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F 07EfWA'i2D KELKEYYWFSKQQ 1 Q EFX Che 1900 3 cl SQ . , A -1 ky f kljgf PIIDHSDCCI by the HIIMOI' Glass Of the Ulll92l'SlW of wlSC0l1Slh WNHNUIWQI' ml'QCii0ll or IDC l900 BBCIQCI' BORYGOIICCOO Co U72 WISCOIISHI Sflldklll, Ibt editors YQSDQCIIUIID dedi- cate IDIS b00k M 2 L' 1 'n 'nu 1'- n .r V1 .un -.agiiii ..,,!':,!lI' W .tl x ul N..- mm 14 ,f umm' ,,. 1 In .U ,Ju diff! .. 4' 41. T .JM ' Egg, .N M.L1" A I. M 5 .W 2 .LIL ARD' M 'A Q ' - ' V,' ix 51 ,:'n,""nuH . 4 ' Y I1 fffff'I2::I . ' in U7 ,mf 1 'ya' 623, 'PJ ff + 'EIJWF5 ' A , W if Q 'WW f :lrlf'::if: f I -U-- f A gmtza QQ + M W W Q M + 'iw a f Z9 ' 4 X jy, , -TQHJEY ' . ' I - ' will xi ' 60W k QLUQLW 'W ' ff-Qfvf 1 Mi? A454142 5-my HW ' ff Q A V MMM "M A Q f?L if A, qi, . ifiiiii 41 ' ".1! 1 'nulin ,,..' '- J . 5' 1 VM-W 21 - Qzmm' ,firm - ms. ffm- XX .9 W' H hmmm Ya W ',gf!QELgfxQ . - , 3 X3 4? ... . M- W' 'mf WW Qff f ' ' -N09X.Xg 1 NPSFBQ A WQZZMW fx H 4 .i k 5 w iimxsi ' 17 1 f xk ig ijii-lff I rv 1. nw? - X W. ,J r 'N 31'. F' fl I ' To all who read this little hook, A greetin gl sx L- 2 'Tis but a, glimpse of college life With all its joys and sorrows rife, With all the Work and all the play, 'Qt' e 42? f . :va 5 r .xxx f 1 That go toward making up a day ' 44? So fleeting. 75? if , , ei If With gladsome heart and willing hand, With every power at our command, With labor great, with genius small, We gladly send again to all A greeting. x 4' X I ' -f'5 '-. qu 1. : . X ."1 Y K 'lf' fi f- , .SQ r -Q --,V . ' .fsxat l I X K l ll .- f 'Lu -: ' 1 I! ,I ,-51 ,..f W, I ,Lvl I Qld I5 :will I. ,Emi-. I -,1 .1fff?5? 7 It f - "' i l ' , A ' 1' 4 ' M 'Q 4, 4, Q. T5 V-f,f'lL'5-'Wi--' Q 1:2 ., . A- ff- 11544 I! X .14 ,. jf. "J: N 3 , , A at 1. yylzj NNE 1 ' " N -. '- -' - " . 71, L+?-'L'? ,F-f-' ' 11 N 7 '33-L-1 -' VN GY: B , 1 V jf 1' .VI . ,,1. 11 a"vf:-. 114 lfl'Wll:1. . 167 . ,1 5 .ff 1-if. vga Vg ix - f y 3 fl 1 1 - ,Tilt ' - ee- "ff: iff? -zk' "e it I 'y 'filliire e 45,511 as T ' Qen f .W 'ef . WY-. "IQe:u5' 7'Z2 fa. Jf"n:i'-5' ,4- ll 'af HCGGQIIIIC YQGI' 1898-1899. Q-f wws M 'gsm 1,435 .1 '2 f i! 5 'rf First Semester . 'lf 1 A ' " YT i'E'13'M",ef! 1 ' 4 'f. fe 1 ' opens September 28, 1898- Fg v f, ,A lhljfif ,J 1, Closes February 10, 1899. , 'W 1, ,- Qgrgfgez 1-few YA: lu! -I Examinations for Adnzussion-Tuesday and W ed- ' 15 nesday, September 27 and 28. sd, 'Q Registration Days-September 26-28. M V if ' - First Recitations--Thursday Morning,September 29. ' 'rfiffff ' I . ' ,, Emi' "1 , , ' -1-? -1 . . ' fl ' Legal Holiday-Thanksgiving, November 24. ,jim Christmas Recess-Saturday, December 24 to Mon- eq day, January 2, inclusive. J - ff V-in 'ff' HH ' maxi? 7 55?'94'f"'f 1' "' "lf, . . . ji f V qggegf' L' f ' Examination Week-February 4 to 10. Wm 1 yr 1 i M as ' fl 1 if 1 U -T 1.wf1flf.1fQ - li Q Second Semester. 4155.1 l I qi , ' U ' ,Z Opens February 13, 1899. gwy. ff .I cmses June 22, 1899. ' 1 iii X . . 'U Registrauon Day-Monday, February 14. ff. L.-ee 111-fi 'V ' 4' , fam" v' ,N"5Bl:'Hx1j1 'f5?e?.!4- - fl ff ' . .J Q14-1:3 , l:,f "e 2J1.,1-ef,.k.f' . ef Examination Days for Admission-Thursday and Friday, February 9-10. Legal Holiday-Washingtorfs Birthday, Feb- ruary 22. Easter Recess-Thursday, March 30 to Monday, April 3, inclusive. Legal Holiday-Tuesday, May 30. Examination Week-june 12-16. Commencement-Thursday, june 22. K x X - J'-X 4 II- H ' VW K X, , AND 'K ' A 1- Lg f Ai,1 V . -16 . - N l , U wwg, Board Ol' RQSQII IS STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, Ex-officio. PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, Ex-officio. State-at-Large, JOHN JOHNSTON, Milwaukee, term expires WILLIAM F. VILAS, Madison, " OGDEN H. FETHERS, Janesville, KC First District, " Second " B. J. STEVENS, Madison. Third " JOHN E. MORGAN, Spring Green, " Fourth " GEORGE H. NOYES, Milwaukee, Fifth " JOHN E. RIESS, Sheboygan, Sixth " C. A. GALLOWAY, Fond-du-lac, " Seventh " BYRON A. BUFFINGTON, Eau Claire, " Eighth " , ORLANDO E. CLARK, Appleton, " Ninth " J. A. VAN CLEVE, Marinette, Tenth " J. H. STOUT, Menominee, 0ff1CQl'S 01 Bbdfd of RQQCIIIS JOHN JOHNSTON, President. GEO. I-I. NOYES, Vice-President. STATE TREASURER, Ex-oiiicio Treasurer. E. F. RILEY, Secretary. .1.M. Board of Uisitors MRS. HORACE VVALMFELEY, Eau Claire. " W. D. HOARD, Ft. Atkinson. " GEORGE C. MARKHAM, Milwaukee. JOHN G. MCMYNN, Madison. H. C. MARTIN, Darlington. State-at-Large, K I First District, 1900 1901 1901 1899 1901 1899 1899 1901 1899 1901 1900 1900 Second " L. S. HANKS, Madison. Third " MISS ELLEN C. LLOYD JONES, Hillside. Fourth " GEORGE H. BENZENBERG, Milwaukee. Fifth " JOHN RIORDAN, sheboygan, Sixth " MRS. FLORENCE G. BUCKSTAFF, Oshkosh. Seventh " C. M. HILLIARD, Durand. Eighth " JAMES H. ELMORE, Green Bay. Ninth H FRANK E. NOYES, Marinette. Tenth " 8 MRS. CARRIE BAKER-OAKES, New Richmond X Dean of S. Q Sc.D. fHonoraryj, NVestern University of Pennsylvania, .Aim cpg,s. : af :,,,mt:. .,,: ', gp , - --,l,:,.g' 1 W ,. , B- l,i.,l,' Av ...T.-A... -' V ' f F ,ij 1 J ,, College of Setters and Science A if--D PRESIDENT ADAMS' RESIDENCE. FGCIIIW CHARLES KENDALL ADAMS, L.L.D., wr, osx, President of the University. School of Political Science, University of Michigan, 1881-85. President Cornell University, 1885-92. President of American Historical Association, 1890. JOHN BARBER PARKINSON, Vice-President of the University. Professor of Constitutional and International Law. A. M., University of Wisconsin, 1863. EDWARD ASAHIL BIRGE, AACP,'1DBK, Dean of College of Letters and Science. Professor of Zoology. PH.D. Harvard University, 1878. 1897. LOUIS WINSLOW AUSTIN, AKE, Assistant Professor of Physics. PH.D. Strassburg University, 1893. JULIUS MORGAN CLEMENTS, KA, Assistant Professor of Geology. PH. D., Leipsig, 1890. VICTOR COFFIN, Assistant Professor of European History. PH.D., Cornell University, 1893. GEORGE CARY COMSTOCK, Professor of Astronomy and Director of Washburn Observatory. PH.B., University of Michigan, 1877. L.L.B., University of Wisconsin, 1883. L ,, ...,,,,fa1 CHARLES ALBERT CURTIS, Azu, . Professor of Military Science and Tactics. u A: Captain, U. S. A. QRetiredj. A :gif , BA., Bowdoin coiiege, 1861. J, 5, T ig, B.A., Military College of Vermont, 1861. 'L if 9f?'.'75f .... ff' 9 i'i5l"lI 1, ravi .iii ,s -F , a lia if igifia A .Q i 'fm 'Au r ' - LIBRARY HALL. Z-N ' Q O MGH KAW IEfQ,0fH,5I H L ' K3 ,V ff 65 Tir W ,WWIQGQBQI OHV fXFWvlfaT6F-4254 H Q g f L'QI4.G'E4GQ! 1 'vr' H 'A -1- ',M,N V U 1, i'P5 rs V fn: I K comics YE 1.1. E135 9 R'- ffg B E WH R 221012. fi Q-415 COLLEGE COLOR NVILLIAM VVILLARD DANIELLS, Professor of Chemistry. M.S., Michigan Agricultural College, 1867. SC.D., Michigan Agricultural College, 1897. LINNAEUS WAYLAND DOWLING, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. PH. D., Clark University, 1895. JAMES CLAUDE ELSOM, Professor of Physical Culture and Director of Gymnasium. M.D., University of Virginia, Medical Department, 1886. RICHARD THEODORE ELY, Professor of Political Economy and Director of the School of Economics. PH.D., University of Heidelberg, 1879. L.L.D,, Hobart cfniege, 1892. ANNA CROSBY EMERY, Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of Classical Philology. Pn.D., Bryh Mawr, 1896. ALBERT STOWELL FLINT, QBK, Assistant Astronomer, Washburn Observatory. A.M., University of Cincinnati Observatory, 1880. DAVID BOWER FRANKENBURGER, Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory. A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1869. L.L.B., University of Wisconsin, 1871. JOHN CHARLES FREEMAN, AM, Professor of English Literature. B.D., Chicago Theological Seminary, 1871. L.L.D., University of Chicago, 1880. WILLIAM FREDERICK GIESE, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. A.M., Harvard University, 1890. I 1 ROBERT ALMER HARPER, Professor of Botany. PH.D., Bonn, 1896. .i llafrs will ' ,, . . l w l m mge .aiii 'mflililia' 4. " 132-ra , fl- ., W ,,, - ... Eg 5' 7 " TS i.:.'Z'i 'A i ii W -aff . Che Upper Zampus L F HY -we i....,. 311155 as gs .F ABBY SHAW MAYHEW, mf- --W 'L . 'L """"" 'D---' ' ' ' 'Instructor '-,ww E 1: f f .n . - , ttf: Mistress of Ladies Hall and ff, ' 'I Ni in Physical Culture. rl-mmf' Wel1esley'Co1lege. GYMNASIUlNIi':'b V WILLIAM SNOW MILLER, Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Anatomy. M. D., Yale University, 1879. JULIUS EMIL OLSON, iw, Professor of the Scandinavian Languages and Literature B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1884. M. VINCENT O'SI-IEA, Professor of the Science and Art of Education. B.L., Cornell, 1892. EDWARD THOMAS OWEN, '-I-'Y, Professer of the French Language and Literature, A.B., Yale University, 1892. WILLIAM HENRY ROSENSTENGEL, Professor of the German Language and Literature. Honorary Degree of A. M., Williams College. HARRY LUMAN RUSSEL, QBK, Professor of Bacteriology. PH.D., johns Hopkins University, 1892. WILLIAM AMASA SCOTT, AA1IJ,fI2BK, Professor of Economic History and Theory. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1892. FRANK CHAPMAN SHARP, X-iw, QBK, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. PH.D., Berlin University, 1892. ERNEST BROWN SKINNER, BOII, Assistant Professor of of Mathematics. A.B., Ohio University, 1892. MOSES STEPHEN SLAUGHTER, AKE, QBK, Professor of Latin. PELD., Johns Hopkins University, 1891. 12 CHARLES SUMNER SLICHTER, EX CIP-BK, Professor of Applied Mathematics. M.S., Clark University, 1892. CHARLES FORSTER SMITH, Xllf, Professor of Greek and Classical Philology. PH.D., Leipzig University, 1881. BENJAMIN WARNER SNOW, AY, EE, Professor of Physics. - PH.D., Berlin, 1892. HIRAM ALLEN SOBER, Assistant Professor: of Latin. A.B., University of Michigan, 1886. JOHN WILLIAM STEARNS, Director of School of Education, Professor of Philosophy and Pedagogy. A.M., Harvard University, 1864. L.L.D., Chicago, 1875. FREDERICK JACKSON TURNER, Professor of American History. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1890. CHARLES RICHARD VAN HISE, Professor of Geology. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1892. CHARLES AMBROSE VAN VELZER, Professor of Mathematics. PH.D., Hillsdale College, 1883. ERNST KARL IOHANN HEINRICH VOSS, Assistant Professor of German Philology. - ' PH.D., Leipzig University, 1895. it ' 1 - rg - WILLIAM HOLMES WILLIAMS, j Professor of Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek, I 'I ii 1 B A Q M B M! B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1876. X' I 1, -N ' QU Fill ' Q Q51 Q E' 13 , u g .g g E El E1 El H ". 'fees 5,319.5 Q Q. ,F is -'fam '-': 'sf ' -A x L. L X Ji' , 4 ,fa "' AGRICULTURAL HALL. , llISIl'llCI0l'S Zllld HSSISIBIIFS KATHARINE ALLEN, Ar, Assistant in Latin. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1898. VICTOR HUGO BASSETT, I'4,A, Assistant Bacteriologist to Experiment Station ..-.un-' . A " 4 4 1. -- lm I n-i- if f" .43',5"-1 .64 .vf-q'L.,,.-1-5.' ' . 'J Sing.-'N Anew:fLg,f!-war-ffadq '32 'N--1-.Qs ,. -A-...,9 5?'Zj.9W'i'E3Ef g 1:1 15'3'f2'- ef '-L 1:55332 1-..,,,f'....: ' Q-1--yum-fma,-...., . It IQLV:-"ish 'J'-241 K, V... .J ,I 'l..y.,,,.- W HIRAM SMITH DAIRY BUILDING. Fellow in Physiological Chemistry. B.A., Knox College, 1896. ARTHUR BEATTY, Instructor in English. PH.D., Columbia University, 1897. WILLIAM BOLLES CAIRNS, AY, Instructor in English. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. ALFRED NEWTON COOK, Assistant in Chemistry. SC.B., Knox College, 1890. A.M., Wooster University, 1896. JOSEPH EDWARD DAVIES, Ay, Student Assistant in Gymnastics. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1898. ROBERT ELKIN NEIL DODGE, Instructor in English. M.A., Harvard College, 1891. ERVIN SIDNEY FERRY, AKE, Instructor in Physics. B.S., Cornell University, 1889. ROY EDWARD FOWLER, Assistant in Chemistry. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1898. WILLIAM DODGE FROST, Instructor in Bacteriology. B.S., University of Minnesota, 1893. M-S-, " " " 1894. 14 LUCY MARIE GAY, Instructor in French. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1892. SALLY PRIME HARRIS, Assistant in Physical Culture. SABENA MILDRED HERFURTH, Assistant in German. M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1897. G. SARAKUNI ISHIKAWA, Student Assistant in Gymnasium. EDWARD DAVID JONES, QAO, Instructor in Economics and Statistics. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1895. FREDERICK THOMAS KELLY, ' Instructor in Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek. ' B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1891. ORIN GRANT LIRBY, Instructor in History. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1895. FREDERICK WILLIAM MEISNEST, Instructor in German. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1893. BALTHASAR HENRY MEYER, Instructor in Sociology. PELD., University of Wisconsin, 1897. FREDERICK BURNS PETERSON, 11-'Y, Student Assistant in Gymnastics. B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1898. ARTHUR RAGAN PRIEST, QAO, QBK, Instructor in Elocution. A.M., De Pauw University, 1894. gif. JAMES FRANCIS AUGUSTINE PYRE, Bon, 'iff Instructor in English Literature. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. i AK? 'iiiincfc - li l " F .I -mqmumarrlmifi ' f.'1....., 1. 15 nhrxw. 5, , 1"'i'a IIE, mf? . I Hb H lr.:-.1 , - f , U: ,Egg Q55 MB nnmiru gif I fkilavmk ew- Lf? 7 s HOBTICULTURAL-PHYSICS BUILDING CHARLES HOMER HASKINS, QKW, QBK, Professor of Institutional History. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1890. I-IOMER WINTHROP HILLYER, Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry. PH.D., johns Hopkins University, 1885. WILLIAM HERBERT HOBBS, Assistant Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1888. FRANK GAYLORD HUBBARD, XT, QIPBK, Professor of English Language. PH. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1887. WJOSEPH JASTROW, Professor of Experimental and Comparative Psychology. PH.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1888. LOUIS KAHLENBERG, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry. PH.D., University of Leipzig, 1895. ALEXANDER KERR, Professor of Greek Language and Literature. A.M., Beloit College, 1855. ' AMOS ARNOLD KNOWLTON, NPY, Assistant Professor of English. A. M., Bowdoin College. ARTHUR GORDON LAIRD, Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages. PH.D., Cornell University, 1891. WILLIAM STANLEY MARSHALL, YPY, Assistant Professor of Zoology. PH.D. , Leipzig, 1892. 5 "r W --2435, wil -'T 1 ' ,.,, wmfmnrf ,- f 2 "F, F ' 4' 2 -'ri'-3522.2-if! E El Q . 4 Ei: iffigl H " U . - 9'On leave of absence in Europe. ,412 I 1 4 - -H g 6 fn :D . 11 561 - - ra M. ,ff :vat if, ' "t.,,,,' T15 ,J 1215" 1'-I ,H ' - QL . 1' f- 'f - vt as r. Eil fipgjrgspo LTA., Q' A L -'- - -Qi., ,jg :. -' x NEW LIBRARY BUILDING we ef 65272527 7495 " li' fi : gg ' ' : .F " -f.-. , if 4, . . fa . Ei - K? UE - .5 f 'ifii iafg L 'i ,. X-wifi.. ,.,g .afgrnf i f ,ri JOHN WESLEY RAYMER, j N 5 Assistant in Chemistry. rf- 5. 55391-14 rc" - '-5 uf- ,j ,, A I 1 v gfif fic ' E - 3, if -?::,':c- 5 E431 pi B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1898. v -A , so ' 'an I ' 53 4419 TF ti iii53i'i"fi PAUL SAMUEL rzmcr-1 AY I4 ' Ea., .:"1 ' .-f' YE' rl,,.'N, , . i. I 7 1 M f - - 1,5-1'LQV Instructor in Political Science. ,,, ' l 4'f:W f- ' fglffr 4' my H--u...I-i- ,LL K 1 f ' PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1898. mm-W V'-A .. .. 1-' M.-' ' HARRIET TRAYNE REMINGTON, KK1' Instructor in German. onnmcrr. LABORATORY. M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1888. THEODORE RUNNING, . Assistant in Mathematics. M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1896. ARTHUR ROMEYN SEYMOUR, Assistant in French. M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1897. CHARLES MARQUIS SMITH, Instructor in Physics. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1896. GRANT SMITH, Assistant in Botany. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1897. LEON MENDEZ SOLOMONS, Instructor in Psychology. M.S., University of California, 1894. PH.D., Harvard University, 1898. SAMUEL EDWIN SPARLING, ZX, Assistant in Political Science. PH.D., University of Wisconsin, 1897. SUSAN ADELAIDE STERLING, Instructor in German. M.L., University of Wisconsin, 1896. EDWARD ALLEN THURBER, Instructor in English. M.A., Harvard University, 1894. ROBERT WILLIAM wooD, Bon, Instructor in Physics. B.A., Harvard University, 1891. 16 C. F. BURGESS. W. G. L0'1"1'Es. STORM ljum., F. R. JONES. W. ALEXANDER.. L. S. SMLTH. G. C. Mons. N. O. WHITNEY. J. E. Dmfllcs, D. C. JAMQSON. J. G. D. MACK. I. MUTCHLER R. W HARDGRAVE, F. E. TURNEURE. C. I. KING. 15. V. SWENSQN. E. li. MAUmm. M. C. BEEBE. 'FRCIIIW Of the Zollese ot m2CbdhlCS Mid El1gillQ2l'll1Q College or mCCbill1lCS alla EIlSlll22l'iIlS JOHN B. JOHNSON, AY, Dean of College of Mechanics and Engineering. C.E., University of Michigan, 1878. STORM BULL, Professor of Steam Engineering. M.E., Polytechnic Institute, Zurich, Switzerland, 1877. JOHN EUGENE DAVIES, CIJAO, Professor of Electricity and Magnetism and Mathematical Physics. u A.M., Lawrence University, 1865. M.D., Northwestern Medical School QChicago Medical Collegej, 1868 . L.L.D., Northwestern University, 1887. DUGALD CALEB JACKSON, EE, Professor of Electrical Engineering. C.E., Pennsylvania State College, 1885, FORREST ROBERT JONES, Professor of Machine Design. M.E., Cornell University, 1888. CHARLES ISAAC KING, Professor of Mechanical Practice. JOHN GIVAN DAVIS MACK, Assistant Professor of Machine Design. B.S., Rose Polytechnic Institute, 1887. M.E., Cornell University, 1888. EDWARD ROSE MAURER, -mo, . Q ,,,,, . , Assistant Professor of Pure and Applied Mechanics. E 1 I , B.C.E., University of Wisconsin, 1890. I f ,, +ARTHUR WILLIAM RICHTER, ,, - fm. X F' . . . . - A ,' ' ' A-1--1.f Assistant Professor of Experirnental Engineering. ',,,.5j3,g9j,PgEE ,, -g?41Zi . M.E., University of Wisconsin, 1889. QT- J ,f f i tim wi '.ii'2a2fg44?-,.W7y5fH.1:f-1:1 f,- . . .J 'T'i ful? f2"5': ' ' LEONARD SEWALL SMITH :Bon . fl if it f - . ' . ' . 3. ..:.': " fp 5 -5 vi f 767 Assistant Professor of Topographical Engineering. P 1.5 ,E QM QTYGP f, . . . . , , ,T 3111 42 ' v'1??4-rf, .,,,fis3'F -" ' WD B.C.E., University OfW1SCOHS1H, 1890. 511 W S? '5?3gf3? ! ,, i- '. X53 qi Eg- A . . "' -2 -.JL f wfili QV' ' Tin WN 1 f ' -353 f 'On leave of absence. , Aff! " 'Rf' ' ,L .11-F-i' . -- if-gf 'Aj T e 'ff' if ' A ' 4 5.3.1-T'."" L'-.-rf-"ni . WF '17 N , ' A . . 'A-.., - ' ' .1 ..-' ' 2' V - J.. ,.f x---. 4 W ' 'W " ff .- rg- s?rf..-n, '- -x...., xxx 1 --"' Q ' BERNARD VICTOR SWENSON, KIPAO, TBH, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. B.S., University of Illinois, 1893. FREDERICK EUGENE TURNEAURE, EE, Professor of Bridge and Hydraulic Engineering. C.E., Cornell University, 1889. NELSON o. WHITNEY, Professor of Railway Engineering. C.E., Universitygof Pennsylvania, 1878. TllSfI'llCf0l'S dlld 11551816015 WALTER ALEXANDER, Instructor in Steam Engineering. M.E., University of Wisconsin, 1898. IVIURRAY CHARLES BEEBE, XXII, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. B.S., University of Wisconsin. ,. CHARLES FREDERICK BURGESS, BOII, Instructor in Electrical Engineering. EE., University of Wisconsin, 1898. RUSSELL WILLIAM HARGRAVE, Instructor in Mechanical Practice. B.S. University of Wisconsin, 1898. WILLIAM GEORGE LOTTES, Instructor in Forge Practice and Repairing. GEORGE CHARLES MORS, Instructor in Experimental Engineering. B.M.E., University of Wisconsin, 1892. I I ' .. nw, ,+,,1,.z f.', gf f -..4.Z9f,gf1-'sz' - 0311632 01 Saw EDWIN EUSTACE BRYANT , -mia, Dean of the College of Law, Professor of Practice and Pleading, Equity and Railway Law, and the Law of Public Oiiices and Officers. ROBERT McKEE BASHFORD, QJAQP, Professor of Commercial Law, Private Corporations, Banking and Insurance. L.L.B., University of Wisconsin, 1871. 5551 5 g A.M., " f' 1' 1873. .f ANDREXV ALEXANDER BRUCE, "' A . ees-453 FHZJ5-users. rv V Assistant Professor of Law. 'ff ggi:-we . . . . fi? ,-mv' 4' 3 z B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1890. L, We L B ,. ., U 1892 il-ssc? lrm '- .aqui Q Q L' ' " ' fff'??iTi?F'ifT ff if 1rfiS1iil,,?Jmz 1-awflflfl PW- 'F-"far-TXFV gig ' Tfglllgpfiia ', 9 S A' JAIRUS HAWLIN CARPENTER, CPA-11, ,3r2g5,,rL5EQQs,Qssfdyg 'flfiial U. 3 'Wa Professor of Contracts. 1'5iffi,Q"QQ' ' M.A., Yale University, 1874. ii -3 - 'F' ' ' fr- ' '13 L.L.D., University of Wisconsin, 1876. I , LAW BUILDING. JOHN B. CASSODAY, LIJAIIJ, Chief justice of the Supreme Court, Professor of Constitutional Law. L.L.D., Beloit College, 1881. CHARLES NOBLE GREGORY, IIIY, QAQ, Professor of Law and A ' ssociate Dean of the College of Law. L.L.B., University of Wisconsin, 1872. M.A., H " " 1874. , BURR W. JONES, wr RAR Professor of Domestic Relations M.A., University of Wisconsin, 1871. L'L.B., cr n cc 1871. JOHN MYERS OLIN, dum, QBK, Professor of the Law of Real Property, Forts and Wills. M.A., Williams College, 1873. L.L.B., University of Wisconsin, 1879. WILLIAM FREEMAN VILAS, QJAO, Special Lecturer on jurisprudence and Pleadings. M.A., University of V-Iisconsin, 1861 L.L.D., " " " 1885: 19 Y D , Corporations and Evidence. IZABETH MARY KEELY, EL Harp. I HJALMAR o. ANDE Mandolin. RSON, MRS. M. E. BRAND, Guitar. MYRON M. FOWL Banjo. WILLIAM M. FO Secretary 0 fibrdfp SIGN WALTER MCMYNN SMITH, AY, Librarian. B.A., University of Wisconsiii, 1890. WILLIAM HENRY DUDLEY, Assistant Librarian. . 9 ER, WLER. f School of Music. B.A., University of Wisconsin, 189... HESTER CODDINGTON, Head Cataloguer. HELEN MINER, SARAH Cataloguer. HENRY CADBY CASE, Student Assistant in Law Library. CHARLES N. PETERSON, Student Assistant in Law Library, bel' Omcers OI WILLIAM DIXON HIESTAND University Registrar and President's Secretary LESLIE BURD, Chief Clerk. CYNTHIA W. COMLY, Matron of Ladiesll-Iall. LESLIE H. ADAMS, Farm Superintendent. JOHN JOSEPH COYLE, of College of Law. QA E. -. X' Secretary of Deans fs-5. we.-A. 'EQ' If rp' --'v-.-. r. iwhs'-.Jli Vg, ,r lsr:-.1i..::mrP:-'.i'?,?,L I ' "A A . . Q V 5 W 1 --r- . I F IAEIEIEI +55 5115 F5-3 A I 'f-AF' 7 W1 Q Irfjiu ',rff?gf' j f"1"i'v: J :1-Lg -- - A ,. f - , 2 - - fy fl - Aa , 1 M ... ..A-. h N. 'ms---'r--, 'ffvlileiiki' l .L L523---mf In F ' -MQ'-Qf5fth5w1s2P22efa.4,Lf-M4 1 .I ' ., 1. A 7 Zf' :WFT - -- f 'f .V X-',,.5f'gfLEs.c,6fve,mmQiYgr V:,..,.'f'-'-M- '- I.-M aQ-1..,.:--- new 'll1Sfl'llCf0l'S and HSSiSfdl1IS fortpgfiftb Ihmual Commencement l898 SUNDAY, JUNE 191-H. ARMORY HALL. Baccalaureate Address, - - - President C. K. ADAMS. 4 MONDAY, JUNE 201-H. NORTH HALL. Address before School of Pharmacy. LIBRARY HALL. Address before College of Law, - - - Hon. OGDEN H. FETHERS. Senior Banquet. TUESDAY, JUNE 21512 Ivv EXERCISES, UPPER CAMPUS. Ivy Planting, - Ivy Oration, - Ivy Ode, - - Farewell to Buildings, Tombstone Presentation, - Class History, '98 Poem, - Class Day Oration, Statistics, - - Presentation of Memorial, Response, - - Farewell to Under-Classmen, Response, - - Prophecy, - - Farewell to Faculty, - President's Address, Class Songs, - LIBRARY HALL. Blass Dev Exercises 23 - - PAUL F. LUETH. JESSIE L. NELSQN. - HJALMAR RUED. - HARRY G. FORREST. RICHARD G. HARVEY. GEORGE M. LINK GRACE E. BAILEY - ANNIE N. SCRIBNER JOSEPH E. DAVIES LLOYD D. SMITH. QALICE B. DACY. - GEORGE B. NELSON Professor JOHN W. STEARNS - WILLIAM C. BERG MARCUS A. JACOBSON, '99. ROBERT J. GAY. MARY L. FREEMAN LUCY S. E. TOMPKINS - - LESLIE R. BURNS Music by Ez G. EHLMAN l Words by MAY E. CHURCH. I LIBRARY HALL. Exercises of 1898 Class of School of Music. WEDNESDAY, JUNE zzrm. FULLER OPERA HOUSE. Curtain Raiser, - ----- "A CUP OF TEAR Class Play, - " BEAUMoN'r'S PRED1cAMEN'r.' LOWER CAMPUS. Pipe of Peace Ceremony. Address of Senior Custodian, ---- DAVID I. DAVIS Response, ---- - - - - GUY S. IWIEEKER ALLARD SMITH, Oilicer of the Day. MAX W. ZABEL, Master of Ceremonies. THURSDAY, JUNE 231113. University Procession. ARMORY HALL. Commencement Exercises. EVENING. Alumni Reception end Ball. Zlass 0fficers LESLIE R. BURNS, - - - - President. JESSIE L. NELSON, - First Vice-President. GRACE MERRILL, Second Vice-President. JOHN G. KREMERS, - - - Treasurer. ADDIE M. LOEPER, - Secretary. HERBETT H. RYAN, Sergeant-at-Arms. 24 RQSlCl2llI 6l'EldiidlQS. KATHARINE ALLEN, Latin. ---- PH.D., University of Wisconsin. MARCUS M. BEDDALL, History, Economics. - - B.L., University of Wisconsin. BERTHA D, BLEEDORN, German, French, Spanish. Q B.L., University of Wisconsin. ELEANOR B. BLISS, Voice. ---- Graduate of School of Music. HERMAN G. A. BRAUER, French, History, Economics. PH.B.,B.A., Colorado College. Madison Trim Belle Janesville - Richland Center Adelaide, So. Australia BERT CAMPBELL, Sanitary Engineering, Chemistry, Bacteriology, Electrical Engineering. - - - B.S., University of Wiscoiisin. ALFRED N. COOK. Chemistry, Minerology. - - M.A., Knox College. JOSEPH E. DAVIES, Political Science, History. - B.L., University of Wisconsin. MATTIE L. ELWELL, History. ---- B.L., University of Minnesota. GUY S. FORD, Modern, European, and American History. B.S., University of Wiscoiisin. ROY E. FOWLER, Chemistry, Minerology. - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. WILLIAM D. FROST, Bacteriology, Botany, Chemistry. M.S., University of Minnesota. - ' Evansville Madison - XVatertown Minneapolis, Minn Grand Rapids Wauwatosa . Madison FLORENCE M. GAGE, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Physiology, German, French. - - - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. ROBERT J. GAY, Bacteriology, Histology. - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. GRACE GREENBANK, Semitic Languages, Pedagogy, Latin. B.L., University of Wisconsin. ALBERT S. HARDING, Economics, Political Science, History. M.Af, University of Nebraska. NEVA. W. HARDING, English Literature, American History. B.S., South Dakota Agricultural College. 26 3. V - Madison. Madison. - Madison. Brookings, S. D. Brookings, S. D. WILLIAM E. HARGRAVE, Latin German. - - B.A., Ripon College. - Ripon. MILDRED L. HARPER, English Literature, English Philosophy, History. Madison. M.L., University of Wisconsin. FREDERICK A. HARRISON, Philosophy, Mathematics. - PH.B., University of Wisconsin. EDWIN G. HASTINGS, Dairy Chemistry, Bacteriology. B.S., Ohio State University. ESTELLA M. HAYDEN, Literature, History. - B.L., University of Wisconsin. SABENA M. HERFURTI-I, German, Philology. - - M.L., University of Wisconsin. Elkhorn. Austinburg, O, V Sun Prairie. - Madison. G. SADAKUNI ISHIKAWA, Political Economy, Political Science. Tokio Japan, Graduate of Anglo-japanese College. ALVIN H. IWERT, Philosophy, German. - - - B.L., University of Wisconsin. WILLIAM M. JOLLIFFE, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy. B.S., Lawrence University. KNUDT KNUDTSON, Animal Husbandry, Chemistry. B.S., University of Wisconsin. CHARLES K. LEITH, Geology, Petrology, Physical Chemist Physics. ---- - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. JOHN E. LOMBARD, Railway Engineering. - M.E., Tulane University. GEORGE D. LUETSCHER, History, Economics. - B.L., University of Wisconsin. CARL E. MAGNUSSON, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry. M.S., University of Minnesota. FREDERICK W. MEISNEST, German, Anglo-Saxon. B.S., University of Wisconsin. ANNETTE NELSON, Latin, German. - - B.L., University of Wisconsin. JAMES F. ODLE, Bacteriology, Agricultural Chemistry. B.S., Kansas Agricultural College. CLARA OLSEN, Piano. ----- Graduate of School of Music. TY, Watertown . Berlin. - Moscow. Theoretical - Madison. New Orleans, La. - Sauk City. - Stark, Minn. - Madison. Madison Brooke, Ind. - Madison. Madison. EVA PARKINSON, English Literature, English Philology, Rhetoric. B.A., University of Wisconsin. MAUD PARKINSON, French, Italian, Pedagogy. - B.A., University of Wisconsin. OTTO PATZER, French, German, Spanish. - - B.L., University of Wisconsin. 27 Madison. Wausau. SIIICIQIII 50l!Ol'S 1 Fellows VICTOR H. BASSETT, B.A., Fred. Vogel, jr. Fellow in Pharmaceutical Chemistry NELLIE P. BATES, PH.D., Honorary Fellow in Economics. ' ELWYN F. CHANDLER, M.A., Fellow in Applied Mathematics JOSEPH W. CLARK, M.A., Fellow in Greek. EDWIN B. COPELAND, PELD., Honorary Fellow in Botany. WILLIAM S. FERRIS, B.S., August Uihlein Fellow in Pharmaceutical Chemistry HATTIE I. GRIFFIN, B.A., Alumni Fellow in Latin. ERNEST B. HOAG, B.A., B.S., Honorary Fellow in Biology. MAY HUNT, M.L., Fellow in English. ALBERT E. JENKS, B.S., Honorary Fellow in Economics XVILMOT B. LANE, M.A., Fellow in Philosophy. AZARIAH T. LINCOLN, M.S., Fellow in Chemistry. CHARLES J. O'CONNOR, B.A., Fellow in Latin. JOHN C. SHEDD, M.S., Fellow in Physics. MASSASADA SHIOZAWA, Honorary Fellow in Economics HENRY C. TAYLOR, M.S.A., Fellow in Economics. LOUIS M. WARD, B.L., Fellow in History. JENNY C. WATTS, M.A., Fellow in History. SCDOIGYS HARRIOT BURNTON, B.L., A The Madison Graduate Scholarship in German Philology. ERNST H. KRONSHAGE, B.A., The john C. Freeman Graduate Scholarship QEnglishj. GRACE E. MQNAIR, B.L., Graduate Scholarship in European History. HJALMAR RUED, B.L., The Norwegian Graduate Scholarship fEnglishj. JOHN B. SANBORN, M.L., Graduate Scholarship in American History. ANNA N. SCRIBNER, B.A., The William F. Allen Graduate Scholarship fGreek and Latinj. 25 CHARLOTTE E. PENGRA, Economics, Philosophy, Mathematics. B.S., University of Wisconsin. JOHN W. RAYMER, Physical Chemistry, Geology. B.S., University of Wisconsin. EVERETT A. REYNOLDS, History, Philosophy. B.S., University of Wisconsin. RUDOLPH ROSENSTENGEL, Electrical Engineering. - B.S., University of Wisconsin. THEODORE RUNNING, Mathematics. - - M.S., University of Wisconsin. OSWALD SCHREINER, Mathematics, Minerology, - PH.G., B.S., University of Wisconsin. OTTO I. SCHUSTER, Philosophy, Biology. - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. MARIE G. SENSIBA, Literature, History, French. - B.S., Knox College. GUSTAVUS SESSINGHAUS, Mineralogy, Petrology, Electrical Engineering. - - M. E. Columbia University. GRANT SMITH, Botany, Biology. - - - . B.S., University of Wisconsin. MAX H. SPINDLER, Civil Engineering, - - - B.S., University of Wisconsin. CHARLES E. STANGELAND, Economics, Sociology. B.A., Augsburg Theological Seminary. GRACE L. TERRY, German, Philology, English Literature. B L., University of Wisconsin. EZRA T. TOXVNE, Economics, History. - - - B.L., University of VVisconsin. ELSBETH VEERHUSEN, German Philology. - B.A., University of Wisconsin. - Cadiz Bassett Madison. - Viroqua Baltimore, Md - Pewaukee Green Bay St. Louis, Mo Madison - Dale Eagle Grove, Ia Madison - XVaupum Madison. FANNIE R. VVALBRIDGE, Pedagogy, English Philology, English ' Literature. - - - B.L., University of XVisconsin. GRACE D. W. WELTY, Economics, History, Sociology. ,ADDA J. WESTENHAVER, voice. - ' Q Graduate of School of Music. MYRTA v. WHITNEY, Latin, Greek. - - . B.A., Northwestern University. HENRY S. YOUKER, Mathematics, Physics. - B.S., University of 'Wisconsin. ALLYN A. YOUNG, Economics, American History. PH.B., Hiram College. 28 - Beloit - Rockford, Ill - Madison - Ripon - Madison Rapid City, S. Dak Madison. JOHN BUTLER JOHNSON, C.E. OHN B. JOHNSON, Dean of the Col- lege of Mechanics and Engineering, was born in 1850, at Marlboro, Stark County, Ohio. He taught in the public schools of Indiana for several years and entered the University of Michigan in 1874, graduating four years later in the Civil Engineering Course. He served as a United States Assistant Engineer on the United States Lake Survey and upon the Mississippi River until 1883, when he was elected to thc position of Professor of Civil Engineering in Washington Uni- versity, St. Louis, which position he has continued to hold until elected to the position he now holds in the University of Wisconsin. While occupying his chair in Washing- ton University, Professor johnson found time to do a large amount of additional work. He engaged somewhat in consult- ing practice and designed a number of water-works and sewerage systems. For eleven years he conducted the Index Department of the journal of Engineering Societies, in which current articles of engineering interest were described. For eighteen years he was a member, and for two years chairman of the Board of Managers of that Iournalz Two volumes of the Index Notes have been republished in book form. He has also written a number of engineering works, among which are T lzcory and Practice of Snrvcying, Engineering Conlraczfs and Spccyications, and The Materials of C'ons!rncz'ion. I-Ie was a joint author with Professor F. E. Turneaure of Modern Framed Slrzcclnres, All these works have taken very high rank in engineering litera- ture, and are regarded as the best works in the language in the ir respective fields. These works and his continuous contributions to engineering periodical and society literature, including several upon the Mississippi River and its problems, have made his name known and respected in the entire English-speaking world, and even on the Continent his works are very highly regarded by the professors in the leading Engineering Schools. Professor johnsonls interest in developing the science of the strength of mater- ials led him to establish a large and well equipped testing laboratory in St. Louis as a private enterprise, and it was in this laboratory that he made some iifty-thousand tests of timber for the United States Government. Professor johnson is a member of the Insiilulion ay' Civil Engineers, London, which is the oldest and largest engineering society in the worldg of the American Socicly of Civil Engineers, of the Arnerican Society of Mechanical Engineers, and past president of the Sociczjf for inc Promotion :yt Engineering Education, besides being a member or past president of many other scientlc and technical organizations of minor importance, Z9 CHARLES ALBERT CURTIS. HARLES ALBERT CURTIS, Captain U. S. A. Qretiredj, was born at Hallowell, Maine, October 4, 1835. He graduated from the Military College of Vermont in 1861 with the degree of B. A. He also received the same degree from Bowdoin College. During the Civil War Captain Curtis served in the Army of the Potomac and on the Rio Grand del N orteg later he was engaged in operations against hos- tile Indians in New Mexico, Colo- rado, Arizona, and California. From 1869 to 1880, Captain Curtis was detailed for duty at the Military College of Vermont, he being pre- sident of that institution during the last five years of his stay there. He was commandant of the cadets and professor of natural science at the Bishop Seabury Mission fShat- tuck Schoolj from 1880 to 1885. From 1885 to 1889, Captain Curtis acted in the same capacity at the East Florida Seminary. Captain Curtis is an author of very considerable merit. Many serial and short stories from his pen having been published by Harpers and the Century Company. ROBERT ALMER HARPER, Ph.D. OBERT ALMER HARPER, Pro- fessor of Botany, was graduated from Oberlin College in 1886 with the degree of B. A. During the school year 1888-1889, Professor Harper Was a graduate student with Professor Brooks at johns Hopkins University. He re- ceived the degree of M. A. at Oberlin in 1891 and during the same year was elected professor of botany in Lake Forest Uni- versity. Professor Harper was absent on leave in Germany from 1894 to 1896, during which time he studied with Bre- feld at Munster and Strasburger at Bonn. At the latter university Professor Harper received the degree of Doctor of Philos- ophy. Upon his conclusion of graduate work abroad, Professor Harper returned to his position at Lake Forest and came from there to the University of Wisconsin last September. BERNARD VICTOR SWENSON, ERNARD VICTOR SWENSON, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, was born in Chicago in May, 1872. He graduated from the Chicago Manual Training School in 1889 and in September of the same year he entered the University of Illinois. He took two courses, Mechanical and Elec- trical Engineering, completing them in four years During the following sum- mer he had charge of the University' of Illinois' Mechanical and Electrical Ex- lxibit at the World's Fair. In 1893, he was appointed assistant in physics at the University of Illinois, and in 1894 was instructor in Electrical Engineering there. The summer of 1894 was spent in Europe by him in study and travel. In February, 1895, he became an Associate Member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and in june, 1895, was elected to the Assistant Professorship in Electrical Engineering at the Univer- sity of Illinois, in which position he con- tinued until called to the University of Wisconsin last fall. ANDREW ALEXANDER BRUCE, LL. B. NDREW ALEXANDER BRUCE was born in 1866 among the hills of Southern India. His early education was obtained in English board- ing schools and in Bath Collegeyone of the English " public schools." At the age of fifteen, he was left an orphan, and a few months later came to America. On landing at New York he found himself cast entirely upon his own resources. The next few years were passed in Minne- sota. In 1886 he entered the University of Wisconsin and was very active in many branches of college life during his collegiate course. After graduation he was employed for a time in the law department of the Wis- consin Central lines. Later he began the practice of law in Chicago, becoming prominent in the enforcement of new reform laws and in the Hull House move- ment. In 1897 he became Professor of Railroad, Constitutional, and Adminis- trative Law in the Chicago Law School. He left this position for the one he now holds, that of Assistant Professor of Law in the University of Wisconsin. ' Us: :': r a . -.. u1..e.,..,., , , ' fft. 'Ere N- 1, e :TWU jg- --1.f"u:lAX 5. Q 7 P' iif f li tsie 1 ' "uc . .' 171 : - 'ffssbtsaili - N F 1 4 Q ll V : .- 'P Yi- i Q 9" P -V N . .Qgx 'Q -:I '-:Q X W 41':'. M., , "e24,- 5 '- la? .' , . , " 2 - 1 - 591' fi . . ,A 3 A .. R. 1- e ..- LOUIS KAHLENBERG, Ph. D. OUIS KAHLENBERG, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry,was born at Two Rivers, Wiscoiisin. In 1885 he entered the Oshkosh Normal School, but was obliged to leave on account of ill health. After teaching two years, he entered the Milwaukee Normal School, graduating from there in 1890. Next he entered the University and devoted himself to the study of chemistry and allied branches, taking the degree of B. S. in 1892. He was then elected fellow in chemistry and in 1893 was advanced to an instructorship. In the fall of 1894 he went to Europe, where he continued his studies at the University of Leipzig, laying special stress on the sub- ject of Physical Chemistry. In 1895 that University conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, szmzma cum laude. After his return from Europe he was connected with the School of Phar- macy of the University of Wisconsin. Later he was appointed instructor in physical chemistry, and in 1898 he was promoted to his present position. 32 LINNAEUS WAYLAND DOWLING, PH.D. INNAEUS WAYLAND DOWLING, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, was born December 7, 1867, at Me- dina, Michigan. He received his early education in the common schools of Rome, Michigan. From 1885 to 1889, he was engaged in teaching in the schools of Southern Michigan, experiencing many of the hardships of the old time country school-teacher. In 1889, he entered Ad- rian College. In 1892 Dr. Dowling began his graduate workin mathematics at Clark University, and received his Ph.D. at that institution in 1895. In the Fall of 1895 he entered University of 'Wisconsin as instructor in mathematics, which position he held until 1898, when he was promoted to his present position. Dr. Dowling is a member of the Amer- ican Mathematical Society and the Wis- consin Academy of Science. N f mt Aj kN N., 3' - L QVZIOP ass. Y ' . . ..f Q 'Z ' X f 1 ,X 1 IJ! ff I I if f ,, l N A' 4 , 1 ff ' IW 1 J ' f 1 V Q vi 1 A731 NX Q ' H X ,."vn6 -1 1 29 ,nga aww X ,J ff L 'Ji' P-7' f f If X W. 4'?4"4 ' f, Y I P-, vi., 1 ,- 1 '1..- vi. 'v 'fight 1 'i fewfw f' ff . ii" XR ., Y ,f f f isuwi ml 0ffiC0l'S - - GUY A. MEEKER - JOHN P. INGLES MARY M. ROUNDTREE - LUCRETIA F. HINKLEY MARCUS A. JACOBSON - JOHN B. EMERSON President - Vice-President 2d Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer - Historian - - - PHILIP L. ALLEN Sargent-at-Arms Zolors SILVER AND BLUE motto - SUMMUM SEMPER SECUNDES Yell U RAB, U RAB, U RAH RHIN U YVISCONSIN '99 '33 E, wg-1 . CLARA I D COHQSQ of RIFQTS dlld SCFQIICQ I , Ckoman numerals imiicafe seniorgroups in which appear the pidures cyf ilze stucz'enfs1. DANE ADAMS, PHIL. - XII Sechlerville "The music in my heart I bore Long after it was heard no more." Entered as Junior from Winona Normal School. Laurea. Thesis: "The Philosophy of Music in Shakespeare." CHARLES ELMER ALLEN, G.S. QBotany1 - XII - - Madison Cl In Works of labor, or of skill, I would be busy too." AY5 Hesperia, Fortnightly Club, Illinois Intercollegiate Debate C415 General Editor, Cardinal Q21g Editor-in-Chief Q21, f31g Chairman, Badger Board Q31. Thesis: "The Nature and Origin of the Middle Lamella in Thickened Cell- Walls." ELDRETH Gonnon ALLEN, G.S. QPhysics1 - XII - - - Madison "A thoughtful mind directs his skillful hands. " Thesis: "The Ediciency of Interrupters for Induction Coils." PHILIP LORING ALLEN, C.I-I. - - XII - - - Madison rl Three-fifths of him genius and two-fifths of him sheer fudge." AY5 Athenaeg Fortnightly Club, Haresfoot Club f41g Class Historian 141: President, Fortnightly Club 1413 President, Athenae 141, Semi-public Debate C213 General Editor, Cardinal 131g Editor-in-Chief, Aegis f41g Badger Board C315 lst Lieutenant, U. W. Battalion f21g Captain, U. W. Regiment C315 Major, U. W. Regiment Q41g junior Promenade Committee Thesis: " The Dramatic Construction of the Grand Opera Libretto." Lewis ALBERT ANDERSON, ENG, QCivics1 - IV - - - Mt. Horeb HELEN Asking nothing, realizing naught, But minting his words from a fund of thought." Hesperiag Nora Samlagg Secretary, Hesperia 121, Vice-President, Hesperia 1315 President, Hesperia C415 Choral Union Q31g Secretary and Treasurer, Nora Sarulag f31, C41. Thesis: "Government Supervision of Insurance." GRACE ANDREWS, ENG. - - IV Lodi "Zealous yet modest, patient of toil: Serene amidst alarms: inflexible in faith." Fortnightly Club 141, President, Y. W. C. A. Q31. Thesis: "Wordsworth's Theory of the Influence of Natural Objects in Character." 34 'Group I. Arthur G. Criddle Stephen W. Gilman Etta Huenkemeier Edith V. Gibson Arthur B. Lippert Albert L. Henning Thomas A. Tolrud Walton H. Pyre Charles M. Baxter Nettie I. McCoy Earl C. Tillotson Anna G. Anthony Janxes P. Oliver Delbert C. Treloar Otto C. Bauzngarten Orsanius Cole, Jr. ANNA GERTRUDE ANTHONY, G.S. - - I Madison "Love in her eye and grace in every step." Castalia. Thesis: "The Distribution of the Lymphatics in the Kidney of the Cat. FREDERICK WILLIAM AXLEY, G.S. - VIII - - - Madison "Still waters run deep. " Entered as a Junior from Oshkosh Normal School. Thesis: "The Diathermancy of Water for Solar Energy and the Eifect of Temperature on the Absorption." JOSEPH J. AYLWARD, ENG. - - - III - Black Earth "This is my busy day, be brieff' Hesperia: President, Hesperia 1413 Class President Q3j. Thesis: "Morality in Shakespeare's Hamlet, King Lear and Richard III." JAY BURDETT BALDWIN, ENG. - - XI - - Evansville " But still his tongue ran on." ' Athenaeg Secretary, Athenae Q2jg Vice-President, Athenae f3jg Class Secre- tary C355 Class Vice-President Q4jg Assistant Manager, Aegis 131: Quarter- master, U. W. Battalion Q2jg Director, Co-operative Company QZJ, f3j, UD, Secretary, Co-oparative Company C3jg Vice-President, Democratic Club f2jg Secretary, Democratic Club Q2jg Class Football Team Qlj. Thesis: "Economic Condition of the New England Colonies, Prior to 1775. GIDEON BENSON, G.S. - - - III - - - Madison "Attempt the end and never stand to doubt." Thesis: "Production of Benzine-sulphoncyanate from Benzine-snlphon- chloride." ADOLPH FREDERICK BEERBAUM, G.S. - XII - Waterloo "Dry as the remainder biscuit after a voyage." Hesperia, Class Crew QZJ. Thesis: "Development of Chara.". EMMA NEWHAM BIBBS, ENG. - - III - - - Madison "1 write much, but what of it." Laureag Secretary, Laureag Fortnightly Club: Vice-President, Fortnightly Club, Editor, Aegis QED, f4jg Badger Board Q3Jg Basket Ball Team QZJ. Thesis: "Causes of the Present Decline in the Poetic School of England and America." MANFRED SICKLE BLOCK, C.H. - - V - Plattevillle "He was so generally civil that no one thanked him for it. " Entered as Junior from Platteville Normal School. Athenae. Thesis: "The Chicago Strike of l894." KATHRYN MAUDE BLODGETT, ENG. - II - - Sharon "For she was jes' a quiet kind." Thesis: "A Comparison of Milton and Gray as Elegistsf' WILLIAM B. BORGERS, A.C. - - - XI - - - Neillsville "A Christian is the highest type of man." Vice-President, U. W. Prohibition Club. Thesis: "Moral Ideas of the Hebrew Prophets." 35 NELLIE MARTHA BUSH, M.C. - VII - - - 'Sparta "A winning way, a pleasant smile." Castaliag Secretary, Castalia C315 Vice-President, Castalia f41g Y.W.C.A. g '99 Basket Ball Team Q21. Thesis: "Melancholy of Virgil." ERNEST EUGENE CALKINS, ENG. - - III - Delavan "Peace rules the day Where reason rules. the mind." Thesis: " The Influence of Byron on American Literature." DAISY CAMPBELL, ENG. - - - ' VI - - - Hudson "Your Honor, this innocent woman should be awarded 51450. AAA5 Castaliag Girls Tennis Club, '99 Basket Ball Team Q21. Thesis: Puritan Hostility to the Drama. HARRY NATHAN CARTER, G.S. - - IX - - Humbird "To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow." A GAXQ Philomathiag Class Vice-President Q21g President, Philornathia f41g Captain, U. W. Regiment 131, Philomathia Semi-public C215 U. W. Band Q11, C21, 131g Business Manager, Badger Board 131, Class Base Ball team. Thesis: "A comparison of methods for the determination of alkalies in com- plete insoluble silicates. " LILLIAN EFFIE CASE, A.C. - - V - Madison "As the case stands. " . First prize in historical work of Hebrew Department QZ1. Thesis: " Lucretius' Debt to Enniusf' JOHN ALFRED CEDERSTROM, PHIL. - V - Kandiyohi, Minn "Maidens count me for a stranger." Entered as junior from State Normal School, St. Cloud, Minn. Educational Club. Thesis: " Studies in Fatigue of School Instruction." ALoNzo ALBERT CHAMBERLAIN, ENG. - II - - Darlington "Noble by birth, yet nobler by great deeds." BC-3113 Hesperia, Semi-public Debate C213 Badger Board H315 Class President C313 Glee Club Q215 Q31, Q41g Class Crew Q21g 'Varsity Crew Q31g 'Varsity Football Team Q41g Sub-'Varsity Football Team C313 Vice-President, Ath- letic Association Q41. Thesis: " The Balance of Power." HARLEM Roy CHAMBERLATN, ENG. - V - - Darlington "They shall know you have strong arms tool' Hesperia, 'Varsity Crew f21g Sub-,Varsity Football Team 131, 'Varsity Foot- ball Tearn Q41. Thesis: "Morris' Views of Administration? BERTHA E. CHAPMAN, ENG., S.M. XI Plainfield "O music, sphere-descended maid." Castalia. Thesis: " A Comparison of the Treatment of Nature in Emerson and Words- worth. " 36 Group II john H Stauff Elizabeth Miller jessarnine Lee Frank W. Meisnest YVi11ia1n C Sieker Albert Hanson Frank H. Kurtz Harmon L. Van Dusen Luther M. Wright John A. Hagemann May I. Randall john A. Cederstrorn Minnie C. NVestover Alonza A. Chamberlain Maud C. Blodgett Thomas W. Tormey I vWILFRED EARL CHASE, G.S. - - V Madison "Solid pudding against empty praise." Adelphia. Thesis: " Narration." Amen Louisa' CHUBBUCK, ENG. CMath.5 VIII Hudgon "Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars." A1115 Y.W.C.A. Thesis: "History and Development of Fundamental Rules of Algebra." .ARTHUR MOORE CHURCHILL, A.C. - IX - - Mal-ineue "So wise, so young, they say do ne'er live long." Athenae5 President, Athenae C455 Semi-public C255 Badger Board C355 Gen- eral Editor, Cardinal C35, C455 Manager, Tennis Association C45. Thesis: "Excommunication in England as evidenced by the Episcopal Registers' Period, 1200-1400. IGRACE GAGE Cross, M.C. - - - III - - Lake Bluff, Ill "And in her tongue is the law of kindness." KAG5 Y.W.C,A.5 Class Secretary C255 Captain, Class Basket Ball Team C255 Captain, 'Varsity Basket Ball Team C35, C455 Winner, Tennis Championship C25, C355 President, Girls' Tennis Club Cl5, C355 Scholarship in Hellenistic Greek C35. Thesis: " Goethe's Treatment of Orest in ' Iphigeniaf " 'ORSAMUS COLE, IR., M.C. - - - I - - Milwaukee. "And another angel comes out of the temple." BGII5 TNE5 Junior Promenade Committee C355 Battalion Adjutant, U. W. Battalion C255 Regimental Adjutant C35, C455 Manager and Commodore, U. W. Boat Club C45. Thesis: " Canadian Question after War of 1812." MARION T. CONNELL, ENG. - - XV Fond du Lac "In cheerful homage to the rule of right." Laurea. Thesis: " The Ideas of Christianity in Tennyson's :In Memoriam! " ,MATHILDE VIOLA CooK, M.C. - - IX - - Madison Wis "None knew thee, but to praise thee." Thesis: " Tasso in History and Poetry." NATHAN STEPHENSON CURTIS, ENG. - XVI - - Madison "And all the people shall say, 'Amenf " I-1esperia5 Class President C155 Class Treasurer C355 Secretary, Hes eria C255 President, Hesperia C455 Class Crew C355 Assistant Manager, Crew Thesis: " Scott's Romanticism. " 'WILLIAM SYLVESTER DARLING, G.S. - VI - - Madison "Our dear, little, dimpled darling." U. W. Band C35, C455 First Sergeant, Co. B., U. W. Battalion C25. Thesis: "Distribution of Pneurnogastrlc Nerve of Necturusft -CHARLES GEORGE DAVIES, G.S. - - X - - Spring Green "Work is its own best earthly meed." U. W. Band C25, C35. l Thesis: " The Vitality of the Bacillus Diptherias." 