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1 Wm: X13 ' XM" X ' ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 1Illl1ll1llHIUIRHININWIH HNUllllNlHllWl0lNHl 31833 O1 58 5701 W N www W ,QL , . 'ffm ,:. '. .: - ' 0.5 L ,. -. Q, ., , W3 . 1 AA 3- 5:3 1. 13 " ' 'ff' 3 - : i '- M ,,y..M,., .,. M, ., m.,A--------- ,- '-"' . Elf ' A Mari.. Nrasifw. -git 4, "fu A . fi ' 1 1 ' Q ' 1 1 4:5 4,,.-.' 1,4 Y 'N .MF ,VW L V. X 3635+ L L W S' ' f 3 1, gr 4 A ' 4 W' K Q f W 'Y sh N9 mi? tr ' " 'ix wi, Q gy 'J' W4 WW? Wg Qs? I 2 ' '... f -3 -- M, ' Wm Nw: 5713 w 52:23. ' ' "s:,-1:1 -M-' f 3 , "" - 1 . ' '- """'3-AQXG. 17'fM""A "wa" v, M3 XJ , ixgi TQW 3, . xxx -' ., .1 ' X WN,,:.' 3:3 V V , +11 . , 3mfmfqr ,hm f n?:ef, ,- N3 . 1 xg V fl L, A ,ff A . , N L 'N L Q 1-1.3 . N 3 me 'Y X 9 , f rf, 1+ , 2 ,,, 3 3 A , ,,,.., ,ww M f f f L 3 , 13 . 1 4 Q f .-,LLL X 'ff C 'W 1 1 L 1 3 V . u4.'2..z?vfs ",m5g. X N' 'L K. gwmk , , ,M 1 ' y w L., 3 ' X fy' ' Lvff 1 ,,,. a ny ' X W 'W , .4 f .w . ,. ,f , U, ' ff-f W 'xxx fx ??'fix"'f 3 , . ""'mw.4,,,,,W W L M., W L., V 5 A GC 971.302 L84UWF, 1 946 ,A ,4 Yu N X 11 f i ww WAHI 5 . N ,ss . X 5 f 3 n 'QW' Q ? 3' x W , ' . WN Y as .1 4 ,N , , 4 ., ,L , f: if rv," , Q 5 ,a ' ,V . - " , wk? N S ' . 4-V,-: V4 2 . V g, 1' 'A ,335 fb I iF 'J H' ' if ' , . - r ,M J K if ,fi 215725 5 ,fs 2 f - f 35 5- mzgggg- ,Ji 3, f ,ygzw is -X X, 13- I 'jf fa . .gNg:6?2?!"fP. fgfir ' 77' 5 W' XWPQT? K A R 6.5355-51 g :I .. g vi ,,. .. :AQM as fi My Q , , t- , 4 ' 32. - ' X . ' f M2 1 nf XX ah' , V, fqgfygy t Q t YQ-I :,.'g4vM, X ,X -wif' 7 ' , ' I 4. frrx. 'M ws, 3 17,'?iiefl'f'S 3, X . 1 '-4 3r2Q'?Q.1jfJ'f'Zjpl ' W3 . sq-J: ' 1 :"'4 "'3wM 5'f+fk'1fr,,"1'Y'9 t ' if ' V, 222'37'QG2?m"-we wh Q., , A K, N, , -.. W , z -, re f z.. .v-Xgvmr y . , Nt 5 X fa ' 1" ,191 ' my-,Nr ' 1 -11. fgwx . A I A M :RAW ' x--Xi? fx? t , M1 - S X . A. ,Q Q, A:.LA 5 df 5 MW! -I MW' sm 3.9 W1 W, .33-I f ,sxw-gy ' . 1. . -Q fxriw N Q ff. WS, ,s'zfgg,5 " 4 NN- ,NMFS . ' "H ' fjyeg, , x X . 1 ' v A--jf fry . 5 Y-HW.. .1 .9 The Students of the University of Western Cntario Present Volume XX , s of the OCCIDET TALI , A Record of the School Year at Western, 1945-1946 . . ' N- .., " , ,..,,, , ' hr "rs, -- QQ H, , ff 1 , , ,. um ,, "" " ' . tml' ' Hx . 95, 1 2. sf gnu? 1 , V fs .A I. ,.., 2 E AQVIYF 11 f 4 , Q' . 1 if 4 ' I 52' if vvfsxbg g I .W .QW-A 4 Q f" my? , X., ,- ,:,, 'p-'I Wm - ,I SY, ,Z , , .WI . , A ' Z Az ,yy-. ii If T551 2 f s ,. , I - V w....,....,..w.v 4 1 I, V ., ., 'S - si A. I'5P'sfT91E:4. 'gli X' HONOUR ROLL .... DEDICATION ...... INDEX ADMINISTRATION f f ARTS ................. MEDS., .......... ... PUBLIC HEALTH .... ALMA ....... A ....... ASSUMPTION ..... BRESCIA ...... HURON ........... HOLY NAMES .... ST. PETERS ............ . . . MUSIC .... STUDENT GOVERNMENT .4.','. ' -PUBLICATIONS ..,I..,..,I.,. ORGANIZATIONS. . FRATERNITIES .... ATHLETICS ...... CAMPUS LIFE .... an dl FOREWORD The modern tempo of college life is geared to the watchword FORWARD. As we are caught in the rushing tide of events which move us swiftly from freshman registration to senior convocation we find that we have no time to gather the mem- ories' from the past event before another is being planned. Thus it has been our happy .task to gather the memories of your college days for you, and to bind them together between the covers of this book. It is our hope that you will find in these pages, the spirit that you once felt while you were a student at Western. M. M. 'J 'Wi' Roy, Qi? n illlemnriam Graduates and former students killed, presumed dead, or died on qctive service in World War II WHOLE UNIVERSITY SIR FREDERICK GRANT BANTING SIR JOSIAH STAMP FACULTY OF ARTS ' Assumption College EDMUND E. BAILLARCEON, HUGH BARTON, WILLIAM D. EEGOLE, E. DONALD CARSON, JAMES CAVANAGH, JAMES I. CONHEADY, ERNEST CREED, EUGNEN DAUGHERTX', JAMES DENNIS, JOHN N. GODFREY, JOHN E. HAVER, ALBERT HEVERT, JOHN T. HILL, FERNAND JOLICOEUR, JAMES VOLLMER, HAYWARD GEORGE JONES, WILLIAM E. KUISEL, WALTER LEAHY, WILLIAM F. MCGILL, JOHN A. NIORAN, PATRICK MURPHY, RAYMOND F. NOETH, ELLIOTT W. XNAGONER, R. DANIEL 0'CONNELL, GEORGE H. PENDARVIS, WILLIAM B. RICHARDSON, JOSEPH W. RYAN, BRUCE SLATTERY, JOHN F. STERIO, THOMAS J. TIGHE, WILLIAM UYEN. .Huron College-REV. WALTER L. BROWN University College JOHN IWALCOLM ALEXANDER, HENRX' GORDON ANDERSON, ALVIN DONALD GOULD BELL, NILE HAROLD BIER, J. SPENCER BLAIR, GRAHAM SCOTT BLAKE, WALTER LESLIE BROWN, ALLAN MCKENZIE BURSLEM, WILLIAM DONALD CARSEN, BRIAN ANTHONY CASEY, JAMES CAVANAUGH, EDWARD MACK CHILDS, GROSSETT KEITH COATES, JOHN WOODROW COLBURN, ROBERT DUNCAN CRONE, DONOVAN EMERSON DERBYSHIRE, HAROLD ARTHUR DEVINEY, THOMAS BEATTY DOHERTY, ROBERT HUGH DOUGLAS, HAROLD DAVIDSON DURRANT, GEORGE ANDREW EATON, LLOYD ALEX- ANDER ELLIOTT, ALASTAIR MCDOWALL FERGUSON, WILLIAM LORNE FERGUSON, FRANK LESTER FISHER, DONALD FREDERICK FRENCH, WILLIAM HOMER FULLER, JAMES ERNEST GAUNT, ANDREW U. GILLIES, JOHN DONALD GRAY, GRANT LEROY HALL, JOHN E. HARLEY JOHN F. HARVEY, DAVID GORDON HILBORN, ARTHUR DAVID HONE, HARRY DONALD HOOPER, JOHN BLAIR HUNT, WESLEY DOUGLAS IRWIN, STEWART WILLIAM JONES WILLIAM DONALD LAWRENCE, ANDREW OWEN LEARMONTH, JOHN GOSNELL LEE, PERCY OWEN LEE, HAROLD F. L. LONGWORTH, RICHARD AUBREY LUARD, IAN MACKENZIE, JOEL YORKE MARSHALL, JOHN ANDREW WHITMORE MCKENZIE, WALTER BARTHOLOMEW MCIXIIANUS, ROBERT STANLEY MORGAN, ELMER GERALD NELSON, GEORGE SCOTT OLI- PHANT, ROBERT JAMES PAINTON, JOHN ROBERT PAISLEY, JAMES GEORGE LANGFORD PARTRIDGE, NORMAN GRAY PIERCE, HAROLD CAMERON PHILLIPS, ROSS NORMAN POLE, GEORGE ALFRED QPETEJ PONSFORD, WILSON ALBERT REASON, WILLIAM BRUCE RICHARD- SON, VVILLIAM ALBERT RIDER, FREDERICK VICTOR ROBINSON, JOHN BENJAMIN RUSTON, STEPHEN ANDREW SANDERSON, W. J. AUBREY SHAPTER, JACK BIRNIE SMITH, WILFRED JAMES STEVENSON, ALEXANDER STEWART, DONALD VAIL, EDGAR GEORGE VENUS, NEAL MACMILLAN WATSON, HAROLD ALEXANDER WILLS, THOMAS EDWIN WOOLLEY, CHARLES AUSTIN WRIGHT, FRANK CHARLES ZURBRIGG. Waterloo College CRAIG ALLES, WILLIAM MCDOUGALL BEAN, JOHN NORBERT JEFFERS, DOUGLAS LOWE, CHARLES DAVID MACINTOSH, WILLIAM JAMIESON MARTIN, GORDON DRUMMOND SIM, WILLIAM CHARLES THURLOW, RICHARD MEREDITH WELLEIN. FACULTY OF MEDICINE GRANT LEROY HALL JOHN NORMAN RICHARDSON SILVO LOUIS VALERIOTE 4 Professor R. J. E. HIRTLE AFTER TNVENTY-TVVO YEARS of service to Waterloo College, Prof. Hirtle died on january 24th, 1946. A science teacher since 1924, he became Registrar in 1928, and was known and loved by generations of VVaterloo College students. Born at Oakland in Nova Scotia, he was educated at Mahone Bay and became a teacher in public and high schools. His Bachelor of Science degree, won by the hard route of extension study while he waged his life-long fight against a physical handi- cap, came to him from Dalhousie University in 1921. He earned his Master's degree two years later. At VVaterloo he worked steadfastly for high standards and for racial and religious tolerance. He made no parade of his Christian living, his loyalty to the College, or his courage in the face of pain or disappointment. These qualities of his stand out very clearly now, as all the sons and daughters of XYaterloo weigh the contribution he made so unobtrusively to their higher education. O DV' cytemortam CAMPBELL GRANT AFTER A REMARKABLE CAREER of study and research at this university, Campbell Grant, of Belmont, died at Victoria Hos- pital on january 2, 1946. A member of the class of Meds. '47, Cam was liked and respected by all his classmates. His was a career marked by boundless energy. Graduating in honour Science in 1941, he entered the Medical course with the class of '47, and wrote off his Master's thesis while leading the class in second year medicine. At the same time he continued his research and employed himself in clinical laboratory work at Victoria Hospital. He was an ardent amateur photographer and ornithologist. Besides his scientific pursuits he found time for hiking and skiing. The loss of Cam Grant has left a permanent ache in the hearts of many. Those who worked with him will long remember his pleasant, hard-working, cheerfulness. There is a name miss- ing from the roster of Meds '47, but that name will live as a memory and as an inspiration. 5 This book is deriirated to the memory of the Iale Hon. C. Howard Ferguson who was installed in his ojice as Chancellor ofthe University at Corworatiorz last bloy. CDz'eo' Feb. 21, 19461 UMR. FERGUSON HAS ALWAYS been a strong convincing advocate of higher education and during his regime as Minister of Education and Prime Minister, he supported it liberally. "He saw with more than ordinary clearness that higher education must be some- what decentralized if its facilities are to be offered to all the people of the province. That is one of the reasons why he supported -the University of Western Ontario which is devoted primarily to the district of VVestern Ontario. Over the years hundreds of students from that district have been able to attend university who otherwise would not have been able to go to the University of Toronto or other institutions. "He has been Chancellor of the University for less than a year but during that short time he has given the university a devoted attention to service that has made him outstanding among chancellors."-QPresident Fox in the London Free Press, Feb. 21, 1946.5 6 vs. 405110 :Met 059611 Q1 use-ummm ar nw-an ns: mini 'lf fb, ,If Vw 1 N wwf ft' T1 hi wx? W1 1. The motto of the University of Western Ontario ' VERITAS ET UTILITAS TRUTH AND SERVICE connects the institution to the service of all the interests, social, scientific, academic, of the-fourteen counties of Southwestern Ontario, named in the University charter. 8 To the Graduating Class of 1946: FOR SIX YEARS THE graduating classes of this university have been going out to a world at war. You are the first class since 1939 to enter a world of peace. Some of your number interrupted their university work to serve their country and now have returned and completed their studies. Their share in the struggle will be for them a matter of satisfaction and pride during all their lives. Those of you who were not called to service will remember, nevertheless, that the war brought to you certain responsibilities and duties, though you were happily spared the danger and risks which others faced. But now you all go out together, ambitious, I trust, to do your part, whatever that may be, in making a better world and guarding against those tendencies which might again lead us into such horrors as those through which we have passed. The years ahead belong to you, each individual will be responsible for his or her contribu- tion to the future. The area of men's interests has been enormously widened in the years during which you have been members of the undergraduate body. We have all become in more or less degree world-minded. In this there lies the danger, however, that we may so spread our interests that those most vital to us may become overshadowed. I say, therefore, let Canada be your first interest because this is your country and most of you will spend your lives within its borders. Strive that in Canada we may build up a people, sound in spirit, wholesome in their living, and governing themselves by those eternal principles of righteousness which alone make nations strong. ARTHUR T. LITTLE. Chairman, Board of Governors. 