University of Western Ontario - Occidentalia Yearbook (London, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1971

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University of Western Ontario - Occidentalia Yearbook (London, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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HZ ff-6,1 , xg Student cops duped by beer lt ASQ N01 Nobody gives a damn Thanx bb C- cd Qrrihentalia Eulume XL QE?Jitur - in - thief : Ziinha Eirksnn Qssistant QEiJitur: Brien Zlaulmes bastion QE?Jitur5: Susan Qlallagb an - Qthletirs ZIBahi?J Eillenherk-Besihenres Ulieb ZBretn - Ciluhs Qlfligaheth king-Grahuates Qiatbp bmitb - Grahuates' PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS' COUNCIL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO LONDON, ONTARIO Besiherata Eu plarihlp amih the noise anb hufte anti remember what peare there map he he in silenre fit' --than Q, fl ,. ,-Tn' wqulilrr' al r - Qs far as possible he on gooo terms tnith all persons. Speak your truth quietly ano tlearly, ano listen to others, ehen the oull ano ignorant, they too hahe their story. Qhoio lono ano aggressihe persons they are vexatious to the spirit. ' .0 uns' 5" Q Z. fi I ?:rg5. ,i m if ' . - V 4 Q , f 'f ,1 gr . f -Q .., f 'fa hm: 'wi xfgm 'lf' r 'fs i ' ,-, -, My-.fn , . ,ww ,. of rewfqgi-,N Q- ,iw i 1 sg., w?w.,,eQ4,,ffs . in Y ' ' ' 7 N wr-f- ka e f 'ey - S ,! . in all - -bros-1-,,aY'9' .,, sara. . ' .-Me nal' Qu Q.-I f fa -'fain-6 , 1-:Q .rp A Elf you rompare yourself tnith others, you may berome hain ano liitterg for altnays there mill he greater ano lesser persons than yourself. QEnioy your arhietiements as tnell as your plans. 3Keep interesteo in your otnn rareer hotneher humble, it is a real possession in the :hanging fortunes of time. L.....,... are hh.. - V .N S t N ' , 'u L15 q ,A - 4 . M .. ' xx ' . f 4' . -www' t' M Q '4 'fi he x az J? , K . . . Q .. X r . ' N, X ,- - 3 J: Eh s dar . 'im , 1 www A r n'j,W ww N 5' .fp 8 L 3 2 :M H ' ,fin F I ,il is an mix 1 Fi ia i820 Cgrgifixl' 5104 A 9 snzxaxn vornc Cfxerrise rautiun in pnur business affairs: for the inurlh is full uf trirkerp. Eur Iet this nut hlinh pun to tnhat hirtue there is: rnanp persons strihe fur high ihealsg anh eherptnhere life is full uf heroism. -xr, i- tw, x X. -db ,Q if , , t .M , 1 wil' A' 1 f. 3 iw iii Ee yourself. QE5pen:iallp hu not feign affertinn. jlieitber he epniral about lube, for in the fare uf all arihitp anb ,fs -ia A ' . va 1 fa A Q 3 Q i 5 af Raw ,Q .. rv f ' a . hisenebantment it is perennial as the grass. f,,1 x Uliake kinhlp the ruunril uf the pears, grarefullp surrenhering the things uf youth. 3Huture strength uf spirit to sbielh puu in subhen misfortune. But hu not Distress puurself tnitlj inraginings. il-Blanp fears are horn of fatigue anti luneliness. Zgepunh a tnbule- surne hisripline he gentle tnith puurself. :X 3, zgslf 1 if ty! 1, M pp you are a cbilo of the "'1QQflf-f"a"ff" ai uuiperse, no less than the , .- - ---,few ,.,,,.-ff I W ,. ii- - 1 ,-.- "T'p NX 1 i ' W fa,,,e,.,,ffffsr-W-'affffi f trees auo the starsg you 4 ...v k , F-, mv , ' A 5 -7 3 V , a e fiffittf"iMf"f'if,1,tf..fWittii babe a right to he here. -- an -f-nv " X X- i . f .-,,,,..xQ-1 qu' y , .,, .. .1 . "'- 1 , ,Q-.-1-e-n-f-aw i Q - F- e i s A fe Quo tpbetber or uot it is ,, ...-1 'lf' " dear to pou, no oouht the uuiherse is uufoloiug as it sboulo. Therefore he at peare tnith Goo tnbateher you eoureihe him to he, auo tnbateper your Iahours auo aspirations, in the noisy roufusiou of life, keep peace tpitb pour soul. 5. 44-1 We ' , 'Q V Q 1 W x ,, qw 5 'fx www 1 'F x W x xxx gk fkqvv mb MMG x ' 6 ' K X .EQQ w 3 Q 4' n .. 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' "" wr 1-19: M 2 'Q ,, ' ,A W' f if A A ,Qw, 3 'SQ W ig 92 i i A ,. M ,M '4 NJ' ,. ' , , an H ,Q 1 . ff ,333 ...Y ' fff,"A"' ' : ,, 'W ,4 'I M' 'Q 3 if I Q " V.-. 1' K ' Q 4- A S3511 wah, , . Six U M Y 4 ',:fL! nk , ? " A rl- V 1.3 , , -.m f 1 ,H fd' ,., .K ' H i-iam jm fr- 2. ' H V, ,I Maggy fm V A-2 mu A -X! . M MC, W I ,AE FEJ MW: ff, . ,593 - -i V 1 I-ff ' ' w- M .1 W. "1-35500 1-'A 1 WY' . I f .wil .-gm igwozx tyiikf Auw' Y ,W ,,'l had ,, 'NK'- w ,-5,5 , ., X y:,fq,a4V.m 'f A x . . 14 -Q, .5 V aww Q1--QV' ' nzfr 'UFS R Q . ,,. . ,, , ,ia , ff' 1 f YW' , Aww' i., 0 4 'K' . A' , . . v?"9K"? if -. ?'f-, , -,, .,,, ' PSERX1 G'-1 E' i ,Y 7 :A -14, . , 1 W' new P?J?,ja3f1f5hfgG, 1+i+,,, X ' 4, . ,Mawr QA V Amp , K wflhfaae-..x ' I M wgwwk, WW -L,,K,,,vaw.,5 , A " M' 'W' QL- , ,, .. A f .Q M R. f , L' -V ' ' 533: mm XI v f f J, , WV" N, O QW' ' V A" 1 1' ' A' 2 N , ng' w. if . Lf, 1 4,35 , p ,A A ,, . , - grfgg -4.-1, f ,. I "5 : Q 1 1, gf ' ,- ,A 'fi is ,Az w....Q J, B+ ' X F , ,Xl J 4. yi' ,umm 0 f.. Q 2 F ' Q wf ,. Q 5 if sf ,H Q , , M ..,, Q W -qw---,., 6 ik a' if 9 -y E5 5 , "Ts 2-.W 1 f.g5,gi 1 Q ' My if V , ll' , f.',: ' 2 , w 1? Ugg - E Qy ri 'ahh ie X, M x S, ff' '- H ur if - ,L fbfs . -' 5 fa.: Dr. D. Carlton Williams, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Ontario occupies the office symbolically looking out at the newest construction on campus, the Social Science Centre and the University Community Centre. Symbolically, because as President of the University for the past four years, Dr. Williams has watched Western grow from a relatively small campus to a large ever-changing university community. "l wouldnit like to see more than l8,000 students at Westcrnf, Dr. Williams said, Hbut there remains a great deal of pressure to expand, since we are the most popular university in Ontariofi ln the past Western received about ten percent of the freshman enrollment in the province, but recently the absolute number this represents has increased dramatically. Even though , we have tried to reduce this percentage, the campus must still expand rapidly and there is still a sense of urgency in the building programs. Dr. Williams feels the growth rate must be slowed down to avoid a campus too large and impersonal, a campus where it may be tempting to substitute quantity for quality. Regardless, there is an obvious obligation to expand to satisfy the public need, although the upper limit as yet remains unknown. Students leaving university are not over educated for society is needs, Dr. Williams fell. Current problems, largely economic conditions, are making it difficult for students to find employment. "We need to set up an information service for students, to warn them about entering departments where employment possibilities may be limited when they graduate," Dr. Williams said. Such a service would reduce the problems faced by the Althouse graduates where only two-thirds were able to get permanent teaching positions. Dr. Williams has noticed a growing participation of staff and students in campus affairs, particularly in government, that has uproduced a reasonably calm and stable campusm. "Challenging accepted dogma is a healthy thing. We try to provide effective channels so that complaints can be registered and acted uponfi Dr. Williams also said that he has a Qfrustratedj desire to be seen more, to be more available for contact with students and staff. As matters stand, he is tied up in the bureaucracy of administering the University, overseeing the innumerable facets of its operation. Also, as Chairman of the Council of Ontario Universities and as a director of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, he is away a lot. Dr. Williams is also one of the only persons who has no tenure, in his position as president. Hlaike all presidents lam sitting on a bomb that could explode any time. The problem is that l don 't know how long the fuse is. In any case, I hold my position solely at the pleasure of the Board of Governors. .Xbovc all else, his understanding, his patience, and his ability, Dr. Williams showed that he is approachable and concerned. A.E. SHEPHERD Chairman Board of Governors RMB. WILLIS Vice-President Administration and Finance DR. A.W. TRUEIVIAN Chancellor l' Y' L 2 L saws 'Max vw? DH. l'i.,I. HUSSl'I'l'Ilai X nw-l l'CSltlffIll Academic 'Kd' UH. 0.Il. NXQXIQNYICIIS X ll't'-l,I't'Slllk'l1l Health Sciences I 1451111 nt MRh. NI. l3,Xhlxhh Alumni 'X4'i0l"i'lliUll DH JR WAISON Heglslrur A :SB r .W - N . SEQ 2 . - , 2, as ww Q 5?- N Q Q, ,iff ' 'Wmk X ,- , 45:29 Nw 52,3 QWKQFMA f,7.'.4 - V. in MISS A.M. ARMITT Director Tl.. HOSKIN DR. L.E. NEAL Summer School Dean of Men Dean of Women and Extension '10 REV. ,l.G. MURDEN Principal Huron Colle-gc SISTER AHLENE WALKER Dean ol Brescia Collage ,QW ' f,, w iw.,,,.yn4 4 DR. D.O. CARRIGAN ,XJ 1 S Q: ir' QQQZQJIHQ is-3 iyx - ' Weis' 'K 33.53-:SQ I Principal DR. DLG. ROWE CA. VON KUSTEH King's College Dean of Arts Dean of Music X" ,fmfbfnx I f "UAS A-un:-shi" l g DR. A.E. SCOTT Dean of Science ' , I DR. G.L. REUBER DR. DUNN Dc-an ul' Dean ofDc11listry Social Saficxlvl' DR. RS. MACKAY Dean of Law RAI. DILLON Dean ui ftllolllulllm R.C. AIKEN Dean of Nursing 73:2 DR, D. BOCKING Hx N 1. X' I J 1, K , 45 WETTLAUFER DR. KLA. STEVENSON Dean of BLISHIPSS Dean of Graduate Studies Arlministralimm ,ysv"""g I Q, x 44, ,-'ig 93 v A fax DRM. E. ST-XBLER Dean 01 Althouse College Erahuates JC? f,- ik .sa-'-ff" , . J-,A--95 Af' f "rf- ' ' B , ",.g's .' I . - Wa!- ,ig fi'53 1 K 'R - . ,t U Y. ,. A Q :JJ G4 Y . A ' in f NT :. 4 ' . ' - 71 1 ' , 'fi . Vn4-fix .. av4"4': ,gb " -,V . -' if - -I A 2 - I. 4' ' f-fi' A A -V ., g fy 5 ' - I V' a."l' 34 . .A,- I-,ilrg -A -' lf. ,dugg - 1. lf: 11 .. -I 4 " Q '-'E . : F 1- 'I , ' V -11 1, ' 1'- -:11-?f':" -'L P: A - .4 frfffrz- f . , .. Q. . . , Y .f , 1, ,.:4,,U 1, ' ' ffkkgxf t L-,:.L qw, 'g 'V 42 3,7-jf,-1A,Q,w Fi- ' Ii: :LL .Ig i'if"rf N , 1.!.i.u,,:1.-Jul iagual 1 1 ., '-'-"+"L'sr -'-,:""' I Q . 11. -1 ff? 61 -' :f?'ff1, 1 A ,,-K. -Q... 4, .,,..,,. , ll' '::'- ' FA 352' 5' I -1"':'if f lf' " Fttll l.TX OF XRTS Lorna Jane Xbray Wendy Xnne Belcher Fausto Peter Boniferro Frank tloscarella llugh Brian Douglas Dench Katharine Lesley Feldmar J acqucline Glady s Keillor Flizalu-tli Irene Blanche Moys Xlphonso Xlexander Osborne Beverly Joan Potts llorothee Schaeubinger Bonnie Colleen Betty Stones I niversity Gold Medal The Helen NLR. Allison Gold Medal The King's College Board of Directors Gold Medal The Solis of Italy Italian Award The Iluron College Medal lniversity Gold Medal The A. Dorothy Turville Gold Medal liniversity Gold Medal The Spanish Ambassador in Ottawa Book Prize The Huron College Medal University Gold Medal The Spanish Ambassador in Ottawa Book Prize University Gold Medal Stllltltll. OF BISINESS ADMINISTRATION Xllan James Magrath The G.S.W. Centennial Medal F XCILTY OF DENTISTRY Robert Loren Heath Edward Michael George Dore David Mark Lawton Jolm Archie Lynn Thomas Roger Pettit F XCI LTY UF ENGlNIilCRlNt Thomas Fred Dann Robert Xlexander Dempsey Peter Jolm Savage F KCI LTI' OF LAW Xrthur Birnbaum John Cullen Campbell Richard Henry McLaren James Gary McLeod Peter Robert John Noble The Clinical Paedodontic .Award The Pro Liberis Prize The American Academy of Periodontol- ogy Award The American Academy of Dental Radi- ology Award The Senior Award in Oral Surgery The London and District Dental Society A ward The American Academy of Oral Medi- cine A ward The American Association of Orthodon- tists Award in Oral-Facial Growth The Canadian Academy of Periodontology A ward The Fixed Prosthodontics Award The Dental Sciences Research Award The American Association of Endodon- tists Award The Canadian Society of Oral Surgeons Award 1 SCIENCE The Professional Engineers Gold Medal lniversity Silver Medal --Mechanical En- gineering The Dr. James A. 'Vance Medal University Silver Medal - Chemical Engi- neering The A.B. Siskind Scholarship The Canada Law Book Prize The Canada Permanent Trust Company Law Prize The Zimmerman, Winters Prize in Com- mercial Law Subjects The Butterworth Prize for Academic Excellence The Arthur T. Little Scholarship The Carswell Company Prize The London Life Insurance Prize The Faculty Association Award The Thomson, Roberts' Prize in Corpor- ate Finance RD FACULTY OF MEDICINE Robert Barry Bourne Robert Michael Cecil Brock Robert John Byrick Dennis Ross Chapman Wayne Alexander Everett Richard John Finley David Timothy Fisher Robert James Henderson James Cecil Hicks Roger Howard Hoag Gregor Iain Mm-Gregor Norman Chalmers May Margaret Susan Youngman Mitchell Flora Jamieson Rathbun Daniel Slipacoff Jacob Yeenstra FACILTY OF MITSIC G ary R o bert M cC um ber FACULTY OF NURSING Gertrude Beth Greer FACULTY OF SCIENCE Shelley Barbara Armstrong Raymond Paul Baker Robert Jolm Beaman Matthew Albert Bol Jonathan Michael Borwein Susan Elizabeth Cusack Robert Walker Dalrymple James Claude Glassford Sharon Lee Goldstein Parweez A bulkassim Gulshani Alexander Edward Hay Gorm Erik Jensen Elizabeth Lynn McCaw Dennis Gerard Creasor McKeon Lawrence Andre Joseph Melis Jane Christine Rowe Igor Jerry Shuster William Ward Thornton Margaret Eva Tilsworth The Class of 1917 Prize The Ivan Hamilton Smith MemorialPrize The Abbott Prize in Anaesthesia The Kingswood Scholarship The Khaki University and Y.M.C.A. Scho- larshio The Dr. Fred N. Hagerman Memorial Prize in Surgery The Horner Gold Medal Award in Otolar- yngology The W.H. McGuffin Scholarship in Radi- ology The Dr. R.A.II. Kinch Prize in Commu- nity Medicine The Ilorner Gold Medal Award in Oph- thalmology The Roche Scholarship The Dr. Lawrence A. Burk Memorial Prize in Paediatrics The J.B. Campbell Memorial Scholarship in Medicine The Alpha Kappa Kappa Gold Medal The Dr. F.R. Eccles Scholarship The Class of '55 Prize The Lange Award The Medical Alumni Gold Medal The Poulenc Award The Pearl Devenow Fox Memorial Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology The Alumni Gold Medal The Alumni Gold Medal The Governor-General's Medal The Frances Weir Scholarship University Gold Medal Northern Life Gold Medal The Harry Cross Medal The Joseph J. and Annie R. Kingston Gold Medal The Brescia College of Arts Award for Home Economics University Gold Medal University Gold Medal University Gold Medal Raymond Compton Dearle Gold Medal The Veeco Prize The Veeco Prize University Gold Medal The Dillon Gold Medal The Alumni Gold Medal The Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award The Dean Russell tLimitedJ Award ljniversity Gold Medal The Dean Russell tLimitedJ Award University Gold Medal University Gold Medal FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE Leslie John Babbage Allan Clifford Boles Robert Baldwin Farris Carol Anne Gedye Mark Christopher Goldenberg Robert Jay McCalla Victoria Lynne MacDonald Neil Wilson Mather Patricia Jacqueline Nickason Gregory Lloyd Stoddart The R,B. Liddy Gold Medal University Gold Medal Canadian Association of Geographers Economic Council tErie Regionj Award University Gold Medal Robert LaVerne Eagleson Gold Medal The Thomas B. Richardson Gold Medal National Council of Jewish Women of Canada tLondon Sectionj Scholarship University Gold Medal The S.F. Glass Gold Medal The S.F. Glass Gold Medal Qi: 1 5 ' in DDI ' in tt PWQSN' But such is the irresistable nature of Trutl1,' that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing. A Thomas Paine' li... ART IXIIIX J IJVX.. IHIIQIISII XIILI J IIN, N XVII ,l. Ilfli. LIXIJIX XI. I,.,X.. I'.IlgIlrIl ' J' 3 j D I NX., I'l'1'n1'I1 A Ixngllsll YIIIXI IXN I ,I . J, w , w . XS! IN. SIS'l'ICI4I ,II Ii. X.. Ihslnry II XILIII. HIIIHIXIIII X. I . , w Ii.X.,Izngl1sl16. I4l'1'Ilt'II I'IfXI,I.. NI. ,I l'Dl'I'II If. IINX, Fllli' Xrlf ,X ,, Y' N I, IfI,IZ XIIIVII Ill. I mfg ...,,r IifXI,SIJ4 IX, I,I1IlINIM I J D. I' XIINHS, II ILIIUI Il, 1 IJUX., I4I'4'lll'Il IIA., Ifnglifll ISIXHII, Sl FXN If. III., I'II'4'lll'Il IIXII' . ' IIun.I1.,X., I'1'mu'Il I5If,X'I"I'II'I, IIIIXXX IIUII. IIA., I4Il'1'Il1'II IIICILII XIII I ' J, DANNY Y. IIA., In-m-ral J.. D.. 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BJX., English PlG,X'l', DINO A. BA., English S Phil. PlRlE, l'.X'l'RlClA l,. i w . lu.fX., I',llgllSll PIA Yl'ZliE, Ll 'IZ V. B.A., Iillfllliill POEL5, NIARY A. .B.A., Fri-ni-li l'O'l"l'S, BEVERLY Hon. B.A., English Plll.Yllli, MA RCIA H. BA., lfrviiuli OIIICLEY, MARY Nl. l4I..X.,l,atii1 l'lAliJl,AFl9', DEAN E. B.A., Iii'llCI'i1l REBER, PETER W. B.A., Nldlh REICHHELD, DEENA E. x . BA., English REWBOIIHAM, SALLY L. B.A., lllalh X English RICH, SHARON B.A., English 81 History RICHARDSON, BARBARA B.A., English RILEY, DONALD Hon. BA., Latin Ci Greek RILEY, ELAINE RUTH B.A., English RIPPIN, RONALD B. Min., 'llheology ROCKX, NIARCARET E. B.A., FI't'llCll RU'FlAlWlEIl,L, BRENDA hl. B.A., Nlusii- H0 L'l,E'l', LINDA C. B.A., English SANCIIEZ, BE YE RLEY-ANNE BNA., English SEARSON, BETTY B.A., Cmivral SC HA E Ll B ING ER, DORUTIIEE Hon. B.A., Ccrnian S. Eng. SCHOLL, CHRISTINA M. B.A., French SHELLAN, PATRICIA D. B.A., English 'ms-4, L la' WW X W What they have forgotten they have forgotten. What they meant to do instead of fall is not in earth or time recoverable. Alfred Purdy SILCUX, PA l, I, HA., History ii Ifvull. SILLS, IiA'1'Ieil.,liEN XI. HA., English SIMMHNS, HHENIJA I. HA., English SINIMHNS, HAIiHlli'I' X HA., Pliilompliy SIMPSON, CATH XHINIC HA., English SIiIBlNSIi1,lJIAN,XW Hon. BMA., Eng. 8: Fr. SLACK, SLSAN F. HA., English SMALL, MARY ANN HA., French SMEENK, FRANK C.T. HA., Philosophy SMITH, JENNIFER E. B.A., Fine Art S Psyefh. SMITH, KATHAHINE B Hon. HA., English SMITH, MARILYN F. HA., English S: Hiat. SNELG ROVE, JOANNIL D4 IRL I N B.A., Mathematics S4 IHIQNSICN, BONNIE I,. I'I.'X., IfngIisI1 X Psy-lm. SI'If XIIS. I.IXlIH.X IIm1. I.r.:X.. I 1. IX Itng. SI'II,I,IfII. IC. I.IXIJ.X IIm1.I'3..X..IfngIlsI1 S'I'.XI+'FUHII. QXLIIIIC IMI ISIS Ifi..X.. IQIIQIISII S Ihslory S'l'ICI'I IIQNS. il. ICI,IZfXI3H'I'II IS. X.. I"1'e-nm-I1 bl Ifnglisll S'I'I'fIxl.I. XHIIUNIILX ,I. IIml. Ii. X.. I'II'1'll1'Il S'I'IfINIfII. IIIIIfIIS'I'INIC IC. II0ll. 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B.INIus., Organ BRUWN, NANCY E. B. Mus., Aiusif' DAVIS, BARBARA L. Hon. B.Mus., Music' Ed. DEMING, CARUI. A. IIon. I3.Mus., Music' Ed. EBERHARD, BEYERIA Hon BAIUS., Music Ed. FRENCH, DAVID L. Hon. B.MuS., Musiv Ed. GILBERT, LINDA D. R.Mus., Music' GILBERT, I-i4QlNAI,D L. I-3.AIus., Alusic' GILDAY, VIIILLIAAI B.Mus., 'lilicory 61 LIUIIIP. GLUYER, ANNE B.Mus., Music' JEFFREY, WAYNE D. Hon. B.Mus, Music' Ed. KWASX ICA, DANIEL G R.Mus., Music LEESON, MARY E. Hon. B.Mus.. Alusiif MCCIIAIRER, GARY R. B.Mus., Musii' ELI. MARRIER, BRIICE A. B.Mus., IIIIICOIA' Ji Cmup. Nll l.l.lN. Xl.l.XN R. lil. Xlus.. Xlusiv X4 DYXR. SY LYIX R.Nll1s..Nl11sl1' l'Xl-iSuXH.FlilCl1ll. R. Nlus.. Nlusn- ITXYYIQ. lI.XRHl.lf Nl. Rllus.. Nlusn- l'Iil'Plf1R. NlgXl'lG4Xlil'f'l' QX. lei. Nlus., Hush' Ql REX. .XLXX XX. R. Mus., Xlusim' Rl SHELL. YYEYDY C. R. Mus., Nlusn' ROGERS. DAVID RN. B. Nlllrl., Nlusiv TEBBY, REINQX D. B. Mus., Xlusif' S.-XDLER, NIARSHA B. Mus., Nlusiv S,-XNDES, CHRISTOPHER C. R. Mus., Music SIIICWQXN, BONNIE J. R. Mus., Musia' SNIYTH, KLAR1 Pl. N. B. NlllS.,NlllSi1' S'l'ICYENS, ,IUIJR IJ. H. NlllS..xlll5l1' s'1'li XRT, MQXRIUN I. R.Nl11s..Nll1siw WXl.Dlli, lCl.IZ.XRE'l'Il .-X. B. Mus., Nlusu' Y XRNY4 N DID. R1 iN.Xl.D R. H. Nlus.. Mush- 4--.-Muff' wvs 1 me xr V Q M There is music wherever there is harmony, order or proportion: And thus far we may maintain the music of the spheres. Sir Thomas Browne --in-in 1""' 4 This is the fire that will help the generations to come if they use it in a sacred manner. But if they do not use it well, the fire will have the power to do great Sioux Indian Nuclear weapons and atomic electric power are sym- bolic of the atomic age: on one side, frustration and world destructiong on the other, creativity and a common ground for peace and co-operation. U.S. Atomic Energy Commis. 'J I XIAIHHQZHQ HHH , CQXIM HH N Ii.Sv.,PI1y5.8 Pllilflll. ,XlHEY.lJAXX'l1JIl. 15.51-., C1 n11p11lcI'5v. .xNIJERs1 m,.x l,.