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-4 X-If 7 X "" X ff YWXKI The Memorial Free Library , 4 - 9 MENOMONIE, WIS. 2 Donors: Q, H, S , Book . ..... S RULES. f RULE 1. Boolcs may be retained Lwo weeks or may be once renewed I for the some period. 1 RULE 2. A llne ol two cents il day shall be pmd on each volume not ,V ,I Q4 returned uecordiug to me preceding rule, und no book will be issued Lo Q.- any person incurring such ai une, unul in IS paid. RULE Ll. A person drawing: in book shall be responsible for any dam- 7, age no lt, and shall be held for its value in caxe of its loss or deszruc lion. iq 7 , RULE 4. Any person nccepning the privileges of :his Library shall Z 9 be deemed to be bound by the above rules und by all rules which slmllbe " I posted ID the Reading Room thereof. Z Z ' I 5 .QI 3 J 'G N 3, '1 CMIOIZI m kt Ulew oi Picnic Point, lla Q I Y 1 , lfxwg sa ' j 'If X - 4' I , x xi WSW Q x " M X , kj il' In ,V Y X- UR xxx ll. u X W X N. . rx xx k U Rok WSCOUSIR U Hcllw Rok Wsconsimx U Hap! Rah Wisconsin Tlqcr. From llnrpcr'u Weekly. if x X 1. w Presented to the Battle- Cu 'Che BTOIIZC BZWQQI' ship " Wisconsin " by the Peo pyrlghl, 1599, by Harper .k Bmlhan. ple of Wisconsin, 1899 GOIIICUIB. PAGE. PAGE, OFFICERS ,IND S7'l'1n:N'rs- PUHI.1CIX'l'IONS-1COI11lI1l1ECl1 Regents of the University . . 3 The .fligis . . , , 231 Board of Visitors .... 3 The Cardinal .... 232 Faculty .....- 1 The NVisconsin lingineer . . 237 John Eugene Davies-In Memoriam 26 Wisconsin .klunlni Magazine . 238 New Members ofthe Faculty . 29 The Sphinx ,.,, 241 Forty-sixth Annual Couuneuceinent 32 RMIATICQ- University Honors . . . 34 o - Resident Graduates . . 37 bemor Uaaa Play ' 242 Senior Class . . 41 Haresfootl ' ' ' 243 Junior CISS . 1 100 Rell Donnno . . 244 Sophomore Class I 105 ORATORV ANII DE1:,vrE- Freshman Class . 115 Athena: , , , , 246 College of Law . . . 122 Oratorical Association . 2-19 School of Pharmacy . . 125 Hesperia . . , . 950 College of Agriculture . 1213 joint Debate .,.. 253 School of Music . . . 131 Philomathia .... 25-1 Adult Special Students . . 134 Northern Oratorical League . 257 FRATERN1T1ES1 Castalia .... Cin 01-der of 1:-o1mda11oo1 Intercollegiate Debate . 261 Phi Delta Theta . . . 137 Forum - - - 262 Beta Theta Pi . . . 141 Columbian - - - 253 Kappa Kappa Gamma I Luther 11131011 .... 11111 Kappa 1:51 1 ' r 149 junior Oratorical Exhibition . 265 C111 1:51 1 . A 153 Freshman Declamation Contest . 266 Delta Gamma . . 157 IWUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS- Slgma Chi - - - wi Musical and Dramatic Club . 268 Gamma P11iBata - 155 omg' Glee Club ..., 271 Delta Upsilon . . 169 G1ee C1ub biah. 272 Kappa Alpha T hala Q - 173 Mandolin Club . . 277 P111 Delta Phi . . 177 ChOra1 Union U 1 278 Delta Tau Delta . . 181 U. W- Band I 281 Phi Gamma Delta . 185 ATHLETICS- Pi Beta Phi . ' . . 189 , , A A Theta Delta Chi I . 193 Athletic Assoc1at1on . . 284 Psi Upsuoh . . . 197 Foot 3311 ' - 289 Alpha Phi . . . 201 Aquatics - 290 Phi Rho Beta . . 205 Tfack Team ' 294 Delta Delta Delta . 209 Base 13311 - - 301 Kappa Sigma . . 213 Tennls . . 302 Phi Beta Kappa 1 ' 217 Basket Ball - .... 306 Tau Beta P1 I I 219 MISCELLANEOUS ORGANIZATIONS- Phi Chi . . 223 ...... 311-326 PUBLICATIONS- LITERATURE- . 327 1901 Badger . 226 ADvER'r1sERs- . 383 -. 'fr - JE 1 7 1 f f 9 1 , f ,,,, fum? Y Q- Il ,il ,glfk x +.- g' Vg, .Hy 1- ,A .. ,,', NJ,-'1'Z.M . , F, V'.' l . ,, X?-gg., ' -' ,IIN ' .fu . .0 5- ' --. ,wif , ' nl !? ,. ' I . II l f, ff ,L , 17 ' .'-'mg' V J, it :,L.1,-4.,1,.a-A--'X f' Vi, , f V I, , :, 1 C fl., . 4, 251 ,I ' 1' s , 4.1 1, P , :if U CALENDAR f mf , f l1f,1,,f 4' 4,54 ' gi' I ' HCadQmlC YQZII' 189921900 ,A If QQ if if if M or W F A' . -li ' ' . j,5 4il', 7f f it ,J 'fll'S1 5411125121 I ' A ,X fe Opens September 27, 11599. ,N :aw Closes February 10, 1900. , lixaxninations for AdI1l15S101l'-TllESL18.j' and XYed- nesday, September 26 and 27. ,f' . . .. - 'I Registration Days-September 20-21. ,fl f FirstRecitations-ThnrsclayMorning,September25. X Legal Holiday-Thanksgiving, November 30. f Christmas Recess-Saturday, December 23, to Monday, january 1, inclusive. l, , Examination 1Veek-February 5-Sl. Second Semester. Opens February 12, 1900. Closes june 21, 1900. Registration Day-Monday, February 12. Examination Days for Admission-Thursday and Friday, February S-El. Legal Holiday-Thursday, February 22. Easter Recess-Thursday, April 12, to Monday, April 16, inclusive. Legal Holiday-Wednesday, May 30. Examination Week-June ll-15. Commencement--Thursday, june 21. S .1 N 4625 f -1 P, . '5 141, ffffis., - I 1 qi' "su-f, 'IX ' " "N A Ti 1 Q12 , KK' "'f"'1' K Djfw Q2 W wil Q ,QSWUDEMA J RQSQIIIS or Ibe 151110213119 of lU1SCOI1S1ll THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, Ex-officio. THE STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, Ex-ofl-icio. State-at-Large, WILLIAM F. VILAS, Madison, term expires 1901 " GEORGE W. PECK, Milwaukee, " 1903 First District, OGDEN H. FETHERS, Janesville, " 1901 Second " B. J. STEVENS, Madison, 1902 Third " JOHN E. MORGAN, Spring Green, 1901 Fourth " GEORGE H. NOYES, Milwaukee, 1902 Fifth " JOHN R. RIESS, Sheboygan, 1902 Sixth " C. A. GALLOWAY, Fond du Lac, 1901 Seventh " BYRON A. BUFFINGTON, Eau Claire, 1902 Eighth " ORLANDO E. CLARK, Appleton, 1901 Ninth ' GEORGE F. MERRILL, Ashland, 1903 Tenth " J. H. STOUT, Menominee, 1903 01fIcers Qf the Board of Regents GEORGE H. NOYES, President. J. H. STOUT, Vice-President. State-at-Large, ll First District, Second " Third " Fourth " Fifth " Sixth " Seventh " Eighth " . Ninth " Tenth " HON. MRS. HON. REV. HON. HON. MISS MRS. HON. MRS. STATE TREASURER, Ex-ofhcio Treasurer. E. F. RILEY, Secretary. Board of Uisitors JOHN H. FRANK, Milwaukee. S. L. GRAVES, Milwaukee. JOHN G. MCMYNN, Madison. AMOS A-. KIEHLE, Milwaukee. JOHN H. HARRIS, Elkhorn. J. B. WINSLOW, Chairman, Madison. ELLEN C. LLOYD-JONES, Hillside. PERRY WILLIAMS, Milwaukee. JOHN R. DENNETT, Port Washington. CARRIE E. EDWARDS, Oshkosh. CALEB M. HILLIARD, Esq., Durand. HON. JAMES H. ELMORE, Green Bay. , HON. MRS. FRANK E. NOYES, Marinette. CARRIE BAKER-OAKES, New Richmond. 3 College or QQIIQTS and SCRIICQ Faculty CHARLES KENDALL ADAMS, LL. D., YIIY, QBK, President of the University. Dean of School of Political Science, University of Michigan, 1881-85 President Cornell University, 1885-92. President of American Historical Association, 1890. JOHN BARBER PARKINSON, Vice-President of the University. Professor of Constitutional and International Law. A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1863. EDXVARD ASAHIL BIRGE, QPBK, Dean of College of Letters and Science. Professor of Zoology. PH.D., Harvard University, 1878. SC.D. fHonoraryj, Western University of Pennsylvania, 1897. LOUIS WINSLOW AUSTIN, AKE, Assistant Professor of Physics. Pi-LD., Strassburg University, 1893. JULIUS MORGAN CLEMENTS, KA, Assistant Professor of Geology. PH.D., Leipzig, 1890. VICTOR COFFIN, Assistant Professor of European History. PH.D., Cornell University, 1893. GEORGE CARY COMSTOCK, Professor of Astronomy and Director of Washburn Observatory. - PH.B., University of Michigan, 1871 LL.B., University of XVisconsin, 1893. CHARLES ALBERT CURTIS, AEII, Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Captain, U. S. A. LRetired1. B.A., Bowdoin College, 1861. B.A., Military College of Vermont, 1861. NVILLIAM NVILLARD DANIELLS, . Professor of Chemistry. M.S., Michigan Agricultural College, 1867. SC.D., Michigan Agricultural College, 1897. 4 CHARLES KENDALL ADAMS, LL.D L President of the University it-IOHN EUGENE DAVIES, QDAO, Professor of Electricity and Magnetism and Mathematical Physics. A.M., Lawrence University, 1865. M.D., Northwestern Medical School fChicago Medical Collegej, 1868. LL.D., Northwestern University, 1887. LINNAEUS VVAYLAND DOWLING, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. PH.D., Clark University, 1895. JAMES CLAUDE ELSOM, Professor of Physical Culture, and Director of Gymnasium. M.D., University of Virginia, Medical Department, 1886. RICHARD THEODORE ELY, Professor of Political Economy, and Director of the School of Economics Political Science, and History. PH.D., University of Heidelberg, 1879. LL.D., Hobart College, 1892. ANNIE CROSBY EMERY, Dean of VVomen and Assistant Professor of Classical Philology. PH.D., Bryn Mawr, 1896. ALBERT STOWELL FLINT, QBK, Assistant Astronomer, Washburn Observatory. A.M., University of Cincinnati Observatory, 1880. DAVID BOWER FRANKENBURGER, Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory. A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1869. LL.B., University of NVisconsin. 1871. + JOHN CHARLES FREEMAN, AAKIP, Professor of English Literature. B.D., Chicago Theological Seminary, 1871. LL.D., University of Chicago, 1880. WILLIAM FREDERICK GIESE, QBK, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. A.M., Harvard University, 1890. ROBERT ALMER HARPER, Professor of Botany. PH.D., Bonn, 1896. 'F Deceased, jan. 23, IQOO. T On leave of absence in Europe. 7 4' CHARLES HOMER HASKINS, QPKW, QBK, Professor of Institutional History. PH.D., johns Hopkins University, 1890. HOMER WINTHROP HILLYER, Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1895. WILLIAM HERBERT HOBBS, Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology. PH.D., johns Hopkins University, 1888. FRANK GAYLORD HUBBARD, XYII, QBK, Professor of English Language. PI-I.D., johns Hopkins University, 1887. JOSEPH JASTROYV, Professor of Experimental and Comparative Psychology. PH.D., johns Hopkins University, 1888. LOUIS KAHLENBERG, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry. PH.D., University of Leipzig, 1895. ALEXANDER KERR, Professor of Greek Language and Literature. A.M., Beloit College, 1855. AMOS ARNOLD KNOWLTON, WY, Assistant Professor of English. A.M., Bowdoin College. ARTHUR GORDON LAIRD, Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages. PH.D., Cornell University, 1891. YVILLIAM STANLEY MARSHALL, WY, Assistant Professor of Zoology. PH.D., Leipzig, 1892. ABBY SHAW MAYHEW, Mistress of Ladies' Hall and Instructor in Physical Culture XVellesley College. BALTHASAR HENRY MEYER, Assistant Professor of Sociology. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. 4' On leave of absence for second semester. 8 WILLIAM SNOWV MILLER, Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Anatomy. M.D., Yale University, 1879. JULIUS EMIL OLSON, XIJY, Professor of the Scandinavian Languages and Literature B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1884. M. VINCENT O'SHEA, Professor of the Science and Art of Education. B.L., Cornell, 1892. EDWARD THOMAS OWEN, 1IfY, QBK, Professor of the French Language and Literature. A.B., Yale University, 1892. JAMES FRANCIS AUGUSTINE PYRE, BGJII, Assistant Professor of English Literature. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. PAUL SAMUEL REINSCH, AY, Assistant Professor of Political Science. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1898. 'WILLIAM HENRY ROSENSTENGEL, Professor of the German Language and Literature. Honorary Degree of A.M., NVi1liams College. HARRY LUMAN RUSSELL, QPBK, Professor of Bacteriology. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1892. WILLIAM AMASA SCOTT, AAQD, QBK, Professor of Economic History and Theory. PH.D., johns Hopkins University, 1892. FRANK CHAPMAN SIFIARP, X-iw, QIQBK, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. PH.D., Berlin University, 1892. at ERNEST BROWN SKINNER, Bon, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. A.B., Ohio University, 1892. MOSES STEPHEN SLAUGHTER, AKE, fI1BK, Professor of Latin. PH.Dp, Johns Hopkins University, 1891. On leave of absence. 9 CHARLES SUMNER SLICHTER, EX, QPBK, Professor of Applied Mathematics. M.D., Clark University, 1892. CHARLES FORSTER SMITH, XXII, Professor of Greek and Classical Philology. PH.D., Leipzig University, 1881. BENJAMIN WARNER SNOW, AY, EE. Professor of Physics. PH.D., Berlin, 1892. T HIRAM ALLEN SOBER, Assistant Professor of Latin. A.B., University of Michigan, 1886. JOHN WILLIAM STEARNS, Director of School of Education. Professor of Philosophy and Pedagogy. A.M., Harvard University, 1864. LL.D., Chicago, 1875. FREDERICK JACKSON TURNER, Professor of American History. Pi-I.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1890. CHARLES RICHARD VAN HISE, Professor of Geology. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1892. CHARLES AMBROSE VAN VELZER, Professor of Mathematics. PH.D., Hillsdale College, 1883. ERNST KARL JOHANN HEINRICH VOSS, Associate Professor of German Language and Literature PH.D., Leipzig University, 1895. WILLIAM HOLMES XVILLIAMS, Professor of Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek. B.A., University of Xvisconsin, 1876. ROBERT YVILLIAMS XVOOD, BGII, Assistant Professor of Physics. B.A., Harvard University, 1891. 1' On leave of absence in Europe. 10 1l1SU'llC10I'S dlld 115515161115 KATHARINE ALLEN, AT, Assistant in Latin. PH. D., University of Wisconsin,Q1898 LEWIS OLIVER ATHERTON, Assistant in Vertebrate Anatomy. M.S., University of Michigan, 1899. ARTHUR BEATTY, Instructor in English. PH. D., Columbia University, 1897. HERMAN G. A. BRAUER, Instructor in French. M.A.. University of VVisconsin, 1899. IENNIE HANNAH BUTT, AT, Student Assistant in Elocutiou. WILLIAM B. CAIRNS, AY, Instructor in English. PH.D. University of NVisconsin, 1897. MILDRED ALICE CASTLE. Student Assistant in French. ALFRED NEWTON COOK, Assistant in Chemistry. M.A., VVooster University, 1896. JOSEPH EDWARD DAVIES, AY, Student Assistant in Gymnastics. B L., University of Wisconsin, 1898. ROBERT ELKIN NEIL DODGE, 'IPBK Instructor in English. M.A., Harvard College, 1891. ABBIE FISKE EATON, Instructor in German. M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1895. ROY EDWARD FOWLER, Assistant in Chemistry. B.S., University of NVisconsin, 1898. WILLIAM DODGE FROST, Instructor in Bacteriology. B.S., University of Minnesota, 1893. M.S.. University of Minnesota, 1894. 11 LUCY MARIE GAY, Instructor in French. B.S., University of 1Viscd'nsin, 1892. SALLY PRIME HARRIS, Assistant in Physical Culture. ROSALIA AMELIA HATHERELL. Assistant in Biology. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1893. SABENA MILDRED HERFURTH, Assistant in German. M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1897 MAY HUNT, Instructor in English. M.L , University of Wisconsin, 1898. G. SARAKUNI ISHIKAKVA, Student Assistant in Gymnastics. M. L., University of Wisconsin, 1899. LOUISE PHELPS KELLOGG. Assistant in Ancient and Mediaeval History. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1891. FREDERICK THOMAS KELLY. Instructor in Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1891. ORIN GRANT LIBBY, Instructor in History. PH.D, University of Wisconsin, 1895. FREDERICK NVILLIAM MEISNEST, Instructor in German. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1893. ANDREW M. O'DEA, Instructor in Athletics and Assistant to the Director of the Gymnasium FREDERICK BURNS PETERSONJPY, Student Assistant in Gymnastics. B.L., University of lVisconsin, 1898. XVALTON HAVVKINS PYRE, BOD., Instructor in Elocution and Oratory. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1899. HARRIET TRAYNE REMINGTON, KKF, Instructor in German. M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1888. 12 new Instructors and Hssistants THEODORE RUDOLPH RUNNING. Instructor in Applied Mathematics. P1-LD., University of IVisconsin, 1899. CHARLES HENRY SHANNON, KE, Instructor in Latin. P1-1.D., University of NVisconsin, 1897. JOHN CUTLER SHEDD, AY, Instructor in Physics. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1899. XVILMON HENRY SHELDON, Assistant in Philosophy. PI-LD., Harvard University, 1899. CHARLES MARQUIS SMITH, Instructor in Physics. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1896. SAMUEL EDVVIN SPARLING, EX Assistant in Political Science. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. CHARLES GEORGE STANGEL, Assistant in Physics. B.S., University of lvisconsin, 1899. SUSAN ADELAIDE STERLING, Instructor in German. M L., University of Wisconsin, 1896. WILLIAM DUANE TALLMAN, Instructor in Mathematics. B.S., University of XVisconsin, 1896. EDVVARD ALLEN THURBER, Instructor in English. M.A., Harvard University, 1894. HAMILTON GREENWOOD TIMBERLAKE Instructor in Botany. M.S., University of Michigan, 1898. ALFRED TINGLE, Assistant in Chemistry. A PH.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1899. THOMAS KLINGENBERG URDAHL Assistant in Economics and Statistics. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. 15 8 College or IIZQCDBIIICS Bild EIISIIIQQNIIS JOHN BUTLER JOHNSON, AY, Dean of the College of Mechanics and Engineering. Professor of Engineering. C.E., University of Michigan, 1878. STORM BULL, Professor of Steam Engineering. M.E., Polytechnic Institute, Zurich, Switzerland, 1877. CALEB NOTBOHM HARRISON, BOH, Acting Professor of Machine Design. B.C.E., University of XVisconsin, 1882. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1898. DUGALD CALEB JACKSON, EE. Professor of Electrical Engineering. C.E., Pennsylvania State College, 1885. CHARLES ISAAC KING, Professor of Mechanical Practice. JOHN GIVAN DAVIS MACK, Assistant Professor of Machine Design. B.S., Rose Polytechnic Institute, 1887. M.E., Cornell University, 1888. EDWARD ROSE MAURER, QAO, Assistant Professor of Pure and Applied Mechanics. B.C.E., University of Wisconsin, 1890. ARTHUR WILLIABI RICHTER, Assistant Professor of Experimental Engineering. M.E., University of 'xVisconsin, 1889 LEONARD SEWELL SMITH, BOH, Assistant Professor of Topographic and Geodetic Engineering B.C.E., University of Wisconsin, 1890. BERNARD VICTOR SIVENSON, 1i'AO,TB1'I, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. B.S., University of Illinois, 1893. 16 Nl! OU M 5lll.l33ll15ll3 WIDIIHEI r :Lal 1 . -' - '4 Q.. ,.., J' N' yff'ffy,iT2,: f N ' . K Tl rf if-ry A 0, . i',"-iq H i awfbil I 'A lgil il-ja , . 451 h-:,1' J I Q X4 . Az- 'Lf 'w , -1 4 , 7. 1"W"'fM'7'71 ' . Bnanw1uiee4f1fS?9'1li 'T I 9' IH 1-2 ig T --. LMH4 . gi . h u- , ' E' I IE H wg' ,A ' y' it - - p .. A , . , ,, 1 I-11. H my -X - .- 'gp-5, H A, rg: Q. 'W' -'A L 3 ?, -51? - Q . , 1 L ' a ffi x " ' 1,ff'ZKQ-'11 .-.-.jf , -- 1- "Y 1 mi ' 1 1 .i r 1 E I I A I X , fn , 5 I P x'.:l'L.M,1Q is r '- f ff ml"'lf g, -a X' LTI ll' ' U 'pi A Q gh ul JN R J I H1 ,I , ,E L , E -..V , . 1' j -4.---- I' " i w '1 c :nigga I X ' :A , , 'v ' .. 4 : ' Ei ,'. ?f.1,'f', , W xv, , . 'fn .'fI?'x Q' f l1l:AiI Inlllugf Q - . 1 --LiL...LL ' , ,,. .N.,f 1 f J ' ' L! 1 SSW ! .1 ' -'ij F1-A1 ig I Nj 511 G3 Tj Y- I l I A , , , I ' 14 5 .5 . ' I , "TJ 5 za 5 ... f iz. V 1 ! -7 ' I f' wzx?l .1u:,a 'wztzl , ,J 1 . Qwybgasmnqw ':,Qg1:,,--mm - I W! ,E 'avr 5.1 .15 g'QQ1g-- if I, I, ,. K ' HV: ' 1 AY H I . 1 lt, .. . ,MM-.Lv F 1-1-.z.n.mmn. , , ' W. ' - fi: .v X . Y X 1 t-my 1 'A ' 1' if X . ,Q 4 11 "' wi fi ? I 4 .11 . I ,k it " I-,--H, X H D ,U 4 W U f ,srg U 1, 4 . T1 LHR ' rg 3' , . 5 r Y 1 ,, . . U. E "1 -' f v- ai H u ' ' il 2, ' 1, fi , ,jg 2:1 1 ' - li' 'il ' K V . 9 in v w e f r i I - 39 7 35 3! , 12 1.2 , 1 M 91 fi ale ' , 1 ' If ifll. ' , ' 'rn 'L x. Y , . 5 , V A PM - V I 7 15+ I I 4 .fjjgzp-.'A,f 1 ,Q . .. , , 4-.v .. , ' ,t ., L,--vu .- -',':,:::- , 1'--g----1-' , ' 3 J "-"::':-'-A-1"".f1-f -V13-f 1' 531 . ' ' Eiggvi' 1 if '. E ' , ' - "" ""' ' 4,,:'15,,-Tr:-3 35"-.i4J.g5' 5 , .zffff y M-f-A225-L T- " Q affif 52 , ' ' A "9'fa,-'iii , 1 hy., pf -53-.-, -'fy !zZy IybQl1vvLwLI'tiGll.QL" 'Q' - .va :'2zg.fQS4i'i-.azLs1zww,lQS.L. '-- f Z 'fh- 1 ,, . E""'f2".L2.I1.ZLiZ1i3-m.L..2..,," 'f':. " ' I -' -:ETH ,K s gg? -.f " -ml ' . ,,,q,.x, , Resigued. FREDERICK EUGENE TURNEAURE, 2111, Professor of Bridge and Sanitary Engineering C E., Cornell University, 1889. NELSON OLIVER WHITNEY, Professor of Railway Engineering. CE., University of Pennsylvania, 1878. IllSfl'llCI0l'S dlld HSSISYGIIIS 'WALTER ALEXANDER, Instructor in Steam Engineering. M.E., University of Wisconsin, 1898. 'FMURRAY CHARLES BEEBE,X1I', Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1897. CHARLES FREDERICK BURGESS, B91-I, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. EE., University of VVisconsin, 1897. RUSSELL WILLIAM HARGRAVE, Instructor in Mechanical Practice. B. S., University of Wisconsin, 1898. WILLIAM GEORGE LOTTES, Instructor in Forge Practice and Repairing. 19 College 01' QEILD EDXVIN EUSTACE BRYANT,QA41P, Dean of the College of Law. Professor of Practice and Pleading, Equity and Railway Law, and the Law of Public Offices and Officers. ROBERT MCKEE BASHFORD, 'IPAQ Professor of the Law of Private Corporations and Commercial Law. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1871. A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1873. ANDREW ALEXANDER BRUCE, AY, Assistant Professor of Law, B.A., University of 'Wisconsin, 1890. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1892. JAIRUS HARVLIN CARPENTER, QPAQ, Mortimer M. Jackson, Professor of Contracts. M.A., Yale University, 187-1. LL.D., University of Wisconsin, 1876. CHARLES NOBLE GREGORY, WY, QAQ, Professor of Law and Associate Dean of the College of Law. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1872. M.A. University of XVisconsin, 1874. BURR xv. jONES,'IfY,fPA1P, Professor of the Law of Evidence, Public Corporations and Domestic Relations. M..-X., University of Wisconsin, 1871. LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1871. JOHN MYERS oL1N, MQ, -QBK, Professor of the Law of Real Property, Torts and Wills. . M.A., Williams College, 1873. LL.B , University of Wisconsin, 1879. '20 COIIQSQ or HSl'iClllIlll'6 WILLIAM ARNON HENRY, Dean of the College of Agriculture. Professor of Agriculture. AGR.B., Cornell University, 1880. STEPHEN MOULTON BABCOCK, SAX, Professor of Agricultural Chemistry and Chief Chemist to the Experiment Station PH.D., University of Gottingen, 1877. NVILLIAM LEVI CARLYLE, Professor of Animal Husbandry. B.S.A., Toronto University, 1892. EDWARD HOLYOKE FARRINGTON, Associate Professor of Dairy Husbandry. M.S., Sheiiield Scientific School, 1883. EMMETT STULL GOFF, Professor of Horticulture. FRANKLIN HIRAM KING, Professor of Agricultural Physics. GEORGE McKERROW, Superintendent of Agricultural Institutes. ANDREW ROBINSON WHITSON, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Physics. B.S., University of Chicago, 1894. FRITZ WILHELM WOLL, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1886. EDWIN GEORGE HASTINGS, Assistant Bacteriologist in College of Agriculture. M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1899. ARTHUR GEORGE HOPKINS, Assistant in Animal Husbandry, and Instructor in Veterinary Science. B.AGR., Iowa State University, 1899. D.V.M., Iowa State University, 1899. M.D.V., McKillip Veterinary College, 1900. ALFRED VIVIAN, Assistant Chemist to Experiment Station. PH.G., University of Wisconsin, 1894. 21 SCDOOI or PDGTIIIBCD. EDXVARD KREMERS, AY, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Director of the School of, Pharmacy PH.G., University of Wisconsin, 1886. PH.D., Gottingen University, 1890. LELLEN STERLING CHENEY, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Botany. M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1891. 'IIISITIICIOYS dl1d HSSBIGMS. SAMUEL ROBERT BOYCE, Instructor in Pharmacognosy. PH. C., University of Michigan, 1890. M.D., University of Michigan, 1899. XVILLIAM STEWART FERRIS, Assistant in Pharmacognosy. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1898. YVILLIAM OSCAR RICHTMANN, Instructor in Practical Pharmacy. PH.G., Tjniversity of Wisconsin, 1894. B.S., University of XVisconsin, 1897. OSWALD SCHREINER, Assistant in Pharmaceutical Technique. PB.G., Maryland College of Pharmacy, 1895. M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1899. SCDOOI of mllSiC. FLETCHER ANDREW PARKER, QAGJ, DIRECTOR, Organ, Theory and History. JAMES SARGENT SMITH, Piano. 22 ADA BIRD, Piano. WINIFRED CORNELIA CARD, Piano. ADELAIDE FORESMAN, Voice. CHARLES EDNVARD ROBERTS, Voice. CHARLES NITSCI-IKE, Violin and other Orchestral Instruments ELIZABETH MARY KEELEY, Harp, HJ ALMAR O. ANDERSON, Mandolin. MRS. M. E. BRAND, Guitar. MYRON M. FOWLER, Banjo. VVILLIAM M. FOVVLER, Secretary. flbl'Ell'D Staff. WALTER MCMYNN sM1TH, AY, Librarian. B.A., University of YVisconsin, 1890. WILLIAM HENRY DUDLEY, Assistant Librarian. B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1892. HESTER CODDINGTON, Head Cataloguer. SARAH HELEN MINER. Cataloguer. 23 JOHN MAXEY, Student Assistant in Law Library. CHARLES NELSON PETERSON, Student Assistant in Law Library. STEPHEN CONRAD STUNTZ, Library Assistant. 5 Other Officers. -l" H, 2 Z 1' 4 -- s ' 1 WILLIAM DIXON HIESTAND, 5 University Registrar and President's Secretary. w 1 " Nu LESLIE EURD, 4 Chief Clerk. N., 'V GEORGE B. MERRICK, 5? X Accountant. f CYNTHIA W. COMLY, - '-I. if Matron of Ladies' Hall. LESLIE H. ADAMS, Farm Superintendent. JOHN THOMPSON XVILSON IENNINGS, B.S.. C.E.. Superintending Architect of Buildings and Grounds. RANSOM ASA MOORE, Assistant to the Dean of the College ofAgriculture. JOHN JOSEPH COYLE, Secretary of the Deans of the College of Law. JESSIE UPFIELD, Stenographer, President's Oflice. FANNIE S. SANFORD, Stenographer, Dean's Office. ZANA KATE MILLER, Stenographer, Oiiice of Board of Regents. EFFIE M. CLOSE, Librarian and Stenographer, Agricultural Experiment Station IDA HERFURTH, Clerk and Stenographer, Agricultural Experiment Station. 24 HARRIET V. STOUT, Clerk and Stenographer, Farmers' Institutes. MARY ALICE GLENN, Clerk and Stenographer, School of Education and University Extension Department. FLORENCE JANET DAGGETT, Stenographer, Office of Dean of College of Mechanics and Engineering. j2ll1lIOl'S. JOHN J. QUAN, College of Law. JAMES H. RIDER, Science Hall. JOHN JONES, Agricultural Hall. JOHN DOESCHER, Astronomical Observatory. JOHN CONOHAN, Machine Shop. HENRY SCHOFIELD, North Hall. SANDERS A. THOMPSON, Chemical Laboratory. WILLIAM MORSE, University Hall. THOMAS C. HOE, Library Hall. WILLIAM POST, Ladies' Hall. JOHN HICKEY, Gymnasium. FRANK LAVIN, Gymnasium. Z U N E 25 J XwN...wlMf'VWW A WTO 5 X W 55 4 LCRV Q iff: 52 Nfl X , S W ,7-0 N ' WJ . O x JOHN EUGENE DAVIES IN MEMORIAM OHN EUGENE DAVIES was born in South Wales, Europe, on the 23d of April, 1839, and died January 23d, 1900. When two years of age his parents moved to the city of New York, where he was sent to the public schools until twelve years of age, and then entered the Free Academy, now the University of the City of New York. In 1855 he came with his parents to Vllisconsin, studying as best he could, while teaching winters and doing farm work in summers. He entered the sophomore class of Lawrence University, at Appleton, XrVisconsin, in 1859, and graduated three years later with honors in pure and applied mathematics. After receiving his baccalaureate degree, he entered upon the study of medicine, thus keeping in touch with the sciences, of which he was so fond. When President Lincoln called for more troops he enlisted as a private in the twenty-first regiment Wisconsin volunteer infantry. His record as a soldier was varied, interesting and highly creditable. He was put on duty by Major-General Buell in one of the hospitals of Louisville, was afterwards appointed sergeant-major of his regimentg served six months on picket duty on the top of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, marched to Atlanta, Georgia, and back to Chattanooga, and afterwards saw Atlanta burned. He was recommended for promotion, but his commission as first lieutenant did not reach him until after the battle of Bentonville. He finally accompanied Sherman on his famous "March to the Sea," and returned home with his regiment, having served three years without a day's furlough and with a war record without a blemish. He received the degree of doctor of medicine in the spring of 1868 at the Chicago Medical College. In August of the same year he came to Madison to enter upon his duties as Professor of Natural History and Chemistry in the University of XVisconsin, having already occupied a professorship in Chicago Medical College for a year. In 1874 the title of his chair was changed to that of Astronomy and Physics, and in 1891 was changed to that of Electricity and Magnetism and Mathematical Physics, which chair he held at the time of his death. A Dr. Davies was a charter member of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, and was for many years its general secretary. He was also active and eflicient upon the United States coast survey and on the general geodetic survey of Wisconsin. It was through his intercession that a magnetic observatory was estab- lished upon the grounds of the University under the professor's general supervision. He was married in March, 1866, to Miss Anna Burt, of Chicago, who died a number of years ago leaving him no children. He was married again, March 31, 1891, to Miss Olive M. Thayer, of Madison. The widow and a son still survive. Professor Parkinson says of him : " Dr. Davies was a man of kindly nature, of deep sincerity, and of warm and generous impulses. He was a man domestic in his lifeand habits, as gentle as a child, and as true as steel to the demands of honor and the claims of friendship. Coming to the University in his early manhood, he gave his matnrer life-his very best years-to its service." 26 ur JOHN EUGENE DAVIES, L L.D new members of the faculty. Aff CALEB NOTBOHM HARRISON, Ph.D. ALEB NOTBOHM HARRISON, Acting Professor of Machine Design, was born in Milwaukee in 1862. In 1879 he entered the University of Wisconsin from the University of Michigan and graduated -V in 1882 with the degree of B. C. E. Since graduation he has taught in the West Side High School, Milwaukee, and also engaged in Engineering practice for about six years. In 1898 he received the degree of Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He was appointed to his present position in 1899. Professor Harrison has published several papers on the wave lengths of different metals, these researches being carried on with Professor Rolands of johns Hopkins Un- iversity. The accuracy of their results has recently received acknowledgement from the European societies, and especially from Professor Hasselberg of Sweden, who pronounces the results even more accurate than his own. ROBERT WILLIAMS WOOD, A.B. OBERT WILLIAMS WOOD was born at Concord, Massachusetts, May 2. 1868. He entered Harvard in 1887 and graduated in 1891 with the degree of A.B. He then spent a year at Johns Hop- kins, and the following two years as Honor- ary Fellow at the University of Chicago. 1895 and 1896 were spent at Berlin University, and from there he came to the University of Wisconsin as Instructor in Physics in 1897. He was promoted to an Assistant Professor- ship in Physics in April, 1899. Professor Wood is making a special study of light, and several of his papers on this subject have been published in philosophic magazines. His method of colored photography has attracted marked attention, and he recently lectured on this subject in London, before the Society of Arts, the Royal Photographic Society, the Physical Society, the London Camera Club, and also before the Royal Society, on the photographing of sound waves. Professor Wood is a Fellow of the London Physical Society, and a member of the the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Physical Society, and the Astronomical and Astrophysical Society. 29 1894 and 1898 were spent in study at the of Rome, Florence and Paris. PAUL SAMUEL REINSCH, Ph.D. AUL SAMUEL REINSCH, Assistant Professor of Political Science, was born in Milwaukee in 1869. He at- tended Concordia College, which he left in 1886, then taught for two years, and in 1888 entered the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated in 1892 with the de- gree of B. A. He completed the law course in the university in 1894, after spending a short time in Vtfashington in the study of law. Aftera year's practice in Milwaukee he was elected instructor in the university, and was also appointed extension lecturer in History and Polit- ical Science. He was granted his degree of Ph.D. in 1898, and was promoted to the Assistant Professorship of Political Science in Il899. The summers of 1890. University of Berlin and in the libraries Professor Reinsch is author of " Common Law in the American Colonies," and " World Politics at the End of the Nineteenth Century," and has also written many articles for the current magazines. BALTHASAR HENRY MEYER, Ph. D. ALTHASAR HENRY MEYER was born May 28, 1866, at Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. In 1893 he grad- Y uated from the Oshkosh Normal, having previously taught in the Public Schools of Fredonia and Port Washington. In the meantime he attended the summer school of the University of Wisconsin, graduating in 1894 with the degree of B. L. He then studied for a year in the University of Berlin: in 1895 was made honorary fellow and ex- tension lecturer in the University of Wiscon- sin. The following year he was made a fel- low, and in 1897 received his degree of Ph. D. The next year he was appointed secretary of the extension department and Instructor in Sociology, and is at present Secretary of the committee on accredited schools, and Assistant Professor in Sociology. He has published several books on railway legis- lation and administration, and has two works now in press. At present he is inves- tigating for the Committee of Fifty the social functions performed by fraternal and benevolent societies in the United States. 30 lx JAMES FRANCIS AUGUSTINE PYRE Ph D Wisconsin s representative won second place in the Western Inter-Collegiate Oratorial Contest in 1899 Upon graduation he was made a Fellow in English Literature and was promoted to an instructorship the following year. In 1897 he received his degree of Ph D and in 1899 was promoted to the Assistant Professorship of English Literature ANDREW ROBINSON WHITSON, B. S. NDREW ROBINSON WHITSON was born in Minnesota in 1870. His pre- paratory work, before entering the Uni- versity of Wisconsin in 1890, was in Carl- ton College, Northfield, Minnesota. In 1892 he went to Chicago University, where he received the degree of B. S. in 1894. He continued at Chicago for a year longer, tak- ing graduate works and was then appointed principal of the Beloit High School. He held this position until 1899, when he re- turned to the University of Chicago for work in Chemistry. It was While still in Chicago University that he received his present appointment in April 1900 an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Physics in the University of Wisconsin 31 AMES FRANCIS XUGUSTINE PYRE ber 20 1871 He prepared for college at Albion Academy and entered the Univer sity of Wisconsin in 1888 graduating four years later with the degree of B L While in the University as a student he was very active in athletics rowing on the 'Varsity crew for three seasons and playing tackle on the foot ball team for four seasons He was also a member of Hesperia and as fortp:Sixtb Zlnnual Commencement The Baccalaureate Address, june I8 l0 22, l899 SUNDAY, JUNE ism. n ARMORY HALL. - - President CHARLES KENDALL ADAMS MONDAY, JUNE mm. LIBRARY PIALL. Address before the College of Law, - - - Mr. EDXVARD PERRIN XYILAS NORTI-I HALL. Address before the School of Pharmacy, - - Professor A. B. STEVENS TUESDAY, JUNE QOTB. Glass Day Ivx' AND TOM ns'rON1i EXERCISES, TJI'PER'C.-xMPL's. Ivy Planter, - - Ivy Oration, - Ivy Ode, - - Farewell to Buildings, - Tombstone Presentation, CLASS Class History, - - '99 Poem, - Class Day Oration, Statistics, - - - Presentation of Memorial, Response, - - - Farewell to Under-Classmen, Response, - - - Prophecy, - Farewell to Faculty, - Class President's Address, '99 Class Song, - - Class Play, WALTER J. BUCKLEY - Er.1z.-i H. SH.-UV ADELINE M. JENNEY - THOMAS W. TORMEY WARREN J. PERSONS DAY Ex1.aRcIsi'is, L1nR.xRx' H.-XI.L. JESSE R. STONE HELEN G. VERPLAXCK - EMMA M. Buzns CHARLES E. ALLEN FRANK M. KL'RTZ DAISIE CAMPBELL WIr,I.I,nI S. ROBERTSON Prof. J. B. PARKINSON - - YVILLI.-XM S. KIEs JOSEPH KOFFEND, Jr., 1900 JAY B. BALDWIN ' GRACE G. CLOEs - ALONZO A. CHAMBERLAIN - - - JOHN M. BARR - STEPHEN C. STUNTZ FULLER OPERA HOUSE. - - - - "A NIGHT OFF" LOXVER C.-nrvrs. Pipe of Peace Ceremony. Address of Senior Pipe Custodian, ---- JOHN B. EMERSON Response, - - - - - - ERNS1' vor: BRIESEN, 1900 Officer of the Day, GEORGE A. HOPKINS Master of Ceremonies, JOHN P. INGLIS 32 VVEDN ESDAY, JUNE 21512 Hllllfllli Day SCIENCE HALL. Annual Business Meeting of the Alumni Association. ARMORY HALL. Alumni Dinner. UPPER CAMPUS. Open Air Concert by the University Band. LIBRARY HALL. Concert and Graduating Exercises by the School of Music. THURSDAY, JUNE 22ND. UPPER CAMPUS. University Procession. ARMORY HALL. Commencement Exercises. ORATIONS. Civil Rights and the Race Problem, - - EMERSOL ELA The Struggle of Two Ideals, - - EDXVARD TAPP AN FOX The American Soldier, - - - MARCUS IACOBSON The American Volunteer, - EVAN ALFRED EVANS Toussaint L'Ouverture, - ALBERT RUDOLPH DENU The Problem of the Slums, - YVILLIAM SABIUEL KIES The Imperialist, ---- - - - ROBERT WILD THE PRESIDENT? HOUSE. Reception to the Alumni and Other Friends of the University ARMORY HALL. Alumni Reception and Ball. Zlass 0fficers JOHN M. BARR, - - - ELIZABETH M. KEECH , - THOMAS G. NEE, - - MINNIE C. WESTOVER MARCUS A. JACOBSON, HARRY J. MURRISH, 33 - President lst Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms l5l1lDCl'SlfQ BOIIOTS 'FQIIOWS HELEN GRACE ANDREVVS, B.L., Alumni Fellow in English. JOHN WALLACE BAIRD, A.B., Fellow in Philosophy. ELTING HOUGHTALING COMSTOCK, B.S., Honorary Fellow in Mathematics ROLIN HENRY DENNISTON, B.S., Fellow in Pharmacognosy. ALDEN EDSON HENRY, A.M., Fellow in Economics. DELOS OSCAR KINSMAN, A.M., Honorary Fellow in Economics. CARL EDWARD MAGNUSSON, M.S., Fellow in Physics. GEORGE CHARLES MORS, B.M.E., Fellow in Mechanical Engineering. CHARLOTTE ELVIRA PENGRA, B.S., Fellow in Mathematics. ANNIE MARIA PITMAN, A.B.3 Fellow in Latin. JOSEPH SCHAFER, M.L., Fellow in History. ANNIE NYHAN SCRIBNER, A.B., Fellow in Greek. ELSBETH VEERHUSEN, A.B., Fellow in German Philology. 'JENNY CHAMBERLAIN WATTS, A.M,, Fellow in History. Scholars ERNEST EUGENE CALKINS, B.L., The John C. Freeman Graduate Scholarship QEnglishj. EDWARD LAUGHTON COLEBECK, A.M., The W'illiarn F. Allen Scholarship QC-reel: and Latinl. CHARLES HANDSCHIN, A.B., The Madison Graduate Scholarship in German Philology. MARTIN ODLAND, B.L., The Henrick Wergeland Graduate Scholarship. CHARLES MCCARTHY, B.P., Graduate Scholarship in American History. GEORGE RAY WICKER, A.M., Scholarship in Municipal Government. JAMES FIELD XVILLARD, B.S., Graduate Scholarship in European History. ,F Resigued. 34 ,,,-- "ti 'A i -.M,f,r,- . 'i J V L J .,eg' . , N4 jgun Q AJ-' -l"".'5'-772' W 1 1 f :RIA 9,167 4-or ,:-uv-"' Y V' H ff ,. is , - QQ A-ov X fr " .Vx '. Y . Y. ' Q -. I iiink i n ' WI: L QT . 352- ' f-,Q fi ' fE'fQ"1i-'Qi 4 m ,J Q .- 5 . N, n Familiar 'Faces WILLIAM MORSE, Janitor University Hall JOHN HICKEY, Janitor Gymnasium WILLIAM POST, Janitor Ladies' Hall JAMES HI RIDER, Janitor Science Hall JOHN CONOI-IAN, Janitor Machine Shop fa 4' RQSNIQIII Graduates CHARLES ELMER ALLEN, Botany, Embryology. - - Madison B.S., University of Wisconsin. DAVID WILLIAM BRANDELLE, Pedagogy, Philosophy. Galva, Ill A.B., Augustana College. HERMAN GUSTAV ADOLPI-I BRAUER, French, Spanish, Italian. Adelaide, So. Australia A.M., University of Wisconsin. SARAH EDITH BROWN, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry. Madison B.S , University of Wisconsin. LILLIAN EFFIE CASE, Latin, English. - - - - Madison A.B., University of Wisconsin. HARLEM ROY CHAMBERLAIN, History, Political Science. Darlington B.S., University of VVisconsin. ALFRED NEWTON COOK. Chemistry, Geology. - Madison A.H., lfVooster University. BERTHA MAY CRITCHLEY, History. - - Cleveland, O. A.B., Vassar College. WILLIAM DARROW, Bacteriology, Chemistry. - - Madison B.S., University of Wisconsin. CARLTON CLINTON DENISTON, Economics, Sociology, Psychology. Mt. Vernon, Ia A.B., Cornell College. GILBERT WARD DENISTON, Economics, Sociology, Psychology. Mt. Vernon, Ia A.B., Cornell College. JOHN HOWARD DENISTON, Economics, Sociology. Mt. Vernon, Ia A.B., Cornell College. ROBERT JAY EDDY, Pedagogy. - ' - - Beioir A.M., Beloit College. EMERSON ELA, Economics, French. - - - Rochester B.L., University of Wisconsin. MABEL IDELL FARRINGTON, Botany, German, Pedagogy. - - Mondovi B.S., Smith College. WILLIAM STEWART FERRIS, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chemistry. Whitewater B.S., University of Wisconsin. ROY EDWARD FOWLER. Chemistry. - - - Wauwatosa B.S., University of Wisconsin. VIOLA PRICE FRANKLIN , English Literature, French. Q Madison A.M., University of Nebraska. 37 WILLIAM DODGE FROST, Bacteriology, Botany, Chemistry. M.S., University of Wisconsin. FLORENCE META GAGE, Chemistry. - - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. EMMA GATTIKER, Mediaeval History. - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. HERMAN ANNIN GILBERT, Bacteriology. - - M.D., University of Heidelberg. ANNA CECILIA GRIFFITHS, Latin. - - . A.B., University of Wisconsin. Madison - Madison Baraboo - Madison Madison RUSSEL W. HARGRAVE, Steam Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Madison B.S., University of XVisconsin. ROSALIA AMELIA HATHERELL, Zoology, Botany. - - Janesville B.S., University of Wisconsin. JOHN ARTHUR HAVER, Economics, History, Oratory. Emporia, Kan A.B., Emporia College. SABENA MILDRED HERFURTH, German Philology, Norse. - - Madison M L., University of Wisconsin. RICHARD HEYWARD, Pedagogy. Philosophy, Biology Madison PH.B., University of Wisconsin. BENJAMIN HORACE HIBBARD, Economics, History. - Paullina, Ia B.S A., University of Iowa. WILLIAM JOSEPHUS HOCKING, History, Political Science Darlington B.L., University of Xlfisconsin. WINFRED CHESTER HOXVE, History. - - Sheboygan B.L., University of Wisconsin. GENSAMRO SARAKUNI ISHIKAWA, Economics, Political Science, Sociology. - - Tokio, Japan M.L., University of Wisconsin. EUGENE GUSTAVE JOHNSON, Political Science, Economics. Decorah, Ia A.B., Luther College. PERRY SPENCER JOHNSON, Political Science, Economics. Decorah, Ia A.B., Luther College. WILLIAM MORLEY JOLLIFFE, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry. Berlin B.S.. Lawrence University. LOUISE PHELPS KELLOGG, History. - - - Milwaukee B.L., University of Wisconsin. PETER CORNELIUS LANGEMO, Political Science, Economics, Kenyon, Minn B.L., University of Wisconsin. LAWRENCE MARCELLUS LARSON, History, English Literature. Madison A.B., Drake University. 38 GEORGE DANIEL LUETSCHER, History,Economics,Po1itical Science. Sauk City B.L., University of W'isconsin. OLIVER JONES MARSTON, Economics, History. - - PED.B., B.S., B.A., Greer Hoopeston College. MARY ETTA MCCUMBER, Latin. - - - B.L., University of NVisconsin. ' Hoopeston, Ill Fond du Lac FREDERICK IVILLIAM MEISNEST, German and English Philology. Madison B.S., University of Wisconsin. ALEXANDER ALLAN MUNRO, Economics, Sociology, Pedagogy. Omaha, Neb A.B., University of Nebraska. ANNETTE NELSON, German Philology, Norse. - B.L., University of lllisconsin. OLAF MORGAN NORLIE, English, Norse, Pedagogy. - A.M., St. Olaf College. VVILLARD OTTO NUZUM, Hebrew, Literature. - B.L., University of Wisconsin. EDXVIN WILLIAM PAHLONV, History, English Literature. B.L., University of Wisconsin. RICHARD GILMAN PECK, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, German, PH.B., Beloit College. SAMUEL VERNON PEPPEL, Geology, Chemistry. B.S., Ohio State University. GRANT ELLSWORTH PRATT, Biology, Physics, German. PH.B., University of Wisconsin. JOHN WESLEY RAYMER, Physical Chemistry. - B.S., University of Wisconsin. EMERSON GOLDEN REED, Electrical Engineering. B.S. in E.E., Iowa State College. EVERETT ADELBERT REYNOLDS, History, Philosophy. - B.L., University of Wisconsin. ERNEST JOSEPH AXTELL RICE, Economics, Sociology, Science. - - A.B., Gates College. WILLIAM SPENCE ROBERTSON, History, Economics. B.L., University of Wisconsin. CHARLES WILLIS RODGERS, Hebrew, Hellenistic Greek. B.S., Upper Iowa University. Madison Milwaukee Brooklyn Milwaukee Botany. Beloit - Madison Madison - Madison - Knoxville, Ia. Bassett Political - - Madison Oxford Fayette, Ia YASUZO SAKAGAMI, Political Science, Economics, History. Wakayamaken, japan M.L., University of Minnesota. 39 REBECCA SHAPIRO, French, Italian, Spanish. - - B.L., University of Wisconsin. CHARLES MARQUIS SMITH, Mathematics. - B.S., University of Wisconsin. HOWARD REMUS SMITH, Chemistry, Animal Husbandry. - B.S., Michigan Agricultural College. LLOYD DEAN SMITH, American History, Political Science. B.L., University of XVisconsin. CHARLES GEORGE STANGEL. Physics, Chemistry. G.S., University of Wisconsin. ALBERT BOYNTON STORMS, Ethics, American History. A.M., University of Michigan WILLIAM DUANE TALLMAN, Mathematics, Physics B.S., University of Wisconsin. HELEN GERTRUDE VERPLANCK, Latin, German. B.L., University of Wisconsin. FANNIE ROSE XVALLBRIDGE, English. - - B.L., University of XVisconsin. THOMAS WEBSTER, History, Economics. - - Pl-LB., University of 'Wisconsin GRACE DE WITT WELTY, Economics, History. - A.B., Rockford College. CALLA PHOEBE XVESTOVER, French, English, History. B.S., University of NVisconsin. - Medford Madison Addison, Mich. Amherst - Tisch Mills - Madison Madison - Madison - Beloit Elk Grove Rockford, Ill - Madison GEORGE RAY WICKER, Economics, Sociology, Political Science. Philadelphia, Pa A.M., Cornell University. DANIEL JENKINS WILLIAMS, English, Hebrew, Hellenistic Greek. A.B., University of Wisconsin. Genesee Depot WILLIAM WATKIN XVILLIAMS, Pedagogy, Psychology. Ottawa B.S., Lawrence University. GEORGE HENRY XVILMARTH, Electrical Engineering. Aurora, Ill. B S., University of Illinois. ALLYN ABBOTT YOUNG, Economics, History, Political Science. Madison PH.B., Hiram College. Graduate studying in absentiaj MARY BASHFORD HUFF, Ethioo, Sociology. - La Ciosse PH.B , University of Wisconsin. 40 ff I .-- 6 XM Ein . ll yi 5 W QM '91 ' if I J ,ff T . f i fi iil ilrfw ,, ,V , I 1 ' . ?1sf President - lst Vice President 2d Vice President Secretary - Treasurer Historian - Sergeant-at-Arms ll f , 226 AU " vii iii .J "1 I? iii I, If ' ," W I+ N ' gi: IIYWIXJWX iliwf Www ' I , Rr me R, 45 I ll nil lil! fi' Mil ix .I , V4 fy T919 I' ' I 'iilrfi A Hp XVI!! f l Enusfi 1: ' , iii! iw in sew if ii1'iliv:,'i ll ill .2 f- X ' , 1 0ffiC2l'S - CLARENCE D. TEARSE HELEN H. WARRINER - EDWARD A. HOOK - JOSEPH KOFFEND, JR. ERNST voN BRIESEN JESSICA E. DAVIS LYNN A. WILLIAMS Zolors GREEN AND WHITE IIYOIIO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF '00 Yell WHA, Hoo, WHA, Hoo, WHA, Hoo, WHA! 1900! RAH, RAH, RAH! 41 1 I College or Setters illld SCRIICQ I I Ckoman numerals indzlfafe senior groups in whirl: appear the pzklzzres of Ihe s!udenls.5 LOTTIE J. ABBOTT, PHIL. - - - Ill Westfield Entered as Junior from Milwaukee Normal. Castalia. Thesis: "A Critical Study of Chi1dren's Books." EDNA COUPER ADAMS, ENC. - - XIV - - - Madison Thesis: " Periodical Literature of the Middle, Southern and Westem States after 1832." HARRX' YVILFRED ADAMS, ENG. - - VI - - Black Earth Hesperia, Closer Hesperian Semi-Public 1255 joint Debate 1453 Iowa Debate 1453 Captain class base-ball team 1353 Assistant Manager ofthe Aegis 1353 Vice-President Co-Operative Association 145. Thesis: "American Shipping." WlLI,IfXM FRAZIER ADAMS, A.C. - - II - - Mukwonago 0 A X: Philomathiag Y. M. C. A.: President Philomathia 145: Semi-Public Debate 1255 Joint Debate 1355 Iowa Intercollegiate Debate 1455 Final Oratorical Contest 145. Thesis: " Development of Street Railways in Chicago." SEBASTIAN ALBRECHT, G.S, - - VIII - - Milwaukee 111. B. K g Philomathiag Vice-President, Philomathia 135, Chicago Gymnastic Team 125g Gym. Squad Leader 115, 125, 135,1-15, Sergeant UAV. Regiment 125. Thesis: " On the Cubic Envelope of Certain Systems of Conics." FLORENCE ELIZA ALLEN, C.H., 1Math Group5 - I - - - Madison AAA, KIPBKQ Castaliag Secretary, Castalia, 1253 President, Castalia 1453 Executive Board, Self Government Association 125, 1353 BGLYLZEY Board 135. Thesis: " The Development of the Theory of Functions." ANDREW RUNNI ANDERSON, A.C. - - IX' - - - Madison fIf.B.Kg Athenaeg Vice-President, Athenae 135: Class President 125: Semi- Public, Orator 1255 Associate Editor, Aegis 145, 1900 Freshman Crew No. T, Varsity Crew 115, 125, 135, Captain Varsity Crew 145. Thesis: "The Separation of the Individual from the State in Athenian History 431-322." OLIVER S. ANDRESEN, ENG. - - VI - - - Medford Philornathiai Band 115, 125, 135. 