISE MADISON. WIS. Mu cocitin BipoililaD li to t p«opl« ot ih (UIi e rollotrlnj »l«lc- of WUCOOllOEttMI 1 brine 10 tbp fac- ■ cooCTelB pklur.; s ot tbc 01tr«rFiit ■ ' Kork Kblcb UD aOercd by II vertltr uiil Ibo il«iD(iit s o 1 dep«rlmfnt will lllgsIr»lo clcr oC lis vork and Ibo re dure ot ibat depulnieiit Ualicnlly FrxpMllloD o[ n lEo tbowtHi tBat IbIB 1 ■ degrae beyond »tiil ons WHAT CITIES NEED AND HOW TO GET IT DELEOiTIONB MAY HOW STUDY CITY.PLAinJTHO AT MADIBOH UNiyERSIII EfFOSITIOII EDROPEAJJ PLAHS EEVIBED AND ADAPTED TO AMES- ICAN PIANS AJ O ibe IcarlOG down cr bulldlDi a make irame t «ri M«n» Wl»« nilu tlu» Dcsd r t alldlD( lor loms ret- lon It li D upcDilte procHj It CODC at blladlT Bui ui) cllr Ibii HDilt ■ commKlop lo lb UDl r«Ilr Mapi cf robulll and pUnotd cltin all ovrr Ibc world, abowlDE lOlu iiun [or r try poiiibls problem ol (lir plinnlDK »lll be ibonD. DiU. Inlormallon. Dd advica will b« (Ivao by Fiperli troD Ibo deparlincnl ot city pUnnlDG If jour clly li ready lor mora pivomt ' Dls. ' l ' ou probiblj wlib lo (d rclliblo and unbtucd Intormatloa In rfgard lo con and " earloj nualltie Of varioua paveaiCDH At tbc Expo- arrrmc enipl- bat a -Tin Tto tbiOKr •■ ' " " dale ■111 ta tB « ttaaje IQ Ibo itlana of lOioo iboua end! o( l acbpr(. blsb acboul aiuJiDii. • Dd loi. ' tnl-U clili-ni from polola ibe lUir who ara eipetl oecled nub U 4o col fully appre- preiitd lb OWE flrM la apt lo t bla eollra eoeiTF to lbs depart- Dl 10 wtkb be bolQM . or to tbU I reliled d va«ur Ihal Wla ■ Inilnitilonal ngiion of wb :l«dc wblco il-cnlly aod e EipoalHoQ rally wblcn CBliertlly FtpoalHoo ilabtoG Ibo latiirii.ition mesll oniil o( Ititlt. Wblle It will d by II m la ibem to tbeir « ' 1 bo cOB(tatu S a larlc en a of treat b«o«- P0ETEAJT3 OF EDrfOES orvEN TO wiscosam Tt. ' di-p»ricnol ol uni»innj ai lb Vi ' -eriliy ot Wl.igiuln Uaa at quIreC Itu-e larfr pbotoaraptii bt I Waiblnr ' " !- Thi poilralta. wnicL Mve b " ec bum ' " " " ' « " " • f™™ ..t ibe d..t ftmtni, ati o( Jamea Wal- ioD Wt ' jb. fdlior ot Ibc Na " Yort ,m£ u war torr»«iiondoni of Iba Lon m Tlmei Tbo depailmtot baa alao lUlBcd a larje aiecl tDgraTioj ot KODEL PL1I1 FDR NIIK SHOn IT ElPOSniOK lutely c ol only ODe-atUi lu ooo-lenlh ot a rent per « " » " at the Unl ' crslly ot WUeonsln El- model plaol lor bandllnl city mill iDEii mtm PRim SHOP IILL BE OK DISPLtT A lino Irlbule will bo paid lo lie -nnnTrv .,e«apap(r ot Wlironala la II ot ibp doCirtcaDDt Of ac- SEND DRIIItBE EIHIBI1 ID BiOGER SIITE FUR ihofougbnci. Perbape your clly la a railroad cen- er •sd (bere are many danctrou iroailnfB Tba i«llwiy eaclneorlna :b»e uDpleauDi fealurei. Come lo tbe EipoilIloD and pul yoar prob. laise. ayaten A typleal country It of 1 win I I Ot I EIHIBII Omi SPECIMEi FOOT HO MOUTH DISEISE nai allowed madr lu Wiicootia will bn uD cibU ' illoD al Iba UBlvsruiT ol niaeonilo Eipo-I.oo on Martb :i ' o Over IJ.OO.-.OOO, b i been paid lo lis klllc] b-l--»n tXlober and Jan- uarv in ab pSon, 10 aiamp oul tba ■ i idvmlc Inorua, ecdoaeil la a ila.. Aae i. " ' ■ ' " t ' be low apaci- 1. tuberv ' itJila. and olbct 9 tot diDs Da l - ' riiiDi. I 1.000 ;. Dnd» ot Tbe iclaj prepared for [be Uni vertlly ot Wlsconaln EipoalllOO on Moitb 25— ;7 " Ul be BOnl by tbe UnlTerally 10 Ibe Slata Fair lb la year The model il elebl feel aqnare. and la made by ecale (o repreaent a quarter artllon of land A typical WlvooMo aliualloo la taken. Tbo Has Ibe bealtb ot endanfcred by an ui eiipplyt Then you I Ibe Eipoaltlon la a lacblne. jolded Ip reprosi iconain Curd and tbe Far- orUloally at IB placed about ibe bootb are to (Iva tbo rliliora aa Idea of how WDcoDsIn newtpapera are do- Ini ibclr work. On Ibe back wall of ibe bootb 1 lo bo placed an oocomluQi In pratae o( Ibe tplcndid advance made in ibc Tbo paper! ot Wlaconaln are tar abead Of otbera In prlnllec Iba lal- t-,1 asrlcalunl dlfcoTarlea Tbli iDlcreit baa booitcd Wliconaln tarmi to ibfir prcMDl bl(b eOclency. Se - crc.1 oibrr qualltlee of WliconilD Inca al the biG abow, out dally on • preii Tbi. Eiblblt Kill l « who are manBGlot li VHtT SHILL WE 00 IREI coil SUPPU Runs OUT? lia plare Scattered all oier Iba aiBle are email atreama wiihio r«acb mean ot proper damlnf, Ibcae may aa drained II broke t I ot WlicDDaln. ibey roblom By maklnt I ' boul agrlcullurnl Journal ot biftb acbool ImpDilancB by msklDi a model Ot a nater puwor plant tor Ibo UolTar- ilty at WincoDiln Eipoaltlon. low a dam A amall motor, cooneclad to Ibe ivaler wbeel. will lurnlib elec- liirlly tor aomo mlplaiure llchta- TbB model bai broo mado raalla- 5 tbelr out metboda ot moaaurloi Iba flow Set New Date tor Gigantic University ot Wisconsin Exposition, Marcli 25, 26 and 27 The Exposition The Exposition ( WClll £jfll i„„ The Exposition ICUlTWi Is 4 9 The Exposition COMMCRCt In Winter VSJK-i I ' ? . - »u;. .HUil 4 11 In W i n t e 1 412 In Winter In Winter jjanrrTir — r Organizations :i - ■-J nonOR 50C1LTD m Honor Societies hi Beta Kappa ! i FACULTY MEMBERS l FACULTY MEMBERS Thomas Sewall Adams. Ph.D. D James Francis Augustine Pyre, Ph.D. Charles Elmer Allen, PhD. m Frank Otis Reed. Ph.D. Florence Eliza Allen, Ph.D. _ :Wk. . Paul Samuel Reinsch. Ph.D. Kathenne Allen. Ph.D. ' " ' ' -3ri - . ' . ' ' Harry Sanger Richards. LL.D. Frederick William Roe. Ph.D. Albert W. Aron. MA. i r -, ' ■ ■« ' . Lelia Bascom, M.A. — -HiS ' Edward Alsworth Ross, Ph.D. Edward Asahel Birge. Ph.D.. Sc.D.. ' ! . ' i Edwin Carl Lothar Clemens Roed- LL.D ' " ■ U4l ) ' ■SL- der. Ph.D. Willard Grosvenor Bleyer. Ph.D. ll j B nJttid Harry Luman Russell. Ph.D. John Kester Bonnell. M.A. BS H William Amasa Scott. Ph.D. George S. Bryan. Ph.D. JHb b H George Clarke Sellery. PhD Charles H. Bunting. M.D. mi SBHt Frank Chapman Sharp, Ph.D. j Horace Thomas Burgess. Ph.D. ■ -isr . Grant Showerman. Ph.D. j William B. Cairns. Ph.D. 1 ■ Herbert Downs Simpson. A M j George C. Comstock. Sc.D.. LL.D. i Moses Stephen Slaughter. Ph.D. Herbert Carl Dallwig, A.B. 11 Charles Sumner Slichter, M.S. Percy Millard Dawson. M.D. Charles Augustus Smith. M.A. Robert Conrad Disque. B.L . B S. Daniel Du Pre Smith. A.B. Robert Elkln Neil Dod?e. A.M. Elizabeth Anita Smith. A B. William Henry Dudley. B. A. FACULTY MEMBERS Howard Leslie Smith. LL B. Richard Theodore Ely, Ph.D., LL.D Hugh Allison Smith. MA, Frank Caradoc Evans A.M. Edward Kremers, Ph.D. Pearl Mabrv Smith. A.B, Carl Russell Fish, Ph.D. Henry Burrowes Lathrop. A.B. Walter McMvnn Smith. B.A. George Converse Fiske, Ph.D. Charles Kenneth Leith. Ph.D. Susan Sterling. M.L. Albert Stowcll Flint. AM William Ellcry Leonard. Ph.D. Erwin R, Stoekle. B.S. Charles Josiah Galpin. A.M. Chester Lloyd-Jones. Ph.D. Eugene H. Townsend. A.B. Edward Hall Gardner, M.A. Arthur Solomon Loevenhart. M.D. Charles Richard Van Hise. LL.D. Lucy Maria Gay. B.L. Frederick Alexander Manchester. Edward Burr Van VIeck, Ph.D. William Frederic Giese. A.M. Ph.D. Richard E. Vaughan. B.S. John Lewis Gillin. Ph.D. Herman William March. Ph.D. Elsbeth Veerhusen. Ph.D. Eugene Allen Gilmore. A.B., LL.B. Max Mason. Ph.D. George Wagner. M.A. Raymond Davis Harnman, A.B. Lois Kimball Mathews, Ph.D. Louis Wann. A.B. Walter Wilson Hart, A.B. Walter Joseph Meek. Ph.D. Homer Andrew Watt, Ph D. Aubrey L. Hawkins. A.M. Charles Elwood Mcndenhall. Ph.D. Oliver Patterson Watts, Ph.D. Vivian Allen Charles Henmon. Ph D Bayard Quincy Morgan. PhD William Linn Westermann. Ph.D. Lee Hollander. Ph.D. Max Morse. Ph.D. Frank Ernest Williams. M.A. Frank Gaylord Hubbard. Ph.D. Dana Carleton Monro, L.H.D William Holme Williams. B A. Grant Milnor Hyde. B.A. Thurlow Christian Nelson. B.S. Robert C. Williamson, B.A. Carl Henry Ibersho f. Ph.D. Joseph Antonius Nyberg. M.S. Alexander Newton Winchell, Ph.D. Leonard Rose Ingersoll. Ph.D. Julius Emil Olson. B.A. Herbert Wing, Jr., A.B. Joseph Jastrow. Ph.D. Maxwell Charles Otto. Ph.D. Morton Owen Withey. C.E. Louis Kahlenberg. Ph.D. Edward Thomas Owen. Ph.D. Louis Bernard Wolfenson, Ph D. Ralph Kcffcr, A.B. John B. Parkinson. M.A. Karl Young. Ph.D. Alexander Kerr, Litt.D. Frederic Logan Paxson. Ph.D. Vive Hall Young. A.B. John Louis Kind. Ph.D. Annie Maria Pitman. Ph.D. Casimer Douglas Zdanowlcz. Ph.D. Wilford Isbell King, M A Charles Maltador Purin. MA. GRADUATE STUDENTS C. F. Zeek. Jr.. A.B. Mary V. Buell. Raymond Davis Harnman Lucius Rogers Shero Herman Aldnch Clark. Olin Ingraham Daniel Du Pre Smith Florence M. Coerper Ralph Keffcr Pearl Mabry Smith Clifton Sherwin Corbett Mary Cecil Leary Eugene H. Townsend Herbert Carl Dallwig. HarolH Lciand Merkel Emily Clara Wangard Katharine J. Gallagher Gladys Owen Herbert Wing. Jr. Hardin Roads Glascock Ralf Thiele Runge Vive Hall Young Alfred Paul Haake Edward J, Samp Selma L. Schubring CLASS OF 1914 Ralph Bailey Yewdale Arthur J. Altmeyer Bertha Malinda Hamilton Helen Seymour ■ Dean K. Brundage Clarence Allan Hollister Marjorie Naomi Sheets Florence M. Coerper Howard Mumford Jones Daniel Du Pre Smith Feme Lina Congdon Mary Cecil Leary Pearl Mabry Smith Florence Dorman Alice Lillian McCarthy Eva Emily Stevens Kat herinc Ellen Foley Margaret Cornelia McGilvary Laura Townc Gyneth Thco Fries Harold Leland Merkel Nelson Smith Trottman Mary Anderson Gedney Charles Albert Pfeiffer Emily Clara Wangard Arthur Alvin Gelatt Ralf Thiele Runge Helen Agnes Williams Alfred Paul Haake Ella Dorothea Schmidt Ruth Rebecca Wood Arthur Wood Hallam Mabel Lloyd Schwab Roy Fielding Wrigley ELECTED AS JUNIORS FROM CLASS OF 1914 Mary Van Rensselaer Buell Herbert Carl Dallwig Eupenc Herbert Townsend Frederic Leroy Conover Charles William Jones Jeanctte Kearney CLASS OF 1915 Junior Elt-cttons Ralph Bailey Yewdale Katharine E. Faville Roland Edward Kremers Dora May Miller Raymond Thomas Jackson Lloyd Harold Landau Helen Charlotte Pence Hubert Frederic Juergens Leland Sterling McKittrick 4 16 Winifred Russell Rettger Honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity Eta Kappa Nu Wisconsin. 1910 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Edward Bennett M. C. Beebe Robert C. Disque James W. Watson Franz A. Kartak Burt E. Miller John R. Price MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William R. iMc Cann Ernest 0. Lange FLO T) 0. JORSfAD William C. Raube RlNOLD H. Crambsch Clifton A. Olson 1915 Grant R. Wells Thomas D. TiFfT Virgil Poston Harry Hejish Merrill E. Skinner Thomas S. Burns Owen W. Loynes George E. Booth Edwin L. Andrew John E. Wise 1916 Lewis P. McGilvary Carl H. Krueger Karl Ehrgott Philip A. Ja.meson Langc Bccbe W.itson McCann Burns Grombsch Jorslad Raube Wells Price Hirsch Miller Poston Tifft Skinner Honorary Engineering Fraternity Tau Beta Pi MEMBERS IN FACULTY George William Armstrong Armin Elmendorf Robert Conr. d Disque John G. Aetti, Jr. Donald Stuart Grenfell Frank August Kartak Leslie Erskine Allan Kelso William Spalding Kinne Jesse Benj.amin Kommers Otto Louis Kowalke John Gilvan Davis Mack Lorraine Joseph Markwardt Edward Rose Maurer Daniel Webster Mead Murray Charles Beebe MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Charles August Mann John Arthur Newlin Arthur Peabody William David Pence JA.MES David Phillips John Reese Price Joseph Phillip Schwada Charles Manlius Scudder Halsten Joseph B. Thorkelson Frederick Eugene Turneaure Leslie Flanders Van Hagen James Webster Watson Morton Owen Withey Raymond James Roark Michael Agazin Otterbein a. Bailey Ferdinand D. Bickel Cuthbert p. Conrad Harold 0. Davidson Lawrence H. Doolittle James M. Gillet Harry Hersh Eugene C. Herthel William R. Floyd 0. Jorstad W. Harrison Loerpabel Roger E. Moore Russell G. Smith Walter H. Stiemke Thomas D. Tifft Louis C. Rockett Lester C. Rogers Sam I. Roth McCann Honorary Engineering Fraternity Tau Beta Pi Moore Rogers McCann Conrad Bailey Loerpabel Sticmke Bickei Rockett Tifft Agazim Gillet Roth Herthcl Jorstad Smith Davidson Hersh Honorary Agricultur alFraternity A pha Zeta 1 Babcock, Chapt zr 1905 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Alexander Septimus Alexander James Garfield Milward Stephen Moulton Babcock James Garfield Moore Arthur Christopher Baer Frank Baron Morrison Joseph Aloysius Becker George Byron Mortimer John William Brann Christian Percival Norgord Edmond Joseph Delwiche George Frederick Potter Edward Holyoke Farrington Griffith Richare-s James Garfifid Fuller Harry Lltvian Russell Lawrence Frederick Graber HARR ' i ' Steenbock Edwin Bret Hart Henry Charles Taylor Edward George Hastings John Lawless Tormey George Calvin Hu ' mphrey Emil Truog John Ambrose James Richard English Vaughan Edward Richard Jones John Charles Walker Lewis Ralph Jones Harlow Leslie Walstep Wesley Denver Juday Wilbert Walter Weir Arthur Henry Kuhlman Andrew Robinson Whitson Elmer Verner McColllim Otto Reinhart Zeasman i MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Alpheus D. Faville Otto A. Reinking Fred Reuel Jones Donald W. Sawtelle 1 1915 Arthur Robert Albert Donald Frederick Mattson GUSTAV BOHSTEDT John Gardner Poynton Reynale Richardson Crosby Edward Joseph Prucha Will Asa Foster Stuart Walker Reid 1 Howard Thomas Greene Albert Amiel Schaal 1 Arthur F. Hedges Harold Ray Walker Fred Rufus Jones Harry Albert Weingartner Arno Wittich I )16 1 Dan Wilson Flickinger James Sykora Arnold Ivan Maxwell GusTAv Adolph Sell 4 2 J —mmtft Honorary Agricultural Fraternity Alpha Zeta Walker Greene Weingartner Foster Svknra ReiH Albert Bohstedt Wittich Poynton Prucha Sell Mattson Schaal Crosby Hedges Flickinger Maxwell Jone Honorary Journalistic Society Sigma Delta Chi Iota. 1911 MEMBERS IN FACULTY WlLLARD GROSVENOR BLEYER Carl Russell Fish Andrew Winkle Hopkins Grant Milnor Hyde MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates WlLLARD Edward Farnham Alvin Herman Kessler 1915 John Edward Burke Don Clinton Dickenson Harry Andrew Grinde Fred Menzo Hall Donald Hugh Higgins William Sabieski Hildreth Carl Frederick Wehrwein Edwin Stanley Hollen Harold Jenness Harry Jefferson Koch Henry Richard Murphy Russell Wasson Nowels Jesse Horatio Reed 1916 Edwin Lee Andrew James Raymond Bill William Foster Clifford Callender Armstrong Grosser ARTHUR William Prussing William Burke Reedy Webb Bogart White James Robert Frawley LAW SCHOOL Harold Leland Merkel Honorary Journalistic Society Theta Sigma Phi Founded at the University of Washington, 1908 Wisconsin Chapter, Establibhed 1910 Theta Sigma Phi, a national journalistic society, established a chapter at the University of Wisconsin in 1910 for the purpose cf promoting interest in journalistic work. This society may only be organized in those colleges or uni- versities in which there is a department of journalism. Marion Davies HuLDAH Johnson Mary MacMahon Sylvia Mardfin Sidney Oehler MEMBERS Frances Smith Lila Webster Rlith Boyle Ruth Glassow Bernice Stewart li m Honorary Commerce Fraternity Beta Gamma Sigma MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ralph Starr Butler Stephen Warren Gilman Fayette Herbert Elwell Willlui Amasa Scorr Henry Roscoe Trlimbower MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I9I5 Rlssell John Carter Morris Smead Cohn Warren Carroll Garst Gerhardt Oscar Gullickson Walter Henry Knobel Emil Herman Neupert Harry Arthur Peterson Edward Christian Portman, Isidore John Schulte Frank William Tillman JR. 9 6 Harry Ellis Benedict Alfred Dorance Chickering Lehm Lincoln Brown Lyle C. Clarke William Foster Clifford 424 H o n o r a r : Chemical Fraternity Phi Lambda Upsiion Alpha Chapter of Phi Lambda Upsiion was founded at the University of Illinois in 1899, for the betterment and advancement of chemistry as a science. Wisconsin Beta Chapter was installed in 1905. FACULTY MEMBERS l. f. augspurger Guy W. Conrey Hf.nrv a. Drescher Maldwyn L. Jones Francis C. Kral-skopf F. B. Morrison C. a. Mann 0. J. NOER J. L. Sammis H. A. SCHUETTE H. Steenbpxk W. E. TOTT!NGHA.M Emil Truog H. L. Walster STUDENT MEMBERS Post Graduate Carl D. Livingston 1915 Michael Agazim Carl N. Austin W.AYNE H. BENTLEY Geo. M. Bishop Francis A. Federer Max G. Gilbert Harold A. Lewis Herbert L. Marter Philip A. Ritter Eugene C. Herthel Albert a. Schaal 1916 Francis E. Bash Victor C. Hameister M. Starr Nichols Herbert a. Gollmar [nter-collegiate Debater ' Fraternity Delta Sigma Rho ALFRhXl P. HaAKE Nathaniel P. Biart Will A. Foster Charles R. Bernstein Francis D. Higson 1913 Harold P. Janisch 1914 1915 Harold L. Merkel Edward W. Moses Archie M. Peisch 1916 LIN John P. Frazee 1917 Paul S. Taylor 1915-Law GUSTAVE DE N. Wright ROLL OF CHAPTERS Albion College Beloit College Brown University Carleton College University of Chicago Colorado State University Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College George Washington University Harvard University University of Illinois University of Indiana Iowa State College University of Iowa University of Kansas Knox College Leland Stanford Jr. University University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Missouri University of Nebraska University of North Dakota Northwestern Universit ' i ' Ohio State University Ohio Wesleyan University University of Pennsylvania Princeton University Swarthmore College Syracuse University University of Texas University of Virginia Western Reserve University Williams College University of Wisconsin Yale University —mnA Honorary Medical Fraternity Sigma Sigma HONORARY MEMBERS DR. C. F. DeGaris Dr. W. S. Middleton Dr. C. H. Harper Dr. F. C. Rinker FACULTY MEMBERS Herbert C. Dallwig Alfred C. Kolls George H. Anderson Clarence J. Brown Eugene A. Gotterdam Robert N. Hedges Victor C. Jacobson Ernest C. McGill Herman C. Meyer 1915 John X. Newmann Eugene H. Townsend Edward F. Mielke Michael D. Moran Fred A. Nause Robert P. Parsons Kenneth C. Peacock Albert R. Tormey Burton R. Weston 1916 Merideth F. Campbell T. Stanley O ' Malley Clark W. Finnerud Leland S. McKhtrick Harold D. Kerr Arthur M. Moll Eugene Sullivan Henry J. Olson 1917 John L. Reichert John W. Truitt 4 2 7 Honorary Economics Society Artus HONORARY MEMBER Thomas Klingenberg Updahl ACTIVE MEMBERS 1915 Harry Samuel Gleick Orrin Adolph Fried Fred Menzo Hall Raymond Thomas Jackson Louis Eugene Kruaiholz RussEL Francis Lewis Henry Richard Murphy John McClelland Trembly Marvin Weil Wallach Clarence Fred Whiffen Henry Barnbrock 1916 Bernard Christian Mueller Edward Richard Narr Graduate Members Harvey Clarence Hartwig John Vincent McCormick Harold Leland Merkel Milton Norman Quale 42 8 " JH.D S tf t-10 H5 . — ' »e CLA55 30C1LTIL5 ' Senior Honor Society Iron Cross Alfred Paul Haake Harold Leland Merkel Harold Sigvold Ofstie Albert Robert Tormey Ralph Bailey Yewdale Will Asa Foster Fred Menzo Hall Edwin Stanley Hollen Ray Monroe Keeler Martin Thomas Kennedy Ernest Otto Lange GUSTAVE DE NEVEN WRIGHT Junior Honor Society Wh ite 1 Spades s MEMBERS Alfred P. Haake Herbert Taylor Harold Merkle Gust AVE de N. Wright Harold Osstie Arno Wittich Albert R. Tormey Harry J. Koch Frank L. Bellows John P. Frazee Ben H. Bull William F. Clifford Ralph L. Crowl Grover Broadfoot Albert J. Dexter James R. Frawley William A. Foster Crawford Wheeler Fred M. Hall Paul H. Mac Master Stanley E. Hollen Albert W. Powell Ray M. Keeler Leo B. Cummings Henry R. Murphy 431 1 Class Societie: Monastics H. C. Bradley C. D. Cool R. C. Dlsque G. W. Ehler S. H. Goodnight A. B. Hall J. F. Haussman J. L. Kind W. E. Meanwell P. G. Miller HONORARY MONKS Peter Murphy J. X. Nelmann Walter Nebel R. S. Owen R. W. O ' EN J. R. Price W. D. Richardson J. G. Sanders R. F. Seybolt F. YOUNGMAN 1915 G. Anderson R. A. Anderson Joseph Bur H. B. Clayton H. B. Culver E. A. GELIEN S. E. HOLLEN H. Herzog V, W. Lackey R. C. McKay A. C. McLean Ed. Mielke L. L. Newmann R. W. NOWELS C. W. Poor H. D. Reber E. S. Reynolds L. Ross G. L. Ruder P. Sanborn L. L. SlEBECKER F. W. Tillman E. H. Whitcomb H. G. White 1916 B. Berryman A. B. Booth B. E. Bonar E. H. Carpenter M. E. Findorf C. Gilbert H. B. Haley W. H. Haggart John Hohman H. A. Huston E. J. Hauser A. Matthews C. N. Maurer A. Miller M. B. Neubert Morehart A. K. Neubert L. Pradt A. W. Prussing M. S. Richardson Al. Stores G. Sayle W. E. Turner H. D. Wakefield C. A. WILGER upper Classman Society Yellow Helmet MEMBERS IN FACULTY Eugene Hugh Byrne Alfred Lewis Pinneo Dennis Carl Russell Fish Harry H. Hindman William Joseph Juneau Robert Bell Michell 1915 John Henr ' i- Adler Frank Leroy Bellows George Petit Blaknev Clarence Kinne Boucher Kendall Benjamin Bragg Fred Macomber Cooper Clarence A. Dahle Harold Foster Dickens Harve ' i ' VanZandt Higley Fred Weex) Hodson Philip Alexander Jameson Marshall Chase Johnson Ray Monroe Keeler Francis R. Kitchell Edmond Gailbra William S. Middleton James Milton O ' Neil Winfred Trexler Root Robert Van Valzah James Henri Walton William Linn Westermann Thorpe Messenger Langley Harold Arthur Lewis William Baker Noyes John Searle Osborne Franklin Gray Pardee Kenneth C. Peacock Edward Christian Portman Paul Ramsey Roach Philip Kyle Robinson Joseph True Steuer William Kimball Strickland Claire 0. Scott Walter Henry Stiemke Merville Spoor Thompson th Toome-i John H. Abbott George S. Appleyard John M. Bickel James Ray Bill Louis R. Bunde William F. Clifford Edgerton C. Cooley Frederick Warren Coon Charles B. Dunn Clark W. Finnerud Gerald Grant Robert L. Grant EIdward Collins Gratiot Neil C. Hallock John Fletcher Harper 1916 Arnold Jackson Raymons W. Jordon George W. Levis Loren a. McQueen Norman Meland Harry E. Miner Arthur M. Moll George R. Ott Alfred Peaslee Don F. Pratt Leland S. Seymour Dan M. Spohn Verne L. Stephenson Rynier Van Evera Webb B. White John H. Winter Erich Wollaeger 4 3 3 ■» Friars Club (Clubrooms. 630 State St.) MEMBERS Frank Bellows N. C. Lucas Dow Harvey G. A. Benish Frank Morris Arthur A. Jamieson Karl Fisher Paul Collins Ralph Nuzum E. L. Andrew Kenneth D. Carter L. T. Sprague William M. Kelley l. s. mckittrick J. E, Farrand John Fordyce Robert Grant Lewis P. McGilvary John S. Osborn Carl B. Shank Gerold E. Luebben John B. Wilkinson V. G. Cartier Jack Sells R. W. Stone J. A. Lyons Leonard P. Eager J. L. Clark Paul E. Behrens Stephenson P. Lewis Hugh J. Jamieson H. J. Olson Arnold Jackson c. l josephson M. L. Gardner • George Booth William S. Macfadden John L. Mitchell H. M. Van Auken E. C. Alvord R. R. Hammond Don Pratt Lyman H. Parkes if r| I r , I Soph omore Society Sku and Crescent { ( William R. Boyd Edward W. Ilett Edward G. Brittingham Arthur G. Latimer Joseph H. Buckley Herbert W. Mandel Edmund S. Chapnlan Harry L. Marshall Paul F. Collins John L. Mitchell Le Roy L. Emm el William A. Nevin Chauncey 0. Frisbie Edward W. Nicoll Sidney R. Gordon Wellborn Priddy Charles S. Gilbert Ernest E. Roberts Robert M. Haydon Paul T. Rothwell Harlie G. Higbie Frederick P. Siddons Arthur R. Hoch Philip G. Stiles 1 Robert N. Williams 1 - L : k B ' H V F M . 1 B BBB K j K ■•iM If B Chapman Nicoll Brittingham W Higbie Buckley Priddy Siddons Haydon iMiams Rolhwrll Latimer Hoch Collins Emmcl Boyd Ilett Marshall Mandel Nevin Frisbie Roberts I 4 3 5 Sophomore Society Inner Gate ACTIVE MEMBERS r Edgar R. Hill Percival F. Case J. Edward Hardy James R. Lamb Robert M. LaFollette David B. Miller W. Monroe Young Charles D. Morton James G. Clark Clark E. Kauffman Lowell A. Leonard Warner H. Brand Vincent 0. Law Charles W. Weck Philip B. Van Horn Frederick a. O ' Neill R. Stevens Bradley honorary members Edward C. Portman, Jr. J. Ward Moore Harold F. Dickens C. Wyman Poor George p. Blakney Lynwood H. Smith W. Norman Fitzgerald Louis R. Bunde John S. Hohman T. Stanley O ' Malley Brownell Berryman Albert M. Storrs George Appleyard Verne L. Stephenson LaFollette Hill Leonard Young Miller Week O ' N.-ill Van Horn Kauffman Clark Case Hardy Brand Bradley Morton Honorary Athlet i c Society Star and A rrow MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GraJuales Kendall Benjamjn Bragg Harold Sigvold Ofstie Albert Robert Tormey Frank Leroy Bellows Hoy Benjamin Claiton Charles William Evert William Bradshaw Goldie Robert Nathaniel Hedges Harry Joseph Herzog 1915 Marshall Chase Johnson Ray Monroe Keeler Joseph Frank Machotka Ernest Otto Lange George Herbert Taylor Arno Wittich Howard Buck William Foster Clifford Ward Butler Freeman Melvin Herman Hass Alois Michael Kessenich William Dow Harvey Ray Williams 1916 George Winden Levis Henry Baldwin Merril Howard Buck Arlie Mlicks William Ernst Ross Lynwood Herbert Smith Edwin Richard Stavrum 1917 Raymond William Albright OsMON C. Fox Charles M. Freeman Milton L. Gardner Raymond John McCrory Phillip G. Stiles John Lendrum Mitchell Harold G. Olsen Elbridge Palmer Henry Miller Powell Arlie A. Schardt Eber E. Simpson 1918 Marshall D. Jones HONORARY MEMBERS W. J. Juneau. Head Coach. Football W. E. MeanWELL. Head Coach. Baskct-bail T. E. Jones. Head Coach. Track. Freshman Coa J. C. STEINAUER, Trainer m Senior Girls ' Honorary Society Mortar Board Mortar Board, the Senior women ' s honorary society was organized in March of 1909, with the three-fold purpose to stimulate scholarship, to further interest in worthy endeavor, and to increase college activities. The members are chosen at the end of the Junior, and the beginning of the Senior years from those women of the university who rank highest in service, womanliness, and scholarship. OFFICERS President . . . JULIA AVERY Vice-President GENEVIEVE HENDRICKS Secretary ESTHER KELLY Treasurer WINIFRED RETTGER MEMBERS Julia Avery Marion Davies Katherine Faville Genevieve Hendricks Ida Jones Winifred Rettger Nettie Karcher Esther Kelly Ruth Morris Sidney Oehler Bessie Rood Girls ' Inter-Class Society 1 Wysly nx Wyslynx, the oldest inter-sorority society, was founded in 1904 to promote good fellowship. Every spring, a Sophomore from each of the eight sororities in existence at the time of the founding of the society, and two non-sorority girls are elected to become members. MEMBERS Elsa Agrell Grace Bell Agnes Boeing Margaret Curry Mary McMahon Rhoda Owen Elizabeth Smith Bertha Weeks Marie Bird Charlotte Bodman Edith Dodd Mary Dupey Imogene Kriskey Marie Le Feber Mary Little Miriam Macklin Gertrude Manegold Mildred Moore Marian O ' Neil Marie Righter Helen Zillmer Ijx ter-Sorority Society Mystic Circle Mystic Circle was organized about ten years ago as a bridge and social club ' However, the purpose of the society has become greatly changed during the last two years. Its chief purpose at present time is to carry on some big charitable work each year. Besides this, Mystic Circle always has a booth at the Y. M. C. A. Christmas bazaar, and has an annual dance. Three Freshmen are chosen each year from Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta. Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Pi Beta Phi, to become members of this society. MEMBERS Seniors Mary Storer Brown- Eleanor Halline Esther Elizabeth Kelly Kathryn Parkinson Genevieve E. Hendricks Dorothy a. Bannen Hazel Marion Caldwell Ruth Esther Dillman Ruth M. Egge Irene Esther Esch Ingeborg Marie Iverson Juniors Vera Stein Kayser Myrtle Olive Milner Marion Eugenia O ' Neil Helen Gertrude Smith Sarah Elizabeth Warwick Elizabeth Gage Wootten Gertrude K. Johnson Georgia A. Loy Sophomores Madeline E. RaiMsey ILSE Shrader Fieshmen Hester R. Bill Mary Josephine Ferguson Margaret A. Eraser Harriet Snell Marjorie E. Hendricks Katherine V. Mabis Estelle W. Rueping Tjoi nce pav.s .mnoons ' 5 Fraternitiej Phi Delta Theta I i » r i ' Van SiinJiii Morris Van Ostrand Lyons Hughes Coolcy McQueen Ho! way Seids Hodgson Pradt Hevener Turner Wheeler Haggert Hays Jackson Spohn Klapp Coon Mummert Pardee Appleyard Chfford Storer Law Macfaddcn Harvey Buckmaster Sullivan Durbrow Walton Ellis barMiH Law Riess C. Mcintosh White MiU T Marling Rcnton R, Mcintosh Carpenter Jacobi Farreli Taylor Talbot F r a t e r n i ties Phi Delta Theta ! i Founded at Miami Unioersily. 