9 To the Class of 1946: IT is A PLEASURE to respond to the request for a valedictory message. Vlfhen it is recalled that only a relatively small number of our young people are attending the universities and colleges of Canada, it seems that there should be a better method of selection of students for the high privilege of this special training. The following qualifications for candidates in their order of priority should be required: CID characterg C25 promise of good citizenship: C35 age-many matriculants are too youngg C45 academic standing and C51 health. This type of selection, if handled with discretion, would yield a greater proportion of gifted students, hll the institutions of higher education with young people of special quality and at the same time reduce the numbers of those applying for training. If qualihcations of these standards were adopted by the universities and the Provincial Educational authorities, it would follow as a matter of course that more emphasis should be given to the system of secondary education with a greatly extended curriculum that it may serve more ade- quately the needs of the majority of the people. In Canada, under present conditions, all higher education should have for its objective the training of each selected youth according to his personal needs on the following basis: first, as a worker, so he may render the best service of which he is capable in commerce, industry or in professional life, secondly, as a citizen, so he may contribute his full share to the welfare of the community in which he lives, and thirdly, as a student of languages, philosophy, literature, history and science, so he may enrich his own life and add something perhaps to the intellectual achievement of mankind. Sir Richard Livingstone, in his challenging book entitled, "Education for a VVorld Adrift" says: "If we were looking for a catchword to describe our age, various phrases would occur to the mind: we might call it the Age of Science, or the Age of Social Revolution, or the Age without Standards". He argues for the last phrase as de- scribing the present generation most accurately. In my opinion the university graduate should establish his own standards. If he has made good use of his time at the university, his character, conduct, manners, type of living, integrity in business, professional morality, efficiency in all that he under- takes and his strong sense of responsible citizenship will establish the standards that are needed to restore our faltering civilization to sanity and peace. WALTER JAMES BROWN. 10 To the Graduating Class of 19446: THE MARCH OF EVENTS has kept the pace set within recent years. Uncertainties, doubts and problems are still the order of the day. May you have acquired at VVestern a sense of fundamental values and of direction to guide you in the interesting years which lie ahead. Best wishes, R. B. VVILLIS. Comptroller. ll N, ig! ZZ 1 . -Rik: g-MAMA, H, , . V,,,fff x - J .J-F - xi f 1 I' . ,J f 2 7 'H'-' f! 1 ' Q, 1 4 -1: M f jimi., I lint. 1 7 vw' A-ful! I' ' .. ,I '- xx il ,fffl , ,ff 11:25 I , ff , X 1, , 4,441,- 1 ff' ,' , ,f -fr 1 Q4 . ' ',.. ,, ' V A L '-g.,,- --" xf -, ' J ' "'f ,+ Giza- V,.Q'5eg' , Y ' ,145 'Y ff' J2694 ,ff .-74' .0 V." 1 , ,I I I " 1 3 ,A i 1 A Q 'K 'Z lr K' -Y ,V-if 2 ' J' - fi I w "N 'I ff" ' P 'f .f-'fl 5' -if ,G Q ,J I .4 ' ' "' f Aga" Let! .gp A 'ff ' W" '- V K f ".-'M fa Q M," V '37 A f J Q . f 1 4.1. ' .--Q-fy "'--.....,4.Q,f-"' ,,,,.f,.,,,-',1i ,,.-f',.f-f.-,f-"1-""f"'fJJ-n'-nv., lg., R, 4,55-fpifgfjpf X pi' -""'i ,ffffd f ,, ig X J h ,,,.,f V X X , x l x K 6 f ggd To the Graduates of t e lass of NEVER BEFORE EAS TEE world Here-d greater a - more allurzng o portun1't1es to young en and Wo1n an ow. say t 1s dehberately, not 1n SDIFG ofj ut ecause e 121ounta1n ajor pro le s t at oolns a ea . norlnal ealt yout t11e s1g t C11 eulty a wart e pat11 119 at any t11ne a 011311612 pr1de an t11ere y a st1121u1us o ort The very conscvousness putt1ng fort For c ears t e VISIOII as t enable 1't t see t e FI t as We 1 as t e so121 re aspects o 1 C-u1t 1eWeC1 r1g11t1y t11e pro 6112 f tO ay are laden W1t x'eept1ona1 11e1r very ass and CO1T1,O16X1 y ac u Inbe and Var1ety of pp aCt1 V1ty an serwce 112111 FUI? of of se L1 t1 y t12 1t1es for vocat1O11a1 Clety f f121S IS true for t ow supremely encoura 1n or you orty Sm W o g out 1nto t e world carry1n W1t you all t e advantages o tra1n1ng an of e UID 1176121 your powers t at Ou av game t roug OjOl11'12 In SSZLGFHI 11at t e reports o you serwee 1n t e wor W1 e golden e who now you and your recor 1n your 1 a later are con Clently s11E1eWoop FOX fs1g12eC2'j 11 C 546: o and ' p 121 e12 t11 n I 11 ' ' ' b b of t11 ' of 111 b 111 11 l 11 Cl To 11 by 12 11 of 19? t12 t11 ' ge tO ' C1 b ' t eff . ' of ' 12 e t so 1 12 ' ' o o 11 b gb 1 11 12 , f C1 y. V' ' - 121 s 0 C1 '11 e, ' DFOU11. .' 1 ' 121 'r tallynylpl e 1211 r ' o ortu12' ' ' ' ' C1 ' to so ' . I ' ' 12e ' yOl1t11, 11 , g' gf ClassF - " 11 o ' 11 'g '12 15 f ' ' C1 q ' - of 12 y 11 e ' C1 11 11 your s ' ' W . T 12 f 1- ' ' 11 ld Ylb ,w If ' d ' 11111 Il E assured W . , '-'Aw' , Q Q1 A U' 0' NNI-0 YV Q 4 i ,M .3 - i . --- fx, .ww J, 1 X 1 Q1 2 UQ? , f Sky , , , Na... 11 M, , WN . , -xfkf, Xxx W , N -W' - V ,fem ' w 6 3 JM' .YK v Al , X f ,Nw Xe! irsyfv .r -me 1. H 5 1 , Q E J . Q Z :, ,, k x ' ,f -dvi . . -, Q f X Nm X ,f X l X 9 XX W . 5 S x x N f . - f f if 14521, , ax w ' A. x Y ' V 1: , ' 'gy S51 , ff .1544 ng ,-fi lei, Jw 7 f - - Hi: ,M 'i V f Q f f ' ' XS Su fAiKT"5'715 x gg ,, V p X Q Xvr i sy. 1. M2223 Xi- 2 "' s, '-2 'gh , , ,f , , v, N. , , f, ,awww , N , , ,, 1 jx .X 2 Y, 1 Q1 ffwiszfl , fffiu, 'i'f', ,,:sfSif , 3111 F A figw f j? , 5 ' f. .. we "4 :WW xx J., , , 254, QQ 1 .. .- W W:-,:,,.-.,, X, Q -,:L,3+rg45fx,-xwrgggfiplfw . if ,ff 5. . , , s X 5 Ax ,ff :www - M ,MW -2' ig. 'Q 'QF ww H fe? di f X mud? if 5 a 9' " . Aw-, yr if . fm 'iiwwf AA . f ag , ,, , 1 4' 5 My Q 'x , wi g - . f if-fx' sx :P A S K . .. 4. ff' X ' ,Q 4.1 rv 5 . ig K 'M Y, , 'X y, A , ,pu ,. , I . . , . 5 , W rr Q. ,Ma W s fy , J . a ar I I5 ' z 1 .Q 1 To the Class of 1946, University College: To You WHO ARE the first class in recent years to graduate into a world that the ostriches claim is a world of peace we offer the best wishes for the future. May you live to see the thing for which you and your comrades fought be- come the common concept of the understanding citizenry of a world from which the notion of force as a persuasive power has faded forever. In a life so placed may you find the perfect satisfaction of him who is blessed because he has found his work and in the pursuit thereof obtained his full stature. K. P. R. NEVILLE, Dean, Unitlersity Colleg 16 6 .c To the Graduating Classes of 1946: YOU VVHO HAVE XVITNESSED the closing of VVOrld War ll by the victory of the standards of Freedom should be forcefully impressezl with the significance of the moment at which you have been fated to enter upon the main business of life. One of the outward and visible hrstfruits of the times is your freedom to choose the field of activity in which you prefer to put your training and your talents to the test: less patent may be the fact that freedom entails l-:een competition. In order to attain the high level of achievement which XYestern has learned to expect of her graduates you will need to lay aside every weight and run with diligence the race that is set before you. Your Alma Mater shows every confidence in your ability to succeed by numbering you among her honourable Alumni today. DORUTHY TURYILLE, Dean of UYOIIIUIZ. li' To the Class of 1946: IN TIIE CoURsE OF the years just past, your thoughts and actions were strongly influenced by a world at war. The pressing needs of the armed forces made you wonder whether you should continue with your university training or whether you should associate yourselves more directly with the war effort. That you were allowed such a choice is proof of the worth of your training and the need that Canada has of your abilities. In the days ahead of you live up to that trust by building on the foundation that VVestern has helped you obtain. I am sure that, in leading a life with a purpose, you will do credit to our VVestern and to yourselves. May I extend to you my wishes for a busy and industrious life with a corner- stone of friendship that was found "up on the hill". R. D. MacDONALD, Horzourary President 216. 18 The Class History of Arts '46: FIRST YEAR- OUR F REsHMAN YEAR BEGAN in a welter of confusion, as every Freshman Year always does. After the Port Stanley outing, which was enlivened by the appearance of an unknown entertainer who performed with three pipes in his mouth, the largest year in the university's history Cup to that timej settled down to the routine work and pleasure of college life. The NVar was brought home to the social butterflies when the U.S.C. slashed the number of school dances as the harvest volunteers left for the West. The Frosh were left to carry on almost alone for a month and a half, during which time Haldane, Manning, Reid and Husher took over the unorganized Frosh. Politics began to assume reality as Galbraith took over the Gazette when Scott resigned to look after the Oxy, and "All Riot on the Western Front" made its bow in the Gazette. We read with interest of the Harvesters' progress through Eaton's Catalogue. Culture burst upon the scene during a visit of Max Pirani to a Sunday 9 D'Clock, and House and Hartzell entertained at the Frosh Hop. First rumours of a Field House began to percolate through our ranks, and Arts '46 started on its road to athletic glory in the restricted rugby season. The next milestone was the Meds' Edition of the Gazette which appeared in ten pages filled with "college humour". We began to feel very sophisticated. The Trenton Flyers were shot down by the Mustang Riders-Huyck, Douglas and Harpur starring. The Senate cut the Christmas Vacation, but the U.S.C. promised a New Year's Eve Party to compensate for Classes on New Year's Day. The U.A.T.C. was born, and such flying heroes as Bob Reid and Peter Towe deserted the C.O.T.C.. Arts '46 won the Interfaculty Track Meet, and the Mustangs tamed Vimy-Fairs, Huyck, Harris and Douglas in the saddle. Huron College handed Arts '46 its first defeat by copping the Drama Festival, but '46 came second cum laude, and our athletic domination was extended to basket- ball, where Decker, Cunningham, Gauld and Huyck quickly gained the spotlight. The C.O.T.C. Ball was held in the Arena-a swimming success, and very different from a later affair. Echoes of "Boots" were heard as changes were made in the brass, but the War went on "over there", and George Brickenden left for the Navy. Western "Looked at Life" for a whole boring week, but '46 was still too busy looking at Western to pay much attention. Fraser Earle posed for his famous Santa Claus picture Cwhich seems to be a permanent part of the Gazettel as '46 battled '43 for the lead in the Interfaculty Athletic League. The examinations came as a rude shock to the verdant F rosh, and twenty-two departed for other fields of service after the january slaughter. As a result, '46 worked hard for a week or two, until the basketball season opened, but success was not easily come by there. The U.N.T.D. further depleted the ranks of the C.O.T.C., and mut- ters were heard from certain quarters at the delay in the appearance of the '46 sweaters. Lafontaine and Guymer were elected Arts prexies as Burns and Durnford retired from student politics. Six were named to the Honour Society as Hayman, Husher, Huyck and MacMillan swept into power in the '46 Executive. Sadie Hawkins gave the bashful in '46 a chance, and Neilson and Mussleman began to consider life more seriously. The Frosh Party was held at the Arena with later festivities at the Eastern Star, where it was announced that Arts '46 nad won the Interfaculty crown. Arts '43 wept unashamed. As the first year closed, Jim Gillies was heard complaining bitterly about the cancellations of examinations. The tests came anyway, and Scott promised us the Oxy ahead of schedule. Clt came out in August, just in time to put us in the mood for another year of schoolj. SECOND YEAR- OUR SECOND YEAR OPENED with a feeling of superiority as we delighted in watching the misery of a new crop of Frosh-pig-tailed, pigmentless girls, and ear-ringed Fresh- men: "curtsey-gertsie" and "bow-cow" were the passwords for three weeks. Gal- braith was running the Gazette, in which echoes of "boots" were heard for the last time. The Mustang Rugby Team was doing well, although Robinson was in the hospital with colic, Douglas had a charleyhorse, Allan had a torn ligament, and Fairs 19 had appenclicitis. Stanton's beard was a nine-day wonder, and jim Gillies gave pro- mise of his future oratorical prowess as he assumed the post of Leader of the Oppo- sition in the Debating Club. The Mustangs smeared the redoubtable Navy 23-0, as Gunton, Leckie and Coles starred. Huyck, Clemens and Neilson captured the Inter- faculty Track Championship for Arts '46, as the Six-Man Rugby squad marched over all opposition, sparked