145: Mandolin C1ub1-15. Thesis: " England's Status in Transvaalf' 42 , ,, .. U, , ig Q, .. . . .l y. -sf-- W ,A . Group I. Mildred A. Castle John F. Nicholson William B. Clark Florence E. Allen Carlisle V. Hibbard Harry Kleuter Lewis E. Moore Susie E. Lowell Florence T. Buck Helen L. Baker Harry R. XVl10II16S Edward L. Williamson Jessie A. Nuzum Wayne T. Moseley Hester A. Brown Olie L. Johnson LIZZIE MAY ARNOLD, PHIL. - - II - - Oshkosh Entered as junior from Oshkosh Normal: Educational Club: Recreation Club. Thesis: "Libraries in the High Schools of Wiscousing their Use and Possibilities. " ROLLAND IVIELVIN AUSTIN, G.S, - - IX - - - Monroe Philomathiag 3rd Sergeant U. NV. Regiment 425: Co. H, 1st Wis. Volunteers. Thesis: " The Effects of Solutions of Acid Salts on the Growth of Plants." CHARLES HUGO BACHHUBER, ENG. - XII - Mayville Philornathia. Thesis: " Byron and Heine." HELEN LEONA BAKER, A:C. - - I - Cotton, N. Y. AAA. Thesis: " The Soliloquies of Shakespeare." WINCHEL Fav BARBER, C.H. - - XII - - Waukesha K. E., Philornathiag Y. M. C. A.: President of Philomathia Semi-Public C253 W'inner of Junior Ex. Q35g Associate Editor of Cardinal 145. Thesis: " Does the Constitution of the United States Extend to our Recently Acquired Dependencies, or can they be Governed Outside ofthe Constitution?" ADELBERT E. BLEEKMAN, JR., A.C. - ' ' ' - La Crosse Entered as a Junior from Beloit College. Thesis: " The Democratic Party in VVisconsin from '60-'G5." MRs. MABEL D1xoN BOLD, ENG. - - XVI - - Madison Thesis: " Character of Robert Burns as seen in his Works.', CHARLES BARTON BOLENDER, A.C., S.M. COLL. XII - - Monroe Athenae. Thesis: " The Historical Present in Caesar." ERNEST LEROY BoLToN, G.S. - - II - - - Tomah 0AXg Philomathia. Thesis: "Determination of the Thermal Death Point of Bacillus Campes- tus." - JOSEPHINE HoRToN BOWDEN, ENG., VIII West Salem Kao, Y.W.c.A. Thesis: " Milton and Music." ERNST voN BRIESEN, C.H. - - - XII Y - - Columbus Athenaeg Secretary, Athenae 125, Vice-President 1315 President 145: Toast- master, Athenaean Banquet Q35g Class Historian C355 Business Manager, Aegis Q25g junior Pipe Custodian Q35g Vice-President Democratic Club Q15g Junior Pron1 Committee f35. Thesis: " Development of the Power of the Mayor in Wisconsin." BERTHA BLANCHE BRIGHAM. M.C., S.M. Coll. X - Madison KAGg Sphinx Staff Q45. Thesis: "Romanticism in Propertiusf' 45 HESTER ADELINE BROWN. A.C - - I - - - Berlin IIBQIP5 Entered as junior from Lawrence University. l'hesis: " Comparative Study of the Religion of Horace and TibulluS." LUTHER EDWARD BRowN, A.C. - - III - - Rhinelander FLORENCE TRASK BUCK, PHIL. - - I - Platteville ACP, Entered as a junior from Platteville Normal. Glee Club 141. Thesis: "Lowe1l's Philosophy of Art " CHARLES LEWIS BURNHAM, A.C. - - - Milwaukee X'-I-'5 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 1215 Freshman Dec. 111. Thesis: "Budget of Wisconsin." MARGARET ELIZABETH BUTT, M.C. - Viroqua AF. Thesis: " Egmontf' FRANCIS JOSEPH CARNHY, ENG. - - II - - Eau Claire AY5 Athenze5 Secretary, Athena: 121g Treasurer 1315 Vice-President 1315 Presi- dent 1415 Semi-Public 1215 Banjo Club 1115 Badger Board 131: lst Sergeant U. W. Regiment 121. - . Thesis, " Discriminations in Railroad Rates." MAE CASHEL, ENG. - - - - IX - - - Arcadia Thesis. " The Indian in American Literature Before Cooper." GEORGE SNOXVDEN CASSELS, G.S. 1PrIYsIcs1 IX - - - Tomah AY: Philomathia5 Philomathia Semi-Public 1215 Track Team 131, 141. Thesis: " The Effect of Expansion on the Conductivity of Heat of Poor Conductors." MILDRED ALICE CASTLE,ENG.1ROMAXCE1 I - - - Madison Badger Board 1315 Daily Cardinal Staff 131,1-115 Alumni Magazine 141 Sphinx 141. Thesis: "Methods of Literary Criticism." GRACE MARX' CHALLONER, A.C. - - IX - - - Oshkosh KKT5 Member of Sphinx Board 141. Thesis: " Concerning References to Horace in Ancient and Modern Litera- lure." WILLIAM BERNARD CLARK, ENG. 1HIS'PORX'1 I - - - Belleville Hesperiag Golf Club: Treasurer, Hesperia 1315 Board of Directors, Co-Opera- tive Association 121,131, 1415 Secretary Co-Operative Association 131, 1415 Secretary Golf Club 131. 1415 Hesperian Semi-Public 121. Thesis. "Political History of Wisconsin Territory, 18-L3-453' MYRTES ESTELLA CLARK, Eng. - - II - - Mayville Entered as junior from Milwaukee Normal. Thesis: "Moral Insight in Nathaniel Hawthorne." EDWARD BULWER COCHEMS, ENG. - XVI - - Sturgeon Bay AY5 Iron Mask: entered from Northwestern Universityg Athenae5 Secretary Athenae 1315 joint Debate 1415 Football Team 131, 1415 Track Team 121,131, 1415 Baseball Team 1215 Handball doubles, champion 121, 131. Thesis: "Subsidization of an American Merchant Marine." 46 Group II. Bessie S, King xo. Lizzie M. Arnold 11. John I. Okoueski 12. Arthur W. Kopp 13. E. LeRoy Bolton 14. Myrtes Clark 15, Ella D. Maerl-:lein 16. Wirt C. Williams 17. Edwin A. Showalter 18. john A. Thomas Francis I. Carney Irving Crego Roy D. Hall Robert G.Washburn August C. Backus Jennie Ogilvie john W. Dreyer William F. Adams BENJAMIN HOSLER COEN, C.H. - - XV - 1 Rensselaer, Ind. Philomathiag Y. M. C. A g Class Vice-President Q2 5 Treasurer f3jg President, Philomathia Qfljg Closer on Freshman Blowout 11 3 Closer Semi-Public QZQ. Thesis: " Municipal Administration of Indianapolis." EDXVARD ALBERT Coox, ENG. - - XVI - Madison EX. Thesis: "Development of Literary Criticism in America." Louisa CRAIG, M.C. ---- X - Viroqua Entered as junior from Milwaukee-Downer. AI'g Y. XV. C. A.,-Sphinx Board 145. Thesis: "Reconstruction in North Carolina." FRANCIS HINCIQLEX' CROSBY, C.H. - - - - Hinsdale, 111. B61'Ig 4IPAfIDg Iron Mask: Columbian Law Society: Luther S. Dixon: Haresfoot Clubg Class Treasurer QD, Banjo Club QU: Glee Club Q3j, 141, Class Crew CU, 'Varsity Crew QZJQ Tennis Champion QSM Captain Tennis Team 145: lst Sergeant Crack Company A LZJ. Thesis: "Legal History of Plymouth Colony." LIBBIE M. DAMUTH, C.H. - - - VI Ft. Atkinson Castalia. Thesis: "The Contributions of Vermont to NVis." FRANK EDYVARD DARLING, IR , G.S. - XI - Madison Bugler U. W. Regiment QD, Q2j, U. W. Band f3j, Gil. Thesis: "Relation of the Veins and Arteries to the Bronchi in the Lung of a Cat." JESSICA ESTHER DAVIS, G.S. QPhysics Groupj XI - - - Madison 1'IBfIPg Class Historian MH. Thesis: "Application of Telephone to Electrical Measurements." CLARK BAILEY DEVINE, G.S. - - VII - - - Oregon Thesis: "Distribution and Virulence of Bacterium Pneumonia QFraenkelJ." GRACE LOUISE DILLINGHAM, M.C. - XII - - Baraboo Castaliag Y. W. C. A.: Vice-President Castalia MJ. Thesis: "The Development of the Short Story from the Founding of the Atlantic Monthly to the Present." JOSEPH GOLDER DILLON, G.S. - - IX - - Sterling, Ill. fIPI'Ag Mandolin Club MJ: Coxswain Class Crew Qljg Coxswain 'Varsity Crew 429. gan, co. , , Thesis: "Vascular Supply to the Brain of the Pigeon." BERNARD CHARLES DoRsnT, A.C. - X La Crosse 4IPAGJg Badger Board 135. Thesis: "Mysticism of Balzac? IOHN WILLIAM DREYER, G.S. - - II - - Fitchbur- lst Sergeant, Co. D QU: lst Lieutenant, Co. E 1213 Captain, Co. D Q3jg Lt. Colonel, U. W. Regiment ffijg Class Treasurer f4j. Thesis: "The Development of the Lung in the Embryo Chick." 49 ':63l'1 CLARENCE WINANs EASTMAN, G.S. - XII - Portage Thesis: "Thermal Conductivity of Poor Conductors." ANFIN EGDAHL, G.S. - - - X - Menomonie Thesis: "The Glands and Epithelium of the Lung." WALTER E. ELMER, Eng. - - - VI - - - Hustler Athenaeg Y. M. C. A.g Class Sergeant-at-arms C115 Secretary and Treasurer, Athenae: Corresponding Secretary, Y. M. C. A. Thesis: "Venous Distribution of Cat's Brain." DOROTHY' ELWARD, C.H. CHist.J - - XV Madison Thesis: "The Northwest in the XVar of l8l2." HENRY MINOR ESTERLY. Eng. ----- - Madison Hesperia: Secretary, Hesperia C333 President C435 Hesperia Semi-Public f2jg Badger Board 137: Assistant Editor, Aegis 137: Manager Aegis Ml: Haresfoot Club 439. Thesis: "History of the Law of Agency." Roy FELTON F.-XRRAND, Eng. - - XIV - Galesville Entered as Sophomore from St. Iohn's Military Academy. GAX: Thesis: "Animals and Birds in the Works of Sir XValter Scott." GEORGE NEB FERRIS, C.H. - - XIV - - Whitewater GAX. GUsTAvE FERNE1-ms, G.S. VII Milwaukee CARL E. FISCHER, ENG. ---- - Bayfield MABEL EMILY FLETCHER, G.S. QZoology.Groupj, YI - - - Portage K. K. I'g Class Basket Ball Team QZJ. Thesis: "Relation of the Common Bile Duct to the Muscular Wall of the intestine." REBECCA SMITH FRASER, ENG. - - VIII - Lake Beulah H. B. CP.: Class Basket Ball Team 122. Thesis: " The Treatment of Birds in English Poetry," MARY BELLE FRIES, ENG. - - - V - - Richland Center da. B. K. Thesis: "A Study of the Moral judgments on Negro Slavery in the United States. GEORGE WILLIABI FUNCK, G.S. - Milwaukee JOHN EDWARD Goonwm, ENG. - - XII - - Madison Athenzeg Sergeant Crack Co. U. XV. Regiment Q2l. Thesis: "Settlement in Wisconsin in decade 1840-185O." CHARLES WILLIAM GoRR, G.S. - - - - Milwaukee ALICE ELIZABETH GREGORY, PHIL. - VII - - Vergennes, Vt. Entered as Senior from the University of Minnesota. Thesis: " Whitman, the man as seen in his writing." 50 fx, V ,.. - r,..r--.---.e....---....s. iw' ! .. ,.,,:, . .. 'rr-'r' '- 5 A l C - f ffl X f, .- , --f 2 ,pasa- ,,,f . ,ef JA" J ., X A fl, f Egg 1 .Aff - -- e - ---ef -,- - ce joseph Koffend, jr. 6 Frederic M. Van Horn 7 John Michels 8 Daniel H. Murphy 9 Robert E. VVipfler 10 11 Group III. Wm. T. Jones Lottie J. Abbott John J. Coyle Charles N. Peterson David A. Hanks Herman H. Taylor Earl E. Hunner Carolyn C. Thomas Luther E. Brown Marie McClernau Charles B. Werve ERNST GREVERUS, C.H. - - - IX - - New Holstein Athenaeg Battalion Adjutant t2jg Essayist Semi-Public 121: U. W. Orchestra 425: U. W. Band f3j, f4j. Thesis: "Political History of 'vVisconsin, 1843-1848." GRETA MAE GRIBBLE, PHIL. - - VI Platteville AQ: Entered as junior from Platteville Normal. Thesis: " Socrates' Philosophy of the Beautiful." ELLA MAY GUILE, G.S. ------- Madison Castalia. Thesis: "The General Anatomy and Morphology of the Leaf, Stem and Root of Typha Latifoliz-I." Rox' DYKES HALL, G.S. - - - II - Burnett Junction Y. M. C. A.: Chess Club Q3jg Vice-President U. W. Camera Club f3j. Thesis: "Action of Pieryl Chloride on Pyrogallol in Presence of Alkaliesl' ALBERT HAXNSON, G.S. - - - - - Eau Claire Entered as Sophomore from Northwestern. Thesis: "Molecular Action between Solids." GEORGE PATRICK HARDGROVE, ENG. - XIII Fond du Lac f-PAQ: Junior Prom Committee 135. Thesis: "Andrew Iackson's Administrative Viewsf' WILLIAM KARL HERRICK, C.H. - - XI - - Cherokee, Ia. Entered as junior from Lake Forest University, KZ. Thesis: " Governmental Control of Trusts." CARLISLE V. HIBBARD, G.S. - - - I - - - Racine fI1PBg Philomathia, Y. M. C. A.: Treasurer, Y. M. C. A. QZJQ President Q3j, f4jg Philomathia Sophomore Orator QZJ. Thesis: "Relation of the Molecular Weight of Various Optically Active Substances to their Specinc Rotary Power in Different Solvents. " LOUISE HINKLEY, M.C. - - - XVI - - Green Bay A415 Board of Directors, Girls Tennis Club Q2jg Girls Glee Club C225 Associate Editor, Aegis 141. ' Thesis: "The Historical Inaccuracies of Victor Hugo's 'Man Who Laughs! " HARRY MEARS HOBBINS, M.C. - - VI - - Madison Glee Club C3j, 141. i Thesis: " The Development of the Latin Pluperfect." FRANK HOFFMAN, ENG. QPol. Science Groupj, IV - - Cleveland Germanistische Gesellshaftg Philomathiag Secretary of Philomathia Q2jg Treasurer Q 31: President MJ: Semi-Public Debate QZJ. Thesis: " The Evolution of the United States Postal Service." Roy JAY HOLDEN, ENG. fBotanyj . - XVI - Sheboygan Falls Entered as Sophomore from Wayland Academy. Thesis: " Some Nuclear Phenomena in the Rustsf' i 53 f HARVEY ROBSON HOLMES, PHIL. - - XV - - Geneva, Minn. Entered as junior from Winona Normal School. Foot Ball Team QZJ, 131. Thesis: " Educational Systems in Wisconsin and Minnesota." EDWARD ALFRED Hoox-:, G.S. QMATHJ - V - - Milwaukee fIPBKg Philomathiag Y.M.C.A.g Secretary, Philomathia QZJ, Treasurer, Y. M. C.A. Q3jg Sergeant U. XV. Regiment C275 Badger Board 133. Thesis: " On the Cubic Envelopes of Certain Systems of Conics." ETTA L. HUENKEBIEI ER, IIBQP. IMARCIA MARIE JACKMAN, M.C. - - Xl - - -Janesville AI'g Class Vice-President fllg Class Historian 121: Badger Board f3lg Captain Class Basket Ball Team ill: 'Varsity Basket Ball Team Q3lg President Self- Government Association 141. Thesis: " Shakespeare's Treatment of Children in the Drama." ALICE FANNY JACKSON, M.C. - - - - - Madison AF. . RICHARD B. JOHNS, PHIL. - - - V - Madison Entered as junior from Milwaukee Normal. Thesis: " The Non-Glaceated Area of Wisconsin." AXEL EDWARD JOHNSON, A.C. - - - - Madison NORA FRANCESCA JOHNSON, M C. - - X - - - Rockdale Castaliag Secretary Castalia Q1 lg Treasurer C213 Vice-President, Oratorical As- sociation Q4jg junior Ex f3lg Dramatic Contest QZJ. Thesis: "The Delsarte Theory of Dramatic Expression." OLIVER BIILTON JONES, PHIL. - - IV - - Georgetown Entered as junior from Platteville Normal. Thesis: " Early Development of the Massachusetts Schools." BESSIE SUSAN KING, M.C. - - - II - - Neillsville Choral Uniong Castaliag Y. W. C. A.g Treasurer of Castalia Q3l, f4jg Presi- dent of Castalia Ml. Thesis: "The Ethics of Seneca's Letters." OLE ANDREXV KITTLESON, ENG. QPhil. Groupj XIII - - - Perry Hesperia. Thesis: "The Relation between Virtue and Happiness in Ibsen's Dramas." SUSAN CATHERINE KLINIKHADIMER, PHIL. - X - - Cassville Entered as junior from Platteville Normal. Thesis: "Evolution of Faculties in Human and Animal Mind." ARTHUR ALEXANDER KOCH, G.S. - XII - - Beaver Dam Philomathiag Classical Club, Laboratory Assistant in Chemistry. Thesis: "The Boiling Points of Concentrated Solutions." 54 r-ax 5 Tiff on D Group IV. Katherine O. Peet Francis A. Vallee Kathryn G. Malloy Walter J. Parsons Andrew R. Anderson Charles Yankey Henry A. Russell Frederick M. Emerson John L. Harvey Sarah I. Ramsay Irving P. Robinson Oliver M. jones Albert N. Tandvig Frank Hoffman Richard I. Strauss David M. Roberts 49' - I 1 47 2 '- ,, -.'.L?"" r Josnpn KOFFEND, JR., ENG. - - III - - Appleton Athenaeg Vice-President Athenae 131g President 111g Class Secretary 1415 Closer Freshman Blowout 1115 Freshmen Dec. 111g Semi Public 1215 junior Ex. 1313 junior Response Orator 1315 Associate Editor, Cardinal 1415 junior Prom. Committee 131. Thesis: "The System of Ambassadorshipf' KENBLM JULIUS LEE, G.S. ---- - Chippewa Falls 'i,I'Ag Class Treasurer 121, Chairman Junior Prom. Committee 131. Thesis: "Alimentary Tract of the Necturus." SADIE ROSELYN LEVITT, C.H. - - XIV - Grand Rapids, Mich. Entered as Senior from University of Michigan. Thesis: "jackson's Plan of Removal." JOSEPH Loan, C.H. ---- IX - - Appleton 'i2BKg Athenaeg Vice-President, Athenae 1313 President 1415 Class President 131: Semi-Public Debate 121, Joint Debate 1313 Winner Freshman Dec. 1115 Final Oratorical Contest 131, 1415 Associate Editor, Daily Cardinal 131. Thesis: "History of Parties in England since 1880." SUE EUGENIA LOWELL, M.C. - - I - - Janesville Entered as Sophomore from Northwestern. Afifg Y. W. C. A.g Executive Board Self Government Association. Thesis: "The Character of Joan of Arc as shown in Schil1er's jungfrau von Orleans." SARAH MAY LUCAS, M.C. - - - VII - Brodhead Y. W. C. A. Thesis: "Nature as Portrayed in Horace's Odes and Epodesf' JOHN THOMAS STUART LYLE, M.C. , - XIV - - - Madison QIPKYIQ Athenaeg Class Treasurer 1215 Badger Board 1315 Assistant Manager Foot Ball Team 1415 Assistant Manager, Track Team 121g Manager Track Team 131, 1413 Class Track Team 111, 121, Board of Directors, Athletic Asso- ciation 131, 141. Thesis: "The Presidential Election of 1856." ALBERT JosEPH MACARTNEY, A.C. - -- X Madison Entered as Junior from University of Denver. fIf'PBg Philomathiag Mandolin Club 141g Scholarship in Hebrew 131. Thesis: "The .International Commerce of the Black Sea since the fall of Constantinople." -' RALPH BENJAMIN MACNISH, C.H. - - Madison MAE MAUDE MACGRAW, M.C. - - XII - - Chippewa Falls Thesis: "Rudyard Kiplingg the Elements of his Literary Power." KATHRYN GERTRUDE MALLOY, ENG. - IV - - Fond du Lac Thesis: "Goethe,s Influence on Carlyle." ELLA. DOROTHEA MAERCKLEIN, G.S. - II Milwaukee Thesis: "Geotropism of the Root Tip." MARIE MCCLERNAN, A.C. - - - III - - Janesville Thesis: "Critical Discussion of Thucydides VII, Chapters 70-77." 57 ALEXANDER VAUGHAN MCDONALD, G.S. VII - - Fond du Lac ZX Thesis: "Effect of Mechanical and Chemical Treatment upon the Bacterial Contents of Sewage." MARY ISABELLE MCFADDEN, PHIL. - - XV - Oconto Entered a Junior from Normal School. Educational Club: Tennis Club: Recreation Club. Thesis: "Growth and Development of Professional Work in the Wisconsin Normal Schools." SADIE LOVE MCGILVRA, M.C. - - X - - Baraboo Y. XV. C. A.: President Y. VV. C. A. 135. Thesis: "The Influence of the Bible on Goethe's Faust." CORY HUGH IMCKENNA, G.S. - - X - Platteville Entered as a Junior from Platteville Normal. EX. Thesis: Ulmbibition of Water from Solutions by Seeds." FRANCIS EUGENE MCKENNA, PHIL. - - - - Blanchardville Entered as junior from Platteville Normal. Thesis: "Fungi that are,Parasitic on Other Fungi." JAMES HERBERT MCNEEI., A.C. - - - - - Fond du Lac 6AXg Hesperia, Class Vice-President11jg Secretary 12jg Vice-President13Jg Censor 145: Managing Editor, Aegis 1-ij, Badger Board 1313 Major 2nd Bat- talion, U. W. Regiment 14 Q. Thesis: "A History of Political Parties in Wisconsin from 1865-TU." PAUL W. MINNICK, C.H. - - - Y - - - Madison EX. JOHN A. MOLSTAD, A.C. - - - XV - - DeForest Entered as Senior from Luther College, Decorah, Ia. Thesis: "The Election of 1865 and WiscOnsin's Vote on Negro Suffrage." THOMAS SHERMAN BIORRIS, C.I-I. - - XIII - - - Madison Athenaeg Semi-Public Debate 1293 Manager, Aegis 1215 Manager of Coop 1897-1900. I Thesis: "Bearing of Clayton-Bulwer Treaty on the Building of Nicaragua Canal." WAYNE THORNTON BIOSRLEY, C.H. - I - Madison ALMA NIARIE MOSER, A.C. - - - XII - - - Ashland 1'IBfIPg Y. W. C. A.: Executive Board, Self-Government Association 133, 141: Class Vice-President 141. g Thesis: "Influence of the Classics on Goethe as shown in his Iphigenief' GEORGE WARNER MOSHER, C.H., ---- Prophetstown, Ill. K. E., Entered as Sophomore from University of Colorado, junior Prom. Committee 135. Thesis: "Trust Legislation in United States." DANIEL HAYES MURPHY, cas. - - - III - - Milwaukee EX, Iron Mask: junior Prom. Committee 131: Commodore of Crew 1-lj. Thesis: " The Curve of Practice." 58 Qi, ., , , fm W' J - ' 9. - K ff? 3 If Al ---'Q X 'A 1 2 3 4 5 6. 7. 8. 9 10. 11. 12. 13, 14. 15. 16. Group V. Katherine E. Swain Charles B. Barnes John A. Hillesheim Edward A. Hook Mary L. Strong Milton Orchard Winifred A. Smith Emma J. Ochsner Edna M. Parks Mary B. Fries Richard B. johns Charles G. Goodsell William C. Sutherland Frederick E. Schmitt Julius Winden Paul W. Minnick 1 MH- n gf -Aw fi-f . ff ' -.....-.... -.-., 4. . ' r- ,fa G, XIV - - . .5111 ears-wafer.. K W . 1' Q bi' f 1:-., ' .E Q 3 1 7' L 1- ' ,- r , Q'I". J 1, rf,-Q5 :lj ua 1' I , 1 ...f--- xi ISM rfb ! ,NR 1 ' 2 .4 ky.. .AK 6 NORDIAN OSCAR NELSON, G.S. - - - XII - - Madison Thesis: " The Blood Supply of the Lung of the Turtle.',' JULIUS JOHN NEXVMAN, PHIL. - - - - - - Horicon Entered as Junior from Oshkosh Normal. Thesis: " Classification of Polyporealf' JOHN FREDERICK NICHOLSON, G.S. - - I - Brodhead JOHN MCKEAN NIVEN, A.C. - - - VII - - Sheridan Hesperia: Semi-Public Debate C2Jg Declarnation Contest Qlj. Thesis: " The Fox Wars in Wisconsin." PATRICK NOHELTY, ENG.SP. - - - VI - Lake Geneva Thesis: "Apportionments in Wisconsin. " JESSIE ANNE NUZUM, ENG. - - - I - Viroqua Thesis: "A Study in English Rhyme." EMMA JULIA OCHSNER, G.S. - - - V - - Chicago, Ill. Girls Tennis Club: President of 'Varsity Girls Tennis Club 131. ghesis: " Schiller's Jungfrau von Orleans and Michelets La Pucelle 'Orleansf' JENNY OGILVIE, ENG. H - - - II - Madison KKI2 Thesis: " Dialect in American Fiction." MILTON ORCHARD, PHIL. - - - V - - Shullsburg Entered from Normal School as a Junior. Hesperia: 'Y. M. C. A. Thesis: " A Test of the Perception of Solidity." JOHN GOODRICH OSBORNE, M.C. - - XV1 - - Milwaukee QAO. Thesis: " History of the Growth of Municipal Institutions in Wisconsin." STEPHEN ALBERT Osclip., ENG. - - VI - - Washburn Philomathiag Secretary Philornathia t2Jg President ffljg Semi-Public Debate C23- Thesis: " The Hague Peace Conference." BERNARD MOREY PALMER, C.H. - - XIV - - Janesville QK'-If: Athenaeg Vice-President Athenae Q3Jg Class Secretary Q3jg Colonel, U. W. Regiment C4J. Thesis: " The Decline of Lead Mining in Illinois." EDNA MARY PARKS, A.C. - - - V - Crystal Falls, Mich Entered as Sophomore from Lawrence University. Y. W. C. A.: Choral Union. Thesis: " A Syntactical Study of the Bellum Hispaniensef' CHARLES SUMNER PEARCE, ENG. - - XI - - Walworth KEg Forumg Managing Editor of Daily Cardinal MJ.. ' ' Thesis: " A Study of Municipal Function in Wisconsin Cities." WILLIAM HENRY PEARSON, PHIL. - - VIII - ' Lancaster Entered as Junior from Platteville Normal. t . l ' Thesis: "History of Secular Education in Wisconsin since the Beginning of the Civil War." 61 RAYMOND BURNETT PEASE, ENG. - XIII - - - Oregon Hesperiag Choral Union, Board of Directors of Co-Op., 111.131, 1495 Treasurer of Hesperia 131: Vice-President, Hesperia 131: President, Hesperia 14 Q Secretary of Oratorical Association 14jg Hesperian Semi-Public Debate 12 g Reporter on Cardinal. Thesis: " Oriental Elements in the English Romantic Movement." Rov WALTER PECK, M.C. ---- - - Milwaukee Xlll. KATHERINE OLIVE PEET, G.S. - - IV Chicago, Ill Entered from University of Chicago. Thesis: " The Spiranzium of the Fern." HAROLD STU.-xRT PETERSON, A.C. - XIII - - Milwaukee BOHQ Philomathiag President, Semi-Public 122, Glee Club 1lj, 122, 1335 Band 121, 1355 Daily Cardinal 11mg Sphinx 133. Thesis: " Dionysii Halicarnassensis de Lysia Judiciumf' HELEN AUGUSTA PIERCE, ENG. - XIII - Chicago, Ill Thesis: " A Study of American Periodicals in l8l5." Benrna HELEN Pneuss, Pmrf - - XI Bene Piaine Entered as junior from Oshkosh Normal. Y.W.C.Ag Germanistische Gesellschaft. Thesis: " The Character of XVallenstein in History and in Schi1ler's Drama." SARAH ISABELLA Ramsay, A.C. - - IV - - - Madison AI'g Aegis Board 141. . Thesis: " Euripidean Scenes Traceable in Sculpture and Painting." MAY INEZ RANDALL, G.S. - - - - - - Ladoga Entered as Sophomore from Ripon College. I Thesis: " An Historical Review of the Work Done on the Flora of the Tem- tory now Included in the Limits of Wisconsin." INTIRI.-XM KEITH REED. M.C. - - - VI - - - Madison IIBfPg Badger Board 135. Thesis: "A Comparison Between the Satire of the Revolution and that of the Rebellion." ANNICE TRUE RICHARDSON, C.H. - VII - El Dorado, Kan Entered as junior from Tulane University, Louisiana. Tennis Club. Thesis: "The Pro-Slavery Argument from the Opening of the Debate on the Compromise of 1850 to the Passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act." DAVID MILTON ROBERTS, A.C. - - IV - - - Madison IRVING Entered as junior from Beloit. Philomathia. Thesis: " History of Life Insurance Legislation in Massachusetts." PORTER ROBINSON, C.H. - - IV - - Milwaukee B611-g Class President 141: Reporter Daily Cardinal 111, University Editor Cardinal 123: Chairman 1900 Badger Board 131: Editor Alumni Magazine 145. Thesis: "The History of Municipal Government in Milwaukee." 62 fn-1 :rg q -rw 1111 sg!-f Group VI 1 ArbaB Marvm xo Patr1cl.Nohelty 2 M1r1amK Reed II HarryW AdamQ 3 GretaM Grlbble I2 WalterE Elmer 4 Harry M Sxlber I3 Stepl1enA Oscar 5 MabelE Fletcher I4 L1bb1eM Damuth 6 Harry M Hobbms I5 JohuR Hegg 7 CIBTEIICCL Nelson 16 Ol1verS Andreseu 8 Frances Slatter I7 F1orenceB Stanton 9 LloydD Suuth . V 1 4 f- A WNY-A hm r I I 1 r 1 A df? LURA LLORA Ross, ENG. - - - VIII - - - Hudson Laureag Y.YV.C.A.: Tennis Club: Treasurer Laurea 131g junior Ex 131. Thesis: " The Sources of Tennyson's " Holy Grail." EMMA RQTHNAN, ENG. ---- - - Chilton GUSTAV FERDINAND RUEDIGER, G.S. - IX - Alma Mandolin Club 1413 Lieutenant in U. W. Regiment 121. Thesis: " A Study of tl1e Pleura of the Cat." RICHARD RUNKE, G.S. 1Physics Gr.1 - X - - - Algona Hesperiag Physicsjournal Clubg Closer Semi-Public 1215 Closer Joint-Debate 131 Thesis: " Conductivity of Silver Film Under Strain." HENRX' ALEXANDER RUSSELL, C. H. - -IV - Ft. Scott, Kan Thesis: " Analysis of Debates on the Inter-State Commerce Laws." SEVER SABY, PHIL, ---- IX - - - Baldwin Entered as junior from River Falls Normal School. Thesis: " Heredity." DENNIS FRANCIS SCANLAN, C.I-I. XIV Madison Columbian. Thesisg "England in Egypt." GEORGE HENRY SCHEER, G.S. - - XIV - - Sheboygan Philomathiag Class Treasurer 1315 Chairman Art Committee Badger' Board 131: Managing Artist Sphinx 141. Thesis: "A Study of the Relation Between the Blood-Vessels and the Air- Passages in the Lung of the Common Cat, Felis Domesticusf' ALFRED REGINALD SCHULTZ, G.S. - - X - - - Tomah Philomathiag Physics Clubg Choral Union. Thesis. "Investigation and Development of Zone Plates!! LIVIA ESTELLE SEILER, M.C. - - - IX - - - Alma IIBfIvg Choral Union 111: Girls' Glee Club 121g Secretary and Treasurer 'Varsity Girls' Tennis Club 111, 121g Dramatic Contest 141. Thesis: "Egmont on History and in the Drama." MABEL SHELDON, ENG. - - '- VIII Reedsburg Badger Board 131. Thesis: "Realism in Kipling." GERTRUDE SHERMAN, A.C. - - - XII - . Milwaukee A. 'Pg 'Varsity Basket Ball Team 121, 131: Captain 1900 Basket Ball Team 131. Thesis: "Tal1ustiana. " WILLIAM HENRY SHEPPARD, PHIL. - XI - Benton Entered as junior from Platteville Normal. ' Philomathiag Reporter, Cardinal 131. Thesis: "The Causes of the Transfer of Literary Supremacy from New York to New England about l830." FRANCES SLAMER, G.S. 1Math.1, - - VI - - Sun Prairie Castaliag Y. WV. C. A. U Thesis: t' On the Transformation by Reciprocal Radn Vectoresf' ' 67 ALLARD JOHNSTON SMITH, C.l-I. - - XIII - - Milwaukee CPKYII g Manager Class Base Ball Team 13- 3 Sergeant U. XV. Regiment C213 Chairman Reception Committee junior Prom Q3l. Thesis: "Investigation of Lead Region of Iowa." HARRY GRAY SMITH, M.C. - - - VIII - - - Madison Philomathiag Class Secretary gli, Vice-President t3Jg President 641, Choral Union ill, 421, CBJ, 445. Thesis: "The Correspondence of Thought and Language." WINIFRED ALICE SMITH, M.C. - - - V - - Wheaton, Ill. KAGQ Y. W. C. A.: Choral Union ill: Girls' Tennis Club QU. Thesis: " Schiller's and Goethe's Freundschaftbundf' MARIE LOUISE SPRAGUE. M.C. V - X - - - Elkhorn Entered as Junior from Beloit College Castaliag Y. XV. C. A.: Censor Castalia Q-ll: Treasurer Y. NV. C. A. Ml. Thesis: " Melancholy of Lucretiusf' FLORENCE BELLE STANTON, M.C. - - VI - - NVarren,Il1. Castalia: Basket Ball Team 131. Thesis: " A Study in Wisconsin's Lead Region of Nineteen Towns in Grant and La Fayette Counties." FREDERICK jorm STUEIIER, PIIII.. - - XI - Prairie du Sac Entered as junior from Whitewater Norrnal. Hesperia 3 Germanistische Gesellschaft. Thesis: " The Denioniacal in Goetlie's Egmontf' EDITH GENEVIEVE STEVENS, ENG. - - XVI Madison KAO. Entered as Junior from Northwestern University. Thesis: " George Sand's Views on Literary Art." MARY LonIsE STRONG, ENG. - - V - - Dodgeville KAG 3 Executive Board Self Government Association. Thesis: " Das Mittelaltische Heldenleben in Uhland's erziihlender Dichtung. WILI,IAM CHESTER SU'1'l'IERI..-KND, G.S. - V - - - Madison 'IPKWI-'g Class Sergeant-at-Arms f3lg Stroke Freshmen Crew Qllg 'Varsity Crew tllg Stroke 'Varsity Crew 4213 Captain 'Varsity Crew t3J: Class Track Team 1233 Vice-President Athletic Association Ml. Thesis: " The Cranial Nerves of the Perch." KATHERINE EGERTON SXVAIN, A.C. - - V - - Milwaukee -fPBKg Girls Glee Club 133, 141: Girls' Tennis Club, University Ladies' Quartette t3jg Self- Government Executive Board tall: Secretary and Treasurer, Girl's Tennis Club t3l, C453 President Girl's Glee Club. Thesis: " Traces of the Influence of the Alexandrian Poets in Propertius " GEoRGE WILLIS SXVARTZ, PI-IIL. - - XI - - Arkansaw HENRY Entered as Junior from River Falls Normal Thesis: "What of the Principles of Agriculture can be taught in the Elementary Schools." HERMrkN TAvI.oR, ENG. - - III - - - Barron lit Liseutenant Q2jg Captain C335 Major in U. XV. Regiment t4lg Track Team 4 7,1 l- Thesis: " The Alaskan Boundary Question. " 68 aff " Gig Group VIII Leo E. Granke William A. Morrow Anna K. Weber Charles C. Montgomery Earl F. Hensel Clarence D. Tearse Albert H. Woltersdorf Mabel Sheldon Louis B. Weed Sebastian Albrecht Lura L. Ross Albert A. Radtke Rebecca S. Fraser William H. Pearson Terese F. Waters Harry G. Smith Josephine H. Bowden CLARENCE DUDLEY TEARSE, ENC. - - VIII - - Winona, Minn EX, I-Iesperiag Captain Class Crew fllg Board of Directors, CosOperative Association CSIQ, Qfljg Badger Board 4315 Associate Editor Aegis 145: Dramatic Club.i4lg President, Hesperia Cfljg Class President Q4jg Haresfoot Club bij. Thesis: " History of United States Commerce in the Pacific." WINIFRED TITUS, G.S. - - - - VII - - - Oshkosh Entered as Junior from Oshkosh Normal School. KKQFQ Girls' Glee Club f3Jg Member of Executive Board, Self Government Association 1-ll. Thesis: "Reactions of Glycerine Solutions of Antimony and Bismuth Tri- Chlorid es. ' ' ENOCH WILLIADI UNDERwooD, ENG. - VII - - Baltimore, Md. X111 g 2d Lieutenant U. W. Regiment 127g lst Lieutenant and Adjutant lst Battalion l3Jg Major and Regimental Adjutant fell: Captain Co. A., University Volunteer Regiment Q2jg Mandolin Club QED. , Thesis: " The Growth of Admiralty Jurisdiction in the United States." WILLIAM ELMER UTENDORFER, G.S. - XVI - - Spring Green Entered as junior from Milwaukee Normal. Thesis: "Comparative Structure of Normal and Diseased Needles of the Black Sprucef' FRANCIS ARTHUR VALLEE, C.H. IV Racine Thesis: " Boer Question." ANNA DE RIEMER VALENTINE, M.C. - X - Janesville A1'g Y. W. C. A.: Class Vice-President Q3l. . Thesis: " The Development of the Fool in English Drama." FREDERIC MILO VAN HORN, A.C. - - - III - - - Madison Fortnightly Clubg Cap and Gown Committee Q-aljg Badger Board f3lg Mana- ging Editor, Aegis CLD. Thesis: " The Once-Read Works in Aeschylus. " FANNIE WARNER, M.C. - - - IX - - - Windsor Castaliag Y. W. C. A. Choral Union QZJ, Q3J, QQ: Dramatic Contest Q4jg Pres- ident Castalia Thesis: " The Literary and Artistic Art of Hawthorne." FLORENCE MAURINE WARNER, G.S. - IX - - Windsor Castalia: Y. W. C. A.g Choral Union 121, l3jg Castalia Secretary fljg Y. W. C. A. Vice-President 1453 Self Government Association Secretary fflj. Thesis: " Histogenesis of the Root." HELEN HASKELL WARRINER, M.C., - XII - - - Portage KKI'g Badger' Board C353 Sphinx Board 143: Class Vice President 019. Thesis: " The French Influence on Matthew Arnold." ROBERT GLENDENNING WASHBURN, G.S. - II - - Milwaukee Philomathia. Thesis: " Development of the Digestive Tract of the Painted Turtle fChry- semys Pictalf' TERESE FRANCES XVATERS, PHIL. - VIII Fond du Lac Entered as junior from Chicago University. KKI'g Class Vice President 431. Thesis: " Womanhood as Portrayed by Browning." 71 . ANNA KATHERINE WEBER, C.H. - - VIII - - - Monroe AAAQ Laureag Y. W. C. A.3 Girl's Tennis Club: Secretary L21 and Vice-Presi- dent Q31 of Laurea. Thesis: "Sectional Influence in the New York State Consti.tutional Conven- tion of 182l." EUNICE VVALLACE XVELSH, M.C. - - XI - - - Madison 1'IB'i1g Y. XV. C. A.: Executive Board Self-Government Association C41. Thesis: " Influence of Slavery on American Literature." - - XI - DUTEE ALLEN WHELAN, ENG. Thesis : " Consular Service." THOMAS XVILLETT, G.S. - Thesis: " Nerve Endings in Floor of Mouth of Perca Fluviatusf' DANIEL JENKINS WXI.LI.A3IS, A.C. Mondovi Madison - - - - Genesee Depot WIRT CLAY WILLIAMS, PHIL. - - II - Madison Entered as junior from Platteville Normal. Thesis: " Perception of Simultaneous Sense Impressions." JULIUS WINDEN, PHIL. - - - V - - Monroe Entered as junior from Milwaukee State Normal. U Thesis: "The Influence ofthe Erie Canal upon the Population along Its Course." PAUL GERIIARD WINTER l Madison EDSON RAY YVOLCOTT, G.S. QPhysics1 - XIX' - Sharon Glee Club 131. Thesis: " An Experimental Study of Coherers." HERBIAN EMIL YVOLF, G.S. - - - IX - La Crosse Class Sergeant at arms 411. Thesis: " 'Why Does Diphteria Organism Grow Better in Boiled than Un- boiled Media? PAUL RANDALL WRIGHT, A.C. - - XV - - - Monroe Hesperia: Fortnightly Club: Chairman of Literary Committee of Badger Board Q31g On Aegis Board 141. Thesis: " Carmina Clericorum and the Mediaeval Universities." CHARLES G. YANKEX', ENG. - - - IV - - - Juneau Hesperiag Class President 1415 Closer on Hesperian Semi-Public 121. Thesis: "History of Law of Evidence." VIOLA MAY ZIMMERMAN, PHIL. - - XII Milwaukee Entered as junior from Milwaukee Normal. Castaliag Secretary Castalia 1413 Y. YV. C. A Thesis: " Whittier's Treatment of Nature." '72 J fi? pl. ,!' Z-ff' ZZ Wm HAM' bm I-Sl-,s T' X. X-in 354 J lv., ff' m u 'Y QL-Q rx is f Yfwglj i-X 1 I. '- Nb 5 X ff! 1' Y 'gvvf fx f ff .5 x4 'fm A A Lf '51 , V" ' 1 f X X , ff, , Group IX. Saver Sally 2. George Cnssols :L Melvin R. Austin 4. Herman E. Wulf Udo I". Wusumnsrlnrff li. Arthur R. Mn-Arthur T. llhurles R. Herlke S. Mne Cashel Y 9. Funny Warner 10. Florence M. Warner ll. Grace M. Chullnner 12. Lixia E, Seiler 123. Joseph Loeb 14-. Ernst Cireverus 15. Gustav F. Ruerligcr ,-- 16. Joseph G. Dillon 5 'M 'lf -f' Group X. Richard Runke Louise Craig Warren A. Hoyt Myron M. Fowler Bernard C. Dorset Nora F. Johnson John F. Icke. Susan C. Klinkhammer Sadie L. McGi1vra Anna D. Valentine Corey H. McKenna Alfred R. Schultz Bertha B. Brigham Albert J. McCartney Edward E. Sands Marie L. Sprague Anfrn Egdahl College or mechanics and Engineering THEODORE HENRY AHARA, M.E. - XIII - Evansville U. XV. Engineer's Club 121: Class foot ball team 141. Thesis : " Comparative Etliciency Tests ofa Simple and a Compound Trac- tion Engine." CHARLES BALLOXV BARNES M.E. - - V. - - Denrock, Ill Engineers' Club: Vice-President Engineers' Club 131, 141: President 141: Member of Class Crew 111. , Thesis: " Comparative Efliciency Tests of a Simple and a Compound Trac- tion Engine." BEN. E. BUTTLES, E.E. - - VII Wateirford RICHARD EDXVARD Bans, M.E. - - XII - - - Madison Thesis: " Efficiency Test of Gas Engine Plant of Sewerage Disposal Works of Madison, Wis." THOMAS RUSSELL COOK, M.E. ------ . Oshkosh BGII: Iron Mask: Banjo Club 111: 2nd Lieutenant Co. E., U. W. Regiment 421: Junior Prom Committee 131. Thesis: " A Complete Test of the Stern Wheel River Steamer B. F. Carter." JOHN EDWARD DIXON,11I.E. - - - XV - - Milwaukee XYIJQ Iron Mask: Half Back on M. E. and E. E. Foot Ball Team. Thesis: " A Complete Test of the Stern Wheel River Steamer B .F. Carter " FREDERICK MERRILL EMERSON, C.E. - IV - - Milwaukee Philomathiag Gymnastic Team 121: Squad Leader 111, 121, 131, 141: Foot- Ball Team 131, 141: C. E. Base Ball Team 111, 121,131,141: Class Base Ball Team 111 151. Thesis: "Design of Highway Bridge on Upper Grand Avenue, Milwaukee." JAMES ARCHIBALD FARRIS, M.E. ----- Fennimore MYRON MARSHALL FOWLER, E.E. - - X - - Wauwatosa TB1'Ig Banjo Club 111, 1315 Editor Wisconsin Engineer 131: Editor-in-Chief, Wisconsin Engineer 141: M. E. 841 E. E. Foot Ball Team 131, 1415 Instructor on Banjo in School of Music 121, 131, 141. Thesis: " The Change in the Electrical Resistance with Increase of Tempera- ature up to and through the Melting Points. " LEO ERNEST GRANKE, C.E. - - - VIII - - La Crosse Track Team121, 131. ' Thesis: "The Economic Value of Recent Improvements on the La Crosse Division ofthe C. M. 8: St. P. R. R." JOHN LEROY HARVEY, M.E. - - - IV - Mondovi Class Base Ball Team 131. Thesis: "Application of Metallography to the Commercial Composition of Carbon Steel." EUGENE HZAMILTON HEALD, C.E. ----- Oak Park, Ill. WY: TBR: Iron Mask: C. E. Class Foot Ball Team 131, 141: C. E. Class Base Ball Team 121, 131, Junior Prom Committee 131. Thesis: " A Series of Experiments upon the Laws of Flow-over Weirsf' 77 o CHARLES R1cH.xRD HEDKE, C.E. - - IX - Racine Engineers: C. E. Base Ball and Foot Ball Teams. Thesis: " Madison Disposal Plant." JOHN RICHARD HEGG, C.E. - - - VI - - Cumberland C. E. Foot .Ball Team 133, 143: Base Ball 123. 133. Thesis: "Design of a Proposed Water Tower for the University ofWisconsin." 'YVARREN ALBERT Hovr, C.E. - - X - - - Madison Entered as sophomore from Colorado College. Y. M. C. A.: Secretary Madison Temperance Board: Assistant Computor, Washburn Observatory. Thesis: " Concrete-Steel Construction." CLIFFORD YVANE HUMPHREY, EE. - - VII - - Waterloo ' Engineers' Club: Class Foot Ball Team 143. Thesis: " Separation of ? in Columbus Electric Light Plant." EARL EMAIEI' HUNNER, C.E. - - - III - - - Madison AY: Engineer's Club: Secretary and Treasurer, Engineer's Club 133: C. E. Foot Ball Team 143. Thesis: " A Survey of the University of XVisconsin Tunnel Heating System." JOHN FREDERICK ICKE, C.E. - - - X - - Marshfield TBH: C. E. Base Ball Team 123, 131: C. E. Foot Ball Team 133, 143. Thesis: " A Complete Design of Sewerage System for Marshfield, l.Vis." OLAP JAMES LINDEM, C.E. - - - XVI - - Marinette Class Foot Ball and Base Ball Teams. Thesis: " The Value of KVisconsin Rocks as Road Material." :XRBA B. MARVIN, JR., - - - VI - - - Oregon TBH: Engineers Club: U. W. Band 113, 123, 133, 143. Thesis: "The Electrical Conductivity of Copper Alloys." ARTHUR Rovar. MCARTBUR, M.E. - - IX - Johnstown Center TBIIQ Engineers Club 113, 123: Y. M. C. A.: U. XV. Camera Club. Thesis: " Microscopical Analysis of Carbon-Steel as a Commercial Test." CLYDE M.-XRSPI:XI,l, MCKAY. ELDRIDGIE GERRY MERRICK, E.E. - - XVI - Danbury, Conn. AY: Engineers Club: Choral Union: Class Treasurer 123: E. E. Ik M. E. Foot Ball Team 143, 153: Gymnastic Team 143: Class Track Team 123: Class Relay Team 123. Thesis: " Phenomena of Very High Pressures on Line Circuits." 'WALTER BERNHARD Mmcn, M.E. - - XIII - - Madison Thesis : " Eflicieucy Test of Gas Engine Plant of Sewerage Disposal XVorks at Madison." Lawrs EUGENE MooRE, M.E. - - I - - Chicago, Ill. TBH: Engineers Club: Y.M C.A.: Camera Club: Vice President, Engineers Club 133, 143: Secretary and Treasurer 133: lst Sergeant, U. XV. Battalion 113: lst Lieutenant 123: Captain 133: Badg'efBoard133: Boardoi Editors, XVisconsin Engineer 123. 133, 143: Business Manager, Wisconsin Engineer 143, Thesis: " Eiiiciency Test of Air Compressor at the Burnside Shops ofthe Illinois Central Railroad." CLARENCE LOTARI.-x NEI,SON, C.E. - - VI - - - Racine Philornathia: Choral Union 113,123, 133: Baa'gerBoard 133: Sphinx 143: C.E. Foot Ball Team 133, 143. Thesis: " The Madison Disposal Plant." A 78 N-1 . ay . 4 1 .k wax 1, U- S1 'f I g Q5 - I 'I-X, r .X X' Group Xl. Bertha H. Preuss Charles S. Pearce Frank B. Pattee Frank E. Darling Dutee A. 'Whelan Adolph H. Pritzloif Frederick R. Dexheimer Jessica E. Davis George W. Swartz William H. Sheppard Marcia M. Jackman Frank L. McNamara William K. Herrick Frederick J. Stueber Herbert S. Siggelko Victor T. Pierrelee Eunice W. Welsh George A. Sarau CLIFFORD OLDER, C.E. - - - XII - - Portage Tl1esis: " The Determination of Proper Rivet Staggerl' WI4.I.TER JAY PARSONS, C.E. - - - IV - - Chicago, 111, Business Manager Badger Board 1333 C.E. Foot Ball Team 143. Thesis: "Erection of Iron Bridges." ALBERT AUGUSTUS RADTKE, E.E. - - VIII - - Milwaukee Engineers' Club: President and Vice-President Engineers' Club 143. Thesis : "Comparative Test of Dry Cells." CHARLES Aucusrus RHINE, EE. and M.E. XIII - - Milwaukee TB1'Ig Engineers' Club. Thesis: " Conditions which give rise to Sparking of Dynamosf' EDXVARD EMMET SANDS, C.E. - - - X - - - Sparta FREDERICK EMIL SCI-IMITT, C.E. ' - - V - - Green Bay Engineers' Club: Class Foot Ball Team 133, 143. Thesis: "The Two-hinged Arch." HAROLD SEAMAN, E.E. - ------ Milwaukee XIII g Class President 113 5 M.E. and E.E. Foot Ball and Base Ball Team g U. W. Tennis Team 113, 123, 133, 143, Junior Prom. Committee 133. Thesis : " Effect of Frequency in an Incandescent Lamp." SYDNEY THOMAS SMITH, C.E. - - XIII - - Sturgeon Bay AY, Director U. W. Co-operative Association 113, 123: Junior Prom. Commit- tee 133g Lieutenant U. W. Regiment 1235 Class Crew 113, 123, Class Foot Ball Team 133, 143, Captain 143. Thesis: " Curve of Flow of Water Over Dams." MELVIN BAILEY STONE, C.E. - - XV - - Madison Badger Board 133. Thesis : " Design of Sewer System for Marshfield, NVis." OTTO FRANCIS WAsMANsDORFF, C.E. - IX - - Chicago, 111. Engineers' Club 113, 123 3 Choral Union 113, 123, U. W. Orchestra 113: Mando- llll Club 113. 1233, 133, 143: Captain Class Crew 113: Badger Board 133. Thesis : " Effect of Continuous Loads on Timber." LOUIS BUROESS WEED, C E. - - VIII - - - Bristol Engineers' Club 3 Class Crew 113. Thesis: "The Economic Value .of Recent Improvements on the La Crosse Division of the C., M. 81 St. P. R. R." HARRY RICHARD WHOMES, M.E. - - I - - - Baraboo TBH. Thesis: "Efficiency Test of Compound Air Compressor, Illinois Central Railroad Shops." - LYNN ALFRED WILLIAMS, M.E. Milwaukee EX. ROBERT EDWIN WIPELER, C.E. - - III - - 1 DCtr0it, MiCl1- Entered as sophomore from Western University of Pensylvannia. ' TIBIT. EDWARD LUCIUS WILLIAMSON, C.E. - I - Janesville TKT, Class Secretary 113: C. E. Base Ball Team 143. Thesis: " Time Effects of Loads on Timber." 81 College of filw Officers of Senior Law Zlass JOHN MOR.-iN ----- President ALBERT C. WOLFE - - Vice President VVILLI.-XM H. DICGR.-XTH Secretary XVILLIAM T. JONES - - Treasurer ALBERT FRED ALEXANDER, ---- - Centralia SAX, Philomathiag 'Varsity Crew, '95-'96-'97. Thesis: "Specific Performance of Parole Land Contracts." GEORGE ARNOLD AL15x:tNn1f:R, - - VII - - Bianitowoc Thesis: "The Liability of Steamship Companies for Baggage of Passengers." Ross EVERETT Axniuaws, AUGUSTUS CH.xRx.x1:s Bacxus, - - - II - Kewaskum Entered from Oshkosh Normal. Forumg Class Secretary, Secretary and Vice-President, Forum, President of U. W. Band1l1, 121. 131. Thesis: " Coustitutioxility of the Eight-I-lour Labor Law." JOHN HENRY BARTMAN, - -' - XIV - - Appleton Athenreg Forum, Semi-Public 121. Thesis: " Measure of Damages in an Action of Replevin, where the Value of Goods has been enhanced by the wrongful taker, either under color of title, or nialiciouslyf' CH.-xRr.1-Ls Inxcltlrzx' B.xRTL1a'rT, - XVI Clayton, Ill. KPFA. TH!-ZODORIQ BERKI, . . - - - - - Appleton Athenceg Luther S. Dixong President, Luther S. Dixon. Thesis: "Qualification, Duties, and Liabilities of a Director ofa National Bank." WILLIANI MANN BIICRS.-XCII, - - - XIV - Milwaukee QAO. Thesis: " Constitutionality of Chapter 274, Vtfiscousin Statutes." JAMES J. BOXVLER, ---- XX' - - - Sparta Kilg Forum: Secretary, Forum 111, President 121, Missouri Intercollegiate Debate 131g Board of Directors, Athletic Association '21, 1315 Assistant Mana- ger Base Ball 121 3 Manager Base Ball 1319 Student Member Executive Com- mittee of Athletic Association 131. Thesis In " Rights of a bona tide Holder of Altered Bill or Note." THEODORE W.u,'1'ER Bitstzantf, - - XVI - - Grand Rapids GAX, fIPAfPg Philomathiag President of Philomathia 1413 Semi Public 121 Joint Debate 1313 Joint Debate 141, Intercollegiate Debate 1Law 113 Inter- collegiats Debate against Georgetown University 1Law 31 g QUniversity Band 111, 1215 Editor in Chief, Cardinal 1Law 31. Thesis : " Constitutionality of Laws Abolishing Curtesy Initiate." 82 , , ' f- - ,W--C, ff! XXX 4- 'ffI.Il2?"l3f 34'-fl Y .. .arf-'.:' ' ,- 1' - . fi hky. u65"C1iqjt3,rf'1"'5u'U Ntkg , .JW C39 Fr th -5 ' K .za 1 ra- lf.. --:C '-4. 5 'g .-""""' i 1 l 59:2 .Q f -W. -. , x r pn. X 1... -.F S X 3,5 x. 'Elk ff H. ,gif-f . . - '1w..-1 1215.-1.1 ,,-,, .., . wi' fig? 1.3.1 F . F? V! H4 f 23? J - I ,x 4 ,s ' F' ,I 1 f 5 f Q 4 QJQ E - C W"-2-' mfs' J :mga , r ' y 2? QNX . 9 ' --" . . .. iu ,J H Q- Xxx lf? Group XII. '3-If x 1, Arthur A. Koch X . 2. Winchel F. Barber 5' 3. Grace L. Dllllllgllalll K 4. Clarence W. Eastman r F' . 4.5173 5. Richard E. Bans 2 1 'F 6. john Goodwin .. f ' 7. Maud XV. 1XIacGraw S. Ernst von Briesen J if Q 9. Alma M. Moser 49 ia 8 I Io. Viola M. Zinnnerxnan L ' Vg. Il, Gertrude Sherman 1 1? bg, 12. Charles B. Bolender P! Mv,.S3?,Mff ak 13. Charles H. Bachhuber i A V 14. Helen H. Warriner , I I5 Clifford Older 5, Km 16. Norman O. N elsou K.. .. yy, -,A 3 Ji . 57 -vw z . 2 if .1 ef X 1 1 . Ig G' A .. .. .. L y, W .S ' mxhfif' . !v,,w.w.m.,Q' William N. Smith Theodore H. Ahara George P. Hardgrove Jonas Radcliffe Allard J. Smith Walter B. Minch Raymond B. Pease I Charles A. Rhine Helen A. Pierce Andrew O. Kittleson Thomas S. Morris Sidney T. Smith Harold S. Peterson john S. Main 15. Frederick B. Peterson I RAV BOWERS, -------- Delavan Thesis: " Right of Holder of Bill of Lading to Stoppage in Transituf' HENRX' PATRICK CL.-xNcx', - - ----- Racine Thesis : " In Actions against Municipal Corporations for Damages Sustained for Defective Highways, is Evidence of a Previous Action Admissible to show such a Defect?" NATHAN CoMsToc1Q, Philadelphia, Pa. QPACP. JOHN JOSEPH COYLE, ---- III - - Freeport, Ill. Columbia Class President Q35 Secretary Columbia Q21 g President Columbia i333 Athletic Board Q3l. Thesis: "The Law of Divorce, Grounds Therefor, and History of in Illinois and NVisconsin." IRVING CREGO, ----- Il Aurora, Ill. Substitute Foot Ball Team QZJ, 132. Thesis: "Province of the Judge and Jury." GEORGE CRAWFORD, ---- XIV - - Oconto Columbian g Vice-President and President Columbian. Thesis 1 " The Rights and Remedies of a Consignorf' ROBERT EARL DTETZ, - - Mayville ATA. Thesis : "Compounding Crimef, EUGENE LEEELER GILMORE, M.D. - XV - Monticello, Ia. Thesis : " When a Person who has Started for a Train Becomes a Passenger." GrLsoN GARDNER GLAZIER, - - XVI - - Madison 'IDACIH Class Secretary C3J. Thesis : " Agency by Necessity." VVALTER LoU1s GOLD, - - - XIV - - Milwaukee Thesis : " The Law of Contracts in Unlawful Restraint of Trade as Affecting Monopoliesf' PAUL DENNrsTON GURNEE, Madison QACP. DAVID ARTHUR HANKS, JR. - - - III - - Madison 7 Philomathiag Captain of CO. C. U. W. Battalion Q2j. Thesis: "What Uses of a Street in Wisconsin Constitute Damage to the Abutting Lot Owner?" , JOHN ADOLPHUS HTLLESHEIM, - - V - - E Dwight, Ill. Entered from Concordia College, Milwaukee. , Thesis : " Contracts g Offer and Acceptance by Post and Telegraph." EARL FRANKLIN HENSEL, - - - VIII - - - Arcadia Columbiag Vice-Prisident, Columbia Q2jg Center Fielder, Base Ball Team 1135. Catcher, Base Ball Team Q2j. Thesis: "The Value of the Use in the Measurement of Damages. HOW alleged and proved. " 87 BERTHOLD JUNBAU HUsT1No, - - - XVI - - Mayville ATAQ Columbian: 'Varsity Base Ball Team 1155 Coach, 'Varsity Base Ball Team 1255 Trainer, Base Ball Team 135: Board of Directors, Athletic Associa- tion 135g In Handball Championship Doubles 135 Thesis: " Domicil of one Dying in Transit from one State to another with intention of changing residence." STEPHEN RowAN JEFFERS, - - - - Hanover, Ill. BUCHANAN JOHNSON, - - - VII - - - Sheridan Philomathia: Forum: Freshman Declamation Contest 1155 Base Ball Team 135g Class Team 1255 Law Hand Ball Team 135: Champion Hand Ball Team 145. Thesis: " Is a City Electric Street Car Line with Overhead Trolley an additional burden in Wisconsin ? " 01,112 LANVRENCE JOHNSON, - - - I - Black River Falls Columbian. Thesis: "Liability of Stockholders Arising from Defective Incorporation." WILLIAM THOLIAS Jonas, - - - III - - Springwater Columbia, Luther S. Dixon: Class Treasurer 1355 President, Columbia 135g Secretary and Treasurer, Luther S. Dixon 125. Thesis: " Rights and Liabilities of Personal Representatives as to Assets of Estate after Final Accounting and Decree." ARTHFR YVILLIABI KOPP, - - - II - - Platteville Forum: Luther S. Dixon: President, Luther S. Dixon 135: Missouri Inter- collegiate Debate 135. Thesis: "Amendment ot the By-Laws of a Private Corporation and the Effect upon the Rights of Members and Stockholders." XVILLIAM HOXX'ARD MCGRATH, ---- . - Argyle Columbian: Class Secretary 1353 Secretary, Forum 1153 Treasurer 125: Inter- collegiate Debate with Georgetown 135: Class Base Ball Team 1l5g 'Varsity Base Ball Team 125 Thesis: " The Rights to Counter-Claims Arising from same Transaction." FRANCIS VINCENT MCMANAMY, - - VII - - - Cashton Columbian: Melvin Club. Thesis: " Right of a Baukrupt to select his Exemptions after the Property has been turned over to the Trustee, and, are partners entitled to Exemptions and of Firm Assets." DONALD J. LICIVIILLAN, - VII Neillsville FRANK LANDIS MCNABIARA, - - XI - - - Janesville CPKIIIQ Athenze 115. Thesis: "Liability of Married lVoman upon Note signed by her to Secure the Debt of her Husband under Laws of Wisconsin." CHARLES CARROLL Moxroonnar, - VIII - - - Madison ATA: Hesperia: President, Law Class 165 Q Hesperia Semi-Public 125g Presi- dent, Hesperia 145: Track Team 115, 12n, 135: Gymnastic Team 155. Thesis : " Defenses of Municipality in an Action against it for Water Rentals." JOHN MORAN, - - - - XV - - - De Forest Columbia: Class President 135. Thesis : " Validity of Contracts of Sale in Restraint of Trade without Limita- tion of Place." 88 Group XIV. Roy F. Farrand VVilliam M. Biersach George Crawford George H. Tilden Stuart Lyle Edna C. Adams Bernard M. Palmer Edson R. Wolcott Sadie R. Levitt Edward D. Tirrill George N. Ferris Dennis F. Scanlan John H Bartman ,Walter L. Gold George H. Scheer JOHN SMITH DIAIN, ---- XIII - - Maclison WIJYQ fiPACPg I-laresfoot Club: Class Historian 1353 Glee Club 131, 145, 153, 161: Manager Glee Club 169: Tennis Team 145, 15lg Director, Golf Club: Class Play 14j. Thesis : " As to the Insuring Liability of Steamships and Sleeping Cars.",1 CHARLES HENRY METZLER, - - - ' - - Portage Base Ball Team 11l. XVILLIAM AMBROSE BIORROKV, - VIII Omro ELMER Entered from Normal School. Columbian Q Class President. Thesis : " Mental Sufferings as an Element of Damagesf' ADDISON ZMORSE, ----- XVILLIAM CLARENCE NORTON, - - VII - - - Elkhorn Philomathiag Forumg Luther S. Dixon Semi-Public Debate 1235 Class Crew 11l: Varsity Track Team 12jg Class Base Ball Team 131. Thesis : " Rights Arising from an Option Contract." OTTO ALBERT OESTREICI-I - ------ Kewaunee PATRICK JOHN O'DEA, ----- Melbourne, Australia B011 g Track Team 11 J, 121, 133: lfoot Ball Team 11,1 Captain Foot Ball Team 123, 137- JOHN JOSEPH OKONESKI, - - - II - - - 'Wausau VICTOR FRANK Forum, Luther S. Diiong Class Treasurer 11j, 12l, 13jg Vice-President, Forum 125. Thesis : " The Manner of Forming Stock Companiesf' THEODORE PIERRELEE, - - XI - - - Granton Forum 3 Secretary Forum 111: Treasurer Forum 121: President lforum 141. Thesis: " Danger of going into Irrelevant Matter on Cross-examination of Witnesses " BENT PATTEE, - - - XI Lowell, Ind, Entered from Northern I.lKll2'llliL Normal. Columbian: Class Vice-President 1273 Treasurer, Columbian 12l3 Vice- President 121. Thesis: " The Limit of Professionalism? FREDERICK BURNS PETERSON, - - XIII - - - Madison l1'Yg 'IPAQ Class Vice-President 13-I, 161, Class 'l'Ic-asurer 14, Board of Directors, Athletic Association 14jg Secretary, Athletic Association 14lg junior Prom Committee 13j, Vice-Commodore, U. W. Navy 1273 'Varsity Track Team 12j. 1355 Instructor in Gymnastics. Thesis: "Personal Liability of Directors of a Private Corporation for Negligence." CHARLES NELSON PETERSON, - - III - Racine U. W. I98. Thesis: " Oleomargarine Legislation." .ALDOLPH HERBIAN PRITZLOFF, - - XI Milwaukee ATA' Hes eria. 2 P . . , Thesis: "Insurance Laws of Wisconsin. ' 91 JONAS RADCLIFFE, - - - - XIII - - Eagle River Entered as Senior from University of Minnesota. Thesis: " The Right of the State to Control Public Charges and Power of the Iudiciary to Review the Reasonableness of such Regulations." SAMUEL BROXVNLEE ROBBINS, - - XV - - Carthage, Ill. fPA0g1I2ACID. Thesis: "The Right of the Holder of a Check as against Drawer and Drawee." WALTER JAMES RUSH, 4 - Waterford GEORGE ADOLPFIUS SAR.