37 MARGARET ISABELLE DEANS, PHIL. - IX River Falls ' "A face demure, but, oh, those eyes! " Entered as junior from River Falls Normal School. Castaliag Y. W. C. A.: Secretary, Castalia 141. Thesis: "Evolution of Social Bond " , ALBERT RUDOLPH DENU, ENG. - - XII - Madison' "He'd undertake to prove by force Of argument a man's no horse." Hesperia, Semi-public Q21g joint Debate Q31g Intercollegiate Debate CU. of lll.1 K31: Intercollegiate Debate Qlowa Universityj 141g Winner, Oratorical. Contest 141. Thesis: "Jefferson's View of Administration." GERTRUDE ELIZABETH DE REAMER, M.C. IX Fond du lac "As merry as the day is long." Castalia. Thesis: "Aim and Method of Foreign Language Instruction in Germany and. the United States." CORA FRANCIS DESMOND, ENG. - - VI - Madison "She seemed a thing that could not feel The touch of earthly years." Thesis: ' 'Samson Agonistes. " THOMAS A. DESMOITD, ENG. - - XIII - Milwaukee Wis "I hold she loves me that calls me Tom.' Portnightly Club, Class President M15 Class Historian c31, General Editor, Daibf Cardinal C31, Q41g Associate Editor Aegis 141. Thesis: "Neutrality of England in the Spanish-American War." 3 9 MARY DOPP, G.S. - - - XIV - - Oconomowoc "All people said she had authority." AAA: Castaliag Secretary, Castalia 141: Badger Board 131, 199 Basket Ball- Team Q21. Thesis: "Water-pores in Leaves." BURT ORMOND DRIVER, ENG. - - X Darlington "A snapper up of unconsidered trifles." Hesperia. Thesis: "The Development of the Referendum." EMERSON ELA, M.C. - - - VI - - Rochester: "The march of intellect." Philomathiag President, Philomathia Q41g Joint Debate 141. Thesis: "Municipal Ownership of Street Railways in Chicago." WANDA Granvs ELLISON, - - XIV - - Darlington "All my bounding heart entanglest In a golden netted smile." ' AAA. Thesis: "Richard III in History and in Shakespeare? JOHN BOLLES EMERSON, G.S. - - VII - - - Madison "The faith they have in tennis and tall stockings." IIJPB, Golf Club: President, Philomathia C413 Censor, Philomathia 3 '- President, Golf Club 141: Semi-public Debate C215 Debating Council 241, Badger Board Q31g Tennis Team Q31, C415 Tennis Manager C413 Color Sergeant, U. W. Battalion 121. Thesis: "Toxic Effect of Electrolytic Solutions." 38 Z 5 1, fa , q W ff M e 'WW-f Group III. Grace G. Cloes Carl Hambuechen Ernest E. Calkins Lloy Galpin Gideon Benson William A. Richards Louis W. Minty john J. Hogan Anna S. Pinkum Mabel A. Pengra Joseph J. Aylward Estelle E. Medbury Heber B. Hoyt Frederick F. Groelle Emma M. Bibbs Martha Shopbell Herman S. Frye 1 H , 9 2 Q , ff U kg PE lc HQ 4 1 1 0 1 1 51. A W , if 1 I ii ,,, I 'A ,V V JOHN JACOB ENGE, ENG. - - XIV - - Eau Claire "Your bounty is beyond my speaking." Thesis: "State Care of Dependent and Neglected Children." - FRANK H. ENGEL, ENG. ------ - Madison ELsxxz Rurnaaronn Fanco, M.C. - - IV Lake Mills "An open-hearted maiden, true and pure." Y. W. C. A. Thesis: " The New Englanders' Ethical Ideas concerning Temperance, 1620- 1775." LULU BLANCHE FISKE, A.C. - - IX - - Burlington "An active eye, a ready wit, and gentleness withal." Castalia, Badger Board 1325 Y. NV. C. A.g Fortnightly Club, Treasurer, Castalia 1313 President, Castalia 1 1. Thesis: " A Journey to the Lower World in the Ancient and Modern Epicsf' HELEN ADA FOWLER, M.C. - - XI - - - Madison "Silence is the perfectest herald of ,j oy." Thesis: " The Influence of Lucretius on Montaigne." EDWARD TAPPAN Fox, M.C. - - XI . - Milwaukee I I I am not in the roll of common men." YI'Yg Philomathiag I-Iaresfootg Iron Maskg Junior Prom. Committee 131, Win- ner, Freshman Declamation Contest 1115 Winner, Sophomore Declamation , Contest 1215 Blowout Orator 111, Semi-Public Orator121g Winner, 1uniorEx- hibition 131g Winner, Final Oratorical Contest 1315 Orator for Wisconsin in N. O. L.: M mile running record for Wisconsin, Leader in Gymnasium 111, 121, 131, 141, Captain, '99 Track Team 121, Captain and Adjutant, U. W. Bat- talion 121. ' Thesis: "Limitation of Executive Power as seen in the Supreme Court De- cisions of the United States." ALICE R. FRIEND, M.C. - - - Milwaukee K ' And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eye." IIB-ID. Thesis: "Realism in Dickens." CHARLES ERNST GABEL, G.S. - - VI - - Milwaukee "A soldier boy am I. " Choral Union 121, 1315 Class Track Team 121, 'Varsity Gymnastic Team 121: Squad Leader in Gymnasium 111, 121, 131: Instructor in Fencing 1313 Cane Spree 5131, 121: First Lieutenant, U. W. Regiment 121: Captain, U. W. Regi- ment 3 . Thesis: " A Study of Fatigue." Fnnnmucx JULIUS GAENSLEN, G.S: - XIII - - Milwaukee "Work is my recreation." ' Hesperia, Sergeant-Major, U. W. Battalion 1213 Assistant Bacteriologist with Superior Water, Light and Power Co., Superior, Wisconsin. Thesis: "Production of Indol by Bacteria and its Significance in Water Supply." 1, as GLADYS GALE, G.S. QMath.j - VII Reedsburg " 'Tis but a freckle-never mind it." Castalia. Thesis: " Generation of Unicursal Curves." LLOY GALPIN, PHIL. ---- III Los Angeles, Cal "Weary, oh, so weary of it all." Entered as junior from Los Angeles Normal School. Laureag Treasurer, Laureag Joint Debate, Castalia vs. Laurea f4j. Thesis: " The Stoicism of Seneca and Epictetus." FREDERICK WILLIAM GATES, PHIL. - XI - Pickwick, Minn "To the nuptual bower I led her blushing like the morn." Entered as junior from Winona Normal School. University Band Q3j, f4j. Thesis: " The Work of the National Council of Education." ' EDITH VAN SLYKE GIBSON, M. C. - - I - - - Madison "Graceful and useful all she does, Blessing and blest Where'er she goes." IVPBQ Girls' Glee Club Q3jg Girls' Tennis Club 125. Thesis: " The Dramatic Structure of Schi1ler's Wilhelm Tell." JENNIE E. GODDARD, M.C. - . - XI - Chippewa Falls "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." Thesis: "Aim and Method of Foreign Language Instruction in Germany and the United States. " MAX WILDER GRIFFITH, M.C. - XV - - Milwaukee "A bold, bad man? 1I1I'A1 junior Promenade Committee 13,5 Banjo Club QU, Thesis: "Absorption of the Law of Commercial Paper into the Common Law." JOHN AUGUST HAGEMAN, PHIL. - - II Mauston "Here is wisdom." Entered as junior from Milwaukee Normal School. Educational Clubg Business Manager, Daigl Cardinal QSQ. Thesis: " Correlation of Manual Training with Elementary School Branches." GEORGE Ivas I-IAIGHT, C. H. QHist.j - V - - Rockdale "What's in a name? H Hesperiag Treasurer, Hesperia Q3jg Semi-Public Debate Q2jg Badger Board Q3jg Banjo Club Thesis: "Relations of Germany and Samoan Islands." RUTH MAY HANCHETT, M.C. - - V - Sparta "Heart as far from fraud as Heaven." Y. W. C. A. Thesis: " Attitude of Lucretius toward the gods and myths." ALBERT HANSON, G.S. - - - II - - Eau Claire "One ear it heard, at the other out it went. " l Thesis: " Radiation and Absorbtion of Heat by Cinnabar and Perfumes." 40 E EDWARD HOWARD HATTON, C. H. - - X - Madison "Thou art a fellow of a good respect. " Entered as junior from the University of Illinois. QFA. Thesis: ' ' Internal Improvements between 1816 and 1830 in the United States. " SARAH GUENVOR HEIMDALy ENG. fMath.j XV - - Madison "A buoyant heart, a never-quailing soul, a purpose swerveless as the hosts of fate." Castalia. Thesis: " Transcendental Curves in Polar Co-ordinatesf' LUCRETIA FRENCH HINKLEY, A.C. - XI - - Milwaukee "How sweet and gracious, even in common speech." 1'IB1iPg Y. W. C. A.: Corresponding Secretary, Y. W. C. A. f3jg Vice-Presi- dent, Y. W. C. A. QLD: Executive Board, Self-Government Association Q3j,Q4jg Badger Board Q3jg Secretary, Senior Class MQ. Thesis: " The Development of the Moral Life as Portrayed in the Novels of George Eliot." LEWIS ALBERT I-IOLLEN, C.H. QCivicsj ---- Mt Horeb That life is long which answers life's great end." Hesperia: Nora Samlagg Secretary, Hesperia 121: Vice-President, Hesperia 135: Corresponding Secretary, Hesperia 135, MJ, Censor, Hesperia QM: Sec- retary, Nora Samlag C4jg Choral Union 131: Corporal, U. W. Battalion Q2j. Thesis: "Government Supervision of Insurance." H HARVEY RoBsoN HOLMES, PHIL. - - XV - Genev, Minn "You have wrestled well and overthrownf' Entered as junior from Winona Normal School. 'Varsity Football Team QSD, MED. Thesis: "Educational System of Wisconsin and Minnesota." GEORGE ALLAN HOPKINS, A.C. ---- New York City "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse." Xllfg Iron Mask: junior Promenade Committee f3j. Thesis: "Character of Brasidas. ANNA PAULINE HOUGHTON, G.S. - VIII - Racine "Serenely moving on her way." . IIBKIPQ Laureag Vice-President Woman's League Thesis: "A Study of Games and Plays in Childhood, their Psychological and Educational Signiiicancef' WINFRED CHESTER Howe, C.H. - - VIII - Sheboygan "He's true to God, who's true to rnanf' Athenaeg Class Historian fly: Semi-Public Debate Q21 Thesis: "English Parish Priests of the 13th and 14th Centuries as Described by the Bishopis Registers." ETTA L. HUENKEMEIER, ENG. - - I - - Freeport, 111 "lEieEvare of her fair hair, for she excels all women in the magic of her locks." 111. Thesis: "Normal Suggestions: its Influence in Education and Affairs of Every-day Life." 41 CHARLES Tnoiuns HUTSON, ENG. - VII Edgerton "And I Wish that I knew him." AY: Philomathia. Thesis: "Development of Courts in Colonial New York." JOHN PERCY INGLIS, ENG. - - - V - - - Bayneld "Feet that ran on Willing errands." Class Secretary C315 Class Vice-President 011: 'Varsity Track Team f3j. Thesis: "A Study of the Dialects in Chaucer." MARCUS A. JACOBSON, ENG. - - X - - Waukesha The windy satisfaction of the tongue." Athenae, Fortnightly Club, Dutch Club fother members-E. A. Cook and Philip Allenjg Class President Q2jg Vice-President ill: Secretary f3jg Treas- urer Q4jg Athenae Secretary Q2jg Vice-President CEU: Director, Co-operative Company Cl jg Semi-Public f2jg Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Aegis Thesis: "Analysis and Criticism of the Political Writings of James Harrington and Their Influence on American Institutionsf' H JOHN JQNAS JEFFREY, ENG. - - - V - Centralia "Take not His name who make thy mouth in vain. " Thesis: "The City County." ADELINE MIRIAM JENNEY, A.C. - - XIV . Huron, S. Dak "Young in years, but in sage council old." Y. W. C. A.: Castaliag Fortnightly Club: Vice-President, Fortnightly Club l3jg President, Y. W. C. A. C415 Associate Editor, Aegis f3Q. Thesis: "The Growth of the American Novelf' LILLIAN GERTRUDE JOHNSON, M.C. - XIV - - Decorah, Ia "As pure and sweet, her fair brow Seemed eternal as the sky." I"iDB. Thesis: "Comparison of the Ethical Principles in Lessing's 'Nathan der Weise' and Ibsen's 'Brandi " WARREN GILBERT JONES, ENG. QHeb.j - XI - Oregon "Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much." Athenae: Orator, "Blowout" Qlj. Thesis: "The Relation of the Hebrew Prophets to Politics." LEWIS ALBERT JONES, Phil. ---- IV - - - Georgetown "I-Ie is a quiet youth." Entered as junior from Platteville Normal School. Thesis: "Development in Wisconsin of the Standard of Teachers' Qualifica- tions." ALICE PALMER KASSON, A. C. - - VI Madison "Choicest things come done in smallest parcels." AI' Thesis: "References to Lucretius in Literature." ELIZABETH INTARGARET KEECH - - - Waupun "What is lighter than the wind? The lightness of a womau's mind." AQ: Y. W. C. A.: Badger Board Q3jg Educational Club QQ. Thesis: "John Adams' Ideas of Popular Government." 42 0 A3 QI' A l R H .be Group V. lVilliam S. Kies john J. Jeffrey Manfred S. Block Lillian Case Alma Stock Albert A. Kienholz John P. Inglis XVi1liam A. Klatte Archibald C. McPhail1 Hamilton Roddis NVi1lard O. Nuzum XVi1fred E. Chase George I. Haight Hugo F. Mehl Ruth M. Hanchett Harlem R. Chamberlain .ALBERT AARON KIENHOLZ, Phil. - - V ' - Bellingham, Minn "A Well-favored man." Entered as junior from Normal School, St. Cloud, Minn. Pedagogical Clubg President, Child Study Club Qflj. Thesis: "An Experimental Study of Handwriting." 'SAMUEL WILLIAM Kms, M.C. - - V - Oshkosh "My equal is not." Athenae: Closer, Freshman Blowout C153 Closer, Semi Public Q2jg joint Debate 1333 Business Manager, Daibf Cardinal QSM lst Lieutenant, U. W. Regiment C2jg Director, Co-operative Store QZQ. Thesis: "Municipalization of Chicago Street Railways." 'CATHARINE G. KLINE, M.C. - - - XV - Beloit "Imagination is the air of mind." Entered as senior from Beloit College. Thesis: "r iza fl cos H 93' 'FRANK XAVIER KOLTES, G.S. - - VIII - Madison "Behold an Israelite, indeed, in whom there is no guile." Class Base Ball Team f2j. Thesis: "Development of the Respiratory Organ in the Turtle? FRANK HOWARD KURTZ, ENG. - - II - - Milwaukee "A man of understanding walketh uprightlyf' 1i'PBg Hesperiag Class Vice-President f3jg Secretary, Pickwick Club C2jg Secretary, Golf Club f4Jg Captain, Co. A. crack company, U. XV. Batallion C255 Captain, Co. A. crack company, U. W. Regiment C355 Major, U. W. Regiment Q4jg General Editor, Daily Cardinal QZQQ Badger Boardt 3jg Chair- man,Y. M. C. A. I-IandbookQCommittee Q2jg Treasurer, Y. M. C. A. QED, Corre- sponding Secretary, Y. M. C. A. f3jg junior Prom. Committee Q3j. Thesis: "The Policy of the United States in regard to Cuba since Grant's Administration . ' ' IQETER CoRNar.rUs LANGEMO, ENG, - - X Kenyon, Minn "Strength of mind is exercise, not rest." Entered as junior from the University of Minnesota. Thesis: "Administrative Views of George Washington." FRANK JOSEPH LAUBE, ENG. - - - IV - Broclhead "Is it nominated in the bond?" . Philomathiag U. W. Band flj, Q2j. Thesis: "Religion and Philanthropyg their Relation." ,JESSAMINE LEE, ENG. CEng.Q - - - II - Vermillion, S. Dak "A soul enslaved by any petty prejudice." - , Entered as junior from the University of South Dakota. KAO. Thesis: "The Development of Character as the Ultimate Good." RosA LILLIAN MCBRIDE, PHIL. - - IV - - Platteville "This woman hath some witching charm." Entered as junior from Platteville Normal School. Castaliag Y. W. C. A., Corresponding Secretary, Y. W. C. A. C415 Girls' Tennis Club. Thesis: "Study of the Play Impulse in its Relation to Education." 43 N ETTIE IRENE McCoY, ENG. - - I - - Madison: "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." . Thesis: "Corollation between the Physical and Mental Properties of the School Children of Madison." ANNA LEVINA MCCUMBER, ENG. - VII Fond du Lac 16 A perfect woman nobly planned To warn, to comfort, and command." Y. W. C. A.g Vice-President, Self-Government Association CSJQ Treasurer' and Member, Executive Board. Self-Government Association f3j. Thesis: "The Development of New England Periodicals, 1833-1858." MARY ETTA MCCUMBER, M.C. - - VII - Fond du Lac H A mind serene for contemplation." Castaliag Y. W. C. A., Educational Clubg Secretary, Y. W. C. A., C3jg Treas- urer, Castalia Qflj. ' Thesis: "Criticism and Translation of the Virgilian Centosg De Aleag Narcissus, Judicium Paridis, Hippodamiag Hercules et Antmusg Procue et Philomela Europa, Alcesteg De Ecclesiaf' MARY MCKITRICK, M.C. - - - XVI - - Viroqua "An e'en her virtues leaned to virtue's side." MARUQ Castalia. ' Thesis: "Cowper's Relation to the English Romantic Movement." MALEC, ENG. - - - XI - - - Madison "A soul in earnest." Thesis: "British Colonial Policy in Canada, 1837-l846." ANNA L. MASHEK, ENG. - - - X - Kewaunee- "She opened her mouth with wisdom." 1'IBfIP. Thesis: "Contributions to the Study of Recapitulation in the Development of Childhood, Parallels Traced in Children's Drawings and the Art of Early Races." ESTELLE E. MEDBURY, G.S., fMATH.D - III - - Elkhorn "Grace was in all her steps. Heaven in her eye. In every jesture dignity and love." Castaliag Y. W. C. A. n Thesis: "The Generation of Curves by Sheaves of Lines of Different Orders." GUY ABBOT TMEEKER, C.H. - - VII - Marshalltown, Ia if Ah, many's the maid that has sighed for thee, in vain, alas, in vain." Entered as sophomore from Grinnell College. AY, Athenaeg President, Athenae MQ, Class President MJ, Associate Editor, Daily Cardinal f4j, Junior Pipe Custodian Q-3jg Golf Club C4j. Thesis: "Relations of United States and Spain During the Revolutionary Period." HUGO FRANCIS MEHL, G.S. - - V - - Milwaukee K4 A soldier may be anything if brave." Hesperiag Captain, U. W. Battalion QZQ, Major, U. NV. Regiment Q3Jg Univer- sity Orchestra Qljg Glee Club f3j, f4Jg Gymnastic Team, Chicago Q3jg Class- Eisebfgl Team Q25 Class Crew QD, Student Assistant, Chemical Laboratory 7, C - Thesis: "The Toxic Action of Solutions of Electrolytes upon Fishes." 4-L Group VI. Henry C. Rehm William S. Robertson Daisy Campbell Ole S. Rice William S. Darling Emerson Ela i Rollin H. Denniston Alice P. Kasson Will-iam E. Reynolds Charles G. Stangel Hiram A Sawyer Charles E. Gabel Frank H. Watson Cora F. Desmond john P. Gregg Thomas A. Humphrey FRANK WILLIAM MEISNEST, PHIL. - II - - - Branch "Universal plodding prisons up the nimble spirits in the arteries." t Philomathiag Pedagogical Club, Educational Club: Vice-President, Philo- mathia 631. - Thesis: "Testing Memory by the Methods of Reproduction and Recog- nition." MARY ELIZABETH MILLER, ENG., QGERMANB. II - Racine "Can you imagine intelligence like that." Castalia. Thesis: "Wallanstein in Schiller's Trilogie." Mum ELSIE MILLER, A.C. - . XIII - Madison "A still, small voice." Castaliag Treasurer, Castalia QZD. Thesis: "Cicero's Misrepresentation of Epicureanismf' Lewis WELLING MILLS, C.H. - - XVI - - Racine " if if if it but they grind exceeding fine." Thesis: "Development of the Consular System. THOMAS WILLIAM MITCHELL, ENG. - XI - Cuba City "Short of stature, he was but strongly built and athletic." Hesperia: Y. M. C. A.: Semi-Public Debate QZD. I Thesis: "Is Shakespeare's Julius Caesar True to the Caesar of History?" MILTON GRAY MONTGOMERY, C.H. IV . - Omaha, Neb "Behold! An actor am I." ' U ATA, Hesperia: Haresfootg Dramatic Contest f3jg junior Prom. Commit- Telizeisggzi "History of Rates Paid for Mail Transportation." LYDIA EMMA Moons., ENG. - - XIV - - Madison "Woman's at best a contradiction still." Thesis: "The Treatment of Nature in Tennyson." HARRY JOHN MURRISH, ENG. - - XVI Mazomauie 4:13111 nity!! l Glee Club C425 Class Crew QD, Q2j. Thesis: "Masque in Shakespeare." MAUD GRACE MURRISH, ENG. - - XV - Mazornanie "Wee, modest i-lower." Thesis: "Study of Moral judgments in Shakespeare." EDITH NELSON, A.C. - - - XV - - Madison "A soul above triHes." Thesis: "A Vergilian Cento of the Eighteenth Century." WILLARD O. NUZUM, ENG. KHEBREWD. - V - - , Brooklyn "I venerate the man whose heart is warm, whose hands are pure, whose doc- trine and whose life coincident, exhibit lucid proof that he is honest in the sacred cause." Thesis: "The Doctrine of Immortality in the Old Testament." 45 SUSAN ODELL, M. C. - - - IX - Des Moines, Ia "All's well to her-above her ban she'd make sweet eyes 'to any man." AT. Thesis: "Byron and the Late Poet." ERNEST A. OYNEILL, M.C. - - - XV - - Neillsville "With smiling plenty and fair prosperous days." AY: Iron Mask, Banjo Club LU, f2Jg Mandolin Club ill, junior Promenade Committee f3l. Thesis: "Right of Eminent Domain." EDWIN YVILLIAM PAHLOW, ENG. QI-Iistoryl IV - - Milwaukee "I pity bashful men." B61'Ig6NEg Glee Club, University Editor, Cardinal Q2lg Managing Editor, Cardinal f2jg Associate Editor, Aegis f3j. Thesis: "The Household of an English Bishop in the Fourteenth Century." SAMUEL E. PEARsoN, PHIL. - - XII Madison "We know you not, old man." Entered as junior from Platteville Normal School. Thesis: "English in Secondary Schools." MABEL AGNES PENGRA, A.C. . - - III Madison "Thoughtless of beauty, she was beauty itself." Class Secretary Qlj. Thesis: "An Eighteenth Century Vergilian Cento." WARREN MrL'roN PERSONS, G.S. - XVI - - Madison "Thy rnodesty's a candle to thy merit." Philomathiag Joint Debate Team Ml, Sergeant, U. W. Battalion f2l. , Thesis: "Municipal Ownership of Street Railways in Chicago." ANNA SHAW PrNRUM, C.H. ----- Eau Claire "See where she comes, apparelled like the spring." KA6. Thesis: "G6tz and Berlichingenf' ELIZA ALWILDA POLLARD, M.C. CMath.l - X Madison "Nothing's so hard, but search will find it out." Thesis: "Applications of Pascal's Theorem." GRANT E. PRATT, PHIL. - - VIII - Madison "Speak to me as to thy thinking, as thou dost ruminatef' Entered as junior from Whitewater Normal School. Thesis: "Development of the High Schools in Wisconsin." WALTON I-IAwx1Ns PYRE, ENG. - - I - Madison To wake the soul by tender strokes of art, To raise the genius and to mend the heart." B6IIg Philomathiag High School Editor, Daibf Cardinal Q3jg In Winning Cast, Dramatic Contest Q25 g Member of Committee, Senior Class Play C3l. Thesis, "A Study of Tennyson's Use of Epithetsf' H 46 V.. . , Jfffgrearl ' Qfsifrzf .:. K fy - X M ff -fe 2 .V fs: -4 A ,, a V' ,wan ,rf "1"-n , J f" ""- ' Group VII. . Alva Eighrny . Gladys Gale . Frederick H. Hartwell . Anna L. McCurr1ber . John B. Emerson . Nellie M. Bush . Charles T Hutson . Guy A. Meeker . Oscar I. Schendel . Henry L. Walter . John H. Gault . Louis F. Ruschhaupt . Mary E, McCurnber . Bernard G. Heyn . Laura H. Weld ,wmv .V.,.f ,VM A, 'lf Fi ,.- -v 2 5. Q H7f:P'i' . w1fx,2'a""" X . . ,. --'v 95" .. f 1- V-A. J V of x ,. H, 'K 5 0 A f--.N- S-.,..,ff U :- 'xx 1: . .Z ,wx A r , so 4 S ,V l .4 , Q., :GJ .V 1: -' , K 1 .f W " .. N' .lf .94 . ,. -' ,xi N22 1 rf ,r-'Y,.,,,. fe '-v Y' I ff -IA W! af'-f 7:3 .52 I N. 4 im' Q... K5 we - Q i xr M .. ,af .1-wg. a ,L Q- " L K ,K .JL -1 ,iw xv!! '1 '- A-1.5 1 'iff L fr., .- w .f 3 ,ff rea 1.4. A., M -me - fr f v an : 4 1- ,. ... ' 6 Il 1 Nh -3- .' w - 'nf ,a W-by fr--l, FRANK E. RADENSLEBEN, C.H. X Eau Claire "Gloomy as night he stands." Athenae. Thesis: "Benjamin Franklin as an Administrator," GILBERT RANDOM, G.S. - - XIV - Oshkosh "Nature hath framed strange fellows in her time." Entered as junior from Oshkosh Normal School. Child Study Centerg Pedagogical Club. P.S.-What is now the Educational Club was founded and organized in March, 1898, under the direction and charge of Mr. Random, who Was president of the organization until it was changed to the Educational Club. Mr. Random, during his work at the University, has contributed to several educational papers and periodicals, principally the Iniellzlgfence. On educational subjects he is recognized as a clear-cut and wlgorous tlzinker. As principal of the Gill School at Hurley, Wisconsin, for two years, he was a pronowzcerz' success. Thesis: "Some Immediate External Stimuli Affecting the Reproduction of Fungi." Louis REED, M.C. - - - VIII - - - Ripon "Grac'd as thou art with all the pow'r of words." Entered as senior from Ripon College. ATA, Thesis: "Constitutionality of Income Tax Law." OLE S. RICE, G.S. - - - VI - . - Madison "But still he was a sober soul." Educational Club: Member, Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts and Letters. Thesis: "Minerals ofthe Pegmatite, Views of Litchfield County, Connecti- cut." WILLIAM OTHO RICKFORT, G.S. - - XVI - ' Lake Mills "A gentleman born, master person." Class Base Ball Team 121. Thesis: "The Effect of External Conditions upon the Typhoid Fever Germ." MABEL VICTORIA RILEY, G.S. 1Botany1 - XIV - - - Madison "A winning way, a pleasant smile." Laureag Treasurer, Laurea 1119 Choral Union. Thesis: "Morphology and Ecology of the Pezizaceae of Dane County." DAVID M. ROBERTS, A.C. ---- - - Madison Entered as senior from Beloit College. WILLIAM SPENCE Roxsanrson, C.H. 1Hist.1 A- VI - - Oxford "Thou living ray of intelligence." Hesperiag Choral Uniong Class Treasurer 1115 Treasurer, Hesperia 1319 Presi- dent, Hesperia 141g Semi-Public Debate 121g Junior Orator 131: Badger Board 131. Thesis: "The Diplomatic Relations Between the United States and the Spanish-American States, 1881-1891. MARY MITCHELL ROUNTREE, PHIL. - XVI - - Platteville "Of softest manners, unaffected mind." Entered as junior from Platteville Normal School. A415 Secretary and Treasurer, Educational Club 141g Class Vice-President Thesis: "Browning's Philosophy of Art." WILLIAM CARL RUEDIGER, PHIL. - XIV - - - Alma "Rejoice, oh, young man, in thy youth." Entered as junior from Stevens Point Normal School. Thesis: "The Outgrowth of the Sciences from Philosophy." 47 LOUIS FREDERICK RUSCHHAUPT, G.S. - VII Milwaukee V "A quiet youth, withal." Thesis: U Dioxybutyric Acid." FERNE RYAN, ENG. - - XVI Reedsburg 'tLittle, but, oh my! " KKI'g Basket Ball Team f3l. Thesis: "The Culture of Children." LAURA ALICE SCEETS, ENG. - - XIV - - Milwaukee "There shall be no love lost." ' KAGQ Director, Girls' Tennis Club Q2jg Basket Ball Team C313 Class Vice- President QQ. Thesis: " Goethe and Scott." RAYMOND I-I. SCHUMAKER, ENG. - XIV - - McGregor, Ia "In respect of a ine Workman, I am, as you would say, a Cobbler." Philomathiag Class Track Team f2jg Class Base Ball Team Cll. Thesis: " The History of the Development of Parliamentary Law." ELIZA HARPER SHAW, A.C. - - VIII - - Geneseo, Ill Endurance is the crowning quality and patience all the passion of great hearts." Castaliag Fortnightly Club, Choral Unioug Vice-President, Castalia f4Jg Pres- ident, Castalia Q4lg junior Exhibition QSJ. Thesis: " The Status of Morality of the Iroquois Indians, 1630-1680? lr JOSEPH LAWRENCE SHAW, A.C. - - IX - Genesee, Ill Worth, courage, honor, these, indeed, your sustenance and birthright are." Athenzeg President, Athena C453 junior Exhibition 1313 Choral Union Oil. Thesis: "The Parishes of the Diocese of Exeter in the Fourteenth Century." it MARTHA SHOPBELL, G.S. - - - III - - Janesville. "A pleasant smiling cheek, a speaking eyef' Entered as junior from Beloit College. Thesis: "Elbers the Egyptologistf' NATHAN SHORT GREEN, C.H. - - IX - - Dodgeville "Faithful to his duties. " Thesis: "Development of Administration in East India after I8-573' WILLIAM C. SIEKER, G. S. - - - II - - Manitowoc "He that complies against his will Is of his own opinion still," Philomathiag Secretary, Oratorical Association 135. Thesis: "Electrical Properties of Non-Aqueous Solutions." HENRY VINCENT STAHL, ENG. - - XV - - Bayfield "He hath eaten me out of house and home." Athenaeg Vice President, Athenae f3lg Treasurer, Athenae QQ, Class Crew QD, f2J, Z Mile Pair-oared Championship, '97 131. Thesis: "History of the Merchant Marine from 1789 to l812." CRYSTAL STAIR, ENG. - - - - XVI - - Evansville "There still are many rainbows in your sky? Entered as senior from Lawrence University. Thesis: "Local Color in Macbeth." 48 'Z' r I 4 9 l . Q I H g ixgvg ",, ' Group VIII. Eliza H. Shaw Grant E. Pratt Genevieve Sylvester Harry L. Trott Henry L. Schulz Winfred C. Howe Louis Reed james D. Shaw Anna P. Houghton Frank X. Koltes Adeline R. White Robert Wild Cornelius A. Sidler John W. Shuster Alice L. Chubbuck Frederick W. Axley CHARLES GEORGE STANGEL, G.S. - - VI ' - - Tisch Mills "Oh, it is excellent to have a giant's strength." Philomathiag Vice-President, Philomathia 133, W. I. A. A. A. record in discuss and hammer throw: 'Varsity Foot Ball Team Gly. Thesis: "Relative Conductivity of Heat in Wet and Dry Stone." JOHN HENRY STAUFF, A.C. - - - II - - Milwaukee "Right forward, fours Ityiff' Hesperia, Second Lieutenant, U. W. Battalion Q2jg Captain and Quarter- master, University Regiment 135: Major and Quartermaster, University Regi- ment 149. Thesis: "The Character of Nicias." GERTRUDE STILLMAN, ENG. fMath.J - - XIV - Milwaukee "A noble mind makes woman beautiful and envy blind." AAA, Castalia, Girls' Tennis Club, Y, W. C. A., Class Secretary f3jg Presi- dent, Self-Government Association C3j, Gly, Secretary, Badger Board Gil, Guard, '99 Girls' Basket Ball Team CZJ. Thesis: "On the Rieman's Sur- dz face Connected with the integral 42,33 5 mb, g 42,65 5 ALMA. STOCK, ENG. - - - - V - - Madison "A type of the true elder race." Thesis: "Wallenstein in der Geschichtef' JESSE RAYMOND STONE, ENG. - - - XIII - Burnett junction "A cool mouth and warm feet live long. " Athenaeg Class Treasurer 145, Class Crew QU, Q21 Thesis: "Walter Scott's Influence in America. " STEPHEN CONRAD STUNTZ, G.S. CBotanyJ - XVI - - Monroe "I am not only witty in myself, but the cause of wit in other men." Science Club, "B, and S." Publishers, Library Assistant flj, QQJ, GU, Qfljg Assistant, State Botanical,Survey in Northern Wisconsin, 1896-1897. Thesis: "Revision of the North American Species of the Genus 'Neckeral " MAUD SYKES, PHIL. ---- XI Janesville "Of a shrewd and careful mind." Entered as a junior from Milwaukee Normal School. A Thesis: "Growth of Our System of Notation." GENEVIEVE SYLVESTER, C.H. - - VIII - - Milwaukee "Women's minds. like winter's winds, may shift and turn and a' that." I'fI2Bg Fortnightly Club, Badger Board Q32 3 Editor, Aegis 437, 143. Thesis: "Comparison of the Character and Power of Macbeth and Wallen- stein." CORA MARIE THOMPSON, ENG. - - X Beloit "Would there were more like her." Entered as junior from Wellesley College." FQB. Thesis: "Hamlet as Revealing the Personality of Shakespeare." 49 JAMES THOMPSON, ENG. - IX Moscow "Who's who? Which is me?" Athenae. Thesis: " 'To be one's self' and 'to be sufficient unto one's self' in Isben's Dramas." FRED THoMsoN, ENG. - - - XIII - Tomah "My life is one dem'd horrid grind." Philomathiag Columbia: Y. M. C. A. Thesis: "The Presidential Election of l896." Tnoivms WILLIAM TonMEY, G.S. - - II - - - Madison "Show it a fair pair of heels." Class Baseball Team 1213 Class Track Team 121, Class Relay Team 1215 Gymnastic Squad Leader 131, 141, Track Team 131. Thesis: "Distribution of Blood in the Air Sac of Anna." AUGUST W. TRETTIEN, C.H. - - IV - - Madison "Of spirit so still and quiet. " Entered as junior from Oshkosh Normal School. Educational Clubg West End Club: Choral Union, Executive Committee, Educational Club. Thesis: Development of Manual Training in Wisconsin." HARMON LOUIS VAN DUSEN, PHIL. - II - - Montfort "I have observed thee always for a towardly prompt spirit." Entered as junior from Platteville Normal School. Thesis: "Sartor Resartus as a Reiiection of Fichte's Philosophy." HELEN GERTRUDE VERPLANCK, M.C. - XIV - - Milwaukee "Of all the girls that e'er were seen the're none so fine as Helen. " Aflbg Basketball Teams 121, 131, Member, Executive Board of Self-Government Association 131. Thesis: "Did Goethe Portray his-own Character in that of Tasso's. CHARLES A'rWooD VILAS, A.C. - - XIII - - Milwaukee " 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." SPY, 'Hesperiag Haresfootg Fortnightly Club, Class President 1215 Captain, U. W. Battalion 121: Major, U. W. Regiment 1319 Colonel, U. XV. Regiment 1415 Freshman Blowout Orator 1119 Sophomore Semi-Public Orator 1215 Manager, Class Track Team 1215 Chairman, junior Prom. Committee 1313 Dramatic Contest 131. Thesis: "The Idea of Law as Developed by European Writers of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries." HENRY LAMPERT WALTER, G.S. - - VII - Madison "Perseverance, dear my lord, keeps honor bright." Entered as senior from Beloit College. Thesis: "The Ampulla of Voter." FRANK HosFoRD WATSON, G.S. - - VI - - Milwaukee "With those blushing powers of face and wonted bashful, hesitating grace." SAX: 'Class Baseball Team 111, 121, 131: junior Prom. Committee 131. Thesis: "Development of the Lung in the Embryo Chick." - 50 Group IX. Irvin W. Brandel Susan Odell Gertrude E. De Reamer Charles G. Hubenthal James Thompson Roy C. Smelker Thomas Webster Arthur M. Churchill Harry N. Carter joseph L. Shaw Lulu B. Fiske Clarence B. Edwards Margaret I. Deans Mathilde V. Cook ' Nathan G. Short Charles R. Barney THOMAS WEBSTER, PHIL. - - - IX Elk Grove "Oh, what a noble mind." Entered as junior from Platteville Normal. Thesis: "Legislation on Fox and Wisconsin Rivers Improvements." LAURA I-IAYDEN WELD, PHIL. - - VII - - River Falls "With thy softened, shaded brow and those dew-light eyes of thine." Entered as a junior from River Falls Normal School. Castalia, Y. W. C. A.: Member, Executive Board of Self-Government Association. Thesis: "WordsWorth's Philosophy of Art." MINNIE Comsrocx WESTOVER, G.S. II - Madison "But thou art wise and witty, too." Sophomore Basketball Team Thesis: "The Development of the Flower of Veronic Virginicaf' GEORGE BARTHOLOMEW WHARE, G.S. - IV - - - Madison I must have been asleep! ay, sound asleep." Physical-journal Club, Corporal, U.W. Battalion QD, Instructor in Swimming. Thesis: "Distribution of Pneumogastric Nerve in Necturusf' H ALLEN ORVIS WHITE, M.C. - XIII - Madison "He is a quiet youth." Class Track Team QZJ. Thesis: "Highways of Palestine, ADELINE RAWSON WHITE, M.C. - - VIII - - - Madison "Who can procure a white so perfect, spotless, clear, as in this flower doth appear." Castalia. Thesis: "A Study of the Inventiveness of School Children." DANIEL JENKINS WILLIAMS, A.C. -' XVI - - Genesee Depot "Now I perceive the devil understands Welsh, and 'tis no marvel he is so humorous? Entered as sophomore from Carroll College. Class Vice-President Q3J. Y. M. C. A. Thesis: 'tThe Ethical Ideas of Homer." LUTHER MILLARD WRIGHT, G.S. - - II - - New London "I-Iere's quiet for you, self-possession, thoughtfulnessf' Hesperia, Chemistry Club: Handball Tournaments QED, MQ. W Thesis: "To Introduce Chlorine into Glycerine, Replace it by Cyanogen, and then See if a Basic Compound can be Obtained. 51 College or mCCb2llliCS dlld ellSllIQ2l'iIlS WILBUR A. AUSTIN, M.E. - - - XI1 - - Bloomington "Screw your courage to the sticking place, and you'll not fail." Thesis: "EHiciency Test of the University of Wisconsin Refrigerating Plant. " JOHN MARTIN BARR, M.E. - - - X - - Milwaukee "A masterful mind has he." B01Ig Iron Mask, Engineers' Club, Vice-President, Engineers' Club C3Jg Vice- President, Co-operative Company q3Jg Director, Co-operative Company flj, 125, f3J, f4Jg Joint Debate, Engineers' Club Q3jg President, Senior Class 141g President, Engineers' Club MJ. Thesis: "Westinghouse Air Brake." WALTER JOHN BUCKLEY, EE. - - XII - - Lake Mills "Too much learning hath made him mad." Thesis: " Seperation of Losses in the Whitewater Electric Light Plant." RICHARD A. EGAN, E.E. - - - XII - - - Carmel "E'en from the body's purity, the mind receives a secret sympathetic aid." Engineers' Club. Thesis: "A Test of the Lighting and Three Plane Power Transmission Plant of the Chippewa Falls Water Works and Lighting Co." JAMES A. FARR1s, M.E. - - - XII - - Fennimore "He thinks too much, such men are dangerous." Thesis: "Efficiency Test of the University of YVisconsin Refrigerating Plant." EDWARD FRESCHL, M.E. - - - XVI - - Milwaukee "Of well-dried wit, No man hath more than he." Engineers' Club, Secretary and Treasurer, Engineers' Club f3jg President, En- gineers' Club Q4Jg U. W. Orchestra CZJQ First Lieutenant, U. W. Battalion QZJ. Thesis: " Efficiency Test of the Refrigerating Plant of the University of Wisconsin." CARL HAMBUECHEN, EE. - - - III Milwaukee "We must bring you to our captain." ' Captain, U. W. Regiment Q3j. Thesis: " Corrosion of Iron under Various Conditions." ,HENRY O. HANSON, EE. - - XII ' Eau Claire "The righteous are bold as a lion." Engineers' Club. Thesis: "Eiiiciency and Heating Test and Test for Losses in Single Phase Alternating-Current Motors. " JOHN Josnrn HOGAN, E.E. - 1 - III - Chippewa Falls "The iirste vertue, sone, if thou wilt here, Is to restraine, and kepen wel thy tonge." Engineers' Club. Thesis: "A Test of the Lighting and Three-Phase Power Transmission Plant of the Chippewa Falls Water Works and Lighting C " ompany. 52 Group X. Frank E. Radensleben john M. Barr Eliza A. Pollard Marcus Jacobson Anna L. Mashek Iarnes H. Knowles Cora Thompson Edward Voight Charles G. Davies Edward H. Hatton Bert O. Driver james Upjohn Charles T. Mason Edward I. Devney Harry O. Seymour Peter C. Langemo CARL A. KELLER, E.E. - - - XIII f- - - Chilton "When I think, I must speak." Engineers' Club, President, Engineers' Club 141, lst Sergeant Co. C 121, As- sistant Business Manager, Wisconsin Engineer 131, Business Manager, Wisconsin Engineer 141, Class Base Ball Team 111. Thesis: "Comparative Test of the Conductivity of Rail Bonds." J AMES HENRY KNOWLES, C.E. - - X - - Berlin "Music her soft, assuaging voice applies." Glee Club 121, 131, Badger Board 131, Class Base Ball Team 121, junior Prom. Committee 131. Thesis: "Transmission of Hydrostatic Pressure through the Interior of Reservoir Walls." ARTHUR B. LIPPERT, E.E. and M.E. - - I - Milwaukee "Also poor chin! Many a wart is richer." U. W. Engineers' Club, Gymnastic Team 111, 131, 141. Thesis: "Alternating Current Electro1ysis." RICHARD T. LOGEMAN, C.E. - - XV - - Milwaukee A man of sense can artiiice disdain." Class President 121, Editor, Wisconsin Engineer 131, Editor in Chief, Wisconsin Engineer 141, Freshman Shell Crew 111, Class Crew 121, 'Varsity CreW3131, One-half Mile Pair-oared Championship 121, Junior Prom. Commit- tee 1 . Thesis: "Storm and Dry Weather Flow in Sewers." CHARLES THOMAS MAsoN, M.E. - - X Fond du Lac "I think not I am what to appear." Engineers' Club, Editor, Pwsconsin Engineer 141. Thesis: "Microscopical Examination of Iron and Steel under various Treatments. ' ' THOMAS GEORGE NEE, E.E. - - XII Ft. Atkinson 'KFor brevity is very good." When We are, or are not, understood." KE, Engineers' Club, Engineers' Joint Debate 121, Badger Board 131, Class Base Ball Team 111, 121. Thesis: "Efficiency Test, Heating Test and Test for Losses in Single Phase Alternating Current Motors. " RICHARD ARTHUR NOMMENSON, C.E. - XV - - Sheboygan Engineers' Club, Secretary, Engineers' Club' 121, Engineers' Joint Debate 121, Badger Board 131. Thesis: "Storm and Dry Weather Flow in Sewers." LOUIS WALTER OLSON, EE. - - XII - - Manitowoc "His thirst he slacks at some pure neighboring brook, nor seeks for sauce where appetite stands cook." Engineers' Club, Class President 141, Freshman Shell Crew 111, 'Varsity Crew 121, Thesis: "A Comparative Test of Conductivity of Rail Bonding. 53 MARTIN C. OLSON, E.E. - - XII Eau Claire "The shadow of a starless night." Engineers' Club, Class Baseball Team 115, 125. Thesis: "A Test of the Lighting and Three Phase Power Transmission Plant of the Chippewa Falls, Water Works and Lighting Company." WILLIAM EVERETT REYNOLDS, E.E. - VI - Mineral Point "Hath a lean and hungry look." ' Chess Club 1455 Wisconsin Engineer 125. 135, 145. Thesis: "Separation of Losses in the Whitewater Electric Light Plant." WILLIAM ALLAN RICHARDS, M.E. - III - - - Madison "In him are motionless torrents, silent cataracts." Engineers' Club, Editor, Wisconsin Engineer 135, 145. Thesis: "Cylinder Condensation and Heat Wastes in the Steam Engine." FREDERICK MARTIN ALBERT SCHROEDER, M.E. 8a E.E. XIV - Milwaukee "Let the trumpets blow that this great soldier may his welcome know." 4,2135 Engineers' Club, Class Vice-President 1155 Sergeant, U. W. Battalion 115, Captain, U. W. Battalion 125, Major, U, W. Regiment 135, Lieutenant- Colonel, U. W. Regiment 145, Captain, Class Crew 115: President, Freshman Blowout of Engineers' Club 1153 Manager, Wisconsin Engineer 125, 135g Badger Board 135, Assistant in Mechanical Practice 125. Thesis: "The System of Operating Modern Railways as Applied to the Handling of Freight, the Value and Importance Thereof, taking for Example the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway." ARTHUR VALENTINE SCHEIBER, E.E. - - - Milwaukee "Blunt truths more mischief than nice falsehoods do." Engineers' Club, 2nd Lieutenant, U. W. Battalion 125. . Thesis: "Mine Drills and their Operation." JOHN WESLEY SHUSTER, E.E. - - VIII - Florence, S. Dal: "Thou'rt indefatigably bent to toil? Entered as senior from South Dakota Agricultural and Mechanical College. Thesis: "A Test of the Value of Oil as an Insulating Medium." RALPH WILLIAM STEWART, C, E. - XV - - . Madison "His pencil was striking, resistless, and grand." Hesperia. Badger Board 135: Thesis: "Transmission of Hydrostatic Pressure through the Materials used in the Construction of Reservoir Walls. . - '-". '-?'atg:!'J, .1 rf:-3. Q-g'.f'g1'?11-'55 e ,je-.1 l ij' 53:5 F f 3, , ,V 42' Q"',-Ali. Q :gig f f It as?-.Qs-if frm - I LQ,-,B 1 ,.52fg?f.1 . fs- 'EQW--"""?f ' e:e:1?2Si-'T' A .1-,Q xi.-If . 1 K. A., ,-.f'-rin f,g,.v: ' 4:7i:,.l.f: - ' 5 - if-. asf S, Ea..- . sf , ff- - 54 U-XM. Group XI. Bertha E. Chapman Edward T. Fox Marie Malec Henry B. Hollen Harry L. Kellogg Lucretia F. Hinkley 'Warren G. Jones Jennie E. Goddard Thomas XV. Mitchell XVillian1 B. Borgers Maud Sykes Simon C. H. Nolte Frederic NV. Gates Jay B. Baldwin Helen A. Fowler COIIQSQ OI' raw 0fflCCl'S or SCMOI' Law ZIZISS VROMAN MASON, President ALFRED T. CURTIS, Vice-Presiden EDWARD J. DEVNEY, - Secretary LOUIS W. MINTY, Treasurer EARLE STEEDE ANDERSON, - - - XIII Madison "I love my adversary's leg to kick, To frisk upon his features with my feet, Or bust him in the stomach till he is sick, All this is sweet." '1'A0g 'Varsity Football Team Clj, Q2j, Q3j, ffijg Class Football Team Q2j, CHARLES RICHARD BARNEY, - - IX - - Mauston "A right proper man just in his judgment, true of his word." SPAX, fIPA'iPg Athenae, Forum, Class Vice-President f3jg President, Athenaeg Semi-Public Debate, Athletic Council. Thesis: "Motive in actions for deceit." O'r'ro CHARLES BAUMGARTEN, - - I - - Milwaukee "A head filled full of laws and such-like weighty things." IPAQ, Columbian Law Society Qljg Luther S. Dixon Law Club Q3jg Class Treasurer fljg Secretary, Columbian Law Society C155 Secretary, Luther S. Dixon Club QZJ. Thesis: "Is a Judgment Note Negotiable?" CHARLES MELVEN BAXTER, - - - I - - Waupaca "A moral, sensible and Well bred man." Thesis: "Ultra Vires Acts and Contracts of Private Corporations." HENRY CADBY CASE, - - - - - - Milwaukee C I He's quite a case." Hesperia, Forum, Freshman Blowout Qljg Sophomore Semi-Public 125, Secretary, U. W. Oratorical Association qty, Director, U. W. Athletic As- sociation Q6j: Assistant Manager, Baseball eam Q5jgAssistant Manager, Foot- ball Team QGJ. . Thesis: "Revocation of an Oifer before Acceptance." WALTER Sco'r'r CATE, - - - - XIII Madison "I crave the law, Most heartily do I beseech the court." GAXQ Columbian Law Society. Thesis, "jurisdiction of Criminal Cases when the Agency or Agencies are Set in Motion in one State and the Crime is Consummated in another." 55 CL mr- Nea' BUSHNELL EDWARDS, - - IX - - - Madison 1 FREDERICK HAROLD CLAUSEN, , - - , - Fox Lake I O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou, Romeo?" CI1I'A, Athenae, Forum, Haresfoot, Semi-Public Debate 123, Senior, Class Play 143, Farewell to Faculty 143, Dramatic Contest 153, Edward Kean 163, Glee Club 133, 143, 153, 163, Leader Glee Club 153, Class President 113, Director, Co-operative Company 133, 143, U. W. Band 113, 123, 133, 143, Manager' Band 123, 133, 143, 153, Director, Athletic Association 143, 153, 163, President, Athletic Association 163, Class Baseball Team 113, Class Crew 123, Class Football Team 133, Assistant Manageg,DBaseball Team 133, Manager, Baseball Team 143, Presi- ent, U. I. A. A. A. 1 . Thesis: "Federal Jurisdiction of Interstate Railroads." CH XRLES ALEXANDER CRYDERIMIAN - IV - Milwaukee 'Doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief." Entered from University of Michigan as Middle Law. EX, EYIHII, CPAQ, Forum. Thesis: "Examination of the Person in Personal Injury Cases." Ar FRED TENNYSON CURTIS, - - - XVI - - Madison :He shall be heard from." Forum, Luther S. Dixon, Essayist, Hesperia Semi-Public 123. Thesis: "Administration upon the Estate of Living Persons." Erm ARD JAMES DEVNEY, - - - X - - Reeseville 'I profess not talking." Columbian, Class Secretary: Treasurer and Seargent-at-Arms, Columbian. Thesis: "Will the Negligence of the Maker of Negotiable Instruments Stop Him from Setting Up the Defense of a Material Alteration?" More authority, dear boy, name more." Hesperia, U. VV. Democratic Club, Class Treasurer 143, Class President 143, President, Hesperia 143, Semi-Public Debate 123, Inter-Collegiate Debate with Minnesota 143, Badger Board 133, Class Crew 123, Class Eleven 133. Thesis: "Privileged Communications to Attorney's Modification of the Rule as Applied to Acts in Furtherance of Fraud and Crime." Ex aw ALFRED EVANS, - - - XIII - - Spring Green 'Like Cato give his little senate laws." Hesperia, Forum. Joint Debate 133, Inter-Collegiate Debate with Minne- sota 133, Inter-Collegiate Debate with Northwestern 143, Inter-Collegiate De- bate with Iowa 153, Senior Oratorical Contest 143, President, Athletic Associa- tion 163. Thesis: "Unlawful Suspension of Alienation of Real Estate in Wills." JOHN I rNeor,N Frsnnn - - - IV - - Janesville Ru siness before pleasure. " KE, Philomathia, Forum, Freshman Declamation Contest 113, Freshman Blowout 113, Semi-Public Debate 123, Class Vice-President 123, Vice-President, Republican Club 133, Director, Athletic Association 133, 143, 153. Assistant Manager, Track Team 123, Manager, Class Football Team 133, Manager, Track Athletics 133, Manager, Football Team 153, Manager, Inter-Scholastic Association 143, Manager, Gymnasium Team 143, Chairman, Football Com- 1nittee1 . Thesis: i'When can a City Grant an excessive Franchise for a definite Period of Years? " 56 Group XII. Edgar C. True Henry O. Hanson Wilbur A. Austin Adolph F. Beerbaum Thomas G. Nee Albert R. Demi Richard A. Egan Philip L. Allen Eldreth G. Allen Charles E. Allen Louis W. Olson Clara D, Adams Martin C. Olson Walter J. Buckley Samuel E. Pearson James A. Farris L, . Y .9 MICHAEL FRANCIS FOLEY, - - XIII - Juneau "Silence more musical than any song." Entered Senior Law Class from Dixon College. Columbian Law Society, Treasurer, Columbia Law Society. Thesis: "Administration on the Estate of a Living Person." I-IERMON SIDNEY FRY, - ----- Mason City, Ia "Hail fellow! well met!" Entered from Upper Iowa University as a post graduate. Forum. Thesis: "Right of unborn Children to Recover for Injuries Resulting from Negligence." WALTER Sco'rT GANNON, - - - XVI - - Cedarburg "Lawyers are needfull to keep us out of law." Athenae, Forum: Semi-Public Debate 121: Chairman, Badger Board 131. JOHN HENRY GAULT, - - - VII - - Poynette "But in these nice sharp quillets of the law, Good faith, I am no wiser than a daw." Philomathia, Forum, President, Philomathia 141, President, Forum: Semi- Public Orator 121. - Thesis: "Changes in the Growth of the Injunctionf' GEORGE EDWARD GERNON, ---- Madison "Is he whose law is reason, who depends Upon that law as on the best of friends." XWP, Class President 131. - Thesis: "Extra Territorial Effect of State Statutes Imposing Additional Liability on Stockholders in Private Corporations." FRANK L. GILBERT, - - - XV - Madison "Give thy thoughts no tongue." 'PAQ Forumg Class President 131. Thesis: "What are the Remedies of a Party when his own Witness Surprises him by Testimony Different from Statements Made by the Witness to the Party?" STEPHEN W. GILMAN, - - - I Madison "Exceeding wise, fair spoken and persuading." 1i'A'!1g Class President 11 Thesis: "Receivers' Certificates." CHARLES SHEEN GREENWOOD, - - XV - - Lake Mills I-Ie has common sense in a way that's uncommon." SAX, 'IJAfPg Class Vice-President 1115 Class President 121, Badger Board 131: junior Prom. Committee 1313 Class Baseball Team 111, 121, 131. Thesis: "Admissibility of Bank Books in Evidence." JOHN PARKER GREGG, ,- - - , VI - Madison CK I'll catch it ere it come to ground." GAXQ Philomathia, Baseball Team 111, 121, 131, 141, Captain 131, 141, Foot- ball Team 111, 121, 131,141. Thesis: "Liability of Corporations on Fraudulently Issued Certificates and Their Liability upon the Transfer of Certificates where the Endorsement thereon is Fraudulent or Unauthorized? 57 FREDERICK FORD GROELLE, - - III - Unity "Vain would I climb but that I fear to fall." Forum. , - Thesis: "Creditors' Remedies in Wisconsin." ' FRED HOFFMAN HARTWELL, - - VII - - La Crosse "A lawyer can never sing." 'IPAQ Forum, Vice-President, Forum 435, Class Secretary C313 Glee Club 111, 121, 13j, Manager, U. W. Minstrels CZJQ Manager, U. W. Musical Clubs f3J. Thesis: "The Doctrine of Imputed Negligence." BERNARD GOLDSMITH I-IEYR, - . VII - - Milwaukee "Plead much, read more." Forum: Hesperia, Luther S. Dixon Law Clubg Class Historian. Thesis: "The Rules of Damages in Cases of False Representations as to the Credit of Another." HEBER B1sHoP HOYT, C. H. - - - III - - Waterloo "He is not always easy who laughs." Hesperia, Forum, Luther S. Dixon. President, Hesperia f4j. Thesis: "Counter Claims." THOMAS AUGUs'rUs HUMPHREY, - - VI - Daucy "Chewing the quid of sweet and bitter fancy." Forum. Thesis: "Right of Court to Exclude Witnesses from Courtroom and the Effect of Disobedience of the Order." - RICHARDSG. HUTCHINSON, - - - XIII Rose Lawn "Oh, that I had but honors heaped upon me." Columbian, President, Columbian. Thesis: "The Admissability of Evidence Given on the Former Trial When the Witness is Absent from the State ou a Subsequent Trial." RUSSEL JACKSON. ---- - - Madison "I'll answer him by law: I'1l not budge an inch." QA05 Columbian Law Society, Class President Thesis: "Does Section 1765 of the Revised Statutes of Wisconsin Apply to Banking Corporations? " JOHN WILLIAM KELLEY, - - - XV - - Menomonie "And when a lady's in the case, you know all other things give place." AY, Columbian Law Society: Secretary, Columbian Law Society 111. Thesis: "Amount of Proof where Crime is in Issue in Civil Cases." WILLIAM AUGUST KLATTE, - - - V - - Milwaukee "One could see he was wise the moment one looked in his face." '1IJAfIPg Forum. Thesis: "Effect of Knowledge by the Insurer's Agent of False Representa- tion in the Application," WILLIAM HENRV KREISS, - - - XIII - Appleton "Of manners gentle and of affections mild." Thesis: "Character Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases." 58 Group XIII. Frederick Thomson William H. Kreiss Charles W. Gorr Thomas A, Desmond Michael F. Foley Evan A. Evans Maud E. Miller Richard G. Hutchinson Earl S. Anderson. Allen O. White Frederick I. Gaenslen Walter S. Cate Carl A. Keller Jesse R. Stone Charles A. Vilas Ronnivsr BURR Lownuv, - "A ine volley of Words, U. W. Band. Thesis: "Liability of a Personal Representative for Contracts D ' Benefit of the Estate! -GEORGE CUsH1No MARTIN, "I have bought golden opinions." - - IV - La Crosse gentlemen, and easily shot oE." Made for the Omaha, Neb WY, QAQ. Thesis: "Is a Palace Car Company an Inn-keeper? " VROMAN MASON, - - - - XV - - Q Madison "The pink of politeness." WIIY, CPAQ: ONE, Forum, Class Secretary 115 Athletic Association 1lj, 12j, 135. Thesis: "The Special Verdict in Wisconsinf ARCHIBALD CAMERON MCPHAIL, - - V "He finds a fiendish joy in windy arguments." Forurng Secretary, Forum. Class President 13j 5 Director, - Stevens Point Thesis: "How Far Conclusive is a Will Admitted to Probate in one State upon the Courts in another State." CHARLES ANsoN AUGUSTUS MCGEE, - - - -' - Milwaukee "He must be roasted? A'I'Ag 1PA1I'g Hesperia, Forum: Treasurer, Hesperia 121g Semi-Public Debate 12 g Class President 11jg Badger Board 13jg Director, Athletic Association 143. Class Football Team 12jg Class Crew 11jg Junior Prom. Committee 135, Treasurer, American College Republican League 14jg Oratorical Contest 151. JOHN OSCAR MILLER, - - - XIV "Oh, keep me innocent, make others great? - - Marinette ATA, Assistant Manager, Baseball Team 145, Manager, Baseball Team 155. Thesis: "Wisconsin Tax Laws." Louis WILLIAM MINTY, - - - III - Madison "A globular young man." ' Thesis: "Right of Subrogation, of Insurance." Lnnov JOHN NICoLA1 MURAT, - - XVI - - Stevens Point "One would expect from such a name 'Oui, Oni, Monsieur,' and 'parlez vous.' " Athenaeg Nora Samlagg Class Treasurer 13j, 15jg Ivy Planter 14j. Thesis: "Malice in Certain tort Actions." JAMES FREDERICK OLIVER, - - - I Montrose I I A true and brave and downright honest man." Hesperia: Forum, Semi-Public Debate 121. IC Thesis: The Doctrine of Contributary Negligence as a Defence to Actions upon negotiable Paper." -GILES HENRY PUTNAM, - - - IV - - Greenbush "A town yvhich boasts inhabitants like me can have no lack of good society." Columbian. Thesis: "What Conditions Must be Conformed to in order to Divest the In- corporators of their partnership Liability?" 