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Hon. R obert M. La Follette, '79 Puaumm B Y flu' BADcfR Bono of KM WJ TIIIJUIIDR Cldii or . Tiff l6VlVf,PJlfYQ' WISCOMCIN MADISON l90l HL 3 2. DADGEQ J.f:1,g5Q, N,. .+qfiQ'3,z-5E3 gv:. , , . Q,-1 H., . 4, HL " ' sw" Z" V221 31116122-,'r'-'g':-:-.:'1'l f'ifF?':.q 1-wc' fa" ' ' -fJ""-iw :gL5g,'4.'. -,,"'f 612.22 1. -,.a1if?s':15f5ff-wg-LE-za--'-fi? v-tain," - -!'ef.P:?'r-:WIswf-e1':'.:g-jz'3E15'::f1 ffifffiifig ' .:, gr 3li?E11Z'22lj?f, r J ,iw -f15y!a'I-9221 3'f35l51"-f"?fk:f'151F2115-335: lsziicii A212 11.55" - '-.f.z:4,n,,f14-i.1'ff-rs .. -. "12.1fff',7'f 11: wi? 15' '512- 55522 fl iii? 5:-'S Zig if .il "I 5' if " 2fk':,' ffl ,'fc'a'iEF 2:55 W-251 2, J-:,:,,i-:,',fh.xqq,-531 ,311 Lf, lggwf' 533- - ,gf-.. "ips 2 'P' "Y5'3fCigfr E Heb- W . ,. . Z7-ge Perfedlon of ,QQ f P 74. e d IC QT 1 0 D. ci H4060 rxndcve The Owglnol pcm' -V - f'i"'le 4 , Q75 N .-5, --4. - Q n I- -I , , ' , 5 . . who STQVTQH We pvqcfice of co-eclucmion, fhrough whqm it wqs sqnctioned bg special cv'ea'lion. Us offer' ihis volume-,,wHb imyu dence rare. C SCCKhigllCY'IJT'q'C1QkQSxH1QYTOOXQTQ 'Che Trees., LJhe.r-e. 'UIQ snqxkc wqsihe fix-sit To give qpT Nnfovvfgmmf IMT ofhicliqn m-eP"Cile,z..shose iYzsinuqTionS ' Caused ins'TcmT expmsinn qua loss of dc-Q vees. Gay mimduced Cain vushe-s ,aff er ihe. fqll, Gnd enTwe,h qs qgvicsfor cclificcftion Gnce1'11i1l3'ih6 apple qnd Vis mns't3ccxTiown. GTT1TeTScS commenr.edui'khThe.i1'fqmih' Sguall. E M1 Q S Yaeirsfo Txuse fu 9,'we'N1inN iT mo sT fii' 02-S12 eSTimq'fiox1 an Prone? This work - FI mqrqel of s C011 Suninqiiog essence Bnnesn Roman X.. hm MW 7 QMWQJQMQX gpm CE? XJZKWQALL. 'SM az. Jude? UMW! WAMLLJ 73 915144 'Ymnx.,,9:..'GL0QQA v44n742QfwM Qzsw ZM7 49 fffmwf 2 ZW? ML lk z vw , S f URAl'l'RAl'l'k X lsconmn URAH-FKAHR W Wisconsin URAH-HAH: I ISWHHN f Qt TIGER ae,' ' " 'A .125-5!f.f.,: . ,.f .V ff 1, . . PIA resid. TMM- ffifr--T-ij ".-fit' ' I 12,41-,,v:F,,f.-,5, gmslllh ,V ,I U it up-121, iw-5. ' f ' ' .1 -.- .- Y wi . - L . Che Battleship Wisconsin Another star at a fighting top, Another flag is set, The bitter salt on her virgin bow, Her anchor chains new wet, The fires burn deep in her mighty heart, The wind is off the lee- To-day she slips from the harbor fog, Hurrah ! She's on' to sea ! With Eastern steel and Western brawn- Name of a Northern land 3 Yankee brains in the builder's art And a Yankee in command g Yankee coal on the furnace bars, The Badger bronze at her crest - Off to settle a Yankee's wars In the East or South or West! Hull as white as Wisconsin snows, Steel-cased to the fighting line g Painted plates like a drift below, Masts like the autumn pine 3 Rugged and stern as the rock-buil Of an inland pe0ple's home. t hills She'll weather the worst of war-storm's ills As her prow, the yellow foam. She clears at last from the Golden Past the High Presidio, The deep-mouthed guns from the southern height Boom out and bid her go g The salt sun-wash that was far astern, Fades fast in the sunset red- Now, fair seaway to the Badger boat, With the nati0n's foes ahead ! -Charlar Termeyjaclcso " Che Pride of the naw " 11,21 01 Gate, Armored Coast Line Battleship Wisconsiii, built by the Union Iron W'0rks, San Francisco, Cal., christened by Miss Elizabeth Stephenson for the State of Wisconsiii and launched by Miss Lucile Gage, representing the State of California, on November 26, 1898. Fastest seagoing battleship in the United States Navy, making 17.68 knots an hour for the four-hour speed test at Santa Barbara channel, October 2, 1900. Speed required by government, 16 knots an hour. Pronounced by Irving M. Scott, the builder, to be the most perfect ship ever turned out by the Union Iron Works. Speed of sister ship Alabama, I7.0I3 knots an hour. ' , Length of Wisconsin, 368 feet, breadth, 72 feet, 25 inches, draft, 23 feet 6 inches, displacement, 11,500 tons g contract speed, 16 knots. Battery-4 thirteen-inch guns in turrets 5 I4 six-inch guns on main deck g 16 six- poundersg 4 one-pounders and one machine guns 5 auxiliaries on bridge and lighting tops. The complement of the NVisconsin is 555 men and officers. Her commander is Lieutenant Commander lVilson. - V mn Q--, ,. f f f f HAWS we Ame,Awo 1' YKEYE SHADOWS DEPHRT Hcademic yeill' I900:l 9Ol 'First Semester OPENS SEPTEMBER -26, 1900 CLosEs FEBRUARY 9, 1901 Examiiiatioiis for Acl111issio11-Tuesday aurl lVSllI16SflZ1y, September 25 and 26. Registration Days-September 24-26. First Recitatious-Thursday 1l1OI'lllIlg, Septeillber 27. Legal Holirlay-Tllaiiksgivulg, November 29. Christmas Recess-Saturday, Decemluer 22, NYefl11esclay, january 2, inclusive. Exauiiuatiou week-February 4-S. i SQCOIIG SYIIIQSWI' OPENS FEBRUARY 11, 1901 CLOSES JUNE 20, 1901 Registration Day-Monday, February 11. Exauiiiiation Days for Atlll1lSSlO1l-TllllTSllE1,' aucl Friday February 7-8. Legal Holiday-Friday, February 22. Easter Recess-Thursday, April 4, Monday, April S, inclusive Legal Holiday-Thursday, May 30. iEX8.1'11l118.flO1l XVeek, june 10-14. Commencemeut-Tliursday, june 20. 1 .' I RSF i-1--.-1E'2.-Magi? ' ' Q, ,V,.... . -Q45. -'fr-Alan? . , i'fi1151fE5' - 5 1' Nix X ' fa! '53 z ' A A 'NX T ,,. M :Z Ili A:, , 'EG' ' 'Jw N 3 W gi . l ' f Q ' A 1 K M L E X I 1 -f f' i , -- S 1' X , , X X Q WZ 3 K 1 ,f X, W ! I f . Q, J Rx r 5 -1 13:1 . E., . A - , x i n , 1 f 1 - . V ' 1 If A - N 53 f ff A - qi gf - , x X xy, AXOJLQ-,f G my . 4 . 'W ' I L L 1 Wi' A x Z X , L X ax R V '1 H ,,. , A X Z 1 ,I . R if 4 rg, 2. , 'zfgifi flfgx 'Q flee 5 N , F35 gl 5 f , W'f-9f'qSf111'-zgql B02ll'Cl or RQSQIIIS of U72 l5IIiDQI'SiID or WiSC0llSill THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, Ex-ofiicio. , STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, State-at-Large, za First District, Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh " - Eighth Ninth Tenth A: 14 4: cc :A H as rl GEORGE H. J. State-ab Large, an cc u First District, Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh ' ' Eighth Ninth Tenth ca Ac 11 is 11 11 me in WILLIAM F. VILAS, Madison, GEORGE W. PECK, Milwaukee, OGDEN H. FETHERS, Janesville, EX-officio. Term expires A1 1: B. J. STEVENS, Madison, JOHN E. MORGAN, Spring Green, GEORGE H. NOYES, Milwaukee, JOHN R. RIESS, Sheboygan, C. A. GALLOWAY, Fond du Lac, BYRON A. BUFFINGTON, Eau Claire, ORLANDO E. CLARK, Appleton, GEORGE F MERRILL, Ashland, J. H. STOUT, Menonionie, 0fficers of the Board of Regents NOYES, President. H. STOUT, Vice-President. HON MRS. HON. REV. HON. HON. MISS MRS. HON MRS STATE TREASURER, EX-officio Treasurer. 1901 1903 1901 1902 1901 1902 1902 1901 1902 1901 1903 1903 E. F. RILEY, Secretary. Board of llisitors JOHN H. FRANK, Milwaukee S. L. GRAVES, Milwaukee. JOHN G. MCMYNN, Madison. ' AMOS A. KIEHLE, Milwaukee. JOHN H. HARRIS, Elkhorn. ' J. B. WINSLOW, Chairman, Madison ELLEN C. LLOYD-JONES, Hillside. PERRY VVILLIAMS, Illilwaukee. JOHN R. DENNETT, Port VV'ashingt0n. CARRIE E. EDXVARDS, Oshkosh CALEB M. HILLIARD, ESQ., Durand. HON. JAMES H. ELMORE, Green Bay. HON. FRANK E. NOYES, Marinette. MRS. CARRIE BAKER-OAKES, New Richmond. 3 .- , College or Eetters illld SCRIICQ faculty NCI-IARLES KENDALL ADAMS, LL.D., WY, fIDBK, President of the University. Dean of School of Political Science, University of Michigan, 1881-85. President of Cornell University, 1885-92. President of American Historical Association, 1890. JOHN BARBER PARKINSON, Vice-President of the University. Professor of Constitutional and International Law. A.M., University of Xvisconsin, 1863. EDWARD ASAHEL B11zGE, QBK, Acting President of the University. Dean of the College of Letters and Science. Professor of Zoology. PH.D., Harvard University, 1878. SC. D. fHonoraryj, NVestern University of Pennsylvania, 1897. LOUIS WINSLOW AUSTIN, AKE, Assistant Professor of Physics. PH.D., Strassburg University, 1893. YVILLIABE BOLLES CAIRNS, AY, Assistant Professor of English. PH.D., University of Yxfisconsin, 1897. JULIUS MORGAN CLEMENTS, KA, Assistant Professor of Geology. PH.D., Leipzig, 1890. VICTOR CQFFIN, Assistant Professor of European History. PH.D., Cornell University, 1893. GEORGE CARY COINISTOCK, Professor of Astronomy and Director of XVashburn Observatory. PH.B., University of Michigan, 1877. LL.B., University of XVisconsin, 1893. CHARLES ALBERT CURTIS, AEH, Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Captain, U. S. A. QRetiredl. B.A., Bowdoin College, 1861. B.A., Military College of Vermont, 1891. XVILLIAIVI YVILLARD DANIELLS, Professor of Chemistry. M.S., Michigan Agricultural College, 1867. SC.D., Michigan Agricultural College, 1897. Y X011 leave of absence in Europe. During the absence of President Adams, Dean Birge performs the duties of President. 4 EDWARD ASAHEL BIRGE Acting President of the University LINNZEUS WAYLAND DOWLING, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. D., Clark University, 1895. JAMES CLAUDE ELSOM, Professor of Physical Culture and Director of Gymnasium. M.D., University of Virginia, 1886. Y, ARD THEODORE EL PH. RICH mics and Political Science. Director of the School of Econo P fessor of Political Economy. ro PH.D., University of Heidelberg, 1879. 8 LL.D., Hobart College, 1 92. NT, QBK, ALBERT STONVELL FLI Assistant Astronomer, Washburn Observatory. ' t' Observatory, 1880. A.M., University of Cincinna 1 DAVID BOVVER FRANKENB Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory. A. lVI., University of YVisconsin, 1869. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1871. URGER, MAN, AA42, QQIOHN CHARLES FREE Professor of English Literature. B.D., Chicago Theological Seminary, 1871. LL.D., University of Chicago, 1880. LUCY MARIE GAY, Assistant Professor of French. B.S., University of NVisc0nsin, 1892. WILLIAM FREDERICK GIESE, CIDBK. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. A.M., Harvard University, 1890. ARPER, ROBERT ALMER H Professor of Botany. PH.D., Bonn, 1896. INS, CIJKW, CHARLES HOMER HASK Professor of European History. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1890. P HILLYER, HOMER WINTHRO Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry. PH.D., johns Hopkins University, 1895. BERT I-IOBBS, WILLIAM HER f Mineralogy and Petrology. Professor o PH.D., johns Hopkins University, 1888. UBBARD, Xllf, QPBK fessor of English Language. Pro PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1887. FRANK GAYLORD H 1'On leave of absence in Europe. 7 The Romantic Movement JOSEPH 1AsTRoW, Professor of Experimental and Comparative Psychology. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1888. - EDWARD DAVID JONES. fIPAO, Assistant Professor of Economics and Commercial Geography. P1-1.D., University of XVisconsin, 1895. LOUIS KAHLENBERG, Professor of Physical Chemistry. PH.D., University of Leipzig, 1895. .ALEXANDER KERR, Professor of Greek Language and Literature. A.M., Beloit College, 1855. WAMOS ARNOLD KNOXVLTON, WY, Assistant Professor of English. A.M., Bowdoin College. ARTHUR GORDON LAIRD, Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages. 1.D., Cornell University, 1891. VICTOR LENHER, Assistant Proressor of General and Theoretical Chemistry. PH.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1898. VVILLIAM STANLEY MARSHALL, YPY, Assistant Professor of Zoology. PH.D., Leipzig, 1892. ABBY SHAXV M AYHEXV, Mistress of Chadbourne Hall and Assistant Professor of Physical Culture NVellesley College. BALTHASAR HENRY MEYER, Assistant Professor of Sociology. PH.D., University of XVisconsin, 1897. VVILLIAM SNOXV MILLER, Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Anatomy. M.D., Yale University, 1879. JAMES CHARLES MONAGHAN, Professor of Theory and Practice of Domestic and Foreign Connnerce. Q. A.B., Brown University, 1885. GEORGE RAPALL NOYES, AY, QBK. Assistant Professor of English. PH.D., Harvard University, 1898. JULIUS EMIL OLSON, WY, Professor of the Scandinavian Languages and Literature. 1011 leave of absence B.L., University of Vvisconsin, 1884. 8 IVI. VINCENT O'SHEA, Professor of the Science and Art of Education. B.L., Cornell University, 1892. EDXVARD THOMAS OXVEN, APY, IIJBK, Professor of the French Language and Literature, A.B., Yale University, 1892. JAMES FRANCIS AUGUSTINE PYRE, BGII, Assistant Professor of English Literature. PH.D., University of Xkfisconsin, 1897. PAUL SAMUEL REINSCH, AY, Assistant Professor of Political Science. PH.D., University of Xvisconsin, 1898. UVILLIAM HENRY ROSENSTENGEL, Professor of the German Language and Literature Honorary Degree of A.M., Yxfilliams College. HARRY LLMAN RUSSELL, 'x W, Professor of Bacteriology PH.D.. johns Hopkins Universiti 92. XVILLIAM AlVIASA SCOTT, AAQ, QBK, Director of the School of Commerce. f Economic History and Theory. Professor o P1-1.D., johns Hopkins University, 1892 FRANK CHAPMAN SHARP, Xfif, QPBK, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. P1-LD., Berlin University, 1892. ERNEST BROWN SKINNER, BGJII, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. PH.D., Chicago University, 1900. MOSES STEPHEN SLAUGHTER, AKE, QIPBK, Professor of Latin. PHD., johns Hopkins University, 1891. CHARLES SUMNER SLICHTER. EX, QBK Professor of Applied Mathematics. M.S., Clark University, 1892. CHARLES FORSTER SMITH, X112 Professor of Greek an PH.D., Leipzig University, 1881. cl Classical Philology. BENIAMIN XVARNER SNOXV, AY, EE, Professor of Physics. PH.D., Berlin Pniversity, 1892. i:Died November 12, 1900. chnd Study WHIRAM ALLEN SOBER, Assistant Professor of Latin. A.B., University of Michigan, 1886.- JOHN XVILLIANI STEARNS, Director of School of Education. Professor of Philosophy and Pedagogy. A.M., Harvard University, 1864. LL.D., Chicago, 1875. SUSAN ADELAIDE STERLING, Assistant Professor of German. M.L., University of Yxfisconsin, 1896. ALBERT WILLIS TRESSLER, Assistant Professor of Pedagogy and Inspector of High Schools A.B., University of Michigan. AYGUSTUS TROXVBRIDGE, AQ, Assistant Professor of Mathematical Physics. PH.D., Berlin University, 1897-98. TFREDERICK JACKSON TURNER, Director of the School of History. - - Professor of American History. ' Iwiii PH.D. johns Hopkins Viiiversitv 1890. .gg 5, . 'Z " ' 7- ". 1 If fd' CHARLES RICHARD MN HISE, an Professor of Geology. P-1 f PH.D., University of Yxfisconsin, IS92. J' +- ' I ,api Lis, P' CHARLES AMBROSE VAN YELZER. -X . wig, L. 1 , - Professor of Mathernatics. PH.D., Hillsdale College, 1883. ERNST KARL JOHANN HEINRICH VGSS, 9 Associate Professor of German Language and Literature PH.D., Leipzig University, 1895. XVILLIAINI HOLME YVILLIAIVIS, Professor of Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek. B.A., University of XVisconsin, 1876. ROBERT XVILLIABIS VVOOD, B911 Assistant Professor of Physics, BA., Harvard University, 1891. XDied September ro, 1900. T011 leave of absence in Europe. I0 oc TIISTYIICTOPS dlld HSSBTGIIIS KATHARINE ALLEN, AI', Instructor in Latin. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1898. LENVIS OLIVER ATHERTON, Assistant in Vertebrate Anatomy. M.S , University of Michigan, 1899. ARTHUR BEATTY, Instructor in English. PH.D., Columbia University, 1897. WILLARD GROSVENOR BLEYER, Instructor in English. - M.L., University of VVisconsin, 1898. BOYD HENRY BODE, Assistant in Philosophy. A.B., University of Michigan, 1897. PH.D., Cornell University, IQOO. HERMAN GUSTAV ADOLPH BRAUER Instructor in French. M.A., University of Wisconsin, 1899. JENNIE HANNAH BUTT, AT, Student Assistant in Elocution. MILDRED ALICE CASTLE, Student Assistant in French. B,L., University of 'vVisconsin, 1900. ARTHUR ROBERT CRATHORNE, fIJKE, fb Assistant in Mathematics. B.S., University of Illinois, 1898. MICHAEL GLENS CUNNIFF, Instructor in English. A.M., Harvard University, 1899. JOSEPH EDWARD DAVIES, AY, Student Assistant in Gymnastics. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1898. ROBERT ELKINI NEIL DODGE, KPBK, Instructor in English. M.A., Harvard University, 1891. CLARENCE 'WINAM EASTMAN, Assistant in Physics. B.S.,,University of 'Wisconsin, 1900. ABBIE FISKE EATON, Instructor in German. M.L., University of W'isc0nsin, 1895. CARL RUSSELL FISH. B61-I, fIDBK, Instructor in American History. PH.D., Harvard University, 1900. GEORGE C. FISKE, AY, QBK, Instructor in Latin. P1-LD., Harvard University, 1900. ll ROY EDIVARD FOYVLER, Assistant in Chemistry. B.S., University of XVisconsin, 1898. XVILLIAM DODGE FROST, Instructor in Bacteriology. M.S., University of Minnesota, 1894. ROY DYKES HALL, fI2'BK, Assistant in Chemistry. B.S., University of YVisconsin, IQOO. EDXVARD LEE HANCOCK, Assistant in Mathematics. B.S., University of XVisconsin, 1898. SALLY PRIME HARRIS, Assistant in Physical Culture. ROSALIA AMELIA HATHERELL, Assistant in Biology. BS., I'niversity of 'XVisconsin, 1893. SABENA BIILDRED HERFURTH, Assistant in Gernian. M.L.. Vniversity of W'isconsin, 1897. IVIAY HUNT, Instructor in English. M.L.. University of XVisconsin, 1898. GENSAINIRO SARAKLNI ISHIKAXVA, Student Assistant in Gymnastics. M.L., University of XVisconsin, 1899. FREDERICK THOMAS KELLY. Instructor in Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek. B.S., University of XVisconsin, 1891. GUSTAVVS ADOLPHUS KLEENE. Assistant in Economics. A.B., University of Michigan, 1891, PHD., University of Pennsylvania, KISQ6. ARTHUR ALEXANDER KOCH, Laboratory Assistant in Quantitative Analysis BS., University of XR'isconsin, 1900. OTTO EDWARD LESSING, Instructor in Gernian. A.B., University of Michigan, 1895. ORIN GRANT LIBBY, Instructor in History. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1895. ALADINE CUMMINGS LONGDEN, QPKXI' Instructor in Physics. A.M., De Pauw University, 1884. PH.D., Columbia University, 1900. FREDERICK NVILLIAIVI MEISNEST, Instructor in German. B.S., University of XVisconsin, 1893. 12 H4 BOD "E -. A E B YANT RGD llISfl'llCI0l'S and flSSiSf2lIlIS 'RID IIISIYUCIOYS dlld HSSiSI3IlIS ANDREXV M. O'DEA. Instructor in Athletics and Assistant to the Director of the Gyinnasiuni Ykesign ed. OTTO PATZER, Instructor in French. M.L., University of 'vVisconsin, 1899. XVALTON HANVKINS PYRE, BGH, Instructor in Elocution and Oratory. B L., University of NVisconsin, 1899. EDYVIN CARL LOTHAR CLEMENS ROEDDER, Instructor in German. PH.D., University of Michigan, 1898. GRANT SHOXVERINIAN, Instructor in Latin. PH.D., University of 'Wisconsin, 1900. SAMUEL EDIVIN SPARLING, EX, Instructor in Political Science. PH.D., University of Xvisconsin, 1897. DEANE BRET SNVINGLE. Assistant in Biology. B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College, 1900. HVILLIAM DUANE TALLMAN, Instructor in Matheniatics. B. S., University of XVisconsin, 1896. EDYVARD ALLEN THURBER, Instructor in English. M.A., Harvard University, 1894. ASA CURRIER TILTON, QIDBK, Instructor in European History. PH.D., Yale University, 1899. HAMILTON GREENIWOOD TIMBERLAKE. Instructor in Botany. M.S., University of Michigan, 1898. 'XVINIFRED TITUS, KKT, Assistant in Chemistry. B.S., University of W'iconsin, IQOO. GEORGE XVALKER XVILDER, Instructor in Physics. B.S., University of XVisco11sin, 1896. NVILLIAIVI GOODIVIN XVILLIAIVIS, Student Assistant in Gymnastics. B.L., University of Virginia, 1895. EDSON RAY VVOLCOTT, QBK, Assistant in Physics. B.S., University of Yxfisconsin, 1900. HENRY CHARLES VVOLFF. Assistant in Mathematics. M.S., University of IVisconsin, 1898. ALBERT HENRY IVOLTERSDORF, CIPX. Assistant in Chemistry. P1-LG., Ifniversity of XViscousin, 19oo. 17 College or mechanics and Engineering JOHN BUTLER JOHNSON, AY, TBII, Dean of the College of Mechanics and Engineering, Professor of Engineering. C.E., University of Michigan, 1878. STORM BULL, TBH, Professor of Steam Engineering. M.E., Polytechnic Institute, Zurich, Switzerland, 1877. CHARLES FREDERICK Brfaoess, Bon, TBILI, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. E.E., University of XVisconsin, 1897. DUGALD CALEB JACKSON, EE, TBH. Professor of Electrical Engineering. C.E., Pennsylvania State College, 1885. fy B? 5 CHARLES ISAAC KING, M 1 , Professor of Mechanical Practice. " , fly- all , - ': 4 .L 1: ' L! 1'-,-': glflhw js 'lf .is QW-r F225 JOHN GIVAN DAVIS MACK, TBII, W ' l 11 - Hz'-f'7r FV . . . 5' - V- " '-K 11- 4 .IIN Assistant Professor of Macl1111e Design. 't v ' J - W W A ' . ,. . A A cum. :moment M.E., Cornell University, 1888. EDNVARD ROSE NIAURER, QAO, TBH, Assistant Professor of Pure and Applied Mechanics. B.C.E., University of XVisconsin, 1890. ARTHUR WILLIAM RICHTER. EE, TBH, Assistant Professor of Experimental Engineering. M.E., University of XVisconsin, 1889. LEONARD SEWALL SlVIITH, BSU, Assistant Professor of Topographic and Geocletic Engineering B.C.E., University of 'Wisconsin, 1890. BERNARD VICTOR SWENSON, QAO, TBII, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. B.S., University of Illinois, 1893. 18 h E. E. Sands J. G. D. Mack W. G. Lottes Storm Bull C. H. Burnside E. K. Voss A. Trowbridge C. I, King C. S. Shchter A. W, Richter F. E. Turneaure Dean J. B. johnson D. C. jackson C. F. Burgess W. H. Hobbs V. Leuher B. Frankeniield B. V. Swenson E. R. Maurer O. Zimmerman L. S. Smith FGCIIIW of the ZGHQQQ of mechanics Mid Eligillekfilig FREDERICK EUGENE TURNEAURE, EE, TB1'I, Professor of Bridge and Sanitary Engineering. C.E., Cornell University, 1889. WNELSON OLIVER XVI-IITNEY, TBII, Professor of Railway Engineering. Vniversity of Pennsylvania, 1878. 'IIISIYIICTOYS dlld .HSSlSldiIfS A, CHARLES HOXVARD BURNSIDE. Instructor in Mechanics and Descriptive Geometry. A.M., Columbia University, 1899. BVDD FRANKENFIELD, TBII, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. University of YVisconsin, 1896. RUSSELL XVILLIAINI HAHGRAVE, Instructor in Mechanical Practice. B.S., University of XVisconsin, 1898. IVILLIAM GEORGE LOTTES. Instructor in Forge Practice and Repairing. EDYVARD EMIVIET SANDS, Instructor in Civil Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, IQOO. C.E., University of 'XVisconsin, 1900. OLIVER BRUNNER ZIMMERIVIAN, Instructor in Elementary Machine Design and Descriptive Geometry 44Died March M.E., University of W'isconsin, 1900. '. uf . 1lH .11fgtJ1,agaf, s Hlii L mill! ee 14 P SWITCH sonfw lf .P li ' av, 'i io i agg 2 lF1I . ..m..lig, iii' ' F' 5192-1 E 17, 1901. 21 College or flaw EDWIN EUSTACE BRYANT, IPAQ, Dean of the College of Law. Professor of Practice and Pleading, Equity and Railway Law, and the Law of Public Offices and Otlicers. ROBERT INICKEE BASHFORD, if-'A'fP, Professor of the Law of Private Corporations and Commercial Law. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1871. A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1873. ANDREXV ALEXANDER BRUCE, AY, Assistant Professor of Law. B.A., University of XVisconsin, 1890. LL.B., University of lVisconsin, 1892. IAIRUS HARVLIN CARPENTER, QAQ, Mortimer M. jackson, Professor of Contracts, Emeritus. CH M.A., Yale University, 1874. ' LL.D., University of lVisconsin, 1876. ARLES NOBLE GREGORY, 11fY, :im-1, Professor of Law and Associate Dean of the College of Law. Professor of the Law Professor LL B., University of XVisconsin, 1872. M.A.,-University of 'Wisconsin, 1874. BURR XV. JONES, WY, QAQ, of Evidence, Public Corporations and Domestic M.A., University of 'XVisconsin, 1871. LL.B., University of Yifisconsin, 1871. JOHN MYERS OLIN, QPACIJ, QPBK, of the Law of Real Property, Torts and VVills. M.A., YVi11ian1s College, 1873. LL.B., University of VVisconsin, 1879. HOXVARD LESLIE SMITH, BGJH, Professor of Law. AB., University of lVisconsin, 1881. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1885 22 Relations faculty of the College oi Saw WILLIAM A. SCOTT 4 STEPH ENQ M . BABCOCK HARRY L.RU.S3ELL ' CHA6 I.IilNG I III DEAN WILLIAM FLHENRY RANISOIYI A.I"IOORE FRANKLIN H. KING WILLIAM LCARLYLI5 ' EMMETT 5. GOFF ' ANDREW RJNHITSON FRCIIIID Of IDC COIIQSQ or flSl'iClllIlll'Q College of HSI'iClllIlll'Q WILLIAM ARNOLD HEN RY, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Director of the Experiment Station Professor of Agriculture. AGR B., Cornell University, 1880. STEPHEN MOULTON BABCOCK, SAX, Professor of Agricultural Chemistry and Chief Chemist to the Experiment Station PH.D., University of Gottingen, 1877. ULYSSES S. BAER, Instructor in Cheese Making. NVILLIAM LEVI CARLYLE, Professor of Animal Husbandry. B.S.A., Toronto University, 1892. FREDERIC CRANEFIELD, Assistant in Horticulture. FRANK DEYVHIRST, Assistant in Dairying. EDXVARD HOLYOKE FARRINGTON, Professor of Dairying. M.S., Sheilield Scientific School, 1883. EMMET STULL GOFF, Professor of Horticulture. EDWIN GEORGE HASTINGS, Assistant Bacteriologist in College of Agriculture. Assistant in Animal Husbandry and Instructor in Veterinary Instructor in tResigued. T011 leave of absence M. S., University of VVisconsin, 1899. WARTHUR GEORGE HOPKINS, Science. AGR.B., Iowa State University, 1899. , D.V.M., Iowa State University, 1899. M.D.V., McKillip Veterinary Collefe, 19oo. FRANKLIN H1RAM KING, Professor of Agricultural Physics. GEORGE MCKERROVV, Superintendent of Agricultural Institutes. RANSOM ASA MOORE, Assistant Agriculturist. ROSCOE HART SHAW, Chemistry and Acting Chemist of the Experiment Station B.S., New Hampshire State College, 1897. ANDREIV ROBINSON WHITSON, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Physics. B.S., University of Chicago, 1894. TFRITZ WILHELM WOLL, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, M.S., University of NVisconsin, 1886. ALFRED VIVIAN, Assistant Chemist of the Experiment Station. PH.G., University of XVisconsin, 1894. 27 School of Pharmacy EDXVARD KREMERS, AY, GPX, Director of the School of Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry PH.G., University of 1Visconsin, 1886. PH.D., University of Gottingen, 1890. LELLEN STERLING CHENEY, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Botany. University of VVisconsin, 1891. RICHARD FISCHER, Assistant Professor of Practical Pharmacy. B.S.. University of Michigan, 1894. P1-LD., University of Berlin, 1900. Instructors and Hssistants SAMUEL ROBERT BOYCE. Lecturer i11 Pharniacognosy. PH.C., Vniyersity of Michigan, ISQO. M.D., Vniversity of Michigan, 1899. ROLLIN HENRY DENNISTON, fIDX, Assistant in Pharniacognosy and Curator of Drug M PH.G., 1'niyersity of 'XVisconsin, 1897. B.S., 1'niversity of XVisconsin, 1899. YVILLIABI OSCAR RICHTIXIANN, TX. Instructor in Practical Pharmacy. PH.G . 1'niversity of XVisconsin, 1894. B.S., 1'nix'ersity of 1Visconsin, 1897. OSXVALD SCI-IREINER, fPX, Assistant in Pharmaceutical Technique. 115611111 PH.G., Maryland College of Pharmacy, 1895. M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1899. SCDOOI of music FLETCHER ANDREIV PARKER, CIDAG, DI!-UE Organ, Theory and History. JAMES SARGENT SMITH, Piano. ADA BIRD, Piano. 28 CTOR, XVINIFRED CORNELIA CARD, Piano. ADELAIDE FORESMAN, Voice. CHARLES EDXVARD ROBERTS, Voice. CHARLES NITSCHKE, Violin and other Orchestral Instruments. ALBERT CHARLES EHLMAN, Violoncello. IXIRS. G. K. ANDERSON, Harp. HJALMAR O. ANDERSON, Mandolin. MRS. M. E. BRAND, Guitar. MYRON M. FOWVLER, Banjo. 'XVILLTAINI TXT. FOXVLER, Secretary. Qibl'2il'D Sfiiff VVALTER DICTVIYNN SMITH, AY. ' Librarian. B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1890. WILLIAM HENRY DUDLEY. ' Assistant Librarian. B.A., University of VVisconsin, 1892. NIABEL IVIARVIN, Head Cataloguer. SARAH HELEN TVIINER. Cataloguer. GUSTAV B. HLTSTING, Student Assistant in Law Library. XVALLACE STANLEY SMITH, Student Assistant in Law Library. STEPHEN CONRAD STVNTZ, Library Assistant. B.S , University of Wisconsin, 1899. 29 The Lihrzirian ' Hqtwkm - -I -JJ .-z-.fig .111 .f ff, ,g:.:., -in.-,I .Mf.,.. . 1, 1. ,,,,:. - , if ff.. Other Otncers ,, PS 1 EDXVARD F. RILEY, ' Secretary of the Board of Regents. ,g1g::z:. - Egfifge' A f I F. Riley WILLIAM DIXON HIESTAND, University Registrar and Presidentts Secretary. LESLIE BURD, Chief Clerk, Office of Board of Regents. GEORGE B. MERRICK, Accountant, Oilice of the Board of Regents. CYNTHIA YV. COMLY, Matron, Chadbourne Hall. LESLIE H. ADAMS, ' Farm Superintendent. JOHN THOMPSON WILSON IENNINGS, B.S., C.E , Superintencling Architect of Buildings and Grounds. IRVING J. MUTCHLER, Chief Carpenter. IESSIE UPFIELD, Stenographer, President's Office. FANNIE G SANFORD, Stenographer, Dean's Office. ZANA KATE MILLER, Stenographer, Oflice of Board of Regents. IVIABEL RANDOLPH, Assistant Stenographer of the Director of the School of Coninierce. IDA HERFURTH, Clerk and Stenographer, Agricultural Experiment Station HARRIET V. STOUT, Clerk and Stenographer, Farmers' Institutes. ESTER M. CLOSE, Librarian and Stenograplier, College of Agriculture. MARY ALICE GLENN, Clerk and Stenographer, School of Education and University Extension Department. FLORENCE JANET DAGGETT, Stenographer, College of Mechanics and Engineering. WILI4IAM A. CAIVIPMAN, Secretary of the Deans of the College of Law. 30 ,'jdIlilOl'S JOHN I. QUAN, College of Law and Library Hall JAMES H. RIDER, Science Hall. 1 JOHN JONES, Agricultural Hall. JOHN DOESCHER, Astronomical Observatory. JOHN CONOHAN, Machine Shop-. HENRY SCHOFIELD, North Hall. SANDERS A. THOMPSON, Chemical Laboratory. WILLIS MORSE, University Hall. XVILLIAM POST, Chaclbourne Hall. JOHN HICKEY, Gymnasium. FR AN K LAVI N, Gymnasium . JOHN BABCOCK, Engineering Building. 31 William Henry Rosenstengel IN MLMORIAM :,'?"1M-2? ILLIAM HENRY ROSENSTENGEL was born September IO, lS42, in the if 'Eff 5 village of Barmen, Prussia. An invalid as a child, he was carried to and from the village school by his father, and there the passion for k11owl- edge first took possession of him. His 'education was finished at the awww :J Barmen Realschule, where his close personal connections with the director gave him an extraordinary opportunity for development. At this time he had entirely recovered his health and was known for his great personal beauty as well as for his mental ability. Aftergraduating, and while still in Germany, he taught at Ellesfeld and Rade-vorm-wald. In the year 1865 he and his wife, formerly Miss Lena 'XYirth, came to America and settled in St. Louis. Here he became instructor in German in the Central High School of that city, which position, with several promotions, he held for twelve years. In 1379 he was called by President Bascom to the head of the German department in the University of 'Wisconsin, and for twenty-one years he occupied that position with faithfulness and ability. , Professor Rosenstengel was known not only in university circles. but in various parts of the United States, where he delivered lectures on subjects connected with the German language, peoples and literature. Besides this, he did a great deal of literary work in connection with German newspapers and magazines, and was the author of many text-books and books of general literary value. Professor Rosenstengel was active i11 philanthropic and educational matters, and his loss as a friend a11d citizen has been greatly felt in Madison. Professor Rosenslengel's character and personality has been designated as, in the highest sense, of the military type. It is interesting to know that, much against his will, he was known in St. Louis as 'L General " Rosenstengel. Loyalty, industry and accuracy were his cardinal virtues, His philosophy was the philosophy of work and discipline. He demanded of those under him the same untiring labor, the same care for details, the same devotion to duty that were exemplified in himself, yet he lacked no sympathy or helpfulness toward his students. A man of high culture and lllfle- pendent thought, he felt nothing of worth too small for his attention, and whatever he undertook was sure of being done well in its largest and its smallest details. He died, as a soldier should, in the performance of his duty. His death took place in faculty meeting, November 12, IQOO. His wife and live children still survive him. " Some granite column, type of his own indomitable self, shall hold his name in the memory of man, but when the years shall have effaced the record, and the Granite itself have crumbled to dust, he will still live in the life of the b University he served so well." 32 WILLIAM HENRY ROSENSTENGEL x N HIRAM ALLEN SOBER Hiram Allen Sober IN MEMOMAM ALLEN SOBER was born near Ypsilanti, Michigan, june 15th, 1863, and died in Davenport, Iowa, September IOtl1, IQOO. His early years were spent on a farm, but when the time came to prepare for ' college he we11t to Ann Arbor and became a student in the High School. is -'im He entered the University of Michigan in the fall of 1882, and gradu- ated with his class in 1886, in the full classical course. He had already selected teach- ing as his life work, and immediately upon graduation became principal a11d superin- tendent of the schools at Coldwater, Michigan. Here he remained for four years, proving his powers as a teacher and winning the conndence and esteem of all his pupils. In ISQO Mr. Sober returned to Ann Arbor for post-graduate work in Latin, Greek and Sanskrit, and tl1e next year l1e was made instructor in Latin. I11 1893, he was called to the University of 'Wisconsin to fill a similar position, and a year later was made assistant professor, which title he held until the time of his death. Professor Sober had long been interested i11 the archaeological side of classical learning, and had several years given courses in Roman topography and Roman private life. Feeling the need of more foreign travel a11d study among the remains of ancient civilizations, he determined to spend a year abroad. In the summer of 1899 he obtained leave of absence and with his family sailed for Germany. During the summer he studied at the University of Marburg, and in the fall journeyed to Italy and entered the American School of Classical Studies at Rome. Here he remained throughout the school year, working in his chosen subjects of archaeology and Roman topography, and preparing courses of lectures for future use. He made brief visits to Greece and the Etruscan country for study of the material remains of those civiliza- tions, but by far the greater part of his year was spent i11 Rome. In August, IQOO, Professor Sober returned to this cou11try, and within three weeks was stricken with appendicitis. He was visiting at his father's home in Moline, Illinois, but was soon removed to the hospital at Davenport, where he died. He had been married in 1892 to Miss Gertrude Clark, a graduate of the University of Michigan of that year, and she, with one little daughter, survives him. Professor Sober will long be remembered at the University as a thorough scholar, a most successful and inspiring teacher, and for his genial alld unassuming qualities as a man. His scholarship, which was always of the careful and thorough, rather than the more showy a11d specious type, was recognized by all classicists who knew him. He was a member of the Philological Association and of the Archaeological Institute of America, but up to the time of his death had written comparatively little. He was a teacher first and foremost, and to his students were his best efforts always given. Them he attracted not more by his complete mastery of his subject and its presenta- tio11 than by his personal qualities. The modesty and simplicity of his manner, tl1e absolute integrity of his character, and his very rare gift of sympathy drew his students into a relation far more intimate than is usual between master a11d pupil, and the unconscious iniiuence he exerted, particularly, perhaps, over his younger pupils, can hardly be overestimated. It is in the memories of these that Professor Sober finds his iittest monument. 37 Nelson Oliver Whitney IN MEMORIAM 940415455 Mg? ELSON OLIVER VVHITNEY, B. S., C. E., was born May 3, 1858, .gg Mfiggif at Aiken, South Carolina, where his parents were temporarily ai located. He ntted at Mantua Academy in Philadelphia, and A C ff ? svn? 1 graduated from the civil engineering course at the University of Pennsylvania in 1878 with the degree of B. S. During the summer following his graduation he was on the Geodetic Survey of Pennsylvania and the next winter he was instructor in civil engineering in the University of Pennsylvania School of Industrial Art. For the years 1878-So he was in the office of the Chief Engineer of the Pennsylvania Railroad where he was engaged in construction work. The next two years he spent in Mexico as locating engineer under the late A. 'M. 'Wellington on the Mexican National Railroad. In 1882 he returned to Pennsylvania and became locating engineer on the South Pennsylvania Railroad and during 1884-Q6 he was resident engineer on the Tuscarora tunnel. In 1886 he was appointed Assistant to the Chief Engineer of the Pennsylvania Railroad, in charge of construction and maintenance at Chicago, which position he held until called to the chair of Railway Engineering at the University of XVisconsin in 1891. He has since taught civil engineering with major work in railway engineering. Professor Xlfhitney was the Engineering Editor of the University Bulletin, First Vice President of the Xlfestern Society of Engineers at Chicago, and a corporate member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He was married in 1883 to Maiy Ella Taintor, of Philadelphia, who, with five children, two sons and three daughters, survive him. Professor Whitney died suddenly at his home Sunday evening, March 17. He had been in delicate health for a year following pneumonia. When Professor lfVhitney died, one of the sweetest iniiuences, as well as one of the most inspiring instructors was withdrawn from our University faculty. A practical engineer, a 1nan whose life was among the realities of outdoors, he had all the tenderness, purity and gentleness that one associates with line arts and the cloistered life. Dean I. B. john- son, who has been closely connected with Professor Vxfhitney for many years, speaks of him as follows: "He was one of the very few railroad engineers who were fitted for college work. He was at once a successful engineer, with a large experience in re- sponsible positions on the leading railroads of the world, and also a very successful teacher. He was as zealous in his college work as in his engineering practice. He was always solicitous for the individual interests of his students, and he followed the subsequent careers of his boys with almost a fatherls attachment. His manner was always mild but earnest, and his students held him in the highest respect and esteem. It will be a difficult matter to fill his place in this college. 'l 38 NELSON OLIVER WHITNEY IZQUD m6lIIbQl'S of H72 FGCUIID. CHARLES' FREDERICK BURGESS, B.S. I-IARLES FREDERICK BURGESS was born ill Oshkosh, llVlSCO1'lSl1'1, in 1873. He graduated from the Electrical En- gineering course of the University of YVis- consin in 1895, receiving the degree of B. S. He was employed in the works of the Vxfalker Manufacturing Co., of Cleveland, Ohio, and returned to the University of VVisc0nsin as assistant in Electrical Engineering, receiving the degree of Electrical Engineer in 1897. From 1897 to 1900 he was instructor, andiin 1900 was made Assistant Professor of Elec- trical Engineering, having'charge of the work in Applied Electro-Chemistry. Professor Burgess is a member of the fra- ternity Beta Theta Pi and of the honorary engineering fraternity Tau Beta Pi. He is also an associate member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and of the Society forftlie Promotion of Engineering Education. ' AUGUSTUS TROWBRIDGE, Ph.D. UGUSTUS TROWBRIDGE was born at New York City in 1870. He was , prepared for college at Phillips, An- dover, after which he spent three years in Paris studying under private tutors. He re- turned to America in 1889, and attended Columbia University, which he left in 1893 without graduating, entering into engineer- ing practice. During this period he was engaged in laying out the World's Pair grounds, and afterwards in railroad work In I894 he entered the University of Berlin, where he remained until 1898, taking the degrees of M.A. and Pl'1.D. The next two years were spent in teaching physics at the University of Michigan. In 1900 he came t0 the University of YVisc0nsin as Assistant Professor 0'f Mathematical Physics. Pro . Trowbridge has writte11 extensively, and many of his papers have appeared in "Wie - ermann's Annaltenj' "The American Journal of Science," "Nature,,' and "The Physi- cal Reviewf' He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 41 GEORGE RAPALL NOYES, Ph.D. EORGE RAPALL NOYES was born at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1873. I-Ie prepared for college at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, entering Harvard in 189o, where he remained until 1898, when he received the degree of Ph.D. During 1894-96, While doing partial work at Harvard, he taught Greek and Latin in a preparatory school in Cambridge. ,In 1898 Dr. Noyes was awarded an honorary fellow- ship from Harvard for the study of Slavic languages. The two following academic years he spent as a " voluntary student " at St. Petersburg. In 19oo he was elected As- sistant Professor of English in the University of VVisconsin. VICTOR LENHER, Rh.D ICTOR LENHER graduated in cheni- istry from the University of Pennsyl- vania and for three years following he was assistant to Professor XV. B. Rising in the chemical department of the University of California. From 1896 to 1898 he was en- gaged in pursuing special duties in chemistry, mineralogy and geology at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving the degree of P11.D. from that institution in 1898. Dr. Lenher has been a regular contributor to various chemical journals, and has done considerable Work in translating from the French. He now holds the position of Assistant Professor of General and Theoretical Chemistry in the University of 'vVisconsin. ALBERT WILLIS IRESSLER, A.B. LBERT WILLIS T RESSLER received his education at Montpelier, Ol1io, high school, Knox College, and the University of Michigan, where he graduated in 1891, receiving the degree of A.B. In 1898 he spent a half year at the University of Chicago, taking graduate Work. From 1891 io 1893 he was superintendent of schools at Marinet City, Michigan, at Munroe, Mich- igan, from 1893 to 1897, at Ripon, Wiscon- sin, from 1898 to IQOO. In 1900 he was ap- pointed Assistant Professor of Pedagogy in University of VVisconsin, and Inspector of High Schools. 42 JAMES CHARLES MONAGHAN, A.B. AMES CHARLES MONAGI-IAN was born in Boston, Massachusetts, October II, 1857. When about eight years old he was forced to leave school and enter the cotton mills of New England, studying and teaching in night schools until his twenty- second year. Leaving the mills he prepared for college at Mouryls Academy, and in 1885 he graduated from Brown, receiving the degree of A.B. The day of graduation he received an appointment as representative of the commercial interests of the United States in Mannheim, Germany. While abroad he studied the educational, political, economical and administrative methods of Germany. I-Iis report on these methods was mentioned by Lord Roseberry in his recent address as Chancellor of the University of Glasgow, and also by the English parliamentary com- missionsent to study Germany's educational and economic conditions in their report to parliament. In the fall of 1899 he was a delegate 'to the Philadelphia Commercial Congress, and delivered two addresses, one on "American Trade Relations Abroad," and the other on L' Industrial Art and Technical Educationf' About this time he was called to the University of Wiscoiisin to accept the position he now holds, that of Pro fessor of Theory and Practice of Domestic Commerce in the New School of Commerce. RICHARD FISCHER, Ph.D. ICHARD FISCHER was born Novem- ber 18, 1869, in New Ulm, Minnesota. Having graduated from the high school of that city in 1886, he was apprenticed in a drug store of his native town, and in 1890 entered the School of Pharmacy of the Uni- versity of Michigan, taking the degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist two years later. Returning in the fall of the same year he was appointed assistant in the chemical labo- ratory, continuing his studies and graduating as B.S. in 1894. In the fall of 1894 he was appointed Instructor in Pharmacy at the University of XVisconsin, which position he held for four years. In 1898 he went abroad, studying at the Universities of Berlin and Marburg, the latter University conferring upon him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in August, 1900, his dissertation being entitled, " Beitrage zur Kenutniss der Papaner- aceen Alkaloidef, Returning to America he was appointed Assistant Professor of Prac- tical Pharmacy at the University of NVisconsin. 43 SUSAN ADELAIDE STERLING, M.L. USAN ADELAIDE STERLING was born at Madison,Wisconsin. .She grad- uated from the University in 1879, after which she attended Wellesley College during lhe years 1880-SI. The years 1883-84 were spent in Germany, and 1895-96 at Bryn Mawr College. In 1886 Miss Sterling ac- cepted the position of instructor in Genman at the University of Wisconsin, having held the same position the previous year at Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, Illinois. In 1896 she took her degree of ML. at the University, and in 1900 was promoted to the position of Assistant Professor, which position she now holds. HOWARD LESLIE SMITH. A.B., LL.B. OWARD LESLIE SMITH was born March 29, 1861, at Madison,W'isconsin. He prepared for college in the schools of that city, and in 1877 entered tl1e Ancient Classical Course of the University of Wis- consin, from which he graduated in 1881 with the degree of A.B. While in the University he was a member of the Athanaean Literary Society and Beta Theta Pi fraternityg was on the joint debate in his junior year, and won the Lewis prize. From 1881 to 1883 he was principal of the schools at Elkhorn. In 1883-84 he studied at I-Ieidelburg, Rome and Paris. In 1885 he graduated from University of Wisconsiii Law School with the degree of LL.B. From 1885 to IQOO he practiced law in Madison, 'Wiscousi-n, St. Paul, Minne- sota, and Chicago, Illinois. In 1900 he was elected Professor of Law in the College of Law of the University of VVisconsin. EDWARD DAVID JONES, Ph.D. ' DWARD DAVID JONES was born in Orfordville, Wisconsiii, in 1870. He was prepared for college at Lawrence University, and graduated from the Ohio Wesleyan University in 1892. One year of graduate study was spent in Ger- many at Halle and Berlin, two years were spent at this University, from which he received the doctor's degree in 1895. The same year he was appointed an instructor here. In 1899 Dr. jones was granted leave of absence to serve as a special agent of the Paris Exposition Commission in preparing the governrnent's social economic ex- hibit. He was also a member of the jury of award and the American delegate at the Congress of Commercial Schools. The same year he was appointed Assistant Profes- sor of Economics and Commercial Geography in the University of Wisconsin. Dr. jones has written several works and numerous magazine articles. I-Ie is a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. b 44 ABBY SHAW MAYHEW BBY SHAW MAYHEW, Mistress of Chadbourne Hall and Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Culture, was born at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and was graduated from the high school of that place in 1881. In the fall of 1881 she entered Wellesley' College and was there u11til 1885, With an in- terim of a year. After leaving college two years were spent i11 teaching in a private school and one year in travel. In 1889 she entered into the study of physical training in Minneapolis, and in 1891 attended Dr. Sargent's School of Physical Education at Cambridge. In the spring of 1892 she was - appointed Physical director in the Young Wo111a11's Christian Association of Minneapolis, where she remained until the summer of 1897. In 1894 she took the summer course in physical training under Dr. NV. G. Anderson, of Yale, at Chatauqua. In 1898 she accepted the position of Mistress of Chadbourne Hall and Instructor in Gymnastics for XVOUICU. In 19oo elected to the Faculty. ' IUCY MARIE GAY, B.L. 1 l eg UCY MARIE GAY was born on a farm ' fhT'15, near Madison, YVisconsin, in 1862. ..., ..- . A- She received her early education in I the public schools of Madison, entering the V ' University in April, 1879. I11 1882 she was graduated with honors, taking special honors E. also in- French. In the fall of the same year A r:'. f :fa -vrw she taught her first class in French in tl1e University, taking the place of the regular 5'?QiQEf r, Ir fr' -sg instructor who was on leave of absence in ' ' ' Europe. She was appointed ,Instructor in French in january, 1885, holding this posi- tion up to July, 1900, when she was made assistant professor. The year 1889-90 was spent in Europe, for the most part in Paris studying at the Sorbonne. During the summer of 1895 she was again in Paris. Miss Gay has given special attention to Old French Philology, and has written along this. line for " Modern Language Notes." WILLIAM B. CAIRNS, Ph D. ILLIAM BI CAIRNS was born at Ellsworth, Wisconsiri, june 4, 1364, and pre- pared for the University at Ellsworth public schools. He has received the following degrees at the University of Wisconsin: A.B., 1890, A.M, I892Q Pl1.D., 1897, Fellowship in English Literature, 1890-91. In 1891-92 he did editorial work on the Madison Democrat, 1892-98 was Instructor of Rhetoric in the Universityg 1898-oo Instructor in English, and in 1900 was elected Assistant Professor in English. He has edited the following publications: "Forms of Discourse," Boston, 1896, "Introduction to Rhetoric," Boston, ISQQQ "Development of American Literature from 1815 to 1833," Madison, 1897. 45 Fort9:Seventb Hmiual Commencement jlll1Q I7 to 21, l900 SUNDAY, JUNE r7TH. ARMORY HALL. The Baccalaureate Address, ----- Bishop SAMUEL FALLOWS, ' 59 MONDAY, JUNE ISTH . LIBRARY HALL. Address before the College of Law, ----- Justice DAVID J. BRENVER NORTH HALL. Address before the School of Pharmacy, - - Dr. EDWARD KREBIERS, '88 TUESDAY, JUNE IQTH. Glass Dav IVY PLANTING, UPPER CAIXIPUS. Music, - -------- NITSCHKE,S BAND Ivy Planter, - ------- EDWIN A. SHOYVALTER Ivy Oration, - - FRANK J. CARNEY Ivy Ode, - - - FREDERIC M. VAN HORN Farewell to Buildings, --------- LURA L. Ross CLASS DAY EXERCISES, LIBRARY HALL. Music, - - Class Statistics, - - Presentation Of Class Memorial, Response, - - - IQOO Poem, - Class Day Oration, Class History, - Music, ---- Farewell to Under Classmen, Response, - - . - Class Prophecy, Farewell to Faculty, - Class President's Address, Music, ---- Class Play, FULLER OPERA HOUSE. LOWER CAMPUS. Pipe of Peace Ceremony. Address of Senior Pipe Custodian, ---- Response, - - 46 N ITSCHKE'S ORCHESTRA SUsIE E. LOWELL RAYLIOND B. PEASE - JAMES H. MCNEEL Professor F. 1. TURNER - - PAUL R. XVRIGHT ERNST VON BRIESEN CHARLES L. BURNH.-AM GRACE M. CHALLONER NITSCHKE'S ORCHESTRA - STEPHEN A. OSCAR - FRED C. MCGOWAN MARCIA M. IACKDIAN LYNN A. XVILLIAMS - MILTON ORCHARD - CLARENCE D. TEARSE NITSCHKE'S ORCHESTRA " BETXVEEN THE ACTs " - 1. T. STUART LYLE ARTHUR F. BEULE, Igor WEDNESDAY, JUNE QOTH. Hlumni Dav Annual Business Meeting of Alumni Association. ARMORY HALL. Alumni Dinner. UPPER CAMPUS. Open Air Concert by University Band. Class Reunions of '75 '80, '85, '90, '95. LIBRARY HALL. Commencement Concert of School of Music. THURSDAY, JUNE 2 IST. ZOMMCIUCQIIIQIII DRY UPPER CAMPUS. University Procession. ARMORY HALL. Commencement Exercises. Music. Prayer. Music. ORATIONS. The Outlook of the Twentieth Century," - The American Pioneer," - - - - College Political Ideals, " - Southern Caste, " - - - - Music. Hun1anity's Indictment of England," - - England's Defense," - - - YVebster's Reply to I-Iayne," - - - Music. Conferring Of Degrees. Address to the Graduating Class - VVILLIAM F. ADAMS - EDWIN A. SNOW THEODORE W. BRAZEAU .ALBERT J. MACARTNEX' - JOSEPH KOB'FEND, Jr. HERBERT H. THONIAS - JOSEPH LOEB Vice-President JOHN BARBER PARKINsON. Benediction. THE VICE-PRESIDENTUS HOUSE. Reception to the Alumni and other Friends of the University. - ARMORY HALL. Alumni Reception and Ball. 47 S2lIl0l' ClElSS PIZID Fuller Opera. House, June 19, 1900 "Between the Acts " East of Zharacters Dick Comfort Ctho' married, yet Singlej - - George Merrigale Can unfriendly frienclj - - Uncle Meander fDick'S uncle, blamed yet blamelessj Harris Can obtuse-minded butlerj - - - Mrs. Comfort funknovvn, unhonored and unsungj - MIS. Clementeria Meanclcr LDick's aunt, blameless but blameclj Sally QMrS. Meander'S "Frinch" maidj - - Director - - Master of Properties Business Manager EXQCIITWQ Staff Senior Glass Play Zommittee FRANCIS H. CROSBY, Chairman DANIEL I. WILLIALIS FRANCIS H. CROSBY EDYVIN A. SNOW HENRY M. ESTERLY IVIISS JESSICA DAVIS MISS NORzX JOHNSON MISS BESSIE KING EDXVIN A. SNOW J. BARTOW PATRICK FRANCIS H. CROSBY EDWIN A. SNOW 'VVILLIAM F. ADAMS JESSICA E. DAVIS 48 1900 SQlIi0l' Class PIGD gm 'FQIIOWS liniversitp Honors H HELEN GRACE ANDREXVS, BL. JOHN WALLACE BAIRD, A.B., LEE BYRNE, M.A., - - FRED ALAN FISH, ME., - CHARLES B. HANDSCHIN, RA., EDWARD ALFRED HOOK, BS.. GEORGE HARVEY JONES, RS., LOUISE PHELPS KELLOGG, B.L LEBRECHT JULIUS KLUG, RS., CHARLES MQCARTHY, RP., Honorary Fellow in English Literature - - - - Fellow in Philosophy - - - Fellow in Latin - Fellow in English Literature ARTHUR H. R. FAIRCHILD, A.B., - Honorary Fellow in Electrical Engineering - Fellow in German Philology Alumni Fellow in Mathematics Fellow in Electrical Engineering - Fellow in American History Fellow in Civil Engineering - Fellow in American History ALEXANDER ALLAN MUNRO, A.B., A- Honorary Fellow in Economics CHARLOTTE ELVIRA PENGRA, BS., - - - Fellow in Mathematics YASUZO SAKAGAMI, M.L., - MARGARET SCHAFFNER, A.M.,, HERMAN SCHLUNDT, M.S., - ANNE NYHAN SCRIBNER, A.B.. IAMES FIELD XVILLARD, B.S., ALLYN ABBOTT YOUNG, PH.B., ELSBETH VEERHUSEN, A.B., Honorary Fellow in Political Science Fellow in Economics - - - Fellow in Chemistry - . - Fellow in Greek Fellow in European History Fellow in Economics Honorary Fellow in German Philology Graduate Scholars ANDREYV RUNNI ANDERSON, A.B., The VVilliam F. Allen Scholarship. LEYVIS ALBERT ANDERSON, B.L., Scholarship in Political Science. EDXVARD ALBERT COOK, B.L., The john C. Freeman Scholarship. ERNST OTTO ECKELNIANN, B.L., Madison Scholarship in German Philology. BENJAMIN HORACE HIBBARD, B.S.A., A Scholarship in Economics. LAURENCE MARCELLUS LARSON, A.B., Henrik 'Wergeland Scholarship. MARIE MCCLERNAN, A.B., The John C. Freeman Scholarship. QUnexpired term, 1899-1900.5 NVILLIAM SPENCE ROBERTSON, M.L. Scholarship in American History. JOSEPH LAXVRENCE SHAXV. A.B., Scholarship in European History. EDSON RAY VVOLCOTT, Science Club Medal. A Post Grad RQSKIQIII GYEICIUZITQS EDNA CONVPER ADAMS, English Literature, Pedagogy. - B.L., University of Xvisconsin. CHARLES ELMER ALLEN, Botany, Zoology, Psychology. B.S., University of YVisconsin. FLORENCE ELIZA ALLEN, Matheniatics, Philosophy. B.L., University of Vkfisconsin. ANDREW RUNNI ANDERSON, Greek, Latin, History. A.B., University of Wisconsin. LEWIS ALBERT ANDERSON, Political Science, Econoniics. B.L., University of VVisconsin. HELEN GRACE ANDREVVS, English, German, French. A B.L., University of YVisconsin. IOHN WALLACE BAIRD, Psychology, Philosophy, Pedagogy A.B., University of Toronto. ANNA ELIZA BARTON, History. ---- B.L., Smith College. JACOB OTTO BELZ, Agricultural Physics. - - PH.B., University of Iowa. ALICE MAY BISCOE. ------ A.B., Marietta College. HERMAN GUSTAVE ADOLPH BRAUER, French Literature, Ethics, German Literature. ----- A.M., University of Wisconsin. ARTHUR LOUIS BRESLICH. ----- A.B., Berea College. HARRY NATHAN CARTER, Assaying. ---- B.S., University of Wisconsin. MILDRED ALICE CASTLE, Romance Languages. - B L., University of Vlisconsin. HERMAN CHURCHILL, English Literature. - - A.B., Syracuse University. EDNA RUTH CHYNOWET1-I, English Literature. - M.L., University of Wisconsin. 