1848 Wisconsin. Alpha. 1857 Number of Chaplers, 76 Living Members. 18.000 MEMBERS IN CITY Ben Beecher George Keeman. Jr. William Vilas Bryant Walter Alexander Marling Harri- Lincoln Butler LuciEN John Pickarts McCiFi I EN Dodge Lee Thomas Pond Louis McLean Hobbins H. A. Sloan Reginald Henry Jackson A. C. Smith James Albert Jackson, Jr. Byron Stebbins Sydney Charles Jackson Arthur John Sullivan Ambrose John Sullivan MEMBERS IN FACULTY Arnold Bennet Hall Fletcher Andrew Parker Edward Robe Maurer William Linn Westerman GusTus Ludwig Larson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Robert William Hughes John Arthu-r Lyons Franklin Gray Pardee | 1916 George Seaborne Appleyard Orlando Holway Ben Stalker Buckmaster Albert Gordon Klapp William Foster Clifford LoREN Angus McQueen Edgerton Cooper Cooley Thomas Benjamin Noble Frederick Warren Coon Louis Atwater Pradt William Robinson Haggert Daniel Mazurka Spohn Neil Carey Hallock Eugene Shaw Sullivan William Dow Harvey Crawfors Wheeler Arnold Stevens Jackson Wells Eugene Turner Frank Sloan Morris Maurice Merrill Mummert Mortimer Van Ostrand | 1917 Harry Meade Durbrow jAi- Kenneth Hevener Robert Charles Ellis Jane Vane Seids Charles Addison Hayes Richard Milton Storer Herbert Edwin Hodgson Carl Henry Van Sinden Vincent Oscar Law William Charles Walton William Semple McFadden Pledges 1 Arthur Sampson White . - Harold Benjamin Taylor William Walter Marling James Patrick Martin Gordon Braman Reese Robert Blirns McIntosh William Harold Talbot Charles Rhomas McIntosh J ' Otto Robert Kuehn ' Paul Austin Brigcs Dow Carpenter Paul Dean Farrell Charles Harold Law Allen Renton Walter Paul Jacobi Harold Beecher Taylor " ■ A- Ur r " 443 i . J Fraternities Beta Theta Pi » » I ? J I . Egbert Kecler Robt. McKay Jamie son Langl jy Bellows ' . Car gill Eaton Smith Chick enng Stavrum Hayes Hass Conovcr Grove Ray McKay McMurray Edwards Gordon Dean Goldie Owen Card Wilcox Bird Stans G. Cirgill L. Williams Marshall r rrrt H o r L ■-■ r McCoy G u n dej o n Balmcr D. Smith Woodward C mpbj JI R, Smith McGinnis Wolfcrs Fruddcn Tucker Cornish Fraternities Beta Theta Pi X Founded at Miami University in 1839 Wisconsin, Alpha Pi. 1873 Number of Chapters. 76 Living Members. 19.924 MEMBERS William A. Anderson Frederick Mason Brown Charles Burgess Maynard a. Cook Jerome Henry Coe IN CITY Frederick King Conover Conrad Conradson Edwin Converse Jones Douglas Soltar L. S. Starchman Donald L. Halverson Frank L. La Motte Ray Morris Stroud MEMBERS IN FACULTY Elliot C. Blackwelder William Ellery Leonard Charles Henry Bunting Frederick Austin Ogg Frank Caradoc Evans Donald L. Patterson John English Eyster James Francis Augustine Pyre Alpheus Davis Faville William Duncan Richardson Carl Russell Fish Ernest Brown Skinner C. S. Fulcher Gilbert Smith Stanley K. Hornbeck Leonard Sewell Smith William Joseph Juneau Howard Leslie Smith MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Robert D. Longyear Robert R. Newton Merrill E. Skinner 1915 Ray Monroe Keeler Kenneth Charles McMurry Thorpe Messenger Langley Raymond Cady Macka-i ' Robert Clayton McKay Howard Parsons Marshall Wilfred Hamilton Williams 1916 Harry Alvin Bellows Harry Frederick Grove Williams Wallace Cargill Melvin Herman Hass Alfred Dorance Chickering Arthur Michael Hayes Lee Medbury Eaton Philip Alexander Jameson Paul Spier Egbert Lynwood Herbert Smith William Bradshaw Goldie Hartwick Martin Stang Sidney Richard Gordon Edwin Richard Stavrlm Lawrence Henry Williams 1917 Joshua Carlton Hudson Robert Marion LaFollette. Jr. Parks Adair Nutter Halsey Franklin Owen Lyle Brownell Wilcox George Eaton Bird Warner Holmes Brand George McMillan Cargill Julian Darst Conover Eugene Theodore Edwards Charles Campbell Gard COLLEGE OF George Carey James Stanley Dean Pledges Stanley L. Balmer Stuart V. Campbell Harry B. Cornish Edward C. Frudden Borge C. Gunderson Philip M. Horter Robej t H. Woodward Robert Newion Williams LAW Lee LaFollette Siebecker Harold Willis Story William J. McCoy Donald W. McGinnis Dudley C. Smith Robert E. Smith Frank T. Tucker Robert C. Wolfers Fraternitiej Phi Kappa Psi f f. I III If J Olson Rowc Walsh Morns Harper Kelley Moll Mogg M. Thompson Case Anson Cooper Hughes Bra dish Roach Roberts Slaby N. Thompson Webster Maedje Peterson Clark Owen Borchert llett Meland Peacock I I ,9 ' I i I I S(- b ' llt: r Brooks Siviright Quiglcy Funke RoUncs Cunderson Boardman Bryant Stark Casey Barrett Buzzcll Larabec Swandale L. Fraternities Phi Kappa Psi Founded at Jefferson College, 1852 Wisconsin. Alpha. 1875 Number of Chapters. 45 Living Members, 12,60-2 MEMBERS IN CITY Charles Buel Cornelius Harper Frank Jacobs Stanley Lyle MEMBERS IN FACULTY Percy Dawson Edward Charles Elliot Edwin Campbell Woolley Arthur Sperry Pearse William Webster Steven Allen Parks MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Frank Leroy Bellows Paul Ramsey Roach Archibald Williston Case Edmund Julius Suhr Frederick Macomber Cooper Merville Spoor Thompson Kenneth Cleland Peacock Norman Burr Thompson Charles Emerson Webster 1916 Howard Bowman Blackmar Norman Meland Dana Wykoff Walsh Arthur Mackenzie Moll Frank Joseph Slaby. Jr. Alvin Osborne Rowe Thomas Joseph Hughes 1917 Henry John Olson Edward Moritz Peterson John Lindsey Clark Barry Joseph Anson John Harold Morris Edgar Heartwell Mogg Edward Wilson Ilett Carl Waldemar Maedje Ernest EIdwin Roberts William Michael Kelley Arthur Barrett Frank Funke Newel Boardman Vernon Quigley Harold Stark Armin Schiller Harold Buzzell Pledge Miles Cunderson Marcus Casey Tupper Swandale Robert Rolands Harold Bryant Wilblr Larrabee Harold Brooks Harry Sivright Fraternitie! Chi Psi Fraternities Chi Psi Founded at Union College, 1841 Wisconsin, Alpha Iota, 1878 Number of Chapters. IS Living Members, 5,324 MEMBERS Frank Bowman Chandler B. Chapman George E. Cernon Stanley S. Hanks LuciEN M. Hanks Louis R. Head Paul S. Warner Charles F. Lamb Murray IN THE CITY Hugh Montgomery Dudley Montgomery Warren Montgomery Harry L. Mosley John M. Parkinson Marshall M. Parkinson James B. Ramsey Louis R. Sumner S. McGowAN Murray Charles Beebe Eugene Hugh Byrne Clarence Kinne Boucher William Lewis Breckenridge Harry Burrows Cockshead John Seneca Crandall Paul Ellsworth Behrens James Ra ' imond Bill Louis Rldolph Bunde MEMBERS IN FACULTY 1915 1916 Clarke Wiley Finnerlid Frank Gaylord Hubbard Charles Forster Smith Hearold Foster Dickens Howard Thomas Green Frederick Weed Hodson George Herbert Taylor William Norman Fitzgerald, Jr. Gerald Grant Robert Lexon Grant. Jr. 1917 Randolph Lincoln Wads worth Keith Stratton McHugh Eugene Morgan Vigneron Norman Bradford Freer Wellborn Sa.xon Priddy John Lendrom Mitchell William Fuller Gregson Harley Green Higbie Franklin Charles Hearld Mead Percival Fuller Case William Hanlon Crane John Easton Farrend Edwin Fish Gould Stephen Grover Gould Fred Albert O ' Neil Charles Signor Thomas Williams Pledges 1917 John Ellsworth Beldon Stanley Raymond Belden William Friend Ferguson. Jr. Robert Henry Wootton Clem Kalvalace Edward Milton Wright 1918 Eugene Peter Conor James Bradford Russel. Jr. William Russel Bradford Frederic Gaffron von Syburg F r a t e r n i t i )igma Chi 1 1 5 J J I I J J } Berry man Waite James Lackey Kerr Miller Ross Wollaeger Collins Osborne Thompson Buelow Mathews Eager Garibaldi BUtchford McKcnna Tyrrell McDowell Pratt Gilbreath Rouse Lackey Shearman Stuart Stoudt Weiss D( him in Huginen h.mmerich Farquhar Ernst 4 50 Fraternities )igma Chi Founded at Miami University. 1855 Wisconsin. Alpha Lambda. 1884 Number cj Chapters, 64 Living Members. 11.925 MEMBERS IN CITY George Litch Dow Richard Chester Hughes Clifford McMillen Henry Hotchkiss Morgan Henry Brainard Nelson Walter Hodge Sheldon MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. F. Zeek Paul W. Boutwell Charles Sumner Schlichter MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Post Graduate Charles Logan Crosby Livingston Ross Gilbert Waite 1915 1916 Vachel Lackey Earl J. Buelow Brownell Berryman Austin Rice Matthews Harold Dabney Kerr Erich C. Wollaeger Arthlk William Miller Don Forester Pratt Joseph Michel McKenna John Pollock Childe Paul Francis Collins Lewis Bain Adair McDowell Percival John Blatchford Donald William Tyrrell 1917 John G. Garibaldi, Jr. Earl Butler James George C. Thompson. Jr. Leonard P. Eager William Sydnor Gilbreath, Jr. COLLEGE OF LAW John Searle Osborn Pledges Francis Garibaldi Robert J. Kleberg Frank J. Dahlman James C. Huguenin Samuel C. Lackey HiLMAR F. ERN.ST J. Howard Rouse George V. Stuart • William H. Shearman David W. Weiss Carl M. Emmerich Sidney A. Stout Charles Farquhar Fraternities Delta Upsilon u f f Ill f Reynolds Powell Fowler Krcmers Pickett Levis Seymour M. Johnson Eastman Find or ff Norton Chandler Wilcox R. Johnson Strickland Munroe Dickinson Free man ICnudson Da r gen Simons Desnoyers Vallette Kessenich Warner Kauffman Wing Byrne Lee Hooper Blat?. Whittct Ma nicy Mueller Murray Hayes J Lei mert Alani va Bros sard Kessenich Richard Packard Hirshhcmicr W, Lei mert Mac Donald Rolle Fraternities Delta Upsilon Founded at Williams College, 1834 IVisconsin Chapter, 1885 Number of Chapters, 42 Lioing Members. 11,715 MEMBERS IN CITY Francis E. Bash Howard F. Ohm C. Harry Chappell Charles Oswald O ' Niel Joseph E. Davies Reuben Julius Neckerman Frank H. Drake Miler Riley Thomas R, Hefty arlie William Schorger Ralph W. Jackman Edmund Ray Stevens Edgar J. McEachron Henry Earl Surface Rev. Henry Miner Clifford Taylor MEMBERS IN FACULTY Charles Elmer Allen Edward Kremers Harold Cornelius Bradley Frank Otis Reed Willard Grosvenor Bleyer James Glosbrenner Sanders William Cairns George Clark Sellery Wayland Johnson Chase Walter K:c1V1ynn Smith George Converse Fiske Beniamin Warner Snow Edward Hall Gardner Eugene Taylor John Donald Hicks Edward Joshua Ward MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Banton Beatty William Venuste Dargon Donald Clinton Dickinson BjARNE Knudsen Rolland Edward Kremers Donald Frederick Mattson Ellis Munroe William Baker Noyes Fremont Chandler Philip Baird Desnoyers Arthur Andrew Eastman Milton Blair Findorff Ward Butler Freeman 1915 1916 William Henry Fowler Roswell Covert Pickett Edward Storrs Reynolds Marshall Garfield Simonds William Kimball Strickland Vincent Jewell Vallette Rollin Aldrich Warner Marshall Chase Johnson Byron Ricks Houser Alois Michael Kessnich George Winton Levis Albert Walker Powell Leland Seymour Sherwood Ellsworth Wing 1917 Charles Byrne louis George Kreuz Robert Colton Johnson Burr Edward Lee Howard Francis Joyce Earl Norton Clark Emory Kauffman Burr Curtis Wilcox COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Albert Robert Tormey William Alaniva Alvin Clthbert Blatz Eugene Edward Brossard William Stephen Chandler Charles Freeman WoLcoT Paige Hayes Harry Hirshheimer Gregory George Kessnich NoAL James Hooper Joseph Thompson Leimert Pledges William Francis Leimert Robert Paul McDonald Peter Eugene Manley Frank Adelbert McCoy Gerald Edson Murray Harold Paul Mueller ■• Vernon Wing Packard Paul Richafu3s DuANE Emerson Roller James Lovell Whittet Fraternities Delta Tau Delta Campbell Dunn E. Schmidt Kieckoefer Parker Frisbie Fauerbach Week Hoch Schwind Skirm McGilvary Richardson Holmes Higley Scott Van Evera Steuer Farney Da%idson Robertson Lambert Mills Peaselee O. Schmidt Lamb 454 1 Fraternities Delta Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College. 1859 Wisconsin, Beta Gamma. 1888 Number of Chapters, 56 Living Members, 11,234 MEMBERS IN CITY John Pugh Davies Victor Rogers Joseph Reese Edwards Edward Henry Smith Charles Gilbert Riley Sanford Putman Starks George Corey Riley Nissen Peter Stenjem Alfred Thomas Rogers Samuel Thomas Walker MEMBERS IN FACULTY John Kester Bonnell Earl Driver Irving Henry Brown Mathew Stimson Dudgeon John Jefferson Davis John Louis Kind Robert Francis Seybolt MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1913 Clarence A. Dahle Clare Osborne Scott Charles Bryan Dunn Joseph True Steuer Harvey Van Zandt Higley 1916 Lewis Paton McGilvary Glenn Carroll Richardson Alfred T. Peaslee Scott L. Robertson Arnold T. Pamperin Joseph Gaskill Skirm Rynier Van Evera Chauncey 0. Frisbie Arthur R. Hoch James R. Lamb 1917 Wilbur Lambert Joseph A. Mills Ernst C. Schmidt Philip C. Wechselberg COLLEGE OF LAW Kenneth Wilde Davidson Oscar William Schmidt Arthur T. Holmes Benjamin Jacob Schwind COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Merideth Fairfax Campbell Fraternities I I«WJ. 1VM1WI4« ' AV« VP 9 ■• " fi-f .— -- ' --- - ' Phi Gamma Delta ?J ' tt I ft I J .1 t I I M f VI I 4 I I I ? ? Schombcrg GUspcli Gardner Huston R. Fischer Gehrmann Nowels Tillman Nicoll Latimer Lange Wright Edwards Blankenagic Linley Nowlting Gotterdam Tamen Blogett Burke W, Hildreth Gacrtner R- H ' Idreth C. Fisher Curtiss E. Hildreth Hill Bascom Brown Bergh Bippus Licber Carroll Spencer Wohlenberg Row Brorby Pritzlaft Hanssen 466 Fraternities Phi Gamma Delta Founded at Washinglon and Jefferson College, 1 848 Wisconsin. Mu, 1893 Number of Chapters, 59 Living Members, 13,260 MEMBERS IN Wayne Doty Bird Grant Look Brightman William Theodore Evjue Phillips Barlow Ferry CITY Asa Biehl Groves Richard Lloyd Jones Charles Healy Powell Harlow Bradley MEMBERS IN FACULTY George Rockwell Bascom William Spaulding Kinne Axel Edward Bercgren Otto Lewis Kowalke Fred Duane Crawshaw Earl Bertram Norris John Jepsom Garland Edward Alsworth Ross Edwin Chapin Holden Alexander Newton Winchell MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradu ates John Carl Blankenagle Carl Donnan Livingston 1915 John Boardman Edwards. Jr. Herman Victor Gaertner Eugene Alfred Gatterdam John Henry Gehrmann Charles James Downing Carl Victor Fisher John Edward Grimm. Jr. Harold Edwin Blodgett Herbert Harry Curtis Roy Frederich Fischer Mead Burke Milton Laroy Gardner Richard Preecott Hildreth 1916 1917 Dean Watson Glaspell William Sobieski Hildreth Russell Wasson Nowels Frank William Tillman Harold Herbert Huston Robert Wilson Linley Thomas Peter Tammen Alexander Dot Lange Arthur Griffith Latimer Edward William Nicoll Walter William Noelting Carter Otto Schomberg Frederick Howard Wright Carlton Leroy Austin Deane Smith Bascom Reid Marcus Bergh George James Bippus Melvin Le Roy Brorby Richard Ba.xter Brown Lawrence Kenzie Carroll Pledge Frank Whittelsey Wallin John Louis Hanssen Eugenius Augustus Hildreth Byron MacLeod Hill Carl Theodore Lieber Edward Frank Pritzlaff Frank Damon Row William Austen Spencer Fraternities Theta Delta Chi Frawiey White Royce Adams Stirn Leicht O ' Malley Farley Hall Jennett Jones Degner Altendorf Guequierre Draves Darrow Loo mis Wood Sprague Hubbard Hill Baillie Heyn _ Boothby Nevin Otjen Mandel Seeley O. Ayres P. Ayres 4fi8 Fraternities Theta Delta Chi Founded at Union College, 1848 Wisconsin, Sigma Deuleron Charge, 1895 _ Number of Chuf}lers, Living Members, 6,632 28 MEMBERS George Breed Howard Scott Goll Alexander Francis Jones Harry Emil Kessenich IN CITY John Frank Kessenich Cleve Newcomb Musser Alexis Clarence O ' Keefe Myron Thompson Ray Leonard John Stapleton MEMBER IN FACULTY Stephen Moulton Babcock MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Florenz George Altendorf Howard Allen Adams Halsey Darrow Arthur Robert Draves Fred Menzo Hall Herman Bunsen Hayn William Earl Hubbard Frederick Palmerlee Loomis Christian John Otjen Jacques Pierre Guequierre Seth Henness Seelye Alfred Julius Stirn 1916 Edwin Lee Andrew Albert Edward Leicht Albert Owen Ayres Thomas Stanley O ' M alley James Robert Frawley Wilfred Alexis Royce Charles Leland White 1917 Paul Kester Ayres James Eben Boothby Herbert Otto Degner Donald Stephen Farley George Hudson Wood Thomas Marshall Milton Martin Harry Walker Pledges Clarence Herbert Hill Edward James Jennett Herbert William Mandel William Ambrose Nevin Leonard Tower Sprague Richard Charleton Mathew Hayes Oliver Omlie Fraternities Psi Upsilon " iTv 1 . lis X Fraternities Psi Upsilon Founded al Union College in 1833 Wisconsin, Rho, 1896 Number of Chapters, 24 Living Members 12,300 MEMBERS IN CITY George Krogh Anderson Chauncey Ethridce Blake John Henry Bowman Frederick Sarles Brandenburg Oscar Dalzelle Brandenburg Henry Casson, Jr. John Smith Main Vroman Mason Bertrand Herrick Doyon Carl Albert Johnson Morris Ingult Johnson HoBART Stanley Johnson William Bacon Roys Eugene Hiram Sandborn Edward Nelson Whitney MEMBERS IN FACULTY Burr Jones William Stanley Marshall Max Mason Julius Emil Olson Edward Thomas Owen MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Howard Leslie Heald Louis Howell Williams MiLTIMORE WlTHERALL BRUSH NELSON GEORGE BRITTINGHAM Henry Dorr Wakefield Raymond Wood Jordan John Fletcher Harper Lincoln Otto Gatter Carman Bigelow Smith 1916 1917 Herbert Pullen Antes Charles Delos Morton Jacob Grafius Calvert Louis George Brittingham James George Clark. COLLEGE OF LAW Jones Spencer Pullen Phillip Colder Sanborn Samuel Crane Vail John Sanders Hohmann Charles Scriver Gilbert. Jr. John Sprague Bauman Edmund Sewell Chapman Joseph Torbitt Mengel Dow Jackson Byers Edward George Brittingham Jr. Gilman Dorr Blake Louis Phillip Ewald Joseph Conway Dodd. Jr. Edmund Eugene Byers Donald Southard Prescott Dudley Hopkins Davis Pledges Allan Charles McCullough Joseph Warren Snell Everett Lathrop Sunderlin Ra-i ' mond Brown Marshall Durell Jones Stanley Wilbur Foute John Cassidy Johnson Fraternities Kappa Sigma Koclsch Wright G. Broadtoot Hoag Crowl Johnson A. Jamicson Cavanagh Mc Manus H. Jamieson Hubbell Lindemann H. Broadfoot Jones C sey Wanzer Easson Woodward Luebben . I,- ? " t It Levi Koclsch Becker Vrank Evans cobus Brewer Hayes Perry Londergon Beach Fraternities Kappa Sigma Founded at the Vnioersity of Virginia, 1869 Wisconsin. Beta Epsilon. 1898 Number of Chapters. 80 Living Members. 11.928 MEMBERS IN CITY Frank Jerome Bachelder DeWitt Dldgeon Baskerville James Orr Bixby Robert Alexander Fucik George Robert Griswold James Russell Hobbins Harr-i- James McKenna Lucius Ambrose Tarrell Herbert Nash Tucker MEMBERS IN FACULTY Scott Holland Goodnight William Henry Lighty Robert McArdle Keown Herbert Downs Simpson Charles Morrison Scluder MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Raymond Thomas Cavanagh Ralph S. Crowl Charles Dodge Hoag Virgil Poston Wolcott Wood Hubbell Albon Blake Lindemann Hugh John Jamieson Overton Sidney Woodward 1916 Ralph Monroe Beckwith Arthur Ames Jamieson Thomas Bernard Casey John James McGruer Irving Haight Wanzer 1917 Fred French Brewer HiBBARD ELVERTON BROADFOOT Graham Sanford Easson Thomas Iorwerth Evans Omar Burton Wright Clarence Elmer Johnson Victor Hugo Jones Gerold Edward Luebben James Francis McManus. Jr. COLLEGE OF LAW Grover Lee Broadfoot Charles Clay Koelech Pledge Richard White Beach Raymond Wood worth Becker Walter Vernon Brown Reimer August Frank Louis James Hayes Eugene Miles Perry Garrett Leslie Jacobus William Alfred Koelsch Robert Ray Levi Loran Marcellinus Londergan Charles Lloyd Mandelert Fraternities Phi Kappa Sigma Newton Fellows Hammond Bloor Williams Klotz Canon Martin Fratt Hesse Brcsnehan Bailie Towlcr Roddewig Boldt Harter Tanner Neubert Cummings Cary Henny Weaver Hamilton Prange Sweet White Yates De Pue Shnable Shearer Wofstcr Dolcschal Walz Haverstick Fraternitiei Phi Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Pennsylvania, 1859 Wisconsin. Alpha Thela, 1901 Number of Chapters, 27 Living Members, 4,342 MEMBERS IN CITY Edward James Fisher Claude Weymouth Thomas Henry Morgan Arthur Wood Hallam MEMBERS John Givan Davis Mack James Webster Watson Orson Clark Gillett IN FACULTY Louis Erhardt Rehkr John Warner Taylor Ralph Perry Hammond MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Hugh Jackson Reber George Thomas Bresnahan George Abert Gary Arthur Gilbert Harter 1915 George Hilmar Martin Charles Harry Klotz Armin Karl Neubert 1916 William Raymond Tanner Edward Garfield Bloor Warren Weaver George W. Ray Evan Williams James Andrew Towler David Henny Donald Ross Hotchkiss Fellows Haverstick Arnold John Boldt Charles Coulson Canon Charles Diller Fratt. Jr. Claire Max Hamilton Elmer William Prance 1917 Arthur Ra ' i Bailie Raymond Henry Cummings Lester William Hesse Gilbert Ferd Roddewig Merritt Harrison Newton COLLEGE OF LAW 1917 Willard Lawrence Doleschal John Chester Yates Robert DePue Chester Walz Carl J. Saunders Robert White Harry Arthur Shearer Pledges Milton Oeflein Earl Potter Schnable Carol Barton Wurster John Wright Sweet Clark S. Collins Carl Mayden Fraternitie: Sigma Nu t It t III I I f I McMaster Casev Bougere Bond W. Koch Middlcton Grinde Shipman Voss Rothwc-il Miller Bragg Young Payton Faust Rau WhUe H Koch Carlicr Booth Miner Brewer Weeks Biillcn Winters Eastman Allhands Whitney Blakney Storrs Fraternitie: Sigma Nu Founded at I ' irginia Military Institute, 1869 Wisconsin. Gamma Lambda. 1902 Number of Chapters. 67 Living Members, 9,227 MEMBERS IN CITY William 0. Hotchkiss Howard G. McMillan Henry Carl Pri ester C. Rex Welton MEMBERS IN FACULTY Smiley Blanton Francis Kraig Krauskopf Warren Judson Mead Ray Spracue Owen MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 George Pettit Blakeney Wirt Gerry Faust Alfred Bercry Booth Harry Jefferson Koch Kendall Benjamin Bragg George Innes Middleton Harry William Bond Vincent George Cartier Paul Herbert McMaster Harold Lippert Rau 1916 Albert Miller Storrs Webb Bogart White John Harold Winter Edward Fritz Voss 1917 Omar B. Gregory William Monroe Young George Ellsworth Miller, Jr. Vivien Brewer William Graham Bullen Matthew J. Casey Herbert Cramer Walker Peter Eastman Leroy Emmel Pledge William Walter Koch Roy Morningstar Paul Taylor Rothwell Herbert Shipman Harold Pa rker Weeks Francis Whitney Fraternitiej Alpha Delta Phi Wickham KiLchell Anderson Johnson Fox Barrett Stevenson Davis Hollen Payne Bickcl Reber Boyd Warner Stearns Bradley Buckley Abbott Carpenter Lewis W. Clark Parks Kidder Dennis Bell Ramsay Sharp Avery R- Clark Ambler Bancroft Donaldson Blair 468 Fraternities Alpha Delta Phi Founded at Hamilton College, 1832 Wisconsin. 1902 Number of Chapters. 24 Living Members. 11.424 MEMBERS IN CITY Norman Leonard Anderson Stanley Maio Boyd Richard John Ely Harry Neil Knowlton Charles Ellery Thayer William James Leonard Charles Stewart Sheldon Sidney James Williams Earl Coleman MEMBERS IN FACULTY William Black; Richard Theodore Ely Otis Amsden Gage Frederick William Roe William Amasa Scot Oliver Patterson Watts MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Homer Allen Davis Randolph Rogers Payne Edwin Stanley Hollen Harry Carpenter Stearns Francis Robert Kitchell John Haskell Abbott John Marcher Bickle Elbert Hand Carpenter 1916 Stevenson Paul Lewis Harry Dale Reber N ' erne Lindsay Stevenson Arthur Wickham John Walton Barrett William Boyd Robert Stephens Bradley 1917 Joseph Harold Buckley Leland Sylvester Johnson Robert Leman Warner Arthur C. Ambler Frederick D. Avery Blaine Bancroft A. Foss Bell John C. Blair Robert H. Clark Walter L. Clarke Pledge Clayton S. Dennis Chase Donaldson Robert L. Hind Delos Kidder James L. N ' cGalliard John R. Ramsey Malcolm P. Sharp Fraternities Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kletzsch Fenn Walters Clayton Wilger Wyatt W- Garst Johnson Blatz Lawrence MacKay J. Garst Bonar Barnum Richardson Heider Maurer Frazee Beck F. Stone Perrme R. Stone Benedict Hansberry Haley Bemis Burmeister Innis Simmons Richardson Martin H Camlin Rhodes Wilks Gillen Wall McCarthy W. Camlin Mathys Goz Craigc Fraternities Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded at University of Alabuma, 1856 Wisconsin. Alpha. 1903 Number of Chapters. 77 Living Members, 15.817 MEMBERS IN FACULTY RoLLiN Henry Denniston Linneaus Wayland Dowling William Frederick Giese Edwin George Hastings Chester Lloyd Jones Davis Walter Morton Wesle ' i ' Boren Pritz MEMBERS IN CITY William Lloyt) Davis George P. Dysart George Coy Lawrence EIdward Michael McMahon Edmond Galbraith Toomey Clifton Lawrence Barnum Valentin Blatz. Jr. Jonathan Garst Harvey Banderob Heider Wayne Leslie Johnson Frank Moore Stone 1915 Everett Leroy Walters Frank Jack Deemer Alfred Lincoln Gibert Fred William Mackenzie Homer W. Monahan Harold Moore Wyatt Walter Sargent Bemis Hoy Benjamin Clayton Warren Carroll Garst William Wallace Innes Stephen Earl Perrine Ralph William Stone 1916 Frank Westby Benedict Roy Frederick Burmeister Harry Bernard Haley Clause Norman Malirer Horace Davis Simmons Ralph Moore Wyatt Barnet Edward Bonar John Paul Frazee. Jr. GusTAV Adolph Kletzsch, Jr. Marston Samuel Richardson Charles Albert Wilger 1917 James Harry Hansberry Frederick William MacKay Clarence Gillingham Leaper Howard James O ' Neil COLLEGE OF LAW Thorwald Martin Beck Clarence Charles Fenn Hugo Henry Hering Howard Andrew Camlin Walter Scott Craig Ned Steel Goza Roland Roscoe Martin Stanley James McCarthy James Marston Richardson Francis Isaac Wilks Pledge William John Camlin Paul Howard Gillen Raymond Herner James Louis Mathys Edwin James Rhodes John Irving Wall Charles Ira Cook. Jr. . Fraternitie; Delta Kappa Epsilon ReQua Engelhard Hill Davy McCrory Ross Albright Perry Wilsey Duncan Norris Evert Marshall Colville Steiner Haydon Clark Mitchener Kiley McBride Hardy Flickingcr Hcfferan Stewart Glos Borwell Peterson Wright Hills Heald Maxwell Stebbins Kittleman Curtis 472 Fraternities Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yale V nicer sky, 1844 Wisconsin. Rho Delia. 1906 Number of Chapters, Living Members, 17,683 42 Edward Bennett Robert Claiborne Harold M. Dldly MEMBERS IN CITY Clinton B. Hanson Harold L. Geisse Frank B. Wynne MEMBERS Oscar James Campbell Eugene Galpin Charles Josiah Galpin IN FACULTY Eugene Allen Gilmore Moses Stephen Slaughter Henry Winthrop Ballentine MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Ray Weston Hart Clarence Smith N ' c Bride Warren Edward Clark John Nelson Duncan Clarence Leroy Colville George Francis J. Davy Daniel Wilson Flickinger William Earl Kiley 1915 1916 1917 Ra-iIviond William Albright James Edward Hardy Victor Henry Engelhard Raymond McCrory Charles William Evert Ralph Forbush Norris Hugh Wynne Steiner Ralph Haney Perry Donald Robert Mitchener William Ernest Ross Eugene Miner ReQua Robert McClintock Ha ' .don Edgar Rice Hill Harry Lloyd Marshall Edmund P. Arpin WiNFiELD G. Blackburn Frank C. Borwell William L. Curtiss John B. Gueinzius Thomas E. M. Hefferan Halford H. Kittleman Pledge David S. Wright Gilbert S. Maxwell Charles B. Norris Elbridge Palmer Roger F. Peterson Hal E. Raymond Milton F. Smith William M. Stewart Fraternities A cacia First Row— Cark. Blair. MacQuarrie, L. Morris. Nesbitt. T. Jones. Jenks. Johnson, G. Jones. Lotsgordon. Anderson. Second Row — Worthing. Casbcrg. Schwada. Schaffer. Pedcrson. Ncuman. Whitcomb. Hobson, Ayer. Morrison. H. Rosencrans Third Row — -Arvald. Young. Reid. Bishop. Lycan. Green. Dunwiddie. Cohoc. Meyer. H. Morris. G. Rosencrans -4 Fraternities Founded u( I he University of Michigan, 1904 Wisconsin, Lamdcih, 1906 Number of Chapters, 23 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ernest F. Bean Paul Walton Bean William Goldsworthy Crawford Frank B. Hadley asher hobson Thomas Edward Jones Charles Kenneth Leith Victor Lenher Ford Herbert McGregor Walter Ernest Meanwell William Snow Miller Harold H. Morris George Byron Mortimer John Xavier Neuman Ray Sprague Owen Joseph P. Schwada Joseph Berford Thorkelsen Richard E. Vaughan Frank E. Williams William H. Wright MEMBERS IN CITY Ex ward James Fisher Samuel Reuben Hatch Robert L. Hatch Earle J. Hewitt Henry Howitt Henry James Hunt Francis Stewart Lamb Rodney Otis Lamphere Albert G. Michelson HONORARY MEMBER John Corscot MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Theodore Macklin Charles R. Leslie R. Morris Gordon W. Herbert M. Rosencrans Nesbitt Rosencrans 1915 Russell Arnold Anderson William V. Arvold Walter Frank Blair William Carl Green Griffith S. Jones Henry Albert Lofstsgordon Glen W. Lycon Archibald Ernest MacQuarrie Stuart Walker Reid Dan Albert Shafer Earle H. Whitcomb Forrest L. Ayer Carl H. Casberg Walter R. Dunwiddie George A. Johnson Lawson W. Bishop 1916 1917 Aldro Jenks Alfred Wallace Meyer Elton J. Morrison John P. Pederson GusTAV A. Sell Carl M. Young Fraterniti) Alpha Tau Omega Moore Woodson Gelein Kaffenberger Howe Anderson Wells White Prussing Mc Kinney Peil Conover Hickey G. L. Ramsdell Carson Nelson G. A. Ramsdell De Bolt Ruder Monser Josephson Hollo way Ewing Taylor Brydcn Anderson Steele Chile Fraternities Alpha Tau Omega if ii. Founded at Virginia Mililari Institute, 1865 IVisconsin. Gamma Tau. 1907 Number of Chapters, 63 Living Members. 