59 HENRY CHARLES REHM, - - - VI - - Milwaukee "There is a pleasure in poetic pains which only poets know." Thesis: "Constitutional Clauses Relating to the Territories." HAMILTON RODDIS, ---- V - - Marshield "A queer genius." Columbian Law Society. Thesis: "Will a malicious Motive Ever Make an Act, Otherwise Valid, Un- lawful ? " . HIRAM ARTHUR SAWYER, - - - VI Hartford. "In brief, sir, study what you most aHect." 111131115 Athenae. ' Thesis: "Nature and Extent of Stockholders' Statutory Liabilities." OSCAR JOHN SCHENDEL, - - - VII - - Columbus "Ambition is an idol on whose wings great minds are carried only to ex- tremesf' Forum, Vice-President, Forum 135. .' Thesis: "In the Case of a Bill of Sale of personal Property, is it Presumed to Contain the Whole Agreement, or may a contemporaneous parol Agree- ment be Proved?" HARRY O. SEYMOUR, ---- X - - Lake Geneva "Be calm in arguing, for fierceness makes error a fault, and truth discourtesyf' BG1'Ig 1IPAfPg Glee Club 111, 121, 1335 Leader, Glee Club 13jg Track Team 125. Thesis: "The Rights of an Abutting Owner on a Street in case Telephone Poles are Placed in the Street in front of his Premises." JAMES Drws SHAW, - - - VIII - Wauwatosa "I have neither Wit, nor words, nor worth, Action, nor utterance, nor power of speech, To stir men's blood. I only speak right on." llliiiois-Wisconsin Debate 121, Iowa-'Wisconsin Debate 131. Thesis: "Powers of an Executive Committee for Board of Directors of a Corporation . " CORNELIDS A. SIDLER, - - - VIII Milwaukee "His face deep scars of thunder had entrenched. And care sat on his faded cheek." EX, CPAGP. Thesis: "Statement as to bodily or mental Imirmities in an Application for Life or Accident Insurance." I ROY C. SMELKER, - - - - IX Dodgeville "Happy am L from care I'm free. Why ain't they all contented like me?" Hesperia, Class Football Team 1313 Commodore of Crew 163. Thesis: "Enforcement of the statutory Liability of Stockholders in the Courts of another State." EARL CLARENCE TILLOTSON, - - I Baraboo "Snug a a bug in a rug." SAX, sfPA'i'g Forum, junior Prom. Committee 131. Thesis: "Liability of a Bank on a forged Endorsement? 60 Group XIV. ' ew. Q 1 1. pw, 62 l fw fa Uagai'-7 . f.1:s'IaQf':f-"1 11 -, -1 -wav .,--sy ' Q. , .ff2?Z,f-I '9 'F' ' QW-'i' V ' A f . - . , - X ig :Z-L m --: .. 3:1 sg, . W? 5.'-4f.l. ' .44 .g 2.4123-'2F" j ,I an 'iffif ' a -L ' f i.,.g5:y ,-'4 4 fwxy f Wal Pa, 'E vs 3 2, 9 I Q 'Baja . M Q , fo has if qgfj'-252 . ,B ag? if ,ff G il 1 Y 4' 7 " 07? 1 4 ,Qf K as l f ff, 59.9 1 ,S K 11554 g f' was WE l in A V- U if i , 7: 49 r " . , 3 ' G fa W Lf "'- a'6'-in ww. my 7 43 -, vi YQ 2 5, vf. 1 45 ' mm in 'irli' ' . f..Z"B ,- A 'M ' JA' Y' mf! ,E 5216, 1, wa W eiiegl' v,i2'Q32 '2i'2'CTf?fiz'5'4- MW :img ,.....,----f-z 'as-y an 'wp we :fax 4 , aw A Q vefiggzi , . 2952 qs Yr " 1.-::-. , W ,- :E A an Nr., . wi . X. wi .Lis ...l ff W -- 6:-Q . . -' f ,, ,-f .- -f1'.f:-5-?f1f.:.-r,f'ff' ' fn' '-bidi' V -- f' W' " 2 W Elica? 'fin '51 if . . " .Az ,mggigb A .1 'za .nn eV254bQw,u,q A . . 3 ,5535 '. A fm A' ' 'I V '-f '- 'mf .' 'rf ' , :p-,,.zj- 'V ?,, Li: 3 Qeif-Rim" afili- ' fa lf .4 I in", ' -' ij Jim? -10 - aa ll : . . f 9 vu- ii?-Q al, G -- . vfia- 'I -'-av. 1 -V , an f l . z:5?'R'?M Rfb -1? . , . mage wh X, W ,-gig fggnzr Q .Q -. 1.1.5 . fix' gf, Laura A. Sceets Frederick A. Schroeder Lydia E. Moore john I. Enge Gilbert Random Raymond H. Schumaker Helen G. Verplanck Lillian G. johnson William C. Ruediger Wanda G. Ellison Mabel V. Riley Adeline M. jenney Iohn W. Winterbotham Mary Dopp John O. Miller Gertrude Stillman Theodore B. Torkelson . 3532, 434' 'Z of 4 , Q if ff My ff x , Q zz- 4 aj, ., . Q 'I Q 52 ,X 1, Y Q ! iii, :pb af k, , Y, 'L '55, . , I M, 25. 'K Q9 ,. 1 ffiifii ' .X vs, 1.5 - wh 402251 i. we I 4 90 . we Ay V We 'S Q-fx .5 1 5 JI 15. 7 gig, I I Q! eb.. ,a 254322 5. 4.-.1 0.413 '- ' 'rffiex 9 xii? fe-Tr wt., Ql- .MW if gb' i 17 - '55 THOMAS A. TOLRUD. ---- I - Peterson, Minn "An honest man, close buttoned to the chin." Columbian Law Societyg Treasurer, Columbian Law Society 1313 President, Columbian Law Society Q3jg Nora Samlag. Thesis: "Compensation of personal Representative in Wisconsion. " THEODORE BERNARD TORKELSON, - - XIV Black River Falls "To business that we love, we rise betimes, And go to it with delight." Columbian. Thesis: "Release of a Surety from Liability by Alteration or Modification of the Principal Contract." EDGAR CURTIS TRUE, . - - XII - Portage "W'ho can foretell for what high cause This darling of the gods was born." EX, AKQ. EDWARD H. VorG'r, - - - X - - Milwaukee "His mother's son, a self-made man. " ' Forum, Luther S. Dixon, one of the founders and at present president of Luther S. Dixon Law Club. Thesis: Hlrresistable Impulse as a Defense to Criminal Prosecution." ROBERT WILD, ---- VIII - - Milwaukee "Bid me discourse, I will enchant thy ear." Hesperia, Semi-Public Debate Q2jg Junior Oratorical Exhibition Q3jg Uni- versity Orator, Northern League Contest Q-Mg Class Orator QLD, Commence- ment Orator Qflj, Elected to Iowa Debate f5jg Editor-in-Chief, Daily Cardinal QGJ. JOHN VV. WINTERBOTHAM, - - - XIV liu Claire "I shall rise tall as an elm in my gracef' WY, QAIP. Thesis: "The Power of the State Legislature to Inipose a Tax or license fee on foreign Corporationsg R. S. lVis. 1770. b. JOHN FRASER WOODMANSEE, - - XVI - - Wauwatosa "Sober as a judge." Columbian, President, Columbian QSJ, University Orchestra flj Thesis: "The Eiect on the Undertaking of Suretyship, for the Performance of a Contract, on Extension of Time to the Contractor, VVhere the Surety Receives a Consideration for his Undertaking, and has Sustained no Damage by the Variation in the Terms of the Contract. " 61 School or Pharmacy. IRVIN W. BRANDEL, - - - - IX - - Madison "From labor health, from health contentment springs." Pharmaceutical Society: Class Treasurer CBJ. Thesis: "Chemical Composition of Monarda Oil," ARTHUR GEORGE CRIDDLE, ---- Stoughton "Progress is your law-your right." Pharmaceutical Societyg Class Historian QPha1-macyj. Thesis: "Preparation and Preservation of Medicinal Waters." ROLLIN HENRY DENNISTON, - - VI -, - Burlington "I do remember an apothecary and hereabouts he dwells." Philomathiag Pharmaceutical Society: President, Pharmaceutical Society f2l. Thesis: "American Viburnumsf' FREDERICK GUSTAVE EHLERT, - Milwaukee "A quiet youth of modest mien." Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: "Boric Acid and Borates." ALVA EIGHMY, - - - - VII - - McFarland "Fain would I climb, but that I fear to fall." Thesis: "Molecular Weight Determinations by the boiling-point Method." GEORGE WILLIAM FUNCK, - - - XVI - - Milwaukee "My heart is Wax, to be moulded as she pleases." Thesis: "Sulphonatic and Sulphonilic Acid in Synthetic Antipyreticsf' CHARLES WILLIAM GORR, - - - XIII - - Milwaukee "Work is its own last earthly meed." Pharmaceutical Society f2jg Banjo Club Q3j. Thesis: "Monogram on Acetanilidl' ALBERT LOUIS HENNING, - - - I Iron Ridge "I'll talk a word with this same learned Theban." ATA: Chemical Club. Thesis: "An original Investigation of the Saccharates of Na 1-K, Mg 1-Ca,- Ba and Sr." HENRY B. HOLLEN, ---- XI Eau Claire "Nothing's so hard but search will find it out." Thesis: "The Anatomy of Piper Methysticumf' CHARLES GILBERT HUBENTHAL, - - IX - - Waukesha "Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek-headed men, and such ns sleep 0' nights." Thesis: "Inversion of Sugar in Elixirsf' 62 Group XV. Catharine Kline Harvey R. Holmes Marion T. Connell Ernest A. O'Neill Edith Nelson Ralph Stewart Richard T. Logemann Maud G. Murrish Vrornan Mason. Richard A. Nornmensen Frederick H. Clausen Frank L. Gilbert Charles S. Greenwood Henry V. Stahl john W. Kelley Max W. Griiicith Sarah G. Heimdal ff? 90, HARRY LYMAN KELLOGG, - - - XI - Oconomowoc "A mixer of vile drinks, a concoctor of poor jokes." EX. Thesis. "Hydrolysis of Alkaloidsf' MYRA WESTON KIMBALL, - - - IV - - Green Bay "A generous friendship no cold medium knows." Laureag President, Laurea f4jg Girls' Glee Club f3jg Choral Union CZJ. Thesis: "The Physiological Action of Certain Nitrogen containing Com- pounds on Lupinus Albus." SIMON CHRISTIAN HENRY NOLTE, - - XI - Milwaukee "It is a condition which confronts us, not a theory." Pharmaceutical Society. Thesis: "Estimation of Oils Containing Carvone." MARY Mnz RANDALL, - - - II - - - Ladoga "And knows full well to guild the gladsome pill, and make our blackest doses don aimerry hue." Entered as sophomore from Ripon College. Thesis: "Physiological Action of the haloid Compounds of the alkaline Group on Lupinus Albus. " HENRY LOUIS SCHULZ, - - - VIII - - Watertown "Great hearts have largest room to bless the smallg strong natures give the weaker home and rest." Pharmaceutical Societyg Treasurer, Pharmaceutical Society C31 Thesis: ' 'Sophantus Anisatus. ' ' DELBERT CLAUDE TRELOAR, - - - - - - Waukesha "He gave me bitter pills." Pharmaceutical Society, Vice-President, Pharmaceutical Societyg Class Pres- ident, QPharmacyJ QZQ. Thesisg "Inversion of Cane Sugar in the Oilicial Syrups." J AMES UPJOHN, -------- Fond du Lac "What is your study? " Thesis: "The Preparation of Guanidin by Means of Carbon Tetrachloride and Alcoholic Solution of Ammonia." A, -, X x fi 171 - , . . , X JL H 1 0 WEN? 63 College OF HSYICUIEIBFQ. WILLIAM DIETRICH, - - - IV - Black River Falls If HARRY Patient endurance attaineth to all things." Philoinathia C355 'Varsity Crew C2jg Winner of Fred Brown Trophy f3j. Thesis: "The Maintenance Ration of Pigs." Lotus TROTT, - - - VIII - Milwaukee "We are not labelledg We are ourselves." Hesperiag Toaster, Semi-Public Debate Q2jg Class Vice President C2jg Class Track Team QU, 1213 Winning Class Relay Team 1215 Winner in Vllater Tournament Qljg Second Sergeant, U. W. Battalion 122. Thesis: "The Rational Treatment of Ma.nures." as ' ,::- X N N, :Mg in ' -fry I ,. , X - J x X ,X f A , my tt X 4vERY TEQREL? I ff' N X u xii I ,Fon GeNifd"iATfi10,,i1i1fyr' it X Xi fl Ci V 64 wsxk W U 1+ of Yi' Group XVI. Alfred T. Curtis Walter S. Gannon William O. Rickfort George W. Funck john F. Woodmansee Edward Freschl Daniel J. Williams Warren M. Persons Harry J. Murrish Leroy J. N. Murat Lewis W. Mills Mary McKitrick Nathan S. Curtis Crystal Stair Ferne Ryan Stephen C. Stuntz Mary M. Rountree Q E S N :QD N wg A C' x D X! ,X J fled, l g gif Wf?f y K xv l . cf .fi bgili . 57 WA M . X 've JOSEPH LOEB, TERESE WATERS, LESLIE S. EVERTS, 0TTlCQl'S UVM PGS. President First Vice-President Second Vice-President PAUL G. WINTER, - Secretary BENJAMIN F. COEN, Treasurer ERNEST voN BRIESEN, Histoxian GEORGE MOSHER, Sergeant-at-Arms COLORS! Green and White. MOTTO: Make Something Out of '00. YELL2 Wha, Hoo, Wha, Hoo, Wha, Hoo, VVha! 1900! Rah, Rah, Rah! 66 I COIIQSQ Ol' Setters Zllld SCIQIICQ Junior Glass Edna C. Adams, Eng.. Madison. Harry W. Adams, Eng., Black Earth. Myrtle G. Adams, M.C., Beloit. ' William F. Adams, A.C., Mukwonago. Sebastian Albrecht, G.S., Milwaukee. Frederick W. Alden, Phil., Madison. Florence E. Allen, C.H., Madison. Andrew R. Anderson, A.C., Melvina. Oliver S. Andresen, Eng., Medford. Lizzie M. Arnold, Phil., Oshkosh. Mark A. Bailey, Phil., Fennimore. Rolland M. Austin, G.S., Monroe. Helen L. Baker, A.C., Colton, N. Y. Charles H. Bachhuber, Eng., Mayville Winchel F. Barber, C.H., Waukesha. Anne C. Bertles, M.C., Green Bay. Kathryne I. Blackburn, Phil., Madison. Adelbert E. Bleekman, A.C., La Crosse. Charles B. Bolender, A.C., Monroe. Josephine H. Bowden, Eng., West Salem. Ernst von Briesen, C.H., Columbus. ' Bertha B. Brigham, M.C. Sp., Evansville. Luther E. Brown, A.C., Rhinelander. Adeline H. Brown, A.C. Sp., Berlin. Florence T. Buck, Phil., Platteville. John S. Brown, G.S., Sparta. Charles L. Burnham, A. C., Milwaukee. Francis J. Carney, Eng., Eau Claire. Mae Cashel, Eng., Arcadia. George S. Cassels, G.S., Tomah. Mildred A. Castle, Eng., Black River Falls. Grace M. Challoner, A.C., Oshkosh. William B. Clark, Eng. Sp., Belleville. Benjamin F. Coen, C.H., Rensselaer, Ind. Francis H. Crosby, C. H., Hinsdale, Ill. Edward A. Cook, Eng., Madison. Gerard M. Dahl, Eng., Stoughton. Louise Craig, M.C. Sp., Viroqua. Libbie M. Damuth, C.H.. Ft. Atkinson. Frank E. Darling, G.S., Madison. Jessica E. Davis, G. S., Madison. Clark B. Devine, G.S., Oregon. Grace L. Dillingham, M.C., Baraboo. joseph G. Dillon, G.S., Sterling, Ill. Bernard C. Dorset, A.C., La Crosse. 67 John W. Dreyer, G.S., Fitchburg. Daisy R. Dye, Eng. Sp., Madison. Clarence W. Eastman, G.S., Portage. Anin Egdahl, G.S., Menonionie. Frank W. Eighmy, Phil., McFarland. Walter E. Elmer, Eng., Hustler. Roy F. Farrand, Eng., Madison. George N. Ferris, C.H., Whitewater. Carl E. Fischer, Eng. fPhysicsJ, Bayfield. Mabel E. Fletcher, G.S., Portage. Rebecca S. Fraser, Eng., Lake Beulah. Elliott R. Goldsmith, C.H., River Forest, Ill. Mary B. Fries, Eng., Richland Center. John E. Goodwin, Eng., Madison. Amelia C. Gath, M.C., Madison. Ernst Greverus, C.H., New Holstein. Greta M. Gribble, Phil., Platteville. August Grimm, Phil., Two Rivers. Arthur B. Grindell, G.S. Sp., Platteville. Henry A. Gunderson, Eng., Rio. Roy D. Hall, G.S., Burnett Junction. , George P. Hardgrove. Eng., Fond du Lac. Leila A. Harvey, Phil., Milwaukee. Richard Heyward, Phil., Rockford, Ill. Walter E. Haskin, Jr., G.S., Milwaukee. Carlisle V. Hibbard, G.S., Racine. VVil1ian1 K. Herrick, C.H., Cherokee,Ia Louise Hinkley, M.C. Sp., Janesville. Harry M. Hobbins, M.C., Madison Frank Hoffman, Eng., St. Wendel. Jesse F. Honeywell, A.C., Monroe. Edward A. Hook, G. S., South Milwaukee. Margaret M. Hutton, A.C. Sp., Whitewater. - Marcia M. Jackman, M.C., Janesville. Alice F. Jackson, M.C., Madison. Ralph L. Joannes, C.H., Green Bay. Nora F. Johnson, M.C. Sp., Rockdale. Richard B. Johns, Phil., Sparta. Oliver M. Jones, Phil., Georgetown. Axel E. Johnson, A.C., Madison. John R. Kellogg, Phil., Elgin, Ill. Bessie S. King, M.C., Neillsville. Susan C.. Klinkharnmer, Phil., Cassville. Arthur A. Koch, G.S., Beaver Dam. Joseph Koffend, Jr.. Eng., Appleton. Phillip A. Kolb, Phil., Platteville. John D. Landers, Eng. Sp., Merrill. Kenelrn J. Lee, G.S., Chippewa Falls. Joseph Loeb, C.H., Appleton. Susan E. Lowell, M.C., Janesville. Sarah M . Lucas, M.C., Brodhead. Frank XV. Lyle, M.C. Sp., Ripon. 68 J. T. Stuart Lyle, M.C., Madison. Albert J. MacCartney, C.H., Madison. Marie H. McClernan, A.C., Iannesville. Mary I. McFadden, Phil., Oconto. Sadie L. McGilvra, M.C., Baraboo. Corey H. McKenna, G.S., Platteville. Francis E. McKenna, Phil., Blanchardville. Marion C. McLean, M.C. Sp., Monroe. Ralph B. McNish, C.H. Sp., Madison. James H. McNee1, A.C., Madison. Kathryn G.Malloy,Eng. Sp.,Fond du Lac. Mae M. MacGraw, M.C., Chippewa Falls, Julius F. Mauermann, G.S. Sp., Monroe. Ella D. Maercklein, G.S., Milwaukee. Paul W. Minnick, C.H., Kewaunee. Daniel G. Monahan, G.S., East Troy. 4 Ida M. Montgomery, M.C. Sp., Rosendale. Alma M. Moser, A.C., Ashland. George W. Mosher, C.H., Prophetstown. Wayne T. Moseley, C. H., Madison. Daniel H. Murphy, G.S., Milwaukee. Norman O. Nelson, G.S., Madison. Julius J. Newman, Phil., Horicon. Patrick Nohelty. Eng. Sp., Lake Geneva. John F. Nicholson, G.S., Brodhead. George N. Northrop, M.C., Platteville. john M. Niven, A.C., Sheridan. Emma J. Ochsner, G.S., Madison. Jennie Ogilvie, Eng. Sp., Madison. R. Milton Orchard, Phil., Shullsburg. John G. Osborne, M.C., Milwaukee. Albert S. Oscar, Eng. Sp., Washburn. Bernard M. Palmer, C.H., Janesville. Edna M. Parks, A.C. Sp., Crystal Falls, Mich. Charles S. Pearce, Eng., Walworth. Ernest A. Petzke, M.C.' Sp., Madison. Raymond B. Pease, Eng., Oregon. Clara Piisterer, Eng., Brodhead. William I-I. Pearson, Phil., Lancaster. Helen A. Pierce, Eng., Chicago, Ill. David C. Pierpont, G. S., Milwaukee. Ray P. Potter, Phil., Mauston. Bertha H. Pruess, Phil., Belle Plaine. Sarah I. Ramsay, A.C., Madison. Miriam K. Reed, M.C., Madison. Arthur L. Rhodes, Phil., Sparta. Annice T. Richardson, C.H., Eldorado, Kan. i Oscar L. Ringle, Eng. Sp., Wausau. '5 ,ajft Irving P. Robinson, C.H., Milwaukee. 2 I l L.BerthaRobinson,Phil.,P1a.tteville. 'I , . f Emil L. Roethe,Phil.,Whitewater , f : -I' I Lura L. Ross, Eng. Sp., Hudson fillf?,.fi1i- ' -1 fa Ill? ll l. 41 K1 5.3-Q. HOW CAN SHE DECIDE? Emma Rothman, Eng., Chilton. Gustave F. Ruediger, G.S., Madison. Henry A. Russell, C.H., Ft. Scott, Kan. Sever Saby, Phil., Baldwin. Elsa A. Sawyer, Eng. Sp., Hartford. Dennis F. Scanlan, C.H., Madison. George H. Scheer, G.S., Sheboygan. Alfred R. Schultz, G.S., Tomah. Livia E. Seiler, M.E. Sp., Alma. Mabel Sheldon, Eng., Reedsburg. Francis Slatter, G.S., Sun Prairie. Gertrude Sherman, H.C., Milwaukee. Clara E. Smith, Phil., Platteville. Carl F. Siefert, G.S., Milwaukee. Allard 1. Smith, C.H., Milwaukee. William C. Sieker, G.S.,Manitowoc Goldwin H. Smith, Eng. Sp., Madison. Harry G. Smith, M.C., Madison. 'flennie H. Smith, Eng., Mauston. Winifred H. Smith, M.C. Sp., Wheaton, Ill. Marie L. Sprague, M.C., Elkhorn. Henry C. Stair, Phil., Brodhead. Dudley D. Stetson, G.S. Sp., Milwaukee. Mary L. Strong, Eng., Dodgeville. Frederick I. Steuber, Phil., Prairie du Sac. Charles H. Sutherland, G.S., Janesville. Edith G. Stevens, Eng., Madison. William C. Sutherland, G.S., Madison. William I. Sutherland, Phil., Fairdale, Ill. Katherine E. Swain, A.C., Milwaukee. George W. Swartz, Phil., Arkansaw. Henry H. Taylor, Eng., Barron. ' Clarence D. Tearse, Eng,, Winona, Minn. George Thompson, Eng., Moscow. Winifred Titus, G-.S., Oshkosh. Francis A, Vallee, C.H., Racine. Enoch W. Underwood, Eng., Minneapolis, Minn. Fred M. Van Horn, A.C., Omaha, Neb. Anna D. Valentine, M.C., Janesville. Valborg V. J. Vea, C.H., Stoughton. Ethel L. Virgin, Eng. Sp., Platteville. Fanny Warner, M.C., Windsor, Florence M. Warner, G.S., Windsor. Helen H. Warriner, M.C., Portage. Robert G. Washbilrn, G.S., Milwaukee. Terese F. Waters, Phil., Fond du Lac. Anna K. Weber, C.H., Monroe. Wirt C. Williams, Phil., Middleton. Eunice W. Welsh, M.C., Madison. Julius Winden, Phil., Monroe. Dutee H. Whelan, Eng., Mondovi. Paul G. Winter, Eng., Madison. Alfred E. White, C.H., Sparta. Edson R. Wolcott, G.S., Sharon. Thomas Willett, G.S., Madison. Paul R. Wright, A.C., Monroe. Charles Yankey, Eng., Juneau. Viola M. Zimmerman, Phil., Mibrankee. 'Deceased 70 JENNIE HARRISON SMITH Dzled, jzznuazy 6, 1899 H YDBAULIC LECTURE . 5 :I 'L 3 lk? , if 1'Q, ' Amy rg-'Q College ot mechanics and Engineering ' , ff yy W -f J Junior Glass ,r 5, Theodore H. Ahara, M.E., Madison. K- f A ?f- Vg Charles B. Barnes, M.E., Denrock, Ill. I I Richard E. Baus, M.E., Madison. V , , if - ,- Irving M. Bean, M.E.,3MilWaukee. ,lx I I Ben E. Buttles, E.E., Waterford. if N ' - T,- Mildred W.?Caxnpbell, C.E., Madison. I ' ' - Willis W. Cannon, EE., Green Bay. I 1, S. C. Connor, E.E., Madison. if Thomas R. Cook, M.E., Oshkosh. A WATER SPOUT. Charles G. Goodsell, E.E., Sparta. John E.'Dixon, M.E., Milwaukee. L60. E. Granke, C.E., La Crosse. Fred M. Emerson, C.E., Milwaukee. John L. Harvey, M.E.,,Mondovi. Myron M. Fowler, EE., Wauwatosa. Eugene H. Heald, C.E., Oak Park, Ill. ' Charles R. Hedke, C.E., Racine. john R. Hegg, C.E., Cumberland. Warren A. Hoyt, C.E., Madison. Clifford W. Humphrey, E.E., Waterloo, John F. Icke, C.E., Marshfield. Frank H. Lacey, E.E., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. John M. Lea, E.E., Waupaca. Arthur R. McArthur, M.E., Johnstown. Olaf I. Linden, C.E., Marinette. Clyde M. McKay, M.E.Sp., Chippewa Falls. ' Arba B. Marvin, jr., E.E., Oregon, Eldridge G. Merrick, EXE., Danbury, Conn. Walter B. Minch, M.E., Madison. Lewis E. Moore, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Sherman Moore, C.E. Brocfhead. Clarence L. Nelson, C.E., Racine. Cliiord Older, C.E., Portage. Walter I. Parsons, C.E., Chicago, Ill. Edward E. Sands, C.E., Sparta. Albert A. Radtke, EE., Madison Frederick E. Schmitt, C.E., Green Bay. Charles A. Rhine, E.E., Milwaukee. Harold Seaman, E.E., Milwaukee. Sidney T. Smith, C.E., Sturgeon Bay. ' ".-21, Melvin B. Stone, C.E., Madison. k N John C. Taylor, E.E.Sp., Barron. X Otto F. Wasmansdorff, C.E., Madison. f Q , , Louis B. Weed, C.E., Madison. Q , , ,Q Harry R. Whomes, M.E. Baraboo. . S 1 ' Lynn A. Williams, M.E., Milwaukee. 7 Q iff' William H. Williams, C.E., Oshkosh. r fl' 'V Edward L. Williamson, C. E.,Ianesville. ' 'r f' 7 Robert E. Wipfler, C.E., Detroit, Mich. , X 71 - S One day, Sands, he wore a collar, Wlnh tear ir. did invest us. He pun it on with iron tongs, And lined it with asbestos. x ' jf6oHQomor'Q Qs K K .i , ' W2 X 'f N., - V . I nqelzmcf F5 55 lf" 0ffitQl'S. RUSSELL J. HAWN, - President ABBEY L. BRAYTON, - - First Vice-President PAUL G. CHAMBERLAIN, Second Vice-President WILLIAM D. BUCKHOLZ, - Secretary RAY PALMER, - Treasurer ADAH G. GRANDY, - Historian CLARENCE A. BARR, Sergeant-at-Arms COLORS: Purple and Gold. Mo'rTo: Success Proves Itself. YELL: Second to None, Second to None, 'Varsity, 'Varsity, Nineteen One ! 72 COIIQSQ or f6II2l'S dlld SCIQIICQ 'Eric W. Allen, A.C., Milwaukee. K Cora A. Astle, Eng. Sp., Prairie du Sac. Elbridge Bacon, C.H., La Crosse. Clarence A. Baer, Eng., Milwaukee. MAb! Leu me change shut Arthur A. Baldwin, C. H., Madison. Sydney H. Ball, A.C., Oak Park, Ill. W. Harley Barber, G.S., Black Earth. Jessie A. Barney, Eng., Mayville. John M. Barney, C.H., West Bend. Eliza W. Bartlett, M.C., Milwaukee. 'Willis C. Bergstrom, C.H., Neenah. Claude S. Beebe, G.S. Sp., Milwaukee. Charles L. Bert, C.H., Freeport, Ill. Joseph N. Berg, C.H., Madison. Arthur F. Beule, G.S., Beaver Dani. Arthur W. Blackburn, A.C., Madison. Paul W. L. Boehm, Eng. Sp., Wausau. Harriet M. Bostwick, Eng., Janesville. Harry E. Bradley, A.C., Madison. Mary E. Brahany, M.C., Madison. Abbot L. Brayton, M.C. La Crosse. Joseph Bredsteen, Eng. Sp., Stoughton. ?Louis A. Brunckhorst, Eng, Kewaunee. Laura Brownson, Eng., Sharon. Herbert D. Buchanan, C.H., Rio. Agnes M. Bross, M.C., Madison. William D. Buckholz, Eng., Whitehall. Henry A. Buehler, G.S., Monroe. Kate M. Buell, G. S., Sun Prairie. Laurence C. Burke, C.H., Chicago, Ill. William J. Carr,'C.H., Madison. Harry E. Carthen, C.H., Lancaster. Henry Casson, Jr., C.H. Sp., Madison. Annie R. Caulkins, G.S., Milwaukee. R. I. Chase, Ir., G.S. Sp., Sioux City. Abigail E. Cavanaugh, Eng., Shullsburg. M. J. Cleary, Eng. Sp., Blanchardville. Zach A. Chandler, G.S., Oregon. William B. Collins, C. H., Sheboygan. Edward B. Cochrens, Eng., Sturgeon Bay. Mary H. Cross, Eng. Sp., Madison. Dorathea H. Curtis, A.C., Madison. George G. Curtis, Eng., Merrill. Phillip H. Daggett, G. S. Sp., Ottumwa, Ia., Flora N. Davidson, Eng., Madison. Herbert W. Davis, Eng., Camp Douglas. i- 1 N - X s r X. " I T X sovbomore Glass Y R X 73 William F. Dickinson, Eng. Sp., Rockford, Ill. Charles H. Dietz, C.H., Monroe. Will K. Donnell, C.H., Mattoon, Ill. Robert H. Downes, C.H., Oshkosh Charlotte Ehrlich, Eng., Berlin. Ard H. Ellis, Eng. Sp., Vinton, Ia. Leonard A. Eusminger, C.H., Crawfordsville, Ind. Carrie W. Evans, G.S. Sp., Madison. Leslie S. Everts, Eng., Rice Lake. Gustave Fernekes, G.S. Sp., Milwaukee. Dorothy H. Franc, M.C., West De Pere. Byron T. Gifford, Eng., Oconomowoc. Gustave A. Fritsche, A.C. Milwaukee. Frederic R. Goddard, G,S., Decorah, Ia. H. I. Gardner, Eng. Sp.,Gr'd Rapids james D. Godfrey, Eng., Wauwatosa. James B. Graham, A.C., Roberts. Adah A. Grandy, M.C., Sioux City, Ia. Walter K. Gray, M.C. Sp., Milwaukee. George W. Groffman, Eng., Berlin. Mary M. Haecker, Eng., Sun Prairie. Henry I. Hart, Eng., Wild Rose. Edward I. Harvey, G.S., Racine. Grace R. Hastie, Eng., Hartman. Sadie L. Hettnian, M.C., Sparta. Marie Hektoen, M.C., Westly. james C. Hogan, A.C., La Crosse. Karl S. Hendrickson, G.S., Albion. Fred L. Hook, G.S., South Milwaukee. Angelo B. Horton, Eng. Sp., Oregon. Ethel I. Hauser, Eng. Sp., Mondovi. William P. Hoy, C.H., Woodstock, Ill. Anna Jacobsen, Eng. Sp., Stoughton. Blanche'E. James, G.S.. Eau Claire. Evelyn O. johnson, M.C., La Crosse. Katherine B. Kavanaugh, Eng., Madison. Florence J. Ketchaxn, Eng., Madison. Marie C. Kohler, Eng., Sheboygan. Lewis R.lKinnear,nEng., Portage. Florence A. Kuechenmeister, Eng.,West Bend. Robert Knoif, Eng., Janesville Harry R. Lea, C.H., Waupaca. h William F. Lea, C.H., Waupaca. Paul A. Lewis, Eng., Milwaukee. Benjamin Libby, C.H., Madison. Hugo F. Luhmann, C.H., Manitowoc. John Q. Lyman, C.H., Kenosha. Alexander W. McDonald, G.S. Sp., Fond du Lac. Fred C. McGowan, Eng. Sp., Eau Claire. Frank M. McCollough, G.S., Sturgeon Bay. Elizabeth B. McGregor, A.C.Sp. , Platteville. Clarence E. Macartney,A.C.Sp.,Madison. 74 ' 'f IEEE F901 9 x...-aff Wwe BACHELDER. MCGOYVAN. BROBST. LEWIS. SAVAGE. ROLLMA N. WHEELER. HARTMANN. SYVEET. HIRSCHBERG. SEVERSON. STEVENS, HOPKINS. BURDICK. ABBOTT. Flora F. Mansfield, G.S.,Johnson Creek. Israel Mather, Eng. Sp., Chicago, Ill. Robert A. Maurer, C.H.,, Sheboygan. Herman T. Meinert, M.C.,E. Green Bay. james C. Morgan, C:H., Hartford. Eugene B. Mumford, G.S., New Harmony, Ind. James W. Mutch, G.S., Elroy. James B. Nash, G.S., Centralia. Allan S. Neilson, Eng., Milwaukee. Carl E. Nelson, C.H., Racine. Nels B. Nelson, Eng., Eau Claire. Augusta E. Noelke, Eng. Sp., La Crosse. Mark H. Newman,fA.C., Madison. Charles R. North, Eng. Sp., Onalaska. Walter A. Nicholas, Eng.,Livingston Jessie A. Nuzum, Eng. Sp., Viroqua. Evans M. Nye, C.H., Lancaster. Harry S. Osborne, C.H., Darlington. Neely E. Pardee, M.C., Wausau. Roy W. Peck, M.C. Sp., Milwaukee. Harold S. Peterson, A.C., Milwaukee. Edward E. Petschke, A.C., Madison. August H. Pfund, G.S,, Madison. Ralph G. Plumb, C.H., Manitowoc. Carl M. Ransien, Eng. Sp., Chicago, Ill. Daisy D. Powell, Eng., Argyle. Katherine P. Regan, Eng. Sp., Madison. Hans A. Reinhard, Eng. Sp., Milwaukee. Edward J. Reynolds, Eng., Sp., Madison. Lillian E. Richards, Eng. Sp., Lake Geneva. Stanley H. Richards, C.H., Woodstock, Ill. Daniel J. Ridlington, A.C., Dell Rapids, S. Dak. Victor E. Rogers, Eng. Sp., Madison. Richard Ruhnke, G.S., Algoma. Harriet J. Sawyer, Eng., Hartford. W. Percy Sawyer, G.S., Waukesha. Charles E. Seiler, G.S., Alma. Fred C. Schoensigel, Eng.,lPlyrnouth. Leta Sherman, A.C., Milwaukee. J'. B. E. Schubring, Eng., Sauk City. Nellie B. Sias, M.C., Sparta. Norman Skonnord, C.H., La Crosse. Arthur F. Smith, G.S., Madison. Ashbel V. Smith, Eng., Waukegan, Ill. August Smith, Eng., Berlin. Julia F. Smith, A.C., Madison. John C. Stevens, A.C., Milwaukee. Clara L. Stillman, G.S., Milwaukee. Jeanette B. Storms, Eng. Madison. Paul Stover, A.C., Milwaukee. Bertha B. Suhr, G.S. Sp., Madison. Lucien S. Sweet, C.H.,Madison. 75 ' Alice E. Thomas, M.C., Waukesha. Charles L. Thompson, A.C., Davenport, Ia. Lyndon H. Tracy, A.C., Madison. Percy W. Tracy, G.S., Madison. . John M. Verbermoes, G.S., Madison. William P. Vroman, M.C. Green Bay. Edith H. Warnin , M.C., Elkhorn. V Frank E. Wggiurn, G.S., Sturgeon Bay john C. Watson, Eng. Sp., Livingston Clarence J. White, A.C., Monroe. Eugene J Wehinhoii, A.C., Burlington Fred W. W'erner, G.S., Milwaukee Francis M. Wilcox, C.H. Sp., Rockford, Ill. Charles A. Williams, C.H., Madison. jason Williams, C.H. Sp., Sparta. Mary L. Wilson, G.S., Madison. Thomas G. Wiudes, Ph., Winnetka, Ill. Florence S. Wing, M.C., La Crosse. Hugo A. Winkenwerder, G.S., Watertown Herman E. Wolf, G.S. Sp., La Crosse john M. Woy, C. H., Madison Arthur I. Wysman, C.H., Manitowoc BEWABB. SIIPHIIMUHES AHENHUN! YOLQ Ana WEIGHEIJ IN ,THE BALANCE ,AND FOUND WANTING THE NUMBER AND STRENGTH OF . STANDS UNPARALLELED YUU SUPHS. MGK. NIHVE COME OUT OF YOUR HOLES , THE EARTH TREMBIQES WITH THE MIGHTY TRIUMPH OF 76 College or mechanics and Engineering Sophomore Glass Clarence E. Abbott, M.E., Madison. 1 Hubbard C. Atkins, M.E., Milwaukee. Clare H. Bachelder, M.E., Madison. Frank J. Bachelder, C.E., Madison. Louis H. Barkhausen, M.E., Green Bay. Claude Berry, C.E., Pawpaw, Ill. John E. Brobst, E.E., Mondovi. Frederick W. Buerstatte, M.E., Manitowoc. George T. Bunker, M.E. Sp., Woodstock, Ill. William C. Burdick, C. E., Milwaukee. Paul G. Chamberlain, C.E. Sp., Madison. Archy B. Carter, C.E., Humbird. Lawrence C. Colbert, M.E., Whitewater. Merton A. Countryman, C.E., Rochelle, Ill. Charles L. Dean, M.E., Seymour. Oscar L. Dorschel, E.E. Sp., Chilton. Harold G. Ferris, M.E., Carthage, Ill. Carl G. Fredericksen, C. E., Madison. August C. Fricke, M.E. Sp., Milwaukee. Carrol T. Fugitt, C.E., Washington, D. C. Rudolph Hartmann, C.E., Milwaukee. Roy E. Hopkins, C.E., Edgerton. Edwin E. Haskin, M.E. Sp., Milwaukee. Walter P. 'I-Iirshberg, C.E., Milwaukee. Russel I. Hawn, C.E., Stevens Point. Nathaniel L. Hurd, M.E., Chippewa Falls. Frank W. jones, E.E., Milwaukee. Arthur C. King. .M.E., Chicago, Ill. Arthur M. Knutson, E.E. Sp., Madison. Albert F. Larson, M.E., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. John H. Leahy, E.E., Madison. Ernest F. Legg, E.E., Wausau. Frederick A. Little, M.E., Fond du Lac. Edw. P. Meffert, C.E. Sp.,Wonewoc. John A. Lorch, C.E., Madison. Alvin Meyers, EE., Verona. Robert H. McCu1lagh, C.E. Sp.,Oak Park, Ill Homer Morrow, M.E. Sp., Spring Green. Lorenz F. Muther, M.E. Sp., Oak Park, Ill. Albert A. Nicolaus, E.E., Beaver Dam. Edmund Oberland, E.E. Sp., Manitowoc. Ray Palmer, E.E., Madison. . Hereward J. Peel, E.E., Madison. Hylon T. Plumb, E.E., Milton. Alfred Rollman, E.E., Chilton. 77 Le Roy Salsich, C.E., Hartland. Roy A. Sanborn, E.E., Janesville. Edwin F. Savage, M.E., Madison. Harry A. Severson, C. E., Madison. James E. Smith, C.E., Sharon. Hubert I. Townsend, EE., Poynette. Frank J. Vautrot, M.E., Durand Fritchof J. Vee., M.E., Stoughton. C. Harry Watson, M.E., Milwaukee. james W. Watson, E. E. , La Crosse. Paul I. Weirich, E.E. Sp., Monroe. Lester D. Williams, C.E., Fox Lake. Henry H. Wood, M.E., Stebbinsville. fff k as AQSSIWN ffl Sf 'Ru If A I f y , X, Q l X -5 Ghswrixstvg Sunken. 78 I 4 f fw fi- R PGS WG Q GSS W , 0ffiC6l'8 ARTHUR H. CURTIS, - - - THEoDoRE T. JONES, JOHN A. ROSS, - ERNEST C. MEYER, YELL: U Rah, U Rah, U Rah U, ' Varsity, ' Varsity, 1902 ! 79 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer College Ol' IIQITQYS Ellld SCRIICC Maude E. Abbott, Eng., Madison. Ralph W. Adair, Eng., Milton junction Charles C. Allen, Eng., Kenosha. Peter O. Anderson, G.S., Brodhead. James E. Armstrong, Eng., Rockford, Ill. Cecil M. Astle, M.C., Prairie du Sac. Maud E. Bach, Eng. Sp., Kewaunee. Clara M. Barkhausen, Eng., Green Bay. Herbert T. Barnes, G.S., Elkhorn. James Barr, A.C., Milwaukee. Hamlet J. Barry, A.C., Milwaukee. Lelia Bascorn, Eng., Chicago, Ill. James Baxter, G.S., Sioux City, Ia. Alice M. Beebe, M.C. Sp., Sparta. Dwight E. Beebe, C.H., Racine. Roy M. Bennethum, G.S., Freeport, Ill. Lucius S. Bergstrom, C.H., Neenah. William Beye, C.H., Oak Park, Ill. Paul M. Binzel, A.C., Milwaukee. Chauncey E. Blake, Eng., Rockford, Ill Henrietta A. Blood, M.C. Sp., Madison. Edna Bolender, M.C., Monroe. James E. Bready, A.C., Dubuque, Ia. John V. Brennan, M.C., Toinah. John E. Brindley, C.H., Boscobel. Robin E. Brinstad, G.S., La Crosse. Rufus C. Brown, Eng., Oshkosh. Pearl G. Bryning, A.C., Madison. Frank W. Bucklin, Eng., Brodhead. Ella C. Buell, Eng., Sun Prairie. Arthur S. Bunker, A.C., Chicago, Ill. Kittie L. Button, Eng., Milton Junction. Elsie C. Cady, C.H., Green Bay. Elmer E. Cain, M.C., Wauwatosa. William Campbell, C.H., Gurnee, Ill. Fred H. Carpenter, C.H., Evanston, Ill. Agnes E. Case, G.L., N. Evanston. Wilhe1minaG. Case, A. C. ,Prairie du Chien William B. Castenholz, Eng., Indianapo lis, Ind. Alice E. Chamberlain, Eng., Madison. jean F. Clark, Eng. Sp., Berlin. Harvey P. Clawson, A.C., Monroe. Cecil L. Clifford, A.C., Madison. Robert K. Coe, C.H., Whitewater. Viola M. S. Cole, Eng., Whitewater. Elizabeth A. Condon, Eng., Oregon. Mayme Conway, Eng., Elroy. Harry H. Cook, C.H., Neenah. Millicent M. Coombs, G.S., Madison. john W. Coon, Eng., Madison. Bessie E. Cottrell, M.C., Spencer. Harry I. Cowie, C.H., West Superior. Robert A. Cowles, Eng., Bloomington, Ill Grace F. Cox, G.S. Sp., Milwaukee. Katherine M. Craigo, M.C., Monroe. Victor D. Cronk, C.H., Louisville. Maude E. Cummings, G. S., Madison. Arthur H. Curtis, G.S., Madison. Otto B. Dahle, M.C., Mt. Moreb. William H. Dale, Eng. Sp., Iola. Helen L. Darby, A.C., Morgan Park, Ill. Evan G. Davis, A.C., Wales. Agnes V. Davison, Eng., Sun Prairie. Thomas F. Davlin, Eng., Berlin. Mamie E. Dessinger,AC.H., Freeport, Ill Lucius Donkle, G.S., Wingra Park. Esther Donnelly, C.H.,Milwankee. Sephus E. Driver, Eng., Darlington. Clarence I. Du Four, G.S., Milwaukee. Elizabeth R. Dunn, Eng., Madison. William M. Edwards, G.S., Manston. Adela Eiche, G.S., Marshfield. Adolphine Ernst, Eng., Watertown. Ella L. Esch, M.C., Sparta. Elsie V. Estes, Eng. Sp., Sioux City, Ia. Alfred F. Fairbank, Eng., Ladoga. Bessie C. Ferguson, Eng., Madison. Harold E. Ferry, Eng., Oconomowoc. Herbert C. Fish, C.H., Moline, Ill. Charlotte I. Fisher, G.S., Milwaukee. Gerhard O. Fortney, M.C., Viroqua. Paul C. Foster, C.H., Silver Lake. Thos. F. Frawley, jr., M.C., Eau Claire. Orlando H. Frick, C.H., Antigo. Marian H. Fuller, C.H. Sp., Meadville. Blanche Fulton, M.C,, Hudson. Nellie Galusha. M.C,, Monroe. Alice J. Gamble, C,H.,Yankton,S.Dak. Lillian M.Gamble, C.H. ,Yankton, S. Dak. Anna M. Gapen, C.H., Madison. Flora Gapen, G.S., Madison. Iva L. Gilbert, Eng., Madison. Emma M. Glasier, A.C., Bloomington. Elmer E. Godfrey, G.S., Sp., Milton. Carl Grams, G.S., Beaver Dam. Charles I. Grebel, A.C., Milwaukee. Atfred Grotophorst, Eng., Prairie du Sac Dana I. Grover, C.H., S. Milwaukee. Geo. L. Gust, Eng., Baraboo. Maie Habich, Eng., Madison. Robert W. Haight, C.H., Waukesha. Leon L. Harney, C.H., Schofield. August F. Hasse, M.C., Wauwatosa. Ada L. Hawley, G.S., Madison. Grace M. Hayden, Eng., Sun Prairie. Genevieve M. Hayes, A.C., Chicago, Ill. Carolyn V. Hayner, A.C., Madison. Ruth Heaton, M. C., Reedsburg. Grace A. Hecht, C.H. Milwaukee. John R. Henry, C.H., Fremont, Neb. Mary L. Hessman, Eng., Madison. Samuel G. Higgins, G.L., Rhinelander. Marie G. Hinkley, G.S., Milwaukee. Caroline G. Holah, M.C., Baraboo. julia C. Holland, Eng., Moscow. Lillian S. Holland, Eng., Moscow. Edna L. Hooley, C.H., Wauwatosa. Walter S. Hopkins, Eng., Leeds. Earle C. Howard, G.S., Sparta. Solomon Huebner, Eng., Manitowoc. N Harriet L. Hughes, C.H., Oshkosh. Mary M. Humphrey, A.C., Arlington, Ia. Charles D. Hunter, Eng. Sp., Merrill. Roy J. Hutson, Eng., Madison. Robert S. Hyde, Eng. Sp., La Crosse. Frank S. Hyman, C.H. Sp., Oak Park, Ill Arthur P. H. Imbusch, C.H., Milwaukee. Joseph W. Jackson, C.H. Sp., Madison. Harry L. Janes, C.H., Racine. Myron R. Johnson, Eng., Sheridan. Theodore T. Jones, Eng., Manitowoc. Minnie Kaestens, Eng. Sp., Madison. Harry A. Keenan, G.S., Oregon. John E. Kemp, Eng. Sp., Sparta. Margaret I. Kennedy, Eng., Madison. Mida L. Kennedy, Eng., Madison. Nicholas Kirch, Eng., Mazomanie. Charles Kirwin, Eng. Sp., Manitowoc. Lorine A. Knauf, M.C., Chilton. Fred H. Knobel, G.S., Edgerton. Bessie M. Krape, A.C., Freeport, Ill. Bessie M. Kratz, C.H., Sioux City, Ia. Jessie P. Kroehnke, Eng., Thiensville. Robert G. Krumrey, Eng., Plymouth. Robert Lachmund, Eng., Sauk City. Laura B. Lamberson, M. C., Richland Center. Lelia M. Lamberson, Eng., Richland Center. William A. Lee, A.C., Madison. Edna M. Leihy, M.C., Bayneld. Fred O. Leiser, Eng., Baraboo. Hawley D. Lennon, C.H., Decorah, Ia. Ada G. Lloyd, Eng., Chicago, Ill. George L. Lohr, C.H., Milwaukee. Charles E. Long, G.S., Davenport, la. Benjamin F. Lounsbury, Eng., Pipers- ville. Charles A. Ludlow, A.C., Monroe. May Ludlow, M.C., Monroe. Matthew J'. Lynch, G.S., Madison. Joseph C. McClure, Eng., Beaver Dam. Nora B. McCue, C.H., Madison. james G. McFarland, A.C., Dubuque, Ia. Donald I. McKinnon, Eng.Sp. , Eau Claire. Mary K. McMahon, M.C,, Baraboo. Marquis E. Mason, G.S., Aurora, Ill. Leonore A. Meinhardt, Eng. Sp., Bur- lington. Walter R. Menzel, C.H., Wausau. Agnes Merrill, A.C., Ashland. Q. Ernst C. Meyer, G.S., Cedarburg. John C. Miller, Eng., Marinette. William F. Moifatt, A.C., Davenport, Ia. Nelly C. Moldstad, Eng., DeForest. William J. Moore, Eng., Milton junciion. G iw ' ffl qi f L 1 ff' -i x 4frx1.N:. 'X . 1 ' 1 .'1Q.,QX.2.- A L' lyk' I E f ?.!:"1'-74' f'- N fy-as 'e ggi GL E55 Wim X19 ,iii fr gi I Ji., X , . .2 'ffl fyf . R SFI ,r f'-fx' ,vg , ,f1ly.i.v5,,-KN . ,-.2 .fffff ffiiili h, x ff, ," my X. 'Vi f. ' - 'f ' 173321-1 '-f-'EFE f f-11' . : , 1' If X , 1 6hB.'l'ss-x as . y 'ff .lit ia ,.a ff"TV I Edward P. Moorhouse, Eng., Springfield Bessie L. Morrison, Eng., Dixon, Ill. Harry D. Murdock, G.S., Brodhead. Lawrence E. Nash, G.S., Centralia. Florence E.V. Nelson, C.H. Sp., Madison Selma J. Nelson, M.C., Madison. John W. Nevins, C.H., Burlington, Ia. Carl A. Newton, G.S., Sparta. Sidney Niles, Eng., Oak Park, Ill. Mabel H. Norton, M.C., Pasadena, Cal. Michael B. Olbrich, Eng., Lawrence, Ill John A. O'Meara, Eng., West Bend. Carrie R. Paddock, Eng., Berlin. Louis J. Paetow, G.S., Milwaukee. Bess G. Palmer, M.C., Sparta. Willard G. Parker, Eng., Sharon. John B. Parsons, C.H., Whitewater. John Bartow Patrick, C.H., Oak Park, Ill Helen L. Peck, M.C., Fond du Lac. Mary G. Peckham, Eng., Milwaukee. Clara M. Perry, Eng. Sp., Algoma. Minnie Perry, Eng., Algoma. Rose A. Pesta, Eng., Milwaukee. Stephen C. Phipps, A.C., Hudson. Andrew J. Pick, Jr., G.S., West Bend. Carl E. Pick, Eng., West Bend. Merle S. Pickford, Eng., Madison. Theodore B. Pickford, Eng., Madison. Howard D. Piper. Eng., Madison. John A. E. Pohland, Eng., Algoma. John F. Powers, Eng., Mayhew. Florence H. Ramsey, M.C., Reedsburg. Mabel Randolph, A.C. Sp., St. Louis, Mo Hilma B. Ranum, G.S., La Crosse. Frederic H. Rehberg, Eng., Brodhead. Olive L. Renwick, C.H., Kirkland. Frances M. Roddis, G.S., Marshfield. Mary E. Rosenheimel, Eng.Sp., Schleis- ingville. Lehman P. Rosenheimer, Eng., Ke waskum. Josaphine Ross, M.C., Milwaukee. Olive G. Runner, C.H., Freeport, Ill., William Ryan, Eng., Prairie du Sac. Frank A. St. Sure, G.S., Sheboygan. Jeanette L. Sage, C.H., Delavan. Laura E. Sage, C.H., Delavan. Winifred Salisbury, Eng., Oregon. Katharine W. Sanborn, A.C., Madison. Arthur B. Saunders, G.S., Milton. Harry P. Sauthoff, A.C., Madison. Richard F. Scholz, A.C., Milwaukee. Edwin H. Schorer, G.S., Plymouth. Percy E. Schroeder, Racine. Fred W. Schule, G.S., Chicago, I11. Edward E. Schwab, G.S., Milwaukee. Jessie E. Scofield, G.S., Janesville. Sarah J. Seeber, M.C., Waterloo. Florence M. Shaw, A.C., Sioux City, Ia. Helen Sherman, G.S., Milwaukee. Jennie B. Sherrill, C.H., Belvidere. Zella M. Shimmins, G.S., Delavan. Nellie E. Silsby, Eng. Sp., Madison. Charlotte M. Simonds, G.S., Hartland. Ida E. Slightam, Eng., Prairie du Chien. Morton W. Smith, Eng. Sp., Waupun. Warren D. Smith, G.S. Sp., Madison. William E. Smith, C.H., Madison. Winifred M. Smith, Eng. Sp., Sturgeon Bay. Helen A. Sniveley, Eng. Sp , Lincoln, Neb. Florence M. Spence, C.H., Somers. Franklin V. Spoiiord, G.S. Sp.,Winona, Minn. Philip L. Spooner, A.C., Madison. Norma M. Stark, Eng., Davenport, Ia. Sanford P. Starks, C.H., Madison. Maude F. Stedman, Eng., Berlin. Glen S. Steere, M.S., Plymouth. Charles E. Stenchart, Eng. Sp., Mason City, Ia. Maud M. Stephenson, M.C., Madison. Dugald A. Stewart, A.C., Winona, Minn. Mabel I. Stewart, Eng., Mason City, Ia. Ruth C. Stockman, A.C., Mason City, Ia. Freda D. Stolte, M.C., Reedsborg. Belba G. Stone, A.C., Sp., Bloomington. Max H. R. Strechlow, C.H., DeForest. Anna Stucki, G.S., Milwaukee. Frederic E. Sutherland, G.S., Janesville. Mary B. Swain, A.C., Milwaukee. Frank G. Swoboda, G.S., Troy. Frank B. Taylor, G.S., Madison. Edward S. Thomas, Eng. Sp., Polo, Ill. Carrie E. Thompson, M.C., Whitewood, S. Dak. Helen G. Thompson, G.S., Eau Claire. Elizabeth G. Ticknor, A.C., Madison. William E. Tiffany, Eng., Plainfield. Ella F. Tormey, M.C., Madison. Arthur Uihlein, C.H., Milwaukee. Clara J. Van Velzer, M.C., Madison. Katherine P. Vilas, M.C. Sp., Madison. Ethel V. Vincent, G.S., Windsor. George B. Vinson, M.C., Milwaukee. Frederick A. Vogel, C.H., Milwaukee. Willis W. Waite, G,S., Brooklyn. Gertrude Webster, A.C. Sp., Whitewater. Fred R. Wedge, Eng., Rhinelander. Stanley C. Welsh, G.S., Madison. Daisybelle Wenthworth,Eng.,Milwaukee. Lou E. Weston, Eng., Winona, Minn. Daisy P. White, Eng., Stillman Valley. James A. Williams, C.H., Council Bluffs, Ia. Leroy J. Williams, M.C., Viroqna. Henry O. Winkler, A.C., Milwaukee. Emma S. Witwen, M.C., Baraboo. Louis B. Wolfenson, A.C., Madison. Daniel W. Woodard, Eng. St., Clinton junction. Ralph H. Woodruif, C.H., Polo, Ill. Herbert M. Woollen, G.S. Sp., Indian- apolis, Ind. Mary Wright, C.H., Petersburg, Ill. Frank W. Youngs, Eng., Algoma. Clarence Zimmerman, G.S., Milwaukee. BLUUD GUREY ENPANTIL! !!!!!!!lTl!!! vu: cnnmonz . WERE! H023 BEWABE! YOUR DOOM AWAITS YOU!! YOUR FATE IS SEALED! THERE ARE TRAITORS IN YOUR MIDST! The-Worst-is-yet-to-Come! BE CIRCUMSPECTRI OBEY ! College or m6CbdlIlCS Bild EIlSlllQ2l'lllS 'Freshmen Glass Bertram F. Adams, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Bertie S. Anderson, M.E., Hartford. Gustave Anderson, M.F,., West Salem. N Edward S. Baer, M.E., Appleton. u,,, Harry A. Balding, EE., Milwaukee. Arno L. Ballschmider, E.E., Sheboygan. Eugene A. Balsley, C.E., Fayetteville. Gillet A. Benson, C.E., Black River Falls. William C. Berg, C.E., Ft. Atkinson. Herbert W. Biddison, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Milan R. Bump, E.E., Spokane, Wash. Felix W. Boldenweck, M.E., Chicago, Ill. Willard V. Campbell, E.E., Horicon. Norman H. Brown, M.E., Gurnee, Ill. Charles M. Cole, Jr., M.E., Appleton. Harry W. Cole, M.E., Milwaukee. Charles S. Cotton, EE., Friendship, N. Y. George G. Davies, M.E., Racine. Frederick A. De Lay, EE., Madison. Guy E. Diehl, C.E., Elroy. Herbert W. Dow, E.E., Milwaukee. Benjamin F. Downing, E.E., Dixon. Gustave W. R. Ehreke, E.E., Wausau. Roy R. Earle, E.E., Darlington. Anton D. Ehrnbeck, C.E., Appleton. Arthur N. Early, E.E., Milwaukee. John F. Evraets, E.E., Green Bay. Alonzo S. Fair-man, C.E., Brodhead. William J. Fennel, M.E. Sp., Racine. Robert M. Gallet, E.E. Sp., Portage. Jotham C. Gapen, E.E. Sp., Monroe. William J. Gibson, M.E., Hartland. Francis W. Grant, E.E., Sp., Madison. John F. Grant, M.E., Whitewater. Roy H. Hadneld, EE., Chicago, Ill. John C. Grey, M.E., Windsor. , Jas. G. Hammerschlag,M.E.,Milwaul-ree. Joseph A. Gund, C.E., Freeport, Ill. Guido J. Hansen, E.E., Milwaukee. Roy D. Hebard, C.E., Augusta. Gordan A. Helmicks, E.E., Deerfield. Irving R. Hippenmeyer, M.E., Madison. Otley C. Houghton, E.E., La Grange. Edward H. Hughes, M.E., Spokane, Wash. Carl W. Jenson, C.E. Sp., River Falls. Maurice I. Johnson, M.E., Madison. 84 f Louis R. Karlen, M.E., Monroe. Patrick J. Kelly, E.E., Manitowoc. n john R. Kimbell, E.E., Kenosha. Albert F. Kindt, C.E., Milwaukee. Oliver B. Kohl, E.E., Antigo. Charles I. Kutzke, E.E., Portage. William F. Lathrop, E.E., Racine. jay D. Lyons, E.E. Sp., Fond du Lac. Phillip W. McCue, E.E., Madison. Leroy L. McDonald, C.E., Rochester. Harrie T. McNeill, M.E., Sheboygan. George E. McEvoy, M.E., Milwaukee. Walter F. Mabbett, C.E., Edgerton. Lewis A. McKee, E.E. Sp., Edwardsville, Ill. Louis Malec, M.E., Madison. Carlos I. Mapel, C.E., Milwaukee. Frank R. Meehan, E.E., Darlington. Carl B. Mutchler, C.E., Madison. Fritz C. Mors, M.E., Madison. William Nicholas, E.E., Monticello. Raymond E. Nichols, E.E., Onalaska. Arthur C. Olsen, C.C., Madison. Sidney Olson, C.E., Racine. August Petrie, M.E., Eggeraville. Preston W. Pengra, E.E., Madison. George A. Polley, C.E., Albertsville. Martin H. Pesta, M.E. Sp., Madison. Emil F. Reichow, C.E., Watertown. Leonard L. Rowe, M.E. Sp., Madison. ' John T. Schroeder, C.E., Hartford. Carl W. Schroeter, M.E., Milwaukee. George A. Scott, E.E., Oshkosh. Carl G. Sessinghaus, M.E., St. Louis, Mo. james A. Seydel, M.E. Sp., Chippewa Falls. Raymond G. Sharp, M.E., Vernon. Charles M. Stevens, C.E., Madison. Edwin W. Smyth, E.E., Stuart, Ia. Frederick P. Stieler, E.E., Stevens Point. Lloyd G. Spencer, C.E., Madison. Carl F. Stillman, M.E., Milwaukee. Louis Stockman, C.E., Milton Junction. Ira C. Sunderland, C.E., Hartford. Bert I. Swanton, C.E., Brodhead. William L. Thorkelson, M.E., Racine. Max Tyler, C.E., Fargo, N. Dak. William J. Vanderkloot, C.E., Chicago, Ill. Charles M. White, E.E., Delatield. john Wilson, C.E., Dodgeville. Clive Yeager, E.E., Newman, Ill. Henry W.Young,F.. E.,Prairie du Sac 85 ' 5 1' . , ' 1 5 1 'VL 35" -21' -'S-K'-: XM, M X ,ff , N F29 M 'A -, . RL, R R R, R- X, :wx 4 ' f ---2 ,,- Rn:-X I lk ,l MF A R R 'R fl, . Q. ' "WEEK L-il ' vp! Z L5 kr p X RX E X" Q 5 ,f 1 . 1 ' T ,f-L f F M R-4 ,- V i- 1 " f , 21915: M, , -.. CG If 5 gf R , middle Saw Class. CHARLES C. MONTGOMERY, FREDERICK B. PE'rERsoN, ARTHUR W. KOPP, - JOHN J. OKONESKI, 0ffiCCl'S. 86 President. Vice-President Secretary. Treasurer. W X i aid X P K George A. Alexander, Manitowoc. Ross E. Andrews, Mukwonago. August C. Backus, Kewaskum. Charles L. Bartlett, Clayton, Ill. ' John H. Bartman, Appleton. Theodore Berg, Appleton. V ' L William M. Biersach, Milwaukee. 6 Henry J. Blakely, Milwaukee. 'K -' ' I Arthur von Cotzhausen, Milwaukee. 5 T i John J. Coyle, Freeport, Ill. Eugene L. Gilmore, Monticello, Ia. George Crawford, Oconto. Gilson G. Glazier, Wauwatosa. Irving Crego, Aurora, Ill. Walter L. Gold, Milwaukee. Robert E. Dietz, Mayville. Paul D. Gurnee, Madison. William F.. Finnegan, Green Bay David A. Hanks, Ir., Madison. William H. Hay, Oshkosh. Earl F. Hensel. Arcadia. John A. Hillesheim, Dwight, Ill. Berthold J. Husting, Mayville. Buchanan johnson, Sheridan. Howard W. Lewis, Madison. Ole L. Johnson, Black River Falls. - Francis V. McManamy, Cashton. William T. Jones, Spring Water. Donald J. McMillan, Neillsville. Frank L. McNamara, Janesville. john S. Main, Madison. Charles C. Montgomery, Omaha, Neb. john Moran, Ir., De Forest. William A. Morrow, Omro. Elmer A. Morse, Ripon. Patrick J. O'Dea, Melbourne, Australia. ' Adolph H. Pritzlaff, Milwaukee John I. Okoneski, Wausau. Victor Pierrelee, Granton. - Frank D. Pattee, Lowell, Ind. Gullick N. Risjord, Madison. Frederick B. Peterson, Madison. Samuel B. Robbins, Carthage, Ill. Frank M. Rodolph, Muscoda. Walter J. Rush, Waterford. George A. Sarau, Oshkosh. Willard T. Saucerman, Madison. Herbert S. Siggelko, Madison. Henry M. Silber, Milwaukee. Lloyd D. Smith, Amherst. George H. Tilden, Wellesley, Mass. Richard E. Smith, Eau Claire. Edward D. Tirrill, Lodi. William N. Smith, Madison. Gysbert van Steenwyk, La Crosse. George K. Tallman, Janesville Charles B. Werve, Kenosha. Glenn H. Williams, Grand Rapids. Albert C. Wolf, Greenville. 87 EIIIIIOI' Class GEORGE B. NELSON, OTTO BossHARD, - PETER TSCHARNER, ARTHUR W. FAIRCHILD, WALTER H. C. BENDER, FRANCIS L. DooLAN, Walter H. C. Bender, Milwaukee. William C. Berg, Madison. Roy E. Bingham, Arcadia. Otto Bosshard, La Crosse. Ray Bowers, Delavan. Robert O. Bowman, Lodi. William P. Boynton, Jerseyville, Theodore W. Brazeau. Nels P. Christenson, Neenah. Henry P. Clancy, Racine. Allen V. Classon, Oconto. Harry A. Cody, Ripon. John B. Crabtree, Dixon, Ill. Levi A. Crocker, Madison. Nathan S. Curtis, Madison. joseph E. Davies, Watertown. Henry A. Detling, Sheboygan. Francis L. Doolan, Milwaukee. Emerson Ela, Rochester. Elmore T. Elver, Madison. Arthur W. Fairchild, Green Bay. Edward T. Fox, Milwaukee. Carl F. Geilfnss, Milwaukee. Max'W. Griflith, Milwaukee. Frank H. Gugel, Madison. Martin S. Hines, Highland. William J. Hocking, Darlington. Nels E. Holte, Newark, Ill. Charles T. Hutson, Madison. I Antionette V. Iackowska, Milwaukee. john J. Jeffrey, Centralia. Edward D. Jenner, Milwaukee. John M. Kelly, Portage. 0fflCCI'S President Vice-President - Secretary Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer - Historian Sergeant-at-Arms Edwin C. Knowles, West Superior. George W. B. Kress, Wellsboro, Penn. Oscar Kroesing, Chilton. Jacob Kroncke, Kenosha. Fred A. Landeck, Milwaukee. Frank I. Laube, Brodhead. Michael J. Lavoy, Quebec, Canada. Thomas W. Leahy, Marion, Ia. Jacob Lowell, jr., Fargo, N. Dak. Michael W. McArdle, Baileys Harbor. Loyal McCarthy, Albion. Arthur G. Maercklein, Milwaukee. Lewis W. Mills, Racine. - Martin H. Monson, De Forest. George B. Nelson, Amherst. Robert N. Nelson, Lodi. Carl S. Newcomer, Eldora, Ia. William C. Norton, Elkhorn. Otto A. Oestreich, Kewaunee. Victor J. O'Keliher, Oconto. Asa K. Owen, Arcadia. Warren M. Persons, Madison. Charles N. Peterson, Racine. Amos W. Pollard, Portage. Ira D. Potts, Fox Lake. Frank E. Radensleben, Eau Claire. Frank P. Regner, West Bend. Oscar L. Ringle, Wausau. David M. Roberts, Madison. Charles A. Schneider, Oshkosh. Oscar W. Shoengarth, Neillsville. Raymond H. Shumaker, McGregor, Ia.. Elroy W. Smith, Milwaukee. 88 . Ralph E. Smith, Waupun. Byron H. Stebbins, Little Falls, N. Y. Stephen A. Stel1wagen,Co1orado Springs, Colo. William Sweet, Waupun. Henry H. Taylor, Barron. Herbert H. Thomas, Darlington. -Charles R. Thomson, Toniah. Fred Thomson, Tomah. Roy E. Tomlinson, Oak Park, Ill. Eugene S. Tradewell, Western Union. Paul Tratt, Whitewater. joseph N. Treweck, Mineral Point. Frank C. Trippel, Milton Junction. Peter Tscharner, Alma. Harry W. Vincent, Madison. William A. Walters, Chicago, Ill. Herbert Waters, Fond du Lac. Albert K. Wheeler, Janesville. U Richard Whipperman, Grand Rapids Nelson J. Wilcox, Eau Claire. SDCCIRI KRW SUIGQIIIS Clarence M. Atherton, Racine. 4 jay W. Hicks, Oshkosh. Fitz H. Kiser, Whitewater. John F. Martin, Green Bay. Paul C. Thorn, New London. xi Kiwi f lxtjafaljz I.. I HT M fee 'gwizi-, 1 1. . - . X F.. .wfw--1 .. .- , M- A , A . . , ig. -:V ' ' TL- X' ,M-,L w X I ,iid Q l i 'lr .f.,1' - 6 X i -5 r 551 1 , I. ' 11553 . S f g, S ' if 1 - E - 2' ' Siunlor Zlass. Frederick R. Dexheimer, Ft. Atkinson. Clarence B. Doty, Edgerton. Frank W. Eighmy, McFarland. Isaac Geerlings, Milwaukee. Ole G. Guelson, Orfordville. Fred H. Hatton, Madison. August E. Jensen, Baldwin. Harry Kleuter, Madison. Mae E. Marvin, Fairchild. Lewis F. Mayer, Kewaskum. ?'Q5'-Zif',2'6'Qfff B"v1o'oOkJ' mgfvrs-Hxsfflg' osffgosmfdrs 5122-smzsb' o"'5mIf1o3g BHSQEF-is ggrmmgg' 2 - gS.5f:.g1E"' wmgyifii - tb ,,, 5:ad5s556'F Gwng?