52 - Madison Madison Madison - Madison Mt. Horeb Portage Toronto, Ont. Freeport, Ill. Cedar Falls, Ia. Marietta, O. - Madison Madison Humbird Madison Madison - Madison EDWARD ALBERT COOK, English Literature, Psychology. - B.L., University of Wisconsin. - Madison ARTHUR ROBERT CRATHORNE, Mathematics, Philology. - Champaign, Ill. B.S., University of Illinois. LUCY CELESTE DANIELS, History, Political Science. - '- - La Crosse B. L., University of Wisconsin, PH,M., University of Chicago. AYMER DEAN DAVIS, Political Science. ---- PH.B., Iowa College. CARLTON CLINTON DENISTON, Economics, Political Science. A.B., Cornell College, Iowa. IOHN HOWVARD DENISTON, Economics, Political Science. A.B., Cornell College, Iowa. ROLLIN HENRY DENNISTON, Botany, Zoology. - B.S., University of Wisconsin. ERNST O. ECKELMANN, German Philology. - - B.L., University of Vxfisconsin. CLARENCE WINANS EASTMAN, Physics, Mathematics, B.S., University of Wisconsin. EMERSON ELA, Law. ------ B.L., University of Wisconsin. ARTHUR HENRY RALPH FAIRCHILD, English. - A.B., University of Toronto. FRED ALAN FISH, Engineering. - - - ' - - E.E., Ohio State University. ROY EDWARD FOWLER, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Bacteriology. B.S., University of Wisconsin. IVILLIAM M. FOWLER. ------ B.S., University of Wisconsin. REBECCA SMITH FRASER, English Literature, Rhetoric. - B.L., University of 'Wisconsin. NATHANIEL JEROME FREDERICK, History, Latin. A. B., Chaliin University. WILLIAM DODGE FROST, Bacteriology, Botany, Chemistry. M.S., University of Minnesota. CLARA ABIGAIL GLENN, French, History, English. - - B.L., University of XVisconsin. ROY DYKES HALL, Chemistry. ----- B.S., University of YVisconsin. CHARLES HART HANDSCHIN, German Pliilology, English Philology, Norse. ------- A.B., German Wallace College. 53 Chemistry. - Eldora, Ia. - Mt. I-Ioreb - Mt. I-Ioreb Burlington Milwaukee - Portage - Rochester - Toronto, Can. - Columbus, O. - Madison Lake Beulah Orangeburg, S. C. - Madison - Madison Burnett junction Calumetvill e RUSSEL WILLIAM HARGRAVE, Alternating Currents, Chemistry. - M.E., University of YVisconsin. CARL HAMBUECI-IEN, Chemistry. ---- B.S., University of YVisconsin. EDIVARD LEE HANCOCK, Mathematical Physics. - B.S., University of Wisconsin. ROSALIA AMELIA HATHERELL, Zoology, Embryology, Botany. - BS., University of Wisconsin. SABENA MILDRED HERFURTI-I, German, English, Norse. M.L., University of XVisconsin. BENJAMIN HORACE HIBBARD, Economics, American History, Political Science. ------- B.S.A., Iowa State College. Madison Milwaukee Shullsburg Janesville - Madison Madison XVILLIAM JOSEPHUS HOCKING, History, Political Science. Economics. B.S. and M.L., University of NVisconsin. EDWARD A. HOOK, Mathematics, Chemistry. - - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. JOHN FREDERICK ICKE, Electrical Engineering. - B.S., University of Wfisconsin. WILLIAM BENJAMIN JACKSON, Electrical Engineering. M.E., Pennsylvania State College BENTARO KAMIYAMA, Economics, Sociology. - Cliinzei Gakkwan. LOUISE PHELPS KELLOGG, History, Political Science, B.S., University of Wisconsin. VVILLIAM HENRY KLOSE, German, French. - - M.L., University of Minnesota, A.B., Roanoke. B.D., Yale University. LEBRECI-IT JULIUS KLUG, Engineering. Q - - B.S., University of IVisconsin. ROLLA SHERIDAN KNAPP, Physics, Biology, Mineralogy. B.A., Harvard. ARTHUR ALEXANDER KOCH, Chemistry. - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. LAURENCE MARCELLUS- LARSON, History, Political Science, A.M., University of 'Wisconsin. RALPH BENJAMIN MACNISI-I, Agriculture, Spanish. ' B.S., University of jfVisconsin. 54 Darlington - S. Milwaukee Marshfield Madison - Higo, Japan Economics. Milwaukee DeXVitt, Ia. Milwaukee Menonionie Beaver Dani English . M adison - Madison W I AM Tfg' , llklv Building Ol' College Of Engineering u History, Economics. - PED.B. A.B., Greer, Colorado. B.S. oLrvER JONES MARSTON, MARIE MCCLERNAN, Greek, Latin. - - - B.A., University of W'isconsin NETTIE IRENE MCCOY, Literature, Pedagogy, Music. A B.L., University of Wisconsin. ETHEL MCEWEN, Latin, Greek. ---- A.B., Iowa College. FLORENCE BEATRICE MOTT, History, Latin. - B. L.. Lawrence University. Hooperston, Ill. - Janesville - Madison Postville, Ia. Neenah ALEXANDER ALLAN MUNRO, Economics, Sociology, Education. Omaha, Neb. A.B., University of Nebraska. EDITH NELSON, Greek. ----- B.A., University of XVisconsin Madison JOHN FREDERICK NICHOLSON, Bacteriology, Agricultural Chemistry. Madison University of Wisconsin. OLAF MORGAN MORLIE, English, Pedagogy, Norse B.A., St. Olaf College. CHINICHIRO OKADO, Economics. - - - A.B., Allegheny. Milwaukee Kumamoto, Japan NVILLIAM HENRY PEARSON, History, Economics, Science. - - Lancaster PH.B., University of Wisconsin. CHARLOTTE ELVIRA PENGRA, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Economics. - I -------- Madison B.S.. University of Wiscoiisiii. ANNIE MARIE PITMAN, Latin, Greek, English. - , B.A., University of Wisconsin. HENRY QUELMAN, Agricultural Chemistry. - - - Madison - - New York National Agricultural Institute, Paris, France. GEORGE BASIL RANDELS, Law, Political Philosophy, Psychology. Q PH.B., Alma, Michigan. EDVVARD RISSMAN, Greek, Latin. ---- West Unity, O. - - Milwaukee CHARLES EDWARD ROBERTS, French, Philosophy, Ethics. - Madison Trinity College, London. WILLIAM SPENCE ROBERTSON, History, Economics, Political Science. Oxford M.L., University of Wisconsin. 57 YASUZO SAKAGAMI, Political Econoniy, Economics, History. Wakayamaken, japan M.L., University of YVisconsin. ALICE BARTON SAVILLE, Biology, Geology. - A.B., Vassar. . Milwaukee MARGARET ANNA SCHAFFNER. Economics, Sociology, American History. A.B., College of Emporia. A.M., University of Wisconsin Morganville, Kan. I-IERMAN SCHLUNDT, Chemistry. ---- Madison B.S., University of Wisconsin. LUCILE HOXVARD SCHREIBER, Anieiican Literature, German. - - Madison A.B., University of Wisconsin. NELLIE NASH SCOTT, Italian, German, French. - Madison B.L., University of Wisconsin. ANNE SCRIBNER, Greek, Latin, English. - - - - Madison M.A., University of XVisconsin. JOSEPH LAWRENCE SHAW, History. - - - Geneseo, Ill. B.A., University of Wisconsin. EDWIN BOTTOMLEY SKEVVES. ---- Ives Grove B.L., Lawrence University. SAMUEL MELANCHTON SMITH, Economics, History, English. Madison M.A., Beloit. WILLIAM NOBLE SMITH, Geology, Chemistry. - - - Madison B.L., University of Wisconsin. CAROLINE DEVEREAUX SPENCE, Latin, Greek. - Fond du Lac B.A., University of YVisconsin. CLARA MILLEMAN STANSBURY, English Literature, English Language. L Appleton PI-LB., Lawrence University. JOEL STEBBINS, Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics. - B.S., University of Nebraska. DEANE BRET SWINGLE, Botany, Zoology. - - B.S., Kansas Agricultural College. HAMILTON GREENWOOD TIMBERLAKE, Botany, Zoology. M.S., University of Michigan. EDWARD DREXV TERRILL, History, English Literature, Law. LL.B., University of Wisconsin. WINIFRED TITUS, Chemistry, Physiology. I - - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. 58 - Omaha, Neb. Manhattan, Kan . Madison - Madison Oshkosh LUCY ESTELLA TOMPKINS, Latin, German. - - B.L., University of Wisconsin. WILLIAM ELMER UTENDORF, Physics, Geology, German, A.B., University of Wisconsin. FREDERIC VAN HORN, Greek, Latin. - - - A.B., University of Wisconsin. HORACE RAY WARNER. ------ B.S., University of Wisconsin. EUNICE WALLACE WELSH, English Literature, History. B.L., University of Wisconsin. GENEVIEVE LEINHART NVELTY, Greek, Latin. - A.B., Rockford College. FRANK VVENNER, Engineering. ---- B.S., Knox College. GUY MAURICE WILCOX, Physics, Chemistry. - A.B., Carleton College. - Madison French. - Madison - Madison Whitewater - Madison - Rockford, Ill. Galesburg, Ill. - Madison JAMES FIELD WILLARD. History, Political Science and English Literature. VVest Philadelphia, Pa. B.S., University of Pennsylvania. WILLIAM GOUDWIN IVILLIAMS, Political Science, Economics. Richmond, Va. B.L., University of Virginia. IOSEPH FRANK XVOITA, Agricultural Physics, Chemistry. B.S., University of XVisconsin. EDSON RAY VVOLCOTT, Physics, Cheniistry. - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. HENRY CHARLES VVOLFF, Mathematics, Physics. - M.S., University of Wisconsin. - Nero Sharon - Madison ALLY N ABBOTT YOUNG, Economics, History. Political Science. PH.B., Hiram. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Z 7 f' I f, 57 1- Z' f 1 f ,, If' fzf I Z " :fi 21- -4 L' 14.1 ff -.:.1-.,-.4-gf' ,,f -ff fnff ,I , -'Z .XG f if 4' 2 I W-.-A.-Wf.... 1. , ,-zzz? , X ' 3'-T'.t,Cf-'- ','. 2.1 , , ,' 4e:""f :Y 5- - 'V " 3:,'Z2" -xfl-ff?23,4.fjQ'i.1 DLI.,-i. : - -, ,.2'2f,f7lfi'L1f"' 1 ' .f.1, "Ii: Y ' ' ,'fw-'QQ-ZZ I1 ", 'J' ,.sg:-ff::5:aQ25fsg1Q.-111 f . YQ ,: ,ffg,'1ff4iZ:-L'4.'fa.-W:g'fQJ-:Li-1,-.41. wg-I 1- fwlr.-11-w,.i,fAf,f: Q.,-,R 4, ,E -.MJ 4, , . AL. I QI-f Q figifepibzjieg',if-KT1 ' L ' ' X fi , -wifaef-1:5iff?A'E?vfgf1Lila,'L-V1 Ax-1 fl- ' , ' ' 4 'First Semester PAUL STOVER - MARIE KOHLER LEONORE MEINHARDI WILLIAM A. YVALKER, JR ALLAN S. NIELSON ROBERT E. KNOFF .qx i S '-?rg,Q, 'Imaam- rzfgni I 2 26 - 0 0fficers Sewltd SQIIRSWI' - President - LYNDON HICIQQK TRACY - First Vice-President - - FRANCES MAX' WILCOX - Second Vice-President HARRY EDXVARD CARTHEXV Secretary - - CLARA LUEBIAIA STILLBI.-KN - Treasurer - THOMAS DIORTIMER PRIESTLEY - ERIC XVILLI.-XB! ALLEN Sergeant-at-Arms - - Pipe Custodian - Zolors PURPLE AND GOLD motto " SUCCESS PROVES ITSELFK' Yell SECOND TO NONE! SECOND TO NONE! ,VARSITY, 'VARsI'rY! NINETEEN-ONE I 60 ADAMS ALLEN ANDERSON ASTLE AVE-LALLEMANND B ALDWIN BALI, BARBER BARNES BARNEY BARTLETT BEEBE BERG BEULE BLACKBURN, A. NV. BLACKBURN, K. I i I College Of Setters Zilla SCRIICQ W 1 CYNTHIA EMROY ADANIS, PHIL. - - - Faribault, Minn. Entered as Senior from University of Minnesota. Castalia. Thesis : "Literature in High Schools." "You have deserved high conimendation, true applause and love." ERIC NVILLIAM ALLEN, A.C. ------ Milwaukee AY: Athenae g Secretary Athenae Qzjg Pipe Custodian 135, Cardinal fab, 133, fall, A-Sgis Qgjg Sphinx fgj, 1.05 Class Sergeant-at-Arms f4jg Managing Editor Sphinx LIU: Assistant Manager Foot Ball Department QM: Sergeant-Major U. NV. Regiment Qzjg Captain and Adjutant U. VV. Regiment C3j. Thesis : "Relation of Religion to Conduct in Life of Augustine." "A man can not live exclusively by intelligence and self-love.', VVILLIAM BALLANIYNE ANDERSON, G.S. KPHYSICSH, - - - Madison Philomathiag Choral Union. Thesis 1 'tSparlc Spectra of the Metals in Various Gases." " Ofiicious, innocent, sincere, of every friendless name the friend. " CORA ALICE ASTLE, ENG. ------ Prairie du Sac Castaliag Board of Directors, Girls' Tennis Club Cgj. Thesis : "Bishop Percy's Use of his Originals." Q "Nor bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, but a new mingling of them all." THEODORE MAURICE AVE-LALLEMAND, A.C. - - - Sheboygan Falls Entered as Senior from Northwestern University at Watertown, XVisconsin. Thesis : "Horace,s Use of Epithetsf' "I do beseech you chieiiy that I may set it in my prayers, what is your name? " CLARENCE BAER, G.S. ------- Milwaukee B.L., U. XV. IQOOQ Graduate in Music IQOO. Thesis: "Inautitative Determination of the Effect of Acids and Allcalis upon the Thermal Death-Point of Certain of the Pathogenic Bacteria." " Great Scott! On what does this our Caesar feed that he hath grown so great ? " ARTHUR ALGERNON BALDXVIN, C.I-I. ----- Watertown Athenzeg Blowout President fijg Semi-Public Essayist fzjg Censor Athenae C213 Treasurer Athenae C 3 D. Thesis: " Constitutional Status of the Porto Ricans." ' "Think not -there is no smile I can bestow on thee. There is a smile, a smile of nature, too, which I can spare." SYDNEY HOBART BALL, A.C. ------ Oak Park, Ill. WY: Iron Mask, Base Ball Team CID, Qzjg Captain Base Ball Team C255 junior Prom. Committee C3j. Thesis: "A Zinc Area in Southwestern Wisconsin." "And still we gaze and still the wonder grows, That one small head can carry all he knows." 63 XVILLIAM HARLEY BARBER, G.S. QPHYSICSJ ---- Black Earth Hesperia til: UAV. Band til, Qzj, fgj, C413 Secretary of U. NV. Band fgj, fill. Thesis: "The Expansion of 'Wood Due to the Absorption of W'ater.l' "Oh pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth, that I am meek and gentle with these butchers, " CHESTER DAVID BARNES, C.H. CLAW I J. - - Kenosha Entered as Junior from University of Chicago. 1I1K1If. Thesis: 'tUniiied Accounting in 'XVisconsin." "The ire has entered my soul and burned me to the quick." IESSIE A. BARNEY, ENG. ----- - Mayville fI'BKg Castaliag President Castalia Ml. Thesis: "German Influence on American Literature between 1825 and 1S5o." 'tMy life is o11e denI'd horrid grind." JOHN MCHENRY BARNEY, C.H. ------ West Bend AY, Athenaeg President Athenze f4jg Athenze Semi-Public fajg joint Debate fgjg junior Prom. Committee Thesis: "Governments Given Our Various Territorial Acquisitiorisfl "Heed not, though at times he seems Dark and still, and cold as clay: He is shadowed by his dreams, And it will pass awayf' ELIZA WHEELocIc BARTLETT, M.C. ----- Milwaukee KKI'g Y. W. C. A., University Basket Ball Team fzl. Thesis: 'tTerror and Wonder in American Fiction from Charles Burchden Brown to Poe and Hawthorne." "Who can express thee, though all can approve thee? " CLAUDE SPENCER BEEBE, G.S. QBiol. Groupl - - - Milwaukee WY: Mandolin Club fgl, fall. Thesis: "Antagonisn1 of Bacteria." t'He dearly loved the lasses, OI" MARTIN JOHN BERG, ENG. ------ Madison Philomathia, Nora Sanilagg President of Philomathia f4lg Vice-President Nora Samlag Call, Thesis: "The Dingley Tarih' Act of I897." "A straight mind that envies not." ARTHUR FRANZ BEULE, G.S. ------ Beaver Dam AY: fIDBKg Athenzeg Class Vice-President Q 2 lg Vice-President Athenae Q3 lg President Athenae Crtlg Semi-Public fajg Final Oratorical Contest Cal: Class Play Committee Ml, Badger Board f gl: Associate Editor Cardinal Q 315 Alumni Magazi' e 135: Sphinx Cgl, C415 Editor-in-Chief Cardinal f4l. Thesis: t'Ostracoda of the Madison Lakes." "W'e like to know the weakness of our eminent men, it consoles us for our inferiorityf' ARTHUR YVILLIAM BEACKBURN, A C. ----- Madison Thesis: "A Study of the Population of Racine County, Wisconsin." "It is only great men that can ancord to have great defects." A KATHRYNE IRENE BLACKBURN, PHIL. ----- Madison Entered as junior from Milwaukee State Normal. Thesis: t'Aim of Education Treated Historically." "Many call themselves thy friend, Thou art loved by many. " 64 BOEHM BOSTWICK BRADLEY BRAHANY BREDSTEEN BRINDLEY BROSS BROWNSON BUCHANAN BUCHHOLZ BUEHLER BUELL CARR CARTHEW CAULKINS CAVANAUGH PAUL YVALDEMAN LEOPOLD BOEHM, C.H. - - - Wausau Philomathiag Vice-President Pliilomathia C 31: Closer Freshmen Blowout C111 Closer Semi-Public C212 Closer joint Debate C 413 Choral Union C41. Thesis: "The Trend of Constitutional Development in the American Com- monwealths since 1848" , 'Fearless he is and scorning all disguiseg VV hat he dares to do, to think. though men may start, He speaks with mild yet unaverted eyes." HARRIET M. BosTwIcK, ENG. - ---. Janesville AIX Second Vice-President of Class C41. Thesis: "Treatment of Seasons by the New England Poets? "Wh6l1CC is thy learning? Hath thy toil o'er books consumed the mid- night oil? " H.ARRY ERNEST BRADLEY, A.C. - - ---- Madison AYg fifBKg Class Secretary CI1g Class President C213 Chairman 1901 Badger Board C515 Sub-Quarter-Back Foot Ball Team C11, C21, C415 Gymnastic Exhi- bition Team C21, C31, C41g U. W. Regimentg Lieutenant Co. A C215 Captain Co. D C 31. Thesis: f'The WVoolen Industry of the United States, 1890-I9oo." 1: "Gone daft over a woman! And he an eddicated man. MARX' E. BRAHANY, M.C. - - - C - - Madison Badger Board, Chairman Photo. Comm. C 31. Thesis: "Treatment of Nature in Cicero,s Rhetorical W'orks." " ,Tis virtue that doth make them most admired." JOSEPH BREDSTEEN, PHIL. ------ Stoughton Athenae: Vice-President of Athenze C 31g Reporter on Cardinal C 315 Captain Track Team C315 President of Cross-Country Club C31, C41. Thesis: "Relation between Custom and Morality." " He wins in a walk." JOHN EDWIN BRINDLEY, C.H. ----. - - Boscobel A' Hesperiag Freshman Dec. CI1Q Closer of Blowout C111 Closer Semi-Public C21. Closer joint Debate C 31. Thesis: 'LFinancial Policy of Secretary Chase." "VVise and smooth, subtle, alluring, honey-tonguedf' AGNES MARIE BRoss, M.C. ------ Chicago, Ill. Thesis: "Treatment of Nature in Cicero's Philosophical Yvorks. " "Graced with the power of words." LAURA BROXVNSON, ENG. S.M. - - - - - Sharon Thesis: "Foreign Estimates of American Humor." "Observant, studious, thoughtful, and refreshed by knowledge gathered up day by day." HUBERT DANIEL BUCHANAN, C.H. CLAW 1.1 ----- Rio Philomathiag A. A. Bruce Law Clubg Censor C21, Treasurer C31, President C41 of Philomathiag Semi-Public Philomathia C21g Freshman Declamatory Con- test C1 1. Thesis: "Development of Mexican Central Administration." "He multiplieth word without knowledge." 67 WILLIAM DAVID BUCHHOLZ, ENG. C LAW 1.5 - - - Whitehall HENRX7 Atheneeg Luther S. Dixon C455 Y. M. C.A., U. YV. Co-op., Class Secretary C255 Secretary C25, President C45, Assistant Censor C45 of Athenzeg Vice-President Y . M. C. A. C25Q Treasurer U. WY Republican Club f45Q'ClQS61' Freshman Blowoutg Closer Semi-Public C25, joint Debate C 353 Daily Cardinal C255 Second Sergeant U. W. Regiment: U. XV. Co-op. Director C25, C35, C45Q Vice-President Co-op. C45. Thesis: l'The Merchant Marine in the Development of Commerce." 'tThe lion is not so nerce as they paint him." ANDRENV BUEHLER, G.S. CCHEM.5 ---- - Monroe Thesis: "The Relation of the Conductivity of Electrolytes to the E. M. F. of Concentration Chains." "I am not like some men, ashamed to confess my. ignorance when I do not know. " KATE M. BUELL, G.S. - Sun Prairie KAO. Thesis: "Variation ill the Number of Rays of Certain Compositaef' "I have heard of the lady, and good words went with her name "' LAURANCE CHARLES BURKE, C.H. - - Chicago Badger Board C353 Member of B. and S. Thesis: "Abolition of Township System in Cook County, Ill., and the Move- ment for a Greater Chicagoft " "A self-made man? Yes, and worships his Creator." XVILLIAM IARVIS CARR, C.H. ------ Aurora, Ill. H ARR Y GDAXQ Hesperiag President Hesperia C453 Final Oratorical Contest C 35: Presi- dent Northern Oratorical League C455 Asst. Managing Editor Cardinal C25. Thesis: "Basis of Claim of U. S. to Supremacy in South America." 'All great literary men are shyfl , I EDNVARD CARTHEW, C.H. - - - - Lancaster Class Second Vice-President C454 Hesperia: Vice-President Hesperia C351 President Hesperia C45. Thesis: 'lConnnercial Policy of Argentine Republic and Chili from 1890 to I9oo." "Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune: but great minds rise above it." ANNIE iKNOXVER'CAULKINS, G.S. ----- Milwaukee Y. VV. C. A., Recording Secretary C35, Treasurer of Y. XV. C. A. C455 Member Self-Government Board C 353 Vice-President Self-Government C45. "True as the dial to the sun. " -- ABIGAII, EMMA CAVANAUGH, ENG. - - Shullsburg Thesis: "Keats Use of English Verse Forms." "Silence best bespeaks the mind. She never told her love." 68 CHANDLER CLARK, E. B. CLARK, VV. A. CLEMONS COLLINS CROPP CUMMINGS CURTIS. D. H CURTIS, G. G. CUTLER DAVIDSON DICKINSON DOPP DOWNES DYE ELLSWORTH vs ZACH. ANsoN CHANDLER, ENG. - - - - - Oregon Cardinal fy, Q4jg Sphinx fgj, Q4jg Assistant Managing Editor Sphinx Q4j. Thesis: "A Survey of the Art of Rhetoric, with Some Phases of Its Scope, Utility and Methods. " HA college joke to cure the dumpsf, EMILY BLANCHE CLARK, ENG. ----- Galesville KAO: entered as Sophomore from Lawrence University: Y. XV. C. A.g Glee Club f3j, f4Jg Basket Ball Team Qgj. Thesis: "George Sands' Views on Literary Artf' "Nor know we anything so fair As the smile upon her face." WILLIANI ALBERT CLARK, PHIL. - - Menomonie Entered as junior from River Falls Normal School. Thesis: "The Mental Results of Scientific Study." "With equal virtue formed and equal grace." VVILLIAINI VOLTAIRE CLEMMONS, PHIL.' - - Prairie du Sac Entered as junior from Potsdam Normal, N ew York. Thesis: "The New York State High School Systemf' HA friend as a iiriend should be." 'KCHARLES GRAHAM COLLINS, C.E. West Bend 'IDK'-P. "On his unembarrassed brow nature had written 'gentlemanf " VVILLIAIVI BENJAMIN COLLINS, C.H. QLAW I.j Sheboygan Philomathia. Thesis: "Confederation in Canada." "1 know that heaven hath sent me here " DAVID BERTRAM CROPP, C.H. - - -- Monticello, Iowa Entered from Cornell College, Iowa, as Senior. Sub-Half-Back 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, IQOO. Thesis: "The Commerce between United States and Germany since ISQON "Man is not without honor save in his own college." MARGARET ELIZABETH CUMMINGS, C.H. ---- Madison Thesis: '4Pe11sion System for Soldiers in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth." "'Thy mind is a very opal." DOROTHEA HUGHES CURTIS, A.C. Madison I'4PBg Secretary Class Kzj. Thesis: "Figures of Speech found in the Philosophical Works of Cicero." '4Oh! I ani so sick of the men of the present day." Deceased. 71 GEORGE GREGORY CURTIS, ENG. - - - Madison Hesperia: Hesperia Semi-Public f2Jg Badger Board Cgj. g Thesis: "Taxation of Mortgages." "Punctured full of holes." HORAOE EATON CUTLER, A.C. - - Milwaukee Entered from Iowa College as a junior. Thesis: "The Hades of Virgil," "For thy sake, tobacco, I would do anything but die." FLORA NEIL DAVIDSON, ENG. - - - Madison Thesis: 'lColeridge's Criticism of lllordsworthf' "How doth the little blushing maid employ each shining hour.' XVILLIARI FREDERICK DICKINSON, ENG. IL.-iw 1.3 Rockford, Ill. ATA. A ' Thesis: "The Personnel of the 'Wisconsin State Legislature from 1848-IS98." "1 c .r.t ppy man has never learned to think." ,. HOMER RODGER DOPP. GS. Oconomowoc BGJH. Thesis: "The Carina Trachea: a Study of the Bifurcation of tl1e Trachea of the Cat." " Read Homer and you can read no more." ROBERT HUGH DOWNES, GH. ---- Oshkosh Gshkosh State Normal School: entered as a junior, 1898. C Xlllg Vice-President Senior Class. , . Thesis: f'EconOmic and Social Development of Kenosha County." "Handsome as a picture: he is irresistible " DAISY RUMINA DYE, ENG. Madison AF: Girls' Glee Club CID. Thesis: "The Appreciation of 'Wordsworth in America." "As good as she is beautiful. XVould there were more like her." llflELVINA R. ELLSYVORTH, PHIL, ----- Oshkosh 1'IBfPg entered as Junior from Oshkosh Normal School: Executive Board of Self-Government Association fgj, fill. Thesis: t'VVomen in American Literature." "Mutual love brings mutual delight." 72 ERNST EVANS EVERTS FOLEY FRITSCHE GILLILAND GRAHAM GROFFMAN HACKETT HALL HANCOCK HARRIGAN HART HARVEY, E. J. HARVEY, L. A. HASTIE ADOLPHINE B. ERNST, ENG. ---- Thesis: "Gudrun in der Moderner Litteraturf' "She does not need to learnf' CAROLINE XVHETTAN EVANS, G.S. fMath.j L - - CIPBKQ Executive Board Self-Government Association Q gj. Watertown Madison Thesis: 'LO11 the Projective Relations of Geometric Forms of the Second Order. " t'Fun I love and noise as of a carnival, but mathematics more." LESLIE SHINOE EVERTS, ENG. ---- Entered as Sophomore from Stevens Point Normal. GAXg Hesperia, Junior Prom. Committee Thesis: "The Philippine Islands." "Who islt can read a woman ? l' MAY GENEVIEVE POLEY, A.C. Red Domino. Thesis: i'Cicero's Ethical Code as judged from his Lettersf - Rice Lake - VVauwatosa "It best beconies you to be merryg for, out of question, you were born in a merry hour. " ' GUSTAV ARMIN FRITSCHE, A.C. ----- 2d Lieutenant fzj, Captain fgj, Major and Adjutant C4J, U. , Thesis: "Das Verbum im Nibelungenliedl' "I am a soldier." NELLIE GILLILAND, PHIL. ---- - Entered as junior from Winona Normal School. Y. W. C. A. Thesis: "Form and Color as Treated by Tennyson." "The grinders cease because they are few." JAMES BLAIN GRAHABI, A.C. Athense. Thesis: "A Study of the Population of St. Croix Co." "He comes not in my booksft GEORGE W1LLrAM GROFFNIAN, ENG. - - - Hesperia, Y. M. C. A.g ISt Sergeant U. YV. Regiment. - Madison W. Regiment. Winona, Minn. Roberts Berlin Thesis: "The Movement of Gold to and from the United States during the Calendar Year 1899? "I love the name of honor more than I fear death." , 75 CARRIE FERN HACKETT, PHIL. - - - - Baraboo Entered as junior from Milwaukee Normal School. Thesis: "Browning's Dramas. " "Here still is the smile that no cloud can o'ercast." , CLAUDIA IEANNE HALL, M.C. L ----- M3CllS0H Thesis: "The Development of Literary Form in American Literature? "A disposition to love and to be merciful." EUGENE THOMAS HANCOCK, G.S. CGeology Groupj - - Tomah Philomathia: Vice-President Philomathia: Philomathia Semi-Public Czjg . Annual joint Debate fgjg Choral Union. Thesis: "Geology of an Area at B. R. Falls, Wisf' t'lViser in his own conceit than seven men that can render a reason." FRANK ELXVOOD HARRIGAN, ENG. - - - - Madison Thesis: " Political Significance of the Early Settlement i11 Dane County." "Look you, I am most concerned in my own interests." HENRY' Isaac HART, ENG. --4-- Wild Rose Hesperia: Choral Union fzj, 635: Secretary of Hesperia C2J. Thesis: 'tReal Concessions Acquired in China by Foreign Powers since '94." "Often hath music soothed the melancholy of his soul.'f EDXVARD josixifu HARVEY, GAS. ------- Racine Philomathiag Y. M. C. A.g Secretary lah, Vice-President C33 and President E45 of Philomatliiag Recording Secretary of Y. M. C. A. Qzj. Thesis: "Effect of Moisture on the Elasticity of lVood." "He is a quiet lad." LEETA ALICE HARVEY, PHIL. - - - Madison Entered as junior from Milwaukee Normal. AF. Thesis: "Cl1ildren's Literature. " t'By God's grace royal and by visible zeal a natural queen of women." GR.-tcm REEDAL HASTIE. ENG. - Poynette Thesis: "Tennyson's Women." t'Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low - an excellent thing in woman." 76 HATTON HEKTOEN HIBBARD HOLT HOOK HOY JAMES IAMIESON JoHNsoN JONES KAVANAUGH KELSEY KETCHUM KNOFF KOHLER - KOLB FREDERIC HAMMOND HONVARD HATTON, G.S. - - - LaSalle, Ill. fl2'I'A. f-PX: Sub. Freshman Crew HJ 3' Second 'Varsity I IJ. Thesis: "Examination and Study of Crocus Satious for Impuritiesf' t'That man Hatton." MARIE HEKTOEN, M. C. - - W'estby Nora Samlag. Class Basket-Ball Team QU, Qzj, Thesis: "The Character of Mary Stuart in Schiller's and Lebrun's Dramas. ' UA noble type of good heroic womanhoodf' HARRY WILLIAM HIBBARD, PHIL. ---- West Superior Entered as junior from the Minnesota State Normal School at St. Cloud. The Psychological Club Crtjg Y. M. C. A. I 31, frtjg President University Fencing Club Qgj, Ml: Gym. Instructor fgj, f4l. Thesis: "The Deposits of Urates, with a Special Study of their Relation to Physical Training. ' ' "Oh, heaven! VVere man but constant, he were perfect." ROBERT BENTON HOLT. A.C. ---- Columbia, Tenn. EN, entered as junior from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Thesis: "The Character of Antigone in Greek Literature." "These northern Winters freeze me." ' EDYVARD O. HOLTY, C.H. - - ' Newark, Ill. Entered as Sophomore, Hesperia. A Thesis: "Gold Reserve During the Last Decade." 'tMost safely shalt thou tread the middle path." FREDERICK LUTHER Hooic, G.S. - - - - - Milwaukee Philomathia, Vice-President Philomathia Cglg 2d Sergeant fzj, ISt Lieutenant 13j, Captain and Quartermaster U. W. Regiment: Y. M. C. A., Treasurer Y. M. c. A. fgl, 543. C . Thesis: "The Validity of Faraday's Law in the Case of Non-Aqueous Solu- . tions and Fused Electrolytes." "He sleeps wellf' WILLIAM PIERSON Hoy, Cf'.H. - - - N- Woodstock, Ill. TY. Thesis: "National Legislation on the Subject of Bankruptcy." HA sweet-faced man: a proper man as one shall see in a summer's dayg ' a most gentleman-like man." STEPHEN AUGUsTUs HURLBUT, A.C. - Belvidere, Ill. Entered as junior from Beloit College. Thesis: "Prometheus in Aifschylus and Shelley." "He passes through life with conscience for his guide." ALICE FANNY IAcIcsoN, M.C. - - - - - Madison AT. Thesis: "A Critical Inquiry into the Historical Fidelity of DeVigny's ' Richelieu' " "XVe grant, although she had much wit, She was very shy of using it." BLANCHE ELLA JAMES, C.H. QMath. Groupj - - Madison Basket-Ball Team QU: Skating Club f4j. Thesis: "History of the Fundamental Laws of Algebra! "They thought I was mad." 79 VVILLIAM HENRY IAMIESON, C..H. b ---- . Shullsburg Athenaeg President Semi-Public 125. Thesis: "A History of Treaties Between the United States and China." "Anything but history, for history must be false." LINA MAE JOHNS, PHIL. - V - - - Dodgeville Entered as a junior from Platteville State Normal. Y. YV. C. A. Thesis: "Plasmolysis of the Vegetable Cell.l' "Doth she in sober thought arrayed, Learn knowledge that is power." I JESSE W. JOHNSON, ENG. ------ Sterling, Ill. 'iP1"A. Thesis: "Rise of River Towns in Richland and Crawford Counties, Wisconsin." "Show me a happier man than you." NELLIE BERTINE JONES, PHIL. - - - Oshkosh KATHERINE BLANCHE KAXVANAUGH, ENG. RACHEL MARJORIE KELSEY, PHIL. - - Entered as junior from Oshkosh Normal. Y. W. C. A.: Choral Union. Thesis: "Development of History Teaching "Peace the offspring is of power." in the United States." - - - - Madison Thesis: "Influence of the Popular Ballad on Scottis Poetry." 4 t'True as the dial to the sun." Baraboo Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. 'Varsity Girls' Tennis Club. , Thesis: t'The Supernatural Elements in the Old English and Scottish Ballads." "Universal plodding prisons up the nimble spirits in the arteries." FLORENCE IOSEPHINE ICETCHUM, ENG. ----- Madison Thesis: "A Study in the Poetry of the Pre-Raphaelitesf' 'tWhatls in a name I " ROBERT ERNsT KNORF, ENG. ---- E - - Janesville TMIARIE PHILIP Atheneeg Custodian Pipe of Peace 1455 Recording Scribe Athense 1155 Secre- tary Athenze 1251 Vice-President Athenze 1353 Freshman Blowout Closer 1153 Semi-Public 125g Reporter Cardinal 1255 Athletic Editor Cardinal 1355 Uni- versity Editor Cardinal 1355 Assistant Managing Editor Cardinal 1453 Second Prize Cast Dramatic Contest 135. Thesis: 'L tjeune de Cieclel ' College journalism. " "I am not of the roll of common men." CHRISTINE IQOHLER, ENG. ----- Sheboygan Germanistische Gesellschaft 125.1355 Class Secretary 155: Class Historian 1453 Executive Board of Self-Government Association 135,145g 'Varsity Girls' Glee Club 1255 Badger Board 135. Thesis: "Die deutsche Frau im Mittelalterf' "There was a soft and pensive grace, A cast of thought upon the faceft AMON IQOLB, PHIL. ---- - Platteville Entered as Junior from Platteville Normal. Educational Clubg President Educational Club 1355 U. VV. Glee Club 1355 Gymnastic Team 13,55 Squad Leader 145. - Thesis: "Changes in the Conception of Teaching Botany in the High School. 'l "Songs of that high art Wliich, as winds do in the pine, Find an answer in each heart." 80 KUECHENMEISTER LACHMUND LEA, H. R. LEA, W. F. LEATHERWOOD LEGG LIBBY LUHMAN MACARTNEY I MCGOWAN MCLEAN MAURER MEINERT MEINHARDT MEYER MICHELSON FLORENCE ADELL KUECHENNIEISTER, ENG. ---- West Bend Thesis: "Lessi'ng's Attitude toward French and English WH-iters. " "Sweetness is hers and unaffected ease, The native Wit that was not taught to please. " ROBERT LACHMUND, ENG. ------ Sauk City Hesperia: Secretary Hesperia C255 Vice-President Hesperia C 35. Thesis: "German Connnercial Legislation in Relation to the Colonies." "And how old is your little boy, niadam? " HARRY RICHARD LEA, C.H., fLaw 1.5 - - Waupaca Columbia. Thesis: "Russian Methods of Conquest and Assimilation in Central Asia." "He wears the rose of youth upon him." VVILLIAM FRANCIS I. LEA, C.H. Waupaca IPY. Thesis: "Privateering. " V "And when a lady's in the case, You know all other things give place." NANCY ,ALBAUGH LEATHERYVOOD, PHIL. - - - - Madison Entered as Iunior from Kansas State Normal School, Emporia, Kan. Thesis: "Populist Legislation in Kansas." "Marriage is a desperate thing." ERNEST F. LEGG, E.E. - Wausau - Track Team C25. Thesis: "A Study of tlIe Illumination of Interiors." "By some he's lauded, by others blamed." BENJAMIN LIBBY, C.H. ----- Madison Thesis: "County and Local Government in VVisconsin." "Sober he seems and very sagely sad And to the ground his eyes are lowly bent, Simple in show." HUGO FRANK LUHIXIAN, C.H. - - - Manitowoc Athenzeg Secretary Athenmg Censor Athenae. Thesis: 'tThe Opinions of English Statesmen on the Monroe Doctrine." . "He is a great observer and he looks into the deeds of men." CLARENCE EDXVARD NOBLE MACARTNEY, A.C. - - Beaver Falls, Penn. Entered as Sophomore from University of Denver. B611 Athenceg President of Athenee 145: winner of second honor in Inter- Collegiate Oratorical Contest C355 winner of 'Wisconsin Final Oratorical Con- test L35g winner of junior HEX." C353 winner Sophomore Contest Q25. Thesis: "A Comparative Analysis of Shelley's ' Prometheus ' and Byron's ' Cain.' H Q "Like thee, where shall I ind another the World around ? " 83 FRED C. MCGOWAN, ENG. ----- - Eau Claire Athenae5 Class President C155 Director CO-operative Association C155 Chairman Literary Committee, Badger Board C 355 Member Board of Directors of Athletic Association C 455 Closer Freshman Blowout C 155 Closer Semi-Public C155 Asso- ciate Editor Daily Cardinal C355 Track Team C 15, C25, C355 Captain Track Team C455 Iunior Response Orator C 35. Thesis: "Forestry in XVashington." "If there's a hole in a' your coats, I rede ye tent it 5 A chiel's amang you taking notes, - And faith he'll prent it." MARION CLARA MCLEAN, M.C. - - - - Monroe Castalia. Thesis: 'tTemporal Clauses in Caesars Gallic NVars." "If you want a friend that's true, I'm on your list." MAXRX' CONSTANCE Marinas, ENG. S.M. Leavenworth, Kas. Thesis: "Rousseau and Neologisinsft 'tl-ler voice is sweet, her style is neat." ROBERT PID,-IDI MAURER, C.H. - - - - - - Sheboygan Philomathiag Secretary C255 President C45, Philomathia5 President of Oratorical Debating League C455 junior Ex. C355 Badger Board C35. Thesis: "The Arbitration of European and South American Claims against the Spanish-American States." a- . "He's a sure card." I-IERMAN TIMOTHY MEINERT, M.C. - - - Watertown Glee Club C25, 135, C453 Gymnastic Team C35, C45. Thesis: 'LLessing als Reformator der Deutschen Literature." "I never dare to sing as good as I can." LEONORE AGNES MEINHAIQDT, ENG. ---- - Burlington AI'5 i'BK5'Class Secretary C455 Girls' Glee Club C155 Badger Board C35. Thesis: "MillOn's Use of English Verse Forms." A t'One man is my world of all the men this wide world holds." ERNST CHRrsToPnER HENRY MEYER, G.S. ---- Cedarburg Athenze, Class Treasurer C155 Sergeant U. W. Battalion C255 President of U. YV. Skating Club C355 Closer of Freshman Blowoutg Semi-Public C255 Class Track Team C15, C255 U. of W. Track Team C25. Thesis: "Comparative Study of Primary Election Laws." "A learned man he." ALBERT G. NCICHELSON, ENC.. CI-Iistory G1-oup5 - Mount Horeb Hesperia, President C455 Nora Samlag. 4'Every great man is a unique." James C. MORGAN, C.I-I. ----- - - Hartford Athenae5 Y. M. C. A.5 Luther S. Dixong President Athenze C455 Vice-President Athenae C355 Secretary Athenae C255 Treasurer Athenze C355 C455 Treasurer Y. M. C. A. C25, C355 Secretary of U. IV. Oratorical and Debating League C453 President Athenae Semi-Public C25. UT he world knows not its greatest menf' 84 MUENICH MUMFORD MUTCH NASH NELSON NE WMAN NIELSON NOELKE O'BRIEN OLMAN PARDEE PARKINSON PATTEN PFISTERER ' PFUND PLUMB MAX M. MUENICH, G.S. ----- Entered as Juni f jefferson or rom Milwaukee Normal School. Germanistische Gesellschaft: Chemical Club: Choral Union. Thesis: ''Nitrophenyl-Thymal Ether and Derivatives? HT have immortal longings in me." EUGENE BISHOP MUNIFORD, GS. tBio1ogyj. - - New Harmony, Ind. QKXP: Entered as a Sophomore from University of Indiana. Thesis: "Study of Epetheium of the Lungf, "It was better for him that a mill stone were hung about his neck and he cast into the sea." JAMES WILLIAM MUTCH, G.S. 'Q Pre. Medicy - Elroy Thesis: "T he Blood Supply of a Cat's Tonsilsf' "And all the people shall Say Amen." JAMES BERTRALI NASH, G.S. - - fIPPBg junior Prom. Committee 135. Thesis: "Development of Manufacturing on the Fox Rive Reference to Appleton. " 'tLike the coyote, he ran his distance " ' CARL E. NELSON, C H. - Hesperia' Badger Board Centralia r, with Special Racine , A f3D- Thesis: "Russia in the far Eastfl "If bucking'S what We're in this world for, then I'm in it." NELSON B. NELSON, ENG. - - Eau Claire Athenaeg Badger Board C3J. Thesis: "Political Status of Porto Rico.' "Violent fires soon burn out themselvesfl MARIC HUBIPHREY NENVMAN, A.C. - Madison ' QAO. Thesis: "On the Virginius Affair." "So wise, so young, they say do never live long." ALLAN SAMUEL NIELSON, ENG. - ---- Milwaukee Y. M. C. A.: Athenaeg Junior Prom. Committee fgjg Cap and Gown Com- - mittee C475 Sergeant-at-Arms f4jg 2d Lieutenant of U. W. Regiment 1235 Captain of U. XV. Regiment 131: Major of U. W. Regiment QM. Thesis: "One Field of American Literature." "I would be better acquainted with thee." AUGUSTA ELIZABETH NOELKE, ENG. QGernianj. Thesis: "Das Volksbuch vom Doctor Faust. " "A heart that constant Shall remain." 87 La Crosse EDWIN THOMAS O'BRIEN, PHIL. - - - Eau Claire Entered as junior from Stevens Point Nornial. Athenze. Thesis: "Relations of General and Special Training." "Nature might stand up and say to all the World, 'This was a manf H CHARLES OSCAR OLMAN, PHIL. - - - Nora Entered as Junior from Platteville Normal School. Thesis: "LolJbyisn1." V "All right and tight: at your service, sir." NEELY EUGENE PARDEE, M.C. Wausau QAC3. Thesis: "The Elements of Vengeance in Dante. ' "Friends I have made whom envy must comniend, But not one for whom I would wish a friend." ELIZABETH P.-LRKINSON, PHIL. - - - Darlington Entered as junior from Platteville Normal School. I Thesis: "Contents of Children's Books." "She's pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant to think upon." ' E DITH SYLVIA PATTEN, PHIL. - - Entered as junior from Illinoi S s tate Normal Uni ' Y. W. C. A.g Cal' ' ' De Kalb, Ill. versity, Normal, Ill. Jinet of Y. W. C. A.g Girls' Glee Club QQ, fill. MSO sweet of temper that the very stars shine soft upon her." CLARA PFISTERER, ENG. ----- Brodhead AAA: Y. IV. C. A.g Freshman Basket Ball Team Q1 5. A Thesis: "Dialect in American Poetry." "To love her is a liberal education." AUGUST HERINIAN PFUND, G.S. fPl1ysics Groupj. - - Madison Gernianistische Gessellschaftg University Orchestra I I ', Czj. Thesis: "An Investigation of Substances having a Refractive Index less than r.o.'l "Our self-made men are the glory of our institutions. ' RALPH GoRDoN PLUNIB, C.H. ----- Manitowoc KIPBKQ Philomathiag Class President 1313 Cardinal Board of Editors KID, Q2j, 133, LIU: Badger Board Qgl. Thesis: " ' " ' Administration ol' Harbor Improvements in WlSCO1lSlll.i, "Ambition is an idol, on whose wings Great minds are carried only to extremes." 88 1 PRIESTLEY RANSEEN REED REGAN RICH RIDLINGTON ROGERS ROHDE ROUNDS RUHOFF SALISBURY SARGEANT SAXVYER, H. J. SAWYER, E. A. SQHOENSIGEL SCHUBRING THOIMAS MORTINIER PRIESTLEY, M.C. - - - - Madison Class Treasurer CM: junior Prom. Committee Qgj. Thesis: 'tThe Hay-Pauncefote Treaty-Nicaragua Canal." 'AA soul too great, too justgtoo noble to be happy." CARL MATTHEWV RANSEEN, G.S. ----- Chicago, Ill. Thesis: "The Distribution of Bacteriological Air Flora of Madison." "Fair without, faithful within." EVAN LAFORREST REED, ENG. fllolitieal Science Groupj - Oregon, Ill. Philtomathia fly, fzj. Thesis: "Reform in the Consular Servicef' KATHERINE PATRICIA REGAN, ENG. QHistoricalj - - - Madison Castalia, Vice-President Castalia Cgjg President Castalia 145g Junior Ex.: Orator fy: Girls' Tennis Club Qzj, fgj. Thesisg HA Study of the Social and Economic Conditions of LaFayette County, XVisconsin . T' "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land." MABEL IRENE RICH, PHIL. ,- - - 1- - Monticello, Minn. Entered as Junior from State Normal School at St. Cloud, Minnesota. Thesis: "Shakespeare's Treatment of English Historyf' "Her looks a sprightly mind disclose." DANIEL JAMES RIDLINGTON, A.C. ---- Dell Rapids, S. D. Thesis: "The Development of South American Railroads between 1896-l900.,, H "There is a certain something in his looks, A certain scholar like and studious something." GEORGE ARTHUR IQOGERS, PHIL. ---- Rice Lake Entered as junior from River Falls Normal School. Thesis: "The Materialism of Haeckelf' "0ld beyond his years." I'TUGO WILLIAM ROHDE, G.S. fChemist1-yl ---- Milwaukee Thesis: "A Study of Absorption and Imbibition Phenomena." "Excuse me for living!" CHARLES RALPH ROUNDS, PHIL. - - V - Arkansaw, Wis. Entered as junior from Stevens Point Normal. Athenmg Glee Club Q4lg Choral Union fgjg Sphinx Staff: Managing Editor of Sphinx: Second Place Final Oratorical Contest. Thesis: "An Analysis of the Criticisms that have been Directed against Dickens." 'LA wit with dunces and a dunce with wits." 91 OTTO ERNST RUHOFF, G.S. - - - - La Crosse Entered from Milwaukee Normal School as junior. Thesis: "Derivatives of Phenoxozonef' 'LAmongst the sons of men how few are known Who dare be just to merit not their own." WINIFRED SaL1sBURv, ENG. - - - - - Oregon Thesis: "Victor Hugo's Treatment of ' llananke ' in Les Miserables, Les Trav- ailleurs de la Mer, and Notre Dame." ' "She was a Wight-'if ever such wights were." HARVEY OAKES SARGEANT, A.C. - - Omro Entered as Junior from Ripon College. Athenae. "A wit of the very Hrst line." ELIA SAXVYER, ENG., qSp.l - - - Hartford Entered as Special from Milwaukee Downer College. Girls' Glee Club fy, f4DQ Girls' Tennis Club Cgjg Y. YV. C. A.g Librarian of Glee Club MJ. Thesis: t'Schiller's great Popularity among the German People accounted for by a Study of his Later Dramas." ' "A sweet, attractive kind of grace, A full assurance given by looks? HARRIET IOSEPHINE SANVYER, ENG. - - - Hartford Entered as junior from Milwaukee Downer College. Y. VV. C. A.: Girls' Glee Club fgj, QM: Girls' Tennis Club t2j. Thesis: "W'ordsworth's Political Opinions." "As I live, one of a promising presencef' FREDERICH CHRISTIAN SCHCENSIGEL, ENG. ---- Plymouth Hesperiag Y. M. C. A.: Class President Qgjg President Hesperiag Secretary Hesperia. Thesis: "Business Management of a Newspaper." "Nothing that is human do I think is unbecoming to me." EDWARD JOHN BERNHARD SCHUBRING, ENG. - - - Sauk City Hesperiag Secretary Q25 and Treasurer Q 3j of Hesperiag Corresponding Secre- tary of Oratorical and Debating League f4jg President Hesperia 1455 Closer Freshman Blowout CI jg Closer Semi-Public fzjg Junior EX. fgl. Thesis: 'tThe Policy of a Customs Union on the Part of the British Empire." "Men are more apt to ask foolish questions than to obtain necessary in- struction. ' ' X 92 S ENN SHERMAN SIAS SIME SMITH, A. V. SMITH, A. E. SMITH, QI. M. SMITH, J. F. SMITH, M. W. SNIDER STEVENS STILLMAN STORMS STOVER THOMAS THOMPSON GEORGE SENN, G.S. ----- Oshkosh Entered as junior from Oshkosh Normal School. U. VV. Republican Club: Track Team Q gl. Thesis: t'Some Phases of Mental Suggestion." t'Pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle." LETA SHERMAN, A.C. ------ Milwaukee A1123 Class Vice-President 1333 Executive Board of Self-Government Associa- tion QM: 'Varsity Basket Ball Team CIQ, fzlg Captain Class Basket Ball Team QIJg Basket Ball Team f2l. . ' Thesis: "Supernaturalism in Scott," "This woman can constrain a flint to love her." NELLIE BLY SIAS, ENG. - - - Sparta Thesis: HA Study of Scott's Peasaiitryf' "Something in ilka part o' thee To praise, to love, I find." DIANA L. SIME, PHIL. - - - Castle Rock Entered as junior from Platteville Normal. Thesis: " American Drama. ' ' HIn her tongue is the law of kindness." ASHBEL V. SLIITH, ENG. - ---- Vfaukegan, Ill. Hesperia U55 Hesperia Semi-Public 125: joint Debate QM: Iowa Inter-Col- legiate Debate C433 President Hesperia Q4jg ISI Lieutenant and Captain U. WI Regiment. - Thesis: "The Income Tax in the United States." "You'd shake hands with a king upon his throne and think it kindness to his majesty." AUGUST E. SMITH, ENG. . ------ Berlin Hesperiag Secretary Hesperia fzjg Hesperia Semi-Public fzl. Thesis: t'The Participation of Natives in the Government of India. l' "He will come straightf' JANET MAUD SMITH, PHIL. - - - Wauwatosa Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Thesis: "Modern English Life as Portrayed in the Poetry of Tennyson and Browning. " "In thy face I see the map of honor, truth and loyaltyf' JULIA FORSTER SMITH, A.C. - ---- Madison AQIJ. Thesis: "Comparison of Certain Phases of Nature in Lucretius and Virgil's ZEneid." "What is a child? Want of knowledge. For when a child knows these things she is in no way inferior to us. H I 95 MORTON VVEIR SMITH, ENG. - - - Waupun Thesis: "Private Property on the High Seas " "The less of routine, the more of life." GUY EDWARD SNIDER, C.H. - - Des Moines, la. Entered as Senior from Iowa College. Thesis: "History of the Taxation of Railroads in Wisconsin. " HA wise man is strong." JOHN CHARLES STEVENS, A.C. ----- Milwaukee WY: fi1AfIPg Philoniathiag Philoinathia Semi-Publicg Freshman Blowout Orator 1113 Class Track Teaing 'Varsity Track Team CID, 125. Thesis: "Influence of the Privy Council on Public Opinion from 1558- 158813 "His heart is as firm as a stoneg yea, as hard as a piece of the nether niillrstone. ' ' CLARA LUEMMA STILLMAN, G.S. ----- Milwaukee AAAg Class Vice-President CID: Class Secretary Q4jg Castaliag Secretary Cas- talia qzjg President of Self-Government Association Cajg Secretary Badger Board Ui. Thesis: "The Arrangement of the Muscular Felcis in a Cat's Heart." "Wise as a serpent, harniless as a dove." JEANNETTE BOYNTON STORMS, ENG. ----- Madison Entered as Sophomore from the University of Michigan. Castaliag Y. VV. C. A.: Vice-President Self-Government Association Thesis: "Southern Poetry since 1865? "Nature was in earnest when she made this wonianf' PAUL STOVER, A.C. ------ - Milwaukee BGJTL Philoniathiag Class President fell: U. XV. Reginientg Captain 1315 Lieutenant-Colonel ftljg Basket Ball Teain Qzj, fgj, Thesis: "Roman Allusions in Plautusf' "Captain, these bars of silver thou canst not eat." VVILLI.-XM C. SUTHERLAND, G.S, 1V-l3Cli5011 QPKYP. - " Hats off to his honor." ALICE ELIZABETH THOMIAS, M.C. Waukesha Y. VV. C. A. Thesis: "Early Appreciation of Nature in Ainerican Poetry." "And then a quick inipetuous frown Caine gathering from her ringlets and perched upon her brow." CHARLES Lownv THOMPSON, A.C. Davenport. Ia. !-IPKYIH Mandolin Club Q4j. "I am resolved to grow fat and look young till fortyf, 96 I THOMSON TRACY VERBERKMOE5 WALKER WARNING XVEBER WERNER WESTMORE VVHITE, I. WILCOX VVILLIAMS WILLIAMSON VROMAN XVEHMHOFF VVHITE, E- E. YVILSON ALVA ALLEN THOMSON, PHIL. ------ Sparta Entered from Milwaukee Normal, '93. Re-entered as Senior in IQOO. Philoinathia. Thesis: "Transportation of Rural School Pupils at Public Expense." "A kind, true heart, a spirit high, That cannot fear and will not die." LYNDON HICKOK TRACY, A.C. - ----- Madison QIPKYIJ, Class President fall, Chairman, Chronicle Committee on IQOI Badger fgpg Captain Co. "H," crack company, U. XV. Regiment gjg Colonel U. NV. Regiment f4j. Thesis: "Horace," 'Tor we that live to please must please to liveft JOHN MARTIN VERBERKMOES, G.S. ----- Madison Thesis: 'LA Bacteriological Study of Intestinal Contents of Fish, with Special Reference to the Occurrence of Colon Bacillusf' "His face is dark but very quiet. It seems like looking down the mouth of' a great cannon." XVILLIAM PHILLIPS VROMAN, M.C. ----- Madison WY, Athenaeg Semi-Public Orator,f2jg junior Prom. Committee 135. Thesis: "A Comparison of the Orators of the North and South." "He is a scholar, and a ripe and good one." YVILLIAM ARTHUR WALKER, M.C. - - Milwaukee Entered as a junior from Milwaukee Normal. B01-Ig Class Treasurer 141. Thesisz, "The Constitutional Status of Porto Rico." "Behold the child pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw." EDITH HARRIET XVARNING, M.C. ---- Elkhorn Thesisz' "A Critical Discussion of Scliiller's ' Maria Stuartf " "Gentle of Speechf AUGUST XVILLIAM XVEBER, PHIL. - - - Madison Entered as Junior from Oshkosh Normal. Thesis: "The Pedagogy of YVilhelm Meister." "I am declined into the vale of years." EUGENE JOHN YVEHMHOFF, A.C. Burlington Athenze: Sphinx Staff. Thesis: "Highway Legislation in NVisconsin." ' "We cannot all do everything." 99 FRED WILLIAM WERNER, G.S. Milwaukee I 1i1BKg Y. M. C. A. Thesis: "A New Method of Vegetative Reproduction in Coleochaetef' "The wise man never loses his temper." BERT FREDERIC WESTMORE, ENG. - - Milwaukee Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Thesis: HTO what Degree Poe's Poetical Criticism is Exemplified by his own Poetry." "Business is picking up." CLARENCE JOEL VVHITE, A.C. - - - - - - Monroe SAX: Philomathiag Vice-President Philomathia 1315 Philomathia Semi- Public fzjg Badger Board fgjg Assistant Manager Track Team fgjg junior Prom. Committee fgjg Ist Sergeant U. XV. Battalion QQJ. Thesis: "Foreign Commerce of the United States with South America from 1890-I9OO.H X "He's a lion among the ladies." EDITH ESTELLA XVHITE, PHIL. - - - Milwaukee Entered as junior from Milwaukee Normal. Castaliag D Milwaukee-Downer Debate Q 3 J. Thesis: "Lyrics of the Revolution and the Civil XVar." "Her S1'11llC,S a gift frae 'boon the lift That us mair than princesf' FRANCES MAY WILCOX, C.H. - ---- Rockford, 111. Castaliag Y. VV. C. A.g President Y. W. C. A. QM: Class Vice-President 145. Thesis: "Rise a1Id Early Progress of Home Missions in the N orthwestf' 'Tnveterate iI1 virtue." CHARLES A. XVILLIAMS, C.H. - - - Elkhorn Thesis: "Machinery of a State Campaign." "They say most men are moulded out of faults." RICHARD YVILLIAMSON, ENG. QI-lebrew Groupj - Madison Atheneeg Y. M. C. A.: Track Team Qgj. Thesis: "The Fullness of Time." "Through all the days I courted herf' MARY LANG WILSON, G.S. - - - - - Burlington Castaliag Treasurer Castalia Qgj, f4jg Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet. Thesis: "Spore Formation in the Capsule of the Moss." "She was a modest, gentle flower." 100 WLNKENWERDER TVINTER WOLFENSON VVOOLEN XVYSSMAN TAYLOR ROLLMAN BURKE MORGAN LACEY HUGO AUGUST XVINKENXVERDER, G.S. QBio1ogy G1-oupj. - Watertown 'Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters QM. Thesis: "The Migration of Wisconsin Birds." "Not one to throw at a dog." PAUL GERHARD VVINTER, ENG. Madison Class Secretary of 'oo in '99. 4'Take winter as you ind him. " LoU1s BERNARD VVOLFENSON, A.C. ----- Madison Philomathiag University Chess Clubg Holder of Scholarship in Hebrew. Thesis: "The Use of the Perfect and Imperfect in Isaiah I to VI " "A little, round, fat, oily man of God." HERBERT MILTON WOOLEN, C.H. - - - Indianapolis, I1 cl. Entered from Purdue University as a Sophomore. QAGJ, 'l hesis: "Concerning the Clayton-Bulwer and Hay-Pauncefote Treaties." "None become at once completely vilef' , ARTHUR JOSEPH Wyssm.-iN, C.H. - - V - Manitowoc Philomathiag Philomathia Treasurer Qglg Camera Club. Thesis: '4The Political Philosophy of I-Iutcheson, Hume, Ferguson, Paley and Godwin " "The young men nowadays, they're poor, squashy things. " COIIQSQ or HSl'iClllllll't FREDERICK DAN TAYLOR qLong. Agra - - - New Berlin, 111. CIJPB: Y. M. C. A.: President Y. M. C. A. fijg Golf Club: Tennis Teani IU, f2jg Manager of Tennis Association fgb, Lajg 2nd Lieutenant lzj, Captain 133, Major and Quartermaster fab, U. W. Regiment: Winner Medal Play G'OifTOU1'1l211U61'lf 431, Winner Hand Ball Doubles 123. Thesis: "The Food Requirements of the Pig for Maintenance and Gain." 'tHe is the half part of a blessed man Left to be Finished by such a she." 103 CHARLES GRAHAM COLLINS In Memoriam -.-l1 ABBOTT BACHELDER BFRRY BUERSTATTE BURDICK CURTIS DEAN FRICKE HARTMAN HASKIN HAWN HIRSCHBERG HURD, J. T. HURD, N. L. KING MEYERS College OT m2Cl72lIliCS Ellld El1SillQQI'il1S CLARENCE EUGENE ABBOTT, Gen. Eng. ----- Madison KEQ Business Manager T901 Badger Board Qgjg Class Track Team KID, tzjg junior Prom. Committee ggi. Thesis: 'tMicro-structure of Iron Steel and Alloys." "How pure the joy when first my hands unfold The small rare volume, black with tarnished gold." HUBB.-XRD CHANDLER ATKINS, ME. ----- Milwaukee- X11-'3 Class Track Team QI , Q2 1 g Vice-President Cross-Country Club Qgj g Manager Engineers' Football Team 133. Thesis: "Cutting Power of Machines and Machine Tools." HA hard-worked care-worn son of toil, 'Who seeks but success on this mortal coil." CLARE HERBERT BACHELDER, ALE. ---- - Durand Thesis: "Eiiiciency Test of Boscobell Lighting Plant." "One of mickle might and manhood rare." LoUIs HENRX' BARKHAUSEN, M.E. - - - ' - - Green Bay fIDPBg Athenae, Class Secretary f3lQ Color Sergeantg Stroke, Class Crew QIJ. Thesis: "Efficiency of Rotary Pumpsfi "XVoman, have pity on him." CLAUDE BERRY, C.E. ------ - Madison Entered as a Sophomore from University of Illinois. Thesis: "A Design of a Drainage System for the Swamp Areas of East V Madison." "To every noble virtue bred." FREDERICK VVILLIANI BUERSTATTE, M.E. - - - - Manitowoc Thesis: "Friction Test' of U. VV. Experimental Compound Engine." "He thinks too much, such men are dangerous." WILLIAM COURTENAY BURDICK, C.E. ---- Milwaukee 6AXg Badger Board H353 Track Team Qzj, fy, MJ: University Record for Half Mile Rung Ist Lieutenant U. WY, Regiment f2jg Captain i3i. Thesis: "An Experimental Study of the Properties of Terra Cotta. ' "And now my task is smoothly done, I can play or I can run.', NORBIAN PHILIP CURTIS, C.E. ------ Madison Captain Class Water-Polo Team fri: Manager Class Baseball Team izy. Thesis: L'Ahrasion and Cementation tests of Crushed Rock." "My crown is in my heart, not on my head." CHARLES LYMAN DEAN, M.E. ------ Seymour Thesis: "Friction Test of the U. XV. Compound Experimental En ine." lf Z5 "An honest man is the noblest work of God." 107 AUGUST CHARLES FRICKE, ME. - ---- Milwaukee Board of Editors of the Vlisconsin Engineer, QIJ, Qzj, Qgj, 143. Thesis: "Commercial and Economic Test of the Seshalt W0rks.'l "Be it ever so humble there's no place like Milwaukee." RUDOLPH HARTMAN, C.E. ------ Milwaukee Track Team QIJ. Thesis: "A Study of the Direction of Lines of Force at Failure, with Applica- tion to Secondary Stresses in Bridge joints. " He is a quiet lad." EDWIN EASTER HASKIN, M.E. Milwaukee XY. "The cominodore-he's a happy man." RUSSELL JOHN HAWN, C.E. ------ Stevens Point TBH, Class President Qzl. Thesis: "A Design for a Drainage System for the Swamp Areas of East Madison. ' ' 'tW'e know 110t who he is, nor if he is, nor if he is not." WALTER PAUL HIRSCHBERG, C.E. ----- Milwaukee Engineers Club, Class Treasurer Cgjg Badger Board Q3 jg Bow Freshmen Crew Qljg Varsity Crew, Sub. C2j: Captain Basket Ball Team Cal, Qgl, fall. Thesis: "Design of Bascule Bridge for Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, VX7is." "His pencil was striking, resistless and grand." ' JOHN THOMAS HURD, C.E. CSanitary Engineerj - - - Stoughton Engineers Club. Thesis: "Efficiency of Septic Tank and Bacterial Beds." "Heard melodies are sweetest." NATHANIEL LESLIE HURD, ME. ----- Chippewa Falls TBHQ U. VV. Engineerts Club qi J, Qzjg Ist Lieutenant Qajg Captain Qgjg Major ISt Battalian, U. XV. Regiment fab, W'isconsin Engineer f2l. Thesis: "Complete Test of Gisholt Machine Company Shops," i "And thou art long and lank and brown." ARTHUR CHARLES ICING, M.C. - - - Chicago, Ill. TBII. Thesis: "EfHciency Test of the Power Plant of the XVinnebago Traction Co., at Oshkosh. ' ' t'The king's becoming graces are justice, Verity, temperancef' FRANK HERBERT LACEY, Applied Electro-Chemistry - - - Madison Thesis: 'tDeposition of Au from Cr Solutions." "Bright, accomplished, spirited and blonde." ALVIN MEYERS, E.E. -------- Verona TBHQ U. XV. Engineer's Club, President U. VV. Engineer's Club: Business Manager of K' The W'isconsin Engineer., Thesis: "Comparison of Electrical Losses in Aluminum and Copper Lines Under Pressure of 20,000 to 60,000 Volts." "His hands are full of lJl.lSlllCSS.H 108 MURPHY NTCHGLAUS PLUMB ROWELL SEVERSON TAYLOR WASHBURN WATSON PALMER SALSICH TOVVNSEND WILLIAMS PEELE SANBORN VEA 'WOOD 1 MERRITT NORTON MURPHY, E.E - - - - Chicago Entered as junior from University of Illinois. Football Team 1353 Baseball Team 155. Thesis: "Indirect Lighting and its Application to the Engineering Buildingf' "He is a very good fellow. " ALBERT ADAM NICHOLAUS, EE. - Beaver Dani U. W. Engineer's Club. Thesis: "Eiiiciency Test of the Power of the Winnebago Traction Company, Oshkosh, Wis. "Wortl1 makes the man." RAY PALMER, E. E. - - ------ Madison Kilg Engineer's Clubg Class Treasurer C 255 Badger Board 135. Thesis: 'iTest of the Oshkosh Railway Plant." 