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OL JUNIOR Engravings by MANDEL ENGRAVING CO Milwaukee Press of WRIGHT CE, .TOYS CO. Milwaukee v 'hm VARSITY MAsco'r AR 'X 'Ya 7-.JQ -J-..3 h x , ml.. AM My i ' -2552? "-fs. N.. .V . 55.1 hiv 5 :F A , . ff x A"'-4, 4 . ,, H :2 . - A Xj,..,. " " 'Ria ,MM-fs E Xi'-,H ,gf 7' ,f . , ' A4 I A yi . , -f,,,'wx.. v , .KV rl? ' 5 Table of Contents Page PRELIMINARY BOOK I BOOK II DRAMA BOOK III SECRET SOCIETIES BOOK IV PUBLICATIONS ORATCRY AND DEBATE MUSIC MISCELLANEOUS ORG ANIZATIONIS BOOK VI ATHLETICS BOOK VII LITERATURE BOOK VIII ADVERTISEMENTS CLASSES AND DRAMI REGEXITS AND FACULTX 17 84 O 551 I ' ......... I-I6 . f , I . 85-208 . . . . . . . . . . 17'-189 ' . . . 209-349 , I ,... 350-368 BOOK V. ORGANIZATIONS . . . 369-437 I' 4 .... 369-398 . . . . . . . . . . . 399-410 . I . . 411-43' . .... 438-5092 . 4 .... 503-550 - I . . -600 . K-V-'U "" ' ml' A Jgzi. f X 6 f rt- n D I ,sn WOM 0- -v ::f""4'wi.---- , '1 ' f . If X7 2 ' if M 51 .22 .fi ' 1 li' V X! 5 M D 77 2 17' ,Q - 423 119: . ,, 55 51 ' D 5,3 n , ,. -We yyslyrw. 14 ,ew , ay? vi: ,KZ XFX N4 fmmykag, ' 7 2, w . ,A,,..Q .I fir. 'UAZ 1 ff 'lugf 'S P' if X fl Z9 X ? f ,. f' ,n' "A- .1 .A f fm Fifty-Fourth Annual Commencement The Baccalaureate Address. Address of Welcome ...... Ivy Planter .......... Ivy Oration.. Ivy Ode ........... Farewell to Buildings. Commencement Week ARMORY HALL SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 1907 4:00 P. IVI. UPPER CAMPUS NEONDAY, JUNE 17, 1907 10:00 A. M., Ivy Exercises IWU SIC 7 President Charles R. Van Hise . . . .Thomas J. lNIcClernan . , . . . .John L. Tormey . . . .Otto H. Breidenbach . . . ..Dorothea A. Moll . . . . .Hubert O Wolfe Class History ' ' ' Class Poem . ..,..,........ . Class Day Exercises LIBRARY I-IALL NIONDAY, J UNE 17, 1907-2:30 P. M. Music Class Day Oration .......... Farewell to Underclassrnen Junior Response .......... , Music .................., Class Statistics . ...... . . . . . Presentation of Memorial . . . Acceptance for Faculty ..... Farewell to Faculty ....., Class Prophecy lk' ""' Class Song ........... Farewell Address .... Class Play ..l. Pipe of Peace Oration . .... Junior Acceptance. ..... . FULLER OPERA HOUSE-8:00 P. M. LOWER CANLPUS-11:00 P. M. PIPE or PEACE CEREMONY 8 . . . . . Charles Knight . . . . Margery Roberts . . . . Cora C. Hinkley .. Henry E. Swenson ...........RuthGoe . . .Edgar E. Robinson . . . . . .FrankL. Waller .. Alfred L. Sornmers . . Herbert B. Sanford Prof. M. S. Slaughter . . Arthiu' H. Larnbeck AlvaH. Cook hiay V. Dunn . . . . Loretta H. Carey Thomas J. lVIcClernan "Just Out of College" . . . . . . August C. Krey . Claudius lVI. Hopkins SENIOR CLASS PLAY ?S ' A - v , .Ja Q - 7 ' q -5' 3' :X Tl-IE SENIO W LASS PLA 2 L . lj 5 ig 1 :L - f.q-.- 2-ff-.sp YW . - -n-w.zlA f Musnsf VF 1 comsm' Will FULLER OPERA HOUSE JUNE 17, 1907 "JUST OUT OF COLLEGE" By George Ade CAST or CHARACTERS Edward Worthington Swinger-Just out of College .......... . Septirnius Pickering, wealthy pickle manufacturer ......... . Bradford, a bookkeeper. ....................... . Mason, college chum of Swinger . . Book Agent .................. Train Caller. ..... . Ticket Agent ....., Insurance Agent . . . EX-Collegian .............. . Rufus, an office boy .... ............... Prof. Bliss, Apostle of repose ............. Caroline Pickering, daughter of Septimius Jones a female business man y, . .......... . Luella Pickering, wife of Septimius ..... Miss McCormick, a stenographer ..,. Aunt Julia of Duluth. .......... . . News Stand Girl ............... .... Busy Lady Traveller .................... Lonesome Lady Traveller ................ . . . Allen C. Hibbard . lVIilton R. Stanley . . . . . Chas. R. Clark . . ..... Jerry Coe . . . Chas. A. Madsen .. Robt. F. Egelhoff . . . Chas. A. lVIadson Jas.B.Read DavidBogue . Genevieve A. Scott Josephine B. Hanson . . . . lVIay L. Holmes Pearl lVI. H'Doubler .... Ella B. Gillillon Cora C. Hinkley . , . Iva L. Buchanan . . . . . . Byrrd Nlorse Miss Genevieve Chizzle, a candid friend ..... .... M artha Ferguson ....SusieI.Desmond ........Lil1eyYoung g ' .... Elizabeth H. Owen Bingo Girls ...... Eleanor Smith . .. Iva Buchanan . . . . ...... .......... ...... ..,....,.. ..... E l v a Harker Byrrdhlorse SYNOPSIS ACT I. Interior of office in the Pickering Perfect Pickle Factory. ACT H. Pickle Department of the Pure Food Exposition. ACT III. Railway Station. ' EXECUTIVE STAFF Director .......... ..... C has. H. Hall Properties. .... .... A llen C. Hibbard Manager. ........... .... W rn. H. Sprage Press Agent . . . . .. ...... . Jerry Coe Assistant Manager . . . .... H. L. Gray Advertising. . ......... Paul E. Stark CLASS PLAY COMTMITTEE Robert W. Lea Margaret Frankenburger VVilliarn H. Sprauue Letta H. Whelan Leon Gray Frieda G. Wehrnbhoff Milton R. Stanley Genevieve A. Scott Frank Bennet 10 Alumni Meetings UNIVERSITY HALL TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 1907, 10:00 A. M. Annual Business Meeting of Alumni Association ARMORY HALL - 1:00 P. M. Alumni Dinner SPEAKERS Toastmaster - Burr 'W. Jones, '70 President Charles R. Van Hise Ex-Governor W. D. I-Ioard Charles R. Evans, '81 Artluu' Larnbeck, '07 Alumni Reunions 8:00 P. M. COMMEN CEMENT DAY VVEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 UPPER CAMPUS - 9:00 A. M. University Procession ARMORY HALL- 9:30 A. M. COINIMENCEMENT EXERCISES hlusic-Grand March ..... .................................... ........... b y Chr. Bach Prayer ......... .,.......................................... .... T h e Rev. Mr. Updike Nlusic-Serenade, for Flute and Horn ..... ................. .................. b y Titl ORATIONS Henry A. Hirshberg ..... .........................,..... . . ."Crime and Technicalitiesv Augustus J. Rogers, Jr .................,... .......... . . ."Science in Agriculture" hlusic-Los Toros-Suite La F eria .......... ..... b y Lacorne ORATIONS Frank NI. Warner .............,..,... .................. .......... ' ' A Constructive Profession" Horace F. Secrist ............................ ............. ' 'The Guarantee of Industrial Liberty" Nlusic-The Nightingale and the Thrush .................... by Klengel CONFERRING or DEGREES lVIusic-Festival Procession ................................ by hfassenet CONFERRING or THE HONORARY DEGREE OF DOCTOR or LAWS lVIusic-Wedding hiarch-Midsummer N ight's Dream ............................. by Mendelssohn ANNOUNCEMENTS Address to the Graduating Class ................................ .... P resident Van Hise Response by the Class Benediction ARMORY HALL--3:00 P. M. Orchestra Concert by Bachis Nlilwaukee Orchestra . The President's House ' 4:00 to 6:00 P. IVI. Reception to the Alumni and other friends of the University ARMORY HALL-8:00 to 10 130 P. M. Alumni Reception and Promenade Concert, followed by a ball 11 ., if X Z Z X ix 1' 7 X0 u , J g ,V I 5 S -5 1? F' f YZ E ' N HTKEP " '94 V . Sn. . T275 gs 2 1 U 1 J 'nxt ff l l tx ' W l A KR iz is may q - - , ' N7 - f sir. ' ' 'lo-Keno- Calendar U of W ACADEMIC YEAR 1907-8 FIRST SEMESTER Opens September 26. Closes February 12. Examinations for Admission, Tuesday and VVednesday, September 24 and 25. Registration Days, September 23 to 25. First Recitations, Thursday lVIorning, September 26. Legal Holiday, Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28. Christmas Recess, Monday, December 23 to January 2, inclusive. Examination Week, First Semester, February 3 to 12. SECOND SEMESTER Opens Monday, February 17. Closes June 17. Registration Days, Second Semester, Thursday and Friday, February 13 and 14. Legal Holiday, Saturday, February 22. Easter Recess, April 16 to 20, inclusive. Legal Holiday, Saturday, May 30. Examination week, Second Semester, June 6 to 12. Examinations for Admission to the University, June 11 and 12. Commencement, Wednesday, June 17. 12 CHEMICAL LAB SCIENCE HA BU REAU UPPER cz ev! and fgcuh-QM "fE55fJL 1i5fH""""'l if 4 ll! ", K W 6' ' 44 I If ,g X 1 I f 'X EQTXEIII im H H D W W if Way IWW H JY ' 11 if 554V ff i uf Txhrggual 9 mu Iunmlullllwulllllulmuululunlum I xx: lx if ! f 4 an -JH" 4' fi NN " 'fi-u , HU' 4 X W' 1.-...YQ WW"" Iwi X ?i5' 4 I I X .Gb m l W . ""'L"'l:25'iiiiF: z:::::::m:::.::" "" ':: e-,gy-..,..... ' 'ur Zupflnal lglgpllllnrmnngnfnrurnn-In-ii? 'I ' i I I E551 --5 ---41 I '- sill-IEFAJVAV-iflflllgllil IAWH Hi I Lin 'lf A':7.-41..-..- .. H-I II 21. fy- Aw 1 Q ,lp f ' K '71'!'?" , ' - ----,, ll ,um ,I-V4--V - - ,, H" 1,1 Plata? AT ui rv!! V f ' A H l 7 1lh. f -1 r 1' 'A " f I is 0 L 1 Y 1 um' W "'5'I li ff Q ' 9 K X D' M Srl 1 ' M -1 '1 4' 1". I , , '- Q 1 f 411 1 , ' f' K ,-. :-"'i911- -fwvf '-1 1 'J I f f 4 - . -Af-14 NA -M1 - , , -, f ,,g ,mga ,1-1 - " 'E 1- 7 1 1f Y f'2'9Q"f6i'Zi5 I ' v i ' ' fl, 1, 1 X15 1-E1 -W1-'XX wr - 1 Zi X 1"119'QVff5lf 5 1f M521 1 13 '1:a1,51-5 - W - L 1211 W ' . - - ' X .. . 'F 1 .L '511'-N1 ,1 ": . "J- , lti' gl E:gQA w 3g- 4 gf , Q 'xgm:nnunnn-Imnmlug.-ullulntrrl1.lllmmuuuxm- ,'Ayf'f?,p!Iyk.f, ' hiffflr-Q' X --. I 'R --1-12 ff-nmyul, 1:41 'f' ' 5 aj k - . A l ll ' ,,,,, 41-Gift ,Ql.'5afQ?f!yf.Y 21 1 15 1 -- 1.9-J ,HX 'X ' 2192-ifri' I ' I .' ' U-vi' u - I Hkiziufi' - -X ,fp X - . qv- ,,..-,,, :ga . - . 45,-' 4.41.1 N My '- 1 4 .4-,px 1'.' ,-K-nf, 4,, . ,TN ':: Lp f 04: -, 'R --.Ms- E V I Lffj -- x 15, -j :M xx og .f I T! .Q ,gf pf XM M 3-'F I Q K egyflhyiis ii- I , , Yi IA-I4 2 -I Fizz' -5 2- '.1..141' nm ' , -5 17-.1 - " , 121.2 J - 4,1 ,, 1 .- .. ,J E l ' 1 I- ' 4 XN1 :':mm""'Illl1-q"'f, K 1 rm 1 A I lhigv li aa?"-1 ll: ' ,mann unn '.l',-ITAA 1 ' 4 5 u ' 'b , x IE n I IL: 1 . A xx. x . , -- it 5 i!! , . . ax A X. T' ' E 4 , 5 fyfmf Q Q I 0 ' -f' '11-,.j. 1 wil! ' F1p'.!"" ' I .L W , 5 lf- - . B OARD OF REGENT5 .JW .4 QQ: I F' - A far fx A S 'bf' il tl I 'many "-h'-?m-?'- erfmnsxmia, n Y Q ETH? WQMQH' . ' I'-ff' D E - , T si LA I gl IFU I ff. -"EB IE gk F f A ,' IG 3 l'AI -fail!! 5 S b--....... , ,X 'm imglmuj' I I R y T H ' Asw- : M I if ' 1 .. ffift- fe w y M- f - ! Charles R. Van Hise, Presidentiof the University, Ex-officio Charles P. Cary, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ex-oflicio STATE-AT-LARGE lVIagnus Swenson, liladison W. D. Hoard, Fort Atkinson CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS First District ..... . .,................................. ...... P liny Norcross, Janesville Second District ..... .... .....,.. L u cien S. Hanks, Madison Third District ...... ......,... E nos Lloyd-Jones, Hillside Fourth District. . . . . ,.., Frederick C. Thwaits, Milwaukee Fifth District ..... .... J ames F. Trottman, Blilwaukee Sixth District ..,.... ............ lv I. C. Blead, Plymouth Seventh District .... .,.....,.... E dward Evans, La Crosse Eighth District ..... .... B Irs. Florence G. Buckstaff, Oshkosh Ninth District ...... ....,..... . . .Gustave Keller, Appleton Tenth District ...... , . ..... George F. lVIerrill, Ashland Eleventh District ..... ...........,. .,.., A . P. Nelson, Grantsburg OFFICERS W. D. Hoard ..... ............. ............. ........ l J r esident A. H. Dahl, The State Treasurer. . ......... . . . Ex-officio Treasurer lVI. E. lVIcCai'frey ....... ....... ..... A c ting Secretary L. J. Pickarts ...........,... ....,.,......... ,......... ..,....... B I I rsar Edna Fewson ..... ..........................,.. P urchasing Agent THE BOARD or VISITORS 1907-1908 Thomas E. Brittingham H. S. Youker ......,... Mlrs. Webster Brown. . . J. A. Hagemann ....... H. C. Buell .......,... lVIrs. O. D. Brandenburg Dr. W. J. Pearce ...... Andrew D. Agnew. .. . . Bruno Fink .......... A. C. Prescott .... ..... John E. McConnell.. . . Miss Rose Swart ...... James H. Elmore ..... W. J. Wallrich ..... Louis K. Luse .... 16 ........lVIadison . . . .Grand Rapids Rhinelander . . . .Fort Atkinson . . . . . . Janesville ..,.., Madison . . . . Dodgeville . , . . Milwaukee . . . . Milwaukee . . . . Sheboygan . . . . .La Crosse . . . . . . Oshkosh . . . .Green Bay . . . .Shawano . . . . Superior oor.Llzc.ra oP,LlzTTr5FiE AND Erouzucznz 1 . A 6 .E e 2 A M A Z gt' Faculty Charles Richard Van Hise, Sigma Xi, President of the University. B. M. E., University of Wisconsin, 1879. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1880. NI. S., University of Wisconsin, 1882. , 1892. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin L. L. D., Yale University, 1903. L. L. D., University of Chicago, 1904. John Barber Parkinson, Vice-President of the University. Professor of Constitutional and International Law. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1860. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1863. Edward Asahel Birge, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Dean of College of Letters and Science and Professor of Zoology. A. B., Williams College, 1873. A. M., Williams College, 1875. Ph. D., Harvard University, 1878. Sc. D., Western University of Pennsylvania, 1897. L. L. D., Williams College, 1903. Thomas Sewall Adams, Phi Beta Kappa, Associate Professor of Political Economy. A. B., Johns Hopkins University, 1896. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1899. Charles Elmer Allen, Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Associate Professor of Botany. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1899. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Sigma Xi, Emmett Dunn Angell, Assistant Professor of Physical Training. 17 A.D NELSON JAMES F TQ. OTTMI-NH W.g HOgRD cquwmr MAGNUS UNIVERSITY REGENTS Charles Russell Bardeen, Sigma Xi, Dean of College of hledicine and Professor of Anatomy. A. B., Harvard University, 1893. BI. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1897. James Lowell Bartlett, Phi Kappa Phi, Observer, Weather Bureau CU. SJ, and Assistant Professor of Meteo1'ology. B. S., Massacliusetts Agricultural College, 1897. B. S., Boston University, 1897. Arthur Beatty, Assistant Professor of English. B. A., University of Toronto, 1893. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1897. Eliot Blackwelder, Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Xi, Assistant Professor of Geology. A. B., University of Chicago, 1901. Willard Grosvenor Bleyer, Delta Upsilon, Assistant Professor of English. B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1896. BI. L., University of Wisconsin, 1898. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Boyd Henry Bode, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. A. B., University of lV1ichigan, 1897. Ph. D., Cornell University, 1900. Harold Cornelius Bradley, Delta Upsilon, Sigma Xi, Assistant Professor of Physiological Chemistry. A. B., University of California, 1900. Ph. D., Yale University, 1905. Durward Earle Burchell, Professor of Business Administration. A. B., Columbia University, 1904. A. NI., Columbia University, 1905. William B. Cairns, Delta Upsilon, Assistant Professor of American Literature. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1890. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. 'l'Victor CofEn, Assistant Professor of European History. A. B., Dalhousie College, 1887. Ph. D., Cornell University, 1893. is.. John Rogers Commons, Professor of Political Economy. A. B., Oberlin College, 1888. A. M., Oberlin College, 1900. George Cary Comstock, Director of Washburn Observatory. Director of Graduate School. Professor of Astronomy. Ph. B., University of Michigan, 1877. L. L. B., University of Wisconsin, 1883. Sc. D., University of Micliigan, 1907. L. L. D., University of Illinois, 1907. 'On leave of absence, first semester, 1907-8. 920 MW ET? M 0,65 Ugfyg TVA r 'Y-I 'Fi - ' qgr- , 1 093012 . ' of ' 3 fffl.lliY 'gy NKQ flanxxxx NSW QE mum 9 ,HIL I l"'l Xl u u viii: ff, .,.iz:a'i1?ixa" - U00000DnooG1oneOooo0ooaoooooaaowooo U :surf , -'-.sf-f1::'-viww aww:-3 u' vi "' "N ' 1 ' 0 9 :-,,si:e35s5a"::,3g52'w O ,:,fv:i1i5? 1::S:E?.15 . 1,-51 1' fy. .Q QA. -vnu Jn ' ?'f?s1.4?XSa D 4 D , 1- ,- . 5. Q- - . n - ' - . - 33.351 :I-lb Lk , .1 .15 .q..:z:qf:?i1 Q ok t Z.: Ei. ' 1- P5020 :S A 'P WHS' :infra 9 0 :J-Ev-4 . ,vw-M' -ww:-rw f 1 ..-.: 5 z., - if .22 0 in .3 'iff' 3 ip., . ' n - .' Q- ..- W nf' I. ,I ul ' ' y c- X - u , C M C' B 4 V a Q . - Q U r 1 EAA REE? 'liz U U C2 X 1 UI l Q ,I 4 -A D V 1 f 7 7 ,Q 1: F1 QV 0 6XXQg fin? DWF dfsf- Xqg J 9 V f. s M QIJ 3 XXX ggi E Q Q X? qggm .QLEM Qi gl U :::?c:a0 ri: wmv Dlllflil anov m w tgxsvcn xx f CHARLES RICHARD VAN Hlsm President of the University M QE John Vvilliam Cunliffe, Professor of English. B. A., University of London, 1884. 1VI. A., University of London, 1886-88. D. Lit., University of London, 1892. William Willard Daniels, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry. B. S., Michigan Agricultural College, 1864. BI. S., Michigan Agricult1.u'al College, 1867. Sc. D., Michigan Agricultural College, 1898. Walter Fenna Dearborn, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi-Numa Theta, Assistant Professor of Education. A. B., Wesleyan University, 1900. A. lVI., Wesleyan University, 1903. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1905. Alfred Lewis Pinneo Dennis, Professor of European History. A. B., Princeton University, 1896. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1901. Rollin Henry Denniston, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Assistant Professor of Botany. Ph. G., University of Wisconsin, 1897. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1899. Ph. D., University, 1904. Thomas Hubert Dickinson, Assistant Professor of English. B. Ph., Ohio State University, 1899. A. M., Columbia University, 1900. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Robert Elkin Neil Dodge, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant Professor of English. A. B., Harvard University, 1889. A. M., Harvard University, 1891. Sigma Xi, Linnaeus Wayland Dowling, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Xi, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Ph. D.. Clark University, Worcester, Blass., Edward Charles Elliot, Phi Kappa Psi, Professor of Education. B. S., University of Nebraska, 1895. M. A., University of Nebraska, 1897. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1905. James Claude Elsom, Director of Gymnasium. Professor of Physical Training. M. D., Medical College of Virginia, 1889. Richard Theodore Ely, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of Political Economy. A. B., Columbia University, 1879. A. M., Columbia University, 1879. Ph. D., University of Heidelberg, 1879. L. L. D., Hobard College, 1892. 22 1895 . Delta Phi - 5' 3 . - f 1 4 .' -1"-"1" Q 3 - ', 1 . I. " 'N OQD?'9 Gb ., rg ?' fQ41q':.Q-', " 30 I n 3 if V - -14 -' -" ' - .. : 53 ' ' 3 ' "' - ' 1. . . liilllh 4 XQ IIIIQDIXX MQW MW il DQ 1 Tmwmu waz' II r"'p . fin, ' n"P:'h U Oooo Go also gonzo no ooo nomo 0 o 000 no o now U . E:EZ??fita. . '. J-o,':w,4,g. . -- .3 -,nu-giv-,-., -1-nv-sg.:-:k.,,'., .9'a:5'f-.0 -':."-.- , Y s.,xg1a:4L.agQ :r'o..'.4. ga, C7 ,., gQn.,f ' ,'.24.2:.fp: .pe ..-z.:--w rw- . 'J'.'.' -:'L- . --.'-:HJ .C ,,tAa,-. A .-.p 1 1.,,,rr , u 1 .,l f , I 'a , pf.: - us. D Q .9 1 ,pf ,1.,,a,,u -,vnu -'.'27"" Y," 1 'I ' 'Ry 0 0 0. ly! s .- i v ll"l 'Snow ' -2H4ff."'X"'i"1:- .3598 rif e " -'-":! ' 1 'f:3'5" " "i!- .f . . Q :gay-gg-., ,-:.gg1.3L'f!', - 'Q 0 .glam , " ,,v::..1ffi. b -, xy? .:.:u'gs, an - 1. I fag. o . . O ' . ' K X 'i' I .'u dy G B ,, V Av Q QT gil u - E Z E 'Wm UOREEZZ il cr a 3-cl U 1 UL guczn murzrf IDQL C101 U ex n ,aff 5 -5 H ffgffgp Q 09 ja? fqwo u fa U55 Ulf U ,G G 0 I 9 Sm QR QQ 4:3090 my 5 XXL, QQYKQXWQQ Q i V Qwkzb D iffmb Q U QUE Uncsiuucarzs: 1:71-4am u xx A 4 Q Kean , U-A Ego! JOHN BARBER PARKINSON Vice-President of the University E Joseph Erlanger, Professor of Physiology. B. S., University of California, 1895. NI. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1899. A Marshall Blakemore Evans, Beta Theta Pi. Assistant Professor of German. A. B., Boston University, 1896. A. NI., University of Bonn, Germany, 1902. Ph. D., University of Bonn, Germany, 1902. Richard Fischer, Sigma Xi, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy. Ph. C., University of lVI.iehigan, 1892. B. S., University of Nlichigan, 1894. Ph. D., University of Marburg, 1900. Carl Russel Fish, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Associate Professor of American History. A. B., Brown University, 1897. 4 A A. M., Harvard University, 1898. ,7 . ' -'gf' Ph. D., Harvard University, 1900. W2 ff' ' 1522 George Converse Fiske, Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, '14, ,',9f V Assistant Professor of Latin. Niff A. B., Harvard University, 18941. Ph. D., Harvard University, 1900. J Albert Stowell Flint, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Ki, Z 4 Astronomer. ij A. B., Harvard University, 1875. H, f 9 A. M., University of Cincinnati, 1880. - John Charles Freeman, Alpha Delta Phi, 'JJ QfQQfN'T',4, 1 Professor of English Literature. "' " fm My B. A., University of Michigan, 1868. f hi. A., University of Michigan, 1871. U g xg B. D., University of Chicago, 1872. gf L. L. D., University of Chicago, 1880. y A v William Dodge Frost, fu 01" Associate Professor of Bacteriology. B. S., University of Minnesota, 1893. -WW NI. S., University of Minnesota, 1894. Q Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1903. W Otis Amsden Gage, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, ,S K Assistant Professor of Physics. ' "1 Ph. B., University of Rochester, 1899. Lucy Maria Gay, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. l B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1882. ttWilliam Frederic Giese, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Associate Professor of Romance Languages. A. B., Harvard University, 1889. A. M., Harvard University, 1890. Stephen Wa1'ren Gilman, Phi Delta Phi, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Commercial Law. L. L. B., University of ,Wisconsin, 1899. Scott Holland Goodnight, Kappa Sigma, Assistant Professor of German. B. L., Eureka College, 1898. M. A., Eureka College, 1901. Ph. D., University of Wisconsiii, 1905. On leave of absence for academic year, 1907-8. 24 Edward Blerriam Griffith, Delta Upsilon, State Forester and Lecturer in Forestry. Yale University. Robert Almer Harper, Sigma Xi, Professor of Botany. A. B., Oberlin College, 1886. A. BI., Oberlin College, 1891. Ph. D., University of Bonn, Germany, 1896. Charles Henry Hawes, Lecturer in Anthropology. BI. A., Trinity College, England, 1903. YAlexander Rudolph Hohfelcl, Professor of German. Ph. D., University of Leipzig, 1888. Samuel Jackson Holmes, Sigma Xi Assistant Professor of Zoology. B. S., University of California, 1893. BI. S., University of California, 1894. Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1897. Frank Gaylord Hubbard, Chi Psi, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of the English Language. A. B., VV1lli3.111S College, 1880. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1887. Caroline Louisa Hunt, Delta Gamma, Phi Beta Kappa Professor of Home Economics. A. B., Northwestern University, 1888. Charles Pelton Hutchins, Alpha Delta Phi, Professor of Physical Training. BI. D., Long Island College Hospital, 1897. Joseph Jastrow, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Professor of Psychology. A. B., University of Pennsylvania, 1882. A. M., University of Pennsylvania, 1885. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1886. Louis Albert Berthold Kahlenberg, Sigma Xi, Professor of Chemistry. B. S., University of 'Wiseonsin, 1892. NI. Sc., University of Wisconsin, 1898. Ph. D., University of Leipzig, Germany, 1895. Alexander Kerr, Emeritus Professor of Greek Language and Literature. A. B., Beloit College, 1855. A. NI., Beloit College, 1858. 'On leave of absence for academic year, 1907-8. 525 . ,j-'.'f"z',,- C3 5 I' '. .i .-I, - page .. , i . .1 . GZTYLSQQ7 ,G A as 044.3333 lllmnxx WW WW ..... UQ 11 M nn: yH'11""'T 4.5 - ff, , 1,- ,-zg'-gfgaxik . U000O0aeo0qg.0oo0mooo ohm aQo nog 0 'Q-nf? an1f,Ge?h'- - :3':,'.'1,,a,Q:F,:a lp 1 fkh 0 Q ' 1 l -I I 4" -. wQ Q 35555735155522112 -:sam--,.-A: .Q,10Y:'1 ff- , CD cb ,'f.:.:,1::4s'- Q-2'-'esszwfza - 1'll'..A"h .-5 ,-1 ,' -'56, , OD 9 Hour .plz 'fn ,Q u-,ag 1545? rzzyr- N- . :5::ig.5.f-. gf"Qg5g,. .- Q ,- 3-1:.:.::..41 x - . A 0 1 . ' ' .I ' .' zgigfhzm ' ' .3353-5 ' 3: Q. '..-g:sj.,:f,! 1.3:-' W',g,f6 b ' Q 37 . :,f :Mb ,Ql:fan ,,. evl why - -2.4: ' -. he: 5 1, - 4' Q? -' 9-'I 'T TH Z 'E-vo - " . ' - 1 - - . . n - J f - We . ' ...- dj Q B .5 V P 09' Q . W W D my i 2 U T - D N bg D73 E1 70 1JD E M BQ n U0 Q, ? ,QQ Z 1 6 H Gm Eg 5 5' Q 0 Y? gif 5 E XXX L-ggi? E 5 mwoiqgxg Ligif Q ?1nn.::iai1:nXsgEpv vQ . 3?7 0 oucacrazg X K 6- ' Qc.: K 1:99 EDWARD ASAHEL B1RGE Dean of the College of Letters and Svience 7kEdward Kremers, Delta Upsilon, , Director of Course in Pharmacy. Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Ph. G., University of Wisconsin, 1886. B. S., University of Yvisconsin, 1888. Ph. D., University of Goettingen, 1890. Arthur Gordon Laird, Alpha Tau Omega, Associate Professor of Greek and Comparative Philology A. B., Dalhousie College, 1889. Ph. D., Cornell University, 1891. Henry Burrows Lathrop, Phi Beta Kappa, Associate Professor of English. A. B., Harvard University, 1889. Charles Kenneth Leith, Alpha Chi Sigma, Sigma Xi, Professor of Geology. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1897. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1901. Victor Lenher, Alpha Chi Sigma, Sigma Xi, Professor of Chemistry. B. S., University of Pennsylvania. Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1898. TMaX Otto Lorenz, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant Professor of Political Economy. A. B., University of Iowa, 1899. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Rollo Lu Verne Lyman, Sigma Chi, Phi Alpha Tau, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory. A. B., Harvard University, 1903. William Stanley Marshall, Psi Upsilon, Associate Professor of Entomology. B. S., Swarthmore College, 1888. Ph. D., University of Leipzig, 1892. Abby Shaw ltlayhew, Assistant Professor of Physical Training. Physical Culture, Wellesley College. Charles McCarthy, Lecturer in Political Science. Ph. B., Brown University, 1896. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1901, Ralph McCoy, Delta Tau Delta, First Lieutenant 27th U. S. Infantry. ' Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Evander Bradley McGilvary, Kappa Alpha, Professor of Philosophy. A. B., Davidson University, 1884. I A. 1VI., Princeton University, 1888. Ph. D., University of California, 1897. f'On leave of absence, first semester, 1907-8. TOn leave of absence, second semester, 1907-8. 28 if Charles Elwood hflendenhall, Phi Beta Kappa. Professor of Physics. B. S., Bose Polytechnic Institute, 1894. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1898. "'Balthasar Henry hleyer, 4 hiember of VVisconsin Railroad Commission. Professor of Political Economy. B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1894. Ph. D., University of VVisconsin, 1897. Jessie lN'Iartha hleyer, Mistress of Chadbourne Hall. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1879. William Snow Miller, Sigma Xi, Associate Professor of Anatomy. BI. D., Yale University, 1879.9 Dana Carleton Munro, Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of European History. A. B., Brown University, 1887. A. M., Brown University, 1890. Julius Emil Olson, Psi Upsilon, Professor of Scandinavian Languages and Literature. B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1884. BI. Vincent O'Shea, Professor of the Science and Art of Education. B. L., Cornell University, 1892. James Bertram Overton, Sigma Xi, Assistant Professor of Botany. Ph. B., University of Michigan, 1894. Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1901. Edward Thomas Owen, Psi Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa Professor of French and Linguistics. A. B., Yale University, 1872. "fUlrich Bonnell Phillips, Alpha Tau Omega, Assistant Professor of American History. A. B., University of Georgia, 1897. A. M., University of Georgia, 1899. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1902. James Francis Augustine Pyre, Beta Theta Pi, Assistant Professor of English Literature. B. L., University of Wisconsin, 18992. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. Mazyclc Porcher Ravenel, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Mu Pi Omega On leave of absence. Professor of Bacteriology. M. D., South Carolina Medical College. Q9 Frank Otis Reed, Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. A. B., Amherst College, 1899. A. M., Harvard University, 1904. Ph. D., Harvard University, 1905. 1'Paul Samuel Reinsch, Delta Upsilon, Professor of Political Science. A. B., University of Vilisconsin, 1892. L. L. B., University of Wfisconsin, 18942. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1898. Edwin Carl Lothar Clemens Roedder, Assistant Professor of German Philology. A. B., Grand Ducal Gymnasium, 1891. A. B., University of Michigan, 1893. A. BI., University of lVIichigan, 1894. Ph. D., University of Michigan, 1898. Edward Alsworth Ross, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Beta Kappa Professor of Sociology. A. B., Coe Coe College, 1886. - Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1891. Robert Bruce Scott, Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Assistant Professor of Political Science. Ph. B., University of Pennsylvania, 1895. William Amasa Scott, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Director of Course in Commerce. Professor of Political Economy. A. B., University of Rochester, 1886. A. BI., University of Rochester, 1887. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1892. George Clark Sellery, Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Director of Summer Session. Associate Professor of European History. B. A., University of Toronto, 1897. Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1901. Frank Chapman Sharp, Chi Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of Philosophy. A. B., Amherst College, 1887. Ph. D., University of Berlin, 1892. Grant Showerman, Assistant Professor of Latin. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1896. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1897. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1900. Ernest Brown Skinner, Beta Theta Pi, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. A. B., Ohio University, 1888. Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1900. "'On leave of absence, second semester, 1907-B. 30 lNIoses Stephen Slaughter, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of Latin. A. B., University of De Pauw, 1883. A. hi., University of De Pauw, 1886. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1891. Charles Sumner Slichter, Sigma Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Professor of Applied Mathematics. B. S., Northwestern University, 1885. M. S., Northwestern University, 1887. Charles Forstan Smith, Chi Psi, Professor of Greek and Classical Philology. A. B., Wofford College, 1872 A. M., Wolford College, 1875. Ph. D., Leipzig University, 1881. Hugh Allison Smith, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of Romance Languages. A. B., University of Missouri, 1897. hi. A., University of hlissouri, 1898. XBenjamin Warner Snow, Delta Upsilon, Sigma Xi, Professor of Physics. B. S., Cornell University, 1885. Ph. D., University of Berlin, 1892. Samuel Edwin Sparling, Sigma Chi, Assistant Professor of Political Science. A. B., University of Indiana, 1892. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1896. Susan Adelaide Sterling, Assistant Professor of German. B. L., University of WVisconsin, 1879. hi. L., University of Wisconsin, 1896. Henry Charles Taylor, Associate Professor of Political Economy. B. Agr., Iowa State College, 1896. ' M. S. Agr., Iowa State College, 1898. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1902. Albert Willis Tressler, Inspector of Schools. A. B., University of lvlichigan, 1891. Frederick Jackson Turner, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of American History. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1884. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1888. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1890. Edward Burr Van Vleck, Phi Nu Theta, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of Mathematics. A. B., Wesleyan University, 1884. A. M., Wesleyan University, 1887. Ph. D., University of Groetingen, Germany. 'On leave of absence, second semester, 1907-8. 31 ,affix , s f X X. X Flux. X 19 nm I ea'-11' mba ,X ,sr I L- 1 Y .. N BB., 'Q :S ll 'pink tv : " .-rf .7l,Z' 1 Voss, Ernest Karl Johann Heinricl Professor of German Philology. Ph. D., University of Leipzig, 1895. James Henri Walton, Jr., Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Xi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. B. S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1899. Ph. D., University of Heidelberg, 1903. William Holrns Williams, 'Professor of Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1876. ll Phi Gamma Delta, Alexander Newton Winche , ' P fessor of Mineralogy and Petrology Assistant ro B. S., University of Minnesota, 1896. NI. S., University of Minnesota, 1897. Ph. D., University of Paris, 1900. Cora Stranahan Woodward, Alpha Phi, Advisor of Women. Z 4-QE" 32 ,C On H H !,. V Ei. , '4 No! Nil D0 I 1 21-'iii - ' ' l Q' Tue UTHERWM f 5 352:14 I N' i 'f if Z 9 ,B fi,-Q? 'QIK4 -'X 2 fa f 4, 1 .1 Z Iliff A F lfdgylyt. X J' feng, ! 25: Q?" f P ui ' - ' fir: Tai- I.. , 6' . .T . yi" y f f . i i if 2 f . 1- .lf'f.'fw,'fH'1"':f W N' 'MW Q 'W 72, f ' .WW 1 - 4' -f y I ,. f fr f- f l I V ml All -1' llllll 7 my fsnl '.l . ff ff , w-.4 Z ji V' K '. " fe 'M if 27 ' -fi it 'Q 71 " 1 Ai f,f,,,f -IV! 'M :ae p m X-ff: f v Z Instructors and Assistants ' Loyal Blaine Aldrich, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant in Physics. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Bennett Mills Allen, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in Anatomy. Ph. B., DePauw University, 1898. Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1903. Katherine Allen, Delta Gamma, Instructor in Latin. B. L., University of VVisconsin, 1887. Ph. D., University of VVisconsin, 1898. Ruth Florence Allen, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant in Botany. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1905. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Florence Eliza Allen, Delta Delta Delta, Phi Beta K Instructor in Mathematics. B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1900. 1VI. L., University of Wisconsin, 1901. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Charles Henry Ambler, Assistant in American History. A. B., West Virginia University, 1904-. A. IVI., Nvest Virginia University, 1905. John Bertram Andrews, Assistant in Political Economy. B., University of VVisconsin, 1904. M., Dartmouth College, 1905. F'? E. G. Arzberger, Assistant in Botany. Ph. B., University oi Wisconsin, 1906. 33 Sigma Xi anna, lVIargaret Eliza Aslunum, Assistant in English. Ph. B., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Elizabeth Elliott Atkinson, Pi Beta Phi, Assistant in Physical Training. University of Illinois. William Louis Ba.iley, Assistant in Political Science. 111. A., Queens University, Kingston, 1904. Erma 1VIay Bashford, Kappa Gamma Delta, Instructor in Elocution. A. B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1904. Graduate of Ohio Wesleyan School of Oratory. Harry Kendall Bassett, Lecturer in Education. B. S., Teachers' College, Columbia Univers Frances Campbell Berkeley, Instructor in English. A. B., Columbia University, 1902. A. M., Columbia University, 1904. Miles W. Birkett, Kappa Sigma, Student Assistant in Military Science. George David Birkholii, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Instructor in Mathematics. A. B., Harvard University, 1905. - A. M., Harvard University, 1906. Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1907. Julian Raymond Blackman, Beta Theta Pi, Assistant in Physiology. A. B., University of Nebraska, 190Q. NI. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1906. Leonard Bloomfield, Phi Beta Kappa Assistant in German A. B., Harvard University, 1906. James Ten Broeck Bowles, Alpha Tau Omega Chemist, Hygiene Laboratory. Ph. C., University of Michigan, 1906. B. S., University of Michigan, 1907. Frank Kellog Brainard, Tau Beta Pi, Assistant in Physics. B. S., Michigan Agricultural College. Joseph Granger Brandt, Assistant in Latin. Ph. B., Lawrence University, 1903. J. Marshall Brannon, Assistant in Botany. B. A., University of North Dakota, 1907. 3-1- ity, 1907 1 A. Louis Breslich, Instructor in Hellenistic Greek. A. B., Beren, Ohio, 1897. Ph. D., University of Wvisconsin, 190-L. Robert K. Brewer, Alpha Zeta Sigma, Assistant in Chemistry. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1907 . Benjamin Vililliam Bridgman, Assistant in Physics. Ph. B., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Friedrich Bruns, Instructor in German. A. B., VVantburg College, 1901. W" BI. A., University of Wisconsin, 1904. I N 1 Ll!! ' Robert Campbell, ' QW' B. A., Laboratory Assistant in Political Economy. .. , ' Big!-K 'f L I we- 'N Wayland Johnson Chase, Delta Upsilon, Assistant in History. Tm!! A. B., Brown University, 1887. , U ' 7 A. M., Brown University, 1890. X UI. I XX - 'II X Guy Blanchin Colburn, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi, ' . . . , w Asslstant in Latin. X In A. B., Brown University, 1904. 4" . A. M., Brown University, 1905. L Edward Albert Cook, Sigma Chi, ? f Instructor in English. ' X B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1900. ,, Af Q-' ii? do K'n6 Charles Dean Cool, ' ii Instructor in Romance Languages. A. B., University of Michigan, 1899. A. IVI., Harvard University, 1900. John Lee Coulter, Assistant in Political Economy. A. B., University of North Dakota, 1903. A. M., University of North Dakota, 1905. Belle Chrisholm Crowe, Matron at Chadbourne Hall. Joseph Dwight Deihl, Assistant in German. A. B., Eureka College, 1903. 35 James Francis Dilworth, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant in European History. A. B., Rutgus College, 1902. A. M., Columbia University, 1903. Matthew S. Dudgeon, Delta Tau Delta., Instructor in Political Science. A. B., Baker University, 1892. L. L. B., University of YVisconsin, 1895. Andrew Grover Du Mez, Assistant in Pharmacy. Ph. G., University of Wisconisn, 1904. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Fred Duncalf, Assistant in European History. B. A., Beloit College, 1904. Edmund Pendelton Randolph Duval, Phi Delta Theta Phi Beta Kappa. Instructor in Ntathematics. B. S., University of Texas, 1901. BI. A., University of Texas, 1902. A. BI., Harvard University, 1904. Daniel Sheets Dye, Assistant in Physics. B. S., Dennison University, 1907. Amelia Clewley Ford, Assistant in American History. A. B., Radcliffe College, 1905. A. RI., University of Wisconsin, 1906. William Elmer Forsyth, Assistant in Physics. B. S., Dennison University, 1907. Caleb Allen Fuller, Sigma Xi, Instructor in Bacteriology. Assistant in Hygienic Laboratory. A. NI., Brown University, 1900. Ph. D., Brown University, 1903. Oscar H. Gaarden, Assistant in Physics B. S. E. E., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Charles Baldwin Gates, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Assistant in Chemistry. Ph. B., Uniyersity of Wisconsin, 1903. Ph. M., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Ernest George Grey, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant in Anatomy. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1907. 36 James Sheldon Griffin, Phi Sigma, Assistant in Romance Languages. A. B., Eureka College. Nathan C. Grimes, Instructor in Mathematics. A. B., University of Michigan, 1906. Roy Dykes Hall, Sigma Xi, Phi Alpha, Instructor in Chemistry. B. S., University of Yvisconsin, 1900. BI. S., University of Wvisconsiu, 19022. Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1901. John Fred Haussmann, Instructor in German. A. B., University of Michigan, 19022. A. M., University of 1Visconsiu, 1903. Ph. D., University of YYisconsin, 1905. Robert Ivilhehn Hegner, Assistant in Zoology. B. S., University of Chicago, 1903. BI. S., University of Chicago, 190-L. H. G. Heil, Instructor in Physics. Anna Augusta Helmholtz, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant in English. A. B., University of VVisconsin, 1905. A. BI., University of 1Visconsin, 1906. Louis Rowell Herrick, Phi Delta Theta, Instructor in French. B. S., Amherst College, 190Q. . Ralph Henry Hess, Assistant in Political Economy. B. S., Colorado Agricultural College, 1901. M. S., Colorado Agricultural College, 1907. Mary A. Hickman, Alpha Phi, Assistant in Botany. M. A., De Pauw University, 1903. Fred Cole Hicks, Instructor in German. Ph. B., Cornell University, 1896. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1901. Charles Warren Hill, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Lambda Upsilon Assistant in Chemistry. A. B., University of Minnesota, 1905. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1907. 37 Ellen Alden Huntington, Kappa Alpha Theta, Instructor in Home Economics. A. B., University of Illinois, 1903. Leonard Rose Ingersoll, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in Physics. B. S., Colorado College, 1902. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1905. Arden Richard Johnson, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Assistant in Organic Chemistry. B. S., University of VVisconsin, 1906. Albert Henry Johnstone, Phi Alpha Tau, Instructor in Public Speaking. l 111V61S1 y 0 1scons1n o , , - ,.,- ' B.A.,U' "t fW' ',190'. 71 I4 Zi . 4 '. Hally Delila hlay Joiiveae, W 1 ' ' Assistant in Botany. ,I - ay Q B. A., University oi VVISCOHSIII, 1906. 'l QI," - Sex, 3,-Q '- "df ' - -1-1-.aff E 4 ,- 1 9 f '-1 4-lf' f Go- ., W fr 7 MA qt. f - nl 1 . 1 's X I i l .1 4 4 Ziff 4 ' :-we . . 71 '- f 5 3153.-32-Z'f Oscar Lowell Keith, f X Z Instructor in Romance Languages, K i f 0 Kew fir 1' fy I f A. B., University of Georgia, 1902. A. IVI., Harvard University, 1904. Frederick Thomas Kelly, B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1891. Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1901. James Frances Kenney, Assistant in European History. I A. B., University of Toronto, 1907. Elizabeth Wvatson Kenyon, Assistant in Political Science. B. S., Mount Holyoke College, 1896. M. A., Brown University, 1897. lug, 115 A b ,sa .,m,,, of a if Louis Kind, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Beta K Instructor in German. A. B., University of Nebraska, 1899. A. M., University of Nebraska, 1901. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1906. John Willia.m Frederick Koelker, Sigma Xi, Instructor in Organic Chemistry. Ph. D., University of Berlin, 1905. Francis Craig Krauskopf, Sigma Nu, Instructor in Chemistry. A. B., University of Indiana, 1904. A. IVI., University of VVisconsin, 1904-. Frank Alexander La Motte, Assistant in Romance Languages. M. L., University of Chicago, 1900. 38 Instructor in Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek. appa Clarence C. Le Febvre, Assistant in Pharmacy. Van Vechler Lehmann, Student Assistant in Bacteriology. NVilliam Ellery Leonard, Beta Theta Pi, Instructor in English. B. A., Boston University, 1898. M. A., Harvard University, 1899. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1904. Charles Edward Lewis, Instructor in Botany. Ph. D., Cornell University. Herman VVilliam lNIarCh, Sigma Xi, Instructor in Biathematics. A. B., University of Michigan, 1904. A. RI., University of hlichigan, 1905. William George Marquette, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in Botany. Ph. G., Northwestern University, 1899. B. S., University of Wlisconsin. 1903. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Lawrence Martin, Instructor in Geology. A. B., Cornell University, 19041-. A. M., Harvard University, 1906. Alonzo S. hIcDaniel, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Ch 'tlftesigned November 27, 1907. Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in Chemistry. B. A., Ivabash College, 1904. Mf. A., University of VVisconsin, 1905. VVarren Judson Nlead, Sigma Nu, Assistant in Geology. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Charles S. Mereein, Kappa Sigma, Student Assistant in Military Sciencc. Jessie Bee Blerrick, Assistant in Physical Training. Ph. B., University of Wisconsin, 1904. i Sigma B. S., Teachers' College, Columbia, 1907. Robert Bell Micliell, Instructor in Romance Languages. A. B., University of Toronto, 1901. A. M., University of Toronto, 1902. dtSeth Enoch Moody, Sigma Xi, Instructor in Analytical Chemistry. B. S., Dartmouth College, 1898. INI. S., Yale University, 1904. Ph. D., Yale University, 1906. 39 Q9 85? if ' ,--vm 1 . - :'-':-:-' 'gy-1-.-,-ggm-g,:-:-:-:5- -- -rm " -ww Y? ' ., 5 4 4 vJ.D.DElHL, NEW INSTRUCTORS AND ASSISTANTS ., wg -n, M.E.TlTU,S.1 Q 4 fx eg X if 'N x P ,A .- -V b "m A--sggirzi-2 in -I L Nk mz g i Q X ' o N , er .' .5 .,..-'-' .3.1, E.6. AR BERGEE M.MlC,HEl. NEW INSTRUCTORS AND ASSISTETS Bayard Quincy Morgan, Alpha Chi Rho, Phi Beta Kappa Instructor in German. B. A., Trinity College, 1904. Ph. D., University of Leipzig, 1907. VVillian1 Roy Nlott, Instructor in Chemistry. B. S., University of Wisconsin. William Jonathan Neidig, Instructor in English. A. B., Stanford University, 1896. Oliver Otto Nelson, Assistant in Bacteriology. B. A., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Jane Isabell Newell, Assistant in American History. B. A., Woolsey College, 1907. George Norton Northrop, Instructor in English. B. A., University of hiinnesota, 1901. IVI. A., University of Miniiesota, 1902. Frederick William Oswald, Jr., Assistant in German. A. B., Cornell University, 1904. A. M., Cornell University, 1905. David Leslie Patterson, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa Instructor in History. B. S., Pennsylvania State College, 1895. IVIary Elizabeth Pickarts, Assistant in Physical Training. Herbert John Plagge, Assistant in Physics. B. S., Northwestern University, 1906. William Hyde Price, Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Ix Instructor in Political Economy. A. B., Tufts College, 1901. A. IXI., Tufts College, 1901. A. IVI., Harvard University, 1909. Ph. D., Harvard University, 1905. Edward Prokoscli, Instructor in German. A. B., Staats Gymnasium, Austria, 1894. L. L. B., University of Vienna, 1898. A. NI., University of Chicago, 1901. Ph. D., University of Leipzig, 1905. Jenner Alfred Pynch, Student Assistant in Geology. 4:2 1NIathilda L. Rinder, Assistant in Business Administration. Frederick William Roe, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in English. A. B., VVesleyan University, 1897. A. M., Columbia University, 1904. John R. Roebuck, Instructor in Physics. A. B., Toronto University, 1902. Ph. D., Toronto University, 1905. Wlalter E. Roloff, Assistant in German. A. BI., Northwestern University, 1905. hlargaret Anna Schafliner, Instructor in Political Science. A. BI., University of VVisconsin, 1899. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1902. Edward Bunker Schlatter, Kappa Kappa Kappa, Instructor in Romance Languages. A. B., Dartmouth College, 1902. A. BI., Harvard University, 190-1. Richard Frederick Scholz, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in ELu'ope-an History. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1902. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1903. Raymond Louis Schulz, Assistant in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Ph. G., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Jonathan French Scott, Delta Phi, Assistant in Education. A. B., Rutgers, 1902. A. M., Rutgers, 1905. Louis Piaget Shanks, Instructor in Romance Languages. Ph. B., Cornell University, 1899. A. M., Columbia University, 1904. Willard Dean Shannahan, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant in Latin. A. B., WVilliams College, 1896. VValter James Shepard, Instructor in Political Science. A. B., Harvard University, 1902. 'tFrederick Lafayette Shinn, Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Instructor in Physical Chemistry. A. M., University of Indiana, 1902. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1906. 'tllesigned Nov. 1, 1907. 43 0 K J G K x L D . . .-. .. Z1 N Al ' . X . .JY ' fa If 'Q X - . l 1' 421235 J ggi: ticfx wk. 4563319 -4-:-1 XE'e?f1Q X 1 'B '4FW'Ku ,C 5 '7-5 K... .-AW: P' 4.Kino - -al. Alpheus Wilson ,Smith, Sigma Xi, Instructor in Physics. A. B., West Virginia University, 1900. A. IVI., I-Iarvard University, 1903. Ph. D., Harvard University, 1906. Edwin Raymond Smith, Sigma Xi, Instructor in 1VIathematics. A. B., University of Illinois, 1905. K. W. Smith, Phi Thi, Instructor in Bacteriology. I Edward Steidtman, Assistant in lVIineralogy. B. A., University of Wisconsin, 1906. NI. A., University of Vtlisconsin, 1907. WVilliam Frederick Steve, Assistant in Physics. Ph. B., University of Wisconsiii, 1907 Arthur Howard Sutherland, Assistant in Philosophy. A. B., Grand Island College, 1899. Edward I-Ianlan Ten Eycl-1, Instructor in Physical Training. Earle Melviii Terry, Instructor in Physics. A. B., University of NIichigan, 19092. A. BI., University of VVisconsin, 1904. Baron Ernest F. von Teubern, Assistant in Political Science. Charles Austin T ihbals, J r., Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Lambda Epsilon Instructor in Chemistry and Assayin A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1904. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Waldo Albert Titsworth, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Israppm Assistant in Physics. A. B., Rutgers College, 1900. A. BI., Alfred University, 1902. NIartin Edwin Titus, Assistant in Pharmacy. Ph. G., University of Wisconsiii, 1907 , Anthony L. Underhill, Instructor in Nlathematics. B. S., University of Chicago, 1900. Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1906. 44: Elizabeth Veerhusen, Instructor in German. . B. A., University of VVisconsin, 1891. Ph. D., University of Vtlisconsin, 1903. Charles Taylor Vorhies, Phi Delta Theta, Assistant in Zoology. B. S., Iowa Wesleyan University, 1902. George Wlagner, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant in Zoology. Ph. C., University of hflichigan, 1893. B. A., University of Kansas, 1899. lil. A., University of Michigan, 1903. August Wlilliam Vtleher, Assistant in Education. Ph. B., University of VVisconsin, 1901. Ph. IXI., University of Vvisconsin, 19052. W. G. WVilcox, Assistant in Chemistry. Prank Ernest 1Villiams, Student Assistant in Geology. Edmund VVild, Assistant in German. B. S., University of Texas, 19042. M. S., University of T exas, 1903. Edward VVolesensky, Phi Lambda Upsilon Assistant in Chemistry. B. S., Doane College, 1903. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Henry Charles Wolff, Instructor in Mathematics. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1897. M. S., University of Wisconsin, 1898. Edwin Campbell Wooley, Phi Kappa Psi, Instructor in English. A. B., University of Chicago, 1898. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1901. 45 Casirner Douglas Zclanowicz, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in Romance Languages. A. B., Vanderbilt University, 1903. A. BI., Harvard University, 1905. Ph. D., Harvard University, 1906. 41 , I ,,... ,ITL -31 ...., - pa " "'1 ' Q f"" - -- I w- Lg A W -tx . . l 4QZ ? c.3g - ,f .X M l 'la-' ' 'ft' . - Q A pt Q ,. s 1 U 1 ' if I - s lx--, - flgmd x FN , I , ' ,fix M F5 --..mW N,-5 ,xi ULN ,1i Fm L - xxx an 10. KEHD -pq 46 X CO LQLEGE ei A ENGINEER' 04, ,-V I U EHGPI NG 5 rr'- fx --' QT 0 4 ffm 31 ff f ki' I P N 5:-A .H ' ' I - -' QQ f ll, .f 'ff , 1 - 'H C ,EST '. 1 1 , 1-1 U x HIL! V3 ttDeceased. Faculty Frederick Eugene Turneaure, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Dean of the College of Engineering. C. E., Cornell University, 1889. Dr. Eng., University of Illinois, 1905. Murray Chas. Beebe, Chi Psi, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. B. S. E. E., University of Wisconsin, 1897. 1fStorm Bull, Tau Beta Pi, Professor of Steam Engineering. BI. E., Federal Polytechnieum, Zurich, Switzerland, 1877. Charles Frederick Burgess, Beta Theta Pi, Tau Beta P Professor of Applied Electrochemistry. B. S., University of VVisconsin, 1895. E. E., University of Wisconsin, 1898. Charles Howard Burnside, Tau Beta Pi, Assistant Professor of Mechanics. B. S., Columbia University, 1898. hi. A., Columbia University, 1899. George Jacob Davis, Jr., Sigma Xi, Assistant Professor of Hydraulic Engineering. C. E., Cornell University, 190Q. Judson Charles Dickerman, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering. B. S., Massachilsetts Institute of Technology, 1 Orville Hiram Ensign, Professor of Electrical Engineering. Cornell University. John Givan Davis Mack, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Professor of Machine Design. M. E., Cornell University, 1888. L 895. Edward Rose Maurer, Phi Delta Theta, Tau Beta Pi, Professor of Mechanics. B. C. E., University of Wisconsin, 1890. Daniel Webster Mead, Sigma Xi, Professor of Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineering. C. E., Cornell University, 1884. 47' Engineering building jfeam J 'QW-"5 Engineering ending Mom Q V i , --VV --', 1 N ff V x f X 'N 'V 'Sec S xx if ' i x 7 'X ax W K Engineerg at Work .v"1:?j':y, monoonoooooo ooo one ooo ooo U fx Q ez . 2 cw: ggkgggm ..: lah! Vgyygy V Q K rlulxxxx 4 , WW WW .... 9 Q 11 u Ill 1 Q ' L H 9 5 9,4 EWS D r E D2 is 5 M S U I V0 U if f 1 EW E H kk 03 5 S 0 XX QQ fy 0 3 0 bn gf 47 Q L X SQA QV f . m X N QU of Q S X S 4 0 f- L Q Q if f U D Q00 Q35 Gd if g D 0 XY Q57 0 0 UnmQg::g,:laUull1wpQ TQ -Q4 UUD2?CiCIl UUUUUUUUUWLK ay M41 xqcvg I S Z9 FREDERICK EUGENE TURNEAURE Dean of the College of Engineering Wlilliani David Pence, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Professor of Railway Engineering. B. S.,,University of Illinois, 1886. C. E., University of Illinois, 1895. JZIIHCS-D21.XV1d Phillips, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, - Professor of Drawing. B. S., University of Illinois, 1893. Arthur WVilliarn Richter, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Professor of Experimental Engineering. ' B. NI. E., University of WVisconsin, 1889. M. E., University of Wisconsin, 1891. BI. INT. E., Cornell University, 1899. John Wesley Shuster, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. B. S. INI. E., South Dakota State College, 1897. B. S. E. E., University of Wisconsin, 1899. Leonard Sewall Smith, Beta Theta Pi, Associate Professor of Topographic and Geodetic Engineering B. S. C. E., University of Wisconsin, 1890. C. E., University of Wisconsin, 1895. Albert Hoyt Taylor, Assistant Professor of Physics. B. S., Northwestern University, 1900. Halsten Joseph Thorkelson, Tau Beta Pi, Assistant Professor of Steam Engineering. B. S. M. E., University of Wisconsin, 1898. NI. E., University of VVisconsin, 1901. ' Joseph Henry Vosskuehler, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Xi Assistant Professor of Machine Design. M. E., Ohio State University, 1900. .fr DH Il Pff4" riff-ff! NUNJDOIT 3-fl?-T1 I ffcff ,.. 0 . I .pg I I, , , , , Tue Umflvwny h - in 4122: - , 4 1 K I ll - Y: ,Q ,CEI .. N Fd p, Z i g Q 0 117121554 1. I Ij flfl, 75 -n -- ' . 1' ' ' - sag ir' f ' ui sl , - t ' ff Eat '. . . if 1. ., if-1'-9 if zz :i ty ff : f , el A .A .ll'f.'l'f."'f2lfff N' 2-1 .gy -ff I 'i-If ' X U7 7' 'ZZ .u mm l K f'2.'.lliWlIIIIl it za.: fc I ff 75 . 5. j dk 2 lllll I . ' wuz 'N' 'M 1-41, ff! ' 'V Instructors and Assistants James Thomas Atwood, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Experimental Engineering. B. S., University of Illinois, 1903. Augustine Haines Ayers, Sigma Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in Hydraulic Engineering. B. S., Dartmouth College, 1906. C. E., Thayer School of Civil Engineering, 1907. Bruce Bartholomew, ' Assistant in Mathematics. Ph. B., Simpson College, 1905. Ph. INI., Simpson College, 1907. Earle Smead Burnett, Research Assistant in Mechanical Engineering. B. S. IVI. E., University of Wisconsin, 1905. Karl Ormond Burrer, Phi Gamma Delta, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B. S., Dennison College, 19092. Robert F. Egelhoff, Instructor in Mechanical Drawing. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Ernest Flammer, Sigma Xi, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B. S., University of California, 1903. lVIilby Roy Hammer, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Mechanical Drawing. B. S. M. E., University of Purdue, 1906. Frederick William Huels, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Experimental Engineering. B. S. E. E., University of Wisconsin, 1903. Robert McArdle Keown, Kappa Sigma, Instructor in Machine Design. B. S., New Hampshire College, 1901. 51 EVLVVARNEIL P'l.R.HAl'lMER NEW INSTRUCTORS AND ASSISTANTS Otto Lou William Spaulding Kinne, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Structural Engineering. B. S. C. E., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Jesse Benjamin Konnners, Instructor in liiechanics. B. S. E. E., University of WVisconsin, 1906. Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Chemical Engineering. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Edgar Allen Loew, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B. S., University of Wlisconsin, 1906. Bernard R. McBride, Instructor in Hydraulic Engineering. B. S., University of Purdue, 1907. Francis Michael hIcCullough, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in BIechanics. B. S. C. E., University of Wisconsin, 1903. Adam Vanse Blillar, Instructor in Mechanical Drawing. B. S., University of Illinois, 1897. BI. S., University of Illinois, 1901. is Kowalke, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Lambda Upsilon Arthur Herbert Miller, Tau Beta Pi, Kappa Sigma, Instructor in Nlechanics. B. S. NI. E., University of Wisconsin, 1905. Ray Sprague Owen, Sigma Nu, Instructor in Civil Engineering. B. S. C. E., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Eustace Edwin Parker, Tau Beta Pi, Assistant in Structural Engineering. B. S. C. E., University of Wisconsin, 1907. William Clay Penn, Instructor in Topographic Engineering. B. S. C. E., University of Wisconsin, 1907. John Reese Price, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B. S. E. E., University of Wisconsin, 1905. Herbert Brooks Sanford, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Edward Marvin Shealy, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Steam Engineering. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1904. Clinton Brown Stewart, Research Assistant in Hydraulic Engineering. C. E., Cornell University, 1890. 53 Jerome Goodspeed Van Zandt, Instructor in Railway Engineering. B. S. C. E., University of Purdue, 1904. C. E., University of WVisconsin, 1906. Frank hlelville Warner, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in lylechanical Drawing. B. S.. University of Wisconsin, 1907. James Webster Watson, Phi Kappa Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1902. Oliver Patterson Watts, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in Chemical Engineering. A. B., Bowdoin College, 1889. Ph. C., University of Wisconsin, 1905. Vvilliam Elgin Wickenden, Sigma Chi, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B. S., Denison, University, 1904. John Clifford Wied, Instructor in Experimental Engineering. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Lester Dennison Williams, Beta Theta Pi, Instructor in Civil Engineering. B. S. C. E., University of Wisconsin. Morton Owen Withey, Chi Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in Mechanics. B. S., Dartmouth College ,1904. C. E., Thayer School of C. E., 1905. , E. j l ,g:'A5?7 I :Er H" 1 :II f I gi f T 4 - :si Z ' T 9 'ii 1 -B X D mmm' pid J A X D X . 1 7,, Q, I , ." Q 4' 'BZ X 1-his V T 3 ' -rib . Q 5.5.3 bex 1 V 'JQXKEM1 TIIE BROAD ROAD TO FERDY,S 54 : -T ! YQ: a - s ' 'ri- .- ' if Instructors and ASS1StaHtS 1n Shop Practlce I ' I xx, 0 I ' A Y N 'Ck V u , , . w,'1"+ , 1 x ' 1 X I . 3 'f r- .1 : 11-gnu? mf 1-. f My ..,, 4 f SEM , , 'WW ' 1 1 Us 1 1 2.. .......,.,.E.::D . 2 x as xl, N ,"' '- .1 QQ" ' "H qi VVilliznn Lyle Dabney, Instructor in Bleclianical Practice. Frederick Kateley, Assistant in Forge Room. William George Lottes, Instructor in Forge Practice. Paul Sladky, Assistant in Blachine Shops. J. C. Steen, Superintendent of Biachine Shops. Benton Samuel 'Wood, Instructor in Wood WVork. ' - i ':::: pq fFA:::'z::E:iEE5?5E .5..E.:1l 1, -' -f . . ff' : Q X' 'I I .4 4 E 115-1n.r. A -I , 0 Af- --I: nit- 4 M, Z - 5 ' 'WM fig: 2 -:ff we -V ,-Qv'Qf"i ' '11 lu' ' - L. ' ,, '7ff'L'!gV f - 51 gf , mt 5931:-fi: Q' G1:n: 1 f1? ' Liss M. if . - ' imntlg ww., .jk " X H, A 1 1 L' V 7. X -F' , My " 47 H f'::!':?,4l 1,13 ZZ' , I I- 2'7'5Q1'a f -f 2435, f.- X If ,-if v I if 1 dl F 551. r:...., 3 A .. f , " w- S ' - -. 552 -r x. W " ' 1 Jy N1XngwgQvL- g, ,.y1v1,aQnmf 11. IM 04,qmW M,.n. 7, X , 2:15 Q' :Q 4- V' ,X - 4 'Q' "' d'..n'eHn. '- "Ir Hr: GETS THAT FAT GIRL AGAIN, PLL RUN AWAY" 55 LAW 5UlLDllNf6 I O Q 4 f'm5P ZIZQQ ek W1 V- ,. 1 QS U nf1v5rg5:TY QM av 9? QU 50 0 .. 0 ' 1'-5 U 00000 www on ooo N-osmomw W-ww 4 , .-:rie:!fr,g:,jt?L!5.u O Q7 Q .g:g:::.g .- -- -. ..,-1 .. , 2 -: my ax. 2 - 27.1 -' - Q ug-E.. 'filifgi-.-:in'fg , C3422 G D flsflsf ' 'fa'3',': '-I --' 74639 0 aj: 'Q-K . t'- 1- sv 'I lllllllix 6 , 5 G B llalxxxx K A-s W "1 ., ' mu 4A W W' QQ IIII 0 5' i xi"1i' u Q! L 49 , w L4 'W gr Wim si XR Q XQQ 9 mm Qu O. Q 2 QM gunmznzmia . f x nnnn D llleajlllkvg-3-W!!! f XQQD , I-A Q, w Wm U .. sw WLS 9573 W1 if 2 ff? gigdiiammg HARRY SANGER RICHARDS Dean of the College of Law V 1 EAA N COLLEGE - 1 . or 8 LAW ,, . Xl Ax. ,X bfi 1 r A K 1 f A V Xx x Q J T . Q I. UMEEE, . E HAT FAU-YN I' A ' ' ' mrr. Pk Harry Sanger Richards, Phi Delta Phi, Phi ltlorti Faculty Dean of the College of Law. Professor of Law. Ph. B., University of Iowa, 189Q. L. L. B., Harvard University, 1895. L. L. D., University of Iowa., 1904. 9fRobert NIcKee Bashford, Professor of Law. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1870. L. L. B., University of Wisconsin, 1871. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1873. J airus Harvlin Carpenter, Phi Delta Phi, A. M., Yale University, 1874. L. L. D., University of Wisconsin, 1876. Beta Kappa, mer M. Jackson Professor of Contracts, Emeritus, ,Walter Wheeler Coolc, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Eugene A Resigned January, 1908. Phi Delta Phi, Theta Kappa Nu, Professor of Law. A. B., Columbia University, 1894. A. M., Columbia University, 1899. L. L. M., Columbia University, 1901. llen Gilmore, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi B Phi Alpha Delta. Professor of Law. A. B., DePauw University, 1893. L. L. B., Harvard University, 1899. Burr W. Jones, Psi Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi, Professor of Evidence and Domestic Relations A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1870. A. 1VI., University of Wisconsin, 1871. L. B., University of WVisconsin, 1871. John lVIyers Olin, Phi Beta Kappa, Professor of Law. L. A. B., Williams College, 1873. A. M., Williams College, 1876. F' L. B., University of Wisconsin, 1879. Howard Leslie Smith, Beta Theta Pi, Professor of Law. A . B., University of Wisconsin, 1881. . L. B., University of Wisconsin, 1885. HIP 58 eta Kappa . '- .' - ' . - ii?-fl'i','u Pd! 'Z'- ' ' . A , : - Z E QD .9,d..4,-112221--ni' - 41 -, -9. . I If . . . y. an uw., -..m,::, 4 9 - - A wQQ5b , W J m 9 -P 8 U D J U Q N U 0 Q U D U MQW .. . , , , QV 1? Xb, u1::a2laUu1:vm::xmb ll lil Sx llllillii QQ 4l WWW Nb ' Wh' uqj gy 0.,...,0J.,...,fD.,.,.,Q.,.,Q0Q.,0o.,.,0JU j . I U- L , Q 0 . :gliyfwh U fugissec fl ., V , ..g:.:- Q, .1-. 5. 3 -- : ' g 2.:i?pg Q X 1 8 G m Q X Nav: -'fn Agyfmtix , ooo nm, -.1-r.:--'awry : - - s ' fn. Q1 r ' v 4 n 5 , ur u in 'Su- -.1-m'a:'gqsfg,ef':1-.,f. 4' , f5I55?'i ' "2 .' SA: '- . .ga-.wg fr 1 v fg.':r,,? -1 . ci-ff N 'lf j 5: ,Skillin g ':':Q4'::-. '--5,-,fb on . :ati ge 'vu' - 1 an n -'Pit 31. . ' J et O 4 O - 1 :diana 693: -5 Z 0' . - Q Mg X ill K S Q Q0 Qvxw N 5 Di 008553 U U TXT U xi J E U Ei 00 f gy 5 Ei W f 2 Q ff S U l 5 VP ogg QQ! Q 4 Uuamvalrsmn -hv Y7Q X W7 NT' f XQQD 5, HARRY LUMAN RUSSELL Dean of the Collgge of Avriculture 260 xfg, Jfvgig 'sa Wil: Tfffifg fp elif " gf V , ' , ' faai'?Z if swf ik Q' f Q 'vb ' 5 ' ,X g M A 5 1 x x ' ' ' 4 ff 5 yi i N 4' MW B A A . AGQICULTUQAL A Mb V -41:4 4:35 21 ' 5 QV V -I Q' ,msg ' if mf' ,gill I 0-X if Axim 452' 1 f ,wmfw V ZA, 4 f, h . ff fworroggum N f1f -1- ,y i:, ' - , ' yzff, , 1 f, I gg 4 , l m , I. 5- .ff?3""4',- f, , FA RFK ' M, A ' ',, 'MQ-f -fA'f Q, 5 .F 5.--265526 QI A vw E YEMEN A 5 .VA,,. 4 . ,,A,V,.:11- 1 I em cuuruqga ' 'Y X , , y swf 1 A Q5 xAX'Z'g'2': HQ, Q i ,, i U X 79 Q ,.,A, .4:r1 ,:1ay:hg3??W-Q-?9'4 If 5 ' ' J if " f' Wi 5 gi L 0 Q ff f 9 J! 3 K fy If ' , fjraop X fe OO LLEGE AGFUCUI: fb W W :1 6 F T U Fl E l Mfg' X, litem-l , by T 7-'MN ,I 35. unau- Tliil. 0 N v . Try 1 . 1 Mmfi'-'55 Q Bnmiaczp 'RAMPANI y RATmu 1. . .. Faculty V Harry Luman Russell, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Dean of the College of Agriculture. Director of the Agricultural Experimental Station. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1888. M. S., University of Wisconsin, 1890. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1892. Alexander Septimus Alexander, Professor of Veterinary Science. F. H. A. S., University of Edinburgh, 1889. BI. D. C., Chicago Veterinary College, 1897. Stephen Moulton Babcock, Theta Delta Chi, Assistant Director and Chief Chemist of the Agricultural Experi- ment Station. Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. A. B., Tufts University, 1866. A. M. and Ph. D., University of Gottiugen, Germany, 1879. L. L. D., Tufts University, 1900. "CEdward Holyoke Farrington, Alpha Zeta, Sigma Xi, Professor of Dairy Husbandry. B. S., University of Maine, 1881. M. S., University of Maine, 1883. Edwin Bret Hart, Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. B. S., University of Michigan, 1897. Heidelberg and Marburg. Edwin George Hastings, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Bact er B. S., Ohio State University, 1898. NI. S., University of Wisconsin, 1899. iology. William Arnon Henry, Emeritus Professor of Agriculture. B. Agr., Cornell University, 1880. 4 D. Agr., University of Illinois, 1904. D. Sc., University of Vermont, 1904. D. Sc., Michigan Agricultural College, 1907. X011 leave of absence for the academic year, 1907-8. ' 61 George Colvin Humphrey, Alpha Zeta, Professor of Animal Husbandry. B. S., Michigan Agricultural College, 1901. , -. 'Q George lVIcKerrow, Superintendent of Agricultural Institutes. Ransom Asa Moore, Professor of Agronomy. James Garfield IN-Ioore, Alpha Zeta, Assistant Professor of Horticulture. f M. S., Michigan Agricultural College, 1905. Charles Albert Ocock, Alpha Zeta, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering A an as' -A ' B. S., University of Illinois, 1904. Daniel Henry Otis, Assistant to the Dean of the College of Agriculture. Associate Professor of Animal Nutrition. B. S., Kansas State Agricultural College, 1892. M. S., Kansas State Agricultural College, 1897. John Langley Sammis, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Assistant Professor of Dairy Husbandry. B. S., University of Illinois, 1897. M. S., University of Illinois, 1899. Ph. D., University of Illinois, 1906. . tl'Emil Peter Sandsten, Alpha Zeta, Sigma Xi, .- ' M Professor, of Horticulture. h B. S., University. of lVIinnesota, 1895. sf' A 'N " ' M. S., University of lVIinnesota, 1897. , N 5 l 11 0 , Ph. D., Com-111 University, 1903. -J , c . ' 0 I . V I Q 5' Charles 'William Stoddart, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa ' 'f Assistant Professor of Soils. I Q i. A. B., Columbia University, 1900. ' . A. IVI., Columbia University, 1901. A ' V ' Andrew Robinson WVhitson, Sigma Xi, ,"A A N Professor of Soils. Q ' B. S., University of Chicago, 1894. . , W: C W- E F1-itz Wilhelm W011, , tk f Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. A 'L . Chemist of Agricultural Experiment Station. F RMEN5 COURSE B. S., University of Norway, 1882. Ph. B., University of Norway, 1893. M. S., University of Wisconsin, 1886. Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1904. 'tOn leave of absence, first semester, 1907-8. I 62 Qiif on H -"",f2 N I OI ,-5.2,-'L . - ,-f f N0 0 . " ygyf x .. THE UTWEW A ' U A- 'i I 'i'1"' 'I I '1 2.-1 ' I ij . -S f -rs... - Za Z - Q -5 13 X gf E, 2 ' , . ' ,-. '7 4: I 1 an fy' -511212. X I Z .- 4 R- f ,ul--yt . .Z ff ff-gi' 117- I-' - , RJ 3,-1. 6 fl X r '. i I' ff4'lAiI:?Wr,'Q l q4lff.'w.w':t K X' 4 ' '-'E " VW "-Il L- WU? 4 5- 5' y Will ff , f -II mm ZZ "L fi.. '. 1 j EO ... 15 . 2,74 '. f fzf ff Z, A ' gg, I' -.4,f 2,495 V41 X' 'J ' Instructors and Assistants G t 'I-I B k d f, LIi13l'uct2i'riii Hiiirifiiigir Northwest Kansas College. University of Wisconsin. Edmond Joseph Delwiche. Alpha Zeta, -Stations Superintendent of Northern- Wisconsin .Agricultural Sub "'Resigned January, 1908. B. S., Agr., University of VVISCOIISIII, 1906. Octave Joseph Delwiche, Assistant in Animal Husbandry. James Garfield Fuller, Alpha Sigma, Instructor in Animal Husbandry. B. S. Agr., University of Wisconsin. 1904. R. T. Harris, Assistant in Dairy Tests. George Sherwood Hine, Assistant in Feed and Fertilizer Inspector. B. S. A., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Conrad Hoffman, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Chi Sigma, Instructor in Agricultural Bacteriology. B. S. Agr., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Louise lNIarie Jahns, Instructor in Soils. B. A., University of Wisconsin, 1906. Edward Richard Jones, Alpha Zeta, Instructor in Soils. B. S. A., University of Wisconsin, 1905. Frank Kleinheinz, Instructor in Animal Husbandry. i'Charles Knight, Sigma Nu, Assistant in Feed and Fertilizer Inspector. B. S. Agr., University of Wlisconsin, 1907. Ole Gustave Malde, Assistant in Soils. 63 Elmer Verner hIcCollum, Instructor in Agricultural Chemistry. B. A., University of Kansas, 1903. M. A., University of Kansas, 1904. Ph. D., Yale University, 1906. C. J. McComb, Assistant in Animal Husbandry. Matthew Michels, Assistant in Dairy Husbandry. James Garfield Milward, Alpha Zeta Instructor in Horticulture. B. S., University of VVisconsin, 1907. 9 George Alfred Olson, Instructor in Agricultural Chemistry. Assistant Chemist Wisconsin Experiment Station. B. S. Agr., University of Wisconsin, 1909. Augustus James Rogers, Jr., Sigma Nu, Alpha Zeta, Assistant in Horticulture. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1907. H. W. Sandell, Instructor in Soils. Alden Lascombe Stone, Instructor in Agronomy. Shinkichi Suzuki, Research Assistant in Agricultural Chemistry. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1907. William Edward Tottingham, Phi Chi, Phi Beta Kappa Instructor in Agriculttual Chemistry. B. Sc., IVIassachusetts Agricultural College, 1903 64 5 r , t5oHooL ' il ' M, 'g"!'ll a f Avo: LD xl I ' gig.: A Rossetter Gleason Cole, Phi Kappa Psi, Director of School of Music. Professor of Music. Ph. B., University of Nlichigan, 1888. ltirs. George K1'Ogh Anderson, Harp. Frank Charles Bach, ltiandolin, Guitar and Banjo. Ada Bird, Instructor in Piano. Bessie Goodrich Brand, Secretary. INIrs. IVIartha Eliza Brand, Guitar and Banjo. Elias Arnold Bredin Instructor in Music. Elizabeth Buehler, Instructor in Piano. Winifred Card Curtis, 0 0 " 0 0 0 0 0 Instructor in Piano. Adelaide Foresman, Voice. lNIary Maud Fowler, Piano. Jeanne Edwards l,Hommedieu Voice. Cincinnati College of Blusic. VV. Leonard Jaffe, Violin. Herman Everett Owen, Instructor in Public School lVIusic. Fletcher Andrew Parker, Phi Delta Theta, Emeritus Professor of Nlusic. Alice Regan, Alpha Chi Omega, Piano. Mrs. Inga Sanberg, Piano. 65 K Z' ILA!-'I-11:10 MIGHT :NTERNATIONAL C uua M5 5 LIBQQ HALL. N CAMO. QA MP DQANDAUQ J?.IBQ'ilkY HA1.'L. ffom LA KE FGSQGQQ fa gk N 4410 r Gum 1 . 1 i. X 1 S' 5 W g fffw s ws E Q M fiabiif Qsisamiw fi V M W ., Qmowdk H QAM 00 Q3 NX Q : ' Qu V93 ff! . l Z WQOQQK M R509 OOD , KS? ,Q 11005 00 Q 047 DU Q .ink P kV", ' Q MQ, UM U . ., U05 H u - 9 Jun!! ' f MUD U Pl 1 ' 0 U D 'cr..'ff V 1' Wa l n 0 D D Ii , .ry .., , , U J U f , ,vga gpg I Al , U' U G 3 2133. 4 QE 5 H J gb D U Wm UB . EE Elly gig! EE 551 U ,. Q U QSM Q X ,fs wed 5 S Que, Q0 Q 9 D N D 2,4 u B o A Q QM M 25? Q A 0 Q2 Nam AM my QW QUE QD Q QQUUQGEZQJ ' 1 ROSSETTER G. COLE I D1rector of the School of Music Walchin X LJWQAQY au H ' 1 k 5 ' 1L.Dl C: olvhlk x H Reading Roo-m gf Libvegy Eeckion ra Q HISTORICAL- LIBRARYJ W, G. . a .. , J ' , 6 Kyle .rites i AS X, 19, 5 - Library Staff Walter McMynn Smith, Delta Upsilon, Librarian. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1890. William Henry Dudley, Assistant Librarian. A. B., University of Wisconsiii, 1892. Agnes Tyler Bowen, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Library Assistant. Laurance Charles Burke, Library Assistant. B. L., University of Wisconsin. 1901. Hester Cocldington, Head Cataloguer. Flora Neil Davidson, Library Assistant. i B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1901. Arlene Grover, Library Assistant, B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1898. Agnes Caroline Knudson, Library Assistant. A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1907. Isabella Jane McCulloch, Library Assistant. B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1897. B. L. S., University of Illinois, 1904. Ruth Pauline Miner, Delta Gamma, Library Assistant. B. A., University of Wisconsin, 1905. Sarah Helen lVIiner, Library, Assistant. Miss J. S. Osborne, Library Assistant. Delia C. Sanford, Kappa Kappa Gamma, , Library Assistant. B. L. S., University of Illinois, 1900. Ellen Mary Schaefer, Library Assistant. B. L. S., University of Illinois, 1904. Robert James Usher, Library Assistant. University of Wisconsin. 69 Ri H Ng-L11 7 if 5 3 ii? UHlV6fS1tY Extension and Correspondence Departments FQ rlxsw XSFLJ2 5 . . n pm. --A .. ,L CF .- fa.:.1.' 5 ,. I " " .i H at , -.g,.:E:Zf-fee., -J . ,. -..s...,,.,..., w K qfff' I 3-f,,gilq-f ,E 4 -1 X-S 2 'si ' L ..... 'H 1, as I IL, Ns ,. i-N4 , N. fx" 1 . 'f 11 'it- -gv 'Li g ht , '45 e 1 . L. E. Reber, Director of University Extension. Henry Eduard Legler, Secretary of the University Extension Department. William Henry Lighty, Ph. B., Secretary Correspondence Work. Guy Henry COX, B. S., Instructor in Geology. James Francis Dilworth, A. III., Instructor in History. Ephriam Llewellyn Eaton, D. D., Instructor in Astronomy. William Otis Hotchkiss, B. S., Instructor in Highway Construction. Lauros G. McConachie, Ph. D., Instructor in Political Science. John Nelson Norwood, Ph. B., Instructor in American History. lNIaXwell Charles Otto, A. B., Instructor in Philosophy. Annie Marie Pitman, Ph. D., Instructor in Latin. Kennith G. Smith, B. A., B. S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Helen Laura Sumner, A. B., Instructor in Political Economy. Charles I-I. Williams, M. E., E. E., Lecturer in Engineering. 70 Jif fy f SQ . r pm! sera! , exit I 9 -gf "' - . ' " --.. ,jf " H 5 M.-Tx Y Twfii 0 h f . - ""W6kI,Eal .f t er ICC rs ...J Y Y ..mZS William Dixon Hiestand, Registrar and Secretary of the Faculty. IM. E. MfcCaffrey, Acting Secretary of the Regents. Lucien John Pickarts, Phi Delta Theta, Busar of the Regents. Iva Alice Welsli, Pi Beta Phi, Librarian of the Agricultural Library. B. L., University of Wisconsill, 1896. So?-hie May Briggs, Delta Gamma, ibrarian of the Law Library. B. L., University of Wisconsin, 1888. Frank Avery Hutchins, Beta Theta Pi, Field Organizer of University Extension. William Henry Lighty, Kappa Sigma, Secretary Correspondence, University Extension Albert Wilson lNIcConnell, Superintendent of Buildings. Frederick William lVIacKenzie, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, University Editor. Arthur Peabody, Supervising Architect. New Members of the Faculty John W. Cunliffe, Ph. D. Professor John W. Cunliffe, the new Chairman of the Department of English, was born at Bolton, Lancashire, England, and educated at Owens College, now the Victoria University of Manchester, where he was Shakespeare Scholar and afterwards Berkeley Fellow in English Literature. He was graduated at the University of Lon- don in 1884, and later took the Master,s degree in Classics and in Modern Languages, leading up to the Doctorate of Literature in 1892. After some years of journalistic work in England and Canada, he was appointed Lecturer and afterward Associate Professor in English Language and Literattue at McGill University, Montreal. Dr. Cunliffe is editing Gascoigne for the Cambridge English Classics, the first voltune having been issued since his arrival here, and he is among the contributors to the Cambridge History of English Litera- ture and to Professor Gayley,s Representative English Comedies, now in process of publication. He is an active member of the Modern Language Association, being Chairman of the Committee on the Reproduction of Early Texts and a member of the Executive for the Central Division. JOHN W. CUNLIFFE, PH. D. '71 Rossetter Gleason Cole, Professor of Music Rossetter Gleason Cole, director of the School of llfiusic and Professor of Nlusic, was born in lvlichigan, educated in the public schools of Ann Arbor, and in 1888 was graduated from the University of Michigan with the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. For two following his graduation he taught English branches, Latin and German in the Ann Arbor and Aurora, Illinois, high schools. Then he went to Berlin, where he spent two years in advanced musical study and composition. Here he won, through competitive examination, a free scholarship in the "K6nigliche Meisterschule fiir Composition," being the fifth American to gain entrance into this school, in which he studied under Max Bruch. On his return to America, he successively filled the positions of Professor of Music and Director of the School of Music in Ripon College at Ripon, Wis., and Iowa College at Grunell, Iowa, two years in the former and seven years in the latter. From 1902 to 1907 he resided in Chicago as teacher, composer, and editor. From 1902 to 1903 he was president of the Music Teachers' National Association, and from 1903 to 1907 he was editor of Good Ilfwic, a bi-monthly journal of review. Professor Cole's published works number nearly sixty. Among them, the compositions in the largest forms are, a lyrical cantata, "The Passing of Summer," for solos, chorus and orchestrag a Ballade for violoncello and orchestra Cor pianojg and two melodramas Qfor recitation and orchestra or pianoj, "Hiawatha's VVooing," and "King Robert of Sicily," besides thirty-one songs, ten compositions for piano, three for organ, and several choruses for mixed, male and female voices. Rossizrrmziz GLEASON Com: Captain Ralph McCoy Captain Ralph McCoy, United States Infantry, who succeeds the late Col. C. A. Curtis as Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics, was born in Romeo, Itlichigan, January 27, 1873. He attended the public schools of Grand Rapids, lVIich., and the Nlichigan Military Academy, being graduatedfrom the latter institution in 1891. He was a student in Electrical Engineering at Cornell Univer- sity from 1891 to 1894, where he joined the Delta Tau Delta Fra- ternity. He left Cornell to engage in the manufacture of cypress lumber in Panasoffkee, Florida. Upon the outbreak of the Spanish- American war, he was commissioned 1st Lieutenant in the 35th Michigan Volunteer Infantry. At the termination of that war Captain McCoy was commissioned 2d Lieutenant in the 7th U. S. Infantry, and ordered to duty in Alaska. He served two years in the Yukon country, and was then promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and assigned to the 27th U. S. Infantry. With that regiment he took part in the lVIoro campaigns in the southern Philippines. When he re- turned to the United States in 1904, he was detailed as student officer in the Infantry and Cavalry School at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where he was graduated in 1905. In 1906 he was graduated from the U. S. StaH College at Fort Leavenworth. When H the United States assumed the government of Cuba in 1906, Captain MfcCoy was placed on duty with the Civil Government of the Island, and was engaged in supervising various improvements in prisons, asylums, and other public institutions until he was called to the University of Wiscousiri as Professor of Military Science and Tactics. I-Ie was promoted to the rank of Captain in January, 1908. CAPTAIN RALPH McCoy 72 Mazyck Porcher Ravenel, M. D. Dr. MI. P. Ravenel, who succeeds Dean Russell as head of the Bacteriology department, comes to us from Henry Phipps Institute at Philadelphia, where he was Chief of the Laboratory, and Assistant Medical director. Professor Ravenel was born in Pendleton, S. C. He was grad- uated from the University of the South and from the Medical College of South Carolina. In 1893 he held the Scott fellowships at Penn- sylvania, and later studied in the Pasteur Institute at Paris and at the Institute of Hygiene at Halle. Professor Ravenel is a member of the following organizations: The Association of Pathology and Bacteriology, American Medical Association, Public Health Association, Philosophical Society, Phila- delphia Pathological Society CVice-Presidentj, and of the National Association for the study and prevention of tuberculosis QVice- Presidentj. Dr. Ravenel has made a careful study of tuberculosis and the relation between the human and bovine types. During the past summer Professor Ravenel was in Europe, where he was the American Representative at the International Conference on Tuberculosis. He has been invited to give a paper on the "Ethiology of Tuberculosis" at the Berlin meeting of the International Congress of Hygiene and Demography. He is a member of the Alpha Tau Omega and Alpha Mu Pi Omega fraternities. DR. M. P. RAVENEL John Langley Sammis, Ph. D. John Langley Sammis was- born in Winona, Ilflinnesota, in 1873, and was graduated from the Jacksonville, Illinois, High School in 1890. He entered the University of Illinois at Urbana, in 1893, and was graduated from the four years chemistry course in 1897, with the B. S. degree. Continuing in the graduate school as a student, and serving also as an assistant in instructional work, he received the M. S. degree in 1899. From 1899 to 1905, he was employed as instructor in the chemistry depart- ment of the University of Illinois, at the same time working upon research problems. Receiving a Fellowship in Chemistry in 1905 at the University of Wisconsin, he studied Physical Chemistry at that institution for a year and received the degree of Ph. D. in 1906. During the year 1906-7, he held an appointment as Expert in Dairying in the Dairy Division, U. S. Department of Agriculture, and was occupied with a chemical study of various cheese problems. In July, 1907, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Dairy Hus- bandry in the University of Wisconsin, and continued in charge of the cheese investigation, conducted co-operatively by the Dairy Division and the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. Doctor Sammis is a member of the American Chemical Society and has published papers upon chemical subjects in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, -the American Chemical Journal, and the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Jornv LANGLEY PH. D. 73 James Henri Walton, Jr., Ph. D. James Henri Walton, Jr., was born in Deer Isle, lVIaine, in the year 1878. He received his early education in the public schools of Newburyport, lvlassachusetts. Professor Walton later entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, taking most of his work in the Chemistry Department. The degree of Bachelor of Science was given to him by that institution in 1899. The years 1899 and 1900 were spent as Assistant in Chemistry in the University of Illinois, and from 1900 to 1901 Professor Walton was Assistant in Chemistry in the ivlassachusetts Institute of Tech- nology. In 1901 the latter institution awarded him the Austin Fellowship for foreign study. From 1901 to 1903 he attended the Universities of Leipzig and Heidelberg, and in 1903, the latter insti- tution awarded him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Returning to America, Dr. Walton continued his work as Instruc- tor in Chemistry at the University of Illinois, In 1906 he was appointed Associate Professor of Chemistry, and kept this position until he was called to Wisconsin in 1907 as Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Waltoii is a member of the Sigma Xi and Phi Lambda JAMES HENRI WALTON, JR., PH. D- fraternities, and is also a member of the American Chemical Society. He has published several papers in scientilic journals, and is joint- author of "Elementary Quantitative Chemical Analysis for Students of Agriculture? Alexander Newton Winchell, Ph. D. Alexander Newton Winchell, who occupies the of Minerology and Petrology, was born in Minneapolis in 1874, He received the degree of Bachelor of Science at the University of Nlinnesota in 1896, and a year later he re- ceived the NIaster's degree. In 1900 he was given the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. During the Paris exposition Professor Winchell was lNIiner- alogy expert for the United States government. Upon returning to this country he accepted the professorship of ,Geology and Mineralogy at the Montana School of Mines. Later he was connected with the geological survey. At both the Louisiana and Portland expo- sitions Professor Winchell had charge of the Montana mineral exhibits. ' Professor Winchell is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is a member of the following societies : Geological Society of Mining Engineers, the National Association of State Mining Schools, and of the ltlontana Society of Engineering. ALEXANDER NEWTON WINCHELLYPHDU Professor VVinchell has done extensive work in the Petrography of Mmnesota gabbroid rocks and on the Geology and Mmeralogy of Montana. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Gamma Delta fraternities. '74 Kenneth G. Smith, B. S. Kenneth G. Smith was born in Dixon, Ill., where he received his elementary education. From high school Mr. Smith entered the University of Chicago, from which institution he obtained the A. B. degree in 1896. He then engaged in high school teaching, and during the summer vacations he was engaged in constructual engineering. Professor Smith then entered the employ of the Brown Corliss Engine Company as a machinist serving in succession as assistant erecting engineer and erecting engineer. During the time he was employed by this company he entered the University of Illinois, from which he received the B. S. degree in 1905. During the year 1905 Professor Smith was in the employ of the Westinghouse ltflachine Company. He left this concern at the close of the year and entered the em- ployment of the Kerr Turbine Company at Wellsville, N. Y. as Superintendent of the shops and erect- ing engineer, from which position he was called this year as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineer- ing in the University Extension Department. Professor Smith is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, and Sigma Xi fraternities. Frank Otis Reed, Ph. D. Frank Otis Reed was born in the year 1876. His collegiate education was begun in Amherst College, the major portion of his work being taken in the field of Romance Languages. In 1899 Pro- fessor Reed received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from that institution. While at Amherst, Dr. Reed was elected to the honorary fraternity of Phi Beta Kappa. Dining the years 1898 to 1900 he was In- structor in French in Amherst College, which position he kept until he left for Harvard University, to take the degree of Master of Arts. This degree was awarded him in 1904-, and in 1905 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the same institution. Dr. Reed then accepted the position of Kellog Lecturer in Amherst. This position was occupied by him at the time that the University of Wisconsin asked him to take the position of Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. Besides being a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Dr. Reed is a member of Delta Upsilon fraternity. 75 Hancock, Golver Dunn, M. A., William Jewell College ..,........ Graduates Fellows and Scholars Boyd, Clarence Eugene, M. A., University of Missouri, ..... Fellow in Latin Spartanburg, S. C. Breckenbridge, James Miller, B. A., Albion College .... . ............ .... J amestown, Ont. . Scholar in Chemical Engineering Burdick, Lawrence Wylie, M. A., University of Wisconsin .... ..... Al bion Fellow in Greek Cance, Alexander Edmond, M. A., University of Wisconsin ...... ..... S hiocton Fellow in Political Economy Cox, Guy Henry, B. S., Northwestern University .............. ' Fellow in Geology Crafer, Thomas Woodside, NI. A., University of Wisconsin .... Fellow in Sociology Curtis, Roy Emerson, B. A., Nebraska Wesleyan University ...... Scholar in Political Science Decker, Paul Herman, M. A., University of Wisconsin ............... . Henry Gund Scholar in German Hacker, Emil Frederick, B. A., University of Wisconsin .......... Scholar in Romance Languages . . .Fort Dodge, Ia. . . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . .Dow City, Ia. . . . . .Madison . . . . .Arcadia . . . .Osceola, lVIo. Fellow in Political Economy H,Doubler, Francis Todd, B. A., University of Wisconsin .... . . ..... Madison Scholar in lvlathematics Hirsch, Alcan, B. A., University of Texas ........................... .... C orpus Christi, Texas . Scholar in Applied Electro-Chemistry Hooton, Earnest Albert, B. A., Lawrence University ................. ..... Y Vaupun Lawrence University Graduate Scholar Hornbeck, Stanley Kuhl, B. A., Oxford University ........... H .... .... D enver, Col. Fellow in Political Science Klein, David, M. A., University ofilllinois .................. .,... C hicago, Ill. Fellow in Chemistry Knowlton, Philip Arnold, B. A., University of Wisconsin. . .- ..... ..... lV Iadison Scholar in Philosophy 76 Graduates - Continued Fellows and Scholars Kastalk, John, B. A., University of Wisconsin ................. A Scholar in Chemistry Krey, August Charles, B. A., University of Wisconsin ........,.... Scholar in European History Lutman, Benjamin Franklin, B. A., University of Missouri ........ Fellow in Botany Nlaurer, Heinrich Herman, B. A., University of Wisconsin ......... .... Fellow in European History hIcClernan, Thomas Joseph, B. A., University of Wisconsin ...... Scholar in Latin lNIcKitrick, Reuben, B. A., University of Oklahoma. ......,......... . Scholar in Political Economy MclVIahon, Edward, M. A., University of Wisconsin ................ Fellow in American History McMahon, Thuera Schmid, IVI. A., University of Washington. . . Fellow in Sociology Mott, William Roy, B. S., University of Wisconsin .................... Scholar in Applied Electro-Chemistry Newport, Clara Price, B. A., Swarthmore College .................... Fellow in German Norwood, John Nelson, Ph. B., Alfred University .................. Scholar in American History Otto, Maxwell Charles, B. A., University of Wisconsin .......... Fellow in Philosophy Simmons, Emma Gertrude, B. A., University of lvlissouri ........ Fellow in Romance Languages Stickney, Malcolm Enos, M. A., Harvard University .............. Honorary Fellow in Botany Taylor, Archibald Wellington, B. A., Doane College .....,........ Scholar in Political Economy Wagner, Rose lVIay, B. A., University of Wisconsin .............. Scholar in German Watt, Homer Andrew, B. A., Cornell University ........... Fellow in English Weniger, Willibald, M. A., University of Wisconsin .........., Fellow in'Physics Whyte, John, lVI. A., University of Wisconsin .................... F. W. Allis Scholar in German Zoebel, Edgar Herman, B. A., Ripon College .................... , Ripon College Graduate Scholar '77 . . . . .ltlilwaukee . . . . .Milwaukee .....Joplin, NIO. Willsbach, Germany ...........Madison . . . . Alva, Okla. . . . Seattle, Wash. . . . Seattle, Wash. . . . . . Decorah, Ia. . . . . Swarthmore, Pa. .....Alfred, N. Y. . . .Wheeling, W. Va. . . . Berryville, . . . . .Granville, Ohio . . Spokane, Wash. ....,....lNlenasha .. Wilkes Barre, Pa. . . . . . llflilwaukee . . . . . Vllatertown Ripon Robert M. Bashford Robert INI. Bashford was born in Fayette, LaFayette County, Wisconsin, December 31st, 1845. In 1876 he completed the classical course at the University of Wisconsin and a year later was graduated from the College of Law. He had been raised upon a farm and like many of his fellow-students had been compelled to earn his way by teaching school and engaging in practical farming. Upon graduation he became an editor of the Riadison Democrat, which position he left at the end of five years to engage in the practice of law. He had during his editorial period compiled the Wisconsin Legislative Manual. In 1880 Mr. Bashford was elected City Attorney of Madison which position he resigned at the end of five years to enter the fdrm of Tenny, Bashford 85 Tenny in Chicago. He returned to Madison three years later to resume practice in this state and in 1892 was a member of the state senate. During late years his practice has included a vast amount of important litigation in both the state and federal courts. In January, 1908, upon the death of Chief Justice J. B. Cassoday, Mr. Basmord was appointed to the Supreme Bench by Governor Davidson, but was defeated for election in April. The opinions Written during his period of service on the bench are said by lawyers to bear Witness of his powerful analytical mind. But large as have been his achievements as a practicing lawyer, it is his service as an instructor in the College of Law which will be longest remembered. lVIr. Bashford became a member of the law faculty in 1884. Upon his return from Chicago he again became identified with the law school in 1893, which connection he maintained until he was appointed to the Supreme Bench. During his years as an instructor he has given instruction in a great variety of subjects, among which are: Federal Jurisprudence, Fraudulent Conveyances, Commercial Paper, Private 1 Corporations, Equity, Code Procedure and Statutory ' Rights and Remedies. In addition he has since 19041 conducted a practice court. A While his work in the College of Law has always been in connection with his regular practice. it has never suf- fered on that account, and it has been said that his most diligent students never prepared a lesson more carefully than did he. In the class room the students felt that every statement of principle was based on a profound knowledge of the subject gained from vast experience. But even more than their respect for his ability, he Won and retained the confidence of his students as a man and a friend. There was no one to whom students more generally turned when in diHiculty or in need of advice. No lawyer of the Wisconsin Bar surpasses him as an advocate and he is the peer of any man who sat with him on the bench. But, greater and more enduring than his work as a lawyer and judge are his services as a teacher. ' 78 IN MEM-ORIAM f Storm Bull ByH J Tharkelson '1l1e nexvs of Professo1 Bulls death xx1ll come as .1 shock to llLlDClICdS of VSISCOHSIII s 3.lLl1TlI11 who xve1e not axx a1e of l11s 1ll1lSSS 1101 of l11s gallant battle for health Cll1l'1I10' the last year The 1'11st 1nt1111 lt1011 of tl1e dlsease xvlnch lud l11m loxx came to P1OfESSO1 Bull as 'L bolt of l1ght11111g out of 1 clear sky Tluee d us 1fter l1e submltted to a drastlc Opel '1t1o11 xx l11cl1 'xt first gaxe p101'l1lSC of rehet but xx1tl1111 half a yea1 tl11s hope xxas found to be flltllfi and tl1e end xx as apparent Professor Bull s character1st1cs xx e1e sl1oxx 11 111 tl1e courfwe and calmness xv1th xx Inch l1e faced death and the u11t11111ff enervv xx lnch l1e devoted to tl1e comple tl0l1 of the e110'111eer111U enterprxses l1e l11d started H15 111terest 111 the U'I'11V61S1tX xx as paramount to the end a11d xx hen too Wealx to Slt up l1e xx ould frequently 111qu1re as to the latest news f1on1 tl1e E11g111eer111fr College F01 more than a dozen years he had been sen1or member of 1tS Faculty a11d 'tlnllll a fevx years 'wo the students 1n all en0f1neer1nv courses attended l11s lectures and became sought to have h1S students atta1n not only for the prupose of 1ncreas1ng thelr ab1l1t1es and better equ1pp111g them as e111f111eers but that the necesslty fO1 absolute tlLltl'1fl1ll16SS 111 all thmgs mwht be so 1ndel1blx 1mpressed as to be a character1st1c of NVISCOIISIH graduates Professor Bull s atta1nn1ents as a scholar xx ere of the hlfrhest He I'6fTlllHI'ly rev1exx ed the Ge1ma11 techmcal publ1cat1ons fO1 0116 of the fo1emost maffamnes of th1s COHIIUV and 111 1900 serxed as V1ce 1res1dent of the Jtuy of Axva1ds 1n the lh13.ClL1116IV Depa1t ment of the Par1s Fapos1t1o11 In 1900 he acted on a s1n11l'11 board at the St LOLIIS EYpOS1t1011 He was a member of tl1e Amer1can Soc1ety of Mechamcal E11g1nee1s T116 VVester11 Souety of E11ff111eers Tl1e SOC1CtV for tl1e P1 o1not1o11 of Englneeung Fducat1o11 and othel state a11d local eng1neer111U and sc1ent1flc s0c1et1es He xx as an act1ve membe1 of all these o1ga1117at1o11s f1eque11tly co11tr1but111g sc1ent1fic pape1s of meat me11t HIS paper 011 Superheated Steam dehvered a fexv years afro before the xvCSlI6I'l1 9oc1ety of Enmneers xvas axx arded the Gold medal and 6XC1t6d a great deal of fax orable comment at the t1me I'I1S e11g111eer111fr ab1l1t1es recelved recogn1t1on at home and abroad and he xxas frequently engaged by the state to d9S1gl1 poxxer l1e'1t111g and hghtmfr plants fO1 the 1 , ,, I 1' . II - s . - . 