-o FE. sgwaai E F1'fg'oOSDO gn Dunn - fjQ,'.5.. gr: . on Pu' Ei ?3. 5 am F E ar Q. O P1 O 9. 5 Y' Sovhomore Glass Charles W. Check, Madison. Ernest W. Dieffenbach, Milwaukee. Cora B. Eastman, Montfort. Herbert L. Guidinger, Northwood, Ia. Samuel Hazlehurst, Winnetka, Ill. George H. Kopp, Chippewa Falls. Alexander Krembs, Stevens Point. Arthur V. Neven, Green Bay. Harvey C. Peterson, Colfax. William H. Selck, Arcadia. john A. Treber, Deadwood, S. Dak. William L. Treber, Deadwood, S. Dak Thomas G. Windes, Winnetka, Ill. 90 lv ffjlii xy. 1 ff I Gr W3 XX 'ffilggwl' tml A 1 I ' ,N A XXX 1' JW 'Q W? QSSQN X ' W EW' ,,,,"!,3!l' . ' i MW, i, .I 1:1 -dv .1 ja . X All A A Ll' R l QM N l A, 3, L., X jx L,. Q. -A . fffwly CGS! " ,IETEW i -- 5 I-Mm: GuuelVm o we IQX MW, 5529 Tiggg 9 iff 'Y ll mzrggy iff L-SAX 97 -'Q xi' 1 Q M I '1 . 511 ' H Long course jlll1i0l' JOHN MICHAELS, - - Calumet Harbor, Mich. Sovhomore FREDERICK DAN TAYLOR, - - Springield, Ill. 'freshman GEORGE ALFRED OLSON, ---- Chicago, Ill. Arthur L. Andrews, So. Wayne. Iamer L. Austin, Bay View. Otto Baesmann, Edgar. James Bagnall, Pewaukee. Howard I-I. Baker, Mapleton. Mark A. Bandoli, Eau Claire. George R. Banghof, Elmira, N. SENT? Course 5601161 Yell' Adolph Barthel, Madison. Peter V. Becker, Glasgow. Jens Boessen, North Lake. Francis H. Brinkerhoff, Brandon Lester Clark, Viola. Bert A. Colburn, Chippewa Falls. Y. jay B. Cook, Portage. 91 William Curran, Sechlerville. E. Jay Dailey, Hudson. William Fillbach, Cobb. Lucius Fluetsch, Fountain City. Louis J. Fogle, Shell Lake. Wendelin Frank, Mineral Point. Henry Freitag, Monticello. William I. Gass, Sheboygan. William G. Geise, Madison. Robert G. Griswold, West Salem. Homer VV. Hamilton, Rantoul, Ill. Ernest P. Harr, Rockland. Ralph A. Hasey, Columbus. Eugene Holston, Ashland. Charles N. Kramer, Edgerton. Henry Kufahl, Taegesville. Harry I. Lassell, Orfordville. Sylvester Lynch, Augusta. Aura G. Main, Appleton. Louis P. Martiny, North Freedom. Cardell J. McComb, Ft. Atkinson. John W. McDonald, Cambria. William C. Miller, Center. Tilman I. Moilen, Coon Valley. Arthur D. Moore, Kingston. Herman Muenster, New Holstein. John Nelson, Kaukauna. Orlo Abbott, Appleton. Willard Abbott, Appleton. Robert G. Alves, Henderson, Ky. Abraham Anderson, Wilder, Minn George A. Anderson, Whitehall. Clarence M. Arnesen, Mt. Horeb. Homer E. Bailey, Cobb. john E. Bass, Beloit. Arthur P. Bean, Hansen. Herbert C. Bell, Leitersburg, Md. Charles S. Bennett, Belvidere, Ills. 'William F. Bennin, New Holstein Martin Bentson, Viroqua. William A. Bibby, Glasgow. Francis Biles, Porcupine. Francis H. Boardman, Boardman. Bokke A. Bokma, Midway. Iohn Boley, Blue Mounds. George M. Oddie, Dekorra. James F. Odle, Brook, Ind. Rudolph C. Oestreich, Kewaunee. Philander L. Palmer, Verona. Herman L. Pease, Castleton Corners, N.Y Wilbur H. Pollock, Sherland. Ross C. Preston, W. DePere. Peter Ranum, Forward. Jesse M. Raymer, Cadiz. Thomas C. Roe, Branchville, N. J. john F. Rohl, London. Harry H. Ross, Hinsdale Ill. Edgar I. Sather, Coon Valley. Rudolph Schaefer, Neenah. Otto B. Schmidt, Wayne. Charles Seaberg, Brodhead. Martin I. Sherman, Pawlet, Vt. E. L. Skidmbre, Oshkosh. Dana B. Snow, Schultz. Joseph Sternad, Kewaunee. Charles Tobler, Windsor. Emil F . Trenckmann, Peters, Tex. joseph M. Wagner, Hillsboro. Amos J. Wahrenbrock, Corder, Mo. Charles W. Walline, Cambridge. Ills. William B. Wiverstad, Holmen. Thomas J. White, Vesper. 'First Year John G. Buehler, Monroe. John E. Buss, Dresser Jct. Elbert A. Cannon, Marcellon. Olof Christopherson, Moline, 111. Frank Convey, Ridgeway. William M. Cummins, Poughkeepsie, N.Y Alfred Danielson, Irving. joseph R. Danks, Treadwell, N. Y. L. Howard Davis, Sparta. Charles J. Elk, Pepin. E. S. Engerset, Buffalo Center, Ia. I. E. Engerset, Dell, Minn. Conrad Erickson, W. Salem. Otto Foll, Deerfield. Silas Forsyth, Monterey. George A. Freeman, Sparta. George Froggatt, Ashton. Geo. H. Gesley, Beloit. Earl L. Gillespie, Kilbourn. Vernon F. Glidden, Britt, Ia. Jesse R. Gordon, Mineral Point. Amil O. Graftlen, Deerfield. Max Grubb, Carbondale, Colo. Charles H. Hackett, Baraboo. Granville P. Hackett, Baraboo. Fred L. Hammond, Eau Claire. Jennie M. Hammond, Eau Claire. Herman E. Hanchett, Sparta. George E. Hanchett, Sparta. L. Hardie, Glasgow. Irwin O. Haskin, Prairie du Sac. Jonas E. Hedine, Cambridge, Ill. Alfred B. Hicken, Pewaukee. Homer R. Hitchcock, Pecatonica, Ill. Ross M. Hobbs, South Wayne. John Holtz, Columbia. William L. Howland. Waupaun. Edgar E. Huebbe, Watertown. Theodore Isaacson, Madison. William J. Jeffery, Shullsburg. Warren P. Jennings, Chippewa Falls. James Jenson, Lind. William C. Jenson, Waupaca. Eben E. Jones, Rockland. Anson Jostad, West Salem. Charles M. Klaila, Poynette. Emil R. Klein, Bohri. Oscar J. Kleist, West Bend. John Kukowinski, Sharon. Casper Larson, Bloomer. Wilfred Lawson, Browning. M. B. Lee, Hillsboro. John L. C. Legler, Juda. Ira Lillebridge, Wauwatosa. George D. Little, Janesville. Walter A. Lobb, Ripon. Adrien Lobre, Madison. Otis A. Marken, St. Nazianz. Martin J. Matthews, Primrose. Thomas Mattison, Blair. Densmore W. Maxon, Cedar Creek. Ava M. McClure, Manhattan, Ill. Mark S. McClure, Manhattan, Ill. Frank W. McRae, West Salem. John J. Miles, Stone Bank. Edwin Molsrad, Phillips. William V. Neal, Waseca, Minn. Louis Nelson, Argyle. Martin Nelson, Patterson. Herbert L. Nichols, Galesville. David C. Nicolaus, Troy Center. William I. Niven, Sheridan. Herman Nix, Nix Corners. Edward F. Oderbolz, Black River Falls James P. Oleson, Ripon. Seward A. Olsen, West Denmark. Anthony Pachernigg, Taylor. Harry B. Paden, Kasbeer, Ill. John Pflum, Kewaskum. Frank F. Phelps, Winnebago, Ill. Albert C. Price, So. Byron. Noyes R. Raessler, Hanover. Lorenz F. Reincking, Franklin. Edward Rheingans, Chippewa Falls. Clyde E. Roesch, Potosi. Arthur C. Russell, Augusta. William. M. Russell, Augusta. Shirley H. Rust, Mukwonago. Wesley M. Sarver, Pecatonica, Ill. James H. Sattler, W. Rosendale. Abraham Sauers, Bluff Siding. John J. Schmidt, Wayne. Eric B. Schraunn, Detroit, Mich. William Sherman, Reedsburg. Theodore G. Skabo, Chetek. WVi11is A. Storer, Swaledale, Ia. John J. Swartzlow, Sparta. John M. Taylor, La Grange. Charles W. Thomas, Baraboo. William C. Tomkins, Ashland. Ralph Tratt, Whitewater. Lawrence C. Underwood, Avoca. Melvin D. Van Slyke, Centreville. Arthur W'ahrenbrock, Concordia, Mo. Henry W. Walline, Cambridge, Ill. Merritt L. WVelles, Perry Center, N. Y. John G. Wiederhold, Hooppole, Ill. Charles Wilkowsky, Mishicott. Herman Wismer, Neenah. William H. Wyse, Princeton. Albert F. Ahrens, Princeton. Frank Alexander, Mt. Hope. William L. Armstrong, Cushing. Emil E. W. Arndt, Theresa. Anton Aufdermauer, Hartford. John G. Aune, Baldwin. Hallie W. Austin, Rockbridge. William A. Backus, Madison. Joseph B. Beal, Benton. Hubert J. Bernards, Ashton. Herbert E. Boomer, Monetery. Jacob R. Brown, Bloomingdale. Edward F. Buchen, Linden. Henry NV. Busse, Forestville. William C. Campton, Darlington Garrett Carman, Sheboygan. James T. Clark, East Wrightstown. John Clarson, Homer. Elmer S. Conry, Sun Prairie. Henry G. Cough, Appleton. Henry J. Cretten, Mishicot. John G. Cunningham, Rockbridge. Yatse S. Cupery, Randolph. John H. Curtis, Centerville. Patrick O. Day, Madison. Arthur G. Downer, Appleton. George O. Dufner, Fennimore. Otto W. Eggart, Marshall. Varnum N. Elliott, Paint Valley, O. Edward J. Ells, Tibbetts. Edward Emerson, North Bend. John Enger, Union Mills. James A. Ensign, Weyauwega. Martin J. Evenson, Fish Creek. Walter E. Frederick, Baldwin. Clarence B. Frink, Fort Lupton, Colo. Ora F. Fuller, Northwood, Ia. Henry F. Gauschon, Bonduel. John V. Hall, James, Ala. Halsten Haugen, Black Earth. Olaf H. Haugan, Farmington, Oregon. Herbert E. Helland, Black Earth. Herbert A. Hendrix, Bancroft, Minn. Nicholas Henseler, Bakerville. Lyman L. Hepp, Wonewoc. , 4 Dairy Zourse. i ,1""'+ . . . 5-44, William H. Hill, Baraboo. Benjamin F. Holbrook, Arkansaw. Charles N. Holkins, Litchneld, Mich. Milton Hollinger, Hebron. Howard Huifrnan, Rockbridge. George A. Hollister, New Lisbon. Nels C. Jensen, New Lisbon. Joseph Jungwirth, Durand. Anton H. Kading, Black Earth. Joseph W. Kelly, Mauston. Earl A. Kenny, Platteville. William E. Kichbusch, Stettin. Edward H. Kielsmeier, Timothy. Otto A. Kielsmeier, Hika. Archibald T. Kincannan, 'Westport Frank Kleiner, Algoma. John L. Klotz, St. Anna. Otto E. Knoke, New London. Martin G. Koepsell, Mayville. Edwin A. Konshok, Granton. Lawrence J. Kramer, Eastman. Christian Larson, Stone Bank, Carl E. Lee, Fingal, N. Dak. John T. Linton, Fenniniore. Albert E. Loehrke, Lomira. John McCready, Harrison, Ont., Canada. S. Montague McKee, Portland, Mich Charles A. Martin, Darlington. August F. Marten, Theresa. John Mattson, Jenson. Francis J. Merwin, Boscobel. Henry A. Millius, Almond. George H. Moore, Polo, Ill. Thomas Moore, Lone Rock. Levi G. Morris, Waterville. George XV. Morris, Fennimore. Edward L. Moser, Tell. Myron Myers, Oconomowoc. Markus F. Nissen, Haugen, Minn. Joseph C. Novak, Castle Rock. Lyman Ott, Eau Galle. Henry W. Quade, Watertown. Adolph G. Perschbacher, West Bend. Edwin C. Peterson, Garfield. Charles S. Philips, West Salem. William F. Pomranke, Chilton. Charles E. Powers, Fayetteville. Henry J. Racek, Alloa. . Bernard Rockney, Cambridge. Otto A. Rusch, Reedsville, Wis. Guy W. Sanborn, Lone Rock. William A. Santo, Faribault, Minn. Lewis Sawyer, Neptune. Albert F. Schauf, Neptune. Herman C. Schettler, Mt. Vernon. Warren C. Schilling, Green Bay. Gerhard Schladweiler, Newfane. Adolph Schneider, Ellisville. Cassius M. C. Scott, Romeo, Mich Alfred Sebion, Monterey. Theodore Sebion, Monterey. Andrew Sloan, jr., Forestville Roy L. Smith, Granger, Ill. Roy B. Southard, Lone Rock. Henry Speneman, Oakdale, Ill William Stoneman, Forestville John H. Stodieck, Gardnerville Nev Arthur F. Straubel, Green Bay Frank Sutcliffe, Mazomanie. james D. Tisdale, Byrds Creek Christian Brunchorst Torp, Ogdensburg Daniel F. Traux, Chippewa Falls joseph N. Vassan, Star Prairie William Verthein, Milwaukee Paul Whitcomb Wagner, Green Bay George D. Wood, Appleton. Albert H. Zeitler, Johnsons Creek i!?lff,r. . pZx FQXIQZQX A L rl . M RN gf.aaaQ-- 5 f I N , W7 Wf.l'l W M f Q21 fx fi? ,I Q 1' If . ,, , , 5 fQV,'iliXNilfii i? XXX HEIV. ,f if fl I ff!! 'ill ,itiill W ll ' , ,Milf f iw WI f Elf' fetair 1, 154, ,lf Xml, W , ff! fl 4 X' I ff it A All ' t r . 5 4, 5,1 I -.- lil 59, :lt f ll ix!! frlllvfk. 'ij l X',w""i ,li X . mf. ig Il N 111 il P QAM GRIP, CON., on ONLY A GIRL? 95 X iff Q f N g XX sax 0 Lf' We vi fin my fi s' ,A , Sify , T, .QW Q: f 7. Oy J" AW 0 X 551151 1 L it Elm .- fri.. fi F we " . N " ' aff X.-fl ' i f'yQv?' Z-2 X If " 7.14 fy? , N' X l M i MVC' X K NSY . i xx 'Bd X Daisy C. Alexander, Madison. Clarence A. Baer, Milwaukee. james Baxter, Sioux City, Ia. Clara Beck, Madison. Charles B. Bolender, Monroe. Bessie G. Brand, Madison. Bertha B. Brigham, Evansville. Laura Brownson, Sharon. Bertha E. Chapman, Plainlield. Grace B. Clernen, Sun Prairie. Ellen Clifford, Madison. Leila Comstock, Oregon. Edith L. Coolidge, Middleton. Eleonore B. Dahle, Mt. Horeb. Olive Dibble, Madison. Daisy R. Dye, Madison. Anna B. Fischer, Paoli. William M. Fowler, Madison. Gladys Gale, Reedsburg. Zollegiate C Grace G. Garrison, Lone Rock. Frank Gibbons, Sun Prairie. Mary A. Glenn. Chicago, Ill. Zoe L. Gray, Warren, Ill. Gretchen Gugler, Milwaukee. Elizabeth Hayhurst, Waterloo. Louise Hinkley, Janesville. Ellen Lamb, Madison. Olive Lipe, Mt. Morris, 111. Minnie Lueders, Madison. Emeline Martin, Madison. Florence E. V. Nelson, Madison. Mary E. Pickarts, Madison. Henry A. Russell, Ft. Scott, Kan. Sarah J. Seeber, Waterloo. Martha Thompson, Mt. Horeb. Alice Walden, Argyle. Emma Wippert, Milwaukee. Allyn A. Young, Rapid City, S. Dak. 96 Clarice B. Abbott, Madison. Clarence E. Abbott, Madison. Maude E. Abbott, Madison. Edna C. Adams, Madison. Mabel Adams, Madison. Sebastian Albrecht, Milwaukee. Alice I. Alford, Madison. Hazel V. Alford, Madison. Millie Asken, Madison. Maud E. Bach, Kewaunee. Althea Brown, Madison. Emily Chynoweth, Madison. Florence L. Drinker, Portage. Rose A. Dye, Madison. Lorena O. Freeborn, Richland Center. Robert M. Galle, Portage. Johanna Glenz, Madison. Myrtle Goodwin, Mazomanie. Grace F. A. Hatch, Madison. Frederick C. Heirn, Madison. Marietta Holt, Madison. Margaret Holte, Newark, Ill. Maude M. Kellogg, Madison. Matilda Klein, Black River Falls. Jessamine Lee, Vermilion, S. Dak. HCUQQIIHC Florence D. Livermore, Madison. Henrietta P. Main, Madison. Kathryn G. Malloy, Fond du Lac. Eugene B. Mumford, New Harmony, Ind James B. Nash, Centralia. Raymond B. Pease, Oregon. Ida J. Percival, Madison. Annie Pfund, Madison. Charles A. Phelps, Madison. Rosalind N. Phoenix, Baraboo. Helen Pierce, Madison. Lillian E. Richards, Lake Geneva. Caroline W. Riley, Madison. Emma Rollins, Evansville. Michael J. Schlimger, Madison. Lucca C. Schott, Madison. Mary C. Smith, Madison. Winifred M. Smith, Sturgeon Bay. Glenn S. Steere, Plymouth. Grace D. Summer, Madison. Susie Swarthout, La Crosse. jane Van Hise, Madison. Meta Wagner, Madison. Florence Woodward, Westport. ff 97 ' Hdtlli Sbttidl Sftld2lIfS Lottie I. Abbott, Westfield. Mina A. Anderson, Argyle. Arthur J. Austin, Hazel Green. Ella A. Barton, Mt. Vernon. Walqer I. Bates, Retreat. Martin J. Berg, Madison. Arthur E. Breitenfeld, Madison. Mabel D. Bold, Madison. Delia K. Cunningham, Madison. Florence Denniston, Fond du Lac. Heloise T. Esterly, Madison. Florence F. Faulkes, Madison. Edna H. Ford, Madison. Edna M. Gilbert, Madison. Nellie M. Gilbertson, Madison. George H. Gohlke, Madison. Frank E. Harrigan, Madison. David A. Henkes, Madison. Harry R. Hewitt, Marinette. Roy J. Holden, Sheboygan Falls. Isaac M. Kittleson, Stewart. Thomas S. Morris, Madison. Marion S. Parker, Ft. Atkinson. Herman Purick, Dry Bone. Evan L. Reed, Oregon, Ill. Helder P. Rice, Madison. Hugo W. Rhode, Madison. Harriet R. Sauthoff, Madison. Guy A. Sharpe, Iohnsonburg, Herman A. Smythe, Madison. Mabel P. Speer, Chicago, I11. N. Y. Katharine T. Swenson, Champaign, Ill Verne R. Thompson, Madison. Emily R. Wald, Madison. Irene L. Vlfhitman, Appleton. john Williams, Barneveld. Richard Williamson, Madison. WW ' ' fs ,X 5 f ' ill. 1" ii ff iQT k7 --'-em' l, Fi - A ,nn 'ir "li" ig A 'Kd ' if in , , ll , 4 D.- P i i' x. ' 'Zf"'v , f 511 f- f if f ffe -I fry p ill., 3 I' ff: J fx gig, . ,m w pi X, i .1 f 'E' 'l g-I. V Mun "CAN'T GET THAT 89311. ANY FOOL CAN D0 IT. SHOW 98 f. 5 PM Della Cbtld FOUN ED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY IB B Roll of Zbavters Colby University Dartmouth College University of Vermont Williams College Amherst College Brown University Cornell University Union College Columbia University Syracuse University University of Mississippi Tulane University Alabama Polytechnic Institute Washington and Jefferson College University of Alabama University of Pennsylvania Southwestern University Miami University Ohio University University of Chicago Lombard University Case School of Applied Science Butler College Knox College University of Illinois University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Iowa University of Missouri Washington University Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California 99 Randolph-Macon College 'Washington and Lee University University of North Carolina University of the South Vanderbilt University Central University Center College University of Georgia University of Texas Lafayette College Gettysburg College Emory College Allegheny College Dickinson College Mercer University Lehigh University University of Virginia Ohio Wesleyan University Northwestern University Ohio State University Wabash College Indiana University Franklin College Hanover College De Pauw University Purdue University University of Michigan Iowa Wesleyan University Westminster College University of Kansas University of Nebraska University of Cincinnati PDI Della CDQIZI WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER 'BBT-IBBS. ll-ISTIBLIBHED 1879- 'Eratres In llrbe William F. Vilas. George Keenan? ' Robert N. Dow. Lucien J. Pickarts. McClellan Dodge. George William Fox. Wardon Allen Curtis. Harry L. Butler. Reginald Jackson. William Vilas Bryant. Laurence Albert Curtis. Louis McLane Hobbins. Fratres in facultate John Eugene Davies. Arthur Ragan Priest. Fletcher Andrew Parker. Edward Davis Jones. Edward Rose Maurer. Bernard Victor Swenson. ffdffls ill ulllWl'Slf0iQ Gfiitllldit Dwight Alexander Sanborn. Juniors Bernard Charles Dorset. Charles Raymond North. George Patrick Hardgrove. John Goodrich Osborne. sophomores A Neely Eugene Pardee. Herbert Milton Woollen. Elbridge Bacon. Mark Humphrey Newman. 'Freshmen Robert Stevens Hyde. Thomas Francis Frawley, jr Sidney Cleveland Niles. Harold Gano Ferris. Joseph Albert Gund. Edward H. Hughes. joseph William jackson. E ZOIICQC of BBW SCMOYS Earle Steede Anderson. Russell jackson. middle William Mann Biersach. Henry justice Blakeley. Samuel Brownlee Robbins. George Kemp Tallman. Paul Dennison Gurnee. Juniors Arthur Wilson Fairchild. Nelson James Wilcox. Carl Frederick Teilfuss. Byron Houghton Stebbins. Jacob Lowell, Jr. Thomas William Leahy. 100 wisconsin Jllpba Ebapternof Phi Delta theta B213 Cbtid Pl FOUNDID AT MIAMI UNIVIIIITV 1839 Roll of Zlld9fCl'S Miami University Western Reserve University Ohio University V Center College Washington and Jefferson College Harvard College DePauw University Indiana University University of Michigan Wabash College Brown University Hampden-Sidney College University of Virginia University of North Carolina Ohio Wesleyan University Hanover College Cumberland University Knox College Davidson College Beloit College Bethany College Iowa State University Wittenberg College Westminster College Iowa Wesleyan University Denison University Richmond College University of Wooster University of Kansas Randolph-Macon College University of Wisconsin Northwestern University Dickinson College Cornell University Stevens Institute of Technology St. Lawrence University Boston University Johns Hopkins University University of California Maine State College University of Mississippi University of Pennsylvania Colgate University Union College Columbia College Amherst College Vanderbilt University Ohio State University University of Texas University of Nebraska Pennsylvania State University Denver University Syracuse University Dartmouth College Wesleyan University University of Cincinnati University of Minnesota Rutgers College Lehigh University University of Chicago Leland Stanford, Ir., University 101 BCIZI Child Pl ALPHA Pl CHAPTER lB73 'fl'dll'CS lll llrbt C. M. Conradson, M.E. A, 'F. M. Brown. F. A. Lyman, M.D. F. K. Conover, B.A., LL.B. T. E. Smith, B.A. F. A. Hutchins. H. H. Woodward, B.S. H. Edsall, M.D. F. C. A. Phelps, B.L. Fratres in 'Faeultate J. F. A. Pyre, Ph.D. C. F. Burgess, B.S. L. S. Smith, B.c.E. E. B. simmer, B.A. R. W. Wood, B.A. 'Fl'dll'CS lll ulllWl'Slld'f2 'Fellows Ernest B. Hoag, B.A., B.S. Louis M. Ward, B.L. I Seniors i Walton Hawkins Pyre. John Martin Barr. Orsamus Cole, Ir. Edwin William Pahlow. Alonzo Albert Chamberlain. Juniors . Irving Porter Robinson. Francis Hinckley Crosby. Thomas Russell Cook. Sovbomores i Ransom jay Chase, J r. Byron Towne Gifford. Lester Dennison Williams. Robert Henry McCullagh. Harold Stuart Peterson. Harry Ashton Severson. Paul Stover. Le Roy Salsich. Clarence Edward Macartney. Lorenz Francis Muther. 'Freshmen . l Harry West Cole. Carl Frederick Stillman. Robert Kirtland Coe. Ralph Tratt. John Bartow Patrick. COIIQSQ Ol' flaw SClll0l' Harry Ozias Seymour. middle , n William Noble Smith. George Huntington Tilden Patrick John O'Dea. Juniors Paul Tratt. Carl Stoddard Newcomer. 102 Hlpba Pi Zhapter of Beta theta Pl Kappa Kappa Gamma ROII of Zbavters Phi Beta Beta Beta Tau Psi Lambda Beta Gamma Delta Iota Mu Kappa Xi Eta Epsilon Upsilon Chi Omega Sigma Theta Beta Zeta Gamma Rho Beta Nu Beta Eta Beta Alpha Beta Delta Beta Epsilon Beta Iota ACTIVE Boston University St. Lawrence University Syracuse University Cornell University Buchtel College Wooster University Indiana University De Pauw University Butler University Hillsdale College Adrian College University of Wisconsin Illinois Wesleyan University Northwestern University University of Minnesota ' Kansas University Nebraska University Missouri, University Iowa State University Allegheny College Ohio State University Leland Stanford, jr , Unive . rs University of Pennsylvania University of Michigan Bernard College Swarthmore College ALUMNAE Boston, Mass. New York, N. Y. 103 ity KFIDIJG KBDDZ GZIIIIIII3 ETA CHAPTER, I875 SOYONS ill UTM Mrs. O. D. Brandenburg. Agnes Tyler Bowen. Mrs. Leonard S. Smith. Martha M. Dodge. Mrs. John M. Olin. Jennie Pitman. Mrs. F. C. Sharp. Mrs. john Dean. Florence Mears. Anna B. Moseley. Myrtle Adams. Jennie Ogilvie. Winifred Titus Eliza Bartlett. Mary Peckham. Helen Thompson. Sorel' in 'facultate Juliet V. Thorp. Helen Palmer. Edna R. Chynoweth. Mrs. Frank E. Stoltze. Mrs. Charles King. Mrs. Benjamin N. Snow Mary I. Thorpe. Flora E. Moseley. Mary Hill. Annie Pitman. Harriet Remington. Senior Ferne Ryan. Juniors Helen Warriner. SODDOIIIGYCS 'FNSDMCII 104 Grace Challoner- Mabel Fletcher. Terese Waters. Marian Fuller. Caroline Holah.. Olive Runner. Eta Zbavter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Pbl Kappa Psi ROII of Zbillmfi Washington and Jefferson College Bucknell University Dickinson College Lafayette College Swarthmore University Syracuse University Colgate University Amherst College University of Virginia Hampden-Sidney College Johns Hopkins University University of Mississippi Wittenberg College De Pauw University Wabash College Northwestern University University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Kansas Allegheny College Gettysburg College Franklin and Marshall College University of Pennsylv ani Cornell University Columbia University Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Dartmouth College Washington and Lee University University of West Virginia Columbian University Ohio Wesleyan University University of Ohio University of Indiana University of Michigan University of Chicago Beloit College University of Iowa University of Nebraska Leland Stanford, Jr., University Hlllmlli HSSOCIGIIOM. PENNSYLVANIA: PHILADELPHIA, PITTSBURG, MEADVILLE. NEW YORK CITY. BALTIMORE, MD. WASHINGTON, D. C CLEVELAND, OHIO. NEWARK, OHIO. SPRINGFIELD, OHIO tCHICAGO, ILL. MINNEAPOLIS AND Sr. PAUL, MINN. DENVER, COL. PORTLAND, OREGON. BUCYRUS, OHIO. 105 PM KGDD3 Psi WISCONSIN ALPHA CHAPTER 1875-1893. HE-KSTABLIBHID 1897 'Fratres in Urbe Cornelius A. Harper. Charles E. Buell. Emmet R. Hicks. frater in 'Facultate Charles Homer Haskins. Trams in Universitate Juniors J. T. Stuart Syle. Bernard Morey Palmer. Allard Johnston Smith. Charles Henry Sutherland. William Chester Sutherland. John Clarence Taylor. Edward Lucius Williamson. SODb0l1I0l'CS Willis Charles Bergstrom. Charles Graham Collins. Carroll Townsend Fugitt. Eugene Bishop Mumford. Charles Lowry Thompson. Percy VVheeler Tracy. Lyndon H. Tracy. 'Freshmen Charles Chester Allen. Frederick Hiltman Carpenter. Orlando Hiram Frick. Joseph Charles McClure. Percy Edward Schroeder. Frederick Elssworth Sutherland COIIQSQ OI' Saw middle Frank Saudis McNamara. JIIIIIOI' Edward C. F. Knowles. -106 .6 wisconsin Hlpba Zhapter of Phi Kappa Psi CDI PSI R0ll or Zbavters Alpha Pi Alpha Theta Alpha Mu Alpha Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Upsilon Alpha Epsilon Alpha Beta Alpha Gamma Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Alpha Tau Alpha Mu Alpha Iota Alpha Rho Alpha Xi Alpha Omega Alpha Beta Delta Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Alpha Delta Alpha Delta Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Union College Williams College Middlebury College Wesleyan University Hamilton College University of Michigan Furman College University of South Carolina University of Mississippi Amherst College Cornell University Nafford College University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin Rutgers College Stevens Institute of Technology Rochester University Lehigh University Leland Stanford, Jia, University University of Georgia University of California University of Chicago 107 John M. Parkinson. Lucien M. Hanks. L. R. Head. Harry L. Moseley. Paul Scofield. Chl PSI ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER i878 Fratres in llrbe C. B. Chapman. Stanley C. Hanks. Charles F. Lamb. Fred C. Ellis. C. F. Spensley. Louis D. Sumner. 'Fratres In Facultate Charles Forster Smith. Murray Charles Beebe. Frank Gaylord Hubbard. Fratres In llnlversitatc SQUIOI' George Allen Hopkins. fllllllofs Charles Lewis Burnham. John Edward Dixon. Harold Seaman. Walter Kempster Gray. Walter Edwin Haskin. Roy Walter Peck. Enoch William Underwood. SOPDOMONS Henry Alfred Balding. Edwin Easter Haskin. Hubbard C. Atkins. George Francis Markham Robert Hugh Downes. 'Freshmen Frederick August Vogel. Arthur Uihlein. Arthur Philip Henry Inbusch. Harvey Clawson. Rufus Choate Brown. Dwight Eastman Beebe. John Rex Henry. Henry Overbeek Winkler. college or QEIID SCIIIOI' George Edward Gernon. 108 Delia Gamma Eta Omega Sigma Alpha Lambda Zeta Chi Xi Phi Tau Delta Kappa Psi Theta ROII Ol' Zbavters ACTIVE Buchtel College University of Wisconsin Northwestern University Mount Union College University of Minnesota Albion College Cornell University University of Michigan University of Colorado University of Iowa University of Lower California University of Nebraska Woman's College, Baltimore ALUMNA Cleveland, Ohio 109 Delta Gamma OMEGA CHAPTER I88I Sorores in UWC Mrs. Aubertine Woodward Moore, Honorary. Alice Taylor. Florence Cornelius. Mrs. Albert W. Briggs. Mrs. Charles S. Slichter. Katherine McDonald. Annie Stewart. Mary Main. Fanchon Ellsworth. Amy Young. Mrs. Louis D. Sumner, May S. Foster. Bessie Gernon. Elizabeth Mills. Blanche Harper. Ella Gernon. Mrs. Fred Brown. Mrs. C. B. Chapman. Maude Gernon. Charlotte Freeman. Mrs. Carl Johnson. Mrs. Calvert F. Spensley. Amelia F. Stevens. Mrs. Raymond E. Frazier Elizabeth Vilas. Martha Pound. Ellen Lamb. Mrs. Willett Spooner. Mrs. Bertrand Doyn. Soror in 'facultate ' ' Katherine Allen. S0l'0I'28 ill UIllWl'Sifdl0 Gfddlllfe Mary Louise Freeman. SCIIIOTS Alice Kasson. Lydia Moore. Antonette MacMillan. Susan Odell. jlll1l0l'S Marcia Jackman. Alice Jackson. Anna Valentine. Sarah Ramsay. Leta Harvey. Daisy Dye. i I SOPb0m0l'QS I Harriet Bostwick. Leonore Meinhardt. Katharine Vilas. Florence Wing. 'Freshmen Kate Sanborn. Maud Stedman. Mabel Norton. Agnes Merrill. Harriet Hughes. 110 Louise Craig. Winifred Smith. Florence Nelson. Lucile Peck. 0mega Zhapter of Delta Gamma Sigma Chi FOUNDID ATHPIIAMI UNIVERSITY' 1585 Alpha Gamma Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Kappa Lambda Mu Xi Omicron Rho Chi Tau Psi Omega Alpha Alpha Gamma Gamma Delta Delta Zeta Zeta Zeta Psi Eta Eta Kappa Kappa Lambda Lambda ' Mu Mu Xi Xi Nu Nu Sigma Sigma Phi Phi Alpha Beta Alpha Gamma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Theta Alpha Iota Alpha Lambda Alpha Nu Alpha Xi Alpha Omicron Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Si ma Alpha ian Alpha Upsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Alpha Omega Theta Theta Omicron Omicron ROII 01' Zbdvters ACTIVE Miami University Ohio Wesleyan University Columbian University Washington and Lee University University of Mississippi Gettysburg College Bucknell University Indiana University Denison University De Pauw University Dickinson College Butler University Hanover College Roanoke College - University of Virginia Northwestern University Hobart College Randolph-Macon College Purdue University Centre College University of Cincinnati Dartmouth College University of Illinois Kentucky State College West Virginia University Missouri State University Columbia College Hampden-Sidney College University of Pennsylvania University of California Ohio State University University of Nebraska Beloit College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Illinois Wesleyan University University of Wisconsin University of Texas University of Kansas Tulane University Albion College Lehigh University University of Minnesota University of North Carolina University of Southern California - Cornell University Pennsylvania State College Vanderbilt University Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of Michigan Chicago University ALUMNI Chicago, Ill. Cincinnati, Ohio. Lincoln, Neb. Indianapolis, Ind. New York City Lafayette, Ind. Philadelphia, Pa. Louisville, Ky. lll Sigma ALPHA umam emma I884 fl'Zlll'0S Ill UYN J. Howard Morrison. Henry Hotchkiss Morgan fl'dfl'CS ill 'HCIIINIC Charles S. Slichter. Samuel E. Sparling. Trams in ilmversltate SClll0l'5 Harry Lyman Kellogg. Stuart Harris Sheldon. Juniors Edward Albert Cook. Frank William Jones. Alexander Vaughan McDonald. Paul Wyllys Minnick. Daniel Hayes Murphy Clarence Dudley Tearse. Lynn Alfred Williams. SOUDQMGYCS George Tracy Bunker. Evans McGregor Nye. 'FYCSDBICII Bertram Francis Adams. Arthur Stuart Bunker. Dugald Atherton Stewart. COIICSQ or Saw SQIIIQPS Charles Alexander Crydermau. Cornelius Anthony Sidler Edgar Curtis True. middle William Everett Finnegan. 112 Hlvhd Lambda ZITBDYEI' of Sigma Zhi Gamma PM BQIG Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta . Roll or Zbavters ACTIVE Syracuse University University of Michigan University of Wisconsin University of Boston Northwestern University Woman's Collee, Baltimore University of California Denver University ALUMNAE Chicago, Ill. Boston, Mass. Syracuse. N. Y. 113 Gillllllld PDI BRIS! GAMMA CHAPTER l885 Sorores III Ufbk Florence E. Baker, B.A. Mrs. Ada Sumner Briggs Martha S. Baker, B.L. Annie T. Chapman. Jennie Belle Davis. Helen Baker, B.A. Eleanor Bliss. Mrs. Mary Clark Brittingham B L Ella M. Davis, B.L. Mrs. Ina Judge Hanks, B L Mrs. Helen Steensland Nelson, B.L. S0l'0l'2S ill UIIIVQFSIIGW Gfddlldft Myrtle Whitney. SQMOYS Cora Thompson. Lillian johnson. Edith Van Slyke Gibson. Genevieve Sylvester fIllIll0l'S Eunice Thompson Gray. Ethel Lynn Virgin. Sovhomores Ethel Isabel Houser. Dorothea Curtis. Adah Georgina Grandy. Freshmen Clara Marie Barkhausen. Alice Gamble. Minnie Case. Sarah Seeber. 114 Lillian Gamble. Josephine Ross. Nellie Galnsha. Lorena Freeborn. Gamma Zhapter of Gamma Phi Beta 152113 UDSHOII Williams College, - Union College, - Hamilton College, - Amherst College, Adelbert College, - Colby University, Rochester University, Middlebury College. Bowdoin College, - Rutgers College, Brown University, - Colgate University, University of the C FUUNDID AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE,l Roll of Zhavters ACTIVE 1834 University of Michigan, - - 1838 Northwestern University, - 1847 Harvard University, - 1847 University of Wisconsin, - 1847 LaFayette College, - - - 1852 Columbia College, - 1852 Lehigh University, - - - 1856 Tufts College, - 1857 De Pauw University, - - - 1858 University of Pennsylvania, 1860 University of Minnesota, - - - 1865 Massachusetts Institute of Tech- ity of New York, - - - Cornell University, Marietta College, - Syracuse University, McGill University, - New York, Rhode Island, Chicago, - Cleveland, - New England, - Rochester, - Wisconsin, nology, - - - 1865 Swarthmore College, - 1869 Leland Stanford jr., University, 1870 University of California, - -1873 University of Nebraska, - ALUMNI 1867 Minneapolis, - 1883 Albany, - - - 1883 Garield, Springfield, Mass., - 1884 Syracuse, - - - 1884 Buffalo, - - 1884 Detroit, 115 1876 1880 1880 1885 1885 1885 1885 1886 1887 1888 1890 1891 1894 1895 1895 1898 1898 1884 1887 1889 1889 1890 1893 1897 Dtllil UDSHOII F WISCDNSIN CHAPTER I885 'FYGIYCS ll! UWC Rev. H. A. Miner, Williams, '53. Hon. W. G. Walker, Colgate, '66. E. Ray Stevens, Wisconsin, '93. Charles O. O'Neill, Wisconsin, '96, Hon. John G. McMynn, Williams, '48. 'Frames In facultate Benjamin W. Snow, Ph. D., Cornell, '85, Edward Kremers, Ph. D., Wisconsin, ,88. Walter M. Smith, B. A., Wisconsin, '90. Rodney H. True, Ph. D., Wisconsin, '90 William B. Cairns, Ph. D., Wisconsin, '92, Paul S. Reinsch, Ph. D., Wisconsin, '92, John B. Johnson. C. E., Michigan, '78, 'Fellow John C. Shedd, M. S. SCMIBI' Ernst H. Kronshage, B. A. SEMOYS Charles Elmer Allen. Philip Loring Allen. Guy Abbot Meeker. Charles Thomas Hutson. Ernest Andrew O'Nei11. Juniors Francis joseph Carney. George Snowden Cassels. Ralph Lillis joannes. Carl Frederick Siefert. Edward Bulwer Cochems. Eldridge Gerry Merrick. Sydney Thomas Smith. SOPDOMOYCS james Dudley Godfrey. Arthur Franz Beule. William Phillips Vroman. 'fffibmtll Paul Marie Binzel. Roy James Hutson. Walter Franklin Mabbett. George Bryant Vinson. COIIQSQ 012310 SQIIIOI' John William Kelley. Junior joseph Edward Davies. 116 wisconsin Zbavter of Delta Uvsllon Betta Call Dtila f.UNDED IBBG Roll oi Zbavters .lcnvt Grand Division of the South Alpha Pi Phi Beta Delta Beta Epsilon Beta Theta Beta Xi Vanderbilt University University of Mississippi Washington and Lee University University of Georgia Emory College University of the South Tulane University Grand Division of the West Omicron University of Iowa Beta Gamma University of Wisconsin Beta Eta University of Minnesota Beta Kappa University of Colorado Beta Pi Northwestern University Beta Rho Leland Stanford, jr., University Beta Tau University of Nebraska Beta Upsilon University of Illinois Iota University of California Grand Division of the North Beta Ohio University Chi Kenyon College Delta University of Michigan Beta Alpha Indiana University Epsilon Albion College Beta Beta De Pauw University Zeta Adelbert College Beta Zeta Butler College Kappa Hillsdale College Beta Phi Ohio State University Mu Ohio Wesleyan University Beta Psi Wabash College Grand Division of the East Alpha Allegheny College Gamma Washington and Jefferson College Rho Stevens Institute of Technology Sigma Williams College Upsilon Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Beta Lambda Lehigh University Beta Mu Tufts College Beta Nu Massachusetts Institute of Technology Beta Omicron Cornell University Beta Chi Brown University Omega University of Pennsylvania ALUMNI New York Association. Chicago Association, Nashville Association Twin City Association. Pittsburg Association. Nebraska Association. Cleveland Association. Detroit Association. Grand Rapids Association. New Orleans Association. New England Association. Cincinnati Association. Milwaukee Association. ll? mum 'Chau mira BETA GAMA CHAPTER ISSS fl'dfI'2S iii UPN George Almon Kingsley. Charley Gilbert Riley. Alfred Thomas Rogers. Nissen Peter Stenjem. George Corey Riley. Edward Henry Smith. William Christie McNaught. Fratres in llniversitate GYBGIIGICS Sharp William Todd. Seniors Albert Louis Henning. Louis Reed. Milton Gray Montgomery. Samuel Powers Connors. Juniors Dudley Donnelly Stetson. David Cowee Pierpont. g Sovbomores Harry Roland Hewitt. William Frederick Dickinson , Victor Eugene Rogers. 'Freshmen Frank Rockwell Meehan. Thomas F. Davlin. Arthur Bates Grindell. William K. Donnell. Elmer Ellsworth Cain. College of fall? Seniors ' John Oscar Miller. Paul Cheney Thorn. 'Charles Anson Augustus McGee. Fitz Henry Kiser. middle Adolph Hermann Pritzlaff. Berthold J. Husting. Charles Carroll Montgomery. fllll1l0I'S George William Bache Kress. Harry Arthur Cody. 118 B66 Gamma QDRPIQI' of Delta fall D016 Kappa Hlpba Cbeta Roll ot Zhavters Lambda Chi Iota Alpha Beta Mu Epsilon Alpha Gamma Alpha Beta Nu Delta Tau Pi Eta Psi Upsilon Kappa ACTIVE Alpha District University of Vermont Syracuse University Cornell University Swarthmore College Allegheny College Beta District Wooster University Ohio State University De Pauw, University Indiana State University Hanover College University of Illinois Northwestern University Albion College University of Michigan University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Kansas Gamma District Phi Leland Stanford, Ir., Uni Omega University of California ALUMNI versity Alpha Alumnae . . . . Greencastle Indiana Minnesota Alumnae . Minneapolis Minnesota 119 KZIDDR HIDDB Child Mrs. E. B. Skinner. Mrs. C. E. Buell. PSI CHAPTER l890 S0l'0l'2S ill Urbe Mrs. Dugald C. jackson. Pauline Shepard. Lenore O'Connor. Helen Kellogg. Mrs. Victor Coiiin. Bertha L. Brown. Mrs. John M. Parkinson Mrs. L. A. Austin. Mrs. E. Ray Stevens. Mary Louise Carlton. Alice Elizabeth Carlton. SCNOYS Grace Gage Cloes. Anna Shaw Pinkum. Jessamine Lee. Laura Alice Sceets. jtll1i0l'S Blanche Brigham. Winifred Alice Smith. Mollie Louise Strong. Genevieve Stevens. Josephine Horton Bowden. Sovhomores Mary Helen Cross. Ina Virginia Langley. Kate Buell. 'Freshmen Kittie Button. Edna Bolender. Ruth Stockman. Mabel Irene Stewart. 120 Esther Donnelly. Daisy Payota White. Laura Sage. Jeannette Sage. -Q Psi Zbdlml' of Kappa Hlpbd 'Cbeta QQSZII fl'2lItl'lllID OI' Pbi Della PDI Kent Booth Benj arnin Story Cooley Pomeroy Marshall I SY Webster Hamilton Gibson Choate Waite Field Conkling Tiedeman Minor Dillon Daniels Chase Harlan Swan McClain Lincoln Osgoode Fuller Miller Green Comstock Chapters University of Michigan Northwestern University Clzarler revoked Columbia College Washington University, Mo. Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco, Cal Columbian University, Washington, D. C. Charfer revoked Boston University University of Cincinnati University of Pennsylvania Harvard University Yale University New York University Cornell University University of State of Missouri University of Virginia University of Minnesota Buffalo Law School, Buffalo, N. Y. University of Oregon University of Wisconsin Ohio State University State University of Iowa University of Nebraska Law School of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ont. Chicago College of Law, Lake Forest University Leland Stanford, Ir., University University of Kansas University of Syracuse 121 ZQSGI fl'dIQl'lliID Ol' Phi Della Phi IIARLAN CHAPTER l89I 'Fratres In 'Facultate john B. Cassody, LL. D. Robert M. Bashford, A. M. LL. D. Charles Noble Gregory, A. M., LL. B. John M. Olin, A. M., LL. B. Burr W. jones, A. B., LL. B. Jairus H. Carpenter, LL. D. William F. Vilas, A. B., LL. D. Edwin E. Bryant. 'Fratres in llrbe Charles Gilbert Riley, LL. B. Henry Hotchkiss Morgan, B. S., LL. Carl Smith Jefferson, LL. B. Alfred Thomas Rogers, LL. B. W. Simpson Dudgeon, LL. B. Willet Main Spooner, A. B., LL. B. Henry Vilas, A. B., LL. B. Fratres In llniversitate Charles Richard Barney. -Harry Ozias Seymour. Frank Lynch Gilbert. 52I1l0l'S Charles Sheen Greenwood. Hiram Arthur Sawyer. Charles Anson Augustus McGee. George Cushing Martin. Earle Clarence Tillotson. Otto Charles Baumgarten. Charles Alex. Cryderman. Stephen Warren Gilman. Frederick Hoffman Hartwell William Augustus Klatte. Cornelius Anthony Sidler. Vroman Mason. John Miller Winterbotham. middle George Kemp Tallman. Gysbert Van Steenwyk, Jr. George Huntington Tyler. Samuel Brownlee Robbins. William Noble Smith. Frederick Burns Peterson. John Smith Main. JIIMOYS Nelson James Wilcox. George Bliss Nelson. Edwarp Tappan Fox. Arthur Wilson Fairchild. Byron Houghton Stebbins. Thomas William Leahy. Roy Everett Tomlinson. 122 A . 7,5 'N 4, :PW Q ' l R w Phi Gamma Delta FCUN ID AT WABHQNIITON Alpha Phi Alpha Chi Beta 1 Alpha Beta Deuteron Beta Mu Beta Chi Gamma Deuteron Delta Alpha Deuteron Delta XI Epsilon Zeta Zeta Phi Gamma Phi Theta Psi Kappa Nu Kappa Tau Delta Deuteron Lambda Lambda Deuteron Mu Sigma Mu Zeta Deuteron Nu Deuteron XI Omicron Pi Theta Deuteron Pi Deuteron Pi Iota Rho Chi A Rho Deuteron Lambda Sigma AND JIFFEHBON COLLEGE 1948 Qbdvfel' Roll ACTIVE University of Michigan Amherst University of Pennsylvania Washington and Ieiferson College Roanoke College Johns Hopkins University Lehigh University Knox College Bucknell University Illinois Wesleyan University University of California University of North Carolina Indiana State University William Jewell College Pennsylvenia State College Colgate University Cornell University University of Tennessee Hampden-Sidney College De Pauw University Denison University University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin - Washington and Lee University Yale University Pennsylvania College University of Virginia Allegheny College Ohio Wesleyan University University of Kansas Worchester Polytechnic Institute Richmond College Wooster University Leland Stanford, jr., University Chattanooga, Tenn Columbus, Ohio Williamport, Pa. Kansas City, Mo. Chicago, Ill. A Sigma Wittenberg College Sigma Deuteron Lafayette College Tau Hanover College Tau Alpha Trinity College NU. EpSi10I1 University of City of New York Upsilon College of City of New York Chi Union College Psi Wabash College A Omega Columbia College Omicron Deuteron Ohio State University Chi Iota University of Illinois Lambda Nu University of Nebraska GRADUATE Southern Alumni Association Baltimore, Md. Delta New York Club New York City Epsilon Beta Indianapolis, Ind. Theta Eta Cleveland, Ohio Zeta Iota Spokane, Wash. Kappa 123 Pbl aamma Delta MU CHAPTER I893. 'Fratres in Urbe Asbury Dyson Daggett. Wheeler Howland Everett Kedzie Barnes. FYRYCI' lil faflllfdm Victor Hugo Bassett. 'Fratres in llniversitate 'fellow Edwin Bingham Copeland, Ph D SQMOYS Max Wilder Gridith. Edward Howard Hatton Frank William Lyle. Jlllll0l'S Kenelm Julius Lee. William Cyrus Wilson. joseph Golder Dillon. Hereward john Peele. Soeahomores jesse Worthington johnson. Roy Asa Sanborn. Alexander Krembs, jr. John Buel Crabtree. Frederick Hammond Hatton. Ira David Potts. Stanley Harold Richards. Oscar Lucas Dorschel. ' 'Freshmen Frank Sylvester Hyman. Edward Smith Thomas. Charles Arabut Ludlow. Robert Andrew Cowles. Benjamin Franklin Downing. - Willard Van Brunt Campbell. Coilege DF fall? Guido John Hanson, Jr. Seniors Frederick Harold Clausen. middle William Henry Hay, Ir. Charles Lackey Bartlett. 124 mu Zhapter of Phi Gamma Delta Pi BQIB PDI FOUNDED AT MONMOUTM COLLEGE B61 Roll of Zbavters Alpha Province Vermont Alpha Columbia Alpha Pennsylvania Alpha Pennsylvania Beta Ohio Alpha Ohio Beta New York Alpha Massachusetts Alpha Maryland Alpha Middlebury College Columbian University Swarthmore College Bucknell University Ohio University Ohio State University Syracuse University Boston University Woman's College of Baltimore Beta Province Indiana Alpha Indiana Beta Indiana Gamma Michigan Alpha Michigan Beta lllinois Beta Illinois Delta Illinois Epsilon Illinois Zeta Franklin College University of Indiana University of Indianapolis Hillsdale College University of Michigan Lombard University Knox College Northwestern University Illinois State Unix ersity Gamma Province Iowa Alpha Iowa Beta Iowa Zeta Wisconsin Alpha Iowa Wesleyan University Simpson College University of Iowa University of Wisconsin Delta Province Louisiana Alpha California Alpha Colorado Alpha Colorado Beta Kansas Alpha Nebraska Beta Tulane University Leland Stanford, J r., University University of Colorado Denver University University of Kansas University of Nebraska 125 Pi BQIEI Phi wisconsin ALPHA cmvrm l894 PGUONQSSCS Mrs. Charles R. Barnes. Mrs. William W. Daniells Mrs. Julius E. Olson. Mrs. M. Vincent O'Shea. Sorores in Urbe Mrs. H. A. Sober. Florence Porter Robinson. Elizabeth Church Smith. Genevieve Church Smith. Mrs. Rudolph Kroph. Elizabeth Wylie. Sorores ill UIIIWYSIWW SQIIIOYS Alice Relaine Friend. Lucretia French Hinkley. Anna L. Mashek. Etta Louise Huenkerneier. Anna Pauline Houghton. fIlllll0l'S jessica Esther Davis. Livia Estelle Seiler. Miriam Keith Reed. Alma Marie Moser. Eunice Wallace Welsh. Rebecca C. Fraser. Hester Adeline Brown. Margaret M. Hutton. Sophomore Elizabeth Bowman McGregor. 'Freshmen Marie Gardiner Hinkley. Bessie Carolyn Ferguson. Grace Forrest Cox. Carolyn Virginia Hayner. jean Ferris Clark. l2f3 wisconsin Hlvha Zbapter of Pi Beta Phi Cbeta Delta CDI Roll 01' Zbarges Brown University, Bowdoin College, Tufts College, - Harvard University, Hobart College, - - Lafayette College, - University of Rochester, Hamilton College, - Dartmouth College, Cornell University, - Boston University, College of the City of New York, Columbia College, Lehigh University, - Amherst College, Yale University, University of Michigan, Williams College, - University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, Columbian University, - 127 1866 1866 1867 1869 1870 1876 1881 1883 1884 1885 1887 1853 1854 1856 1856 1857 1889 1891 1892 1895 1896 CDQIG Delia CDI SIGMA DEUTERON CHARGE I895 'Prater in 'Facultate Stephen Moulton Babcock, Ph.D. 'Fratros in Llnioersitate Gl'ddlldfCS Guy Stanton Ford. Henry Sherwood Youker 'fellow William Stewart Ferris, B.S. ' SCIIIQYS Harry Nathan Carter. Frank Hosford Watson. Gerhard Melvin Dahl. Juniors William Frazier Adams. Roy Felton Farrand. Leslie Shinoe Everts. George Ferris. James Herbert McNeel. sophomores Burton Hathaway Bridge. C. Harry Watson. William Courtenay Burdick. Charles Edwin Seiler. Clarence Joel White. 'Fl't8hlllCll Raymond Eugene Nichols. Albert Frederick Kindt. Clarence John DuFour. William Henry Dale. College Of filw A 5930013 Charles Richard Barney. John Parker Gregg. Charles Sheen Greenwood. Walter Scott Cate. Earl Clarence Tillotson. middle Glenn Herbert Williams. juniors , Theodore Walter Brazeau. George Bliss Nelson. 128 sigma Deuteron Qlharge of theta Delta Zhi PSI ISDSIIOII YOUNDID AT UNION COLLIGI IBO! Theta Delta Beta Sigma Gamma Zeta Lambda Kappa Psi Xi Upsilon Iota Phi Pi Chi Beta Beta Eta Tau Mu Rho Omega Roll of ZDRNQYS Union College University of the City of Ne Yale University Brown University Amherst College Dartmouth College Columbia College Bowdoin College Hamilton College Wesleyan College University of Rochester Kenyon College University of Michigan Syracuse University Cornell University Trinity College Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota University of YVisconsin University of Chicago 129 w York john Coit Spooner. Fayette Durlin, Sr. Psi UDSHOII RHO CHAPTER I896 'Frams in Urbe Oscar Dalzelle Brandenburg. George Krogh Anderson. Charles Herrick Doyon. Willet Main Spooner. Marcus Clizbe Ford William Freeman Vilas. Carl Albert Johnson. Amos Parker Wilder. Hobart Stanley johnson. Royal Cottell Main. Henry Vilas. john Henry Bowman. Bertrand Herrick Doyon. 'Fratres in 'Facultate Charles Kendall Adams. Edward Thomas Owen. Charles Noble Gregory. Burr W. Jones. William Stanley Marshall. Amos Arnold Knowlton. Julius Emil Olson. 'Francs in llniversitate Gfddlldfe Max Mason. seniors 1 Edward Tappan Fox. Charles Atwood Vilas. I fllll1i0l'S 1 Ard Hoyt Ellis. Eugene Hamilton Heald. Sovhomores Sydney Hobart Ball. Claude Spencer Beebe. William P. Hoy. Harry S. Gsborne. James Charles Hogan. William Francis Lea. john Thorson Seaman. john Charles Stevens. 'Freshmen . James Edward Armstrong. Lucius Seymour Bergstrom William Beye. Chauncey Elbridge Blake Harry Harold Cook. Maurice johnson. Theodore Thomas Jones. Stephen Phipps. Philip Loring Spooner. William Edward Smith. COIIQSQ OI' fall? S2IliOI'S - , Vroman Mason. George Cushing Mart1n. john Miller Winterbotham. ' l 1 mmale , John Smith Main. Frederick Burns Peterson Junior Roy Everett Tomlinson. 130 cv 2,0 en 94 'P' -. o an ,xg ,.: 3. Bw' ., 5 ,084 o 8 l Irv ti sig?-1 I no 41 'Jon ff. , , ua VVU 3-5 ly 3 " ml' f ' 710 , if ,V 'E , , 'fRf ,. 4 ' ff ' " . V-49 V 11- Q1.. s,f- V 4 , ,',. ,. Ev ' ' - Q u V " :?'fI:' z 0 ' 4 v u -'A 'L W,-,V .,. . . . 4. .. 2 ff. 'X . . , , , . .gang --ng,-.I f,..-,QL al ' - ' EQ' ' if V I i'm,f' .5 W :ia 9 " ' V ' 'WI' - +2 fix ,- ag-'z - b f ll ' 5, 1 .X-yi -, f' 1'247.1r---' , , ,.v4f.- ,M 1,14 fu 1:1211-,.' A 1 "ara, 5155- -v , , i , I A - ' .. ' L-115,711 - ' f Q - , fp .1 A,-,nay Pc. Q4 - ,ff 7 ' . fllbbil Phi FOUNDED AT SYRACUSI UNIVERSITY I812 Alpha Beta Et Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Theta Iota Boston Alumnae, - Chicago Alumnae, .ROII of Gbapters ACTIVE Syracuse University, 1872 Northwestern University, 1881 Boston University, 1883 De Pauw University, 1887 Cornell University, 1889 University of Minnesota, 1890 Won1an's College, Baltimore, 1891 University of Michigan, 1892 University of Wisconsin, 1896 ALUMNAE Central New York Alumnae, - New York City Alumnae, Minneapolis Alumina, 131 1889 1889 1891 1896 1895 HIDDB PM IOTA cmvrfn I896 PGWONQSSQS Mrs. Richard T. Ely. Mrs. Edward T. Owen, Mrs. Eugene G. Updike. Mrs. Charles R. Van Hise. Gl'ddllifCS I-Iarriot Burnton. Annie Nyhan Scribner. SCUIOYS Frances Mary Staver. Alice Louise Chubbuck. Mary Mitchell Rountree. Helen Gertrude Verplanck Bessie Margaret Keech. UIIMOYS Louise Hinckley. , Gertrude Sherman. Greta Mae Gribble. Florence Buck. Susan Eugene Lowell 5091191110725 Leta Sherman. Julia Forster Smith. Mary Inez Pettibone. Freshmen Helen Sherman. Charlotte Mayo Simonds. Helen Louise Darby. Bessie May Kratz. Gretchen Gugler. 132 T013 ZMDIQI' of Hlpbil Phi Cbeta nu EDSIIOII SOPHOMORE rnmcnnnv l893 'Fratres gin Urbe Henry Vilas, '94. Bertrand Herrick Doyon, '98 'Fratres in Universitate Vroman Mason, '95. Louis Merrick Ward, '96. Orsamus Cole, Jr. Paul Tratt. ' Edwin William Pahlow. 1 Pbi Rho BQIG LOCAL CHAPTER l897 Gfddlldlt Robert James Gay. S2lll0l'S John Bolles Emerson. Frank Howard Kurtz. ' lS0l3b0m0l'CS Louis Henry Barkhausen. Frederick Dan Taylor. john Quinton Lyman James Bertram Nash. Frederick C. McGowan. 'Freshmen Charles Edwin Long. William Francis Moffatt 134 Phi R110 Beta DRUG Delta DRUG Alpha Delta Epsilon Gamma Zeta Beta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Sigma Omicron Lambda Upsilon Nu Mu Roll of ZBZIWQYS ACTIVE Boston University Simpson College Knox College . Adrian College Cincinnati University St. Lawrence University University of Vermont University of Minnesota University of Michigan University of Nebraska Wesleyan University Syracuse University Baker University Northwestern University University of Ohio University of Wisconsin Xi Woman's College, Baltimore ALUMNAE Alpha Alumnae Alliance Gamma Alumnae Alliance Epsilon Alumnae Alliance Zeta Alumnae Alliance Sigma Alumnae Alliance -Chicago Alumnae Alliance 135 Boston ' Adrian, Mich. Galesburg, Ill. Cincinnati Middletown, Conn Chicago, Ill. DQIIZI Della DQIIQ MU CHAPTER I898 50l'l0l'iIl'V mCmb2fS Mrs. John Barber Parkinson. Mrs. David Boyver Frankenburger SOPOYQS ill ulllVCl'Sffdf2 Graduate Adda Josephine Westenhaver. A Seniors Daisy Campbell, Mary Dopp. Wanda Gladys Ellison. Gertrude Stillman. Juniors Florence Eliza Allen. Clara Marie Perry. Clara Pfisterer. Anna Katharine Weber. SODHOMOYCS Lillian Ethel Richards. Clara Luemma Stillman . 