10,118 MEMBERS IN CITY John Franklin Baker George Alonzo Chatterton Edward Milton Caldwell Guv Caleton Conrey William H. Conlin Samuel Evans Louis Dee Mallonee John Pangburn Murrish Walter Biersach Schulte Paul T. Weaver MEMBERS IN FACULTY Paul Franklin Clark John Edward Cousins Thomas Herbert Dickinson Joseph Sprague Evans John Stanislaws Galland Alvin Herman Kessler Vivian Allen Charles Henmon Arthur Girdon Laird Walter Lee Meek William S. Middleton Charles William Talbot Casimir Douglas Zdanowicz George Herman Anderson Edwin Anders Gelein Edward Fyans Peil 1915 James Sheridan Hickey John V. Mc Kinney Harry White Joseph Carson Charles Sydney Conover Alber C. De Bolt Arthlti William Prussing Gut Arthur Ramsdell 1916 Glen Lewis Ramsdell Harry Walker Rawson George Lewis Ruder James Pettigrew Woodson Clifford Ivar Josephson Herbert Riley Howe Leonard E. Kaffenburger Richard Drew Massee 1917 J. Willard F. Moore EIdward Lomax Monser James Earl Wells Lloid B. Stafford Pledges 1917 Walter A. Holloway William W. Anderson Henry Chiles Dan Howard Steele Pledges 1918 ■ Charles Oscar Ewing Marvin H. Taylor James Allan Brydens Fraternities Sigma Phi Fraternities Sigma Phi Founded al Union College, 1827 Alpha of Wisconsin, 1908 Number of Chapters, 10 Living Members, 2,744 MEMBER IN CITY William A. P. Morris MEMBERS IN FACULTY Stephen Warren Gilman George McMonies Hunt MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Edward Christian Portman, Jr. Philip Kyle Robinson 1916 Fergus Mead Randolph Fletcher Brown Lyman Casey Ward 1117 William Seabury Allen John King Sherman WiLLi.AM Pullman Lester Frank Milton Sizer Ralph Burbank Johnson Lowell Austin Leonard Ross Marmon Carrell Perry Baker Buchanan Richard Francis Knott, Jr. Fraternities w«w7 ' v- «ww«-:!B». . viu JiUflBsnm ■ ««aL,- Kappa Ph i Gamma I iJJJJJJ I It i f $ r I More hart Bieri Gratiot iscnberg Wilcox Herthei Hcrzog Powell Wallrich Cantwcll GitMngs Schmidt Perry Laird Ketcham Lindberg Tifft Schweers Duddleson Black Morrisscy Cantwcll Espeland Fraternitie! Kappa Phi Gamma Founded at (he University of Wisconsin. 1908 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Frank Baron Morrisson Harry Steenbock WiLBERT Walter Weir MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 RussEL Bernard Bieri Eugene Davenport Holden Joseph Bur Walter Carl Isenberg William Leroy Gittings James Alexander Laird Eugene Coerper Hertel Thomas DeColon Tifft Harry Joseph Herzog 1916 Edward Collins Gratiot Harlie Edward Ketcham Malcolm Butler Morehart Guy Chester Wilcox 1917 William Henry Cantwell Henry Miller Powell GUSTAF HEIMER LlNDBERG KARL AUGUST SCHMIDT William Wallrich College of Law Charles Stanley Perry Pledge Arthur J. Black Roger C. Cantwell Harrison Duddleson Arthur Espeland Malcolm E. Galvin Dlimmer Golden ERWIN 0. LUEBCHOW George C. Martin John S. Mitchell Raymond P. Morrissey Reed S. Rose Malcom L. Schweers J. Ralph Starr Herbert W. Weber Fraternities Alpha Sigma Phi t »■■ s f 1 1 ». Zuehike Smith Connor Schapper Dean Maxey Meyer Fuller Burns McLean Burke Gnbble Cronkhite Whitmore A. Henry Sanborn Hauser Roethe Culver Horton Klumb Ward Rowe Merrill Locschpr Rhyme Truitt Wright L. Henry Hinn Beckwith Jacobson Merrill Koss Floyd White Brennan Boebel F r a t e r n i t i Alpha Sigma Phi Founded at Yale, 1845 msconsin. Kappa, 1909 Number of Chapters, 15 Living Members, 3,921 MEMBERS IN CITY Robert James Connor Roman August Heilman Robert John Newman Edward Joseph Newman MEMBERS IN FACULTY John Henry Roemer Clarence Turner Robert Conrad Disoue Thomas Stephen Burns EWALD ULRICH KLUMB George Andrew Maxey Charles Spurceon Rowe 1915 Howard Brasfield Culver Harry Edmund Roethe Frederick Sanborn Annis Cleveland McLean Kenneth Richard Burke James Reeve Dean Charles Lloyd Henry Henry Baldwin Merrill Merton La Mont Wright Earl Eugene Smith Ulrich Rudolph Zuehlke RAY 10ND Edgar Horton Cyril Ward John William Truitt Lester Leonard Whitmore 19 6 1917 George Milton Fuller Edwin Joseph Hauser Elmer Ephraim Meyer Edwin Joseph Connor William Marshall Rhyme Ferdinand Edwin Schapper Clarence Albert Loescher Albert James Henry Morris Frederick Cronkhite Stephen Charles Gribble Edward Settle David V. Beckwith Carl P. Hinn Theodore H. Boebel Joseph B. Brennan John 0. Merrill Pledge Roland a. Jacobsen John S. Floyd Alfred C. Koss Donald W. White Frank a. Tuchsherer 4 8 3 jj m r Fraternitie; Zeta Psi Wilcox Stiles Montgomery Williams Hayden Siddons Poor Whit lock Youngman Hastings Sayle Parkes Hall Johnston Lewis Slocum Eide miller Bower Bahe Jeflers Briggs Vernon Bragg -.. Hawkes Elde 484 —■ »A Fraternitiej Zeta Psi Founded al New York, University. 1847 Wisconsin. Lambda Psi. 1910 Number of Chapters. 24 Lining Members. 7 .476 MEMBERS IN THE CITY Percy Wilfrid Slocum Frank Albert Gilmore MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Frank Nourse Youncman James Henri Walton MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate John Alden Bower Durand Appleton Hall Henry Panet Hastings Howard Nelson Eidemiller 1915 Cornelius Wyman Poor Harold Arthur Lewis Donald Howard Williams 1916 George Sayle, Jr. Frederick Hosmer Montgomery Lyman Barnes Park Van Brocklin Hayden 1917 Blair Sprung Wilcox Philip Gleason Stiles Charles Frederic Johnston, Jr. Harold Phelps Whitlock Frederick Philip Heyward Siddons Pledges Norman Randolph Briggs Robert Russell Bragg Edwin Samuel Elder George Nathaniel Carlson . ' Austin Pierpont Jeffers ROLLIN CURTISS HAWKES Joseph Rex ford Vernon Kenneth Edward Bahe Fraternities Red Triangles Moses Dittmer Peterson Zwemer Trumpf Martin Weimer Webb Haake Brown McCormick Sipp Rath Parsons Anderton Taylor Helmer Adiington Fellman Seielstad Walthers Collerton Jones Haake Howson Gill Conradson Wright Stewart Sweeney Negley Fraternities Red Triangles Founded at the University of IVfsconsin, 1911 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ralph Starr Bltler WiLLi.AM Henry Kiekoefer A. V. Millar Henry R. Trlimbower MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Alfed Pall Haake Earl Ra ' i ' mond Adlington Harry Charles Axderton John Henry Gill Edward Walter Moses 1915 Robert Percival Parsons Harry Arthur Peterson Floyd Cecil Rath Edward Arden Sipp 1916 Erwin Clarence Trumpf Kearney Walthers Arthl-r Wessels Howson Albert Carl Weimar Richard Adrian Zwemer Herbert Henry Brown jLnsoN LeRoy Fellman John Horatio Helmar 1917 Harold Edward Seielstad Pall Schuster Taylor Walter Ray Webb College of Law Winfred Cyril Dittmer John Vincent McCormick William Aberg Martin Frank V. Birch Thomas Colleton Prentice H. Conradson J. Haake Allen M. Slighter Pledges Northrope Jones Charles W. Stuart Edward J. Sweeney GusTAv D. Wright Herman a. Zischke Louis B. Slighter 487 m Civil Engineering Fraternity Triangle Ficwcger Crump Rather Edwards Docringsfeld Filtzer Thomas Grubb Henkel Schustedt Cummings Breske Petersen Brill Thwaits Fisher Nelson Nance Bickel Tanghe Mitchell Phelps Berteling —• " . Civil Engineering Fralernitj Triangle ■:fi j Founded al Ihc University of Illinois, 1907 Wisconsin Chapter, 1913 ' Number of Chapters, 4 Living Members, 600 MEMBERS IN FACULTY William Thompson Hopkins Daniel Webster Mead William Spaulding Kinne William David Pence Leonard Sewell Smith MEMBERS IN CITY Max Frederic Rather Frederick Nathaniel Schustedt MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Ferdinand DeWitt Bickel Arthur Wilson Crump Albert Edward Cummings Thomas Edward Fiewecer Melville Cooper Hall Allen Ellsworth Nance 1916 Alfred Brill Harry August Doeringsfeld Seren Harold Edwards Erwin William Fisher Paul Donald Mitchell Howard Thwaits Louis Fred Nelson Robert Peter Petersen Raymond Adelbert Phelps John William Tanghe Rush Edward Thomas Pledges 1916 Carl Albert William Henkel Walter Frank Grubb John Fred Breske 1917 Charles Neill Berteling Robert Louis Filtzer 4S9 Legal Fraternitiei Phi Delta Phi First Row — Fordyce. Gallagher. Fenn. Luce. McQuarrie. Wickham. Bishop. Carmichael Second Row Malone. Robt. Cunningham. Pradt. Dickens. Janish. Burke. Third Row — Webster. Sanborn. Storey. Reber. Wilson. Ruder. Reed. Fourth Row — Carey. Dean. Reddy. Whitcomb. Roger Cunningham. Roberts. Kuenzli. Jackson. Rawson. Legal Fraternities Phi Delta Phi A Founded at the University of Michigan. 1869 Wisconsin, Harlan, 1891 Number of Chapters. 47 Liting Members. 11.500 FRATRES IN URBE, (Attorneys at Stephen Warren Gilman Joseph Thomas Gallagher Carl N. Hill William T. Kelsey Frank W. Lucas John S. Main Peter j. Murphy Vroman Mason SERVIENTISAD LEGEM the Madison Bar) John M. Olin Howard Ohm A. R. Peterson Michael Riley Samuel T. Swanson B. H. Stebbins Ray M. Stroud Voyta Wrabetz FRATRES IN FACULTATE (Benchers at the Inns of Court) On the Woolsack HARRY Sanger Richards Frank T. Boesel Howard Leslie Smith John Bell Sanborn Henry Winthrop Ballantine Oliver S. Rundell Burr W. Jones Harold M. Wilkie Apprentices at the Inns of Court Inner Temple. 1915 Roger George Cunningham Raymond Bills Carmichael Clarence Charles Fenn Harold Peter Janisch Clarence Kuenzli Harold Foster Dickens John Fordyce Raymond Thomas Jackson RoscoE Rudolph Luce Frederick M. Wylie Middle Temple. 1916 Earnest Archibald MacQuarrie Nathan William Reed Lee LaFollette Siebecker Harold Willis Story William Brennan Webster Charles Earl Wilson John Searle Osborne Walter Francis Reddy Edmond Galbraith Toomey Arthur John Whitcomb Outer George Gary Robert John Cunningham Stuart Atwood Bishop John Edward Burke James Stanley Dean Donald Bourke Malone Temple. 1917 Louis Atwater Pradt Harry Walker Rawson Harry Reber Edward Charles Ruder Royal Arlington Roberts Philips Colder Sanborn John Dunne Wickham Legal Fraternities Phi Alpha Delta ft m ft 1 First Row — Hartwig. Dunn, Rodolph. Dittmer. Second Row — Malone, Thomann. Samp, Conway, Hornet. Loftsgordon. Napacinski. Third Row — W. John. Holway. Kleinpcll, McKay. Schwind. Spencer. Dietze. Stevens. Fourth Row — Mcrkel. Koelsch, Altcndorf. Beers. Stoltze, Gage. SIcttland, Beck. Lewis Fifth Row — Ramsdell. Asbahr. Loomis, Otjen. Warner, Hering, H- John, Horner. Legal Fraternitie! Phi Alpha Delta Founded al Northwestern University. 1897 Wisconsin, Edward G. Ryan, 1904 Number of Chapters. 32 Living Members, MEMBERS IN CITY 2,625 John Arthur Aylward Justice John Barnes Harry Lincoln Butler Vaughn Irvin Griffin Roman Arthur Heilman Justice James Charles Kerwin Pierce Blackman Leverich Albert Michelson Thomas Charles Richmond John Roemer 1915 Winifred Cyril Dittmer Warren Blaine Foster Charles Clay Koelsch Edward Joseph Samp NoRRis Sanborn Stoltze Judge Arthur Loomis Sanborn Harry Sauthoff William Henry Spohn Judge Edmund Ray Stevens Justice Aad John Vinje Justice John Bradley Winslow Frank Aloysius Daley William John Aberg William Joseph Meuer James John McDonald Albert Jacob Thoman Theodore Gorman Lewis Carl Edgar Dietze McKeriel Rodolf Thorwald Martin Beck Milton Gerard Gage 1916 Cornelius Michael Conway Harvey Clarence Hartvig Arthur Thomas Holmes Perry Arthur Sletteland Roland Stevens Homet 1917 L. Dee Mallone Arthur Kleinpell RoLLiN Aldrich Warner Paul Richard Spencer Henry Wilhelm John Benjamin Jacob Schwind Roland Gleen Dunn Peter Anthony Napacienski Stanley Beers Harold Leland Merkel Christian John Otjen Glenn William Stephens John Gordon McKay Walter Alfred John Louis Cowdrick Horner Henry Albert Loftsgordon Albert Allen Asbahr Elmore Nero Holway Hugo Henry Hering Florenz Altendorf Orlando Spike Loomis Glenn Lewis Ramsdell »• Chemical Fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma First Row — Meloche, Austin, Stirn. Post. Patt. Talbot, Erickson, Hameister, Marter. Second Row — Sproesser, Herthel, Webster, Nichols, Miller. Burchard. Carlson, Imig. Umbreit, Bishop, Moon. Third Row — Jones, Farrell, Rabak, Lacey. Mueller. Clifford. Lewis. Federer, Edwards. Chemical Fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma Founded al the University of Wisconsin, 1902 Wisconsin, Alpha. 1902 Number of Chapters, 23 Living Members, 1 ,300 MEMBERS William Abbott Brannon Charles Frederick Burgess Fred Downing Harry Klueter Alfred Kundert MEMBERS Oscar Leonard Barneby Harold Cornelius Bradley Charles Winfield Burchard Paul Whittier Carleton Henry Adolph Drescher Richard Fischer Francis Craig Krauskopf Edwin Bret Hart Henry August Langanhan IN IN CITY George Cameron McNaughton Robert C. Palmer Clinton Blaine Post Walter Biersach Schulte Edward J. Tully FACULTY Charles Kenneth Leith Victor Lenher Charles August Mann Joseph Howard Mathews Walter Nebel John Xavier Neuman Henry August Schulte Harry Steenbock James Henri Walton, Jr. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Van Lorenz Bohnson Charles William Clifford Edmund C. Harder Maldwyn Lloyd Jones Harry George Miller Norbert Arthur Mueller Carl Noyes Austin George Marster Bishop John Boardman EIdwards Ale Erickson Francis Albert Federer John Henry Gehrmann Walter William Heinecke Eugene Coerper Herthel Graduates 1915 Oyvind Juul Noer Harold W. Story Wallace Headen Strowd Charles William Talbot Clinton Kenney Textor Orville W. Wheelwright Walter Joseph Imig William Randolph Lacey Harold Arthur Lewis Herbert Lambert Marter ROSCOE Foote Patt William Rabak Alfred Julius Stirn Harry G. Schultze Paul Fred Webster David Napoleon Carlson James Howard Farrell Victor Carl Hameister Louis George Kreu2 1916 Herbert Jacob Moon Merle Starr Nichols William Charles Sproesser Stanton Unbreit 4S5 Medical Fraternity Phi Beta Pi 3 I t f ill Henkcn Heinrich Bogart Newbury Birkland Butrki Taylor Schneider Bauer Pratt Martin Bachmann Dr. Kay Dr. Jackson Dr. Tormey Collcntine Fardy Kdey 49 6 -4 Professional F r a t e r n i t i e ! Phi Beta Pi Founded at V nicer sity oj Piilshurg. 1891 Wisconsin. Alpha Pi, 1915 Number of Chapters. 34 Living Members, 5.400 MEMBERS IN FACULTY {Honorary) Slfw M f ); ' EEN HAROLD CORNELIUS BRADLEY WILLIAM Snow Miller Walter Joseph Meek Arthur Solomon Loevenhart MEMBERS IN CITY {Honorary) Reginald Jackson harry Max Kay Thomas W. Tormey MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY {Graduate) Martin Joseph Fardy Harrold Albert Bachmann William Waldo Bauer John Edward Bentley Olav Nelson Birklant) Franklin Blevtns Bogart George Ernest Collentine William Anthony Heinrich Jacob Frank Henken William Earl Kiley 1915 1916 Robin Carl Buerki Hugh Fogo George Hilmar Martin Noel Gates Monroe Harry Gilmore Marsh Horace Charles Newbury Don Forrester Pratt Chester Clayton Schneider Joseph Vincent Taylor imRITIEJ 499 S o r o r i t i e ; Kappa Kappa Gamma First Row— Beatty. Mc Millati, Thomas, Seavcrt, Ac kermann, Bosshard, Martin dale. Loo mis, Patterson, Upham. Jennings Second Row — Fauerbach, Bitner Third Row— Johnson. Dillman, Warwick, Cahoon. Helm, Dupuy, Main, Meyer, Weeks Fourth Row — -Egge. Btmis, Wootton, Green, Hitchcock, Davies, Iverson, Fay, Hart, Rankin Chamberlain Ward Bcatty Parker Bieberman Ferguson King Fauerbach Loomis Carter Robinson Parkinson Porter Van Hisc 5 S r r i t I ( s Kappa Kappa Gamma { 1 1 Founded at Monmouth College. 1870 Wisconsin. Eta. 1875 Nam ber of Chapters, 37 Living Members, 5,220 MEMBERS IN CITY 1 Josephine Allvn Flora Moseley ' ■ Mrs. a. W. Brandenberg Mrs. Walter N!arling ] Mrs. Harold Bradley Georgiana McFellridge 1 Mrs. Barry Cerf Mrs. Warren Mead | Emily Clynoweth Mrs. John Olin .Martha Dodge Gladys Owen Mrs. Theodore Herfl-rth Jennie Pitman Mrs. Walter Hodgkins Mrs. Benjamin Parkinson Mrs. Richard Llo t) Jones Mrs. B. W. Snow Mrs. Pall B. Johnson Mrs. F. C. Sharp Mrs. Otto Kowalke Mrs. Jesse Sarles Mrs. Charles King Mrs. Harry Sheldon Mrs. Charles Lemt Edith Sevenson Flora Mears Vera Veerhusen Anna Moseley Mrs. Edward Walker MEMBERS IN FACULTY I Annie Pitman RowE Wright 1 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I Graduates Annie Rowland Cahoon Kathryn Parkinson 1915 Alice Ladd Bitner Elizabeth Helm Jessie Margaretha Bosshard Clara Frances Loomis Ruth Eaton Da vies Mary EL DA Main Els A .Marie Fauerbach Katherine Martindale Bertha !ary EEKS 1916 Florence Mathilda Ackermann Edna Rankin Rlth Esther Dillman Eloise Susan Seavert 1 Mary Dlpuy Rlth Marie Thomas Frances Lillian Hitchcock Mildred Virginia Toomey INGEBORG Marie Iverson Helen Norton Upham ; Irene Hawley Jennings Sarah Elizabeth Warwick Elizabeth Gage WOOTTON 1917 1 Mary Elizabeth Beatty Dorothy Hart i Alice Louise Bemis Gertrude Johnson 1 Ruth Egge Katherine LuciLE Meyer Margaret Virginia Fay Carol McMillan Marjorie Greene Bertha Louise Patterson 1918 ■■• Florence Esther Beatti- Dorothy Loomis LUCILE Bieberman Mary Eliza Porter 1 Persis Carter Helen Ballard Porter 1 Margaret Chamberlain Maud Parker 1 Dorothy Collier Genette Pixley Clara Vierling Fauerbach Helen Elizabeth Parkinson Mary Josephine Ferguson Alice Ring Van Hise Alice King Margaret Ann Robinson Marion Elizabeth Ward 5 1 .- i Sororities Delta Gamma Ramsay Wiehl Emery Hunt Smith Staples Aver Da vies Witte Flett Pettibone Wells Hutchinson Hampeter Corbett Comstock C. O ' Neil Dexter M. O ' Neil Gray Dickens Head Hemenway Halline Pugh Briggs i Brown Barr Whitney Kelly Dorsey Van Arsdale O ' Shea Eastman Waring Schrader Brown Erickson Marshall Ulrich Knight BUI Ely Morey Baragwaneth fi 02 S r o r i t i e ! Delta Gamma Founded at Universily of Mississippi, 1872 Wisconsin, Omega, 1880 Number of Chapters, 22 Living Members, 3,121 Katherine Allen MEMBERS IN FACULTY JULIA Grady Mrs. Lois Kimball Mathews MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Mary Rebecca Storer Brown Gertrude Marion Corbett Marion Lorraine Davtes Helen Ann Flett Dorothy Gray Eleanor Halline Alice Whitney Catherine Esthfj Head Esther Hltchison Esther Elizabeth Kelley Dorothy Foster Petti bone Bertha Margaret Pugh Elizabeth Mary Smith 1916 Mary Caceha Everett Comstock Harriet Easterbrooks O ' Shea Dorothy Dabb Dexter Marion Eugenia O ' Neil Mary Hemenway Irene Staples Helen Susan Van Arsdale Esther Newell Ayer Helen Adaline Barr Rosa Fitch Briggs Bertha Kellet Bunn Evelyn Foster Dickens Lytjia Louise Dorsey Mary Eleanor Eastman 1917 Dorothy Gerard Wiehl Myra EImery Margaret Hunt Eleanor Ramsay Catherine Eleanor O ' Neil Ilsa Josephine Schrader Grace Anna Waring Alberta May Wells Cecil Baragwanath Hester Bill Francis Brown Anna Ely Gertrude EIrickson Margaret Fraser 1918 Bergljot Gunderson Helen Knight Dorothy Marshall Marjory Morey Dorothy Simpson Dorothy Ulrich SOS Sororities i mm.-: ' ' ' ' : ' mt J -r- i ISf ' Si BBy ■ ' ' k- ■ H ' pr ir:- " TW| ,r . «K Ki ;»!«9!Ia»a Gamma Phi Beta §:f § ' Sli ' B Jones Morsel! Jackson Baldwin Hat ch Bird Bennett Dodd Brownell Haney McHcnry W nter Bannen Boorse lo nes Garbutt Germer O ' Neill Aur and Heyden Stump Milncr Da VIS Boei 1g Caldwell Linv ve!! Spencer Mathews Westcnlt; w P ! C •»=• j P| 1 ■ v ' l B " ! - " h JMM F, 3 J W r ' l ' E H f 1 ( r " v w 1 Ti A r T 1 Mayers Ldflin Ma bis Jones Snell Schoch Richards Germer Schifflm Sullivan Rcupping Van Patten 604 Utman Sororities Gamma Phi Beta Founded at Syracuse University, 1847 Wisconsin, Gamma. 1884 Number of Chapters, 15 Living Members, 1,241 MEMBERS Mrs. Charles Elmer Allen Beatrice Barnes DoROiHY Barnes Fayne Barnes Mrs. Thomas Brittingham Mrs. George Converse Fiske Mrs. Anna Stewart Goodyear Mrs. LuciEN Hanks Beula Sloan Heddles Emily Winslow IN CITY Mary Ives Mrs. Ralph Iackman Mrs. H. W. Lucas Mrs. H. C. Moseley Millie Pyre Mrs. Arthlk Sullivan Jessie Walthew Sumner Mrs. H. a. Watt Edith Winslow MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Marjorie Elizabeth Bennett Phoebe Evelyn Jones Agnes Boeing Mary Boorse Isabelle Frances Brownell Eugenia Blount Edith Dodd Ethel Grace Garbutt 1915 Genevieve Stump Olga Bertha Haney Stella Jane Havtjen Ann Dorothy Jones Delia Eloise Linwell Cornelia Mathews Ernestine Ellen Spencer Helen Aurland Dorothy Agnes Bannen Elizabeth Baldwin Marie Eaton Bird Ethel Ruth Germer Agnes Durrie Marion Davis NorjMa .Mellicent O ' Neill 1916 1917 Marion Hazel Caldwell Myrtle Olive Milner Ada Mc Henry CoiE Winter Erica Willrich LORETTA ' 0N SYBERG Genevieve Jackson Mary Pendelton Morsell May Kendall Wescott Marion Clancy Helen Rose Dodd Gertrude Emily Germer Irene Jones Helen Laflin Katherine Virginia Mabis Marion Mayers 1918 Edith Van Patten Stella Wilhelmina Reuppinc Alberita Napier Richards Inez Schifflin Harriet Snell Angela Hope Sullivan Margaret Schoch Beatrice Utman 50S S o r o r i t i e ! Kappa Alpha Theta First Row — Hayward. Hadden. Coville, Hohlfeld. Abrams, Rettger. Curry. Laing. Mann. Second Row — Pritchard. Sana. Ritchie. Starr. Miller. Starr. Patterson. PIcuss. Young Third Row — Ebbcrt. Conover. Baker. Garber, Richards. Robertson. Dunton. Buchner. Fourth Row — McAlcxander, Whitehead. Fagan. Ashby. Pence. Pcnhallegon. Stevens. Jennings. Hadden Fifth Row — Bodman. Knowlton. Chase. Hughes. Kingsley. Knowlton. Clark. Mingle. Carns- Hughes Ellis Sanford Kmnan Sage Bue Penha Bet! Sprague Sororities Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at De Pauw Unioersily, 1870 Wisconsin. Psi. 1890 Number of Chapters, 37 Living Members, 4,876 MEMBERS Elva Bascom Mrs. ElDWARD Bennett Mrs. Charles Buell Pauline Merry Buell Mrs. Victor Coffin Mrs. W. Ward Davidson Elsie Dexter Helen Leonard Oilman Mrs. Eugene Giuviore Mrs. J. W. IN CITY Hester Moore Harper Mrs. J. C. Harper Mrs. Richard Hughes Helen Julia Kellogg Mrs. Francis Craig Krauskopf Mrs. John M. Parkinson Nellie Ada Pence Mrs. Ernest Skinner Mrs. E. Ray Stevens Watson Lily B. Campbell MEMBERS IN FACULTY Nellie Ada Pence Agnes Mary Hall MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Mary Van Renssalaer Buell Sarah M. Beach Julia Adrienne Doe Hestej Harper 1915 Helen Humphry Abrams Marie Louise Carns Margaret McCune Curry Dorothy Brock way Dana RiAH Jane Fagan Ada Rlth Garber Jean Morgan Hadden 1916 Charoltte Maconda Bodman Marion Clarke Conover Ruth Clarissa Donnelly Helen M. Hohlfeld Margaret .M. Hughes DoROTH " ! ' Margaret Laing Dorothy Lewis 1917 Mary Ash by Elizabeth Baker Gladys Buchner Ruth Chase Lois Clark Sue Comstock Katherine Coville Mary Dunton Ruth Robertson Dorothy Marion Bell Helen D. Buell Mildred Ellis Georgiana Garner Anna Myra Hughes 1918 507 Grace Mc Alexander Olive Mary Simpson Marjorie Strong Louise Young Helen Jarvis Hadden Roberta Rice Mann Hilda Adne Mingle Florence Beth Patterson Helen Charlotte Pence Winnifred Gard Rettger Margaret Stevens Kathryn Miller LUCILE Pritchard Anita Valentine Pleuss Avis Marie Richards Bertha M. Starr Mildred B. Starr Margaret Whitehead Georgia Grosvenor Ebbert Laura Mae Hay ward Marion Jennings Susanna Kingsley Helen Knowlton Margaret Knowlton Genevieve Penhallegon Kathryn Ritchie Marjorie Kinnan Ruth Penhallegon Martha Sage Marion Sanford Mildred Sprague Sororities Pi Beta Phi Wf f f a ill t f ' f f f t;f f f f.t f " Bodden Cozzens Eckert Hanson Freund Dixon Hamilton Howe Higgins Brown Van Dyke Shoemaker Ramsey Adams Smith Esch Brown Kayser Morris Luce Brice Sturdevant Schlicht Loy Bates Leiand Munro Snjyth Kloss Martin Willco Brooks Benson Roberts Owen Hutchinson Chapman Hendricks Brown Fuller KIcmme Righter Kelly Brannum Mount Clark Trcdwell Gerr Lerch Northam Rush Baker Hendricks McClymont Hcaly Moerke 608 ! Sororities Pi Beta Phi Mffi __-I W»5 -BV- Founded at Monmoulh College, 1867 ! M isconsm, Alpha, 1894 Number of Chapters, 43 Living Members, 6,253 MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. Arnold Bennett Hall Effie Paine Mrs. Llta P. Hendricks Mrs. M. W. Peterson Gertrude Hendricks Florence Robinson Mrs. C. C. Houshe Mrs. William Shoerger Stella Kayser Francis Sabine Helen Kayser Florence Titus Mrs. Frank Kessenich Mrs. Paul Watrous Mrs. Rlidolph Kropf Eunice Welsh Gladys McGowan Iva Alice Welsh MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Louise Chapman Elsa Schlicht 1915 Jeanette Brotn Virginia Margaret Higgins Louise Withee Brown Jeanette Munro Nell Scott Hamilton Rhoda Esther Owen Genevieve Estelle Hendricks Ella Marie Shoeniaker 1916 Mona Bates Vera Stein Kayser Isabella Bodden Rutk Klemme , Elizabeth Brice Marion Day Luce 1 Marion Clarkson Brown Gertrlide Chlfrch Leland Gladys Rosa Dixon Mary Cotter Martin Irene Esther Esch Vera Marie Righter Margaret Anne How e Helen Gertrude Smith Madge Patterson Van Dyke ' 1917 Marjory Mae Adams Georgia Adeline Loy Elizabeth Baker Edith Irene Morris Christine Etna Brown Carol Walker Munro Mildred Josephine Cozzens Madeline Eva Ramsey Helen Elizabeth Eckert Ruth Olive Roberts Lillian Elizabeth Freund Florence East Si-mth j Josephine Ladner Hutchison Viola Sturtevant ' Alma Christine Hanson Cass Carlene Tuller Sara Kloss Faith Wilco.x 1918 Marjory Brannen Mary Fredericka Lurch Florence Alberta Clark Alice McClymont Helen Frances Geer Naome Dorothea Moerke Martha Healy Ruth Estelle Mount Marjory Ethel Hendricks Edna Mae Northum Agnes Illings worth Kelley Lyle Virginia Rush Lilly Treadwell i ! 1 6 9 1 S o r r i t i e J Alpha Phi Spencer Macklin Salsbury Faville Decker Lawson Laitem Caldwell Palmer Lake Jones Mansfield Manegold Stover Barkey Garrett Howell Wilmans Stone Lassfolk Cook Sime Wood Dregcr Burdick Jones Deming Roach Trowbridge Holmes Fowler I ■ 1 f ni r1 m BR 32 Ai« 1 VI % ' T ' . . . . 