7' ' 1 - , . , . I - .. ' I ., c 4 , I l 1 ' b C 1 - I ' . . I . . .I I. . , . . . I I ' ' f 2 ' ' ' '. ' aj: I I . I .I II . I I .I I I I I . . .I I. . I I II .I I I L ' i C 1 7 s I I v - l I c D ' . . I .I I I I I In Y I I ' - De ' , , l ' 1 Y ' I . I I. . . D I I I . . . , I Y L D . D , O Z 1 fam1l1ar xv1tl1 h1s ab1l1t1es as a teacher and scholar. Accuracy xvas the goal xvl11cl1 he . D M, ' , ' . ' . . . .II . . II . I I . . I . , . I . . I b ' D . . . . . I II , .II ' , - -J - . . ' , ' . .- . I I . . I I . .I I I I . I . II I I . . I .- I I, . . I I . . I .I II. . I 9 b X - ' 1 ' ' - 1 ID 7 b II . . . . I I I I . . ' , , z D 1 ' '79 numerous state institutions. He had just completed the plans for the University Power Plant nov under constructron and was Consulting Fngineer for the State Capital Com mission The design of the power plant for the new Capitol represented hrs last engineering undertakrng He had prepared the prrncrpal plans and specifications for this dictating a part of the material durrrrg hrs last illness This was an undertaking rn which he took great personal pride and pleasure and when completed will stand as fr monument to lns skrll and abrlrty as an engineer Professor Bull was born in Bergen Norway October 20 1856 Hrs father was a Colonel rn the National Armv and lns sterling Vrkrng ancestry was shown both rn hrs character and bearing He received hrs early education rn the schools of hrs native country and at the age of eighteen entered the Technical School at Zurich Switzerland nhere he lard the foundation for hrs wonderful command of French and German attending lectures given rn both languages He was graduated from this mstrtutron rn 1877 and spent the nest two years rn engineering practice rn Europe In 1819 he came to the United States choosing Madison as hrs home He was led to tlrrs choice because lns uncle Ole Bull the famous violinist resided here at that time The same rear he was made an Instructor m the Fngrneerrng Department of the Um ver srty President Van Hrse Allan D Conover and the late C I King composing the Facultv of th1s department at that trme In the gradual evolution of tlns department Professor Bull has taught most of the prrncrpal studies now given by a much larger number of professors and instructors In 1886 he was made Professor of Mechanrcal Fngrneerrng and rn 1891 with the great increase rn the studies given rn the College he was made Professor of Steam Engineering which position he retained until lns death Professor Bull s thorough trarnrng and hrs studies and researches rn the engineering lrterfrture of this and Furopean countrres enabled lnm 'rt all times to keep rn the front of hrs chosen Held VV1th the development of the gas engrne and steam trnbrne he was thoroughly at home being very recently called to assist rn the testing of the largest turbine station rn the world Hrs famrharrty with these fields led him to offer courses rn these subjects and so strengthen tlns department as to place rt at the head of such departments rn our technrcal colleges Professor Bull s actrvrtres were not confined to the Unrxersrty and screntrfrc socretres alone He nas for two ye-rrs an active member of the crty councrl and rn 1890 was elected mayor of the crty grvrng Madison one of the cleanest admrnrstratrons rt has known Hrs high sense of honor and duty led lrrm to rnsrst on -rn enforcement of the law which men of weaker moral fibre would not have dared He has 11213.38 been actrvelv identified with the Unrtarran church serving for many years as fr trustee and srnce 1891 as its treasurer He shared the musical talent of lns lamrlv for he xx as an evceptronal performer on hrs favorite instrument the cello For many years he took actne rnterest rn the Choral Tsnron Hrs frctrvrtres cor ered so manv Helds that hrs untrmelv end will be deeply felt rn mang places not only rn Madison but all over the countrr Hrs associates rn the engineering profession feel keenly the loss of one whose ideals and attarnments were of such a high degree Hrs l1f e will leave an inspiration not only to hrs immediate friends but also to the hundreds of students who wrll often recall the kindly characteristics of this great man 1 Y ' - a ca 'ra K tu o n' ' ' ' 3 ' D . Q 1 s . Y - V , K I C I l . . v Y l 3 Y 7 ' ' .1 1: 2: ' ' s O 5 7 9 T . . . , 6 . ,., . . . . t. , D . a r 1 - - Y I . . . .- . ' - lo , . , . , . . ,r U . U 5 J or 1 ' rs ' an D7 ' 2: ' a 'c 1 , c . . , . . ' 5 ' . D I , .Y . . .. . . . y - C I V. '. ' - , D- .. . D - K . I 'i c . ' 1 7 '. W - , 5 .1 , .. . , 1 . X . - , l . K' Y' - . I . 'Y . A . . , , U. . 1 2: ' C ' a L N . Y K. 80 Charles Albert Curtis A Brief Record of His Life and Services to the University J C Elsom Chfnles Albert C11I't1S was bo1n Octo ber 41 1835 at Hallowell Ixennebec Co Maxne Ile was a descendant of W1ll1am Cl1TllS, who arr1ved 111 New Enfrland on the Slllp Lyon 111 1632 H1s great grand pare11ts nere act1ve m the Revolut1onary war Colonel Curt1s recewed 111s prepara tory education 1n the Vermont M1htary College and l11S collegnte educat1on 1n Bowdom College Mfnne From July 11 1861 to Apr1l 141 1869 he served as pr1 vate m1l1ta1y mstructor to the field ofhcers of the first lVIa1ne Infantly the11 1n the Army of the Potomac and was there comm1ss1oned second l1euten mt 1n Com pany F F1fth Unlted States Infant1y The appo1ntme11t was made by Pres1dent L1l1C0lD for extraordmary me11t H contu1ued 111 tl1e serv1ce dur1ng tl1e Penmsulft Campaign and up to the battle of Antletam I11 1864 he served w1tl1 h1S regunent 1n New lVIe1nco and became a part1c1pa11t 1n tl1e Ind1an wars fivhtmg agamst many d1Herent t11bes HIS p1omot1on to F1rst L1eutenant was made March 30 1864 a11d to Capta1n September 07 1865 In Decembe1 1870 he was placed on the ret1red hst and from that tlme to h1s death he was contlnuously engaged as Commandant at some 1nst1tu t1on of learn1ng I11 1899 he was appomted Professor of lVI1l1tary Scxence and Tact1cs 1n the UIIIVCI Slty of WISCODSID and served unt1l h1S death 111 that capac1ty He d1ed Sunday morn mg May Q6 1907 at the Mad1son General Hosp1tal He was '72 years of age Colonel Curt1s was s1ngula1ly nell fitted for hlS dut1es at tl1e Un1vers1ty For ma11y years he had been accustomed to deal w1th student l1fe and he thoroughly understood and sympath1zed w1th young men It 1S not surpr1s1ng therefore that he made tl1e m1l1tary department more popular than It had ever been before and under h1s W1SS and tactful gxndance the wo1k 1n m1l1tary drxll attamed a degree of efhcxency which nas unprecedented HIS g61113.l personahty counted for much 1n h1S success he understood h1s men and treated them mth a rare conslderatxon whrch at once won the1r respect and the1r regard He had many warm personal fr1ends among tl1e faculty and students He was always a dehofhtful compan1on h1s powers of C011V6I'S3,t1OD and of rem1n1scent story tellmg were eXcept1onal Hrs magarme art1cles and short stor1es were numerous and one of hIS books Captu1ed by the Navajos was publ1shed by Harpers H1s service to the Un1vers1ty w1ll ever rema111 a lastmg monument to h1s memory No other Com mandant had so won the respect and aflect1on of h1s pup1ls and assoc1ates H1s earnest purpose was admtrable and 1115 tactful cons1derat1on of the men under h1S 1nstruct1on was a strong character1st1c He always seemed young 1D sp1te of h1s years and h1s mterest 1n h1s work and 1n the welfare of the student commun1ty was unfa1l1ng It came as a personal se11se of great loss to many of us when we learned that the l1ght of th1s splend1d man had gone out The memory of h1s fine personahty w1ll remam w1th thou sands of students who came under h1s mfluence HIS death was a d1st1nct loss not only to h1S many personal fr1ends but to the Un1vers1ty and to the State C. . - . -. ' 1 1 1 -1 f 1 - 6 . . i . . D' '. . ' U y . 1 ' C . . H .131 C ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , r , 2 - , . ' 11 . ' ,' 11 , . . . G c O, I 1 f 1 13 . ' 1 1 . .N' ' ' ' '- .,. , - 1 - ' 1 1 1 - 5' , i Y . . . . . ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 .Y , - 1 y . 1 D 1 1 - 1 1 , 1 gg , 11 7 1 1 '- ' . . ' D ' 1 '- V 1 . D . A. . . . - 1 1 ' ' 81 James Lloyd-J ones By W. A. Henry James Lloyd-Jones aged 57 years and for tvso years a Regent of the Uni versrty of Wrsconsrn dred at hrs home Hrllsrde Wrsconsrn October Q1 1907 The Wyomrnrr Valley rs one of Wrs corrsrn s chorcest rural gems to thrs valley rn 1863 came the proneer Rrchard Lloyd Jones and here was reared a famrly of ten sturdv sons and daughters If the vrsrtor lets hrs eye sweep over thrs valley of peaceful charm and note the sharp rrmmed rugged hrlls dotted Wrth clumps of buch and oak or sodded wrtlr Grass rrsrnv hundreds of feet above rts fertrle undulatrng Hoor he can nell under stand why strongrntellectual men and wom en are after all but the natural human product of such a favored envrronment Frve of the Jones tamrly of the second Ueneratron oceupred farms m the Wyomrnv Valley The farm of James Lloyd Jones covered a couple of square mrles of valley and hrllsrde Close agarnst one of the great hrlls on an elevatron m a grove stands the farm house Below rn the mrddle of the valley surrormded by evergreens rs seen the Lloyd Jones chapel and beyond on the shoulder of an opposrng hrll from out the tree tops show the roofs of the burldrngs of the Hrllsrde School of far more than state Wrde repu pervades the whole region hir Jones came to the regency well prepared for hrs dutres All hrs lrfe he had labored earnestly and quretly for the betterment of those about hrm and rn county servrce hrs sohcrtous care of the Hrllsrde School had brought hrm much rnto contact mth youth hrs large farmrnfr operatrons had drrlled hrm rn the requrrements of modern agrrculture There rs no more honored posrtron Wrthm the grft of our Governor than that of Refrent of the Unrversrty of Wrsconsrn Mlr Jones recognrzed tlrrs honor and gave the best of hrs mature well developed powers to the Unrversrty Alwars rn attendance on call he not rnfrequently appeared ahead of trme to attend meetmgs he lrnvered after adjournment and made frequent addrtronal trrps to Madrson rn order to become more famrlrar wrtlr the dutres of the office and to obtarn a better grasp of the srtuatron He regarded hrs posrtron as one of not only honor but of serrous oblrgatron as well In the mrdst of hrs actrvrtres hrs lrfe went out through an effort to serve others rn drstress What was accomphshed by James Lloyd Jones as nerghbor farmer crtrzen and Regent serves well as an example for others rr ho wx ould let the best of all therr pow ers for good reach full attarnment rn loyal crtrrenshrp and a farthful dornv of all that comes to one s hand 7 ! . , - A . . . . . , I D 3 3 5 ' . 5 - . , . G . , , , - , ' 1 . , . , . .i 3 D' 7 i D . . , Y - 3 7 l . . . 2: . . O I . ' . v . , . D , - J ' 2 ' 3 5 5 , - - tatron, conducted by the Jones Sisters. The influence of the Lloyd-Jones famrly . . , . . g . . . . . Q D . . , I D . , y - , . I J . , S La . . 7 . . . , Q . . 3 . . I ' -9 Q s , ' v y 7 " Y . . . , . . D 7 82 Casper Wlnteler A Dan1elShankland Helen A Munson Arthur A End Maxwell C Purdy John O Watk1HS George K Hannlton Paul B. Porter 83 ff f .11 1' .f If .- ,, .-W Lf? xX '-'pMIi'- f:f'p.f' - UL- F4521-gms MQQ-Q-vf fx sm N - fx X. .553 fn", -if 'ji ' .W ,.g lWi.k,.sff 1 2 .Q 'V N fQ4j'iiF.'.l ' "1 xiiiis- 4 5 x 1, N. X fx Q ' '1',,,? 9'..2"'qQfx yy. WF 3 ' - I X A X - ' 'V ' - Mg: 'QF' vig- 'aK - ' , ' X X ff rg ,X A fy if ' "X f 'ff fy ? Af. Nj 3, if J La, E M Zi Mig Vw sm, ffl I' I FE 1 K X? Jie f' GPH vuyg M hw u' f na 3, , P P I ' 'S'-Kino., I Eiixivgzk '-'f Y, 1 J iff, K' 'E A 'Q' it -" 1, 5" Q , ff 'gfff' ' , ,- ' I 4 ff? ,. -Eff , cg. Xi1ux.,7g',x1 1 , ' yjff f I ug, QIA P fl K 0' 1 - Q 'nfs 4 U' fm" 'Q -- :gf I his ui' X ..,,1-fcgalig St, lx ! ' f L-Nxie 7 5,4 iz: I " ' naw, y I fs? , 1 I ' 1 ' ,-5 ffl f 321- X X 1 'EA f I A W ' V 'l,,I"- 'J -X W - f sw M3 1 -W- w2,: 1+ QJ 'W -li -:B 1 v 'xx' 7 A , . -- ,NN W ' I Q! , I be - I- - , ' 's R SH'If FN! 'I " 'raw Q' , V qs " I ' I s. N K -,413 5 V 'ff' ali V N l X' .A Q H f Q 1 L : 44 Q YN . " 0 + XX ix ' Ilya? in l X C xg -21 . Mfr f X 'A 1 D 'VQQ U . WM. wx X Q so ,Hjx 1f.PnPE DREAM S .f-.. S f,,,Q'g,.xkyk "'5 V' :ki Q J Q' Q fg X ' j.:2!' 4 uf !! A 5, f X .. Q 5HHL1.I 65:25 EWH7' HW? f """",'- f-lL 1 g f, Ld -f . yr ' -0 ii? f 3 Z f X l . 1' A xx- an 7 , 1 ,,, 0'oP0RT0N!T'l 'n X Z 5 E X ffw , fig' Q ' f g . i A y ' W g 1 gl I! 4 I Q jfzxr .ff nk!! , 5 fl !f9A3::'- fx w 4 K . Q QV w W fguw - ,.,t.??::y ?:.:E4S,,?:?,g, ,"' ?- X . w , 1117!-'Ifk2j'vg'f:EEi2f'4 5,11 MM V if M ff,-f5.S . .1 ' f g, W , :Q ii f I el-gs . Want' r L ees' e JI A E Q I ll a .44 Senior Class History 4 When the buds are bursting a year from now and the bird class rambles of a morning along the lake shore, we would ask that you make a pilgrimage to the little graveyard of departed classes, nestling pathetically among the pines back of Blain Hall. You will find many a carven block of granite whose stiff and solemn presence implores the passing tribute of a sigh, but look as you will, you will not discover among the entire gloomy pile the stone which marks the last resting place of the class of 1908. For the class which bids goodbye to the dear old U. W. this June has always been so full of life and energy that even when its members are scattered far and wide we feel that its spirit can never die. This energy has most often taken the form of originality, and the Seniors, in all of their affairs, have never been bound down by precedent. From Freshman reception to Senior swingout, rush to graduation, first election to last love feast, the wearers of the cap and gown have been alive and "doing things." ' The high finance, successful "Prom," and the Badger Chairman who was graduated before receiving his sheepskin, were in the olden time, in the days of Curtis, Kilpatrick, and Richard Rex. Now all is changed, the football hero would be taken for Richard's younger brother, the "Prom" Chairman can't understand why other people can't understand that a deficit has occurred, and the Badger Chairman returns to the University in his Senior year. The Senior class has passed through all this cycle of change, and at the end of four years has emerged, small in numbers, but proud of its great accomplishments. Among these great deeds the inauguration of the Junior Prize Play is most fondly cherished by the Senior class. Only those who were active supporters of the first original dramatic production know of the difliculties which had to be overcome before the Promtime play became a regular assured event. And for the' two years of its existence, the authors of the prize play have been members of the senior class. But believing with Achilles that physical honors are the greatest, we hold that the e-pluribus unum of our brave deeds was the winning of both class rushes? No other class in the memory of the lake has emulated the feat, which, like Pat O'Dea's wonderful drop kick, and the one hard day's work which the janitor of the gymnasium is said to have done, will go down' in history as never-to-be-forgotten occLu'rences. And this is why the Senior class draws itself with proud dignity, saying, "Look on my works, ye Nlighty, and dispair!" 9fSenior Pipe Dream. 88 "rw v ,EA ElX,reE4l'l, - DORVUIN - George B. Hill . .. Charles L. Byron .... 89 ilk Senior Class Officers FIRST SEMESTER Lee H. Huntley .......................,......,....... President Bessie R. Coleman .... .................... F irst Vice-President Cosalette Elliott ..... ........... S ecretary Sumner B. Rogers ..... .........., T reasurer Edwin G. Fox ......... ................. .... S e rgeant-at-arms Claudius BI. Hopkins ..................... .,.. P ipe Custodian SECOND SEMESTER ElizabethS.Stoddard.-J...-.IIHHHH-I.---H .........President George C. hlathews, ........................ . First Vice-President . . . . .Second Vice-President . . . ...........,... Secretary Thomas R. Hefty .... . ............. Treasurer Lee H. Huntley ........ .... S ergeant-at-arms Claudius M. Hopkins ...... .... P ipe Custodian John V. Mulany ......,............. . ........... Class Historian Susan N. Armstrong ....................,........ Class Historian REPRESENTATIVES TO STUDENTS, CONFERENCE COMMITTEE John V. Mulany Walter G. Grodske Philip F. Schwenker Mott T. Slade Frank W. Calkins CLASS COLORS Brown and Red CLASS YELL Sure as Fate! Sure as Fate! Varsity! Varsity! Nineteen Eight! Senior Class Committees FIRST SEMESTER SENIOR SWING OUT COIVIMTTTEE Felix G. Rice, Chairman Webster Brown Thomas R. Hefty Ruth Jennings Hilbert C. Wallber CLASS PLAY COMMITTEE George B. Hill, Chairman Theodore Sternpfel John V. Mulaney Cosalette Elliott Susan N. Armstrong CAP AND GowN COMMITTEE Edwin G. Fox, Chairman Frank C. Auer Henry W. Meyer, Jr. SECOND SEMESTER INVITATION CoMMITI'EE Fayette H. Elwell, Chairman Jolm J. Colignon Isabell Mac Arthur INIEMORLAL COIVEMITTEE lXIott T. Slade, Chairman Elbert E. Brindley Eva G. Lewis Edna M. Brown Nora Neprud George L. Gross SOCIAL COMMITTEE Roland B. Roehr, Chairman Dallas S. Burch Ray M. Stroud Bess Coleman CoLoRs COMMITTEE E. M. Bice, Chairman Nellie E. Gordon ' Ethel Morrison Frances Faueett IARRAN G EMENT COM.MI'ITEE Edwin F. Gruhl, Chairman Homer H. Benton Frank H. Hannaford 90 Julius O. Boehl Hazel Driver Alice Evans Charles S. lVIeI'cein Ruby Z. Hildebrand Frances A. Cleary Gould W. Van Derzee Emma E. lylanor Ruth C. Van Slyke Roy E. Schiess William W. Nlathews Hattie G. Leui Frank W. Calkins Harlow L. Walster Walter G. Sexton Clarence O. Brandel Obert Sletten Nlaud L. Terry Hettie lvl. ltlurchison hiaud E. Smith Charlotte Churchill Theodore Gronert Victor R. Anderson To YOU, Sedate Senior This fore-Word is not an apology for, but only an explanation of, some SLANI which has been handed to you, not by the Badger Board, but probably by some Junior who was once a Normalite. We can only console you by quot- ing long-forgotten men who wrote- "T1'uth Hurts," and "If the Cap fits, Wear itf, VVe suggest that if said Slam handed you offends, rejoice in your Roomy's Slam, and congratulate yourself that We did not better know you and your great shortcomings- for you have themfwe all have. J OVIAL JUNIOR. 91 Ellis Pitt Abbott, Tau Beta Pi lVIadison Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Society. ' Thesis: The EHect of the Percentage of Water and Time of Mixing on the Tensile and Compressive Strength of Concrete. "If ignore people had a similar nature, the world would be better tlan it is." Isaac Alcuzar, Acacia KKDOC-97' Williamsport, Pennsylvania Letters and Science. Entered as Senior from Ohio State University. Thesis: A Morphological and Biological Study of a Variety of Bacillus Dysentery. "What's the use of formal introductions,-butt in. sa Hazel Viola Alford, Alpha Chi Omega IlHay!5 Madison ' School of Music. Choral Union. "Out damned spot! out I say!" Albert Louis Amott, Alpha Chi Sigma Viroqua Agriculture. Thesis: The Cause of Deterioration of Commercial Starters Prop- ogatecl under Practical Conditions. "He Certainly 'Am it." Abert Nlyron Anderson . ggi-xndyvs Mondovi Pharmacy. F. B. Powers Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: Alkaloidal Assay of Aconite and its Preparations. "I-I tell you fellers-its just this wayf? Victor Roy Anderson "Andy,,' "Vic" Janesville Mechanical Engineering. Wisconsiri Engineer 123. Thesis: Design and Test of an Indicated Horse Power Meter for Use on Steam Engines. "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit."' 92 Susan Naylor Armstrong Bladison Letters and Science. Wislynx: Basket Ball CD, CQD, C3j, Qkjg Badger Board 635: Class Historian C405 Pythia, President QLD, Red Domino, Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Committee. Thesis: The Influence of Allan Ramsay on the Poetry of Robert Bluns. "Hello there Kid, how's everything with you ?" Frank Cleveland Auer, Beta Gamma Sigma . Eau Claire Commerce. Dodo Bones: Assistant Baseball Manager C3jg Baseball Manager 145g Student Conference QLD, Commercial Club, Treasurer if-ij. Thesis: Commission Government of hiunicipalities. "A heap of learning is a dangerous thing, so I took Parky in the Springf' Louis Fred Augspurger, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma "Bowery," "Augie' Sheboygan Letters and Science. Thesis: Thalliiun and Uranium Selenates. "A 'good fellow' together with what that implies." George Baxter Averill, Jr. "Georgie" VVhitewater Entered as special from Whitewater Normal. Commerce. Commercial Club. Thesis: The Organization of Industrial Working Forces. "A Normalite even though he did take Commerce? Earl Slayton Barker, Sigma Nu "Bark,,' "Prof" 1 Chippewa Falls Agriculture. ' U. W. Regiment, Sergeant Signal Corps CQD. Thesis: The Growth of the Registered Guernsey Industry in the State of Wisconsin from 1900 to 1905 as shown by the Number of Transfers. "This life has many a care, but I can easily carry my share." Rufus A. Barnes, Alpha Chi Sigma r1Rabas - Elkhorn Letters and Science. Thesis: An Investigation of Yttrium Sulphate. "He would rather smoke than sleepf' 03 Volney Goodrich Barnes Madison Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from River Falls Normal. Glee Club. . U Thesis: The Change in the Coefficient of Expansion and Electrical Resistance of Nickel and Cobalt with a Change in Temperature. "We love to hear thy deep bass voice." Ferdinand von Arlt Bartlett, Sigma Chi "Ferd" Nlilwaukee ' Letters and Science. Skull and Crescentg Yellow Helmetg Glee Club, Leader Qljg Edwin Boothg Junior Class Playg Junior Prom Committee. Thesis: Mural Advertising. "For I never could see any fun, In wasting all my time on one, So every day is ladies' day with me." Theodore Anton Baumeister A'Ted," 'fBoo', Kewaunee - Letters and Science. Thesis: Diplomatic Relations of the United States and Nicaragua. "He speaks by rote and lives by rule." YVilliam Howard Beasley "Beesley" Texarkana, Arkansas Electrical Engineering. Entered as Sophomore from University of Arkansas. The Wisconsin Engineer-Assistant Business Manager QSJ, QQ. Thesis: Design of a Power Plant for Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas Street Railway. "The author of this book on alternating currents holds the same opinion that I do." I John VVilliam Beath "Jack," "Deac" Verona Letters and Science. Y. M. C. A. Thesis: A Study of the Radio Activity of Lead Salts. "He liked to do as he pleased." Orville Andrew Beath "Orb" Verona Letters and Science. Y. M. C. A. Thesis: Pantheism, Pope versus Fiske. "A man who has won success by hard work." 94 Homer Herrington Benton "Senator', Richland Center Letters and Science. U. W. Regiment, Chief Trunipeter Bugle Corps 1253 Badger Board 135, Athenae, Freshman Dec. 11j, Semi-Public Debate 121, Treasurer 131, President 1455 German Glee Club. Thesis: Rates on the New York IVIoney Market for the year 1894. "Such men as La Follette, Siebecker, Van Hise, and Bashford have all occupied the chair I am about to take." 1Clipped from H. H. Benton's Athenian Inaugural address.D Harold Joslyn Besley, Kappa Sigma III-,Ia 93 Waukegan. Illinois Letters and Science. Thesis: Fusion of Some of the Chlorides of the Heavy lXIetals with Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Calcium Chloride, and the Determination of the Loss of the Halogen. "How are you now, Hal ?,' Grace Beatrice Bewick Mfaclison Entered as Junior from Whitewater Normal. Letters and Science. Choral Union: Girls Glee Club. Thesis: Benjamin Franklin's Diplomatic Mission in England. "Her sweet voice falls like music on the ear." Mary Louise Bewick, Delta Delta Delta "Susie," "Bob" Nevada, Missouri Entered as Junior from Cottey College. School of Biusic. Girls Glee Club 135, 140, Choral Union 141. "A blessing to the Tri-Delt camp." Carl Emery Billings "Bill,' ' Cobb Agriculture. Thesis: Nutrition of Horses. "A Bachelor of Agriculture and a Master of Fnssingf' Miles Wren Birkett, Kappa Sigma flBirk-95 Madison Electrical Engineering. U. W. Regiment, First Lieutenant 121, Captain 131, Lieutenant Colonel 1403 Scabbard and Blade. Thesis: An Investigation into the Cause and Effect of Water Hammer. "A 'Parsons daughter for me." 95 f' Burnett Orvil Bishop lfBOb53 Racine Letters and Science. Thesis: The Commercial Relations between the United States and Canada. "A bright look, a strong front, but woefully modest? Elsa Anna Bitter Sheboygan Letters and Science. ' Class Vice-President C25g Castaliag Choral Union C25, C353 Y. W. C. A.g Germanistische Gesellschaft. Thesis: Relation of Gottfried Keller to Jean Paul and Gotthelf. "Still you keep 0' the windy side of the law." Ambrose Barnum Blake "Molly" Huron, South Dakota Entered as Junior from Huron College. Letters and Science. Olympia. Thesis: Industrial Insurance by Savings Banks. 'Tve got 'em establishedf' John Carl Blankenagel "Blanky" Hartford Letters and Science. Jeremias Bronze Key, Class Track Team C25g 'Varsity Track Team C25, C35, C455 "WU C25, C353 Cross Country Team C353 Class Pipe Com- mittee C35g U. W. Band C25, C35, C455 Germanistische Gesell-- schaft C453 Y. IVI. C. A., Vice-President C45. Thesis: An Edition of VVildenb1'uch,s "Der BfIennonit". "Winner of the standing broad smile." Herbert Louis Blankenburg, Alpha Tau Omega "Blank" Milwaukee General Engineering. Thesis: An Examination of the Physical Value of the Water Works. "N ow - when I was down at Illinois Purdue, et ceteraf' Albert Valentine Blatz, Delta Upsilon UAF? Milwaukee Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Alternating Current Losses in Steel Rails. "N one but himself can be his1parallel.', 96 Madison Gustave Grover Blatz, Delta Upsilon "Gus" Ivlilwaukee Letters and Science. Assistant Baseball Manager C3Dg U. W. Regiment, Color Sergeant C1Dg First Lieutenant CQD, Captain C3Dg Student Conference C4Dg Business Nlanager of Sphinx C3D, C4Dg Manager of Annual Ger- man Play CSD, Press Club C3D, C4Dg Scabbard and Blade C3D, C4Dg Manager Edwin Booth Play C4rD. Thesis: The New England Merchant Marine. "In das Marshall-Street pagoda looking down on lVIil-wau-kee There's a German gal a settin' and I know she waits for me." Grace Anna Bogue "Bogie" Poynette Letters and Science. Entered as Sophomore from Lawrence University. Thesis: Effect of Electricity on Growing Roots. "A little rule, a little sway, A simbeam in a winter's day." William Joseph Bollenbeck, Phi Gamma Delta "Bill," "Bolle,' lVIadison Letters and Science. Daily Cardinal: Reporter CQD, Athletic Editor CSD, Associate Editor C4eDg Germanistische Gesellschaftg University Press Club CQD, CSD, C4Dg Junior Prom, Chairman of Program Committee. Thesis: The German Revolution of 1848 in Baden, and its effect on the United States. 'iWhat shall I do to be forever known, ' And make the age to come my own ?" Leal lVIary Boorman lVIadison Letters and Science. Thesis: Wisconsin 1860-1870. "Generosity is an amiable Weakness." Alice Julia Borreson, Delta. Delta Delta f'Buster', La Crosse Letters and Science., Thesis: The Influence ol the Precepts of Cromwe-ll's Preface on the Theatre of De Vigny and de Musset. "Oh, but your eyes are so brown." Edmund Joseph Brabant "Eddie,' Madison Law. Olympia, Secretary C1Dg Forum CLLD. Thesis: Taxation of Intangible Movables in the United States. "Let the end try a man." 97 Clarence Oliver Brandel, Tau Beta Pi "Brin" Milwaukee Electrical Engineering. U. W. Regiment, First Lieutenant CQD, Captain C355 Glee Club: Scabbard and Blade. Thesis: An Investigation and Study of the Cause and Effect of Water Hammer. "Some are born sports, some acquire sportiness, while others have sportiness thrust upon them." Otto Henry Breidenbach "Breidy" Milwvaukee Law. Class President C2jg Philomathia ,Blowout Closer CD3 Semi-Public Closer CQjg Winner Freshman Dec. CD: Sophomore Open C2j: Joint Debate C40. Thesis: How far may Mutuality be dispensed with in Specific Per- formance of Contracts? 'Tm not an Orator as Brutus was-but--." Adeline A. Breitkreutz "BiIl,U "Addie' Wausau Letters and Science. Thesis: Study of a Special Form of Alternating Current Bridge. "Oh! excuse me for butting in-but-.U Alvina Mary Brennecke Watertown Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. Y. W. C. A. C33, C403 Germanistische Gesellschaft C3j, C4j. Thesis: Das persoenliche Element in Goethes Romanen. "N ormalites who live without folly are not as wise as they think." Emily May Bresee Mfadison Letters and Science. Thesis: Potassium Thorium Selenate. "Won't someone please find me three more fifths to fill out my ' program ?', ' Elbert Edwin Brindley, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Tau, Delta Sigma Rho lKBrin7! Richland Center Letters and Science. Hesperia, Blowout Closer Cljg Semi-Public Closer CQDQ Joint Debate C3j, Vice-President C3j: President C4jg Illinois-Wisconsin Inter- collegiate Debate CLD. Thesis: State Control of all Transportation Corporations doing an Interstate Business. "The story and expense of 'that Prom' will be handed down to my childrens' children." -98 Edna M. Brown, Kappa Kappa Gamma .A .-Am: 1: ,- . q,3:m1'v1-,5-51fQ ,'',Q,wa:4a2'J-.'.:..,-Fw: Af... Rhinelander , jfj'f'?' " - n '- .., snr, Letters and Science. , u If 4 ' Entered as Sophomore from Milwaukee Downer. Wislynxg- Badger Board C3jg Chorus of the "Budlong Case." Thesis: The Bourgeois as treated ln the Plays of Malrere and of 521' fl Au8?ef- ' F ,ll "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low." "" M , ' jg. 2:1 ,Ax .K , ,, V , ,,,. A,ii4f'g.fg2' A Q' 'L "ff'i,f""" " 'c-""-:- 4 Ziff., Paul V. Brown gg! j gg ' H f 'sg Q "Peevish," "Knocker" '? . ' Racme Fi fi A ,, . . . . Ar ,Aa 4 ' 4 wif C1v1lEngmeer1ng. xl 'Q' Qig- Thesis: Harbor Improvements on the Great Lakes. ,ff4 v.?L,,, A , 5 "A lion among the ladies." A f y j , '- 1 A ,I ,-TQ AA yf '. . K ,f, A '1f3.:.' gg Florence Mary Brown, Kappa Alpha Theta , "Buttons," "Flo" Spring Green Letters and Science. y , Q. Thesis: The Adminstration of Relief in Madison. -Vg A . A "Wanted: A ood memor and a little more timef' 5 ,A , -3, ,fam . ,f ,yd 4-,,.. '-..fff9g?f,?'gAQ '. : .sf 'X .- 5' . g x. A-A - 1 ,-1 : f " . X1 - f-f Af .' .a ' '- "- - 'QA A- 'ici 4. 535' "ft Webster A. Brown, Psi Upsllon A 5 X A ' R' Q 1 I Q 1 t g-A13 1- ,. , 55 ' Web if ' .-if e " A I Rhinelander if 1, Letters and Science. Qff , ' gg M t' ' J ' P Ch ' f NI ' C 't - S ' it , ' onas ics, umor rom, auman o 1 usic ommit ee, enior A y iq? ' ' 5 ., - N Thesis: Methods of Forest Taxation and State Remedy. -A Q- , "What did the Governor of North Carolina say to the Governor of 9 v 1 South Carolina ?" A ' A.. sf ...., . .VW t L wiht- 1 'fa V' we . Frank Richard Brownlee, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 5 Milwaukee ,: .iQjj Nlechanical Engineering. Thesis: Efficiency of Power Plants with Special Reference to - - fm' AN.. A A " -wi superheated Steam Pipe Lines. ff, A: ' ' ' ' ' xii A ,r-"T "" """"'r-A,-'v-'E ' 'li "Much might be Sald if one could but read 1115 mmdf' . 'Q '- , A A-'22-2L.A M 2622 Albert Israel Buchecker, Theta Delta Chl, Tau Beta P1 -A , H jg .. ' ' l Madison . ik A Electrical Engineermg. my ' W.-. Thesis: Study of the Interpole Motor. U "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 99 n f -vrym .. . .,,.. mg, ,Q - 1' YY C, : ig 1. ' 4 mx ff ' M .. as ...f-:,'.s,.1.vaf1 - .- A.-.W , , . 5?-an-4 'V . i. 4 23635 f .- -at 15" -gs-,iq-. . -,St '4::5:,g ' . ,, . :N . ,,., X 62221: -- We 45- f5lE3E3iiE2: 1 1:-1. , xg'-A , 1. .... .. ,A 'fd ,ci v-rf 1:2215 52-E12 Zi .,. 4, f " .1 .ff 2. G 5-31. ,tv 4:1 fn, 5 taxi:-at lfwfm iv - v'Sb:+:4., s, :ao A ziiifi ' "e, D355 -" - - af. .,.. - 4 f ' . :ai 'ff'-z' af. ir If .r. . . 3 . ,. ,. . ' - W Q42 '2 .--,.'Jt-4, m-.- ,f --M--.A Tx -Wx cs.,-,..-ts. 1 52i7'E5"9' 5 ' ', ' ' -'1 ip-,if r- : t :'. .K : Wakzkfi kg. . - 34:17 , -A' - 1 'Q " R, ,,vyf,f wgqz.-:, e. a.. U ' Q' "z::z:.,. v "" ' -' . . - -f:1:2:-si ' xx 5: ' ,Sgr . - wk E, , ....g5g,.5:5 w 'f-J 1 -:':'i-L'fFiS4f: E f . 'fl .1 Qgf.'i?f Zz, ' E .f.f,-, .I Z, ,I ' ' '59'-WI 3 - :Z . . A '. S1115 ':2'?52f'f - "f':15Si,-9 . 'gg' - ,g5 .':-:r.z1f:rx-21 N, -Q... M - fQa+:sei:.:2'LQ2514, mg 5553 3-ff .w.mmux,m,at. MW, -MA.. 545535 "gb if .QJQQW 5311 : .J ' 3 Ffgi, 'Q I 5 g , M 1 1-2 L31 .L 'rg we I 35,1 1 -5,..:3:'g 4 5-.-1 W., if 5 EE-2-1' ".'z1EQ Q . 745522.52 fi I 'I' fa,5,121-geffszfriiz 'Q f52:5f51:'zja?g222 , 4 iz l.SL2.1-LQ5.'.gs,5.1g.2api..,.iz4'4'g:z4:11i,4i.p' A LZ ' "AMA - ' wisaur' 1,1-'12' Walter Charles Buetow, Tau Beta Pi "Walt" hlilwaukee Civil Engineering. ' Civil Engineering Society. Thesis: The Efliciencye Test of an Eight Foot Experimental Scoop Wheel Modeled after a Low Lift Pump Recently Designed for Western Irrigation Purposes. "Apparently not a fusser, but appearances are often deceptive." William Loring Bugoik, Phi Alpha Delta rx 77 Madison Law. Forum. . Thesis: Injunctions to Prevent the Invasion of Other than Prop- erty Rights. "Wisdom shall die with thee." Dallas Stockwell Burch, Alpha Zeta "Tony,,' "Stockwell" Nlilwaukee Agriculture. Badger Board C353 Sphinx QQ: Cardinal, Reporter QQ: Student Farmer, Assistant Editor C3j, Editor Qljg Agricultural Society, Secretary CQjg Grafter's Club 0113 Press Club C3j, QQ: Chess and Checkers Club. Thesis: The Destruction of Weeds and the Stimulation of Plant Growth by Voltaic and Static Electricity. "The pen is mightier than the hoe." Anthony Buresh Racine Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Development of the Factory System in New England. "lNIuch may be said on both sides." Charles Loomis Byron, Delta Upsilon "Chuck', Milwaukee Electrical Engineering. A Iron Cross: Bronze Key: Football C359 Track CED, Cfljg Glee Club CQJ, C3j, GQ: Y. lVI. C. A., Treasurer GQ g Student Conference. Thesis: Madison and Northwestern Electric Railway Project. "Ah, how full of briers is this working-day world!" Mary Ethel Caine Milwaukee Letters and Science. Thesis: The Comparison of the Medea of Seneca with the hiedea of Euripedes. 'Then fly betirnes, for only they . Conquer Love, that run away." 100 Frank Waldo Calkins, Phi Alpha Delta "Wallie" Stevens Point Law Thesis: The Constitutional Guarantee of Local Self-Government in Wisconsin. To my Beanery Queen: "I know I have thy smiles with many Yet still thy smiles are dear to me." Cuba Quincy Canan Ifcuil La Crosse Letters and Science. Castalia. Thesis: Lucretius in Medieval Literature. "What's in a name ?" Frederico Felipe Cardenas, Delta Kappa Epsilon "Ferd,', "Mex" Saltillo, Coah, Mexico Agriculture. Entered as Sophomore Special from Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. U. W. Regiment, Second Lieutenant Q3j, Captain QLD: Scabbard and Blade: International Club, President QSJ, QD: President of First Convention of Associated Cosmopolitan Clubs, 1907. Thesis: Relations of Acids and Salts in Milk to Coagulation by Rennett. "I couldn't come to the International Club meeting because I had a fussing datef' Mae Louise Carpenter 'fBertie" , Madison Letters and Science. ' Y. W. C. A. , Thesis: On the Surfaces Generated by a Point-row of Second Order Projectively Related to a Point-row of First Order and not lying in the Same Plane. "She could distinguish and divide a hair 'twixt south and southwest sidef' Nathaniel Elliot Carpenter, Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Zeta "Nat," "Carp" Evanston, Illinois Agriculture. Skull and Crescent: Inner Gate: Grafters Club: Junior Prom Com- mittee. - s Thesis: Spring versus Fall Spraying for the Control of the Oyster Shell Bark Louse. , "I Want to be an Agric and with the Agrics stand A chicken on my doorstep-a turnip in my hand." Lucina Langworthy Carr "Duse" Madison I Letters and Science. Thesis: Policy of United States 1800-1836 in Regard to Sale of Public Lands. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." 101 -A264 1 ig! I -, 5 "dwg Edwina Mary Casey Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: Attitude of Carlyle and Ruskin Toward Trade and Com- merce. "Circiunstances alter Case Cyjsf' Morris Joseph Cashel "Joe,', "Cash,' Grafton, North Dakota Letters and Science. Prom. Committee C3jg Press Club: Commercial Club. Thesis: Resources in Western Canada. "I should have been a Frat man." Santiago Cerna, Tau Beta Pi "Santan N adadores, Coah, Mexico Entered as Sophomore from Agricultural and Mechanical College' of Texas. Civil Engineering. International Club. - Thesis: Flow of Water over an Eighteen Inch Sharp Crested Rect- angular Submerged Weir with End Contractions. "I own a Victor Talking Machine." William Mortimer Charles "Mort" Madison Agriculture. U. W. Agricultural Society CQD, Q3j. Thesis: The Relation of a High Protein versus a Low Protein Ration in the Character and Production of Wool. "Basket-Ball and Agriculture do not go well together when "Snow" is on the ground." Charlotte Amelia Churchill, Kappa Alpha Theta filmtv Monroe Letters and Science, School of lllusic. University Consumers League, President QD. Thesis: A Study of the Vibration of a Violin String and the Differ- ential Equation Involved. "I work when I work, but I fiddle when I play." Ethel Elizabeth Churchill, Kappa Alpha Theta "Buttons,7' "Church" ltlonroe Letters and Science, School of Music. Girls Glee Club, Leader CSD, QQ: S. G. A., Treasurer, GD, Thesis: Euhemerism in Lucretius. "Let us not do today what could be done tomorrowf' 102 Frances Ada Cleary "Tank" Platteville Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from Platteville Normal. Basket Ball C31 C4-jg Pythia C3j, QLD, Girls Glee Club QSD, CLLJQ Junior Play Cfijg Senior Class Play Committee 143. Thesis: Tacitus's Theory of "Virtus" and its Iniiuence upon his History. ' "You,d scarce expect one of my age To speak in public or on the stage." Bessie Rachael Coleman, Pi Beta Phi "Bess" Madison Letters and Science. Senior Chig Mystic Circleg Class Vice-President OID, Pan Hellenic, President QLD. Thesis: A Comparison Between Sudermann's Der Wunsch and Ibsen's Rosmersholm. "Her heart is not in her work-it is somewhere else." John Joseph Colignon, Phi Alpha Delta "Kiddo" Sturgeon Bay Letters and Science. Thesis: The Relation of the Tariff to the Sugar Trust. "I'll beat ,em up? Arthur Lee Collins ,,AIt,, Topeka, Kansas Electrical Engineering. . Entered as Junior from Kansas University. Thesis: Settling of Smoke Fumes by Electrical Discharge. "Hang sorrow! Care will kill a cat, And therefore lets be merry. ' . John Collins "Jack" Hillsboro Law. Philomathia, Semi-Public Debate CQDQ President Catholic Student Association. Thesis: To What Extent are Choses in Action Assignable. "Farmer, Pedagogue- Life was slow, Hit the road-became a "Boi" Ragner Orolis Comer, Tau Beta Pi "Ole," "Rags" St. Croix Falls Mechanical Engineering. Thesis: Investigation of Keys and Key Seats. "Happy go lucky, fair and free Nothing there is that bothers me." 103 Lawrence Neil Conlan, Phi Delta Phi "Sandy" Milwaukee Law. Monastics: Fortun-Columbiag Student Conference CED, Qhjg Thesis: Is Notice to the Cestui Que Trust a Necessary Requisite to the Establishment of a Voluntary Trust? "A lovely little man." Marion Deane Cooper, Tau Beta Pi "Coop" Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Study of an Interpole Motor. HTau Beta Pi does not always mean an engineer." . Ellen Adelaide Copp Madison Law. V Thesis: Constitutionality of Juvenile Courts. "The heart of true womanhood knows where its own sphere is, and never seeks to stray beyond it." Wayland John Copp MCOPIQ Madison Mechanical Engineering. ' N. O. Whitney Society. Thesis: The Determination of the Absolute Efficiency of Wind mills." "There may be music in the air, but none of it came from Coppf' George Stillwell Cortelyou licort!! Brodhead Civil'Engineering. Freshman Crew CD. Thesis: Influence of Varying Channel on the Flow over a 12 Inch Weir. "All Cortelyous are not famous." Erwin Yandell Cottingham, Beta Theta Pi 1rBud,n zrcottysa Evansville, Indiana Agriculture. Agricultural Society 123, QSJ, CLD: Mandolin Club. Theses: Variation of the Germ Content of the lVIilk of Individual ows. "His time is forever everywhere his place." l Q 104 Herbert Van:Cowles "Ole" Madison Law. Athenaeg Forum-Columbia. Thesis: Due Process of Law in the Assessment and Collection of Special Assessments. "Small, smooth and gracious." Helen Jennings Crawford "Hen" Hazel Green Letters and Science. Entered as Sophomore from Platteville Normal. Pythiag Basket Ball C353 Hockey CQjg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 135. Thesis: The Interpretation of Schiller's Poem 'Das Lied von der A Glocke'. ' "Oh! If I could only growf, Roland Derry Crossman, Beta Gamma Sigma Fall River Commerce. Commercial Club. Thesis: The Pront Sharing Plan of the Baker Manufacturing Company of Evansville, Wisconsin. "A little grain of conscience made him soar." John Wilbur Cunningham, Tau Beta Pi "John,', "Cunny" Milwaukee U. W. Regiment, Captain Target Company CSJQ Business Manager Wisconsin Engineerg Civil Engineering Society CQD, QED, C403 Student Conference QD. Thesis: Drainage of the Horicon Marsh. "They're cheap skates-they don't advertise in the Engineerf' Alice Mary Currie, Kappa Kappa Gamma IWilwaukee Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from Milwaukee-Downer. Red Dominog Junior Play '083 Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. Thesis: A Study of the Style of Stevenson's Essays. "Poetic fields encompass me around And still I seem to tread in classic ground." Ottomar P. T. Daenitz, Alpha Xi Sigma "O. P. T." Ashland General Engineering. . Thesis: Gas Turbines. "We don,t know anything against him." 105 George Christian Daniels Freeport, Illinois - lVIechanical Engineering. - Olympia, Censor CU, Secretary 125, Vice-President C3j, President 140. Thesis: Utilization of Peat. "His heart is as high as he himself is." 1 Audrey Amazon Davenport "Audie" Madison Letters and Science. Tennis Q3jg Class Basket Ball Team, Captain QLD. Thesis: Double Molybdates. "She's little, but Oh my!" Walter Bert Davison "Governor," "Dave" Clear Lake Entered as Sophomore from Superior Normal. Letters and Science. Olympia. Thesis: Family Budgetsg a Critical Analysis of the Eighteenth Annual Report of the United States Commissioner of Labor. . "Maybe our friend the Kernel knows? Robert Austin DeCou, Phi Gamma Delta i "Bob" Lincoln, Nebraska Entered as Senior from Nebraska University. Letters and Science. I Thesis: Forest Service of the United States. "I come from the 'Corn Husker' State." William Thomas De Sautelle, Phi Beta Kappa "Bill,"" F renchman" La Crosse Letters and Science. Caduceus, Vice-President CSD, Secretary QLD, President Cfljg Orchestra QU, CZJ, C3jg Band. Thesis: Development of Sex Cells in Eutonia Sirtalis. "He might be a very clever man by natLu'e, for aught we know, but he laid so many books upon his head that his brain could not move." Melvin Edison Diemer Dakota, Illinois Letters and Science. Thesis: An Investigation of the Gaseous Content of Wisconsin Lake Waters. "He trudged along unknowing what he sought, ' And whistled as he went for want of thought." 106 Gilbert Albert Diestler llJoe9i Hortonville Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Society, U. W. Regimental Band CU, QQD, CSD, Qljg Badger Board CSD: University Orchestra 125, CSD, 140. Thesis: The Design of a Sanitary Sewer System for Jefferson,Wis. 1 "The mole he works down underground, 1 But he gets there just the same." Robert Conrad Disque, Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi "Bob," "Squee" Madison Electrical Engineering. Wisconsin Engineer CLD. Thesis: Experiments on the Effect of Inert Gases on 'the Efficiency of the Incandescent Lamp. "When I find a girl that can cook like mother, I will marry her." Fred August Dittman "Ditt" La Crosse Commerce. Class Football Team CD, Ciljg Varsity Football Team 131, QLD: Varsity Basket Ball Team Q3j, QQ: Commercial Club. Thesis: Purchasing. "As steady as clockwork, as'slow as the snails, As strong as the Greek that swings bulls by the tailsf' Hazel Driver, Gamma Phi Beta ' Darlington Letters and Science. Thesis: Analysis and Preparation of Derivitives of Cerium. "Most of all shall I miss Abby's Gym." Fred Dolunen, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa Phi Delta Phi MAb!! Milwaukee Letters and Science. Thesis: American Municipal Park Systems. "Education without experience is of about as much use as a buffalo overcoat in the summer time." , Orville Hay Drought Waukesha Civil Engineering. Thesis: Design of a Swing Bridge. "One may yet be a student and not make Tau Beta Pi." 107 hliriam Elizabeth Eastman fK1mdge73 Plymouth Letters and Science. - S. G. A. Board QSQ. Thesis: Tacitus' Attitude Towards the Subject Races of the Ro- man Em ire. I Will, I will,Il will, I say I will. Cosalette Elliott, Iiappa Kappa Gamma 11 ee!! v Kansas City, Missouri Letters and Science. Mystic Circle: Class Secretary C405 Inter-Sorority Bowling League, Secretary and Treasurer CD: S. G. A. Board QQD, CSD: Junior Class Play Committee Q3j3 Senior Class Play Committee QD. Thesis: The Use of the Arch in Architecture from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. 'Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright." Fayette Herbert Elwell, Beta Gamma Sigma "S ud," "Fay" McGregor, Iowa Commerce. Dodo Bones: Student Conference C3jg'Commercial Club, President -- -. ap. Thesis: Wholesale Selling. "Come on now fellows, not a step but a 'Hop'." Frances Catherine Enright 'Trancel' , Troy Letters and Science. Pythia. , Thesis: The Systems of Conico Orthogonal to a Given Conic. "SheAis not conscious of her worthf' ' Louise Ernestine Erb, Alpha Xi Delta "Ouise," "Mattie', Appleton Entered as Junior from Lawrence University. Pythiag Germanistische Gesellschaft. Thesis: Friedrich Schiller, "Die Jungfrau von Orleansn. Percy Mackaye, "Jeanne d'Arc." A Comparison. "So wise, so young, they say do ne'er live long." Alice Evans, Alpiula Gamma Delta Madison Letters and Science. Basket Ball CQ: Bowling Team C3jg Swing-Out Committee C453 Pan-Hellenic Board. Thesis: Purple of Cassius. "Blessed be the falling-out that all the more endearsf' 108 Gertrude Catherine Evans, Alpha Gamma Delta Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: Commercial Relations of England and Venice in the Latter Half of the 16th Century. "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen." Newton W. Evans Dousman Law. Thesis: Relevancy of the Financial Condition of the Parties in Actions of Libel and Slander. "I ought to go to work fellows, but still. I'll put that off for awhile? Rolf Orlando Falk, Kappa Sigma "Lollie" Stoughton Letters and Science. Entered as Senior from Leland Stanford, Jr. Thesis: The Thermal Death Point of Bacteria. "Talk to Falk if you want a piano? Frances Faucett, Alpha Phi Lainium, Michigan Letters and Science. Badger Board C3j. Thesis: Senator John Parker Hale of New Hampshire during the Anti-Slavery Period. "The man who wins her will certainly be 'Lucky' ,'. Alpheus Davis Faville, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Zeta HA-1.57 KKDald!7 Lake Mills Entered as Junior from Lawrence University. Student Farmer CSD, QLD: U. W. Agricultural Society QLD, Holstein- Fresian Club. "What is the greatest invention? Why, the milking machine, of coursef' Frank L. Fawcett, Phi Alpha Delta ' Platteville Law. Forum-Columbia. Thesis: The Applicability of Section 26, Article LV, Wisconsin Constitution, to Increases in Salaries by Legislature of 1907. "A Combination of Law and Normalitef' 109 Robert Phillips Ferry, P11iBG:i.Jmma Delta, Phi Delta Phi 1: 0 37 Milwaukee Entered as Junior Law from Harvard University. Law. ' Monasticsg Wisconsin Union Boardg Student Conference MQ Thesis: Recovery of Illegal Taxes in Wisconsin, Circumstances Necessary, and Statutes at Present in Force. "The cold, calm kind of cuss that would stop to shave during an earthquake." Guy Alden Field A Sharon Mechanical Engineering. Thesis: Injected Steam versus Water-Jacket for Cooling Internal Combustion Engine." "Oh love thou art indeed unrivalled, For making people foolish in the head." Gertrude HLu'ford Finlen "Trutchen" Streator, Illinois Entered as Junior from Lake Forest College. Letters and Science. Thesis: Concerning Book I of Horace's Epistles. "A ready tongue-a ready wit, Slam, slam, slam-and not care a bit.' Ernest Clinton Flick "Ernie', Augusta Letters and Science. U. W. Regiment, Second Sergeant CQD. Thesis: A Study of the Radio-active Properties of Lead Salts. UA harmless fellow to say the least." Helen Flint Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: The Influence of Shakespeare on the -Drama of Hugo, de Musset, and de Vigny. "That cool possession of herself." Franklin Grotewohl Igloete, Delta Kappa Epsilon If aphil Armour, S. D. Letters and Science. Thesis: Parcels-Post System. "A 'W' did I possess? Not yet.' 110 James Doyle Foley, Phi Delta Phi f4'JiIn7S Milxvailkee Law. Forum-Columbia. Thesis: The Liability of a Consolidated Corporation forzthe Indi- vidual Debts of the Individual Corporations. "He was not a chip off of the old block, but the old block itself." Edwin Gordon Fox, Phi Gamma Delta llFOxy,7 Madison Electrical Engineering. Class President C353 Sergeant-at-Arms CLD: Badger Board CSD: Chairman Cap and Gown Committee 143. Thesis: Design of a Hydro Electric Plant for Weyauwega, Wisconsin "A fine looking fellowg respected by all who know him." Frank Sumner Frost Evansville ltleclianical Engineering. U. W. Engineers Club. Thesis: The Determination of the Absolute Efficiency of eight-foot Windmills. "Say -don't efer you fall in a bowl of spaghetti --for they won't know which to save? Raymond Baker Frost, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Alpha Tau, Delta Sigma Rho ggRay5, Almond Letters and Science. Iron Crossg Athenae, Blowout Closer CD, Semi-Public Closer CQD, Steensland Prize Debate 131, Nebraska-Wisconsin Intercollegiate Debate C3j, Joint Debate Closer QLD, Secretary Oratorical and Debating League CSD, Treasurer Northern Oratorical League Cfijg President U. W. Club Ml. Thesis: Governmental Insurance. "By the hypothetical isolated iconoclastic illuminated facts of human omnipotence, why don't 'youl volunteer ?" Hans David Gaebler "Hans,' Watertown Entered as Senior from Northwestern University of Watertown. Letters and Science. Thesis: Materialism in Pre-Socratic Philosophy. "In men this blunder still you find, All think their little set mankind? Carolyn Eleanor Gallagher Q Deerheld Entered as Junior from Whitewater Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: Oliver CromWell's Religious Policy. "Of all the days that's in a week I dearly love but one day, And that's the day that comes between a Saturday and Monday 111 'ta vm. Alvin Wilson Galloway "Gal" Madison Law. Thesis: The Constitutionality of Laws Authorizing Boards and Commissions to Issue Subpoenaes. . . . . ,, "Don't grind. A low-poor is just as good as a high-poor. Ida Marie Gangstad Deerfield Letters and Science. Castaliag Y. W. C. A. Thesis: The Suppression of the Sioux in 1876. "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are -to some one." Delgracia Barbara Gay "Della" Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: Effect of Desiccation and Sunlight on Bacillus Prodigiosus. "Anything for the quiet life." Mary Elizabeth Gay Madison Letters and Science. Y. W. C. A. Thesis: Description and Naming of New Species of Isopoda. "Oh could we fly, we'd Hy with thee." Gerhard Adam Gesell "Jerry" E Madison Letters and Science. Athenae, Joint Debate CLD. . A Thesis: Governmental Administration of Insiuance. 'fMy heart is wax to be moulded as she pleases, but enduring as marble to retain." Walter Gordon Gibson "CF Di "IGib,' on du ac Mechanical Engineering. Wisconsin Engineer C40. Thesis: Design of a Rotary Valve Gear for a Steam Engine. "Smiles are the language of love. Who is the girl 'Gib,' and Where oes she work P" 112 Mabel Elma Gilkey "Mibbs', Oshkosh Letters and Scie11ce. Thesis: The Oleates and Stearates of Cerium, Lanthanum, and the Didyniums. UA big thesis for one girlf, James Edward Gillespie ' "Jimmie" Stockbridge Civil Engineering. Thesis: Jet Pump Efhciencies. f'Even an engineer can End time to do a little fussingf' lVIabel Aseneth Gingrich "Mibs" Rockford, Illinois Entered as Sophomore from the James Millikin University. Letters and Science. Y. W. C. A., Cabinet CSD, CAD. Thesis: An Analysis of the Imaginative Element in Jonathan Edwards. "A sense of duty pursues us ever." William Jacob Goldschmidt, Phi Delta Phi "Goldie" Nfilwaukee Letters and Science. Iron Crossg Monasticsg Class Secretary C253 Badger Board, Chair- man Literary Committee C3jg Daily Cardinal, Reporter CQJ, University Editor CSD, Assistant Managing Editor C405 Athenae, Secretary CQjg Press Club, Secretary C3j, Cflfj. Thesis: The Development of Legal Principles under Changing Economic Conditions. "Don't work too hard, Goldie." ' Nellie Elsie Gordon ' Waupaca Letters and Science. Class Vice-president CD, S. G. A., Vice-president C3j. Thesis: Land Policies of Colonial Georgia. "Did I have a phone ?', Edward P. Gorman, Phi Alpha Delta "Paw" Wausau Law. Forum-Columbia, Freshman Crew. Thesis: Duress in Wisconsin. "A ladies' man is a most dreadful thing." 113 1- f 115 1, ' uv-' gg, ,y ,. ,,,....,,. in 4, i . C ,L 4 ,z 'full Qi '. X x l. Bjarne I-Ialfdan Graif "Count', Madison Civil Engineering. Entered as Sophomore from University of Washington. Civil Engineering Society. International Club, Treasurer 'Gljg Treasurer, Association of Cosmo- politan Clubs. Thesis: Loss of Head in Wood, Cast Iron and Steel Pipes, and the Calibration of Pitot Tubes. "Why, should every creature drink but I? Why, man of morals, tell me why? I must reform the world." James Blain Graham, Phi Alpha Delta Roberts Law. Forum-Columbia. Thesis: Limitation on the Treaty-Making Power of the United States Government. "He would not in a peremptory tone, Assert the hair on his head his own." Otto Washington Greubel "Dutch" ' Nlilwaukee . Letters and Science. Entered as Sophomore frorn.German American Teachers' Seminary. Gym Team CQD, QSD, QD. ' Thesis: Schi1ler's 'Kabale und Liebe, und I-Iebbel's 'Maria Magda- lenag' als Buergerliche Trauerspiele verglichen. "I am a philosopher of the Erst order." Frederick William Greve, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. "Billy', Brooklyn, New York Mechanical Engineering. Entered as Junior from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Thesis: Test of Single Stage Turbine Pump. "The Freshman Habitf' J enos Greverus "Johnnie" Berlin Letters and Science. I S. G. A. Board. Thesis: The Legendary and Historical Sources of Uhlardt's 'Ernst Herzog von Schwaben'.', "The bright black eye, the melting blue I cannot choose between the two." Edwin Henry Grobe "Grobie" Nlenornonie Letters and Science. ' Varsity Track Team CD, Class Track Team 125, U. W. Band CD, CQJ, 131, Glee Club CED, C3j, QD, Manager C3jg Varsity Orchestra 125: Student Conference CSD: Prom Committee CSD. Thesis: The History of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company. 'fOne whom the music of his own vain tongue, Doth ravish like enchanting harmony." 114 Walter John Grodske "Crab," "VVallie" Nfilwaukee Civil Engineering. Yellow Hehnetg Lambsg Football C0215 Student Conference C493 Badger Board C3jg Civil Engineering Society. Thesis: Experiments on a Duplex Compound Direct Acting "Snow as Pump. H I . ' , Nlanitowoc is some town, and the girls-' Theodore Gregory Gronert C'Ted" Prairie du Chien Letters and Science. Badger Board C3jg Olympia, Semi-Public Closer CQjg U. VV. Club. Thesis: Effects of Civil War on Louisiana. - "If he was chosen as the best, What sort of creatures are the rest ?" Edward Lascar Gross, Phi Lambda Upsilon HEd 37 HE!! 3 Chicago, Illinois Chemical Engineering. Thesis: Commercial Fume Precipitation. "Because you are little is no sign you are great." George Louis Gross "Bud" Stevens Point Civil Engineering. Thesis: A Study in Depreciation. " 'Tis leap year, beware! Take not the same girl to more than one dancef, Edwin Frederick Gruhl, Alpha Tau Omega "Eppie," "Dutch" Milwaukee Letters and Science. Philomathia, Blowout Closer CD, Semi-Public Debate CQD, Winner Steensland Prize Debate C3j, Joint Debate Ciljg Miisic Clubg Germanistische Gesellschaftg Student Conference. Thesis: in Examination of the Finances of the Madison City Water Wor s. "Besides what my summary shows, Pm some there on the piano." Arthur Herrmann Gruenewald, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Alpha Tau x'Gruene," "Art" Oshkosh Entered as Sophomore- from Oshkosh Normal. Golf Team CQD, CSD, C453 Phi Alpha Tau Platform Contest CQJ, C3jg Edwin Booth Dramatic Societyg Student Conference. Thesis: The Use of the Injunction in Labor Troubles. "You are an earthly being - no more, no less? 115 Nlilton Rietow Gutsch "Pete" Sheboygan Letters and Science. Thesis: The Relation of Mahammed Ali with Europe. HA strenuous fusser-while it lastsg None long withstand his hot air blasts." Frank Louis Hague "Decker" ' Lake Nfills Civil Engineering. Entered as Sophomore from Lawrence University. Civil Engineering Society. Thesis: Stebbinsville Hydro-Electric Power Development. "We grant, although he had much wit, He was very shy of using it." ' Elmer Lamont Hain "TiJi' Edgerton Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Society, Vice- resident. Thesis: InHuence of Varying Channel on the Flow over a 12-inch Weir. "To those who know thee not, no words can paint." Margaret Coral Hair llPeggyH Ashland Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from Superior Normal. Thesis: Relation of the English Colonial Policy and the American Colonies. "A Normalite but of 'Superior' make." Charles Arthru' Halbert "Hal" Augusta Civil Engineering. I "Age can not wither, nor custom stale The varietybeliind that broad, cheery smile." Charles Harold Hall, Phi Alpha Tau Portage Law. Thesis: The Relation of Anticipatory Breach to the Duty to Keep Down Damages. "He thought himself the cock of the walk." 116 Malcolm John Halliday, SigmalChi HBugS7J Riverside, Illinois Mechanical Engineering. Inner Gate: Yellow Helmet: Junior Prom Committee. Thesis: Test of a Single Stage Turbine Pump. "Looks do much for a man." Elizabeth Hambrecht "Hammie" Madison Letters and Science. Castalia. Thesis: The Comparison of English Village and Rtual Life as Por- trayed in Goldsmith's "The Deserted Village" with its Portrayal in the Poetry of Crabbe. "Friendship! Myfsterious cement of the soul." Bernard IfVernick Hammer, Alpha Zeta, Phi Lambda Upsilon "Bunnie," "Ham" Hillsboro ' Agriculttue. Agricultural Society CQQ, CSD, QLD. Thesis: Phosphorous in Barley. "A shark in anything he undertook." Ellen Hammond Westfield Entered as Junior from Stevens Point Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: God and Immortality in Tennyson. "What would ,Varsity life be without the normalite P" Frank Howard Hannaford, Phi Alpha Delta "Kernel" Kansasville Law. Forum-Columbia, Secretary CRD, President C3j. Thesis: Rights of a Donee under an Imperfect Gift. "The Law-Shop Songsterf' William Frawley I-Iannan, Theta Delta Chi, Delta Phi fKBiu99 Milwalilcee Letters and Science. Yellow Helmetg Water Polo CD5 Student Conference C403 Alumni lgflagazine, Business Manager C433 Philomathia CD, Press lub. Thesis: Wisconsin Politics 1900 to 1906. "First in a Council Hall to steer the State, And ever foremost in a tongue debate." 117 Harry M. Harper "Zinc,,' "Snake,', "Dr.,', "Bogen Waterloo, Iowa Electrical Engineering. , Entered as Sophomore from Iowa State College. Gym Team, Football. "And of his port as meke as is a maydef' Catherine Elizabeth Hayes ' "Cath" La Crosse Letters and Science. Class Vice-President CQ3. Thesis: A Literary History of the Reign of Domitian. "I am dame oracle and when I ope' my lips let no dog bark? John Robert Hayes "Mike" La Crosse Commerce. Entered as Sophomore from Notre Dame University. Crew, Vice-Commodore C333 Commodore Q43. Thesis: Bank Examination. 'Tm from the same town Sletton's from, but that isn't my fault." Michael Thomas Hayes Janesville Civil Engineering. Thesis: Reinforced Concrete Fence Posts ' "Thinking is but an idle waste of thoughtf' Thomas Rudolph Hefty, Delta Upsilon "Tom" New Glarus Commerce. Yellow Helmet, Commercial Club, Dodo Bones. U. W. Regiment, First Lieutenant CQ3, Captain and Chief Quarter master C33 g Class Treasurer 143, Junior Prom Committee Chairman of Floor Committee. Thesis: Law and Proceedings of a Bond Issue in Wisconsin. "Pm der fellar vat runs de bankf' Adolph Heinz f1Cap,,5 115799 Madison Letters and Science. Cross Country Club, U. W. Regiment, First Lieutenant C23, Captain C33, Major and Post Adjutant C435 Olympia, Secretary 123, Treasurer,C33, Vice-President C33, Critic C43, Assistant Censor 013, President C4133 Sophomore Open 123, Student Conference Q43g ,Scabbard and Bladeg U. W. Club. Thesis: The Public Land Policy of the United States. "The same sentiment that makes a college man delight in gorgeous uniforms, causes the savage to streak himself with red clay." 118 Joseph William Hejda Manitowoc Civil Engineering. ' Civil Enfrineering Society. Thesis: bEHiciency of Jet Pumps. "He knew what's what, and thatis as high As metaphysic wit can Hy." Ralph Dorn Hetzel, Delta Upsilon Phi Delta Phi frHumpty:a Madison Law. Iron Cross, hionasticsg Crew Captain '06, Varsity Crew, Sub. Cf-ljg Class President CSD, Sergeant-at-arms C3jg Sphinx llflanager GQ, C5jg Cardinal, Associate Editor QLD, Editor-in-Chief, C5j, CGD, Alumni Magazine Athletic Editor: Badger Board 135g Hesperia, Blowout Closer QU, Sophomore Open QQD, Semi Public CQJ, Winner Freshman Dec. CU, Junior Ex C3l, Commencement Orator QLD, Minnesota-Wisconsin Intercollegiate Debate CGD, Edwin Booth Dramatic Society: Press Club, Board Athletic Directors. ' Thesis: When will an lnjunction Stop a Criminal Proceeding? "Bound to 'Winf " George Walter Hewitt, Sigma Alpha Epsilon "George Washington" ' Oshkosh Letters and Science. Golf Team, Captain CSDQ Cross Country Club, Hill Bowling Team CLD, Junior Play. Thesis: The Colorirnetric Determination of Titanium in Ores. "You have all the ear marks of a normalite in spite of your attempts to conceal the fact." Frank Thomas Hickcox, Beta Gamma Sigma ' f'Hick" ' Spring Green Commerce. Commercial Clubg Athenaeg U. VV. Band QU, CQJ. Thesis: Wage Payment in the Cost of hlanufacture. "No more Spring Green for mef, Ruby Zaidee Hildebrand, Alpha Phi 4 "Reuben" Milwaukee Letters an Science d . Class Vice-President C253 Play Committee CED, Play Committee QD: Girls Glee Clubg Red Domino: Y. W. C. A., President QQ. Thesis: The Relation of the State to Private Philanthropic Insti- tutions. X Sub-Thesis: "The Domestication of the Wood-Chuck, and other Chucks." . Frederick William Hilgendorf Madison Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: Effect of Civil War on the South. "It cost me 3397.98 to go to the Prom this yearf' A 119 George Bradbury Hill, Delta Upsilon, Alpha Zeta "Ji1n,,' "Happy" Milwaukee Agriculture. Entered as Sophomore from University of California. Iron Cross: Class Treasurer C35, First Vice-President C455 Chairman Senior Class Playg Junior Play Comrnitteeg Sphinx, C25, Editor C35J C45 gLit C35, C453 Student Farmer, Managing Editor C35, C4f5g Cali dinal, Reporter CQ5, Associate Editor C35, C45 3 Badger Board, C35 U. W. Agricultural Society C25, C35, C45, President C455 Hares- foot Clubg Wisconsin Union Cornmitteeg Student Conference' Press Club, C35, C45. Thesis: Advertising of Dairy Breeds of Cattle in Agricultural Press, 1875-1908. "The easiest load to pick up and the hardest to lay down is respon- sibilityf, Ada Cecile Hillemann Sheboygan Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from IfVhitewater Normal. , Castalia C35, C45g Y. W. C. A. Thesis: Geibel als ein religioeser Dichter. "Lake Nlills did you say? It seems so near and yet so far." Earl Vinton Hills Waupun Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Investigation and Test of an Inductor Alternator. "On their own merits modest men are dumb." John George Hirsch "Johnnie" Milwaukee Civil Engineering. Thesis: An Experimental Study of Vortex Formation over Oritices. HAH of the good ones do not wear the little golden key." Marx Hirsch "Tex Jrf, Corpus Christi, Texas Letters and Science. Entered as Senior from University of Texas. Senior Open. Thesis: The fMolecular VVeights of the Nletallic Oleates. "I love the Sunny South and its peculiah accents." Arthur Wilham Hoffmann "Arty," "Hadgi" Sheboygan Chemical Engineering. Crew Squad C15, Baseball C35, C455 U. W. Club C35, C45. Thesis: The Study of the Efliciencies of Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters. "He takes care of 'Nlibs' and incidentally takes a. coLu'se in Engineering." 120 s Wilber J. Holcomb, Sigma Chi "Cotton," "Ole" La Crosse Entered as Junior from Beloit College. Letters and Science. U. W. Band CSD, C455 U. WV. Orchestra CSD, C4j. Thesis: Land TenLu'e in ltlinnesota. "He could play the violin - if a collection was taken." Edna Doratliealggolmes, Pi Beta Phi Nlilwaukee Entered as Sophomore from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: Roman Country Life According to ltlartial, Juvenal, and Pliny. "I just love sugar." Horace lVIars Holmes llFerdy9? Galesburg, Illinois Entered as Sophomore from Knox College. Civil Engineering. Thesis: Methods of placing Concrete and Cost-Keeping on Concrete Construction. "Rightly was he named Nlarsf' Claudius Marion Hopkins gfH0ps 9 Fennimore Commerce. Band CU, CPD, C3j, C453 Class President C3jg Sergeant-at-arms C313 Pipe Custodian C415 Commercial Clubg Dodo Bones. Thesis: Manufacture of Lumber. "A daring, courageous, brave lad of mettle, vim, and vigorll' Lenore Margaret Horan, Gamma Phi Beta . Eau Claire Wislynxg Senior Chi: Badger Board C3D: Red Domino. Thesis: The Element of Fantasy in the American Short Story. "Wit from the first has shone on ages past, Enlights the present, and shall warm the last." Harry Hosler Reedsburg Electrical Engineering. ' Thesis: The Effect of Elbows and Tees and Valves uponthe Flow of Water Through a Two-inch Pipe. "A glass is good, and a lass is good, And a pipe is good in cold weatherg The world is good, and the people are good, And we're all good fellows together." 121 Josephine Howe, Kappa Kappa Gamma Meadville, Pennsylvania Entered as Sophomore from Allegheny College. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Court Life under Napoleon. "She seems a part of joyous Spring? Louis R. Howson ' "Louie" Madison Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Society, Treasurer CED, President C403 Iowa Club. Thesis: A Comparative Study of Driver Tire Wear on Freight and Passenger Locomotives with Particular Reference to Rail Wear. "The young ladies of Portage are certainly all right." lVIartin lN'Iatthew Hueffner "Judge-'Z' Racine Law. - Class Track Teamg Track Team CQD, CSD, Qfljg Philomathia, Presi- dent CLD, Y. hi. C. A., Treasurer, C51 Thesis: When is a Bank Trustee of the Proceeds of Negotiable Paper left with it for Collection? "Stone-hearted, ice-cold - no dash of daring in him." Lee Harvey Hiuitley, Tau Beta Pi 'fDad" Neillsville Civil Enginereing. Iron Crossg 'Varsity Football Team CLD, Class President QLD, Treas- urer C253 Athletic Board, Secretary C4-J: "W" Club, Wisconsin Union Committee, President OLD, Civil Engineering Society. Thesis: Investigations for the Drainage of the Big Marsh near Palmyra, Wisconsin. "He bucked everything -from a Minnesota line to a French ctuvefa Harriet Mae Hutson Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: The Use of Tenses in the Old Spanish Ballad. "Nature was in earnest when she made the woman? Carl Albert Ihk HB onehead' ' Ashland Pharmacy. F. B. Powers Pharmaceutical Society, President CQD. Thesis: The Hypnotic Products of Coal Tar with Special Reference to Sulphonal and Trional. "The prettiest girls in the 'Varsity are from my homextownf' 122 Frederick Walter Ives "Freddie" Rubicon Nlechanical Engineering. U. W. Engineers Club, Track Team C15g Class Track Team CQ5g Badger Board C35: Student Conference C45g Y. M . C., A. Cabinet C45. Thesis: Investigation of Power and Lighting Plants. "If our hearts swelled as readily and easily as Olll' heads, the world would be the gainerf, Jose H. Jalandoni h'JOe73 Jaro, Iloilo, Philippine Islands Agriculture. Entered as So homore from Ateneo de Manila. International Club, Treasurer C45. Thesis: Sugar, Management and Control of the Sugar Plantation and House, and a Complete Analysis of Philippine Sugars. HA well meaning fellow." Albert Earl James Madison Law. Athenae, Blow-out C15, Semi Public C25, Joint Debate C45. Thesis: Constitutional Guarantees of Local Self-government in Wisconsin. "Love is better than spectacles to make everything seem great," Laura Belle Jamieson ' "Jamie" - Poynette , Letters and Science. Castalia, Vice-President C35, President C45g Junior Exhibition C355 ' Y. W. C. A. Thesis: The Indians of Oregon from 1835 to the Present Time. "She had no time for eating, because a mass-meeting of men always stood in her hall." Deborah May Jenkins, Alphi Chi Omega ' "Jenks" Elroy Letters and Science. Badger Board C353 Pythia C925, C35, C45: Y. W. C. A. Thesis: The Uses and Prices of Spices in England in Century. "My artistic abilities are only exceeded by my good looks. the 16th Ruth Leland Jennings, Pi Beta Phi Madison Letters and Science. , Mystic Circle-Wyslynx: Class Secretary C253 Senior Swing-Out Committee. Thesis: Lessing's Treatment of Women. "I just can't make my eyes behave." 123 . ze' L ,.....-. ,, . Ellen Marie Jensen "Foxy7, VVaupaca Entered as Senior from Boston and Emerson College of Oratory. Letters and Science. Thesis: Spenser's Ideal of Womanhood. "I am from Boston." Leigh Patterson J errord "Stub," "Hungry" Superior Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Society. Thesis: A Study of Depreciation. "Escape, or Iill stand you on your eyebrow." Carleton Bruns J oeckel "Jack," "Ted" Lake Mills Letters and Science. Thesis: The English Campaign against St. Louis in 1780. "He had not an enemy in the 'Varsityf' Chester Nels Johnson, Chi Psi "Chet" Chicago, Illinois General Enfrineering. Skull and Crescentg Inner Gateg Yellow Helmet: Class Indoor Baseball Team, Captain and Manager C3jg U. W. Regiment, Chief Bugler CQDQ Mandolin Club Play 135. Thesis: Test of a 30-inch Samson Turbine. "It is better to have loved and lost, Than have married and be bossed. James Johnson A K I I Deerfield Agriculture. Thesis: Fermentation of Tobacco. "Make glad the hearts of little cabbages, And teach the young tomato how to shoot." J. Cornelius J ohnson' Madison Letters and Science. Olympia, Secretary QQD, Vice-President CSD, Critic QD. Thesis: Some Phases of Pennsy1vania's Economic History during the Civil War. "And this the burden of his song For ever used to be, "I care for nobody, no, not I, If no one cares for me." 124 Jay Idris Jones "Rusty" Randolph Pharmacy. F. B. Powers' Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: A Botanical Classification of ltiedicinal Plants. "Pharmacy is the only course." Orren Lloyd -Jones, Alpha Zeta Hillside A Agriculture. . Agricultural Society. Thesis: A Study of Breeding Problems from Observations on University of Wisconsin Dairy Herd. "A boisterous songsterf' Elizabeth Verran Joslin "Vera', Nladison Letters and Science. Thesis: Some Characteristics and Laws of the Latin Epic. "A maiden of our century, yet most meek." Emma Jeannette Kahl lVIadison Letters and Science. Castalia. Thesis: The Elegy in the 18th Century. "Why the boys do not 'Kahl' more is a mystery to every one." lVIarie Kasten, Alpha Phi Milwarikee Letters and Science. Wislynx. Thesis: Social Life in Northern Italy, Later Fifteenth Century. "Though modest and gentle, she rules her own mind, ' Ambitious - but still 'not a bit of a grind., " Julius Ernest Kaulfuss "Fat,', "State Leaguern La Crosse Baseball C3j, Captain Baseball Qflijg Athletic Board OLD. Thesis: The Flow of Water over an Eighteen-inch Sharp-cre Rectangular Submerged Weir with End Contracted. "Laugh and be fat." 125 the sted Carl Merriman Kel? Delta Kappa Epsilon ff ete" , Sterling, Illinois General Engineering. Thesis: Effect of Various Kinds of Elbows on the Flow of Water in Two-inch Pipes. "N ow, he was one who did 'caref i' William Otto Kelm, Phi Alpha Delta . "Chancellor" Portage Law. , Forum-Columbia: Junior Law President: Middle Law President: Senior Law President. Thesis: The Legal Effects of Unconstitutional Statutes. "Making the law is easier than learning the law." Walter John Kemp, Phi Delta Theta "Little" Tipton, Indiana Entered as Senior from Indiana University. Commerce. Thesis: The Consolidation of Railroads. "Someone take care of this kid." Wesley lVIerritt Ketchum Nladison Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Calibration of a Kelvin Bridge for the Measurement of Low Resistances. "You never know what he is up to until he has accomplished it." Edwin Henry Kifer f'Eddie" Madison Electrical Engineering. Thesis: A Series of Tests on the New Installation of the Madison Gas and Electric Company including a 500 K. W. Turbo-gen- erator and 300 K. W. Synchronous lVIotor-Generator Sets. "Always looking for trouble, but a good man to handle it." Ethel Louisa Kirby Milwaukee Letters and Science. Thesis: A Study of Aeneas. "Time, Tide, and Ethel Louisa wait for no manf' 126 A Henry George Kislingbury "Kiss," "Kissel" lVIineral Point Electrical Engineering. U. W. Engineers Club: Student Conference. Thesis: Measurement of Steam by an Electrical Method. "Christian Endeavor and fussing go hand in hand." Arnold Ewald Knueppel, Phi Gamma Delta "Block" Appleton Letters and Science. Thesis: Studies in Immunity. "Facts are stubborn thingsf' Tony Byron Knuth Owen Civil Engineering. Thesis: Madison and N orth-WVestern Electric Railway Project. " 'Some' fusser he was, but all on the Q. T." Emory William Krauthoefer, Beta Gamma Sigma "Em,,' "Krauty" Milwaukee A Commerce. Class Secretary C3Dg Badger Board C3j: Interclass Bowling League, President C413 Germanistische Gesellschaftg Commercial Club. Secretary C4 D. Thesis: The Science of Costs as Pertaining to the Manufacture of Shoes. "Thou shouldst not be soft-hearted in times like these." Christian Joseph Kreilkamp "Chris" - Allenton Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Letters 'and Science. Athenaeg Choral Union. Thesis: The Working of the British Compensation Acts. "A normalite with such a name, Should not take long to win some fame? Frank E. Kruesi, Sigma' Phi- . "Parse" Schenectady, New York Entered as Junior from Union College. Electrical Engineering. Yellow Helmet. Thesis: Test of 30-inch Samson T urbine, "He is wise who doth talk but little? 127 Antony Jacob Kryzinski lKT0ny3, lwilwaukee Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Separation of Eddy Current and Frictional Torgue in the .,! Cutler Hammer Magnetic Clutch. "I was seeing Nellie homef, Herbert John Kuelling, Tau Beta Pi "Herbie" Shullsburg Civil Engineering. Thesis: Economic Study of Industry Track to Lead and Zinc Min- ing Properties at Shullsburg, Wisconsin. "He could play ball, but he wished everybody to know itf' Oscar Otto Kuentz, Tau Beta Pi hlilwaukee Mechanical Engineering. Thesis: Design of a Rotary Steam Valve. "He was never more alone than when by himself." Walter Wolleben Kuestermann, Phi Beta Kappa "Kissed,' Madison Letters and Science. Chess and Checkers Club, Secretary 145. Thesis: A Study of the Curve Systems Arising from??2R Cx, 1 yj. "A consistent buckerf, Pierre Augusta Kypke, Phi Delta Theta 1fKyp5,7 Lake Mills Commerce. . Yellow Helmetg Dodo Bonesg Commercial Clubg Prom Committee, Chairman Advertisement Committee C3j. Thesis: The Portland Cement Industry. "Make a Frat by getting on the Prom Committee. I did it." George Henry Lautz, Alpha Tau Omega "Heine" La Crosse Civil Engineering. Civil Enginee1'ing Society, President Cf-Sig Gym Team. l Thesis: A Comparative Study of Driver Tire Wear on Freight and Passenger Locomotives with particular Reference to Bail Wear. "Too handsome for an engineer." 128 Warren Eugene Leaper "Sam," "Dutch" Green Bay Letters and Science. Y. M. C. A.g Caduceus. Thesis: To Determine Pressure Necessary to Block an Impulse through Striated lVIuscle, Normal and Curarized and through Heart Mliscle. "I was a gallant soldier boy.', Van Vechten Lehman "Doc', Neosho , Letters and Science. Thesis: Digestive Gland of the Crawfish. "DIE and Ravenel-." Lenore Leins West Bend Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from ltlilwaukee Normal. Thesis: History of the Excise T ax. "Lofty ambitions commensurate with my heiglitf' William Morris Leiserson "Bill,' Madison Letters and Science. Philomathia, Closer Freshman Blow-out, CD, Closer Semi Public CQJ, President C4-D, Treasurer C3jg Badger Boardg University Social- ist Club, Secretary, President Northern Oratorical League 145. Thesis: The Jewish Labor itiovement in New York. "What do you think of the present situation of the universe? Pretty punk, hey? Hattie Leni 'tAch Louis" Postville, Iowa Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from Cornell College, Iowa. Thesis: Correspondences Between the English and the Irish Popular Tale. ' "You have many strings to your bowf' Eva Grace Lewis "Lewie,,' "Bess" Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from Oshkosh Normal. Basket-ball CSD, QLD, Captain CSD, Head of Basket-ball 4493 Pythiag Girls Glee Club C4-Q. Thesis: American History. . "Say, Bess, a good Rx can I prescribe On how to gain sly glances at the libe." 129 aa-ji f f . Q -59.39-,.sf.1 3 5Se'35,5h1Q1i..143-5a"i-ii f W 4 rf, x ,f fi' 5. W5 st fsyvgh ' , sf Nt F-, ' ' 'Q,ggi1:53g.:Q,ggggyX:55ggs-:.--rg:5Eg2:S:-255.1r:3E:-:5.:--:,i,I5I-1fE2Q::j.g-q- g:::gemk:,2-Eg1,:,E:g1.-my5:5:.xfI::11:E1j55E.:5:E'g.r5-E253-'.:ax-:--1.f'1fs-ffigez5:5116-:151-.5f..'f'I " s 4 "T"511.39-G'xii:N41:22FE:1:i1E:-:2:22t15rZ5'?':fxffffiiiini1I2AN-::s5.W21:s.-65:20S:-'ff-.,-z.. I .. . Ai .w:1N"' s-:fe-:fe.+':':afences-192-1-2-1'-at-,sn-Q.-Q' ' --Q-,1.:n::.-:1r-If-res-1--u-f:-:rrp-'c-:af-fee ' 1 .,-H ...., ''ti'-Q221-x':--':1fq.:,-ee-4:A:f:-:-1-.fs'-ck'7s4'2:f-"e .. "f'f:: 1:-f.f.":v--' 1 -v S?-5'-'. 5-i??vi.,:3:1:s55.24:ss51-,:-:g.:':::----,... rifqrgiag.-f-.:1z.:?,:.1111-'qzavfs59-3.- ' 'N .1 U f - ev--. -:f.:-at-.sfszsaf5:j:f:-:1g::-gas:-f.::2- .. . " - I wi'.2..:1'f.::s:f.i:.L..-I1--if' 'WN.Fiezs:z:2s?:fiSff1tf1s-'+Csf' .- " 1 -1 . " 'X -. ' -" 'I .sg-fi s, ef is-....-:s:1e::5-,:--x,.- -, -.fag-1-v4::.: . ., - Q, -di' A E fm' 4 ' ' -4 ' "11s,IEifg2' E . . -' . . E: , A -,-.-sf,-. i . - ',wp:,g.5-, V , . .1 . , . . I -was - . ..,. C N. 9 . .s ':" '- ,' .' -N v Nl'-H -,- - -.Il '.:. -V .- .wv .4 -1- A. . ,N v. 4, . :- ,X .gf 'vw - --.-.-fi . . . i .. -. 4- -4 . . .:. , 4 lf' . .g. -, 'V -. . 1 - . ' ... x '. f .- 4' "K ff: r -.afI::-s..,. J, iw 2-'.:.:2- ' 121' 3. .-T' f' N- 1 f . : j .1 k.i33g:,, - ,. .- ra. --', , : ' 3 i .--1-gg: 1 , L' 5 :ERI ,Q in :digg ' H 153552:-nf' ' f---.5-f35.::-. Q -,yx,,f9:f,xf- . 4 A : 5:-2.1 N .Q s 1 1. . i H ' t - . . ,Q . - 'f .1 1 .. QQ .2 1 1 . 'S f --r . -f, .4 gg 23. V -12 -1,1 ,- W 'J-. 3 l -.51-af,-.ff-g:gs: , ' ' " i .. -1 ' -4 P- p T X 'I " T-iiltiffi 'Ir ' . I i i -1 H41 J ' " 'HIf'??fjV 5' 'FZ' 3 2? T ,, 5:25 5 . . f .2 ' "" f 'El -'f.,:.,. ,f , 1. ' 'f':1-3-L.:?:::5, if .. ,ff : i- Q " ' 4 - . ., , - Z., 42. ji 4 . .. ,. . ,gh M.. Q . - . . V I X A if" 5- --, ii . 15l'1Z-I5S5N,j"- f' I ' "'5qfm,, ' ,"' A 1 . , 'S-'Q - . ,J .eq e - jf- - V ' ' wif -, ' 3 ., -f.4Q-:...1ff:::2:f:1.1:a.'--. .- .. -V Im . f- . be 5 . 'YI 'W-4. I. "' .,Q:5'3I1"!'5Stf.3:f.f.i:t2f:'ikiI'IELgg. "N-..4 .. ' :"5-'ififlff13f.g15:?':5:-.ljiig-.,, ' - V ."' 'I .-:EIf!UR7lP'3if'F.3F'14:3:3'536"V- "1-t. Aff' .1-?f'f"7iI3'3?I-.' 551.3 '. ' fy. ".' , 1' "'-. ,ff - 13 j1fff?S.1.g2.XS515:::,g1,::g.5:::i,,.g:a.f:-:5:.:ELA22fkg'--:21"sf-5.::2fer:E.j52gg5fg?-325:32,-g:51A.g15:Q-.3 1:5-5 N f Azf 2, -:Q--: -,..:1,-1.-,gs1.1:11--rze-f:::.:,af...:g,,gg1,,g-,-.1'fg:+:.'r.-fs..5:-:ff-g:,:..f.-.a:,::..f1::ja-.54-2:..g::,,-fi'r,.:41-.g1.e..fsfrss:,:f-f-:faq-1.21,:1::f..L..-41:--.-.4 .2-,::.'-.-as..3-e1:.'- ,. :.w1,s:f-isgs'-.4-2-121.12-k.'vi-Qfsefsifi:-1fff5::i:1:fs:1:s::.f:4:'-fevff-1szmslfs1-ss:1:1.-azQ2.'1:.-fe:-:a:f-A:-:, .523',arg5:g::13.g5e-fl-rf.:.gffg-'-3,5551,1mg.5-g.5:g,gg3g5-5532.515:53.3-gg.'-35:,,f.,:g,Eg-y:'g,151--2:13,5.5:a-:51.:1f3f:gZj.5fg2t'f.:1::fur-f--jr:,5'.51g,,' zff-,.,-'5:,':'s.gfg55f',,'gs. .5',':fe ff':'zr.- f- .351 ffefsfmewg,zazzif-1:-:ea-w -'-'-''Y--N'M:2S.i-1--:rw .ai-1-:.vs1'--,f:2":1:5ss.4:' ' "'- ""-'-- f -' " ' " ---- A ""' 1 " ' '," 1 f .1 7 Q if 1 va ff ff M 1 we v:..:.,M -.:.f.,i5,Z .. , - Q L" f' ' '.:+:.:-:nrt,...:f.4:11uf.:zw:p:. ,f.::':raff1:.5---:af-:'.r1f:La.-ern: ea Ei wi 4 2 QXW I 5 Wwe Q. o My f--A-f and W e ff FEP- -ffm ...Ng vgstgiff 'ff 4- f 1 4 ff M' ,.s ..,.,f..,. a,.a,.f,k4.-,W-.....w,,,a5Z.,.: Thomas Edwin Lewis t'Tomy', lVIadison Letters and Science. Olympia. Thesis: Emmigration into Connecticut. "Coedsg a popular subject for biological research." Caroline Gail Libby "Gale" Indianapolis, Indiana Letters and Science. Thesis: Comparison of the Characters in Hebbel's, ' Torring's Bernauer. . "High flights has she and wit at will, And so her tongue is seldom still." Ludwig s and Alma Louise Liessmann Reedsburg Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: Storm's Development into a Tragic VVriter. "Beauty is but a vain and doubtful goodf, Walter Carl Lindemann "Linde" Milwaukee lVIechanical Engineering. Yellow Helmetg Lambsg Varsity Basket-ball CD, CED, C3j, C403 HVVH 1908g U. W. Regiment, Lieutenant CQDQ U. VV. Engineers Club C3D. C45- "Etticiency Curve for Power Plants with Special Reference to Super- heated Steam Pipe Lines. "My clear judgment reigns supreme." Jeannette lVIarie Emily Lindstrem "Lindy" Oconto Letters and Science. International Club. Thesis: The Geotropism and Heliotropism of some of the Species of the Bryophytes. "Are you sure my thesis is correctly worded? I feel certain it is notf' Harold Allan Liver Woiieivoc Civil Engineering. Thesis: ltiadison and North-VVestern Electric Railway Project. 'Since knowledge is but sorrow's spy, It is not safe to know." 130 Emrys J. Lloyd Cambria Electrical Engineering. Entered as Sophomore from Armour Institute of Technology. Thesis: Investigations and Efficiency Tests of an Induction Motor Installation at Berlin, Wisconsin. "A silent address is the genuine eloquence ol' sincerity." - Hubert Evan Lloyd Cambria Letters and Science. Thesis: Physical Constants of Certain Animal Oils. 'Terseverarice and industry outstrip even talent and genius in the race for success in life." Julius Henry Lokke Baldwin Electrical Engineering. U. W. Engineers Club. ' Thesis: Acceptance of a 500 K. W. Hamilton Holzworth Turbs- Generator at Beloit, Wisconsin. "Do not addle your brain by imagining that you love a certain ladyf' Mary Fidelia Longiield "Nan" Madison Letters and Science. Germanistische Gesellschaft: Y. W. C. A.: U. W. Club. Thesis: The Comparison between Schiller's Wallenstein and the Historical Wallenstein. "A little maid too bright, and fair, and lovely for surprise? Herbert Alfred Losse Milwaukee Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science.. Thesis: A Problem in Higher Plane Curves. "A man with few interests besides his work." Herbert Lothe lN1cFarland Agriculture. Agricultural Society, Vice-President C3j, President QD. Thesis: The Effect of Glycerine and of Sugar on Bacteria in Milk and their Relation to Cheese Flavor. "Where is the farmer when his 'Home' is lost P" 131 Sylvia Elizabeth Lounsbury nffubbyn Madison Letters and Science. Basket-ball CD, 125, Qljg Castaliag Y. W. C. A. Thesis: Social Life in the Early Eighteenth Century in England. "I cannot check my girlish blush." ' Claude Campbell Luckey "Luck" Madison Pharmacy. F. B. Powers Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: A Comparative Study of Sinapis Alba Brassica N igra and Brassica Sinapis trum CBoissj. "Young fellows will be young fellows? Arthur Frank Luder Delta, Tau Delta f1Art7J Baraboo Commerce. Lambsg Dodo Bonesg Commercial Club. Thesis: New York Money Market, 1893. "How to become popular or-what an auto will do for a manf' ' L Eugene August Lueders "Luederaceal', Columbus Pharmacy. ' F. B. Powers Pharmaceutical Society. U. W. Band and Orchestra. ' Thesis: Liquors of the National Formulary. "It's only the great who can make use of others' hands as well as brains." Robert Roy Lumsden, IILl y9! Elroy Commerce. Thesis: Financial History of the Illinois Central Railroad. "Long of stature but short of speech." Signed Gilbertson Lunde ga: Wausau Civil Engineering. Hesperia CD. Thesis: An Experimental Study of Vortex Formation over Orifices. "I shall be like that treeg I shall die at the top." 132 Henry Edward Frederick Lutze "Heine', Sheboygan Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Regulation of the Speed of Induction Motors by the Du- flicker lNIethod." "A great Y. M. C. A. and Christian Endeavor worker." Isabella Dlac Arthur, Alpha Gamma Delta "Bella," "The Engineer" Superior Letters and Science. Pythia, President CQ: Glee Club CQD, GD, C415 Junior Class Playg International Club, Y. W. C. A. Thesis: Scotch Customs and Superstitions in the Works of Sir Walter Scott. "I always speak the same piece whenever I perform." Katherine Mac lVIurtery Kflcitw Waupaca Letters and Science. Thesis: A Study of the Methods for the Determination of Manganese. "Though a 'Weed,' he is the flower of her heart." Winifred Carr Biacomber, Delta Delta Delta frBinnie,sa zzwinxs Tomahawk Letters and Science. Entered as Sophomore from Milwaukee Downer College. Thesis: A Comparative Study of Hebbel's 'Agnes Brenauer and that of Otto Ludwig. "Fat, fair and forty." Edward Samuel Malone "Frenchie,', "Pat" Rhinelander Letters and Science. Thesis: Financial Histroy of Illinois Central Railroad. "Never try to make a hit with a girl by giving her candy." Emma Elizabeth hifanor Baraboo Letters and Science. Thesis: The Eastern and African Frontiers under the Reigns of Tiberius and Nero. ' 'What care I for worry, work or trouble, they are but supplementary to existence." 133 t., 5392? L- . W, .,-,.f.,.,,.,.,...,,6.. .... J . if 3 I :Q W ws" . ,:, , ' envy'-f 'M A f Gif .fr ,, new Civ 4' ffl - fi Qw 1' . . .5632 pt J' E-wr -1.2 sr ,A ' , :ft ,wif 1 11 145- 542 if 1 V- --mt .zzz :Se 'f' ' .atfifz itae 1 G. '-Psi" lr'-jail" s fun? -1 st. L?5'.11y9.g!f. 'gum 2, ,'5,,,:?'5,152f- ,. .X . g . .1 Win 1' 'F H if 'n e ' f M453 .fftw -A ,-row' ' N F Q fri? : f .4 wi- 'V 4' if' 'f '- wsit? 1' :,, 'j5,5Iti22j'fZ" iff , 1 '- '.g,.,1. 15.35 gl , frm.. , a vi I! . , , 1 25 .im .H 1 . EM ,I 7 A M, . A23-sie Cl .1 1 :gli ' . . 1 I 1- ' z'2- ,t ,Fw-4'-' gl., 5 ,xl Y.. 1. fi Q I N 7- 1 ZH I" V Iii Q4 Q :pri sql.. N.. :,,.g,v 1 .a.., . , I...-pm, :V ' ,4fg.,g.f., 4,-H rg.. 1- --. ,' ' 55" 4 ,ay 'can' " '-. .. . 2 -- ....:u:1 -.f,. - . 1 Jljrws 1 W L. , - . ..-'ww' A eg. . w ezfitqf. af 'A--...,,,.. .... -Af 6- . 2 egg - 4:15s:"RZ C' ,4 334' 9 1: - 4:1 'fi ,f -"' , 1.4 , an-it. . a - X ,-2-:ww .fl , , -u,'.:.3.s-a 1 y. F. , .V -111: . -" .A .. ...,, . ,Q :ix E4 , .df ?lf F l .g l ,. .'f 1 ',... 'iff"fz 2333? . V - X 'wg .- . .. , 2 ,. 'lax Q fwglsviy 7 Ns ,f wx' girly? N f I N if af 464 25524 .y ,gg 1, hw 3-' 11,42 ff' iittzifw 1 , - 1. s - -,'- . 4... .. ,fc . - -,-1:'r.:fv,-:,w ,- 'Va tu-' .-H' :mv 1-1 ' linac 12. fa.: a-g1::j::...,V F.. - L.. . , .. , - ,M 'l'2-215: f - , 4 2, J" X Af""'- 6, . .Q-9 ' .f ' 34 .' .... -4v--. E ,,y,,.., - -ma -'mote - M2 .4 L, . gm' .f f I13,:,. . 4..ezf1' jf? ,Etif ' 1, ' :2:'1Z!1" i ' It "ff.:2- ff2e11zE"i Wi ,. B gf, - . ., , MM, V., 1.112--- Q ., Q., K- .-44571,-4. 'f iz? 'E' Q: .,: . ,1.:,,: -51 - - qc!! :L jg sig-I rf- .nz . : 1: -P f ia " ,. ..., .11,:5fA:, 33...-...t..,.., .. . ... ' ,.. , a1+1Pw'f1':1 'lifiskzmszfwstef .427 wif A . ..:: f.:::v:-vi .s. .Ii,::.4s... ' fi! ii?s,1Wf:i3Z:f?1-2:5 ,- ...W ... if 'QQ' ' ' H .WWE 1 Anne Dodge Martin, Gamma Phi Beta Darlington Letters and Science. Thesis: A Study of the Beginning of American Short Stories. "I love not men, they are so simple? George Clyde Mathewvs lKBud?5 Burlington Letters and Science. Iron Cross: Student Conference C3jg Class President C405 Hesperia, Vice-President C3D, President MD, Blow-out Closer CD, Semi- Public Closer CQD, Joint Debate C3j, Closer Iowa Intercollegiate Debate CSD, Closer Minnesota Intercollegiate Debate GQ, Debat- ing Board GD. Thesis: Federal Control of Transportation Corporations doing an Interstate Business. "Attempting to fill all my fussing dates may have deprived me of more scholastic honors, but it secured the Senior Presidency for me." CE:ctract from G. C. Dlathewlv d'1fa'ry.j William Wyman Mathews "Billy" DePere Civil Engineering. Thesis: Experiments on a Snow Duplex Compound Direct Acting Steam Pump. "A memorial should be erected to this man in the southwest corner of the engineering reading room. Otto 1VIaurer Willsbach, Wuertemberg, Germany Entered as Junior from Koenigl. Oberrealschule, I-Ieilbron. Letters and Science. Thesis: On Opsonins. "The wine may be fine but a big stein for mine." Ross Kenneth McComb, Kappa Sigma "Knute" Brillion General Engineering. Thesis: The Effect of Elbows on the Flow of Water in Pipes. "Here hath he for five long years been in pursuit of knowledge -a A hopeless' chase." Moses McDaniel "NMC" Brooklyn, Indiana Entered as Senior from Indiana University. Letters and Science. Thesis: A History of the Mississippi River from 1850 to 1870. "A Badger by adoption." 134 Earl Loren NIcDouga1, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Alpha Tau "NIac," "Chauncey" . Milxvaiilcee Law. Thesis: Emotional Insanity--An Insane Irresistible ' Impulse to Kill. "Mac is quite a light-yes, a normalitef' W. Don lNIcGraw, Delta Upsilon ulvluggsyn . Chippewa Falls Law. Athenaeg Edwin Boothg Senior Class Play, 1905. Thesis: Criminal Liability of Oliicers of a Corporation for Corporate Acts. "Thou goodliest thing matured by time-an American gentleman." Harry Clayton McLea1i, Alpha Tau Omega "Hal" San Bernardino, California Mechanical Engineering. Thesis: Injected Steam vs Water-Jacket for Cooling bustion Engine. "His smile will take you, but his looks go deeperf' Internal Com- Edward Michael lVIcMahon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Tau , "Black, Nlilwaukee Letters and Science. Iron Crossg Yellow Helmetg Class President CU, Editor and Busi- ness lNIanager of Wisconsin Alumni Mfagazine Q4-jg Badger Board, Chairman of Committee on Secret Societies CSL Philo- mathia, Freshman Declamation Contest: Winner of Junior Open and Final Oratorical Contestg Third in Northern Oratorical League Contest CD1 Closer in Freslnnan Blow-out: Edwin Booth Dramatic Society, Treasurer CSD, President Celrjg Student Conference, Secretary OLD. A Comparison of the Literary Styles of Lincoln and Everett. "We are still good friends among-between-I mean in spite of ourselvesf, CCollected Orations and After-Dinner Speeches of E. WI. Blcllalzonj i Alva Jeanette liielaas, Chi Omega "Happy" Stoughton Letters and Science. Entered as Sophomore from Oberlin College. Thesis: Private Life of Tiberius, from 14-37 A. D. according to Vellius, Tacitus and Suetonius. "The flaxen hair, the eye of blue She surely is from Stoughton, too." Elizabeth lilelby ' "Beth" lVIerrilla.n Letters and Science Castalia, Secretary CQQ, President 140: Executive Board S. G. A. Q3jg Y. W. C. A. Thesis: Chinese Immigration to California. "This is 'Beth' and the world knows it." 135 ' Jjzj fre , 1 I A VJ' .E?5C?i3f- ' .11 .. " M444 -24 Wfilq sp . 5 " , . '7 ,np I ,,.,v:,.,i.:5,. 2125 Eifar. , . Ewa - use WJ V-'fi V N55 , f-if' 1 ' Qi 251.2 1 ' 2,1 'I 'fi .5 1 ' :fi M. T V . A -ikfl Qi . V - gm if , ...H A 'V 5 .a - In ei-fa V ki . ,H . .- , .. ,..f,., ljfll V ,. V V A WQHL-' :A 'il 315. J e 'il -. ' it Qu. . . ,Am V. .51 :gi .5 i .. -. 1- 1, 1i1Zjf fgrl. - ,- Afgff? 1 ,G M5451 1, M158 " 'ir I . 4 ,,?,vV,A. M45 V Nz.,.6: , Q 12 11.5, f- F' f55s?,5f7?fi" 1' .' ' j:, if zjjzffiig 35:2 v,t3..4V .1 1.1: Q '-lang N 5 V" ,V'.. HSM - , . -' AV: v J f 1 , 1 I . ff gms V Un, 1 . 1, f I f 1 I V fa,Q.W1 ig .,,., :fm 4 ,ff ,J ,f r 3. I ff 1-.KL I " UW H U4 . , ff, g , V 4 , f , 6 , , ff ff 4 'ff 7 2 , 'f f U , ll . Vg: Q ,.,,a. 1- r , ,... i ,,.. 352 ' 51? - . i 3-15'Vlk,,,.,.Q " ?,1'V""5f" ,.,-:ga 9 ' 9 - - -- - -fs 1 . " ' ' lei? M. X--rwfff. 2 -' 'I 5' J '?7'1-.52-V.:-'-ffiizvii "9Y"'1' W4 1, if '-1, Ei. i -fp, gi? . QT 1-17 An' i 1. .rt 4 ,' ya: Vim sm , gf ' -,f 14- .V ,.,4 .1 Ax- :ws my . . - . 4 A ,L aff-In:-A-ft ' .- . .. . :ef . . .J 4 I " 4, 1 -2:11 fi-14,1-S. 5- V ' - - .-.g,.,.,,gg . ...,. ,W , Ffh . '4 rf'5"' .- v."'3' , .h 5 'f22ff:g"73' E41 :' at . 3 if ? ' A i ff . . :.,:Vf wail:-4V ,. ' fx ' Va feifaafiz .f my f 1 145 ...I 5 f ' , U, 7 5 4 ogre f H f 5 'if 5 , f , , , M if f. f f of f ff Ax , Q . 1 4 f A gf? N" .f f lf by 5 -, '-ei" ,. '- "W 0'-, 549. ,. . 'W .. 1 112- f vriff 14 a.lC1.z1aiagZ:,anT: fm!! , Austin Gove Melcher, Delta Upsilon - "Melch" Hinsdale, Illinois Mechanical Engineering. Mandolin Club QQD, C3j, QD. Thesis: The Design and Test of a Direct Reading Indicated Horse Power Meter, as Applied to a Corliss Steam Engine: "Next o'er his books his eyes began to roll, In pleasing memory of all he stolef' ' Charles Schley Mercein. Kappa Sigma "Charley," "Chaugy" lVIilWaukee Letters and Science. Scabbard and Blade: Edwin Booth Dramatic Society: U. W. Regi- ment, First Lieutenant 123, Captain CSD, Colonel C413 Red Dom- ino Play C315 Senior Class Play Committee. Thesis: Forms of Government Under the Constitution of the Con- federate States of America. "Although ne'er o'ertaken, I still feel the baying hounds of the faculty in hot pursuit." Paul Merica, Beta Theta Pi HP. MY' Wa.rsaw,, Indiana Entered as Senior from DePauw University. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Preparation of Anthranil-glycine, and some Homo- logues. - "Not too small to be recognized." Wmifred Byrne Nlerrill, Delta Gamma "Win" ' Ashland Entered as Sophomore from Grafton Hall. Fond du Lac. Letters and Science. Wyslynxg Badger Board, Secretary C3jg Class Play CSD. Thesis: The Oregon Treaty and English Politics. "Put not your trust in fraternities, for they lead you a gay life." Adeline Schlaefer hiesserschmidt ' Madison Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Cladophoraceae of Dane County, Structure and Life History. , "Time still, as he flies, brings increase to her truth, And gives to her mind what he steals from her youth." Walter Henry lVIeves , r:MibS,sa rzD0cs:- Sheboygan Commerce. . Dodo Bones. ' Thesis: Credit Office Administration and Credit Insiuance. "VVho ever heard of Bertke,s dogs ?,' 136 Henry William Meyer, Jr. "Ike," "Heine" ' Appleton Electrical Engineering. Thesis: An lnvestigation and Study of the Cause and Effect of Water Hammer. "And when a lady's in the case, You know all other things give place." Herman Frederick lVIeyer "Casper," "Germany,,' "Dutch" Sheboygan Commerce. Hesperia, Secretary CQD, Treasurer C3j, Censor CQD, Chairman of Executive Committee CLD, President C409 German Glee Club, Manager CSD, C4Jg Scandinavian Glee Club C3jg Commercial Club C3D, CLD: Germanistische Gesellschaft C3j, C459 Y. M. C. A. Thesis: The Correspondence Department of Sears, Roebuck and Company. . "A linger in everything, if not his whole foot." Jean Mills "Kiddo" Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: The Conformal Representation of Straight Lines and Conics by Nleans of the Transformation ZIZ2. "I was once an engineer." Daisy Milward Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: The Rhine and the Danube Frontiers During the Reign of Tiberius. "The best things come in the smallest parcels." , Josephine Margretta Moe "Girlie" Pewaukee Letters and Science. Castalia CQJ, C3j, C453 Y. W. C. A. CD, CQJ, C3j, C4jg Germanistische Gesellschaft CSD, CQ. ' Thesis: The Iniiuence of Ibsen in his Rosmer Holm on Hauptmann's 'Einsame Menschenf " "Spoken for, but not taken." John Jeremiah Morgan "J. Pierpont" Cascade Law. Olympia, Secretary CQJ, Vice-President CEO, Treasurer C31 Presi- dent C40. Thesis: Possessory Rights at Common Law. "A Daniel come to judgment! Yea, a Daniel? 137 f 213' - 'YJ Pg, " 'e f' "XP iirbirfifcdfzv.-1 We fl 1 72, W f i: if X . ., ,, X. ,. 32+ , 1231, 'gzaiiii '.-'Qiffy'15-,L,1l1" fl-Li . :si .T-pf my-:gre - - V 5, 1 ' 'M1v:l'?ifi'ffE-fffdfi-25-ff f ' 1 ' "bfi: . - V . ' floss .....N::o H .. ' .v 1 S' 'Eff "' 'fvkgii , fiiiifb? V. Er'-'5:3,5' ' 521 . ,I-gg. , . ., Q. 59 5 Q, gi,:j:,'f5.:4::-i.: v:"612r:5ff:?2SfPi1355E5Q'3EE:2.,' ' -A " V " f. .,,,. ' 55 ' .lif . 31 f 4 S .Q :E ' ""- . . -V , .-any-fx-.X-My ,df 'V . s - faiei-mv! ' 1 4.-2:55 -A-fm-:cfs 1' ff - 1f2?'5J7 , r My Mft ' .- av.-7.1-"A , f a'.41.t'. .g222'f"3f2gE6" 2.i,:?2f'1'f""',..f ' " - ' ' was 7 ' ---V -- .-9-?::71f:"Z-. f 'Z-'Ez' 75" . ' 3'3:345".'-'3:35:7i- ' ' ' :rw-:.-,-14 s r'.:::-.,.- 1191: in-Q 244152-1:-:-f:-zf. :f:s.2:'::'z'af ' e:f.:-f:"1af:j-' V 3 it - 3 -.-1.Vff'GfL'- V WG. -V:-., ., -eg1-:V:-:3:f.:-w:- Q Q TW f1i5f5i:55fEf- 2 . T'Q',,I.ff,. ., . , . , if Q . f , .f ':, .-252' :'ff1E'i17 " ' fi, ' -V rfj'f"-WK ' ftzigl T V51 15921211 i f':,1.2r:1- v' uf . 2 "i fy. '55 ii Mlif-C... . :V . 'Vfi'-5 V"' 2 - f f5i55fI:?EEl7: in V--V- . -- , llff'.1,.,,,.,.f 'fl'fff"5'fE'fl 'f':i"iQ:i5.wV'-w:.p::..-.'f,fy4.11:'IJa.-' -- 1.-v.:.:+V-If -I 2:1 - .3"ff'gj' 5..,.:: ' 1:Qi:fj?1hE'1 'V if 1'6J'2',fIf,':'-: 'Jf,.Z-Izwijzf' '15, -g"Z':f:Zg:'15': - Q-::fV-f ae-:fmzgiz -' 1. f ez. . 'I Sarah Blanche Morgan, Alpha Chi Omega Madison School of Music. Choral Union CQJ, QSD, GD. 