'FYQSDIIIQII Minnie Perry. Mary Gertrude Webster 136. Jessie Scofield. Daisybelle Wentworth.. mu Zhapter of Della Delta Delta Kappa Sigma FOUNDID AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA IB6 Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Pi Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega Eta Prime Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Jlctive Zbapters Louisiana State University Davidson College Centenary College University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College Cumberland University Southwestern University Vanderbilt University University of Tennessee Washington and Lee University William and Mary College University of Arkansas Swarthmore College Tulane University University of Texas Hampden-Sidney College Southwestern Presbyterian Purdue University University of Maine University of the South Trinity College University of Maryland Mucer University University of Illinois Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania University Alpha Zeta University of Michigan Alpha Eta Columbian University Alpha Theta Southwestern Baptist University Alpha Kappa Cornell University Alpha Lambda University of Vermont Alpha Mu University of North Carolina Alpha Nu Wofford College Alpha Omieron Kentucky University Alpha Pi Wabash College Alpha Rho Bowdoin College Alpha Sigma Ohio State University Alpha Tall Georgia Technology School Alpha Upsilon Mellsaps College Alpha Phi Bucknell University Alpha Chi Lake Forest University Alpha Psi University of Nebraska Alpha Omega William Jewell College Beta Alpha Brown University Beta Beta Richmond College Beta Gamma Missouri State University Beta Delta Washington 81. Jefferson College Beta Epsilon University of Wisconsin ALUMNI Yazoo C1ty Miss. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. New York City N Y .New Orleans La. Chicago, Ill. Indianapolis, Ind. Ruston, Mass Boston, Mass. Chihuahua, Mexico 137 Kappa Sigma BETA EPslLoN cmvrrn I898 Gfddlldft William Brown Ford. SCMOI' Thomas George Nee. Juniors Winchell Fay Barber. William Karl Herrick. Clyde Marshall McKay. George Warner Mosher. sophomores Clarence Eugene Abbot. John Morledge Woy. fl'08blI12l! Herbert William Biddison. Samuel George Higgins Charles Dana Hunter. John Agard Ross. College or fall? SQMOI' John Lincoln Fisher. :IIINIOTS Albert Kimball Wheeler. William Alexander Walters 138 .f3!,A6,93?g5?,7i2 A ??fQ'S:5f '41 'ie-'wiviiiwzffg -. - 5 Beta GPSHOII ZDGPWI' of Kappa Sigma A .Z fi! A I A, : 'lf' 1' ,qi -I :Jef Iv!! , -' . ..... HEY, EQ ,?if2?hf??:1ii Q.. .Q WN. XQ A X W ser-X X ,arf iz- X3 7 CvQi1',f' wxxxf ,ffl if NX wk 1, LQ! X 21,1 lfgf, 'Niki-I-Sqjxfmah. MW!! E11 I X Nw ff ' W ' J K '5-,,.,' 'Pal lf' , u N Zac, 'fl' 1, ix IVAN xg.. IQIK N 1' ,K , -K R W' 1 rx 1 X VC' 'M' X' 1 rP1,14, er 14' xl! .lug ny! K V .l K Wi Us ,MIM ,4 , ra I .SQ x 1j7'f 5,5 . .N ,JI 'gf xx bi wi li 9 . X .Y , 1 ., :Q 14' ' .am "gn gi, J FM JH ,W ag ' plfv I L f , IJIIQLWHIA 1fl X 'gig' ng, AM ml IA V N , KA H 'ffh fm N x !1!f,71'lI" XX 5 x X X M ' ,' x xx f A I M MMA ! XX X NN Ax. K Xl 1 1 9, ff' 1' I S X X K X Q Wi f I 1 ig - ffffifa 1? " 1 f A A A f? V" :-.,,: H W 1:5 X . ii2 u xi 952' vf' f ! 1 yn , QQQQN S Q M !'m X Tk' A X .f fp N my 7 W if W 44 fff rl ffaiwm-M. .. . . i W - ,-.:.:: nfifis elite-.Qi .- I '1 .5 'Effie 1. J lk! wr LP .Af 'JH H :L Q I I 1.7--.. rvqjzrxe X .- f - N V x ..Q.i.jfi.-Z1?1'f?EE E Us 15?-ta ' '.:'.1,'i .W a sil l i r. . 1 f x X, 1 U ., V' in ' T. . ' . -W, W5 iff' We iii: ff ' Y a 'wi is f,.BWr" " ' l' -f 'lgfl-ig! ... A LE G -A in - -,., H J, -V A' 'fifsfr . V , -'S' 'Qi 7""" fs 'Z- IRVING P. ROBINSON, - General Chairman WALTER J. PARSONS, Business Manager NIARCIA M. JACKMAN, - - - - - Secretary Iliterarv Qommittee Paul R. Wright, Clzairman. fjennie H. Smith. Marcia M. Jackman. Florence E. Allen. Helen H. Warriner. Frederick M. Van Horn Mildred A. Castle. I. Herbert McNeel. Mabel Sheldon. Lynn A. NVilliams. Henry M. Esterly. Plrt Zommittee George H. Scheer, Ckaiwnarz. Miriam K. Reed. ifjennie H. Smith. Clarence L. Nelson. Henry M. Esterly. Otto F. Whfasniansdorlf. Zbronicle Zommittee Frank J. Carney, Chaiwnan. Melvin B. Stone. Miriam K. Reed. Edward A. Hook. Mabel Sheldon. Clarence D. Tearse. Bernard C. Dorset. Herbert YVaters. Photo Zommittee Florence E. Allen, Clzairman. . Lewis E. Moore. Mildred A. Castle. Clarence D. Tearse. J. T. Stuart Lyle. BIISHWSS Zommittee Walter 1. Parsons, Chairman. Otto F. Wasmansdorff. Herbert Waters. J. Herbert McNeel. Lynn A. Williams. Melvin B. Stone. Lewis E. Moore. I. T. Stuart Lyle. 1kDeceasecl. 140 Q , -- ,vigd-1 F! . WAB9 Q1 ,di 'ff .V,, . - 'F f-Jlwfzfffi IM- W! 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CHURCHILL, '99 J OSEPH LOEB, '00 GUY A. MEEHER, '99 THOMAS A. DESMOND, '99 MICHAEL W. IVICARDLE, law '01 RWONQYS JOHN B. PATRICK, '02, FREDERICK C. SCHOENSIGEL, '01 CHARLES S. PEARCE, '00, WILLIAM F. MOFFATT, '02 GUY A. SHARP, '01, ARTHUR F. BEULE, '01 WILLIAIVI S. Kms, '99, , Business Manager 141 V ' 4, -' , rllIIll.Ll1IlIlIfll!lIlYLl!w--il. gygumpnummmnnuqv if wuanwqmgnnhf f I .!'l!F!?f!'WlW W1'XP"1E",- Q 'mmwlmflxulum ' j 3 ' .i ' i ' 'l 1 K f 170f11u1f111Q'l""'?'U"''i'!"""m' A fmfllllmlmi.. Hmm uv. A - mmm M. 59" nmmmll K MWWW , fmfllummmyv 1 A editorial Sidff Editor - Assistant Editor PHILIP L. ALLEN, MARCUS A. JACOBSGN, '99 - - - Jlssoclate Editors THOMAS A. DESMOND, '99, GENEVIEVE SYLVESTER, '99, EMMA M. BIBBS, '99, HENRY M. ESTERLY, '00. WILLIAM B. CAIRNS, '90, - - - Alumni Editor HERMAN A. SMYTH, - Business Manager HENRY W. ADAMS, '00, - - Assistant Business Manager 142 I a i 1 1 I Q. .' ,Jig i 4 i 1 ff" DIIARCUS A. JACOBSON. HERLIAN A. SMYTH. HENRY M. ESTERLY. PHILH' L. ALLEN. G-ENEVIEVE SYLVESTER. EMMA M. BIBBS. THOMAS A. DESMOND. H .'H2QiS " Staff. M. M. FOWLER. AJ-MEYERS. M. C. Balsam. E. E. SANDS. C. T. MASON. C. A. KEIJLER. G. A. SCOTT. R. T. LOGEMAN. W. E. REYNOLDS L. E. MOORE. N. L. Hmm. "wiSC0llSill EIIQIIIQQIY' Staff +....... . - - - Y I . , I I .1.. , L '14 - L mini- -w 1 ' 519- 0+ -Q-4-0.20-0:0-o:0:Ao:c - 'o -o4u-o:ulQE I 'MM fFZf E!!5W!lE E : :- : : - - 1 ,W I .. .. .. II 42i4WiQfS'?Wfwfswf,1:-'fl'-Q: MIM- Zf- Lfi f- I'-"" 'IIIU' I:II I II 0' Iqy7p1sJ,.fM,,:,W,-: - ..fW. . ffff. - ffff fff- fff.. ff f I III 252275 E'-ZWWIE' A3540 '? M5153 01127155 fl-E151 U ,I I' 0 120512 131111 :J I -E!!! Efffffff : - ' 'I ' 'I ,,- E 1- - , - -, ,,, fvv- - ISIQQWQQ -WI: WISH! glfllgf-LT, :- ' III 0 . 15-,l71-F312 EW ,gg Affgggyrffz-ff -: 'I'.I II I 'I Wilma f ff- : fm: 111 : ll : I E'Q!:7WEf5 ,: - I I zwawem. l '-" - f 7-,f -- T.: 11:4 : .7 I Z . I - 'X 172, - Q El . -Q 'E I L ' : UE' f 1 :. L11 - I! 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':.lE3'9 H ":"2W'I-E I .lm I .EI -1.51-2 'Le Eiizi:lE,lI i Ll fz2i'!'flI'5 g1'l'!lE!f :grim 'E ll IM' "Fray 291354 ,ll '5 ' V ' l'l il'lf .ll 'llllF!ll " 'l aW 'lf. 1f i l llf " Il' ii i W l'xl11'lflI'l1i" lflfl Il ll llsff llfilllliwl I u Edmund Kean " A romantic drama by Alexander Dumas. FULLER OPERA HOUSE, FEBRUARY, I4, I899 Edmund Kean, - - George, Prince of Wales, - Countess Elena, his wife, - Lord Melville, Peer of England Gountess Amy Goswill, - Anna Danby, - - Solomon. a prornpter, Pristol, an acrobat, - Bardolphe, stage manager, - Tom, - - David, - - - Peter Patt, an inn-keeper, Constable, - - Butler, - 9 East of Qlharacters - - - MR. MARCUS C. FORD. MR. LOUIS M. VVARD. MR. MILTON G. MONTGOHIERY. Count von Koefeld, German ambassador, - MRS. RICHARD BRIGGS. IVIR. EDWARD T. FOX. MISS ETHEL L. VIRGIN. MISS JESSICA E. DAVIS. DR. MR. MR MR MR. .MIR MR MR. Q34 . sim .-.J.,9 4 1 Q.- 1553 C. C. CHITTENDEN. MICHAEL LYNCH. SIDNEY AINSWORTH. CHARLES A. VILAS. FREDERICK B. PETERSON. ROBERT J. GAY. FREDERICK H. CLAUSEN. HENRY M. ESTERLY Q E 'D L "S ls, CN C vi tri. ,A . 144 A X? A rxfsy ' ,MW NN x . X , 1 . ,, if ,, ., ff 1. . , Q A 4 ,432 v. 3 .-5215 E35 -., '517'.ci1 -P, 1-i'2:?:f5' ff f-Ig-'? 1f3372sz:s:.1:s...-,...4-, L..--M N- 'naman f by , ff Q ,Q 5 F? S? X W I H . 'xx X f CW ,, ggi, iw, 'z J A J fa., 3' 2 , 'ff f ,JZ f" f S X , ' f fc' ' A Xi l ,jf ,r o V533 N , A '1 S56 I X f fl I , , " 5 145 , ,SV '24 Q l gm ' X4 V I 2536 f if ff Ffl ff t 1' if 4 .I J fy W gl f' I . Y 1 V I X 45 2' f ' I 24.4-4 J? ,f f! J I ' I 'A e . . , . .-lf fi Q if 2' ' f ' Q E -A "K I N25 i vi V N f """ ,ff :Yi 5' f -'ff . ' -F1 1 fp, 4 . ,,w,Q,5., Y I A , ,E A 5 .x F ., . W , fl x ' ff 1 f A Y w -vi' f ' s up -A N gli iff , f 5 If ' Q-I, 4 ,f 1 fs' Q, H' .f . , T, N 1' 98 I rl X x I, iffy' vf I N i FA . U85 A v 3 g R Q X N . B1 X A iz X- f s VN Q A X ag! 3 L J' gtk Ng! N A N , xx I ,- , 'f 4 1 f I .H W... ...M ' 72 f 1. 1 1 QR ff Q ,X 1 I Q, ii M" X fi f 4 X 1 if N f A I' E, ' Z , "':-5235 ,..a,,' fl X ' - z' ' , lf: '-' .,,W 'I . 5. 5 Q zf 'X-.fg i A, f . U .. " ,ff 1:-,. ' '--J.: -' f . -' 'fi ' fl? - VV -,.v..fv4. .N-1, ..:----mu.-."'2"vk.,,,,l ff ' ' 'U -Y 5 11' i n vga? C V X V' '51 N 'ix ' ' , , AN.-JS, ,T , R- 4 X f V . , V 15gEE7'2 1' V A A1 Edmund Kean H gms: h- ',,,,q,,f: , -f :.- .za- ,W SW A T ' Wm Nr? z 5 35 'QRQW ,-f , :.. ' ,F -'-lf? :iii 1' ' 595' 1' . - -'-. , 2' 1172.9 Z ' , ,mg f ji m. :,. I 'vfiv '- 5 , .4 .' ' , .,,.,., N -P 1.4 , up . . .,. ,,v1h,.,,, 4, N 'fu 'X W i5 'PH ' ' ,..,...g65?i,' Zig? ' wh' . 1 ' pf .-v' 411' ' 'fhiQI9E2Fs+-11: .1 N ,J-N ' Senior Glass Play, lses iff I Senior Class Play FULLER OPERA HOUSE, JUNE 22, 1898 Wi" -15' -I -.F rqzgl l-Xxx Zurtain Raiser ff I 'A I "A Cup of Tea" . 'I 1 'i I X ' NAM IPR 'NC 'lm M ' Iepnlrlw' 1 . - ' 'it mah Q K 4 ASW Y 'I I 5 M' r 1. .if f i 7 L ' J 5 K4 Q Alumni Cast ' Lady Clara Seymour, - - - - MISS BERTHA GREEN Sir Charles Seymour, - MR. GERHARD M. DAHL Joseph, a butler, - MR. FREDERICK H. CLAUSEN Scroggins, - - - MR. LEO TORBE Glass Play, Proper "Beaumont's Predicamentu A Comedy in Three Acts Uncle Bootle, - ---- MR. HERBERT H. RYAN Paul Beaumont - MR. JOHN S. MAIN Peter Fletcher, , E ' College Chums QMR. HENRY S. MARKHAM Puffin, ----- - Mn. ROBERT J. GAY Mrs. Beaumont, - - - - MISS MARGARET ROGERS Lydia Montrose, engaged to Fletcher, - MISS GRACE MERRILL Sarah jane, a maid, - - - MISS ANNA N. SCRIBNER "1 . . Eli ffi .- I . 145 1.. ln!! A QSAN ?"5g"7E f FZ " ' fA+:"-. i 3 nigh RM I fi?" dit juli!! 'Y -Ziyi, ' Dramatic Contest wit? - A . ly ,W FULLER OPERA HOUSE, APRIL 30, I898 R ' itil ' f ' . 0 55 315 Z R SQNQ? 6 Judges 5 it HON. BREESE J. STEVENS PROFESSOR WILLIAM A. Scori- il, i MR. WAYNE RAMSAY PROFESSOR JULIUS E. OLSON EH 3 PROFESSOR HENRY D. SLEEPER F ini f ,Ag cisr I n HA Proposal Under DiHicuIties" i A farce in one act, by John Kendrick Bangs. in SCENE: Parlor at Miss Andrews' home in New York. Bob Yardsley, Suitors for the hand of QMR. CHARLES A. VILAS Jack Barlow, Miss Andrews, MR. MILTON G. MONTGOMERY Dorothy Andrews - - - - MISS CLARISSA LINDE Jennie, a maid, - - MISS GRACE MERRILL Hicks, a coachman. - QWho does not appear-J CAST II "Othello" A cutting from Act II and Act IV, presenting the development of OthellO's jealouSy.J In two scenes with no intermission. SCENE: Hall in the castle at Cyprus. Othello, the Moor, ------ MR. WALTON H. PYRE Iago, - - ----- MR. LOUIS M. WARD Desdemona, Wife of Othello, - - - MISS MARY L. FREEMAN Emilia, wife of Iago and attendant on Desdemona, MISS JENNIE H. SMITH CAST III "Her Only fault" A commedietta in one act, by Sidney Rosenield. SCENE: Sitting room of the flat Occupied by the Strands. Dr- Winslow Strand, a young physician, - - MR. GERHARD M. DAHL Mr. Ichabod Bliffer, his uncle, - - MR. FREDERICK H. CLAUSEN Mrs. Strand, the wife with but one fault, - MISS MARGARET ROGERS Kitty, a chambermaid, ----- MISS NORA F. JOHNSON The prize of 550 was awarded to the cast presenting the cutting from OTHELLO. Executive Staff Director, - - - - - MR. ERNEST H. KRONSHAGE Master of Properties, - - - - - MR. EDWARD T. FOX Proinpter, - - - MR. SIDNEY H. BALL 146 Dramatic Zontest, ls9s U, - n xl 1,11 X H L15 '11 T371- f'- - W i - 22?-fi . -, 41. Jae?-in K. HW 1 -2 - g " - 1, , 2 -.:.,,, fxpg W13., zz" -Wiffqkfwillf-,.r.3:IfW'f:igx?'?'f.Mf??fSS':,"f5 , E,-5.5 'f a -- , .I --ig-11-w,'fw,wjiii--f+!f.41'f-'-1-we 4'-Vjyig y -Q - My 4 - u -::f.'efze,?g -w2i:f5f41f,iK2s-Q-.,,,Fwy ', 52.i.'5e-- ty 1 -. - TI'-A ', . . ' - m f" L'-21:5,fSf1.s. xv Wgsii- 3'-5 - - f . - ' fn. f : " ,f - ' R ' w -s-.g "ig,-f'v-T 'L 7 :.ef+-'i Q-'ig -by -7- T: wi- - -41 -ww - . 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W..-iir5u'y:F if Jimill. 45- h L if :sb . "fi V X-rev. .-5.25-.Qi 'leg 157 1 g'E7E7f'55fiPgi .sir-,r.. --:ga "' '-.QL 51-.xrgcgfl xn - I . V , N x g gf 0ffiCQI'5 ERNST HILDEBRAND KRONSHAGE, LOUIS MERRICK WARD, - GERHARD MELVIN DAHL, - FREDERICK HAROLD CLAUSEN, - - President Vice-President - Keeper of Haresfoot Secretary and Treasurer BOIIOYGW m2ll1bCI'S Marcus C. Ford. C. C. Chittenden. Joseph H. Turner. Leo Torbe. William A. Oppel. john F. Donovan. George S. Spencer. Henry H. Morgan. C. Floyd McClure. George T. Kelley. H6002 members Frederick H. Clausen. Gerhard M. Dahl. Edward T. Fox. Charles A. Vilas. . Philip L. Allen. Robert J. Gay. Milton G. Montgomery. Ernst H. Kronshage. Walton H. Pyre. Louis M. Ward. John S. Main. im? P ff If 147 ui I if f xx L ' Nil, 'Q .iW'1-, . -.1523 H 'ix I' R' 411. 'MM 'X Ari' ml 3355 4 ,f 1 Q . . si JZ' Captain Philip Loring Allen as the wounded captain ot Company B in the Counter.: Valexka "Q HHH Exo ifxuw W 4 I rev 4 la NX X Xxx X I 0fflC0l'S PHILIP L. ALLEN, '99, - - President. BERNARD M. PALMER, '00, - Vice-President. WILLIAM D. BUCKHOLZ, '01, - Secretary. ROBERT W. HAIGHT, '02, - Recording Scribe. HENRY V. STAHL, '99, Treasurer. WILLIAM P. VROMAN, '01, - - Censor. JOSEPH L. SHAW, '99, Philip L. Allen. Gerhard M. Dahl. I ay B. Baldwin Joseph L. Shaw. Andrew R. Anderson. Walter E. Elmer. Benjamin Poss. Bernard M. Palmer. HJ. T. Stuart Lyle. Eric W. Allen. Hugo F. Luhmann. Robert E. Knoif. John M. Barney. Fred C. McGowan. Nels BI Nelson. mQlllb0l'S Senior Blass Henry V. Stahl. Guy A. Meeker. Manfred S. Block. Junior Glass Ernst von Briesen. Joseph Loeb. joseph Koffend. john E. Goodwin. Edgar Snow. SOIJMIIIOYC Glass Ioseph Bredsteen. William D. Buckholz. Eugene J. Wehmhoif. William P. Vroman. Clinton G. Price. 'Freshman Blass Assistant Censor. Arthur M. Churchill. Frank E. Radensleben. Marcus A. Jacobson. Jesse R. Stone. William S. Kies. Wilfred C. Howe. Francis I. Carney. James Thompson. Henry C. Stair. Arthur A. Baldwin. John W. McMillan. Allan S. Neilson. Arthur F. Buele. James E. Morgan james B. Graham. Ralph W. Adair. Harry L. James. John C. Miller. Carl E. Peck. George L. Gust. Thomas M. Gannon john A. O'Meara. George A. Polley. Elmer E. Cain. Fred 0. Leiser. William I. Moore. Richard Williamson. Robert W. Haight. George H. Gohlke. Willard G. Parker. Alfred E. Fairbank. Ernst C. Meyer. Michael B. Olbrich. Frank G. Swobada. 150 John F. Powers. bb Joseph Loeb Wllllalmvfb KIQQ JOHN Debate 'CQRI11 Bild fIlllIi0l' 0l'3i0l' A FRESHMAN BLOWOUT joint Debate Qeaslle unmmr HALL, ofcmnm lo, ls99 ' Jltbenae vs. Philomatbia PROFESSOR DAVID B. FRANKENBURGER, President QUQSIIOII Is the present system of private ownership and operation of the street railway lines of the city of Chicago preferable to a system of municipal ownership and opera- tion B TllfCl'Pl'Cfdfi0Il Street railway lines to mean all surface and elevated lines operating within the city limits, excluding such' suburban lines as the "Illinois Central" and "Rock Island." Zonceded 1. That the transfer can legally and constitutionally be made, and at a fair compensation. 2. That such municipal system shall be free from state legislative interference. 3. That all appointments, promotions and rewards shall be made on the basis of efliciency only. Affirmative, Athenae Negative, Philomathia Benjamin Poss. William F. Adams. William S. Kies. ' Warren M. Persons. Joseph Loeb. Emerson Ela. Decision for the affirmative.-Athenae. Judges Prof. Charles H. Haskins. Prof. Charles S. Slichter. Prof. Burr W. Jones. 151 I wx. ii jlf x gi JW L13 'R lee, Q: Ml? i Ki ,4 -- . t tN,WQyU A Qji'9f+fU i HESEPE ft. Officers LEWIS A. ANDERSON, '99, - JOHN M. NIVEN, '00, - HENRY I. HART, '01, - HENRY A. GUNDERSON, '00, NATHAN S. CURTIS. '99, - SANFORD B. STARKS, '02, m0lIIbQl'S Senior Glass Lewis A. Anderson. Charles E. Allen. Joseph I. Aylward. Alonza A. Chamberlain. Harlem R. Chamberlain. William S. Robertson. 152 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Censor Assistant Censor Nathan S. Curtis Bert O. Driver. Albert R. Denu. George I. Haight. Thomas W. Mitchell. Ralph W. Stewart. Besperiws Intercollegiate Debaters and Orqtors, l892-1899 Z Harry W. Adams. William B. Clark. Henry M. Esterly. John M. Niven. Raffmond B. Pease.- 'George Thompson. .John G. Osborne. iWilliam J. Carr. George G. Curtis. 'Robert Lachmund. john B. E. Schubring. Fred C. Schoensigel. 'Herman A. Smyth. John C. Watson. iWilliam C. Berg. William G. Campbell. Victor D. Cronk. August F. Hasse. Samuel G. Higgins. Edward P. Moorhouse. William Ryan. -Charles E. Stenchart. John Wilson. Hamlet I. Barry. Frank W. Bucklin. Junior Zlass Sophomore Glass 'Freshman Glass Leslie S. Events. Henry A. Gunderson James H. McNeel. Milton R. Orchard. Charles'Yankey. Clarence D. Tearse. Paul R. Wright. George W. Groffrnan Isaac H. Hart. Richard A. Ruhnke. Israel Mather. August Smith. Ashbel V. Smith. Norman Skonnard. john E. Brindley. Cecil L. Clifford. Alfred Grotophorst Solomon Huebner. William A. Lee. Marion S. Parker. Max H. R. Strehlow. Sanford P. Starks. Fred R. Wedge. james Baxter. Nicholas Kirch. Marquis E. Mason. X, s..G..---..-. Beg. I .fl , 'Hit V N WWWW . g ,I N 5 - , ,Qi W K - ' f A XY: '- f X ' X in-it NX ' " ig! K J if - 1. V. ' Q- --57 if -'i-ei-iq' ' 3 . 'TQ' - ' ' Q52 ji- 'Q ' Q F P: ...--W -- 153 ,ii-.m, SY CNR S fo X Qvifm S Debates III IS99 UNIVERSITY or WISCONSIN versus UNIVERSITY OF ILLIN Wisconsin's Representatives : O'I'To BOSSHARIJ, law '01 CHARLES E. ALLEN, '99 JOSEPH E. DAVIRS, law '01 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN versus UNIVERSITY OF IOWA. Wisconsin's Representatives ' JAMES D. SHAW, law '99 ' ALBERT R. DENU, '99 EVAN A. EVANS, law '99 154 OIS. ,VL 1-1 I if 6 Q K X --3, gs!" Elwllwon UO' Y Adams. PZ. iw Warrenliyperdonj -1- f ""'1ii',- Joint Debate team 5 L 'B Wm - .f wma, a??2lX?w ff, XVHlLOMATI'IlA. R Nl 3 0 2. ' L, 59 EMERSON ELA, '99, BENJAMIN F. COEN, '00, EDWARD J. HARVEY, '01 OSCAR RINGLE, '00, - CLARENCE J. WHITE, '01, HARRY N. CARTER, 199, Harry N. Carter. john B. Emerson. Emerson Ela. Edward T. Fox. Charles G. Stangel. 0ffiCQl'S mQIllD2l'S Senior Glass 155 - President Vice President - Secretary Treasurer - Censor Assistant Censor Charles T. Hutson. Frank W. Meisnest. Warren M. Persons. William C. Sieker. David M. Roberts. William F. Adams. Sebastian Albrecht. Oliver S. Andresen. Winchel F. Barber. George S. Cassels. Benjamin F. Coen. Fred M. Emerson. Carl E. Fischer. Carlisle V. Hibbard. joseph N. Berg. Martin J. Berg. Paul W. Boehm. Burton H. Bridge. F. A. Brunckhorst. Herbert D. Buchanan. Henry A. Buehler. Michael J. Cleary. William B. Collins. Harry I. Gardner. Eugene T. Hancock. john V. Brennan. William H. Dale. Clarence I. Du Four. Paul C. Foster. Dana I. Grover. Leon L. Harney. Roy J. Hutson. Myron R. Johnson. Hawley D. Lennon. L. George Lohr. Junior Glass SODb0m0!'0 Zlass fl'2SbI'lI3l1 Zlass 156 Frank I-Iodman. Edward A. Hook. Arthur A. Koch. Albert J. Macartney. john F. Nicholson. Albert S. Oscar. Oscar L. Ringle. Alfred R. Schultz. Henry G. Smith. Edward I. Harvey. Fred L. Hook. Paul A. Lewis. Robert A. Maurer. Harold S. Peterson. Ralph G. Plumb. Walter P. Sawyer. John C. Stevens. Paul Stover. Clarence. J. White. Arthur J. Wysman. Harry T. McNeill. Walter R. Menzel. J. Bartow. Patrick. Evan L. Reed. Frederick H. Rehberg Harry Sauthoff. William E. Smith. Willis W. Waite. Leroy J. Williams. Louis B. NVolfenson. ii l"1 I I ll-' 'C -f f..pA4 E -- ' ' I , , 6 ' frrif rv ! -av 'fwfr' 'H' OFVNL STUART L. TATUM, President. - - - Northwestern J. J. LAMBERT, 1st Vice President, - Iowa, C. I. BUSHNELL, 2d Vice-President, - - Chicago I. H. MEANS, 3d Vice-President, - Michigan J. E. DAVIES, Secretary, - Wisconsin H. MOREHEAD, Treasurer, Oberlin Eighth Hlllilldl Zontest EVANSTON, MAY 6, I898 CHARLES SIMONS, First, - - Michigan, - ' "john Brown" GEORGE T. NESMITH, Second, Northwestern, - - "Antonio Maceon WILLIAM L. LONG, - - Oberlin, - "Under the Throne of Czars" EDWARD T. FOX, - Wisconsin, - - "Public Opinion" FREDERICK P. WILLIAMS, Iowa, - "On the Supression of Crimen GEORGE H. NQRTON, - - Chicago, "The Scholar and Social Reform" First Prize, -.-- S100 Second Prize, - - - 50 I 1 W - K - g wa -H li "x 'Hui , A X 'r, ,,f'f Ix- H 1 ' X- 'X M i a if ,L f X7 . , ,.l 5ii 3, A lp , msg' ve' M zz" -A Q ' ' " ' fri I i yf J 1 S A , ,, UV? Sf .m me mi ,5 ii, ii. iE51 "f' 1 4 , , S ? X 'i i '1 :I --L 3 1 L. min I L' wifi -' EZLLTL 157 +1l"'.'2A, 5. W N if SEQNXXXX EX 3. .x. f - I .N I ff My QQ A f f f f'- - + J fy Gfficers ELIZA H. SHAW. '99, - - - President NELLIB M. BUSH, '99, - Vice-President MARGARET I. DEANS, '99, - - Secretary MARY E. MCCUMBER, '99, - Treasurer LULU B. FICKE, '99, - - - Censor m0mDCfS Senior Glass Daisy Campbell. Gertrude E. De Reamer. Nellie M. Bush. Margaret I. Deans. Mary Dopp. Gladys Gale. Mary E. McCumber. Maud E. Miller. Elisa H. Shaw. Laura H. Weld. Florence E. Allen. Bessie S. King. Emma Rothman. Lulu B. Fiske. Sara G. Hiemdal. Estelle E. Medbury. Harriet R. Sauthoff. Gertrude Stillman. Lillian A. McBride. Junior Glass Norah F. Johnson. Marcella M. McKitrick. Francis Slatter. Fannie Warner. Myra L. Sprague. Grace Dillingham. Florence M. Warner. Viola M. Zimmerman, SODh0m0I'C Glass Jessie A Barney. Anna Jacobson. Katherine P. Regan. Clara L. Stillman. Sarah L. Hettman. 'Freshman Zlass Mary Carey. l58 Y n M LQLQL'-1'.:5t6zwa 203 Z ,, MI Na ' 4 er iiiix tif - 51,1 'I A f ' 5? 1 W 'W' W LWTW " Kerri' HS if 1 ' -. my W if 5 ifs - A it ' A OX J ' Lf N ' L ff Br A Xe 0 B W V I Officers HEBE11 B. HOYT, '99, - - - President OSCAR J. SCHENDEL, '99, - - Vice President O'r'ro A. OESTREICH, '01, Secretary GEORGE A. SARAU, '00, - Treasurer JOHN H. GAULT, '99, - Censor LLOYD D. SMITH, '00, - - ' members Senior Ilaw Zlass Charles R. Barney. Walter S. Gannon. Alfred T. Curtis. Bernard G. Heyn. William A. Klatte. Earle C. Tillotson. August C. Backus. Walter J. Rush. John. J. Okoneski. Lloyd D. Smith. William C. Berg. Michael W. McArdle. Henry A. Detling. Otto A. Oestrich. Herman S. Frye. Charles A. Cryderrnan. Fred H. Hartwell. Heber B. Hoyt. Oscar J. Schendel. Edward Voight. middle llaw Blass William H. Hay. Herbert S. Siggelko. Glenn H. Williams. Junior Law Zlass Jacob Kronke. Joseph E. Davies. William C. Norton. Frank P. Regner. 160 Assistant Censor Frederick H. Clausen. john H. Gault. Evan A. Evans. Archibald NV. McPhail Vroman Mason. John. H. Bartrnan. George A. Sarau. Victor Pierrelee. Otto Bosshard. George B. Nelson. Arthur W. Fairchild. J V, W V,., V , ' QM V". 23754 fQ7fi X . P --Q-Jeff' Z ' " SI!fi'i' E'-Lf-44' - E 'ii 2 A .-4 .1 ' A X1,4 YV ' Y w 'ff L -... f S l',ZWW R 5 rr 0ffiCCl'S JOHN F. WOODMANSEE, - - GEORGE CRAWFORD, - WILLIAM P. BoYN'roN, MICHAEL F. FOLEY, JAMES D. SHAW, FREDERICK A. LAUDECK, - Edward I. Devney. Hamilton Roddis. John F. Woodmansee. Ross E. Andrews. Earl F. Hensel. Buchanan S. johnson Howard W. Lewis. Elmer A. Morse. Frank M. Rodolph. Walter H. C. Bender. William P. Boynton. Martin S. Hines. ' Martin H. Monson. Asa K. Owen. Peter Tscharner. Richard Whipperman . m0lllbQl'S Senior llaw Glass Michael F. Foley. james D. Shaw. middle Haw Zlass John J. Coyle Berthold J. Husting. William T. Jones. Francis V. McManamy Frank D. Pattee. Henry M. Silber. Arthur von Cotzhausen. flllllim' BMV 21685 Roy E. Bingham. Nels P. Christenson. Nels E. Holte. Frederick A' Landeck. Elroy W. Smith. Roy E. Tomlinson. 161 - President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer - Censor Assistant Censor Richard G. Hutchinson. Robert Wild. Thomas A. Tolrud. George Crawford. Russell jackson. John M. Kelley. William A. Morrow. Giles H. Putnam. Edward D. Tirrill. Robert O. Bowman. Francis L. Doolan. Frank J. Laube. Robert N. Nelson. Stephen A. Stellwagen. Frederick Thomson. Nelson I. Wilcox. IU ,vX55g.14X'! EVAN A. EVANS, - WALTER A. RUSH, ALFRED T. CURTIS, - ARTHUR W. KOPP, WILLIAM C. BERG, - Otto C. Baumgarten. Alfred T. Curtis. Evan A. Evans. Theodore Berg. Arthur W. Kopp. William T. Jones. William C. Berg. Henry P. Clancy. Michael W. McArdle. Say, dis 'Varsity life is a railroad train 3 Though you' pockets is plastered wid plunks, If you' diuky pasteboard ain't stamped wid " Brain, De " Con." trows youse off wid you' trunks See ? Officers President and Chief justice of the Court of Appeals m2mbQl'S Senior Saw Zlass middle Law Glass iunior Law .Glass n 162 Secretary and Treasurer Clerk of Court of Appeals Clerk of Supreme Court Clerk of Superior Court Bernard G. Heyn. Heber B. Hoyt. Edward Voight. Howard W. Lewis. Walter J. Rush. Herbert S. Siggelko. William C. Norton. Otto A. Oestreich. Ralph E. Smith. - - M. nl. T- RATOKIGAL ASSOGEATEQN Q 'fini Umcers S5 4 ,ff 7 JOSEPH E. DAVIES, - President HA- f X- WILLIAM C. SIEKER, Secretary ,- f77fX HARLEM R. CHAMBERLAIN, Treas. X Q K N N f if fourth Hnnual Contest ff i If 1 . liV 1 APRIL 5, lsos 2 1 I ri, First 2 , N K ORATION ---- "Public Opinion" A J ORATION ORATION, ORATION ORATION, ORATION, ORATION, D. +EDwARD T. FOX, '99, Philomathia. First 1 - - - "American Ideas" +JosEPH E. DAVIES, '98, Athenae. Third E - "Characteristics of American Civilization" WILLIAM W. MOORE, '98, Hesperia. , N Fourth - "Evolution versus Revolution in History" I XXL AUGUST RODEN, '97, Athenae. - Fifth - - - "Charles Sumner" AUGUST C. BACKUS, '97. Sixth "Spain in America WILLIAM S. ROBERTSON, '99, Hesperia. Seventh - - - - - "The Passing of Spain ALBERT I. CHANDLER, '97, Athenae. Wie for iirsb place. In second contest, Fox, Hrst. 163 xf x I XXQ Q7 N7 f XVS fx I fy v,, YQ -efxf f B f f J 4 ' xg," 'sys x fXXfy V I xr lex: Jf f f ff Xfyx f',4cl Rf 'N eff? J N5 f, 45 r ,"'s:lf A L' Q .f,, , 652' Z X President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Censor 50ll0!'ill'll m0IllDQl'S Exmly Duke Harnet Rosenstengel. Florence Gage Ferne Hutchinson., Hctive members Emma M Brbbs Lloy A Galpin. Myra W Klmball Clara D. Adams. Mae A Cashel Mary B. Fries. Lura L Ross Anna K. Weber. SONYOIIEOYC Blass Mane C Kohler L1l11an E. Richards. 'freshman Zlass Adolphme Ernst Ahce M. Beebe. HEIOISC G Esterly. Ella A Bartow Frances G. Hart. Awe' H4134 va'-le '9 'RAF FP A I.LQA.??3't'g.g,. hi .1..- 5 Ji?-I - f '-'A C ,ff i f .9 A resbman Declamation Contest ' ' - "A L,:- 44" F "'-1 - A4L' 2-fi ? ' 'lie , RL C, .N Ag Q tx May 24, I898 U first "DEATH OF LINCOLN," - - JOHN W. MCMILLAN Second "BURNS," - PAUL STOVER Third "THE SECOND TRIAL,H ' - MARY BRAHANY Fourth HJOHN BROWN," - HEBERT D. BUCHANAN Fifth "ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE," FRANK T. HUENING Sixth "IDoLS," . HENRY J. GARDNER Junior Oratorical Exhibition LIBRARY HALL, MARCH IS, l898 First ORATION, - ----- "Public Opinion" EDWARD T. FOX, Philomathia. Second ORATION, - - - - - - "T he Decline of Spain" JOSEPH L. SHAW, Athenae. Third ORATION, ----- "Spain in America" W. S. ROBERTSON, Hesperia. Fourth ORATION, - - - - - - "The Crusades' ELIZA H. SHAW, Castalia. ORATION, - - - - - - - "Gold Mania" 1fUna'b1e to appear, XCLARA D. ADAMS, Laurea. 164 fu IVY v v 7 7 HARRY O. SEYMOUR, - - Leader FREDERICK H. HAHTWELL, Manager JOHN S. MAIN, ----- Assistant Manager FIPS! Ctlwl' Wayne T. Moseley. Harry J. Murrish. John S. Main. Paul W. Minnick. Alonzo A. Chamberlain. Harold S. Peterson. Hugo F. Mehl. Harry 0. Seymour. SCCOIIC CCMI' Elbridge Bacon. first Bm Second Bm 166 Herman T. Meinert. John C. Watson. Edson R. Wolcott. Philip L. Spooner. Harry M. Hobbins. Frederick H. Hartwell Frederick H. Clausen. Francis H. Crosby. HARTWELL, Manager. HOBBINS. WOLCOTT. CLAUSEN. CROSBY. MOSELEY. BACON. WVATSON MINNICK. MAIN PETERSON. SPOONER. CHAMBERLAIN. SEYMOUR, Leader. MEINERT. IVIURRISH. Ul1l0QI'SiW GIG? mill? R. E. Fmv1,Eu. BARNES. 1'IA1C2H'I'. M. M. FOWLER. NYE. NlI,ES. G onu W1LL1AMs, Leader. ADAMSON. FINNEGAN Bdllio Zlllb JAMRS A. WILLIIMS, Q - Leader. Clns. W. Goan, Ph. '99, JAMES A. WILLIAMS, '02, Rov E. Fowmsn, - Muon M. Fowmm, '00, J. ARTHUR Armusou Gloncl I, Huonr, '99, Ia WILLIAM E. FINNRGAN, SIDNIY C. NILES. '02, Evnrs M. Nur, '01, - HERBERT T. Buzmxs, '02, W Piccolo Banjo Baujeaurinl. Banjeauxine. First Banjo. , Second Banjo Second Banjo Bass Banjo. Mandolin. Guitar. Guitar. Q al Total Registration of Members for Year, 180. Active Membership, 140. 0mcm DR. CHARLES KENDALL ADAMS, President. MR. E. 0. KNEv,Vice-President. PROF. A. S. FLINT, Secretary and Treasurer. PROP. F. A. PARKER, Musical Director. PROF. L. S. CRENEY, Librarian. MR. W. H. DUDLEY, AssistantLibrarian,, Zommimes GXCCIIYIVC DR. C. C. CHITTENDEN. PRoF. STORM BULL. MR. GRANT Tnoms. ' ITIQIIIIDCISIIID PROF. F. A. PARKER. MR. E. O. Kmw. MRS. W. D. HIESTAND.. COIICQYIS UNIVERSITY GYMNASIUM BUILDING, MAY FESTIVAL, THREE CONCERTS, MAY I6-I7,l89S Rossini's - - ---- USTABAT MATERH Stainer's ---- "DAUGHTER on' IARUSH And selections by the Bos'roN FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA. SOLOISTS. Mme. Gadski, Soprano. Miss Rose Stewart, Soprano. Miss Janet Spencer, Contralto. Signor Del Puenti, Baritone. Mr.'W. A. Howland, Baritone. Mr. William H. Rieger, Tenor.. I and others. - JANUARY l2,' I899 I-Iandel's Oratorio, - . - "THE MESSIAH"E SOLOISTS A Miss jenny Osborn, Soprano. Miss Mabel Crawford, Contralto.. Mr. Frederick W. Carberry, Tenor. Mr. Charles W. Clark, Bass. LIBRARY HALL, JANUARY 26, l899 SPIERING QUARTETTE. 168 HIGH ef' 'i ., , . K ., Tzsfk' 'Z 'mx --5. B . W cm-.. Pnwwusos. IQUTZKE. Dow. W1LmAms, 4.1-A'1'1cS. ANURI-:snN, Do'x'v, BQWMAN. NASH. NEWTON. Assistnnnt Leader. Bmxlxmlz. MONAHAN. W. DARLING. I'1AI.lIPIELlJ. IVIARVIN. 19Iw11'mss?im Iillwscxllcm, BAC!KUS,P1'0Sif10nt. BUMP. ROLLMAN. ,cue er. E. DARLINU. Kl,UE'1'mz. Lowumv. FORTNEY. U. lil. Regimental Band ex -.-JN ll PROFESSOR CHARLES NITSCHKE, - - LESTER D. WILLIAMS, AUGUST C. BACKUS, Lester D. Williams, Harold S. Peterson, Charles J. Kutzke, Gerhard O. Fortney, Robert B. Lowrey, Alfred Rollman, Herbert W. Dow, Frederick Wf Gates, W. Harley Barber, Oliver S. Andresen, Lawrence E. Nash, Clive Yeager, - Clarence B. Doty, Hawley D. Lennon, Carl A. Newton, - Milan R. Bump, Robert O. Bowman, Arba B. Marvin, .Roy H. Hadield, 'Harry Klueter, William S. Darling, Daniel G. Monahan, ill,- Director Assistant Director President Solo Cornet Solo Cornet Solo Cornet Solo Cornet First Cornet First Cornet First Cornet Solo Alto - First Alto Second Alto Third Alto Clarinet. Solo Clarinet First Clarinet Second Clarinet First Tenor Second Tenor First Baritone Second Baritone Bass Trombone Tenor Drum Bass Drum zfffadf.. U, Rah, Rah, Wisconsin, U, Rah, Rah, Wisconsin, U, Rah, Rah,,VVisconsin, Tiger! From the Golden Gate to Jacksonville, And far across the sea, Rings the good old yell, that we know so well, Our yell of victory. The U! Rah! Rah! was heard in camp, And on San Francisco Bayg It was heard on the Porto Rican hills just as we hear it to-day. I Our yell is ringing around the world And ne'er will it abate. No longer only the 'Varsity yell- It's the yell of a mighty State. QNOTB-The U. of W. yell was used by the Wisconsin regiments in the " late unpleasantness 5 " it was given in San Francisco when the battleship WISCONSIN was launched, and was given by what rep' resentatives Wisconsin has in the Philippines., I J 'iq , X -alms? 1 :,,,,f j' ufxiilf, Q f f rgilx k , -- W , Wil 1' fp f 4 - N uh' X viii: ff F X if A' " ' , - ' .1 ' , 'ZR My 170 - YIIQTIG Y 'UUET5 'I Q KRW W, 1E A I R4 I-IIDICUC association. lrflllfrl I! 45: f m I -1f I J if Ufflcers EVAN A. EVANS, - - - President Ar.oNzo A. CHAMBERLAIN, vice-President HENRY C. CASE, - Secretary MOSES S. KLAUBER, - Treasurer BORN of DlI'2Cl0I'S JOHN JOHNSTON, - . - - - Regent A. L. SANBORN, - Alumnus ROBERT M. BASHFORD, - - CHARLES R. VAN HISE, - Faculty DUGALD C. JACKSON, - - - Earle S. Anderson. Frederick H. Clausen. Nathan S. Curtis. I J. Bowler. John L. Fisher. f STUDENTS. Harvey R. Holmes. J. T. Stuart Lyle. Patrick J. O'Dea. Charles G. Stangel. Roy C. Smelker. Jltbletic Zouncil Professor Edward A. Birge, Clzairman. Dr. John C. Elsom, Secretary. Professor Moses S. Slaughter. Professor Charles S. Slichter. Professor Charles R. Van Hise. ERQCIIUVQ BORN Honorable Robert M. Bashford. Honorable A. L. Sanborn. Professor Charles R. Van Hise. 172 Professor Charles N. Gregory Frederick H. Clausen. Evan A. Evans. Patrick J. O'Dea. Walter Alexander. Walter Alexander. Evan A. Evans, ex-oilicio. Henry C. Case, ex-oHicio. Htbletic Zaptains and managers If W '1'EMPLE. Trainer. Jo1.L1n'n'E. JONES. Ymmizlfrn. ANDERSON. BEDIJALL. Kms, Coach. Lx'l,E. 1vI,x'x'HER. CASE, Assistant Ivlunmger. SIE1vER'r. TBATT. H. R, CHAM1sEm.A1N. O'1J1zA, Captain. PIOLMES. A. A. CHAMBI-mI.A1N. .BRADLlcY. FUGITT. FISHER, Manager Cuwrls. LARSON. OOCHEMS. 'Uarsltv Football team, lses DATE PATRICK J. O'DEa, JOHN L. FISHER, JOSEPH W. JACKSON, E HENRY C. CASE, FOOIDBII SQGSOII or 1898 October 1, October 8, October 15, October 22, October 29, November 5, November 12 November 19: November 24, Totals, WHERE PLAYED Madison, Madison, Madison, Milwaukee, Madison, Madison, Chicago, Madison, Evanston, - Captain Manager - Assistant Managers team POSITION NAME AGE HEIGHT WEIGHT Center, A. A. Chamberlain, 24 yrs. 5 ft. 10 in. 180 lbs. Left Guard, H. R. Chamberlain, 22 " -5 " 9 " 181 " Right Guard, C. Yeager, 19 " 6 " 1 " 186 " Left Tackle, Harvey Holmes, 24 "E 5 " 11 " 171 " Right Tackle, A. H. Curtis, 19 " 5 " 8 " 163 " Left End, E. B. Cochems, 22 " 5 " 8 " 155 " Right End, E. S. Anderson, 23 " 6 " 166 " P. Tratt 21 " 5 " 7 " 140 " k v Quarter Bac ' H. Bradley, 21 f' 5 ff 9 H 160 1' Right Half Back, A. F. Larson, 20 " 5 " 8 " 160 " Left Half Back, W. M. Jolliffe, 22 " 6 "' 160 " Full Back, P. J. O'Dea, 26 " 5 " 11 " 165 " Guard, M. M. Beddall, 25 " 6 " 2 " 205 " Center, F. H. Knobel, 23 " 5 " 11 " 178 " Tackle, I. Mather, 22 " 6 " 176 " in Wisconsin 52, Ripon 0 ul' M Misconsin '76, Dixon 0 , Wisconsin 42, Rush 0 , , f ,,.,, .. Wisconsin 17, Beloit 0 vp ff K- Q 11 ,VX Wisconsin 29, Minnesota 0 .3 X , N , ,, i Wisconsin 12, Alumni 11 W Wisconsin 0, Chicago 6 ,diff "Jeff X 1 Wisconsin 22, Whitewater 0 ,,l, g?2Q,'. . f - Wisconsin 47, Northwestern 0 'fl y 1 ' ,f i ,M 2??af::5ir . Q 173 may . f :Wj h, .v!' . , ' IQ V X X if . ' , ' . - 5 f '. X f 5 g ff 1:-zfiiiff' ...av " vv - , s .. f 'mlfnifsisfifr' '1.'QA,,15v! fri, W' A X . I fa-,if 3 I-ii ::,.. ---, of 2 '...'1.-I. 5: 3,31- i..l.L 1 - -i.. - , ' , il?- -?- -Q 6.14 9--- QR wg-,,,... - HRW' 0111608 Huuul R. CRANDALL, ---- , Commodore ORSAMUS COLE, JR., - Vice-Commodore ANDREW M. 0'DEA, ---- Coach 'Uarsitv Krew Cunnnl C. MCCONVILLE, ----- Captain AGE. HEIGHT. WEIGHT Bow, Richard T. Logemann, '99, 21 5 ft. 9 in 153 lbs. 2, Lynn A. Williams, '00, 20 5 ft. 8 in 151 lbs. 3, Francis H. Crosby, '00, 19 5 ft. 10 in 153 lbs. 4, Marshall E. Seymour, '98, 21 5 ft. 7 in 156 lbs. 5, Alonzo A. Chamberlain, '99, 21 5 ft. 1154 in 165 lbs. 6, Curran C. McConvi1le, '99, 23 5 ft. 115 in 157 lbs. 7, Andrew R. Anderson, '00, 19 5 ft. 11 in 170 lbs. Stroke, William C. Sutherland, '00, 19 5 ft. 10 in 155 lbs. Coxswain, Joseph G. Dillon, '00, 19 5 ft. 3 in 102 lbs. Substitute, Louis W. Olson, '99, 20 5 ft. 9 in 166 lba. Substitute, Frederick A. Little, '01, 20 6 ft. 1 in 153 lbs. loo: 'Freshman Zrew FRIDERICK A. LITTLE, ----- Captain A WEIGHT. AGE. HEIGHT. W.wP. Hirschberg, 149 18 5 ft 7 in A, P. Larson, 165 20 5 ft. 8 in I. Mather, 170 19 6 ft 1 in H. D. Bmnckhorst, 155 19 5 ft 8 in F. A. Little, 158 20 6 ft. 1 in J. Q. Lyman, 155 18 5 ft 10 in B. T. Gilford, 161 18 5 ft 8 in L. H. Barkhausen, 147 18 5 it 11 in J. Lowell, Coxswain, .110 174 SEYMOUR 641- CRANDALL, Manager. O'DEA, Coach. WILLIAMS 121 SUTHERLAND QBJ, ANDERSON 177. LITTLE, Sub. OLSON, Sub, LOGEMAN 119- CROSBY 433. DILLON, Coxs. MCCONVILLE 469, Captain, CHAMBERLAIN f5J. 'Uarsitv Grew, 1898 - LARSON 123. LYMAN QGJ. Com3E1v1', Sub. O'DEA, Coach. MATHER 139. BACHELDER, Sub BRUNKHORST. L1'1"1'LE CBJ, Captain. BARKHAUSEN 183, Glmvonp QU, I-IIRSCHBERG QIJ. LOWELL, Coxswain. 'Fl'9Shmdl1 Zrewl l898 S3l'3f0Sa Race sumoci, N. Y., Jun 2, uses Pennsylvenia, - - First, - - Time, 1515154 Cornell, - E Second, Tiine, 16:01 Wisconsin, - - Third, - - Tirne, 16:02 Columbia, - Fourth, - Time, 16:21 Course, - - Three miles. ffesbmall BOGI Race A LAKE Mmnon, JUNE Z, I898 Between University of Wisconsin Freshman Crew and St. john's Military Academy Crew. Wisconsin won by nine lengths. Course, - - - Two miles. Time, - - - Ten minutes and forty-four seconds. FOQT BALL GAME-November 5th, 1898. " N ut Screws " and " Babnery Swabsi' vs. " Sewer Diggers." 175 51 JAMES H. MAYBURY, JOHN L. FIBER, - J. T. STUART LYLE, JAMES TEMPLE, CHARLES CRAIGIE, Patrick I. O'Dea. Edward T. Fox. Herbert A. Henry. John C. Stevens, Jr. Joseph S. Bredsteen. Harry O. Seymour. John P. Inglis. William C. Wilson. Harry G. Forrest. Harvey J. Frame. john C. Taylor. 1 Officers IUCIIIDCYS Clarence W. Rowe. 176 I rlllld-'pi D H1 'HIP' .ni -wmv 'U vw!- 6' r - Captain Manager - Assistant Manager Trainers . Philip A. Fox. Frederick C.'McGowan. Wayne T. Moseley. Henry C. Schneider. Rudolph Hartmann. Thomas W. Tormey. Herman H. Taylor. Charles G. Stangel. Max Mason. Edward B. Cochems. Leo E. Granke. FRAME. H. H. TAYLOR. MASON. SEYMOUR. SCHNEIDER. O'DEA. MOSELEY. HENRY. J. C. TAYLOR. WILSON. BREDSTEEN. FORREST. FISHER, Manager. ROWE. MAYBURY. HARTMANN. STANGEL. ,LYLE, Assistant Manager. TORMEY. P.IJA. FOX. INGL1s. STEVENS. GRANKE. CRAIGIE. Trainer. TEMPLE, Trainer. MOGOWAN. E. T. Foxx 'Uarsitvitrack .and 'Field f06lII,',fiI898 .J ' EVENTS 100 Yard Dash, Mile Walk, - 120 Yard Hurdle 440 Yard Run, - - Mile Bicycle, Quarter Mile Bicycle, Mile Run, - 220 Yard Dash, - Half Mile Run, 220 Yard Hurdle, High Jump, Shot Put, - Hammer Throw, WCSICYII IIIIQYCQIIQSIGIC meet cmcico, Jun: 4, :ses CNG! Events FIRST ,Maybury, Wis. Pease, N. Jackson, L. F. Cassady, P. C. Taylor, Wis. C. Taylor, Wis. Schneider, Wis. jones, N. Sturgeon, N. . O'Dea, Wis. SECOND Jones, N. Hartmann, Wis. Green, Kn. E. Fox, Wis. Feree, Dr. H. Taylor, Wis. Rice, L. F. P. Fox, Wis. Nelson, Minn. Lelland, Dr. afield events Frame, Wis. Brewer, N. Lemigs, N. Mason, Wis. Perry, N. Stangel, Wis. THIRD 'rum P. Fox, Wis. 10" 7' 53" Brown, N. 1720 Sturgeon, N. 52120 Page, Minn. 2' 3030 Ferre, Dr. 3420 Bemis, N. 5' 1930 McGowan, Wis. 2330 Henry, Wis. 2' 0420 Brown, N. 2730 Holland, Dr. 5' 80 Harbaugh. Ku. 38' Harbaugh, Kn.. 110' Broad jump, - Gaines, Minn. Hobart, Kn. Perry, N. Discus Throw, Stangel, Wis. Granke, Wis. Forrest,-Wis. Pole Vault, - Wilson, N. J ones, N. Rowe, Wis. Jn7bl'Wi3fi0llS Knox College, Kn. Drake University, - Purdue University, - - - P. Lake Forest University, University of,Wisconsin,Y - A Wis. University of 'Minnesota, - ' ' Q Q Northwestern University, - - N. A Points SCOYNI , University of Wisconsin, 4 L5 61 : - .Lake,,Eorest, Northwesternhr 7 " "" M4 ' - 44 Knoxfollege, V - Minnesota, ---- 9 Drake University, - Purdue University, - - - 5 177' 21' 120 117' 40 10' - Dr. L. F. Minn. - 8 8 - 8 100 Yard Run, 220 Yard Run, - 440 Yard Run, 880 Yard Run, - Mile Run, - - 120 Yard Hurdles, 220 Yard Hurdles, - 54 Mile Walk,- - Running High Jump, Running Broad Jump, Pole Vault, - - Putting 12 lb. Shot, - f0lll'lb IIIICYSCDOIGSHC field mia Munson, MAY zsm, uses H. W. Cole, Milwaukee W.S. H. W. Cole, Milwaukee W.S. - J. Heifron, Milwaukee E.S. H. Wright, Ishpewing. - H. Fry, Milwaukee W.S. L. - L. W. - W. W. - C. Cooper, Prairie du Sac. Cooper, Prairie du Sac. Juneau, Milwaukee S.S. Bishop, Milwaukee E. S. Smith, Madison. Ward, Oshkosh. H. Webster, Wauwatosa. 102 sec. 24 sec. 56g sec. 2 min. 14k sec 5 min. 7 sec. 182 sec. 285 sec. 3 min. 47 sec 5 feet, 5 in. 19 feet, 9 in. 9 feet, 854 in. 40 feet, 6 in. Throwing 12lb. Hammer, - - C. Hubbard, Evansville. 105 feet, 11 in Points Scored W. S. Milwaukee, - 28 E. S. Milwaukee, - - 23 Iahpeming, - 23 Evansville, - IZ Prairie du Sac, - 10 Madison, - - 8 S. S. Milwaukee, 7 Oshkosh, 5 Wauwntosa, - - 5 Fond du Lac, - 4 Marinette, - - 4 West Bend, - 3 Columbus, --4- 1 Eau Claire, - , - - 1 Janesville, - - - 1 7' I 1 I I I G , '1' , ., ! .I M i Q533113Z551. .,-,, .,,A ' . l . I i111-lw ,, W : E .. b I .f V -,Da .-.. 3. -' - 5 K '15, -22:2 178 i 1 i Y . w Y I-IENSEL. HUDIPHILEY, Coach. MLLLER, Manager. W. B. Forum, REEDAL. Assistant Manager. SIEFERT. GREGG, Captain. FUGITT. - l F. FORD. DOHERTY. - ASTON. BALL. H1'rcHcoc1c. PERRY. HUSTING. 'Udrsifv Base Ball Ctam, 1898 , .1 4-Q. .-L, 274, .Y ,,, Y -J Q Joram P. GREGG, law, '99, IOHN O. MIr.LEn, law, '99, Wrr,1,uM B. FORD, P. G., CHARLES Huurxnxw, - Ralph,W. E. Perry, '00, Berthold I. Husting, law, '00, Harry Hitchcock, '01, George B. Reedal, '88 James Anton, '98, Carl Y. Siefert, '00, - John P. Gregg, law, '99, Berthold I. Husting, law, Harry Hitchcock, '01, Frank Ford, '01, - - Carroll T. Fugitt, '01, Earl F. Hensel, law, '00, Sidney H. Ball, '01, - '00, 1 ' ' ffllfll Mlm A ,Jlulr f I If I Jac 9 1 "Ill f IH . IJ l s, X 61 Wqif fhff -MIM" 'w w' . 22 'I " "9 "W fl lallf I. I 1 lfffi 1, 0 N. 6 '. " J .2 ' :V 'IQ 'Q-L 1, I . ' . '--:.'. l ll ' is 7. E- X, 1 ,f Captain Manager Assistant Manager Coach - Catcher - Pitchers Pitcher - Short atop First-base - Second bne Third bale - Left field - Center field - Center field - Right Held .Q 6 TEAM cuosfnl MAY 1, ls9s HAROLD M. SHAMAN, '00, Captain. John B. Sanborn, P. G. john S. Main, '98, John B. Emerson, '99, Frederick D. Taylor, '01. w Philip H. Daggett, '01. Pftlilllitldfv 'C0lll'llhlMllI MAY 4-7, I898 IFINAL CONTEST: gS3g13rt:1?Won by Seaman, 6-2, 7-5, 6-4. - Zbamvlonsblv tournament , MAY 25-JUNE I, l898 SEMI-FINALS. FINALS. Emerson Sanborn ?Won by Sanborn, 6-1, 6-2. Sanborn V Won by Sanborn, 6-4, 6-1, 7-5 iiiglgfm zwon by Seaman fdefaultj. Seaman j - . - Home tournament with Beloit Zolleae JUNE 7 ' Singles " Eaton fBe1oitj beat Sanborn QWisconsinj, 6-3, 0-6, 6-0. Doubles Eaton and Reed lBe1oitj beat Seaman and Sanborn QWisconsinj, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2. GMS' 'Cennls Zltlb GRACE G. CLOES, ---- President. LOUISE HINCKLEY, ---- Secretary-Treasurer. TRUSTEES. Daisy Campbell, Grace G. Cloes. Jane A. Stearns. Abby S. Mayhew, ex-oihcio. f0lil'll3ll16l1i, l898 FINALS. Miss Cloes defeated Miss Remington, 6-1, 6-2, 6-0. 180 J. S. MAIN. P. H. DAGGETT. J. B. EMERSON. T,nB. WADSYVORTH. F. D. TAYLOR. J. B. SANBORN. H. SEAMAN. CQIIIIIS Cedm, l898 A :V A 'SX y U' 'sk 14. --- ir 1' XI f ' -5" :IW xyifg, . M , Il 7 ,Y . f ,Ill If W , 1 f I , in 1 V ,1 91,6 gill, M fl - 19,5 M, 14 ip f gel.. A ' 1..- -U .--,U ' - - -'- "-1. 'M fr' ' ' 12. - 11 11 r ll f I 8 K V .. v 4' X If ij il' Ai ,A 'ffl 1' il If ii! . A J' 50 Yard Dash-L. D. Sumner, May 27, 1892, 51 sec. 100 Yard Dash-George F. Sherman, - - - 105 sec. 220 Yard Dash-J. H. Maybury. May 22, 1895, 222 sec. 440 Yard Dash-E. T. Fox, May 8, 1897, - - 512 sec. One-half Mile Run-E. B. Copeland, June 5, 1895, One Mile Run-N. S. Hopkins, October 17, 1894, - 120 Yard Hurdle-J.R. Richards, May 9, 1897, June 3, 189 7, 220 Yard Hurdle-A. C. Kraenzlein, May 8, 1897, june 9, 1697, One Mile Walk-F. B. Peterson, May 8, 1897, One Mile Bicycle-J. C. Taylor, june 3, 1898, Two Mile Bicycle- J. C. Taylor, May 8, 1897, Running High Jump-E. C. Waller, May 8, 1897, - Running Broad Jump-H. J. Frame, May 9, 1896, Pole Vault-J. A. Jackson, May 22, 1895, - Putting 16-lb. Shot-Henry F. Cocherns, May 22, 1895, - Throwing 16-lb Hammer-May 22, 1895, - 'Throwing Discus-C. G. Stangel, June, 1898, Baseball Throw-O. D. Brandenburg, 1894, - 181 2 min. 32 sec. 4 min. 35 sec. - 152 sec. - 252 sec. 7 min. 252 sec. 2 min. 302 sec. 7 min. 41 sec. 5 ft. 11 in. - 21 ft. 4 in. 10 ft. 6 in. - 40 ft. 2 in. 105 ft. 55 in. - 117 ft. 9 in. 382 ft. 3 in. ll. ill. BZISKQI Ball CQEIIII Walter P. Hirschberg, Capiain. Dr. J. C. Elsom, Manager. Walter P. I-Iirschberg Carl F. Stillman Guards. Forwards Paul Stover William C. Burdick Carlos J. Mapel, Center. Gll'lS' Basket Ball CQBIIIS 'Uarsitv CWM, l897'98 Fannie Brayton. Grace G. Cloes, Capiain. Guards. Forwards Gertrude Sherman. Millie Gath. Leta Sherman, Center. Sophomore team, IS97-98 Gertrude Sherman, Capiain. Marcia W. Jackman. Guards. Forwards Fannie Brayton. Millie Gath. Mable Fletcher. Rebecca Fraser. Center. I Anna D. Valentine. J UWM' ZIRSSMCII CCZIII1, IS97-88 Carry Dilatush. Grace Cloes, Captain, Guards. Forwards. jane Stearns. Grace Greenbank. Ferne Ryan. Grace Merrill. Center. Helen Verplanck.,i 'Freshman team ls97-9s Abbie Brayton. Guards. Flora F. Mansneld. Au Leta Sherman, Capiain. Fiji? EL3. C9 Forwards. 'Vi' W " '23 Lenore Kasberg' f' diy! qu P Ni Evelyn Johnson. . 7 , , " RTNW5 Marie Hektoen. Center. I I W--Q A4 ' ' Ella Marlow. J e-A F Q T 3 lg., 182 iwwbl 1' Q ia A v f ' 'VF' arenas RELNHARD. GABEL. Fox. Tommy. ALBRECHT. DAVIES. DR. J. C. ELSOM. 1sH1KAwA. MEHRICIC. TRACY EMERSON. KNOFF. GVl11l1dSIlC Tl1SiI'llCf0l'S edllC8Il0!l3l Clllb Ofiiters FREDERICK A. HARRISON, - - - - ELIZABETH M. KEECH, - ' MARY M. ROUNTREE, President h Vice-President - - Secretary and Treasurer m2h1bQYS Mary McKitrick. August W. Trettien. Mrs. A. W. Trettien. Frederick A. Harrison. Lizzie M. Arnold. Mary I. McFadden. Joseph Shafer. John A. Hagemann Mary M. Rountree. Elizabeth M. Keech. ' Philip A. Kolb. William C. Ruediger. Julius Winden. Julius I. Newman. Harmon L. Van Dusen. Alvin H. Iwert. Thomas Webster. Pbvsical yournal Club Benjamin W. Snow. John E. Davies. Louis W. Austin. m2mD2I'S Robert W. Wood. ' Ervin S, Ferry. Charles M. Smith. Ole S. Rice. George E. Pratt. Lewis A. jones. Richard Heyward. Mary E. McCurnber. Ethelyn Colwell. Helen Page Bates. C. E. Lamb. John C. Shedd. William M. Jolliife. C. E. Magnusson. and graduates and seniors in physics group. CDCIIIICBI Clllb QfflCCl'S PROFESSOR HOMER W. HILLYER, - Director ROYLE. FOWLER, ---- - Secretary members Professors and instructors in the School of Pharmacy and the Department of Chemistry and advanced students in pharmacy and chemistry. W -3' f We 'rr' W, f' fl! ffff - fswfg -f l X-Rim!! ! ,.f xx ,...: .- L. 1376 H! K ii ,F Q, -Q ' " as' lk X -.llyx v w , l. rj ,gg I .-x -L .- X... l. fox -. . X X-I in? .' " A STUDY IN EVOLUTION-MARSHALL, THE FHOG. 184 l V A 7.4 -EEN! Immunmlumlumumllnluumnnllrmllnnuumn lmmumdutiumnanuulmllllllnlufnuuuulunallllu 1 X IIIHII1 MM HV lm ll ll 'll if J 'ti . W!! I ' li' ,..... mmkw . A ll M ill i li? UI u r n I . f l QIIMIIIIIMI Illllllllllllglll l uu l mn u um m m W mQ!!1b2l'S Professor Charles F. Smith. Professor Moses S. Slaughter. Dr. Annie C. Emery. Professor Frank G. Hubbard. Katherine Allen. Anna C. Griiiiths. Florence P. Robinson. Annie N. Scribner. Harriot Burnton. Joseph W. Clark. Professor Hiram A. Sober. Professor .Alexander Kerr. Professor W. F. Giese. Professor Arthur G. Laird. Mrs. M. S. Slaughter. Anna B. Moseley. Charles I. O'Connor. Hattie J. Grimn. Myrta V. Whitney. Mrs. S. F. Conover. R076 SGIEIIGS HJALMAR RUED, GEORGE THoMPsoN, LEw1s A. ANDERSON, - - 0ffiCOI'S - - - - President. Vice President. Secretary and Treasurer. 50l10l'3l'V mQlllDCfS Professor Julius E. Olson. Professor Storm Bull. Professor Fritz W. Woll. Hon. Rasmus B.7Anderson. Theodore Running. John O. Miller. William C. Berg. Hjalmar Rued. Charles N. Peterson. Charles E. Stangeland. Hctwe members SQIINI' ZIBSS Peter C. Langemo. Thomas A. Tolrud. Junior Zlass Kenelm J. Lee. George Thompson. joseph Bredsteen. Gillett A. Benson. Theodore G. Skebo. Lewis A. Anderson. Theodore B. Torkelson. James Thompson. H. V. Magnusson. sophomore Zlass Anna. Jacobsen. Ella A. Barton. 'Freshman Glass Abraham Anderson. Otto B. Dahle. GQl'lll6lliSIlSCb6 GQSQIISCDQTI ' l1lQtl1bQl'S Dr. Ernst K. J. H. Voss. Frederick W. Meisnest. Harriet T. Remington. Susan B. Sterling. Elizabeth Herfurth. Sabena M. Herfurth. Elsbeth Veerhusen. Harriot Burnton. Gretchen Gugler. Florence Vernon. Bertha Bleedom. Harriet Sauthoff. Livia E. Seiler. Bertha H. Preuss. Ernst H. Kronshage. Ernest A. Petschke. 185 J Miss Emery, I can'z believe Th t. h L u 1 ' ayva yo say ssc, First give me please the " motif Then sell me" apropos." gf xxx f Y X if-R Q . X , ff X r ,Je 'fr' W 0 .- 41 , 'X -f '1-a,'a1-- . !.,',r.- ,- ii-aff 1 V Mliutum' -in ,ll Y " ...- -.'f?-if F Sanur. , f-fs'-4-.- I. .f.... - - ,,, ...-. , ---- - ....- 1... -Q .. .. - LM 4-..... .-. -,' - lie, ... . u ' -' -1" an ' Fiiiimirif ,,-4 ' " .. x X -. ' f -Q50 ....--l-- 5 1 Q Xl' - 0- ' x Jl , .1 - - ' V lx.. - - . . X. jim F H., ' ' -- A f -.. 'f - --.'i .' i X - M.- ix lxxp - -- - '-' ' -H' g g 'ik 4 .1 iw pf wb! f P' - 5 li W N .-' Q. 1. ji' ' I1 .. ' We 'i ... g. 11' ...- r. ig ,Pg -" ffl' ' s lr' lim ' Ziyi L - fm -ff - T S "- .. fwfr? fa-.1 A f' ZZ , ,' 5 ' ff X . " 202-an - 'aa-55 '14, O' ,-A4 2 " . is R 1,---ez-m., , Q ff? C KY GYNQS sw il' lil ll- ll f ll. if X3 ff K 0fficers PROFESSOR STEPHEN M. BABCOCK, - - President PRGFESSOR BENJAMIN W. SNOW, - Vice-President PROFESSOR LELLEN S. CHENEY, - Secretary-Treasurer members Professor Louis W. Austin. Professor Stephen M. Babcock. Professor Edward A. Birge. Professor Storm Bull. Professor Lellen S. Cheney. Professor J. M. Clements. Professor George C. Comstock. Professor William W. Daniells. Professor Linnaeus W. Dowling. Professor Edward H. Farrington. Professor Emmet S. Goff. Professor Robert A. Harper. Professor Homer W. Hillyer. Professor William H. Hobbs. Professor Dugald C. Jackson. Professor Joseph jastrow. Professor joseph A. Jeffery. Professor Forrest R. Jones. Professor Louis Kahlenberg. Professor Franklin H. King, Professor Edward Kremers. Professor John G. D. Mack. Professor William S. Marshall. Professor Edward R. Maurer. Professor William S. Miller, Professor Harry L. Russell. Professor Ernest B. Skinner. Professor Charles S. Slichter. Professor Leonard S. Smith. Professor Benjamin W. Snow. Professor Bernard V. Swenson. Professor Rodney I-I. True. Professor Frederick E. Turneaure. Professor Nelson O. Whitney. Professor Fritz W. Woll. Professor Charles R. Van Hise. Professor Albert S. Flint. Murray C. Beebe. Roy F.. Fowler. Theodore Running. Ernest R. Buckley. William D. Frost. Charles M. Smith. Charles F. Burgess. Azariah T. Lincoln. Grant Smith. Ervin S. Ferry. William O. Richtman. Leon M. Solomons. Richard Fischer. Oscar Rohn. Alfred Vivian. H.W. Griggs. Oswald Schreiner. Stephen C. Stuntz. Charles K. Leith. Carl E. Magnusson. 