1 b-1 Williams Noer Perry Faville Russell Ingwersen Cook Grant Rohrs Campbell Lindcmann Brown Stolte Tormey Buck Dickerson Dawson 6 10 Sororities Alpha Phi Founded ui the University of Syracuse, 1872 Wisconsin, Iota, 1896 Number of Chapters, 19 Living Members, 2,316 MEMBERS IN CITY Anna Birge Mrs. Frederick Roe Mrs. Lawrence Burke Mrs. John Thickens Amy Comstock Agnes Wilson Mrs. Walter A. Findlay Leta Wilson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Marjorie Burdick Lillian Lawson Dorothy Alden Caldwell Miriam Macklin Lois Lockwood Decker Esther Caroline Mansfield Emma Dreger Helen Viola Salsbury Katherine Ellen Faville Lorraine Spencer Jean Howell Isabel Stover Helene Laitfjvi Dorothy Trowbridge Esther Elizabeth Lassfolk Edith Stone Elsa Albertha Wiijvianns 1916 Genevieve Elizabeth Deming Mary Fowler Dorothy Garrett Marion Holmes Kathlyn Jones Gertrude Manegold Melba Roach Eleanor Adelaide Sime Henrietta Wood Florence Irene Barkey Dorothy Cook Irene Croxton Cook 1917 Gladys Palmer Marjorie Jones Elsa Kremers Frances Gertrude Lake 1918 Mary Brown Marjorie Buck Lucile Campbell Helen Dawson Dorothy Dickerson Laura Faville Helen Grant Clara Ingwersen Katherine Lindemann Ruth Noer Nancy Perry Helene Rohrs Gertrude Russell Ruth Stolte LOREITA TORMEY Dorothy Williams 61 1 Sororities Delta Delta Delta Slothower Pierce Johnson Thielman Ross Le Febcr Hayes StaufcnbicI Sweng Godfrey J Leary Mathews Andrews M. Leary Little Foote Clark Bitterman Landsberg Hay Taylor Shepherd Green Edwards Warner Young Smith Lyons Paine Atherton Churchill Hudson Corscot Hilpertshauscr Gordon Fenstermacher ZumBrunnen Everett Smith Tuchsherer Sororities Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University, 1888 Wisconsin, Mu. 1898 Number of Chapters, 52 Living Members, 3,552 Stella Baskervtlle Mrs. John Bessey Mrs. Paul Black Hazel Brennan Ethel Cartfj? Mrs. John Corscot, Jr. Mrs. William Curtis, Jr. Ruth Comfort Mrs. William Evjue Gwendolen Jones MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. Mel. Johnson Mrs. C. R. Modie Mrs. Ray Sprague Owen Myra Parkinson Isabel Parsons Miriam Robinson Mrs. John Bell Sanborn Mrs. Samuel Swanson Mrs. E. Taylor Mrs. Samuel Weidman Mrs. John Winters MEMBERS IN FACULTY Florence E. Allen Marian Humble Mrs. W. J. Keller Lucy G. Roberts MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Mary Cecelia Leary 1915 Mary Josephine Cash Florence Columbia Landsberg Emma Louise .Matthews Agnes Laura Mae Ross Mildred Florence Shepherd Theodosia May Slothower " aylor Irma Marie Clark Ann Elizabeth Edwards Evelyn Louise Foote Mary Grace Godfrey Mary Francis Little 1916 Isabelle Young Otta Greene Agnes Mary Hayes Edna Leora Johnson Alice Marie Le Feber Lucille Warren Joy Ella Andrews Ruth Bitterman Harriet Irene Cook Annina Daly Helen Katherine Hay Pauline Atherton Helen Churchill Ruth Marian Corscot LuciLE Everett Mariella Fenstermaker Helen Mae Gordon Evangeline Hilpertshauser Mary Hloson Hazel 1917 1918 Julia Lenore Leary Gladys Pierce Evalyn Staufenbeil Vivian Pearl Siverig Lillian Dorothy Thielman Alice Lyons LORNA Murphy Dorothy Paine DoREEN Smith Martha Ruth Smith Viola Tuchscherer Mary Vivian Warner DoROTH-i ' Cheney Young ZuM Brunnen 5 13 ? Sororities Chi Omega ' v " ■ t f f W Eastlund Hemphill Laue OIlis Gleerup Hefferon Wnght H, Reed Jillson Black Blanchard Matteson Moore Willson Goodwill Aerell Naglcr A. Wilson Farquhar Day Gray Dodds Schoenleber Coffman Baker G, Reed Walsh Eastman Lackey Cronin Fairchild Dawson Austin Rclchrrt ' mL S r r i t i Chi Omega Founded at the University of Arkansas, 1895 Wisconsin. Nu. 1902 Number of Chapters, 24 Living Members, 2,181 MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. Storm Bull Mrs. William Sloane Mrs. Elizabeth Peuter Ada Hopkins Mrs. Robert Siebecker susie May Anderson Mrs. William Bennett ava Cochrane Mabel Williams Clara Brinkhoff MEMBERS IN FACULTY Mrs. Inga C. Sandberg Kathleen Clinch Calkins Jessie Gertrlde Schlinder MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Louise Anne Schoenleber Eva Dodds Elsa Eugenia Agrell Ethalinda Black Florence Farquhar 1915 Inez Searles Willson Frances Hemphill M abel Claire Matteson Edna Marie Ollis 1916 Beatrice Baker Mabel Blanchard Alice Brown Curtis Lillian Eastlund Virginia Gleerup Katharine Marcia Wright Carol Rogers Hill Alice Goodwin MiLDRFX) Marie Moore Grace Reed Helen Morse Reed Ann Elizabeth Wilson Laura Roe Mills Myrtle Coffman Florence Hodson Day Mary Louise Jillson 1917 Genevieve Nagler Lucy Elizabeth Gray Helen Heffron Charlotte Margaret Laue Marjorie Lucia Austin Magdalin Cronin Dorothy Ware Dawson Vera Hunter Eastman 1918 Dorothy E. Reid Evelyn Fairchild Esther Hltchins Lackey Ramona Reichert Marcella Walsh 6 15 m Sororities Alpha Chi Omega 1 ! ;f ' ( . ' f :-|.f ij?i ■ 1 Tf I I - 1 First Row — Hudson. Thorpe. Oehler. Webster, Rush. McKennan. McKenna. H umiston. Mattox. O ' Callaghan Second Row — Boyce, Lasche, York, Riggert, Sayle, Rood, Densmore, McKennan. Black. Morris f " $ Grell Stocking Findorff Wessinger Cronin Westergard Humiston Wilson S o r r i t i e ! Alpha Chi Omega Founded al De Pauw Unioersily, 1885 IVisconsin, Kappa, 1903 Number of Chapters, 20 Living Members, 2,197 PATRONESSES Miss Kate Chittenden Mrs. Ford MacGregor Mrs. Edwin Mason Mrs. Lucian Pickarts Mrs. John Stevens MEMBERS IN FACULTY Margaret H ' Doubler Gertrude Johnson Alice Regan MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Marguerite Evelyn Black Neste Densmoor Margaret Brown McKenna Caroline Rlth Morris Sidney Loesch Oehler Elda Katherine Riggert Bessie Clark Rood Ida May Rush Mary Honora Sayle LiLAH Marguerite Webster Inez Mae Boyce Floy Matilda Humiston Madeline Mattox 1916 Helen Florence O ' Callaghan Dorothy Olivette Thorpe Pansy Celia York 1917 Louise Dorothy Hudson Rachel Luella McKennan Ruth Kathryn McKennan 1918 Helen Catherine Cronin Dorothy Catherine Findorff Isabel Eleanor Grell Beatrice Hayden Humiston Consuelo Mary Lasche Myrtle Holmes Stocking Mary Esther Wessinger Nina Westigard Marguerite Elizabeth Wilson 8 17 Sororities Alpha Xi Delta Poppe Burwell Albcrs Wood Dulaney Willits Prince Heineman Miller Wurdemm Haner Piper Simpson Heise Jensen Wilder Mnrshall Eubank Coerper Kuhns . a m m t r c r Hane Schlutthauer Hop man Martin Clausen Coapman 5 18 Sororities Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Wisconsin, Theta, 1904 Number of Chapters, 20 Living Members, 1 ,200 PATRONESSES Mrs. Arthur Beatty Mrs. Scott Goodnight Mrs. Linnaeus Dowling Mrs. Grant Showerman Miss Lucy Gay Miss Elsbeth Veerhusen MEMBERS Marjory Anne Davis Mrs. French Eason Lucy Rayne Mary E. Rayne Alma Runge IN CITY Winifred Simpson Mrs. Albert Smith Frances Tormey Marie H. Vaas Mrs. Frank White MEMBER IN FACULTY Clara Eckhardt MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Florence Uland Coerper 1915 Jessica May Boorse Albertine Prince Grace Dulaney Ruth Willits Mabel Marshall Iris Wood Helen Louise Wurdemann Ruth Albers Myrtle Ann Eubank Edna Mae Heineman 1916 Helen Sarah Haner Dorothea Poppe Marjorie Wilder Majorie Burwell Anna Heise 1917 Esther Andrea Jensen Helen Elizabeth Piper Malvina Clausen Maud Coapman Reba Haner 1918 Ruth Hoppman Rlth Kuhns Edith Margaret Martin Norma Schlotthauer Sororities Alpha Gamma Delta First Row -Allen. Hornaday. White. Perkins. Spain. Mt Arthur. Weir. Pugh. Townsend. Smith. Second Row — E Sutherland. B. Sutherland. Edmunds. Edsall. Lewis. Klcb. Hibbery. Thauer, Roberts. Larson S o r r i f i ( Alpha Gamma Delta Founded at Syracuse University. 1904 Wisconsin, Beta. 1905 Number of Chapters. 15 Lioing Members. 1.152 MEMBERS IN CITY Gladys Branegan Alice Evans Gertrlde Evans theda Moss Jessie Purtell MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1915 Ruth Marguerite Allen Rhoda Ann Edmonds WiNNIFRED EDSALL Anna Catherine Larsen Vila White Catherine McArthur Grace Magdalene Pugh Francis Louise Smith Olive Elizabeth Thauer 1916 Mal-d E. Bilberry leah Elizabeth Sutherland marie K.LEB Bessie Irene Sutherland Doris Townsend Helen Louise Hornaday Margaret Roberts 1917 Helen Spain Leda Weir Lillian Lewis 1918 Ellen Perkins 5 2 1 ' Sororities Achoth MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. R. D. Vaughan Graduates Frances C. Ellman Esther Levitan Alice M. Hansen Ora L. Hinkson Elizabeth E. Reiser 1915 Olga M. Steig Lillian M. Wallace Rachel E. White INA E. Jones E. Viola Meister 1916 Elsie E. Schneider Margaret L. Taylor 1917 Florence Eluvian Lily E. Koehler Clarabel Orton Ellman Koehler White Levitan Hinkson Orton Meister Hansen Reiser Ellman Steig Schneider Taylor Jones 5 2 2 Y M. C A. V M THE HILL COMMISSION Klnnc Ambler Blacltmir Wheeler Brandenburg Jamieson Wird (Chairman Albright Jone THE AGRIC COMMISSION Haldcrson Dexter Leiser Hansen Sell Fogo Schall Palmer Machotka (Chairman) Clark Boh tedt La wson Vigneron Rcinhardt Myers Nelson Helfrecht Cornish (Chairman) Antlr Bragg Rni;. rs Harvey Gillct Y M C A. 53 5 YWCA 1 The Young Women ' s Christian Association is an outgrowth of an association organized in the early eighties which included as members both men and women banded together for weekly religious meetings. At the present day the Association is composed entirely of women and has entered into fields of varied interests and aims, especially to create and develop spiritual and religious feeling among university women. OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Treasurer . . General Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Marjorie Nind Harriet O ' Shea Grace Pugh Agnes Hall IMOGENE KRISKY Hendricks Jones Young Knskcy 0 " Shea Nind Goodwin Palmer PIcus; Howell Hall Pugh Salsbury Huntington Oehler Jennings Clubs FIRST SEMESTER George A. Gary Grace A. Waring Joseph Carson Overton S. Woodward Dixie Club OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER , W. H. Strowd Grace A. Waring S. M. MiLLNER, Jr. J. T. Raine Dr. S. F. Acree H. L. Avery C. W. Baker R. E. Baker MoNA Bates Ethalinda Black Charlotte M. Bodman W. T. Bolton L. R. Bolilware R. F. Bradley. Jr. Dr. G. S. Bryan A. D. Burke C. C. Canon Katherine W. Carson Joseph Carson George A. Gary Henry Chiles E. M. Coulter A. E. Clmmings J. S. D. Clmmings Louise L. Dorsey J. F. Downing, Jr. MEM Frances C. Duggar J. F. Duggar Margaret L. Duggar Grace Dulaney M. F. ElOWARDS Dr. J. C. Elsom William H. Fowler Henry Fulmer C. A. Gibson Virginia L. Gleerup C. 0. Ewing H. A. Freeman E. S. Guild E. A. HiLDRETH R. P. HiLDRETH W. S. HiLDRETH J. E. Hardy Lottie Howard J. C. Hudson Dr. G. W. Keitt H. D. Kerr A. F. KlBLER BERS Marjorie Kinnan Mary J. Lund J. N. Lipscomb Maude Mc Daniel L. B. McMillan S. M. Millner. Jr. J. W. Morgan H. 0. Pate Nathal Patterson C. S. Pettis E. W. Prange E. H. Pressley J. T. Raine J. 0. Rankin .Ies.see H. Refjj E. M. Roark Marie M. Ringland Chas. S. Rowe Elizabeth A. Smith A. M. Storrs Dr. W. D. Stovall W. H. .Strowd James H. Stl ' art M. H. Tavlor Irma M. Terr-1- Kate S. Tillet J. A. Towler Florence N. Turner F. L. Vaughan A. H. Ward Grace A. Waring H. B. Wahling L. 0. White Thelma Whitmore G. E. Whitman Dorothy G. Wiehl J. P. Woodson Overton S. Woodward Louise Young Dr. C. D. Zdanowicz C. F. Zeek. Jr. Carl B. Bougere R. H. Cummincs Strowd Woodson Prange Richardson Avery Pettis Reed Raine Towler Duggar Coulter Dr. Elsom Burke Canon Hildrcth Dr. Stoval Millner Smith Kinnan Black. Waring Gleerup Eubank 627 m Clubs ROCK Y Btnckc Cozzt ns Mc Manis Spam L. Brown Gaivm Breske Kobetich G. Johnson Sutherland Andrew Clark Weils Faitoute Higson [ Williston Schenber Easson Rainey Conrad Carlson Hamilton Miller Dehler Lindberg SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Edwin L. Andrew President Francis D. Higson Annie K. Larson Vuc-Prcsidcni .... Mary R. Kobetich LeI.A Brown Secretary Lela Brown Neb S. GOZA Treasurer NeD S. GoZA MEMBERS Edwin L. Andrew Mary E. Feeney Albert A. Asbahr Paul E. Feldenheimer Henry ]. Beneke Florence Faytonte Joseph P. Brennan Carl V. Fisher John F. Breske Rlmana McManis W. Vernon Brown Sidney F. Miller Lela C. B rown Nancy . Perry Ruth M. Boyle Edward C. Rainey Thorwald a. Carlson Frederick A. Richter Lois Clark Winnifred B. Richards Clarence W. Conrad Frank A. Scheuber Mildred Cozzens Edwin J. Settle Marion Clancy Frank M. Sizer Dorothy Dickerson Helen F. Spain Jenny E. Doran NORRIS S. Stoltze Rudolph W. Dehler Elizabeth Sutherland Sanford Easson Henry W. Tabor Arthur Espeland Roy E. Thomas Thomas . Evans Viola H. Tuscherer Jerome L Feeney Caroline M. Wells B28 Horace H. Williston — •«WK. Clubs Chicago Club OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Lalra Mae Hayward Warner H. Brand Vera L. Alderson Carrington H. Stone EXECUTIVF. COMMITTEE Seniors Lucille Huntington Frederick M. Cooper Juniors Margaret Whitehead William D. Harvey Sophomores Florence E. Smyth Eugene Vigneron Freshmen Halford Kittleman Carl Q. Harris 6 ' !i9 H oosier Club First Row — Hescman, Roscnberger. Pane oast. Jackson. Scottdoup. Davis, Severinghaus, Waldron. H. A. Allman Zwickle, Anderson Second Row — Roscnberger. Matin. Wood. Boehme, Popoff, McMurray. Moore. Frazee. Beach. Vinnedge. Good, Mummcrt. Third Row — Babcock. Scilcr, Furst. Kaufman. Rush. Mattox. Rhoton. Levey. Shiek. Spohn- Fourth Row — Stephenson, Meister, Hunter. Krause. Mygrant, Jones, Eastman. Twells. Ashby. McGrath. Abbott. Clubs Congressional Club OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Mabel Elizabeth Blanchard Robert Stevens Bradley Harlow Davis Burnside Katherine Coville Chase Donaldson Karl Burchard Hanson Edmund Cecil Harder WoLcoiT Paige Hayes Hilton Parks Hornaday Marjorie Kinnan Robert Marion LaFollette Mary Frederica Lerch John Boardman Lord Horace W Mabel E. Truesdell Blanchard John P. Mayfield Katherine Coville MEMBERS ISADOR William Mendelsohn Naomi Caroline Morse Arthur Harcourt Mountain George Roland Reed Frank Thomas Richard Lyle Virginia Rush Allison Fendall H. Scott Frederick p. Heyward Siddons Horace Warner Truesdell Gertrude Sherman Vrooman Grace Anna Waring George S. Munch Weber Marcia Katherine Wright John Preston Mayfield Harder Hayes Lord Vrooman Blanchard Lerch Reed Donaldson Truesdell Burnside Coville Siddo Scott Weber Hornada Rush Waring Morse Mayfield Mendelsohn 6 3 1 The Chinese Students ' Club OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER C. C. Pan . P. S. Ho Y. M. Tseng S. HsuN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer C. L. CHAI. Pol. Sc. 4 M. Y. Chang. E. E. 4 S. Y. Chen. Pol. Sc. 4 T. H. Cheng, Educ. 3 K. ChIEN. E. Grad. B. A. Chew. A. Grad. B. L. Chew, L. S. 2 S. V. Fang. A. I P. S. Ho. Pol. Sc. 4 T. C. Hsu. A. 1 MEMBERS S. Hsun. Econ. 4 F. H. Huang, Pol. Sc. K. S. KUM. C. C. 1 S. Z. KwaUK, a. Grad. Z. D. Lau. a. I C. L. Liang. Ch. C. 3 M. H. Ma. Math. 4 C. C. Pan, a. Grad. K. Su. C. E. 3 S. T. SUEN. E. Grad. S. T. SUEN Y. C. Yang S. E. S. Yui J. M. TSAO F. L. Tai. a. 1 N. B. Tan, E. I J. M. TsAO. Pol. Sc. 3 Y. M. Tseng, Ch. C. 4 P. S. Wu. E. Grad. Y. C. Yang. Pol. Sc. Grad. D. K. F. Yap, Econ, 2 K, P, Young, Ch, C, 4 P, H, Young, A, 2 S. E. S, Yui, Pol, Sc, Grad, } % ' First Row — Fang. Chai. Tseng. Kum. Chew B A . Ho. Hsun. Chang. Tan. Wu. Second Row — Hsu, Yap, Chen, Su, Pan. Young K. P.. Tsao. Yui, Chew B. L. Third Row — Huang. Cheng, Young P. H.. Ma. Chien, Lau, Yang. Tai. 6 3 2 - ' •«nk Clubs IN " T E RNAT 1 ONAL CLVB The U. W. International Club Member ot the Association of Cosmopolitan Clubs and of Corda Fratres OFFICERS Fernando Margarida John M. Tsao . . . Enrique Rizo Patron MiNGHAl Ma Elmer L. Sevringhaus HONORARY MEMBERS President Charles R. Van Hise Professor G. C. Comstock Professor J. E. Olson Professor R. B. Mitchfll Professor S. W. Oilman Professor H. C. Bradley President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ARMENIA Kapriel S. Papazian BELGIUM Frederick A. Ernst Jules L. Maesenaere BRAZIL Olyntho Mendonca Jacy de Sanza CHINA Chun Lin Chai Shin Yuen Chen MiNGHAi Ma Nelson B. Tau John M. Tsao ENGLAND Thomas E. Bennet Stewart Schrimshaw GERMANY Herman Holt Fred W. Stadelbauer Professor Grant Showerman ACTIVE Mr MEMBERS INDIA Chintamar V. Saue Hemendra K. Rakshit PERU Enrique Rizo Patron PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Gonzola Kamantique PORTO RICO Fernando Margarida Jose Margarida RUSSIA Zigmund Salit UNITED STATES William J. Aberg Rev. M. G. Allison Adolph 0. Baumann Howard Blackmar Charles Dean Cool Armen Elmendorf Professor S. K. Hornbeck L. J. Pi EP arts Emil J. Kantsky Herbert D. Juentz Frederick 0. Leiser Dr. W. J. Meek Karl Menninger Dr. Paul S. Miller Victor Moses Harold S. Ofstie Professor Max C. Oito Reginald L. Prees Edward G. Reyer Hugo Reyer William Richards Aura E. Sevringhaus Elmer L. Sevringhaus Frederick S. Smith Paul H. Toomey Edwin Wilde Forest Wilterding S 3 3 Clubs LIVE 5TOCKCLVB FIRST SEMESTER Will A. Foster Russell B. Bieri W. J. Kammlade . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER Glenn Clark Carl Schroeder . Clifford C. Tavlor MEMBERS Charles C. Brace Samuel Basherov Gus A. Balman Russell B. Bieri Albert A. Bluemke George E. Brainard James B. Blaisdell Glenn G. Clark Alonzo C. Cook Albert J. Cramfr William F. Dimmer James H. Dance James W. Elliot Will A. Foster Guv S. Hales William C. Hansen Clifford C. Haumerson Earl Hughes Byron R. Houser Arthur H. Henderson James A. Jensen Karl L. Juve Frank B. Jones W. G. Kammlade F.MIL J. Kaltsky Robert J. Kleberg Martin R. Knickel Walter B. Krueck GUSTAV W. Klulman Samuel C. Lackey Vachel W. Lackey Joseph A. Machovec Clifford Merriman Haroiid W. Potter John G. Poynton Raymond H. Rishel Hiram H. Roehm Carl S. Schroeder Harold E. Seielstad George E. Spengler Clifford C. Taylor Lester M. Whitmore Chester A. Williams Robert P. Willian 1 Clubs Country Life Club OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER E. J. PRLCHA President FRANK ROBOTKA Al. Phillips Secretary and Treasurer ELMER PRIEWE MEMBERS Al Phillips Fred Olden berg Arthur R. Albert Elmer C. Priewe Edward J. Prucha Murray R. Benedict Alonzo C. Cook Robert S. Goodhue Albert R. T. Lillie Frank Robotka Joseph H. Schlenvogt Clifford C. Taylor Carl F. Wehrwein Phillips Uldcnburg Albert Priewe Prucha Lillie Taylor Robotka Cook Goodhue Wehrwein Schlenvogt Benedict 636 Clubs JR.P University of Wisconsin Engineers ' Club FALL TERM. 1914 WINTER TERM. 1915 E. L. GCLDSMITH President R. G. Smith R. G. Smith Vice President C. W. Zachow J. F. Gross . Secretary and Treasurer J. U. Heuser R. H. Gr.wvibsch Censor H. Hersh H. Hersh . Assistant Censor MEMBERS SENIORS E. L. Goldsmith R. G. Smith C. W. Zachow E. L. Goldsmith H. C. Anderton Harry Hersh W. T. Bolton L. L. Henry P. CODDINGTON F. W. COLBECK A. L. GlBERT F. Margarida R. Hardin E. A. Sipps W. C. Raube L. S. LOEB C. H. Stone G. M. Kamantique R. H. Grambsch JUNIORS J. A. Tate J. U. Heuser E. A. Kalimheimer H. Greim T. E. Benneit R. Jens R. A. Keese T. N. Gilder C. M. Lewis J. F. Gross C. R. POE E. L. Andrew J. E. Wise G. L. Ballard J. B. Wilkinson G. E. Booth SOPHOMORES W. Walthers R. A. Baxter M. A. Powers C. W. Stuart FRESHMEN D. P. Ogden W. C. Gevers C. F. KOTTLER D. F. Breslauer S. Polacheck M. T. Carr F. G. Kachelhoffer 6 3 6 Clubs American Society of Mechanical Engineers FIRST SEMESTER Samuel Irving Roth Frank Edward Downey Walter Sargent Bemis Clarence William Zackow Russel Arnold Anderson Harry Charles Anderton Nelson Datcr Barnett Harry E. Bauer Walter Sargent Bemis Ernest R. Bendt Walter Frank Blair George Harvey Blanding William Lewis Breckenridge Ben S. Buckmaster Carl Herbert Casberg John Francis Clancy Frederick William Colbeck Edward J. Connel Fred L. Connit Clarence J. Christianson Paul Coddington Freeman D. Fletcher Arthur D. Fulton Alfred L. Gibert OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Thomas Nelson Gilder Walter B. Gesell Frederic Theodore Goes John W. Grosskopf William Dow Harvey Levi Lithgow Henry Edwin S. Herried Alfred Holtum Roland Jens Richard A. Keese Charles H. Kiotz Charles McLeod Lewis Edwin T. Lorig Jose Marganda John Vincent McKinncy Robert Joseph Mensel Rudolph Michel Carl L. Nordmeyer Harry Frank Oldenberg Raymond C. Parlett SECOND SEMESTER John Butler Wilkinson Frederic Theodore Goes William Dow Harvey Glenn Carol Richardson Harry Victor Plate Raymond P. Porter Leroy I. Oblmger Samuel Irving Roth Frank T. Richard Glenn Carol Richardson Sumner Rodiguez James T. Ryan Russel Gilman Smith Samuel Harvey Squier Harry Carpenter Stearns Walter Herman Stiemke Charles W. Stuart John Rodney Swetting George H. Taylor Warren A. Taussig Thomas D. Titft Joseph A. Weber John Butler Wilkinson Clarence William Zackow f.»l» ' . l V?.i Goes Blair Anderson Henry Coddington Lorig Fletcher Barnett Michel Margarida Hansen Christianson Stuart Parlett Bendt Porter Holtum Roth Gesell Stiemke Ryan Blanding Fulton Gilder Taussig Swetting Lewis Wilkinson Bauer Stearns Clubs CIVIL GINEER5 ' JOC OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary F. D. BlCKEL K. B. Bragg A. Brill R. T. Cavanaugh C. P. Conrad M. Cornish A. W. Crump L. H. DooLiriLE T. E. Fieweger D. S. Fowler R. W. Gehring M. C. Hall C. A. W. Henjcel W. W, INNES H. A. Marshall J. J. Maucini MEMBERS C. p. Conrad .P. D. Mitchell M. J. Steere A. E. Sackerson Prof. Van Hagan P. D. Mitchell L. F. Nelson H. A. Peterman R. P. Petersen R. A. Phelps C. I. Popelka T. B. Reyes L. C. Rogers J. A. SCHAD M. J. Steere M. C. Stel ' ber E. R. Stivers J. W. Tanghe H. Thwaits L. R. Wheeler A. E. Sackerson Whe Ulcere Schad Thwaites Petersen Pi Conrad Ika Crump Fieweger Peterman Brill Bickel Mitchell Tanghe Marshall Nelson Phelps fi 3 8 —Wf, Clubs CHEMICAL ENGINEERS 50CIETY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer W. Randolph Lacey J. Monroe Gillet Roman A. Schmid MEMBERS Michael Agazim Harold R. Boehmer John B. Edwards, Jr. J. Monroe Gillet Donald S. Grenfell Aaron J. Helfrecht Eugene C. Herthel BUNSEN H. HEYN Harvey V. Higley W. Randolph Lacey Louis S. Loeb F. Harrison MacCarthy Fernando Margarida Herbert j. Moon Ralph F. Norris Horton R. Parker Roman a. Schmid ALFRFX) J. Stirn Merville S. Thompson Norman B. Thompson Jacob Trantin, Jr. GUSTAVE H. WaTZKE agazim Gillet Moon Stirn MacCarthy T CJ J Schmid Parker Margarida Grenfell XL ' - " y. Edwards H.gley Boehmer Ihompson Trantin Heyn Morris Helfrecht Watzke Thompson Herthel S39 Clubs JUP U. W. Mining Club 11 OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER R. W. Hughes President W. V. DARGAN Vice-President W. H. LOERPABEL Secretary and Treasurer B. KNUDSEN Mucker P. T. Norton . Assistant Mucker . SECOND SEMESTER D. F. SCHINDLER A. T. Newell R. A. Pallansch F. Pardee A. F. Peterson MEMBERS Donald F. Schindler Arthu r T. Newell RoLLiN A. Pallansch Franklin G. Pardee W. Harrison Loerpabel Robert W. Hughes Barney Knudsen Thomas H. Kernan William V. Dargan Harold L. Rau Thomas C. Brown Paul T. Norton ROLLA Z. KEHRMANN Fred W. Hodson Herbert E. Hodgson Roger M. Woodbridge Harold 0. Davidson Arthur F. Peterson F. Fehr Kremer Arthur S. White Earl S. Prince Donald U. Gray Theodore C. Sherwood Herbert F. Pritzlaff PH [H n| S pJ Pf H " pH F j9 BT ' B ' " j l K ' jfl E • «■ ■f- K ' -il Krn K-4 L :0 | iH m L Gray Pallansch Kr.-n Newell LoiTpabel Prince Schindlcr Woutlbridg Knudsen White Norton Hughes Dargan Pritzlaff Pa ' idson Sherwood Clubs COM CLUB J(i.O FIRST SEMESTER G. 0. GULLICKSON E. H. Neupert J. G. CONLEY H. E. Benedict . G. I. BLTrERBAUGH OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER H. E. Benedict W. K. Knoble W. C. Garst E. E. Meyer Assislanl Treasurer C. I. BlTTERBAUGH G. 0. GULLICKSON R. J. Carter M. S. COHN ,1. G. Conley C. L. Barnum I. J. SCHULTE E. A. PORTMAN H. A. Peterson F. C. Bldig E. F. Blelow W. L. GlTTINGS M. L. Barton G. !. Bltterbauch L. D. Kerrold L. C. Clark A. D. Chickering W. F. Clifford H. E. Benedict A. S. Johnson ACTIVE MEMBERS SENIORS H. J. Matfeson L. L. Neumann H. W. RiEGER J. C. TiNGVOLD W. K. Knoble E. H. Neupert H. J. Koch J. E. Sazama W. C. Garst F. E. Lome J. F. Thomas JUNIORS T. H. Imhoff 0. C. Link J. L. Lynch S. A. Marsh E. E. Meyer E. C. Trl-mpf C. A. WlLGER F. W. Rlmpf SOPHOMORES C. H. Lichtfeld J. D. CONOVER S 4 1 Clubs BADGER BOAT CLUB OFFICERS GusTAVE A. Sell . George A. Chandler Richard a. Zwemer J. Arthur Wickham President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS George Appleyard John B. Brown Carl H. Casberg George A. Chandler Noble M. Coe Calonder a. Grosser Ward B. Freeman Edwin A. Gelein Byron R. Hauser M. Thomas Kennedy Arthur W. Miller Christian J. Otjen Jay a. Owens Charles S. Perry GusTAVE A. Sell J. Arthur Wickham Richard A Zwemer fi«2 Clubs Mendota Crew Club OFFICERS ArNO WlTTlCH Ray Mackay Al J. Dexter John L. Mitchell President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Hoy B. Clayton 0. W. Schmidt H. B. Heyn Harold A. Lewis Charles W. Evert Carl H. Casburg gus bohsteidt A. H. Henderson MEMBERS 1915 Edwin S. Reynolds Carl H. Schroeder A. R. Crump H. J. Moon J. S. Osborn John J. Crawford Lester C. Rogers Ralph S. Crowl John E. Burke 1917 Wm. R. McDermid H. J. Schubert Milton L. Gardner Robert L. Filtzf.r M. E. Galvtn 0. J. Hughes H. P. Antes H. W. Brock W. H. Blewett E. W. NiCOLL J. T. Mengel 0. J. Pritchard A. ]. Boldt W. J. McCabe R. N. Williams J. A. Reinhardt W. L. Appleby B. S. Wilcox Howard J. Brant John R. Perkins L 0. Slocl vib P. B. Van HORNE Earl B. James Ray W. Albright L. G. Graper Victor Engelhard Jack E. Farrand Arihlr Birong B. G. Penningroth R. H. CUMMINGS 84% VB OFFICERS President MVRA EmF.RY Vice-President NORMAN QUALE Secretary NELLIE LARSON Treasurer . JO.SEPH W. BOLLENBECK MEMBERS Majorie Austin Ruth Kentzler Mary Beatty Elizabeth Kendall Ma.iorie Burwell Nellie Larsen Joseph W. Bollenbeck Joseph Leimert Gilbert Burnett Frederick Lee Byron Bickford B. E. Lyon Ly-man Beenian Erwin 0. Luebchow Evelyn Chapman Carol Munro George Campen Mabel Marshall Ethel Dlmmer G. E. Murray Virginia Dickenson M. Morgenau George Demmler Vernus Nelson Frank Drons Earl Norton Al De. ter W1LLIA.M Olson Robert De Pue Arthur Olson Myra Emery Gladys Owen Mary Eastman Dorothy Poppe Leroy Engelke Ellen Perkins Florence Flemming Louise Patterson Frederick Flynn John Perkins Virginia Gleerup Norman Quale Otta Greene Margaret Robinson Helen Gordon Eleanore Ramsay Harry Gluck R. P. Patterson C. D. Griffith Mrs. E. J. Lehubring Carl Gusling Donald Schindler LuciLE Huntington Al Sandberg Eileen Harrington Mervin Tollefson Gertrude Heun Helen Upham Walter Holloway Sargent Wild James Halsted EIdward V ight Chris Hfxk Margaret Wahl Marjorie Jacques Ruth Winkley Elizabeth Kelly Gus Bauman _ C u b s Fencing Club OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Val Blatz Alfred Stirn w. h. schoewe MEMBERS Valentine Blatz. Jr. Walker H. Schoewe F. H. S. Smith Eugene Herthel Alfrfx) J. Stirn Joseph M. Baillie Edwin Gould Stephen Gould Ralph Wyatt W. Sholl Hcrthcl Smith Slirn Blatz Schoewe S 45 S. Gould Wyatt £. Gould Clubs THE Toreadors n ' ' - OFFICERS President W. F. Nance Vice-President L A. Squire Secretary and Treasurer . L. T. Archer MEMBERS L. T. Archer C. A. Deming L. A. Squire G. E. Heath H. N. Miller G. w. Green A. C. Hemans W. F. Nance L. QUASIGROCH W. H. Lance G. B. Fall C. W. Fendrick H. J. Shapiro Archer Squirt- Miller Hcm.ins Qausigroch Fall Shapiro Deming Green Nance Fendrick Lange Heath 646 Clubs CLUb OFFICERS President John WALLACE Maher y.ce-Pres.dent . . . MARTHA ElLA DaVIS Secretary and Treasurer .... CLARENCE LerOY CoLVILLE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Helen Aurland Eugene Minfr Renin GENEVIEVE JACKSON ANTHONY MGa s " " AND THE OFUCERS Helen Aurland Margaret Aurland William Alaniva . gnes Boeing Donald A. Brinton Rudolph 0. Buchholz Hubert H. Carroll Huber a. Chapin Clarence L. Colville Martha Ella Davis Wendell E. Dunn Rum March Egge Henry E. Erdmann Ernest D. Fahlberg Jack E. Farrand Clark W. Finnerud Anthony M. Cass Helen M. Gordon James E. Grant Magnhilde Gullander William H. Haggert Alvin H. Hansen Elmer G. Hanson William P. Hanson MEMBERS Carl M. Hogan ISABELLE B. HaUGEN Herbert R. Howe Genevieve A. Jackson Ruby S. Jacobs Adeline M. Jenney Marshall D. Jones Ashley B. Lloyd Elizabeth M. Kelley William M. Kelley Russell S. Knappen Mabel J. Larson Delia A. Linwell E.STER E. LlTTIGT Vine D. Lord William M. Macfadden Robert C. McKay John Wallace Maher Cornelia Mathews Robert B. Mansfield Ruth Daphne Noer Hiram E. Olmstead Oliver M. Omlie Elsea C. Peterson Henry W. F. Phillipp Carl E. Porter Albert Walker Powell Ada M. Pratt Harold S. Quigley Eugene M. ReQua Marion E. Rice Robert P. Roani-ree .Melvin P. ROSKE Wilfred A. Royce William Rabak Martin E. Schiess Emmeit P. Smith Harrief Snell Leonard T. Sprague Lee H. Stewart Eugene C. Taylor Walter W. Truran Dana W. Walsh James E. Wells Dorothy .M. Williams Ann E. Wilson George W. Winsor McKa Hanson Mathews Noer Davi: Grant Colviilc CKap,: ' ' - ' .