'Music was her hobby, books her sub-hobby." Eugene Winfield lNIoriarity "lVIory,' Huron, South Dakota Electrical Engineering. . N. O. Whitney Engineers Club. Thesis: Efficiency Test of Power Plant of the Garden City Project of the U. S. R. S. at Deerfield, Kansas. "Although an engineer, I love to study 'Moss'."N Ethel Morrison Pawnee City, Nebraska Letters and Science. S. G. A. Board 135, QLD. ' Thesis: Transformations with Reciprocal Radii. "Sometimes conspicuous by her absence-of mind." Robert John Morter "Shifty," "Bobby," "Philo-Morteri' Okee Law. - Philomathia, Vice-President CSD, Censor QLD, Chess and Checker Club, Vice-President QLD. ' Thesis: The Quasi-Contractual Rights of a Person who is in Default Under a Contract. "Even wit's a burden, when it talks too long," James Duncan Morton rrJimv1 Johnstown Electrical Engineering. . Y. M. C. A. Thesis: Separation of Eddy Current, and Frictional Torgues in the Blagnetic Accelerator. "Two men may differ and both be wrong. Raymond Winthrop Moseley fCRay77 V lVIadison Agriculture. U. W. Agricultural Society: Grafters Club. Thesis: Spring versus Fall Spraying for the Control of the Oyster Shell Bark Louse. 'tWake up! Ray." 138 Hildred Daisy Moser, Tau Beta Pi "Dais," "Dizzy" NIadison Letters and Science. Wislynxg Basket-ball, CD, 625, Q3j, Captain CD, CQD, Manager CQJQ Class Vice-President CSD. Thesis: The Social and Economic Life of the English in India in the Seventeenth Century. "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do." ' Ruth Elizabeth llloss, Alpha Gamma Delta "Rufus" llflilwaukee Letters and Science. ' Thesis: Comparison of the Andromache of Euripides with the Andro- mache of Racine. HI even made a sorority after rooming in Harmony Hall." Emy Charlotte lllueller hlilwaukee Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Philosophy. Germanistische Gesellschaft: International Club: Y. VV. C. A. Thesis: Johanna Ambrosius, the Peasant Poetess of Germany. "Patience - and shuffle the cards." Ernst llffuenster New Holstein Letters and Science. Thesis: County Government Systems in the United States. "Little Ernie's full of tricksg Ainit he cute? He's only six." . John Valentine Bfulanxyi, Beta Alpha Rho Beta HA un East Troy Letters and Science. Three-spot in the Freshman Deck X' 'F ,F ff Pk ' 'F at 'ff 'F 'F if if tl' 'lt :F . Iron Cross. Thesis: A Study of the Literary Art: of Lafcadio Cearn. "His eyes have that humorous twinkle and his mouth that humorous droopf' Hettie Maria Mnrclgson, Delta Delta Delta ' rr etv Greeley, Colorado Letters and Science. Wyslynx. ' Thesis: The History of Illinois During the Civil Yvar. "A dainty, dainty maiden of degreef' ' 139 Harold Bimce lVIyers "Hike" Janesville Letters and Science. Iron Crossg Bronze Keyg U. W. Club: Varsity Track Team CD, CQJ, Captain C359 Class Track Team CU, Captain QQJ, Cf-ij. Thesis: The Effects and Localization of Copper Poisoning. "He loved to keep matrimonial five o'clocks." Louise Myers Ottumwa, Iowa Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from University of Colorado. Thesis: Influence of Ibsen on Hauptmann as shown in "Einsame lVIenschen." V "Honey boy, I hate to see you leasing." Percy Harold Myers, Sigma Nu, Beta Gamma Sigma "Peemers" Wauwatosa Commerce. Commercial Club. Thesis: Administration of the Loan Department of Banks. "Bly bride! lNiIy wife! lNIy life! 'Tis a dream? N o-you are in love, that's all, and that's enough." Carl Ferd inand Nelson I IDOCYJ Rockford, Illinois Letters and Science. Thesis: The Action of Metals in Lead Palmitate and Copper Stearate Solutions. "Wise enough-but too ea.rnest.', Oscar Hermann Nelson fINe1S7! Stoughton Civil Engineering. Thesis: Design of a Sewerage System for Stoughton, Wisconsin. "A few true friends are worth more than a host of acquaintancesf' Nora Neprud, Gamma Psi Delta "Neppie" Westby Letters and Science. Bowling Team QQD, C3j, Qljg Tennis 121: Nora Samlag, Vice-Pres- ident 135, QD. Thesis: The Women of Schiller's Later Dramas." "Me and the Alpha Tausf' 14-0 Frances Henry Oakes Los Angeles, California Entered as Junior from McGieI, Montreal. General Engineering. Thesis: Additional Water Supply for the City of Los7fAngeles, California. ' "Great 'Oaks' from little acorns grow." Legare Logan Oeland - Holie!! ' ltfadison Letters and Science. Press Club. Thesis: The Economic Conditions of the Mountain People of Kentucky. "1 am originally from South Carolina." Edward James Oliver "Eddie" Hudson Commerce. U. VV. Regiment, First Sergeant CEZJ. Thesis: New York Money lVIarket for the Year 1895. "Mr, Constable! Arrest that man!" QWorks of Ifomiio Wifnslc-10.5 Edward Albert Palmer zxEd,sa r:A1as Janesville Electrical Engineering. Thesis: A Test of a Thirty-inch Samson Turbine. "A rogue." Amy Parker Fennimore Letters and Science. Pythiag Y. W. C. A., Cabinet CQD, C3j, QD. Thesis: American Historical Dramas. "Woman's at best a contradiction still." Mary Reynale Parmelee, Delta Delta Delta "Rey,', "Nails" Sheboygan f Letters and Science. Thesis: The hflonster of Victor Hugo. "One tongue is suiiicient for a woman? 141 , ,Q . , V- . 1- 1.-.ZF 2 "AY 5, ,.,..,. .t s V :Q5?,E3QQ.Qf Yu 1494 i 55ffiii'i4', at 51? , I -V 41,- ' ir-6- 1 -M .,..,.i,1.V .v.. - . f.,i ,3- .,,.. ,,,,. .... A.. 1 Wg W -s sf ,if ' .. ,qu iiiiifs I ' -7-'. 0 ggfgzzgr of ,1i'4'u'Qi.:' Kira-iv fw V W 1.54-pl N M N , M, , , Q ,qt , 5 365455, f K' Wen 1 ,W -729450 V45 X .JJ , Q' ff A l y- y 'ft y t 4 , , X gl , gf Ka , 63 1, Q , 1 M A M 2 C ff , 3 , J. 'tr ff' it if- ,, -4 5 .1,. . t. V , .,. ..., Q L ' y 5' 2 , QW" 4 ' 473 l of J Y f c 2 Fi gi? 7 W5 53 'Q' 5 F 4 f' ,ini , 1 Qgffi , ff '3 .f 5 4 1 2 45 I fig -3 f " 13274 f f e 'A 4 'W Z 1 :fn QMQ- ff if i t 7 sl 4 -X:-53. , 5' iv ff. I A y K . X 2 ,i , 4 X W .Y 'ti a 'W' 1 A 7 3 ,1i"iZ'7t1i' :W . 1 -FIV? -'s A' . efafeisrfht ,. 1' f . jvffiq. 441' WV,-njhq , g r .ff . 'ggzg H - . avvav W. , ,..1 V,1Q4W1 , W ia. a . , 4: -1 ,gg Q, . . Z gg, :-mmf V 1 pmzfffi QE? - . . ' :gl-,.j.:E " . ' ' 1 . g v .ff:,,-.1.'. " - , M 1 ' c 5 .,,,.,..,..e ......,, , .,.- ,..... A M., .f2,f.,'l 'is L" I J' " .tif 1 L' G .... . n., ' c .ygp e M ' . . . . 1 .H ' 5 . 1 4' mf -fs 'f af '44 Hifi.. V v' 41' . , , f-K , 'g lf 4 , F' ' V, ' if H +- Qi 1 . as 2, 524 ' Q .ff Q ' , f 'ff X' ,cf sz- my 27 f g -fi , t 24 ' , ff f , . f .f - - ff!" ' . --,.4.,f, ,. ,.,, WM, 1 -,. ,. ' awww 4,,Qv-5213, . -Vx '7 ff - ,fini ' ltlarcus Lawrence Patterson 'Tat' Baraboo Commerce. Athenae. Thesis: The Audit and Analysis of the Accounts of Typical Gas and Electric Power Companies. "A girl! A girl! My kingdom for a girl.' Richard Perwien flDiCk?, Madison. Civil Engineering. Thesis: Loss of Head in Cast Iron Steel and Wood Pipes and Cal- ibration of Pitot Tubes. "He was a French shark." Josephine Arigeline Peshak 11 O73 Sun Prairie Letters and Science. Pythiag Junior Playg Freshman Declamatory Contest. Thesis: Comparison of Shakes eareis Romeo and Juliet and Kelleris Romeo and Julia auf demlillorfe. "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn." Jean Jacques Pfannstiehl Baraboo General Engineering. Lambsg Yellow Helmet. Thesis: Experiments on a Snow Direct Acting Duplex Compound Water Pump. "-But in all probability not." Nlary Grace Pilgrims New Richmond Letters and Science. Thesis: California History from the Time of the Discovery of Gold to 1850. "lt hurteth not the tongue to give fair words." Arthur H. Pitz, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi "Heine" A llglanitowoc Civil Engineering. Yellow Helmet. Thesis: Design of a Hydro-electric Plant on the 'Waupaca River at Weyauwega. X "Just forty cents? 1412 William Joseph Platten "Bill" Green Bay Electrical Engineering. U. W. Engineers Cluby President C4-lg Chess and Checkers Club. Thesis: The Efficiency Test of the Power Plant at Deerfield, Kansas. of the Garden City Project United States Reclamation Service. "Chess, checkers and logic are Billis strong points? Benjamin Albert Polzin , "Ben" Yvinona, Bflinnesota Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from Winona, Minnesota N orinal. Thesis: The Jacobite Uprising of 1745. "A peculiar man with peculiar ideas." Rosa Nlatilda Pope, Phi Beta Kappa Racine Letters and Science. Castaliag Y. W. C. A.g Badger Board. Thesis: Victor Hugo's Social Attitude as Shown in "Measures, not men, have always been my markf' Les bliserables. Jenner Alfred Pynch J'Pynch" hladison Letters and Science. Entered as Adult Special from Ripon College. Thesis: Shakespeare's Use of Words Derived Languages. "A normalite in appearance and yet not one." from the Classical Oscar Rademaker D "Rady', hladison Letters and Science. Thesis: The Socialism of William Morris as Found in his Common- Weal. - "Juggling social problems is my favorite pastime." Edward Ira Rankin "Ned,', f'Rank" Ft. Atkinson Letters and Science. - U. W. Regimental Band CD, CQD, C3j, Cetjg Nlandolin Club, Clj, CQD, C3j, C4jg -U. W. Orchestra, CU, CQJ, CSD, Celjg Choral Union, CID, C259 Musical Study Club, CQJ, C333 A Capella Club C4j. Thesis: Solubility of Silver Nitrate in a Mixture of Pyridiue and Toluene. "I thank Heaven I am as good as any man living that is an old man and no better than If' H3 VE? -.Q 1 .N ., .. -W.-,, .,s,,. i, 5 lla H . ' gg . -1? - J ,,ta.eawaffirieeaeazfrvvee , ..,. ....,.,..,., , i.. , ..,.,,,.. . , . maxi - wetw - '2- ? F' C . JX6 yu: V '. Ji -,4 .fqjgg J 1 , E 5, -f Q Z?--'iig ji f, ' eq mi' L ' J .. '- f ' Z it 5513: -fiffffll i j ? bitt. Qgxlif . In 2f'al .,,,.,,,....,,. ...... W, ,,m..,, I: C I 4, ' A- , - , I eafw ' 7 fa Heaais f' Veggie 452511254 i gear A QA 1 wee :wr .I 4 1. Q. ' N -4 -like pw- yi- '-Y ----'---- f-f---ff --Y -- , , 1-' tai? e - 1 if Z 1. Ei Z M 12 - f'3 f?ft lg ,g .+Z,:4s ih,z -. V g,. l C i',T . .,'lw!5?5Z7f1tlif? ig li 53:1 . H ef ,,aaai w?Q't ' 3 ,. gg A Hafifg gtif tgfe ,t, , -ggggh t,,a ,. I ,I - . 1-'Zi' I of ,. . MW -M-Wm, N z ' 4 5'-"?Z5f" W ' ., NW? Fr EW f fznwta ,L l-,f Pysiga .. - we it -'mf 2. 2-24 3 'Y .Q 92? 595 L E' 1 22:26 y 4 : vpgmzf- 5 aff.-4 4 a 0' J yi QA Asiff IA G 4, 4265 1 1512424 . f. . fr,..W.,,..h...,,...,,......,w,...., ..,.,.,,...., ,t.,,,.,,, -"w:s2:f5azw M -...f 4 . ..,.1,.A,Q,:... Wuxi., -,,,,g,m-.., Lrgazcvzblmz-E:-::2:Zc:,zla ' ' .,.,,.,.+f ,,q,miWH,Qj. ,gt , I1-az-fd: 1 -:mv-:gf 3-5'-4 my-v ., 152521: - " ' iam., .,W,....k .. ..-,-M... ..v.. .. Z. fd, . - -1 ., e1f'1-'SHE ' ,A .-ificiea ' - -- 1'-.i' 9 ' -i:f15Ef:5l'5""-V Y' 'i 3 :1 . ,E ,.-"f,s:-2e:::.,g - 'ef " -ef -"a5'.ff1 -.Q...z,Zi f' 5514 Z . :II-,I,':E,. .,,.. . .. ',sgz.eg1gsg5g? 65:1 F 195 129 -'VV'-rar' " -1-.L "" . -se-1r:5z:::' 1.4 We f-2, r- a w:-',g::193 fifr' 2, A'AY gi" l im,-m.. ' ' '-f-sf1s'::f.:. 32 s ' :J "ir-r:'E':," xi? 'Q ' 1 'L df .elif . '5'i55.E11zaf:. ' - ' 1 :f55i225,,, fi . -. ff . 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V 5 ?v,,,..4,..v.,M..,.- ,MW -Q-. -'f .2 1:-lc '5F'- f fu- ' 2' - -f Falk '? 1-" ' v 554 2 .. , fiffftf-' :1":"' P aa .- ' , v fa, 5 ,ea fzagzgf- :Q ,- '-19,-,c:'-2.2,-J.-11:51'Z,, 2:,v:5,'1.'g.,.1-r- V 5 y3!'s'Px 5 " '-f5LZ25f:Lf- ' t f w"y'?' g9- Zo 1 LM-'N - f " . ., .4 ,, ,- f V.. lNIary Elizabeth Rayne, Alpha Xi Delta Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: The Relation of Queen Elizabeth to her Court Favorite, Earl of Leicester. "As welcome as the showers to the April flowers? James Oliver Reed, Alpha Delta Phi, Tau Beta Pi HOHe,J7 HJi-ln!! Canandaigoa, New York Civil Engineering. Badger Board CSJQ Athenae. Thesis: The Effect of Repeated Stresses on the Adhesion of Concrete to Plane and Deformed Reinforcing bars. "Also ran? Walter Arthur Rehm, Delta Tau Delta "Pete" Chicago, Illinois Letters and Science. Monasticsg Lambsg Tennis team, Captain CD, CQD, CSL Mandolin Club, Manager CD, CQD, Q3jg General Chairman Junior Prom Committee. Thesis: Production of Malt Liquors in the United States. "It cost me the censure of the Faculty, the good will of the Prom Committee,,and lots of money to become the social lion of Wisconsin? Victor Herman Reineking lfvickv Milwaukee ' Civil Engineering. , Thesis: Development of a Hydro-electric Plant at Royalton, Wis- consin. "Dignity and reserve are two of the graces which he possesses? Gustav Adolph Reinhard "Gus" lVIilvvaukee Electrical Engineering. Monastics. Thesis: Alternating Current Losses in Steel Rails. "How very little is known of otu' greatest men." Caroline Dorothea Retelsdorf ' "Retty', Nlenomonie Letters and Science. Castalia, Secretary 121, Vice-President QLD: Germanistisehe Gesell- schaft. - Thesisil M6rike's "Maler Noltena' and Keller's "Der Griine Hein- ric ." "The secret of success is pluck and constancy to purpose." 144 Eleva May Rice, Alpha Gamma Delta Sparta f Ietters and Science. Thesis: The Revolutionary Nlovement in the Colony of Georgia. "A mighty hunter, and her prey was man." Ernest Frederic Rice "Ernie,' Nfilwaukee A, Electrical Engineering. Scabbard and Bladeg Lambsg UNV. Regiment, First Lieutenant CQQ, Captain C3jg Badger Board 631: U. VV. Engineers Club. Secretary C2 President C419 Orchestra QD, CQJ, CSD, CLD: Student Conference. Thesis: Investigation of High Tension Insulating Materials. "Less noise, less noise, fellows for I must buck? Felix G. Rice "Lix" lwilwaukee Commerce. Nfonasticsg Lamhsg Dodo-Bonesg Class Track Team, Relay Team: Badger Board CSD: Commercial Clubg Chairman Senior Swing- Out Committee: U. W. Orchestra KU, Cflj, C3jg Junior Class Play, Property Bianagerg Junior Prom Committee. Thesis: Organization and System Employed in a Modern Factory. "When a. world of men could not prevail A woman's kindness hath overruled them all." Rhoda Henryetta Rietow, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sheboygan Letters and Science. Entered as Sophomore from Ferry Hall. Thesis: Balzac and the English. "She openeth her mouth with wisdom." James Brownlee Robertson, Theta Delta Chi "Jimmie,' Spring Green Agriculture. Monastics: Sl-:ull and Crescentg Track Team, Assistant lVIanager CSD, Manager QU: Class Treasurer CID: Student Farmer C3J: Cardi- nal Qljg Press Club 022, Q3l, GD. Thesis: The Casein Content of the hlilk of Guernsey Cowsf' "Fussing, old and well tried, never loses its charm." Edgar Eugene Robinson, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Alpha Tau, Delta Sigma Rho "Robbie," "Ham,,' "Bob" Oconomowoe Letters and Science. - Iron Cross: U. W. Regiment, First Lieutenant CQJ, Captain and Regimental Adjutant CSD: Scabbard and Bladeg Student Con- ferenceg Junior Commencement Orator '07g -Badger Board, Chairman Class Committee: Associate Editor Cardinalg Philo- mathia, Blow-Out Closer CD, Semi-Public Closer C912 Joint Debate MQ, Intercollegiate Debate with Nebraska C3jg, Winner Hamilton Contest ffijg Junior Ex C3jg Final Oratorical Q3jg Wis- consin Representative, Northern Oratorical League Contest Q3j, QD, Edwin Booth Dramatic Clubg Chairman Junior Class Play Committeeg PresidentlNiorthern Oratorical Leagueg Winner of Final Oratorical Contest I-lj. Thesis: Instruction of Delegates 3. The System in American History. y couldn't I make Phi Beta Kappa in my Junior Year? N ow I must buck a whole year moref, Nwh 145 -'wi-2 1tr4f'-gipigizifegf":'12H'QW',15"3,.P3tQ ,,, .,,. V, , ., ,,. ,. ,, . , I -A gm-1 mv 22352,-, . K fiffs 2-if TIF? .,,. EW I K Nr . . AS' -4 w- 1, ,.. ' 54-.V 5544.--J .... ,, A gg, :za ,. ., - - ,,.: i ::.f' E64-' . . "iii 2 6 5 5, -. -,4 m e e ..,,. 4 i' SP 5 "W f 'z' 1 .mm-J " '53 i - . , - -I 524 : , tgyayf ,,i1 .,e., 'f Li 2" -, s-Ag ' .lab aw - ..,.f . . . 192. fr-. 1, i I - AQ" Emi 3 "j s r V"-WZEET' ataaaaaawe , ', 4? - 11 f ' s was-V .. ,M 9--ay -' at -s'Ea:1-1f.--,'Fa-'.- -1 " - ' 1 1 V ,. we 'ff' " 'S . ' " 1 -f ' T , ' ,. - -- . 922lf7ii'i'f':7:':Y W ag: S tg 'Q .ag iyg5ia'3f:2:"If3sg, V. N, f "1-if sl L f- f ., s- azzfgiai.. 11 -:air - ' 1 -. if k ,Z,,- - 15,2-,- 5:31 X ,se L ,, U , 9 A at -.5-xv w. ' . T 15' 231 ' 4' M .r f F, EVE av! .K-Ziifif ' E' 3 1 -1 3. f 1. , . .- 1 -'-rf z ':121f:va1',.E, '- fn w 6:5 J g.- 1 :gs -:.2gg-grief: I fs 2 it -'-' fe? 1 -ff? 3 Q ,, ', , - lqzz . I I 1. IE 5. If- ,ff 4 MA- Q 14- :f ,-'r 'QMW ,Wa . LVM, we 'F' .1 -L fa, . -ty .,.,.,,..,,,,ffg4,:Q 'Q-iz teaaaawe aa 'V ff .. ,jg ZX? fn, ff 4 22915 ae if J, 4 f time Af 1 f rg' ,fp :jf 11247 22 I ,csfleazfw Jag, fi Julius Otto Roehl, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Beta Kappa Milwaukee Letters and Science. Iron Cross, Class Treasurer CD, President CQD, Sergeant -at-Arms Cfijg Assistant Football Manager 135, Football Manager C453 Daily Cardinal, Reporter CD, Athletic Editor CQJ, University Editor 025, Assistant Managing Editor 135, Managing Editor QLD: Athenae, Blow-Out Closer CID, Semi-Public Closer CQJ, Joint Debate CLD, Winner Junior Open CSD, Final Oratorical Contest 133, Recording Secretary CD, President C3jg Press Club Li- brarian. Thesis: State Expenditures in Wisconsin Since 1848. "Oft has it been our lot to mark i A proud, conceited, talking sparkf, Roland Blackstone Roehr, Kappa Sigma. "Rollie" Milwaukee Letters and Science. 1 ' lron Cross: Prom Committee C353 General Chairman Badger Board SSD Philomathia, Blow-Out Closer QD, Semi-Public QQDQ Press lu . Thesis: State Aid to Roads in the United States. . "A good 'Badger' need not be a R-o-e-h-r-ity? Sumner Barnes Rogers, Beta Theta Pi KKSU-mmy7l Milwaukee General Engineering. Yellow Helmet, Class Football Team OJ. C253 Class Treasurer QQ. Thesis: The Melting of Lead and Zinc- Ores in Southwestern Wis- consm. "There never was but one good co-ed, and she's lelt school. Why don't the mail-man come P" J uliann Anna Roller Madison Entered as Sophomore from Lawrence University. Letters and Science. Thesis: The nature Element in Heineis Poetry. 1 "Loaf and the world loafs with you, Grind and you grind alone." John Nicholas Rosholt, Theta Delta Chi "Roxy" Oconomowoc Electrical Engineering. Thesis: The Design, Construction,.and Testing of an Eddy Cur- rent Brake. 1 "It is becoming of a young man to be modest." Anna Petronilla Rueth, Alpha Chi Omega Sun Prairie School of Music. - Choral Uniong Pythia. "As sweet a woman as ne'er drew breath." 146 Lewis L. Rupert, Acacia A "Taft', Spencerville, Ohio Entered as Senior from Miami University. Letters and Science. Thesis: Legislation Restricting Chinese Immigration. "If the heart of a man is depressed with cares, The mist is dispelled when a woman appears." G. Archibald Russell "Waddy,,' "Doc" Fond du Lac Phannacy. F. B. Powers Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: Arnica Root and its Adulterations. "I am full of 'gumption'." IVilliam Giles Russell "Rus" Eau Claire Entered as Junior from lVIilwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: Effect of Civil War and Reconstruction on Missouri. "A norrnalite! You might have known it? Joseph VValter Rutte HJOEJS Shawano Letters and Science. Philomathia, Censor, Treasurerg U. W. Orchestra .C1j, CQJ, CSM International Club C353 Germanistische Gesellschaft QQD, Q3j. Thesis: Der Uebermensch in Sudermann. "I beg your pardong I guess I got a little bit excited." Bryant Raymond Ryall, Alpha Zeta "Bry," "Prexy" Augusta. Agriculture. Student Conference C353 Agricultural Societyg Choral Union CQDQ Y. IVI. C. A., President CED, C413 Grafters Club. Thesis: The Native Trees and Shrubs Adapted to Landscape Work in Wisconsin. "We are, we are, we are, we are, Wisconsin's Y. NI. C. A." William H. Ryan "Bill" Janesville Civil Engineering. Civil Engineers Societyg U. W. Orchestra. Thesis: "An Interurban Project from Madison, Wisconsin to Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. "In every deed of mischief he -had a heart to resolve, a head to con- tinue, and a hand to executef' 147 'fy' nay, Ethel Ernestinc Sabin, Kappa Alpha Theta Geddes, South Dakota Letters and Science. l President of the Pan-Hellenic Association CSD. Thesis: The Physics and Chemistry of Lucretius. "I swear by Pan Hell-, but I'm not at all profanef' i Anna Grmihela Saby Baldwin Letters and Science. Entered as Junior from River Falls Normal. Thesis: The Vocabulary and Syntax of Charticr. "To do your work and not be anxious about results the highest order." Roy Edward Schjess Chicago, Illinois Commerce. is Wisdom of Dodo Bonesg Commercial Club, Secretary C3jg Junior Prom Com- mittee. Thesis: Retail Organization. "The world knew only two-Rome and NIe." Raymand Parker Sanborn, Delta Kappa Epsilon "Bones" Portage Commerce. Thesis: The Granite Industry of the United States. "He never mixed with underclassmenf' August Charles Schleifer "Gus" Cedarburg Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Regulation of the Speed of Induction Nlotors by the Du- flicker Method. ' "I think they are so German up where I live." Ferdinand Carl Schmidt "Ferdie,' F1 . 1 E Davenport, Iowa Jectrica ngineering. Thesis: Design of an Electric Distribution System versity of VVisconsin Campus. "Whence is thy learning? Hath thy toil Oler books consumed the midnight oil?" 148 for the Uni- Richard August icihmiclt, Phi Alpha Tau " ic Q" West De Pere Law. U. VV. Regiment, First Lieutenant QED, Captain C4-D, Major and Regimental Adjutant C5Dg Hesperia, Semi-Public CQJ, Treasurer C3j, President QD, Steensland Prize Debate, Finals 143, Q5j, Debating Board C5jg Columbia, President Cfijg Iowa Intercol- legiate Debate f6jg Scabbard and Blade. Thesis: The Constitutionality of a Gross-earnings State Tax on Railroads as Applied to Receipts from Interstate Traflic. "I could be happy with any of them, Were the other dear charmers away." Maximillian Schoetz, Jr., Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Delta "lVIaXie," "Cupid" Menasha Law. ' President Junior Lawsg Associate Editor Cardinal, Forumg Inter- national Club. Thesis: Enforcement of a Foreign Decree of Alimony in Wisconsin. "Successful lawyers should know how to graft." Hildur Betzy Helene Schreiner, Sigma Beta Gamma "Betz" Westby Letters and Science. Class Bowling Team CQjg Nora Samlag. Thesis: The Religion of Rome and the Provinces in the Reign of Tiberiusl "I'll be happy when ma honey comes to townf' Walter C. Schroeder "Walt,' VVest Bend Agriculture. Agricultural Society, President Qijg Student Conference QD, Hol- stein Friesian Club, President QLD. Thesis: Field Observations on Tile Drainage. "Eloquence Hows as smoothly as the waters of the Hudson." Raymond L. Schulz llR'ay53 Milwaukee Letters and Science. Thesis: Decomposition of Caryophylene Nitrosite by Light. "Farewell! A long farewell to all my greatness! Professor Kremers has returnedf' William Lewis Schuppert Glidden Entered as Junior from Nlilwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Secession ltiovement in South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. "At last! A civilized Norrnalitef' 149 -1.bTj,2P A R,?Wg32'fWZl Es-.1 . . -if 443-am , V 'fy -441:-,e 1535351-Lgg:-2-"' cv ' " 'W' 3. 35-I j2if'if1 1,-sf " ia fgage " at ,. ., 1 A.. - ,:2I5E.g -Ti' .fear A - : 3 il, , X . . -,---rage. 4 .wg-n, "" " 'ff S31-adn. 1 M ' XI-- ' -'-'f- - " M if "fe I. ---- ---- , 'ggi 5 A - 1 . , gg . . 4. as H :,. . , . . ...Q , , 2.19: ""-Q3 ' ': ll- -,142-.4 ,-Q JV, 3 V Zi I: 5.-if 'I :I E...::.,:- -I 5' 1 Iliff'-'. Il. ' -," 4, -Y q. 4.1 .: V. .' ' V . V .19 'iq'-fi2s 51 , 128 Xi," fi 5. N, . 0 , , ' WR k as-my , X Wxo 5 435 E -,1 3 2 ye ,iff 4 mx '75 5,5575 ,. A.. y W., s ff' ' I , 5 1 1 .J y 3, ly y a EX J, Q, 5, f 'cf 5 53522 ,, . Y P tr be ,R vgvgig 5 af .9 f we x 5 P, gg. . tiara maj . ,V Q! N V i ' tag giiw . .- 41 , rl, Q' ' ll 553 ' 4-fc , . fr Y 335535 2:5:52irE:g Igi ':-r:-mes' 4 '15g:w:': 5 F-inf!-3132 if ':1:1f2lZ: i .3 Kai? fi: -',zg:r15:47, 5: ,,:.zr:3vzg 15 15-5:11Z13:21' .. ..,. , .,A. ,.., . 5' E5 1 It 9:1 'V Q -: :rut a:-1 xl:-:V .rw-, ' ' '- ,,.-.x-:,:: -: c re- .'.-,115 :5 ,. ,,, ., , V 'V , 'a 5: iyiiy eayff' 49222 ., f -'K:?'jf:'l ft, -. .. it . .1 I 5-f::eg,3x' :- .: 4-wi-:rf - - - ea.-:wrt 8 sf? , .Q V 2 ': " 192,57-i 1 ' M. , ,, , . Q8 A, . ,Q . .. '., N34 A4 24515 ON. gg! 2 !7':1l?f .44 Clad" J 'Zgyg f pi'-V lazy . . W 4, 'Q -431.5 J 5 'P 4 444 1 4" "W 4521 rc' .'IfIffvl'!11' 45:jf7CQ75g.3:g34..fI'gC' 9.254 fw54W2:- au: Mvwigyy-:-1557,-1 ff sy, A 'MY 7 f rf tj fgffh C f, 'Kg' N451 f 2 W I 14 J s,.x Q -- - -C '.v.--r:f::- t 2 5 - .175-A .., '--- . ..,, ,.. 5. .. , .. . . , ..,., ., ., A E1 . . 2' -, 'gfgyiggfgv .-1 f-: . . , 4 fifff ' :M 4, f, ' .L 1. ' "J ', ' fi flff451f'?5E2i ffw-1' ' EC 1- ' if -332522255223 ' - -- ."-:221?:5fEr2rIf:.. :v flaw:-133-L 72 ff if:-' 2153553531 s , .1-1,.+1:4:1-51N,:,, :: 3 .1 ,.-k-::,.,,- 211.1 -. ,...2',f: war. -1 '.'71f-"1l.:1i1.-E- -' Y:f:?13i1.rf-1 p Q09 . 4. ,. , ..,.. . ? ,,.g,.:.3iv.V.I 4 ,,,,. . . ,,,.K,,..., ,Lv, i ..7..,7. .,7. .. ...,.,, . 1.1. .,,,.,,.,,. .,..,... .MW ..... ,. ..,.,. i33.3.i..m.WE.... fb P 1 5 5 .5 D Frederick August Schwede, Tau Beta I'i Sawyer Civil Engineering. Thesis: Loss of Head in Cast Iron, Steel and Wood Pipes, and the Calibration of Pitot Tubes. A "There's a good time coming, boys, A good time coming." Philip Frederic Sehwenker "Phil" ' La Crosse Agriculture. U. W. Regiment, Second Lieutenant CED, Captain CSD, Bfajor Mfjg Student Conference: Student Farmer, Advertising llianager 135, Aj: Athenae, Vice-President CSD, President Gllg Seabloard and Bladeg U. VV. Press Club 135, GD., Thesis: The Yield of Cheese from the Milk of Individual Cows of the Ayershire and Brown Swiss Breeds. "Kind and gentle-will stand without kicking." Charles Archibald Scribner "Scrilol' Fond du Lac Electrical Engineering. Basket Ball CU, CQJ, Captain CSD, 'Manager C455 Football C4-jg U. W. Engineers Club. Thesis: Design, Construction, and Tests on Eddy Current Brake. "ln Portage faint heart ne'er won fair ladyf' Signe Scgerstrom Hsigii. Iihinelander Letters and Science. ' Thesis: Percy's Reliques and Bierger's Poems. "Vanity, Vanity, all is Vanity." Charles Albert Semrad ffsemh Highland Electrical Engineering. ' Thesis: A Series of Tests on the New Installment of the Madison Gas 85 Electrical Company, Including a 500 K. VV. Terbo- Generating Unit and Two 300 K. W. Synchronous Motor Gene- rator Sets. , ,UAS soon as people begin to regard life as serious they cease to enjoy it H Andres lllacario Sevilla lfAndy79 Palo Leyte, Philippine Islands Agriculture. Entered as Junior from Michigan University. International Club. Thesis: The Relation of Phosphates in the Soil to the Different Methods of Farming. ' "A bit of local colorf, 150 Walter Gresham Sexton Hlrishv Marshield Letters and Science. Philomathia, Semi-Public 125, Vice-President QSD, President Q4-jg Student Conference C403 Caduceus, Secretary CSD, President Q40. Thesis: The Migration of the Sex Cells in Rana Pipiens. "Marshfield is a great old town For frenzied fussers of renown." James William Shannon Oconomowoc Entered as Junior from Biilwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. ' Philomathia, Joint Debate C4-Q, Vice-President QLD. Thesis: Is the Assumption of the Business of Private Insurance by Our State Governments an Absolute Necessity? "The World belongs to the energetic." J oe Shapiro "Shay-5' Antigo Chemical Engineering. , U. W. Club. Thesis: Study of Thermal Efficiences of Instantaneous VVater Heaters under Variations in the Supply of VVater and Gas, and a Study of the Efticieuces of Gas Heaters which are in Service. alt is a misfortune for a man of his disposition to have been born with red hair." Geneva Frances Sheets. Alpha Gamma Delta "Gene,' I M'adison - Letters and Science. Pythia. Thesis: The Element of Probability in the Drama of Victor Hugo. "Most dangerous are quiet folk? A George Marsh Sheets "Infie', Maclison Letters and Science. Lit Board Qijg Press Clubg Hesperia, Captain Bowling Team, Base- ball Manager Cfij. ' Thesis: The South American Revolutions in Chili from the Stand- point of Diplomacy. "He was not happy unless he was knocking something? Claude Harold Shepherd l!S11ep79 Texarkana, Ark-Tex. Entered as Sophomore from Arkansas University. Electrical Engineering. U. W. Engineers Club, Vice-President. Thesis: Design of Street Railway, Feeder System and Poker Plant for Texarkana, Ark-Tex. "Wisdom is better than 'Rubies'." 151 John Rockwood Sherman "Jack" Brodhead Civil Engineering. Thesis: Location and Economic Study of a, Proposed Industry Track to Mining Properties near Shullsburg, Wisconsin. "If others fuss--why not I?" Lena 'May Shiels ltiadison Letters and Science. Thesis: An Archeological Commentary on the Letters of Pliny "When a Varsity girl is pretty, she is worth traveling miles to see? Edwin Roy Shorey "Waupan" Oshkosh Civil Engineering. Thesis: Strength of Concrete as Effected by Various Percentages of Water and Time of Mixing. ' 'Truth crushed to earth will rise again." Zettie Ethel Sieb, Phi Beta Kappa "Zet" Racine Letters and Science. Castalia Y. W. C. A.g S. G. A. Board CAD. Thesis: The Life and Character of Atticus." "The greatest scholars, sure, are not the most acute." Florence Ann Simon, Alpha Xi Delta "Floss" La Crosse Letters and Science. Germanistische Gesellschaft. Thesis: Hebbells Attitude Toward Heinrich Heine as Manifest in His Day-book and Letters. "See by degrees a rosy blush arise, and keener lightnings quicken in her eyes." Herbert Rumsey Sirnonds, Delta Upsilon "Herb" Chicago, Illinois Mechanical Engineering. Badger Board QSDQ Wisconsin Engineer Board. Thesis: Investigation of EHect of Synchronous Winding on Long Transmission Cables. "A worker with a will." ' 152 Dora May Simons fSha.wano Letters and Science. Castalia. Thesis: Distribution of Muscle in the Trachae and Bronchi of the Lung. "I love the Anatomy Lab." John Sharpe Skinner, Psi Upsilon "Jack" Princeton, Illinois Letters and Science. Nfonasticsg Lambs. Thesis: Financial Resources of Political Parties. "Que helpless look of blooming infancy." l IVIott Thomas Slade, Beta Gamma Sigma Sladels Corners Commerce. Commercial Clubg Student Conferenceg Chairman Senior hlemo- rial Committee. Thesis: The Analysis of a Railroad Report. "The BIG, BIG frog from the little mud puddle." Obert Sletten, Alpha Tau Omega La Crosse Letters and Science. Storksg Track Team fljg U. VV. Regiment, Sergeant QQ, Class Treasurer CQDQ Athenae, Semi-Public 122, Censor CQUQ Scandi- navian Glee Club, Managerg Student Conference QSJ, Secre- tary QQ. Thesis: Composition and Workings of Committees in State Legis- latures. "Vessels large may venture more, But little boats should keep near shore." Andrew Adflbcrt Smithl Waterford Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Society. Thesis: Design of a Sewerage System for Stoughton, Wisconsin. "His thesis shows him to-be a true missionary." Arthur George Smith "Smithie," t'Art', Blue Mounds Agriculture. U. W. Regiment, Sergeant Major CQJQ Student Farmer, Business Magnager C3j, OID: Agricultural Society, Treasurer C3Dg Student Conference C339 Guernsey Club, President QD. Thesis: The Yield of Cheese from the Milk of Individual Cows of the Holstein Breed. "In vain did nature try to conceal the ma.n by naming him Smith." 153 Q Q ' --., ' q igl. . j K ' - ' 55,1 1 wx , is Charles Forster Smith, J r., Sigma Alpha Epsilon "Frosty," "Smut'l Madison ' ' Letters and Science. Monasticsg Track Team CU, Cfijg Smoker Committee, Chairman C3jg Prom Committee CSD. Thesis: The Money Market for the Year 1892. "Not so ordinary as his name suggests." Hermione Smith "Hermie" River Falls Entered as Junior from River Falls Normal. ' Philosophy. Thesis: Spices. "Better than the average run of normalitesf' Bland Emily Smith ltladison 4 Letters and Science. Thesis: The Development of the Flower and the Chromosome Number of Violo Trieolar. "N ot large nor small, not short nor tall, but a mingling of them,a1l." William Harvey Smith, Jr., Phi Kappa Psi ' "Dago" Mamaroneck, New York Entered as Junior from Columbia University. Letters and Science. Athenae, Treasurer CLD. Thesis: The VVar Tariff of 1864. "Did you ever buck, Dago ?" Antone Lawrence Smongcski "Smon" Two Rivers Law. Columbia. Thesis: The Power of the State to License Occupations. "A good hearted fellow, but not a mixer." Rudolph Soukup "Soclay," "RudyU Sturgeon Bay Commerce. Dodo Bonesg Class Football Team Clj, Varsity Football Team CSD: "VW Clubg Athletic Board C3j, President MQ, Athletic Council C3j, Cfijg Commercial Club. Thesis: New York hioney Nlarket for 1891. "We may say it was grit But that islnt it- . It's the old fashioned word of sand? 154 ' Mary Leslie Spence "Spencie,' hladison Letters and Science. Badger Board C313 Pythia, Treasurer CQJ, Junior Ex C3j, Junior Open CSD, Oratorical and Debating League, Presidentg Y. W. C. A., Cabinet C3D, Vice-President Cllfjg Consumers League, President C35- Thesis: Correspondences Between the Scandinavian Popular Tale and Ballad. "The sweetest thing that ever grew Beside a human door." Fred Lewis Spencer 'The Bear" Waupaca Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Efficiency Test of a Pelton Water Turbine. "Pebbles at the bottom of a stream never feel the sun's heat." Charles William Stark, Jr. "Starkie" A Tiffany Letters and Science. Philomathia. Thesis: Vermont's Contribution tothe Population of Wisconsin from 1840 to 1870. "Something between a hindrance and a help." Laura Sophia Stark Madison Letters and Science. ' Choral Uniong Y. W. C. A.g Germanistische Gesellschaft. Thesis: The Influence of French Classics on Schiller. "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eyes, In every gesture dignity and love." Esther Aletta Stavrum, Pi Beta Phi "Eastern La Crosse Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Downer:College. Letters and Science. - S. G. A. Board C3j. Thesis: A Classification of the Odes of Horace. "Let us have peace at any price." Nellie Gertrude Steele ' Whitewater Entered as Junior from Whitewater Normal. , Letters and Science. Thesis: Ethics of Leucretius. "Oh, why scorn you him who loves you so P" 155 Wgiiffffxliflifi M 'irf'1L57bs1w-ff""-Mzfdrf fd- y'1'f13,f Wa-ffz2':4:f1?f1 iff . ' .1 ,-F. I: l 6 M2 ' 6321 1 W, : "?'Z'9 .4113 M 1..,,,- ., ' .,,z:1Qu:- .W . to We . ,Wil 0' il' W. .fy 155 .wg V '4 1515" ' an or ..... ' A L 2 vi 'I 3555 53 3igq.4K5i. . 1, l . 5:3534 g -1-Y .4212 in al' 1 l, if -an is . .,. ai. fi-'44 ., 2, 6 , . ..... ...a - ...V as .:ef..' : 1 ,ig im 75 ' 5 - 4-'ll 'title all Z 5 .4 1 2 3 el E :-15 Q - 4 cw 22isj3,si'?.i 52, . 5. ,u i in if ig s va : .. X 25-y- . .- 2 .f .- '- -A i .T, .f'I"1 1:,, Zi' V... . .. if- f: 1-: wk' 1 22: . 6, .. 5 'Mama' f' ,21M.. 1 ' zxfvfiewa--:-',+ , 5.42.1 - 'if 3:12:52 ' 1 ' AMQZEL' ' ' Facia! L I .if an ' 1,-.-if-5.-.-. . ' -ITL? 3' 'A " A B 6 A xv 22345 W '- J f A 3- ., M- SQ, s g 2. 3 - 4 245551 A . ..- .. I . 'i if i. - 4.4 Q., 151' Ji - .... .,. . ., : F 9' ..,,5i 2 .., 9 .Y '04 .,.. . . . HQ E,'-2122, -3,3'j,: - l ,i .:11:,j.g., ,-14 9 I , Harry Steenbock, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Alpha Zeta "Steenie" Nladison Agriculture. Y. M. C. A.g Grafters Club Cfljg Agricultural Society. Thesis: Artiical Digestion of Cereal Proteids. "Let me tell you of my new bacillus." Helen Christine Steenbock lVIadison Letters and Science. S. Gr. A. Board CSD, C453 Y. W. C. A.g International Clubg manistische Gesellschaft. - - Thesis: The Songs and Ballads of the Elizabethan Drama. "He is a fool who thinks by force or skill To turn the current of a woman's will." Ger- Terrill Finney Steenrod "Finney" p Madison Electrical Engineering. Thesis: The Calibration of a Kelvin Double Bridge Low Resistances. "A typical engineer." for Nleasuring Carl Edward Steinfort, Tau Beta Pi Ephraim Electrical Engineering. Track Tea.m CQD, C3j, Qljg Wisconsin Engineer, CSD, GD, Circulation lVIanager Cfkjg Chess and Checkers Club, Corresponding Sec- retary C40 . Thesis: Design of an Electric Distribution System for the Univer- sity of Wisconsin Campus. "And he is oft the wisest man, Who is not wise at all." Elvina Bertha Steinfort Watertown jgffilligiig Eiili--if-" ef iff? Letters and Science. 5...f',f12'.if .QEQVQQ Germanistische Gesellschaftg Y. W. C. A. "'t '::, 5. 3 Thesis: Die Vergleichung von Schilleris Fragment, Prinzessiu von I -Z g , ' Celle, mit Heyses Graf von Koenigsrnark. ,., '," A 'Tll speak in a monstrous little voicef' 25.5.22 ? :kr " ,-if 3 'iq Walter Ernest Steinhaus ' Sheboygan si jk-efeevzef "'f' Agriculture. u gint: I E he Grafters-Club, Chief Eorager f3j. uilqpllgv Y W , g Q ' H "F or pomters on fussuig, animal husbandry, and the Y. M. C. A. A See "Dm" 156 Theodore C. Stempfel "Stemp," 'fTed" Indianapolis, Indiana Letters and Science. Sphinx Staff CU, CQD, C3j, QLD, Art Editor C353 Badger Board, Art Chairman CSD: Class Play Committee C303 CQ, Haresfoot Era- matic Club: Y. NI. C. A. CLD. "The management requests us to announce that Mr. Stempfel is in his room bucking." Willard L. Stephenson, Alpha Delta Phi "Wid," "Steven ' South Bend, Indiana Letters and Science. Iron Cross: Monasticsg Inner Gateg Prom Committee CSD: Literary Magazine, Business Manager QLD, Mandolin Clubg Wisconsin Union Committee MJ: Chess Club. Thesis: The Interaction of Esters of Dibasic Acids and Aminoes- ters of the Fatty Acid Series. "Hail the manager, fusser, law student, and chorus trainer! And yet they say that 'Wid' is modest." Anna Stevens f'Ann" Evansville Entered as Sophomore from Rockford College. Letters and Science. Thesis: Concerning the Epodes of Horace. "A light head-a true heart." Leta Lucele Stevens, Chi Omega "Stene" Montfort Entered as Junior from Platteville Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: Contemporaneous Opinions of Shakespeare. ' 'Absence makes the heart grow fonderf' Velma Sylvester ?evens, Chi Omega H ar, Montfort Entered as Junior from Platteville Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: Early English Attempts to Reach China by Way of Russia. "She is pretty to Walk With. and witty to talk with." Herman William Henry Stiehm Johnson Creek Entered as Junior from Whitewater Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Learning Process. ' "Learn and let learn." 157 F v .:s1::t5f2Q1:rmf:4.,1A :- ,,,,,,,,....,,.,....a.l..,.,.....,,.s,-M-...,..-..,1...a3. ,5,.,,55,-is 3 . . ,- C.-,..,,.,,: ' ,,.. -. f 5-1-Ef::,:.f 1 . ,gag H 51 - - " far? Q 1 ' ' ii 5-ks.:-IF? p.,,,:if,.C - Aj-fr. - - 55.521131 55? 2 : . ' . I E :Q-5fjEf1x:f 5.5153 1 ?.':,- . 5 +2-' r -' 41:71:42: 'gg-' .Z -' L " -, 1" 5 154 i -2: 9235.51 rifiwg . ' ' - A2255 2:9 t - .. 11-K.. 'f- V . ,x 1:25 ine?-air Wg! V '-.- - , mg Kisses? 'r'r'1'x"' ' ' ' " - tif- T"'ffQ"?I1i, . 'IQ .. .C-x.2LlIQ,l:..It-pglif 7 21 5- a I ' 5 . . , U cj ?' 12-55 -2:ff5:1.:-.4 - -"-' f .5 , ., , , Ap lx X 53 dw O fn 3 +3 5 DQS 1 A 5 l 4 1 pf. . Q, , . ., gl P- 555 sms, . 'l C f 4. ff C X a 1? , f N 5 z f 1 e "Q p 4 X 1' 3 '? ' of C , C S. 'as X ' 4- ?f+ - 1 Elizabeth Shute Stoddard "Stod', Janesville Class Second Vice-President CLD: Badger Board retary C3j, Vice-Presidents C3j. Thesis: Carlyle's Ideas as Found in Arnold. "O sleep! It is a gentle thing, ' ' Beloved from pole to pole? C3j 3 Castalia, Sec- Ray Morris Stroud, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Alpha Tau, Beta Ggamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Rho ll am77 Portage Commerce. hionasticsg Badger Board, Chairman Publication and Miscellane- ous Organization Committeeg Hesperia, Semi-Public CQQ, Junior Ex C3D, President CLD, Censor C4jg Illinois Intercollegiate Debate C403 Student Conference: University Settlement Leagueg Com- mercial Club. A Thesis: Federal Control of Transportation Corporations doing an Interstate Business. ' fiif-4-' "IS it possible I could have made a mistake P" an y ' , .. , - N -' , 2.4-.::r:5qp1-fp: :-1: f' ' -' 1- 15355515 - - C .. 4:33 Edith Dinsdale Swenson, Kappa Kappa Gamma mx- . - 1' -' -2 2 f 12225 .- fr...a "Eden I 1 Madlson 'T Letters and Sclence- . Inter-Sorority Bowling League, President C405 Badger Board C3jg Literary Magazine Staii' C3j, CLD, Cardinal C353 Editor Gu'ls' Number of sphmx gay. rr?-Pei:-R' rbzl- ' - if Qgfff' Thesis: The Dramas of Clyde Fitch. 2:-.f:y:sA::3f?gwS rf, -" ""r- 1... ,fxlgwfznwgfyax I . 'Formed by thy converse happily to steer, 4 From grave to gay, from lively to severe. '2 . F . ii . t G S t D Ita "QEiifi"f' 10 01' - Wenson e 9' 6 X A L . -- f, etters and Science. . f Thesis: Determmation of Zirconium. H, . ' . . ,, 1 Tis he. I know the manner of his gait. A li if Walter WVilliam Sylvester ' "Strong Malln . .1:Z"?,'r7: 'iii I 7' '4-iii? f':'-51:-Vizwlr "' : . Seymour Agriculture. ' A I Thesis: The Growth of the Registered Guerensey Cattle Industry in Wisconsin for the Years 1901 to 1905 as Indicated by Trans- ' '52-1 ,Sfmt fers of Ownership. A Q "His heart was the only vuhierable spot of this modern Samson." :P 4 ,sg . 1 53.i.i-15' I "-'- Charles William Tarbox, Phi Gamma Delta "Tar," "Chasse1" -I", - "Liv, +1:':'.,:r,., ,bf-'f:5:5' 5, 11 1- I 555 , v.::',:..i5:55.:3.:, J C La Crosse 1- 3 . 1 if-2112: ' f 1-2:1-2 5452 - -f Commercial Club. . A Thesis: Admmstration of the Loan Departments of Banks. '5""'M''r"'Wm9ef-M-Wmy-V W "Up! Up! My friend and quit your books, '3f1':?1k59.4 F9577 'Pl :QV 'T 35' " CZWI-'ggfilg f:35.,-'AS'-'03 jijlyy-QQ-fK'1El Of Surely YM gfow double-1' 158 Florence Wills Taylor 'Floss' ' Linden Entered as Sophomore from Cornell College. Letters and Science. Thesis: English "Piracy" in the Sixteenth Century. "She never was late to meals." Maude Lenore Terry, Gamma Phi Beta Brodhead Entered as Jtmior from Milwaukee Downer. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Confiict in Kleist's Frederick von Hamburg as Shown i.n His Letter. "If to her share some few errors fall, Look in her face and forget them all." Karl Johannes Theige !lTige77 Viroqua Agricultine. Thesis: The Cause of Deterioration of Commercial Starters Prop- . ogated under Practical Conditions. "He was usually 'on the square'." Monte Josephine Theobald, Delta Delta Delta "Ted" Wayiie, Nebraska Entered as Sophomore from the University of Nebraska. Letters and Science. Thesis: Agriculture in North Carolina, South Carolina, Missis- sippi, Georgia and Alabama between 1865 and 1875. "She could'nt be good if she would, And she would'nt be good if she could." John Herman Thickens, Theta Delta Chi, Tau Beta Pi Appleton Chemical Engineer. Monasticsg U. W. Regiment, Second Lieutenant Gljg Junior Play. Thesis: Study of the Corrosion of Iron. "Love is the wine of existence. He is temperate in all things, but ' in this he drinks to the fullest." Otto Victor T hiele, Tau Beta Pi I I I J Milwaukee Entered as Sophomore from Milwaukee Normal. Mechanical Engineer. U. W. Engineers Club: Chess and Checkers Club, President. Thesis: Investigation of Keys and Key Seats. "A mighty nice fellow, modest tho' bright, An engineer, but-a Normalitef' 159 I f f Louise Christine Thode "Th0dy" Dexter, New Nlexico Entered as Senior from University of South Dakota. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Dream Motive in Heinrich von Kleist's Dramas and its Relation to Characterization. "Too late he stayed-forgive the crime-unheeded flew the hours." Ethel May Thomas "Babe" Superior Letters and Science. . Castaliag Junior Exhibition C353 Final Oratorical Q3jg Y. W. C. A., Consumer's League, Vice-President C3j. Thesis: The Allotment Act of 1892 and the Revival of the Small Farm in England. "The girl orator of Wisconsin." I lilary Ella Thomas p KILL D37 Madison Law. International Club, Secretary ffljg Vice-President C3j. Thesis: Delegation of Legislative Powers to the Judiciary. "A man! A man! IVIy kingdom for a man." Fayette Amos Tibbits, Tau Beta Pi "Tibbie" "Flavius" Sheboygan Electrical Engineering. , Thesis: Investigation and Test of an Induction Motor Instillation at Berlin, Wisconsin. "And still they gazed and still the wonder grew, That one small head should carry all he knew." John Thomas Tierney "Jack,' Woodland Nlechanical Engineering. President Dodge County Club CSD. A Thesis: Acceptance Test of a Hamilton-Holzwasth 500 K. W. Turbo Generator set at Beloit. ' "Say fellow, can't you get me another piece of pie ?" Benjamin Charles B. Tighe "Alphabet" Clinton Entered as Junior from Whitewater Normal. Letters and Science. Philomathia. Thesis: Minor Municipal Industries with Special Reference to the Madison City Quarry. "He tho't the girls tho't him pretty." 160 Elizabeth Hasselle Townsend "Elsie', Oconomowoc Letters and Science. Thesis: The Public Land System Under Roosevelt. "Pain would I climb, but that I feared to fall." Albert Theodore Twesme, Alpha Tau "Twesf' Galesville Omega, Phi Alpha Tau Law. Thesis: The Power of the Courts over Judgments. "A stump speaker of renown." Lent Dayton Upson "Uppie" Rockford, Illinois Letters and Science. Philomathia, Vice-President CSD, President QD. Thesis: Statistics of American Wages. "A protege of Tommy Adams." Gould Whitney Van Derzes, Delta Upsilon, Tau Beta Pi ,, ann Nfilwaukee Electrical Engineering. Iron Cross, Track Team CD, CQD, C3J, Track "W" CQJQ Engineering Bowling Team, Captain Cf-SD, QLD, Badger Board C353 VVisconsin Engineer Board CQD, Business Manager C3jg Junior Class Playg Press Club. Thesis: Madison and North Western Railway Project. "Yah, he was a goot student, aber I dinks he's got Vassar on die brain." Ruth Corbett Van Slyke, Delta Gamma lfVan,7 Madison Letters and Science. Mystic Circle. Thesis: Commentary on the Geography and History of the Aeneid Book III. "Men may come, and men may go, but her tongue goes on forever." Lulu Vaughan Wauzeka Entered as Sophomore from Platteville Normal. Y. W. C. A.g Choral Union. Thesis: The Conformal Representation Determined by the Trans- formation Z:Cos.z. "How soon hath time the subtle thief of youth Stolen on his wing my three and twenty years." 161 1 1. .5 1.1" f 2 1 . zip-1 . 114:14 ' .2???fil nwup y , 23525: ...fat 'maj . -ip AW? 2 ,sf ' 'ma ' . ' QW 5 -1 . . L ,jg1,:r:'a N lx '76 351:43-3' .f " fL,-LZ-ia., '-5:f:e21,2ag.Q'1' '. fmqf, n' 'Q-A t: ,J ,,. Aa i'fw' t" I J s ,Q 1 V 2 gr 15,12 'V 1: 3 X fl Egg . A 3,3 1 af , , 1 1 ml 'wg A, 1 rf in 5 a , f 1 . C 1 , .1 1 I ha , f fy l 2 'X Vi W if I M I 5 1- A If In My ' .71 A.. ur, ' 4 , f -. K 1 1 is Q 1 ! ' f " 'J 1 ra' Af i af W W i if X I I L .,-j.-Z.. --5 ,3,.,.i:'5,.5 V' - Q13 . i N , '1' fg!i3""g 32 ' V .2 E 'L XS. t if 5,4 1 ix' -P3 r ,ff I 'ar Z i , 4,9 .fx 4 4, Pall W ,M ,V 44 'N ..,, .IA ff .l eg dv if, Ig, s 5 .e , - gf gli' 1 wi 1 V 4P": if 4 2 ff Q 1 i v 25' ,ff 11 ,941 a- ze: 12- 'Y za Zia! :' F34 ffm , 1,.Mf1.4-11: . ,...1 , , . .3.'."a. ., ,. 2 525.5 gl ,.,,. U W ww , , af? 4 1:5 4, . :" I f .',,.-.- -f,,,N.vf 1: f 'W' ' fa... .:': 1 " :211 an . If 31 ' : y5.g5yf'fz .. '- , . 'ii' Af 2 . 1' 44.,.-em... -W f1-xf,w,- MM, W, LWNAWV 5.1 13,a,oM,,,,,,,.,. ,,, ,, ,, if lf' ' ' . gzgwgzgv fa-.,.g,gg-A,-,,-1 1- 1 f 1 u 49445-ara? M2f---1:1.1v:.:- ' - 1 ...ofa 241545 Q E2::Q:'i1:1:QiZf.1..f, 5.21 ' V352 .fam .QM ,, , H .M ..,,.,..,,,.,,. .,.. . .,.,,,...,..,...,...,.,.,,, , -4' a- , ' ' z fsiffitivzq s :awry ' ' '1.xKf9,?vaeee -f whryewyi- if ' '1 ,. ,,..,,.5.b X A : 'ffliiogfg -fi2zs?5::, ' 1. D Sfffz-5:51.51 - .... . -- '?'fi1"1s:fsfsff'z2: , 3 H ' kigirlsfsf. 'iffsfs if tr:-M52 " ' f . , ,,., A, ..,, , A , ff' 5 - .-:-' 'I-.: -N.-, T,-'I ' .i':-,Z.Q- gf' ia? - - fm-. :- -:.u:---.:,:--Q:-5 p .ga-n,-2.-3 e, rf -j:5.5-5:4-5:-:-'Q-15:,. 15:5 , . ff we 'Q s:i9.:'11,.:""-' '-'f1 ::s:5asz::s:'s:. f'-739525 .H..4:-fy 1 f f ' ..- f-me .- we ' ' K1 , -af-js :gag Qfft '1' ..v- 1, '-2-:-:vP1:'+21:f':f.- , 11:11 f . s :z ga . ' L- 4 i 253 r--- -1 1. - - sr - 4 .V .1 351' 2-, 3 , .. a-ww. .-, 1' s. . R' v " ff , " peg , ,. ,Q -. N s af. X l fl V2 gb I A , z sw 5533 . sz ft M E , 1 4 X as 1 K ,X '5 Q fi 4 -4' ' Qs V 25, if ff? 2 s r 1 "' w 1 y 3 1 ga r . C 1 J Q ig' :xx if 5 3 XA? " f X 1,1 9' if sr t 5:95 'f Q-the My P li X 1... ,,,l ' 'Z-I - "L L 7 "" - 'Y sl' 'z , gg-..,5,,sr' . .?',a-.-,e.- y,f.4.-.,...4-,QM X....y.,,v,,,,.f1-.,..-,...,f. 4 -e ' 21:21.-'i S: 31'fi2'1::eA --1 i- 1' '99f'4. .1 .-,:m:,r.'.- -1 -. ne. 2 K'?'?5l'. 52 21:1 . ,- ,. ff-M9,:.,.3 3, ,f.-,:+-'-'.- ,- tw-,.' J V- fvzf--T V '11, ,.,, ,,,.,,, .Wm-ff.. W.. ..,. . ,.g.jIE-fr':v-5, jf A' , .- .., - V . .. f fzigj--V . i5::.'Q43:-. f .- , - x -2,-5,-X 5:1 wp.,- 1-In , vi - ' -'-'Cf-If I - -. 5 K i Velma Hersey Ylinal, Chi Omega gg I 2:5 ' Appleton . Entered as Senior from Lawrence University. Letters and Science. Thesis: Germans in the South-West from 1840 to 1870. "True as the needle to the pole, Or as the dial to the sun.', Fred Eugene Volk ' 'Freddie, ' Ripon Entered as Junior from Ripon College. Electrical Engineering. - Thesis: Temperature Co-efficients of Electrical Conductivity of Procelain. "Dost thou love life, then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of." Harry Roswell Wahl "Whale" Stratford Letters and Science. Philomathiag Caduceusg International Club. , Thesis: The Mammary Glands of the White Mouse. "It is wonderful what a powerful mind his little head could holdf' Louis Edward Wahl "Cotton," "Hostile" Antigo Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Pelton Water Wheel. 'Sludge not a man by his pipe or the trim of his whiskers." Walter Edwin Waite "Doc" Brooklyn Electrical Engineering. Class Track Team QEZJQ Y. NI. C. A., Cabinet 145. . Thesis: Test of a Gasoline Engine Using Kerosene and Water for Fuel. "There is less money in engineering to-day than in the ministry, Doc.' ' Nellie Antoinette Wakeman Columbus Entered as Junior from Whitewater Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: The Polemerizing Action of Light on Thymoquinone. "Sincere, honest, and hard working." 162 Louise Estelle Walker, Chi Omega . "Shortie" Madison Letters and Science. Wislynxg Girls Glee Club Clj, CQQ, CLD. Thesis: Economic Developement of Chicago 1830 to 1860. "It's a true fusser that knows the difference between a 'nonconform- ity' and an 'inconventiona.lity'.', Eugene Edwards Wallace, Kappa Sigma "Gene" Galena, Illinois Letters and Science. Yellow Helmetg Prom Committee CSD. Thesis: The Lumber Industry of the Southern States. "If it were not for ME and Grant who would knowof Galena P" Hilbert Charles Wallber ffHi177 Milwaukee Civil Engineering. ' Yellow Helmetg Class Treasurer C3jg Badger Board CSJQ Sphinx StaH C3j, C455 Wisconsin Engineer C3j, C4jg Civil Engineering Society Vice-President C3j, Treasurer C453 Press Clubg Swing Out Com- mittee Clkjg Chairman Engineering Smoker CLD. Thesis: An EHiciency Test of an Eight Foot Scoop Wheel Modeled after Slow Lift Pump ,Recently Designed for Western Irriga- tion Work. "We dare not for we fear his mighty pen." Jennie B. Wallin "Wallie" Prairie du Chien Letters and Science. Castalia. Thesis: Development of Roman Tragedy. "Simple, modest and truef' Harlow Leslie Walster, Alpha Zeta Spring Green Agriculture. Hesperia, Semi-Public CQD, Secretary CQD, Vice-President CSD, Pre- sident Cfijg Student Conference CLD, Grafters Clubg Y. M. C. A. Thesis: Some of the Chemical and Physical Properties of Soil Humus. "Solemn as a dead tree covered with owlsf, Minnie Adelle Walter . Berlin Entered as Junior from Oshkosh Normal. Letters and Science. K Thesis: Chaucer's Portrayal of Criseyde. "She's all my fancy painted her, She's lovely, she's divine." 163 I - 'rf I ,ix .1.1-,?,1,...- A . gag i ' 615145 ,j 9 , 1. 1 vthfc'-5 L, . - . ,- C fer, 1 1 Liz' A '14 , -'j V -1 . 53552119 ' 11' I 1: Aff sf MCM I . . .1 , .11 QM - ., 4- yu, N A , '11 Tails, -2.115 . -. f ,if ' I -- E4 ff Q. -' M41- .Y" - VFWS . 1 ff. ., . f'? f - 11.1 W1 : faux. ,V X ,f A ., ,,,...r.. -' . 1 .y.s7:f-ev u " V'I9,.l"F 1 w,1wf'ff 4 1- X Zz,w1:.- w 1 ,1.f.,,V 1.-"" 1" fvwflii' 'ffiilif " --eff...-.., J 'mafia 1 .. -1f .wwf ff, ,. 44,73 J' ' -125' if ' ' , "'f1' X' -5.16. 14, ,-:t:..f:-1415,-'f'1:J . -. 12.5 x 97 .,g1,:p1 ::g 'I E13 i WW " 1 . 1:" .Mini f fwwf-ff - . ., .1. 4515. ijyby.-QQ'fj1c:f. ' - 'f -1... .1- .535 " 275 f " K Awyye.-. " A . . -- 've 'fa V Cf-.r f' - 1-.ron-'sf - . gtg. ,I ' j.- . 1.3 4, 4 .11-1 .-1- ,:"-f ':z:1?4m? 4 1fWf 1' f 1 ,ff i Z! I 1 1 ,gl ,1ffp I jg J 'QS 710 'w Q, 14 1 1 , I IA 1 1 O z L Y QU 4 iso 4 U f A" 5 I 9 I of 1 , . 4 I 53, 1 5? 1 1 fl 'LM . X ,E 3' I x , 15 u I sig., 51 1 X910 -K wwe, 1,11 I ,af 1 1 f .. , .1521 M Sea? 11 az fha Age K Q V .M 1 gp, .1 lk fic' A ' 'V , 1,L0V,!?f My " f f 'ff if I '3 HS ff 1,6 fa? 1,2 'Run 2' f A 4 fir "ff, 5 nf -Ar ji' 1 W , f 31 K 1 f 1, A Q Q at 4 . 4 1 '11 Z 16 J V, gf 7X A 1 1 fs- fi rl , f 'H 4 42,9 A 1 X4 'I nc, gt 1 1, 1: ' 'hr' ' 11 W- ' N . 1, ,gag K. ,Q A., W1-1, Qjx,-,L 1 , 0 M Q 1f J! ,,, fs ff f 1 , " 11'-'V 'ff 1,1 141.1-it diff '44 rf ' ,sql f Yi 12 ,V 9' M 1 ,,,, ,Q ,H W1 , .,, 9,1 5 C 1' 1 1 11 ff H f 111 4 1 2, 1 W2 3" 4 ff 1 X 1 I 11 ., 1 1 f ,gf I Z M1 I ,121 ff f 9 I 1 fi F 4 1 ' W f 1211 f , 11, fy 1, KS' ,. , 51 1 ,, , ,X 1 11 2? L V455 44, yt 1' 1 1 X I V A 4 f A +199 1 X i' ff 14 f cr , ,Q . 3 C A ' j of 71 Z I C 'ff , Wy? 1 4 ' f ! Xff 1 1 ,J 1 r, 1 41 ' ,, .-3762? 1,vx:w1f,ssv1zs.1,,,,- :- M 1 .4-2-.441L9-,,1:-ze,-.11.,.'.. 1 1. 41:2 foie ..-ff " . . af? if ?i"i5f7i?" ""' ' es- s5f?":?13 21 -04:1-11 A " 122964: ,L:.,. ' 'I 'I 552' ' 4:52 412157 .f gl... 1.1! f 'fig , . .1 f' .34 - ,- 11-L. . W , - -111-1ac4w-.!'33:-57 f 1 . fifwi - ..2,,,-me A V 5iQZ?52St,- 2' ' 1, .5g.,ir.zr1::'f 1 ,,iW., . , ..,.. . , .. ., '- EW :LSE 1 ffm-. 1 -5'::igf?fe9 44. ' 3Q4EE":1e1i -Q " A ref:- -'iz-:::,.gg:fi::,1. a -11211:-.H 4-my -,M-,,.e'. 4, veg. -. :ff H , ei' , . 1622 . , N ..f.,,.,. ,, V ,.,' zevyM...,e,....,, ...,Y,. . ., A W ' 31 X CX ' A Xi 'XX -2 x X Y 1,335 W x as X If . 5 X A N.. V M W . V 'EQWN ww " MW' wt 0 2 , wif r 5. 1 f . me 1 xl 1 , ' AA fa x , 2 X 1 , A , E A, .V ar K W, .ve .J xv 1 X V365 mtg Wqxwvgg . X , . t NK, Diff: V , 155 4 QV pf r f:EfE1 Q 4 5 '4 E'?:2i 1' 5 - :sv ' ' .1 25: 415: sie 6 ,, 9 4' A-af' ' . Q ,392 'E . ' ff- - ,' Siifizrg 9 " :E t -A ':':.:-'-" sp .R-.: ..g-:-q f Z5 as 4 i 1 4 Q His k:-:gg 5 .. Wy.- frf. fi- .W .w.w-wtM,,.,,.,-.fe-.- Q9 215531: ff: QEIFZ5! ' .tvaemasmwm-ate-, ef. f s .,s.-,.WM.M.-.-M-17: . ,:,xfgf:1.ggi . reffgsrffl 'fa t Q74 5v.i 9 1 , ,,r.w,MW.:v a ,vi il: -I fff- . 1 f eifsig 'fi if' ' '?.I.q"4:65fX'f ' 'E1.??f5Ff. . .. , - ' - ,,:3:,:1-ix: t . ff, , " f x- E , t 'Q eelelaseagii Q , . rr. . 5,,3.g.w f 3, 'Vkflii 1:23 1- -2 'W , X AE A , 'rg' 'sg , -j :.-:.x3::.'j. 1511,-jg,-,Q :, -1-3-.,. 'tw it ffl. ' ' . .t 3 .- . 'A , .'-.:':1-:ef-as :V ., "" 'f-- X -'f' ' '. , , 323513 ' 54525252-if I- ' ' 5 .fx-:,:::gg., :f. f':g,,j5g5 ., - V 2 .5213-:gg-X . , ' 4' 'L . I 2219532521 VQESEU-:-, 'F .',.' I l!53'fZ1I' i7'i??fI3 f' 5fi:?Ei?if"i '- -1 1PZ5L24+? :liifwwf .5 . .- . ' 1 wrfggazf ,f-sa:-In-.1 -. ---fa, - ' waz if :-M. ., ......mW.,., . 4.4-,W 9wffea1f.zv?az?4:e-:ws 1 Anthony Walvoord "County," "Slippery" Sheboygan Commerce. Dodo Bones: Basket-ball CD, CQJ, C3jg "VV" '06g Commercial Club. Thesis: The Cost Accounting System of the Falls Machine Company, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. "To Madisoii for bucking, to Portage for fussing, but to Sheboygan Falls for my thesis." Cornelius George Weber "C0rnie,' Theresa Electrical Engineering. U. W. Engineers Club. Thesis: The Design, Construction and Test of an Automatic Motor Sta.rter Operated by Centrifugal Force. "Whatsoever he may do, with his iidgeting, Grete, he will tire even von." Lynda Marguerite Weber "Lindie', New Holstein Letters and Science. Castalia. Thesis: Researches on Unclear Phenomena in the Basidia of Certain Agarics. "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast." Edna Grace Wehausen Nfadison Letters and Science. Thesis: Villa Life in Cicero. "Come in the evening, or come in the morning: Come when you're looked for, or come without warning." George Washington Wehausen "Dub" Madison Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Test of a 12" Victor Turbine. 'Terchance 'twould be best to refrain from rubbing it into this man." VVilbert Walter WVeir, Alpha Zeta "Bennie," "W 3" Mukwonago , Agriculture. Student Farmer, Circulation Manager C33,' C403 Agricultural Society, Vice-President CSD, President MJ: Student Conference, Grrafters Clubg Holstein-Friesian Club, President QQ. Thesis: The Yield of Cheese from the Milk of Individual Cows of the Jersey Breed. "We never cuss - we seldom fuss." 164 Martha Robinson Wertz "Patsey', Forreston, Illinois Letters and Science. Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet 131g S. G. A. CQHQ Consumers League 131, C4-J. Thesis: The Relation of Coleridge and Wordsworth. ,,A little learning scattered oler a frolic of four years or more." Harvey B. Wheeler "Harve" Madison Electrical Engineering. Thesis: Spectrophotometric Tests of Modern Illuminants. "Muessigang ist aller Laster Anfangf' Lydia Wheelock 'WVheels" Stevens Point Entered as Junior from Stevens Point Normal. Letters and Science. Thesis: Suggestions on the Teaching of Second Year Latin. "Tho' I am young I scorn to flit On the wings of borrowed wit." Ethel Sylvia White Deerfield Letters and Science. Thesis: Some Curves Determined by the Conformal Representation of the Gauss Plane und er the Transformation Zrez. "Sometimes Ole, sometimes Arthur, Who it is it doesn't matter." Nlary Reid Whitelaw Kiwhityi 7 Portage Entered as Junior from Beloit College. I.etters and Science. Thesis: The Tragic Element in George Eliot's Philosophy. "He that loves but half of earth Loves but half enough for me." Mattie Isabelle Whitman Baraboo Pharmacy. F. B. Powers Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: Adulteration of the Bark of the Rootuof Rubus Species. 'Candy, cake, and crainining were her failings." 165 . , x A ,. 13 L I ' 1 3: ' ' jf' . 1f ': I , f S . q, 1 , 1 .gl ,- it . ' . 'fifill A' 4 ,.. 'f-. ' 25 , " an ra 'H a 'A P melln fl 9 A 1 Q , A N33 -mi M -.. Y i it It . 9 . S ' 'Q Af ' it . W .V 'f -.gigs-9 . K- 21' ' " 'X 'Q 4 4272.-:A . 3 . f. . . . V . iq ...m, tag.. iv ' ' ' ,, 5 X ' :iff-215235 -. . ......:s1 - 1 1 f " - ' -V-ff' . E Qiliwziiiz: - 'S fc 4' X ly. X Q I A 1, J L I . , 7 if ' ., vgfisfi X.A" ' A, jaw 'N . x 4 9' N V ' if X ' I ' 'YN , . WL ,N .f J ff' Q W .Q .K ' 1 74 ' 1 4 gf 7 'f ri . 9 v? F3 e '41 50 , 9 . ,- Q, 14, JZ hi 5251 175-if 42 I Ni 'A' J ,-1 W A-f 4-iv. P lo 'vi 4' g sl . ..,.,,. V .4-rr. I ' ' iw.. 9... M-A-.-....., ,.M,.....f..W...,, .t- -, , waz: . 1534: fs? . ' ' 1- 5: :ee-:.2:?'1 V 1,, ,4., ,., . . ' .. .,.,. .. 1 ,...,. . .,,, . ., . . . , ,,A , E V: 1: Q :, - L. " it F li! f:2.2jj QL. 1. .1 1 f " 5. 15.2. . . . .,.,..,,,..4 ' 3:'."! . 215525':.f:51fii , ,,.f..,,,,,, Q, , ., . ,, . , I U g:1.g.:V3-in .. K . 'i.'2r'I3,r"'g -, ' 9 131,43 Alba Daniel Whitmore "Whit" Spring Prairie Letters and Science. ' Football UWM 19073 Athenae. Thesis: The Effect of Certain Neutral Substances upon the Rotary Power of Cane Sugar Solutions. "I am the only' real athlete in the University." Alden Bradford Whitney, Psi Upsilon , "Brady Madison Civil Engineering. - Thesis: Appraisal of the Madison VVater Works. "Honesty is its own reward." Henry Krumsiek Wieman "Heine," "Hal:' Watertown Letters and Science. Thesis: Analytic Study of Cubic Curves in Space. "A little fun once in a while makes the wheels spin easier." Edward Ruger Wiggens p Kfwig-I3 Orfordville Mechanical Engineering. U. W. Engineers Club. Thesis: Measurement of Steam by an Electrical lVIethod. "Dancing and fussing are a mania with him." Mildred Isabella Wightman Elroy Letters and Science. Thesis: The Friends of Catullus and their Influence on him. "Prejudice is strong when the judgment is weak." George Green Wilder, Psi Upsilon flBudl9 Chicago, Illinois Letters and Science. Skull and Crescentg Inner Gate: Yellow Helmetg Crew, 'Varsity Four '05, 'Varsity Eight '06, and '07, Captain '08, Junior Smoker Committee C3Jg Junior Play, Athletic Board, Vice- President '07-'08, ' Thesis: The Development of the Illinois Primary Law. "A fearliss man among men, but among women the meekest of the mee f' ' 166 Elizabeth Anna Williams "Bess', Racine Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. - Thesis: The Friends of Pliny the Younger. 'FN ods and becks and wreathed smiles." Mark Levins Williams, Beta Theta Pi Milwaukee ' Law. Monastics: Football CD, C255 Band CU, CQQ, C3jg Mandolin Club l3J, C47- Thesis: The Relative Rights of Mortgagor and Mortgages-. " 'N ow, the way I take it is this'-and so he rambled on ad infinitumf' Sidney James Williams, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa Tau Beta Pi "Sid" . Milwaukee ' General Engineering. Winner Individual Competitive Drill Cljg Athenae, Blow-out Closer CU, Semi Public Closer C253 Interfraternity Bowling League, Treasurer CQ. Thesis: The Effect of Repeated Stresses on the Adhesion of Concrete to Plain and Deformed Reinforcing Bars. "A truly honored man. Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, and engaged. Come on, Remorsef' William Wippermann, Tau Beta Pi "Whip" Chilton lllechanical Engineering. Track Team C3j, CID. Thesis: Commercial Utilization of Peat. "Always in a hurry." Walter Julius Wittich Nlilwaukee Entered as Sophomore from Milwaukee Normal. Letters and Science. 'Varsity Acquatic Teamg Athenae. Thesis: Equilibrium in the System Silver Chloride and Pyridine. "N ot to know me argues yourselves unknown, The lowest of your throng? Adah Annastasea Wofenden Bloomington Letters and Science. Basket-ball CD, CQJQ Y. W. C. A. Thesis: Attitude of Otto Ludwig to Schiller. "Protestations with men are like tears with women, forgot ere the cheek be dry? 167 Q . .W , ,.,..,. . , ..,.s-nz. ,.,,..:,:.xf-.- r 3- 4:1 1: - . ,.-nf, - .1 ttf 1- ,ggny -9-V ....3.-s.ieY.a'-14 'Exams- 135.-wie f -o. :N "" " "f"' ' ' Julius Fred Wollf is t "Freddie" Cumberland Civil Engineering. Captain Class Baseball team C353 Treasurer Interclass Baseball League C359 Badger Board C3jg Philomathia. Thesis: The Development of an Open Pitmesabi Range Mining. ' "A great mind hid by a mask of stolid indifferencef' Oscar Lambertus Wolters, Phi Alpha Delta "Wolt Sheboygan Law. Columbia, President CQJQ Junior EX. CSD. Thesis: Does an Undisclosed Lack of Title, in the Vendor, justify the Vendee in Repudiating a Contract ot Sale of Real Estate to the Extent, at least, of Repudiating Specific Performance, in America? "I never did like anything 'Bitterf' Horace Wetherill Wright "Sailor" Madison Letters and Science. Thesis: The Daily Life of the Roman Gentlemen. "Fame is no plant that grows on mortal soil." Louis Anton Zavitovsky Milwaukee Entered as Senior from University of North Dakota. ' Tlllgsis: Validity of a Trust where the Proposed Trustee Refuses "He tlcivicloy renting out his name for a barb wire fence." George H. Zeisler Hzyss La Crosse Civil Engineering. Football "W" C3jg Class Team Cfljq Wisconsin Engineer Staifg Civil Engineering Society. Thesis: Interurban Traflic from ltladison, Wisconsin, to Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. "You've got to act like an engineer if you want to train with me." 168 mfg nk D N 1, ae QQQZFQ ish f 9 I' Q' ZflfQjg FQ Q21 ' at Gif 'airw ay ire! Junior Class History ' Time: 3060 A. D. Scene: Lecture Room in Itlidasgould Institute for College History Research. Dramatis Personae: Professor C. Read Shark g Studes. ACTI I Prof. Shark. IVIr. Buser, what was the most famous class in the history of the University of Wisconsin ? Mr. Buser. The class that congregated at "Ferd7s,', I believe. Prof. Shark. No. Nlr. Bucker, you may tell us. Mr. Bucker. The class of 1908. Prof. Shark. Most decidedly not. I see that you have not obtained a clear understanding of this part of the history of ancient colleges. You probably remember that the recent drainage of the large Lake "Yahara," in Wisconsin, revealed the fact that there were at one time two lakes there, Mendota and Monona, which were divided by a neck of land. Investigation and excavations show that here must have been situated one of the greatest of former seats of learning. Of course, most of the records have been destroyed, but we find that the class of 1909 must have been a most progressive set of individuals. Mr. Bucker. Pardon me, Professor, but is that the class which as Freshmen dealt out dire and distressful diversions in the form of tonsorial stunts and iodine applications to its recalcitrant and forward members? Prof. Shark. Yes, we have records that the class of 1909 strenuously enforced traditions and customs. There are indications which show that as Freshmen they gave the class of 1908 a hard fight in what was then known as the "Class Rush." In the ancient colleges there was a terrible scrimmage annually between the lower classmen. The Freshmen in October, 1905, made repeated and brave attacks upon the Sophornores, who climbed telephone poles and crawled onto wires to escape the fearful onslaughts. The contest was a draw, for although many of the Hsophsu were pulled down from their place of safety by their antagonists, yet the latter were not able to captLu'e the banner. In the same year the Freshmen showed their bravery by holding a smoker - the first of its kind in the history of the University. There are varying and conflicting reports of the outcome of the "Rush" in 1906, and we have no definite knowledge of who won it. 1910 thought it did and held a celebrating "night-shirt paradef, which 1909 routed completely. It is, however, in Athletics that 1909 stands out prominently. As Freshmen, its football team was almost invincible. In rowing, in the class field meet, in crowd ball, and basket-ball, it was victorious. In fact its basket-ball team received the championship for three years in succession, besides furnishing in its Junior year almost all the men for 'Varsity basket-ball, and about half of the football team. In the fall of 1907, the 1909 crew also VVOII the class regatta. Yes, truly, 1909 at the University of Wisconsin was pre-eminently a Hwhirlwind," as you boys would say. ' 170 all l ' ' VAX! EXIH' - :nunwm- Junior Class Officers Clarence J. TeSelle .... ...,.......... ...... P r esident Lona I. Bergh ..... . Vice-President Arthur L. Luedke .... ...... S ecretary Fred R. Liese. ..... ........ T reasurer Charles C. Pearce . . . . . Sergeant-at-arms R. Waldo Mucklestone. . . ' Blanche A. Seek ..... Louis P. Lochner .... Fred R. Liese ....... Clarence J. TeSelle .. fb ' f -1' 125'- zzf 0 f - . - ' 1j,.i wr ' 17' if -.H ef-: .5-gi Ll: f h :37 .. ill. 'JE' , Qffs- xqgl I gill ,,0,Qvgn' I 'Zami new .Qffp 4433" JL f .-940' ll' alfa!!! . , , llw If . .. ,... President . . . Vice-President . . . . . Secretary . . . . . . . .Treasurer . . Sergeant-at-arms REPRESENTATIVES TO STUD ENTS, CONFERENCE ,- COlVHVII'I.TEE J. A. Cutler R. W. Cook John Messmer D. S. Knight D. J. Gardner CLASS coLoRs Purple and Gold CLASS YELL Fall in Line! Fall in Line! Varsity! Varsity! Nineteen Nine! 171 l K 'V .QW za? 7 ra' -. 15,4 1 , , QI v fs 'L . ,W FV Q 7 913 Q nw, 2 1 'szfzf I if - W .f .,,... , ,, .,,, ff' 4 l N . -' -5 3. .-'1..- .VX5 '51 T 4 mv, .K 1 , In I .f we .. . f-N.. . .w wf . ,av ,W M, M agw., ,MAF , ,. , f-' .-.A ' - ' 02' 2:1472-5 ma 2. -wifi , A Mi. . 1- ' f ' rs-?"4 F as-2142511-V Mn., -.f-.. 1 . ,,9,..1f , ,A .11 fy 1 ' wgfdfr W. ,avi ye,e+yg ":-new ,A - .-, my .. ew- .mx-.1.4 ' ' K - 5 3 f ,fax 11 9 - ff .-env K ?f-ua.-:ma 'HIM 7' li "iff '. . , if -f -Hits. 34" kv . " fzifii :EE 2 :e A . A ' A ' A .- .I W A 3 gi , ,Sx,S.:1mmeggZ35E' A a -.-f.-I . . 132141-', ' ' . , .-1. 2-fp-ai: le-'ar .- f., 42 . . ,, emi:- "'e"' ' ww' Q f 4 'f - v rw? f .,1,.- f, , A . .. ., ,, 9 A- '- -me . , , ,gp ...wir ...- , :- . H , ,. , , .4 E391 FFS.-nf, 1: 'v Zvi 5, f"n " N fwiif A 1' xwbf W l 'fag fo l x l"- ZQQAQQYQ A . Q X3 'J xxx 5 ' 0 1 Q w 65 ,ix PW f ,f X , I C., ' ay if lx l 'g ji 'W 353 1 , B 1 , 1 w g-+155 fy X 9 , IA, 1 we 1" i 37 JAG as ff? A Ili Q f, , ' a r -:-5. :A. , ew 4"'?rs:-622232 -A-v.-1 . e'-' ' ' ll . 15' .. ma, fzfgzg " V' Q1 5 . x ,. -.x, 'V' ,Miz 1: .. , 423 w - . ' fy Q, we-2.5. , , W me-, -+ 1 .,' 9 -'4 Z., , 252247 .:.E :-: 4 -A ,spa , . A fn- .f.-5, .-' 1 f 5 .I - ' . H i -. ' it iff!- . 421 1 glyyweyz, . .' ,- , .. " ue, 412 ' 42 .fA"4 - I ' .Q z' 4, ' , ' 7 sg ffiuzmz-:I-u-+1w:f:rsmW' ' ,55,,,g.n.PZf sax.-:2-f:1. Junior Prom 'JUNIOR PROMENADE COMMITTEE Frederick L. Baumbach ...,..............,.......................... . . . General Chairman VVard C. Castle . ......... .................,..... . Secretary ARRANGEMENT COMMITTEE Frederick L. Baumbach, Chairman Kenneth F. Burgess Frederick G. Brown Herbert P. Brumder Wvilliam T. Rudolf FLOOR coMM1'rrEE Kenneth F. Burgess, Chairman George J. Graebner Robert A. Pawling Ernie J. Springer Ernst Jung Herbert P. Brumder DECORATION Comrnfrrnn .Herbert P. Brumder, Chairman Charles C. Pearce William A. lNIchIillan Frederick G. Brown WVard C. Castle William R. Hohnes Daniel G. Stover 'William R. Holmes Arthur L. Schwalm VVard C. Castle RECEPTION com-irrrnn Frederick G. Brown, Chairman Robert M. Laas James R. Whittier WVayne W. Bissell Thompson Ross hfyron YV. Sherman PROGRMI cormiurrnn Daniel G. Stover, Chairman Arthur L. Schwalm Carl J. Cunningham hlyron W. Sherman Dexter H. Vilitte FINANCE COM.MI'I'I'EE WVilliam T. Rudolf, Chairman John W. Becker MUSIC COMMITTEE VVilliam R. Holmes, Chairman Harrison L. Garner Wayne W. Bissell Carl J. Cunningham Kenneth F. Burgess REFREsHMi:N'r COMMITTEE Arthur L. Schwalm, Chairman James R. Whittier Robert McKean Laas Andrew C. Sherer Thompson Ross ADVERTISEMENT COMMITTEE ' Vtlard C. Castle, Chairman Ernie J. Springer George C. McNaughton George J. Graebner 'wee , PATRON S AND PATRONESSES President and Mrs. Charles R. Van Hise Governor and Mrs. James O. Davidson Senator and Nlrs. Robert BI. La Follette Senator and Nlrs. Isaac Stephenson Colonel and William F. Vilas Colonel and Mrs. William G. Brumder Vice President and lVIrs. John B. Parkinson Judge and llirs. A. W. Sanborn Mayor and Nlrs. Sherburn Bl. Becker Dean and Mrs. Edward A. Birge Dean and lVIrs. Frederick Turneaure Dean and' lVI1's. Harry S. Richards Captain and Mrs. R. McCoy lVIrs. Cora Woodward and Mrs. William D. Hiestand Mr and Nfrs. Victor Lenher Mr and lVI1's. William B. Kies M1- and Mrs Charles Allis Nh- and llirs C. G. Riley Nh- 174 and lVIrs. Moses S. Slaughter . and Nirs. F. C. Sharp and Nlrs. John M. Olin and Mrs and lVIrs. . Paul S. Reinsch 'William D. Sawyer gellhtfmgqna ix 1 ' 'F' ws Q 6 M mm GUI I V - FATE ANP 'rss H 3 Nui-N D AA !lH'.:"::2Ycm11'f:xrAQn.ReuTg-R, .R h 5,2 'JN L ' Y' fl' WQFUX f 'f ' x mflbvk fi v ' :X , 71' Si Y A H ,' .- JA , . X., 3 A n .Pfi1'zQvr35zLLg' 'AT .i ' S? 'S-- , V h'55333S"J'Lf' THE5UPs11rQ.QmQ5 h ' 6- . as-N , Q ' n Jr L e+Q:?2?11iwS' f1H.HQLLUWAY. Y ,, A, syn . .f 1 ' N., J "fn-1 J, 3' ,N li" JI 4' ",N Q' Apmulu P' K 1 BW Q l MUFSIQR N at U QW K I N .-- , MQAMI' 'X -4 ' D I A 5 l - A x M , 5 Q ,Q 5 - I, A , ' ' E. Ai 52 , Y , -N -4 w W WV G .W HSHNIBHT UN" - Hem in V ? 1 saw, ' 5 + 7 - wx 1 5 Q ILE . on A2643 WEN .ga y A 8 Mn 4 ' Mmluweij N'-0.,,,i?'j1ig 2. f I! F r, ,ff t I 'l v 'wuunuffnxyhh , V 'X A L, twig GRE The aw Mlm Superfluous Mr Holloway Q Junior C095 Class Play 5 A B 'll fuSh..t "" ' " IT.. 2 4 , --. A ,. emi' , , "'v1G'.g- : 'W -TM , ei ,, ? tk 4 A EL ILQW - , F - . ,,,A ---' , .Aw ' A , ' ':ig..w".,r. A , L -f. xx By Theodore Stempfel, Jr., L. 81 S., '08 Songs by George B. Hill, Agric., '08 FULLER OPERA HOUSE, FEBRUARY 17 AWD 19, 1908' CAST Billy Holloway, '10, who receives a telegram from his father. . .... Robert NI. Laas Ed. Sherwood, a post-grad, who goes "down-townl' ........ . . Artie Wiggins, only a Freshman ....,.... ....,...............,.. Mr. Edgar Holloway, Billy's father, the self-invited chaperone .............. .... Professor Greening, Billy's Class Advisor, Professor of Latin ................ .,.. Mr. Dudgeon, Nlrs. Dudgeonls husband, cleans windows and rnops floors.. . . . lNTrs. Holloway, a very indulgent mother ..........., ..............,.... Sylvia Holloway, too young to go to the Prom .... .......,.i........... James R. Whittier Joseph R. Pfiifner . . .Eugene Dinet .Kenneth Burgess . . . .Walter Timm . . . . .Olga Nelson . . . . .Allison Fiore Marg Sherman, Billy's neglected Prom girl ....................... ...... A va Cochrane Nlrs. Dudgeon, Artie's landlady, a very emphatic sort of a person ..... ..... H elen Hosmer YVHO ARE GOING TO THE PROM ' Ferd Kenndey Roy Sohm Sid Whyte Alfred Coleman Harold Drew 1 Emmett Donnelly DOUBLE SEXTETTE Alfred Coleman Lillian J onasen Daniel Stover Halley Pease Harold Drew Marguerite Bower George Flanagan Helen Heath Emmett Donnelly Mabel Williams James Thompson Erma 'Wohlenberg sYNoPs1s Act I. Billy's Room at the "house,,' February 14, 8 A. BI. Act Il. Drawing Room at the "house,': 8 P. BI. of the same day. Act HI. Same. February 15, 4 A. M. CThe action of the play takes place within twenty-four hoursj MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. "Seminary Chorus" - Verse by John V. Mulany ...... .... .... D o uble Sextette Q. "Prom N ight's, the Gay Nightn ..... .........,,. .... D 0 uble Sextette 3. "The Darn Dawn T ea" ...... ..,.............. .... D o uble Sextette 4. "Gratitude" ............. ......... .............. ..,. S y l via and Artie 5. "The Prom Night is an Occasionn ..........,......... .... C ast and Chorus MANAGEMENT Chairman ......... .......,. A1 -thur T. Holmes Stage Nlanager ....... ..... F rank D. Burton Business Manager ......... Clarence A. Hibbard Properties ........ .............. I Toward Beye Director of Play. ......,...... E. J. Southwick Assistant Properties .......... Robert P. Heald Director of Chorus ...., ..... IV Irs. E. B. Hart Programs ............ .... J ames R. Whittier Director of Music .... ..... F loyd Barnet PLAY coMM1'rrEE n Arthur T- Hqflmes, Chaifmall ' Clarence Hibbard, Business Bianager Mary Moffatt John Bessey William Kendall Johanna Rossberg Mary Hopkins Philip Hudson Charles Pearce Arthur Schwalm John Conley 176 .552 W '21 fi? fi 311525. -ms. Q1-S F' 3:52 .-,-F,-, 4 ,, -M, E V Q as 0 re? Fi! Q ,X . .. .N , N M.,-A... .- Xu 21636 ' ek! , .5 A A fair , rr: few: fq 1 .-vw :QQ 2551 3.1253 ENE vs 5 -' . i. F32 Y 5 s ', l . K fax 1. 4 5122 gzgq Q25 Emil Sis.: xfygg X 'A " fi? '- 3i"-- '1-?S12i"i.r5'1 :viifiS".1I'fffg,f"5QIfh N ' ' Q " ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' -1. 1 ,c. ',,: . V. +:,x,LJ,x.. .,,L-. ,-....'-.4-x--x...ZYYL-.liix 'inng '- 'Q' " "1'-1'-115359 " ' " ' "V x 'W' "W" : 1" REI,-ry --A-::AQ1.,.X..,..QQQN.--:i..m,,-w.w,.,.w.J.N ' ,..:....M,M.Y.x -. ..,.. . ,., . . . JUNIOR CLASS PLAY V '05 -1 XV iv 4 'V' 6325, i asf X, , 2395? MQ, , gsisft fi?" 2 f 'is S- sn, sf. A NM I IX X ,Sys M X xr Em ,Q 6 Q41 ww 3' mf an 4 7957 t XJ W1 N. ,221 2,25 A ,X was -flfgeg Q e not Rigas 'iz ff 2,40 , 5 i Xa. x ,QP M QV e f 'fo 4 rs,-,a,,, ,iffy 'M Eritrean , P, ff v : ,K . 1 3.-QV. km . , A .56,35g, v ago- ' w .4 ' a "",i- 1:,:' i-,sf 9 Ja fem N M Sai? .M ,qapq . , 41' " . .. M iw, , 4 -53 I A-::3,,,., gig W. 2 5, , ,t x,,,..3l.,..,,K7.....-sv..-1vr,.t v-,-- ww-Q.-5-Q,-,----W-5-yt--.,-,.,, -,-,- 4 ,.--.Wafer-Q..,,.-f-www?-3-fsesffqf:fa:gmfqg5333Q3,35-,T li' 9 -fvwfxx N f 'Sli-W Xocff be 9 VKX P S 5, X 5 M P 55554 .ii':'-va'-m--rf'-" f tr, Ag ,N thas Vw ,5Qscg,, Ox ,r,sx.,,w Van, serene my X X ox 2 wi vi vs x Qi N X3 9' X Km, iw fats 'Q s Ms Q vhs s 'WS' f w it xbj s,,e,,ggi3s,5,,,.:,,s K Q r 35259 Q L' 'REQ will V45 Qs VVEYWY fiimhw. fs W is 23 fag 'Q S 0 5 . t , Q9 , ww ,592 N39 N X sf X 1 X N , 5,'-.-sew X ww ,Q Qbsfffl , 9 ,we ' 1'-'X , ,.., V . - Q ' ,,,, "- 1 . .. ' . ,qs-Q . -Y ' -:::::3+ - - - 1 -. A-wg. 9 f ., -, M . ,W ,- V ,. A -, -:ar is ' .wi ft, ' '. ""s':faf' . s.fg'."'LQr , 3-aig?i...'-f s.,..w --" Qssitii'-1 S N NZ' lr-. " -.-A..s.,f, -aff.. 'Peg'-5213i :f3..,. Vu. .., fa. , , vw- , .. Bw Q' ' .- K vr- ,. -Aw-vel -M ffiFf,g,y.5'Q,4a-,,,J., .,gMavEw.hf .i We 'te 2...-sr -,.- .fam . .15-xr-+ffr:'r:Cs.i E5?'fY5!tRit : A-:EA-w",'12':'-:i .,'.f-fi. :-421' ' -' ..:, s . ff if os if 4295 ti ft Q 1 1 Q Q, Q 4 X we A ,Y 4 x NSN was , ,ws gig, ff r X S 4 if vm ff , ,gg if ,1 QAM , Bn 1 N634 5523 ipaq? va ,Q TA as wi tw of x :xv 5156 Q t 'Xe O , Wea v 555 . 9 'ff in Wei , gs sem, ,W 14 ibm. of -e,. K - f s rw: f 1 2 A Ya aw? -r 4 tex? ff v 4 .... '.,.-,E .. e. -arQa',.,. -.egg 5,csw.+51gu:aw--,,:,,.., - .- .,.'4w:s:-s'1--:.:-.ur-cg,w.,.zv1::a2:.ffszivsxr-::.,r:.. sm-:-..-Q .-gm:-.N-1-1:-.-st-.-in 3 V rfffifcfisfvw EGYE:Z:2-.323-ifE1f5v2Q:'3I3'Ifi-EE: 15555 .12.4'v.1'3E5:2?,?'itfg.-ZFEEQQZFSI3 32122.1-e'?fifFl:1555fE2??2f'??f7ii''E'Z?:-'EffI2E1E1fI?5f'E1I--IFE? 4 :1:51QEi1:3323z?h!Q, Pf27i2zf1:"1r:5crEzEx.'iIi.f?:5:f2-iss.'xszrf is-fwfzq '-" ' WW-'tsl Junlor Class Play The Junior Class Play and the Junior Promenade are the two frreatest social events of the college year. Both come during the cessation of scholastic activities between the first and second semes- ters. Since the great success of the Budlong Case, presented by the class of 1908, which was written by ,Lucian Cary, 08, and Georve B. Hill 08 the custom may be said to have become per- manently established of havino' the Junior class present a play written by students. The Play Committee is chosen by the President of the class in the spring of the Sophomore year. This committee then stirs up interest in a Play Contest, attempting to fret as many student playwrights to work as possible. Honor and a little financial reim- bursement have been the inducements during the last two years, the author of the winning play receiving a certain percentage of the receipts. About the middle of November all the plays that have been received are submitted to a faculty committee, which chooses the play it considers to be the best. This year's committee chose the '08. With much hard work on the part of E. J. Southwick, Director, A. T. Holmes, Chairman, and C. A. Hibbard, Business Manager, the play was made a great success., "SuperHuous Mr. Hollowayf, written by Theodore Stempfel, X we ,hm x C: , :WH---4-..-fr-.1 iw s ,ss -4- -J-..+. -t+:-'-- K- -f.-:-- 11 f26:.:,.:,-:Q :W ss we-N a:s,.,..s y H f X - -- .1 paw gtg 3.51. 'g ags -:.,,,:.::k, a: tw? , A -llt 7 2, A .L we-V -f,,a:,gf-15 .,",",s 52 5 W i'-f,.,.2 i fn .11-215:-. .1.f-11'-..s,:12f:w-re-N. . .r:-'1...,g.:s-'-:'-- w e "'-ff-ft.. 1'-i 'Q-vi .V N :fam .N-s .. -Q, me-. , .. , K f f x , . i,,,,- N - ,4 P ' . 4 ' ' io it VL,-i-"gs I 'HQ ' Wa 1 5? '?' f Q 5 -we . +12:,:z:,:::-.f:' af' " . 1. vig., -is VC wot 3 sg W ., V ers- 2.8527 'rf-2:21i1f--1-, -" . Q it sw w 1 Q - ff?-2 'Rl 4' f 5 LR 9 X f Q . W r w Qt .Vial uf ry' fe Q 'l ' L N Q H 'sf M , Qs f , f A Q X We 'Q , fx ' N 2 '3 sei 11-:IQ ' 11-Ffgfi-:IF5f'fx, X 9 4 Q X P X 5 f A 4 e hz: s.-r 5 Q .g:r:gfR'::rsb-'Q bw if ,, f x x Y? F , .7 Q94- s-:..s2"f:,g, ,K , 31-22. .,.,.-:1-' :mer P V N f X ' 9 ,firm ima, A ,M3 H? wif f? Qs 4 N 3 if f if ' f is . 5413" 1445792-52 1"' ."'.-'31-.-:-:fri-' '-'Z-22:-Li' n'-- 3'4?f::rEzfSf "-ae,---1-if -1:E2':Ig1:',--' 3552" ,. 4x.,':f259i1l1: Q33f2 E'S:5.'::If"' 1 ' - 1.1vx-:v:-:-:'g-- 1. -. -'-af-:Mer-I . -as :-.Q pgs, 1 " ,::9.:5,::fw :iz-'-:-.--:QS-:f ' -. -' rg , lssfl'-:waz-y.g,....'2l-.-1 -' -i:'5IfS52:5' 21-5515? '-4 4 V "'f?t2'f':'-A-.15:fQI'E.iL3-'ith Ii 4 ff 77 , i f:-:'+f.-:fT'-.- . :"2:rf f'- a f 5-4-rufvlzs I ve. Q-' .Y .-: as-ft-e sin:-.v" za a r g3:y1g3.4t:E34axe - -:J-x,.,,, ,, fir arf, .Q"-1-sfggeriggiii igcgw-91 J , g, .1 pq ., 1: if 1 1 ' . U I VF:-Av? .,..,j5Eff. x Ef:E23Efs:5:2gt ' 'H 't H Wsgrg 15525 3 4. 'R 1: . eyes P is , 2 Y? , ,Q ,K as A .1 Aa- 2:5 Junior Class Play Committee John Bessey Mary Moffatt Theodore C. Stempfel, Author of Play C. A. Hibbard A. T. Holmes Johanna Rossberg Philip Hudson Mary Hopkins Charles Pearce Arthur Schwalm Iohn Conley 178 ,YC,?S'3IsS IP Q I1ARESFO0T c B 1 W V D .172 ' Kyiv Y 'Q .W ' f J i" Srlfkiltlillli ' d l MW , f I R w 4' X f I 7 " X l n l i'fWil r,lf,L on Z m l -' l W Q g L f- I Q e use , So far then: 1899 ......... 1900 ..... 1901 ..... 1902 ..... 1903 ..... 1904 ..... 1905 ..... 1906 ,.... 1907 ..... 1908 ..... 180 ..- 1 14235645 Sl Ht- ' ' . 3' ' if 'Il if Qgwr The Haresfoot is now finishing its tenth strenuous year of existence. It was organized to boost dramatics and though the stage may not be much more elevated than it was in '98, anyhow the club has put on one play a year regularly. 155545 XVQ -'Ley 1 . . . 'fEdmund Kean, "Our Boys . . . , , . . ."A Colonial Girl . l'The Private Secretary . . . "My Friend from India .....,... "College Boy "Hermionie' . . . . . . . "Man from Mexico, "The Professor's Daughter' 'fAt J ail" . f'Fate and the Freshman 5 a s a 9 1 9 1 s Dr. Frank H. Edsall 9. K' 'E PS I l .a e -Q1 KT AM 'gfwviwl Organized in 1898 ., i w Horatio Winslow. Robert lVI. Laas. George B. Hill . Howard L. Beye fri' v" f I 'i ' wi' nf.. Th f Cl e H ares oot ub fe 'j1.f1f .i P '1 "Ma 5 , ' OFFICERS ...........,:..President ............. Vice-President . . . . Secretary and Treasurer . . , . Keeper of the Haresfoot HONORARY MEMBERS Marcus C. Ford Leo Torbe ' George T. Kelly Henry H. Morgan Otis Skinner E. H. Eberhle John F. Donovan George S. Spencer C. C. Case Prof. J. F. A. Pyre Horatio VVinslow George B. Hill Robert M. Laas lVIilton J. Blair Howard L. Beye Theodore Stempfel ACTIVE MEMBERS Floyd Barnet 181 Aubrey Boucicault Dr. C. C. Chittenden Joseph N. Turner William Norris William A. Oppel Prof. C. N. Gregory Chauncey Williams Prof. T. H. Dickinson Lucian Cary Ralph Wiggenhorn Carl Cunningham Roujet Jenkins Gordon Falk Carl Joys, Jr. Joseph R. PfiHner 1 I-Iaresfoot Dramatic Club Play " Fate and the Freshman" 1 k i p By Horatio Winslow 04 X Depicting Life as She Isn't at the University of Wisconsin. CAST Bill Elliot, a Cynical Junior ..... ,.... . . Edward Felton, a Sophomore ....... Elbert Hennings, a Bill Collector ..... Jack Corby, a Senior ......,.............. hir. VVagstaH, U. of W. '81 ..,.............. Mrs. Wagstaif ........................,..., Bessie Wagstaif, a Co-ed, Engaged to Jack .,., Jerry Jerrolds, a Co-ed ..................,.. Rosalie Nlae Severson from Mazomanie ..... James Q. Wagstaff, The Freshman ..... Young MaCafferty, Prize Fighter ...... Heiney, A Madisoii Policeman ........,...,....... Ensign Hanson of the Salvation Army ...........,. J ohnie, a Small Boy with the Dime Novel Habit .... Esther Van Stuyderford, an Heiress ............... J. T. Bibbins, a Nliddleton Farmer ........,..., SYNOPSIS OF ACTS .......Jet Jenkins . . .. Carl Cunningham . . ..Horatio VVinslow . . . . . .Howard L. Beye . . . .Ralph Wiggenhorn ....... Jessie Smith . . . . .Josephine Peshak . . . . .Edythe McMillan Allison More . . . Nlilton J. Blair . . . . Robert M. Laas . . . . . Carl Joys, Jr. . . . .George B. Hill . . . . . .Gordon Falk . . . .Frances Cleary , . . .George B. Hill ACT I. Parlor of the House. Nine O'clock Thursday Evening of the June Exam Vileek. Fate and the Freshman . ACT H. Same Place-about six o'clock the next afternoon. Fate and the Collector. ACT IH. Four hours later. The end of a pier on Lake lXIendota. Fate and the old man. EX ECUTIVE STAFF Director . . . Manager .... Properties. . . . Advertising Horatio G. WVinslow Milton J. Blair Robert DI. Laas Ca.rl Joys, Jr. . W. D. Richardson ENGAGEMENTS Home Performance, Fuller Opera House, Dec. 13, Dec. 16, 1907. Janesville, Wis., Dec. 20. Nlilwaukee, Wis., Afternoon and Evening, Dec. Q1. - 182 4- -.....,,-4 sr - Am' - 563 -vm. Z? . xy '46 vw x A 1 K QV 147, fr' " , wt, 'Cf fixffv f x? -'AN .klf E x 1 EW? ff . "h""' ,111-af,fIf2vw?1-iav "J , zz, K Q5 , X , ff e 4, f Kill". .- ' 4 V 12i1?Ef?f3Q'535fl521I.?"f 'C. A , '-:-.5 mx' ,.,,, -1- f 1 W5 V 414 . . 4u,,,.qA ,., a, ,. " -, ..S:.,,A - V. Q.. ' ' . 1'-1?':3Q.F-eiiz llm.: , 'J f 1 -.--44, .Im ,mfrF4551-i11gg':i21:'a.f ' 4, 5' Q, W -'1'-2: .-I 26: iw' f':'2"5"'1'-vii".-:1g1:-:Fl-' ,. . "' "4 " f" Q .L x is - j '- ,- f Y f ,w v 5, , ' X. -'1 ,-22211 -.iw xEf"".:-::-wr' Mr: F Q 5 " f Va, :V f:.'.1::r.'.1:,1'11,94-.1wrap-1qf:i-2.1.ay-:,,-1-,:::,'fg:,A'v.:p:qr'.,::..,::5 ,L 1:15112-5,1 f'1'f'T'- 1 2.E1,' , ,, -ay' J-:,.'.'8?ff.,,iffy-LM '7 145.4 V- - --V----4-1-gwf 1 ., ' -'ffgal-IG:-.Tr?"' " """" ' - - i V '3-Lg:-: 'ws A--:.: F ' f' H Q ,V ,,,., 7, , ,. V Y ,::,g3.- 8,1 J " ' 11.911, i:f:5f'g4,i.L':,,,A V I ig. 5 R K V- Ng", ' 4 . J - 'Eff'T?5:'7f5la ' H 'eil' VW 4' 9 sg Q 1 . .LQ ---4 H ' , J:-lr' I f :,g.j.,,Zm 4 .1 4 4, ff 40 5 I ,. Le- Q . SF: V' 'fl , ' ' A Wil, 'jzfizgil J - Iv' 136.11 V ' " .f',1g5f'I V? b"'i'f P if ' N, . 1322? K1 - Q 'f we A ' , 911- if A ..,,.s.,.,,,..,,,.,. .wp-L -..,.,:24.119,1115533151-az',1:3:gg1g:g:3:,g13i:3:r2 , 1 1 ,pf , Ei ' 'I 1:31 IQ -Q:::1 i:-w 1 4:-:5:- " " ""' f f ' 5 M. " f y wwf? wr M Y '. - mph' . gp 1 L f Q. ' ww 2 , 5 , .. .f A 1 Kg , .1 g Y 4 f A .4 I v Domino Leora Moore Nora Johnson Louise Hinkley Jane Butt Ann Scribner Elizabeth Shepard Carrol Pollard Esther Donnelly Smith Helen Harvey Williams Bertha Riedesel Fola La F ollette Jean Porterneld Georgia Shattuck Lillian Gamble Jessica Davis Euretta Kimball Elsie Adams Elizabeth McKey lNIrs. Frank Edsall Nlrs. Lucien Hanks Susan Armstrong Margeret Frankenb Edna Terry Ruby Hildebrand urger ALUMNAE MEMBERS HONORARY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Cora Schneider 184 Grace Hecht Henrietta Pyre May Foley Frieda Stolte Vincent Charlotte Wasson MclVIil1an Janet St. John George Challoner Tracy Margaret Jackman Grace Ellis Cornelia Cooper Fredrica Shattuck Selma Vognild Genevieve Eaton Biarion Jones Smith Marion B. Lamont hlildred Gapen Geraldine Foley Genevieve Scott lVIrs. Charles H. Tenney Miss Laura Case Sherry Rhoda White Lenore Horan Alice Currie Elinor Stephens 4 Red Domino Dramatic Club , , . l f .--, gf? . - ' 5' V at 2. 5- Top Row CLeft to Rightb Edna Terry Cora Schneider Alice Currie Bottom Row CLeft to Rightj Elinor Stephens Ruby Hildebrand Susan Armstrong Margaret Frankenburger Lenore Horan 'In Doom ' .D TIC I 5oc1E1Y FIRST SEMESTER Edward NI. lVIclXIahon. . . . Ferdinand A. Bartlett.. Harry lVI. Brandel .... John V. Mulany ..... Herman H. Karrow. . . ?FProf. David B. Frankenburger Rollo L. Lyman John Albert O'Meara John V. Brennan Dwight E. Beebe John B. Patrick John F. Powers Nicholas C. Kirch Archie L. Persons Alfred G. Arvold Walter G. Darling Herman H. Karrow Arthur H. Grnenewald Ralph D. Hetzel Harry NI. Brandel Ferdinand A. Bartlett Charles S. Mercein 'tDeceased OFFICERS ......President....... . . . . . . . .Vice-President.. . . . ......Secretary....... ........Treasurer......... . . . . .Keeper of Nlask. . . .. HONORARY MEMBERS FACULTY MEMBERS ALUMNI LJEMBERS Willard S. Griswold Rowland Hill Marcus F. Hoefs Alexius H. Bass John E. Baker ' Frederick O. Leiser VVilliam H. Parker Arnold L. Gesell Tore Teigen ACTIVE NIEMBERS Thomas E. ltlills Carl E. lVIonshau Edward lVI. hIcMahon John V. Mulany Edgar E. Robinson 186 lvEs,'O5 SECOND SEMESTER ..John V. Mulany .Ernst Jung Thomas K. Carpenter . . . . . . , .Harry NI. Brandel . . . Edward M. lVIcMahon E. J. Southwick A. H. Johnstone Edward WV. Theirer William G. Hamilton I John C. lVIiller A. H. Johnstone Edward W. Hoffman C. S. Browne T. Logan Boyd L. A. Liljiquist Peter H. Schram W. Don lXIcGraw Ernst J Lmg Thomas K. Carpenter Leo F. Tiefenthaler George E. Worthington J olm D. Jones Edwin Booth Dramatic Society l 1 l C13 Herman H. Karrow C23 Arthur H. Grusneivirsld V C33 Ralph D. Hetzel C43 Harry M. Brandel C53 Ferdinand A. Bartlett C63 Charles S. Blerceiu C72 Thomas E. Mills C33 Carl E. Nlonshau C93 Edward M. McMahon C103 Iohn V. Mulany C113 Edgar E. Robinson 123 W. Don McGraw C133 Ernst Jung C143 Thomas K. Carpenter C153 Leo F. Tiefenthaler C163 George E. VVorthington C173 John D. Jones gn-E575 YM-24.4 "W M4441 Edwln Booth Play 4 "?. 1 IXQ I ua ,If 4-.6.X e C,-fi , 5 X-23, ' . - f 'Q .- - ,, .,,. 7 I-we ' ' E J' ' 5 eng I " p "Twelfth Night" I E' 1:.. ,.,, E 'jx -: F - .--- ' L .. Viola .... Olivia ........., Maiia ........ .... Ladies in waiting ' ' FULLER OPERA HOUSE FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1908 CAsT or CHARACTERS Duke Orsino ..... ..... Gentlemen in waiting Valentine .............. Curio .............. Sea Captain 1 Antonio I ""' Sebastian ........ Malvolio .......,...... Sir Toby Blech .... . . . . . Susan Armstrong . . . . Gertrude C. Kennedy Alice lvl. Currie . . . . . Gertrude Wright . . . . . . . Stella Kayser . . . .. Ernst Jung . . . Ward Stanley .. ,. ...Harry Foster OtrnarFalge . . . . . Clifton lNIcMillan ... John D. Jones, Jr. . . . . . .Harry Brandel . . . . Arthur Gruenewald Georffe E. WVorthinUton Sir Andrew Aguecheelti .U , . I George Tiefgnielialer - I .... .......,.. L an re ross Omcers and Sallors 1 .... . . . James B. Robertson Fabian .............., ....... J ohn V. lNIulany Feste, a clown.. . . . .................,. ..., H erman H. Karrow SYNOPSIS OF Acrs Act I. Scene I. The Seacoast. Scene II. Before Olivia's House. Scene IH. A Room in Duke Orsinois Palace. Scene IV. A Room in Olivia's House. Act II. Scene I. A Room in Olivia's House. Scene H. A Street. Scene IH. A Hall in Duke Orsino's Palace. Act HI. Olivia's Garden. Act IV. Olivia's Garden. Act V. Scene I. Outside Olivia's House. Scene II. Olivia's Garden. EXECUTIVE STAFF - ..... .................... . .. E. J. Southwick Dlrectors T ......... ............... .... A . H. Johnstone Business Manager ..... ..... G ustave G. Blatz Master of Properties ..... ..... T hornas E. lVlills 188 eww Q1 SCENES FROM " TWELFFH NIGHT V ' 1, 7 j ,Lt K Q U Q Q Q um? ' Pnl E ' f Y- fi QU My 2-ig -,fr 3. 7,-- 7, X W, X affigfff X 'f A H 50? .111 .--- --" 5 -"' 1 AAV- 5 'nq' 77 X ti 727' . .j 43' ff32E?f-'fix aa a! "U-fz' ' gl HW saw W' ru fflgi ' I -1 ' -' A if - P ' 2 K' f 'X i v, ..A f - I , t 68 HF:-W-., V- , L " 3 4 ,dz -- ,.-- -' " ' , L Q ' r'2,L4'nh , . ..q,q' - is T55 ' 5, " .ff , F .,:' ,gf 'N- '.fo.h'ano '-" Nl. .165 Sophomore Class x iii? wi wet , 1 f hb gg By A Freshman 9 o H1StOfY . s 1 ' ' ooo' f i The record of the class of 1910 is necessarily brief, for it has never accomplished anything that merits attention. When the Freshmen arrived in the fall, they were told that the Sophomores were the greatest men in the Universityg that the second year men were innumerable and intended to teach the freshies proper conduct in college. When the Sophomores' silly and unspeakable posters were put out, 1911 began to wonder if authors of such mediocrity could be called a remarkable class. The Freshmens' wonder increased when the second year men began to parade the streets at night, shouting that they were men, in a tone of voice that implied even their own disbelief in the claim to manhood. In order to conceal their weak- ness, as well as to obtain congenial company, the Sophomores enlisted all the children in town for their nightly wanderings. The great preponderance of treble voices in the "soph" chorus belied the spirit of their yell, and made it a wild, weird wail more appropriate to the character of the class. The men Q?j of '10, however, do deserve some commendation for keeping their little playmates contented and happy. , h When the "Rush" came off, where, Oh where, was the great and glorious class that had promised to chastise the Freshmen? . 1911 poured out of the gym like an avalanche only to halt bewildered at the sight of a few scared mortals whom they had almost pushed through the wall of the Y. M. C. A. Let us draw a mantle of charity over the rest of the scene. Very appropriately the song of the class of '10 is "What fools we mortals be," and their color is yellow. "Familiarity breeds contemptj' and since nearly all of the Sophomores are taking some first year or academy studies, the lower class has had a good opportunity for discovering what a big bluff 1910 really is. In regard to the Sophomore record in studies, athletics, and oratory-well, the less said the better. At the next great reunion of classes at Wisconsin we sadly fear that one class will be con- spicuous by its absence, and when some one asks, "Where is 1910 P" he will be told, "That class disappeared at the Dean's request long before its senior year, and no one remembers, or cares to remember, the only blot on the fair name of Wisconsin." 191 X1 xr lf'1l nf xx xl l,v - num.. ff QL H H M -L 3: 91131 ! ,jf ,,,5 44 Frank E. Boyle SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS rinsr SEMESTER Frank E. Boyle .......................... Margaret N. I-I'Doubler .... James D. McGeever ...... Francis R. Duffy ....... . . . Nlonte F. Appel .... . . SECOND SEMESTER Paul ltiorris ........ ................. Nora R. Roehm ...... . . William H. Witt, ..... . Benjamin F. Springer ..... .... REPRESENTATIVES TO STUDENTS, CONFERENCE COMMITTEE Robert J. Burke J. L. TW1H1Hg CLASS COLORS Green CLASS YELL We are lVIen! We are Nlenl Varsity! Varsity! Nineteen Ten! 19Q . . . . . . .President . . Vice-President . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . . Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms . . . . . . .President . . Vice-President . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . .Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms " I .M L tw- L6 Ofeaf ee f 1' asf S7171 ee E ix, By A Sophomore REQ M fa X 'SXSW testi-f.Jl Qrfffet i H ii' ' H I -.IEx"i1!. ' ,E 'U-I. 1 . Freshman Class History --lag ' 'i lk 2 . It is indeed a long time since Wisconsin has opened her doors to such an inferior lot of freshmen as she did this year. When such a state of affairs is possible it is indeed time to call a halt. They were over one thousand in number-yet mere infants-a weak, feeble, spiritless bunch. We never found this out until hazing began. For this business the babes had no stomach. The way they fawned, cringed, and pawed before the mighty class of 1910 was a caution. Rolling pea- nuts with their noses, barking at the moon, and singing on Chadbourne Hall steps' were their strong points. Never since the founding of the University was a class so meek, so humble, and so servile as this yeaI's Freshmen bunch. Of what great deeds does the class boast? Ten per cent of them failed to pass the entrance examination in English. Truly a record never before equalled, and which we hope will stand for some time to come. What has been their history? One-fourth of the whole class "conned" the first semester. Their outlook is anything but a cheerful one, for at this rate how can they last for more than two years? Of what great oratorical and debating victories does 1911 boast? Of none. What athletic honors do they claim? None. The 1910 football team more than equalled the team of 1911. In class basket-ball they stood near the foot of the list. In baseball and track they have no teams. Have they any political record? No. They are too dead to have any interests even in politics. Freshmen, it,s up to you to do something. As time goes on and you grow older you will perhaps become wiser. Remember, you are students at Wisconsin! You owe her much - some day even you. will be Seniors -perhaps become BIEN - so that when the mighty class of 1910 lays down its work you may be able to make at least a feeble attempt to carry the good work on. 194 ' lf M Q I :is 2 .J ov Jn 4543+ I also " f f D .15 -. 524:51 fan A 1 x ...MQ , s P24 :Ze 'E vfgfig If X 'ea' -ww, Mg? I IJ' 3,- P xg 7. m 7, , V Cai' 1 an ,i M I 1 J 'a . '. Pr" - 'T-'i1f1'1 " "5-..5'r:'-'wsffi .5, f., :ty-S., - wi:-:g:,:,E in 'V 'ii 3515333 ' I .fe 'few ,.-, fiiiiiiiggz fga .-jpg. '- - an 11 ' as- . w e -gr -A Myi-1.-'L H:,'45:f.5-2211235 .5 A . -F2 -fro -- i' "-, 4' Y H .v 1 lfvfiigij 5.22-4 ': S . xr'i:,:.:f11 uv is .1 !r' I32 .,:., .:11':.f,,1f if -' PLE 1, , f-,gg Y" .ii'- - . 5 "ji .1g1,',l1Q1 W,-i2 1'.,v1"E: U'ff'5:Eif2a A wsavfg- 2 J .eff 5252251-aff ' 12, .152 .- ,-ga: ,lmre-3: 111 ff. 1- mf- 4,if:f?'2I':3 g.n" 's5:.jQ'l,3!Ef -1.,,, vL, 9' fgyiwf ,pqS'2'g'f11: ".' f :.-K '1-ravi' fs' -5:1 .f2z,::f:szfL.,.'5 1:-F fi-12 i'f"?1?-i:- 1' .- f A-xg 12 Q.. :Si JVIZQI5- Ei d f. Q .sf fm alan: F55 .. -Qviriiftiif ' ' -:viii-5'i .tl ie.. ,. .f :-. .:.,.:.:, .fri ,,4g,1-.SLM , we ... fm' ' 1:55. TSQMQB1:-1:11 f 1 :Fifi-.1 ,'..'5"' '- 'lTF4'f, Y-WEfFi3,?7.3H v l aff' ' A' A ' - 1: if '- 1511555-fbi-.., 'Nlfffiz - gi:ff!?1'ElEE5EZ7E35Z -iw: A ' . 'A A -lr.. in ' 4,4 ii! 1 P ' 311 'ff fl- . .Qg1?.:-1 glj f--W - ,:-if Q ft!" ' lil fs: . ,R nag -, ' . , A1-W,-.-Q: 2 4, 'z-1:95. 1 .v::f:Zf:5?Ex:' 1 3 ' .-46:19-.fiz-' 1 " -1 1,5 , 1 f' -fi.-'1:f-ikif 1' l -:Ji '1 f'frf!?3f:5!E:51i " ...iemf-. .A 'fl :'g:2aff 'e: ! y ,, fr" -.:i'f'I.. "M" L, f :fav . A 'S C .E . ! ilfvifi :Q- aa 55 ii? f-1 I 'I -,Gr iiE:'-4-4:21 tai -21: 4 - :-: - . ,ffm-we W kin' ' .4 V 5 .wi -'-! ' .1-ws: ra ,f ..-izfaiz--cf, ikihfa' 'V- PQWV ll as - . . ll FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS George A. Flanagan . . . Mollie F. Wright .. Carl H. Haessler .... John D. Roberts . . . John E. Moll .. . Chester F. Rohn .... Kathryne BI. Fordyce. . . Walter C. Ross. .. . . . Harold A. Arpin .... . Georvfe A. Flanagan . . D I FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVE TO STUDENTS, 195 CONFERENCE COMMITTEE VVilliam H. Spohn CLASS COLOR Green CLASS YELL Four and Seven! Four and Seven! Varsity! Varsity! Nineteen 'Leven! . . . . . .President . .Vice-President . . . . . . . .Secretary , , .... Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms . . . . . . . .President . . Vice-President . . . . . . . .Secretary ...,.....Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms M 1 John E. Moll . . . Benjamin Jelinek Eugene F. Bunker. . . Eugene L. Drury Merritt E. Boyd. Edwin J. Paulus . Paul P. Banker . Leonard E. Voyer Harold A. Arpin. Y-nu-1 FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GAME Freshman Team OFFICERS . . . . Captain . . Manager . . . . Coach Emmett D. Angell. . . . ..... . . . . . TEAM Left End Left End . . . Left Tackle . . . Left Guard Center . . . . . Right Guard . . . . . Right Tackle James P. Dean John E. Moll . DanaJ.Hogan.... . . . ...... Right End Quarter Back Quarter Back Arthur H. Noyes' .... .... R ight Half Back Arch E. Richards ...... .... Le ft Half Back George A. Flanagan . . . ...... Full Back Henry H. Freese. .... .... F ulljBack FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GAME CAMP RANDALL, NOVEMBER QQ, 1905 Freshmen, 14 Sophomores, 0 f i f ff Q. af - " rf Qf-fi gf' if , ,W dn, 4 W2 Z Q. f may " ly -'M . f M 5791 M . u Z f ,MQ - , lx. f f f ' 4 , -- A. -2' N. wr' mm f f arf -W - .L - aw- Ami ' -. W Q KFWO 196 f Freshman Football Team, 1907 Top Row Cbeft to Rightj Drury Paulus Richards Arpen Boyd Voyer Hogan Bottom Row QLeft to Righty Jelinek CMgr.j Freese Noyes Moll CCapt.J Bunker Flanagan Dean Angell CCoachJ 7' 4 .aff ?L T-.T f 20 .l lm. feb? of an -J riff A --H' If 'K . - fi t- e fa 1 if X-5 sn' f Freshman Crew '10 Crew Pos1'r1oN NAME AGE HEIGHT VVEIGHT Bow H. W. Rick Q1 5 ft. 11 in. 158 lbs. Q S. Kerr 19 5 ft. 115 in. 158 lbs. 3 H. A. Sumnicht 21 5 ft. 11 in. 160 lbs. 4 O. 1. Hickox 23 5 ft. 11 in. 165 lbs. 5 P. J. lN1urphy, QCapt.j Q3 6 ft. 221- in. 188 lbs. 6 R. Iakisch 33 6 ft. 15 in. 170 lbs. '7 R. N. Trane 20 5 ft. 11 in. 163 lbs. Stroke J. W. Wilce 19 6 ft. 1 in. 164 lbs. Coxswain E. J. Ryan 19 5 ft. 6 in. 113 lbs. Sub. F. Horneffer ' 20 6ft. 1 in. 155 lbs. Sub. C. T. Kayser 20 6 ft. 170 lbs. Averages: Age, 92.3, Height, 6 ft. 33 in.: Weight, 165.3 lbs. Freshman Races ST. JOHNS vs. WISCONSIN FRESHMEN BIADISON, BTAY 31, 1907 VVOn by VVisconsin Freshmen Course, one mile. Time, 3 min. 53 sec. INTER-COLLEGIATE FRESHMAN RACE POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y., JUNE 26, 1907 First.. . . ................... Wisconsin Time 9 min. 58 sec. Second.. . . Syracuse Time 10 min. 3 sec. Third ..... Pennsylvania Time 10 min. 4 sec. Fourth .... Columbia Time 10 min. 5 2-5 sec Fifth ........... ....... C ornell Time 10 min. '7 4-5 sec. Course, two miles. Weather conditions, fair. Tide, ebb. 198 1 Champion Freshman Crew, 1907 .,,., ,, ,V , -.4 1,-A ., -. a..,-:,-f.