183 f X f Graduate Club ORGAAIZIID MAY 21 IBBB f fm , 0lflcers .4 rr 1 . ', 5' X 'J LOUIS M. WARD, - - - A A what SABENA M. HERFURTH, - X W ? MARCUS M. BEDDALL, - Xxnffx HENRY C. TAYLOR, - - - - f 'l X Program Qommmee Km qw I. B. Sanborn, Cizairman. E. R. Buckley. Sotlal Zommitteei 'M'V' 2' Fill C UMW!! fflfif' Z! if J W N up S W xwx n... 1- W 9 ? 'Q .S Joseph E. Davies, Chairman Eleanor B. Bliss. May Hunt. Mildred L. Harper. Guy Stanton Ford. Alvin H. Iwert. Allyn A. Young. Charles E. Stangland. James F. Odle. Frederick A. Harrison. Everett A. Reynolds. Otto J. Schuster. Sabena M. Herfurth. Hattie J. Grinin. PHILIP L. ALLEN, EMMA M. BIBBS, - CHARLES A. VILAS, May Hunt. Grant Showerman. Philip L. Allen. Charles E. Allen. Adaline M. Jenny. Frances M. Staver. WDOCBHSSG. members Grace D. Welty. Charlotte E. Pengra. Henry C. Taylor. John B. Sanborn. Gustavus Sessinghaus. xEzra T. Towne. Mattie L. Elwell. Carl Magnusson. Myrta V. Whitney. Jenny C. Watts. Marcus M. Beddall. Louis M. Ward. Che fortnightly Club 0fflC9l'S Gfddlldfi members Joseph E. Davies. George M. Link. Robert J. Gay. Undef-Gfddudk membtfi Charles A. Vilas. Paul R. VVright. Emma M. Bibbs. Grace Andrews. 186 - President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer Katherine Allen. Grace E. McNair. Grace E. McNair. Charles McCarthy. George D. Luetscher. Eleanor B. Bliss. Albert E. Ienks. WiHiam E. Hargrave. G. S. Ishikawa. Roy E. Fowler. Ernst H. Kronshage. Edwin G. Hastings. Robert I. Gay. J. C. Kyle. - President Vice-President - Secretary john B. Sanborn. Ernst H. Kronshage. Eliza H. Shaw. Genevieve Sylvester. Frederick M. Van Horn. 'ltjenny H. Smith. fllllilllli FISSOCMUOII JUDGE ELBERT O. HAND, '59, - - - President MRS. FANNIE WEST WILLIAMS, '76, - - Vice-President CALVERT FREDERICK SPENSLEY, law '96, - Secretary EDNA R. CHYNOWETH, '95, - - - Treasurer GXQCIIIIW ZOMIIIITYCQ E. 0. HAND, '59 ex-Officio. E. RAY STEVENS, '93. C. F. SPENSLEY, law '96, ex-Officio. ERNEST N. WARNER, '89. PROFESSOR A. A. BRUCE, '90, Short Course Hlumni Hssociation President First Vice-President Second Vice-President 0ffiCQl'S C. O. RUSTE, ---- Blue Mounds, Wis. GEO. E. DOUGLASS, ---- Camden, Ohio. H. I. BENNETT, ---- Belvidere, Ill. A. B. SAYLES, - - - - Monticello, T. F. MCCULLOUGH, - - Third Vice-President Ia. - Fourth Vice-President Ripon, Wis. WILLIAM WILSON, - - - - Secretary Sheboygan, Wis. H. I. SHOCKLEY, - ---- Treasurer Lamont, Wis. Zommittees PI'0Ql'dm RANSOM A. MOORE. WILLIAM WILSON. ERNEST WYATT. W. J. MOYLE. 'Finance W. J. MOYLE. ' H. J. SHOCKLEY. H. J. BENNETT. IIUIIUBIIKQQ Hllllmll HSSOCi3fi0ll J. M. PERELES, law, '74, - President K g f MRS.AFANNIE WEST WILLIAMS, '75, H 5 M: , - - - Vice-President X i ' FREDERICK W. KELLY, '88, - Secretary A Mgkl mfif I" MISS HATTIE B. MERRILL, '90, Treasurer If li gs . I eq A - i Skjl Executive Zommmee ,, r S .,,., I? .A '- V ,I-L f A 1',' 'rffwrjlx-V -- :XS . IT? S Rom-fm N. MCMYNN, law '94, ff A ,' 9 I , SIDNEY H. COLE, '72. I Z' ,' V , 1 MISS ZONA GALE, '95, X A I ff' 1 Z A tj 5' A Ari a ig? l , fn . 187 ' -' ,, V iff F,-,,..,.. 'fri .0 """ f Q 65:2 gf If f Q X if ' X rfV5 X.W Q X Z X' 'x P 2 X Q4 L Z 'fmlmnijn mimi " lmumunnulalll X - L 2 f f 'f ,Q-ig X V T If il ff K XX? ' . . -- ,, -, il X27 'iii "'v ?- Q 1 ., Q " "' hi iihxliiisa YOURS m2lI'S CDYISIIGII HSSOCi3Ii0ll JOHN W. RAYMER, '98, CARLISLE V. HIBBARD, '00, JOHN F. NICHOLSON, '00 EDWARD J. HARVEY, '01, WALTER E. ELMRR. '00, JAMES C. MORGAN, '01, Active-Faculty, Students, Associate, - Total , IIKADGUARTKIB. 790 I-ANCHOR ITIIIT. 0ffiCQl'S - - - General Secretary 5 President - - Vice-President Recording Secretary - - - Corresponding Secretary - - Treasurer. membersbiv - - - - - 23 - - 136 - 27 - - - 186 YOURS WOIIIQII' S CDYISIIGII HSSOCMIIOII 0ffICQl'S ADELINE M. JENNEY, '99, - President LUCRETIA F. HINKLEY, '99, Vice-President MARGARET M. I-IU'r'roN, '00, Treasurer MARY E. MCCUMBER, '99, - Secretary ROSA L. MCBRIDE, '99, - Corresponding Secretary members Active, - - - - 59 Associate, - - 4 Total, - - 63 188 .4f1y,'.x.-,rg ,A 7 X X N 7 ,vfll Ex f f fb ,ff 14 1 , 1 f f X , Q Y A f AEN?-1 A XX ' 'r ,.,, Ng K '5 X 'R . J XWQN 1 9 I x Qigkgkx ' I4 I x E ' A ,wk ' r x 1' V x. Q' EW . rf x. Fa x. fkr. 'Q X f Officers MARCIA M. JACKMAN, '00, - - President. FRANCES M. WILCOX, '01, Vice-President. - - Secretary and Treasurer. ' MARGARET M. HUTTON, '00, A11 W EXCCIIWUQ BORN Alma M. Moser, '00, Eunice W. Welsh, '00. Eunice T. Gray, '00. Grace M. Challoner, '00. Susan E. Lowell, "OO, 6,1 j", .- ' 'fe ,AM Jeanette B. Storms, '01. Marcia M. Jackman, '00. T Frances M. Wilcox, '01. In Margaret M. Hutton, '00. I fs members - . . -1 " 1 3353 omen Students of the Unlversxty. ,lv Z 9? fl ' Y N I- E2 -1.0 3' - ..-- :fini ' f "Q ff 3f'1'5ii"f ' ' -imfux H, '5 ' in I , K 189 I X " mx I7 fft lqlw -' jlf f 1 ' in 7 9 H 1 ,X 'Six , yi X 1' ' ' " T- - - -.- 651- - .er ...f ' lb - 1. Yi er 1 , ' V.. mmf. EDWARD FRESCHL, CHARLES B. BARNES, LEWIS E. MooRE, CARL A. KELLER, ALBERT F. LARSON, John M. Barr. Richard A. Eagan. ' Edward Freschl. Louis W. Olson. Charles B. Barnes. Charles R. I-Iedke. Frank I-I. Lacey. l ,, fy-ff' 1 Ulf Xx 24 Giga' K LWNISDRY. X I fx KZWZMS kiwi ff, ,,, s. Lf, PDF 1764 TAKING A ,DAY OFF. - - President V - Vice-President - Secretary and Treasurer Censor - Assistant Censor mQmDCl'S , Senior Zlass Henry O. Hanson. Carl A. Keller. Arthur B. Lippert. Arthur Charles T. Mason. Thomas G. Nec. Richard A. Nommensen. V. Scheiber. Junior Glass Eldridge G. Merrick. Lewis E. Moore. Albert A. Radtke. Edward E. Sands. Frederick E. Schmitt. Lynn A. Williams. Sovbomorwlass Walter P. Hirschberg. Albert A. Nicolaus. Nathaniel L. Hurd. Ray Palmer. Albert F. Larson. Hylon T. Plumb. Alvin Meyers. Hubert I. Townsend. 'Freshman Blass james G. Hammerschlag. - William L. Thorkelson. Herbert W. Dow. Edward S. Baer. Charles S. Cotton. Patrick J. Kelley. Arthur N. Early. William J. Fennel. Frederick P. Stieler. 190 . h 435 University Gymnasium On theEDay of the Junior Promenade, February 10, 1899 ,.ii1.:.1in-mai 50", f .211 f 1. r J' -F Ai x ff! 'IIIMIQ if .I 7 ,QU sfzuitg III " I1p1Eil'.ILri Aff, igarw, ml If L., 1 M IIIYI, ASK! ' " ' Tiwb - mall... .ililsisfily lfi"Jiil'!"f1i' Wil 52,5 PII-ii glfgdiy .Fifi I lic YS ,HIiIE1,!I,5IIiifIQIil1 PM lri'I5.J .. in' ' .Mi D1 t f Jigvir will Iv ' lg -Sul Il III? ,Q-All lisp! 'i lu .nl ' I HM m i if as VIII! iii! I -n, azz, . we 'if i1 Vik" Q ,HJ , A , - -fi-ai r V ' ,gl H t. 1, ,h:,,..-- A k il - Y ' Siu '... I , J L ' x5 !..!. ..I . w If V M I QII :I gd - 'FF' if 'V 3. ig -f :Q 1 fi I-Q . if 5" 13 W' 21 if I iiliiif if 'f If " if I--1 "I "' J' I H" ' '-as-S555' :m m Q ' U z-.3 1'-gm..-.H 1 V, Z: I. -:- - il he I I.IgII5' 1 5:5 .2 .zu -I-I .1 ' 'S' 1 'li" 'I: ' -iff lfvii' llltg it JIM? -f' . 51 1193. rg, 'if-'I I5 P ' F -.fv fIJ" -- F SM , 5 ' fl? I nh 1 . VI -SI . ,,,f!-.. .,-JH.-1' iggggl- -S.,-.31 . . , wi ' 2. I:i.yi,1- .I X "" , ,. ' .. 1, Ei 11 1,1 ' .. -- 1-elif, ' ,?i.21Q .' i s , , ' .. .fs ni- il 1 2. fnflu FII, V- fi -2 1 - ,, , " ",-' "' -1 -'55 .4 .ffm I. , . ...I -if . gi. + wb ,V , ',f"' 3' "-Bf'..,-...2w'-'L 4 Ip - , , hu I M qlfd ilgf- . .- A wr- '-- in mf- ff? A rif ' 255 . , ' I :, L Til J.. GTF lf. my"i'sg.e.!1.f::111f "-'- " 1 - CIGSS OI' 1900 UNIVERSITY GYMNASIUM BUILDING, FEBRUARY I0, I899 Harold Seaman. Jlrranaement Zommittee Kenelm J. Lee, Chairman. Daniel H. Murphy. RCCQDIIOII ZOIIIIIIIIIQQ Allard J. Smith, Chairman. George P. Hardgrove. Daniel G. Monahan. Sydney T. Smith. Leslie S. Everts. 'Floor Zommittee. Herbert Waters, Chaimnan. George W. Mosher. Ernst von Briesen. Thomas R. Cook. Eugene H. Heald. Dudley D. Stetson. Joseph Koifend. 191 J . f z..v'1d f, X H I X , j j tt tt .H JIT ii ' if A 1 X I , I Lic I x ti yi i it lag I t 'Q 55 A in l f if V ' R 4 nj f f , .Zu .25 Z- 1 ov R Qgxni x fy -vii.. LM .L Z., o N 'Wife K I W ,7 4 - 5 Q tif 75 4 E --ws i OH poly, CHARLES A. CURTIS, C'apz'ai1z,U.S.A.fretiredj, CHARLES A. VILAS, '99, - FREDERICK A. SCHROEDER, '99, - ORSAMUS COLE, JR., '99, - JOHN H. STAUFF, '99, - - WILLIAM S. KIES, '99, - First Battalion FRANK H. KURTZ, '99, - - HARRY N. CARTER, '99, ENOCH W. UNDERWOOD, '00, Zomvanv H J. HERBERT MCNEEL, '00, - - HARRY E. BRADLEY, '01, Zomvanv Z LEWIS E. MOORE, '00, - - JOHN C. TAYLOR, '00, - ALLEN S. NIELSON, '01, - - Zomvanv D CHARLES E. GABEL, '99, - - KARL S. HENDRICKSON, '01, - GUSTAV A. FRITSCHE, '01 - - Second Battalion PHILIP L. ALLEN, '99, - - WILLIAM C. BURDICK, '01, Zotnpanv B BERNARD M. PALMER, '00, - - DAVID A. HENKES, '00, - BURTON H. BRIDGE, '01, - - JOHN W. DREYER, '00, NATHANIEL L. HURD, '01, FREDERICK D. TAYLOR, '01, HENRY H. TAYLOR, '00, HUGO W. ROHDE, Sp., PAUL STOVER, '01, - Zompanv E Zomtoanv 'F 1.92 Commandant. Colonel. Lieutenant-Colonel. Major and Adjutant. Major and Quartermaster. Captain and Assistant Adjutant Major. Lieutenant and Adjutant. Captain. First Lieutenant. - Second Lieutenant. Captain. First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant. Captain. First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant. Major. Lieutenant and Adjutant. Captain. First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant. Captain. First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant. Captain. First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant. x I !la 11 L E lnrue .AA ff ' , . "'.. . , . :ff Y i X Y? f . ' W A ' . ,. f n23'Ci1j.? f , 'fn 1" 'fN, . 1 S .jr 4 at ' f -?7"if"Q'5?- " P ii' ' fr 7 T2 Q 0 3 .fr I .V 16 5' 2' -I 'I ' -:- W r "." 24' f '. ,fff2f" fJ . 5-42-"?iff .. . . . I Wylie,-Ammrnmwwmm yrfr Waitik ,... ' 5' ,T f .E ,. ,v L - V 'f ' f?-15,Z.'E5:' . T' I -cf -grwwugggk .W .,,, . . , C981-ALBERT F. ALEXANDER, '98-CHARLES F. HAGEMANN, C9815-NORMAN STOCKETT, V935 V983 C995 -LESTER C. STREET, -D. E. WOODARD, -CYRIL S. DE LAY, '99l-HENRY C. CASE, - F995-CHARLES W. MCPHERSON V993 V995 -JOHN K. RAGLAND, -ANDREW R. SEXTON, - '99l-Roy C. SMELRER, - C995-J. W. WALLACE, '00-ROLLAND M. AUSTIN, A C005-CHARLES T. JACKSON, - '00-DAVID A. HENKES, - Q'00j-HERBERT A. HENRY, - V003 -CLINTON G. PRICE, C003-ROBERT E. ROBINSON, ,001-WILLARD T. SAUCERMAN, C003-LEO SEXTON, - - 'Ol-BURTON H BRIDGE, ww D Third Regiment, Wisconsin Third Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin - On Guuboat, CASTINE, First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin - - Missouri - - - Chica First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin - - - Chica First Regiment, Wisconsin -N Second Regiment, Wisconsin Died at Charleston, S. C., july 19, 1898. -HERBERT C. COVILLE, - C015-GEORGE E. ESCH, - Q'01j -LOUIS C. JACOBSON, C015-GEORGE L. LAWSON, ,Ol-FRANK R. MEEHAN, mn -NELS B. NELSON, - '01-Roy PALMER, - vw wo -HAROLD L. STEVENS, -JASON P. WILLIAMS, - Third Regiment, Wisconsin Fourth Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin First Regiment, Wisconsin Third Regiment, Wisconsin Third Regiment, Wisconsin Third Regiment, Wisconsin Third Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers U. S. Navy Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers go Marines Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers go Marines Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers VolunteerS Volunteers Volunteers Fellow-EDWIN B, COPELAND, First Regiment. Wisconsin Volunteers ,83--JOHN T. KINGSTON, - Second Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers Died August 26, 1898, at Ponce, Porto Rico. 86-HOWARD GREEN, - '92Z-WILLIAM H. COYNE, 93-HERBERT H. JACOBS, 945-LAURENCE A. CURTIS, 941-LEO. I-IABEN, - - 941-ROBERT J. MCBRIDE, 941-THERON U. LYMAN, ,94-WHEELER HOWLAND, 95plz-GEORGE W. Ascorr, 951-MATHEW S. DUDGEON, 95--JOHN E. RYAN, - 961-JOHN V. GREEN, 97-JOHN H. BACON, - 971-WILLIAM F HASE, 971-HENRY HENDRICKSON, - - Fourth Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers First Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers - Fourth Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers First Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers Later, Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army Second Regiment, XVisconsin Volunteers Third Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers - - - - Illinois Volunteers Second Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers - Third Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers First Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers - Third Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers Second Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers - Third Regiment, VVisconsin Volunteers - Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army - First Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers "'1"I ,-..L--1 CO-EDUCATION. " l.l!BlDQl'SiI9 Chess Club 0fflCCI'S THOMAS S. MORRIS - - President. ELWYN F. CHANDLER, Vice President. WILLIAM M. IOLLIFFE, - - Secretary and Treasurer. m2llll!2l'S Felix W. Boldenweck. Henry C. Case. Elwyn F. Chandler. Ernest W. Dieifenbach. Fred G. Ehlert. Roy D. Hall. William M. Iolliffe. Max Mason. Thomas S. Morris. Harold S. Peterson. Albert A. Radtke. William E. Reynolds. Frederick E. Schmitt. Louis B. Wolfenson. . Q' Clarence I. Zimmerman. Cdmgfil Club DR. JAMES C. ELSOM, - . - President. ROY D. HALL, - Vice President. HENRY C. STAIR, - H - Secretary and Treasurer LE. W. Golf Club ' 0l'l'iC2l'S JOHN B. EMERsoN, - - - President. WILLIAM B. CLARK, Secretary. THOMAS S. MORRIS, - - Treasurer. FREDERICK A. VOGEL, - Captain of Green. m2miPQl'S Professor D. C. Jackson. Professor A. A. Bruce. Walter Alexander. Eric W. Allen. JAY B. Baldwin, Wilfred E. Chase. William B. Clark. John B. Emerson. Ernst Greverus. Carlos J. Mapel. Max Mason. Guy A. Meeker. Thomas S. Morris. james B. Nash. M. Gray Montgomery. Frederick D. Taylor. Charles A. Phelps. Frederick A. Vogel. George H. Tilden. 193 The self-made man of wealth and fame Derldes the college education Then hies him to the foot ball ame And yells with much gestlculation CD2 l5lliD2l'SiID COIODQYEIUDC HSSOCKIIIOII PROFESSOR LEONARD S. SMITH, - - - HENRY W. ADAMS, WILLIAM B. CLARK, THOMAS S. MORRIS, Board of Directors 'Faculty members Professor Leonard S. Smith. Joy B. Baldwin, '99. john M. Barr, '99, Ernst Greverus, '00. Doctor B. H. Meyer. HlI.ll11l1llS Charles N. Brown. Law School Otto Bosshard. Under-Graduates wiuiam B. Clark, '00, Raymond B. Pease, '00, Clarence D. Tearse, '00. George A. Polley, '01. President VicePresident - Secretary Manager Professor E. A. Birge. William D. Buchholz, '01. John M. Barney, 'O1. Lloyd G. Spencer, '01, EOM.-B AX E-109-easixowx 1 R K FOWY,-YKRVAL. 194 I lecture just delivered, and that he found the English language inadequate to convey his appreciation of the effort. This forced him to resort to another tongue, and to say in the language of Cicero: "Qu0usgue tandem abutefe noslra patientia, which, being freely translated, means ' I greatly admire the orator of the evening! " X did not complete his course at the University, but dedicated his talents to the prosaic business of selling fruit trees of questionable heredity, and therein settled his account with at least one of those who had frosted the buds of his youthful promise. But " that is another story." ALEXANDER C. BOTKIN, '59, 969696-X--It-lt HE Legislature of Wisconsin, in the earlier days of the institution, was not the Legislature of to-day. Many of the members were noted for their bibulous propensities, when in their hilarious moods they would perambulate the streets radiating from the Capitol and frequently stop to keep the lamp posts straight. They would often extemporize midnight serenades to nobody in particular, but everybody in general. Each one, taking his own key, would help produce a discord which would make any serenading tom-cat fairly mute with envy. The attitude of the Legislature toward the University was one of pronounced hos- tility. It was the regular custom to appoint committees of visitation, which were, in reality, committes of investigation, to ascertain all its weak points and report adversely thereon. The splendid endowment in lands had been virtually lost by mismanagement in their disposal. The income was not suiiicient to meet the expenditures, even with the meager salaries paid to the professors. The denominational colleges were, frequently, active in their opposition. The annual meeting of the Legislature brought all the inimical interests to a focus. The committees of investigation would wend their way to the South Building on the hill, due notice having been given to Chancellor john H. Lathrop of their coming. It was their expressed desire or command that all the students should befassembled in the chapel to be surveyed by them. The small chapel would then hold conveniently the whole number of students. The committee would sit in state on the platform and ply the Chancellor with ques- tions. Courtly, dignified, and yet affable, Dr. Lathrop would receive them. With masterly skill he would parry the attacks, and with seemingly limitless powers of evasion, and yet within the strict connnes of truth, would bring to light the best feat- ures only of the University. Baiiiled in all their questionings and cross-questionings, the committee would retire, learning nothing except that the institution had within it the possibilities of a magnificent future, and should receive the fostering care of the State. "These young gentlemen before you," said the Chancellor, " are the pledge and promise of the future hundreds and thousands of students who will come to these classic halls. In your hands are the destinies of this noble University. I know you will be true to your most important trust." They came, they saw, they were con- quered, and after they were out of hearing, the wild delight of the students found extravagant expression in shouts and cheers for their knightly and scholarly cham- pion and leader. SAMUEL FALLOWS, '59. 196 ITT CRAVATH was one of the notable students of the early sixties. He easily excelled in every department of study, and occupied the first rank as debater' and public speaker. A good story is told of his quick-witted method of dealing with a bit of stage fright. Q On one occasion he was on the program for an original oraiion. There was a large attendance, and his performance was looked forward to with general expect- ancy. In due time he stood before the audience, tall, erect, handsome in face and form. " Ladies and Gentlemen," he began. "Ladies and Gentlemen," he repeated in a dazed way, and every person before him had an attack of cold shivers. A third time he came to the attack-"Ladies and Gentlemen," then continued, "Yould scarce expect one of my age to speak in public on the stage, so I'll read my piece." Suiting the action to the word he took the manuscript from his pocket, read a few sentences, replaced it, and then went on to make the speech of the day. THE LINCOLN CAMPAIGN was on during my sojourn at the capital, and it is scarcely possible now to realize the intensity of feeling which characterized it. The students were wild in their enthusiasm, and the best of them risked all sorts of penalizing under the temptations of the period. An immense mass meeting was held at the park, September 9th, 1860, at which addresses were made by W. H. Seward, Charles Francis Adams, James Nye, Senators Doolittle, Patterson, and Wilkinson, and others. The hill was nearly deserted that day and evening. Great delegations of " Wideawakes " came from other cities, and their torches made the avenue from the park to the hill seem a river of fire. The great majority of the students were sup- porters of Lincoln, but the opposition had a few intrepid leaders: I. N. Stewart, G. W. Allen, and Henry and Levi Vilas, I remember particularly. It seemed at times as if the war, which some said was imminent, would begin in our society rooms. There was a military company in the city which was really a line organization, but the students bore it no good will, probably for the social prestige which the young warriors enjoyed. On some great public festal occasion the university grounds were put in use, and one feature was the review of the military by the Governor and State officers. But just as their array had passed there appeared, as if springing out of the ground, a student military band of the Callithumpian order, burlesquing the others most laughably. The captain bestrode a horse whose woe of face and ribs would have made Rosinante seem a frisky colt. There was no saddle, only a blanket, while a rope passed over it with a bucket on one side and a herring box on the other for stirrups. The rider's gaunt figure had been amended by stuffing a goodly portion of a bale of straw between his person and the expansive coat which he wore. The first soldier in line was a five footer, with plug hat, and coat tails on the groundg then a rod behind came a six footer, with flat cap and roundaboutg and so the costume and disguises went. The crowd shrieked with laughter, but the school authorities were horrified. Gathering their stampeded wits and breath, they came forward and ordered the " company " olf the ground, the captain essayed to turn his horse about to give the order, but his charger stumbled and fell, pitching the unfortunate com- mander far down the hill, his coat burst, the straw spread out, the stirrups rolled and rattled, and out of the wreckage rose a tall, slim youth, who legged it over the hill and far away. The rest of the company vanished as quickly as they had appeared, and, it is said, thereby saved possible casualties which might have resulted from a contemplated bayonet charge by the outraged military. E. D. Coz. 197 ' lllllllll lllilllSCQIlCQS ' T was so long ago that the historian was not even a student of the University of Wisconsin, though he was preparing himself for that dignity by neglecting his studies at a public school. Still the facts herein narrated are within his personal knowledge. ' There was a student of the University who will be here designated as X, because, in accordance with the only principle of algebra that survives in the mind of the narrator, that represents an unknown quantity. The fact had come to the knowledge of other students thatX was addicted to flirtation with the muses, and that he had produced a number of poems which he had coyly submitted to the admiration of appreciative friends. It was deemed of public importance that as a poet he should not be allowed to " blush unseen " or "waste his fragrance on the desert air." Accordingly, he was advised to publish his eiort. and the suggestion was favorably received by the blushing bard. Under the advice of his friends, he prepared a preface, in which he stated that it had been calumniously represented that his verses were plagiarized, and that he had simply copied the lines of Shakespeare, Milton, and Byron. It was for the purpose of vindicating himself against this imputation that he published the collection therewith oifered to the public. Ut is to the shame of the Historical Society if no copy of this booklet is preservedj. ' I recall only two fragments. The first was as follows : "I plucked a Bower and' kissed it quick And said it was for my sweet Dick? But X also possessed among his chattles : "The harp of epic song, that Homer's nngers thrilled along." This was in evidence from a poem descriptive of a battle in the Mexican War, then a subject of recent historyg and surely no laurel-crowned child of Parnassus ever achieved anything more graphic than the following : " Over the field the foaming charger prances, And the number of dead and wounded was somewhat greater Than might have been reasonably expected under the circumstances." There was a school house distant but a few miles from the University, and the trustees had conceived the wise project of having a course of lectures. X was invited to deliver one of these, and responded with unfailing promptness. Some of the other students had learned of the important event, and made themselves a part of the audience. X delivered his lecture with great success, and the students served most efliciently as anamateur committee on applause. At the close, remarks by the audi- ence were asked for, and one of the other students, though conspicuous for his diflidence, arose to the occasion. He need not be designated further than to say that, with the unanimous consent of the University, he now writes all of his initials at the left of his name. He arose and said that he had listened with great pleasure to the 195 T the beginning of the spring term in the year, 1859, I landed at the south dormitory one afternoon, in company with Milton S. Griswold, ready to begin my university career. We had no bed or other furniture. I had with me the sum of 513.630, after paying the drayman, room rent and tuition, with which to worry through the term. Second-hand furniture was procured, it being the last term, we made easy bargains. In two or three days we had enough to sit, sleep and eat, or rather, write on. Our cooking outfit consisted of a tin cup, a tin basin, a plate and a gill cup apiece. We gradually accumulated a supply of such suflicience that we could serve coffee, potatoes andgmeat when we could afford it. In the room over us was S. S. Rockwood, who had had some school experience, and he was my first university acquaintance. He posted us as to many usages, but that did not save us from having our room filled with hay, sticks, sod and other truck which we could not cook nor yet sleep on 3 but as we were greenies, we bore it patiently and received Pat's condolences with proper appreciation. I succeeded in getting a few jobs of work and got through the term, helped by an occasional box of food supplies from home. My account book shows that my expense for living, after I had my furniture and books, ran from seventy-two cents to one dollar per week. The next term I came up better prepared, but lived the same way. I went to the north dormitory and avoided the superfluous hay, and so forth. I found another ad- vantage of which the students Were not slow to avail themselves. By taking 05 the grate in the side Wall through which the furnace heat was admitted, and sliding along the bottom of the heat fiuxe a piece of tin turned up at the end, We could roast our potatoes. Of course we shoved them out over the perpendicular opening if we were in a hurry. Then the more aristocratic fellows, who had the upper rooms, and who also wanted their potatoes cooked, would complain down the due of our cut off and in terms emphatic, order it removed. If not removed, the game was that they should drop down a rock or brick bat, catching our precious stock of nearly roasted potatoes and carrying them down to the inferno whence no potatoes ever returned save in an unsavory smell. All the boys, nearly, lived as I did. The now celebrated Iohn Muir had but one chair and for most of his first term slept on the floor. His table at first Was a box turned on its side and the inside of it, furnished with rude shelves, was utilized as a book case. Among those who lived m I did were O. H. Lagrange, G. W. Carter, Volney Rattan, James L. High, Samuel lWatson and W. C. Silverthorn. Rattan is now a professor in San jose Normal, California, and author of standard works on the botany of tne Pacific coast. As time went on, it came to be my privilege to live up stairs and drop bricks on the potatoes of the freshies below. As my circumstances improved, I opened an account with "the Dutch woman" and had the luxuries of an occasional half-dozen cookies or a herring, sometimes a pie. Once Phineas Clawson, Griswold and my- self went into partnership and bought half a barrel or more of crackers. But then We were wont to economize in another way and improve our understanding fnot our bootsj by starting out Saturday morning and tramping over the adjacent country. seeking what we might learn, of the Hora, fauna and geology of our glorious country. We usually came home Sunday night or Monday morning very tired, well fed and 198 .0- 5 . Exif V : 1 . - CD2 "COWll" fl'0m Ib? "Bill .snow ball act, but acknowledged his hydraulic experiment, asked forgiveness and 'with a bottle of milk of which we had relieved some suffering cow which we feared -the owner might neglect. If we found any good specimens suitable for our natural 'history study, it was well 5 but we were well fed for a day or two anyway. There are very few parts of the country within twenty-five miles of Madison that we did not at some time tramp over. But I often caught others looking for " specimens " a good ways from the University. Sometimes our " specimens " were very good eating. ISAAC N. STEWART, '62. it if '76 it 'lt it E called him "Mercury " from the way he sped down town three times a week to see his girl. One Tuesday night he started forth as usual. We prepared a reception for him on his return. The door in South Hall, North Dormi- tory, was swung open about a foot, a large snow ball was rolled up and fcarefully poised thereon so that, when " Mercury" returned with his mind full of the beautiful vision of loveliness he had just left, a slight push upon the door would .bring down the heavy snow ball on his head. All the students were notified and a few sentinels were placed on watch for his return. But alas for the plan ! About that time, some " one term " students in .another part of the building were engaged in the pleasant pastime of deluging each .other with water, making an uproar, which called out Professor Sterling from the neighboring dormitory. The good man sallied forth through the snow to quell the disturbance. He first :started for South Hall. Lightly running up the steps he came to the door fixed for "Mercury. " A push, a sound of crunching snow, a Presbyterian exclamation, 'and the professor emerged from the ruins with his high silk hat spoiled for all future Sundays. Some of us, who were cautiously peering out, saw him struggling with both ,hands to raise the brim over his cheek bones, One of the bravest finally assisted him in straigtening out the injured tile and hinted at the noise in the other hall, whither he soon bent his steps. One of the mischief makers there, suspecting the approach of an enemy, dashed .a pail of icy water full upon him as he opened the door, and was only aware of his mistake when a strong hand seized him by the collar, and a stronger voice asked in a 1tone of authority : H Young man, what does this mean?" The culprit appeared next morning before us all in Chapel. He disclaimed the -was duly pardoned by the good professor. CHARLES H. HALL, '7O. -me ae ee ae ae -me R. JEFF SIMSON, now a prominent lawyer of Southwestern Wisconsin, was a member of the Ancient Classical Department of the class of 1879. In those days the classical students had only about ten weeks of chemistry. Their knowledge of the subject could not be very profound. Mr. Simson, however, had great confidence in his ability to pass the final examination. He was .asked by Professor Daniells, " Mr. Simson, what is carbon? " " Carbon, " promptly re- plied Mr. Simson, " is a tasteless, odorless, colorless gas." " Yes," said Professor D., "' especially in the form of charcoal." 199 has " Pat" QPeace be to his asheslj was agreat favorite with the students. During- my college course, Pat had charge of all the college buildings. I-Ie was very loyal to the students, and would never report their pranks to the President, unless he felt it absolutely necessary. On some occasions their antics were even more than he could stand. Mr. Howe, who lived at the corner of State and Park streets, Where Mr. Porter' , X l A '11 'V all gs ' , fn JUL, fx 16 lx ,pr .i i XA NM- lilw if imwmy. gli ,il ,X QQQ l' ,,-W e fg! l Wm ., l f , i f I I I " -fi A me ' i lflfx I f ,, ,Wi i Vx VU ,," ,, liaim fj ww ,fi Wi ' F Nl! flnll l xj , g jwwr fifiqf f Lf ii" .' is ,Z 'F A -A H . .. ff now resides, was the owner of a ine heifer. One Satur- day night the heifer was missing, and nothing could be, learned of her whereabouts until Sunday afternoon, when. F. N. Hendrix, '77, discovered GJ her hitched to one of the posts in the old south chapel. Pat was notified, and by the time he arrived, an audience of iseveral hun- dred students had congregated. The heifer, by thisltime, was frantic, and each time Pat tried to untie her she made a lunge at him, to be met with a rap over the head with a club. Pat finally succeeded in getting her untied-f He had left the chapel door open, expecting, of course, that she would take the ordinary means of exit. Great was his surprise when he saw her making a bee- line over the seats for the nearest window. He grabbed hold of' her tail and tried to stop her, but to no avail. She Went through the window, carrying Window, sash and every- tlzing with her, and left Pat standing in the Window. A shout went up from the several hundred students. I shall never forget the look Patrick gave us as he shouted at us, " Sich a sit of damn fools I niver did see in me life." Hendrix, above referred to, was a very bright, prom- ising student, and is now a prominent lawyer in Minne- apolis. He was short and iieshy. One fall, when grapes were getting ripe on the University farm, Hendrixgandffour other boys thought it would be the proper thing to sample them. They Went down about eleven o'clock one night, and after satisfying themselves that no one was watching, proceeded to fill their pillow cases with grapes. Vlhen they had fairly gotten at Work, five men from the University farm, who had been watchin g the vineyard, pounced down upon them. A lively race ensued. The men shouted to the boys to stop, or they would shoot. The more the men shouted the harder the boys ran. Finally they did shoot, hitting one of the boys QSawyerj in the back with ine bird shot. Hendrix managed to reach the south dormitory in safety, but was so frightened that he ran up stairs four steps at a time, burst into his room and jumped into bed with clothes, boots and everything on. In telling the story on Hendrix afterwards, the boys always said that he ran into the room, pulled. up one corner of the carpet and crawled under the carpet, but impartial history would- record the event otherwise. C. E. BUELL, '78, 200 'L Y first taleiruns in this wise One morning just after a rain a lot of frogs and other small fry were found on the campus. There was at that time a i 'i :li select body of choice spirits who feared neither man nor the faculty, and it struck their lively fancy that it would not be a. bad idea to carry up in -a bag some of those hopping specimens to the recitation room. The professor, who had charge of this class, began the lesson with his usual stateliness, but had not gone far when he was interrupted by a little hop, skip, and jump of an exhibit. Scarcely had this frog, with the aid of Patrick, been removed, when another one appeared, and 'then another and another. In less time than it takes to tell it, the room was full of slippery vertibrates and invertibrates. The professor, hors de combat, directed operations against the enemy from across the hall. Patrick was quite unable to cope with the situation and the upshot of it all Was, that the class got a well earned vacation. This distinguished group of students had an organization which was full of reformatory zeal. Among the grievances complained of was the habit of one of the 'professors of referring in season and out of season to an ancient trip of his to Europe. This, it was resolved, should no longer continue, and a plan of procedure was accord- ingly drawn up. When the good professor again referred to his foreign experiences. -one of the conspirators gravely announced that all he wished to say was that he himself had ridden on the cars as far as Menominee. Another recitation was enriched by the following: It was the usual thing in one -of the classes in physics to illustrate some important principle by an arrangement of mirrors which would reflect objects in an inverted position. The "object" was 'usually a student, who had to stand in a spot not within sight of the class. This time the student who was sent out stood on his head. You can imagine the consternation -of the professor. I-Ie labored long and diligently to explain it, but to this day the ideas of the class are a little topsy-turvy on this subject. Sometimes proceedings in the class room were enlivened by certain responses Zhardly warranted by the text books. These answers often came from the men who paid much attention to the debating societies, who wished to discuss everything from .a constitutional standpoint. Some of us used to think that the rules of mathematics might be condemned as unconstitutional. Then there were a lot of fellows who were always criticising everything that came up, and wanting to know why two and two did not make something more or less than four. And finally there were the men who used to look serenely on all that occurred, good or bad, with arms folded. When asked in rhetoric what oratory was, one of these serene ones said he did not care to -commit himself At another time, the instructor had entered into a long explanation and when about two-thirds through, said to a student, " Do you follow me? " " Yes," was the answer, " I follow you, but if I could find my way back again, I would stop right here." At the law school, there was another set of tales. A stock question in the law of real estate has been and still is, " What is the rule in Shelby's Case?" This question was usually asked with much dignity and answered with equal dignity and much glibness, for it was about the only thing that everybody in the law was supposed to be really sure of. But once the proceeding was varied, for the student who had in the debating society laid great stress on the principle of equal rights under the Consti- 201 tution, replied with some warmth that it was just the same as in every other man's- caseg the law did not respect persons. One of the lecturers used often to resort to imaginary cases to illustrate principles. He would go into a long account of the- doings of A and B, and on a certain occasion wound up with, "Now, Mr. Brown, what would you do in such a case ? " " Well," replied Brown, " I thiuk I would hire a lawyer." , EDWARD F. DWIGHT, '87. 'R--JG-X-369656 ENRY CURWEN LORD was a member of the. PM class of '89, and was recognized as an exceed-- '1 t ingly bright fellow but one who would probably ' B 75? never suffer from nervous prostration. His I g 5 work was done in the end, but was always ac- 'X N ' 5 A. complished with due deliberation. r, W Q X imp! One day the engineers were to make some i j lj I , 3 , l r ' measurements, and Lord was delegated to throw , ,L qz fjjk . 4,-, fx arope from the topof Science Hall. The students- 'ji ij l BQ, -' f I' assembled on the campus below but no rope " Q i f1i",,l,NX , X appeared. Finally one of them called ' ' Lord !" ' I QW? No answer. "I say Lord!" Still no answer. " Oh, Lord !" and then sotto voice, " Confound it, why don't you answer? Folks. will think we are having a prayer meeting all by ourselves down here." H. B. M., '90. -if--X--X--J9'X'9E HERE had been some sort of a row down at the sorority house. Things go- wrong in the best regulated families, and a sorority is certainly not one of the best regulated sortg therefore it is no wonder that occasionally they had to send for Her. Her clear head and warm heart untangled the most involved "scraps," and the above mentioned row being a very simple affair, five minutes of her valuable time had sufiiced. While She was there she felt it incumbent upon her to give the girl a little sisterly advice on the subject of spooning fshe probably was remembering her own college days with a little mort'cation just thenj. Now She had a brother in college. If I wrote his name you would remember a. very handsome alumnus, upright and honorable, a brother any girl might be forgiven' for being proud of, and she ended her dissertation with, " There's one man at least in this college that 1'm sure never would spoon with any girl, and that's my brother I " A strange expression ditted over the face of a blue-eyed, pink-cheeked, golden- haired freshman who was sitting on a pile of cushions and the HOOI, and She saw it. Quick as a flash she asked, " Does he Nell? " The freshman summoned all her dignity, and offended dignity it was too, and she sputtered out: " I don't care if you are one of the old girls, you have no right tof ask me such impertinent questions." 202 f' She was having a nice quiet afternoon talk with the brother. fl-Ie was such a good brother, and they had regular " story-book " talks, she said.J "Johnny dear, aren't you ashamed of yourself spooniug with that foolish little freshman girl ! Really, how could you? She remonstratedf' A blush was visible on the parts of his face not hidden by a senior beard. " It was too bad, Fan, but when a girl wants to hso awful bad, what is a fellow going to do? " ' E. P. K., '9l. -7666-It-X-9696 OME of the liveliest times of college life, either in which I have been an active participator or to which I have been an interested, not to say an apprehensive, witness, have occurred when I have accompanied the glee and banjo clubs en four. I dare say it is true that the college man is, as he is painted, the highest and boldest type of anarchist extant, but on a trip with the musical clubs he is sui generis. His fund of audacity and terror-inspiring capabilities are no longer potential. It would seem as though some demon of irresponsibility had touched an electric button, that starts, at the same second, the machinery of concentrated human perversity and the wheels of the locomotive that pulls the special train out of Mad- ison. From an experience covering a succession of these trips the following are re- lated. The names of the actors are omitted for the reason that the owners thereof may have gone on record before the faculty as to these same narratives. "Laying over Sunday" at Rockford enabled the clubs to put in a good, long day Monday. Two of the members concluded to do some shopping. After a somewhat cursory examination of bargains in one of the leading department stores, ostensibly in search of some nameless apparel for "sister", they strolled into a. large, four-story furniture emporium. It had been previously arranged that one of the young men, who, for the sake of convenience, may be called John, should pretend'to be deaf g and it was the understanding that he, beingf' just about to be married, was looking abdut in company with his prospective best-man for the items necessary to furnish a home for himself and "Clara" Out of consideration for his double afiiiction, his friend agreed to do the great burden of talking. It apparently was not a busy day, and they found no trouble or delay in getting the ear and attention of the proprietor himself-a a good natured individual with an irrational desire to see the funny side of things. The deaf man's friend explained the situation with occasional comical references to the approaching marital blessedness of his friend, all of which, of course, were fully enjoyed g and the spokesman and the proprietor became very "chummy." "You see it is this way with John, my friend here, he's got all the money he knows what to do with, and all he needs is somebody to start him off right, someone with taste, you know. We couldn't get Clara to come 5 she's the young lady, you know-she's too bashful. But'she'll be in this afternoon to look the things over. S0 we want everything we pick out put in this open space here findicating about half the rear end of the lower iioorj so she can see the things and pass judgment on them this afternoon. Thatis right, isn't it, John?" 203 After some delay the latter was made to understand the foregoing explanation sufliciently to venture a reserved acquiescence. "Too bad," said the spokesman, turning to the proprietor. "He's really a very capable fellow. Her friends were very much opposed at nrst. But I should say his ought to be the ones to kick. No telling how she might take advantage of his deaf- ness, you know.':Girls will be girls. Hey? " "Quite right," rejoined the proprietor with a chuckle. Can't always tell what they'll do. Had a case of that kind right here in 1" "Probably won't want any cases," spoke up john. "Expect to have them built right in the walls. What have you got in sofas? " 5 . i . i f iw' - Snowwvnumwvnf ' . l ' iv i -. -- lil l 1 l el' - - Ill ' Zhi, ,......-- .r,, ,II ff' f if ' " - i ' . ff life' c s'Nl,!W,n "'il"' if 'W ' l f ll "I " t ' W ' L l . I Q 5, fjl lfxl Wi e! fa 1 A f L "Do you want one like her papa's, or large enough for two? " asked the proprietor in a low voice, with a side-long glance at the spokesman. This sally was heartily enjoyed, you may be sure, by those who heard it. "You may set aside that large dining-room table and twelve of those dining chairs," said john g whereupon two stalwart assistants were summoned, and they staid right by the party from that time on, pushing and haul- ing furniture about for two mortal hours. A refrigerator, large enough for a hotel was "set aside," likewise, an as- sortment of half a dozen wooden mantles, live or six huge beds and a pier glassg chairs and tables galore. "What have you got on the second floor? " asked john. f"I-Iave got" is used in conversationj Up stairs they went, joking now and then at poor John's expense. There they found to their taste more tables and chairs, and a tete-6-tete or two, a dainty little desk for "Clara" and furniture for the library. "Shall I set these things aside up here, too? " asked the proprietor. "Oh, no," replied the spokesman benignly. "just have the men run them down the elevator. Clara doesn't like to walk up stairs." "Whats that about Clara? " John looked interested. "I say she Wont like the stairs." "No, never mind the stairs, my good friend. We'll get stairs somewhere else," said john, good-humoredly. "What have you got on the third floor? " Up they went, and down the elevator came bureaus, more chairs, tables and side- boards. Huge hair mattresses were selected, albeit with some confusion on the part of the groom-electg and an old-fashioned reclining chair went into the pool. Up on the fourth floor there were other treasures, and the elevator creaked and groaned with its many burdens. The proprietor rubbed his hands in gleeful anticipation, and ffor shamelj laughed at John's frequent faux pas. For a dull Monday this was doing pretty well. I I hate to tell all they selected, but finally they came back to the nrst Hoor. The sight was dazzling. Such a confusion and heap of furniture would do credit to the fire patrol after a hotel conilagration. 204 "just Ex things up sort of home-like, if you please," John suggested. "And I wish you would write down the names of the articles with the prices set opposite. Clara will be in about two I should say." "Give her a little jolly on the subject of her intended," put in the other. "Tell her what a fine business man he isg but of course he wouldn't positively order any- thing until she sees it, 'and all that rot you know! Good-bye to you? "Good-bye." "Good-bye." There was shaking of hands and farewells said again, as though the three were boyhood friends. The proprietor watched them as they walked gaily down the streetg then he looked the other way, and I fancy a tear trickled down his furrowed cheek as he philosophized a bit on youth and happiness and all that. e g I X MA The shoppers went on. ...'xj X be -. "We forgot to look at coiiins", remarked John ' It W1 gravely- U ag? 15555 I I 3, I Soon they came to the W. C. T. U. head- H , ' fe ul,, ,, fl 15 ggi Q, quarters. Their cigars had gone outg and they ef? Q Y is 2 'li' f f :fl ' bl ' h '1 f 151 17 ,Q - H W west ing fA wgman sat at a ta e wit a pi e o 7 f f .1 ,F ,A tic ets e ore er. Zigi. , 'jjlxyft 115- ' A i "Is Mrs. Lancaster here?" asked john's friend. Haig " WXAMNX X sl "I am a stranger here," replied the woman. I , . 'I 1. 1 M' ,iii 'Eg "There are a number of ladies in the next room." Y ll' In they went. A lecture was evidently being ' ' U W WAN delivered to about two hundred women and girls, X " Is Mrs. Lancaster here ? " N and I suspect, from the account I heard, that it was a Jenness-Miller lecture too. The usheresses ' rushed towards the intruders. "Is Mrs. Lancaster here? " asked john's friend, The only reply was a suppressed murmur 0 and the usheresses waved the two away. "Well, I only wanted to see if Mrs. Lancaster could give us some matches. Our cigars are out," said john with an injured air, as they retired. They went into a saloon next. Why they should go into a saloon after being turned out of the W. C. T. U. does not appear, but probably Rockford had no Wornan's Club. They called for two beers. QThis is a true story.j The bartender placed two schooners before them, and they drank them with becoming relish. "Whose beer is this? H asked John. "Schlitz," replied the bartender. "Well, I know Schlitz. I'll pay him," said John, and they started to go. "I-Ioldt on, my friend," shouted the saloon- man. "Dott's a goot choke. I-Iaf one mit me,now." There is such a thing as spending years and hundreds of dollars on a college education, and, 205 f "Selah--" th ,..,,..-...H umvenswv , WIEZSNSIN 5' IMINSTRELS I vo-:neu-r ll 'fi x -11. 7 f4 T 1 X x . 1 HX , i f 1 roughout the room, .- ilTT, , ll J1 fill ,I . .1 71 in 11 'it HZ Www W! X ff if 33.55 .wf1samrm Hi rf1 11l11l11 1-1 1: ' 1?-pf , Q 1 Z , i1 1 1 fl5ii1alg!Ei1ia f 1 f1Ql 1VQ.5f,f . , .AQ Xxx xr L 0, JX 1 1 ffffffff gf!! -.fl F li! A! , if Q 1 rj H WV i li lj! a ig? . v msg, .gh Q., W., yn, -4.17: V, Eg ., has-.wr ss, -M W .- so at. . - .g f K. -"?,f."" -,gf -1-5:-'S-21-f wg , 1 f Fw - ,f T is r i il ' Well, I know Schlitz. P11 pay him." lg mf fwfkii WWWMWI I W when opportunity first presents itself, of making no practical use of it. Not so, in this case. Here was a ram zwis, and trapped, too, by a moss-grown trick. Farther down the street they met two banjo-club men. The story of the bar- tender was told. Human nature is aptflat imitation, and the new-comers proposed that they try the trick at the next saloonjthey came to. The "next," however, was, it chanced, the same old saloon. john and his friend said nothingg for good stories, like creeds, often expire "by the process of explanation." The new-comers ordered four beers. "Better make it five," suggested the bartender, ingeniously. "Just as you say," said the one who had given the order. And he winked, slyly, at the others. The beer was produced, etc. One of the new-comers was an excellent actor. He sipped the beverage in his glass, looked critically at it, and took another sip. "Whose beer is this? 