by john Gillies, Yenney and McClarty. Quentin Reynolds-the "Man VVho VVas There"-was honoured at a special Convocation. No T.B. was found on the Campus, and Fraser Earle proved to Bob Higgs' dissatisfaction that the Class of '46 was not inferior mentally, morally and spiritually to the Class of '36. Ethel Shapiro also won a Debating Club tussle by convincing a large audience that Love should be free. CBrescia weptj. As the year went into winter jim Gillies made a grand slam-doubled, redoubled, and vulnerable. tHe had 13 cards of the same suit, but all he said was: "jeez, that was a good hand!"j XYilbur james starred at the Penny Prom as Little Red VValking Hood-or rather, as the XYolf the needed no practicej. Max Ferguson, Neil McKay, Maddie Howse, Al Brule, et al, were able supporters in that stirring drama. As the first round of athletics came to an end, Hutchinson, Blake, Bowie and Neilson won the lnterfaculty golf crown for Arts '46. The I.S.S. began to function, and a peculiar organization called the Committee for the Promotion of Canadian- Soviet Friendship began to advocate a better understanding with Russia. Everyone was convinced except the Russians. The Blood Donors Clinic made its first well-organized attack upon the rich, red life-stream of '46. Arts '46 defeated Meds '47 for the Interfaculty Rugby Crown, and hockey Hourished on the rink in the stadium. Neil McKay played for the Armed Services Ball in the Arena. The Common Room was ordered redecorated in chintz and green as Kolom took over the Gazette from the future Mrs. Howse. fThe charm- ing couple soon were to become Mr. and Miss Vlfesternj. Basketball went rather well in '44, and Earle and Seegmiller won the l.U.D.L. Debating Championship. Col. Drew became the favourite politician of the campus as he donated a quarter of a million dollars to our Alma Mater. Ten were named to the Honour Society. Fred Landon's "Lake Huron" became a best-seller, and as the year came to a close it was announced that Arts '46 had captured five athletic trophies -rugby, track and field, basketball, the Interfaculty Championship and the Arts '41 Shield. The direction of the Class Executive was entrusted to Ferguson, Blake, O'Neil and Dobson. THIRD YEAR- IT wAs HARD TO have to face our junior Year without VVilbur, but we stumbled through somehow with Ferguson, Blake, O'Neil and Dobson at the wheel. Arts '46 passed an unpretentious autumn, modestly making off with the Interfaculty Track, Rugby and Harrier-race Crowns. The Mustangs also played that fall, dropping but one game. Having launched the first tea-dance of the year, at which we introduced the Arts '46 Quartet, we closed our autumn festivities with a memorable year party at the C.C.C. XYith lV.H.O.'s slander column bringing down the wrath of the gods, Muncey offering courses in honour basket-weaving, and Western turning down trial-marriage, it wasn't long before the Christmas exams had come into our midst and 13 grads had gone out of it. Our play, "Fumed Oak" carried off the drama festival and with nothing else left to win we decided to enjoy ourselves at the wondrous Chicopee weekend and the Arts Ball, held at the Hotel London. This was a smash affair but there was also a little dancing. VVestern's Dreyfuss case saw six martyrs convicted of gambling in the Oxv office in spite of john Gillies' eloquent defence and paint remover. At last, with final exams looming up before us, the student body cast a 9575 vote and chose Hayman and Howse to lead them in '46. Gup promised the "earliest Oxy ever" in a burst of optimism. FOURTH YEAR- WE RETURNED FOR oUR last year as undergraduates of the University of Western Ontario to join the verdant Frosh at Port Stanley for a quiet little party. Everyone but the L. and P.S. Railway directors were very happy as the year began. Besides the hundreds of ex-servicemen returning to their Alma Mater, the school welcomed back Prof. VValter Thompson, Dr. Montgomery, Messrs. McKee and Taylor. Prof. 20 , VVillis was named Bursar, Executive Secretary and Comptroller-another XYestern grad made good. Captain George lXlcCracken took over the new journalism Course as Arts '46 again captured the Track Meet. The Building Campaign got under way at long last, and the Class of '46 heaved a sigh that it would not be able to enjoy the new facilities. Hint of future tolls was contained inthe announcement that a new Alumni Council was to be organized, and Charlie Box joined the department, Prof. Pirani's new Music Teachers' College began to function, and the University was obviously leaping ahead, to the satisfaction of her Class of Arts and Science '46 tThe Science annex kept reminding us of their new status whenever possiblej. Galpin's Folly, otherwise known as the Occidentalia '45, finally appeared. The Intercollegiate Series, although abbreviated, attracted most of our fall at- tention-especially as Creeper, Gillies and Cohn-energetic entrepreneur-organized trips to McGill and Queen's. The Mustangs, captained by Ballantyne, and starred by the favourite athletes of '46-Huyck, Cook, Szumlinski, et al-all back from the Services-swept to an undefeated season to retain the Rugby Championship. The Toronto game made history-bombs, riots, night duty and victory, although the bridge suffered a little damage from Galpin's Raiders. The Delta Upsilon Dance in the Hotel London was swamped in more ways than one, and the I.S.S. proiitted too by the hordes of happy Westerners. Magee's Mustang Band added colour to the athletic season, and the happy cries of "Cartwheell" always greeted the cheer-leaders. Six Mustangs made the Canadian All-Star Rugby Team as the City of London voted for the University By-Law, and the U.S.C. Rugby Dance, Co-Ed Prom and Christmas Lit rolled by. The Players' Guild, under the direction of XV. E. D. Atkin- son, Shakesperian expert, presented three one-act plays. Fraser Earle starred as a bartender in a doubtful melodrama. Doug Cook got the lNlcCullagh Trophy, and was named Rugby Captain for the next season. I Following examinations-which '46 survived without exception Cor did Ruston?J -Sadie Hawkins paid her annual visit to the Campus as plans for VVestern's Follies began to take shape under Doug Knowles. One hundred and thirty more veterans began school-which further added to the crowding in the Boy Rangers' Room. '46 came second in the Bowling League as Paula Denney ffriend and financial backer of Bob Reidj was named Qaeen of the Arts and Science Ball. Dean Hall was named President-elect and Prof. Landon Vice-President as the U.S.C., S.A.A. and Hippo- cratic Council started to talk re-organization. The girls of '46 clinched their Bowling Crown, as the lXflustang and Colt Basket- ball Teams headed for victory in the Intercollegiate League, starred, of course, by Forty-sixers like McNair and Scorgie, et al. The Horseballs also enjoyed a successful season clowned by Hayman, Ballantyne, Brule and Allen. Earle, Guthrie, Gillies and Galpin did not do so well in Intercollegiate Debating, however. Nine of the Class were named to the Honour Society-Ballantyne, Howse, Hay- man, Manning, O'Neil, McLarty, Vorshuk, jackson and Galpin. The Gazette awards further honoured Bowie, Bradford, Bradshaw, Brule, Chitovas, Cole, Gadd, ,lim Gillies, Harrington, Hessener, Houston, Hulbert, Bob Reid and john VVhite. "Up on the Hill" turned out to be a holdover success and contributed a handsome sum to the Building Fund that '46 supported with cash and pledges. Lutton and Lindsay were chosen to succeed Hayman and Howse and our Permanent Executive was chosen in the persons of Hayman, Manning, Bradshaw and McLarty. Publica- tion Keys were awarded to Chitovas, Reid, Galpin, Walters, VVhite, Hessener, Hulbert, Pritchard, Gillies and Towe. As College Life approached its finale the Senior Prom was held in Convocation Hall, and the Graduation Banquet in the Cobblestone Inn. After a long wait for the food the speeches got under way with a Valedictory from Ted Galpin, a farewell pre- sent to our Honourary President, Dr. Rod MacDonald, and Bob Steep presented Dr. Turville with the replica of a formal table for the platform in Convocation Hall in behalf of Arts and Science '46. Thus four happy years come to an end. Years of war and peace, years of happi- ness and tears. Study week prepared us for the final examinations, with Convocation, Graduation and Life ahead of us. fXNe all hope to receive an Oxy, some day, some placej. ' T.G., B.C., D.j., M.M., L.V. 21 xllw ff I wx fl! W fi lx fr fin '37 r, f ,QZZTW if J -Zzfl ' ' I 1 ff? , ,, A' N1 ff f I fx lffl u KM I 71 N X A X A Qkegg f I X xii. W,fWm., ,f1m Wh Mlullrx n , 1 WH! f H I Him: Hamill ,lu I I y' V Hill ll l fm hwlulinllllllill 'ml lm! IU. flop' ff 4, , VIE laqlilwggwlmn 1 lu 'MI I if I ' mi -Ii I' 1 ' ' 5 ,lf . P X - ' , Q1 QQ u f - f La ' x ' I ,, ". N - ' ,xy X 3, Y W 1 A X 7 I ' fl f ' A ,IN 1 x Lk ', ffm ,dx wk , 1 If N - A . 1 w + , X l X N 4 A!kX I ki I I .mxxg,NhLxxx In I7 , 1 A ' W1 M-mx , l ' K 0 .. - X,,, X ' , 'wx X 'xii' 'WL -, 5" I V , A , V N'x X -7 ' ' 5 X - - ,. 1 .IF-:ix - 4' X , V :"W"ff4iE2. N '-X ' 1, ' ' . WI jf55f,'.',5, A Zxx J' ''::si!'iiiif?-7"7!!"1' - ' ,'-:f9"7"'i"fW? if I 2 "'lU !1m::fw q5,"f?iaf'f:fe::wf::as12i?s, I 'MH'-H ' f1i " il'f!!w, "'s'ff new . 1 5' l :?1li'ii, lx: I1 It ,, I ll' '-le! II il- ll' '."m':fl' "--nl ' Y - Y ' x ' R 1 'vig swf' XE l'v , M-M-fx 1 ' ,Wifi 'fj.Qff'gf.yr5,,, 1 EMM 2 ou - ' U , f'fg'gQta:gf 'gffglfn X ll um L 1 if-14, ,f!, .5 1,1 l ,5 " 1 , l ,war f I!! 4,1 ' U U L !,..,'. 'A H 4 -1210 - 7 will " - W N YL, YU! 13-L: ,.,, . 4 q f Mfr , ,Zi jf " L X " v -"' 'Nan-g14.,.!..,..E KV ''ff'zff,,F,:,a:,.fm"e ff'- . v " " f 1 " "Q N HEILA ALEXANDER, ILA. ELOISE ALLEN, B.A. ROIJERT ALLEN, ILA. HELEN ANIIRIGWS. IIA. M XEKION ANGUISII. ILA. i incouver, British Colunnbia Lambeth, Ontario Kingsville, Ontario London, Ontario XViIlon Orme. Ontario , Secretarial Science Pi Beta Phi Women's Council Year Executive Student Court Vomen's Athletic Association lntra-Mural Sports Home Economics Business Administration Home lfcon.miit's Home liciinnrnics Women's Council Alpha Kappa Psi Gamma Phi Beta llnme lteiinornics ffluln l Home Economics Club Commerce Clulw Uceidentaliti lnira-lkflural Sports i Year Executive R,C.N.V R llome Economics Cilulw l lntra-Mural Sports Intermediate Basketball Vw'omen's Ciiuntil , lnter-Varsity Rugby Players' Guild l lntra-lX1ural Sports l i i I i H. P. ARCHIBALD, ILA. GEORGE ASSALY B.A. LLOYD AUCKLAND, ILSO. LENA BAILEY, ILA. NIAIIION BALLAN'l'YNlE. i Truro, Nova Scotia ISUSPIOWVII., Saskatchewan Sl' rhonlus' Ontano rlorfnlu' Omllflf' ling' , , General Arts Honour Business Administration Honuur Mmlwmallcs and ll"Y5lC5 Gfnfml AVN Mi' liryilges' ontario ll C , ' , 7' v - Kappa 'l au Sigma Gamma Phi Beta General .-Xrts E Commerce glut Alpha kappa l Sl lntermediate Rugby Frosh XVelcoming Committee Ulu: Clulif i lntra-lvlural Sports lntra-lvlural Sports XYomen's Council X 4 I l .E sa E E i i li E l' i la ll 5 TIERBERT BALLANTYNE, EWART G. BERTRAM, B.A. CRAEME BIEIVIAN, B.A. NIARJORIE BIEMAN, ILA. ROBERT G. BLAKE. ILA. B'A' Bilrriei 0Hiari0 L0nd0n, Ontario London, Ontario London. Ontario London, Olltaru' Ceneral Arts General Arts Secretarial Science Honour Business Honour Business lntra-Mural Sports Alpha Kappa Psi Kappa Alpha Theta Administration Administration Commerce Club Commerce Club Alpha Kappa Psi Delta UDSUOYI Panhellenic Council Hear Executive 1 Varsity Sports lntra-Mural Sports Centralized Year Treasury C Commerce Club lntra-lX4ural Sports Students' Administrative ' Assembly ' Freshman Welcoming 3 Committee U.S.C. President Student Building Fund 5 Committee Honour Society 23 y ROlli'fR'l' ISLOXXM. B54-. JOKN IIOIDDY. BA. GEORGE BOWIPI. ILL K.