- .-. .w-vi-:..f:,.-as x,+.,at .9f..s.,..,,-:MW-Y.,Wa, ,A sr X: . ....,-wmw--- is-r - V p V " 5 " ' ' .f'1,-31121.irE::4.2-'v":-5:5E'f-:"'QfftiZ'l.'f'1f'1f1ff13ligiE??'3Z5Sf'f':3'. Q-ifsr t ,gW.J,...t.,.,,,-Q-1,-.s11:Q.:,,:,.gg55fsvN,i 'r . i Y 4 '.:v., .. ..n.M,.'a.ieam:r.a5s-f-.-'f.,....J',u.-1rss.-.-v.-5. lt'-.QA A . - rr: , .'..2gp.1.w,1sa- ' . t.. sw... - f - . , I , g ig 1 , "-, I -I Allv 1' :QIV A . J ' if: ' '. :V-vliiitf' ' L I ,ww-..a..A f, -mwa- :W !vj.,1 f-4 I " 35, ' ' 'ifs -1 -- Q . T '- 5 2 1 .. .:ufww. anna- ,. 353, ,J xv , .5 r. M was we """"' JI, c-.ra .1 Q. 1 new J W N 4' . M 'rs P xx ' ' f ' " N 4 'X . X f ' 5 , 1 7 V N 1" 0 2 ff f, if 9' 5 X " A ,r M Q-533.752 Esiiiariv fi? " rf 4 M I f ,, V A A if if ia? . . fs' 3 if It ,. . , ff , , 4 iaef' Q 1' if Q sr ss' it 1 S V ' 'Q -. Q 4 1. 4 il , . san I ' 4. 'N x 1 'N f' R ' ' '.,: , + x ' N 1 . . E QM , A 2 5 I 'f ' 7 ' . 14 7 9 N ' I Q A . . K t , .iv rl cf' 4 - 1 ' .f i L, gyr- J . f . f 9 fm ' 359 F 3 ' ' Q ' Y . it f up gp " ,. , Q ,I N 4 ' ,V z A . f Q v 4 A A A5 2 -. 5 rs, -E ri X N 5 it if 5 ' it 1 9 I . 4 Q . Q 3 K Q 2 ,, X ' -. .2 is C Y X f I ff iv Q H 4 .--if we A Q Sf.: ' f wg iw: . M was was r .VM sea.-,fe R. "f x K.. v.- ' vi' FRESHMAN CREW ON THE HUDSON T Review of the Freshman Crew The career of the 1910 Freshman Crew did not begin under the most auspicious circumstances. There was a scarcity of material, and that which was available was not of the best. The resignation of "Andy" Odea at the close of the 'previous season left the rowing department without a coach, and as one was not supplied until the middle of school year, the coaching which the new men received in the SU! T"""9 .51 gig hh" Vs Q gf-f-'W ffm". l if " .eel . 1 gi gf 3: -5 - 1 1.1 2 It gf' 11,-':2'I,'," ' ,ff '-Tv' 1 1 fi, -F 'is-Q:r2't ' 4 '.'- 'i " .' - 95?-Y' F- 3 ,3,1 'a-:QQ ffi frnhjgfif :J J iii? H 1231 fl f .if si j 53,2 '1 ' 5 ' 'Q .5 15 4, A 'VW .Abt CAPT. MURPHY rudiments of rowing, was given at more or less irregular intervals by members of the varsity squad. At the beginning of the second semester the new coach whom the regents had promised us arrived in the person of M.r. Ten Eyck. The work in the rowing department was immediately reorganized. At the call for candidates for the freshman crew, a larger number turned out than had previously reported, but this material, fair though some of it was, was in a very crude state as far as knowledge of rowing was concerned. The time remaining in which to develop this material into even mediocre oarsmen was very short, but the new coach took hold of it and in time, after his patience was almost exhausted, was gratified to see his efforts produce results. Work on the machines continued daily until the opening of the lake in the early spring, when the men were sent out in the shells. Then began another discouraging, heart-rending period for Nlr. Ten Eyck. Men who had shown more than average awkwardness when rowing in machines solidly fastened to the Hoor, were extremely awkward when in the light unstable racing shells. After splashing about on Lake Melxdota for several weeks, patience and persistence on the part of coach and men tinally prevailed, and the freshmen began to find themselves more at home in the shells, but far from being finished oarsmen. The lack of a coaching launch and unfavorable weather also greatly retarded the progress of the crew in the early spring. What coaching could be done from the boathouse on such days as the weather pfrmitted rowing, was not sufficient to correct the many faults of the new men. The arrival of the new launch gave a new impetus to the work. The crews were put on the water twice each day for two weeks, preparing for the race with St. Johns Military Academy. The work was taken up with 200 renewed interest, and considerable im- provement resulted. The St. Johns race was rowed on May 31st and easilylwon by the Freshmen, but the work of the men was by no means satisfactory, and in spite of all that was done in the in- terval preceding its departure for Pough- keepsie, the crew continued to row in poor form. The Freshman crew that left for the East June 12th was not looked upon as a trophy winner. The training period on the Hudson developed marked im- provement in the hitherto hopeless Freshmen. These men WA'1'cH1NG THE SYRACUSE RACE who had been left far behind by the Varsity on Lake ltlendota, became their equal in mile and two- mile trials on the Hudson. In numerous time trials they rowed over the two-mile course in almost record-breaking time, and as the day of the race approached, the Wisconsin Freshmen were recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the coming event. Although it was not with entire confidence that they rowed out to their stake-boat on the afternoon of June 26th, neither was it with great surprise that they crossed the finish line two lengths ahead of their nearest competitor, capturing the Freshman trophy from the East for the second time in Wisconsin's history. k P. J. MURPHY, Captain. it-" - 3 - A f V , V - V it V. , 'fl-' " 's N ' W , .pr "' M ...,. e,,.,,e, . ,,, ,., , . -. AA': ' Sc"1'1Qi'Y-Y-if .fizgisgi VARSITY AND FRESHMEN ON BIENDOTA 201 E G Q 1- .9 1221 12? c-M , Room 165, Main Hall DECEMBER 5, 1907 V President of the Evening PROGRAM - ORATORI CAL DIVISION Lloyd L. Cook . ."The Defender of John C. Meiners .... David J. Flanagan . . . Arthur A. End .... DRAMATIC DIVISION Lucy A. Case . ....... . Harry G. Abendroth .... S. Lyman Barber .... Fay Vaughan . . . . . "The , JUDGES Professor T. H. Dickinson Professor R. L. Lyman James A. F rear First place in Oratorieal Division awarded to Lloyd L. Cook First place in Dramatic Division awarded to Harry G. Abendroth Q02 ff 03' ..... ... A. H. Johnstone the Constitution . . . . . . . . . . "Representative Government f'The Orator's Cause ................. "Lord Chatham on American Affairs .. "The Hundredth and Oneth Engineer's Story 'The Rivals 'The Swan Story wig em .. Y f f WlSCOHS1HIHtCFSChOl2St1C ffm-.57 is Q Z K 9 j f ' Declamatory Contest Presiding Officer. Benjamin Sias . . . Rudie Mueller. . . Olga Rosenbo' in ..... Caroline Churm.. . . . Charles Penn. . . . I-lollie Lord .... Hilda Horstman .... Mrs. John A. Aylward Mr. Frank Doty Arranged according to rank. RIADISON, MAY 24, 1907 PROGRAM SPARTA SHEBOYGAN APPLETON WHITEWATER SUPERIOR ONTARIO RIVER FALLS J UDGES Mr. Clfarles H. Hall Q03 "George Elliott's Spanish Gypsy , . . . Prof. R. L. Lyman . . . "Old Benedict Arnold" . . . .lATl16 Abandoned Elopernent' . . . "Helene Tliarnre . . "Ballad of the East and West . . . "The Chariot Race "The Race for the La Rue Stakes' Mrs. Reuben G. Thwaites Prof. R. B. Dudgeon 9 as as 99 sa Ju f -sv , 1. 7 71117 x . BFE' 1'-, , A , Aww v- Q !1,..: "'f4',M'. A , 1,5152 'CW yeh: Q 'J u '1:,,,' "hi 'W' -' vin m y w, M-5 b- 3:45. .Af V I "gi M' ivy - N. ,J ' ,1., Wg.,f: 'T '- " ffm, g iff-"',.U1 jffQlH.Ljfvf" ,dh-2 ' f' ' h , 1 r'1'L' ,.11., bmw.. 4- ,, -fs f' ,. .5,:1.QiggJ,:g.,1.,,!,.q, J: V Russell N. Crawford Norman C. Ellis John A. Fryer Charles F. Harding Robert P. Heald Frank A. Hecht Roujet D. Jenkins George A. Flanagan Skull and Crescent FRESHMAN SOCIETY 205 Paul F. Kelly Charles B. McGrath Clifford L. McMilleu Lloyd G. Peters Arch E. Richards William F. Tribe Herbert Underwood Niles Brooks NCR on THE LAKE" Class Rush ll' U , K., A 5 X77 5 X W NN ' WWA X f f? 'WW 4 N, ' ' M 411 "iw vfkwixg WM, W H ' fff 'Qij2fZ'V'f' ff? XXX 'Q I C Wei: If f , 9 ,W f- . fa ' .'..-f G 'fx X X51'f f9f f Az ' ' ' fi J I , A XX-bf ,f ,,.. Q11 j Z H I -41 3 ii! if 51 U 199.6 - Fraternities Phi Delta Theta. Q A 9 .......... ..... 1 857 Beta Theta Pi, B 9 II ......,...,.. ..... 1 873 Kappa Kappa Gamma, K K I' ..... ..... 1 875 Phi Kappa Psi, Q K XII ..... 1875 Chi Psi, X Xl' ,.....,.......... ..... 1 878 Delta Gamma, A 1' ..,... 1881 Sigma Chi, E X ........... 1884 Gamma Phi Beta, 1' Q B. . 1881 Delta Upsilon, A Y ,..... .. 1885 Delta Tau Delta, A T A .... 1888 Kappa Alpha Theta, K A 9. 1890 Phi Delta Phi, Q A Q. .. , . . 1891 Phi Gamma Delta, Q I' A. . . 1893 Pi Beta Phi, II B Q ........ 1894 Theta Delta Chi, 9 A X .... 1895 Psi Upsilou, XI' Y ......,. 1896 Alpha Phi, A Q i.......... 1896 Delta Delta Delta, A A A. . . 1898 Kappa Sigma, K Z ...,.... 1898 Phi Kappa Sigma, Q K E ,... ...., 1 901 Chi Omega, X Q ....,. .. . . 1902 Sigma Nu, E N ........... Alpha Delta Phi, A A Q .... Alpha Chi Sigma, A X Z. . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Z A E Alpha Chi Omega, A X Q. . Phi Alpha Delta, Q A A .... Phi Alpha Tau, Q A T ..... AlphaXiDelta,AE,'A .... Alpha Gamma Delta, A I' A Delta Kappa Epsilon, A K E ...,. ..... Acacia fShin T eth Heb, ........ .... Alpha Tau Omega A T Q. . 1909 1909 1902 1903 1903 1904 1904 .1904 1905 1906 .1906 1908 .1 . , I? ",3"'w-xg , ' ' f' -f" ' 1-r::"?5'ffi If ,. - "7 f v M V0 ' v +'Ei5?!i3fI-Elf' . 31 52222 Ei:t'i22:f:':"1::Qf,2:4554 -, - 11.-" ,U A - ,gy X, . THE r K- - aff, ,uw vw F,.f 1 -- J n I ALUMNI CLUBS ltliami University University of Indiana Central University Wabash College University of Wisconsin Northwestern University University of Indianapolis Ohio Wesleyan University Franklin College Hanover College University of Michigan University of Chicago DePauw University Ohio University University of Missouri Knox College University of Georgia Emory College Iowa Wesleyan University Mercer University Cornell University Lafayette College University of California University of Virginia Waterville, Maine Burlington, Vt. Boston, Mass. Harvard University Providence, R. I. New York, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Schnectady, N. Y. Pittsburg, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Warren, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Washington, D. C. Richmond, Va. Louisville, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Cincinnati, Ohio Akron, Ohio Phi Delta Theta FOUNDED ,yr IIIIAMI UNIVERSITY ROLL OF CHAPTERS Randolph-Macon College University of Nebraska Pennsylvania College Washington and J erferson College Vanderbilt University Lehigh University University of Mississippi University of Alabama Lombard College Alabama Polytechnical Institute Allegheny College University of Vermont Dickinson College IVestminster College University of -Miniiesota University of Iowa University of Kansas University of the South Ohio State University University of Texas University of Pennsylvania Union University Colby College Columbia University , isis Dartmouth College University of North Carolina Williams College Southwestern University Syracuse University Washington and Lee University Amherst College Brown University Tulane University of Louisana Washington University Leland Stanford, Jr., University Purdue University University of Illinois Case School of Applied Science University of Cincinnati University of Washington Kentucky State College McGill University University of Colorado Georgia School of Technology Pennsylvania State College University of Toronto University of South Dakota Butler College Cleveland, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Athens, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Hamilton, Ohio Oxford, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Franklin, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Crawfordsville, Ind. Elkhart and Goshen,Ind. Madison, Ind. Lafayette, Ind. Bloomington, Ind. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Tipton, Ind. Columbus, Ind. Frankfort, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Chicago, Ill. Galesburg, Ill. Bloomington, Ill. Peoria, Ill. Aurora, Ill. La Crosse, Wis. Nlilwaukee, Wis. Menasha, Wis. Minneapolis and St. Paul, lVIinn. Iowa City, Iowa Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Kansas City, Mo. Hutchinson, Kan. Omaha, Neb. Denver, Col. Columbus, Ind. Atlanta, Ga. Macon, Ga. 211 Montgomery, Ala. Selma, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Meridan, Miss. Greenwood, Miss. New Orleans, La. Austin, Texas Fort Smith, Ark. Oklahoma City, Okla. Salt Lake City, Utah San Francisco, Cal. Los Angeles, Cal. Portland, Ore. Spokane, Wash. Seattle, Wash. Tacoma, Wash. Fulton, Mo. Phi Delta Theta WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER Harry L. Butler P. D. Gurnee Louis MCL. Hobbins J. J. Jackson, Jr. R. Jackson R. H. Jackson E. R. Maurer F. A. Parker Walter J . Kemp Frank A. De Boos Henry Halleck Kerr 1857 FRATRES IN URBE Lee Thomas Pond Frwrniss IN FACULTATE E. P. R. Duval F RATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Ralph Edmund Doherty Ralph Roswell Hartley Willialn Verne Bickelhaupt Carroll Owen Bickelhaupt Edward A. BIu'ns William Gross Maurice B. Lamont Ralph Guido Wiggenhorn GR.'kDU,ATE H. G. Winslow SENIOBS JUNIORS Raymond Frederick Storer SOPHOMORES Amos Cleveland Pearsall IPRESI-IMEN COLLEGE or LAW I MIDDLE Allan Leslie Boyden JUNIOR John Seymour Vvinslow Q12 George Keenan, Jr. Walter A. Marliiig L. J. Pickarts W. F. Vilas A. B. Winegar H. G. Winslow L. R. Herrick A. S. McDaniels Pierre August Kypke Robert NI. Laas Lester Lyle Ladd Emmet Horan, Jr. Harold Ford Tanner Sherman John McQueen Charles Blair McGrath Burton Maxwell Pheatt Nathan Sweet Arthur J. Williams Leigh Laurence VVilliams 'known K 15- 3. Lk K PM 'I QW IP'hl T I 4 IH' ,f 'L E: 14 'SZ -Q4 r 'Tl I f '- ' fi ? A Q M l1W"i,iWfIf1f:'Agq14fqy 13:33. nw. 11'lfbfliflffififfflfwaff lim QEEMM'J-5f1f42Q1sasiz1e !QlEf'I!lxfi -1 "ll " ' "ia ? 1f.:,:. :L fel gfzgfn 'Uh f f w E Er! '- wgG2'5?f aw 5' 1 '1 A' JZ? 'fi if1!si'+'f?5fg2 415121 Zffiilfis We M 5 N i'f','! , I 3 Beta Theta Pi Davidson H. Rogers Bellack Slidell Mihills Faville Spellman oys Harding Stroud S. Rogers jones Williams Cottingham Burgess Reynolds Welch Brook Hover Brown Richardson Wegg Stoppenbach Gross Beta Theta Pi FOUNDED Afr NIIAMI UN1vEns1TY, 1839 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Miami University Western Reserve University Ohio University Central College Washington and Jeferson College Indiana University University of Michigan Beloit College Bethany College Iowa State University Wittenberg University Westminster College Iowa Wesleyan University Denison University University of Wooster University of Kansas Colgate University Union College Amherst College Columbia College Cornell University Stevens Institute of Technology St. Lawrence University Boston University Johns Hopkins University University of California Maine State College University of Pennsylvania Syracuse University Dartmouth College Wesleyan University University of Cincinnati Purdue University Case School of Applied Science Vanderbilt University Ohio State University University of Texas University of Nebraska Pennsylvania State College Denver University University of Missouri Washington State University University of Washington University of West Virginia Bowdoin College Wabash College Brown College Hampden Sidney College University of Virginia University of North Carolina Ohio Wesleyan University Hanover College Knox College Davidson College University of Wisconsin DePauw University Northwestern University Dickinson College University of lVIinnesota Yale University Rutgers College Lehigh University University of Chicago Leland Stanford, J r., University Kenyon College University of Colorado University of Illinois Iowa State College Toronto University Oklahoma University 215 Beta Theta Pi ALPHA PI CHAPTER 1878 FRATRFIS IN URBB W. A. Anderson F. BI. Brown, B. L. F. D. Burton F. A. Hutchins, B. L. C. IVI. Conradson, B. BI. E. F. E. Doty, B. L. S. K. Hornbeck, B. A. F. A. Lyman, BI. D. H. WV. Ptidgway K. LaF. Siebecker L. E. Smith, B. A. VV. N. Smith, B. L. A. E. Stevens Howard Bryan FRATRES IN FACULTATE E. Blackwelder, B. A. C. F. Biwgess, E. E. lVI. B. Evans, Ph. D. C. R. Fish, Ph. D. W. E. Leonard, Ph. D. D. L. Patterson, B. S. J. F. A. Pyre, Ph. D. E. B. Skinner, Ph. D. H. L. Smith, A. B., LL. B L. S. Smith, C. E. ' C. VV. Stoddart, BI. A. L. D. Williams, C. E. Frmrnizs IN UNIVERSITATE SENIORS Erwin Yandell Cottingham Tom Ruston Davidson N Alpheus Davis Faville Mark Levins Williams JUNIORS Kenneth Farwell Burgess Donald Ross lVIil1ills SOPHOMORES Schofield Brewster Gross VVilliam Duncan Ricliardson FRESI-IMEN Karl Ormsby Bellack Niles VVinf'ield Brook Timothy Brown Charles Ford Harding, Arthur Emery VVelcl1 Jr. MIDDLE Harlan Bethune Rogers COLLEGE or LAW 216 Paul Wvarsaw hlerica Siunner Barnes Rogers Ray Morris Stroud Benjamin Smith Reynolds Lloyd Pyre Spellman Kemper Slidell David Spencer Wegg, Jr. Vvilliam Tracy Hover Carl Joys, Jr. Frank Emil Stoppenhach Oliver Thatcher Earl Smith JUNIORS Edwin Converse Jones .wg Ill' ,Q , f ' X. 53 .Z I ,Im Q. J J 1 --x 8... f-Q:4,,.W " ' 7 fl ' - V, "'i.'i . MQ ' :, 6,,,5m. 5 m,?:, 162511 A L 4 gg-3 -. gl!!-2: UL , T . , - . J V ' " J L,4,::',.. , gg Whig , A A MN"'e?7f--'U - X - " ff, '-71511. .' f?1,, ' 'F Tij , if1,.a :" j - fgff- 1 H A ,rr 'Lf-'f,zT,,- W ,--114-, .27 ff -f 1 f Q . ' l. , , ylb X 1? at F- '-if, ., Q.. Am, af .Q 2 , . ' ' 5 p kg j . V -.q'f's,f "' f Kappa Kappa Gamma Rietow, A. Harding Van Hiso Currie Challoner Brandt Smith Carter Terry, E. Woodruff Brown Rietow, R. Howe Gorst Kirwan Helms Munson Allyn Terry, C. Babcock Swenson Y Adams Elliott Wright Richardson Crane Veerhusen ALUMINAE Phi ......... Beta Epsilon Beta Sigma. . Psi. ....... . Beta Tau . . . Beta Alpha. V. Beta Iota . . . Gamma Rho Beta Upsilon Lambda ..., Beta Gamma Beta Nu .... Beta Delta . . Delta. ..... . Iota . .... . Mu ,...... . . Eta .,....... Beta Lambda Upsilon .... Epsilon ..... Chi ......... Beta Zeta . . . Theta ...... Sigma .... Omega . . . Beta Mu. . . . Xi. ...... . Kappa. .... . Beta Xi. .... Beta Ornicroni 4 i i i Pi Beta Eta. . . . Beta Pi.. . . Boston, Mass. New York, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. Columbus, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Los Angeles, Cal Akron, Ohio Wooster, Ohio Adrian, hflich. Detroit, lVIich. Bloomington, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Meadville, Pa. Berkely, Cal. Kappa Kappa Gamma FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ACTIVE Boston University . . . , .Barnard College . . . . .Aldelphi College . . . . .Cornell University . . . . .Syracuse University . . . . .University of Pennsylvania . . . . .Swartmore College I . . . . .Allegheny College . . . . .West Virginia University . . . , .Buchtel College . . . . .Wooster University . . . . .Ohio State University . . . . .University of Michigan . . , . .Indiana State University . . . , .DePauw University . . . . .Butler College . . . . .University of Wisconsin . . . . .University of Illinois . . . . .Northwestern University . . . . .Illinois Wesleyan University . . . . .University of Minnesota . . . . .Iowa State University . . . . .Missouri State University . . . . .Nebraska State University . . . . .Kansas State University . . . . .Colorado State University . . . . .Adrian College . . . . .Hillsdale College . . . . .Texas State University . . . . .Tulane University . . . . .University of California . . . . .Leland Stanford, Jr., University . . . . .University of Washington Greencastle, Ind. Bloomington, Ill. Chicago, Ill. Madison, Wis. Milwaukee, Wis. St. Louis, Mo. Seattle, Wash. Columbia, Mo. Lincohi, Neb. lVIinneapolis, Minn Kansas City, Mo. Denver, Col. Iowa City, Iowa Des lVIoines, Iowa New Orleans, La. Henderson, Texas BETA IOTA ' PI ALUMNAE Philadelphia, Pa- San Francisco, Cal. Kappa Kappa Gamma Agnes Bowen Dlrs. Eliot Blackwelder Blrs. O. D. Brandenburg Edna R. Chynoweth Emily Chynoweth Nlrs. John R. Commons Martha RI. Dodge hlartha Fay Helen Fay lllfary Hill lWrs. Charles King hlrs. Charles F. Lamb hfrs. WValter A. lliarling Florence Mears ETA CHAPTER 1875 SORORES IN URBE Sononns IN UNIVERSIT,-XTE Emily Owen Edna Brown Alice Currie Cosalette Elliot Josephine Howe Josephine Crane Laura Edwards Harriet Harding Eugenia Brandt Fanny Carter Agnes Challoner Florence Adams Josephine Allyn Hazel Babcock Frances Helms GRADUATE STUDENTS SENIORS J UNIORS SOPHOMORIZS FRESHMEN Gertrude Richardson J'cDied January 26, 1908. 220 Lois Blain Anna B. Nlosely Florence E. Nlosely lNIrs. John lVI. Olin Jennie Pitman Annie Pitman Ethel Frances Raymer Nlrs. F. C. Reed Delia Sanford hlrs. F. C. Sharp Juliet V. Thorpe lVIrs. Leonard L. Smith Mrs. Benjamin VV. Snow Diary VV. Swenson - Bertha Taylor Ethel Gouvran 'FHelen Munson Rhoda Rietow Edith Swenson Mona Traill Jeanne Kirwan Edna June Terry Janet Van Hise Genevieve Gorst Hope Munson Clara Terry Anna Kurt Rietow Gertrude Smith Vera Veerhusen Mary Woodruff Roe YVright Q W 66 -s 'burr Y' Q V lfff Q3 :Lip P. a h N153-H :sh-'f--2 4 s . A gnfis 554 ., ith 72231 X, ' 'ifrrm' , M-:,i?:,1 A, .,.A., ,, 4. 'Q'- Phi Kappa Psi FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, PA., 1852 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Washington and JeHerson College Bucknell University Dickinson College Lafayette College Swarthmore College Amherst College Cornell University Columbia University Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute University of Virginia University of West Virginia Vanderbilt University Wittenberg College DePauw University Purdue University University of Wisconsin University of Chicago University of Minnesota University of Kansas Leland Stanford, Jr., University Allegheny College Case School of Applied Sci Gettysburgh College Franklin and Marshall College University of Pennsylvania Dartmouth College Brown University Syracuse University Colgate University Johns Hopkins University Washington and Lee University University of Mississippi Ohio Wesleyan University University of Ohio University of Indiana Northwestern University University of Michigan Beloit College University of Iowa University of Nebraska University of California University of Illinois University of Texas ence ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Easton, Pa. Johnstown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Meadville, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. Denver, Col. Duluth, Minn. Kansas City, IVIO. Boston, lVIass. Sunbury, Penn. Los Angeles, Cal. New York, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. Anderson, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Minneapolis, Minn. Iowa City, Iowa Omaha, Neb. Bucyrus, Ohio Columbus, Ohio 222 Springheld, Ill. Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Newark, Ohio Springfield, Ohio Toledo, Ohio San Francisco, Cal Portland, Oregon Washington, D. C. Seattle, Wash. Baltimore, Md. St. Louis, Mo. Phi Kappa Psi WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER Charles E. Buell Dr. Cornelius A. Harper Frank W. Jacobs R. G. Cole 1875 FRATRES IN URBE FRATRES IN FACULTATE Edwin C. Wooley FRATRAS IN UNIVERSITATE Mac H. McCready Nathaniel Elliot Carpenter Sidney Lester Castle Ward Church Castle Milton Johnston Blair Fabian Seekel Brewer Seeley Mathew Brown GRADUATES SENIORS Edward William Walser JUNIORS Sylvan William Wolilrab SOPHOMORES Victor Sauvain Buchanan David Scott Hanchett Harold Leigh Algeo Chester Dillon Baird Addison Michael Dorr David Benjamin Graham Clarence Eugene Head Erling Finch Week FRESHMEN COLLEGE or Law Mmnnn Selden Wallace Rogers Q23 Harry Lea Stanley D. Lyle Percy W. Tracy Edward C. Elliott Guy B. Colburn William Harvey Smith Douglas Scotten Knight Edgar Bassett Washburn William Henry Green Robert Louis Rote James Stacey Thompson John Daniel Van Slyke Harley George Trowbridge Charles Donald Ingersoll Paul Frederick Kelly Arch Eldredge Richards William Wright Scott John Stewart Erastus Appleman Williams, Jr 4 Alpha Pi. .... . Alpha Theta .... Alpha ltflu ,... Alpha Alpha . . Alpha Phi. ...... . Alpha Epsilon .... Alpha Chi ...... Alpha Psi ..... Alpha Nu. . . . . Alpha Iota .... Alpha Rho . ..... . Alpha Xi ........,. Alpha Alpha Delta . Alpha Beta Delta . . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Delta Delta. . Alpha Epsilon Delta. Chi Psi FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ROLL OF ALPHAS . . . , . Union College . , . . Williams College . . . Middleburg College . . . . Wesleyan University . . . . . . . .Hamilton College . . . University of Michigan . . . . . . . .Amherst College . . . . . . . . . Cornell University University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin Rutgers College . . , .Stevens Institution of Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . University of Georgia Lehigh University . . . .Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California . . . . . , . University of Chicago 925 Murry C. Beebe Frank Favel Bowman Chandler B. Chapman George E. Gernon Lucien M. Hanks Stanley C. Hanks lVIarshall W. Hanks Louis Rollins Head John H. Hutchinson Frank G. Hubbard Chi Psi ALPHA IOTA 1878 FRATRES IN URBE Paul S. VVarner FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE - SENIOHS Chester Nels Johnson JUNIORS Herbert Paul Brumder Bruce Vincent Edwards Ralph Wadsworth Wheelock SOPHOMORES Gordon Sands Falk Robert Holverscheid FRESHMEN Arthur Burdette Dunn John lVIalcoln1 Firth Russell Edward Frost Harry Holverscheid William Langdon Kimball 226 Charles F. Lamb Warren lVIontgomery Dudley Montgomery Harry L. Moseley John M. Parkinson Nlarshall NI. Parkinson James B. Ramsey Charles Foster Smith Calvert F. Spensley Louis D. Sumner Arthur August Frank George R. Wlheelock Edward Hollis Keator VVoodhull Irwin Spitler Roy Bates Sanborn Percy Beverly Slater Joe David hlercer Henry Goetseels VVild Walter Fritz Wfinholt e f I f ,ff ff ML' Lf, H 1 f'1" . V ' x "Tw, ,H-M' J' ef A 3:-QL ' 5 4' 4-Af j .,: , .v, :XX 't Y, ' ' " ,,', Nuff W n Q.. u f '-1 N 111-ma -V .- - ' gr---W .K ' , 4: .',,I?' 12 Q L 4' m.75w '9 ' V ik., 67,2 Delta Gamma nfl!-W-re agp, , a B J P C fr N-lllh P9340 if 'Wwe W w Ei 22 H . sf ve ' D , I Taylor Proudlit Brown Hofstetter Anderson Butterfield Dexter Conover Davies Crumpton Thomson Flett Lyle Stephens Davis Vilas Chase Merrill Weed Hulburd Whitney Heilman Crumpton Gulliford Ripley Head Frankenburger Eta ..... Omega Sigma ...A Alpha .... Lambda . , Zeta. . . . Chi. . . Xi ..,. Phi .... Tau. . . . Kappa. . . . Psi ...... Theta .... Upsilon. .. Rho. . . . Beta. . . Iota .... Gamma. , . Kappa Theta. LambdaNu. .... . . Chi Upsilon . Chi Sigma ..... Delta Gamma FOUNDED AT OXFORD, Mississippi, 187Q ROLL OF CHAPTERS . . . . . . . . . . Buchtel College . . . . . . University of VVisconsin . . . . . Northwestern University . . . . . . . . . . . Mt. Union College . . . . . University of Minnesota Albion College . . . . . . . . . Cornell University . . . . University of Michigan . . . . University of Colorado . . . . . . . . . University of Iowa . ........ University of Nebraska . . . Woman's College of Baltimore . . . . . . , . . . ,. . University of Indiana . . . .Leland Stanford, Jr., University . . . . . . . . . . . Syracuse University . . . . . .University of Washington . . . . . University of Illinois . . . . University of California ,ALUWINAE C1-nufrnns Lincohi, Neb. Minneapolis, Minn. New York City, N, Y. ALUWINAE ASSOCIATIONS Psi Omicron. .V . .. ............ ...,.... . ,.. .. Omega Alpha Chicago, Ill. Baltimore, lVId . Omega Rho ..... Tau Zeta . . . Phi Omega. . Alpha Epsilon x 229 . . . . Omaha, Neb. . . . . . lVIadison, Wis. Iowa City, Iowa Denver, Colo. .. . Alliance, Ohio Delta Gamma OMEGA CHAPTER 1881 Sononiss IN URBE Mrs. Aubertine Woodward hioore, Honorary Ethelwyn Anderson Nlrs. Chauncy E. Blake Nlrs. Harry E. Briggs Mrs. Fred M. Brown Mrs. Chandler B. Chapman Florence Cornelius Mrs. Bertrand H. Doyon Fanchon Ellsworth Nlrs. Philip Fauerbach Mary Stuart Foster Lillian Fox Margaret Frankenburger Raymond B. Frazier Charlotte B, Freeman Nh-s. George E.'Ge1-non Ella Sargeant Gernon Blanche Harper Alice Fanny Jackson Bettina Jackson lVlrs. Nlaurice Johnson Maude Lea Mrs. Charles Lyman Katherine MacDonald Frances Main Mary Hamilton Main Elizabeth Bennett Mills Ruth Minor Florence Eugenia Nelson Martha Pound Nlrs. Harry.S. Richards Nfrs. Eugene Sanborn Mrs. Charles S. Slichter Mis. Walter M. Smith Mrs. Calvert F. Spensley Amelia Fuller Stevens lVIrs. Louis D. Sumner Lily Ross Taylor Elsie Thom Nfrs. Carl A. Johnson Kathryn Allen Cornelia Anderson Elizabeth Brown Frances Butterfield May Crumpton Doris Crumpton Avrina Davis Julia Flett Jewell Chase Mary Conover Nlildred Davis Bessie Dexter Amy Young Sononns IN FALCULTATE Sonomss IN UNIVERSITATE snivrons J UNIORS SOPHOMORES Leslie Weed FRESHMEN Dorothy Frankenburger Kate Gulliford 230 Mrs. Frederick Tmneaure Caroline Louise Hunt VVinifred Mierril Ruth Van Slyke Blanche Lyle Katherine Taylor Elizabeth Hofstetter Lucy Ripley Elinor Stephens hiargaret Head LLu'a Heilman Hortense Hulburd Elizabeth Proudfit Elizabeth Thomson hiay Whitney H97 51 X . A' fr' Q ' nk Y 1214 W Q Q? Vff,ik " ' V .,,.,...,.,L QTWTYQQ ,gy CIIQL r Srcmo ' " -"Q' K' 7'i7"'fu22-v , 5' 'Q' ,A-mv W ' 5' ' -' 3 Sigma Chi 'Ay' ll Qtvfjr V 'fs rgv Y i 0 jf 1 7 I iiyv V n5g:g .Gnu ...faniiixv sm.-A .. A 4 Z Hx - - li Minnick Brewer Cudahy Kennedy Wahrer Ross Bartlett, W. Carpenter Conger Holcomb Dodge .Dacy 'Lewis Nickels Crawford True Halliday Bartlett, F. H111 Kleckhefer Hogan, I. Sanders Dow Hogan, D. McMi11en Harnstrom Lamb Bunker Atlanta Baltimore Bloomington Boston Charleston Alpha . . . Beta ..... Gamma .... Epsilon Zeta. . . . . Eta .... Theta ..... Kappa. ..., . Lambda hIu .,.,. ff' Xi ..,.,.,. . Omicron. . . . Rho. ..... . Phi ...... Chi ......,,. Psi. ......... . Omega Alpha Alpha ,.... Alpha Beta ...... Alpha Gamma Alpha Epsilon . Alpha Zeta . . . Alpha Eta ...... Alpha Theta ..... Sigma Chi FOUNDED AT MIIKLII IINIVERSITY, 1855 ROLL OF CHAPTERS University of VVooster Ohio YVesleyan University George VVashington University . . . . Washington and Lee University University of Mississippi , . . . . . . . . Pennsylvania College , . . . Bucknell University Indiana University Denison University DePauw University Dickinson College . . . . . . Butler College . . . . . . Lafayette College . . . . . . . . Hanover College . . . . . . .University of Virginia . , . . Northwestern University ........... Hobart College . . . .University of California . . . . . Ohio State University . . . . University of Nebraska lVIiami University BeloitCollege State University of Iowa . . . .hfassachusetts Institute of Technology Alpha Iota ........ .,........,.. I llinois VVesleyan University Alpha Lambda Alpha Nu. ..... . Alpha Xi ........ Al ha Omicron p ,. . . Alpha Pi. ....., . Alpha Rho ...... Alpha Sigma .... Alpha Upsilon. . . . Alpha Phi .... Alpha Chi ..... Alpha Psi ..... Alpha Omega. . Beta Gamma . , . Beta Delta .... Delta Delta . . . Zeta Zeta . . . Zeta Psi ..... Eta Eta. ..... . Theta Theta ...,. Kappa Kappa ..... Lambda Lambda . . . Mu Mu ..,....... Nu Nu ......... Xi Xi ............ Omicron Omicron. . . Rho Rho ........., Tau Tau ......,. Upsilon Upsilon .... Phi Phi. ....... . Psi Psi ............ ......................... Omega Omega ..... ,............,... ....... . . , . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . University of Wisconsin . . . . . . . University of Texas . . . . . University of Kansas . . . . . Tulane University . . . . . . . . Albion College . . . . . . . Lehigh University . . . . . . University of Nlinnesota . . . University of S. California . . . . , . . . . . Cornell University Pennsylvania State College Vanderbilt University . . . . Leland Stanford, Jr., University ColoradoCollege . . . . University of Itiontana . . . . . . . Purdue University . , . . . . . , Central University . . . University of Cincinnati . . . . . . . . Dartmouth College , . . . University of lVIichigan . . . . . University of Illinois . .... Kentucky State College . , . . West Virginia University . . . . . . Columbia University . . . . University of Missoriri . . . . University of Chicago . . . . . . . University of lVIaine . . . . Washington University . . . . University of Washington . . . University of Pennsylvania Syracuse University University of Arkansas ALUMNI C1-Iarfrnns Chicago Detroit Lincoln Milwaukee Philadelphia St. Louis Cincinnati Hamilton Los Angeles Nashville Phoenix St. Paul-Minneapolis Cleveland Harrisburg Louisville New Orleans Pittsburg Toledo Columbus Indianapolis Manila, P. I. New York Denver Kansas City Memphis Peoria San Francisco Washington, D. C. Springfield Benjamin G. Fernald Rockwell L. Gallup Melville T. Kennedy Augustine H. Ayers Edward A. Cook Rollo L. Lyman Robert B. Scott Ferdinand A. Bartlett Louis H. Conger Michael F. Cudahy Paul C. Dodge James M. Hogan Alfred J. Kieckhefer Loyd Lamb Walter S. Bartlett J. Dwight Brewer Thomas K. Carpenter Eugene F. Bunker Russell N. Crawford Albert S. Harnstrom Sigma Chi ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER 1884 FRATRES IN URBE FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SENIO RS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Frederic L. Walirei' FRESHMEN Raymond Y. Saunders 234: William D. Kerr Walter H. Sheldon Henry H. llflorgan Charles S. Slichter Artluu' W. Smith Samuel E. Sparling William E. VViCl.iCI1ClC11 Nlalcolm J. Halliday Wilbur J. Holcomb Henry A. True, Jr. Robert D. Lewis A. Nlorril lVIinnick C. Burton Nickels Thompson Ross George H. Dacy George L. Dow Herman Roehling C. Laurence Hill Dana J. Hogan Clifford L. lVIcMillen Gamma Phi Beta cgm me-wirxa Ka QSQLQREZ EGQP' O if 75' L W Y ll RN I 3345522 u S : :zu 6 R . Aw Q Q Wilson . Driver Terry More Winslow Wright Perkins Smith Ry Carey Barnes, D. Martin Horan Kru y H g McMillan Houser Clark f arre ewe I' 11 N 11 C St Alpha . Beta. . . Gamma Delta. . Epsilon Zeta. . . Eta .... Theta . Iota ., . Kappa Lambda lNIu .... Gamma Phi Beta FOUNDED Afr SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874- Chicago Syracuse Boston Denver . . . . . . . . Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. . . . . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. . . . . . University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. . , . . . . . . . Boston University, Boston, Mass. . . . Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WVon1an's College, Baltimore, Md. University of California, Berkeley, Cal. University of Denver, Denver, Col. Barnard College of Columbia Univ., New York City University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. , . , . . . . . . . University of lvashington, Seattle, Wash. . . . . . . . Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Cal. ALUWINAE CHAPTERS 237 New York lVIilwaukee San Francisco Minnesota Mrs. Charles Allen Mrs. E. A. Bredin Gamma Phi Beta GAMMA CHAPTER 1884 Sononns IN URBE Mrs. Thomas Brittingham Miss Jennie Davis Bliss Illa Dow Ruth Alice Allen Hazel Driver Lenore lVIargaret H Ethel Baugh Clark Adelaide Krumrey Beatrice Barnes Dorothy Barnes hlarie Alice Carey Bess Farrell Norma Haugen O1'3,I1 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE SENIORS J UNIORS Grace Steiner SOPHOMORES Gertrude Wriglit FRESHMEN Elizabeth ltiarguerite Newell 238 NTIS. Stanley Hanks Nlrs. Helene Nielson Miss Henrietta Pyre Bliss hiildred Pyre lVIrs. Charles Stoddard Anne Dodge Martin Helen Elizabeth Smith Maude Lenore Terry Allison More ltlargaret Elizabeth Ryan Winifred Coon Hazel Houser Florence Edythe Mcltlillen Louise Perkins Irene Wilson Emily Bradley Winslow Eilvlffz ' V x!.0 71K --1"Q I ' - . ' ?1:'??1 :f U ' ,A S E ,.,,., 'f Q28 SQ QQ! My 'W :ig Fw, 75 , wo M ws, ,FQ Wzrg -9 L 0 'Wfp fy Q -44, 4' 47157-4 5' if Q ' J7 ,QQ1bz:zs"'f' 2D24 PA ' M W .KW 6 21 4540 471 fyfivdu in ci' ,N I f , f 17 1 J, aw 1 if gt X ,f"": ,,f X f' W N x X 4+ 1 fij . 10-. ' 5 '- J, .N I if ,fx ' .f 'X flm f 5 Q A P' ' - V-.- 2 1 A 355- ' O0 - ""':32i' ' " - A ""A' . Q , -vz fff P- v m : ... Q '50 N , -, 5 ,. R., -Z, '::- fy . -1 ,498 V fggizs ' , f' if-fjf,rf'A Lia if img " cw 4 -- GW IQ? F 'ff fr A 7? 4 a .ff S fsw H10 ,- gh ., iff? tp -,Z .I fwfr. 955149, aiu f 4+ V ..,f ,. 37850 f Delta Upsilon l sawn? vnu- Q---1 -r A, QQ gin fl 71350 1' 'Wwe ' gk yy y yy A 7 5 I N w r w N Z' V S ' 5 PP ' ' 6:2 , Brunow Hetzel ' Hill Dreutzer Clark Bate C l man Freeman Balch McGraw Moritz Ordway Hefty -Tung Riley Reed Van Derzee Melcher Coorseu Curtis Hunner Gross Smith Simonds Karrow L I' bvre Scluanck Elmore Byron Wlilliams College .... Union College ..... Hamilton College ,... Amherst College . . . Adelbert College . . . Colby University. ..... . Rochester University. . . . . lvliddlebury College . . . Bowdoin College. . . . . Rutgers College. .. . Brown University .... Colgate University. ......... . Delta Upsilon FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ....1834 ....1838 ....1847 ....1847 ....1847 ....1852 ....1852 ....1856 ....1857 ....1858 ....1860 ..... ....1865 University of the City of New York ....... 1865 Cornell University. ......... . ltlarietta College ..... Syracuse University .... University of Michigan. Northwestern University ... .... 1869 ....1870 ....1873 ...21876 .........188O Harvard University. . . , University of Wisconsin Lafayette College ..... Columbia University ..... .... Lehigh University . . . Tufts College. ..... . DePauw University ,......... .... University of Pennsylvania .... .... University of Minnesota ...,............. Massachusetts Institute of Technology .... Swarthmore College .................... Leland Stanford, Jr., University ..,. . . . University of California University of Nebraska McGill University. . . . . University of Toronto .,.. . . . University of Chicago. . . . . . . Ohio State University. . . . . . . University of Illinois. ....... 1905 1880 1885 1885 1885 1885 1886 1887 1888 1890 1891 1894 .1895 1895 1898 1898 .1899 .1901 .1904 Charles E. Allen, Ph. D., Wisconsin, '99 Willard Bleyer, Ph. D., Wisconsin, '96 Harold C. Bradley, Ph. D., California, '99 William B. Cairns, Ph. D., Wisconsin, '90 George C. Fiske, Ph. D., Harvard, '94 Edward Kremers, Ph. D., Wisconsin, '88 Clarence C. LeFehvre, B. A., Wisconsin, '07 Gustave Grover Blatz Charles Loomis Byron Thomas Rudolph Hefty John Willigrod Balch Alfred Freude Coleman Louis Arthur Coorsen Elbert Eric Bates Walter Theodore Brunow Camillo Clark William Chapman Elmore Manfield Stephen Gross Eugene Brookings Ralph Dorn Hetzel Carl Ebbe Dreutzer Delta Upsilon WISCON SIN CHAPTER 1885 Frnrrnns IN URBE Frank L. Drake, Wisconsin, '00 Eugene A. Fuller, Wisconsin, '05 Ralph W. Jackman, Wisconsin, '97, John P. Mallet, Tufts, '94 Rev. H. A. Miner, Williams, '53 Charles O. O'Neil, Wisconsin '96 E. Ray Stevens, Wisconsin, '93 William G. Walker, Colgate, '66 Harvard Law, '00 FRATRES IN FACULTATE William H. Price, A. B., Tufts, '01 Frank O. Reed, A. B., Amherst, '99 Paul S. Reinsch, L. L. B., Wisconsin, '92 George C. Sellery, Ph. D., Toronto, '97 Chicago, '99 Walter lVI. Smith, A. B., VVisconsin, '90 Benjamin W. Snow, Ph. D., Cornell, ,85 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SENIORS George Bradbury Hill Austin Gove Melcher Herbert Rumsey Simonds Gould Whitney Van Derzee JUNIORS Hale Haven il-Iimner Ernst Jung Alonzo Benton Ordway Leathem Daley Smith SOPHOMORES John Huss Curtis Courtney Dodge Freeman Theodore Worcester Reed FRESHMEN Kenneth Ross Hare Ferdinand Meinecke, Jr. Charles James lVIoritz Henry Schrank COLLEGE or LAW samons W. Don McGraw Miles Charles Riley MIDDLE Herman Henry Karrow 242 XX ' I , ,Chi ,, 1.y.x t P',jf V .xy ,433 W 3.7 , -N Er: -iaifffff, Delta Tau Delta 1- cl gg me-msgs 5,1 Qfsggggzg B f S O ir X, -f' fp tb I G 73,81 Y XXQN of yr a s a .fm Edmann Blackburn, P. Simpson Gosling C G ' onron regory Kmd Kerr Daubner Hecht Brown Rehm Harlow Harlhnger Johnson Blackburn, R. Luder Thomas Delta Tau Delta FOUNDED 1859 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ACTIVE Southern Ditrisimz Lambda . . . ......... Vanderbilt University Pi .......... ,...... U niversity of hiississippi Phi .......... Ivashington and Lee University Beta Epsilon EmoryCollege Gannna Iota . . . . . . Ilfeste Omicron. ..,....,........ University of Iowa Beta Gamma. ....... University of Wisconsin Beta Eta. ..... .... U niversity of ltlinnesota Beta Kappa . University of Colorado Beta Pi ..... Beta Rho . . . Beta ..... Delta ..... Epsilon .... Zeta. . . . . Kappa . . Mu ....., Cln ..... Alpha ...... Northwestern Unix erslty Gamma Ixappa i Stanford, Jr,,Ilniversity e North. . . . . . . . . . . Ohio University . . .University of Michigan . . . . . . . . . Albion College . . . . . . . . Adelbert College . . . . . . . . . . Hillsdale College Ohio Wesleyan University .. . . . . .. Kenyon College Beta Iota .... University of Virginia Beta Theta ......,.. University of the South Beta Xi. .......,......... Tulane University Gamma Eta. . . George Washington University University of Texas rn Division Beta Tau .... Beta Upsilon . Beta Omega . Gamma' Alpha Gamma Beta. Gamma Theta rn D'iv1Ls'ion . . . . University of Nebraska . . . . . . . . . . University of Illinois . . . . . . . University of California . . . . . . . . University of Chicago ...Armour Inst. of Technology ............ Baker University .. University of ltlissouri Beta Alpha ,.... ......... I ndiana University Beta Beta .... .......... D ePauW University Beta Zeta .... .... U niversity of Indianapolis Beta Phi ..., ...... O hio State University Beta Psi .........,........ Wabash College Gamma Delta . . . University of West Virginia Gamma Lambda ........., Purdue University Eastern Division ........ .. Alleghany College Gamma. . . IVashington and Jefferson College Nu. ...................... Lafayette College Beta Omicron ..........., Cornell University Omega ........... University of Pennsylvania Beta Chi. ...... ......... B rown University Beta Lambda .... ....... Le high University Beta Mu. ...........,...,. Tufts University Rho. ........ Stevens Institute of Technology Beta Nu . . Massachusetts Inst. of Technology Upsilon. ........,... Rennsalear Polytechnic Gamma Gamma. ........ Dartmouth College Gamma Epsilon . . . . . . Columbia University Gamma Zeta .... .... W esleyan University New York Association Chicago Association Cincinnati Association San Francisco Association Philadelphia Association Ntilwaukee Association Cleveland Association Boston Association ALUMNI CHAPTERS Pittsbtug Association Atlanta Association Indianapolis Association Twin Cities Association Association of the Far East Toledo Association St. Louis Association - Puget Sound Assoc. 245 Richmond Association Detroit Association Jackson Association New Orleans Association Columbus Association Washington Association Los Angeles Association Aurora Association tkDeceased. Delta Tau Delta' BETA GAMMA CHAPTER S. Earl Driver Joseph Reese Edwards Charles Gilbert Riley George Corey Riley 1888 FRATRES IN URBE Samuel T. Walker FRATRES IN FACULTATE Matthew S. Dudgeon Ralph McCoy FRATRHS IN UNIVERSITIATE GRADUATE Birney Davis Spradling sEN1oRs Walter Arthur Rehm JUNIORS 3kAndrew Daniel Shankland Frederick George Brown soPIIoMoREs Harlan Rosegrant Amen Arthur Gosling John Amerphol Harlow Edwin Nye Johnson FRESHMIJN Paul Blackburn Ralph Blackburn Irving Henry Brown Thomas William Conron Herbert Andrew Daubner Roland Reed Alfred Thomas Rogers Edward H. Smith Sanford Putnam Starks Nissen Peter Stenjem John Louis Kind Arthur Frank Luder Verazano Kerdolff Simpson John Dobson Thomas Samuel Kerr, Jr. Lyman Scott McConnell Spaulding Peck ltiyron Hawley Tichenor, Jr Herbert Walter Eidman Paul Gregory August Bernard Harlfinger Frank Abner Hecht, Jr. Lloyd Gleason Peters Q46 X Kappa Alpha Theta FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UN1vEns1TY, 1870 Iota . ..... . Lambda . . Chi ......... Alpha Beta . . . Alpha Delta ..,. Alpha Epsilon . . . Alpha Zeta. . . . Sigma .......... Alpha Kappa. . . . Alpha. . . . Beta ...... Gamma .... Epsilon .... Eta ...... Biu ........... Pi ............. Alpha Gamma . . Alpha Eta ...,.,. Delta. .... . Kappa. . . . . Rho. . . . . Tau. L . , . Upsilon. . . . Psi. ....... . Alpha Theta . . Alpha Iota .... Phi ...... Omega ..., Gamma Alumnae Eta Alumnae .. . . Nu Alumnae ..... Alpha Alumnae. . Epsilon Alumnae. Zeta Alumnae ...... Mu Alumnae .... Kappa Alumnae . Lambda Alumnae .... Beta Alumnae. . . Delta Alumnae ..... Xi Alumnae ..... Iota Alumnae .... ROLL OF CHAPTERS ALPHA DISTRICT CornellUniversity . , . . . University of Vermont . . . . . . . . . . Syracuse University . . . . . . . Swarthmore College . . . . Woman's College of Baltimore BETA DISTRICT D ELTA DISTRICT GAMMA DISTRICT ALUMNAE Q47 . . . . . . . . . Brown University . . . . . . Barnard College . . . Toronto University . . . . Adelphi College . . . . . . . . DePauw University Indiana State University ........ .. Butler College . . , . . . . Wooster University . . . . University of Michigan . . . . . . . Allegheny College Albion College . . . . . Ohio State University , . . . Vanderbilt University . ..., University of Illinois . . . . . . University of Kansas University of Nebraska Northwestern University University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin . . . University of Texas VVashington University . . . Stanford University University of California . . .. New York, City Burlington, Vt. ... . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . .G1'6CDC2Stl6, Ind. . . . . Columbus, Ohio . .. . Indianapolis, Ind. . . . . .Cleveland, Ohio . . . . . . . . .Pittsburg, Pa. ...........Athens,Ohio . , . . .lVIin11eap0lis, Minn. .......Chicago, Ill. . . . . . Kansas City, NIO. . . . Los Angeles, Cal. Kappa Alpha Theta vi, my' Y - ze- Q'-'1 - 7 h, 2655! '7 on' Liam 61 VSBZQYZ E,-Qp' C O 'Q ix ,NB I Taylor Brown Mac Conville Harper Halliday I Fritz Jacobs Hutchinson Hughes K M 1' k G Sabx C1 l'l1 E C1 l'11 C Abb t D d enney exc , . n murcu , . murcn , . ot o ge Martin Eyland Caradine Peacock Me1ick,M. Wohlenberg josten Peabody Donaldson Camp Kappa Alpha Theta Mrs. Charles E. Buell Mrs. Victor Coffin Elise Forsythe Dexter Helen Leonard Gilman lVI1'S. Eugene Allen Gilmore Mrs. J. Crawford Harper Helen Kellogg PSI CHAPTER 1 890 SORORES IN URBE Mrs. Francis Craig Krauskopf ' Charlotte Eleanor Wh Frances Nlaclntosh illrs. Balthasar Henry Meyer Mrs. John M. Parkinson Blrs. E. Ray Stevens. Pauline Wood Shepard lllrs. Ernest Brown Skinner Blrs. Andrew Robison Whitson Dorothy Elaine White ite Soaon IN FACULTATE Ellen Alden Huntington Soaom-:s IN TJNIVERSITATE GRADUATE Anna Rachel Camp SENIORS Florence Mary Brown Ethel Elizabeth Churchill Charlotte Amelia Churchill Ethel Ernestine Sabin JUNIORS Elva Jane Caradine Alyce lylarguerite Melick Jean VVatt Donaldson Gladys Ennor Melick Margaretta Eyland Marion Grace Peabody Erma Louise VVohlenberg SOPHOMORES Eveline Patience Abbott Helen Hutchison Helen Josephine Dodge , Frances Isabelle Kenney Edna Mae Hughes Ethel Rose Taylor I FRESHMEN Adah Eleanor Fritz Hazel J osten Lewise I-Ialladay Marguerite McConville Hester Harper Elsie Augusta Martens Hester A. Jacobs Leila Irene Peacock 249 ?'.,i.g4. , 'f fl , , " "" - ::E:. -'4. . 'X R ,J-.fg. I !A.5?,q1,f:. I M We a Z - , t ' f5?'?-si at "V 'fix' , Z - fig, ist., ,V ,'-argl: 'K ' K I xg.L 'f: .,.. x , 1 ,2 1 Q., 'V 7- 7 PM - ' t'Ag - 'rn -"ff "' 2 ...,.-:"55z5, ., f , fv,.-,,-.-an-m. 'V 11:5 ',5:,:2-N fz',.-:v:y:fQ-- ,MG --,S V HI, "V " -Rf" . ' fi. 5 ,,,, "W: J 'gl,,l1z'A,.Lf 'u VH, " G fy " 16? A ,Vi . Ii , -, , 2 ' V 5,-"3 ' Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or BLIICHIGAN, 1869 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Kent .... ..... I lniversity of Michigan Booth . . . ...... ..... N orthwestern University Story .... .................. C olumbia University Cooley .... ............ W ashington University, Mo. Pomeroy .... .... I' Iastings College of Law, San Francisco Marshall. .... ......... G eorge Vlfashington University Webster .... ...,............... B oston University Hamilton .,.. ..... U niversity of Cincinnati Gibson ...... . . . University of Pennsylvania Choate. .... ........ H arvard University Waite .... ........,. Y ale University Field .... .... N ew York University Conklin. . . . ....... Cornell University Tiedeman. . . . .... University of Missouri Minor ..... .,... U niversity of Virginia Dillon . . . ..... University of Minnesota Daniels .... . . . Buffalo Law School, Buffalo Chase ........ University of Oregon Harlan. .... . ..... University of Wisconsin Swan ..... ..,............,... O hio State University Lincoln . . . ................... University of Nebraska Osgoode . . . ..., Law School of Upper Canada, Toronto Fuller . . . ........... Chicago-Kent College of Law Miller ..... ......,.. I .eland Stanford, Jr., University Green ....... ................. U niversity of Kansas Comstock .... ..,................. S yracuse University Jay ...... McClain .. . . . . . .... Albany Law School, Union University ............,.....Universityoilowa Dwight .... ............. N ew York Law School Foster ..... ........... I ndiana University Ranney ..... Western Reserve University Langdell. .... ........... I llinois University Brewer .... .......... D enver University Douglass. .... .... I lniversity of Chicago 9.51 Phi Delta Phi '9 me-wi-H wgq Qsggziig N 1 v i xx i Y X-ll bf' 4' x vwfl ' lvftlf v Q . ? Y 9 7 P i iirrr no rrrrl A rrrrri i dm Boyden Hannan Mills Galbraith Foley Rogers Riley Gardner Gauerke Ferry Wolfe Wiggenhorn Stengel Conlon Hetzel Murphy Dohmen Whitney Goldschmiclt Stroud Gruenewulcl Donnelly Dreutzer Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi J. H. Carpenter Bertrand H. Doyon Sephus E. Driver lvl. S. Dudgeon Frank L. Gilbert Paul Gurnee Harry Hewitt William T. Kelsey William A. Klatte Frank W. Lucas . John S. Main Voyta Wrabetz HARLAW CHAPTER 1891 FRATRIQS IN URBE FRATRES IN FACULTATE Robert lVI. Bashford, BI. A., LL. B. W. W. Cook, LL. BI., A. BI., A. B. Stephen W. Gilman, LL. B. Robert Bruce Scott, Ph. P. FRATRES IN IlN1VERSITATE Lawrence N. Conlan Robert P. Ferry Allan Boyclen Carl E. Dreutzer Ernest J. Galbraith J. David Gardner John W. Gauerke Arthur H. Gruenewalcl Fred VV. Dohmen Emmett A. Donnelly William J. Goldschmidt Peter J. Blurphy SENIORS MIDDLES JUNIORS William Frawley Hannan 253 Vroman Mason Henry H. Morgan Fred S. Peterson Charles F. Riley Alfred F. Rogers Victor E. Rogers John B. Sanborn Samuel T. Swansen Earl Tillotson William F. Vilas Samuel T. Walker John M. Winterbotham Burr VV. Jones, LL. B., NI. A. John M. Olin, LL. B., A. BI. Harry S. Richards, Dean Howard L. Smith, A. B., LL. B James D. Foley Ralph D. Hetzel George F. Hannan Carl N. Hill Miles C. Riley Harlan B. Rogers Ralph G. Wiggenhorn Hubert O. Wolfe- Thomas E. hlills Alvin L. Stengel Ray M. Stroud Wildon F. Whitney Phi Gamma Delta FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ACUVE Washington and J eflerson Colleffe University of Alabama DePauw University Bethel College Gettysburg College University of Virginia Allegheny College Hanover College Wabash College Columbia University Illinois Wesleyan University Washington and Lee University Ohio Wesleyan University Indiana University . Yale University - Ohio State University University of Pennsylvania University of Kansas Bucknell University Wooster University Lafayette College University of Texas Wittenberg College Knox College University of Michigan Denison University University of California William Jewell College B GRADUATE Lafayette, Indiana Dayton, Ohio New York City Toledo, Ohio Seattle, Washington Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Windsor, Ontario 255 Colgate University Lehigh University Pennsylvania State College Cornell University Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Minnesota University of Tennessee Richmond College Worcester Polytechnic Institute Johns Hopkins University N ew York University University of Wisconsin Union College Amherst College Leland Stanford, Jr., University Trinity College University of Illinois University of Nebraska University of Maine University of Missouri University of Washington Dartmouth College Syracuse University Abelbert College Purdue University Brown University University of Chicago Iowa State College Cincinnati, Ohio Denver, Colorado Indianapolis, Indiana Chicago, Illinois Lincoln, Nebraska St. Joseph, Michigan Milwaukee, Wisconsin Phi Gamma Delta '7 fQ'Ei'E'WfLa Ka VSRLZSYZ EW" C O -r' fav ll w 2 I lx W' l w 'A 92 N A . S Q.. A Q 2.83 , C ' I Shaffner Marshall Swzisey Traver Trousclale Drew lVlcConville Sprague Fer-ry I Powell Bollenbeck Donnelly Talbot Fox Bennett Whittier Knuppel Needham Smith Bissell Pfiffner Nicholson Miller Tarbox Wilcox Glennon Rankin Lewis Schorer Phi Gamma Delta BTU CHAPTER 1893 FRATRES IN URB E Charles Edwin Barker Wayne Doty Bird FRATRES IN FACULTATE Karl Ormund Burrer Charles Warren Hill William Spaulding Kinne Otto Louis Kowalke Edward Alsworth Ross Charles Austin Tibbals, Jr. Alexander Newton Winchell F RATRES IN UNIVERSITATE GRADUATE Leonard Griffith YVallis sENIoIzs Benjamin Franklin Bennett Arnold Ewald Knuppel William Joseph Bollenbeck William Boyd Miller Robert Austin DeCou Oscar Charles Schorer Edwin Gordon Fox Roy Maxwell Talbot Charles William Tarbox ' JUNIoRs Harold Winthrop Drew Percival Harford Nicholson Edward Charles Glennon Hiram Smith Rankin George Terence McConville James Ray Whittier SOPHOMORES Paul Williams Landsberg Daniel Ward Powell Emory Miller hlarshall George Eldon Schaffner lVIaurice Hubert Needham Henry Albert Sprague FRESHMEN Clement Willia.m Bissell Charles Mark Drinkwater Harmon Lewis Henry Evans Smith Th eodore Thomas Buell Arthur Morton Swasey Chahner Boorman Traver Paul William Trousdale Howard Van Brunt Wilcox COLLEGE or LAW SENIOR Robert Phillips Ferry MIDDLE JUNIOR Joseph Roe Pfiffner Emmett Archibald Donnelly 257 K 1: -- .. Q ' """ -' .-mx.. ' ' ?'n.j'51,:.g.:g-.-Q I ,F ' waiwpf ' '1'-:2fE- gg W' 4 1 11565, . 5.-If--: ...llxlj ' Rpm , ,. ..., , xx- -Mug, , ' A fi -.X Jin. iffv-fy' Ii' al- is iifvlzif - 4'-'..5' 519 iyirwa, -Qt. 2-,1-. ., f WF: , 412.43 a S ' - - 1 412' . 57 X ,Q .. EA ' "'5""5' . ra w J X ,f v ww ff ' 'l n , A - 4 I .-1. . -Qa- I ,M ' P - 'ax 1.-. , ' JJ Pi Beta Phi FOUNDED AT MONMOUTI-I COLLEGE, 1867 Vermont Alpha ,.... Vermont Beta ....,. Columbia Alpha ...,. Pennsylvania Alpha. Pennsylvania Beta.. ROLL OF CHAPTERS ALPHA PROVINCE . . . . Middlebury College . . . .University of Vermont . . . George Washington University . . . ........... Swarthmore College Pennsylvania Gamma. . . New York Alpha ..,.. New York Beta ..... hiassachusetts Alpha hlaryland Alpha ..,... . . . Ohio Alpha ..,.. Ohio Beta ...... Illinois Beta .... Illinois Delta ..... Illinois Epsilon ..... Illinois Zeta ...... Indiana Alpha. . , Indiana Beta ,.,.. Indiana Gamma .... Michigan Alpha .... Michigan Beta ....i Wisconsin Alpha .... Iowa Alpha ..., Iowa Beta ..... Iowa Gamma ..,. Iowa Zeta ...,... Minnesota Alpha. . . Itiissouri Alpha ..... Nlissouri Beta ....,. Louisiana Alpha .... Kansas Alpha ...... Nebraska Beta ..... Texas Alpha ..... Colorado Alpha .... Colorado Beta ...... California Alpha .... California Beta ...... Washington Alpha. . . . . . .Bucknell University . . . . . .Dickinson College Syracuse University . . . . . . . . .Barnard College . . . ............ ,Boston University BETA PROVINCE GAMMA PROVINCE DELTA PROVINCE 259 VVoxnan's College, Baltimore . . , . . . , . . . Ohio University . . . . Ohio State University . . . . . . . Lombard College KnoXCollege . .Northwestern University . . . . , . . Illinois University . . . . . . . Franklin College . . . .University of Indiana University of Indianapolis Hillsdale College ..University of Michigan . University of IVisconsin Iowa Wesleyan University . . . . . . . .Simpson College . . . . . . .Iowa State College Iowa State University . University of Minnesota . . . . University of Missouri . . . .Washington University . . . . . . . Tulane University . . . . University of Kansas . .University of Nebraska , . . . . . . .Texas University . . .University of Colorado . , . . . . .Denver University Leland University . . .University of California .University of Washington Pi Beta Phi . QZQBZ T - E. g1-'1. - 1 wwf '7 cg' Skim fl VSRWQ 3949 M 7 mfs: W '-x V M -O0 V'l Hall -is ler a en 0. ser O6l'l'1CI' CL ELI' C O ClT1Zll'l 1' l M G p K y W P Cl k C l I Holmes, Emily Waterman St I: Burnham Mac Adam Fitc 1 I l Stavrum gs Holmes, Edna. Baldwin Volk Moser H l M Pi Beta Phi WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER Miss Edith Barber Mrs. W. W. Daniells lllrs. H. K. Bassett Anna Blackburn Marguerite BIu'nham Constance Haugan lWrs. NV. G. Kropf 1894 PATRONESSES Mrs. M. V. 0'Shea Sonomcs IN URBE ' Mignon Wright SOROR IN FACULTATE Elizabeth Elliott Atkinson Sonoaiss IN UNIVERSI'FATE GRADUATES lVIargaret Beaumont Stanton Bessie Rachael Coleman ltlary Frances Hall Edna Dorathea Holmes Dorothv lXIarie Burnham Helen Fairchild Fitch Jane Gapen ' SENIORS Esther Aletta Stavrum J UNIORS Lucile Byrne Waterman SOPHOMORES Genevieve Prudence Clarke Ada Baldwin Mary Browne lVIarion Holmes Esther Kayser Lisette Kathrine VVoerner FRESHMEN Charlotte Warden Q01 hlrs. WV. S. lNIarshall Nlrs. D. C. hlunro lths. R. L. Lyman Cora N orsman hlrs. Paul Reinsch Helen Stearn Iva YVS-lsh Alice May Volklnan Emily Evelyn Holmes Ruth Leland Jennings Hildred Daisy lVIoser Marie Gregory Helen Morton Heath Stella O. Kayser Edith Janet Fisher Ada hiac Adam Harriet Maxon Effie C. Paine Edith Josephine Viles lVIartina ltlarsh , SIX-, 5 f 'QM R ."5'1f?t : . . ,wwww1,K 0 55,53 . ,. ,, ww W ...Q '-"5 "".V-1 ! ,AWK ,X 54 , TW" Yes f . 1 My MX 'H Q, ,' x ,J , r ll x J- ,, , 'A -v, -' . 3 16.-. Pz?mwfeQu1f,fw wQEfnJK" QMh a rv, , 'iif f D V 3.7 G " I ..-X 15,612 if WW . if M ,ff X V 5-nf' ll, O, ,, ' -. u-...LJ - ' 1 ' 6. ' . . , , - .ff , . --LE.:L:5::-- ' , - '- ' M' ' l"1'.'1 ... A-.L ' A i ' 'f' ,. ., ' X -' 'J uf. -.IL A 2417- .,. " F-fi.-x , N' -' L. 5 A' 'gwfww' .xfwg ' R Beta ..,......... Gamma Deuteron. , . Delta Deuteron .. . Epsilon .,....... Zeta. ......,... . Zeta Deuteron . , . Theta Delta Chi FOUNDED AT 'UNION COLLEGE, ROLL OF CHAPTERS 18-L8 V - - --.-..-.-.-.-............ .......,.. C ornell . . . . . . . . . Michigan California . . . William and Mary Brown ............lVIc:Gill Eta .............. ...........,................. B owdoin Eta Deuteron ....... .............,...... Theta Deuteron ..... .... Massachusetts I . . Leland Stanford, Jr. nstitute of Technology Iota. . ............. ............................. H arvarcl Iota Deuteron . . . Kappa. ........ . Lambda .,.... Mu Deuteron . . . Nu Deuteron . . . . Xi Omicron Deutron Pi Deuteron. . . . . . Rho Deuteron .... Sigma Deuteron .. Tau Deuteron .... Phi ........... Chi Chi Deuteron .... Psi .......... I 1 I 'oaiiegelii ........,...W1ll1ams Tufts Boston University ..........Amlierst Lehigh Hobart ..........Dartmouth the City of New York Columbia Wiscoiisin Nlinnesota . . . . . . . . . . Lafayette College University of Rochester . George Washington . . . . . . Hamilton College 263 Theta Delta Chi IAVII IlgQlv'y1v"s.r'rxY Q lniyv 5 ' he-4.1.1sa:vz...1s.f Fla, :-: 1 .Q' Z Ilnr' 15 ii :" 4452! . A Thickens Post Kayser johnson Fryer Sprmger I Tlpton Rossbach Swenson Hanan Buchanan Robertson, J. Buehecker Hendley W1lmHDS Robertson, A. McKenney Halverson Rosholt Goodnow Theta Delta Chi SIGMA DEUTERON CHARGE 1895 FRATRE IN U RBI2: John Parker Gregg Frank lxessenich, Jr. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Stephen llloulton Babcock, Ph. FRATRES IN IJNIVERSITATE SENIORS Albert Israel Buchecker William Frawley Hanuan Herbert Lee Post John Herman Thickens JUNIOR Ernest John Springer SOPIIOMORIQS Paul Hyde Buchanan ' Andrew Robertson I FRESHMEN J olni Almeron Fryer Albert Charles Goodnow Kenneth Bovee Halverson Arthur John lvilinanns COLLEGE or LAW MIDDLES George Francis Harman JUNIOR Leo Maurice Tipton 265 Christian Roman Kayser Oliver lVI. Salisbury D. James Brownlee Robertson John Nicolas Rosholt Victor George Swenson Carl Theodore Kayser Albert Julien I-Iendley Perry Osgood McKinney Clement Astor Rossbach James Albert Johnson M r asx ' f bm f u il " 7 S ME I c27'V4"f '3i?'. 1 :QQ ffl BY? Q' x 29 e as a ,- 1 15 5' , 3,9 ' ' like-"-E" 4, ' ' ' V--4' .23 '.-r!r:2r::- 4 x " ' j: - . -7'5jQ'E' iff'-1-11' w f , 'LQ 'W' ' 4 ,V .-21122255 .frv 2. . "1 " ' A2 ' 45,9 44, 1 ' . I-4-9 ' V , 3' N ' N ., . . .zip us' 'K "1 ' sms - 2 . '. ' ,, . . ,V K, 1,4 , . . 4. i-Ia .. . 4 sugary' , a aye- 45 'K ::f3'g1::-1. . 6,51-, --- h w-'fx' .- I- . V: '-:" "ili..,.1. ,LJ M . x 155' ,". .?- w- '4P"'., ' -'gg-P , 1' Q ' x?4' :rf 5 fZ.,., '- A' , f ze . r L Theta ,... Delta. . . Beta ..,. Sigma .... Gamma ..... Zeta. .... . Lambda .... Kappa. . . , PS1..... Xi Upsilon. . . . . Iota ...... Phi ..... Pi Ch' 1 .......... Beta Beta. . . . Eta. ....,.. . Tau. .... . Mu ..... Rho. . . . Omega . . . Epsilon ..... Psi Upsilon FOUNDED AT ,UNION COLLEGE, 1833 ROLL OF CHAPTERS . . . , . , . . . . Union College . . . . New York University . . . . . . . Yale University . . . . Brown University Amherst College . . . . Dartmouth College . . . . . Columbia University . . . . . . . . Bowdoin College . . . . . . . Hamilton College . . . . . . Wesleyan College . University of Rochester . . . . . . . . Kenyon College . . University of Michigan . . . . Syracuse University . . . . . Cornell University . . . . , . . . . Trinity College . . . . . . Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania . . . . University of Minnesota 267 . University of VVisconsin . . . University of Chicago . University of California Psi Upsilon RHO CHAPTER 1896 FRATRES IN URBE George Krogh Anderson Chauncey Etheridge Blake Charles Ruggles Boardman John Henry Bowman Oscar Dalzelle Brandenburg Henry Casson, Jr. Herbert Edgar Chynoweth John Eckley Daniells Bertrand Herrick Do 'on J Rev. Richard Henry Edwards lVIorris Fuller Fox William F. Vilas FRATRES IN FACULTATE BLu'r W. Jones VVilliam Stanley Nlarshall FRATR1-:s IN IJNIVERSITATE SENIORS VVebster Anderson Brown Bradford Alden Wvhitney JUNIORS Howard Lombard Beye William Matthew Bertles Frederick Sarles Brandenburg Carl Jefferson Cunningham VVilliam VVard Davidson SOPHOMORES Charles Paige Bray Stephen Gilman Donald Bassett VVright FRESHMEN Lawrence Lyford Beye Robert Pinkerton Heald Donald Rumsey Gooding Frank Keiver Pineo 268 Carl Albert Johnson Hobart Stanley Johnson Matuice Ingult Johnson Charles Adelbert Lyman John Smith Main Vroman Mason William Bacon Roys Eugene Hiram Sanborn William Edward Smith John Coit Spooner John Miller Winterbotham Calvin Athol Stedman Julius Emil Olson Edward Thomas Owen George Green Wilder John Sharpe Skinner John Hutchins Dodds Sidney Cleveland Haskell Raymond Carl Wieboldt Aloys Hugo Wohlrab Earl William Quirk Irving Wallace Vvhitmore Chapin Roberts Herbert Underwood Herman Helm Veerhusen Edgar Carpenter Yvilson fw-. " W4 w 1 A 2 "' !.x"' 14. Q ,i ,.,f Mfg, F ff: 1,'1f'5"'h"A , ,cf Q. wf w ,MM - ' 0,ov. 1 ,1- ff I I , vrf , 'iy:i,-1, a 4 -sf-, My J 6 3.2 "',n. ,,.. .f Q-,XA f ,- W aw, y v if ,war f , ,V'1Q,1 , , 'N -' ' ff-"" -, ., 0, M,5:"5,1w ,,j3:L: V v,: -Lf,'gJ:.,,f,,,.g,j5 ' M -' Q .m V LM- , ,-ji' 'vi ..,' -7' . f u .fc x f Alpha Phi ' ' is 12. .QED " .--:zafifi 'QEP?5i1s:w-.-- . K A ' ,sxi'lh,S2? ' p A f 'r 14 Ex 5 :xg Lcesley Roberts Hennes Faueett Scribner Holthoff Greene Roehm Underwood V Plank Schneider Hildebrand Barr Fzwille Adams Comstock Wilkins Cranbrook Wyman Hildebrand Hildebrand Gillett Persch Roehm Alpha Phi FOUNDED AT Sraixcusn UNIX'ERSIT1', 1872 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ACTIVE Alpha . Beta. . . Gamma Delta. . . . . ............. Syracuse University, . . . . . Northwestern University, . . . . . . . . . De Pouw University, . . . ....... Cornell University, Epsilon. ..,. ........ U niversity of Minnesota, Zeta. . . . .... VVOH13-11,5 College, Baltimore, Eta ..... ,.....,.... B oston University, Theta .... ...... U niversity of Michigan, Iota .. . . ......... University of Wisconsin, 1872 1881 1887 1889 1890 1891 1883 1892 1896 Kappa. . .. ..., Leland Stanford, Jr., University, 1899 Lambda, , , , ....,... University of California, 1901 Mu ,,,,,, ......... B arnard College, 1903 Nu. ..., . . . University of Nebraska, 1906 Xi ,.,. ..........,.. U niversity of Toronto, 1906 , ALUMNAE Chicago Alumnae Southern Alumnae Central New York Alumnae Western New York Alumnae Boston Alumnae Detroit Alumnae New York City Alumnae San Francisco, Cal., Alumnae 271 lVIrs. Frank Edsall lVIrs. Richard Ely Anna Birge Edna Harrison Ono Imhoff Irene Osgood Alpha Phi IOTA CHAPTER 1896 PATRONESSES lNI1's. Eugene Updike Sononns IN URBE Lulu VVellman SORORES IN FACULTATE lNIa.ry Hickman SoRoREs IN UNIVERSITATE Frances F aucett Ruby Zaidee Hildebrand Florence M. Barr Amy Comstock Eunice Genevieve Greene Lois NI. Owens . Hazel C. Hildebrand Ray Elizabeth Holth0H Carolyn Adams Helen C. Cranbrook Florence Faville lVIarjorie B. Gillet Wilma C. I-Iennes SENIORS JUN IORS Ella Blarie Wyman SOPHOMORES Alice Underwood FRESHMEN 272 Mrs. Rodney Fox Nlrs. Edward Owen Harriet Pietzsch lVIrs. Frederick Roe Julia Smith Anna DuPre Smith Mrs. Cora S. Woodward ltlarie Kasten Edith Shatto Florence C. Roehm Mary lvlargaret Roehm Sarah G. Thatcher Alma Lee Vvilkins lVIarion Roberts Cora Virginia Schneider Eva Hildebrand liildred Irene Leesley Adele lVIarie Fersch Josephine A. Plank Gladys C. Scribner I xl ,L r f Y M,,, 72 www' Mfr ,l k JM ,fx riwmagi Tm, MM ' I qw ru x V Wir, "mi P, r 'W , N sux ,R X fyA'.?Y,.W:., W . Am- ' iQ -jgm ,1H qv , 13 -V ,lx 7'l3f'1'-W . "Nik H. 5Y5Q , V 9 gf A W A W w e vu '+ f:sf,', 2 yu .1 'w '1,4fssQ ,: r4'5M?f' ., -'Q- . Avw x f -41' 5.7 44 M 1 V ,y 5QSfp'1l,, -am 511, W 1, W wg wc, . M .., ' Q .y fm W fy'f..,n7 'wH win, x , WL f?'fLMffM ': W I. "W1.MJ,': W' w 4 'f -f.MWg.' f nf! 4,1 ,.yvY',1f'1-Wi- W,-Uv' 5? '- "4x5C'ZJ?L:'1+ ' .i1J an My i ,-4. -,M,,qW- Y'M1:,flL! W 4 Iv W 2!! : 5, - WW? , 1'5" l v n . - Y W" V W1 L! ' L :' Delta Delta Delta 'AVI "?l"l' yy 1'-5I'u' Y 3 , 1117 1 v -wvrv v '. "lf-AEELQQK-v1.15-ff 'Q-3vE':QE1'.i'W" ' .. it .-., A .let... W, W ..,, N ,1,.l t,l, M D ,,,,,,,,,-M,-,1Q?U f . Ex s li johnson, N. Macomber Constantine Willis McComb Hilpertshauser Fitzpatrick Confer Bewick Boorsen Murchison Prescott Burnham Twining Thursby Parmelee johnson, M. Dunwiddie Sears Theobold Wheeler Alpha .... Beta .,...... Gamma ...,. Delta. . . . . Epsilon . . . Zeta. . . . . Eta ...... Theta .... Kappa ..... Lambda Mu ....... Nu X1 Omicron. P1. ....... . Sigma ..... Upsilon. Rho. Psi. Tau. Chi ....., Phi ........ Alpha X1 .... Beta Zeta .... Alpha . . . Beta ..... Gamma .... Delta. .... . Epsilon .... Zeta. . . . . Eta ...... Theta ..... ' ' n. Om1c1 o Sigma .... Rho. . . . . Mu ..., Delta Delta Delta FOUNDED AT BOSTON UN1v13Rs1'r1', 1888 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ALLIANC ES F275 . . . . . . . . Boston U11iversity . . . . St. Lawrence University .......... Adrian College . . . . . . . . . Simpson College .......,....,KnoxCollege . . . University of Cincinnati . . . . University of Vermont . . . U11iversity of hlinnesota . . . . University of Nebraska . . . . . . . . . . Baker University . . . . University of Wisconsin . . . . . . Ohio State University 'Won1an's College, Baltimore . . . . . . . . Syracuse University . . . . University of California . . . . . Wesleyan University . . . Northwestern University . . . . . . . . . . Barnard College . . University of Pennsylvania . . . . . . . Bucknell University . . . . . . . . University of Iowa . . University of Mississippi . . . . . . . . . .Randolph-Macon . . . .Kentucky University . . . . Boston, Mass. . . . Canton, New York , . . . Adrian, Mich. . . . .Indiano1a, Iowa Galesburg, Ill. . . . . . Cincinnati, Ohio . . . . . . . Burlington, Vt. . . . . lNIin11eapolis, lNIinn. ......Syracuse,N. Y. . . . .lXIiddlet0n, Conn. . . . . New York City . . . . . hladison, Wis. . . . . . . . Denver, Col. . . . .Los Angeles, Cal. Delta Delta Delta MU CHAPTER 1898 Sonomzs IN URBE Blrs. John Corscot, Jr. Airs. John Bell Sanborn Hhs. Louis R. Herrick Nlrs. Samuel T. Swanson lXIrs. Ray Owen Mrs. Samuel Weidman Sononizs IN FACULTATE Florence Eliza Allen Sonornis IN UNIVERSITATE lVIa1'y Bewick Alice Julia Borresen WVinifred Carr llaconiber Ethel Roinelia Burnham Lillie Hilpertshauser Vila Erna lAICCOIT1b SENIORS JUNIORS Nina Johnson sornomonns FRESHM EN Hazel Van Scoter Constantine Grace Sue Dunwiddie Margaret Johnson 'Winifred Elizabeth Wlillis Kathryn Nora Bagan 276 Hettie Maria hlurchison Diary Reynale Parmelee Blonte Josephine Theobald Edna Lorene Confer Kathryn Elizabeth Prescott Edith Lenore Wheeler Edith Amelia Sears Phoebe Anne Twining Helen Gertrude Tlnusby Genevieve Catharine Fitzpatrick 4. Y' C,Q5,.-1 Zyxgc 1' ,. 4-.-'f-I xt v 1 4, , L., '7 f FQ W ao :il New , K u h f , K VIIV - 214. 111' ::, A Q- ,fi as X 4 :2 3 ,wi v I -'44 , , ,. , A . b f ff . .. ' V za. V-.--:-P: , N A fr" , X ,, nv 1 '-f.fqf651f,: !...:2??1 Q uae:-. 'fi-Q24 Q1 ' 3 A' ,. 6 11:1 Q ?E'.f5 I, ffnfggs 3,15 ' 3 . , f ff" H ,:.+,,g2'g ' - '2 f- Y W A . .:- - :..-1-'.-12:1 .- . ' 'fyffk X Y -.27 M1121 ml E.: f 2-5 134 .1 , I ,. " auf- ff- J I' A111 fix-vi I 171,91 ffl-P ll, org- f0fb 1 ,ss Q2 1 X 231 , 'om fs, 91 Q? 4 2 'i",,. if ' ff.. ,, ' ,, 1 K ,ig M- G x '5 y A f K 1 , Q Q M E8 ff . A . 4' 1 'V X v. Y I ex Q J 4 8 ak y 4 x Ns? ,, ,A 4. N x J f f f 4 f , J . A K 4 'bs K Y z., f . , J ' " 'f ' ' K Us f ,- ,ved 511 f ' -A2-1 6+ '- ? , '41-fl' V ' '- ,--'Lv -: .:.f 1 ..f. :,3 N: '- ,, . - "3 ' 3 1.,-Mfj'1fEi, Kappa Sigma Y - S 5 . 19, A ' 5 993 a ' 0 Osthoff Wallace Birkett Fucik Caldow Mann Mercein McComb Priestley Bonesteel Wright Falk Scudder Roeht Kissling Witherspoon Thompson Stiles White Crusoe Besley Simpson Fisher Becker Baumbach Beta ...... Gamma ..... Delta. . . . . Zeta. .... . Eta ......,.. Eta Prime .... Theta ...... Kappa Sigma FOUNDED AT TI-Ie LINIVFJRSITY or VIRGINIA, ACTIVE CHAPTERS . . . . . . . . University of Alabama Louisiana State University . . . . . . . . . Davidson College . . . . University of Virginia . . . . Randolph-Macon College . . . . . . . . . . Trinity College . .... Cumberland University Iota. ....,. ........ S outhwestern University Kappa. ............... Vanderbilt University Lambda ........,... University of Tennessee lXIu .......... WVashington and Lee University Nu. ..... ....... . 7. X1 ..... ..,. PI Sigma ..,..... Williams and hlary College . . . University .of Arkansas . . . . . Swarthmore College . . . . . . . Tulane University Tau. ................... University of Texas Upsilon. ............ Hampden-Sidney College Phi ..... Southwestern Presbyterian University Chi ........., Psi. ...... . . . Omega ...... Alpha Alpha. . Alpha Beta. . . . , . . Purdue University . . . . . . University of Maine . . . . . . . University of the South . . . . . . . University of lVIaryland . . . . . . . . . . . . Mercer University Alpha Gamma. ......... University of Illinois Alpha Delta. . Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta. . . Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania . . . . . . . University of Michigan Alpha Eta .,,., George Washington University Alpha Theta . Alpha Kappa. Alpha Lambda Alpha IVI u .... Alpha Nu. . . . Alpha Pi, . . . Alpha Rho .. . Alpha Sigma . Alpha Tau .. . Alpha Upsilon Union University . . . . . . . . . . . . Cornell University . . . . . . . University of Vermont . . . University of North Carolina VVofford College ........... VVabash College . ,,........ Bowdoin College . . . . . . . . . Ohio State University Alpha Phi. , . . . Alpha Chi ..... 1367 . . . . . , . Bucknell University . . . . Lake Forest University Alpha Psi ....... .... U niversity of Nebraska Alpha Omega. ...,.... William Jewell College Beta Alpha. ,.... ...,.,.. B rown University Beta Beta. ............... Richmond College Beta Gamma. .... . hlissouri State University Beta Delta . . Ivashington and J efferson College Beta Epsilon ........ University of Wvisconsin Beta Zeta ..,,, Leland Stanford, Jr., University Beta Eta. .... . Alabama Polytechnic Institute Beta Theta. ........... University of Indiana Beta Iota .....,.......... Lehigh University Beta Kappa . . . New Hampshire State College Beta Lambda ,......... University of Georgia Beta Nlu. ........... University of Minnesota Beta Nu ,...,. . . . . Kentucky State College Beta Xi. ........ . . . University of California Beta Omicron .... Beta Pi ...... University of Denver . . . . . Dickinson College Beta Rho . ............ University of Iowa Beta Sigma ........... Washington University Beta Tau ................. Baker University Beta Upsilon . . North Carolina A. Sz INT. Col. Beta Phi. ..... Case School of Applied Science Beta Chi. ..... . Beta Psi ...,,..... Missouri School of Mines University of Washington Beta Omega. ...........,.. Colorado College Gamma Alpha. . . . . . . . . University of Oregon Gamma Beta. ..... .... U niversity of Chicago Gamma Gamma. . , . Colorado School of Mines Gamma Delta . . llflassachusetts State College Gamma Epsilon .......... Dartmouth College Gamma'Zeta .......... New York University Gamma Eta. ..... .... H arvard University Gamma Theta. .......... University of Idaho Georgia School of Technology Millsaps College Gamma Iota ..,... ..... S yracuse University Gamma Kappa ...... University of Oklahoma ALUMNI CHAPTERS Boston, Mass. Richmond, Va. Chattanooga,Tenn. Buffalo, N. Y. Washington, D. C. Covington, Tenn. Ithaca, N. Y. Concord, N. C. Jackson, Tenn. New York, N. Y. Kinston, N. C. Philadelphia, Pa. VVihnington, N. C. Nashville, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Scranton, Pa. Atlanta, Ga. Columbus, Ohio Danville, Va. Birmingham, Ala. Louisville, Ky. Lynchburg, Va. lVIobile, Ala. Pittsburg, Pa. Newp0rtNews,Va. lVIontgomery, Ala. Chicago, Ill. Norfolk, Va. Savannah, Ga. Danville, Ill. Q79 Indianapolis,Ind Milwaukee, Wis. Fort Smith, Ark. Kansas City, Mo. Little Rock, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. St. Louis, BIO. Jackson, Miss. New Orleans, La. Ruston, La. T exarkana, Tex.-Ark. Vicksburg, Miss. Waco, Tex. Yazoo City, Miss. Denver, Col. Salt Lake City, Utah Los Angeles, Cal. San Francisco, Cal. Portland, Ore. Seattle, Wash. Kappa Sigma BETA EPSILON CHAPTER 1898 FRATRES IN URBI3 D4-:Witte Dudgeon Baskerville Vililliani Henry Lighty Harry Nlclienna Melvin Johnson White FRATRES IN FACULTATE Scott Holland Goodnight Robert Mcslrdle Keown Arthur Herbert hliller FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE GRA DTJATES Arthur Charles Kissling Harold Joslyn Besley llliles VVI'enn Birkett Rolf Orlando Falk Ross Kenneth McComb Frederick Louis Baumhach Lloyd George Bonesteel George lVellington Crusoe Robert Alexander Fucik George William Caldow Victor Sophus Falk Carl Devore Johnson Karl lllowry Maiiii SENIORS JUNIORS John David Wright soI'HoIIoREs Albert Ray 'White FRIZSHMIQN COLLEGE oif LAW JUNIOR Frank Whitney Fisher Q80 Charles Schley Mercein Roland Blackstone Roeln' J anies Frederic Simpson Eugene Edwards Wallace John Walter Becker Oscar Paul Osthoff J aspar Edgar Simons Frederick Bailey Stiles Glenn Wlood Priestley Charles hlorrison Scudder JYill John Thompson Burton Harris YVitheI'spoo 11 'h -ff' , -1.1. W Eff ff l, Q 1+ ,f iff: '7ZK".7f.j7?,5'4-f' , 721- s , " ff f ' " , :1:' ' 21'-' 15 ' ,U K af- ,- - . ff' w ,. ,: - ' '- ,f' f 1 " A- -, .., 1:'g-ff A ,, NIM 5, P,-. Y .mm k ,X , 1 I., 'Cmik:yg..g : ,lwfgiw V, H , M 5 -,Jilin J ' 1 if " '?' M , V L 'A QWf":-' rw 'H . - mf?-,em ' ' Kmwfl U I ,W f',fg"g'-,, , V . M :J I W ' - A -, JJ " A 1' ' V' 'V fl, my W I, V-S AW r if 'Qpvf mynv, - ,fain ' - -. . Nrm-' Phi Kappa Sigma FOUNDED AT UNIVBRSITX' or PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 Alpha . . Delta. . . . . Epsilon . . . Zeta. . . , Eta ...,. Iota.. . . . ltlu ..... Rho . . . Tau. . . . Upsilon. ,. Phi ...,..... Psi. . ....,.. . Alpha Alpha .,... Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta. . . . . Alpha Epsilon .... Alpha Zeta. .... . Alpha Theta .... Alpha Iota .... Alpha Kappa. Alpha Lambda. ' ' ' ' Alpha Mu .... Alpha Nu. . . . Alpha Xi ..... Alpha Omicron' i D Alpha Pi. ...... . Philadelphia Pittsburg ROLL ' OF CHAPTERS ACTIVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . University of Pennsylvania . . . . Washington and Jefferson College Dickinson College . . . . Franklin and Marshall College . . . . . . . . . . University of Virginia . . . . . . . . . . Columbia University . . . . . . Tulane University . . . . . . University of Illinois Randolph-Macon College . , . . . . . Northwestern University Richmond College . . . . . . . . Pennsylvania State College . . . VVashington and Lee University University of West Virginia UniversityofMaine , . . . Armour Institute of Technology . . . . . . . . University of Maryland . . . . . . . University of Wisconsin . .... Vanderbilt University UniversityofAlabama ...........,..... University of California . . .. hlassachusetts Institute of Technology . . . . . . . . . . . Georgia School of Technology Purdue University . , . . . University of Michigan . . . University of Chicago ALUMNI Richmond Chicago Baltimore New Orleans New York 282 Phi Kappa Sigma ALPHA TH ETA CHAPTER 1901 FRATRES IN FACULTATE John Givan Davis hlaeli James WVebster Wfatson FRATRES IN UNIVIQRSITATE sEN1oRs Charles Sumner Larsen JUNIORS Edward Marcotte Ball Orson Clarke Gillett Frank Arthur Newton hilyron Wood Sherman soPHoMoREs Edward James Fisher Richard Puls Watke FRESHMEN Dexter Eli Andrus Gerald James Coxe Lloyd Matthews Guidinger William Canterbury Howe Loi lis Frederick Vlleinhagen 283 Louis E. Reber Earl Loren lNIeDougal Roy Enoch Noyes Alexander William lllorga John Ostrander Shaff Konrad Foeste Schreier Elbin Justinius Vicain s Thomas Henry lVIorgan Arthur Herbert Noyes Raymond William Schoen Jesse Edward T heobald Q I7 'Z-1 J '3Q,5!fE. . lg- "Bn , K cf . 1 , ..,, . , . ,.1, , m mf "x 'D ' an ng? A M 'KQV 1 'L N -. 'kxrn -'x x gba. 'V f- Q' ,bkf W Ia wr ,vw ,x Z, 'GT' 'H xx -as Q9 X me -., A if Lf K SQCK 0 Q' 4:5:eW 'vw , MQ- X rv S, 11, .J N ,M , Q X f X yyvf -' t I rj' L 'vi fr Rs f ,J ,. f Y va Q af i mx? 7 N f , , K C 31 1 ' x sf-a,,,Q X 52? 1 . M.-.-.. . . .1 . , v...,.-F , I 'f'i'L" sf' .. ' :Qu -- . .QQ-,. -N n - 1 'MN L , ' V , ,-,HQA Q-if 1, 1 , F K f fr X -F R' V " -,,?f:x,9 3 -' 3 G' '+P Q T sf if m' ' 1451" , Mk' - L " 51 'Wi ' , . 1 m "2 51' EN "F fn ' , fr ff55'7:" - M- "W ,, V - ,.f32f:1f , f 4125 A 21' ' 'Hit' a t . X Psi: Clu ...... Upsilon . . . Tau. . . . . Sigma . . . Rho. . . . . Pi ......,. Omicron . . . Xi .....,. Nu. .... . Blu ........ Lambda Kappa .... Iota. . Theta . . . Eta .... Zeta. . . . . Epsilon .... Delta. .... . Beta ........ Phi Alpha. . . Fayetteville, Ark 'Washington, D. Atlanta, Ga. Lexington, Ky. Oxford, hliss. Chi Omega F OUNDED AT ARKANSAS UNIVERSITY, 1895 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ACTI VE . . , . Randolph . University of Arkansas University of Kentucky . . . . . . Union University University of ltlississippi -Biacon WVonian's College , . . . . Tulane University University of Tennessee . . . University of Illinois Northwestern University University of lVisconsin University of California . . . University of Kansas . University of Nebraska . . . . University of Texas West Virginia University University of lNIichigan . University of Colorado . , . Columbia University, Barnard College . A . . . Dickinson College Colby College . . . George Yvashington University ALUMNAE or-IAPTERS C. ' New Orleans, La. Q85 Knoxville, Tenn. Chicago, Ill. Kansas City, Mo. New York City, N. Y. Texarkana, Ark. Chi Omega H-H-wig sq vswz gf jp 4 C 0 4, why PM 1' 'ws W 'fi I ? s - - 5 , 333- 5 5 2.63 a I Gilchrist Moffatt Mrs. Sandberg Dahle Jonasen Pease Fordy Sh tt k Williams Luce Melans ' Cochrane Kindschi D hl M I ll W lk B 11 Stevens P ker Eschenburg Stevens.V X 1 . Louis Rollin Head Blrs Mfrs. Storm Bull Genevra de Cou Mrs. lllrs. Alva Jeanette Melaas Leta. Lucele Stevens fAva Luella Cochrane Halley Anna Pease Marion Bissell Lulu Dahl Grace Gilchrist Lillian Jouasen Agnes Dahle Anita Eschenburg Chi Omega NU CHAPTER 1902 PATRONESSES Frank Gaylord Hubbard Mrs. Edward Rose Maurer Sonomzs IN URBE hirs. Anne R. Tracy SOROR IN FACULTATE lllrs. Inga Sandberg SORORES IN UNIVERSITATIQ SENIORS Louise E. Walker JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Q87 Mrs. George Keenan Nlrs. Amos Arnold Knowlton lVIrs. Elizabeth Walker Pudor Mrs. Robert G. Siebecker Velma Sylvester Stevens Velma Hersey Vinal Mary Elizabeth Nlofliatt Mable Elizabeth Wilhams Alta Kindschi Mary Maude Luce Florence Marshall Frances Ermine Shattuck Katluyn Margaret Fordyce Adah J une Parker ,Jn x W' ' L vagal' 1 P mmm my , P x n yfwnvwy .1 "5 1 2 4143345 , VW E its-W Em Nxt- Q 'R 'X 6335 X ,wwlx 4 X X-Kg wr 4' W u "fm Q W 'L x, ' s 'fp n Nw. X uf A , v w A, Q W " R ' jx ' 4 MMU R ,,-szfirgff. ' 1 fs ? 1 f "Qf ff: vw:-ig ngxv. V '14 -P' "Vw :if , , ::3 W?1,5FV Y . Q . 1'? ,' , , .?!7: Z M95g'FV":-'f'W7fL , '5fM.,"'m' 'fs 'X.. gg " A H 'T-t., Am .. ' ,t ,- , ,x, ., .M ,kv -. '-"wh--V - --M .- x1:521f'M 'F f. -a , -, wfX.qg',- .-M., 1-were , ' w ,-.-mtv-vw .wx .I ,ww t Na, . ,umfifflw - 'v ,fw ' 8 mg -nh1W":, X- -' W1-vcy X' 1 Qi n . 5-YK . . CGM-. 11: , ' .QW . 4 2 wi w:':P?qnfJ V- ' -x,?iw J -- xg -" ' w , .31 F . .b 3, , , -,,,. . JE" T1 'X 395: JH il ffm- ' nw C, K . ' is 'ww' .A X Y V, M: mi. Q wx? - '- " ' , . I I- Q - mg." X fi N 1- N WW Y gm w Mvia. Sigma 'Nu FOUNDED AT Vmoinm Miuriiav INSTITUTE, 1869 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Syracuse University Leland Stanford, Jr., University Washington and Lee University Alabama Polytechnic Institute University of Texas Lombard University Emory College University of Illinois Rose Polytechnic Institute Nlissouri State School of Mines University of West Virginia Nlissouri State University University of California Northwestern University VVil1iam Jewell College University of Chicago DePauw University Tulane University Purdue University Mercer University University of Indiana University of Alabama Vanderbilt University Ohio State University State School of Kentucky University of Minnesota Albion College North Georgia Agricultural College Case School of Applied Science Stevens Institute of Technology Colorado State School of Mines University of North Carolina University of Oregon Iowa State College Bethany College University of Arkansas University of Pennsylvania North Carolina A. and M. College Georgia School of Teclmology University of Washington State University of Iowa University of Michigan Vvashington University University of llontana Cornell University La Fayette College NIL Union College Lehigh University University of Vermont University of Georgia University of Colorado University of Virginia Louisiana State University Kansas State University Howard College University of Wisconsin Dartmouth College Columbia University New York City, N. Y. San Francisco, Cal. Chicago, Illinois Seattle, Wash. Baton Rouge, La. Cleveland, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. Davenport, Iowa Lexington, Ky. ALUWINI CHAPTERS Denver, Colorado Atlanta, Georgia Kansas City, Mo. ltlilwaukee, Wisconsin Boston, Mass. Columbus, Ohio St. Louis, Mo. Louisville, Ky. Toledo, Ohio Wheeling, VV. Va. 289 Salisbury, N. C. Portland, Oregon Des Moines, Iowa Pueblo, Colo. Birmingham, Ala. Shelbyville, Ky. Dallas, Texas Charlotte, N. C. Pittsburg, Pa. Sigma Nu W 1 1 YZ argrd. AS A Aura n Q Timm Quigley Schuetter Keho Myers Freeman Culver Godfrey Hiblmrcl Doud Jones Green Rightor Blssell Trxbe Kachcl Bundy Barker Schoetz Olds Pattison Fuller Sigma Nu GAMMA LAMBDA CHAPTER 190Q FRATRES IN ITRBE Faraday Henry Bernhard Arthur John Hughes VVilliam Frederick Kachel Chauncey Rex YVelton FRATRES IN FACULTATE ClXZL1lCS Henry Ambler, A. B., West Virginia Gloyer D. Hancock, A. B., VVillianI Jewell VS Illlfim Otis Hotchkiss, B. S., Wisconsin Fr rncis Craig Krauskopf, A. B., Indiana XVITIGH Judson hlead, B. S., Yvisconsin Ray Sprague Owen, B. S., Wisconsin Au ustus James Rogers, Jr., A. B., Wisconsin FRATRES IN WUNIVERSIT.-RTE GRADUATIQ Don D. Lescoliier SENIORS J UN IORS Clarenc Addison Hibbard Forest Henry Staley soPHoMoIn2s Harold Charles Freeman FRESHMEN Lawrence Merrill Baldwin Robert Dickinson Green COLLEGE or LAW sismon Maximilian Schoetz, Jr. MIDDLE VValter Henry Timm Q91 Percy Harold ltlyers Charles Alvin Jones James Joseph Keho llorgan lXIa.rtin Pattison Chester Edward Rightor Paul Swan Godfrey Howard Arthur Olds VVilliam Joseph Quigley Robert Louis Schuetter William Frederick Tribe Alpha Delta Phi A F YV -"' - , IZ 'liz Q55 K 9 ,s3t"l14 f M L 1 Bickel Knowlton Nash Warren Stephenson Dinet McKey Foster Boyd Sherman Dyar Steffen Brandel Williams Barr Slade Quarles Storr Potter Barnet McMillan Reed Hamilton . . . Columbia . . , Brunonian Yale ...... I Amherst .... Hudson. . . . . Bowdoin. . . . . Dartmouth. . . Peninsular Rochester.. . . Williams. . . . 1VIanhattan. . . Nfiddletown . . Kenyon. .... . UH10D...,.. Cornell ...... Phi Ka a pp . . Johns Hopkins Minnesota .... Toronto ...... Chicago ,.... 1VIcGill ..... Wisconsin. . . , Alpha Delta Phi FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 ROLL OF CHAPTERS . . . . Hamilton College, Columbia College, . . . . Brown University, . . . . Yale University, . . . Amherst College, . . . . . . Adelbert College, . . . . . . . . .Bowdoin College, . . . . . . . Dartmouth College, . University of Nlichigan, . University of Rochester, . . . . . . . . . . Williams College, . . . . College City of New York, . . . Wesleyan University, . . . . . . . . Kenyon College, . . . . . . . Union College, . , . . , , . Cornell University, . . . . . . . Trinity College, i . . , . .i .D :Johns Hopkins University, . University of lilinnesota, . . . . University of Toronto, . . . . University of Chicago, . . . . . . . McGill University, . . . . University of Wisconsin, 293 1832 1836 1836 1837 1837 1841 1841 1846 1846 1851 1851 1855 1856 1858 1859 1869 1878 1889 1891 1893 1896 1897 1902 Alpha Delta Phi WISCONSIN CHAPTER 1902 FRATRES IN URBE Charles Stuart Sheldon FRATRES IN FACULTATE Richard Theodore Ely Charles Pelton Hutchins J olm Charles Freeman Frederick William Roe Otis Arnsden Gage William Amasa Scott James Olin Reed Stanley Nlayo Boyd Eugene Augustus Dinet Oliver P. Watts FRATR1-:s IN UNIVERSITATE GRADUATE Philip Arnold Knowlton SENIORS Sidney J. Wvilliams JUNIORS William Archibald McMillan Floyd Fairman Barnet Harold Leroy Bickel SOPHOMORES VVilliarn Gilbert Sherman FRESHMEN Laurence Marshall Barr Hugh Huntington Dyar Harry Neil Knowlton John Lathrop Slade ' 294 Willard L. Stephenson Henry Capron Quarles Lyman Allen Steffen Frederick liflontgomery Storr Harry McPherson Brandel Harry Llewellyn Foster Douglas Francis McKey Garret Barry Nash Edward Jesse Potter -35 :ir QQFWB 1, X , A-if , A "'5vv'a,2. Y. A Alpha Chi Sigma CHEMICAL FRATERNITY FOUNDHD AT THE UNIVERSITY or WISCONSIN, 1902 , ROLL OF CHAPTERS University of Wisconsin Case School of Applied Science University of Missouri University of Indiana ALPHA CHAPTER 1902 FRATRES IN URBT: Edmund Cecil Harder Frederick P. Downing Edward Bennington Hall Robert K. Brewer Richard Fischer Roy Dykes Hall Charles W. Hill Ruth F. Allen Guy H. Cox Albert L. Amott Louis F. Augspu rger Harry E. Kleuter Alfred Emil Kiuidert FRATRES IN FACULTATH Conrad Hoffman Charles Kenneth Leith Victor Lenher Alonzo Simpson McDaniel W. G. Wilcox FHATHES IN UNIVERSITATE GRADUATES Orville W. Wheelwright Carl Zaplie SENIORS Rufus A. Barnes Ottomar P. T, Daneitz Walter Nebel JUNioRS Ross Sutherland George C. DIcNaughton Felix S. Zeidlhack 296 -sum X. -v In , I, I-Qui-t:j:f!u s , - f 'TQ V, ' A ., Qv f "2 40' 7 f Lgx X x -'xx . V. ,.wv ' 57:37 JF- , 751 ' I'-'ff--I-1'-' ' -Yiiikg' ' ,,.-- , if ' 1A '. 3 Sigma Alpha Epsilon '7 i,U'Wi'xH-Ka L,.J'x' 0 4' N. N wwf 1 1' fkfog 7' WN HOW211'Cl Mills Goldsmith G1-eve Schwalm Cunningham ' I Van Tine Dean Worthington Hewitt McMahon Brownlee Dickinson Watkins Folge Burch Hamilton Smith Herring Gruenewald Gillan White Graham Sigma Alpha Epsilon F OUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALAISAMA, 1856 University of Maine Boston University Cornell University Columbia University St. Stephens College Syracuse University Allegheny College George W lSlIIl1f7't0lI . D . 2' P . .U University of V11'g'IlI121, Ivaslnngton and Lee University University of 'Michig Adrian College ,NIL Union College Ohio Wesleyan University University of Cincinnati Ohio State University Case School of Science CHAPTER ROLL PROVINCE ALPI-IA hlassachusetts Institute of Technology Harvard University Worcester Polytechnic Institute PROVINCE BETA Dickinson College Pennsylvania State College Bucknell University Gettysburg College University of Pennsylvania PROVINCE GANIMA niversity University of North Carolina. Davidson College Woffard College PROVINCE DELTA an Franklin College Purdue University University of Indiana Northwestern University University of Illinois University of Chicago University of Nlinnesota University of Wisconsin PROVINCE EPSILON University of Georgia Georgia School of Technology Itlercer University Southern University Emory College University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute PROVINCE ZETA University of Missouri , University of Arkansas Washiiigtoii University University of :K-'ELIISEIS University of Nebraska University of Iowa Iowa State College PROVINCE ETA University of Colorado Denver University Colorado School of Mines Leland Stanford, University University of California University of Washington ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Louisiana State University Tulane University Central University Bethel College Kentucky State College . Southwestern Presbyterian University PROVINCE PROVINCE THETA University of Mississippi University of Texas PROVINCE IOTA Cumberland University Vanderbilt University University of Tennessee ' University of the South Union University Alliance, Olno Atlanta, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. Boston, Mass. Chattanooga, Tenn. Chicago, Ill. Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Columbia, S. C. Columbus, Ga. Denver, Colo. Detroit, NIich. Evanston, Ill. Florence, Ala. Iowa City, Ia. Kansas City, INIO. Lexington, Ky. Lincoln, Neb. Little Rock, Ark. Los Angeles, Cal Louisville, Ky. Macon, Ga. hladison, VVis. hlemphis, Tenn. hlilwaukee, Wis. hiinneapolis, IVIinn. hlontgomery, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. New Orleans, La. New York, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. San Francisco, Cal Savannah, Ga. Sehnectady, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Seattle, Wash. St. Louis, NIO. Washington, D. C. Wilmington, N. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER 1903 FRATRES IN URBE Theodore C. Farnese Arne C. Lerum George Birkhoff Rollin H. Denniston Frederick W. MacKenzie Frank R. Brownlee Frederick W. Greve Arthur H. Gruenewald Ottomar J. Falge Arthur L. Schwalm Floyd R. Goldsmith Albert B. Birch John M. Dean Kendall F. Dickinson MIDDLE Arthur J. Cunningham FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SENIORS J UNIORS John G. Howard SOPHOMORFIS Hugo H. Hering FRESHMEN Hilbert D. White COLLEGE or LAW SENIOR Walter H. McNally 300 Linneaus W. Dowling Wvilliam F. Giese E. G. Hastings George W. Hewitt Edward M. NIcMahon Charles Forster Smith, Jr. Louis Vantine Frederick C. Worthington Fred M. Graham Paul H. Gillan George K. Hamilton J. O. Watkins JUNIOR Thos. E. lVLills r r 5.1 Q iw? gm Q19 Sum Q PX QNQ ' , " -ngib - , .,, 'A 1' 1. - , ' , P ' "ul, WV, ' -PU f L ,,. -11 5.-' W ,n K: fl' L' ,IIQ QZ w " ' 'I -. M . -- 4 ' 21 E i C J Vi ' ,s X 1 1 pigfkff' GQ "" X' - " r, ' -F Jilinf fi --,F 2 FF' T ,V ' 1 , , :' ,LN ' " 'lv' J Alpha Chi Omega , 'Av I 1 1 .?', r K r - J r r L W 7 I W 7 1 3 1 " 'Q'-!?vb'kE:-SW ' H5712 44:2 n - - Kieckheier Jenkins Slater Q Summers Zimmerman Rueth Bower H'Doubler . Howe Vaughan Alforcl, H. Mowre, A. Swenson Rlley Theobold Heuer Mowre, E. Morgan Sutherland Alford, A. Alpha Chi Omega FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSXTY, 1835 Alpha . . . Beta ..... Gamma .... Delta. . . . Epsilon. . , . Zeta. . . . . Theta . . . Iota . ..... . Kappa. . . . . Lambda . . . Blu ...... Nn..... X1 .... Alpha Alpha ...... Beta Beta. ....... . Gamma Gamma. . . ROLL OF CHAPTERS . . . . . . . DePauw University Albion College Northwestern University Allegheny College College of Music, University of Southern California New England Conservatory of Music University of lvlicliigan . . . . . . . . . . University of Illinois University of Wlisconsin . . . . . . . . Syracuse University ....,.... Simson College . . . . . . University of Colorado UniversityofNebraska ALUMNAE CHAPTERS 303 ...........Ch1cago,Ill. . . . . . . . . Indianapolis, Ind. . . . . New York City, N. Y. Alpha Chi Omega KAPPA CHAPTER 1903 PA'rRoNEssEs Miss Kate Chittenden Mrs. Edwin C. Mason Mrs. L. J. Pickarts Mrs. J. B. Winslow SORER IN URBE ltlrs. M. O. Withey Sonora IN FACULTATE Alice Regan Sononns IN UNIVERSITATE Posr ,GRADUATE Almina Mae Theobalcl SENIORS Hazel Viola Alford Anna Petronilla Rueth . JUNIORS Alice Irene Alford Marguerite Bower soPHoMoREs Margaret Newell H'Doubler Grace Carrier Howe Meta Katherine Kieckhefer Lillian Grace Zimmerman FRESHMEN Arminda Jacqueline Mowre Alma hlay Slater srncmr. Edna Grace Swenson Deborah May Jenkins Josephine Heuer Sarah Blanche Morgan Edna Luelle Mowre Katherine Elizabeth Riley Sarah Augusta Sutherland Frances Estella Summers lvlarguerite Fay Vaughan Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Fuller ...... Blackstone ,... Story .....,. Wlebster. . . Nlarshall. . . . Ryan. ..... . Nlagruder. . . . . Campbell ..... Hay. .......... . Garland ........,. Stephen Benton. . . , Caples. ........ . FOUNDED 1897 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Northwestern University Lake Forest University Illinois College of Law . . . . . lVIidland University . . . . . . University of Chicago University of Wisconsixi . . . . . University of Illinois University of Nlicliigan . . . . . . . . . 'Western Reserve , . , . . . University of Arkansas 305 Kansas City University . . . . . . . . Bloomington Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity f W vital 7 xv, ',w'1-7:-'qv wily!! ny,1 Ci I SQL gl...-35292 I ! 4 fm F nwcett Cli1Tord Sautoff Noyes Hartley Wright Sllockley Kelm Olson Colignon McDou gall Graham Slmff Frost Gorman Kerr Schneider Winslow Atwell Calkins Bullock Mum-at Benson Black Brown Shoetz Morse Hanniford Wolters Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity EDWARD G. RYAN CHAPTER John A. Aylward John Barnes George W. Bird Harry L. Butler H. WV. Chynoweth Justice J. E. Dodge William J. Hagenah Wm. L. Bullock Frank W. Calkins Frank L. Fawcett James Blain Graham Paul Gorman Wm. G. Atwell Guy A. Benson Oscar B. Black Eugene A. Clifford Clarence J. Hartley lMorris , Morrisey H. W. Brown John C. Colignon Raymond B. Frost 1904 F RATRIQS IN URB12 E. Ray Stevens FRATER IN FACULTATE Eugene A. Gilmore FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE snNIoRs Oscar L. Wolters MIDDLES JUNIORS Walter B. Murat 307 Lynn D. J aseph Justice J. C. Kerwin T. C. Richmond Judge A. L. Sanborn Frank B. Sargent Peter H. Sc-hram Justice J. B. Winslow F. H. Hanniford Wlrn. O. Kelrn Carl S. lNIcDougall Max Shoetz, Jr. John Ray Snider Roy E. Noyes Conrad P. Olson Harry Sautofl John O. Shaiof Dale C. Shockley Colin W. Wright, Jr. 9 WV. D. Kerr John S. Winslow Thomas C. Morse 1 Phi Alpha Tau CD Edward M. McMahon C2D Albert T. Twesme C33 Charles H. Hall C40 Edgar E. Robinson C55 I-Iermara H. Karrow C62 Harry W. Brown C73 Elbert E. Brindley 185 Raymond B. Frost C95 Arthur H. Gruenewald C105 Juhus O. Roehl Qllj Ray M. Stroud C123 Gustave W. Buchen Phi Alpha Tau Oratorical Fraternity FOUNDED AT EMERSON COLLEGE or OR:XTORY, BOSTON ROLL OF CHAPTERS Alpha .... ............,........,...,... E merson College Beta .... . . . University of Wisconsin . . . . . . . . . . University of Nebraska . . . . . . . . . . Dartmouth College BETA CHAPTER, 1904 HONORARY MEMBERS Leland Powers Robert BI. La Follette Ben Greet FRATRES iN URBE Peter H. Schram Harold Geisse FRATRES IN FACULTATE Rollo L. Lyman Henry B. Lathrop A. H. Jolmstone FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE John F. Baker Edward BI. Mc-Mahon Adelbert T. Twesme Charles H. Hall Edgar E. Robinson Herman H. Karrow Harry W. Brown Elbert E. Brindley Raymond B. Frost Arthur H. Gruenewald Julius O. Roehl Ray M. Stroud Gustave W. Buc-hen Richard A. Schmidt 309 W ,.,-,M,.,.- - .-.--of-.fav-.fffmfi-vifc.-Q--.sbwvs 1-,-21-yawi' , , f-'nvgy'-ow av? qw-wk. :-41,-mv'-,-a4,.-.s.4.y,.14-.-4 .qu-.4-0.5.0. ,rx Q 5 . 4. . fr .fum . fm.. , . .a .X A .. . . , I ,321 ' "-www-. '- ' f , ' ' J 1,1 1 1, ,gk ,g1.fv',Q9,yf,,-gi,,- Urn -1Q,::gf,T5 I,f::Q.-.,,.w 1. fi 5 mm-12-,mx ' ' 'f "L' fl - I I ! ,jrQ, w.f5s,?s4g 536 y' t ,351 , , v -,fm-.1:,.,:,,y -,.,,,'.N,' -1,-,,...:.f-7-7g'f' . 1. L,.5: '6-., Nwerzff-KNW"g , ' ak-f1Q2i'2'g1-iam? 4 1 -firm P 4. . Jw? , ,,'- m v:- . -' 13 S, 'Iliff 1 ,w.i321v " 'f-?Jf?'Q?i13f I , ga ,Y t W, Hwx., wid 5,1 -- +L , .LW ' -wr-A Zffcmftf 7l'i1:E'?.E wx-'W-am-1-T14-q.w:-we.:742q- ,.f,4-s9-,,:'r:-:f1:.,.... rj-M-:.1,1'1::if:' VVV' -2::ixefiwmfqhfvii29Z?4a':yf4fM,fif,-. 4 -1 4 ffl-4:4awsQz4Qf. 41:2-za:-izfm.-MW-4:ff:,. fr-f-:sQFs42?Zw 'S--pd-ff ffgz-., f' - . zmgefu " , 4.,5,.4,v4:4-'Qu-frzgf' .1 ' 5V'7'.'I4?'-2?'?.E5":' il' ft-'Q H MyMy,.J,,1v,Q5,g,g1i?ifg1gni,.v,1..E,,:.