-itz, - - - XI - - - Oshkosh Forum: Class Secretary 1233 Treasurer 1 ll: Treasurer, Fqrutn ill, 121: President, Forum 43-: Class Base Ball Team tll. Thesis: " Presumption as to time when Alterations were made in Deeds and Wills." WILI.A1lD SAUCERMAN, - - Madison HERBERT SCOTT SIot:IaI.IcO, - - - XI - - - Madison Thesis: "Constitutionality of Sec. 10. Chapter 274, R. S. of Wis., providing that, 'any parent or guardian who suffers or permits a child to be employed, or suffered or permitted to work in violation of this act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined." HARRV TYIANLOCK SILBIER, - - - YI - - Milwaukee Columbian. Thesis: "The Legal Status of Foreign Corporations on Failure to Comply with Restrictive Statutes." RALPH ELBERT SMITH, ---.--- Waupun Athenzeg Class President I-13: President, Oratorical Association 1-ll: President, Aegis Association t-ll: Delegate National Republican League Convention 133: Pre-indent of Athentu 1,-l l: Semi-Public Debate t'Zl. Thesis: "Jurisdiction of justice Courts, How Obtained and How Lost." RICHARD Emvrx SAIITIYI, - - . - - - - Stanley Thesis : " Damages for Mental Suffering where no Physical Injury is PrOved." SIDNEY YVILLIAM SMITH. - - - XVI - - Rockford, Ill. WIIY g CIDAQP g Philomathia : Business Manager Cardinal t3l. LLOYD D. SMITH, ---- YI - - Amherst Forum. Thesis: "To what Extent can the Defendant in Actions for Slander prove Rumors concerning the Plaintiff to the Effect that the Words Uttered were True " WILLIAM NOBLE SMITH, - - - XIII - - Madison BGH g QACID. y Thesis: "The Effect of Fraud. Duress, or Illegal Consideration on Negotia- ble Instruments in the hands of a Holder in due Course." GEORGE KEMP TALLMAN, - - - XV - - - Janesville C. H '97g fPAOg 'PAQ Thesis: " Rights and Remedies of Abutting Property Owners for extra Bur- dens Irnposed upon their Property." HERBERT HENRVTI-IOMAS, ' - - Darlington 92 Y x M L gifs l s .3 . qs- ..,,f f. . J ll K-5- .ix- Group XV john E. Dixon Dorothy Elward Benjamin F. Coen Melvin B. Stone Samuel B. Robbins Paul R. Wright John Moran Glenn H, Williams john A, Moldstad james J. Bowler Mary I. McFadden Harvey R. Holmes George K. Tallman Eugene L. Gilmore GEORGE Hl'Y1'IN1ITON TILIIEN, - - XIV - A111351 Ia, BOH5 KPACP. Thesis: " Rights of a Married Woman to Sue for the Alienation of her Hus- band s Affections at Common Law and under Wisconsin Statutes." EDXVARD DREXV TIRRII,I,, - - - XIV - - Madison Columbian. Thesis: "Does Section 11376-25 of the Negotiable Instrument Law of Wis- consin, 1-899, change the Rule in Wisconsin with respect to the Effect of Ille- gal Consideration." CHARLES BENJAMIN WERVE, - - III - - Kenosha Thesis : " Liability of Railway Comuanies at Highways." GLENN HERBERT YVILLI.-XMS, - - - XV - - Milwaukee OAX 5 Engineers' Club 5 Forum g Class Crew 125 g:Class Foot Ball Team 115, 1209 Class Base Ball Team 155, 161, 175. :fmgj Thesis: " Liability of Promoters of Private Corporations." ALBERT CHRISTIAN YVOLI-'li - - V - - Greenville School of Pharmacy FREDERICK VVILLI.-XM ALDEN, Madison Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: " The Carvone Containing Oils and their Assays." FREDERICK RUDOLPH DEXHEIMER, - XI - - Fort Atkinson Thesis: " Adulteration of Cephallis Ipecacuanhaf' FRANK XVILLIAM EIGHMY, V - - - .VII - - - McFarland GPX g Class Treasurer 5 Badger Pharmacist Board. Thesis : "Comparative Structure of Roots of certain Species of Cypripediumf' FRED :HANIMOND HATTON, - ------ Madison fPXg GFA, HARRY ICLUETER, - - - - I - - Madison QPXQ Class Treasurer 1393 U. WK Band 121, 131, 142. Thesis : "Occurrence and Identincation of Phellandrenf' GEORGE HERTNIANN KOPP, - - - - - Chippewa Falls Thesis: "Comparative Structure of the Tubercles and Normal Roots of Lathyms Maritamusf' GEORGE ALVIN SHIELDS, - - VII - Mazomanie Y. M. C. A.g Class Secretary 143. . Thesis : " The Occurrence and Distribution of the Poisonous Plants In NVis- consin. " 95 EDWIN ANDREXV SHOWALTER, - - II - - Milwaukee 4IPX g Pharmaceutical Societyg Vice-President, Treasurer and P1 esident, Phar- maceutical Society. Thesis: "Comparative Anatomy of the Normal and Diseascd Organs of White Spruce Affected by a Fungus." RICHARD JACQUES STR.-XUSS, - - - IV - - - Appleton '-IPX g Pharmaceutical Society 3 Chairman Badger Pharmacist Board 141. Thesis: "The Preparation of Fluid Extracts with an Acid Menstrurns! ALBERT NICHOLAS TANDVIG, - - - IV - - - Madison '-PX g Class President 131. Thesis: "Occurrence and Identification of Cinrol." C.-XROLYN CORNICLIA THOMAS, - - III - Prairie flu Chien Pharmaceutical Society 3 Class Vice-President. Thesis: " Distribution of Medicinal Plants of Wisconsin." JOHN ALEXANDER THOMAS, - - II - - Prairie du Chien Pharmaceutical Society 3 Badger Pharmacist Board. Thesis : "Structure of Salix Niger or Black Willow Bark." ALBERT HENRY XVOLTERSDORF, - - VIII - - Columbus 1iPX 3 Class President 121. Thesis: " Inversion of Cane Sugars in Syrups and Elixirs of the U. S. P. and W. F." College or HSl'lClllIlll'2 JOHN MXCHELS III - Calumetville Philomathia Thesis : " Inliuence of Rennet and Pepsin on the Composition of Cheese." Specialsmfourlb year ARD Hovr ELLIS, Eng., Vinton, Ia. CHARLES G. GoonsEr.r., EE., V., La Crosse CHARLES R.u'MoNn NORTH, Eng., Madison Enwrsz .-Xl'GUSTl'S SNOW, C.H., Iron River . 1 Vw, 1 F. E G x:-- . ' ,-,J K. GEORGE BARTHOLOMEXV YVHARE, G.S., Madison l. Group XVI. Eldridge G. Merrick Edward A. Cook Edith G. Stevens 'William E. Utendorfer Olaf J. Lindem Berthold I. Husting V Edward B. Cocherns Sidney W. Smith Louise Hinkley Roy J. Holden Charles L. Bartlett john G. Osborne Gilson G. Glasier Mrs. Mabel D. Bold Theodore W. Brazeau QLEQEN5 O Q r A ' ,c,,.?. X I'-z Fmmuf , 1 -1- A .fu-5. M f. 5 S M g A -'f X " 1 , A 351 - ,, Q 533 K' W -- Y - 1 - -f X .V ,V ,,... .X .. ' M' ' A LJ- ,X .Q 1 '. 'x ' ' ,. ' P. '- -' 1 1 J H+-- 1- if '15, -V , 'yi--fl' - , 3.2 Y -- --J-NK N K N. HV- --.N Y.. , - ---W '-A -- - 7, f, ILM' Y' N - , W --- ke. V , M W 'Nkj-f1, , ' -- 4' , QL W f - f -V f Q, ,- , ' -.M.,,,,.- ,,. - 4. Y A "M --' ' " 'L M' ' '51 ,rv ,, - ,. ., f V, - A32 'W-"' " g - "' 'M --f' 'Nw-w-f N" 51 . 1 W f . -1 V M 4 , -M f-- " . M. . 2, W 7 fww . . -Q ..N .M is V f " 1 f ab 3' . X . y - I jk A1Q e t N a ,-Kjqm k? . V I ' Z' , W H , .,,, ., 4 1 A- 6-, A4 Lg. ,,.4,. 1. X . 1 fw., ...MQ fb ' " ' ' W gaW,4...,., Q- . 3 550 ff - v w , W : azffg6ggfA2:gWfMiQQw's:?., wfx : Q Agwggg. fa w F vc Q ffm. f- fi J f-"' fn Sf ' -. .mir fm, Zeifqf ,. , ' "ive . f an rw ' n ? Q - 'A ,, f g " I ,I Q Q: I jig A I .Ii 1' fi Y Ofiicers FREDERICK C. ScaoIaNsII:EI., ROBERT A. M,u'RIaR, M.-xx' G. FULEY, - .'MARIE C. KOHLHR, FRED L. Hoox, AD,-xl-I G. GRANDY, DANIEL J. RIDI.INo'roN, - 5. .. E' .ev-y Ni 'rex N N ' xi II VN 4 X5 IW I I ' 3, X 7 F' ,, 15x if W4",w 0 N ff wi ww m gxhnk rr my W M S35 QAM, My M JHWQY-1 fdi 1' f Aviv rxxt fwblvwx SX . . f 5,141 '6 I COLORS Purple and Gold AIOTTU Success Proves Itself." YELI. Second to None, Second to None, 'X'arsity, 'Varsity Nineteen One! 100 President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Sergeant-at-.Xrms 1 'NW mbfdfv Building Showing stage offconslruclion, April, IQOO College Of QQTIQYS and SCRIIC2 junior Glass Eric YVilliani Allen, A.C., Milwaukee XV. B. Anderson, G.S., QPhysicsJ, Madison Cora Alice Astle, Eng., Prairie du Sac Clarence Baer, Eng., Milwaukee Sydney Hobart Ball, A.C., Oak Park, Ill. Arthur Algernon Baldwin, C.H., Madison XV. Harley Barber, G.S., Black Earth Chester David Barnes, C.H., Kenosha Jessie Alice Barney, Eng., Mayville John McHenry Barney, C.H., West Bend Eliza NVheelock Bartlett, M.C., Milwaukee Claude Spencer Beebe, G.S., Milwaukee Willis Charles Bergstrom, C.H., Neenah Arthur Franz Beule, G.S., Beaver Dam Arthur William Blackburn A.C., Madison Kathryne I. Blackburn, Phil., Madison Paul W. Leopold Boehm, C.H., 'Wausau Harriet M. Bostwick, Eng., Janesville Harry Ernest Bradley, A.C., Madison Mary E. Brahany, M.C., Madison Joseph Bredsteen, Phil., Stoughton -Burton Hathaway Bridge, C.H., Monroe Agnes Marie Bross, M.C., Madison Laura Brownson, Eng., Sharon Hubert Daniel Buchanan, C.H., Rio William David Buchholz, Eng., W'hitehall Kate M. Buell, G,S., Sun Prairie Laurance Charles Burke, C.H., Chicago William Jarvis Carr, C,H., Aurora, Ill. Harry Edward Carthew, C.H., Lancaster Annie Knower Caulkins, G.S., Milwaukee Abbie Cavanaugh, Eng., Schullsburg William Albert Clarke, Phil., Lucas Wni. V. Clemons, Phil., Prairie du Sac Charles Robert Cook, Phil., Platteville Dorothea Hughes Curtis, A.C., Madison George Gregory Curtis, Eng., Madison Horace Eaton Cutler, A.C., Milwaukee Flora Neil Davidson, Eng., Madison Herbert W. Davis, Eng., Camp Douglas Wm. F. Dickenson, Eng., Rockford, Ill. William K. Donnell, C.H., Mattoon, Ill. Robert Hugh Downes, C.H., Oskosh Daisy Rumina Dye, Eng., Madison Melvina Ruth Ellsworth, Phil., Oshkosh Sydney Lawton Emory, Eng., Albion Adoiina Bianca Ernst, Eng., Watertown Caroline NV. Evans, G.S., Qllalltj Madison May Genevieve Foley, A.C., Wauwatosa Gustav Armin Fritsche, A.C., Milwaukee Nellie Gilliland, Phil., Galesville Janles Blaine Graham, A.C., Roberts Aclah G. Graudy, M.C., Sioux City, Ia. George William Groffiuan, Eng., Berlin Carrie Fern Hackett, Phil., Baraboo Claudia J. Hall, M. C., Madison Eugene Thomas Hancock, G.S., Tomah Henry I. Hart, Eng., NVild Rose Edward J. Harvey G.S., Racine Junction Grace Rudal Hastie, Eng., Hartman Marie Hektoen, M.C., VVestby Albert Louis Henning, G.S., Madison H. VV. Hibbard, Phil., St. Cloud, Minn. Robert Bugg Holt, A.C., Columbia, Tenn. Frank Luther Hook, G.S., So. Milwaukee 'William P. Hoy, C.H., Woodstock, Ill. Stephen A. Hurlbut, A.C., Madison Ella B. James, A.C., QMath.,J Eau Claire Lina Mae Johns, Phil., Dodgeville Nellie Bertine Jones, Phil., Oshkosh John Henry Jordan, Phil., Ditter, Minn. Katherine B. Kavanaugh, Eng., Madison Rachel Mayme Kelsey, Phil., Baraboo Robert Ernest Knoff, Eng., Janesville Marie Christine Kohler, Eng., Sheboygan Jessie P. Kroencke, Eng., Thiensville Florence A. Kuechenmeister, Eng., Westlienil Robert Lachrnund, Eng., Sauk City Harry Richard Lea, C.H., Waupaca William F. Lea, C. H., Waupaca Nannie A. Leatherwood, Phil., Madison Madison Benjamin Libby, C.H., Hugo Prank Luhrnan, C.H., Manitowoc John Quinton Lyman, C.H., Kenosha Robert Adam Maurer, C.H., Sheboygan F. M. McCullough, G.S., Qlllalh. J Sturgeon Bay Fred. C. McGowan, Eng., Eau Claire Jessie K. McGregor, Phil., Platteville Herman T. Meinert, M.C., Green Bay Leonore A. Meinhardt, Eng., Burlington 103 Albert G. Michelson, Eng., Mt. Horeb James Carlos Morgan, C.H., Hartford Max Michael Muenich, G.S., Jefferson E. B. Mumford, G.S., New Harmony, Ind. James W. Mutch, G.S., Elroy James Bertram Nash, G.S., Centralia Allan Samuel Neilson, Eng., Milwaukee Carl Emil Nelson, C.H.. Racine Mark Humphrey Newman, A.C., Madison Augusta E. Noelke, M.C., La Crosse Charles Oscar Olman, Phil., Nora Neely Eugene Pardee, M.C., Wausau Elizabeth Parkinson, Phil., Darlington Edith Sylvia Patten, Phil., De Kalb, Ill. Mary Helen Pelishek, Phil., Manitowoc A. H. Pfund, G.S., tl'hysicsJ, Madison Ralph Gordon Plumb, C.H., Manitowoc Alvin Charles Pollock, Phil., Hebron Allan Theron Pray, Phil., Stevens Point Thomas M. Priestley, M C., Madison D. J. Ridlington, A.C., Dell Rapids, S. D. Emil Leo Roethe, Phil., Whitewater George Arthur Rogers, Phil., Rice Lake Hugo William Rohde, G.S., Milwaukee Charles Ralph Rounds, Phil., Arkansaw Otto Ernest Ruhoif, G.S., La Crosse Winifred Salisbury, Eng., Oregon Elsa Amelia Sawyer, Eng., Hartford HarrietJosephine Sawyer, Eng., Hartford Harvey Oakes Sargeant, A.C., Omro F. C. Schoensigel, Eng., Plymouth Edward J. B. Schubring, Eng., Sauk City George Senn, G.S., Madison JUIIIOI' Violet Minerva Alden, C.H., Neenah H. B. Anderson, C.H.. Memphis, Tenn Bessie Russell Baldwin, Eng., Sparta Claudia Adele Bennett, Eng., Hazel Green Jennie Hannah Butt, Eng., Viroqua Zach Anson Chandler, Eng., Oregon Arthur Bates Grindell, G.S., Platteville Ella Streiter Hardy, M.C., Platteville Angelo Burgess Horton, Eng., Oregon Ethel Isabel Houser, Eng., Mondovi Anna Jacobsen, Eng., Stoughton Inez Knilans, C.H., Whitewater Clarence E. Macartney, A.C., Madison Nelson Bastian Nelson, Eng., Eau Claire Leta Sherman, A.C., Milwaukee Nellie B. Sias, Eng.. Sparta Diana L. Sime, Phil., Castle Rock Arthur Frank Smith, G.S., Madison Ashbel V. Smith, Eng., Waukegan August E. Smith, Eng., Berlin Janet Maude Smith, Phil., Wauwatosa Julia Forster Smith, A C., Madison Ida Mary Spaulding, Eng., Oshkosh John Charles Stevens, A.C., Milwaukee Harriet Belle Stewart, Eng., Brodhead Clara Luemma Stillman, G.S., Milwaukee Jeanette Boynton Storms, Eng., Madison Paul Stover, A.C., Milwaukee Alice Elizabeth Thomas, M.C., Waukesha Charles L. Thompson, A.C., Davenport, la. Lyndon Hickok Tracy, A.C., Madison John Martin Verberkmoes, G.S., Madison Wm. P. Yroman, M. C., Green Bay XVilliam Arthur VValker, M.C., Milwaukee Edith Henrietta Warning, M.C., Elkhorn August William XVeber, Phil., Madison Fred l.Villiam XVerner, G.S., Milwaukee Eugene John XVehmhoff, .-LC ,Burlington Bert F. Westmore, Eng., Milwaukee Clarence Joel XVhite, A.C., Monroe Edith Estella White, Phil., Milwaukee Florence May White, M.C., Rochester Charles A. Williams, C.H., Madison Francis May Wilcox, C.H., Rockford, Ill. Mary Lang l.Vilson, G.S., Burlington H. M Woollen, C-.S , Indianapolis, Ind. .'XrtlxurJoseph Wyssman. C.H.. Manitowoc Sveclals Esther Marion Newman. Eng., Algonxa Edwin Thomas O'Brien, Phil., Eau Claire Maud A. Price, Eng., QPhil., J Wellington. Kan. Carl Matthew Ranseen, Eng., Chicago,Ill. Mabel Irene Rich. Eng., Monticello Minn. Katherine Patritia Regan. Eng.. Madison Marie E. Rosenheimer, Eng., Schlcismgerville Alexander Shaclbolt, M.C., Brooklyn, Ia. Morton Weir Smith. Eng., Waupun Edyth Yates Truax, C.H., Chicago, Ill. Ellis Janet Walker, Eng., So. Kaukanna John Charles XVatson, Eng.. Livingston Jason P. Williams, OH., Sparta H. A. Winkenwerder, G.S, XVatertown. 104 I COIIQSQ of l122CbElniCS and Engineering junior Glass Clarence Eugene Abbott, M.E., Madison Hubbard C. Atkins, M.E., Milwaukee Clare H. Bachelder, M.E., Madison Frank Jerome Bachelder, C.E., Madison Louis H. Barkhausen, M.E., Green Bay Claude Berry, C.E., Madison Frederick XV. Buerstatte,M. E.,Manitowoc George T. Bunker, M.E., Woodstock, Ill. William C. Burdick, C.E., Milwaukee Archy Bert Carter, C.E., Humbird Paul F. Chamberlain, C.E., Madison Lawrence C. Colbert, M.E., NVhitewater Charles Graham Collins, C.E., W'est Bend M. A. Countryman, C.E., Detroit, Mich. Norman Philip Curtis, C.E., Madison Charles Lyman Dean, M.E., Seymour Harold Gano Ferris, M.E., Carthage, Ill. August Charles Fricke, M.E., Milwaukee Rudolph Hartman, C.E., Milwaukee Russel john Hawn, C.E., Stevens Point Walter Paul Hirschberg, C.E.,Milwaukee john Thomas Hurd, C.E., Oregon Nathaniel L. Hurd, M.E., Chippewa Falls Arthur Charles King, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Allen Taylor Kirk, M.E., Atlanta, Ill. Frank H. Lacey, EE., Chamberlain, S. D. john Hamilton Leahy, E.E., Madison Ernest Friend Legg, E.E., VVausau Frederick A. Little, M.E., Fond du Lac John August Lorch, C.E., Madison Edward Persie Meffert, C.E., Wonewoc Alvin Meyers, EE., Verona Homer Morrow, M.E., Spring Green Merritt Norton Murphy, EE., Twin Lakes Albert Adam Nicolaus, E.F,., Beaver Dam Ray Palmer, E.E., Madison Hereward John Peele, E.E., Madison Hylon Theron Plumb, E.E., Milton Edward Hill Rodgers, C.E. , Albany, N. Y. Alfred Rollman, E.E., Chilton Lewis Dow Rowell, E.E., Madison Le Roy Salsich, C.E., Hartland Roy Asa Sanborn E.E., Janesville Kurt Schapper, M.E., Chicago Harry Ashton Severson, C.E., Milwaukee James Elmo Smith, jr., C.E., Sharon Hubert Isaac Townsend, EE., Poynette Fritchjof Johnson Vea, M.E., Stoughton Frank E. Vfashburn, C.E., Sturgeon Bay Charles Henry Watson, M.E., Milwaukee Lester D. Williams, C.E., Fox Lake Henry I-I. Wood, M.E., Stebbinsville 5 I' ,4 CL ,ffi'r5'A5""N W My qi 1 " , 1 ' I Q xg 'XX R , Q ' V gt xx xx A 1 ' I at -X1 xl V Y X K Ss r - ' ROBERT M. D,-x Yrs, XVILLIAM F. MOF1-'.x'r'r, SARAH 1. SEEBIQR, ID.-x Er,1,1o'rT, - FREDERICK A. VOGIQL gn. - Yzff -A A x ., .P lf ' 1932 Ofticers Y . COLORS Purple and Gray AIOTTO " Claim-8: " YELL U Rah, L' Rah, U Rah U, 'X'arsity, 'Varsity 1902! 106 President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms x . SM lswfgw. , ,my mf- 1 .:,w.:"QH12 v. vim-:iw - -.9125 " kid? ' ,," 15 9. . Wfv ' ' . 909 I IL .F k M I 1902 ff' 19023 I 9 ' .' , E 9 if A 4 K 190 , 1902 3, as 5 ' 'f , , 5.5. L. A. McKee C41 C. C. McCo11vi1le, Coach G. S, Steere, Sub. R- K- C09 UU H. T. Barnes Q25 C. E. Long UQ C. M. While fjy W. F. Moffatt f7J, Captain S. C. Nvelsh Q63 A. F. Kiudt C51 C. F. Stilluxau, Sub H. E. Feuy, Coxswaiu l902 ZIGSS ZNW, l899 College or Setters and SCRIICC r Sophomore Glass Maude Elinor Abbott, Eng., Madison Ruby May Acker, M.C., Brandon Charles Chester Allen, Eng., Kenosha Peter Olsen Anderson, G.S., Brodhead Martin Fuller Angell, G.S., Delavan Celia Minerva Astle, M.C., Brandon Bernice M. Ballard, Eng.. 'vVarren, Ill. Clara Marie Barkhausen,C.H., Green Bay james Barr, A.C., Milwaukee Lelia Bascom, Eng., Chicago, Ill. Mrs. Carlotta M. Beatty, A.C., Madison Dwight Eastman Beebe, C.H., Racine Lucius Seymour Bergstrom, C.H., Neenah William Beye, C.H., Oak Park, Ill. Paul Marie Binzel, A.C., Milwaukee Chauncey E. Blake. Eng., Rockford, Ill. Edna Bolender, M.C., Monroe James Ely Bready, A.C., Dubuque, Ia. john Vincent Brennan, M.C., Tomah john Edwin Brindley, C.H., Boscobel Pearl Grace Bryning, A.C., Madison Henry Andrew Buehler, G.S., Monroe Frank Winslow Bucklin, Eng., Brodhead Ella Clara Buell, Eng., Sun Prairie Phoebe Lucinda Buell, Eng., Sun Prairie Kittie L. Button, Eng., Milton junction Elsie Clare Cady, C.H., Green Bay William Campbell. C.H., Gurnee Fred W. Carpenter, C.H., Evanston, Ill. Agnes Embree Case, G.S., No.Greeniield Wilhelmina G. Case, A. C.. Prairie du Chien W. B. Castenholz, Eng., Indianapolis,Ind. Alice Emily Chamberlain, En g., Madison Harvey Clawson, A.C., Monroe Cecil Leslie'Clifford, A.C., Madison Robert Kirtland Coe, C.H., YVhitewater Mayme A. Conway, Eng., Elroy john Ward Coon, Eng., Madison Bessie Etta Cottrell, M.C., Spencer, Ia. Victor Doughty Cronk, C.H., Louisville Margaret E. Cummings, C.H., Madison Arthur Hale Curtis, G.S., Madison Otto Bjorn Dahle, M.C., Mt. Horeb Helen Louise Darby, A.C., Chicago, Ill. Agnes Viola Davidson, Eng., Sun Prairie Esther Donnelly, C.H., Milwaukee Adela Eiche, G.S., Marshfield Ella Lydia Esch, M.C., Sparta Ida Elliott, Eng., A. F. Fairbank, Eng., fMath.,j Ladoga Hinsdale, Ill. Herbert Clay Fish, C.H., Madison Charlotte I. Fisher, G.S , Milwaukee Gerhard O. Fortney, G.S., Viroqua Paul Clark Foster, G.S., Silver Lake Thomas F. Frawley, Jr., M.C., Eau Claire Blanche Fulton, M.C , Hudson Nellie Galusha, M.C., Monroe Alice janet Gamble, C.H., Madison Lilian Gamble, C.H., Madison Anna Mercedes Gapen, C.H., Madison Flora Gapen, G.S., Madison Ivah Lulu Gilbert, Eng., Madison Emma Belle Glasier, A.C., Bloomington Charles john Grebel, A.C., Milwaukee Alfred Grotophorst, Eng., Prairie du Sac Dana Irving Grover, C.H., Milwaukee George Lewis Gust, Eng, Baraboo August F. Hasse, M.C., 'Wauwatosa Robert Wilbur Haight, C.H., Waukesha Leon Lewis Harney, C.H., Schofield Ada Louisa Hawley, G.S., Madison Grace May Hayden, Eng., Sun Prairie Genevieve Marie Hayes, C.H., Janesville Caroline Virginia Hayner, A.C., Madison Grace A. Hecht, C.H., Milwaukee Ruth Heaton, M.C., Reedsburg Kenneth Edwin Higby, C.H., Ripon Marie Gardiner Hinkley, G.S., Milwaukee Carrie Gestina Holah, M.C., Marinette julia Christine Holland, Eng., Moscow Lillian Solvei Holland, Eng.. Moscow Edward Olaf Holty, C.H., Newark, Ill. Ella Lydston Hooley, C.H., Wauwatosa Walter Sawyer Hopkins, Eng., Leeds Earle Clark Howard, Eng., Sparta Solomon Huebner, Eng., Manitowoc Avis Ethel Hughes, C.H., New Lisbon Harriet Louise Hughes, C.H., Oshkosh 109 Arthur P. H. Inbusch, C.H., Milwaukee Henry Lorenzo james. C.H., Racine Myron Reed johnson, Eng., Sheridan Theodore T. Jones, Eng., Manitowoc Louisa Mida Kennedy, Eng,, Madison Margaret julia Kennedy, Eng., Madison Nicholas Kirch, Eng., Mazomanie Lorine Anna Knauf, M.C., Chilton Bessie M. Krape, A.C., Freeport Bessie Mae Kratz, Eng., Sioux City, Ia. Leila M. Lamberson, Eng., Richland Ctr. NVilliam Arthur Lee, C.H., Madison Edna Marie Leihy, M.C., Bayfield Baraboo Fred Oscar Leiser, Eng., Hawley D. Lennon, C.H., Decorah, Ia. Chicago, Ill. Milwaukee Ada Crang Lloyd, Eng., Lewis George Lohr, C H., Charles Edwin Long, G.S., Davenport,Ia. Benjamin F. Lonnsbury, Eng., Pipersyille Matthew john Lynch, G.S , Madison Flora F. Mansfield, G.S., johnson Creek George F. Markham, M.C., Milwaukee Nora Bryant McCue, C.H., Madison james G. McFarland, A.C., Dubuque, Ia. Mayme Karnes McMahon, M.C., Baraboo XVa1ter Reginald Menzel, C.H., XVausau Agnes Merrill, A.C., Ashland Ernst Christopher Meyer,G.S.,Cedarburg John Calkins Miller, Eng., Marinette William F. Moffatt, A.C., Davenport, la. Nelly Catharine Molstad, Eng., DeForest Edward P. Moorhouse, Eng., Springfield Bessie L. Morrison, Eng., Dixon, Ill. Harry Dale Murdock, G.S., Brodhead Lawrence Eugene Nash, G.S., Centralia john Wilson Nevins, G.S., Burlington, Ia. Michael B. Olbrich, Eng., Lawrence, Ill. john Albert O'Meara, Eng., XVest Bend Bessie Gail Palmer, M.C., Madison john Burnham Parsons, C.H.,VVhitewater John Bartow Patrick, C.H., Oak Park, Ill. Mary Gifford Peckham, Eng., Milwaukee Rose Alice Pesta, Eng., Milwaukee Stephen Carpenter Phipps, A.C., Hudson Merle Sears Pickford, Eng., Madison john Francis Powers, Eng., Mayhew Helen MCG. Prichard M C. anesville . - . J Florence H. Ramsey, M.C., Reedsburg Fred. Herman Rehberg, Eng., Brodhead Lucie Olive Renwick, C.H., Kirkland,Il1, Berl DeXV. Richardson, G.S.,Valma, Ind. Frances Mary Roddis, G.S., Marshfield Lehman P.Rosenheimer,Eng.,Kewaskum Josephine Ross, M.C., Sioux City, Ia. Olive Grace Runner, C.H., Freeport, Ill. William Ryan, Eng., Fond du Lac Jeanette Limbert Sage, C.H., Delavan Laura Elizabeth Sage, C.H., Delavan Katherine W. Sanborn, A.C., Madison Harry Sauthoff, A.C., Madison Edwin Henry Schorer, G.S., Plymouth Percy Edward Schroeder, G.S., Racine Fred'k XV. Schule, jr., G.S., Chicago, Ill. Richard Fred. Scholz, A.C., Milwaukee Edward Charles Schwab,G.S., Milwaukee Sarah Jennie Seeber, M.C., Waterloo Raymond G. Sharpe, G.S.lMath.J Vernon Florence M. Shaw, A.C., Sioux City, Ia. Helen Sherman, G.S., Milwaukee Jennie B. Sherrill, C.H., Rockford, Ill. Delavan Zella Mary Shimmins, Eng., Charlotte Mayo Simonds, G.S., Hartland Warren DuPr6 Smith, G.S., Madison William Edward Smith, C.H., Madison Somers Madison Normal M. Stark, Eng., Davenport, Ia. Florence Mitchell Spence, C.H., Philip Loring Spooner, A.C., Maude Frances Stedman, Eng., Berlin Glen S. Steere, G.S., Plymouth Maude M. Stephenson, M.C., Madison Ruth Stockman, A.C., Mason City, Ia. Freda Dorothea Stolte, M.C., Reedsbnrg Max Hugo R. Strehlow, C.H., DeForest Frank Adolph St. Sure, G.S., Sheboygan Anna Stncki, G.S., Milwaukee Mary Brayton Swain, A.C., Milwaukee Frank George Swoboda, G.S.. Troy john XVm.Taylor, C.H., Taylorville, Ill. Edith Carrie Thompson. M.C., Madison Elizabeth Goffe Ticknor, A.C., Madison Ella Frances Tormey, M.C., Madison Arthur Benedict Uihlein,C.H.,Milwankee Clara Johnson YanVelzer, M.C., Madison George Bryant Vinson, M.C., Milwaukee Frederick AugustYogel, C.H., Milwaukee XVi1lis Willard Waite, G.S., Brooklyn Fred Wedge, Eng., Rhinelander Henry O. Winkler, A.C., Milwaukee Emma Susan Witwen, M.C., Baraboo Louis Bernard Wolfenson, A.C., Madison Mary Wright, C.H., Petersburg, Ill. 110 S0l7b0lII0l'Q SDQCMIS Henrietta Ada Blood, M.C., Madison Harvey Brugger, G.S., Clyde, Ohio Henry Casson, Jr., C.H., Madison Emily Blanche Clark, C.H., Galesville William Henry Dale, Eng,, Iola Sephus Earl Driver, Eng., Darlington Clarence john DuFour, G.S., Milwaukee Bessie Caroline Ferguson, Eng., Madison Harry NV. Fisher, C.H. Belvidere, Ill. Marian H. Fuller, C.H., Meadville, Pa. Vvinifred E. Godshall, A.C., Oshkosh john Rex Henry, C.H., Fremont, Neb. Samuel Geo. Higgins, G.S., Rhinelander Charles Dana Hunter, Eng., Merrill joseph NVillia1n jackson, C.H., Madison Tinora Luthera Kasberg, Eng., Madison Clara Kemler, Eng. Platteville James Wesley Leggett, Eng., Eau Claire Marquis Edgar Mason, G.S., Aurora, Ill. Mary jane McGrath, Eng., Argyle Donald J. McKinnon, Eng., Eau Claire Florence E. V. Nelson, C.H., Madison Sidney C. Niles, G.S., Oak Park, Ill. Carrie Paddock, Eng., Berlin Louis john Paetow, C.H., Milwaukee Minnie Marie Perry, Eng., Algorna Theo Beatrice Pickford, Eng., Madison Maud Azalia Price, Eng. ,VVel1ington,Kan. Blanche H. Ranum, G.S., La Crosse Alfred john Rhodes, C.H., Galesville YVinifred Mary Smith, Eng., Sturgeon Bay Mabel I. Stewart, Eng., Mason City, Ia. Chas. E. Stinehart, Eng., Mason City,Ia. Belva Gladys Stone, Eng., Bloomington Helen Gladys Thompson,G.S., EauC1aire Stanley Carpenter W'elsh, G.S., Madison Daisybelle Wentworth, Eng., Milwaukee f N 0 1 J 1 411911 N1 X J HI, mg, L f I ll IIPLJ ,og as I , I rm. .. 5 E' ' ' ' 5 i . 'gm .-jli.,,'4 e -X 'JF T .-,,1 2 VIA "L ffzgf -' ,K :.l ?,v' fi . Riff JSM- ala? "mg, i ' X sf" ..Q.'f-.' f.: "f W , 3. aiif - 'f - WL Ev f .5 .fe1G.'. '!JI - ago, ,f,.,,, fi , , . Y-1, ,R ., .. 1-is . ,,. xi Ju g 111 College or m6Cb3lllCS and EllSll1QCl'llIS Sophomore Zlass Bertram F. Adams, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Robert Elmore Adams, E.E., Beloit Walter Kelsey Adams,C.E.,Oneonta, N.Y. Charles Chester Allen, C.E., Kenosha Gustave Anderson, M.E., West Salem Edward Sherman Baer, M.E., Appleton Henry Alfred Balding, E.E., Milwaukee Eugene Albert Balsley, C.E., Madison Gillett A. Benson, C.E., Black River Falls William Carl Berg, C.E., Ft. Atkinson Howard G. Boardman, C.E., Milwaukee Felix W. Boldenwick, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Milan Ray Bump, E.E., Spokane, Wash. Charles Melville Cole, M.E., Milwaukee Harry West Cole, M.E., Milwaukee Charles S. Cotton, E.E., Friendship, N.Y. Frank S. Cummins, C.E., Des Moines, Ia. George Gibson Davies, M. E., Racine Frederick A. De Lay, E.E., Madison Guy Elmore Diehl, E.E., Elroy Herbert William Dow, E.E., Milwaukee Roy Raymond Earle, E.E., Darlington Arthur Numa Early, E.E., Milwaukee Gustave XVm. R. Ehreke, E.E., Wausau Anton Daniel Ehrnbeck, C.E., Appleton Alonzo Stephen Fairnian, C.E , Brodhead J. Clark Gapen, E.E., Monroe Stephen Gardner, E.E., St. Paul, Minn. XVm. johnson Gibson, M.E., Hartland Arthur C. Greaves, C.E., Spencer, Ia. J. Chester Grey, M.E., Windsor joseph Albert Gund, C.E., Freeport, Ill. Ray Harrison Hadfield, Chicago, Ill. Jas. G. Hammerschlag, M.E., Milwaukee Guido Hansen, Jr., E.E., Milwaukee Gordon Alex. Helniicks, E.E., Deerfield Irving R. Hippenmeyer, M.E., Madison Edw'd H. Hughes, M.E., Spokane,XVash. Carl William Jensen, C.E., River Falls Maurice lngolfjohnson, M.E., Madison ll 2 Patrick john Kelly, E.E., Manitowoc John Ritchie Kimball, E.E., Kenosha Albert Fred. Kindt, C.E., Milwaukee Oliver Bernard Kohl, E E., Antigo Charles Julius Kutzke, E.E., Portage XVm. Frederick Lathrop, E.E., Racine Walter Franklin Mabbett, C.E., Edgerton C. VVard McCollister, C.E.,Whitehall, Ill. Leroy L. McDonald, C.E., Rochester Geo. Edward McEvoy, M.E., Sheboygan Harry Thos. McNeill, M.E., Sheboygan Sherman Moore, C.E., Brodhead Archie Rolfe Murray, E E., Madison Carl Bertolette Mutchler, C.E., Madison Raymond E. Nichols, E.E., Onalaska Arthur Carl Olsen, C. E., Madison Sidney Olsen, C.E., Racine Preston Winfield Pengra, E.E., Madison Geo. Andrew Polley, C.E., Albertville Emil Fred. Reichow, C.E , Watertown Leonard Lewis Rowe, M.E., Madison Arthur Bernard Saunders, E.E., Milton john Toby Schroeder, C.E., Hartford George Alvin Scott, E.E., Oshkosh Norman Olaf Skonnord, C.E., La Crosse Lloyd Garrison Spencer, C.E., Madison Sanford Putnam Starks, M.E., Madison Chester H. Stevens, C.E., Mason City, Ia. Frederick C. Stieler, E.E., Stevens Point Carl Fred. Stillman, M.E., Milwaukee Louis Stockman, C.E., Milton Junction Ira Croft Sunderland, C.E., Hartford Wm. Louis Thorkelson, M.E., Racine Win. J. Yanderkloot, C.E , Chicago, Ill. julian Y. Ware, E.E., Evansville, Ind. Charles Marius White, E.E., Delaiield John Wilson, C.E., Dodgeville Clive Yeager, E.E., Madison Henry XV. Young, E.E., Prairie du Sac Clarence I. Zimmerman,E.E., Milwaukee 1., 1902 190 51. 4 J :AE Eil, V C. D. Hunter R. K. Coe E. C. Meyer C. Welsh C. M. White W. I. Gibson Richardson J. G. McFarland, Captain II. W. Young W. F. Moffatt D. E. Beehe F. W. Schule W. E. Smith A. S. Fairman G. S. Steere l902 Zl3SS CYQCR team, IS99 ff' W . xi h X ' L --42 fs. 5,5 QI T: ' S s - if no A if C ' of KS N .-. in W' w H ik 'N ' xl X wi H Officers XVILLIAM G. HALIILTON, - EDITH A. RUMSEY, - OSMUND M. JORSTAD, VVILLI.-XM J. A. HAGENAH, GEORGE A. MOWRY, BEULAH C. POST, HOYVARD L. DESSERT, COLORS Yellow and White YELL U Rah Rah, U Rah Ree, U Wisconsin, 1903! 115 President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Sergeant-at-Arms ' x ine " ng. V' 5 .1 M' I f iii Q, ,Sn ie ex ere--Aff. 451-Q Li- ff -ff, College Ol' Qetters Zilla SCRIICQ freshman Glass Will G. Adams, A.C., Cottage Grove Gertrude E. Aiken, Eng., Evanston, Ill. Helen R. Aiken, M.C., Evanston, Ill. Carl G. W. Almquist, A.C., Delavan John Quincy Ames, G.S., Brooklyn Julia Marjorie Anderson, M.C., Racine Ruth Catherine Andrews, Eng., Hudson Marion Ansley, Eng., Hudson William W. Atwater, C.H., Chicago, Ill. Alonzo Clark Baker, Eng., Madison David L. Barnard M.C., Earlville, Ill. Oscar Hugo Bauer, Eng., Brownsville Grace May Beaver, C.H., Baraboo Leslie XV. Beers, Eng., Rhinelander Persis May Bennett, G.S., Belleville B. Cornell Berg, C.H., Madison Alice Jean Bevan, M.C., Decatur, Ill. George T. Bigelow, Jr., A.C., Milwaukee Mabel Meigs Bird, M.C., Madison Edward Grant Birge, G.S., Madison Edwin Sherwood Bishop, C.H., Somers Lizzie Casendra Bissell, Eng., Madison Edwin Roberts Blair, Eng., Waukesha Andrew S. Bogue, Eng., Arlington Gertrude M. Bossard, M.C., Kaukauna Charles E. Brant, Eng., La Grange, Ind. Grace Marie Bradley, Eng., Madison Willis Edge Brindley, C.H., La Crosse Rufus Choate Brown, Eng., Oshkosh Robert Dillon Burbank, A.C., Cedarburg Baraboo Eugene Hugh Byrne, C.H., Charles Raymond Cady, C.H., Green Bay Anna Belle Campbell, Eng., De Forest Henry F. Carpenter, C.H., Janesville Perry John Carter, C.H., Mauston Miss George Challoner, M.C., Oshkosh Frankj. Chapman, Eng., New Richmond Raymond M. Chapman, G.S., Milwaukee Myron R. Churchhill, C.H., Marinette Vernon B. Cleverdon, C.H., Austin, Ill. Paul Wiswall Clough, G. S., Portage Halbert B. Cole, Eng., Black River Falls Mary P. Coleman, M.C., Chippewa Falls Dudley N. Condit, G.S., Chippewa Falls 116 Matthew Francis Conlin, Eng., Madison Edward Power Conway, M. C., Manitowoc' Herbert Lee Cook, G.S., Moline, Ill. Cathaleen Mae Craigo, M.C., Monroe Charles Judson Crary, C.H., Boone, Ia. Robert S. Crawford, Eng., Mineral Point M. F. Cunningham, C.H., Chippewa Falls William Boyd Currie, A.C., Milwaukee Ernest Ezra Curtis, Eng., Madison Walter Eugene Curtis, Eng., Wausau Luella Josephine Davey, G.S., Janesville Sarah M. Davison, Eng., Beaver Dam Edna Dessaint, A.C., Davenport, Ia. Edward C. Devlin, G.S., Milwaukee Robert C. Disque, M.C., Burlington, Ia. Grace Shirley Dixon, M.C., Madison Truman Monroe Dodson, G.S., Berlin James F. Dougherty, Eng., Lyndon Sta. Vera Eastland, Eng., Richland Center Harold Everett Eggers, G.S., Two Rivers Callista Angeline English, A.C., Kenosha Oscar G. Erickson, Eng., Canby, Minn. Karl Evert, G.S., Madison Herbert B. Fairchild, C.H., Green Bay Irving Andrews Fish, A.C., Milwaukee Lorenzo Ezra Fish, Jr., G.S., Madison Lucinda E. Flemming, G.S., Madison Joseph Turner Flint, Eng., Menomonie Henry Edward Foelske, C.H., Milwaukee 'Wilber Thomas Foster, C.H., River Falls Carl Lewis Frambach, C.H., Kaukanna Rufus Judah Friedman, C.H., Iron River Galen Addis Fox, G.S., Durand Robert O. Gibbons, Eng., Cottage Grove Newell Clark Gilbert, G.S., Austin, Ill. Edward Simpson Gillespie, G.S., Madison Mary Gray, M.C., Madison Clarence W. Gregory, M . C. , West De Pere Julius J. Griesel, M.C., Crown Point, Ind. Stephen M. Grifiith, M.C., Milwaukee R. S. Gromann, M.C., Crown Point, Ind. William J. A. Hagenah, Eng., Madison William H. Haight, Eng., Rockdale Norma C. Halbach, Eng., Green Bay Berndt Severin I-lale, M.C., Waupaca Martin Halverson, C.H., Sheboygan George W. Hamilton, C.H., Marinette Charles E. Hammersley, C.H., Madison Eau Claire Louis H. Hanson, G.S., Bernice Clara l-latch, Eng., Sturgeon Bay Alvin T. Heavenrich, M.C., Ashland Mary T. Hebenstreit, Eng., Shullsburg George Heller, Jr., C.H., Sheboygan Henry F. Helmholz, G.S., Milwaukee George Julius Heuer, G.S., Madison Mary Katherine Hobbins, Eng., Madison John Thomas Hogan, Eng., ' Janesville Robert Holt, A.C., Alanson, Mich. Andrew Winkle Hopkins, Eng., Leeds Lloyd P. Horsfall, C.H., Prairie du Chien May M. Humphrey, A.C., Bloomington Fred Ralph Hunt, A.C., Sioux City, Ia. Mary Lucretia Jenkins, C.H., Swaledale M. Maurine Johnson, G.S., Centralia Almira C. Johnson, M.C., Milwaukee Chester Lloyd Jones, C.H., Hillside Osmund M. Jorstad, M.C., La Crosse lVilliam J. Juneau, Eng., No. Greenfield Alexander Kasberg, Eng., Madison Max John Kelling, G.S., Milwaukee Elbert Cutting Kellog, Eng., Centralia Josephine P. Kimball. M.C., W. Superior Anna Belle King, Eng., Madison George Peter Klinkert, G.S., Racine Fred Henry Knobel, G.S., Edgerton Jacob Henry Kolter, G.S., Wausau Anna Koltes, Eng., Madison Robert Peter Kraus, Eng., Marshfield Herbert John Kuelling, C.H., Shullsburg Victor Sherwood Kutchin, G.S., Dartford Herbert David Laube, C.H., Brodhead if Albert W. Lawrence, Eng., Lomira Leslie Sherman Leighton, Eng., Omro Arne C. Lerum, Eng., Cottage Grove Lyman A. Libby, Eng., New Richmond Andrew L. Liljeqvist, C.H., Wausau Charles Arabut Ludlow, M.C., Monroe Carl Theophilus Madsen, Eng., Centralia Beach W. Maguire, Eng., Rockford, Ill. Frank Herbert Marlott, C.H., Racine Agnes J. Martin, G.S., Dubuque, Ia. Joseph H. Mathews, G.S., Auroraville G. S. Matteson, A.C., Davenport, Ia. Jay Woodward McCrossen, C.H., Edgar Pt Deceased, Feb. 19, 1900. Elinor Merrill, M.C., Regina Michelson, M.C., Ashland River Falls Guinevieve Mihills, M.C., Fond du Lac XV. Wm. Miller, G.S., Ravenswood Ill. Eben Roger Minahan, Eng., Rosalie Julia Minch, Eng., Leora Lloyd Moore, M.C., Green Bay Paoli Madison May Louise Mosher, Eng., Sandwich, Ill. Earl Warner Murley, Eng., Shullsburg Henry Edward Murphy, A.C., Manitowoc John Vincent Murphy, Eng., Hoard William K, Murphy, Eng., Milwaukee Bessie Rae Nate, C.H., Madison Tillie Eliza Nelson, Eng., Token Mabel Odell, M.C., Des Moines, Ia. Ezra Thaddeus Oftelie, Eng., Madison Nora Louise Oleson, M.C., Madison Julia Sherlock Osborne, M.C., Madison Mary Patricia Osborne, M.C., Madison Henry Heames Otjen, Eng., Milwaukee Nell F. Parkinson, M.C., Columbus Howell Parks, A.C., Oconomowoc Jessie Mary Pelton, M.C., Edgerton George Addison Perham, C.H., Racine Jessie Ellen Perry, M.C., Madison Peter V. Peterson, Eng., E. Marinette Etta S. Pettigrew, M.C., Sioux Falls, S. D. Rawson J. Pickard, M.C., Maywood, Ill. Robert E. Pinkerton, G.S., Mazomanie George Coleman Poage, C.H., La Crosse Frederick Ring Pollard, C.H., Portage Lena Meleta Pope, Eng., ,Mayville Beulah Celesta Post, M.C., Dubuque, Ia. Jacob Prirnakow, C.H., Lloyd Winston Pullen, C.H., Milwaukee Milwaukee Daphne W. Putnam, M.C., VVaukesha Amelia France Pyre, M.C., Madison Menora Quarnmen, M.C., Madison Louis Frederick Rahr, C.H., Kenosha Arthur Reitman, G.S., Milwaukee Joe Clyde Renwich, A.C., Warren, Ill. Melinda C. Rider, C.H., Dubuque, Ia. Salena Marguerite Riedy, M.C., Madison William Walter Riley, Eng., Erin Clara Isabel Ross, C.H., Cherokee, Ia. Samuel C. Ross, C.H., Mineral Point Bertie M. Roybar, G.S., Madison Edith Arabel Rumsey, C.H., Milwaukee Victor Emanuel Runo, A.C., Grinstad William T. Runzler, A.C., Milwaukee 117 Emil A. Rutishauser, G S., Aurora, Ill. john Henry Ryan, C.H., Lodi Ruth Bogardus Safford, M.C., Peeblis Vera Belle Salter, Eng., Unity William F. Schmidt, C.H., Manitowoc Anna R. Schobinger, Eng., Shullsburg Paul August Schuette, C.H., Manitowoc Paul Adolph Schule, A.C., Chicago, Ill. John F. Sedgwick, Eng., NVhitewater Emil T. Siedenglanz, Eng., Kewaunee Lulu Pearl Shaw, A.C., Wauwatosa Albert Edward Shower, Eng., De Forest Imelia Josephine Slinde, Eng., De Forest Hans Norman Slinde, Eng., De Forest Phebe Maud Smith, Eng., juda Glen Rust Snider, Eng., Kilbourn john H. Sprecher, Eng., Independence August john Stange, Eng., Merrill Carolyn Stemple, M.C., Madison Pearlie M. Stetler, Eng., Richland Centre Genevieve Stevens, C.H., Boone, Ia. Robert G. Stevenson, Eng., Marinette Earle B. Stewart, G.S., Mason City, Ia. Howard Stewart, Eng., Delavan Mitchell Charles Stewart, Eng., Wausau Charles Harry Stone, Eng., Reedsburg Anna Storm, Eng., Plainfield Belle Sweet, Eng., Clinton, Ia. Angus Cameron Sykes, G.S., Madison Edna Laura Tarbox, C.H., La Crosse Mae P. Telford, M.C., Mason City, Ia. Charles Scott Thompson, G.S., Oshkosh Edward Walter Thuerer, Eng., Baraboo Rose Marie Toepfer, M.C., Madison Augustus M.Tourtel1otte, Eng., La Crosse Clyde Louis Townsend, A.C., Shullsburg Lura Jane Turner, M.C., Columbus Mary Updegraff, M.C., Decorah, Ia. Lucas S. Van Orden, C.H., Baraboo Lulu May Van Patten, G.S., Albany George Adelbert Walter, G.S., Berlin Stuart E. Washburn, C.H., Racine Minna E. lVeber, M.C., Watertown Adrian A. Wedemeyer, Eng., Sheboygan Waldemar Carl YVehe, C.H., Milwaukee Josephine Adelaide YVells, C.H., Portage Robert C. Wente, G.S., Manistee, Mich. H. B. XVerder, Eng., Charles City, Ia. Rhoda Mabel 'wVhite, C.H., Chicago, Ill. Robert Lee Wilkins, C.H., Viroqua Stephen E. Wlilliams, G.S., River Falls Samuel H. lVinch, G.S., Marshfield XVirt lllinslow, Eng., Ft. Atkinson Helen Pearl Wood, M.C., Monroe Norma Curtis Wood. M.C., Madison Philip Aurey Wood, Jr., Eng., Baraboo Ralph Hiram XVoodruiT, C.H., Polo, Ill. Yojta 'xVrabetz, Eng., Kewaunee Mignon Wright, M.C., Madison Roland Zinns, .-LC., Milwaukee 118 Ruth Bent, Eng., Jennie F. Bishop, Eng., Emmons R. Blake, Eng., Mabel 1. Bradley, M. C., Ernest J. Butzke, G.S., NVarren A. Chilcote, Eng., Catherine M. Cook, M.C., Alexander O. Corstvet, Eng., Mary I. Cummings, M.C., Dorothy J. Everett, Eng., fl'QSl7mQIl SDQCRIIS Morrison, Ill. Dillon, Mont. Port Washington Madison Beechwood Rosendale Madison Deerfield Rock Valley, Ia. Sparta Aurora, Ill. Little Rock, Ark. Donald B. Fishbnrn, Eng., Clarence B. Fisher, Eng., William E. Fisher, Eng., Sheridac John F. Fraser, Eng., Lake Geneva George H. Gabel, C.H., Milwaukee Charles H. Gaflin, C.H., Leaf River, Ill. Jennie M. Goddard, Eng., Freeport, Ill. Delbert R. Mathews, Engl, Fox Lake Paul R. McKee, C.H., Albany, N. Y. Harry Miller, Eng., Grand Rapids George A. Mowry, Eng., Sturgeon Bay E. Milo Mnckleston, M.C., Waukesha Josephine A. Nalty, A.C., Monroe Cordelia L. Newton, C.H., Bangor Harry G. Oakland, G.S., Milwaukee Dale Owen, G.S., Lake Geneva Anna M. Pelton, Eng., Madison Albert G. Ramstad, G. S., Eau Claire Ethel F. Raymer, M.C., Madison Clarence L. Richardson, G.S., Chippewa Falls Adolph H. Roethke, Eng., Chilton May L. Savage, A.C., Madison John F. Sawyer, Eng., Hammond, Ind. Robert L. Sewards, Eng., New York, N. Y. Mabel Goddard, Eng., Freeport, Ill. james A. Seydel, jr., Eng., Chippewa Falls Sadie M. Grinde, Eng., DeForest joseph R. Shields, G.S., Pewaukee Torrey Gund, Eng., Freeport, Ill. Adolph B. Smith, G.S., Brooklyn Richard H. Hollen, Eng., Eau Claire Leila C. Stephens, C.H., Dixon, Ill. Cady C. Ireland, C.H., YVashburn, Ill. Mary G. Stoner, M.C., Madison Bettina Jackson, Eng. Madison Walter E. Terwilliger, Eng., Madison Frances S. C. James, M.C., Eau Claire Ethel A. Thompson, M.C., Darlington Herbert F. john, C.H , Milwaukee Elizabeth D. Throne, Eng., Watertown Amy S. johnson, Eng., Madison Elizabeth M. Trelevan, Eng., Fond du Lac Harry C. johnson, C.H., Madison Xvilliam Urban, Eng., Plainfield Rene R. Kahn, C.H., Milwaukee William A. Walters, Eng., Chicago, Ill. Amy A. Kennedy, Eng., Madison Henry W. YVerner, Eng., Eau Claire Carl H. Lewis, C.H., Sparta Georgianna Whitcomb, G.S., Madison Mary M. Luce, Eng , Chilton Callafern A. Williams, Eng., Grand Rapids Frances C. Main, M.C., Madison Elias R. Williams, Eng., Genesee Depot Edith B. Martin, C.H., Morrison, Ill. Herbert B. Wright, Eng., lslipeming, lllich. Harry I. Masters, G.S., Sparta fN W .iilifk V llllx ll ia li i . ,-- af 1 S 1 1 9 COIIQSQ Of m6Cl72llIlCS and EllSllIQ2l'ilIS 7l'2Sbl116Ii Glass Benjamin Cullen Adams, E.E., Madison Archie F. Alexander, M.E., Madison Arthur E. Anderson, M.E., Ian6SVi11C james Arthur Armstrong, E.E., Ashland John C. Belanger, C.E., Grand Rapids john William Belling, E.E., Mondovi William B. Bennett, E.E., Mineral Point William John Bertke, E.E., Milwaukee joseph I. Bingham, C.E., Lockwood, N.Y. Warren joseph Bishop, C.E., Milwaukee Fred Guy Borden, E.E., Plainfield Roscoe V. Brewer, E.E., Hurley Lewis Raymond Brown, E.E., Oshkosh John N. Cadby, E.E., Waukesha Fred Arthur Chamberlain, E.E., Madison Ira Lyman Coon, Ir.. C.E., Plainfield Glenn Cooper Corlie, M.E., Madison Arthur VV. Cowley, E. E., Spokane, lVash. Willis Earl Crandel, E.E., Plainlield Edward L. Crowe, E.E., Chicago, Ill. Garrison Culy Dean, M.E., Eau Claire John Seahury Dean, M.E., Madison Howard Louis Dessert, C.E., Mosinee Charles W. Dodge, jr., M.E., Milwaukee Courtney C. Douglass, M.E., Fontana Daniel Mathew Driscoll, C.E., Antigo Arthur R. Ehrnbeck, C.E., Appleton Emil A. Ekern, E.E., West Superior Howard S. Elliott, E.E., Dell Rapids, S.D. Evan Samuel Evans, E.E., Sparta Rollins Nelson Foster, C.E., Reedsburg August F. Frendberg, C.E., Ashland john Henry Friend, Antigo Fay Noyes Fuller, M.E., Elkhorn Joseph NV. Fulmer, E.E., Florence Gustave W. Garvens, C.E., Wauwatosa Henry J. Geerlings, Jr., E.E., Milwaukee james Moseley Gilman, C.E., Madison C. F. Goodenough, M.E., West De Pere james Goudie, E.E., Ironwood, Mich. Edward Griffin, E.E., Eagle Alvin Haase, C.E., Milwaukee John Francis Hahn, C.E., Tyndall, S. D. Edwin Morgan Hall, E.E., Chicago, Ill. Morris Emile Haman, E.E., Milwaukee Elmer lfVilliam Hamilton, C.E., Hyde Frederick W. Hansen, E E., Madison Christian C. Hatleberg, C.E., Keyeser Edward J. Hawley, C.E., Green Bay Charles Joseph Hejda, E.E., Manitowoc Charles XV. Hejda, E.E., Manitowoc Minot james Hill, E.E., Almond Don Clement Holloway, M.E., Janesville W'illiam Otis Hotchkiss, C.E., Eau Claire Frederick XVilliam Huels, C.E., Madison Frank J. Hughes, C.E., Omaha, Neb. Oscar Harvey Halberg, E.E., La Crosse Arthur L. johnson, M.E., Chicago, Ill. George R. Keachie, C.E., Dubuque, Ia. Robert G. Krumrey, ,E.E., Plymouth Bruno Lachmund, C.E., Sauk City, Ia. Leigh Hunt Lathrop, E.E., Delavan Olaf Laurgaard, C.E., La Crosse Harry Leslie Lea, E.E., Iron River Lester H. Levisee, E.E., Clintonville Daniel XV. Lynch, E.E., NVest Bend Benjamin F. Lyons, M.E., Appleton Joseph A. Mannington, C.E., Chicago, Ill. Frank C. Marvin, E.E., Zumbrota, Minn. 'X john R. McGuire, E.E., Aurora, Ill. Gilbert F. McNitt, jr., E.E., Racine William C. McNown, C E., Mauston Louis B. Moorehouse, M.E., Elkhorn R H. Morrison, M.E., Morrisonville Xllilliam Roy Mott, EE , Decorah, Ia. Edgar Bruno Mueller, E.E., Manitowoc Clifford Harry. Noyes, C.E., Baraboo Herman E. Olson, E.E., Black River Falls Harry Willard Page, M.E., Baraboo Charles A. Parfrey, C.E., Richland Ctr. Howard Gregory Patten, E.E., Appleton Andrew Elmer Pierce, C.E., Madison Reuben S. Peotter, C.E., Appleton Charles S. Peters, Dodgeville Fred Robert Porritt, C.E., Fargo, N.D. John Pugh, Jr., Racine Arthur Joseph Quigley, E.E., Fontana if Deceased Nov. 29, 1399. 120 George XV. Ripley, E.E., Iron River lVilliam J. Rowe, E.E., lYarren, Ill. Louis H. Rueping, M.E., Fond du Lac Frank If Saradakis, M.E., Milwaukee H. J. Saunders, C.E., Council Bluffs, Ia. John Lucian Savage, C.E., Madison Willard Roy Saxton, C.E., Berlin Charles H. Schniglau, E.E., Chicago, Ill. Irving Seaman, E.E., Milwaukee XVilliam XY. Sickels, M.E., Evanston, Ill. Frank DeSalle Sheldon, C.E., Milwaukee Charles J. Slater, M.E,, Escanaba, Mich. Albert P. Treber, EE., Deadwood, S.D. Dwight C. Trevarthen, M.E., Madison Paul Trowbridge, M.E., Columbus Norman A. Urquhart, C.E., Medford E. R. Vanderhoof, C.E., Black River F'lls james.A. Walker, M.E., Rockford, Ill. Charles Thomas XVatson, C.E., Baraboo Frederick C. Weber, E.E., Fond du Lac August George Wehe, C.E., Milwaukee Anders Elia Xlfeigen, E.E., Sun Prairie C. R. XVhitney, M.E., Xlfaukegan, Ill. Frank August lVilde, M.E., Milwaukee Ray L. Southworth, M.E., Mondovi Edwin Fred 'XVollaeger, E E., Milwaukee XYilliam Spalding, E.E., Oshkosh Leslie B. llfoodruff, C.E., Milwaukee james E. Toogood, E.E., Manchester, Ia. Frank Palmer Woy, E.E., Sparta M. VV. Torkelson, C.E., Black River Falls james G. Zimmerman, EE., Milwaukee SDQCl3l ElISlIlQQl'lIlS SUIGQIUS Bertie S. Anderson, M.E., Hartford Frank H. Lacey, E.E , Chamberlain, S.D. Oliver C. Atkinson, E.E., Chicago, Ill. Arthur Warner Lewis, C.E., Madison Hiram Edwin Bailey, Madison James c. Long, C.E., Tiskiiwa, Ill. XVil1iam H. Brenning, EE., Columbus Clyde M. McKay, M.E., Chippewa Falls Vxfillard V. B. Campbell, E.E., Horicon Louis Alvan McKee, M.E., Madison Harvey J. Cowie, C.E., Xlfest Superior Claude H. Perry, C.E., La Crosse L. D. Cutcheon, C.E., Gr. Rapids, Mich. Martin H. Pesta, M.E., Milwaukee Earle S. Dean, C.E., Hinsdale, Ill. G. K. Sawyer, M.E., Carpentersville, Ill. Oscar Lucas Dorschel, E.E., Chilton George Matthews Simmons, EE., Viola William D. Eaton, C. E., Kenosha R. T. Smith, Ir., M.E., Baltimore, Md. Orlando H. Frick, C.E., Antigo Edwin XV. Smyth, E.E., Stuart, Ia. Charles G. Goodsell, E E., La Crosse john Martin Tait, M.E., Chicago, I11. john Forrest Grant. M.E., lkfhitewater John Clarence Taylor, EE., Barron Edwin E. Haskins, M.E., Milwaukee Virgil C. Trine, M.E., Madison Franklin E. Haun., M.E., Syracuse, N.Y. C. lvestergaard, M.E., Buffalo, N. D. Frank lVilliam jones, E.E., Milwaukee H. L. lVhittemore, M.E., Milwaukee ' , , A r'i-ee T- V . i T t , ' f" 1: " ' f r A ' x. , V A ' f:1"?3" I lifpifiiill 0fficers ARTHUR XV. FAIRCHILD, - - - President NATHAN S. CURT1s, - Vice-President HARRY A. CODY, - Secretary NELSON WILCOX, - - Treasurer WALTER H. C. BENDER, Historian MARTIN S. HINES, - A - Sargeant-at Arms Walter Henry C. Bender, Milwaukee Ralph lfValdo Beymer, Corning, la. Roy Elson Bigham, Arcadia Robert Oscar Bowman, Lodi William P. Boynton, Ierseyville, Ill, Nels Peter Christenson, Neenah Allan Vain Classon, Oconto Harry Arthur Cody, Ripon john Birch Crabtree, Dixon, Ill. Nathan Stephenson Curtis, Madison joseph P. Davies, VVatertoWn Henry Arthur Detling, Sheboygan Francis Lawrence Doolan, Milwaukee Emerson Ela, Rochester Elmer Theodore Elver, Madison Arthur Wilson Fairchild, Green Bay Edward Tappen Fox, Milwaukee Carl Frederick Geilfuss, Milwaukee Frank Henry Gugel, Madison Jay William Hicks, Oshkosh Martin Stephen Hines, Highland Nels Elias Holte, Newark, Ill Charles Thomas Hutson, Edgerton Edward David Jenner, Milwaukee john Martin Kelley, Portage Oscar Kroesing, Chilton jacob Krocke, Kenosha Fred August Landeck, Milwaukee Michael I. Lavoy, St. Iulienne, Canada Thomas William Leahy, Marion, Ia. Michael NV. McArdle, Bailey's Harbor Loyal Henry McCarthy, Albion Edward Marcus Morrissey, Fontana Robert Nicholie Nelson, Lodi Carl Stoddard Newcomer, Eldora, Ia. Asa Kenton Owen, Arcadia Amos Webber Pollard, Portage Ira David Potts, Fox Lake Clinton Guilford Price, Madison Frank Patrick Regner, XVest Bend Oscar Lewis Ringle, lVausau David Milton Roberts, Leeds Center Charles Alfred Schneider, Oshkosh Oscar XVil1iam Schoengarth, Neillsville Delbert K. Smith, Big Bend Elroy Wallace Smith, Milwaukee Byron H. Stebbins, Little Falls, N. Y. S. A. Stellwagen, Colorado Springs, Col. William Sweet, Kilbourn Paul Tratt, Vifhitewater joseph Nicholas Treweck, Mineral Point Peter Tscharner, Alma Roy Everett Tomlinson, Oak Park, Ill. Albert Kimball Wheeler, Janesville Nelson james XVilcox, Eau Claire Richard Olin Wipperman, Grand Rapids 122 jlllllOI' fall? Class Officers ALoNzo A. Cl-IAMBERLAIN, - President ALBERT F. L.