'tDignity in every gesture. " HEREWARD JOHN PEELE, E.E. ------ Madison 4I1I'Ag Board of Directors Athletic Association 135, Q45g Class Treasurer f25g University Band C155 Board of Editors Xvisconsin Engineer: Left Halfback Football Team f15, 125, 135: Freshman Crew 115. Thesis: "Standardization of Arc Light." ' "He gave his thoughts no tonguef HYLON THERON PLUMB, E.E. - - 5 - - - Milton Entered as Sophomore from Milton College. TBl'Ig Y. M. C. A.: U. W. Engineer's Club: Choral Union f35g Secretary U. W. Engineer's Club Q35g Vice-President U. NV. Engineerls Club 1355 Presi- ' dent of U. W. Engineers Club Q45. Thesis: t'Electrolytic Corrosion of Pipes by Alternating Currents." "Friends am I with you all and love you all." ALFRED C, ROLMANN EE. ------ Chilton TBHQ Regimental Band CI5, Q25, Q53 1901 Track Team: VVinner of Mile Run Thesis: "Com yarison of Electrical Losses on Conner and Aluminum Lines l , at Pressures Ranging from 2o,ooo to 6o,ooo volts.' "Thy actions to thy words accord. LEXVIS Dow ROYVELL, E.E. ---- - - - Verona 'I'Bl'Ig U. W. Engineer's Club: joint Debate l'. XV. Engineer's Club vs, Engineerls Association Thesis: "Predetern1ination of Magnetic Distribution in Dynamo Fields." "The good stars inet in your horoscope. " LEROY SALSICH, C.E. ---- - - - - Hartland BGR: TBIT. Thesis: "A Design for tl1e Utilization of the YVater Power at Hartland, Wisf' "I am fond of the ladies." lll Rox' AsA SANBORN, ----- - Janesville 'lIPI'Ag Engineers Club, junior Prom. Committee Thesis: "Standardization of Arc Lights." "I thy face I see, the map of honor, truth and loyalty." KURT SCHAPPER, ME. ------- Chicago, Ill. Entered as junior from Lewis Institute. Thesis: "Mechanical Eliclciency Tests of Threshing Engines and Machinery." "Some to the fascination of a name surrender judgment hoodwinkedfl HARRX ASHTON SEVERSON ------ Milwaukee BGJl'Ig TB1'Ig Class Track Team 115, 125, junior Prom. Committee 135. Thesis: "Timber Preservation. " "A man that blushesf' JOHN CLARENCE TAYLOR, EE. ----- . Barron '-PK'-Ifg Class Secretary 1355 Track Team 115, 125, 135, 145, Captain Track Team 135, Captain M. E. and E. E. Football Team 13,55 ISL Lieutenant Co. C 135: Major and Quartermaster 1455 Director U. XV. Golf Club 135, 145. Thesis: "Indirect Illumination with Appreciation to the Engineering Building of the University of Wisconsin." "Thinking is but an idle waste of thought." HERBERT ISAAC TOXVNSEND, EE. - - R , - - - Poynette Engineer's Club, Vice-President 135, Secretary and Treasurer 145 of Engineers Club. Thesis: "A Study of the Illumination of Interiors." "Let the world slide. " A FRITCHIOE JOHNSON VEA, ME. - Stoughten TBH. Thesis: HA Test of the Gisholt Machine Shops." "Worth is by worth in every rank admired. " FRANK EDYVIN WASHBURN, C. E. ----- Sturgeon Bay TB1'Ig Board of Editors Vllisconsin Engineer 1353 Editor-in-Chief Wisconsin Engineer 145, President University Engineering journal Association. . Thesis: "The Efficiency of the Septic Tank and Bacterial Contact Beds in Sewage Purincationfl 'LGreatness, as we daily see it, is unsociablef' CHARLES HAXRRY WVATSON, M.E. ----- Milwaukee Entered as Sophomore from Michigan Agricultural College. SAX, Badger Board Thesis: "Tests of Centrifugal Dry Dock Pumps." "Work is my recreation. 'l LEsTER DENNISON WILLIAIXIS, C.E. - - - - Fox Lake B011 Student Leader U. NV. Band 125, 1135, 145. Thesis: "Steel Ties." "VVho you tinks it vas dot lead dot band? " HENRY HARRISON Woon, ME. - - - Stebbinsville TBII. Thesis: "EfHciency Test of the Gisholt Machine Co.'s Power Plant." "Wisdom is better than rubiesf' - 112 X 1 BENDER BIGHAM BOWMAN BOYNTON CHAINTBERLAIN CHRISTENSON CLASGON CLEARY CODY CRABTREE CURTIS DAVIES DETLING ELA ELVER FAIRCHILD COIIQSQ Of Qdlbi VVALTER HENRX' BENDER - - - - - Milwaukee Columbia: Treasurer Columbia C gj: Class Historian f3j. Thesis: ' XVhere Shall the Line be drawn between Trade Combinations which are Lawful and those which constitute Conspiracy? " "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. " Rov E. BIGHAM - - ------ Arcadia Columbia. Thesis: "The Original Package Decisions." 'tHe is a very good fellow but pulpy " ROBERT OSCAR BOWMAN - - - Lodi Columbia CIJ: University Band til, Q2j, L33 Thesis: "Exemplary Damages in Wisconsinf' "Every mans occasionally, what he ought to be perpetually." WILLIAM PARKER BOYNTON ------ jerseyville, Ill. Secretary Senior Law Class Cgj, Columbia: Secretary 113, Vice President 1 33. Thesis: "Administration on the Estates of Living Persons." "He that is a friend indeed, He will help thee in thy need." ' ALONZO ALBERT CHAMBERLAIN ----- Darlington I BGH : Hesperia: Semi-Public fzl: Class President C 35: President Junior Law Class 153: Vice-President Athletic Association 14j: President Athletic Associa- tion Q5j: Glee Club 125, Qgj, f4jg Badger Board 455: 'Varsity Crew fgj: Football Team fail, CSD: Captain Football Team C6j: Farewell to Faculty Q4j Thesis: 'L Privilege of 'XVitnesses. " " He is the best what is. ' NELS PETER CHRISTENSON I - Neenah Columbia, Vice-President Qgj. Thesis: "Effect of Breach of Warranty in a Contract of Insurance " 'tTo the law and to the testimony." ALLAN V. CLASSON ------a- Ocouto Thesis: "When Does a Common Carrier's Liability as Insurer Cease? " "Vain hope to make people happy by politics." MICHAEL JOSEPH CLEARY ------ Hlanchardville ATA: Philomathia, Semi-Public Qzj: Iowa Intercollegiate Debate 139, Columbia: Board of Directors Athletic Association fill: Manager Track Team Qaj. Thesis: "Presumption as to the Mental Capacity of Testatorsf' MA11 ambassador is an honest man, sent to lie abroad for the CO111ll1011- Wea t 1." ll5 HARRY ARTHUR CoDv ---- Ripon ATA. Thesis: "T he Status of the Law in Wisconsin in Relation to the Liability of Railroad Companies to Servants injured by negligence of Co-employee." "I have a soul above buttons l' JOHN BUEL CRABTREE - - - Dixon, Ill. '1I1I'Ag Columbia. Thesis: "Liability of the Stockholders of a Foreign Corporation in the State of Illinois. " "And Waste their music on the savage race." NATHAN S. CURTIS - - - - - - Madison JOSEPH EDEVARD PAYNTER DAVIES ------ AY: Athenaeg Semi-Public Orator 125: junior Orator Commencement 135: Second in Final Oratorical Contest 1453 Connnencement Orator145g Class Day Orator 145: Intercollegiate Debate 14,5 Forum: Fortnightly Club: Secretary Fortnightly Club: President Oratorical Association: Secretary Northern Orator- ical League: President Democratic Club: Badger Board 135: Editor IEgis 145: Class President 115: President Senior Law Class 175: Chairman junior Prom. Committee 135g Director Athletic Association 145: Mandolin Club 125: Banjo Club 125: Student Instructor in Gymnastics 155, 165, 175. ' "I am no orator as Brutus is: But as you know 1116 all, a plain, blunt man." HENRY A. DETLINO - - ---- Sheboygan " I'll answer him by law, I'll not budge an inch." EMERSON ELA - - ------ - Rochester Philoinathia, joint Debate 135: Commencement Orator 145: President Uni- versity Republican Club 165. Thesis: " The Right of a Corporation to Purchase its Own Stock." " O never say hereafter But I am truest speaker." ELMER T. ELVER ---- . - Madison Thesis : " The Co-employee Act of W'isconsin." " A shallow brain behind a serious mask, An Oracle within an empty cask." ARTHUR XVILSON FA1RcH1LD - - - - - - Green Bay QAG, IIPACIP, GNE. Forum: Missouri joint Debate 165g Class Secretary 115, 135: Law Class Treasurer 155: President Middle Law Class 1255 Mandolin Club 1255 Chairman Literary Committee 197 Badger 135: Special Honor in Philos- ophy 145g junior Prom. Committee 135: First Lieut. U. NV. Regiment 125. " A politician . . . one that would circumvent God." 116 FOX FRITZ GEILFUSS GROSS, GUGEL HICKS HINES HUTSON JEFFERS JENNER KELLEY KIES KNOWLES KROESING KRONKE LANDECK EDWARD TAPPAN FOX, - - - - - - Milwaukee 1IfY, 'IPAQPQ Philomathia, W'inner Freshman Declamation Contest C135 Blowout Orator Ill, 'Winner Sophomore Oratorical Contest Lal, Alternate Orator Nor- thern Oratorical League mzlg YVinner junior EX fglg 'Winner Final Oratorical Contest f4lg Wisconsin Representative Northern Oratorical League I 43, Com- mencement Orator Q4lg Captain Class Track Team fgo, '4l, 45 5 Holder of 'Varsity Records for Ioo yards, 220 yards and 440 yardsg Iron Mask, Haresfoot. Thesis: 'lThe Five Remedies of a Creditor against a Private Corporation." "For I am fearfully and wonderfully made." OSCAR MARION FRITZ, . - - - - Milwaukee Entered from Milwaukee Law School. Columbia: Luther S. Dixon. Thesis: HIS the Good VVill a Firm Asset upon Dissolution of a Partnership by Death." "All are not as wise as he.'l CARL FREDERICK GEILFUSS ------ Madison EDWIN FRANK QAO, 'DAIIDQ Philomathia, Cardinal Staff, Junior Prom. Committee C 395 Board of Directors Athletic Association C 39. Thesis: A 'The Right to Insurance Money as between Contractor and Contractee. " " Seven hours to law, to soothing slumber seven, Ten to the world allot, and all to heaven!" I. GROSS, ---- - - - Milwaukee Columbia. Thesis: "Attitude of W'isconsin Courts towards Contracts Tainted with Illegality. ' t , t'Litigious terms, fat contentions, and flowing fees." H. GUGEL, ' ' ' ' ---- Madison' Philomathiag Columbia. Thesis: "Limitations upon Legislatures to allow Attorneys' Fees as Part of the Taxable Costs in an Action." "No man but a blockhead ever wrote for money." JOHN GILBERT HARDGROVE, - - - - - - Madison JAY W1 Forum, A. A. Bruce Law Club, President A. A. Bruce Law Club Q4l. "Loyal alike i11 praise and in blame." LLIANI Hrcxs, ------- Oshkosh fI1A'i1g Columbia, Hesperia: Luther S. Dixon, Class President, Treasurer Hes- peria 633, Secretary lgl, Vice President f4l, President C4lg Columbia, Vice- President 169, President 173: Luther S. Dixon, Secretary and Treasurer Q6 President f7lQ President Semi-Public l2l 3 Second Honors f4l. Thesis: " The authority and duties of the umpire under section 1941-56, Wis- consin Statutes for 1898," "Men are still children at sixty. IVIARTIN STEPHEN HINES, ------ - Highland Thesis: "The Right of a Private Person to Claim an Easement in Property dedicated to the public after twenty years and after public has ceased to exercise any further control or ownership. Thesis: " Liability of an Innkeeper for the Baggage of his Guests." "Ignorance of the law excuses no man." NELsoN ELIAS HOLTY, ------ Newark, 111. Graduate of Beloit College. Thesis: "May a Carrier by Contract, that he shall not be Responsible for loss of Goods unless a Higher Value is Made Known to him, exempt Himself from Liability beyond that Amount if Goods are Destroyed by his own Slight Negligence?" "XVl1y may not that be the skull of a lawyer?" CHARLES THOMAS HU'rsoN, - - ' ' ' - Edgerton O AY, IPAQ: Philomathiag Forum. Thesis: "The Effect of Error in the Admission or Rejection of Evidence." "E:-:ceedingly well read." 119 l,- STEPHEN ROWAN JEFFERS, - - - - - Hanover, I11. Entered from Northern Illinois College of Law in I899. Thesis: "The Allowance of Damages for Mental Suffering where no Actual Physical Loss is Sustained Occasioned by Negligence in Sending a Tele graph Message." "I know you lawyers can with ease, Twist words and meanings as you please." EDWARD DAVID JENNER, - - ---- Milwaukee fPK'IfQ Mandolin Club fzj, Manager Mandolin Club C315 Haresfoot Clubg Haresfoot Play Q25 Q gjg Member of XVinning Cast Dramatic Contest gal. Thesis: "Law of Survivorship in Common Disaster." "Affection is as necessary to the mind as dress is to the bodyf' JOHN MA RTIN KELLEY, - - . ---- Portage Class Treasurer, Columbia' President Columbia ' unior EX. l I Thesis: "Damages for Conversion with Malice." "An orator as you must know." WILLIAM SAMUEL KIES, - - - Madison EDWIN KE, KIJBK. Athenaeg Forum. ' President, Athenze Q gj, Treasurer Oratorical Association frij Q 5 jg Captain and Quartermaster U. XV. Regiment Qglg Closer Freshman Blowout flj, Closer Semi-Public lzj, Closer joint Debate for Athenae Qgl, Closer Georgetown Law School Debate f4j, Class-day Farewell Speech, Commencement ij-,jg Glee Club Qzjg Business Manager Daily Cardinal l3l,' C413 Manager Yxfisconsin Alumni Magazine f4jQ Manager The Municipality f4J, f5l. V Thesis: "Influence of Decision in English case of Mogul Steamship Company vs. McGregor, upon the Development of American Law in respect to the Regulation of Industrial Combinations." " A doll that moves when others pull the Wires." CORYDON FRENCH IQNOXVLES ---- West Superior QIPKYII. Entered from Superior State Normal. Thesis: " XVills of Sailors and Soldiers." L' The ' Lie circumstantia1,' and the tLie directf " Oscar. KKOESING ------- L Chilton Thesis: " Liability of Sleeping Car Company toward Passengers." " The nrst thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." JACOB KRONCKE - - - - - - - - Kenosha Forum: Treasurer of Forum fzjg Secretary of Forum fgl. Thesis: " Inspection of Person in Criminal Cases." " Not number but weight is our test in these matters." FRED A. LANDECK - .... - - Milwaukee ELMER Columbia fij, fel, 135: Secretary, V ice-President, Treasurer, Coumbiag Banjo Club QU: Mandolin Club fzl, ff-,J. Thesis: 'L Insurable Interest of an Owner of Land under Tax Title." 'KHe's gone and forgot nothing but to say farewell to his creditors." O. LEATHERYVOOD ------- Madison Forum, Vice-President 135. Thesis: "Rights in a Fund Deposited in a Savings Bank in names of two Persons during their lives, and after the death of one of them." " Marriage is a desperate thing." 120 LEAHY LUCAS MCARDLE MCCARTHY MCMILLAN MINAHAN NELSON NOHL OXVEN PRICE REEDAI, REGNER RINGLE RODOLF RYAN SCHNEIDER THOMAS WILLIAM LEAHY ------ Marion, Iowa QAG, CPA49. Board of Directors of Athletic Association Qgjg Athletic Coun- cil Cgjg Captain Class Baseball Team II 3 Treasurer Democratic Club QU: Assistant Manager I 2I and Manager I 31 of Baseball Team. Thesis: " The Theory of a Corporate Entityf' " He was the very devil in everything. ' FRANK YVARREN LUCas ------- Brodhead fPA'iJg Philomathiag Forum: Class Vice-President 135, .Treasurer Ctrl: Philo- mathia President Ml, Secretary 123: President Forum fgjg Semi-Public fgzjg Class Statistician frllg U. W. Band 113, 523, C3 , Class Base-ball Team LID, f2l, Q33 Class Crew QIJ, 121. Thesis: " Does the good-will of a Partnership Survive." " Though I am a religious man, I am not therefore less a man." NIICHAEL XVILLIAINI IVICARDLE ----- Bai1ey's Harbor AY, 'PAQ Forum QI J, C253 Luther S. Dixon Club Cllg Associate Editor Daily Cardinal KU: Managing Editor Sphinx '2lg Business Editor Sphinx 633. Thesis: " Limit of Legislative Power to Alter, Amend or Repeal Charters of Corporations. " " I am not sorry that I have lived Since my life has been such That I feel that I was not born in vainf' LovAL HENRY MCCARTHY ---- - Albion. Columbia. R Thesis: "Prospective Profits as a Basis for Damages." 'A What do you think of me? As of a man faithful and honorablefl JOHN XVALTER MCMILLAN - - ---- - Milwaukee Columbia: Athenaeg Luther S. Dixon: Winner Freshman Dec.: Co-operative Association Director. Thesis: " Assignability ofa Life Insurance Company." " He hath the stride of a learned manfl VICTOR IVAN MINAHAN - - - Chilton Entered from Stevens Point Normal School. Vice-President, Senior Law Class fgjg Forum: A. A. Bruce Law Club: Vice- President Forum f2j. Thesis: "The Powers, Duties and Functions of an Administrator in W'is- consinf' 4' I love him well for he is an l1011ESt man." ROBERT NICOLI NELSON - - - - - Lodi Columbia. Thesis: " Creditors' Remedies in YVisconsin." " It is only when love is not that law must go." LEO FREDERICK NOHL ----- - Milwaukee Forum: XVinner Sophomore Open fzj. Thesis: 'A Contributory Negligence in Personal Injury Cases." 'A In pride, unreasoning pride, our error lies." 123 ASA KENTON OWEN ------ Arcadia Thesis: " The Right to Preferred Dividends in Arrears." , " He had a face like a benedictionf, CLINTON GUILFORD PRICE - ---- - - Madison Atlienaeg Forum: Treasurer of Class C335 Forum Treasurer fzjg Law Libra- rian frjg Historical Library Assistant 125, 1353 Closer Freshman Blowout KID: Publisher of 1899 Commencement Annual: Secretary, Athenae Semi-Centen- nial Committee. Thesis: " Should Underground Electric Rapid Transit Companies be Com- pelled to Compensate for Consequential Damages to Abutting Owners." " Surely men are beings wonderfully vain, changeable and vacillatingf' GEORGE BANKS REEDAL ' ' ' ---- Poynette Philomathia: Columbia: Varsity Base-ball '97, '98, 'oo. Thesis: " Methods of Settlement and Administration of Estates in England." . . U A bat-after the ball." FRANK PATRICK REGNER - - - - West Bend Forum: junior EX. f2l. Thesis: "Liability of a Common Carrier for Loss of Goods Negligently Delayed in Transportation and Later Destroyed by Act of God." " Oh, what a noble mind !" A ARA PATTON RICICINIIRE - ------ Madison Thesis: "Has a General Creditor any Insurable Interest in the Property to take out Insurance for his own Benefit?,' OSCAR Louis RINGLE - - Wausau Philomathia, - . Thesis: "Right of a Beneficiary, not a Party to a Contract, to Enforce its Provisions. " " The gladsome light of jurisprudence." FRANKLIN McKEE RODOLF - - - - Muscoda Columbia fzj, tgj. Thesis: "Limitation of justice Court Actions." " Give me a man. that we may fight together." THOMAS HARTLEX' RYAN - ---- - - Wausau Thesis: " Optional Contracts and Contracts Performable in the Alternative? " As smooth as monumental alabaster." CHARLES ALFRED SCHNEIDER ---- Oshkosh IPAQ. Forum: President of Class 141. Thesis: 4' YVill an Injunction be Granted Restraining a Sheriff from Levying upon Property of a Partnership, for the Debts of an Individual Partner ?" " Still you keep 0' the windy side of the law." 124 SCHOENGARTH SCHWITTAY SMITH, W. 5. SMITH. E, VV STEBBINS STELLWAGEN THOMPSON TOMLINSON TRATT TREWECK TRUESDELL TSCHARNER VILAS VON COTZHAUSEN WHEELER VVILCOX 'OSCAR VVILLIAMl SCHOENGARTH - - - - - - Neilgviue Thesis: " Is Section 1798 Wisconsin Revised Statutes Constitutional?" " He s a royal fellow. " ALBERT EDXVARD SCHXVITTAY - - - - Pound Entered from University of Koenigsberg, Prussia. Columbia. "XVeek in, week out, from morn to night, You could hear his bellows roar." ELROY XVALLACE SMITH -.u.-- Milwaukee Columbia: Secretary Columbia Lijg Vice-President Columbia fy. Thesis: " The Law in Regard to Puffers or By-bidders at a Public Auction." " The smith's a mighty man." Wa LLACE STANLEY SMITH - - - - Onalaska " By some l1e's lauded and by others blamed." BYRON HOUGHTON STEBBINS - Green Bay Cornell University '97. fI1AGJ,fPA1i2. Forum. Thesis: "The Estoppel ofthe Accepter of a Bill of Exchange to Deny the Signature of the Drawer as against the Indorser who took the Bill before Acceptance." " And he is such a man that all might wish to know him." STEPHEN AUGUSTUS STELLWAGEN - - p - - Colorado Springs, Col. Corresponding Secretary Senior Law Class Q gjg Columbia: Secretary a11d Treasurer Columbia. Thesis: "Regulation of Combinations and Trusts." '-This is he in whose rare frame Nature labored for a name," ROY EVERETT TORILINSON - - - Oak Park, Ill. WY, CIPA? Columbia, Vice-President Columbia lgj. Thesis: " The Maxim of Evidence, 'falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.' " " His heart is fixed." PAUL TRATT - ------ - Whitewater BC-DH, fI2'A1IPg Athenae: junior Prom. Committee fjlg Substitute Full-back ffjlg Quarter-back Qaj, 5j, y6j: Inter-collegiate Championship 'XYrestling and Tumbling Q3m. Thesis: "Ad1nissibility of Evidence of Other Homicides, committed by Accused in Trial for Murder. ' " Little boats must keep near shore." GEORGE THoMPsoN ---- - - Moscow Hesperia, junior Ex. Orator C333 Columbia, Special Honor on Thesis Q4j, Thesis: " Can a Contract be Ratifiedf' " To be of service rather than to be conspicuous." 127 JOSEPH N. TREWECK - - - - Mineral Point " His brains are in his head." ERNEST PAGE TRUESDELL - - Belvidere, Ill. University of Michigan '96. Columbia. Thesis: " YVhen may Oral Statements of Testator be Admitted to Affect a Will." " Lawyers have more sober sense Than to argue at their own expense." PETER J. TSCHARNER - - - - - Alma Entered from River Falls Normal. Columbiag Secretary and Treasurer Columbia 5 President Columbiag Class Secretary 113, 1235 Iowa Debate 1901 3 Luther S. Dixon. Thesis: " Irresistible Impulses. " "I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I will not retreat a single inch, and I will be heard." CHARLES ATVVOOD X7ILAS ------ Milwaukee X 'I'Yg KIPBKQ fIJAfIPg Columbia, Secretary Columbia 113g Haresfootg President Haresfoot 1333 Hesperia g Fortnightly Clubg Class President 1233 Captain U. VV. Battalion 1233 Major U. XV. Regiment 1331 Colonel U.rXV. Regiment 1431 Freshman Blowout Orator 113g Sophomore Semi-Public Orator 123g Manager Class Track Team 123, Chairman junior Prom. Committee 1335 Dramatic Contest 133. " He can do nothing without faith." ARTHUR voN COTZHAUSEN - Milwaukee Columbian. Thesis: " Right of a State to Tax or License any Article of. Interstate Com- 1I1CTCG.u " A wee timorous beastief' ALBERT ICIMBALL XVI-IEELER .----- Janesville KEg Forum, Secretary Forum 123, Captain Track Team 1135 'Varsity Track Team 113, 123, 153g Holder Pole-vault Record for Wisconsin, Manager Foot- ball Team 1333 Assistant Graduate Manager Football Team 1335 Director Ath- letic Association 1235 President Skating Club Thesis: " Must a Foreign Promissory Note be Protested in Wisconsin." "I am running this Universe " Q NELSON JAMES WrLcoX - ----- Eau Claire QAT, QAGQ Columbian, Class Treasurer 1235 Baseball Manager Thesis: " Admissibility of Parol Evidence to Vary the Terms of a W'ritten Contract. ' 3 "Hang sorrow! Letls be merry!" 128 BRANDEL CHAMBERLAXN DOWNER CHECK EASTMAN EBERLE JENSEN KREMBS KUNDERT NEUMANN PROULX ROSS TREBER, W. L. TREBER, J. A. 'WALKER WILLIAMS EHLERT WIND ES School of Pharmacy IRYIN W. RRANDEL, PH., HEX. Graduated from three years Pharmacy Course in 1899 with Degree Holder of August Uihlein Fellowship, IQGO, 1901. Thesis: 'L Pinene, and Pinene Containing Oils." " It matters not what men assume to he, Or good, or bad, they are but what they are." FRED HENRY CHAMBERLAIN, PH., - - - QX 3 Member of Board of the " Badger Pharmacist.'l Thesis: " The Citral Containing Oils and their Assay." " Methinks I feel this youth's perfectionsfl CHARLES VVILLIABI CHECK, PH., - - - - Thesis: " Structure of Red Oak Bark."' " Thou art too wild, too rude and bold of voice." W1L1,1AM RALPH DOVVNER, PH., - '- - - Thesis: t' Co-eftlcient of Expansionof Volatile Oils." " A glad son maketh a wise father." CORA BELLE EAsTMAN, PH., - T ----- - Oshkosh of Ph. G. - Sparta Madison Appleton Montfort , Treasurer Pharmaceutical Societ f: Secretarv " Badver Pharmacist." 5 1 , an Thesis: " Maple Sugar lndustry of the United States." " Her ways are the ways of pleasantnessf' ' ARTHUR' RAI,PH EBERLE, P1-1., - Thesis: 4' Spirits of Ammonia." " Conceit causes more conversation than wit." FREDERICK GUSTAVE EHLERT, PH., - - - - Pharmaceutical Society: " Badger Pharmacist Q" Aug. Uihlein Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1399, IQOO. Thesis: "A Study of Some of the Guaiacol Remedies." " Throw physic to the dogs In AUGUST EDHAM JENSEN, PH., - - - - Entered as Sophomore from Vxfisconsin Academy. Pharmaceutical Society, " Badger Pharmacist" Board Thesis: " Structure of Hamamelis Virginianaf' " How charming is divine philosophy !" ALEXANDER G. ICREMBS, IR., PH., - - - - 4-ra, ox. ' ' Entered as a Sophomore from Stevens Point Normal. Watertown Milwaukee Fellowship in Baldwin Stevens Point President of Junior Pharmacy Class 5 " Badger Pharmacist" Board. Thesis: " Study of Structure and Contents of Myrica, Cerifera and Gala." 'L Falter not. The race is not to the swift." 131 ALFRED KUNDERT, PH., ----- - - Monroe Secretary Pharmaceutical Society, Chairman " Badger Pharmacist" fgj, f4j. Thesis: "Allcaloidal Separation in Sangrimaria Canadensis."4 " 'Wits are a despicable race of men." EDMUND CHRISTIAN NEUMANN, PH., - Milwaukee Entered from Concordia College. Thesis: " The Action of Light on Hydrocarbons containing Double Bonds." " He was equal to business and not too great for it." EMU. JOSEPH PROULX, PH., - - - - - Chippewa Falls Thesis: " The Structure of the Young Stems of Apocynum Cannabinuni and Apocynum Androsaemifolium, L." " I ani but a gatherer and disposer of other menls stuff." I-21111.15 AUGUSTUS Ross, PH., - - - Lake Geneva IIDX. " Badger Pharmacist" Board g Track Team f I D. Thesis: " The Engenol Containing Oils and their Assay." " I am a gentleman and don't care who knows it." JOHN ALFRED TREBER, PH., - Deadwood, S. Dak. fI1X. Thesis: " Oil of Peppermint and its Constituents." " I pray you do not fool with me." XVILLIAM LAwRi2Ncr: TREBER, PH., - Deadwood, S. Dak. CIDX. "Badger Pharmacist" Board UQ, 421. Thesis: "A Chemical Study of Oils containing Methyl Salicylatef' " They win that win." XVILLIAM HENRX' XV.-XLKER, PH., ---- - Madison Thesis: " Maple Sugar, Source and Method of Manufacture." " The apothecary? What man is he ?" ENos SAMUEL XVIGDALE, PH.. - Fort Atkinson Pharmaceutical Society Q 1 D, 129. Thesis: " Podophyllum Peltatum " "A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays And confident tO-1l101'1'ONVS.,i JOHN HERMAN XVILLIABIS, PH., ------ Merrillan Pharmaceutical Societyg " Badger Pharmacist ' Board, 1902 Badger Board. Thesis: "Adu1te1-ation of Hydrastis Canadensisil "Are not great 111611 the models of nations ?" THOMAS GUY WINDES, PH., - - - Winnetka, Ill. 'SPX Q Class Secretary 131. Thesis: L' Thuja Occidentalis. ' " XVith a smile that is child-like and bland. 132 xr Cunnan LETTERS ...- Sumner , HIIIIGS ... luuunmuc . EF -0' .O of f qdx x f f' ,-. A .O X47 fy, A rx 2, g , nw ' if X Y" g X 'lx 75'-,fm . X if' .yn I f EV W 1,1 - M ff ff , X, -5 -"' ' ' 7 M X O X jk: a f- 6 f1 w T l-FXX' I I ' A V- HW ' Al "- ' 'V H -,T ..vIIw MQ W..Uf9ifM,w: , Q ,wlywhllb 1 A Nl -1-W4 7 'f , ' - .z- X..-.f 7 gjff " 5 , , L i A - A f xkb J 'Yi 'first Semester CARL F. STILLBIAN, JOHN V. BRENNAN, HELEN SHERWIAN, HARVEY CLAVVSON, PHILIP L. SPOONER, cs .IHHIHK CUI55 0ffiCQl'S - President - V ice-President - Secretary- - - Treae-u1'e1' - Sergeant-at-Arms Zolors PURPLE AND SILVER motto , " fIPcT:o-Se " Yell U-RAHI LY-RfXH! UERAH-U! 7VARSITYI 'VARsI'IY! Nineteen-Two I 135 SCCOIICI Semester HENRY L. JANES PATRICK 1. ICELLEY IENNIE B. SHERRILL EDNA L. HOOLEY THOIVIAS F. FRAXVLEY Nm '-5 Che l902 Badger Board John Bartow Patrick, . General Chairman XValter Franklin Mablaett, . Business M Lnifer Nora Bryant McCue, . Secretary Iliterarv Zommittee VVillian1 Francis Moffatt, Chairman Ida Elliott Dwight Eastman Beebe Robert Moses Davis Mary Brayton Swain Agnes Merrill XVilliam Edward Smith John Vincent Brennan Nora Bryant McCue Sarah Jennie Seeher Guy Elmore Diehl Victor Dcughty Cronk Marie Gardiner Hinkley George Alvin Scott .nfl ZOIIIIMITQC Nora Bryant McCue, Chairman. John Herman lVllllZl1IlS Ida Elliott Mary Brayton Swain Carl Bertolette Mutchler Dwight Eastman Beehe Jennie B. Sherrill Bernice M. Ballard XVilliam Edward Smith Zhronicle Zommittee Carl Frederick Stillman, Chairman Merle Sears Pickford Michael O. Olbrich Patrick john Kelley Sarah Jennie Seeher Bernice M. Ballard George Alvin Scott John Herman XYllllZ11IlS Agnes Merrill Jennie B. Sherrill Photograph Zommittee Victor Doughty Cronk, Chairman Marie Gardiner Hinkley i Sanford Putnam Starks Guy Elmore Diehl Merle Sears Pickford Milan Ray Bump Henry Lorenzo Janes Business Zommittee XValter Franklin Mabbett, Chairman Carl Frederick Stillman Patrick John Kelley john Vincent Brennan Michael B. Olbrich Milan Ray Bump Sanford Putnam Starks Henry Lorenzo Janes Robert Moses Davis Excuse Zommittec Dwight Eastman Beebe, Chairman Agnes Merrill U79 l902 Badger Board 'CM l902 BBGQQI' BORN College of QCIIQYS Ellid SCRIICQ junior Ziass Maude E. Abbott, Eng., Madison Peter O, Anderson, S.C., Brodhead Martin F. Angell, C.H., Delevan Celia M. Astle, M.C., Prairie du Sac Bernice M. Ballard, Eng., Vxfarren, Ill. Clara M. Barkhausen, C.H., Green Bay Dwight E. Beebe, C.H., Racine Lucius S. Bergstrom, S.C., Neenah XVilliani Beye, C.H., Oak Park, Ill. Paul M. Binzel, A.C., Milwaukee Chauncey E. Blake, Eng., Rockford, Ill. Edna Bolender, M.C., Monroe Ianies E. Bready, A.C., Dubuque, la. john V. Brennan, M.C., Toinah Ida M. Brewster, Phil , Chippewa Falls john E. Brindley, C.H., Madison Frank W. Bucklin, Eng., Brodhead Ella C. Buell, Eng., Sun Prairie Kittie L. Button, Eng , Milton Elsie C. Cady, C.H., Green Bay XVillian1 Canipbell, C.H., Gurnee, Ill. Fred H. Carpenter, C.A., Evanston, Ill. Agnes.E. Case, G.S., 'North Greenfield Eliza L. Case, Eng., Lancaster VVilhel1ninaG. Case, A.C ,Prairie du Chien William B. Castenholz, Eng. fPol. Sci. J, Madison Alice E- Chainberlain, Eng., Madison Hattie M. Chaniberlain, C.H., Beloit Mary L. Cheever, M.C., Milwaukee Alfred H. Christensen, Phil., Oshkosh Harvey Clawson, A.C., Monroe Robert K. Coe, C.H., 'Whitewater Stevens Point Spencer, Ia. Mira Congdon, Phil., Bessie E. Cottrel, M.C., Victor B. Cronk, C.H., Louisville Arthur H. Curtis, G.S., Madison Otto B. Dahle, M.C., Mt. HO1'elD Robert M. Davis, C.H., Madison Agnes V. Davison, Eng., Sun Prairie Ester Donnelli, C.H., Milwaukee Irene M. Durley, Phil., YVest Superior Charlotte Ehrlich, Eng., Berlin Adela Eiche, G.S. fMath.j, Marshfield l4l Ida Elliott, Eng., Ella L. Esch, M.C , Alfred F. Fairbank, Eng , Charlotte I. Fisher, G.S., Louise S. Foote, Phil., Olaus G. Forteny, G.S., Paul C. Foster, G S , Thomas F. Frawley, M C., Blanche Fulton, M.C., Nellie Galusha, M C., Anna M. Gapen, C.H., Flora Gapen, G.S., Ivah L. Gilbert, Eng., Ennna B. Glasier, A.C.. Arthur B. Grindell, G.S., Alfred Grotophorst, Eng., Hinsdale, Ill. . Sparta. Lagoda Milwaukee Sparta Viroqua Silver Lake Eau Claire H udson M onroe Madison Madison M adison Bloomington Platteville Prairie du Sac Dana I. Grover, C.H., South Milwaukee George L. Gust, Eng., Baraboo Robert W. Haight, C.H., 'Waukesha john E. Hanzlik, Phil., Hillsboro Leon L. Harney, C.H., Schoiield Helen Harvey, Phil., Madison August F. Hasse, M.C., Vvauwatosa Constance Haugen, Phil., River Falls Ada L. Hawley, G.S., Madison Grace M. Hayden, Eng., Sun Prairie Harry G. Hayden, Phil., Milwaukee Genevieve M. Hayes, C.H., Janesville Carolyn V. Hayner, A.C., Madison Ruth Heaton, M.C., Reedsburg Roy L. Heindel, Phil., South W'ayne Henry F. Helniholz, G S., Milwaukee Marie G Hinkley, G S., Milwaukee Agnes V. Hocking, Phil., Darlington Kate L. Hocking, M.C., Mineral Point Carrie G. Holah, M.C., Baraboo julia C. Holland, Eng., Moscow Edna L. Hooley, C.H., Wauwatosa VValter S. Hopkins. Eng., Leeds Soloinon Huebner, Eng., Manitowoc Avis E. Hughes, C.H., New Lisbon Henry L. Janes, C.H., Racine Vxlilliani H. Kelley, Phil., Madison Margaret I. Kennedy, Eng., Madison Mida L. Kennedy, Eng., Madison Nicholas Kirch, Eng., Mazomanie Leora E. Klahr, G.S., Horicon Lorine A. Knauf, M.C., Chilton Bessie M. Krape, A. C., Bessie M. Kratz, M.C., Freeport, Ill. Sioux City, Ia. Jessie P. Kroehnke, Eng., Theinville Nellie M. Lamoreaux, Phi.l., Stevens Point Maud A. Latta, M.C., Antigo XVilliam A. Lee, C.H. Cl-Iist.j, Madison Edna M. Leihy, M.C., Bayfield Fred O. Leiser, Eng., Baraboo Ada C. Lloyd, Eng., Chicago, Ill. Louise Loeb, M.C., Appieton George L. Lohr, C.H., Milwaukee Charles E. Long, G.S., Benjamin F. Lounsbury, Davenport, Ia. Eng., Pipersville Charles E. Lovett, Eng., J Chilton Matt J. Lynch, G.S , Madison George F. Markham, C.H., Milwaukee Nora B. McCue, C.H., Madison James G. McFarland, A.C., Dubuque, Ia. Edward McGrath, Phil., Argyle Alma L. McMahon, Phil., Madison Mayme K McMahon, M.C., Baraboo W'alter R. Menzel, C.H., XVausau Agnes Merrill, A.C., Ashland Cora E. Meyer, G.S., Milwaukee Ernst C. Meyer, G S., Cedarburgh Jolm C. Miller, Eng., Marinette lVilliam F. Moffatt, A.C., Davenport, Ia. Nelly C. Moldstad, Eng., DeForrest Edward P. Moorhouse, Eng., Spring-Held Myrtle N. Morrissey, C.H., Bloomington Harry D. Murdock, G.S., Brodhead VVilliarn V. Nelson, Phil., Milwaukee Merle S. Pickford, Eng., Madison John F . Powers, Eng., Mayhew Florence H. Ramsey, M.C., Reedsburg Blanche H. Ranum, G.S. fEng.j, La Crosse Evan L. Reed, Eng. QPol. Sci,J, Oregon, Ill. Fred. H. Rehberg, Eng., Bi-odhead Berl D. Richardson, G.S., Madison Frances M. Roddis, G.S., Marshfield Lehman P. Rosenhei1ner,Eng.,Kewaskurn Josephine Ross, M.C. . Milwaukee Oliver G. Runner. C.H., Freeport, Ill. William Ryan, Eng., Lodi Jeanette L. Sage, C.H., Delevan Laura E. Sage, C.H., Delevan Kathrine XV. Sanborn, A.C., Madison Harry Sautoff, A.C., Madison Richard F. Scholtz, A.C., Milwaukee Edwin H. Schorer, G.S., Plymouth Percey E. Schroeder, G.S., Racine Frederick W. Schule, Jr., G.S., , Chicago, Ill. Edward C. Schwab. G.S., Milwaukee Sarah J. Seeber, M.C , XVaterloo Raymond G. Sharpe, G.S. CMatl1.J Vernon Florence M. Shaw, A.C., Souix City, Ia. Elizabeth H Shepard, Phil., DePere Jennie B. Sheiril, C.H., Rockford, Ill. Zellah M Shimmins, Eng., Delevan Charles E. Slothower, Phil., Madison YVarren D. Smith, G S , Madison William E. Smith, C.H., Madison Florence M. Spence, C.H., Somers Philip L. Spooner, A.C., Madison Norman M. Stark, Eng., Davenport, Ia. Reginald A. Nestos, Phil., Rugby, N. D. John YV. Nevins, G.S., Burlington, Ia. Vlalter A. Nicholas, Phil., Livingston Sidney C Niles, Eng., Michael B. Olbrich, Eng., John A. O'Meara, Eng., Louis J. Paetow, C.H., Bess G. Palmer, M.C., 'William H. Parker, Phil. J. Bartow Patrick, C.H., Mary G. Peckham, Eng, Mary Pelesheck, Phil., Mabel S. Perrin, Phil.. Oak Park, Ill. Lawrence Ill. XV est Bend Milwaukee Madison , Eagle Oak Park, Ill. , Milwaukee Manitowoc West Superior Rose A. Pesta, Eng. fMath.J, Milwaukee Glen S. Steer, G.S., Plymouth Selma A. Steinfort, M.C., YVatertown Maude M. Stephenson, M.C., Madison Freda D. Stolte, M.C., . Reedsburg Mary A. Stoppenbach, A.C., Jefferson Max H. R. Strehlow, C.H., DeForest Frank A. St. Sure, G.S., Madison Milwaukee Milwaukee Anna Stucki, G. S., Mary B. Swain, A.C., Carrie E. Thompson, M.C., Madison Helen G. Thompson, G.S., Eau Claire Madge E. Thompson, Phil., Oshkosh Robert I-I.'Titus, G.S., , lVest Superior Ella F. Tormey, M.C., Madison 142 Edmon F. C. Turner, M.C., Chester, Neb. lR'illis VV. 'Waite, GS.. Brooklyn Arthur B. Uihlein, C.H., Milwaukee Margaret J. lVilliams, Phil., Rewey Clara J. Van Velzer, M.C. 'ClN12ltl'l..,, Henry O. Winkler, A.C., Milwaukee Madison Emma S. Witwen, M.C., Baraboo George B. Vinson, M.C., Milwaukee Esther M. Woodward, Phil., Stitzer Frederick A Vogel, S.C., Milwaukee Mary Wright, C,.H., U Petersburg, Ill, 4 j1lTli0l' SPQClillS William J. Anderson. Eng., Madison Tinora L. Kasberg, Eng., Madison Ellen D. Biscoe, Eng., St.Paul Park. Minn Elsie King, Phil., . Neilsville George W. Briggs, Eng , Hancock lMay Kittellsen, Eng., Brodhead Harvey Brugger' GS., Clyde, O John A. Lorch. GS., Madison Jennie .H Butt, Eng , Viroqua Herman G. Milbrandt, M.C., Edgar Vinnie B. Clark. G.S. CMath.J, Mayville Sadie L. Millington, M.C., Peoria, Ill. Clarence J. Du Four, Eng., Milwaukee Florence E. V. Nelson, C.H., Madison Harmon A. Farr, Eng., Newton Esther M. Newman, Eng., Algoma Bess C. Ferguson, Eng , Madison Stephen C. Phipps, A.C., Hudson Denny Ch. Gates, C.H., W'est Superior Theo B. Pickford, Eng., Madison Zoa M. 'Grace Eng., West Superior Florence A. Pray, Phil., Stevens Point Emil G. Haumerson, Eng., Ft. Atkinson Alfred J. Rhodes, C.H., Galesville Samuel G. Higgins, G S , Rhinelander Ethel I. Hauser, Eng.. Mondovi Frank M Horstman, G.S., Barron Charles D Hunter, Eng . Merrill Mary D. Huntington, Phil., Platteville Clifford C Ireland, NVashburn, Ill. Anna Jacobsen, Eng., 'Stoughton Charlotte E'. Shedd, CH., Jeanette N. Shedd, C.H.l, Florence E XVeissert, M.C., Albert H. Klfoltersdori, ,G.S. Hassa M. Yule, Eng., Grace B. Zimmerman, Eng., Lake Geneva Lake Geneva Milwaukee M ilwauk ee Daisybelle Wentworth, Eng., , Columbus Kenosha Madison 143 College of mechanics and Engineering junior Glass W Bertram F. Adams, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Gustave A. Anderson, M.E., VVest Salem Henry A. Balding, E.E., Milwaukee Eugene A. Balsley, C,E., Madison Flederick C. Baxter, M.E., Mansfield, 0. 'William C. Berg, C.E., Ft. Atkinson Felix W. Boldenweck, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Milan R. Bump, EXE., Spokane, 'XVash. Charles M. Cole, M.E., Appleton Harry YV. Cole, M.E., . Milwaukee Frederick A. DeLay, EXE., Madison Guy E. Diehl, C.E., Elroy Herbert VV. Dow, M.E., Milwaukee Roy R. Earle, F, E., Darlington Gustave W. R. Ehreke, EE., lVausau Anton D. Enrnbeck, C.E., Appleton Harold G. Ferris, M.E., Carthage, Ill Stephen Gardner, E.E., Madison Williaam J. Gibson, M.E., Hartland Arthur C. Greaves, C.E., Spencer, Ia. john C. Grey, M E., Windsor james G. Hammersclilag, M.E., Milwaukee Gordon A. Helmichs, E.E., Deerfield Irving H. Hippenmeyer, M.E., Madison Carl W. Jenson, C.E., River Falls Patrick J. Kelley, EE., Manitowoc Albert F, Kindt, C.E., Milwaukee Oliver B. Kohl, E.E-, Antigo Yxfilliarn F. Lathrop. EE., Racine Hawley D. Lennon, C.E., Decorah, Ia. W'alter F. Mabbett, C.E., Edgerton Frank M. McCullough,C.E., Sturgeon Bay Leroy L. McDonald, C,E., Rochester George E. McEvoy, Milwaukee Harry T. McNeill, M.E., Sheboygan Milton G. Montgomery, G.E., Madison Sherman Moore, C.E., Brodhead Archie L. Murray, M.E., Madison Carl B. Mlltchler, C.E , Madison Arthur C. Olsen, C.E., Madison Sidney Olsen, C.F,., Viberg, S. D. Preston XY. Pengra, E.F,., Madison Martin H. Pesta, M.E., Milwaukee George A. Polley, C.E., Albertville Emil F. Reichow, Watertown Arthur B. Saunders, M.F, , Milton john T. Schroder, C.E., Hartford George A. Scott, EE., Oshkosh james E. Smith, C.F.. Sharon Robert T. Smith, jr., M.E , Baltimore, Md. Sanford P. Starks. ME., Madison Chester H. Stevens, C.E., Mason City, la. Fred C. Stieler, EE., Stevens Point Carl F. Stillman, M.E., Milwaukee Louis Stockman, C.E., Milton junction Ira C. Sunderland, C.E., Hartford William H. Thorkelson, M.E., Racine julian Y. lVare, E.E , Evansville, Ind. junior engineering Specials Bertie S. Anderson, M.E., Hartford George T. Bunker, M.E., Wooclstock, Ia. Arthur N. Early. E.E., Milwaukee J. Clark Gapen, EE., Monroe james XV. VVatson, E.E., La Crosse Charles M. White, Delaneld Herbert L. Whittmore, M.E., Madison Henry XV. Young, E.E., Prairie du Sac Sylvan J. Lisberger, E.E., Danville Louis A. McKee, E.E., Madison William J. Vanderkloot, C.E., Madison Clarence I. Zimmerman, EE., Milwaukee 144 ffl Myw X nnnuni .?5 35 53? f". T Vj:J"x'.v" L Sw' ee ' I fgx J "3'J"""'AI"ry F X11 'S P.Ye 4 fn 'First Semester ROBERT G. STEVENSON GENEVIEVE MIHILLS JOHN H. FRIEND - - 0fficers President - TSt Vice-President 2l1d Vice'Preside1It - EDYVARD XV. THUERER - - Secretary - JOHN F. HAHN - - - Treasurer - ALMIRA C. JOHNSON - - Historian - WILLIAM J. BERTKE - - Se1'geant-at-Arms Zolors XYELLOXV AND WHITE. Yell U RAH! RAB! IT RAH! REE! I' XVIS-CON-SIN! NINETEEN-THREE I 145 3 Second Semester JOHN F. HAHN ELINOR MERRILL JOHN PUGH JOHN F. SAXVYER ARTHUR J. QUIGLEY RUTH C. ANDRENVS HENRX' P. HOXVLAND College or Setters Zllld SCRIICQ S9l7ll0ll10l'2 Glass Julia M. Anderson, M.C., Racine William W. Atwater, C.H., Chicago, Ill. David L. Barnard, M.C., Earlville, Ill. Hamlet I. Barry, C.H., Milwaukee Oscar H. Bauer, Eng., Brownsville Persis M. Bennett. G.S., Belleville Decatur, Ill. Alice I. Bevans, M.C., George T. Bigelow, Ir., A.C., Milwaukee Edward G. Birge, G.S., Madison Edwin S. Bishop, C.H., Somers Jennie F. Bishop, Eng., Dillon, Mont. Lizzie C. Bissell, Eng., Madison Andrew S, Bogue, Eng., r Arlington Gertrude M. Bossard, M.C., South Kaukauna Grace M. Bradley, Eng., Madison Robert D. Burbank, A.C., West Superior Eugene H. Byrne, C.H., Baraboo Charles R. Cady, C.H., Green Bay Henry F. Carpenter, C.H., Janesville George M. Challoner, M.C., Oshkosh Raymond M. Chapman, G.S., Milwaukee Paul W. Clough, G.S., Portage Mary P. Coleman, M.C., Chippewa Falls Chippewa Falls Moline, Ill. Dudley N. condir, Gs., Herbert L. Cook, G.S., Cathaleen M. Craigo, M.C., Monroe Robert S. Crawford, Eng., Mineral Point Mary F. Cunningham, C.H., Chippewa Falls XVillian1 B. Currie, A.C., Milwaukee Ernest E. Curtis, Eng., Madison Luella I. Davey, G.S., Janesville Edna Dessaint, A.C., Davenport, Ia. Robert C. Disque, M.C., Burlington. Ia Grace S. Dixon. M.C., Milwaukee Truman M. Dodson, G.S., Berlin james G. Dougherty, Eng., Lynden Station Vera Eastland, Eng., Richland Centre Harold E. Eggers, G.S., Two Rivers Callista A. English, A.C., Kenosha Oscar G. Erickson, Eng., Madison Irving A. Fish, A.C., Racine Lucinda E. Fleming, GS., QMath. j, Madison joseph T. Flint, Eng., Menomonie Henry E. Foelske. C.H., Milwaukee Wilbur T. Foster, C.H., River Falls Galen A. Fox, GS., Durand Rufus J. Friedman, C..H, QMath.j, Iron River George H. Gabel, C.H., Milwaukee Charles H. Gaflin, C.H., Leaf River, Ill. Robert O. Gibbons, Eng., QMath.l, Cottage Grove Newell C. Gilbert, G. S., , DeKalb, Ill. Edwin S. Gillespie, G.S., Madison Grace G. Godard, A.C., Yorkville, Ill. .lane M. Goddard, Eng., Freeport, Ill. Clarence XV. Gregory, M.C., NVest De Pere Julius j. Griesel, M.C., Crown Point, Ind. Ralph S. Groniann, M.C., Crown Point, Ind. W'illiam I. Hagenah, Eng., Madison William H. Haight, Eng., Rockdale Ben S. Hale. M.C., Waupaca YVillian1 G. Hamilton, C.H., Marinette Bernice C. Hatch, Eng., Sturgeon Bay George I. Heuer, G.S., Madison joseph G. Holty, G.S., Newark, Ill. Andrew W. Hopkins, Eng., Leeds Lloyd P. Horsfall, C.H., Prairie du Chien May M. Humphrey, A.C., Bloomington Mary L. jenkins, C.H., Swaledale, Ia. Almira C. johnson, M.C., Milwaukee Osnmnd M. jorstad. M.C., La Crosse William F. Juneau,Eng., North Green field Alexander Kasberg, Eng., Madison Anna B. King, Eng., Madison Fred H. Knobel, G. S., Edgerton Anna Koltes, C. H. lGermanl, Madison Robert P. Kraus, Eng. Marshfield Ernest F. Krueger, Phil., Madison, S. D. Herbert D. Laube, C.H., Brodhead Arne C. Lerum, Eng., Cottage Grove Lawrence A. Liljeqvist, C.H. XVausau Chester Lloyd, C.H., Hillside 146 l .,,f Curtis HE1li11101Z Currie Murphy Cowley Lerum Keachie Mathews Chapman Bishop Hahn fCapt.J Juneau Muckleston Poage Pugh McNitt The mm lllass Track foam, mm Maude M. Luce, Eng., Carl T. Madsen, Eng., Beach YV. Maguire, Eng., Agnes I. Martin, G.S., Joseph H. Martin, G.S., Chilton Centralia Rockford, Ill. Dubuque, Ia. Auroraville Gertrude S. Matteson, A.C., Davenport, Ia. jay VV. McCrossen, C.H. XVausau VVillia1n F. McEldowney, C.H., Chicago Heights, Ill. Elinor Merrill, M.C., Regina Michelson, M.C., Guinevieve Mihills, M.C. Ashland River Falls Fond du Lac NVallace XV. Miller, G.S. Ravenswood, Ill. Eben R. Minahan, Eng., Green Bay Rosalin I. Minch, Eng., Paoli May L. Mosher, Eng., Sandwich, Ill. Mabel Odell, M.C., Des Moines, Ia. Julia T. Osborne, C.H., Madison Patricia M. Osborne, M.C. Madison Henry H. Otjen, Eng., Milwaukee Nell F. Parkinson, M.C., Columbus Howell A. G. Parks, A.C., Oconomowoc Iessie M. Pelton, M.C., Madison George A. Perham, C.H., Racine Jessie E. Perry, M.C., Madison Rawson 1. Pickard, G.S., Chicago, Ill. Robert E. Pinkerton, G.S., Mazomanie George C. Poage, C.H., La Crosse Fred R. Pollard, C.H., Madison Beulah C. Post, M.C. QMath.l, Dubuque, Ia. Lloyd NV. Pullen, C.H., Milwaukee Daphne W. Putnam, M.C., YVaukesha Amelia F. Pyre, M.C., Madison Louis F. Rahr, C. H., Kenosha Ethel F. Raymer, M.C., Madison Artl1Lr Reitrnan, G.S., Milwaukee Melinda C. Rider, C.H., Dubuque, Ia. Adolph H. Roethke, Eng., QPol. Sci.j, Chilton S. Crawford Ross, C.H., Mineral Point XVillian1 T. Runzler, A.C., Ruth B. Salford, M.C., Vera B. Salter, Eng., Wfilliani F. Schmidt, C.H., Anna A. Schoblinger, Eng., Paul A. Schule, A.C., Lulu P. Shaw, A.C., Albert E. Showers, Eng., Imelia J. Slinde, Eng., Adolph B. Smith, G.S., Phebe M. Smith, Eng., Glen R. Snider, Eng., Milwaukee Peebles Unity Manitowoc Shullsburg Chicago, Ill. 'XVanwatosa De Forest De Forest Brooklyn ,Iuda Kilbourn john H. Sprecher, Eng., Independence Carolyn Stempli, M.C., M.C., Madison Genevieve Stevens, C.H., Robert G. Stevenson, Eng., Howard M. Stewart, Eng., Mitchell C. Stewart, Eng., Orin L. Stinson, A.C., Boone, Ia. M arinette Delevan Xvausau Madison Ruth C. Stockrnan, C.H., Mason City, Ia. 'Charles H. Stone, Eng., Reedsburg Anna Storm, Eng., Plainfield Edna L. Tarbox, C.H., La Crosse Mae P. Telford, M.C., Mason City, Ia. Charles S. Thompson, G.S., Oshkosh Edward XV. Thuerer, Eng , Baraboo Rose M. Toepfer, M.C., Madison Clyde L. Townsend, A.C., Shullsburg Mary Updegraff, M.C., Decorah, Ia. Lucas S. Van Orden, C.H., Baraboo Minna E. Weber, M.C., VVatertown W'aldin1ar C. Hehr, C.H., Milwaukee Josephine A. YVells, C.H., Portage Georgiana Whitcomb, G.S., Madison Robert L. W'ilkins, C.H., Viroqua Norma C. W'ood, M.C., Madison Pearl H. W'ood, M.C., Monroe Vojta XVrabetz, Eng. QMath. J, Kewaunee Mignon XVright, M.C., Madison Roland Zinns, A.C, Milwaukee gag ged. ili s fi 5 225 . l- 149 COIIQSQ or Setters and SCRIICQ Sophomore Specials Lela A. Anderson, Eng., Augusta Ruth C. Andrews, Eng., Hudson Sybil Barney, Eng., 'West Bend Mabel 1. Bradley, M C., Madison Halbert B. Cole, Eng., Black River Falls Alex. O. Corstvet, Eng., Veernelcl Karl Evert, Eng., Madison Mabel Goddard, Eng., Freeport, Ill. Oscar Halvarsen, S.C., Madison Nonnan Hendrickson, GH., Albion Mary K. Hobbins, Eng., Madison Burke Halbrook, S.C., Springfield, Mo. Elizabeth Joyce Hunter, A.C., Xliauwatosa Herbert F. john, C.H., Aniy S. johnson, Eng., Evelyn L. Johnson, Eng., Harvey C. johnson, C.H., Hattie johnson, M.C., Hilda C. Johnson, M.C., Max I. Kelling, G.S., Milwaukee Madison Winona, Minn. Madison Decorah, Ia. Decorah, Ia, Milwaukee Edith B. Martin, GH., Harry J. Masters, G.S., George A. Mowry, Eng., Henry E. Murphy, A.C Anna M. Pelton, Eng., jacob Priniakow, C.H., Clarence L. Richardson Morrison, Ill. Sparta Sturgeon Bay Manitowoc Madison Milwaukee Eng., Q. Chippewa Falls Edith A. Rurnsey, GH., May L Savage, A.C., Madison Madison john T. Sawyer, Eng., Hannnond, Ind. Robert L. Sewards, Eng., Madison Margaret H. Shaw, GH., Geneseo, Ill. Edwin XV. Smyth, G.S., Stuart, Ia. Pearlie M. Stetler, Eng., Richland Center Lola S. Thayer, G.S., Evanston, lll. Elizabeth M. Treleven, Eng., Fond du Lac Vvlilliain Urban, Eng., Plainield XVilliam A. XValters, Eng., Chicago, Ill. Stuart E. 'Washbnrn, GH., Racine Arthur XV. Lewis, GS., Madison Elias R. Xlfillianis, Eng., Genesee Depot iif .I'. ' ?'Q1fF 'L.l. 'llID22'2L2L'.L1SL?i,lLlLL1IT.ZT.'.! . Q--4 f j:::::g:"""' " """'i " """""'YI-ZIJJIIIILZZL V , as . lf A--1 , ya? 52 - 2 EE sf 2 '- ii ' A -' A pu 5 .W i , 1: ls, . A- y d 55. , I , f.,..--...EL fy f , , Q t -1 "gg ' 1 ,Q ' ' .:',:L'.1x,.g., -V , sag p gig, 1 I f X, A . ai 'A nas. f fxf: 52531. ,,,,L ' Ss'-as ' " it it at . fri We is 45 V . y s"" ff 9l'f"""'. QCYAKK N5 r-+I DETAIL OF PANEL D12coR,ITIoN, New ENGINEERING BUILDING 150 P College oi mechanics and Engineering S0l3l70m0l'Q Glass Benjamin C. Adams, E.E., Madison Archie F. Alexander, M.E., Milwaukee Arthur E. Anderson, M.E., Janesville Arthur Armstrong, E.E., Ashland John C. Belanger, C.E., Grand Rapids john W. Belling, E.E., Mondovi XVilliam J. Bertke, E.E., Milwaukee joseph I. Bingham, C.E., Lockwood,N.Y. Warren I. Bishop, C.E., Milwaukee Fred G. Borden, E.E., Plainfield john E. Probst, E.E., Mondovi Lewis R. Brown, E.E., Oshkosh joseph P. Burns, C.E., 'vVatertown, N. Y. john N. Caclby, E.E., Madison Perry J. Carter, C.E., Mauston Frederick A. Chamberlain, E.E., Madison Ira L. Coon, C.E., Plainiield Arthur VV. Cowley, E.E., Madison Willis E. Crandell, E.E., Plainiield Edward L. Crowe, E.E., Chicago, Ill. George G. Davies, M.E., Racine Garrison C. Dean, M.E., Eau Claire John S, Dean, M.E., Madison Howard L. Dessert, M.E., Mosinee Courteney C. Douglas, M.E., Fontana Daniel M. Driscoll, C.E., A11tigO Emil A. Ekern, E.E., West Superior Arthur R. Ehrnbeck, C.E., Appleton Howard S. Elliott, E.E., Mazomanie Rollins N. Foster, C.E., Oregon August F. Frendberg, C.E., Ashland john H. Friend, E.E., Antigo Gustav W. Garvens, C.E , YVauWatosa Henry J. Geerlings, jr., M.E., Milwaukee james M. Gilman, C.E., Madison Charles F. Goodenough, G.E., West De Pere Janie Goudie, E.E., Iron Wood, Mich. Alvin Haase, C E., Milwaukee john F. Hahn, C.E., Tyndall, S. D. Edwin M. Hall, E.E., Chicago, Ill. Morris E. -Haman, E.E., Milwaukee Franklin E. Haun, M.E., Syracuse, N. Y. Edward I. Hawley, C.E., Green Bay Charles I. Hejda, E.E., Charles W. Hejda, E.E., Minot J. Hill, E.E., Don C. Holloway, M.E., Manitowoc Manitowoc Almond Janesville William O. Hotchkiss, C.E., Eau Claire Henry P. Howland, M.E., Springfield Frederick W. Hurls, E.E., Madison Edward H. Hughes, M.E., Spokane, 'Wash. Arthur L. Johnson, M.E., Chicago, lll. George A. Keachie, C.E., Cedar Rapids, Ia. Robert G. Krumrey, E.E., Plymouth Leigh H. Lathrop, E.E , Delavan Olaf Laurgaard, C.E., La Crosse Harry L. Lea, E.E., Iron River Lester H. Levisee, E.E., Clintonville Benjamin F. Lyons, M.E., Appleton John A. Manington, C.E., Madison Frank C. Marvin, E.E., Zumbrota, Minn. Gilbert F. McNitt, E.E., Racine NVilliam C. MCNOW11, C.E., Mauston Rowland H. Morrison, M.E., Morrisonville William R. Mott, E.E , Decorah, Ia. Edgar B. Mueller, E.E., Manitowoc Clifford H. Noyes, C.E., Madison Harry XV. Page, M.E., Baraboo Elmer A. Peirce, C.E., Madison Claude H. Perry, C.E., Madison Fred R. Porritt, C.E., Fargo, N. D. John Pugh, Jr., E.E., Racine Arthur Quigley, lVilliam I. Rowe, E.E., Louis H. Rueping, M.E., Henry J. Saunders, C.E., Lake Geneva XVarren, Ill. Fond du Lac Council Bluirts, la. John L. Savage, C.E., 'Williard R. Saxton, C.E. Irving Seaman, E . E., George M. Simmons, E.E., Charles I. Slater, M.E., Roy L. Southworth, M.E., win Spalding, Madison Berlin Milwaukee Viola Escanaba Mondovi Oshkosh Harold L. Stevens, C. ., Sparta Edward E. Terrell, C.E., Lynchburg James E. Toogood, E E., Manchester, Ia. Martin XV. Torkelson, C.E., Black River Falls Albert P. Treber, E.E., Deadwood, S. D. james A. Hfalker, M.E., Rockford, Ill. Charles T. Watsoii, C.E., Baraboo ond du Lac Sheboygan Frederic C. Vfeber, EE., F Adrian A. XVeclemeyer, M.E., Dwight C. Trevarthen, M.E., Madison Paul T rowbridge, M.E., Columbus SODDOIIIOTQ EHS Hugo E. C. Brandt, C.E., YX'atertown Charles E. Carter, E.E., Milwaukee Harry I. Cowie, GE., XfVest Superior William J. Crunipton, E.E., West Superior Samuel K. Dickinson, E.E.. XVest Superior August G. VV'el1e, C.E., Milwaukee Leslie B. Vxfoodruff, C.E., Milwaukee Frank P. YVoy, EE., Sparta james G. Zimmerman, E.E., Milwaukee ll1QQl'llIS SD2Cl3lS Raymond Haisler, C.E., Milwaukee John R. Kimball, E.E , Kenosha Armand G. Langenbach, M.E., Mayville john H, Neef, F,.E., Portage John C. Potter, Xlfauwatosa Frank D. Sheldon, C.E., Milwaukee Frank Ylfenner, M. E., Garrison, la. lf 00.4 I Ffa . '--fi 3 N 'W'5'Ly . . vo5..'. f ',- if QA: L ' tsl. : ' U e a Q - w . - -'5- 4- -' fc' .N Sb my x r X ' 152 HW ff. 'W' W7 T - FWS ,New f . ' FIYESHHHNOCLH5 BL .f V Q .'.4 ' ALBERT L. BTARSHALL, RHODA M. VVHITE, - CHARLES A. LYLNIAN, LOREN D. BLAOKMAN, Officers President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer Colors ROYAL BLUE AND XVHITE Yell BLOOD AND GORE! BLOOD AND GORE! WYARSITYI VARSITY! Nineteen-Four ! 153 College oi Letters and Science Freshman- Glass A Allen C. Abbott, S.C., Oshkosh Ruby M. Acker, M.C., Brandon Elma L. Adams, G.S., Milwaukee Rolland C. Allen, Eng , Dayton Ida G. Allison, C H., Spokane, Wash. William A Anderson, C.H., Madison Thomas VV. Andresen, Eng., Medford john B. Andrews, Eng., Frederick Arnold, S. C., South W'ayne Eau Claire Amelia A. Askew, M.C., Madison Alice L. Asseln, M.C., Decorah, Ia. Fannie M. Baker, Eng., Madison Mark Banta, A.C., Menasha Harry C. Batty, Eng., Mazomanie Vxfilliain M. Baxter, Eng., Nashville, Tenn. Fred. E. Beals, S. C., Milwaukee Henry B. Beeson, Eng., Fond du Lac Ransom D Bernard, jr., G. S., Elkader, Ia. Ernest O. Best, C.H., Baraboo Ervin 1. Beule, G.S , Fox Lake Loren D. Blackman, C H., Ames. la. james B. Blake, C H., Winona, Minn. john T. Blake, A.C., Racine john B. Bonnnersheim, S.C., Milwaukee Chester D Bond, G S., Paris, France Fred P. Bowen, jr., Eng., Richland Center Arthur Breslauer, A.C., Milwaukee Willis E. Brindley, C.H., La Crosse Ralph D. Brown, C.H., Rhinelander Solon Buck, OH , Berlin Archie L. Bullis, Eng., Dexterville Franklin H. Bunker, G.S., Menoinonie Mary E. Bunting, C.H., La Crosse john U. Burns, Eng., juda Vvilliam P. Bush, M.C., Sparta Elmer E. Cain, Eng., Milwaukee Fred K, Carrico, Eng., Rockford, Ill. Lucie N. Case, C.H., Milwaukee Arthur H. Christman, G.S., Stone Bank Herbert E. Chynoweth, S.C., Madison Harry E. Clausen, S.C., Fox Lake Grace C. Clifford, M.C., Madison Martin H. Clune, Eng , Eh-oy 154 Elsie L. Coerper, Eng., Hartford Esther R Concklin, M.C., East Troy Maude E Conry, G.S , Madison Henry A. Cook, S.C., Moline, Ill. Elva Cooper, Eng., Milwaukee W'illiam A. Cowell, Eng., Kewaunee Fred R. Cummings, S.C., Madison .Isaac I. Dahle, S.C., r Mt. Horeb Mary l-l. Darrow, G.S., Wilbur G. Davison, Eng., Fargo, N. D. Sun Prairie Charles A. Davlin, G.S., Berlin Herman F M. Derge. G S.. Eau Claire Eau Claire Rockford, Ill. Julius F. Derge, S.C., Frank XV. Dobson, G.S., Florence A. Dodge, A.C., XVindsor julia A. Dowley, Eng., Kenosha Eleanor L. Doy.e. Eng , Sandwich, Ill. Richard C. Dudgeon, S.C., Madison Wanda M. Dudgeon, Eng., Madison Laura E. Dil Four, Eng., Racine Elmer J. Falk, S.S., Stoughton Phoebe M. Faller, C.H., Baraboo Donald N. Ferguson, S.C., lVaupun Jay E. Fessenden, S.C., Evansville Madison Beacon, Mich Carl A. Field, S.C., Lilian C. Fitch, Env., D Morris F. Fox, S.C., Madison Charles R. Freeman, C.H., Menoinonie Earle M. French, Eng., Sturgeon Bay Scott XY. Fries, C.H., Richland Center Hal H. Fayette, G S., Alliance, Neb. james G, Fuller, G.S., XVaterman, Ill. Elmer A. Fullerton, Eng., So. Kaukauna Bernard L. I-lagemann, S.C , Mauston Kathryn Hall, M.C., VVatertown Margaret S. Hall, C.H., Madison Elmer W. Hamilton, S.C., Hyde Harriet A. Harvey, C.H., Racine Vlfinifred D. Haseltine, C.H., Mazomanie john G. Har den, C.H., Milwaukee Robert E. Hayes, G.S., Florence Clarence S. I-lean, Eng , Madison Albert S. Hinn, G.S , FG11UiI11O1'6 Frank Hoag, S.C., Waukesha Oscar R. W Hoefer, AC., Milwaukee Albert J. Hoffman, M.C., Brookfield Arthur W. Holderness, Eng., Kenosha George R. Holten, S.S., Chicago, Ill. Frank G. Hostak, G.S., Two Rivers John E. Howley, Eng., Madison Georgeta U. Hurlburt, Eng., Racine Frank S. Hyland, Eng., Portage Ralph E. Hyslop, G.S., Chester, Minn. Frederic C. Inbusch, C.H., Milwaukee Margaret C. Jackman, M.C., Janesville Marshall H. Jackson, S.C., Oak Park, Ill. James Charles James, C.H., Aurora, Ill. Henry I-I. Jebensg C.H., Davenport, Ia. Elsie C. Jenkins, M.C., Cheyenne, XVyo. Allen W. John, Eng., Marinette Lyman Johnson, Jr., C.H., Siam Rapids, Ia. Jolm T. Johnston, A.C., A Milwaukee Murva R. Kelley, C.H., Dubuque, Ia. William Kelsey, C.H., Baraboo George I. Kummerer, G.S., Clinton Blanche M. Kinne, M.C., Elkhorn John I. Kinney, Eng., Fond du Lac Lloyd G. Kirby, G.S., Chicago, Ill. Carrie L. Knox, M.C , Vinton, Ia. James H, Krueger, S.C , Neenah Hattie Kuhns, A.C., Madison Fola La Follette, C.H., Madison Ernest XV. Landt, S.C., Waupun VVilfred G. Lane, C.H., Mason City, la, Lewis Larsen, C.H., Eastman Clara M. Lauderdale, Eng., Elkhorn Sidney D. Law, C.H., La Crosse Lester M. Lehrbach, G.S., Arcadia John C. Liver, Eng., Hartford Roy K. Lolnniller, C.H., La Crosse Dixon, Ill. Grand Rapids John 5. Lord, Eng., Paul C. Love, S.C., Charles A. Lyman, C.H., Burke Morna G. Maine, M.C., Monroe Frederick A. Manchester, Eng., Richland Center Howard H. Markel, M. C., Freeport, Ill. George J. Marquette, G.S., Watertown XVilheln1 G. Marquette, G.S., Watertown Victor G. Marquissee, M.C., Altoona Albert L. Marshall, S C., Rensselaer, Ind. Anna M. Mashek, C.H., La Crosse Harriet Mason, G.S., Fond du Lac Edward G. Mattke, G.S., Baraboo Charles R. McCanna, S.C,, Burlington Clara L. McCollins, C.H., Dubuque, Ia. Bartie E. McCormick, G.S., W'aterloo Anna E. McDonald, C.H., Baraboo Edward L. McGillis, Eng., Marinette Burton A. McLaughlin, S.C., Gr. Rapids Robert C.