-XN DEAN Hmm-.,Nl11ll1. 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MOORE, THIQUDURIC H. B.Sc:., Clwm. MORRIS, G. EH IC J. HSC., Cfjlllplllffl' Su. MOSES, JOHN L. HSC., Math. M ULKIQHN, TIMOTHY J Hon. B.Sf:.,Cun1puter Sv. We two form a multitude. Ovid XII IIIIJ XX. IIIIIIIXIIIJ 'If IIon. I'1.N'.. XIIIPIII. XI Xll XI I, XX. I'Ii'I'ICII XI. lIon.l S.X..Xl.1lI1. XI411-IIHXXI.II.IlIf4IIIIlIfNXI , , Iv. XHUIUQX XI111-IJIIN XIII. ,II IIIN II. X. IM-..l'I1xFi4-5 Xlm-III DX XIII. XIXIIG XI'IIC'I .I IIon. I-3.51-..lII1.-m, XI111-IIIIN.XI.II. XX II.I,I.XXI I'. II. X.. XILIIII. XII-Il XXX. If. I.X NX IIon. I-2.54-..l.Io111putm-S1 Y XIVIXXXI. I .XII II. IIS.-..XI.1lI1. XIINICII.. XIXIIILX XXII ,X. IIN.. XIulI1. X XNIIIQIQIIQXILI., ILIXIIIIX' XX I3..X.. Zoology XI1fXIiI,IC. IIXXIIHX XX. IIoll. Iijr.. ZUUIUQIX XII XI'iI,IC. ISRIVIIIQ XX. II. X.. Zoology NIfXX'I'3IQIlIN. IIQXIIHXHX IIon. II, X.. XIQIIII. XII III! PI.. XX II.I.I.'XNI IJ. II. X., Zoology NII1HI,l ill1I.IiI.fXIiII IJ. I'Z.S4-..XI.1lI1. NIIII5. IICNXXHD P. J f Im. X.. Zoology NI PIII! IN, Ii. 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Sciellce BERESFORD, DIANA L B.A., Historv S Plus. Ld Blcls, MEGAN E. ' Hon. BA., History BIDGOOD, DO UG LA: R BMA., Geography BIGGS, M. RLTH BA., Home Economic: BIRCH, KEVIN T. B.A., Political Sc. BLACK, MARY LOL BBA., Psychology BLACK-CHURCHILL. BNA., ECOIIOIIIIKE BLACKWELL, JOHN . Hon. B..-A., P.H.E. BLAIR, DONALD W. Hon. B.A.. P.H.E. BLAIR, JAXICE Al. Hon. B.A., Geography ISI,XNl1IIIQ'I"lIIi..I.I5.I.. I r-' In, X.. I oIlIl1's I4II.X SIXIS. IN IXXX 5. II. X., Ile-oglxlplly IH IIIIDX . ISHI XX II. II, X. I':m'L.nlulllIm'w lu NLNXI-1. II Xl-ll. J. II, X.. I'sX'4'IluIu,gX I-14 DIES. .XI,I. XX Il. I Iun. I5..X., I'Il'UIlUIllIl'. III IIIILXIQ. U XII, II. X.. I':l'Ull0llII4'S III DI'l'l'1II.IISSl,,lHSIiPH .'X. , I . II. X., Forlolugy III IIII'IF.XI'I.IJ, I'IQ'l'l:1H R. X . Ii.X..Ig4-0114111111-5 I3II.X.XKSM,X, IIIQIIHIIII II0l1. II..X.. If4'U110l11ivs IIII XDFI IIIIJ, .II IIIN S. I3..'X., PsN'1'IloIu1'S' I-sl-:.x'1mL'm', II.fX:I'IIEHINE M. lfi..X., IJsX'1'Il0Iu5Q' X Fr. IIIIXIJX . 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HA., Sociology DOLL, Bll.XDl.liY T. Hoi1.H..AX.,P.ll.lf. ,QQ DUNKERYU4 ll'l'l'. Ill ill .Xllll l.. HA., lfvoiioinivs DUNXl:fLl.Y,l1.X'l'llEHlXE Nl. l-SA., llonw lfvoiioiiiiu D1 ll1Gl.,-XS. IHICXIS l3..'X., Psycliology D1 IWDEN, lCl,lZ.XHlf'l'll lfl,l.FN BA., lfvoiioniics -1 DOYLE, RUHl'fR'l' J. B.pX., Psyi-lmlugy DRYDEN, BHYliHl.EY l.. BA., Secretarial Sri. DUECK, ABE R. Hon. BA., P.H.E. DU FTON. ,IPD ITH A. BA., Secretarial Si-i. Ill Iili. XHHXIXN fX. IIun. 14.51-.,G+-ulugy IDI NISE. XIXIIU 'XI'iIf'I' IXS.Sv.. Ilmm- H1-ullollxivs Ill XIADP, D.XXIICI.,I. IQS.X.,I'wliti1-5 Ill XX. I..INIJ.X ,I. II. X.. IIISIUFX' Ill XXIXG. I.ICSI,lH IC. IIm1. I,..X., P.II.It. Ill SI. ILIfR.XI.IJ X. I45..X..ICvm1ox11iI-5 I.JX'XIICYI'. BIIEYI' If. Iw. X.. Izvmmllllvs ICILXN. XII IIRX II. II. X., Ilislory Iiiilili. 'IIMI I'I'IIX' Ii. I'I..X..I'I1'Ull0ll1lL'S ICIRI IDS. .XXGELIIXX J ,L , II. X..PwycI1uIugX IfI.I.I1 VII. L. ,IIQXXNIQ I'I..X.. HUIIIP EVUIIUIIIIVS IiI.I,Il I'I"I', BHliND.X L. II. X., I Iislury ICLI.II I'I"I', .XNE -X. Ii. X., Hxmuf Ifcollmrlxlims Iil . I .Il l'I"I', IXI.XH'III'IrX .-X II.IX.. St'l'l't'Iill'IL1I SVI. ICXI XNS, HUBERT I'i.X.. Ikyvlmlugy IfI"II4 IX, PXI I, .-X. I-LX.,In-m1m111vs I . 'II'II..XNIJ. SXMIII . - X Ii.-X.. I'sy1'IluIogy w.-w I w w I'.brI'.X. XIIl.Il.XIzl,I1. Ii. X., I'l4'UllUlllIl'h I. , , . 4 X Xr.,I Xf.Ix ,l. H, X.. III-ugruplly I" XIII-IICI.I.. I-It II5HI i'I'IN J . ,I IIm1.I,.X.,IJ.II.I.. I" XIIII XIII X. X'IIi IJ. , . I1.X., Iluflury I" XI.f1HXICI'I. BXRIIIXII 1lf,,..1a..x,,1'.,.-lm lf.-. I" XI'II,IiX'. U4 JI GILXSI Ilun. I1.X..I'.1-011011111-5 If XIIIIIF. IUIIIIQITII Ii. IIm1. Ii.X.,lJf-Mgr-.1pI1y fad wwf, 7. in i yu ur sf Kew ff? -1'-'Za A iw M IV' 'K' ,M o 'K' A FIQRGISIJN, A. ANNE RA., IIialory FICRGI SHN.,I.XNIIfS X. RA., Polllnw FICRIQI S4 DX, FAI I, IIA., III-111-rL1I Flfl' R XFN I'I"'IAI"IR' I Il. K . . .K 1. , 3 - IIA., Fsyc'Il. fx I lnl. FICRRIS. RIHIIII I. RA., IIomv Ifvoxlolnia-5 FINDLAY, DIAXII If. RA., Zoology FlNliICLS'l'EIN, Rl 'III IIA., Fsy1'I1oIogy FIAILAYSUN D.A. SIII Hon. IIA., I'I1'UIlUlllIl'h FISIIIQR, Rf JISISRT S. IIA., Fsy'I1oIog FLAMAN, RICH ,X RD II Hon. RA., I,It'OgI'liIlIly FLARU, RUHFRT ILL. RNA., Fsyc'I1oIogy FLOWERS, DUIIIIIIAS BMA., Soviology FOLEY, SHARON I.. RA., Soc. S Psycll. FORSYTH, HELEN VI. RA., Secretarial S1-i. FOWLER, PAIFL A. BA., R1ro11on1i1-s FRANCIS, CARRY B. RA., GeogrupI1y FRASER, ADRIAN IIon. RA., History .X XI I F FRASER, ALASTAIR I. RA., Gvogruplly FRASER, DAY ID RA., Zoology FRASER. ,IOIIX A. BNA., Soviology FRASER, SIIIIQYIQN G. RA., Zoology FRITZ, GARRIF F. RA., Svc'1'e-la1'iz1I Sci. FRY, ,IAN I. RA., PSylfIl0I0g'y FRY, SHARON AI. IIA., ZooIogy IIIX I" I XXI" X II. X.. Ilmm- I'II'UIlUllIIl Ifl ,III X. I.lNIl X ,I. Ii, X., N-vm-l111'luI N-1. lfl I.l.Iil'I. IX XIIIIIX N I'I.51'.. I'IulilllX w w,rw 0 ,wrx1,1 Il I.I.IuII I 1 IN. IIx I Inlx I.. II. I'I1'ull0lllIl's Ifl II'I'XICX . ,I XXIICS IC. Ihm. IS. X.. P.II.E. 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Hon. BA., History GOLDIIQ, ROY V. BA., History GOOD, NANCY BA., Ecronomivs GOODGER, NURKIA B.A., Psychology GORDON, EDITH LYNNE Hon. B.A., P.H.E. GO RWILL, INIIARGARET DAN B.A., Psychology GOSNELL, NANCY J. BA., English Sz Psych. GOULD, PETER N. BA., ECOIIOIIIIUS GOWER, DAVID R. Hon. BA., Economics GRACEY, DUN P. Hon. BA., Pol. S4 Hisl. GRACIE, SUSAN M. BA., History GRAHAM, GORDON E. Hon. B..-IX., Gcogruplny GRAHAM, l..lND,X R lm., P.H.r:. GRAHAM, RICHIXRD D. BA., Sociology GRANT, WII..LI'UI 'HDI BA., Evonomics QIHIIICN. Ili ll GLIXS C. Hon. H.-X., I'.II.H.IC. GIIICICX, INNIJSXY X. II, X.. SUV. PSy1'Il. lvIxI',I',N, NI.XIxl,I.IX. I.. Hon. I3..X.,llQ-og1'a1pI1y GHIfIIfNI'II'XfIi. IQICITII IC. I4!..X.,livogn'upl1y GHICIQNWUHIJ,'l'liRENi1li P. I'I..X., Psymfllology IIIIICIIUHY, C. ,IILXNIC .P Y I Hon. I,.,X.,Il1ys. IMI. IIIIIIQSHLXI EH, I'I'f'I'IfH Ii. Hon. Iii., Psy cllology UHIIJFIX, F. NIQXIIIX IIN., Ifconomivs UHUDZIXSISI, H.XHBfXHA JX. HK.. Som.-ioIogy f :Ho5lioH'IN11, D4 INN-X INI. Hon. IIA. IIPUQIYIIJIIY GIIUSYICNUH, MARY M,ICE E Ii. X., Psyvllology GIIUVICS. DENNIS l5..X.,IIisto1'y Ill LISA. MICIIPXIQI, Ii. I3..X., Zoology GIINDIIY, JOHN HX. ISA., I":t'Ull0lllIl'S GIIY, DAVID H. IIUX., Flor. HXIR, NIAXIIGUT E. Ii. IX., Home- Ifv. IIALL, IIIIIXN H. Hon. lS..X.,Gcograpl1y HIXLL, IAN NIT. ISA., General II.IXI,I,, MHS. IAN H.fX.,Gm14-ml II.fXI.,I,, IAIIHIIJXINE IQ. H.fX.,fi1-ograplly II.XNIII,'I'4 IN, CAHMAN ILX., Zoology II.IXNIII,'I'1 IN, D. .IRAN I5.nX., PNN-Ilology u,xx1l1,"1'ox,.m1 fx. BMX., Ge-ogrupI1y II.-XNIl,lN,-IHIIN D. Iixx., I'Im'onomi1's , WW, ,,,, , W,.,,,, ,, , t W, , ' ' ' ,., W ' AW A V' a -' ff X, ,,,- -,A- ,,,, , .,,, f' 4,-'da 4 ,,,,, , , , , ,, ,W 'ff ,,...,M, W ,fig I '. L , ,V-A. . ,, ,f,h ,, , , 74, 222 WW? fail? f M ' l k 7 , E1 S y lm? XV! W X V H V n - - R M " ,AAA.A A " V'7 1iWffff41 , fi ,f, ,Wvf'f..i,1f:S "Q, 1, - ,,,, , 0 ' ' , ,T f w KW wx: f M , H . - 4 E fi .1 if f R R if X ,Vw . i V, fw ' f A M Q-' ' ,,VV - - ff , . 1 fwf- R f.,f -4- ,vv. g4,,,.f., .ww W V- M 42 , fff . .V ,- ., W. WW Wi if ,ns ww! if .ffm , f 11-' , V ' ' . A 1' .f,, , fa.. 4 4 .L:,. f,,- if f,. 'lh. L HAMNlE'l"l', LINDA AXNXE Hon. RA., Uvogrupliv HANNA,XLLKNALEXANDER BMX., Zoology HARDING, ,IRXNET EL.-XIXE Hon. R,-X.,lheograpl1y HARDING, LORYX E. BA., Home- Evonomics IIARE, RON Nl. REX., Zoology HARPER, MERRY D. Hon. RA., Politival Sci. HARPER, NIICHELLE L. RA., HARRIS. ROBERT QX. RA., History HQXRRISUX, DOXPXLD R. BHK., Zoology HAAXRRUW, WILLIAM U. B..-X., Economics HARTLING, FRANCES D. BNN., Psychology HARVEY. D,-XLL.-XCE JANE BA., Politics HAIIRI, WERNER A. B.A., Gvograpliy HEAD, PfX'I'IiICIA A. B.A., Psychology HHXHN, Nl.-XHILYN G. B.A., Pays hology HEARNE, MARY Ii. B.A., Zoology HEASMAN, WAYNE EG. Hon. B.A., Phys. Ed. HEDLEY, ISIPLING W. B.A., Gcfograplly HEFFERNAN, MARK GG. Hon. B.A., P.H.E. HEIMPEL. RANDY G. B.A., Geology HENDERSON, N. SUE B.A., Psychology HENDERSON, ROBERT T. B.A., Math S History HENDY, BEVERLY B.A., Economivs HENNEMAN, JOAN B.A., Sociology HENSHALLMIACQUELIN R B.A., History HIGKEY, B. JAYNE B.A., Soviology HICKSON, DWIGHT W. B.A., Economics HIGGINS, ANDREW G. Hon. B.A., Geography HILL, LINDA L. B.A., Psychology HILL, MARLENE F. B.A., Psychology HILTS, STEWART G. Hon. B.A., Geography HO, VIVIAN B.A., Economics HUBBS, IAN R. B.A., Economics HOCKIN, PAMELA A. Hon. B.A., Geography HODG INS, CHARLES B.A., Economics HODGINS, DEANNA M. B.A., Sociology IIHFFNI XX, l.LXl iliY VX. J . Y lmhv.. fuulugy IIUUIJ, Ii XHICX X. lm., S.-... s., IIUHXLIVI' f'LX'I'Illfl'lNl' ,x,, ,x , li, I'f,l1ln-uIm'. HUKNlfl.l,, li XHHXH X , . l ..,X., Hlslnlj H1 PHX ING, FKXX HA., History IlUHPliNl li. N XNIQN P. Ii.,X., Pulnlu-5 HUSIIRIN, ,XXXL H. ILA., 5Ut'llDl0:-Q' H1 blLS'l'1JN, Llff b'l',X D. HJX., PSYVIICDIKDUX' . F. HOW XRD, I,J,XX'lD E. HA., Psyvlmlogy H4 DWR, ,XLDHEY E. Hun. BA., P.H.lf. HUWIC, .IA-XMICS G. ILA., Psyvlmlugy HUWSE, IQQXHEN E. Hon. BA., P.H.E. HUYLE, HOLLY H. B.A., Psyvlmlogj HITDECKI, MARY ANN L HA., Psyvllulogy HUGHES, PEGGY L. BA., Hmm- E4-mlunmir IIITI, JXYl'l'.fX P. B..-X., Suvinlogy IIIIHB-XN, liHN,Xl.D Nl. H.fX.,lf1-ollolllivs HUHST, Ifl,XWN PD H. BMX., Zoology Ill F, XNDH,X L. Hon. BA., History IM.-X4 DKK, N.-XXX BNN., Psyvhology ING H.LXU, ll USEPHIXIC B.,-X., Hmm- Econmnivs ISZCZKK, THEHESPX HA., Psych. IVANY, D.-XYID L. HA., Psych. ,IACKSON ROBERT J. B.,-X., Zoology IPXCUISS. LINDA G. I-LAX., I"I1'0ll0IllIt'S IXISUIK, ,IUSICI'I I IIA., Psyulmlogy -XNIIQS, GORDON L. BA., I'Il'0IlUIIlIl'S IXNSEX, WILLLAXNI IIA., History ,IQXZIPIN lllli I, D, XNlf'I'I X NI Iii., Botany JENKINS, Wll,LI.IXM PAUL Hun. HAI., I'Il'UllUlllIl'h ,I ICWIA L, ILXDI I LIFFH H. ILAX., Math. K Ifvun. ,IUIINSUNJUHN B. . . I IS.fX.,I'ul1ln'uI Ni. .ll DIINSTUN, BIIYCIQ ISA., Psyvllology ,IUHNS'I'UN, EDWARD R. BA., History RIOIINSTON, UDY NI. IIA., Home ECOIIUIIIIVS ,IOHNS'I'UN, SUSAN NI. Hon. IIJX., Political Sv. 74 if Aj ' 2 WWM ,, y W f K 'jf f f I f - f W ,, , '.' 'ff ' W , .ffwffg 5,1 f , ,f , A41 ' ,, ffm ,. 4 f , . M, IM, ,f A ,f f 1 ,L 3"' :Wife--'I' ,af , I f -WM 1 fff-up f -JZ' aw f 41, 1 'I in 3' 'v ra. zu- lx.. r-'Kc' r- uzju' 551441 351 , ,,,'.,,, f fx 'bfi 1 A mi , , 4 , W8 I ,, 'b I Fi, 'ad' 1 ...-allw .yo1E1x:'1ox,fLf,xx f. HA., Hislom yyHNsToxk,1xxu15u HEX., Pfyvllology l5.,X.,Hol11f:E1-onoluiw .IHHDXN,H1XHl5oXHfXL. H..fX., Pg vllology rw ,yy ,gm Nl,Xl. fl mx HJX., Holm- F1-onlorniivf KXC1.fXRliX'lllli,PETIQH H. Jf' X., Evonolllivs KAILJHIIQ, ISNILXHEX HULL., Psy rllology KAnN,noxxLncg Box., Hoviology KAY, GNHY H. HA., Gemrral KEEN ER, CATIIERINE A HA., P.H.E. S1 Psyvh. KELK, Dt JLG LAS BA., P5518 Suv. KELLUIYGH, ROBERT F. HA., Psychology KELLY, DON,-XLD C. HA., Economics KELLY, JUN EDWARD BA., Psychology KENNEDY,W.DAVHD BA., Economics KENNEDY, JMD. P.-XLL PLA., Botany KEHHOLIAS, GAXRX' K. BA., Zoology KEHH, SUSAN P. HA., Psyvhology KINDHEE, KEITH H. Hon. HA., PSYCIIUIOQY KING, CHQXHLES S. HEX., Psychology KlNG,jl'NE 11.31. BA., hoc. bv. KINNEAR, JOHN .X B.,-X., History IilRKP,X'1'RIClix HUBE RT D Hon. BMX.. G eograplly KNEESHMY, SLSAN J. BMX., Sea: Sv. IQNIGIIT, Wll.I,I.XM IS,.X.,I'Syvl1. IKNILI., .XVIIIIUNY Ii. RA., History KNOX, IS. IRENE HX., Psychology KU, CHERYLE L. B..-X., Gf-ne-ral KOCSIS, s'1'15PH1aN fx. lm., Him. x E.-. Ii1,bS'I'I+lR, DUNALIJ A. REX., Psyvllology IiUZ,fXNl'I'lS, TUIXI A. BA., General IQRJXMP. KAREN HA., Zoology ISREEK, RAOIIL A. BA., Eronomic-s IQRELATY, CAROLINE NI. HA., PoIiIiCaI Sc. KRICK, INIARTHA H. BA., Horns Economic-s KIINZLER, ANN INI. HA., SH. Sc. KURYLU, ROBERT HA., Zoology KIIRKI, HENRY R. HA., Politic-al LABONTE, FRANCOIS BA., Economics LAIDLAW, M. SUSAN BA., Geography LAM, RITA W. HA., Home Economics LANE, KERRY E. B.A., Sec. Sc. LANGFORD, C. PHILIP HA., Er-onomics I.APUIN'I'E, LEONA L. HA., Hiotory l.!XI'UlN'IIIf, PETER Hon. HA., I'.H.E. I ARfX'l"IA, V ITU HA., ZooIowfv U ', I.Al'RENI.IE, Sf1U'I"lI L. HA., Soviology LAVENDER, AIJHIAN H. HA., Ee-onomivs 'Q -4-anal' We two fomm a multitude. Uvid LAVIS, CAROL ANNE B.A.,H1sl.S Er. LAWRAS1. PN, UDITH L. BLA., Geography LAWRENCE, MJXRY FLSXX PLA., Sociology LAWSON, ,IAMEF GRANT BA., Psycllology LAWSON, MA HG.-Xlilfl' BA.. Zoology LEDINGIIANI, BllNNlE Ll. BA., Soviology LEE. SHUK CHlNG HA., Zoology LEE, EDWARD Bfl., Sociology LEE,GE1lHGESlllNG Boll., Geography LEFEBYRE, HELEN Ill. BA., Psyvllology LEGGAT, Nl.-XHll,YX ll. BJX., Zoology LEMQXY, LYNIXX fX. BMX., Zoology Lblox ARD. CINDY I.. IIA., I,SA'l'IllJIOgA IIXJNAHD, D1 Il IILAH W Il. A., Ile-ogruplly IIQUXU. AIAI HICIQN 5. HA.. I'1vonon1im's I,El NG. IYINXIIC Nl. IIA.. Ueogralplly l.EXX'lXG'l'1lX, ,IENNIFHR Ilon. IIA., II1sl.A ling. LISK. HAYNIOND Ii. Hon. H..-X., P.ll.E. I.I,UYD, IiA'I'HIQHINE L. ILA., Sociology IU, LINDA W. HA., Sodology LUNG, EARL G. IIA., Zoology LDNGAIH, JOHN A. H.A., Geography I,UL'GHEED, PETER B. H..-X., Zoology LUYIQLL, CARI DL A. Ilon. I5.A., Psyull. IAQIIY, LEANNE H.A., Home Econonlivs IIBHIISIXY, ALAN 5. ILA., Zoology I,IfCY, DAVID NI. H.A., I'lk'UllUIllIl'S IITDWIG . DOUG H..-X.,Nlutl1. S ICQ.-. Nlavlji JXALD, G ISUHUENA I HA., Zoology NIu1'DUNAI,D, .IUHN C. IIA., E4'ol1omim's Nlam-IN bX.XI.D, 5. JUAN IIA.. I':l'0IlUIllIl'S NIu1'DUXAI,D, SLISAN NI. Hon. BA., P.Il.lz. Nlal-FAIJYli N, NIA HG ARE I h I3 A Qovioloffv xl...-llI1.1,lxf.fRY, CHIilS'l'lN A Hon. ILA., I'.H.IQ. NIaf'IN'I'YIIIf, H1 JBERT B..-A., Sociology MacIiIfNZIIf, ,IANIIQS W. BA., History XI XIIIXHXIX X. X XI.'IIII'.I X XIm'XIII.I. XX. III 'I II I1.X II. X.. XIf'U,QI'LiIIIIX XIQII-XIuII.. IXX XI.,I. I'I1'nllHllII1',- XIm'IC.XIf. IIIII fllf I. I'lI'fPIII'IIlIl',' XI1'XXIII'II'lXX.III'.XXI.4 I II. X.. I'nIIlI1'L1I Nz XI1'I'IIIII'IX, IIIIIX II. IIlrlHl'X XI1'II.XI,I. X. I'IiIL4LX Il. Ilfm. II. X.. IQ'-ng1'L1III1X XII-I I.XI.I. X. III II iIfII'I' ,I. H.,X., ISI-ugnaplny XII-IIIIICFNHX . Xl XIIX -ICI I I X Ii. X., Helm-ral MAII. XIlIIEIi'I'X . .I XXIIC I Hon. Ii. X.. In-ugniplny XII-III,IfI.I..XNIJ. IQXIII II X I5..'X., 5m'iuIugX M1-Illilvf XIIX . ILP. IxICI'I'II ITIUVX., AUUIUQ M1-IIINNMIIIIIXIL. IIon.I1..X..P.II.I'.. M1-IIINN.XlII1HHI.IiXI. IIm1.I3..X., Im-mlmlllw XII-III-KECLHH. IIUX X Ili, BQX., IAIIKPIIIIYXY . ?"'. XII-lil IHIQ. HIIIII XIIIJ X BMX.. P., .I1..,l.,,y XII-INNICS. S XXIJII X IiI..X., P3 1'I1uIugX XI1'IYIIXI'IH.I'IXIIII'IXI'I X l'l..X.. Sw. A I'.II.If. XII-IXIIIISIX. I-II Il IIfIi'I' Ix. I5..X.. Illslury XIvIxI'I"l'IillIIx. XII PIII X I II. X.. PSX 4'IloIugX XI1'I..XIIIII,IX. XI XIIX XI. II. X., IIe'UQjI'i1IIIlX XI1'I.IfIII3. IZIIICIIX I. X. I5..X..I'S5vl1QlUg5 XI.-NIC X. IN INN X,I. IIrX VIIUIUQX XII-I' XIII. XXII. XIIlIII.XIf II..-X.. Psy 1'I1oIugX XII-QIIXIJE, BERNARD R51-,, llvolugy Nlmjl XYMIXNIES I.. IIN., IIISIUFY XII-SIYEENIC-Y, IRWIN V. B.-X.,lIis1m-y NI.'XlIIiIifX, NIJXRIA ISJX., Ilmm- EI-unomim M.-XDREN, SANDRA BA., Psyvllologgy MAGEE. MARGARET H. RA.. S1?K'l'1'Illl'IilI Svi. MAG IIIRE, EAN E. BA., Zmqlugv xlfxlczu, m'ND,x F. BMX.. Psyvllology MAX IE R, BRENDA I. BA., Ilumn- EVUIIUIHICS MAIN, ,IfXNE'I' I. BJX., 5H'rvlan'ia1I Svi. MAIN, SHIRLEH' A. I5..5x., S01-iolugy MK IJE, ANE I3.fX., IJsy4'I1oIugy 'a my Every dog has his day. Cicero Xl L, 2. S Is X X2 N' Q iyga We M 5? ,-. If R If Q I , Wk. 4 X 4 N f W, W K A.....n.. """'m' 'fluff' .fm ,X Ift XI,XI,'IIEfI 15. XIKIQIXI X fl I5.IX., I'n'c'I1uIu1fx x1,xxc.:1i1i1e.czf-Px'1'l:1cg1x II.,'X.,IIt'0g1l'L1pIlX XlfXXl.Jl-it nf. wr XXLICX' fi. II..'X.. IIiflory x1,xx1mz1.14. XIXI-il xx J. I'I.A.,II1llllf'I'I4'UllUlllI4's NIfXXl,liY, ,lfXXE'II If. BMX, Holm- Ifvmnnnlim-5 MAXX, IQIXHEX .XXX BJX., Psyc-Ilolugy XIIXXXIXG. ll XHX XXI. Hon.Ii.:X.,,Io11r11uIim1 IXI:XHf4I'I.'XI,I,, 'l'H1 IXIXY4 il. Hon. H..-X.. P.H.E. IXI.-XIi'I'IX, CII.-XHI,ES S. IIJX., I'sy4'I1uIugy NI.fXR'I'IIY, ,I. ,IXXIIEI41 IX li BA., Evurlmlmrs MXXHTIN, .IUHX 5.11. B..fX., I"Il'0IlUlllIl'S- MASK, I3fXIiI'i.'XRfX .XXX ISA., Home' I'I1'0llOIIlI1'S IXIIASUN, 'IIHI INIXS G. BJX., ECUIIUIIIICS IXIEXTHER, XEIL XX. Hon. B.fX.,Evm1u111ivs IXLXTHESUN, I.-XX II. I3.fX., E4-onomics XIXXYIX, HILXRY EJ. BA., History IXIAXIX, GEORGE 'I'. I3.fX., History IXIAY, lIfXNE'II NI. BJX., Homo I':t'UIl0lllll MEDXIJ. I.-XX B.fX.. I'I1'Oll0IllIl'S IXIEEII.-XX, SHEILXGH XI. Hon. HJX., Psycllolugy MEHWIN, .IUHX NI. BMX., Economic-s IXIIQXU, STEPHEX C. B.rX., I'It'0ll0lllIl'S IXIICIQLE. I',XX'IIHICI.'X BMX., Ge-ogrzlplly MIDDJXUCII, GEHI XXX B.fX., Psycllology X111J11X1 4111. X XX41X 11. 11, X., f4l4'I4i1H1LfX X111'11.1X11,111'1X1'1X.1XX11f5 lN5.X..1ky1-1111111555 X111,1fS. 4L11.XX'1' XX. 11. X.. funlugy X1ll.1.S,,l1lJI'l'11X1. 1m.X..f1m1ugX X1I1.X1C. X1.X1 11,EX1i .XXN 11, X.. 54M'lU11bgX' X1l'l'4i111Cl.1,. 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S TEADY r qqy 4-nv v- t r 1 5 f Wim ' ..GO! NILNIJIJIQ NIXHY If. BA., Psyclmlogy 1XlllNRH,jHIlNlJfXI.IC BA., Psyvh. X Hist. MURPHY, .It PHY FHfXNkl,lX BA., History tXlt1HIi,XY,I,lXlJsXS. BA., Psyclmlugy MYIIRIC, UHY ll, W.XYXlf ISA., Gt'Ilt'I'Lll NQXl'NlHWltIll, IJuXXl,l1 BMX., History NEIL, SAXNIJHAQX K. BNN., Suviolugy Nltlllt DL. Wll,l,lrXXl ti. BA., History NICK-XSUX, PYIWHICIX Hon. BUX., Pulitivs NIICLSHN, IJAXYID tl. HUII. H,-X., twogrzlplly NIHU, PIC'I'IiR B.,-X., History NIXUX, LARRY BA., History XI IIIIIIS. I,IXD,X I. Iw..X., IIlplury N1 IXX' XIX. IIII XI'II,I I'I"I'I'I 5. II. X.. IIUIIII' I'Il'UIIUlllIt'S IIIIII Xlf XX. Sl SXN II. II. X.. Psy vllolugy IVIII-IIIQN.I'X'I'IIIl1Ix XXV. IInn. I1..X., Ihslury 1VIJHNNI'II.I.,,lHSI9fI'II Ii. Iw..X.. Illslury 1VXI'fII,I,, ILXIIHUX ll. II.,X., I'3l'UlIOIllIl'S HXIxI.IiX', IQICXNICTII JX. Im, X., I',1'UIl0Illll'S HYIIICS.I1XYIIJ,ll I.I.XX II. X., ZUUIUQIX I I YIIIIIY,,lM1Ql,IIII,INIC .XNN I'I.,X., Sm'loIugxf HICST HIC ICIIIIH, IiI.IZ.XBE'I'II I3..X., IIsy1'IlUI0gy IIISIIX, IQICNNIUIIII WIXYNIQ I3..X., I'It'0IlUIllI4'S HHH, DIANE Ii. IS..-X., St'K'l't'I.ilI'I2.lI Svi. USIH4 IV, IIIIARY R. HA., Psycllulogly UYINGFIIUN, DONALD G. B.fX., IIistory PXIIIQIQH, ,I IC,fXNIC'I"IIIi I.. BMX., Secretarial Sci. PfXR'I'IiIDGE, DONALD W. I3.fX., IIICUIIOIIIICS I',X'I'IjIiS1JN,fXNNE IC. IIm1.I3.xX., P.H.It. P.X'I'IQIiSfJN,xXlIDIiI1IY IC. H.fX., I Iumc- EVUIIUIIIIKTH I'.X'I"I'ICRS4 IN, IIUBICHI' BIIIICE I5..X., Ifvullmnivs I 'fX'I"I'HN PXI I X 'X , ,J. .. I5.,X., Psy c'I1oIoQ PIXI I.,HIiI1N'I' Ii. Ii. X., IIisl. X Psych. P.XVI,AIi, CIIIIIS'I'INI'l C. I5..fX., I'sycImIog,1y IUXYNIQ, PHYIIIS NI. HA., IIomf: ICI-onmnics I'IifXHCE, IIIQI.ICN-MARIE BA., Psychology Q9' 1496 H... l in gn. 1-s.,,,,,,p X. PI'lIJICIiSI'1N. III. XII iIi I.. Hon. Ii. X.. I'.II.Iz. PIfIIoi4 INIQQ. SIICX IQQN I. J X . I,..fX.. I'A'0llUIllIl's I'ICNI i4 ISIQ 5 XXIII-I X I.. H. X.. IIomn- I',l'UIIUIIII4'P I'Ii'I'I'IIiS. Il XI.X IX ,I XXII B. X.. I'A'UllUIllI4'r I'I"'I'I'IIi4 I INI IIf I . 1A.:,I,.. II..'X.,IIUIlll'I'.l'UIlUIIll1'N I'IC'I'I'fIiS4 IN. IJ XNIICI. S. II.'X.. I'sx1'Il. K Sow. I'IX'IIICli.I1XI-WI. I'. Ph, VIIUIUQIX PIICHSI IN. I.X'XIJ X ,I. I'3.4X.,I'syvI1oIoffw . P, PIHIIQ, NI. .XNYIQ Hon. I3.JX., History PIRIE, JOHN IJ.-XXIIIJ B..fX., El"0Il0IllIl.'S PI'I'RUNl.fXIi, LIXIJX If. HJX., Home Iivollonliw PI'I"I', EDWIX RD . I3..fX., EVUIIUIIIICS PI..fX'I'EX'. IMHNE lf. BA., History PLENTXXI, KIIILXN NI. BJX., Economics POPE, WIENIJX BUIX., PSy4'I1oIog1' I5'US'II, BRIf1ND.X I. B.,X., Psy-Im. Ci Plly sin. PIYIVIIS, IiUN.XI.IJ fX. BJX., Et'0ll0IIljl'S POIIPOHINQ, SIISXX If. BJX., History PREBBLIS. NIXIIY IC. Hon. HA., Polilivs PRZEIioP,,1oHN II. Hon. B..-X., .IUllI'IlLlIISIll QIINNEY. XI.XHG.XHF'I X HA., Homv I'It'OIl0IllIl'S H.-XDLUFF. DE.-XX If. B..X., Econolnivs HAND.-XI,I,, .XXNNIQ NI. BJX., Sociology RfXNDEl.I.. C. X'I'HE Ii INI1 I BJX., Soviologj Il XXISlfX.,l1IIIX IQ I , . I, IIDIUIX IiXXkIN,XHHIXXI IL X..I,bXlIIlJ1XQX Illf XX IIQ I.X XII X XI. IL X. I'wX4 h4nhngX lIIQIHfIII,X'Il.I'IfIICIII. Ii.X..IfvIn1uluivs IlIIIlIIx. HIIIHCIII IJ Ii.X.,I-11-mlmllif-5 L 1 , . 