-kTI'II,I'IE'N BRADDOCK. BLK. FRANCES BR.bXDSHAW, B.A. London. Ontario Vilindsor. Ontario London. Ontario Wixldsor, Ontario llonoui' Clwliigx' Lit-nt-ral Arts llonour Business Administration General Arts litippti lan Siignri Gamma Plii Beta Delta llpsilon Pi Beta Phi lnim-Nlurgil Sp irts Clin Club Vreslinian XVelcominfg Committee Panliellenie Council lUis:ijwliriLirx' Cfiizirnittu: Commerce Clulu l S S. l7riis'i Wt-ltiiiiiiiig Committee- Genetic lntrt:-Xluiyil Sports Xlinister of Finance. US C Stratford, Ontario General Arts 4 Pi Beta Phi S.A,A. Canterbury Club Ski Club J ISS. Intra-lxflural Sports i i 4 Year Executive i l .o A 5. li i l l London., Ontario General Arts IIOIIICIVI' BROOKS. ILS:-. NOIIMA ISIIOUCIIXIVI, ILA. IIXRVICY ISIIUTON. ILM. NVNI. HOLLAND BUCIINER.. Bak. JACK IIYLES.. ILA. London, Ontario London. Ontario Sarnia. Ontario London., Ontario l'lnniiur Clie-inistrx' :intl Geology General Arts General Arts General Arts R C N V. R. Can. Army Follies R.C.A.F. lntra-Mural Sports ISIQIIYI, fIKlVII'III'II,Ii. ILX. IIKNIIXLI, CNSSON. I5.Sr'. IIONIA CIIANIILICR., ILA. ANTONIO CIIITOVAS. BHS. FRKNKLIN ROSS CLARK, London. Ontario Stratford. Ontario Parkhill., Ontario Strait-Ord' Ontario B'Sc' - llonoiir llistorx' Honour Chemistry General Arts A General Args. - , Watford, Ontano in iatiiii viii otiiii iiwiiiii iiiaiii OCCIJCHLHIIH- ASSOCWC lldifef Hfmourkchemasfry lnira-Mural Sports llumn Cfi-liege Science Girls Cullotluim Amateur Radm Club Kappa l'au Sigma Seiente Club .Gazette lntra-Mural Sports Canterbury Club Sclence Club lntra-Mural Sports 24 LENDON CLATWORTHY, B.A. SPENCER CLAUS, B.Sc. HOWARD CLEMENS. ILS:-. MARGARET CODE, ILA. ROBERT COIIN, B.A. London. Ontario St. Thomas, Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario Honour Business Administration Honour Chemistry and Geology Zoology Secretarial Science Alpha Kappa Psi Science Club Kappa Tau Sigma Kappa Alpha Theta Commerce Club Geology Club intra-Mural Sports Commerce Club lntra-Mural Sports Intra-Mural Sports Inter-Varsity Track Glee Club Nine O'Clocl4 Committee Canterbury Club intra-Mural Sports London. Ontario General Arts Commerce Club lntra-Mural Sports R C A I". DOUGLAS COOK, B.A. JAMES COTTRILL, B.A. JOIIN W. CRAM, ILA. THOMAS F. CREEPER, B.A. DANIEL ROBERT DAVIDSON Toronto, Ontario Kincardine, Ontario London. Ontario Chatham, Ontario . B'A' . General Arts Honour Business Administration Honour Business Administration General Arts Claverlngt O"m""' Commerce Club Alpha Kappa Psi Delta Upsilon Commerce Clulg. General Arts Intra-Mural Sports Commerce Club lntra-Mural Swimming Ski Club R C,A.l:. inter-Varsity Rugby-iVlcCullagh Huron College R C,N,V,R Gazette Trophy Intra-Mural Sports Inter-faculty Rugby Can. Army Can. Army EVE DAVIES, B.A. ,IEANNE DE JAUSSERAND, ILA. JEAN DOBBINS, B.A. HELEN DOWN, B.A. Toronto, Ontario London, Ontario Sarnia, Ontario Strathroy. Ontario Secretarial Science General Arts Secretarial Science General Arts Kappa Alpha Theta Canterbury Club Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Phi Beta Conservatory Orchestra Women's Council Inter-year Volleyball Glee Club Nine O'Clock Committee Swimming Le Cercle Francais 25 ILMA DUFF, B.A. St. Thomas, Ontario General Arts Gamma Phi Beta Gazette Psychology Club Frosh Welcoming Committee intra-Mural Softball l l l 3 ai UOROTIIY DIILIVIAGIC. ILA ' IVICAZICIK ICARIJIC., ILA. ROSS ElVIlVIO'I"I', Ii.,-K. JOHN R. FAIRS.. B.Sc. NIAX FERGUSON. B.A. London., Ontario Belleville., Ontario Sinn-ov. Ontario Tillsonburg, Ontario London, Ontario General Arts Honour Psychology and Philosophy Honour Business Adminisl ration Honour Chemistry Honour English and French ' Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Llpsilon Delta Llpsilon Delta Upsilon Gazette Glee Club Debating Club lntra-lX4ural Sports lntra-Mural Sports Freshman Welcoming Committee Players' Guild Varsity Football and Swimming Basketball Year lgxecutive Glee Club Commerce Clulw Mustangs Players' Guild Psychology Club Players' Guild Follies l.U.D.L. Uccidentalia l K l LEO Il. FEWS'I'I'IR. II.Se. WILLIAM N. FINNIIC.. ILA. TIIOIVIAS FLICNNIKEN.. ILA. J. W. LYNN FORDHAM, B.Sc. JOSEPH FRAUMENI, B.A. ffillsonburg. Ontario London. Ontario Ingersoll. Ontario Rodney, Ontario London, Onlal-i0 Honour Mathematics-antl Physics General Arts Honour Business Administration Honour Chemistry and Physics General Arts D?lt3 UPSIIOU R-C AF. Alpha Kappa Psi lntra-Mural Sports I Alpha Kappa Psi lntra-Mural Basketball Qommercc Qlui, Canadian Army Newman Club W. A. FRICNCII. B.A. IiENNIiI'I'Il FRYI-LR, B.Se. NELSON R. GADII, B.Sc. ILR. I, St. Thonias., Ontario St. 'rh0lTlllh, Ontario Fort Francis, Ontario General Arts Honour lxiathematics and Physics Honour Geology lntra-lvlural Sports Kappa 'Iau Sigma Kappa liau bigma bcience Club Glee Club Year Executive Nine O'Clock Committee Disciplinary Committee 26 IC. T. GALPIN, B.A. Sarnia, Ontario Honour History Delta Upsilon U.S.C. Clio Club Players' Guild Frosh Welcoming Committee Orpheus Society Gazette Huron College Occiclentalia Debating Society ROSS CARRETT, B.A. London, Ontario General Arts Canadian Army Commerce Club l l SW SVCS. qw JONALD CENTLEMAN. B.Sf'. ANNE CILLEN, B.A. JAMES M. CILLII-JS. FLA. DIARY COSNI-ILL, ILA. JOAN GOVAN, H.A. Melbourne, Ontario Brantford, Ontario T""5Wate"- Onmrm Highgate Ontario. London, Ontario Honour Chemistry and Geology General Arts Economms and polmcalsclence Secretarial Science French and German Year Executive lnter-faculty Sports Alpha Kappa PS' Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta Geology Club Representative on WAC. ,Gazette . . lntra-Mural and Inter-Western Inter-faculty Sports Basketball Manager Cemmlmed Advemsm 5 Badminton and Volleyball Polycon Club W A C Occidentalia ' ' " Debating Club Handbook Inter-Varsity Debater R .C.A.F. GEORGE CUTHRIE, B.A. JAMES HALDANE. BA. HAROLD HALL, B.A. CARL HALSTEAD, B.Sc. A. J. HANES, BA. Paris, Ontario L0Hd0ll, 0fltal'i0 Ridgelfiwnv ontario Harrow., Ontario London, 0Ili3l'i0 U , - General Arts Honour English Language and Ch 'i Cl G ,l gl General Arts P PsycholoolGrggilghllosophy Alpha Kappa Psi Literature emggggxcgncjluljo O" Y psycholbgl, Club Year Executive Hesperian Club Geology Clull, Debating Team F0lllCS X SC,lVl' 4 Disciplinarian Committee Inter-faculty Hockev lnter-faculty Sports Players Guild ' Canadian Army Soccer A JOHN HARRINGTOIF, B.A. PFIRCY HARRIS, BA. DOROTHY HAVILAND, BA. DON HAY, asc. JOHN HAYMAN, rm. Lfnldont Oxffano I Forest., Ontario Stratford, Ontario London, Ontario L0nd0ll, 0ntal'i0 Econon'llcishantiqPOliticSl-Science General Arts General Arm Mathematics and plwslss Hongur Economics and Political l5aaerS?'gf'.ldS1 s.CM.l s,s.s.A. iseew Kappa Tau Sigma SCICHCS 563 - .ul Debating Club Science Club , Pfefecf fleetle, I4V,C,F, llR.E' N ear Executive Qccidentalia R'ClA.l:. Honour Society Newman Club Freshman NVelcoming Committee . pfjlycon Club , Polycon Club Nine OClock Committee lXllE-ClLl.S- Student Court USC. IV1f9f'f2CUlfY SPOWS Intermediate Basketball ' 27 KlI.Iil-ISON llIi.KI.l'IY. ll.-K. ,IXMICS IIOBICIYI' IIICNDICRSON, EDWARD IIESSENER, ILS:-. IIERBHRT IIOI,LIN1LWOIi'l'lI, ELSPETII HOUSTON, BA. London, Ontario General .Xrts Dt-lta llpslltili Commerce Clulw S A A. Year lfxecutive lntra-lXIuraI Sports BNA' Thamesford, Ontario B'A' London., Ontario Luf'k"0W- 0"m""' Honour Chemistry Toronto- Ontarm Psychology and Philosophy General Arts Delta Upsilon General Arts Gamma Phi Beta Players' Guild Commerce Club Gazette Year hxecutive Handbook XVomen's Athletic Association Gazette Rugby Players' Guild Follies lixecutive R.C.N.V.R. WAC. Freshman Welcoming Committee Women's Council Occidentalia S.A.A. lntra-lX4ural Sports Panhellenic Council Psychology Cluh MADPILINIC IIOWSPI, ILL Sl. 'lihOlIl1lS, Ontario Psychology and Philosophy Gamma Phi Beta Year Executive Nine Otflock Committee S.A,A, 'reshman Welcoming, Committee PsyCht1lOgy Cluli Follies SuhvPrefect XV,A.C. llonour Society C. ROBERT IIUBBELL, HA. TERRY IIULBERT. BA. DONALD I-IUNTEN.. B.Sc. ROBERT D. HUTCIAIINSON. B.Sc Windsor, Ontario London.. Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario General Arts General Arts Chemistry and Physics Geology Canadian Army Gazette Kappa Tau Sigma Kappa Tau Sigma l.V.C.F, Science Club Science Cluln Handbook Gazette Psychology Club Geology Club lntra-lx4ural Sports lntra-Mural Sports Varsity Rugby DAVID JACKSON. I!.Sc'. London, Ontario lX13fl"lClI12IllCS and Physics Kappa l'au Sigma Ga:ette Science Clulv Honour Society reshman XVelcoming Committee S.A A. Speaker l,R E. N.F,C.U,S. Disciplinarian Committee lntra-Mural Sports HAROLD JACKSON, B..-L R. SPENCER JAMES, B.A. VICTOR A. KNOX, B.A. EDWARD LAWSON, B.A. Sarnia, Ontario London, Ontario Barrie, Ontario London, Ontario General Arts General Arts General Arts Honour Business Administration R.C.N.V R. S.S,S.A. Alpha Kappa Psi Inter-year Drama Music Club Newman Club Gazette Canadian Army lntra-Mural Sports Commerce Club 28 RUTI-I LAZENIIY. ILA. GRAII.-KM I,IC'l'IIRRIIlGIC. ILA. VERNA LINDSTROM. BA. lNI.kXVVICI.L MXCICE. BA. IVIAIUOIRY lN'I.-ULWOUID. ILK St. Thonlus. Ontario London, Ontario Kcnora. Ontario Iionilun. Ontario IiIlll'1ll'lIIlll". Onlnrio Honour English General Arts Business Administration antl Honour llisrorv General Arts Kappa Alpha Theta Canterhurv Cluli, Secretarial Science Mustang Band flctctte Orpheus Society R C A F. Kappa Alpha' Theta Glee Club Nine U'Cloclt Committee S.C.lVI. Commerce Club lfollies lnter-Year Swimniintz and lntra-Xlural Sports Boxx ling PIIYLLIS IVIANNINC, B..-K. HELEN l5IacCRICCOR. B.X. IVIARION Mc'CALLlllVI. ILA. BLAIR lVIvGllG.kN. I!.Sv. ALLXN lwcfllllllli. ILA Clinton., Ontario London, Ontario London. Ontario London. Ontario Slonvy Point. Ontario Honour History General Arts Secretarial Science Honour Biological Science hcncral Ai-is Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi lntra-lxlural Sports lntr:i-Xluixil Sports Year Executive Intra-lXlural Sports Harrier Shicltl Clio Club Polycon Club Athletic Directorate Honour Society XVomen's Athletic Association Womens Council Panhellenic Council Occidentalia 'reshman Welcoming Committee M-.E TERESA NICIVER, B.A,. GEORGE IVICLACIILAN.. ILA. Seaforth, Ontario Glanworlh.. Ontario General Arts General Arts Kappa Alpha 'lheta Intra-lN4ural Sports XVomen's Council Polycon Club Newman Club Intra-Mural Sports ,IOIIN B. McLARTY. B.St-. London, Ontario Honour Chemistry and Physics Delta Upsilon Honour Society SAA. Science Club Student Government Intra-Mural Sports Chemical Institute of Canada Freshman Welcoming Committee 29 MXRIAN McLl'INNAN. B..K. ALEX Mt-LOUGHLIN. ILA. London, Ontario London. Ontario Honour English l..,3l"l2L18QC Honour Business Administration and Literature Alpha Kappa Psi Kappa Alpha Theta Commerce Club Glee Club Gccidentalia S.C.lX4. Music Club RUTH M.1MUl,LIN. BA. ANN MfN,+.nn. BA. CLKRENCE Mmun, BA. J. MAX MITCHELL. 11.50. FREDERICK MORLOCK, n.A. Port Arthur. Ontario St. Thomas. Ontario Toronto. Ontario London, Ontario Crediton, Ontario SecretarialfScience General Arts General Arts Honour Chemistry and Phvsics General Arts lxappa Alpha Iheta Kappa Alpha Theta Canadian Army l,V,CVF, lntra-Mural Sports lntra-Mural Sports Basketball RAY IVIORNINGST.-KR. But. STANLEY C. MORRIS, BA. MARIAN MORROW. B.A. ARTHUR R. MORTON. B.A. MARGARET MOWAT, R.A. Watford. Ontario London. Ontario London.. Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario General Arts General Arts General Arts General Arts General Arts Alpha Kappa Psi Xience Clulw Gamma Phi Beta Pi Beta Phi Glee Club Hesperian Club lntra-lvlural Sports Canadian Army Follies OZBURN MUMA, B.A. RICHARD MURPIIY.. ILA. JAMES M. MURRAY. B.A. MYRON WC NEEDLES-. B.A. Toronto, Ontario London, Ontario Kitchener, Ontario Kitchener., Ontario General Arts General Arts I Honour Business Administrationx Honour Business Administration Newman Club Delta Upsilon Delta Upsilon Ski Club Canadian Army Quarterly Review' Commerce Club I ntra-Mural Sports 3 0 JACK NEILSON, B.A. Leamington, Ontario Honour Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi S,A.A. Freshman Welcoming Committee lntra-Mural Sports Zz ' NVILLI UW G O'BRIEN. B K BETTY IEXN ITNEIL. B X GORDON NEWELL, B.A. NICK NICHOLAS. B.A. OLIWPE NICKLE. II..L Q 1 Th . 1 q Onvgl-in -. - Lohdinh Odtarin Sll'1lff0l'dv 0"U'1'i0 Windsor' Ontario Hargstonz gnmrm L L GF,:?rZlqArtg K Honour liniflish Language and H French and German ienera. rts , ' , Literature lntSaC3lQSl1SEl'blASE?zrtS Onolilti Cerclc Francais Canterbury Club Alpha kappa PN Gamma Phi Beta lntra-Mural Sports Gazette Hesperian Club Year Executive U SC Honour Soeietv intra-Mural Sports 'llclegraphic Archery JOHN D. PARK. B.A. ORVAL PARSONS. B.A. SIIIRLICY ILXYNIC. ILA. RICIIXRU II. I'EAIlCE. B.Se. JOYCE PORTER. B K Wyoming. Ontario St. Marys. Ontario Sl. 