- Menzies, A.C., Rock Prairie David G. Milbrath, G.S., Whitefish Bay Harry E. Miller, Eng., Grand Rapids Marie G. Miller, C.H., Madison XVilliam J. Miller, A.C,, Milwaukee Robert P Minton, C.H., Charleston, lll. Charles XV. Mitchell, Eng., Brodhead Edith F. Mitchell, Eng., Racine Maurice W. Moe, M.C., Milwaukee Florence S. Moffatt, C.H., Davenport, Ia. Helen H. Mooers, Eng., Milwaukee Ethel L. Moore, G.S., Merrillan Thorina O. Mortenson, Eng., Racine Francis X. Murphy, S.C., Manitowoc Roy I. Murray, M.C., Madison John XV. Mussell, Eng., Bayneld Kate Muthler, Eng., Madison Leonard M. Nelson, S.C., So. Kaukauna Bertha Netherwood, Eng., Oregon Amy E. Nichols, M.C., XVauwatosa William C. Nichols, G.S , Fargo, N. D. Roy E. Noyes, A C., Baraboo Lottie M. Ogilvie, Eng., Verona Lewis XV. Parks, S.C., Watertown Benjamin A. Paust, A.C., Milwaukee Delia I. Pengra, Eng., Madison Charles S. Peters, Eng., Dodgeville Frederick R. Pettit, C.H., Kenosha William B. Philbrick, S.C., XVausau Daniel V. Phillips, C.H., Boscobel Ruth M. Phillips, M.C., Madison Harry R. Pomeroy, C.H., Edgerton Aaron S. Putney, Jr., S C., XVaukesha Elizabeth W. Pyre, M.C., Madison Arthur XV. Quan, Eng., Madison Leslie VV Quirk, Eng., Madison Elam J. Raymond, C.H., Chippewa Falls Ethel I. Redfield, M.C., Racine Ina J. Reid, A.C., Madison Thilda Reindahl, M.C., Madison Walter C. Reine King, S.S , Sheboygan Claudia B. Rice, M.C., Davenport, Ia. Adolph H. Rossing, Eng., Argyle l55 Mark Rothman, Eng., Chilton Walter H Thom, S.C., Madison Eugene E. Runkel, S.C., Independence Ernest B. Tomlinson, S.C., Oak Park, Ill. Stena C. Sands, Eng., Sparta Lillian R. Tompkins, C.H., Madison Frank B. Sargent, Eng., Seymour Pearl E Tompkins, C.H., Madison Paul A. Schedler, S.C., Oconto Edward Trudell G.S., Kewaunee George Schenck, S.C., Wauwatosa Roger M. Trump. C. H., Milwaukee William E. Schrieber, G.S Madison Reginald S. Tyler, Eng., Mazomanie Harry NV. Selle, Eng., Milwaukee Charles A. Urner, G.S., New York, N.Y. Robert N. Sharp, S.C., Chicago, Ill. Robert I. Usher, S.C., South Wayne Georgia M. Shattuck, Eng., Medford Julius H. 'Warner, C.H., NVindsor Frank R. Shepard, S.C., Janesville Charlotte L.lVassou, M.C., Sioux City, Ia. Harry E. Shiels, S.C., La Crosse Harry B. WVebster, S.C., Englewood, Ill. Dale C. Shockley, Eng., Lamont Ada M. 'Welsh, A.C., Madison Frank N. Siegel, S.C., Racine John L. XVest, S.C., Neenah Dolly S.,Smith, Eng., Milwaukee Sydney H. Wetzler, G.S., Milwaukee Russell L. Smith, Eng., Kilbourn Charles R. W'hitney, S.C., Wlaukegan, Ill. Arthur M. Stack, Eng., Madison Hawley KV. XVilber, S.C., Waukesha Henry XV. Stark, C.H., Milwaukee Edward C. lVild, Eng., Mayville Roy B. Staver, G.S., Chicago, Ill. Corlyn H. 'Wilcler, S.C., Evansville Paul Steinbrecher, C.H., Chicago, Ill. Agnes E. lVilson, Eng., Boscobel Eugene J. Stevenson, G.S , Madison William S. XVilson, S.S., Burlington Kathryne A. Stewart, M.C., Brodhead XVirt Vlfinslow, S.C., Fort Atkinson Rudolph G. Stotzer, S C., Portage Guy R. YVood, S.C., Grand Rapids Sarah S. Sutherland, M.C., Janesville Gains S. KVoo'edge. Eng., Antigo Kenneth B. Tanner, G.S., So. Kaukauna Will H Young, S C., ' Evansville George E. Taylor, S.C., La Crosse Edna B. Zinn, M.C., East Troy Arthur E. Thiede, S.C., Columbus Ziff . ..Qi 'Il l- if-f1,L i Ef T E . f1" .... ,,-, S A 2.1, a Q" 5 qui av'--l" '- . .,,,,- 'V -...,. .....g. ' j..,4fQgfif ' a . THE BABCOCK MEDAL. AWARDED TO PROFESSOR STEPHEN IXIOULTON BABCOCK, MARCH, Igor. 156 fl'2SblI1QlI SDQCMIS Florence B. Alexander, Eng., West Superior Roe Arnold, Eng., Sharon Paul P. Bennett, Eng., Rockford, Ill. Hanne Bull, Eng., Madison Bonnie E. Burton, Eng., Lake Geneva Harold O. Cady, G.S., Dover Vivian Chandler, M.C., Boone. Ia. Frances M. Connell, C.H., Fond du Lac Mayrne C. Conway, Eng., Grand Rapids Eudora I. Cook, M.C., Lake Mills Nettie M. Cook, G.S., Lake Mills Robert R. Daum, C.H., Oshkosh Walter Drew, C.H., Berlin Eliza M. Eastman,C.H , Rock Island, Ill. Ernest O. Edwards, S.C., Ashland Frank O. Edwards, A.C., Rochester Mary A. Egan, M.C., Madison Ralph B. Ellis, M.C., Chicago, Ill. Charles D. Ellwood, S.C., Osseo Nellie A. Etter, Eng., Monroe Lillian H. Evans, Eng., Spring Green Magdalen Evans, G.S., Madison Mary M. Evans, Eng., Spring Green Mary E. Gale, C.H., Fox Lake Cecil T. Godwin, Eng., Berlin Lien P. Haskins, G.S., Barnum Charles R. Heisinger, S.C., Oshkosh Edna D. Heller, Eng., Sheboygan james R. Hobhins, Eng. Madison VVilliam I. Hughes, Eng -1 Fond du Lac Arthur C. Lange, Eng., Medford Leo cleR. Ludlow, C.H., Waukesha Donald A. MacDonald, Eng., La Crosse Alice I. Manson, Eng , Belleville Earl V. McComb, G.S., Brillion Vera McNeill, Eng., Sheboygan Ruth P. Miner, Eng., Madison Margaret A. Moran, Eng., DeForest Nellie Miller, Eng., Monroe William K. Nattinger, S.C., Lyons, Ia. Mary L. Nelson, M.C., La Crosse Mary E. H. Owen, M.C., Lauderdale- Henry O. Paulson, Eng., Perry Clifford C. Pease, Eng., , Oregon Ruby E. Peck, Eng., Madison Fred I. Pfeifer, G.S., Plymouth Carol G. Pollard, Eng., Sioux City, Ia. Helen Pi Richardson, A.C., Evansville Ida P. Richmond, Eng., Morrison, Ia. Hugo A. Rickeman, Eng., Racine Mabelle O. Saemann, M.C., Plymouth Glenn R. Sardeson, Eng., Argyle Minnie E. Schrnidtman, Eng., Manitowoc Iarnes C. Silverthorn, G.S., VVausau Anne H. Sims, Eng., Frankfort, Ind. Mary G. Stoner, M.C., Madison Adah O. Streeter, M.C., La Crosse' Frank B. Van Horn, M.C., Omaha, Neb. Oscar B. Walsli, Eng., Iron River Hudson B. 'Werder, Eng., Charles City, la. Orville W. Wheelwright, G.S., Belleville Mabel A. Isharn, M.C., Fond du Lac Roscoe Whitman, G.S., Dodgeville Frances E. Kayser, Eng., Madison Helen M. VV'olf, M.C., Rock Rapids, la. Edward G. Killey, Eng., Geneva, Ill. Morris E. Yager, Eng., Madison Florence M. Klahr, Eng., Horicon A 9 In i . 'g-aN"., A - . , a t . N I C -1 V NK E! f i- si' MEN-. 157 COIIQSQ of m6CbdIllCS alla EIlSllI22l'lllS Arthur I. Adarnson, Andrew T. Anderson, Aden VV. Andrews, George Awsunib, Amos P. Balsom, 'Wallace I. Benedict, Philip S. Biegler, Arnim C. Blankenburg, Frank H. Blood, William H. Boyle, Francis A. Bradford, William Bradford, VVilliam H. Brenning, XVillia1n E. Brown, Eyrind H. Bull, Herman F. Burkhart, Ora B. Cahoon, Freshmen Glass Madison Madison Columbus Eau Claire Hudson Milwaukee Chicago. Ill. Fond du Lac Kenosha Kaukauna Madison Stevens Point ' Columbus Racine Madison Eau Claire Madison Rollin R. Caskey, Chicago Heights, Ill. Seymour VV. Cheney, Raymond T. Conger, . Fond du Lac Elgin. Ill. Royden J. Coon, Plainfield Ianies L. Doar, Cumberland George H. Dyer, Milwaukee George H. Elvis, Medford Philip G. Epstein, Portage Orlando R. Erwin, Milwaukee Charles L. Eustis, Ft. Atkinson Robert E. Evans, Minneapolis, Minn. Robert F. Ewald, ' Fairchild Edgar YV. Fairweather, Sheboygan Ernest I. Fisher, Leslie S. Foster, Donald K. Frost, Rudolph E. Hagenah, Frank H. Hanson, Harold Haskins, Charles M. Haugan, Williaiii H. Hauser, Julius L. Hecht, NValter R, Heidemann, Robert R. Henry, NVillian1 R. Higgins, joseph E. Hillenieyer, Fred R. Hills, Beaver Dani River Falls XVinona, Minn. Reedsburg Stoughton Meadville, Pa. Chicago, Ill. Fargo, N. D. Chicago, Ill. Vxfaterloo Anchorage Sturgeon Bay Shullsburg Menoininee john S. Hodge, Charles V. Hopper, Roy T. jackson, Morton H. john, Gustave E. Kahn, Francis H. Kales, Harry D. Keerl, George S. Keith, Albert S. Kennedy, Frank XV. Kimball, XVillian1 S. Kinne, Henry Kleifeld, George P. Klinkert, XValter I. Koch, Bancroft C. Kress, Arthur F. Krippner, XVilliam H. Kunz, Allan Lee,- Nornian Lee, John H. Lynch, Donald MacArthur, Edgar J. MacEachron, Everett A. Marshall, Hal E. Martin, Ralph McCrossen, Harry L. McDonald, Ivan M. McIntyre. Vincent McMullen, Zadok Merrill. Fancis A. Murphy, Louis F. Musil, james M. Musser, john D. Noyes, Edgar A. Olin, Edwin O'Mara, Ray Owen, Carl A. V. Petersen, Frank I, Petura, George G. Post, Ralph R. Race, Shelby W. Redman, Richard W. Remp, Walter H. Richardson, Paul M. Ripley, 158 Vxlaterloo Eau Claire Mt. Morris, Ill. Marinette Milwaukee Chicago, Ill. Mason City, Ia. Johnstown Aurora, Ill. Janesville XVinona, Minn. Kenosha Racine Milwaukee Manitowoc Oakland Freeport, Ill. Cambridge Cambridge Madison Superior Green Bay ' Racine Manitowoc lVausau Fond du Lac Ft. Atkinson Dodgeville Madison Balmoral Manitowoc Madison Baraboo XVaukesha Chicago, Ill. F ootville Racine Racine Madison Portage Racine Dresbach, Minn. Milwaukee Oak Park, lll. Louis G. Rosenstock, Williani A. Rowe, VVarsaw, Ind. Eau Claire Paul B. Turner. Williaiii B. Uihlein, Frank Rowley, Evansville G. F. William Ungrodt, Welabei' S. Russell, Madison Leslie F. Van Hagen, Louis F. Schoelkopf, Welcome Fred C. Voigt, Henry S. Schvvendener, Milwaukee Albert D. XVarren, Frank A. Servis, La Crosse Guy P. Weatherton, Lee H. Skeels, Eau Claire XVilliam G. Webb, Clyde C. Smith, Bangor XVillis 'Whitby, Harvey K. Snively, Menominie Herford White, Harold M. Stark, Appleton Max A. Wliitiiig, Burt E Steenson, VVhitewater Charles L. Wood, james A. Stewart, Madison George M. Vxfyatt, William F. Tubesing, Milwaukee Engineering Special Freshmen Arthur j. Bleser, Bleser john A. Jardine, Borge H. Borreson, Louis A. Burns, Lawrence Crehore, Charles M. Dering, Eden XV. Drake, Sylvester A. Ege, john F. Flaig, XVarren XV. Gore, Victor H. Griesser, j'ohn.L. Grinde, jamie H. Guljck, Merton G. Hall, Ray L. Hankinson, Marvin Heath, Roy R. Hunsherger, ' La Crosse XVatertown. N. Y. Milwaukee Portage Milwaukee Madison Sheboygan Beloit Peoria, Ill. Madison Ashland Reedsburg Evansville NVaupun Columbus, S, D. S Stoughton Milwaukee Medford Chicago, Ill. Sheboygan W'auwatosa Madison Viroqua Jericho ' Delafield Vxfatertown Oshkosh Fond du Lac Fargo, N. D. Edward F, Lewis, Piperville Walter K. Lyman, Mendota Everett Q. Marshall, Racine Ernest A. Moritz, Yankton, S. D. Floyd A. Naramore, Mason City, Ia Charles A. Phillips, Sioux Falls, S. D. Franklin T. Rinder, Chicago john G. Staack, Middleton Edward B. Starr, XVashburn Virgil C. Trine, Madison George Tullock, Owen, Ill. 'William D. Williamson, Madison Anton B. Ziegeweid, Arcadia Paul F. Zinke, f- 'il lf f ee g N 159 Fond du Lac Galleon 'First Semester FERDINAND G. C. Voter, - ALBERT F. LARSON, EMIL Scow, - EDXVARD C. GRIESEL, llliddle Saw CIZISS 0ffiCQl'S - President - - LAW Second Semester L 'Vice-President - - - Secretary - - - - Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms, - - Thorwald P. Abel, Kenosha Lake C. Alexander, Manitowoc john B. Andrews, Birnaniwood Chauncey G. Austin, Ir., St. Albans, Vt. XVorth S. Bardwell, Plainiield Lee F. Bays, Ralph V. Blethen, August E. Braun, Louis A. Brunckhorst lVillian1 A. Canipnian, George VV. Carow, Charles H. Cashin, Sullivan, Ind. Rochester, Minn. Milwaukee Kewaunee Neillsville Freeport. Ill. Stevens Point Edward I. Cockerill, Berlin Gilbert I. Develaar, 'Wauwautosa Morten S. Davidson, Madison Thomas F. Davlin, Berlin Harry Edwards, Dixon, Ill. Henry M. Fellenz, Carnpbellsport Cleinent A. Gordon, Freeport, Ill. Alexander P. Greenthal, Milwaukee Edward C. Griesel, Crown Point, Ind. Ole S. Gunderson, Colfax Earl P. Harkin, Marshfield Harry R. Hewitt, Madison Harry M. Hobbins, Madison john J. jeffrey, Centralia Eugene C. Ioannes, Green Bay John johntry, Robert A. Kaftan, Harry F. Kelley, Harry G. Kemp, John E. Kemp, Charles Kirwan, joseph Koffend, Philip C. Kopplin Albert F. Larson, George,E. Larson, Herbert A. Lundahl. john I. Mann, james C. McKesson, Daniel P. Meyers, james A. Michaelson, Barney A. Monahan, Victor J. O'Keliher, Ernest A. O'Neill, Charles S. Pearce, Harry L. Reeys, Edward I. Reynolds, John W. Reynolds, Einil Scow, Henry H. Taylor, Ferdinand G. C. Voigt, Bunn T. 'Xl-lilson, Charles G. Yankey, 160 THORNVALD P. ABEL - EMU. Scow JOHN B. ANDREWS - CLEMENT A. GORDON PHILIP C. KOPPLIN Chicago, Ill. Tyndall, S. D. Manitowoc Madison Sparta Manitowoc Appleton Lavell Sioux Falls, S. D. Sioux Falls, S. D. Chicago, Ill. Chicago, Ill. Genoa junction Forreston, Ill. Darlington East Troy Oconto Neillsville lValworth New York, N. Y. Madison Iacksonport Arcadia Barron Milwaukee Rochester, Minn. Juneau jlIlliOl' Qillb CIEISS' Charles H. Abercrombie, Astoria, Ore. Erricsson W. Allen, Harry B. Anderson, Milwaukee Memphis, Tenn. Samuel E. Andrews, Hindsborough, Ill. Louis A. Avery, Arthur A. Baldwin, Oscar J. Bandelin, Corina C. Banning, 'Winchel F. Barber, Chester D. Barnes, John M. Barney, Clyde H. Belknap. Fond du Lac Madison Grand Rapids Ft. lVayne, Ind. lVaukesha Kenosha XV est Bend Madison, S. D. Arthur XV. Blackburn, Madison Adelbert E. Bleekman, Jr., La Crosse Francis E. Boland, XV est Superior Joseph Bredsteen, Stoughton Hubert D. Buchanan, Rio William D. Buchholz, Whitehall Charles L. Burnham, Milwaukee William J. Carr, Elbert L. Carroll, Harry E. Carthew, Henry Casson, Aurora, Ill. Creston, Ia. Lancaster Viroqua Manning Cleaveland, Poughkeepsie, N Y. Edward B. Cochems, Sturgeon Bay John M. -Cochrane, Waupun William B. Collins, Sheboygan Matthew F. Conlin, Madison Charles E. Conner, Clinton, Ia. Louis A. Copeland, Shullsburg George B. Cunningham, Rockbridge George G. Curtis, Madison NVi1liam F. Dickinson, George C. Douville, Stephen E. Driver, William J. Foulkes, John F. Fraser, James F. Gibson, Henry Graas, John G. Graham, Harry XV. Guipe, George Heller, Xviiiiillll P. Hoy, Walter YV. Hughes, Gustav B. Husting, Frank VV. Jacobs, Lawrence P. M. Jeger, Rockford, Ill. North Greenfield Darlington Oshkosh Lake Geneva Burnside, Ill. Sturgeon Bay Tomah Chicago, Ill. Sheboygan Vfoodstock, Ill. New Lisbon Mayville Madison Milwaukee 161 Fred ID. Jewett, Harry P. Keith, George F. Kinney, Emil G. Kralovec, Sioux Falls, S. D. New Lisbon South Kauk auna Chicago, Ill. Julius J. Krug, Knowles Otto Kuenzli Milwaukee Frank H. Kurtz, Milwaukee George W. Lane, Dodgeville Harry R. Lea, Waiipacg Herman Leicht, South Germantown Charles Levinger, Sioux Falls, S. D. Williain A. Loveland, Monticello Robert YV. Lueck, Juneau Hugo F. Luhman, Manitowoc John T. S. Lyle, Madison John A. Malone, Burlington NVillard H. Marsh, Pine Island, Minn. Delbert R. Mathews, Fox Lake Paul R. McKee, Madison Ernest V. Moore, Liledown, N. C. James C. Morgan, Hartford Edward M. Muckleston, Waukesha Harry J. Mortensen, New Lisbon James Murray, Waupun Harry J. Murrish, Mazonlanie Louis Nelson, Stoughton W'arren J. Neville, Oshkosh Bernard M. Palmer, Janesville Oscar C. Perry, Edgerton Fred G. Phelps, Oconto Ralph G. Plumb, Manitowoc Allen T. Pray, Stevens Point Thomas M. Priestly, Madison Charles L. Purves, River Falls Arthur C. Quale, Nora Louis J. Quammen, Deerneld Leonard D. Quinn, Kewaunee, Ill. Louis B. Reed, Ripon Seth W. Richardson, Ortonville, Minn. Jeremiah P. Riordan, Myra George XV. Ripley, Iron River Frank B. Rodger, Milwaukee John B. Sanborn, Madison Harvey O. Sargeant, Omro John F. Sedgwick, Vvliitewater Joseph R. Shields, Pewaukee Morton XV. Smith, lVaupun Walter E. Smith, . Milwaukee Eugene I. Wehmhoff, Burlington Edwin A. Snow, Iron River Warde A. Wescott, Crandon john C. Stevens, Milwaukee Fred Wetzler, Milwaukee Max H. R. Strehlow, De Forest james H. W'eyer, Princeton, Ill. George B. Swann, Beaver Dam Edmund VV. YVheelan, Grand Rapids Fred W. Sylvester, Milwaukee Lynn A. NVi1liams, Milwaukee Tore Teigen, Sioux Falls, S. D. Simon P. Wilson, Northport Charles L. Thompson, Davenport, Ia. George L. Winegar, Morrison, Ill. William A. Walker, Milwaukee john M. Woy, Madison SDQCIGI fall? SIUCIQIIIS William C. Berg, Madison Henry Mahoney, Madison Carlton C. Deniston, Madison john Maxey, Antigo john H. Deniston, Mt. Horeb James I. MCM3H811j', Cashton Henry M. Esterly, Hillside Lewis NV. Mills, Racine Raymond C. Fairbank, Ladoga lVa1ter K. Parkinson, Appleton Thomas M. Gannon, Cedarburg Jackowska A. V. Peterson, Milwaukee john Garvin, Ashland Emil G. Rahr, Milwaukee Gjermund O. Haugen, Stoughton Asa P. Rickmire, Cylon George V. Helfrich, Carthage. Ill. Dennis F. Scanlan, Madison George A. Howitt, Pewaukee Eugene S. Tradewell, Racine Bonduel A. Husting, Mayville William S. XVarner, Milwaukee Isaac M. Kittleson, Mt. Horeb Alfred I. Warren, Hinsdale, lll. Edwin C. F. Knowles, XVest Superior Albert K. Wheeler, Janesville Lewis Lawson, Fayette, Ia 1 i' - . I l. .J 162 :ws -- 4 ' T - - 'H Ralph VV. Danuser, Peter O. Fox, Sidney L. Lee, joseph-I. Beck, john C. Corscot, Oscar H. Hulberg, i so as as 5.1 , K ' 'YI - Y K kg, junior Glass Arcadia Harvey B. North, Janesville Frederic E. Dettloff, Chippewa Falls Helen Sherman, Milwaukee Fond du Lac Otto A. Soell, La Crosse Burton E. Ketchum Madison Susan Swarthout, La Crosse McFarland Melvin E. Tweeden, Oconomowoc Sophomore Blass Hales Corners .Theodore E. Lipkan, Chicago, Ill. Madison Edmund C. Neumann, Milwaukee Llewellyn R. Davies, Madison Frank W. Rabak, NVebster, S. D. La Crosse Reginald O. Sclioen, Mayville Milwaukee Edwin A. Stephain, Manitowoc john F. F. Huldreich, Harry A. Jefferson, Louisville Carl XV. Ziepprecht, 'Freshmen Zlass Herbert R. Bird, Madison Cornelius I. Maloney, Milwaukee Fred A. Schmidt, Xvausau 'Q-Q' HUA 163 Dubuque, Ia. JMU! QOIIS COUYSQ jlllli0I'S ,. George A. Olson, Madison john A. Ross, Hinsdale Frank G. Swoboda, Troy Sophomores Yxfilliani B. Richards, Racine Conrad G. Starke, Milwaukee 'Freshmen Manuel H. Chopitea, Buenos Ayres, A. R. Charles L. Meller, Milwaukee Francisco B. Doellinger, Otto L. Prien, Madison Buenos Ayres, A. R. Remigio Rueda, Tucuman, Arg. Repl Anizi C. McLean, Red Bank, N. J. Lawrence G. Tainter, Menoniinee Roderick C. McLeod, Milwaukee Carlos A. Vallejo, La Rioja, Arg. Rep. Speddl Thomas F. McConnell, jr., Ripon Sb0l'f COUTSQ S2COIld YNY A. Anderson, Madison john XV. Bauer, Naperville, Ill, George C. Atwood, Roscoe, Ill. Roy Burton, Dousnian Rural D. Ralph Baker, Madison Sidney G Carlyle, Chesterville, Canada Roscoe E. Baker, Britt, Iowa George I Carncross, Lodi A. Brinkman, Madison R. XY. Carter, Osseo Robert E. Buell, Gilead, Conn. Fred S. S. Castle, Buffalo Prairie, Ill. john G. 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Gillett, Warren C. Glasgow, Clifford D. Gordon, W'illie H. Grafhn, W'alter J. Haddleton, Martin N. Hanson, 'W'm. E. Haseltine, Watson I. Hatch, Alfred B. Hicken, Clair R. I-lolmen, Emil E. Holt, Alonzo Howard, Sherman Hubbard, Benj. A Imholt, Perry Jackson, YVilliam O. Johnson, XfVillia1u Keyes, Gilbert M. Lampland, James M. Larson, Ole E. Larson, Christian W. Lassen, Melvin B. Lee, WVilliam Lehman, John H. Liebe, Alfred Lien, Forrest Linton, James W. Lord, John L. Lytle, Louis Malee, Hawley C. Adams, Irwin H. Alberty, Percy E. Aldrich, Charles M. Allen, Lester J. Athearn, Johnstown Rock Prairie Marshfield Trevor E. Dubuque, Ill. St. Johns, Mich. Northfield Doelle Dobie Appleton Centerville De Soto Menomonie Ripon Fitchburg Waterloo, Ia. Mineral Point Deerfield Hinsdale, Ill. Hollandale Baraboo Richland Center Pewaukee Waupaca Ono Melrose Evansville Houlton Argyle South XVayne Grand Rapids Haylield, Minn. lVIt. Nlorris, Ill. Emerald Grove XYinnetka, Ill. Harley A. Martin, Claude M. Mason, Charles K. Moore, Charlie L. Nichols, Chas. D. Nickel, Peter O Paulson, Paul Pickhardt, Richard H. Poston, Dwight E. Powell, YValter Runke, Samuel Schaffner, Jr., Frank C. Schroeder, Henry M. Schultz, David A. Smith, Theo. J. Smith, Henry A. Snyder, Anton J. Stauffacher, Alden L. Stone, Averall D. Shultis, Ren C. Tanner, Emil Tuernell, James Thom, Oscar O. Thompson, Thomas P. Thompson, Alfred Tobler, Perley S. Treat, Louis E. Uehling, Claude Vance, Guy P. Vance, George F. Varnum, Andrew 'XValter, Stanley E. 'vVatson, Heinrich R. YVeidig, Ernest P. W'elborn, Paul R. W'eller, Hillsboro George W'endt, Neosha Theo. F. XVesenberg, Grand Rapids Ray Williams, Blanchardville Andrew B. Williamson, Ft. Atkinson Jacob Wochos, Neenah Yxfalter A. Wolcott, Luaha, Iowa lVilliam J. VV'right, Fitchburg First Year Secherville Elbridge Bacon, Perry, N. Y. Burlington Ft. Atkinson Oshkosh 16 H I Leroy D. Baker, Richard E. Barron, Judson B. Beitel, John E. Bellinger. Richland City Cambridge Wauwatosa Hebron, Ill. Waupaca Hudson Milwaukee Madison Rockton, Ill. Algoma Kinley Kewaunee Nora, lll. Prion McNabb, Ill. Brooklyn Stearns Beaver Dam Waukesha Harvard, Ill. ' Hillside Millburn, Ill. Argyle Blair Knoxville, Tenn. Franks, Ill. Afton Decatur, Ill. Decatur, Ill. Melrose Geneva Milwaukee Hinsdale, Ill. Cynthiana, Ind. Ashland Bellefountain Eureka Lancaster Millville Starigelville Appleton Waukesha La Crosse Cobb Georgetown Hinckley, Ill. Portland, Ore. Arthur F. Bennett, Alfred Benson, Edward Benson, Henry L. Best, Guy Bible, Thos. S. Biggar, John Birdsall, Louis J. Birge, Mabel A. Birge, John Bjorge, Fred Boaler, Adelberth Bonsaek, Samuel J. Boss, Jr., Ulrich C. Boss, Robert E. Bradley, Alvin Brehn, Calvin O. Brewster, Thomas F. Bright, Akrel Bruhn, Herbert XV. Bunker, John L. Burce, Ruth Ella Burce, Willie E. Bussewitz, Harvey R. Carpenter, Wilbur B. Cartwright, Henry A. Casberg, Oren A. Christianson, Fayette B Coon, Claud XV. Conger, Daniel F. 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Gustafson, John Gysbers, Harry Habighorst, Max Hager, Gustav C. Hahn, Morton L. Hanna, John H. Hanson, Carl Hedman, Chas Hessel, John S. Higday, XVillis Roy Holcomb, XX'aldo E Holt, Gust A. Hossfielcl, Stephen Houkoni, Sigmon Hoyine, Charlie B. Huntington, Henry S. Husted, Harry Hutchins, XX'illiam L. Illian, Frank Imholt, Oliver B. Iverson, Alfred E. Johnson, Luke F. Keogh, Harry XX'. Kent, XX'illiam Keppel, Samuel J. Kingsley, Floyd E. Kluck, Roy E. Kluck, XX7illian1 J. Klussendorf, John Knecht, XX'illiam Fred Knoll, Oscar H. Knudtson, Henry F. Kramer, Charley Krause, Gussie Kuenster, Frank S. Kuykendall, Elmer Longanecker, Joseph V. Langworthy, Arthur D. Larson, XVilliam Law, Henry O. Lee, Arthur G. Lobre, James XX7. Logan, Adolph E. Lorentzen, Fred R. Marek, 168 Darien Browntown Plover Pecatonica, Ill. Cushing Lund XVaupun Sheboygan Prairie du Sac Sauk City Red Oak, Ia. Luana, Ia. Taylor Francis Creek Evansville Elkhorn Brooklyn Holrnen Blair Eau Claire Perry, N.Y. Potosi Roscoe. Ill. Scott Houlton South XX'ayne Iola Forestville Rusk Holmen Cascade, Ia. McConnell, Ill. McConnell, Ill. Milwaukee XV21llI1lZlIlClG6 Juneau Beloit Eagleton Johntown Glen Haven Vienna, Ill- Cerro Gordo, Ill. Augusta XX'aupaca Thomson Modena Madison Stanley Stanton Vienna Edwin D. May, Edward S. McCormick, Albert McCleery, XVilliam McGuire. Xfvilliam McLean, Arthur I. Meyer, Edwardj Meyer, james G. Milward, Gilbert J. Moe, Ray F. Moody, Frank F. Moore, XVillian1 J. Morgan, Berlin Mt. Hope XVaterman, Ill. Lake Geneva Rock Prairie Stargard Paynesville Madison Holmen Oshkosh Roscoe, Ill. Saginaw George XV. Mortimer, Valton Clarke S. Myers, Sugar Grove, lll. Robert S. Neeley, Pecatonica, Ill. Edward L. Newberry, - Peshtigo Waldemor F. Niemann, Theo. C. Nix. William G. Ogden, john M. Ogilvie, Herman A. Olson. Iesse Phillips, Lester I. Powell, Edward Quincannon, Perry C. Ranney, Arthur E. Rehbein, joseph Reich, Henry I. Renk, Oliver C. Rhodes, Harry M. Rice, XVilliam J. Roberts, Hugh Robinson, Fred Rogers, Minick Rood, Leonard M. Rowe, Charles Rutter, Bryant R. Ryall, Eugene I. Ryder. Percy D. Lacia, john T. Sanberg, Albert F. Savage. Fred I. Scherz, Andrew Sclmeider, Schuyler, Neb. Nix Corners Milwaukee ,Verona Cambridge Elizabeth, Ill. Stockbridge Lake Geneva Bowers Northeim East Gibson Sun Prairie Galesville Boscobel Prion Evansville Kewaunee South XX7ay11e Waupaca Ferryville Augusta Madison Galesville Marinette Thurman Rice Lake Leland joseph Schneider, Phillip G. Snyder, Edwin Sette, Sidney D. Seymour, Albert Snyder, Clarence I. Sheen, George I. Sherman, james H. Slatter. Garrett XV. Smith, john XV. Smith, Roy L. Smith, George D. Sprague, Bernhart F. Staack Maynard B. Stevens, 1 XX7allace Stevens, Frank C. Stokes, Theo. A. Strande, David M. Swan, Nathaniel I. Swan, james H. Taylor, John E. Thomas, Elmer E. Thompson, Morris Thompson, Mortimer L. Thompson, XX7 alter Thompson, Wm. R. Thompson, Harrie A. Tillotson, XVillian1 H. Toepel, Vernon XV. Travis, Sheldon I. Treseder, john C. Turnbull, jay A. Vincent, jay XVarner, George M. Watson, Otto R. XViegand, Alex. B. XViiiiZ1111S, Curtis I. XVilliams, Frank H. XX7 inter, Max XV. Wirth, XVm. B XVoodruff. john L. XX'oodward, Arthur C. Yale, I 169 Rice Lake Northfield Juneau Milwaukee Milwaukee Trevor Eau Claire Sun Prairie Millington, Ill. Smithton Madison Granby, Mass. Middleton jefferson Tomah Waterloo Taylor X7Vauwatosa Wauwatosa Orfordville XVales Madison XX7aterrnan La Crosse Northfield Poynette 'Bristol Sheboygan Canisteo, N.Y. Viroqua Cuba Lancaster 'Whitewater Milwaukee St. XVendel Dodgeville Marshfield Porter's Mills Tomah Avon, N. Y. Madison Meriden, Conn. Henry Amacher, Frank B. Augustine, Winfield A. Austin, Robert E. Baker, Dairy COIIYSQ Stetsonville Francis Creek Byrds Creek NVeyamvega Frank Bast, Garnet Herman E. Bauman, Naugart William L. Becker, Potters Gustavus H. Benkendorf, NVatertown Ferdinand C. Benn, Medford Charles A. Best, Herbert A. Birch, George F. Blood, Herman J. Bock, Ernest C. Boll, Joseph Y. Brandi, Otto Brimmer, Frank Brunner, Edgar Burg, Richard E. Butler, Ralph B. Cartwright, John Carty, Harry Catlanach, Misha Mokwa Trade Lake Appleton Jackson Sheboygan Falls Blenker 'White Creek Durand St. Anna Modena Lookout Maplewood Nasonville Cainus H. Christienson, Cambridge Jule Chandoir, Brussels Clifford C. Clark, Poy Sippi William M. Coxe, Yfhitewater Yates S. Cuprey, Randolph Edgar H. Dassow, Sheboygan Falls Theodore Drover, Berlin Jay Dudley, Alma Center Albert Duge, Neillsville John XV. Durst, Keyesville William A. Ebert, Pardeeville Clarence A. Ellingwood, Madison Walter H. Freund, I-layton George F. Frye, Highland lfVilliam P. Furman, Yifinchester Adrien Gehl, St. Lawrence Louis W. Genske, Royalton Henry L. Gerlach, Ada Ernest A. Greenwood, Quincy Ferdinand Grimm, Tustin Fred VV. Grover, Ridgeland Chester H. Halstead, Rensselaer Mrs. Henry D. Harkness, Turtle Lake Roy T. Harris, XVarrens Willfred T. Heaslett, Granton John G. Hellier, James T. Henderson, Philip Hertel, James H. Hilfiker, Herman A. Homuth, Ralph Hood, Emil Hosig, Alex. J. Huss, Ernst Indermuehl, John VV. James, Arthur H. Jenks, John Jensen, John P. Jensen, Elmer F, Julian, Joseph A. Karon, John J. Kelly, Earl Kent Francis P. King, Charles Kornley, George F Krause. Mike Krich, Geoi'geJ Kust, August l-I. Kutz, Alfred Larson, William I. Lawrence John C. Leitzke, August XV. Lelnnann, Joseph F. Madison , Frank XV. llfICfiYll1lll', John Mertons, Henrvr L. Mueller, Robert A. Murray, Brainard L. Newell, Harley Burr Oaks, Martin B. O'Brien, Claude Odell, James O'Malley, 'John J. Peacock, Howard T. Pearson, Floyd Penny, Harry H. Peterson, George E. Peterson, John Pfeiffer, Richard S. Ponto, XValter R. Port, Roy Rathbun, Robert J. Reed, 170 Salem Mellen Merme Union Mills Spring Green Plain Hartford Richwood Woodland T rempealeau Loyal Neenah Grand Rapids Hazel Green Eastman Ernbarrass Eveumclaw Durand Kinghridge Jackson Lake Church Newern Rib Falls Culumbus Wilcox Ellisville Hustisford Mazomanie Oseola Charlesburg Sheboygan Falls Five Points lVaterford XVest Salem Nowell Modena White Mounds Fennimore Neenah Amherst New Holstein New Holstein Oshkosh Princeton Reedsburg Mondovi Yellow Springs Otto G. Rhode, Manawa Robert W. Roberts, Oconomowoc George A. Rosenberg, Elk Mound Oscar VV. Roon, Melrose Amos Rudesill, Downing Lawrence Rueckl, Luxemburg Oscar Schafer, Muscoda Herman Schnell, Rube Lawrence B. Sharratt, Prion Tweed NV. Shumen, Melrose Severin J. Simonson, Sharon Vlfinnard M. Singleton, Newboro, Ont., Can. Carl YV. Smith, Melrose, Mass. Byron G. St. Peter, Edward L. Thornton, james E. Thorp, Fred NV. Turner, Carl J. Utermark, lVi1liam Vertheim, Albert Vruwink, Iohn C. VVinn, Claude L. NVi1loughb Clifford Wisswell, Albert M. NVoelffer, Charles F. Yanna, james G. Zollinger, Carlton Kunesh Stockton, Cal. North Greenfield La Farge Logansville Cedar Grove Richland Center y, Columbia, Mo. Elkhorn Lake Mills Castle Rock YValdwick l'7l x S-EX'-If I A , , P Y Al y,5'?"'TQ " v- X xx N I X ... 17? 43, sql 1? ' !""7Q: N Z SCHOOL Mu c fiffiirxfi' 'i .Yr is I rx " 1 ri if .Q -.f 'rr r Mx nw ,', r fm .iaf ' nf .I . . lr ' - W : . -lm" 1 v "-fl! ' ll . IF ,. f I :' ,Q I Q- .xv . ' sf' ,pr . ' fi I ff I 'i kj'---H -.Y " for 1 it jj' -fn I ' 'tum ' ---f... -- ... -,... M. L, - . - -- -n .. .. , If Z 1: i I-Q' , ' ,r 'az , .' : , , 4 ' -:X 'L . . 'r X' I . --'3"'f"' fi' Q. Qi an, -..4. My, . ' u .-'Q il' ,1."f, ' 'I x 3 'ff '-"Sak"-" f r . I ' . s fl Bessie G. Brand, Minnie M. Lueders, Maude E. Abbott, Anna E. Ackerman, Anna L. Anderson, Lila Anderson, Bertha V. Arnold, Roe Arnold, joseph R. Austin, Laura Brownson, Grace Buhhnan, Eyvind H. Bull, Agnes K. Byrne, Laura L, Cosgrove, Bessie E. Cottrell, Clara A. Dahle, 'Grace S Dixon, Orlina B Dodge, Dorothy I. Everett, A rthur W. Fairchild, Lillian C. Fitch, Nellie Galusha, Anna M. Gapen, Martha Gilbertson, Mary A. Glen, 6l'ElClll3I2S Madison Madison Alice XValden, Mary E. Pickarts, Martha Thompson. Argyle COll2SiElIQ Madison Coleta, Ill. Madison Augusta Fenniniore Sharon Madison Sharon VK'aunal:ee Madison Madison Kenosha Spencer, Ia Mt Horeb Milwaukee Montello Sparta Green Bay Beacon, Mich. Monroe Madison Mt. Horeb Chicago, Ill. 172 Johanna Glenz, Regina E. Groves, Cordelia Haner, Daisy E. Hanson, Florence Hai-iingto Henry I. Hart, ll, Anna H. Hatleberg, Mae E. Hawley, Frederick C. Heiin, Eda D. Heller, Rachel T. Holland, Edith C. Hnngate, Evelyn L. johnson. Madison Mt. Horeb Madison Madison Sun Prairie Madison Madison YVild Rose De Forest Madison Madison Sheboygan Blanchardyille La I-larpe, Ill. YVinona, Minn. Robert B. Kanouse, Madison Petra E. Kasberg, Madison George R. Keachie, Cedar Rapids, Ia. Minnie E. Kelley. Madison Florence M. Klahr, I-Ioricon Irena M. Kleinpell, Madison Josephine K. Klusniann, Madison 'Wilhehnina E. Kraenier, Granite Fails, Minn. Allan Lee Cambridge, Cambridge Emily D. Martin, Madison Mary K. Renk, Sun Prairie Mary C. Matthias, Leavenworth, Kan. Helen P. Richardson, Evansville Edward G. Mattke, Baraboo Melinda C. Rider, Dubuque, Ia. Margaret McCauley, Lancaster Caroline M. Riley, Madison Alice Monahan, Madison Elinore A. Rinder, Madison Eugene B. Mumford, New Harmony Otilda H. Sanders, Perry james B. Nash, Grand Rapids May L. Savage, Madison john H. Neef, Portage Minnie E. Schmidtman, Manitowoc Susie Nelson, Madison Lucca C. Schott, Madison Ada M. Nyswander, Napoleon, O. Mary R. Sheldon, Madison Patricia M. Osborne, Madison Kathryn F. Sherman, NVindsor Frances M. Palmer, Chicago, Ill. Edna L. Tarbox, La Crosse Theo. B. Pickford, Madison Elsie Thom, Madison Carol G Pollard, Sioux City, Ia. Carrie E. Thompson, Madison Mary Pratt, Deerneld Rose M. Toepfer, Madison Abbie E. Rehn, Marshall Christine R. Wright, Lodi HC2lCl2miC Hazel V. Alford, Madison Louis E. Naffz, Madison Frederick Arnold, Eau Claire Otto Naffz, Madison Emma M. Blum, Madison Clara Newman, Madison Nellie M. Burmester, Middleton Lylia I. Owens, Madison Alta E. Chatterton, Madison Jeania M. Patten, Verona Emily Chynoweth, Madison Ruby E. Peck, Madison Elmer D. Clifford, Madison Helen M. Pierce, Madison Margaret G. Cochrane NVaupun Agnes L. Pratt, Madison Forbes Cronk, Madison Eleanor C. Purcell, Madison Olive ML Davis, Blooming Grove Mary H. Pyre, Madison Rose Dye, Madison Lylia A. Ransom, Madison Ernst O. Eckelmann, Milwaukee Ethel L. Rider, Kentland, Ind. Helen Flint, Madison Aldyth H. Shaw, Madison Marian Fredrickson, Madison Jessie C. Smith, Madison Mary K. Hobbins, Madison Nina P. Smith, Brooklyn Marion B. Jones, Madison Madge E, Stedman, Berlin Norman Lee, Cambridge Ruth A. Twist, Madison Gertrude B. Lewis, McFarland Charles A. Urner, New York, N. Y. Vera A. McNeill, Sheboygan Meta XVagner, Madison Albert G. Michelson, Mt. Horeb Leila H. 'Wallace, Madison Clara I. A. Moe, Chetek Alfred I. VVarren, Hinsdale, Ill. Alexander XV. Morgan, Madison Marion XVarren, Hinsdale, Ill. Josephine M. Murray, Madison Elllllla M. Wiesender, Dartford Ina G. Naffz, Madison Emma R. 'XVinterbotham, Madison fssfgirzriml -mb ilggftf.. X :ll 1 Y 173 Ella A. Barton, George H. Gohlke, Sydney H. Bishop, Elmer D. Clifford, Edith A. Ferris, Amelia C. Fischer, Clara G. Froehlich, Charlotte M. Jacobs. Jean M. Allen, George F. Anderson, Laura L. Cosgrove, Florence I. Daggett, Clara A Dahle, Clarence O. Dawson Annie B. Dean, Paul H. Dernehl, Frank E. Doscher, Frank J. Eaton, Ole Eggurn, john B. Enfield, Mary E. French, Charles H. Gardner, VVard L. Hayes, Rachel I. Holland, Edith C. Hungate, Fldllll SDQCMIS 'Fourth Year Mt. Vernon jesse VV. Johnson, Richard YVillian1son, Madison third Year Madison Sally P. Harris, Lillie M. Merrill, Rochester SQCOIICI YQZII' Milwaukee Oscar XV. Kreutzer, Madison Frances B. Marshall, Madison Ada M. Nyswander, Madison Bella G. Steel, Milwaukee Christian Xllestergard Madison 'First Year Marinette Elbert L. Jordan, Andrew, Ia. Petra E. Kasberg, Kenosha Alfred H. Kelling, Madison jesse K. Luter, Mt. Horeb , Mason City, Ia. Madison Milwaukee Plattville Cudahy Mt Horeb Clarinda, Ia. Rensselaer, Ind. Omaha, Neb. Boyceville Blanchardville La Harpe, Ill. Mary E. McClure, Charles Meisnest, Harmon L. Mitchell, Eva Morrison, Albert C. Price, Leilah H. Pugh, Francis L. Randolph, Ethel L. Rider, May E. Thompson, Frank B. Tuttle, Oswal O. Wagle, Gertrude M. YVilder, Elimbeth R. lVylie, Q, " "df'f ,, rlissbf ' '.- J 'M . 174 Sterling, Ill. Madison Cedarburg Madison Napoleon, O. Dixon, Ill. Madison Berlin Madison Milwaukee Madison Madison Branch Milwaukee Madison South Byron Mazomanie Madison Kentland, Ind. Sparta Madison Madison Madison Madison EBNITIES " 7,5 . . Nj. X ' " . 7 57 f x , V ' T' -"fix j 4- . ,Qing ,.,.f X X E gifmti f " V , :X ' , -'fxgii 6 E, HON. PETER STIRLING Phi Delta Cbeta Foumied al Mzlzzzzz' U7ZZ'U67Sl-bf, 1848 Roll of Zbavters Colby University Dartmouth College Vniversity of Vermont YVillia1ns College Amherst College Brown University Cornell University Union College Columbia University Syracuse University University of Mississippi Tulane University Alabama Polytechnic Institute XVashington and jefferson College University of Alabama ' University of Pennsylvania Southwestern University Miami University Ohio University University of Chicago Lombard University Case School of Applied Science Butler College Knox College University of Illinois University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Iowa University of Missouri Washington University Leland Stanford, jr., University University of Cincinnati 1 T7 University of California Randolph-Macon College 'Washington and Lee University University of North Carolina University of the South Vanderbilt University Central University University of Georgia University oi' Texas Lafayette College Gettysburg College Emory College Alleghany College Dickinson College Mercer University Lehigh University University of Virginia Ohio Wesleyan University Northwestern University Ohio State University l1Vahash College Indiana University Franklin College Hanover College De Pauw University Purflue University University of Michigan Iowa Wesleyan University Westminster College University of Kansas University of Nebraska University of Washington Phi Della Chew WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER Robert N. Dow McClellan Dodge Vifarden Allen Curtis Reginald Jackson Lawrence Albert Curtis Earle Steede Anderson Louis McLane Hobbins 1357 'fratres in Urbc Williain F. Vilas George Keenan Lucien J. Pickarts Ambrose B. Winegar Harry L. Butler 'William Vilas Bryant Philip King 'Fratres in 'Facultate Fletcher Andrew Parker Edward Davis Jones Edward Rose Maurer Bernard Victor Swenson Fellow Fred A. Fish Frates in Unioersitate Graduate Joel Stebbins Seniors n Neely Eugene Pardee Herbert Milton lVoolen Mark Humphrey Newman juniors Sidney Cleveland Niles Harold Gano Ferris Thomas Francis Frawley, Jr. Elbridge Bacon Mortimer Leo Thompson Sovhomores l ' Robert Lee Wilkins Julius Johannes Griesel James Alexander Walker Edward Henry Hughes Earle Knisell Allyn 'Freshmen W'alter Kellogg Lyman Roy Kasson Lolnniller Webber Sands Russell Mark Banta Hawley NVinfred Wilbur Aaron Sidney Putney, Jr Lyman Johnson, Jr. Kenneth Boyd Tanner Robert Parcells Minton Harold Otten Cady James Bronson Blake College of Daw Seniors Arthur Wilson Fairchild Nelson James Wilcox Carl Frederick Geilfuss ' Thomas lfVilliam Leahy Byron Houghton Stebbins middle Edward Charles Griesel 178 wisconsin Hlvha Zbapter of Phi Delta theta BQIEI CDQIZI Pi Founded at Miami Uniwersiq, 161359 ROII of Zbapters Miania University Westerii Reserve University Ohio University Center College NVashington and Jefferson College Harvard College De Pauw University Indiana University University of Michigan Wabash College Brown University I-Iampclen-Sidney College University of Virginia University of North Carolina Ohio Wesleyan Uhiversity Hanover College Knox College Davidson College Beloit College Bethany College Iowa State University VVittenburg College NVestminster College Iowa VVesleyan University Denison University Richmond College University of W'ooster Uhiversity of Kansas Randolph-Macon College University of Xlfisconsin Northwestern University Dickinson College Cornell Uuiversity Stevens Institute of Technology St. Lawrence University Boston University johns Hopkins University University of California Maine State College University of Mississippi University of Pennsylvania Colgate University Union College Columbia College Amherst College Vanderbilt University Ohio State University University of Texas University of Nebraska Pennsylvania State University Denver University Syracuse University Dartmouth College lVesleyan University University of Cincinnati University of Minnisota Rutgers College Lehigh University University of Chicago Leland Stanford, Ir., University BQIEI Cbtld Pi A LPHA PI CHAPTER 1873 'Eratres in Urbe T. E. Smith, B.A. F. W. Brown, B.L. F. K. Conover, B.A.,L.L.B. F. H. Eclsall, M.D. C. H. Kilpatrick, B A. F. A. Hutchins, B.L. C. N Harrison, Ph.D. R. H. McCullagh O. Cole, jr., B.L. XV. N. Smith, L.L B. H. S. Celirson Fratres H1 'FGCIHIRIQ L. S. Smith, B.S., C.E. C. F. Burgess, B.S. I. F. A. Pyre, Pl1.D. W. H. Pyre, B.L. E. B. Skinner, B.A. C. R. Fish, B A H. s. Smith, B.A.,L.L.B. Fratres in llniversitate R. W. Wood, B.A. Seniors Lester Dennison Williams. Harry Ashton Severson Paul Stover Homer Roger Dopp LeRoy Salsich XVilliam Arthur WValker, larence Edward Macartney " juniors John Bartow Patrick Carl Frederic Stillman Clifford Cady Ireland Sovbomores Robert Campbell Wente Warreli Joseph Bishop Raymond Morgan Chapman 'Freshmen NVilliarn Mack Baxter Paul Martin Ripley Marshall Hubbard jackson Harry W'est Cole Robert Kirtland Coe Paul Philip Bennett 'William joseph Juneau XVillis Edge Brindley Henry Edward Murphy 'William Alfred Anderson Francis Xavier Murphy Harry Bull Webster Sydney Seymour College 0f KGW I SQl1l0l'S Paul Tratt Alonzo Albert Chamberlain jlllllol' Paul Robert McKee 182 Hlvba Pl Zbapter of Beta theta Pi KEIDDG KZIIJDZI Gamma Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 Roll of Ebapters A C TI V E Phi Boston University Beta Beta St. Lawrence University Beta Tau Syracuse University Psi Cornell University Lambda Buchtel College Beta Gamma lVooster University Delta Indiana University Iota De Pauw University Mn Butler University Kappa Hillsdale College Xi Adrian College Eta University of Wisconsin Epsilon Illinois Wesleyan University Upsilon Northwestern University Chi University of Minnesota Omega Kansas University Sigma Nebraska University Theta Missouri University Beta Zeta Iowa State University Gamma Rho Alleghany College Beta Nu Ohio State University Beta Eta Leland Stanford, jr., University Beta Alpha University of Pennsylvania Beta Delta University of Michigan Beta Epsilon Barnard College Beta Iota Swarthmore College Beta Lambda University of Illinois AL UM N If Boston, Mass. New York, N. Y. 185 Kappa Kappa Gamma Mrs. O. D. Brandenburg Mrs. Leonard S. Smith Martha M. Dodge Mrs. John M. Olin Jennie Pitman Mrs. F. C. Sharp Mrs. john Dean ETA CHAPTER 1875 S0l'0l'QS ill UYDQ Helen Palmer Edna R. Chynoweth Mrs. Charles F. Lamb Mrs, Charles King lVIrs. Benjamin 'W. Snow Mary I. Thorpe Mary Hill Florence Mears Anna B. Moseley Mrs. Harry Sheldon Juliet V. Thorpe Flora E. Moseley Mary Tenney Emma Gattil-:er Mrs. Arthur G. Laird Sorores in 'facultate Annie Pitman Wiiiifrecl Titus Sorores in Universitate Graduate Ethel McEwen S2l1l0I' Eliza Wheelock Bartlett fluniors Mary Gifford Peckham Ethel Frances Raymer Ida Elliott Clara Garner Froelich Florence Ellis Weissert Madge Elizabeth Thompson Nell Farnham Parkinson Guinevieve Mihills Sopbomores Olive Grace Runner Helen Gladys Thompson Carrie justina Holah Mary Lucile Cheever Nellie Margaret Lamoreux Florence Alida Pray George Challoner Almira Catherine johnson Edith Clare Hungate Freshmen Ethel Lawrence Amy Elizabeth Nichols Mary Hope Darrow 186 .laldllqj U19 IZIUUIUD Uddvbl Uddvll 40 Phi Kappa Psi Founded at jfqferson College, Pa., 185.2 Roll of Gbavters lVashingtOn and jefferson College Bucknell University Dickinson College Lafayette College Swarthinore University Syracuse University Colgate University Amherst College University of Virginia Hainpclen-Sidney College johns Hopkins University University of Mississippi W'ittenburg College De Pauw University W'abash College Northwestern University University of Wisconsin University Of Minnesota University of Kansas Alleghany College Gettysburg College Franklin and Marshall College University of Pennsylvania Cornell University Coluinbia University Brooklyn IPolytechnic Institute Dartmouth College XVashington and Lee University University of VVest Virginia Ohio VVesleyan University University of Ohio University of Indiana University of Michigan University of Chicago Beloit College University of Iowa University of Nebraska Leland Stanford, jr., University University of California Hlumni Hssociations PHILADELPHIA, PA. NEW YORK, N. Y. DENVER, COL. IWINNEAPOLIS AND ST. PAUL, IYIINN. W:XSHINGTON, D. C. SPRINGFIELD, OHIO NIEADVILLE, PA. PITTSBURG, PA. CLEVELAND, OHIO BALTIIVIORE, MD. CHICAGO, ILL. DIEXVARK, OHIO PORTLAND, OREGON BUCYRUS, OHIO Phi Kappa Psi XVISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER ' 1875 'Fratres in Urbe Cornelius A. Harper Percy Wheeler Tracy Charles E. Buell Emmet R. Hicks Samuel M. Smith 'Fratres in 'Facuhate Charles Homer Haskins Aladine Cummings Longden fl'dfI'2S lll ulIiWl'SifdIQ Seniors Chester David Barnes - Charles Graham Collins Lyndon Hickok Tracy Eugene Bishop Mumford john Clarence Taylor XVilliam Chester Sutherland Charles Lowry Thompson juniors Orlando Hiram Frick Charles Chester Allen Sovhomores Wallace XVilliam Miller john Henry Friend, Jr. 'Freshmen James Charles james Charles Marius Haugan Robert Nicholson Sharp i Fred Hiltman Carpenter Percy Edward Schroeder Harry Leslie Lea 'William Frank MCElClONX'I1Cj' Charles Henry Gardner jack XValdo Mussell Fred Robinson Pettit ' Zellege of EGW Seniors Edwin C. F. Knowles middle Harry Lee Reeves jlllll0l'S George Xvilliam Ripley Bernard Morey Palmer 190 Edward David Jenner William Laird McCormick J. T. Stuart Lyle Frank VVhittier Jacobs wiseonsin Hlvba Zhapter of Phi kappa Psi Cbi Psi Founded at Union Collegc, 1841 Roll of Zhapters Alpha Pi Alpha Theta Alpha Mu Alpha Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Epsilon Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Alpha Tau Alpha Nu Alpha Iota Alpha Rho Alpha Xi Alpha Alpha Delta Alpha Beta Delta Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Delta Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Union College Willianis College Middlebury College Weslegfaii University Hamilton College University of Michigan Amherst College Cornell University NVoffo1-fl College University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin Rutgers College Stevens Institute of Technology University of Georgia Lehigh University Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California University of Chicago 193 Chi PS1 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER T878 'Fratres in Urbe Charles Francis Lamb Louis Rollin Head Harry Leonard Moseley john Monroe Parkinson Lucien Mason Hanks Paul Sherman NVarner Chandler Burwell Chapman Louis Dunning Sumner Frank Favill Bowman Stanley Charles Hanks Frederic Spensley Fred Charles Ellis Marshall M. Parkinson 'Fratres in 'facultate Charles Foster Smith Frank Gaylor Hubbard Fratres in Universitate S2Ili0l'S Hubbard Chandler Atkins, jr. Henry Alfred Balding Dwight Eastman Beebe Henry Overbeck NVinkler Frederick August Vogel George Francis Markham Henry Frederick Carpenter Arthur Lewis Johnson John Tapley Blake George Edwards Taylor Frederick Clarence Inbusch juniors Sovhomores 'Freshmen Robert Hugh Downes Edwin Easter Haskin Arthur Benedict Uihlein Harvey Phineas Clawson Iohn Ritchie Kimball Henry Frederick Helmholz Irving Seaman Eugene Hugh Byrne Shelby Vvinsted Redman Donald Alexander MacDonald XYillia1n Benedict Uihlein Harold Haskins ZOIIQQQ of Daw Allan Theran Pray Charles Lewis Burnham 194 5. DQIIB Gamma Founded' at Oxjllfd, Miss., 1874! Roll of Gbapters Eta Omega Sigma Alpha Lambda Zeta Chi Xi Phi Tau Delta Kappa Psi Theta Upsilon Theta Kappa Theta ACTIVE Buchtel College University of 'Wisconsin Northwestern University Mount Union College University of Minnesota Albion College - Cornell University University of Michigan University of Colorado University of Iowa University of Lower California University of Nebraska VVOHIHIIYS College, Baltimore University of Indiana . Leland Stanford, jr., University AL UMNAE Cleveland, Ohio Lincoln, Neb. l97 Delia Gamma OMEGA CHAPTER SOl'Ol'QS ili UPN Mrs. Aubertine Xlloodward Moore, Honorary Alice Taylor Florence Cornelius Mrs. Albert W. Briggs Mrs. Charles S. Slichter Mrs. Frederick Turneaure Katherine McDonald Annie Stewart Mary Main Fanchon Ellsworth Amy Young Mrs. Louis D. Sumner May S. Foster Elizabeth Mills Blanche Harper Katherine P. Vilas Katherine Allen Ella Gernon Mrs. Fred Brown Mrs. C. B. Chapman Charlotte Freeman Mrs. Carl Johnson Mrs. Calvert F. Spensley Amelia F. Stevens Mrs. Raymond R. Frazier Elizabeth Vilas Martha Pound Mary Louise Freeman Ellen Lamb Mrs. Bertand Doyon Eleanor Bardeen Sarah Ramsay sorores in 'Facultate Jennie Butt Sorores in llniversitate Daisy Ruinina Dye Leonore Agnes Meinharclt Katharine VVentworth Sanborn Florence Eugenia Van Slyke Nelson Edith Bonar Martin Georgina Steel Agnes Merrill Alice Fanny Jackson Leeta Alice Harvey fick Genevieve Stilson McDill Mary Adelaide Stoppenbach Mary Huntington Helen Harvey Sybil Barney Mary Florence Cunningham Elinor Merrill Mabel Odell Mary Updegraif Elizabeth Joyce Hunter Margaret Clarice Jackman Madge Ella Stedman Ruth Pauline Miner Elsie Thom ru QI, YJ .r ' ' A 1' 'V 1, Rfk xx Xxx ju -'P' ' . 1HZ'5i7 ., '-s, --fu , L-1 .QQ ' 'v " -!,'x'g Q H31 f AQ -mg fx, :za ' , -.A.12aQ:gf:a-:if5 - -M ff' 14,-f?56LQv f , ' ' "gm if X,ffT .lf' li p- - 1 Ff "l'2s5 ,. ., . . L1 ,,3 eff.-1 .'AQ".'." ,-?f'4a5,,,a,.N 'TTY V- -fs .WIS J - "L Save'-' ',' Lrg -, pgvgff., :G 4 GiG'N...,5 r "1 ul , ,Ei J fl, iff-, J Sigma Chi Founded' at Miazni Ulziwersfzy, 1Sjj KOH of Zhavters AICTIV E Alpha Miami University Beta University of Wooster Gamma Ohio XVesleyan University Epsilon Columbian University Zeta XYashington and Lee University Eta University of Mississippi Theta Pennsylvania College Kappa Bucknell University Lambda Indiana University Mu Denison University Xi De Pauw University Omicron Dickinson College Rho Butler College Tau Roanoke College Phi Lafayette College Chi Hanover College , Psi University of Virginia Omega Northwestern University Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta Alpha Gamma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Theta Alpha Iota Alpha Lambda Alpha Nu Alpha Xi Alpha Omicron Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Sigma Alpha Tau Alpha Upsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Alpha Omega Gamma Gamma Delta Delta Zeta Zeta Zeta Psi Eta Eta Theta Theta Kappa Kappa Lambda Lambda Mu Mu Nu Nu Xi Xi Oniicron Omicron Sigma Sigma Hobart College University of California Ohio State University University of Nebraska Beloit College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Illinois Wesleyan University University of Xvisconsin University of Texas University of Kansas Tulane L'niversity Albion College Lehigh University University of Minnesota University of North Carolina University of South Carolina Cornell University Pennsylvania State College Vanderbilt University Leland Stanford, jr., University Randolph-Macon College Purdue University Centre College University of Cincinnati Dartmouth College University of Michigan University of Illinois Kentucky State College West Virginia University Columbia University University of State of Missouri University of Chicago Hampden-Sidney College New York, N. Y. Nashville, Tenn. New Orleans, La. Phi'Phi University of Pennsylvania ALUMNI Philadelphia, Pa. Chicago, Ill. Indianapolis, lnd Boston, Mass. Cincinnati, Ohio Milwaukee, Wis. Columbus, Ohio 201 Sigma Chi ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Henry Hotchkiss Morgan 1 S84 'Fratres in Urhe I. Howard Morrison 'iratres in 'facultate Q Charles S, Slichter Samuel E. Sparliug 'Fratres in Universitate Graduate Edward Albert Cook George Tracy Bunker William Keenan Murphy VVilliam lVhittlesey Atwater Carl 'William Ziepprecht Charles Maxwell Deering Raymond Haisler Roy Boggess Staver Lynn Alfred YVillia1ns jlll1i0FS ' Bertram Francis Adams Sovhomores Hudson Bernard XVerder Howell A. G. Parks Charles Harold Gafin 'Freshmen Herford White Lewis XVoodworth Parks Rudolph Garneld Stotzer QOIIQQQ of Edw middle John Earle Kemp iiuniors Harry Page Keith 202 Hlpba Lambda Zhapter of Sigma Ubi Gamma Phi BQIEI Founded at Syrarusc UlZi'UFf'Sffj', 1874 Alpha Beta Gannna Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Roll of ZHGDIQYS ACTIVE Syracuse University University of Michigan University of Wisconsin University of Boston Northwestern University WOIIIHIIIS College, Baltimore University of California Denver University AL UMNIE Chicago, Ill. Boston, Mass. Syracuse, N. Y. 205 Gamma Phi Beta GAMMA ' CHAPTER 1885 Sorores ill UTM Florence E. Baker, B.A Martha S. Baker, B.L. Jennie Belle Davis Ethel Isabelle Houser . Mrs. Ada Sumner Briggs Annie T. Chapman Mary Clark Brittingharn, B.L. Mrs. Mrs. Helen Steensland Nelson, B.L Mrs. Ina Judge Hanks, B.L. Fred Clausen Mrs. Sorores in Universitate SQlti0l' Dorothea Hughes Curtis j1llll0I'S Clara Marie Barkhausen Florence Madeline Shaw Wilhelmina Georgie Case Mary Henrietta Pyre Alice Jean Bevans Caval Greenway Pollard Elizabeth Melinda Pyre Mary Edna Bunting Helen Hazen Mooers Nellie Alpharetta Etter Josephine Ross Helen Galusha Sarah Jennie Seeber Clara Kemler Sovhomores Harriet Johnson Hilda Clementine Johnson Amelia Vance Pyre Freshmen Nellie Miller Edith Frances Mitchell Barbara Hilton Curtis Bonnie Eloise Burton Margaret Grace McCauley Lilian Charlotte Fitch . 206 Gdmmd Zbdpfkl' of Gamma Phi BQIR Della ISDSHOII Founded at Wiffiams Coflege, 1834 Roll of Ebapters Williaiiis College Union College - Hamilton College Amherst College Aclelbert College Colby University Rochester University - Middlebury College - Bowdoin College Rutgers College Brown University - - - Colgate University - - - University of the City of New York Cornell University - - - Marietta College - Syracuse University - University of Michigan University of Toronto ,ACTIVE 1834 1838 1847 T347 1347 1852 IS52 1856 1857 1858 1860 1865 1865 1869 1870 1373 1876 Northwestern University - - Harvard University - - University of Wisconsin Lafayette College - - Colunibia College - Lehigh University - - Tufts College .- - De Pauw University - University of Pennsylvania - University of Minnesota - - Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology ---- Swarthmore College - - Leland Stanford, jr., University University of California - - University of Nebraska - MCGill University - - 209 1880 ISSO 1885 1885 1885 1885 1886 1887 1888 ISQO 1 89 1 1894 I 395 I 395 1898 1 898 1 899 Eric 'William Allen John McHenry Barney DQIIZI l5DSil0l1 VVISCONSIN CHAPTER 1885 'Fratres in Urbe Charles O. O'Neill, Vvisconsin, '96 joseph E. Davies, VVisconsin, '98 Francis A. Averbeck, Marietta, '76 Ralph XV. Jackman, YVisconsin, '97 Harvard Law, 'oo Rev. H. A. Miner, NVillia1ns, '53 Hon. E. Ray Stevens, Wisconsin, '93 Hon. W. G. Walker, Colgate, '66 Ernest A. O'Nei1l, Xkfisconsin, '99 , 'Fratres in Benjamin W. Snow, Ph.D., Cornell, '85 VValter M. Smith, B A., Wisconsin, '90 VVillian1 B. Cairns, Ph.D., XVisconsin, '90 John B. Johnson, C.E., Michigan, '78 Edward Kremers, Ph.D., NVisconsin, 'SS 'Facultate A. A. Bruce, A.B., LL.B., 'Wisconsin, '90 Paul S. Reinsch, Ph.D., Wisconsin, '92 George R. Noyes, Ph.D., Harvard, '98 George C. Fiske. Ph D., Harvard, 'oo Willard G. Bleyer, M.L., VVisconsin, '96 Fratres in Universitate Graduate Charles Elmer Allen S2l1l0l'S Harry Ernest Bradley Arthur Franz Beule juniors Paul Marie Binzel lValter Franklin Mabbett Arthur Hale Curtis , Robert Hill Titus Robert M. Davis George Bryant Vinson Sovbomores Arthur William Cowley Harry C. johnson 'Willlam Boyd Currie George Albert Mowry Truman Monroe Dodson Rawson Joseph Pickard Charles Frederick Goodenough Lloyd Winston Pullen Ralph S. Groinann Galen Addis Fox 'Freshmen Wallace james Benedict Frederic Robert Hills Harry Douglass Keerl Victor Grant Marquissee Albert Logan Marshall Harry Edward Miller Floyd Archibald Naramore ZQIIQQQ of ECW . l , . Seniors I Michael William McArdle joseph Edward Davies Charles Thomas Hutson middle Eugene Charles Joannes filll1l0l'S Edward Bulwer Cochems Henry K. Graas 210 wisconsin Zbapter of Delta Uvsilon KGDDEI fllbbil CDQIEI Founded at Dc Paulw Uzziwafsigl, 1870 Roll of ZISBDIQYS Lambda Iota Mu Chi Alpha Beta Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Beta Delta Epsilon Eta Kappa Nu Pi Rho Tau Upsilon Psi Alpha Gamma Phi Omega Alpha Alumnae Beta Alumnae . Gamma Alumnae . Delta Alumnm Epsilon Alumnae Zeta Alumnae Eta Alumnae Theta Alumnae Kappa Alpha Theta Club of Southern California ACTIVE Abba Dinrirt University of Vermont Cornell University Alleghany College Syracuse University Swarthmore College Woman's College, Baltimore Brown University Barnard College Beta Diftrirt De Pauvv University Indiana State University University of Illinois Wooster University University of Michigan University of Kansas Hanover College Albion College University of Nebraska Northwestern University University of Minnesota University of Wisconsiii Ohio State University Gamma Diffrifz' Leland Stanford, jr., University University of California AL UIWNAE Greencastle, Ind. Minneapolis, Minn New York, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. Columbus, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. . . . . . Burlington, Vt. Philadelphia, Pa. Los Angeles, Cal. 2l3 Kappa fllvba Cbeta Mrs. C. E. Buell Mrs. Dugald C. jackson Pauline Shepard Leonore O'Connor PSI CHAPTER 1890 S0l'0l'QS in UPN Mrs. Victor Cofiin Bertha L. Brown Mrs . john M. Parkinson Mrs. E. Ray Stevens Mrs. L. A. Austin Mrs. E. B. Skinner Helen Kellogg Mrs. A. R. 