'INV IP, ,, FVI P. IlIIIIIIIII,,I,X N N I. II, 5a'1'l'1'ILll'ILlI Il ' ' I ' I3.X..Ifvfn1unniv5 III ItIIfX .XX III I XXI I , . I,.X..II15h1ry III It Il. XIIIIIII XX ,l. Ar I Q Ih,n.I,.X..I.ILIH IIIIIIIIIIQ IU IX X , IL X,.Il.wIgruld1y IIIXICIIS, EIJXXfXIiIJIL XIIX IL X..I'fx1Il1Jmufy ' . T' . V221 Q. -of ian., ,W S .X X .Qs 5, .Vx surf" lv LA RUBIiR'I'SHX, ,I.XNIf'l' BA., II4'0,QI'2.1IJIly RUl3lzli'l mx, mmm J. B.A., Ihslory 1fiUBlNSUX, IXNIIIC . , , . . B.A., II1wI. KIUIIII1-5 RUDGIIR5, LN XX R. BJX., I'sw'ImIwfx' .f 7'. RUB, URIQG UIIQS BA., History ROGERS, B XHIHD I'. BA., I'.II.IC. ROGGICNIQXX, Yi DIIXNIJIC B. BA., Psy l'Il0IOQIy ROUSMIUIIX NI. BA., IIf'Ilf'l'iiI RUPER, l,UHIQ'II'l'.X I. Hun. BA., HUPEH, M.AXRG,IXRIi'I' Sl S BA., Semfrfrlurial Sci. RUSH DIC, FRANK P. Hon. BA., LIf'0QII'L1IJIly ROSU JE, MARY .XXX Hon. BA., Psyclmlogy BOSE, KEITH 'I'. BA., Psychology ROSENBBRC, NIARG I"3lfOIlUI'l1IL'5 RUWETT, RITQX H. BA., 501:61 Psyvll. ROY, PETER L. BA., BI'o11on1i1-5 RUBY, jfXNE'l' X. Hon. BA., Psycllology RUSH, -XXICT NI. Hon. B..X., Bvorlulllivs .X RIITHICRFURD. ,ILDITII H. v . w. BHK., bt'i'I't'ILiI'lilI 541. S.fXI3.LX'II, NICK BA.. Ufxognlpllv SAC IC, ROBERT .-XIAN BA., ECOIIOIIIICS SAINBIRY, XIICIIAEI, Y. BA., E1'OIl0Il1Il.'S S.-XNDERSON, DAVID L. Hon. BA., P.H.Ii. SANDHAM, SANDRA Hon. BA., Geography SXXGSILICR. NIXRY LY NDX li: D w . LX., For liblllgfy SXNSHN. SfXNliJHfX Xl. l'S..X., Psy 1'I1oIogy S XINIJEH5, Ifl..-XVI X 5. RA., Hislory . XINIJICHS, S'l'ICl'HliN ri. lu., lky.-li. x Pm. Q SXUXIJER5, LINIRYQX SIISAN Ii. X..I'syvI1oIogy SCHN l'l'ZlC R, NIENUEL HA.. I'il'UllUlllll'S Still! JFIIQLD, D.-X VID G. R. X., E4-ononiivs SCH! ILL, RRLXN H. RA.. Psyvliology SCH4 PLZ, XIEIIJA M. Hon. RA., St'K'l'?l21I'IilI Sc. SCIIWIVII, FRANCIS NEIL B.A., Evonomics SCHO'IvI', SHEILA H. IIA., Sociology SCH ULTZ, INIANFRED W. RA., Euonomivs SCI ITT, DOUGLAS S. R.A., History SCIYIVII, LYNDA K. RA., Psyvhology SC0'lI'I', MARILYN L. B.A., Home Economics SEIGEL, MARK A. Hon. BA., Politics SEIGEL, R. SHARON RA., Psychology SUARLA'I'A, THERESA ILA., Psy:-I1. 8: History SIIAAIIIIJCK, LAWRENCE ILA., History SHIELIJS, LESLEY T. ILA., Hoviology SIIQUH.-X, MICHAEL ILA., Guograpliy SlI.XIliH'l'HUHN, LINDA M. HA., Soviology FININIUNS, HHIAN ALW. ILA., Us-ograpliy SIMM! DNS, .IOHN M. R.A., Psychology fbww ww' 'iii . ,, We two form a multitude. Ovid SIMI IN, NIICHQXEL CRIVXIG BA., Ecollonlicrs SUXIUNS, GERALD U. HA., Evollolllirs BA., Gl'UgI'21pIly SLIX'I'EIi, ,I ITD ITH IX. BA., P.H.E. SI,UY'IIIf IIS, HONIXID II. HA., IIICOIIUIIIIVS SNIAIJIJ, MARY I'I.45t., Psyvllulogy SMILLIE, HUHIN W. ISJX., History SNIIIIIIC, S'I'I'fPIIIQN NI. IIA., I'Il'OllUIllIL'S SNIITII, DUIIUIIIY G. ILX., S1't'r4.'la1l'ia1I SUI. SMITH, IIXIIIIJXH,-X ,Ili XY I3.uX., I'Iomv I'It'0llUlIlIl'S SMITH, LIfSI,IIi KI. IIon. IIA.. 0lll'IlllIISlll SMITH, IIIIA XI. HA., Svcrvtarial Sui. SKIKAYICH, MARY I-XLEXE SMITH, PHILIP A. Hon. B.A., Geography SMITH, RODNEY D. B.A., Geography SMITH, SUSAN R. B.A., Psychology SNARR, ALAN G. Hon. B.A., P.H.E. SNIDER, LYNDA-JAYNE Hon. B.A., P.H.E. SNYDER, CYNTHIA D. B.A., Psychology SOMERVILLE, NANCY K. B.A., Political Sc. SOSINSKY, MARIA G. B.A., Home Economics SO UTHAM, LINDA L. B.A., Psycholog SOUTHWARD, CELIA E. B.A., Geography SPADDNI, ANNA M. Hon. B.A., P.H.E. SPADDNI, PATRICK R. B.A., History 31 Ec. SPEERS, BARRY O. B.A., Geography SPETTIGUE, H. ROSS B.A., Politics SPRAGGE, SUSAN lVl. B.A., Sociology SPRIGG, LINDA K. B.A., Psych. 81 Eng. SPRINGER, JOE I-Ion. B.A., Geography STANOWSKI, F. ADAIR B.A., Home Economics STAPLETDN, JOAN C. B.A., History STEEL, D. BRUCE B.A., Political Sc. STEELE, SHARON ANN B.A., Home Economics STEEPER, WILLIAM JOSEPH B.A., Psychology STEFANKO, STEVE J. B.A., Economics STEPHENS, ELLEN B. B.A., Psychology 'Z-'vs .-10' ""'w-1 gyb-an-5 . A l'0Hv WWW - E We like someone "Because" We love someone "although". Henri de Montherlant STEPHENS, SHEILA Nl. RA., Sociology STEVENS, lilJl'l'll IJ. l3.A., Home I":l'UIl0IIllCS S'l'liWAli'l', ji JIIN llon. I5.A., ,Iournulibm STEWA RT, MARC.-X RET RA., llislory STEWA RT, NIARY-ELLEN B.A., Home Economics S'lfEWAR'l', IRWIN WILLIAM RA., Economics STUDDART, GREGORY Hon. RA., Economics STONEHOUSE, NANCY D. RA., Geog. 81 History STOPPS, CONSTANCE E. B.A., Sociology STOS, WILLIAM M. B.A., Psychology STRANGE, NANCY E. B.A., Home Economics STUART, IAN M. B.A., Economics SUJER, RAIMUND J. B.A., History SUNDERCOCK, JERRY D. I-Ion. HA., P.H.E. SYLVESTER, MARILYN R. B.A., Home Economics TANGNEY, MARY C. B.A., Psychology TANNIS, GERALDINE Hon. BA.. P.H.E. TAYLOR, BONNIE E. BA., Home Economics TAYLOR, PAUL B..A., Social Science TAYLOR, SUSAN L. B.A., Sociology TEES, HEATHER JANET Hon. B.A., History TERSIGNI, MARIO SANDY B.A., Psychology THOMAS, LAIRD KENT B..A., Political Science THOMPSON, GORDON F. B..A., Geography THOMPSON, JOANNE E. B.A., Psychology THOMPSON, ROBERT E. Hon. B.A., GeogTaphy THOMPSON, ROBERT W. B.A., Psychology THOMPSON, N. WAYNE B.A., Sociology THOMPSON, PATRICIA ANN B.A., Home Economics TIPPIN, TERRY D. B.A., Psychology TOMLINSON, ROBERT K. B.A., Economics TOPPING, LINDA A. B.A., Home Economics TOWNSEND, MARY K. B.A., Psychology TRAHER, PETER C. B.A., Psychology TRAVIS, LEAH J. B.A., History TRINNEAR, WILLIAM J. B.A., Economics TUGENDER, HARRY H. B.A., Political Sc. TULK, ROGER N. BA., Psychology TLRANSKY, KATHRYN B.A., Psychology TYAS, RICHARD I". B..A., Economics Y if F4 X, gy f 'KW rl' iv' 'AS V X 110 1 ed' nf' i 4?-Q 41' 'J ...,..- VAN UE NIEERAKKER, .XDA ILA., Psychology VAN IIERTEN, PKI. L ILA., Economics VANDEN H1 JSCH, IM RBARA ILA., Home Ll4'OIlUIIll4'b VELANOFF, ACK T. IIA., Sociology VE RTES, ENIIL A. BA., Political s.. WAGNER, CONSTANCE B.A., Homc Economics WAINWRIGHT, GUY A. Hon. l'l.A., Economics WALKER, CATHERINE L. RA., Psychology WALKER, JOYCE I. B.A., Geography WALKER, NANCY J. B.A., Sociology WALLIS, JEAN I. HA., History WALTON, JENNIFER L. B.A., Psychology WARD, PATRICIA B.A., Psychology WARWICK, VICTORIA Y. B.A., Psychology WATERHOUSE, DAVID E. B.A., Economics WATERS, LAURENCE E. Hon. PLA., Political Sc. WEAGANT, ROBERT E. B.A., Economics WELLS, TRUDI L. HA., Psychology WENIGER, INGRID B.A., Psychology WHALEY, TANIS L. B.A., Psych. 8: Fr. WHIBBS. NIARY N. B..-X., Psychology WHITE,'DONN,-X M.-XE B.A., Home Economics WHITE, DOROTHY ,l. B.A., Home Economics WIGGINS, tl.-XNICE K. BA.. Sociology XX'IGl,Ii.1l.AXNlIiS XM. Hon. IIA., IIislury WILDINU, Slllil-RRY N. Ilun. ISA., Ilislury WILLIS, 'l'II1 IIXLXS IQIIII ISA., I'.I'I.I'f. WILLIS, I'.XI L 'If IIml. 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' 5 ' 3- ' i ,ai d L X Ti' Quite some time ago, the Board of Govemors ruled that there was to be no more hazing of freshmen during the week set aside for orientationi This year, those responsible for orientation week made an effort to enforce the ruling much to the dismay of several upperclassmen who somehow enjoy the ritual of freshmen degradation. But orientation this year was not very different from years past. They wandered about the campus looking at everything, some wide-eyed, some curious, some perturbed, some amazed. They had their beannies and the loud orientation leaders. They had their entertainment which featured the Original Caste and Edwin Starr. The concert was great, fantastic, okay, terrible, out-of-sightfcheck onej depending who you asked. They had a dance, in name the F rosh Hop, at Port Stanley, when hundreds of freshmen and early upperclassmen travelled to the 'Slosh Hop' in big yellow buses, again. There was however one new feature this year, and a particularly worthwhile one at that. It was all called Shinerama. And it was a huge success. It was called a "civic project to raise funds to assist in the defeat of cystic fibrosis" and it involved shining shoes. Thousands of pairs. The freshmen worked hard to raise the funds and the event got the students out into the city of London and provided something constructive to do during a typically frustrating week for all concemed. 1 1 , . l . , Sn iii I I ig HUUQ ff' 3 E 4' "W .. wr 7,49 pm' 7 Q' Af 4 Q , Y .J 'I' .lf Y 5 - m ' mx' .- ,,g N d .3 -Q? s A Registration at Westem has become a kind of tradition. Each year we learn in advance that registration procedures have been improved and every September we still wait and wait and wait. Keen freshmen and eager? Upperclassmen arrive at the specified time to join others with the same specified time in the line-up outside Thames Hall. Everyone does it. There are few exceptions. You wake up at some ungodly hour to make the 9:30 appointment and arrive promptly at 9:15 to find the people who were supposed to be there at 9:15 standing behind the 9:00 crowd. It happens every year. It's as predictable as waiting for Lightfoot tickets. No matter how you time it, you still have to wait. The number of people registering is increasing every year. The number of assistants is increasing every year. The time to get everyone registered is increasing every year. The Line-ups are getting longer every year. Only one aspect of registration remains constant - the confusion. 54 y TN lu 1 , -Emilio l 1 I bi- ,Il - ' ' 5 I K. ... 1 H ' gl I 1 S . - -- Us I f 1 1 Q v xg M, ,L ' ,Vs--.4f:1+' 1 , jf!-.s-X ' 31 Y' . iff Q' If -m e.: .. A, fs. 1 V ,,,,,,gn ! .7 ,., , A .1 , . 4, FALL MONOLOGUE TO MRS. MAPLE Dear Mrs. Maple, you know Your newly altered dress of fiery colours Is falling from your body In a thousand brittle pieces. FA L L Oh Mrs. Maple, they say You soon will be A shanied, yet still unmoving Stark and naked lady, Cold and grey I E R M And Mrs. Maple L You will use your naked limbs To try and hide, though fruitlessly, Your cold uncovered secrets. Jamie Hamilton A . -e,. ,, N esolution ive Resolution 5 came under heavy fire again this year as Grant Evans tried to bring the legislation up to date. Student leftists argued that the Resolution, establishing the Student Police Force and the Students Court under the administration of the U.S.C. Vice-President Legal, creates a student elite and separates students from their responsibilities as members of society. Most of last October the U.S.C. debated the merits of protecting students 'from these responsibilities fotherwise known as the London Policej and as usual, the elitists ended up on top. Next year London police will again keep their distance and Westem's students will find themselves under the benevolent eye of their own student police force. V 1, .. Q95 2 A. as fl '1- 1 we-0 'U' K ,, ' 'A 5 5 fi MI- E W Vt "" A CAMPUS coNsTRucTloN ,, ,Q NX ,7, W 9 4' 'fwfr 'LY' '. xx Aj: ,Q , , 'H 2. f- in 1 ' r , , W, f 1 I ff .q""x Q 9? ga Q ' 7' 'lit K I X Westem's Homecoming Weekend got off to a rousing start on Friday, October 16 when Canned Heat, the well-known blues band gave some 4000 people an earful of their unique sound in 2 shows in Alumni Hall. Then, for those who rolled out of bed early enough the morning after the night before, there was the annual Homecoming I 4 ' ly, ,Q Parade, complete with the Mustang Marching Band, energetic cheerleaders, Homecoming Queen Contestants Patti Warren, Cathy Chung, Janet Springer, Jill Parrett, and Holly Johnson, and floats of every size and description. After winding its way through town, the parade ended up on campus just in time for the traditional F lapjack Flip in the Great Hall. Despite the careful vigilance of the student and rent-a-cops, revellers eagerly exchanged the apple juice served for something more potent as they attended the football game between Westem and McMaster. The aftemoon proved fruitful for the Mustangs as well as for the fans, when they won the game 23 to 5. Celebrating continued far into the night, at the four Roam-Around Dances which provided music for every taste and mood. QS S ld E I 0 'x ' It was here that Dentistry was named as the best float, and Patti Warren was crowned Homecoming Queen for 1970. The efforts of the Alumni committee were once again rewarded by good attendance at a fun-filled weekend, for oldtimers and students alike. Q --2 T 3? 559 v ww XX Y wx Q QWMMQM Q X nf sn www vs ANN anim ww 4 1 'J mv Jaw figs" .M Hslwffni -at 9 f ' Qiv-ffxs ' : Jr ,,x 1 D ,fa- wf ' S . Sgr? A3322 x" ' .- 3 , W' X T39 ,., ,,.',, A- ' 952 si -J: 2 " A, f ' 1 , 1,,3f.f1- my ,Y - -5 15, Q, ,,. A A nn, The academic year 1970-'71 will be remembered as the year of the University Community Centre. This student initiated project, which had been planned for over twenty years, finally began to take on a concrete shape. The student dream took a large step toward becoming a reality. The U.C.C. was approved by the Senate and the Board of Governors at a cost of over seven million dollars with approximately 200,000 gross square feet. It will be located at the hub of the campus between the D.B. Weldon Library and the Social Science Complex. As the living room of the campus, the U.C.C. will bring together students, faculty, staff and alumni in a relaxed atmosphere conducive the acquiring of a complete education. The wide diversity of facilities within the building will accommodate the many and varied social, cultural and recreational activities of the university community. g During the year, a U.C.C. Directorate was established to operate the U.C.C. in an orderly and proper manner, such as will best serve the interests of the entire university community. Fifty percent of the Directorate 's sixteen voting members are undergraduates selected by the University Students' Council. To be one of the eight undergraduates on the first Directorate, over forty students applied. 'Student enthusiasm for the U.C.C. has always been very high. On October 30, 1970, the sod was officially tumed to mark the start of construction. It was a rainy day but the happiness generated by this historic event compensated for the absence of the sun. Before the snow of winter had started to fall, the U.C.C. site was large excavation. In the Spring, as if nourished by the rain, the U.C.C. began to sprout. The first part to be constructed was Phase One of the building which includes space for student services, barbershop, general store, billiards and table tennis. This below grade level portion of the building should open in the Fall of 1971. . ' Phase Two which includes more area below grade level and two additional floors will contain food serviceareas, tavem, recreational facilities, lounges, meeting rooms and offices. An important service facility in Phase Two will be the Bank of Montreal, which by submitting the best tender, was awarded the banking space in the U.C.C. The years of student planning, the creativity of our architects and the solid co-operation of the Department of Buildings and Grounds have created an exciting start to the U.C.C. However, the success of the U.C.C. will ultimately be determined by the usage which the building receives. Hopefully, it will provide a flexible and satisfactory environment to meet the changing needs of the university community. + 1 i ,1:""' A, lnllllilllllll I . 'J Hllllllll ff - llllllllll - Nil ' -V 'r 'N "" ' - III ll ill' I ull . i Wy W Wy' ' WWZYKI'-i-' 3 -1' .H i 4' -V' QA I ' l up , 11.11 nwvnt 1 " 1 ' v P Will - 'vllhllllllll ,N X gl L41 all up lr' ' 1 , as ---H . V- .W-.--....,.... Ml. .1 . , -A , fllilllllll il .mm a U r . , Hx W, W A YQ U ' lu lil ll "' u a muuu if u 1 nu , iw um? - l .. uf 1 Haiilnlll!Q!!ly!!mll miie' llgllljlmmmv V, p 1 - Q ,H -fy' PVY-I'ia'275:'7"g'1aUWiJii'5":figigi?!!!l'f4Vi!:f.!f5l'!:l'u-nt' i..i..iin..i .:au:uii1rll1I'l"',,"dv'ti.'.alW"lGtt lliiili' 1-wl'i'l YQQQQYI . A fix ni - Ly X gg g- - "'l1w ZZILimgjQx...mB '7a "EL 1'f'ag?aaa::m::g.::a:aisizpiia-1: iailiiiiiifiiiigjig' "' ' ' .'."'fi""' ' ' e- ni --:sind ' -f--...., ., - ??.B -. '--'---'-:'.:. mr, . X 2 . A sm' Wmai 1l5'!llHl!IlliuIlQl1mmgw.mifuInmiiiigis:unnunnnlaui:nr.m-'!4E:e - -J V P, . ull-1-Ei K M :I wpl una.:unnuullmimilnuii'Xl-"i' 'ri i 'Ng ' fillillllilllgg-...wif 21-K N- ' 2 -P ' ' " ' X '1-'--"- - Wray- fllilllllfl 'I' 'ww'Hfv'P"eva!l'Ul!!'!'!!!!M'!!lllI.......-Q, --!fe-w-..-s-w-1....illllllll!!!ll!' 95' A -- ' --- -'-- 1' ff- -ffffurc.. .I'-w'1m"'.Zrw . ' - ' diff v'H'1ff'w':".'vv7:iv--F- - ' f' V - "1 J- f - T27-C' "' 15' .' 7 fvw .',,.. ' '1'b1f'f'LiPf'1'QfQ,'Qf,v'.Q' . 'Q . ' f:2i52'gL1?14a12 --'ifip'mg512.614 "I . g.5T,g:v" WA-235L:L233i'iEWf."''Z-fw1':f.1:-21wi' 1Y,'wM'rf 11.22. -Arvfff. .4 . . .. Wu,L2'.u'1'.JL.4-S,1'l-I.. - :"' W' 'A -H ' ' " """' ' " "J" "J XL s A X ' .---1--f -R X i - l' 'T' T Milli-llllgglllgllglwwgry In ., w "' ""'wEiff 5:1- , i l XX.glll"'lul WAR MEA URE ACT Wx an-.. K , is ss In October, 1970, Canada was finally made to realize how serious 'the situation in Quebec is, as regards the country as a whole. It was on October 5th that a radical cell of the Front de Liberation de Quebec kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross, and issued their demands in a communique to the govemment. But, un-willing to meet the seemingly unreasonable demands, the government stalled for time, and on October 10th, Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte was kidnapped by another cell of the terrorist group. Unable to deal with the situation any other way, the govemment of Canada invoked the War Measures Act at 4 a.m. on the moming of October 16th. The F.L.Q.'s reaction to the hundreds of arrests that ensued was swift and violent. The blood spattered body of Laporte was found in the trunk of a car less than 4-8 hours later. Demonstrations for and against the govemment's repressive 'measures took place all over Canada. Westem was no exception. On Wednesday, October 21st, 500 students stood in the rain to listen to Dr. Williams, and Professor Noel of the Politics Department, in their defense of Trudeau 's actions. On October 27th, a further rally, protesting the War Measures Act drew 4-00 students, intermingled with the members of the Canadian Party of Labour on campus. How useful were these demonstrations? The fact remains that Pierre Laporte is dead, and Montreal will long remember the weeks of terror and police domination. What is to be done for Quebec is still an open question. But the answer must come soon. pf 'N gi, mgQ J? On September 18, 1970 the long discussed resolution 31-G was approved by the Senate. The document concems the conditions of employment and outlines the procedures for hiring, firing, promotion and granting of tenure for the teaching staff at Westem. The passage raised immediate controversy among the students and their elected representatives. Students argued that they have no opportunity in the decision making process, and deserve one. The senators stated that experience is the major pre-requisite in making any recommendations concerning the teachers at a University. U.S.C. president Larry Steinman spoke out for a joint committee to discuss student representation on the 31-G organization. A few meetings between the senators and students had little effect. A petition bearing 5000 names of Westcm people was -presented to the Senate. This petition stated that the students wanted a group of 3 senators plus a Board of Govemors observer to discuss the teaching evaluation committee and student representatives on it. Feelings ran high in the meetings held to discuss the proposals. These meetings, plus the threat of a student boycott of classes followed by a demonstration, were factors that led to the formation of the desired committee. The main body is made up of 3 students and 3 faculty members, led by a non-voting chainnan elected by the Senate. The students are elected by the student senators and senate observers. ' -w' riff ' -BJP W, .A i?g9,,' v. gm """"'w..L ,. K, 1 X K . x ,N : K ,Emil -QW "3 .Q in ,. " ' ,..... SN , E Y-x X23 .4 fr VS an x X EY W4 xx Sai Xl? ar 1 Em..,l2:yg11Q vyvmq ' 4925153 A-4 me if PW' uw! 4 V, 'Qi ' :sf 1 N V EZ? wwf f XXX' 'PM f ? 