'I'hunlas,, Ontario xvlHI0l'IllO. Ontario London. Ontario General Arts Honour French and German Honour French and German llonour Chemistry and Physics Secretarial Science Commerce Club lntra-Mural Sports Kappa Alpha Theta liappa Tau Sigma Pi Beta Phi Canadian Army Le Cercle Francais Gazette lfollies Canadian Legion University Glee Club Drama Guild lntraalxlural Sports Branch Cexeeutivej XVomen's Council l RE. XVA C. lntra-lklural Sports C.l.C. President of XVA C. lntra-Mural Sports BRUCE PRITCHARD, B.A. ELIZABETH PRUDIIANI. B.A. HAROLD IC. A. PEACH. ROBERT F. REID. BMX. Timmins, Ontario Galt, Ontario BHK.. L.Th. Stratford. Ontario General Arts General Arm Listowel., Ontario General Arts Ski Club Ski Club Arts and Theology Huron. College Science Club Clio Club Year Executive , I Cal' PXECUUVC - Intra-Mural Sports I.S.S, Ix1en's Athletic Association O9C'de'ftall3 QASSOCP lid-l Gazette 1 lntra-Mural Sports Warden Common Room QHuronJ Nme Oclock Commmee Oceidentalia T Gazette Commerce Club R-C'A'F- lntra-Ivlural Sports 3 1 SAMUEL REID. B K Stratford.. Ontario General Arts Beta Sigma Rho ICLGIN RINTOUL. ISA. GORDON RISK. BA. GEORGE RIVERS. BA. l".U'l'II ROGERS. BA. VERNON ROSS. B.Sc. I.-xurvl. Ontario Toronto. Ontario Strathroy, Ontario St. Thomas. Ontario St. Thomas. Ontario General Arts General Arts Honour'Business Social Sciencen Honour lviathematics and Physics lntra-lvlural Sports Alpha Kappa Psi Kappa Alpha lhcta K.T.S. Special Award-Athletic Assoc Commerce Club Psychology Club Blanket lviusic Cluln GORDON SAUER. BA. ANN SCO'l"l'. BA. C. ,L D. SCOTT BRUCE SMITH. ll.Sc. ANNIE SNOBELEN. ILA. Chippawa, Ontario London.. Ontario Windsor.. Ontario London. Ontario Chatham, Ontario Genera! Arts General Arts Ceneral Arts Honour Chemistry General Arts Pi Beta Phi Kappa Tau Sigma S.C.lVl. Psvchology Clult lntra-iX4ural Sports Clio Club l,SS. lntra-Mural Sports W,A.C ICLHANORE STADDON. B.,-L lfLIZ.XBl'i'I'Il STANLEY. BMX. ROBERT STEEP, FLA. HARRY SZUIVILINSKI, B..-K. DICKSON TAYLOR. B.A. Kingsville, Ontario Leamington. Ontario Guelph, Ontario London, Ontario Thamesford, Ontario General Arts General AVIS Honour Business Administration Cveneral Arts General Arts Commerce Club COmmCl'CC Club Alpha Kappa Psi lntra-Mural Sports Commerce Club Commerce Clubl Canadian Army Intra-Mural Sports Year Executive R.C.N.V.R. Boxing Intra-Mural Sports 32 l l l 1 A ' i GRANT TAYLOR, B.Sc. IIELEN THOMSON.. BA. WILSON II. TIHHO, BA. HOWARD TIPPER, B.Sc. FRANCIS M. TYE. BA. Exeter, Ontario Blucvale, Ontario Grand Bank, Newfoundland Huntsville, Ontario Milvcrton, Ontario 1 Honour Chemistry Secretarial Science Honour Business Administration Honour Geology Honour Business Administration l Kappa Tau Sigma Kappa Alpha 'I heta Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi ' Commerce Club Debating Club Canterbury Club intra-Mural Sports l l l l i B 1 . STANLEY S. VINCENT, ILA. ERIC VOUAN.. I3.Sc. LUBA VORSIIUK. ILL JACK H. W'.IL'I'EIIS. B.A. ROBERT WCXUCII. B.A. Arnprior, Ontario London. Ontario Windsor. Ontario London, Ontario London. Ontario General Arts Honour lklatheniatics and Physics Honour Business Administration General Arts Honour Business Administration Kappa 'l au Sigma Kappa Alpha Theta Science Club DU. University Orchestra Honour Society Gazette lntra-ixlural Sports Mustang Band Commerce Club Ski Club Undergraduate Womens Council Jazz Club Panhellenic Council Follies S.A.A. intra-Mural Sports lntra-Niural Sports LESLIE WELCH, FLA. JOHN H. WHITEI, B.A. JOHN WI'IITELY, B.A. NIARY LOIS WILLIAMS, B.A. LESTER STUART Stratford, Ontario London, Ontario Windsor, Ontario Eberts, Ontario IVILLOUGHBX' General Arts General Arts General Arts General Arts Toronto' 0"lar"' Canadian Army D.U. lntra-Mural Sports S,C.M. General Arts Gazette Varsity Basketball Debating Club I.S,S. Occidentalia CCirculation Mgr.J R.C.N.V.R. R.c.A.F. 33 JOSEPH WINTER. l-LA. ELLA WOODSIDE.. B.A. CARL WOODWARD, B.A. ALBERT ZANUSSI, B.A London, Ontario London, Ontario St. Thomas. Ontario London, Ontario Gcncral Arts Honour English and Latin Honour Business Administration General Ang Commerce Club l.V.C.I'. Alpha Kappa Psi Intra-Mural Sports lntra-Mural Sports Classics Club R.C.A.F. Hesperian Club DONALD GAY, B.A. St. Thomas. Ontario General Arts R,C.A.F. GRAD ATI G CLASS ARTS '46 ".L..f ,.,,..... -"f-.i- I -1- I-VI'-'Q - I- Y I"-I JOHN BARDWELL ALLAN BOCUE. ARTHUR BRADFORD DAVID A. CLARKE M.Sc. M.A. M.A. M.Sc. APPIN, Ontario Byron. Ontario Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Chemistry History History Chemistry JAMES DOUGLAS TERRY FERRIS JOHN WRIGHT EVELYN PHILLIPS M.Sc. M.A. M.Sc. M.A. London, Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario Chemistry History Chemistry French and German i A M-. ff KEITH FERGUSON JKMES Y. NICHOL CHARLES HOARE M.Sc. M.S1:. M.A. St. Thomas, Ontario Clanworth. Ontario London, Ontario ' Physics Chemistry Business Administration ROBERT McEACHERN M.Sc. London , Ontario Chemistry MASTER DEGREE 35 1 1 1 s 1 1 ll E 1 4 1 M. B. BAINBRIDGE J. HAROLD BROOKE ROGER D. CAMPBELL ELLA CRUIKSHANKS B.A. 419455 B.A. 419467 B.A. 419455 B.A. 419463 Druxnbo, Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario 1 I 1 i, 1 Asif ELENOR COCIIRANE CHARLES GABEL PATRICIA- GRAY K. HAYES EDWARD JACKLIN B.A. pcm. 10465 B.A. 410455 WSC- In Nufsmg 4113401 B.A. 419455 B.A. 419453 , , London, Ontario , , , , f Duart. Ontario New Hamburg, Ontario Faculty of public Health Sarnia, Ontario Blenheim, Ontario L 1 1 1 I 1 1 A. G. MURRAY V. NICHOLLS JOHN ROBBINS CLARENCE RUSSELL , B.A. 419465 B.A. 419451 B.A. 419461 B.A. 419451 5 Ingersoll, Ontario Blenheim, Ontario Dorchester, Ontario Mitchell, Ontario EXTRAM 'RAL AND EXTENSION GRADS '4 1 I 36 1 1 Graduates W University College WM. L. ARCHER, R.Sc. Honour Chemistry London, Ontario K.T.S. Science Club Army REGINALD FAIRES, B.A. General Arts Woodstock, Ontario JAS. ERNEST GIRVIN. M.A. Business Administration London, Ontario JOHN F. HOWARD, B.A. General Arts Goderich, Ontario DALE JAGOE, B.Sc. Honour Geology St. Thomas, Ontario Army CARSON F. JOHNSON, B.A. General Arts Aylmer, Ontario Psychology Club Polycon Club Sigma Executive Student Veterans Advisory Council R.C.N.V.R. . STEPHEN A. KNIGHT, B.A. General Arts Stratford, Ontario R.C.A.F. FREDERICK G. McDOWELL, B.A. General Arts London, Ontario HAROLD NOBLE, B.A. General Arts Brantford, Ontario RALPH E. PARKER, B.A. Honour History London, Ontario D. KEITH SHALES, B.A. General Arts London, Ontario A.K.P. Commerce Club Intra-mural Sports R.C.N.V.R. PETER TOWE, B.A. Honour Economics and Political Science London, Ontario Pultlications RC AF. O Assumption College RIZIERI PIETRO FREZZIRO. M.A. Windsor, Ontario JOSEPH FLEMING GUALDERONI, M.A. Windsor, Ontario Certificate of Instructor in Nursing VIOLET GWALCHMAI London, Ontario ELIZABETH HARTIG Winnipeg, Manitoba hose Photographs Were Not vailahle RITA J. HEENAN Lucan. Ontario GLADYS E. HILL Port Arthur. Ontario FRANCES HOUSTON R.R. 3, Auburn, Ontario SISTER JEAN AUDES London, Ontario IDA EVELYN JOHNSON Edinonton, Alberta BERNICE LEWIS Woodstock, Ontario SISTER MARIE BERNADETTE London, Ontario HELENE ROBBINS St. Thomas, Ontario MARGUERITE SCHUMACHER W'innipeg, Manitoba Certificate of Public Health Nurse LUCETTA ARMSTRONG Hyde Park, Ontario RUTH MARGARET ARTHUR Auburn, Ontario DORIS BARNETT London, Ontario BETTY BROWN Kingsmill, Ontario MARY JACQUELINE CONNELY Campbellton, N.B. DOROTHEA ELGIE Dresden, Ontario ELEANOR FENDLE Y Saskatoon. Sask. JULIETTE FORTIN - Sudbury, Ontario GRACE GR AHAM Glencoe, Ontario CLAIRE HICKS Windsor, Ontario DORIS KIRKWOOD Williamsburg, Ontario FERNANDE CLAIRE LEFAIVE Windsor, Ontario MARY M. LEYDEN Windsor, Ontario ANITA McDERMOTT Guelph, Ontario MARGUERITE MOLONEY R.R. 1, Woodslee, Ontario MARION P. MONCK London, Ontario BURMA MORLOCK London, Ontario MARION E. PEIRCE London, Ontario HILDA FRANCES ROY Waterloo, Ontario WINONA STEVENSON R.R. 6, London, Ontario 37 JOSEPHIN E SWEET Essex, Ontario HELEN AILEEN THOMPSON R.R. 5, Wingham, Onlario ANNIE WADE Woodstock, Ontario ELSIE E. WHITE Windsor, Ontario University College Candidates from the Summer School Extramural and Extension Departments fMay and October, 19463 EDWARD WARD AGNEXV. B.A. Owen Sound, Ontario BARBARA GERTRUDE BERGEY B.A. London, Ontario JOHN ROSS CARTER. B.A. Chatham, Ontario KENNETH H. CLARK, B.A. Toronto, Ontario DONALD A. DAVIS, B.A. St. Jacobs, Ontario MERVIN E. DUKE. B.A. Elmira, Ontario JOHN W. DURRANT, B.A. Forest, Ontario GEORGE C. E. GRAY, B.A. Windsor, Ontario GEOFFREY GUNN. B.A. London , Ontario LENORE JONES, B.A. Irvington-orbthe-Hudson, New York BLAIR McCLENAHAN, B.A. R.R. 1, Indian Point. Aldershot I'.O., Ontario WM. McGAULEY.. B.A. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario WM. A. OSBORNE. B.A. No. 1, G.R.S., SLIIIIIIIKSFSIIIC, P.E.I MARJORIE Plum-:,xUx, B.A. Y.W.C.A., Sarnia, Ontario MERI I YL PULLEN, B.A. Windsor, Ontario A. W. SCIINEIDER, B.A. Allenford, Ontario LAURA SNELL, B.A. Welland, Ontario FXL JOHN Mc. STIRLING, B.A. 1 A.C.H.O., RCAF, Trenton, Ont. WM. CLARENCE TAYLOR, B.A. Ottawa, Ontario HERBERT G. THOMPSON. B.A. Ayr, Ontario G. G. WHEELER. B.A. London, Ontario ELMER W. YOUNG, B.A. Brantford, Ontario JACK O. YOUNG, B.A. Toronto., Ontario ROBERT J. MILLER. B.A. London, Ontario W .JVM ' X 555 Vx f v ,rr - ,,,,, ' '.'31T.- . I I - - -1 - . . "' "-1 .--1 ' Ny aw, .-.,V.. :.n.v. -- c Q' ' -, ,- ""a"" " - .....-..- --ngkl . - g L 'V K ...qi- - W- ',.:----T-. - -- ...Q "-Fr V ' ' ' i""'--- ' ,,,,..i. xx-- .- Sli .X ,pq W Y- fix iw sa 0 F 1 ,,,,,,f .ssl 4 wg? ,PX :REQ Q ff ' ,QMQIW ww! , A w -. ,, .. 1, N .,,,. .4 V, ' f- f -Qf V f -4, V' "i . f 'W 'Hep ' ' -xx V f v if , ,f Wfigsg' 'QQ " ,fn-RN PE, X ,ff ,I .,4k V Wx N .W gggpi.-ggig wg ,L "ff ,K 'f f gl RX x W. V .' 01 . ,:?W,w' I ' ff ww L' if iw.: Q- swf W wx Nl' ' .-' 16 -14' 24' 'If H ' ' Y V M f lifll 1P'3f-:,5'?Q-few WY X x l , ' i3wmfw,s: HW 1. N X. :Nw --b y W , f -1 W Q 42' 1f3fvggj5xg1ggg42 Nw f 'z:Tz,ffx 2vff45 W, Q- " ' - , L ,w g X W N04 5 7 kxvfmigl WV SS I P ww ,NW .., 1 ,wi V A ' - -:QM X x 1 g ix by 'S zu ., , :mf 1 - 1. :xv ,f 1 'Nw , jf' ww Ky, Q ,. X X ,jg L ,N gig' QW fs. . 4 ,w,x,Qg,',.7,3 f, Q f:, 33, A 1 fr M: ,kigfyxfg W .gg :wmv-X rm NMA X ,V '- K, kmffxiff w ,, ,Aus , QW . .,.,, Qx' 'Vi X x , Q 'NNN A ,-. X R W ,X U x , . ag- was wx' A ' X , ff XA To the Class of 946: As CANADA AND THE nations of the world look to this post-war period of rehabili- tation, reconstruction and reconversion, the increasing dependency upon scientific developments and technical applications foreshadow a necessary increase in our understanding and appreciation of those factors which influence man, as a man, in all his environment. A greater and greater understanding of the individual in both health and disease is moving the medical profession to a truer appreciation of its responsibilities. In these changes you, as graduates in Medicine, will be involved. The solu- tion, which will become somewhat more claritied with the passing of time, will be effected through your honest concern for the well-being of your patients. The challenge of the future in medical practice is yours. G. E. HALL, Dean. 40 To the Graduates, Class of 1946: YOU LEAVE Us NOW to begin your lives with all your hopes, anxieties and joys closely bound up with him whom we call our "patient". No one can offer you higher tribute than your patient. He entrusts his health and his life to you, and so the happiness of all whom he holds dear. To be worthy of such trust you must submit yourselves to the constant discipline of untiring effort in search of knowledge. Procrastination is still the thief of time. Make that search today and every day is today. You have long since learned the truth of the old Spanish saying: "Manana no viene nunca"--"Tomorrow never comes". May all your "todays" bring you happiness! God Speed! ELDON D. BUSBY. 