-xRsoN, - Vice-President HERIBERT A. LLfNn.xHr., - - Secretary Thorwald Peter Abel, Kenosha Bonduel Albert I-lusting, Mayville Lake Cohen Alexander, Manitowoc Frank Sylvester Hyman, Chicago, Ill. John Burton Andrews, Birnamwood Marcus A. Jacobson, 'Waukesha Chauncey G. Austin, jr., St. Albans, Vt. Eugene Charles Joannes, Green Bay lVorth Sherman Bardwell, Plainneld john Henry johntry, Chicago, Ill. Lee Fenton Bays, Sullivan, Ind. Arthur Jolliffe, Berlin XVi1liam Carl Berg, Madison Robert Albert Kaftan, Tyndall, S. Dak. Ralph Van Blethen, Rochester, Minn. Harry F, Kelley, Manitowoc Albert Henry Boyce, Sturgeon Bay Harry Gladstone Kemp, Rhinelander August Ernest Braun, Milwaukee John Earle Kemp, Sparta Ernest von Briesen, Columbus Samuel William Kies, Oshkosh Louis Arthur Brunchorst, Kewaunee Charles Kirwan, Monitowoc XVill Arthur Canipman, Neillsville Isaac Milo Kittleson, Mt. Horeb Jorge lVilrner Carow, Elroy, XVis. Edwin C. F. Knowles, 'West Superior Charles Henry Cashin, Stevens Point joseph Koffend, Appleton Alonzo Albert Chamberlain, Darlington Philip Cornelius Kopplin, Lowell Michael Joseph Cleary, Blanchardsville Edward james Cockerill, Berlin Francis Hinckley Crosby, Racine Gilbert john Davelaar, XYauwatosa Morton Stanley Davidson, Madison Thomas Francis Davlin, Berlin Ivory J. Drybread, Franklin, Ind Harry Edwards, Dixon, Ill. Henry Minor Esterly, Hillside Raymond Clarence Fairbank, Ladoga Henry Mathias Fellenz, Campbell's Point Otto Gustave Fehlhaber, Nangart Carl Elisha Fisher, Bayfield Oscar Marion Fitz, Milwaukee Clement Aloysius Gordon, Freeport, Ill. Alexander Philip Greenthal, Milwaukee Edward C. Griesel, Crown Point, Ind. Edwin jacob Gross, Milwaukee Ole Severin Gunderson, Colfax john Gilbert Hardgrove, Eden Earl Bertram Harkin, Marshfield George Victor Helfrich, Carthage, Ill. Harry Roland Hewett, Madison Forrest Clyde Hirleman, Spencer, Iowa Harry Mears Hobbins, Madison George Eddie Larson, Souix Falls, S. D. Albert F. Larsony Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Elmer O. Leatherwood, Madison Ioseph Loeb, Appleton Frank Xlfarren Lucas, Brodhead Herbert Alvin Lundahl, Chicago, Ill. NVilliarn Laird McCormick, Hayward james C. McKesson, Genoa junction john lValter McMillan, Milwaukee Lester Columbus Manson, Beaver Dam john Maxey, Autigo Henry Mahoney, Madison Daniel Paul Meyers, Forreston, lll. james Andrew Michaelson, Darlington Victor Ivan Minahan, Chilton Barney Andrew Monahan, East Troy Albert Barnes Moses, Madison Daniel Hayes Murphy, Milwaukee john Louis Nedderson, Milwaukee Leo Fred Nohl, Milwaukee lvilliam James Oberne, Chicago, Ill. Victor joseph O'Keliher, Oconto Ernest Andrew O'Neill, Neillsville Bernard Morey Palmer, Janesville lValter Know Parkinson, Appleton 123 Charles Sumner Pearce, Vlfalworth Nathan Raphael, Madison George Banks Reedal, De Korra Harry Lee Reeves, New York City, N. Y. Edward John Reynolds, Madison Ara Patten Rickmire, Cylon Victor Eugene Rogers, Plankinton, S. D. Thomas Hartley Ryan, 'Wausau Charles Edward Salisbury, Marietta, Cal. Dennis Francis Scanlan, Fulton, Kansas Franklin Richard Shepard, Janesville Herman Smieding, XVallace Stanley Smith, George Thompson, Ernest Page Truesdell, Alexander Turner, Charles Atwood Vilas, Ferdinand George C. V Martin Fred XValters, Dutee Allen Whelan, Racine Onalaska Moscow Belvidere, Ill. Roberts Milwaukee oigt, Milwaukee Appleton Mondovi Albert Edward Schwittay, Pound Elias Robert Williams, Genesee Depot Emil Scow, Arcadia Bunn Thatcher Wilson, Rochester, Minn C. MacD. Sharpstein, Walla lValla, XVash. Charles Yankey, Juneau SD2Cl2ll fall? SIUCIQIIIS Albert Nathan Coombs, Honey Creek Gustav joseph Hirchberg, Milwaukee Paul Huntington, Green Bay Charles Edward Phoenix, Baraboo Antoinette V. Jackowska, Milwaukee james Alexander Walsh, Eagle River - 4 1 MILL 1 1 124 junior Glass Irvin Walter Brandel, Oshkosh John C. Nelson, Beloit Harley Mc Spadden Brook, Milwaukee Edmund C. Newmann, Milwaukee Fred Henry Chamberlain, Sparta Carl A. Newton, Sparta Charles 'William Check, Madison john Leon Patterson, Evansville Ernst William Dieffenbach, Milwaukee Emile Proulx, Chippewa Falls William Ralph Downer, Appleton Emmason Charles Rose, Scranton, Pa. Cora Belle Eastman, Montfort Emile Ross, Lake Geneva Arthur Ralph Eberle, Watertown Ida Elizabeth Slightam, Prairie du Chien Frederick Gustave Ehlert, Madison john Alfred Treber, Deadwood, S. D. Alexander Krembs, jr., Stevens Point William L. Treber, Deadwood, S. D. Alfred Emil Kundert, Monroe William Henry Walker, Madison Thomas A. Major, Manistee, Mich. Enos Samuel Wigdale, Fort Atkinson james Allen McIntosh, Macomb, Ill. Thomas Guy YVindes, XVinnetka, Ill. Sophomore Zlass Ben Linsey Copp, Madison Otto Arthur Soell, La Crosse John L. Forsyth, jr., Stevens Point Bert John Swanton, Brodhead Robert W'illiam Horne, Brodhead Susie Swarthout, La Crosse Conrad Charles Lehmann, Cedarburg John Herman Williams, Merrilan Special Pharmacy Student Frank Carl Hitchcock, Plainwell, Mich. , ig Q Kb ? if 1, Qt in an g Q0 . - .... A. Qs. N f A Geox. i., ., 5 S. .- ,.., . - ., 9 . gf ' ' H' "" 'H Q ,, 125 A 'V rl' lm I lli X 'riUQ, .,. ll 'J-- " .W 'hvi F at 1 ' "A' A -fi wpaf' f' " ea,-F ' - 'fi z. 'saw a QOIIS Course Juniors Robert Stephen Funk, La Crosse Frederick Dan Taylor Bates, Ill. J sophomores Benjamin Hiestand Gaflin, Leaf River, Ill. George Alfred Olson, Madison john Agard Ross, Hinsdale, Ill. 'Freshmen Llewellyn Rhys Davies Madison William Bonner Richards, Racine Conrad Godlieb Starke, Milwaukee Short Course SCC0l'lCl YQRI' Orlo Abbott, Appleton William M. Cummins, New York, N. Y. XVillard Abbott, Appleton Alfred Danielson, Irving Abraham Anderson, Wilder, Minn. Howard L. Davis, Sparta George Ankerberg Anderson, Xlfhitehall Peter john Drissen, Alaska Leroy Anderson, Ithaca, New York Conrad Erickson, lVest Salem Clarence Martin Arneson, Mt. Horeb Albert William Fay, New Richmond John Roy Atwood, Roscoe, Ill. Otto Foll, Deerfield Horner Edwin Bailey, Cobb George Albert Freeman, Madison John Edward Bass, Beloit Gandenz Fried, Fountain City Herbert Charles Bell, Leitersburg, Md. George Froggatt, Ashton Charles Shattuck Bennett, Belvidere, Ill. Earl Lawrence Gillespie, Kilbourn William Arrell Bibby, Glasgow Jesse Roy Gordon, Mineral Point Francis H. Boardman, Jr., Boardman Amil Otto Graiien, Deerfield Booke Alberts Bokma, Lake Geneva Max Grubb, Carbondale, Colo. Elbert Amos Cannon, Marcellon Charles Henry Hackett, Baraboo Adam Carlyle, Lynd, Minn. Granville Prescott Hackett, Baraboo Lafayette F. Clark, VVest Brattleboro, Vt. Fred Lawrence Hammond, Eau Claire Frank Convey, Ridgeway George Edwin Hanchett, jr., Sparta 126 Laverd Ernest Hardie, Glasgow Homer Ross Hitchcock, Pecatonica. Ill. Ross Melvin Hobbs, Madison John Christ Holtz, Columbus Edgar Ernst Huebbe, NVatertown Vifilliam James Jeffery, Shullsburg lVarren Price Jennings, Chippewa Falls James Jensen, Lind William Christian Jensen, Waupaca Eben Ezra Jones, Rockland Charles Kosso, Algoma Emil R. Klein, Fountain City John K11kOWiI1Ski, Sharon Casper Larson, Bloomer lVilfred Irving Lawson, Browning George Dixon Little, Janesville Andrew Lobre, Madison Thomas Mattison Blair Ara Morgan McClure, Mark Sydney McClure, Frank Wallace McRae, Manhattan, Ill. Manhattan, Ill 'West Salem Louis Nelson, Argyle David Christopher Nicolaus, Troy Center William Irving Niven, Sheridan Herman Joseph Nix, Nix Corners Firs Elmer Alton, Mifflin Robert Andrus, Reedsburg Robert Mitchell Armour, Mondovi George Gleasman Atwood, Roscoe, Ill. Ralph Baker, Blandinsville, Ill. Roscoe Ernest Baker, Britt, Ia. John lVilson Bauer, Naperville, Ill. Martin Ingwald Borgen, Dallas Albert Brinkman, Lancaster Vxfilliarn L. Bumgarner, Magnolia, Ill. Harry Burrows, Boardman Roy Burton, Palmyra George Irving Carncross, Lodi Ralph lVesley Carter, Osseo Fred S. Castle, Buffalo Prairie, Ill. Charles 'Walter Cheney, Vifashington, O. Adolph Clausing, Bartel Charles Francis Clark, Babcock David Bert Clark, Rock Prairie John Daniel Clark, Johnstown Elmer Comer, St. Croix Falls Charles James Cooper, Ladoga Brigman Cornelius, Oneida Henry Alonzo Craig, Elida, Ill. 127 Ralph Negley Wilkinson, James Peter Oleson, Anthony Pachernigg, Harry B. Padden, Frank Fletcher Phelps, Albert Charles Price, Lorenz Fred Reineking, Clyde Earl Roesch, Arthur Clark Russell, Shirley Horatio Rust, XVesley M. Sarver, James Henry Sattler, Abe Sauers, f Yell' Alto, Iowa Ripon Taylor Kasbeer, Ill. Granton South Byron Franklin Potosi Augusta Mukwonago Pecatonica, Ill. XV. Rosendale Bluff Siding John Joseph Schmidt, lVayne John Joseph Schwartz, Troy Center NVilliam Sherman, Reedsburg Willis Andrew Storer, Swaledale, Iowa John Julius Swartzlow, Sparta George Harvey Tate, La Farge John Martin Taylor, La Grange Charles William Thomas, Baraboo William Clark Tompkins, Ashland Ralph Tratt, YVhitewater Laurence Charles Underwood, Avoca Melvin David Van Slyke, Centerville Merritt Lyman Welles, Pike, N. Y John Jacob Cramer, Marshfield Nettie L. Cronkhite, Hastings, Neb. George D. Curran, Madison XVilliarn Rudolph Curtiss, Trevor NValter L. Cutting, Pittsfield, Mass. Louis Hezekiah Cutler, E. Dubuque, Ill. Ralph Ellsworth Dana, Sparta Arthur G. Danks, Allamuchy, N. J. Porter H. Davis, St. Johns, Mich. ,Ralph W'ebster De Long, Leon John Dietrich, Black River Falls NVilliam Fred Dittinger, Northfield Xvilliam Andrew Doelle, Doelle Arthur George Downer, Appleton Herman John Duecker, Kiel Carroll Arthur Dutton, Centerville Frank Henry Ellis, Mt. Hope James Archer Ellis, NVoodman John L. Eno, Luana, Ia. YVilliam H. Eno, Sheffield, Ia, David VVilliarn Evans, Columbus Charles Kendall Fleishauer, Tarrant James Allison Ford, De Soto Almeron Horace Fox, Menomonie Lyo Miles Fruth, Fostoria, O. Benjamin Henry Fuiten, Henry F. Ganschow, Henry Geller, Rufus Atwood Gillett, Vvarren C. Glasgow, Clifford Dale Gordon, Ripon Bonduel Chicago, Ill. Fitchburg Xlfaterloo, Ia. Mineral Point W'illiam Herman Graflien, Deerfield Walter John Haddleton, Hinsdale, Ill. Tellef Hanson, Elcho Martin Nodaasen Hanson, Hollandale William Erwin Haseltine, Baraboo Watson Irvin Hatch, Richland Center Chester Lionel Hockney, Antioch, Ill. Clair Roderick Holman, Waupaca Emil Eber Holt, Ono Alonzo Howard, Melrose Sherman Hubbard, Evansville Benjamin Andrew Irnholt, Houlton Lars lnstenes, Melrose Perry jackson, Argyle Frank Jennings, Chippewa Falls Walter Peter Jensen, VVaupaca William Oscar johnson, William Keyes, jesse Korf, South XYayne Grand Rapids Forreston, Ill. Gilbert M. Lampland, Haytield, Minn. james Martin Larson, Ole Even Larson, Samuel Larson, Christian W. Lassen, William Lehmann, John Herman Liebe, Alfred Lien, Forrest Linton, james Wesley Lord, john Leroy Lytle, Robert Henry Macauley, Bruno Max Mann, San If-, lllt. Blorris Emerald Grove Dallas 'Winnetke, Ill. Neoslio Grand Rapids Blanchardville Ft. Atkinson Neenah Luana, Ia. Dunnville Francisco, Cal. Edward Peter McGeachie, Rockford, Ill. Louis Maleo, Madison Harley A. Martin, Richland Center Claude Miren Mason, Albion john May, Vtfest Bend Gustav Carl Mildenhauer, Rube john Miles, Stone Bank Alfred Miritz, Kewaskum Charles Kellogg Moore, Wauwatosa Milton Cecil Moyle, Yorkville Robert G. Murphy, Woodbine, Penn. William Charles Neely, Pecatonica, Ill. Charles Levi Nicols, Jr. , Hebron, Ill. Charles D. Nickel, NVaupaca Tenney Nustad, Westby William Herman Ode, Portage Donald Waite Pardee, Eagle james Victor Patterson, Bloomington Peter Antonius Paulson, Hudson Paul Pickhardt, Milwaukee Michael john Poellman, Granville Louis Carl Poss, Gale Richard Poston, Knapp Dwight Ephriam Powell, Shirland, Ill. Alfred Powless, Oneida john Vvilliam Prather, Springfield, Ill. YValter Garfield Pride, Osseo Edward Pyan, Marathon NVilliam Radcliffe, Eagle River David Ira Roberts, Portage Henry Brown Roberts, Elida, Ill. Walter Runke, Algoma 'Wade H. Sanborn, Spring Grove, Ill. Samuel Schaffner, Kinley Frank Charles Schroeder, Kewaunee Henry Michael Schultz, Nora, Ill. Stephen Sexton, Quincy, Mich. Averill Davis Shultis, XVaukesha Arnold Bennett Smiley, Albany David Albert Smith, Prion Theodore 1. Smith, Charles Brooks Snow, Mt. Palatine, Ill. Chicago, Ill. Henry Albert Snyder, Brooklyn Bruce XVheelock Starritt, Nunda, Ill. Anton Jacob Stauiiacher, St621rI1S Lorenzo Stokes, N6W81'k Alden Lescombe Stone, Martin Emandus Strom Alexander Stuart, Ren Childs Tanner, Emil Teurnell, Burnett Jet. men, Cambridge Walnut, Ia. Capron, Ill. Hillside James Alexander Thom, Millburn, Ill. Oscar Oswald Thompson, Argyle Thomas Thompson, B1311' Thomas Paul Thompson, Blair Alfred Tobler, Perley Seymour Treat, Knoxville, Tenn. Franks, Ill. Andrew Rudolph Tschudy, Monroe Louis Edwin Uehling, Claude Vance, Guy Pugh Vance, George F. Varnum, 128 Afton Decatur, Ill. Decatur, Ill. Melrose Andrew Walter, Waukesha John Raymond Williams, Hurricane 1311195 EClWi11 Watkins, Baraboo Andrew Baird Williamson, Millville Stanley Edward Watson, Sommerville Jacob Wochos, Stangelville Robert Heinrich Weidig, Hinsdale, Ill. XValter Alonzo XVolcott, Appleton Paul Richard Weller, Ashland Edward H, Wolf, St. Kilim, Ernest Paul NVe1born, Cynthiana, Ind. Arthur Garfield XVorks, Augusta George Wendt, Belle Fountain William James Wright, Waukesha T11e0d01'e2JVCS6I1bC1'g, Oshkosh John H. Young, Madison DZIIYD Course. SQCOIIG YQBI' John Louis Klotz East Farmington Albert Henry Zeitler llfadison 'fil'SI YQGI' Fred Aieken, Waukesha Anton Albert Fochs, Chilton Andrew James Bang, Klevenville Darwin Alfonso Frazer, Frazer Frank Ellsworth Barker, Janesville Herman August Frederick, Reedsville Walter Ebert Bartholomew, Galesville Arthur Neeves French, Lebanon, Ohio Clinton Claudeus Beebe, Boardman Charles Lyman Gallup, N. Adams, Mass Paul Bemoswki, Stevens Point Randall Mills Gillett, Plainfdeld Robert Julius Fred Bielke, Stettin Thomas Golden, XVhiteha11 Frank Peter Bowar, Cazenovia John Henry Grady, Cook Valley John Edwin Bowen, Burns Herbert Eugene Grinin, Pardeeville 'William Frank Bowers, Lima Herbert Guillitte, Duvall Curtis Eugene Button, Melrose Frank John Haack, Rankin Archibald William Campbell, Beaver Dam 'William Clarson Halpin, Cedarburg Charles Chester Carroll, Ames, Iowa Selah Addison Handy, North Andover Ralph Vivian Carswell, Lone Rock Frank Lee Hanrath, Bristol John Chester Chapin, Waupaca XVarren Francis Hardison, Alma Center George Russel Clough, Black Earth Henry Hartung, Arkansaw Murray Clark Clover, Rockton, Ill Davis Haven, Hartford, Mich. Frank Myron Collins, Albion John Sherman Higday, Evansville Gavin Coppins, Ft. Atkinson Charles Samuel Hoh, Appleton Leonard Howard Coulson, Grafton YVil1iam Henry Holzholter, London Jghn Qfogen, Boscobel Leonard Ferdinand Hoppe, Rio Creek Leo Calvin Crowell, Hanford, Cal. George Fred Horton, Austin, Tex. Manly Amandus Davidson, Trade Lake Jesse Helter Howe, Highland Valentine Dressler, Kieler Arthur Lewis Jaques, Ladoga Alick Drova, Berlin Fred Jaquith, Burlington Otto Gustav Eichorst, Milwaukee Jessie Alexander Jeffries, Hiawatha, Kas. Bun- Ellis, Oregon Michael Ambrose Kaley, Loyd Albert Edmund Faast, Durand XVilliam Kieler, Louisburg Hubert Fassbender, ' Bungert XVallace Everett Kirkham, Augusta Lewis Henry Fingerhuth, Spring Green Joseph Koepping, West Point Iowa Anthon Flnstad, Lawton William Phillip Kratz, Fontenoy John Adams Fisher, Alaska Henry Andrew Kraus, Grellton Chas. Gerald Fitzgerald, Richland Center Fred Albert Kruger, Sandusky 129 Sydney Wilson Lawson, Ludvig Ludvigson, Rudolph Manning, Martin Martin, justin Alvard McComb, Rosendale Elk Mound Neenah Edmund Lima Cyrus Wm. McDougal, Guelph,Ont.,Can. Jacob McFerren, Abilene, Kansas George Meier, Arcada joseph Sterling Moore, Agri, Coll., Miss. jay Wheeler Moore, Richland City Harry Henry Moats, Modena William James Mozely, Marquette lfVales William Newland, Leon Balch William Newman, Elgin, Ill. Hugh Nisbet, Hfoodstock Lewis Henry Ortschied, North Andover Charles F. Peterson, Sandy Bay Cornelius Peterson, Byrds Creek john Thomas Purves, Big Bend William Eugene Reeve, Ironton Fred Henry Reed, Oxford William Henry Ristow, North Bend Edward William Rockman, Barron Charles joseph Roemer, Appleton Frank joseph Rohn, Arcadia Herbert Myron Roys, Ironton 'fix X K' 'S XM Martin Martin Edmund Orton Palmer Safford, Peebles Jasper Schamberger, Pleasant Valley, Ill. Ernest john Schubert, Hellenville Reinhold Rudolph Schulz, Clifton Phillip Christian Schwingel, Avoca John Edmund Scott, Scales Mound, Ill. Howard Charles Searls, Plainfield Benjamin Otto Seefeld, Milwaukee Yvilliam Henry Short, Neilsville Albert Owen Sorge, Reedsburgh Paul Robert Stadel, Sharpville, Ill. john Thompson Waldwick Frank Thore, Kieler Guy Tyler, Parch Grove Frank Unger, Ames, Iowa Merton Lemud Van Dresser, Elk Mound Xvilliam Ira W'aterman, Neilsville Paul Whitcomb Wagner, Green Bay Fred W'euthrich, Iron Ridge Ralph Xvheeler, New Richmond Ft. Atkinson Schaumburg, Ill. David Curtis XVhitney, William C. Wilkening Theodore Winter, Monewoc Henry 'xVoldt. Kirchayn Carl August Zillisch Mayville if E455 l i' li" tif ff'-X, 'll 1' I It , Y' ,i J. my ' , 130 C135 UI Q J 4 oifix I t 53,1392 45 29 L YPXXAX ,A wif? ff! eg-Q'-'i' ,f 'EJ 1331 nllfkf! ke-is ll, 'S ' 4 M ,gggaa egigxfe Q :Tx 'Dain -1519- mpLiraQix . Wy 4 ' 5- A YF, Q, all 3? Fe ,HT-Q . 2,44 V .Ex :fre 1- . r, , ' . f ' ,mga .ll rx' I a - Ji 'Q . . :Bef .-y, X ' wi , G' y-,Q fc- Scbool 5, . f5Yr nulfEi'i5 . , ,f V . of flbusic Gl'ildll?lIQS Eleanor Beattie Bliss, Madison William Muzzy Fowler Madison Bessie Goodrich Brand, Madison Mary Eliza Pickarts, Madison Olive Amanda Dibble. South Madison Alice YValden, Argyle COIIQSIHIQ fhlfd YQM' Clarence Allen Baer, Milwaukee Minnie Magdalen Lueders, Madison Charles Barton Bolender, Monroe Raymond Burnett Pease, Oregon Bertha Blanche Brigham, Madison Martha Pound, Madison Grace L. Buhlman, Vilannakee Martha Thompson, Mt. Horeb Grace Beatrice Clement, Sun Prairie Allyn Abbott Young, Madison SQCOIIG YQBI' Anna Elizabeth Ackerman, Coleta, Ill. Charles Herbert Hubbell, Madison Louise Marie Bird, Madison Robert B. Kanouse, Sun Prairie Gertrude Adelaide Brodrick, Madison Mary Koltes, Madison Bertha Louise Brown, Madison Sarah May Lucas, Brodhead Laura Brownson, Sharon Emily Davidson Martin, Madison Margaret Elizabeth Butt, Viroqua Lucy McKenna, Blanchardville Mary Persis Coleman, Chippewa Falls Janette Louise Montgomery, Madison Leila Comstock, Oregon C Cordelia Lydia Newton, Bangor Mary I. Cummings, Rock Valley, Ia. Theo Beatrice Pickford, Madison Grace Shirley Dixon, Milwaukee Katherine Renk, Sun Prairie Shirly Fuller, Madison Caroline Mae Riley, Madison Frank Clark Gibbons, Sun Prairie Harry Alexander Russell, Madison Martha Gilbertson, Mt. Horeb Winifred Mary Smith, Sturgeon Bay Mary Alice Glen, Chicago, Ill. Meta Wagner, Madison Daisy Etta Hansen, Madison Ada Eliza Winterbotham Madison Florence Harrington, Madison 'FIYSY YCRI' Elsie Caroline Allen, Lake Geneva Bertha Vie Arnold, Fennimore Abigail Mary Allyn, Tonaah Celia Minerva Astle, Prairie du Sac Anna. Louise Anderson Madison Lilian Banting, Montreal, Canada Lela Anderson, Augusta Riva R. Bonniwell, Whitewood, S. D. 131 Nellie Mildred Burmester, Verona Clara Belle Mosel, Sun Prairie Agnes Kate Byrne, Madison Josephine Mary Murray, Madison Elmer David Clifford, Madison Josephine Agnes Nalty, Monroe Charles Judson Craig, Boone, Ia. James Bertram Nash, Centralia Sarah Margaret Davison, Beaver Dam Ada May N yswander, Napoleon, Ohio Rose Aileen Dye, Madison Bessie Pettigrew, Sioux Falls, S. D, Dorothy Jane Everett, Sparta Etta S. Pettigrew, Sioux Falls, S, D. Arthur Wilson Fairchild, Green Bay Helen Munroe Pierce, Madison Helen Armine Fay, Madison Allan Theron Pray, Stevens Point Martha Marion Fay, Madison Elinore Anna Rinder, Madison Anna Kathleen Fox, Madison Ida May Robinson, Mazomaine Lorena Oina Freeborn, Richland Center Otilda Sanders, Perry Johanna Frances Glenz, Madison May Lilian Savage, Madison Myrtle Goodwin, Mazomaine Lucca Clara Schott, Nfadiggn Adah Carmellita Green, Madison Belva Stone, Bloomington Regina Eunice Groves, Madison Edna Laura Tarbox, La Crosse Cordelia Haner, Sun Prairie Frederick Dan Taylor, Bates, Ill, Henry Isaac Hart, Wild Rose Charles F. Thompson, 'vVhitewood, S. D. Mae Hawley, Madison Ethel Adele Thompson, Darlington Willard Vxfare Hayden, Sun Prairie George Thompson, Moscow Nora Hoepner, Two Rivers Mathilda Louise Toepfer, Madison Petro Elvine Kasberg, Bratsberg, Minn. Callafern Ann lVilliams, llrlilwaukee Edith Bonar Martin, Morrison, Ill. HCdd2lI1iC Alice Irene Alford, Madison Charles XVarren Dodge, llflilwaukeg Hazel Viola Alford, Madison Frank Gilliland Elliott, llfadigon Charles Chester Allen, Kenosha Clara Louise Erwin, Llilwaukee 'Cora Pearl Arnold, Fennimore Marion Emma Fredrickson, Madison Joseph Raymond Austin, Madison Benjamin Julius Garnrn, llladigon Mary Austin, Madison Henry John Geerlings, Jr., Milwaukee Lorna Doone Bagley, Madison Vera Gibbons, Sun Pi-an-ie Edith Rachel Balsley, Madison Edna Lucretia Harrison Madison Chester David Barnes, Kenosha Grace Hatch, Madison Ella Barnes, Madison Alvin G. Heavenrich, Ashland 'Lotta Cora Bemis, Lodi Frederick Carl Heim, Madison Chauncey Etheridge Blake, Rockford, Ill. Sabena Mildred Herfurth, Madison Henrietta Ada Blood, Madison James R. Hobbins, Madison Eyvind Bull, Madison Renne Robert Kahn, Milwaukee Kittie Louise Button, Milton Junction George R. Keachie Cedar Rapids, Ia. Harlem Roy Chamberlain, Darlington Minnie Ellen Kelley, Madison Fanny Charleton, Madison Elbert Cutting Kellogg, Centralia Emily Ellen Chynoweth, Madison Mathilda Klein, Black River Falls Olive E. Cobb, Sun Prairie Irma Meta Kleinpell, Madison Gertrude L. Copeland, Vulcan, Mich. Ena Elsbeth Kney, Madison Laura Louise Cosgrove, Kenosha Hulda Lydia Agnes Liedtke, Leland Bessie Etta Cottrell, Spencer, Ia. May Ludlow, Monroe Charlotte' Myra Cox, Milwaukee Janette Sherman Lyon, Madison Clarence Orlo Dawson, Mason City, Ia. Mary Elizabeth Marshall, Madison 132 Albert G. Michelson, Mt. Horeb Mary Elizabeth Minahan, Calumetville Alfred Miritz, Kewaskum Alice Monahan, Madison Alexander 'William Morgan, Madison Julia Sophia Morris, Madison Ina Gertrude Nafliz, Madison Louis Edwin Naffz, Madison Otto Naffz, Madison Bessie Rae Nate, Chicago, Ill. Grace Coleta Nelson, Madison Susie Nelson, Madison Thomas E. Ottum, McFarland Bertha Gifford Parker, Madison Alfred Powless, Oneida Ermina Proctor, Madison Myrtle Purdy, Ocononiowoc Walter Hawkins Pyre, Madison Clara Eugenie Quan, Madison Arthur joseph Quigley, Lake Geneva Alfred Iohn Rhodes, Galesville Gustave Ferdinand Ruediger, Alma Harma Bell Sanders, Marshall Arthur Bernard Saunders, Milton Frank DeSalle Sheldon, Milwaukee Frank Richard Shepard, Janesville Jesse Clemons Smith, Madison Mary Campbell Smith, Madison jesse Blanche Smyth, Stuart, Ia. Lizzie Melissa Squires, Madison Leila Celeste Stephens, Dixon, Ill. Helen Elizabeth Stevens, Madison Susie Swarthout, LaCrosse Jennie May Taylor, Madison Elizabeth M. Treleven, Fond du Lac Hannah Twitchell, Madison jacob King Van Etta, Madison janet Van Hise, Madison Katherine Porter Vilas, Madison Leila Harriet XVallace, Madison Florence May White, Rochester Emma Rose Winterbotham, Madison Grace XVinterroth, Madison 133 fldlllf SD2Cl2ll SIIICIQIIIS 'Fourth Year Franklin Lilburn Talbert, West Side, Cal. third YQRI' Ella Andria Barton, Mt. Vernon Elizabeth Marie Herfurth, Madison Walter Eugene Bates, Retreat Jesse NVorthington Johnson, Sterling, Ill. Martin John Berg, Madison Howard Gregory Patton, Wauwatosa Frank Elwood Harrigan, Madison Herman Augustine Smyth, Madison Richard Williamson, Madison Second Year Mina Aletha Anderson, Argyle Fred Johnson, Jr., Madison Robert Moses Davis, Madison John Emil Kundert, Martintown Heloise Gai Esterly, Madison Mrs, Lillie McDonald Merrill, Burlington Thomas Melvin Gannon, Cedarburg Evan Laforest Reed, Oregon George Henry Gohlke, Madison Pierre Emanuel Fitte Soucy, Madison Sally Prime Harris, Madison Verne R. Thompson, McFarland John XVilliams, Sun Prarie 'First Year Elsie Caroline Allen, Lake Geneva Frances Belle Marshall, Rensselaer Grace Lyle Baker, Racine George Mathes, Elkhart Edith Rachel Balsley, Madison Mrs. Harriet Meggett, Madison Eleanor Martha Bardeen, Madison Mrsg Mary Elizabeth Minahan, Madison Elizabeth Barnard. Earlville, Ill. Janette Louise Montgomery, Madison Arthur Frank Beymer, Corning, Ill. Carl Edward Morris, Madison Sidney Harold Bishop, Milwaukee Ingelor Marie Nelson, Sturgeon Bay Anna M. Brockhausen, Indianapolis, Ind, Ada May Nyswander, Napoleon Eva Dell Burke, Houghton, S. Dak. Tokujo Ogihara, Tokio, Japan Elmer David Clifford, Madison Bertha Gifford Parker, Madison Ben Cove, Ashland Jessie Myrtle Pelton, Madison Isaac James Dahle Mt. Horeb George Chase Phillips, NVest Salem Albert Charles Ehlman, Milwaukee Anna Dickinson Pope, Amherst, Mass. Clara Louise Erwin, Milwaukee Frederick Grant Preston, Wichita, Kas. Edith Agnes Ferris, Chicago, Ill. Mary Henrietta Pyre, Madison Amelia Christina Fischer, Milwaukee Emma Marie Roemer, Madison Nellie Matilda Fisher, XVauwatosa Franklin Sawin, Three Oaks, Mich. Lorene Oina Freeborn, Richland Center Jessye Lyra Sherwood, Mt. Vernon, Ia. Helen Josephine Fleming, Madison Bella Georgianna Steel, Dixon, Ill. Clara Garner Froelich, ' Milwaukee Fred West Sylvester, Milwaukee James Edmund Holden, Mt. Horeb John James Sutton, Columbus Mortimer A. Houser, Mondovi Mamie E. Swartz, River Falls Charlotte Matilda Jacobs, Madison Edward H. Tatum, Guanajirato, Mex. Helen Florence Kelley, Rensselaer, Ind. XVilliam Albert Vivian, West Superior Oscar William Kreutzer, Cedarburg Alice Caton White, New York City, N.Y. Armand Gilbert Langenbach, Mayville Margaret Ellen Williams, Ottawa May L11d10W, Monroe George Lee Winegar, Morrison 134 UNE WS Phi Delta Cbeta OUN E MI SITY Roll of Zbapters Colby University Dartmouth College University of Vermont lVilliams College Amherst College Brown Universty Cornell University Union College Columbia University Syracuse University University of Mississippi Tulane University Alabama Polytechnic Institute Vxfashington and Jefferson College University of Alabama University of Pennsylvania Southwestern University Miami University Ohio University University of Chicago Lombard University Case School of Applied Science Butler College Knox College University of Illinois University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Iowa University of Missouri Washington University Leland Stanford, jr., University University of California Randolph-Macon College XVashington and Lee University University of North Carolina University of the South Vanderbilt University Central University University of Georgia University of Texas Lafayette College Gettysburg College Emory College Alleghany College Dickinson College Mercer University Lehigh University University of Virginia Ohio YVesleyan University Northwestern University Ohio State University NVabash College Indiana University Franklin College Hanover College De Pauw University Purdue University University of Michigan Iowa Wesleyan University lfVestxninster College University of Kansas University of Nebraska University of Cincinnati Pbi Delta Cbcta WISCONSIN ALPHX CHAPTER Robert N. Dow McClellan Dodge Vlfarden Allen Curtis Reginald jackson Lawrence Albert Curtis Earle Steede Anderson Louis McLane Hobbins I857 Tl'dll'QS ill UTM ' William F. Vilas George Keenan Lucien J. Pickarts George XVilliam Fox Harry L. Butler William Vilas Bryant Ivory I. Drybread 'Fratres in 'Facultate Fletcher Andrew Parker Edward Rose Maurer Edward Davis jones Bernard Victor Swenson 'fl'dll'QS lll lllll0Ql'SlldlQ Seniors Bernard Charles Dorset Charles Raymond North George Patrick Hardgrove john Goodrich Osborne jlllll0l'S Neely Eugene Pardee Herbert Milton lVoolen Elbridge Bacon Mark Humphrey Newman Sopbomores Sidney Cleveland Niles Thomas Francis Frawley, jr joseph Albert Gund Edward Henry Hughes joseph lVilliam jackson Harold Gano Ferris Donald James McKinnon Freshmen A Augustus Monroe Tourtellotte Robert Lee Vtlilkins Herbert Bigelow Fairchild james Alexander NValker Julius Johannes Griesel William Mann Biersach Samuel Brownlee Robbins college of Daw Seniors A Henry Justice Blakeley George Kemp Tallman mlddl2 Arthur 'Wilson Fairchild Nelson james Xlfilcox Carl Frederick Geilfuss Thomas 'William Leahy Byron Houghton Stebbins jlllll0l' Edward Charles Griesel 138 wisconsin Hlhha Chapter ot Phi Delta 'Cheta BQIZI CDQIG Pi ED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY Roll of Gbavters Miami University Western Reserve University Ohio University Center College Washington and jefferson College Harvard College De Pauw University Indiana University University of Michigan YVabash College Brown University Hampden-Sidney College University of Virginia University of North Carolina Ohio Wesleyan University Hanover College Knox College Davidson College Beloit College Bethany College Iowa State University Wittenburg College Westminster College Iowa Wesleyan University Denison University Richmond College University of Wooster University of Kansas Randolph-Macon College University of Wisconsin 141 Northwestern University Dickinson College Cornell University Stevens Institute of Technology St. Lawrence University Boston University Johns Hopkins University University of California Maine State College University of Mississippi University of Pennsylvania Colgate University Union College Columbia College Amherst College Vanderbilt University Ohio State University University of Texas University of Nebraska Pennsylvania State University Denver University Syracuse University Dartmouth College Wesleyan University University of Cincinnati University of Minnesota Rutgers College Lehigh University University of Chicago Leland Stanford, Jr., University BQIG Cbtlil Pi ALPHA PI CHAPIER I873 Fratres in Urbe T. E. Smith. B.A. F. H. Edsall, lVI.D. F. M. Brown C. A. Phelps, B. L. F. K. Conover, B.A., LL.B. C. H. Kilpatrick, B.A. F. A. Hutchins 'Fratres In 'Facultate L. S. Smith, B.C.E. R. YV. Wood, B.A. C F. Burgess, B.S. J. F. A. Pyre, Ph.D. C. N. Harrison, Ph.D. VV. H. Pyre, B.L. Ernest Brown Skinner, A.B. fl'dfl'QS ill ulllWI'SlfdfQ Gfddllafe Edwin VVilliam Pahlow Seniors Irving Porter Robinson Harold Stuart Peterson Lester Dennison Williams Harry Ashton Severson Paul Stover Howard Gilman Boardman Robert Kirtland Coe john Bartow Patrick Herbert Benjamin Wright Clifford Cady Ireland Robert Campbell Wente Warren joseph Bishop Torrey Gund Thomas Russell Cook Francis Hinckley Crosby juniors Homer Roger Dopp Clarence Edward Macartney Leroy Salsich SODDOIIIONS Harry XVest Cole Carl Frederick Stillman Walter Kelsey Adams Ralph Tratt Freshmen William Joseph Juneau W'illis Edge Brindley Raymond Morgan Chapman Henry Edward Murphy Paul Robert McKee ZOHQQC 0f ECW SClll0l'S VVilliarn Noble Smith Patrick John O'Dea George Huntington Tilden middlk Paul Tratt Shmior Alonzo Albert Chamberlain . 142 Jllpha Pl Zhavter of Beta Theta Pi KBDDEI KEIDDG Gdillllld FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE 'IBTO Roll or Zhapters ACTIVE Phi Boston University Beta Beta Beta Tau St. Lawrence University Syracuse University Psi Cornell University Lambda Buchtel College Beta Gamma Wooster University Delta Indiana University Iota De Pauw University Mu Butler University Kappa Hillsdale College Xi Adrian College Eta University of Wisconsin Epsilon Illinois Wesleyan University Upsilon Northwestern University Chi University of Minnesota Omega Kansas University Sigma Nebraska University Theta Missouri University Beta Zeta Iowa State University Gamma Rho Alleghany College Beta Nu Ohio State University Beta Eta Leland Stanford, jr., University Beta Alpha University of Pennsylvania Beta Delta University of Michigan Beta Epsilon Barnard College Beta Iota Swarthmore College Beta Lambda University of Illinois ALUMNAE Boston, Mass. New York, N. Y. 145 KHDDG KEIDDEI Gamma Mrs. O. D. Brandenburg Mrs. Leonard S. Smith Martha M. Dodge Mrs. John M. Olin Jennie Pitman Mrs. F. C. Sharp Mrs. John Dean Florence Mears Anna B. Moseley Mrs. Harry Sheldon Juliet V. Thorpe Helen Palmer ETA CHAPTER. I875 SOl'0l'2S ill UWC Edna R. Chynoweth Mrs. Frank E. Stoltz Mrs. Charles King Mrs. Benjamin W. Snow Mary I. 'lfhorpe Flora E. Moseley. Mary Hill Annie Pitman Mrs. Charles F. Lamb Mary Tenney Maude Sharpe Emma Gattiker SOTOI' ill 'FBCIIIYBW Harriet Remington S0l'0l'QS lil lll1lWl'Slfd!2 Mabel E. Fletcher Winifred Titus Jenny Ogilvie Mary G. Peckham Olive G. Runner Ethel F. Raymer George Challoner Nell Parkinson Guinevieve Mihills Leila Stephens Graduate Jessye L. Sherwood Seniors Grace M. Challoner Terese Waters Helen I-I. VVarriner Junior Eliza M. Bartlett Sovhomores Helen G. Thompson Caroline Holah Flora Mansfield Marian H. Fuller 'Freshmen 146 Josephine Kimball Almira Johnson Ida Elliott Clara G. Froelich ' 'E GIG ZITQDWI' Qf KBPUB Kappa Gdijlmd Phi Kappa Psi FOU ISD AT -I RSON CDL GE. A Roll of Zbapters Washington and jefferson College . Bucknell University . Dickinson College . Lafayette College . Swarthmore University . Syracuse University . Colgate University . Amherst College . University of Virginia . Hampden-Sidney College . Johns Hopkins University . University of Mississippi . Wittenberg College . De Pauw University . Wabash College . Northwestern University . University of Wisconsin . University of Minnesota . University of Kansas . Alleghany College Gettysburg College Franklin and Marshall College University of Pennsylvania Cornell University Columbia University Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Dartmouth College Washington and Lee University University of West Virginia Ohio Wesleyan University University of Ohio University of Indiana University of Michigan University of Chicago Beloit College University of Iowa University of Nebraska Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California Hlumni Hssoclations PHILADELPHIA. PA. MEADVILLE, NEW YORK, N. Y. DENVER, COL MINNEAPOLIS AND ST. WAsHINoToN, D. C. PAUL, MINN. 149 PA. CLEVELAND, OHIO BALTIMORE, MD. SPRINGFIELD, OHIO PITTSBURG, PA. CHICAGO, ILL. NEWARK, OHIO PORTLAND, OREGON BUCYRUS, OHIO Phi KZIDDB PSI WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER 1875 'Fratres in Llrbe Cornelius A. Harper Charles E. Buell Percy Wheeler Tracy Emmet R. Hicks Samuel M. Smith Frater in 'facultate Charles Homer Haskins 'fl'dIl'CS ill ulIlWl'Sl!dIQ . Seniors I. T. Stuart Lyle Bernard Morey Palmer Allard Johnson Smith Edward Lucius Williamson VVilliam Chester Sutherland juniors XVi1lis Charles Bergstrom Charles Graham Collins Charles Lowry Thompson Lyndon H. Tracy Chester David Barnes Eugene Bishop Mumford john Clarence Taylor Sovhomores Charles Chester Allen Orlando H. Frick Percy Edward Schroeder Frank Sherman Cummins Frederick Hiltman Carpenter Treshm en Wallace William Miller Earle Stewart Dean Donald Brady Fishburn NVilliam Dunsmith Eaton john Henry Friend, jr. Charles Ray Whitney George William Ripley XVillian1 Wheelock Sickels Harry Leslie Lea ZOIIQQQ of Daw S0lll0l' Frank Landis McNamara middle Edwin C. F. Knowles jlll1l0l' Harry Lee Reeves William Laird McCormick 150 wiSCO!1Sii1 Hllibd Zbdvfel' of Phi H3996 Psi Chi Psi FONE AT UNION COLL E Rell Alpha Pi Alpha Theta Alpha Mu Alpha Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Epsilon Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Alpha Tau Alpha Nu Alpha Iota Alpha Rho Alpha Xi Alpha Alpha Delta Alpha Beta Delta Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Delta Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta of Zhavters Union College Williams College Middlebury College Wesleyan University Hamilton College University of Michigan Amherst College Cornell University Wofford College University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin Rutgers College Stevens Institute of Technology University of Georgia Lehigh University Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California University of Chicago 153 john M. Parkinson Lucien M. Hanks L. R. Head Harry L. Moseley F. F. Bowman Howard E. Mitchell Paul S. Warner Charles Forster Smith Chi Psi ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER I878 'Fratres in Urbe M. M. Parkinson C. B. Chapman Stanley C. Hanks Charles F. Lamb Fred C. Ellis C. F. Spensley Louis D. Sumner 'fratres in Facultate Murray Charles Beebe Frank Gaylord Hubbard Fratres in llniversitate S0lll0l'S Charles Lewis Burnham Harold Seaman John E. Dixon Roy W. Peck Enoch XV. Underwood juniors Hubbard C. Atkins Henry A. Balding Robert Hugh Downes Dwight E. Beebe Arthur P. H. Inbusch Rufus C. Brown john Ritchie Kimball Irving Searnang Henry Carpenter Edwin E. Haskin George F. Markham Allen Pray SODb0m0l'QS Henry O. NVinkler Arthur B. Uihlein Harvey Clawson Fred August Vogel John Rex Henry Freshmen Henry F. Helmholz i Arthur L. Johnson Eugene H. Byrne 154 Delta Gamma ROII of Zhapters Eta Omega Sigma Alpha Lambda Zeta Chi Xi Phi Tau Delta Kappa Psi Th eta Jldivi Bnchtel College University of Wisconsin Northwestern University Mount Union College University of Minnesota Albion College Cornell University University of Michigan University of Colorado University of Iowa University of Lower California University of, Nebraska Wornan's College, Baltimore Hlllmlli Cleveland, Ohio 157 DQIIB Gamma OMEGA CHAPTER l88I Sorores ill UYN Mrs. Aubertine Woodward Moore, Honorary Alice Taylor Florence Cornelius Mrs. Albert XV. Briggs Mrs. Charles S. Slichter Katherine McDonald Annie Stewart Mary Main A Fanchon Ellsworth Amy Young Mrs. Louis D. Sumner May S. Foster Elizabeth Mills Blanche Harper Edna D. Russell Katherine Allen Sarah Ramsey Anna Valentine Marcia Jackman Margaret Butt Harriet Bostwick . Leonore Meinhardt Agnes Merrill Kate Sanborn Maude Stedman Mary Updegraii Mary Cunningham Elinor Merrill Leora Moore Ella Gernon Mrs. Fred Brown Mrs. C. B. Chapman Charlotte Freeman Mrs. Carl johnson Mrs. Calvert F. Spenslew Amelia F. Stevens Mrs. Raymond R. Frazier Elizabeth Vilas Martha Pound Mary Louise Freeman Ellen Lamb Mrs. Bertrand Doyon Katherine P. Vilas Sorores in 'Facultate Jennie Butt Sorores in universitate S6l1l0l'S Alice Jackson Daisy Dye Louise Craig Leta Harvey juniors Edith Martin Ella Hardy SODDOMOYCS Vtfinifred Smith Florence Nelson Harriet Hughes Georgia Steele 'Freshmen Bettina jackson Fannie Main Mabel Odell Eleanor Bardeen Elizabeth Throne 158 001993 QDBUYQI' Of Delta Gamma Sigma Chi N ED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, ROII of Zhapters ACTIVE Alpha Miami University Beta Gamma Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Kappa Lambda Mu Xi Oinicron Rho Chi Tau Psi Omega Alpha Alpha Gamma Gamma Delta Delta Zeta Zeta Zeta Psi Eta Eta Kappa Kappa Lambda Lambda Mu Mu Xi Xi Nu Nu Sigma Sigma Phi Phi Alpha Beta Alpha Gamma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Theta Alpha Iota Alpha Lambda Alpha Nu Alpha Xi Alpha Omicron Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Sigma Alpha Tau Alpha Upsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Alpha Omega Theta Theta Omicron Omicron University of Wooster Ohio Wesleyan University Columbian University Washington and Lee University University of Mississippi Gettysburg College Bucknell University Indiana University Denison University De Pauw University Dickinson College Butler University Hanover College Roanoke College University of Virginia Northwestern University Hobart College Randolph-Macon College Purdue University Centre College University of Cincinnati Dartmouth College University of Illinois Kentucky State College lVest Virginia University Missouri State University Columbia College Hampden-Sidney College University of Pennsylvania University of California Ohio State University University of Nebraska Beloit College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Illinois Wesleyan University University of Wisconsin University of Texas University of Kansas Tulane University Albion College Lehigh University University of Minnesota University of North Carolina University of Southern California Cornell University Pennsylvania State College Vanderbilt University Leland Stanford, Jr., University Universitv of Michigan Chicago University ALUMNI Chicago, Ill. Philadelphia, Pa. Cincinnati, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. Lafayette, Ind. New York, N Y Lincoln, Neb. Louisville, Ky. Milwaukee, Ytis l6l Sigma Chi ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ISB4 'Fratres in Ubre Henry Hotchkiss Morgan J. Howard Morrison 'Fratres in 'Facultate ' Charles S. Slichter Samuel E. Sparling Trams in universitate Seniors Edward Albert Cook Frank William jones Alexander Vaughan McDonald Lynn Alfred Williams fIlllll0l' Paul Willis Minnick Daniel Hayes Murphy Clarence Dudley Tearse Corey Hugh McKenna George Tracy Bunker SOPll0lI10l'6 Bertram Francis Adams 'Freshmen William Keenan Murphy Harry Gustaf Oakland Earle Bryan Stewart Edwin Fred VVollaeger William Whittlesey Atwater Hudson Bernard YVerder Howell A. Parks COIIQSQ Of Saw iuniors John Earle Kemp William Oberne 162 Jllvha Lambda Zbavter of Sigma Zhi Gamma Pbi Beta FOUNDED AT SVBACUSE UNIVERSITY, 187 Roll of Zbapters Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta ACTIVE Syracuse University University of Michigan University of Wisconsin University of Boston Northwestern University Woman's College, Baltimore University of California Denver University ALUMNAE Chicago, Ill. Boston, Mass Syracuse, N. Y. 165 Gamma Phi BQI6 GAMMA cmpmz I885 SOI'0l'2S ll! UNSC Florence E. Baker, B.A. Annie T. Chapman. Martha S. Baker, B.L. Mrs. Mary Clark Brittingham B L Jennie Belle Davis. Eleanor Bliss. Mrs. Helen Steensland Nelson B L Mrs. Ina Judge Hanks, B L Mrs. Ada Sumner Briggs. Ethel Isabel Houser. Clara Kemler. Alice Janet Gamble. Lilian Gamble. Sarah Seeber. Josephine Ross. Alice Jean Bevans. Mary Gray. S0l'0l'QS ill lllllVQl'Slldf2 jlll1l0l'S Adah Georgina Grandy. Dorothea Hughes Curtis SODll0m0l'2S Nellie Galusha. XVill1emina Case. Clara Barkhausen. Florence Shaw. Lorena Freeborn. Freshmen Henrietta Pyre. Amelia Pyre. Clara Erwin. I 166 Gamma Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta DQIIB ISDSHOII OED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE. Roll ot Zbapters ACTIVE YVilliarns College 1834 Northwestern University - - Union College - 1838 Harvard University - - - Hamilton College - 1847 University of Wisconsin - - Amherst College 1847 Lafayette College - - - Adelbert College 1847 Columbia College - Colby University - 1852 Lehigh University - Rochester University - 1852 Tufts College - - Middlebury College - 1856 DePauw University - - - Bowdoin College - 1857 University of Pennsylvania - Rutgers College - 1858 University of Minnesota - - Brown University - - - 1860 Massachusetts Institute of Tech- Colgate University - - - 1865 nology - - - - - University of the City of New York 1865 Swarthmore College - - - Cornell University - - - 1869 Leland Stanford, Ir., University Marietta College - 1870 University of California - - Syracuse University - 187 R University of Nebraska - - University of Michigan - 1876 McGill University - - University of Toronto 19 1880 1880 1885 1885 1885 1885 1886 1887 1888 1890 1891 1894 1P95 1895 1898 1898 1899 Della l5DSll0ll WISCONSIN CHAPTER I885 'Fratres in Urbe Rev. H. A. Miner, Williams, '53 Charles O. O'Neill, Wisconsin, '96 E. Ray Stevens, Wisconsin, '93 Hon. John G. McMynn, Williams, '48 Hon. W. G. YValker, Colgate, '66 Joseph E. Davies, Wisconsin, '98 Charles M. Newton, Colgate, '99 'Fratres In facultate Benjamin NV. Snow, Ph. D., Cornell, '85 Edward Kremers, Ph. D., Wisconsin, '88 Walter M. Smith, B. A., VVisconsin, '93 A. A. Bruce, A. B., LL. B., Wisconsin, '92 William B. Cairns, Ph. D., Wisconsin,'92 Paul S. Reinsch, Ph. D. Wisconsin, '92 John B.johnson, C. E., Michiffan, '78 'Fellow john C. Shedd, M. S. C Fratres ill ulIlVQl'SlldfQ Graduate Charles Elmer Allen SQlll0I'8 Francis Joseph Carney Eldridge Gerry Merrick Edward Bulwer Cochems Earl Emmet Hunner George Snowden Cassels Sydney Thomas Smith jlll1i0l'S Eric William Allen Harry Ernest Bradley Arthur Franz Beule Sovbomores Robert Elmore Adams Walter Franklin Mabbett Paul Marie Binzel George Bryant Vinson Arthur Hale Curtis Freshmen Arthur William Cowley Harry C. johnson William Boyd Currie George Albert Mowry Truman Monroe Dodson Harry Ernest Miller Charles Frederick Goodenough Rawson joseph Piclcard Ralph Sasse Gromann Lloyd Winston Pullen COIIQSQ Of C310 middle Michael William McArdle Charles Thomas Hutson juniors Eugene Charles joannes Ernest Andrew O'Neill 170 wiSC0lISIll ZIMPIQI' ot Delta UDSHOI1 Alpha Alumnae Beta Alumnae . Gamma Alumnae Delta Alumnae Epsilon Alumnae Zeta Alumnae Eta Alumnae . Theta Alumnae KHDDEI HIDDZI CDQIEI Roll of Qhapters ACTIVE Alpha District Lambda University of Vermont Iota Cornell University Mu Alleghany College Chi Syracuse University Alpha Beta Swarthmore College Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Woman's College, Baltimore Brown University Alpha Zeta Barnard College Beta District Alpha De Pauw University Beta Indiana State University Delta University of Illinois Epsilon Wooster University Eta University of Michigan Kappa University of Kansas Nu Hanover College Pi Albion College Rho University of Nebraska Tau Northwestern University Upsilon University of Minnesota Psi University of Wisconsin Alpha Gamma Ohio State University Gamma District Phi Leland Stanford, jr., University Omega University of California ALUMNAE Kappa Alpha Theta Club, of Southern California, 173 Greencastle, Ind. Minneapolis, Minn New York, N, Y. Chicago, Ill. Columbus, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. Burlington, Vt. Philadelphia, Pa. Los Angeles, Cal. Kappa Hlpba Cbela Mrs. C. E. Buell. Mrs. Dugald C. jackson. Pauline Shepard. Leonore O,Connor. Mrs. L. A. Austin. PSI CHAPTER I890 50l'0I'QS ill urbe Helen Kellogg. Mrs. Victor Coffin. Bertha L. Brown. Mrs. John M. Parkinson Mrs. E. Ray Stevens. Sorores lll lllllWl'SlfdI2 SCl1l0I'S Josephine Bowden. Genevieve Stevens. Blanche Brigham. Mollie Strong. Winifred Alice Smith. fIlll1i0l'S Kate Buell. Blanche Clarke. Sovbomores Kittie Button. Edna Bolender. Ella Buell. Esther Donnelly. Mabel Stewart. Laura Sage. Ruth Stockman. Phoebe Buell. Jeannette Sage. - freshmen Bessie Rae Nate. Fern Williams. 174 Psi Zhavtcr of Kappa Hlvha theta QQSEII fl'2lI2l'lIiID of Phi DQIIG Phi Kent Booth Story - Cooley Pomeroy Marshall Webster Hamilton Gibson Choate Waite Field Conkling Tiedfman Minor Dillon Daniels Chase Harlan Swan McLain Lincoln Osgoode Fuller Miller Green Comstock Roll of Zbapters University of Michigan Northwestern University Columbia College XVashington University, Mo. Hastings College of Law, Sa Columbian University Boston University University of Cincinnati University of Pennsylvania Harvard University Yale University New York University Cornell University University of Missouri University of Virginia University of Minnesota Buffalo Law School, Buffalo, University of Oregon University of XVisconsin Ohio State University State University of Iowa University of Nebraska n Francisco, Cal N. Y. Law School of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ont. Chicago College of Law, Lake Forest University Leland Stanford, jr., University University of Kansas Syracuse University 177 Legal ffalefllitp of Delta HARLAN cmvrfn lS9l Fratres in Llrbe Charles G. Riley Carl S. Jefferson M. S. Dudgeon Bertram H. Doyon Stephen W. Gilman Vroman Mason Henry H. Morgan Alfred T. Rogers Frank L. Gilbert YVil1iam A. Klatte John M. Winterbotham Earl C. Tillotson 'Fratres in 'facultate john B Cassody, LL. D. Charles Noble Gregory, LL. B., Burr 'W Jones, LL. B., M. A. William F. Vilas, LL. D., A. B. Robert M. Bashford, A. M., LL. D. John M. Olin, LL. B., M. A. jairus H. Carpenter, LL. D. M. A. Edwin E. Bryant Andrew Alexander Bruce, B. A., LL. B. Seniors George Kemp Tallman George Huntington Tilden 'William Noble Smith Sidney NVilliam Smith Paul D. Gurnee Samuel Brownlee Robbins Frederick Burns Peterson John S. Main Nathan Comstock Theodore W. Brazea Gilson G. Glazier Nelson james Wilcox Edward Tappan Fox Byron Houghton Stebbins Paul Tratt F. W. Lucas Francis H. Crosby C. T. Hutson middle jlll1l0l'S 178 Arthur XVilson Fairchild Thomas XVilliam Leahy Roy Everett Tomlinson Ira D. Potts Charles Atwood Vilas Ernest A. O'Neill Eugene Charles Joannes M bs Fl? IQ 53 77 5? -1 W J -' I ' 1 Della call DQIIG FOUNDED 1euS. Roll of Zbapters ACTIVE Grand Division of the South Alpha Vanderbilt University Beta Epsilon Emory College Phi Wash'ton and Lee 'Varsity Beta Iota Adrian College Pi University of Mississippi Beta Theta University of the South Beta Delta University of Georgia Beta Xi Tulane University Grand Division of the West Ornicron University of iowa Beta Gamma University of NVisconsin Beta Pi Northwestern University Beta Eta University of Minnesota Beta Omega University of California Beta Rho Leland Stanford, Jr,, University Beta Tau University of Nebraska Beta Upsilon University of Illinois Beta Kappa University of Colorado Gamma Alpha University of Chicago Zeta Western Reserve University Grand Division of the North Beta Ohio University Beta Phi Ohio State University Delta University of Michigan Beta Psi XVabash College Epsilon Albion College Beta Beta De Pauw University Chi Kenyon College Beta Alpha Indiana University Kappa Hillsdale College Beta Zeta University of Indianapolis Mu Ohio Wesleyan University New York Association Cleveland Association Chicago Association Detroit Association Grand Alpha Gamma Beta Otnicron Omega Beta Chi Beta Lambda Beta Mu Rho Upsilon Beta Nu Nashville Association Grand Rapids Association Twin City Association New Orleans Association Division of the East Alleghany College Washington and jefferson College Cornell University University of Pennsylvania Brown University Lehigh University Tufts College Stevens Institute of Technology Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Massachusetts Institute of Technology ALUMNI Pittsburg Association New England Association Nebraska Association Cincinnati Association 181 DQIIB Cdl! DCIIB BETA GAMMA CHAPTER I892 Fratres in Urbe Charles Gilbert Riley. Charles Carroll Montgomery Nissen Peter Stenjern. George Corey Riley. William Christie McNaught. Alfred Thomas Rogers. George Almon Kingsley. FYGYNS ill ul1iWl'SifdW Juniors William Kyle Donnell. NVilliam F. Dickinson. D Sopbomores Arthur Bates Grindell. Sephus Earl Driver. 'Freshmen Charles Edwin Brant. Fred Robert Porritt lVirt Winslow. Clarence Bennett Fisher. Henry Ieness Saunders. College of fall? S0lIi0l'S Adolph H. Pritzlaff. Berthold Juneau Husting. Robert Earl Dietz. middle Harry Arthur Cod y. I Juniors Victor Eugene Rogers. Harry Roland Hewitt. Thomas F. Davlin. Bunn Thatcher Vxfilson. Ralph Van Blethen. 182 Beta Gamma Zbavter of Delta tau Delta Phi Gamma Delta O En wAsuuNGToN ANoJ:rr1ns GE Roll of Chapters Worcester Polytechnic Institute Amherst College Yale University Trinity College Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Maine College of City of New York Columbia University University of City of New York Colgate University Cornell University Union College University of Pennsylvania Lafayette College Lehigh University johns Hopkins University University of North Carolina University of Virginia Roanoke Co'lege Hampden-Sidney College Washington and Lee University Richmond College Bucknell University Pennsylvania College ACTIVE Pennsylvania State College IVashington and Jefferson College Alleghany College Whittenburg College Ohio XVesleyan University Denison University Ohio State University University of Wooster University of Indiana De Pauw University Hanover College Wabash College University of Tennessee Bethel College Illinois XVesleyan University Knox College University of Illinois University of Minnesota University of IfVisconsin University of Kansas University of Nebraska XVillian1 Jewell College University of Missouri University of California GRADUATE Indianapolis, Ind. Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Louis, Mo New Haven, Conn. Cleveland, Ohio Minneapolis, Minn. Chattanooga, Tenn. Kansas City, Mo. Spokane, Wash. Albany, N. Y. Baltimore, Md. Roanoke, Va. New York, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. San Francisco, Cal. Washington, D. C. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Columbus, Ohio Vtfilliamsport, Pa. Dayton, Ohio Denver, Col. Richmond, Va. Cambridge, Mass. Phi Gamma Delta MU CHAPTER I 893 A Fratres in Urbe Everett Keclzie Barnes XVheeler Howland Edward Howard Hatton 'Fl'dll'QS ill ulIl02l'Slfdl2 SQMOTS Charles Lackey Bartlett Kenelrn I. Lee Joseph Golder Dillon juniors john Buel Crabtree Alexander Krembs, jr. Oscar Lucas Dorschel Hereward john Peele Fred Hammond Hatton Ira David Potts J. Worthington Johnson Roy Asa Sanborn A SODl70m0l'2S Lee Fenton Bays Harry Edwards I. Harry johntry Guido J. Hansen Willard Van Brundt Campbell Frank Sylvester Hyman Charles Arabut Ludlow R obert Tynes Smith, jr. 'Freshmen George Tyler Bigelow, jr. Dudley Newman Condit l86 Steven Melville Griliith john Martin Case mu Charter of Phi Gamma Delta Pi Beta Phi Roll of Zhapters Alpha Province Vermont Alpha Vermont Beta Columbia Alpha Pennsylvania Alpha Pennsylvania Beta Ohio Alpha Ohio Beta New York Alpha Massachusetts Alpha Maryland Alpha Middlebury College University of Vermont Columbian University Swarthmore College Bucknell University Ohio University Ohio State University Syracuse University Boston University Woman's College, Baltimore Bet a Province Indiana Alpha Indiana Beta Indiana Gamma Michigan Alpha Michigan Beta Illinois Beta Illinois Delta Illinois Epsilon Illinois Zeta Gamma Iowa Alpha Iowa Beta Iowa Zeta YVisconsin Alpha Missouri Alpha Delta Louisana Alpha California Alpha Colorado Alpha Colorado Beta Kansas Alpha Nebraska Beta Franklin Collr ge University of Indiana University of Indianapolis Hillsdale College University of Michigan Lombard University Knox College Northwestern University Illinois State University Province Iowa Wesleyan University Simpson College University of Iowa University of Wisconsin University of Missouri Province Tulane University Leland Stanford, jr., University University of Colorado Denver University University of Kansas University of Nebraska 189 Pi BQIR Phi WISCONSIN ALPHK CIMPTER I894 Patronesses Mrs. Julius E. Olson Mrs. William XV. Daniells Mrs. M. Vincent O'Shea Sorores in Llrbe Mrs. H. A. Sober Mrs. Rudolph Kropf Elizabeth Church Smith Genevieve Church Smith Iva Alice Welsh Louise Marie Bird Elizabeth Wylie Sorores in universitate S0l1l0l'S Hester Adeline Brown Miriam Kieth Reed Jessica Esther Davis Livia Estelle Seiler Rebecca Smith Fraser Alma Marie Moser Henrietta Louise Huenkemeier Eunice 'Wallace lVelsh juniors jessica Kennedy McGregor Melvina Ellsworth Ida Spaulding Sophomores Carolyn Virginia Hayner Marie Gardiner Hinkley Bessie Carolyn Ferguson 'Freshmen Cordelia Lydia Newton Josephine NVells Myra Charlotte, Cox Laura L. Cosgrove 190 wiSC0l1Slll HIDDR ZDGPICI' of Pi Bela Phi Cbeta Delta Chi Roll of Ebarges Brown University, s - Bowdoin College, Tufts College, - Harvard University, - Hobart College, - - - Lafayette College, - University of Rochester Hamilton College - Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Boston University, - - College of the City of N ew York, Columbia College, - - Lehigh University, - Amherst College, Yale University, University of Michigan, - - Williams College, - - University of Minnesota, - University of Wisconsin, Columbian University 193 1866 1866 1867 1869 1870 1876 1881 1883 1884 1885 1887 1853 1854 1856 1856 1857 1889 1891 1892 1895 1896 Cbtltl Della Chi SIGMA DEUTERON CHARGE I895 'Prater In llrbe Earl Clarence Tillotson. FTBFQI' ill fmllllali Stephen Moulton Babcock, Ph.D. 'fl'dlI'2S ill lllllWl'Sll3l6 Fellow William Stewart Ferris, B.S. Graduate George Ray Wicker. S2lli0I'S William Frazier Adams. George Ferris. Roy Bolton. james Herbert McNeel. Roy Felton Farrand. J1ltli0l'S William Jarvis Carr. C. Harry Watson. Burton Hathaway Bridge. Clarence Joel White. 'William Courtenay Burdick. Sovbomores Raymond Eugene Nichols, William Henry Dale. Clarence John Du Four. Albert Frederick Kindt 'Freshmen Perry John Carter. Henry Heames Otjen. Oscar Harvey I-Iulberg. john Flynn Sawyer. Charles Herbert Schniglan. College Of fall? Seniors Theodore Walter Brazeau. Albert Frederick Alexander. Glenn Herbert Williams. 194 Sigma Deuteron Zharse or theta Delta Zhi Psi l5DSil0l1 FOLD DID AT UNION COLLEQ Theta Delta Beta Sigma Gamma Zeta Lambda Kappa Psi Xi Upsilon Iota Phi Pi Chi Beta Beta Eta Tau Rho Omega Roll of Zhapters Union College University of the City of N Yale University Brown University Amherst College Dartmouth College Columbia College Bowdoin College Hamilton College Wesleyan College University of Rochester Kenyon College University of Michigan Syracuse University Cornell University Trinity College Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania University of Wisconsin University of Chicago 197 ew York Psi l5DSilOl1 RHO CHAPTER l896 'Fratres in Urhe john Coit Spooner Fayette Durlin, Sr. Oscar Dalzelle Brandenburg George Krogh Anderson Charles Ruggles Boardman Vromau Mason Benjamin Franklin Adams 'Fratres in Tacultate Carl Albert johnson Amos Parker Wilder Hobart Stanley Johnson Royal Cottell Main john Henry Bowman Bertrand Herrick Doyon john Miller Winterbotham Charles Kendall Adams Edward Thomas Owen Charles Noble Gregory Burr YV. Jones VVilliam Stanley Marshall Amos Arnold Knowlton Julius Emil Olson Fratres in Universitate. Seniors Eugene Hamilton Heald Ard Hoyt Ellis juniors John Charles Stevens Sidney Hobart Ball Claude Spencer Beebe Xvilliam Francis Lea 'William Pierson Hoy Henry Casson, Jr. Sovbomores William Beye Stephen Carpenter Phipps William Edward Smith Maurice johnson Theodore Thomas Jones Chauncey Etheridge Blake Philip Loring Spooner Lucius Seymour Bergstrom 'Freshmen I Irving Andrew Fish Beach YVoodruff Maguire Charles Lewis Frambach Edward Power Conway Eonege of llaw Seniors john Smith Main Fred Burns Peterson Sidney William Smith middle Edward Tappen Fox Roy Everett Tomlinson jllI1l0l' Charles Atwood Vilas 198 J 1 ' K5 'lf -- Q l-I A 'V lm I ' M- In o ,F , "- aff. O' , 49 ."f2'g 5 ' N, ' nf" . 5 c ff , - V, , . ,-:Q - wp . . 3" - 'K A Hx rl, 15 Y 5M Y V ', X- f - o . . ' 4 I In ' ,ry 1'.u -'.,-uf t 'UQ fg, f,.d: ' nf " . Zn' 22 -:fr ' Y 16' f-f-jQ,Wf,,: I f , "-A,-ggi!" , f 55, 1 ' 1-iff wi- ' ' Kg. Q., I ' .. h ind, ,,., Alpha Beta Eta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Theta Iota Kappa Boston Alurnnm, - Chicago Alumnae, Hlvba Phi OUN E AT SY U ROII of Chapters ACTIVE Syracuse University, 1872 Northwestern University, 1881 Boston University, 1883 De Pauw University, 1887 Cornell University, 1889 University of Minnesota, 1890 1Vo1nan's College, Baltimore, 1891 University of Michigan, 1892 University of Wisconsin, 1896 Leland Stanford, jr., University, 1899 ALUMNAE Central New York Alumnae, New York City Alumnae, Minneapolis Alumnae, 201 1889 1889 1891 1896 1896 fllpbil Phi IOTA CHAPTER I 896 Patronesses r Mrs. Richard T. Ely Mrs. Edward T. Owen Mrs. Frank H. Edsall Mrs. Eugene G. Updike Florence T. Buck Greta M. Gribble Leta Sherman Elsie Cady Mayo Simonds Bessie May Kratz Callista A. English Mrs. Charles R. Van Hise Sorores in universitate 'Fellow Annie Nyhan Scribner Graduate Helen Gertrude Verplanck 52IIi0l'S Louise Hinkley Susan Eugene Lowell Gertrude Sherman juniors Sovbomores Freda D. Stolte 'FNSDMRII Minna Weber 202 Julia Forster Smith Louise Darby Helen McGregor Prichard Helen Sherman Edith A. Rumsey TOM ZMDNI' of HIDD3 Phi Phi Rho Beta LOCAL FRATERNITY I 897 205 Pbi Rho Beta LOCAL FRATERNITY I 897 fratres in llniversitate Seniors Edwin A. Snow Carlisle V. Hibbard A. Joseph McCartney 'Juniors james Bertram Nash Frederick Dan Taylor Louis Henry Barkhausen john Quinton Lyman Frederick A. Little Fred C. McGowan Sovhomores Charles Edwin Long William Francis Moffatt Freshmen Richard Hamlin Hollen james Arthur Armstrong 206 Henry William Werner Robert E. Pinkerton Phi Rho Beta Della DQIIH Della Roll of Zhapters ACTIVE Hlpba Province Alpha Boston University Bela St. Lawrence University Iita University of Vermont Ornicron Syracuse Universty Sigma Wesleyan University Beta Province Gamma Adrian College Epsilon Knox College Zeta University of Cincinnati Iota University of Michigan Mu University of Vilisconsin ' Nu Ohio State University Xi W'oman's College, Baltimore Upsilon Northwestern University Gamma Pl'0Dil1CQ Delta Simpson College Theta University of Minnesota Kappa University of Nebraska Lambda Baker University ALUMNAE Alpha Alumnae Alliance Gamma Alumnae Alliance Epsilon Alumnae Alliance Zeta Alumnae Alliance Sigma Alumnae Alliance Chicago Alumnae Alliance 210 Adrian Boston , Mich Galesburg, lll. Cincinnati, Ohio Middletown, Conn Chicago, Ill. DQIIG DQIIG DQIIG MU CHAPTER I898 E0tl0l'dl'V m2mbQI'S X Mrs. john Barber Parkinson. Mrs. David Bowler Frankenburger Soror ill Ufbt Mrs. Samuel NVeidn1an. Sorores in llniversitate Seniors Florence E. Allen. Helen L. Baker. Clara Pfisterer. Anna YVeber. junior Clara Luemma Stillman. SODDOMOYQS Minnie M. Perry. Merle Sears Pickford. Daisybelle Wentworth. Esther Marion Newman Bessie Gail Palmer. Theo. Beatrice Pickford. Elsie Caroline Allen. Grace Shirley Dixon. Freshmen Mary Katherine Hobbins. julia Anderson. 209 Lela Anderson. Edna Laura Tarbox. Maurine johnson. Ethel Adele Thompson. mu Zbavter of Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu KZIDDEI SISIIIZI 0 N ED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Roll of Zbapters ACTIVE Louisiana State University Nu William and Mary College Davidson College Xi University of Arkansas Centenary College Pi Swarthmore College University of Virginia Sigma Tulane University Randolph-Macon College Tau University of Texas Cumberland University Upsilon Hampden-Sidney College Southwestern University Phi S.-W. Presbyterian University Vanderbilt University Chi Purdue University University of Tennessee Psi University of Maine lVashington and Lee University Omega University of the South Eta Prime Trinity College Alpha Alpha University of Maryland Alpha Mucer University Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Eta Alpha Theta Alpha Kappa University of Illinois Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania University of Michigan Columbian University Southwestern Baptist University Cornell University Alpha Lambda University of Vermont Alpha Mu University of North Carolina Alpha Nu Wofford College Alpha Omicron Kentucky University Alpha Pi Wabash College Alpha Rho Bowdoin College Alpha Sigma Ohio State University Alpha Tau Georgia Technology School Alpha Upsilon Mellsaps College Alpha Phi Bucknell University Alpha Chi Lake Forest University Alpha Psi University of Nebraska Alpha Omega William Jewell College Beta Alpha Brown University Beta Beta Richmond College Beta Gamma Missouri State University Beta Delta Washington and Jefferson College Beta Epsilon University of Wisconsin Beta Zeta Leland Stanford, Jr., University ALUMNI Yazoo City, Miss. New Orleans, La. Philadelphia, Pa. Chicago, Ill Boston, Mass. Pittsburg, Pa. Indianapolis, Ind. Chihuahua, Mexico. New York City, N. Y. Ruston, Mass. 213 Kappa Sigma BETA EPsuLoN CHAPTER I898 Fratres in Urbe john Lincoln Fisher. john Morledge YVoy 'fratres in 'facultate Charles Henry Shannon Hamilton Greenwood Timberlake Tratres lil IlIliVQl'SiIdI2 Graduate George Henry 'Wilmarth SCNl0I'S William Karl Herrick VVinchel Fay Barber George Warner Mosher Charles S. Pearce juniors Ray Palmer Clarence Eugene Abbott Clyde M. McKay Frank J. Bachelder Sovhomores Samuel George Higgins John Agard Ross Charles Dana Hunter james Gariield McFarland Freshmen William Alexander NValters August John Stange Harry John Masters Frank Zapheth Hughes Frank Palmer Woy College of fall? Senior james I. Bowler middle Albert Kimball Wheeler juniors Samuel William Kies Chauncey Goodrich Austin 214 Beta Epsilon Zbdvter of Kappa Sigma Phi BQIZI KZIDDEI Roll of Zhapters Bowdoin College Colby University Dartmouth College University of Vermont Middlebury College Harvard University Amherst College Williams College Tufts College Yale University Trinity College Wesleyan University Brown University Union College University of the City of New York College of the City of New York Columbia College Hamilton College Hobart College Colgate University Cornell University Rochester University Syracuse University Rutgers College Dickinson College Lehigh University Lafayette College University of Pennsylvania Swarthmore College johns Hopkins University Xlfilliam and Mary College Adelbert College Kenyon College Marietta College De Pauw University Northwestern University Kansas University University of Minnesota Iowa University' University of Nebraska Boston University University of California University of Chicago University of Cincinnati Haverford College Princeton University St. Lawrence University Vassar College Wabash College University of VVisconsin 217 Phi Beta Kappa ALPHA OF WISCONSIN CHAP l898 members in 'Faculty Charles Kendall Adams, LL.D. Edward A. Birge, Ph.D. Charles Homer Haskins, Ph.D. Frank Gaylord Hubbard, Ph.D. John M. Olin, A.M., LL.B. Edward T. Owen, A.B, TER -Harry Luman Russell, Ph.D. William Amasa Scott, Ph.D. Moses Stephen Slaughter, Ph D. Charles Sumner Slichter, M.S. Albert S. Flint, A.M. William Frederick Giese, A.M. Frank Chapman Sharp, Ph.D. Robert Elkin Dodge, A.M. , Student members Class of I899 Charles E. Allen Philip Loring Allen Grace Andrews Gertrude Anthony Nellie M. Bush Ernest E. Calkins Lillian E. Case Gladys Gale Ruth M. Hanchett Lucretia Hinkley Laura H. Weld Class of I900 Sebastian Albrecht Florence Allen Andrew R. Anderson Edward A. Hook Joseph Loeb Katherine E. Sw Mary B. Fries 218 Elizabeth Keech Xvilliam S. Kies Warren M. Persons Ole S. Rice William S. Robertson William C. Ruediger Joseph L. Shaw William C, Sieker Gertrude Stillman Charles A. Vilas ain Call Beta Pl Roll of Zbavters Alpha of Pennsylvania Alpha of Michigan Alpha of- New jersey Alpha of Indiana Alpha of Illinois Alpha of Wisconsin Lehigh University Michigan State Agricultural College Stevens Institute of Technology Purdue University University of Illinois University of Wisconsin 219 Call Bela ALPHA or wlscowsm CHAPTER 1899 'Fratres in 'Facultate Storm Bull. Dugald Caleb jackson. Frederick Eugene Turneaure. Nelson Oliver XVhitney. Bernard Victor Swenson. Edward Rose Maurer. Vxfalter Alexander. Charles Frederick Burgess Fratres in llmversitate Seniors Arba B. Marvin, jr. Eugene Hamilton Heald. Charles Augustus Rhine. john Frederick Icke. Myron Marshal Fowler. Arthur Royal McArthur. Lewis Eugene Moore. Harry Richard lVhomes. Robert Edwin XVipfler. Lynn Alfred Willianis. junior Arthur Charles King. 220 I -Q gm 'Q ...,, if V -4"- " 1 V. J - . wt . A . 111111119 ' 'va X' 'X gf Q E Jw ti, If R l' 1 IT A ff Q ff' 'lulill' 9, 'J' ' Civ nz F-r .- X , qyw g- 49. 1 W -Zvi, -.,,.,,Y ,f A, 1"-g I... 1.55-v', ' ' 4 sb" 'f 1.5f' gf' . ",-f ' , xxYf'.45h 5. ,, ' 1 1 'fi' -if ,-.V giffff f a JL 4 ' .-151 ' ' . :J 'E' iq! 7 J n , Y' C1 3 , -Q -EN! s 'j.""'iS:?:', ' , lx W,-j Lp, Y 4 . mt: 1 Wa' wr' ,. 'vp H z"-P - M M-.'j.g ' ff Eff?" '57f'Z.21Q5Q,Qe1'i?-"' " ' Phi Chi PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY OU DED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 83 Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Roll of Zbavters University of Michigan Northwestern University New York College of Pharmacy University of Wisconsin 223 Phi Chi DELTA CHAPTER I 900 'Fratres in 'Facultate Edward Kremers, Ph,G., Ph.D. YV. O. Richtman, Ph.G., B.S. Oswald Schreiner, Ph.G., M.S. 'Eratres in llniversitate Irvin YV. Brandel Frank W. Eighmy Fred Hammond Hatton Harry Klueter Fred H. Chamberlain Alexander Krembs, Jr. Fellow Frank C Hitchcock Seniors Edwin A. Showalter Richard I. Strauss Albert N. Tandvig Albert H. NVoltersdorf juniors john A. Treber Thomas G. Windes William L. Treber 224 .. xx: f f ,X . X sm W A- ' x 1,.r,,,.e ,-'. . 1' , , ,, ,K Q.. W - 1 If , Wagga I' .1 53' I 'Ji 'ff A If A Q- rg. V' A,,:,- J x '- :QM , .VW f 'r"'Q5H'6I:X. 5 -ff? ' K. ' MIM- 45' ff .Q W-x.Q.,.f EFL? ummun E56 N ' L ff " aw Q2 f M 41 X TAP ff' 1 E il .wut L 'YSQ J ,, ' ,, lllln Wk Wi is LPI '- Yrnlu Avis wr Y VV Y NX . hm" Q- E 1 -,-0? " . Q Q M ' 'fp ' HDIMHL A ' l 1fff""J,'f3d1,,7f",,,1 Q ,X , i ' ' r l1D1,qMaN25l,i, Q 1 umurrrnrnmYfi7 'H'1 angie? Q,iOaa 5': - --E: f , dLll'll7U:1JInm"""""V - Qfv..w.v, :E:fiy' , fd +R '. 4 ' X ,Q vq u:cl- b , ...... --W. W fl. ' 'P n -qmifssf '... Q 'ik we are-was Ywwg If Wwe-1 I 1 ' f I V5 pi' ,ij 5 ,lrqre ? Q lem It A is ex J' 10-,g2rt ? nrt-3 Nhvfgy? HARRY E. BRADLEY - General Chairman CLARENCE E. ABBOTT - Business Manager CLARA L. STILLMAN - - Secretary lliterarv Zommittee Fred C. McGowan, Chrzzrman, Adah G. Grandy Marie C. Kohler George G. Curtis Carl E. Nelson Ralph G. Plumb Zhronicle Zommittee Lynn H. Tracy, Chairman, Clara L, Stillman Adah G. Grandy Fred A. Little .HN ZOMIIHYIQC Paul F. Chamberlain, Chazrman, Marie C. Kohler Nelson B. Nelson Photo Zommittee Mary E. Brahany, C7zaz'1fma7z, Ralph G. Plumb Anna C. Jacobsen Business Zommittee Clarence E. Abbott, Clzairman, Laurance C. Burke 'William C. Burdick George G. Curtis 226 Laurance C. Burke Clarence I. NVhite Leonore A. Meinhardt Anna C. Jacobsen Mary E. Brahany Arthur F. Beule Clarence I. White Vlfilliam C. Burdick Nelson B. Nelson NValter P. Hirschberg Arthur F. Beule John H. Leahy Walter P. Hirschberg C. Harry Watson John H. Leahy C. Harry Watson Ray Palmer Robert A. Maurer Carl E. Nelson l90l Bildgel' B02ll'd TQTG. sf' '5- l90l Bildgel' Board HHilJIW!6ElFiUWW31 it , L Y "A' QT:-1. '11 PUOQ' va 5 P055 O Z CW,-QU '11 Hmklipg -'L - W up 1. 'gs '4 - 'm.4 vb 5 53321 Ui Hook 5 'fx Gmzi O PJ.U1ml'1'iU ff pd J-IFPIA 41 1.4 41-1:73 Q :D '33 2 O - as '5 O 6 G 3 9 W 0 0 '5 nw 5 2 wg 'wzrfom W5 omorftv E12 552555 - m3gr1mQr-4 4 E Pugnw O E'55p5 - H U, rv Up1P-Im m 3 mfrgiz pi Z pww- V' S 6332 sa "1 93 8 -I E E :As iz-' 'ggi Q F umm. rr P. fl, F-I -Q55 E E 2 EE - 5 .2 522 5 E A BOEll'd of EGiIOl'S FREDERICK M. VANHORN, '00, Managing Editor Jlssociate Edif0l'S DR. J. F. A. PYRE 231 A T ' Airgas' HE T. THEODORE W. BRAZEAU, Law '00, CHARLES S. PEARCE, '00 - I. BARTOW PATRICK, '02, ROBERT E. KNOFF, '01, ' RALPH G. PLUMB, '01, - WILLIAM F. MOFFATT, '02, - Hssoclate EdiI0l'S ARTHUR F. BEULE, '01 WINCHEL F. BARBER, '00 Editor-in-Chief - Managing Editor Assistant Managing Editor - University Editor High School Editor - Exchange Editor JOSEPH KOFFEND, IR., '00 FRED C. MCGOWAN, '01 :MILDRED A. CASTLE, '00 RQDOYTQYS JOSEPH BREDSTEEN, '01 RALPH S. GROMAN, '03 PERRY J. CARTER, '03 RICHARD H. HOLLEN, '03 ZAQH A. CHANDLER, '01 HARRY G. KEMP, Law '02 HARRY J. MASTERS, '03 CHARLES J. SLATER, '03 LADIES H.ALI,-AGNES MERRILL, '02 WILLIAM S. KIES, Law '02, ---- Business Manager 232 1 -1 ff.: .gc ' 1.31, IW.,-5? 'Q j r qfjb. " ' .wwf ff .-r:'- ,fy nn, ' - Y..'.. L Lie' Q- ' H- 11 Lggffq. g. - .,. . - 1 xp-wrist '1t"'+ ' ' ' 1, .... . -, P 5:2114 t ' . . -3.5. -uf: ye, , 4 wr' N. Q2- 1 V, , M R: J. B. Patrick VV. S. Kies C. S. Pearce VV. F. Moffatt T. W. Brazeau 1-I. W. Davis A. F. Beule R. G. Plumb R. E. Kuoff "Daily Z6l'dillZl" Sfdff A. C. Fricke R N. Foster A. Meyers G. C. Mors E. E. Sands G. A. Scott M. M. Fowler F. E. Xvushburu L, 112. Moore F, A. De Lay "wiSC0l1Sil1 GlIQiiIQ6l"' Staff j? , ' ri :f'g"5w nl' ' -' - SSW' XV .,,.---"N 5:4 ,QQ an x,.fAK'Tf Lf. 'Zu .A Q :IRL fx-Ap fFX' T - RBLISHED 5:nl-RMUALLgQifS..,X 1 - A mr? .-.. G -f -- 1 MTH., - TOY 5'run:n-ro IH PHE Qon.x.:ec oF EHGIHLERIHQ .MQ :RR ..ff?f' ' 315 A Beard of Edil0l'S MYRON M. FOWLER, '00, - - - - Editor-in-Chief GEORGE C. H. MORS, '92, - EDVVARD E. SANDS, '00, ALVIN MEYERS, '01. AUGUST C. FRICKE, '01. FRANK E. WASHBURN, '01, GEORGE A. SCOTT, '02, GEORGE A. POLLEY, '02, EVAN I. EVANS, '03, R. N. FOSTER. LEWIS E. MOORE, '00, - SEQ. Graduate Editor - Alumni Editor - Business Manager be isconsin Iumni agagine CHARLES E. ALLEN, '99 - FREDERICK J. TURNER, '84 FLORENCE E. BAKER, '91 l STEPHEN C. STUNTZ, '99 J GEORGE F. DONVNER, '97 - MQILDRED A CASTLE, 'OO 7 IRVING P. ROBINSON, 'OO ' ARTHUR F. BEULE, '01 WILLIAM S. KIES, '99 - Editor-in-Chief University Editor Alumni Editors - Athletic Editor Undergraduate Editors - Business Manager Publication Gommittee DAVID B. FRANKENBURGER, '69, '71 L - Chairman GEORGE RAYMER, '71 CHARLES R. VANHISE, '79 ERNEST N. YVARNER, '89, '92 L E. RAY STEVENS, '93, '95 L ---- Treasurer E. W. Allen O. H. Scheer M. W McArclle A. F. Beule F. M. Vanl-Iorn Mildred A. Castle C E. Allen Helen I-I. Wziri-iner H. S. Peterson Grace M. Challoner Sarah J. Seeber Paul F. Chamberlain Louise Craig "Sphinx" Staff B .if , XTR C -A 'wwf s y R- - Ymkffflsw A f i l R A AtA A A iff 1, iiss-.- . M -iff .5 1 ,ff I-.. X -X .2 K V K .P .-eq", hx N :fy 4-KAW A - 5? . , 3 f Wil? A z. . f N '-- . 4, " A 'S X .X . EW V J . . , I x , -' 1 f fl X X .,, . , 5 , A V I ,V M X . A f X A . A fx , ff f f ll IQ 1 ix N Q I is 1' 4 xt, Y If Q 39 X f , -Z ljlfx Ki H, , H:-'f X A E' E' A ..:-r: ,ff --f ' -'Z 3 ' Y 1' r "wir x .21--fa WV il 'W - 2,7 , X g ff, f r r 411 X n W fy, E :rv -'-'L Q 'LM , ,X 1 'I ,X 5 F iff., VXA. A.. XXX X CHARLES E. ALLEN, '99, GEORGE H. SCHEER, '00, DIICHAEL W. IVICARDLE, Law, ,01, - LOU1sE,CRA1O, '00, E HERBERT F. JOHN, '03, Editor-in-Chief Managing Artist Managing Editor Assistant Managing Editors . Board of Editors HELEN H. WARRxNER, '00 CLARENCE L. NELSON, '00 MILDRED A. CASTLE, '00 BLANCHE B. BRIGHAM, '00 FRED M. VAN HORN, '00 ERIC W. ALLEN, '01 ZACH A. CHANDLER, '01 ARTHUR F. BEULE, '01 RALPH ROUNDS, '01 HARVEY O. SARGEANT, '01 SARAH J. SEEBER, '02 CLARA G. FROELIOH, '02 SQIHOI' Class PIGD ,ruum opium uousf, JUNE 20, 1899 ff A Night off." l By Augustin Daly, from the German of Schoenthol. Professor Babbit, - East of Zbaracters Marcus Brutus Snap fa theatrical managerj, Dr. Damask, - - Lord Mulberry, - Jack Mulberry Qhis soul, Mrs. Babbit, - Nisbe Qher daughterj, - Angelica fwife of Dr. Damasl-LJ. Susan fa housemaidj, - Director - Manager GXQCIUIUC Staff MR. GRAY MONTGOBIERY MR. YVALTON H. PYRE MR. JOHN KELLY MR, CHARLES VILAS MR. PHILIP ALLEN Mrss ESTELLE MEDBERY Mlss FERN RYAN Mlss CORA DESMOND Miss LUCRETIA I-IINCKLEY MR. PHILIP L. ALLEN MR. MARCLTS A. JACOBSON WF 212 Tbaresfoot WALTON H. PYRE, EDWARD T. Fox, JOHN S. MAIN, CHARLES A. VILAS, Officers 50llQl'2ll'lj members President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Keeper of the Haresfoot Professor D. B. Frankenburger Professor I. F. A. Pyre Marcus C. Ford Leo Torbe Knox Kinney john F. Donovan William A. Oppel C. C. Chittenden Edward T. Fox Edward D. Jenner Clifford C. Ireland Francis H. Crosby Clarence D. Tearse Hctive m0I11b2l'S Walton H. Pyre 243 Professor C. N. Gregory George T. Kelley George S. Spencer Joseph H. Turner Chauncey Williams Henry H. Morgan Cadby C. Case Edwin A. Snow J. Bartow Patrick john S. Main Charles A. Vilas Nelson I. Wilcox eb Eomin JENNIE H. BVTT, Manager BOIWTRTY member Mrs. Frank G. Edsall HCIW2 members Jennie H. Butt Louise Hinkley Leora Moore Anne N. Scribner Henrietta Pyre Jessica E. Davis Nora F. Johnson 244 Q . , ,f , .f f'.'-W -'- . V , A by.. V. .u I 544.9 A , .K ' ' , 5.2 , M- --51 Tc ll V,V, . V , . M xl U 1 , w kg i , g H lj: , fu '..l ' .- 2 4 f I Z . L ' ' " '-"I -, dy Wx P ij ' ,Qs , A ' 'Q . A if ' 3' 11" Qi L. - , . x, P 'if-if x f k , " -X I f -, fx -Q--"M:'?'f5FPf--w. '. . ' 1" vu M- , "' if - .g'- vw.,,.g,Jf-14g,5w':."Qf 1 - .'-1411! , ' 3 44 TQ: -- fv 'TV ' 'tm . 1, N M 1" . ., , xi 52121 Yr , w x xii:--511' :4l?E' H ' " . 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' Y" 1:23 Q, A gx , W ' , f,-af - -12-, ' f' n f '- --f55w2:'wwiw.:iam'-'1XSfvez':sf-26-sag? :gay-:raw . , 2,-ff .1 34, ' , ,Q ,W x- 4 .V xfvm - .XSKQ fn-Q.f,.Nfm K, sf-.Mun w.4.w,4?,., .- ,M , ,. X, gli ' f 1 fi: ,S S" 2 :fp ' ww' . P lf ' .a:-S:rEi-ff..- -' Q ' , A -2111-'E Q1 E:- . 'If'-g:L5',.,:wG-3 ,f,:.,Q,:-.rzr-f:5q:,sry' '-:,kr.,.f:gr.sgfm,:f ,I , ,v xzjigfix L ,I gh l. . , . ,-H P . ,L Q L.,- V, 1. Q,., ,,,,, N .Y N gl. I b :,A. 1 m M, ' 'gg ., ry ,,,:,- 11, vf- 1. 'ff - - fx t mf, fgp H2 an fu -Q.-Lg, Qi L , 'V Kwgyf A : ,f,ifv X W c 4 tbgna . FRANCIS J. CARNEY, '00 - - WILLIAM D. BUCHHOLZ, '00 HENRY L. J.-mms, '02 - - ARTHUR A. BALDWIN, 'Ol - ROBERT G. STEVENSON, '03 - MARTIN F. ANGELL - - - nlQllID2l'S l ' Senior Zlass Andrew R. Anderson Francis J. Carney Edward B. Cochems Walter E. Elmer Eric W. Allen Arthur A. Baldwin john M. Barney Arthur F. Beule joseph Bredsteen William D. Buchholz Martin F. Angell Robert M. Davis Thomas F. Frawley Thomas M. Gannon George H. Gohlke George L. Gust Carl G. W. Almquist Quincy J. Ames Emmons R. Blake Eugene H. Byrne Edwin S. Bishop Myron R. Churchill joseph T. Flint John E. Goodwin Ernst Greverus Winfred C. Howe Edwin A. Snow Ernst von Briesen Junior Zlass James B. Graham Robert E. Knoff Hugo F. Luhman Clarence E. Macartney Fred C. McGowan James C. Morgan Charles R. Rounds SOI-TDOIIION Blass Robert W. Haight Harry L. Janes Robert L. Sewards Fred O. Leiser Ernst C. Meyer john C. Miller Freshman Glass Alvin T. Heavenrich Richard H. Hollen Andrew W. Hopkins William O. Hotchkiss Harry C. Johnson Osmund M. Jorstad Frank H. Marlott - President Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer Recording Scribe - Censor joseph Loeb J. T. Stuart Lyle Bernard M. Palmer Joseph Koffend, Jr. Allen S. Nielson Nelson B. Nelson Harvey O. Sargeant William P. Vroman Eugene J. Wehrnholf Richard Williamson Michael B. Olbrich John A. O'Meara George A. Polley John F. Powers Frank G. Swoboda William A. Vivian George A. Mowry E. Milo Muckleston Peter V. E. Peterson Victor E. Runo John H. Sprecher Robert G. Stevenson Edward W. Thuere Phillip A. Wood, jr. George L. Winegar 246 O JOINT DEBATE . f . ' C wsu . X., X -- my x.. DEQQ5 J'AN, 7'7 'e 9 '77 '75 '7?1Y0 '.il 's4 'srsb 's7'ss'fa ?3'M Htbenaean Rooster "' 6 ' JL",,"".xJ'1IvUM3IL'lI"l"'f"' WIA! A Wig' 5 A 'RF V, -:M N Q . w v ,Q fyg f , j fs - 'f V ...Qi 4" .1 -, ff 1 ,A- --1. ' , '? -' f f , , , ' f ,f I gi rf ff 5 S ,ff A ' ' ' Q s? E, 1. m 3 , K 1 g officers f H' 1 w Z ' i NORA F. JOHNSON, '00, - - President ': E 1 - Q 5 RAYMOND B. PEASE, '00, - - Secretary - T ' 1 ' WILLIABI S. KIES, Law, '02, - Treasurer I , ' 2 1 : il 1 ,1 firlb Hnnual Contest 1'-s ' , 1, Z' ff MARCH 24, I899 First ORATION ---- " Toussaint L'Ouverture." ALBERT R. DENU, '99, Hesperia. Second ORATION - ---- " Mission of the Anglo-Saxon." WILLIAM S. ROBERTSON, 99, Hesperia. Third ORATION ----- " The American Scholar." MARCUS A. JACOBSON, '99, Athenae. Fourth ORATION - - - - - - "Universal Peace." WINCHEL F. BARBER, '00, Philomathia. fifth ORATION - - - - " Drama of Independence." CLARENCE E. MOCARTNEY, 'O1. Sixth ORATION - ----- " Our NatiOn'S Mission." CHARLES A. A. MCGEE, Law, '99. Seventh JOSEPH LOEB, '00, Athenae. 249 I-I Sperm 0ffiC2l'S RICHARD A. RUNKE, 'OO - - - WILLIAM J. CARR, Ol, WILLIAM RYAN, '02, AUGUST F. Hulse, '02 EDWARD I. B. SCHUBRING, 'Ol, - - FRED C. SCHOENSIGEL, '0l, - DAVID L. BARNARD, '03, - . Harry W. Adams. William B. Clark. Henry M. Esterly. james H. McNeel. William J. Carr. Harry E. Carthew. George G. Curtis. Robert Lachmund. William C. Berg. John E. Brindley. Frank W. Bucklin. William G. Campbell. Cecil L. Clifford. Victor D. Cronk. David L. Barnard. Leslie W. Beers. Paul W. Clough. Llewellyn R. Davies. Harold E. Eggers. Charles F. Gaflin. Gustave W. Garvens. William I. A. Hagenah. William H. Haight. members Senior Glass john M. Niven. Milton R. Orchard. Raymond B. Pease. Richard A. Runke. Junior Zlass Albert G. Michelson. Fred C. Schoensigel. Edward I. B. Schubring. August Smith. Sophomore Zlass Benjamin H. Gaflin. Alfred Grotophorst. August F. Haase. Samuel G. Higgins. Solomon Heubner. Nicholas Kirch. john Wilson. 'freshman Zlass Lloyd P. Horsfall. FrederickW. Huels. Chester L. jones. Herbert D. Laube. Harry J. Masters. Delbert R. Mathews. joseph H. Mathews. Ezra T. Oftelie. Howard G. Patton. 250 Presid ent Vice-Presid ent Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Censor Assistant Censor Frederick I. Stueber. Clarence D. Tearse. Charles Yankey. Ashbel V. Smith. Herman A. Smyth. John C. Watson . William A. Lee. Alfred J. Rhodes. William Ryan. Edwin W. Smyth. Sanford P. Starks. Max H. R. Strehlow Robert E. Pinkerton Louis F. Rahr. Adolph H. Roethke. John H. Ryan. Albert E.Shower. Charles H. Stone. Fred W. Sylvester. Waldemar C. VVehe. ,s gf, Q14 RICHARD NR JOHN C WA TSON X K, A A 'HX S xvsmsi E E -sv' ss - Q E rip its as Q .X E 'QS w u 5 X A -Q ei H A X ix N. xg -Q. - clD2llfD:mlllb HIIIIUBI j0ilII DQDGIQ LIBRARY HALL, JANUARY I9, l900 52896145 VS. Hthenae PROFESSOR DAVID B. FRANKENBURGER, President QUQSINIIE For the rehabilitation and development of an American Marine, would it be impolitic for Congress, b . . . y appropriate legislation, to further extend th e principle of protection to American shipping? Affirmative: Hesperia Negative: 'Athenae John C. Vxfatson Edward B. Cochems Harry W. Adams William D. Buchholz Richard A. Runke john M. Barney Decision for the afhrmative.-Hesperia. 11161505 - Rev. E. G. Updike Professor W, A. Scott Professor J. B. johnson 253 Phil matbia. EDXVARD A. Hook, '00, 0ffiC2I'S EDYVARD J. HARXVEY, '01, VVILLIAINI E. SMITH, '02, - ARTHUR J. WYSSMAN, '01, BERNDT S. HALE, '03, FRANK HOFIFDIAN, '00, WILLIAM F. SCHMIDT, '03, - - William F. Adams Sebastian Albrecht Winchel F. Barber Ernest L. Bolton George S. Cassels Benjamin F. Coen' Martin I. Berg Paul W. L. Boehm Hubert D. Buchanan Eugene T. Hancock Fred L. Hook Robert A, Maurer john V. Brennan William H. Dale Dana I. Grover Leon L. Harney L. George Lohr Harry T. McNeill XValter R. Menzel Cornell Berg Andrew S. Bogue Charles R. Cady Robert C. Disque William E. Fisher George H. Gabel Clarence W. Gregory members Senior Glass Arthur A. Koch Albert J. Macartney John F. Nicholson Stephen A. Oscar David M. Roberts Harry G. Smith junior Glass Sophomore Zlass President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Censor Assistant Censor Recording Scribe Frank Hoffman Edward A. Hook Melvin P. Austin Alfred P. Schultz Xvllliam H. Shephard Annice Richardson Ralph G. Plumb John C. Stevens Paul Stover Clarence J. White Arthur I. Yifyssman Edward I. Harvey J. Bartow Patrick Evan L. Reed Fred H. Rehberg Harry Sauthoff W'illiam E. Smith Vxfillis VV. Waite Louis B. Vvolfenson Myron R. johnson 'Freshman Glass Andrew L. Liljeqvist Carl T. Madsen Harvey E. Miller Paul A. Schuette Adrian A. Wedemeyer George C. Poage Jacob Primakow 254 Berndt S. Hale jacob H. Kolter Eben R. Minahan Henry H. Otjen 'William F. Schmidt Mitchell C. Stewart john V. Murphy E. A. Hook I-I. G. Smith A. A. Koch J. F. Nicholson M. R. Austin D. M. Robe1'tS A. J. Macarlney A. R. Schultz B. F. Coen W. F. Adams W. H. Shephard G. S. Cassels F. HGH-111311 S. A. Oscar S. Albrecht E. L. Bolton Philomathia--Senior Class , ge--.zjj R. P. JAM ESON, President, - FRANK WHITE, lst Vice-President, W. A. BURGESS, 2nd Vice-President JOSEPH DUTTON, 3rd Vice-President PERCIVAL HUNT, Secretary, - Itinlb flnnual Contest WILLIARI S. ROBERTSON, Treasurer, Oberlin - Chicago Michigan , - Northwestern - Iowa - NVisconsin MAY 5, I899 First ORATLON, - - - " Lincoln's Debate with Douglas," YVILLIAM L. LONG, Oberlin Second ORATION, - - - " Wendell Phillips the Agitator. " ARTHUR E. BESTOR, Chicago Third BARRY GILBERT, Northwestern Fourth ORATION, ---- " Toussaint L'Ouverture." ALBERT R. DENU, Wisconsin fifth ' ORATION, ----- " The Descent of Man," if JOSEPH XVARREN BEACH, Minnesota Sixth ORATION, ------ Patrick Henry, " fi M. H. CARMODY, Michigan Seventh ORATION, - - - ' ' Crornwellji G. YV. EAGAN, Iowa it Tie for Fifth place. 25? . ' -:gee-1 I, ..' .5 -A 4 X j fi YJ 'HX2 by A Fix' T, 5. Q ,mex.3J,ii ' ' :hh Wyihlfix A A V 4 ,my :lx hm Ml Q. if I J 'f,,,,, , '5:1l fe- eq l will rw V K ,N A -.ff i?g.,,.'i' f A fl SV: 7 -IS' A xl' I In ri in . ' -is rl' lm .-Il. E1 if NW a re l ix. I J y X ' f ' 1 : i. X f .1 'j' .-S, Q' A-LQ 1 Ii9 .2,'5f- rf 'ii ' , gjs 52 35, 1 N Offncers ,J FANNIE WARNER, '00, - - President 'i , J KATHERINE P. REGAN, '01, Vice-President ' 'J ,1 - X TINORA L. KASBERG, '02, - - Secretary NW 7 . 315 ew MARY L. WILSON, '01, Treasurer 'N-xr "xx x' BESSIE S. KING '00 - Censor . , , ff jf members xg, ,l Graduates . ' ie,.a,M, , A ' ' Mary E. McCumber Fannie R. Walbridge N. ' I Rm LY' :W A Q, M Senior Glass ' X ' ,O Eff Lottie J. Abbott Frances Slatter ' ' ff' i Florence E. Allen Marie L. Sprague ,- A Libbie M. Damuth Belle F. Stanton I 1 Grace L. Dillingham Fannie Warner 'l Nora F. Johnson Florence M. YVarner X Jessie A. Barney Anna Jacobsen Mary L. Wilson Ruby M. Acker Bessie S. King Viola M. Zimmerman jllllwl' GIRSS Katherine P, Regan Frances M. Wilcox S0l?h0l110l'Q Glass Louisa Loeb Carrie Paddock Alice E. Chamberlain Jnnia M. Foster Tinora L. Kasberg Rose A. Pesta Nora B. McCue Freshman Glass Josephine A. Nalty 258 . W , Nora johnson Florence Vvarner Belle Stanton Fannie Vvarner Lottie Abbott Florence Allen Bessie King Frances Slatter Grace Dillingham Marie Sprague Libbie Damuth Viola Zimmerman Eastalia--Senior Zlass itie s Q Q A DQDGWS ill IS99 UNIYERsITY OIF VVISCONSIN versus UNIVERSITY OIf IUXYA INIILIYAVIQEE, March 31, 1899 QUESTION: " Resolved, That the railroads should be allowed to pool their con1 petitive freight earnings under the control of the Interstate Commerce Commission' Adirniative-Iowa Negative -XVisconsin S. D. DICKINSON JOSEPH D. SHAW XV. W. LOOAIIS ALBERT R. DENU M. E. XVELDY EYAN A. EVANS 31161995 MAYOR GRAY, XVILL1.-XM PATTI-:E FRANK BARRY Minneapolis Minneapolis Milwaukee Decision of judges unanimous for the negative. UNIVERSITY Ol? XVISCONSIN versus UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS INIADISON, April 21, 1899 QUESTION: " Resolved, That the best interests of our country would be pro rnoted by the adoption of the bill known as the McC1eary banking bill." Aiiirrnative-Illinois Negative-Wisconsin S. M. NEYVTON CHARLES E. ALLEN BRUCE CAMPBELL JOSEPH E. DAVIES I. W. FISHER OTTO BOSSHARD judges HON. JOHN DAY SMITH IUDGE EUGENE S. ELLIOTT Minneapolis Milwaukee PROFESSOR FREDERICK J. TURNER, Madison Decision of judges for the negative. DCDGIQ ill 1900 UNLVERSITY OF XVISCONSIN versus UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Wisconsin Representatives HARRX' XV. ADAMS VVILLIAAI G. ADAMS BIICHAEL J. CLEARY 261 OFLIITI Officers GEORGE A. SARAU, '00 - - ARTHUR W. KOPP, '00, - ALBERT K. WHEELER, '0l, . JACOB KRONCKE, '01, FRANK LUCAS, '02, john H. Bartman James J. Bowler Arthur W. Kopp John J. Ol-:oneski Albert N. Coombs Joseph P. Davies Henry A. Detling ' Arthur VV. Fairchild Jacob Kroncke Albert K. NVheeler john Anderson Thorwald P. Abel George W. Carow Gilbert J. Davelaar Louis A. Brunckhorst Nathan S. Curtis Edward C. Griesel john G. Hardgrove m2mD2fS President - Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Censor Senior Daw Zlass Victor Pierrelee Walter 1. Rush George A. Sarau H. Glenn lVilliarns middle Law Glass Michael NV. McArdle Frank P. Regner C. Alfred Schneider Byron H. Stebbins Clinton G. Price Richard Vxlhipperman Charles T. Hutson junior Daw Glass 262 Eugene C. joannes 'William S. Kies Elmer O. Leatherwood Frank XV. Lucas Victor I. Minahan Leo F. Nohl Charles S. Pearce Charles E. Salisbury lumbian Ufficers GEORGE CR.uviroRD, '00 - P1a'rien TSCHARNER, '01 JAMES C. MCKESSON, '01 WALTER H. C. BENDER, '01 - WILLIAM T. JONES, '00 NELS P. CHIQISTENSEN, 'Ol Earl F. Hensel John MT. Coyle Berthold J. Husting William T. jones Walter H. C. Bender Roy E. Bigham William P. Boynton Frank H. Gugel Jay W. Hicks Roy E. Tomlinson john M. Kelley Fred A. Landeck Robert U. Nelson Lee F. Bays Michael J. Cleary Francis H. Crosby Thomas F. Davlin Henry M. Fellenz Oscar M. Fritz Earl B. Harken Bonduell A. Husting Marcus A. Jacobson Robert A. Kafton members Senior Law Glass Edward D. Tirrill middle Law Blass Junior liaw Glass 263 - President Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer - Censor Assistant Censor George Crawford XVIII. H. McGrath John Moran Frank D. Pattee Nels. P. Christensen John B. Crabtree Francis L. Doolan Asa K. Owen ' Amos W. Pollard Elroy W. Smith Peter Tscharner Ernest P. Truesdell Joseph N. Treweck Harry G. Kemp Lester C. Manson james C. McKesson John W. McMillan Daniel P. Meyers John L. Madderson Franklin R. Shephard Dennis F. Scanlan Ferdinand G. C. Voigt Charles A. Vilas 'Luther 5. igon Officers THEODORE BERG, '00, - - - President JAY XY. HICIQS, '01 - - Secretary and Treasurer V O'r'ro A. OESTREICH, ,O0, - Clerk of Appellate Court NATHAN S. CURTIS, '00, - - Clerk of Supreme Court FERDINAND G. C. YOIGT, '02, - Clerk-of Superior Court m2mbQfS Senior llaw Zlass Theodore Berg Arthur VV. Kopp George Crawford Otto A. Oestreicb Nathan S. Curtis XVa1ter I. Rush Herbert S. Siggelko middle liaw Blass Albert N. Coombs james C. McKesson Emerson Ela Amos XV. Pollard jay W. Hicks Peter Tscharuer junior Daw Glass Louis A. Brunckhorst Francis H. Crosby. George XV. Carow Harry Edwards Ferdinand G. C. Voigt 264 ffunior ratorical Egbibition ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, MARCH IO, lS99 First - - - - " Tjniversal Peace XVINCHEL F. BARBER, Philomathia Second - ' - - - " The New Charity NORA F. JOHNSON, Castalia Third - - - " The Fall Of the Bastile JOSEPH KOFFEND, jx., Athenze Fourth The Drama of Nationsg Peace Through Commerce GEORGE THOMPSON, Hesperia Fifth " The True Founders of American Principles EDXVARD D. TIRRILL, Columbia Sixth - - - K' Domestic Science LURA L. ROSS, Laurea 265 1 freshman Declamation Contest JUNE I, I899 First The Bear Story," - - Second ,The Unknown Speaker," - - Third Cheers for the Living, Tears for the Dead," - Fourth The Death of Hamilton," - Fifth Senator Baker on the Treason of Breckenridge," Sixth The Student, " - Seventh The Trial of Abner Barrow," - - ,Eighth The Gray Champion, " - First Place awarded to William H. Dale Second Place awarded to Miss Daisy White i 3 Q Elf' ' x -L f i 'X A ...Q "Wav f ' f x ..',', 1 I, X1-1 .Y x r ., ij 1 .. it 'u .Lil 266 DAISY WHITE JOHN C. MILLER - JOHN E. BRINDLEY MICHAEL B. OLBRICH - WILLIAM H. DALE BENJAMIN F. LOUNSBURY - George H. Gohlke HARRY O. WINKLER ..-fd" fi-'Has QJ-x-. wr, ,, , ,-,. ..,,. 4, -'H-f'l""""9"' -M.. ...x - , .szuqh ' -'-1 - '21 -.,f..-... if .' ic A L- , TKO? O12-QANIZATIQHSD University Of wisconsin n2llSlC3l and Dl'?llII2lIlC Clllb Hllllllill f0lll', l900 U Evansville, February 20 Beloit, February, 23 Janesville, February 24 Milwaukee, March 15 Racine, March 16 XVhitewater, March 17 Madison, March 3 PARI I ' Che Professors Daughter A College Farce in Two Scenes CAST Professor Burbage, who has a daughter - - - EDYYIN SNOW Horatius Virgil Smylhe, a senior, whose staple medium of expression is blank verse ----- XVALTON PYRE Jack Ruggles, an athlete, friend of Horatius and Teddy - CLIFFORD IRELAND J. 'Wallack Booth, a guy, with the pongchong for the - - footlights ------ FRANCIS CROSBY Harry E. Burton-Chadwick, a swell, whose long suit is vests - CHAUNCEY BLAKE George, a. black man, guardian angel to Teddy - - CLARENCE TEARSE Teddy, a freshman, " on the ragged edge", - J. BARTOW PATRICK and others PART ll Selections by the University Glee Club, Mandolin Club, and Girls' Glee Club 268 "' A 'Qui' , mf D-1 E? is VN rf, 4 15 A I S YIIMIOHS III "CHQ Pl'0fQSS0l"S DdllQhfQl"' , S.-n A ,V Yufiqn E 1 ' f I 2 'lif e , rl: v.kA Y A .. P C l K l l ,- 3? KATHARINE SWAIN PHOEBE BUELL ANNA M. GAPEN BLANCHE CLARK Anna M. Gapen Daisybelle XVentworth Anna Scribner Blanche Clark Elsie Allen Lela Anderson Edith Patten Phoebe Buell Else E lilly. + - President Secretary and Treasurer First SOPYIIIO Frances C. Main SCCOIIQ SQPYBIIO Laura Sage First Jlllto Second Hlto Katharine Swain 271 - Leader - Librarian Edith Rumsey Edith Balsey Minnie Perry Harriet Sawyer Esther Donnelly Elsie Sawyer Mary Swartz Bessie R, Baldwin L. J, .P A sf.. ' " +- P J.. ,, gk. 'XVAYNE T. MOSELEY JOHN S. MAIN Albert C. Ehlman Herman T. Meinert Howard G. Boardman Gustave Fernekes Harry M. Hobbins Allan T. Pray Francis H. Crosby Clifford C. Ireland 'First 'Cenor SQCOIIU felwl' Philip L. Spooner 'first Bass Elias R. lYilliamS SQC0lld Bass 272 l' I Leader Manager lVayne T. Moseley john C. 'Watson John S. Main J. Bartow Patrick Harold S. Peterson Stuart E. Washburn Lehman P. Rosenbexmer Howard R. Smith Peterson Hobhins Rosenheinner Smith Crosby Williams Patrick Maine-rt Washburn Pray Boardman Ehlman Moseley, Leader Main Watson Ireland University Glee Zlub Bechu Blake Hunter 1X'I1If.fllil'C Iiie1':4uch Aclzuus WzLs111z111:4clol'fl' Niles, Lczlfler II. O. lX11llC1'501l, Ilircclol' Phipps JCUIICI' Iillllllilll jorslml iXllK1l'CS-C11 I42l1HlCCk Smith Dillon Ruedigel' University mandolin Klub llbanbolin 'First mdNd0llh HJALMAR O. ANDERSON SIDNEY C. NILES Stephen C. Phipps joseph G. Dillon Claude S. Beebe Chauncey E. Blake Beach W. Maguire Albert I. McCartney U Mill William M. Biersach SECGIIG mdNd0liR james E. Smith Gllif3l'S Charles D. Hunter 'Flute Walter K. Adams 277 lub Director Leader Edward D. Jenner Fred A. Landeck Oliver S. Andresen Gustav F. Ruediger Osmand M. Jorstad Otto F. XVasn1ansdorff Zello Albert C. Ehhnan Hz "-5 - -111 - .-, "" if 'fj"""v! v.f-H.. I Pr?--L 1 Hctive membership-Iso Officers DR. CHARLES KENDALL ADAMS - - - President MR. E. O. KNEY ---- Vice-President PROFESSOR A. S. FLINT - - Secretary. and Treasurer PROFESSOR F. A. PARKER - - Musical Director MR. W. H. DUDLEY - - - - - Librarian MR. C. M. SMITH ---- Assistant Librarian Executive Zomminee DR. C. C. CHITTENDEN PROFESSOR STORBI BULL MR. GRANT THOBIAS COIICQITS LIBRARY HALL, APRIL I8, l899 Piano Recital by MR. WILLIABI H. SHERYVOOD, of Chicago, and three part songs by the chorus. ARMORY BUILDING, MAY I8, i899 PART I Mendelssohn's 42d Psalm - - " As PANTS. THE HART" Chorus assisted by Miss Helen Buckley, soprano, and Bach's Symphony Orchestra. PART II Selections by SIGNOR CAMPANAR1, Baritone, MISS BUCKLEY, Soprano and BACH'S SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. LIBRARY HALL, DECEMBER I2, I899 SPIERING STRING QUARTETTE. ARMORY BUILDING, JANUARY 30, I900 Hayden's Oratorio ---- " THE CREATION. " SOLOISTS . Miss Lucile Stevenson, Soprano. Mr. Charles A. Knorr, Tenor. Mr. Charles W. Clark, Bass. 278 C. Backus, Pres. O Andresen R. C. Disque R. N. I-foster M. R. Hump I.. IJ. Williznns II. W, Daw C. j. Kulzke I.. E Nash R. G. S11 A. B. Marvin A, C Ehlman R.C.Fi1i1'bal1k 'l' C. Mzlrvin I'rol'. Nitschke W K. !XKlfl1'llS C O.D:1w:4en A. A. Knsherg W. J. Rowe R. H. I-Indiield E. H. Uarlillg E. WashI'mrn C. E. Brant j. Ii. Andrews Ci. O. Fortney R. 0. Bowman '12 C Darling I-I. L. Dessert A. IT. Rollman U. KU. Regimental Band Z-ii ' T To ' 'F ---,. far- . -f ffgs- W' fi . ,J jx, f n ,Q ' 5 all if A ,-. Hip ' H- E V fl i . ',x, O q .K XX L X PROFESSOR CHARLES NITSCHKE, LB:s'rER D. XVILLIAMS, - - AUGUST C. BACKUS, - - - - Lester D. Williams, Gerhard O. Fortney, Charles J. Kutzke, Harold S. Peterson, - William I. Rowe, - Alexander A. Kasberg, - Howard L. Dessert, - Herbert W. Dow, ' Ernst Greverus, - Ray H. Hadiield, - Alfred Rollman, Albert C. Ehlman, . Raymond G. Sharpe, W. Harley Barber, - Oliver S. Andresen, Lawrence E. Nash, - john B. Andrews, - Clarence O. Dawson, - Raymond C. Fairbank, F. Marvin, - - Carl A. Newton, - Walter K. Adams, - Robert O. Bowman, Arba B. Marvin, - Rollins N. Foster, Milan R. Bump, Robert C. Disque, - Frank E. Darling, Harry Kleuter, - August C. Backus, Chauncey G. Austin, Charles E. Brant, - Stuart E. Washburn, William D. Darling, - Nels E. Holte, - - 281 . - I 4 , F ,Ar , in A-fL' r1 -it .- il- ., at T fe' :gyggjj V, A ' v V! . 'i V fl , . 'f" l g f 1- fy. f i K- , X1 . . .Erit- Director. Leader. President. Solo Cornet. Solo Cornet. Solo Cornet. Solo Cornet. Solo Cornet. Solo Cornet. First Cornet. First Cornet. First Cornet. First. Cornet. First Cornet. Second Cornet. Third Cornet. Solo Alto. First Alto. Second Alto. Third Alto. Clarinet. Clarinet. Clarinet. Clarinet. Clarinet. First Tenor. Baritone. Baritone. First Trombone. Trombone, Trombone. Trombone. Tuba. Tuba. Saxaphone. Piccolo. Snare Drum, Bass Drum. is-f cifff was Eltblelic Elssociati n ALONZO A. CHAMBERLAIN - WILLIAM C. SUTHERLAND JOHN L. FISHER - - MOSES S. KLAUBER - President Vice President Secretary - Treasurer BORN of Dll'2Cf0I'5 B. J. STEVENS - - - A. L. SANBORN - ROBERT M. BASHFORD CHARLES S. VAN HISE ANDREXV A. BRUCE - STUDENTS Arthur H. Curtis John I. Coyle james I. Bowler Patrick I. O'Dea Paul F. Chamberlain Hthletic Gouncil Professor Edward A. Birge, Clzairzlzan, Professor Charles R. Van I-Iise Professor Charles N. Gregory Professor Charles S. Slichter William C. Sutherland Regent Alumnus Faculty Albert F. Larson Herbert H. Thomas Berthold J. Husting Andrew R. Anderson Hereward J. Peele Dr. I. C. Elsom Professor Moses S. Slaughter Alonzo A. Chamberlain Herbert H. Thomas Daniel H. Murphy Executive Zommittee ALONZO A. CHAMBERLAIN - - HON. A. L. SANBORN - - PROFESSOR ROBERT M. BASHEORD - PROFESSOR CHARLES R. VAN HISE - JAMES J. BOWLER - - - JOHN L. FISHER - - 284 President Alumnus Faculty Undergraduate Secretary 2""'f 1, F3 X-.,, X ,ff X' If . 3' Y . ii! X. , 3M K Q :FIG Jltbletic Zavtalns and managers Crcgo I,zu'sou Pculc A. A. Clmuibcrlzliu Rogers Lcrum Uriuscl juuwziu Couistoclc Couliu Case, Mgr. Leruxu Skow Tralt Curtis Il. R. Cllzulibcrlziiu jolliffe Hamilton Gilkey, Traixier 0'DQn, Capt, Semi 1"l'2lllliJZlCil Driver Wiliuarlh Alexander Lyle, Asst. Mgr. Hyuizui Cochems 'Uarsiiv Foot Ball team, 1899 Foot all PATRICK J. O'DEA, - JOHN L. FISHER, HENRY C. CASE, Captain Graduate Manager Student Manager PHIL KING - Coach :XNDREXV M. O'DEA - Trainer Team NAME IfosI'rIoN CLASS AGE HEIGHT XYEIGHT A. .-1. Chamberlain Center L'02 2-1 yrs. 5 ft. , ll in. 179 lbs. Nathan Comstock Center L'00 26 " 5 " 9 " 181 " C. XV, Rodgers Right Guard RG. 2.-1 " 6 " 200 " A. C. Lerurn Left Guard '03 20 " 6 " 190 " Roy Chamberlain Left Guard P.G. 23 " 5 " H " 180 U A. H. Curtis Right Tackle '02 19 " 5 " 9 " 168 " E. R. Blair Left Tackle '03 21 " 5 " ll " 170 " XV. M. Juneau Right End '03 20 " 5 " 10 " 158 " F. S. Hyman Right End L'02 20 " 5 " 10 " l6l " E. B. Cochenis Left End '00 23 " 5 " 9 " 157 " P. Tratt Quarter Back L'01 22 " 5 " 6 " 136 " G. H. Wilrnarth Quarter Back P.G. 23 " 5 " 9 't 150 'K A. F. Larson Right Half Back L'02 21 " 5 " 8 " 165 " S E. Driver Right Half Back '02 20 " 5 " SL" 164 " H. J. Peele Left Half Back '01 24 " 5 " 9 " 168 " XV. M, Jolliife Left Half Back P.G. 23 " 6 " 1 " 165 " P. J. O'Dea Full Back . L'00 26 " 6 " 169 " 217001 Ball SQGSOI1 or 1899 September 30, At Madison, NVisconsin 45, Lake Forest 0 October 7, " Milwaukee, Wisconsin 36, Beloit 0 October 14, " Madison, Xvisconsin 38, Northwestern 0 October 21, " New Haven, Conn., Wisconsin 0, Yale 6 October 28, " Madison, Wisconsin 17, Rush 0 November 4, " Madison, Wisconsin 17, Alumni 5 November ll, " Milwaukee, Wisconsin 23, Illinois 0 November 18, " Minneapolis, YVisconsin 19, Minnesota 0 November 25, " Madison, NVisconsin 58, Lawrence 0 November 30, " Chicago, XVisconsin 17, Michigan ' 5 December 9, " Madison, NVisconsin 0, Chicago 17 Totals, - - 270 33 289 1 E! ' gg! G. 'R'-1' "'-' H '7f.f,..Q 11 . ,,,f , ,,Y. . I ., . ,T,,,., ,. .. .. ,Wx 4. ,, -'--- - ti . . ,Q vi' iv ff f I I ,.,L:i'i:gg .Y 5 is f A 7 ' Q'+ 'l 6- l 55 .. I 25 7 fi X ,wb 1 A ..., H8931 0ffiC2l'S ROY C. SMELKER - - - Commodore NATHAN S. CURTIS - - Vice Commodore CURRAN C. MCCONVILLE Coach 'Uarsitv Grew XVILLIAM C. SUTHERLAIQD - - - Captain Name Position Class Age Height Weight F. A. Little Bow Q '01 21 years 6 ft. 22 i 1551bs J. Q. Lyman 2 '01 19 " 5 " 11 " 154 " I. Mather 3 '01 20 " 6 " 1 " 166 " S. C. NVe1sh 4 '02 19 " 6 " 2 " 178 " W. J. Gibson 5 '02 26 " 6 " 15 " 165 " W. C. Sutherland 6 '00 20 " 5 " 11 " 156 " A. R. Anderson 7 '00 21 " 6 " 172 " L. A. Williams Stroke '00 21 " 5 " 105 H 154 " J. G. Dillon Coxswain '00 20 " 5 " 1 " 106 " E. E. Haskin Substitute '01 20 " 5 " 8 " 141 " W. P. Hirschberg Substitute '01 19 " 5 " TZ " 150 " 1902 'freshman Brew YVILLIAM F. MOFFATT - - - Captain Name Position Age Height YVeight C. E. Long Bow 19 years 5 ft. 10 in. 144 1bs. H. T. Barnes 2 22 " 5 " 92 " 159 " C. M. White 3 20 " 6 " 1 " 155 " L. A. McKee 4 21 " 5 " 112 " 172 " A. F. Kindt 5 19 " 6 " Z " 152 " S. C, Welsh 6 19 " 6 " 2 " 178 " W. F. Moffatt 7 19 " 5 " 9 " 156 " R. K. Coe Stroke 18 " 5 " 112 " 157 " H. E. Ferry Coxswain 18 " 4 " 10 " 92 " 290 L. A. Williams, Stroke I. Mather Q33 J. Q. Lyman C25 W. J. Gibson R. C. Smelker, Commodore W. P. Hirschberg Qsubj A. R. Anderson Q7j W. C. Sutherland 161, Captain S. C. Welsh C45 E. E. Haskiu, sub. F. A. Little QBowJ ' J. G. Dillon, Coxswain ' 'U3l'SlfU5Gl'CW. 1899 Q. POUSDKQQDSR RZICQ POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y., JUNE 27, I899 Pexmsylvania, Wisconsin, Cornell, .ily i A Course, I ' . -' ' Columbia, 6 ' First Mile, ix' Second Mile, Third Mile, Fourth Mile, First, Time, Second, " Third, " Fourth, " - Four Miles. XVisconsin led, Time, XVisconsin led, " Wisconsin led, Pennsylvania led, " Freshman Boat Race LAC LA BELLE, 0CONOMOWOC, JUNE I0, 1899 Between University of WVisconsin Freshman Crew and A St. Iol1n's Military Academy Crew VVisconsi11 W'on by Ten Lengths. Course, - - One and a half miles. Time, Seven minuets and Hfteen seconds. 'I mf. ! 293 20:04 20:05L 20:13 20:20 41515 10:56 H155 20:04 10 I 5-ik Alf. ' ea .W joan CLARENCE TAYLOR , J. T. STUART LYLE, - PAUL F. CHAMBERLAIN. IOHN T. l1OAKLEY. - Patrick J. O'Dea Frederick C. McGowan Edward T. Fox Thomas W. Tormey john C. Stevens William C. Burdick James G. McFarland George S. Cassels joseph S. Breclsteeu Assistant Manager 5 1.1-wuz , I 0ificers - - Captain Manager. - - Coach, mQmbCfS Zill John Clarence Taylor Herman H. Taylor Edward S. Baer Charles G. Stangel Edward B. Cochems Leo E. Granke Henry VV. Young Max Mason Edward H. Hughes H. W. Young E. H. Hughes R. C. Smelker M. Mason C. G. Stangel G. S. Cassels J. S. Lyle, Mgr. VV. C. Burdick J. Bredsteen E. B. Cochems F. W. Schule L. E. Grauke J. T. Moakley, Coach J. C. Stevens H. H. Taylor J. C. Taylor, Captain T, W. Tormey D. E. Beebe J, G, McFarland P. J. O'DCa F. J. Bachelder E. S. Baer P. F. Chamberlain, Asst. Mgr F. C. McGowan E. T. Fox W EVENTS 100 Yard Dash, 220 Yard Dash 440 Yard Run, Half Mile Run, Mile Run, - Mile Walk, - Mile Bicycle, - M Mile Bicycle, s 220 Yard Hurdle. 