1 W, A 'W- 34:71 -.. '1 at s ff' , xv. 'Y' 5' 4 On November 5, 6 and 7 of this year, Western officially opened its doors to the general public for the first time in its history. The whole affair was organized and presented on behalf of the U.S.C., under the direction of Dave Campbell, the chairman of the Open House committee. Over several months, four or five thousand students prepared and contributed to displays, tours and information booths to welcome, direct fascinate and entertain the visitors over the three day period. Wen tg: ,,. And the people came from everywhere, 30,000 of them .... they came to see the university in action. They saw all the clubs and activities organized by the students. They saw science exhibits, art exhibits, academic exhibits, computer exhibits, people exhibits. The most successful tours were those in the computer science centre, where people played chess, checkers, horses and guessing games with the computers, and the medical science centres, where thousand dollars worth of medical equipment was displayed and demonstrated. Open House was la success. Although it cost a great deal in time and money, it was an experiment well worth it, and one to be repeated in the future. ? -,,. mf ff .a Q, To kick off Westem's Open House this year, Purple Spur brought the Association to Alumni Hall on Friday, November 6th, Although the group no longer produces hit records, the memory of their old successes like "Windy", "Cherish " and "Goodbye Columbus" drew large audiences for both shows. The six members of this somewhat conservative group displayed their musical talents with their instmments as well as their voices. They played many of their old favourites superbly, as well as introducing some new songs, along much the same lines as their other pieces, and entertaining the audience between numbers with stage small talk and reminiscing. Altogether they showed to be a very gifted musical group, and those who attended their performances were not disappointed. On November 20 and 21, in Alumni Hall, Gordon Lightfoot once again captivated capacity audiences with his meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies. One of the few truly great Canadian artists, Lightfoot expresses in his music his love for Canada, and the spirit of this vast country. With the able accompaniment of Red Shea and Richard Haynes, he entertained his audience with old songs and new, fun songs, as well as more serious matter, for what seemed a very short time, but was in reality 2 hours for each performance. At Western, the annual Lightfoot concert is becoming a tradition, and an experience few would care to miss. 5 .vV"if A ,' is 'ali f L , ""' fa . 'QI 'Q Q f Q1 Q A g' 1: pg,. A P, J IV S I 1 I f -v-no ,I n ' 'i 1 ' 14 I 9 ff: sf ' 4 as 1 ! K 9' .N n A-1. . ' ' ' A 4 " .vi i W , ft 1 " J? O D, Q 4 , is ty. Q ,f a,,Q u ,ig II 5 t 5 Q lik? 0 tif' if f Y P' f'. I I iff-'ir ..' sf 'ir 0 7: X 1 tit- E JK.. , 2' .5 S . ' . Q i X27 aa ' X I 41 9 s l 5 J XLYH x sys JN, .' l ai X s V Q t i , J ga 'J Q , Q Y 'X MQ? ' 'S " . Q ' 4"i"' .X sinh Cgsgyxi. as " Q ' fa' wi. ,xg . .1 ,Q wil' F if I ' . i f- : . V 'Wi 3 1 , 1 A 1 ' 1 - f sm s X Ox AQ W1 ff ex, xv !l.,x,Qjx,i7-,W x , . ., s ,9 -, v- 9, 5? ' 3a,i,:S.,,1u . X' 4 x 'A ff K , v 3'H PRlVA GROUNDS THQ uruvraslrv iff wrsnznn ovmmo , wwf 'A N WMA Q Y YN' is i I 5 Qf W4 e .Z PU. 1.2 f .M M avi: ., 2' E, Q ff Za -. - J lf .ff .rm LL 3 Y, .3 yy '3 w f x 4, a '52 , . ' 'SQ 1 fm V vi " Q 'S A. -y , EZ ii 1-2, f 5121: fb Q . ,X ' w g' ' fd - 1 :Q-Uv, - 141, 5234 Yf I .gy wt f J - fcliw' ' f is f f V ' ff, 'S me . 'f ,0 if 21,3 1' A 1, fm Zn W 5,39 gr X 1 7 4 fb J, ?'7d X b - 9:25 ini, A f wa' J. if 335, - jx l FQ? 5 SPRING AND MRS. MAPLE Mrs. Maple, Spring time is the time for love. Your juices start to flow again, Melted by the pouring rain, , And your newly purchased good-will dr , , A f, 11 y z M9 e Will shield you from the teardggps from? They say you have respect again, They recognize your beauty once again, And once again you are a lady all Dressed up in finery, For the downtown strutter's ball. But Mrs. Maple Can a lady possibly Make honest love while still enclosed Within her cumbersome and shielding clothes? That's a lady in a hurry, Mrs. Maple. That's the time for crying, Mrs. Maple. Jamie Hamilton ff? 4 -Q . 1 ' x ,L ' -' 8 A . Q J M JN 1 I ' N 2 M- I " A 4 Q ... f ilk i . , M ,V - ,, ,, ' , ' ' ,,,... ---14,2 - A - 6 X ' ' X 1 l I t Q Q, fb S i 4 Fr' 14 ' E f X f 3 r Western's Gilbert and Sullivan Society this year presented the students with an updated version of "H.M.S. Pinafore". One of the best operettas written by these 2 gentlemen, Pinafore humourously criticises the social conventions of the Victorian era, while on board a ship of Her Majesty 's Navy. Directed by Nicholas Ayre, who initiated the modem costuming and staging, the major members of the cast, Anne Grover, ,lim Francom, Peter Sims, Harold Johnston, and Susan Bingeman gave excellent performances, to make the show a success. J.. '-i3!'Ml W . Q ff 1 5 1 Q S I Xia 43 w 4, y :ri ' cr fly .1 fx ,ll ' it 'MP .57 I x 5 2 5 1 1 Q H 1 , 195 Q S m A x W Xu A A Y Ks ...,. . XQ When Leonard Cohen cancelled his booking for Winter Weekend in late December he left the Spur with the seemingly impossible task of finding a suitable replacement. But they managed it. This year's Winter Weekend got off to a great start on January 20 with, appropriately enough, Johnny Winter, the popular blues guitarist, in 2 shows at Alumni Hall for the unbelievable price of just 50 cents. At this concert, a delighted Linda Hammett was named Miss Westem 1971. The momentum established carried through Friday with the Westem Winter Games - Powder Puff Football, Tug O' War, Chariot Races, Pole Jousing, and Log Sawing - and the dance in Thames Hall, Friday night, with Montana. On Saturday, there was a good turnout for the traditional Pancake Luncheon in the Great Hall, where a fashion show entertained the guests with Westem's finest, in minis, midis, pants, and everything in between. Westemers passed the aftemoon at the Monster Slide, and the TVerama, and of course, everyone 's private stock kept them warm, in preparation for the Little Richard concert Saturday evening. A -Jin Qs: 4 u x X 'S-. ,WW Q Unfortunately, due to a bomb scare, Little Richard was four hours late, and the audience became restless and disgruntled. But once he arrived, they discovered that he was worth waiting for. In a very short time, he whipped the audience into an enthusiastic, singing, clapping, stamping crowd with his incredible voice and tireless energy, pounding out such old hits as Good Golly Miss Wolly, Satisfaction and Midnight Special. Due to further problems, the second show also started late, and it was still going strong at 5 in the morning, with the audience loving every minute of it. Sunday rounded out the busy weekend schedule with a Snowmobile Rally on the Baldwin Flats. Considering the problems that had to be overcome by the Spur, it was a remarkably successful weekend. 'ao N Ja, J. id md- 0 , uf. emu w Q -. ff -,cw wg O X Q Alt 'eg 73.53 i lf' f 5 :- X I 'afar K 4,34 ' ff, ' . Q Q' . F,w'f'?lA, X I QfS'1 : ,f', ,3., fm .QQ rr ,fi 'ff' Q -If 4 w 64 X ,LN ggg.-.0 .. , I I fx Purple Patches this year presented "Cabaret" at the Grand Theatre. Set in the prewar Germany of 1929, this musical subtly exposes the ominous growth of the Nazi party, and its effects on several people from a Jewish grocer, to an American writer, to a dance hall girl, oblivious to the entire situation. Well directed by Ken Livingstone, and produced by Gordon Watlcin, the cast included Bob Cooper, Diana Kalosterman, Wayne Bumett, Elisabeth Jacobs and Jim Francom. Although Patches took quite a financial loss, the show was an artistic success and all who attended enjoyed it very much. . YE, Under the direction of Larry "Who,' Steinman, the U.S.C. this year fought, and are still fighting, many battles. The Community Action Centre. was successfully run all summer, and Radio Westem was established under the direction of Steve Baker. The U.C.C. was given the approval of the Board of Governors, but the troubles were about to begin. The U.S.C. balked when Dr. Williams demanded a say in the planning of the Centre. Grant Evans once more brought up Resolution 5, and all through October the question' was hotly debated from both sides, until, finally, the decision was made to continue to protect the students. Larry led the fight against the Senate over resolution 31-G, in which, he felt, the hiring policy was totally unacceptable to the students. X In February, Rob Mackenzie, the able V.P. Finance under "Who" made a successful bid for U.S.C. president, though he had strong competition from john Gustavson, Ian Kennedy, Gerard Roy, Tom Skillman, and an elusive Amold Waldenb auer , who refused to comment. With John Gustavson in the Legal Portfolio, Bob Stikeman in Finance, Tom Ludlow in Operations, J im Armitage in Education, and Sheila Copps in Extemal, the new executive got off to a good start, dealing with such questions as Parking, the U.C.C., a Crisis Centre, and a Youth Hostel for the summer. If they can keep up this pace, the Council is in for a busy but successful year. Wa 1 8 bl FORMER PRESIDENT-UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' COUNCIL STUDENT SENATOR CHAIRMAN OF THE UNIVERSITY , COMMUNITY CENTRE DIRECTORATE ' A TRIBUTE TO TOM DE you T f ll f S h b hf lg h devIp fh y bhlffh d bdy llyd grdShp TD RbMk Pd U ySd T C I I I PLAYERS' GUILD FIRE A WDYZECK I A THURBER CARNIVAL , HE, SHE 8 CTHERS O cAMPus CONSTRUCTIQN GUE T PEAKER W ' 3 ' t z 5 mf . , X ' 35,5 . is .X fa A x 'QS av iaunnsmu mcapzn mfwwr,-,,, , Q f f x 5 , f , ff ,, 4 if 2 J V 9 2 -. f' Q 1, , 5 , A ' + g Q A I K Q, , , 'Ns' L V 0 5 41 'fix : f f " ' x fmlwscu mcnpca , W M . W ' f l 2 -f -1, H , ' 45. 55. N eww, ' 'KZ-Jzi ff ., . ix 4 ,, 9: ff Y I 15' f ' Q f A ff T5 A K - . . 2 v. . f fl' f ,I PM ' X 4 I 1 'HQ gk :nigga R 5 1 MQmffw,fff X, 1 , 4 y , ff ,.,., 3 , 4.5 .: 5+ .fc -, 5 A :Z-1 4' -,Q V fa: - V ,ff . 9 5 f A ww Q3 f,Ww,QW,M ,I , ,- Q5 qi ' "Y-fi' , 3:21 ly 2' ' ' 'X H r.g1,m- .HV V,,,,......,,,,,,,-.....,-, -,-. , , , ,. I f 1 . 1 4 J 4 Q Qu W , X 2 , 1 M ' i m:nm:cl1i mBHLsn ,, N W-mvww , K. , X FR . ' A-I ' x L I Liv.-fl ..... f W , . . 7 il...,f'i' 2: . .,.4..w, ., .ffl f 4 if1.:.l A-N: 4 N' -4 ix. Q..,MLawm..vLA-- . :wm.Qw.aNw.'f 2 ,J UURDECM RAICHLER V , 1 ' -SL , ' Si Y ,. , .f -- 5 N W 2 K -. X.. . A Xxx A ' f Gwksx-n-al 7 ,sb Z D E ., 5 ' s H nv., 1, gm 5 1 fiifffff Q . ffwfmwfhfw .V nh mAr fs Jl fgssri: - I -. fy Q M W'-waxwwf -, V M f I5 SSN Q ff? iii' LQ, N . , ' U, my K K amwxfP mfsfi . ,. . Na ., A .5 1 f 4 ? X ' Q.-.Q-.4 ' . MURUEGM RIEHLER vw N M .x , AQ ,,,... 1 x XI Y,-.Hx ,Ve xg 1, ,x ,f 4' 2 w ' J img- k,1 f , xxxexx 5 1 1 I 3, , 'Cx X , Y X 2 N ,N X X X , i ms Asq inrg' ,M MW cv sv 4 N S , Qs f Q it . if ,Z i 54 if ax x v X RICHLER MURDECAI :.Nf,. .M , .4 . It This year, guest speakers at Westem included the Under Attack crew, with Charles Rathgeb, Mordecai Richler, Saadat Hasan and Richard Needham. The U.S.C. also arranged for other speakers, such as Dalton Camp, and Buckminster Fuller. .al .,.,Lgw' A Y . r is ..,.. , , ffl M -'-- - --ska.: :lu WM' NQQXSM Zvi.: M- '1:.::L1, X V . HRX d,,.,...J-'- K ,aww , , ' , . . X 'W--vu-un-a-.,. j V--5" 0 V 1 . , ' l ' , V ftfi ' - --,fin . . 1 fi 4, ljjfif. ' -nf-. -V if 5, L uft: -:- " 1 'f -ni' ,, - . :" r1'-.5 Q:-1, H. .-1+ ,,, '?-if' 34:5 , 1-x7.'41a x 455' in 1.12 ZEN , 1 f. f., ,A e :- A ,.fmUge',g'g-- ' .1'- 1.1.1 0 In mon 441, -inn Q : In Q .. o - 9 -5 v 1 V 3 2 1 1 4 1 psy. A' f x iws, g i ' 4 -2? x LK- ' 5 if 2 1qg?i V! i:5.ygf 'xx , L 3 . Q ,. y,.j.j, K :wc , ? V ' X ' Q ' when f" 'f4Xi K , .,., A U gl MAWMU' :Q A . ff -- W, ,-,,.MK,...n.. fr qu .X wf W M 1 V ,IQ K, 4 . , K Q my , . MW 4 ' 'wr " ' - X . . .-.H--f-vw V ,, ' f ' ' H 4-.f W ' 4 5' 'Z g , , ,gg 2 Dsswvkv? r ,1 'Y-him-4:V'!""' ' fwwwuqs- . ' 'W , ' p. m.y, ,.w,, .xwdwum , Q ' Awmwamwwh my U . ,x , Sf N, .,:.M:z , V. 'mf-X f .W Q N Wxwwww , 5 . . QQ i X 3 2 X5 4 N ' xg 'mi' 4 if ix Z 4 A 5 ,ff V uh ! si X A- Aw, V A 4 BUILD! M1589 Wupmwgww- WW.- Q fi' 1 ,A g ,, A K: umm 1 5 x ,. Wm ,A W W., AzMJ,.fw1w7YAS4Q, f , . ,f ,wyww-.,.4 fm,,,W.,,.,, ,, ' JA, .,0g mlfQ ,:l awww . MW f www, V, ,N .W ,,N,,fN, 3 g ., f, M vxmmwnwwbxsrxwwff M V. ,. A, 9 f f eg 2 gsz, Q 3 3 1 Ziff' 'T Lf f N" as :suns mum- ww . . . . . S 110034 fe 47' ,f W"1..x My . N . ' 2 , Ig , 5 ? , 2 - 3. ,1 x 1 l 's . ,W I 1 i 'Xl wx x 1 if y 'T ...Q ln , no F A ' Q xx: N v vim. 1 Nfvii 'JW' 4' 'A 1 N X" X 1 .N 'V , x - 'pfixui ,WM ' -.UQ S5314 L -fag f .z ,-m5?A3":iYa-,a'Xg.sJa fi Y. M y , . xx f 61,23 X ,, Q N L '-H On February 5th, Tom McKegney, editor of the Gazette, resigned his post, due to differences of opinion and personality conflicts with the Centralized Advertising Bureau, which handles all the advertising for the university publications. It appears that there may -also have been some disagreement with the editorial board of the newspaper. While Tom did continue to contribute to the paper, Kim Lockhart was named interim editor until the end of the school year when the term of office expired. Len Lizmore, Bob Harris and Bruce Kirkland also shared in the responsibility for putting out 2 Gazettes a week until the end of April. 1+- ,W X 5 ,,- .iiwx 'A ,, ., if 6 ' SX , f , S ri f 4 - 4 N My . A :pf -. we f,.:,,x -L' , fy? wr 3,53 1 Q . .N A A X li. Wm , N , 1'-Sw-M ,I ' .x y :gr 1 .-. .1 1 1' , 3 , 4, 5 ,al My I .Af ,V -'H 2855" 5 A . T, ff' I , ' W V.,, wviaxx 4 .wx X4 .M 'H ' "'N N . :N CAMPUS C0 TRU TIO Q, 'f 4. AMY, , x 'U Q I Q' ??TR"f:x ' zcfx 47- 1. QI Xi' up '- - ' jf .A -'vA.j?-k 5 4 ,ixwr vt. WMA v "3 '1' 4 4, " Fgwff -1 'fb-fs ,f 2-ff n .-if iii? ' A A.-WAAQ ,' ,, V 1 -ffm ' -,"'5hk': . v. -Ai -rf .- " ., 4,2- 4 HA. - ,VA .,,A A f' 5' K' Ai, n.6.QfA,j , aff' 4.-'VAE , 'Y Lg fi y41,g,, L' f Qifu, .fx Af xp' 6-'M f -. cxfj 'm 'nu '. r X? I A 2: I ZA, H? .N 'A f , ALJ' vga 1 WI, -.,,AA I 1 1 X ,V K v ' 5?"',-.1Qfa:f'ff.'i A ' 'fi' 1: ' Q, f1'1s:l-W -Luz. 5 V ' . AA '42, A wa, , ,, Q . 'f-'wg ' f A 3 1, .I ' - - ' 1111537-'..-z.:f fn! 'Y ,,,.."f,-f, F' -gg, J 1' '.5t1."'j115' Ag A AA-' fri? f5vggi'.f5r W ,-pq '-.,,f, A. A A ' 5- -"Vf?Sf? . - , ' -' f 3g,"'t'1 -r ' ,. ' 3 A A. ' if 'F xgl qliiin A ",'fa,fZ7..'QflI 'J' pf ggi ' A ' -'S 1 5 ' 5 'dv ' -5 5 'c ff :Ffa ' 'iw vi' if 3235-" - ' + J.- 'H ' :avr -f'1": 1 HA ,flffb 1 1 A J A I ,lt ALA, ,, A ,A 1-1,1 ,' gf' A5 H A5-fj,af.-fAf,A.. , 5, X 2: b "' '- A "ai 'i fi CPS' f rx-'Ts if - 1m'?f1f.'3f'f Zu. :V hr. 1 , rf 1 'f ' 'ff ,, fl , Jfqjgw "'.'1?'Y-E-1' . . A . W , A A A, ,f A,-.fav A, AAA A ,A AAA .A MAA, A, AA- .A,,AA,A A :AA f -. , L' , . - x l, 3- , - 4- an wt '45,-1,9.,1j'U2::,-ff-:LE "-f H ,1 H - . ' ' .: - " 'T' I A' A. 'V -F: i f- '-f 5fAg'9,,Tfa11 ZA 'y' alifi 'g-65. ,AAAA I - . V -- . . , ,, A -' ., ,ng A ,. A ,A , ,.j - -A -. A A ,A A-A - V PM ' A' - f J-4 1 ,-A . I Ur sg 5 ' x ' Sa' V , . wtf ' . ,A - 4. 'f wff f -- i,1Sj,faQg?3 ,Em,Q1ebfj'g:4? df-g,:q1:1if,.. , .. ,. 'f A I-. A f A - A A AA 'yji Agni! A, X . ,AuA. ', j AA N., gum: 12 yA',A ff AQ Af ' 4' WA-,AAA-M -f ?,3'A AA .gig AAA ,Az44dTLA.AA A:A . . A N .A .ABAAAQ A AA Av? 6 'AA A AAAAA :AA . A 405 A, AGAATQQ ,-,.1i.,A'Zf1A,g2::ALfg?AgA,AAZAAQAAAAA A.-J, A 1 AA . ' A 71? - ' - 1 A . .- '-fa 4' fifty, ffffz--v .V 'H+' 3 "' 7? aff" A , - -w ir'-4a-':'.,f.f'-tf , ' ., -r ,A A ,A A I-A ' ,, l'- . 7 , 4 4 ,V , . . A AA I 1 A . ' QA fJAA.,f.Af:A ,, A ,S ,-83,4 f , ,A J , A. .. , A ARA QA, , ,Ac A315731 AAA.hjA.,A6A J AAAAVE. 5,9 ,rf A , AA n f , 'A f -' "R '. p V fa 'W 3"'f' " '94, '- U '- u fm . " ' V "f 5 ,A ' xii 'f,.'i5-f!55Sf'4'N " fl .' "' 'J A x AA A, A ., P A 7 A, .fag ,A A .A A'gL.Q.fAf'14Q3n 'QRS' A, 51" 'Aj'v: -, , A A A ,. A MA A,A,g, A. . J, A, , ,3 A AAAAAA AA, A .A, . A A , .r ,,,- " 2, ' . ' fp J ,,."' .swap -.-"ww -'-,'L".' A. Y ,, .. . , ., ,A AAA A A. .A .Au A . ,AA pb, A.AA ,N .. A,.A AA 1- : W? in flow 1 v f v s 1 1 ,-"' u v . , . . ' . ,,f..,,.' '-L...- A A ' J, 'E ww 3-H 1 'v A., -- ,I :I - X A x,'A's,5 5, Jag," ' . A-A . iw, . ...x xml V, 33. 5 A AA A A AA AA A .AAN ..w,.,,H.A. Q , -Mf - -Lg -"QQ, . ' ' . 'N -,. ., ' ' .vl-sqa A "' fi J ' 1 I V u..., W 'J z ' . , X. ' -. .-N , - . '. . F-45,14 , . V "qi V-. '----. ' Wi 5 v x-ein, 545573 51223-'Af "'-f. ' ' 11.2, -'H 5.41"rw" , ' ' .- v. -.-- -, , wr,-5 V , -if-x...f,'f':5-fl-L' M. ' " , ,gzfix ,g1:,ff:A,ff.f,.,. --4 ' , .u.-'Ti-mwuf, S.-wff V'-A JA AA ' " .QQ . " . -L.' .- 51 - - ' Lil x 'i 4'.z'ii,Z ' if half 1 Q ff. I I l AA, w-,sw-. - ,Q . il f 'lg 4 ' 1 r' 'J 3 , '52 ' R., A A U , v f p x .Y x In-4 3' 1+- .r 4. ,-H51 'A , fr' :Ll .Z".7f -1-.xfk , x,,..M - H . Y,.-lik.-3 'wmgjgxrl x:.-,7 1.- Gr, .Q .5,-gg 'Lrg jgff ,ref ' ' '51 , . -. ' , f A r-v F7 L, .rx Q K, . f -,R i ,, 1 ., ' my .e -3 A .A .. .TWH--.,,J,.7:3, -1, 'Wi' ' 'Q -mx,-- ..-Q . pw if ' 'f",- I - 4' ', f',,:-1'-gg 7-----...,-,Jy - f-- . - A 1 15 ' . H . ji , 1, . ' 'U ' " 4z.,.. 45 Q -V' ' J 5-n-1 IVY ' 'ukxi 5 . av ,sl Q ff, v-- -, ' 1 .J :' Jr 'Q f,. . ft-T" Gr' f N 1 ww .. N gunna xsfigfri.. 51 R M3359 . 1- , - .' ' - ' y ilwgo x my fx ,X Bi 'QM 1 , fav 57 Q' ' " ' f N ff v e Q' '-fff f A , Q f , ,, f , , A, ,.l ,, . A M f. i H . , x l 1 ,mf S , pf Q ,L fx. g et fl , v- -fx, ,, Q , . V I, Q V -- f... -- ng Q., Ft .f 1 ,, 1 V U -H .Md A an - 5 ! IM' A e v is T 4 iv -Cf ,Wi , ,, 'Wi Q." 4 nf, ' ' 5,,,. ,. fs f E ',. I ,E Q "Tv , Xi ,L is ' '44, - ' ' ' - ' L' , 'ff N f fs D p it htalwr Q , ' UQ b ' M .- X 51" F ici!-'-1 4 'iig J A , 4 NNW... 4 . ' ' ,vig 'f '-.wx ii ,' . 1, , t x , My . i , , . a B L T S'-2 at e A if ff-M ' as -n-----.....w"i":"iA"' Q' . ' ' T - ma- ' 1 , - '- '-f" fb 1' 1 ig if W XPS Q, if exsw , M rx ' ,X W- , ' , xr Q, Ng Q "Lf 'ff 5' M " -gan 'P wc ,V The freshman-studded Mustang footballers proved they were better than most people thought they were this year. Although they were expected to finish in the lower half of the standings, they showed themselves good enough for a second place tie with Toronto. "-vs. Under new head coach, former quarterback with the A s 'fi sibiserfi' M' -rf - i W ' ... we Hamilton Tiger Cats, Frank Cosentino, the squad was formed. ,D A Qwgsmip Following a slow start of two exhibition losses to the V ' e si,,1-'gg " 1- ' k University of Windsor Lancers and the U. of T. Blues, the Mustangs got into their regular schedule. Before the start of the official season, and after the Toronto conflict, Coach rf hu gf Cosentino noted some improvement between the Lancers and the Blues game, and remarked that his first Western team 13' ' ...var would "raise some eyebrowsi' before the season was over. And - . - . that they did. V 1 V ' . ' U- After an opening season loss in Kingston against the Queens' Golden Gaels, the grid-iron men went on to win their next three games. The first home game saw the Waterloo Warriors fall 17-10 to the Mustangs. Western then took both games against lVlelVlaster by scores of 31-9, and 23-5. Coach Cosentinoas forces then lost to the Blues in Toronto by a score of 10-4. The Waterloo Warriors and lVleGill Redmen played against our Western Charges, and, in Waterloo the Mustangs won 3-2, while McGill suffered at J.W. Little Stadium, when they lost 4-2-14. Unexpected to many, our Mustangs ended up with a 5-2 record, not had by any means. , , Fm rfb' -vi V ,,, , Q , ,. 1 , S T ?--1' ff ' '. 'N ff 1-,. " ,- h Q V uni- -of "fe be .W WW, Mu,,as,, iai M-Mf-a- W ' ""m"""""" 2 . , Y V 5 4 Q , -A M Z -I ' , , gf Eli I I , . . , v f 1 f ' , ' x , f . . J 9 ?"Vf, ' fi? 5 ff f,'ffrf:vf?'T I 2 Ji? ' 5 Hit!! 