„„e, ' ; l " po.te. - Gass " " tn P . ' . a; . Hihr-Uj- ' -H a? Truran yd Haggart Fahlberg 547 Clubs Student Officers and Organizations of the UNIVERSITY METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH First Row — Sevringhaus, Vcirney, Henry, Nichols, Eaton, Second Row — Pile, Slagg, Walker. Hogan, Williams, Fulton. Cooper, Parlett, Third Row — -Stivers, Johnson, Klemme, Howard, H. Eaton, Atwood, Alderson. Williams, Klemme. Fourth Row — A. Sevringhaus, Jenison, Yaeger, Lewis, Deihl, A ns pa ugh, Anderson, Cheek, Blakeman Fifth Row — Burlingamc. Bird, Benson, Keller, Scott, Campbell, Lounsbury. Gaylord, BOARD OF STEWARDS Vera Alderson Russell Knappen Fannie Atwood Merle S. Nichols Henrv Barnbrock. Jr. Gustav A. .Sell Sue Comstock Elmer L. .Sevringhaus Earl Cooper Mabel Ward Earl Hughes Robert L. Warner Ralph Keeper Clarence W. Zachow LOCAL PREACHERS Harold Brayton Oren D. Stiehl Ra-iTvtond Piper Herbert T. Volk Harold R. Walker THE BIBLE SCHOOL Secretary. Thomas E. Rivers Junior, Gustave A. Sell Treasurer, Richard M. Plaister Class Presidents Sophomore. CHE.STER A. Williams Freshman. Verne V. Varnjey Spiritual. FORUM OF APPLIED RELIGION Chairman G. 0. GULLICKSON YOUNG WOMEN ' S MISSIONARY SOCIETY President Ora Davis THE EPWORTH LEAGUE President R. S. Knappen Vice Presidents Social Service Recreation, Mi issionary. J. F. Machotka Bessie Hawley Henry Barnbrock Elmer Sevringhaus Secretary, Amelia Yeager Membership Secretary, Earl Hughes Treasurer, Gustav A. Sell Clubs The Presbyterian Students ' Alliance ' V r r 1 »;» M » ? M rti First Row — F-ogo. Mcnningor. Jones. Coapman, Potter. Conrad, Butterbaugh. Second Row — Hunt. Gillet. Doolittle. Webster. Gabler. Bernauer. Field. Wright. F. Wright. Third Row — Potter. H. Fogo. Sasman. L. Wright. Rev. Allison. Olsen. Murray, Wood. Pedley. Fourth Row — Doup. Seward. Balbraith. Clark, Korst, Babcock, Von Doemming. Dahlman, Nelson. The University Presbyterian Girls ' Alliance First Row— Paul. I. Jones. Covillc. Clark. Meister. Young. Mcullcr. G. Pugh. Srcond[Row — Fricke. Clark, Stanchfeld. Morris. Batty, Spairr, Boil. Reid. Coleman. Third Row — Ramsay. Fenclon. Griswold. Kriskey. Garner. B. Tyrell. Reese. Wilson. Fourth iRow — G. Tyrell. Strehlow. J. Jones, Hughes.. Mrs. Ely. Gaubatz. Marshall. Deming. Twells- Fifth Row — Andrews. Hunt, Fleming. May berry, King. Frederick. Leary, Shcid. Ely. The purposes of these two organizations are the mutual acq uaintanceship ' of Presbyterian students, their religious and social fellowship, and the advancement among them and through them of Christianity at the University of Wisconsin. 649 Clubs Lutheran Student Committee W u " ■ iJifr-m Luther Memorial Church The chapel at the right, with an auditorium of three hundred seats and equipment for study classes and social purposes, was dedicated in April. 1915. The church itself will be erected in the near future. The Lutheran Student Committee, organized in November, 1911, for religious and social activities, has assisted in building the chapel Ijy securing subscriptions. Gundersuii D Groff Gebhart Burg Wehrwcin Gold Stavrum Hinn Keeler Arneson PIcuss Helfrccht Aberg Hansi EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ben Arneson, Chairman Alene Hinn ThORWALD Beck, Vicc-Chairman CoRINNE Gebhart, Secretary-Treasurer Lewis Hanson MEMBERS William Aberg Leda Boelte LoE Burg Thea Dahle TUVE Flodln BORGE GUNDERSON Kenelm Groff Aaron Helfrecht Selma Hofsoos ESTELLA ISENBERG INGEBORG IVERSON Evelyn Karnopp Ray Keeler Marie Kleb Elsie Peters Evan Peterson ANITA Pleuss Elsa Shadall Edwin Stavrlm Walter Stiemke Carl Wehrwein Oscar Zilisch 55 Clubs The Baptist Student Alliance of THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN S. C. Chandler Fred Campbell gustav bohstedt 0. L. Cunningham S. L. Jones Nellie M. Wightman G. A. Powers G. W. Palmer P. J. Crandall Mildred Annis Clara Hamilton Mrs. 0. L. Cunningham R. B. Carmichael Altha Y. Paul Edith Damon J. B. Russell MEMBERS R. H. Candlish P. E. Behrens Gladys Bautz J. W. Morgan G. N. Carlson Minnie Knight C. L. Kotler E. L. Henning Ned L. Goza Beatrice V. Utman Phoebe E. Jones Annie R. Cahoon Ellis Monroe ■ Harry W. Dye Ralph C. Bennett W. R. Bradford Victor Solberg TRUEWORTHY DURGIN Elmer Hemans C. R. Murphy Ralph Grant G. L. Ballard J. B. Paul Kathlyn Jones Martha Stanley Lester E. Stam D. W. Sawtelle Esther Peterson S. P. Good Gilbert E. Voeck Lucille Huntington Helen V. Salsbury Overton S. Woodward Chand ler Solbcrt Campbell Hemans Bohstedt Grant Cunningham Paul Jonf Sawtelle Powers Good Palmer CrandaU Behrens Morgan Stanley Wightman Huntington Annis Hamilton Knight Cunningham Utman Pai h 5 1 ■ ii I Clubs UNITY CLUB JftO An organization for liberal religious discussion and social fellowship OFFICERS President PROF. J. L. SaMMIS Vice-President FeLICITAS SaLESKI Secretary and Treasurer KaTHERINE Newman , Benjamin Bull. Chairman Martin Lobdell Executive Committee - ' MOREAU JanSKY j Josephine Brabant ' Charlotte Klirz MEMBERS IN FACULTY Prof. K. Allen Prof. J. L. Sammis Mr. A. Elmendorf Prof. C. M. Jansky Miss J. L. C. Brookins Mr. G. H. Gray Prof. H. L. Miller Mr. E. R. Stoekle OTHER MEMBERS V. Jerdin R. T. Rlnge D. C. Brooks L. Iohnson F. Saleski B. H. Bull C. KURZ F. Sammis M. T. Carr P. E. N. Lincle M. Stoekle D. B. Christensen M. C. Lobdell E. Spoor C. Cotter C. Lobdell F. R. Wahl C. C. Crapser Rev. F. a. Cilmore M. L. Wahl W. G. Faust J. B. MosHER G. B. Amundsen W. A. Goss H. A. Newman E. Ayes 0. P. Harloff K. Newman E. Baker 0. M. Harnish R. Paulson D. Belleville C. F. Hayden E. Reimann J. Brabant G. E. Heath W. Richards F. Brookins R. B. Hoppman W. E. Roth M. C. Brookins M. Jansky D. Runge P. Jfjidin Honorarv Members. Sammis Heath Roth Runet Sammis Gray Millcr Giimore Runge Belleville Amundsen Allen Stokcic Lobdell Newman Lobdell Brabant Jansky Stoekle Harnish Bull Single Newman Brookins Carr Brookins Saleski 6 6 2 -«W|. Clubs The Menorah Society OFFICERS Harry Hersh Esther Levhan Charles Lebowsky Jeaneite Lewis . President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Isador W. Mendelsohn Chairman Louis Rosenberg ' Frances Ellman Esther Shapiro Rose Yabroff ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Prof. Oscar J. Campbell Prof. Arnold Dresden Mrs. R. S. Jastrow Dr. Horace M. Kallen Dr. Harry Max Kay Prof. William E. Leonard Mrs. S. Woldenberg Prof. Louis B. Wolfenson HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Julius Rosenwald Miss Henrietta Szold Chicago New York ACTIVE MEMBERS Joseph Babush Harry Belowsky Ma.x J. Berg William Brill Karl M. Chworowsky Ben L. Ellman Florence J. Ellman Augusta R. Felsher Freda M. Frankel Esther L. Goldfarb Harry Hersh Carol Hirsh Fannie Holland MaXSON F. J UDELL Eugene M. Juster Charlotte S. Kahn Nuemon Katz Florence Kailen Rosaline Kay Charles A. Lebowsky Beatrice Levey Esther Levitan Robert F. Levy Marvin M. Lowenthal Hyman S. Lipschitz Nathan H. Lerner Sylvia .Mardfin Henry Melnikow Isador W. Mendelsohn Milton Moses Stanley Polachek Max Rosfjvian Louis Rosenberg Samuel Rosenbloom Zigmunt) Salit Emanuel Scheinfelt Bernard Schlossman Esther Shapiro Harold Shapiro Ruth Solon Maltiice Strelzin Marvin Wallach Peter Wichnovitz Rose Yabroff S S 3 ■ The Serjeants ' Inn Law School, Unicersily of l isconsin Organized December. 1913. PURPOSE Study and discuss those broader legal principles touching social and economic problems. Create in ourselves our profession, and in our community a purer and more scholarly concep- tion of law and of those principles applied to our American life. Maintain a Serjeants ' Court for the trial of purely legal problems: Senior Bencher: HeNRY STEPHEN RaDEMACHER Junior Bencher: WILLIAM BreNNAN WeBSTER Keeper of the Records: HaRRY GeORGE NewMAN Keeper of the Exchequer: ROSCOE RUDOLPH LUCE Stuart Alfred Bishop. Sycamore, Illinois Benjamin Henry Bull, Galesville. Wisconsin John Edward Burke, Milwaukee. Wisconsin George Carey. Beloit, Wisconsin James Stanley Dean. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Clarence ERIKSON, Stoughton, Wisconsin Raymond Jackson, Mineral Point, Wisconsin George Franklin KoRE, Madison, Wisconsin James Kerr LoWRY, Waukesha, Wisconsin ROSCOE Rudolph Luce, Platteville, Wisconsin Elton Joseph Morrison, Chetek, Wisconsin Charles Rudolph NesBITT, Madison, Wisconsin Harry George Newman, Hopedale, Massachusetts Milton Norman Quale, Madison, Wisconsin Robert REINHALT StREHLOW, Omaha, Nebraska Edmund GaI.BRAITH TOOMEY, Deer Lodge, Montana William Brennan Webster, Hudson, Wisconsin Clarence FrFX WHIFFEN, Sheboygan, Wisconsin Arthur Joseph WhiTCOMB, Abrams, Wisconsin John Dunne WiCKHEM, Beloit, Wisconsin FrFJDERICK WylIE, Madison, Wisconsin Henry WiNTHROP BaLLANTINE, Law School. Wisconsin Eugene Allen GiLMORE, Law School, Wisconsin Ernst GuSTAV LoRENZEN, Law School, Minnesota William Underhill Moore, Law School, Chicago Harry Sanger Richards, Dean, Law School, Wisconsin Oliver Samuel RuNDELL, Law School, Wisconsin Howard Leslie Smith, Law School, Wisconsin Harold WilKIE, Law School, Wisconsin Wilki. Strihlow roonity Richards Lowry Lur Newman Radcmachcr Erikson Rundcll Nfsbit Ballantine Morrison Jackson De Wyli. Bull Kori Quale Gill, .;. Clubs EVTHENICS CLVB JRO The Euthenics Club was made Economics was established. The me Regular meetings are held at which science ol domestic economy are disc Bessie Piper . Dorothy Cooper Emma Dreger Florence Jarvis an institution at Wisconsin soon after the course in Home mbers of the organization are women enrolled in the course, modern and advanced methods and ideas pertaining to the ussc d. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Vera Alderson Mildred Annis Carol Bird Kathleen Calkins Evelyn Chapman Dorothy Cooper Josephine Culinan EJMMA Dreger HoNORA English Florence Ely Reva Bristol Helen Flett Nell Hamilton Hildegarde Hanpeter Virginia Higgins Ora Hinkson Alene Hinn Ada Hunt Florence Jarvis Ethel Kalmbach Mabel Larsen Gertrude Leland Mabel Mc Murray Clara Miller MEMBERS Agnes Morissey Helen Parson Mrs. Hewitt Bessie Piper Rena Piper Alma Seielstad Nina Simmonds Edna Smith Florence Smyth Vera Spinney Martha Stanley Laura Stewart LUELLA SCOVILLE Margaret Thomson Florence Turner Alice Whitney LUELLU WiNANS Grace Bell Agnes Boeing Irene Frederick Emily Nelson Cornelia Mathews Ella Shoemaker Katharine Wattawa Clubs Taychopera CAMP FIRE GIRLS Camp Fire Girls is an organization of girls and women to develop the home spirit and make it dominate the entire community. It is a means of organizing a girl ' s daily life. It shows that romance, beauty, and adventure, are to be found on every hand and in wholesome ways; that the daily drudgery may be made contribute to the beauty of living. The Taychopera Camp Fire Girls were organized in 1913. Unlike most camp fire groups it was organized by older girls who are training to become guardians of the younger. OFFICERS Guardian . . MRS. MABEL GLAETTLI Recorder MARIE KLEB Treasurer THERESSA GAY MEMBERS Evelyn Day Isabel Young Mabel Mc Murray Lucille Quinn Elizabeth Eddy Romana Reichert Dorothy Cooper Claribel Orton Mrs. Mabel Glaettli Theressa Gay Doris Runge Mary Henry Minnie Hoberg Marie Kleb Marjorie Nind Gertrude Golla Eva Jolivette INA Jones Elvina Kurz Edwina MacDougall Helen Millar lillie koehler May Gunderson Ruth Stolte May McNeil Elsie Howell Marion Marshall Day Kleb Young Nind McMurrv Golla Qu nn Jolivette Eddy Jones Reichert Kurz Cooper MacDougall Orton Millar GUcltli Kochler Gay Gunderson 65 6 L Clubs College Eq ual Suffrage League The College Equal Suffrage . eague was organized in the University of Wis- consin about 1905. The league has clone a great deal in propagating the suffrage movement among men and women students. During the school year 1912-1913, when the suffrage amendment was before the State Legislature the league con- ducted a vigorous and strenuous campaign for its support. OFFICERS President Gertrude Corel i i Vice-President Marion O ' Neil Secretary Theodosia Slothower Treasurer .- Marjorie Adams Bf rfl HI HI H ' H K : J H IkX S f H iiM-i ' K 1 ' . f J Consumer ' s League The Consumer ' s League was organized in 1909 by Miss Florence Kelly of the National Consumer ' s League. The organization hopes through its campaign work to educate the public, thereby to improve the conditions of factories and sweatshops and to create a sentiment making products of the approved factories the most salable. OFFICERS President Hattie Engsberg Vice-President Mary McMahon Secretary . Florence Landsberg Treasurer . Ruth Glassow MEMBERS Isabel Ryder Florence Ellman Marjorie Adams Faith Wilcox Charlotte Smith Helen Younker Grace Colby Elizabeth Kelley Nancy Perry Mary Rice Acnes Hayes Mildred Pfister Marie LeFeber Ruth Kuhns Joy Andrews Theressa Gay Dorothy Dickerson Mrs. Bertha Beach Laura Faville Margaret Slawson Mary Elwell 6 57 Clubs DAS DEUTSCHE HAU5 The Deutsches Haus was founded in the spring of 1914 under the auspices of the German department and its equipment was made possible by the generosity of some public-spirited citizens of Milwaukee. The purpose of the Deutsches Haus is to meet the demands of those students who desire more than a class-room acquaintance with German conversation and culture. To this end every effort is made by means of German speech, German books, periodicals, and music, to sur- round its occupants with a purely German atmosphere. First Row — Ruth Norton. Charlotte Harpel. Agnes Schallcr. Hulda Rhode. Emma Dobeas. Sclma Konig Second Row — Minnie Hohbcrg. Dorothy Bariand. Fanni- Sommers. Agnes Robinson. Miss Essinger. Ichapcrone) Elsa Springer. Elizabeth Baker. Flora Frick. 568 — •■■CL Special Occasions Y. W. C. A. Bazaar The Y. W. C. A. bazaar, started for the first time in 1913. was conducted under the same auspices on December 5th. 1914. The purpose of this bazaar is to raise money for the budget of Y. W. C. A. and to bring all university women together in work for a common project. The gymnasium in Lathrop Hall was used for the displays of the various booths, whose management was representative of the women ' s organ- izations, sororities, and dormitories of the University. Besides the usual display of a Christmas bazaar, special features and entertainments gave the fair a unique character. Vocational Conf onrerence The year of nineteen-fifteen marked the fourth vocational conference conducted at the University of Wisconsin. The first was given under the auspices of Self-Government Association and the Association of Collegiate Alumnae. Since then they have been con- ducted entirely by the Self-Government Association. Its pu rpose is to acquaint the women of the University with professions other than teaching, giving them an idea of the nature and scope of the work, its require- ments and salaries. Conference hours are arranged with the speakers so that more definite and personal advice can be given. The conference takes place at Lathrop Hall at the beginning of the second semester of each year. Special Occasion: May Fete The annual May fete of the University of Wis- consin was given on May twenty-second at five-thirty in the afternoon. The fete was under the auspices of the Department of Physical Education, whose aim is to present a pageant celebrating the Coming of Spring through the co-operation of the women students of the University. The dance, consisting of three divisions, the Pipes of Pan, the Triumph of Spring, and the Spring-time Festival, was presented upon the upper campus, where seats were improvised for the spectators. Various solo dances impersonated the phases of spring- time while the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior women were represented in the different dances. W. A. A. Party The Women ' s Athletic Association party on the twenty-seventh of February was purely social in nature. As a rule the organization has presented a play for the purpose of raising funds, but since this was unnecessary in 1915, the sixty members gathered together for the purpose of becoming acquainted with new members, through the medium of mi.xing stunts and novel enter- tainment features. The affair was directly under the auspices of the Association. 5 6 Y. W. C. A. Breakfast On the morning of Decoration Day the annual Y. W. C. A. breakfast was given in the court of Barnard Hall. The tables were set out in the open court and the large number of guests were served by the Household Management Class of the Home Econo- mics Department. Combined with its purpose of raising funds for the support of Y. W. C. A. work, the breakfast brought the association into prominence through the unique nature of the event, and brought those not directly interested in the work of Y. W. C. A. into contact with the members themselves. Y. W. C. A. Conference From August twenty-fifth to September fourth, in the neighborhood of 700 delegates from the Middle Western Colleges gathered at the Y. W. C. A. confer- ence at Lake Geneva. The thirty-five Wisconsin delegates under their leaders formed a representative body from the Wisconsin branch. The purpose of the conference is to increase the interest of Christian college women in Y. W. C. A. work in their respective universities and to afford an opportunity for the exchange of ideas regarding the accomplishment of their objects. The vacation ele- ment of the conference and the attractive surroundings is an important factor in its popularity and good work. SSI r " Chadbourne Hall is a dormitory with rooms for one hundred and fifty girls. Traditional frolics play a large and memorable part in the life in Chadbourne. The first party is a children ' s party, given by the Sophomores for the Freshmen. Later the Juniors and Seniors give a party for the underclassmen at which the entertainment consists of a burlesque on the manners and habits of the guests. At Christmas time the house committee entertains. Between semesters the Hall holds a mock Prom. On the afternoon of Washington ' s birthday the Freshmen and Sophomores entertain the upperclassmen at a costume party and retaliate their former indignities by burlesquing the Seniors and Juniors. The last activity takes place in May. It is the " Senior Swing-out. " The Seniors all come to dinner in their caps and gowns and sit at one long table. The Juniors have original songs for them and the Freshmen make flower baskets and the Sophomores decorate their table with spring flowers. OFFICERS Mistress President ... Secretary Treasurer [ Fire Captain ... Chairman Social Committee Mrs. Clara Flett Helena Hanson . Violet Simon Norma Eitelgeorge Helen Zillmer Gladys Duval ' Ii62 Barnard Hal Barnard Hall, the girls dormitory, has room for one hundred and fifty girls. The non-academic activities begin with an informal tea for the friends of the Hall girls early in the fall. Later the uppcrclass girls gave a party for the new girls and the Freshmen. These girls return this by entertaining the upperclassmen with a vaudeville performance. Just before Christmas vacation the Hall has a big Christmas dinner, after which the Yule log is burned in the parlor. In the second semester another informal tea is given. In the middle of the semester a dance is held. In May. on the night of " Senior Swing-out " , the Seniors plant ivy in front of the hall and the Junior newly elected house president is pre- sented with a spade, which is handed down from year to year. Perhaps the best re- membered tradition of Barnard is " Candle Night " which comes every Saturday night. The dinner tables are lighted only by candle light and the girls sing Bar- nard and Wisconsin songs. OFFICERS Mistress MiSS MARTHA MASON President BLANCHE ROBBINS • Secretary GENEVIEVE PENHALLEGON Treasurer RLTH WINCKLY Fire Captain NELLIE LARSON Chairman Social Committee . . . GLADYS BUSCHNER s- ' es t Clubs Class Societies The women of Wisconsin have organized their own class societies. These organizations have a great influence upon the social life of the girls. " Green Button " brings the timid Freshmen together; " Red Gauntlet " carries along the comaraderie of the genial Sophomore and " Yellow Tassel " ripens the friendship of the jolly juniors. The girls have their own stunts and banquets, and there is no doubt but that these girls ' social groups do help the university and, in their broad attitude, do create a wonderful, free " Wisconsin spirit. " nj Mv.o, i Y 5 64 Satire m T. Kettle Urdahl Under whose soporific lectures so many of us have spent dreamy hours, We dedicate this Badger in disgust. j (.---W)- i i- € . 1 ill t W. 1 f JjH -i-ni %.-, W 565 Satire Faculty and Regents In every well regulated Badger they seem to mention the regents and faculty. We can ' t see any good reason for this, but we obey ancient customs nevertheless. miiiiili ' Ji ii. ' FACULTY l ' Lr-X HG BO RQ or REGCK1T5 Seniors Harold Flying Murkf.l " cutie " Shangai. China Rejormatory Journalism Podunk Prep. School. Monastics. Yellow Helmet; Friar.-;. T. N. K.; Editorial Writer Cardinal (1) (2). (3). (4). (5). (6): etc.. etc. Thesis — " How I Introduced Prohibition witli my Silvery Tongue. " Eugene Claude Floyd Montmorency Maurer " suds " Milwaukee. Wc Suspect Fluid Engineering A E (But you can ' t hold that against him) Varsity Floating Team. Four O ' Clock Club; Adver- dupois Association; Anti-German Club; Some- thing or other on the Athletic Association; Janitor Engineering Building. Thesis — " Similarities, from Personal Observation. Between a Beer Keg and the Human Body. " John OlaF OWCUST Duncan Green Bay by Gum " DUNK " Agriculture (of Course) Strong in the East. Five W Club Deke Bowling Team, (if you don ' t believe he can bowl ask him) Bull Con Club. (President); Iron Spades; White Cross. Green Undershirt. " We Won ' t Work -Will We? " Thesis — " It ' s not so bad to live in Green Bay when one gets used to it. " Ralph SCROWL . Higgins Comers (TOO DIGNIFIED TO BE NICKNAMED) Course ( Very) Kappa Sig (Extremely So) Extinguished Author. Writer of Humorous Themes; General Literary Cut-up; Holder of Medal for Writing Plays; Holder of Larger Medal for Ceasing from Writing Plays; Equal Suffrage League; Live Stock Club. Thesis — " Many other great men have also looked like fishes. " William Ferdinand Clifford . Goshen. Scandinavia " ALMA " Dentistry A A I . K K r. T Bll.w NE Office Boy Cardinal (I). (2). (3); Agent for Cadillac; Captain Varsity Football; Pink Sunshade; Presi- dent St. Vitus Association; Anti-Indiana Club; Cider Press Club. Thesis — " He loved her. but she went away. " Nicholas Longworth Grinde " nicky " Stoughion Home Economics A I Entered Stealthily from Madison High School. Iron Cross; Star and Garter; Phi Beta Kappa: Pink Pajama; Order of Fried Eggs; President University Socialist Club; Hesperia. Athena, Philomathia. International Club. Thesis — " The art of wearing clothing in the most conspicious manner. " Anne Auburn Jones " red " Paris (III.) Engineering H X Entered as ;i Sophomore from St. John ' s Military Academy. Swedish Club; University Circus: Athletic Association; President Old Front Porch Association. Thesis — " Analysis and .Method of Keeping Seven teen on the String at Once. " Al(IAS,j KessENICH " AL " Madison Liberal Agriculture AY (DAMNED UNFORTUNATE) Coachman ' s League: Alpha Phi Fussers Le Football Club. Thesis- The Value of Wood. 5 6 7 ague; Fraternitic! Chi Psi Founded at Lawrence College. 1776. Number of Chapters, 7. Numher of Living Members, 23. Number of Dead Members — the rest. Chapter at Wisconsin owns its own house, a small structure modeled after the Tower of London, in which the brothers lodge. The badge is a large device in the shape of a policeman ' s star, which is worn between the second and third buttons of the vest. (From observations taken of 111 born Priddy and Whatisit Highby). The members at Wisconsin are prone to mingle with the rougher element, and believe it does them good. Many others hold the same belief. All Legacies with two thousands bucks per year are eligible. Fraternity IVlotto; ' Tn numbers there is strength. " Dek( Founded in the East. Number of Chapters — astounding. Number of Members — impossible. This fraternity is strong in the East. Wisconsin is in the West. Wisconsin chapter numbers among its prominent members Sparrow- face Clark and Montmorency Duncan of Green Bay. Chapter owns a slabsided and rheumatic house prominently located next to the Kappa Phi Gamma House. Freshmen with weak elbows are warned not to join, on account of danger to said elbows when singing Deke songs. President Roosevelt is a Deke. He is in favor of the aboli- tion of fraternities. Motto— " East is East and West is West, and Never the twain shall meet. " PsiU Founded at St. John ' s Military Academy. 1900. Number of Chapters — 73 Number of Members — 4 The Wisconsin chapter has constructed a fine new house, contain- ing all the latest disprovements. — Cordwood finish, indecent lights, and a magnificent cellar, which is cared for by Charlie Gilbert and Jack Hohmann. All the Psi U ' s have wonderful voices. — this is testified by the Brittinghams. who live next door. Among prominent Wiscon- sin members are Cute Nelson Trottman. who owns a gold medal and a scholarship,; and Phil Sanborn, the dilettante lawyer. The pin — look at any private de- tective ' s badge. Color — deep scarlet. (Found on members ' noses.) Motto — " See America First. ' Alpha Delt Founded at Sing Sing Prison. 1492. Number of Chapters, 23 2 iFhc 2 ' Wisconsin.) Number of Active Members — -none. A vigorous and Manly Bunch, in which the motto is " A place for every Alpha Delt and every Alpha Delt in his place " , but one seldom finds them in their place. Many fine men in the Wisconsin chapter, such as Jack Tryagain Pickel, Opie Dilidock the famous wit. and handsome Stanley Kitchell. The chapter is cheered occasionally byvisits from its Papa, Smiley Basset, the roguish necktie peddler. President Roosevelt was also an Alpha Delt. He wears his Deke pin in company. 668 Fraternities )igma Phi 5 (. " fH ' Founded across Laf e Mendoia. Members — a jew. Chapters — a eery few. Chapter at Wisconsin is a happy, loving little family, in which each man is quite intimate with the other two. Freshmen wishing training for matrimony should join without fail. Owns a sedate bungalow in the shadow of the Mendota apartments, also a negro butler who tucks the boys in bed every night. Has many well known mem- bers, such as dashing daredevil Doc. Meade, the malted milk fiend, somnolescent convalescent Casey Ward, and other tough gangsters. Motto — ' -In Steve Gilman we trust. " Phi Gamm Founded at Milwaukee Downer. 