'western Intercollegiate jfielo flheet CHICAGO, JUNE 3, l899 FIRST Burroughs, Chi Burroughs, Chi. Slack, Chi. Maloney, Chi. Smith, Chi. Hoagland, Ill. Brown, Chi. Gaffney, N. D. McLean, Mich. track Events SECOND Corcoran, N. D Corcoran, N. D Teetzel, Mich. Mills, Ill. Wood, Mich. Bredsteen, Wis. Baldwin, Mich. Goodenow, Chi. O'Dea, NVis. THIRD Jones, N. McGowan, XVis. Thompson, Mich. Sturgeon, N. Conger, Mich. Parker, Chi. Ross, Chi. Brown. Chi. Trude, Chi. TIBIE 10 ff Qgiff 53 ll 21 6,511 41 3931! Tl ff 2f 35gff gliifl 27?ll .n 120 Yard Hurdle, McLean, Mich.g O'Dea, Wis., and Maloney, Chi. tied for first, l7'f 'Field Events EVENTS FIRST SECOND THIRD DISTANCE High jump, Powers, N. D. and Lewis, Ia. tied for first. Houghton, Mich. 5 ft. 11 in. Broad Jump, - Holland, Dr. Powers, N. D. Garrett, Ill. 22 " 22 " Pole Vault, Herschberger, Chi. and Powers, N. D. tied for first. Booth, N. 10 " 8 " Shot Put, - Powers, N. D. Lehr, Mich. Eggeman, S. D. Hammer Throw, Mortimer, Chi. Stangel, Wis. Avery, Mich. l2l " Discus Throw, Powers, N. D. Lehr, Mich. Cochems, Wis, l15 " 11 " Hbbreviations University of Wisconsin Wis. University of Illinois - Ill University of Chicago - - Chi. Drake University - - Dr. Notre Dame - - - N. D. . Iowa University - Ia. University of Michigan - - Mich. Northwestern University - - N. South Dakota University - So. D. P0il1IS Scored Chicago University Notre Dame - Michigan Wisconsin - South Dakota Illinois Drake - Iowa - Northwestern 9 5 4 3 jfiftht llnterscbolastic jfielb meet EVENTS 100 Yard Dash - 220 Yard Dash - 440 Yard Run 880 Yard Run - Mile Run - 120 Yard Hurdles 220 Yard Hurdles - Z Mile Walk - Mile Bicycle Z, Mile Bicycle - EVENTS High Jump - Broad Jump - - Pole Vault - Shot Put Q12 lbs.J - Hammer Throw Discus Throw Milwaukee, E. S. Milwaukee, W. S. - Milwaukee, S. S. Eau Claire - Evansville Ishpeming - Calumet - Dodgeville - Janesville MADISON, MAY 27, I899 Track Events WINNER SCHOOL Hahn, Dodgeville Meyst, Milwaukee, S. S. Hayden, Milwaukee, NV. S. Mowry, Milwaukee, W. S. Gipp, Calumet Saridakis, Milwaukee, W. S. Helmholz, Milwaukee, E. S. Atwood, Janesville Rowe, Eau Claire Rowe, Eau Claire Field Events XVINNER SCHOOL Bishop, Milwaukee, E. S. Koch, Milwaukee, W. ' S Juneau, Milwaukee, Metzler, Portage Bellows, Milwaukee, Hubbard, Evansville Points Scored 38 Portage 33 Berlin 19 Oshkosh 14 Viroqua - 13 Wausau 9 Burlington E. S. S. 5 Milwaukee Acadam y 5 Neenah - 5 Oconoruowoc 298 TIME 105 sec. 223 sec. 56 sec. 2 min. 82 sec 5 min. 55 sec. 175 sec. 27g sec. 3 min. 45-2, sec 2 min. 535 sec 513 sec. TIBIE 5 fr. 75 in. 21 ff. sin. 10 ft. 4 in. 41 ft. sin. 117 ft. 42 in. 95 ft. 1 111. l. ...g....-1-'--.....,......---'f--', B. johnson J. J. Bowler, Asst. Mgr. E. Anderson, Manager. B. J. Hustiug, Coach M. I. johnson F. Ford S. H. Ball, captain A H. Curtis J. L. Harvey ' E. S. Baer J. W. jackson E. F. Hensel W. T. Moseley W. H. McGrath 'Uarsitv Base Ball team, ls99 - . Xq4x5Ci?'lRSf4,mifA U E SQ 0 ii-l A V' B A 5 E 4 , Smxlcx' H. BALI., '01, EARL11: S. ANDERSON, JAMES J. BOWLER, 'Ceam Earl F. Hensel, law, '00, - joseph VV. jackson, '02, 1 George E. Gernon, law, '99, 1- XVayne T. Moseley, '00, I John L. Harvey, - - Arthur H. Curtis, '02, - - Edward S. Baer, - E Maurice I. Johnson, Oscar L. Dorschel, '01, - Alonzo S. Fairman, XVilliam H. McGrath, - - Frank Ford, - Sidney H. Ball, '01, 1. S 301 BERT!-IOLTJ J. HUSTING, Captain Manager Assistant Mana er Coach Catcher Pitcher Short Stop First Base Second Base Third Base Left Field Center Field Right Field 6 Ifgiegl:EI:EERlulllllllgllllllllllllllll ll Ill ' ,ff la , i.:-ghim... ..::::.::.:::::::::::::": " "'s F' 'isa.:....::'?.::n:r:::s:r-2::1r:r::::'EE:iEiiiiEi :QEEEEEIEEEEEI ag-gasses 55:1-img: :s:i::!::':::::::S g . ....:....:i..mziszsiaa:a:::a::::::!::::::::q. Q 1 .sinus::::::::::::::::::::::::::::a::::':::::': - I E5E:: :i:::I:i::::::mlllllllllllillllglllll 1 . X HX 6 x E .. . ..... , . :::::::g::::::::a:s:a ,.,, ,HL ' Q1 h. uf I 'CQZIII of 1899 HAROLD M. SEAMAN - - - - Captain john B. Sanborn, P. G. William Beye, '02 Francis H. Crosby, '00 Frederick D. Taylor, 'Ol John S. Main, Law, '00 Zhampionsbin tournament Singles not finished on account of rain. In semi-finals : Seaman, Beye, Taylor and Crosby. Y. ive 9 DOIIDIQS W - 1 H 'Finals is ' Jil E, Crosby and Beye Vx Won by Crosby and Beye . -r vs. E 5 6-3, 3-6, 6-4. 6-2 K 5 - Sanborn and Seaman I K I I X Aff 302 X. .1 2 ,ci :W W W. Beye Dan Taylor J. B. Emerson J. B. Sanborn J. S. Main F. H. Crosby H. Seaman CKIIIUS CMM, l899 .N- '- if Q3 J 1 1 l'1vw!RohdL. gy PJ .pf 2.1.3 xyaql ' 14' .1 50 Yard Dash-L. D. Sumner, May 27, 1892, 01 sec 100 Yard Dash-George F. Sherman, 1891, - - - 101 sec 99 I. H. Maybury, May 22, 1895. I ..-O Yard Dash- F. C. McGowan, May 13, 1899, - 225 sec E. T. Fox, May 13, 1899, 1 440 Yard Run-E, T. Fox, May 8, 1897, - - - - 513 sec 880 Yard Run-E. B. Copeland, June 5, 1895, 2 min., 32 sec Mile Run-N. S. Hopkins, October 17, 1891, - - - 4 min., 35 sec 120 Yard Hurdle-I. R. Richards, May 9, 1897, june 3, 1897, - 15g sec 220 Yard Hurdle-A. C. Kraenzlein, May 8, 1897, june 9, 1897, - 253 sec Mile Walk-joseph Bredsteeu, May 13, 1899, One Mile Bicycle-J. C. Taylor, june 3, 1898, Two Mile Bicycle-J. C. Taylor, May 8, 1897, 1 Mile Bicycle-C, C. A11en, May 6, 1899, High jump-E. C. 'Wa11er, May 8, 1897, , Broad Jump-P. I. O'Dea, May 13, 1899, - Pole Vault-J. A. Jackson, May 22, 1895, - Putting 16-1b. Shot-Hehry F. Cochems, May Hammer Throw-C. G. Stangel, May 6, 1899, Discus Throw-C. G. Stangel, June 3, 1898, Base Ball Throw-O. D. Brandenburg, 1894, 305 22, 1895, '7 min., 235 sec 2 min., 301 sec 5 min,, 31 sec - 471 sec. - 5 ft., 11 in. - 21 ft., 11 in. - 10 ft., 6 in - 40 ft., 1 in. 110 ft., 4 in. - 117 ft.,-9 in. - 382 ft., 3 in , iii f It fi. limi D X MEM be l 1:9- 3 'fai- 3 IS. W. Basket Ball Ceam XVA LTER P. HIRSCHBERG - - - Captain DR. J. C. Ensonr - Manager Edwin F. Wollaeger 1 Paul Swver Guards Harley Brooirs S Forwards Walter P. Hirschberg Warren I. Bishop William C. Norton, Center 6il'lS' Basket Ball CCBIIIS S0l3i10m0l'6 ZIZISS 'CEBIIL l899-l990 ESTHER DONNELLY ---- Captain Tinora L. Kasberg Forwards Charlotte M. Sirnonds l Guards Bessie M. Kratz 5 Esther Donnelly 5 Mary B. Swain Centers Helen G. Thompson j Agnes Martin 'Freshman Zlass team, l899-1900 EDITH RUMSEY ---- Captain Forwards Amy, Johnson 1 Guards Bernice Hatch j Edith Rurnsey Miss Minahan, Center Gymnastic Instructors DR. J. C. ELSOM ---- Director Joseph E. Davis G. S. Ishikawa Fred B. Peterson Sebastian Albrecht Harry W. Hibbard Fred M. Emerson Robert E. Knoif Eldridge G. Merrick Philip C. Berryman john W. Nevins 306 Mary Swain Bessie Krape Maude Stedman Ethel Raymer Jean Clark Charlotte Simouds Esther Donnelly, Capt. 1902 BGSKQI Ball 'CMM 3 S. Albrecht II. XV. I-Iilzhnrcl P. C. BC'1'1'yll'l2'l1! R. XV. Beymer F. 'Wedge R. E. Knoff -I, W. Nevins j. H. Davies Dr, J. C. 13150111 F. B. Peterson J, P. NVi11i2l1'l1S G. S, Ishikuwa H. T. Meinert GVIIIMISUC Tl1Sfl'llCf0l'S F257 Kg L W CQ Wi q?i33 J?F!Q'5 'lj i? Q 9 QW -ff C5 . T 5 IDISCQIIGHQOUS E Q fi Am Z: Q Organizations W5 X 'f ill X Y I .4 W PROFESSOR CHARLES R. VAN Hise. President PROFESSOR EI7XX'ARI7 KREJIERS, Vice President ii CHARLES F. BVRGESS, Secretary and Treasurer , v u members Professor Louis NV. Austin Professor Stephen M. Babcock Professor Edward A. Birge Professor Storm Bull Professor Lellen S. Cheney Professor I. Morgan Clements Professor George C. Comstock Professor Vxfilliam XV. Daniells Professor Linnaeus W. Dowling Professor Albert S. Flint Professor Emmet S. Goff Professor Horner XV. Hillyer Professor lVi1lian:1 H. Hobbs Professor Dugald C. Jackson Professor Joseph jastrow Professor joseph A. Jeffery Professor Louis Kahlenberg f FF 1 aqrndfc ffazm Professor Benjamin XV. Snow Professor Frederick 'E. Turneaure Professor Charles R. Van Hise Professor Franklin H. King Professor Arthur XV. Richter Professor Edward Krerners Professor Nelson O. W'hitney Professor john G. D. Mack Professor Robert W. XVood Professor NVilliarn S. Marshall Professor Fritz NV. W'oll Professor Edward R. Maurer Professor Robert A. Harper Professor William S. Miller Professor Edward H. Farrington Professor Bernard V. Swenson Professor john B. Johnson Professor Harry L. Russell Professor Charles S. Slichter Professor Leonard S. Smith Ernest R. Buckley Charles F. Burgess B. Frankenfield XVilliarn D. Frost H. W. Griggs Charles K. Leith Theodore Running Oswald Schreiner Charles M. Smith Stephen C. Stuntz Alfred 'Vivian Roy E. Fowler 312 Samuel XX'eidrnan Ruth Marshall Blanch Harper S. V. Peppel Edwin G. Hastings Pbpslcs journal Club Professor Benjamin W. Snow Charles M. Smith Professor Louis XV. Austin Charles G. Stangel Professor Robert XV. Wood Carl E. Magnusson Dr. john C. Shedd lVilliam M. jolliffe and all seniors of the physics group Cl76miC2ll Clllb Officers Parnfassoa Houma W. HILLYEP. - Director Roy E. FowLER - - - Secretary members Professors and instructors in the School of Pharmacy and the Department of Chemistry and advanced students in pharmacy and chemistry. ClaSSiCal Club members Professor Charles F. Smith Edward L. Colebeck Professor Alexander Kerr Annie M. Pitman Professor M. S. Slaughter Mrs. M. S. Slaughter Professor Arthur G. Laird Anna B. Moseley - Professor Frank G. Hubbard Dr. Annie C. Emery Katharine Allen Charles H. Shannon Mrs. S. F. Conover Annie N. Scribner Anna C. Grihiths r v 7, fx ff A X X Zia? .... K H' fi 7 f X Wil K I AMEX. ir M .l . ...-1-l - whim .flex-14 .fa-S -- ,xg 1 313 Germanistiscbe Gesellschaft SABENA M. HERFURTH CHARLES H. HANDSCHIN DR. ERNST Voss - - members Frederick W. Meisnest Bertha H. Preuss Marie C. Kohler Emma J. Ochsner Emil L. Roethe William B. Castenholz Livia Seiler Alma M. Moser . Mrs. Abbe Fiske Eaton Elsbeth Veerhusen Sabena M. Herfurth Elizabeth M. Herfurth Charles H. Handschin President - Secretary Treasurer Adoltine B. Ernst Emma C. Roemer Fred J. Steuber Susie E. Lowell Helen G. Verplanck Anna M. Brockhausen Oscar H. Bauer Norma M. Stark Frank Hoffman Susan C. Klinkhammer Robert Lachrnund Minnie M. Lueders August H. Pfund Charles H. Bachhuber Graduate Clllb JOSEPH SCHAFER - IENNIE C. XVATTS - ROLLIN H. DENNISTON EDWARD L. COLEBECR - mQmbQTS S. V. Peppel Joseph Schafer Edwin W. Pahlow George D. Luetscher E. H. Comstock NV. M. Darrow G. E. Pratt Louise P. Kellogg Grace D. Welty C. Edward Magnusson A. A. Munro D. Kinsman H. R. Smith D. W. Brandelle L. M. Larson William jolliffe Annie Pitman 314 President V ice President Secretary Treasurer jenny C. NVatts Berth M. Critchley Herman G. A. Brauer S Edith Brown E. L. Colebeck Rollin H. Denniston Anna C. Grihiths H. Grace Andrews Rebecca Shapiro Mary E. McCumber Florence M. Gage Helen G. Verplanck William H. Hocking Charlotte Pengra C. M. Smith Charles McCarthy fllllmlli HSSOCIGUOII Utficers WEBSTER E. BROWN, '74, ---- President Rhinelander, Wis. MARY CLARK BRITTINGHAM, '89, - - Vice-President Madison, Wis. CALVERT F. SPENSLEY, '96, Law, - - - Secretary Madison, Wis. E. RAY STEVENS, '93, '95 Law - - Treasurer Madison, Wis. Executive Zommittee VVEBSTER E. BROVVN, '74, ---- CALVERT F. SPENSLEY, '96 Law, - E. RAY STEVENS, '93, '95 Law, - ERNEST N. XVARNER, '89, '92 Law, - - PROFESSOR A. A. BRUCE, '90, '92 Law, Rhineiander, WIS Madison, Wis Madison, Wis. Madison, Wis. Madison, Wis. Short Course Hlumni Hssociation Ufficers PORTER H. DAVIS, - - - President St. johns, Mich. JAMES A. THOM, - - - - Vice-President Milburn, III. WALTER I. HADDLETON,- - - Secretary Hinsdale, Ill. DAVID I. ROBERTS. ----- Treasurer Portage, Wis. 1, ix? M A' Q Sf ' fr EQ? x I 'Ei ',f"1L," - V' 1, Eg. ' 5 T- 315 I 0 4 o go W YOURS mQll'S Cbl'iSIiZlll HSSOCi2iIiOIl HEADQUARTERS, 705 LANGDON STREET. FREDERICK D. TAYLOR FRED O. LEISER - G. sj PHEL1"s DANA J. GROVER ROBERT E. KNOFF FRED L. H0014 0fficers - President - 'Vice-President General Secretary - Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary - - Treasurer membership Active-Faculty - - 23 Students - 146 Associate - 62 Total 231 YOURS WOIIIQIYS Cbl'iSIiZll1 HSSOCiElIiOll . Officers SADIE MCGILXVRA - - - President FLORENCE YVARNER - - Vice-President FRANCES SLATTER Corresponding Secretary MIARIE SPRAGUE - - Treasurer ANNIE CAULKINS - Recording Secretary HRIIIMTS Active Associate - Total '316 153 - 15 T8 ! ASSUGI Tl0N RIN ,yn D i ID ff 4 ' Executive Board ill XVi11ifred Titus, '00 lil - Annie Caulkins, 'Ol Sarah Seeber, '02 Alma Moser, '00 Minnie Perry, '02 Mollie Strong, '00 Eunice Welsh, '00 Susan Lowell, '00 Katharine Swain, '00 members All Women students of the University. 317 E Lf-G ERN ENT 01ficers BIARCIA M. JACKMAN, '00 - - PreSidS11'l FRANCES M. Wincox, ,Ol - Vice Presldent FIQORENCE YVARNER, l00 - - Secretary and Treasurer .J ini iff ' R so n iii Q 1 1,9 .R R, lil' 1' .iii,i,. A if ., i , ll , -Ev l ' X I -D X K, fi X 4 Mi. lx vll l as 5 1 xy 1 M' 1 I i will ll ill ,ia in Ai aw . D-5. li -X-'iw , ll ,W 11 Yx x I XXM tl' any Q , Sl'-1.- H 7 I X N Q-Y'E5""' X :Ms CHARLES B. BARNES, LEWIS E. MOORE, HUBERT I. TOWNSEND, ALBERT A. RADTKE ROSCOE V. BREWER Engineers' Gllub - President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Censor Assistant Censor mQmb2YS 'Fellow George C. Mors Seniors Charles B. Barnes Frederick E. Schmitt Lewis E. Moore Albert A. Radtke Arba V. Marvin . fflllli0l'S Walter P. Hirschberg Hylon T. Plumb Edward P. Meffert Alvin Meyers Albert A. Nicolaus Ray Palmer Hubert I. Townsend Sovhomores Charles S. Cotton Patrick I. Kelly Herbert XV. Dow Frederick P. Stieler James G. Harnrnerschlag Martin H. Pesta William L. Thorkelson V 'Freshmen Roscoe V. Brewer Emil A. Ekem Charles I. Hejda Charles W. Hejda Leigh H. Lathrop William R. Mott Edgar B. Mueller James A. NValker james G. Zimmerman 318 C. B. Barnes A. A. Radtke L- E. Moore F. E. Schmitt A. B. Marvin S9l1l0l'S--EllgflI20I" S Zlllb A eJlLllNU l.B W ' fig" I , Z X 4- , - . Y,,,. ...txg CIEISS of 1901 UNIVERSITY GYMNASIUM, FEBRUARY 16, 1900 ' Jlrrangement Zommittee Clarence J. White, Chairman Graham Collins Allan S. Neilson G. Tracy Bunker James B. Nash Reception Gommittee Sydney H. Ball, Chairman Neely E. Pardee Harry A. Severson William K. Donnell Archy B. Carter ' John M, Barney 'Floor Gommittee Clarence E. Abbott, Chairman Paul F. Chamberlain William P. Vroman Robert H. Downes Roy A. Sanborn Mortimer Priestley 321 Ill. UU. egim nt CAPTAIN CHARLES A. CURTIS, U. S. A. fretiredl - Commandant BERNARD M. PALMER, '00, - - - Colonel JOHN W. DREYER, '00, - - - ,, Lieutenant-Colonel ENOCH W. UNDERWOOD, '00, Major and Adjutant JOHN C. TAYLOR, '01, - - Major and Quartermaster FREDERICK A. DELAY, '02, - ---- Sergeant-Major First Battalion HENRY H TAYLOR, '00, - - - Major ERIC W. ALLEN, '01, - - - Captain and Adjutant ALLAN S. NIELSON, '01, - Captain and Quartermaster YVALTER S. HOPKINS, '02, - Sergeant-Major Zompanv H Zompanv E WILLIAM C. BURDICK, '01, AMES E. SMITH, '01, - - WM. L. THORKELSON, '02, JOHN W. NEVIUS, '02, - - Zompanv PAUL STOVER, '01, - - PSHBEL V. SMITH, '01, - HENRY O. WINKLER, '02, SAMUEL S. HIGGINS, '02, Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant Z Captain First Lieutenent Second Lieutenant BURTON S. BRIDGE, '01, - HAWLEY D. LENNON, '02, - GEORGE F. MARKHABI, '02, FRED H. CARPENTER, '02, Zomvarw GUSTAV A. FRITSCHE '01, ARTHUR B. GRINDELL, '01, PERCY E. SCHROEDER, '02, First Sergeant FRED A. VOGEL, '02, - - Second Battalion Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant G Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant JAMES H. MCNEEL, '00 ---- Major WILLIAM F. DICKINSON, '01, - - Captain and Adjutant STEPHEN C. PHIPPS, '02, - - lst Lieut. and Quartermaster GUSTAV W. R. EHREKE, '02, - - - Sergeant-Major Zompanv B HUGO W. ROHDE, '01, - - - Captain ARCHY B. CARTER, '01, - BERTRAM F. ADAMS, '02 - HARRY G. KEMP, Law, '02, HARRY E. BRADLEY, '01, FRED L. HOOK, '01, - HARVEY P. CLAWSON, '02, - PAUL C. FOSTER, '02, - FREDERICK D. TAYLOR, '01, WILLIAM L. DALE, '02, - JOHN R. KIMBALL, '02, CHARLES E. LONG, '02, - LYNN H. TRACY, '01, JOHN R. HENRX', '02, - MYRON R. JOHNSON, '02, WILLIAM D. EATON, 02, - - First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant Zompanv D - - - Captain - - - First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant - - - First Sergeant Company F - - - Captain - - - First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant - - - First Sergeant ZOIIIWIIV B - Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant - First Sergeant 322 JOIUISOII J. E. Smith Clawsou Markham Rohde Hurd Palmer Carter Neilson Dickenson A. V. Smith Tracy Bradley Hook Dreyer J. C. Taylor Grindel Kimball H. I-I. Taylor Captain Charles A. Curtis, CO111l1181ld21l1t. McNeel Burdick Winkler Thorkelsou Dale Allen Stover Adams Fritsche Phipps Bridge Lennon Schroeder K-.29, fn. THOMAS S. BIORRIS, President VVILLIAII B. CLARK, Secretary ERNST GREVERUS, Treasurer FREDERICK A. VOGEL, Master of the Green ' Board of Directors Dr. Arthur Beatty Sidney Smith John Main George F. Markham Claude S. Beebe Total Membership, - T5 Camera Club DR JAMES C. ELSOM, - President ARTHUR R. MCARTHUR, Vice-President G. S. ISHIKAWA, - - Secretary and Treasurer Total Membership, 23 325 lSllivQl'SiID Chess Club THOMAS S. IWORRIS, President FELIX XV. BOLDENWICK, Vice-President AVILLIAM M. JOLLIFFE, - - Secretary Total Membership, 25 CD6 UlliD2l'SiI!.7 C0:0D2l'dIiD2 flSSOCi?iIiOIl PRoIfEssoR LEONARD SMITH, - President HENRY W. ADAMS, - - - Vice-President VVILLIAM B. CLARK, Secretary THOMAS S. MORRIS, - - - Business Manager Board of Directors 'faculty members Professor E. A. Birge Dr. B. H. Meyer XVa1ter Alexander Hlumnus Charles N. Brown Under-Graduates Clarence D. Tearse, '00 John M. Barney, 'Ol Raymond B. Pease, 'OO William D. Buchholz, '01 Ernst Greverus, 'OO Lloyd G. Spencer, '02 George A. Polley, '02 326 v g . V , .1 X V -N 11' I Q 'A ,A x , ' 'Z it-5 f" QU . k 5' 1 1 ,IA ' ,J . H " I .x-,:,f'f,, gil-.- .- gn' H , xi 'WA' rr: , J . , 'ii f , -, . ,, 5 , .41 JW .UN if R33 , 1' " - ' 3 --Y . .... " A i 2+-' Q 1, ETL U E I-1 1111-'Q '-1-153 ' in, ,. ,.Y. ' fl1l":-' :-- -J- ..,,.,..... ,,,- -.-. Y-Zi-, ' fi-QF" '-' Xfw-v-mu mn'u:'vfe:A1-K., ,, .I , 1 .- -1: H . lr-2. 1:4-1: v : JQJ1' ' f . " j 2? ,,.A- .- - . Q X-ff 3' ." 'ini -' ap 3 - v mei '- N. New 1 ' - - - .- P' ' h -- M - H. ,gs N,-Q - -::,- ,,. . :W -. X ffl , V - 'au -,A . : 'H fl f' -' ' x .' . 1 4 Q ' ,E K ,1,,.f- - 3 N 1 - x - 1 'Q 5 1 ,. QL. we-Sm" fff' KL..4,,l-JM....1,.,.,,A.A. ,M ,J i - T --544 -. , .mf.,1x ' Q7 , ,, , , V ' Q . f-,, -, -1+.w.,,L'L.w 1, x 43 323112 . . , .1 Q, " 4 , ' 9-fT',f' f-1--I -57Zf??f?i U - , -P W- , xx--,,.A,1:L,: -, , - - -- , 21. :Q -pm vzfrjsm., 4- -:za .nn ., ,1 5- 4, , . . - ,z. ne.-ff M, - 4 .- , ,- .I f f., . ?v ,x','gg:a:zg-..1- sg.-f-,--5' 5 .:. 1' ,x H ,. . ,- 1 - ' - - Q- -f - ,:-gfSb 5 x . ,seg,1s.:qv3g:5: -5 5155:-Q - ' -f3Q.,"azgf.f5'f ., , f .lgfzikgs 'N' -1' Ja 13,15--,3"' :A gZi,QS:ie5..-55532 Q-,J--is-'4 P Q12- 5 5 153- -' 2 -- , ,',,x-:gay '1 2 . H , . " ,s 3,,gv3.fNg 4,132 I' , -.Ssf?R5Z-- 22:15-1-Ji?:-.11 V 154' I 1' 1 ' I We? " 4fE',':2f'-V: -Jw- fi . - . 1 -P -4, .f X iff' :,:,::.-.-:.---1...,.-fu -ffzr f ' -' '- ' f, ..Q-:- -f. 1-1 - ".- 1-A-'-' 1 f 1-5. -Q '--W: - - .- f , . ,. ,.,, ,. ,,.1,: 3.-4 wr, :-- V ,..4 .js-bf, .,.,- ,. ,,.-'-'yiqxg' -2 lk- 31 QQ -, Sv? WQQ- str. . -N-if - .E TW'-N 15231--' " ' , I ' " b - ,fr av . - " 'f"f'f1-am: , ' ly., fm - gimp-,. :hu K .gn 1- 54 -1' - aggzffl g- 1-fy, 1 2 Xi! , 2631, i,yQ3M3:5s,k3g, QE?-ggwxkm,iN5.,.,.,,,.,..xg3 ., ,, ,- ..,: ,lv ,gk ,gwgg n :,,- - - - Mgsgfggwbs,-swsfzimfgggggs-M:-mg-vx2,.-,5.w:-Q5--if-' :-M4 f'r:X'-,f?P'wy.rxf?- - -Q-27' M . x.--,. ,--QQ,-:b?5iygg.,tke: --: iiifzfz, Ues: .gsfm-::v?X2. --1. 1- .M5-:--.'5fq-:,z5X,fS:wig-1543.-.X--.:--1: , ,. , -, X -' ' -' - "-Q f ' H ""- ' ' -"""'-"-- -""' "" f V- Q- -- -W - -"- 6, 9 ,y,gXgc lQq:,:g+,,m35om?55x2,W,vgi13:?Sq ,gfiikkwlgl-.fyigixzggw-----g-132 , nz is 1 Q Ag swf' -R -l eg,-.5 g g uv,Xsq,gZ W '53 I as gran 5 if f? . X, W W -ff--we - , ff xi - Q 2, - . -gf.- ' P Svmw, af Q X -ww ,xml-we A if Q. 455 1 J is 1 gx ,W AQ ,fx x .J a Y'fSp 4w'::'w' Q2 f sp x f W "" Wi' 3343, Clkafa vb '1 'X X 3550 X mf ,P I W42?,,',z'iQQgQ,h Aggfigrgmgmi ,- , M x 9 x.: xvvffna y- an I 14,1 .. , f L , 5, . L, A -,ko . - ,. W 1-::.:..-:ffmm:s2-.a::1- .Daw :-:-:-:,:-:f:f:.5:rQ:- - - . N tr:- e i - -2 : 5 2-- -: 2 .- . ::: :-2.551 4 :1::.1: ' :f-:-:-- - - - -:ffm ' ' -' 2:5-2,-.51-.-.-'5-5-:f,5 -5:3335 g if,-,g y--2 :-5,-,:5,,Q5-S.,- 3-Q3 Q-7-.5-1:-:-1-2-., -5 -, N A Fllmil miller HE storm rages wild without, the winds blow cold, Beauteous Spring brings gladness in her train, Summer with garlands wreaths the forest old And envious Autumn ends fair Summer's reign. The seasons die and ever live again And always all, with wondrous beauties rare, To our beloved college home proclaim Prosperity, for our alma mater fair. Fair Hills, the home of our college, our queen-- Earth's most beauteous spot is ever thy throne, In Winter's mantle, or in Summer' s green, Thy wonders excel, thy beauties are known. Long may'st thou reign, and may thy sons e'er be Loyal and true, fair Wisconsin, to thee. 328 foul' or Clit l0,000 Y rg GLANCED around as three girls in golf capes, and one in a coat, settled themselves on the top board of the bleachers as comfortably as possible. Three of them pulled the hoods of their capes up over their heads, and , l l l v' -v- 51 L, . . . i. i f? - If the fourth turned up her coat-Collar, and tried vainly to make 1t reach 1 W, if I 'fig' X, V' ,uni il 4' is fm ., .mg '- ,, 4 --:QIQQ-4. . ' .of- ' I her hat behind. It had begun to rain, and there was an hour to wait before the game should begin. For a time, they said very little, as they watched the slowly tilling bleachers, or frowned over the wet and slip- pery field. The girl in the Coat was trying to tuck her skirts around her feet to keep them warm. " You have so much less of feet to get cold than I have," she said plaintively to the girl in the blue cape. " 'Tis glorious to suifer for one's country," murmured the girl in the brown one, as she tried to get a little farther under the umbrella. " I only hate to see my ribbons rained on," said the first speaker, looking down anxiously at her cardinal streamer. "I'u1 so afraid it will look like maroon when it's wet." The girl in the green cape tooted her horn cheerfully, and the-girl in blue remarked in a hoarse voice, " I wish I hadn't yelled when those Chicago people went by-my voice would have lasted so much longer." " I'm sorry for those poor creatures," said the girl in the coat, pityingly, looking down on some people wearing maroon ribbon, who were wading through the mud below her. " Here they've come all the way from Chicago in the rain, to see their team defeated." " I'ni shivering from excite- ment," announced the girl in green as she wound her cape more tightly about her. " Look, girls-quick-there's the Chicago team," cried the girl in blue. and they all turned to stare at the little band of red-sweatered men, each with a big white "C" on his chest. " But how--how enormous they are !" faltered the girl in brown, and there was silence for a moment. "Girls," said the girl in green solemnly, "Wisconsin must win." Then the four of them began to sing " Varsity," softly, under their breath. " I-Iark, there's the band,'l one of them suddenly announced, and in an instant they were on their feet waving their colors wildly, until the men had marched around the gridiron. Then our team came on the field, and I forgot the girls. Once, during the game, I glanced at them. The girl in blue was trying to cry, ",Hold 'em, Xvisconsin !" as she I ' f 'Wahl ,MD leaned forward, and nearly tipped over the girl in the coat, Q ' I H W' who was watching the play with wide eyes, and lips grow- I MMR H6 ing closer with every yard Chicago gained. The girl in C, f" X R brown had 'forgotten everything, and was giving " U-rah- : T K rah," with all her might, while the girl in green half sobbed 'J 1 L' a hoarse little deliant " Wisconsin l" as the H Chicago-go " l I rose above the other noises from the grand-stand. Ui 2 I saw them once after the game. A couple of Chicago , ' men were near me, and were taunting the crowd around X them. " Where are any Wisconsin people now, anyhow ?" JJ one of them shouted, when suddenly a couple of horns were Q- blown deafeningly, close behind his ear. I turned as he iv- - turned, and saw the four girls standing there, with their eyes blazing, and their cardinal streaming in the wind. The ' Chicago man laughed, a little shame-facedly, lifted his hat, and then the crowd closed in around them, and they disappeared. 329 J. 1 i 7 W as jf, I 'x fl I' "l X I1 5.966 Us dx X V x.,l M if ff 1.1411 6 -Qs! E E ?- Q, Qkxcij ofjqrnq Att u- Us PROP SLAUGHTER You often hea Nllss FOLEY fy X ' -R 'iff i .1 ,ff 'nil -,. ,-,ff ill l Q ff rr l x .' i ,ffl-l . 'i:., X X ' l riflffggs- ' i X - Mil . . M W V' pp A I :-" ' the doors of th - :-" O nerally say wi d 1. SLAUGHTER--" m . r the eyes Called But they fre PRO1' p se they dog I can't co There was an instructor named Brauer XVho never was known to look sauer, He flunked the front bench And spoke fluent French Reciting ten-thousaud an hauer. T here' was a professor named Slaughter, QHe has a small two-year-old daughterj, He once lost his feet And fell in the street Exactly the place he ought naughter. His hat and his books lay besuyecl him And Woe to the person who guyed him! "My! what a fine slighed l " He said as he sighed, But no one the pleasure denuyed him. 330 e soul." n ows of the soul, don't they ?" . O, I sup o ony like that." ntradict a personal testi- "l5QI'Q'S I0 N72 GlI'lSl" " Say, Hal, Miss Arlington's a peach." ' "Glad you like it,-as the girls say when they get a new gown. But I thought you were bucking Analytics, Tommy." "I was, but the eccentricity of this ellipse made me think of Miss Arlington. jove! she can talk a man's head oflg she doesn't give a fellow a. chance to get a word in edgewisef' " Oh, she's all right for parties, but Alice Maine is more my style of a girl." "Oh, don't you remember sweet Alice, Ben Bolt?" hummed the third young gentleman, who was smoking with his head buried in pillows, and his feet in the air. " Dry up, Dick. If you knew her, you'd agree with me that she's an all-right little girl. She isn't run after by the men, because she doesn't jolly them. I agree with the chap who said,-"If you want the best sort of a woman, take a won1an's woman." And I never met a girl yet who wasn't ready to say something nice about Alice. They say she's downright unselfishf' " Sweet Alice, with eye-es so brow-wn." Hummed Dick sweetly. t' Oh, I sav, let up. 'Why don't you put us on to the girl you like, Dick? " "There is a girl-" began Dick solemnly, taking his pipe from his mouth. "You don't say so?" " 'Who'd a-thought it? " U YVhat are you giving us, old man? " "Since when, Dick? " - " You don't mean to say you know one? U Dick put back his pipe, and went on smoking while the other men only chuckled a little. " By-the-way, did you know that Nan Burton was putting her way through the 'Varsity? I just found it out the other night, Hal. There's an out-of-sight girl. She has more common-sense to the square inch than any other girl here, and she's a jolly good fellow, too. She puts up an awfully good game of tennis or golf, and skates like a fairy." Hal shrugged his shoulders. " She's too much of a commander-in-chief to suit me. And then, the way she talks about carving up pussy-cats, and hating babies is too much for me." And Hal went back to his Latin. Dick twisted his head around to 'look at them. "There is a girl,"- he said gentlyg and Tom's rather disgusted, and Ha1's rather scornful air, changed to a laugh. " Is it the same one, Dickie? H y Dick nodded slowly and settled back on the cushions again, while Hal and Tom went back to work. There was a moments silence. Then- "Speaking of girls, Hal, isnlt that Blanche Stevens a good-looker, though? She looksjust as stunning on the Hill as at the Hops, don't you think? " " lt's mostly her get-up." Hal remarked sententiously. " She has got good eyes, though, and knows how to use them. But she Hunks systematically in classes, and for real prettiness she isn't in it with Miss Moore." " Oh, stuff, Miss Moore is a regular putty-face. " " There is a girl,-" said Dick hastily. 'L Then, for the love of Mike, tell us about her, or keep still," and Hal iired a pillow at him, with unnecessary vigor. 331 Dick dodged the pillow, took down his feet, knocked the ashes from his pipe, and going over to the fire-place, leaned on the mantel and gazed around him. " Are you sure you're all through? " he enquired. "Yes, spiel away," and the other two leaned back to listen. Dick could be a clown, or a poet, or an orator, at will, and it might be something good. Dick gazed reilectively into the fire, and began slowly. "There is a girl " he said, " who is liked by the men and the women, the old people and the children. Her father depends on her, her brothers and sisters swear by her, the children worship her, the women love her, her grandmother approves of her, and the men like to take her to parties, or anywhere else." Dick paused a moment, and then went on. "More than this,-the dressruaker and the maids and the servants and the grocers and the bakers and the butchers and the candle-stick-makers and the dry-goods clerks and the men that give her their seats in street-cars.-all like her. She can talk well, without neglecting to listen,-she is sympathetic, but not senti- mental,-earnest, but not solemn,-sensible, but not uninteresting,-a good student, but not conceited,-energetic, but not boisterous. She can dance well, study well, sew well, dress well, and can see a joke quickly. .-lbove all, she has tact, she is at home everywhere, and she is always happy." Dick went on more slowly. "Her mind is strong, her heart is great, and,-" then he stopped altogether, and stood looking into the ire. " That isn't all about her," he said. Hal and Tom laughed a little. " Hal, how long since Dick had it so bad! " Tom enquired. HI'11l not in love." Dick was still quite sober. " Well, then you're a fool, because you ought to be. just give me a chance with that lady. But I wouldn't have any show," and Hal laughed a little ruefully. "No, l'n1 not in love yet." Then suddenly Dick faced around, with a broad smile. " You see, boys," he said, " I never met her." Hdvite-C0 a Sophomore Let all thy thoughts be noble, Let all thy words be wise, Let all thy hopes be fixed upon A mansion in the skies. Beware of Tommy's crackers, Look out for HausInan's cheese, Abhor good cheer which includes beer And don't catch cold or sneeze. E? AL -X- it it Copy this into your album and sign your own name to it. N. S. CURTIS. I :EDI'l'OR'S NOTE.-The above was found on the desk ofa sophomore who was credited with getting tight on a llromo-Seltzer. SENTIMENTAL CO-ED, Qpensively, as she points to the cloudsj. The beautiful, beautiful clouds that are being wafted across the sky! I wonder where they are going. CHI PSI Ccompelled to escort her home, grufliyj "To thunder, probably." 332 South Hall Main Hall Ulli0Ql'SifV BllildillgS Law Building Gymxmsiunx and U VV. Boathouse Climbing ISD I52 Bill This constant grinding day by day Is polishing our minds To shining mirrors, where we may Behold the varied kinds Of things that men have done and do,' And gaze our greedy fill, But I don't think of this, do you, XVhile climbing up the Hill. I always think the Hill is steep And much too long as well, On mornings when I oversleep, For then the tower-bell Booms slowly forth the hour of eight In tones that bode me ill, I can't see why it doesn't wait Till I get up the Hill. Again, sometimes when I have spent Long, midnight hours in toil, 1 QOft While my head in slumber bent The lamp burned out the oilj, I'm sure I'll reel my lesson off With pugilistic skill, So pity ills me for the "Prof. " 'While climbing up the Hill. I like to guess the thoughts behind The faces of the crowd, For some are cruel, and some are kind Some, too, are meek, some proud, Some smile alway, some wear a frown, Seek what e'er sort I Will, The whole World meets me coming down lVhen I go up the Hill. On Summer mornings through the trees The classic pillars gleam, Mendota murmurs with the breeze The music of a dream, The saucy squirrels beg for nuts, All nature teases, till A fellow slips away, and " cuts," IVhile climbing up the Hill. 7? 69 -lt it 96 In other days, the days gone by, They climbed the grassy slope, Their presevzzf fraught with do and zfzjz, Their future bright with hope. In other days, the days to be, When you and I are still, Shall others do the same as we, XVhile climbing up the I-Iill. "Che Old year and the Dew." Peggy sat looking out the window frowningly. On her lap lay a tablet of paper, which bore the inscription " The Old Year and the New." She was biting a pencil, which had been newly sharpened, and, now and then, she poised it above the paper as if to write, but then went back again to biting it and gazing out the window. At last she drew a iierce little sigh and wrote hastily, below the title, "The good old year is dead." She looked at this statement for a moment, and then scratched it out even more iercely, threw down paper and pencil, and jumped up restlessly. "There simply isn't anything to say about it," she said emphatically as she marched up and down the room. " Imagine the insipidity of a theme written on that. Ezfefytfling that's worth saying about it has been said a million times. After all the artists have drawn pictures of the old year, and pictures of the new, and after all the authors have written stories and poems and dissertations on the subject, and after all the ordinary people in the world have thought about their blessings and their sins and made good resolutions, I'd like to know what I am expected to say. I danced the old year out,-I didn't have any wise and deep thoughts about it. Of course, a good deal has happened, but that doesn't help me a bit in writing about it. Oh dear ! " She Hung herself disconsolately into the big armchair, and gazed into the Ere. " A funny thing, isu't it? " she mused, " to draw a line through Time and Eternity and say,-'Here is the end and here is the beginning of something,-pause and consider! It is just like the audacity of little human beings. If they only knew how, I wager they would put up some kind of a circus hoop for the Earth to go through when it turned around the three-hundred and sixty-Hfth time, so that it would feel the bump, too. But it goes on turning just the same, and never knows such an important thing has happened as the end of a Year. It would amuse it immensely if it should realize how solemnly people are taking it." She laughed softly, and then frowned again. "Xl-'ell, this isn't writing my theme. Suppose I writea conversation between the old dying year and the little new one. The old fellow could say,-' YVcll, I've done my best to help the world along, and it doesn't seem to me to have changed much. I give it up,-maybe you can do better." And the little one would say,-' But think how many people have wished each other a ' Happy New Year' and look at the good resolutions that have been made already. I am sure to get along well." And then the old year could smile grimly, and-oh nonsense,-that won't do at all." Peggy got up and took another turn up and down the room, and then sat down again. " I tell you what I'1l do," she said energetically : " Illl really think over what has happened to me, and perhaps it will suggest something to write about," and she settled down into the chair more comfortably. The silence fell, and Peggy'sface, with the tirelight upon it, changed and changed, as the memories touched it. Now she smiled or laughed softly,-now her face grew dreamy, and she leaned her chin on her hands, and watched the flames with wide eyes,-now she frowned and sighed, and shook her head impatiently,-and at last, her face melted into sadness, and the tears welled up unbidden. The fire burned low, and the shadows deepened about her, and, at last, with a little start, she roused herself. She glanced over at the tablet as it lay on the table, and shook her head, smiling a little. " It is to late to write now. But it is just as well. No," she said slowly,-" I could never tell them all those things,-no one else can ever know them: the memories, the happinessess, the problems, the despairs, the efforts, the hopes, the beginnings, and the ends. It is my year, and I could not give it to anyone else if I would. I wonder if the new year,-" and then she forgot the tablet and the pencil again. But the " theme " was never written. 336 fables RQIOICI ill BEIGSQI' CQYIIIS. M I long to recline in the depths of the sea on a beautiful oyster bed, G f K A Fo draw up the cool sheets of water o'er me and to rest my weary head K, X On the cool soft, down in the depths ofthe deep, , -1--- Where you don t feel had though you cannot sleep, . Because whenlyou re there, you are dead. A viper once addressed a file fof the Sphinxy and requested a meal, "You are crazy," replied the file, "to expect anything from one whose nature it is only to take from others." "So the hours of Johnny Fisher as graduate manager are numbered," said B in a solemn impressive tone. "lVhat ??? The hours of John Lincoln Fisher the Great, numbered ??? He who arose in mass meeting assembled and said 'I thank you for the enthusiasm you have shown me' ???? The hours of that man numbered ??? How can that be?? asked S, looking with awe on the man before him who even dared to venture such astatement. "Yea, verily I say unto you-truly they are numbered-from one to twelve there being sixty minutes-" but this was too much and the hook thrown at the retreating figure wasted its energy against the closing door. A certain university had a team which got stuck in a slough. The university got down on its knees and prayed to the gods to . . . . ,.l aid the team in pulling out. "Go on," said the gods, "get H, ,M 7 down and root with all your might and the team will come out F! through the ditch you make." yn px In his haste King David said, "All men are 1iars!!" Had he read The Cardinal, as we sometimes UD do, He'd swear that what he said was true. WSH? CNW 'UP 7N0V5mUL'3 "Say, the queerest thing happened to me last night. You see, I was down to the hoathouse to see two fellows row over to Maple Bluff after eleven o'clock," "Did they get it?" "It was on a wager, you know, and-" "How do you row a wager? Pair oars or singles?" "And I fell in with a friend-" "What? That's bad. Did you get very wet?,' "And he soaked me for a cartwheelf' "You poor fellow, tired you, didn't it?" "'XVel1, Pm done if you're going to josh-" and he slammed the door as he went out. "These be piping times," was the Song of the men, As they worked in the dust and the heat, In laying, relaying, and laying again, The water mains on State street. 337 H Zold 'fact I This story is going the rounds as having taken place between a salesman in a city store and the wife of a newly married member of the faculty. "What have you in water coolers ?" asked the W. o. a n. m. 111. o. t. f. "Ice I water you looking for? " snapped out the salesman and the air was frosty. "I wonder why I don't get the Aegis every month. It does not come regularly at all, only now and then a number." "So much the better." "How is that?" "There's luck in odd numbers." A queer change of color I heard ' of today, V i I can't tell about it too soon, If 'Twas a large yellow hound, but l - , he's yellow no more, X ' For he turned to bay at the moon. ur .-Z' ' A .. 1 I ,ggi 1. , Q ,,'61',, "What are you blowing about?" f , f Ei ga? 3 'I X ' asked the tree, ' ' ms,-1 57' . A ' f As the Wind hissed spitefully by. ,-,' f ' NAA A , "About 80 an hour," was the , f I , ' cool reply, I, f M - ,f 'I Q And the wind howied on in giee. 115 fff, E 'V L . Q "-35 , . .4vn4wK1'l,' ln, w4'vCn:lIJ:-lrrrw N, FEZV X The roulantlc galoot Played a f f m-,EQLH sSfL .Z.L f': 5?.-,::agv gsva , A QL, tune on his lute, I: S 7oG Iii Y Ane sang by the light of a star. 2 if f' Z5k S j,xya,i? -4 - But one night he got dan1P on ,,,, :', . 21. 5 ,EZ ig his desolate tramp, C ,ff "' ,, iii N " -,- Now his music's all on his X554 -21 catarrh. Suncluy Morning in the Foot Ball Season. She stepped up to Burke in the library and asked him where the fiction was. 'WValk this way," he said, and she felt insulted. A freshman co-ed from Neillsville Was asked at the train if she might be helped to alight. "No," she said, "I don't smoke." FRESHMAN:-"What makes Lake Mendota smell so? " SENIOR:-"It must be the dead calm on the water." In Ilit Zlass Student reads: " Like the gnarled oak that has withstood the storms and the thunderbolts of centuries, man himself begins to die at the extremities." And the visiting Irishman soliloquizes: " Thrue flr ye, me la-ad, and it's meself as is thihkin' that with Perfessor Moike Malachy's patint blackin' f'r his hid, and the same perfessonsfpatint blackin' f'r his fate, it be th' right idee that 'man himself' begins to dye at the extrimitiesf' 338 " What are you taking this year ? " " Oh, I have the course in fatherly advice, constitutional rest, and a cemetery in Greek." " Why do you call it a cemetery in Greek." " Greek is a dead language, isn't it?" Professor in Sociology-"Where do we find the strongest advocate of Sunday opening of saloons, Mr. Clark." Clark Cwaking upj:-" Here I I' -We have been able to collect a few nicknames of students and professors, which may prove of interest to the students. The addition of the origin of the names adds greatly to the value: Revenge-Miss Elinor Merrill-because she is sweet Ignorance of the law-Dr. Birge-because he excuses nobody. Delay-Miss Remington-she is dangerous. Care-Dr. Miller-because care will kill a cat. Fact-Miss Jackman-she is a stubborn thing. Art-Glenn XVil1iarns-because art is long. Experience-Professor Haskins-he is a dear teacher. Necessity-jack Fox-he knows no law. Popular Songs as Sung bv Students vp ILLUSTRATED i ' 5 irtx m Q , , . :f5,- li gxxulg .gfp ' ' iii ' ip YSW 1, ZEKQLY 11-X D Y , - X W . ,ggi ff Q " nf A i Q f 4 I digg' ggi I If 5 N . F I 1, til ' ,, 'tl I WA hi , ' I f l FA ..I'ulm:A's l':n11til:yill.S11Egtvl L I 1 lx J W i Lb, . , 4l9'l'lu'kQ I ' 1 XXXXX K I :D-.Ai-in 'Mlm' . Q.. . H V' Q, 4 - "I'x't- hncn Waitiuu. Hmwy, Waiting Lung for You .." 4' Fhcy Uertzninly were tim-rl to Mc." Senior-" What Work are you taking this year? " Freshman-" Oh, English prose and cons." Hlgebraic Professor-" Demonstrate a minus quantity. " Freshman-" A V lent a sophomore." Rdibkl' mistv Prosessor-" Can you explain the cause of a cataract ? " Twiddles-" It's due to the liquid depth of the eye." e 339 X f3tnI'1U0f I N Xi E .fi It A xx x T Q Jffs , xA! xx ,f kit, f 7 X Xxx ' " -Z fl I IIN Xxxfr ff- li . M pf f' X 1 X y ,W , 'L ,riff j " X' 1 1 1 xjis is it I X1 u I Hia, I C I ' ,LQ 1 A tri ' ere N Yi nag, X X . 0 Z I L S' Q VJ" K - XXX -alc- X -M . l .s HI ETA APPA RETTY RIGHT IDS POLYPI-ILOSBOYANDGIRLOPANOPTICUS or BABY SHOW JUDGES FOR THE SHONV ARE PROFESSORS SHARPE, SLICHTER AND ETSI-TEA Alternate: M. B. STONE, 'oo THE RULES EOR COMPETITION ARE I. No one will he allowed to enter who is not :1 lmoun lide haby-by that is nicztut that no stufTed dolls like Clyde McKay or Sid Niles or "Huh" Atkins or Eddie Jenner will be permitted. 1 2. Every contestant must he in full cornnmnd of all his faculties. especially the faculty of 1: it U. W. 3. Every contestzuit must be in charge of its own nurse. 4. No contestant will he allowed to discuss such subjects as Ibscu, Bruwnin or uietziphysics, 5. All statistics furnished must he authentic and official. 6. The nianagers reserve the right to reject any or all babies. 7, Failure to observe :ill these rules will cause the contestant to he lmrred, The Exhibition will be Open Every Day Except Sunday and 'l'hui'sday-Nurses Day on ..From9A.1VI.to6P,1VI. The Side Show Will Be Open All Night! UMBRELLAS, CANES and PARCELS must be CHECKED AT THE DOOR LADIES ENTRANCE ON BRAD STREET WILLIE SAI-IMIE KIES L'enfaut terrible of the exhibition was little Willie Samniie Kies, a very in- corrigible youth of four years. He hails from Boston, but tries to reign in Madison all the time. Visitors will notice the very studious look and the glasses on his face. It is said that he knows more Bostonese than any other baby prodigy ever exhibited anywhere. We are somewhat inclined to this belief ourselves as witness the follow- ing dialogue between the baby in the next booth and this little darling. The room had been sadly overheated in their part of the world and after a prolonged silence, imposed by rule number four, the "kid next door," as YVillie called him, said, " Hully gee dis heat makes me sweat. How's it with you Billf' Willie with a pained expression on his face managed to remark. " This heat causes me to feel that a superabundance of internal caloric has, by its characteristic expansibility, forced through the serpentined cutaneous cylindrical labyrinths, superfluous aquatic salinity sufficient to generate globular accumulations perceptible to the human vision on the exterior of the epidermis." Then he fainted from exhaustion and it was several hours before he was again ready for business. Willie is so learned that he has written a charming little brochure on " Glee Clubs, their Use and Abuse " with a special chapter on telegrams. NAME-Willie Spence Robertson, RESIDENCE, Oxford. AGE, 3 years, 6 months. ENTERED As, Town crier. QUALIFICATIONS, Five years in the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. That is the way 'xVillie's application blank reads. Attached to the blank was the following testimonial which his parents sent to Mennen's Food Co. It Will, in a way, explain his present condi- tion- OXFORD BIUFFLER Co. Septober OT-1899 lVIENNEN,S Foon Co. DEAR SIRS: Some few months ago our little son NVillie showed signs of having a brain. After using two bottles of your wonder- gg 4 P - . 'G fx 3 W 3 . f A' an I .QQ di f 2 ii' 5 tty ? If , I -3' 'j wi 4"-'L' A .. V .. , r I ,,,,,I es - is , ga H i a ,4" 'g.I4 .2 f . 'fltd f 'ff 1 , ,, f r , 'H .- 41, vfx .J ' .. - .Ji r',,,f.x".,0, Q' , .F wrt. -.: .,'., fe- . , , 1'- Qw ya y ' 521 I i g 1 1? if ' VP I K r X I aj as ,Ai r , yt jig jf , - f l f.:' If da isy if -K 21 ' if ,Y fray, af, is a 'l " gag, 5 if I at , , ,.. ,, x 4 i f oz 'Z tsl ful remedy both signs and brain disap- W M peared and he has been troubled with I, neither since. We can heartily recom- " 3 A mend your panacea to any one suffering V f f with a brain. Yours gratefully, ' V 5 Jil' . -. ' . . . MR. ROBERTSON. BABY Josi-:PI-I Loizis INCLOSURE You will notice the noble brow, the very earthworks of an overpowering brain. This, by the way, is the same that the Food Company used. Notice the prominent features. Gaze at those nose, that ears, this eyes, these mouth,-how powerfull How like unto those of the modern Mongolese or Chinian-a most extraordinary child indeed. VVe predict for this prodigy a long and happy future unruffled by cares of state. 341 It gives me great pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, to introduce to you Katie Didn't Swain. This "wee cow'ring timorous" girlie is afraid of all animals, Trojan horses and Anglo-Saxon ponies being especially detestable to her, and man is the only animal upon which she looks favorably. Little Katie, as you yourselves see, ladies and gentle- men. unlike the other representatives of the wonderful " Big Four " tribe from Mil- waukee, is very beautiful. Notice the shell-pink ears, they arnlt a sign of stinginess. ladies and gentlemen, but denote a delicate musical disposition. Like the lute her soul is stirred by the sounds about her. Stop that kidls crying I Hush up Baby ! Ladies and gentlemen, talk only in whispers while in the presence of this personiiication of music. . f f wwm g6'o'o':'0y 'f- . ffl O 0 QQ999' Q , i., Q' - 59'0'o'o'o95'o ,QQ ' U if -- ' Z . 's8'o'Q'e'.Q'o'o Q94 - K 4 . .. -- - fx. .. ':'3'0'o'o:o5'0'0i " . '. ' T'i,ti17Q. , ooo osslg , ,vv 'vyioosvo if - S I -me-v '-do s'0'0o9'Q'0 ' V -'V S Fairy' 'Sv'-'6.'.',0,v2v"i - if V400 Ofst ,,., T: 45' A f ' 3 1 V S i ' i , o . , ' .',6W'!s H 1 X as "' 4 BABY GRACE Aunnsws B.-un' KATAHRINE Swarm This little Pouter is Gracious Andrews, ladies and gentlemen. She hails from Lodi, "Loveliest Village of the Plains." Stop your wiggling Gracie, no, you can't have any of Baby Ernie Calkins' candy. I know the attraction is great, but never mind, you can't have him or the candy. Gracie has been raised according to the theories set forth by the renowned Professor O'Shea in his Babyology class. Her wild animal spirits Have had full play And, ladies and gentlemen, she does to-day Do ample credit to the teachings of M. V. O'Shea. One would as soon think of stopping the Gulf Stream as to think of stopping Gracie when she has once made up her mind to do anything. She is an embryonic new woman, and like Belva Lockwood is ambitious and desires one day to be president. Ladies and gentlemen, while there is an opportunity, pay particular attention to the future presidenttessj Cot' the Y. NV. associationj? 342 CHARLIE V1L.'xs We have been unable to ascertain the exact date of the birth of this little cherub, as his application and identification blanks were lost in the mails, but judging from his actions we would place his birthday about April 1, 1894. He is a perfectly love- able child and attracted a great deal of attention at the show. This is the charming little fellow who cried if every lady did not kiss him. And to see the way the femin- inity fought to get at him reminded one of a Department Store bargain day when a silk dress and 20 yards of old lace are given away free with every purchase of 4 yards of organdie. During a lull in the strife it was noticed that Charlie was rubbing his mouth after each kiss. No one thought anything of it for a while, but he persisted in his actions till his 11urse said, " XVhat are you doing. Charlie? Rubbing off that kiss? " " Oh, no nurse, I am only rubbing it in " said the little incorrigible. It is unnecessary to say that this caused a murmcr of admiration to come from the ladies. This was soon followed by a longer and more rapturous murmer and cries of " Oh! the little dear," when the official Sorceress and Fortune Teller prophesied that, when grown up, Charlie would take the place held by the late Prof. jamie Francis Adonis Pyre whom all the ladies worshipped as a god. Time will tell. T I ., g 'y ti'aeii' t u t rr. a, T ., . 