'l he asked. "Why? " rejoined the saloon-man. This was unexpected. The new-comer didn't know the answer, but he rallied. "Oh, I don't know. It tastes like Hausmann's." This was funny to the men outside the bar. . "Oh," said the victim, "you mean who makes dott beers? " "Yes" "Vel1, Schlitz makes itg I pys it off Schlitzg und you py it 0E me." "Oh, I see. Five more, if you please, Mr. Bartender." John and his friend left the others outside. They came to a pair of stairs that led to atailor shop, and mounted them. They looked in and saw six little tailors squatted there, demurely sewing, and snipping, and snipping, and sewing and snip- ping at pieces of cloth, with huge, long shears. "Is this where they Want a lock fixed? " asked john, as he pulled the key out of the inside of the door, and, stepping back, locked the door on the outside. If that building had burned down then and there, this would't be a funny story. I believe john carried the key for some months expecting an award for him or the key to be offered. Playing deaf on another occasion, they came to grief. The two went into alittle store kept by a dirty, ignorant-looking Italian, and John asked him how much cider was a glass. The proprietor said, "five cent." But John couldn't hear. The proprietor roared at him four or 'five times, and then picking up a pencil and paper, with a look of despair, turned to Iohn's friend. "Can he no read, too ? " he asked. KNOX KINNEY, '94. 206 4- 'SQ ' N MJ' 3 X H A-.-Q .. 15- :ff rx, 4 f 7' I Mffgj 5 ' I 9 . ir Th' -X. I Qt- D- . ,X ' Vlxx 'i 'T -." . A 41- Ji'-jw'nQ,,f4 Eddie? Ball Uiews Wa A x, I G CERTAIN Senior maiden, with a fondness for Anglo-Saxon-and several other things,-once had a thesis to write. " I am going to take my thesis under Prof. Hubbard," she announced. " ' Hubby' is such a dear, you know, he'l1 make an ideal patron saint, and he won't be a bit hard on me, either. Anglo- Saxon is quite my forte, I believe, and I'll perpetrate something truly brilliant--just see if I don't." But of course it was much too soon to even dream of a thesis then, in the bright autumn days, and there was really no hurry at all about it, for theses were not due until the middle of May, and May was a long way off. And, besides, the senior told herself, the winter term would be the very time to settle down to good solid work. But the short, busy winter days slipped by-where did they go to anyway ?-and the end of the term approachedg but still no sign or symptom of a thesis. Ah, happy thought! Instead of going home to replenish her wardrobe, this virtuous maiden would devote the entire spring vacation to her thesis. Behind the largest and fiercest of " Engaged " signs she would retire from the world, with an arm load of ponderous volumes. She would "burn the midnight oil" into the "wee, sma' hours" of the morning, she would read until she could read no more, and write until seized with "writer's cramp," and emerge triumphant with a thesis which should be the wonder and admiration of all. The following week a memorandum appeared, posted upon her door: I 'Co thesis, Debtor. Monday, - - - 6 hours. Tuesday, - - 2 Z ' ' . Wednesday, - - - ' - - M ' ' On Thursday she took a holiday, and painted a beautiful "old gold" satin frame for "'Hubby's" photograph. Then she went down town with her very best friend and purchased a gorgeous green candle, and arranged a liitle shrine in the corner of her room. "So sweet," and "Such an inspiration," her friends assured her. On Friday she received her report for the term : "Anglo-Saxon .... Fairf' Down came the shrine, "I-Iubby's" picture, green candle, and all, while a certain irate senior meditated upon the mockery of human existence, and the utter useless- ness of theses in general-her own in particular. Next day, by way of consolation, she gave a "spread" to her dearest, most sympathetic friends, from the eifects of which it took all Sunday to recover. With Monday the students came trooping backg another short spring term was ushered in, and work began in earnest. Where was that thesis, anyway? Weeks later, at the very "eleventh hour," cheered by "I-Iubby's" assurance that she really was not a "lame duck," this senior maiden "cut" most vigorously on the "hill," went into solitary confinement for two whole days and a night, and actually produced a thesis. Now this is a "just-so story," and if you don't believe it you can ask Mr. Smith to show you that very identical thesis, reposing under a two-inch layer of dust on the topmost shelf in one of the library alcoves. -'94, 207 FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE FRESH-AIR FUND The Famous Thomas Iefferson Concert Company In Minstrel Role , Gymnasium, Thursday Evening Admission: Adults, 6 cts.: Children, 3 cts.: I2 cts. per couple . I The above show bill conspicuously posted in Ladies' Hall one winter's day in 1893, was the result of a table discussion in the basement dining-room. Three times a day ten of us-all congenial spirits-met there and did justice to the Hall culinary of the old regime. At the head of the table presided a brilliant and digniiied senior, who is now doing noble work in the Hull House district of Chicago. The Winter was a glorious one, with plenty of skating and sleighing for us, but our hearts went out in pity to the poor creatures who could not afford to enjoy the out-of-door sports. Therefore we ten determined to give a minstrel show in the gymnasium and devote the proceeds to the Fresh Air Fund. Preparations were hurriedly made. The old brown curtains were hung before the platform, a suit of duck was procured for our interlocutor, Thomas Jefferson, alias Amanda Johnson: we practiced songs and hunted jokes in old magazines. On the eventful night the rising curtain disclosed our burnt-corked visages to an appreciative audience composed, of course, entirely of girls, though an outsider might have been deceived by the appearance of several. They applauded our program, but were chiefly delighted with Thomas jefferson himself, who never before had been seen in so undigniiied a role. But if the spectators enjoyed our jokes and songs we in turn were equally enter- tained by the spectators. Michael O'Flarety was there with his Wife and two " children." The " children" were indeed precocious, to get in at half-price. They quarreled the whole evening over a large candy cane which had been given them to keep them quiet. In a box luxuriously fitted up with chairs and plaid shawls, sat two ladies and a gentleman, all in full evening dress. Shortly after the curtain rose the program was disturbed by the entrance of a crowd of darkies gayly dressed and decorated with suntlowers Qpen-Wipersj. They took seats on the step-ladder and " high bars " at the rear of the room and proceeded to make a " Nigger Heaven" of their locality by vociferous and untimely applause and a lavish distribution of peanut shells. After the program there was a dance, in which the swell youth from the box waltzed gayly with a dark beauty from the gallery, while the colored gentlemen held tete-a-tetes with the white belles of the audience. The Minstrel Company was much gratified at the box-onice receipts. The munitlcent sum of three dollars had been raised for sweet charity. The next day a jolly bob-sleigh party might have been seen on the road to the nsh hatchery. It was the Thomas jefferson Concert Company taking a ride in the fresh air. KATE D. BUCKNAM, '94, 208 Hfltl' CIOC!! ID years A true account' of lwo imporicmt docuznenis and what came cy' llzem. DOCUMENT No. I. Discovered in 1896 on the back of a table drawer in Suite 18, Ladies' Hall. "To whomsoever may inhabit No's. 18 and 19 on the 22nd of February, 1896, be it known that a treat is due you on that day from a bet which Juliet D. Meyer and Helen M. Remington made on the subject of Womanls Rights. If woman votes at the time mentioned Miss Remington treats 18 and 19. If she be still in bondage in 196 Miss Meyer foots the bill. For the address inquire of the Kappa girls or the the Secretary of the Class of '76." CSigned,y JULIET D. MEYER, February 22, 1876. HELEN M. REMINGTON. DOCUMENT NO. II. Letter sent to Mrs. Brown after discovery of above. LADIES, HALL, U. or W., MADISON, January 13, 1896. Mus. BROWN fnee Mas. IULIET D. Mrcvnnj, Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Dear Madam :--You will doubtless be surprised at receiving this letter, but, a few days ago, one of the occupants of Suite 18, Ladies' Hall, chanced to come across the enclosed bet-which, as you see, has your name attached-written upon the back of a. table drawer in the parlor of that suite. Now, as woman is most certainly " still in bondage," we venture to remind you, the losing party, of the existence of this interesting epistle which you have probably long since forgotten. The anticipating of such a treat is very alluring to a lot of hungry girls to whom a diet of codiish and hash has grown a trifle monotonous, and Mr. Harry Moseley, who says he knows you Well, assures us you are "a very charming lady and one certain io meet your obligations." Thanking you in advance for what we know will prove a most bounteous and enjoyable feast, we are, Very Hopefully and Cordially Yours, cS1gIlCd,, I MoLLrE BERTLES, ' LoU1sE D. SHEARER Suite 18 HELEN DORSET, i GENEVIEVE SYLVESTER. CLARA STEDMAN, - ETHEL Dow, Suite 19 Gussrn D. MILLER, CHRISTINE R. WRIGHT. 209 CONSEQUENCE. Banquet at the Van Etta Hotel, February 22, 1896. mthu Blue Points Bouillon Baked Salmon, Creamed Potatoes Sweetbreads Peas Potatoes Raspberry Sherbert Beefsteak with Mushrooms ASpa1'agl-IS Cauliiiower ' Quail on Toast Celery Shrimp Salad Wafers Olives Fruit Ice Cream Assorted Cake Fruit Nuts Raisins Coffee GUESTS. Mrs. Brown QMiss Juliet D. Meyerj Mrs. Carson, Preceptress of Hall in 1876 M rs. J. M. Olin Miss Helen M. Remingtonj Miss Bright, Preceptress of Hall in 1896 Miss Mollie Bertles, Suite 18 Q Miss Helen Dorset, Miss Louise D. Shearer, Miss Genevieve Sylvester. Miss Clara Stedman, 1 Suite 19 Miss Gussie D. Miller, Miss Ethel Dow, J Miss Christine R. Wright. HELEN Do1zsET, 099.5 -X X- -it -E X- -JE X HE editors of the Badger tried in vain to get an anecdote from the pen of Mr. William Young, '94, now of the New York World, but are forced to content themselves with the following, which he did not contribute. It is said that as a sophomore Mr. Young objected to doing military duty and in an interview with Dean Birge upon the subject, alleged lameness in the right foot as a valid reason for excuse from the same, wearing a cane and a. conspicuous limp as evidence of his good faith. Dr. Birge was interested, and after listening to the tale, requested Mr. Young to walk across the floor to show how severe his disability really was. Billy rose to comply. Perhaps the Dean's pertinent questions had somewhat befuddled him, and perhaps he had just forgotten, but at any rate it is a matter of history that he limped painfully and conscientiously, but on the wrong foot. And the excuse was not granted. 210 I 1 H Prophecy When you see a finished structure On the lower campus rise, And the faculty persuaded That bi-weekly hops are wiseg When Schmitt fails to ask a question, And the President cuts his hair 5 When the " Laws " no longer gather On the steps to talk and stare, When you see Doc. Marshall answer In a manner sweet and kind Questions of a varied nature Which perplex a Freshrnan's mind, When you see Van Velzer coming Up the hill at eight o'clock, And on Prom. night all the Hall girls To floor " B " forget to flock, When you see a BADGER published With no jokes on Pyre and Snow, And the entire student body To the Y. M. C. A. gog When you see theses abolished With their agonies galore, And the Senior's burdened spirits Rise to heights unknown beforeg- Then you may be very certain There has dawned a bright, new day, And what startling things may follow 'Tis beyond my power to say. when She Gfddudftd. Hg she was beautiful, He dared scarce look, of at X cet, . M45 is an g p W I X Xf f fi!! F ll re-. riff 'ffm f ' -, f ,,"f-1-,Zi Xt? 'jxiif E f W Giza ' " This shell shall win if it takes the last drop of blood in my body 1 1-' 41, , ! 'Q1Y1xi I we 4. Nor could he turn awayg So stood withitrernbling heart, afraidg Until he saw, entwined within her hair, The roses he had sent, And he was glad. HE-" I saw a half-bushel of people come out of the Palace of Sweets, to-night." SHE-" A half-bushel? " HE-" Yes, two Pecks,-Lucile and Roy." A bright Freshman says that he is surprised that many of the young ladies do not wear short sleeves all the time, for he says, "The Constitution affirms that no one shall be denied the right to bare armsf' y xel g ll -,, Thou too sail on, O Badger Book! We know too well the pains we've took, We know what hands have writ thy lays, And those who wrought for days and days, And what a smudge and what a smoke 1 Was clustered 'round each little joke.- ,V , x . Sail on, sail on! . A Qhmx Sail on, sail on! X r .J L UD Q ! wl'f"""1' fl n if I I UU pn I play no gentle shepherd's lute, No rustic muse is mine, No tortoise lyre, nor pipes of Pan, No Bacchic songs of wine, And yet I love those ancient lays, Those carrnina divine. The sunny skies and balmy air, Such were their frequent themes, And happy hours infshady nooks Beside the pebbly streams, And glorious old Arcadia, Ye have our tears, And worst of all, ye have our fears That if the dollars roll not in, The Badger Board will lose their tin. Ye have our fears 3 Our hopes, our prayers, sometimes our tears, Are all with thee, are all with thee. Eprics Of Aphrodite oft they sang, And of her naughty child- Those old, untutored love affairs, 'Twixt nymphs and satyrs wild, When alimony was unknown, Nor damage suits were filed. Though harsh my voice in this dull day, Of books and printers' ink, Yet love I Well those ancient lays- From Attic springs would drink, And listen to the songs that rose The land of love and dreams. ' ECBOQS fi'0m H72 CNHI EQCTIIN I. As they reached the ears of Mrs. Turner. Far back on Alphaeus brink. Freshman Girl Cas the speaker is introducedj: "Who's that man ? " Miss Sylvester: " Why, that's Freddie Turner, he's the finest man on the hill? II. As overheard by the Professor himself. Miss Keech fwalking up the hill the next morningl: nice, but he can't hold a candle to Professor Turner." POS!-50Pb0ii10I'lC A Freshman fresh from pastures green, Of charming unsophistication, One morning on the street was seen With hair in rude abbreviation. 212 Professor Trent is pretty h.. J' 1 7 sv K MQ' XQXN Z!! 'fl' f f NX 'Q fi if ik wklimni '1f!4ff" f 1 X law 4 pm I ly? A fl X X 'L 0 I i at 0 My E ' - 2355 ' swap" he JW , . - X, IW 'Y , HY l ,,1,: f X' . p, ffsskk " f'7'7:- 'Fill' -:V T':.-- .,- A '7 - aes' fzffi I '975"fff::.:2a-2-are , ,f4, , -04,15 rip ff:-Y . f .gaaew .,, ,a N ,I I I -,.1-.3,-,gffbffm ' I Vik' MZ! ' 9 I iw f,'-Ei'-":2cjgffi:pf-Nt .ffm wi if -.f 1 K Jf'l-,-'w.m:,1:.,1,H u,J,f . 1 4f'"s-' 5-1 -1- '. pq. ltr' -:ff -:.:f,.. it--4-fly '. -ff' 'efrsism-fn z Q , , u,:,fg:g.,g- ,g1'ffrf,v1.1 675,13--,ff f,'- xy- ...ff-A-ff: :erin iff. 9 -if : ,.-ff, x i hii,ggl,, Q 5Q?iZ51i'x ,, 6 igfjii,-7: f n , flffjfl ' .VH 4,112-" 1" lf. 1 .m ,Q , 31 :fff.:ff if 'te ff fi:f:f5!l g.s,.,: 4 ,,.:jg' ,rf ref 'J Y' ' Siff? 5i"'!7:mdi'2fEi. " 4 " liz" 'Ei' rip.. hffizz. Demosthenes' "On the Crown." ms Dying Bed They sat around his dying bed, And waited for him to dieg He'd been up town and had a spread, And eaten much mince pie, And then they saw, as 'round they sat, The bed-spring up in pain. At least, they thought that it was thatg Perhaps 'twas counterpane. They thought they heard the death-watch sound, Last warning to the sick, if-- But when they came 't look around, 'Twas only the bed-tick. Pray don't believe this fairy tale, I'm a. liar, yes, I am. This story was made up for sale, 'Tis nothing but a sham. 'Freemanisms Professor Freeman: " Mr. McArdle, where would you look for another descrip- tion of a tournament? " McArd1e: " In Chaucer." Professor F,: " Well, in what Work of Chaucer?" McArd1e Qconsulting a neighborj: " The Fairie Queen." Professor F.: " Say McArd1e, I'd kick the man that toldfme that." Professor Freeman fhold- up a copy of the "Divine Comedyujs " Here is a book which no member of the class should be without. It costs but eighty cents. Heaven for eighty cents, with Hell and Purgatory thrown in." Professor Freeman Qcalling rolljr " Miss Lipe. Miss Lipe here? Sick? Must be W2 Professor,Freen1an: " Miss Keech-where is Miss Keech?" Miss Scribner: " I think she is going to stop this- Professor F.: " She can't stop a thing shehasn't begun. Just tell her that, will you?" Professor Freeman: "Miss Campbell, how do you pro- nounce ' braes? ' I see you have a Scotch plaid in your name." 9 S "I N old cow wandered down the street, V -- all - .1 Looking for something greeng Z' , A Freshman young she chanced to meet- - , . He'sn at the University of Leipsic. " r 1. 4, x v ever since been seen. 214 Jxf'-'54 5010 52 was Cilllgm CDedicated to a former Badger Board chairmanj The shades of evening were pulled down and the moon was hung out to prevent 'any belated Wayfarer from wandering off the earth. On a great veranda stood a section of fancy railing before a rocking chair. The rocking chair held a very pretty young lady in its arms. The chair rocked back and forth with an almost imperceptible motion. So slowly did it move that the moon-cast shadows on the floor had time to rest after each rock. On the fancy railing sat a young man of some literary futility and a high- ,- flyer in the community. He regarded the rocking-chair with envy, and hummed gently with half-closed lips: " If I were you I If I were you !" The chair creaked slightly, and the shadow on the floor quickened its pace. " My darling !" began the young man at last, in strange embarrassment. The shadow on the floor outdid itself in a fierce effort to keep up with the rocker. The fancy railing shook, never before in its varied experience had the railing heard those words spoken to that young lady with such deep signin- cance. In sudden rage it seized the young man's tan-covered foot with its fretted wooden tentacles. Its victim twisted and pulled and wriggled, but in vain. The rocking chair was shaking now, but not in rage. The moon drew a great cloudy sleeve before her face and laughed, while the little stars winked at one another. The young man on the fancy railing sat like an ancientgfmalefactor with one foot in the stocks. The blood rushed to his face and neck and ears, but he alone knew this. With nnal determination he amateurly contorted himself and made a double-handed pass at the imprisoned extremityg in another moment he sat, in a stock-ing, and gazed with conflicting feelings at the empty rocking chair, -X--56-lb A science Prof. did eat one winter night A midnight lunch Ctwas not what you'dfcall lihtj Then went to bed, and soon was snoring loud, When o'er his brain there seemed to pass a cloudg A monster came to him and said, " You'll do, I'n1 really very hungry, and I'm going to eat you." Of horns and hoofs the Prof. he caught a glimpse, fPray pardon me, I know my meter limpsj, And then he said with courtesy most scant, "Why you are graminivorous, you can't." 215 I. I H . l l I,-V .' fl ff' f l . i X, I fl is hx: xy Q. -443. l ! fx if ,Qld l V Santa Claus to Professor Sober flask Christmasl : "Poor Professor Sober l" Professor Sober.-" Why, what's the matter with me?" Santa Claus.-" You are so thin, there's only room for a stick of candy in your stocking." Professor Sober-- " Yes, but just think how long it'1l have to be S" BGIIIQ DDIIIII ol CDICZISO llllivtfsllp. Tune: ' 'America " Rockefeller, 'tis of thee, Man with thy cash so free, Of thee we sing. Our hands to thee we reach, We all call thee a peach, And our professors teach Thou'rt the real thing. We really cannot say e gi.g'?',:fg- A tiiafqg How much we spend a day, Upon our team. We love thy tanks and mills, ' We love thy dollar bills, ,ff "' Thy cash our pocket fills, A 'ff 'iii And that's no dream. sfL"Lg fFoZIowz'ng verse: are sung reverenibf, and 'with hai: ojij l i mil, 'iii We have a trainer rare, He is beyond compare, I We do not brag. ff 15, X What though the heavens fall, 7 92535 -'1- ' " He is our one, our all, 75 A man devoid of gall, His name is Stagg. And people ought to know, ,41 He loves from top to toe if A An amateur. , 'M Should he a player see, E A Who had received a fee, U IAM I-Ie'd give him the G. B., 'ah S, To keep things pure. y,1i.Qi1 ' 495.5 U? lffifii A . ae ae ee 'Wine what Eve? TeS5iE?:-i-Q4 f' Once a whole class got conned in "trig," And didn't that young prof. feel big. But late that night he heard a sound, And he waked him up, and looked around, He could not move however much he twisted, And worse it grew the more that he resisted. Then came the gollywobbles' gleeful shout, "He's under the radical and can't get out! ! ! " 213 C, MEI me Wucimsxn CnmQ Hddlll alla EDR. The ichthyosaurus danced around in the light of the pea-green moon, H While the rhamphorhynchus hummed and roared in Wagnerian lack of tune, And the mastodon walked with the dinosaur, or loafedon a low sand-dune. The crocogators and and allidiles were hungry and long and lean, And they chased the smog and the eight-tailed dog in manner that was mean, While the plesiosaurus and thermosaur were entirely too often seen. Then into this chaos of birds and beasts came a common, "ornery" man, He was small and slim, and soft and white, until he began to tang But you ought to have seen, when the dinosaur chased, how swiftly then he ran. Then woman was made, and together the two the fields and forests scoured, But when animals chased, no longer he ran, for fear she'd call him cowardg l So he stood still and called them names, and never once was devoured. For the dinosaurus and plesiosaur were shocked at the nerve of the man, And so, whenever he called them names, they turned around and ran. QYou will not wonder, not at all, if you their names do scan.j And so to this day in this whole wide world, if man owns all that's made, Remember all credit is due to her who round in the wilderness strayed, For man took everything only for fear that woman would call him afraid. 216 I I I I I I I I I , II I I I I I I I I I 3 1 I I I I I . I I I I . I L I I I I Q I I I I I . SGDDNCS Dark the nightg no moon, not a star in heaven, Sadly moaned the wind through the leafy tree-tops, From the belfry tower the stroke of midnight Dismally sounded. Brightly shown the lamp from an upper window, Where, with peace of mind and a student's meerschaum, Lo! the mighty chief of uncounted Freshmen - Bucked for the morrow. Hist! there comes a sound from the outer darkness, Like the tread of feet in nnwonted numbersg Then a voice in tones of suppressed excitement: " Freshie, we Want you." As ofttimes with strength that is born with frenzy, Dutchmen heap their dikes in the face of the Ocean, So against the door seven chairs, two tables 4 Gathered the Freshman. Then he strode in might to the open window, Leaned far out and gazed at the shapes beneath him g Cool the words he spoke, though his heart was thumping: "Come in and get me." As the waves sweep in on some struggling seaman, Raise him high in the air and then send him seaward, So this human wave carried off the Freshman, Vainly resisting. H CQIISIIS When Adam irst came to the earth, a census he did takeg He started it and it went all right till there came a sudden He started with Saurarodon and Megatherium, And then came Ceraterpetor and Brontotherium, Then Glyptodon, Dimorphodon and Hypsilophodon, And Pezophops, Pythonomorphs and Polyptychodon. The rest were Pterodactyls, Toxodontotheriums, Basilosaurs, Peiorosaurs, Homalodontotheriums, And then and there an end came to his census- He struck Iguandon Bernissartensis. 217 f 'f f f- 'RJWO ' T 1' tg fi ,Wt 1 iiti. Q if TEA Wm 2 912155 xi s f in ix I N I , ' I r Q f if , ,MM fy 3, Eel! 'T ' i 2 " - h if break. Freshman girl : " I don't see why they call -those six German verbs auxiliariesg they don't help me a bit." WVDQ IIZDQI' mtl YEAR, in sooth, or two or three, I've gone to class, dear maid, with thee - "QM I've gone to class, and yet, dear me, Somehow we've never met. I know you well, each hat, each dress, Each tone of voice, and must confess I like the same, but none the less, We've never, never met. When you have failed, the pain was mine, My prayers were yours at every lineg I shared your triumphs, though in fin We two had never met. ei Your gentle lesson I've perused Too oft in class 3 and I have mused On fancies in my breast infused, And wished that we had met. Dear girl, the goodness that has shone From your fair face will ne'er be known By you,--that subtle sweetness flown To those you've never met. -It 'X' it Subject to an attack of the blues It was in the English literature class and the professor was assigning poems from Burns. ll Miss Meinhardt," said he, " you may have ' A fond kiss and then we se mean nothing personal. " At the next meeting of the class Miss Meinhardt reported on the piece as follows "This poem was written by Burns to Clarinda. Indeed, it is a well-known fact tha many other poems have been written to Clara Linde." And Sunny wilted. 218 y CDC Hnair of me Dome Perhaps they were engineers, and perhaps they were members of Professor Wil- liams' class in Hellenistic Greek. You may draw your own conclusions. The atmosphere of the room was murky. The smoke from the pipes rose unstead- ily, swirled around in heavy rings, and finally lost its identity in the general blueness. " Well," said Farnsworth, as he spat thoughtfully into the waste-basket, " I don't know that I mind telling about it now, but it might have made a lot of trouble awhile ago:- "It was nearly four o'clock when we reached Main Hall, and it was somewhat later before we got to the top of the building. You know they were repairing it then and the big old dome was built up, inside and out with temporary scaffoldings. Keely carried the bucket of red paint and a brush, and the rest of us lugged a big seven- eighth inch rope. We fastened the rope around Blackford's waist, and let him down on the outside through a hole in the very apex of the dome. "Scarey? I should say it was scarey. Thirty feet or so to the roof, a short roll to the edge, and then-straight down for four stories. But Blackford did not stop to think aboutlthose things-we were all in good spirits, anyway. First he painted the upper half of the l as high as he could reach, then he turned upside down, with his heels in the air and his eyes bulging, and painted the rest of the 1. "We pulled him up and another man took his place. Brown an -N painted the 9, Maderson the first O, and Wild the second 0. Before we were done with the job it was broad daylight, and near break- . r . fast time. There were four good suits of clothes spoiled, and we ff- K X had all kinds of work to get the red paint oi our hands in time If '- .K Wx for class. 1 Xi 'b "But it was an artistic piece of decoration when it was iinished- I A 1- :, 5 1 5 1900 in iine, straight figures, six feet high and beautifully red. Every- body in the 'Varsity saw it the next morning. The Freshmen, in uri' i n p ' particular, didn't like it, which was natural, and two or three days XM 4 N- later it leaked out that they were going to do some painting on ,X IL "I HH their own hook. The word was passed quietly among us Sophs, T 'I 1 .fl and early that evening a little crowd of us were posted in the shrub- ! N fy bery and rubbish at the rear of the Main Hall. " But we never carried out the little plan our reception commit- tee had in mind. It was a very nice plan, and would have effectu- ally squelched the ardor of all aspiring Freshmen. But it began to rain, a slow, driz- zling, measley sort of rain, that was wet and very cold. A late hour that night found three of us lying under the scanty protection of the dome, way up on the tin roof, waiting for thefLFreshmen. We had climbed up by a temporary scaffolding on the outside of the building. The rest of the party had gone to rout out reinforcements. "By and by we heard the enemy, they were coming in swarms. But somehow they had got an idea that we were ready for them, and they were cautious, and just to impress 'em wfth our numerousness, we Bred shingles at them and exposed our heads as suggestively as possible above the sky-line. "We heard them breaking into the building. They were coming up the stairs. They were just beneath our feet, at the trap that opens onto the roof. They 220 scratched a match, smashed the lock, and tried to push back the sliding door. But we had barricaded it with stray scantlings, and they couldn't budge it. "Those Freshmen were real inventive, as well as persistent. They hunted around and got a big cedar post from somewhere, and began to use it as a battering ram. Of course our little barricade couldn't stand that. We had no adequate brace, so we grabbed some more scantlings and tried to fix them against the big chimney that runs up from the edge of the slanting roof. But one scantling was too short to reach and two together were too long. So we put one against the door, and the other way down against the foot of the chimney, letting the two ends come together like the top of the capital letter A. Then I crawled out on the iiying iron rod that held the big chimney, and balancing myself with this, I put all my weight onto the top of that letter A. And every time those Freshmen hit that door a swing with their cedar post, those two beams would drive together and shoot up, and me along with them. "The end of it all came this way. The Freshmen nnally gath- ered themselves together and gave that post an awful swing. The door gave way with a crash, my scantlings flew up into the air, and I went off into space with all the breath knocked out of me. I struck all in a heap on the slope of the roof, and started to roll. I was too sick to think very much, but I guessed in an impersonal way that my time had come, and I tried to say my "Now I lay me-" I rolled on and slipped, and then bumped into the base of the chimney and lay still. "Meanwhile the Freshmen had knocked the door away and were trying to come up, and our fellows were slamming them over the heads with clubs and things. At last the Freshmen who wereLbehind gave a mighty push, actually lift- ing up their foremost men and shooting them up through the hatch- ' way. Our fellows were outnumbered, and the scrap that followed was short, but sweet. Duifey grappled with Kittleson there in the dark and wetg one of them stumbled, and they both went down on that slippery tin roof, sliding towards the edge. Snyder was over- powered, and I crawled up to the scene of the festivities, just in time to be nabbed. "Meanwhile our fellows had gathered in force, and were coming up the stairs with a yell. The Freshmen had to hurry to empty their pot of black paint over the last 0 in the 1900, and the Sophs were upon them. "There were some chairs on the top landing which the Fresh- men threw together for a barricade. The Sophomores made a rush and used what remained of the chairs as a means of persuasion. It was a lovely time, all in the dark, too. Teddy Brown tells how he would jump onto the necks of two advancing Sophomores and carry them with him to the next landing. Twice he performed this operation, but the third attempt was met by something which caused a shower of stars and a temporary " lapsus memoriaf' "In the midst of it all a small voice whispered that the "cops" were coming, and the tumult was stilled. We shook hands all 'round, and sneaked of home through the grayness of the early morning." l l X AMX l l 221 X Nl K iv, N i f 'iff X X J ill. M '-f11 Y. ' 41 . ff Il I l lim i lin l 'K A 1 li I Ill the Eli. CIZISS N the Lit. class sat two maidens, Sat two maidens young and frisky. Brilliant were their wits and ever Brilliant was their conversation. And an inspiration seized them, Seized them as they sat in Lit. class, And they reeled off soulful rhymelets- Rhymelets writ in perfect metre. But alas for these two maidens! Sunny's eagle eye lit on them, QLit I say for 'twas Lit. classj As they sat there, giggling, howling, Roaring at their pretty verses- Aud he called on each in order- And they flunked with many a hard stab, Flunked disgracefully, and straightway Swore they'd never more write verses, As they sat there in the Lit. class. Il 'Freshman Borsa A Freshman had a little horse, It knew well how to go, And everywhere that Freshman went, The horse went too, you know. It followed him to class one day, Which was against the ruleg It made the teacher roar and rage, To see that horse in school. And when the teacher turnedihim out, The Freshman, pale with fear, Jumped on the horse and rode away, And never more came near. fjfiixx I" QI' xg--ff '50 XX 'vllfizf' x, , ,Ji 'V fl . gi. 'vlyil N ? WW" f 1 ffl , Laundry business increases and Esterly buys a horse. " Say, was it cold in the room where you had your exam. this morning? " " Cold? The exam. was stiH'.'l 219 rv . 'K R R , ,214 Ftaxxi I y 4 X 62- " A uf uw! Q, X9 CH c"3!- il' I 5555" Q93 'mfilh ' ' V JZEENS Che fl'6Sbm2lll Ilsks- Is Slaughter fierce of mind and mein? For Why is Lucy Gay? Has Hambuechen a porcine look? And what turned Eunice Gray? O tell me, is Miss Brigham young? And what makes Molly Strong? Is Honeywell sofvery sweet? And is George Tallman long? Oh, what is Theo. Running for? Why isn't Sober sad? That Nathan Short has length of limb, And Grimm is often glad. Our Snow seems warm as any many And Frost belies his nameg A f And Wolf is of pacic mindg , ' And Robert Wild is tame. N ' One more, no doubt it's plain to you, ' Perchance I am a dunce- , . gm Why do our poets always bear Euphonic names like Stuntz? ' 5 , - -me as ae 7x A E7 " Burke," said Stuntz, as he threw a biscuit the length of , ,, 15 'the table and hit a normalite on the ear, " What column in the ,s ll . KSN 2 - Record does that remind you of? " Wir C- " Fired at Random," promptly answered Burke. sg? .....,...,..........................,.............. I A A Mr. H M. Esterly Draws onhf for the Aegis -Z . F .9 ALLEN-JACOBSON COMPANY QQ S X IXCLUSIVE LITERATEURS ,Q I A if I -. 1 5 Ballads and Roncleaus a Specialty Manuscripts Received and Rejected ..............-...-...........-........-..--..- Mr. H M Esferly Draws onbf for lhe Aegis 222 L N P: y ' I . -'Aa . Xx W 49 X ,qi 3:11 K' if i W ? 1, X Jw! " Diogenesn Smith. w 'f 2 l . N -.nk 1 wihfel' 5521125 df PiC!1iC PON! S ,ii Y' , 3 XQfPJ'?Q.1f l ll ' 455555 I l, I . h 1 W xl fesa 'i'f'11'li 'T , 11 I f A l V , g ,n3,,f',- ig -l'lVlil,!, 'f' A --1 lil I fl A-,lf , -Ll: .- ln-' V91 dui YWAlVii'WX, W Z N' HCT-"Q 4' ffffw' 1 wglg g I Q ,-wi, . ,V .N Xrv fl W u WDQII Pdf 6065 BGCK F0 KICK The grand-stand is a howling mass, The lines are crowded thick, Now center makes a clever pass, And Pat goes back to kick. Ten giant frames protect in front Like twenty tons of brick, The captain signals for a punt And Pat goes back to kick. , ,Af Qi .xr 5 A' Unerringly the pig-skin flies Above the goal cross-stick, , The rooters' "Rah-Rah" rends the skies When Pat goes back to kick. . ,I Af. . . If , 2 'ls ' A94 ,. ,,.1 ' Av , -. 'mwfzt Say, you who never yet have seen The skillful kicker's trick, Come out upon the white-washed green When Pat goes back to kick. -Kit? HIIIOIIQ fb? lIdWV0l'S Mr. Olin.-"What is the law in regard to deceit, Mr. Case?" ' Mr. Cadby Case.-"The law-ah-used to be-" Mr. O1in.- "Well, what is it now?" Cadby ponders fthen a bright idea strikes hin1j.- "The law is now just the same as it was then." " Next," says Mr. O., and Cadby subsides with a look of astonished remonstrance. wk-76-JG She grabbed the ball and hugged it, And made a homeward rung 'Twas a football from the Palace, Full of candy for her churn. -me -me -we Mr. Steve Stuntz has returned to White- water to resume his studies in the Normal School. Steve is one of our shining lights. -Monroe Sentinel. 223 L 'K Y ' in x H' I 7' F Q l n? X' f a- HQ f if X N9 1 0 Q2 X pn, lm! I gut, V- I ip ' l lf ,211 1.4f:i7'Q5f, KW fs! V ri' l I -sf-' ,, 259' llll QFGQJ, ,4 a - ea. ., , 6 r bc..--f',lF' . f x . .LE 9 I V' 11,11 y J, bl X 1 bldg, 3 ' 1 It El-t..f" ' 'a ' 4 I J.. v -1' . ' f ' vu .A f w ,1- -- 7 ff' 'iii 'll W ' W I ax - 2, ii" Xfbfi iw. K, ' ' . Q nib: mis! III, sxl -f4a'Q,,,,gg! l 5 -1-iff' I of - ----r r . . , 'f 1 I . 4--Fw -x f 'I L: I t 2 ' 'fl I V Z. I ,P s fr' 1 ? ,s X , , NN 4:67 64m.,ff, . f ' .f', 'Q 51 ,'fE,i':f4 hir f 'W Q " r ,fe 1 - fa W K fi" !z ff N jfs.-,.4:.f 'riff' ' q . - ,, f . .A-Sfmt, 'iii' . ' . we iffeiswllfifif , f :-fr xv Q .H 'f'-ww 4 ' " 1 lz"'fl'inf'wof'l-'K vsffft, I ,I -, If Il K II s x I'1rllHillilg'l,z, Ill," L, L, J 'fu ni fu' if '457 , -:--fl I LW 1 uf' -- -- -T - f 414, Hffvfl 'fs , 2 'HQQ4 wa, W 94 " T ' " J an -. e,B12?.i5 af 'ie- Suggestion for monument on lower campus. Mr. Stagg, in his proclamations to the Chicago dailies, says, "Ch SOIIIQ SIEISSUIGIQG SIZIIIZGS 1' They played a nice, clean game," " won easily," etc., etc. H wafm Hifi Dr. Stearns :-"Miss C., in what respects did Michael Angelo's work excel that of other masters ? " Miss C. fstabbing wildlylz-"His color ef, fects, and his execution were-" Dr. Stearns:-"Miss C., you are warm, but You've.the cleanest team on earth, I don't think, Mr. Stagg. They've been amateurs from birth, Aber ni't, Mr. Stagg. We were doubtless very mean, When we didn't let you screen, Their past hist'ry that's so clean, So we think, Mr. Stagg, Showing up most all the team, Mr. Oh, you played a nice, clean game, I don't think, Mr. Stagg. And the slugging was quite tame, Aber ni't, Mr. Stagg. But we'd only like to say Of the man that kicked O'Dea, He'1l go out without delay, - not how So We think, Mr. Stagg, And he'll ride home in adray, Mr. Of course you won with ease, I don't think, Mr. Stagg. And for you it was a cheese, Aber ni't, Mr. Stagg. But although we feel quite sore, We are thirsting for your gore, In another year or more, So we think, Mr. Stagg, We will turn about the score, Mr. E f- " i I' 7 ff-W e if I f rr 1 " ,..g. , Y - - Z: . y . ...ifgp A E ",5',a..afc ,rl 2,4 1.353535 7-. MZIZQMM 1 eff- E Wzib ,fa a a as f if ll ff 1' ' 'E f by if f, -law .-1 I ' ff ' V J ", A , ' 1' 1, 'V ifc ' In ' ix ll 7 5 i t nil f .ff M1116 f ,-'. gg, vial 74 l I 1 , f,M:ff f?,.' la, Y It i I 1 ll - aa I' I , Jigga ,.., X . ig-5-fggsjtwl Xlbgil a 1 f I , 5 f '1f.i'f ,325-J ' Tit ,,'- 'W . f f ,Z.5,QjLE,j , 42? - ' , ' U W "W fri' ' gf? .ffl -27 .5 W , ,' .ff if 5- ,o gg I I. , f ff ' 1 T SSM' lt --..6 ' N Mg. Our Brave Co-eds or how Miss V-rg-n and Miss R-ym-r stopped the runaway Q1 horse. icagds team was purely amateur. " N H Horse Herman Taylor informs the Amer- ican history class that one clause in the Articles of Confederation is a stable article. Stagg. Stagg. K. E26 fl'dlISldflIlQ "Der franiosische Koch Appert-" "The French cooking apparatus-" Stagg. No matter where an Eau Claire boy is to be found he turns out a true patriot. Here is a letter from Mr. Allard Smith at the University to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith: LIADISON, Wis., April 25, 1398. My Dear Parents:-I guess there is going to be war. I and Prexy addressed a. rousing mass-meet- ing of the students today, and then I enrolled over three hundred, professors and students, in my regiment. I Spain is going to be licked, even if I have to ,interrupt the Military Hops to do it. Please send me a i ty, as I need some spurs and a campaign hat. Major Schroeder has already procured his. 4 Your aEect1onate son, ALLARD SMITH. -Eau Clair Daibf. 55 QQDWD Gi fig? sf' Www Q Mm ,f r L ' i W Q1 ' m JL! MN Q QU' rfmff fm: n X ' W . f .QSM gg R ff H7 Q ' ,g4 ' p X eycjjyfie V' 1, . , W' Q5 XX ba!! X 1 -- M., "if XX fin? Down If Q 5.71 '-15 I x M A '1 E- 4 5 x Un aliffre My I I ,if -N Jagoorf em! o!77Jt'f wqfmb ll X X 1 t 'y1Y5":g H :TP m i f I Q ggi N I me Leif 626.31-of 6 ,- , , - . ' Ll' K L x WN l'aQ ,, .3 ZlMN V -gm -my fc gr N X p5,,f'i X .turn N Q X. I I-I ?-V fffliffifreffce X 1 Zi? fig-Zi-Ziggy 3 Ill IDG Oldtll, 60IdQll D395 In the olden, golden days when the earth began to raise Its face from the waters of the deep, Lived a tender, slender man, who never walked, but ran, And always found a cave in which to sleep. On a very merry day, as this man did chance to play With two sticks and a bit of twisted bark, Qlt was clearly, merely chance but it was a big advance,J He threw a stick which almost hit a mark. Then this happy, scrappy man conceived the joyous plan, Of shooting the big beasts from up a tree, And his natty, chatty wife could aid him in this strife, For she early learned to shoot as Well as he. ee ae wk "Dear Father," he wrote, "they have ' conned ' me, The reason I cannot discern, I've spent many long nights in ' bucking,' And they say that I readily learn." Then down came the father in fury, To learn why his son had been "p1uckedg" He found, though the boy was " a bucker," 'Twas the "Tiger " alas! he had "bucked." ae -me -me Jack and Will went up the "hill" To see Professor Slaughter. When jack came down he had a " con." And Will, they said, " had oughterf' ee ae ae ',, 'Id if-,QF Freshmen: great precocity, V 2 i q Little done, much said, j gig- fi Due to high velocity . Of wheels within his head. an ae ae YJ" First Hill Squirrel: " Did you hear what that Freshman said just now? " fr I: ,, Second H. S.: f'No, what was it?" Ni First H. S.: " Said he'd caught the spring-fever from bucking Rosensten- WW 8e1's 'Lesebuchf " ak -X. N , ' 'I X Burke: " Your jokes remind me of letters from the Phillipinesf' M i f Stuntz: " Thanks, of course you mean that they are interesting and Y , '? eagerly read." 5 f Burke: " Well I guess not." h Q I! Stuntz: " Why then? " "' N E Burke: "Because they are far-fetched." 227 ' XXX - W xiii ,--ff-J 'AS - I U. W. solves: " The Wisconsin Him SGIIISOII ISDJOSDGIQ There is a man upon the hill Of bearing brave and boldg Abundant locks his head protect From Wind and rain and cold. "Does Scanlan ever cut his hair? " The'ansWer follows then: "Oh no! Because in that event He'd be like other men." .ea.--..-.-...----Q...-..e-..........-............ UNIVERSITY LYCEUM COURSE Library Hall, Season 1898-9 SEASON TICKET 5 Price, 51.00 Admit one ne..-.-..-... ---..........en QOBVERSED . ...... ......... V -,H Barber Pole University Lyceum Coursef Two little boys, A barber mad, S 8 ss 8 A barber pole, A search in vain, 'asm I 9 I 99 1 Pulled it up A plumber lad, "-"- ' And off they stole. And all is plain. Miss Anna C. Emory, Ph.D., "The Isness of the Why" flllustrated by Stereopticonj Two officers, The boys pay for The police patrol, Professor Charles Forster Smith, Ph.D., 1 That barber pole. "The Smoky Mountains of : Tennessee" - - : f-'fr L, N Professor Benjamin W. Snow, Ph.D., 21 "To Infinity and Return, fOne I X 'U X QM, Farey' lx N ffafx er Professor Victor Collin, Ph.D., ' .P :gg X I fb -X . :wx , "Howto Play Tennis" f S-4 ,Y , T, ' lf '- X, Z f f Professor Alexander Kerr, Ml., l Y ' V l ' I "The Zantic Current" ' I Qsfiql , QREVERSEJ ' ,.. X - 'I . ,f'fn I 455555, ' - , I J N ek K Q N xg QW Z-,f f I 1141. , . :fi IS E- ELT, ffff- ff X A POLE TAX Il WiSC0llSill Billlf Fisher hits the C. M and St. R Linefor a Gain io the Southern Par! of the Siate. Of course the Wisconsin foot ball aggregation would be expected to accomplish anything, but when its chaplain and left tackle, in the person of Fisher and Holmes, alone and unaided, buck the line of a railroad corporation, and not only make a f . 1463! M e f-if ' ff . if f7i- - n f if I "MFE X 'ff' I'-' " ' -N ?""'f"' 'QEA ' i 5 F .Q A ii"-'J Ll 4 53---,...-:-"' 'ii Il, - g l X -,Sth 1 " I took it up." touchdown, but ride to goal on one of the corporation's trains, even Chicago might open her eyes. All farmers, even retired ones, deem everything made off from a corporation, just so much treasure laid up in Heaven. S0 when those two retired farmers, Fisher and Holmes, boarded the train at Blooming Prairie, on their way to Madison, the former said : " Now, Harvey, I have a pass and mileage, both over this road. You just drop down here in the back seat and use my pass, and I'll go up in front and use my book. We'll save that much to help the poor." The conductor came through, punched the mileage book with his usual liberality, and passed on. A few min- utes later he came back. "Ther-e's a man down there with a pass in your name." The chaplain looked mildly interested. f' I took it up." The chaplain-m m-well-he made an exclamation. A Warm discussion arose. The conductor objected to the chaplain's acting as referee, he said thathis line was play- ing under eastern rules this season, and that these double passes were risky and liable to result in a loss to one side or the other. The train drew up to a station and the brakeman called time. The con- ductor left the car. Fisher followed and tackled again. He explained the situation, he said they didn't want to give the railway line the privilege of kicking off, and they were willing, even anx- ious, to compromise. All his eloquence was in vain. The conductor held him for downs, and the field felt decidedly slippery. After a period of silent Q X ll T .ew is leg Fisher willing to compromise. 228 suifering for our men, the conductor saun- tered along and re- turned the pass, think- ing to strengthen his line thereby. At Calmar conduct- or number one left the line and a substitute took his place. " Now, Harvey," said Fisher, " we've got to put up a bigger blui. You sit right down here beside me, and hand up that same pass." The conductor came along, punched a mile- :gifs i f I ' ' " ..i age book for J. L. Fisher, and then examined a pass made t - -, ' ' out to J. L, Fisher. His gaze met our men's gaze, and he .I W sx S tried the revolving wedge play. Our gaze held firm. LHQ? A Fisher smiled an off side smile, and said: "No, 1 ' " I A ' " cousins." S x l - ' " fire yon twin brothers?" ecstasy, murmuring, - The conductor wavered, broke, returned the pass and 'EN walked on through the car. The chaplain and lleft tacklevclasped hands in silent " 56.18 to nothing in our favor. .MI , 1 W 9 J ' 4 'P fl 4 x . ? if - ' 'JM H - N 5 Q J 1 1 :i,Y I lf ! I X W 2 W -Pm " No, cousins." -K-it-I fl'6Sblll3ll fdllltlll BQTOTC ,GXEIIII I'm almost dead, my eyes they pain, If they give out I can't remain. Now as exams. are drawing nigh, All stiff with fright my ingers lie- When first I came, I loved to fool. My lessons were a second thought, But Ah! 'tis notllike our High School- I,haven't studied as I ought. Young as I am, mylcourse is run. I've wasted time and spent dad's mon, I darsn'tfask the profs to say If I have any chance or nay. My poor gebusted head, if I For once could cram thee full of brains, With happy heart I then could die And save my family undue pains! Good-bye, dear friends, Pm going home, Conned out, but maybe not alone. 'K -JP 'JG Mr. William S. Kies, a member of the U. W. Glee Club, left during the perform- ance last night, in answer to a telegram, to join his regiment of volunteers at Madison. Such self-sacrifice and patriotism are cer- tainly commendable. 6 -La Crosse Republimn and Leader. ae ee ee It is rumored that Mr. Joseph Loeb of this city "iiunked" the other day in one of his classes. -Appleion Poszf. S. fr ff .x ii i it sl - I ' A 'N xxx in X K f4E?f I If MW- . l Q f After the Chicago Game. kin 1 ," V x Xili- fil .... Q ' fl - i 'X -f ' is 5 sX 5 i ' VX , Wx Two Delta Gamma Freshmen With two Chi Psis made a bet : 'Twas on that fatal foot-ball game- Their tears are flowing yet. Our team was so unselish That they let Chicago win, So a two by two silk pillow Each maiden did begin. ,H 1 V 56 s. .ix W ' A K N lj. lk ff' Q7 X 'li J -..- ni My X ' I ix I, QQ -I, -gr .4 '7 COLONEL Charles Atwood Vilas. C100 DQIFG Gamma fl'2SbmQIl Theylfussed and fumed and worried Long past the wee, wan hours, To get the " Chi Psi" right side up And work the purple flowers. Then in two huge band-boxes, Completely hid from sight, In reams of purple paper With a golden card made tight, They sent them to the Chi Psisz- Did they thank them? Not at all- As yet they haven't found them, Because they were so small. mlSfCf lfymdll O long to be remembered Was the day down at the Gym., When Lyman ran away from Nineteen-Two. He was in abject terror Lest he'd get into the swim And so he ran away from Nineteen-Two. He'd stand around the outer edge, And yell, "Grab him, Nineteen-One," On the day that Lyman ran from Nineteen-Two. But when the Twos got after him You should have seen him run, On the day that Lyman ran from Nineteen-Two. The other Sophs they all stood up And met their men that day, The day that Lyman ran from Nineteen-Two. But it seems that JIIR. Lyman Isn't built in just that wayg And so he ran away from Nineteen-Two. EQ med!!! YO SRV llIliT0l'II1S Todd, ATA, in International Law class, " Don't spies have clothes on in Prof. Parkinson, " That is generally customary." +49-96 Prof. Haskins: "What is the name of the country of France that lies east of Flanders ?" After several Hunks from the class, " Who is better acquainted with the country in question?" Smith, G. H.: U Champaignef' 230 "Don't you just love to read a French novel, Grace?" "I'd much rather live one, Fernie dear." "Now let the brightest man arise And tell us all he knows: " "Here I am," a quick voice cries, . 