'Whitson Sorores Ill umvilflfaie S2l1i0l'S Kate Buell Blanche Clarke juniors ' Laura Elizabeth Sage Edna Bolender Jeannette Limbert Sage Esther Donnelly Ada Craug Lloyd Ella Buell Katharine Louise Button Sovhomores Ruth Chafin Stockrnan Evelyn Lena johnson Amy S. Johnson Leilah Marguerite Pugh 'Freshmen Vera Alice McNeill Anne Harwood Sims Ethel Edna Moore Carrie Luella Knox 214 :: . PS1 ZDRDIQI' of Kappa Hlvbil theta ,ESRI fl'3fQl'lIilD of Phi Delta Kent Booth Story Cooley Pomeroy Marshall Webster Hamilton Gibson Choate W'aite Field Conkling Tiedeman Minor Dillon Daniels Chase Harlan Swan McLain Lincoln Osgoode Fuller Miller Green Comstock University of Michigan Northwestern University Columbia College Xvashington University, Mo. Hastings College of Law, San Columbian University Boston University University of Cincinnati University of Pennsylvania Harvard University Yale University New York University Cornell University University of Missouri University of Virginia University of Minnesota Buffalo Law School, Buffalo, University of Oregon University of Wiscoiisiii Ohio State University State University of Iowa University of Nebraska Francisco N. Y. Law School of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ont Chicago College of Law, Lake Forest Univ ersity Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of Kansas Syracuse University 217 QQSGI fl'dI2l'lIiID Of Pbi DQIIG Phi HARLAN CHAPTER Charles G. Riley Carl S. Jefferson M. S. Dudgeon W Bertram H. Dayon Stephen XV. Gilman Vroman Mason 1891 Tratres in Urbe Henry H. Morgan Alfred T. Rogers - Frank L. Gilbert William A. Klatte John M. Winterbothani Earl C. Tillotson Fratres in Facultate Burr XV. Jones, LL B., M.A. Edwin E. Bryant Robert M. Bashford, A.M., LL.D. Andrew Alexander Bruce, B.A., Charles Noble Gregory, LL.B,, M A. john M. Olin, LL.B., MA. Seniors Arthur Xvilson Fairchild Edward Tappen Fox Carl Frederick Geilfuss Jay XVilliarr1 Hicks Charles Thomas Hutson Thomas William Leahy Frank XVarren Lucas Lee Fenton Bays Harry Edwards Edward Charles Griesel john Bell Sanborn middle juniors 218 Charles Alfred Schneider Byron Houghton Stebbins Roy Everett TO111lll1SOl1 Paul Tratt Nelson james 'Wilcox Charles Atwood Vilas Michael Vxfilliam McArdle Joseph Koffend Eugene Charles Ioannes Ernest Andrew O'Neill john Charles Stevens 'LL.B 1 CA qw 5' r 51:5 ,IM X " DQIIEI Call DQIIZI Founded, 1859 Roll of Zhapters A C TI If E ' Gram! Divifiofz qt' the South Alpha Vanderbilt University Beta Epsilon Emory College Phi XlV3.S11'tOl1 and Lee 'Varsity Beta Iota Adrian College Pi University of Mississippi Beta Theta University of the South Beta Delta University of Georgia Beta Xi Tulane University Grand Dizfifion yi the W ext Omicron University of Iowa Beta Gamma University of Wiscoiisiii Beta Pi Northwestern University Beta Eta University of Minnesota Beta Omega University of California Beta Rho Leland Stanford, Ir., University Beta Tau University of Nebraska Beta Upsilon University of Illinois Beta Kappa University of Colorado Gamma Alpha University of Chicago Zeta Western Reserve University Grafza' Divifiwz gf the North Beta Ohio University Beta Phi Ohio State University Delta University of Michigan Beta Psi Wabash College Epsilon Albion College Beta Beta De Pauvv University Chi Kenyon College Beta Alpha Indiana University Kappa Hillsdale College Beta Zeta University of Indianapolis- Mu Ohio IfVesleyan University Gram! Divifiofz gf the Erin' Alpha Alleghany College Gamma 'Washington and jefferson College Beta Omicron Cornell University Omega University of Pennsylvania Beta Chi Brown University Beta Lambda Lehigh University Beta Mn Tufts College Rho Stevens Institute of Technology Q Upsilon Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Beta Nu Massachusetts Institute of Technology ' AL UMNI ' New York Association Nashville Association Pittsburg Association Cleveland Assoaiation Grand Rapids Association New England Association Chicago Association Twin City Associotion Nebraska Association Detroit Association New Orleans Association Cincinnati Association 221 DQIIZI Cdl! DQIIZI BETA GAMMA CHAPTER 1892 'fratres in Urbe Charles Gilbert Riley i Charles Carroll Montgomery Nissen Peter Stenjein George Corey Riley William Christie McNaught I Alfred Thomas Rodgers Edward Smith George Alnion Kingsley 'Grams in Universitate SQtli0I' William Frederic Dickinson j1llll0I'S Arthur Bates Grindell Milton Grey Montgomery Sovhomores Stuart Jamieson Fuller Fred Ring Pollard Fred Robert Parrett Henry Ieness Saunders 'Freshmen Fred Phelps Bowen William Crane Nichols Frank Earl Dascher XVirt Winslow Walter Bowen Saunders Elmer Ellsworth Cain Qollege of Daw SQI1l0l'S Harry Arthur Cody Michael Joseph Cleary middle W Harry Roland Hewitt Ralph V an Blethen Bunn Thatcher Willson Herbert Alvan Lundahl Thomas Francis Davlin jlll1l0I'S Sephus Earl Driver - Charles Elmer Connor Louis B. Reed 222 BCH! Gamma ZDGPWI' of Della Call Delta Pbi Gamma Delta Founded at Washington and jfqfersan College, 1848 X R011 of Zhavters ACTIVE Worcester Polytechnic Institute Amherst College Yale University Trinity College Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Maine College of City of New York Columbia University University of City of New York Colgate University Cornell University Union College University of Pennsylvania Lafayette Col lege Lehigh University johns Hopkins University University of North Carolina University of Virginia Roanoke College Hampden-Sidney College Vlfashington and Lee University Richmond College Bucknell University Pennsylvania College Indianapolis, Incl. Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Louis, Mo. New Haven, Conn. Cleveland, Ohio Minneapolis, Minn. Chattanooga, Tenn. Kansas City, Mo. Spokane XVash. Albany, N. Y. Baltimore, Md. Roanoke, Va. Bloomington, Ill. Toledo, Ohio University of Pennsylvania State College 'Washington and jeiferson College Alleghany College Whittenberg College Ohio XVesleyan University Denison University Ohio State University University of W'ooster University of Indiana DePauw University Hanover College Wabasli College University of Tennessee Bethel College Illinois Wesleyfan University Knox College University of Illinois University of Minnesota University of XVisconsin University of Kansas University of Nebraska 'William Jewell College University of Missouri University of California Vlashington GRAD UATE New York, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. San Francisco, Cal. Vfashington, D. C. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. Columbus, Ohio 'Williamsport, Pa. Dayton, Ohio Denver, Col. Richmond, Va. Cambriflge, Mass. Cincinnati, Ohio Xllheeling, XV. Va. 225 Phi Gamma Delta MU CHAPTER 1393 'Fratres in Urbe Everett Kedzie Barnes XVheeler Howland Edward Howard Hatton 'fl'dlI'2S lli ulllWl'SlfdfQ S2l1l0I'S John Buel Crabtree Alexander George Krembs Frederic Hammond Howard Hatton Hereward john Peele I. XVOI'tlll1lgtOll johnson Roy A. Sanborn jlllll0l'S Frederic Clemens Baxter john Henry Iohntry Lee Fenton Bays Frank Kuykinclall Harry Edwards Robert Tynes Smith Sovhemores George Tyler Bigelow, Jr. Samuel Kent Dickenson - Dudley Newman Condit Freshmen Harry Edward Clausen George Roberts Holton, jr. Frank Hoag Hal Eugene Martin john Tait, lr. 226 35 X Aw f X A Q' 49 at MP7 ' " -gr, , -,N ,J ' , 2: ' 'Bl Xa I-lf wa, x 1. Q' -H129 if 'U ' I' fi A' ,, ' f'Ei?,g:2 1 -uh. ' . Pi BQIEI Pbi Founded Vermont Alpha Vermont Beta Columbia Alpha Pennsylvania Alpha Pennsylvania Beta Ohio Alpha Ohio Beta New York Alpha Massachusetts Alpha Maryland Alpha Indiana Alpha Indiana Beta Indiana Gamma Michigan Alpha Michigan Beta Illinois Beta Illinois Delta Illinois Epsilon Illinois Zeta at Monmouth College, 1867 Rvll of Zbaptkrs Ahlfa Prowiara Middlebury College University of Vermont Columbian University Swarthmore College Bucknell University Ohio University Ohio State University Syracuse University Boston University NVoman's College, Baltimore Beta Prorfifzfe Franklin College University of Indiana University of Indianapolis Hillsdale College University of Michigan Lombard University Knox College Northwestern University Illinois State University Gamma Provifzfe Iowa Alpha Iowa Beta Iowa Zeta Xllisconsin Alpha Missouri Alpha Louisiana Alpha California Alpha Colorado Alpha Colorado Beta Kansas Alpha Nebraska Beta Iowa Wesleyan University Simpson College University of Iowa University of Wisconsin University of Missouri Delta Prozfiare Tulane University Leland Stanford, jr., University University of Colorado Denver University University of Kansas University of Nebraska 229 Pi BQI3 Phi 'WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER 1894 Patronesses Mrs. Julius E. Olson Mrs. William XV. Daniels Mrs. M. Vincent O'Shea Mrs. H. A. Sober Elizabeth Church Smith Iva Alice Smith Mrs. Rudolph Kropf SOI'0l'QS ill UTD? Genevieve Church Smith Louise Marie Bird Elizabeth Wylie Mrs. Paul Reinsch SONYQS in lllIiWl'SitdtQ Post Graduates Eunice YVallace lVelsh Rehie Smith Fraser SQlll0l' Mellvina Ruth Ellsworth juniors Carolyn Virginia Hayner Grace Ginevra Godard Marie Gardiner Hinkley Elizabeth Howe Shepard Bess Carolyn Ferguson Irene Minerva Durley Constance Haugen Sovbomores Josephine Aclalacle Wells Mignon lVright Milly Alice Askew Ada Mary XVelsl1 'Freshmen 230 Mae Pearl Telforcl Laura Louise Cosgrave Georgita Upham Hurlbut Ethel Lynn Rider wisconsin Hlpba Chapter of Pi Beta Phi CDQIEI Della Chi Founded at Union College, 1848 Roll of Zbarges Brown University, - - Bowdoin College, Tufts College, - Harvard University, - Hobart College, - - - Lafayette College, - University of Rochester, Hamilton College, D3TUHOud1COuCg6, - Cornell University, - Boston University, - - College of the City of New York, Columbia College, - - Lehigh University, Amherst College, Yale University, - University of Michigan, - - Williams College, - University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, Columbian University, 233 1866 1866 1867 1869 1870 1876 1881 1883 1884 1885 1887 1853 1354 1856 1856 1857 1889 1891 1892 1395 1896 Cbeta Della Chi SIGMA DEUTERON CHARGE Earl Clarence Tillotson T395 'Fratres in Llrbe lVillian1 Stewart Ferris Trater in 'Facultate Stephen Moulton Babcock, Ph.D. 'Fratres in Universitate Fellow George Harvey jones, HS. S9lll0l'S 'William Courtenay Burdick Leslie Shinoe Evert XVillia1n Jarvis Carr C. Harry Watson Clarence joel White fIllIll0I'S Burton Hathaway Bridge Stephen Gardner Clarence john DuFour Albert Frederick Kindt Sovhomores . Perry john Carter Myron R. Johnson Oscar Harvey Hulberg Henry Hearns Otjen John Flynn Sawyer Freshmen Chester DeXVitt Bond Lawrence W. Crehore Borg H. Borreson George Henry Dyer Robert Rollin Caskey Albert Leavie Kennedy ZOIIQQQ of naw junior John Gray Graham 234 Sigma Deuteron Zbarge of theta Delta Zhi Psi llDSiI0lI Founded at Union College, 1833 Theta Delta Beta Sigma Gamma Zeta Lambda Kappa Psi Xi Upsilon Iota 1 Phi Pi Chi Beta Beta Eta Tau Mu Rho Omega Roll of Ehzwters Union College University of the City of N Yale University Brown University Amherst College Dartmouth College Columbia College Bowdoin College Hamilton College Wesleyan College University of Rochester Kenyon College University of Michigan Syracuse University Cornell University Trinity College Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin University of Chicago 237 ew York john Coit Spooner William F. Vilas Fayette Durlin, Sr. Psi UDSHOII RHO CHAPTER 1896 'Fratres in Urbe Oscar Dalzelle Brandenburg George Krogh Anderson Charles Ruggles Boardman Vrornan Mason Benjamin Franklin Adams Fred Burns Pete Carl Albert johnson Maurice Johnson Amos Parker lVilder Hobart Stanley johnson Royal Cottell Main John Henry Bowman Bertrand Herrick Doyan john Miller VVinterbothan1 1'SO11 'Fratres in 'Facultate Charles Kendall Adams Edward Thomas Owen Charles Noble Gregory Burr XV. jones XVillia1n Stanley Marshall Amos Arnold Knowlton Julius Emil Olson Fratres in Universitate SQIUOYS john Charles Stevens Sidney Hobart Ball Claude Spencer Beebe XVillian1 Francis Lea XVilliam Phillips Vroman XVillian1 Pierson Hoy juniors William Beye Lucius Seymore Bergstrom William Edward Smith Stephen Carpenter Phipps Philip Loring Spooner Chauncey Etheridge Blake Sopbomores Irving Andrew Fish Beach 'Woodruff Maguire Schuyler Van Orden Theodore Thomas jones 'Freshmen VValter Henry Thom Morris Fuller Fox Charles Adelbert Lyn1an Herbert Edgar Chynoweth Eyvind Bull Ernest Benjamin Tomlinso Ralph Dexter Brown john Thor Johnston College of llaw S2lllOl'S Edward Tappan Fox Roy Everett Tomlinson Charles Atwood Vilas junior Henry Casson 238 ll ax eff,-f": 4 1, in ,, ffl . '-',v.Q:,,,' 0 f ' f M f3f'yiQ:2 " - .5-j7:3.7 :f,.0 ,. f. . li Afz61fwgV'wF:afv2, mu -' '.::f1Y. JE?-5 "' "f f QL-i'Z?51fI2." ' ' I F1234 ff 5 ,, -1-.:g1. f .6 Q ' 'If " 12332, , -iiif " '. :I la.: 'V n'. fp lm V 'A fgii fp - H ' ' 'seek' fm-, :2:..fs.:1, ,ff.4:5::,..-1 "5 . f fir' A ' , -- --AV- - , ' f -diff -ff ,mffn-' ' 1 . wwf ' fa -f 'f f 'a ff ...ff- . -, 'VV' ,,,:- -.wi "" ,mf i fllbbd Pbi Founded al Syracuse Uni-versity, 1872 Alpha Beta Eta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Theta Iota Kappa Boston Aluninfe - Chicago Alumnae - Roll of Ghapters ACTIVE Syracuse University, 1872 Northwestern University, 1881 Boston University, 1883 De Pauw University, 1887 A Cornell University, 1889 University of Minnesota, 189o Woman's College, Baltimore, 1891 University of Michigan, 1892 University of XVisconsin, 1896 Leland Stanford, jr., University, 1899 AL UMNJE Central New York Aluninm New York City Alumnae Minneapolis Aluninm 241 1889 1889 1891 1896 1896 Hlpba Phi . IOTA CHAPTER 1896 Patronesses Mrs. Richard T. Ely M rs. Edward T. Owen Mrs. Frank H. Edsall Mrs. Charles R. Van Hise Clara M. Stansbury Leta Sherman Elsie Clare Cady Frida Stolte Mabel Perrin Minna 'Weber Anna Bell King Agnes Xvilson Mrs. Eugene G. Upclike Sorores in llnioersitate 'Fellow Annie Nyan Scribner Graduate J Alice Benton Saville Seniors julia Forster Smith juniors Charlotte Mayo Simoncls Bessie M. Kraatz Sadie L. Millington Helen Sherman S0l3ll0m0l'CS Callista English Edith Arabel Ruinsey 'Freshmen 242 Sarah Sutherland Iota Zbapter of Jllpha Phi Phi RDO Bda LOCAL FRATERNITY 1897 Phi Rho Beta Local, FRAT ERNITY 1397 'Fratres in llniversitate POS! Gfddlldft Edwin Augustus Snow Bred C. McGowan James Bertram Nash Charles Edwin Long Richard Hamlin Hollen James Arthur Armstrong Guy R. Vilood Kenyon Nattinger Seniors Louis Henry Bariehausen Frederick Dan Taylor juniors NVi11ia1n Francis Moffatt SOPh0m0l'QS Henry W'iI1ian1 Viierner Robert Eugene Pinkerton Edward Grant Birge Freshmen Francis H. Hales Gaius XVoo1edge Zollege of Raw jIll1iOI' Francis Howard Kufcz 246 Phi Rho Beta Della Della Della Founded az .Boslon Uzziwersigy, 1839 Roll of Zbavters ACTIVE limba Prowifzre Alpha Boston University Beta St. Lawrence University Eta University of Vermont Omicron Syracuse University Sigma YVesleyan University Beta Prazfime Gamma Adrian College Epsilon Knox College Zeta University of Cincinnati Mu University of Wisconsiii Nu Ohio State University Xi 'Woman's College, Baltimore Upsilon Northwestern University Gamma Pravime Delta Simpson College Theta University of Minnesota Kappa University of Nebraska Lambda Baker University Pi University of California AL UMNE Alpha Alumnae Alliance Boston Gamma Alumnae Alliance Adrian, Mich. Epsilon Alumnae Alliance Galesburg, Ill Zeta Alumnae Alliance Cincinnati, Ohio Sigma Alumnae Alliance Middletown, Conn Chicago Alumnw Alliance Chicago, Ill. Ann Arbor Alumnae Alliance Ann Arbor, M 249 ich. DQIIG Della DQIIG MU CHAPTER 1898 B0l'l0l'3l'Q' members Mrs. john Barber Parkinson Mrs. David Bowler Frankenburber Sorores ill UTD? Mrs. Samuel 'Weirlnian I Minnie Perry Sorores ill ulliWl'Slfdf2 Graduate Florence Elini Allen Seniors ' Clara Pfisterer Kate Lanyon Hocking May Cordelia Kittellson Maud Lotta Esther Marion Newman Lela Anderson julia Morjorie Anderson Grace Shirley Dixon Grace Claudia Clifford Mary Amelia Egan Clara Luennna Stillman juniors Hess Gail Palmer Merle Sears Pickford Theo Beatrice Pielcford Daisybelle KVentworth Sophomores - Mary Katharine Hobbins Edna Laura Tarbox Elizabeth Mayham Trelex en 'Freshmen Ecla Daisy Heller Ruby Ethel Peck Ethel Ione Reclneld 250 ml! Zbdpfkt' of DQHB Dklfd DQIIA KZIDDH Sigma Founded' at Uniwersigf M Virginia, I867 Roll of Zbapters A C TI V E Gamma Louisiana State University Nu lfVilliam and Mary College Delta Davidson College Xi University of Arkansas Epsilon Centenary College Pi Swarthmore College Zeta University of Virginia Sigma Tulane University Eta Randolph-Macon College Tau University of Texas Theta Cunmerland University Upsilon Hampden-Sidney College Iota Southwestern University Phi S.-W. Presbyterian University Kappa Vanderbilt University Chi Purdue University Lambda University of Tennessee Psi University of Maine Mu Washington and Lee University Omega University of the South Eta Prime Trinity College Alpha Alpha University of Maryland 'Alpha Mucer University Alpha Gamma University of Illinois Alpha Delta Pennsylvania State College Alpha Epsilon University of Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta University of Michigan Alpha Eta Columbian University Alpha Theta Southwestern Baptist University Alpha Kappa Cornell University Alpha Lambda University of Vermont Alpha Mu University of North Carolina Alpha Nu Wofford College Alpha Omicron Kentucky University Alpha Pi Wabash College Alpha Rho Bowdoin College Alpha Sigma Ohio State University Alpha Tau Georgia Technology School Alpha Upsilon Mellsaps College Alpha Phi Bucknell University Alpha Chi Lake Forest University Alpha Psi University of Nebraska Alpha Omega YVil1iam Jewell College Beta Alpha Brown University Beta Beta Richmond College Beta Gamma Missouri State University Beta Delta Washington and Jefferson College Beta Epsilon University of NVisconsin Beta Zeta Leland Stanford, jr., University Beta Eta Alabama Polytechnic Institute Beta Theta University of Indiana Beta Iota Lehigh University Betta Kappa New Hampshire College AL UMN I Yazoo City, Miss. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. New York, N. Y New Orleans, La. Chicago, Ill. Indianapolis, Ind. St. Louis, Mo. Pine Bluff, Ark. Ruston, La. Boston, Mass. Chihuahua, Mexico Memphis, Tenn. 253 Kappa Sigma BETA EPSILON CHAPTER 1898 'Prater in 'facultate Hamilton Greenwood Timberlak e Yratres in Universitate . Graduate Andrew Runni Anderson Seniors Clarence Eugene Abbott Ray Palmer juniors John Agard Ross Charles Dana Hunter Samuel George Higgins james Garneld McFarland SODh0ll10l'2S Frank Palmer XX-'oy William Alexander 'Walters Harry John Masters Louis Henry Rueping 'FNSDMQII james Russel Hobbins Henry Bush Beeson Roy Tracy Jackson Zollege of Daw Albert Kimball XVheeler -Chauncey Goodrich Austin XVl1'lCl'I.Cl Fay Barber 'George Heller, Jr. Seniors middle ' 'juniors 254 Samuel XVilliam Kies Charles Sumner Pearce 'john Morledge XVO3' XVilliam Smythe XVerner Beta Epsilon Ghapter of Kappa Sigma Pbi Cbi PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY Fnzznded at the Uniiersigf qf'Micbigan, 1883 Roll of Zbapters Alpha University of Michigan Beta Northwestern University Gamma. New York College of Pharmacy Delta University of NVisconsin 257 Phi Cbi D ELTA CHAPTER 19oo 'Fratres in Urbe Albert Nicholas Tandvig, Ph.G. Frank VValter Eighmy, Ph.G. 'Fratres in Facultate Edward Kremers, Ph.G., Ph.D. Richard Fischer, Ph.C., Ph.D. William Oscar Richtniann, Ph.G,, B.S. Rollin Henry Dinniston, Ph.G., B.S Oswald Schreiner, Ph.G., M.S. Albert Henry Woltersdorf, Ph.G. fl'dfl'0S ill ulliWl'Sifdf2 'fellows Frank Carl Hitchcock, Ph.C. Irvin Walter Brandel, Ph.G. Seniors Thomas Guy Windes, jr. . William Lawrence Treber Alexander George Krembs, jr. Fred Henry Chamberlain Fred Hammond Hatton john Alfred Treber Emile Augustus Ross fIlllli0l'S Otto Arthur Soell Ralph Waldo Danuser 258 Peter Oscar Fox Reginald Owen Schoen Delta Zbavter of Phi Zhi l lbonorarg fraternities Phi Bela Kappa Founded at William and Mary Coflege, 1776 Roll of Zhapters Bowdoin College Colby University Dartmouth College University of Vermont Middlebury College Harvard University Amherst College Williams College Tufts College Yale University Trinity College 'Wesleyan University Brown University Union College University of the City of New York College of the City of New York Columbia College Hamilton College Hobart College Colgate University Cornell University Rochester University Syracuse University Rutgers College Dickinson College . Lehigh University . Lafayette College . University of Pennsylvania . Swarthmore College . Johns Hopkins University . 'William and Mary College . Adelbert College . Kenyon College . Marietta College . De Pauw University . Northwestern University . Kansas University . University of Minnesot . Iowa University . University of Nebraska . Boston University . University of California . University of Chicago . University of Cincinnati . Haverford College . Princeton University . St. Lawrence University . Vassar College . NVabash . University of NVisconsin 261 Phi BQIEI Kappa ALPHA OF WISCONSIN CHAPTER 1398 members in 'Faculty Charles Kindall Adams, LL.D. Edward A. Birge, Pl1.D. Albert S. Flint, A.M. William Frederick Giese, A.M. Charles Homer Haskins, Ph.D. Frank Gaylord Hubbard, Ph.D. John M. Olin, A.M., LL.B. Edward T. Owen, A.B. Harry Tuman Russell, Ph.D. VVillian1 Ainasa Scott, Ph.D. Frank Chapman Sharp, Ph.D. Moses Stephen Slaughter, Ph.D. Charles E. Allen Grace Andrews XVillian1 S. Robertson joseph S. Shaw Florence Allen Andrew R. Anderson Jessie A. Barney Charles Sumner Slichter, M,S. Frederick Jackson Turner, Ph.D. George Rapall Noyes, Ph.D. Carl Russell Fish, Pli.D. George C. Fiske, Ph.D. Asa Currier Tilton, Ph.D. Robert Elkin Neil Dodge, A.M Student members Graduates Mildred A. Castle Roy Dykes Hall Edward Alfred Hook Ralph Benjamin MacNish Marie MCClernan Frederick Milo Van Horn Edson Ray Wolcott Glass of l90l Arthur Franz Beule Harry Ernest Bradley Caroline Evans Leonore Agnes Meinhardt Ralph Gordon Plumb Fred W'illia1n lVerner U Zollege of llaw Charles Atwood Vilas Samuel Yxfilliam Kies VVinchel Fay Barber 262 .1 im 1rir +1 3 w wgr .Q Ml 'EE' 'liiuj '91 fdfihx . HM i . ' fff' ' ""' ' ff, ,u g ,V ' gl' : ' ' if -f , - Zi- , X 7:-., "": E17 Y A ,fx , 9 in Call Beta Pi Founded at Lehigh Unbversizy, 1885 Roll of Alpha of Pennsylvania Alpha of Michigan Alpha of New jersey Alpha of Indiana Alpha of Wisconsin ZlMl9i'9l'S 2 Lehigh University Michigan State Agricultural College Stevens' Institute of Technology Purdue University University of Wisconsin 65 Call BQI3 Pi ALPHA OF WVISCONSIN CHAPTER john Butler johnson - Storm Bull 1399 'Fratres in 'Facultate Frederick Eugene Turneaure Dugald Caleb jackson Chas. Frederick Burgess Myron Marshall Fowler John Frederick Icke Russell john Hawn Nathaniel Leslie Hurd Arthur Charles King Alvin Meyers Hylon Theron Plumb ' Alfred Carl Rollman Milan Ray Bump Nelson Oliver Whitney Edward Rose Maurer Arthur W'illia1n Richter john Guan Davis Mack Bernard Victor Swenson Budd Frankenneld Graduates Seniors juniors Frank Michael McCullough George Alvin Scott 266 Carl Hanibuechen Lynn Alfred Williams Lewis Dow Rowell Le Roy Solsich Harry Ashton Severson Frank Edwin Washblirii Fritchiof johnson Vea Henry Harrison Wood Chester Harris Stevens Carl Frederic Stillman james 'Webster XVatson Hlpha of wisconsin Zbapter of tau Beta Pi ,x V ky. V 1xQ ., f n i ilk 0 ,..,.. v,, Y, 5, It I l swqggc-""1g9p?.r , . .-i f 1 N. e4i?3'n?gg-fflgk-"ww-f2'A"' 'I -v-'wwe-.f'Lg:5, ' " z" .1-' A '+..f , fy ' V - ' . Q fi f'f' 0 1 -a t gs?" -QW . v PM .2 , M. '. NES' '- rl. J' z , -,L Q t , Q ,.,.,:,g,. -g. , f y in 1., - Am. 9 4 Q-7 -zf fzf 7 Q- 1, Q P , 'f . ' , Q 22,112 1' ,lggn 1' .JIM ' ,xg ,tu 36 ,A -3 J a - ' by , 55,5 5. g,2g?,l " 9 Zan' T ,bf '-4- ka- "',V . 5 Ae' 5- " lwgoffie ' 4- ., v -: DQ' . ,I :V ,5 , ' f 'Q gf' Q D 5. , 3 sa, B -ly KL - f., fp' 1 ,EQ 413 ,- Q QA M .,, 4 ,A I .. H uf. Qgagsgi 1. 'B' " . ,. M 'fs - T zo ' M -2-W - -au. "W - f"74-FWZ' H- ' ' . g ' a. H. 2- ff 'ad- -f V -- 5'f2oo ' O k 'nv 45" , ' 99 '- "W '6 A 'Y' 9' ' , v- 55 - " ' f J ' "f " . L.":4f'f1f1'ix , F" W if? 1 f,. ,..r:.Q I H213 T' ,. ,U g , f ' v- 2, 'H' if f xx.. " -' ' 39.1 X V, fy W X . V 1 3 - ,ff-1?f'f'2:,, 2" ' ' ma Ai 'ol Q , ff fn - -:gf.2-::: z:-Anza. "'f':ZK:-: -'W-S-1-f iff? iff ' ' ,, - "'L H6 Q. f ' ' u 52.21 A "f?5i1f?'?wh4. - 4 I If F' pgs , flligi, V A , fied V Xfuxsvg-. .V r 1. 155,-If , wa 3 ,A Q s- 333' -T f - iff! 6 W -Ag, 'fggfwiz I W !L3f.G Q 'flly '0 uemlif 2 ln l'4':!'9z' .1 . .1 F, ' 1, . ,V J. -. ll 0. ! L U '. dye ml! urbinnl ARTHUR FRANZ BEULE, 'oi - Editor in Chief JOI-IN BARTOXV PATRICK, 'oz - Managing Editor ROBERT ERNEST KNOFF, 'oi - - As.s't. Blau. Editor RICHARD HAIYILIN HOLLEN, '03 - University Editor I'IARRY JOHN M.-XSTIERS, '03 Ass't University Editor RALI-H SASSE GROM.-INN, '03 - - Athletic Editor HARRY GL.-XDSTONE KEMP, Law 'oz Exchange Editor ZAQII ANSON CI-IANDLER, 'oi - - High School Editor Associate Editors RALPH G. PLCMI3, 'oi ERIC XV. ALLEN, 'OI JOSEPH KoIfIfI-:ND, Law '03 KVILLIABI F. MOFP.-WT, 'oe Reporters HENRY BEESON, 'o4 OSMUND M. JORSTAD, GEORGE L. GIIST, 'oz GAIUS S. YVOOLEDGE. '04 LLOYD P. HORSITALL, 'ox XVILLIS E. BRINDLEY, '05 ANDREXX' W. HOPKINS, '03 ERYIN J. BEULE, '04 EIQNEST W. LAND-r, 104 VICTOR G. IVIARQUISSEE. '04 IVIARY B. SWAIN, 'oz-Chadbourrie Hall CHAS. SUIYINER PEARQE, Law 'oz - Business Manager X Masters ' Kemp Moffatt Chandler Knoll Allen Koffend Beulef Patrick Plumb Groman 11 Hollen Pearce "Daily Zardinaln editorial Staff Ellis E. Allen Perrin Kroelmke Froelich Winkler john Chandler Wehmhofl' Rounds Van Horn McArdle Beule A Kraus Koffend Van Hagen Sargeaut C. Allen " the Sphinx " Staff 544,04 i x xox .: ff O R 'A 2 A E? f tismifits ninmuia A RALPH ROUNDS, 'or . . . Editor-in-Chief JOSEPH KOFFEND, 'oo . . . Managing Editor ZACH A. CHANDLER, 'OI . . Assistant Managing Editor M. W. IWC.-XRDLE, OI' . . . . Business Editor HENRY WINKLER, 'oz 1 HERBERT F, JOHN, 'og I Assistant Business Editors Board of Editors CHARLES E. ALLEN, ,QQ MARY E. CUNNINGHAM, 'or ARTHUR F. BEULE, 'Or JOHN YVEHMHOFF, ,OI ERIC W. HLLEN, 'or HARXVEY O. SARGEANT, 'or JESSIE KROEHNICE, 'OI CLARA G. FROEHLICH, 'oz MABEL PERRIN, foz ROBERT P. ICRAUS, '03 RALPH B. ELLIS, ,O4 L. F. VANHAGEN, 'O4 4' 0 E3 ,1 1 it 4 :ji bf S aigjf' J Q ' , xx . ,, 1 275 wisconsin alumni magazine I CHARLES E. ALLEN, '99 Editor-in-Chief ORIN G. LIBBY, ,92 - University Editor FLORENCE E. BAKER, '91 Q STEPHEN C. STUNTZ, '99 ju A Alumni Edltors GEORGE F. DOXVNER, '97 - Athletic Editor RALPH S. GROIVIANN, 'og - Undergraduate Editor HENRX' M. ESTERLY, '02 Law - - Business Manager TI-IORXVALD P ABEL, 'oz - Assistant Business Manager at :AC Q96 be JBabger llbbarmacist Published in the interesls of Plzczrmaqif in Wzscorzsz'n Qi' llze slzzzienis of Nze School of Plzarmacl' Board RICHARD I. STRAUSS, Chairman F. R. DEXHEIMER H. KLUETER I. W. BRANDEL ALEX. ICREMBS, IR. M155 F. M. GAGE A. N. TANDVIG F. G. 'EHLERT A. H. WOLTERSDORF A. E. KUNDERT E. A. SHowAL'rER F. W. EIGHMV F. W. ALDEN 276 Alvin Meyers Chas. T. Watson Lawrence Crehore Frank E. Washburn Herbert L, Whittemore Arthur Quigley William C. Berg Myron M. Fowler August C. Fricke Fred E. DeLay Board of Editors, KUISCOIISHI EllQil12Ql' isconsin Engineer FRANK E. WASHBURN, 'or - - Editor-in-Chief MXYRON M. FOWLER, OI, - Alumni and Graduate Editor ALVIN MEYERS, oi, - - Business Manager LANVRENCE CREHORE, '04, - Assistant Business Manager AUGUST C. FRICKE, 'or FRED E. DELAY, 'oz HERBERT L. VVHITTEMORE, 'cz WILLIABI C. BERG, 'oz CHARLES T. WATSON, '03 ARTHUR QUIGLEV, '03 lg, f-S ' A a l.-I f: A:-. H -7, AA... L ' it 0 279 ' 1 OLD ABE bf ,fe A ,,. " IS M, '9- f f 'X 'f fX u Z I fpg'c'i'5 ,fs 42, 2 E , fc ZX? C ,X f V 7 Q , K , N w X D W1-ftuibg '04 I -HX YJ Y! fre -as Af E 'QQ rf 'f 3 a.,.,wr"-,ef Wag -:V w 5' Q X C iM 'Q . hrlb SX-f-jdws-f"'N--'--f-' ', ,.4, i.,m,.f if -L ' I ' ' I 4--5 I 'WI--f"""t':iPfL A QW' " 75- . f A J JE.. v m , I V . I Y V . . ,. V. .. K Q-N X Z VA A f - ' v - , -I W . V , , - .. -, , V ,V ' f-f, H , 1 x .4 V ,, , .1 ,,,H...,,. je ,,,, I , Q ,U is I: ,A 1, yi- f I f i ,f ,, 1 ' - 1 -i ' a t v 5 ri , I . -1 if f ' i f ,J km -'- ' f .3 QM-1-' Q -, 3 . . 1 'Q .- .. .f fQ,372"' .' .,K " , ' , ' . , -s ---" ' - i ' 1' , ' "' " L' P 1, f '. 7 ' ,,,, - k. fr - .- ' - i t 'QQ ' - ' :Z S . .4 PlL-13" - fi:Q' 'fpiif f , ,' , - -RQ 1 ' , '3 , - -" - f' H , ' . V f ' I 4., ,,3, if fires. '1, if - - . ' -' - , ' L . - L ,- - . : ww 'eirzl .1 - ' . . if ' VK L ' ' . .4 14- A1 J " "" '. A Q 1' .yr 'W WW 'Mf"N"7:" f 41' H2 ' ' - r gzgefe ' , . gif' 2 ' R .- ' QQ , , 21 -f f ' '.1:' .1 . ' - - I 7 '.-Qf'.'.f. ' ' ' ','-' 4 , '1 Y f f" 'I , M, ,i, :lit if f V ?' . Q. R- -L H .Q it .ML . ,ew . , x , 1 1 1 , , Z"-35" "iii - i - . -' ' I , X'-W :I X ai 3- ' . , - 4 I Z f ' ff F' V ' , ,-5.5 N xwrf , ,, J 5: V X2 H g. -' I 1. K . 3: a 1 Liiiiiif' 0fficers CHARLES ATWOOD VILAS, - - President EDXVARD DAVID JENNER, - - Vice-President IOHN BARTOW PATRICK, - Secretary and Treasurer CLIFFORD CADY IRELAND, Keeper of the Haresfoot 50ll0I'Zll'V mQmbQTS Professor D. B. Frankenburger Professor J. F. A. Pyre john F. Donovan Marcus C. Ford XVillia1n A. Oppel Leo Torbe C. C. Chittenden Knox Kinney Professor C. N. Gregory George T. Kelley George S. Spencer Joseph N. Turner Chauncey lVillian1s Henry H. Morgan C. C. Case Frank H. Edsall Frederick Paulding HCIW2 members Edward Tappan Fox Charles Atwood Vilas Waltoii Hawkins Pyre John Bartow Patrick Clifford Cady Ireland - Edward David Jenner Edwin Augustus Snow john Vincent Brennan Harry C. johnson Raymond Morgan Chapman Charles Adelbert Lyman Francis H. Kales Joseph Edward Davies Chauncey Etheridge Blake Gray Montgomery 282 I gr FFORD Che liaresfoot Dramatic Klub, l900-l90l LLI C 5 , M S .A.,. , .. "' IT 5- U1 S 3 E 1, Q A .L may ,lba - XR, . ,M il i QI 1 1 i ..., , ll., , ... ,sux 'N A 5 I 1 .': E 1 1 fi . - 1 "" 1- 9 wiii. 11' W2 Q 1 , ' up EH' 1 mi- Q , 4 , fix., 'S 'jg N- -,iq ,L: H' H: ' 1-xl V , fi xx , ' Liv 9'w'.,,,,,.-' v . x gm ' A ' ,K ' ,- r - 3 m Q, ww . I V Q. - 'ff - , N ' 1 ' Q 3 'i N. ,, . ifixxlllriwlj ir - I N .M V if , ,fi , .. I 1 ,A sz - ,," , 8 ,4 ., ..,- fri ,.', ffff igf J A af.-2,23 , af' Q .5 I 5 iffg. ' lx ', ' H G if 3 9? 5 ' "' A - M54 5. 4' I - Z X -, I X Mm-Ma3i':3:5m::?iT,ZmEN::-SJ:5! al. I-',, t .... AV i . 4 ..4:,., -gl ..,,,.A ., :Q-41 , "H Zolonial Girl"-Baresfoot Hnnual Play aresfoot Eramatic lub Ia " H COIOl1i2lI Girl " A romantic drama by ABBIE SAGE RICHARDSON First Hlllllldl COIIY, l90I IMADISON, - - February 8 FOND DU LAC, - - February 9 GREEN BAY, - February I3 OsHKosH, - February II LA CROSSE, - February 22 APPLETON, - February I2 XVINONA, - February 23 East of Zharacters Godfrey Remsen, a young American, - - MR. 'WALTON H. PYRE Jack Osborne, also an American, his friend, - MR. EDWARD D. IENNER Sir Henry Danvers, an English Official in New York, - MR. E. D. CLIFFORD Giles, an old Retainer, devoted to Godfrey, - Col. Carteret, who has troubles, Capt. Anthony Lovelace, of the 7th Dragoons, Capt. Beaufort, a dandy, - Lieut. Lieut. Lieut. Lieut. Kent, friend of Lovelace, Percy, of the 22d Light Infantry, - Eaton, of the 7th Dragoons, Ellis, of the same, - Sergeant Noakes, - Private Clark, Pompey, ---- MOLLY HEDDIN, an American Girl, - - - MR. JOHN V BRENNAN - MR. E. T. FOX - MR. EDYVIN A. SNOW MR. EDWARD D. JENNER MR. HARRY JOHNSON MR J. BARTOVV PATRICK - MR. FRANCIS KALES MR. CHARLES LYMAN MR. NICHOLAS KIRCH MR. RAY CHAPMAN - MR. PAUL BENNETT MISS IENNIE BUTT Lady Sarah Ketteltas, married clandestinely to Osborne, MISS ANNE SCRIBNFR Lady Judith Danvers, a cousin to Godfrey, - - - MISS LAURA CASE Officers, Soldiers, Servants. xgmwglvyggi ggyswmlqrgu - ,gi p ,. . S+ -1-r . Seconb Dramatic ontest 'University of wisconsin Under the direction of PROF. D. B. FRANKENBURGER J. E. DAVIES, - - Business Manager M. VV. MCARDLE, Ass't Business Manager PROGRAMME 46 X 17 Mr. Anthony Henn, ---- - VVM. S. KIES Mr. Xerxes Xavier, insurance agent, - NELSON J. WILCOX Mr. Joshua Tick, a telegraph operator, EDXVIN P.-XHLOXV Miss Mathilda Henn, Antl1ony's sister, - - MISS XV,-SRNER Molly, the maid with the treacherous memory, - Nona JOHNSON Miss Jessie Henn, Anthouy's daughter, ---- LILIAN GAMBLE SCENE .'-Room in Hen1z's residevzce on Ike Harlevlz Road. " Illonsieur " Polly Phillamore, n1onsieur's ward, - - LEORA MOORE Adrienne Marsh, friend of Polly, - HENRIETTA PYRE Mrs, Bush Tree, Adrienne's Aunt, ANNE NYAN SCRIBNER Toni Sellers, Adrienne's "very Own," CLIFFORD IRELAND Billy Wimbledone, Polly's fiance, - EDXVARD IENNER M. De Mervileau, " Monsieur," - - J. E. DAVIES " Che Obstinatc Family " Henry Gilbert, the young husband, - ' ' ' L. A. XVILLIAMS Jessie Gilbert, Henry's wife, JESSICA Davis Mr. Harwood, Jessie's father, - D. J. YVVILLTAMS Mrs. Harwood, s - - Lrvxa SEILER Lucy, maid, - GRACE A. HACHT James, butler, - - - ROBERT E. KNOFF Directors of Zasts Miss JENNIE BUTT MR. WALTON PYRE MR. EDXVIN SNOW Stage Manager, MR. C. S. BEEBE The " Monsieur" cast was awarded the first prize of 550.003 the second prize of 11535.00 going to t'The Obstinate Family." 288 71'-.:.f, A 9 f -xr cn, -. V .- , 4 9 , -. 'o ga. , 4' 'L ' Y. f,-1, ,LA w Zvi' 1' V Q IL - ., . V, , -f '5 J 1: F - f-,iw . 0 , 'Id ' , . ,- ,,:::yH-J V' Y ff' " 4 zgH:" fq' . ,gf ' I " ig 3 I f VW 1 V Q f f w- 1 1 ' J Q, 4' 1 ,, '27 I 'J ' f f A , 1 ' 'I 2 X IV-fc' 4 ff ' 1 f X X f " ' y 4 Ki, Q f l' 1 ,fy I A, A , v , 'N' gf 34 fi t ' f ? 2' f ! A 'f .,.,:a3b ' , :.- 1 . ,. f .- I -1'--an Em-.1 .f-f 4- 5 'X E f f , If I ' , 1 , f Q' ' ff aff V? fx 1 W 4 i t f If If ff! , ,, Q ' ,sa Qf S f 49 ' 5 I fx f TW J Z2 ' ,r 4 f W , ' "fx fi K ,,"' .g:5.: " ?f f"'WF.- in 357 ' .- ":s:f?2QZ- 511 t,,.L',,:71f inf V-Q rf 1 hw ,ya ,f efwyim ' ' f' ' ,fa 'X 1..N942"q ' ,.f '1 ' ' 5 ',,.,, N - gg ,J xg! ' " i fiff? mf- , JET: .ff :iff w . LM? . . ,t mf'-252,23 ,, ' 1 t tt t tttttt tt fill' , NEFEAWL 7 V' I - ' Lic - 'JP' 5:2545 . 3 ww, . Ayn., - iv ww - ' .wffgv 'f ..,...f QQ? , cv: Q . ,I 1:22-4 M ZW , f QEf'."'f Q J . A r"' ff, ,1-. U ' ' 103 , , , - 41 77 V .M ---f""""1 y V Z MR sl 5 Wit: 3 " ' ' i ,'Q' ,A , if-"1"J'c! X . V 1 ,. Shift " ' ' " 4 Q., V Dvd? ,rz 1 V .53 Vg . 3:1 rf' JM Hmtual Dramatic Contest, 1900 Q D .IN Hlumnae members Leora Moore ' Lillian Gamble Nora johnson Jessica Davis . Louise Hinkley Grace Hecht BOHOYRYV m2l1IDQl'S Mrs. Frank H. Edsall Mrs. Lucien M. Hanks Laura Case Hctive members Jennie H. Butt Henrietta Pyre Anne N. Scribner May Foley Margaret Jackman H 'Photo by Ford 291 Y HMM' : f- r-, -- . "W , E Q za C5 fri - tg -.E GENERAL READING ROOM, HISTORICAL LIBRARY KQV 5 V,,.... fm jf JJ I2 W I Senior Glass Eltbenae I l Officers ARTHUR F. BEULE, 'or - - - President HENRY L. JANES, 'oz - - Vice-President PETER V. PETERSON, 'og - - Secretary JOHN F. POXVERS, ,O2 - - Treasurer LOREN D. BLACKMAN, 'o4 Recording Scribe NIICHAEL B. OLBRICH, 'oz - - Censor JAMES-C. MORGAN. ,OI - - Assistant Censor m2mDQfS Eric VV. Allen Arthur A. Baldwin John M. Barney Arthur F. Beule Joseph Bredsteen 'XVilliarn D. Buchholz James B. Graham Martin F. Angell Robert M. Davis George H. Golilke George L. Gust Eugene H. Byrne Edwin S. Bishop Myron R. Churchill Richard H. Hollen George Allen W. Andrews Ransom D. Bernard Loren D. Blackman Donald N. Ferguson Allen VV. John Morton H. John Frederick Arnold Wilbur S. Davison Robert E. Knoff Hugo F. Luhnian Clarence E Macartney James C. Morgan Ernst C. Meyer YV111. P. Vroman Edward T. O'Brien junior Glass Robert XV. Haight Harry L. Janes Fred O. Leiser John C. Miller T. F. Frawley Sophomore Glass William O. Hotchkiss Harry C. Johnson Osmund M. Jorstad George A. Mowry Allen S. Nielson Nelson B. Nelson Harvey O. Sargeant Eugene J. 'Wehnihoii Richard Williamson Charles R. Rounds Allan T. Pray Michael B. Olbrich John A. O'Meara John F. Powers Frank G. Swoboda Arne C. Leruin Peter V. Peterson Robert Stevenson Edward YV. Thuerer L. VVinegar Orin L. Stinson 'Freshman Glass Manuel H. Chopitea William T. Kelsey Ervin C. Buele Leo deR. Ludlow Edgar MacEachron Robert C. Mengies Victor G. Marquissee John C. Liver Maurice W. Moe 294 John S. Lord Francis L. Randolph Dale C. Shockley Roger M. Trump Edward L. McGillis Arthur E Thiede Harry E. Shiels Gains S. XVooledge 1- Allen Sargeant Nielson 'WehmhoiT V roman O' Brien Barney Buchholz Beule Bredsteen Rounds Macnrtn ey Meyer Nelson Baldwin Knoff Graham Morgan Luhman .'HIl10l1dQ' S S0lli0l'S ORATION, ORATION, ORATION. ORATION, ORATION ORATION ORATION, f'f5l'iWAg lf' Wo Officers ROBERT A. MAURER, 'oi ---- President JAMES C. MORGAN, ,OI - - - Recording Secretary EDWVARD I. B. SCHUBRING, 'oi - Corresponding Secretary XVILLIABI S. KIES Law 'oz - - Treasurer HIICHAEL J. CLEAiY, Law 'O2' - ISt Vice-President LOUISE M. LOEB, '02 - - 2d Vice-President Sixth Hnnual Zontest MARCH 28, igoo Fiflf - - - - - - "National Apostasy CLARENCE E. MACARTNEY, '01, Athenae Sammi - - - - " The Webster-Hayiie Debate JOSEPH LOEB, 'Oo, Athenae 'Third - - - - - - "john C. Calhoun YVILLIAM F. ADAMS, 'oo, Philoinathia Fourth - - - - - " Andrew Jackson YVILLIAM J. CARR, 'o1, Hesperia Fyfriy - - - - - " Mirabeau EDWIN A. SNOW, 'oo, Athenae Sixth - - - - - - "The Nationls Infaniy ALBERT J. IVIACARTNEY, 'oo, Philomathia Seventh - - - - " Harmon Blennerhassett LEO F. NOEL, Law '02, Forum First place awarded to Clarence E. Macartney. Second place awarded to joseph Loeb. 297 T10 esperia 0ffiC2l'S FRED C. ScHoENs1oE1. - - - FRANK W. BUCKLIN LLOYD P. HORSF.kLL - VICTOR D. CRONK GEORGE G. CURTIS JOHN B. ENFIELD HARRX' E. CARTHEXV - Iohn E. Brindley Harry E. Carthew NVillian1 I. Carr William C. Berg Frank XV. Bucklin 'William G. Campbell Victor D. Cronk Alfred Grotophorst David L. Barnard Hamlet I. Barry Leslie XV. Beers Llewellyn R. Davies Harold E. Eggers Charles F. Gaffin William I. A. Hagenah Rolland C. Allen John B. Boinmersheinl VVil1ia111 A. Cu1111een Walter Drew Ole Eggum Leslie F. Van Hagen Senior Glass George G. Curtis Robert Lachnlund Albert G. Michelson Fred C. Schoensigel jlllll0l' Glass August F. Haase Samuel G. Higgins Solomon Huebner XVillian1 H. Parker Alfred J. Rhodes Sophomore Glass Willia111 H. Haight Lloyd P. Horsfall Herbert D. Laube Lyman A. Libby Chester Lloyd-jones joseph H. Mathews Ezra T. Oftelie Freshman Blass johd B. Enield Charles R. Freeman james S. Fuller 'William Grove Frank S. Hyland Morris E. Yager 298 President Vice-President Secretary , freasurer Corresponding Secretary Censor Assistant Ce11sor Edward J. Schubring August Smith Ashbel V. Smith Xvilliam Ryan ' Heflnall A. Smythe Sanford P. Starks Max H. R. Strehlow john NVilson Robert E. Pinkerton Louis F. Rahr Adolph H. Roethke Albert E. Showers Edwin VV. Smythe Cl1arles H. SLOIIC VX'alden1ar C. Wehe Lewis Larsen Henry O. Paulson Harry R. Pomeroy Frank B. Sargent Paul Steinbrecher VSMITH WY X Besperizvs Uictorious joint Debate team 1-H 'B 1 Xfl ,La QX IMF r at 'KV ,. - - - ,F .nom I DIQBAI L A ,f V-1 .5 .. - 'Cbil'ID:fil'SI Hllllllill 30ll1I DQNIIQ LIBRARY HALL, DECEMBER 19, 1900 Pbihmdfbid US Iiesperia PRorEssoR DAVID B FRANKENBURGER - President Question Would the adoption of a general income tax, levied by the United States government, be contrary to the best interests of the nation? It being 'mutually conceded that the government stands in need of revenueg that such a tax would be con- stitutionalg that the system could become lawg that it shall remain in operation at least fifteen yearsg that it shall be conducted under an emcient civil serviceg and that an inheritance tax shall not be available for federal purposes. A17i1'ma!i2Jc.' Philomzzfhia Negalive Hesperza Eugene T. Hancock Ashbel V. Smith L George Lohr Solomon Huebner Paul W. L. Boehm john E Br1ndle5 Decision unanimous for the negative.-Hesperia judges Professor Paul S. Reinsch Dean I. B. johnson Judge R. G. Siehecl er 301 llbhilomathia ll ll M. J. BERG D. I. GROVER G. C. POAGE E. J. HARVEY O. XX7. B. Anderson M. J. Berg P. A. L. Boehni H. D. Buchanan W. B. Collins J. V. Brennan D. I. Grover F. L. Harney M. R. Johnson A. S. Bogue R C. . Cady H. B. Cole R. C. Disqne H. E. Foelske George Gabel C. W. Gregory B. S. Hale Arthur Breslauer R. D. Brown XV. P. Bush XV. A. Cowell R. B. Ellis C. D. Ellwood XV 1 R. C. DISQUE F. L. HARNEY R. XV. HOEFER 0ffiCQl'S President X"ice-President Censor Assistant Censor Secretary Treasurer Senior Glass E. T. Hancock E I'I"l1 x ei' '11 .J. .H- .L.Hook R. A. Maurer R. G. Plumb A. J. XfVyssman junior Blass L. G. Lohr XV. R. Menzel L. J. Paetow J. B. Patrick Sophomore Glass Fred R. Hunt IW. J. Kelling F. H. Knoble L. A. Liljequist C. F. Madsen E. R. Minahan J. XF. Murphy H. H. Otjen 'freshman Glass O. R. XV. Hoefer A. H. Kelling C. A. Lyman C. Meisnest D. G. Milbrath B. A. Paust S. Wilson G. R.XVood 302 Recording Scribe B. D. Richardson J. C. Stevens Paul Stover C. J. X7Vhite L. B. Wolfenson F. H. Rehberg Harry Sauthofi R. F. Scholtz W. E. Smith G. C. Poage A P. A. Schuette J. Priinakow N. T. Runzler M. C. Stewart XV. F. Schniiflt Xf. XVrabetz R. Zinns W. C. Reineking H. XV. Setle J. C. Silverthorn E. B. Tomlinson J. H. XVarner S. H. XX7etzler 5. ' f'Z:' Y - W.- ' , gaze "-, 1, ui' Lak'2i qi., 5+ va . Fkavff' :-1,3 f:L- .-47, ' 'v ,'n:,, A.. LOHR l90l j0il1f Debate fQdlI1 and jlll1i0l' 0l'df0l' N arnsnn M YVILLIAM I. CARR, President, - ROBERT L. STANLEY, Vice-President, XVALDRON M. JEROME, 2d Vice-President, JOSEPH DUTTON, 3d Vice-President, - LEIOH W. STOREY, 4th Vice-President, - BERTRAM G. NELSON, Secretary, - C. H. LAARTZ, Treasurer, - - Centb Hnnual Contest MAXV, 4, igoo RCAL L:Acu: NViScOnSin Michigan Minnesota Northwestern Oberlin Chicago Iowa Fin! ORATION, ----- 4' The American Infamy' PERCY E. THONIAS, Northwestern Seraizd ORATION, ------ 'L National Apostasy ' CLARENCE E. MACARTNEY, Wisconsin Third ORATION, - - - - " WebSter'S Reply to Haynel GEORGE W. MAXEY, Michigan Fourth ORATION, ----- 'LThe Last of the Pu1'itanS" WALDRON M. JEROME, Minnesota Fyfzh QRATION, - - - "The Machine and Its Mission " BERTRAM G. NELSON, Chicago Sixth ORATION, ---- 'l The VVebSter-Hayne Debate " LEIGH XV. STOREY, Oberlin Sfwzzth ORATION, ---- - " Samuel Adams ' PERCIVAL G. HUNT, Iowa 305 .5 fiat- X W:-::N3.',h.'! I " 91'v,j4,.b5 I 'Le 7' X VF' 1115, .AZ ? L Officers K.-XTHERINE P. REGAN, 'or EDITH XVHITE, 'or . . ALICE E. CHAMBERLAIN, '02 ELLA L. Escn, ,oz . . JESSIE A. BARNEY . members Graduate Florence E. Allen Seniors President V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Censor Cynthia C. Adams Jessie A. Barney Marion McLean Anna Jacobson Katherine P. Regan Frances M. Wilcox Mary L. YX'ilson Edith KVhite Suniors Ruby M. Acker Tinora L. Kasberg Ellen D. Biscoe Leora Klahr Alice E. Chamberlain Louise Loeb Vinnie B. Clark Alma L. McMahon Nora McCue Sopbemores julia Anderson Ella L. Esch Kathleen Craigo Mabel Goddard Ruth Safford 'Freshmen Eudora Cook Hattie Kuhns Nettie M. Cook Anna M. Mashek Minna Gath Mary L. Nelson Margaret Hall M. Patricia Osborne Florence Klahr Georgia M. Shattuck Ina Reid 306 Mary Vvilsou Frances Wilcox ' Jessie Barney Edith White Cynthia Adams Katherine Regan Anna Jacobson Marion McLean Zastaliws Seniors nter: ollegiate ebate UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN versus UNIVERSITY or' IOXVA. IOWA CITY, LIAY Io, IQOO QUESTION: " For the rehabilitation and development of an American Marine, would it be impolitic for Congress, by appropriate legislation, to further extend the principle of protection to American shipping? " Affirmative-Iowa N egative-W'isconsin M. I, IWCCARTHY VVM. F. ADAMS M. M. MOULTON MICHAEL I. CLEARY G. H. FLETCHER HARRX' W. ADAMS TIMES PROFESSOR JESSE MACY A REV. FRIZZELL LIEUT. Gov. MILLIBIAN Grinnell Eau Claire Des Moines Decision, two to one for the aflirinative. LAVV SCHOOL venus LAW SCHOOL University of VVisconSin University of Georgetown WASHINGTON, D. C. MAY 19, Igoo QUESTION: " Is private 'ownership and operation of electric lighting and gas plants in the cities of the United States of iifty thousand population and over, prefer- able to a system of municipal ownership and operation g the municipality to have the sole right to furnish lighting for private as well as public uses P " Aflirmative-Wisconsin Negative-Georgetown WII,I.IA1vI M. MCGRATH D. W. O'DONOGHUE WILLIABI S. KIES J. H. HIGGINS THEODORE W. BRAZEAU I. J. KIRBY judges SENATOR PETTUS SENATOR PERKINS SENATOR ROSS of Alabama of California of Vermont Decision for the negative. 309 Wi J . ee K WBAQE R Ms Ok RQ! wiv... 1 RN 1 . e j i WXYA1... A ix ' f . 5 1 .if it 'Sl ' V Q53 ' l ' il-. f ' AHL .fh . -is Wx , V 4 'i ' I 1' lincmms CLUB ,f-1+ Y HYLON T. PLVMB - - - President HUBERT I. TOXYNSEND - V - Vice-President FRED C. STIELER - - Secretary and Treasurer ALVIN MEYERS - - - - - - Cengor ALBERT A. NICHOLAUS - - - - Assistant Censro EONOTRYV members Professor Nelson O. YX'hitney Professor Amos A. Knowlton - N. Kratsch "mQmDQfS Seniors Ray Palmer Vlalter P. Hirschberg Hylon T. Plumb juniors Patrick J. Kelley james G. Harnmerschlag Professor John G. D. Mack XVilliam G. Lottes O. B. Zimmerman Hubert 1. Townsend Albert A. Nicholaus Alvin Meyers Fred C. Stieler William L. Thorkelson Sylvan J. Lisherger Sopbomores NVilliam R. Mott james G. Zimmerman Leigh H. Lathrop Charles XV. Hejda Courteny C. Douglas Benjamin F. Lyons Archie F. Alexander Henry P. Howland Robert V. Holt Frank I. Petura Fred G. Borden Irving Seaman Edgar A. Olin james H. Gulich William E. Brown 'Freshmen Eniil A. Ekern Clarence I Zimmerman Edgar B. Miller john N. Cadby Arthur Quigley Oliver C. Atkinson Charles J. Hejda Paul Trowbridge XVillis E. Crandall Garrison C. Dean Lester H. Levisee Henry I. Geerlings Warren XV. Gore Louis F. Schollkopf Lee H. Skeels Anton B. Ziegeweid 310 Hirschberg Townsend Plumb N icholaus Meyers Palmer S2lIi0I'S-eIlgill62l"S Zlljb Narnmx S CURTIS - ELMER O LEATHERWOOD LoU1s A QOPELAND - VICTOR I MINNAHAN HENRY GRAAS JACOB KRONCKE - William C. Berg Nathan S. Curtis Henry A. Detling Arthur W. Fairchild john G. Hardgrove jacob Kroncke Samuel W. Kies Frank XV. Lucas Thorwald P. Abel john B. Andrews Louis A. Brunckborst George XV. Carow Edward I. Cockerell Gilbert I. Davelaar Henry M. Esterly Louis A. Copeland Thomas M. Gannon Henry Graas Otto Kuenzli Vtfillianl A. Loveland m2mD2fS Seniors middle juniors ff " 1 .WX xufr President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Censor Assistant Censor Elmer O. Leatherwood Victor I. Minnahan Leo F. Nohl Walter K. Parkinson Frank P. Regner Charles A. Schneider Byron H. Stebbins Albert K. Wheeler Edward C. Griesel George V. Helfrich Philip C. Kopplin joseph Koffend, jr. john Maxey Charles S. Pearce john W. Reynolds Warren J. Neville Oscar C. Perry Louis I. Quamnien Louis B. Reed Fred W. Sylvester Alfred I. Warren 313 JOHIN M. KELLEV, lor . NELS P. CHRISTENSON, 'or BUNN T. WILSON, 'oz . XUGLST F. BROWN, 'oz William P. Boynton Nels P. Christenson Edward T. Fox Oscar W. Fritz Frank H. Gugel Edwin I. Gross Jay WY Hicks John M. Kelley joseph N. Trewecl-: August F. Braun Henry M.' Fellenz Alexander P. Greenthal Earl B. Harkin Robert A. Kafton Charles E. Conner John F. Frazer Gustav V. Husting Harry R. Lea Robert NV. Lueck Herman Leicht james J, McManany olumbia Officers mQmDQYS President Vice-President Senior Ilaw Blass Loyal H. McCarthy john XV. McMillan George B. Reedal Elroy W. Smith Albert E. Schwittay George Thompson Peter T scharner Ernest P. Truesdell Arthur Von Cotzhausen middle lldw Glass Harry Cv. Kemp james C. McKesson Ferdinand Voigt Bunn T. XVi1son Charles Yankey 'junior Law Glass Fred NVetzler 314 Edward W. Muckelstone Louis Nelson Charles L Purves Frank B. Rodger Walter E. Smith Joseph R. Shields John F. Sedgewick S ecretary Treasurer , ,A ,, 41 1 ..L East EIIKYGNCC, new BiSf0I'iCdl Library Iutber 5. Eigon 0fficers NATHAN S. CURTIS, '01 . . . . . . President HARRY M. HOBBINS, 'oz . . Secretary and Treasurer members Senior Law Zlass Emerson Ela Jay W. Hicks Peter Tscharner john WV. McMillan Nathan Curtis Oscar M. Fritz middle EAW Glass Ferdinand G. Voigt Eugene C. Joannes james C. McKesson Harry M. Hobbins ' George XV. Carow Louis A. Brunckhorst jlll1iOI' BBW Glass Charles L. Purves YVillia1n D. Buchholz john A. Malone Henry Grass Simon P. Wilson james C. Morgan 317 El. El. I!Bruce Officers JOHN G. HARDGROVE . . . . President GILBERT J. DAVELAAR . Vice-President EDXVARD J. COCKERILL . . Secretary XVALTER K. PARKINSON . Clerk of Courts members Senior llaw Glass Raymond Clarence Fairbank Victor Ivan Minahan John Gilbert Hardgrove lValter Knox Parkinson Boncluel Albert Husting Thomas H. Ryan middle llaw Glass Edward J. Cockerill Herbert A. Lunclalil Gilbert I. Davelaar . 101111 Maxey Robert A. Kaftan Emil Scow junior llaw Zlass Hubert D. Buchanan Gustav B. Husting George C. Danville Herman Leiclit Charles T. Taylor 318 unior ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, ratorical Clfbibition MARCH 16, rgoo I F irft - - - - - - "National Apostasf' CLARENCE E. MACARTNEY, Athenae Semfm' - - - - - - "Thaddeus Kosciusko, ROBERT A. BTAURER, Philomathia Ywird - - - - "Shall the Negro have justice" FRANK P. REGNER, Forum A Fourth - - - - 'lMilitary Cliristianity' ICATHERINE P. REG.-KN, Castalia FWZ: - - A - - "An Unknown Hero" EDYVARD 1. B. SCHUBRING, Hesperia .Sixth - - - - "Thomas jefferson" JOHN M, IQELLEY, Columbia First Place awarded to Clarence E. Macartney Second Place awarded to Robert A. Maurer 319 Sell FlzEsnnAN nmnm our N 7 I E M FEBRUARY 12, IQOO Fin! "Toussaint L'Ouverture" - Sefolzd "Queen Catl1erine's Plea, from Henry'VIII" Third "Wolsey's Lament" - Fazzrtb "The Soul of the Violin" - FWIJ The Trial of Abner Barrow" - Sixth cc The Unknown Speaker" - Sewzzib 'Senator Baker on the Treason of Breckenridge" CUHTES EBER R. MINAHAN I-IENRIETTA PYRE R. ROBERT KOHN- ANDREXV LILJEQUIST IWYRON CHURCHILL PETER U. PETERSEN ' HOXX'ARD PATTON First Place awarded to Miss Henrietta Pyre Second Place awarded to Robert Kohn 320 RM S N 'YWKLL Q" TE-' R "iff iv :',:".?, -5..LEs.i.5 .lu ,ily f,.,c ' 'fx Nf2.f'r'vfQ ' A .i'7Vf'f 'w wf if ' A ff 1 . ' . fffff f ' A7 v kt . 1 fp! y if L' ' ' ff. fi1fZg'f"' .ff f W .I .N I . .. ff f f, fy ' fi i"f"fp3 . ' " 4 425. R V' ?'g4ifl .. 2 ' ps N Tl.. , - 1' , 'YL' , . .rf'7-.',. .f x fr I-1 ,Q ,'1fQfff,1'w1 f, fy-3 5 - f , , ' ALBERT C. EHLBIAN . Leader ALLAN T. PR.-XY . Manager Herman T. Meinert Edward L. McGillis Fred P. Bowen I. Bartow Patrick fiI'Sf felwl' john V. Brennan i Albert C. Ehlnian SQCOIIG TCIIOI' Harry J. Murrish Elbridge Bacon Philip L. Spooner 'First Bass Elias R. Williams Harold S. Peterson Stuart E. XV8Sl1bll1'll Allan T. Pray Charles R. Rounds Second Bass Lelinvm 1' Rosenheinier 3 Corl iii H. Wilder Clifford C. Ireland V C . XVillian1 G. Hamilton Raymond T. Conger University Quartette ALBERT C. EHLMAN . . First Tenor ALLAN T. PRAY . . First Bass . Second Tenor CLIFFORD C. IRELAND Second Bass PHILIP L. SPOONER 322 Meinert llosenheimer Wilder Conger Rounds Brennan Bacon Patrick Spooner Pray Hamilton Vvash burn McGil1is Murrish Ehlman, Leader Ireland Bowen Williams 1l..:...menn IZIAA Dinh IAAAJANI N ,iltfx F , Urpuoq lg' Milli! Hn X! Zf k-f ei Fu2ms Choa ,F W g ' -I r il ff I R W Ar Lf , I If XX 4 EWIIM4 . xl -,gr-sa-a+ l X 1' " H X X ' as I Hctive membershlp-use 0ffiCQl'S DR CHARLES IQENDALL ADAMS . . President 4 A J '4 If EUGENE O. IQNEY . . . Vice President " Y 4 OLIVER C. ZIMMERMAN . Secretary and Treasurer PROFESSOR F. A. PARKER . . Musical Director W. H. DUDLEY ..... Librarian R. F. SCHOLZ , . Assistant Librarian Executive Zommittee Dr. C. C. Chittenden Professor Storm Bull Grant Thomas Zoncerts Library Half, Marfb 29, 1900 CHAMBER MUSIC RECITAL BY THE HEINZE TRIO Victor Heinze, pianog Emile Barre, violing Bruno Steindel, 'cello. Assisted by Miss Anna Gapen and the chorus. 147700797 Building, .May 17, 1900 BACH'S SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA SOLOISTS: Mme. Ragna Linde, sopranog Miss Estelle Rose, contralto. Library Half, February 13, 1901 'lVEBER'S IUBILEE CANT.-KTA GoUNoD's GALLIA SOLOISTS: Mrs. Genevieve Clark Vxfilson, sopranog Mrs. W. D. Hiestand, alto Edward Taylor, tenorg E. Williams, bass. 325 ES X X ! 5 .S If l 9 ills' 'W i N XX l it in .M . 2 ANNA M. GAPEN . Leader ELSA A. SAVVYER . Librarian 'First SOPl'dl10 Edith R. Balsley Edith A. Runisey Anne N. Gapen Margaret Mcifawley Daisybelle XVentWorth SQCO!ld SOWMIO Laura E. Sage Blanche Clark Edna B. Zinn Harriet I. Sawyer Anna Scribner 'First H110 Lela Anderson Louise S. Foote Esther Donnelly Elsa A1 Sawyer Edith S. Patten SCCOHG .RIN Grace G. Godard P Esther R: Concklin Ethel E. Moore Avis E. Hughes 326 Girls' Glee Klub Lyman ' Tomlinson Gove Markham Beebe Phipps Andrews Tlxompsou Laudeck Washburn R. T. Smith? Ehlman, Director Jenner Bennett Russe Lohmiller jorstad Rhodes Brown Ul1iUQl'SiW lndluwlill Zlllb, l900-l90l I 'AP '- - --'. .,., .-. '-" . ,.4'1. , ,-A,' . , '-' '1 A 5 A - A - V ' A 4. R . .. A A . R T at . ' ,' ." - ' , A' .. ' -A ,.- + .. A V Q, T552 , ir- CP'', i f ...sf - -..- 4 ALBERT C. EHLMAN, Director EDNVARD D. JENNER, Manager ROBERT T. SNIITH, JR., Leader 'First mandolin - Edward D. Jenner Fred A. Landeck Roy K. Lohmiller George R. Gove Robert T. Smith, jr. Ernest B. Tomlinson SCCGIIG mdUd0lih Weber S. Russell Paul P. Bennett Stephen C. Phipps Claude S. Beebe Chas. A. Lyman Arthur B. Uihlein Guitars , Osmund S. jorstad Samuel E. Andrews Chas. L. Thompson George F. Markham Alfred I. Rhodes Ulolin Cello William E. Brown Albert C. Ehlman 'Flute Stuart E. Washbiirii 331 .AX fx ... I .,., .. x -1- . kfl if .1 Vjliuol-gc. john B. Andrews - Thomas XV. Andreson Chauncev G. Austin - XV. Harley Barber - XVillia1n M Baxter Joseph I. Bingham - Robert O. Bowman Milan R. Bump - joseph P. Burns - Louis A. Burns - Harry E. Clausen lllanning Cleveland - Otto B. Dahle - Earl Darling - - Clarence O Dawson - Howard L. Dessert Robert C. Disque Herbert 'XV Dow - Albert C Ehlnian - Robert F. Ewald - Raymond C. Fairbank Gerhard O. Fortney Rollins N, Foster - Roy I-I. Gilfillian - Albert G. Hinn - Gustav B. Husting - Roy T. jackson - - Alexander A Kasberg Charles I. Kutzke - Leigh H Lathrop - Frank C. Marvin - YVillia1n R. Philbrick Arthur XV. Quan - Frank B. Roger Alfred Rollnian - Yvlilliani I. Rowe VVillarcl R, Saxton George A Scott - Raymond G. Sharpe - Harvey K. Snively - janies A. Stewart C. XV. Van Doren - Lester D. NVillian1s 332 PROFESSOR CHAS. NITSCHIX Director LESTER D. 'XVILLIAMS Leader ALBERT C. EHLMAN President W. Hr-XRLEX' BARBER Secretary BTILAN R. BUMP Treasurer - Second Alto Third Alto - Tuba Solo Alto ' - Saxaphone or Clarinet Clarinet - Second Tenor Trombone - Clarinet Trombone - Cymbals Tuba - Saxaphone Solo Cornet - Clarinet First Cornet - Trombone First Cornet - Drum Major Clarinet - Clarinet Solo Cornet - Baritone Clarinet - Solo Cornet - First Cornet - First Cornet Solo Cornet - Solo Cornet Second Cornet - Clarinet Snare Drum - First Alto First Cornet - Snare Druin Second Cornet - Piccolo Clarinet - Bass Drum Piccolo - Piccolo Baritone - Solo Cornet ' 'E University Regimental Band THIETK S00 U0 ALBERT F. LARSON . . . President HEREWARD I. PEELE . Vice-President MOSES S. KI..-XUBER . . Treasurer Board of Directors GEORGE H. Novlas . . . Regent A. L. SANBORN . . Alumnus ROBERT M. BASHFORD 7 CHARLES R. VAN H1515 - . . Faculty DUGALD C. JACKSON l Student members joseph Bredsteen john T. S. Lyle Alonzo A. Chamberlain Fred C. McGowan Arthur H. Curtis Jeremiah P. Riorflan 'William J. Gibson Emil Scow Theodore T. jones Henry H. Taylor Htbletic Zouncil Faculty members CLARLES S. SLICHTER . . . . President I. C. Elsom Edward R. Maurer Charles N. Gregory B. H. Meyer Charles R. Van Hise Student members Jeremiah P. Riorclan Alonzo A. Chamberlain john T. S. Lyle Frecl C. McGowan 336 FRED f 'Mafia LLAHY. EDM. 94 Jlthletic Eavtains and managers 'N e AJ ' ..... ,,z.:., .,,- rY':,L11.,. Ag I - ,7 fig? 112-fi I if .Si vw WL. NS-Eglrsqr----...,v-11,1 Y-'-' -1 - ,--- A , ., .. . Mx...w W3 sw V - - uw- J . , ,:,, w5wQ1?:: If ' .1 i,.,,,3,.A , ,Q ANPI: - L.-5.1 he -'lf 532-5:?'fl hw .M fwlfztii' i ':i'2'E'-': x,,5,:x.1.-1 - '- E4 ' - 4 5w:Q,::?5? ., I-nz I. Q - 'QLL1 4 V . -- aff: .1 lqqx! 1,,,, -:.56' ' T- ' - K' Qiilfiif! ., in ' Y: 3111" fri' ' .. . 1 " ' 'a " ' 5, v,-3-V N? ' 92 v L"' X x . .. - 'I " ' "Z-::"4k Z ' .- '. 1' X L six' f1?gfQi fr A E72 ' '53 ,Q 1-V-3 , ULES1 E.: -V: -egg, ik - . M 51,323 - . , ' 22:2 4:12- I ' .- 'FRF' ' H v.1.2Q..1 .,,,,4:aqk 73 1,1- ' T- f . . " . ' X I -- ..g-, - 5 . .Q34.'r.1.4,.g:.t.g,,,1:-ff.:-,1, . ,I ,Q ,A I' Q. 4' 1 '-f-wi:-xg .- - V:-z 1: 4 .,b,,e,..1f, ,, .,.. ,... gpm-4' - 4 x " 4' fi- Q9 ii-S6 S ':l8Q3.S'5P' -Mim- gl, - -. -, ' A25 I - we E 1 x ' 1 , 1 kk ,, 6 , Q 6 PV 'Ev .VEJFI Our Zoaches 'fi' ff gg Kai Mp nf 'VV' MLRH KW iff! iii? Sw r W Qwil A4154 9 4 I ,gzip 'Mk 'f 'HXJKZM l5f""' 'XS 5 ,Ia in-H-rw-f A xg' '5- ,.-fp. -ww ze Q 'MD' "3'mu.-u ' NC- fs , ,MV ,MI J If -W. 'WPS ww -944 I..-f-' 4' Q .,,, ff 7 Q "' if ,r 'MW' wwiig cmcisavx, ss 'ef um an .3 m-583163 fn- 'I-Kr .4 1, ,ww 'io 1' P p-1QB'.?'-wiva' wu- -'....-MMM 4-'J www-an-M Pj .4Y".-4-"QSM ny of 1 Mu., .vu .I 5 A 1 ,,,,,,,. w.srmsgn'.B9 ff-GCE. -Av --' , - I . f . ,wg ,f . iff ITP-1. 1- .V 4 .92" ' f. 1- --1.-,QQ .1 11:,wif-:ffz-"9.,::.:': '- ' ,, ,,- -1-1: 'kia :pg-fa-11:.', - -.-4 -f-,,-' I - .1 Q I - V11 -. ,. -4-r 'rv -+2 ' .M V 3 3, . -.:-Q- - 1. - ' ,A-.,. - . ..f.-:rdf1-.-wr:-2:1':-:": - 1' : ,. ., -- 3F.'.:21:11: ,'-f2Lf,1i-vgigzw -1 1 g . . 5- - Q , 'a 1, - .-ff . , I 1 I M i .