'X Al gswflff g g E 4 'lg 1,1 Q - i is an ,g?5gyg'fl Ii .. f .Q 41 ' . ' 44,5 L ff: V '.y 'ff' 'f,i,'!QJZ,,l Vw YQ1'-4 ig , Vi ' 5 ' i'A,i'N f f Y , fi VV ,i ,Vw 'i fafifggiy, L - H1 JZ ' f ' L 52 .' ' ,174 eff? ' ,. W , f 23 if r 7 M p eil, 1fftaf:.e' 1 it f Y . 11, x ., g f, K if V ljjgfgi . , vi 5 Q-it vlwlf 9' ii ggi .ll 5 Ill? ? f fi 5' , W W f 4-, 6 -1 1 v- .ff I 'gg 1, M t , .- ,Q 4- , A . l A 3 nf , 1 P' - .' 'l . Y, . ' . z , ,f , - ' , ' J- ' 5 , 0 Y, wk Q? IW, ,Y 'v 7 ,K 'A H W jj flzvilv .f , 4 ' 1. ., Y I V V V, 5 Q . V -' 'ew -' - ,,,, J' , 5 " A 1 ' j " . , " , ' f ' t X , M ' ' zz' if V -1- if I if 4 if if ' - Www Izv- , W 1 41-f, : , s ' . H, ' 3 Y , 'ff if 1 V ' ' . . gt' 1 ' A My if ff V 4 , ,, . C -4 s fi -M-,W a s -X Jo'-.X - .,,. ,,., 'f A , ,fs ' I K 'W r 4, fu A ,sf s. . wa. 'ivvneruqu-vf -,.g,f,, 3 4. Q . 1 , -0 -..,,,,,,,.,Q,i ,.-L r ,. 4' 5 ,.,.,.4,.,,, L r WW, W K 1 t A f A i s a i Q W. M2 www ww. W 'Bylaw 'f- P , we , 0 ' . ' ' , - . ' f ffvmvxwrw My , l p , .. , A , . ., , fnvawiwbw-fms ,wy Wpraw,wf .,,,, W N ... V ,if 459151 'W-Wi' wpgwf , ' W, qv f ...v , " ' w M ' ,Q ,,N""'t -g .,2' fwfr-www-vwmww wwf,-f,,, -ai A ,,W"'f . f 'M wa L. f -. A . wa-wglfjevwqfsawfwnwv-1wqm.,. A strong point of the Mustang roster was the defence. The strong defence was spurred on by standouts such as George Hill, Mike McMahon, and John Stirling. Ed Scorgie and Paul Knill also proved valuable assets to Cosentino. Knill was the top punter in the league with an average of 41.5. Also, Mike Tucker was second in the league in number of receptions and yards. Offense is a bright light for next year. With the exception of Pete Quinlan, Boris Polishuk, and Bruce McRae, all of the offensive team should be back. Coach Cosentino feels the 571-572 season uwill be a good test for usw due to the possible strength of Windsor, Waterloo and Guelph. 8 , -1 14 . -in L ss it . 53- Q 'J as ' Us . 3 Sf Sk W 4 X K4 . 9' -' V., is - if ,xnxx fe. 1+ hi' !.,,'wgn as R4 'ws -an ,um , -X J Q X 1 A K 'Qs as gy ' V' ' R 'QW 7' V. ,MQ Wg? X AN, i , f X' ' t, ' X ' H Q 'ferfkgls 4 . New " if ,'p.x.,?.,t .sw I, be . A ax lv 5 V si ,eww ' lgarxs ? exit! aussi-wg gig, vp xi-tx ivrflgq 'Av .yy , , -,f"t'w'NS '-1, . ' 1fW,,.tip 'tixwv Q sp. I -X . Yr as 'xdigmi ' Q .wyiVQ"-'I V ge35x'j?1Xnx3". as 1 '. 'C' ' . L," ' X -s ,A .Qi-,mwsmgxwewmp 5 .f 4. X s -M, , ex mf ,ei gf Q-., ' .V-eq , s x l,,?w.k a,,zsa xuglgi Mkuixqv A 4 X S' i ', avi X' , t '. H m. :jf-AM' A git-i ge? ' X fi FA 'is Q V l .lx f 1 i.sxxlQirm1 -r1"'!iA 'I JN-NX ii 'K iq v N N ' M . . ei ' 'WNQ Slings ,nf wi X J :xr fix-K, gauge iilufft' +,,,, r 'V ' !.4fxt.,."i' Qs-.3 X . it ,mi ' game' .,. X is " .3 t L Vg, '-L ', ',.,. N11 gs. mu' "" 'Ml - - xp . K- f s ,U X. Y . PM 3 , K 1 X - N, - N f,3.fsf'1-3 1 - f T. Kawai V fir? .2 . ' f Q 115.2 ' ' "' XNG .if 'i 'W 5 J' vi i jr' .' "M Hi. ' :NW T ,fi 'flwgf' ' , ' x Q ' 2Q,l, H Patti' iggisiwg vyfvksv '-gig!" -5 A 4 ik 15' ' ef. wumiv 5 4i,.' - .X -. w,,.,'.i.,4m.. e af ms . -fm'-.Mui .X a 9 ' .... vw. .,,.......,, .tw-,W TI-uffibfsh., . v-all " 1, . i , , - ef Y, A ., , We A, .ii-. Q! t J K. .K A i , U- .' ' ,. e 'xii 4 ' ..v,.x. , ,...,, " - . 1 ff' 1 ' A : 'NH' I "' " ' - Q!-'dj'-i'.,, w- . 'I " '1 .wan '--ip 4 ' H -5. , l Nd ,-, .I Q 4 f X ' hw 'gil H- 4 , xy 'ka ,., he N 1 , - V : ,, ..' U 1-.. W " fl, ,',gw, ,' . . w I . .Q W + V ., Q,,,K. "'- B. iff' ' s -.nv rr: 4 x X - . Ab,,".. ..1fv ta' ,if ,sa fl .,v,I .J u ,SAQg,.. . 'y- i 5-1 if N I . ' :Q v ' .1-- "Te 2831 ' 1 5 '-'lion ,,1- . V ,, N 1 f . QQ W -nvt. ., ,, . 19... is , K . ' . L , f s 'Ji ' - f'. q .' ' uf M-. :Qi " An -..4." A l!..l lt Ziff PM s 'Y Westernis rugger Mustangs staged an excellent display of their abilities this 1970-571 season. The rugger men from the river flats ended the season with a very impressive 8-U-0 record. The first three games of the schedule were held at Western, and Coach Andy Wilsonls troops defeated Guelph, Waterloo and Toronto. The Stangs then visited the Marauders at lVlclVlaster and shut the host team out with a 13-O victory. The following week Coach Wilson took the rugger squad to Guelph where the Gryphons were handed a l3-5 setback. ' -54 After returning for a home appearance against the Mac squad, which was won 24-6, the Mustangs went on the road for their final two games. At the U. of T. the host Blues lost 16-13, and the following week the Waterloo Warriors were set back 20-3 in the season finale. p The play-off game at U.W.O. against Queen's was a disappointing game for the purple and white in that they lost 8-0. . QA a S- t if A k ?? tie ls V 4 E 2 fi -:,, K ,I i Q Y as at ' N illlliiili ' A KM, N W ,Aw ' . ' X 1 6 K W, at h I Q' M ' 3 W -,b t pig '7 re " 4 rf .4 X11 2' 4 ,,- V 1- fs, 'V 'JA' fi 1' Q . z s Jg , ff, tis' an -.W ., f 4 - ' "',5'tff'?'1':45's' . , ,, ,V I K., away- .. .. V X, Y, 4, ' K V g 'l ,Z QSM- -,fp 'f ,, , a' 2 " ' ofa ze-'ff,'5 V t 'wr V, 'Av K'-:Tj ' "' 'f ' , . M - A fp .,-fi, .- mfr ' A-f f,,,s- - v . ..f, sid-ti ,r.,lF.,'.:,-"4 f 5, ,y2Q,,,W? .-5ngg:w , A. ' A M - UQ. 41 44 .f f' ,VVV Y 1 """ ' ,fri f mfft .ff..',,n"'.f al? 'A "I, ,-l ., A., i "' 11. F! i W.. fn. . lst-, -qi' iw: " v . X , " ' H I 4 ,WEST " fx ' :fe-an .uf -Q ka. sf' . . ' I ' 95. TF.. . '1 1 X .1 my . I X ,aV.,,Qi':7 2 ma' x j,Z.g,.'- '-Q fpf: ?"- gf- V ,. M .I 1' U 1 X 1 X Q z - ' lx P U 1 .. QS' ,l, W X . . ,h """"""'- --sm Q- 'vf'Q:i, 41' xr- f - 4, lnfb-A., . . Q " S"f"f' Af.-"""3" M... fwrsan .. f. .ah gny SOCCER A" WHS Sl w W wr X 4 Q X M. Ng .,,. ,. 1 X - vb ,,,,., w..Q.,,,, ,. ,, Q N S Q " A 'N X ax vw -'Kwai xv w ' 0 X' -- w aw- JQESL +i3,...1:'v- 'A' f 5 , xx 4 to s Q , ,AQX v , Q - The Mustang soccer team began the season with a strong nucleus of veterans and some promising rookies. The squad kicked off their 1970 O.-Q.A.A. season with a come-from-behind I2-1 win over Guelph. Vivian Nlanswell and Ron Mazurka deserved special notice for their efforts in the first game. The soccer team continued its winning ways with an impressive 3-1 win over Waterloo on October 3rd, They went on to defeat the University of Toronto Blues on October 6th. They lost to lVlclVlaster, however, the following Saturday with a 3-1 score. October 14th brought a tie for Western against Guelph. Then on October 17th, Western edged lVlclVlaster 1-0 to move to the top of the league standings. Their next game, against the Toronto Blues, ended in a 3-3 tie. The final game against Waterloo was lost by Western, meaning a loss as well of first place in the O.-Q.A.A. standings. ThelVlustang soccer team finished the season in second place with four wins, two ties, and two losses. 5, . 41- ' A 1 , , Wi' ff ,lf ' .itpiifggffia if fa f -'jrvmgtf-'+ ,, - . K- 54, , N vc . x We , , '- f 2, "Nifty, ,ff ., g 'dir-,, ' 'ff 23, -v j ,:....'v A 'Q sf , . V S., M 4 - J 6 5 A , 'f "1 4 ' 'E z f ' H ! ' V' All 'Q '-A-1-.-M t ' . . -'. ' 2, W , W .JM ,, ,V ..,.9l................... 0 a V b- -.vw W, -- , V - I , saws. x. X "Q ,qi si? - i' -Q" K ". 'i ',,,.mr"' ' .5 f- 'ii19FS'f,f,r,x ' N-mil' . :"'M-H.. .. 5'-i?gQ' !"5EV"" w- M ' Q... "' 5, ,, -, ,, ,fxtiri-t ' 'fm' - Jo , - Q' v W QM ' . My N ' . -- -A-mg. U jj 4. - -fws.. ' 'A . -mm, Q - C vu Q, -1-, A-M 4- 'fr-. - ...... -as 4,-f . . . was ' . ,sw 1 . '19 yas , W e W we Q Y IR -, ti if ir 49 . , - .0 :s u x pf w s ' 1' 3 I 21 V, as. .-.f:'- - -msg-gt. .fi , -2' W -wr V- - wa.-u 1' RDWI G The Western rowing team, under the dedicated coaching of Dr. Fitz-James, is broken into four classes. The novice oarsmen were divided into two crews: Lightweight and Heavyweight. Western also boated a powerful Heavyweight Varsity crew this year, four of its members being Canadian national oarsmen fresh from the World Championships. Western oarsmen dominated the first O.-Q.A.A. regatta of the fall held in Toronto, winning the Junior Varsity race as well as the Heavyweight Varsity race. The second regatta was held at Brock, and Western finished in second place overall. ln the Homecoming regatta on Lake Fanshawe, Western oarsmen posted a third place finish. The Heavyweight Varsity crew displayed outstanding ability in their event when they edged Toronto by six inches after a stroke for stroke race. At the lVlclVlaster regatta in Hamilton, Western placed second overall, with three second place finishes and a third. ln the final regatta at St. Catherines, Western Oarsmen finished their rowing season with a second place st an ding in the O-Q.A.A. Championships. Girls, rowing teams are rare, but this has been the second year they have competed at the inter-collegiate level. No points were awarded for the girlsi races, but even so, are extremely avid the girls competitors. Westerns dedicated girlsi team fared well during the season, considering their lack of previous experience. iso I WIMMI GA D r v! .'-.5 f'4 . DIVING ee f :ff an .x V' A .Q-5. Q Westernis swimming team ended up in fifth place in the I ,A mr O.-Q.A.A. finals. At a meet between the Mustangs and Notre if Q AM.. Dame, Western lost 59-54. A medley relay team won along Q e W .nun 4-as 1 ' x with Ken Fowleris first in the 200 yard breaststroke. Craig ff My 5 Gauld won the 200 yard freestyle. At a meet with Guelph the - - 2 ' l nn gun 4-as Mustangs won 9 of 13 events which led them to a 71-42 by ,551 f ff victory. Ken Fowler broke the only team record with a time N i.ii 'P .fit f----e was Q----f -- of 5:2324 in the 500 metre freestyle. At the Canadian lnter-Collegiate Swimming Championship held at the University of Waterloo, Western took 5th place. The Menis diving team consisted of three divers, Skip Phoenix, Doug Darling and John Blackwell. Skip Phoenix placed third on the one metre and the 3 metre in the O-Q.A.A. finals. ln the C.l.A.U. championships, Doug Darling placed 3rd on the one metre and 4th on the 3 metre. ln the O.-Q.A.A., he placed 2nd on the 3 metre and won the 1 metre diving. ,P N. ca 1 .li-vm.. , . ff . 5 2271 .2 'Kris' "ff" -'arp ' ' are ' ' - Q 123,53 K W' 1 ' H ,, - ' T1 'Ying VWX , V X f . . 1 ,mwwwwv -,-' IK 'f rfigf- ' ,- W l 0 Q 'hi MN Sa V W . . .--- 1 "1 "0 " "' A V-iii 'r ., . Y ' '- l Y yslgx X-A-'1.,' ' in F" f ' J "0-- -4 -. mis ,af 3.3, - , P ' g. 4 he 1 ummmmul like ,- ..,. W x as h , .ff .M ,N 2 N 5.3, . . .M as r a 35? sip pvyih ..ppppv . es X , . vibe -K -, V 'I mg , V I X-v. rf- ' 4 ,, , ,asv 4 -41: 541 A"-- "GA, hu., Q ff . li-"iii-w -.".Z"--.... ss'-1-t -rf, -.11 A a. .1 ni' K - "agua F' ""' ills' fx in Y "" '- A - l N -I' Q 'lg'-af - . 'I 23 "-Pk gk BQ' 1.5591 u,1n'l 'fr . !"'- Y " s-5.1.-wiEi'.g.!:lgf'n...w nzjigsfthx -u - --.,l-...u.':-.ixrk lr'.s,.s- - , an U 1. wi' W R ., in x 1 4 for . 2 Q! v . ' Y, ,SVI f L4 Q .1 f-I' Mg, 'ng Q ,X A ,99- s2:"iiiQ,':-i'.:"' N Q: E' .abggilnfgn 0 Q Warp ., ras E sd! 3' 5 9' X is , X 4 33 if 5 TRACK A D FIELD at Under coach Bob Vigars, the Western Track and Field team finished l second in the O.-O.A.A. championships this year. September 2nd, Western started their season with a victory over Waterloo. Bryan Camoni, Harvey Barkauskas, Ray Anthony, Scott White, Merle Payne, Chris Bolter, Terry Rotondo, Grieg Warriner, and Dave McKay all performed excellently. Windsor was Western's victim Monday September 28th, where we finished with wins in the discus and shot-put competitions. On October 3rd, the track and field team lost by 7 points to Waterloo. Western hosted their second annual Invitational Track and Field meet on October 8th. Western again finished second. Western took i twenty members to the O.-Q.A.A. meet in Hamilton on October lflthg their strongest team in history. However, they again finished second to T Waterloo. The Heck Phillips Trophy for outstanding athlete in the 1970 O.-Q.A.A. went to Grant McLaren. V i l sf K. HARRIER Coach Bob Vigars and l1is Harrier team showed that hard work and dedication pays off. Their effort has to be one of the sports highlights of the year at Western. On November lllith, they won the Canadian Cross-Country Championships for the first time in both the history of the event and for Western. ln addition to Bob Vigars, team members include Grant lVlcLaren, Chris Bolter, Rich Hughson, Allen Stanley, Glen Dales, Ron Falck, and Bill Van Derwal. The O.-Q.A.A. victory was the second one for Western in the sixty year history of the event. ln the competition for the Canadian title with the five regional champions, Chris Bolter ran second, Grant lVlcLaren was third, and Rich Hughson fourth in a tremendous team effort. 5? f J xg' "fu 3 S I If iighv , .ss K ,. 1 x i J Q . Y EX 1. get , 4 1' - Q 3 ' , x Y .1 ey fi 'gumhf -iff Q " f Q ,A wiper, Q Yu, R5 Kg ,ein K, , I' fx - A If - " :ull for , . - '1 , f 52:5 'A Q. 1 Yea X .. x W W A- V Fri' we ' T 5 ' na- Y -'IV ,4 5 .2 gvrfigi Xml sa r 555212, at iw.jM . Q 5 nf Y. " Y 0 ,Y 'wily mt' 'Q . T Ml Ng., W 'ma TN"--. -- fw- f yVK:.4,.'Ag. ,N . iv The Hockey Mustangs finished fourth in the e O.-Q.A.A. standings this year with a game record d three ties. They gb uh 5, y. 1 viii., va ff nl' of eight losses, four wins, an got off to a shaky start when they lost seven straight games at the beginning of the season, but gave Winter Weekend a good start by beating the University of Guelph Gryphons for their first win. , ,aww fs KN ' '51 iqlfi N155 aff' , 1 l alarm.-s"?" f , fl -N .af v!a"'f'zxswa-M V ' .Z , wwf Q A 1 4 9 X' Bob Jeffery and Wayne Heasman were the top point men. Jeffery scored fourteen goals and twelve assists for the Mustangs which gave him a third place finish in league statistics. With a solid nucleus of returnees, things look bright for Westernis hockey Mustangs in next year's revamped league. Roy Lisk, John Henderson, Wayne Heasman and Bob McCabe are the only graduating Mustangs. Wm ,1 .4 Es-iq f1'WW4'Wf'2 . f my s, Q W- Q 'Z 1 ff 1 aff 5' it Q we , I vig, if , WW... , 1,-fguug M353 if f 'eff' 'K f 5-. 4- The U.W.U. Basketball Mustangs finished in a three-way tie for first with the Windsor Lancers and Waterloo Warriors, only to he defeated in a sudden death final. The intensive l9 game schedule included five exhibition games. ln the league opener January 6, Western visited Waterloo. The two teams were expected to liattle for first place. Waterloo won an 82-76 decision. Three days later, Coach Gerry Gonser's squad defeated the U. of T. Blues 90-70 in Toronto. ln league play, the Guelph Gryphons were slammed IUU-8l. The home season opened with a 74-64 victory over lVlelVlaster, the O.Q. champion. The Mustangs took the short end of a 93-73 decision against Windsor, then dropped a 88-76 loss to Oakland. On January 29, the Mustangs were beaten 97-77 by lVlelVlaster. 7 X During February, Western defeated the Waterloo team when Waterloo called an illegal sixth time-out with ten seconds remaining. Dempster sank the foul shot breaking the 87-87 deadlock for the Mustang win. Later in the month, Guelph was trounced lOl-74. Last V il N. .X Q awww-NNW-,ws-sm . W. w-a,5'Amn.-, L,.,,,,, , 4. AN' t is f f l, . . . . s fX+w , Q minute heroics continued in the defeat ol York is X Yoemen 87-86 in a non-league game. Again, Dempster sank the winning shot. ln league play, the U. of T. Blues were humiliated 108-49 at Alumni Hall. ln the final game, the Mustangs scored an 85-77 decision over the visiting Windsor Lancers. By virtue of its point difference, Windsor was awarded first and when Waterloo and U.W.O. battled for second, U.W.O. lost 79-67. ,ff b.......... r .pl 2 lm. ""'!":' 5 V I A aff Q... L 2:2 X I I if f S - X X . xi if 43: Q S Q x 11 6 L: X M JUDO 9' 'aw A. -if 0 x X 4 WRE TLI G The 1970-771 Wrestling season proved to he a good one for the Wrestling lVlustangs. After a month of hard conditioning, they opened their schedule on December 5th at Waterloo, defeating Waterloo and Guelph. From there, they went on to meets at Western lVlichigan University, Wayne State University, Bowling Green, Guelph and Toronto, hosting 3 meets of their own at Alumni Hall, and doing well in all the meets, to end the season with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses. At the O.-Q.A.A. finals, Western picked up the co-championship with Waterloo, with 4 firsts, 2 seconds, and two thirds. The following week, the four gold medalists wrestled in the C.l.A.U.'s at Queen's, where Zink and Panagapka placed second, and Norm Corrin took the Canadian Championship at 167 pounds, ending a fine season of wrestling. .' .Qi '1 1 1 ' W .:L.... - A ,QM ,Q x ll-I A ,,.,..n Q... W.-.N-.-u...--...L ,AW FENCING 9 'nf' 'x ""'f'?kQ-WVU ., . ,,-V ., .,' 451331: ,,,5f"'f+ v M v 1 1 I ..,, ' , ,, f v , :,,5 .-,,,- J , MW ' x ff - V K Ag " 71 :giQg,?',v,l3,,' 1 iff, , , Mg, pd,1i!NfN.QQSz X , yn . T gl QX ' f .. ,g WATER POLO .Amd ', .Wim ,. ww N x 1 , ff 1 Q I w QQv VV, ' N4 A .:...:L A ttzb N imp I 1 -.1 if -Nw N l A 6 5 M Q U J. iigfxm .fs x A , if . V ,A m ad f 5 v EW! M ' vt WN-m 'N : A P, . ll 'fig , 4 f i 1 ' wi," yy XS smw, fs ,, !- 'Rv ,X .N V - 5' H, www, JW W 4 FN X 93, , Bi-fvfx A Xwxx ,gfdf '11, if .grflv -xg mx K X .iff . I f L O GYMNASTICS W! Kia, W , 1 'A' ' QP: , ' v A -ff, Q I4 iv me? M, ., 'W' ,H f . if J I xx T3 K -- ft ,Ai hw ,l A f Y X '99, 1 M . . ng f ww if M. f , , , ,,4 , 4 A f M . . pf W 'J W 42 it f' .wwf I TRAMURAL PORT 4 1 3 x AQ .. ' fs, , 'ibix inf lCI'J-'f rv, 0, , 5 ,'4r, 4 " v ,,'1v .. W 4 , at. ' 'sv i t fwfr' -lv-"' ,.,1e" , ,v-'V f,.3.:-- QW " . s . Q N" '."'u""v '..'. 'v,"'v 'a','4r.,"wt,,g +f 1 fyyswhv., 'sv ' + it any "' . ., 4 . , Q, s o ., if . ' ' vo A, ' W . 4. 5 y D ' , . 1-+ . , s , a fl' -' ' , -r , -' 1 ,rs ' -."-A ' 4 4' f .4 vw' sf ,t V' 1 , -sb " - ' .4'.f - fe eq 1 .,. ,. t. Those persons who have not the time andfor the talent to participate in O.-Q.A.A. events are free to exercise their skills in intramural competition. Each college is represented by students in all the sporting events from track and field to table tennis, from basketball to volleyball. This year, Health Sciences proved to have the most powerful representation as they 'ccleaned up" in nearly every event. Team members won tennis, cross-country, IO-pin bowling, track and field, table tennis, badminton fdoublesj, basketball and volleyball. lndividually there were many stars in the intramural program. 1 '..:1x 1 ff -in in . 7 Y """""llhvn.,,,,, "'Hnn.. ff' -mae 'lim Axmmw M .M--m..,.o.L..1-ew,-Elf. 'w....,, 'GN' V A yr rmgius , A A it "":e'+-'-w,- fs Je, Q5-. -his 4 Y., ll . - :fl ,.Ny.,,s D. King of Health Sciences won the table tennis title for the second year in a row. ,lack Van Den Hengel scored 901, a new record for the 5-pin bowling, G. Harvey won the swimming and diving title for P.H.E. on his last dive, members of the Business squash team went undefeated for the second year in a row, and Patterson easily defended his handball championship title. Much credit for the success of the intramural program goes to Bob Zeisner who made the intramural competition as keen and occasionally equivalent talent to the O.-Q.A.A. sports. f 4 191 W 1 My :Mya W fy if wg AA V Z X ' f E: '3 ... , .,.., ' f x A-,wa We. fy vw Q, mwgrfvi, V, 1 f If x :. 1 My A Qi sin, 5 Sha T Q gw x Q x fy Y ae X gi N-Q 'YW 'awww ig 53 EWX NN ,Mx-f' .,,..f"" A9 X ..-M- A . N ' N f,,,..f,,,,.: .W ,ew ,Mi ', C 'W """-l-o-u- Wg? .V 1314 I ' Z' Va, WZ Q! f7f , 4 ,,,,,,. Y, I 5 . ,447 , 2 nf ff, 1 ,H ,ZW f , QSV4 V W 4 9 'ff , I . ff ef 54 J, fy K -432 , f ww f it sf, f 'rx . '4i24,1,AfFg- . 6 J. s 39" 1 ke vm 4+ H429 2. gg, U56 G . .. . . . , Qcbf '11 !-".:.'. . ra V at f.., ,l .f,. .4 ',K,4g.- Q, it ' ,Z3e"9, -qi.: yi .nr f"2 1 ,Q n ' A .V un ' s I f v . X i K y 'fxix :A 1 ,, xx M 4 :f '4 "ig3 M 3 ,wi 1w .