12 5. Number of Chapters ino Phi Gamm seems to} Number of Active Members, 3 . Number of Inactive Members, U. 000.000. The Phi Gamms are all very nice boys, and live in a lovely cozy little house within spitting distance of the rough Dekes. for protection against whom they rely on Richard Lloyd Jones. The in- side of this residence is dominated by feminine taste, — one might almost think he was in the Tri Delt house. No freshmen is admitted to member- ship who does not own three dress suits and know how to stick out his little finger when drinking. Motto — " Gentlemen and scholars all. " Si kJ. r . J—i. gma Chi Founded in Ohlicion. 4000 B. C. Number of Chapters — numerous. Number of Members — supernumerary. The fraternity badge is in the form of a cross, signifying the cross feeling a freshman has when he finds he is a Sig. Chi. The Wisconsin roughnecks live in the Gym. Annex, a very tasty residenceservingas a sea wall for the Phi Delts next door. The members are very tough, often walking through alleys on their way home as late as ten o ' clock. Any Sig. will assure you of his extreme hardness if asked. Some of the desperate Desmonds are Liv. Ross, the melancholy Monastic, dashing dash Osborne of the law school, and the Garibaldspots, stealers of women ' s hearts. The chapter exists now in a half hearted way, mourning the absence of Percival Schley, IN. Motto — " Safety first. " xvTPTn K Founded in the Blatz Brewery. 1912. Number of Chapters. 4.41 1. Number of Members. 49.000 Chapter in Wisconsin is confined in a gloomy pile en- croaching on Lake Mendota. whence the boys occasionally escape via the fire escape. Excellent board is furnished at the house, due to Bubbles Maurer, the incandescent cook, who is worn to a shadow through his efforts. Prominent members include Walt, Bemis the dainty Haresfeeter and Val. Blatz, the chinless Chilblain, Pin is diamond shaped, and has engraved on it a picture of Judge Toomey stepping over an ant-eater. Colors, light and dark. Motto — " If he ' s from Milwaukee — get him. " Fraternities Delta Tau Founded in Leo ' s one Summer Evening. Number of Chapters. . Number of Members. 92. [Not counting cellar gang.) The Wisconsin chapter lives in a large stone tenement by the lake, and possesses many assets, including a grand piano, several assorted mustaches and Ken Davidson ' s thirst. Through the efforts of Doc. Higley, the popular and W. K. bowling captain, a freshman joining the Delts may be as- sured of a cordial reception at the Pi Phi house. Every Delt is an embryo Vermin Castle. Prominent Wisconsin men are Okie and Egg and Glenn Richardson, who is Strong with the Gamma Phis. References — L. Daggett. F. Bremer. Izzy B r o w n e 1 1 . Motto — " He who dances must pay the fiddler. " Beta Theta Pi Founded in Rome by Romulus and Remus. Number of Chapters — (published after next census.) Number of Members. (Consult dictionary.) The Wisconsin chapter has its home and training table in a brown stable bounded by Mendota and the Sigma Phi house. A fine place for Handsome Freshmen — consider Bob McKay and Duke Glutz Stavrum. Al! privileges ot the Gym extended to members by Willyum Rich. Carl Russell Carp is a faculty member who is highly prized. Any freshman desiring a place on an athletic team should become a Beta, if he meets Millicent Haas and still wants to. The pin is in the shape of a wart, and contains a diamond one can always raise six bits on. Colors are pink, blue, green and lavender. Phi Delt Founded at the University of Siam. 55 B. C. Number of Chapters, 8.000. Number of Members. 8,000.000. Wisco nsin chapter owns an edifice closely resembling the white house at Washington (in that it has pillars on the front.) Some of its other pillars are D. Mazurk Spohn, the Goshen horse doctor, and Crawford Wheeler, the famous dissipated inebriate. Freshmen with weak hearts should be careful not to join this organization, but sometimes do at the instigation of the Gamma Phis. The pin IS composed of a shield, for purposes of defense to which is attached a Gamma Phi salad fork. Motto " What is home without Eddie Gillette? " Sigma Nu Founded in Grinde ' s Haberdashery. 1776. Number of Chapters. 250. Number of Members. 5.000.000. The Wisconsin chapter was formerly called the " Sphinx Staff " and lives in an ancient hovel quite near the University club so that they can have free music at their dances. The members may be easily recognized as such on account of the large quantities of fraternity jewelry of novel and strange design which they are accustomed to carry about on their persons. Paul McMaster, who knows he is a great man, and Harry Koch, who suspects it, are among the Wisconsin heroes. The colors of the fraternity are black (mourning) and dark brown (ta.ste). Motto: — " Clothes make the man. " For write ups on other " frats. ' call the censor. Honorary Societies Phi Beta Kappa ACTIVE MEMBERS Bubbles Maurer Val Blatz Joseph W. Bollenbeck George Bird ISADOR W. Mendelsohn Doc Meade Dixie Cato Erich Wollaeger Dick ZwEMER Bld Fellows Billy Ross Pledges Harley Higbie Chun Lin Chai Grafton Weller Billy Ferguson Thomas W. Kernan Birdie Canary Ochie Schmidt Buck Burch George Ruder viRTur L ' r x ' Mil 571 In M emoriam 672 Badger Saloon THE DADQER SALOCW Mmi ihvx,Wi s YiIm C aA. T[1a " c Al n . ..,,,,. ' U a. ..v.j ??, ly t Billina Conway Wins Honors In Beauty Decision. Miss Fish Takes Second Place Til.- ' Siuilviit Cijof rfurc a( Us last iri miLtr uieeling. wlili-l ' wai ' hclfl Sal- urdny vveninp, look action on sev- i TuI imiwriant matUTs chief among wlikli was lUc nuesllon of who is tho nir t Ijcaotlfiil woman at Wisconsin. ' AUhongh there may be iIoiiM In tlie HTliuls of aome who road tliis article as lo Ibi- wisdom of tie division, vir nm l rpfocmtjcr Ihat Ihi ' Student I Conference 1b a body truly rei ' reseu- jtullve of the whole school and thore- 1 fof their Judgment should to can- ■ 1 sidercd as nnaK After mu ' h debate and h. nl- ' d dlsrusslon. the honor wag . -iv ' n lo the much admired BllMna Conway. M!sa Fish was chost n onnu! toiisly fl.« the second most beautlfuk .omaa In our midst. Three ohcen, jr both thi girls. 673 Badger Saloon Miss Keeler Miss Buck Miss Smith Miss Kennedy Badger Saloon Miss Weimar Miss Kelly Miss Juneau Miss ' Stavrljm S7 S Advertising GET IN IHE SWIM Lessons in Swimming given by Jean Hadden HUGH JAMIESON Instructor in thcart of Harmless Flirtation. If you want to be popular with the opposite sex. read my " Psychology of Fussing Mailed in plain wrappers. Price 50c (In Rcal Money) READY AT ALL HOURS of the day and night to be at your service as Chauffeur. I have had experience with soror- ity rushing parties, girls ' picnics, etc. Best of references given from Kappa House or Helen Parkinson. GEORGE LEVIS WANTED Position as Nlirse Girl by RALPH STARR Best of references givenon application McMANUS and LEVI We attend formalsregularly ROBERIA WARNER The Diving Venus in 3 reels tonight at the Elite Theatre Admission 5c 676 C( The Great Billious Sporeleder and Luce, the Eighth Wonder will greet you at the door. Marion will pre- sent each lady with aflower, and Bill will give to each gentleman a smile. As a special free atcraction, Arlie Mucks will juggle stoves in the vestibule. oming THE UNIVERSITY EXPO with FRIGHTFULLY FORMIDABLE FREAKS such as THE FREAK FISH AND THE STRONG MAN tf r (.y[ Luce STRON FOt THE L lEs ST7 History of Great Men Vol. 1, Page 769 Innocence The Cunning Age Sc[i C onscious Mother ' s Little Man Mamma ' s Pride Prep Hero Almost a Man The Girl At 40 578 1 r ' o m me n e n f e r-s BCity. UkU. Spencer Mid Ft. Dodue. Iowa MUX Cily, low« Branch House: FARGO, N. D. V- itlc.n Thf Arnvrlii A LITTLE HEROINE. On a w:irtii Sunday afternoon in October there occurre.l an act of bravery on the part of a Wisconsin girl timt will go down as unsurpassed in the history of Madisou, Six young ladies.- ineinhers of tlie Delta Gamma Sorority, residing on Langdon Street, ordered a livery turn- out for a drive. Iliirdly had the young lady who was to drive gathered up the reins when tfic high spirited horses ttK)k fright and started at ■ift Never was a fire departnieut bii in its flight licalizing the terrible responsibility , resting upon her, with face paled and - jaws set, tlie coolest person there was Gertrude Corbett. Knowing that if . she continuc-d her course around the - Capitol square, with its strett cars and throngs of automobiles, the dan- f ger would be increiised, this brave lit- tle girl guided the runaways onto , Fairchild Street, making the tuni with hut two wheels of the turnout ou the ground. Her object was to force tlie hor. os up a steep hill, hop- ing to tire them out. In this she was successful, enabling the mounted Imi-senian to overtake them. When alie knew tJiat her friends were saved. ine quai-aiitinea matriot. Harper Discusses Dic«a»e. | ,Tfte terrible s -ourge of foot andj 0Outh disease which la sweeping over this part of Indiana and creatine great uneasiness haa aroused much in ' tcTeat In other atatcs as to the cauaei of the disease and other features con ' Eected with it. In view of this sit 44i tU4N - iTenr ' M. Hnrpcr, son oC Mr and AlrsVfhhrlc3 tr WS.rnor. of 52: West i. ' olfax a fnuc, who is connect ' ©d with the alatc agricultural collcgf in Madison, Wis., haa made a carefii inveslieation la an effort to obiaii faxrts connected with the disease. - . In a report just made Mr. Harpei aay!) that little ia known about th d)£ea»c. It proper name Is apthlf cpezolic. Direct causes, he says, »r Clthy virus, the virus found in dis- chur es of saliva frtun diseased, catth ar.d foot ulcei ' S. The disease Is con tracted through both the difl " " hrtathlug 3y3t» mji; ' lingr the di!.e shoult shop,, VWf-s] Miss Corbett fainted from sheer ex- First, P) y V P V liaustion. Talk about the bravery of men in the hour of danger! No man ever I ' erformed a more daring act or proved liimself more worthy of recognition ■ r bravery than this petite girl. Old -■lie was driving along State Street at the time and saw it all. He could not refrain from shouting to her to hold on but she neetled no enoourage- iurnt she was a born heroine. coal. w M v you iiift a th.3 1» rod 1. iH c«. ) fire 1 B ' ' it b; unt ' ■Ml ?s to H ' WtMSE. SOME POINTS ON PLOW SHARPENING. The m;m ou tin -f--— stiiall shop a few l_ilV;iMl.-iu l..-.-.|. i in. ■ii.--.i- l...v.ltUe frightened and tlie other girls screamed with {ar. Realizing at oneo the danger and with detcnninatiou shown in her features. Miss Gertru ! ' - Corbett. just twenty years old and slight of stature, who was riding on the front seat, seized the i-eins . nd called to ht-r companions to refrain from jumping from the vehicle, assur- ing them thnt slie would «oon have the horses under control. Whirling onto State Strmt. tlie frightened horses ran the full length of that crowded thoroiiglifare, with a man on horseback trying to overtake them. wo» " ]t ■ ' f.d tli;.T ' ' mr " 5 8 Still Otlier5 err K Ivijo IVint I ftve iiiuU " trjurt .ly! to lyi " Good Work. Fred! !« ' ENID, Oklahonuu-IT.J Hall, -ho; ;j-(.ar h " , " V. " f Vis „a„,c. lJl! on.;d ■.. I (incHon -. ' -los o.ils to urn . _ Uror.5 ..dt ts A ;„; " ;.,,„r,ed (or : " " !V; £ Siller f :■ " ■ ,- ; it Labor. What ncU, Fred ..ioay 8 paper; we a. ' d Ku ' riic to „. live thousand extra copfps printed Congratulations to Henry nB V%T:R DAM, Wis.— Word has i Jiiat been r ?celved here that Henry ■ Murphy, one of the most promising men lliiit lias ever repres nt ' d Beav- er nam at ihc State University has heen elected to the honorable posi- tion of justice In the Student Court of that school. 11- itx Vc 1 i iif;r.tiii|iao Henry upon the hlKh honor he has re -elved and the Tnlverslty upon securing the services I of such a smart, capable young man I for so trustworthy a position. They pot a good man when they sot Henry. Th- • f the ' ;t fi- ll ly 5h pi or sa al te d- BS th :l£- R( Ic- .00 on lur ect ew 1 :be ;in at lay •at. ! ok- Us. A. I ' e L. Croivl Wins Big Prize for Play Ralph Crowl ot Waterloo won the $7 5 prlje offered by tho University of Wisconsin for a play to lie staged bv students of that Institution. The piay was written last Bummer while Mr. Crowl was spending bis vacation in Waterloo. He entered in compe- tition with a large number ot other manuscripts. The writlns ot the class play Is the big literary achievement of the year at the Wisconsin school where Mr. frowl is a senior. " The Snob " will be presented early in the year and. will- be witnessed by his sister. Mrs. Thomas M. Buchanan, of this city. Mr. Crowl formerly was on tho Dally ReiJOrter peportorial staff. As a Bide line he wrUes photoplays, sev- eral of which have been shown on Waterloo screens. OBJEtTT TO VOIBE. S 82 Our Campus By Night WHERE ARE THE CHAPERONES? 1 - " ,V ' __ .«££ - ; iT qbf .-- " ¥ THE MODERN SORORITY by Dr. Watson Haake and Sherlocko Holmes Merkel SU - 3 • Girls! Girls! Girls! »8 3 Shame on the Pi Phi ' s And this from the D. G s. Those Naughty Chi Omegas Tlic Alpha Gam Goodnight NOTE: In order that the girls may show these pages to th- folks at home, we will say that this is all a dinged lie. The pictures were posed for specially by Woliaeger ' s trained troup of " every girl a man and everyone a lady. " The boys wouldn ' t do it. anyway. Ray C. Williams, the Phi Hap hope, and truly a wonder (not another like him). Pub- licity man for Ray Williams and writer of many feature stories in the Milwaukee papers such as " Williams Stars in Track " . " Promising Material in Williams " and " Williams Wins W " . There was a young man known as Ray, Who thought that this world he could sway. With head held up high And nose toward the sky. For fame in this world he did pray. Stanley Elizabeth Hollen. This picture represents Stan- ley being ejected from the Alpha Phi house at 10 o ' clock, a regular proceeding. Miriam has just been telling him a few things about fussing other girls (thus the dejected look). But Stanley is a nice boy. parts his hair every morning and says " thank you " at the table. Opie Dildock Davis. Au- thor of book. " How to Speak in Public " and originator of the expression, " to be seen is to be heard. " Also the cutest little cheer leader you ever saw. Said a freshman to his paw, " Who ' s the man with all the jaw? Does he really run the place? " " No, he ' s iust shooting off his face. " Joseph Me Bollenbeck. Differing from most lights. Joe can ' t be put out: hence his appearance in this year ' s Badger. Joe sent us 43 pictures for the Badger Beauty Section, but the girls got jealous and wouldn ' t let us run the section. There- fore, his face appears only on this page. In the back- ground is his corps of cadets, who some day will save the country. Irene Morris, a young, facetious Pi Phi addicted to fussing and wearing her hair in curls as though she wasn ' t already grown up. Member of the " hant; around the libe ' club. Irene, a sweet girl. With her hair in a curl. With one look at a man Puts his head in a whirl. 5 8 6 Paul McMaster. Once a rough-neck politician and football player, but gradually he became a true Sigma Nu; that is. a social satellite. Won everlasting fame with the ladies by the dashing figure he cut at Prom. At Prom in a dress suit so fine He marched at the head of the line. So handsome and fair That none could compare. Thought Mac, " Now dis- tinction Is mine. " Bessie Rood, an actress of note, to whom all Alpha Chi ' s point with pride. Tetrazini with her hollers Receives about a hundred dollars For an evening at the opera. So they say. But Bessie with her talent Draws Ohs from men quite gallant. As she steps before the foot- lights In a play. Charlotte Bodman. one of that Theta bunch. A real athlete and holder of offers from the big leagues. To belittle one won ' t do at all. But be little we must, if not tail. Though Charlotte be little. She don ' t care a fiddle. But feels big playing hockey and ball. Here is Phil Robinson, the sly gambler and marble shark, known to the police by the name of Marble Pete. Once arrested for blocking traffic on State Street, so absorbed was he in his favorite game. He is the trial of the Sigma Phis. - v. Baby Mucks. One of Wisconsin ' s most promising members of the dainty ele- phant ballet. Brung up in the village of Oshkosh. A living advertisement for Fat- to. the great marrow builder. Has never had to have his father ' s clothes cut down for him. Visitors to Madison are always disappointed if they haven ' t seen Arlie and the gym. Hank Murphy. Hank was a prize fighter of note until bested in the first round by Young Jenness, the Idaho catamount. His life work is politics, but of late his studies have taken up so much of his time that he has not been very successful. Each year they have an election. But such was their state of subjection They called upon Hank That political crank Before they dared make a selection. Katharine Faville. the noted suffraget. Favorite expression is " We want our rights. " Leader of filibuster against the prominence of the woman beautiful. Of S. G. A. she ' s president Always on some mischief bent. First she cans the Beauty Section. Then discusses man ' s subjec- tion. Fussing hours and lights for rooms Are questions that she ' ll settle soon. 687 In the Good Time that is Coming In the good time that is coming When the women vote and swear. When what is fair for Johnnie Will, for Jane, be just as fair. In those days when women ' s suffrage Has changed business all about, Made the ladies lawyers, soldiers, Turned the men from office out. Then new jobs the boys must tackle, Something ladylike and mild. Open hair and beauty parlors. Wash the head of maid and child. Then co-eds will wear the trousers. And in overcoat and hat. On the balcony of Chadbourne Can indulge in cheerful chat. Then our military tactics Will be taught by maiden fair. With an Amazonian figure And disheveled head of hair. The Maud MuUers of the future. As they rake the fragrant hay. Will wear clothes so strictly mannish That no judge will look their way. While down in frat house parlors. In lace gown, white gloves, and all. Some sweet brother waits impatient For his last best girl to call. Then the bucking and the smoking Won ' t be done alone by man. But with feet upon the table. Girls will buck the best they can. 5 8 8 In the Good Time that is Coming fi89 I tje. CKikr o ' cloci; - Published Now Editor, Dot Putnam Bus. Mgr.. Jack Winter A Student Publication Which Holds The Altenlion EDITORIAL The Libe Paste is an abridged amalgamation of the worst features of the Black Bird and Sham and a direct attempt to avoid all Sphinx jokes and references to Woofs Ehler. The Paste em- bodies an impersonal, impious, intrigue against all. The Libe Paste, like the Phi Kap sidewalk, is never dry. vm ii -x laiilKU ' ' } of StUDCNtS I I " IavL Known V 1 v 4l! Q. ! R eal Conversations in the Libe By EVE S. DROPPER Eve Dickens: " I say, Harriet, you ' re on the Cardinal board, Dorothy Simp- ( son is president of the freshman class, and Peggy O ' Neil breaks into print almost every day. Let ' s ask Mrs. Mathews if we can ' t take some more pretty ones like Esther Kelly and retain our hold on the Beauty Section in next year ' s Badger. " Izzy Schulte: " Well, Hank, I told you it wouldn t do you any good to work for Marion Luce. You might have known she wouldn ' t ask you to a Pi Phi party, not with that black eye, anyway. " Mildred Moore: " I told Dolly there was a fresh stude over in the Spooner and she ought to pull down the shade. " Monte Clark: " Gee, I ' m glad Peterson ' s brother made him go Deke. That yellow car certainly looks fine out in front of the frat house. ' Milt Brush: " Ell bet fifty cents I can beat you a game of marbles. " Alice Bemis: " Yes, they are all good, but I prefer S. A. E. " Chauncey Frisbie: " No I didn ' t go to the Soph dance; Alma went with Bud Groves. " Dot Bannen: " I say, Ann, were you ever in the men ' s gym before? " Ruth Glassow: " I agree with you heartily, Katharine. The girls in the Beauty Section are certainly not representative of the real women at Wisconsin. " Ethel Garbutt: " I think it ' s perfectly awful to cut out the Beauty Section. I don ' t think they have any right to do it — " Jean Hadden: " Helen, have you seen Ducky? No, not Ducky Wadsworth; I mean Ducky Reynolds. " j Louis Pradt: " Those Thetas certainly are good. You know they are apply- ing for a Phi Beta Kappa charter. " Anna Fullerton: " My dear, she ' s terribly good looking, but so loud. They say 1 ! she paints, too. " 1 Chuck Evert: " You know after I won my W 1 692 Advice to the Love Sick By ELEANOR SHEAKLEY My dear Miss Sheakley: All the girls insist on calling me the Arrow Collar man. Is there any significance in that -ema k ? EDWARDS. Mr. J. E. The joke is on the face of it. It is rather a pointed remark. Wear a blue flannel shirt and don ' t shave. My dear Miss Sheakley: I am going with a sweet little miss named Georgia Loy. How can I cut out my Psi U. Delt. and Phi Delt rivals. NICK GRINDE. Mr. N. G. (N. G., that reminds me of something) Why not use one of your cutting remarks. DUTCH STEUER. My dear Miss Sheakley : What have I done? Mr. S. Nothing. My dear Miss Sheakley: As I sleep until twelve every morning. I miss my phone calls. What shall I do? . .r oe x, MAMIE ANDERSON. Miss A. Learn to talk in your sleep. Learn to say yes and no. The men want to do most cf the talking anyway. Dear Miss Sheakley: I miss Carl so. Shall I take up society again and drown my loneliness with gaiety? ELSA FAUERBACH. Miss E. F. Yes, Pickett up again. Dear Miss Sheakley: How can we make the Woman ' s Building dances more popular? „„ DOC AND WILLARD. Doc and Willard. Have the floor leveled. oes of Fall Rustunj. Tvi - ; p A3i t xrts -U- . 1 . . K c.jLj 5 c A. (U oT ' Jfurniturc ' -ffirJC «yvjf " ' ' - k s Wm.. " T :MvA lahioiiii. ffifa.. Jan . I , I9I5 . President Chi Psi Fraternity, 150 Iota Court. Dear Sir, We are very sorry to again notify you that your bill for furniture, rented from us during the rushing season last fall, remains unpaid. Legal acti on for collection of same be tahen " 5 9 4 Comic Section Ochie. the Egg Monte Sparrowface Clark Ochie: Monte: Ochie: Monte: Ochie: Monte: Ochie: Monte: Ochie: Monte: Ochie: I think Johnny Abbott ought to get a good job when he ' s through school. ' Why? " Because, he ' s always on the square. " The libe has a stony stair, as you notice when ycu fall. " Did you say you were taking a culture course? Yes, Agriculture. " You ought to be a good ball player. " Why? " Because ycu are always batting around. You know my cousin Marion. Why does Bill Spore lead ' er? " Because he can ' t get Luce. " Outside Reading 695 Children ' s Section Little Helen Reed Mister: I am a good little boy. I go to the university in Madison. I live in town with my mamma. This year the student conference was my best play- mate. We are mad at each other now. Your little friend, Frankie Stone Dear Editor: I am just eight years old. My name is Helen Lent. I am sending you a picture of my dolly. Don ' t you think he is sweet. Lovingly, Helen Lent. Mister Editor: I am a little girl, an Alpha Phi pledge. I am sending you my picture. I hope to see this letter in print. Your loving reader, Helen Dawson. Note: We are always glad to hear from our little readers. 5 9 6 A for the Angel that slides down the hill: B for the Barristers watching her spill: C for the Crimson that colors her red: D for the Word she would like to have said. E for the Effort she makes not to mind; F for the Fellows who ' re walking behind: G for the Gaiety — " Why aren ' t they still? " H for the Place where she wishes the hill. I for the Ice that comes out of her eye; J for the Janitor just passing b-y: K for the Kindness the good man has; L for the Lift he gives to the lass. M for the Murmurs that come from the Laws: N for the Noise that follows the pause: for the Ohs and the Ohs! and the Ohs! P for the Powerful Patience she shows. Q for some Queries she never has heard: R for Remarks which would seem quite absurd; S for the Stockings she ' s said to have ripped: T for the Time when the fair damsel slipped. U for the Union of co-ed and earth: V for the Vision of laughter and mirth; W for the Wrath of that co-ed alone: X. Y and Z for the Awful L ' nknown. -1906 Badger. AN INCIDENT IN THE LIBRARY Nick Grinde, hustling through the Libe, His mind preoccupied. Unseeing, bumped into a form And " Beg your pardon. " cried. Then, as he saw ' twas Helen Welter Into whose arms hed fled. His thoughts, relieved, came back to earth. " Oh. that ' s all right. " he said. ijs Gink Page 599 3ETTt(V U V THE. G-A ' E-. ■ » . 6 00 , — " " " ■ " -I " Z.lQn i- ' - ' 6 1 A BIG FE SECURE SDC iiry Cub at Pla The Theta Delt Fire An Open House A Mi A Stiff Examination Two sly Theta Delts Whose names we wont ' say, Built a fire in a tub While engaged in their play. A strange happy thought Then struck the dear boys: We ' ll yell the word fire; Then wait for the noise. A few minutes later Came the odor of smoke; And with much consternation, The brothers awoke. Bob Frawiey, the writer. First peered from his bunk. Then, too frightened to move. In the covers he sunk. Next Otjen, the soldier, Arose to command: " The quick will be saved. The lazy be damned. " A young Chi Omega, Doll Baker, by name. On seeing the smoke. Cried: " Ain ' t it a shame. " The boys in pajamas Then crowded the lawn The firemen soon came And joined in the throng. The source was discovered. And next came a shout: Conspirators somewhere; We must find them out. A lake party held In real negligee Awoke all the neighbors At dawn, so they say. J 6 3 ■Pt t--Ytot-A-t fcn4 o st-Qn vii i»-Co ' n f! 6 4 T. O. C. Founded in Jerusalzm Sometimes culled the " Take Our Cash " or " Fish Club ' mmMmm WHALES OF THE ORDER Past Grand Crab, Tommy Atkins Worthy Instigator, Vic Jones Aide-de-Camp, Johnny Burke Sharks, Herman Singer Dad Morgan Pass Word, Two Bits Song — " That ' s Where My Money Goes " OTHER FISH Adele Masten Morry Cohn Irving Tuteur Madehne Mathews Fritz Rumpf H. Sweet B. Penningroth P. A. D. Chapter T is for Touch ' em and old T. 0. C. I ' ll Touch the next one As the last one touched me. 6 5 s Prcxy ' s Dream • " ll OUR ADVERTISER THE STUDENT WWiji te The s I M P S o N G A R M E X T CO. UHSliilSHIlBllliBSllilS Women ' s and Misses ' Exclusive and Distinctne VVearintj- Apparel ! n The First National Ban : A IADISON, WIS. United States Depository Mrmbt-r Fru ' i-rul Rrsi-rv,- .tssiiiiation CAPITAL, SURPLUS. AND UXDiriDED PROFITS f433,000M0 RESOURCES OI ' ER f Transacts a general banking business. Issues Travelers ' Cheques and Letters of Credit good in all parts of the world. Interest paid on savings accounts and timecertificates of deposit. 