-,Ll C, ,, ., Q. , Alpha . Beta . . . Gamma Delta. . Epsilon Zeta. , . Eta .... Theta . kata.. . . appa. Lainbcla Blu .... Nu. Alpha Xi Delta FOUNDED AT LOMBAHD COLLEGE, 1893 ROLL OF CHAPTERS W- ALUMNAE Alliance, Ohio . . . . . . Lombard University Iowa. lNesleyan University . . . . . . . Bit. Union College . . . . . . . . Bethany College University of South Dakota . . . . . . Wittenberg College . . . . . . Syracuse University . . University of Wisconsin University of West Virginia . . . . . University of Illinois ........,...TuftsCollege . . University of Minnesota University of Washington Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Boston, Blass. 311 Alpha Xi Delta P f 5 y 4 rf ft A C13 Jennie E. Potts C23 Calla. Andrus C33 Louise Erb C43 Edith Schuster C53 Frances Albers C63 Helen Dau C73 Winifred Ryan C83 Mary Rayne C93 Ida Fenton C103 Charlotte Gardiner C113 Elizabeth Tucker C123 Florence Simon C133 N anna Hoegh v: 4 . Alpha Xi Delta T HETA CHAPTER 1904 , PATRONFSSES Mrs. Boyd H. Bode Mrs. Scott Holland Goodnight Mrs. L. Wayland Dowling Mrs. Grant Showerman Miss Lucy M. Gay Miss Elsbeth Veerhusen Sonomss IN URBE Bess Elsie Adams Polly Fenton Mrs. Charles Taylor Vorhies Sonoruss IN UNIVERSITATE sEN1oRs 7 Louise Ernestine Erb Mary Elizabeth Rayne Florence Ann Simon ' JUNIORS Frances Clark Albers Charlotte Gardiner Ida Fenton Nanna Hoegh Winifred M. Ellen'Ryan SOPHOMORES I Calla Andrus Helen Davis FRESHMEN Jennie Potts Edith Schuster Elizabeth Tucker 3 13 V JN-.WJX s M7 :x nf X Q -w f J-1 fi fy 1 :Q .X f f - 'N ' + 5 f AQ' ' Alpha Gamma Delta FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY ROLL OF CHAPTERS Alpha . . . .......,.................... Syracuse University Beta ....... .... U niversity of Wisconsin Gamma .,.. ....... . Wesleyan University Delta. . . . .... University of Minnesota ALUMNAE Blilwaukee 315 Alpha Gamma Delta BETA CHAPTER 1905 PATRONESSES Nlrs. Bennett Mills Allen Mrs. Louis Kahlenberg Mrs. Alexander Hohlfeld Mrs. Julius Olson Mrs. Charles P. Hutchins Mrs. Violet Timberlake Alice Evans SOROR IN URBE Louise Evans SORORES IN 'UNIVERSITATE SENIORS Gertrude Catherine Evans Isabella MacArthur Mary Wright Hopkins Elizabeth F. Corbett Edith Fuhrman Nlary Lucy Jamieson Kayutah Ferrar J UNIORS Nellie Charlotte Weston SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 316 Ruth Elizabeth Moss Eleva May Rice Geneva Frances Sheets Theda Antoinette 'Moss Selma Matson Ella Blay Ottery Mary Ruth Woodard Willifred Helen Riley YQ759-'rv' f " 7 1 'iv ,,, liwyqv ix Q, , . ,lv X ' ,fi N-. , '- , -, . .. w-'Ei 1'fffiiFf:l2fi- V:-33' - T1-ff '2:.1z, ' ':igi.1 I -iv L .- .f , . 4 2 psf.:-2 ,4 ' ix f . .5 ' A 5 H U 1 .iii VL. gf f' 1' "-' 4 QNX 4 33 I QL gi r Delta Kappa Epsilon W v V, Y,'UA.Y'l"qWlIif''Axxvf' 'iw i r - , Y- 4Ne..'::a::3:.--in My-pk'-vR'?u11-7-bf! Svr . 5, film nib. .Siva I pp l Baldwin Appel Wilce Floete Stephens E. Dohmen Derthick Shuff Flanagan Pitz Kehr C d F D h H ll D dl L ar enas . o men a u ey uce Sanborn Gordon Crandall Lloyd Seager Holmes Delta Kappa Epsilon F OUNDED AT XYALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Yale University Bowdoin College Colby University Amherst College Vanderbilt University University of Alabama Brown University University of Mississippi University of North Carolina University of Virginia Miami University Kenyon College Dartmouth College Central College of Kentucky lVIiddlebury College University of Michigan Williams College Lafayette College Hamilton College Colgate University College of the City of New Y University of Rochester Rutgers College De Pauw University VVesleyan University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Adelbert College Cornell University University of Chicago Syracuse University Columbia University University of California Trinity College University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tulane University University of Toronto University of Pennsylvania McGill University Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of Illinois ork University of Wisconsin 319 Delta Kappa Epsilon George MacAilams Charles J. Galpin Frederick T. Galpin Bennett M. Allen Walter W. Cook ,l Federico F. Cardenas Fred VV. Dohmen Franklin G. Floete Harry S. Baldwin Harold BI. Dudley lNIonte F. Appel Benjamin F. Crandall Wilber lVI. Derthick Erwin J. Dohmen Austin Dwight John Gordon, Jr. RHO DELTA CHAPTER 1906 FRATRES IN UHBE Harold L. Geisse George S. 'McConochie Frank B. Wynne FRATRES IN FACULTAIE W. A. Titsworth Eugene A. Gilmore Moses S. Slaughter FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SENIORS J UNIORS Rey V. Luce SOPHOMORES John W. Wilce FRESHMEN Andrew Stephens 320 Carl lVI. Kehr Arthur H. Fitz Raymond P. Sanborn Douglas Hall VVilliam R. Holmes George A. Flanagan Lester S. Hughey Sumner H. Lloyd William WV. Harns Carl E. Seager Charles B. Shufl' T? , s' 13 Y- f, 2-.r p ' 1 IU?" A aw... QQS 1 QAJ, .N xxx , 55-V m" w. . 1 N5 Aleph. . . Beth .... Gilnel . . Daleth . He. . . . . . Waw . . . Zayin. . . Teth . . . Heth . . . Yodh. . . Kaph. . . Larnedth. . . Mem... Nun. . . . Sarnech. Acacia FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF NIICHIGAN, 1904 ROLL OF CHAPTERS . . . . . . ....... University of Nficliigan Leland Stanford University , . . . . . . . University of Kansas . . . . .University of Nebraska . . . University of California . . . Ohio State University . . . . Dartmouth College . . . . . . . Harvard University . . . . . . . . . . University of Illinois 322 University of Pennsylvania . . . . . University of Biinnesota . . . University of Wisconsin . . . . . . Cornell University . . . University of Nlissouri . . . . Purdue University Henry J. Hunt Wvilliam O. Hotchkiss Victor Lenlier Charles Kenneth Leith Harold E. Ketchum Charles YV. Stoops Harry N. Sutlierlancl Louis S. Davis MID DLES J Q Ostrander Shaft Wiuifred D. Haseltine Acacia LAMEDTH CHAPTER 1906 FRATRES IN ITRBE FRATRES IN FACULTATE VVillia1n Clay Penn FRATRES IN UNTVBRSITATE SENIORS Lewis L. Rupert JUNIORS Jesse L. Rodabaugh SOPHOMORES Hilrnau Solsrud FRESHMAN J. Rudolph Iakisch COLLEGE OF LAW SENIOR Harvey M. Howitt 323 Rodney O. Lamphere Sainuel R. Hatch Ray Owen Wlilliam George Lotte Isaac Alcuzar Frank R. Froelich Ernest F. Bean Robert Iakisch J UNIORS Frank A. Crocker Albert G. Michelson S .r Alpha Tau Omega FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA M1r.r'r.xR1' INSTITUTE, 1865 A ROLL or Cienirrn Alabama Polytechnic Institute Southern University University of Alabama University of Florida Emory College lVIeroer University Georgia School of Technol Tulane University University of Texas University of Illinois University of Chicago Rose Polytechnic Institute Purdue University Adrian College Hillsdale College University of Michigan Albion College University of Wisconsin University of California University of Colorado Simpson College University of Kansas University of lvlinnesota University of Missouri University of Nebraska University of Washington University of Maine Colby College Nlassachusetts Institute of OSD' Technology ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Allentown, Pa. Atlanta, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. Boston, Mass. Chicago, Ill. Cleveland, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Denver, Col. Dallas, Tex. Dayton, Ohio Detroit, Ntich. Indianapolis, Ind. Kansas, City, Mo. Louisville, Ky. lVIanila, P. I. Montgomery, Ala. New York Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. Charleston, S. C. 325 RS Tufts College Worcester Polytechnic Institute Brown University University of Vermont Columbia University St. Lawrence University Cornell University hluhlenburg College Washington and Jefferson College Lehigh University Pennsylvania College University of Pennsylvania University of North Carolina Trinity College College of Charleston Washington and Lee University University of Virginia Ntt. Union College Wittenberg College Ohio VVesleyan University Wooster University Ohio State University Western Reserve University Southwestern Presbyterian University Vanderbilt University Southwestern Baptist University University of the South University of Tennessee Ames College St. Louis, Mo. St. Paul, ljlinn. San Francisco, Cal. Seattle, Wash. Charlotte, N. C. Washington, D. C. Los Angeles, Cal. Minneapolis, Minn Reading, VV. Va. Savannah, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega I V11 v v 1 - v w , 1 "Q'uv2-'U if 'l"IVf" yv51 ' lib. .Shan qx - f, -x N . Roehl jones McLean Weaver Lowman Stiehm Sletten Severson Burroughs Graebner Bennett Robinson Woodruff Gruhl Blee Hoefer Lautz Schulte Faber Blankenburg Decker Bradley Barker Scherer Alpha Tau Omega WISCONSIN GAMMA TAU CHAPTER Nlazyck P. Ravenel Arthur G. Laird Ulrich B. Phillips Joseph H. Vosskuehler Herbert L. Blankenburg Edwin F. Gruhl William H. Conlin Merle E. Faber Benjamin F. Bennett Irving B. Hoefer John D. Jones ' Frederick S. Burroughs William L. Barker John F. Baker George J. Graebner Obert Sletten 1908 FRA1-Ea IN URBE Edward J. Pohlrnann Fnarmss IN FACULTATE GRADUATE Paul H. Decker SENIORS Edgar E. Robinson JUMORS Frank M. Kennedy SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN J. Paul Weaver COLLEGE or LAW SENIOR MIDDLE JUNIOR 327 William D. Pence Thomas H. Dickinson Casimir D. Zdanowicz James T. Bowles George H. Lautz Harry C. McLean Andrew C. Scherer Ewald O. Stiehm Marxlin B. Lowman Walter B. Schulte Burns O. Severson Otto F. Bradley Gerald J. Blee Albert T. Twesrne Wendell Woodruff Julius O. Roehl !I KE 1 i v 1 1 I l 1 1 4 E K 1 i N 1 I I v f w I I m Ji HUHU HAHY SUEIETIE5 W7 WW' Nwf4vuffH'f175Wggf?Vr1fwf5' fy, i"5WlMf1rlzunx W HUMLL M4 QW W Wm gl W ,MW h , 'A mgfgewlmllifbk 1. 1u31uva!mJfLEQ Fff . Wvi i ggf flmwwr W , -Xu . 'i'f'IFfQ, X 1 5? A: Q, ' --,,,.4 f . If -a!"3t hi' E I "Rr - I!lu1'n, f:nil:.! I-1' 4 , ,U 4,, 'F , Q A- M ,I gf 1, 1'-H,,'--14", mm., . f!11U' l1 f7wi,jf, 1fwh w'lW'1f'5q T!vfYWW'ff!fUmf, W 29' 2 N ,,Zlm.JAu,mll.i, mG,,w1H.,,ffFI1lnZfK0l 'U?f.,L..un'xw,15..u-f7W'QfffWMM.lifm-',vr-wi-im ?:'.flqfq-,,,.'ffiT6' wwf! v '-31' ,ff f 3,' 23 fi ' UW wwsmwif f1wwf w1wvN f W M " ' :EU r mx Wanaka 'hm -inmw lu. LMMKQIIH I ' , 3 ,.. :Q 1 'Q' -5 A MWf,!"1"' A B X I IN A I X L Ni gm wx , X, 'i:' x lv' dn-TV . -afagtg. 1 1 111 l 3' if N Nh N 'i V ' 3 5 1 W I 773 'IV - ob ,gy A fmkffgff? 9' f '75 , U' f , f 1 N ,J 'N X! f :laxfv ' . w :Jil xx! 5 1 -fp xi 1 f I f fx ' fi 5 fu KW , f X 1 1f JM r-iw ,-A 5-'fi' fn" x! 'W J ,in-Q. 1 f An Q -- 'f'.a- ,s-1"-F - '51 Y X y :nu ....- -H " if WL , I1 IL W4 51111451 HIIHWNINUU my N, Lf Y- In W 1 11 'fMwy,,I'QKp1 ,ff r4Xl,Wdmlg'1xgy w 'JT' Wpawmljip will fm V310 nfl" H i M V W bw: W X x X L M ,I ,w,I...m,,mm W X Info X ' wk 'WW !' iWWue.q1w..J xl 'H er fv ff' " xff uf ' HI xx U UQQMKWN' 'l'mFg11ITUlN 1 wEAlpr'gJHMIl1IU!W KW MWVM 'Muff AM hw X 1: y U 1 Ilumfllfm j4fyx,W'1l cf X qmmvr , 'X ,3 JIMWMIQ XX HF may M AMF 1 mmm ? l'mI'!a11l,lH7 X' f f IX , WE, 4 'yy Ml1vIN.uA7" .lf ' X I gl' H I fulvwmw W 13 IW X , 4 fu' .IH rv 'Qggf 'TSe.o'CY5treef wN'iwi'MxI!I'NHuh 'fl' 'lf Q94 , ff hw V! u lil V 'Y A 'ww 14,1 mm L f! Nga-. L. QHMM. fm! , lj! V ic y IH Wy' :nl 5 .1! X U'qWH1uH 1 A' Vf: i'?? 'i?L:5qfA ' Qe my :mm 'F' , ' f, - ' K9 1 1 I , Pj:gcf4xW1AWM:,HD5IL51MgLE fgbzj WM! I , f' -. f 1 WMIUMWMETS ' A X if -+1 f. w x + AK W ' Wm Mfr :UNL Q WH i f 1 N A1-2.4-X-.f fk ' WEm5Uj?"1 YF' fv Wff' Q 5 Q , f M' L I D EQ: M wlFif3 My 2:311 2 f W1--f'Xx f A Y-,' 5 ' 5 "L kI 1fli5u'?MwnuL A , ,X X ,f x.J ou' ' -Xu www, -Q.: k P 1. -v i ' ff f' G W'wal1HiW'fWfWQ r zw15f1 f'wffI1 A Q25 "' 'A P w i 532 QMGsWvJm' l'W ' "AW : R Q. , 1 H E N. 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X 2 x 14 X 'X W 'ffff x P il W d....,...g-1 mv, v QXQNXX f ' 'af 7, 0 5 ffffw .Mme 'M 'WW 1-f Z ag ,AM w 5 www fl y ' WAVJIHMM ,Q ff' ff L. -' jimi, I 1 I fx 5 X, ,ff 1 1Wfl'1!mIl1'll 1,,.w,5u .,,,!y,WTfHM Ziff''3',iW'a1:,':411gfH:1L - - - 1 , , 1- . XXX ,X xg f E gy ff., ,aigfa Vg 212 2 ., -1" '1,p,:'- "".1IfI1,:4mf4-G,a'c':f1M'- ff 1 : -1 ,mg A ,Xf E , . I I r 552. f L. x J 5 ,fu-,,,, F . A., , J ff Q X - 4, u , .,1,, X, , , JL: 9:?,Ln'.1L2gq,-.11-M1411 ,mf -I 14311, 3 -Q -'31 , CL, E X R Q ii 'zxgkgx yu' iygr. 1 3 X2 ':v'r.u,f1,.l 3 's JP - 45' u gdu 4,-, 1 vu 2 W ,-:g,3:f5-7415725 'Ali' - llkf Q -1 W wwf 3 35 g L f X ' mb. Eg jp, ni: "1" rUf'7 fuk-.gif-4 yffff' 1? "9 J4 ' 3 "E ' 'lil Huff' 5 fy wa .-"1 1-12. 4, ,I ,, a. . V .,,.?,,,, , r ,, ff V .X x M mn ff, , , I Q .M .v. - - -nga-" X" - -.,. , , .. - lf N reg -5 - ., ., g 1:- 2 In 1,4591 ,,. Y-lr.. "'52iLrz A if 'Pg 14 'W 1' xg -1 is . 4 J' ' W 'I WC ' "1 ng5'57:ffA "WW fc!! .J5 ' if 4 fi, .srmnxf-""' 575.M.4,4": 'Zh' , vyww Tm" ' f , f .. n H NN 2 ,naval f,,...!fjl-' r lvl X " - fn" 1 HN TL LXR "X ' 'E :'U5'fEW V' ,Hill-V" Q1 'Up' E, 'H- ""' -i?ff1if.'!.2fZ ".'fl"1'1"'i'f.' ':"1:T'T' ' . J ' H ' ' . - ' ZH, ev- 4725" , L'-'L' 4 ff! 2 5 sf? asf' f,f,.w',, 3 1' f. ' ' Ja' 1 .111-1"" f' .1 .,.",,.-1 ' iff ,f ,Sw ,Q - , . viii- . ' . ' " WDM , ,, x Liza . f E5 'I-7-H'714f4i11-f'5E-54 ' 11- ww..-,.1f -? - 3 -E wr- Y Q- 7 -- :- -- - h af-T: Q ,,:.1..f4':i'a1e T iff? nr fy, 'HU I I Ffgajz, Bowdoin College Dartmouth College University of Vermont Middlebury College Harvard University Amherst College ' Williams College Tufts College Yale University Trinity College Wesleyan University Brown University Union College University of the City of Y i 'TIF ' L. f i' if aw' 'A '- sr-1: ' ' ' Q-wtf-r:f1:,1f. E, ., -G ' rv Fm- , if A N. iff ,gifs 513, ' rye? wa, ' we fys, 1 5. ' Qtr, gfln. Q A 1 ,ffl E1 "lf Qtr. "W: f ,L-' +f'5"i" .gi -- he l' Phi Beta Kappa CHAPTER ROLL New York College of the City of New York Columbia University Hamilton College Hobart College Colgate University Cornell University Rochester University Rutgers College Dickinson College Lehigh University Lafayette College University of Pennsylvania Vanderbilt University William and Mary College Western Reserve University Kenyon College Marietta College De Pauw University Northwestern University University of Kansas University of Minnesota University of Michigan 330 Colby College Syracuse University Swarthmore College Johns Hopkins University University of Iowa University of Nebraska Boston University University of California University of Chicago University of Cincinnati Haverford College Princeton University St. Lawrence University Vassar College Wabash College University of Wisconsin Allegheny College University of Missouri Smith College VVellesley College lNIt. Holyoke College Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of North Carolina University of Texas University of Colorado Colorado College Ohio State University VVoman's College of Baltimore University of Illinois Tulane University of Louisiana University of Virginia Iowa College Franklin and Marshall College Oberlin College Ohio 'Wesleyan University Phi Beta Kappa . ALPHA OF WISCONSIN FRATRES IN FACULTATE Adams, Thomas Sewall, Ph. D. Allen, Bennet lllills, Ph. D. Allen, Charles Elmer, Ph. D. Allen, Florence Eliza, Ph. D. Birge, Edward Asahel, Php D., Sc. D., LL. D. Cook, VValter Wheeler, A. DI., LL. BI. Dearborn, Vvalter Fenno, Ph. D. Dodge, Robert Elkin Neil, A. IVI. Duval, Edmund Pendleton Randolph, A. INI. Ely, Richard Theodore, Ph. D., LL. D. Fish, Carl Russell, Ph. D. Fiske, George Converse, Ph. D. Flint, Albert Stowell, A. NI. Giese, William Frederic, A. BI. Gilmore, Eugene Allen, A. B., LL. B. Hall, Roy Dykes, Ph. D. Hubbard, Frank Gaylord, Ph. D. Hunt, Caroline Louisa, A. B. Ingersoll, Leonard Rose, Ph. D. J astrow, Joseph, Ph. D. Kind, John Louis, Ph. D. Lathrop, Henry Burrowes, A. B. Lorenz. Max Otto, Ph. D. Marquette, William George, B. S. Mendenhall, Charles Elwood, Ph. D. lVIorgan, Bayard Quincy, Ph. D. lNIunro, Dana Carleton, A. NI. Olin, John lVIyers, A. BI., LL. B. Owen, Edward Thomas, Ph. D. Price, VVilliam Hyde, Ph. D. Reed, Frank Otis, Ph. D. Richards, I-larry Sanger, Ph. B., LL Roe, Frederick VVilliam, A. IVI. Ross, Edward Alsworth, Ph. D. Russell, Harry Luman, Ph. D. Scott, William Amasa, Ph. D. Sellery, George Clarke, Ph. D. Sharp, Frank Chapman, Ph. D. Slaughter, lNIoses Stephen, Ph. D. Slichter, Charles Sumner, M. S. Smith, Hugh Allison, A. IW. Stoddart, Charles Vllilliam, A. NI. Turner, Frederick Jackson, Ph. D. Van Vleck, Edward Burr, Ph. D. VVagner, George, A. M. Watts, Oliver Patterson, Ph. D. Vilinchell, Alexander Newton, Ph. D 'Withey, hlorton Owen, C. E. Zdanowicz, Casimir Douglas, Ph. D Assiscmurrs Aldrich, Loyal Blaine, A. B. Allen, Ruth F lorence, A. M. Bloomfield, Leonard. A. B. Burdick, Lawrence VVylie, A. M. Helmholtz, Anna Augusta, A. M. Newport, Clara Price, A. B. AND FELLOVVS Otto, Mfaxwell Charles, A. B. Scott, Jonathan French, A. INI. Shannahan, 'Willard Dean, A. B. Simmons, Emma Gertrude, A. B. Titsworth, Waldo Alberti, A. M. YVatt, Homer Andrew, A. B. Weniger, Willibald, A. M. FBATRES IN UNIVERSITQITE Graduate School and College'of Engineering Evans, Magdalen A Grey, Ernest George Hacker, Emil Frederick Aldrich, Loyal Blaine Corstvet, Anna Alice Crosby, May Lillian Fox, Bessie Gordon H'Doubler, Frank Todd Brindley, Elbert Edwin De Sautelle, William Thomas H,Doubler, Frank Todd Knowlton, Philip Arnold Kostalek, John Anton CLASSTOF 1907 Hitchcock, Raymond- Royce Kostalek, John Anton IVIcClernan, Thomas Joseph Purin, Charles NIaltador CLASS or 1908 Dohmen, Fred Wentworth Kustermann, Walter Wolleben Pope, Rosa Matilda 331 NIcClernan, Thomas Joseph True, Helen Elizabeth Williams, Sidney James Sclmeider, Francis Lee Secrist, Horace Seilstad, Edna Theodora Thompson, Grace Vaughan, James Patrick Roehl, Julius Otto Sieb, Zettie Ethel Tau Beta Pi UAW? -1 - u. --- - Qmsgzg '7 6 Hunk- mia L,.J'x C O 4, N. 'Lv 7911 T iwqgc ffl' L A - 1- X vw 'A 2 ,' 5, . ' 2 CNA' 0 -.. i V 'Q' MQ.. 1 I N1 e . Q Thickens Cooper Huntley Loew Steinfort Comer Schwgrle Miller Kuentz McCullough Cerna Parker Abbott Huels Cunningham Sanford Pxtz Reed Buetow Brandel Thiele Glaettli Kuelling Tibbitts Disque Kommers Wippermann Buch k Alpha of Pennsylvania. ...,.............,....,.... . Alpha of Michigan ....., Alpha of Indiana ....., Alpha of New Jersey . Alpha of Illinois ...... Alpha of Wisconsin. . Alpha of Ohio ...,.. Alpha of Kentucky . . . Alpha of New York ..., ...,...... Alpha of Missouri. . . . . Beta of Michigan .... Alpha of Colorado.. . . . Beta of Colorado. . . . Beta of Illinois ..,..... Beta of New York.. . .. Gamma of hlichigan . . . . . . . . . , Beta of Missouri ...... Alpha of California. . Alpha of Iowa . Tau Beta Pi ROLL or C1-IAPTERS Lehigh University Michigan State Agricultural College Purdue University . . . ...... Stevens Institute of Technology University of Illinois University of Wisconsin Case School of Applied Science State College of Kentucky Columbia University . . . . . , . . . University of hflissouri . . . . . hlichigan College of Blines Colorado School of Mines University of Colorado . . . . Armour Institute of Technology Syracuse University University of Michigan Missouri School of Mines University of California . . . Iowa State College 333 Robert Franklin Ewald Frank Eugene Fisher Tau Beta Pi ALPHA CHAPTER FRATRES IN URBE Roscoe George VValter FRATRES IN FACULTATE James Thomas Atwood Charles Frederick Burgess Charles Howard Burnside Murray Charles Beebe Milby Roy Hammer William Otis Hotchkiss liilby Roy Hammer Frederick VVilliam Huels Wlilliam Spaulding Kinne Jesse Benjamin Komrners Otto Lewis Kowalke Edgar Allen Loew James Givan Davis Black Edward Rose M au.rer FRATRES IN LTNIVERSITATE Ellis Pitt Abbott Clarence Oliver Brandel Albert Israel Buechecker Walter Charles Buetow Santiago Cerna Ragner Otolis Comer Marion Deane Cooper John Wilbur Cunningham Robert Conrad Disque Lee Harvey Hiuitley Herbert John Kuelling Frank Richard Froehlich John Glaettli ' Franz August Kartak Charles Wesley Lowe SENIORS .TUNIORS Gustav Adolph Wickstrom 334 John Frederick Icke George Ernst Wlagner Daniel VVebster Mead Frank Michael McCullough Eustace Edwin Franklin Parker VVilliam David Pence James David Phillips John Reese Price Arthur William Richter Herbert Brooks Sanford Edward Marvin Shealey Halsten Joseph Bedford Thorkelson Frederick Eugene Turneaure Frank Melville 'Warner James Webster Watson Arthur Herbert hliller Oscar Otto Kuentz Arthur Herman Pitz James Olin Reed Frederick August Schwede Carl Edward Steinfort J olm Herman Thickens Otto Victor Thiele Fayette Amos Tibbitts Gould Whitney Van Derzee Sidney James Williams William 'Wipperman Arthur Louis Luedke Adolph Shipek Glen Edwin Smith WVilliam Gustav Wleber Alpha Zeta FOUNDED AT OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, 1897 Townshend ., . , , Mor1'ill ...... lVIorroW .,.. Cornell .... Kedzie .... Granite. . . . Nebraska .... Massey ........ LaGrange....... Green Mountain Wilson .......... Babcock ......, Centennial . . . Maine .. . . . Missouri... . Elliot. . . . ROLL or CHAPTERS . . . . . . . . Ohio State University . . . . Pennsylvania State College . . . . . . . University of Illinois . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cornell University . . . . . . . . .Michigan Agricultural College . .. Hew Hampshire Agricultural College . . . . . . . . . . . . . . University of Nebraska . . . North Carolina A. and hi. College . . . . . . . . . . University of Minnesota . . . . . . . . . University of Vermont . . . . . . . . Iowa State College . . . . . . University of Wisconsin . . . . Colorado Agricultural College . . . . . . . . . . University of Maine . . . . . . University of Missouri . . . University of Washington 335 Alpha Zeta ' 'mmf-73555235 ' lah. .Shan 2K ...4 IE Carpenter Hill Weir Faville Rogers Hoffmann Ryall Burch Lloyd-jones Milward Prof. Ocock Dean Russell Walster Delwiche Steenbock Lassetter Prof. Moore Prof. Sandsten Dr. Babcock Prof. Whitson jones Prof. Hastings Hammer Alpha Zeta BABCOCK CHAPTER 1905 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Stephen Moulton Babcock Edmond Joseph Delwiche Edward Holyoke Farrington James Garfield Fuller Edward George Hastings George Sherwood Hine Conrad Hoffman George Colvin Humphrey FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Dallas Stockwell Burch Nathaniel Elliot Carpenter Alpheus Davis Faville Bernard Wernick Hammer George Bradbury Hill Louis Reinhold Detjen CLASS or '08 CLASS or '09 Emil Truog 337 Edward Richard Jones James Garfield Milward James Garfield Moore Charles Albert Ocock Augustus James Rogers Harry Luman Russell Emil Peter Sandsten Andrew Robinson VVhits0n Orren Lloyd-Jones Bryant Raymond Ryall Harry Steenbock Harlow Leslie VValster Wilbur Walter VVei1' . William Casper Lassetter Phi Lambda Upsilon HONORARY CHEMICAL FRATERNITY ROLL i OF CHAPTERS Alpha ..., ...... U niversity of Illinois Beta ...., ..... U niversity of Wisconsin 338 Phi Lambda Up silon John Langley Sammis Charles Austin Tibbals Otto L. Kowalke Edward Wolesensky Louis Kahlenberg Victor Lenher Charles W. Hill Edward Krerners VVilliam E. Tottingllam David Klein, Fellow Louis F. Augspurger Bernard WV. Hammer Harry Steenbock BETA CHAPTER FRATRES IN Umm Herlnan Nicholas Legreid FRATRES IN FACULTATE Charles Frederick Burgess FRATRES IN UNIvEnsI'rATE GRADUATES Alfred R. Koch SENIORS Harlow L. Walster 339 Charles B. Gates Stephen Dloulton Babcock Edward B. Hart Arden Richard Johnson Harold C. Bradley James H. lfValton Francis C. Krauskopf Wendell G. lfVilcox Clarence C. Le Febvre John Kostalek, Scholar John H. Thickens Edward L. Gross Paul lllerica Beta Gamma Sigma HONORARY CONIMERCIAL FRATERNITY FOUNDED AT WISCONSIN UN1vERsrrY, 1907 Frank C. Auer George B. Averill, Jr. Roland D. Crossman Fayette H. Elwell Louis A. Coorsen Frank G. Hood FRATRES IN FACULTATE William A. Scott, Ph. D. D. Earle Bmchell, A. BI. Stephen W. Gilman, L. L. B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SENIORS Frank T. Hickox .IUNIORS Genkwan Shibata 340 Emory W. Krauthoefer Percy H. Myers Mott T. Slade Ray M. Stroud Walter G. von Kaltenborn Walter E. Kleimenhagen ,.:i45'9 QMYCV Q H :CM iwii fQi, 'wal 0112155 Svnrwtwn TTI : 29.9 1511-hz: if' .K X-2:-Y -, fu., , '5:w??:?-,ge ::."' :Q ,sf ' ' --if .2521 . .-1? -"' ' - - -1: 2 , Ek ., ff -vga .5 K3 -ra1::i'i'f jf.,- -Q-K., f.-'ff' 'fer Iron Cross SENIOR HONORARY SOCIETY GRADUATE STUDENTS Ralph Dorn Hetzel Otto Louis Kowalke CLASS or 1906 CLASS OF 1907 Benjamin Franklin Bennet, Jr. Edwin Converse Jones Raymond B. Frost Win. Jacob Goldschmidt Geo. Bradbury Hill Geo. Clyde Mathews Harold Bunce Myers Edgar Eugene Robinson ACTIVE MEMBERS CLASS OF 1908 John Valentine Mulaney 3412 Frederick Wm. MacKenzie Francis Ellis Johnson Arthur Hugo Lambeck Edward Michael McMahon Julius Otto Roehl Roland Blackstone Roehr Willard L. Stephenson Gould Whitney Van Derzee Charles Loomis Byron Lee Harvey Huntley The Yellow Helmet JUNIOR AND SENIOR SOCIETY FACULTY IMIEMBERS Joseph Henry Vosskuehler William Spaulding Kiune Otto Lewis Kowalke B. Frank Bennett Tom R. Davidson Merle E. Faber Walter Grodske Malcolm T. Halliday William F. Hannan Thomas R. Hefty Chester N. Johnson Pierre A. Kypke Henry A. True Frederick G. Brown Herbert F. Brumder Michael F. Cudahy Chester T. Dahl Harold M. Dudley J. J. Fannsteihl 1908 Orson C. Gillett Douglas S. Knight ACTIVE MEMBERS CLASS or 1908 CLASS or 1909 343 Charles Austin Tibbals, Carl Russell Fish J. R. Blackman Frank E. Kruesi Walter C. Lindeman Edward M. lVIcNIahon Arthur H. Pitz Sumner B. Rogers James F. Simpson Edward W. Walser Hilbert C. Wallber Eugene E. Wallace Edgar B. Washburn Robert M. Laas Robert A. Pawling Benjamin S. Reynolds Ernest J. Springer James R. Whittier George R. Wheelock George G. Wilder 1908 Aloys H. Wohhab Jr Monastics JUNIOR AND SENIOR SOCIETY C. P. Hutchins D. L. Patterson W. F. Koelker E. H. TenEyck Webster A. Brown Lawrence N. Conlan Robert P. Ferry George F. Hannan Ralph D. Hetzel Edwin C. Jones Walter A. Rehm Gustave A. Reinhard Harry S. Baldwin William M. Bertles Sidney L. Castle Eugene A. Dinet Carl E. Dreutzer David J. Gardner James M. Hogan James A. Johnson William A. McMillan MONKS HONORARY MONKS SENIORS Ralph G. Wiggenhorn MONKS JUNIORS 3414 IVI. B. Evans H. C. Bradley J. L. Kind T. A. Barry Felix G. Rice James B. Robertson Harlan B. Rogers John S. Skinner Charles F. Smith Willard L. Stephenson Ray M. Stroud John H. Thickens John Nlessmer Donald R. Mihills Peter J. IVIu.rphy Henry C. Quarles Miles C. Riley Leathem D. Smith Robert Y. Walker Wildon F. Whitney Mark L. Williams Harold B. Myers John C. Blankeuagel Edgar B. Colladay Clarence A. Hibbard Emil C. Blankenagel Ralph M. Hoyt Bronze Key SOPHOMORE SOCIETY ROLL CLASS or 1908 CLASS or 1909 CLASS or 1910 345 Frank NI. Kennedy Charles L. Byron Roland F. Fisher Franklin J. Natwick Sidney B. Dudgeon John H. Curtis ,ZfT""'I' Inner Gate SOPHOMORE SOCIETY Founded 1904 ROLL CLASS or 1908 Nathaniel Elliot Carpenter Charles William French Malcolm John Halliday Chester Nels Johnson Robert Breckenridge Orr Sumner Barnes Rogers George Green Wilder CLASS or 1909 Herbert P. Brumder David M. Berkman Paul C. Dodge Arthur A. Frank Armin B. Furch Rolland T. Hastings Lester L. Ladd Aloys H. Wohlrab CLASS or 1910 Harlow L. Amen Milton J. Blair John D. Brewer Gordon S. Falk Franklin S. Fish Ralph R. Hartley John W. Wilce 346 Robert Isaac Scheldrup Verazano K. Simpson Willard L. Stephenson Thomas Downey Stephenson Max Lewis Thierrnann Baxter Grai Vreeland Wilham A. McMillan Benjamin S. Reynolds Andrew D. Shankland Ernest J . Springer Robert M. Shipley Cleveland E. Wright Robert Y. Walker Carl T. Kayser Lyman S. lVIcConnell Earl W. Quirk William D. Richardson Kemper Slidell Woodhull I. Spitler Qld. Company A Company B Company C Company D Company E CEQXGZ f A, 'V xv . Q Q1 I .725- afiigk Q ' Q -.2553 1 'Q U ...gk :eigsije ,.,. . . , l 1 flat? if , ll ll, N1 G ,X WHY . tw: , - jf- - ' . , "fu I fi R f? M? 4-I-...LTI -fffezftx fgc .li Scabbard and Blade HoNoRA.RY OFFICERS' SOCIETY T Founded at the Lniversity of Wisconsin CONIPAN Y ROLL COMPANY A HONORARY MEMBERS . . University of Wisconsin . . . University of Minnesota . . . . . . Cornell University University ot' Iowa . . . . .Purdue University Chas. A. King, Capt. U. S. Armyg Brig. Gen. U. S. Volunteers Chas. R. Boardman, Brig. Gen. and Adjt. Gen. Wis. Nat'1 Guard John G. Solsman, Col. and Ass't Adjt. Gen. Wis. Nat,l Guard Geo. H. Joachim, Col. lst Reg. Inf., Wis. N at'1 Guard Ralph McCoy, Capt. 5th U. S. Inf. Col. C. S. lVIercei.n Maj. B. F. Bennett Maj. P. F. Schwenker ACTIVE MEMBERS Lieut. Col. M. W. Birkett llffaj. A. Heinz Capt. C. O. Brandel Capt. E. F. Rice Capt. G. G. Blatz Capt. E. E. Robinson Capt. E. B. Colladay Capt. R. G. Saxton Capt. D. R. Mihills Capt. A. B. Ordway Capt. M. H. Flynn Capt. R. Sutherland Capt. F. F. Cardenas Capt. E. C. Griswold Capt. L. B. Orr Lieut. V. Fragante 347 Scabbard and Blade Sutherland Flynn Colladay Saxton Brandel Robinson Schwenker 1 Ordway Fraganle Cardenas Heinz Mercein Rice Orr Griswold -' Vi:1f',::, V V . -. 'VV fem:-V.,. .V , . ., . V if4V,,SJ:1V.?5 .,1?3.'w?1'Vs1fiPQ'-ffE:3"f- ' A V' V- V ,. 4'-- -- -K'-' V gggbfblgfg-6' ,,, V' - fx, V 1.2595 ' .,V ., ,,,.,.-.V V. -V . SV -V w V W2 V VV- 'Af V-.fwsz , ' - . AV.1V,-,4- - pV'f::..1.V-Rise' .msg ,g,4'Vv1 g :- - -2 . 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M N M., I ' 'So sag em ilszfl 4 The Badger 7,92 At Wisconsin there has n ever been very uch exp ecte d of the ai nual, he "Badger" According may S. ff J as L to the Sphinx the Chairman must either be "a dead one or an eighteen carat grafterf, and according to the Cardinal the Badger Board is composed of a medley of peanut politicians. Because of this flattering array of talent it has always been necessary for some charitably inclined Freshman to take up the burden at the last moment, gather the annual statistics, put together a so-called literary section, and sketch a few drawings to show what the whole thing is about. Due, undoubtedly, to this mission- ary, VVisconsin has always had one of the best annuals in the West. The first annual was published by the class of '85 under the name of ifTI'OCl1OS.,, The next class to advance the work was the class of ,88, the intervening classes not having published an annual. There seems to have been considerable opposition to the book from many factions. Even after the "Badger,, was started the law class of '91 withdrew its support, and published a book of its own called the "Ground Hog." The law class maintained that the "Badgern did not give the law school proper representation. The name of the book was changed to "Badger,' in 1889. This was a small 8x107E volume of 192 pages, which sold for fifty cents. The Badger Board was then composed of sixteen members. Since that time the book has been continually increasing in size and quality. It is the ambition of every Badger Board to publish an annual that will excel that of the previous year, At the present time the Board is composed of thirty-seven members, and the book contains six hundred pages. The "Badger" is the product of the Junior class. In the spring of the Sophomore year thirty- seven members are elected to publish the book. Five are elected from the Hill at large, three from each of the Engineering Colleges, two from each of the Literary Societies, two from Chadbourne Hall, and five from the Sororities. The persons elected then meet and elect from their number a General Chairman and Business Manager. This is all done in the Sophomore year. All that remains to be done i.n the Junior year is to gather the contents. BADGER EDITORS AND BUSINESS MANAGERS SINCE FOUNDATION Year General Chairman Year Business Manager 1888 A. H. Reid 1888 F. E. Doty 1889 W. J. Quale 1889 Arthur S. Leith 1890 Walter M. Smith 1890 Ben C. Parkinson 1891 Nlorse Ives 1891 James Frawley 1892 Paul S. Reinsch 1892 J. T. Hooper 1893 E. Ray Stevens 1893 Harvey Clark 1894 Edward P. Carlton 1894 Clarence B. Colbertson 1895 S. Howard Cady 1895 C. F. Burgess 1896 Willard G. Bleyer 1896 Henry J. Niederman 1897 Walter S. Gannon 1897 Ossian T. Waite 1898 John C. Schmidtman 1898 Frank W. Van Kirk 1899 Charles E. Allen 1899 Harry N. Carter 1900 Irving P. Robinson 1900 Walter J. Parsons 1901 Harry E. Bradley 1901 Clarence E. Abbott 1902 John B, Patrick 1902 Walter F. Mabbett 1903 Richard H. Hollen 1903 George R. Keachie 1904 Ralph D. Ellis 1904 Harry L. lVIcDOnald 1905 John J. Nloitatt 1905 Samuel E. Elmore 1906 Peter H. Schram 1906 Bernard S. Pease 1907 John H. Walechka 1907 Allen C. Hibbard 1908 Roland B. Roehr 1908 Louis G. Burgess 1909 Walter G. von Kaltenborn 1909 Albert W. Grady river' ' ' ' r 11'-'If' I x-1 'finden5a121.-..3s:a:.c'-32':'ev:1rr "-'fs-:se 1:cu:.Zf-'L Maile. 'fvrvf'-ZfE2iF1'1" nv' rf: -- 1.1 tr 3. ...::f..w.zs:qv..:: V we -. me-ux-9 2: Aw- J ' rump-.cease-...F 'B-165.2 1 wa '1 ' 'ear' .V f-..9f-:'-r:..--.-f- an .- I . -K.-"-fikrir-7-L-' ,.:.a'..-' 'bE:.r'!:5rMH55Q.3:: Gif- ...sf 1- " -Lew 1?QE:'555:1PI'c1 1:1119 ' . t .. ' . img w.5amH:2:uE!S:If:1 . ,- . . .-rr 'a-1 'af -1:-.ww me: J m:f!s:.efm'15aa' " 3:32 ':::5?'f"ra::g::-53:55 . ' 1 3' .3-Q3 : .QL .-.-23:::,.n'n11:5':::f5frf: - ' 3- greg? ffm emit: dag- .Lara-' max.-.ce-1::"-1-gt: --wr imi-5 .L-".fse""'...-f ,L ' -1'.a:'"..:nfif-:: 4iE.'i's-za ..z.4...... 1 ...e fn., ., - . ..,,..b,25K4.,:?mhE5 ' D "L:-ir. , .-rm' xf::s5-:Q if K. .wflfiia ' " . K 1215 Biff f :I-5-'-.uf . 1. as ,4 W4 ...Q - 5.E'.zff'EJQ.' ' ...ea Q. .-1,..,,, ...Q N. ,...a. ..i, 51:fs.11:1-'ae-1: .1 :lsr mth' -swf: - .-:sei of . 549' , 5gaf21??E2::?ifia: ,, 6233? 4'l:Yif?4A+ .-11-. .Liv 'ff M12 1 " Yi HV :5.g'g3g.',..:.:., Luge.: :.E F my ,. ., I - ' ' -2: z-11.12 ff' jfs" " ' V EJ " " ' ' ---.ff 1-V ..:. ' . . , . . . . .f. .x .. , 'zfz ,.-1. . .:. H:--' -1.-H-1:-, 1 :Q-'e--I-' 1 . ..., ef . A 'aff-ay 'Ha-ea'.1.:' naar- m,:..:aeex'2n-. .R 1 u- -4,5-. .- F - pq..-. ,:.. .14 iz ::q. ,rn--: V541 --f 1:-.yf f,.:f.4.:,.r --H-4: V... -f..1-gp 11 4 ,..g.1.g,,.,,..5.. ,-...15f1.L4E.,. ,, W,,,,,,,..q..,,5!-2.1.11QAl1,..!fahi.i5.-1.,XA!3....x.v.1.l.:gmr? .A-:itil-at-.-532 wp-z:.3-xzafyhiisa .. ser- . -'W' Walter G. von Kaltenborn. . . Albert W. Grady . . Hazel B. Higbee . . Eric W. Austin Lona I. Bergh Gustave W. Buchen Dorothy M. Burnham Robert W. Cook Hazel B. Higbee Nanna M. Hoegh Eugene A. Dinet Clifford Fuller Carl H. J uergens Charles W. Lowe Gustave W. Buchen Ward C. Castle Dorothy M. Burnham Clifford Fuller LITERARY Colvnvnfvran Kenneth F. Biugess, Chairman Carl H. J uergens Ernst Jimg Mabel L. Kalmbach William C. Lassetter Louis P. Lochner Marion G. Peabody Guy M. Pelton Chester E. Rightor ART Coiwnvrrrrnn Jo Keho, Chairman Charles A. Mann lVIarion G. Peabody Florence C. Roehm Connvrrrrnn ON REGENTS AND FACULTY Robert W. Cook, Chairman Louis P. Loehner Charles W. Lowe COMMITTEE ON MUSIC AND DRAMATICS Edna J. Terry, Chairman Hazel B. Higbee ' Charles A. Mann 352 . . General Chairman . . Business Manager Secretary Florence C. Roehm Johanna Rossberg Herman W. Sachtj en Edna J. Terry 1 Clarence J. TeSel1e Oscar R. Haase Walter H. Timm Theo. H. Schoenwetter Ernest J. Steinberg William L. McFetridge Guy M. Pelton Robert H. Schwandt Eric W. Austin Frederick L. Baumbach Dorothy M. Bl11'11l121.D'1 Roland F. Fisher Charles E. Gapen Charles G. Burritt Roland F. Fisher Clifford Fuller Charles E. Gapen Kenneth F. Burgess Ward C. Castle Hazel B. Higbee Guy M. Pelton Lona J. Bergh Charles G. Burritt Charles G. Burritt Ward C. Castle Robert W. Cook The Badger, 1909-Continued COMMITTEE ON CLASSES Clarence J. TeSelle, Chairman William C. Lassetter Charles WV. Lowe Franklin J. Natwick Chester E. Rightor Herman W. Sachtjen COMMYITEE ON lNIISCELLANEOUS ORGANIZATIONS Carl H. J uergens, Chairman Bohumil J. J elinek lvlabel L. Kalmbach William C. Lassetter COMMITTEE ON GREEIC SOCIETIES Frederick L. Baumbacli, Chairman Nanna lVI. Hoegh Marion G. Peabody COMMITTEE ON ORATORY AND DEBATE Gustave W. Buchen, Chairman Johanna Rossberg Theo. H. Schoenwetter COMMITTEE ON ATHLETICS Bohumil J. J elinek, Chairman James F. Malone Franklin J. Natwick i COMMITTEE ON PUBLICATIONS Carl N-. Hill, Chairman Louis P. Lochner BUSINESS COMMITTEE Albert W. Grady, Chairman Carl N. Hill Guy M. Felton 353 Theo. H. Schoenwetter Dale C. Sliockley Ernest J. Steinberg Edna J. Terry James F. hlalone William L. McFetridge Johanna Rossberg Chester E. Rightor Florence C. Roehm Dale C. Shockley Ernest J. Steinberg Dexter H. Witte Dexter H. Witte Chester E. Rightor Robert H. Schwandt Badger Board C15 Walter G. yon Kaltenborn C25 Loma I. Bergh C35 Dexter H. Witte C45 Dorothy M. Burnham C55 Robert W. Cook C65 Hazel B. Hxgbee C75 Nanna M. Hoegh C85 Eugene A. Diner C95 Kenneth F. Burgess C105 Carl H. Juergens C115 Ernst Jung C125 Mabel L. Kalmbach C135 William C. Lassetter C145 Louis P. Lochner C155 Marion G. Peabody C165 Guy M. Pelton C175 Florence C. Roehm C185 Johanna Roseberg C195 Herman W. Sachtjen C205 Edna J. Terry Badger Board-Continued 1 ,I vilur V M' M4575 . as C11 Albert W. Grady C21 Eric W. Austin C31 Clarence I. TeSelle C41 Chester E. Rightor C51 jo Keho C61 Oscar R. Haase C71 Walter H. Timm C81 Clifford Fuller C91 Chas. W. Lowe C101 Chas. A. Mann C111 Theodore H. Sclmoeriwetter C121 Ernest J. Steinberg C131 Ward C. Castle C141 William I. McFetriclge C151 Robert H. Schwandt C161 Frederick L. Baumbach C171 Roland F. Fisher C181 Charles E, Gapen C191 Franklin J. Natwick C201 Dale Shockley C211 Charles G. Burritt C221 Bohumil I. Ielinek C231 james F. Malone C241 Gustave W. Buchen C251 Carl N. Hill PYRE CARRIES OFF ORATORICAL HONORS Turner Takes Second Place PYRE, ADRIAN, REINSCH AND TURNER IN FINAL These were the head-lines of the first issue of the Daily Cardinal, which made its initial appearance as the official publica- tion of the rmiversity on April 41, 1892. Since that time it has steadily grown in size unti lit is today one of, if not the, largest publication of its kind in the United States. 'It started out as a four page paper, with four columns a page, nine columns being devoted to news and seven to advertisements. Today the size of the pages have been increased and the four columns have given place to five. The policy of the paper has changed but little since its incep- tion. While it is nominally financed by a stock company, the actual Hnancial management is in the hands of a student business manager, who has reached his position after a career as a reporter in his Freshman year and an occupation of more advanced editorships in his sophomore and junior years which have been given to him as a result of meritorious work. The editors receiveian annual salary and prizes are awarded to reporters who "make good." The editor-in-chief is chosen by the corporation from the. associate editors of the previous year, and upon him fall the responsibility of the editorial columns. K I Nga? 4.5. . ag! Q 4 8 356 Kai., Q tt RA I an Q1 S REPORTER .yay . . vm: K ,d"'v'B" Ig E' l i la A I Bun ss E f V ' ZIELJVEKV mum -'71 F I ' l .- fx X .!f'm.I' fgggag '1LA:'i: MID UI' SUD-IUIIB DHMNEVERWYTE -L INF A 5.10 1 35' IN A TM: All-. I X' j I lu ..,. If' ' " ,I ' ol ' .I ..,. ' D i . fem ' J -1, Y 4 V I If , 'F 'li I. in K' ' n vfgigf HQ :I A J f' -vj , Ralph D. Hetzel, Law '08 ...... Julius O. Roehl, '08 ....... ...... William J. Goldschmidt, '08 ..... . James S. Thompson, '10 ....... David S. Hanchett, '10. ..... . Edwin C. Jones, '07 ............. YEAR 1892 1892-93 1893-94 1894-95 1895-96 1896-97 1897-98 1898-99 1899-00 1900-01 1901-02 1902-03 1903-04 1904-05 1905-06 1906-07 1907-08 George B. Hill, '08 John V. hiulaney '08 Elsie R. Bullard, '10 Louis P. Lochner '09 Ralph M. Hoyt, '10 Berthold F. Zinn, '11 Chalmer B. Traver, '11 ASSOCIATE EDITORS REPORTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . Editor-in-Chief ManagingEditor . . . . .Assistant Managing Editor . . . . . . . . . . . University Editor . . . . . . . . . . .Athletic Editor . . . . . .......... Business Manager William J. Bolleubeck, '08 Kenneth F. Burgess, '09 Dallas S. Burch, '08 Frederick C. Scoville, '09 Emmet Horan, '10 Douglas F. 1VIcKey, '11 Clement A. Rossbach, '11 CARDINAL STAFFS SINCE FOUNDATION EDITOR-IN-CHIEF W. W. Young M. C. Douglas, '93 F. E. Bump, '96 W. T. Arndt, '96 J. B. Sanborn, '96 E. H. Kronshage, '97 A. F. Beule, '01 A. F. Beule, '01 W. F. Moffatt, L '05 R. M. Davis, L '04 E. S. Jordan, '05 G. S. McConochie, '06 Ralph D. Hetzel, L '08 Ralph D. Hetzel, L '08 MANAGING EDITOR J. B. Sanborn, '96 Albert Barton, '96 H. C. Warner, '99 Chas. H. Becker Herbert Waters H. W. Davis J. B. Patrick, '02 R. E. Knoff, '01 H. J. Masters, L ' E. W. Lanclt, '04 J. J. Moffatt, '05 P. H. Schram, '06 J. H. Coe, '07 J. O. Roehl, '08 04 BUSINESS MANAGER W. T. Saucerman, '95 W. T. Saucerman, '95 J. S. Lyon, '95 F. V. Cornish, '96 Albert Hedler, '96 S. W. Smith C. F. Hagemann W. S. Kies W. S. Kies C. S. Pearce J. B. Patrick, '02 R. H. Hollen, '03 H. J. Masters, L '04 E. W. Landt, '05 J. J. Moffatt, '05 E. C. Jones, '07 E. C. Jones, '07 ASSISTANT EDITOR ASS,T MANAGING EDITOR 1892-93 Frank Katzenstein 1897-98 Herbert Waters 1892-93 G. L. Hunner, '93 1898-99 W. J. Carr 1893-94 W. T. Arndt, '96 1899-00 C. S. Pearce 357 Sphinx Staff Stem pfel Birchard Burch M ulany ' Kepo Hill G. Blatz Wallber The Sphinx The Sphinx transferred her affections and trunk to Wisconsin in '99, previous to which she had been sticking around the U. of Giseh for some 3826 years, which beats even Art Kissling's record. The inspiration bug first hit M. W. McArdle, then a Soph of '01 vintage, but it was Phil Allen, '99, the gifted author of "Hot Time," who brought NIcArdle's plan to Fruition, as editor of the Sphinx's initial number. After that, Charlie Allen, '99, escorted the Sphinx through the rest of her debutante year, before retiring into the depths of the biology lab to teach the young idea how to dot Euglena, eggs. The Sphinx mothers a conscientiously humorous bi-weekly. Its career has been chequered, but her smile has stayed cheerful even when the board has been decimated by elopements, Fate and the Faculty. For she has faith that every year will bring her a live bunch of N eophytesg and already in her brief life here she has established a goodly bunch of them on the waiting list of the Hall of Fame. Phil Allen is in the editorial end of the New York Post: Harry Johnson, '03, is on the World. Fred MacKenzie, '06, is managing editor for Almama's own publications. Berton Braley, '05, is a column- conductor loved of all Montana. Hod Winslow, '04, is h1adison's favorite boy dramatist, and his work gladdens the pages of the leading periodicals of the land, including this Badger. C. N. Nelson, '00, and D. C. Nicholson-"Nick," editor for the fall of '06, -are successfully fussing the muse of Art. The Sphinx takes to her heart all such students as prove by contribution their ability and desire to turn out her favorite line of dope. Business Managers are similarly selected from Junior ad hustlers. Beginning with this year assistant business rnanagerships will be opened up to sophomores on the same terms. If the Sphinx ever had anything so serious as a purpose, it would be to limn Wisconsin life as it is, maybe exaggerating what appeals to her funny bone, puncturing what is pretentious--but prin- cipally, doing her little best to add to the gayety of nations. 358 UGHEN navy M. eu Ex norm: ur M' Q gum C3 n ng A Bugcn ' 1 """'l :Rau MAE 'QQ f X, N'-C sreum I SPIRAT Sw. gdox 5 E !xF 1 Q HANJEUML u ---NJN 22222 L3 ,A ' Jo HIL E H Q Q f we , if Q, A U 2 . . ' . ' b' ' wmsmv niz'l1'ti.'i J l , ' .gf MU Q iii' Q .6 Moi, l A W it 'SA' r f ,AJ " K X fl' 2. ' J A 'K' Al' X' - 21 6' 8 ' !-uf' S A la: ,llsllll 'ig' Y . N fx QP 'A' -Ax X .., F 5 A? ' eg' "' 'J l All l Q .D R ,IIB UQ- may f HN L-f-,,,,LL, OB - SPHINX STAFF George B. Hill, '08 ........ ................... ....... E d ltor golinq hlulany, '08 ...... ..... A sslstant Editor o e o, '09 ....................,. ...................... Ar t Editor Gustave G. Blatz, '08 ................ ,.,.........,....... . . Manaver Ralph R. Birchard, '10 T. Stempfel, '08 Hilbert C. Wallber, '08 D. S. Burch, '08 Walter A. Buchen, '10 SPHINX STAFFS SINCE FOUNDATION YEAR 1899-00 1900-01 1901- 1902- 1903-04 1904- 1906- 1907-08 02 03 05 1905-06 07 EDITORS Phillip L. Allen, '99 Charles A. Allen Fred M. Van Horn, '00 Ralph Rounds, '01 Joseph Koifend, '02 Harry C. Johnson, '03 Horatio Winslow, '04 Berton Braley, '05 Fred W. MacKenzie, '06 D. C. Nicholson, '07 G. B. Hill, ,os G. B. Hill, ,os 359 BUSINESS MANAGERS M. W. McArdle, '01 M. W. lNIcArdle, '01 Herbert F. John, '03 Herbert F. John, '03 Harry C. Johnson, '03 P. M. Binzel, '04s Earl B. Dean, '05 Ralph D. Hetzel, '06 Gustave G. Blatz, '08 Gustave G. Blatz, '08 ?, The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine For a good many years there has been an organization known as the Wisconsin Alumni Association. Once a year a few dozen members who happen to be in Madison gather and go through lvluu the motions of a business meetingg then they partake of an in- N X. L' ,,.. . ie' 1 different dinner and listen to five or six sleepy speeches. This, but ,E Z., p for a rare exception, is the sum and substance of organized alumni A interest in the University. I 1,,:, E ,1, Once a year a new board of officers of the Alumni Associa- X tion is elected, and once a year the new oH5cers discuss new plans ilz fe A. 3 ' for "stirring up the alumni." Their purpose is as laudable and s I NW 0 N their success as great as that of the man who, reading and ' - - believing the fairy tales of the Chicago press, applied to Professor Loeb to resuscitate his father. It appeared on inquiry that the old gentleman had been dead four years. In one of these bursts of enthusiasm eight or nine years ago, the Wisconsin Alumni Magazine was founded. Fortunately, though the alumni as an organized body are a sad futility, here and there is a graduate who likes to hear what is going on at Madison. And there have been enough of such, with the help of the advertisers, to enable the Alumni Nlagazine to meet its obligations and to sustain a fairly vigorous life. There is no question that with the growth of the University it becomes increasingly difficult to retain the active interest of the alumni. It is easy enough to be loyal to a college where you knew every student, every instructor, and every stone of the single building. It is not so easy to be loyal to an institution which you have known only as an abstraction or as a loosely-organized diversity, not so easy, when yotu' interest was in one course out of a dozen, in one fraternity out of twenty, in a dozen instructors out of three hundred, in a hundred students out of four thousand. If, relatively, the alumni are no less closely attached to the University than was the case a decade ago, then some influence has been at work to hold their interest. The Jubilee was such an influence- great while it lasted, but temporary. The Alumni Magazine is a persistent force, recalling from month to month the old grad's thoughts to the college life which, not so many years ago, was the only life he knew. N. 'x .f 7 360 C U N WSI. u M ng' MAGAZINE 22.smxv'-- Edward lvl. McMahon.. .... ....... . . . Editor and Business Manager STAFF John B. Winslow, Law '75 Raymond B. Pease, '00 John A. Aylward, '84 E. J. B. Schubring, '01 Mrs. T. E. Brittingliam, '89 lVIable J. Bradley, '04 Ernest N. Warner, '89 Max Loeb, '05 Mary S. Foster, '94 Ralph D. Hetzel, '06, Zona Gale, '95 Athletic Editor A. O. Barton, '96 Louis Bridgman, '06 Willard G. Bleyer, '96 Thomas lVIcClernon, '07 Frank L. Gilbert, '99 Susan Armstrong, '08 Wisconsin Alumni Association EXECUTIVE COMQMITTEE Henry W. Hoyt, '72, Detroit. ............................... ,....... P resident Mrs. Josephine Sarles Simpson, '83, Minneapolis. . . . , ........................... Vice-President hlathew S. Dudgeon, Law '95, Madison. .,........ .................,............... T reasurer Walter M. Smith, '90, Madison ............,...................,....,,..., Recording Secretary Robert G. Siebecker, '78, Madison Mrs. Bertha Pitman Sharp, '85, Madison Charles N. Brown, Law '81, Madison Timothy L. Harrington, '90, Milwaukee James G. Wray, '93, Chicago WISCCNSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE EDITORS SINCE FOUNDATION YEAR EDITOR - YEAR EDITOR 1899-1900 Charles E. Allen, '99 1903-1904 George Downer, '97 1900-1901 Charles E. Allen, '99 1904-1905 George Downer, '97 1901-1902 Charles E. Allen, '99 1905-1906 Nlax Loeb, '05 1902-1903 Albert Barton, '96 1906-1907 ltlax Loeb, '05 ' 1907-1908 Edward M. lVIclNIahon, '08 361 XVISCONSIN ENGINEER S1-Arr ' Steinberg Loew Wallber Mahoney Kastler Cunningham Zeisler Smith Beasley Prof. Beebe Disque Prof. Mack Davis Glaettli The Wisconsin Engineer The Wisconsin Engineer, as the name implies, is devoted to the interests of the Engineering student. It is published four times a year, and aims to furnish literature not only on technical sub- jects of current interest, but also of value to him as a student. The board of editors is composed of representatives from each section 'of each class, and the editor and business manager are elected by the board of the preceding year. The continuity of the.Engineer is preserved by a permanent board of advisory editors, composed of three faculty members and one graduate member. The circulation of the magazine among the faculty, students and alumni of the College of Engineering is wide, and the hearty support thus given has enabled it to grow into the first rank of college publications. The articles published are largely from the pens of alumni of the Engineering College, but by no means confined thereto. They are sufliciently technical to preserve the identity of the magazine as a technical publication, but not too much so to lose interest to the undergraduate subscribers. It is an important part of the duty of the modern Engineering College tovoffer a creditable publication of this kind, and it is this mission that the Wisconsin Engineer aims to fulhll. 'af -1- , , , F 362 R. C Dis ue '08 . q , .... . E. J. Steinberg, '09 . . . E. A. Loew, '06. . . J. W. Cunningham, W. H. Beasley, '08 C. E. Steinfort, '08 H. C. Wallber, '08 '08... I VBS BOARD or EDITORS . . . Editor-in-Chief Alumni Editor . . . . . . . . . . Graduate Editor . . . . . . . . . . . Business lVIanager Assistant Business Manager Circulation Manager . G. H. Zeisler, '08 F. C. Henke, '09 W. G. Gibson, '08 E. L. KaSil0r, '10 Glen E. Smith, '09 L. S. Davis, '10 V R. A. Pawling, '09 F. D. Mahoney, '10 J. Glaettli, '09 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Local Editor W. D. Pence, C. E. .... .......,................ P rofessor of Railway Engineering J. G. D. Mack, M. E. . ................. Professor of Machine Design lVI. C. Beebe, E. E. . . . ........................... Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering WISCONSIN ENGINEER STAFFS SINCE FOUNDATION YEAR 1895-96 1896-97 1897-98 1898-99 1899-00 1900-01 1901-02 1902-03 1903-04 1904-05 1905-06 1906-07 1907-08 EDXTOR E. C. Bebb, '96 VVallace F. MacGregor, '97 Harry Spence, '98 Richard T. Logemann, '99 Myron M. Fowler, '00 Frank E. Washburn, '01 James W. Watson, '02 Alvin Haase, '03 H. L. McDonald, '04 I-I. W. Vinson, '05 E. T. Howson, '06 H. B. Sanford, '07 Pt. C. Disque, '08 363 BUSINESS MANAGER C. L Burkholder Perry F. Brown, '97 Frederick A. Schroeder Carl A. Keller, '99 Lewis E. lVIoore, '00 Alvin lVIeyers, '01 Arthur J. Quigley, F. W. Huels, '03 S. W. Cheney, '05 R. S. Peotter, '05 J. B. Kommers, '06 G. VV. Van Derzee, '08 J. VV. Cunningham, '08 '03 WISCONSIN "Ltr" Srnrr . Burgess Hill Jung Mulany Scoville Swenson Webb Burnham Sheets The ' 'Lit' ' The "Lit," like its student subscription list, is but the abbreviation of something more lengthy and pretentious. The fervid literary spirit of its sponsors was breathed, rather heavily, into the name: Wisconsin Literary Magazine. The overworked students, however, who find no time in their busy careers for such words as laboratory and library and gymnasium, soon sheared this toppling title down to "Lit," and the "Lit" is the magazine we now have with us. When the old "Aegis" died and was buried in its honored grave, many years before the present day generation of Wisconsin students, there were many literary fields left open. The "Cardinal,', and later the "Sphinx," monopolizing the fields of news interest, humor and advertising, left other areas still uncovered. On its organization in December, 1903, The "Lit" was designed to foster the more purely literary efforts in student prose and verse. About the first editor, Michael B. Olbrich, to give The "Lit" an auspicious opening volume, were grouped the brighest literary stars of later day Wisconsin-Edward S. Jordan, Berton Braley, Horatio Winslow and F. W. McKenzie. Succeeding in turn to the editorship came Berton Braley, 05, WVilliam T.'Walsh, '06 and Walter Scott Underwood, ,07. A faculty committee-Profs. W. G. Bleyer, J. F. A. Pyre and C. W. Allen-keeps a friendly, interested eye upon the "Lit,', meeting once a year to select a business manager from the applicants, and at other times, filling the role of indulgent god father. The board of regents patronizes The "Litg', the faculty subscribes, the students buy, borrow and contribute, the board of editors writes, adjudges and has its picture taken. , - 4 The "Lit" of today appears monthly in fixed cover design and contains forty eight pages of read- ing material. Essays, criticisms, stories, poems, translations go to make up the contents. An Entre Nous column is open for discussion of all student problems from the Harvard influx to athletics. Edi- torials fill space in the back. In the field of student activity The "Lit" holds out a welcome hand to the long haired poet, the A theme writer, literary genius in all disguises and to the business manager whose college expenses are home paid. 364 Y 'l 4 1 0 Q 3 Q I I X cg? . Xxx xi ' -+5 if 0 kg? ,gg x D if ,A af in 2 0 lo l 0 1 I .'. W 5 . Q 4 .- ek ESE .4 "Q ly xu A A v ffl' 3 365 The Wisconsin Lit John V. lliulany, '08 ......,... Editor-in-Chief George B. Hill, '08 .... ..... A ssistant Editor ASSOCIATES Edith D. Swenson, '08 Kenneth F. Burgess, '09 Ernst Jung, '09 Dorothy BI. Burnham, '09 George BI. Sheets, '08 Alice L. Vvebh Frederick C. Scoville, ,09 Willard L. Stephenson, 108. . . Business Dlanager Lit Staffs Since Foundation YEAR 1903-04 1904-05 1905-06 1906-07 1907-08 YEAR 1903-041 1904-05 1905-06 1906-07 1907-08 EDITOR Michael B. Olbrich A. Berton Braley William T. Walsh Walter S. Underwood John V. Mulany BUSINESS MANAGER Stanley R. Latshau Stanley R. Latshau Max J. Mulcahey Frederic Bagley Willard L. Stephenson . l :ltr ,TL ' -V 'K 1 11,1 ,gf ,' ..,, f. :'Y.1Ui -..f.., ' Z. .. It . Q '- lf' ' . V ., I A STUDENT FARMER STAFF Hoffman Burch Hill Kolb Moore Oosterhuis Nelson Weir Richards Mclietridge Curtis Lassetter Gapen jones Ielinek The Student Farmer An illustrated Agric periodical edited and managed by studes and grads of the Cow College. Making its debut among Varsity publications January 1907 with "Spuds" Milward as Editor, this Farmers' Home Journal gossips the gospel of I-Ienryism to 1600 of's noblemen, chronicles agric activities, throws the spot-light on wandering alumni, and tells how to make life on the old homestead almost as easy and profitable as working for the Horticultural Department. S . y ' W' ,h 'x " 5 1 1 5 -Jig. "ii Lf! V sb" . Q' 'lx' ffrzffiff- A 366 N n . 'FU'-Illia Si3'LK'TQl?Ull3lQillT DTFZEQSLNBBQ 12353 D f K 1 .Q - I 'NEMA + as qi lx-1, F V - Q, S, Q' 7 '1 I S L N J ,f W v ' L.L.l 11 1 me lws I u -- . - Ni' ,X 1' 'V :HHH g ' ,. , l :Eg ,I Q, ., , . ai! x , 'S - ' my S-' XE ' Q - ' u4lLLuL STAFF D. S. Burch, '08, Editor George B. Hill, '08, Blanaging Editor Morris W. Richards, '09, Assistant Managing Editor DEPARTMENTS Charles E. Gapen, '09 ..... ............ . ............... L ive Stock VVilliam C. Lassettrer, '09 .... ........... A gronomy-Soils Joseph Curtis, '09 ......., . . . .... 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G. hloore 367 v,:g,5:::: r..,..:. ,.,g.,.2.. fmwaamaiaa . , 1 N 1,3Q'fQ51-4 l!W yff I 0 v f frtii if 31:20-::ffv '25 JTIINT TTTBITT - THURSDAY NIGHT BETWEEN' ATHENAEJKND PHILO' ' MATHIA eocienes.. on Question of Stale Ins arree.. Nlonstel M355 Munn' T To Be' Held' ny -Both soei-" 5'-Tai' Nsgheqsuprem- 'Ce Dodge One ' X K olgtfow EAHI' mit wins THE HIMIITUN WITH' ORATION-ON UCENTRALQIA. "rioN mutnernoc-nncv, Qnys Thatllt lx Necessary to Increase PDYVGFS of Federal Government to -Protect People' from -Q,-,spins Clutch of Corporations-Has Been jActlve as Debaiei-. " ' - Carl N. Hlll, '09. of 'Spring Green Wee -elebted Yesterday 'aftex-noon.'fo. . ' -I represent Mwlsoonslnf ln the' annzidj QL S . , X990 q,06I' A ' 5 club oratorlcal- T T . YA QP' litt A 66 G Xe ,Ag Pa" 'K 69 900 of I An we ol' K QV fxxoa . cellentql 0 X' oc' W 3 mernhex 600' 9e11x,,+'- V25 ' goat env YN' c,o":554of 9+ 0 ' ' hall. - - 5 'XX 9' N . - The menxg ,515 Q,A 0:56 f nlvlnfint-55? TN -'t'TlTlT'lIlINTTST4' FHILOMATT-HA' AND 'ATHENAE EACH HAVE WINNER. LIOyd i.. cook of Lake' Mills. 'H Mem' ner of Phllomathia, Wins In UF3-. torical 'T Division ' and Hifi? G- Abondrath of Milwaukee, Ao1,'A!hC' nag, in Dramaltlc Division. Lloyd L. cduk or miie 111115 and 'Hurry G. Auenclrorh ot " Were the winners oi-I the di-znnolic uif' which w' us, " -ihe Ireslnnv' ' . YS ., A S8 ' J AV T ' 4? 6. -. . . 6 GO Wisconsin debaters won y an two GPL V59 .one decision from .-inn'eSota..lut ni! 4 YN - 5:2 an 'in the beSt interconegmte contest tn 39' . 0.9 a 96,944 has been Held here tor-several year -6 055, G ,sian and lost to Illjnois af Cbampalgn. I gl- -Je Minnesota won In the debate 'again O s . I -Q. 5 . wi? cfm 0-o -o neuraska. at ,Minneapolis a.nd'asa . HILL wws mi -FINAL HAMIITUN -- AWARDED FIRST uNANxMous DECISION. Judges Say Wisconsin Qrator Ear Above Other 'Conteziants-HllI's Vlctory, which ls Th, Thlrd Suo cessive One For- Badgers, Places Wisconsin ln-Lead. ' - By u unanimous 'vote, the flrsl ln the I1IsLory of the clubl Carl lj. Hill. L.'09, of Spring Green won the Harn- llton , oontesi at Chlpago Saturday night. -This Is the third tlme ln suc- - cesslon lhat Wisconsin won first place ' 9 elghl other nnlversifles n ague Eugene Marsnall ex: 09 ation on Alexander Hamilton n Q ron first place In T906 ygltn 'ann Edgar E.,Roblnson, 08, having been vlowrlpus In 1907 wlth,an ora- tion on entitled "A Pro- gresslve Statesman." Though Wis- .ons!u'dId not even' secure :nplace in .- hat the Hamilton prize was ol'- lple victory of the he Hnnl- contests during the first two M' T ?TI'IIIlf0fffii RST F, ', . . EA FEFIIQS OF A5 ,si,EAGSaJ. R41- 0 eslto T . - Sehedgfyman' ' .me :AU uno, , rv sms! d 'Ives ca e W Fo Qverni fe, 'He t if If-ez Q-P C, . 041 fn- ,ff '11 GOI, ., T A , 5 64:35 e M70 6194, O 9 0 ' fhqeeq be Ph . -- 4 is ,I - 0, el eq, QV TH 0 41 Wx . . 8 V ll' I . g T o T I 5 f I P ,y V v T O , Y A W I llfn Tllh, Fl 0 0 OR P, r ' C A ee. I 211 e"D'aw.u"i"".Rw". G '5""'I A , X 4, ,Q sh . I Q I ' 0. 0 Q , Us . 'f n i, , XX Y - X0 .. V A . ' .9 M- We ,lf I F 1 ' , I I . y l X f T 1 ' - I 96 - .55 f Q,s,o , X' ' yn I y , 4 O rl X. I lycra if 0,23 'Y T' X' Yr 3 6 Wo -9 I O qs sv' 1-:E ,sfo I 41 416 KAN ev KPKO We 76 7- 6,6 'Py- xe X '17 A Q4 " 0 Tw off-K 9 I F'-'eb I 0 u X Q K X V60 'Yo 0 .6 060 40" 'o Tlx-0 5 universities In'the Centr ebatin league won one - l I hi. V 0 . 0 , haha 01,600 00,0 0 I-P 'he 0 . oo 4- 'fr on 09' al- 94, Goes., my Lfg Q' Egfr ' Review of the FM P S I sg'-gf Oratorical and Debating ,Sw l Season SDM xxes Q33 Z il-.. I 'ft' i -.Q 1 . . . i ,gr 5 ' iixlgg -Sxxf z , .f s 5 if., . -ami 1 V1 in 5 . .si . The present college year has been a period of unusual activity in debating and oratory and ofa correspondingly large ntunber of close contests and Wisconsin victories. The season was opened with its Hamilton preliminary contest October 29, which was won by Carl N. Hill, who later, Jan. 11, won first place in the final contest at Chicago. He has thus added another victory to that of Eugene Mar- shall in 1906 and of Edgar E. Robinson in 1907. This triple victory is significant when we take into consideration that up to 1906 no VVisconsin man was ever admitted to the final contest, but was dropped from the lists in the preliminary in thought and composition. These three victories easily put Wiscon- sin at the head of the eight institutions which are represented in the Hamilton contest. The next two events to occupy the attention of those interested in forensic events were theInter- collegiate debates, December 13, and the Joint Debate, December 19. In the Intercollegiate debates, Wisconsin lost to Illinois at Champaign but won over Minnesota at hladison. The especial significance of the contest lay in the fact that Minnesota and Wisconsin, the only two Universities in the Central Debating Circuit as yet Lmdefeated, wer pitted against each other. And then, while Wisconsin lost to Illinois, the fact that our team defeated Minnesota placed Wisconsin first in the Quintangular league. The present agreement of the league is to continue for two years more, thus giving each University a chance to meet each opponent twice. The Joint Debate between Athenae and Ifhilomathia excited special interest for two reasons. For the first time the judges were selected by a committee of the faculty rather than by the debaters. This reform seems to have worked well, and to have eliminated the friction which the contest over the judges has formerly created between the members of the teams. In the second place, the fact that Philoma- thia had been victorious in the two previous debates created curiosity as to the outcome of the contest. By Philo's defeat the old tradition that no society can win three joint debates in succession has been confirmed. Athenae, the victorious society, will meet Hesperia next fall. Both societies have recently elected the joint debaters for this contest. It is gratifying to note that the joint debates, which have not been published for some years be- cause of the lack of fimds, will hereafter be issued by the bulletin department of the University and will be sent to all high schools and public libraries in the state after being approved by the department in the University to which they refer. The second semester was begun by the various class oratorical contests. In both the sopho- more and junior "open" contests, a larger number entered than in the previous two years. Robert Burke of Philomathia took first place in the sophomore "open" contest, held February 27. In the Junior "Ex," held February 29, Ethel Thomas of Castalia and Charles C. Pearce of Athenae tied for Hrst place, while in the Junior "open" Gustave Buchen of Philomathia carried OH the victory. To represent the senior class four were retained from the Senior "open"-Edgar E. Robinson and William F. Liserson of Philomathia, George C. Mathews of Hesperia and Frank L. Fawcett of Forum-Co- lumbia. The final oratorical contest was held March 6. Edgar E. Robinson, William F. Leiserson and Gustave Buchen carried off the first tlu'ee places respectively. Edgar E. Robinson will thus again represent the University of Wisconsin in the Northern Oratorical Contest as he did last year. Last spring, it will be remembered, he was awarded third place. The Semi-public debate of Athenae and Philomathia were held recently, and were attended poorly, as the Semi-public debates unfortunately always are. Hesperia on account of the death of one of the closers and the resignation of some members of the team, will hold no Semi-public this year. There remain the freshman blowout debates, which will close the season for the literary societies. 370 aw aw .-U l if f Joint Debate Thirty-Seventh Annual Joint Debate PHILOMJXTHIA VS. ATIJENAE LIBRARY HALL DECERIBER 19, 1907 President of the Evening. . . .....,,,............ . . . Professor John R. Commons DEBATE Question: "Resolved, That administration of insurance would be without the proper Held of activity of a State Governmentf, NEGATIVE : ATI-IENAE Julius O. Roehl AFEIRMATWE: PHILOMATHIA Edwin F. Gruhl James W. Shannon Edgar E. Robinson Prof. T. H. Dickinson Prof. J. W. CunliHe J UDGES Gerhard A. Gesell Raymond B. Frost Hon. Nils P. Haugen Hon. P. F. Winterbotham Prof. Evander B. h1cGilvary Decision: 3 to 2 in favor of the Negative COIVIMITTEES ARRANGEMENT PHXLOMATHIA ATHENAE Wm. NI. Leiserson Homer H. Benton Louis P. Lochner Edwin E. Witte Gustave W. Buchen John A. Conley REcEP'r1oN PHILOIWATI-IIA , Arthur H. Robertson Nlonte F. Appel R. J. Burke 371 ATHENAE Chester A. Griswold Benjamin F. Springer C. C. Pearce R32 16 se ff I' ..,,,, fi Q Teams ease! lil? 4555 lwsaww E new Ej fpg Past J omt Debate ,.., .,,4, , Y J - '19,-FN "Ff'..f, I . . 'fe-.' 1 Q. j .tl ts' ,. .Avli'E:.f . ,e '1 "u, . . YEAR 1876 1876 1880 1878 1881 1883 1867 1868 1869 1873 1874 1876 1878 1878 1880 1881 1882 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1890 1891 1893 1894 1895 1897 1899 1900 1901 1903 1904 1905 1907 CALLIOPE TEAM F. N. Hendrix, C. L. Dudley, F. H. Winsor. .... . . E . A. Hayes, F. N. Hendrix, C. L. Dudley .... E. W. Keyes, Jr., John Brennan, R. A. Cole ..... LIONIA E. F. Gleason, J. B. Simpson, C. Dennis .......... L. S. Hulbert, H. F. Mason, R. Davis ..........,. ADELPHIA A. C. Umbreit, E. J. Dockery, A. J. Dopp ......... ATHENAE W. C. Damon, J. Turner, W. E. Huntington ....... L. R. Thomas, A. M. Rice, R. M. Bashford ....... J. W. BasHord, S. S. Gregory, A. C. Parkinson .... R. R. Williams, J. C. Fuller, John Brindley ..... A. L. Lamont, F. F. Frawley, G. S. Martin ....... A. N. Hitchcock, R. G. Siebecker, H. J. Taylor .... H. L. Richardson, C. G. Sterling, W. S. Feld .... Kemper Knapp, J. J. Conway, C. R. Van Hise. . Emil Baensch, Edward Brady, H. L. Smith ..... F. M. Porter, J. Bloroney, J. W. Hallam ...... J. J. Esch, G. D. Jones, C. C. Todd ........... J. R. F. Trottman, E. D. Nlatts, J. A. Buckley ..... J. A. VVilliams, W. VV. Hallam, J. L. Erdall ....... E. F. Dwight, Oscar Hallam, H. E. Briggs ..... A. J. Hogan, F. W. Gage, G. E. Roe .......... W. F. Jones, J. H. Feeney, F. A. Geiger .....,..,. W. F. VVolfe, S. T. Swansen, F. E. McGovern .... Jas. Frawley, J. T. Hooper, Andrews Allen ..... H. E. Page, H. R. Stevens, J. hi. Johnston .... P. E. Dondra, W. F. O'Keefe, W. VV. Allen .... J. T. Healy, R. D. Tillotson, M. W. Kolaher, ..... Henry Lockney, G. H. Miller, H. F. Cochems. . . Julius Gilbertson, J. W. Page, Otto Bosshard ...., Benj. Foss, W. S. Kies, Jos. Loeb .............. E. B. Cochems, W. D. Buchholz, J. hi. Barney .... R. hi. Davis, J. A. O'lVIeara, M. B. Olbrich ....... . Ira O. Hubbard, E. J. McEachron, L. D. Blackman. A. F. lV1eyer, W. S. Griswold, Emil Olbrich ....... J. E. Baker, Earl James, Rudolph Karges ...... R. B. Frost, G. A. Gesell, J. O. Roehl ..... 372 DECISION . . . . Won from Hesperia . . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . . .Lost to Hesperia . . . . .Lost to Hesperia . . . . . . .Lost to Hesperia . . . . .Won from Hesperia . . . . .Lost to Hesperia ..........Undecided . . . . .Won from Calliope . . . . . . Won from Lionia . . . .Won from Hesperia . . . . .Won from Calliope . . . . .Won from Lionia . . . . . . .Lost to Hesperia . . . . .Won from Hesperia . . . . .Won from Hesperia . . .Won from Hesperia . . .WVon from Hesperia . . .Won from Hesperia . . .Won from Hesperia .,.... .. ...Lost to Hesperia Won from Philomathia . . .Won from Hesperia Won from Fhilomathia . . .Won from Hesperia . . .Lost to Philomathia Won from Philomathia . . . . . .Lost to Hesperia . . .Won from Hesperia . . .Lost to Philomathia . . .Won from Hesperia . . . . . . . .Lost to Philornathia Won from Philornathia Past .lomt Debate ig -'Q Teams Continued . I mx . 1 2 'Q H 1 I 9- W 11.11 ,uf , ' I M x . , I Q l 1' ' ' " 2 ' f ' 1'--J. - v ' " 5 l 5' .DKK x 'W 1 g, Nl,'11. :1-,g-:--:2-:.- , , Nw XE !, 14 1 I9 bx N V .T f if - - Z KL..-2:1 'ax J r N 4' B . N , 1 " ' f .1 f ,, , .u 1 u s YEAR P1-IILOM ATHIA TEAM 1892 H. M. Haskell, J. J. Schlichter, C. C. Parlin. . . 1893 J. A. Pratt, J. B. Pollock, J. E. VVebster ...... 1895 E. R. Buckley, T. W. Brazeau, E. H. Cassels.. . . 1897 F. E. Compton, G. B. Nelson, T. W. Brazeau .... . . . . J. C. Schmidtman, J. P. Weter, Otto Patzer. . . . 1899 W. F. Adams, W. BI. Persons, Emerson Ela.. . . . 1900 Eugene T. Hancock, L. G. Lohr, P. W. Boehm .... 1903 Voyta Wrabetz, E. R. Miuahan, P. A. Schuette .... 19041 D. W. Hoan, D. G. Nlilbrath, Arthur Breslauer .... 1905 P. H. Schram, G. F. Harman, George Blanchard.. . . . 1906 Horace Secrist, Otto Breidenbach, E. J. Marshall.. . . . 1907 E. E. Robinson, James Shannon, E. F. Gruhl .... YE PULITILRH fi X gggllfi -Wy, X ff! O R 1 ELE Z f mf TME E X 1 'fif X ma ' N I ""' O I.. , -, .ri 0 - ,141 .Zi X V if Z .Lx - xi fl 2 'A Q Xi i -Z,--J w, 4' 'rg I -HT' I f-Q :Z 'X L f 9 . fl 17- T , , ::- gas af' ,.-f 15:::5-gf2.i1.9 Z 6 EEE 5:::?5:-:' ' 1 ' f 41 Tiqbfi-1515 y ' D , . A .ag-1--gas , 1 - 'f 53321 .-sz.-.-:Isa .- -ff f - '-2-'szoz-we 1-:-"'-:biz 252 '11 efszg'-11'-' f 'Z ' 1 5 's' 13 5.21 - 'P ff . .- '-'fa-U ' ' if 1 N ,z W 5 K -4 ' f .lazy o. em-4:7 . - ,yy DECISION Won from Hesperia . . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . . .Lost to Athenae .Won from Athenae Won from Hesperia . . .Lost to Athenae . ..L0st to Hesperia .Won from Athenae . . .Lost to Hesperia .Won from Athenae Won from Hesperia . . .Lost to Athenae Gr' I, 5 2 lf Teams aw RE Continued 'Y x 3.586 92 x fb 5 E , 2lSt 011112 C 21116 iadzzmmfyamef m mp. ,f s - qjiiifamw 'Law ,..ffssH5Efr'f a ff - 2 " -ffg-A, - Tig. .- ,Q 11 M. , , YEAR 1867 1868 1869 1873 1874 1876 1878 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1890 1891 1892 1894 1895 1897 1900 1901 1904 1904 1906 HESPERIA 'rm M I. S. Leavitt, F. S. Stein, B. W. JOIISS ......... C. L. A. Smith, F. E. Parkinson, L. W. Colby ..,.. B. Sale, J. H. Glover, B. W. Jones ........ NI. Van Wagener, C. W. Bunn, A. H. Bright ...,. A. P. Fr H. Noyes, C. H. Lewis, W. S. Noland ....... H. Conley, J. B. Trowbridge, E. R. Hicks ,... ank Cooper, WV. E. Dennett, J. WV. Thomas .... H. H. Powers, L. L. Brown, D. F. Simpson ...... M A. C. W R. J. W A. G. G. E. C. J. A. M C. H. E. . M. Parkinson, J. A. Aylward, A. W. Shelton.. G. Briggs, J. C. Gaveney, J. A. Peterson ...... WV. Gilman, G. W. Baldwin, N. 111. Thygeson ..... . E. Bainbridge, J. E. hIcConnell, D. E. Spencer. . . 111. Richmond, W. S. Buckley, J. O'Leary .... S. Roeseler, E. E. Brossard, A. H. Reid .... . R. Cooley, L. C. Wheeler, D. W. Heffron. . H. Fehlandt, L. C, Wheeler, ltlorse Ives.. D. Pease, C. B. Rogers, J. F. Donovan .... S. Ford, R. E. Rienow, A. BI. Simmons .... A. Evans, H. S. McCord, J. L. McNab.. . . . M. Seeker, A. R. Denu, H. H. Thomas ..,. C. Watson, H. W. Adams, R. A. Runke... . . . V. Smith, Solomon Huebner, J . E. Brindley .... ..... . E. Strehlow, W. J. Hagenah, Solomon Huebner . . C. Pearse, G. G. Huebner, F. B. Sargent ........ L. Geisse, V. R. Griggs, G. G. Huebner .... E. Brindley, E. S. Jedney, G. C. hlathews. . . DECISION . .VVOn from Athenae . . . . .Won from Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . . .Won from Athenae .........Undecided . . . .Lost to Calliope . ..... Lost to Athenae . . . . .Won from Athenae Won from Adelphia . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae .Won from Athenae Lost to Philomathia . . , .Lost to Athenae . . . .Lost to Athenae Lost to Philomathia .Won from Athenae Won from Philomathia . . . .Lost to Athenae . . . .Won from Philomathia . . . .Lost to Athenae .Lost to Philomathia. R916 fe Wearers of the were pFE 51 . ' iSS5siL5v Sv ff FOFSHSIC W -Zjj ff' C ILHQL' ' 'fFWg577Q3W pf ....., - 1: , I K T if., ls' r Q- 1:1121 - fli ' ", WL 5 1 1 The 1908 Elbert E. Brindley Gustave W. Buchen Ralph D. Hetzcl Carl N. Hill Ray M. Stroud 1903 Arthur F. Beule William D. Buchholz George A. Danford Arnold L. Gesell W. J. Hagenah O. W. Kreutzer Michael B. Olbrich Seth W. Richardson William Ryan Edward J. Schubring Men Who Have Won Their "W" Since 1894 DEBATING 1907 Raymond B. Frost Eli S. J edney Eugene J. Marshall George C. Mathews Edgar E. Robinson Richard C. Schmidt 1902 A. D. S. Gillette Henry Graass H. L. James J. Koffend, Jr. L. George Lohr J. C. McKesson 1901 A. V. Smith William E. Smith 1906 J. E. Baker H. Geisse G. G. Huebner E. Olbrich P. H. Schram J. H. Walechka 1900 Harry VV. Adams William F. Adams Michael J. Cleary 1899 Charles E. Allen Otto Bosshard Joseph E. Davies Albert R. Denu 1905 Max Loeb Ira B. Cross R. C. Allen 1904 Ebon R. Minahan 1898 George B. Nelson 1897 Clarence B. Edwards Henry Lockney Clarence J. Luby Frank J. Rowan C. H. Stone Peter Tscharner Joseph D. Shaw Albert H. Schmidt Tore Teigen 1896 1895 1894 William A. Allen James T. Healy E. H. Cassels G. W. Kroencke Edward R. Bowler M. W. Kalaher A. H. Ford C. W. Lamoreaux Evan A. Evans Fred J. Smith C. B. Rogers H. S. Yduker ORATORY 1908 1907 1906 1905 Carl N. Hill Edgar E. Robinson Eugene J. Marshall Max Loeb Edward 1NIcMahon 1904 1903 1902 1901 Henry C. Duke, Jr. Cliiord C. Pease Michael B. Olbrich Louise Loeb 1900 1899 1898 1897 Clarence E. Nlacartney Albert R. Denu Edward T. FOX Robert Wild 1896 1895 1894 Albert H. Schmidt R. A. Edward A. R. Smith 373 Intercollegiate Debate FACULTY-STUDENT BOARD FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES Prof. R. L. Lyman John Collins Prof. P. S. Reinsch George C. Mathews Prof. E. A. Gilmore ' ORATORLAL AND DEBATING LEAGUE Mary L. Spence .......................,.... President Ray M. Stroud ........................... Secretary Raymond B. Frost ..... . . . . . . Treasurer MINNESOTA VS. WISCONSIN Library Hall, Madison, Dec. 13, 1907 Presiding OHicer ................,.........,........... Hon. James O. Davidson QUESTION "Resolved, That the Federal Government shall have exclusive control of all transportation cor- porations doing an interstate business. Constitutionality granted." AFFIRNIATIVE-WISCONSIN NEGATIVE-MINNESOTA Ralph D. Hetzel Michael J. Doherty Carl N. Hill Albert G. Evans George C. Mathews A Zemas L. Potter .TUDGES Hon. BI. L. McKinley, Chicago Prof. O. A. Harker, Urbana Mr. H. L. Prescott, Chicago Decision: 2 to 1 in favor of the Affirmative. 374 X STROUD BFZINDLEY ZZ- Intercollegiate Debate ILLINOIS vs. WISCONSIN Auditorium, Urbana, Ill., Dec. 13, 1907. Presiding OfHcer . . . ........... ...,................... . . . Edmund Janes James QUESTION "Resolved, That the Federal Government shall have exclusive control of all transportation cor porations doing an interstate business. Constitutionality granted? AFFIRMATIVE-ILLINOIS NEGATIVE-WVISCONSIN George Herbert Coons Gustave W Buchen Roger Frank Little Ray M. Stroud Harry B. Hershey Elbert E. Brindley JUDGES Prof. J. Scott Clark, Northwestern University Prof. E. A. Wilcox, Iowa State University Hon. John Read, Des Moines, Iowa Decision: 2 to 1 in favor of the Affirmative. CENTRAL DEBATING LEAGUE STANDING University Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois Nebraska Iowa Won Lost Per Cent 3 750 3 750 2 ' 500 1 225 I 225 375 , do V gels 4 Y I ' liulmmnnnm :nm if W sa I3 94-fa ug: 39 0 004 L55 . mg X Hpiof NTESQ if llll llllll lllll llllll lllll llllll lllllll HIIIZT 0 ' ' W inn:-:i 1 00131295 W jl ' Q Fifth Annual E s Intercollegiate Hamilton Contest 1 5- , CHICAGO, JANUARY 11, 1908 Dun: a :mira CA RL H I LL. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllll Introductory Address . ..,........................... . Oration Cration Oration Oration PROGRAM . ........ Thomas D. Knight President of the Hamilton Club .. "John Marshall the . . . . . . . . . . , Preserver of the Federalist Ideal" John M. Lowrie, Knox College .......,...............,...,....."CentralizationinDemocracy" Carl N. Hill, Wisconsin , . . . . "Patrick Henry" Emory S. Bogardus, Northwestern . . . . . . "Hamilton's Nationalism" Stephen W. Downey, lliichigan AWARDING OF PRIZES First Prize, 3100.00 Second Prize, 850.00 Dir. Emil C. Wetten, Donor First place awarded to Carl N. Hill, Wisconsin Second place awarded to Stephen W. Downey, Michigan 376 Presiding Officer .... President of League .... Oration. . . . Oration. . . Oration. . . . Oration. . . Oration. . . . . Oration. . . . . Oration. . . . . Prof. C. A. Waldo, Purdue, Seventeenth Annual Northern Oratorical Contest NIADISON, LALAY 3, 1907 . . . . . R. H. Rice, Oberlin . . . Edgar E. Robinson PROGRAM "The United States and Universal Peace' G. P. Wishard, Northwestern "Christopher Columbus' F. L. Mott, Chicago "The Mission of the Progressive E. E. Robinson, Wisconsin F. A. Deahl, Michigan "ThePressandthePublicConscience Vivian G. Colgrove, Minnesota "TheUnited States oftheWorld L. V. Koos, Oberlin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Commercialism a Problem of Government W. L. Myers, Iowa J UD GES Purdue, Ind. . Prof. E. W. Kemp, Rose Polytechnic, Terre Haute, Ind. Prof. T. A. Clark, Illinois, Champaign, Ill Arranged according to rank. 377 .. "John Marshall' Fourteenth Annual Final Oratorical Contest LIBRARY HALL, NIARCH 6, 1908 President of the Eveninvf ........................................ Prof, Rollo L. Lyman Oration .....,...... ..........,.......................... ' 'The Lian on the Frontier" Edgar E. Robinson, Philomathia Oration ..... ..........,..........,.....,..... ' Socialism, its Practical Programv William Leiserson, Philomathia, Oration ..... ............... I ..,....,....,. , . ."Our Need for Federalism? Gustave Buchen, Philomathia ' Oration ..... .,...............,...,.,. .... ' ' Woman, a Conservative" Ethel Thomas, Castalia Oration. . . .......,..............,,,............ .. "Plea for Brotherhood" Frank Fawcett, Forum-Columbia Oration ..... ...,....................,..,.. ' 'Mission of the Gaelic League" Robert J. Burke, Philoniathia Oration. .. ............................. .. "Centralized Democracyn Charles C. Pearce, Athenae Oration ...., ..................................... ' 'Democratic Centralizationn George C. Mathews, Hesperia JUDGES William Ryan Prof. L. E. Reber E. J. B. Schubring Prof. W. WV. Cook Prof. R. B. Scott Rev. F. T. Galpin First three arranged according to rank. 378 Library Hall FEBRUARY Q9, 1908 President of the Evening . . I .... Miss Leslie BI. Spence PROGRAM Oration. . . ....,..... ,...,. . ...... ' 'The American Woman as a Conservative' Oration Oration Oration Oration Oration Oration Ethel M. Thomas, Castalia "A Centralized Democracy Charles C. Pearce, Athenae "Our Need of Federalism Gustave W. Buchen, Philomathia "TheNeWCivicIdeal Kenneth F. Burgess, Hesperia "ThePerpetuationoflieform Clarence J. Hartley, Forum-Columbia "APleaforaChance Alice M. Grover, Pythia "PoliticalPartiesandDemocracy Herman W. Sachtjen, Olympia JUDGES Judge Robert J. Siebecker Dr. E. G. Updike Prof. T. H. Dickinson First four places arranged according to rank. First place a tie between Ethel M. Thomas and Charles C. Pearce. 379 1 s 'PHE RAKEJS PROGRESS DF AWISGUNSIN 5f'lELBINDEH.l. .HIS 4? FIRST W' VISIT TG Q 'PHIL' '- HYB- TER! 5 THEY F-A ELECT t l l-HM I X ' in ms A FIRST 'h ' IIE- 'BATR , is ull ' lil' vw 'W Huw 4. we C FELT AFTER l THE lZlllTlt'5 'REPUKTQ H l Athenae OFFICERS Homer H. Benton . . . . ........... ...... . President Arthur E. Hart . . . .... Vice-President Guy M. Pelton ....... ,... T reasurer Benjamin F. Springer . . . . . Secretary MEMBERS SENIORS Homer H. Benton Raymond B. Frost Gerhard A. Gesell William J. Goldschlnidt William H. Smith M. F. Wadleigh Frank F. Hickcox Christian J. Krielkamp JUNIOR Ernest J. Muenster Mark L. Patterson W. E. Green J. O. Reed Julius O. Roehl Philip F. Schwenker Obert Sletten J. W. Rodewald Douglas Anderson Eric W. Austin John A. Conley Roland F. Fisher NI. H. Flynn Chester A. Griswold Arthur E. Hart Leslie A. Bechtel J ohu A. Dorney Robert A. Gesell Lisle J. Hollister Marvin B . Lowman John L. Clarke Arthur T. Holmes Edward J. Mathie William C. Milstein Franklin J. Natwick Guy M. Pelton Charles C. Pearce SOPHOMORES Hal R. Martins Adolf C. Peters William T. Rudolf Glen E. Smith Ewald O. Stiehm Dexter E. Witte Edwin E. Witte Burns O. Severson Benjamin F. Springer John B. Stevens Clarence C. Tolg Kenneth G. Olsen Harry G. A. Abendroth Clyde R. Fletcher Charles L. Johns Jack A. Landesco Albert W. Minton Isidor L. Rehfuss 380 FRESHMEN David J. Saposs Calvin F. Schwenker Russell O. Webster Frederick E. J. Wilde John L. Childs Victor E. Nelson Dell C. Yankoski Arthur H. Noyes Aloysius D. Keller Royal B. Ebert Beder Wood, Jr. Erwin A. Meyers Ray C. Stephenson ATHENAE's VICTORIOUS JOINT DEBATE TEAINI AND JUNIOR ORATOR Milli.-1 HE X LEARN5 T0 sum: iv To THE JURY as . was 5 1 cuuisi 1 Ay Y 372155 M X I QL wav Rec.A1i1z Hmm A5 A CYCLBNE CL ELE LT Tue f ' " SEMI - n. 3 ANI! sv Q fi HQ: y i W Q i H George C. Mathews Hesperia OFFICERS Walter G. von Kaltenborn. Joshua L. Brindley Charles R. Steinfeldt Charles W. Lowe . . Elbert E. Brindley George C. Mathews Herman F. Meyer Kenneth Burgess Charles F. Evans Wm. Hall Charles R. Steinfeldt Clarence J. Te Selle F. E. Boyle J. L. Brindley George Campbell Noah Frey Carl F. Naffz Pinckney F. Smith Roger C. Bigford R. P. Bean Leonel G. Burgess A. T. Flint R. A. Heilman Harry W. Vrornan MEMBERS SENIORS George LI. Sheets Ray M. Stroud JUNIORS Charles W. Lowe Lester M. Nloss William R. Muehl Ole S. Syftestadt SOPHOMORES John H. Gaarden John L. Hensey Augusto Hidalgo Moses A. Jencks John A. Pierce A. L. Thompson FRESHMEN Lewis Lilly J. J. McDonald Leon Moss C. F. lVIurphy Sager L. Odegard William H. Johnson 389 . . . . . . . . . .President . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . .Treasurer ...... Censor Harlow L. Walster Oscar M. Black Basil I. Peterson Daniel M. Ryan Robert H. Schwandt Walter G. von Kaltenborn Bert A. J olivette Amos J. King Edward W. Lalk George C. Leuthge F. B. Porter Frank W. Tillotson Albert H. Ochsner Robert M. Reiser William H. Spohn Bennett P. Stiles J. Thompson Hesperidn Seniors and Junior Orator . A 5 1 , Q - " jfiff-gf? v v A A if Q' 'E' -4 - 4 - - "W is 25 Geo. C. Mathews Herman F. Meyer Elbert E. Brindley Kenneth F. Burgess flunior Oratorj George M. Sheets John D. Black Harlow L. Walster Ray M. Stroud HE :Str ap T 'J ag' me il 4 suuftf f t 4 . vv - K Nb ' TEARS EFF ii .....L, 5, l URlhr'i'IB axis . ll . '-2.2 W 151.221 Cl EER e 6 ...S ...S wa-. V 7' THE JDINT lI,ET51-I .J N ANp is Hs REREIVING BDNERAT- A't,?I292'5, NG 'EM uv. , l?l3lJlMWMX'TT3lll!A OFFICERS William M. Leiserson ....,............ .......... P resident Louis P. Lochner ...... ..... V ice-President Harvey A. Malig ..... ..,.... S ecretary George A. Affeldt .... ..... T reasurer Robert J. Morter .... ............ ..... C e nsor MENIBERS SENIORS John Collins Joseph W. Rutte Edwin F. Gruhl Walter G. Sexton Otto W. Greubel Raymond L. Schulz William M. Leiserson James W. Shannon Robert J. Morter Charles W. Stark Edgar E. Robinson Benjamin B. Tighe Roland B. Roehr Lent D. Upson JUNTORS . George A. Affeldt Herbert J. Lehmann Frederick S. Brandenburg Louis P. Lochner Gustave W. Buehen Richard L. Marken Robert W. Cook Grover H. Rapps Timothy T. Cronin Arthur H. Robertson Edward W. Elmer George H. Salter Albert W. Grady Stith Thompson George J. Graebner Leo F. Tiefenthaler Carl H. Juergens Harry R. Wahl SOPHOMORES Monte F. Appel George Luhman Albert A. Axley Harvey A. Malig Robert J. Burke William J. lVIeuer Charles E. Behnish Orrin P. Peterson ' Archie T. Dean Charles F. Puls Francis R. Duffy Rudolph T. Rieder Shirley L. Emmett Frank J. Shannon Denton L. Geyer Francis A. Schnuchel Irving J. Hewitt Henry A. Schuette William A. Klinger Frank E. lvilliams Alexander J. Le Grand George E. Worthingon FRESHMEN Walter Axley David J. Flanagan Samuel L. Barber Carl H. Haessler Craig P, Connor Justin L. Johnson Lloyd L. Cook Bernhard C. Korn ,Willard G. Crawford John C. hleiners Drake P. Dale Fred Nlerk Arthur A. End Ewald D. Steinhagen Ottmar J. Falge Harry K. Freligh 384 Cyrus C. Wilmore GUSTAVE EDWIN W BUCHEN F GRUHL 'Sub 1 WQN da t V A 1 N Us H0 Nfl ll 'NG 'MDN 1 EDCQARJ JAMES VgXE.QoB1NsoN WJSHANHOH M xx M f, PH1LOMATHIA,S JOINT DEBATE TEAM AND JUNIOR ORATOR CBuchen, Oratorj Q MAY 'J-fs T ' .L ,FK Q D011 . I 5 5 A 4 s , , lille . et. NUM Q ei get ,, 1 -L 1 Lf 9'-'si ,ff, lWlLL mu. ANY MAN f'rnA'r c0NGRAT ULATES Qf.oN'l'.iNu2d. Pdge , N Aunus 9 N,- f- '13, ' I - ,9 E, Olympia Adolph Heinz ....,........ Theodore H. Schoenwetter Alrnon F. Robertson ,... Herman VV. Sachtjen .... Stephen J. Rigney ..... Quincy J. Jones . . . George C. Daniels . . . Adolph Heinz W. R. Curkeet T. E. Lewis T. Gronert G. C. Daniels H. W. Sachtjen S. J. Rigney F. H. Staley T. H. Schoenwetter K. E. Wagiier J. T. Welsh Q. J. Jones S. O. Brigham H. A. Biartin L. L. Fernald H. BI. Graham 386 OFFICERS FIEMBERS sEN1oRs J UNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN President . . . . Vice-President . . . . . .Secretary Treasurer Critic ........,...Censor . . . . Assistant Censor Theodore A. Baumeister J. C. Johnson A. B. Blake VV. B. Davison R. P. Speer W. Haevers F. A. Buechel A. F. Robertson A. E. Kahlhamer Yu-fong Sun J. J. Pierson. L. G. Dyke P. F. F ess F. Frey Olympian Seniors and Junior Orator QD H. W. Sachtjen C25 A. Heinz Q35 T. E. Lewis C45 T, Fronert Q53 G. C. Daniels CSJ J. C. Johnson C75 A. B. Blake l 1 f"- L 54 N , f x, , 1 W J O ' 0 1 Z Z C3 X ,-ffl,-ilimrzaayf af- 5 f - 4 . 4 4 ' f f i we -f fy 4 y 'NYSE ff " 4 N Z 1. Z X v f fffxfff M1 X f at n W W!M0fffR 09 J f ' iffffiffii A . Z OFFICERS Laura B. Jamieson ......... ............. .......... P r esident Elizabeth Li. Hambrecht. . . . .,....... ..... V ice-President Nellie C. Roybar ....... ........ Se cretary Ethel R. Taylor ...... . . ......... .,.. T reasurer MEMBERS SENIORS Elsa A. Bitter Elizabeth Melby Cuba Q. Canan Margretta J. Nloe Ida M. Gangstad Rosa M. Pope Elizabeth L. Hambrecht Caroline D. Retelstorf Ada C. Hilleman Zettie E. Sieb Laura B. Jamieson Dora M. Simons Emma J. Kahl Jennie B. Wallin Lynda M. Weber JUNIORS E Sarah A. Baker Lydia L. NI:-:yer Alma M. Boyd Laura Pugh Grace R. Cady Belva N. Cooper Hazel B. Higbee Lois C. Immell Lenore Krause Clara Lachmund Anna H. Bradford Catherine B. Byrne Alice A. Hoskin Lillian Perkins Gladys E. Priest Cynthia P. Probert Aurel Baker Lucy A. Case Helen E. Debus Laurie C. Johnson Lulu C. Kleinpell Vera McNair SOPHOMORES Ethel R. Taylor FRESHMEN 388 Blanche L. Rosencrans Johanna Rossberg Nellie C. Roybar Ethel IVI. Thomas Dolly Watkins Virginia Wattawa lVIary E. Reid Alma Scheets Irene E. Shenkenberg Beulah E. Smith lVIetta E. Steere Hazel A. Straight Matilda E. Schuh Edith E. Schuster Edna H. Weber Alma M. Wiechers ' Blanche V. Yorgey Roxie NI. Yorgey Castalia's Seniors and Junior Orator N Retelstorfl Jamieson Weber Simons Stoddard Hillemarm Wallin Hambrecht Pope Bitter Thomas Gangstad Kahl Sieb Moe Canzm Melby The Single Picture is that of Miss Thomas, Orator P THIACW y 4 5 HlLL'0B Susan Armstrong . Alice Grover ..... Louise Lindenier .... Frances Enright .... Miss Abby S. Mayhew Susan Armstrong Frances Cleary Helen Crawford Louise Erb Frances Enright Lona Bergh Meta Franke Charlotte Gardiner Martha Curtis Alice Grover lVIarie Carey Helen Davis Frances Durbrow Marie Fitch Bertha Gesell Mabel Bahr lVIarion Dahl Bess Farrell Elsie Garling OFFICERS MENIBERS HONORARY Bliss C. F. Berkely SENIORS May Jenkins Eva Lewis Isabella MacArthur Amy hleier JUNIORS Alice Henry Mabel Kalmbach Louise Lindemer Theda Moss SOPHOMORES Gertrude Lukes Hazel hlead Selma lVIats0n Pearl Richardson Norma Roehm FRESHMEN Helen Hennessey :Mae Hughes Ada James Fay Pittard 390 . . . . . . . .President . . . Vice-President . . . . . . Secretary , . . Treasurer Miss Rhoda White Josephine Peshak Amy Parker ' Anna Rueth Leslie Spence Geneva Sheets Floy Rose Laura Steinke lVIary E. Stickney Bertha Schulze Frances Ruedebusch Gretchen Ruedebusch Grace Rood Winifred Van Vleck Hermina Recksick Helen Schram Elizabeth Tucker Fay Vaughan Pythia's Seniors and Junior Orator V Deborah Jenkins Helen Crawford Josephine Peshak Frances Cleary Isabella MacArthur Anne Reuth Leslie Spence Susan Armstrong Amy Parker Frances Enright Alice Grover, Orator i if F 152 .gi . I 4'- a l if fm , M I' . ' -fp CHQ 'UP ns 5 1 Bl' . 5 5 '3 M 22 Y . - - :L :. V' ...-: '- . I U ve' Ax' ' sk M YQ' "-it :flip - alll QE. . .6 if 49' Vi - ' T I . - - , L UE es.1a feerZVffrsa U. W. Agricultural Society Wilbert W. VVeir ..... Morris W. Richards . . . . Joseph Curtis ....... Louis Nelson. .... . Dallas S. Burch .... Dallas S. Burch Erwin Y. Cottingham Alpheus D. Faville Bernard W. Hammer George B. Hill Orren Lloyd-Jones Ben S. Candee Joseph Curtis Torn R. Davidson Louis R. Detjen Charles E. Gapen Roland A. Kolb Yvilliam C. Lassetter Alfred T. Lathrop Edward S. Leverich Jesse K. Matheson William L. McFetridge Chester L. McNe1ly Lawrence F. Graber William E. Heineck Arthur H. Kuhlman Arthur C. Baer Otto I. Bergh Mark W. Hayes Benjamin Jelinek OFFICERS ,.,.,...President . . . ...... Vice-President . . . . . . . . . .Secretary ...........Treasurer . . . . . . . . .Sergeant-at-arms NIEMBERS GRADUATES Alexander P. Biac Vannel SENIORS Herbert Lothe Raymond W. Mosely Bryant R. Ryall Walter C. Schroeder Arthur G. Smith Harry Steenbock Vvilbert W. Weir V .TUNIORS A Donald R. Mihills William E. Nlorris Louis Nelson Alvin C. Oosterhuis William L. Porter Morris W. Richards Charles V. Ruzek Albert Stocker William E. Thompson Emil Truog VVilliarn VVhite Francis H. Zenter SOPHOMORES Carl A. LeClair Paul W. Landsberg Forrest D. Matheson Louis H. Thuerwachter . FRESHMEN 392 Lawrence VV. Morrissey Frank B. Morrison Harvey G. Smith Herman W. Ullsperger University of Wisconsin Agricultural Society Seniors 1 -' ., l 'H S 1 . . 1 1 1 .1 , h V ,K fzwviiki ,H ,A Q -xv.. 1-if 1 -. 3 f ,Q 'F 55 ' 'T -. -. ' 1 "Tv: - 2 I . ' . 5 1 . I ., i Q ' M . RN.. f-Q2-s ..21 X 1. - - Q . , A in Q:sf:.:x- Y : 1 .,! . 1. ., .. . f...,M SC ,.., 4- . J'.TzZe5z,i ,:. 1.1.1 M K I .Q 1 I if... , I 1 2.122514 . - ' 9 LM. aa . . 1 1- 'i 1 6:11 11 ff ' nga.. Z 2 be ' ' 'fig ""' .3 ' . 3 ,mx a 1 2 ,:fA-fg--- ,fa f .sdzsf . - gf.. 1 ' ., V 'Q . . .1 lofi? Ei ' 3 ,593 1 , 5 E 1 C11 Dallas S. Burch C21 Erwin Y. Cottingham C31 Alpheus D. Faville C41 B. W. Hammer C51 G. B. Hill C61 O. Lloyd-Jones C71 Herbert Lothe CS1 R. W. Mosely C91 B. R. Ryall 1 C101 W. C. Schroeder C111 A. G, Smith C121 H. Steenbock C131 W. W. Weir SENIORS 'Haig-W. ismenmmmrs ce F l if Wir- 'Q DEBATE -P RE5uLvEp:THAT LENNY SMITH ' "wt HHUULDBE " ln EtecTRuuu'rE11 Q 'RATHERTHAN fi! ! Lumen I AFFIRMATIVE'-7 i i"NEGATlVE. !L!-Q E. F. Rice ...... R. Sutherland .... J. H. Lokke ..... E. R. Wiggins .... VV. J. Platten .... . . H. G. Kislingburg. . . W. H. Beasley F. S. Frost F. W. Ives H. G. Kislingburg W. C. Lindernan X H. H. Hunner VV. O. Krahn W. C. Andrews E. Blankenagel C. G. Heuser E. VV. Becker OFFICERS MEMBERS J. H. Lokke W. J. Platten E. F. Rice C. A. Scribner C. H. Shepherd JUNIORS C. A. lllann SOPH OMORES G. W. Kohler W. F. Lent H. J. Newman FRESHMEN D. E. Dreun 394: . . . . . .President . . . . . . . . . . . .Vice-President , . . . .Secretary and Treasurer ................Censor ...................Assistant Censor . . . . .Student Conference Representative O. V. Thiele C. G. Weber E. R. Wiggins L. Witt J. R. Shea R. Sutherland E. B. Tourtellot J. H. Waite ' F. L. Theurer University of Wisconsin Engineers' Club flj E. F. Rice C21 H. G. Kislingbury C35 J. H. Lokke C41 D. R. Wiggins C51 VV. I. Platten CGD W- Lmdeman C75 C. H. Shepherd 71483 C. G W'eber any C. A. Scribner C103 W. H. Beasley C111 F. S. Frost f12j O. V. Thiele C133 F. W. Ives N I ,zh " 1-Ilhfig- " S ocl ET HE' 'ii Fill can EU - 1 :K . x 'ts x :fig X VND CIVIL f . r un 4 BUSTED BY EUSSIH' " l 'HM Mimi - 'W xo :si Vff fs 19 GI MEERI ' Q wut -nv A i 1. Ugg is 0' L. R. Hovvson. . . E. L. Hain ...... A. L. Luedke .... Prof. L. S. Smith H. C. Wallber. . . E. P. Abbott W. C. Buetow J. W. Cunningham B. H. Graff L. G. Arnold M. C. Butler H. L. Garner F. H. Cenfield L. F. Boon H. H. Cannon H. E. Gingrich OFFICERS MEMBERS SENIORS W. J. Grodske E. L. Hain M. T. Hayes L. R. Howson JUNIORS F. C. Henke L. M. Larson A. L. Luedke A. R. Mitchell SOPHOMORES A. E. Kringel Oswald Lupins J. W. Lowe 396 ki . . . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . . . .Recording Secretary . . . .Corresponding Secretary L. H. Huntley C H. . Kuhl G. H. Lautz H. C. WVa1lber A. C. Scherer F. E. Bates H. E. Balsley J. T. Chen W. J. Reinert F. V. Sherburne F. A. Torkelson . . . . . . .Treasurer Civil Engineering Society Seniors Huntley Ryan Diestler Buetow I P erwi en Wallber Hain Hayes A Cunmngham Abbott Lautz Graff Smith Howson Grodske Zelsler - 50 WE LEAVE HIM IN THE rJ1jLuliUN OF THELAWEHUP, Reminnscamrwc, UN me Q3 'PH 5251.-x-A ! ' PURGH .J R7 UBf.A5lDNALLY EMERG I N E, 'FUR MA55-MEETINGS? J . W' "mains 1 THE 'f' EALULTYL' .1 Q7 cu MDN if unrliiiumy , r ig' Aw. x X "' is Nur THATA ' HUTYRIBLE 'z .93 'Q FINISH IVXURAL! JG NUTABEA EPRELEINQER -- -,-,. . Forum-Columbia Literary James B. Graham.. . .. Dale C. Shoekley ...... Lawrence B. Webster .... Guy A. Benson ...... James P. Riley ..,...., Frank H. Hannaford . E. J. Brabant William L. Bullock Frank W. Calkins Lawrence N. Conlon Herbert B. Cowles Frank L. Fawcett Robert T. Ferry James B. Foley Elmer E. Barlow Guy A. Benson Eugene Brookings William R. Curkeet Joseph Eders Clarence J. Hartley Carl N. Hill Adolph Lehner Harvey C. Dorwin Emery D. Harnden 398 Society OFFICERS MEBBERS SENIORS MIDDLES C. Zollmann JUNIORS . . . . . . . .President . . . . .Vice-President . . . . . .Secretary . . . . .Treasurer ............Censor . .... Assistant Censor Edwin P. Gorman James P. Graham Charles H. Hall Frank H. Hannaford William O. Kelm Earl L. BIcDougall John J. Morgan hiax Shoetz C. P. Olson Harlow F. Pease James P. Riley J. O. Shaft Dale C. Shockley Roy Stephenson Lawrence B. Webster Hubert O. Wolf Leo C. Luedke Albert G. hlichelson ff f- 'QI W f fl!-5W1f,,1 I A f",.-I f ' ' ' l"':Qx f x!!! 1 Z , 4 XL 'y 7 fl. 4' I - in rv I I X ff ffl' 3 ,V K' 'M f f ""' mm fgm 5 f A V , A . , if Jaffa 121' 1 A flfv y I WRWVN , '-QL? 7 givif zl dl r Aff A ' ' 'W f " W A ' E n f W f ' ',9OQy I KJ Q 1. 1059 QB, , , IZ' ,vw 4 X145 .QQ gg if m 'W Qgqb lf Q L f , i ff v I 7 ego' .nay . 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J, ,w JM Kyjgfwlu ,FQ V wx' Aw IF "I Wgjffff ' X1 ,ffl I I 1 -5 -1 3 - K I -....-n. 'Ilnu 1 I F. -lllllll 'B A L Dil l lmw gx H' l fl fllllfflfffl fl ill F ul Lfii H C. Quarles .... ,, Leader Walter A. Rehm .... ,,,, M ana er H. C. Quarles. Walter A. Rehm Robert H. Schwandt William A. McMillan Mark L. Williams Willard S. Stephenson Lyle Nlorgan Erwin Y. Cottingham CELLO Earle E. Tiffany FLUTE Hugo I-I. Hering FIRST MANDOLIN SECOND MANDOLIN Bert L. Crarnpton GUITARS VIOLIN. Edward I. Rankin 400 Austin G. Nlelc-her Maurice H. Needham Franklin S. Fish Benjamin F. Bennett, Jr Arthur Gosling Paul H. Buchanan Ben S. Candee Edgar R. Zobel TRAPS R. M. Yager MANDOLA Hubert D. VVhite Mandolin Club ' , , ,, ,, , ,, , , x2 Hering Kissenger Crampton McMillan Candee Melcher Cottingham Williams Schwandt Rankin Tiffany White Quarles Rehm Yager Zobel Needham IQTLEE ELUB FIRST TENOR O. I. Hickox SECOND TENOR D. F. Wiley FIRST BASS C. O. Clark SECOND BASS J. S. Thompson QUARTETTE Iv as 08 . . . . . .Director . . . . .Leader . . . . .Manaver Dr. B. Q. Morgan A. W. Taylor C. E. lVIonshau G. A. Flanagan J. R. Pfiffner O. V. Thatcher V. G. Barnes W. T. Conron A Bartlett Flrst Tenor H. H. Karrow, Second Tenor Robers F1rst Bass H. L. Post, Second Bass Glee Club f 21:2 f .1-A-5 I Q14-gs : 11 fl 'X' var ' - Grohe Thatcher Taylor Monshau Wiley 4 Barnes Rogers Thompson Karrow Hitchcock Henke Clark Conron Flanagan Piiffner Post Bartlett Morgan Byron Brandel - a P, w-...... .....- we - . .... I 6 I .av "1'4f5?f '3 ' xii-ffff' A 1 Ethel Churchill .... hilary Bewick ..... Mabel 'Williams . . . Nlr. E. A. Bredin .... Pauline Murphy Selma Toepfer Ethel Churchill Mabel Williams Grace Dunwiddy Frances Cleary Alma Schuetz Rose Wagner Isabella lVIacArthur FIRST SOPRANO SECOND SOPRANO FIRST ALTO SECOND ALTO Leader . . .Secretary and Helen Dodge Mary Bewick Belle VVill1ner Louise Halliday Louise Epstein Blanche Rosencrans Grace Bewick Eva Lewis Adeline Nelson Treasurer Librarian . . . . .Director 404 Girls Glee Club I I f F , W W-' A- -----fff ff--1 ,, ,,,, ,, an ' i ' Q -ew 'Tm W H Halliday Lewis MacArthur Bewick Kenney Wagner Murphy Cleary Churchill Schuetz Dodge Grace Bewick Williams Epstein Nelson Wilmanns Dunwiddy 1' GRCH . , nlhf A l6X9eeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeg-,rbfqg I 0 Herman E. Owen .... Edward I. Rankin . .. Lucian J. Fickarts .... Benjamin F. Springer. . . Arthur H. Robertson .... E. I. Rankin W. J. Holcomb G. J. Graebner R. L. Rees E. F. Rice R. L. Schultz E. A. Lueders VIOLAS. M. Hirsch W. T. Crandall FLUTES H. H. Hering J. L. Twining TRUMPETS A. L. Tarrell G. A. Diestler O. V. Luke TROMBONES E. H. Zobel W. T. De Sautelle OFFICERS INSTRUMENTATION VIOLLNS S. C. Haskel CELLOS C. A. Mann E. E. Tiffany E. R. Suhrn oBoEs P. J. Kujawa H. J. Plagge BASSOON O. VV. Brictson TYMPANI W. C. Gielow 406 B. F. Springer F. J. Natwick W. C. Milstein E. D. Gilman H. J. Newman W. H. Ryan . . . . . . . Conductor . . . . Concert-master . . . . . . . .Treasurer . . . . . Librarian . . . . Manager F. P. Hutchinson BASSES BI. E. Faber R. C. Disque C.'LA.RlNETS H. L. VVittwer S. W. Stanley HORNS A. N. Geyer F. E. Williams P. J. lVIorris DRUMS T. Hutson A. H. Robertson UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA X , 1 Ts 2 s We 4 G Gl ?:f55 7f erfmmov ces ,, -:Q 9 1 , 4 Q x .. m 4 5 gs ashamed 00, Ibqtlllvzln- 'gl r if x TELSEN "'35TZ'Q5-R , -p K Q H19 , is .ANNH 'TSSJSQHH' ll ' K w , f 1- ' ' , ' A umm , f' .4 ,N Q . ff H null W I lm" mulllllls Z X xml . an . I lo d D V- 'Y A ff u xx-M , ,A N, Zzfdiijrgg F44-141 ce-Z,-Aw.-4w5'Vu..A.fsJlll Louls P Loclmer . . ,,,.,,,.,,, Dlregtor Herman F Meyer. . . . ............. Manager Alex C Sladky ..... .... S ecretary and Treasurer llflamvell C. Otto Dr. W. L. Gillett Homer H. Benton Henry A. Schuette Grover H. Rapps E. J. Lunenschloss Noah J. Frey Calvin F. Schwenker FIRST TENOR SECOND TENOR FIRST BASS SECOND BASS 408 Herman F. Meyer Dr. B. Q. lVIorgan Francis A. Schnuclxel Harlan M. Whisman Alex C. Sladky C. A. Le Clair Albert Stocker Russell O. Webster K H L fe , I 4 vb-1 Mmwamwg Q 'K L , N , xp v lrfmp U3 M Z , 'bl A ffl !4llMIl M 66QF1U. Fr 1 I I ff1flM--!. F-QW mmf? WW-f X 6 NU QTHH nnn fmnl Q i HM M X j I 7, l 9 H . Wil I I . . X H rl Q ' if-. - f fn ,r E f I 4 , X 1 5' A ',,, U, , ,E , W X V n All Mamas "-rv ' . TIVE if ' ' " X 4 A fy ,gl , I, ' HTTIRE xf! l W I H 51oRKs . , - 3 4 , cw 'Z I -L Q UG5! f 2: KE,-E, fl lima, ' X x gi 'M' A ' il X - V Im-5RNnTa0NAL I-06 , U UW A ND " I I I x 0 L , ' 4 .. 