-ff-1-rs' I Q -my dy? x 'Q 'W"""Q-ww. " sfx 3 QD i if 1 I' an ff .1 1 1', I VIA 6. J' is WDM EN 'S BASKETBALL The womenis basketball team competed in the Western Section of the W.l.T.C.A. conference, but unfortunately the team record was 8 losses and 0 wins for league play. During the second half of the season, the margin of points for and against the Western girls was reduced on an average of 15 points per game. This fact certainly indicates a substantial improvement for the season. The top scorers were Janet Starkes, Helen Greaves and Diane Dunn. Eve Weatherston, Diane Waechter, Lorilee Matheson, Ann Ball and Arlene Gleason deserve mention also for their contribution to the play. Although the girls did not finish winners, their efforts were certainly commendable, and things look good for future seasons. clk fi ,Q 4' .-wtf' J,- fd' ICE HCCKEY I -at 45.4 -1 ,ff x nf" N P .lx My L I ' W - mx v Q ' ,Q K, 5 gx . 1 M if A If 0, ff' Q'w jxz, 3 'HQ W' 1 , V 'wx' -'fx I' wi . n R . 'Z ARCH ERY if? ,gf we 3 A fzfwfa f . 5? M 1- Wh 4, , 4 61 aff SLN, , 3? , N v , 'I it f4.A. 1 WIMMI G A D DIVING The Western Girlsi Swim Team competed in the original university league, the W.l.A.U. this year, and came in second overall, with a first in the Medley Relay. Pat Kitchen set a new record in the 100 and 50 yard breast stroke events. The girls also competed in the Womenls lnter-Collegiate Two Conference Association meet where they placed fifth. Four of the team, Cheryl Blay, Pat Kitchen, Louise Kennedy and Sue McCaskill, were also named to compete in the first national C.W.l.A.U. meet. However, credit must go to all the other members of the team, for their hard work in making the year a success. They were: Heather Hardingham, Dawn Simpson, Brenda Bauer, Carol Whitley, Lorraine Aho, Marilyn Janik and Sharon Guiness. The three members of this year's women's diving team were Terri Gri, on the team for her second year, and Sue Cosman and Marilyn Janik, both first year students. All the girls placed in the 3 metre and 1 metre events at the C.l.A.U. and W.l.T.C.A. championships, under the superb coaching of Keith Stuart. GYMNASTICS ,, , W, ,,N-A ' A mia "'s :,.g.q.nung- " X 'W j 1 W e WW W 2 Z f 5 up ,f ,wfqpuuu-new f if 4' mm 1 9529 Q 552 .- , v av'- + l' y ' Warm gm,- w4pwrw,'0wr4"W W 'M Ah on- QW ,WN Wi, vwh TENN S Q? 9' ilkesihenres .a. -2- QF' ,.. I. :uniki E- . -.,.,. .A , -f.?"?fa'X' f ' r, X-.-. , .,.V X, 1- hx 1 ii? 75, ., as 'W 1.4 , -- -.I ? - . W if ' - ft-T ag M? ff A ,F- j:i7 5 , , ,,,,,Q. -, N --Q I -L ......,' .41 lr-va-Q .51-1 . 14 .J I n- f ' 1 .,,,qt4.,Y , 4551K 'a ., , . A' .:. .nl ' E, .icq -V ,x , 5 ' f if V f - 4 .1 v' J' N A .... I J f Q , . 1 ' +5 x 1 -f. I ' .-' .4 - E lf, LQ gf -L V. . ,.. -...,.,.,,, -. .4..e:,Lk,.f -,,:..'- - ,.',4J . 0 ,fu ' -.,.5. -.-'. J' .- , a,-. .A 1 'ILE A why... , . . fx ' ',",.,-. ,.' . . f N, . . ,. ' 'hz .V-lc., x ,YY--, ,x , P 1 '.-5,5-'W kg: . -W. iv-fl' T ' ' 16- .f-vx 1 4- . . GLN N ', ff. - -." ' ' r. ' Ai. N .ow L "--,-f , ' 'ff-1-'Q' 1 f f ' N 5' , ' Q .iv-f,'.k.:..:.' I N '-1'f'I""1" -"' 1-'.3u.FjE .,,.. 1- 1. .ir V X5 t 5 Z 1 1 ?":v:- 'i ,Q- BRESC A if 15109 ft!! W Pb ' . 1.3, fvm- 4. , 5 .mf N Kk'.,.f- .' '59 it '- D170 -4- E5 K Yu-,W ' C . dp- 3... 1 if-C is 4 ,V '5 QQ- - , mt ti Breseiais "Corn mani' had a short but sweet reign in the eornfields along our lane last September. Une of the highlights during the year - he created much excitement and wild amazement. Sorry, no photo available. A 5 gg x , , t 9 I S97 - . A . ' 1 .f 14 5 1, , iggifwff, J, JW Q , , Km .v ' f X I I n df' 'V - 1 ,,,:s ij,-rf, m 2 " ui' . WV-uw X sw Ni Q 1 VX J- I fr ,Qi N ,Q Q 1 I --fix I f f '7' P, MA, 3 fi me-Qvmwmaw , 4 ! ,Vg Q A 4 My yy J Z 20' 1 ff, ' f fo ,4 X X X X llffm' X ,': f W I W , V. , ww , ww--M..wWMw,..,5...,. ,.,, . Mn ,Wm , . ... .X,,,,.M,. Q X , A ?v X X sm? K W xi N Q N Mmm L DEL W RE ...L X X. ww pump-1 SZ? 'We ww :'1Y'y .- u. 1 A 1,-5, . .P 1 -- 313 ,X K ,. . I , , W' r ,k ja , ,M fgg' 1, . 4:33, ,,,,,,f,QQJ K HMA 46 SSW HURO ,J n LONDON, CANADA. TELEPHONE 434-6821, AREA CODE 519 H I AFFILIATED WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO Fvb. 6, l97l Ihiar Nlr. I,lII1'lIIN't'Ix- lintortunali-ly this has In-vii an une-v4'nlI'uI yvar al thi- King. Nothing unusual or "out ol' the ordinary" happvned. III-slnvafl apulliy and llif- ide-a "who givvs an shilw arm- thu' only ra-asons I van vitc. Wv donit havcr a yvarbook of our own this war so su- tIi1IIlit IlilVt' anyonif running around taking picturvs, il' anything did happen. I havc asked scvvral pvoplf' il' they would van- lo do a write--up on whalis Imppf-ni-fl around In-rv hut no one- sffeins lo want to taker the trouble to do anything. I niorlunate-ly thi- King is in the- niiddh- oI' I-I1-vlions and vanlpaigning in those nm-xt lwo wvvlxs. If I wcrvnit din-vtly involved in this I would illlvllllbl lo ha-Ip you out hul as il is I havc no linux Iini sorry we- t'UIlItIll.I In,-Ip you out hut lhal's the' situation as it stands. Yours truly, He-siclciuw: Chairman v. 19-fb if . 'iii A 1 -...sq 'CY 1 5. FJLIHQAX MEDW Y N33 FFESWN. V W MQW MIDNIGHT APRIL 8 Slightly High Home ol' the vegetables, Medway has been the leading residence on campus, which doesn't nn-an loo much. Medway has been known in the past for its eolours, yellow and pink. Medway van he t'UlIlIJ2ll't'tl with liolkozv in Russia. For those who do not know the language, liolkoze means "l'arini5 in Russian. Medway is also the only place on campus where you can converse with freaks, frogs, spaghetti, WASP5, and Jews qHi, Goldiej. House of Doctors, Lawyers and BllSlllffSSIllt'Il, hlerlway offers the ehanee to its Frosh to learn how to drink, smoke- and . . . hh-flway is vomposed ol' nine houses, I5 to W. It also features one ol' the rare plan-s where de4'i'in'y' is known as a whore show, the leading slogan being a lour letter word. Yours irrespeetfully, A. DE L. 215 6 Q MTX? xx 'Z - .ff Fixx PWA 2 ' New .,.'3' 41 'AAA' LU., .-,, , J F' .fifv . , " f .N J, f, ry Lf Y., ,L . if , , 'V 6. +f5l7'!"K' Q. V .l5'1.34i '. in '36 ,gil ll !4c'4s.- A 4 V' rv , ' X -, '--'fr f Y ,, E., '. 7: I ' " ' L- ,Wfjki - but 1 ,f ff! . , pl A 0 V 2 N .- .I -,lift Min I r"-'Pi' i ""?-FI- ' "' 'IEL- iig X AUGEE v -. ' 71 E my 4' ,V 2 ,..,.,.QpmM Nw I s 1 .l gf Ev Y MAITLA 401 my x ' Q X J 5 ,A X M , R N xv? X X . 1 fm. X wk . A . A , ,.5 .wlvphw K We ,v'f'Ir""'F 'Rm , 4? A 1- M W. f ,I , -"" 1453? 4 uf: lk-azrmqu N.-- t , :Y . r-- wx.-NN. .r,... fi. k ,.,... AXA "Ln , Q Q 5 v . ' x em W E, ...I QE PENCER KN 'ff 3 a e 'Ex ,. , -. , 1 , . . . - ,U . u , 48s, ,X , H isvllf' 1 A . if F ,jr if ,-Aw' Q 1 hy' ff 5 Lf ff gag ,L 1 .fvfwfb pfV?fHf zz5 1.,!N""Cilc ipmq 'fc WUFUILLA-" X57 ,,,-74!ji'f?!Q!'v01L7' YL W.: M AW? MJ, N., XMM fffff f"""' A 17,97 WML!-n fxijfvf 'pfvjf - UJA' fd ffj QLMWHQD, XL ML I md DJJ. f , ' ,,,.?' A441 -' ' lgf-Q.v-1 xj""5""'J I Az? I 5 M fc! MAL,-x I .fcf f ,f fbyfa uve, ,Q-4 F! Tjfug I A I 'pq fy n',+1. n ' "7l'1' i M ag., Ju 1 I. A7 F-m.."??'h'n '3- i'N"'M-X RX-H1 45 1 2 .r 1 ,Q A ""'f"'eQ MNKfl.:-x Ap, g - --.4 -5 fxgxg! ,gsq,h-'A 'wi ' WM Y Q 11 ' NMS A AWA K ,X X Q .L xc X NA -Aka.. gayhmvx X --.....,...- "' 'lzvy fhllting W: 9 K-:N -I , ..- r'? ."sx N? , -1 AVL ISC'-QQQKQ 1"'N1 IIS sum :dr-4-5"?'M""J"' M-. I -,S qzliia K ,. x Gb -'xv ' X In i xm 2f?3ajg, l . if , f an M 555422 M: my 5 a 4, 1 W. m..xN 3. p 'ANNA Q ' WA xx' y g, xav x '-a,,k S' ' milf, mf D S A :fm X Wi: 115 . ' a , X i , Qw 2 Q Q? Q ,. f .-'. . 'S N 4 ww 4 X. M fmgqemf' 3' ' is - wif ' ,J . Jigs ' '3 'Q 33, ' ' way KM 'N xxw 7 w Nw ' ii wh E N 1 Q ,Ng I Q-1-a if 'MQ 4 'Q xg! - Q X is- , QQMQYQ' WW X , . . Q ' R413 , !"wn.,n 1.'f-wg ' R., R.:-sw, -www 4,... M A X " 1 K 1, , 1 Q s 2 I ...N ,rCh3.'J'. vang 'f' Q 1 f 5 2 "mi ma W' f9' - 'Z Ma- V k,K+9f,,xw, 15- 'tr' '.Q,.X.9: im?-':.j M. YK H4 f get ,L M h M as-gn. xi " , gg J x "' X' fu -. .gs " fn 3 , 'M ., 5 gg AM Q aw xg , vi gp. g"'7'QV -lv 'QXF1 f ,px ,naw W wi V 4-- 'w A Ex XQQKVA? QW s ' xv '15 ' wx 'K 'M Eff. ge i wig wltgidvqg me ' . , 0 v. V it ' m A aw, . ,- cf KW! 4, vfihblg' .. QU- " 1- YDE HAM Avg,-VL gf, i' '74, xf 95 V 'Om X f ' Q Y 5 'xxx'-W' , "if ,A A , '55, X N- V "2 " ?.'., gg 3.4: ' - if KM., ' 'iw YN if . if 'ax 91 f nk sxwi1Q:fQgsQix Q Y Q. L QA , N - ,, Sr' , Q ' A v N . " W 1 ws'L'szefvQ".A di 'lnxrlj lg x . Y wt, ,gy x 'Q , U V' . Qjn "yu qfnxw " - 1- xx, 'isuinullnw - '-4 mul' S x ' x 4 q 'KS 7 'f A " .ai E ww A E1-'SM Qibgfl' 6 Q 'iw ' W X SN' YM-tx Q K 'N S b Anx , 5, t 'Q W K ,mg 5 5 if mf 5 iw? - , Nl ,E BQ? f L ,Vx U gs 5 Q " as ' 3 . 5 Y ' ' 1 23 as hs-. wg' " Ur x mt, ...Mg x . uma 'W If , g 3 wf. ,, I si 5 :Z . A , K. ' , fuk fn Jah Klum- 'N 'A .fi ,. , L flaw Q ,,,u.,, .. KC bf' an ef. ,wsu Y' ' V003 5. 9 1':"5"y4' 5.9-,, w ak '-Sim, s , . .jijfff ? '11 zz' xr' X' .4-YY X M img U , Q ,, ,.:.,.,n, .U -aw , N "X, :- 1 x 'Ixx ,,-., . ,f Nw X I, A Q 1 H' ',.' ' A .. Af, W P Q Q .V f A . ' X 1 fl "IS f' " N 4 -' N X! A, xx 15" X A ! 1 W 4 . ff X fzfi a ,, I3 , ,A if Sa ' M35 .J lx f .Q Q I ' ' ' if 2 X L K' I A 'W x Q .ff-5 fx 4 x f ' fxk, A WE TMI TER X M vw - Q xxx , X . , Mr ., lil 0 X 'A - ,e 2 4 x - x -4 P nf' x A 165, V , 5 ,, my 223 4 FR TER ITIE IGMA CHI It was an interesting, yet difficult year for Sigma Chi. The members of the chapter have been struggling to define the word fraternity, and whether or not it can remain a viable organization. It was generally concluded that the chapter is a success, because we are trying to expand our individual characters. Like the rest of the university community, the fraternity stresses the development of peopleg it is no longer merely concerned with social functions. Twenty-seven new members were initiated this last fall, and it has been an experience they will never forget. During pledging the importance of creating and seeking out new friends was stressed. Sigs of all shapes and ? sizes were also involved in some community work, such as the Drop in the Bucket i campaign. DELTA KAPPA EPSILO Despite the alarming lack of interest in fraternities on the campus of Western in the past few years, one group of resurrectors decided that a fraternity was exactly what they needed, not only as a device of relief from the tedious scholastic schedule, but also as a means of officiating their fraternal friendships. Being that the present fraternities had little to offer, and that one brother was already a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon in Toronto, this enterprising group of young men set out to found their own colony, that being named Phi Delta. Our goals are straightforward and quite simple, to recreate the fraternal atmosphere that is a part of so many college campuses throughout North America, and to strengthen the bonds of friendship that already exist between the present and future members. Although the charter is not to be granted until next fall, the Dekes attended many social functions with the help of the Inter-Fraternity Council. They hope to honourably represent the Delta Kappa Epsilon organization on the campus in the coming year. r' .QV xy 4 'Za f," zvfaaab Y'i:.:,. A, ,E M LZLQLLI. wa, . 'hx .9 aw' f ,,.,., ' 1 L ,fs I , 4 f lv ,. fi . .v' ri ETA PSI Western is chapter of the Zeta Psi Fraternity, the Theta Phi chapter, has had a prosperous and worthwhile year in 1970-'71. There were a lot of good times - at parties fwhere Dan Peterson inevitably administered the none o'clock checkwj, at the Elder's Wine and Cheese, at the annual Christmas bash fit cost Santa Claus 35 to get his suit cleaned afterwardsj, and at the Zete formal. The Formal was held at the Latin Quarter, and the combination of an excellent band, high spirits, and all kinds of booze made it an unforgettable evening. Those of us who graduated this year will remember those Monday night meetings and evenings spent playing cards, drinking, working on the house, going to the pub, and all the rest of the activities that spell "fraternity", P I DELT TH ET C' in L.-sf' XF 'G' 1 4...-an--, ,M J-in 1:1 ....n. A sv. I-rv f-'vvfow - I Ag . I Au - , .11-'F W P DELTA TH ETA Pl 5 s if 'A fin' ' c 4' . 'I f L. t f f- " -1 V, Rumour has it that Fraternities are going vw . , downhill. Nobody swallows that garbage about secret ceremonies and abounding brotherhood. It's a big hoax. All those dudes down at the frat Li? . 5,1 .12 W 1, house just drink beer and act important -W -J,,.mf"9"' . . . right? Wrong! Sure, itas parties, poker 15" games, and chug-a-lug contests, but at Beta ...I I H p ' " "'. Theta it'q also sopiething elsle . . . sfqngethipg P' .j 2 llltlillgl e. ts wor'mg your utt o or tie g i Drop-in-the-Bucket campaign so that ' i!ll"'W'l!l"' U ' lt illllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' l' T1 underprivileged kids can get a decent education. mn E4 'fWi77- W1 ,t i It's 'borrowing' a dozen pumpkins from a . T ' iff' ' " A "fr nearby farm and then giving them to an if W Q orphanage on Hallowe'en. ltjs getting to really e P 'V A i 2. know guys in Dentistry, Phys. Ed., Law, Zoology, or Journalism. It's people interacting with each other and thatis something we need a mtl W O IW little more of in this world. Since Beta Theta Pi was organized in 19.9- at tie I niversity of estern ntario, tie estern chapter has gone from a science frat to a business frat to an all-faculty fraternity. There is no discrimination of any kind. As far as the ceremony goes, you don't have to be overjoyed with it. You don't have to conform with anything you don't like, and you don't lose your individuality at Beta. ln fact, you will almost certainly gain some through your association with so many different people. The fact that Beta Theta Pi is open to students in all faculties is one of this fraternity 's strongest points. We emphasize the interaction of people from all walks of life in a variety of situations. We do not emphasize any particular social, athletic, or scholastic vein at Western. Our motto is 'ca mighty brotherhoodw, and thatis what Beta is .... a well-rounded group of young men bonded together in friendship and co-operation for the betterment of the group and the individual. KN? DELTA UPSILC Delta Upsilon is an organization within the structural framework of a fraternity which offers as its purpose an opportunity for university men to experience a type of brotherhood that extends far into their futures as human beings. This brotherhood has not only as its characteristics the qualities of friendship and trust but a facet of male development transcends these often ignored individual traits. The unique facet is an environment which arises from a culmination of differences in desires, talents, and personalities all striving to attain a common goal for the collective group of individuals comprising the fraternity. These words about Delta Upsilon have neglected to mention prerequisites for membership. It is hoped that within the resultant image of the above description is also our only qualification - an open mind. 1 QV LWWWVK' ,m Alpha Kappa Kappa is a fraternity with a difference. It is the only professional fraternity left on Campus. It is a purely medical fraternity with a current active membership of 54, in the first three years of Medicine. We are very proud of the fact that many of the top men in Medicine in London and literally throughout the world are alumni of A.K.K. The fraternity is used as a place where one can broaden one's knowledge in Medical and non-Medical fields. Medical students are also known to enjoy good parties and some of the best are at 's gg , X 'Q :X sg ,vi XX I ' f w 1. ,Q as X 5 'HXN 'F N X f X 1 QV!! ,X L s W' f fx f X like M 2 W QM 0 N261 kr ,LMS-few-. 3 R as X. K IIQQI K w'Z..,J w Af 4 V . Sf I I I V of W M ' K ,Q- pi aww ff' Z JM? AQ, S '-f,,.,- -'ii if 2 W? NX fl, ,... I I' F in E, rl C.-0 'v is --Wu 1 L. L af, lx ' i TO DQ -1,-ew """' -A X X Q V ,pf AN sf ,dn X . may Q ,K N .1 'P .. V 8 ' N , ix f, 1 5, if Q , ,gy M... - , f A F A . M' . 1 A W 1 5 f- ,. , W N W f 5 x MT A . ' 1 -A I S W3 25 I v N I 1 U, ugh 5' 1 , ,v x ' , P . ' . QM, .. -- :Qwx W wnm X W. ..,.,,,,, " ww if ix lx A Y Q N .,:..: ' is W psy - Q Q-W' I. '.!x YQ' me 4..: : XX ,Q X' Q ,w 2 ., y ,X f ' g-,N .2 X 1 xi? y I A fd? ,. v L M259 gmyuw . lr Q ,. ,S W MQW .w ,Z ,IA W , V. M x v ' Q - Q X v ,R - 'figh rK'vf.F9fs'5 , . , A 255 X V if ' my xiii! +- f,V Q g YE ,M , .gr .D 0 L x W .QYW-r Ju , ' ' ,hwy xx 6 w ' of , l 41. aw' .2 AN. a X X M 'P is 4' FJ fo-aw! A M Q , S K,.9',xJ''4S , ,an "' 'Wm' h-R 1 "". 5 V a i 'I " wh ' xg Nl' 'um' so ' ga Q ' +A N ' 1 , ' gm., sxypi WGN- Qx 1- 'l x , , kv e ' ' Y Q Q awk ' W - , .. f - ,eff yix. as ,K X. Y' -P0"o e fi na .003 lg. ,,. Q -vm, . 'J 4, .- . ..- + ' T5 .rank ' 'r V' ' y M 'EV' Q A Z a 2 gt, j, ' 'qv' gf. , yi.. ' ...1 5 -4 f 'Y , A ..l.1VM, I L 5 mm , l , N -4 , 1 ,W - '- ' , fa ., " Q ' L 2 1, 71' 4-f' Z.. fy, 5 .ami P' 5 X. lf-1' V ' My ffss' ' ' -' NA ,, '54 V . ' ' H' K X A if . , M - , , ' J. .I 3 ' -Q ,. "', L , VW Q, ,, i - -fray. "2-'Q55""Il' Pr - -lv fu. ji? A ,Q '- W h ' , Q - if -ww ,. 'f -C.-visa' W " P ' X I ' lf- tip". x " ' -5'::'L x - 'N .ua 1 w. X, J .5 , i V. - xq..-f'.:Q4 .3,'Q+w,x.9. gm . 5 g Q . v ', '- 35' A 'A ff M , -Ws- , ,x 1 , . x 1 , Qfgfp .ng f, -Z: . 4, . as A ,gf , yr Aoi -- , ' x Nw ' T - Q. ,Q 1 . . ' , , -Tyr' L -18 'V' l 05.922641 y Q ,fd PK n alll.. .rl W - 1 w A . - - "W A -v. fv ': . - 1 .. -. ,pb .Q - ' x It T1 I . 9 '. W Q ,in-W-if 'Q ffwiyhyf ,gk ' Q , H "' Mum G ' ' Q f, 1,1 f .f b m:':'.v-,. - . 4- - mf f 5 G' - ' . 'b "9 'N ' qw ' ', . ' W x ' , A . -h H 'Q-uffssff-,!,Hf Xwss.-:ff 11" - 4- --my . . " - ' -' ' - X1-1 - 9519! Y-,I,v'-w '94 4 - -0 - - - " . - s z. ' , W , . si n N Q I 5- -,ir r, Sqhx-s-'fy 0' ai,,J Q 1: Q 'gmt in ,a Y - , --f ' i ' "' .. N- ' ' ' Y an K. F' 'Y x gnxfrfc 40,6 1 6 - ,is-v. X k 4 . if i' .T f Wi A 1 5 -'WMS .. .K 1' U' p 'l""' ' ' 5' Q45 X ' W idx' Q-lk, if -4 ' 9 -,,,,M X , F .un fbhfw Q1 ff , Y 'af xg.Vi1mgXxn4r ,it Q 3.5.4 K . it V E3 .Y Q , . f , f ' , - '. 1, , QQ., . ' v 'A-nf- , , 1 ,Y f ' x - ', I I ghd? , 1 Ag: 15 . 6, A 1' K: ' his' ,1.,.n , L -'sk 4 Qs.. I , .nv I -.,1,""" V N 2 i' ". 3 ffgz-Af., -L - as - 'M -M .Ka eva, in . -L " 'iq 'W' - .- a-1 'N 01--if ' 1- -v-'6'f'QQ.,,, a- -Q ,lf , nan' N H- fixlsti -A- . U , v an X:-f o nf' mf U 4 ' " V A Q. , JPQ A mf x"i4f -,T 'xf"'f-Q 3 K X - A:.,, ' . 1 . A ing - ...fx 4' Q A - A' hx. O-4,1 MM O .0 P ...4 "' N t wk, ,. p, N ,M wiv, it .aff nzfixff- - .Ein -no.-1 ,M , Q w.. "5 " in 1, -nf' Folio ,7l has tried to reach more viated from the normal type of of self-styled poetry critics W 1 the greater part of the selecting its editorial faculties as possible. of poems, photo ings than ever to supplement matter and to lief that poetry than just one-di oording of poems was included for listen. "It is time for realm of a minority and day life of our people." studentsnseems to be what increasing interest in the artistic been demonstrated by an over editorial staff, and poetry sub- tant, there has been a great demand for, Folio has only begun to be a major publi people then ever liefore. 'llie staff fle- ..-.f..0,s V ata , 4.