41 History of Meds '46: OUR s.Axn,s ARE s1iT. Meds '46 is at last launched and moving on her own. Let us look back and see how we were equipped for this voyage we have planned so long. Our keel was laid one September day in 1941 as fifty-one of us, strangers to each other, were initiated into the theories of evolution, into dogfish dissection, the library card catalogue, and jimmy's ambidextrous jottings. Slowly we rounded out, and with our first class party at the Eastern Star showed our high polish as Hartwick, our president, became overly effusive in welcoming the guests, and Plunkett nailed the heel on a slipper. In time the second term rolled by, being marked by our first entree into the Hunt Club in which joe and Lou set records which have yet to be broken. Thus we passed the hrst year in the process of our creation. Many of the planks laid on our frame in this period subsequently grew wormy and were discarded, but the skeleton persisted. Second year found us reduced by ten "originals", but augmented by five staunch B.A. folks. VVhite gowns and cadavers were in vogue, which, although they added to our esteem, subtracted from our pleasure. Memories? Yes-McKim and his daring exploits with the chiefg bowel and liver replacing skipping ropes and snowballs, blood, sweat and tearsg Burke's "week-end" tripsg "Grandma" with her lunch and Gray, "Frankie" Plunkett in the incipient stagesg "Lover" Lamont undaunted by one trial after another. One course in particular we can never forget, in which, besides being taught the development of the chicken and the pig, we received lengthy dissertations on the various anatomists, surgeons, and histologists of Spain, France and Germany. Special lectures were given on the development of the fetal skull and the function of the bronchial inusculature. Wife are still coughing up elastic tissuej. As for the "de-de- de-de-hep-you take out the liver" dogs, nothing could have been clearer. The wheels must turn. After finals, when we collected ourselves for the count, we saw that the axe had fallen heavily-the "Great White Father" had, with that unkindest cut of all, struck off eleven more of our comrades. "Goot Aufternoon!" welcomed us to third year lectures, and a long cigarette- holder to labs. VVe, in turn, welcomed the monocle and thirsty palate to our party at the Hunt Club, at which Bob Annett, our glib M.C., was completely nonplused when Dr. johns recognized "Shoo-Shoo Baby", Dr. Wilcox diagnosed "My Ideal", and Dr. Stavraky his own inimitable accent. The first term passed smoothly enough with much leisure time. Physiology reigned supreme-in the lecture room we learned from Freddy about the pes terminales, and the cerebellum, interspersed with "Byles, that's not focused!" In the lab we were haunted by his searching eyes magnified greatly under his projecting dissection glasses. So far, we have dealt only with the dead or the unevolved, but with the second term came stethoscope, congestive heart failure, recognition and acceptance into medicine. Pathology accompanied this, perhaps overshadowing it, as all disease processes were learned in a few short months. Tragedy struck at this time, for on coming to school one morning during examin- ation week, we were shocked at the news of the death of a dear friend and a great teacher of pathology-Dr. Percy johns. Fourth year we think of as the year of greatest personal success, we learned medi- cine, surgery and obstetrics. We scraped under the deadline for army enlistment, and gained the King's forces. Naturally, this financial security was followed by one mar- riage after another, and in a short time we found that most of the class had been to the altar. Our roaring fourth-fifth year party at the Hotel, in which chandeliers were broken by flying buns, and waitresses pinched by uncoordinated fingers was pro- nounced the best yet. Fifth year beckoned us back in july, with only a month's vacation. Now we were let loose on the wards. We struggled through, or neglected blood counts. We survived with less sleep than watchdogs. Suddenly, up loomed the finals and councils. Frenzy moved us to study for these, the last of a seemingly endless series. Now that they are over, we are thrilled to say as we push off from Western's safe harbour, "We are Meds '46 from VVestern." 42 l Meds '46 Class Prophecy: ANNETPT: Entertaining his patients until he doubles the incidence of incisional hernia. BAINBOROUGH: joining the ranks of author-physicians. BOWER: Professor of pediatrics and expert on child phsychology. BROWN: Suffering from a severe case of deep-thinker's neurosis after writing a text- book combining the philosophies of Darwin, Ellis and Freud. BURY: Rejoicing that he has maintained the health of his riding companions. CANTELON: Lecturing to alcoholics on the "one-drink" philosophy. CLUNAS: Fatherly promotor of an ambitious medette. COOK: The family doctor, respected for her common sense and equanimity. CORRIN: The beloved physician. FERGUSON: Teaching therapeutics with "before" and "after" pictures. FLECK: A female Arrowsmith. HARPER: The after-dinner speaker par excellance. HATCHER: The heartiest back-slapper at class reunions. HIGGINS: The physician who never sends a bill. LAMONT: Developing a bedside manner unequalled by all his contemporaries. LOTT: Secure a comfortable practice and a happy home. MACKENZIE: Rejoicing that at forty, he can still play a better game of volleyball than the star of the student team. MARTIN: President of the Toonerville Academy of M edicine. MCFADDEN: In a Montreal practice with three cars and a thriving haberdashery. MCKIM: Making a fortune selling a combination stethoscope and pelvimeter. MCNABB: In an obstetrical practice on Park Avenue. MILLER: An industrious country practitioner. MOODY: Investigating the psychology of African Head-Hunters. MORROW: Chief coroner for Middlesex county. O'NEIL: Helping the cows with their calves in Rainy River district. PLUM: Still practising, and still smiling at sixty. PLUNKETT: Inventing several new surgical knots. SUSSEX! Public Health Officer in a large city. TEASDALL: A medicolegal expert of great renown. VOAKES: Attending physician to the Ballet Russe. WARD: Medical missionary among the eskimos of Thule, Greenland. WELDHEN: Rounding out a busy week with a friendly game of poker. WILKEY: Directing a clinic for juvenile delinquents. WILLS: The surgeon who demands a frozen section in the middle of every operation. WITTIG: General practitioner whose favourate prescription is: Spiritis Fermentii- -ounces two, t-i-d. WOOLNER: Saving mental energy by making a tentative diagnosis of neurosis and prescribing a placebo. ZALTZ: The clinician with all the answers. 43 ROBERT K. .-KNNETT RAYIVIOND RAINBOROUCII. ILA. HARRY BOWER CHARLES Y. BROWN London, Ontario Gore Ray, Ontario London. Ontario London, Ontario Gazcitc Gazctte Medical -Journal Gazette Ifreshman Welcoming Committee Medical journal Senior Rugby Class Executive lnterlaculty Sports lXletls Honour Society xSenior Boxing Volleyball Senior Volleyball lnterfaculty Sports lnterfaculty Sports Medical Graduatin Class ROBERT J. HURY C. BRUCE CANTELON DUKE E. CLUNAS Sarnia, Ontario Alliston, Ontario Dundalk, Ontario lnterfacult Sports Interfaculty Sports University golf Team NORMA COOK BERNARD N. CORRIN A. MURRAY EAGLES DONALD B. FERGUSON Hensall, Ontario Brantford, Ontario Meaford, Ontario London, Ontario Gamma Phi Beta l.V.C.F. A.K K. Occidentalia Class Executive Interfaculty Sports Boxing Class Historian Badminton Hockey lnterfaculty Sports 44 ELIZABETH B. FLECK, B.A. Vancouver, B.C. JOHN F. HARPER, B.A. J. DON HATCHER JACK HIGGINS Hamilton, Ontario St. Thomas, Ontario Milton, Ontario A.K.K. A.K.K. D.U. A.O.A. Hippocratic Council Interfaculty Sports Class President U.S.C. Medical Honour Society Medical journal Interfaculty Sports Freshman Welcoming Committee Merrymakers Medical Honour Society Nl edical Graduating Class CAMPBELL LAMONT J. STEWART LOTT, B.A. DONALD MacKENZIE Mt. Bridges, Ontario Sarnia, Ontario Stratford, Ontario A.O.A. D.U. Class Executive A.K.K. Class Executive lviedical journal Gazette Meds Sports Editor Volleyball Rugby Interfaculty Sports Volleyball Hippocratic Council Treasurer lnterfaculty Sports ROBERT H. MARTIN Hamilton, Ontario A.O.A. Hippocratic Council Qpresident and Vice-Presidenlj U.S.C. Meds Honour Society W. D. GLENN McFADDEN JOHN S. MCKIM ALAN McNABB Thorndale, Ontario Ridgetown, Ontario Hamilton, Ontario A,K.K. A.K.K. A,K.K. Golf Athletic Directorate lnterfaculty Sports Gazette Class Executive Merrymakers Student's Co-operative Store Track Boxing Volleyball Interfaculty Sports Huron College 45 Meds Honour Society .I.xMr1s A. MILLER Nlilvorton, Ontario A. lili. A.O.A. U.S.C. Huron College JOHN D. MORROWV JOHN D. 0'NEIL LOIS M. PLUMB London, Ontario Duart, Ontario Brussels, Ontario A K.K. A,K.K. Medettes' President lnterfaculty Tennis Medical Journal Volleyball Class Executive lnterfaculty Sports Medical Graduating Class EARL R. PLUNKETT London. Ontario Meds Honour Society A.K.K. Council Freshman Welcoming Comn Merrymakers ROBERT SUSSEX ROBERT TEASDALL VERNE G. VOAKES KENNETH A. WARD JOHN W. WELDHEN London. Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario Stratford, Ontario Belmont, Ontario A.K.K. D,U. A.K.K. Medical Journal Class Executive lnterfaculty Sports Class Executive Volleyball I.V.C.F. Interfaculty Sports lnterfaculty Sports lnterfaculty Sports Volleyball JOSEPH E. WITTIG, B.A. WILLIAM D. WILKEY WILLIAM J. WILLS JAMES M. WOOLNER, B.A. MAURICE ZALTZ Kitchener, Ontario A.K,K. AOA. CAMSI Newman Club Class Executive Volleyball Hockey Baseball Tennis Champion. 1944 Boxing Interfaculty Sports London, Ontario St. Thomas, Ontario Ayr, Ontario A.K.K. A.K.K. D.U. A.O.A. CAMSI CAMSI lnterfaculty Sports . lnterfaculty Sports l 46 Brantford, Ontario 'Beta Sigma Rho Class Executive Senior Rugby lnterfaculty Volleyball Interfaculty Sports gf W JJ 1 PUBLIC HEALTH Enggi' fnadllm x, f5.Q 12, Q,"eIi3"gd u . , N XX 2 N Q ,......Y ,, M 4 ,,, L ww' Eg ' ' , , 3 Q 46 Q wwf, k W 'Nm Q' v X 1 ,nxt Wg' M6 To the Graduates of 1946: XYE EXTEND OUR CONGRATULATIONS upon the successful completion of your University course and our best wishes for your happiness and prosperity in the future. You are the twenty-fifth class to graduate in the nursing courses offered by this University. There were only four graduates in the Class of '21 and there are approximately fifty in the Class of '46 These figures emphasize two facts, the increasing demand for specialized training by the nursing profession and the recognized standing of the nursing courses provided by this University. As graduate nurses you have received an education second to none in adapt- ing you to meet the problems of life as they arise. The use you may make of your education is an entirely personal matter. If you undertake professional work in your specialty, and we hope that you may for the need is great, it is also our hope that your record of achievement in meeting the ideals of the nursing profession may equal or exceed the high standard already set by the previous graduates in the nursing courses of your Alma Mater. A. J. SLACK, M.D. Dean, Farzflty of Public Health. 50 Miss JEAN WALKER M155 EILEEN PENHALI2, R.N., M.A E ..f: y 5. S 65" f iv- ' x Q 1 ,fam-" A 1 4 1946 Executive Graduating Class, Public Health Sitting: B. NIORLOCK CVz'ce-Presfl, B. LEVVIS CPres.7. Back Row: M. H. MOLONEY CTreas.J, J. IQIRKLAND CU.S.C. Repj, M. HUDSON CSecrelaryJ. 51 RlVl'll AlC'l'lll'll IUXRY l5L.KNlPl"Olill PIIYLLIS BLUE'l"l' Bl'I'l"lfY IXROWN MARY J- CONNELY ll.Sv.N. B.Sc'.N. ILS1-.N. ILS:-.N. B.Sc.N. Auburn., Ontario London, Ontario London., Ontario Kingsxnill, Ontario Carnpbcllton, N.B. i f P bl' H 1 h d u IC ea t 1 a uates Y I ICLEANOR FICNDLEY JULIETTE FORTIN NIRS. Nl.KRJOR!E FLXNDERS IVIRS. R. CLOVI-ZR 1 lf-.Sc.N. B.Sc.N. GLIDDON B144-.N. B.Sc.N. I Saskatoon, Sauk. Sudbury, Ontario Lundvn, Ontario St. Thomas, Ontario 5 VIOLET GWALCHMAI ELIZABETH HARTIC RETA HEENAN GLADYS HILL FRANCES HOUSTON B.Sv.N. 8.51-.N. B.Sc.N. B.Sc.N. B.Sr'.N. ' London. Ontario V5'innipeg, Man. Lucan, Ontario Port Arthur., Ontario Auburn, Ontario l Y I i in 52 U MARJORIE HUDSON IDA JOHNSON ISAREL KELLY JANET KIRKLAND DORIS ICIRKWOOD B.Sc.N. B.Sv.N. li.Sc.N. lS.Sc.N. B.Sc.N. Montreal, P.Q. EdIll0Ill0ll, Alta. Lambeth, Ontario Dutton, Onlurio Williznrnsburg, Ontario Public -Health raduates W 1 E X N w 1 f SHIRLEY IAWVPON FERNANDE Ll-IFAIVE BERNICE LEYVIS MIKS. M. NIKLONICY B.Sc.N. H.Sm'.N. ll.S0.N. lS.St'.N. London, Ontario Windsor, Ontario Woodstock, Ontario London. Ontario M X LW-4 ANITA lWIcDERMOTT IWARY lVll'lVl,-XHON NIARION MONCK BURNIA ff.