- -.35 ,.,,., , L ' : ' 'fs .435-'-:i:'f:2:1 I ' 1 L: ' I ..- f ,::r:35?.4?" J " V .V-+-.f , , , I:-:1:f:':-s-1'f'--145-.W . ' ' -. - 4 rf ' "uf 4" ...,1,!.1' f' 4 -:'i1:91,,az-, .5 ---If,.j,"21Z1,.f,+-'f-fm'',qw f"'ff'f "S, "-51.-. - f-,Q l ' if .' +-H' Aff: Ile I 55:3-A lv' : g ' ,, v- . f 1 - -1 --Q h f ' - A ,- ., -,411 .,-,' ,. 1gj5,g:e2:g Ig. I- , . --I yf M- E- f, .5-U? f 1,-,, '.M,,1- K X : If -'I , .,..vf-1"-m-45- g f,.,:.., ..?J,::..f . . ' , 5 -I A -:-4' - 'ff . wv4-.v--- I .1 1 5 . , H , 1 M.. -f., - 3 , f ,---gg-r r .:-:24:z'.'i5i.1 1 -' -' 1- ' Ai, mo , , I ' ,l . , .,., , 'v Y, I .f,ew".Q- ' 'r """" :QW f' ' I 4 ll H . ' va A U I Y. ,: tg1332,v--j:fQg,.-...,.g.-.52 'gi A , . f,. .-Z55.'fT'f3"'F' . M fx. -0' ' ' "' M ' 9T'I52"-'-r2:w'fvl v.5'7fZf A 5 4253:-fiiwp'':1: r l f. " -:- , - lfiffff I 'f 'lil--:YQ3:2-Q2fl3f-.?5.,5ffff'," . - -, 1',:4, ff,,',gg:fr' N, -jegjg.5g"'fm:-Q.:1-.V--sgzfafacaw vf "' 'F fa--, 1 5- 'M EIN -- ' ,gfpl ',,. ' f -p'1-7- WL Tffilkfgil ,V ,W :iw A V I A I.. In - Y .,1.5,-.p5,1...-1,.4.vxpg,:.L.,7-v:i:5g5g::5.,3,5ig:.4 .,:1f? 4 - i ,74..,T:L.,.'M A '5"1???:Jff1?Qf'f'i' 'ri ' ff f '- ,. " I ' - ..p.:,:4-"f Our Coaches - Base Ball PHILIP KING, Prmceton . . . Foot Ban CHARLES H. KILPATRICIC, Pe1msy1va11ia . . Track Team ANDREW M. O'DEA . Crew trophies 2dPfl!l'2d ill H90 East 341 Plmh- hy Ford b1" ' -' as Jag jj ALoNz0 A. CHAMBERLAIN, Captain Sim: ' PHILIP K1NG,Grad11ate Mgr. and Coach Avg ALBERT K. WHEELER, Student Mgr 4, ' ,gif JAMES TEMPLE, Trainer -',- . 'V NAME POSITION CLASS AGE HEIGHT WT. A. A. Chamberlain Left Tackle L 'O2 25 5 ft. II in I73 lbs Arthur Curtis Right Tackle '02 I9 5 ft. 9 in 175 lbs Jerry Riordan Left Guard L '03 25 5 ft. 9 in 187 lbs E. B. Cochems Left End L '05 21 5 ft. 9 in. 160 lbs Wm. Juneau Right End '03 21 5 ft. IO in 158 lbs Emil Scow Center L '02 23 5 ft. 8 in. 199 lbs Paul Tratt Quarter Back L '01 25 5 ft. 6 in. 136 lbs Earl Driver Full Back L '03 21 5 ft 85 in. 171 lbs YV. E. Schreiber Full Back 704 I9 5 ft 893 in. 182 lbs Albert Marshall Sub Half Back '04 2 5 5 ft. 8 in 16o1bs A. C. Lerurn Right Guard '03 21 6 ft n 191 lbs A. F. Larson Right Half Back L '02 22 5 ft 8 in. 165 lbs A. C. Abbott Left End '04 I9 6 ft. 169 lbs J. S. Door Sub End '04 21 5 ft. 9 in. 163 lbs 'Foot Bdll Season Of woo Sept. 29 At 'Madison- , Wisconsin 50 Ripon ..., . . Oct. 6 At Madison- Wisconsin 5 Physicians and Surgeons Oct. I3 At Milwaukee- Wisconsiii II -Oct. 20 At Madison- Wisconsiii 64 Oct. 27 At Madison- Wisconsiii 45 Nov. 3 At Minneapolis- Wiscoiisiii 5 Nov. IO At Madison- Vlfisconsin 54 NOV. I7 At Chicago- XlVlSCO11Sl.11 39 Nov. 20 At Madison- Wisconsin 27 TOTALS-Wisconsin 300 Beloit . . Upper Iowa . . Grinnell . . Minnesota . . Notre Dame , . Chicago . . Illinois . . Opponents . ..II nvw. mr. nm-..- Uarsitv UMW'-l900 naval 0fficers EDWARD E. HASKINS . W Commodore HARRY W. COLE . . Vice Commodore ANDREW M. O'DEA . . . Coach 'Uarsitv Grew ANDREW R. ANDERSON, Captam POSITION NAME CLASS AGE HEIGHT WEIGHT Bow A. F. Alexander 1900 5 ft S in. 149 lbs 2 1901 5 ft II in. 156 lbs 3 19oo 5 ft. II in. I54- lbs 4 1902 6 ft 2 i11. 182 lbs 5 1902 6 ft. 115 1n. 176 lbs 61 - W. C. Sutherland 1900 5 ft If in. 170 lbs '7 A. R. Anderson 1900 6 ft. 172 lbs Stroke 1900 5 ft 105 in. 152 lbs Coxswain 1900 5 ft 1 in. IO6 lbs Substitute B. F. Lounsbury 1901 5 ft. II in. 168 lbs Substitute 1902 5 ft 9 in. 160 lbs 'Uarsitv Race ' Pougbkeepfzk, N. Y., june 30272, IQOO THWE First 19:44-Q Second 5 lengths 192462 Third 1 length 202045 Fourth 3 lengths 2o:o8g Fifth 202195 Course, 4 miles. Conditions: Medium tideg Water smooth. 347 ,-f -g, -AV- FPQ5 .. A Z.. ...Z . Freshman Grew J. A. ARBISTRONG, Captain POSITION NAME AGE HEIGHT XVEIGHT Bow H W. Werner 21 5 ft 9 in. I501bS. 2 W. K. Murphy IQ 6 ft 139 lbs. 3 D. Trevarthen 18 5 ft. 8 in. 156 lbs. 4 R. G Stevenson 22 5 ft. IO in. 168 lbs 5 C. H. Gafiin 20 6 ft 166 lbs. 6 L. H. Levisee 20 5 ft Il in. 161 lbs. 7 I. A. Armstrong 21 5 ft 9 in. 152 lbs. Stroke A. J. Quigley 23 5 ft S in. 142 lbs. Coxswain T. F. Sawyer 20 5 ft. 9 in. IO3 lbs. Substitute J. L. Dean 20 6 ft 2 in. 158 lbs. Substitute B. C. Berg 20 5 ft 8 in. 141 lbs. Freshman Race P0zzgbke.epJie, N. f., 711116 30117, 1900 ' . TIBIE XV1SCO1lSlll First 3 lengths 9.452 Pennsylvania Second 6 inches 9.542 Cornell Third 3 lengths 9.545- Coluxnbia Fourth N0 time taken Course, 2 miles. Conditions: Weak tide' water smooth. 'FNSDIIRII UQYSUS SI. j0bl1S Course, IZ miles. Freshmen led by S55 lengths slight off-shore wind. 348 1 Conditions: Medium with A. J. Quigley fStrokeJ D. H. Murphy, Commodore L. H, Levisee Q65 C. H. Gaflin Q51 R. G. Stevenson Q41 A. M. O'Dea, Coach j. A. Armstrong C75 Captain W. K. Murphy C21 D. Trevartheu C31 H. W. Werner LBOWJ T. F. Sawyer, Coxswain 1903 Glass Zrew, me 1 , fee. .. Gf2q,.--W 'V 'Y wie . Q M r' ,eT?" 'x f E f , 1 P 1 w W FEW: xw we ' ' - ,,.. A..AV , iggggf' 4? f .44 ' -Q:-----4 - ' the Uarsiiv Grew an Poughkeepsie ,A .. N. -X X .LLL H ' J X -- VY ku W X I L. ,B-. 1 . l if ax 1 Q .. 3 Biff, A f. lx A . W -L, , ,., N My 'Jw x. lui . f r in V- ' dl MMI. WXNVW X. f f i i . -I -J ' iv We UW GOLF CLUB STANLEY C. HANRS - President PHIL H. KING - - Vice-President THONIAS S. MORRIS - Secretary PAUL 'VVARNER - - Treasurer Board Of DiI'QCf0l'S Prof . Victor Colin Carl Johnson Clarence Taylor Fred Vogel Paul Warner Green Zommittee Prof. A. Trowbridge Fred Vogel Thomas S. Morris 6il'lS' CQIIMS Clllb Frank Jacobs Stanley Hanks DIARY WRIGHT - ------ - President SALLY P. HARRIS ADOLRHINE B. ERNSTE - Executive Board CORA A. ASTLE Total Menibership 34 353 fa ,1 S i. JX 5 fl N Q -, f k . if 4 ,pe w ' 6 ' Je X ? A f f 1 4 Q Y 'J f 7 F JOSEPH BREDSTEEN - STUART LYLE - - CLARENCE VVHITE - CHARLES H. IQILPATRICK - - members . C. McGowan G. Senn D. E. Beebe R. M. Chapman H . F. Hehnholz E. C. Meyer L. E. Granke H. Taylor R. R. Earle H. XV. Young NV . C. Burdick A. C. Leruni Cl'0SS COIIIIIYD Clllb OSEPH BRFDSTLIEN ---- J . 1 . 4 H. C. ATKINS - F. J. BACHELDER E. C. WIEYER - - - - J. G. MCF.-XRL.-XND - - A mQmbQfS D. E. Beehe S. C. Phipps H. W. Young G. R. Keachie S. Moore L. H. Levisee C. G. Starke E. C. Meyer F. J. Bachelder C. R. Zinnnerinan F. C, McGowan 354 RAC T - - Captain - - Manager Assistant Manager - - Coach E. A. Ross J. G. McFarland I. F. Hahn P. A. Schule K. 'Wheeler XV. J. Juneau A. XV. Cowley C. Taylor A. jolliffe I. Bredsteen G. L. Gust P - President - V ice-President - Secretary - Treasurer - - Captain A. C. Baldwin P. A. Schule I. Bredsteen I. G. McFarland F. Saradakis A. B. Marvin A. Shadbolt H. C. Atkins E. XVo11ager E. W. Allen H. F. Helmholz L. E. Granke Saradakis E. C. Meyer W. Juneau W. C. Burdick F. C. McGowan ' H. H. Taylor C. H. Kilpatrick F. W. Schule G. Cassels A. C. Lerum W. J. Bi:-hop lCoachJ J. F. Hahn A. K. Wheeler J. T. Lyle Geo. Gust H. W. Young' J. C. Taylor J. Bredsteen CCapt.J D. E. Beebe A. W. Cowley C. T. White Benn E. A. Ross J. G. McFarland R. B. Chapman C. H. Batchelder E. B. Cochema Uarsltv track team, me if J, PQI: Bowler, Manager Ware Heusel Cochems johnson Curtis, Captain I-Larkin Hustiug, Trainer Leahy, Ass't Mgr. Reedal Matthews Fisher, Gen. Mgr Murphy Peirce Leighton Uarsitv Base Ball team, woo ,,,.,,., ,,.,,,, , ,, . .. rf " Y Y r ll" fi axafv ii- I? V f 1. , . , .La T' 'Claw 'Z Jifyv fr 4252 ,WK 1 F ,Aw ,I -ff., 1 gan 1:ff.,EfY9'?: b- , 2' ig! Q, . f ' 1' -,fini 41-iz., ,inte ',, L' P. ,rx " ' - --,' W W.,-. Mmm. .4,,s.,,. , at if 43. ,,-,Q -.1-,,, f, 2, f -:af - T -gall. Lt, IQ: 1351. 1 y 2-. -I wi 4 .,+ 512 . ,-f- HES! 4. 4? -i . ,wk . i 'vain ' ' " if " 'fn P 1, 43 V , , , , , sr? .fp let " . f ... - ,. -- ff .- "ii f l 2 ' 'f' L. fl-L ' f 5:1 ip -jr fi.,-1, 2,23 4:2-5,25 5531- f 5 ,C Liar. Y'-ffl 9' "Exif 3 I - X ' ARTHUR A. CURTIS, Captain -- -" "" I. J. BOXVLER, Student Manager PHILIP KING, Coach B. J. HUSTING, Trainer the me team OSCQI' C- 011129-U, 701 Catcherq Earl P. Harkin, '05 Third Base Elmer A. Peirce, '03 ' h L H v , Sl tst George B. Reedal, l. '01 JO H ' army' OO - lor Op Delbert R. Mathews, l. '02 - Pitchers Earl M. Muckleston, '03 - Left Field julian V. NVare, '03 Arthur H. Curtis, ,O2, Capt. - First Base Earl F. Hensel, l. 'oo - Center Field Edward B. Cochenis, l. '03 - Right Field Geor e A. Mowrv, 'o LesligS. Leighton, '33 Second Base XVillian1 C Berg, '02 - -Substitute April 7 " 18 IK May 3 if 5 KC 9 I2 ll .4 I7 .. I9 ' 21 KK li " 26 it 29 30 june 2 ti 4 Lawrence vs. Michigan - H Upper Iowa " I K 4 I Beloit ' Dixon, Ill. ' Northwestern " Notre Dame " Northwestern " Michigan " Notre Dame " Chicago " Minnesota li Chicago ' Beloit ' Minnesota ' Beloit " GGIIIQS 31161 SCOTQS XVisconsin 44 it A C cs A L 1 A 4 H L 1 at u cc cr cl ta cr it rm it sa at cs Ac sr sa as an Madison Wisconsin 29 Lawrence 5 " " 7 Michigan 1 " " 6 Upper Iowa 7 L K 4 I I I K 6 Beloit " Beloit Madison Dixon L ' ' Nothwestern L' ' Notre Dame Evanston ' Northwestern Grand Rapids ' Michigan South Bend Notre Dame Chicago ' Chicago Minneapolis Minnesota Madison Chicago Janesville ' Beloit Madison Minnesota L' Beloit 359 ffsx " 1 .4 Allxisg I 1 ll 'fum y I T. 'fv ef:- A cafe' e ' L X 5 , . f X ' tl, f , NHNIS. 1 9 J X Z .li . -.-3. fe A . If"1 in fn! Ez?- 4 N ' 4- X ', af . 7, xy I Q46 'I t A ,mam ig or vid C TH-. 0' N 7 7, J N mf 77 - tx 'T 44,k3.,. Officers - - - - - Captain - - - Manager - - - Assistant Manager - - - - - C oach FRANCIS H. CROSBY, 'oo FREDERICK D. TAYLOR, ,OI SIDNEY C. NII.ES, YO2 - PROFESSOR I. F. A. PYRE CQEIITI of WOO FRANCIS H. CROSBY, 'oo ---- - Captain XVILLIAM BEYE, 'oz IRVING SEAMAN, '03 FRED CARPENTER, YO2 Zbampionsbip tournament The preparation for tournaineuts with other institutions and the shortness of the season made it impossible to play the Qnals. In the semi-nnals Beye defeated Seaman, 5-7, 7-5, S-Io, 6-I, 6-2. He was to have met Crosby to decide the championship. Intercollegiate tournament at Zhicago Crosby and Beye represented Wisconsin and were defeated, 6-4, 7-5. tournament with Iowa, Iowa Zitv, may 26 Beye and Seaman represented XVisConsin and were defeated in doubles 6-2, 3-6, 6-2. Both won in singles, Beye 6-4, 6-2. Seaman, 6-2, 3-6, 6-4. Beloit fOlll'!l2ll1I2Ilf BI madison Beye and Crosby won doubles 6-3, 6-I, 6-o. Beye won iII singles 612, 6-I, 6-2. 360 0061 'umm sguuaj, UBUIEBS 2595 1a1uad.!B3 Jagmvem 21015214 uguqdeg 'liqsoxg ll. ill. Basket Billl CQHIII XVALTER P. HIRSCHBERG - - Captain DR, J. C. ELSOM - Manager Charles? C' Carter XValter P. Hirschber John C. Potter Forwards , Paul Stover VVarren I. Bishop Henry F. Helmholzl O W'illian1 I. Bertke I Centers Freshman Girls' Basket Ball team Adah Streeter, Captain Besse Pyre Florence Baker V Forwards Lucy Case Florence Moffatt Ethel Moore s Edna Zinn Leilah Pugh , Elva Cooper Franties Connell Centers Sophomore Girls' Basket Ball Ceam Agues I. Martin Elinor Merrill Maude M. Luce , Captain Bernice C. Hatch Forwards Frances B. Marshall Mary F. Cunningham G. S. Ishikawa Paul Tratt Charles Cady H. T. Meinert Harry Bradley An na Storm Centers Cathaleen M. Craigo DQDZll'ImQllf of PbDSiC2ll Edllcafwll I. C. ELSOM, M. D., Director Gymnasium Instructors Pinnp Kolb 362 J. E. Davies H. XV. Hibbard Robert Knoff W. J. Bishop ' August Brown g g Guards Guards Guards Kolb T1 jorstad Bishop Brown Cady Ishikavra 'att Davies Dr. J. C. Elsom Bradley Hibbard Knoff Meinert GVMIIBSUC 'IIlSfl'llCl0l'S A. Roberts A. Pierce Z. H. Kinsey G. G. Green F. W. Bentley, A. Carson E. E. Doll R. Grant E I-1oITn1z1n I. D. Nelson O. B. Zimmerman fTrainerJ D. I-I. Dugan fCoachJ C. F. Story M. N. Bodenbach QLient.J L. Koch CCz1pL.J E. Chamberlain D. E, Mowry 1 west DMSIOII High SCITOOI 2l1im9f0IiSbil3 Cfdfk CQBII1 Pole Vault BEVENT Western lllfQl'C0llQSlilIQ field 'neil Cbimga, HZ., 721112 2, 1900 Fl RST 120 Yard Hurdles Moloney, Chi. 1oo Yard Dash 440 Yard Dash 220 Yard Dash Mile Run Mile Bicycle X Mile Bicycle Cadogan, Cal. Moloney, Chi. Cadogan, Cal. Baker, N. W. Gaffney, N.D. Gaffney, N.D. 220 Yard Hurdles McLean, Mich 880 Yard Run Moloney, Chi. Mile l1Valk Bredsteen, VVis. Discus Throw Granke XVis. Shot Put Plaw, Cal. Dvorak, Mich. Run ' g High jump Armstrong, Mich. Run'g BroadI'n1p Schule, XVis. Hammer Throw Plaw, Cal. SECOND THIRD McLean, Mich. J. Hamlin, Cal. Nash, Knox O'Shaughnessy, N .D. Pick, N. D. Drum, Cal. Hulbert, Chi. Brown, Chi. Moloney, Chi. Hayes, Mich. Richberg, Chi. France, Mich. Woolsey, Cal. Wheeler, Wis. Teetzel, Mich. Nash, Knox Hahn, Wis. Loss, Knox 1 McDougall' N'D' Goodenow, Chi. I Sudheinier, Minn. Brockmiin, Minn. Baker, N. XV. XValsh, Cal. Blew, Neb. Cochenis, lVis. Juneau, 'XViS. Flourney, Mich. Tait Minn. McLean, Mich. Broughton, Cal. Mortimer, Chi. Blew, Neb. POINTS SCORED: Michigan 31, Chicago 302, California 29, XVisconsin 21, Notre Dame 17, Northwestern 6, Knox 42, Minnesota 3, Nebraska 2. RECORD I6L!! ., 10511 51211 22511 4lfi32'0 215311 If Z3 255211 2!2l! 7l IIO ft. 2in. 41 ft. Sin. IO ft. 3 i11. 5 ft. 1011-in. 21 ft. Llzlll. 156 ft. 3 in. ff.-x1sBa1zv1aT1oNs: Cal., California, Chi., Chicago, Mich., Michigan, Minn., Minnesota, Neb. Nebraska, N. D., Notre Dame, Wis,, Wisconsin, E. S., East Side, S. S., South Side, W. S., West Side, Mil., Milwaukee, Acad., Academy. lnterscbolastic meet Mddifdfl, Wif., May 26, IQO0 Milwaukee XVest Side High School won. Score, 36 points. EVENT FIRST SECOND Mile Bicycle Holderness, Kenosha Stotzer, Portage 120 Yard Hurdle Bechtner, E. S., Mil. McCrossen, Wausau 880 Yard Run Mowry, XV. S., Mil. Atwood, Janesville 220 Yard Dash Koch, W. S., Mil. Stedman, Berlin 440 YardDash Daniels, Madison Shoeposter, Reedsburg - Abbott, Oshkosh Hlgh Jump Nichols, Viroqua Mile Run Breitzhuentz, XVausau MacEachron, E. Green 1oo Yard Dash Koch, WK S., Mil. Hahn, Portage Z Mile Bicycle Holderness, Kenosha 22o Yard Hurdles Gilkey, Oshkosh Half Mile Walk Bertke, S. S., Mil. Batton, Mil. Acad. Green, W. S., Mil. Hobbins, Madison Pole Vault Mackie, Mil. Academy McCroSsen, Wausau Broad Iunip Koch, XV. S., Mil. Dugan, W. S., Mil. Shot Put Hubbard, Evansville Lennar, E. Grand Rap Discus Throw Hubbard, Evansville Foster, Reedsburg 12-lb Harn'rTh'w Hubbard, Evansville Eckstein, Portage Relay Race East Side, Milwaukee NVest Side, Milwaukee Bay ids RECORD 2141 211 1711 215 Q11 2 fl Se., Q 5 ft. 6 in. I -xii!! 463211 28311 31120311 9 ft 5 in. 20 ft. 9 in. 28 ft. 98 ft. IO in. 6 ft. East Side 16 POINTS WON: Milwaukee West Side 36, Evansville I7, Milwaukee , Wausau 12, Oshkosk IOM-5, Kenosha IO, Portage QQ Milwaukee Academy 9, Madison 9, Milwaukee South Side 7, East Green Bay 6, Reedsburg 6, Viroqua 4, Janesville 3' Berlin 3, Lake Mills 2, Grand Rapids 1, Stoughton 1, Beloit 367 1 Race -nal.-J HW' vwww T ff 9 I C- 3 . ve- Q A V I fi A' G' "X .1175 fy. ef .s Q. -..A-W' 1o0 Yard Dash 220 Yard Dash . 440 Yard Run 880 Yard Run . Mile Run . 120 Yard Hurdles 220 Yard Hurdles Mile Walk . Mile Bicycle . 2 Mile Bicycle . K Mile Bicycle High Jump . Broad Jump . Pole Vault . 16-lb. Shot . Hammer Throw Discus Throw Geo. F. Sherman, 1894 . J. H. Maybury, 1895 . F. C. McGowan, 1899 . A E. T. Fox, 1899 E. T. Fox, 1897 . . XV. C. Burdick, 1899 . . j. F. Hahn, 1899 . . . J. R. Richards, 1897 . . A. C. Kraenzleiii, 1897 . . Jos. Bredsteen, 1899 . I. C. Taylor, 1898 . . I. C. Taylor, 1897 C. C. Allen, 1899 . E. C. Waller, 1897 F. XV. Schule, 1899 . . A. K. Wheeler, 1899 . H. F. Cochems, 1895 . C. G. Stangel, 1899 C. G. Stangel, 1898 . 368 105 sec. 22? sec. 513' sec. 2 miu. 5 sec. 4 min. 323 sec. 15? sec. 255 sec. 7 min. 2 min. 3015 sec 5 min. 31 sec. 479- sec. 5 ft II in. 22 ft. 2 in. IO ft. 8 in. 40 ft. 9 in. 110 ft. 4111. 117 ft. 9 in. EVENTS Mile Run, . . 120 Yard Hurdles, . 100 Yard Dash, . 440 Yard Run, . . 880 Yard Run, . Mile Bicycle, . . Mile Walk, . . M mile Bicycle, . 220 Yard Dash, . 220 Yard Hurdles, . Throwing 'Discus 1 Running Broad jump, Running High Jump. Putting Shot, . . Throwing Hammer, Pole Vault, . . EVENTS 120 Yard Hurdle, . Mile Run, . . 100 Yard Dash, . . 440 Yard Dash, . Mile Bicycle, . . Mile NVallc, . . 880 Yard Run, . . Z Mile Bicycle, . 220 Yard Dash, . . 223 Yard Hurdle, . Broad jump, . . Discus Throw, . Shot Put, . . . I6 Pound Hammer, Pole Vault, . . High jump, . Qual Ilbeets Wisconsin DS. Illinois AT CHAMPAIGN, MAY 18, 1900. FIRST Hahn, lVis. Schule, 'Wis. McGowan, VVis. Cayou, Ill. Burdick, Wis. Dodant, Ill. Bredsteen, VVis. Stevenson, Ill. McGowan, Wis. Schule, NVis. Hobble, Ill. Thompson, Ill. Pettinger, Ill. Cochenis, Wis. Viers, Ill. VVheeler, Wis. SECOND Siler, Ill. Boyd, Ill. Brown, Ill. Rowland, Ill. Herrick, Ill. Plant, Ill. Young, 'Wis. I C. Taylor, lfVis. Cayou, Ill. Helniholz, VVis. Granke, Wis. Schule, Wis. Keator, Ill. Brundage, Ill. Lerum, Wis. I Bishop, Wis. l Kratz, Ill. Wisconsin won by one point. Chicago DS. WISCOIISHI AT MADISON, MAY 26, 1900. FIRST Trude, Chi. Hahn, Wis. Lefiingwell, Chi. VV. A. Moloney, Chi. Goodenow, Chi. Bredsteen, Wis. Burdick, XVis. Brown, Chi. Senn, Wis. Schule, Wis. Schule, W'is. Granke, Wis. Lister, Chi. Mortimer, Chi. Wheeler, Wis. Wisconsin. SECOND Moloney, Chi. Hulbert, Chi. Senn, Wis. Lord, Chi. Brown, Chi. Young, Wis. Lord, Chi. Goodenow, Chi. Lenlngwell, Chi. Moloney, Chi. Pettit, Chi. Leihngwell, Chi. Cocheins, Wis. Lester, Chi. Magee, Chi. Chicago 71, Wisconsin 17. 369 TIME 4 min. 47-5 sec I7 sec. IO 5 sec. 5112 sec. 2 min. Ilgg sec 3 rnin. 45 sec. 7 min. 3,754 sec 29 sec. 23g sec. 265 sec. 103 ft. 7 in. 21 ft. 6 in. 5 ft. 4 in. 36 ft. II in. 113, ft. 6 in. 9 ft. 9 in. RECORD. I7 sec. 4 min. 325 sec. I3 sec. 51-ff sec. 2 min 3,05 sec. 7 min. 7 sec. 2 min. gg sec. 452 sec. 225- sec. 2515 sec. 22 ft. 2 in. 108 ft. 1 in. 3Q ft. 25 in. 130 ft. 7 in. IO ft. IO in. SUIXIIVIARIES High Hurdles . . 100 Yard Dash . . Z Mile Run . Z Mile Run . Mile Run . . Low Hurdles . . . 220 Yard Dash , . Broad Jump . fresbmenzsopbomore OOTOBER 17, 1900 FIRST Helnlholz, '03 Hayde11, '04 Murphy, '03 Chapman, '03 Hahn, '03 Helmholz, '03 Sau11ders, '04 Bishop, '03 SECOND Race, '04 Poage, '03 Hahn, '03 Hayden, '04 Keachie, '03 Ripley, ,O4 Hayden, ,O4 Borreson, '04 ITZQQI TIME 183 sec. IO? sec. 2 111i11. I4f,ff sec. 55 sec. 5 111111. 22 sec. 28 sec. 24? sec. IQ ft. II in. High Jump . 'gigzlifxiog tie 5 ft. 65- in. Shot Put .... Webster, '04 Bishop, '03 35 ft 2 in. Hammer Throw . . XVebster, '04 Lerunl, '03 104 ft. 4 in. Discus Throw . . . YVebster, '04 Esptein, '04 93 ft. Pole Vault . . llgiitgilgyeigill' O3 Etie IO ft. 12' in. Score: S0ph01110res,61g Freshmen, 59. fil'Sf IIICIOOI' 'TRN JANUARY 26, 1901. EVENTS FIRST SECOND TIME 35 Yard Dash . G. C. Poage J. Hayden 4 2-5 sec. 35 Yard Hurdle Race . F. J. Schule G. 561111 5 2 5 sec. A540 Yhiril 121111 ?.Ig.1P0age I-Igqidzen hi 59 1I1.ll1. 62-5 sec ne 1 e un . . . a1n . . eac ie 5 nnn. sec. Two Mile Run . J. Bredsteen J. Sinith IO min. 54 4-5 sec Running High Jump, F. J. Schule and E. Hughes tied for nrst 5 ft. 92 111. 880 Yard Run . J. F. Hahn E. L. McGillis 2 n1in. 20 4-5 sec Shot Put . . H. XVebster E. Schreiber 26 ft. II in. Pole Vault, W. Juneau, W. Bishop, M. Mucklestone tied for first 09 ft. 45 in. Short Course-Dairy Relay-Dairy Students wo11. 3 min. 16 2-5 sec High Scliool-Academy Relay-High School won. 3 111111, I7 3-5 sec Inter-Fraternity-Relay-Phi Rho Beta, first, Beta Theta Pi, second. EVENTS 35 Yard Hurdle 35 Yard Dash 440 Yard Run One Mile Run Two Mile Run . 880 Yard Run Running High Jump Shot Put . SQCOIICI IIICIOOI' HZQQI FEBRUARY 23, 1901. 1f1RST . F. J. Schule Schule . J. Hayden Hahn . . J. Bredsteen . Hahn . Hughes . Cochems S EC O N D McCrossen Poage Poage Keachie lN1CECl11'O1'l McGillis Schule Webster Inter-Fraternitv Potato Race, Phi Kappi Psi, iirstg Kappa Sigma, second. Relay Race fHigh Schoolj Madison Wong South Side Milwaukee. second. Tug of War-Law School won from Engineers. Relay Race-Engineers vs. Law School, Engineers won. 370 TIME 5 sec. 4 2-5 sec. 1 min 13- sec. 4 n1i11 54 sec. IO n1in. 37 2-5 sec 2 n1i11. I3 2-5 sec 5 ft, 92 in. 38 ft. IO i11. FWS? .152 ,Q -,f ,L :L 'L X 'AQ...,f:fL ,M .gy - -.14 vf, fwiiw ' , Us xv!" f Yiigjfh "af .1494 l 31 it li fl 1 w l I ' N l 1 79 .Z If .ll ff J' f ff f fj V if f if --f gli-.ff,?'ZaiQtfi, , . f 'rf 'f ffl if V fl' wfifff ff 5 5 it ,u-.wif fl Xl . ,g 'Q fililirli 'Q ff' J" if f i 7 W Sewanee Q11-,UD W ' 1 ,, , -1 J ff V W, DR. E. A. BIRGE .... President. PROFESSOR Cp S. SLICHTER . Vice President. PROFESSOR E. R. NIAURER . . Secretary and Treasurer. m9mb0fS. Professor Louis W. Austin Professor Stephen M. Babcock Professor Edwin A. Birge Professor Storm Bull Professor Charles F. Burgess Professor Lellen S. Cheney Professor J. Morgan Clements Professor George C. Comstock Professor VVilliam A. Daniells Professor Linnaeus VV. Dowlin Professor Richard Fischer Professor Albert S. Flint Professor Edward H. Farrington Professor Emmet S. Goff Professor Homer VV. Hillyer Professor Robert A. Harper Professor joseph Iastrow Professor Professor Professor Louis Kahlenberg Edward Kremers William Marshall Professor Professor William H. Hobbs Dugald C. Jackson Professor john B. Johnson Franklin H. King john G. D. Mack Edward R. Maurer Professor Professor Professor Professor William S. Miller Professor Harry L. Russell Professor Arthur W. Richter Professor Charles S. Slichter Professor Ernest B. Skinner Professor Leonard S. Smith Professor Benjamin W. Snow Professor Bernard V. Swenson Professor Frederick VV. Turneaure Professor Nelson O. Whitney Professor Charles R. Van Hise Professor Robert VV. Wood Charles E. Allen William D. Frost Blanche Harper Charles K. Leith Stephen C. Stuntz Henry C. Wolff Budd Frankenneld H. W. Griggs Edward A. Hook Ernest R. Buckley Roy E. Fowler Edwin G. Hastings S. V. Peppel Alfred Vivian Samuel Weidman Oswald Schreiner George W. VVilder Oliver B. Zimmerman Cbemitdl Clllb DR. H. W. HILLX'ER ----- Director members Professors and instructors in the Department of Chemistry and School of Pharmacy and advanced students in Chemistry and Pharmacy. Prof. Benjamin W. Snow Prof. Robert W. Wood Prof. Louis XV. Austin Dr. Augustus Trowbridge Dr. Aladine C. Longden George W. Wilder Clarence W. Eastman Physics journal Club mQmbQl'S Edson R. Wolcott Guy M. Wilcox Harley W. Barber Edward J. Harvey August H. Pfund William B. Anderson Martin F. Angell fllllllllll HSSOCl3Ii0II CHARLES F. HARDING, '75, l '80, Chicago, Ill. - - - President AGNES HASKELL NOYES, '76, Milwaukee, W'is. - Vice-President CALVERT V. SPENSLEY, l '96, Madison, Wis. - Secretary CHARLEs T. HUTSON, '99, Madison, Wis. - - - Treasurer GXQCIIUUQ Z0l11II1llI22 Charles F. Harding, '75, l So, Chairman Agnes Haskell Noyes, '76, Vice-Chairman David B. Frankenburger, '69, l 71 Geo. Raymer, '71 Charles R. Van Hise, '79 Ernest N. Warner, '89, l '92 Andrew A. Bruce, '90, l '92 E. Ray Stevens, '93, l '95 Calvert F. Spensley, l '96 Professor Charles F. Smith Professor Moses S. Slaughter Professor Frank G. Hubbard Mrs. Moses S. Slaughter Mrs. Grant Showerinan Annie N. Scribner Anna B. Moseley Frederick M. Van Horn Cl6SSlC2ll Clllb members Professor Alexander Kerr Professor Arthur G. Laird Professor George P. Noyes Mrs. S. F. Conover Katharine Allen Annie M. Pitman. Marie McClernan Andrew R. Anderson Florence P. Robinson. 373 Germanistische Gesellschaft CHARLES H. HANDSCHIN . SABENA M. HERFURTH . ELSBETH VEERHUSEN . DR. ERNEST K. J. H. Voss President . Vice President Secretary . Treasurer mQmbQfS Selma A. Steinfort Herman G. Milbradt Emma M. Roenier William B. Castenholz Richard Fischer Hassa Maude Yule Adolphine B. Ernst Charles H. Haudscllin Florence A. Kuecliennieister Augusta E. Noelke Helen M. XVolf Sabena M. Herfurth David L. Bernard Frederick XV. Meisnest Abbie Eaton Max M. Muenich Theodore M. Ave-Lallemand Edwin C. Roedder Robert Laehmund Mrs. E. J. Patterson, '96 Cordelia Roedder Ernst O. Eckelmann Dr. 'Ernest K. J. H. Voss Mary A. Gillen Lorine A. Knauf XVilhelmina E. Kraemer Ada Bird William Nebau Susan A Sterling Otto E. Lessing Gradllille Club ROLLIN H. DENNISTON . ALLYN A. YOVNC. . . HERBIAN G. A. BRAUER . . President . Secretary . Treasurer members Helen G. Andrews Rollin H. Deuniston Annie M. Pitman Elsbeth V eerhnsen Herman G. Brauer Gilbert XV. Deniston Anna C. Griffiths Benjamin H. Hibbard Oliver J. Marston lVillian1 S. Robertson 374 john XV. Baird Charlotte E. Pengra Annie N. Scribner Charles E. Allen Carlton C. Denniston john H. Deniston Salnena M. Herfurth Louise P. Kellogg Alexander A. Musero Allyn A. Young . V -Q -,f ' 2 , fx, ", . ' rg 1 - ,E 5 r , 'Z 1 XM . -fx ,, g W, 1 ,f 1 ' y , ' N XL -. , Nl, D , lx xi .k OA .. ' M, 1 5 f , 4 ' U . S X I. ARNJ 'Xi . fl A X '2 new EISIOHCBI Ubfdfv LAURHNCE M. LARSON MARTIN J. BERG . LUTHERA Kasisisizo Laurence M. Larson joseph Bredsteen Arne C. Lerum Alexander Kasberg Olaf M. Norlie Christian Westergaard Rufus J. Friedman Henry O. Paulson Oscar G. Erickson Nels P. Christenson Alfred H. Christensen Ben S. Hale Albert G. Michelson Gustave A. Anderson Oswal O. NVagle Martin J. Berg Marie Hektoen Luthera Kasberg Lewis A. Anderson UIliU2l'SlID l20l'il Samlag . . President Vice-President . Secretary l1'!QlI1b0l'S Nelly C. Molclstad George Thompson julia C. Holland Mary L. Nelson Emil A. Ekern Adah O. Streeter Diana L. Sime Ella A. Barton Alex O Corstvet Enos S. Vkfigdale Reginald A. Nestos Osmund M. Jorstad Sidney Olson Blanche H. Ranum Adolph H. Rossing Glenn R. Sardeson Peter O. Anderson Y. M. Bull Anna Jacobsen Cozoperative Hssociation PROF. LEONARD S. SMITH . . President VVILLIAM D. BUCHHOLZ . Vice-President FRED O. LEISER , .... Secretary HERMAN A. SMYTH Dean E. A. Birge Charles N. Brown XVilliam B. Clark Peter Tscharner Fred O. Leiser Robert C. Disque Dr. james C. Elsoin . . . . Business Manager B0dl'd Of Dll'QCf0l'S 'fdilllw m2mb2I'S Dr. B. H. Meyer Hlllmlli members Thomas S. Morris Allyn A. Young, Q SQl1i0l' m2mbCfS William D. Buchholz jlll1i0l' nlQI'lIbQl'S Prof. Leonard S. Smith Harry W'. Adams Grad. Studentj John Barney Max H. R. Strehlow S0vh0m0l'2S Emil A. Ekern members at Barge E. W. VVeber john C. Miller 377 Camera Clllb DR. J. C. ELSOM - Rox' D. HALL G. S. ISHIKAXVA - - - - President - Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Russell XV. Hargrave William F. Moffatt G. S. lshikawa Paul C. Foster Charles A. NVilliams A. A. Monroe Lloyd G. Spencer Charles G. Stangel Archy B, Carter Harry B. Hibbard Kurt Schapper Henry H. lVood Charles H. Kilpatrick R. G. Peck 'Louis A. McKee Felix Boldenweck Merritt N. Murphy Harold E. Eggers Joseph H. Mathews lVarren XV. Gore George Keinmerer Frederick XV. Buerstatte Christian lVestergaard john XV. Nevins Warren J. Bishop S. Crawford Ross Arthur J. lVyss1I1an William Kelsey WISCOIISHI HSl'iClllIlll'dl EXDQNIIIQIIIBI HSSOCHIIGII ARTHUR I NIEYERS, Stargarcl, Wis. VVILLIAAI R CURTIS, Trevor, Wis. RANSOM A MOORE, Madison, Wis. RICHARD H POSTON, Madison, Wis. - Vice President members Professors, Instructors, Students and Alumni of the College of Agriculture Short Course Hlumni Hssociation DVUIGHT E. POXVELL, Sherlancl, Ill. - VVILLL-XM F. RENK, Sun Prairie, Wis. AURA G. MAIN, Hortonville, Wis. RICHARD H. PosToN, Madison, Wis. 378 - - - President Vice-President for Vx7is. - - - Secretary - Treasurer Taylor Foster Hook Phelps, Gen. Sec. 37.07. . FREDERICK D. TAYLOR FRED O. LEISER - DANA I. GROVER FREDERICK L. HOOK PAUL C. FOSTER G. S. PHELPS Faculty Students - Total - membership ACTIVE 379 Leiser M CKCSSOII O - President - Vice-President Recording Secretary - - Treasurer Office Secretary General Secretary 22 - 253 R f' 3 any Q . 3 2 I , K QSM fx 1 X245 fi ' E!! mx 'ww 'J i Maw 'xii mm-X q, W M ML ,f lu ff! ' M Jg lqwg A Eff U' Jim I mmf-is -E51 1 5231.5 L "" ' z ' jifmwg 5fH W?f5i-Wi f Qff-Eff 15 . ---. -: -2,"1l1?3 J E! 5, I If -L ' JI ll fx ' .5 ' 5 i !'f'J-...4 i F 1' fe r f! , ...f,:i Jw . f Y' f -,W U iq in M fir?-141ag 5 5 : 3 ix - lf .5 - . ,f- f --' .Q S - 5 if E ,nf-'5rT- ?Tf.' 5 W xi .gf if I 4? I , gr S - - -, 'f r f- 2 Qfi-L45 wifi -H gjffgif' --'A ws 'LLHEJ 1 If b g-,' iq E -3 f y d g i , Q ' -L 1 1 l- L1 ' - - W' '- ?'?L -I ,L ' N- .r- l 1- - ' , ' ri li ' Ekfxx f 1 . F. Q 1 ,Q'. 2Q5iT 1.l is M N 2 9 V V E Fi? '- :Qk E x I Vg- E E': 3Q f- A 'Ti X5 v,? x l mb:1lX ,N my Y 2 IAU 1 ' W5 z X X ya f A .'.- gr- 5:22-1:1 iaH xL j, g Ex ' W' M 2 Q19 -- E15 1 l? Rx' - X5x,i , .x i Uri . Ti,--'in ' K 1 'E W"" - -wi M f g xg is Wk 9 f 1 ' E lf WS F 3 NX X , u W Y vf A p ,- ww 7 2- ' - il' 5 X sw Z X ' it :N i lu: -Q 3 ' vggg x E v .Ska -, 1 '- HQQ-33:1 13'-Qi ' ?N I ' ' . 5 V x ' H 1 ll uf Q x f S- Q swag M l ?J' 1A WWW? 3 Y. dl. C. Fl. FRANCES WILCOX MARIE G. HINKLEY IENNIE B. SHERRILL ANNIE K. CAULKINS Mary Wilson Agnes Martin Edith Patten jean Bishop Zabinet Alice Thomas 381 - President Vice-President Secretary - - Treasurer Helen Sherman Blanche Fulton Florence Spence Josephine Wells 5eIf:CBovetnment JBoarb President . Vice-President Secretary . Representative Representative Representative Represe ntative Representative Representative Represen tative Representative Representative Representative EXQCIIIWQ B0dl'd Girls who live in Town Girls who board in Town Hall . . Delta Gamma . Gamma Phi Beta . Pi Beta Phi . . Alpha Phi . . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Delta Delta Delta , Kappa Alpha Theta . . 382 IDA ELLIOTT RIERLE PICKFORD BEUL.-KH POST NORA MCCUH LoI'IsE LOEB RIITH HEATON ELINOR MERRILL CAROL POLL.-XRD IRENE DURLEY CALISTA ENGLISH GUINEVIEVE DIIHILLS BIAY KITTELLSON LEILAH PUGH . f 1 s- -1 4. . .sf Q it . , N. , or ' . v. Q...piwj'gagxv,.Eg,,'.l f A A 7. "L f - ,- ..- - - ' 'll - - . ' Q7 1 ? Z " f F I , mi- - 1 .- vu . 5 . + - lf A 5 5 A swell' W H2 16? , A wi f -A -- - if X fr .Q , - , x ma AH i f A 1' ,ww ' f 5' Q f ff 5. "iff ' A 1 fwaf rran ement ' ' ., J. ,' H Q Zommnttee . 'P it "' L 'j Frederick A. Vogel, Chairman 'mf R. Tynes Smith 5 KJ ilk V Hawley D. Lennon ff Q3 f A ' AI Ill Arthur H. Curtis - Z .A W' 1 ffixfg fY,: X - Carence . u our I af f -, V, , VA X Q it Reception aommmee ff ' 4 Fred H. Carpenter, Chairman Z f N11 -X xl' Arthur B. Grindell W If .W U MX ilk John V. Brennan i ,AW xx Harold G. Ferris ff, 'I Bertram F. Adams j L . 1 A E g A.B ll .. ff A A f ii! i A -s . . i f X lf? Wi l! , 'Floor Zommmee hmm ! ' .f Charles E. Long, f" , l" ,f 5 X' -'f ff " I Chairman if 'ff A- Scott I l VU 'I' Harry XV. Cole is ll ffl Samuel G. Higgins Q Iwzgn Lucius S. Bergstrom " "1 fl ' 'L fx Archie R. Murray . , 4 ..- ., , ,,-.A 6 , 4 "A Aj-iwxggyljiw pw--' -'g'x-! X ' 2? , w il - f A-7-":":' 'fx-" f W " K , ' . ' J' '- . 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QQNPANY 5 I Comvnlvf Artem-N-N-TION' H - H .jj DISWSSU1 U :wa E G N Zommandant Captain CHARLES A. CURTIS, U. S. Army Student 0fficers 'HUG and Staff LYDON H. TRACY - PAUL STOVER . . GUSTAV A. FRITSCHE . FREDERICK D. TAYLOR . CLARENCE B. FISHER. lVacantj . . . JOSEPH H. MATTHEYVS NATHYANIEI4 L. HURD CHAS S. THOMPSON . ASHBEL V. SMITH . S. CRAXVFORD ROSS Zompanv H STEPHEN C. PHIPPS, Captain NVALLACE W. MILI,ER. First Lieutenant HUDSON B. WERDER, Second Lieutenant IRVING A. FISH, First Sergeant HARRY G. :KEMP . LESLIE W. BEERS . SIDNEY H BISHOP . VVILLIAM K. MURPHY . HUGO W. ROHDE . . HARRY W. PAGE . . FRED L. HOOK . . VERNON B. CLEVERDON . Zompan B V HAWLEY B. LENNON, Captain FRED F.. PORRITT, First Lieutenant WILLIAM J. HAGENAH, Second Lieutenant A. GEORGE XVEHE, First Sergeant SAMUEL S. HIGGINS HARVEY C. JOHNSTON GARRISON C. DEAN . . . . . Colonel . Lieutenant Colonel . . . . Major and Adjutant . . . . . Major and Quartermaster First Lieutenant and Inspector of Target Practice . . . . . Sergeant Major Chief Trunipeter First Battalion . . . . Major . . . . First Lieutenant and Adjutant Captain and Quartermaster . Sergeant Major Zompanv G XVILLIAM L. T HORKELSON, Captain HENRX' H OTJEN, First Lieutenant LLOYD P. HORSFALL, Second Lieutenant LUCAS S. VAN GRDEN, First Sergeant Zompanv E . . . . Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant SCCOIIG Bdffdllml ' Major . First Lieutenant and Adjutant . Captain and Quartermaster . Sergeant Major Zompanv D PERCY E. SCHROEDER, Captain XVILLIABT A YVALTERS, First Lieutenant ARTHUR REITBIAN, Second Lieutenant HERBERT J. JOHN, First Sergeant Zompanv F . Captain . . . . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant WILLIAM S. WARNER . . i . I . Q . ' . First Sergeant Signal Dttatbmellt MAJOR ALLAN S. NEILSON .... Chief Signal Officer FIRST LIEUTENANT WILLIS W. XVAITE . . Assistant 384 Thompson Walters Phipps Hagenah 'Woy Nielson Page Schroeder Kemp Lennon Hi ggias Dean Smith Fritsehe Tracy, Col. Stover Taylor Hook Reitmau Werdel' Otjen Waite Porritt Capt. C. A, Curtis Miller Beers Bishop Thorkelson 0ffiCQI'S, UIliWl'SiW Regiment ii-g"!': 7? FQ f X P. ff 3 52 ur Wffering 4 "'x'7 -D - QL W, . 154, fag p ffxffllg CJ UT of the warp and Woof of college hving, E Q . . fx NMR? la We've Woven there these stories and this verseg - ' A A 4- ii Here IS a fabric torn from dreamland 1v1n ? ' lg , , g g 3 VL ' N ' gg Ts , p A rosy gleamg these purple threads rehearse Some Wild r1ch hours, from h1gh and fine aspirlng f f lx Uh . . . , . 4'1'Nf This pure White skein was drawn to make them fair, ' 5 . . . . And sometimes we wove 111, the truth des1r1ng, 7, figs ' ' T QM ji, ,fi The grey a11d sober threads of work and care. sf QRQ , ' l X . . 43 The golden weavlngs are not seldom gleaming X il 1' ' . . . 'A . -1 C W Of Joy a11d Jollity and all delight g i ff O And, here and there, you'll nnd dark colors, seeming To claim their right to make the whole less bright Will you accept this cloth of strange designing, These scraps of life that you yourself recall? Yes, surely, for in loyal glory shining, A Wisconsi11's cardinal runs through it all. SK " 5 t1'Vi1 .-:: it - Q ' Il' hi . H '1 ' ,T , ' 1,1 sh, I, .F 4' -,K ,f1j'fsE'- f e jig ,.,,-521 ', X . v is r we a f lfs 1 Y-9911 ' 2 1 E V" s ' 1 Mi 1 .,., A-., f 5, , R ,-I N. fp. .AN 1, .1 KE i f LTC 1 . sf-X - it new Q at fi ,,. ,,,1 , , 1- 1 Y. K3 1, H RQlllilliSC2l1CQ BELIEVE that night in May, as we sat around the house after supper, was the nrst time that the boys had ever called Morgan anything but " Cyurnelf' He seemed, with his southern drawl, so closely related to "Cyurnal Cahtah of Cahtahsvillef' that the name suggested the first night we had him over to the house clung to him ever after. But now his father was with him, and the young man sat listening so attentively to every word, that even the worst chatterers among us hesitated even to suggest anything that might seem offensive to the stately old man, who was so fond of his son. Thefact was, we were on our good behavior. It was the day of the Interscholastic Meet, and we had planned a big time for the evening, but our guests, some of the High School boys, had been unlucky that day and a sudden shower spoiled all our plans for the evening, so we all felt a little mopish and not inclined to exert ourselves. Finally however, we did fix up a scheme and sent off most of the High School lads with a few of our boys to see if they couldn't blunder onto some fun, while the rest of us sat around the parlors watching Morgan and his father, who, called to Chicago on business, had come up unexpectedly to see his son. A general conversation was in progress when Pudd'nhead Jones K for my part I never had any use for jonesj asked suddenly, " Mr. Morgan," 1 his son had asked us that afternoon not to call him Colonell, " What do you think of Madison? " We were all greatly surprised when he answered, "This is the second time I've visited the place. I lived here nearly two months once." " Why, father," exclaimed young Morgan, " you never told me." " It wasn't the happiest period in my life, and yet, I believe, the happiest day in my life came in those two months. " Our inquiring looks and the wonder in his sonls face encouraged him and he went on. " To-day is the second time I have visited Camp Randall. Indeed, I lived there two months once." ' I-gs son looked bewildered and the rest of us waited. Even Pudd'nhead jones Waite . " In fact," he resumed, as he settled himself in the big chair, " I was a prisoner there for two months in the spring of '62." ' Most of us had never stopped to think what Camp Randall had once been, what 389 the name really meant, and some of us, I'udd'nhead in particular, were always kick- ing because it was'nt called Randall Field. Uones never did again, I believej. " I was in an Alabama regiment, and was taken prisoner at Island No. IO. About a thousand of us were sent here early in April, as cheerful a lot of half-frozen invalids as ever rode into the enen'1y's country. Of course there were crowds at the station when the train pulled in, but they treated us as well, Ireckon, as Union prisoners were ever treated at the South. Most of us were young, and noticed things. I re- member asking what the I,Tniversity buildings were, as we marched to Camp Randall. The capitol, of course, we recognized as a state-house, but few of us, the few who had gone to Yale, Harvard, or Princeton, had ever seen a group of university or college buildings. "The first few days after we got into Camp were hard ones, for the authorities had not expected to feed so many prisoners, and of course the soldiers drew rations hrst. But we soon got settled down with plenty to eat and nothing to do but play ball, and nurse our sick fwe had plenty of them, tooj, and watch the few appearances of life up around the main building of the University g it was all woods on the hill west of the Camp. It gave me a shock today as I sat there in the - grand stand and looked up at the building there on the hillg how little it seems changed, and then to see a base ball diamond laid out on our old ball field. Some things don't change much. "The towns-people came out to see us, and a few brought us books. I remember I read Pilgri1n's Pro- gress through nve times. I also read about half of Blackstone's Commentaries. Of course I often thought of trying to escapeg two or three of our fellows did get away, then they watched us more closely, and finally I gave up the idea. Then we were shifted back to Chicago. "One morning fjust thirty-seven years ago to- dayy when I got up everything seemed just a little brighter than ever before. I felt like singing or whistling. I couldn't have explained why and didn't try to, but ate my rations of corn bread-Oh! how good it tasted, pretty near as good as corn pone-and tried to cheer up my comrades. It was a perfect May day, and in the afternoon as I lay with my head in the shade of the barracks, sunning my body, I heard an 1 inquiry, 'Is there a prisoner named Morgan here?' -- Then the boys called '-lack! jack Morgan! General wants you.' 'Now will you be good F' "I approached the guard line and saw a boy about llly own age, in Union blue, with his arm in a sling. As I came up, he asked, 'Are you Andrew jackson Morgan? A "When I nodded, he took a paper from an inside pocket with some difficulty and said : ' Is this for you? ' 1 " The address seemed somewhat familiar, 'Open it,' he said, 'and maybe you can tel f " I unfolded the little bit of brown paper, tea paper, you would call it, and there in my hand lay a lock of brown hair. " For a 1l1OllICl1'C I stood stunnedq then ' XVhere did you get this? Tell me.' " 'Ilm glad I found you,' he said, 'I feared I couldn't. Let's sit down, I'm weak yet, and then I'll tell you.' " The11 he told his story of his capture in a skirmish, of his escape, of his falling in with a Southern family and their tender care for him in his illness. 'For jack's sake,' he heard his nurse say one day, and of his hnal recovery. On his departure they requested him to do what he could to nnd a Confederate prisoner who was somewhere in a Northern prison, and to deliver a message. Oh, how glad I was to get that mes- sage. I hadn't even dared hope till then. " Thirty-seven years ago to-day, the happiest day of my lifeg last New Year'S Day the saddest. Richie, you are so like her." And we sat there in darkness and silence while they two held each other's hands, and the tears dried on our lashes. Even I'udd'nhead jones was still. ALFRED E. KUNDEIRT, 'oi. 390 CIDO RQZISOIIS ONE There's a set to his chin and his mouth, There's a droop to his shoulders and head, There's a nonchalant lift to his eyebrows that shows His indifference to all I have said. Though I try all my brightest remarks, And attempt my alluringest smile, Though I look my most charming-I hopelessly feel That he's utterly bored all the while. There's a charm that I cannot resist, Though why it should be I don't see, But I'm forced to admit that I like him so much Just because he cares nothing for me. ANOTHER There's a look on his face when I'm near, There's a tone of his voice under all, There's a way that he watches and listens to me, At the least little Word I let fall, Though I'n1 stupid, or silly, or cross, Though I treat him to frowns or to frost, Though I'm looking my worst, yet I know through it all Not a bit of his warmth will be lost. And somehow I can't but be touched, Though perhaps it is foolish to be, Yet, I have to admit that I like him so well just because he cares so much for me. Hove Ilaugbs at Iiocksmitbs First Gamma Phi, " I didn't know Mr. Beule was a locksmith. " Second Ditto, "Neither did I. Is he P " First, " Yes, just as I entered the parlor last night he made a bo!! for the door. " Manager Pearce of The Daily Cardinal went into a Barber shop and after giving his name as Smith so he could get a shave on someone else's ticket, he pinned the newspaper around his neck and beginning to read the towel told the barber that he wanted a " shave Without illustrations. i' "W'ithout illustrations? " asked the knight of the strop. " Yes, I don't want any cuts used. " Prof. Sparling-Baron Von I-Iausman isiCWalker turns around and smiles at the class. J Prof. Sparling-I see Mr. IValker recognizes the name. Q Great applause. j She lthinking of birdsj " Do the jays stay here all winter? " He fthinking of studentsj " Oh no, some of them get conned out. " " That Miss Steele is a sharp girl isn't she. " " I should say she was. She cuts me whenever N UM EQICAL. gsfflffs SIGNS we meet on the Hill. " The instructor sat in the Literature class g mx Raising his head he looked through his glass, I , ' There was whispering everywhere, " There's too much noise in this class so there. " I if Nlf Q N lr A wee small voice not quite out of sight, 'X -, ' C Said with a sigh, H You bet that's right, " m f I KA-Q Although there was silence everywhere, 1 ' '- -' X Tliere's too much Noyes in this class. so there." Q W , H' 391 by Q , 'Jw 11-0 37-5 9- The Girl Side by side in the class we sat. Her hair was of golden hue, Her mouth curved just like a Cupid's bow As a sweet little mouth should do. My heart was captured, I'll confess, And why it's flame disguise, For e'en a heart of stone would yield With one look in those eyes. Che cofea problem -K The Self-Same Page Examination day approached, The problems, deep and sage. XYe bucked together, our two heads Bent o'er the self-same page. But oh, I feared for my little maid. The questions she'd repeat just showed she did not comprehend, The subject was too deep. Yet I forgave it all I know, For who could wish l1er wise, Or care for problems long and hard VVhen he looked into her eyes. The Proiessor I met her on the street next day. I I-ler bright face all aglow. Shed won an "Ex," I, but a "Fair," I could not believe 'twas so. Then like a flash it all was plain, No need for my surprise, The Prof. was young, and he, of course, Had looked into her eyes fake HZQIIGOIG LFreshman Theme. Required 250 words! I am sitting here on this rustic bench, gazing with admiration on the still, calm water of Lake Mendota. XVhy, I wonder, have poets, or students, never attempted before to describe the beauties of this scene, which is so beautiful? It is an autumn day. The sun shines brightly, and the weather is very pleasant. The leaves are saying farewell to the trees, and floating down to greet mother earth. In her arms they will die, only to be gathered in great heaps and be cremated by some unfeeling man. The sky is as blue as the lake, which reflects the blue of the sky. I see Maple Bluff in front of me, and Picnic Point is at my left. They are so very pretty. The leaves look pretty, too, in their red and green and yellow garments, but it makes me feel bad to see them so gay about going away. I sigh to think that they are departing from this terrestrial sphere, to a land whence they may never return more. Next spring new leaves will bud on the trees, and I will be glad -if I am here to see them. I suppose few people have realized how sweet the lake is, and how dainty the woods. But I love nature and I like to talk about it. What inspiring thoughts come to a man in the presence of a scene like this. I have put mine down just as they came. But it would take too long to tell them all. 392 CD2 FZIDIQ or IDQ fl'QSbllIdlI WDO WOIIICI bill COllldIl'I Once there were two Freshmen who came to the University to join a Frat. One had to 'Work Overtime to get Separated from his Coin. The Other had much Knowl- edge but small Working Medium. But he was Wise. Number One got Goods from Slam for the Disturbance. He procured much becoming Headgear and considerable Merchandise and Blossomed. He was Certainly Fine. His classroom Linen made Benny Snow's look like Mexican Money with Holes in it. He used Nail Enamel and Carried a Convex Mirror in his Hat. He strolled the Campus afternoons and Choked Himself trying to Inhale Gold Tips. He bought at Louie's and paid in Bills of Four Syllables. In Many other Ways he Tried to Put Himself on Record as One in Upper Case Numerals. Number Two was One of these Fellows who could Talk Military Hop to a Hall Girl and take her Roommate without Losing His Drag. He would Do the Earnest Con- versation with his Freshman Seatmate Friday Noon and borrow Five from him before Convocation was over. I-Ie had his Tailoring done by Zach, whose Memory was out of Order, and kept Louie Busier than a Football Property Man marking down his Nickel Sizes. His Check was always Coming and he had a Reckless Habit of Promis- ing Bitter Sweets. - He Sometimes attended Classes in the Morning but Devoted his Afternoons to Conforming his Personal Appearance to that of a Football Dummy at the Close of the Tackling Season. Smoking a ten-ounce Bull-dog made his Mouth look like a South Carolina Peanut. And It Matched. This was the Limit. The Greeks got busy on his Measure right Away. Frat Dances and Dinner Parties were Easy for Him and he Took his roommate's Dress Suit out Five Nights in the Week. It was the Pace that Kills. But before the Death Rate got Alarming he Became Brotlierly with the Frat where he could Borrow the Most Money. Meanwhile Number One W'aits to be Asked. Moral-It All Depends. HERBERT W. DAVIS, 'or I There was a man in our U Vvho thought he was a Shark, And he said "Lol I am clever, When I'm out I'll make my niarkf' He was out the first semester, " Connedn-he never understood, And his business was, the last I heard, To chop his neighbor's wood. HI Elle II There was a girl in our U Whom some folks thought a Xvhale, And she studied nights and Sundays just because she " knew she'd fail." And they thought Phi Beta Kappa Would be hers, so it was saidg But she got-nervous prostration, And-the last I heard-was dead. There was a Prof . in our U Who said he'd never wed. C He should have found a college W'here there was'nt one co-ed.j For one in class, looked at him 'With such sweet adoring face That, the last I heard, he'd changed her name, And left his boarding-place. 393 uvvporgtx Qtua. f .gg H Oft in the stilly night Have looked with eager yearning, Have I held that little hand, ' On my silent partner's blush, And felt my body thrilling And staked my every dollar on With emotion sweet and grand, That old-time bob-tailed-Hush. , if Honorary members P. Anty Jack Pott F. Yllhaus Bob T. Flush Roy L. Flush P. O. Kerr Httive mQmbQl'S " Poker " Niles " Claudie " Beebe " Tough " Griesel Storm Bull 4' jay t' Ross " .-ll " Neilson " I-Ial " Ferris Jack Masters 'K Bobby " Knoff " Eddie " Knowles " W'ashee YVashee " 'XVoy " Ajax " Buehler " Chicago " Iohntry " Cholly " Pearce " Freddy " Vogel " judge " 'Watson " Tommy 'l Frawley Special Lecturer on the Laws of Chance-Professor Slichter, 011 IDG Bill '1Let's walk slow-it's early-and This meeting people on-Hullo :- I'll tell you all about it. 'I'd almost rather go where This hill's so hard to climb-Good land ! I dO11't know anyone-here comes- And I've been three years on it. Good ulorlliug-t11at's the boy- Well, this is hgyv it Wag, you Seq- Hullo girls !-Hullo !-he chums Hullo ! How do you do ! With-How do you do ?-Well, Fan Jack came last night and asked if he- what joy . Good morning-How are you?- T0 YC-2611 the top at IHSL If he-Oh dear, I Cut that man This door-Oh, thank you, Fan,do wait In spite of all your warning- YOU go-Hullo-so f21S'C. If he-what was I saying, Fan? If 9-11 the people that W6 PHSS Hullo !-Hullo I-Good morning- F111d Speaking SHC11 21 7301?- The bell ! Good-bye-wait after class Oh yes, he wanted me to go- Hullo I-with him --Hullo, there !- And we C2111 talk 501116 1110fe.H ' 394 H RZICQ I-lStlilISI QUCIC Hn Episode of the 1901 junior Prom :iI7q T y OLTON paced restlessly around the big waiting-room and at last dai 'rf' 19 stopped suddenly before the ticket window. ,i " What time is the Watertown train due? " he asked. Lu? U At S:Io," answered the operator. E -1' 9 " Well, it's past that now." " Yes, the passenger's near half an hour late to-night." " Half an hour late I " He stared at the operator as if he had not understood him. "Curse the railroad, anywayj' thought Bolton. "Of all nights the year, the confounded train might have chosen some other one than Prom night, if it wanted to be late. Why, the concert has probably begun already, and we ought to be there now. We'll surely miss the first dance I " But there was no help for it. The train was late, and there was nothing to do but to pass the time as well as possible until it should arrive. He tramped up and down the platform, and found fault with everything around the station. The time dragged miserably. Minutes seemed hours. It was now long after eight. The Prom was doubtless just beginning, and Miss Edwards was still many miles from town. There had been no earlier train for her to take, and no one was to blame for the delay, except the railroad company-perhaps the engineer. Had Miss Edwards been able to arrive on time there would have been no trouble, and she and Bolton would have succeeded in reaching the gymnasium before the first dance. But, as it was, they would be late enough to miss the best part of the whole affair. Bolton muttered it all over to himself during his angry walk, and with every step his vexation increased. He kept looking at his watch and counted the seconds, as the hand slowly revolved. Never before had it moved so sluggishly. At last, when he was getting most impatient, the train arrived, and he resolved that no time should be lost in getting to the gym. as speedily as possible. As it pulled in, one of the first to come out of the coach was a trim little figure in a neatly Htting jacket. " I knew we were late, and that you would be in a hurry, so I came out just as quickly as I could," said Miss Edwards, after the greetings were over. " Yes, and we need lose no time now, for the carriage is waiting, and we can very soon get to the Prom." H But I must first go to Cousin Mary's. They live on Langdon street, you know." L' I've given the driver that order, and he knows the place, I guess," answered Bolton, as he took her hand satchel and walked beside her down the platform. They entered the carriage and the drive uptown was quickly made. He had never realized before how short the distance was. Then, too, they had so much to tell each other- where she had visited after she left Green Lake, and the canoe trip he made in September. As he saw her sitting beside him, and looking up into his face, he felt well repaid for the annoyance of the delay. They were only girlish commonplaces that she was telling him, but they interested him intensely, and the time flew by as rapidly as before it had lagged. I-Ie was quite surprised when the carriage stopped and he found himself helping her out in front of the big brown house. 'T Where is my satchel? 'l she asked. 'tHere it is." 395 " No, not that one, the large onef' said Miss Edwards. " The large one? " " Yes. Oh, how thoughtless of me ! I do believe I forgot to give you the check. It was so big and heavy that I didn't want to carry it. Yes, here's the check in my purse " " Do you really need it? " asked Bolton. " It contains my gown, you know," she said ruefully. " Give me the check and I'll get it. It won't take long," he said reassuringly " I should not have hurried you so. It was entirely my fault that you forgot it." Leaving her to enter the house alone, he sprang into the carriage and was whirled rapidly down the street. Down the hill and around the corner they rolled, swiftly passing under the are lights and over the crossings, past block after block of houses and stores, until at last with a sudden turn they stopped beside the platform. He opened the door and jumped out. Not a light was to be seen. The depot was dark and deserted, for the lVatertown passenger had been the last train for the night, and the station was always closed and locked after it arrived. " It looks as if they'd all gone, sir," remarked the driver. Bolton went up to the door and gave the knob a twist. It was locked. I-Ie ran around to the baggage room door and tried to enter there. It was no use. No one was in the building and there was no way to enter. He walked slowly around and came out where the carriage stood. " All locked, sir? " asked the driver. " Yes, I guess I don't get in there to-night." 'A If we could find the baggageman - " was the suggestion. "Yes, if we knew where he lives and could get him. It's the only thing to do, isn't it? " asked Bolton. " Do you know who he is? " " Mebbe that feller could tell us," said the driver, pointing to a policeman who was leisurely coming down the street, " He knows most every? body and he ought to be able to help you outfr' F"'d'S P 110'-'A " Bolton hailed him, and the officer crossed over toward the depot. I " Is it Tom McNie1, ye want? " was the question, when the policeman had learned the trouble. " He's the baggage-master, and he lives just a step from here." " What street does he live on ? " "Jenifer, near the corner of Pierce. No distance at all. Your driver there can find the place without the least trouble." 396 Bolton thanked the officer and entered the carriage. They crossed the tracks and followed thc course of the trolley out into the Sixth Ward. Past warehouses and breweries they hastened, around corners and into the residence district. Their speed did not slacken and the houses flew by on either side. The driver evidently knew the city and proceeded confidently. Further and further they went, until Bolton began to wonder if they were ever going to stop. " It must be pretty near the Catfish," he was thinking, as he looked out of the window and remembered with grim humor the oHicer's remark that it was " just a step." The paving became more uneven and the speed threw Bolton from side to side. On and on they went, jolting along the rough street, until with an unusually heavy bump they stopped short at the side of the road. Q " That must be the house, ,cording to the description," said the driver, pointing with his whip to a small cottage. It was as dark as the depot had been and looked uninviting enough, but Bolton determined to give it a trial, in hope that some of the family were at home. He rapped at the door, at first moderately, then loudly. But no one came and he started back discouraged. U Perhaps it's the wrong house,', said the driver, undaunted. 'tTry the next onef' Bolton followed the advice, and soon a man appeared at the door, followed closely by his Wife. " laces Mr. llflcNiel live here?". A . No, he lives next door, said the man pointing to the darkened cottage. I " But nobody's at home there," said Bolton, I I mv gloomily. igQIf'N"""""' : nun., .I "The family's all off on a visit down to ,.,- ,IM in lh i, Stoughton," said the woman. " Her folks live there,- .1 Lp5l,,mM',i, H max.