-S sa 'X . ,M- situation where a small gathering and poets failed to represent A Western population. by board from as many XJ, A greater number graphs and draw- before were printed e printed ulfil the be- should be more mensional, a re- and original songs those who like to . poetry to leave the venture into the every- 'llhis years Hlfolio for all is needed at Western. An facet of our personalities has whelming response to a call for missions, and what is most impor- and appreciation of the finished produet. cation on this eampus. , U 5 5 if . Af J VDLU 2 3 Aj ,Q Wig-1 1 ,,, 'xv "IQ 2 0 ,Z Af, ,fn TEER 9 2 ,f , W I 'il 4-., ' ,Y ERVICES is rf- QQAQITE C00 13' '5- '6 E 9 9' Q, QFNTAL 'X BURE U mtg if Under the direction of Carolyn Bruce and Dave Coveney the U.W.0. Services Bureau was formed early in the year. Mary Tangney and George Caesar added their help in organizing the all-important first year. Volunteer worker's commitment varies from one night a month to one or more a week, with no stress placed on the amount of time and energy donated. Representatives from the student body were stationed at many of Londonis institutions, and they initiated a few ideas of their own. Of all the programs worked on, perhaps the most successful and well-attended was the Big Brother segment. Interested students paid frequent visits to such places as the Childrenis Psychiatric Research Institute and London Psychiatric F s ri Hospital. Card playing, coffee and conversation were valuable contributions from members of the White Cross Club. Merrymount Childrenis Home was the site of a Christmas Eve Party where members visited and enjoyed the evening with the young children. The Legion Memorial Boys' Club kept many volunteers occupied helping out in varied activities including photography and sex education. The well-known Big Brother organization enjoyed another successful year. Guidance from an older, more experienced person was gratefully accepted by the younger members of the group. They feel better for what they have done .... would you like to help? " XXX , Y LUB 3-45' , show you instead KY DIVI G CLUB -x- .AI4-2!5.g This was the first year of operation of the U.W.O. Sky-Diving Club. Fifty-six members made their first jumps at the drop zone at Tillsonburg. The club's instructor, Oreste Chemello U00 jumpsj will try to qualify this summer for the Canadian Sports Parachute Team. Next year, the club will have four members with a range of 100-l000jumps who will help with the training of new members and greatly increase the expertise available. We hope to double our membership next year - why donit you join? lt's hard to describe the feeling you get while flying come out and well ,UW ,ill X Lt i SPCKE ' ' RIM This year, in its second year of operation, the Spoke 'Ni Rim tavern really got off the ground. With capacity crowds every weekend all year long, feven during the big blizzard of ,711 the Spoke can now claim to be an integral part of campus social life, and one of Western studentsi favourite watering place. The Spoke provides liquid refreshment, at a price students can afford, live bands and dancing. In January, operations were expanded to add Thursday nights to the already successful Friday and Saturday evenings. The highlight of the year was the appearance of the Brantford Senior Citizens, Kazoo Band - canyadigit? This group of about 20 young senior citizens first played the Spoke in February, and the crowd reaction was so enthusiastic that they were booked for another appearance on April 3rd. Both times they were fantastic. It was hard to tell who was having more fun the band or the customers. During Winter Weekend, the Spoke 'Ni Rim presented Nlirnekops - a dance in the great hall with two bands and a free bar for three hours straight. Everyone there had a grand old time, but there weren't enough people to ensure a financial success, and the Spoke took a bit of a beating financially. Oh well, maybe next year . . .? It was a fine year for the Spoke, under the capable direction of Manager Frank Mohammed. A great deal of thanks is due also to the Hub Spoke K! committee, which administers both the Coffeehouse and the tavern. An incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work and time is necessary to run a student tavern three nights a week, and it seemed that the Spoke office in the Somerville-Weldon tunnel was never empty. Next year more of the same - plus some improvements and innovations to make the Spoke as successful again as it was this year. E wwf I, Us au' fl THE HUB 'llhis year. as always, the Hub continued its long and well-established tradition of presenting really first-rate entertainment to students - all for free. lf anyone tells you that folk music is dead or dying, you have only to drop into the Hub on a Friday or Saturday night to prove them wrong. Great folk music, poetry and film are all alive and well, deep in the cellars of Somerville House. Entertainment Co-ordinators Lenor Begley and Paul lafrates outdid themselves this year to present the best of new and old. It seems Western has some resident folksingers as well as artists - people like Paul 'tlfingersi' Mills, whose flashing fingers and unbridled wit never cease to amaze and delightl Rob Young, of the strong, clear voice, subtle, weaving melodies, and personal lyrics that touch on everyoneis experience, Ray Sealey, a young master of classical guitar and lute, or Michael Hasek, whose "two man and one machine folk-rock band" frequently kept audiences alive, aglow and appreciative all night long. Then, too there was an awful lot of great new talent around: the smoothly professional and highly entertaining performances by Stone Hand, Stan Rogers and Nigel, Paul Hurdle 's Blue Grass Alliance, and many others: the sadfsweet blues of Elvira fPatj Graci, Joni Moyer, gutsy and down to earth, and Lawrence Hutchmanis fine poetry. Credit must also go to Hub Manager Gary Francis and his cohorts, who took care of the physical and technical details involved in turning the rather dreary, stark Somerville basement into the warm, friendly place that is the Hub every week. ' 1 "' ' M ff ... -Q.. ... .fx :.. +- K A V .- wi" "W V' mal ,. ' 1... WMV . . - n . ..w,m A ..- wx A x g 'W' x Q :K -X' x Y-fa' Q :M-A Y -...,,,..- W:--f" -gm-5 X -A ,.,, 'Nag in mmm, fx , -A., vm M, M 4 1 A , i M' N 1- --. .4 "' C, NX 'M X WW Mqlw s.,A ? A W , . A -H an wh... R'-P' .fn --f --M M-- 1 -Q.,..., :,,,,2s1-'Q ' 1. , 1... "'-- "1nK:- Q ' sf 5 Mm, on. NW. is Q fbi. . -...V V- ' b 'tw-v M-1 ,: .....,,.. - Q + -. H M.. X '--1 bx 'Q' 1 Y , - Ah-"?' Nw .. I I -.-.x ,,,j . -who-v 'QA ' K "" AW - 5 M' """"'f Nw- - ' 5 1 'QW' xi ' " """"""' , ' Fw.....f1A W, ' ' . ff, V- W, .,Nk 2, 0, H lx " M , X, , ' . ... WT w -' ' -- A M 'ls-.,......., .-.Kx..,,,x-V WM "f-wh' t ,X W... . A -V 'P 'W-..,,, ep M, I V ' ' --.Q N -"' ' W wg' 'M N' w-wma. 1' Q W 5 ,, I f 'NNN V ww N. M ' 3 , A v :W V ' , , A 5 My- ,,M W- I, 4, Q-alum 'xt W y NW. V , V' N X A uw 15" I A I MM' "W-s.....,f fm R I .mffw W-Mxx . Mak 1 . 'K JN A MN . -A . - I 0 ,.--enllvfx I V r S , X ' ,,,,,,,.v""""nq.,,. s,X,,,,,,, rw D x X Q i L .JWWM ' 'Y ' ', ':' - , A , ' . .' x , gdqysxix X X P' - -'x' f is ,M-ww' , Tug M fini""" P " AX ' 1 PURPLE We ,gill Wits.-.4 Y ' 'S 1 5 X 4 - 9 1, 13, 'gf , ' X .X vm - wf ' i . W 6 '4 f 59 , 49' -iw: f 537. ,M ,1 , ,gflp-f.,-, 7 4' , fqyp PATCHE The technical production, as seen on stage in this year's Cabaret can be attributed to one person: Ambrose Smallwood, resident ghost of the infamous Grand Theatre. The mortal backstage crew, dedicated volunteers, with the help of a truly enthusiastic student cast, saw their skills immortalized in the minds of the audience, from February 9th to 13th, by the hand of Ambrose. If only for this reason, Cabaret will not easily be forgotten. Thank you, Ambrose. K mpg, V -Img V T31 4 4s-L .i -...s If GILBERT A D ULLIVA SOCIETY A refreshingly new version of H.lVl.S. PINAFORE was launched at Talbot Theatre by the Gilbert and Sullivan Society in January. Director Nicholas Ayre and designer Chris Reinhart combined to stage a show that even the devoted G. 81 S. lovers agreed was a smashing success. An impressionistic set and modern costumes gave an updated aura to the timeless charm and wit of Sullivanis music and Gilbert's lyrics. Harold Johnston as Sir Joseph Porter was the audience's favourite. He was ably supported by Jim Francom, Peter Sims and Anne Glover. The most pleasant surprise was a newcomer to G.8z S., Susan Bingeman, who played the role of Buttercup. The chorus, under the direction of Brian Roberts, gave an excellent performance, adding colour and vitality to this classic. ""'Qfh,vP""i I Z lax I TER TID AL STUDENTS' LUB The presence of foreign students on a campus is of more benefit than most students realize. Their unique backgrounds and experiences contribute to discussions, and add meaning and perspective. Thus, the International Students' Club, one of the largest on campus, can always be predicted to present something unusual to the university community each year. This year it was International Week. Students at Western were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to enjoy some foreign meals served on behalf of the International Students' Club in a different cafeteria each day. It started off with a luncheonfnews conference when club president Wills Rawana outlined all the events that were 'to take place during the week. This included a fashion show, where national costumes were displayed by members of the club, seminars, discussions, and a dance, all contributed, organized and supervised by our foreign students on campus, for our enjoyment and education. Wills Rawana summed up the importance of the club's involvement in these words: UNO man should feel he has come from a culture too highly developed that he cannot borrow from another or from one too poor to contribute to anotherf' 'ff fha. , ff' ,Q I mi N pl I gn' Clit .gut """l U.W.0. MUSTANG AN Ill ul 'if' W .q 1 an sw ai ff 3. 4. 'Qui' ,Q 1-. f in , Y 1 wr QM-AwW,.x..,.N.,n,,..., ..,,,,,,,,,,NN mwwwm X pf 2 .4 'H ff if b iw 'W 2 1' , ' ' x G xx Q xg: X K' W iv L D 1 , i 5 .5 li r :WIS M wr .abs-0 - Qar i f , - V Ks 5 1.4 ix wk r -'Cv' N w -j'5?'fT nr WM if R xx 'B' xx X xx by X f' N 'lx X 1 x f X f A 1 xv XS-f?X J' X ,ef QQQK QTDSNX. gm if Q a f 1 ,Sk ff" X X A XE x 4 1, Q x xx 1 A X iw '4s...,, ' -.. D CZEERLE DER fx '11-fp-H? 4 44 f Q v mf' M 0 4' 'wwf ,gf Q' fy .A I M kr " ,,.4, r - ,Z 12? fi 3 VA, 2 gzgizia ff 4D , g ef J Q , Z a if V 6 'WQQ Qu 1, L M W cfLkqs ,X NN, XZ' X A , .W . 2 ' f ?1V'vhw fa nw f ,Af 4 Q , f .A :nw-3, wg - -. N . 'Ar , Y. 1 , ng.: .f fzQSiYI'Vf2f - A 3 3 .WHG 'fWg? 5: 'H y -a'fxyi: .IZ I if wa ' ,, Y Q1 , Af . 1v ,' V ' 4 A I A lit-G M ,Q 7f1,' 5 1 f 4 QW f lw- -QW A , ffL64wW5 , W 455 if 5? -2 dl 171 5 IA f if gfkf 7' IS' V A 4 'N-1 , . ,Ai- S Anviv '4 ff J 1 Q16 f AHZL if I Q3 1 , 4 fl? rl t+ E4 ,G Q gy if I ff, I Y , .-an , A ' xf W . . , ' . , A, 5 ' ' +1 y' ' - -.fx ' ' , ', if " ti Y'-wily J ' pziq ' , ,"' 4,,'r. A -. , ' 1- ' ' f air, 41, 5 ,. ggi:-,fs K , ' x r Q 4, V 1 iii - ,4 I .Vw ,i.v-'JC -.' 43 1 5 sf 4 gg , .5 'wmv - . 6 sf!! ,S fx I hmQ?Ayn2, ,5 .. v. . V ' . A fn" 1 7, vm-Y 4 ft ?Ff3 ' 1 W 'Z My ya by . ' ,ia 2, ,c 2 r iff jk4,, Q Q vw I: 'K ,J 1' ojfgkfl ff ..m,:'c If -,"i"5f-a- -fSff'14aQ'-yn 3" -Q' 'QM 1:9 I9- Nefg ' f w ' Qx, -.whq ,f ' ' 5 Q-1. -.1 Wy. , , v+'z' . A ,., xA. .. k S , ix? 'V f . THE PURPLE PUR DCIETY This year, for the first time in the Purple Spur Society 's history as a group which brings the finest contemporary professional entertainment to the campus, membership was thrown open. Spur' experienced strong growing pains as the enlistment of new members early tripled. But, for those eager .and willing, there was still lots to do. I There were still the groups to be booked, the advertising to be designed and displayed, the tickets to be printed and sold, the money to be counted, the stage to be set and manned, and correspondence to be typed, and of course, there were still tickets to be taken and the people to be ushered. And that was just for one concert! Major weekends like Orientation, Homecoming and Winter Camival required coordination and planning on a massive scale. Many times there would be three or more events happening simultaneously, requiring super efficiency on the part of the chairman and huge manpower on the part of the Spur Members. To be on Spur was to slave for the general student body. To be on the executive was sheer madness. But as a famous man once said, "A sucker is born every minutef, Spur had eight: J an Ruby, Sue Johnston, Swatty Wotherspoon, John Henderson, Bob Hurst, Norm Grafstein, Tony Limina and Paul Epton. May they rest in peace! wuuw-M X M ' Q WWYN H x x gyxx A 1 XX ff, ,,.,p:y,XNX, s V wma? A - Y ,W Q Q25 Rx was W , Q' X is "Q: ., , , I Q , ff 'fgnf' , , 'Salk' , G ' ' 3, x 1 f, .iff-V -5 Av 2 ' 1 4 f . 1'-'Z-xv my 12 :- f .1 f 1, . 133-3 Q X' fgrfi My .,,., 2 , ,W M,l,v,,,,, ,I f '- Q .ff ,df i .., ,, x 4 sl 1 He is a visible symbol of a way of life that is religiously oriented. He is a sign that the word of God and the sacraments of the Church can find an honoured place in university life, that religion is not simply for the very young or the very old, but for the learning and learned alike. He is an ear and a comforting shoulder to cry upon. Entry into and survival in university life can be a frightening, even traumatic experience. The chaplain is always there to listen, to wipe away the tears, to encourage and strengthen. A reasonably soft touch, fwhen he has the resourcesj, he is especially in his element as a counsellor, as one who helps people who are in trouble, an untangler of tangled lives. ga. 4 asf. 5? lie- Is a vonw-. Xola1IlL1llsXu'l'll1i1llXxllli solutions to all prohlt-ms but il man who talks untiringly about au itmu usually bypassed hy most luiiu-rsity 1,lls1'lInliIu's. A. right and wrong. ol' good and t-til. ul' ss-E ug, K f ll, - - - - - social justice-, war and pf-an-1-. maturity and responsibility, lill- and death. X Q3 Q 'K .1 J' WHAT CHAPLAI fi f 45 . It .h qQ'r"ji S. -gs' fin: 'E wk.. , ,I Y ' N Nunn Lost of people think chaplains arc lor the birds, but they are tlodis Xlinstrt-ls. Some think they are fools. hut they are men who rejoice as they stand for true wisdom, leslivity and that peace of mind that is characteristic ol' the sons and daughters of God. They arc good men to have around and on your side. 'lllu-y have an office O11 campus .... come- and sm-lx. and you shall find. ' name-ly. the loving tlodi ht- spa-tilts ol' 4 4 WE TERN CHRI TIA FELLCW HIP INR-stern tlhristian Ifellowship is the loeal hraneh ol' the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a worldwide movement of Christian Students with sell'-governing organizations in TU eountries. II'.C.I'I. is peoplel laeulty and students, both undergraduate and graduate, from every iliseipline. eountry and religious Iiaeltgrountl. Wliatever your position, seeptie, agnostie or committed Christian, you will find people who eare enough lo share their lieliels. 'I'he aetivities ol' W.C.F. inelude teaehing, debate and relaxing soeials. This year's program included: Iloliliit Warren. a do-5our-own-thing eollee house every Friday night where people enjoyed niusie, poetry and discussions! The Autumn llaunti tlhrislinas and Spring llanquetsg skating partiesl Workshops, heginning in the fall retreat and eontinuetl on Saturdays during the year where students eoulfl get together with resouree people lor rap sessions on topies ranging from Sexuality to Commitment. Other regulars inelucle tlonnnunity Xleetings, 'lluesday supper-diseussion Cell groups, Grad forum and the Cafe-Pensee. '17 iffksgff' WESTMI TER FELLOWSHIP Originally intending to serve Presbyterian students on the Western eampus, the Westminister Fellowship Club has expanded to include students ol' all denominations. Uver the years, their aetivities have stressed a fellowship theme. Meetings are generally held bi-weekly on Sunday evenings. 'I'he year began in late September with a weiner roast, followed by films, tobogganing, digquggigng, Sports nights, Christmas live Serviees, speakers, skating parties and eulminating with a banquet in mid-lVIareh. Plans for next year, are to expand the organization, to nialxe it more relevant and meaningful. LUTHER HOU E The Lutheran Student Movement and Luther House are two things that are virtually indistinguishable from each other. L.S.lVl., a community of C0llCCI'I16d students from the University have spent the past year decorating and advertising the Red Door as an open centre to be used as a community drop-in lounge. Each Sunday, Pastor Don Johnston conducts worship services at 11, open to anyone brave enough to venture out at such an hour. Services are informal and personal. The concern is with life together in society and the attempt to strengthen fellow members of the community to handle the frustrations and disappointments of life, Feel free to drop in any time, and become a part. .. av.. . , . ,NB A 1. 4 mg 4"" .4 f "X A . f IWW 3' , ,rw 7 .Y 4 .U W ., Q., ,ft f 'ia , was qw ii- ,arw A i 16 ,sw ,X . ,Z .5 . , 3 A 'S ,ffifmiw A Q W L' x . f,. , " f ' ,f"'4y:f: 'gm ' -" " A rf-g-F., - we 4 i 1 WM' , , 1 "aj 'ff' 1 was ' fy "tw i g 1' S an -mba ,ef ,.4.'1,..jg,, 553.4 A eg. . 1- e ,, ' H I 5 3 K Q- 4, , - 'K , 1- , ' , '-x ' P Silks, Y, V ,g .jf ' ' Ji Q ye if .x g,3,,,il M VV. . N .ak .- . ,,,, ,assi , ,, le kt V N M., 3,2532 ,Qmx , . H gi- 2 f M 7M ' ' -- . 'YL ' . 'Re' X ' "' 1' F" . .?"'r,.- arf' ' ,X fx-QR.. ..'.. v"' ' . 5, ,i Q iz., , Y av. ,: , A 35' , 1 'ri valign J' ,B m XA ft , - , .A . , . 'VY .. Q.. I -c ' Q Jw- ..-. 5- Jgv 11. - X ,jf- ' .J "3 'al . .Q ' 15 Y A .. . r, X ,. . v - .X xi,-:,...x25. ' s '.'Lg:f"1 fra, f. as . . A , gt iJe,Q4l'Q'4, rw," , ff fx M. Iliff- 5 fix, yim, gig' is b si ,f ai, Qi , y 5 is Q ' 'i i 4 ' st K f 4 .M + , K 4 K- 4JiQ'if?x, , ii Wi Q 1 " is 5 We ' ,X , ggatiylg , A 5 as 3 , tk, l g . , . rf Q YV, 5 S' Q F 'i fb 1 fy V ' ,x " ' ,. . ' "' fm! 1' tn ' 2 ' . I .,. ' s x , - . I , . MW Q, ' 5 - xx q M ' H K H " ' ' f'Li: 't1fs.'q3Q , .. i A .- . I 3, J, -I' N . ., ek .w '.S 'Ss 4 f 1 X- x -A . H- ,:, :wr M .. -,-t1,,..,.,,,,,,, . . . .1-, x. 4 4. V Ar 4 , it .t . 9 1 ,Ye C' A 1 ,H 'X , .f-4 X V r Q , , -.A 35- ,A ,wi 5 ul Wg, , ,- ,,kt-Xfsu .L.,.,, A5 Q ll 3 I in 1 b N 3, 0, :fig 'gffyi gt' ive - v i A . A ,L H -R K H . as V-.J M .-1' ,ve M it , M i . 'HQSJ 1- K 5- l 2 4 f 'Wax ,f'f'3K 91 K l. . Y . Q N ' gg ' ,. iv J 3 Q, fit t rr: i A l ' f w 1 K, x f ,au X v 3 '- , - ' i I Q l 'mf' QQ! Q fvix If '-Q A if ' g K , i. i ,Y s - , r 3 il it ff? Q had 2 '.'- Jr? N 1Mw'. ' ' 1 2 X W "M x f 1 13 Y V -31' M sk i? l' iii. 'xx Q S I wi V -1 X V ' v , ' 1 X A "CM gint g if t Q - 1 5 ' -"n..oa 'us A-:il DEBATI G U I0 'llhe Debating Union started the year off right by ensconcing its club week recruiting booth between the liberal and conservative political clubs. Posters and persuasion were used to lure students into joining the best club on campus. Responsibility for operating the club was divided among a six member executive including the speaker Gerald Simons, deputy-speaker Sharon Morrison, secretary Fran Sherkin, treasurer Kent Thomas, tournament co-ordinator Al Wheable, I and publicity Maria Dehlarco. A great number of both light and serious topics, were contested in the S.O.G.S. dining hall, each Thursday evening. nResolved that God must save the Queen", Hliiesolved that the nuclear family is obsoleten and many other resolutions on technology, prostitution, womenis . 2324 5- . . . . is liberation, marriage, and war were debated. Like to f, , 4s,- argue. Come and meet them, they do too. rt' ' if 5, A E 3 'Q' ' X X , 'gap 41 x. ' 'mi N Aff ' . f f7f3:fiA iss! iii? 4 'P L . if' . s W asf rs ,,-, c . t N X k 3 . .tt . X f gl . V VV I :sl Lg it .si-iA,,,4,vig.. . , ,, r . ms sggmsx. X .