1 ..:- ef -a -' e 1 . X Q ,595 ! Y x ri' gi 6 K 4 " -h 'A , N gf 1: , in s W 2 6 4 Q. ' M sex 5 , 1, ' e . o 6 , I Q u. ' nf Y Z .V U K x QA 1 ' K? Lgwq 'xii 0 is 'N -1' Y its 4 i Y if Q gi . V + gg 0 XC 3' 4 'Qs ft ,dint ' 3 1 Y I ' W2 if M? X a , F Q A 3 Q4 Xqgif, ig, 54 ff gay, ,. . ' , 1 My fix A 44 j , 54,713 ' f iv I 1 l :- , ' BABY SABBY ALBRECHT THE ALLEN TXK'INS Side Show This little baby comes from Milwaukee. From earliest infancy he showed signs and cosines of a wonderful liking for pounding tables into his head and swallowing roots. When he was two years old he fell on his milk GJ bottle and injured his crying organs. He has howled and yelled ever since so that his people have been driven to SEBASTIAN CABOT ALBRECHT. - - 343 . say, "Sufficient unto the day is one baby." When he heard that there was going to be a "baby show" and that Baby Katie Swain and Baby Eddie Hook were to be there, he screamed so that his parents were almost driven to distraction. "The kid couldn't get in on his beauty." However, Sabby had to be gotten in or they would have to spend the rest of their days in sleepless nights. So they bribed the managers of the how, and here he is. "Judge for yourself, ladies and gentlemen." . THE ALLEN TWINS. These guileless little twinlets first turned the X-Ray beams from their bland, inquiring countenances upon the unsuspecting Madisonians at a tender age. Even at that period a certain Sphinx-like, unfathomable expression made its appearance upon the placid features of Charlie. For a baby he has a great propensity for athletics, indulging to excess in such sports as political rows, roasting parties, etc. Of late he has taken to long walks and picnics. It is reported that on these occasions he can subsist from rosy dawn till dewy eve on a wafer and half a ginger ale bottle or half a bottle of ginger ale as the case may be. Little Flossie also inclines to diversion of an out-door nature and promises to become a disciple of the gentle Isaac Newton, having especial experience with sharks and whales, showing that even as a kid there is nothing fresh about this precocious youngster. Thus, hand in hand with an innocent, yearning look upon their baby faces, these two start upon life, their lips always framed to utter little Oliver Twist's cry for "More, please," and their toddling feet, sometimes tracking and sometimes not, treading life's devious path- Ways. Lp,,..yf,,, 92 ., 't :':" DIARY B. FRIES. L C '-1f This angelic looking child is 5 Y S-I really a turbulent spirit at heart. . - A 44 ja I Her name is not at all appropriate, 1 '--- -' 5 rg for she is truly one of the "warm- Vr. g f-Qf. ' f est babies in the bunch." Her ,. v if - - ya- - - - I, ,Q,s.,kM I . jg home is in the center of a rich land if ff and she has often made her parents' i hearts freeze with terror on ac- "', count of her wild pranks. When three weeks old she sustained a "l' 1 ' severe shock from Burns' and the it only means by which her parents X could soothe her was by reading her selections from " Ham11ton's VVIZ- . , - ,, .. , - ,, ard Oil, and Scott s Emulsion. Mayce has several times set fire to " the house and her parents predict that she is destined to some day f I fire the World. Ladies and gentle- men, pay particular attention to BABY MARY B. FRIES. the infant incendiary. This little chap, EDDIE HOOK, has a very lean and hungry look. The child has always been hungry. He would swallow j7fZ-JISZIES and mrrents in a .thanking man- ner, but what almost broke his mother's heart was when he swallowed his vortex 344 rings.-She did so want Eddie's picture in a Mel1in's Food advertisement, but as he was not plump and peachy looking and as he was always playing lzooky she re- solved to put him into a dime museum. The managers of the Baby Show heard of the little Freak and have taken a great deal of pains to secure him. This contestant for infantile honors, Baby ANDRIQW ANDERSON, is a happy-go- lucky little chap, who seldom cries. He iirst breathed 'Wisconsin air four years ago and much of this time has been spent in the country-the only place to bring up children, they all say. Andy is a sturdy little fellow and will grow up to be an honest and law-abiding citizen. He will doubtless have his troubles in the struggle for existence and is inclined to be a little obstinate and insists upon his royal rights. If these are threatened he immediately rolls upon his broad little back, puts 1 ' A ix Xt V Era. A 'W :H 5,5 , W -15: 7 ggx I ig,'if3 '.. t pgf v f E sam-fl ' Vx f "ki . f ' f s A ' I I ' -' A i i -- - r l l ' i Q K 5 , .t .::f.'-wil'-zfsa. "Y " J' BABY Emu!-: Hook. BAnvAN1aRrgw ANDERSON. his cunning little Htootsie wootsies" in the airand sets up a lusty howl, a proced- ure much more likely to gain the desired rights than any plan proposed by our worthy grand-sires in their struggle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was with the greatest difficulty that baby Andy could be persuaded to remain on exhibition at our show. He is inclined to be a little bashful and much prefers the chirping of the little birdies in the woods and the lowing of the bossie cows in the pasture lot back of his papa's house to the society of the other little masters and mis- tresses, in whose company he now finds himself. Still he is growing more contented with his present position and on the whole is a pretty specimen of"Young America." 345 CD6 FZICUIID jokers' Clllb I-11' v .. The present Badger Board, believing, in spite of the con- . trary evidence of previous Badgers, that the various members of the faculty sometimes, however rarely, really made jokes, spent much time and money in collecting the following pearls ' .Q '---, g.: -- f , wr Q -ll 'Q r, .P of wit fresh from the makers. They have been cold-storaged V if 45 I until now. .E 6 . "What?" exclaimed President Adams, "Our team beat -'fig ' .., ' . Beloit 36 to O? Good, Angell's can do no more." "By the way," Prof. Turner said to his companion, "I had " something in the Ailantic last summer." "NVhat? an article?" "No, a bath." I T 1 ew 7 N 4 Q Slwwkv ff fan, 'I' ' i 'ww-'Hu' if 4-':-.2 -Nl x f I A ' l MH 'mul g l Qi' Jing? d 'Mn ' - Illini' H A , ,' I 1 vi 115: 4274. , f'euf1:":ff'If ' ' - sri.:-Gift. - -' ,,5:?',':,f,Q.fJQlr - ,,- I v jfrjiyigiif V25 1 Lf , Ag,- "5- 1'2" -5 fl iii' R529 A , lg Kal A I l ll A 4 f P 3 . ' I I if No. this is not an Imbecile. It is only a Student lilllghlllff at one of SunnV's 'okes , . . . D ' J "I tell you,' said Charles Noble, "the VVest is a pious country. 'xVhy! in many places even the railroads cross themselves." "You don't have to go to the Yellowstone Park to see wonders," said Prof. Frankenburger. "just come down to Library Hall and hear Macartney. He's a guy, sir, and he's always spouting." The following occurred on a railroad near Madison, where the wagon road ran parallel to the railroad track. For some reason the train was running slowly and as the conductor came along, a man who was chatting with Prof. Haskins, asked, "Conductor, why doesn't this train get up some speed? Can't you get ahead of that old farmer with his ff, mules?" Quick as a , f l y flash from Prof. Has- I , J-A 5 , Lztxff kins, "Why, the law ' .,,, xt,x , 'Q I Q forbids him to pass Vwfkyg - A N I i i X anybodyf' 'K X ' A l f7 - I ' ffl ' l , i l X syrn g ' X X ,G 4 3 I 'A L 2- "Why, Mr. Pyref' ff if l 'itll l f said Mr. Wright, "I Y, -VI! .N 4 gi got E10 for a poem ffl, last week." "You ff ' 'T got off cheap, who I my S was the judge." :X W s i- fi fl 1 .7-1fc.Z,.,.ZajiQ- ,I Q til f Wfdp var waffy I J 'V Y W X X X X As Seen in the Physics Class. Q I 1. -.P"" ' . N . 4 , , x , 1 , , . - f - V.-g 3 4Qc,2 Y .- -lx. n Z: W M . "' ""7TTL.i-N11 . ' -5 ' 31L v 14.-51 4: .f 1. 1 . ,..,, . f f' fi , , " f'fa, .j-'-fx' .. -A V T- ,iggjg I ,4 - ,.,V 7: 'ig 5 'f' 44343 :I 225735:-6 ? 5' f??V1??H ' Q IIQ: d:k ? -Q-b, Q5: Mikx f zz' 41 U J -V 'I 1? f we is ,,. M LTPQ, ' Am 5 3 4 Q 1, xi, 1 S 4 f X 'Y z IMQLRZ 4 - if Q. f, mafia W na w' -. .ftffi 1 lv , f : T24 fmiliig Lf - W- ,, .-, ., , ,A,, 4, 0 . L, ' X f SCQIIQS df POUQHRQQDSN Boaf Race f H 'NV p F - iff: E effs 4" -1 YP D fr A 0 D gk '14 0 , 5: A ' Yo Q .1 ., ,Job y , Q v, 4Fhda,pn sA Yvxx l ok 4:14, 1 4 'zgtq n , 3 -Mg 4' ff l' D kg 0 Q Y Q r Qggi aasd ' o . o 0 I I N 50 K f 14 sr .. Clftd IG 171 , I' ' 4 Need you a lullabye, ' 'V , 0 Is it so hard to lie, Q Q N ' I Q Restless, when I aiu nigh? 4 f I: 19 Sleep, and forget. I I 9 'X Sleep, dear, and rest thy head Not on thy weary bed, L q V . x N, Here on my heart, instead, il rl V Sleep, and forget. 7 X'-is -ii 9 Qt. Forget that the task is long, A 1:55 Seek not the right and Wrong ' ig-D I u Q Rest makes to-morrow strong, , 'i Q , Sleep, and forget. 1 ' V Q Is duty hard, thy lot? N- Must my love be forgot? ft Nay-seek decision not, 5 Sleep, and forget. Here find affinity, Hope not divinity, Here, in my sympathy, Sleep, and forget. Does not the rustling night Put all thy doubts to fiight? lVhispers the fading light, Sleep, and forget. Hear thou the tardy bee Crooning his song to thee Night heals it all, for we Sleep, and forget. EXC2lSiOl' A senior maiden, coy and deniure, And her youthful instructor in Literature Sat side by side in Room Number Two, He quite at a loss as to what to do. Over and over again he scanned The paper he held in his trembling hand, Striving to utter a fatal " no," But, nestling closer, she whispered low, " Higher. " He gave her an " Exf' and a 92, She indicated that that would do By a brilliant flash of her beautiful eyes, And he felt his ecstatic spirits rise ' ' Higher. ' ' One manly arm was fondly placed Around that gentle maiden's waist, While the other messenger quickly sped To raise that beautiful golden head- " Higherf Her slender hand on his shoulder lay, Filling his soul with ecstasy, He gave her a look of glad surprise, Butonlyone word couldhereadin her eyes, " Higher. H Unto her soul his spirit Went And blissfully revelled in sweet content, But still her spirit seemed to say, Repeating the word eternally, " Higher." He strove to kiss her, but, aiming low, just missed her lips by an inch or soy But, While he blushed a blush of shame, A soft, reassuring whisper came, Q ' " Higher. " R. D. EASTMAN, '00, Fond du Lac High School. 349 - EIQCUOII RQIUYIIS The election which occurred on January 18 and 19, 1900, was a surprise to every one. The Commissioners were busy for several minutes and not a few seconds labor- ing with the thousands of ballots cast trying to ascertain the result. Their labors show the following: OFFICE 1 Handsomest Man 2 Most Popular Man - 3 Most Versatile Man 4 Most Fascinating Man 5 Biggest Sport - 6 Biggest Dude 7 Biggest Flirt - 8 Champion Bluffer - 9 Champion Lady-Killer 10 Champion Josher - 11 Champion Billiard Shark 12 Best Grind - - 13 Most Ladylike Man - 14 Handsornest Woman 15 Most Popular YX'oxnan 16 Most Versatile Woman IT Most Fascinating XVoman CANDIDATE GEORGE CHALLONER JOHN HICILEX' A. J. 'WVSSMAN HANK CASE C. Y. HIBB.-XRD JOHN SMITH GEORGE MOSHER A. E. SCHWITL.-xx' ALBERT ALEXANDER A. E. KL'NDEllT PAUL WRIGHT M. B STONE G. A. SHIELDS IVIARCTA JAciqir.iN? BLANCHE JAMES BEssIE Kino P. IVIARIE BINZEL The story of the election in detail is an interesting One. The two days that the polls were open were filled with strife and bitter personal attacks. More than one poor fellow went home with his head in blinders, after a day of hard labor in the political penitentiary. The number of candidates in the Held was large and it is sur- prising that there were not more broken heads and arrests than there were. The hill Was literally soaked in spirits. Spirits in liquid form came in bottles and kegs. Spirits in solid form came in speeches. Even theugrass imbibed so much iirewater that it cannot grow upright, but must sway from side to side in its vain endeavors to seek the light. The Hon. Richard Jag Strauss, that Napoleonic advocate of temper- ance, was observed crossing the street six times while going from Lake to Park streets. It was not ascertained whether this crossing and recrossing was caused by liquor or girls, but his friends have their opinions as have also his enemies. If ever there was Wire pulling and bribery it was during this election. The bribes offered ranged from 50 cents for Uforeignersl' to 55,000 for the vote of such men as Willoughby Magruder and Benjamin McLarenson. Talk about " mud slinging" ! ! Vv'hy there was so much mud slung that when some fellows got home and were dried out, it was found that they had " dust " enough to pay for from six to ten months board. 350 A rather amusing incident during the campaign occurred when one of the candi- dates arose and declared. " My friends, my character is spotless, it is pure white." " Why don't you use it for a shirt? " called a voice in the audience. The reverse side of a card used by one of the candidates was as fellows: To Mx' FRIENDS: I desire to announce my nomination on an independent ticket for the office of Champion Bluffer. I have lived among you and on you for many years and am Well qualified to dis- charge in a very deficient way all the duties of this office. I sincerely hope that you will elect me and thus exonerate me from the charge of faithfulness which has been put upon me. Your friend, H.-iR1usoN MCGUIRE. This is a fair sample of the argument used upon the voter. Another argument was the one popularly known as a "2 fer." One Dollar for 200 in a box. The Young Men's Sewing Circle of the Young Men's Christian Association was out in full force distributing tracts for their candidates. The employees of the Rubber Plant were active in all the different wards. The faculty even had their candidates. There was, however, one faction in the faculty which had no candidates, which did not believe in the election, and which went so far as to protest against the election. This faction was composed ofthe following instructors: Professors Pyre, Running, Olin,Tingle, Emery, Sharp, Thurber. Strangely enough there are just seven of them and their initials taken in the order given above spell the word PROTEST. Taking everything into Consideration the election was a very equitable one, and the winning ticket is to be congratulated upon its success. l I K+ , SUNNY-"YES, I must confess it, this love scene between Romeo and Juliet seems natural to me." 5 'Ri Z I guess I'll have to telegraph my papa, I need some money bad, indeed I do. My girl is fond of flowers, fruit and candy, And so I'll have to touch him for a few. I take her to all foot ball games and dances, But I mustn't tell my papa where We roam. If he knew 'twere not for board and hooks, And street car fare and picture books, I-Ie'd say, "Young man, you come straight home 351 17 1' Vids. ,gvewyty 0 ,105 A o fl 455,51 1 2' A9 ,. 4 1 5 l fri 4 r l 1 UI nn -1- l s - ix HERBE- 'rf ,iii 1 33 , xx ' SH' 'W 471 QW 'X IEEE r l N , , ' xx i F-I ,. "X i w fl f X m i 1 5 I, w ,, .g iq . W R "' E--- irlg .J I . 71 -E!! ' ri V- Qi ' ' ' O . ' "'-R -,.. 'wsfwwt x iEH:'i5f1W 4 if 'K itil 0 i ' pa. , 59 Avg vjsveggiu a " - I "HW-'Q f W-1 - Q it :yr-11" ,f i wliax iiit. 1 lag - .-jfyffhffzv, ff K Q Aff Our Coming Freshman, 19I9. Chauncey Aguinaldo Blake. of Cavite, . XJ If Q-'-I - 5 I f I IIN ' V i' I i yi' s f x f E.. 1 -if !f,.1?'L - 5 .. . Ia , g gg. ggi ray- Q- rf iff! ?,I:II""vPf Hg? ff, I EQS IIIIVI I 'I' I :rr .1 ua- In -I -IIIQQS I IMI IIIIIIIIIIQLIIIUI MII:IIIEIIIIIIIIIIIII I ,H ,"'I 4-1773 ggi? ZflW'y:L7 ,, IYIIIQIII l, , Heyy , , If mn .HI ',In,IIII:I511IIIIII1i.I I, ,WI II fffwww fe owgqf fgffffg ly I I I IIIEL ix ff! ff :l f I I I I I I' I Ulf TN I I I I I VFX' t II X III I IIII dm fd 3.-5 I ,faugmgxn II IHI! I' Rf! I K K I II III Q , Ir I I I If fi A N K N MP TU! rf XIIIIIIIIEVJQMV 5 XX j f f T Awmfo Pncn smsm Nl' X! it limi Nsn I '25 -H I ,I'5wJ HIZILIIQJI , I -A II I I I I I XJ img' III Wa' I III II I M EQ , I va ' II II T K I III ,l, I1 , N, mm I ' I I Ex f fwfm II ww W en 'r A s on en X A gag: CFIZAIIIIH' UI-XS 9 "J NEZN 30115522 srfow" Sunv.sTnnrf I IIIIII III I I 1 I I I ' fl' ,I 5 ,I 'Ry ' ' ' ' " f I If '- I I III I I, I J" ' - IV ', I, ww,' 5,1 ,. xi I I 1 ' I, ' I WMI' II 1- I IJ ? I ' if f Wy A I -f' -I' A ,I hff Q2 VI I ii is -','.53!5, 1 I ,I ,. II --I f"" I rw" ' ',4' 'II' fl II' ' I' II I' 1 I I IIII I PII II I,J'II S ,, ,X gl ,WII ,ILHIUIX ,IMI ! ,JH W- Q i I i"h Y M ,-I NM'-it I, '- I , N Ifw ' I,IIIII I I :-11 ,,ff,I-HI 'I III vf.i1:,f,I"s ,I E 'I .II I iI f'fi x'f"f1III I"Ii' I ,III '- Ifjff' Ii I' EI ,IF Q If'III',fQ'I I: I m ff I I I I II, , , ,II If , ,Q N I I-js ',6,I7,f , H IV., f?N4IIli X' W., 4' N!5I,"I II I I. V WI I Q it J' , Y HI, f 'ri .. ... 1341 ff! I f I HI ,rg in IXIHJ, , 'gn ' I' I .,I,, 1 'Ig I ' I fs, N ' I. ,, I , .. N , I I I Ii I , IIII II N. My IIII 'IIIII ,.IfII I Ia II r' an 'I I I ' ' IIIIIIII ' I I II'III'I1'I I II - I, :I,IIII' II I II , , IIIII HF P L FT o A. vm Auf' It ,,y"',z If I 4 ,X on o . "-TT' Y ' ,,- Q , V . I , I ., x III WI ,'-II, ,-, , I, I I , I , III ff x.!xlIy'I '1I I ' IX I ,IWWN I X I I I I In II-5, In II III I, I II ' I I "I-'I ', III,-I,I1II . N AE, I 2 2 X- . 15' pk "vI,nII,II,'I?i'I Ilitlexm' IM VI-IIIIIII II QI Ip 3 - I , , I If III I , -,III .I II I Y Y . I! : I I,ulIlMilY1llIAEI1.'!My ,wlx L! ,IM X Nl , I I I rIIIIf,,IIIIIII III ,, 'f II I f"Ii7 I I .I,IIIII'I:IiII'I I I IIIII-'IIJII I XEI III I NSI IIII'. If 3III I' 1:5 IlI1II,I,h I il 'II.I'I3IIf,I.! ,I . , ,, , II, QI I2V..,,-IIII', II2II1'.2II WI 'I 'I-:HI A X, V JI, My xr V .f 'IIQfN,h , Ilpwr Iam IIIIII ,!- , l. I!l.:t v.,I!,, U4 rf, tx xj ' IIII I IIIII II ' "v -W IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIII' IIIIII I' ' 1427 ,III I: ,AI , I 'IIM QIIII I, If II I I, 5fpI5vf:III.'I N I ,ZIIIIIIIIIIWI -I In 'f I I LI II I i-iv ,. N- 'II1,IIIf" , I I I ' III' I' II" , I ' gi"" I'I.II 1, N f ff' II pf, ,I :ig I . II . A 1152 1 - I A m y 1 , ' I Q , ' . ', A 2' " ' .-.II . Girxnixfwevfzwwmwfwmaff f f f ,Q ,ev emma Cilfd SDBIQIIIS-BD El SQIHOI' a most careful study of the card systems of the different professors, I have gained information to which I owe most of my success here, said the Senior. Nearly every professor has his own pet scheme for doing his work in such a way that he will call upon each in his turn and yet keep the rest of the class in doubt as to when their turn will come. A knowledge of the system of any professor, together with a close watch for the first tive minutes of each recitation to see if the deck has been cut, will save one from many Hunks. If one watches carefully, he can almost always tell when his turn is coming, and load accordingly. Now take Jones. If you Wish to be called upon, all you have to do is to come in late or cut. Then the next time you come to class you will be Hrst man and you can hurl your little speech athim with good results. Then it takes him a good while to get around to you again, as there are about three absentees each time and not more than six or eight are called upon. Prof. Giese gets around the class quite rapidly, but he never shudles the cards. One day he begins at one end and the next at the other, and one can soon prepare his own roll call. Pyre's system is almost the reverse of jones. If you Wish to duck you have to cut or come in late. You have plenty of chances to volunteer, though. Reinsch is like Giese, but he sometimes cuts the deck and he is a harder man to handle. Slichter is a bad one. If you come in late you get the toughest in the lot before you get to your seat. He knows all the tricks of the trade. Scott is almost as bad. You can't tell when your turn will come. His Industrial History course is best because there are so many in the class that he doesn't get around very often. methods of ODQIHIIS QQCTIIYQS PROP. SNOW:-Qalternately lifting his head and lowering it againj 'tln my last lecture I told you -" DR. URDAHL:-Qturning his back to the classj "This can best be illustrated by a diagram. Now suppose -" PRCF. PARKINSON:-Qadjusting his spectaclesj "Now Mr. jones, Mr. I. W. Iones, what do you understand by the power of the sovereign state to -" PROF. GIESE:-Qlooking at no one in particularj "Elle pleurait comme une fontainef' PROF. DOWLING:-tsmiling that inimitable smilej "Now I hope you all have your lessons." PROF. MEYER:-"At the close of the last hour a few Words were said about -H 353 Q' .fa I W X ,mx yy . X rg' 'J' 'Wit ,gs-My 1 M T' lwl ,fQ f f x X I ' I ', ,V I xx f. Wh!! W2 CGIIIQ to the lSlliD6l'SlID of WISCOIISHI f The 1901 Badger Board has gone to a great deal of trouble in securing letters from the following representative people of the ' university, telling Why they came to the university. . z f l If C13 BLANCHHI-. X Q X " I wouldn't have come if I hadn't fully expected to increase my circle of gentlemen friends." l:You are to be congratulated W :J ' j X, li 1 ff 'I 1 X ' l I ' W 'V "- . L i- Ka r! ff -ual ,X 1 . , " i t 'x .fad 'I' -9' N 5 stigma! -f ,ff -N E239-,,.f:r- ' i' -re Z ma on having met with such marked success. EDJ C25 PHIL SPOONBR : "I entered the university here be- cause I live here and stay at home with papa and mamma while I am going to school, and when I get into scrapes they can help me out, and take me on long trips for the benefit of my health." fThat's right, Phil, just stay by papa and mamma. until you arrive at years of discretion. EDQ Q35 XVINNIE SALISBURY: " I came to the University in the hope of becoming intimately acquainted with the Delta Gammasf' l:You are to be congratulated, Winnie, on your success, for they regard you as indispensable. You make an excellent messenger, and your ability to perform experiments in the laboratory is phenomenal. EDJ Q45 EDITH TRUAX : " To be a good, studious little girl, to give all my thoughts to books and never to think of dress or the boys. This was my end and aim in coming from Chicago to Madison. " U-Iow you have succeededlh EDJ Q55 BILLY VROMAN : " I was sent here to study, but then, there are a lot ofthings to be learned outside of books, and I'm learning them to beat the band. I learned how to smoke and do lots of other things, too, since 354 I've been here. Maybe I won't make Phi Beta Kappa, but what if I don't? I know more along certain lines than a lot of those people do, anyway." C63 SIDNEY BALL : " My chief object was to stimulate vo- cal culture at the university and, inci- dentally, to play base ball. Believing that our constitutions should be inured to our rigorous climate, I am endeavoring to dispense with the wearing of overcoats, and substituting, for purposes of warmth, my smile, which is calculated to cheer, but not inebriate. UQ RAE NATE : " To be an advertiser of Chicago styles and, incidentally, to do a little studying. ' ' IA word to the wise is sufficient, better reverse the order of things." EDJ Q85 CH.-XUNCEY BLAKE: "At first my parents thought of send- ing me to the Ladies, Seminary in Rock- ford, so that I could be near them, but I teased awfully hard for a long time and finally told them how nice the girls were up here in Madison, so then they let me come. I play with the fellows a little and the rest of the time I study, " What Katy-Did." C93 ROBERT KNOFF : " Whereas, it is fitting, in so far as it is in any way possible for the youth of America to receive a higher education at one of our temples of learning, I, fully conscious of my extraordinary brilliancy and unprecedented fluency, came to this university to impart to others, in so far as in me lay, some few of my many gems of thought. I specialize in circumlocution and imposition and in these, my chosen lines of work, I have attained to no small degree of deficiency." 1105 ALLAN NEILSON z " Once there was a boy from my town who went away to school and when he came home he was so lionized by the girls that I decided to run an opposition to his monopoly, so I came here. I'n1 getting all the experience I possibly can in my dealings with the fair sex. The fellows are green with envy, for they all tell me that the girls like me just awfully well. I can hardly wait until june comes to get home and see what excitement my arrival in town will cause." fOut of the kindness of his heart, the editor has sent a note of condolence to the young ladies in Mr. Nie1son's town-EDJ V MM, I 4 X 'mmf Tp THE X X, Y M C A sa. .,, G ,,, ' ' Df7fA7!7jygg1ff ix C7 ll-?L. ',j ' 60-ogg 6,arnfS fi ,- ' Clafnv- I I r I V lil X . Q X Cllj Lmti. SHERMAN z " You know Gertrude, my sister, came here before I did, and from what she said I thought Madison must be a terribly nice place, so I came, too, and I haven't been disappointed, either. It is the best place for stabbing and pulling I ever struck. Molasses candy isn't in it with the Profs. when I get to pulling, and then any girl who half-way tries can be awfully popular with the men here. Anyway, I have a good time and my chief regret is that I have only one year more at the university. Qi X ,f .X X - ,A A: ' fx .1 s I yy 1 -. li' Wzulgmn i -' . - ,H -iff: , ,Z ZA , lr Hfffff-'g.1'g'J,'i,,,, X X ff? '. 5 ,Ja-f fx! , ', , V ,IA , ."'Ql " 5' w if 3 l 1 ,x , ' W ' , H 1 f f N 1 , i I, X ' , , n l ,i l ' jlllll '. , r l ,. H , , i f ,a nw, l , ,N , ff: . , :LE " I I W ff- ,gf y f I ' , ' 'f,f,f .. ,M i f 4 It if? yf V' 1 jf, . I ' w . is or I . 'ir I ' . " . ' ' W C: W 177056977 07,fg7,7b70 10:30 P. M.Hallow E'en 1899 355 W. I. S. CONSINIS fl BUNCH OF KIES A ROARING, ROLLICKING FARCE COMEDY OPERA When they are UP-TO-DATE Where they are - IN TOWN What they are - - NO ONE KNOWS CD2 Sill? ISD LORD OF THE ROosT . . . Samuel William Kies GEN. D1SABILI'FY this chumb . S. W'illiam Kies OXVEN DE TOXVN Qgo centsl Samuel W. Kies HOT STUFF Ckeeper of jailj . S. XV. Kies S. W. L. HEAD Qwears a No. I4 hath Samuel Kies CHIEF SUPE Cmock turtlel . Billious Kies PRIVATE PARTY Qnitb Wfilliam Kies HUGH MORlS'F init againj . . Billy Kies Mob scenes, rabble, peasants, couriers . . Kies During the performance and between the acts there will be rendered Qby their own patent rendering machinej numerous and varied spec- ialties by the Company, every member of which is an artist in his particular line. SIEITT Business Manager, Electrician, Advance Agent, Stage Manager, Master of Properties, Accompanist, Librettist, Musical Composer, Stage Carpenter, Prompter CPD, Ticket Agent, Ushers, Costurner, Scene Shifter, Premiere Danseuse, Prima Donna, Chorus Girls .... Prof. Willie Kies A member of the casio will pass among the audience distributing, free, the Daily Cardiua1's Edition de Good Looks, souvenir of the play, containing three-quarter tones of the caste and the Starts favorite lines. The price is 25 cents. 356 P. -.Q f-., g ."'2 A Y gf - , fl - 5. ' 'V,, zq' 1Sl:2:3Q:,2iE' 2' ' ' "l' 2 ' Q W J f. liw X Q' j,.':j: ,,' .V f ..l, gf' -. , I , I 1 -. ' , , ' , 3 gzv- Wag' ,, 'V L N, ' 412- , 3 N .. -..,. vi vt , fi- -4,44 ft V ' A ' :X ' A,.6 ' .1 1 I ' N .. W rl , "KWH .' ,Z ' . . Ei . - - qffqfx Vff' Rooms in Ladies' Ball QODVS QGDOI' Eost A man he was with crossed eyes, Nor bright nor dim, Who from his heart could heave such sighs As sure must win. And jenny thought he sighed for her, Nor did she very much deniur, But rather hoped to say " Yes sir ", Ere long, to him. At church she saw him Sunday morn, So fresh and gay ! It seemed that life would be forlorn With him away. She thought of him throughout the pray'r She almost wished they were not there 9 She knew of shady nooks so fair For such a day. At eve again to church she went Amid the throng g Her mind on other things intent, Oh, was it wrong? Tho' not a word the preacher said Had chance to enter Jenny's head, Her voice was heard as forth it led In sacred song. And now the services were o'er A sigh she gave I The throng moved toward the outer door In order grave. Right there before her, in the hall, She Saw him standing, straight and tall, Did her heart sink? No, not at all, She would be brave. And as she neared the charmed place At which he stood, A blush o'erspread her pretty face. l:Of course it wouldfl And now she felt the time had come, When he would ask to see her home, And they would be all, all alone. Just as they should. Her little heart went pit-a-pat, I wonder why. She saw him fumble with his hat. He, too, was shy. And then he looked into her face, As if he there would find some trace By which to judge his lady's grace, Ere he should try. Oh cruel, crushing, cross-eyed man ! Alack-a-day ! He stepped so boldly up to Ann 5 They walked away. His eyes deceived poor Jenny so, They were the cause of all her woe, They've made her pretty head hang low. And what's to pay? 359 "0 ions Bandusiaen Honncs. oozs, Ill, 13. PRIZE TRANSLATION-CARLOTTA BEATTY O Spring Bandusian, crystal bright, Worthy sweet wine and flowers, A kid to-morrow is thy right: The brow foretells its powers, In its first horns, for love and strife. In vain, thy waters cold A ruby stain shall have-its life, Child of the wanton fold. Thee Sirius with his burning heat Knows not to touch, thy cool To oxen from the plough is sweet, To herds, a pleasant pool. Of far-famed fountains thou shalt be, I singing the oak tall Above the hollow rocks, whence free Thy chattering waters fall. 4, .f"i-- ' avi. f . sf 4 ii 1. K ffii- v -1 X Ja' .1 -J , .il . .V ,jf l 'QI Sl "' i' A .- y',--in xg. V: 1 rip!! li ,ff L 1' 'is "' iff' . 5 ' 'agnql ' Ulm ' ,uw f of f U' 1 X I L' :W ' - t ',,xffz""' ff W xi H ' ff, I. 4 l5.,ff' , , , , f ' H if, 2 if 'H -5-"'-',,.f'f"' ,ff X ' 7 I' ,,,.,--"':?,""' v , - x 1 ' Jf "gc: mixixggx U . -f.4... g If Q ,, wt ,. alfa, if f , fe Mrwfy DEAD BROKE ! the SOlil0qllD bp Blltkt 01' tht modern Dt. Jekyll and mf. Hyde BURKE IEKYLL-"Why are you studying astronomy? BURKE HYDE-"To be a star student, of course." H BURKE I.-"That man is all right. He has no bills against him." BURKE H.-"He must belong to the nobility." BURKE I.-Cseeing the Co-op emptyj "I suppose the book trade is affected by general depression. I Wonder what kind of books it affects most? " BURKE H.-" Pocket books." BURKE I.-How does Prexy hatch out all those schemes ? " BURKE H.-He probably sets his mind on them." BURKE 1.-' BURKE H.-"The Keeley cure at the Pal." 'W'hat is the best cure for the candy habit ? " BURKE J.-" BURKE H.-" Dried plums, of course." Dry up, Plumb." BURKE J.-' BURKE H.-"lVhen he takes up golfg because then he spends more time than "xVhen does an Englishman become more of a tea Bend than ever?" K ever on the teeing ground." K A fat T' BURKE 1.-"Why do electric cars have conductors? " I 5 g f.r-Cx BURKE H.-To collect the charge." k "gf 5 bglwr ' " 1'5" l- BURKE J.-"When is a conductor a non-conductor? " " BURKE H.-"When he's a motorman? " w BURKE I.-"Wonder if a Madison boarding-house keeper could board a 17 1 train?" 'Q ix BURKE H.-"She might charge the conductor." .xx Y X r BURKE ff.-"What if he was a di-electric? " Y BURKE H.-"She would probably die intestatefl A 5 Q BURKE J.-"When is a man like a wheel ?" 5' Ay BURKE H.-"When he's tired." tit aw . . . . K. 1 BURKE J.-"What did Smith do when burglars got into his house lx f ll the other night?" I 1 S f BURKE H.-"Why the clock struck one and he struck the other." K , I BURKE I.-"Why is a gun sociable? " lil BURKE H.-"Because it rarely goes off alone." 1 , f I I BURKE J.-"What do they call a man in a hail storm?" f BURKE H.--"Hail fellow, well met, of coursef' .HT n,,m'wme the ' 1 ttc' t C L' s .. BURKE J.-"How would you describe a duel ?" glggigegiromlollixle Tim BURKE H.-"As a very pointed affair." B g'g3FS3sf?gf"l1l'f,.X2i-Sfflffl. . r' s w ' ii 1 lc, BURKE J.-"I am tired of poems to Lake Mendota." ili-ii-Qiny'iviyiigfflirrjiitra , , l hem' that you have them. BURKE H.-"It's certainly not a dry subject." BURKE I.-' BURKE H.-"The bell-boy got the change and the hotel keeper the rest." BURKE H.-"Dr, Jekyll advises that I seek a permanent Hyde." 360 'What happened to the man who went away for a rest and a change?" CD2 ESIQYID Cridl. QXVith apologies to the author of the Dryfuss Trial., "Mr. Finnesseyf' says Mr. Hooley, "tl1ey're havin a thrile up at Wisconsin that much rasinibles the Dthryfuss trial. lVan Napolyun Isterly has bin accused iv break- ing the laws iv propriety on the windies iv Ladies Hall, and he is now bein thried be six Perfessers and another wan named Slichter. Wan iv the Coads has tistiiied that she see Mr. Isterly wid some clothes." "Shure and what of that ?" "Ye do not see the pint," says Mr. Hooley, "twas some one else's clothes he had. The dennse howiver claims that the witness is biased. To which the prosecution rayplies that it was the clothes that was biased. The thrile begun to-day with wan Birge prasidin. 'Call the prisoner,' says he, and in walks Isterly in chains. 'Are yez guilty?' says Birge. 'I am not,' says Isterly. 'Yure a liar,' cries Slichter frum behind the dure. 'You're right,' says Birge. 'I think he is, the tistirnony clearly shows that he is,' he says, 'phwat shall we do with him?' 'He shall saw me wood this winter,' cries Slichter. 'He will not,' says Birge, 'fur he shall do the same fur me,' he says. 'Ye will begin t'morrow,' says he to Isterly. Then he cries in a loud vice, 'Bring in the witnesses fur the definsef and in comes Pardee on a crutch and with a noomber foorteen patch on his left oi. 'Phwat do ye know iv this case ?' says Birge. 'Nawthin,' says Pardee, 'but Oi think-' 'Yure a liar,' says Slichter, 'Oi was yure instrooter in algebrayf says he." "Shure and what is that? " says Finnessey. "Finnessey, yure an ignorant man," says Hooley, "or ye wouldn't ask it," "But what is it? " says Finnessey. "Niver moind phwat it is, it has nawthin to do with the thrile anyway. 'Was ye at the Hall ?' says Birge. 'Many the ti1ne,' says Pardee. 'He's guiltyf says Slichter, 'and it is himself that says it. He will shovel rne walk this winter,' says he. 'Tis too good fur hirn,' says Birge, 'he'll take fifteen fifths under Perfesser Sharpe,' says he, 'next witness,' says he, and in comes wan Mosher, 'Mr. Mosher,' says wan Has- kins, anither jidge, 'when was Fredrick Barberosser born ?' 'I dinnaw,' says Mosher. 'Right ye are,' says Slichterf' "And who was this Fredrick Barberosser?" says Mr. Finnessey. "NVell Oi am not shure," says Mr. Hooley, "but Oi think he were the janitor iv the Hall. 'He is not qualified fur a witnessf says Haskins. 'Right ye are,' answered Birge, 'call the next witnessf " -.11 .W 'E There is no fool who is not miserable.-Cicero. Now. old boy, you're oft your beat, M' IE Not that to you I would be rude, But you ne'er saw, O Cicero, - al? V4 Th d ll d d . ' -f fr emo ernco ege ue 2' 1-an 3 - ff' 5 3" 2 - H ' I A8 MT- BTS-1161 111 F1'CI1Ch C13.SS- " Taking his meals out of doors The reason that I read to you every day is that you may get the pure French at the beginning of your study of the language. The next day Prof. Giese had the class, and they failed to understand his-French. 361 mother Abigail lllapbew Jlsslsted bv Hunt Sally Will give a childrens' party in the gym. to-night 7-9 p. m. The Senior nurses will bring the baby Freshmen. The little Sophomore boys Q gym. suitsj will escort the junior little girls. Grandmother Emery will be there too. They came right after dinner These little girls and boys And nurses trim and babies Who made such awful noise. The Mother and the Auntie, In sweetest smiles and curls, Gave kisses at the doorway To the babies and the girls. The babies chewed at rubber rings, And hung on nursie's arm- Nurse Fletcher kept sweet Maudie Luce From danger and from harm. John Cady and young Esterly, Each was a naughty lad Who pulled girls' hair and kissed their cheeks ' And made them awful mad. Young Master Crape and Master Vllright Were Nursie Sheldon's baneg They teased her charge full half as much As that of Nursie Swain. The little girls were very sweet, Small Lila and Marie, Still scarce came up in cunningness To Baby Anna D-. They plaved at "ring a rosy" At "Froggy can't get outg" Once loud above their merriment There rose an awful shout. 'Twas the Bascom youth and Tommy ll ' e l F off 4 W! Q' l ll' Q 1, ' I X l Aiql X! 'l lltx'lii??iilviL W i 'lt X I ff it fi Hecht Q, Who were iighting hard and handy X t ff- Because the former stole away gl X Y A A The latter's striped candy. -5 ' ffwmqgg ' 1 - X 'J M The Baby Mihills cried salt tears uf R. ty, D' Because her knicknack lost its headg X A P fl' She had not meant to bite it off And have the little rooster dead. So on they played till bed-time came The babes all sleepy were And let the nurses lead them off Without too much demur. Up stairs they met the Merrill girls And little Mary C1 Who pouted sadly in their roomsg Because they could not be That same night at another place Where dancers had the hall, Because the "Boycott" then was on Likewise the Poor Folks' Ball. '2 ff X 7, 1 " X f 'l !Lt-f. , 3 ' T- - - A - ' Zi ,T ph A5 e t X .L " a':.. 'z'.ll'. ' :ge f '- ff I tl sl f X ff . X X X K ,ll an W W " Suspended till Christmas. " flIlSl02l'S to inquiries ma ANSWERS made by members of the 190 students as to " when the Badger would be out." HARRY E. BRADLEY, Chairman-"I wish I could tell. You know more about it than I do." CLARENCE E. ABBOTT, Business Manager-it A Miss ADAH G. GRrkNDX'- " I don't believe it is ever coming out. I am so tired waiting." RALPH G. PLUMB-"I have reasons to believe that the Badger will not be out till next fall. Have looked up statutes and find that I cannot be held liable." LAURANCE C. BURKE, alias " Scrappy "-" From what I know about contracts, this delay will endanger my property. The Badger cannot be out till next fall." C. HARRY WATSON, alias "Weary Hotson "-" I do not know when E.-I the Badger will be out. I never had anything to do with it." If PAUL F. CHAMBERLAIN-The Badger will not be out till I come n' back. n I have fixed it so that it cannot be out sooner." W ' DT-"I have talked it over with Ernest X l test "j s-iq iw! ' -rs I i de by 1 Badger Board Mrss LEO . d he thinks it will be out by commenc body tells me that the Badger 1, X- wi f Miss MARY E J fb t and I am getting A if X I am 'Q XX d's Hllfbmbbilt. NOREA MEINHAR an ement at the a ." . BRAHANY-"Every i X- f I if ' ' scared? . will not be out till commencemen FRED C. MCGOWAN-" Burke and I have declared a truce so convinced that the Badger Will be out." X, V tten, He referred question to Professor Frankenburger 'J kk 'lf No answer could be go Bow miss E03 Slltfmdh w0I'ktd 3 Ride ill PYOTQSSOI' ww It was this way. Professor Wood was invited by the Betas to chaperone their party and during the course of the event, he was introduced to Miss Sherman, who evidently did not understand his name. Thereupon the following conversation ensued. MISS S.: "What course do you take or are you a P.G." PROF. W.: "I am neither. I am an instructor in the Physics Department." MISS S.: "Oh, are you, then you know Professor Wood ?,' PROF. W.: "Yes, I know him slightly." Q I MISS S.: "Well, I have always regretted that I didn't take the course in Physics so that I could have been in his class and worked him for a ride in his automobile. Have you ever ridden in it?" PROF. W.: "Yes, I have once or twice." MISS S.: "Oh, you must have a big pull with him. I-Iow I wish I might meet him ! I would work him in some way for I am just wild for a ride in it." PROP. W.: "He is here tonight, perhaps I can introduce you." ' just then Miss Sherman's sister appeared, and being told by the Professor of her sister's request, she said, "Why, Leta, this is Professor Wood? 363 SQIHOI' QIIOIEIUOIIS The following gems of thought were submitted by well known Seniors in compliance with the request of the Badger Board that each Senior furnish his own quotation. It will be noticed how truthful and modest the Seniors were. Notice the stor uniform fitness of the quotations for the persons to whom they belong. HENRY M. ESTERLY:-"Napoleon looked like me." ENOCH W. UNDERwooD:+"Never say die." SARAH I. RAMSAV:-"SIRI I ! I." THE SMITHS:-"Few and far between. " "HERMH"' TAYLOR: -"Wise from the top of my head up." EUNICE WELSHi-'KThS Original Gibson Girl, only better." CARL HBNSEL:-"Big pitchers Ol have little ears." PAUL R. XVRIGHT:-"This Wright hath many a wheel stored away in the upper y of his shop." DICKEV STRAUss:- MIRIAM K. REED:-4 A. E. BLEEKMAN: NI.-XRCIA JACKMAN FRED. VAN HORN:- BENNY COEN:-"All Coens look alike to me." HARRY HOBBINS:-"An honor to the class of l903." "JOE" KOFFEND:-"For every coat and every gown I set the fashion for the town." DENNIS SCANLAN:-"A man's a man for a' that." MARIE SPRAGUE:-"A flower of meekness on a stem of grace " "BILLY" CLARK:-"There was gorging jack and guzzling Jimmie And the worst, he was our little Billy." DUTEE XVHELANZ-hfnlll' dutee has been done." GEORGE NV. MOSHERI-'iTi1llC was when a man lost his brains he Toimrv LYLE:-"I hear a hollow soundg who rapped my skull ?" A. J. MCCARTNEY:-"And every word I spake 'twas made of gold." ERNST GREvERUs:-"Give me a cent, I want to be tough." "Poor Richard is himself again." "None knew me but to love me." -"As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean." 2-"A shady place doth turn to sunshine upon my approach." "My frame is a boy's. My brain, a man's." died." ...T W X .l Q M1LToN ORcHARn:- if f j N-i Q3' 5 "You will forget- ff .1 The tender leaves of Spring, f fi Forget the branch whereon they cling. E l . a l You will forget- K ' , Ah well, 'tis better so- ' X I cannot marry all the girls I know." Mnnegyabr Id : Q X A A i l ffngvwffh, A vl VZ X '364 ff M T QW' '4 fw 'WMM 4 W .iq N V Lff Collms goes clown to save the honor of the class of 1901 mother Goose Jingles EY diddle, diddle Nitchky on his Hddle With his band played a tune at the hop, When the lights were turned low A sentimental young beau Thought it a mighty good time for to pop, A man, a man, a college man , Stole the girls' clothes, and away he ran. - The man was caught Although he fought And he had'to go home, because he ought. Little Sunny Pyre Sat before the fire Thinking up jokes for his class, He thought of a pun And oh, 'twas such fun That he sprung it next day-Alas! Phi Delta, Delta, Delta Thet, Go to bed early and get up late. I did not love the old frat goat, I wished that he were dead, Because he kicked me, yes, he did He kicked me with his head. Little bandmen come blow your horns The students are waiting to dance. They danced and they danced, and then clapped for more But clap as they would, they got no encore. A pert Co-ed Sat on a bob sled On a beautiful winter day, VVhen up came an athlete And knelt down at her feet And the snow-all melted away. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! You and your companions gay Seem parts from the Milky YVay, All appear at such a rate Every time I try to skateg Gleaming, glowing, brightly red When I light upon my head. BUERSTATTE fto student in shopl: "What you makin' there?" STUDENT: "Set of jaws for a chuck." BUERSTATTE: "'vVood chuck ? " ' il- 96 95 SOCRATES BURKE: "You may make a stick out of a board, but you can never make a CBaa'ge1'J board out of a bundle of sticks." 6+ 96 96 Before me on thy knees, O'Neill, Declare thou art in Ernest: For thou alone hast won Meinhardt And for thy love, it yearnest. 'X K 64' After a question in the international law class, Thompson says: "Any fool can answer that question. I wish he would ask me." Miss Meinhardt after looking over all the old Badgers during a meeting of the literary committee, suddenly awakes just as the board is adiourning, and says: "Go- ing all ready? HaVen't we had a delightful time? " 365 lllllillly Liilllsll VHUDEVILLE lVIADISON'S MOST EASHIONABLE RESORT ALL THE STARS TXVINKLE HERE JOHN LINCOLN FISHER - Sole lVI'n'g'r, Prop. and Owner ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY THE WISCONSIN CREW IN "The Pace That Kills." ROBINSON HERR PROFESSOR The HA-ut-to-c1-ack" of the 1900 Badger World's Most Velocetous-Barberu He holds the Board. record for "cuts," having five In one day. LA-VVYER CQIL "Lady Wllll lllC Salilll SIOHC PELCBH THE HUMAN SNAKE The very "Sphinx" of Illegitimate Entertainers See his mystif ying Spiral Contortions STUDENT CHORUS fAfter Chicago Gamej "We VVere Happy Till VV e Met You" LITTLE 85 SPENCER "LONG AND SHORT MEN" In Lightning Acrobatic Feats MONSIEUR NILES The Great Equestrian and his WONDERFULLY TRAINED PONIES Virgil, Livy, Horace, Lysias CHAMPION ICICLIST In the most marvelous act ever seen "Climbing Up the Klondike Stare." Sig. Edouard Kocquems " LITTLE EDDIE 'T In his "Big Brother Act" "BARON" HENNING Champion "SNAKE" Charmer THE ZQ SMITHS Absolutely the Largest Family in Existence The Music furnished during the performance is by the UNIVERSITY LADY ORCHESTRA Composed of twenty-five high-strung musicians playing on the Feelings of the Professors Never before in the history of Histrionic Art has there been such a , magnificent and brilliantly dazzling Combination of Constellations. THE CURTAIN NEVER DROPS. .al J- OPEN ALL NIGHT ADMISSION, FREE -2- -:- -2- -1- -2- CHILDREN, HALF PRICE Come One, Come All, To The Vaudeville Hall. 366 2 : in N if .Ax , f, -V, 1 - . : X , ...., :" P -' 'Y SUIISQIS dl' madison .t W , idx 1 Sonnet X l p I would that like the lark I might awake, . With music on my lips, with song perchance, I To greet the rising sung that I might shake C Night's shadows from me and in rapture lance ' My being toward the heavens in carollings, W- hz: - - n N Of golden joyg then forth like unchecked wind il' ' i r ' ji To soar o'er woods, to 'light by crystal springs, ' ' To glorify the flowering fields and End .A ' 1 ' A 5 A song in every cloud that sails the sky,- " I 1, ' Q On hill tops where the sunbeams linger long, Z' "-' By quiet wood and stream-O, would that I Might change the golden minutes into song, To song my dearest hopes, my direst fears, My life to song, and sing away the years. john Zovws Instructions to the llaw Glass " Frinds and fellow-cribbers I It gives me grate playshure to be wid yez today and prevint yez from usin' yure chribs. The Dane has bin afther asking ma to take charge ov the rume whilst he's away, and raport the cribbers. Yez all knows that I'm a purty good fella, but I must du ma duty an' squale if I sae anybody chating. Howsumever, if yez do it when I'm not luking, an' I'll thry not to be most ov the toime, I'll not be responsible fur yure actions an' will be fulfilling me dooty to me masther. Procade, gintlernen, and if I can tell yez onything about the questions, why just ask me, and if I'm luking whin yez don't want me to, plaze inform me of the fact. Let the work g'wan." SOIIIIQF We pass away. The sun from out the east YVill rise some distant day and find us sped, The world dismisses us from life's long feast, And we depart to banquet with the dead. Green grows the grass however low we lie, Glad sing the birds upon the unchanged bou gh, 4 , Soft Heating cloudships cross the summer sky To sunset havens, silently as now. Oftimes the stars their darkened vigil keep, YVith solemn steps nightls empty hours steal by, Yet know we endless or awakening sleep 'Tis just the same, at last beneath the sky Of us is but the echo of a name, And if we love or hate 'tis just the same. 369 Question Box INSTITUTED JANUARY 18, 1900, BV THE TURN ER SOCIETY HIISWQYS U0 QUQSHOIIS Hsked by TIIIIQNCBII History QIRSS Paul Binzel-You were wrong in thinking it proper to collect "Pal" checks from your frat mates to buy Miss N- a box of candy. It was unwise to let her find it out. ' joe Davies-Your desire to be a census is very a laudable one. As you know, a census embraces 25,000,000 women and is never correct. Prof. Turner-We do not blame you for wanting to move your residence. Any sensible man would move with a Slaughter House next door. 'Willie- C1.j Yes, it was very easy to treat a friend cooly on jan. 5. f2.J The best things for a swell dinner are dried apples and water. Miss Fortune-NVe are unable to say what degree of sharpness is required to make a pointed remark. Photographer-In mounting stairs use a paste made of quick, self-rising Hour. Harry M.-Mr. Johnson was absent on Tuesday last because his room-mate was sick-sick of johnson. Sophomore-We do not know the name of Freshman who stopped a sprinkler on Langdon street and told the man his wagon was leaking. Mach-The problem you refer to is, "Prove that angle KEG + angle JUG: angle JAG. It is proved by axiom that things equal to same thing are equal to each other. Burke-The coupons on Vaga bonds are not worth clipping. Vaga bonds are not government security. an - 'ff 1 ix i - f""'i Q X' 1 ff V A XWXF,-fi"-if -51 " . ' fl- T Legal term-"A case in dispute." MISS EASTMAN-"Of course you know which is the most important part of the solar system? " LITTLE Box' YVALKER-' 'The Solar P1exus"' DEAN JOHNSON-fcollecting class cardsj "Pass in your checks, please. " 370 llllllll' 560128 ill UIliVQl'SiW Gl'0lllldS and HIGHS Ilake m2Nd0fd The Hair Store up town advertised an article called a " fluid wig," The board could not come to a decision on what was meant by a fluid wig. Three members of the business committee declared that a fluid wig was made of canal locks. The " Ahtests " were unanimous in their opinion that it was made of wavy hair. " Our Leading Lady QL. M.J " said she knew a fluid wig was manufactured out of flowing tresses. Burke with his usual ability to make a vile pun said a fluid wig would brook trouble for the wearer. The Frat men on the board aflirxned thata fluid wig would makefyonr head swim. One of the girls dumfounded us by remarking that if we wore a fluid wig we would have water on the brain. This was too much and the board was split on whether to adjourn or order some light refreshments. Motion to adjourn was carried. One night with ceaseless toil, While shurlling this mortal coil, I bucked by the midnight oil, My eight-0'-clock: As I traced Amoeba's crawl, A spook oozed through the wall, And gave what I should call, A beastly shock. FI Spirilllill SQGIICQ He wunk a Wicked wink, ' A ghastly, sizzling blink, That blanched a quart of ink, And said, Oh, hear it- K'I am a king full blown, The bleachers are my throne, My voice,-the megaphoneg I-college spirit!" " NVhen in the nerce-fought game, Some championship to claim, The time to root has came I lead the yell. W'hen comes October still, Then in Mendota chill, Much freshmendo I spill Pell-mell "'When in the gloom I see Dark forms in robes-de-nuit In fearful jarnboree, Swiping some laundry, By higher mathematics And eloquent didactics, I help them with such tactics Out of their quandryf' T3 His face with kindness beamed ' But I with horror screamed, Because his grammar seemed Quite punk. Inst then my ,larm clock rang, I softly said, " Oh, dang-'i Went up the hill slam-bang. To Hunk. IZQDQI' mind U76 UIQGIDQI' 'Twas a beautiful Sunday in autumn, The trees in their beauty yet green, And Edwin and Josie, together, Out driving, as usual, were seen. 