-QL','3,xg. - and I ain't seen Tom since they leftf' it ' ' '-' "if ,Li "Tom only sleeps there while they're away,'l , ,f ny. . ii said the man. - " Do you know where he is to-night? " " He's at the lawdge, I guessj' answered the woman. " Did ye want to see him?" 1' Na it ain't lawdve night " interru ted her husband. "Tom's likely up to his Wa c- an w P Q siste1"s . ' l " YVhere's that? " asked Bolton. 4' They live on Broom street and their name is Callahan." " Mike Callahan, it is," added the woman. " He's a printer and foreman at-" " Broom street did you say, sir? H broke in Bolton. " Broom street, three doors south of .MifHin," said the man, " You'll find him there, or I'm much mistaken." " Thank you, I'll go to Callahan's," said Bolton. He ran down the steps before they could continue the conversation, and threw himself into the carriage. Broom street, it was miles away ! And what was he going there for? Probably to find that McNiel had not been there, or that he had just gone elsewhere. Bolton settled back against the cushions and tried not to think. He had reached that stage of despair Where one loses all interest in things and decides to let events take their course. But he could not help thinking constantly of Miss Edwards, who now was doubtless wondering what had happened to him and what had become of her satchel. He wondered what she was doing. Probably by this time she was having quite as hard a time to control herself as he had. Luck was evidently against them, for who could have imagined that such an unfortunate train of circum- - 397 stances would occur. As for the Prom itself, "we'll just about see the fag end of it," he thought, glancing out of the window, How slowly the horses were moving ! They merely crawled along, and they were evidently tired after the long run. It was an interminable distance to Broom street, and Bolton impatiently counted the blocks to be passed before they should arrive. At last they reached it, and after some inquiry found the house they were seeking. A " Is this where Mr. Callahan lives? " Bolton asked. " It is. Do ye want him? l' questioned his wife, whoxhad opened the door. " No, I want to see Mr, McNiel. Is he here?' The woman looked at the carriage with a suspicious air and finally said: " I-Ie's jest gone to the theayter. " H No, he didn't maw," cried little Tim Callahan. t' Where is he then ? " asked his mother sternly. " He went to Maguire's. He wanted to see jim Maguire about some money," proudly declared Timmy. ' " XVhere does Mr. Maguire live ? " asked Bolton faintly. " Around the corner to yer right, the third house. It stands in rather low ground," replied Mrs. Callahan, after she had carefully considered the advisability of giving an answer. He waited to hear no more. Another minute and they were whirling around into the next street and soon drew up before the house, to which he had been directed. A man was just coming down the steps. " Are you Mr. McNiel ? " cried Bolton, springing out. The man looked amazed at the sudden appearance. "What do ye want ? " he asked. "Get in here and I'll tell you," Bolton answered, leading to the carriage door. " I want to get a satchel from the baggage room," he went on to explain, and by the time he was well launched in his narrative they were driving rapidly down the street toward the depot. At last the search was over, and the driver seemed to be as pleased as was Bolton himself that they had finally obtained their man. Even the horses appeared rejuvenated and showed no signs of their former fatigue. They soon reached the station and obtained the satchel. It certainly was a large one, but its weight was nothing compared to the burden removed from Bolton's spirits. He left the baggageman standing on the platform, by no means the poorer for his ride, and then lay back against the cushions and rested his feet against the precious satchel. During all the long ride he had not once glanced at his watch, but now he drew it out and opened it apprehensively. It was nearly ten o'clock. They had lost an hour of dancing, besides the hour which is devoted to the orchestral concert. Even as it was, he could not hope that they would arrive at the gymnasium before another half hour, for neither he nor Miss Edwards were ready for the party and each would have to spend some time in dressing. Indeed, it was the gown that had caused all the trouble. But he promised himself to waste no time at his own toilet, and he trusted that she also would be quite willing to make haste. They very soon reached Langdon street. He left Miss Edwards' satchel at her cousin's and drove to his room, which was not far distant. In an incredibly short time he was ready and was on the way returning. She was waiting for him and came out of the house as she heard the carriage stop, eager to learn the cause of the delay. The distance to the gym. was not great, but it gave him time to tell her of the long chase, and they both forgot their troubles in a hearty laugh. The building was brilliantly lighted and the soft music of a Herbert waltz was just dying as they entered and hurried up the stairs. 'Within the wide door the first person Bolton saw was Ytleber, his roommate, who came up to be introduced, as soon as he espied Miss Edwards. " NVe're pretty late and I suppose we've missed a good many dances," said Bolton, after the introduction had been made. t' What's the next dance ? " he asked, referring to his program. " The tenth or the twelfth? " "The next is only the fourth," answered XVeber. "Didn't you know the orchestra was late? Yes, the Chicago train was an hour and a half behind time to-night, so you've missed only three dances." Bolton and Miss Edwards looked into each other's eyes and laughed. " I'm so glad, Will," she said, " ,Cause the next is ours." -NEELEY E. PARDEE, 'o '. 398 IIISQDEIYZIDIQS The Sphinx and Poor jokes. Eddie Cochems and His Ego, Professor Dodge and No-to-bac. 'LTOHITIITGH Frawley and His Gum. Donald McDonald and Dramatic Aspirations. The Daily Cardinal and Hot Air. Ed Knowles and His Two 'Weelds Beard. Phi Beta Kappas and Their Keys. Lloyd Pullen and His Wliite Sweater. 'NU Ur' S Fred Vogel and Trilby. The junior Prom and Penury. McFarland and Himself. Prof. Noyes and His Musing Grin. Billy V roman and Bibliomanianism. Pr of . Slaughter and His Comprehe nsive Smile Hub Atkins and A Good Time. - George Senn and t'lVhy I didn't? " Eugene Mumford and Flunks. The Wisconsin Engineer and Deiicits. Vlillis E. Brindley and His Cackle Castalia and Gush. Louis A. McKee and Cons Carl Stillman and His Cousin. Clarence McCartney and His Byronic Air. Albert Ehlman and HI Want to Run it All Lynn 'Williams and His Walk. Mrs. Eaton and Sarcasm. The Phi Gams and The Game. Lelia Bascom and Her Determined Air. Spring and The Fever. Prof. Slichter and His Cap. jack Fox andiI-Iis Style. Past Badgers and Pyre Jok es. Eddie Jenner and Self-Regard. Bobby Knoff and Typographical Errors. The Fngineers and Turbulence. Billy Beye and The Chadbourne Hall Door Bell Eric Allen and His Strut. Captain Higgins and His Gun. Herb John and Managerial Visions. Dwight Beebe and His Chuckie. The following is quoted vebczlim et lilleraiim from that perfectly sweet paper, The Trident. Further explanation is unnecessary. "mu, University of wisconsin " Before going any further, I want to tell you beforehand, not to be surprised at the tone of this letter, for we are all so happy we just can't keep it in. I guess you will all be able to guess why, considering the siege which we have just survived. We not only got ten girls, but we played 'Pom-Pom Pull Away' for them. W'e played with the-Thetas, Kappa Kappa Gammas, Alpha Phis and Delta Gammas. Oh, I tell you it was fine! I guess you all know the bliss of ringing up another chapter home and breaking the dates of a girl whom they are 'crazy' to get. We invited eight of them last week and took care in the mock initiation that enough should be left of them to tell the tale. it it it We have a new chapter house, lovely neighbors and a chap- eron who is just as dear as she can be, Of course, we are all having iine times at the ever welcome fraternity parties, theatre, 'dea1s,' etc. Our girls are all bright and popular and all Mu wishes to say further is, to wish you the same luck as she has had, in not losing a single bid this yearg and 'though all the world be dry, she 'will still drink to thee,' Oh Tri Delta. M. K. H." 399 Il Comedy- Hlmost a Cragedp C851 one of zfhe ClL0f1lS.l SCENE: Telephone closet in the Sigma Alpha Lodge. DRAMATIS PERSONAQ : Henry Morris, a Senior, engaged. Sterling, Morris, chum. V7 Ir' "l X .' ' A Freshman. 1, ' ' fvfwlu ' , vi X Chorus of brothers. ' ' if' ' , I Tele hone rings. Freshman answers it.j I2 V ' T ' ."iQ,,i l?+'REsi3IMaN: ?'I-Iello!--Yes, yes, I'll get ' QffZ,i " him," fTurning around.J " Agirl wants Henry 4:2 il Morris. " f A l ,gf y ' CHORUS: "I wonder why." "Who can Q it be, Hank F " 1 - HENRY : " Shut up." C5huts door and Q goes to phonej 'L Hello I---Is that you, Alice? Of course, I knew your voice the moment you X .ix xgg spoke, dear.-XVhat's that? Angry at me ? " , I K' fThe door opens softly behind him.j "XVhy, little girl, what do you mean? " K STERLING : " He doesntt understand, pool' N Q, ix fellow. " - f HENRY : fTurning around angrilyj Get , - - ,F " - out of here, will you, fellows ?---Yxfhat ?-I didn't 'lj 1: g' " l I hear what you said. Neglected you? VVhy, AS ,M -Q Alice, you know'--" ' N 1 l I CHORUS: fSi11ging pianissiinoj "Bless I is your heart, I love you in the same old way. " XX HENRX'I 'WVill you shut up?--No, dear, not at all, but the lnen are making such a noise Zqlgwf outside I can't hear. Indeed, I ani paying at- yqhlugy tention.--Why, you know it means everything L to me. " +I CHORUS : fSingingj " But she's all the world to nie." HENRY : " XVait a minute Alice." QI-Ianging up receiver.j " Nowif you fellows don't get out and keep still there'1l be trouble-see?" C The chorus flees. Henry shuts door. At phone j 'LI-Iello! Is this-Oh, give me that line you just shut off, please.--Yes, 49,-Zlhd hurry up, too. Hello ! Is this-is Miss Brandon there? Yes, thank you.-Hello! Why, Alice, why did you leave the phone? But, my dear, the fellows were making such a noise I had to go out and tell them to keep quiet-that was all. Of course I wanted to hear what you were saying.-XVhat lzzwe I done?- Not come over? But you know how busy I've been," fDoor opens! "There have been three quizzes this week, and a history topic to get in, and the work on-" STERLING! " Not to mention ice-boating, and a good novel, and the smoker, and-" HENRY: " Oh, for I-Ieaven's sake, ring off!-What, Alice,-I tell you to ring off? Why, I just rang you up. The lines must have gotten crossed or something. I1:'s funny how it happens, sometimes." 400 CHORUS : 'A Very, very funny ! Ha, ha, ha, ha! " HENRY' : " Laughing at you ?-I never was more in earnest in my life.--Oh, will you get out ?-Never more in earnest in my life, I said." STERLING 1 fCoquettishlyJ " Oh, now you're jollyingf' HENRY: "I'1l come over to-night, if you'll let me." CHORUS 1 " Well, we wont. You promised to go with us to hear 'The Runaway Girl from the peanut gallery., 'I HENRY : QI-Iangs up receiver desperatelyj "Now, see here. This is no laughing matter, hang it all ! If you don't-" gThe chorus flees.j " Hello !-NVhy, they must have cut us off. 'Telephones are so unsatisfactory.-May I come to-night ?-My voice sounds cross? It's all your imagination. XVhy, you know I doll iThe door opens.j " Oh, blame you !-What?-I-I beg your pardon, I was talking to the phone. One can't say those things over a line, you knowf' STERLING 1 " Try it, old man. T here's nothing like trying. Ibelieve you could even send a kiss over the line if you tried." CHORUS : QSingingj " Kiss me again, I like it." STERLING : 'L But a phone is so unsatisfactory, boys." HENRY : 'L No, Alice, I can't. Some one might be listening somewhere, and-' H STERLING : f' Impossible I HENRY " Don't be angry-I'll come over to-night.-I say-hello I-Don't, Alice, you know that's not true. I'm not angry-Oh, get out, you.-No, I didnit say any- thiiig.-Why, you know, without my saying-" CHORUS : QSingingJ " Tell me that you love me, Whisper softly, sweetly, as of old." HENRY: " I- oh, Cl'fl'l7Z7Z.f-NO-I say, Alice, one of the fellows came into the closet and found me here and swore at me. You must let me come over to-night.- But I've got to keep an important engagement now. " CHORUS : " Hurrah ! " HENRY : " Good-bye.-Yes, yes-oh, of course I love you." QHangs up re- ceiver.j " And now you-" CHORUS : CDying away in the distance, singingj: 't Because I love you, dear, Much sorrow do I bear." QThe telephone closet is desertedj 'llflot El millionaire First Psi U-" Does your father answer all the letters that you send him? " Second Ditto-" I should say not. If he did he would be dead broke after he had received the third letter. " " Parson Dick " NVilliamson is so soaked with churchiness that when he went to the Opera House to buy tickets for the Thomas Concert he asked for " Two seats four pews from the front please. " " ,It's not so worse, " I mean the verse, it Thatspublished in THE SPHINX, But, Holy Smoke I Most every joke Is so old it fairly stinx. 'X Especially that written by S. C. Stuntz 401 R -r .Q . gzzvlzsgff :j--- "z J' vs I .v-f:4.f2:fi'?55'5 ' '- ' J' 1+ X-,'S,f , 'ffl-'-E, 51.14 I .ff.--fsef sgiw' iffy :ff-S ' , mir . '-T12 11 m e if Eff-gyiim. lf' " 3' :Q 15 '- - :1:52.-g:.f--, " .ga-.:rf-3j:,-.g..,we . .I I ,rg vkrgiag-1 ., ,r+ s,s1.,, f .-s-:1-.-1,-,ments ,,,.., f- .f:.4-t-,gsm V-P 4 TZ? s,:.- ,VI-'.f:?1Sfz?f-1:E':'ZH.'.-i- ' -3 - f 1-.11.'.:r:--wi. e. ' z e-.-4 we .. N -5 'I-s 1-.-vfavi-Q-91 . - ',i2f.5figgs.,. ngQ:f , i?i?:f."ff4wa-'."Q.? ff " 4 ' wif ' . wks-yy,-:.,,-c"5,. ., ,515 fr,--' 4. , f serif. 4 J. -:gb 'z.':,.gr 'gfig ..4.:-i-za., 16.4. ,.,:-,' - wffwg- 1. tr. migr. 1 'iff .-,- Q- V' si .rwi-9. -1' P A' . 1' .fi r 'tif-sf:?liW:1'2:a5354 5-if -. " , Eff, .si ff iii- Z1fi5f:?'iEfff3'a r- - -Z ,- eg., - 'N utstg-ws'.fp-n,,svy,f . .. y,J, -3 3: - I - f 1- .1 5. -5. -f g:3?.'f?s:45f?sMe2fEi ' . A -I . 01.5 - A N032-"Z 1 ' '- M .M-,VL-V Al. r an 51:55 a v. ,, ,pr l .-.Q :f5g'f..a.,'. ,awe .wav ,Q I. -' .1 ..-2 ' f ., 'gf?a'f:f'-: ii ' -'li'-' Kgs' , . "': .. ' , If' :gil '-'gf".J W? -,,-'D ' ,N . ,rf .-5 t' 'yi ., ' Q" , - ,Hr-1 " . ,, ', ' 'C ' ' ,f -A fif' , 1 . -:Zi 4 3, . 'T' .S .I , r . f t, . .Lf f ws-la , . WDQII She QGOICCCI UD NVhen iirst I met her, I remember well, For I had seen her with her eyes cast down, And I had noted all-the graceful head, The slender figure in its simple gown, The soft dark hair, sweeping from off her brow, The curving lip, the faint glow on her face, But all that I had noted I forgot, There was no thought .even for all her grace When she looked up. Since then. I cannot hide it when I speak Of her, and you have gussed all I would say, But between me and all I think or see Rises her face. just as it was that day. Those eyes, there, you are laughing at me now, But I forgive you, for you cannot see The beauties and the wonders I have seen, Xvhich, for the first time, were opened unto me XVhen she looked up. CD6 RQIIIFIIS They had been waiting in the line of Freshmen in the office for ten or fifteen minutes, and the tall Sophomore had been talking very fast,,while the Freshman's thin face was growing a shade paler every minute. At last her turn came, and the Sophomore stepped up beside her protectingly with a little joking remark to the class officer. The Freshman stood waiting silently, The class-officer glanced up and then turned over-his papers. He had just been announcing some t'EX'sl' rather loudly, but he spoke quietly now. "You have a Good in your English, Miss Wallace," he said. The Sophomore patted her on the back. "Good for you, May," she said, and then laughed at her own joke. The Freshman smiled faintly. "You drew a Poor in History and German, but in Algebra-I'm sorry to say- -you failed. " It seemed as though the whole room had stopped to listen. Even the Sophomore was struck dumb. The Freshman clasped her hands tighter and lifted her chin help- lessly. She met the Professor's eye. UI-I tried," she said slowly. Then she turned around quickly and went out, with the Sophomore close beside. "Don't feel so badly, May," she said anxiously, and then, more cheerfully, "Lots of people fail, you know." A gay voice lioated up the stairway. "Oh, girls, three Ex's and a Good-It's too good to be true. I must go and write home this minute." - The Freshman caught her breath hard. "You see," she said softly, 'tif Mamma and Papa didn't-" then she stopped. The Sophomore drew her hand up under her golf cape, and they went downstairs together without a word. 402 Che QQSQIICI Of Ibe f3b0l'2lI0l'D Gravely the Arthropod, Robbed of his head, Lamed in his pleopod, Smashed, but not dead, Raised himself carefully Out of the jar, Helped by his propodite. Nothing could mar. "Are they all gone? l' he cried, "Gone, one and all? H Aves woke up and cried, "Yes, till the fall E" Up spoke a trilobite, Packed in his box, " Letls have a sporty night, I have the rocks." IO Il Histology freaks then, Tattered and torn, Students had sliced them, They looked forlorn. Nimbly a frog went by Minus his pharynx, Never a croak nor sigh Came from his larynx. I2 Swelly to terminate This strange affair Toasts were contributed, Cultured and rare. I3 Drunk in the alcohol Which preserved them, Gaily the old soaks all T ippled like men. 51, ff , ' 1 ,355 if , ' TX? 7 x A 1 4 - Q X, x . V. ' . I 'riifib i 'I ' inf 1- + Viff W, l. A. W L- 9' sal A W A i A I X, 'F 'Q as! 1 Wg- JY: 'XAZ S M ,, .1 t fl a ' i "WV, ' . , A Q I " 5 9 , f fi.. . Quickly a microbe said, "Frankly to speak, I've been so widely spread I've become weak "As a result we must Economize. " t'Sure," yelled a malocrust Minus his eyes. Now being all aroused Gather the best, All those with legs endowed Helping the rest. First in the promenade, Humming a song, Battered up dephlapods, Rubbered along 'tSome call us squids," they said, "'We're not to blame, After a fellow's dead, What's in a name? " I4 "Heres to Art Beule, then, H First cried the crab, "He's cut me once or twice XVhile 111 the labf' I5 Each drunk to Art Curtis, Meyer - Miss Gapen, They did them all justice XVith great elation. 16 Scarce was the last speech done The last toast drunk, When up came the peeping sun Down they all shrunk. I7 Back to their empty jars, Case, shelf, or box, Clambered each wearily, Even the rocks. IS Sorrowed to quit the fun 403 But with the light, All was serene again, Forgot was the night. Che Quarrel I fear I'm very weak of will, But then, what could I do? We disagreed the other day, For Harry says Hthe U," 'While I insist on t"Varsity.' Think of Wisconsin called "The UH-just like Chicago! Why, I was quite appalledg I said I wouldn't have it, As crossly as I might, But after what he answered How could he want to fight? For then he said, the foolish boy, with eyes that would adore, "Of course, I love the 'Varsity, I can t but love U more." y If the Badger Board were the State llegislature it would Give every purchaser of the Badger a job at the capitol. Pass the anti-cigarette bill fMessrs. Cronk, Stillman and Beebe, and Miss Seeber vigorously dissentingj Purchase an electric plant for the engineering department, a printing plant for university publications, a century plant for the botany department, and an egg plant for Dean Henry. Put a prohibitive tax on male and female spinsterhood, and would frame a law especially applying to that bright consummate flower of bachelordom-Charles Noble Gregory. Offer a standing reward of a thousand dollars to every undergraduate co-ed who should become engaged to any member of the facultyg reward to be doubled in case of the capture of Prof. Meyer or Prof. Giese: in case, however, Prof. Pyre should become so engaged, he and not his fiance, should be entitled to the reward. Ask the Board of Regents to make one more effort to prevent the entrance of students from other states, recommending as the most edicient means therefor another increase of fees. Send a memorial to Congress praying that military drill requirements be increased to six times a week, continuing four yearsif Create a special lectureship for Bobby Haight on " Conversation: How to talk Learnedly on any Known or Unknown Subject Without Saying anythingf' Course to be open only to faculty members and instructors of suitable preparation. A Prohibit all games, sports and amusements dangerous to life and limb, except post office and drop the handkerchief. Amend the election laws of the state so as to prevent any student from voting at more than six different " homes " at any one election. ' 4fThis matter was brought up on a petition from Major Rhode and Captain Kemp, presented by Fourth Sergeant Davis: the comatose state thereby induced in the Board permitted the ladies to push the memorial through, which they did, misunderstanding "hop" for "drill," Brennan Woke up in time to vote with the ladies. 404 X V rf ,' X ' ff? 15 ,K ,Q W f 'X AYAAXAXX X X X' X 1 1' 1 XXX ,-X x X X AX' lfffg f Aff I v if f X! X I fffx fy f fff f X ffffi ,f 1 4 I. W Q' I u fy E I ,QA A X A .vf I I AM 4, z 1 , 1 1 M , A Ng! 0 I X X yr v'4l9l THOSE NAUGHTY BOYS--CIGARETTES AGAIN " Che Didwm - The diatom sat on the banks of the Nile, Chewing his cud with a broad blue smile, And he wiped his nose on the back of his hand, And said, " By golly, this view is grandfl The ibis said as he waved his bandanna, " What would'nt I give for a nice red banana I' P 1 I Then he flew to the place where the crocodiles grow, And instead of bananas he is now eating crow. The diatom envies this luncheon of bird. " That he should have it is simply absurd. " He said with an oath as he swam far away, " I guess I'll come back on Easter Day." For then I'll have eggs if I can't have the bird, If I can't have them boiled I will have them shirred. just then all the water went out with the tide, And the diatom turned up his toes and died. vu Cerrible! !! Smith. " W'hy do they call them ' logs' anyway? ' jones. 'tBecause when you Hrst saw them you were slumped. Tl1611 after sapping your energies in this branrlz of the science you discovered that the bark was worse than the board. As that aagzzred well for you it became plane that it was time to leave this subject and go to extracting roots. There, I guess that will make you sufficiently occupied for awhile. If it does not just plank down another two bils and I will see what I can carve out for you." Betrayed One of the Sigma Chi boys was visiting the Hall and the two of them were teasing Cupid. " Ah, I see a Hush on your cheek," said the maid. " No ? " he exclaimed nervously, 't bob-tailed or straight? " t' Yesf' said the Freshie, " for the last two years my habits have been as regular as clock-work. I arose at 9, breakfast at 6:30, dinner at 12, and always in bed by 9. go." i " Say," said the man at the end of the table, " what were you in for? " Official notice Examinations in Metallurgy will be ore-all this semesterf g W. H. I-IoBBs, Ht Ehristmas Recess h Q ' frv, First D. U. It's very good of you old man to come down to the train 'sw to see me off." Second D. U. " Don't mention it. I am darn glad to have the chancef' b i And now the other fellow is wondering what he meant by the remark. - U K 406 .,,f ,A-SBP neun 521' CD25 - HE joint-debater came out of the door of the hall in the old Library build- ft ing and slammed it behind him. He was heartily sick of this everlasting :of E. rehearsing and re-rehearsing. It seemed like a waste of time to stand up U ii F, there on the platform and repeat time after time the same old points 3, and the same old statistics in the same old tone, punctuated now 'QQ7' ' Seam' and then with Frankie's quick criticisms 'and correct intonations. After nine months, solid work on the debate, gathering material far and wide, traveling, writing, bucking, interviewing, all interesting and instructive work, then to be reduced to parrot-like repetition of the tiresome matter gathered together. How much better in some ways, how much more interesting for all if only they could saturate them- selves with the subject, and then, on the night of the debate, each get up and speak offhand, and right from the shoulder. But experience had developed another system and to this system he was a slave, soon however to be freed, for the emancipation proc- lamation, in the shape of debate posters, was spread abroad. As the door closed he climbed the dark stairs to the reading room, deigning hardly a glance at the faithful Freshman sentinel at the door. As he hung up his hat he vowed he wouldn't come in there again for a month after the debate. As usual the library was nearly full and he dropped into an empty chair near the revolving case, His eye strayed around the room from Psyche to Apollo-with-the W" beveled-ear, as Bobbie Gay used to say. Three girls were whispering at the catalogue case. A pile of news- papers on the table in front of him caught his eye. He tumbled them over, The Manitowoc Pilot, Spirit of the Times, Boston Ideas. Something beneath one of them caught his eye, an envelope. On the outside was the name of one of his oppo- nents in debate. It might contain the debate outline. He glanced around. No one was paying any attention to him. He slid the en- . velope toward himself, then he bunched up his own papers and slid the envelope beneath them Shortly he pushed back to leave but as he looked up he looked straight into the eyes of a girl standing at the revolving case. She stood there with one hand resting on the shelf, her eyes fixed as on something far away. She was trying to remember something but he did not know what. He knew only that those eyes, reminding him of his mother's, of eyes he might have dreamed of, of eyes he might hope to dream of again, had saved him from an act he would surely have regretted. Without realizing that she was being stared at, the girl turned again to the case, took down a book and went to the other end of the room. He leaned over the table, slid his papers off the envelope, leaving it lying among the newspapers as before. A few minutes later, as he stood talking at the librarian's desk, he saw one of the opposing team rush wildly into the rooin, turn over all the papers on the tables, and then, with a sigh of relief seize the envelope among the papers. He wondered who the girl was. 407 l Fw Perhaps he would meet her sometime. But this showed how ignorant he was, for of all people, no one is harder to get an introduction to than a co-edit At last the preparations were over, each society had brought down dray-loads of charts and books and piled them high on the tables near the side doors. Now the nervous debaters and the unwearying aids of either side were sitting around waiting for the gathering of the clans from their respective halls. As our debater sat talking and arranging his authorities, an alumnus of his society stepped up to him and, after chatting a few minutes, asked him to come back and meet his sister who had come to hear the debate. XVhen the brother introduced him he recognized the sister as the girl with the eyes. He stood embarrassed, the other two talked but he could answer only in monosyllables. His mind was taken from the debate, but the brother, himself an old joint-debater, knew the distraction was a good thing. He had no reply when the girl said: "Oh, n o I l 'f lull!! I hope you'll win. I bet a lot of fudges that you would. That was on my brother's account, before I knew you, but I'm glad I did, now." Fortunately the cheers of the opposing forces coming into the hall put an end to the conversation, and the debater hurried back to his place. The debate went as all debates go, the hopes of either side rising and falling alternately, but when the judges left the room each side was l firmly convinced that it had won. After what seemed an interminable delay, the judges appeared and, with the utmost deliberation, gave the decision to our debater's opponents. After the mighty, overwhelming , f rush of the winning society upon the platform, and amid the confused X f cheering of the winners, the defeated ones stood for a few minutes, x. . -K ,..L Wai- .-, Al Q . iivg JK . LV 55 ri, it ' f 'n irll':'li-W ."' hill xii 'l 'li fc! 'zjifili 1 ' ll ,yu ."', l , i 'il ' . ,,., jjj . . rl ,i..mlitlfv , F , .,,, '.-'11, frfl f ,f-. 1 ,H ".L,l' rl rl il, rr . fl -i t ' A listlessly receiving the congratulations of their ardent supporters, mean- while preparing to leave by the side door. just as our debater had slipped on his overcoat, he heard a girl's voice just beside him, "I'1n so sorry you lost. You did finely. I suppose I will have to make fudges now. If you'l1 call, I'll make some for you. I'm at the Hall." Thebrother added his congratulations and commiserations and the defeated debater started slowly home. Here was the result of nearly a years hard work gone up and nothing to show for it. Yes, he had something to show for it. He had the experience, the knowledge of his subject, and the material for his thesis, and-, and-, if it hadn't been for this debate, he probably wouldntt have met-, yes, he had got something from his work. but bitter thoughts still haunted him and it was only when he was asleep that he was freed from them. Then who knows what his dreams were, for his last waking thought was : " Do you know I like her eyes " LAURANCE C. BURKE, 'or tThis statement is based on personal experience. " I happen to know why they call it Drill," Said a member of 1904 " Because, " and he smiled as he walked up the hill, " Itis such an awful bore. H 't NVhat is the difference between NVil1ie XValker and a locomotive? " " Give it up. " " One has a light head and the other has a headlight. Y' " Have you chosen your major for this year yet? " ' U Oh my, do I have to choose a Major too? I already have a Captain and two Lieutenants and I do not know what I am possibly to do with a Major. " 408 Phil King E isn't a hero, a saint or a poet, No shrine will be raised to his work or his name, But he who is faithful and skillful is great-- If he generals an army,-or coaches a game. And we of llfisconsin, and we of the rooters lVould somehow fain glorify all that we may This man who has greatened the Varsity's fame And has made its name known on the lips of to-day. For football has thrilled us and football has chilled us, Made strong men to weep, and made women to prayg And so do you wonder our praise is so great For the man who has led us, and shown us the way? His name and his face they are dear and familiarg We like the soft drawl of his smooth Eastern tongue, The smile that daw11s slowly, when,--watching us win- He is there on the side lines, while " Hot Time " is sung. And we of Xvisconsin have known him defeated, His loyalty, courtesy, justice, the same, He knows how to touch our resolve with action, We flush at his praise, or we blush at his blame. A And so to his skill and his power do honor, And so. while the " Toast to XVisconsin " you sing, VVe will offer another, we're proud to declare- 'While XVisconsin's NVisconsin, Phil King is Phil King. 1 N ' lm ,iii I ffl Revenge I wonder if he could forget He has this waltz with me. How can he care to linger there, And talk to Marjory? That Music is so distracting Oh I The wretch to made me wait! XVhat won't I do ! I'll cut him too, For coming up so late. .:."f1" s ,. 1" 7 . - . se 'Q Gi Nr M ' K, if T X . Q X I DlSf002l'2Cl He whispered softly in her ear, And yetI could not help but hear. I saw her cheek flush rosy red, The moment that the words were said. Some secret hit of cupid's lore? Ah, no ! And yet it moved her more, For this is what the message boreg "Your rat shows through your pompadour Chili QQIIQI' I came in the other day and found Freddie staring at the opposite wall, with a far away look in his eye. I had only just sat down, when he groaned, flopped over in his chair, and sank into thought again. I looked up. H YVhat's the matter, old man? " " Oh, 1,111 such a foolf' f " I'm afraid I can't deny it." He paid no attention, but banged the chair-arm thoughtfully. " What did I say? " " Oh, come Freddie, what's the matter? " He looked over at me disconsolately. " It's just another one of my awful breaks. I was fool enough to write to jack the other day, because I heard he was laid up, and I thought he'd like to get a good old-fashioned scrawl and hear how things were going and what was going on. Oh, gee," and he groaned again. " NVell, I don't see the point, yet." H NVhy, you have heard of j'ack's sister, have11't you? ll "Slightly, A man couldn't know Freddie very well without hearing of her." Freddie seemed sunk in contemplation again. " XVell, for Heavenls sakes go on. What's the idea, anyhow? " " Didn't I tell you I wrote to jack? W'ell, I got a note from him to-day. I didn't know how sick he was-how should I? And, of course, I didn't stop to think. Why, his eyes gave out for a while, too, and he c0uldn't even read his letters. They didn't tell me that." " Well, jack didn't die or anything, did he? What's the matter? VVas your let- ter important? 'l " Important? Great Heavens, it's liable to be! D0n't you see, you old idiot, that he c0uldn't read it, so she opened it and read it to him? And, oh, old man, I've been thinking for the last hour, and I czz1z'z' remember what I saidf' fl CYGSQGD 4:00 p. m. Harry Winkler heard to express an intention of calling on Miss Mc- Dill that evening. 6:00. Mr. Winkler calls up 61, asking for Miss McDill. She is at dinner. 6:30. Art Uihlein, who has heard the foregoing, waits until he hears Miss McDill call up 598, and then asks if Mr. Harold Haskins may call that evening. 'K Yes, you may." 'L Thank you." 6:35. I-Iarold Haskins, who has also heard the foregoing, and who fears a "grind " on himself, calls up 61 and asks for Miss McDill. " This is Mr. Winkler. May I call this evening? " 'L No, I'm so sorry, I expect another man. You're the fifth person who has asked. Wont some other time do? 't 6:40. Mr. Xvinkler, who has not heard the foregoing, rings up 61 and asks for Miss McDill. . " This is Harry Wiiikler. May I call this evening? " Miss McDill heard to gasp through the phone : " Why, Mr. lVinkler, you've rung me up before this evening. Ilm very sorry, but as I told you before I expect Mr. Haskins to call. NVOnt you come to-morrow? " 6:50. Mr.'Winkler still pawing the air and swearing revenge. 7:00. Mr. YV. calls up Mr. Haskins, who has meanwhile gone home to dress. Mr. H. answers phone and Mr. W., feigning Miss DcD's voice, asks, " Is that you, Mr. Haskins? This is Miss McDill. She-ah-I mean, I had promised one of my friends to go to Middleton this evening, and you can't come up." .f'Ir. Haskins, who " tumbles " immediately, " Say, Wlink, ring off: y0u're it." 7:00 to 8:00. Mr. Winkler still emphatic when interviewed on the situation. 8:00 to 9:30. Mr. Haskins hearing all about who has called on Miss MCD. for the last meek. Next morning 8:00 a. m.-1:00 p. 111. Miss MCD. passes Mr. Wiiikler 'L ice " and he wonders why. 410 gf? Uri ,.. AN EIGHT OTILGCK 411 if Elbfdfv Rules alla RQQIIIGINIIS I All books and periodicals taken from shelves in reading and periodical room should be returned to their proper places unless students wish them for their own use. In that case they should be placed on the wrong shelves or any other place where they may not befound by any except the student reserving them. This course is especially urged at times when the books are in great demand. 2. No Normalite should use one book more than eighteen hours or less than four hours a day. Normalites are advised not to eat their breakfasts on the steps or in the entrances. They should bring their own lunches for the present. Lunch counters will be pro- vided in the near future. 3. As many lights as possible should be turned on and left. It is Eric Allen's special work to turn them off. 4 Students are cautioned not to splash ink farther than a radius of six feet around their chairs. Special Regulations Zoncerning Gommunication 1. Students who are accustomed to re- ceive callers in the reading room should have regular visiting hours, otherwise no connnunication is allowed. 2. Assistants, instructors and graduate students should not communicate above a whisper. 3. Professors may speak loud enough to be heard from any point in the reading room. 4. Library officials and heads of de- partments in the University may employ megaphones in communication. miscellaneous Suggestions Students are encouraged to bring bread crumbs, especially in the fall and spring. to feed the birds which frequent the library during the day. The reading room gives the best View of the notablep visitors who throng the gallery. mdQdZllIQS flfetfopofitan-Cliarles Noble Gregory. Ha1'va1'd Lampoovz-Prof. Noyes. The Critic-Mr. Dodge. Farmighily Review-Meals at the Hall. fndepefuieni-Charlotte Fisher. Om'!00k-XVind0ws of the Law Building. Once zz Week-Badger Board. Chicago Record-Lelia Bascom. Ladies' H077Z6f01t7'Ndf-DT. Laird. Delineafoi'-Ecl Jenner. Sma1'l.S'et-Psi U's. Cevzlmjf Magazine-Prof. Kerr. Fireside Companion-Y. M. C. A boys. Chhsiian Observer-Fraiices XVilcox. The Clzurckman-Mr. Hurlbut. The P1u'z'!an-Clarence Taylor. The Boakmafz-Pa XVillian1s. Up to Date 'Fiction " To Have and to Hold."-Ralph Jackman. " Soldiers of Fortune."-Betters on Foot Ball Gaines. "Prisoners of Hope."-Freshmen before Exams. " Les Miserables''-Freshmen after Exams. " Sentimental Tommy."-Stewart Lyle. " Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellowf'-Harold Haskins. " The Man who Laughs."-Prof. Noyes. " Babs the Impossible."-Barbara Curtis. " A Diplomatic 'vVo1nan."-Sarah Seeber. " Vanity Fair."-The Junior Prom. " Twice Told Tales."-Six O'c1ock Club stories. Genealogical Illcove Chestnut Tree-The Sphinx. Evergreen-Hubbard Atkins. Spruce Tree-Tracy Bunker. Family Tree-The Smiths. Hat Tree-Chauncey Blake. Peach Tree--The Badger Board. Pair Tree-Pi Beta Phi. Slippery Elm-Herbert john. Fir Tree-Virginia Hayner. Palm Tree-Ray Palmer. Poplar Tree-Kies. Gum Tree-Any Phi Delt. Spreading Tree -WValton Pyre. V i!i!Ei!E!iiE!E!ii.'5 I. iiiilliliiiiiiiiim eg . ,- .aa , 5 ?.i'i"' eiilll ii 419 ' Ib - .E iiiilli miiiim " :E --22 f .- ...fe es Qtek H PROHlNEf'1T'BUlLDlNG-fI.IBRRRV NN'-'L " Engaged " . ls ,Q i n g J 1 , EN FAIRCHILD had come to take his last walk with her, and for the first time in all the four years of companionship Mary's heart was beating fast and l1er hands were trembling as she got ready to go down. For the last half-hour she had been curled up on her window-seat thinking helplessly of what she had overheard at the Alumni Ball the night before. The words echoed in her ears- 'A They must be engaged. She wouldn't let him go on caring for her so long and then throw him over-she isn't that sort of a girl." And they were talking about Len and about her. Think of being "that sort of a girl." She had been thoughtless, selfish, heartless--why hadn't she told him about Fred? He would have kept her secret. But it must be all a mistake-and then she remembered miser- ably the odd embarrassed look he had given her when he had asked her to go out, and how he had said abruptly "There's something I want to tell you-something I meant to say for some time-but didn't have a chance." She hadn't straightened things out much when he came, only she had decided she musn't give him a chance to say what he wanted to, before she had confessed about " Fred." It wouldnlt be fair to him. Oh, the poor boy-how she wished he wouldn't mind much. She felt like a villain. I wish I had my ring here," she said to herself as she went down-stairs very slowly-"it would make it easier." They shook hands rather gravely. There was something unmistakably embarrassed in his manner, and Mary .felt her heart sink as 3 l they walked silently up the hill together. ,tgp mu i ifgj., 5-K L she tried to talk gany but all her efforts fell , Q ,A t i s, ' , leYs f flat, and by the time they had passed Main it f xf Hall and started up toward the Observatory .W she felt desperate. She couldn't blurt out kf,,f,W. f2N g J what she had to say without any excuse. af , ai When they stopped at the bench she sat wh t 97 down mechanically, leaning her head against F 1 W A the trunk of a tree, and silence descende 1 as ki. M flzf f L. 1 Q E they looked out over the lake. L '23 -'a1'.1,i, I-I. " Don't you hate to leave it all ?" she said, -. :f c A ,ff ffl: E. Ng. L ,a . s - ., .N -.Lf--, -cad -. . ,H she knew as soon as it was out that she hadn't " J f' " T' improved the situation much. . " NVe have had lots of good times here." Len seemed to be no more at his ease- " I shall hate to give them all up. You and I have had lots of good times here." Indeed they had. Mary fully realized it, but didn't exactly care to discuss them then " Yes-we have been very good friends," She tried to say it carelessly, yet warmly, but it sounded stilted. Len stretched out his legs and plunged his hands deeper into his pockets. " I'll never forget what good friends," he remarked. Mary knew she ought to say something, but not a word came to her mind, and silence fell again. Suddenly Len stood up and leaned against one of the trees, looking down at her. L' It's because we've been such good friends," he said determinedly " that I want to tell you something. Perhaps you'll think it's queer that I've never said it before- 413 ' that I've waited until the last day-but I didn't have the right until lately, and-and there liasn't been a good chance." Mary's cheeks flushed. t' Never mind now, Len," she said, almost pleadingly. " Let's just enjoy to-day as we have the other days." " I-I hope it won't make any difference, Mary, he said anxiously, his eyes on her face. His steady gaze troubled her and she stood up. " I hope not," she said, trying to speak lightly. Then she found she was trembling and sat down again. 't You know that nothing makes any difference in my feeling for you," he said slowly. He was not looking at her now, and she stole a glance at his face. It was troubled, and it hurt her. Poor boy-and that last speech was so generous, so manly. He wanted her to understand that he would be loyal at all costs. And size was to blame for this. " I haventt told you yet," he began, but she stopped him. " You don't need to, Len," she said slowly. " I have guessed it. I'm afraid I've been to blame, but--oh, Len, I'm so sorry," and she looked up at him with the tears standing in her eyes. He looked around at her, his face Hushed and alarmed. " Don't! Mary," he said, almost vehemently-" don't for heaven's sake say that. You musn't. You don't mean it. I-" - But Mary interrupted him quickly. " Len," she said earnestly, "I , can't help it-it isn't any use. I have something to tell you. I ought to A. "IQ - . have told it before-only I never guessed-really." She paused an .g.,ff-:M instant with one glance at his distressed face. He tried to speak, but she , . T' stopped him. " W'ait, please. I-I have always cared for you as a friend, 1 ty, Len-and always will. But-I am engaged-and have been since Christ- mas. It is Fred Morris, a home man, you know. It is a secret, but-I V f V, j x ' had ought to have told you." She stopped and sat looki11g out over the 'X lake. She could not bear to look in l1is face, and see the look she knew X I I x was there. She would not intrude on his sorrow-it should be sacred. K ' - 1 . l " Engaged!" There was an odd little tremor in his voice. Lp' X13-" "Yes, Lenf' He sat down suddenly. " But -" he stammered-' ' but that is what ff y. 'YMQQQS 5 I was going to tell you. I'm engaged, too." " Engaged!" " Yes, Mary." Mary turneduand their eyes 1net. There are no words to describe that look. The whole conversation passed in review before their minds, and then-Mary gave a sort of gasping breath and then a half hysterical laugh. " But-I thought -" " So did I-or-I mean-Oh Mary, I beg your pardon-but" and an irresponsible laugh burst out-"shall we call it quits ?" He held out both his hands. There was just a mo1nent of hesitation. Then she met his eyes and surrendered-hands and laugh and all. " Oh, Len!" " Oh, Mary!" And a stray Sophomore, who had wandered up the Hill shortly after them-partly byacciclent-stole away to inform everyone interested that Mary Fiske and Len Fair- child might not have been engaged to each other before-a question in dispute-but they certainly were now. But most people are liable to make mistakes. 414 will' .1 ,KF x X it fl CZIIQ of WlSC0llSiIl H, he was a man, and she was a maid, They went to Wisconsin, so 'tis said, And neither was old and neither staid And neither of either the least afraid-- Itls a way We have at XfVisconsin. Now she was a girl with a charming Way, And he was a handsome man, they say, And they climbed the same hill day by day, Until four whole years had passed away- It's a way we have at XVisconsin. They heard the lectures side by side, He took her to many a dance and ride, And numerous Walks they had beside And they talked and jollied, discussed and guyed - It's a way we have at XVisconsin. Now, I've heard it said on authority That a co-educational 'varsity Is a matrimonial agency. And I've heard it stated complacently It's a way we have at Wisconsin. And I dare not say that it isn't true QThough they usually wait till their course is through! That the men-and it's so of the women, too- ' Get married as often as most folks do - It's a way we have at Wisconsin. This man and maid did the same you see -- She married an Eastern LL.D., And he a girl from Menomonie, And they lived - oh more or less happily - And this is a tale of Wisconsin. 415 N X -1 Q ' x 1 M A r ww l X ' f L M fi, 42 S5 5 ble' l I " tiff if 'JN -J mp ola Sweetheart Willz apologies Z0 Rflav. Like one who sits in silence on the banks of purling streams, And lets his fancy wander in a world of idle dreams, I sometimes sit and ponder, painting pictures wondrous fine Of happy days I've had and have, with that old sweetheart of mine. How Well do I remember the happy, pleasing smile That lit up lips and forehead when I told her at the stile That I'd give the world to win her, that I'd work for ages nine To be sure that then I'd have that old sweetheart of mine. 'When days are dark and dreary and the soul is tempest-tossed Like a ship ,on angry waters, when the cry is " All is lost." Her words and ways are winning, like the lifeman's saving line, Are the winning ways and words of that old sweetheart of mine. XVhat the world has IIOVV of goodness, what its gained of honest worth, And all there is of progress 'mong the nations of the earth, Is due in the percentage expressed by ninety-nine, To generous, noble women, like your sweetheart and mine. In the darkest days of danger, in the doubt that often comes To the man whose home is marble, to the toiler in the slums, Her heart is full of patience and courage that's divine, That makes me ever more in love with that old sweetheart of mine. The world has noble women, and men worth tons of gold, And some have hearts so happy that they never can grow old 3 But, with the years are better, like the noblest viuts of wine, And that's the way it always was with that old sweetheart of mine. Ah, happy days are fleeting and we both are growing old, But half the happiness we've had can never more be told g And the money that I've garnered most gladly I'd resign For half as many years again with that old sweetheart of mine. For fifteen years we've wandered in the ways of man and God, For fifteen years been happy in every path we've trod g Pm rich as ancient-no monarch of the Rhine Had ever such a treasure as that old sweetheart of mine. For what I've had I'm grateful, give thanks to God and men g For what's to come I'm hopeful, I know that ne'er again Can come to me more pleasure than comes to me and mine, Through this, my greatest treasure, this old sweetheart of mine. -JAMES CHARLES MONAGHAN 416 H Dap at the Carnival V 5. 1 p f y5rR"' 1 ' X XI X . I I L 2 oi -ia KU Ar I Qi. ,M W -A e f H UMM ypygwffpfmifag WZ 'Lf ' iv fiiff' fresbmaws ff- Zia :Q Diar 227 ' mi,'2Wff M' .QQ D MZQQYZQZK 3w:ff?LfQMj4Mg,m-,W-ca fiffn- Vx..,.a4z4.., dniffdcwflff- fwmfqf-5 -:Sr A QL44, f.QE..7f aw, far - Q4,.'E?,..n,2'. J 'fum -- . ' ' H4452 ' A Jlvvaiv I 139330 QZLMM Pull' 0 fZm26: :ro 1,105-fffvoimy A yo . 072 ff' he MM. V of -M ,f,,ff,, Hum mm Sing , AMW -0 dd, WJ ff W ,FM 7,'Z'vo 54 U o ?TNgM4i MM f4f,5,'f,'f : Af' if 'WX7g2Ql'Z67'??, - I i N 7 1 X Q ' . X , SLR X ,I ,A I f flag, I N 2 x E1 :if Xa H4 , 'x X vt , :i i X12 ' Q -5 Q ,V W' . 6 -f q i , V ' f !3 R k 23- 5- X2 T-if .mf - -1 - 4 'Ni H f2qQQ -- W K 11 X gm! . 2195! Z agp mfg, h E E: f ig? I- E E kk- Q xx O xg X. nl' 1' F ' 5 if X: .. . AA T IQ 5, 23.52 2 il a m :Eu K . , S , X X gill? f . R ' agglllkifiHIIIIESISEEEIIISEESEEIIE 'gg' X ,rv I: ' llM A CONVOCATION 4..V COIlS0ldIi0lI CRIB' N K X . I G" mn ,f , X Q vQQ3 it X K I If x K Lmnnu-mm I! l 1 V' AE' I X XX y TZ C This isn'L a pictured night-mare. This horse, poor rubbering wretch, Is one of Prof. Henry's racers Who's kodaked on the home stretch. There, little Freshie--don't cry The lake it is wet, I know Q But have no fear That youill drown this year, Your head is too light, you know 1. , i ! Your soaked up skin will soon be . dry Q- There, little FfCSl1lE-ClOll't cry ! II. There, naughty Sophomore - don You have taken a vow, I know g But remember yet, That the lake's as wet As it was a year ago. 't cry ! So bury your hatchet, or lay it by. There, naughty Sophomore - don 't cry I III. There, worthy junior--clon't cry! You're not yet a senior, I know g But thoughts of this Will be untold bliss As the " Prom " times come and go. So rent the suit you cannot buy 5 There, worthy JIl1llOI'-dO11,t cry ! IV. There, sober Senior, dont cry ! You are soon to leave us, I know, But in fancy still You will climb the " Hill," In the years that come and go. Bid hills and lakes and Profs. goo There, sober Senior, don't cry ! cl-bye 5- 7 ,, 'I A wi l f 4 H li V ,j ll Mmllllll. fl V Tiff- Foun EDucA1'1onAl- 5T'4Gss or MAN, 419 6:00 a. 7:00 a. 8:00 a. 9:00 a. H1 ID.. H1 III. IOIOO 3.1'I1. IIZOO B..H1. 12100 111. 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m 3:00 p. 4:00 p. 5:00 p. 6:00 p. 7:00 p. 8:00 p. 9:00 p. IH. II1 H1 111 U1 111 UI NX 1,2 Q 4 xx' ,K-'X Xrfx of 'f -'sa-'Q 'AS' Na. rt fa I mn11ll 'f'lllw,4 .1 v Ehings Seen in Passing Clifford Ireland's alarm clock goes off unnoticed. Furnace tenders are attending. ' Hermy Taylor goes to breakfast on time. Some one put snow in the thermometer a11d Slichter dismisses class. Harry XVinkler and Phil. Spooner seen ascending the hill for their eight o'clocks. Professor Coffin meets his ten o'cl0ck class cominff down the hill as he ascends at 10:06. Chauncey Blake and Miss Sanborn still in the rotunda. Harvey Clawson Hunked in geology. Same performance by others less noted in other classes. Vxfeekly review at boarding houses. Mr. Ireland iinally awakes and says uncomplimentary things about his alarm clock. General exodus from.chemistry. Miss Cunningham takes a stroll with Mr. Beye. Freshmen seen going towards gym with towels, soap, etc. Fred McGowan goes to the library resolved to do a day's reading. Clarence 'White leaves Gamma Phi House, not having been invited to dinner. Miss Martin and Mr. Murphy seen going toward the library. ' 6 Miss McDill and Miss Cunningham each expect " men " and iight for the' small parlor. Miss Cunningham wins out. Mr. M. and Miss Martin finally reach the library. 'tjawbone Club" meets at johnny Mauer's. J. R. Kimball, "blown out" at Kappa House by Tommy Frawley, returns early. Exit of Bill Murphy and Miss Martin from library. 10:00 p.m. Badger board reads proof. Professor Scott makes out quiz questions. 11:00 p.m. "Beau" VValters gets a light lunch at Mr. Ketchner's on the corner. 12:00 midnight. Brindley works on joint debate. 'Willie Walker thinks of Olin in T100 21. 2200 S.. 3:00 a. 4:00 a. 5:00 a. 6:00 a. II1. H1 TI1 III. H1 HI. the morning and groans. Badger board still reading proof. "Owl Club" disbands for the morning. Hermy Taylor comes home. Bruce starts walking the floor. Mr. NVolfenson sets his alarm for five o'cl0ck and goes to bed. Dogs at University barns begin to bark. Short horns' think about getting, up. Bruce still walking. Badger board stops reading proof. Bruce still walks the floor. The same as before. Repeat "ad libitum." ' 420 OVER THE CHAFING DIsH-A MIDNIGHT "SPREAD U Che Proposal The moonlight came down through the roses, He said, "Oh, don't go! For I must tell you how 1 The music stole out through the door, She said, " They've begun the next waltz." And their Words were original, only, because He said, 'L You are utterly cruel, I think." They never had said them before. She smiled, " But all girls have their faults." if 'K 'K PF fl' fl' ,P if If if 1 SF 'F ft He said, " Now I know that you haven't a heart." He said', U I believe I will tell you the truth." She sighed, " I believe that is true." She said, "For a change, I suppose?" He cried, "Oh, Louise don't say-you can't mean He said, "Don't say that, T I'm in earnest tonight," She whispered, " I lost it, 1 to you " She laughed, "You don't mean it?" and rose. ' llines on a Street Ear Eine She sat near me in the car one day She looked at me with a frosty stare, It was in the glorious month of May. And then I blushed to the roots of my hair. She said l'Wil1yo11 pull the bell for me." Whexi she spoke to me she said, "Oh, well, I said, 'eYou surprise me, can't you see, I see each end of the car has a bell. I can't pull the hell, but I'll pull the rope I would rather do it myself by far, That rings the bell-there's a difference I hope," Than have you stop the wrong end of the car." Miss Parkinsons How of eloquence on her return after vacation and after finding the Ka a house frozen solid is checked tem oraril ' b ' the Jluniber, who asks her to PP 1 P 5 3 " please don't use such lanffualfe in in 1 resence. I do not a rove of it." 421 CliDDlIISS AS OTHERS SEE US. Alonzo A. Chamberlain and Clifford Ireland, two Mormon leaders from Madi- son, Wis., passed through our city Mon- day evening on their way to Salt Lake City.-Lecwenzoorllz QKzzn.j Times. Allan S. Neilson, the talented young college athlete from this suburb, has won the admiration of all the co-eds at Madi- son. At a recent secret vote of the self- government association for the most popu- lar male student, Allie received over Q7 per cent. of the votes, one sorority alone working against him. He is by far the most graceful dancer in the U. W. Y. M. C. A.-North Milwaukee Correspondence in Milwaukee Seniinfl, February 16, IQOI. Mr. Arthur F. Beule, of this city, is planning a driving trip to take in XVhite- water, Waterloo, Janesville and Madison. -Beaver Dam Argos, july 18, 1900. Owing to bad weather, Mr. A. F. Beule's long-planned driving trip came to an end at lVaterloo, where he was delayed for nearly a week.-Beaver Dam Argos, August 1, 1900. The committee on speakers for the cele- bration fFourth of julyj have fortunately secured Professor Philip King, of the Wisconsin State University, as orator of the day. VVe expect an address from him that will pay everybody to hear, hence urge all to make it a point to come and to come in time- Taiflor Couvzfy Star and News, june 30, 1900. Sarah Seeber, our talented young uni- versity student, has been highly honored by ner class at the university, by election to the Badger board, which publishes a humorous annual. Knowing, as we do, Sadie's severe avoidance ofanything savor- ing of interruption to her work, we pre- dict that she will spare but little time to board work, having only taken it up at the unanimously urgent request of her class.-Waierloo fozwmzl, June I, 1900. Mr. Sherman Moore, B H. S. ,97, of U. W. regiment, has recently been promoted from the ranks to the signal corps This position is attainable only by passing a rigid examination, which requires no small knowledge of military science, and tactics. Thus Broadhead is honored by her sons. 422 H. H Taylor again Sundayed in Stough- ton. Must be some powerful attraction, eh, Hermie?