-KTl'll'lRINl'l NIOHLOCK ,IIC-KN MORNINCST,-XR B.Sc.N. B.Sc.N. B.Sc.N. B.S1:.N. B.Sc.N. Guelph., Ontario Tillsonburg, Ontario London, Ontario London. Ontario Mull, Ontario 53 , 9 DOROTHY lWvROBI'iR'l' IWXRION PICIIHIIC lfll-LLEN ROBERTS HILDA ROY B.Sv.N. l!.Sc.N. l-L51-,N, B.Sc.N, London. Ontario London, Ontario London, Ontario Waterllro, Ontario Public Health Graduates BARR.-XRS SCHRNDKL BXRBXRA SIIUOK IVIILDRED SMALL B.Sc.N. ILSKNN. B.Sf'.N. W'atel-loo. Ontario Toronto. Ontario Dutton. Ontario ..,-V,-" EAA. ' ' ' WINONA STEVENSON lDIDRO'I'HE.X D. ICLGIIC JUSEIWIINE SWEET ANNIE WADE li.Sc.N. H.Sc-.N. R.Sc.N. B.Sc.N. London, Unlario Chatham. Ontario Essex, Ontario Woodstock. Ontario 54 Girls of the Institute P mf.. 'W' M R Ei ' , i 2 .y f A i"1s.,.,w,,,f""""W 2 THE ALMA COLLEGE Morro, "Toujours en avant", is usually translated "Ever Forward" and seems to provide a suitable slogan and challenge for young people in these days of readjustment. It takes a good deal of insight to see that the world is really moving in an upward direction, and that civilization can only be preserved by getting better and better. And life is like that, both in school and university. There is no point what- ever in spending so much money and effort in educational training unless we are getting ahead. And 'getting ahead' is not merely getting a job, or getting a big salary, or Cas far as Alma girls are concernedj getting a handsome husband. The thing we are all after in our ever increasing VVestern family is growth- in mental equipment, of course, but, still more, in our conception of life and its meaning, in our moral fitness for it, and in learning to live unselfishly with other people. So Alma College greets the graduates and hopes that they will go 'forward' so successfully that we shall be glad to follow in their footsteps into a better world, and a finer life. P. S. DOBSON, Prinripal. 57 , ian Lg, ff ' 3, Nr-. ww. M- -N,...X.-, "Q"--. School Activities ' I ' 1 i s ,, av- nxwf x ,waxy A WI xD + . ASSUMPTICDN COT .I .FG :ai W fx A 4 , 6 V 61 Z W Qs Q, , THE CLASS OF 1946 GRADUATES in one of the crucial years of our planet. Many of the members but recently have returned from various zones, they have Seen war at first hand. ,j Now we are in the post-war period-not yet a period of peace. Peace is the tranquility that results from orderg and the way from chaos has not yet been en- tirely worked out. Various planners with divers blue-prints for the future are at large. Some of these contradict the iirst principles of democracyg they ignore the rights of God and mang they promise the "fruit of justice", peace, without the trouble of dis- covering and then cultivating justice. You who have familiarized yourselves with the principles on which all that is praiseworthy in our way of life rests are expected to discern the true, the good, and the just. That does not mean stultifying yourselves and blessing the inherent evils in the Hstatus quo". It means discriminating between good and evilg be- tween liberty and license: between selfishness and unselfishnessg between the spirit of charity and the spirit of hatred. It also means courageously letting your voices be heard and not abdicating your rightful privileges in a democracy to the saboteurs of freedom. It means doing your share always to reduce theory to prac- tice and making democracy live and thrive, and work VERY REV. V. j. GUINAN, C. S. B. President of Assumption College. 62 FATHER JOHN M URPHY Valedictory THIS YEAR,S C1.Ass, for the most part, did not see active service. Our country under- stood that the education of her youth was a "must", despite the terrible danger con- fronting her. Canada had the foresight to realize that her young educated men of today, would be her leaders of tomorrow. For that reason, at a great cost, she reserved her college men for the post-war periodg she believed that the victories on the battle- held could only be consolidated by men of learning, intelligence, and good-will. These she hoped to provide from her young men of the universities. Vile are grateful for the freedom accorded us by our country. lYe must now demonstrate our gratitude by undertaking the responsibilities arising out of that freedom. The men of Canada did a glorious job in helping to crush tyranny. lYe are proud to welcome them back, and to thank them for their great sacrifice. They, and those who won't return, were willing to give their all for the benefit of society. It is now our serious responsibility to give to society the best of our God-given talents. Selhshness should 11ot have first place. XVe owe it to our country first, the fruits of our learning, goodness and discipline. Let us gratefully and humbly and earnestly try to live up to the confidence our country has placed in us. May God help us to be of some real worth in building a world based on the prin- ciples of the Prince of Peace. NGRMAN THIBERT. 63 Assumption '46 A SIDNEY BKKER. HA. Windsor. Ontario Licncral Arn Klusic XpPl'Cclali-111 Sim lnlru-fXlural Sports JOHN ,IOSICPH BliNS!C'l"l'l'I. ILA. YYinrle-zor. Ontario General iArtx mx' CfU'lCfC,QlX1S. ,Mxumption Bam! S-. ,IUIIN M. BRICZNYXK. BJ.. RTTBI-IRT V. BRITTON. B N Nvinrlsor. Ontario General ,Nrlx CfU'l CI llml l.lCLlY., PVCHN .fXw4xtI2Jlim'ir't lI'1lI'21-lxlllllll 5D4Jl'l,N Swtial f,ul11l11lltCC Windsor. Ontario General Arts Busmcsi Club lntra-Mural Sports Sfvctial Commiltfic Prcw .fNSNOQl.1ll0I'l J,klVll'IS ,l. BROGAN. BLK. GICRXRID FR VYCES illiillhli. II. K. IBUNXLII 'l'. COOPER. lI.S.B.. Bak. Windsor. Ontario Tx-cixlliselm. Ontario Houston. Texas kicmcrul Arts lien-gral :XVIN General Arts lxlusic Srwcurly 'lrea-wurcr lmra-lXlur.1l Spur' Press Aewclation illrcaaurcr lXllwi1mx President lI1ll'H-lX'lUl'Zjl Sportx N1 XRK DXLTON. BLK. EDYVXRO YV. DONOIIICR. C.S.B., W'lLLIXlVI HENRY EUWVARDS. BMX. PETER FRXNK EVANS B A Detroit. Mir-higan BLM I W'indsor. Ontario Dublin, 0llt3l'i0 Gcncral Arm Toledo.. Ohio Qcncml AHS General Apts General Arts Music Appreciation Prcbidcnt lntra-Mural Sports 64 Press Afwciation Dramatic Society Art Clulw Assumption '46 LAWRENCE J. FAYE, C.S.B., B.A. JOSEPH A. FIHN, B.A. BASIL F. CLAVIN. C.S.R.. BA. Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Crediton. Ontario UUNALU J' GLEASON- B:A General Arts Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy A"'h0"Stb"rg' Onlano Philosophers' Club lvlusic Appreciation Society Press Association I LEWIS R. HAYNER. C.S.B., B.A. Detroit, Michigan General Arts HENRY J. HAJOVSKY. C.S.B.. B.A. Houston. Texas Honour Philosophy General Arts Press Association Art Club Clulwroom Committee BERNARD ARTHUR HOY. ILA. Fielvhor., Ontario General Arts lntra-lvlurul Sporlc Music Appreciation Society RAYMOND L. JANISSE, ILA. JOHN JAMES KAUFMAN. B.A. JOSEPH L. KUNEC. C.S.B.. ilk. THOMAS A. LAW'LER.. C.S.B.. B K Windsor. Ontario St. Thomas, Ontario Detroit, Michigan Coldwater. Ontario Honour Economics Honour Philosophy General Arts General Arts Student Council Treasurer St. Luke Society g Glee Club lntra-Mural Sports ' 65 1 -Ol" 41 Ll-IROY R. NIHTKFINZIFI. B.t Windsor. On I ario l lonour Plwilnsoplw v l'ress ,'XN54'JLIlflllUl'i Pi1ilLxslxpl1Cl's' Clulw Xlusi: Society Xlission Society W ILLIXIVI IIODUSON IVIXRSHXLL, lwunlre-ul, Que-In-c Q, ffl! xi . JOHN IPUNCKN Nl:-COLL. ll. General Arts Assumption '46 ' , A , X ' "Ai M-ar e r L Windsor. Ontario General Arts Assoc. Editor Press Association St. Luke Societv Director CO 'lfG. Und Lieut 5 Xlusie Appreciation Society ,L JOHN WILLIANIMcCONNELL.B.A. Winiisor. Ontario General Arts CLARENCE E. MALLENDER, B.A Winfisnr. Ontario General Arts Intraalvlural Sports Varsity B-asltetlwall Manager ,IU 1, W Q .75 VV,, . gf W, X- DONALD J. MCINTYRE, ILA. ROGER D. MONFURTON, B.A. Yvindsor. Ontario Windsor, Ontario General Arts General Arts Photography Editor lntra-Mural Sports lXlusic Appreciation Society Press Association Commerce Club J , f,. fit 'Wx 1 - ft .' 'M' ,., ' f va, CIIXRLIQS N. IVIONTREUIL. IRA. I'E'l'liR MUIIRY, Bat. RUSSEL JOHN MUNRO, B.A. HENRY S. MUROFF. B.A. Winrlsor, Ontario fiL'l"lL'f2Ai Arts Nlusie Appreciation Soeietv Windsor. Ontario General Arts Varsitv Basltethall lntra-lN4ural Sports AFI Glulw Windsor. Ontario Windsor, Ontario General Arts General Arts Student Council Vice-President Ambassador Business lxianager Press Association Editor-in-chief Dramatics Board Director Art Club Assumption '46 JOSEPH A. PUCOCK. ILA. Winclsrlr. Ontario Cencral Arts 'liable Tennis 'lournament Champion COfl C. lntra-Mural Sports CHARLES TERRENCE MURPHY. B..-K. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Honour Philosophy Student Council President lntra-Mural Sports Press Association . 'N' "" s' if we ALLAN T. J. ROXCII.. Ili. Wvinxlsor. Ontario General Arts Dramatic Society President ssoc, Editor of Purple and XVhite Clee Club .Q-1' PAUL B. TAILLON., BML ZOLTAN TENIESY. B..L NORMAN J. THIBERT, BHK. ,I.kMl2S VITCFNI TUOIVIPSON Ottawa., Ontario River Cunard, Ontario Wlindsor. Ontario ' 1 IHS B General Arts General Arts Cveneral Arts l""S"'3'l"' Onl 'rm Press Association Press Association Senior Class President llonoui iDl'lllUwOPl'iX Dramatics lntra-lxiural Sports Social Committee Chairman Intra-Mural Sports O.B.D. Baskethall Press Association Social Committee Social Committee HERBERT R. YAGLE. B.,-X. VV.KI,TER STANLEY ZYBURX. B.A. Dearborn, Michigall Wil1l!SOF, Ontario General Arts General Arts Student Council Secretary Intra-Mural Sports Press Association Track Team Dramatics Society Varsity Basketball 67 FR. RIZIERI FRIZZICRO. Windsor. Oulu rio Honour Philosophy Mak. URSULINE COT .I .EGF x 0 x, 'Q I 1 l 3 5 69 Brescia Hall IN THE RUEFUL YEARS through which we have just passed, which of us has not looked forward to the day when a graduating class might again go forth into a warless world? XVhich of us has not addressed in spirit a conf1dent Ave aziqzze Vale to these future artisans of reconstruction? And now that hostilities have officially ceased on the official battle-fields, are we to confess that our dreams were foolish and our expectations vain? Graduates of 1946, are we to view your going forth with grave misgivings? So much of rubble, of hate, and of confusion must be cleared away before you can rebuild. The materials with which you are bidden to lay the foundations are so unreliable and scanty. What is more, the trend of events seems to indicate that our grimmest battles still remain to be fought. Yet, by reason of the advantages which have been yours, you are de- dicated to a constructive task in this chaotic world. You may not escape it. We have done our little best for you and looked to God for the rest. In this hour, however, none of us dare assert that your preparation is adequate. But all education is a venture, a sort of sublime gamble, and none more so than Ursuline education with its long history of bold initiative. We believe that the odds are with you in the coming fray. We believe it because the talisman which you carry away is not of our giving but of God's. It is the talisman of that Fides et Veritas which forms the substance of your College motto. FIDES: Faith in God, in His Revealed Word and in His Providence, in spite of what you hear and see and are called upon to suffer, faith in man also, because he was made in the image of God, is destined to share His Life and so must never be despaired of wholly. VERITAS: Not only adherence to that portion of the Truth which you already possess, but a steadfast seeking of the totality of truth in every department of life, a humble submission of your spirits to Truth when once you have looked into its face. If thus you be upheld by Faith and subject to the Truth, you need not fear what lies ahead, for you have it in you, not only to ride the crest of the wave, but to be a source of inspiration and strength to those whose lives touch yours. This is our hope for you. This is the burden of our prayer as we say to you, with conjidence, our Ave atqzze Vale. MOTHER MARIE. 