-,X we X 'W 79' -ls if x t xtX ', 4 HISTCRY CLUB The llistory Club for N70-'71 departed somewhat from its usual pattern of activities. The traditional banquet was Hliberatedn and transformed into a wine and cheese party. Such a merry time was had by all that the experiment was repeated after the Clubas final meeting, which also featured a showing of the film-version of George Urwellls 'fAnimal Farm". The energy of the membership was not devoted entirely to viewing history through Hose coloured glasses however, the November meeting was an attempt to move into activist history through a panel discussion on "The Kettle Point Questionn. ln addition to the Orwell film, the Club also presented, the Eisenstein Classic "Potemkini,, and the other three meetings featured guest speakers: Victor Hoar, formerly of the U.W.O. English Department, Professor Yves Zoltvany, and Professor W. Freelling from the University of lVlichigan. The executive would like to thank the membership of the club for supporting the events, and a special thanks to those who on occasion made themselves available for yeoman service. Very special thanks to Mrs. L. Weyerman of the Department of History Secretarial Staff for her usual advice and aid and to Professor Tom Guinsburg who was our enthusiastic staff advisor this year. Tempus fugitl ., , ,11?,, I gn Q ,ix G .W rl f I' a fi! ECM at ., 1-3 2, 5. r fag 1 9. S21 1' 2 13 .1 Q ga X X 1 Q. Q I 'V I 5- if Q Septelnbt-r's Club Week found the Ski Club hounds out hustling up new members. 'l'hrilled by the impetus ol' a fantastic first general meeting, momentum could only bc retained by yet another inagnaminous societal great, the Cider and Cheese Party. Taking on the "joie de vivreii attitude of the jet set, 50 fun type ski clubbersjourneyed to Quebec is Eastern Townships for a week of ski and apres ski fun and frolic, typified by raucous parties .... raping, pillaging and all other manner of evil doings generally associated with ski club trips. All this took place during the famed Christmas trip. Returning to l.ondon for the second term, Ski Club activities soared to unprecedented heights. A "HQ Trips up north commenced, night skiing on Wednesday nights began, including those famous unite with Niem evenings won by many of the ski club bunnies. A second general meeting came midway through January to usher in a new executive. A weekend trip at the end of January turned into a concert featuring Sam and Dave and The Back Seat Majority. Attempts were made for the rental of a resort for slack week but support was not strong enough and alas, alack, the project fell through. The year finished with that binge of binges, the annual ski club awards banquet in March. Speeches, presentations, smiles, dances and drinking mixed together to wind it up for yet another good year. RADIO WE TER 'X xii, 4 l i E c A 5 " T Q s 1 3 . st' , ,, it SAAB' ..... sr 1 if W p g ' .v ' an-M K vi A L' . I .rv vw x V , ., .N 7 A WSW' 4 Raw., , H56 i if: . WMP 'hiwadpqi W Q Q r if N'-...A V ff? .. , ., QW' I Fm Radio Western embarked on its first official broadcast january 26, 1971 on CFPL London. Although January 26 will remain the date of Genesis for Radio Western, it poorly represents the fundamental aims. Radio Western is committed to bring entertainment and information pertinent to the university situation before the student where he lives. To begin, Radio Western has installed speakers in Somerville House, and will continue a closed circuit building program which will encompass the entire university. Lounges and cafeterias in all accessable campus buildings and residences are booked for speakers. Students living off campus will be able to pick up the sound if present plans go through, via London Cable T.V. FM service. - 1 Q 1 3 ,A 'Pi an f, ' fagfffs, ,Wg 35.7 , ff. ' ?1fQ1'12. Q 4 5 -gg-42+ We 'f' X ,1-f,2"' w.-, ff ' ' 1-we F :last i '15 1 Aietilwv .Fw 'r ' '1-r- A A' f,,,,'x.f212..11,. f " lt" 1.-ff' M-, 4,, -':,: --1 , , 4- -aw Nag J 1 gf jff-ag 7,0 -ll -.1 - .Wm ., six, Y., aff, - I gi, iglywfi' B X We iv: . ' I , at .. 1 , ' lv 2. a It is difficult to express in the printed media what, in specific terms, an audio media will present. It would be safe to say that the entertainment function will simply be a barometer of tastes held at the time of broadcast. What you, the student, will be hearing. will to a great extent, be determined by you. The programming will be based on a bi-monthly survey of random samples of listening audience. The information service will attempt to keep you as fully informed on campus affairs and sports as possible without boring you to tears. Une such service will be live broadcast of all home and away football games. The people at Radio Western dig music of all kinds. Nlany of them have a compulsion to serve the university, and they hope that, with your help, Radio Western can become a viable second media at l'.lY.O. 7 U.W.0. YMPHON C BA Sim-v il lwgun, lllll Hand has grown lo sixty-fivv me-mlaers, mostly Faculty ol' Music- students, and has lwcmm- :mv ul' lllv ln-sl t'UllK'tQ'I'l lDiiIlflS in Camilla, willl Proll-ssor Mvlxlvllall' as vonductor vvery year vxvcpl um-. 'llllis Hamel is S0lIl1'llllIlg llw lulllivwsily slumulfl ln- pruufl ol' as ai musical vxpe-rienvc and as ll rvprc-sf-lllallivv ul' lllv lulnive-rsily ol' Weslvrn Ontario. HOIR l i THE TOIH M i ,,f, 22 khafi Clfegney Vi'L Kun LQC R Len Lizmore Bruce Kirkland M-.J ev Ian M , Maw Mahon CD0ugaJ1 XiT E 7 . f,g:,,,,'f" ft," Q fa-445. PV", If You meet a lot of strange people when you work on the Gazette, John Wilcox was saying the other day. Like sports editor Dave Duncan, an ex-lllustang goalie who, because of his station, was expected to treat the esteemed field of athletics with proper decorum and respect, yet he returns a scouting query to the Dallas Cowboys reeommending Mayor Herb McClure as a Mhungryii 250 lb. defensive tackle. Or Jim Fitzgerald, who has that dark, solemn look of a good undertaker which goes well with his job as part-time greeter at Needhamis Funeral Home, except that Fitzgerald likes to write stories about farming. Tractors. Topsoil. Things like that. The Gazette, for the benefit of people lost in Lawson Library all year, is the student newspaper that the U.S.C. publishes and hates. A :kia A ,,-5 'Sf Sometimes, rumoured to be the only thing breathing at Western, it inspires missiles to the editor every week about the scattershot editorial attacks on the Board of G o ve rnors , London Sleep Press, Masturbation, Boy Scouts, Johnny Metras, girls who won't, yellow shirts, rainbows and, of course, the U.S.C. lVlind you, the Gazette doesn't slam all things that move - it just views them all with strong suspicion. And the rumours that Gazette masthead editors are all withered old men with soiled white shirts, silver sleeve garters and a propensity to spit tobacco juice on a visitoris shoe, and who never leave offices hidden deep in the bowels of Somerville House are probably just that - rumours. But the ll SMU: "8 t .4 'la Gazette isn't going to deny it. A-4 1 x wk 4 A ff il Qpv' TEAM Naverewfms f , .AN4A.mRo5? 14VLQj5Al v 4 N ,Q '44, fl? 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'115.f 416, G J- 4 f 55 Q,-F an? 1- wnnwvobfdiak Yoob we mfagb-mem an se amen YOU anew uve 1 A5001 . j i n i ' T'4E,,S322FE' , W oomeswsw nArw' , 3. 5 on,ves...Au me me C W h V- 5 V in V V l Q' ' li l- I ' n - 4 J ' . ' . ' ' . .- , . 1 ',- , 'r .- 'Est' lf Wi if f f A ' r . ffff X ' I I f I ,f 4, 1 , . ' ' ff Z .1 . ff, , '- some :JAY 1 Hove TO ' HAVE A Q cn. D Foe gEVEQY LIBRARY IN THE- COUNTRY' Q I , 3 v'755Mps'k N " 1 'Sw 0 " G nv, g '?:9?x. wg? w,L S15 .ef Q JUST TRY efi'f'?iNeI" A HAMBURGER WITH l A LIBQARY CARD! LXR T wi-r4.4 QEOQQQQING -Q EATING- 2 S ' if 93.0 Q HB 2 H- 'ALF K A x v j L 2, wg u . S' III? 9 'Vx Q- wk K g ' ' N ufdzfea-5.E,, X :' , J , . , - X Qhhertising , Y X I , 1 'N fx 4 I DEX Alumni Association The Audio Centre J.H. Back 84 Co. Ltd. Baldwin Garments Ltd. Beta Photos Birks Jewellers Book Store - U.W.O. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Canadian Ingersoll-Rand Co. Ltd. Channer's Decorating Centre Coca-Cola Ltd. College Sports Dow Chemical of Canada Ltd. Eaton's Ellis-Don Construction Co. Ltd. Emco Ltd. General Steel Wares Kingsmills Doug Kirk Photography Roy Kumano Portrait Studio London Leather Goods Middlesex Nlotors Co. Ltd. Nlontreal Trust Murphy Schuller Green and Nlartin Nash Jewellers Ron Nelson Photography Postian's Rugs Ltd. Pratt Lindgren Snider Tomcej 84 Associates Robert Holmes Stationers Ltd. The Royal Bank of Canada The Royal Trust Co. J.Nl. Schneider Ltd. SiIverwood's Dairies Simpsons Eric Singer Photography Smith-Graham Drug Stores Ltd. Sumner Jewellers Supertest Petroleum Corp. Ltd. 285 300 276 271 284 271 267 270 294 277 273 288 298 297 278 293 284 280 276 281 287 290 299 268 277 270 265 268 275 266 290 280 299 283 267 287 275 281 THE BIG DIFFERENCE IN CARPETS IS POSTIAN 'S A-' I ,. H 2 7' A ' I - ,' i f -ff A' 1 2 .XV E fl I T2 I if 151,443 Q In , fl 5 it itil fl tit ' posf-A' A I' 'ui C INI V S4 N - - E , , 5 - I. - , 'I ' 1 Q I P 562 -A g E, rffgf s i -m e ag 2E . - 153 TTL T7 +9-Q' ' 'C Canada's Largest Broadloom and Oriental Rug Showrooms" Direct Importers of Exclusive Persian, Chinese ana' Indian Carpets Tremendous Variety of Quality ,Broadlooms MODERN FULLY EQUIPPED PLANT F OR EXPERT RUG CLEANING AND REPAIRING Wall to Wall Carpets Cleaned In Your Home CONTRACT DIVISION: Schools, Hospitals, Institutions, Churches, Offices, Stores 397 - 401 DUNDAS AT COLBORNE - 434-1626 LONDON 58 - 60 KING STREET EAST - 745-8418 KITCHENER 544 QUEEN STREET 4 345-9000 CHATHAM H'-y fkfldw :wif the Royal Bank is LIE helpful bank Why not let us prove it to you? Whether it's to open an account, apply for a Canada Student Loan or simply for good advice, drop in to one of our ll branches in London. VVe'd like to help you in any vvay vve can. for books we are where it's at . . . The Book Store Somerville House Mon. to Thurs. 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. F 'd y 9 t 4 30 p IVILJI:-IIDI-IY SCI-Il.JI.I.EI:I GIZIEEIXI AND IVIAIIITIIXI AIZICHITECTS R.E. IVIURPHY, B.ARCH.,IVI.R.A.I.C. N.J.SCHULLER, B.ARCH.,IVI.R.A.l.C. J.F.GREEN, B.ARCH.,NI.R.A.I.C. B.W. IVIARTIN, J. PATTERSON, B. ARCH., NI.R.A.l.C. PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR 775 WATERLOO STREET, LONDON 11, ONTARIO, AREA CODE 519, TELEPHONE 433.5161 544 TALBOT STREET, ST. THOIVIAS, ONTARIO, AREA CODE 519, TELEPHONE 631-7090 PRATT LINDGREN SNIDER TOMCEJ AND ASSOCIATE ' ARCHITECTS 575 ST. IVIARY'S ROAD WINNIPEG 8, IVIANITOBA TELEPHONE 233-7186 K. R. D. PRATT, B. ARCH., NI.R.A.I.C. S. E. LINDGREN, B. ARCH., F.R.A.v.c. A. TOMCEJ, B. ARCH., M.R.A.I.C. K. R. SNIDER, M. ARCH., M.R.A.u.c. M. E. JOHNSON, B. ARCH., nvl.R.A.u.c. M 1.1u1IiIl1IIIl A M HIIIIIIII ff IIIIIIIIII IIIII ' -f A' " -- ll 1111111 I I u MII '4 Wy: ,fgIIM?gg,. i ' -A f - . I I A R ml". , Q. V ' T Pi L .,1 , .' 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CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE i H I N G 5 RUN NEISUN "HurnsnIvH 333 e mi Wawmdg UIIQS iamiomds Created Especially For YOUNG FASHIONABLES Official Jewellers to The University of Western Ontario sl-B B I F4 K 3 el-B JEWELLERS Best Wishes from BALDWI GARMENTS LIMITED 200 Adelaide Street, South London, Canada Institutional and Commercial Garments 173 Dundas St. Wellington LONDON Square ,fm ff Q rf v 1 ,lf xx Ns. ltb the real thing. C952- mm !'7 w ,131 42? W Y X N, WSW? 4? ails 3. Q 1. , www 3 Q U U 2 E GA 1' r 'K X A i in ME Q . 'X , ii' ' 9 N mr 4 4 F :fa x ' , , VA J A X V , 's 2 ' ig MQ ' fig w V My Q . Mx 4 I t in Q. ,, . , 4 ' i 1 Wing. ww .Q yn, ' 4 sb ,fi Xxx x QW XS Lf, 7 X , 7 QKA A 'J , I-,Z , ,,,..'f"' -,.,.- .V-.1 1 qv- ,. ' 2 -v Z ...Y Z -'- f a Roberts Holmes The Better Selection PAPERBAC KS over 7000 different titles to choose from Leottmer Goods Juvenile Books Photo Albums Gitt Wrop Greeting Cords iftivdilwtvtmeh BOOKS 0 SCHOOLSUPPLIES O STATIONERY One Location: 240 Dundas St Opposite the Odeon I' R P 6 K tr umreo Portrait S tudlo Wholesale Photographic Supplies doug ki,-k J. H. BACK 81 C0 INDUSTRIAL 81. SCIENTIFIC PORTRAIT 8L COMMERCIAL London 931 Leathorne Phone 434-2159 423 Dufferin Avenue C2 blocks East of Victoria Parkl P H O N E - Western Ontarios Largest Photographic Supply House Open Evenings Ample Free Parking 4l 2 x I 5 'li TWA , :lar ff 76 3 .f WJ' "iii I C' 'W' t 5 ki rf! 7 4 X ts Xe f 5 gs I' Q I London's favorite F' A One-Stop decorating centre Bob Latella K DIAMOND SPECIALISTS FOR C,l.L. PAINT, WALLPAPER. DRAPES AND FLooRlNG Be sure to visit our Art v when eau cm Gallery for Picture Fram- y y ing and Art Supplies. Oliicial Jewellers to the University of Western Ontario 182 DUNDAS ST. - London, Canada J Registered Jewellers i American Gem Society I + John B' Nash' Am' 34 DECORATING CENTRE Phone 104 Dundas Street I 432-6171 at Talbot ' 1' 'Q X? 2 I 2 F f -.- aff ,KX QP ,A 4' If WJ, .1 18, MQ 1, I 2 .f x , -. ..qgg:g.-i,,,' W'-Q-:Tb - -1- 72: 1-,ff jff rj -2 f"' f"" x !-ills -g 'H' i 'f ' - fi ,W A . 1 . ff v T, - l l Fw- , - K yah SRA :tg WM - . f 1 V- I wx Q-pg 1 . - - lJg.-w xxx .1 "' i lf 41' T 278 5"w'- '5 "Q"-:f 5 W' 'aff-.4"l'0 J' '5.L 'Y-Kal, Wim 'f ,rf A 'f w Y'--5' , i P., ' 41, :fl -. Qgftfvk vb 'sf Z' 'll sl HP 11:1 -S Q, 1r.,,.-wb ,-bV,A" If x .J M x X 4r44 ..,.-R . -mw- 12 , 5- P8 H, P E 4 V W f gy 1 f 1 ,V X W 6 fi s , W f i af f f jg f : 1 , V 5 V 'EH' , ,,,,. 1 , A71 W1 ff f M, f 0 1 1 7 fzff , V 2 V 4 V X Wm!-VM JWQQ, ' fQv? '.Qf" A xx' 9 '4 a f. ' S A VV5, ,,v,f . V if gy , 1 c 4 "V, 3 f' 3 ' '1"gsgV5::,',ezsV,y ff, . 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Q For the newest, the gayest, the boldest, , the wildest, the farthest out - - - the look that's in - - - fashions for females Second Floor o over a century of retailing 130 Dundas opposite The Market Lane You'II Enjoy .. "-xv. ,- X f W 5 ff- e f X 'fx . H 1 X rf -.,, ..... .. ..,... .... .017-240' ' Z-2-Z-Z'5"ZZZ4i-I-Z4-311452-1-Z-'-5522315-5-'11-1-' ,fi1:-15-221115.3I1-jg-5-3-:II-2-Z-52125513IS525I'71-1-14:vi!'Ifi-I-If-I333111:115:4'-:Aj-I-I-1-1-2-It-I121:.5-2-2'5-I-I-I-L-25-I-I-1-Ig:-:gi:IgigI11515.3.1V2-Z-I-I41vI-24231515.3413-5-:-:f.-. 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You'll enjoy shoppin at Simpsons 55 Sr 'Qi S Compliments and Best Wishes from , , A P25 ' , Wffmlis Nf?lf5ss.s,. Compliments of GSW APPLIANCES LIMITED TOMORROWS FINEST HOME APPLIANCES ' K MANUFACTURERS OF 0 . ' 28 4 THE STUDIO FOR THE UNIVERSITY 519 Richmond St. London Call 438-7195 or 438-1961 LONDON WESTON ONTARIO 'S I 1 gf N X Us ri s E. Y l sq """"- -' ,pr ""2"'..."" """-'bs-0--. fit!-'L' Western is people, ideas, and buildings. When you graduate, you leave the buildings behind, but you can stay in contact with the people and ideas through your Alumni Association. The Alumni Gazette, with its Through the Years section, can help you follow the careers and lives of your friends, and they can follow you as well. Keep in touch with the people and ideas of Western by keeping in touch with us, your Alumni Association. The University of Western Ontario Alumni Association , g W 4 William C. McPhillips President 1971.72 G. Campbell McDonald Director of Alumni Affairs X , X :Qc I r tif . ' w ,F h 455 ' JWA- V -e In ff, w ' 'fi ' if fmswk W - is ef fjfkj, f If yfyff fv 2, , af, -2 " 0081653 J vs ' 1' H? My 'M' wi: ifax ,n 6 'U 4 f , Fi , i at g ,Q V xv' Q' if ' 'Af , ' X .Vg Sf , X M if 'L fx an fm QV A V. 4 ,- A 6' : I -A 4 ,XPRES X .gli THE "U" STUDENT'S DRUG STORE Daily Deliveries 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. -LADIES COSIVIETICS Bonnie Bell, Love, lVlax Factor Yardley and Dubarry - FRAGRANCES ' I C n Pri Faberge, Chane , aro , nce lVlatcheabelli, HartneI's In Love, and Shulton MEN'S COSMETICS Faberge, Yardley and Old Spice Prescriptions Fast Service on Photo Developing and Printing C G i C rd arlton reet ng a s Large "Contemporary" Card Selection -Stationery Supplies and Gift Wrap Notebooks, Refills, School Supplies MITH-GRAHAM DRUG STORES LTD. 1135 Richmond Street 434-2721 lat the "U" Entrance A LSO 952 Oxford Street 451-5100 i . 5 , ,. , IA.. 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'ff . 9 X. ,. if fu ,' 1 ?"'1vL3fg"' - yi :Q ? ff Qi , Xi, I I ' , -'gpg , F bm - . I I 1 f f n l' Y i 4 I, 1'-A .uw-' , -.. 1 Aff W, , f aw. , ff'--.. 1 .iv ,Mp X Q' f ff f nfw, f 048191-Q J M ' Wlm ' ' 'V",1"15'3f1N-. , - f H. ,,,,g,q?g,,,'2?4g- :H X' ' 'W' 4-nv . 62,3- 21 , newer' .- my 'L , '?P,ft-I 1, CQ. ,Z X W! J, 4 V - L., fi JJ fra., 'iff' 'mf-f x ,Ike .. w EDITOR'S MESSAGE Well, itis finished, this is it, the 303rd and 304th pages put together and laid out for the 1971 Dccidentalia. lt is been a long haul - you don't realize how long until you try to put one together. But it was worth it. If this yearbook means half as much to you as it does to me. then it was worth all the time, effort, worry, and money that went into it .... because this yearbook is a permanent record of what was, for me, and hopefully for you, a wonderful year. live learned a lot - the technical end of putting out the University Publications, the running of the U.S.C., the ideas and work behind the campus clubs and organizations, what it means to have all the authority and all the responsibility that goes with it ..... but most of all, I met people, wonderful warm, enthusiastic and hardworking people. Everyone contributed something, and lid like to thank them all, but some in particular: ,Lizabeth King Ted Drew Sue Callaghan Wayne Wigelsworth Hugh Shuttleworth DRB John Croft Patti Manchee Glen Rumbold Ken Brown Linda Whitefield Bob Mackenzie Cathy Smith Dave Dillenbeck Fred Darke Peanuts Evan Browne Tom Welacky Len Lizmore Gerald Simons Brooke Phemister Tex Ritter Mike Smith Bob Stikeman And a very special thanks to Brien Holmes, who put as much into this book as I did. It meant a lot to me, and I want him to know it. Without these people, there wouldnat have been a yearbook this year. Ilm glad in some ways that the book is finally finished, but in other ways lim sorry. It was hard work, but there were good times, and good fun, like Wednesday afternoons, and good friends to keep you going even when deadlines were fast approaching. Yes, l'll miss it. l'm not graduating, but l'm sure that no other year will be as full, interesting, and fulfilling as this one. So here it is, for the last time. NM gg 9 :Silk-L.mNJ Linda Dickson Editor Occidentalia 1971 03 24cc1!agfmp5a from the people who bring you your 'unprofessional shrill scurrilous rad 'CIO i Schngggk 6 , , , Ile-man CKALQWFORSEP, The pggplg alwd UW M A V 9,9 Q I , Noi lflrls a 6 Stes 1' S I1 ,na l Glous my an X Wm' comer , aovouvs- .Mega Q Q Filifytaxe ' t, Y YOQCOG Xdxaoowlx to Q Qi W aS 1 es . Q Z 5 2 as gi' 3 L.. weve we 'Ch N A dHlblgu0u35ggQ Q LF Darby X? Xe! ull sa in E' se L 3 3 d T X: .Q 0 R 3 Q 1 know you beheve you undersgnd QQ Q Qf5.9i-69 ,ggi 3 what you rhmkssasa, burrm not We Q 129 Sex QQ as S E you realize that what you heard is not 'Q Q X549 giqx Q96 N whatl f l , u 5 6 ' B Q In mea . y E 0 60 GK .6 ID I- Z Ill D D I- Oh Q :Eiga 9 .w " an oo e 0.0.0 Q Q Q E w1tbdifg1Z3?Q 'Wag' QNX e 3 Q K, '03 63053 EQNA 5 5 so C0mCEQQTo5e6 Q -83,95 Q o e0 A Q 3-I: hae! Q, X convi '- e .' - TS 'N 322 x fa- t vs Q m ' Qs Gx GW 11,5 4901. Sdihlet ggkw cu safeg- -SQZLFZ' '-' QQ!-.Ca - ' uf' -cgwfi? - .Se-SE l 0 off? W N ,qs 0095! X Q z I:-.1 X 6. -4 cuttzhg T16 Q' Us I-' -Q-5 If sa 1-I -o .V 6 ASU3 5 3... Tm S. S Q 0 165 Bfm-' CD Q 'D "' ff 1,00 ht 'Plan M -'- 'G Lady P09 Storm ciigiirallestern resments sta mean am. .-,ww Ceens Simi, steless, innaccurate, obscene and wildly unrepresentat1've'campus newspaper 8 you di if ? 8 '10, y . , . er IS get gi ln the end' 0026 Ze QQ to ou 3 Q lppenmg , y 'fa ' gi' 3' Surve S 0 ' Q, 95 C5 ,gfferbegllg 129 WS WMM S, en Q, uw . Wim: 'W sg P FAKE'?xgTED? Sqiagfbxfd KWWL Sl- , 9 ' Sw Third nit 566, gh e -.2095 690' S.. wwbxl oaqsok Wwe h tiaeqxnea 3 h e 1 W Wimlfezfsiilz 'WCQDT Ex Q5 End nbc? I 1, q 5 0 65 Q88 befgre 09 QSC? Q, go 0 4000. 600 8 ' ' QQ' ,QQ Q ' Eg' M ermen uv N Q . o Z, Kqjb' Lobe! Q! , ia Inferior 06 01' 60,9 Q9 0900 1195? 69 92 we M ' , . r M7 ng ,,,,,. I Ea! Sm: Q01 .9 e clearf rub? ' ' d W Q F1Sh1B Skm E A 0060 'VB W stlll a problem 00,fc.'Z,,f'ff-Q.,-x'q, ahomlnahle snowman sighted faom,QP

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