9 A 2 V 'f 1 X,--O 5 r - ' Z. I . RE .- 3 "" I- DE V 5 N . 6 W -. ' - 427'-fx, --I ' w x nj t .L I NqA.2.RH0. 1, 1 , 4 ff f ff L ...N- Z f' xl f N ' f ' Pao: vmm ERP' A PW M Q5 5 .2 si, 4 - Hmemis Penn-x.aqN 'SoJ-Ltr-Up, - any ,U . H ls- ABQ International Club ASSOCIATION OF COSMOPOLITAN CLUBS OFFICERS Louis P. Lochner, University of Wisconsin .........:.... ,............. . . .President Bjarne H. Graff, University of Wisconsin ...........,.. ..... S ecretary and Treasurer Frank D. Mitchell, Cornell University ..................... ......... E ditor-in-Chief BOARD or DIRECTORS Louis P. Lochner, Univ. of Wis. Bjarne H.. Graff, Univ- of Wis. F. D. Mitchell, Cornell Univ. JoseM.Homs, Univ. of Illinois Armen S. Kurkjian, Univ. of lVIich. Jose Rivera, Purdue Univ. OFFICERS Federico F. Cardenas . . . ............. ............... P resident Eric W. Austin ....... .......... ........... . V ice-President Louis P. Lochner . . . .... Corresponding Secretary Mary E. Thomas .... ......... R ecording Secretary Bjarne H. Graff ...... .................... T reasurer Pastor Gomez .... .... .... . . . Member Students' Conference HONORARY MENLBERS Pres. Charles R. Van Hise Prof. Julius E. Olson Prof. G. C. Comstock ASSOCIATE NIEMBERS Rev. Conrad F. Martens Sidney Stuart AFFILIATED MEMBERS Yu-fong Louis Sun, Cornell ACTIVE MEMBERS BOHEMIA ARGENTINA BRAZIL John Kostalek Juan Reggiardo Paul W. Landsberg CANADA CHINA Helen E. Bowyer - Juedan Tun-Shou Chen J eefong R. Sun Isabella MacArthur Yufong L. Sun Chu-Tung Tsae 412 1111. IIIV' .X 111-111 1111111 111111 1 11111111 III 1 II IIII ml 11 1 I 1 5' II I I IIIIIII I I II4 , af INXN X III' J lmfx 3 4 I an llll u111Tu1II1IIIII1IIV'IQ Sgr Z - ""I-QV 111 M f I II flf fi!! 1 21. W 1 XX U I Mimi? X.-W "I I' I 'W AZXWIZ 1 v 'SI IQ ,gpg ZAZ X! 5112 'I Ii ff ff f . I'11 X J?i' h: O WI N40 ff X4 W, M ImlkX,l IIWIIY Q ffij 6, 1'lxII' 1 4 I' 553751 iffwnlllll w f 111.151xvX'a XZ X i11lHn1lrI1A16WM1fWUXXX X3 1 I I 1 N AIMX I 15' I III, 'J HAI I I'II111I1A, I w5M', T I 7' X .1-W WIM111 1II1W11111111 , I ' III I -. 1 2 1MlMmw 111911 ' ik I, 1" 1 , H1551 'mI V ' ." .., b,.bU'4f1W113I 111155 I gl ,.-j.-if X Y x 2 Q fullwffvf jig I Mi?- I ,:-f.afa- - ' 5 ' ' , - f-'fa A-5 I I E- -15 gi:-47"':2-2g3i3 I , I II .1 1 -11 1 "' I I III vi-. X 1 ' 4 ZW' 1 ' 1 II1 II I 1' I 1 X X I IXIX, .7X.fd, 1 1 1 ,X 1 X X 11 H .N XII , 11111 I II'Ill.IlIIlIIIl"' '11 'III 111 1 I . 111 ' 1. 1 1 'I . 1III1l11 1151 f 11 -Q 1X 1 ,I III11X-1115111111-1,41 111 iI'.II '1i1. I II 1111 1I'I.I 11' I .., ,1.1 ' A ' --g.. : :.' 11 . .1-X.. IIIIII 11111- M1 111 ' I. I' I 1 I 1.I1I-1 11. 1-IIII q n Il 1 1 III I I XQIKXWI Ill 'II yeixkf- . 11 1I11- 1511, 'I I ,. -.1 AX X ,I I 1 I, X ' ' II' N11-'III IIl.11II' , T 'I "" -1.' ' , .11 '11 I I ' I T .9-' . 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If 'Q KX -1 5 Q ' J- 1112 ' XXX, 1" ,. I jg,-'32, ' Q.,, il! ' A, , -a I I 'II11 ,, .1 1- , . 1II1'fIII 57 13 I Q I X Im X 1. ul 11 U- I 'iff' -f--"XX-5 :Ui XXXXXXX 117' I! If-vj' XX xx- lv- if ff X ' ' 111 .I 1 .1 H, ..'1'5gJ"I:I5?'j.., , , " ,A 1 Im ' I f :Wi .il "", 1 PI "m l V3 "-.4 1S':""""""'wvu1n1f111I:vIw-i """"!"""'f"':,r1 ,ff Iv - 1 4' ZIIIIIIEQI I. " A fx. ' 1 .IV 1 SI. - 11 ' 'aw -' -I 11. -N 1 I- 1. 11: 1111 I-I1 III ly 11 , -f4'Ff1I Iagwe- 1. '. ' 1571. X X- ., " ' Ii 1111111111'11CI 'II ,I111I11-f I' :"'I'. .T"T'1II?TII , " I-fc Xi- ' 'V IIIIIIIIII ' fb 115 1' ..1f"" ' I f-'TI .QA-I '11 1 III, 'Z -' ' L .' I II.II'ZII51I III .121 , Iiu1'111151 IW. 115515, KIILY QI HQ, -- 'f..' .lla 1 I 1 'I 1If'1,'1 'QELXH -7---li X Eff 'II' 5' IPZSIILQ YIQIS . 11i"'.'i.' -' , 1'f'f rIfJ'- 'ffm '-A-.1--.- '---.fzrzx-.11 .r 11-1.1.1-e1'I -. , -- L Ji l. , Lara . ""'7 1 I.I11111111:f1:5:"wfe.:3'1' 74 :ZI5'7'3." 3111111111111 IW. I ..g . 11 frffi,"'1'1'13IIIii.1 . ',""- ' I1 IX .X II 1 1111 ,- .1 X Xl'-MX'i311'Q1fg,IXiIg 3 1 . Iin 'THQ 5' g 111 I '-II"1',iI7:I1'IiIII, I 1X 1 E 1 131111 I-fm. I-, 1 - I.1,'I -11,,1,-1.15-, 1 I1 .11 2 I n .I11:.11Ig11a XX111Qg3:.5rJF. I III 5 I I I111 I' II F 'sf .-"5gf5X ' 1111.3 I ,111 5 I ' 'wf' . ..... 11: -111I' I IIIIIIIIII 5 .1- 1 1-1 II.. -1--1 I I1,1.11111 'EH 1 1,112 1- IIIIW 'E I 1 -III -1-1, 5, 1 II! 'I 1 fg1X'1X' 1I1'fN ' I A" .QV , i'L7f""'-' X II " ' f I E X. . " '1 71 5' I .jazff-..l X I Z - - if ,. ,ff ' I J, J I -9 X ,.,- 1. XXX! N111 A,-7 iff 4, Ernst F. von International Club-Continued CUBA Juan BI. Ramos GERMANY Teubern Onryo Akatani Kaneo Ichinomiya Akira Izumi Kiichiro Nakagami Luis Bustamante Bjarne H. Graff Yincente Fragante Jose Gaston Pastor Gomez Augusto Hidalgo Valerio C. .Iahrling Jose' H. Jalandoni Marceliano Hidalgo ROUMANIA Jack A. Landesco Hans N. Brue Grace R. Cady Robert W. Cook Emy C. Mueller JAMAICA Eric W. Austin J APAN MEXICO Santiago Cerna NORWAY PERU CarlosfA. Valverde PHILIPPINE ISLANDS UNITED STATES Olivia M. Goldenberger Ernest G. Grey Nicholas Gunderson Carl H. Haessler Stanley K. Hornbeck L. J. Pickarts Harry R. Wahl 414 ENGLAND Sidney Stuart HUNGARY Victor L Imp Kinichi Sato Genkwan Shibata Shigeon Tomimoto Yosaburd Yoshida Federico F. Cardenas Marius S. Peterson Jacinto Kamantigue Juan G. Macaraeg Mariano Salas Andres M. Sevilla Oscar S. Soriano Jose' Valenzuela RUSSIA David J. Saposs Louis P. Lochner Hal R. Martin Conrad F. Martens Albert G. Blichelson Marnvell C. Otto Richard VV. Simons Helen C. Steenbock Richard F. Scholz Diary E. Thomas 'Xff.D1D You COUNT DE 1.vNcu-mEs?i- "5Ur2E.r 'Af-le! DEN You AQE1 Q l . '1'?2l'TlfLw xi I l fE'7:Ia:c. f ""'2:55i- c2a:w'M1,1"l A ' X351 x. Q ..Y M ' I I xii! QU' Cl' UM- .xiii XV' ix'-I ti -if xl! . , fm1lFfm"A"1"x illllt 'NFL NM' 'fmt' llllj' 'M .C JA LUNCH C,OUNTE.Rl!lrll" anna BWP!!! fm-M '13ANc:.'a: a+.. exe. E l Germanistische Gesellschaft EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. John L. Kind.. ............. . .President Prof. Ernst Voss.. . . . . . . . . Treasurer John Whyte, '06. ........... Vice-President . J. D. Deihl ..... .......... . .. Secretary Prof. S. H. Goodnight Hermann Karrow, '08 Prof. M. B. Evans Elsa Bitter, '08 Prof. E. C. Roedder Emy C. Mueller, '08 Birs. Clara Newport Johanna Prossberg, '09 Louis P. Lochner, '09. Walter B. Schulte, '10 PROGRABIS October 16, 1907-"Alt Nuernbergfi illustrated lecture by Prof. S. H. Goodnight. October 31, 1907-"Heinrich Heinef, lecture by Frau Amalia von Ende, New York. November 20, 1907-Wilhelmi's Play "Einer muss heiratenf' . Direction: Miss Sabena Herfurth and Dr. J. F. Haussmann. Cast: Jennie Haman, Irma Hochstein, J. D. Deihl, Herman Karrow. December 4, 1907-''Studentenabendfl comprising a "Saengerkrieg" and musical selections. December 19, 1907-Christmas celebration in German fashion. January 15, 1908-"Berlin," illustrated lectlue by Prof. W. H. Carruth, University of Kansas. March 4, 1908-Richard Koss' Farce "English Lessons? Direction: Mrs. Clara Newport and Dr. B. Q. Morgan. Cast: Grace Hoyt, Eva MLu'ley, Wilma Hen nes, Lisette Woerner, Oliver Knight, Fred Hilgendorf, Harry Wild, Edward Mayo. March 18, 1908-"Heidelberg und sein Schloss," illustrated lecture by Prof. E. C. Roedder. April 33 1208-April Fool "Studentenabend," including G. v. NIoser's comedy "Ein amerikanisches ue ." Direction: Miss Sabena Herfurth. Cast: Johanna Rossberg, Emy C. Mueller, Ernst v. Teubern, L. P. Lochner. April 7, 1908-"The Tell Ballads in Amerie" illustrated lecture by Prof. Marion D. Learned, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. Q. April 27, 1908-Concert by the 'fGermanistische Glee Clubn under the direction of Louis P. Lochner. 415 .nun gg-3 3 5 QQ IQ 1 llwjy ll 5 i ,-I x .. 4:5 w cr . N :fL , A 'EE -5 5 A-2- -. .7 E E2 -: -EE 42. -5 s E Eg ga I at - " - S ll 4 -' 'S 9 - slZ': .4 ' :- f' I 2 Q-FSXJQ ,. : 2722 2 s-:E Z? 'S-'Q 913 1 3 lg: if :Q-. sin- V. - A 5' 46' .nr X N . - 1 s s. X l j Q l f ff . 4 i I , , X, 1 f. 61 Ax I Q fm, M ., "' ' f H t E it l U. W. Regiment COMMANDANT Captain Ralph McCoy, 5th U. S. Infantry SURGEON Lieutenant Colonel James C. Elsom, BI. D. REGIMENTAL, FIELD AND STAFF Colonel Charles S. Blercein Lieutenant Colonel Miles VV. Birkett lVIajor Adolph Heinz, Post Adjutant Captain F. F. Cardenas, Regimental Adjutant Captain L. W. Wille, Quartermaster Second Lieutenant H. M. Winsor, Inspector Sergeant A. J. King, Chief Trumpeter FIRST BATIXALION Major F. M. Kennedy Q rtermaster Sergeant R. L. Dodd First Lieutenant A. W. Ovitt, Adjutant ua First Lieutenant L. M. Hammond, Quartermaster Sergeant BIajor'F. A. Schnuchel COMPANY OFFICERS COMPANY A Captain Ren G. Saxton First Lieutenant Otto Wiese Second Lieutenant J. L. Hensey First Sergeant J. H. Angle COMPANY C Captain D. R. lkiihills First Lieutenant P. H. Buchanan Second ieutenant A. E. Meinecke First Sergeant C. B. lNIcGrath CoMPANY E l - Captain A. B. Ordway j First Lieutenant H. A. Olds Second ieutenant O. S. Soriano , First Sergeant O. F. Bradley COMPANY, G Captain Ross Sutherland First Lieutenant R. E. Doherty Second Lieutenant H. A. Schuette irst erg F' S ffeant T. BI. Kearney 416 U. W. Regiment-Continued SECOND BATVFALION Major Philip F. Schwenker First Lieutenant H. J. Newman, Adjutant First Lieutenant S. H. Pease, Quartermaster Quartermaster Sergeant L. R. Talbot Sergeant Biajor T. M. Reynolds COMPANY OFFICERS COMPANY B Captain Edgar B. Colladay First Lieutenant J. R. Newman Second Lieutenant J. R. Coleman First Sergeant W. G, Caldwell COMPANY D I Captain M. H. Flynn First Lieutenant W. B. Schulte Second Lieutenant J. T. Welsh First Sergeant R. BI. Hoyt COMPANY F Captain E. C. Griswold First Lieutenant J. BI. Bessey Second Lieutenant A. J. Bockelman First Sergeant F. F. Stearns COMPANY H Captain L. G. Arnold First Lieutenant R. A. Gesell Second Lieutenant J. D. Van Slyke First Sergeant J. B. Hoefer TARGET DETACHMENT Captain A. L. Luedke First Sergeant A. L. Ballsehnnider HOSPITAL CORPS Lieutenant Colonel James C. Elsoni First Lieutenant M. A. Freschl First Sergeant F. R. Goldsmith SIGNAL CORPS First Lieutenant R. E. Wagner First Sergeant P. S. Godfrey BAND Captain H. E. Owen, Director First Lieutenant G. A. Diestler Second Lieutenant K. M. Mann TRUMPET cORPs DRUM CORPS Chief Trumpeter A. J. King Drum Major 417 jf. , 535 " : W Wo' " ' V' ' 4:55. - pie?" r.,-r I V . . la I , . ft' 'xv x I , V3 , , 5 X, . ,I 7 . !.fa:.,::1:-wp, V ' vx N iv .1 , 3 4, . . -,.f:.2L., H VVYV if 'Q uf X ' ' ,gy lx' ,gc M M , NN , ,px wy 1 r 9 W RQQ 1, , ' ' Wx . if ' ' f V X N. x 11? 1 Q , I f 253 ' :5257,.ff . we ,ll t 'f, . ." .1'ii. ': 1 , , fx im m- f J . V A , "W ,. ' ,QP V, QQ' 3 V , . -V .-G' 4 S1517 z " .. rf ' fl ,.,f. 1 f - A NN , , ',.1 . Q ,- V ,., lfgfmuuivif' fi, .9 f - sv-1: .V . ' V " V, Q 'wry 3, f 295- 1 "QQ ' ' , ' hi ' ' ugowrn Q' ' 1 . ,V-- V -, Ma-A 'r, . Mrfamm. 5 . ,moms :awww E I .ua-uf , .555 mums.: -1 W'-0-'E I X- -1 4- ' '22- z ' ' A -325251 U ' V P , 1 I , . N TM ,P F , - J - I b ,Lufblg ' - 4 ' nsuron W. . I siirf www- .a-: '- V me-,N 5,21 , fi' . ' ' f"f ,w-V f 5 ., . A -V. V I r w v1 . - "4'- ff 1.2: " -SV. .- - - "73iQ.'G..n .- b ' 1 - ' ".l11fiR. : 1 v - ' ,.NggmAr0V 4: :Lsnm - . N 'f .- .. M-r-w.v-- """C""" . A ' j Z, -, ' NJ ' , 4. -Ta, l , V 0 IQ ' V . ,, 5 Aauaavuy -Lf- " " . :acoummv , . ' ""1W'- , 1' la- on .a. ., - -Q , 1 f x -V A-M151 . i- "QT"-.'7l ' P , . .14-. VE ' 14: ' N , 1, - r, -""'-7 we x an msn ,lt-. 4 J , - . ...ME V Q ,,,,, .N ,VfV, U 3:1 N nl 7' c"""M s V - ' ' rm b -1 Mn fund' -----ri'----'-' f' " ' ' ' CWW0 Yi? E 1 we :msn F' "9 3 V " . ' . A 1 ' x NJ ' 'Fog ' ' PV ' -5 ' I.-men. :gf N! V 1 .,.,, 4'-1. "' W , ,- r- VP , , -Ji' ' ' . 7 . .,f',1 ., ., . .... ,, , .- '. . 1' V 'ZZ Aff'5'N'C'l5 I an-r-Ac.c. e..n. .,.? if . H, ,J V V .F h W' o " 0, :'N'- EEVN'-I X E: 'iq F! F tif.. f' R U u..Amm.'o ' I n,MwLLs ag' 2, .4 gf, 5. Q42 , ,j Q sf ' , , - c.n.c..c. Ak' M -'-- A ,,Q,1,,,,,,,,,, .... ...........-.M--A-A gg , 'N " ' ,f-A-.Q 'Tx .4 54 tv A ,. 1 - I, - V vis," . ,g::,g'. ' f A if 'M '-' -- K wi f, umnzrlssv , 3 2- -a '95 l u45"m""' V -P?-u""-'rl' fri . .. N ' . . 1 ' A 4'2" I! .iv . V . . ' 44, R,5u1'usiQumn ,f':,., umulue 3. . H. wumrn , 53211 .V .0-.-ww-'Fl - , , , Ir . - 4 ., , -V Q, Q 1- nJ.NsvuMNL Awavrr 'Q O V - - V 12' I ' In m.mAq- I L-m UQVMLL X """' Q5-P ' A .mvumvne llfzjn ' ,,:m--A ' ' -- -- - in A-NX I h ,, ' ' - it "Q ,' . - N s K V . 5, t ' g , . ,, emocnnimul w.,Nm Kfmrm. -. I : - g. 1-lmvxefs. 11 V V - ' sums N""Y..,, HE' 'W-WINMR. xv-1 ummm. ff ' ':":P'l!-!l"X'4!U'fF 93 I ,.........., Q Military Drill 9 L., M L Jill.: -.!!' "' IH ' - TMWW A rl 1 men an ri tml ig Mm ..i NESTIL-IW I My llll If 4 Z, ummm: IWIHHJQI uumxsmnm fl fr eeee - ' 1 of f 35,53 " F .. 4"""f'f5'T'f'1''L1fL1L2Lffe- f- fe Q i .Sa i f'W"""" ,f 3 -1 ap. Q ' 'Q ...rr 1- ' . Ai as Xl-'fl A5 A ,Qi ff f an ff . X X W '4 k i- f .-, WW -'Z ' "' Ijlevczf fri- l University Regimental Band ORGANIZATION I Lieut. Ralph McCoy, U. S. A. .... ...........,,......... . . .Counnandant Capt. Herman E. Owen ...... ...........,...... ..... C o nductor 1st Lieut. Gilbert A. Diestler . . .Student Leader Qnd Lieut. Charles A. lVIann .. Assistant Leader Paul A. Nlorris ........... .,,.. F i.rst Sergeant Arch L. Tarrell .......... ...................... S econd Sergeant Arthur H. Robertson. ...,,...............,,...... . . Drum Major INSTRUMENTATION PICCOLO CORNETS TROMBONES J. C. Blankenagle G. A. Diestler C. A. BfIann A. L. Tarrell W. T. De Sautelle P. J. Morris E. H. Zobel FLUTE H. lgI.IBrandel W. E. Holcomb - T. . arr R. . Rees H' H' Hermg C. M. Scudder H. B. Jacques C. C. NIcConnell BARITONES OBOE O. V. Luke VV. C. lNTilstein P. J. Kujawa J. A. Hoeveler Eb CLARINET H. J. Plagge Bb CLARINETS HoRNs Eb BASS H. L. Wittwer S. W. Stanley L. G. Bonesteel A. N. Geyer F. E. Williams BI. F. Emerson C. HI. Hopkins E. A. Gottsclialk G. W. Blake O. W. Brictson BBb BASS W. F. Bossrnann J. D. Deihl SNARE DRUM CYMBAIQS BASS DRUM W. C. Gieloxv SAXOPHONES E. I. Rankin R. L. Fengelly F. E. Davies 420 ALTOS F. T. Erickson A. H. Robertson B. F. Springer W. F. Boyd UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN BAND J l N 1? ii 1: ii 1 1? ii 32 ii 21 3 -Q. CABDIET Q B. R. Ryall. ............ ............... .... ........ P r e sident John C. Blankenagel ..... ,........., ...,....,... V i ce-President C. L. Byron .... ........ .....,........... T r easurer Emil C. Blankenagel ..... .......... C orresponding Secretary F. C. Henke. ....,,.., ..............., As sistant Treasurer R. F. Hints. ........ .,... C hairman Bible Study Committee F. H. Staley ..... ..... C hairman Membership Committee F. W. Ives ...... .... C hairman Missionary Committee J. M. Bessey .... .... ........ C h airman Social Committee W. G. Russell ........... ..... C hairman Religious Committee John C. Blankenagel ..... ........ C hairman Music Committee W. E. Waite .......... ..,,.. C hairman Advertising Committee C. L. Byron ...,... ...................,....................... C hairman Hand-book Committee M. T. Kennedy ........ ...............,..................................... G eneral Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS Judge J. B. Winslow Prof. W. A. Scott J. lVI. Boyd C. L. Byron, ex-officio E. F. Riley B. R. Ryall, ex-ohicio Prof. M. S. Slaughter ADVISORY COMMITTEE Prof. M. V. O'Shea Prof. E. B. Skinner B. R. Ryall, ex-oHicio Emerson Ela Prof. F. C. Sharp Prof. F. G. Hubbard Prof. E. B. Van Vleck C. N. Brown C. L. Byron, ex-officio 422 Ruby Hildebrand Leslie Spence . . Pearl Richardson Alice Currie . . . Edith Hatfield . . Helen Grove . . . Leslie Spence. . . Mabel Gingrich Martha Wertz . . Mabel Wihiams Susan Sterling . . Elva Caradine . Mary Moifatt. . . Mabel Kalmbach Amy Parker . . . 1" Fw QT 'ah ,- A OFFICERS CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES 121,-.Q':'7'fi'Q . . .-.Lv . . . . . . . President . . , . Vice-President . . . . . . Secretary . . . . . Treasurer General Secretary ... Bible Study . . . . .lVIe1nbership . . Missionary Social . . Economic . . . . . Advisory . . . . Devotional . . . Advertising Room and Library Intercollegiate I -.V iiev 493 Self-Government Association OFFICERS Blanche Rosencrans, President Nellie Gordan, Vice-President Helen Fitch, Secretary Ethel Churchill, Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES Kappa Kappa Gamma ..................... . . . Jean Kerwan Delta Gamma ........... . . . Mary Crumpton Pi Beta Phi ...,. Gamma Phi Beta . . Alpha Phi ........ Delta Delta Delta. . . . Chi Omega ........ Alpha Xi Delta ...... Kappa Alpha Theta .... .... Alpha Chi Omega . . . Alpha Gamma Delta . Chadbourne Hall .... Women Living in the City 4 . .. . . Esther Stavrum , . . . . Ethel Clark . . . . . Ray Holthoff NinaJohnson .........MaryMoffat Charlotte Gardiner .. Jean Donaldson .Margaret H'Doubler . . . . , . . Elizabeth Corbett . . ..... Ellen Kreutzer Johanna Rossberg .. . Ann Bradford . . . . . Nlarie Carey . . . . Helen Steenbock . . . . Rhoda White ..,.. Amy Bosson . . . . . J enos Greverus YVomen .... Ethel Morrison Boarding at Private Houses . . ..... Lillian Perkins . . . Hazel Straight . . . . . Zettie Sieb S. G. A. BOARD ACTIVE MEIXIBERS 7 Mf- 4 A ff fyl S 1 If V ,V 4 f x if '41 f' f f IV! Z 4, W lsr fl f 1, I '- X, .Qt V X ,IZ 2 Q 1 'J' 1 I ,- dr .- J" X I -.J 1 ff? ul, f M f I 1 'I fm ,hr 'ff 4.K,,,.,, Caduceus Medical Society of U. W. OFFICERS Walter G. Sexton ...,... ............. .... P r esident Theodore J. Gunther ..... .... V ice-President William T. DeSautelle ..... .... S ecretary Roland F. Fisher .....,......,..... .... T reasurer HON ORARY IVIEMBERS Dr. B. M. Allen Prof. J. Erlanger Prof. C. R. Bardeen Prof. WV. D. Frost Dean E. A. Birge' Prof. W. S. lVIil1er Prof. H. C. Bradley Dean H. L. Russell Prof. NI. P. Ravenel ALUMNI IN FACULTY E. G. Grey O. O. Nelson W. T. DeSautelle Harry Culver V. P. Diederich R. F. Fisher R. C. Godfrey Otto Gunther T. J. Gunther A. H. Heidner G. F. Kennedy A. W. Lauerman SENIORS W. G. Sexton .TUNIORS SOPHOMORES W. F.. Leaper J 0 Keho W. H. Riley F. F. Slyfield F. H. Staley H. R. Wahl D. H. Witte lVI. S. Peterson C. H. Tearman R. H. Tearinan IN ITIATORS Chief Surgeon ....... ............... ...... D . H. Witte Chief Anaesthetiser .... ........... ...... H . R. Wffhl E. aper Nmfsesf .......... ...... F . F. siyfaeid 425 Iali-l.!s-lililirli I I I F S. ' i B5 EY 1 . B9 .I i I A In :!:-i!i-g D .- I-I-I'l, -- S.. g . g . , .F sstfelrr ' S I I I S ' ' I- I I!I!.I!I!I!!!Ii I!. FIRST SEMESTER Fay H. Elwell. ....., . Anthony Walvoord . . . Emory W. Krauthoefer Frank G. Hood ..... Frank C. Auer. ..... . Q 'L 'LE' ORGANTZED DECEMBER 11, 1902 OFFICERS ......President......, ........Vice-President...... . . . .......,... Secretary. ..... . . . . . . . ,........ .... T reasurer . ....... , . . Student Conference Committee .... HONORARY MENIBERS Prof . W. A. Scott Prof. B. H. Nleyer Prof. S. W. Gilman Prof. D. Earle Burchell Frank C. Auer Roland D. Crossman Fred A. Dittman Fay H. Elwell John R. Hayes Thomas R. Hefty Frank Hickcox Earl F. Baley John A. Conley Louis A. Coorsen William W. Davidson Giles B. Doud Harold BI. Dudley Elmer A. Erickson Harlow R. Amen George J. Eberle ACTIVE MEMBERS CLASS OF 1908 Claudius M. Hopkins Emory W. Krauthoefer Pierre A. Kypke Arthur F. Luder Walter H. Meves Herman F. hleyer Percy H. hifyers Felix G. Rice CLASS or 1909 Albert VV. Grady Oscar R. Haase Frank G. Hood Mark J. Kerschensteiner Walter E. Kleirnenhagen Douglas S. Knight Glenn E. Pelton CLASS or 1910 Courtney D. Freeman Amos J. King 426 : Q :lila :ri S I 'f ff. I :I:I :!:!: - I 3 SECOND SEMESTER FayH.E1Well . . . . .Chas. W. Tarbox . . . Louis A. Coorsen . . .. John A. Conley . . . Frank C. Auer Prof. H. C. Taylor Prof. J. C. Monaghan Raymond P. Sanborn Roy E. Schiess Mott T. Slade , Rudolph Soukup Raymond M. Stroud Charles W. T arbox Anthony Walvoord Guy M. Pelton Adolf C. Peters Walter W. Rector Chester E. Rightor George H. Salter Hugo H. Siefert Ole S. Syftestad Arthur S. Langmas Ervin I-I. Logan Commerce Seniors ' "'mWii?i?!3?!5" ' s L ' "" Q , Q lain 4S!1c:l -J n N 55553152 Q.. , Ax '-' if A Rice Crossman Soukup Tarbox Oliver Meves Hickox Hopkins Auer Lumsden Slade Kypke Luder Meyer Elwell Dittman Myers Krauthoefer Walvoord Kemp Schiess Hefty Sanborn Stroud Hayes 9.1, X W f NX . ,. ,..II.,c1 I xxxfwxxxxxggg "'--...,,,g,,..,.-QV' 0- ulmll. '-un nj I ,. - 1, I I, Q? K If' . 'IIIIMVQ Ulf IZ U" ' IH 'X' f ll? hr Alfl f 4 Iwi. MJIYM tx 3. 47 giglll ,I Mx r'ffU'!'fg T ff X D l will f'1 ffm I ll'f"'W 'I Wh gil' Z r l I. .. I7 am 23,3 X WL ,V A It Alf N ll xiii' Stl M, il IW - , X . . x . I, ,,x I ' I 'until'- 4 "J"UNll,f I .I f I ffx . K , ,f A I M wr ,. f X qw fl nk IJ- . j , x 5 1 fl K INK Illlllfhb fl nlllml III WK HI l ' lv I 'lv X ll il X I ll I lIl"lI IW III II ww fl bl ll I Im , X k H' 1 4' I I 2 1 lx X 1 X x -I Illlllllll, I HIII 'W nl In 'III Ill ll lllllllllllll " H. L' fy Wli I I 7 P If Z ' li If i UI , Ill Ill lun: null . I . II I . . . 099' , if ,mf . ffl 517' 1, 1611 ORGANIZED AT VVISCONSIN, 1905 HONORARY MEMBERS IN FACULTY James Watson T. H. Dickinson SENIOHS Obert Sletten Lee H. Huntley Franklin G. Floete Carl E. Steinfort George C. Daniells FIRST YEAR VVilliam D. Kerr Albert T. Twesme THIRD YEAR R. H. Hess ACTIVE MEMBERS JUNIORS Ewald O. Steihm Eugene A. Dinet George G. Wildel' Herbert P. Brumder Robert C. Wieboldt Adrian A. Willard LAWS MIDDLE Colin W. YVright Edward P. Gorman A55 . munmllll .. T sf 6 57:3 T LPS V l Z i f ? 1575 I X E xit ,IM x n 44 AIM. 44. i n I lt II, ll, I ll ',"l:w:amX I ' I lfff I N . , I . I 2 , N535 1 tl N, IX-'.xn'215a I 1 .ll KI? " 'I I 1 gli ll ll .1 I ' dm 1 0. UL LL. X . . . ., '. I fl QEEECLLLML 5 .aumbrf 51:21 ..,L. ' NNI: I .. K-V X Z: TQQZZ Mb'ixW I ww - f ln' - Y-X21 5 r: 428 gf :lbw lit.. ,QRXQ7 X N - , S RESS L B OFFICERS . . . . . . Edwin C. Jones , . . . .W. D. Richaldson . . . . . .W. J. Goldschmldt ... D. S. Bulch . . . . George B H111 ROLL OF MEMBERS R. Birchard G. Blatz J. Bollenbeck S. Burch F. Burgess J. Goldschmidt S. Hanchett F. Hannah D. Hetzel B. Hill C. Jones J ung G. von Kaltenborn F VV. hIcKenzie 429 ..'l7'f,. 5,116-. Y , W W7 O E. TNI. MCBIHIIOII J. V. Bflulaney W. D. Richardson J. B. Robertson J. O. Roehl R. B. Roehr R. E. Schiess P. F. Schwenker F. C. Scoville G. M. Sheets T. C. Stempfel J. S. Thompson G. W. Van Derzee H. C. Wallber P F' MP1, W 1 1 X- ,I- Qi. X l F. Bennett . S. Burch S. Candee . E. Carpenter R. Detjen DI. Humphrey Jelinek R. Jones T. Lathrop S. Leverich' G. lVIalde L. Marken P. Ma.cVannel G. Milward T--.1712 ,nm hu: U. W. Grafters Club MEMBERS 430 J. G. Moore R. W. Moseley L. Nelson NI. W. Richards A. J. Rogers ' C. V. Ruzek B. R. Ryall E. P. Saudsten H. Steenbock W. E. Steinhaus W. E. Thompson H. L. Walster W. W. Weir LAY Y- -'w 5: "" 7 ' 4 Q GG - E ... ' N 5 F2 5' Gig W i w .+ gfymlfiiiainrlnfrri u ll ll lllllll " 'ff' C42 ff! .1 ' I A , ': - 10 for Ill!! V? R .ll H 4 l'4"' - qf3Liig'j5 ' lllll ll gm R 2:-. xf: lf'-A., 'Ill' MII 1 L Zigi? .A : ,'- 'J-' i I 'l It EEF' Ml la M 'I ' . 'L 'wx lsiiessmz sbs. sn : L i 4 1 Frederick B. Powers Pharmaceutical Society OFFICERS Carl A. Ihk ........ .........,......, ................ P d Laurence P. Peterson ............. ,.......... V ice-President Nellie Wakeman .... . .... Secretary and Treasruer William H. Kendell .... ,...................,....... ...........,.... C e nsor Theo. Woolhiser ..... .......,................,.,....... ...,.... A s sistant Censor HON ORARY MEBIBERS Edward Kremers. . ....,.............,....,.. Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Richard Fischer. . . ..,......,.......,.,........ Assistant Professor of Pharmacy R H Denniston. . . . .,............,... ...... . Assistant Professor of Botany GRADUATE A. G. Du Mez FOUR YEAR COURSE SENIORS Valerio C. J aehrling Miss Nellie VVakeman Jnmons Edward C. Glennon John Swenholt W. H. Kendell lVIa1'tin E. Titus THREE YEAR COURSE .rUNioRs Alfred A. Link Harlow S. Whitman Walter I. Wagcncr TWO YEAR COURSE sENioRs Albert A. Anderson Carl A. Ihk Jay I. Jones Miss lNIattie 'Whitman JUN1oRs Edward G. Bach Lynn W. Byron Walter G. Griniimer John W. lNIcDaniels Nliss Theo Woolhiser 431 Eugene A. Lueders Claude C. Luckey Archibald Russell LaLu'ence P. Peterson John A. Schreier James I. TLu'ner Albert A. Wolilwend K o 0 3 lil Q LU li U W IBEW-' BOARD OF ADVISERS Prof. R. A. llioore, Chairman Mrs. J. F. Haussmann Hon. Robert M. La Follette Prof. L. Kahlenberg Nlrs. L. P. Shanks Hon. John M. Nelson Prof. G. C. Comstock Mrs. H. C. VVolff lVIr. David Bogne FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Raymond Frost ..... ......, P resident ..,..., . . . George C. Daniels George A. Affeldt ...... ..... V ice-President ...... ..... W alter O. Gloyer Caroline Kleinheinz ...... ......... S ecretary .......... ..., R ose B. Grat7 Walter O. Gloyer ...,..... .......,.. T reasurer ....,....... .... I iarl E. Wa ner Olivia NI. Goldenherger . . . ,..... Corresponding Secretary ..... .... R Iarie Pressentin John C. Colignon ...,..... ..,. S tudent Conference Member .... ...,. E rwin R. Suhm MEMBERS I GRADUATES Earl Burnett J. F. Kadonsky Arthur Larnbeck Nan Longfield F. Sylvester SENIORS L. G. Arnold May Carpenter Adolph Heinz H. G. Kislingburg Caroline Retelstorf O. A. Beath E. C. Flick A. W. Hoffmann Alma Liessmann J. Shapiro Grace Bogne Frank Frost T. F . Steinrod George C. lVIathews Fay Tibbits E. E. Brindley Ida BI. Gangstad C. J. Kreilkainp P. VV. Noe A. Walvoord Ethel White E. R. Wiggins JUNIORS Edna Baer C. F. Evans A. T. Holmes G. Kruell Aline Merz Elsie Baumgarth William Haevers G. W. Heise A. T. Lathrop A. C. Peters G. F. Desmond C. E. Behnish Grace Griffin C. G. Heuser Alma Hinn A. E. Kringle Karl Kleinpell W. Krahm Florence Trumpf SOPHOMOEES Mary Reid E. W. Schmidt J. E. Lauderdale lVIargeret Schueler T. Wlorthington A. L. Luedke Nellie Schwartz P. H. Siefert J. B. Steven Dora Sykes F. V. Wedlock F. J. Weld Lulu Wittle George Worthington FRESHMEN E. W. Becker B. W. Flinn L. C. Luedke E. J. Ekluncl O. D. Knight J. BI. Ramos COLLEGE or LAW SENIOR Otto Breiclenbach MIDDLES Oscar BI. Black Elsie Fehlandt Elizabeth O. Grady COLLEGE or 'lVIUSIC Monica Kleinlieinz C. E. Nlanhart 432 R. Rieder Grace Smith L. B. Webster Lydia Salsrnan ' Susie Schwartz . yur I 60 A3 ff , 0 . ' l WMQ Fill ' fi . ,,,. 9 " Aw: M' l 'P 5 l Mix lr. A 4 f I' N' as ' gill rx . -ml ' ' Q 'ii' ' 'S ::. vfiibn i. FHlFPS" F OFFICERS Honorary President .... Prof. J. W. Cunliife Secretary ........... W. W. Kuestermann Active President ............ O. V. Thiele Corresponding Secretary. . . C. E. Steinfort Vice-President ...... ...... R . J. Morter T Treasurer .......,......,. C. H. Haessler EAJIS CHESS TEAAI PLAYING CHICAGO Platten Steinfort Griswold Stephenson Thiele CHESS TEALI I-LAYING MICHIGAN Platten Steinfort Griswold CHECKER TEAM PLAYING MICHIGAN Webster Burch Morter FACULTY NIEMBERS E. D. Angell W. W. Daniells E. Prokosch A. W. Winchell J. W. Cunliffe J. F. Haussmann A. H. Taylor ACTIVE MEBiBERS R. T. Birge C. A. Griswold E. J. Nlathie S. C. Robbins D. S. Burch C. H. Haessler R. J. Morter H. Solsrud H. S. Cogrnan V. L. S. Imp M. S. Peterson C. E. Steinfort F. R. Froehlich NV. W. Kuestermann W. J. Platten W. L. Stephenson H. D. Gaebler O. V. Thiele University Co-operative Association OFFICERS C. N. Brown ..... ....... P resident VV. F. Hood, Jr .... .... S ecretary TVI. C. Otto ..... .... V ice-President H. A. Smythe, Jr. . . . .... Nlanager EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. J. C. Elsom C. N. Brown H. A. Smythe, Jr. BOARD OF DIRECTORS FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. D. C. Nlunro Prof. L. S. Smith Dean F. E. T urneaure ALUMNUS GRADUATE MEMBER LANV MEMBER C. N. Brown BI. C. Otto R. J. Biorter SENIORS J-UNIORS SOPHOMOEES FRESHMEN W. F. Hood, Jr. F. M. Kennedy Arthur Boerner E. A. Carncross J. H. Esch L. R. Howson Ralph Hoyt H. A. Schuette MEMBERS AT LARGE EX-OFFICIO MEMBER Dr. J. C. Elsom E. J. B. Schubring M. M. Hueffner H. A. Smythe, Jr. 433 ' A, '-S, ,fy Ig fix - Q. fx ll ' Il 1 i 1 l L N 1 WW . uh my Y .I 5 C N W . fl yimxnu Q Q.. ' V I 4 C llwll' 1 l 'ligll M-,Q lim fit r'X 1 I .I - V ,M V. ll- . 1 L lla A T' Illisl T I H27 M. ,K . All QI, ls- . Ill- J ln ' V 'I I P I ' l x-1 f mu. L 0 . 1 . . FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER W. C. Schroeder . . . ....... President .,,.... ..... . W. W Weir W. W. VVei1' ..... ...... V ice-President ....... .... H . N. Lathrop C. E. Gapen .... ..... S ecretary and Treasurer, . . ..... C. A. Le Claire MENIBERS LONG COURSE A. C. Baer J. R. Garver C. A. Le Claire B. A. Peterson D. S. Burch B. Jelinek O. Lloyd-Jones W. L. Porter W. H. Cooper P. VV. Landsberg G. E. Morris W. C. Schroeder C. E. Gapen H. N. Lathrop A. C. Oosterhuis H. G. Smith VV. W. Sylvester VV. W. VVeir SHORT COURSE W. Ahlers Ferris O. A. Jens M. Ohern W. J. Robers A. G. Austin . E. Foley H. L. Juergens M. E. Patrie G. Schneider Eb ligmckhaus Gray Iiecigh H. E. Paulson O.1Sings . . asse . rove . W. ause M. Port E. . mith W. Beilke . Gridley R. Lachniund J. J. Peters E. Usher A. H. Chalfant Hansen P. A. Lee P. O. Peterson C. Wolzein A. Christ . Holzhuter L. lNIurphy W. M. Powell C. D. Wood W. H. Edwards W. Hocks E. Muth A. Rhiner F. VVulff R. R. Farwell Hatch lVI. J. Nlueller C. Ritland W. C. Zillmer .61 f Baer S mith Gapen Faville Burch Jelinek Kuhhnan Oosterhuxs Peterson ,Tones Morris Weir LaClair Lathrop Porter 434 Science Club OFFICERS Prof. B. A. Harper .......,.. ,,..... .,... ................ P r e sident Prof. C. E. ltflendenhall ........ . . . . . . . ............. Vice-President Ass't Prof. Eliot Blackwelder ......... .............,...... ......... S e cretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Professors, Instructors and Advanced Students in the Scientific Department. A medal is awarded each year for the best baccalaureate thesis on a scientific subject. Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Association OFFICERS A. L. Stone, Madison, Wis ...,., ..........,.. .,....... P r esident H. A. Blain, Ft. Atkinson, WVis. .... ...,..... . . . .Vice-President R. A. ltloore, Bladison, Wfis. ....... ......... ....... S e cretary H. W. Meekin, Fond du Lac, Wis .... ..,............... ....... .,... T 1 ' easurer MEMBERS Farmers throughout the State of Wisconsin. Language and Literature Club OFFICERS Prof. H. B. Lathrop ..... .... .... ........,..., .............. P r e s ident Prof. G. Showerman ..... . ,........ .,....,...,. V ice-President Prof. E. C. L. C. Roedder ..............,............................... Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS The Instructional Staff and Graduate Students of the departments interested. Wisconsin Union STUDENT CONINIITTEE Lee H. Huntley ............ .............,.,..,...., ......... P r esident George B. Hill ....,......... ...........,......,. ..,. V i ce-President Walter G. von Kaltenborn .... ............. ........,,......,...,... S e cretary Frank E. Boyle ...............................,............................,....... Treasurer M. T. Kennedy B. R. Ryall Robert P. Ferry Gustave VV. Buchen Willard L. Stephenson MEMBERS All male students of the University. Richard T. Ely- Club OFFICERS Glover D. Hancock .... ............... . . ......... President Ralph H. Hess ....... ......... .......... V i ce-President Alexander E. Cance. ......... Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Graduate Students majoring in Economics. A Capella Society E. A. Bredin ..... ............................... .... D i rector B. Q. Morgan. . . ..... . . . Secretary 435 Graduate Club OFFICERS Joseph G. Brandt ..... ............, ....... I . . .President Lorian P. JeHerson ,... ......... ..... V 1 ce-President Amelia C. Ford ..... -....-. S6 Creliary Ralph H. Hess .... ........... ..... T r easurer MENLBERS All Graduate Students of the University. Short Course Alumni Association OFFICERS W. H. Hanchett, Sparta, Wis.. . . .....,....... .,.. ....... P r esident H. A. Main, Ft. Atkinson, Wis. . . ......... .......... V ice-President A. L. Stone, Madison, Wis ...... ...,....,............... . ..... S ecretary and Treasurer EXECUTIVE coMMI'rrEE J. D. Clark, Whitewater, Wis. C. L. Hill, Rosendale, Wis. R. A. Moore, Madison, Wis. E. E. Wyatt, Tornah, Wis. J. A. Tormey, Fennimore, Wis. W. L. Niven, Sheridan, Wis. A. J. Meyer, Racine, Wis. A. G. Main, Hortonville, Wis. C. H. Schaefer, Wailkesha, Wis. J. G. Cramer, Marshfield, Wis. L. P. llflartiny, Chippewa, Falls, Wis. Do-Do Bones King Dodo .,...., ,... .... F r ank C. Auer Queen Dodo ....,... ...,. An thony Walvoord Count de Bones ....... ....... F ayette H. Elwell Keeper of the Bones. . . ..,. Claudius M. Hopkins Chaplain .......,... ...... P ierre A. Kypke Wissenschaftliche Abteilung of the Germanistische Gesellschaft Prof. E. C. L. C. Roedder ...,........,..........................,......,......... Chairman MEMBERS Faculty and Graduate Students of the Department of German. Nora Samlag President . . . Vice-President ..... . . . Secretary . . . Treas1u'er .... , , . . . . Iowa Clu b Guy H. Cox ........... I . ............... . J. Hugo Johns Nliss Jean VV. Donaldson .... on .......... 436 I . . . Obert Sletten Iiss Nora Neprud lVIiss Lulu Dahl Basil I. Peterson . . . .President . , . . . 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Bardeen STUDENT MEMBERS Roy Stephenson Rudolph Soukup 4-39 ,. f' Wearers of the ' ' W " .- at X , I OFFICERS ----' f " ' QQ-f-f . . A V 'X Benjamin F. Davis ............ . . . ........ President l""'-512: ,QQ -ff Warren A. Gelbach. .... ..,. V ice-President me Q. .419 - M3a,1:f3:i,, 'U Frank L. Wallber . ...... Secretary 7 Gana G. Ryder... . . .. .Treasurer ses MEMBERSHIP . J All wearers of the "WH . r 1:1335 ' 5 . A Z' ww The list here given is corrected up to April 25, 1908 Q7 Football 1889 T. U. Lyman Harvey Holmes 1902 A. A. Bruce, Capt. J' C- Karel Joe Dffan C. D. 1VIarsh E. W. Prael W- F- Trait Pat O Dee E. J. vanderboom W. C. Bfumder W- H- Sheldon C- T- Fugwf W. A. Bertke C. M. lvleyers W- WI- -1011136 F. A. Long I W. H. Blackburn 1893 J- T- S' Lyle L. A. Liljequist B. N. Clark Rendtorff A. R. Findlay J. B. Kerr Davis 1898 1. J. Bush T. E. Loope A. A. Chamberlain W. F. Moffatt W. D. Sheldon 1894 H. R. Chamberlain R- L0gem"1U Nathan Comstock giieagflf C 1903 W. L. Brooks J. E, R t ur . urtis Louis Sumner yan E. B. Cochems R' W' Hemp 1890 J. H. McNaught M. R. Wiener E. H. Ahara J. D. Freeman YV. C. McNaught 1891 D. H. Walker J. F. Pyre L. B. Flower H. BI. Coleman R. C. Thiele F. Kull G. N. Knapp 1892 H. H. Jacobs T. P. Crenshaw C. H. Hile C. C. Case T . Y. McGovern G. W. Bunge Walter Alexander H. F. Dickinson Henry F. Cochems O. NI. Nelson G. F. Trautman 1895 J. P. Riordan E. S. Anderson A. Comstock John Gregg G. Thompson 1896 W. A. Atkinson Chester L. Brewer C. W. McPherson Oscar M. Nelson H. J. Peele 1897 W. C. Hazzard H. G. Forrest Paul Tratt Harry Bradley Alfred Larson George Senn 1899 C. W. Rogers A. C. Lerum E. R. Blair William J. Juneau F. S. Lyman C. H. Wilmarth S. E. Driver 1900 Emil Scow W. E. Schreiber Albert Marshall A. C. Abbott 1901 J. G. Fogg W. C. Holstein VV. A. Westcott Charles Washer W. NI. Baine Voyta Wrabetz T. H. Jones Harvey Schofield F. NI. Clark B. N. Robinson 1904 W. H. Schneider F. W. Grogan T. H. Brindley A. B. Melzner L. P. Donovan J. E. O'Brien F. E. Hunt G. W. Jones C. S. Perry O. F. Fleischer Luther Stromquist ' 1905 Warren A. Gelbach C. M. Dering 1905-Cont. A. A. J olnison Leonard Roseth 1906 G. H. Zeisler F. A. Dittman 1896 Frank Bean Flatur Collipp C. B. Hayden G. M. Anson H. A. Perkins O. L. Dorschel C. A. Libby J. H. Liegler VVill Torrison Louis Runkel Henry Scott Nelson Falk C. H. George WV. NI. Spooner 1897 Oscar Bandelin Ralph Ferry George Reedal J. Aston Carl Siefert Fay Clark Fred Blakely Theodore Berg 1893 L. R. Worden, Coxswain C. H. Howell C. C. Case G. P. Barth J. F. A. Pyre H. H. Jacobs A. D. Daggett S. H. Cady H. B. Boardman 1894 Oscar Rohn Percy A. Roberts M. L. Weber W. W. Geisse J. R. Richards A. K. Sedgwick Joe Major Football-Continued R. Soukup 1 E. O. Stiehm J. G. Howard C. F. Bleyer H. B. Rogers A. A. Frank J. H. Curtin J. Nlessmer E. J. Springer C. J. Miller 1907 J. E. Wilce P. J. hlurphy L. H. Huntley Baseball 1898 Berthold Husting Harry Hitchcock Frank Ford Earl Hensel Sidney Ball 1899 J. WV. Jackson G. E. Gernon - Wayne Mosely J olm Harvey Arthur H. Curtis 1900 Oscar Olrnan Elmer Pierce Adelbert R. hlatthews Julian V. Ware George Nlowry Leslie Leighton Earl Harkin Earl Mucklestone E. B. Cochems 1901 Seth Richardson John Brobst hi. V. hlurphy W. E. Schreiber 1902 G. G. Keith J. F. Brush YV. C. Berg W. E. Smith 1903 1 F. C. Bray A. C. Bandelin G. H. Lewis T. E. Leahy B. N. Borreson A. L. Persons Crew 1895 A. F. Alexander John Day L. F. Austin C. C. hIcConville hi. E. Seymour H. R. Crandall, Coxswain 1896 VV. Dietrich Lester C. Street H. C. Forrest 1897 VV. C. Sutherland H. R. Chamberlain L. W. Olson H. A. Lake A. R. Anderson 441 J. B. Hoelz H. B. Gates M. E. Allen 1898 R. T. Logeman L. R. Williams F. H. Crosby A. A. Chamberlain Joe Dillon, Coxswain 1899 F. A. Little J. Q. Lyman I. Nlather S. C. Welch WV. J. Gibson 1900 VV. K. Herrick 1901 D. C. Travarthen B. F. Lotuisbury R. A. Fueil-: O. P. Osthoff T. R. Davidson F. E. Boyle R. W. Mucklestone A. D. VVhitmore C. J. Cunningham 1904 I. J. Bush VVill Young C. S. Perry 1905 Alvin T. Cummings C. B. Gates D. F. Henderson 1. B. VVhitmore 1907 H. B. Rogers J. E. Dean J. E. Kaulfuss E. J. Bade R. W. Mucklestone J. Messmer C. S. Knight J'. R. Vvhittier R. G. Stevenson L. H. Levisee E. L. Jordan C. H. Gaflin E. V. McComb T. F. Sawyer, Cox- swain 1909 W. F. Moffatt Glen Steere 1903 A. H. Nliller A. H. Bartelt 19041 T. E. Van Meter B. F. Davis B. B. Burling 1904-Cont. A. H. Schumacher C. S. Reed M. N. Bodenbach A. B. Dean A. H. Christrnan 1894 J. R. Richards O. B. Zimmerman H. B. Boardman BI. J. Gillen L. H. Fales E. B. Copeland G. F. Sherman W. A. Baehr R. L. Holt VV. F. Trait 1895 J. A. Blaybury H. F. Cochems A. Lees J. A. Jackson 1896 George Downer Rudolph Schuchardt F. B. Peterson H. Frame W. Frame J. H. Lieger Crew-Continued 1905 F. E. Johnson D. VV. hliller G. G. Byden G. S. Hine A. C. Boyle G. G. VVilder 1906 A. W. Bechlem Track Athletics R. H. Lea T. L. Burke, Coxswain 1897 E. T. Fox J. C. Taylor A. C. Krenzlein E. C. Waller Max Mason 1898 Rudolph Hartman H. C. Schneider P. J. O'Dea P. Fox H. Taylor Fred. NIcGowan H. A. Henry Leo E. Granke C. G. Stangel Harry Forrest Clarence Rowe 1899 Joseph Bredsteen E. B. Cochems 1900 . Fred Schule A. K. Wheeler John Hahn William Juneau 1901 George R. Keachie Warren D. Smith H. B. Webster E. C. Nleyer E. J. 1VIacEachron G. C. Poage 1902 F. A. Long Frank Saridakis O. Hueffner J. E. Daniels F.. W. Breitkreutz 1904 B. ll. Devine Lauritz Nliller John Fuhrer E. R. Richter V. A. Ruth 1907 C. N. Jolmson D. H. VVitte E. A. Dinet 1905 Frank L. Waller Lester B. Stevens Clarence S. Hean Harold B. 1VIyers 1906 J. G. Howard J. Messmer W. L. Rideout J. C. Blankenagel G. W. Van Derzee 1907 F. J. Natwick A. A. Johnson P. G. Mueller L. A. Coorsen W. M. Bertles H. A. Wilson 1906 1. J. Bush A. VVa.lvoo1'd H. B. Rogers C. A. Scribner 1903 J. B. Sanloorne VVilliam Beye H. B. Blanson Basketball 1908 1907 L. Win I E. O. Stiehm Helmer Swenholt A. A. Frank H. Harper J. H. Curtin W. C. Lindemann Tennis 1903 1906 F.. L. Dlorley C. L. Garnett Gym Team . S. Zeidlhack 442 R. L. Loesch H IL ' I' 5 A l -Ibxb :XE E M - - fl Z1 4 Q., 4 W - A -' . K -E EQ 41? e EE E 4 ' 52 f 9 f 'E EQ ' - E?-4 .1 1 " 1 QE' ' je ' ' 2 EQ! 3 9 :n - 1 S 6 SX gg' 1 D' G Q Qi'-9' 'l Ili,-3-,'lEQE4n.. f59Ll'l1-? i Q 'fr --I i . EVENT VARSITY CONFERENCE 'WORLD,S RECORD 100 Yard Dash 220 Yard Dash 440 Yard Dash Half Mile Mile Run Two Mile Run 120 Hurdles 220 Hurdles High Jump Broad Jump Pole Vault Discus Shot Put Hammer Throw E. T. Fox, 1899 G. C. Poage, 1902 F. L. Walle1', 1905 H. B. Flyers, 1907 10 sec. G. C. Foage, 1902 F. L. Waller, 1905 21 4-5 sec. G. C. Poage, 1902 49 3-5 sec. J. E. Daniels, 1902 1 n1in. 57 2-5 sec. G. R. Keachie, 1902 4 min. 31 2-5 sec. E. J. 1NIcEachron, 1904 9 min. 55 1-5 sec. F. J. Natwick, 1907 15 3-5 sec. G. C. Poage, 1904 25 sec. J. Fuhrer, 1904 6 ft. 5 in. F. W. Schule, 1900 22 ft. 4 in. E. J. Springer, 1906 11 ft. John Messmer, 1907 129 ft. 24 in. R. Glynn, 1903 42 ft. 5 i11. A. A. Johnson, 1907 147 ft. 45 in. C. A. Blair, 1903, Chi. lllay, 1907, Ill. 9 4-5 sec. A. Hahn, 1903, hlich. 21 3-5 E. hlerrill, 1901, Bel. 49 4-5 sec. J. D. Lightbody, 1905, Chi. 1 min. 57 2-5 sec. J. D. Lightbody, 1905, Chi. 4 n1in. 25 sec. F. A. Rowe, 1905, hlich. 9 min. 50 sec. F. G. lVIaloney, 1902, Chi. Smithson 1907, N. D. 15 2-5 sec. F. S. Bockmann, 1902, Min11. G. C. Poage, 1904, Wis. 25 sec. J. Fuhrer, 1904, Wis. 5 ft. 114 in. H. BI. Friend, 1905, Chi. 23 ft. Q in. R. Samse, 1906, Ind. 12 ft. 44 in. J. C. Garrels, 1905, Mich. 140 fr. ag in. R. 'W. Rose, 1904, hlich. 47 ft. 5 i11. H. J. Thomas, 1904, Fur. 157 ft. 1 in. 443 D. Kelley, 1906, U. S. 9 3-5 sec. I B. J. VVefers, 1896, U. 21 1-5 BI. W. Long,f1900, U. 47 sec. C. J. Kilpatrick, U. S. S S 1 min. 53 2-5 sec. VV. G. George, Eng. 4 min. 12 2 sec. A. Schrubb, Eng. 9 min. 9 3-5 sec. A. C. Kraenzlein 15 1-5 sec. A. C. Kraenzlein 23 3-5 sec. Sweeney, U. S. 6 ft. 5 5-8 in. O'Connor, Ireland 24 ft. 11 in. R. Samse, 1906, U. S. 12 ft. Lig in. J. C. Garrels, 1905, U. 140 fi. 2-2 in. S R. YV. Rose, 1904, U. S. 49 ft. 6 i11. J. Flanagan, U. S. 171 ft. 9 in. Y ,L -,-.- id ,1AR.' wv- 'W - 'SNP 't -3 - ,I A . jury 'xX fl U A.'4 -T.. V 4 ,js ,-.. - ' '. F , gxgrh- -V A r , f .V Q -, falfz 31, 11 g ' WY A S U 1 as it lf 1 ' -fa . ' 121 time if ff as W - f- a. Q1 , ,, MW' 1 -W1 ' -4 f' . ' " f 'fig '., Review of the Football Season of 1907 '-,' ' jr The 1907 Football season began on September 20th with Drs. --VV ' X Hutchins and McCarthy coaching. VVe had lost Clark, Bleyer, and . U Johnson by graduation. With the new style of play their loss might have been optimistically received, but besides these we lost Captain- eleet Miher, "Cy" Zeisler, f'Ernie" Springer, and "Red" Sundby through scholastic difticiencies, "Art" Frank through parental objections, and ,x 3 "Rudy" Soukup because of the injury he sustained in 1906. This left 'W' only four "WH men: Rogers, Stiehm, Dittman, and Messmer. Hunt- ley, Cunningham, Whittaker, and Hosler were the only others left from the 1906 squad. From the 1910 Freshman squad we drew OsthoH, Fucik, Wilce, Iakisch, Mmphy, Cooper, and Culver. Boyle, Lowman, Whitmore, Mucklestone, and Scribner, who had never been out for the Varsity, joined us. 1V1essmer was elected Captain in 1N1iller's stead. It became the task of Coaches Hutchins and 1V1cCarthy to turn this aggregation into a team. The material was almost all green. But eight I if- 1- 57 f' ' 1' V ., N . iw 1' . XY .EQ e gsfgfyw .- - ila' f lifii .1-V5 fl'- -- "-: CAM. MEssMER LCTINNESOTA vs. WISCONSIN 444 . , 1-nasal-fzz. ,W ,fe--1. fig. 41 .w"'7-,--v:z"rf'.,f- ,, '- .. INTINNESOTA vs, WISCONSIN of the entire squad had ever played together. The prospects were indeed very dim, especially when one considered that the first team to be played was one as formidable as Illinois. The usual practice on Camp Randall was begun. The work was slow and often discouraging, no doubt, to the coaches, who went at their seemingly impossible problem with unceasing vigor. The squad met the Freshmen and the ever faithful scrubs night after night, slowly approaching the sem- blance of a team. The inevitable again happened. Just before the Illinois game Dittman sprained his knee and Osthoff his shoulder. No hope for their recovery for the next three games was held out. We met Illinois on October 26th. The score at the end of the first half was 4 to 4, but at the end of the game it was 17 to 4 against us. In this game Fucik hurt his elbow and was replaced by Scribner at quarter. The entire available backfield was used in an effort to stave off defeat without result. The defeat was partly attributed to stage fright, which seemed to have taken hold of the men. Huntley, Boyle, Stiehm and Davidson showed their mettle in the way they handled their men. The next week was spent in practising the forward pass, as the Illinois game had shown it effective in every play it was used. The difficulty in properly handling the team from an end position was rem- edied by giving the signals to Cunningham, with Rogers and hiessmer as advisers. Messmer was shifted to tackle, Lowman to end, Cunningham took Fucikas place at quarter, and Rogers took care of the punting. The next game was with Iowa at Iowa City on November Qd. The team had improved since the last Saturday and was confident of winning. On the way Mac talked to the team in his "straight- from-the-shoulder" way, until we had all made up our minds that Iowa would have every bit of our bodies. It was in this talk that Mac used the phrases "Darkness before dawn" and "Success in adver- sity," and we remembered his examples in the game the next day. The score at the beginning of the second half was 5 to 0 against us. Never was it better demonstrated that there are no quitters in Wis- t al 1 MINNESOTA vs. WISCONSIN 445 consin, when, while time was being taken, our boys got together, and with tears in their eyes begged each other to play their best, if not for Wisconsin, "For Mac, for Mac." The renewed vigor with which Wisconsin played began to show on the Iowa team, and with two minutes to play Rogers dashed through the line, recovered a kick, and went over for a touchdown. Goal was kicked, and Thatcher '93 with his little band of Wisconsin alumni went I wild, and the men looked at each other determined to make another touchdown. Nothing could hold them now, and they started to rip things up. They had moved the ball forty yards when time was called. In another minute the score would have been 11 to 5: Wisconsin had found itself. The next week saw Osthoff and Fucik get out for practice. Indiana was to play us the following 1 Saturday. In this game the forward pass worked well, and the game ended 11 to 8, in our favor. Fucik played a short time at end, but his elbow com. pelled him to retire. VARSITY TOAST-MINNESOTA GAME The next Saturday, November 16th, we played Purdue at LaFayette. In this game Messmer went back to end, and Dittman got a chance to play. Osthoff injured his ankle and was removed. The interesting case of four downs inside the one yard line took place in this game. Only the intense anxiety of our line prevented us from white-washing Purdue, as we were penalized half the distance to the goal four times inside the one yard line. In this game Cunningham broke loose and made a run of one hundred yards for our first touchdown. The final score was 12 to 6, in our favor. From now on the time was spent in preparation for the great event of the season, in which we meant to make up for our defeat in the initial game. The forward pass and onside kick were polished up. A large amount of attention was given to Macls scheme for defeating Doc Williams' famous tackle play. The student body seemed to awake to the fact that the team wanted its support and aid, and there was more side-line cheering and rooting at practice than ever before. ' The game was one not likely to be forgotten by any player or spectator. It was proclaimed a perfect exhibition of the new game, in which the forward pass was used to great advantage by our team. From the first whistle the team was right at home on the field and scored Hrst. This gave our men added vigor, although it also put ight into Minnesota. Minnesota could not solve our plays and passes, the man in the white helmet, the man in the blue jersey, and the little fellow in the white QD jersey keeping them guessing. Mads analysis seemed to fit that great tackle play andioiu' men were not deceived by - . . ia-'-is is , ., ,Q .G XV. . nz 3643 5 4 1 W- Y ,Z .+ M tt if 1 I, 9 it Ng W1'2f'7f'39 Vi" "lf ::'1'-.L1"'2f W has -'VL , .- ' . 'sff.iE'f,', 772 Q QQ Q 3' arm 2 1 .. , - 1. ffl? Y 'S " ' ,-fi g ' , f:f+... .s,.'.:. .4 . 1 INIINNESOTA vs. Wisconsin 446 X 1 WATCEIING THE MINNESOTA GAME it after the first play. Cunningham left his mark on every Nlinnesota man he hit, and won a place in every Wisconsin heart. The redoubtable Capron proved a second Ekersall and saved Minnesota from defeat by three goals from the field. The final score was 17 to 17, but Wisconsin accepted it as a vic- tory. Wisconsin 17, Minnesota 5, Capron 12, was the way the score read on a down-town bulletin board. Thus a happy ending was put on a season of very gloomy beginning, and lVIac, Doc, and the team, subs, scrubs, and freshmen were satished, all in all, with their season's work. JOHN BIESSMER, Captain. VV NV-' M, ' 41- :NL -Wu, MQ ,"ujrV! fa .Mr W ' ' . : gf .4 M, -y 5 , ,,,- MD' .Qu E f E , k '4L4?fQ?.- xt ,, D- I R 'lik-,J 1 3 A Irlkf ,. h1",,v:J'f' X' - HR ,r -'gl , M , .of on X 9 I Q X - - 'V A 2' I .X GN' v 1 '1 llfr x ,' ' !,,f l1 lll ,l, ly N, 1?,'Q' f ,qi . 4 ivy? AM! uh-J-,E ,, , 7 it -fetlaixfflkz it H - W" . E. A X Q,KEr3o-oq, 4-17 Varsity Football Team Dittman Wilco Murphy Stichm Huntley Fucik Roehl CMgr.D Osthoff Davidson Culver Hosler Cooper Mucklestone jelinek CAss't. Mgr.D Whittaker Rogers Messmer CCapt.D Whitmore Boyle Lowmzm Cunningham Scribner " Varsity Football Team Q rt ' 24 W orricisns JZ' ,iii . John Messmer . . ...,..... Captain 'TQSL V V - ' ' 'I , f A K " Julius O. Roehl . . . ........ Student Manager Ig is - ' B. J. Jelinek ....... Assistant Student Manager " I -" ' i r Charles P. Hutchins ................... Coach 'SV -K ' PW' Charles lNIcCarthy . . . . . . Assistant Coach Emmett D. Angell . . . .... Assistant Coach Q W- jf TEAM John Messmer '09 ........ ....... ..., R i ght End hlarvin B. Loxvman '10 .... .... R ight End Fred A. Dittman '08 ...... Peter J. lVIurpl1y '10 .... , . . .Right Tackle . . . .Right Tackle Tom R. Davidson '08 .... .... R ight Guard Ewald O. Stiehm '09 . . . Lee H. Huntley '08 ..... . . . .Center . . . .Left Guard Robert Iakiscli '10 . , . Frank E. Boyle '10 . . Harlan B. Rogers '09 . . Harry Hosler '08 ........ Carl J , Cunningham '09 ,... Charles A. Scribner '08 . . . Oscar P. Osthoff '10 ........ R. Waldo Mucklestone '09 Fennimore Cooper '10 .... John W. Wilce '10 ....... Elmer H, Whitta.ker '09 . . Robert A. Fueik '10 . Harry Culver '10 ...... Alba D. Whitnlore '08. . . Left Guard Left Tackle Left End Left End Quarter Back Quarter Back Right Half Back Right Half Back Right Half Back Full Back Full Back Left Half Back Left Half Back Left Half Back October 26, at Madison . November Q, at Iowa City November 9, at Madison . N overnber 16, at Lafayette November 23, at Madison GRIDIRON RECORDS . . ....................... ,Wiscolisin V . - ..... Wisconsin - - - ..... Wisconsin . . . . . . . . . .WISCOHSIII - . - ..... Wisconsin 449 LE Illinois 15 6 Iowa 5 11 Indiana 8 12 Purdue 6 17 Minnesota 17 , - -A.,1- 3 , . Th e Te am ' S i J .L 1 ,.. 'H " I 4 . 1 u 'X " I .L E I " 1 QL 1 4 I S 'i il 'fl -- aft? 1 6' -new 4 'f ' .l ', , Q W N-, Q lwlli -r t w it I S X ll l 0 If i H ll' ' I ,sr J . - Z- X' ll 5' X Captain Messmer Captain Messmer is one of the men who was instrumental in building up the reputation of "Keg" Driveris famous Freshman team. Early in the season of 1906 he was assured the position of tackle on the ,Varsity team. While playing this position 'fMess" often got down the field under a punt as quickly as the ends, and for this reason he started the season of 1907 playing an end position. In the Iowa game he was shifted back to tackle, but there again showed end form, and in the remaining games played the latter position. With his 180 pounds of bulk, backed by his determination, speed, and endurance, Nlessmer could always be depended upon to take care of his man, and then some. In punting he generally had the better of the argument, and his excellent placing judgment made his good right leg a still more valuable asset. Many of the long runs credited to the back 'field were made pos- sible by Messmer's excellent interference. His accurate forward passes were as good as recovered punts. When Captain Messmer called the team about him in the last half of the Iowa game, with the score 5 to 0 against Wisconsin, he demonstrated what was meant by the author of "There are no quitters in Wisconsin." The way his determi- nation put new life into the team can best be told by Thatcher '93 and his band of valiant Wisconsin rooters. The team always had absolute confidence in its captain, and that this confidence was not misplaced is best shown by the season's record. A 2 it a K I -e if U Rogers 4 'M The old adage "Everything comes to him who waits" was never better illustrated than in the case of Rogers. Three years ago "Biddy,' Cwhere he annexed the nickname no one knowsb resolved to get out of the rut of being just an f ordinary athlete and to become one of the best. The more he thought of it, the more he worked. Today he is considered one of the best all-round athletes competing in Intercollegiate athletics in the West. And why? Because he is willing to work, enters into the work with the proper spirit, keeps his eye on the ball, is always after it, and is willing to sacrifice personal glory for the benefit of the team as a whole. In his prep school days "Biddy" was considered a good high school athlete, but not a high school star. When he . 3, -fe. 2? it - . . Fil as' ' wi K' 552 1221- "ill" ' 1-7 , ::,.g'::.Q sp My 1'-::5f,g:1:1.g. . . -J .A-Sze ,-51195.-iii., '- s. 1.3 N 311-' 5. ' - "- - wa. -. . T. .Aa .-- .::. - we av: ' .. ..... ,. ., - 1 5 1115531 -z,- ,.,, ,- :Eli-A if 5115515 1 entered the University he got out for football practice, and . made end on Driver-'s far-famed team. When this team CAPTAIN MESSMER 450 played Chicago the mighty Steffen tried Roger's end once. and was quickly satisfied that he could gain little here. When the open style of play came in 1906 Rogers was particularly capable of holding down an end position on the 'Varsity team. Heady, cool, accurate, never jeopardizing his team's chances by loss of temper, always up on his toes and thinking, playing a steady, waiting game on trick plays, is a combination well fit for an end. The season of 1907 found "Biddy" playing his old position, and putting up a star game throughout. - This conscientious work so won the respect of his team mates that they chose him as their leader for next season. Boyle Eau Claire has added still more to its reputation as a source of football material by sending "Butch" Boyle to Wis- cousin. For four years Boyle played 011 the Eau Claire championship team, where he divided the football honors with the great Roseth. In his freshman year at the University "Butch', was kept from playing only by the Conference rules. Last season, however, he made up for lost time, and played BOYLE rings around his oppo- nent in every game. In the Minnesota game he played against Case, the strongest lineman Minne- ROGERS sota had, and the way "Butch'l slaughtered the Gopher idol attracted the attention of all western football critics. Boyle weighs over 180 pounds, but it is not his beef that makes him so valuable a player. It is more because of the fact that he is a heady and shifty player, and uses his hands as no other man on the team. He is fast in getting down the field under punts, often getting there ahead of the ends, is a sure tackler, and downs his man on the spot. Although not officially given a place on the All-VVestern Eleven last season, his friends and the coaches' believed hi.m deserving of the honor. He, however, has two more years of 'Varsity football to play, and that he will be recognized as the best tackle in the West is certain. Dittman "Tubby" Dittman is one of the big, fast men so neces- sary in the new game. He is an ideal tackle because of his size, and this, combined with his shiftiness acquired by many years of basketball and gridiron work, has made him invaluable as a lineman. 451 "Ditt', was another bad offender in casting gloom over the Wisconsin camp. Just before the initial game of the season he sprained his knee, and this kept him out of many of the season's games. VVhen he did play, however, he showed his , iii -'eff-1 .gif ability. He was unquestionably one of the best defensive Z' V iii players in the line, and on offense he made an opening large enough for the entire backfield. With Messmer for interfer- Q Q . , ! ence Dittman could be depended upon for a certain gain in his tackle over tackle play. Perhaps his best work was shown when he went in near the end of the hlinnesota game and "if Itt 52 '... stopped the advance which the Gophers were making over our qqllv I I L Q . : battered right side. His graduation in June will leave a hole in our line hard to fill. Hunflel' .ef 1,. 1 cc,1 "Dad" Huntley has played two years of 'Varsity foot- ball. During the season of 1906 he Played at various times, ' I lliu . m'35i':1!" lout not enough to win his HWU. This, his Senior year, how- i ever, "Dad', made up for lost time, and got into the game with arush. Early in the season he was conceded aplace on the V eleven. "Dadl' is a ','. - 1 fighter fromthe timethe J whistle blows until the ' "lk , ,,.. , ' game is over, and keeps x' - 1 A A if ' HUNTLEY after his man every-bit of DITTMAN thie tifme. He has strength and push enough for twoordinary men, and is a most consistent worker. At the opening of the season Huntley was a comfort to the coaches as his own fighting spirit began to have a bene- ficial inHuence upon his team mates. The showing he made against his heavy opponents was a noticeable feature of every game. His enthusiasm never left him no matter what odds seemed to be against the team, and the effect of his cheering words brought about many a rally when the team seemed depressed from a spell of fruitless effort. "Dad" will be missed next year, as he too must enter the ranks of the grads. He leaves the game, however, with the proud distinction of having made the All-Western Eleven, as compiled by most Western critics. Cunningham In the heart of every Wisconsin rooter Cmale or femalej there is surely a place for "Kootz" Cunningham, the pluckiest 134 pound chunk of football flesh in the West. "Cunny", as most valuable articles, is put up in a small package, but he had an effective way of using his head as a battering ram, and many 452 who speak from experience say that he left his mark-wherever he hit. VVithout 'Varsity experience, and with his light weight, hisprospects would not have appealed to many, but "Cunny,', took up his work in such a praise-winning manner, that he received nothing but applause from the critical side lines. Who can ever forget, be he stude, grad, prof, or visitor, the spectacle of the lad in the mud bedraggled white jersey, bowling down men weighing 40 pounds more than he in the memorable Minnesota game? Several plays left him stretched on the ground, but he was always ready for more. Wide awake at all times, knowing what to do on all occa- sions, he demonstrated his ability over and over again to play the difficult position of quarter-back. He kept his eye on the ball constantly, and in the Purdue game was rewarded by Ending himself in possession of the ball with no one but "Mess" and the Purdue safety between himself and a touchdown. The result was that the Purdue score was tied, new life was put into the team, and Wisconsin won. t'Cunny', has another year in which to play the game, and no player on the team has better prospects than he. CUNNINGHAM Stiehm Stiehm, the tall, muscular center, entered the Varsity from Fort Atkinson high school, where he played center and guard on a team which had a good claim to the state high school championship several years. During his Hrst year at the U, he played center on Driver's star freshman eleven which won the western championship by defeating Chicago and Minnesota, and in practice against the varsity learned much from being pitted against the redoubtable Hemp. Stiehm had no difficulty in making the varsity in his sopho- more year although he came out late in the season, and in the Illinois and Purdue games of that year he clearly showed his ability to outplay the average collegiate center. His work last season revealed much improvment, and after the Minnesota game the western critics generally conceded Stiehm second choice to Schultz of Michigan for all western center. Assistant Coach McCarthy gave Stiehm First place, claiming that he was a better all-round player than "Dutch" of the Wolverines. He was one of the most consistent performers on the Varsity, and in the games at Madison and away from home,.not only outplayed every center against whom he was pitted, but also materially assisted in stopping the progress of the ball after it got into play. Marc Catlin of Iowa said that Stiehm's work gave Wisconsin the close victory against the Hawkeyes, and Minneapolis critics gave him much of the credit for the failure of the Gopher's line smashes to materialize. Davidson "Davy" is a product of Indiana University. While at that institution he played guard on their championship team of 1905. His withdrawal was as much deplored by Indiana, as Smgfm his entrance was welcomed by Wisconsin. 453 ' 2 f jp Wijcopgin v3. Num. Wijconjinj jirgt -f1-ima , ..Q:f,11Z4Q' 6:if:::ss:.:I:1.E - ' : , N H JZ .. , . -' W'i5cQn5 inf vj. Mmnegotag 5 e Q . B B.. lov 'lv ,-1ri.': pf- 4:21551 f .A:1+?w,-. f 1,-F J, .fv 1 .42. " -:W-11:1'f, 5. .M,,JN.. , xr , .W f , P a ,Lv Q' f EY ig 5 M Touchdown f-5.11.3112 . .-.,,,, if N A g- .-.-q..y,- . x ., F .L I b '1-.zivif'fE'f:-x 1:--, -:Rf-:asf '. ' "' ' 51: .- , 544-yu 'rv - Geez!-2. -. -- 0' , f f Q15 9, 1 1 fain, W ff WSW f ! 1 .-A-21,.4,. am 4 ' Q-if 47- ' Ninneyalca 05. W15f:or?51'.rJ.. Mejjmer k1Ck1T2 -if ? Goal " " " " " ' Going fo Hue Minnejoiax EXTYIQ, TJ ' 4'w1.3x-exxii-i -- " 2 4 -52,2-1,114-.' ,. .- iff nk 2 445364 J? f9Um"f?0ZZZf f ff fl of uR?:ihe1' 1oe on Hfze ingicle lookin' t . . than Von the oggzljide lOOk1D7 ln Davidson entered ifVisconsin as a Sophomore, but the Intercollegiate rules kept him out of the game until this season. His excellent play- ing in practice games combined with his experience gave him a place on the team early in the season. In the Illinois game he was pitted against the great Van Hook, and it was due to the star playing of David- son that Van Hook failed to live up to his reputation. Such a triHe as a broken nose was not even noticed by "Davy", and he stuck to his post to the finish. In the remaining games he proved to beatower of strength for Wisconsin, and could always be relied upon in time of need. Davidson's career as a football player ended with the Minnesota game, as he has played three years of Intercollegiate football. During these three years he has placed his name near the top of the list of Western guards. Fucik "Bob" Fucik is one of these steady men who is in every play. His work at end on the famous '10 team showed that he was varsitymaterial and the coaches at once set about to develop his already demonstrated ability. "Bohn is an all-around man and was therefore used in numer- ous positions. His open field 1'unning, tackling, and ability to plow through the line made him available for most any position. His accuracy in tackling and his sure- ness in catching punts together with his ability to run them back made him valuable at quarter. In this position "Bob" played the first part of the Illinois game but unfortunately sustained an injury which kept him out of the game for some time. When he returned, he was tried at his old position, end, and played a corking good game. Later on he was placed at half and here proved a whirlwind. Full of deter- mination and with great speed, "Bob" flew through opponents' lines, and never stopped until every bit of his energy had been used. He played hard and seldom failed to make the yards for which he had been called upon. Fucik is the 'kind of man that can be depended upon and Wisconsin is fortunate in having his services for next season. DAVIDSON Osthoif "Ostie" came to Wisconsin with a. reputation as a football player. At his preparatory school, Marquette College, he had made good, a.nd had established his name as a gridiron hero. From the very beginning of the season, no one but Osthofl' was picked for Wisconsin's fullback. This "little giant" of 5 feet 8 inches, heavy set, carrying 180 pounds-every ounce muscle, speedy and fearless was the idol of Wisconsin rooters. His great speed and previous knowledge of the game made him especially adapt for the new style of play. He led every attack, never failed to put his man out of the play, and for the sake of those few precious yards was forever pulling and tugging at the man with the ball. As a line bucker, Osthoff was a human catapult. Fm-IK When running with the ball, he hit the line, seemingly stopped, 456 then while the play piled up, sneaked through with two or three men hang- ing to him and dug away for more ground. When "Ostie" got free, his effective 'fstraight arm" never failed him and was the dread of the safety men who found it practically impossible to stop him. On the defense, he was a tower of strength, as an open field tackler his work was spectacular. Unfortunately "Ostie" sustained injuries which kept him out of the most important games of the season. His absence cast gloom over WVisconsin's camp. In the games he played he made good and Wisconsin expects wonders from its "strong man" next year. Lowman Lowman, who played at right end in tlu'ee of the five games, is essen- tially a new man, never having played football at Wisconsin before, but his performances last fall indicate that he will be a strong candidate for a per- manent position next season. "Low" came out for quarter, but Hutchins and McCarthy found him able to get down the field well under punts, and he was switched to an end position, playing there throughout the Iowa game at Iowa City when Capt. Messmer went back to his old place at tackle. Osrnorr Badger enthusiasts never had a chance to see Lowman at his best as the Iowa game was played away from home. There he exceeded all expectations, getting into the contest with dash and spirit, but in the following game at Madison against Indiana, he was unable to get away, as the Hoosiers used their men to box in the ends and thus prevented long runs. s Lowman probably was the most conscientious trainer on the squad last fall and always was in good condition. He is willing to learn, a quality required of every successful football candidate, and with his speed demonstrated, followers of the game expect him to be one of the Lowinm strongest men on the team next fall. Mucklestone Mucklestone came to Wisconsin with a reputation as an athlete, and has more than lived up to that reputation. "Muck,' played halfback on the Waiikesha High School team for three years, and was also a member of the basketball and baseball teams. In 1904 he went to St. .Iohn's Military Academy, where he played halfback on the famous team that won the preparatory school championship of the west. Here he was also a star of the basketball and baseball teams. In his freshman year at Wisconsin f'Muck" did not enter athletics because of an injured knee. In his sophomore year he did not try for the 'varsity football team, but won his numerals on the class team. In the Spring he won his "W" on the baseball team. MUCKLESTQNE 457 Last fall "hIuck', not only tried for the football team, but he made it. 1fVeighing only 150 pounds, something other than beef was necessary to secure a position, but he was capable of delivering the goods. He is a quick starter, a. good runner, sure tackler, and heady player. He played in every game of the season, and consider- ing that this was his first year of 'Varsity football, that was going some. He has the enviable record of having made two of the three touchdowns scored in the lVIinnesota game. . Murphy Peter J. hlurphy, as his name and hair would indicate, is Irish. His dignity alone keeps the fellows from calling him "Red". He, also, has a record as a high school star, having played tackle on the Chippewa Falls' team. At Wisconsin he won his numerals on the 1910 Freshman team, and later captained the champion Freshman crew. Murphy is a gentleman, even though he does play football, expresses his opinion on the way the game is going only to his oppo- nent, and works all the time. "Pete" does not mind a slight injury in the least, and as often as he is knocked down, he is up congratu- lating his opponent, and wishing him many happy returns. He, however, refuses to have any man add insult to injury by walking over him, and seldom has the insult been offered. In the Purdue game, after the right side of our line had weakened from continuous attack and Purdue was gaining frequent- ly, "Pete,' was sent in, and the way he stopped those Purdue backs LIURPHY made "Mac" even more proud of his Irish blood. Murphy has two more years at Wisconsin, and much is expected of him by the coaches and students. I e Wilce E' "Jack" Wilce made his debut as a football player on the old Monarch ,ef team of the Milwaukee West Division High School. For the time he has been at the Ilniversity he has gained a reputation as an athlete that is ::,, Y . seldom acquired. In his freshman year Wilce played tackle on the Hrst ,I year team, and was stroke. on the champion freshman crew. This year he g . proved to be a strong addition to the Basketball team, and played fullback on the regular Varsity football team. He was shifted to fullback because his style of play is essentially that of a plunging back. He started the .V.'11:, season playing an end position, but when Osthoff was injured another X ,"1'1 if ' fullback had to be developed, and the coaches chose "Jack" as the most . QM ,,,.,, my 1 plausible man. 6 With the experience gained the past season Wilce is bound to prove a A tower of strength to next year's team. He has the pluck, determination, " and sticking quality, which, combined with his natural ability as a foot- ' a ball player, are certain to make him an important factor in Wisconsin foot- W1LCE 458 Culver While playing fullback on the Hudson I-Iigh School team Culver first demonstrated his ability as afootball player. In his Junior year he entered the Platteville I-ligh School, and played fullback on thatrteam for the following two years. At Wisconsin he attracted attention as halfback on Angell's 1910 team, as he was heady and quick, always followed his interference, and had a knack of wriggling through even the smallest hole of the op- ponentls defence. Last season "Bud" played all but a few minutes of the Illinois game, and at Iowa City he played until the game had been won by WVisconsin. The speed with which he could move his modest 175 pounds made him a valuable addi- tion to the back field. There having been but steen injuries to Wisconsin players at the time of the Iowa game, the theory of probabilities demanded that someone be hurt, so "Bud" nobly came to the rescue and wrenched both l1is ankles. This hindered him greatly during the remainder of the season. ' Whitmore 1Vhitmore's short football career helps prove the, assertion that there is more football material hidden in the student body than one would suppose. It was not until his senior year that he got out for the 'Varsity team. "Whit" picked up the game remarkably well, and being a stocky and pluckyplayer, was given several opportunties to demonstrate his ability as fullback. His offense was splendid and his defense was good, both being characterized by a great effort to do his best. 'WVhit" left a fitting remembrance in the nature of the winning touchdown in the Purdue game. CULVER Iakisch Iakisch, the big 1910 guard and crew man was trying for a guard position against such men as Huntley and Davidson. This gave him but little show to make the team as both of them had 'Varsity experience and were never laid out. He was, however, able to keep them busy in practice, and won the reputation of having the hardest bones of any man on the squad. "Bob" has two more years in which to play 'Varsity football, and with his patience, energy, and ability may be relied upon to be an important factor on future teams. Whittaker Whittaker left a vacancy on the Fond du Lac I-ligh School team when he was graduated, played sub on the 1909 team during his freshman year in the University, and in 1906 played sub-center on the 'Varsity team. Not until a certain faculty committee suggested IAKISCH that the regular center needed atemporary rest did it dawn upon the 459 - coaches that "iVhit,' was really the man to play center. Pursuant herewith Whittaker demonstrated that he had the right kind of stuff in him by playing all around the Lawrence center. Last season "Whit" was shifted to fullback, and helped greatly in filling the hole left by "Ostie". While playing fullback in the Illinois game he tried to boost one of the backs over the goal-post, and his elbow objecting to such treatment went on a strike. "WVhit" refused to pay any attention to this first appeal for less work, so the Elbow Organization struck again in the same place. This football industry having a Compulsory Board of Arbitration 'Wvhitn had to abide by its decision, take the short end of the stick, and admire the remaining games from the side-lines. . Scribner Scribner unfortunately did not make np his mind to appear in football togs until his senior year. Scribner's ' chance to show what he could do came in the Illinois game. VVith only a few weeks practice he was the man selected to replace Fucik when the latter was injured. Few players have been placed in a more diflicult position. It was the first game of the season, many of the men were playing their first regular game, and the score was against Wisconsin. Under such disadvantages "Scrib" went in at quarter, and put up as neat an exhibition of the new game as has been seen on the local grounds. Hosler Hosler was unfortunate in competing for an end position with a. man of as much ability and ex- perience as "Biddy" Rogers. With "Biddy" in condition not an end in the West has a chalice of re- placing him, and "Biddy" is always in condition. Hosler, however, got a chance to show that he has 'Varsity stuff in him in the Indiana game. He played a strong game here throughout, getting down under punts in splendid style, and downing his man without fail. His team-mates and friends are sorry that he is not to remain, for druing the two years that he was out for the ,Varsity no man was better liked, or trained more faithfully than he. Cooper Cooper began his football career as a. member of the Milwaukee South Division High School team. When he entered the University in the fall of 1906 he had little difficulty in making fullback on the first year team No man on the squad was a harder trainer than Cooper, and few tried harder to learn to play the game according to the coaches' instructions. If his playing during the last half of the Iowa game is any criterion, Cooper is a "comer,', and during the two remaining years of his college course his name will undoubtedly rank high in Intercollegiate football. X., wtf a . X :Qt - C 1.1! , ' -f --S, --fl x D Q .-d-- g - E , , f'-c xg A e E57-rw!! V War y Y' is , I + ----4- 1 . ' e y ....,-- I I ' il! in i' X it r N C ,v ' , 1 km' fl ff - - - si? M C T Boatmg at Wisconsin we l l ' 1 ' 1 I . E x I IIKC , "Rfk Review of the Boating Season of 1907. The rowing season of 1907 was filled with the ups and downs incident to every season in athletics. Work with the Freshmen began after Thanksgiving. With no coach at hand, the duty of teaching the youngsters the rucliments of rowing devolved upon old Varsity men. Opinions differ as to the Value of this early try-out. The coaches thought that they were all right, but that the Freshmen were as dense as a lot of nice cabbages. I have since learned that the Freshmen looked upon their coaches in much the same light. The feeling was evidently mutual. Work with the Freshmen was discontinued at Christmas time to await the coming of the real coach whom Dr. Hutchins, after weeks of the hardest kind of pleading with faculty and regents, was able to promise us. With the opening of the second semester crew work began on an organized basis. N, 3-:vc--: 4. - .eye-4"-j1:gv.fffg'.,y x1-21:1-4,1-I -:Dm:f'1f:sj,e.y.,.5-1, gs ,y 3.1-. w, if 'fi-,Q ,-Q:-z, yep: 51.3, V fp!! ' fam " . ,, -A ' , A l.. 1 .fg',- -A A 1 Q-iii'?a:e..1::6EQ:f-i':i21? '- ft . , ,. -s. .. K iii' ' " ' :f ff 1 f':v+.' -f1',e1f1f'ff'1-1--'151aee"'gae':sf22,.L..msw51:55-11:1111-:'fe-g:'f:i:we 523- "" :w"4'f""", .rj-'Q-'Ef"ifIf'19':"1g".::'i-,Z :Q 5 552322 ' f fr.:-:aifvr-1'-5-sig:a':aar:'5iu:f:2.-'fsffir,Q.1,3.111-2fx1r,:,::4:,1as--asf-:.f-:,-xr:-1:52rf' , , f e ,J ' fc -ff 4,-hfzziimffivgazifkrif35212,.,,,.4f:'zfr9se,aErg5':+w4IEv,ea:y,y,5..,aages sj',ggS-:5,'j:s:32'-f-2- ,Q S ' .- ,. Sf 9,f-ef',-.f1:.:Qz:rzm1t,.:,jfsgs N y M' 'vvasfwfe-'M 1. - 4 . ..l1f s'-.G "f - - f W9-45eSi-vrsafm-w'f1:Q.'r,fipf1?s- 7 a mean--'M ,, ,,,, .,. -H ,A -.C-. Q49-Qs.,1-:4,ap,',,.,,,-Rf-...zfi .4 ' +W"'f" ' "" . e4'C"f'f's'.27 . ,- - ' W1 tw-Q2'er52s121?9-'-1:22--11224 ss' 5 'f M43 1aei.Mff'f12'e"f'?"' -9:. . ,:..'. - "wi V ft? pf 1's?f:f: 7-1:-f , "Haag, ' WW " 'fjisjks if ,.,4..v1-'ap I'-iifiifirir -' ff Q 2:21 Z ,xr :5:s55:..,-ifffe ."'4w.. ,- anim-f Q g , -3.15 2' fox , 4, f ,. ,- V - 1.,-..,.,t,,-Q,,,- . ,g..:-,- ., Y ,, L4 ,r Koji - . .g-"f1-'1-::a--.3T7'a-,.--- .wig-:Q'r:,,,.-.,., 4 wx if ,v h.-' '- ax., -:,5'e.1f:'-.5' -'-s.':5:'L'.'.f,:14N fi' I J ...M V. - .,., , . W, Q XXX Y , i A V J Y ff' QVKNKXKMW N' -X - . x. is.wm .a:am.:.u.xa qeesewa a e FRESHMEN CREW ON MENDOTA BEFORE Sr. J'oHN's RACE 461 . . 1.1 I . 7- .V 5 , sn! in 1 'l . 1 is eff?Iffri"'1ff1"1 " 5 -Q ,df fy , , fl Y. 4. xx f "' 'er Ji -sz' Q ,t,aaA,g?, . ,- CAPTAIN DAvrs The ponderous Ten Eyck-the new coach- took charge of the work, and instituted the usual course of in- door training on the machines. Little of interest occurred during this period, but with the opening of the lakes in the spring came the announcement of plans for the Syracuse- Wisconsin regatta. The men had worked faithfully before, but now with a chance such as no other Wisconsin crew had ever had-to row an eastern crew on home Waters-they grasped their oars with re- newed vigor. The work was hampered at first by unfavorable weather and lack of a suitable coaching launch, but soon these ills were righted, and by the last of April both crews-Freshmen and 'Varsity-were in full swing. For two weeks during the month of May the crews went out twice each day-at six o'clock in the morning and six in the evening-and then eased up again the week preceding the race to one long row each evening. .52 " ' . N "A" ' - ' ,f e ttbe. Q F .ha s .. R, .,, 'r Q "HL: . N. .KX A ,-. . xxx W. Qssx X r X lt ' F , . ff f X 1 f V V ' l 5 U Q Q ' ' f 1. , f- . U ff -' .. av- sl K ,vga ,.. A' M ,, t. 6 . W t X Q., N1 QN Ns, xp tb' N. .,.,, Nwumv A W e A Q Q N c r N X K X 'N'xr:,, -.. nam, M.. as .,, ,M-.,,.,,,, You all know the story of the Regatta. How the Freshmen won from St. Johnsg how the Wis- consin Four, rowing in a leaky tub, held the Syracuse intercollegiate champions to a few lengthsg and then the cilmax-the race in the dark between the University Eights-1Visconsin finishing two lengths ahead. ' Mter this decisive victory all eyes turned to the Poughkeepsie Regatta. The story of that day is also ancient history. The 1910 men won their race in fine style, but the Varsity, like the crack '04 crew, Hnished far behind the leaders with a boat half filled with water. The reason for the defeat of the "big" Eight is not far to seek. In the first place, at the time of the race the water was entirely too rough to give the outside crews a fair chance. In the second place, the Wisconsin crew was sent to row on a "rough water" river in a "smooth water" shell. This same mistake cost "Andy" O'Dea two victories - the 1904 Varsity and the 1909 Freshman race. The writer most earnestly hopes that one experience of this kind will be enough for Wisconsin's new management. The rowing season of 1907 as a whole was not a satisfactory one. It is true that the first inter- collegiate regatta of the lVIiddle West was successfully carried through, and that the Wisconsin Fresh- men won their race on the Hudson, but to the writer's mind no WVisconsin season can be satisfactory ,J-1ffQ,,, '-1-vs..s....-.,,,,,M ,, gfgc ... 9 iw 1' 'HV r' ,Bly '11 . Q., , wits. .Q ,Spire ' fgyr... + Nia s N' M:-:a s ws t .M-.A ' 5. M'Z-N'7x1:4w-.ww-,. -!"!f?"4' X sf 'A-'fiqgzf ' , 462 . Qi ' 'CX XX ibqix EXS Qggiix xi-Y - Jifgiigfyi 4-cZZ77C"7'7fZ47 xi ' T377-QQXQSXEX . '- :-v :K ' It ML Q, ,,..zEivr , . y if f. . , M .--., , - , -....,gL....-r.,-. ..-sgzz5.,,. iZ : ,m,,, ,,f. L 1 ff 1 .. . 5 ' f rm-ff 1 2 N 3 3 3 3 3. 5 . A ' X y an . A.. . . ,I N . I B ,A N , fu' 7, ... ,f 3 Q , . 1- T... . f' if: H-12 .. -1 .h ...B ... 1 41- M: 1 x i ' ' H"-' "' ' ' --J - L - 1 K ' " T 331. -M ' to -:....-. T b i . " L 'f..,.. 'f" ' le f -- - , X4 ' 'iSXXX3XEiSSiQiSsSQxSSx,- . -, iffliflifgijlifflHilffffffigy . unless the Varsity Eight finishes first in the Poughkeepsie race. The writer believes in victories as well as sportsmanlike crews, and he feels that no season can be considered really successful unless fair play has brought victory in- its train. The men of the '07 Varsity were hard workers and true to the ideals of rowing, but they met with misfortune in the great test. They did some splendid work, but the verdict on the season must be Uunsatisfactoryf' BENJAMIN F. Duns, Captain, 1907. wsvynxxswxxwexxnxxxx ,-seffpf "1 .FM 1 .. , ., f .,:-Jia, -fylcjhifg 46 ff I' . ,,,Q"- ,g?' " f ' .1 ',"' ,. .3 A .. f' f'W"M"f,,ff" f A, WI V f'4 .17:'3ffi5', -f' 'iff--we . . L' L"'t'N'5' 5 -f iff" 'Af'-F' ' 1.-.-. ' 42. ,f,P'1+.5Q2" 5 N- Q ,vw -,1wSq'.a' .Q .F3g, g:.,1f-.,a g,Q f -5 9' ' 'JS' " Q. , iffy fi t"' Lf'f .....-P-J .mf N -V ' ' 539,54 - A 1.. - -it 'ff 1 51 r 1 Q! ,wk .1 fzflf Af - W - fx' .sw f .Mff 'f af-r " ""'f 's "-'-fe:-' ----' - 1 Fi.. .gg 1? ' ,Q , Y L - I ', '12 , Q uf ' "f . . . ,1 Z- V ,,. .. IM. 1 ff r hy, f - .1 f, ,L . Y z--K. :X .as-' - " " " -- -""' - -'X ' ,f 1-ff X. 1 f'9f- 1"15:, ',3fs f' ' 1 W V. 1' 'J - Q.-,,,f'Q -', eip ' S" - -- ' 'v e It J V Y V, L I W, ww, . ,v i va Q lwnqqigzgejtd? X A A K .I . :M 'EI 1 -' ' T ' Q if lifivglitf JV, .. . t ' - f I ., 4.1 -ef-at 6,1 f . , 9 5' :3V94,Q5!4,2my A . f 4 IQ? .., p, If .. f 1 7 Hifi ' '7f:.,f i - , 'Y' , Z " if r ' 5 g f 9:5 gg. V X -N H P ' HQ iQ 5 i H241 " gr tg " ' ,. . 1 ----i -... .. if W . f in - .K ,I V W.v- I , V. , 1. dia :inf I- " . . ' V an U I. II1-79-7. .,... . ,z 51, .1 x-N"1'2:g,1" Wf1'.':kgjvj.' - O' 1824" EQ! Z' 'Q " ' "L '- "':. 4 V 133' jk ., T'-nazi 77 u,,.f1...,.,.,.g - 3 .. ' .. .... 1 1521 .... - -1'.3'::..-'i:.+13:Qf. f ' .. " ' '--- . 24932151-iif.-'iif 'T' ff f 7 3 ' . '- ow '..g..:.-gi-gw-.- V. 463 ' T? 9 Zigi 5 t ,...f.M 'L-fs LXVMWKQQ lk 'QQ-1 k'-f Xi ef-R K Y 1 f QT? xx X A 13 X - BQQXYXN . , 1 X X 3f::?r- i X N R 21 pp ".,, 5917, f,, S' -9 xx xi 1 , .f 0 T -f X ff " ' i ' 2 Z-4- s f F Wi XBXXXXX N "S,-lst: A Aofp E 40 N 4 A .Mf- 4, 7 6 -. , f 7 dw: Q 1. j ' ,.,,L 5 , J, Ir ff 7 M If -xg ,C L., ,VJ-' J M FTW' 6152-1"'i - J! 15 k f T ' AQ E ZR-IMAX" 9413 X ' Qi? . Varsity Crew NAVAL OFFICERS Willia.m K. Winkler . . . ...........,........ . ..... Commodore John R. Hayes ...... ...,.,...,....... . . . Vice-Commodore Benjamin F. Davis ..... ..................... ........ C a ptain Edward H. Ten Eyck ....,,. ,.,.............,.,.... .,....... .....,... .... C o a c h .VIXRSITY CREXV, 1907 POSITION NATVIE CLASS AGE HEIGHT WEIGHT Bow G. S. Hine ..... ........ 1 907 QQ 6 ft. 1 in. 161 lbs. Q V. Ruth ........... . . 1908 QQ 6 ft. Q in. 164: lbs. 3 G. G. 1Vilder ....... 1908 20 6 ft. 1 in. 173 lbs. 4 B. F. Davis CCapt.j ..... 1907 QQ 6 ft. Q in. 185 lbs. 5 T. E. Van hleter ........ 1907 Q3 5 ft. 9 in 177 lbs. 6 C. N. Johnson ...... . . 1909 Q0 6 ft. Q in 173 lbs. 7 D. H. Vvitte ..... . . 1909 18 6 ft. 2 in 178 lbs. Stroke E. A. Dine-t ..... . . 1909 19 6 ft. 1 in 162 lbs. Coxswain T. L. Burke ..... . . 1907 25 5 ft. 1 in. 84 lbs. Sub. E. J. Steinberg ......... 1909 9.6 5 ft. 9 In. 165 lbs. Sub. E. B. Richter ......... . . 1907 Q2 5 ft. 9 In. 165 lbs. Averages: Weight, 171.53 Height, 6 ft. 1 in., Age, Q0.9. WISCONSIN-SYRACUSE RACE 1NIadis0n, 1VIay 31, 1907 i Won by Wisconsin. SYRACUSE-WVISCONSIN RACE hlaclison, Flay 31, 1907 Won by Wisconsin Course, two miles Time 10 min. 39 sec. POUGHKEEPSIE REGATTA Poughkeepsie, N. Y., June Q6, 1907 First.. . . . . . .Cornell .... ............... T ime Q0 min. 2 2-5 sec. Second.. .... Columbia ..... ............ T ime 20 min. 4 sec. Third .... .... U . S. Naval Academy ,...,. Time Q0 min. 13 sec. Fourth. . . .... Pennsylvania ......,.... . . .Time Q0 min. 33 sec. Fifth .... ..,. W isconsin ............ ..... T ime Q0 min. 43 sec. Sixth ...... .,.. G eorgetown .... ........... T ime not given Seventh ....... .... S yracuse ......,........... Time not given Course, four miles Head wind Tide, ebb 464 W.x1'cH INC PRACTICE Varsity Four POSITION NAME CLASS AGE HEIGHT WEIGHT Bow A. W. Beehlem '07 Q5 6 ft. 158 lbs. 2 A. H. Bart?-:lt '07 26 5 ft. 11 in. 175 lbs. 3 H. P. Brumder '09 Q2 6 ft. 2 in. 164 lbs. Stroke E. R. Richter '07 22 5 ft. 9 in. 160 lbs. Averages: Age Q3.9g Height, 5 feet, 115- inchesg Weight, 164.5 pounds. WISCON SIN -SYRACUSE RACE BLIADISON, MAY 31, 1907 Won by Syracuse INTERCLASS REGATTA 1WiADISON, Ocfr. 26, 1907 Won by Juniors '09 POSITION JUNIOR CREW NAME Bow . . ..............., ,.... A . H. Wohlrab 2 ............ ..... R . D. Lewis 3 ...,. A. F. Coleman 4 ..... E. J. Steinberg 5 ..... D. H. Witte 6 ..... C. N. Johnson 7 . . ..... H. P. Brumder Stroke . . . ............,... ..... E A. Dinet Coxswain. . . .........,.......... ..... F . E. Bates ORDER OF FINISH First. ..... .................... ....... J u niors '09 Second. . . . ........,....... . . . .Sophomores '10 Third ..... .............. .................... ..... S e n iors '08 Fourth ..... ........................................ ..... F 1 'eshmen '1 1 Course, 15 Iniles. Weather conditions fair. 4165 Varsity Crew 1907 'Wg Q35 g- GK Xxx! ugly-XXX if 1 v Sym-.., """m.53- mwxl' -KE' WM 5, vpn-.xx Hine Wilder Van Meter Davis CCaptainj Ru th Johnson Richter Steinberg Burke Dinet Witte I i Varsity Crew and Base Ball Men E . Q? 8 , as i -. ., , . . L'-95'-:P iff' v5'w'If4 5 4 I fs ' 'ELSE' 1. '.3',Q5il1i 0 Y , 1 vglllygydyfi' 'W 3+ :Zi ff 5, if a fi sf 6 3 li wx 6, Y r f Q 42 V' . . , 5 M' 1 I J , Q Q' I W9 ls' . . , B.. fwiri. ..,.. .,... SAA George G- Wilder, Capt. Eugene A. Dinet Verl Ruth Dexter H. Witte George S. Hein Tracy L. Burke Benjamin F. Davis C. N. Johnson Julius E. Kaulfuss A. J. Kieckhefer R. W. Mucklestone john Messmer Harlan B. Rogers James R. Whittier Charles Knight ,e ff fa g-"fi ' The Crew 1 George S. Hine: George was the lady's man of the '07 crew, and this f-act caused Ten Eyck considerable trouble until he instituted the ingenious scheme of fastening a girl's picttu'e upon the back of No. Q. From then on George kept his eyes in the boat and evidenced the experience which he had gained on the '07 Freshman crew, the 1905 Varsity four, and the 1906 Varsity eight, on which crew he rowed until a torn ligament four days before the Poughkeepsie race prevented his rowing. In 1907 he was bow. Verl Ruth: Ruth was on the ill-fated '08 Freshman crew which lost to St. John's. He used to blush as he told how he crept back to Madison under the shadow of night and dodged the square on his way to his room. The next year he rowed on the Varsity eight, and in 1907 he was again in the boat at No. 2. George G. Wilder: Wilder rowed on the 1908 Freshman eight until a. few days before the St. John's race. The night that Andy took him out of the boat George was badly down-hearted, but the next night when he found he had won a place on the 'Varsity four and gave him the opportunity to win his "W" in his Freshman year, George felt better. He rowed No. 7 on the Varsity in 1906 and No. 3 in 1907. This year he is captain. Benjamin.Davis: Ben began his varsity experience early. I-Ie started rowing with the '07 Freshman crew, but before the season had far advanced he won a place on the Varsity eight. He established an enviable record by pulling an oar on the 1904, 1905, 1906 and 1907 Varsity boats. Last year he captained the crew. In the Syracuse race last spring when Wisconsin and Syracuse were rowing even, the eastern coxswain yelled, "They're quitting! We've got the Badger beat, we've got the Badger beat!" Then Ben's voice was heard roaring out between strokes, "Like II-l they have." The fellows took Ben's word for it and- T. E. Van Meter: Tommy rowed with the '06 Freshmen at Poughkeepsie. The next two years he was in the Varsity boat. In 1905-6 he was not in the university, but in the fall of 1906 he returned and coached the Freshmen until Ten Eyck arrived. When the Varsity commenced training Tommy was back in the boat pulling No. 5. C. N. Johnson: Jonse rowed No. 4: on the '09 Freshman crew, which Andy O'Dea said was the best Freshman crew he ever coached. Last year he won a place on the Varsity and pulled No. 6. He was on the victorious junior class crew last fall, but thus far his work has prohibited his coming out for the Varsity. .Ionse used to say, "It's awful hard to keep your eyes in the boat when there was a pretty girl in a canoe alongside." D. H. Witte: "Bruiser" was on the '09 Freshman crew until two weeks before the St. John's race. Then he had a debate with the faculty on the question "Is hazing justifiable ?" The decision was in favor of the negative, and Witte began his summer vacation in hiay. Last year he was back and pulled No. 7 in the varsity boat. He is the most unlucky man in the crew. He drew a "lemon" in his freshman year, burned his hand on a live wire in the gym last year and had to leave the boat for ten days after the Spacuse race, and this year he has been laid up a month with blood poison in his foot. The fellows are wondering "what's next." E. A. Dinet: Dinet stroked the '09 Freshman crew. As a Sophomore Ten Eyck made him stroke of the varsity the first night out. "Dinny" had a lot of trouble at Poughkeepsie last year. One night two girls went so far as to follow him a couple of blocks, and though he managed to reach quarters unharmed, he admitted that he had been badly frightened. T. E. Burke: During the last three years at Poughkeepsie VVisconsin has always had the smallest coxswain. Tracy was 90 pounds lighter and one foot shorter than the average of the boat last year. He steered the '07 Freshmen and the 1905, 1906 and 1907 Varsity eights. The fellows all liked Tracy and would do anything for him. 4-68 Review of the Baseball Season of 1907 ' Z-I: ' I--' Considermg the fact that there was no base -Egg ' -' 'fi ., f- ball team representing the university during the ? 2 season of 1906, we had a hard road to travel at the x. - ' :- outset. Things looked dubious. Only one man ,p' If i who had played inter-collegiate base ball reported A - ' A f" . 4 K A X 1 f f ,egg 5 W ' 4' A , ' l s QQ ,, . " x . K fxx X ., L, i for practiceg in fact he was the only UW" base ball ll Y !, X .. 1 lf! man in the varsity. With a strange coach and new If . x men, defeat seemed almost certain. Q Q w However, the spring training began with fifty 4 candidates in the field, eager to make good. Every position on the team was open. Strong com- SWK' petition was displayed for every place, and no man had a sui'e thing. Coach' Hutchins threw himself into the work of developing the material into proper shape to get the most available men for the respective positions. The season opened by crossing bats with Northwestern University. Excepting Captain Whitmore on second base, a new man held down every position. lVIucklestone was guarding the initial bag, Kaul- "'-' V., fuss was eating them up at the midway, VVhittier was defending the third station, Knight was on the slab, and Messmer with his strong right wing Vqyvg was behind the bat stopping the base-runners from all attempts at petty M ia .'.- MCCHY- if fi-1 f " A hard luck story always has its place in any review of a base ball X ,,,,,-,',A,,,, .AQQE EIQEEAIH s eason, and this one is not an exception. For at the very beginning the pitching staff was seriously weakened by the loss of D. Knight and Liese, leaving Dean and C. Knight the only available slab artists. Then again Q in the middle of the season Captain Wliitmore entered the profession with lVIadison in the State League. The loss of his phenomenal stick work and leadership seemed almost irreparable. Charles Knight was elected to head the team for the remainder of the season. The men put forth their best efforts to overcome all these diffi- ii-fi iill culties, and worked in perfect harmony. Near the end Coach Hutchin's work in other branches of athletics had become so heavy that he was CHARLES KNIGHT obliged to leave the team in charge of lNIr. Haussmann, aGrer1nan Instructor. 469 s kg , ae QQ J 1 ' I Q if fi' iPu1f!Ea P-mst L- ill in the university and a former national leaguer. Witha couple of hard games against us, the team settled down into regular league form. Summarized in a nut shell the base ball team of 1907 was quite successful. Of the eight big games played, four were won. All of the loosing games but one, were lost by a very close margin, two by just one score. CHARLES KNIGHT, Captain 1907 Team ll' I 545 plillllw dn. xx ew, Wf 225. ' Y ilillu ' I -.,A- gg' 1 .1,, - X ,- i A ' X f , . U 5 S 'BAK oq 470 N3-95'P3'C l 6 aj 5 W ...ff sw! gm Q w us fll "gm-D V' 2 5 E .g.:3.,-. "'i fl "Wi 'rf tl B b ll 4 XA ' 3 H-,, fl Dr C P Hutchins. . Dr J F Haussrnann. . Albert J Goedjen. . . Frank C Auer, . . . . Charles S Knight. . . . OFFICERS TEAM Messmer. ..... . .,..... ...... . . Knight CCaptainj l Blucklestone ........... Lrese .......... If Whitmore Whittier . . Bade ...... Kaulfuss. .. Dean ..... Rogers ..... Kieckhoefer Greisen . . . Wisconsin 1 Wisconsin L1 Wisconsin 6 Wisconsin 1 Wisconsin 0 Wisconsin 3 Wisconsin 5 Wisconsin 5 Coach Coach . . . . . . . . . . Student Manager . . . . Assistant Student Manager Captain . . Catcher . . . Pitchers .. . First Base . . . Second Base . . .. Third Base . . . Short Stop . . . Left Field . . . Center Field . . . . Right Field GABIES PLAYED Northwestern Notre Dame Purdue Chicago Purdue N ebraska Beloit Minnesota April 21, '07, at Madison April 26, '07, at South Bend April 27, ,0'7, at Purdue May 4, ,07, at Chicago May 10, '07, at Madison May 11, '07, at Madison May 29, ,07, at Madison June 1, '07, at Madison Varsity Baseball Team f , .,l. f W 1 . v ,. :,. ,.:. ,.. , N -Q-- - --,. - , 2-i,.. W , W W W ,,,, ,,,, ,, ,,,, , , W , Kaulfuss Greisen M essm er Goedjen f Mgrb Dean Kieckhefer Muckleston Bade Whittier Knight 6 Captj Rogers Liese C. P. Hutchins CCoachJ J. F. Haussmann CCoachD Commerce Interclass Baseball Champions, 1907 F' 1 B P Q , i A 7 F J , M "" "1,,,,, .A,,. 4g:,.-,:gg,.1, ,, P-. .. , if Bailey Simpson Nelson Severn Dobie Grobe Knight Severn Decker E Gunther Whyte OFFICERS Harry Sauthotf .... .........,...... .... P r esident Charles Nelson ...... ..... ,...... ..... S e c retary Otto Scheunemann. .... .................,......... .... T r easurer SCHEDULE COMMITTEE Harry Sauthoff . . . . . Charles Nelson ..... Julius H. Lokke Alvin H. Ward . . . ....... . . . . John Tormey. ................ . Decker .... Simpson . 4 . Knight ..., Bailey . , . Dobie . . . Games Won 'School of Commerce 6 'College of Law 5 Sophomore Engineers 5 Freshman Engineers 5 PERSONNEL OF TEAB1 . . . . 4 Catcher . . . Catcher . . . . Pitcher . . . . .First Base . . . . Second Base STANDING Games Per Lost Cent 1 857 92 714 2 714 2 714 School of Commerce awarded Championship. Gunther .... Whyte. . . . Severin . . . Severin ..... Grohe ........ OF THE TEAMS Junior Engineers Pharmacy Senior Engineers College of Agriculture College of Law School of Commerce College of Engineering School of Pharmacy College of Agriculture Games Won 4 2 1 0 . . Third Base .. Short Stop .. .Left Field . Center Field ,. Right Field Games Per Lost Cent 3 571 5 285 6 143 7 000 Phi Kappa Psi's - Interfrat League Champions, 1907 Smith CL. F .D Green CSub.D Buchanan CSub.j Trowbridge CSub.D B QR.F.J K ' ht CP. C t.D C tl CS.S.j YBXVCI' Hlg ap HS C Walser CCJ Washburn CC. FJ OFFICERS Ira S. Lorenz ..... President Ernest J. Springer .... Treasurer Oscar C. Schorer ..... Secretary STANDING OF THE TEAMS FIRST DIVISION SECOND DIVISION Won Lost Per Cent Won Lost Per Cent Kappa Sigma 4 0 1000 Psi Upsilon 4 0 1000 Sigma Nu 2 1 667 Alpha Delta Phi 4 800 Phi Gamma Delta Q 2 500 Alpha Tau Omega 3 2 600 Delta Upsilon 1 3 250 Delta Kappa Epsilon 1 2 333 Theta Delta Chi 0 4 000 Phi Kappa Sigma 1 3 250 Chi Psi 0 5 000 THIRD DIVISION Won Lost Per Cent Phi Ka pa Psi 4 0 1000 Sigma Obi . 3 1 750 Beta Theta Pi 1 2 333 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1 2 333 Phi Delta Theta 0 4 000 . ' SEMI-FINALS Sigma Nu. . . . Alpha Delta Phi . .6 Phi Kappa Psi. . .10 , Kappa Sigma. . . . .5 Sigma Nu. ... Psi Upsilon. ......3 FINAL Phi Kappa Psi. ..... Sigma Nu . . .... . . 2 Phi Kappa Psi awarded championship of league 474 Hesperia's Interlit League Champions 1907 Top Row CLeft to Rightl King Evans E. Brindley I. Brindley Second Row CLeft to Righty Bailey Schwandt Front Row CLeft to Rightb Dobie Luethge Iencks janeeky PERSONNEL OF TEAM Robert H. Schwandt. .................,.......... . Luethge ......................,.......... .. . . Dobie .......... J. Brindley .... Black ....,.... Thompson ..... Bailey ..... . . Evans ..... King ........ ............................... Schwandt ...... .................................. .... Hesperia ...... Philomathia ..... Olympia ...... Athena ..... STANDING OF THE TEAMS. 2. Captain Catcher Pitcher Short Stop First Base Second Base Third Base Right Field Center Field Left Field G mes Games Games Played Won Lost 4 4 0 4 2 2 3 1 2 3 0 3 475 Per Cent 1000 500 333 000 gvezikr-1 1907 Track Team , :Z RCVICW 1 1 - " ff ' 'Z' i""3':351-. y - .