1 SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS Haswell Furniture Co. CLAYTON V. HASWELL, President i: We Want Furniture Buyers 6 10 Clotk es an cl tke M an A Cjlance at 1 hem rrom the University Point or V leNv YOV UNDERSTAND that a man ' s distinction, genteelness and exclusiveness are assers, if not overdone. It suggests a distinction that marks you as superior to the average. For that reason you want Distinctive Clothes You will avoid Smart-Aleck styles that are advertised as " College Styles. " Smartness — of course you want smartness ! But smart cloth- ing is something very different than freakish duds. You can have snap and dash in your clothes without making yourself a circumambulat- ing eyesore. ►uits an dO vercoats $ 25 AND UP We know College Men ' s tastes and we think that we know how to cater to them in the matter of clothing. We invite inspection with a good deal of confidence that they are right in every respect---clothes whose styles, cut and finish will meet with the approval of the most fastidious. When in Chicago call and see us. We are particularly anxious to show you that we supply faultlessly styled and tailored garments at very reasonable prices. Bassett of Bassett ADAMS ana STATE STS. Republic Building CH[CAGO. ILLINOIS Orchids A Specialty American Beauties Short and with 30 inch long stems. Tea Roses Pink, White, Pearl and extra quality of Red. Violets Best in City Lilies of the ' alle3- Fresh Daily Carnations All shades and e.xtra long stems. Smilax, Ferns and Asparagus. Ordfrs carefully drlivcJi ' tl or shipprd cut of tfjicn. New York Flower Company Fuller Opera House Block Phone 476 F. CHOLES, Mer. If vou knew hmv righteously sassy a few hundred dollars ill the bank can make a man ou zvoiild be- gin to accumulate the bones right note. MERCHANTS SAVINGS BANK npen Wednesday and Saturday Evenings 7:30 to 9:00 Horsman Tennis Rackets Model " . . A. a: ' New Form jor 1915 Do not select a Racket for 1 " )15 till you have seen it. If your dealer can ' t show it, write to us. TENNIS BALL perjection mfans the " Ayres " 1913 balls now ready for distribu- tion. E. I. Horsman Co. . l f -M 11-13 Union Square V New York Citv Before Purchasing Uniforms FOR Any Purpose or Secret Society Supplies FOR AXY Organization rSaiiners, Flags, Badges, Etc. Send Jor our Cala- Ivgues. It -will pay you. Ttie Pettibone BroUiers Mf . Co. cixcix.x.rn i flqe 10 Nursery Posing Room Reception Room 525 STATE STREET M.njisox. iriscoxsiN 6 13 i Southern Wisconsin Railway Company 614 H. H. RATCLIFF CO (SUCCESSORS TO) F. A. A KRBF.CK CO. Jewelers and Opticians Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry WE GUARANTEE OUR GOODS Eyes Examined, Lenses Ground Ratcliff ' s Corner, Madison, Wis. We Find It Very Easy To run a laundr - that will please our patrons: that ' s our business. e are not afraid to tell why it is that we find this business so easy. We run it to suit you; that ' s only right. You pay the money, that ' s your business. All the same, there are lots of laundries where you pay the money and get all the trouble. Be- cause we take the trouble, is why we are getting too large in a business way ALFORD BROTHERS Telephone No. 1 12 113 and 11- ' ) North Carroll Street, Madison, Wisconsin 6 15 " SIMPLE LIFE- pictures are often the best McKillop ' s Photo Shop, 527 State Street frames the simple and artistic as well as the more pretentious pic- tures. Kodaks, supplies, developing, printing, enlargmg and novelties 1 1 Waterman P -• ., We intend T — ahvays to keep this " -C,_ _ X x pen the most satisfactory { " W ■ writing implement in the I a J 5% 1 world. Made in a wide range r " — T - ' sizes, plain or mounted, j y y with gold pens to suit every 1 X.V ' ' y hand. Try them at your dealers. rountainPerhwl L. E. Waterman C omnanv, 173 Broadway, New York j 1 Yahr Lange l ' -: ' ll ' ersil . c. Drug Company MILWAUKEE American Ice Cream Co. H. A. HASS, Proprietor holesale and Retail Manufacturers 1 Drugs, Chemicals, FANCY ICE CREAMS, Druggists ' Sundries Proprietary Medicines, Etc., Etc. Milwaukee is the natural market for Wisconsin Druggists ICES, SHERBETS, ETC. THE CREAM OF CREAMS If } ' OU want a dessert that satisfies and won ' t fail, order .American Ice Cream. It s always good ■« 617 Suit Dockstader and Sandberg The Republic Building Chicago, 111. 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Wear Holcproofs at tennis, golf, cross-country walking or dancing. Treat them as you would treat any other hose. Here are hose for U ' liole familirs t v t oflfer excep- tional qualities. Hose of perfect style and comfort. Hose of the lightest, sheerest weights, if you want them. Six pairs will actualU ' lasi six months, and often longer, without any need of darning. Brjorr you start on your vacation, buy a box a))d tr them ffoleproof ffasicrg FOR MEN. II OMEN AND CHILDREN l$l. ' )0 per box and up for six pairs of men ' s; S2.00 per box and up for six pairs of women ' s or children ' s; $1.00 per box for four pairs of infants " . Above boxes guaranteed six months. $1 .00 per box for three pairs of children ' s, guaran- teed three months. $2.00 per box for three pairs of men ' s silk Holeproof socks; $H.OO per box for three pairs of women ' s silk Holeproof stockings. Boxes of silk guaranteed three months [f any pairs fail to wear the specified time, we promptly and gladly replace them with new pairs free. For sale in Madisoyi b Rundell Holeproof Hosiery Co. ON THE SQUARE M!l aukee Every man and woman should also examine Holeproof Silk (lloves. They are now sold in many stores. Made of the best quality silk with reinforced finger tips that are guaranteed to outwear the gloves themselves. We would not give the name " Holeproof " to any but the most durable glove on the market. These gloves are fashioned in the ver ' best of styl;- and ' ou can get them in the smartest col- ors, all lengths and sizes, with invisible reinforcing of clasps and fancy stitching on the back. Holeproof Silk Gloves fit perfectly from finger tip to top. There are no bulky seams. They do not pull out of shape. Write for prices and the free book that tells all about them. We senfl them direct on receipt of price if we have n ' l dealer near vnu- 620 A riandsome i oung Man Tery few young men of the right kind enjoy being told that they are handsome — that is. not right to their faces. But they don ' t mind hearing at all that their clothes are handsome and show good taste — in fact, they like it. Its our business to provide clothes which excite admiration — to set off the handsome man — and as to the un-handsome man. why. you know — " pretty feathers make pretty birds. " and we are exper ' s of 20 years ' training in providing just the feathers to obtain the desired effect. tHE HUb MADISON, WIS. The College Lunch Horlick ' s (Original) Malted Milk Lunch Tablets Students find these delicious Lunch Tablets make a convenient, nourishing lunch between meals, or in place of a regular meal. They are rich milk, combined with an extract of malted grain, and are ready to eat. Get the handy pocket flask size, to carry with you. or the larger size, to keep in your room. " Horlick s is put up in powder form, also from which an invigorating food drink, hot or cold, can be instantly prepared by stirring in water. At all fountains, or get a package at druggists and prepare as wanted. Get " HORLICK ' S " the Original, at Druggists. FRED MAUIZ Cigars - Billiards, New Tables - Soda Fountain Drop in between classes 821 University Ave. Phone 3160 THE STUDENTS S Y—JFe If ant TECKEMEYER ' S Madf i)i Madison Chocolates and Nickel Bars They Taste Like More Headquarters University of Wisconsin STRATFORD HOTEL Chicago, 111. QUALITY SHOP i ...Wo Sell ... i Morse Drills, Card Taps, Black Diamond Files, Brobet Swiss Files, i Quality Hack Saw Blades, and many other high grade tools f Samuel Harris Co. 114-116 North Clinton St. CHICAGO, ILL i ' 1 6 2 2 Get Out your College Work ON THE TYPEWRITER The most economical and practical writing machine for the college student is the New Model L. C. Smith Bros. Typewriter It IS simpler, runs easier, and lasts longer. Put one in your room and keep a car- bon copy of all your work. You will need a typewriter when you complete your course. Get the best one now and have the use of it while in college. Ask us to show you. L. C. SMITH BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. 12 S. Carroll Street Aladison, Wisconsin 6 2 3 Recollections ON your journey, in the office or in studio, you havesome recollections of school days-and the SU ITS that give you this recollection are, and were made at, and still should be made at E. a Tetzloff 228 State Street Phone 2211 MADISON. WIS. 624 c • Dervice Ljounts A ' nickel in the slot , machine ' gives service of a kind— but its abil- ity to serve you very extensively is limited. C We— by means of the College Book Store — can supply a great many of your wants — both in the class room —in the home— in the field of sport. C We also try to improve on ' the machine which takes your nickel ' in the manner in which w e serve you. During your University career and afterwards — you can buy your supplies of texts, gen- 1 Lake ana State Streets eral books, pennants, etc., under our Student Rebate System at a saving of 20 ' c. 1 j College Book Store i 6 2 5 MJDISOA ' -S L.IROEST CLEANING. DYEING AND TAILORING PLANT The Home of the Wisconsin Pennant Pennants and Pillow Tops Made to Order Pantorium Company The House of Ouality ' 538 State Street Telephones 1180-1598 H. C. Netherwood Printing Company Printing Stationery Engraving Invitations Office Supplies 24 North Carroll Street Announcements Madison Dance Programs ■1 6 2 6 FOR young men who know that rare art of combin- ing luxury with economy which is known as discrimi- nation. Kuppenheimer Clothes $20, $25 OR UP TO $40 DanJelson,Mueller Si(npson " The Homcof First Class Clothes ' Ask Anyone Who Knows— and he will tt-jl you tliat the uluthing wc sell is the finest in the country. and can only be com- pared with the highest grade of custf m tailor- ing. The only difference is the price- Our line of furnishing goods is of the same high standard, and is always up-to-date. Our Shirts. Hats and Caps are especially attractive this season. YOURS. JOHN GRINDE CLOTHES SHOP EYES EXAMINED Lenses accur- ately ground and glasses correctly fit- ted. Gamm s Jewelry Store W. BALLINGER. Optician 5 West Main St. Badges The Fraternity — Schwaab Emblems Stamp Class Pins and Enamel Seal Buttons Etc. Company Rubber and Steel Stamps ip Stencils Brass Signs and Bronze Tablets MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN Otto F. Bocher A Hair Cut For Every Face University Ace. and Park. Si. Massage and Electric Treatments For all neroe disorders, sprains, bruises, etc. Chiropody For all Foot Troubles. E. L. Bump 210 State Phone 2940 6S7 LOUIS F. DOW CO. Printers Litnograpners Book Binders SPECIALIZING IN BANK EQUIPMENT Saint Paul Minnesota 628 Go to Schneider ' s for Artistic Photographs Group or Individual at Moderate Prices Visilors Always Welcome G.W. Schneider Phone 2533 20 E. Mifflin Street Post Office Block 639 Madison, Wisconsin A CITY with an Honorable Paft, a Busy Present and a Brilliant Future; famed for its Beauty. Culture, Industry and Thrift; with a population of 30,000; almost surrounded by the " Four Lakes, " the most beautiful lakes in America; the seat of the University of Wisconsin. A city of " Atmosphere, Achievement and Ambition, " worthy of wider de- velopment and gi eater growth. The Jl ' isconnn Slate Journal is enlisted for the establishment of this, through the creation of a Productive. Progressive and Public Spirited Civic Consciousness. The Wisconsin State Journal Is the Home Newspaper ot Madison, and that Determines its J ' alue In the Jdverllser Milwaukee Drug Company WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medi- cines, Foreign and Domestic Sundries, Essential Oils, A " ines and Liquors Michigan and JclTerson Sts. Milwaukee Wisconsin Trust Funds INVESTMENT OF FUNDS For Minors, Incompetents, and Individuals, in First Real Estate Mortgages Onh ' INCOME PAYABLE MONTHLY IF DESIRED For Further I nformation IJ ' ritc or Call Central Wisconsin Trust Co. MADisox. inscoxsix Capital and Surplus $400,000.00 L. .M. H.- XKS President F. M. BROWX Treasurer M.VGXUS SWENSON 1st V. Pres. B. J. H. LLIG. N Secretar ' JXO. B. RXES 2d ' . Pres. T. R. HEFTY Asst. Sec. T III ' . NKW YF.AR TOILET will lun he as perfect as it slio ild be without the aid of our Cold Cream, Talcum Powder, Soaps and other Toilet Accessories. Their use in- sures a perfect toilet and that sense of refinement and daintiness that all women and men admire. ' isit our toilet department and enjoy its charm. Lewis Drug Store COR. Sr.lTE and GILMJX STS. Books for the home and a he inc for tl i c books GREIG FURNITURE CO. ll.S Kint. ' 119 S. Pinckney Madison Tent Awning Co. Successors I ' ■ Gallagher Tent Awning Co. W. G. Kropf, Prop. 319-,i21 E. Wilson St. E. Gilbertson thas. Andersen Phone 337S Gilbertson Andersen II alchmakers and Mjg- Jfu ' elers Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Fine Jewelry and Silverware University Jewelry 124 State St. Madison, Wis. The Only Trunk and Luggage Shop m the Latin Quarters M.VDISOX LEATHER GOODS CO. 4U State Street Marinello f " ' ' ' » " Scalp Treatments a Specialty Shampooing, Manicuring, Electro- lysis Chiropody and Hair Dressing Parlors Tcjimplete with Modem Equipment Trained Operators n. Attendance Mrs. . Wengel Phone 79 22.i State Street The Capital City Bank Capital - - 3200.000.00 Surplus and Profits 130,000.00 4% Interest Allo2ved on Certificates J. W. Hobbins. President r arl . - T " hn« " n. Vi, v-Pr,s. A. D. J. V. Frederickson Pine, Hemlock and Hardwood Lumber Builders and Manufacliuers oi Builders Material L DISO WISCOXSIX New Capital Hotel MADISON, WIS. Completely remodeled and refurnished. 100 rooms with hot and cold running water and telephones. 60 rooms with private bath. Absolutely Fire-Proof Fine new sample rooms. Most central lo- cation in the cit}-. Convenient to retail and wholesale district, theaters and public build- ings. Only two blocks from principal depots. AMERICAN PLAN Rates: With use of detached bath - 32.50 With private bath - - 3.00 1 W. G. NICHOLS, Proprietor PIPER BROS. Famous for good things to eat. Our prices are right, too. Phones— 561 1237 ' 1 1 632 This is thf Home of Zilisch Pure Milk Co. Milk Cream Ice Cream Butter 629 WEST UASIIINGTON AVENUE Telephone 979 Madison, Wis. ) ' Bunde dr Upmeyer Co. Jewelers -Milwaukee Package Delivery Contract Delivery Express and Baggage Where Qxialitjf- Is A5 Dcpresentcd Taxicabs DIAMONDS Phone 105 1 1 WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE v r O T O R L VI S E R V I C l- [PKOGRESSH ' E) STATIONERY 211 EAST MAIN STREET PROGRAMS INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS " W Deliver The Goods ' ' FRATERNITY PINS DON 0. DAUBE MVRR.-IY S. M.aOH ' JN W. H. A 1 ON PIANO CO. 27 W. MAIN STREET., OPPOSITE PARK HOTEL MADISON, WIS. 1 1 Ivers Pond, Kurtzman and Aton Pianos Apollo Player Pianos Victrolas and Records ■ 1 Sheet Music, Classical Standard and -EVERYTHING IN MUSIC- Popular .; 634 Schmedeman, Baillie Co. announce thai the New Spring Displays of Society Brand Clothes are noii ready for your in- spection. They present a pleasing variety of smart, unique fashions that is up to our usual standard of high quality and absolute correctness of style. 25 E. Main St. Madison, Wis. Orph Always Good eUm Vaudeville Fuller High Class Touring Companies Best Place to Fuss J. H. Castle J. E. Doyle Castle Doyle Dealers in Coal. Wood and Coke Lime, Cement, Stucco Hard Wall Plaster, Sewer Pipe Telephone 1993 801-811 E. Main St., Madison, Wis. Phone 241 William Owens PLUMBER 118 North P nck ney St. Madison . Wis. 6 3 6 F . Vv. Curtiss Pnotograpner Studio 108 State Street Maaison, xA isconsin { d ' iic--0aiarr( iiii S IX-THIRTY kTATE ' TREET Bernard ' s Boat Line ox LAKE AI END OTA Scheduled Public Launches Charier Launches TCH DAILY PAPERS for Time Cards to Bernard ' s Park and Around the Lake. Huge Pavilion for Dancing Parties — New Automatic Piano for Your Pleasure — Most Popular University Resort in Four Lakes Region. Ice Boats, Row Boats Canoes to Rent and Made to Order. WE CAN PLEASE YOU. Fl,; ' l: " JVisconsin. " " For:oaid. " " ll ' est End. " " Nnrlhern. " " Amv R " " Ba: " rr " PHONE . 73 P. RK PHONE 740. ' W{ 637 1 Your Photograph 1 1 IF You Want Artistic Work at Reasonable Prices GO TO i Carl M. Thomas 26 w. Mifflin St. PHOTOGRAPHER Phone 2407 638 THE MILL BRAND THIS TRADE-MARK IS PROTECTED BY REGISTRATION IN THE UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. ALL CASES, BUNDLES OR PACK- AGES CONTAINING PAPER OF OUR MANUFACTURE ARE PLAINLY STENCILLED WITH THIS TRADE-MARK. Any person, firm or corporation who states that we are not paper makers, or that we make for them or others, any paper carrying a dealer ' s private watermatk or brand, is either misinformed or guilty of willful misrepresentation. We make all the papers that we sell, therefore know of what and how they are made, and each grade carries with it an unwritten guarantee of suitability for the pur- pose for which it is recommended. Back of the guarantee is a Plant representing an investment of seveial million dollars, and an enviable reputation for fair dealing. Out Trade-Mark, our Water-Marks and our Brands are, therefore, an assurance to the buyer that the same paper is not offered to him under a dozen or more names at different prices, and an obligation on us to maintain quality that it would be business suicide to trifle with. As a further protection to buyers as well as ourselves, our products find a market only through our own Warehouses and our recognized agents. We welcome inquiry, and will gladly furnish samples on request. Dill ' Collins Co. ACTUAL MAKERS and DIRECT DISTRLBUTORS of rlign Grade Printing Papers Both with and without a coated surface. DILL COLLINS Co., Warehouse 140 No. Sixth Street, Philadelphia DILL COLLINS CO., Warehouse 419 Lafayette Street, New York THE PAPER MILLS ' CO., Western Agents 519-527 So. Fifth Avenue, Chicago TILESTON LIVERMORE CO., New England Agents 161 Pearl Street, Boston BLAKE, M3FFITT TOWNE San Francisco BI AKE, MOFFITT TOWNE Los Angeles BLAKE, McFALL CO Portland AMERICAN PAPER CO Seattle SPOKANE PAPER STATIONERY CO Spokane The Paper Used in This Book ' S Blach and White 639 Established ISy-i Incorporated University Co-Operative Company R. E. BOLTE, Manager T.ital Membership, 12,480 Important Are you or do you expect to be a student at Wisconsin? If so, join the store owned and controlled by students. Get our Pamphlet of Infonnation COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF LAST FIFTEEN YEARS ' BVSIXESS Year Sales Bought by Members Net Profits Added Surplus Paid Stock- holders Ap- proxim ' lv Rate Per Cent 1897 $ 9.534.52 $ 5,215..50 $ 316.07 $ 105.35 S 210.72 5% in Merchandise 1898 13.090.44 4.046.80 607.02 202.32 404.68 10% in Merchandise 1899 16,199.43 6,396.75 1.336.65 5.38.29 788.33 12).2% in Merchandise 1900 29 ..303. 78 13,068.60 2.403.31 801.05 1,602..36 10% in Cash, or 12 v m Trade 1901 33.805.99 18,037.67 2.282.20 478.44 1.803.77 9% in Cash, or 12% in Trade 1902 35.009.14 18,.309.14 2.744.76 713.76 1,830.99 9% in Cash, or 12 ' 2% m Trade 1903 40.320.05 20,827.18 2,215.48 1,020.00 2,082.02 9%, in Cash, or 12 % in Trade 1904 46.070.29 23,647.68 2..573.87 1,187.50 2,366.45 9% in Cash, or 12 % in Trade 190. " ) 4S,77 ' ' .07 27.204.46 3,508.74 1,617.42 2,720.45 10% in Cash, or 13%. m Trade 1906 52.49cS.n7 29.049.10 4.015.46 1.672.13 2,904.91 10% in Cash, or 13% m Trade 1907 53,1.U ' .52 32.000.00 t2.,S89.40 1..3.57..50 2..560.00 ,S% in Cash, or 12!4% in Trade 190S 74.390.75 .38.840.61 4.126.70 1.763..53 3.4 ' |- IV, 9 " t in Cash, or 13% in Trade 1909 90.002..S5 47.969..5S }:4. 188.62 2.253.78 4, IS- lij ' !■ ; m Cash, or 13% in Trade 1910 100.870.58 53.746.47 5,100.02 2.467.51 ,»,4i- ; I.J ' .) ' ( in Cash, or 13% in Trade 1911 6.264.72 5.1SS.52 3.S30.,S4 9 ' c in Cash, or 13%, in Trade 1912 1I7.7S7..36 69,720.28 12.411.17 2.S77.15 10% in Cash, or 17% in Trade 19l:i 123,9.59.11 69.720.28 12.641.98 2.835.62 10.653.91 12 ' 7f in Cash, or 20%, in Trade 1914 127,3fiS,S3 79 7.s0 0fi 13.353 (i!) .3.422 17 12.7S7,37 12 ' " " in Cn ' h. nr 22 ,. m Trido Headquarters for all STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES. Write us when in need of anything. We sell Books, Laboratory or Engineers ' Technical Supplies, Sta- tionerv, Spalding Athletic Goods, Gent ' s Furnishings, Cameras and Photo Suijplies, Regal Shoes, College Pennants and Posters, Confectioner}. ' , etc. Alteneder, Keuffel Esser, and E. Dictzgen Co. Drafting Instru- ments and Supplies. Let us quote you prices. 504-508 State Street ' MADISON, WISCONSIN - 640 We specialize solely on student furnishings — We don ' t carry part of our stock for boys, part for old men, and part for you. Every bit of our line of wearing apparel is for the student you, who want something clever, up to date a little ahead of date if anything. New ties, new caps, new shirts all the time something new, and always something different. University Clothes Shop 640 State Street Every Jenkins Bros. V alve has this Diamond Trade Mark. Look for it on all the valves furnished under your specifications. It stands tor valve service — for over forty years ' of experience in valve manufacture — for a reputation built upon a (.]ualit} ' product — for valves proved to be su- pciior b ' the great number of imitations c. tic red. In bungalow or sky-scraper — in homes, ' business buildings or industrial plants — for water supph-, tire protectio n or heating — every alve requirement can be met with some Jenkins Bros. ' alve. The quality is uniform throughout — the very highest. To be absolutely sure, incorporate the fol- lowing in your specifications: " y Valves to br Jenkins Bros., ivith Diamond Trade Mark. " 524 Atlantic Ave., Boston 133 N. 7th St., Phi ladelphia Jenkins Bros. 80 White St.. New York 300 W. Lake St., Chicago Jenkins Bros. Ltd., Montreal, Canada, and London, E. C, Eng. Hollywood 1(1 h I r Dill c II r I ( ' s FRUITS PRESERVES EGETABLES CONDIMENTS For the Hostess JV ho Discriminates Gould, Wells Blackburn Co. Madi; Wisconsin MANUFACTURER OEStGt ER IMPORTER J. F.NEWMAN Colleiie Fratenntv ... JEJiELER ... Badges - Medals - Trophies 1 1 John St., New York M N. State St. Chicipo. Ill, 681 Market St. San Franc!si: ' ■. Cal £ tabi islu-d Id 2 Excelled by . one E. A. Wright Bank Note Company Offices and W ' cirks: Broad and Huntingdon Streets Central Store: 121.S Walnut Street, Philadelphia Engraver : Printer : Stationer Manufacturer of Class and Society Pins, Medals Exclusi e Desii:ns in Commencement Stat;or Invitations Dance Programs. Leather Souvenirs. Year Book Inserts. Shingles, cry iCIass and Fraternityi Menus. Calling Cards, Invitations. Certificates PMOTOGR.WURF.S, EXGROSSIXG CERTIFIC. TES MEMOIRS, TESTIMONI.XLS The beauty of its surroundings is one of the chief charms of the H OTEL DEj PRAD Q CHICAGO. ILLINOIS Situated on the MIDWAY BOULEVARD and Jackson Park which overlooks Lake Michigan, and adjoins the Chicago University grounds on the west. The most convenient hotel for athletes or football players who are contending on Stagg Field at Chicago University. The house has a frontage of 700 feet; has 400 rooms with access to bath. H. H. McLEAN, Manager A MOST EXCELLENT HOTEL THE YEAR AROUND. FOR INFORMAL SPREADS, USE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES They ehminate dirt, work and danger. Because of their usefulness and efficiency, electric toasters, coffee pots and chafing dishes have won favor with the college girl. When in need of anything in the electri- cal line, CALL 4400 The Madison Gas and Electric Company 118-126 East Main Street 643 t RINTING J Q - u A L I F. O. BLIED PRINTING CO. T Y 117 W. MAIN STREET Phone 375 S E R V I C E Biaiiij and Tcisl- Rt ' quiii ' d in EjfrcttZ ' C «3jG PRINTISC. Morse Twist Drill Machine Co. OF NEW BEDFORD, MASS. M, KERS OF Fine Machinist ' s Tools Drills, Reamers, Taps, Cutters, Arbors, Dies, Sciew Plates, Chucks, Sockets, Sleeves, Man- drels, Counter Bores, Countersinks, Etc. " MORSE " and SERVICE Conklin Sons Company Coal, Wood and Mendota Lake Ice Main Office, 24 E. Mifflin St. MADISON S44 W c kiiDW thai college men want the best CLOTHES AND HABERDASHERY That is vli - we sell R. B. Fashion Clothes Heidcaps Arrow Shirts Fownes Gloves Cooper ' s Underwear Interwoven Hosiery A STORE FOR COLLEGEMEN Showers with Niedecken Mixer Special Showers for Home Club Hotel Etc. Write for Bulletin No. 5 Hoffman Billings Mfg. Co. MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN The perfect ' on of de you of c 7 X. Sa Salle St. tail that distinguishes JERRE.MS ' othes that are both smart and indi Tailoring assures •idual 71 E. Monroe St. Prices $30.00 and Up Tailor for Young Men Three Stores 25 E. Jackson Blvd. 646 The Wheeler School of Music and Dramatic Arts ( F ' jrmerly The MaJisrin Musical CVilIeeei 506, 508, 510 Sjate St. Univ. Co-operative Bldg. ALL BRANCHES TAUGHT FACULTY PLWt) Ottokar Maiek Hazel Viola Alford Marie Seuel Hoist Mary Dodge THEORY OF MUSIC, HARMONY, COMPOSITION Marie Seuel Hoist ACTING, DRAMATIC READING, PUBLIC SPEAKING Lester Alden AESTHETIC, INTERPRE- TATUE, BALL ROOM D.AXCING Shirley Frederickson BANJO, GUITAR, MANDOLIN Annie M. Lyon HARP Elizabeth K. . nderson VOICE Fletclier Wheeler Elgia Witlwer IOLIN Gregory Callow Frederick Macmurray Alice J. .Anderson VIOLA Gregory Callow VIOLONCELLO Carl Brueckner (Theo. Thomas Orchestra) Emmons Luetscher STRING BASS Leo Bachhuber CLARINET David Routt FLUTE AND PICCOLO ' Chester C. Schneider CORNET William Rabak DRUxMS, XYLOPHONE Harrv G. Schultz ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. Frederick Macmurray, ' iolinist (formerly Director of the iolin Department of the Wisconsin School of Music), has accepted a position on the ' iolin staff of this school. In addition to his work with pupils, Mr. Macmurray will be available for receptions, church and concert work. Telephone S4,i. Jfes Campus Views A Specialty The Kind of Pictures You Are Proud to Show C. R. REIERSON 23 South Pinckney Street Phone 5880 " None Better Made For Man or Maid " Walk - Over Shoes SOLD BY J. F. ROSE CO. Near Park Hotel Madison A, Starr Best Alvin E. Bastien Carroll Ridgway Ao TARR Best COR O RATED Madison Wabash Chicago Outfitters to Young Men Clothing, Hats, Furnishings, Shoes Importers of Exclusive Novelties in Neck- wear, Leather Goods and all Accciioy ' tes to Younz iMen ' s Dress K eeley, Neckerman Kessenich Co. D ry Goods C a r p e t s M i 1 1 i n e r y n -17 North Pinckney Street Mad ison, Wis. H eilman ' s Rolls Just a little better t h an the kin d you t h o u y It the best. We deliver for b rea kfast. Ph one 1109 6 4 9 UiJi5iNiifr?ninfjc Gold Medal Camp Bed Xo. 1 V ' E are manufacturing more Cots and Camp Beds in our plant thanever; selling our prod- uct through jobbers and dealers entirely. We refuse absoluteh ' to cheapen any of them to meet competition of cheap goods. Our Catalogue is free to anyone who may wish it. Gold Medal Camp Furniture Manufacturiny; Co. RACINE WISCONSIN " Brochon " Fraternity Jewelers 5 So. Jf ABASH AVENUE CHICAGO Dance Programs Go to C. F. Cooley for All Rail— Lehig-h Valley Hard Coal It Lasts Longer Phone No. 10 Architectural and Ornamental Bronze Castings JOHNSON SERVICE CO. M1L V. UKKF., WIS. Walt z 1 n e r s PINCKNEY STREET C anaies and JLuncneons 19 NORTH Madison ' s Fashionable and Popular Shop for A popular member of the class of ' 1 6 remarked as she left our shop: " It ' s certainly a rare treat to come here. Your luncheons are so dainty and refreshing---and your candies--- I just love them. " Thank you, Miss ! We do have an enviable reputation for luncheons and candies. We ' ve coveted it. and sought always to surprise you with new delicacies---new ways to tempt your appetitc---and finally to render you service that would make you feel you were glad you came. WHITMAN ' S, of Philadelphia, make for us the -WISCONSIN SEAL " box of candy, tied daintily with ribbons of the University o( Wisconsin colors. The box retails at $I.OD. Sent postpaid anywhere in the U. S. A. JEFFERSON TRANSFER CO. PHONE 7 DEPOT RA ' J ' KS; Within 1 mile, 1 or 2 passengers. 