'Twas a cold, raw day in Decemberg The streets were deserted and lone- Except for Josie and Edwin, They did not heed the wind's moan. 'Twas a day when the blasts were icy, And the snow lay deep on the ground, But the weather made no difference, Edwin and Josie strolled 'round. 'Twas a day when the March winds were blowing All sensible ones stayed at home: Yet a glance from your window would show you That Edwin and Josie still roamed. 'Twas a day-but what matter the weather? What matter the cold or the rain? 9,9 :tif 7f ,f 'fiiff l - ,h it misses. X..-sseffg'-fr 2 - t-. Xiigx 'WJ ' -,E sg N A Yearly Event-Freshman Swim-out For is there not always bright sunshine Above those who are bound by love's chain ? -X- 96 -JE who was It 2' Yes, they had a " case." Not one of those flimsy, make-believe "spring cases,'l but their's had lasted for several years - a genuine college case. They walked to and from college, talked together on the bench by the lake, they went to the Military Hops and the Junior Prom g they worked in the chemical lab. together and recited side by side, In fact, they did everything on the co-operative plan. No one blamed him for being in love, for she was certainly a daisy. Usually, they were left blissfully alone, but now that genial class officer of the upper class- men of the scientific course, Prof. Daniells, took advantage of the circumstances and applied it to his own use. Naturally, Professor Daniells thought that since these two students had so many interests in common and since their laboratory books were so similar, he might just as well correct only one book, thereby saving time and trouble. So at the bottom of his book he appended the following remark : " For corrections, see Miss D's book." fOut of sympathy, we positively refuse to divulge the names.J 374 Gonoition of me Stuoent Diligence of me Stubent in Stut-Qe Consequence of De Eillgence 'bow ge lanblabge ifelt 1I2e 'lkeaulte Cale or pe Cruel flanclladpe ilncl pe Wortbie Studente Bl wortbie stuoent, tbougb baroe uppe, glget cberlsbeo bigbe toeals, Zllbett be tenoeo to a tore Co earn bps roome ano meals. 'Ibe got into bgs worl-ze so barb 'lllllttb bearte ano nujmoe ano soule, Tbe oft forgotte at noonoaps boure Go sbovel on ge coale. Bt last wbple writing on a tbeme, lilome noble tbpnge, no ooubt,J FDFQZIIUI of bis oaplge task lbe let ge tyre go oute. me lanolaoge, voben tbps occurreo, was tglleo wltb oevplls blue. Sbe saioe "1bis txgring is so poore 1l'll try what 1l may oo." Sbe tgreo ge stuoent beaolong oute, Elbsorbeo in bps ioeals, Eno now be walks xge streets agagne 1lu searcbe of roome ano meals. SUNNY: "She speaks yet she says nothing." Quite an up-to-date young lady, wasnlt she. Mediaeval History Class. PROP. I-IASKINS: "Mr, Bergstrom, tell us about the apostolic succession." MR. BERGSTROMUIIYQ. "It goes from father to son. " A sister co-ed was known to say to Leta Sherman: "You had better be careful or you will get your name in the Badger." MISS S.: "Oh, I don't care, I did a lot of worse things than that auto-mobile affair, when I was a freshman, and I didn't get my name in then." Telephone rings at AI' house. Miss Craig runs and answers it, whereupon she turns around and says: "Well, for once I am not wanted." I-Iippety, Hop ! To the Co-op I To buy a book for Sunny. One for you and one for me. They cost a lot of money ! 375 fl n23Il72lllZlIlC3l Episode Teddy's class in Algebra, had, for some unaccountable reason, come early to recitation room No. 28. Two minutes after nine and Teddy not there. The theory of probabilities was that there would be at least one minute more before his arrival, and according to the theory of limits he might approach the limiting value 9:05 and still not reach it. lfVhile the class was standing around in arrangements and groups, suddenly a special product of 1901 suggested that a stereoptican lecture would be in order. By a rapid method the dark shades were pulled down, effectually eliminating the light from the room. A sign was then placed upon the door with the suggestive notice "This room is occupied." The doors were closed simultaneously, the audience seated, and the lecturer after successive trials exceeded the greatest mathematical expectations of his heaters. Nine-four and Teddy arrived and boldly opened the door. There was an inser- tion and removal, for the indeterminate forms and the elimination of light in the room were a deception. With due politeness he retired excusing himself for the intrusion. The lecturer collapsed. Rythms of laughter increased in geometrical pro- gression throughout the room. In some cases special expedients had to be used in order to prevent an outburst of uproarous laughter. At length all was quiet, and symbolic expressions of anxiety took the place of innocent glee, for Teddy's recep- tion of the joke and his operations on abfsurdjities was an undetermined coefficient. Soon he reappeared and all unsuspectingly said, "I am sorry to interrupt this lecture but I must have this room for my Algebra recitation." It was beyond the power of any number of students to hold out longer and everybody roared including Teddy. "XVell, that was neatly done," said he, "most neatly done," and he laughed heartily. "But please notify me when you have another," said he. He thought it was a legitimate transformation of the room and very good by Way of variation. Good will was reciprocated on every hand and the class continued their workin harmonical progressions. The joy of the perpetrators was incommensurable at the outcome. However they did not get another chance to continue their divergent series of lectures. But this interesting departure from affected quadratics, surds, etc., was appreciated by all, and I am sure that in the history of this class an Qexj was not an unknown quantity. He never did like Shakespeare, ThiS little freshman john, He dearly loved his Pabst beer. Result: He got a con. Mr. 1-, " Did you see the star shower the other night, Miss 1--? Q'vVith a rapid, but comprehensive survey of the heavensl. " No. But it couldn't have been much, for there are no stars missing." 376 DOUG U10Dll3ulfill0 30338 55' .mg ,i--:V - ya . 1 " .P I ' l 5 I y IL, W v,,.J. , vgmfusxiw ss ' uw uuxuwzln I-Rs',-figcfg. , l, ',.A. . . 1, .. , - nl .Ax lu yn'.Hv1"-'ff . CD2 Sock CDGI Yale made This is the lock that Yale made. This is the key, the best of all, that opened the lock that Yale made. These are the men, a big stone wall, who formed the key, the best of all, that opened the lock that Yale made. 1 4- 6 This is the man, in size quite small, who coached the men, a big stone Wall, who formed the key, the best of all, that opened the lock that Yale made. These are the rooters, short and tall, who helped the man, in size quite small, who coached the men, a big stone wall, who formed the key, the best of all, that opened the lock that Yale made. ,v ..- QMQS' 94 AFB This is the state, that loves foot-ball, that furnished the rdoters, short and tall, who helped the man, in size quite small, Who coached the men, a big stone wall, who formed the key, the best of all, that opened the lock that Yale made. V 379 H IIQIDSDZIDQI' ydfll The Senior Girl had been telling her story to an admiring circle of Loving Sisters. But the Loving Sisters all knew her. "No, you can't fool us," they said. And the Senior Girl wiped some fountain-pen ink off her shapely nnger-tips with a lace handkerchief and gently murmured, "Yes, it's true, honest Injunl' Now, it so happened that there was among her listeners a Guileless Sophomore who did not know the Senior Girl so well as did some of the Loving Sisters. The Guileless Sophomorels father was a newspaper man, and like most newspaper men he was in constant search of news. So when the Guileless Sophomore connded to him the information she had received, he knew that now indeed he had a scoop. As a result, upon the following morning, there appeared in the "society columns" ofthe Democrai an item somewhat like the following : "Miss Senior Girl is spending a few days at her home in Limburgerville, where she has gone to attend the wedding of her sister, Miss Ambolena, to Mr. J. Z. Small, a prominent cattle buyer and social favorite of Limestone Gulch, Missouri. il- 96 -36 There was consternation and dismay when the Senior Girl returned. The Loving Sisters moved about with a solemn, mournful look, which, when the Senior Girl left the room, gave place instantly to giggles. The Guileless Sophomore found her winter wraps too light when she approached the neighborhood of the offended maiden. Late that afternoon the 'phone rang. "Hello," said a hoarse voice, "has Miss Senior Girl returned from the wedding yet ?" "O, no," sweetly said the particular Loving Sister who was answering the call. "That was a mistake. She didn't go to the wedding. She went down to Chicago to have an operation performed for appendicitisf' But even the DE71ZOC7'dfWOuldH't publish that story. -x ,g N 4 De l12an Behind De Gumb i X W X Dere is a man in dis hyah city, 'N .K L X 'Dat eberybody knos, 2 ' 1 5 X He goes to dis hyah 'Vahsity, ' ll ' S Yof tell it by his cloes. ' K. h I, ' Yo' turn whicheber way yo' may, 'S Yo' see him ebery day. Dis man of course, who is no bumb, Is Plumb, De man behlnd de gumb' Eiiiseliliggiilligiiflihjlilliitihin Yo' see him on the State Street cah, He's chewin' ebry single niinit, Yo' see him on de hill, No inattah whah he is, Yo' see him almost eberywhah, ln othah words, de guni's right in it, Yo' see him at de drill. Yo' bet it knows its biz, No mattah whah yo, see him, He chews all day, he chews all night, On hill, on cah, at gym, Dat gumb's ne'er out of sight. You'll kno, dis man that don't look glumb Dis H1811 who 110 dis tOWl1 has COIHC Is Plumb, Is Plumb, De man behind de gumb. De man behind de gumb. 380 2 mv? 4' UTCWS of Ul1i0Ql'SiW woods Mid Drive HClDQl'IlSQ S TUDENTS will confer a favor upon the Badger Board by patronizing the following advertisers who have made the publication of this book possible Alford Bros. Baker, J. B. Bon Ton Bowles, T. H. Brenk Bros. Brown 8L Nevin Buellsbach Brumder Book Co. Bunde 8L Upmeyer Cantwell, M. J. Capital House Chicago, Milwaukee 8: St. Paul Railway Chicago SL North Western Railway Civil Service Inst., Bureau of College Book Store Cottrell 8L Leonard Curtiss, E. R. Curtiss, F. W. Dietzgen, Eugene Drews, E. H. Edgerton Manufacturing Co. F. F. F. Laundry Flanner Music Store Gay, M. I. Grinde SL Schmedeman Groves-Barnes Co. Hanan, E. J. Harloff Hartford Steam Boiler and Inspection Co. Haswell 8L Scholl I-Iollister's Pharmacy Illinois Engraving Company Karstens 8L Shmitz Kentzler Bros. Keeley, Neckerman 81. Kessenich Kehl, F. W. Klauber, M. S. 8z Co. Lawyers Lewis Drug Store Madison Cycle Company Madison Steam Dye Works Marquette Tailoring Company Marsh SL Grant Menges, A. F. Merriam 8a Co. Monarch Cycle Company Moseley Book Store National Bank, First New York Store Nielson, A. C. Olson 8a Veirhusen Ostin, L. J. Otto, F. H. Outing Publishing Company Palace of Sweets Petley SL Company Peoples Tailoring Company Purcell Bros. Quamrnen, Danielson 81 Mueller Rentschler Republican House Ridgeway Rochester Optical Company Rundell, Sidney P. Sherman SL Hunter State Bank Taylor 8L Gleason "Thomas" Photographer Tracy, Gibbs, 85 Company Troste 85 Rosen University of Wisconsin University Co-operative Company Warner Music Company Weil, J. Monroe Wheeler 8: Wilson Wright, Kay SL Co. Zach, Vincent Zehnter 8: Co. 383 3525252 . I. o o . . gg Some Interesting Figures gag AIR Capital Stcck of the Four Great Banks of the World, Dec 3I, I899. MIN Bank of England, - - - 386,047,935 JIS Bank of France, - - - 36,050,000 U- Imperial Bank of Germany, 28,560,000 -' - QQ? Bank of Russia, . - - - 25,114,920 all QQ Tatan, - - - Sl76,372,855 . . Funds Held by the Mutual life ' ' ,I , I n Company for the , , frm lrjyuriizntteof its Policies,f De- S I -I '- I, an :soo - - MIN cem er , . ---- ii' Or 925,571,682 more than the combined capital of these famous banks. ' ' .Ik The new form of Poliey of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, dh Richard A, McCurdy, Presiclent,-vprovldesz d N .I 8 First-The SECURITY of 301,644,537 ot assets. .0- I Second-PROFITABLE INVESTMENT. - - QD Third-LIBERAL LOANS T0 THE INSURED. pq Extended term insurance in case of lapse. Liberal surrender values. 4 E One Inonth'S grace in paymentzof premiums For further information apply to K T- H- BOWLES, General Agent, Pabst Bldg., MILWAUKEE, wus. Zglglglglglglglglglgglglglglglglgl-glZSglglgSg1gIg! . . FIanner's Music BRE K BROS. H Largest amz M tC t 01159 531635255 Q ' max- "-'rr'-E" 2 I1 I WE-ISL' :Q I ' 5 I UE? I I is-' H I V31 af-nr --I 'I IEIII SIE 'ah "I , m f ,,,, .1 II I., V x ..:-a-ef-'452:.2.:3" ' " I1 f PIANOS, QRGANS, MUSIC, MUSIC BOOKS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ETC., ETC., AT LESS PRICES THAN ANY XV H E R E E I. S E BEST QZIALITY STRINGS FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS Milwaukee, Wis. 384 Importing Tailors -A6235 XIEDAL AND IIIPLOMA .-xuannz-:ru uontn S FA1R,'IS93 at 'AC 136 WISCONSIN STREET NEXT TO HOTEL PFISTER MILWAUKEE 1 5 as Q OMP IAIQIIQ' OF ' 'nw TE I COLLEGE ANNUAL! ANN S FOR THE FOLLOWING COLLEGES VVERE ARRANGED ENGRAVED, PRINTED AND BOUND IN OUR COLLEGE PRINT SI-IOI UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN LAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PURDUE UNIVERSITY SEND FOR PROSPECTUS GIVING FULL INFORMATION I I I FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF AN ANNUAL . . . 65 T0 71 PLYMOUTH PLACEPCHI CAGO4' I . :aaaQriSsar.:..1'-Qs.-guri2.'-fvmg.wA9, Ah, to be lost in the depths of the wilderness, Far from the worries and frets of mankind, Far from "S1ick's" joshes, and Danny's dull lectures Far from the whole of this horrible grind. Not in the wastes or the deserts of Africa, There we might find the remains of a SPHINX, Shriveled and wrinkled, but kept by its dryness, Dryness unquenchable, unwetted by drinks. Rather we'll go to the limitless prairie, Far from the woods where the CARDINAL dwells, Go to the prairies, fair home of the BADGER, Animal matchless, whose fame ever swells. whats in a name ? He stands six foot in his stocking feet, His length of limb is hard to beat, His shoes are number nine or ten, In fact, he's largest 'xnongst our men. The truth I tell, nor swerve one tittleg- And yet he's known as Mr. Little. VVRIGHT: "Wish I didn't have this bloomin' 8 o'c1ock. Beastly bore, don't you know. This is such a ine day, reminds me of my stay in Lunnon. Wish I could go walking on this delightful morning." VAN HORN: "Fine day but rather raw." WRIGHT: "Of course its raw, dear boy, why shouldn'tit be, its not half done yet." German poetry's a problem, That gives the rheurnatisrn. That's right I know for I have found, It is a kind of Lager-rythm. "Why is Jones like a worn-out horse, NVho of aches and pains is full ?" The answer you all know, of course, "Because he's lost his pullf' - ABQUT-To-BE FRESHMAN ton the carl: "Say Mr, Conductor, are we anywhere near the university yet ?" CONDUCTOR: "Yes, Doesn't that look like it?" QI-Ie points to a sign on a building.l PONIES -:- FOR SALE -:- OR ...I-HRE... 1 fW0 TWINS - Fire broke out yesterday in store room of 1900 Badger and about 150 copies were burned. fFrorn C'ardina1.j Roasted chestnuts sold on the streets to-day for 9 Q 10 cents per quart. fFrom commercial news in Democraij 5 385 Olson 8 Veerhuse "THE BIG. STORE 7 81 9 N. Pinckney St. Clothiers, Tailors, Hatters Furnishers THE MOST COMPLETE ESTABLISHMENT IN THE STATE The Student's Favorite Store all The Man with the Spatula R b Takes up the weary man's burdeng ' ' ' "The Man with the Hoe" We are ready to supply the a double' necessaries to make life com- b1'C2.St6d fc bl d kea . Our frock Suit mrta ean wor sy talk is drug talk, and goods are better than our talk. We can supply you at cor- rect prices anything in the way of Medicines, Toilet is essential to complete your ward- N e ar' , Perfu , M'- crggccispiclejnd Bioiiigi'Su1i- robe' .We plies, etc. We invite the excel 111 student trade. making them 0 9 Hollister s Pharmacy First Nat'onal ,,,,,I,, Sherman 84 Hunter lagggison Germania Building Wis. Milwaukee 386 SWINTON'S SECOND READER. 9 . lf. S if 5452353 'xt' ' bxifiiii .ML 1,1 g I sg, ' l if lf, fill ill? . ll L E S S O N V. Chill' dren Con diic' tor Fire Col lect' ed El' i nor Sil' ver HIS is a boy and a girl. The girl's name is Elinor. The boy's name is Willie. They have been riding on the street car. Fares are collected on the car by con- duct-ors. Willie gave this conductor a silver ten cent piece, but the man gave Willie back five cents in change. H Then the boy said he Was paying for the little girl, too. ffBut little Children like you,', said the conductor, Hare only half faref' 387 A. I-IASWELI FURNITURE Rattan and Reed Goods, Mantels, THE STUDENTS' FAVORITE A. G. SCHOLL HaswelAltfiScholl was VV I-I Y ? ? IT caters especially to their wants! . . . , . IT carries Everything they do want! PactureMouIdsngsandArtists Materials 'T is always First in Style and Quality! 9 S S Q e e e e I SOUTH PINCKNEY IT BIDS FOR POPULAR I SIREET Are late hours conduciveto sentimental FAVOR l l . WIIH relations with young men? I N iiigcfigli PO" U LAR P R I C E S Be on the safe side Competent and trade at the Menges Pharmacies Registered Clerks always in charge i THE -i Menges Pharmacies 28 West Mifflin Street 829 University Avenue VVe exercise particular care in the selection of our drugs and chemicals. Gut large sales and frequent purchases lNsUR1a FREsHNEss Returning from Chicago game. Schmitt-" Hello." Schmitt--" O come off, reverse that." 388 NI. S. Klauber 81 Co. G0 TO merchant caimring TELLE132 For anything in Fancy Groceries, Fancy Canned and Bottled Goods, Pickles, Olives, Cheese, Waters, in CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, fact everything for a " Bang Up GLOVES, SHIRTS AND Spread." .al .al of J' .al 495.33 N E C K W E A R Are late hours conducive-Continued. C22 next Door to . PGIGCQ of ...East Main. . Sweets Street Phone '92 L. S. H nks, Pres't E 0 K ey, Cashier ' 9 0'cI0c.K 'Q madison Steam Dpe works THE H. STRELOW, Prop. A1lkindsofLadies' .ma Mensa..- S I A I E ments Cleaned, Dyed and Pressed. B A K Also Soft and Stiff Hats Cleaned, Reblocked and 'I' 112 s. PINCKNEY STREET fS"t"L'S"f" '853 MADISON, WIS. MADISON, - WISCONSIN Cvve writing and Philanthropy Caught Motto-" I teach for the sake of experience." ' Oiiice Hours 2 4 A. M. Daily, d Robert L. Sewar s. Formerly of New York. 389 J H P Imer,Vice-Pres't Waltsinger Bon Ton .l..l- .1l1.l.T1 Exquisite Ice Cream and Sherbets Delivered to any part of the CIW The Handsomest Ice Cream Parlors in the City Confectionery Toys and Fancy Goods 19 NORTH PINCKNEY ST. IIIIQYCOIIQSIEIIQ Blll'23ll igt ago ego ago do 4. .S do ' hd Cotrel18LLeonarcl 472-4-6-8 Broadway Albany, N. Y. makers of the Gaps and Gowns to liar- vard,Yale, Princeton, Zolumbia, Zornell, Lehigh, Un. of mich., Un. of Penn., Un. of Zhicago, Un. of the Pacific, Un. of the South and the other leading Jimerican Universities and Zolleges--1 Class Contracts a Specialty Rich Gowns for the High Degrees, the PuIp't Lodge Room and Bench I-Iave vvel-TL' Your Rent Dress Repair Suit and Made Sell at CDDQlDl'ilQl'S GRINDE 86 SCHMEDEMAN'S 390 AND CARRY A FULL LINE OF SUPPLIES MADISON CYCLE C0- II3 State Street Phone 460 The frat boys were surprised not long ago, when a party of them went into an uptown tailor shop, by seeing on the wall a run-down clock with a sign below it: "NO TICK HEREJ' When one was being measured for a suit the tailor said: "Please step on this box and keep your eye on that sign." "That sign" said: "TERMS CASH." PQYNCI PICKUP? of BQIIIW "Hear how he clears the points o' faith Wi rattlin' an' wi thun1pin'! Now nieekly calm, now wild in wrath, He's stampin' an' he's jumpin' I" .nf the mlllfdYY Bop FRESHMAN Qgazing admiringly at Mr. Neilson's epauletsjz "Are you an officer? Sir?" MR. NEILSON: "No, I wear them to keep the girls' chins from resting on my shoulder." ten nis .V 'l'J - -.- an ? ' Q21 L- . - - Ei l.lel.l:I,lJ nun n un - E , r' 3 - it 1.1 7 ZZ 9 -EEE QQSEEEQHE 3 H41 5 FN EL A ' 'FEEEEH'-E75 l"4"'7W" 3:5-EEE :'5?:' ,' -I I -:5:Ei':E'-E I Adm my . .manage W fm Z ,D mmm, Q N i f ,wtf D jmlmmum me 4 .4 mdfl WW! -WW fs- nm ml m . W m W rm W 2 WW M s U l N ml Y ' Q' ff P""'lH n itil eq W E We 53 fi m 'Q was W 'f was ' ' 'U' Im '9 i'951I5 Q Fjsfflugvis Q nm w Wcinss -, f W -F ,A G, 132 Qlllf W Wet, .um 4 W -. 1981 ,Q LM yu H c ass Z 9 as cuxsi 476, tLn5S V ,,f,m,,,,, '55 -. - L55 57, l. f . , E Z NU U15 KX kai tQcl9'lE1E ssh A L. - dm QQ "Wil A W, ., E ... Sf W ev ff MV'-' Ima- fs ! -1 Qs We 50. wwf' Hr' gl nr' H9984 a ,A I ' lll"uUf-., """ilD.f'xx's!,7 ' I , ' ' Mzrrfffm., 0' - -QT 'cl ' "7ili"7I0W: ll -f WX r. The Upper Campus in 2000 A. D. if the present regime continues. 391 Keeley, Neckerman 86 Kessenich DRY GOODS P. F. 1-IARLOFF ELECT- Contractor IHCALl D l l Electrical b Electrical I WORK' Supplies C A R P E T S Electric and Combination IVIILLINE RY ,-, FIX - URES 15 and 17 Noffh Are late hours conducive-Continued. 301 St?-W Pinckney Street Street MADISON, MADISON, l A I ao ocloex K! STEAM LAUNDRY Agents Wanted in all towns WISCONSIN il! PALACE OF STASQI? ST Fine Candies, Conlections,De- licious lces. Nearest Parlors in the City. Bitter Sweets. Th b Ch l cl , , , e est ocoates ma e. W1th1n two hundred rmles. MADISON, WISCONSIN Mail Orders Promptly Filled In Steam Glass Prof. Bull-" Take to the bottom of page 216 for the next lesson. " Abbott Cawakening suddenlyj-" How 392 far did you say we would skip ! 0 Large Bod of people do not understand how low price and high quality can go hand in hand. Our store is an example of the energy and enterprise that makes this possible. Our stock of miscellaneous books, station- ery, fountain pens, etc., was never better, never more complete than now. No better goods are made or sold at any price and much poorer goods are sold for higher prices. Our stock of University text books and sup- plies is the best in town. Solid satisfaction given away free with every purchase. College Book Store 425 State Street MADISON, WIS. L FIII rd Bl'OS.' HI S163 Gund? J ,jf 3. I 75, I- ..'A:f: .... .... X- If ff ' fff"" ., f "x hqffqf ,.,. .1 ..'-Y Mm , f--""' WL 5.5-75'-I W ' M. , ....... .F4 I"-IJ." -KA.-at--,-' E THE LARGEST WORK WILL AND MOST COMPLETE LAUNDRY BE CALLED FOR IN ANY PART 0F IN 'IIIE CITY 'IIIE CITY WE WILL GUARANTEE AND DELIVERED SATISFACTION PROMPILY LACE : CURTAIN PARTIES DESIRING ANY FIND IT TO THEIR ADV II3 81 II5 N. CARROLL ST. S : A : SPECIALTY WORK IN OUR LINE WILL ANTAGE TO CALL ON US MADISON, WIS. 394 "I notice," said the new assistant librarian, "that some people turn down the corner of the leaf to find the place and others turn down State street for the same purpose." . Mr. and Mrs. C. Onnedout ' Announce the First Semester Examinations of their Son, WILLIE From Feb. 3 to Feb. 9 inclusive. At home after Feb. llth, Milwaukee, Wis. Zbess Problem TO MATE IN Two MOVES. John moves his arm around Julia's neck, She moves one square and whispers check, He, nothing daunted, moves right straight His lips to hers and calls out "mate." SOLUTION. Poor julia yields to loves restraints Sighs, blushes, palpitates and faints. "Strauss you must stop getting drunk. Do you know Where people go who get drunk ?" "Yes, to Tommy's." AT THE HOP. "May I dance with you to-night?" "You may tryf' - "Give me liberty or give me breath" as a Hall girl had occasion to remark not long ago to a certain young man, as they sat on the stone seat near the lake. "Father," said Walton Pyre to his paternal ancestor, "I have long desired to go on the stage and I have come to ask your consent to do so." "My son," dryly responded Papa Pyre, "all the world's a stage. Now you go down stairs, get the lawn-mower and cut the grass on that part of the world known as our front yard." The engagement lasted two days but it was not a continuous performance. ' 'Poker" Niles wanted some stamps, so he started for the Post-Ofiice. On the way he became involved in a mental game of poker. Arrived at the stamp window he planked down a dime and went on with his game. "Well, what is it?" asked the clerk. "Three trays and an acef' muttered Niles still in the game. The clerk looked up, saw who it was, betook a look of pity unto himself and handed over three 3-cent and one 1-cent stamps. 395 3 as a C a c a c I c I c 5 c za c I 5 c I c a c za c .IE 6 ic ering. A. use 2 GYODQS: if 2 and other Q 2 mllSlC . g I 0, ...Pianosc 13171317 17171719 VIOLINS, GUITARS BANJOS 4 IVIANDOLINS, ETC. 6 S EVERYTHING S c IN THE 6 5 MUSICAL LINE 5 C C 3 5 E STATE AGENTS FOR 'BLASIUS 8: SONS, ALBRECHT E 2 AND REGENT PIANOS 5 5 Mail orders receive prompt attention. S c Send us your orders for Sheet Music. One-half oif on all rnusic. c 5 It will pay you to correspond with us when you Want a Piano. 5 No Music House carries a better line or will give better prices. C 3 5 C C Groves-Barnes Music Co. 3 South Pinckney Street MADISON, WIS. iD1,V171.Y171?171.V 4'l171717171.V171? a c 3 c a c 3 c c c I c a c a c a c a c c a c a a 2 I-4 r-4 5' G saga crgocr m,,,,-,rn U v--D Sign 'BWV' Em,-bg o :sg-:rg rfpdihfn rrlfmre- oaqog ws.-. 3018.0 faq' ,T Dig rp v-if-f Q. ,.... H 38 5' . wg QQ For the Prof. will never call on you, XV hen you've bucked with all your might, And surely when you want a car There's never one in sight. 396 WARNER'S U 2 A7 97 MUSIC STORE EL, ESTABLISHED 1875 ALXVAYS THE SAME ll XV. W. XV A R N E R Sole Owner :incl Proprietor N. 15. Van Slyke. President Wayne Ramsay, Cashier M. F. Fuller, Vice President M. C. Clarke, Assistsnt Cashier FIRST NATIONAL BANK MADISON, VVIS. DEPOSITORY OE THE U N ITE D STATES CAPITAL - - - 900,000 SURPLUS - - - 100,000 IQNMI' has been a change in name or firm 13 ---l-- na DI R ECTO RS N. B. VanSlyke M- E. Fuller B. J. Stevens W. F. Vilas J. E. Moseley F-. F. Proudiit - - VVayue Ramsay I .- nuns in ' . ' -Q -, .xx. I .- -- .. I Are late hours conducive-Continued. K E., X AGENT FOFI Knox Hats H 0'f-lurk Manhattan Shirts , Barker's Collars and Cuffs SIDNEY P. RUNDELL HIGH CLASS .... anter and Mens Furnlsnsr 7 EAST MAIN STREET 'Phone 728 li F . H. OTTO DEALER IN Stationery and Periodicals Cigars and Tobacco I Agent for the Famous Sterling and Crescent Bicycles 228 STATE STREET " Carroll Street is bad," Said a little lad. " The next is Fair, child," Said a parson mild. 397 , J.M0m-oe Weil8zCo. T rostle 81 Rosen MAKERS OF DEALERS IN FANCY CUTS OF FRESH : :AND SALTED : : Garments M EATS for Men All kinds of Sausaues,Poul1:ru,enc. Boarding house trade catered to at Lowest Prices 114 GFHUU BVCUUC 712 UNIVERSITY AVENUE ,gg 'Sf Are late hours conducive-Continued. llbtlwauhee, PEQOILE Wisconsin. CLEANING PH O N E PRESSING I 725 REPAIRING X5 CD VL OILIOLK CD If CHN SUIT YQ TO PERFECTION Fine Clothing is the uniform of success and prosperity. However, to be smartly dressed does not mean to be expensively dressed. A little money goes a long way Where good taste and judgement are used. Our made-to-order suits are praised by all because they are models of everything that clothing should be in style, material, fit and price. ZFXCH THE THILOIQ One Hall girl to another, "Don't see why that Sorority took her in, she isn't pretty, she isn't wealthy, she isn't pleasant." Other Hall girl, " She was a stranger and they took her in. " 398 E. R. CURTISS iiii E Photographer E x- - . ... Yffii a E u 'R'- ffa C W I T 'A X. Alle- ' 24 . . . ,. X ,, 'N V 1-gm i it I it I 424.115 Q i , an f A T ,Tc T I -N x f qi 1 fa.. t"' .Q T - hwtii -'lil'-' '. 1' .Z "ful ,, - 1a VILAS BLOCK L. J. OSTI N FINE TAILORING Are late hours conducive-Continued. Madison STATE STREET Wa. z'.ss'T"'f 9' E CHICAGO - F-'53, The Finest yffff Tailoring ' A Q ' l f Patronage Establishment 'A N solicited - . 11:01. o'f.lof.K in the City Q I A Y New York Store C O Q DRY ga, Gooos es. .Ai AND be-' CARPETS 302 Madison Madison State Street Wis. xiiclgiigilxg before ,Fi Michigan at end ig of first half Partly overthrown Michigan completely N overthrown QUAMMEN, DANIELSON 84 MUELLER Fine Tailors I' CLOIHIERSAND MEN'S FURNISHIRS Clothes Cleaned and Pressed 23 SOUTH PINCKNEY4 STREET 'Phone 435 BUY YOUR SHOES You will never regret it and always buy more, for their shoes Cannot be beat in quality, prices, and slyfes. and will not We . ing, and use the best leather. Come and have your shoes mended to wear in wet weather. You will find the place in illii Qoilifniiefitdiiiilf ,li iii? Uiiliiiig Elf? They do jizze repaz'r- 65.5 4- Cl lil f J. J. BL'BLL,ssBAcH. - .- ll- 6' fw l l Crfhflkalgj Q I lx' 'I Qrffew fig CH.-XS. F. KLETSCH ' Co. H Proprietors CO 5' C Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE Fraternity Emblems Fraternity jewelry Fraternity Novelties Fraternity Stationery Fraternity Invitations Fraternity Announcements Fraternity Programs Send for Catalogue and Price List. Special Designs on Application. 140- 142 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich. Republican ouse HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS WHEN IN THE CITY Milwaukee, Wis. The School of Music recitals are music racks. 400 The George Brumder,' ' ...Book Department... B k S 11 , s?Sli0n3 'r Che . O Printer and Binder, llbhotograpber Sheep Binding "Standard Dictionaryw Indexed 228.50 17 west fmaill Street Catalogue for postal Germania mug., MILWAUKEE, wus. -rf-l' Law student to member of Badger Board. " Well, how's the Badger getting on ? Member of B. B. " Oh, Iim working hard to get off the Board." Law Student. " See here, didn't you work hard to get on ? " BUNDE Si UPMEYER MARQUETTE . . .JEWELERS. . . CO. MANUFACTURER P I2 N Carroll St. COHCQCQ have a choice selection of L N gL?Zt:,ndBadges Spring and Summer Suitings a complete line of English T ' at 'c e Designs and samples cheerfully sent rousenngs pn es V ry upon application' reasonable. Call and see. Pabst Building, MILWAUKEE C. G. SWANSOM Prop. Driver says he wishes the girls next door would stop playing a " Hot Time " and play something new as his doctor has recommended a change of air. 401 M9S?39SQQ5SQ?2l ewish tn this manner to thank the Yacultv and Students of the University of wisconsin for their patronage and many favors, and to sau that we Will reciprocate bV gluing them our best efforts in slttll and prices in the future. Cracp Gibbs 85 Co., Printers and Publishers. M 'EIII' A more elaborate program has been outlined for the coming year than ever before, but it is impossible to announce a long list of articles intended for publica- tion, because it has ever been the aim of the management to publish only articles and stories of timely interest. 'run LEADING wmrms ox srmmxu summers w1t.L FURNISH THEIR BEST WORK. AND WE TAKE PLEASURE IN ANNOUNCING THE FOl,I,t.lWlNG LIST OF 1900 CON- TRIBUTORS. I-111. W. Sandys. Frank Risteen. W. B. Leftingwell, Paul Eve Stevenson. John E. Finney, Thus. N. Arnold, T. S. Yun Dyke, Wm. C. Hnrris. T. Philip Terry. Sara Beaumont kennedy, Francis J. Hugcn, Capt. .L .l, Kericnly. H. Percy Ashley, Malcolm W. Ford, Walter Ftuup. .l. Parmly Paret, Charles Turner, H. W. Huntington. Gertrude lvl. Cunclill. and Chase Mellen. Antoni: Illc illustrators fully Ive ulcntionetl' Peurluyn Stun- laws, l-'redcric Remington. Curl ltuuguis, Jas. L. Weston, Alex. J. Rummler. Albert Henckc, nn-,l P. W. Read. Sendfor Illustrated Prosperius and Sample Copy. The subscription price of OUTING is 33.00 per year. 25c per copy of ull newstlealcrs. THE OUTING PUBLISHING C0 'S 239 FIFTH AVENUE - NEW YORK cCdCIlQI"5 GVIIIMSIIIII1 ZIGSS Harriet Stewart conducting class. One, two, three, inspire, Four, ive, six, expire. Ch mil JAMES' E. MOSELEY, SIICCCSSOI' I0 ' ' Unzfverszfy lltelson Ss Chomas Photography in all its branches. Bookseller Up to date sittings. Latest finish and card mountings. I 9 S' PINCKNEY Special attention to amatuer finishing. Gives terms, prices on all books and supplies. N0. 26 W. Mifflin St. EAU CLAIRE DAILY LEAQTER, T' F FRA WLg,,ify,ff5g,d6,,,t. Eau Claire. Wis. " Out of the mouths of babes " 402 Pony Pr mo 0. 6 The Most S ucce ssful Camera of the Season Premo lag- f i 1 Price 58.00 Cameras u 5 , is , ri and have lens and xi , i ' 1 Ng' xg V' ' upwards shutter better 1 -A iii'- 1 g , jv f ' i ' X J i than furnished i ii S , 'Z i ' " 3 9' 5 i 'im Q with other l If Y - T' i 1 T Cafa19su? 011 hand cameras 4 1: 916 n application s s 'U-iiifr . "wax ,,,! ,l.,,I,lMi.'Ll,liI'-'v1'ilgj,i,.iil """i'ii RGCHESTER OPTICAL CO. South Street, ROCHESTER, N. Y. I dou't see the idea in that light " as Burke said when he run into a Normalz'1fe." F. W. CURTISS Photographer 1 Developing and Printing for Amateurs done at reasonable rates. Over 23 East Plain Street MADISON, WIS. or M ,1a'1f'fai,'iP' if"3'fiN'liiiii31'Tll'iii!il"i'uiiiiigigf'i'1,ifz1Qsg3i1g'i T 'EQV L F 'ijiifiqailijgggTi1 -ggifiiffjiVL' ttii : W tiit ffyglgy iiii ij, ,xgjq . 4.-. ? ,iii 2 7 . ' qgiga - - . 'f' ,s ff. Qfi will 1-bi Q 'ik' L i "'i i 1 ,fish Q MADISON, WIS. They were discussing Main Hall as .they walked up the hill and the girl from Milwaukee said "That,s a bird of a bu1lding.' "Impossible, said the girl from Ashland it has but one wing." 403 Q STATE STREET LIVERY BROWN Sz, NEVIN THE STUDENTS' FAVORITE LIVERY We understand the needs of students in the livery line and can furnish everything but " ponies." . OUR SPECIALTIES Up-to-dzitesingle and double driving rigs I t St. 8 Fine party carriages Service prompt to the minute The only eight passenger trap 1n the city a' 5 N N Experienced drivers Tele hone Single and Double Traps P Miss Scribner QFellow in Greekj "Who do you think is the best fellow on the Hill? " Freshman. " XVell-I don't know, who do you think " ? Miss Scribner fblushinfzl "I am." Q wEBsTER's INTERNATIONAL DICTIO wsasrsrrs WERNATIONAL A Dictionary of ENGLISH Biography Geography, Fiction, etc. Wliuthcttci' lllYLSII11LIlt can be IIVILIL lll'l1l in ul copy of the ' I11IfC1'I1tl.fl0ll'll? I, hiqroy 'il qu-:rio volumc is ai vast L'IO1'6llOllS6 ofi'-1lu'1ble info1'm'Lliol1 '1l'l"lI'l' ul in -L convenient form for ll'IIlll. Lyn 'incl iuind. It is inorc widely usul -.4 .:i-1urlu1'1l 2l1ltllOl'Ilylll'lIl -my otha 1' I,llCII0ll'l1'y ' in tht worlcl. lt :lmulrl be in every llOll.fl,ll0lIl. I 1 W Q eQ5:q:- mm K Also Webster s Collegiate Dictionary with a Scottish Gloxary, etc. - - 'I .I -- . Y lfirst class in quality, second alas in size."-Niclzolas Murray Butler. : ' I Specimen pages, elc., nl bull: book: sen! on applrkatzb DICTIONARY , i i , , ' , . , , . 1 , , GET A L f- N f. . it ,N N , , ,THE 1 L T1 K l x 'x't ll 'QW L X - L- . . 1 . BEST .Q - s ci uw Xl! ' U L' G. SL C. MERRIAM CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., U. S. A. X sv. iu x X X Cantwell lllx IX l Publisher :' , ,F Pamphlet work KN Q2 ur N me rex- 'V E .N 2 ima -.r -. -I . El' ll 'RTE 1131- iii "' I l' E "T EN E will k i- lil I law Blank Qlllla K- i I, fill ll lv' 2, '- Catalogue and I l ' S I, I 1 l:f"1:5?5:"Tf 'T mi HW 7 M' -:r""!Tl Pri nti n g . AND . I1-.1 B 1 n d I ng Flat Op-img Blank Books a specialty no-1:4 King Sr. MADISON, wls. In the German Glass Professor--Translate: Die Schiiler haben sich um den Lehrer gesetzt. Bright Co-ed '02-The pupils have seated themselves on the teacher. 404 SE - Sk HIIGYIIQDS at fall? . 403409 Sanborn, Luse Sz Ellis -lones Sz Stevens Gilbert Sc'-laekson Richmond Sc Smith Erdall Sz Swansen A. W. Anderson Bashforcl, Aylwarcl Sz Spencely Edward Zu Troan Gilbert E. Roe Rufus B. Smith Fehlandt 84 Potter Harper 8: Winterbotham Olin 84 Butler Herman Pfund Tenny, Hall 85 Tenny Buell 8z Hanks Frank M. Wootton Allen R. Bushnell Bird Sa Rogers john Ollis B. Stevens SB S The students all admire him. He really was a star " Some day, young man " John Olin said " You'11 stand before the bar." just ten short years have passed him by, How short 1ife's hours are, Instead of standing up before He stands behind the bar. 405 , ,IHQISQ Positions Photographer Secured 195. G 4-Ryan ' " . ,, .4 ve 3. We aid those who want GOVERNMENT POSITIONS. S5,ooo places under Civil Service Rules. 8,000 yearly appointments. Prepares by mail for all Government examinations. Fees cash or install- ments. A thorough and scientific course in all departments. Requires spare time only. Salar- ies tgvice as much as private for the same kind of work. The hours of labor are short, duties light, positions for life. Take our course of study and we guarantee that you will pass the Civil Service Examinations. Write fenclosing Stamp, for Catalogue describing course to FINEST WORK IN ALL Bureau of Civil Service STYLES GUARANTEED Il15tl'UCti0n 23 s. Pincknev sr., - madison, wis. Wdshingtvrl, D- C- in German Class. Miss Peste translating: " They accuse you of making debts, courting the ladies I! and doing other devilish things. LL SAVED Lewis' Family Cough Syrup Time Should be used Labor in every house Health Money Cures Coughs By using the Celebrated Wheeler 85 Wil- and son No. 9. It pays to get the best. cows Prevents Consumption 8. In Use Nearly zo Years. Manufacturing Co' Try it. 5oc Per Box at 80 and 82 Wabash Ave. , , C 1-1 1 C A G 0 Lewis Drug Store Charles I is said to have badly needed an axeident insurance policy. Frederick ' W Kehl Q , .III MAglTER ,. 1 DANCING J , , n 399-311 if ' t L A v Q Joliison Street is-Xia 0 1 -C ,5f,ifii'IR .7 X V :I F3417 'llmcnqn ,,.,,. won I Madison, - Wis. FINE BOWLING AI.lEYS IN CONNECTION State Supervisor of American National Association of Teachers of Dancing of United States and Canada DECORATING FOR RECEPTIONS, WED- INGS AND FUNERALS A SPECIALTY CIPlIIIRiDCIIINISII1IIIRIIIrIIIlU8I3 Xlidiafvife S5355 Plants Zut Flowers and 'fIOI'dI OQSIQIIS MBE' :a"K4'1XEQfTS ..932-936 SPAIGHT STREET.. MADISON, WIS. Inzvuonz 119 'QI H . J B BAKER f o 0 'QA ,, ,,VV 3, . ff' V Dennis: Mendota Block MADISON, WIS. 'jjj f We Q. DR. E. J. HANAN ..Dentist.. No. 3 West Main St. Madison, Wis. DR. E. I-I. DREWS ..6EM UNION INSTRUMENTS.. SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS IN Construction, Material and Finish HUNION" PIVOT JOINT Strongest and Most Dur- able Joint made. War- ranted to last a Lifetime. MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF' DRAWING MATERIALS IN THE WEST SRECIAI. TERMS T0 STUDENIS Office Hours, 9-I2 A.M., I:3O-5 P. M. E U G E D T Z N C O' No. 25 East Main st. Res. Prim 629 '8'c:'E'1'2'g fffet MADISON' WIS' 224 page Catalogue on Application Mr. Esterly, at the blackboard, cannot get his example in Algebra, so he eats chalk to while away the time. Prof, Van Velzer, looking around: "That's all rlht, Esterlyg keep right on, some day you will be a white man." 407 The Petley Company iLEADING SHIRT MAKERS Pajamas Bath Robes Made Night Robes tg Shirt Waists Measure Underwear The Petley Company 426 Milwaukee St Milwaukee Wis. AUG.6lB9B THE ORIGINAL AND Genuine PRESIDENT susPEN DER EVERY PAIR SOLD WITH A GUARANTEE The inventorof the "President" Suspeuder has skillfully combined in xt every desirable feature, making it the most PRACTICA L and STY- LISH Suspender ever offered. If your dealer does not have them we will send you a pair for 50 Cents- The C. A. Edgarton Mfg. Co. Box N0.I40 SHIRLEY, MASS. Iulius Zehnter ..... Company Dealers in Dry Goods and Notions ....LEADERS IN POPULAR PRICES... 27 South Pinckney Street Madison, Wis. ST ' as YXBRTFORDG , QOQJB 1' OQ ' .L 6 5- . T e 2 0 Q, 77 ' 0 Coma QVANDINS THO R0 U CH INSPECTIO NS AND Insurance against Loss or Damage to Property and Loss of Life and Injury to Persons caused by STEAM BUILER EXPLOSIUNS J. M, ALLEN. President XVM. B, FRANKLIN, Vice-President F. B. ALLEN. Second Vice-President J B. PIERCE. Secretary L. B. BRAINERD. Treasurer I.. F, MIDDLEBROOK, Asst. Secretary " Prof. O'Shea Cto pedagogy classj-How many of you were taught by this method in the grades? CLadies all vote in the negative.j XVel1, wonderful changes have taken place in the last quarter of a century. 408 Peoples Capital Tailoring Co. 5 use 457 T srifz-rf'-i?S'?w'E' Fine W. H.I?igg1'ELER, Tailoring ' at Popular Prices - SUNDAY DINNERS BANQUETS l AT 5:30 P. M. ,,,, A All the wlru Music SPECIALTY Newest Things in Tl" Woolens 250,252 Milwaukee madison West Water St. WIS Wig. "This is a sweet piece of business " as the chairman said when he paid for the admission tickets of Literary committee to the Palace of Sweets." ,,..,. ,xg x IX i f A N E' XM K I' g f f he if 4 i t if 1 fknz wk 'ggi 'Q 355- Ry X ,, 'ff' 1 jyigyoii m fggffi 1 i f fl? 1 K ffl! U X XX K ffxfljdfiffi 1 gtgffflffwfn 1 X fjfL':Z,igf,ff! ff W' 2 I X If rf fi! ,ff M wwf fwf f X L' if fy sex T E , ' 1, s i?-fl A i ts 55,541 f " Iwi:-. .f. ' ci 1 ft' A M 512 .M f' 5.5: N - .- - 'Q ' 'X WT- f e m .- ,li 1511? l . 2,1 ' W4 is it-.5'f'fidi 'f-i:.5"Q'. ' - x ' .e i f.:-XY. wr ' K vi 1 if f My-.6 ", 'nfiff 3 --,--.s:1 '4z5:z, qf is Ri Min "5 ' ' , fyff f 5-,X Q '-211, ,V-."" . , ii XFX Mft ,f A ,1"1..f4.5'wd ' -it s WM f iw ! -.,v ,W N 49 5 . .vie WRX H' ' ,f 9,2 ""'- '2-., .,-..1.. . 2' ' 'wi R i gffi ig' N -gn' ' 25 il ' Milli Sfiiiii "if ur- -I- , ii F .iii fri W V, ff, I,r'5QQ, 2 ul 2? fy, :ii Hifi - it 2 ' f, 1f 'f TL-iw -New H w if' M ' ' fi -A fr fu it - I-,Y ff .. ni frydf, , S M ' If . 2 ff ' I ij3' 1 !.i 20,1 Q Wi-31 ' " .' H " 77' f' ' M 1 V VA 1 ff 'if' 2, j .av ffilvnifkfqi ffl, , , yt, :fm ZIW if .1 vga' My z1'Ly.fl,l1ff,, M M w- 2, rf f gf 1, , ,J I w' I .V A J qw s. A 2 'f W :W ff ff- 1 1? ' H"-ZA . F W Wi . 'J'-' W' .2 m ls! flQi',',i1y IMI- ii 'gf 1 , Wi N, ' 'Nc ij!" "r lW1'f?'.f i 5' " f ' ,V ' 'ik +I- 14-, .f E X! V204-'f,:l ' MONARCH BICYCLES Monarch Light Roadsters 340.00 Monarch Roadster-s, S30 .00 King and Queen Roadsters, 525.00 Monarch Bevel Gear Chainless 560.00 AGENTS EVERYWHERE American Bicycle Co. MONARCH SALES DEPARTMENT Lake, Halsted and Fulton Sts. Chicago Eastern Branch, 20 Warren St. NEW YORK RIDE A MONARCH AND KEEP IN FRONT Smith and Haver out hunting. Smith. "Say Haver, have you taken out a license ? " Haver. " No, I'1l wait until I catch a deer Cdearj before I take out a license." 409 n1cAc.oaNoRTn-Wfsifnw RAILWAY CST ll Mft ORY EE.6'cMY. RR s.c.s'Zi'1" fix RN U ESTE ,NORTH n l The Pioneer Line West and Northwest of Chicago and the Most Direct Route from Madison Milwaukee Duluth Pierre Fond du Lac St. Paul Sioux City Oshkosh Minneapolis Clinton Green Bay VVinona Cedar Rapids Menominee La Crosse Des Moines Ashland Huron Marshalltown Council Bluffs Deadwood Salt Lake City Gmaha Denver Los Angeles San Francisco Portland Chicago and All Points East "Quickest Time" ,,The Big? 01??3Tfg5ithiug,, "Best of Service" ll. R. MCCULLOUGII, 3d Vice-Pres. W. B. KNISKERN, G. P. 8: T. A. CHICAGO, ILL. 410 63 in lllinois Wisconsin Iowa 3 Miles of Thoroughly Equipped Road , Minnesota South Dakota North Dakota Missouri and the Peninsula of Michigan GEO I-I HEAFFORD P L HINRICHS G IP g Ag F gh dP g Ag Ch g Md 411 5 1' 'ws-Qffmf'-ffnafn W'' if ,EP A 139551 .QQ 3 Q gtg Z!f'3fF X NN a s 416695319 x F gm a,l'?44 E .ff NI wmv gi is L. E 9 Y WA WE MAKE PLATES .j5"0!Zj PHOTOS ago' ' If 5 f DRAWIN G5f2rPR1N'1'ING ILLUSTRATIONS " R? WRITE US ABOUT YOUR FW ANNU LfC DXLOGUE ' TELL US THE SIZE WNUMBER OF PLATES You WANTAND WE LL QUOTE You PRICES WEARE WQEAXERQ 5Z.,l?l1QQl.?.4E,T9JSS 1.9! DQLQEN QBAYLNHEQ K5 M fm' 'IG -V if, ' Q J:i...,.. ,H .lb-Wim,-. wasp, 9345 V51-2.519 H: xv..-,V ---rf: 1-V,-5-11:11.-:M-g:fg:: 1v.f1.g- in 1:-' 41,3 L , " fr: ' , 4 -.'-5, ,Fm -' wff 4. - .- Q fzggfg' a!. . 1 1 :-E awk.. ,mg - v',?,',f,5, 'f'H,y,! ---X X- ' ah, ,.'--,:.m-1gL'-- . ,f AL:-' "':,:1,:,2iu3,1x'f-1 - 1 5,12 ,V 'f.,- " H" :4. -, - -:T-'Qi' -1-551312.-,-.., ' E-. ...-gf f. "Q:-14.3" ,we EE3 ,iq ' ' , 9 'fin .-,,.fg131,ggq.g-M3 3 A ,.z1iQ59' Q VT "fi , N H- H':ff: .fw: .Www-.L'f ' .,:', , 4 , . 0: -'fag fp .rfb-Z '1- , 'K f r. , Q"-.sf'ff'j'7'.'f A I - - : g "'Se.5,,f.L",: " 12 ER : Pig-fs 'N' . 1 - F F' f if " -S ,img .W -zqjgff, dig' 1 ' ' ,ni ' . X .: gawf f' A I ,JK - .N R --x . 1- ,Nr - ..,f ,,q.gx I f E A 1 QA 4 1 U ,F ,Alf wi if t-I-,5 Rvfgwk - X AA. . . ,. E V ., f-. if I I' -, xii Es N Jr A' 9111 '.,,, -- -, ,, - ' l" .:".f .,':'f .Q . 2-331 1 x ' 'ni sf-:Ci ga ij, L, 54.53 fl. f' qv -ff -- rf .- f --f fo P" Af? F. EEST -.ff L 5951 I , --L',.:--.,j- , g 'i . ' . 01 74.1 :,'1' 'A Ll T.. if L:f'L"i N - ,hn zjw 2 r EC ' ' , Qi.-'14 -11--1 1"l N ' sl -' . H 1- -' ' ., . ., - '. '- . 'f X , :Q gf f. ' ,, '- S - ,mi il -if"i.,:1yCQf:fE -.x :fi -ir Q . 'W'--f-p4'?A'f"' ' P ..::LL:.....f..m-.L,, tgsfiw J .5 9 . ' ' P.w.l':yp,.wX . I . .' :wr - ,.,,, M , . wi. A 1131 I,-F V21-' ff .rf -,?'51.1?:1 I 7" Ji" , .1 'frp?fE:?,f"' --I 1 , 11, 1515 57,5 5 -1 - Y W, ' Q QSM f . . 1:- 1 'ahh 1?-3f"'1A':2f1"..g'.' :-9 L.1., V . ' 'I ' -' ri :1241.'55 swq3f,5.:, X . 7 126.751 lf' 'UNK X I v' ,.x:". ,EfaQ+,f 1 ' X 5 'Q ', F J1 e 1f,.25L-E1-zg jxzzfiv' .1- -Azz? - ms: Q A-,Ea 0 Lg- 5 ,' EMC f'.T:fif3f?:-T1 . F" ,.,.J - 1:-wr .n-:fiff.f,w1:1ff.:f1.EN-54. we Eiga. ' 155?5.:s.::,iff!- Q. ' - Psi' -',-'bfiivfi-.'-"FmR am,-11: 1 1 4- ffiffiw' 7 .,p: ',3lr-.,'f:::' asf, .,,. .,f"7-J-I , '- . alxigrf. 7? ' 'X I' Ei: . .5 Q 'lffff' "Q ? 5'::15:'1iG?. 1 419 K5lZ4."?.'+k9l4':'5l2..5KZ4':"3.4!i5XlE5?l 'Z . . ' 1 The University Co-Operative Co. Founded in I892 .. Capital 35,000.00 .. l325 Shareholders 5 If 5' We are a stock company organized and controlled by the students and professors ofthe University. M Our object is to furnish supplies and accommodations W to the students. 5 Goods are sold at moderate prices which does away with the bookseller? exorbitant prices ofthe past. Some of the the things we did last year : Gave to the shareholders 11 dividend of eight hun- M .Ir-00 101100. W Gave two hundred dollars to college publications for advertising, Subscribed twenty-live dollars to the crew-fund. R Secured sixty-three positions for deserving students enabling them to gain support. M Every student should lend us his or her support. W Call and learn our methods. 5 Present Officers and Board of Directors me Prof. L. S, SMITH, President. M HARRY ADAMS, 'oo, Vice-President. W T. S. IVIORRIS, Manager. 5 Bomm or DIRzcToRs: Dr. B. H. MEYER Prof. E. A. BIRGE H WALTER ALEXANDER, Instructor W JOHN BARR, 799 JAY BALDWIN, 799 C. D. TEARSE, 'oo W. B. CLARK, 'oo V ERNST GREVERUS, 'oo A R. B. PEASE, 'oo JOHN BARNEY, ,OI W. D. BUCHHOLZ, ,OI LLOYD G. SPENCER, '00 GEO. A. POLLY, 00 g 'A The Co-Op. has on hand a complete si 0 ' Mail Orders 'Z Ime of College Supplies 0.00.0 Q Some rare old numbers of-IOINT DEBATES and M COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT ANNUALS5 Q BANKING QUESTION, ALQSUQ RAILWAY POOLING, nge", IMMIGRATION QUES- .4 TION, 'f9I." gs 504-506 STATE STREET gk ZIQZRQEZXEEZXEQTXEMXE-M3591 413 THE IVIQFR ITY WIS C O N ' Sifuafion of ihe Unifoersity Organization Library and Laboratory Facilifies Facilities for Physical Training Conditions of Admission HE University extends along the north Shore of Lake Men- dota more than a mile. In point of beauty the site is unsurpassed, if not unequaled. The campus contains 240 acres, besides an athletic field known as Camp Randall, of 42 acres. On the lower campus are the Gymnasium and the Historical Library building, 0 O O The College of Letters and Science - - The College of Mechanics and Engineering The College of Agriculture ---- The College of Law ----- Tl S l 1 f Phe 79 Professors and Instructors 42 Professors and Instructors 25 Professors and Instructors I4 Professors and Instructors 23 Professors and Instructors I7 Professors and Instructors xr Professors and Instructors 7 Professors and Instructors le C 100 0 'll'l'll3C-Y ---- The School of Economics - - The School of Music - The School of Education 0 Q 0 I-IE completion of the new Historical Library building on University grounds, in which will be placed the University library, will afford unsurpassed accommodations for the use of students. The number of volumes contained in the libraries here collected will be about 250,000. 0 0 0 HE Gymnasium, 200 feet long, 100 feet wide, and three stories high, affords probably the best accommodations to be found in the country. Besides offices, locker-rooms, lecture rooms, shower and tub baths, bowling alleys, and rooms for other special gymnastic work, it contains a swimming tank 80 feet long by 28 feet wide, a running-track of eleven laps to the mile, a ball cage, and a general gymnasium 165 feet long by 96 feet wide. 0 0 TUDENTS are admitted either by certificate of graduation from an accredited high school, or upon examination. For detailed information address the Deans of the respective colleges, or XV. D. Hiestand, Registrar of the University. 4l4 5? m , KENTZLER BROS. LIVERY 1iY Et f ag:-. if-.- H +' - - Q-:iff 3? - -N - TE' ra 4 ' 3 E -r us:2?!f:9' , if 'iff "G " v -P --- -QF.. ,- 412 f .J - -- Ill life :-':a:22!!!lgL'S 'Q ,- . JJ 'E' EJ? A 5 S iifilEE553E5. f 11 111556 : '?'k - - f RK :Ee 75:23 .- --2155:-621' ?-dial-L, ii: Z.-.Sl""' i I ' Y '-'Q I 6 L 1 g :5-sf' Q - f , ? I . 7' ,.- 2 .4..- Z his Badger is one oi a limiled edi: tion which was compiled and edited in ll2adison,LLlis.,and aone into tppe ar the College Book:Shop of marsh 84 Grant, Chi: cago, in the month Of map, IDD C C C C...

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