-IWaa'z'so1z Democrai, May 15, 1900. The Sphinx, U. W., is devoted to the interests of " The Beer that made Milwau- kee famous, " cigars and tobacco.-Atlzefr zeum, B6!Z'I'd67'6 H. S. More laurels for Ryan's Alumni ! XVon this time with the pen. " The Sacrifice of Hastings," the story which gained first prize in the Daily Crzrdivzafs contest was written by Joseph Koffend, l96. It is a delightfully interesting story adorning the first page of the Daibf Cardinafs special Christmas number. As it will be reprinted in the CLARION, by Mr. Koffends per- mission, CLARION readers will have an opportunity of judging of its merits for themselves. XVe congratulate Mr. Kof- fend upon his success.-Ryan Hzgh School C!a1'z'on, fAppleton, YVis.j january 1901. ATHLETICS. M J. Cleary, the newly elected manager of the XVisconsin University track team, has cz splendid record in alhleiif work. As early as his high school days he made fast time in the quarter and half-mile events and since then he has always been identified with athletic work. He man- aged the high school football and track teams and when he came to the university was soon elected on the Board of Directors. His home is in Blanchardville. Last year Mr. Cleary was one of the Wisconsin rep- resentatives iu the debate with Iowa. -E zfening Wisconsin " Do you know Tennyson's Sisters' ' said Dr. Cairns. 't No but I niet an uncle of his in London last Summer. " We see by the Directory of students of the University of Xvisconsin that an Eric W. Allen registers from Milwau- kee. As there is but the one of that name given we pre- sume that Ericson is ashamed of us home folks. We recip- rocate.-McFarland Items in Slouglzion Hzrb, December I, 1900. Mike Blilllillg JANE- Come on, Mary, and let's buck that Dutch right away. MARY-C8.H,t now, jane. Sonny gave us a lot of outside reading for Lit. and I'm in for four solid hours at the Libe. Wl1at's on for to-night? JANE-P111 going to have a man to- night, and therels some sort of a stunt after that. Blast it anyway, I'm simply swamped for work. XVhy- MARY -- Oh, cheer up. If I was a blooming whale like you, I wouldn't chew the rag about work. If you had taken all your cuts before the semester was half gone, had three quizzes sprung on you every Friday, llost all your pulls be- cause the Profs. had got on to your stabs, with a con to pay if you'd flunked in- IANE-Cut it out. If you weren't al- ways getting scared green and would drop your stiff courses and take a few snaps, you could .take life easy. Everybody calls you a zgrind. MARY -- Well, tliat's a slain. Ring off and tell me if you're going to the shindig Saturday night. JANE'-YOL1 mean the Hop? I've had four bids. Pm going with Hopkins. He's a frightful ifjollier, but he's the dinkiest dancer I know. Who's your man? MARY- Oh, I have such fiendish luck. I've had two bids and Smith was on deck first. I-Ie's a perfect stick and it would make you howl to see him dance. JANE --W'as the other one Jack? He's a peach of a dancer. MARY-Corking, and I have a perfect- ly terrific tcrush besides. XVell, got to go. C0lIU2l'S3Ii0ll JANE-MEITY, would it be convenient for you to come to my room presently for the purpose of studying our German lesson? U MARY-It would be impossible for me to come just at present, jane. Professor Pyre has as- signed to the class a considerable amount of extra reading, which he requires us to accom- plish to-day for our workin his course in English Literature. I find that it will be necessary for me to remain for a period of at least four hours in the Historical Library in order to complete that amount of reading. Have you any engage- ment for this evening which will prevent our studying the German lesson then? JANE--I am expecting a gentleman caller this evening. Then I believe the girls have planned for an entertainment of a nature of which I am not aware, and the hour set for that is half-past nine o'clock. Alas, I feel that my work is at present proving to be very much of a burden. Why- MARY- My dear, do not let that oppress your spirit, If I possessed so remarkable an intellect as I have observed to be yours I would not take occasion to expatiate on the subject of overwork. If you had absented yourself from classes as many times during the first half of the semester as the rule will permit you to be absent dur- ing the whole semester, if on the Friday of each week it was announced, in three of your classes, contrary to your expectations, that exam- inations were to be given in that course, lif you had forfeited all the induence you had formerly possessed over certain members of the Faculty because they had discovered that You were mak- ing a pretence of being better informed in that particular branch than you were in reality, if you were required to take a second examination in a certain study because you had fallen below the standard of work required, if you had made a very poor recitation in - JANE-Please refrain from discussing the sub- ject further. If it were not that you always become so badly frightened in your classes. and if you would not take so many very difficult branches of study, and if you would devote your- self to a few courses which are somewhat simpler you would find your life to be less wearisome. It is the general verdict of those whom I have heard express an opinion that you are one of those who make themselves 'fslaves of toil and exclude all pleasures from the daily routine of their lives, MARY-I consider that in the nature of a libel. Let us change the subject. Will you inform me as to whether you are expecting to attend the festivity on Saturday evening?" JANE-Do you refer to the dancing party? I have received invitations from four persons. I accepted Mr. Hopkin's invitation. He is very much inclined to converse in a light and some- what complimentary ffrnanner, but he is, indeed, the most graceful dancer of my acquaintance. Who is to be your escort? , MARY-I have been very unfortunate. I have received two invitations and the first one was that of Mr. Smith. He possesses an absolute un- interesting personality and it would cause you to laugh audibly if you were to observe the manner in which he comports himself upon the dancing- floor. JANE-Was jack the- other individual who requested the pleasure of your company? He dances exceedingly well, doesn't he? MARY- Most divinely. Furthermore, he exer- cises over me an Hnexplicable fascination. But I see that the time has arrived for me to take my departure. 423 JANE--Gll, I say, Mary, canlt you cut that Libe. work and let's go on a good old 5bat. VVe'll be squelched for blatting if we hang around here. MARXV- Frankie will regularly sit down on me if I flunk to-morrow, but I don't give a rap. lVait till I get my duds and some tin and we'll go to the Pal. JANE- I guess you'1l have to hurry now. MARY-There, there- nice girl-too bad she Sdrinksl JANE-Soak it in. Say, can't you help me on the way down to grind out some- thing on " The Prevalence of Slang in our Colleges. " Isn't that a swearable subject? MARY-It's vile. I donlt get the hang of it. It must be a hit at the boys, isn't it? JANE -I'm dead sure of it. Come on. MARY - I'1n with you. JANE-Mary, do you not think it would be possibie for you to postpone the task which has been set for you to accomplish at the library and to accompany me on a short pleasure "excursion, We are likely to be severely reproved for carry- ing on a conversation in this place. M.-mv-I fear that Professor Frankenburger will express his disapproval very strongly if I am unprepared to recite correctly in the morn- ing. However, I shall not let that fact disturb my peace of mind. Will you wait until I have fetched my wraps and supplied myself with sufficient money for the expedition? 'We will then betake ourselves to Keeley's "Palace of Sweets." JANE-I think it would be advisable for you to make haste. MARY- Calm yourself-an excellent young woman-it is to be deplored that she indulges in intoxicating ffdrinks. JANE-You are making base insinuations. XVi1l you be so kind as to assist me, while we are proceeding on our way, to evolve some thought on "The Prevalence of Slang in Our Colleges." The subject has a tendency to cause the writer to use unseemly language, has it not? MARY- It is indeed a subject difficult of execu- tion. I find myself unable to interpret its mean- ing It is most probably a reproach addressed to the young men, is it not? JANE-I have not the slightest doubt as to the correctness of your assumption. Let ns proceed, MARY-1 am prepared to accompany you. notes bv the translator 1 The attention of the reader is-called here to the remarkable advantages of the original over the translation in point of brevity 2 We are able to find no English equivalent for the word "grind " 3 Same as note 2. The translation does not fully express the significance of the term. 4 The introduction of the word "inexplicable" has been criticised as a mere avoidance of any adequate defiinition of the word "crush." On account of limited space we find it impossible to discuss thelsubject here, but the reader is referred to " Essay on the Significance of the Term 'crush. in Wisconsin Literature," by Prof. Haskins. 5 Same as note 2. 6 Palace of Sweets - A favorite resort of the times. 7 There has been considerable controversy upon the import of this portion of the original text. It is probable that the terms are idiomatic and we have no means of interpreting their exact mean- ing. The learned Prof. has offered the hypothesis that the preceding speech is a form of repartee known, in the original language, as a "chestnut" Cnot cognate with the English word "chestnut "J and that the speech in question is a retort of the same nature. jokes are like moving trains-They are hard to get off without some practice. Elinor MZ, " Agnes can't I be a milk maid at the fancy dress party to-morrow night? " Agnes-, " No, you are too s111all to be a milk maid. " Elinor MZ, " Then I am going to be a condensed milk maid. " The class were translating Plautus. They were not half slangy enough to begin with, and it dragged. So Prof. Slaughter began to make a few of the characteristic remarks that make his name so appropriate. When he paused for breath, Miss Runner hastened to translate. " Now will you shut up? " And he did. Beard at the Hrt EXNDII QTWO Tri Delts looking at the Sistine Madonnaj First Tri Delt- " Ain't that cute? " Second Tri Delt-" Isn't it a crackerjack? 424 a M. A . Ji If as .J GOIIIQ DOW!! the Bill It's pleasant on a morning fair, To meet some girl you know up there, To stop and chat a moment, too, While others pass and envy you, And then together pass along, Regardless of the hurrying throng, Up where crowds the sidewalks fill, 'When you are going down the hill. It's pleasant too, for you to wait, Whene'er her class is kept in late, And wonder if she'll really care, When she comes out, to find you there. Of course she makes you think she don And if she's glad, tell you she vvon't.' But never mind, sometimes she will, When you are going down the hill. 't. But pleasant times must end at last, fl-Iow swiftly all the days have passedjg Commencement Day will come again, And you and she together then Will visit each familiar place, Will greet again each well-known face g And, oh, what thoughts your hearts will ill, NVhen you are going down the hill. In years to come, when you are old, When earthly ties have little hold, VVhen you have climbed the hill of life, And finished toil and finished strife, Have done your work, have played your part, Be this our wish, then may your heart lfVith sweetest recollections thrill Whell you are going down the hill. limes to Professor Z- With apologies to Longfellow. Then said Cairns, the Lit. Professor, "Heretofore, in every Badger Has appeared some verse or other ln the style of Hiawatha. A Nevermore here in Wisconsin Will a Badger be without one. Nevermore -for very simple Is the meter and the rhythm"- Straightway went one from the classroom, Pondering and much contriving, How his faith might be rewarded, How to crib from Hiawatha Something pleasing to the Lit. Prof. To the giver of stiff courses, Granting many hours of reading, Many Fairs and fewer Ex's To the students, ardent buckers. Give me of your space, Oh Badger, Some part of a page, Oh Badger, For these lines which I have written That our book be not found wanting g Thanking for his kind suggestion The most excellent Professor. NAVY DEPARTMENT UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN -M k7f COMMODORE Miken, , .. ,. , f-.:,.T-lx milf".-Q-I I ,rf x 5l3ll'l',!F I' III I f.--d., I' ' R ,,fv'v I ' FT -N .rf1E'l32.b-1' .'fc:-4 'IV' U swat E fall.. at 1,4-',r'lwFfQlI 'I - .. 2441. .are J iijili W fi-7-'i"W:T -v s J" JNL ' r - ,. -jvjitzf-:f"i ..,' --5--'ef-'I .- ' , :. A',.."'1 "1"' -" T """"' Jaap-- ,,..,.f.fc,:-xrrnnf.. AMW XX. Q, o PIPE. 5 NEND Exim M5115 AMD tlcurgigmgx ff C omroatmiizigb AND TRUE, QR 1,1 x OU NEVER LEAVE MELQNESONE, EVER mmgato nut J N il . Comrom nv Twu-1 ogscwiow, jf ZQIACE 'To Tm: som, iswmqssw, lion im ina Drift? rottow, Sox Q54 as rnowt nirggfisu 3551, ,f J if, 1lLwxxsiW:iA3j m mmawess fn J' . if fivm my cowrmm YomQM3R1NC?f E QMKUNESSI Hnoiwifinz wwql wmv, BARN T0 E wrqmx wzimtgvtj 5 CHKERVEHE omg Q WR F :ASE X I Somoa you me wr, swung wx , Xu -if fAl.WAYi,HE sm-e, prov vtmxsi, Q If f' Cl'll6lID They were sauntering down the library stairs, Chattering-just about trifiing aifairs. They were quite alone-and the time and the place- Well, everything showed that 'twas clearly a case. The lights-as electric lights often will- Went out, and the boy and the girl stood still. Wliat a chance ! He had longed, but he never had dared To tell her how much and how truly he cared. The witch! For no matter how often he tried. The laugh in her eyes all his efforts delied. But now he told all, in tl1e dark, on the stair. The lights flashed on, and she-wasn't there. 426 Pl'0Cl'ElSliII2lIlOlI 'Twas so brilliant in the Autumn VVhen the leaves were turning red, That when I took her driving I feared I'd lose my head. v But I didn't, and in winter, XVhen ice-boating was the thing, 'Twas enchanting, but I thought Perhaps I'd better wait till Spring. Then May came with its greenness, And she surely was a hummer. XV e two went rowing often, but- I waited on till Sunnner. But SLlII'11IlCI"S COU16 and she has gone, I must have lost niy reason. l'll try to pluck up courage now And wait another season. ,IX xi-1 I' . 1 I ' f X fy. Nw D X- f 0 S Q31 is if wg,-fx A-5: 'L-,lb D 9' vi 'v.,71ff'dl fx f0l' IDC fl'6Sl7Ill2ll Short Besson in Plurals and 0ther 'Forms We'll begin with a flzis, the plural is Zlzese, But if one took a kiss, would another be kese? I speak of a cal. A small onels a kiifen, And yet a small mat, would not be a mitffen. If you think of that in the plural as those, Can more than one lzal be thought of as lzose? Or a basket of lziiiens grow into some rose? You mention an ox and also some oxen, But never call more than one box, some boxevz. You run from a mouse, or a whole nest of mice, But generally look for lzozmes, not hire. You gaze on the field and see cows, or kine, But a row if repeated would never be fine. I mention a fooi, or glance at your feei, But speak of your boofs, and not of your beezf. We talk of a brother, the gospel, of brellzffen, But our moihevfs would hate to be talked of as The masculine pronouns are lze, lzis and him, But try the effect of she, skis and shim! It's simple you see, if you start the right way, meth ren. And the young should be taught that it's merely child,s play. Das Kindcheu, This isn't a youthful freshman A wonderful prodigy- It's only the small kid brother I awfully long to see. Caution is a great thing, e. g , a student stating the length of a period as " pretty nearly about a centuryg " also his saying " I don't know that I know." Prof. Van Hise Qcalling the rollj-" Miss Mary Wright." A Voice Qfloating in from the stairwayj-" Here!" Later, Miss Wriglit followed the voice through the doorway smiling pleasantly. Jag ' 152,-3, :- ANOTHER CASE OF ICIDNAPPING Photo by Fm-rl. lui? 1 the Past and the Future 'We've longed for and dreamed of the Future, W'e've hurried the Present away g But now the gate opens to let us pass out, XVe stand on a threshold to-day. Beyond lie the lands we have longed for, The sunlight of love shining o'er, . . . Q But somehow, with heartache and craving E AR new-born , M' XVe turn toward the homelands once more, And so, though the Future is calling, There comes a new pain at the last To know that the life in the honielands we love, Has silently moved to-the Past, ,ww Y 1 I 5 ' ' f ff . Q -1 Wu' x N ,ff f t"'v-xx T Advertisers l THE FOLLOWING FIRMS, BY ADVERTISING IN THE BADGER, SHOW THEIR INTEREST IN THE STUDENTS AND THEIR WORK. THIS INTEREST SHOULD BE REPAID IN LIBERAL STUDENT PATRONAGE. Alford Bros. Binner Engraving Conipany Bon Ton Boelsing, Carl Brown fk Nevin Bowles, T. H. Bunde ik Upineyer Burdick, Pecker EQ Murray Co. Cantwell, M. I. Chicago College of Dental Surgery Capital City Green-houses I Capital House Chicago, Milwaukee 85 St. Paul Railway Chicago 85 Northwestern Railway Clifford, M. I. College Book Store Chicago XVriting Machine Co. Curtiss, F. W. Curtiss, E. R. Dietzgen, Eugene Drews, E. H. Fair Store - F. F. F. Laundry Flanner's Music House Fischer, C. W. Est. Ford, C. E. Gay, M. I. Groves-Barnes Music Co. Harvey Medical College Hanan, E. I. Harlolf, P. F. Hinrich QQ Thompson Hollister's Pharmacy Horlick Malted Milk Co. Keeley, Neckerman ik Kessenich Karstens lk Schmitz Kehl, F. W. Kentzler Bros. Kern, XV. C. Sc Co. Keuffel 81 Esser Klauber, M. S. K Co. Lawyers Montgomery Ward 81 Co. Madison Gas 81 Electric Co. Madison Turkish SL Electric Bath Co McGowan, H. B. Marsh ik Grant McCarll Menges, A. F. Mosely's Book Store New York Store Nielson, A. C. Olson ik Verhusen Ostin, L. I. Palace of Sweets Petley Shirt Co. Purcell Bros. Quammen, Danielson Republican House Ridgeway Riley SL Son Rundell, Sidney P. Sexton bk O'Neill Schreier, Val. CO. Skidmore, Nicolai SL Thomas, Carl Tracy Gibbs ik CO. 81 Mueller Miller United Typewriter 8: Supplies Co. University Co-operative Ass'n. University of Wisconsin Wheeler 81 Vifilson Wright, Kay 81 Co. Zach, M. V. Zehnter Company CD6 UHIDQYSIID I IUKSCOIISIII Situation of the Llniversitp 0l'S2ll1iZ2lIi0Il fibl'3I'D illld QGDOYBIOYD F2lCiIiIiQS facilities TOI' PDDSICGI Cfaillillg C0l1CliIi0l1S of HCIIIIISSIOII ' I 'HE University Grounds extend along the north shore of Lake Mendota more than a mile. In point of beauty the site is unsurpassed, if not unequalled. The campus contains 240 acres, besides an athletic field known as Camp Randall, of 42 acres. On the lower Campus are the Gymnasium and the Historical Library building. The College of Letters and Science - - The College of lVlechanics and Engineering - The College of Agriculture - - - The College of Law The School of Pharmacy The School of Commerce The School of Economics The School of Music The School of History The School of Education and Political Science Professors Professors Professors Professors Professors Professors Professors Professors Professors Professors and and and and and and and and and and Instructors Instructors Instructors Instructors Instructors Instructors Instructors Instructors Instructors Instructors f I 'HE completion ofthe new Historical Library building, which also includes the University Library, affords unsurpassed accommodations fer the use of students. The number of volumes contained in the Libraries accessible to students is nearly 250,000. The laboratory facilities of the University are excellent and include well equipped laboratories in chemistry, physics, biology, geology, mineralogy, petrography, psychology, botany, and in engineering, pharmacy, assaying, and agriculture. l I 'HE Gymnasium, zoo feet long, loo feet wide, and three stories high, affords probably the best accommodations to be found in the country. Besides offices, locker-rooms, lecture rooms, shower and tub baths, bowling alleys, and rooms for other special gymnastic work, it contains a swimming tank 80 feet long by 28 feet wide, a running-track of eleven laps to the mile, a ball cage, and a general gymnasium 165 feet long by 96 feet wide. STUDENTS are admitted either by certificate of graduation from an accredited high school, or upon examination. For detailed information address the Deans of the respective colleges, or W. D. Hiestand, Registrar of the University. ' J 7 W if M A E 5 9W7iWWC3i Rene CH? SE? ie e vf X50 pf" im x yi i .4 lMfPfL TE ' j fl OLLE GE e f C' ' . ' gf j . , e gg i A QNN UALJ 8 EX' Wy , 2 V Q ft X I WE are the only f t lass printing and engraving a .C Lx I f establ' hment in the United States making a . w 71, J specialty f Coll g Publications. The f ll wing are a ,I X N' 45? " 5' few of thel ger ll h we are iss gA uals ily I, foreachyearee eve ee e eeeee 1 1 V' V gl JK ,, g i 1 ' 7, f v cl e e ,X ,fe 2 - ' 'ewnf Q University of Wiscon U ' t t' Ch g ' s XQ, 1 Northwestern Univ t L K F t U t Q A i j SM V , Univer 'f f min P d U 1 I ' '. X- + Tulane U ' ersity U sit f A K ,i U X A KX , I, C . 'K N, . -. A77 5 Write for Prospectulilgivutig fux info?-mation as to the -,SIX V V , gi ma ing o an nnua bN5e+wS-eeT0 LvMoUn1 LONG DISTKN'Kif'ii- Q i A' f 5 TEL ..HARR1soN 411 ff LACE G' HI CAGO 4' 4,-sr-ram QJJ-5-firm 5398 E. R. CURTISS Photographer Announcement WE Wish in this man- ner to thank the Faculty and Students of the University of Wiscon- sin for their patronage and many favors, and to say that We will recipro- cate by giving them our best efforts in skill and prices in the future. Vilas Block TRACY, GIBBS 85 CO Printers and Madison, Wis. Publishers. Che Hlphdbetitdl BiSf0l'V of d 'fl'2Sl?l1Idll A freshman in the Sought his Alma Ma Autumn time ter's hand- Made the Algebras Acquaintance, He was quite an Athlete-And .Mcgm-1115 DR. E. H. DREWS Candy Jtore Eentist Headqtzarfers for Fine Candies NO. Q5 STRE'ET ?,ZZniZax'T0gUhri best Roasfed Residence Telephone 629 236 Jtate Jtreet Mawson' WIS' Madiscn Oflice Hoursgto I2 m., 1.3 5p J. M. CLIFFORD Bmmdms Dr. E. Hanan Real Estate.. Makes Real Estate Loans DQIIUSI.. Writes Fire Insurance "e"fSH01'SeS No. 3 West Main Street Jtaniialzfg, 58 Opera House Block Madlsona WIS- Ability Jtability Liberality Mutuality Do you realize how masterful is the management, how great is the strength and how broad is the plan of The Mutual Life Insurance Company o New York RICHARD A. MGCURDY, President On the Ist of January, IQOI, the assets of The Mutual Life were larger by y5j,5,646,ooo than the net cash assets of the United States Government, including the fI50,000,000 of gold reserve. Total cash assets of the United States Government, jan. I, Igor . . g2QO,IO7,072 Asseis qfihe Mzafzaal Lykfor ilze pro!e1z'z'o1z zyfjaoligf holders, fan. 1, IQOI 525,753,152 The Mutual is the strongest, largest, most progressive Life In- surance Company in the world. Income in 1900, S60,5S2,802.3I. Its assets are clean and well invested. It issues the most attrac- tive and desirable policies. There is no better company for which competent and reliable men can work. T. H. BOWLEJ, General Agent, Yg7,j,,Z?,fgf Milwaukee, Wis. He found that Bucking was a Bore, On many a Bat he loved to go, For he thought his Books looked Better Lying on the shelf, and so Flanner's Music House 215 Grand Avenue Milwaukee, Wis. Pianos :: rgan MUSIC, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL NVe are avents for MARTIN 81 REGAL mandolins and guitars, the finest in the world. You can buy D S ET MUSIC and MUSIC BOOKS at less price at Flanner's Music House than at any other place HE in America. Send for catalogues. NVe handle the best quality of strings for all instruments. A MIRROR OF Tonng Men' 5 Fez5ln'0n5 THIS CAN TRULY BE SAID OF THE SHOW VVINDONVS AND THE INTERIOR oF ff S ff . X Q 9 sefzi- 'Q iezmiaig ' A ,-X H E I- r No Finer Line W' Clothing, Fnnnisbings and Snoes Slaofwn anywhere The M. S. Klauber Co. POPULAR PRICED T A I L O R S HABERDASHERS CLOTHIERS Sc HATTERS No. 23 East Main Street J Cutting Came to be his Custom And a Class it was he Cut, And a Con there followed after And a Co-ed mourned him-But He grew very fond of Dancing, Dropped his Drill, got into Debt, Didn't Dare to tell his Daddy, He grew Desperate-And yet APRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE OF House and Sign Painting Gold and Silver Lettering, Bronzing, Carriage and Land- scape Painting, Kalsomining, Mixing Colors, Contracting, etc., from our Painters' Book Our book of 2.5 years' experience in sign and house painting is so ex- plicit rhat even boys can teach themselves the painters' trade in at short time. Twenty-five illustrated alphabets are included in our book Address Val. Schreier Sign Works Milwaukee, Wis. Rocky Mountain tftomacb, Kidney and Liver Tea The greatest American remedy :zz Has cured others and will cure you ::: The genuine, 35 cents a package ::: Sold by all druggistsg made only by the Madison Medicine Co. , Madison,'Wis. XVe have been in our place for more than a quarter of a century, serving the students of the University of VVisconsin with the best goods at lowest consistent profit. XVe continue to ask your patronage. Hollister's Pharmacy First National Bank Block Madison, Wis. I-Ie made one Enormous Effort- He joined a Frat-went in for Footballg Ol on 84 Veerhuse -of 7 and 9 North Pinkney Street cL0mlN0 ruRNlsmN0 00005 AND unset Also llze lnrgexl flock qf"Fine Woolen" in flze Jfeztqfor jim!-rlnsr tailoring. Wo lenofw we mn please yon, ns we lznfve flzonmncly qfotberf. Drew-an Ex-I clon't know how, Though a small Equine Edition Done in English helped him. Now Frequent Flunlcs began again- Till the Faculty assured him That they'd Fire him shortly. Then T e Menges Pharmacies We have the largest and most varied stock. We have the most complete facilities for accurate prescription Work. We have the most skillful and experienced pharmacists. We add to every product of our hands the product of our brains. The Menges Pharmacies 28 West MiHiin Street 829 University Avenue These Essential Features we GO TO Purcell Bros. FOR ANYTHING IN FANCY GROCERIES FANCY CANNED AND BOTTLED GOODS PICKLES, OLIVES CHEESE, WAFERS IN FACT EVERYTHING FOR A Bang up Spread CARL BOELSING A obnzarofezkf AND DEALER IN SMOKERS, ARTICLES 126 STATE STREET MADISON, WIS. 9 He Grew G cl cl loved his Gym work And the G1 1 G' 'd more Till they Wa l cl y h' G l I-4 In a Glorious Every Man Takes pleasure in having his clothing PERFECT IN FIT, EXCELLENT IN QUALITY AND D U R A B L E I N MAKE:UPe1ddd x can Guarantee in Our TAIL: ORING DEPARTMENT We would he Pleased to Demonstrate this to you .sg U A M M E N DANIELJON 0 MUELLER Tailors, Clothiers and Men's Furnish 233 Pinoliney St. : Madison, Wis. ' BUY THE WHEELER Q5 8. wu. 0 Ap l f 1" Wrlfg ',' ,l3l'55 -"'L ' .f f N H'-5:1 IT ggigff W ...s A 9 it 'A Qi t 1 .ik sgvnggtan mmf Posmt' .Q - wl.L5ON CARD Fon FREE Q e ,, e MFC, CO, TRIAL. , 5 '- BZAHDSOWABASH AV. gil? CHICAGO. Next he found the Hall attractive And with Her he climbed the Hill, In his Heart lie I-Iopecl to win Her To the Hops lie took Her-still BUNDE 81 UPMEYER SeXtOn8O'Neill ewelers Drzzggzlvff Corner Pinckney and Maiii Streets 'h Madison, VVis. ' Manufaeru f 1 College, Class and -i Society Badges K Desigh CM plt Latest Style Stationery 5' P PP15 I Engraved to Order , Fine Perfumes Pabst Building Milwaukee Toilet Waters and Soaps ss -5 It S What You Save on to-day's purchase that makes you return to our store to-morrow to make another purchase. At our store you can get all goods in our line when you Want them and at the price you Want to pay. You will get square, straight-from-the shoulder treatment from our competent clerks. Miss Representation is not one of our clerks. It is of little use to tell you how fine the goods are unless you can verify our statements, so come in and see for yourself. What We do not tell you, the goods will. ' If we sold it, it's good COLLEGE BOOK STORE CHEAP SELLERS 4I2 STATE STREET: MADISON, WISCONSIN Waltzinger Bon Ton I9 North Pinckney Street Exquifite Slnfrbetx and Ire Crmflzf rielizffrffl to any part U' the iffy The Hd7ldI07HEJf Ire Cream Parlarx iff the Citv Cafyfertianrzy, Tqyrzzzzd Fafzry Goadr i Pleeley Neckerman 81 Kessenieh Dry Goods Carpets . Millinery I5 and I7 North Pinckney Street MADISON::W1SCONSIN He became I ntoxicated Rash Indulgence was the source He must leave the Institution His Instructors said-Of course 9 STUDENTS' PATRoNAoE edgy 5 Fresb Home-Made Cafm'z'es 5, New York Store ss- Pi" 5' DRY GOODS AND CARPETS Palace of Sweets IOQ State Street Madison, Wisconsin MADISON :WISCONSIN WHY IS THE IDEIIIIISI' JOIIIIIIGSS IIIGIIU GIIF 6 FIIIIIIIZIIII IDGII superior to all others? va uable patented im- provements that are found in no other pen. They are: Because it contains THREE l LUCKY CURVE ANTLBREAK CAP Feed-insures absolute cleanliness Non-brealcable and in use of fountain pen. warranted as such. SPRING LOCK the most important improvement of all-does away leaks, joint and easily broken thread. with , gr-f iw ' B-. . -i ,257-ii is-M -V , V,i fi , i , h- , Il, gucci. ..,..Qrvf-crfuiarccc Qi ' SPRING Lucx 'K - - - f-W --f V- W, . .K - - ' -vw- Sliowing Feeding Mechanism Removed Ready for Filling ' 'G'Eo.'5.IPA'RKER I V A .,...,4-f-at-1,-,,.a-.....-,5--a-ag,-.1--,..,.,.,4.?-Zi -,' xr:"m--uv - A' .,.. - ,,,., I- .-.,. , .1-,nf -l Parker jointless "Luck C " y urve No. ozo. Price, 52.50. 'With manifold point, same price. V-I ,4a.... .. , " ' I GEUFSLTPAWKER f ' p 1 . I , f " Parker jointless "Lucky Curve" No. ozo, Ladies' Si e Price, 52.50. This is the favorite Pen with college men everywhere, It is guaranteed to give absolute and perfect satisfaction when used according to directions. For sale by more than 7,ooo dealers throughout the United States. Agents wanted wherever We are not represented. The Parker Pen Company PARKER PEN BUILDING JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN 5452: gray ' f e' X i xi XC? X if Q t ffl M I J Wil-,'V Emp I l . . .iff if J llill n ,QW , ss W 6,1 ' nf: lllli. ,l'v' fw-1' K: IH . rj-W at lfkx K VJ- 1g?f'kP'f H fgw- of 'DIE fm:-:qs affuomf mm tml Faq ms gun fa" uw in It'isn't a case of awful despair, It's only a Hall girl drying her hair, iz' ' r WiSCOnSil1 ISCONSIN, best of 'varsities, In thy praise, all honor is. All we can to honor thee, Do we will, and happy be. S there one who doesn't know Where to college he should go? Let him come to us and see just how happy he will be. OMETIMES papers call us names, XVhen we win too many games, XVheu we just break up a shhw, Then to smash our records go. ALLED us hoodlunis, rowdies, toughs, And a brutal gang of roughs. But we bear it all and grin, 'Wewe committed no great sin. NLY those with narrow minds Pay much heed to papers' grinds. Those who know us best can tell That we can and do act well. OTED in debate are we, Rowing, too, football, all three, In these lines our knowledge is More than other colleges. CHOOL or college, what's a name? After all, theyre much the same. Anyway, XVisconsin's best, Many years she's stood the test. N her work and in her play, Lklu '13 s hlffh, just as to day just how high her records shou, By the places our Grad s ff I4 l s 'Q f C D .'- go. gi ' QA NORTHXVEST, southwest, everywhere, ESTERLWS Hoksia. Esterly halted his raw-boned steed in front of a Langdon street residence and calling to a boy playing near. said 1 "Hold him!" "Hold himif' The youth replied: "Say, just lean him up against that tree, I guess that will hold him awhile," ' XVhere the xx orlx is, they are there. Though they're scattered far and near Alma mater still is dear. 440 We Can Suit You to Perfection INE Clothing is the uniform of sue- cess and prosperity. However, to lf- be smartly dressed does not mean to Cleaning Pressing be expensively dressed. A little money Repairing goes a long Way Where good taste and Z-ii judgment are used. Our made:to:order Suits are praised by all because they are models of everything that clothing should be, in style, material, at and price. 404 State Street ZACH THE TAILOR Phone 125 He was Iilted-tried to Iblly The Kid was up again and taking And he begged to stay till june, K. M.'s home from Kel1l's. He Kept But was Jumped on. Then a junior Quite a long account at Keeley's, Coached him up a bit-and soon Might have smiled like King-except S' cl P R cl ll 1 ney . un e I 7 East Main Street J ,Liz '43-L" ,-r-'fg'i'5mE-g73'lf".37:v.. CTrade Markj Steam Laundry MADISON, WIS. High Class Hatter and Phone 65 Men'S Furnisher DAUM, student senator P. F. HARLOFF ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ELECTRIC and COMBINATION FIXTURES 301 STATE STREET MADISON, WIS. THE FINEST CUSTOM TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CITY M. J. GAY 302 STATE STREET MADISON, WIS. That he Loved the L 1 11 I t his head, and Lo a d Lat At tl Lit. and L 1 t Lookel t her- t ' t L. J. OSTIN F. W. CURTISS Tailor Photographer . 5:6 '?4 -. 215 STATE STREET WISCONSIN BLOCK MADISON 108 STATE ST. A WIS. A MADISON Ti ii il 5 I Q K ln ut ew-w ail ' 3 . , X' M 4,-1 yy ll i PM nv:-5 3 85 7 .. W , Q 1- X lh ' un nu A X W' 15,5 'Iwi t x ' ""ur.4m elf' , eeemwg .ix 1 -i3?5v4gl,Q.efa.m.,.,5x milk 'KW "UNDERWOOD" TYPEWRITER -T EXCELS ALL-- A11 the Writing Always in Sight - Our MISSION is not to destroy faith in older typewriters but to create faith in a BETTER one. W1v1.J. PARK co., Nicolai and Starr Skidmore Shoe and Clothing Co. Skidmore Nicolai C73 Miller 2 to 12 Grand Ave. Milwaukee Men's Outfitters from head to foot. Rogers Peet and Stein-Bloch Co.'s F1111 Dress and Busi- ness Suits. Men's Furnishing Goods, Sporting and Athletic Goods. Special department for making of Shirts to order. Exclusive Agents for The "Miller Hat" Tribune and Stearns Bicycles Manhattan Shirts Nettleton Shoes Mail Urders Solicited Mathematics Made him Morbid Q And a Morgan's Midnight feed, Made Mendota seem a Means To end his Misery-Indeed .. f'i9?1:+ ' Eff ' ., -14 Y -1? 'EET' ,, -' '5' 313' bi fir ' C 'Z 5:34 ,A A ..:. ,, , AEP' ...S S., ,, ,QV 9, ,f W9 A Q. -AQ, ---5-:je g. A . ,,.:,9.- .. ..5...,g-fe.,3,,J . I.-..::' THOMA Photographer " - ,- ifff, . ', -4 0 t-, ,fi .e .- vu J f .s mi K fsyf-li -A J f 4 f- ' I A 1 -' ' .J-. 5 . KL. .-N - .1 1 Mez? Stiff , 4 1 -. 1,41 ' .N fn.- l A: - ,g ' You Know Fox-d's Photos are the BEST. Q6 WEST MIFFLIN STREET Over Menges, Drug Store 0V2l'b93l'd Oli EdllQd0l1, QS P- Ist Voice: "Say, old man, do me a favor, will you? " 2nd Voice: fwho is about to cross the street, pausinglz " Sure thing. ' Ist Voice H just ask Dr. Sheldon, will you, to Write an excuse for me to-day? " 211d Voice: H All right. 'l Ist Voice: fhastilyyz "And say, old man, hold on a minute. just tell him to make it all the week for gym and military drill. " -1-A-.N ' A Observe this new sort of spoon-holder, Two heads 'twixt a pair of the folders Can quietly meet, If both are discreet, So bless this new sort of .SPOON-HOLDER J Ax A Vaccination Squad. Miss Mabel Odell's favorite poem: " Oh, wert thou in the cauld blast The peace and calm of a quiet room 'With the rain and the sleet outside, An easy chair, a pipe, and the gloom Of the World might be defied The dreams that come, when a fellow sits And watches the wavering flames, Should prod the heart, the poet insists. With a feeling that's almost pain. But he'Swrongyou have no thoughts at all, You are only pleasant- ly blue, You just sit and smoke as the embers fall And are glad you've nothing to do. In Dramatic Reading On yonder lea, on yonder lea Prof. Frankenburger fAfter a young lady has just finished reading a selection to the'classj: " Mal, will you criticise that P " Mr.-,frisingjz H I didn't like her face. " 444 ALFO RD BROTHERS Steam Laundry .V ff- , A lg, , fm Mir A fair, Ni ? I l . I I I4I,Il?g:I,5J1I-, My ,,,.., ,,,.4f'-.I fl... wx si lu. Xgfgx ,,,,,. M if Xxx-In Axe ff, . ' , in I The largest and most complete Laundry in the city. We will guarantee satisfaction. Work will be called for in any part of the city and delivered promptly. Parties desiring any Work in our line will find it to their advantage to call on us. 113 AND 115 NORTH CARROLL STREET MADISON, WISCONSIN at 'Q ttOI'HCyS Qt HW N f f- 'X D f is f if 4 f 'E is Rufus B. smith f f Olin 81 Butler F is f Erdall 81 Swanson Jones 81 Stevens Bashford, Aylward 81 Spencely Sanborn, Luse, Powell 81 Ellis Fred B. Peterson Harper 81 Winte1'bothani T. K. Shuttleworth John Ollis Allen R. Bushnell Tenney, Hall 81 Tenney Frank M. Wooten Bird 81 Rogers B. Stevens Morris 81 Riley Buell 81 Hanks A. G. Zimmerman Ralph W. Jackman Phil King ,f ur General atalogue ...Buyers Guide S THE most complete issued by any house in the world. It has i7,00o illustrations, 70,000 quo- tations of prices, and contains nearly I,2OO pages. There's nothing you wear or use but is listed in itg and the prices quoted place you in a position to buy from us, in large or small quantities, at wholesale prices. We do not sell this General Catalogue and Buy- ers' Guide-we give it away. Every out-of-town caller who visits our store is presented with a copy. It costs 78 cents to print and mail it. WVe want you to have a copy, and will be pleased to send one to you if you'll send I5 cents to partly pay postage or expressage. It will tell you what you should pay for everything. You will have a two and a half million- dollar stock of goods to select from, and when you learn what we offer goods for, and compare our prices with what you are paying, you will open your eyes in astonishment. We guarantee goods as repre- 'f A if 'ri' !1'l 'x 1. f 1-E' . . Ii1,l5'? Q., 7 t t P' '- fr i A g lliiil 1 :pt Si fr 4- .. k Y ,, V - WJ1 . ,-177- ff 1.0-'r i' iw or 'gif ,glilitf-'-'J 7' ' ' 4 wL, ?+.,L-Q45-5'-11:5 F' ., -I ii .5 -Kiwi.,-t..e,l-Vpgs-.5 :I I. ,-, K '. r V I as up 2 Q!! U - a v- "l'1'Lrj'g45Pf-if-vfi''ip' iii- . ."r'H---- -f ..--, i f .. j U1 -K 'i Li xiii 2 I if i- l Ulf! - H 1 e 'A " i- ' Eli I l 1 ' aaa IVQ Q . .I e- - anim. m e 1 . - .ram 'f 2,-ur.. . A fr ' . ' ,A ,',yvf ,f Ea1.f1f..2f i 3321352 . .. . . -- - 1 'il' Li, Lrjiim- 0 , -'1-. Q-:v nu 1253 4 mai pe T aj, - Ar iivigzcv lla.. -ge, L Z-f 4 2. "f -1 4 f gr, :Em Q-..r, - Lb - .5 ,F aq M A 4' .hum A k R :QQ '3gJ,,t, I N QE..-sr: A .-. 5 'A -ffl . -uri M L.. i'i'Tf ,fill . Q . 5,3115 -1 tg-gif, The tallest mercantile building in the world. We own and occupy it exclu- sively. We carry a stock of merchandise valued at S2,S00,000, which we sell to consumers at wholesale -prices. sented. If you don't find them so, you can have your money back as soon as you ask it. On request, will tell you just what your goods will cost laid down at your station. Send I5 cents for our General Catalogue and Buyers' Guide. Do so today. Montgomery Ward 81 Co. Michigan Avenue and Madison Street, Chicago Oriinators of the Catalogue Business . as 'ti- 4ZW hz. Q 1, at f' ii T it M if wil l i Xw wf 'lat' M : '1- F nl -' :N 5 ff' X4 M51 i T l ' ' ' r A -sr l 54 f If as X fll l V 7? ag: 4 fl I Q mln i l ! Agni rio! K X.: T il! fa ,R ??q', , l l X .1 ,, l f he . will ll ggi -if :UQ Yam 1 i I ' Cm .,,Wx, l,l . ' X. -1 We - X l , , v l tg gm ii gbl vl, '- 1 "' "f f V 4 0 l Wa.-, ' ., ug, id Champion Dental College Foot Fall Team of America. Holders for past two seasons of the Interstate Challenge Cup, f'Dental," ,ff 'n" -2 it ., T ., , la W - in fi, . in . tp . li Q .,., :,-. f 1' Z? , ,N ,, 4,221 5 M f , 41 I ff V ,ff ,Af 4?I,Z2cf, :C 1' X 4 , t 'IH fl jffgfrfl' Mgr .ig ft 1 fix, f AG z 9 4 gf' fi y , 4 I 1 Jr f 1 14- M, ag 5 , f 1 ' 4 f 3 1 4' for ' Q J nf 11535222834 ,Zi 4 J f gfgffgofqkglul f f 1 , , ,, , 1 X f if if , 1 Mfivm fgfwfal 1 3' gi f'iZ', 1 A .jfiffiljfff f A. Qc 5,2 f if '- 1 .- -' " ,. rdf? Z. U 'dvd V f - ...'..,m.: .E gl? am., 114 .ffl 'Mg , ' 1- ,: 1 , ' . - A..,,..::1'.:. Q9 1 . -Q 1 1+-:I-iw mf. - , .f,-4 ' , . f -'--i--f-+Lw-:- , 4 Q QW f , I 1, 1 14 4 af ' fi 4 A fd? ' 1 " ft Q 1 f 1 W A5 CW! ff fy 4' Refi t f 24 f 4 . mf V' fifty' ' W ' W V1 Y 1 f ' f W W- 40 , ff A f ITV, J-M " 'V 4 . 1 f J 1 1 1 .-......, , , ig 4 il ' iii ,.v I. flax qi l hieago ollege of ental Surgery The Twentieth Annual Coursefof Instruction will begin about October Ist, 19oi 1 Ending about May Ist, 1902. Clinical Material Abundant ,f-. U A A K Instructions Complete in every detail 'T C Q . 71 ti -' 2 3' . -Q Q- i i3 + y i ' i The Building T e il gi 5 and its Equipment offer lfiiiig UHSUYP-mefi iaciiifies mt Q f il t h' to the Dental Student. 39 7 1 1 -l. . xil'i i A liiij , ll For announcement f-ii? l- l wlm w i . and illustrated booklet ii i i iiiimyi , ii 'i i ' i iii iiiiii i i ri Address: A 'MT DR. TRUMAN W. BROPHY Band of Forty-four members. Composed Dean entirely of Students of the College. Wood anirgzrgiggn Streets arvev Qdital OIIQQQ - VZNSYNSNS EVENING CLINICS AND BEDSIDE WORK. PATIENTS IN ABUNDANCE. XSNSNSNSNS OzH6Section SopIIomoI'e CIEE. I X-SNQXQNSNQ EVENING . SCIENTIFIC WORK. VISIT THE LABORA- TORIES. XSNSYYXS I . Physico-Physio1Qica1 Laboratory. - BUT ONE COLLEGE QThe Northwestern Medicalj BETTER EQUIPPED IN CITY OF CHICAGO. SEND FOR flnatomv, Pbvsiologv and Zbemistrv In number Of 'I-LUSTRATED I I70lll'S dna CIIIGIIIII of WGCIDIIIQ IIOI CXCQIIQG Ill dllv ANNOUNCEMENT. COIIQQQ Ill ZDICGQO. 167,169, 171 SOUTH CLARK STREET FRANCES DICKINSON, M. D., PRES. C H I CAG O If you MUST part With 100 When Buying a Writing Ma: Chine :: :: :: :: -iPAY335F0Ri "The Cfricag " ,N-F-77' -. imma Wlziwfhffrfca I A me " ,MW f- Wa. ""1 -a uyfsaalakf lim 13 1 I - Zz yi' fflhsitg ' v" eg f f I ' .,-,i :Z -It K eg, ' .w,,,,F 7 li' 9 I V ggi- 5if5wQasLa,g 5 0g5E1'v,N?32?Qg'l 's a.j 9 Nllmfw miii is-'Qe3wa ti f lllll lgg Rlmxhvgg HJWINN ,,.l,,y, , 6 V I -utllvk I ,nun , , 4 lax- i, AND GIVE 565 AWAY You will be better satisfied with your investmen: than if you put the whole sum into some other typewriter : : : : : : : t T is not only in price that f'The Chicago" excels. This typewriter is constructed on the souudest and most ingenious mechanical principles, made of the best mate- rial and built by the most skilled high-class workmen. It represents up-to-date methods applied to the manufactur- ing and placing on the market of a typewriter, and shows how much of the S100 charged for other typewriters goes to profit and waste. Catalogue and full informationfurnished on application : : 1 : : : : : : : CHICAGO WRITING MACHINE C0. 94-96 Wendell Street :: :: Chicago, U.S A. , , The diatom under the cover-glass, V He flirted his arms as he swam around, A 5, X In ,, and he winked at me as I watched him pass, ' I I K X04 And he laughed aloud without making a sound. , l X X My And I heard him saying there to a friend, H X f And the friend he smiled an amoeboid smile, I v X 5 4 " There's the queerest thing up at the other end, Ji , gif, 5 just squint up through this tube for awhile. " .4 ' N? - I A fl'E5,-if F X , " It's a round black hole, surrounded by blue, l Fg ' IRL 2,50 N And it winks at me every now and then, -f f X T V C 71 1 2 qwfl It seems to me-what, aren't you through? ' 1355- Get out, it's my turn, let me look again. " .115 i 'f XVhy,jthat is an eye, " was the friend's reply, 4,-: zz 4 E, ,I And he softly smiled like a Chesire cat. ,-If :Q O QRHUD i "3 ' " Go on, " said the diatom, " I am I, 5 a EXHIBITION , 1 ',, 2,15 And 1 Sureiy don't 10014 11146 that -' 7 Pnisirfzl K' if 'I Ego ' . . 2 -L-' .. 5 REM TI A I , mm, After all, there are two kinds of Jokes- a good Q - TFT fi joke and a professoids joke. 'L' s 7 Q - fl W 2 : 4 1- ,X ' ' - L : 5 .: E :vt VT:-3-L'-11: Amlofw ' ffll. f " You should have seen the truck he ate at fi4'Q" T""""'T , mlm, ,N dinner. " HT -me ef-is of sm weens ull ei jc f' " No wonder he has wheels. " SIX MONTHS IN THE rc.-rm' " 'Wheels ? " Yes, off the truck. " . . Cantwell Printing G2 Binding Flat Opening Blank Books at Specialty Law Bl a n K '- ill C a t a l 0 g u er Publishers and gfaoriillghlet T T 110:114 King Jtreet MADIJON, WIJ. That Night canie Near making Nothing Of this Narrative of woe But a Normalite quite Nobly Helped to Navigate him-So For this Offence they thought they Ought To Oust hinig but an Orator Obtained Official Orders to Keep quiet the Occurance-Or FREDERICK W. KEHL ev iff fllbaster of xx'-f.' Eancing P M W f f 3 09 :3 1 I I West Johnson Jt. i' MADIJON . Wu. Fine Bowling Alleys in connection State Supervisor of American National Association of Teachers of Dancing of United states and Cadada. Dancing of every description taught. Private lessons given, 'Phone 322 We are leaders in our line. Up-to-date fashions in Art Pottery and China. Good values in Rich Cut Glass. DIJHEJ RENTED For Parties H. B. MCGOWAN Mendota Block .C. Kern 84 0. 4Il East Fifty-Seventh Street Chicago, Ill. right, ay8l o MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH GRADE Fraternity Emblems Fraternity Jewelry H.. Makers of ' YE ' Collegiate Caps Fraternity Novelties W ,hy Gowns and Hoods Ffaiefnfw SUQQUOQICFY ,W!',g.f?f'1'1Ir'lsx Frate rn :ty lnvntat ions IQIIII I 'III Renting of Fraternity Announcements Caps and Gowns Fraternity Programs " Ia 1 IN a Specialty I 'Il 15. Class Canes Send for catalogue and price list I I ' College HP95 Special designs on application ,Iii I College Pms I 'f ,ea I III' Class and College , ' "k. J-I ' Hats and C095 l40-I42 Woodward Avenue SEND FOR CATALOGUE Detroit: Mich- To have his Punishment Postponed Till the junior Prom was Past, He Pulled his Profs. so Promptly That Prosperity at last- Quickly Qualified the Freshman For Quite a Corkiiig Quiz, After all he was no Quitter Yet he'd Queered himself-That is T e Fair Department Store . - The place to buy Fine and Durable Footwear at moderate prices MADISON HEADQUARTERS FOR PURITAN AND IMPERIAL LADIES' SHOES G HEUER R L. SCHMEDEMAN P. J. COMEFORD J U L 1 U ZEH TER COMPANY DEALERS IN DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS LEADERS IN POPULAR PRICES 444 Z7 soUTH PINCKNEY STREET MADISON, WISCONSIN oooo Miles of Thoroughly Equipped Road in Illinois Wisconsin Iowa Minnesota South Dakota North Dakota Missouri and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan F A MILLER P L HINRICHS G 1 P A L F eight and P A t Ch Ill Madison. W C. W. Fischer Est. DEALERS IN FURNITURE A AND UPHOLSTERED GOODS he 2I7, 2l9, 22I and 223 Second St. Telephone Main 857 Milwaukee Riley 84 Son FI E uvfnv The Best Service in the City at the Lowest Rates CARRIAGES FOR PARTIES, RECEPTIONS, ETC., A SPECIALTY TELEPHONE NO. 54- Corner Pinckney and Doty Streets His Rep was Rashly Ruined, He at Randall lost a Race, And the referee he Roasted, Rubbed it in -In any case He was Soon Seen Selling Sphinxes For Subsistence-Soon So now, That the Seniors and the Sophomores- All the Students Shook him-So RICISQIDEID The Photographer HS -'N if 17 WEST MAIN STREET -term -2 UNIONI INSTRUMENTS A P' . f 5aLg::irewwf':2s:"SJg315t,Q1 E1."y11i:lL5.i,i1i'i, , 5 ' . I - -I , :ISI 'f' 1. 3 , . ' ' f 1" '41,-ff' j T ezfflf ' ' ff " 3 g I ' --'3,:iT - . QV Q1-,fm - .g: gg,-. , ,X I .meh L, If ?.?4LEL,x SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS IV CONSTRUCTION, MATERIAL AND FINISH "UNION" PIVOT JOINT-Strongest and most durable joint made. Warranted to last a life-time BIOST COIHPLETE ASSORTDIENT OF DRAVVING MATERIALS IN THE YVEST SPECIAL TERMS TO STUDENTS EUGENE DIETZGEN CO. ISI Monroe St. Chicago, Illinois 244 Page Catalogue ou Application The Burdicli, Pecher, Murray Co. This store at all times keeps the best and most up-to-date stock of Dry Goods, Silks, Dress Goods, Ilfillinery, Nolions, Fangf Goods, Coazigfook- ers, Capes, Furs, Rugs and Cuvfiazbzs, and sells them at reasonableprices. We aim to give you the best merchandise for the money that can be bought in a cash market. Don't fail to visit the large brown stone store at . . 17 and 19 East Main Street, JE J! MADISON, WIS. KEUFFEL 81 ESSER CO. DRAWING MATERIALS, SURVE2'ING INSYTRUMENTS, III Madison St., CHICAGO. He Trained and won his Triumph On the Track Team, spent his Tin Down at To1n1ny'S. I have Told you All his Trouble now-Herein Is the Underlying uioral Very Useful at the Y. To become an Upper classman You must Understancl this-True GAS STOVE AT COST Independent Vlfater Heaters for bath and kitchen use. Gas Grates, Atmospheric Heaters and other appliances constantly on hand . . . XfVe can furnish you with GAS COKE FOR FUEL. It is an ex- cellent substitute for coal or wood in your furnace, stove or grate . . Fon PRICES, CALL ON Madison Gas 84 Electric Co. 124-126 EAST MAIN STREET OPEN EVENINGS . . . DECORATING I-'ok RECEPTIONS, NVEDDINGS AND FUNERALS, A SPECIALTY. SERVICE PIPES CApl1AL CITY GREEN HOUSES FRED RENTSCHI ER, Prop. Plants, Cut Flowers and Floral Designs 932-936 Spaight Street, Telephone 1 79. Madison, Wis, The State Street ivery We understand the needs of students in the livery line and can furnish everything but Uponiesu W Own Specz'affz'er Up-to-date single and double driving rigs The only eight-passenger trap in the city Fine party carriages Service prompt to the minute Experienced drivers Single and double traps Brown tr N 671111 State Street 508 Telephone 53 Vice should always be avoided Vigorously. Be Virtuous At the 'Varsity It's Vital To be Vaecinated-Thus Heed my NVarning. For Vxfisconsin It's a Wicked place. We're here Seeking YVisclon1 and it's Wroiig To Waste your Worldly VVealth-For fear A.C. y NIELSON Pfyofogmpfaeif FINEST WORK IN ALL STYLES GUARANTEED 23 SOUTH PINCKNEY STREET MADISON zz WISCONSIN ames E. Moseley University Bookseller ,veggie ,rswngggy mf se A ., . It ia' ll IQ South Pinckney Street Branch, 436 State Street I asked the maid, for I wanted to know The secret of how she charmed me so. Was it her mouth, her hair, or her eyes? The maid looked at me, and she looked very wise. 'lYou are really so stupid," she said, "Can't you THE HAT See How very becoming the hat is to me? " But I wasn't too stupid to see after that How very becoming she was to the hat. V " Oh, when is the Badger coming? " We've heard it every day. V " Oh, when is the Badger coming? 'l ,Twas heard from October to May. " Oh, when is the Badger coming? " W'hat are you yelling about? " Oh when is the Badger coming? " 1 ,f -- ESM' 6 lVhen is it coming? why it's out. lg The little French pony . I 395 Is a Wonderful creature, Ll I if His all powerful point QW' ' , Is this wonderful feature, r' - O ..,.-., i . That over the country, , ,N i North, east and south, , 5, f He eats best when he l1as . A , I Not a bit in his mouth. .4 You know Old jones? 1 1 asked a mang ' He answered me, " You bet. " N X A . Vi K " They say he is a man of means. " Q" - .... r , ' Q -f ' " The meanest man I've met. " Hb there, Delta Gam Florence Qfrom the doorstepj " Mabel did you have a good time at the Chi Psi party ? " Mabel Qfrom the carriage step! 'K Yes did you? " Florence, "Dz'a'1?" We!! I guess! ! I never had such a iime in zz!! my lie. Ta ta. " How members of Prof. Cairns' literature class defined some Scotch words in Burns' poem of " Poor Mailie." 4' Tether?" Answer: Tether is the vegetation which grows so profusely upon the Scottish hills. " An' owre she warsl'd in the ditch? " Answer: Warsl'd means that poor Mailie lay still in the ditch, because a sheep can't move when it is lying on its back. "An, owre" means that she lay in the ditch an hour. HICAGO SNORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY CST I1 M51 ORY EE.6'cMM RR. s.c.s'2i3" The Pioneer Lune West and Northwest of Chucago and the Most Direct Route from M ad :son 'ro Plerre Oshkosh VV1110113. Duluth SIOUX C1123 Green Bay M11W1l11CC6 St P1111 Chnton COUHC11 Bluffs Denver Portland M1rsha11town Omaha Sfln Franclsco Huron Sfmlt Lqke C1t5 Chucago and All Pomts East OUR MOTTO Fond du Lac M1l11163pO11S Cedar Rap1ds De'1dWood Los Angeles Qmckest Tune The Best of Everythma Best of SCFVICE H R MCCULLOUGH 3d Vice Pres W B KNISKERN G P 81 I A fggmll J , C V I l , . . C . . C 7 7 Menominee La Crosse Des Moines Ashland C R C c c . 7 C . I KK I . Gm . - . , I ' . . . , . . . . MHdiS011 Republican House Turkish and MILWAUKEE, wls. - . . Hdaclcguzrters gor Wisconsin Alum n ergra uates. Th H I h been d l d d refitted and contains the finest 111:1l3 S0ufhCa1'r011 CONVENTION HALL AND ANTE-ROOMS OF ANY WESTERN HOTEL. RATES...American Plan, 32.00 and 53.00 per day... Open for Ladies and Gentlemen, Daily, except Junday P. Manager. X an unknown quantity May remain. He learned the Yell Did this Youth. But he forgot To join Y. M. C. A. and-'Well QMWQWZZQMW-1 Jv,fgM,,-.fx 1 f F YPEWRITER STRENGTH-Like Hercules ' 5 ' . SPEED-L1ke Mercury X' -- 3: . l WEAR-Like Adamant ' . QUALITY-Incomparable THE 7 V K . ffffgjfigifgffy 1S the BEST OF THE BEST Send for elegantly Illustrated New Catalogue. Free on request. United Typewriter and Supplies Co. AGENTS FOR WISCONSIN AND NORTHERN MICHIGAN E. D. HAVEN, Manager 4I4 BROADWAY, MILWAUKEE, WIS. The Universit Co-Operative Co. Founded in l892 Capital 56000.00 I745 Shareholders Divided Profits, l900, SI602.00 We are a stock company organized and controlled by the students and professors of the University. Our Object is to furnish supplies and accommoda- tions to the students. Goods are sold at moderate prices which does away With the booksellers exhorbitant prices of the past. COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF LAST FOUR YEARS' BUSINESS A Bought by Net Added to Paid Stock- Yea' Sales Members Surplus l C. S. holders Rate per Cent 189789,534 5234,216 503 316 O7 3105 35 S5 210 72 52 in Mdse 1898 13,090 44 4,046 80 607 O2 202 34 404 68 IOZ in Mdse 1899 16,199 43 6,396 75 1,326 62 538 QQ 788 33I2Zg.l1'1 Mdse 1900 29,303 78 13,068 60x 2,403 41 801 05 1,602 36 :iQ?1iC5ailZc51n5e Present Officers and Board of Directors. PROF. I.. S. SMITH, President W. D. BUOHHOLZ, Vice-President F. 0. LEISER, Secretary H. A. SMYT1-IB, Manager BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Dr. B. H. Meyer Prof. E. A. Birge Prof. L. C. Smith ALUMNI! C. U. Brown T. S. Morris Harry W. Adams W. D. Buchholz, '01 John M. Barney, '01 F. O. Leiser, '02 1 Max H. R. Strehlow, '02 Emil Eckern, '03 , R. C. Disque, '03 AT LARGE: AT. C. Miller, '01 R. C. Disque, '03 Dr. C. Elsom The Co-Operative has a complete line of all College Supplies 504-506 STATE STREET Horli k' alted Milk 1 "That's Meat and Drink to Me" - A concentrated food in powder and tablet form for athletes, brain workers, etc. Requiring no addition of milk, and is instantly prepared by simply stirring in hot or cold water. I-IoRL1CK'S MALTED MILK is a combination of pure lVisconsin milk combined with the extract of malted wheat and barley, forming a highly nutritious and easily digested food and is specially adapted to those compelled to study late. A cup taken hot just before retiring invariably insures sound sleep and rest for the brain. H0rIick's Malted Milk Lunch Tablets A most convenient form of nutrient for carrying in the pocket for use during long lectures examinations or whenever a quick lunch is desiredg they are used with great success by leading athletes, and are found invaluable whenever strength, energy and endurance are required. Sold by all druggists. Vest pocket sample case sent on application to Horlick's Food Compan , Dep't M Racine, Wisconsin This is only one year's record, And the moral you can see If you ever take to rhyming, Stop before you get to Z. , Mos S uden s do All gtuilentstshould W. H. Huppeler, Prop. Wear 9 53,-glggggg Petle S.. BANQUETS A SPECIALTY E'-3 to Order iz-Qkgi P U The Petley Company Sunday Dinner at 5.30 p. m. with Music Milwaukee THE QUESTION OF GOOD MUSIC As every student knows, is always a hard one, but we make it easy, for in our stock can always be found the best makes of PIANOS : ORGANS GUITARS MANDOLINS VIOLINS : BANJOS Strings for all instruments. The late and up-to-date hits in Sheet Music, both vocal and instrumental. In- struction Books of all kinds. The newest things in Piano Scarfs. Piano and Organ Stools of all woods to match instruments. EASY PAYMENTS No advance in prices when easy terms are desired. Old instruments taken in exchange. Pianos for rent. Rent allowed on purchase if made in one year. GroZ"7es:Barnes Music Co 27 E. MAIN JTREET, MADISON, WIJ'

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