- fp., ' fi Probably no season in the history of Wisconsins track athletics stands out more strikingly than does the season of 1907. A Seldom has the beginning of a season been so discoluaging. he team had lost its star in ex-captain Waller by the three year rule and Hean xx ho had been the mainstay in the distance runs for four years had been gradu- ated. Parsons the crack California sprinter did not return as was expected. This left three conference point winners Rideout hlessmer and ltlyers each of whom had won a third place the preceding year. At the be- ginning of the season Captain-elect Rideout announced that he would be unable to compete. The newspapers then took up the cry that owing to these very unfortunate circumstances it was doubtful whether Wisconsin could put a team on the track. Dr. Hutchins took charge of the coaching indoors. lVIyers was elected captain in place of Rideo lt. As Dr. Hutchins did not believe in indoor meets none were scheduled. A dual relay race with Chicago was our only indoor event. The relay team made a very creditable showing considering the quality of their opponents being defeated by only a few yards. This team was composed of hifueller Natwxick VVoodu ard 'md Bly ers. Probably the most importa.nt occurence during the indoor season ru ' 1 u 1 V 'I I ' I ul : f If YW '1 ' s , ' l f 0 I A f . L Q ffm?-f 6 J 5 V V4 1 U! ' ' ei i s . f ig!! z Y . W X . U , l'ilwlu""f x ' T9 I ' K . II , 1 tv f X H g , J 4 ' 1.1 ' ' f' 0 fl 5 x ,J , J Y' D I' ,- Q I':i.-:QEYE-5'fEF .' ' ' H cg., f , f iaiciffn a J Y gn! W ,,,'3j-g a Q , , 52435 5 is . xl ff? .3 ff C bled ? ,MZ JK. E 5 s 82727 v, 451 V284-4' , T gf" ' z Qu 4552 , WWE 4 fr? Qgdf gfyf , 1 N A 4, f :I D 1 .5 L 1 'ff fg i D ,A 1 i ' K , D 5 ,F I , , V , 1 C sf Ai T 1 X c CAPTAIN MYERS was the barring of Michigan from the Big N ine by the Conference. Coach START or HALF Mira. CONFERENCE 476 ' WE ARE Orr Angell took charge of the men outdoors and the old men soon began to show championship form. This, together with the appearance of strong new material made prospects more hopeful. Our first dual meet was with Minnesota at Camp Randall on May 18. Wisconsin won decis- ively, scoring 75 points to Minnesota's 37, the largest score ever made by Wisconsin against another Conference team. This unknown strength shown against Minnesota, gave the team added inspir- ation and they trained harder than ever with the view of defeating Chicago the following Saturday. No team ever fought more valiantly for its Alma Mater than did they on May Q5, against Chicago. The victory hung in the balance until the last event which was won by Chicago, giving them the victory, the score being 695 - 56-5. The following week occured the Western Conference ltieet. For the first time in many years Wis- consin was considered to have a good chance to win the championship. Our team was not well enough balanced, however, and we had to be contented with third to Illinois and Chicago. Our 17 points were won by Messmer, who proved himself champion with the discus, Natwick, who took second in the high hurdles, Johnson, who won second with the hammer, Bertles who took third in the two mile, and Myers, who took the half-mile. Considering the discouraging prospects under which the season started, the finish was one of which to be proud. . H. B. BIYERS, Captain 1907 Team. i - END or FIRST QUARTER 477 f A A mn -vi' . C A ' 2 4 ' N. Q ,.,. , Kfxq, . QQ- 4: 'SLK 'fy John Messmer CWD Albert A. Johnson CVVD Carl E. Steinfort Louis A. Coorsen CWD Leathem D. Smith Franklin J. Natwick CWD Harold Drew Aloys H. Wohlrab Gould W. Van Derzee CWD John C. Blankenagel CWD Varsity Track Team I Harold B. Nlyers ...... ........... C aptain F. L. Waller .... .... S tudent Manager E. D. Angell ..... .......... C oach William Wipperman Walter H. Cooper Austin Walline Harold B. Myers CWD Paul G. Mueller CWD Howard A. Wilson CWD Carl H. Juergens William M. Bertles CWD 478 Varsity Track Team Messmer johnson Steinfort Coorsen N atwick Drew W ohlrab Van Derzee Blanlienagel Wippermzmn Cooper Wnlline Myers CCnpt.j Mueller Wilson juergens ' Berlles Smith Hutchins CCoachj E. D. Angell CCoachJ f- , ff, 41 . gQ'Vi1'Qfz,a5,2-1e:f,' ff2"f.2z?:f ' 34, -1-mr:-'1. y -V 1. 4' , A fg2f2'i51:a5Y-gay, , Ma.141135322-1gz:iu1v': , L., ., 4,5 f 1 : .uv ...fp ,f '41 .1-fn vf- " ' 'r vvfmffi ,-1 w-.14 vf5zr:fwf MYERS wnwwfva V2 Mus RUN I , 2. ' 1 K 4 T ug 1? A . I ' K ef 7? K 0 . .... .a-raw "i L?t1'fEEf2-i"f2f' , . K '55 fri' "FJ - ' J , Ei :TTT-as 1 'T rw- l, g, it M' 'T'-1 ' ,, i if ' ll 4 MH .Pdf ' "TMJ S.. Kano - CROSS COUNTRY TEAM MEMBERS OF TEAM W. M. Bertles, QCaptainj H. W. Drew F. R. Duffy W. G. Nlinich W. Wippermann Western Intercollegiate Cross Country Run i CHICAGO, ILL., NOVEMBER 23, 1907 Course: Five miles through Jackson and Washington Parks. ' TSCORE NEBRASKA 'WISCONSIN CHICAGO 2 1 6 3 4 9 5 8 13 7 10 14 1 1 12 15 28 35 57 Individual place winners: Bertles, Wisconsin, first, Alden, Nebraska, second, Davis, Nebraska, third. tln the cross country run each team consists of live men, all of whom must finish The runners are ranked 1 2, 3, etc., in the order in which they cross the finish line. When all have finished the rankings secured by the members of each team are added together and the team with the lowest total wins. Indoor Relay Carnival NTARCH 16, 1907 CONFERENCE RELAY CHAMPIONSHIP First, Chicago, CBarker, Schuart, Quigley, Dflerriamj. Time, 3:3Q 2-5. Second, 1Visconsin, CMuel1er, N atwick, Woodward, Myersj STATE SECONDARY SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP First, Ripon, CKeck, Brooks, Fuller, Hodgej. Time, 3 :48 3-5. Second, Beloit STATE HIGH-SCHOOL RELAY CHAMPIONSHIP First, Madison, CTrainor, Dean, Fess, Wellrnanj. Time, 3:59. Second, Janesville STATE MILITIA CHAMPIONSHIP First, Co. G.-Madison, QDean, Norden, Gullickson, Oakeyj. Second, Co. I-Superior STATE PREPARATORY SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP V First, St. J Ol1l'l,S, CGrier, Collins, Flether, Atwoodj. Time, 4 :02 Q-5. Second, Beloit INTER-CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP First, Sophomores '09, Half Mile. Time, 1 141. INTER-FRATERNITY CHAMPIONSHIP First, Phi Kappa Psi, CBlair, Lord, Smith, Hanchettj. Second, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Third, Sigma Nu. SENATE CLERKS vs. ASSEMBLY CLERIQS First, Senate, CHelmholz, Lampert, Suttonj. INTER-COLLEGE HUMAN BURDEN RACE VVOII by L. and S., CWilder, Stiehm, lfVitte, Levisse, Springerj. 482 Cross Country Team Angell LCoachj XVHSPCTHIBDH Drew Bertles Minich DuEy ,bi 3 11 " C Varsity Field Day f EVENT 120 High Hurd. 100 Yd. Dash Q20 Yd. Dash 1VIile Run Pole Vault Discus 220 Low Hurd. Shot Put Half Mile Hammer Throw Two Mile High Jump Sophomores '09 Freshmen '10 . EVENT 120 High Hurd. 100 Yd. Dash One Mile Run 440 Yd. Run Discus Throw High Jump Q20 Yd. Dash Shot Put Half Mile Pole Vault Two lN1ile Run Broad Jump Hammer Throw I 1o.k, FIRST N atwick '09 Nlorris '10 Morris '10 J .C.Blankenagel '08 Wilson and Peterson Osthoff '10 N atwick '09 Osthoff '10 J uergens '09 Johnson '07 Bertles '09 SECOND Rogers '07 Blyers '08 1V1yers '08 Hanchett '10 tied for first. Wittich '09 Kypke '09 VVohlrab '09 Vroman '09 Conway '09 Cooper '08 1DIAY 4, 1907 THIRD Quarles '09 Blair '10 Blair '10 Wipperman, '08 Johnson '07 VValline '07 Wohlrab '09 Drew '09 Natwick '09 and Coorsen '09 tied for Hrst. Melcher '08 and L. D. Smith '09 tied for second place. TOTALS 6313 Juniors '08 . .. Q1 1 Seniors '07 .... Chicago-Wisconsin Dual Meet CHICAGO, MAY Q5, 1907 FIRST MerI'ian1 CCD Quigley CCD Blankenagel CWD Lingle CCD Messmer CWD Scliommer CCD Quig1eyCCD lDIadcligan CCD lVIyers CWD Icldin s C g C D Bertles CWD Coorsen CWD Johnson CWD Chicago 6932 SECOND Steffen CCD lDIyers CWD Wipperman CWD Merriam CCD Maddigan CCD Coorsen CWD hlyers CWD Russell CCD Barker C C D Wilson CDVD Scheid CCD Van Derzee CWD lDIessIner CWD FINAL SCORE 484 THIRD Natwick CWD hlueller CDVD Caldwell CCD Blueller CWD Russell CCD Smith CWD Mueller CWD Schommer CCD Schuart CCD Steffen CCD Drew CDVD McAvoy CCD Russell CCD Wisconsin 56-5- RECORD 16 sec. 10 sec. E22 4-5 sec. 4 min. 49 sec. 9 ft. I 104 ft. 7 in. Q8 sec. 39 ft. 1 in. Q min. 11 4-5 sec. 134 ft. 6 in. 10 min. 33 3-5 sec. 5 ft. 6 in. 5 ft. 4 in. ....195 ....1o RECORD 16 2-5 sec. 10 3-5 sec. 4 min. 42 1-5 sec. 54 sec. 129 ft. 2 1-EZ in. 5 ft. 8 in. Q3 sec. 40 ft. 3-4 in. Q min. 3 sec. 10 ft. 4 in. 10 min. Q0 ft. 9 in. 141 ft. 11 in. fr- -4- - Minnesota -Wisconsin Mxorsox Mu 25 1901 Swilfeul- Da 'C' , X 1 -- f n,si IZ! "'-- - -. - , Q Z if- li:-'T' l mfg .4 if .. ' ,.,,1g,:...,. EVENT FIRST 100 Yd. Dash Blyers CWD 120 Yd. High Hurd. Natwick CDVD Mile Run Blankenagel CWD 440 Yd. Run Mortenson CMD 220 Yd. Dash hiueller CWD Pole Vault Wilson CWD Discus Throw 220 Ycl. Hurdles Half Nlile Shot Put . Two lVIile Run High Jump Johnson CWD Natwick CWD Myers CWD Wohlrab CYVD Bcrtles CDVD Norcross CMD SECOND lVIueller CVYD Woodrich CMD Bedford CMD J uergens CDVD Woodrick CMD Little CMD Ottner CNID DfVoodrick CMD Bedford CBID Ottner ClDID Shew CBID Coorsen CDVD RECORDS 10 Sec. 16 1-5 sec. 4 min. 48 1-5 sec. 56 sec. 23 1-5 sec. 9 ft. 6 in. 109 ft. 26 3-5 sec. 2 min. 3 1-5 sec. 38 ft. 9 in. 10 min. 26 4-5 sec 5 ft. 4 1-2 in. Hammer Throw Johnson CWD Vito CMD 137 ft. 1 1-2 in. Broad Jump Coorseu CWD V an Derzee CWD 21 ft. 11 1-2 in. FINAL SCORE Wisconsin, '75 Minnesota, 37 Wisconsin Interscholastlc Meet IMZADISON, TVIAY 25, 1907 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 120 Yd. Hurd. Hibbard CBI.E.D Leon COD Rooney COD 17 4-5 sec. 100 Yd. Dash lVIeyer ClD1.S.D Aspinwall CJD Kitzman CNIenD 10 3-5 sec. Mile Run Dohman CM.W.D Lampert COD Roach CWD 4 Inin. 39 sec. Shot Put Schaus ChI.DV.D Trainor CNIadD Jackson ClVIenD 41 ft. 11 in. 440 Yd. Run Simmons CRD Kitzman C1DIenD Hoffman CDI.S.D 54 4-5 sec. Discus Throw Cook CG.B.D Dahlgren CL.C.D Trainor CNID 107 ft. 5 in. High Jump Brook CM.E.D hleyer CM.S.'D Rohn CM.VV.D 5 ft. 5 1-2 in 220 Yd. Dash Meyer ChI.S.D Spangler CVVhD Aspinwall CJD 24 sec. 220 Yd. Hurd. Wellman CMD Rosenkranz COD Arnold CM.E.D 28 sec. Hammer Throw Field CMenD Miller CMenD Dahlgren CL.C.D 134 ft. 6 in. Half Mile Run Dohman CM.1V.D Lampert COD Hunt CM.E.D 2 min. 7 sec. Pole Vault Steinmetz CM.S.D Jackson CIMenD Egloff CM.N.D 9 ft. 6 in. Tie between Steinmetz and Jackson Broad Jump Kitzman CMenD Wisl-:ocil CM.E.D Jackson CMenD 20 ft. 8 1-2 in. 'One hlile Relay Menomonie Milwaukee DVest TOTALS Menomonie High School . ....... ..... 2 8 Milwaukee S. Div. High Schoool ........ . Milwaukee W. Div. High School ......... 21 Milwaukee E. Div. High School ,... .... MQ' . K . v is AJ ' , W estern Intercolleglate I -' 30' 5 Meet , I i I CHICAGO, JUNE 1, 1907 r A V ' EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORDS 100 Yard Dash May CID Huff CGrD Quigley CCD 9 4-5 sec. 120 Yard Htudles Smithson CN. DD N atwick CWD McCord CDD 15 2-5 sec. Mile Run Lyon CCD Riley CIOD White CPD 4 min. 37 sec. 440 Yard Run Merriam CCD Lindberg an Lingle CCD 51 sec.. High Jump Slaght CGrD Schommer CCD 5 ft. 8 In. Norcross CMD and Clark CPD tied for second 220 Yard Dash Huff CIOD lNIay CID Quigley CCD 22 sec. Discus hlessmer CWD Horner CNIissD Russell CCD 121 ft. 9 in. Half lVIile Run lNIyers CWD Davis CAIIICSD Ticld ClNIissD 2 min. 1 sec. Shot Put Burroughs CID Conway CDD Carruthers CID 49 ft. 1 1-4 in., Two Mile Run Jackson CMissD Wagoner CAD Bertles CWD 10 min. 6 sec. Broad Jump Jenkins CID Pomeroy CCD Lambert CAD 21 ft. 5 in. Hammer Throw Burroughs CID Johnson CWD Conway CDD 149 ft. 3 1-2 in. 220 Yard Hurdles Merriam CCD Gardiner CID Steffen CCD 25 3-5 sec. Pole Vault Iddings CCD Haggard CDD Norris CID 11 ft. 4 in. Iddings CCD and Haggard CDD tied for first TOTALS Illinois. . . .... 31 Grinnell ........ 13 Ames ......... 7 Purdue ....... . 25 Chicago ........ 2823- Missouri ...... . . 9 North Dakota . . 5 Minnesota ....., 11 Wisconsin ...... 17 Drake .......... 9 Iowa .......... 3 Freshman-Sophomore Meet CAMP RANDALL, OCTOBER 1, 1907 EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD 100 Yd. Dash Richards '11 Sprague '10 Douglas '11 10 2-5 sec. Two Mile Run Mitchell '11 Gingrich '11 Bennett '11 12 min. 43 1-5 sec 440 Yd. Dash Mitchell '11 Richards '11 Reilly '11 56 4-5 sec. 120 Yd. High Hurdl.Weinhagen '11 Carter '11 Mann '11 18 2-5 sec. Half Mile E. Dohmen '11 lVIcClaren '11 Eldridge '11 2 min. 14 2-5 sec. 220 Yd. Dash Smith '11 Hazlet '11 Sprague '10 24 1-5 sec. One Mile Run Dohmen '11 Gilman '11 Miller '11 4 min. 50 1-2 sec. 220 Yd. Low Hurdl. Wellman '11 Clark '11 Batchelor '11 30 sec. Broad Jump lVIann,'11 Rohn '11 Hogan '11 18 ft. 2 1-2 in. High Jump Tied gffgiislil Mann '11 5 ft. 4 in. Pole Vault Mercer '11 Sanders Tied wigilagzn ,H 9 ft. 6 in. Shot Put Paulus '11 Steinmetz '11 Storey '10 38 ft. 4 in. Discus Throw Dacey '10 Paulus '11 Bartlett '10 99 ft. 8 in. TOTALS Freshmen '11 ..... ..... 9 7 1-2 Points Sophomores '10 ..... .... 6 1-2 Points 486 il!! ff x X N5 ., W' , lx l x. Cell it , Basket Ball Review of Season 1907-08 The prospects for a winning team at the beginning ofthe bas- ketball season of 1907-08 were exceedingly bright, as Curtin was the only man of the preceding year's five to leave school. The rest of the team remained intact and with the other material avail- able made a strong five seem a certainty. Scarcely had prac- tice begun, however, when under the conference three-year 1'ule, both Scribner and Walvoord were de- clared ineligible. Despite this severe blow, the rest of the men responded promptly to the call and by Christmas our practice games were over and the men worked together as ateam. , With the opening of school after the Christmas recess, however, came the news that Captain Frank had withdrawn from school. The loss of the captain at this time, coming so soon after the other set- backs, disorganized the team greatly and it was with the greatest uncertainty that we opened our league season. To the surprise of all, we won both games of our southern trip and took at once a position at the head of the league. From that time until the end of the semester we defeated succes- sively Purdue, Minnesota, and Chicago by decisive scores. The opening of the second sem- ester saw the team further weak- ened as both Lindemann and Harper had been sick during the recess. In this condition we played Chicago upon their home floor and lost after a hard game. This, our Hrst defeat, placed Chi- cago upon an even footing with 487 'gif Ji X , .Nix CAPTAIN Rocmzs if 53 ., aw 'ii' My ff .-.fs .,,,,M. HARPER 'V" 65253 - ' l a Rs Q Wrrr us, so that after winning the remainder of our games, the two teams were tied for first honors. Rather than have the championship in dis- pute. it was decided to play off the tie, and, as no neutral floor was available it became necessary to toss a coin to determine where the game should be played. Wisconsin won the toss, and on Thursday, March 12, the teams met before a record crowd in the Wisconsin gym- nasium. Never before had two such teams been pitted against one another in the West and the game resulting was correspondingly brilliant and uncertain, Chicago finally winning by the narrow margin of two points. Notwithstanding the loss of the champion- ship, the game of basketball itself has been during the season. The deservedly popular attendance at even the minor games was good and the interest evinced by the students in the game places basketball as one of the major sports at Vllisconsin. HARLAN B. ROGERS, Captain. L1ND12zsrANN -.Q . af.: a A gtg ix. 'I . -Q-.P E 1. lj- 'R 'Z' ff-. it -eng-s i ,L 5-:g j if , as Q- :fe -1 fp. vw- 1' 55 if-as .. e' fS.f5.:i:1:,,v1:24---. srgx- wg- . W ' ifiii-573-"?i?"'fS'-2'' -- . as .- '4:q-1:,-ss2':,3,'3q.,:gl-. . Q: a.'rv:aff5-fsf-I., l s, my-g.. -' - Ar g -gr if 111.1 .bfi-S222'..:sq.S:r:--.J x . ass "1 Q- .n g wr-Nas-1.s:l ' A-Q-11 W 1Q'5ii:2i2il .t 4 21571455 l rr, qi, M.:,..x:e.s-1,evs.f -:V . 'S' .mare - yea-fav'-" 5' ffrs-14 re ,. .. - 'Ta-ri' 2' ' 1-nf 5Rii"gif1:4r: - 'sqft it - -f-:ff-. - Q gina SWENHOLT STIEHM 488 Varsity Basketball Team, 1907-08 'figfi .-p g-172253535352gag E-Eili-13:-ESSSSEESH:9r'?:EEH??2TE??? 3f'l:?3"'95" 1 f""ifI'fi?-11' Y "" i'i"!'N"'f:? ' f " ' ' "' " . " ' " " w l . . . Vg 3 , - ------' ,,??Y,: ,-:ggi-f3,:,:VT:,:4, YV3-ixzxaa..-11:,,q4,:f:.L1.5,,-Qgwxxlfgwvwzazx,1,Whmmm!-,Bax-mauve-1,,-Z-M-f,......,:, ,-,11z:::e1u,.-age-wfmarmxyisxwhm'Q-ms11:...x.f -sum.-ksxwmxwmmnnamm Stiehm Wilco Harper Witt Rogers CC:1pt.J Dittmnn Sheppard Swenholt Llnclemann Noe Coach Angell Scribner CMgr.J arsity Basketball Team 5 -: ' It fFc'fa.w",,1. j A 2 L QQ. OFFICERS Harlan B. Rogers.. ................ ,.... C aptain Charles A. Scribner. . ........... ..... ll Ianager Emmett D. Angell. . ............. .......... C oach TEANI Harlan B. Rogers .... ,.......,.... ..... R i ght Forward Helmer Swenholt .....,... .... L eft Forward Ewald O. Stiehm .... .,......... C enter gllugh A.AHa6pi1L .... .... R gugrg 1 lam , 1 ,,,,,,, ..........,....., .... e u r Walter C. Lindeniann. . . ..........,......... .... L eft Guard SUBSTITUTES John W. Wilce ..... .................... .... S u b Center Fred A. Dittrnann .... ................ ..... S u b Guard Paul W. Noe ........ ..... S ub Guard Frank A. Sheppard ..... ...................................... .... S u b Forward GAMEs IN WESTERN COLLEGIATE LEAGUE 1908 J an. 17 at Lafayette . Wisconsin. .................. 28 Purdue . . . . . . . .24 J an. 18 at Champaign Wisconisn. . . ...., 28 Illinois ..... . . . .20 Jan. 23 at Madison. Wisconsin. . . ..... 34 Purdue ...... . . . .13 Jan. 25 at Madison Wisconsin. . . ..... 37 Minnesota.. . . . . . .16 Jan. 31 at Madison Wisconsin. . . ...,. 29 Chicago .... . . . .17 Feb. 28 at Chicago VVisconsin. . . ..... 19 Chicago .... . . . .24 Mar. 7 at Minneapolis Wisconsin. . . , ..... 34 lVIinnesota .... . . . .14 Mar. 9 at Madison Wisconsin . .... ..... 2 7 Illinois ................ I4 Mar. 12 at Madison Wisconsin. . . .............. 16 Chicago .............. .18 Total points, Wisconsin .... ...................... 2 52 League Opponents .. . 160 OTHER GAMES Dec. 14 at lVIadison Wisconsin. ............,..... 38 Beloit ................. 13 Dec. 20 at Madison Wisconsin. ..........., . .... 42 Alumni ...... .... 2 2 liar 3 at Madison Wisconsin. ..........,....... 34 Nebraska ............. 4 Total points, Wisconsin ..........................,.. 366 All Opponents ........ 199 LEAGUE STANDING I NVON LOST PER CENT Wisconsin. .... .....,....... ..... 7 1 875 Chicago ..... .,.,. 7 1 875 Illinois ....,.........,.. . . ........... 4 4 500 lilinnesota . ..............................,.. 2 6 250 Purdue .................................... 0 8 000 ' In playing OH the tie for the championship, Chicago won from Wisconsin-Score, Chicago 18, Wisconsin 16. ALL WESTERN TEAJKI Forward-Lewis-Purdue Forward-Swenholt-Wisconsin Center-Schommer-Chicago Guard-Harper-VVisconsin Guard-Page-Chicago 490 2155 6 Interclass Basket Ball By winning the Interclass Basket Ball championship this year, the 1909 team has the honor of holding the championship for three consecutive years. The games were all hotly contested, the sopho- mores especially having an excellent team. The freshmen had the misfortune of losing several good men before the final games were played. As Basket Ball is becoming one of the leading indoor sports, next year ought to see not only the class teams, but also teams from the various colleges on the floor, thereby increasing competition for 'Varsity positions. JUNIOR T EAM Charles A. Jones git? 1 IE ..... ............... .... F 0 rwards iam . c iwa e Saul WGNoe h E .... .... C enters alter . Minic Adolph C. Peters i """ "" G uards R. Waldo Mucklestone .... .... S ubstitute LEAGUE STANDING TEAM NVON LosT PER CENT Juniors ..... ..... 3 0 1000 Sophomores . . . .... Q 1 666 Freshmen.. . . . . . .1 2 333 Seniors .... ..... 0 3 000 491 Varsity Gymnastic Team m..,,,., ,.. A..,.. -. . , , , , .,. ., ,,,,, W - km Q ,QW ' MW - ' f . 2: - ' ff f - 1-+4 4. -- if ,wr .- ' 3' 92. ef- ."' fs- Y I " -we '- -,-M , - -s 5:1 'nz 'W A .f - . -'farmer flrivfsigzkg - zu .- . rib. f- UWM' -' ff gi. ts m :P-1- ' A s- . -3-gba..-af -,az-rzgeg:25:1-Q-G:::s1ng.:':f:-.mzozf-A 4, w a iii:-Qe1:.1-at :1 '-ffi:""f:f- ':':'2fE4eEr?2:zs3-': 212 ' W ' 4,1 ' ' "W ESL 1-5...,1:1-.M gg tsWz1P?33:11'1"E2E1f 'X ' fm. Q,-, ff - I-1' !fvW,cas:fz4.4y-24 ,- mf aff-- ff L-,Eg V 2 V at.-: -' :H 1 2351-:o'Wf156757 ' V . ,ff 4+ 22, oy 4' ? f , i ,Wh 'f ir-:2:1ax:23'3i5iC?2gf'.. ' 1 :ug . - .... ,,..,4,,. .. -.f.s.fw,f.-,xg :-::-:-:Air . 'fc'uI3"'ZT1Z1:-Z?-ftiic-:n:' 1-Q-24:-css:-.A:.::-.ff 1... .r,.:::.--4.- ,fe - 'zrgrz-:iz-az:--rw ,- ' 45-934-:G-. P! ' V . .vw 4 2'-z-:-: H. -.-.f.:.vaaa4,? 41 . .. , 4 . .- 1-:Ms,gzszxwfa-e5f'fs .1.1-rraswza' 1-we-1 ,',- ,sg - v's5::s4,i2Q,g,5.3,, - 5?f:'43i3.5i:? A5?':55L'1-355 V-.4ea,gzzmst-eras 'K ...xi- ,ggg its sf A ,eg X r W? 5:14 if 62? 75 ?Qg ? '-im, 610, X 4 wk 6 ' 'ii -QM 9' f' gf -fl iv ' 4 5 42? ,QW f f daiifsf gi 4 ,ai ,watt 2 sm 'ffftf J lg? ' MV 53? 4 1 pf an SW im gpg? 433' fg5.33ii41E?',, 5'?a,.. ' gap W Q M 1 3'?j?'s9 mi fai f w ff gg 54' f f J, ' ay I 0 W S I '7' W W gi 0' ' 5?f5i'Q" QQWX -Q? 153 y"r-e.1z-fimfffi Nh 91- sd' af ,ffff ,ff ff 1, at 1 " ii! f Q ff ffffffgf' 114' mdzfsff ffl , '45 .vs,f"'54t W-H4 . aff. I ' 2,1 -'f ' rr- fn.-:Z ff' 'H " ' ' . A wa, .ff Top Row Edwards Osthoff Meinicke Bottom Row Koch Zcidlhack Greubel Lehner The most encouraging feature regarding the gymnastic team for the past season has bceerii the increased niunber of candidates. About fifteen men have done consistent work throughout the whole season and there was active competition for positions on the team. Altogether the outlook for future competitions is very encouraging and although Wisconsin will lose next season two of her most promi- nent point iivinners yet there will be. good men to take their places. A number of freshmen, ineligible this year will be active candidates for next season. The intercollegiate meet held on the 9th of April demonstrated several things. In the 'first place there seems to be a more active interest in gymnastics on the part of the colleges who are members of the Association and at least two institutions will be added to the Association next year. Washington University at St. Louis has aheady come into the Organization and it is probable that the University of Missouri will join in the near future. The importance of having a. well balanced team has also been demonstrated. Wisconsin secured an easy victory over all competitors in the April meet with the fol- lowing score: Wisconsin 31.5, Chicago 10, Minnesota '7 and Nebraska 5.5. Wisconsin's victory was gained by taking three firsts, five seconds, one third and a tie for third. It will thus be seen that Wisconsin would have won without the presence of the Captain of the team who scored the three first places. The fact that future meets will be held at the different colleges in rotation will stimulate interest to an increased degree. It is probable that the next competition will be held in 1909 at the Uneversity ' ll. of Nebras ka. F. ZEIDLHACK, ap 492 l at fgfx L ni :flap Gymnasuc Team wi 'ie 2 S - Q , A Q OFFICERS Felix S. Zeidlhack ..... .............., Dr. J. C. Elsom ..........,.,. ....,....... ,........., TE.AlNI Felix S. Zeidlhack F. H. Koch Otto Greubel A. E. Meinicke V. Edwards O. P. Osthoff A. P. Lehner Sixth Annual Championship Meet of the Western Intercollegiate Gymnastic Association University of Wisconsin Gymnasium, Thursday, April 9, 1908 EVENTS HORIZONTAL BARS HORSE 1. Zeidlhack. .........,......., ..... . Wis. ltlurrah. ......,, . . 2. Greubel. . .......,..... ..... W Vis. Zeitilhack . . . . I Mitchell.. 1 ' ....Neb. SmIth...,., . . . . . Captain . . . . Coach .....Chi. ......Wis. ......Chi. 3' 1Koch. ..., II... .... ..WiS. RINGS PARALLELS 1 . Zeidlhack. .......... .... . .Wis. Zeidlhack. ............. .... . .VVis. Q . Osthoff .............. .... . .Wis. Greubel ............. .... . .Wis. 3. Kennedy .... ............. . . . ..Chi. Koch. - ..........,.,.. . .... ..Wis. TUMBLING CLUB SWINGING 1. Mitchell ....,.......... . . Neb. Nelson .................. .... lv Iinn Q. Osthoffn' ..,,......... .... . .Wis. Perrill. ...,....,....... ....., . Chi. 3. Rand. .... .... . Minn. Uzzell ..,.. ..... B Iinn. FINAL STANDING 1. Wisconsin. .... .315 Points 3. Minnesota ...,.. ..... 7 Points 2. Chicago ....,................ 10 Points 4. Nebraska ..., ........ ..... 6 5 Points SINDIVIIJUAL CI-IAMPIONSI-IIP 1. Zeidlhack, Wis ...................... .......... .... 3 9 3 . 5 Points Q. Mitchell, Neb. ..........,....,.,..........., ...... 3 44 Points 3. Uzzel, lVIinn. ....................................... 199 Points ' YT he three exercises on all pieces of apparatus, marked on a scale of 30, making the highest pos- sible mark on each apparatus 90. 493 Gym Team I ,v " 'A ' -' 9 " "-ig, . f W ' Ifjffjzlsf he f A Review of the ' Swv W! Y 0 E ,I , u'5.:,.1:SXiqi 2 r Tennis Season of 1907 ,,, ,LL The opening of the tennis season in 1907 was delayed by the preparation of the three new courts gx., B jf ff M65 west ol Camp Randall. These courts had been graded and filled in the fall, but the surface work was left until spring. Consequently the tennis season was well advanced before the courts were playable Nevertheless, the necessary number of tickets were sold to support the courts. As soon as possible the tournament committee set the date for the commencement of the tourna- ment. There were but few days between this date and that of the Minnesota meet, and this time could not all be used because of bad weather. Owing to this lack of time the team to represent Wisconsin could not be picked by play, but was chosen by the captain. There were three experienced men from last year's team. all eligible: Green, Rehm and Loesch. Leslie was the logical fourth man, as he was the farthest advanced in the tournament. Later, when the tournament was finished, E. O. Stiehm made a very good showing. Klaner, a freshman, and thus uneligible for the team. won his way through the tournament to the championship of the university by consistent playing throughout. He defeated Loesch in the Hrst round in straight sets and defeated his other opponents as easily. The result of the lilinnesota-Wisconsin meet was a tie, each team winning three matches. The men were ranked as follows: Singles-Miinnesota, 1 lNTuir, Q Pigeon, 3 Potter. 4 Carson. Singles- Wisconsin, 1 Loesch, 2 Rehm, 3 Green, 4 Leslie. Doubles-Minnesota, 1 Muir and Pigeon, 2 Carson and Potter. Doubles-Wisconsin, 1 Rehm and Loesch, QGreen and Leslie. Loesch and Rehm each won his singles handily in straight sets, and together they won their doubles match by a safe score. Green and Leslie played their doubles match first. They lost in a long three set match in which Green tried to cover lack of team play by hard work. Green was played out from his doubles match and lost his singles to a less able man by a close score Leslie in his singles lost to an opponent of superior ability after the longest fight of the meet. A meet was scheduled with Chicago for the following Tuesday. The day was ideal and the courts in fair condition. The Chicago team came from Minneapolis but would not play that day. They waited the rest of the week, but the weather did not permit playing and the meet was cancelled. Tennis received no financial support from the Athletic Department, so that the men representing Wisconsin in the Western Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament at Chicago, paid all their own expenses. Of the three experienced men eligible to make the trip, Green did not feel able to make the necessary sacrifice of time and money, which left Rehm and Loesch. In the singles Rehm lost to Carr of Chicago in the semi-finals, and Loesch lost to Gray of Chicago in the same rotuid. Neither match was close. In the doubles Rehm and Loesch were beate11 by Gray and Carr in the closest match of the tourna- ment, the score going to five sets. Rehm and Loesch entered this tournament hlonday morning after being kept from all use of courts for six days by bad weather, and throughout all their matches their greatest difficulty was to overcome their lack of practice. Although their control improved with each day's play, it was so far behind their head-work that at the end they played a losing game. This placed Wisconsin second of the seven colleges represented. - R. L. LOESCH, Captain and Manager. 495 wwf L me 1 ee J Wm X JL 40 5 Ulm 1255? l at K"-. 1 swift" Q 1 af W: X ' T Q I - -,l. . , 9 , "" L ---- ta G i ...L A - Y '-' N1 ,VARSITY TENNIS TEAM, 1907 R. L. Loesch ..,................... .............. C aptain and Nlauager Charles W. Green. '07 Richard L. Loesch, '08 Walter A. Rehm, '08 John W. Leslie, '07 Loesch MINN ESOTA-WISCON SIN MEET SATURDAY, LIAY 18, 1907 CWis.5 defeated Muir CMinn.5 6-Q, 6-3. Rehm CWis.5 defeated Pigeon CMinn.5 6-1, 6-0. Potter CMinn.5 defeated Green CWis.5 6-4, 6-4. Carson CMinn.5 defeated Leslie CWis.5 5-7, 6-3, 6-0. Loesch and Rehm CWis.5 defeated Muir and Pigeon CMinn.5 6-8. 6-Q, 6-4. Carson and Potter ClVIinn.5 defeated Green and Leslie CVVis.5 10-8, Q-6, 6-1. Result: Tie. Chicago-Wiscoiisiii lNIeet was called off. Klaner Klaner Klaner Klaner Klaner Klaner LOCAL CONTEST C105 defeated M0ssC095 6-1, 6-0. C105 defeated Loesch C085 6-2, 6-4. C105 defeated Stiehm C095 by default. C105 defeated Relim C085 by default. C105 defeated Green C075 6-4, 6-4. awarded Championship. 496 ' f? Of -.DN , J, f g .1. V IPF Nxlbzf , N .an I C .. 554 f 7 X, I 9 1 ff 4 I I ---. 'KSQV 2, i' ' ' 7 E: f '74 lf -' f ,I .1197 lqa , A-f K7 ca . . A .1 .ma ., ' -- .. . . . I -if 4 . f 7 if 3' R, "ff A," ' '. 55422 " f-wifi gli 77' 1' " ' ' ' " " vas. 'A 4 ll 'M Keno Interfraternity Bowling League SEASON OF 1907-08 OFFICERS C. NI. Kehr, Delta Kappa Epsilon ,..........4...,....... .... P resident H. L. Post, Theta Delta Chi ....... ................... ..,. S e cretary S. J. Williams, Alpha Delta Phi .......,................,.... ..,.. ......... T r easurer LEAGUE STANDINGS TEAM WON LOST PER CENT Delta Kappa Epsilon ....,.............. 47 1 979 Kappa Sigma. ......... .... 4 3 5 896 Delta Upsilon ........ .... 4 1 7 854 Phi Kappa Sigma. .. . . ..,. 33 15 688 Theta Delta Chi . . . .... 28 20 583 Beta Theta Pi. .... .... 2 6 22 542 Psi Upsilon ........ .... 2 6 22 542 Alpha Tau Omega . . . .... 24 24 500 Sigma Nu. ....... .... 2 4 24 500 Phi Kappa Psi. . . . .... 23 25 479 Sigma Chi. ....,..... ,... 2 2 26 458 Alpha Delta Phi ....... ,... 1 9 29 396 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. . . .... 16 32 333 Phi Gamma Delta .... .... 1 2 36 250 Delta Tau Delta . . . .... 9 39 188 Phi Delta Theta . . . ..,............... 8 40 167 Chi Psi .......... ...............,.... 7 4-l 146 INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES NAME GAMES PINS AVERAGE Kehr, Delta Kappa Epsilon ........... 48 8667 180. 6 Smith, Delta Upsilon ....... ...., 4 8 8660 180.4 Eloete, Delta Kappa Epsilon. ..... 48 8655 180.3 Van Derzee, Delta Upsilon. . . .,... -1-8 8602 179.2 Post, Theta Delta Chi ...... ..... 4 5 7981 177 .4 Becker, Kappa Sigma. ...... ..... 4 8 8482 176.7 Hewitt, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... 48 8441 175 .9 Holmes, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . , .38 6627 174.4 Kissling, Kappa Sigma 48 8357 174.1 Simpson, Kappa Sigma ...,. .... 4 8 8314 173.2 Washbtirn, Phi Kappa Psi. . . .... 45 7782 172.9 Theobald, Phi Kappa Sigma. .... 36 6156 171.0 Pitz, Delta. Kappa Epsilon . . ,... 48 8183 170.5 Whittier, Phi Gamma Delta ........... 40 6807 170.2 Birkett, Kappa Sigma ..,............. 48 8139 169.6 High Individual Score C1 gamej, Decker ..... - .... ....... . . . 267 High Individual ScoreC3 gamesj, Decker .......... . , . 642 High Team Score Q1 gamej, Delta Kappa Epsilon .... . . . . 996 High Team Score Q3 gamesj, Delta Kappa Epsilon.. . . .... .2819 497 II If Delta Kappa Epsilon's Interfrat League Bowling Champions N5 iz S E Kehr Pitz Flocte Luce Holmes Z. Wgg League . QW B ,Zz -.ASP OFFICERS Emory W. Krauthoefer. . . Donald R. NIihills. .. Carl C. Bong ....... STANDING OF THE CLUBS . "4 ' - . Q ' ff-,. ly, VS-.5 . gfggzg-.fl Interclass Bowling --...Wm ' ' - ' all-'e , l -- - . ..,, f y . f---f Q .- 41?-,.,-y.,f. - A 1 -I.. N1 . . . .President . . . .Secretary . . . . Treasiuer VVON LOST PEE CENT Engineer IV. . . . .24 .889 Engineer III .... .21 .778 Ag-ric .... ...., . 20 .667 Hill IV ........ .14 .667 Commerce II .... . . .15 .625 Hill III .... ..... . 19 .528 Hill I. ......... .I5 .500 Engineer II ..... .10 .476 Commerce I .... . .12 .444 Hill II ........ .11 .333 Engineer I . . . . 5 .333 Law .... ....... , 8 .296 Commerce III... . . . . . . . 6 .167 INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES Kehr. ..,. ..... 1 81 Theobald . Smith. .... .... 1 77 Birkett.. . . Floete . . . .,... 175 Doyle. . . . . Kuelling . . ..... 175 Jones. . . . . Kissling. . . .... 175 Krauthoefer.. . . . Van Derzee ,... ..... 1 74 Faville. . . . Trowbridge . . ..... 174 Washburn. Springer. . . ..... 173 I-Ielmholz . . Simpson .. ..... 172 Heineman. . King .- .... ....................... 1 72 IVIalone. . . . High Individual Game, lVIarshall, CEngineer IIJ. . . . High Individual Three Games, Kissling, CI-Iill IVJ .... High Team, One Game, Engineer IV. . . . High Team, Three Games, Engineer III.. 246 647 CRecordJ 998 CRecordj 2780 fRecordD ....170.5 ....170.0 ....169.9 ....169.8 ....169.5 .....169.4 .....168.6 .....168.4 ..166.9 .....166.6 ? , .ff ff W Z- ,f ' f' I 5' 4. u L ' . 5 - -' - "" V ""' - -"1' , ' - V-X931 v 4 Wfff O1f"f!"4' f :,, -zJ1mw...- OFFICERS George H. Hewitt ..... . .............. .............. C aptam Emmett D. Angell .... ..................................... VARSITY GOLF TEAJVI George H. Hewitt A. C. Hibbard John W. Leslie Chicago-Wisconsin Meet MAPLE BLUFF CLUB Madison, June 2, 1907 CScoring by Nassau System in which a point is given for each nin eighteenj WISCONSIN MORNING AFTERNOON CHICAGO Hewitt CCapt.j .. . ........ 0 0 Hebbard CCapt.j. Hibbard ...... ...... 1 0 lVIorSe. ......,.... . Leslie ........ ,... O 0 Ceisler. ........ . Gruenewald. .... .,.. 3 3 lVIaegher. . . Meet won by Chicago, 8 to 7. SOPHOMORES Grace C. Howe ...... Gertrude L. Lukes ..... 7 Field Hockey November QQ, 1907 SOPHOMORES 1910 VERSUS FRESHMEN 1911 lVIeta E. Franke ........... MargaretbN. H,Doubler... . . Norma R. Roehm. .... . Grace M. Griffin CCapt.J Caroline M. Cary ......... Bess Harkness .... ...,.. Ann H. Bradford.. . . . lVIary R. McKee .... FORVVARDS ........Center.... Right Inside .... . . .. .Right Wing . . . . . .Left Inside. . . . .Left Wiiig.. A HALF BACKS ......Center ....Right Half...... .. . .... LeftHalf... FULL BACKS . . . .Right Full Back . . . .Left Full Back. . Henryetta D. Sperle. ......................... Goal... . . . . VVon by Sophomo res, Score 4-0. 500 . . . .lVIanager and Coach A. H. Gruenewald e holes, and a point for each MORNING AFTERNOON 1 0 0 , .... 0 8 FRESHMEN . . . . . . .lvlatilda E. Schuh . . . . Erma H. Hackendahl Marion E. Martin ' Marguerite E. Reilly . . . . , .Bernice S. Brown J Lilian A. Jaedecke ' ' ' L Nliriam W. Lamborn ...Fay Vaughan CCapt.j Wilhelmina H. Johannes . Gretchen Schoenleber Pearl I. Guilliaume . . . . . .Bessie F. Tyrrell Vera McNair Nora M. Mielenz lmilliilll X miwnwln X if K-V i -lx igfpw ' X - f"v'I X qw ia ! OFFICERS Blargaret N. H'Doubler. . . .......... . . ' Susan N. Armstrong. . . Lona I. Bergh ......... ......,........Pres1dent . . . . . . . . ........... Vice-President SecretaryandTreasurer EXECUTIVE BOARD Eva G. Lewis ......... ................,. . .. Head of Basket Ball Edna L. Confer ..,...... .... . ..... H ead of Hockey Audrey A. Davenport. . . . ......... p ............... ..... H ead of Tennis HONORARY MEMBERS Rhoda M. White Edith A. Hatfield The VVoman's Athletic Association of the University has been organized on a new basis this year. It is now an honorary association with elective membership. Ten honors may be won, three of which entitle a member to an association pin, and five to a UW." The ten honors are as follows: 1. Average grade of 97-100 in gymnasium work for one year. Q. Excellence in apparatus work. 3 . lVIember of Hockey Team playing in finals. 4. Member of Basket Ball Team playing in finals. 5. Captain of Hockey Team. 6. Captain of Basket Ball Team. 7. Third year in gymnasium. 8. Tennis. 9. Bowling. 10. Baseball. WEARERS OF PIN Audrey A. Davenport Lona 1. Bergh Margaret N. H'Doubler Jennie Haman Ethel R. Burnham Grace M. Grifhn Susan N. Armstrong Edna M. Hughes VVEARERS OF "W" Audrey A. Davenport Margaret N. H'Doubler Ethel R. Burnham 501 4 f , .i 1 1 if E S 1 . 1 1 -moon Captain Center ... Forwards .... Guards ..... Captain . . . Centers ..... Forwards Guards ,... Captain ..., Centers ..... Forwards Guards .... Captain .... Center .... .EmmaW.Becker Forwards .... .... Guards ....,.......... ...., Seniors vs So homores . p . . Juniors vs. Freshmen ,.... , . . Seniors vs. Freshmen.. ..... . . . Juniors vs. Sophomores ....... . . . Sophomores vs. Freshmen ..... . . . Seniors vs. Juniors ..... . . Sophomores vs. Freshmen ..... . . . Seniors vs. Sophomores ..... ....... Championship won by Sophomores. Som-romoim C1-mrrrronsnrv TEAM Basket Ball 1907-1908 SENIORS, '08 . ...............,............. ..Audrey A. Davenport . . , . . Susan Armstrong, Audrey Davenport, Grace Bogue FrancesCleary,Fra.ncesEnright JUNroRs, '09 ..EthelR.Burnham . . .... Lona Bergh, Mary Nlorfatt ......Etl1elBurnham,FloyRose ....1VIetaFranke,JennieHaman SOPHOMORES, '10 ....................EdnaM.1-Iughes ..GraceGriHin,EdnaHughes . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . .Julia Flett, 1VIeta Kieckhefer, Helen Fitch . . . .Margaret H'Doubler, Alma Schuetz, Gretchen Ruedebusch FRESI-IMEN,,11 ....MildredE.Davis .............. . . . . . . .Bess Farrell, hlildred Davis, Fern Nelson Aimee Zillmer, E. Mabel Smith, Anita Eschenburg, Nora Biielenz INTERCLASS GAMES .March 20 Won by Sophomores ..... ..... 1 3-2 .March 25 Won by Freshmen ..... , ..,. 13-5 .March 30 Won by Seniors .......... . . .18-15 .ivlarch 30 Won by Sophomores ,.... ...... 1 6-9 .April 1 Won by Freshmen ..... ..... 1 5-12 .April 6 Won by Seniors ........ ..... Q 5-10 .April 6 Won by Sophomores ..... . . .15-12 FINALS .April 10 Won by Sophomores .... ..... 1 7-14 502 -sr 5 ?"' 536, Chlcago WISCOHSIH Aquatlc Meet IN: 'i ii,-IT v e . iw at flllv S qi ig - We ' H 5 FEB. QND, 1908 Chicago, 3-L Wisconsin, Q1 SUNIMARIES I 100 Yard Swim-Won by O. P. Ostholf, Wisconsing Carey, Chicago second, S. Kerr, Wisconsin, third. Time, 1:05 3-5 rrfinutes, new western intercollegiate record. 40 Yard Swim-Won by O. P. Osthoff, Wisconsing Lindsay, Chicago second, Bickel, Chicago, third. Time, :QQ 4-5 sec. 60 Yard Swirn-Won by O. P. Osthoff, Wisconsing Harper, Chicago second, Kerr, Wisconsin, third. Time, 36 4-5 sec. sin, second, Ferguson, Chicago, third. Time, 127 2-5 sec. Plunge for Distance-VVon by Lindsay, Chicagog Princell, Chicago second, Lowell, Wisconsin, third. Distance, 46 feet, 9 inches. Relay Team Race-Won by Chicago. ' Time, 1:33 minutes. Water Polo-Chicago CU, VVisconsin COD. I . fi 'VA Z! TIF, 'J . .g n Q . 1, , .---l.. g A 4, ,.,... 'iz -fig : .'--'fc 'QLZ30 Q if ',', 'S.Ksno - Q q- 503 40 Yard Breast Stroke-Won by Rhode, Chicago, Wittick, Wiscon- Fourth Annual Turkey Race CONTESTANT Erwin' J. Dohmen Ralph K. Mitchell Leonard R. WTSIICT Chester L. lVIcN elly yawvwq, 'W mf V33 9 fa vi',h 'ask ,sf 24 E G a 4 f 6.450 fs? gg. S Q 4 'ipfflr i fir! NOVEMBER 27, 1907 PLACE First Second Third Last ,Wig A... g fi? LQ Tv? mwifglffgf fy -2 11513 442, V1 'ff W f' .3"'?' Hi ,ff is V :V 1, rfbiihlsfliiffi-71125552'Fi ' . fit" 311 ' - 'Wi J -Ziff: 'iff' ""::':f. ' ...ww 453 ' V I .gg J., , lag' -,,v'f'.g1aA-'-.,. ff,-, -.1 4. -1 .. - - - -, 5' I N ".-114-Egizrii'"'Q:.."DZi:-27'."f:Q "ig 'Iii ,jug . ' , ., 1, . 'i A ' . 0 I, ' . '-3. f" -- f ' wit , 523-:'5:-Fw fb . 1,522 :, , if Yffffifif' Q' A: . sie" ya. ..- . .f 'A 2 ' VW Q. Q' . 4-rw : ' 1 . ' ' - - w ' -1 N .49 iv , If 2. Q- , . -1' ' ij.. ' " at .. .W . ,:i.1.f . i ff ' " 3' rvlz:-ny' ary ' sg-xygw-f, I - 1 ' , "Wifi f'i4 2if"' 1:5-' ' ' . ' - - 6, . . ' ' sid' ' N ""-'- 4,,.::.::f: .Q-fi. rr . R Fr , I2 I , .. .1 I, EK 11? . 5 , Q 'I v .iz I I ,J , if 52-":f'.5.:.E1Qgf 211 Ei -:,:,, " ' . q"""' .1 Q ,W -:- " f-.. 1- 2.,,,'j' fi, 'V all ,Z Q ' 1221,-1 A , ,X Ai 'f 51:-4 f' - 'fr' .'-:fa v V . ..-.: .,,5 I ' - L' ,wlifv??',gE ,- i glirigfiq -1 2 1 Zffff w21'1f5'31l31f 'Ir f ua: ,eq gf-A'-'-L ' "QW " ' Fw ,W M ' 5. . 0 ' it fi' Y f Q7 lilibyy' l517?!'f+:W,.'67'5.1v':"f 143 ' if-3I9'4?:L.6?:'1ff'f A a. fx 2. JW "4 iff.: 'ff I 'Bi ' 504 PRIZE Turkey Duck Chicken Egg Course: North-west corner of lower campus, south to State Street, east to the Square, northeast on Mifflin to Pinckney, along Pinckney to lVIain, along Main to Carroll, to State, and west on State to corner of Nlurray and State. Distance, 1.6 miles. Time, 10 min- utes, 9 seconds. 'S The following is a letter that acc j6leQ2EcQc1ff:fbI ldadg, Doom, UQQ WW 0i0WyLM,Qw,DZWbQPWLnW4w2QMQ 569 mwamllwydf MM QfQUwwQfQS1'lXM9'U!,. 'iQU1wNW O01-'Ujjiyl QaALfdgfL845-MQl'mrQdl9wmclffL07lUffw9,GA2L vbfmllE3Qf jwie?o2Em. WW MWISQ MMM, ,Hg QQQMWSL found on page 2323 of the Badger llnlll' llggalll MI ' ililzll, ll. W1 .ll H ill l .llim liill 1. l il li l I I, , 1 , JULIUS OBSOLETE ROEHL, A. B. Compiler Encyclopedia Wisconsinensis Ewjoint Debater Watch-Dog State Treasury Managing Editor Daily Cardinal Ex-Football Manager Alpha Tau Omega. Representative of Milwaukee Sentinel Qflgents, Advance Sheets gf the ENCYCLOPEDIA WISCON SIN EN SIS IN EXPLANATION To Agents These advance sheets represent adequately what the entlre series of e1ghty e1ght volumes w1ll compnse We w1ll guar antee that xt w1ll be a salable work We offer you a good summer Job on a purely commlssxon basls Sell It to the mothers and the orphans Edward M McMahon and Ralph D Hetzel handled our work one summer and sold upwards to one m1ll1on copies Professor J B Parkmson 1S 1n charge of the sales department Thls assures 1ts success and popularity To the Publzc This edrtxon has been pubhsned by a Sl-nn d1 kate It has been successfully expurgated by the faculty and all ObJ6CtlO1'1 able features elxmmated Professor Sharp recommends the work Mrs Cora Stranahan Woodward has carefully perused the same Even Doctor Elsom has found t1me to glance over the advance pages It 1S perfectly safe to place ln the hands of the most helpless mfant We trust that xt WIII become a household god Edxtor tn Chief JULIUS OBSOLETE ROEHL ASSOCIATE AND ADVISORY EDITORS General Student Condxtxons Plnckney F Smlth Grover Rapps Domest1c Fel1c1t1es James Francxs Augustme Pyre Ph D Pedestr1an1sm RalphHart1ey V1ctorBuchanan Ferd1nandvon Bartlett Omega of Delta Gamma and others Oratory and Debate J1mmy Hogan Pohtxcs Leonard S Smith, reference work Maurers Mechanics Offlce Boy Roland B Roehr Managing Editor ................ JOSEPH LINK 1 . f-'-- . J Y - - ! 7 7 , . . l . . . n . . , , I 507 Advice-A commodity peddled by your class-adviser. It ranges from direction as to the studies you should not take to the company youlshould not keep. The advice will vary, depending upon whether or no the adviser himself has Kappa or Delta Gamma proclivities. ' ye' 71 Analytic-Comnlonly callied Anna-lit. A course in Brevity-Noted mostly for its absence. A desirable Zi. Q mathematics, which ifhtaken in the spring means abdication -cj . . of your place on the foot-ball squad in the fall, unless you Ly are not an athlete and then you will probably get thru. 1 'QM X f Grover Rapps did. - o lt e' w---su I 1:7-"""::iP ' - quality in a lecture but a catastrophe in a schooner- Synonym, short-i. e. short or brief beer. 22213 Cigar-Synonym, gift, present, burnt offering. The attribute . of successful peanut politician. Hank was seen purchasing a , box of "Footlight Trophiesw last night. It must be jim that there is a junior election tomorrow. Who knows? Steal mf up behind Hank and offer him your proxy. Perhaps he will Q ' Srl: give you a Trophy. Then ask Professor Sharp around to dinner gnu? and offer it to him. lVIaybe it Was loaded. Wouldn't that be , E fun ? W SHARP Sr'wK"-19 Harms Q-Irv c.c,.nR Hts. Pm: THE qw SHOES ll C0-Cd-Nleaning depends on view-point. lien say girls are co-eds. Therefore, a co-ed is a necessary evil. Girls say men are co-eds. We don't believe it. Co-ed is a very popular sub- '-! I ject for spring poetry. Here is a sample , , N. 172- Written for the Badger by Little Billy Bertles. '-. -X , ,F ' 'Eff' I 9 f "There Was a pretty co-ed, 1' - ,E .' aj I Who had many curls on' her head Q O ' And some in the middle of her forehead, gm Q E E - THERE AR-E And when she was good, - Sh C , , THREE KMDS ?Enc-Hhs e was very very good PXCKLES ,wo PRfsERvES. But when she Was bad, She was very much more popularf' 508 fy, " fyk f W X 4, ' 'Q ffx Z so QQ? ' W 2? IL , L x . PKG: Q' 'Ying 6 4, J, NDW Dancing-A custom of heavenly embrace, ac- companied by beating time with the feet, and an un- usual issuance of social palaver. First introduced in the time of chivalry. Taught at Kehl's Seminary on Thursday. K1 ,..,-- -,xg 1 . K' il ', VK ff! '1 w 5 fy' H N X 4141131 Lvv-ww X qi' N ,s,..- :k :K :Ez I' Dearie-A fussing term. Preliminary expression used suc- ' cessively by Frank Bennett and Harold Drew at Kappa functions. 'hvgqim It always works. Try it. , to ' . W HMI ll - 0 30' - 5' ' f P 'stalk lf, I A ' X in' 4 Easy-A lies to those who have been 7 PP ' ' M 1 taken in. Purchasers of tickets for the 3' ' U. W. Skating rink and male guests at td' sororit forrnals have exhausted the issue. awe as Y Ediwrial-The literary effusion The chief merit is that they which fills up one column of space in Jonesy's Cardinal. are Written mostly by Bill ' 'RN ' F Bollenbeck, though Hetzel E cy 7: SL- ' ?.. HOJIIGJU steals all the credit. But 5 2 f :H I- 1 X then, nobody really reads the X Q I '- 2 IEIEY .Q Z editorials, so it really doesn't em' -t D H 0 matter. - lVIost of them were ' 1 :""'F2T2'.'- N 0 printed twenty years ago in the WW W x3 , . Aegis,so theyhave an agevalue. f iiggljfili Q ? 1 Once there was a real good N - B ,Q V .Q editorial, but John lVIulaney '-7 Wrote that so nobody was to blame but John. Never mind, next year they will all be printed again. UFFKIAL Pucwgf LFQRTHE L1-lsr ZOYEARSH Ur EDITOR- Wkurnwq Epqrom Hts- ALSQ News Nonlnrmucrvni Bvrllusxy Orme Bbv QUHRDW 5-BL SANCTUNl'T0 KEEP our SPRINQQ Poers. ,J Q4 7 EII1b1'y'O-budding, infantile. Usually applied to amateur play 5-QQ, ' Wrights, such as Hod "Rats', Wlinslow, "Ted" Stempfel and G. Bradbury G Hill. Qualifications-extensive reading knowledge of Frank hflerriwell W oo ' - ' ' ' f ' b'l't to do plots, large quantity of cigarettes, deep, retrospectue nnen, a 11 y Z N wrestle with the fa.culty committee in order to get three actors and also O to smooth over petty jealousies in the caste. huge manuscript, with several yellow-must be yellow-sheets of paper Haunting on the outside. Nlust lose manuscript in order to get more notoriety. K H- Q-,161 E wg. Q1 . . . . . lull , Exchange-A custom enjoyed IH the spring-that is enjoyed by the L old clothes' man to Whom coats are worth six bits, pants four bits, etc. ' ' Woman's Exchange-A place across from the Pal, where Geo. Northrop and Doc. Kind buy small cakes for exclusive teas. Z Z Nonri-mor GETTING CAKES 13 TE' N 'KE Fast-A term applied to a genus of sports, most IN of,-Whom become quituated alumni. Heggie IS fast L 0 Q, B I-HN -in his steam cart--but he is no sport-hence, ' .P cf the distinction. If Coach Ten Eyck would fast he 3 Z, RTT 'RE would have less weight in the World. ry'-""' ufugh ' sq sa K. GD . ' t 4 ' - Frankfurters-synonym- rg: Q Weiuie. From frank, meaning open and latin fortita, meaning brave. A man must be brave to make his ' physog the receptacle for one of them. Nearly all are brave who vrp board at the Y. NI. C. A. K!'Fol5 fn? Zin' ,. Pk if . 5 ' fs .. sf.,-qu .Mm-' A ii- ' 17' v' FUSSCI'-from the Latin "fusz,', masculine-some- times. One who beats it out to Middleton, wasting papa's hard earned dough and shoe leather, also raising the same on one of Andrew's best if he thinks it is past ff 5 ' A - . THE 'IDEAL np FUSSER PAPA Runs AQRRHQE Mmrx ' -M H qaesnnouse UNCLE " ' CHNUY FACTURY tutes a fusser. 510 S. G. A. hours. Seen in great abundance at the football games-great incentive to team. Can be told by careful examination of the head-pin head of real brains consti- Grate-ft s 0 ro 1' i ty Hre-place. The young - P - L, ' fi i I men of the varsity e. g. ,'5-curl' ,J 1 3, , George Wilde-1-, Wigd ...-'- ,Lf--'ml fC,5'q-'Q--Ii s Stephenson and Ferd --" - 6 1' Bartlett, usually gather J 'v eff. -'l-"""'i"' themselves around these -Q N". v 1,43 2 5 r X Y real grates in the winter "' ,. 'ilu' 1 l A-7,3 evenings and sing silly I -cuz, I 9 lullabies to the dear R - ng' sqqz girlies. Then they eat '12 ml , T- 'N fudge. Next year they E 1-gp k X X Will all be married and A X f i have a Grate of their , 1 L own. BLittheywon't sit 1 ' I 46, 5 QJ around then because coal will be 89.42 a ton and its much cheaper to use the heat which the janitor will furnish. Grub-h0USe-an institution for the promulgation of dyspepsia. The sin of this species is one rather of omission than commission. 4, 4. .,. Handsome-Tile quality of looking like Pete hlurphy. Also a quality cultivated by Allison lVIoore. Blain essential is to resemble the statue of liberty-that is, fine to look at, but not much to talk to. :Ez Z 2: r - 5 Hay-fever-An affliction of the heart often succumbed to ' u by short-horns. fe' Honor-The abstraction sought by all college men. It is J 1 .H to be found thru different channels. He by managing elections. Ferdy Bartlett acquired honor thru various means. Dex Witte got his thru chronic kicking. Honor therefore becomes notoriety. It is typiaed by lenghty Bad- ger summaries. It is much harder for girls to acquire honor , AW fi willy' . f' ig -- JXMQWII gg- i' ' ff? ' A llnnl than men. Lecture-Difficult Word to catalog. Includes extremes, in other words, all utterances from the seances of Carl Russell to the moth-eaten and moss-covered reveries of A. Hoyt Taylor. ?,,a.- at f ' 19, ilgiljg . l I . - Io" sir ' lmholtz acquired honor o 9 ' Z . 9 xl-A I H K . 1 Q Q , Ng: -SR No one ever thinks of calling a roll at lectures because there are LEZQRE-SRHRE so many present. Lectures are always popular. Th ES-HMT 511 Logical ReaSOniIlg-An attribute of Professor Rollo Lu Vergne Lyman. He made use of it in his investigations wherein he proved that 4:9 of the last 50 students who sipped intoxicating Sa , beverages to excess were induced to do so by Cardinal advertise- ' ments. He showed that forty-nine subscribers receive their Cardinals regularly, and that these Cardinals contained appeals to the students to patronize the amber fluid brewed by the Haus- 4.. 'V f xx ' f .C - VU," 4:1 - -' 0 ' 1 up ? ' man Brewing Company. It was therefore conclusively proved f ' SH C R . fm T 'mv that Ned Jones was responsible for the excess. Ned should be R-Lvyekqrie Lvmw ostracized. Puma, Fog ,q Srnrvs BF Lbqlfhl- REASDNIMI bf tk H ' . 1 wr, '- Logical Reckoning-Similar to above, except that it is ' monopolized by NIL Redtop Taylor of the Agricultural Professor Lyman as above and thru his logical reckoning ,Z showed that the reading of the Cardinal itself was enough to drive if '- .7 .4 n the 49 to drink. Ned should be congratulated. I 7 as 42. MR Repro? TAYLQR 'Posing FDR STATUE oFLoq1cm. Rscmmmc, Mass-meeting-A crowd presided over by a few influential students who want their names in print. Ralph Hetzel is still 2 Q u "' If Q45 . l fl .4 stat1st1cs department. He attacked the logical reasoning of ' . X l - X fl hmscewscfw-Su? 1 1.-?..--Q--- 'f"'r -, mn k' f 'Mt P 1, 1,1 in the ring meeting all-comers. Carl Hill MX W2 ' ,UIQ is a roof-raiser. Once in a while some I 7x " W4 5 ordinary mortal like Bud Nlatthews pre- Ml I sides and is so common-place as to makefa WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF HETZEL AND Hin-L' few remarks that the proletariat can TRIED T0 mm AT THE SAME rms 7 understand. MIDDLE Tori :L 31 . 'Cf MlddlCt0n-The place that Willie took Jennie so that .ri ' Jr . -e E' Q ' 1 ' P- Q ' Y . . they could rusticate and eat simple fodder at eighty cents per 7 :I .71 plate. Bennie and Artie also rusticated at lVIiddleton Tuesday f ! .4 X as ' fa AY night. They had an exam Tuesday afternoon. Benniels papa IS a prof and Artie rooms at Nlrs. Hogan's. Hence their walk to Middleton to rusticate. 1 512 will 'TKEELEYS Mixer-Typihed by Theodore- Stempfel. H MWER 'f POP A man who can say, "Glad to meet youu thru one K Z nostril and invite you to drink with the other- 2 VY f ' 't t ' ' h' Ht' b ttl f I y yes, IDVIG you o Join 1m spi ing a o e o 2 white po at Nlister Keeley's em orium. j X Z P P I X :k :k is 7 fi 2 4 X? l In ff Olive-A pickle to be used as a refuge X Wh VZ 12 be tween courses. As Tom Ca enter sa sz 2 A X YP Y 'Z K X - "Oh for an olive- - Alas my gab is spentf, .5 25: :5 OI'ati0I1-The outburst of Edgar E. Robinsonor Carl Never-get-up-before-ten-o'clock Hill or Gussie Buchen or others. Generally confined to 1,900 odd unknown words on a subject filched from the Discourses of Epictitus. Very interesting. Will be appreciated by later generations when they unearth Nladison and the insane asylum from the lava. :k :fs tk Pitiable-That condition in which a stude finds himself at the end of four years' continuous and con- X - , Mfillllllllg secutive fussing on the same girl. Poor thing, he is 4 T- T103 going forth to face the hard-hearted bill-collector with a i fb K grafted diploma. under one arm and a girl under the b f - other, who should be teaching third grade reading in illlfil W nh N , the second ward school at WVonowoc. 1 W .I . E. I A 39 . 'llf an mviiila-x l lill mr at fe 'nt s aff 7 P1'r1nBLE!!fF?!lH! fy! ' f PFCSS Club-Synonym, vision, dream. An organization dee QW . .2 I' f W ? f . 953 Qi , SEBSQRE, A-, composed of the wielders of student sentiment. One of the v SH. - , ten members paid his dues in his freshman year. The club l ' n f ' .7 meets bi-annually at Cronin's and Professor Bleyer speaks . '1 X 'V after which the club recuperates for two years more. Also . Gussie Blatz spoke this year. The club may never meet again. Poor club. 513 A ' ' PFUIICS-That commodity which papa sells over C50 4 V D 4 - - the counter in his store at the cross-roads' so that Susie 7 Z R" and Jennie and Nellie and Taizzie may come to Vlfis- , f N consin and wear Phlie Up I'I61gl1 sororities pins and ride , Z 'I in carriages two blocks to a dance with VVillie, Artie, I Jemmie, Frances or Algernon, whose papas are com- - peting with the paters of the former in attempting to SE LL ,NCI UNES secure llflrs. Jones' custom up in Rose Bay. ?P?i' Quench-synonym, squelch, cut. Meaning-to extinguish, to cool. A good test is to call a co-ed to the phone at '7 :30 and ask for a date the same night. The result is a hot wire and Miss Vo1kman's deepest regrets. n 54342: Real EStat64synonym, corner lot, sub-stratum, accumulated dirt. A towel is real estate under certain conditions. The conditions are that it shall have served an appren- ticeship in the gym. lVIost towels of this type are real estate at the end of a four years, apprenticeship. Then some horses come and drag it away and break it into small pieces and sell it to the boarding house keepers. If you End a steak with a monogram in the left hand upper corner you have real estate, that is towel. 4 'Jia , , .LJ-1 .' ' 4 Zu RCfeCt0I'y-A room for refreshment. Ferdie has sold lns. Lockers at I the University Club come within the definition. The out-side room of Dean Birge,s office is also a refectory-on the way out. ,. ww-H W M. s . n .oe 'of' ill' 253112 , gg'-,' "5f3a1.fg3 DR-BIRGEB office. :iigtixlfi Qlgilgiggl Rounder-A fellow who IS fast. A kind-hearted and important 1... ,-- . . . . . 65.551 looking guy whom all the girls dislike because he knows too much. His papa may have been a minister. Sid Haskell doesn't look like a rounder, -57' but he is. 514: 'NUff? QQQAQQUEM Bmmdl 5 ,-n.1..ff-'ff FAMOUS Mawson STREET' Cm Wuacuu LRPPEP A. Swan. on THE SEC-GND Tame Rourtp THE SQUARE snail to do it. 4. 4, .,. .,. ,,. S. G. A.-Sub Rosa organization in the universities of the country. Keeps the co-eds from deviating from the straight and narrow. Greatly interested in woman's welfare-likewise farewell. After S. G. A. gets through with them, it is farewell. Oflicers are girls who be- lieve in segregation-most fellows who have seen them do likewise. Slaves of the Great-fHerej After. Ex- tensively defined in lVIrs. VVoodward's baiting bulletin sent out to prospective "Conn didates. S. G. A. hours are from 7:30 p. m., to 7:35 p. m., at which time lights are extinguished. J: X 3: Satellite-Connotation unknown-A satellite is a sort of associate editor. It revolves around somebody else. Victor Buchanan is a satellite. Heggie was last year when Papafs auto was new. The moon is also a satellite. It' is a great way from the earth and it would take a Blad- ison street car 16,000,000,34Q years to make t.he distance, just a little less than half the time that it would take a MRKE THE MIND 6 CQNTKGLTRE HEHRT sstascae f . 1 a , :ge mf 4 f . I I Af-.. O ' lc QQU SIRLS TYSRTS A eEBuT'F:H' L1rrLe Ser-mr-qsur - Yay CANT Kwnw Huw Ir HELPS Us ,N ouR DAu.y AFFRiRs OF HEART. l e Q . S ' .V Space-Twenty-six inches J l 1 Z left by the fair damoiselle for . ' Q 5- I - V the fusser to settle into. Tubby X F ,FI 1 K Wlheelock takes another chair. TUBBY TAKE.5-ANOTHER CHPUR- Sticker-synonym, Stanley Boyd. The necessary quali- l ties of a sticker are that he shall stick, that is, stick, stay or remain around after his presence is no longer desired. If you wish to know more ask Stanley about the Delta Gamma informal, of how he slept in the corner and awoke to find all his fellows departed and himself confronted only by the chaperone. He was thevcenter of lattraction. ' Poor Stanley! 515 Of X MMM WWI HH 'tb .wi .f y , 5 l l lllll lf? immithm X I - 2- ' y BOYD AT ,D,G. .INFORMAL Swell-A person who has graduated from the freshman class and who in emblem thereof wears a brown derby and pink soxes. Members of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and Cardenas come within the category. So did Ten Eyck, even before he bought the eighty yards of new spring suit. THE GUY WHO MADE SIGMA JU' DN HIS THESIS A fu .E Thesis-Twenty pounds of 4 f W .. paper extracted from seniors Q. -1 , Q lg 6 ,J so that the poor, impoverished um , " fmfgg ' A T stenographers may survive. ' ii Gussie Rheinhard was writing p, . " 3 y F- L-' a thesis about a rail untiluit ' 5 '98 V I fell on his foot and then all his 43 , ' ' work had to be expurgated Q ik i - . UnuSllal-Connotation-usual means ordinary, common- Y place-un--comes from under, below-combined meaning, below ' K I ' par. It is unusual when Jock Phannstiehl, studies or takes a g seltzer or makes an eight o'clock before half-past. Also when if? 1 off?-fyf' q Ph ' T 1 fi '11 11' 1 1 11 ' ff' ysics ay or nis es 1S ec ure anyw ere near on time. ga I A Also when Eddie Maurer is interesting. Also for an engineer- V 3 , ing Prof. to have any respect for a hill Prof., or vice versa. None ' - - - of these believe in the unusual. 393551 HH-L Pawn Passing A ENC-11NeER1Ne, Paw. AND' V1cA VERS A-. fb ifiqlr r f . 1 P fa ?- ' V ' Nfl 4 ,nn o ATN, fx 'i I fglfjgf-,E ,J - 1,9 X I L L ' 'gif 2 ' . . PRsM. ka 1 X -.It 1 , EQ ' 1 49716 'TAQ fi-J ' FWD- H A QI' 5.23 Vice Commo- dOre-That position which Hutchins places at the disposal of all Junior Class Play chairmen who will give two hundred dol- lars for the trousseau of the crew which only fllls twelve trunks and leave the affluent Prom Committee, al- so of the Junior Class, with a 833.33 hand- kerchief which may assist in covering 8158.27 of nakedness. Wicked-Wliat the fusser tells his queen he really is to counter-balance the singular popularity of the athlete-around relay meet time. 25123214 Yellow Fever-A passion for reading the Sphinx and the State Journal. 516 .V gcxxfgve . , K Q95 of-O o he xfi X391 691, 5,09 Q? et at e .- , ev 66' iffixi' isa 25 X 90 o- ge? ogy ROGX ,559 Q5 ' A ' N 409' 'offp 9 5 'oc c give! 95' o . o-. x vt' .e ' get awp 65,1 'booioog ,ri ,coexxgoo Y 4 05 e v S60 x ,Ge Q 9 gd: o gc. eo -tc Y'-. :BY 0 Q- O S .goievw Q, vo gb .go fb kc to We ,de ,ax -593.95 S' tex X945 with SGBQQQXSWG' Nile .em e Qioitlio X More. Honor Onetof the Sheboygan young men winning distinction at the University of Wisconsin is Mr. Gustave Buchen, whom we used to know as "Gussie," when he was the backbone of the high school debating teams in this city. His latest honor is his selection as a mem- ber of the 'university's intercollegiate debate team. Mr. Buchen is a member of the Philomathian society and is. chairman of the excuse committee. All the Sheboygan young men in Madison have secured a house together and spend many evenings talking over their high school days in this city.- Slieboygon Cilizcn. Gems from Eau Claire Leader Harold Stafford is back at the Uni- versity, but has been suffering ever since his sojourn ,in the West with stomach trouble. He expects that this will he his last year of college work, and consequently is taking a very broad, course selecting those studies which will serve him most in after life, "Hal" always was a great hand at business, and is anxious to get at the real thing, The Mr. Hamilton who was arrested' for disorderly conduct, and is reported as being from Eau, Claire is a stranger to the other home boys, and they think that some mistake has been made as to the name of the place he lives in. The directory of students does not have him entered, although there is a Mr. l-Iannil-' ton from Two Rivers 'in attendance at the University. Emmetfl-loran has suitched from civil engineering to law, this being his second year at college. He is a mem- ber of one of the best Fraternities in Madison, and is an all around good student. Victor E. Nelson of the Christmas Class of NOG" is also in the civil engi- neering course. Because of insuli- cient training'in algebra, he is somee what handicapped in his work, but is at present taking extra studies and will undoubtedly soon be up with the best ofbthem.-Eau Claire Leader. GUMMUNS IN TLIMBU' Noted University Professor Pays 54.92 for Riding Bike Without Light TNSTRUGTUR ALSO ARRESTED Dave Now a Man David Gardner came .home from Madison on Friday last to attend a party given at the Gardner home on So, Chestnut Sl., in honor of his 21st birth- day, on Saturday evening. David was so recently one ofthe little boys, that it is hard to realize that he has graduated from the- Normal, had the principal- sh.ip at Genoa, Wis., for a year and is now on his second year in the law course of the State University, and is making good in all his classes. He has been elected a member of several com- mittees of high standing at the U. W. About twenty-four were present at the party Saturday night and David nas the recipient of, many beautiful pres- ents. Elaborate refreshments were served.-Platteville Jnumnl. PRES. U. W. JUNIORS Clarence- TeSelle of Sheboygan Falls ls Elected President of the Junior University Class Clarence j, TeSelle, whose parents live near the village of Sheboygan Falls, was highly honored by being elected president of the junior class at the State University. The honor came to him entirely unsought, many of his friends who were not able to be present even sending in proxies. This places the young man in the m0Sl influential position in his class, and already his election is being discussed in its relation to njany of the most important events of the university, such assthe junior Prom and the Cross Country Runs, Mr. TeSelle is at modest young man, having graduated from the Sheboygan Falls high school, -The Falls Hummer. Pla! ' P Q, Blix' I o,- 0 67 -I- sbudizsof, 1? .h7f,,tZ0f41Z?S,l,,h 41' ss'-'e hefib las, I 0 X 'T' I' 'Qc ,906 ,,o 1. -J azfqlw TWU 'RIVERS DEFEATEIJ 'SUNDAY Dngo Wngener Celebrate: Hln Relum to the Local Team hy: Winning Game Dago is back! The ordinary 'son of Sunny Italy eats his macaroni and plods along his weary way without gettlng any particular notice excepting, maybe, an occasional "Hurry up, john," from the section foreman. But when our Dago hits the native soil the small boys hold conferences and plot and scheme to get under.the fence, over the fence, or throtigffthe fence, to see the mighly'Dago swing his good right arm and shoot 'em over to the terror and confusion of the enemy. - Yep Billlt Dago's back, and lojig may he wave to gladden the hearts of the all-wool-yfird-wide baseball fan. He wasn't at his best Sunday, but his best is so all-fired good that even his ordinary stunts are very much on the A., No, 1, order.--Doqr Cmmly Demo- crdi. T Into New Society Edward McMahon, a graduate of the South Side High School in this city and 'son of P. j. McMahon, new located at Milwaukee, who is a student al Madi- son, is one of those in the junior and Senior classes at Madison that was in- tiated into the,Yellow Helmet, an honf, orary society at the University of Wisf consin.-The Manitowoc-CilLzen. The Wausau boys are certainly doing things in basket-hall at the University of Wisconsin. Orrie Peterson, a grad- uate of the high school in 1906, has made the 'varsity team and it has been reported that Harold Morisette and Mrinhart Koenig, members of 'last yezrr's team, have a' good chance to make the. freshmen basket-ball team. - Wausau Record-Herald. v 1-age Eiisefef. iff ' ' r, . up f, X X',gx.5-PM ' fi. 4 ' S 7 WF'-Xb lain" Y .M X x " ff , ff f f S X ' ilk 35235 l f 2 -' N it 1 'QR-nll': - 1 J f Q f 9, 5 3 it X W., to f f l D Ja: ' 5 if f , ,,..-lm ,W fl 4 , Q f X ll 155 , Q wr , Tp, hw-4 , H7 Lgml 1 A 5 I , , : 4 'O-0,-5 vpiffjfwfzgiifff ,af E 29 f 1 Em- - Vs ,wt JV! fm: L- .VHA 1 .--' 5111, 7 FEA " if "" QW' gt1vfq5Q,g,v,a x'.A cum.,-uf ,, so QM ff' " A '-La A Ili. R - If N If Wulf 1 b " A .,-. " 1 , NJ I N' ,- , , '? f 5 ff H'-W' 'X A l l3l3fff1f. to m l iiff -. W2 Vis iletll wlzll fs Wiifitlvllllp f 1 W l t l ,No wm fm Q 009 M l Rr llulf' lf ' K V 'X - l' 5.3 'H , 'gal' , 'ff' C: ,x yn ' HLEU' ill' lffrflfn' FHL. ' Z'-1-3' 1 ' H ln I W f " AF mfr 'I Ml '-fu. 5 dy- L ,rt ly ' f li l ,f l' Z 1 5 l5aXi?2i XM? lf . W W W .wt I 4? fm all 51 p7FSQo:' - E' Rllll l e' E gff t- -Q X -- l l 1 QL: fljfrlx ..... .. M , ,tt qlletgggifgj m :E . ,2'Tiu'. NK? 'N fl in Wifi 27 'll U, ff , Lf fl ..,'.MltxXX' , :G 1 , ' 107 7 'jf V , U15 C, 1' - 1 .51 U 1 :El ull. , ll: 4 R r 'EGM' 'K f' h 'f fl' t Loud! W W' 'x x ll' f W E- ? L 11,, ?1g f?' I4 Hgnaukcslgb Jxlllwlxyx l . V. is , , , .:Wf77,"1 53342, li yi E 56' ffjikrti? ' 'p U . , ' wt, JI ' l -V 5 .Av-N uk I Jn 1 N--V : ffl lv , 9" 'f l .if-' ' ' 1' . . 'K r ooo 'rnnrrnfgx ' Miha, I ,,,- ,pf fuesmes xx gjgf iw T S , ' 4 ' -' f Q I-Nm. A ' 2 5 2 t ff . Q N Q o f , f An - - Q J f f Zn g, K Avfxx 'X MW fig' Xjg nlllgff ,Z x X GE vlfgglw Q QJICRUB6 A I Ai:- V ' F . A, ' g The Eavgboo , .xgfyjj Kok 6 1 Q Q U n ' H qQ"'6:' 3 , E ,-Sak ., wsogwd , .s Q aku' gf JSQJG l -x ,U.+3.f P o. X xy? '- i - 'tif' ' f' X . Zn l Y Wh ' f wbf-'ki -1 Xi .js W' ' ' lllle s Lament to Volume 23 These 23 grafters follow me on, At last they've hunted me down. Through the dusty streets of the town' I, ' ' , What could be worse, they'd have my purse, ve run from the tram, lout all in vaing T ' hese gralters twenty-three. -2 .-..f fs. 1 - .Z ' if L 111114 'Xi - X L gig! 9 Ci-gf? ffl", ' sz N 3 1 , " ' s ' , 1 p ' we g sf f ' gy rd! at f H M QM Y- is f fi S3 ai sv do s Q' 4 . 7 ff 4 4 Z fa- f-lk I f To Ernst in February Or While the Coat Still Lingers on the Back 0, Ernst, where did you get that Coat, But now, forsooth,-you're all the rage, It's worse than Doctor Kind's: The Pi Phi,s love to gloatg Such gaudiness oft makes me smile, They all love you,-the reason's plain, And write these witless rhymes. They like your dovey coat. You once were such a modest boy, An actor in the commerce school, Quite docile and demureg And in such loud array, Your love for Hash you kept concealed, Now, really, Ernst-say, weren't you glad Upon each fussing tour. To shed the first of lvlay? Twenty Little Questions for Twenty 'Little People 1-Why do medics wear clothespins on their noses in the lab? 2-Why does Ward Castle chew gum? 3-Why is the German department Kind to Allison Moore ? ' 4-Why does Grobe wear a red tie? days in Madison? .MO I an 'fp f 5' H -'NM xii' -LK- 5-Why should Cody Clark spend his Sun- :- 47 '- - H , ' N W0 ,ml , 7 1 . f 7 1 Wflr 5 W ltr, l .. .W fbi 6-Why should Ned Jones spend his in Portage ? 7-Why should Douglass Hall spend his in Waukeslia ? 8-Why does Amy Bosson take forestry ?' 9-Why does Eva Lewis wear red? 10-Why don't lVIercein wear a few more pins? Ans. He will when he grows up and wears a larger vest. 11-Why did Hazel I-Iandt get the small-pox? 12-Why-did Billie Bertles fall down stairs and hurt his knee? Ans. He was calling on Amy up in Green Bay when Papa came home. 13-Why should Obert Sletten say he lives at the Alpha Tau Omega house? 14-Why does Hazel Houser take Abnormal Psychology? 15-Why does Heggie wear gaiters in the summer time, and grey ones at that? 16-Why can't Bartlett "remember ?', 18-Why does Gertrude Kennedy wear so many diamonds? 19-Why does Sockey like big eyes? Q0-Why does Oratorical Johnstone wear flowery sox? P1 Q L- - g'-1-2 -','.'.-. - W -S Si Q ' 5 ' -54-512:31 f' I : - : vz' .1 '.'e. :+E: W V 1. 1.5 5 : - - 5 - -24 .' 1.35- I'!' 1' 'fn' 1 4 Q' ' 'Ju v I ' , ' , - .gn X 0 -Q Q 'V' 3 VZ: nl Yr H H X Q22 .fi ll Y? f? mpg It M ef' K " ' ' ALA .L gl A E99 miss mama 2 D l J Right up at the Main Hall's entrance, Where the stude and the co-ed meet, Therels Stempfel announcing roll-call 'Mid the noise of the shuffling feet, You hear him as you're passing, "Stover, :kAppel, and Rehm, Holmes, Helmholz, Hogan-" But what can this roll-call mean? "'Sherman,', he cries out loudly "Grady, Hartley, none here ?" And Ted as he ceases calling, Heaves out an ox-like tear. "It's the last of the month," he mutters, "They all in the building have staid. N 0 smoke, for I can't sponge the makin's Of the Cigarette Brigade." "'Appe1 begs to announce that he has sworn off. 520 F l? ' A i ei 4' Rig - 116' Q ' "".'1i!. .sss ' x "" 'S . A giiifie, -reg' A y if . fssff f f ig - L . ' F n'fn1l5ttx'2t - thug: ...... JIiE::. -- U if ' f 4 ' "??ii""" 01:44 ,Ai'0Xs'Q pf .552:f:,:,::55f --':1:EE?:E- --.- 9 If , 12 -4:1-332' . The athlete, the undergraduate politician, the joint debater, the college editor, the orator and the student sat about the table. Each had excelled in his own field. Each had impressed his own name upon his fellows. But now it was over. On the morrow they must part to engage in sterner things. Amid the haze of blue smoke they were well-pleased and satisfied, for they had done their best to win pre-eminence. ' A cynic joined them. He came unnoticed among them, and remained unnoticed, until the words dropped from his lips, "Who closed for Hesperia ten years ago ?" T here' was suddenly a dearth of conversation. "Who was football captain in '95 ?-Who won the Northern Oratorical?- Who ranked highest in the class of a decade ago ?-Who wrote the Badger that year ?-Who was class president ?" The athlete arose and searched for his hat. The orator and the joint debater departed arm in arm. The college editor slipped out. The student fumbled with his Phi Beta Kappa key as he of fame .....-'-.-.-ss: mg no .f-L xx ! " x QS f X ,X Which 9 A co ed stood at the top of the lull And a bitter sigh sighed she She looked down the walks which were fr And thus she lamented, "Oh, Gee! Wherever I go, I am bound to fall, hfly heels will fly up in the air, And if I go past the laughing crowds, I will get mine, for fair. Now, shall I go past the engineers, ozen and white went. The senior president stole away. The cynic alone remained, muttering, "The shallowness ,U-J I-U nlll . . ,til ' . . . , ' F , f . v 3 - - -x X Q xl., lil lil . asm, Those bold, bad buceaneer beasts, Or past the Laws: to their logical minds, Our tumbles are good as a feast PM I never knew which side she went down, Or where her fall came to be, I only heard her murmur low, "TwiXt the devil and the sea!" Now no disrespect is meant, I am sure, But this is what puzzles me, Which of the two was the devil, And which did she mean was the sea? 521 The Singular Miss Smith D A Problem Story CHAPTER I Solemnly the venerable alumna intoned the questions of tl1e ritual. 'cHave you any afliliations with any male person back home that would tend to prevent your being an object of adoration here PU The neophyte raised her chin proudly. - "To the best of my knowledge and belief, no!" she said. "Good! But before you are kissed by the chapter you must pledge fidelity to our ideal: 'To be fussed, but not infatuatedg to develop a crush, but never an affinityg'-in a word, to be a feminine Ferd Bartlett-that is our symphony!" ' The neophyte knelt, and kissed the worn volume of Ella Wheeler Wilcox. "I dedicate myself," she said, in clear, ringing tones, "I dedicate myself to the cause of fussinf H HSpoken like a true Gamma Phi!" cried the venerable alumna, and with one accord, Gamma chapter fell on her neck. CHAPTER II ' She was posing in a brown study against a background of mauve and purple autumn sunset. She was radiant, so that the sunset looked cheap and jaundiced by comparison. "Lena,,' said Arnold Knueppel Qfor it was indeed hej Hwhen I look on you my head swims, sinkingly, like a frosh making the second length 'in the tankf, Their eyes met and they understood. "Arnold,,' she said, "you are the only man that ever thrilled mef' Far down the west the great red sun set with a plunk. . CHAPTER III They were seated Platonically at opposite ends of the spoon- holder. Stemp spoke. "Isn,t it curious Cas Nietzschke saysj that out of all the Smiths in the world we two should have met P" 'cYes," she said, simply, yet intensely. A horrible thought struck him. "Are you-are you-any relation to Lenny Smith Pi' he hissed hoarsely. She roused like a wounded tigress. "No!', she cried. 522 Drawing herself up to her full height, she slapped his wrist. But suddenly her mood veered. '4Theodore,H she said, "you are the only man that has ever thrilled mef, CHAPTER IV "I am going away!', "You are going away ?', she gasped. His pompadour wavered before her eyes. She swayed and would have fallen had not a piece of mission furniture intervened. "Yes," said Ted Reed Qfor it was none other, this timej "and all for you. I am going-going to Platteville to study mining." 'GPlatteville,', she sobbed-yet with a ring of the woman triumphant in her tone-Hthen, then I have made you Mine !" Laying four dozen American beauties at her feet, he went away into the night. The door shut with a sickening thud. "Theodore," she soliloquised, nyou are the only man that has ever thrilled mef' CHAPTER V Midniglltl The doorbell rings! A slender, youthful figure stands without. "I am going awayf' pants Bill Sherman ffor it is indeed hej "Minerva is a jealous goddess-she don't stand no show in competi- tion with you. Dean Birge is hunting me with dogsf, A horrible suspicion strikes her. "Are you a bromide ?,' she gasps. "No,', he replies sadly, "only a bromo with the fizz all gonef' She is all sympathy. "Theodore," she says, from force of habit, g'The0dore, that is, Bill--you are the only man that has ever thrilled mef, X' CHAPTER VI On a beautiful morning in April two figures might have been seen approaching along University drive. The one was of queenly mien. The other was none but Allen Boyden. ................. . ..................................... .... ............'....... "Allen," she said, "you are the only man that has ever thrilled me." CHAPTER VII It is summer. Two Hgures are seated on the knoll, the one of queenly mien Qwe mean Queen Flavia, of coursej, the other .... she said, "you are the only man that has ever thrilled mef, CTO BE CONTINUED., 523 Twelve Nights in a Rathskeller A CR.-IZINESS IN THREE ACTS BY VVILLIAM SHA.I:EsrEARE Note.-T he indulgent reader will kindly observe how, having conceived a vivid, vital, yet screamingly funny climax, the gifted author gradually grips the auditor's attentions with a firmer and still firmer grip, until at the denouement their interest is at fever heat C105 FJ and their mood is correspondingly appreciative. . PARTIES TO THE CRIME Howard Beye .............. .,....................... .............. H e ro Allison More .... ..... .... Q u een of Hearts Hod VVinslow ...... ,...... . .Two Spot Jet Jenkins, '11 ,...................................,..., .. ................. .,.... L ittle Eva Tommy lNIills ..........,.................... X .............................. . . . Reprobate Soldiers, Villagers, Faculty, Broilers, Madison police and other properties. CN. B. Ibsen T0uch.j Susan Sterling-Censor. Stage Note. Howard Beye, Medic '10, does not appear on the stage at all. Just as in Peter Pan the fairy Tinker Bell is represented by a moving spot of light, so Howard Beye is represented by a smell of crude carbolic. ACTI The village green. Allison More is married to Howard Beye. ACT II Joint investigating committee of Y. BI. and Y. W. C. A. in session in the Pompean Room, Chadbourne. Accusation that Alli More really married Hod Winslow. Acr III Alli More succeeds in proving herself an Alli Beye. JOKE ! ! ! ! Fight all over stage. Q. 3,4 Q .r Q, -S' ' ff- 512' 2-.ff-1 4 fact,Profess0rFrank f f-ul'-. . -Q-.V g- , 11 . . . . I .. . . H-Lf- 1, ,ua ., ,.,,,,m,. ..mws,,: MA, u.,mw3,. 3 . 4 ,,p G Hubbard was CURTAIN. ' 'WW' .. A ' , .. .,,,. X H V ,In V g as - , -, Badger Back- "' - A.f..f. '-":"f'f- 3255 ' . QE' ,gf,,,,,gf'ae,,s Yard Contest ' ' " -1"" ' if31i':1'12'f-fglfj 7 fl - Om Comm--we ...lggf .... 3 H, . composed of Mr. I Iffiii-ii--55' I A ? Dean B1 Tge and "iifP'--?"1-iisii' Vliillfzg:-fjff ,GQ-'I-I ., - ' ' .' " - ,1 ,. .- X Robert J. lVIorter '. ,11:2-aazif-Kea-:wifi 539111 -fs-5.:::-.ess5,515-', ,... 2 ' + - ' L. 9755 , R- has, after consider- ' - -be :MQ s1.,Q'. 2' ' " 'gif rw- - ab1?d1fHCultYISett1ed - :. 'mga I f E amlcably upon the ., 'I 51.55-31:5eg,Z'i, .5 2 A jfE-,if'.,i4"Q- . ' 1 Eff' K awards of filth ff' 'pf .1 - ?'g.i, ,gii-'E I second and tlurd . : 1- E':.Q.1fl. 1 , , M, M- , G-sgzjig ' z -1- ff- Y ,F f-'s g I - 'ii 5 Pflzes- Onthewhole iii' 'H115J'f the C0r1'feSt has been - - . 1' 3 -- '- ag.-r war. H, "" ' gs' -..-A,-,.... .t.'.' I-,i,I..f -' -, "" "rag . igg 5 '52 i 7, ,Eli-a l K -g?WH,,j4,Q:Q very successful, 111 J J I 1+ , - - t ill- :':21fflA1-vagftr' A E ,. .... .sf Q. 3, ,ag .1 - 'ai 77+ if: ' 1- .f observed carrying a frm- ' " 4 fIf:f'f'Z 1 ' X I I . . U . - - .- -- g c- .95 Q- .-.. . --,,..,,!ax 4. ,,, , tin can out oi his 1 QW, ar.. -, . ff-F.. ' -. f " gifgji-'j ,Q,,55T:I.gfj'fz--,saga -M., ,g ,, -f' - -- . I --" -'.f7L."12. 1 I back yard the day H ' ' ..F f. ' -. .-,. 7-4 E'T'f"if3-" - W-1-?w1..,5,'I, after the conditions -11' Q-Il: 'i 5.515312-5?"?Q43f'Liff"i:'1'7' -' ' - of the contest were -1-7" " .:"f ,-iii? , '1 'ag'--,x announced. O ve r . -" ,Aff'f',i47?:z,'r"T?,1hi???-H - - one thousand hoto- -' . P . " if w""--ff-iei 4 .-1 graphs were submit' --- - , ff- ., .- ted to the Judges. UNIVERSITY CLUB-AVVARDED FIRST PRIZE 524 The Student Farmer DALLAS S. BURCI-I, CRITIC Ofiice, 819 Irving Place, Madison Memorandiim. Sonnets and Poems. By J .Valentine Mulany. Among the writers of verse today one occasion- ally finds a true singer, one who has been brought into close harmony with nature in all its varied forms. Such is the author of the present book. His music wells from the burn- ing core below in Hcanticles of love and woe." His work fairly tingles with sentimentality and the keenest love for womankind. Mr. Mu1any's experience has been such as to fit him eminently for this role. Some of his poems have ap- peared in bulletins of the Chemical Engineer- ing department, but not the following, which has a just right to be what it is, "the pride of the author's heart." "If I could sing-ah Bess-if I could sing- What sentimental ditties would I fling At you.--For lamps so black,-and hair like pitch, How many dairy maidens would I ditch! G- That toddler of a foot!-the tiny thing Should have the spacious palace of a kingg And there, how many nocturnes would I bring, And show off my falsetto--soft and rich If I could sing. Some more high fancies too I'd like to fling, But in the hall I hear the Bell 'phone ringg Perhaps it's you,-you'll make me mad for fair! Ah Bess-for you, my girl, tlIere's not an air I wouldn't try upon my vocal string If I could sing.-U --J. V. M Now Lee is short for Cosalette, And Cosalette is long for Lee. For instance: see Lee Elliotg Now Lee is short for Cosalette, But don't this sound the sweetest yet: "Cosalette Huntley ?" Goodness me! Now Lee is short for Cosalette And Cosalette is long for Lee. Wanted - by a fine eligible oak - a vine. Apply Dad, 513 Frances -Q -II I I l V . I I SUBMITTED Fon BACK-YARD CONTEST.-ENGINEERING BUILDING, AWARDED SECOND PRIZE She Was Working Me A Blusic and Words WT'iff67l by AZ. Kvfeckhefer. I met her last fall at a Sigma Ki dance, I thought myself lucky and seized on the chance, She was sweet and coy and ever so nice, I was comedy for her-I danced with her thrice, She was working me! One night, on a drive, of the Prom sweetness spoke, But I was right there-never needed the poke, For Prom tirne's the gay time of all the year. I was eager to go-for I then had no fear She was working me! That Prom was rnost awful in dollars and cents, Old Gov. had been worked, when I met the expense, Then he balked g and my heart got as heavy as lead, For Gov. was dead wise as he whistled and said, "She's working you!" For a time, I couldnit see dad's'point of view, But now Ilve awakened-I know it's too true Now she's going with Pfiff-he's awfully young, But itdoes myheart good to see someone else stung. She's working him, too. Freshman Cexplainingj-'fFather said I might stay at the varsity on four conditions. I got 'em and now the faculty's gone and fired mei, It takes, nine tailors to make a man, but Olsen and Veerhusen can make a pretty good Delta Tau all by their lonesome. - They took their grandmafs feather beds, The co-eds of the U, Then tied a string around the whole, And had a hat brand new. 'Y 'VI . 0 i Sigh if M' L' V , . -I ..,.... Q... vy' - SW ga -E NQM AML . SUBMITTED Fon BADGER,S BACK-YARD CONTEST. HYDRAULIC LABORATORY, AWARDED THIRD PRIZE. gf iff 1 A Revelation Here is Wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of this Badger: for it is the number of Jo Keho-and his number is twenty-three. if P--h U wif T 1 L I ,R - 2 Q f ': x ff' 2 QW " gl 2 Q nov Af Q75 F f 1 4 - 5:0 0 -S 5 --S.-...I J M1 I 1 0605 Carmen-asset Ei V A x- B!jLi-EE,-2 ' E0 Kb 4- K t rtutnnititrttttsftsrtt i,rrtti, A fijffy , . - f -gag A i i i m lj ' Xl ffxf 7 'r Y ,Tim i iiaflei 7 1 N' SEELEY BROVVN Is STUNG AGAIN. 527 Wilder in the Footlight's Glare Withffellows heis a strong, brave man, Hels captain of the crewg With a single maid a year ago, His valour rotted through. The part was such, he should embrace A certain Winifredg But when the deed should have been done, He somehow lost his head. She wasnit much on nerve herself, But she put George to shame, And asked him more than twenty times, To be a trifle game. Then she said to Mr. Southwick. that She couldn't do it all, When Captain Wilder heard of this--well Did Win do it all? The Ballad of Brutal Gene Gene Dinny sits in hys window His feet hang o'er the sill. HNOW wha would be most joy to On the first of Apyri1?" Syne, inspiration striken him And up the Hill he clamb, To where A1 More been jolieing With Cootsy Cunnyngham. "N ow will you be my ladye gay In your glad rags bedight eat g sting To feed yoin' face with the Tall hleifs Club Which banquets Wednesday night ?" Ye mayde she crowed with joye. She near Had fallen on hys neck. CBut wot she Wednesday was April first, She'd wrungen it, by heck!j For she had hypnotized some cack In every fratte house else, This added to her string of scalps Ye low-browed Alpha Delts. On the trysting night she flossyed up To charm the Tall Guys Club, Ascetically she passed by Her meed of supper grub. Up spak Wyd the Notorious "Our triumph were compleat lf Ladye Al has flossyed up Nor bitten bread nor meat? Wyd Stephenson's kyd brother Verne QU. W. '165 He tirls the bell of Gamma Phi To interview the queen. He looks her oier, from bright red shoon To hllerry Widow lid, For that he been a nervye lad QQuite different from Wydj. Then hands he in Gene's card so fair And that expectant faery Reads: "All the dead ones are not out At Greenbush cemetary." O, lang lang may the ladye sit No love-light in her een A-sharpening a little ax For Wyd and festive Gene. "We score! we score! on Allie More!" Those Brilliant Wits repeat, With alle ye littel Alpha Delts In worship at they're feet. 7 Heart Education I strolled by the Libe at midnight' When all was dark and still, For the grinds were sweetly dreaming Of their class work on the hill. The steps seemed quite desertedg Not a light shone anywhereg But the class in Heart Education Was holding a session there. I strolled by the lake last ev'ning To muse on lofty thingsg But alas I lacked mystical fancy To rise on heavenly wings. My soul seemed quite contented No farther afield to fare, For the class in Heart Education Was holding a session there. I strolled by the Agric building, In the gloam of a sum1ner's night, And gazed at the classic structure Thruthe web of the pale moonlight. I started to mount the terrace, But a voice cried out "Bewareg', Lo, the class in Heart Education Was holding a session there. it 4.w""' C iw min! ' Confession He kissed her as they strolled along- It was a dreadful sing The stars were shamed and tried to hide, To shut their faces in. He kissed her as they strolled along- The very moonbeams quivered, While Mars turned red and Venus Bed, And Orion nearly shivered. He kissed her as they strolled along- I thought to see her faint, This modest maid who seemed so staid, I'd deemed she was a saint. He kissed her as they strolled along- Ah, can I tell-alack, The direful truth of womanis ruth- I--saw her-kiss-him back. 529 Our Own Anthropology By Prof. E. A. Ross Author of Smolreless Sin, or It Is Not Always Durham That Kills r ' 'E ' X. , - 'LHX z ' 'H-1 ' u f ' U Z 5Q :, Jmnrociuves ' , 7 ' 'Ut' ing of the third finger, known as ring-bone or Gamma Phitis, caused by lightning change of affinities --"ring off the old, ring on the new." Mr. Marquette Mrs. Marquette elect Sockey THE CRUSH CHAPTER I "Like cures like," and conversely, the greater the difference, the deeper the soul-sickness. The intensify of a crush 'varies inversely with the geometrical difference between the interested' parties. For example: The crush is a mental aberration due to an arrow-shaped bacillus, something like Bacillus Steenbockiens, that is trans- mitted in fudge, proliferates in the Pal, and is incubated furiously in cozy corners. Susceptibility to the love-bug varies -Lucia Ripley is a natural immune - France Faucett has acquired immunity-Thetas get it chronically-Gamma Phi is susceptible, but gets the intermittent, recurrent form, like malaria, that never gets serious. Hence the curious stretch- U3 2 2 U - H H - as 5 5, EJ as Q 5 .. 1. o U, 3 1. .... -9, o cu Q, G L1 f-I ua Z O QQ cf: bd 530 ,D Croker Up-to-Date 1, . . - 4 The txcket's made out, not an office IS blank, in He travels the surest, who travels with Hank. u , A 4,."- A shout, "We'll elect you, by foul means or fair, ., ...X I W But remember in office, just who put you there." " 1 . . . . Qlq' - 4" For while I-Ie1mholz,ward-heeler, his hat o'er his ear, rf-i 'Q Runs '09's election, there's nothing to fear ,fl J Of any opponent, who'ere he may be, ix tj-I' U5 Agric, frat-man, or barb, in this fair 'Varsity. V The election of Stiehm, Hank claims as his own, And there's Schmidt, Pearce, TeSe1le, and Jimmy ,, . ,, . O QQ Malone. ' By proxies, devices, of any old hue, .,QQ' "-gggff., What Hank did for them, he may do for you. W., 'I' X' 0 So when you want office, let the BOSS turn the ' ' crank A He travels the surest who travels with Hank. 5 :fun E AU 3. URW! Pun-E UNE SRU EZ DMS fu U f 7 ' Ru f X Q ,Z 95 Q Q! f M 1 Prof. Vosskuehler-Mr. Na f i E f d a C res ntj M N lson ff X vaesemvnumi F im, X 6 u' P 6 ' I' e ' ff I ,Q-,iv f ll-E here Mr. N ewbauer - Mr. f I was f ""HwEN'TRur4ce ' - W! ml LES g X V ,, f, Newbauer - 1ssn't Mr. New- I Slglg -, X I 4 4 bauer here? Z fear: fl I If ' Som: I I X7 Tired Voice From Back of ' i I Ig? gf' Room - I was out with Mr. Tis Sad Newbauer last night and - Hush! our dear Juneau, Prof. Vossk.-Mr. Newbauer Donit You CYY iss excused. You'l1 be a drug store In July. Copped From the Mails Dear Sirs:- You offer 3100 for any case of chronic hiccups your preparation cannot cure. You advertise "cures at home without his knowledge-can be GIVEN IN HIS COFFEE? Please remit 3100. I have tried your preparation on a gentleman friend, Mr. Pfannstiel. I can't get him to drink the coilee. Yours sincerely, Baraboo, Wis. , Miss .... ? . . . 531 Captain Blank of the Blank football team was seen by a Cardinal reporter before the Blank-Blank game last fall. Said the captain : CReallyD "Yes, we'll skin 'em. That bunch of muckers won't have a look-in. If they try any dirt with us we'll kill 'em. There's one guy in that bunch ' that's got to be laid out. Hear that, fellows Pu in 13 A ff' ' 2 . : .::,, f'3' :V hr' - ,. - 4? W 1 4 1 -ft s f e I 1 x x J f, f . all I, nll l fd 5 ff Z X Z X M6 CAS Printedl "I think that we stand a fair show of winning though the combat will be keen. We consider our opponents to be thorough gentlemen and shall meet them only as such. I shall instantly remove any man from the Held who engages in any dirty or questionable tactics. Our men are fit to play the game of their lives and I believe fa 045, wx :Q 1 We 1 WX !'. - . tt t Ede Swenson sought a Lit fest in , While Kauffman shook the windows YN T: an 1 '- .mifb ' z ' x- ., .A 'ix ,fx that if they do not lose their heads and will 6' follow instructions we shall at least give as good ' as we receive," Little Stories of our Literati It was when John V. ltlulanfejy was a young and innocent reportorial bud on the Candyball. He timoi-ously invaded the Pi Face house at Interscholastic to End what they expected to do to disturb the neutral balance of their rushees. Miss Volkman was telling him. Then the voice of Daisy Belle Nloser floated lanquidly down the stairs: "Oh say Kentucky-how many eggs did you put in you.r hair when you washed it ?" Embarrassed tableau. Then Mu, covering his blushes with both hands, fled modestly to the deepest recesses of the University woods. Shockin' Incident . Conglomeration I-Iall. But when she reached its pearly gates The Stags swarrned over all. A Rough-house made the Union seem Less choice than picturesque. QThat Vestal lad, Mel Kennedy VVas squirming at his desk.b In his gentle artless wayg And Dago Wagener misdealt And there was px ! xl:1?z l!! to pay. All this called forth orations from Malone and Dan and Hank: And shyly from the pearly gates Miss Edythe Swenson shrank. Mu found her sitting on the steps Forlorn in lone communion. Mu took her by her lily hand- They beat it through the Union ! 53Q QAt The Court of Last Resort "O, tell me friend," the fusser cried. 'Tm going out tonight. Dost think my trousers cut too wide Or are they somewhat tight?" "Are any wrinkles in the sleeve? Now look me in the eyes. Do they with tie and handkerchief Completely harmonize ?" U You know I'm color blind, And I'm no dilettant beside- Go ask Instructor Kind!" "O, tell me friend," the fusser cried, "What peach you think is pretty. A tip in quiet on the side- What Gamma Phi is witty?" "VVho had Miss Melick at the hop? When is the next informal? What think you of the lemon crop That ripens at the normal?'i "Aw, hike along and let me buck, You know I cannot tell, To be a lion ain't my luck, -Ask Robert B. Michell!" Aw, cheese it, kid," the roomy cried, "O, tell me friend," the fusser cried, "When strolling out on Sunday, Should an assistant walk beside The girl he teaches Monday?" "Are canes the proper thing at church? How many nights per week May one leave study in the lurch For worship of the Greek ?" "Aw, cut it out," the roomy cried. "Your galhng gets me hot. My fussing knowledge isn't wide -Ask jonathan F. Scott!" "O, tell me friend," the fusser cried, "And then I will have done, Should girl acquaintanceship be wide Or should it stick to one ?" "One girl to every hop and ball, To every prom and play, One place for every Sunday call? For every thought by day ?" "Get out!" said roomy, with a shove, And handed him his hat, "I do not grasp Platonic love -Ask jimmy Watson that!" L'Envoi O, when it comes to fussing friends, How natural to see- The greater connoisseurs of art Are in the faculty! The Law-Shop Toast Property, Equity U-rah-rah We-con-'ern, Praise to Smith we sing, Praise to Cook, the Dean, and Gilly, U-rah-rah We-con-'em. 533 .fr 72 i f if f??,,,,, .,,, , Z guccfss Q :wi Ew a-' W , B E- Di J-In 0 'I f HELL ? I -fllllllff ll ull!! tif' "X f , at e g ,f N 'H llfwli nf ,f fB5A , l X57 I - - TX wi r "I g- -' wit ii muh:-1, ,Q 14552 5714 . f24Z.Zl44!-- - Q A Commerce Student's Soliloquy Oh, isn't it great to be up-to-date, And enter the business race, With a system and place for everything, Though nobody knows the place. Wetve an index card for each thing we do And everything under the sun, Though it takes so long to fill out the cards That we never get anything done. We've loose leaf ledgers for saving time, The lord knows what they cost, And half our time each day is spent Hunting for leaves that are lost. A sectional this, and a sectional that, CWe'll soon have sectional legsj : I dreamt last night that I made a meal Of sectional ham and eggs. I dreamt I lived in a sectional house, And rode on a sectional hoss And drew my pay in sections from A sectional section boss. Oh, isn't it great to be up-to-date, And live in this year of grace, With a system and place for everything, Though nobody knows the place. The Letter Must be OH' Tonight, or Our Thoughts "Bly letter out this night must go Nor trust it to anotherg It must be there tomorrow morn, This letter to -- my mother ', 9 are F ar Away Thus NIyers, Barker, Bissell, Dowd, Red Rightor, Hibbard, too, As nightly to their mothers write, These six of Sigma Nu. 534: QV C V' 5 .1-2 'F Y ei ,lf i eftwif -- b' 1 ,m ir f if 6, 1 Q ' time A? is lem - W A 4 I Q , 1 ' Abbiiziid lx.-i Q 4 1 X s ii"'t' I A I wg 4 oi 3 il 9 f x ? K ' i f . -g , h, T g , U. I V t ,Q ' 66 99 Widow Stephenson- Seeress I know everything about everybody! I can tell your past, your present, your future-the length of your life line, the shortness of your Pal Credit. ' Nothing is hidden from me-I know who struck Billy Patterson, who borrowed the Pi Phi ice cream, who stole Charlie Ross, who found Clarence TeSelle, who broke the Theta door-bell. Modesty is no Concealment. I know the Inner Life of George Sheets. I tell you All About Yourself, Her or Him. Absolutely FREE. I LIKE to do it. - 24 :if :ic Read Van Vechten Lehman's Shorthand report of my last snimicn and be convinced. Lix Rice "Libr Rice P-ah !-I have you in my crystal-I cannot tell you anything about your Past Life- it goes too swiftly-but see! A great change has come into your life-I see a Merry Widow Hat-a smile that don't come OH-Edythe. You are a different man ! Tamed by The Woman's Gentle Influence-the Bunch are weeping over a vacant chair. "Oh, how pretty ! Say, Pyramus and T hisbe were just fussin', compared with this. r "I-dyll-i-cal-ly, down the strait and narrow path, Hand-in-hand we observe you proceedingg For Lix is convinced that the Garden of Love With Ede is a Garden of Eden. "Wedding bells. Solemn ceremony-'dust to dust, ashes to ashes, rice to rice.' White ribbons from Craneiield and Lenny Smith. Tears by the Bunch? Fred Brown ' TI see a tall handsome person with glasses and an intelligently inguiring air-you ! You are registering for 6-5 Burchell-your guardian angel is yanking at your coat. ou sigh-angel throws a fit and wildly kicks holes in the luminiferous ether. A "I see you petitioning for more fifths. Fate is making you say 'Burchell is the University's one best snap'. Guardian angel throws up his job. "I see-oh!-ouch!-a chamber of horrors-Burchell's office-Burchell, center of stage, bran- dishing thumb screws and foaminv at the mouth ...... I Df'Another chamber of horrois, simply yet tastefully decorated with artificial and 'stuffed reptiles, amidst which squats one with a bristly white pompadour and an expression of studied ferocity. He is biting his nails-wire nails. He keeps a keg of them on his deskand bites their heads off, just to show how he feels. He seems annoyed with you. A "Pale thin commerce students in the guise of harpies are swooping at your head, shrieking 'Bene- dict rnold, 'why did you give our snap awayf "I see a trunk checked for Oshkosh. There is low, sad singing at your house. Black curtain? Artie Holmes' Prom Girl "Beware ! f'Your Soul-mate is managing the Prom-hangover Play. He has Charlie Erohman backed into a corner. I know he has. He told me so himself. 