50c, each additional over 2 passengers, 25c, to or from same place. Over one mile andundertwo, 50c forone, 25c each additional to or from the same place. Over 2 miles and under 3, 75c for one, 50c for each additional. PARTY WORK AND CITY RATES: Within 1 mile 50c per passenger. Over 1 mile and under 2, 75c for one, ?1.00 for two and 55L50 for 3 passengers. Over 2 miles and under3, 5E00 for one, ?L50 for 2 or 3, and ?2.00 for 4 passengers. Special Party Rate, gl.OO each way for 2, 3 or 4 passengers to and from same place. BAGG.VGE R.ATES (To and From the Depot): Within two miles 50c one piece, and 75c two pieces belonging to the same person. Over 2 and under 3 miles, 75c for one piece, yil.OO for two pieces. ESTABLISHED 1818 irntlrranriJ urnisHin Sonds, BROADWAY coR TWENTY-SECOND ST. NEW YORK. Clothing for Men and Boys Sporting and Outing Garments English Furnishings, Hats and Shoes Trunks, Bags and Traveling Kits Liveries for House, Stable and Garage Many Imported Leather and Silver Novelties Send for Illustrated Catalogue BOSTON Branch. 149 Tremont St. NEWPORT Branch 220 Belle vueAv WING ' S QUALITY SEEDS FOR FIELD AND GARDEN ALFALFA Send for our catalogue describing all the new strains of .Vlfalfa. Our own improved strains of Corn, Soy Beans, Vetch and Melilotus, and our superior Garden and Flower Seeds. DAKOTA, NEBRASKA- GRIMM, SIBERIAN DEPT R The Wing Seed Co. MECHANICSBURG. OHIO. $35j apers. The American Adding Machine at Hurc IS a new p.-icc on d competent Adder. On a machine that is rapid, full-size and infallible. The very latest machine, built by men who know, in one of the larg- est metal-working shops. It is an individual Adding machine, to be placed on one ' s desk, close to one ' s books and take place of the central machine requiring skilled operators. It is also int.-nded for offices and stores where costly machines are a luxury. The price is due to utter simplicity, and to our enormous output. Seven keys do all the work. Each copied number is shown up for checking befo.e th? addition is made. With very slight practice anyone can compute a hundred hgures a minute. And the machine never makes mistakes. Try it tendaysand convince yourself. Just sign the post card and sendit in. American Can Co. If On " Renlal-Purchasc ■ Pl,,n. $37.50 P.»y.iblo $3.00 per month 1230 Monroe Bidg. CHICAGO. ILL. STEWARDS: Buy your meat at the Cudahy Cash Market I- will gi c i u ihc Best Meat, the Best Service, and the Best Prices in Madison. Thompson ' s Orchestra Residence Phone 2020 MADISON Office Phone S6S Summer Cramton ' ' Drugs, Kodaks, Periodicals S ' lRKKT All Films Purchased Here Developed Here H.W K YOr TRIED The Finest Chocolates in the World for the Price Keeley ' s Madison. If IS. Old Fashioned Chocolates? KEELEY ' S PALACE OF SWEET? E. W . Enckson Alen ' s Furnishings Shoes 1519 Universitv Ave. Madison Higgms ' Drawing Inks, Eternal Writ- ing Ink, Engrossing Ink, Taurine Mucilage, Photo Mounter Paste, Drawing Board Paste, Liquid A Paste, Office Paste, Vegetable Glue, Etc., are the Finest and Best Inks and Adhesives. Emancipate yourself from corro- ' ;ive and ill-smelling inks and ad- j hesives and adopt the Higgins ' imil Inks and Adhesives. They will be u lir a revelation to you. they are so P . ' X weet, clean, well put up. and . — a ' .vithai so efficient. gCHAS. M. HIGGINS CO.,Mfrs. Branchfs: l " hK■a , ' M. Lt.n.lMn " 271 Ninth Street. Brooklyn. N. Y LjiaoL isfw.i l " " I Grimm ' s Book Bindery John J. Grimm Sons Book Binding, Stationery, Etc. Telephone 469 Madi on w;=r..n.; Mrs. L. Esser ' s Art Store HAIR AND FANCY WORK .Materials for .Ml Kinds of . rt Em- broideries, Hair Dressing, Shampoo- ing, Manicuring, Facial Massage and Scalp Treatment ;,„,,.. ]14r, 4 .9. Cn ' ■n Sr. Madi. 663 ri-S WVMV. WHKN YOU ' RE HERK hi ' )! II! Mddi.u ' ii nil IhiMur. } nr Plfds lirr. Eat at LAWRENCE ' S FOUR RESTAURANTS (;,,,;.i „. ' ,j ,V,;,.i ,i;v " ni ■: SQUJKE JXP M;. -; ni I ■■ ■ l Cnup,.,, Book Savn Monry The old student knows that the " " dinin,u rooms arc the best Ludachka Sisters . M. C. A. Building 740 LaiiKdon St. A Book for College Greeks Is the title of our Fraternity Jewelry Catalog showing JF.W ' KI.RY of the better grade. A copy will be mailed upon request. Burr Patterson Co. The Fraternity JEWELERS Detroit Michigan L nlitni Bcid t ' r -ivhi ' ii -writing 6 6 4 A Wonderful Report The fifty-seventh annual report to the poHcyholders by Prejidcnt Geo. C. Markham, of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, of Milwaukee, outlined business dealings that are wonderful. During the year 1914. the new insurance paid for amounted to $126.- 288,750. The receipts from all sources were $63,735,1 1 1.34, of which the sum of $47,572,768.42 was in payment of premiums, $15,120,477.92 in interest and the balance in rents and the like. At the end of the year, the insurance in force was $1,365,299,749 and the assets. $328,247,426.88. The Northwestern has maintained its economical standard of expense in the writing of its insurance and has kept well within the limit fixed by the laws of the states. Among the investments of the company on December 31. 1914. were the following: Real Estate Mortgage Loans $178.71 1.318.14 Bonds (Market Value) 76,926.630.00 Policy Loans 53,640,047.05 During 1914, this company paid to its members in annual dividends of surplus $10,327,850.63 and in deferred dividends $2,182,817.25. a total of $12,510,667.88. It also paid out for death claims and endowments $16,459,605.97. The following brief but comprehensive statement is extremely in- teresting- Since its organization the company has paid in settlement of death claims $174,718,503.30 And to living policyholders for matured en- dowments, surrendered policies and sums returned for over-payment of premiums 301.235,806.81 Making the total payment to policyholders $475,954,310.1 1 To this add the present admitted assets 328,247,426.88 And the total amount paid to policyholders or held for them is $804,201,736.99 Total amount of premiums received 715,858,103.28 Excess of present assets and payments to policyholders over premiums received . $ 88,343,633.71 The Northwestern ' s service embraces Life and Endowment Insurance. Income Insurance. Corporation and Partnership Insurance and Annuities. The conservatism and care it always has exercised in the investment of its funds, the liberality of its policy contracts, and the invaluable service it has been able to render to its membership have made it popular with conservative insurants. The company maintains agencies in all the healthful parts of the United States. Shakshesky McMillan are general agents with headquar- ters at Madison. Wis. What you GET out of your clothes is exactly what you put INTO them and you get the most out of Custom Made Clothes Because we have the most put into them To young men whose first consider- ation is smartness in Fit, Fashion and Fabric OLSON VEERHUSEN CO. Clothes make their strongest appeal Home of.. Quality Hardware Pocket Cutlery Nickle Plated Goods Perculators Chafing Dishes Oualitx H. G. Kroncke Hardware Co. Telephones: Private exchange all departments Superior: 7970, 7971, 7972, 7973, 7974. . ' utomatlc: il-in B. A. RAILTON CO. Wholesale Grocers Coffee Roasters Importers 373-405 West Erie Street CllKWCO, ILL. Manufacturers 66 6 ' 1 1 H. E. Prouty CENTRAL EDUCATIONAL BUREAU ' Shoe Repairing Co. i Shoes Repaired " COVERS TiiE country " j 1 1 1 While You Wait AND PLACES TEACHERS in good positions. We have 1 1 A Parlor for Ladies Sercice Unexcelled numerous calls for educators all through the summer and early autumn. Many leading city super- i Prices Reasonable intendents, college and normal school presidents are our regular pa- trons. Let us " showyou. " Write us. Joshua Richmond, Mgr. 1 1 i 634 State Street Phone 5164 Madison, Wis. St. Louis County Bank Bldg., Clayton Sta. ST. LOUIS. MO. r 1 ' ' Lspen lain s ££ Blending and V Oliee Roasting 1 MILWAUKEE were awarded (he contract to do Standardized the Decorating We have the most perfect modern equipment for coffee roasting. Long experience ha? made us ex- for Ihc Junior Prom perts in selecting the best coffees and in blending them with certainty of desired results. We import direct from the coffee growing countries. We blend and roast the coffees and ship them direct to you. We ascertain just the blend you want and then supply it always the same. Our products are standardized. There ' s no guesswork about them. CALUMET TEA COFFEE CO. ! Estimates Cheerfully Given for Decorating of Halls for Dances. Parties. Etc. 409-411 W.Huron St. Chicago. 111. 1 657 Tke Art of Pnotograpny There be grumpy and grouchy folks who claim that photography is a mere matter of hair-cut and neck- ties. And the question is still debated at the little red schoolhouse on Friday af- ternoon, " Is Photography an Art? " The answer is, it all depends upon the photogra- pher. William Morris says that art is not a thing separate and apart; art is a way; and the art is the beautiful way. Any man who does a thing superbl ' well is an artist. And James McNeill Whistler sa s that where the artist is. there ou will find art. Photographs are printed records of ourselves and those dear to us. and are fondly cherished long years after they are made. Friends or relations in distant places would treasure your portrait and will readily send theirs in exchange. A Few Things V ortn K.nowing Don ' t blame the photographer entirely if your pictures are not good. The best photographs in the world cannot make you r picture attractive without our co-operation. Look pleasant, but don ' i feel it necessary to look like a dental " ad to get the pleasant effect. The. business of the Ford Studio is to take pictures tor particular people, critical rolks, those who are hard to please, those who have never had a really good photo- graph and have given up trying. 1 ne Fora Studio MIFFLIN AND FAIRCHILD STREETS. MADISON C S 8 BORDEN ' S Malted Milk EAGLE BRAND HAS NO EQUAL Prepared by Boro[nsConden5EdMiikCo HEW YOOH USA V J IN TllF. SOUARF. PACKAGE For Sleepless Nights A cup of boiling water A heaping tablespoonful of Borden ' s Malted Millv Beat to a foamvvith ordinary egg-beater A dasfi of powdered cinnamon or other flavoring Drinlcwhile hot RESULT: A good night ' s sleep. Dorsn ' t it sound good to ou? BORDEN ' S Malted Milk IN THE SQUARE PACKAGE A nutritive easily-digested Milk-Food and an ideal light lunch and tonic drinlc for young and old. Send jor FREE TRI.1L PJCKJGEanJ UNUSU.-tL RECIPE BOOK Malted Milk Department BORDEN ' S CONDENSED MILK CO. NEW YORK VARSITY THEATRE STATE STREET Where the Students are Ahva- s W el come F. B. Hatfield, holesale and Retail Grocer COFFEE A SPECIALTY WHOLESALE PRICES TO FRATERNITIES Stewards — Phone 974 or Call al 409 E. Main St. J. kROSXAFSKY Proprietor of the Vienna Bakery Bakes the best home made bread, cakes, rolls of all kinds. Phone 29.VS M(l S. Murra The Three Little Tailors I M)iirly The Badger Co. I ) li S: Foso, Props. Are at Your Service at the Old Place Phone 36o 659 ■P Tin- ufarfst wi ' ti ' s II nhi-rdashc-rs to the Uinvr-rsity THE N E LOCATION OI ' Conur Univrrritv .- ,v. -n.rf Park Slr,-,-t Quick duplication of school forms, announce- ments, lectures, s}-nopses, drawings, test papers, etc. by the mimeograph! Takes little more than the time to typewrite or draw the stencil. No slow type-setting and distribut- ing. Finished product ready within a few minutes. And the wonderful new derniatype stencil produces absolutely unmatched work — clear — accurate — exactly duplicating the original. Every school needs a mimeograph now — to save time and printers ' bills — to do work impossible to do without it. Many students earn their way thru school with the mimeograph. Get booklet " Q " from A. P.. nick Company, Chicago — New York. Rotary mimeograph prices range frnm $30 to $160 The Sterling Mark Oil silver means quality — it guarantees quality. THE MENGS PHARMACIES stand for quality and satisfied customers THREE STORES V MIFFLFX University Ave. Monroe St. It ( u uanl real lalile satisfaclion Icl the U. W. MEAT MARKET A. G. R1 ' ' .UTI ' :R. Prop. FURNISH THE MEATS NOTHING BUT THE CHOICEST PHONES 521-322 728 University Avenue REPUBLICAN HOUSE Milwaukee, Wis. The only American and European Plan Hotel in the city AMERICAN PLAN EUROPEAN PLAN $2.50 and up per day $1.00 and up per day Headquarters for Wisconsin Alumni ALVIN P. it HERMAN 0. KLETZSCH, PROPS. Owners of the New Park Hitei MADISON. WIS. Woldenberg ' s Frank Brothers Cloak Corner Fifth Avenue The Place for Evening Coats Boot Shop The Place for Party Dresses The Place for Suits, Coats, Waists and Skirts . ' . . ' . . " . Builders of Smart College Woldenberg ' s FOOTWEAR Cloak Corner 225 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK Corner Pinckneyand Mifflin CITY A. O. WHITE Attention House Stewards The Liveryman Madison Pure has the classiest turn- outs in Madison. Food Store He will also take care of your baggage. All That the Name Implies Phone 257 313 W. Johnson St. PHONE 2744 212 E. MAIN Chas. Thuringer Dry yy if y Goods Co. LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE c3 :j i%£ ( UNIVERSITY. 430 STATE STREET ' r . For the past 15 years have served the student body with highest grade of dependable mer- mX rf chandise at the lowest possible price. Dr ' Goods, Ready-to-Wear Garments. Furnishings, Students " Supplies. Bedding, Linens. Couch- Covers. Curtains, Curt, tin Matt rials, tc. M. A. DufTy. Milliner IVIlf 1 " Save from choice, rather than wait until necessity compels " " The Wayside Inn " Start a Savings Account A home-like place to eat where with the the best and purest of Savings Loan Trust Co. foods are served. Special attention given to AND WATCH IT GROW banquets, dinner parties or luncheons in our pri- You can start with $ I .00 vatedining rocm or in the auditorium " Who never saves, but wastes his dimes, to him all times will bt hard times. " Mrs. C. W. Kragh, Proprietress 1 66a I UUR NEW HOME FRANK ' S RESTAURANT our motto is service ' • I ' l.UJ: l TllllX ni eat frank L. MF.IRR. Prop. 1 21 U. Ave T TVFRV KENTZLER BROTHERS fc-blABLIbllED lS.jS nrrr seiex )ears ' coxrixuocs seriice An} ' order up to twenty Broughams cared for uilh dispatch and puiicluality to the minute. Safe horses and vehicles for fussers. Yoin credit is gonii. Ladies in particular. 663 IN MEMORY of th e la rge Wisconsin orders for Senior Invitations, Prom Programs, Etc., amounting to thousands of dollars which have been sent outside the state, and which the respective committees have so carefully guarded f romWisconsin industry THE PRINT SHOP DEDICATES THIS SPACE MAOISON.WIS. 20 years old April 25, 1915. Average age of policyholders written in 1914, 26 years. Best record in the state. Liberal participating policies. Low cost. Dependable dividends. t iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiii ini I Webster:s I I New International I I -TheMerriahWebster | = Even as you read this publication you likely = = question the meixning of some new word. A = = inend asks: Vhat makes mortar hardenP " = = You seek the location of Loch Katrine or the = = pronimciation of jujutsu. What is white coal? = = This NEW CKEATION answers all kinds of = = questionsin Language. History, Biography, Fie- = tion. Foreign Words, Trades, Arts and Sciences, = = with tinat authority. = = 400.000 Wordsand Phrases Defined. = = 2700 Pages. 6000 lUuatratious. = Cost $400,000. = The only dictionary with = the new divided page. = char»cterizeda3 ' A Stroke = of Genius. " = Write for speci- men pages, iUus- r= tratioDB. etc. = Mention thli pQb- =: ItcatloD and H receive FREE a = set of pocket 3= mapi. I G. C. g MERRIAM I CO., = Springfield, s Mass. _ _ iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiMiiiiinrniiiiiniiiniiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimlM D O YOU KNOW that we sell all the sheet mu- sic of all the pub- 1 i sh ers, " Gamble- ized " at the same price they sell it without the hinge? So why buy any but Gambleized music? All leaves are connected, turn easily and lie flat. GAMBLE HINGED VOULL LIKE I GAMBLEI2ED SHEET MUSIC " IT CgSTS NO Moot MUSIC CO. 67 E. Van Buren CHICAGO With faces grim, with eyes grown dim, With fingers all crippled and sore. We write these lines, turn down our steins And close the sanctum door. We ' ve worked like mad for every ad From air compressors to pills: Weve done our best — Heaven give us rest And cash to pay the bills. piiiiiiwiwii llMmm Supplies Photoifraphic Finishingr Discriminating Quality ■. Wm. J. Meuer, Prcsident The Only Photographic Store in MadisflB. ili 1%M ' ■ miii m ..k ' g!MSSmm KWA - WiSMil INDEX Name ADDING MACHINES Arm-rican Adding Machine Comp.inv BAKtRS Hcilman ' s Vienna Bakery Co BANfCS Bank of Wisconsin Capital City Bank Central U ' lsconsin Trust Co First National Bank- Merchants Savings Savings Loan and Trust BARBERS Bocher, Otto F BEAUTY SHOPS Esser, Mrs. L Manncllo Shop BILLIARD HALLS Mautz Morgan ' s . BOATS Bernard ' s Boat Line. . . , BOOKS AND SUPPLIES College Book Store G. C. Mcrriam Co University Co-Operative Co CAFETERIAS Frank ' s Lunch Lawrence Lunch Ludachka Sisters Tabard Inn Wavside Inn CHIROPODIST Bump, E. L CLEANERS AND DYERS Pantorium Company . . Three Little Tailors CLOTHING AND FURNISHING A. Starr Best Bassett Bassett Brooks Brothers Crescent Clothes Shop Danielson, Mueller Simpson Dockstader Sandberg Endres Conlin Erickson. A. W Grinde. John Hub. The Jerrem ' s Olsen and Veerhusen. Pettibone Bros.. Mfg. Co.. Uniforms Schmedeman Baillie Speth ' s Tetzlaff. E, C University Clothes Shop CONFECTIONERS Borden ' s Condensed Milk Co Chocolate Shop Horlick ' s Malted Milk Keeley ' s Techmcyer U ' altzinger ' s DRUGS AND DRUGGISTS Lewis Drug Store Menges Pharmacies Milwaukee Drug Co Sumner Cramton I ahr Lange DRY GOODS Espenhains Keeley Neckerman Kessenich Thuringer Garbutt- - . Woldenberg ' s Cloak Corner. Simpson Garment Co. . EDUCATIONAL BUREAUS Central Educational Bureau ELECTRIC GOODS— Madison Gas Electric Co. ENGRAVERS— Hammersmiths FLOWERS--New York Flower Co FOUNTAIN PENS— Waterman Fountain Pen Co FUEL Castle Doyle Conklin Sons Coolev. E, F FURNITURE Gold Medal Camp Furniture Co Greig Furniture Co . . Haswell Furniture Co. . GROCERS Calumet Tea 6c Coffee Co Gould. Wells Blackburnc Hatfield. F. B Madison Pure Food Store Piper Bros Railton. B. D TO ADVERTISERS Page Na nif HARDWARE 52 Harris. Samuel -Tools, , Jenkins — Valves (i fi Johnson Service Co. Ventilators 03 Kronrkc Hardware Co Morse Twist Drill Co 619 Neideckcns -Showers . 631 HOSIERY— Holeproof Hosiery Co 630 HOTELS 610 Del Prado 612 New Capital . 662 New Southern Republican House 627 Stratford ICE CREAM 653 American Ice Cream Co 631 Zihsch Pure Milk Co INSURANCE 622 Northwestern Mutual Life 6l9 Wisc ' onsin Life JEWELERS 637 Brochon Bundc Upmeycr 625 Burr Patterson Co 665 Gamms 640 Gilbert Anderson Newman. J. F, 663 Ratcliffe 654 LAUNDRIES. -Alford Bros 654 LEATHER GOODS— Madison Leather Goo 637 LIVERIES 662 Kentzler Bros White. A- O 627 LUMBER — Frederickson. A. D MEAT MARKETS 626 Cudahy Cash Market . 639 Reuter. AG MILLINERY— Duffy. M. A 648 MILK 611 ZUisch Pure Milk Co 652 MUSIC AND MUSIC COLLEGES 668 Gamble Hinged Music Co 627 Wheeler School of Music and Dramatic Art 618 OFFICE SUPPLIES 660 College Book Store 653 Dick. A. B 627 Grimm Bindery 621 Higgins Ink Co 645 Schwab Stamp Seal Co 656 University Co-Operative Co, 612 ORCHESTRAS 635 Thompson ' s . . 645 PAPER— Diamond Paper Co. 624 PHOTOGRAPHERS 641 Curtis De Longe 659 Ford Studio 670 McKillop 621 Photoart 653 Reierson 622 Schneider 63 1 Thomas . , . PIANOS— Aton. W. H 631 PLUMBERS— Owen. Wm 661 PRINTERS 630 BI.ed Printing Co 653 Dow. Louis F. Co. 617 Netherwood Printing Co Print Shop. The 6 7 X isconsin State Journal 648 RAILROADS 662 Southern Wisconsin Ry. Co 662 SEEDS 609 Wing Quality Seeds . SHOES AND REPAIRING 657 Frank Bros .643 Proutv. H. E. — Repairing 649 Walk Over 612 STATIONERY AND PROGRAMS 617 Bunde Upmeycr Print Shop. The 635 Wright Bank Note Co 644 SPORTING GOODS 650 Horsman. E, L Madison Tent Awning Co 650 TAXICAB SERVICE 631 Jefferson Transfer Co 610 THEATRES Fuller 657 Orpheum 642 Varsity 659 TRANSFER 662 Jefferson Transfer Co 632 Motor Service Co 656 TYPEWRITERS -L. C. Smith Co 667 Page 622 641 ,650 656 644 64 5 620 643 632 618 661 622 617 633 655 664 650 634 654 627 651 642 615 615 Co, 63 I 663 662 631 653 661 662 665 646 625 660 653 653 627 640 653 639 636 613 658 616 666 647 629 638 634 635 644 628 626 664 630 614 652 662 657 648 634 664 642 612 631 635 635 659 652 634 623 THE PHILANDERER Come Producers of Clothes philander with one or two of the essentials of their product and neglect the all im- portant third Probably married to fabric value and workmanship, and only flirt with styling. STYLED IN NEW YORK BY guarantee the essentials of fit and service. So do we. but we know that they are styled with an artistic and proper style conception be- yond the general ready-to-wear product. The volume of their product enables us to retail them at far less than you d suppose from the class of their appearance. ' Where Quality Tells and Price Sells ' 668 BOOK INDEX L- Activities Insert Advertising Insert . Advertising Administration Building Administration Insert Agricultural Campus Agricultural Hall- . Agricultural Intercollegiate Debate- Agricultural Faculty Along the Drive . , Alumni Magazine. . Athletic Association Athletic Department Athletics Insert Badger Board Band Barnard Hall Baseball Basket-ball Biology Building. . .314 508 609-672 30 58 24 14 332 59 31 3 30 193 198 192 31b . 381 23.563 . 227-238 .219-226 26 Board of Visitors 41 Bowling 294 Cap Night 191 Cardinal 318 Chadbourne Hall 22. 562 Cheerleader Mac Arthur 193 Chemistry Building 28 190 78 429 434 436 Class Rush Classes Insert Class Societies Friars Inner Gate .-, Iron Cross ; 430 Monastics 432 Mortar Board 438 Mystic Circle 440 Skull and Crescent 435 White Spades 431 Wyslynx 439 Yellow Helmets 433 Clinical Building 29 Clubs 523 A. S. M. E 537 Badger Boat Club 542 Baptist Student Alliance 55 I Catholic Students Association 547 Chemical Engineering Society 539 Chicago Club 529 Chinese Students Club 532 Civil Engineering Society 538 Commercial Club 541 Congressionals 531 Consumers League 557 Country Life Club 535 Das Duetsches Haus 558 Dixie Club 527 F.uthenics Club . Fencing Club Hoosier Club Internationa! Club Live Stock Club Lutheran Student Committee. Menorah Society M. E. Student Choir Mendota Boat Club. . Rocky Mountain Club PreAyterian Student Soc iety Sergeants Inn Ski Club Suffrage League Tayc hopera Toreadors Unity Club L ' . W, Engineering Club U. W. Mining Club Coaches Co-Ed Publications College of Agriculture College of Engineering College of Law College of Letters and Science College of Medicine Commencement Convocations Copyright Crew Cross Country Dances Debating Societies Agricultural Literary Society Athenae Castalia Hesperia Philomathia Pythia Round Table Dedication Editor ' s Foreword Edwin Booth Engineering Building Engineering Faculty Engineers in Camp Exposition Extension Building Extension Division Familiar Scenes Football Forensic Board Forensic " W " Men Fraternities Acacia Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Onega 555 545 530 533 530 554 558 545 543 528 549 554 544 557 556 546 552 536 540 200 322 57 63 67 43 67 79 398 4 239-250 279-282 396 348 342 350 344 346 352 354 6 9 366 15 65 55 399 30 71 36 205-218 326 327 441 474 494 468 480 .479 nonarclis :«;■:; ' atici lo ' ' : l ih ir liosUs —BYRON The student and the co-ed jair Who to our cozy home repair Hill pass their time in high spun glee Because theyWe fed zvell, don t you see. A drinlis a drink, a meaFs a meal Both to Haste ' ' must needs appeal, That ' s zchy, zvhen once they ' ve left our store Thex soon return again for mo:e. It IS our endeavor to furnish bittersweets and other candies that taste Hke " more. " To feature a Sunday evening meal that satisfies a " home-made " appetite. To at all times and in all va ' s please our patrons with " Service. " The Chocolate Shop BOOK INDEX-Continued Fraternities — Continued. Beta Thcta Pi Chi Psi Delta Kappa Epsilon. Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Phi Gamma Kappa Sigma Phi Alpha Delta Phi Beta Pi Phi Delta Phi Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigms Psi Upsilon Red Triangles Sigma Alpha Epsiion Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Theta Delta Chi Triangles . Zeta Psi French Plays Freshman Dec Freshmen Officers Frontispiece German Plays Girls ' Glee Club Golf. Gymnasium Gy mnaslics Half Title . Hamiltonian Haresfoot Honor Societies Alpha Zeta - Artus Beta Gamma Sigma.. Eta Kappa Nu Phi Beta Kappa Phi Lambda Upsilon Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Sigma Tau Beta Pi Theta Sigma Phi Theta Sigma Rho Horse Barn . In and Around the Gym I n Memoriam . I n Summer . . . Intercollegiate Debate In the Y. M. C. A. Joint Debate. . Junior Ex Junior Officers Junior Open. Junior Play Keystone Lathrop Hall Law Building Law Faculty Letters and Science Faculty Library Library School Managers. Mendota at Night Military Ball Military Department Minor Sports Medical Faculty Musical Clubs Music Hall. New Faculty Members N. O. L. Contest North Hall 444 448 472 454 452 4S2 462 41)2 406 490 44t 456 446 4b4 460 48b 470 451 466 47(S 458 488 484 376 340 191 7 377 380 290 20 287 3 337 368 410 420 428 424 417 416 425 422 427 418 423 426 27 37 I I 33 330 38 328 339 182 339 375 21 16 66 45 17 74 2.02 32 392 383 283 70 379 18 76 336 24 Observatory Order of Books. Organizations Insert Orchestra Our Wisconsin Physical Education Dep ' t Platform Press . Prohibition Contest Prom Red Domino Regents Regimental Officers Review of Athletics Satire Satire Insert Scabbard and Blade Science Hall School of Music Self Government S. G. A. Court Senior Officers Senior Open Senior Play Senior Summaries. . Soccer Sophomore Debate Sophomore Officers Sophomore Open Sororities Acoth Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Gamma Delta. . Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta. . Ch i Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi South Hall Special Occasions Spring Carnival Stage . . Stock Pavilion Student Conference Student Court Summer School Swimming Tennis The Final Title Page Track . Union Board University Hall . University Library . Van Hise. Charles R -W;; Club " W Wearers " aWa " Wearers Winter Section Winter Sport . Wisconsin Country Magazine Wisconsin Engineer Wisconsin High School Wisconsin Magazine Women ' s Athletics Women s Editorial Page Wrestling M. C. A. W. C. A. 26 88 414 382 12 73 325 315 337 394 372 39 384 197 565-608 564 390 19 73 357 362 83 338 378 88-181 291 334 187 340 499 521 516 520 510 518 514 512 502 504 506 500 508 25 393 397 365 27 360 359 311 284 290 338 5 251-278 361 . 13 75 42 195 194 196 41 I 393 320 321 75 319 295-310 564 285 27. 524 . 526 w : P T e s s of: LOUIS F, DOIV CO. St. Fault Minnesota M If ' iHiWWWS WwSilHSlJ ilBli j •: v v ' ' ;» C (Vf( ' - uBH '

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