'Twas Murrish that arose. Freshman :-"It's most peculiar that though I get up at a quarter to nine every morning, my nine o'clocks are all eight o'clocks.', This is another adage false Qall sayings are deceivingj, I see the Cardinal every day, but seeing is not believing. A matter passing strange, of late I've noticed, and have puzzled why, VVhen debts I'm urged to "liquidate" My coEer's always extra dry." Miss Esterlyz-"Which is the dorsal side of the thallus? " Dr. Marshall:-"What do you ask me for? VVhich is the dorsal side of a cat? " Mr. Scanlan is good on derivations- for instance, the word crusade. "The first part of the word comes from cross, and the last means to go, I suppose. ' ' Mr. Dudley :--"Well, what is it? " Capt. Ball :--"Um-er-ah-will you please have Dobson's book on Fielding put on the revolving case for the benefit of the baseball candidates." Freshman Qin a whisperj-"Who are those two seniors talking so loudly over there?" Sophmore Qdittoj-"Seniors? They are the librarians? "My dear Miss Houser, last Christmas must have been rather expensive for you, you have so many admirers." Miss I-I-"Oh, not at all, Isimply gave 'em more or less encouragement." Miss Sterlingz- "Mr. Chase, decline 'good wine.' " Mr. Chase:-"I can't." Miss Sterling :-"I hope you will always try to decline it, Mr. Chase." Dr. Beatty, in Anglo-Saxon class :- "Miss Ptisterer, what's the gender of 'seo spraec,' meaning speech? " Miss Pfisterer, timidly :-Why, isn't speech generally feminine? l' Instructor Seymour:-"The quiz stand- ings, on the whole, were not very satis- factory. One person got as low as 283' Monahan Q in a Whisper, : - "Great Scott! Is it possible I got as low as that?" Prof. Rosenstengel, explaining th e meaning of "taub":-" 'Eine taub Nuss' means a hollow nut. What does it mean when we say 'Der Mann ist taub ?' " Bright Junior:-"The man is hollow." Prof. Frankenburger:-"Mr. Dahl, give me a definition of elasticity." Mr. Dahl:-"Elasticity is that property of matter by virtue of which a-a-a body returns to form-er-after being-com- pressed." I Miss Eunice Gray, reading Shakespeare in Dramatic Reading makes Macbeth say: f"Throw physics to the dogs, I'll none o it. " Was this exactly kind to Professor Snow, Miss Gray? Miss Ross, reading Chaucer:- "Wher that ther kneled in the hye weys, A compaignye of ladies tweye and tweye. " Dr. Pyre :- "What does ' twewe and tweye ' mean? " f Miss Ross:-"Why, two and two make our. Prof. Knowlton Qafter reading a de- scription of the ride from Milwaukee to the Mississippi, by Hamlin Garlandj:- "Miss Challoner, what do you think of this description? Is it true to life? " Miss Challoner:-"I've never been over the road." Dr. Pyre :- " Who was Pluto, Miss Bertles? H Miss Bertles looks inquiringly at the class.-Bell rings. Dr. Pyre:-"Well, I hope you'll make his acquaintance later, Miss Bertles." The girls look shocked but Miss B. smiles sweetly. George G. Davies, QRacine Freshman of diminutive sizej, "Guess I've met you. Will you put your name on my card? " Miss Emery Q graciouslyj, " Certainly, you may have it." George G. , ' 'Would you like my shoulder to write on? " Miss E., "Oh! No, thank you. It is a very ingenious offer, however." 231 1- 1 1. - i Y: A-L, 1 1 Y 'Y --H 1 1' 1 1 Ai' ,,,.1 ,,., . .. 1 ' I j"1lllnl "'11i"1i!1l1li"'1l11ll 1' 1 .1 l 11S11""E""1'1111111I111 ' 1 11. A' L1 H A 1111 1.1 11 1 1 1 ' Q1 11 l llll1ll1l11l31!lll1lIlfl'll nn mll1mn1nl1ll11ll1lunlmu 1111l11lll1111191l11!1lllllu1l111 . 411111 11111lllllII1I1I1I1I1llllIIIII11lU.'11I .1 , - ' ' ,' 1 I ' E, ,, , 1 ' 1 1 .- '5i1"r1n"'rliIi711I1i'iHIlill'.?:2!I!!l!Il!IIIIII11 V ' l11Il1lIll1lI111l'1g 1 1111111 11111111111111 1111111111111 111111 11111111 111111111 1 u1111111111l111111r11111fl1l11nl111 111111 11 '11 11 I1 - - V ,1- 111 1 1 "1 '15 'Inj lg' 111, 11 1 1 1 1 1 M , 1 , : 1' 1 1 1 '11 11 11111111111111111 11111 1111111111i11.111111l1.11 111111 111111, .11.11 11 V 1 1111111 11111 111 '11 1 11111 111 1 1 1 11 ' 1 1 1 11 ,1 11'-111111 1 ' '11 11111, "11111111111-1111.-11.5 1 .11 111 - 1 1 1, 1,1. 1 11. 1 11.111111 -111 1 .. A 1 1 1111'1 '1'1 1 111 ' 1 1111111 1111 .11r1.:a11'i-'111" 1111111111 1111111 .11 . , 1 - 111 1:11111 I1 11 1 11 111 1 1 11111 1 1. 1111 1 ,:-'1111'111, 1 '11 11 1 1 11111: 111' '.1 1.. 1 !1l11111111111.11111'11111111 1111 1 -1 1 '1 111' '11- 111' 11 1 1 1. 1111 1 1 11 1 . 1 1f 1i1111.1111 1 1-,F 111 1113 - 1 '1.111111111111e11' 111111111111111111111111.1111 1 -111111 1 1 1 1 I 111 11'111'11 ' 1. 1 11 Q 111 111..11111.11.. 11 ,111,111 11 111111 F 11 7211512111 1HF1.! 1 1 1,1 1 1115 111 A 76.3, 1 11311-1211111 1 1-H111 lllllllllll 1 .51 1 1' 11z..- . "W .1 1 1 5"-'1-M' lf 1 .1111151?1f'."" 1 1 . ' - .1 1 ' 1,1,l111I1,- IWW. ,n.,,1bf11!f. . I 1- gy ?1 1 111113 111 11111 , 1., 111 11111111 1 1 ml?-:11W1 11l:!111l!1',1I111 1 11111 , 11 111 1114 , 111 11 .11 1 . 1" '11 11. 11:1'T1w,,,.111f11: 1m."s111 111 ., '11' Q' 1' 1 ! 1 1 1 1 111Mi1111w11M fn 1 W ZEWQW 11 W 1 1143111 1 1 1 1.1 ,11'f" '-we I 11111 21?'11'111111'11115W111i1'111'11111, I 111 11 1111 , 1111111111 . 1 1 21! f f' I 1"1,111'11ff1111a111,1.vE. "' .-.1 111 ' 1 1,11 1 11151 "" 1 1 6 ' " 11 IQQQQ111 " .T Fi g 1' 11 111,i.11111i""'11'111-,15112311111121 11 ' 1 111511 1 1 1 .1 711251191 E?111'k-eu-1115311112536 .ff.,fWg,, , 11:-.5g",,:,K - , ,A . -ff,-1 ." -1'- iff. .1-121: ,F.1x.l1.1-,ii w,5v'111111if1'3g4 - -21-1-1:'!11!11' "lf 11111-f1'1111:.1L,11 WJWZF L' ,1 12111-1 1' E111 1.. Eb :IZ-.1 ., 1.,-g"1L1 1111 "q'115 f11 !1"11I1 111-111.121-121 "1'i'lf1fff?"'f1151ZWQFH 1 -11 1 .1 1 4' 111 - "1'S111N1-111293.56 13fQ?111111,1fQZN41 Y 1-11" 1, .,f: -5 ', w'iEEr5ij'j,g35..:1 17-11.1,-V 1.3: x "" '15 1'141,.'-'1,jf j 1 , 1 1' " :1r1f111q1ni- 1-..J. L 12,1 15.2.2 rg! '11 - :,1-1,111 1: I.,-Qu 21 . 13135-r17f?Q1 1 ' --f1a11fN-1 111 1 11S111!1111?5F,77,if'i?511'l111111i11111'11'H111m?15525231.'. fi-., 1 ' 1 171121 141112111 . '? 115117 1 -Q1 If --X I 3.1 111- 1 -- Tgtwf-,51y!,14Ql , 1 11:1 11 I 1'1- ' 1 ,ff , 1 .1 -W .111 .11 1 ' 1'-'15 ':1.1511?f!9if1f1111 d'f213'2Qff1i1f11::f1"1 1 ,11111111 2. ww 1 111111.11111 . f fb 1' wwqgp, fg1,1, ,y 1:91, , ',1 If .1-'T. 135113 fy' 1 , 1"-,1,,J-:f+-14141 11 . fggfgqggrq 55 , h , V J 11-1WfE:g1,D1: 1111.13 11- -11Eg'1'4f 111311 5 5.11.1t17z1111fl1.1i:1 1 1 1111111 X11 E ' H W 'kg 1111""1'!-1. -.g 1'-1 K - 111a1'.111fE.11 111 2111.71 " 11 .11111f1'111 'S S -f -fi 111'-f..1111'1111f11f1 1111! X1 1 74111111 -1-11 - 11111112 1 135 2 21 .gif 11 111 1111 1!!111111Q1 if N. 1 X Z S if- . '1131V,1,1 1-'113:13-1111111111:-5 11:11-Z.::::f.''.1'Q:1,,1 A, nf' 1 1 " , 1- jf 11 gf .QQ 1' 1 11111111111-if H' .' 1 111 11111 1 ' a11'1'1"'11 J gg , . v ,n.....-. 1 , fs-"' . , 1 ' ' 4 '-' '-'l' 1 - , A MEMORABLE MEETING OF THE '99 BADGER BOARD. DUI'1,B4BELL,fo.S iw:-' ,, ' -- ' 'L . ,i i i! ' Q Q ' 4 e b? if ' ' wi' itil tl . lf ft tl TC ' 'ffg 'iffy 'Q K1 ,- ' f i 1' ' Upon the gym. wall hangs a sign In letters bold and bright, VVhich at a military hop Aifords a wondrous sight. It is a legend strange and brief, It tells a tale of woe, For underneath it always sit The maidens in a row. ...CO CD2 PllbIiC... There are a few copies of the '99 Badger still unsold. This remarkable book, a combination of statistical accuracy and moral levity, has been carefully revised. CThe moral is now lacking.D The editors, notwithstanding the scarcity of this edition, are still offering it at the regular price. ' A copy of the '99 Badger would be a pleasing gift to the friends at home. The expurgated edition may be sent through the mails. 6 4 1 Y I know you wont believe it, The words themselves were simple, But yet 'tis really so But being in "Andy's" use, The other day in history They came like a bolt of thunder, "Andy" said, "don't know." Straight from the throne of Zeus. Iowa University has a "Professor" Stagg, who is as zealous as his Chicago namesake, in his labors for purer athletics. He carries laundry for the students. 233 ll li . lg 3 1, if lv l s Ji x. ,,,,. ,t .azwf PYOIDIQIIIS or YOIIIIS mell All inquiries must gizfefnll name and addressqf the wriier. Correqbondents inclosing stamps or stamped envelopes will be answered by mail. UFREDDIEH CL- -S-N: You will doubt- -D. P-HL-W: No, the young woman less End the song, "Bliss, All Other Bliss Excelling " admirably adapted to your range. If your music dealer cannot supply you, try L. E. Norr, We think you will iind A flat not too high. If it is, rent rooms. CL-R- -CE T-YL-R: Stripes and plaids will continue to be worn this season. However, trousers of plaids will be cut bias, and stripes will run bayadere in- stead of up and down. We would sug- gest that a pair in one of these styles, together with a poker-dot tie of some nice cheerful shade, and your checkered career Qthose likevyours are sure not to go out for several seasonsj, worn with a black and white bull-dog, would be quite the latest shriek. I- CK F-X: You :are all right. Every- body else is mistaken. MANAGER Qwith a capital M.j F-sn-R: f1.j Your lady friend really had reason to be offended if, while ice-boating, you said that it was hard to keep both her feet covered with only one blanket. Under the circumstances she is to be pardoned for not remarking how exten- sive was your regard for her welfare. A box of bitter-sweets might go a long way toward repairing the injury. f2.j The borrowed articles you mention, outlaw as follows: Stamps, twenty minutes, night shirts, five days fand nightsjg law books, one semester, other books, twelve years and three days, calendars and dictionaries, one year. There is no necessity for returning any other articles. QSJ Letters of condol- ence and marriage proposals should not be type-written. made no mistake when she said to you, "And all the world wondered that you passed," although she did make a mis- quotation. FR- NK K-RTZ: A diet of champagne and chestnuts is said to be excellent for your difficulty. Try it faithfully awhile, massaging the thin parts of neck and face, with olive oil and lanoline. If this does not help your case, we can make but one further suggestion, " Chew Climax Plug" on both sides at once. LEFT TACKLE H-LM-S: In my opinion you will find no better method of deciding on what young lady you shall invite to a Military Hop, than the one you have already pursued. We can make only one suggestion. After you have made the list of all the ladies of your acquaintance from the directory, and then gone over it several times rejecting various names for one reason or another, until your list is reduced to only a few, our suggestion would be, that you consult, before your final decision, not only the captain of the baseball team, but the entire athletic board. ' D-DL-Y ST-'rs-N: Color in ties is largely at the option of the wearer, but at the same time should be chosen with due regard to the feelings of others. C. M. -TH-RT-N: In Eastern circles it is considered very poor form to propose to a young lady before consulting papa. For answers to your questions concern- ing the duties of a young married man, see Gates on Domestic Relations, vol- ume 37. 234 'PSI US: No, we would not advise that J. you have your ices so strongly Havored. Accidents will happen, you know. Sassafras and peppermint is strong enough for growing children. Y B. B-LDW-N, ALB-RT H-NN-NG: The estimate which a critical world places upon a young man's abilities is apt to fall below the true one. In such cases, one's own views are vastly more satis- factory, and should be cultivated to the exclusion of others. COACH MCC-NV-LL-2 We have been to a great deal of pains to ascertain the facts in the case. It is true that the young lady asked a man if it would be possible to get your head reduced, but we do not think she meant anything objectionable, as the man is a photo- grapher. She probably doubted only his skill. We are the more inclined to this opinion from the fact that she wanted the picture to go in her watch. H-R-LD S--M-N: I would suggest a look- glass fastened in the inside of your hat. Then when you take it off on meeting your lady friends, you can adjust your hair and tie to your own satisfaction. MR. AGRIC: I know how hard it must be for a timid, shrinking young fellow like you to assert yourself and claim Send dull blades to the Emery. , your share of the sidewalk, but if the ladies were so rude and unmanuerly as to persist in taking the whole of it, I certainly would report the matter to the Dean. DR. -LS-M: We regret extremely our inability to answer your question, "When is a foul not a foul?l' in the temporary absence of our sporting editor. We think, however, that this would depend somewhat on the umpire. With regard to the exact distinction between a forward and a basket, we will try to make that clear in our next issue. RUED: We would diagnose your trouble as a complication of chronic Norwegiana and acute egotism. The opinions of others, applied externally and well rubbed in, might be beneicial for the latter, but we fear there is no remedy for the former. BILLY: We fear that the "tired feeling" that you speak of results cardiac weakness. This fre- , quently shows itself in a desire to take long daily walks. Such cases are hopeless unless taken in time. from Emery sharpens bills, also. ' ,Lg ,lf H wb!!! IS the Bddgtl' COMING Ollf? " - A x,-'Z -1 Mig X 1i Another Rising Young Man 235 lsaa iii Q :NN f I5lIiv6l'SiID or WISCOIISIII POHIICBI SCIQIICQ Club Object: To see that the wheels are kept going in all U. W. affairs outside of the class room. Motto: I want the undivided terrestial globe. 0fflC2l'S SUPREME SNARK OF THE UNIVERSE, Cadby Case. DE MAIN GUY, IT, DE HULL TING, Frederika Clausen. Joe Davies. J. Lincoln Fisher. MOST HIGH DISCOUNTER, MOST HIGH SCREECHUM BLATTUM, Tommy Morris, Robert Demosthenes Wild. HEAD LIGHT AND WORTHY HIGH TORCH BEARER, Ernst Von Briesen. NOT MUCH, HEAP BIG ORONAHYETEKA, BEARER OF RIES, Evie Evans. C. C. McConville. The Whole University, HEAD OF THE PACK, OR JOKER or THE DECK, Ernst. H. Kronshage. GUARDIAN OF THE CHAMBER OF HORRORS. Commodore Willie Hobson Heartbreaker Smelker. MAIDS, DELIGHTS. MAIN SATELLITES. Pat O'Dea, Harvey Holmes, Jacky Fox and Cadby Case, H. H. Thomas and Fred Slam Anderson. Peterson, QDarlington's darling and everybody's dar1ing.J Willie Wilson. Jay Baldwin. Albert Henning, 5-. FOUR Wm. s. Todd, I. Ernst Gr s. wma PULLERS, Tom Morris. I oe Davies. Jack Fox. Otto Bosshard. Kenelm Lee. LEG PULLERS, Sharkey Shaw. H. H. Thomas. Fred Peterson. Charlie Vilas. CORK PULLERS, A BIG Davy Pierpont, Grand Tank. Clyde McKay, Lillie T ank. Willie Smelkah, Amateur Tank. Willie Finnegan, Stand Pzlbe. John Miller, Brewery. ' HAIR PULLERS. Cadby Case. Freddie Clausen. Patty O'Dea. Jacky Fox. Bertie Husting' ALUMNUS MEMBER OF ALL COMMITTEES. Big Jerry. Ex-OFFICIO MEMBER OF ALI. COMMITTEES. Dr. Elsom. 236 Til IDC Physics llecture ROOI11 See yourselves as Professor Snow sees you QlF2l'2ll'D ROTC Messrs. Brahma, Confucius, Dodo 8L Co., literateurs and publishers, announce to the public a new series of autobiographies, to be known as " Notable Performances of Famous Versatilitiesf' Among volumes soon to be issued are the following: " How if Feels to be Brilliant," by Marcus Antonius Jacobson. " The Confessions of a Professional Egoiisif' by Milton Gray Montgomery. " The History of My LW, or What I am Going to Do," by Ernst Hildebrand Kronshage. The following publication is recommended to the attention of the Department of Physical Culture: "Delsan'e Revised"--A valuable treatise by John Buel Crabtree, . with illustrations of the author in several new attitudes. This work is a presentation of the most approved system of physical culture, as modified by original research. A feature of the book is the chapter entitled " What to Do with the Hands." The irst series, to be published immediately upon the author's return from his European tour, will be " From Sclzoolboy 150 Supef' by Philip Loring Allen. A brief resume of the contents will show the feast of good things in store for the admirers of this wonderful personality. INTRODUCTION.-Early Years-A Study of the Genesis of a Great Mind. CHAP. I.-First Discouragements- Poems Refused by Century and Harper's- Influence of Jealous Rivals. CHAi?. II.--Success at Last-A Masterpiece Accepted- " To One of T wo." CHAP. III.-The Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Beauty-What it Really Means to be Popular. CRAP. IV.-The Experiences of a Klondike Librettist. CHAP. V.-How to Succeed in Getting Into Print-Run a Magazine Yourself. CHAP. VI.-The Pinnacle of Fame- My Histrionic Triumphs or How I Was Supported by the Stage. mediaeval lilSl0l'V EX3I1IlIldil0ll February 9, I899 1. Discuss the " whichness of the who " in the reigns of Henry VIII., Charles I. and the spring equinox, with special reference to the " thusness of the which." 2. Write of the effect of the late war with Spain on the development of the Chris- tian Church in the 5th century B. C. 3. Prove that the square on the hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two snides, and discuss the influence of this fact on Wisconsin's position in the last athletic controversy. 4. Where are the Bicyclades? Write of the place of Kyphosis Bicyclistarum in the Olympian games. 5. Discuss the iniiuence on woman suffrage in the 13th century of the war tax on beer. HGERRYU MERRICK QAfter sitting by the window of the D. U. house for half an hour, watching the young ladies go to church, goes to the telephone and rings up Ladies' Hallj-Hello! Is this Ladies' Hall? Have all the young ladies gone to church yet? Then I can go and buck." 237 RQDOIT or faculty COIIIIIIHICC Oll IIODQI and ISIIIISUEII PUIIISDIIIQIIIS. QExtract from Minutes of Faculty Meeting, january 16, 1899.5 To THE HONORABLE, THE FACULTY or THE UNIVERSITY or WISCONSIN : After thorough investigation and numerous discussions, your committee begs leave to submit the following report : All earthly institutions have a period of rise and a period of decline, and to this eternal rule methods of punishment are no exception. For many years past, the fact has been forced upon your honorable body that the old style punishments long in vogue at this University are gradually losing their force. No longer do conditions, or even fails, strike terror to the heart of a Psi U. Freshman g a visit from the patrol has ceased to cause a stir at the Chi Psi lodge 3 even the direful threat of expulsion suffices not to restrain the exuberant animal spirits of a Sophomore engineer. In view of these ominous facts, it is incumbent upon the authorities of a great University to bestir themselves, and to institute as the inevitable consequences of student misdeeds a series of punishments which shall serve as an effectual preventive of future crime. Throughout our deliberations We have kept in mind the ancient principle of your honorable body, namely, that the innocent must suier with the guilty, and if the guilty cannot be reached Cas is usually the easel, that the innocent must suffer anyway. We have accordingly prepared the following SCHEDULE. 1. If any disturbance occurs on State Street between the hours of 11 P. M. and 3 A. M., Professor Daniells' class in chemistry shall at its next meeting be subjected to a written quiz. 2. If any object of the value of not less than 19 cents be borrowed from Pro- fessor Snow's lecture room without permission, the Senior laws shall recite to Profes- sor Olin on at least two days of the following week. 3. If any portion of the contents of the Badger shall not meet with the approva1 of the President, each inmate of Ladies' Hall shall be required to read the last num- ber of the Aegis. 4. If during the darkness of night, incendiary or threatening posters be distri- buted about the city, the use of the bulletin boards shall be denied to tlie literary societies for three weeks immediately following. 5. If any one shall applaud at a comic opera during a solo by the prima donna, no military hop shall be held within two weeks thereafter, 6. If any one shall throw a peanut upon the stage during such performance, the person sitting immediately behind him shall be suspended from the University until after the adjournment of the legislature, unless such suspension be sooner revoked. 238 "Eine Grille kam bei strenger Kalte zu ihrer Nachbarin," etc. Mr. Morgan trans- lates: "A cricket came with a severe cold." Junior reading: "Der gerade Alonzo-'-' Prof. Voss, inter- rupting: "Nicht Alon- 'zo aus Chicago." Miss Gay: "Mile B, will you read the next sentence ?" Mlle. B: " 'Elle sourit grandement-" Miss Gay: "Pas cela 'Elle it sa bouche aux oreilles. ' 'She made her mouth to her ears. ' That is the correct French expression. ' ' Upon which the en- tire class undertook to a. ss uni e the correct French expression. The Agric. School is open now, ' And anyone who doubts ' That trees are grafted bough on bough May take a "Course of Sprouts." We will hereby give a. word of free advice, give a, word of solemn whichQwe shall not publish twice. The class of 1901 A has viewed with deepest scorn, The eiforts of you Freshies each to blow his little horn: We'Ll say no more on paper, but you know what to expect . If any of your number dare our PRECEPTS to neglect! TURB YOU? 118.2 of ful JOHN HICKEY when you nieet him et the gym: Z O Though you take it oi! to no, one else, you'll have to bow to him. NO on the campus,this above all things we say, For youthns arouse the Sophomores and your! verdeucy display. And when you appear in public don't attempt to carry CANEB, For it shows e. lack of caution and a scarcity of brains. You must never, never wander from'your room to have e. lark For the streets are not so healthy as they might be After Dark, To have to give this warning nlle'ue all with deep regret, But the Sophs are very mighty and the LAKE IS VERY WET. Bo Freshmen, mind your business, of your conduct have B, care. And the gist of all our teaching is the single word BEWABE! P. S. And, above all, please don't cause any more earthquakes. IOOOIIOIIOCOOIOIOQDOUGOOOOICOllilillliillillililllll The girls who know the Phi Rho Betas, All sing the same old song. ' To them tl1ere's nothing quite so sweet as " Love nie, Little, love me, Long." Freshman to Sopho- more fat the 'scrap' at Main Hall, '98j: "Stand aside or I'll knock your brains out !" Soph: "True, that's where you have the advantage. ' ' EC mtdllf Swlltgli. Prof. Coiiin: "Mia Haight, who was the first great Swiss re- former?" Mr. Haight fwho has his dates mixedj: " Svengali. ' ' Dr. Libby: "Mr. Powers, how did the Nile affect civiliza- tion?" Mr. Powers Q1902J: "Really, professor, I don't know, but I might stab at it. FUIIQI' ODQYZI BGIISQ FRIDAY, JANUARY 13th, 1899. THE OPER R0ugh:HouSer Specially prepared for the Chicago Papers ...and... Presented by a large and competent cast, including Chief of Police, BAKER. ,-uv-vm,-C.-V East of Zharacters. BAKER, ------ A breaker up of hearts and mobs CHORUS on ENGINEERS, ETC., ---- - - - - - The toughest crowd on earth. Vide, despatches of CHIEF BAKER CHORUS or Lnoisnyrons, - - - "They were bred in Old Wisconsin " DESHON-DUVRIES OPERA Co., ------- ? POLICE FORCE, - - - ' - - Counterparts of their Chief REPORTERS, ---- Men who sacrifice everything to accuracy fThe reporters are NOT deleriuzn tremen subjects, even if they do see bottles everywhere. They are RESPECTABLE patients of Mendota Asylum, specially engaged by the Chicago papersq SWIIIODSIS. ACT I. Fuller Opera House fincluding the great realistic gun scene,j INTERMISSION. fDuring the intermission moving pictures will be shown of the police arresting a small boy for coasting.j ACT II. The street. flntroducing the beautiful solo by BAKER, "Disperse Ye People in Five Minutes." . INTERMISSION. CThe beautiful dance, "Butterfly-Cops," given by the Police Force.j ACT III. The Court House. fGrand Finale.J 240 A l l s 1 , I J I - w K' : ' 1 I 1 H ,, E M1 , L1 ', lx 5- A 1. ? i' , i 1 1 L , t. I W 4 1, l I l, r ' i ' E L i S 5 CHAS.Pl?Olgll:i'i'iiEH Co. . ' , - . X 0 O .I 6 g6A:NJ0D6IXXl?", MANUFACTURFR OF Fine Jewelry We carry a large stock of DIAMONDS, WATCHES 1 CLOCKS JEWELRY, SILVERWARE ETC., ETC. HEADQUARTERS. and sell our goods at the most possible FOR STUDENTS WHEN IN low prices. THE CITY NVe also manufacture all kinds of Jewelry, Badges, Emblem Goods Mllwaukeev WIS' ' TDfe32iisdi?i?i?niEl?e?d1'on application. AT CHORAL UNION REHEARSAL. fjohn Hickey has just left the room..j ' PROF. PARKER:-"Will some of the tenors kindly bring a couple of chairs. The Sexton has just gone out." 1 XTHE H. G. RAZALL MFG. CO. ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS sea-sas 1-:AST wA'rl-:n STR:-:ET MILWAUKEE L- When the members of the Wisconsin foot-ball team were gathered in the Victoria Hotel, Chicago, all ready to set out for the Northwestern game, someone noticed the very conspicuous absence of Anderson, and inquired anxiously about him. ' 1 " Oh," said Larson, " he is upstairs in front of the mirror, looking to see if his shin-guard is on straight." 1 ICOLAIKSTARR MILWAUKEE 1VIEN'S FURNISHING GOODS .sl HATS This business has grown to be the largest of its kind in the State. Why not become a customer. Drop us a postal. Sole Agents for THE MILLER HAT UNDEHUNMNTR T iTl" J E N L E L 0 0 o 0 MANUFACTURERS OF HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, OR Designjslqd 53529195 Cheer' COLLEGE THE MODERN COLUMBUS. upoif, application , - cuss and 4 Pabst Building, Society Badges AQ ,L fjdw MILWAUKEE 'fi ,..,l!JilfE:g....- j -ll x W" . V f l..l Qt is p ,F-I ff P7 K, WN Qwwkj WN fniwnii ,dll Be 9 I By the aid of a king and -New C r S queen his resources allow him -Complete -Up to Date News Depot neeeneneaeee I O Addition, .se O I l I I O Y Multiplication and Division T 3-. Are performed on the Coinptoiueter at a great saving of time and worry. GQ Used in bookkeeping in the offices of thousands of large firms. Used Q Q :il Q by mechanical and civil engineers. Once used becomes indispensable. Q .6 .5519 Many after trying one have purchased two, three and fonr. Scott 6: Williams, Builders of Knitting Machinery, Philadelphia, QQ write: " We perform by its use all the office calculations incident to an Q Q Q extended business with great rapidity and absolute correctness," ci A -1 ' 'sq The American Glucose Co., Peoria, lll.. writes: "We have two of A your Comptonieters in use in our ofhce and are pleased to say that they are giving us the best of satisfaction g in fact, we would hardly know how ' ' K to get along without them." Eggt 'fl i ' it - Gi ang 'india' ii i la QE Q ip .. Write for full description and sixty days' trial offer. I Felt St Tarrant Mfr- C0-, 52 to 56 illinois street, ci-ncAo0. IN BEATTYlS CLASS QNielson's excuse for being unprepared to recitej:--" My name is Nielson, you know." 2 WEIL 6: OLSON makers of jfine Garments... for men I at moberatz prices I I4 Grand MILWAUKEE, WIS. Avenue DON'T FORGET A BOTTLE OF Lewis' Family Cough Syrup CURE? Q -- 50a per bottle at an ff .4 A L me PRnvENTs f'Ji?OS0 Qewls' CONSUMPTION N DTIIS SIOYQ UQ l No experiment 7, 17 years in use -l. IZA! I-..-. Xi A High SYCIHBY Wizsizcssszfrssifiazig Class an carry, he startsonhisj ourney. Hatter 0 and IVIen's Furnisher 7 llndell MADISON, vis. ggrlllffn NEW YORK STORE DRY 390135 CARPETS Students' Patronage MADISON Solicited WISCONSIN Polley did it. 3 I! I Ill!FIII'IIIYQIPFHIIHI'lllNll"llNll llllll Ill il I I I Tl! I 1 F ll l J C,-lei' 944 5 Qs CO U 'xo e N0 was Q00 e gf". 51 -106 'pi 6 69 J 5 They Tell you " Life is what you make it" U So with Meglioines, Toilet Preparations and Things, not omltlgxng the compounding of pre- scrx tions and reci 'es D D1 l Life is too short to ternporize or experiment with second-hand or second-grade medicines or drugs. THE BEST-that's what you want. HolIister's Pharmacy F il:St National Bank Block, Madison, Wis. G Can supply what you want. We aim to have the goods that are JUST A LITTLE THE BEST, and take pains to prepare them so that the Hnished product will be "A LITTLE THE NICESTK' all of whiph costs you no more than goods of inferior quality, it means Y' 9 5 7,0 V65 6. I success, and requires eter- nal vigilance, but WE DO II' nevertheless. . V46 43590 Q qi e Q QQ, Y - Julius Zehnter A 3. The people wonder Why, when he wants to go east he goes west. He does not think that before he ends his trip We specially invite the student trade. THOROUGH INSPECTION S AND Insurance against Loss or Damage to Property and Loss of Life and Injury Company ..... DRY GOOD AND OTIONS Leaders in cPopuIar "Prices, 27 SOUTH PINCKNEY STREET to Persons caused by Steam Boller Explosions. ow We a 6 TFORD' OQQ ' FJJLLAQJ5' ' 0 j E-E5 Q 0 W c -T I ONAND N5 J. M ALLEN, President. WM. B. FRANKLIN, Vice-President. F. B. ALLEN, 2d Vice-President. J. D. PIERCE, Sec'y and Treasurer. L. B. BRAINARD, Ass't Treasurer. PROF SOBER.-U Man wants that little long." but little here below, but he wants QQ W 9S I. W, Groves Everette K. Barnes 6roves:Bames music Co. A SUCCESSORS TO Groves? Piano Warerooms 3 S. PINCKNEY STREET MADISON, WIS. Reliable Music House HANDLING ONLY RELIABLE MAKES OF MUSI- CAL INSTRUMENTS Orders from all parts of Wisconsin for Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music and everything in Music will receive Pl'0mpl1 attention. We solicit your orders and carry such line of Pianos as will will commend ns to your favor. Our Leaders are..- The CHICKERING and FISCI-IER with the best medium priced Pianos in the market the FRANKLIN, REGENT and SCHILLER PIANOS We deliver Pianos to any part of Wisconsin and guarantee satisfaction. Correspond with us for Musical Goods. Groves-Barnes Music Co. i15i - f Willett ftranslating a passage in Frenchj:-"And he rested his elbows on his heels." 5 TE STATE STREET LIVERY Brown 6: Nevin The Students' Favorite Livery We understand the needs of students in the livery line and can furnish everything but "ponies" OUR SPECIALTIES Up-to-date single and double driving rigs Telephone The ogyseight passenger trap in the city ne party carriages 53 Service prompt to the minute Experienced drivers Single and Double traps 2 ,li Street Nevin A 5o8 Q9 E T 12" T .1 3'-1 ' xxx -'iii' Stugenfs' Headquarters -W or... l Mt CQXI BGOICS .gn Established in lass andn' 4. He will see three new moons. - SIIDDHQS JAMES E. IVIOSELEY University 1lBooheeIIer 19 Pinckney Street, MADISON ' Prices always low. .,al.a' Blue Books, Foreign Books Imported. Standard Quality, Cash Paid for Live, at 15, 20 and 30 Cents Second-hand Books. per dozen. Prof.-" What are little swans called, Miss Nelson? " Miss Nelson- ' ' Ducklings. " 6 M. J. CANTWTELL PN W Printing L W Blank ' ' ' a Publishers Bzndlng and Ruhng... 110-114 KING STREET , MADISON, WIS. Telephone 158 N, H, .... The Popular Merchant Tailor +-1-Z E'-atesttixles at ly A A Remember the owes D rlces mace H IN fi? sumwcs and Q X. A- D f 302 State OVERCOATS. X A Street ...... A , , 5 ...- Y X, , 57 X OUR C4 f5ALI-geEi1aystnehaRpret1 n ESSZELASS IN Customer rs ?e11SihZ,1?lZZQZZOTJSSEEFQLHZ EVERY Dar best as he really is. RESPECT. Adrvgrfigemenf Our prices are consistent Qquality alone consideredg OUR CLERKS ARE ALWAYS ATTENTIVE AND COURTEOUS. CAN WE ALSO SERVE YUUP MENGES' PHARMACY...28 West Mifflin Street D F. w.CuRT1ss QDHGTQGIQHDHERQ Developing and Printing for Amateurs Done at reasonable Rates. oven 23 EAST MAIN sTREn1'...MflDlSON, WIS. KOCH Ctranslating in Miss Ster1ix1g's classj.-" And after being immersed for -two weeks in salt water, Darwin found - 1 etc." 7 OISOII veefbllsell TAILORS T Clothiers and Furnishers The Leading F irst-class Goods at ESt6bliShll18llt ' Correct Prices. ill the t I PMN Your Patronage City-1-A I -' 55059 ' Solicited. -,l,.l.. SX ff Ns PETLEY'S N Q I -AZ! X L. S. BANKS, Pres't -N X J. H. PALMER, vice P t ARE 6. He allows a trustworthy E- 0- KNEY, Cashie BEST friend to keep watch, but at last .3 41-0454341 S H I RTS 9 c MADE TO ORDER 9 E Q Our 9 4 1'P6Pf 9 S I A I E ' th 6 irlostecomplete 3 B in the West 9 --li 6 gfgaf ifvmd' 3 Established 1853 Milwaukee 2 Petley 8 Co. 3 MADISON, WIS E,.,......,WA I STS IN THE FRENCH CLASS PROF. SEYMOUR:-" Mr. Nicholas, when is the 'dual e silent? " NICHOLASZ-K' The Enal e is silent when it stands at the end of a word." . 8 U THE PALACE f OF SWQETS 'Ei' I09 STA TE STREET TRADE HANK CANDIES CONFECTIONS ' ' eam Laundr A DELICIOUS ICES y it ' neatest Parlors in the Z V AGENTS WAMFD BJTTER SWEETS . IN ALL'TOWNS WITHIN the best Zbocolates made , 5 A TWO HUNDRED 3 0' -wks MILES! Mail ,Ci Mm RX Q MADISON Prompfly QKXN ' Filled M 3 - Wl5CONSiN TH , Q i' M' S' 7. He himself sees suresigns I V, of land. They must be, be- u 1 - cause he sees things floating 1 ., .N '- - around that no amount of water - could produce. 8LCO. If F2 CURTISS ....lVIercha.nt Tailoring .... ' ' e N Photographer cLoTruNc-1, HATS, CAPS, GLOVES, ASQ- Srums AND NECKWEIXR 23-11- Easz' Main Street Madison, + Wisconsin 'UILAS BLOCK STUDENT-Ctranslating in German classy :-The men were condensed in the nar row mountain pass. INSTRUCTOR :-I've heard of condensed milk-men, but-- 9 2535599323253SWSiflfiiBmfiiflfiiiiipiiflfiigpigiflfiiB995 0 an 'Q an .9 an .Q us .1 on lg on Os.: greg Si?-,Qin oi me Qgfs 3.22: S55-isis 5.22: 9295s 5.22: Qggio sms: 589522 22922: A GREAT RAILWAY! 12'-Ze-: Hoi-53 C I-I I CAGO NnLwAuNEE...ANn '-431 .egg ST. PA U L 5522: -Q'c"' 0 I YFPE' RAILWAY 6245 5552 1. s Lat'-5: 3- 00100000000 IIIIIOOUIOIICIIIIIIII I GP!" 9- ' """2 WNS AND OPERATES ' 5352 :"2' I 6,154 miles g,,, EOQ 0 . 455553 of thoroughly equipped road 2365: E221 in the States of Illinois, Wiscon- 355-" ?1ff!g sin, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and the Upper Peninsular of Michigan fyggigi 1 - 23525: FIRSTECLASS IN EVERY RESPECT .q'o!': Q . ET IS FOREMOST in adopting every 33332 possible appliance for the safety 5555: ggfffi and comfort of passengers, includ- 39'-'25 ing an Absolute Block System, YVestinghouse Train Signals, 223.1 Steam Heat, Electric Light,Vesti- 25-If! Fjfffg buled and Compartment Cars, etc. ,mg-: QOH FOR FURTHER INFORMA T10N 3-if-,BI ADDRSES Qfqeg gzllannmzsgis GEO. H. HEAEEORD 'o.1,.: SENGER AGENT GENERAL PASSENGER AGENT bij if MADISON, WIS. CHICAGO, ILL. . 'EUS Qu? GCE? I 0f:: . ' C 1 . l...!l . . C: l:.!I ' . I: 0:'!l . :l:.!l ' . 1:2522 5922- -2565 -553832 -84532 -3453! -345521 11 o?:2 9526 135 9:2121 93:2 56561: 932953611 03:2 ' 11932 21 45:2 LOUIS HINKLEY.'cIH advance composition in Englishj-"But she was'nt talking when she said that." 10 FOR THE LATEST K FOR I ---loo T0...i...... , ARTISTIC j WORK V F. PECHER I 4I6 State St. -"':'N 4. P2 1 SRE WHY R C--L0TH'ER and ' ' GENTS' FURNISI-IER THE NEW I Photographer gigs 2ixUEFFMAN 13 T Q EVEQISSAN l..-..... - fi 5 , O EN X itil.-1 . 0 Miliift-m-FO Tj X 45 XC sa M ? 1 d8d Ciohei fagorable signs g a en IS ear . Mofgims mmm Neokerman S: Marble Front Kegggnigh RESTAURANT AND QYSTER Dry Goods . Carpefs PARLoRs f Mllinery FOR , LADIES I5 and I7 N. Pinckney Cor. Main and Pinckney Sts. Street?-i ,Q . Best Service in th C ty ' Guaranteed MADISON, WIS. FIRST FRESHLIAN.-U What is th most pai f 1 operation in algabra SECOND F.-"Extracting th t - ro t. 11 FOR Guns, Rihes, Revolve1's, Alixmunition, Fishing Tackle, Pocket Cutlery, Razors, General Hard- Ware,eaeasneqaqColumbia and Cleveland Bicycles, CALL ON... SUIVINER 85 MORRIS, I7 S. Pickney Street. Che K Q ' L VL , , - 8 ' c I A-elwglrrl..--, I ax... .L ,..EE-f.It.5az.E1.1u.n.i.s.-IUQI Q Q 2? 9 2. 2? 2- Q 'N,Lf:5 opposite cnpimnvm ,Q , X 914 , I,fEmIIiI2I9I2'.it.LIAIHIIERIIIBGiishsnefaroa-,125-1229 GEO- -4- LOUG-EE' . og.:Ht,,il.t!ts!.Lls!J:.!f2efesr K . ,- I " 'STAN ,. A " H. , gig-:gg-51751-92721,TE-Efiijigfffff: J- in z.f,.g?2" -I ' 553'-. as - ' ' 55if'ffi7fE6'22iiw1Q-- Madison, - Wisconsin. , has H 5 "1i1-gs.-3 -f s E-" A" 'I ' "af,-...,s,?'. "-SS W "Tell me Why they call them b1uebooks," The witless freshman said. Says the senior, "You're dead easy, It's because t.hey're never read." LL INVITED -i' FIND THE WILL YOU COME? We Give 0Ul' Good Table Board Special Attention QQ Q9 53,00 per :week to Wants of 21 Meal T?ckefs Eaters for 53.25 SHORT ORDERS PROIXKIPTLY SERVED LUNCH COUNTER AND SIDE ROOMS. DOORS NEVER LOCKED. OPEN ALL NIGHT. LIBERAL. MEAL ORDERS- ESPECIALLY CONVENIENT FOR STUDENTS. h COME AND SEE US. HARRY PERKINS 'al 'i5i,if3ZfMSf5'2C0NSfN. GALLANT JUNIOR Qabout to accompany young lady homey :-"Let me see now. What's the shortest way home? " 12 3 N. B. VAN SLYKE, President M. E. FULLER, Vice-President WAYNE RAMSAY, Cashier M. C. CLARKE, Ass't Cashier FIRST NATIONAL BANK MADISON, WIS. S Depository of the United States Directors Capital, ---- Sl.00,000 N. B. Van Slyke B. J. Stevens Surplus, 5 A - , . - 100,000 Wm. F. Vilas M. E. Fuller Additional Liability of Stockholders, 100,000 Jas. E. Moseley F. F. Proudflt P. F. I-IARLGFF EiQCEfiC6i SEIDDHQS 301 State Street ERCITIC s MADISON C0iISIl'llCIi0ll si ' WIS. K? th.,-X Phone seo 51" ............ N -I PERFECT su - BEST FIT . by . WORKMAN- J .Es .lZ1i13.it5ii5E55i,3?.fhe SHIP scar 6. Ms Q' llbaoison STBUOHPO Dbone 323 Timm. 1 '5 1. 4 Ef. ' KK .gNs,,Q,,x 59' 1 :A -15 ty-' ' ' 4- -.:a'? mi X West sibe of mark I ,f"'x t . In E' XE! L ' .gi .-45 . , L 1, 1, ' ' gfx .gt ' Fixx X A I A FQ : ' -mn X Bauer. of Keuffel 86 Esser Co, of New York 111 Madison Street, CHICAGO Drawing Material, Surveying Instruments PARAGON Drawing Instruments, superior to all others. Paragon Instru- 1-- rneirzts with Essen-'s Patent Pivot Joint, the perfection of pivot Join s. I Gerinan, English French Instruments. Paragon Scales, best boxwood with white edges and black graduations, the perfection of scales. T Squares, Curves, Triangles, Drawing Boards. Great variety of paper in sheets and rolls. Special terms to students. Catalogue on application. " Miss Vilas, is Latin your favorite study ? " Miss Vilas-" Oh no ! I just love Dutch I " 1 'LQ3 Eye! in 51- 'in SA 5:- in 'Sz- in in ss Sz. Q:- Sz. Sz. S:- is in in in Qs in in '31- in in in SE QA QVJJJ Ffa? i m -4 S'T'l -4 Q 1 --I E l'l'1 U 3.99565 WWF? WE MEAN OUR STORE JWJJJJJGJJGJCMEMVWJJFJW '-I O :lj '11 m 9 ,-IL-1 -1 -U-1 CI E 52 5 rn E FU UJ '-i C3 I" be VJ Ui DP K" I" f'i"fga4':fa4nn4"6"1f'bo4naS"vv"'24'a24"26" If GIVES YOU GOOD QUALITY FOR YOUR MONEY JJJQQJJJJJJJJJLJJJJJ - 3 2 '-4 A nl: Q --i 42 l'I1 I--4 VJ VJ D, K: I.. o . CI soon QUANTITY FOR YOUR WAYS RELIABLE WW COLLEGE BOOK STORE' 425 STATE STREET ' MADISON, WIS. '-Vs in rim gifs calf?29292f'25'25"54'2'?'2f"24'25'i4'24'2CTf'2f'if'14j2f'25'2'3'25'Wfffggj There 15 meter dactyuc, pedantlc. There is meter of love and of hate, But the meter to me most romantic' Ib to meet her alone at the gate. 14 Y ESTABLISHED A. C. NIELSGN 1875 I STUDENTS' WAR ER'S HEADQUARTERS FoR .... .gfggfg ff 27 " S3533 'E MUSIC STORE I I I W. W. WARNER 2.1 botograpbs Sole Prop. Q19 I CX .28 QQ , X i so The Lowest Prices South Pinckney in America. I Street -eg?-fry EUGENE n any N... 'fi J. VAN UTA - PROPRIETOR 10. Very soon he lands and ah CO. , discovers several new Worlds. I d BOIQI Will Ellil DRAWING INSTRUMENTS MODERN RATES... Tm""f-1-LE 32.00 PER 'mme MARK. DAY. 181 MONROE CENTRALLY LOCATED STREET STEAM HEAT - MADISON T I h M ' I ' 8 CP 72? am Chicago. Ill. WIS. IN THE SOPH. CLASS MEETING. . HATTON:-'-'Mr. President, I move that Mr. McGowan and Mr. Beule be ap- poluted a co1n1n1ttee of one to see the class historian about the write-up in the Badger. 15 1899 BADGER BICYCLES 599 TWO in .,, x 25.75 FQQRQF L-" ' A , "B" 21.75 ., ' , . V, - V ,..-s..,,,M -, ,,., .. ' ., 5 A ff h K I A ' N ...f u X11 :Ty Ilyl I T' .-,.: V A ,XR l V Xl-5 - l-fM 555 Rik XW" hlllifi A,"' Al ,Ag .K 'xx , ff' -" A fl ' e A .,,5. ...,.5 .. . f., of jig, , . E . J ,:.', I.,..- , vulsv is-X . Il 'WI ,if F . 2EnQ.i2iSILi1LfZLd BADGER CYCLE CC. Qliiggrggiq CALL OR SEND FOR CATALOGUE Don't you remember Sweet Alice, O'Dea, Sweet Alice with hair so brown, VVho screamed with delight when you punted a rnile, And wept at the referee's "Down "? PARK TAILORING CO. J05. A. RUPP, Proprietor 18 N. CARROLL STREET '?':e?:s:d.r?e S - O Cleaninz. 7,0 ults to rder. 818 up pregsinqind e 3 'li-e:l h P3l1tS, 85 UD aSpZci'alr::5 eep one 5 29 MADISON. WISCONSIN QQCQQLQQQQQ TRACY, GIBBS 8L CU. Telephone 296 PRINTERS Programmes .al Invitationsa' By-Laws and Constitutionsa' Engraved Calling Cards .2'.a'.:wlEtc. .al.a".a'.a'a Specialty I 19 East Washington Avenue " As far as I can understand there is to be nothing but me in the 1900 Badger ! " , -PHIL ALLEN. 16 QQfWMQWE536QWSW Clk LIIEEDQFSYD 0:QDQEQdi'EJQ C0. lNconPonA1'l:D...JuLY, me-r JW Capital Stock...SI,O00.00 PROF. LEONARD SMITH, President. HARRY ADAMS, '00, Vice-President. W. B. CLARK, '00, Secretary. T. S. MORRIS, '98, Manager. WW proit-sharing business in which no student should fail to have an interest. It costs nothing to joing you pay no more for your supplies than elsewhere, and receive in the end your share of the net proits. Make inquiry into our methods. All Student Supplies Kept on Hand Uffiiidl Sidielmiif QT l898. RESOURCES. LIABILITIES- Cash on hand .... 32" 2i Accounts owed us, including ath- S' D BOO? account ' ' ' ' 519851 letic account, and account with 0894731 Stock ' ' , - ' 579 Univ. of Wisconsin . Q u 355 01 Portion of net profits of 98 added Due from KeuEe1 JL Esser Co. . 3 00 to .Stock -"'- 203 Unmatured insurance . . 11 25 Uudwlded Proms ' ' - 402 Merchandise per inventory . 2,246 45 -"'i Furniture account . . . 94 35 33-350 33,035 50 33,095 36 COMPARATIVE STATEMENT '97-998. 1897 1898 Total sales ........... . 559,534 52 313,090 Net profit added to capital stock ..... . 105 35 202 Net profit divided among share-holders .... . 211 '72 404 Dividends declared on purchase .... . 5 per ct. 10 per Branvh Students' Employment Bureau. AgS'10Yf0f---- American Express Agency. TELEPI-some 412. GWQSWWWEWWWWEQESGGWWEWG Mr. C. fto a number of students comparing their standing etc., on a Mediaeval History quiz.J-Fellows fexhibiting proudly an E on his blue bookj, he gave me an excellent. ' ' 17 . NUHTH-WESTEHI 997 ERFECTLY OUIPPED AILWAY IN THE GREAT STATES OF ILLINOIS MICHIGAN NORTH DAKOTA IOWA MINNESOTA SOUTH DAKOTA WISCONSIN NEBRASKA WYOMING THROUGH CARS BETWEEN CHICAGO AND Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, Winona, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Menoininee, Escanaba, Negaunee, Ishperning, Ashland, Hurley, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Superior, Clinton, Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown, Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Sioux City, Huron, Oakes, Pierre, Lincoln, Caspar, Hot Springs, Deadwood, Denver, Ogden, Salt Lake, San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles and other principal cities of the West and Northwest. ALL AGENTS SELL TICKETS VIA THE hlcago Q North- estern H R. McCullough W. B. Kniskern 3rd V.-P. 81 G. T. M. G. P. 81 CHICAGO, ILL. Dr Miller U What is the purpose of the cilia in the windpipe?' Mr C H S th-rl-nd:-" Why, I don't know. I suppose to draw in the an- 18 mg ANSWER IN DAUMEXS CLASS:-An acid is a substance which takes oxygen out of red litmus paper. 19 Sh SKS ATTORNEYS AT LAW. .. 9 Bashford, Aylward gl Spensley Rogers ZSL Bird Buell SL Hanks Bushnell 8L Pellage C. E. Whelan Hall SL Sheldon Jones 8L Stevens F. J. SL C. F. Lamb Murphy ESL Kroncke Spooner BL Sanborn Tenney, Morgan SL Tenney Shuttleworth ESL Dibble Erdall 8L Swanson I Rufus B. Smith John Ollis Olin SL Butler Vernon SL Wynne Frank M. Wootton Edward l. Troan . . ..... R Z ..... . . 56 SS PROF. KNOWLTON :-" Mr. Collins, what is the etymology of the word rnacadamize ? . MR. COLLINS :-"It is derived from the Latin, 'macadof 'to make! " 20 ,X APITAL HOUSE.. 1 ,V .. ,. I , f ,F ' l QQ! 521 A I lg lr., .s3. I 1 if' 21 A- Q . L i -IA W. H. HUPPELER, Prior, suunn nmnms BANQUETS 5:30 P. M. AQ A wma Music svzcmuv .5. .5. Madison, Wis. NEI LSON 84 THOMAS For 'Fine Photographs afeeeeee Reasonable Prices LARGE GROUPS A SPECIALTY Q AND ALL K LA TEST STYLES IN CARD MOUNTS DEVELOPING and PRINTING for AMATEURS J 26 W. IVIIFFLIN ST. COvor Menges' Drug Store.J A BREACH OF PROMISE CASE IN CASTALIA ' ATTORNEY FOR DEFENCE:-"Previous to your making love to my client, you Were engaged to john Schmidt. Why did you give him up ? " PLAINTIFF:-"He had such horrid whiskers ! " ATT'Y FOR DEFENCE:-"Madam, do you pretend to say that there was no feeling between you and John Schmidt, except those whiskers? I' uting AMATEUR SPORT, TRAVEL AND PASTIME Treats in each issue of allthe out-door diversions indulged in by gentlemen sportsmen. Expertsmeach department contribute carefully prepared articles. THE ILLUSTRATIONS ARE 'rx-is Bas-r, PP THE PHOGRAMME Fon fe' 1899 is Mona P5 Euxaonnrs fa' THAN Evan Baron: A P? Send for sample copy. TI-IE OUTING PUBLISHING CO. Fifth I Avenue, New York ,1 'J l BRE K BFQQS. ...IIZQIVS CIOIIUQS... ' GOLF AND BICYCLE SUITS Medals and Diplomas Awarded, W0rlc7's Columbian Exposition 136 Wisconsin Street N'i'.5,i'Ipffsm MlLwAuKEE,wlS. PROP. MEISNEST Qexplaining the mean- ing of Baum Volcanol : -"This means that there were many uprisings and much discontent and resurrections in France at this time." HII rd Bl' Y Q SIQZIIII QZIIIIICIYD 4 ' N 1 ? 5- V 1 I' X -1 V, 'K , L Q u V I''.4'':::J:::-.3::5::,Wj:A-V . ' . - """' Aeeee X Q x 1 gf' .f x .ulzffigqi 1 -:Z j ,- f THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE LAUNDRY i IN THE CITY A WE WILL GUARANTEE A SATISFACTION i . 4, t ,4 1 I . 3 2 ' ' ' :JV- WORK WILL BE CALLED FOR IN ANY OF THE CITY AND DELIVERED PROMPTLY LACE ' CURTAINS ' A ' SPECIALTY! Parties desiring any Work in our line will find it to their advantage to call on us PART Il3 3. II5 N. CARROLL sr. MADISON, WIS. TRANSLATOR IN JUNIOR GERMAN!-'KXVOL11d you indeed be so good as to send your mantel indeed once to my daughter yet." 22 MARSH 84 GRANT COMPANY B U I L D ER S :een OF ence CO M PLETE COIIEGE ANNUALS DOING G THE ENGRAVING PRINTING 81 BINDING ALL UNDER ONE 'H ROOF 65 to 7 I THIS BOOK IS ONE 'U CHICAGO SOPH How a your Cxcero de Senectute coming? FRESH Oh K1cLer O Dea 15 all right, but who's the other fellow? 23 SUBSCRIBE FOR LIFE- fq pl agufg 56.50, SIMS and Sl2.00 It is the easiest camera- Makes the best photographs - Never out of order- Senf Takes plates that all dealers keep-no matter what exlgess make. pai - anywhere in the United States. ADAMS 8: WESTLAKE COMPANY .... IIO Ontario Street .... CHICAGO. Proofs of Griginai Drawings in LIFE Mounted on boards and matted, ready for framing. Proofs of centre Qdoublej page pictures, E25 of smaller' These proofs are hand- printed on Japanese tissue paper. 35.00 a year, 22.50 for' six months. A draw- ing by 'Charles Dana Gibson in every issue. pictures, 31. These 5 . . . originals are not to be if I-'fe Pubhshmg confounded with co.,-.5 cheaper prints cut I" from books and back 'Nm ' I9 W, 3l5t St. numbers of LIFE. " 171 gif" New york, IIIIIZIBGUI' -Catalogue il... -sent free upon ' -application. U 11. On his homeward trip he For 'i' feels certain that his theory of Five Cents Anyone the rotundity of the earth is true. W, without He is conident that the earth is Wm enclose Sample any round and comparatively smooth photograph- experience and With no instruction 5 other than contained in the ii-Q 'HEL P. manual furnished, ' 2 ' VT'7fiiqfgC"ggfg . can make beautiful photographs .. the. . . N151-,Q . 5, W iml!!xk gu .-fl-as -t . 1. A -P - '1--sh -eff? ' . ,.1 'X ,rf fi .V ,., CPREMO LR l..- ROCHESTER OPTICAL C0...Rochester, N. Y. DELTA GAMMA:-"Well, Leta, I suppose you know the Military Hop is off. Are you going to the party down town? MISS HARVEY :-" Of course notg none of the Betas are." X 24 .......- -I-HEU' L LARSON JEWELRY sion , WEDDING PRESENTSeeaeae we are the Exeiueive Agents of ' THE GORHAFI MFG.. C035 SILVERWARE Ana' furnish anything in Sterling Silfver af the lofwesf market prices. Enlarged to 32 pages... S5ENTlRLLY A HOME PAPER Contains a beautiful supplement in colors, bright short stories, crisp anecdotes and attractive illus- trations. Also a special department devoted to TRUTH STI-RANGER TH AN FEGTION Consisting of photographs and narratives of strange happenings. A With each yearly subscription we give three elegant panels-" Horner," size 2oX4o: " Invita- tion to the F-east,"5ox15, and "The Harbor of New York," 502115. Or an original photograph of one of the scenes of the Santiago Campaign, size 151112, mounted, taken by our special photogra- pher on the spot. Price .192-50 per year. 598.5131 E di? thA Tr NEW YIEEKQEETYQM venue PROF. HASKIN5-K' Mr. Burke. what kind of people were the Hans? MR. BURKE-" The Huns were nomadsg they lived on raw fdesh, on horseback, and wore bear skins." ' THE nn-E WNISTER .... Miun mms? mimi A sumlptuous new illustrated edition, of james M. ,Barrie's masterpiece, bound in white, stampe in gold. Each copy enclosed 1n box, with extra proofs for framing, 65411954 inches, 4oo pages. Price, 82.50. 0 . , Olga N ethersole Sou ven 1 r A Colgecgoguof gtsgogfaphs age dew- D - . M Nethersole in some of the plays of- her repertoire. Sizleorioxlizx incilisl Piapegg-?i?iIce1,E6g5 cgi: ' ' , ' A series of I4 attractive reproductions of photographs and dr . ' i M by 'C. Allan .Gilbei-t, showing Miss Adams and her compgiivyngzi the best scenes of "The Little Minister." Size 1011122 inches. Paper, -price, 25 cents. Any of the above sentfcarxiage paid, on receipt of price. Illustrated Catalog-ue on application R. H. RUSSELLM3 West zeal saga, NEW YORK V - -'-- l r . ' , . ,fs A , 2-4. 5-,ag ,f -.-wtf -' L .4 ' ' igfgiie'-eil: fe.. . r . 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Co., Chicago LAKE, HALSTED AND FULTON STREETS Sold at retail by 9 North Pinckney Street I-E S H U Il MADISON, WIS O a I want to be an Alpha Delt, And with my fraters stand, The pride of all the 'Varsity, A wonder, large and grand. CFavorite lines of the tallented young artist, John Bolles Emersonj aww' if A T"V fw-rome-'hvxmvmwvigvvtmwwfmwwem ewm A , ,xi-,-, 5, , - , :":,h,J-TJ-u-1-f,, Y - . , -que me A Q 4 J QR naflw- we-H N-fv1'f:11??Q1ke,N'xE23:xe x mm 1 W d1 1 vf 1 fgigk ., '- --45,15 1 25,4 . f--1 9 :--:34y3-3ggEm:Qn-:7w.-e1.-..E:.1,-,1.'-i'1'1'-,-Z'r- :N-f6' 'K .-Lil? T be G , wi -' Tn"1S54. J U1-H?':1:'1D-f1f:.?i.rd:x ,L n 'r',f,'ifE1 3"-Y if ' ' 'A --- ' ' - ' -' "" - "'-1 -x. 1. -.1 14 -f"""'::"f"" 5.11 3 al . , Q.. 13 Wg: nvmimg-vu-551, Tiwgw - ' -4- 6 ' EJ 521 "?3if.La- 1-: fu-f "" """""' . " 1-N59--:M You can get - 551 ,ee .ver 1-M. :' 'gj5Qi1 . ,, ,, , 54,02 t -,ff vmnnf. 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KEI-IL :Mug J: -,V J .gl . 2211211 . :J ' 'El hp 1' ,I Hug Els? ,ff A 'uw W I' wi :Q-ggdffli' - MASTER DANCING PERMANENT ACADEMY 309-311 ' , WEST JOHNSON STREET 3rd Virce-Pres d t f I imeffffl E if 11 RQ: SMU MADISON, f D g f U t d - - f h sf f dC d T WIS. i 'I W 5 l LAST, - I Estabxasmain xasa 12. As one of the resulti of his journey he is a prisoner for UP'TO'DATE a long tune. ' V IN EVERY LEAST PARTICULAR KENTZLER BRQS. 'PHONE 85 di E 1 Qsvmvn- THE FIRM THAT SUPPLIED YOUR FATHER AND .al .af .al MOTHER WITH LIVERY J' WHILE THEY WERE HERE AT SCHOOL.:'-.a'.a'f.2f-.a'.a4.:'f Freshman, declining U was: "-Was, wessen, wanting, Was. 27

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