'fBeware! Beware! Beware three times! Your path will be crossed by a chorus lady with bright yellow hair, and thereafter you and Soul-mate will meet as strangers. "I see-I see Chi Omega electing him frater in urbe. His meadowlark from the Golden State won't have a chance to carry her own books for the next two years. F act! "For Art of cheerful vest, and cap Set a la Little Willie, Has caught affinities from His Calla-fornia Lily. "Artie is fated to be a lost Art to you, with no insuranceg but be resigned, kid, that isn't so bad after all." Richard Pervvien "Mi: Perwien, I have looked in the crystal and seen your future. All I can say: Shame on you !' When the Last Trump Sounds CData also collected by a lunaticj Each contestant being required to state what he would prefer to be found doing at the end of the world, the following were received: Last Day Editor: I would give a stiff exam in "Money and Banking." Billy Scott. Sir: Were this my last day I should take a photograph of the affair. Industrious Doctor Elsom Nly Dearest and most Affectionate Editor: I should at once avail myself of the opportunity and run for class president. ARTTT. Holmen. To You :' I should not only speak to, but Call 011, 3 girl- Bud lVIattheWs. Editor: I do hope I will win the prize. If this were my last day I would cut all my classes and loaf-hang around a post, dotcherknow. Mott Slade. Dear Sir: I would spend ten cents and go to D. Ed. My last day should be spent in the the Grand Matinee- Prof Rosg Ilibe. Grohe. ' ' ' Dear Sir: Mine, too, just to see how it seems. Last Day Editor: Our bunch would go to Seeley Brown. church. Chi Psi, 5 f" X' I .,, ' lQQx , ' 0 N- ' , r Q Q6 'N A 9 5 og ,Q XV,-,' f' , 'Q 'Zi , 'J I Q M ,,. , ,tk It N! - '5.K. THERE Pfmr UNE IN TEN KNOWS WERE FACToRY Hamas -Navy H The Engineers at Portage on, A PERSONALLY CONDUCTED TOUR WITH LENNY SMITH It was lunch time. The click of the knitting machines had ceased and the girl with the cud of gum stared at the new girl. Y "Oh, you'll catch on in time" she said between chews. "It doesn't take long in this towng then you will be one of us. We certainly do have the best times,don't we girls? And now that it's coming on near June you want to be prepared." She chewed ferociously for a few moments with significant winks at her companions. "Tell her Lizzie," said the girl with the high pompadour picking her teeth daintily with a hair- pin. "Gwan tell her about it. Shels just as apt to make 'a catch' as we are." The girl with the gum conceded and this is what was heard until the factory whistle blew. "Well ya' see it's this way, every summer a great big bunch of fellers come up from hladison with loads of machines and instruments an' things and all wear sweaters and leggings and dead cute hats with bands an' things on 'em-I got six last year-and they come to stay about a month. Talk about your swell times! They don't have to work in the evening and of course that's where we shine. There ain't one in ten knows were factory hands, and what if they did. Aint it so Minnie? But I'l1 tell you how we work it. "About the first night they come we are all out on the street in our best togs-I save all winter just for this-and we sit out in front of the library or hang around by the bridge till they know where to find us. I tell you they are easy. The game is don't say much to them the first time: ya' just got to smile and say yes an' no an' let ,em do the talking. Then when they go to take you home, heavens no! don't take them to your own house! Let them think you live in some swell house that belongs to some of the 'Elite,, then sneak around the house when they are gone and scud home through the back yard, I've done it many a time, an itls dead easy. 536 "Those fellows think they know a whole lot, but I can see through them every time. They will spend a lot of money on you for candy and sodas if you let them. They will even pay your laundry bill-one of ,em paid for Mamiels. His name was Pitz-Heinie was his first name and he paid her's forty cents I thin ' it was. i I - L ITT- --" f """ In Z Vg "gi: .'i1 ----- Q wie V I ,Z 11-21229 of F G ll J- ' X 'a.,E,,2i'f'f -f"'f'f f. fl, LZ 1 . " V . Ref , 2 - f I tw- . I I . ' . L lN , rlEi'Dli AND NEMA an HE B'-'II5'm,, C i 5- -' I L' ..,5,f,.,,...- J ssi N.. ff' In ' K fmt in . , Q15 X W M, 1. Ia f f? f NX' my 555 THE X T uccegp M ' at Tuck! Fog lf ' Z I HER Lmmvxy AHPRTY FENTS UH Svma! . , STUNC, HQ: Most of ,em make love to you before they go back, just the way that fellow Phannstiel did to Lizzie. You know him-that candy kid with the gum ears. He handed Lizzie the awfullest line of slush and thoit she'd take it all in. But you didn't, did you Liz? "Some of 'em have swell pins--lodge pins, I guess they areg but they hardly ever give them up. ' 4 Home FROM THREE WEEKS' Fvssne' IN PORTAGE That's what shows they don't care for you. There's always a lot of little fellows like Cutler and Wolff-just too cute for anything. They bring ,em along to take care of the instruments, I guess. A.nd then there's always the teacher-Smith was his name. Wasn't he a dear? I was just plump dippy over him. And then all the fellows seemed to know him so well. They called him Lenny. But you want to look out for him. He thinks weire awful, doesn't he Liz? He got Mamie and me off in a side street and what do you think he did P Gave us a lecture on girls-same as he gives the fellers the Hrst night up here-and told us how we could spoil the boys who were down here, or how we could act toward them like sisters. I tholt I'd die. But I don't think he knows much about girls. None of them know any too much. Anyhow, they are yours while they last, Just sling on a lot of clothes and you've got 'em-but there's the whistle!-I'll tell you more about them laterg-Say, lVIinnie lend me your wrench, my thread is slipping." 537 Carl Juergen's Syllogism Before the blackboard spick and span, With facile chalk CO facile chalklj Doc Bode thus with words began To talk and talk and talk, Then raised his brow and cocked his e'e And swallowing a bit of phlegin, Murmiued low and reverently, Thus NI is P and S is BI, And so 'tis clear, as all must see, b i f 7 T-- . S f Z f ZZ ' 4 , 224 f , - I rose, I said: "So let it be, heard a note In yonder waving linden tree he linnet's throat. It is a seely song of hers, It cannot teach me much- it at least concurs I see and touch. For sheis with life on linden tree, ife she sings, se of S and P Hath eat away her wings? That S is P, that S is Pf' Whereat his ancient voice did squeak it placid Q. E. D. But I have A From out t But every wh With what A song of l And no disea A PW K M I Q Q 2 r WI Q 5, 2, 2 Fl! , X X 7 7 1' ff" 56? h if 5 3 - t 2 Q Z if ,- W f .9 ' s ' 'f Q-f 752-ELL V 14' 22 4 Y -E117 41 - ' And as I fled to linden tree I heard the learned man Accounting dryly one, two, three- And then the class began :- "I-Ionor S and M and P! Honor all the Trinity! Curse the traitor would condemn! Hang him high on linden tree! For M is P and S is M And it's as plain as plain as plain That S is P, that S-is P, That S is P, that S is P, For it's as plain, as plain, as plain As plain, as plain can be That S is P, is P, is P, That S is surely Pfi I They ceased-his ancient voice did squeak its placid can be Q. E. D. 538 6 :00 6 250 ' The Daily Routine A. INT.-Henry arises from an ill-gotten rest and plods his weary way to the gym. -John Colignon prepares to meet his half- starved crew. 7:00-Dug Anderson's alarm clock goes off. Dug almost hears it. 7 :30-Elsom photographs the rising sun. 7' :35 -Room-mate to Cora Schneider. "Wake up, Cora. You simply have to make this 8 oiclock. This makes your ninth cut." 7 240-Cora wakes up. 8 :-L5-Pfiifner tells all he knows about the law 8:50 in two minutes and is then surprised at his complete knowledge of the subject. -H. Houlehan has at last found a fresh- man who will listen to one of his stories. 8:50-Begging for makings begins at Main 8:56 Hall. -R. Soukup appears at Main Hall with his ,"How do'do. Great country. Say Bucko got the French ?', 10 :00-Stempfel appears. 10 20 1-Stempfel reclines. Cootes Cunningham sits beside him. Smokes the makings his paw provides him. 10 :03-Forty scouts answer to Schuberts's name ' in Parky. 10:15-A. T. Holmes endorses himself for an- other position. 10 :30-Dug Anderson rolls over. 11 :00-Freshman leaving Dean Birge's office, sings-f'Fare you well my way is yonder." 11 :10-Hetzel borrows some tobacco. 11 130-Malone discovers that a sack of Durham has lasted twelve hours. 12:00-Dug Anderson gets up for breakfast. 12 :00-Tubby Wheelock begins to eat his lunch. 1 :00-Kappa Gamma have cheese and crackers. 2:00-Tubby has just finished his lunch. 2:10 2:10 2 :30 Q 140 -Whitmore has not shown u at the Union. P Great excitement among the Directors. -Juergens in the barber's shop. "No, cut it pompadour-I can stand it if the fellows can." -Castle and Brown leave the Gamma Phi house for the Grand Matinee. Note-Matinee now ten cents. -Hetzel stumpted for an editorial-"Well I guess I'll rub it into the Junior class elections. I don't see how Smith was beaten out of Prom Chairman? Wanted: One Rhodes Scholarship. I am the sort of man that Rhodes intended the scholar- ships for. Sid Castle. Vilantedz A little moon of my own. Lucile VVaterman. VVanted: A social secretary who will attend my classes, pass my exams and call me in time to attend my numerous social engagements. Danny Stover. 3 :00 -1:00 -1:45 5 :00 6 230 7215 7 :40 8 :00 8 230 8:50 9:00 9 2Q5 9 230 9 :35 9:-15 -Miss Moser to Sorority sister at the Colonial. f'That was a fine score, 76 wasnit it ?" -Pete Rehm strolls into the Libe. Sev- eral librarians faint. Is warned by Smith-"Don't do it again, Pete. That is all right once a semester? -Red Jones reading at home. "How to graft your friends." -Dexter I-I. Witte makes love to a skeleton. 17200-G'1'21l1Cl and Majestic book orders for seats. Castle and Brown call at the G. P. house. -Dago Wagener calls up his feminine friends and warbles the story of his life. Let's go to the Pig Race. -Si and Dad vet first row in nigger heaven. D Db --Frost cracks a joke. -Girls cease dancing at the K. G. house. Buck for ten straight minutes. --Frost is laughing still. -All the rounders leave for up town. -Stemp starts bucking. -Stemp after putting in a good nightis work leaves for up town to join the bunch. -Burke at the Library desk." No, it's against the rules of the Library." 9:-L5-Dan Stover asks a girl whom he has 9:50 9:50 I0 230 10 :4-0 never seen if he can see her home. -Burke-"No, itis against the rules of the library." -Roehr decides to cut again. -Cawkins tries to bite a better hole in a bowling-ball and incidentally swallows two teeth. -Raz Speer. We don't let Kindergarten kids in here. 11 145-On the Alpha Phi house porch. "Isn't 11:50 that a horrid light." -Ferdie sets them up-to himself. 19:50-Co-ed. "Isn't it funny we got lost in the fog that way." The Paddler-"Yes, it was so Embar- rassingf' 1 :00-Dlott Slade Quits bucking. 1:02-Rear guard of the Pretzel Brigade reel 1 130 5 :00 6 :00 into Sijate Street. Only an ordinary one. Nothing doing. -Slade hears the bunch pass-"Isn,t that . . ,, disgusting. -Slade starts to buck again. -Library Hall clock strikes. Classified Ads For Rent: One dress suit, one seat in libe. Jake Sproesser. For Sale: My graft with the Cardinal. R. Hetzel. Lost: A valuable set of outside reading notes. Collected by a grind ten years ago. Have been in use ever since. 9510 -reward. Kappa Sigma House. Per R. B. Roehr. To Pattison and Dowd The Student's Lament QQ? ,fy ,P Z all -GQ lr l T-f f 4 x 6 ff mg, ' i jj if l gg ff X KN A124 , 'A X WNW e awull A 7 . V 7 X f' ' f 41 A n T, on If . +7-Liy ' V J 0-KEN I Young I-Iildalg0's Return Once upon a time there was a Philippine freshman out of Sulu, with a complexion which was'a cross between vasaline and a box of shinola. He roamed his native .heath wearing a bland smile and an utter disgust for Paris fashions. This had an advantage--he could do all his laundry work by washing his face and dress up on Sunday by polishing his teeth. Q l D V One day the soldiery dropped in and pot-shot most of his relatives for serving the last missionary au Just as if the government wasn't encourging the foreign consumption of home products, and ministers and measles weren't the great American diseases. Then to recompense him for his big family funeral they blew him to twenty dollars worth of Hart, Schaffner Sz Marx, and made him a hot Johnny in American citizenship. He had been just five weeks in a jerk-water university before he knew enough about the min- imum of intoxication and the marginal utility of thirty cents with a draft on the prince of his native isle three weeks off, to make Saeger look like a spurious imitation of the first original bone-head, and Karl Marxis "Capital" read like the appendix to a picture book. Around about Thanksgiving he had wilted in thirteen fifths and the Dean broke it to him in that meek, inimitable way of his, and let him weep all over a new fancy vest. Someone stuck him a third class passage back to Banana Land for twenty-seven dollars worth of Pal checks, so he traded his corduroy pants for Hoyle's f'How to Mix Drinks" and chased himself to the bosom of his family. The old man greeted him at the landing with the ancestoral meat-axe, but changed his mind,-and in two hours was as happy as a Greek god on the day before New Year's. They say Johnny buried his swagger rags under a mint-julip tree and commenced to wear a fig leaf wreath with a sassy Olsen and Veerhusen slant that all goes to show the value of a college educa- tion. Lucky, lucky, lucky, pair None but the stabbers, None but the stabbers, None but the stabbers, Deserve A "fair," Danny Stove1"s Sohloquy To be conned or not to be conned That is the question. Ah therels the rub, For in the shuffle of the cards YVho knows but he may draw a con ? fWith due apology to Tennyson, who, had he lived in our midst, would doubtless have said: " 'Tis better to have bucked and tlunked. Than never to have bucked at all. " Con, con, con, O ye profs in heartless glee, And I would 'twere proper to utter, The thoughts that arise in me. Con, con, con, O, ye profs in heartless glee, . But the day of reckoning will come to you, Just as it has come to me. 540 Annual Beauty Contest JUDGES-Cora Stranahan Woodward, L. C. Burke, E. C. Roedder, Adolph C. Peters First Prize-L0uise:Estelle Walker. Second Prize-Charlie1Miller. Third Prize-Little Hazel Higbee. Honorary Mentio11-Dormie lvlihills, Gretchen Ruedebusch. Adolph C. Peters, Wonewoc, will present prizes to contestants. 541 I f "Asif f j W 5:2-l H if fl' K --45'-1-f' X Wig Q -ii if f ' I "'L-:I3.lQ'Q-f'i,.,'. vi M. ' 5 J XC u A A '- """" iii' l':::::::::u:' -' p , 7 ,Ml l f e:.-:asain :::::::ffEEE. rl "" 4 -I' '.',-M' I ' :::::Z-7:----g-IE --nn nnnnnvn u nu-3 '-'-'- f,,,. 'gi '- 'L il. ammiill!!s:gL:s::::::::1:::w!35:y The senior was packing his trunk. As he rummaged in the recesses of the closet which for four long years had cherished his meagre properties he came upon photograph after photograph. These he carefully placed in a pile upon his center table. Then he added to them the other photographs which had decorated his room. He methodically Hlled his pipe and lighted it. Amid the rings of smoke he separated the photographs into two piles. One was composed entirely of feminine faces. These he spread out over his table and arose that they might all meet his gaze with equal intensity. The girl of his high school days smiled at himg smiled at him as she had been in those prepara- tory daysg smiled at him from an eastern 'finishing' schoolg and smiled at him aesthetically from what she had ,grown to be. Four Prom girls glanced toward him. The girl whom he had met at a house- party following the close of his sophomore year looked stately and dignified. "What shall I do with these ?" he asked aloud. He looked at them again. "Which one will live the longest ?" He impartially placed them all upon a pile of paper in the open grate and touched a. match. For a moment it seemed that the face of the last Prom girl was to outlive the others. Then the flame reached it and it crumbled into ashes. "I had thought perhaps she was the one," he muttered as he unrolled his diploma and gazed ahead. The Limit No wonder that the Badger stude Must soon forego a smile: He'll have to get a nickel first, Then walk a half a mile! A Letter u CStolen from the archiveslof Sidney Castles, giving to the gentle reader an idea of how his present anti- fussmg, generous and religious habits were nurtured by early training. Written at the age of ten.J Dear Wardie- You must come home and see me -and bring me some candy. I will give you some of my tor- pedoes if you come "Forty J uly." I won't fight you when you come. Tell ma to come home and bring me a little ball. I go to Hkunny Kooli' every Sundy and put a penny in the box. You can play in my sand pile. Goodby. From, Sindey Lester Castle. 542 Two Phones with But a Single Thought A TRAGEDY IN ON1-J Aer CHARACTERS Cora Schneider .... ........ Standard Phone ............ .......... Bell Phone ...... ............. - ' I f , ,LQM s Rx , Vi f if ff' w as " ,L "fi ll-. a r?QffQ.f s I Wal v . . .... The Popular One . .....,... lXIit Blair . . Bob Doherty Stage Directions. CBoth telephones in Corals' room ring simultaneously, the great delight of coterle of gtrls.j Amy-"My! But aren't you the popu- lar one, and at this time fof the night. I wonder what they can want. I'll tell you, Cora-answer them both at the same time. Probably it is two men and then they wonlt have a chance to be jealous of each other." CCora takes down both receivers and speaks in customary manner.j Cora-"Yes ?" Both Phones-"Hello, Cora-" Standard-"This is lNIit Blair, can I--" Bell-"This is Bob Doherty, are you--" Cora-'fJust a minute, Bob, please." Standard-HI said this was Mit. What's matter with your phone, anyway ?" Cora-"There's nothing the matter. I can hear you all right." Standard-"Well, Cora, you know there's going to be a Prom the fourteenth of February-" the O Cora-"Why, no, Mitt, I hadn't heard a word about it. Is there ?" CW'lnlcs at girlsj ' Bell-"D--n, d-n, hey, Central, you big fool." Cora--"What's the matter, Bob ?" Bell--"Why nothing, that is-a-well-I said-'Howde do mam ?' What the deuce is the matter with your phone, anyway? Where have you been-down to limcheon or something since I called up ?" Q, Cora-"Well, you impatient youth, what is it P" Bell-"It's-it's-about Prom. I wanted you to go with me. It's pretty early, of course, but then-when you want to take a girl-you want to take her-don't you know. And to do that you've got to get your bid in sooner than the other fellow. Just heard Mit Blair was going to ask you. Will you go with me ?" Cora-"Bob, this is so sudden. Are you sure you want me to go ?" ff , Bell-"Of course. What'd you think I nf ' called up for, anyhow ?', ' V Standard--"Bang-- bang- Central, ring lip-Q-7 ' I ? V ' . 'em again-What did you disconnect me for, " f i, anyway? Oh, this you, Cora? We must :Q V ' ' have been disconnected. CLast two sentences ,i6g 3 '??,"f51'vx in tone slightly different from first 6fb'Pl0Sl0'l'LSD. 7, . i ff' ,K :H ,h ' You haven't given me your answer. What 1 ,,., a -f F' 1 QQ,1.f answer? Why, to go to the Prom, of course. i Q K? X Didn't I ask you to ?" ' 'f L . i Cora-"Ask me to? Of course not. ff l, 1 i ? 4,.Q2.q:1- T You didnlt say a word about it." M s f "1" "f" gg ' Standard-"If I didnlt, I do now. Will ' Z ' . , . - V ' ' KY you?" X Cora.-"Why, now, do you know, Mit, I promised Bob Doherty just two minutes ago to go with him." Biff-bitt-bitt-bang-Mit turns hand-spring-frat brothers' whistle, "Somebody Told a Whopperf' Cora faints. Bell phone out of commission. Doherty stretches arms, yawns, and goes to bed. - 543 The Evolution of Dexter Hathaway Witte DEXIE XVITTE DEXTER H. Wrrfrr DEXTER HATHAXVAY Wrrra ' Mamma's Darling Manager Waukesha High SchoolBasketba1l Team U. W. '09 Professor Pyre opened his mouth-and the class laughed. He had been late and as he muttered, "You will have to blame this delay to the Madison traction cornpanyf, the class became convulsed in laughter. It is great to be a wit. Bettyis New Year resolution was to be abso- lutely truthful. Shortly after in English class she was asked to define the personal pronoun Hshef' ltflindful of her resolution she said: "Non1inative, sheg possessive, herg objective him." The far-reaching effect of the Prom was represented by Obert Sletten. "You wish me to sign the pledge P" muttered Roland Fisher grovelling before the rnotherly landlady. "No, only swear that you will never chew tobacco." The youth grew sad-eyed. "We must part, madarn, for I can never sign it. You forget that I arn a ltiedicf' Discord "The student cannot sing," said Pyre, "Wer'e all a bunch of yellersf' Cried Bredin, as he srnote the lyre, "The glee club, though, are hellers!" From the University Bulletin Board If the man who stole the brown derby off the third hook in Science hall cloak room with initials K. O. B. doesn't return it soon he will lose his reputation. . For Sale-.--Military uniform for medium sized man in good condition. 5 Yesterday when I went to dinner I put niy notes in Feeding Short Course in the seeder box and can't find them. If who has them will return to Prof. Otis he will ask no questions. 7' i l f"' 'fx as 'ti' A . , g A s:::N'--A g i jiri , Y I H 12-ml .rf 9' W .- - . ggyq' 1 ,, 5-K oi Q ' s l' T X I4 ' , X - b A ff? if f , A W? I yrflr 3 :ll fx Hflaffq' QQ g'l, 'E A N ,ll , f X N bawiNO The Find He blew into town late one night and put up at the Park. He ordered a milk bath because he thought it was in accordance with college custom, but the bell-hop informed him that the milk was sour. The he-that is the bell-hop-ran down to the bar and tipped it off to a couple of "frat guysf' A Freshman who had signed from Paris was sure a prize. So they asked the omnipresent bell- hop if he-the milk-bath kido-could "Parley le francoisf' and were informed "Dat de guy could speak U. S. straight? The frat guys set four alarm clocks a.nd missed their Quaker Oats next morn- ing so that they could line up the Parisian frosh. On reaching the hotel they found he had been up since Eve, had enjoyed his ham and eggs, and was glad to meet them. They asked him how he had ever thought of coming to Wisconsin, and he answered that it was much spoken of in Paris. The 'ffrat guys," believing that some of oiu' summer cattle-boat voy- agers had spread Wisconsin around Paris, immediately swelled up and began to rush him. They led him up the Hillg once they stopped to show him their "lodge," but finally arrived at Principal Hei- stand's oHice-and started down the line. After solicitous discussion about his course and the univer- sity in general, they made port. The registrar questioned the Parisian and found his name to be Elienar Paiget Faudrent. - CPretty effect, don't you think Fj "And your age, sir ?', asked the man behind. "Seventeen" "From Paris, you say ?,' "Yes, sir." "France P" 4 "No, sir-Wisconsinf' braved the youth of seventeen summers. Fifteen minutes later two "frat guysf' ordered two - without - at Charlie's spacious wagon, and two coffees -- with. ODE 'ro THE Co-OP REFRAIN -TO CoLL1ER's Our greatest joy, Of all sad words You may depend, With which we're hit Is just to get The worst are these: A dividend. "Please Sirf' :-Remit. Nlaud Miller Cnot Mullerj on a summer's day raked the meadow sweet with hay. And the sun shone out as was his biz, in that familiar way of his, till Maud broke out with prickly heat. And then her language shocked the wheat. 545 To Our Friend-The Normalite. l',4, AX HE was a vision of delight, A , --. ' When first she walked in on my sight, ,Zvi I ' ' 'I A lovely co-ed truly sent 55? ""f , 1 X To be the Hill's chief ornament. Her eyes were veiled with lashes long, ,! , - . , ' 1 X 'Wig' -. . X 3 ,ard Iliff I I 142 3 Her lips seemed truly made for song, Z V QI Her teeth were pearls - her hair was night -- if--' 3 5 of . She was a. vision of delight. ' I A , I -f' ' 1 i Y fi I5 , I saw her at a closer view 'I ..-- T - ' fi' A student, yet a woman too. i 7 -, l., She dropped her fountain-pen one dayg ' " Avi 2 I picked it upg she turned away, Qi A l - X , ' And with a sweet bewitching look X She dropped a new Co-op Note-Bookg lg K3 X I swore right then to be her knightg ' J , N She was a vision of delight. , M A But now I see with eye serene The very pulse of that niachineg She lost her curls one windy day I kept them from blowing quite away I found out why she didn't waltz I-Ier teeth would rattle - they were falseg For this fair vision of delight Was old - she was a Norrnalite. SI f,9:r-- M. IBUFFE-T , mi Ps K e ' ff 5 I v f Q " " ' A l ' Q rf rl 2 I V 4120 ' -f-' 5 I: . VI W . XZ? lg- oJX,'E"' Q I S fl X ll gdb U VI , tif' to X A Qfoor S., X 5 ' ' LE- U E 1ZakL iffil- ,5, z?19 I .ff . mi' I 4 az- f . XVW A 1 if Z y y If ' I A ,V S r 5. ,Q Has FRN BRQ-rfsE7Rs lil I "A KINIGHTLY RECURRING EMBARASSING SITUATION? 546 , . Sharp's Dream The time: Prom night next year. The place: University gym or Kelil's old hall. The girl: Anybody's. Five vari-colored wagons, with yellow, red and blue windows bearing facial resemblances of Grant, Sherman, Dewey and others, are drawn up in front of the building. The soft strains of music cease and are replaced by the buzz and hum of many human voices. A group of fellows and girls come out of the front door of the aforesaid building and make their way to one of the aforesaid wagons. The men are immaculate in their black dress suits, the girls resplendent in gowns of every hue. They seat themselves on stools before the shelf-like counter and one of the men, evidently the leader, converses earnestly with the others, then walks up to the counter, behind which stands another male in spotless white apron and coat. "Five hamburgers with, two without, four pieces of pie and seven cups of coifeef' is the order he gives to the male behind the white apron. "Oh! I say, Grace, what was it you wanted to drink?" "I'll take some chocolate demitassef' she answers blithely, while the waiter 'fhaw haws" and replies: "Ain,t got any o dem tassies or whatever dey are." He glances over to his corner with a wearied look and waits for his seconds to throw up the sponge. "Oh! Pshaw!" says the little one in pink. 'fThen I'll take some coffee and pie a la mode." The waiter,s face turns ashen white, he reels, reaches for the ropes and misses, then tumbles in:a heap in the center of the ring while the referee tolls off the fatal count of ten. Conned - This is no tale of microbes or The often scoffed at midnight oil Of germs that breed disease, Burned by the shark and grind, Of strange imheard of cases that Is the only sure preventative End in such thoughts as these 1- That specialists can find. "Oh does,nt he look natural," Its users though they puny be And, "You can't buy life with wealth," And lacking much in weight But of malady more common, called, Are yet immune and never go "Left college for his health? Home, to recuperate. A strange disease and stranger still The ones it will attack, For instance, Big Bill Everly, All-Western quarterback An all-round college athlete, In February grim, Left school and took to eating Force To coax back strength and vim. And Myrtle Kieth who danced untired The time of year will matter not Through thirty dances straight, In Springtime or in Fall, Ate fudge at three A. M., and then To Senior, Junior, Freshman, Soph, Appeared in class at eight, Its apt to strike them all. At Easter her fond parents said, And as old Father Time creeps by "Yes, lths. Brown, it's best, With silence and with stealth, The poor dear girl works much too hard, The number grows of those who must She's home now for a rest." Leave college for their health. 547 K. L'Envoi WITH APOLOGIES TO ANYBODY 'T is doneg we are closing the sanctuni door, Our woes are over. Durn glad We're through. CBright lines which We seem to have seen before In every Badger since 'GQQD Our cover number implies skidoo, And the modest Board to the woods has fled. if fn: as Pk as All right! Be sore, you muzzler, you! Think of the things we might have said. Hank would hike for a foreign shore If We had told one 'steenth we knew Don't be cross at us. Ally More. Jimmy Phi, we were brutes, that's true,- But the things We suppressed on Theta-Whewl Ferd, if you hate to be published' As the great exponent of bill-and-coo, Think of the things 'we might have said. Parky and Pyre -- standbys of yore - Carl, canoeing with Miss L'Hommedieu -- ' We've been Original - passed you o'er. The shocking political stunt of Mu: "For class historian I want Sue"- Bill Hannan's habit of raising Ned - VVhy Delta Gamma divorced Psi U - Think of the things we might have savkl. L'Envoi to the L'Envoi Prince - peach -- pelican - Pink Karrew Sharp - Pa Vililliams - or fair coy-ed - If we have handed you out a few Think of the things we MIGHT have said. 548 -.-M .:qsg,,ggggHgg!r..,,, l. HM U A A Vai: -' 5 'ex g S 'S'Rgwg I h ,. ,1.., X, AA ,QQ .- AV Kr i ' .ff-. X 52211: -Bi ? 4 f- ik X A 9 5 : sf I IP 4-4' fA1,dfQ'2. 52 . J' , x' 4 9' I1 A - n. A -VI f V-ww ' 'Q M A , H , Q' maid a ii 'if' m Sf ff' lv' f 'wr 5' 14 " '23 swung, fi 1' I 'Q Rn' JS? 4 ..1 A-53 fi.: Um? Q W 4' ' A Wil Am ? Y ' r QL sf M " ' si on b 35 ' U ,Q ,. Q .49 ' 6 A Q 31, " Q 0? 'E 5 Z '34 Vi ,Q ,5 W5 V ,, - ' X fl A 6,1 vi L x 'lf 1 C 'rim ,fx '15 igfi? XX ' 4 - 72. Vg dy N'-JW 'A VQQPC5 NIUR twin ve ' U .QQ was f f 'P S9 HSS I 0 1 PL 606 1- Eg Ez Ll x,?z-Q ' f 'U Ji-gf Vxixw Q rw Alma Mater Student Styles They are always good in quality-Good in form and good in value. Not freakish-though distinctly different from the average garment M d . a e for young men who know that if we all fancied the same styles We'd all dress alike Friend Brothers Clothing Co. M'l , 1 waukee, W is. For these clothes of "class" at popular prices see 23 East Main Street, Madison, Wisconsin "Get to know us" f lla 228 STATE Sf S 57' 223 VME I I ' 228 5 f ' f f I 71475571 I I 228 9 He stands for good clothes at Reasonable Prices The students' p o p u 1 a r priced Tador He builds Classy garments to your order made in the latest style and fitted by an expert In brief is offering to the student body a clothes proposition VVh1Ch can't be beat. He of his work and fabrics f ' X f f I I . 7-A 5-71 I invites your inspection QA R C H I B A L D 228 State Street, MADISON, WISCONSIN 551 Par Values FOOTWEAR ' MALT 52.00 to S4.00 EXTRACT W , THE TONIC THAT if TASTES noon 7,73 3 5 , .w n Q, ns room ron THE BLOOD 'Q - 5 Creates an Appet te MM? ,,,T, N' """ 'V Allv Q Www A GS D1-gest on A souND SLEEP Mew FOR SALE AT ALL DRUG STORES GEO. W. KINDSCHI, Proprietor F. H. MARTY, Manager 109 State Street JVIadison, Wis. JOYS BRQTHERS Co. SHIP CHANDLERS CH. SAIL JVIAKERS Dealers in Cordage, Wire, Rope, Flags, Banners, Tents, Awnings, Tackle Blocks, Oars, Lubricating Oils, Paints, Horse, Stack and Wagon Covers Telephone 42 203-205 East Water Street, Jlflilwaukee, Wisconsin 55? OP 79 i . 5 . I I Quiels the Nerves and produces of-Xe? ,S na X596 ggi' 9 QQ P53166 0 N931 O . si- 0 . Sconsx ZUFIHIV Measuring Tapes are recognized everywhere as standards of accuracy, durabil- ity and general workmanship Send for Catalog fx arf SPEEEEEZUM X will ,.-mo ry ,rr'1"7 .H-y-mg.,wXl W if . ix.wwy1Xl3Nrx'p'i'.mf "Tl ,,1"'.. - 'l1",,..xf1'11 'E'Fl"1 W?,r,2ir '1a:i fi .wiiPi'f,liill'f -a gen 'Je-MW" 'ig' gigfjzinrj, .King-Q . . , X1 'xi:QFi2E?.QiE" rnigufmmfuzffa Saginaw, Mich., U. S. A. New York London, En g. Windsor, Can. Piano Roll of Honor' Mason CS, Hamlin Conover Blasius Kingsbury None befter for the money Musical Merchandise and Teachers' Supplies uw' Wisconsin Music Co. Home of the Kingsbury Inner Players 20 North Carroll St., Madison, Wis. 553 Piden1y4 Trust Company Wells Building Milwaukee, Wisconsin 34" Capital and Surplus 32 7 5, 000. O0 53" Acts as Executor, Guardian, Admin- istrator or Assignee. Loans money on real estate and ap- proved collateral. 391, Interest paid on Certificates of Deposit and Savings Accounts. Safety Deposit Boxes for rent. Buys and sells high grade invest- ment bonds and mortgages. tif' O.HIC6IS and Directors Howard Greene . . President 1. Gilbert Hickcox . Sec'-Y and Treas. Ludington Patton H. A. J. Upham Woods Plankinton Clement C. Smith Frederick Layton Wm. B. Weller Stuart H. Markham Carroll Atwood Hon. Isaac G. Stephenson C. F. COOLEY LEHIGH VALLEY H A R D C O A L EXCLUSIVELY Both Phones No. 10 ROWN ROTHERS Nearest Livery TO UNIVERSITY Standard Telephone 53 Bell Telephone 1165 554 College men who want college clothes W1ll find a certain stamp of 1nd1v1dual1ty 1n the suits and overcoats We make Wh1Ch seems to g1ve our garments a type of ele- gance POS1t1VCly 1n1rn1table. These are the typ1cal college clothes of Amerxca 1n name and 1n fact. Sold at h1gh class stores-S15 to 535. Dav1d Adler CH, Sons Clothing Company' Nobby Clothes Makers milwaukee 555 V , V. . , Vbvx ,,w.,.,i I ,f - T..,...A f gaefwe lar, 1 ' " -.- rm . . Looking for a Desk? We carry the largest stock ofof- fice furniture in the Northwest. Desks, chairs, filing devices, everything. We manufacture our own goods. We see every piece that goes to make up the finished article, fhafs Why We say NORTHWESTERN QUALITY "BUILT TO LAST A LIFE TIME" Desks or tables for your study room or for your office-we can supply y'our need. Qlxlorklxwcskern Gfutxxlkute QQ. 271-273 W.Water St. Milwaukee, Wis. THME HPB UU Sq' WS? Style Originators There's Something "CLASSY" about "HUB" Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes which others try to imitate but seldom succeed. We publish exclusively SUPREME COURT REPORTS, DIGESTS, STATUTES and PRACTICE BOOKS for the State of WISCONSIN The same for ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN and other States We publish many great TeXt Books and Treatises - general as Well as special We sell every law Book Published Let us give you Prices and Terms Send for catalog Callaghan CE, Company, Chicago Do You Use Steam? If so, VALVES will be required for the plant, - V A and if you want them durable, strong, and in every way reliable, the safest way will be to jenkins Bros. Valves f V. and insist on having the genuine, stamped with I1 ' Trade Mark, as shown in the cut ' I H. We also manufacture jenkins '96 Sheet Packing, - ., "1 if guaranteed to make a tightjoint under any and all steam -1' .NV . A, f specify ., Y 1. . i K- H? ' 4+5.Y!Ei?'g' r lm s y 'Wi' :' ,A-'I . PICSSUYCS. ng--V" Write for a copy of our Catalogue JENKINS BROS, New York Boston Philadelphia Chicago London EE DIAMOND INKS lllnrgiwb Known the world over as the standard of- fice and school ink iiilili Y A Supe1'iorFount'ain Pen ' " ' Ink I. I www he l' A -A Umllm w w" MILWAUKEE NATIONAL BANK of Wisconsin Corner East Water and Michigan Streets 1.25.35 For E h capital, 3-450,000.00 2 " Sale VCTYW ere Surplus, 3100,000.00 A. line Wfiffen with Pay interest on Time and Savings V' Diamond Ink will last Deposits FOREVER fr Officers and Directors l.',6xIyAI.Eik1ci:?:Eir:Iier, 2d Vice PIEZEEZE Ink CO Favsxclriq.Inblgsch,f,fD:.11?r:1f,EI-lcv.Inguiglhgzo. , , ' , . e' ec e on L I ' 'V 'jilviigiiii Joiin P. lilildightif, 0 Mice-President i"'1'ref"l WWI San I 0fMmkz3,2az1Ssf I I eo. . ro me r, MILWAUKEE L4 -Iiili,ii::ii- pp J. F. Strohmeyer,y Asst. Cashier U U. s. A. V" Solioits Your Business BILLIARDS POOL Meet your friends at MORGAN'S BILLIARD HALL Five Up-to-date Billiard Tables Two Up-to-date Pool Tables 12 South Carroll Street Two doors north of Park Hotel G. Heuer R. L. Schmedeman P. J. Comeford Julius Zehnter Capital House Rates: 52.00 to 353.50 Company New Fifty Room Fire proof addition with bathg D E A LE R S I N Hottandrloold gunning . wa er. e ep one 1n 3522513332 Banquets and student trade solicited N ttf' Leaders in Popular Prices Burton CS, Nichols 27 S. Pinckney Street MADISON MADISON WIS. WIS. DAYiS Pop Corn Wagon Creamery Buttered Pop Corn and Fresh Peanuts a Specialty Kroncke's Corner, on the square ESTER OYSTER CO. Established 1891 Fish, Oysters and Cheese that's all 216 E. Main St. Madison Wis. Established 1867 The Vilter Mfg. Co. 967 Clinton St., Milwaukee, Wis. 4 Small Refrigerating Machine Icemaking and Refrigerating Machinery Improved Corliss Engines Machinery for Brewers Bottling Outfits Inspect the machinery furnished the Uni- versity by this Company "I do remember an apofhecary And hereabouts he dwells." -Shakespeare We would rather have you with us than against us. We will do our part to make the relationship satisfactory to us both UE: Menges Pharmacies 26 West Mifflin Street 809 University Avenue MADISON, WISCONSIN 559 STANDARD PHONE 2689 113 STATE STREET THE SMALL CE, STEVENS CO. GENERAL REPAIRING Bicycles and Baby Cabs a Specialty T . . Fgfrfgnfgikiepalred MADISON, w1scoNs1N Alexander Kornhauser S C h I-1 C d e In CH, Co. Artist DR Y GOODS A . A Photographer T 'I " I -xr "mn vn- MQ? Q, .u 'WVR I " ? WEB: ' 5 QEKMMO II fx I 14-16-18 West Mifflin Street 20 East Mifflin Street MADISON, - WISCONSIN MADISON, WISCONSIN Protectyour own interests W J G M M THE STUDENTS U W LAUNDRY Jeweler end Opffcfan Will take care of your troubles Phone Bell uso stan. 978 Phone S 585 Soy Stevenson C. C. Guilford 3 West Main Street, ' D' R1deeeS,,,L, Rideoufffjhgenkeeefel M A D 1 s o N, WI s c o N SI N 560 ff: i ' ' i f SW 1 PRINTERS M ..,'-fl-,NER5 6 ' .f 4 025' w . A - a-A-we s GO. y I H ill U W w5l,ff1+,I-Q.-3.9Lafff-fi 5, V-I ' ' , Y 4 'W--1. ' Te i ski 1 U .aG31ii5ffi' a J A ,,...a .sr ol A- . , is-41-Hy' s In W z, ,I 31 i 31'-1-+1 ' 'tm v , ' 1 ' ' W V T .g'.::c E Q at 2 1 it , ggffit Q Magi, , J if fi- ge- li- ggmzmcut ,. 4, A .,,." Icy- lg, if ', ,Q ifx ll ,. , . ,, , v. 3 . 5 r ,, v k,,,--..f ,AOY , 'i -'-4.- -eww rr assi T 771 any , 52 'f'f 'j"'e7 "ef-iffi-een., U7 , 'gd Wx " 5555:-:ggi ' ffgj- " .-:,c':,'. ,, .L 1 -,,. L 1 Mine- --... --, .- 1 af K .-if ' "' 'mel 'E' , uri + W1 if , '2 + v e - Ffa? .N .f:?'f' fr m-xy v'gv4'f 'R 2 wifi'-fi'1 f izfwifi W 'if 'WH ,7 newtafvi iigii .UffQ:ff4ggmI:'-ziifyfyp Hi, ,uv 1 1 ' FW5"t?i:5 U'1i?f ff 7 'flf' f ,fe 1, , .s k,sz.:gu -55 " .. ,rff,5,E5-35'D:fh5.i-'5:EQ4,1.i!E1::''gvgf2'-,.a.. 11. .. ff: Jw, Ffa, ,. z-1 5 ,W .am afffflilizirga-:Zr:1'3a.Lx?'1r..i!C" 6- 1 f'LQiA1 AaI' Li'1!ia'a 'iiiiiiwviif'3'i2i'i:'4"' hi IEW If I-C ' The 1909, Badger was Planned and Completed 1n OUR NEW PLANT I Wherein is established a complete and efficient service, embodying all the essentials for designing and building the best class of business getting advertising literature Wright CE, joys Company 51-53-55-57-59-61-63-65 Erie Street MILWAUKEE Samples of what we have done for others will be sent in response to a request on your business stationery. Our facilities for planning and sketching are at your service DRAWING INKS .IL I S7 ETERNAL WRITING INK P I I Q i C i ENGROSSING INK 1- li TA R L L . PHgTENi4gggggEEPASTE M1 ll, ARE THE FINEST AND DRAWING BOARD PASTE BEST GOODS OF THEIR 32251512 Igigi gg: R V A ,ir Q KIND VEGETABLE GLUE, ETC. 'ig ' I Emancipate yourself from the use of corrosive and ill-smelling inks and adhesives and adopt the Higgins Inks and Adhesives. They will be a revelation to you, they are so sweet, clean, well put up, and withal so efficient. AT DEALERS GENERALLY CHAS. M. HIGGINS CE, CO., Mfrs., QQa,2i1'QQl,2ggcEg,f?fjf,'Qf,',f,N'Y' Mayer'S Electric Press Over 111 King Street Stand. Telephone 542 W. D. FITCH Undertaker and Funeral Director For Catchy, Att 12' Pri tif! 123 West Main St., Madison, Wis. Mli University of Wisconsin SCHOOL OF JVIUSIC Complete courses in all branches of Theoretical and Applied Music. Strong corps of sixteen instructors. Unusual advantages for music-study, both as a pro- fession and as an element of culture. Music may be taken either alone of in combina- tion with University Studies. Students received at any time. For extract from the catalogue, or for any informa- tion, address ROSSETTER G. COLE, Director, or MISS BESSIE BRAND, Secretary MADISON, WIS. 561 Lf is aE"g,. Q. E 1 X-A kia? 1' 43 5-r lQ..vN .. 2 1 f ,V-3 , ".:T,' Sf? 3' -' M f-WF Sf fi if '.V1-Q1:21?'i?Z12'ii F" gy-1-3:4-512:2-:-.'5.f.lS" F. -5.211233 ' 1 E11-,Q2Z,:' 5, 1 wa: L Ef. 1 152-.1 if :fl i, 5 1 ve I ' fl TO UNIVERSITY MEN IU The Flawless style and beauty of the line of our new garments must be seen to be appreciated, Knowing your peculiar needs and desires in regard to styles we have selected a special assort- ment of the season's snappiest styles especially suited for wear by University Students. All these clothes are made in the newest shades of the season and all the fabrics used are London Shrunk. The coats are hand worked all through and the fronts properly interlined with the best pre-shrunk canvas. Even the smallest detail shows the hand of the highly skilled operater. lHPrices to suit all purses. 1HOur assortment of Hats, Caps and Furnish- ings of all kinds will be found to be, the very cream of the market. Nothing in Madison can compare with them. CH We ask the fai vor of an early call and promise you the most courteous assistance in making your purchases. Danielson, Mueller CE. Simpson XL TAILORS, CLOTHIERS CS, MEN'S FURNISHERS Copyright 1908 23 S. Pinckney Street The Home of First Class Clothes The House of Kuppenheimel - Chicago 'Q 0 WM. F. VILAS, FRANK VV. HOYT, President Vice-President Drug Company' WHOLESALE DRU GG I STS Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medi- cines, Foreign and Domestic Sundries, Essential BAIXEQ OF W1scoNs1N MADISON, WISCONSIN Capital Paid in .... S100,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits ...... 100,000.00 Additional Liability of Stockholders .... 100,000.00 Oils, Wines and Liquors BRANCH BANK For convenience of West end of cxfyq corner State, Henry and Johnson Streefs CI-IAS. O'NEILL, Acting Asst. Cashier V DIRECTORS 113, 115, 117, 119 and 121.HUf0f1 Street Wm.F.vi1as, Frank W.Hoyt, A. o. Fox, S. H. Edison, Eugene Eighmy, Joel Boley, Geo. Soelch, Frank Kessenich, A. L. Sanborn, Joseph M. Boyd. 569 MMORSE " TOOLS YEARS OF SEVERE SERVICE IN HUNDREDS OF SHOPS HAVE PROVED EVERY CLAIM EVER MADE FOR Arbors, Chucks, Counterbores, Countersinks, Cutters, Dies, Drills, Gauges, Machines, Mandrels, Mills, Reamers, Screw Plates, Sleeves, Sockets, Taps, Taper Pins, Wrenches Morse Twist Drill CH, Machine Co. NEW BEDFORD, MASS., U. S. A. WISCONSINS StaSSTfSS2iZn5233"7 GREATEST STORE M, Cudahy' Q Cash q7VIarket Girnbel Brothers THE BEST OF Where Quality and Fresh and Salt Meats Price are in unison Style the Best CLUB AND FRATERNITY TRADE SOLICITED Y My William Hupprich, Manager MIL VV AUKEE 111 WEST MIFFLIN STREET The Horace Partridge Company, 75 Hawley Street General rAthletic Outiitters BASKET BALL, TRACK and BASE BALL SUPPLIES Everything for Health and Sport Call or send for Illustrated Catalogue The Horace Partridge Cornpany, 75 Hawley Street BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Beaver Dam Ma11eab1e Iron Company BEAVER DAM, WIS. MALLEABLE TIE PLATES AND GENERAL CASTINGS Catalogue on Tie Plales Sent Upon Application. 'K' Ch g : C mmercial Nat'l Bank Bldg., Room 607 LAWRENCE FITCH, Sales Agent ell Phone 611 Residence Bell 2370 E. G. Kretlow FURNISHINGS SHAVING PARLOR Suits to your order S16 to 330. Guar- 5 North pinckney Street anteed to give satisfaction in fit, style and pattern. MADISON Chas. J. Speth CLOTHING co, 2 2 2 S TA T E S T R E E T We appreciate a call from the stud t REBUILT TYP WRITERS ALL MAKES ALL PRICES FROM 315.00 UP RENTAL RATES THE LOWEST We Sell A11 Kinds We Ren! All Kinds We Repair All Kinds UINVINCIBLE " TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 'QE Milwaukee Typewriter Exchange 130 MASON STREET 564 What the University of Wisconsin is among the Schools of this State me MILWAUKEE SENTINEL Is among Newspapers IT STANDS AT THE HEAD THE DAILY AND SUNDAY SENTINEL IS THE ONLY ME- DIUM THROUGH WHICH AT ONCE YOU MAY OBTAIN All the News of Wisconsin A11 the News of America All the News of the Old World All the News of Athletics The Best Sunday Features The Best Women's Department The Best Department Devoted to Current Literature The Best Fiction AND BESIDES ALL THIS E A Superb Illustrated Magazine FREE WITH EVERY SUNDAY ISSUE Ever alert for the newest and best in the realm of journalism, with facilities metropolitan in every detail, clean and whole- some and standing for the higher ideals, the Sentinel is known among readers and advertisers wher- ever the English language is spoken as the representative paper of the Badger State When in Milwaukee visit the Sentinel's Plant Meanwhile, become a reader of WISCONSIN'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER 565 Millett Core Oven Co. Sole Manufacturers if Mi1lett's Patent C O R E O V E N Portable and Stationary Double Doors, one closing when other .opens oven Over 1500 now in use Every One a Reformer Write us for Catalog and Prices SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Waltzinger To Possess The Best For EXQUI SITE ICE CREAM SI-IERBERTS of anything is always a pleasure, whether it be a horse, an automo- bile, a dress or a suit of clothes. And it is just as true of your Busi- ness Stationery-Letter Heads, Envelopes, Announcements, Cards, etc. We strive to produce only the best work, and at reason- able prices, possibly a trifle higher in some cases than the other fellowklsxgbestu CONFECTIONERY P A R S O N S -.,!,.?iN,,. Printing and Stationery Co "The handiest oHice in the City" l 24 North Carroll Street MADISON, WIS. 5 "BUILT on HONOR" You must wear MAYER HONORBILT SHOES, to appre- ciate their superiority over other makes. They have the style and Wearing qualities, and feel right from the first: wear long and Well, and look good to the last. HUNCRBILT SHOES FOR MEN are made with great care, of the highest grade material, by skilled workmen. They are honest through and through. You get style, quality and comlort in buying MAYER HONORBILT SHOES. Your dealer will supply you: il not, write to us. Look for the Mayer Trade Mark on the sole. F. Mayer Boot 81. Shoe Company MILWAUKEE, WIS. O. R. PIEPER Wholesale Grocer Institution Most Howl? SUPPLIES Perfect H0SD1'C31S -L-1-Q Referenc s Established 1885 Milwaukee, Wis. It may be Hall the same", but have your clothes cleaned, repaired and pressed at the Cardinal Steam Dye Works 623 University A ve. The name is to clothes what the color is to the U B 1500 S 3255 U. W. Restaurant 11 Meals for 82.00 H. PK9EISS THE BADGER IS COMPLETE THIS TIME FOR IT HAS FINDLAY'S AD YOUR SPREAD WILL NOT BE UNLESS YOU HAVE FINDLAY'S PHONE, BELL 40 PHONE, STANDARD 424 Capital City Market STEHR CE, WALTER CHOICE MEATS State Street Bakery' 421 State Street NICK E. WEBER, Proprietor POULTRY, SAUSAGES Dealer in BREAD, ROLLS, CAKES 'Phonesz St. 2966. Bell 2905 CONFECTIONERY 422 State Street, Madison, Wis. Tdephones Ng, S 325 B 731 This space is paid for by A. K. JENSEN FINE SHOES 432 State Street, Madison, Wis. N. WEBERD Delicatessen Store 218 State Street, Madison, Wis. Bell Phone 1016 Your valued patronage is respectfully solicited at all times by' Hermann Thuringef 430 State Street Dealer in the Iatestlines of Women's and Men 's Furnishings Our prices are right and goods the best MILLINERY Correct in Every Detail -il' J. s. MAH QNEY 401 State Street Northwestern niversity edical School . . ..o:. . ,,o 'o o HJ was ,. , ssw.l.,,.e "gill 1 .gum .I ,, , dl 'Hui I Q u ,Mi Sam Ile: IJ '4 1 9 3 CE. -JIM'-41 AA ,r A. f? A ---ma. 1, Y L5 ' " 5,5 -1- 15.45154 2 ' I ll f? x lg- : 3' 1 "' lr'-' rr fx f- :- f 'mM , PHE . L , . , Fi ra mg. fi., gf N,..',,,:, ,, , q,, , A 'A' -F' ' BBB ll r mllng l Q 5 E'r "? s4 P ' " f i nial 2.: l" I ' 5 . - ex at -- .. 'f,--A-I .-.J Y - lj! 4 i 7 . 4, ll , is is . " D 0 1-Hygifs b lg H 11" , -. 'lj . . a,v tiE It ll ,gg 22 ig Ellngmigglvl i 'air s 5+ MQ R 1 a J I - all Q I : i lr 4 .13.-.-..e.- gf g f wg. -A f' I. .Le --1-.g-g:-rg,-fr.-5-' ' y--f.:'s,.-.- .V-,,.-.Meek . . -V - - H :L,.,-- S... -- -Qflm -l X- DR. A. R. EDWARDS, DEAN This Medical School is centrally located, convenient to large hospitals, affording abundance of clinical material. The laboratories and lecture rooms are commodious, well-lighted and gener- ously supplied with all modern appliances, to aid in carrying on in the most effective manner, the study of medicine. The classes are divided into small sections, thus affording to students bet- ter opportunities, or the advantages ofindividual instruction. This feature, as well as a graded curriculum, characterize the work in all the departments. The abilty of the men who graduate from this school, as well as the character and thoroughness ofthe work given here, is evidenced by the success of our graduates in the examinations given by the different State Boards. Of the 132 who graduated in the class of 1907 no failures have been reported. The entrance require- ments are a year ofcollege work in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Modern Languages in addi- tion to a diploma from a iour years High School. For further particulars address Charles Louis Mix, Secretary, 2431 Dearborn St., Chicago. . ' For Your Footwear 11l1am Wens PRACTI CAL PLUMBER CS. GAS FITTER A- 'J WASH WL 'D f Teleph one 121 118 North Pinckney MAD I SO N WISCONSIN Street Come to Dalys Where Women are known and their tastes understood 'Ke Shop 9" Fashion Where styles are authentically intro- duced. Where qualities are absolute and prices decidedly reasonable. Also a novelty line gf' Fancy Silk Hosiery Boot Shop Shoes Corner for Women Pinckney CS. Mifilin Olson CH, Veerhusen Co. MADISON'S LEADING CLOTHIERS, FURNISI-IERS AND TAILORS Clothes with Snap and Individual Style ASK THE MEN WHO WEAR THEM THE BEST DRESSED MEN IN COLLEGE WEAR O. CQ, V. CO.'S CLOTHES N. Pinckney Street Madison, Wis. Albert A. Wittl, S d d Ph Prop. 2105 The Quality Print Shop Job and Commercial PRINTING Corner W. Main and S. Hamilton Sts. MADISON, WISCONSIN Winchester Repeating Shotguns and Shotgun Shells make the most satisfactory combination for field, fowl or trap shooting. They are used and endorsed by representative sportsmen the country over. Shoot them if you want to shoot well. FREE: Our large illustrated Catalogue Winchester Repeating Arms Co. NEW HAVEN, CONN. F YOU have not already chosen your J, profession, it might be very decidedly to your advantage to investigate the subject of life insurance with a View to making it your life Work. Fevv realize the magnitude of the business or how generally busi- ness and professional men are availing themselves of the protection it affords to family and estate. If interested, Write to THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY for copies of the "Educational Series", which will give you something of an insight into the business and its possibilities. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company JVIilWaukee, : : Wisconsin 571 KEUFFEL CR, ESSEK9 CO. General OE1ce and Factories: Hoboken, N. J. 127 Fulton St., New York Chicago St. Louis San Francisco Drawing Materials Mathematical and Surveying Instruments, Measuring Tapes We make the greatest variety of Engine . - - fs - . H ---- N DividedS1ide Rules and call specialatten- " ' ' ' Eg,-1fr.m f"' W" V Mg tion to our Patent Adjustment which in- i "ii ' 'L ' ' " . ""' " ' sures permanent smooth working of F ,.--.-. - W: pi .,. " h "4" - the slide. - f """" ' . - ' ' 1 ' ' 'leagizu '- Our Paragon Drawing Instruments enjoy an excellent and wide reputa- ' '7-iu . tion. They are ofthe most precise workmanship, the Finest finish, the I --Tj'-Q-1, K most practical design and are made in the greatest variety. L - - 'TT X WRITE FOR A COPY OF OUR SOLAR EMPHEMERIS FOIL, 1908 X ' " Our Complete Catalog on Request HIGHEST AWARDS Grand Prize, St. Louis, 1904 Gold Medal, Portland, 1905 S t ns A r In S New Building Modern Equipment Give Unhfefsal Cantwell Printing Satisfaction Company All progressive m'fai1121-'gifs PRINTING B I N D I N G STEVENS Send five cents in stamps for 160 page illustrated catalog J. Stevens Arms CE, Tool Co. P. O. Box 4097 CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS. Wisconsin Law Blanks Moderate Prices High Class Work QYVIADISON, VVISCONSIN Fair' Prices .. Steam Laundry F mi agen CO ine VVork 'Q Jef ' FOR 5 and 7 East Main St. FHIICY Dressers QYVIADISON, WIS. E t bl hed 1858 I p t d1883 Us W F DoHMEN co. 9 , MA CH I N I ST S' Wholesale Druggists AND Digsilglggtrjrgnd MANUFACTURERS' if Terre-Glycoline The Modern Poultice ANTISEPTOL SUPPLIES ' The Ideal Antiseptic and Disinfectant We Guarantee the nw Quality of our Goods 23 and 25 South Clinton Street MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Chicago, I11. 1858 1908 KENTZLERQBROTHERS 2: LIVERY This semi-centennial is the result of our efforts to keep the BEST EQUIPPED LIVERY in the State We shall endeavor to maintain this reputation by continued good service in the future Both Phones Number 85 573 very best picture of you In less than four years this Bank has built up resources amounting to over S3,500,000.00 THIS GROWTH IS DUE TO FIRST: The policy which is broad, yet sufficiently conservative to insure safety. SECOND: The adopting of modern methods which facilitate the dis- patch of business. THIRD: Progressiveness of management and its Willingness to promote the interest of depositors. These, together with stability are what have made so many satisfied depositors. We pay 352 intere.rt on wavinga' accountw and certiiicatew of depotrit GERMANIA NATIONAL BANK UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN ,'7""2jAi:fLJ,,. ,Agia , WE DO NOT POSE 1.. 1 - -. , . :.iiJffff,'1"' a sitter any old way and X then blame the poor pic- lw., I ture on the sitter. That By ' ,N xx -Q is not our way of taking A 1 1 I . PHOTOGRAPHS 432 I Q .,.. If you come here for some ', '. , portraits we consider it - 1 ' fl?"--sg our interest to make the W. C. KROPF, Prop. Madison Tent CE, Awning Co. Successors to Gallagher Tent CD. Awning Co. Manufacturers of Awnings, Belt Chain Roller Awnings, Tents, Sails, Flags, Wagon Covers, Machine Covers, Stack Covers, Horse Covers TENTS and CAMP FURNITURE TO RENT 319-321 East Wilson Street Bell Phone 663 Standard Phone 906 C possible. That's g O o d business at least. So if you have been disappoint- ed in photographs before come and try our way. It will not be our fault if we do not produce a finer portrait than even you believed possible. ARL THOMAS MADISON 65 Wisconsin Street, MILWAUKEE LONDON, 29 Regent Street Goon CLoTHEs READY To WEAR S H I RT JVI A K E R S MEN'S OUTFITTERS Largest Importers gf Fine Neckwear gf any firm west gf New York SCARFS, 50 CENTS UP TO 55.00 Shirts custom made and from stock. A great variety always being on display Only house in Milwaukee showing many novelties Prices from 51.50 to 56.00 Note:-Messrs. Capper cater especially to what may be termed the "Younger Trade" W' 3111-gg, ,t rttutw wfnlatnr Discriminating People Wh en Purchase Them Because they insure the most perfect results in baking and cooking Save work and worry, and reduce fuel con- sumption wonderfully contemplating installing a Sfea m and Hot Wafer Heating Apparatus, Hot A'rFu ace V t'I t' A. 1 rn or a en 1 a ing System-Write us J. Lindemann I-Ioverson Co. Milwaukee CE, E. J. Ryder' 462 West Gilman' Street The most convenient Stude's place for Fruits, Confectionery Stationery, Sporting Goods and Sunday Newspapers til' Souvenir Port Cardtr a Specialty my W of Established 1851 ' ' Lailps'-heals.:-251 s 1 ,vatatrsifaz gf.-Ya-wigi' ,4 .W.,V,mW,,wL ,H ,574 WH W, 1,..l..,,,,,,M ILM '12 A '11l:?Wly'ffr'1 tml ,vwf I W lf! . .Fw N... 1 ., Eimer CE, Amend 5 '??' ffl 1 A ,rf-7 -t 7: 'ii ' ' fiiif' ggm, ' " 1 f' - 'X V2.1-La':"'. 54:4-5'1v:g9,Sf: ii: fp , fsifM39g2i:,::'.I1lgQL:2'-gf:I Ifs frszf 5: 43 15531-lilyrm-',:i1r:y1,!g4:r+-v-fp.:Lx-.1np.w.Q:::.:wr' , fgr- rv 'fy -v"v.,.' -'n:gf'r.2we" .gn ' '1.3'm','-w" m, 9' 45 ..g1,-Hg' ., F-1. .- -,,1 ,A 5 EE, Importers and Manufacturers of 'ws nfmugr, mga?-e'i'e fzgnflgsxvatfr-Q ' Ty 515333 af' fig 3jli:3lfQr:i,l?y,m w- -V I Wu -1,m'Q:1'5.fg?51eE h - ,, '- W C P C al .11 " Wi'17-4-55215"ff22Wf4?,':"f35"W1 .liiilifillm,. ,,'lkZ3EM"F53 'I' ' ' emlc S gif 5:52, '3'-Milf ffzif.'E,-ffzma'-xl ,el- L rz. :ram-.:l. iw. f:f,i:Qe,lA 92.-,.,gy,f1fg1 1.I':1..:f,gY. -1 .pts 55.gi32'9g ,Wigs Z,-Q35 f,gf?g,- jilif! a n d R C a g C I1 t S ifaflf' -1-fme 1l.fff2fa1E .N ' use 1 , 315,455,qQgL35i9l2:,25,131 iffy ,:1AQ5j.'4g,g,:1l'ZB'f1iLgl,, gg, CHEMICAL, PHYSICAL AND s ,' 1:,zg:a: gx3fqiggegq,31sg,Wm- 'uv pg, gi fro , iw s, :QF .W if 51335-g.!+:L5!QlEgi: lil- wgjfggs fn rg, .EH s c 1 E N T I F I c A P P A R A T U s gk 2 . -W-1' if 'lr flfll suv 131 ,ww ibnuzlwlwft ml' Y 1511 ' i W, 233.22 ---YM 1. ,f-lv m y .,s.f h,, ' M1 3 5 . mf .,, 74,-gnn5,L,:'3.ffg-g,. , r ll Him g g 444-it lg! I,.'fWQ' We handle the best of everything needed ., in laboratories J if -N r ' twig? -75251willeye?,g.,fQ.51:2?se1ge,.5, ei, ' 205-211 Thlrd Avenue Cor- 18th St- . .,LL,.i,.,s.,t,i ...,.,.,.s,s, ,,, ,Y -wf,v,,- , M, ,,w,,,, , , , v "-'divL..f.'im'Ilike3.2,Q,Q21ll1.AU.xaz..g1I',f1,,f'1,fui.lL.,I,ZI,.,,Qlr:,L'lil,7.,L:.Ll!,ff7,2:'fllLll 4""LL.fJ.-'h-V' NEVV YORK CITY Established 1847 H. NIEDECKEN COMPANY Importers and Manufacturers of Commercial S t atio n e ry, School Supplies, Bla n k Books, Loose Leaf De- vices, Toys, Books, Dolls, Decorated China, Holiday Novelties of great variety, Fi re works , Base Ball Goods, Croquets and Ham- mocks....... 337 to 343 East Water Street MILWAUKEE Ask for Velours Calf and other 'C P CS, V " LEATHERS Co- T522 Quits Business .Af the on stand Year 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 THESE FIGURES TELL YOU WHY ' PasEIOeYears Rate of Dividends SS 9,534.52 SW in merchandise 13,090.44 10W in merchandise 16,199.43 125W in merchandise 29,303.78 10'k in cash or 12W in merchandise 33,805.99 Qfki in cash or 1222 in merchandise 35,009.14 QW in cash or 125-W in merchandise 40,320.05 QW in cash or 125W in merchandise 46,070.29 QWJ in cash or 12572 in merchandise 48,762.07 10? in cash or 13W in merchandise 52,498.07 10W in cash or 13W in merchandise 53,250.52 10W in cash or 13W in merchandise 71,000.00 10W in cash or 13W in merchandise 64" The Manager Wants Your Patronage, Your Suggestions, Your Criticisms MAIL ORDERS A SPECIALTY This is to be a banner year for The New Co-Uperative Co H. A. SMYTHE, jr., Manager 524 State Street, Madison, Wisconsin 577 ,Lf I ., - Us - I I CI'1'I18.I112l ll 1S 1I1g '- 1 fm 5f"r:s'.:-:3jt:::1'z1 - , --- 3, ,. 31' ' I Germ an 13 . or Herold GEORGE BRUMDER fi 1 --f-f..f-1,-e-, Q -'M 1 " ,.., 1: .' x,,LU,,2.3w 4' , fp sf f , f 1 I I The largest Distributing Establishment GERMANIA BUILDING . I . of German Newspapers zn Mllwaukee, W1S. the World HASWELL KDIDGWAY F U R N I T U KDE Wea COMPANY 26-28 N. Carroll Street MADISON, WIS. Sk you to call and see MISSION FURNITURE Kiel' "We Rent Cots" Ollf' Photographer 1 xl" ' , 'wr' tw 4' y -- '-fgzafgg' . ,rt X333-3 gf - 4. Sf V ' 17 West Main MADISON, Street I WIS. TRONGER VALUES in all Departments Special good values in high grade Suits and Skirts. All correctly tailored and handsomely finished. Wash Suits and complete lines of Wash Waists. "Forest" Mills Underwear--none better for all needs. "Cadet" Hosiery for all. Guaranteed and at only 25 cents a pair. Millinery, Ribbons, Gloves, Bon- ron Corsets, Sahlin Waisfs. Burdick and Jlflurray' Co. 17-19 E. Main St., Madison, Wis. The has the Phone 1278-S. Phone 1783-B' largest news service of any paper in Madison E. 1. Southwick --i--- MERCHANT It prints the most news TAILOR It prints the livest news It prints the news with- out fear or favor V" Try our want ad column 'iq uw' 4 355325011 i Milfgiifm Ka State journal v JVIADISON STEAM DYE WORKS H. STRELOVV, Proprietor Ladies' and Men's Garments Cleaned, Dyed and Pressed Soft, Stiff and Straw Hats Cleaned and Re-blocked f Chenille and Portiers of all kinds Cleaned and Dyed in the Best and Latest Manner. DRY CLEANING A SPECIALTY Mail Orders Solicited 112 S. PINCKNEY STREET Phone S. 192 Phone Bell 2485 579 4 N IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION, when starting in business, is to form your banking connection with a conservatively managed and successful bank. The First National Bank of Milwaukee capifai, - - - 32,000,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits, - 675,000 F. W. CURTISS PHOTOGRAPHER 108 STATE STREET Duplicates printed from E. R. Curtiss, A. C. Isaacs and F. W. Curtiss Negatives ? xx 1. fe MADISON, WISCONSIN Standard Paper' Company PAPER CALL KINDS FORJ Prin ters, Publishers and S ta ti on ers Print, Flats, Book, Bristols, Cardboards, Envelopes, Cut Cards, Wrapping Papers, Twines, etc. Our Stationery Dept. contains a large and varied assortment for Sta- tioners and Druggists. 133-147 West Water St., Q7VIilwaukee Thepaper used in this publication was furnished by Standard Paper Co. AHEAD I THE RACE Victory on the cinder path often hinges on the shoes the Track Man wears. Yes, on the leather that's in the shoes. For Running, Walking and Athletic Shoes of all kind ' s nothing can equal Trostel's Wapiti Leather e tanner S skill-stro A triumph of th ' ng, yet softg easy on the feet, yet hard to wear out. The most comfortable and practical leather ever prod d 1 uce for track use and tramping wear. Ask for Trostel's Wapiti Leather the next time you buy a pair of Athletic Shoes Albert Troste M I LWA U KE E London Bost 186 Sons OII Established 1858 Watermans Ideal The Cgllggg Marys Fountain Pen BOOKS INDISPENSABLE TO STUDENTS OF LAW BURDICK ON TORTS A concise Treatise on the Civil Liability at Common Law and under xnodern statutes for Actionable Wrongs to Person and Property. By Francis M. Burdick, Columbia University School ofLaw, author of "Cases on Torts." The author of this volume has taught the subject of Torts for more than adozen years, in Columbia Law School. For nearly halfthat period he has been engaged in collecting and preparing the material now given to the public in this compact treatise Price, Canvas, 582 pages, 33.00 Sheep. 83.50 BURDICICS CASES ON TORTS Selected and arranged for the use of Students in connection with Burdick on Torts By FRANCIS JW BURDICK Third Edition. 1,014 Pages. 1905. Price, Buckram, 34.00. Full Sheep, 34.50. The Third Edition of Burdick's Cases on Torts is a new edition in fact as well as in name. In point of matter, it contains about double that ofthe second edition. In point of arrangement, it is wholly different from either ofits predecessors. They followed the order of topics in Pollock's Law of Torts. This collection follows the order of topics in Burdicl-Us Law of Torts, and may protitably be used in connection with that text. CHASE'S BLACKSTONE Special Student's Edition, so abridged as to retain all portions ofthe original works which are of his- torical or practical value. By Geo. Chase LL. D. of Columbia Law School. Third Ed. 1168 pp. 8 Vol. The Notes are copious and the aim has been to make them as clean and comprehensive as those of Blackstone's own text. Topics too meagerly treated by Blackstone have been iilly developed. Citations are full, and carefully selected. There are also a Glossary, translations of passages for the Latin, French and other languages which are found in the Commentaries in large numbers, tables of Eng- lish, Irish, Scotch and American Law Reports, Index, etc. Price, 56.00, Delivered. 3525555251 THE BANKS CE, COMPANY, Albany, N. Y. -021' ""t'iWWEe ' .P 7? K yy ? s afe-.1 T1 fr-'Rea P xxx 'r' :shag Q s 'D' vi , V OH. Pl- Much of the would s histcig has been xi ut ten with this ideal uutxn mstlument which makes its mailt wmuncl the uoild 'md 'nl'-r fulfills its puipusg in fqufly and fnthfully without inteiiuption to thou ht Waterman S Ideal Fountam Pen The Pen u ith the Clipcwp mav he pm chased 'almost anywhere on with It is aiu wys the Stine H1 P1100 lll Qbvlc :md in quality It is et chan cable evexvww heie tl J L.EWatermanCo 1735 adwt-iyNY Opportunity VVE OFFER THE SUREST MEANS Of finding the right place Over 1500 good positions in business, teaching and technical work, not the ordinary soliciting or apprentice jobs, but positions Offering a future. We have 12 off-lces each with a department devoted to placing college,university and technical school graduates. Write us to-day. HAPGOODS The National Organization of Brain Brokers Wells Building, Milwaukee, Wis. ' . 1 l . . . ..... . ... .1-Plot I 1 .z4v..q.g4-1 F T , at-. Q H , iv ' W-. S- m ir. tg f,11.wg.. .wa fs'-Jgf-w.-1, ' ,vm if v -, .. 'A rlf, uri . A-,'f..1,'.1v-V ff. ' ei' , y ilvskfacsgn.-p Z., '.I.1'j-V fjf. t -1 ' f',1,.f ,,,gf,:+.,v1,:J - 3.36. 1 .,- 2: -swf Q1 f'.i1li14ff' 'Sf' U ' 5.1: M ?'sws2'a. - "25.,:.', ,rs '.,,f. 'YQ 4. '-f Y ,, N m tfffjt , 3' I-q , N it ' ' w gr ,g,g1g.i ,z ,-4.5 " f w , .- fifths. .3-41 ,63 :f?'f'jf:,j+-gg, 4, Haj .5 fl , r ggi? E. .. ,-i1i,qvg,n:.tf1 H : . . 'Joy s v 1, ,qe?..1ias,e-s.j 41,-LL ' W rf. grape L 'gs4:4?!:3.15gki ,,Lf.'2fg.p'sl -f 1' WN H i a .'i, MEA- ' fsiwfwzvwza:-is 1 . ' 1' ,.:..L .1:-J.aaf'.-. :ts x .i:'-mel . ' ' A 9 Nxt Ha?" ' Qisgikrillffk ?fij3.,, 'if 1' -:bi 3'2,,?7',1 1 - 5 ' fi-ii '-i ni gfmf'ffY4,:'i,Z2'gn-. -'.ff?'f 5 w a -Q X V S '. 'fifvl . , ,- X Q ,- - - '. f . ' " " 5"i"N ,I . .. , " g " lfF"' ti, - - . . Y- Q.,-r 521'-:J -. ,, w Q 1' , - V. 1 A -. 1 l . ff Q . ' A - ' t , I I ' - ff : , . ' ' 5 . . ., , . ,, ,ff 3, . 1 'il rf , .' ......:,.,z.,.... 1... ...........,J... .s.'5.....e.a.:.a...,.t.. M .a....Y tml.. f..W.,c.,. .s t...a..m.,::,,.a - . 582 Fraternity and Class Pins Our Specialty Write to us for special designs which will be cheerfully furnished. Send for samples of fine Stationery. Catalogue on Pins and Rings sent free. Bunde CS, Upmeyer Co. MACK BLOCK, MILWAUKEE, vvIs. Madison Steam Laundry 111 KING STREET WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF LADIES' FANCY WORK Standard Phone 815 Bell Phone 1291 Ferd. C. Sattler 'Gfe "VARSITY" TAI L O R MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Madison, Wis. LaFayette, Ind. Waukesha, Wis. Champaign, Ill. FERD. C. SAT TLER ' EACH FRIDAY: Rooms 631 State Street, Madison, Wis. American Show Print Co. Theatrical, Circus and Commercial Lithographers Printers and Engravers xr "mv M- GRE Qi 382 -384-386-390 Sixth Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin QE Park Bowling Alleys Seven Finest Alleys in the City Recommended by the Students GEO. PALTZ C OMPANY Bell Phone 922 Standard Phone 2703 ST. NICHOLAS RESTAURANT BEN. STITGEN Proprietor 118-120 West Main St., Madison PICTURE FRAMIN College Posters and Pictures Madison Paint CR, Wall Paper CO. C. s. ASHBROOKE Eikksfis 7546 203 KING STREET Th B d fsf E ll CENTRAL WISCONSIN e TRUST co. is -'.' I 2-3 ,.-,. buxn' -1 , MADISON, .... WISCONSIN ! I 3 i,- E 3 3 0 0, 0 0 0 CA PI TA L p lil- if aff-I If-5 is 'ff Lu Well-Known Directors 'SSA 5 91 . 55 ' L'-4 - Qv ''Q':.ex f -- -I f. I 'xi Supervision byBank Examiner ' A il- R 3 , VJ l--- ' ft if A ,34 , E,yrJ,S f "ff l INTEREST PAID AS FOLLOWS: 2 1-2 per cent per annum if left 4 mos. 3 per cent per annum if left 6 months 4 per cent per annum if left 12 months Loans on Real Estate with Privilege of PART PAYMENTS If this Company is named as Executor, Ad- ministrator, Guardian, Trustee or Receiver, . The Old Reliable Line CMade for over seventy yearsl STEWARTS Never Disappoint Manufactured by' you have the benefit of the experience ofthe me following- OFFICERS Fuller-Warren Company iimliiivphfiiliitig Elie? P l'fAHNEXN?XE5gTN 1 t l P M 1 L W A U K E E JOSEPH M' BOYD' Tmas' Sold by reputable dealers everywhere THE CHI A PALACE 126 STATE STREET China, Glassware, Crockery, Lamps House Furnishing Goods CR, Novelties WE RENT CHINA FOR PARTIES. J, F, SCH AD AUER CQ, CO, JOHN GALLAGHER, Sr. Established 1880 JOHN GALLAGHER, Jr. Phones: Bell 1295, Standard 3921 f' l fm 6??if.?9fLf" t Umlms l 9-13 South Bedford Street, opposite I. C. Depot, Madison, Wisconsin SPENCERIAN Business College Milwaukee, Wisconsin Are you thinking of taking a course in BUSINESS OR SHORTHAND? If so, and you value reliability, fair dealing, a picked corps of teachers, and the backing whicha strong high grade school affords in securing employment you should call or write for special information A ifyktihzwn lsisnds KEELEY'S CHOCOLATES AND BON BON S Are known all over the United States for their PURITY Our Soda Drinks and Ice Creams are Perfection 112 State Street Madison, Wis. 585 I-T Uldvertising never made good clothing, but X 'Ee , good, clothing is worth advertising well The best of everything at GRIEIEEE 1' THE JOHN GRINDE LO 1 C SHOP CLOTHES SHOP K! 18 North Carroll Street, Madison, Wis. Schubert The Photographer JJ' Everything in the line of Photography, also lowest prices on Lantern Slides fi!" 19 West Main St. MADISON, WISCONSIN AT ALL TIMES There can be found a large . and complete stock 2f CARPETS, RUGS AND DRAPERIES AT THE SAME Time and Place you will also find an up-to-date stock of DRY c-cons New York Store 5 and 7 W. Main Both Phones Conjuring Tricks The Devil's Own Tricks, SOC. The Yogi Wonder, 50c. Trick Vanishing Cards,25c. Phantom Cards, 50c. The W. D. LEROY Boston School O F MA G I C X-Ray Pack of Cards, 51.00. Combi- nation Pack of Cards S2.50. 56-page 1',qfix' 114.1 Magic Catalogue, l0cj Mammoth 212- 1 03 Boston page Illust. Book Catalogue, 50c. By R , Reg. Mail, 600. Court St. Mass. Grads School Supplies and Office Supplies to all parts of the state at lowest prices Mail Orders are given prompt and careful attention Freshmen Text Books, new and second hand Engineers' Supplies Pennants and Pins Student Headquarters COLLEGE BooK STORE 412 State Street 587 Standard Phone 1150 Bell Phone 979 JVIOD EL CREAMERY COMPANY' DEALERS IN Fancy Elgin Butter, Pure Cream, Sweet Milk BUTTER MILK AND ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS Ice Cream a Specialty 207 State Street We guarantee all Our Pfoducfs Madison, Wis. SAM YEP F. C. JAC Best Hand Laundry Students :-We will do up first class work at reasonable prices - UP -TO-DATE You insure the return of your goods Standard Phfme when you place them with us 6024 317 State Street Jwadison, Wis. 223 King Street, madison r f a' 7 A 7 - 'A S 55 ll? 4 CHARLES H. BESLY 81. Co. -- 3 v0 l 'I , ' Q 7 B dC ' Sh 1, ig: Q. R'oT:?l2dS.zl:1I:1elllVl?e, ee S ' Q Q ' Q I me Bfaled Tubes- yn com' 15 TO 21 cuN'roN ST 6 ' ' ' '35 A """"" NTP' Ii' Seamless Tubes and Brass. ' i n Egnlgnhgi, I Ir Polishers' and Platers' Supplies- CHICAGO, ILL., U.S.A. " I -an 34 - 9 ' wi .alum 152 E EE' 3- 1' 521,-.fl W ' I .W X U We .la - tit.-- ,.,.. -v"m'5 - 5 'r-lseek! IE ug g mf Y Eimlllllliil lil l l lll l l A gf- Eb 9 Q? kwa? , ,.... , MHVJ Z' k Aii,lT!,a!Ef. . Ei 9 ,,,, Q ai ds A G7Ilnaz::::l ...., ""I k - P P -iq lim-rll I ' E" AON 'Qs M ' Hwwviwwllv W1-N ' Im A 'WWW XX -wmv-In ' , ,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,f, 2- -EXNFEXV A ' f .f inger lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I !Il Y A t 5 + - . Mft-J T T gf f A"" 'A" "'l' Va A ' gm 7 1 f-xxza I Qxi uili-up H Em, V i U 588 MADISON'S LEADING PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE BASHFORD, AYLVVARD CS, SPENSLEY GEO. S. MARTIN Attorney at Law Above First Pioneer Block National Bank Madisgny Standard- Bell- Office 702 Telephones Office 1000 Residence 792 Residence 1975 MORRIS, RILEY CS, D U D G E O N RUFUS B. SMITH , LAWYER Attorneys and Counsellors - PGM1grf'is h . ' . . Rooms 8-10 Marston Block Maiilfjw S. Disdgeon Madison, VVIS- John B. Sanborn Chauncey E. Blake Stand- Tel- NO- 5158 SANBORN cs, BLAKE G- C- KOLLOCK LAWYERS Denfjst Office 'Wisconsin Bldg. Madison, Wis. 31 N. Pinckney St. Madison, Wis Standard Phone 6547 MRS. L. E. WILLOUGHBY 1Masseuse,. Dermatologist, Chiropodist. Sharnpooing ' and Manicuring 2: :: zz Over 20 East Mifflin St. Madison, Wis. Out ofthe City on Mondays and Tuesdays MRS. M. T. CULLEN Dermatologist Sharnpooing, Electro-Facial and Scalp Treatments 419 STATE ST. MADISON, WIS 589 H. H. BROWN we SUIT CASE MAN I carry the best and most complete line of Trunks, Hand Bags and Suit Cases in the City REPAIR WORK DONE 118 East Main Street MADISON, WIS, PHD I EXIIEICI 156 Bea? Tonic For Strength C 4 ,.-. 92 ' z YQ ' K rib? .H 412 5 f f 1 is ff QR I f 0 P , as 4, 47 W Qi f ee an A ls Jw wifi L Q 1 If X N251 1 'f' QW. k mx 9,26 sf- 'Q EU' . 5 ' J sg .., x- 7 K V4 vbv we -ff ,+A I f'.- -- ' Health i yi--, 'Cu and A I .I-e N vigor ,ff Makes Rich:::Red Blood wi I N2 WE B STER'S INTERNATIONAL DIC TIONARY A INIICLSSIT1 In 'Evelyllome School 'Ind Office Useful Practical Attractive Inctm Relxable Popular Complete Scxentxlic Up'1oD'1teand Authoritative 25 ooo New YVorcls 2,80 Pages gooolllustratxons Ed1lor1nCh1efXV I' Ha ns Ph D LL D , United States Comr of Edn Should you not own the Intex national 7 ll TBSTTR S COLLEGIATII DICTIONTARX Largest ofour abrldglnents Ixefulir 1ncl'llnn P1per Fdxtxons 1116 pages and 1400 illustrations XVnte for "D1ct1on1ry XVr1nl,les" Free G 85 C MERRILLM CO , Springfield, Mass -1 ie I-:E 5 5:1555 if r l- zfr.':'-f'f S? i2' 2'i fr i E I rf , I ,fl ::.:2:? 2- 'f - .3 1, . 5 - z E:-5 ,Q ::."::.',:.' .'ff21Ei'l 353 I EE' .ww I 'E-,'f5f125i5 I . l ' ' I ' , ' K , 1. . . , 1 ' , A 'n . . ' g. ' , W: , n 1 1 , K g 1 U I I -1 "' V: V u El lJHey 4, ,, ' aaaf UHHUHHS have that superior! style, fit and exclu- Q sive military work- 1 .,. rnanship not found in other uniforms. Every uniform is ' fully guaranteed. E: . WN'RITE FOR Catalog 8: Prices V, THE M. G. Lilley 81, Go. fe' 3 GULUMBUS, UHIU. S 5 90 Holeproof Hosiery High Class Hats and Men's Furnishings MADISON AGENCY: SIDNEY P. RUNDELL The State Bank CA PI TA L 8100.000 L. S. HANKS, . . . President J. H. PALMER, . . Vice-President E. O. KNEY, ...... Cashier ESTABLISHED 1853 MADISON, WISCONSIN .XL .'g::.l'..Q-155, my.-, , 'ffm :Y1492 .,-A jeffrey Electric Locomotives FOR MINE AND INDUSTRIAL HAULAGE Complete Mine Equipments, Elevators, Conveyers, Screens, Drills, Crushers, Coeil Cutters,Carhauls,Hoists,etc. THE JEFFREY MFG. CO. COLUMBUS, OHIO, U. S. A. N xv York Chicaso Boston Pittsburg Dem Cl 1-leston Knoxville St. Louis M t' 1 N OLIVER No. 5 '-M-4 is 5 Figlnlii The most perfect typewriter made. It is the .4--L H li I in ' -Lv ii I 'Q Q f. , La1 f 1 i' simplest and easiest machine to operate, and most as-:fr , E 15 My Ji l C Mi 65011. ' -" 'U' be w rem durable of any typewriter on the market, having "a"'J'w.i-ws only 5 to 5 the number of parts contained in other standard machines. It has a horizontal and vertical ruling device, a tabulating attachment, a disappearing indicator that points to the exact printing point. The interior mechanism is incased with metal making it dust and dirt proof. Send for our Illustrated Catalog. We are the largest office outiitters in the Northwest, carrying the largest and finest stock of desks, tables, chairs, filing systems, sectional book cases, etc. Send for catalogs and prices. We will save you money. WM. C. KREUL CO. 432-434-436 Broadway, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. SUMNER CQ CRAMTON Wholesale CE. Retail SUPPLIES ll m PIIOIO Sl1ppllCS Motors, Fixtures and Apparatus of 311 kinds State Street, 120 S. Pinckney Street, Madison, VVis. MADISON, WISCONSIN. c. G. SWANSON TAILOR 12 NORTH CARROLL STREET We do custom tailoring at reasonable prices and insure you a fit. We make up trousers to satisfy the most critical dresser and at the lowest possible rate. 599 PHONE 172 PHONE 172 p ,,. N X -.,, x. I .x X Sd. ,N J .4 if f' ', NNNN. X , I N ll , xg! X sk ! f 3, t , J, I x f f . fp X ' 4? I Yjiff- . . M ' 4'zV, H f sl: l x . ,055 4 -, . - : 1 12' e it "" -..,,, .' I A in-"""""-----.-. .... ... We Find It Very Easy To run a laundry that will please our patrons. That's our busi- ness. We are not afraid to tell why it is that we find this business so easy. We run it to suit you, that's only right, you pay the money, that's your businessg all the same there are lots of laundries where you pay the money and get all the trouble. Because we take the trouble, is why we are getting so large' in a business way. Alford Brothers 113 and 115 North Carroll Street, JVIADISON, WIS. 593 Eugene Dietz gen Company' Drawrng Materrals and Surveying Instruments aw We have a large stock of second hand Transifs and Levelw. Send fotl i' 181 Monroe Street, Chicago Q m"dR'1'x San Francisco 214-20 E. 23d Street, New York New Orleans Toronto 77 Cat chy Photo by Th e Student Photographer 302 M. HILSENHOFF MERCHANT TAILOR 1 and? Stap e Suitings STATE STREET MADISON, WISCONSIN 594 Send it to Pietsch If fs to be Cleaned or Dyed OTTO PIETSCI-I DYE WORKS Main OHICE and Works: , 254-256 WEST WATER STREET, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN UM Highest Quality with Newest and Best Selected Stock of Corner' Bookstore BUCKMASTER 436 STATE STREET Can be found all the text books, instruments, and school station- ery required by students iii' SECOND-HAND BOOKS BOUGHT AND SOLD THE JEWELER CNext door to Opera House? Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Cut Glass, Solid Silverware Special attention to our OPTICAL DEPT. Eyes examined Free. All E rro rs of Refraction accurately filled MADISON, WISCONSIN Malee Bros. Manufacturers and Dealers in all Kinds of Shoes and Rubbers REPAIRING A SPECIALTY 326 State Street, Madison, Wis. 702 University Ave. 405 State St. T52 Pantorium Co. CLEANERS AND DYERS MADISON, WISCONSIN 595 PIPER3 BROS. Wholesale Department A money saving prop- osition for all large buyers of Groceries and ' Food S upplies It will pay you to get acquainted with our wholesale man 341' Telephone, Standard and Bell 84 PIPER BROS. 4 STORES . tlees nrt: . ,M fwwr' 'oy Www my fx XX 111 1 VX! f NAM ' rfvxur Q W! RHJIAYILRS f sgevovyg 1 my 5 jf!! 1 X1 1 5 rag QZy7'ff!ffv1!'7 fx ff 1 Q! X7 ff .W ., 11.14 1,.21fZ1gJ4Q1g Q1 fff 1 ,vi sniff 11 f 1 jf, fwfr 1 4' lf fffv if 4 M f 1 W1 f V1 ,ff ff' f W of f11 ',1w3i-10201.-.2 S- gf.-rf? T bf? 1,sf-e,::.We-15-W1.-1s1,.rgfw,fZ-45 4.1 ,N 1-15,7-y,5iQ 1.33, f ' iwkiiklw t5i5!5W-Nliafi' HHSZ, v - " s, '9 415 fu ff 1 .1 'ff ?"sZ"?R- ' fs., HV- -- Q ef f,r4wMh.,N.. .111 11 ' 1 - fe. fr -c,0"y.LNf fyrffs 1' -V9 I .Q,1.f wean: mia M41-J..-15 - . 4' .fe .1 Q 244-4 f'211"Z'Mf3 If . 1- -0 :V -- . f 1' 513: ' ,15,1,fQy11,4g4.zgxa1y., Y fag? 4f25ef:4Qf11f7f'?2?Z. ' '7 "f-"','?1'33f'Zn?l 941- ' gfhy'-'fiiif 'KXTXEVQWS L ,- S .JW1,:,r1.17 f Q, ,' 0-5' 7' 5 cj? cl Qvwfeaetcfy -1'-1 41,14-mai - .- r 1.1- W. peew e t 'Mya . Y ' .eq Ia- 43.6 - wa we w A fwyy up . q,f3,,ws 1 Y .Q f ,1 7 af 11 ya UMM14 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 f ff f , 1 1, t 13 9 151561 , I 51 C J ff! . vj.,1j1j1f 1 xx Q ,Q 2 3 p Nw 1 P 1 fx 11 10 M1 4 A W 6, 1 f . f M 6 ff Q 11 ' X J J X 1 Mfg , 0 1 fflfffff I Qfsgzw :i,1'?i 0 gfffff E if X1 1 at 1 1 We-'59 f www view' IWW! 191 I ft f ff! M W ., X.. if.. ' P4241 W '-WSW! 'i 1 ,sr . 1. ., ,. W1,1.51111W,e,1yQA,, A ,W .W , ...f. y xisfff M12 5'V1fy57, N 0552311 gfzwicogff 1 Afizff M7540 X 6 120 X ylyf 1 1 1 1 !11!1 1G1l1f'4 'N fi 55221 f QQ 1,11 J 1 4 LM W1 , MZEXQXP 2529 29' if 1M ffm? .. . fff i 1 ' 1 N 'V W N x 041 1 u -fe ':?'f'7' 'Elf , w . ,f 1.6 " W-"ffv'E's'lN1s.2 r-4 ft ' ' 7 4 , , 7 ., . .. -.13 . A , 1+ ..f,.11,.y.,.,,., sf .- : ff..-.f .1111 .ef:,'fa:ff.- 1 if ff ' 5 M-f ., A. .,, , .Q ... .---few 'S 'ww-wr--,3,,m:1.-ax-'cw4-':mf,mm.,a.-.'...2,.,. :..... ,. ,.f.,w.,..,:,,,,1,.r.l.V--1 - J. W GROVES 66523 1 J. CLIGG CRAWFORD PIANO Is a very' popular' medium priced Piano, combining all modern improvements. Artistic in design and a beautiful tone Write for Special Cash and Time Prices We are also factory agents for A. B. Chase, Bennett, Anderson, Hartzell and Widdilield Pianos. We sell on easy payments. Write for catalogue and prices Capital City Piano Co I5 West Main Street, MADISON, WISCONSIN Investigate me Scrutinize . 335 Cut, the Quality , and the Schumacher s Wofkmanship COLLE GE . SHOE For Men and Women of our suits are equal to the best in the city You need not take our recom- mendation - ask any of the fellows Wearing an OLS ON uw l S UI T. Reasonable prices. THE BIG SHOE STORE G I scar Olson MADISON 21 South Pinckney Street 215 STATE Quality Remains Long After Price is Forgotten FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL SEE R. J. Nickles, Electrical Contractor 120 SOUTH HAMILTON STREET BOTH PHONES 'JJ 7775 fQfDE-Q0 'Mx Its newfeaiures make it the most reliable Writing FO 7A XA! 'DEN instrument on ' "TRUE TO THE NAME" earth. A F O R3 S A L E B Y University Co-op. Menges, Mifflin Street Menges, University Ave. Weaver CE, Dittloff Capital City Commercial College 597 This is "27" at "27" West Main Street, Madison, Wis. W. W. WARNER, Prop. Established 1875 Marshall CH, Ilsley B A N K MILWAUKEE Established 1847 Oldest Bank in the Northwest Respectfully solicits your business, assuring you of careful and courteous treatment 3 SW INTEREST Paid in Savings Department and on Certificates of Deposit F. 1. HACKEL . Tailor' Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired Work neatly done 431 State Street Q7VIadison, Wis. WOLFF, KUBLY CE, HIRSIG Hardware and Tinware 401 W. GILMAN STREET Cor. State MADISON, W1s. SHOULD Snappy Exclusive Journeyman a specialty Tailored Clothes STUDENTS GET THE HABIT OF AT 1 THE , BUYING Nifty-Natty Toggery of all descriptions Up-to-thefMinute POSITIVELY THE MOST UP-TO DATE STORE 4 IN MADISON 27 N. Pinckney Street, Q7VIadison QA valuable adjunct to your education is a comprehensive knowledge of the things of to-day' An important item is the growth of the Independent Telephone Service The Independent Telephones in the whole country exceed that of any other system, and it has required only about one-half of the time to reach that point. fIINo stronger evidence is wanting to prove its effectiveness and popularity. IH In Madison we have 2700 Independent or Home Compa- ny Telephones. Six Trunk Lines between the University and our main office. Don't get isolated, order an Independ- ent Phone from the Home Company. DANE COUNTY TELEPHONE CO To Order Phone Call 86 599 YOUNG ENGINEER Do you wish to be a success in your profession? Do you Wish to be familiar with the actual practice of the best engineers of the day? Do you wish to know what "is doing" in engineering fields? WE CAN HELP YOU We publish technical journals that are the accepted authorities in their respective fields. The most eminent engineers read them regularly. We are sure your professors will cordially commend them. THESE PAPERS ARE: ELECTRICAL WORLD-Weekly Edition, 53.00 g Monthly Edition, 51.00. The foremost authority on electrical subjects. THE ENGINEERING RECORD -Weekly, 53.00. The most progressive journal of the world devoted to civil engineering and allied subjects. STREET RAIL WA Y IO URNAL - Weekly, 53.00. The accepted authority on all branches of electric railroading. ELEC TROCHEMICAL AND ME TALL URGICAL IN- DUS TR Y-Monthly, 52.00. The only publication in the English language that covers all branches of metallurgy and electrochemistry. YOU NEED AT LEAST ONE OF THEM LET US SEND YOU SAMPLES BOOK DEPARTMENT We also have a book department that can supply any engineering book published. Send us your inquiries. McGraw Publishing Company 239 W. 39th Street, New York City, N. Y. 600 ' I WHE iirst Wire rope of American manufacture was made by John A. Roebling in 1840. 'Its manufac- ture has been continued ever since Without interruption. john A. Roeb1ing's Sons Co. JIJANUFACTURERS OF WIRE ROPE AND WIRE 171-173 LAKE STREET, CHICAGO Works, Trenton, N. J. 601 Whenever You Want SHOES that are somewhat different than the average shoe buy ffff' wuz' . Q ' 'AUSTIN sr-sos lI.There's a difference in Shoes and in Shoe Stores. ULIz' you've been in Austin's Store you will have appreciated that fact. Ul.Quoting you a string of prices would convince you of nothing, for every Shoe Store names about the same figures on Shoes. l1LWe must "SHOW YOU," Sir, to prove to you the superiority of our Shoe. May we have the pleasure ofdoing so? A. E. Austin CS, Company MADISON, WISCONSIN Designated Depository of the United States FIRST NATIONAL BANK ef Madison, Wisconsin Capital, S100,000 Surplus, S100,000 N. B. Van Slyke, President Wayne Ramsay. Cashier M. E. Fuller, VicefPresident M. C. Clarke. Ass't Cashier 1 I FOR, , , Choice Cut Flowers I PHONE 1108 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia We have our own Photograph Gallery for Half Tone and Photo Engraving Fashionable Engraving and Sta- tionery Leading House for College, School and Wedding Invitations, Dance Programs Menus, Fine Engraving of all kinds Before Ordering elsewhere Compare Samples and Prices Louis Russos y 504 East Wilson Street B-1144 S-6121 Also finest gp Candies and Ice Cream Alterations on Garments, Cleaning and Press- ing Neatly Done Thos. Zietkowski LADIES' TAILOR Suits, Cloaks, jackets and Skirts Made to Order 109 N. Hamilton St. Madison, Wis. He nry Sullivan Engraving Co. 134 WISCONSIN STREET MILWAUKEE J!" Wedding Cards Calling Cards, Reception Cards, Business Cards and Steel- Die Embossed Stationery MONOGRAM, CREST and FRATER- NITY STATIONERY Book Plates Spring JVIedieine Marrow-Making Malt Tonic EDELBRAEU LIQUID HEALTH FOOD just the thing for Nursing Mothers and Convales- cents. A stimulant and Strengthener. JMADE ONLY B Y Lt' Cream City Established 1891 Send for Samples MILWAUKEE For The Gem Restaurant ' 114 King St., Opposite Majestic Theatre S p e C 1 a 1 OPEN ALL NIGHT I Int e r 1 o r Ziiiiliceszooiaigdiioft . Regular Meals 25c 5 Meal Ticket 351.00 21Mea1TicketS3.75 R G S E. N. JACOBSON, Proprietor ' d August I-Iaak CG, Son 311 HOME FURNISHINGS De-mfs in Groceries, Provisions, Etc. QADDRESS F. L. FUESS 4th CE., Grand Ave., JVIilwaukee 461 West Gilman St., Madison, Wis. Standard Phone 699 Bell Phone 2774 BREITENBACH BROTHERS 25 South Pinckney Street, Madison, Wis. ' Keeley, Neckerman, Kessenich Co. 1 DRY GOODS, CARPETS MILLINERY Trefofisse Gloves 1 uf 11- 13-15- 1 7 North Pinckney Street Q?VIadison, Wis. Q Q TW IT Most Delicious CHOCOLATES Madison Candy Co., Madison, Wis. 604 Ee UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER WINS The American Speed Championship At the National Business Show, Chicago, February' 6th, 1908 Manipulated by H. OTIS BLAISDELL H. OTIS MISS ROSE BLAISDELL L. FRITZ American Wor1d's Champion Champion Chicago New York February 6th, October 17th 1908 , 1907 H. Otis Blaisdell Miss Rose L. Fritz Miss Fritz did not enter this contest, but the Underwood wins just the same THIRTY MINUTES FROM COPY Net words Name Machine per minute H. O. BLAISDELL. .....,.... ... . "UNDERWOOD". .. ..... ....... 88 NELLIE HARRINGTON ..,... ..... ' KVISIBLEH ..... ....,..... 6 7 MAY MATTHEWS .......... ..... ' 'VISIBLE' ...., 66 FRANK M. WILLIAMS i.... ....."VISIBLE" ..... 62 C. A. MIDDENDORF ...... ..... ' 'VISIBLEH ..... 59 A. E. PLUMMER .......... ..... ' 'VISIBLEH ...., 58 ROSE MOSKOVITZ ,....... ..... i :VISIBLEH ..... , . . . 56 TACY E. THOMPSON ...... ...,. I tVISIBLE" ....... 53 C. V. SPONSTA .....,............... A ,... . VISIBLE" ......................... ,............,.. . 49 J. L. DEPPEN ....................,.. BLIND STANDARD" ......,.,.......,................. . 46 Nine contestants out of ten used"VISIBLE WRITING"machines. More glory for the UUNDERWOOD PIONEER VISIBLE" UNDERWOOD TYPEVVRITERQ CO 107 West Main Street We Rent Typewriter-s Madison, Wisconsin 605 Residence A. C. EIERMAN 740 Holton St. Telephone North 2835 Public Rental and Business Bureau, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, Business Opportunities, Investments QA. C. EIERMAN CS, CO. Real Estate and General Brokerage Suite 38 Loan and Trust Building, 204 Grand Avenue Telephone Grand 678 MILWAUKEE, WIS. NEW HOUSE NEW GOODS Every article absolutely the latest and best We have just moved into our new quarters. Magnifi- cent and entire new stock of everything in Millinery. Imported pattern hats, rich and exclusive designs in high grade trimmed hats that are unexcellcd in style, quality and reasonableness in price, New street hats, the lat-est ideas in untriinnied Chips, Milfms. Leghorns 1v.nclI-lair Hats. Complete and beautiful exliibition of lovely How- ers, plumes, grasses, fruits and niillinery novelties. DAHL LADIES' HATTER 318 State Street Ida Dahl Madison, Wis. Mae Dahl Gilbertson CS, Anderson Watchmakers and Mfg. jewelers Dealers in Fine Jewelry 124 State Street, Madison, Wis. The Place to Buy Traveler's Goods CHARLES W EHR MANN 116 King Street, Opposite Majestic Theatre 108 S. Webster Street Largest and Finest Assortment of SUIT CASES, TRUNKS AND VALISES IN THE CITY A S 7467 B 2934 JVIADISON, WISCONSIN W. F4 SCHULZ Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats Sausages, Poultry and Lard Phones Standard 1334 Bell 1153 224 State Street Madison, Wisconsin YEP - CHEE Chinese Laundry 509 State Street MADISON, WISCONSIN 606 THE Glnllvgr Zinn WISCONSIN'S MOST POPULAR RESTAURANT MILWAUKEE WIS. Salt, Cement, Sewer Pipe, Stucco VVhite Lime, Hair CONKLIN ca. SONS Coal - Wood A Mendota Lake Ice Office, 105 E. Washington Avenue MADISON, - WISCONSIN On New York Financial Roll of Honor City First State First United States Thirty-seventh Established 1883 Cash Capital, 350, 000 Surplus and Profits, 8192000 The Capital City Bank Direcfors J. W. Hobbins, President and Cashier Carl A.Johnson, Vice-President A. H. Hollister Carl J. Hausmann M. S. Klauber Wm.J. I-Iobbins, Ass't Cashier This bank has never refused payment ofa check, either time or demand VV isconsin igficaderny Prepares for all courses in the University. Special preparation for students contemplating Engineer- ing Work. Fall term opens in September Corner State and Gilman Sts. MADISON5 WISCONSIN l 1 . Wai ?" ff lEnuN5'Nl:! r r u1Qrm.1fE'A55 Amwlll J ming " lllli -,MADlSOhl,WIS. -- 1. Sells old line purely mutual policies. 2. Your premiums do not increase as you grow older. 3. Policyholders share all its profits. 4. Premiums are reduced by annual dividends beginning with the end of the third year. 5. It guarantees highest safe paid-up insur- ance, loan and surrender values. 6. It pays all its losses promptly. 7. It has no high salaried officers. 8. Policies secured by deposit with the Wis- consin State Treasurer. 9. All the strict life insurance laws of Wis- consin complied With. 10. Best insurance to buy and to sell. WISCONSIN LIFE 608 u A Capella Society .,.,......... Acacia. ......... , .....,,... . Advertisements, Book VIII. . . . Agriculture, College of, Faculty Instructors and Assistants- V1 ews ................ Agricultural Society, U. W. . . . . Alpha Chi O-mega. ...... . . Al ha Clu Sigma ,...,.,, . . Algha Delta Phi .v.... .. Alpha Gamma Delta ,,.. . . Alpha Phi. . ........... . - Alpha Tau Omega. . . . . Alpha Xi Delta. ..... . . Alpha Zeta. .......... . . Alumni Magazine. .... . . .Alumni Bieetings .... Aquatics. .......... . . Athenae .................... Athletics Book VI ........... Athletic Association . ......... Athletics, Coaches and Director. B ad gel' ........ . ......... . . Band, U. IV. . .............. . Baseball, Review of Season. . Baseball Team .............. Bashford, Robert M. ........ . Basketball, Review of Season . . Basketball Team. ........... . Beta Gamma Sigma. ....... . Beta Theta P1 ............ .... Birge, Edward Asahel, portrait. Bow1ing, Interclass . . . . . . PAGE ....435 321-323 549-608 ..61-62 ..63-64 ... .60 392-393 301-304 295-296 292-294 314-316 269-272 324-327 310-313 335-337 360-361 ... .11 ... 503 380-381 437-504 ... 439 ... 438 351-355 420-421 469-470 471-472 ... .78 487-488 489-490 213 340 216 .27 499 Bowling, Interfraternity. .... 497-498 Bronze Key ............ .... 3 45 Bull, Storm .......... . . 79-80 Caduceus . . . . . . .425 Calendar. . ...... ...... . . ..... 12 Cardinal. . .............. . . 356-357 Castalia ..................... 388-389 Chess and Checkers Club .,.,. , , . 433 Chi Omega .............. .... 2 84-287 Chi Psi .............. ,....... 2 24-226 Chicago-'Wisconsin Dual Track Meet ................ .... . . . 484 Civil Engineering Society. . . . 396-397 Classes, Book II .... ...... . . .85-208 Class Societies. .............. 341-348 Cole, Rossetter G., portrait ..... ..... 6 7 Commencement, 54th Annual. . . . . 7-11 Commercial Club ............ 426-427 Crew, Review of Season. ...... 461-463 Crew, Varsity .......,..,,.. 464-466-468 Cross Country Team ......... 482-483 Curtis, Charles Albert .... .. . . . .81 Dedication . ......... .. . .3 Delta Delta Delta. . . . . 273-276 Delta Gamma. ........ . . 227-230 Delta Kappa Epsilon. . . . . 317-320 Delta Tau Delta. ..... . . 243-246 Delta Upsilon ...... . . 239-242 Do-Do Bones.... .. .. 436 Drama ..... . ...,........... 175-189 Edwin Booth Dramatic Society 186-189 Ely Club, Richard T.. .............. 435 Engineering, College of, Faculty. . . .47-50 Instructors and Assistants . . .51-54 Views ....................... 48 Engineers' Club, U. XV. ......... 394-395 Extension and Correspondence De- partments. .................. 70 Final Oratorical Contest ............ 378 Football, Individual Writeups. . 450-460 Football, Review of Season .... 444-447 Football, Varsity Team ...... 448-449 Forum-Columbia ......... .... 3 98 Fraternities ........... .... 2 09 General Index Activities .......... . . Class History. . ...... . Freshman Freshman Freshman Crew. , . . . . : .---.- 1. . . . Freshman Crew, Review of Season. ............ . ...- Freshman Football. . .......... . Freshman-Sophomore Kleet Gamma Phi Beta . ............. . German Glee Club. ....... . . . . . Germanistische Gesellschaft ...... Girl's Glee Club .............. - r Glee Club. ............... ---- - Graduates ............ . . Graduate Club . ...... . . Grafters Club, U. W. . . . Gym Photos. ....... . Gymnastic Team ...... Hamilton Contest.. . .......... . . Haresfoot Dramatic Club . ..... . . Hazing Views .... .,...... Hesperia. .............. . Holstein-Fresian Club .... Honorary Societies . .... Indoor Relay Carnival. . . . Inner Gate. .......... . Interclass Baseball .... . Interclass Basketball . . . Intercollegiate Debates .......... Interfraternity Baseball ......... PAGE PAGE 193-208 Parkinson, john Barber, portrait ....... 23 . . . 194 Pharmaceutical Society, F. B. Powers. .431 198-199 Phi Alpha Delta .............. , 305-307 Phi Alpha Tau . ............... 308-309 200-201 Phi Beta Kappa .. . ..... 330-331 196-197 Phi Delta Phi . .... ..... 2 50-253 . .. 468 Phi Delta Theta .. . ..... 210-212 Phi Gamma Delta .... ..... 2 54-257 235-238 Phi Kappa Psi. ...... ..... 2 21-223 . 1 . 408 Phi Kappa Sigma. ..... ...,. 2 81-283 . . . 415 Phi Lambda Upsilon .... ..... 3 38-339 404-405 Pliilomathia. .......... ..... 3 84-385 402-403 Phi Beta Phi ........ ..... 2 58-261 . . 76-77 Press Club ..... ...... ...... 4 2 9 . . . 436 Psi Upsilon ............. ..... 2 66-268 . . . 430 Publications, Book IX' . . . ..... 350-368 . . . 437 Pythia . ....................... 390-391 492-494 Records. ......................... 443 . . . 376 Red Domino Dramatic Club ..... 184-185 180-183 Regents, Board of. ............ 16-18-19 . . . 206 Regents and Faculty, Book I ...... 16-84 382-383 Richards, Harry Sanger, portrait. .... 57 . . . 434 Regiment, U. IV. . ........ 416-419 329-340 Rush Views ....................... 207 487 Russell, Harry Luman, portrait ....... 59 . . . 346 Scabbard and Blade. .......... 3471-348 . . . 473 Science Club ........ ..... ....... 4 3 5 . . . 491 Secret Societies, Book III ....... 209-327 374-375 Self Government Association ........ 424 . . . 474 Senior Class Committees. . . . . . . . . 90 Senior Class History. .... ..... 8 8 Interliterary Society Baseball ....... International Club . .... . ....... 412 Interscholastic Declamatory Contest. Iowa Club ........... ..... ....... Iron Cross . , .................. . . . Junior junior Junior junior junior Prom . ...... . . . . Kappa Alpha Theta. . . . . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma. .. . . . . . Kappa Language and Literature Club. Law, College of . ............. . joint Debate .... ...... .... Class History .... ...... Class Olhcers . . . . . Class Play ..... .... Sigma. ................ . 371- iifs iii 247 217 277 475 414 203 436 3412 373 170 171 -178 379 -174 -249 -220 -280 435 ....58 News . ...................... 56 Letters and Science, College of Faculty. .................. 17-32 Instructors and Assistants. . . 33-46 Views .,......,.............. 26 Library Staff ....................... 69 Views .......... ......... 6 8 Literature, Book VII .... . . . .505-549 Lloyd-Jones, James .... ...... . 82 Mandolin Club ................ 400-401 Minnesota-Wisconsin Meet. ....... 485 Bliscellaneous Organizations. .... 411-436 Monastics. ....................... 344 Music ........................ 399-,410 Music, School of. .... ...... . 65 Views ................,,...., 66 New Instructors and Assistants CL. X SJ ..... ......... ........ 4 0 -41 New Instructors and Assistants CBngD..52 New Members of Faculty ......... 71-75 Nora Samlag .................... 436 Northern Oratorical Contest. ..... 377 Olympia. .............. ....... 3 86-387 Oratory and Debate. . . . . . . 369-398 Review of Season .... ...,.... 3 70 Orchestra. .............. .... 4 06-407 Organizations, Book V .... .... 3 69-436 Other Oflicers .......... ....... 7 1 610 Senior Class Oflicers ....... .......... 8 9 Senior Class Play ................. 9-10 Senior Summaries. ............. 91-168 Short Course Alumni Association .... 436 Sigma Alpha Epsilon ........... 297-300 Sigma Chi .................... 231-234 Sigma Nu. .......... ..... 2 88-291 Shop Practice .......... ...... . . .55 Skull and Crescent . ..... ..... 2 04-205 Sophomore Class History. . . ..... . 191 Sophomore Class Officers ........... 192 Sphinx ........................ 358-359 Storks .................. ...... 4 28 Student Deaths .... ...... . 83 Student Farmer. . . . ..... 366-367 Table of Contents. . . . .,.... . . . . 6 Tau Beta Pi. ...... ..... 3 32-334 Tennis ........................ 495-496 Theta Delta Chi, ............... 262-265 Track Team, Varsity. . ......... 478-479 Track Team, Review of Season . . 476-477 Track Team, Views. ............ 480-481 Turkey Race .......... ....... .... . 5 04 Turneaure, Frederick Eugene. portrait, 49 U. W. Club ....................... 432 University Co-Operative Association. 433 Van I-Lise, Charles Richard, portrait. . .21 Varsity Crew and Baseball Men. . . . . 467 Varsity Field Day. . .... . ......... . . 484 Varsity Four Oar Crew ............. 465 1Yearers of the Athletic HIV". . . 440-442 Wearers of the Forensic HW" ....... 373 Western Intercollegiate hieet ........ 468 Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station ..... ............... 4 35 Wisconsin Engineer ............ 362-363 1Visconsin Interscholastic Meet. ..... 485 Wisconsin Literary Magazine. .... 364 Wllisconsin Union. ................ . lliissenschaftliche Abteilung of Ger- manistische Gesellschaft ..... Woman 's Athletic Association . . . 500 Yellow Helmet. ............ . Y. M. C. A. Y. W. C. A .... -365 435 436 -502 343 422 423

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