70 House Committee Left to right: FRANCES CARROLL, MARY J. DUNCAN, HARRIET MORSE, NIARY WILLIAMSON. Seated: GRACE VVILKINSON, PAULINE O'DONNELL. Absent: JAYNE MCPHILLIPS. Sodali ty Left to riglzi: ELIZABETIAI SHARP MARGARET DROHAN CPrefectj, NIARGARET JAITT, MAUREEN MCKAY. Absenf: ROSEMARY BARTH. ICIAINE IXEYAN MARGARET DROHAN ANN MARIE KRANZER tlliutlnnn. Ontario Chathuni. Ontario Lynbrook, Long Island B. Sc. General Arts General Arts Baslxetiwall Sodality Prelcct Newman Club Social Gonx ener Brescia Social Gonvener Follies Executive Brescia Ball Committee l UOI.OHi'IS KUNTZ SERAPHINE LA NOUIC MARY LEASK London, Ontario Stoney Point., Ontario Cobble Hills, ILC. General Arts General Arts General Arts Brescia Yearbook Dramatics at Brescia Tennis M SRU-KRHT T.fKI'I"I' GRACE WILKINSON MARY ZOLLNER Port of Spain., Trinidad Bellwllei Ontario Kitchener, Ontario General Arts General Arts . Diploma in Home Economics Smlamv House Resident gf Brescia Badminton ,, - ' ,' , omens ounci Brescia Xearltxoolx Bregcia Yearbook Qccidentalia Brescia Ball Convener 72 E5 W . .xnfx Brescia Snaps VT' I ,li HURCDN COTLFGF 1 f i,'-fb' 4193 Wh: ' ...Aj X 'W .Ma ,fax Wf4wfm1.,,vmQw -a1.,,,.v2-:M-w zdbfsnimsiaqm . , ' 5 ,' Q ' zmysw 15, g , ' ' N669 5 qw .,., Q 4 A , .- -,XSS , sp mm 4 gf ...w,,,7x x f. NWN? 1, is ' 5 1' 6 :f 5 . ., 'X Q,..,.,,. ,, Q v www N mfmvwaaw-ww .5-vm.-fmw .ix i w x me 1 To The Graduates of 1946: THE PRIMARY NEED of man today is security. Nations and individuals seek security but many think only in terms of legislation and material planning in order to accomplish their desire. Fear and a lack of trust hinder the growth of the One lVorld which must be. In the Gospel according to St. Luke the angel said to the shepherds, "Fear not". The Christian Gospel brings that same message. in our day and with faith in God we can build that new world. In the past generation the western world has stressed the meaning of life, making life comfortable, having wealth and pleasure, but we have forgotten the meaning of life. It is the wish of every sincere person that life should have as much happiness for everyone as possible. However, in order to attain this goal we must stress the meaning of life and the means will follow. Our Lord jesus Christ said: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousnessg and all these things shall be added unto you". If we are convinced that Christ's way of love and service is The Way of Life, then by the help of God, the Holy Spirit, let us labour to build His Kingdom so that all our technical knowledge may be used to create a brotherhood including all people. A. H. O'NEIL, Principal of Huron College. 76 EDWARD TENNENT GALPIN, B.A. PHILIP STANLEY DE COURCY DERWIN DIXON JONES, Sarnia, Ontario I-IARDING, BA., L.Th. im., L.Th. Honour History London, Ontario London, Ontario lc'-i3-44 President Huron '40 Arts and Theology Arts and Theology Students' Council-'43-'44 Interfaculty Sports Chapel Organist Dehating Union lnterfarulry Sports Captain, Huron Golf Team Huron College Graduates KIETH GRAHAM KIDDELL GEORGE CARMAN PEARCE REV. FREDERICK JOHN B.A., L.Th. L.Th. llEWLE'I"l' PITTS. I..'l'h. Sl. Catharines, Ontario Xx71ltf0l'd, Ontario Norwood., Oniurio Theology Theology Theology 1943-44 Pres. Athletic Assn. 194-L-45 Rectofs Warden Chape Warden Chapel 1945-4b Senior Student 1944445 Mgr. and Rep. to U.W.O. Athletic-Ass'n. 77 pp:- . , vue -1 li Y Y Ts' Tiff R Wif- -: E f ,S-.Bl 3 , :LH I ,i.y,jIs . 5-X .La us ' W L... ,, . A-was . iv V., Q ,Q . za C1 . . ,, ' - f .I .. Bark Row Cleff to riglzrbz ARCII PARK, B.A., M.SC., HENRY WYNN, ART FLETCHER, ART BAIRD, BOB REID, HENRY WY, JIM TVIILLER, DOUG MILLS, B.A., BERNARD BOOS, ART BROWN, HARVEY PARKER, TQEITH IQIDDELL, B.A., PHILIP HARDING, DERWYN JONES, ART PEACH, ALEX NEWELL, PHILIP STRATFURD, HAROLD CARRY, GERRY STONE, BILL VVYATT. Tlzird Row: HARRY JANKE, HAROLD THOMASSON, VVILBERT VOLLICK, STAN GENTLE, KEN EATON, GLEN CRAVVFORD, BOB TINNING, PAT WHEALEN, JOHN SWAN, RALPH BLIGHT, MURRAY VVYATT, BILL BROTHERS, RAY MORNINGSTAR, TED RYAN, HARRY MONTGOMERY, DON MAEDEL, BILL NICHOLS, Second Row: HUGH REYNOLDS, BILL SEWELL, REV. M. A. GARLAND, M.A., REV. F. H. COSGRAVE, M.A., D.D., LL.D., REV. L. A. NELLES, B.A., L.Th., REV. A. H. O'NEIL, M.A., D.D., CPrincz'palJ. MRS. A. VVOODVVARD, B.A. Utfafmnj, GEORGE PEARCE CSenior Sludentl, JERRY TAYLOR, JOHN FOX, LLOYD LAKE. Front Row: HAROLD IZLLENTON, BLAIR ASHMORE, CORD LINKLATER, WILSON SCOTT, MALVRICE SIVERNS, BILL JONES, TI-:D GALPIN, DOUG RICHARDSON, HAROLD BEATTY, ROY LEES, GARWOOD RUSSELL, KEN RICHARDSON, DOUG VOGAN. Officers of Huron College STUDENTS' EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Senior Student: G. C. PEARCE, Senior Representative: H. J. RUSTONQ junior Representative: A. VV. FLETCHER, Sophomore Representative: M. SIVERNS, Fra-ShInzIn Representative: S. VV. GENTLE. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Athletic Manager and Rep. to U.W'.O.: R. L. SOMERS. DEBATING UNION-Speaker: G. M. VMYATT, Sgt.-at-Arms: D. M. MILLS, B.A. MISSIONARY SOCIETY-Hon. Pres.: THE PRINCIPAL, President: H. JANKE, Secretary: B. H. BOOSQ Treasurer: REV. A. H. O,NEII,, M.A., D.D. CHAPEI.-ReCtOr'S War-LII-II: B. H. BOOSg Pc-Ople'S Warden: H. E. JANKE, COMMON ROOM BOARD-Curator: A. G. BAIRD. T8 'Q Q If ,S ff 1 2 uv H s X 1 .x Q, M X f' vnu Q i f x , f i 39 Wq,g, A +- ...Em :""a..4 v hv."n"!'l E.: .1 gf fl, ULF Jw' N14 -5 A7 0 6? f as if X ' A fx I I-ICDLY NAMES CONE F E i J E l E 5 Holy Names ROSEM-KRY Alllilili RARIL General Arts Uttawa. Unlario Prcleet Soclalily. l'i-li-li C P. Discussion Club Holy Names Playersg "Cccilv" in College Play '45 "Bcniamin" in Xmas Play '-li H N C. Choral 10-li--lo BARBARA HELEN BIRCH General Arts Windstar, Ontario Vice-President, 1045--lo Associated Students C.P. Discussion Club Holy Names Players1 "Audley" College Play, 10-li "Rachel" Christmas Play, 19-li P. 82 XV. Associate Editor B.V.lvl. Sodality PATRICIA INIARY THOMPSON General Arts W"inds0r, Ontario President .Associated Students. 1945-o President juniors, I9-14-5 Holy Names Playersg "Cromwell" College Play, IU-li "-Jethro" Christmas Play, IQ-1-5 CP, Discussion Club Convenor, llth Annual H.N.C. Prom Graduates 94-6 MARY MAGIIALEN GATES MURPHY FRANCES Mt-KINLILY General Arts Willtlstlr. Untario President Senior Class, 1045-6 CP. Discussion Club li.N.C. Choral. 1949-6 Holy Names Playersg Danseuse in College Pageant DOREEN FRANCES VVHITF General Arts Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Convenor, Music Committee. llth Annual l"l N.C. Prom P. ESI W. Class Reporter H.N.C. Choral. 1049-o Holy Names Playcrsl Courtier in Pageant, 1945 A Message To Our H. . C. Graduates General Arts Windsor, Unlario Chairman Patrons' Committee llth Annual H,N.C. Prom P. CY. W. Class Reporter lylcmlwer of B.V.lVl. Sodality Holy Names Playersg Court Dancer in Pageant IN TH1QsE POST-XVAR days, when more or less unsatisfactory experiments are being made for collective security and peace, the individual conscience is often harassed by a sense of helplessness in its yearning to give a personal. contribution to this world peace. At such times, it might be well to recall the words of the Prince of Peace Himself: "A's enemies are those of his own household". As the political world is dis- covering that greed and cruelty are not checked by pandering and doubtful comprom- ise, but are rather made more insolent and aggressive, so it is with the human soul. If it would be master in its own citadel, it must meet with firm repression those passions which would ignore the rights of God to the allegiance of His creature, the right of self to the cultivation of personal excellence, and the rights of the neighbour to just- ice and brotherly love. Should each individual today aim at this personal conquest, the fearful menace to collective security would haunt the world no more! Dear Graduates of '46, may you heed this call to action as you take your place in a world that needs you and your enlightened leadership. That need you will fill if you have learned to interpret the "Honour, Nobility, Courage" on your college crest in terms of God's law, the Ten Commandments. For "In His Vllill is our peace". 82 Convocation Luncheon at H. N. C. HOLY NAMES COLLEGE plays hostess on the occasion of the Special Convocation Exercises at Assumption College, August 29, 1945, in honour of the College's Seventy-fifth Anniversary. Grouped around the HON. G. HOXVARD FERGUSON, Chancellor of the University of Westerii Qntario, are officials from University College, London, President W. SHERWOOD Fox, K. P. R. NEVILLE, Dean and Registrar, FRED LANDON, Librarian, LIEUT. COL. F. STILING. Noted among the guests were the VERY REV. XV. J. LANGLOIS, Dean of Essexg the REV. T. A. AIACDONALD, C.S.B., St. Michaels College, Toronto, the REV. D. AI. MULx'1n11.L, C.S.B., Assumption College-g HON. R. H. MORANDg HON. CHARLEs MCCRAE and DR. J. M. BENNETT, Toronto, with many distinguished Alumni of old Assumption. 83 MR. G. R. HUHNE, MA., who for 21 decafle has headed the Dcpurtmcnr of Economics in Holy Names Collcgc. 84 Second Year Medical Technologists Seated: POLLY ANN HAYDON, IQATHLICICN XYOLFE, ELIEANOR ZADE, SYDNEY LINTON, ERLENIQ SPRING, DOROTHX' HINCHI.IFFli. StIzm1'z'ng.- ALICE ELLIS, NIAXINE PRA'I'l', DORIS HORVIIZ, EOIIII SKIDMURIC, 5115.-XNIE'I'TlC ATICNZIQL, BARBARA VVILLIAMS, MARY SHAVV, IsAREI,I,E NIUNTGOMIERY. Economics 3019, 1946 Class Seated: MURPHY MCKINLEY, ADELE BARIL, PATRICIA THOMPSON, BARBARA BIRCH, MARY GATES, DOREIEN VVHITE. Siandinv: ROSARY DESMARAIS, DOLORES HUSSEY, BETTY MCKAY, DORIS GEORGE, AIARY ANN YORGA, 6 ALICE O'NE.AIL, ADELE BENNET-ALDER, DOREEN MASTERSON, CATHERINE COSTELLO. 'MP Lending their patrouagv to the llth Annual H. N. C. Prom, DR. and MRS. E. V. JOINVILLE, Riu-rsiclo, Ontariog JUDGE and MRS. A. A. SHAUNESSY, Windsor, Ontario, are pictured with two members of Class '-16, the NIISSES BARBARA BIRCH and MARY GATES, with their escorts from thv l'nivt-rsity of Detroit, the MESSRS. JOHN RYNEARSON and RoBERT ROESER. 86 '51 , 13? ......-ak. Histology Class M AXINE PRATT DORIS HOWIE ISABIELLIE NIONTGOMIIRY PROFESSOR TRUANT DOROTHY HINCHCLIFFIQ ERLENIQ SPRING ALICE ELLIS JOAN PENNY SYDNEY LINTON A Session in Bacteriology POLLY ANN HAYDON ELIQANOR ZADE JE,-XNIETTIQ MIQNZIQL NIARY SHAW Ii.-XTHLEIEN XYOLFIE PROFESSOR TRUANT PATRICIA CARLISLE my mum 'Y' Holy Names Campus Snaps 88 Holy Names Campus Snaps 89 , ..- ST. PETERS SEMINARY 42 if . 4 ff 2:92 , 374522 , ,, ,A ,:, Y wg f f ff xl ,Q ,aff ,ff . ,fw my, f 'bf Q7 ,iff ,iq f u-r...L. 1-mg.-vumx nm-. Dear Graduates of 1946: THE SECRET or TRUE happiness in this life is found in the constant union of the soul with its Creator through faithful observance of His Law. Long ago the Royal Psalmist dealt with this subject by contrasting the happiness of the just man with the misery of the wicked. "Blessed the man who follows not the counsel of the ungodly, and enters not into thegway of sinners, and sits not in the company of the insolentg but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he ponders day and night. And he is like a tree planted by running waters, that yields its ffruit in due season, and whose leaves wither not, and whatsoever he does, prospers. Nm 50 the yvjckgd, nm 503 but they are like chaff, which the wind Scafters, Therefore theimgodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the gathering of the just. For the Lord has care for the way of the just, and the way of sinners shall perish".-CPsalm ID. Human experience has proven that God's way is the only way to peace and con- tentment. Men have tried to find happiness by their own devices and have plunged to the depths the fleeting pleasures of life. But they have found no satisfaction in them. For man was made for God and only God can satisfy the desires of the human heart. Thus did Augustine, "the sinner who became a saint", exclaim-"Late have I loved thee, O Beauty, so ancient and so new". May the inspired message of the Psalmist be for you a monitor and a guide to happiness both here and hereafter. g ANDREW P. NIAHONEY, Rector of St. Pezfefs Seminary. 92 St. Peter's Graduates ROY A. CAREY, B.A. PATRICK E. CAVANAGII, B.A. EDWARD P. FORTON. B.A. JOIIN P. GALLAGHER, B.A. Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy E. CARL KEANE, B.A. HARRY V. LaPLANTE, B.A. WM. G. MAIETINDALE, B.A. PETER C. McCABE, B.A. JOHN K. McMASTER.B.A Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy MICHAEL T. RYAN, B.A. JAMES A. SLATTERIE, B.A. WM. FRANCIS SWINGLF, B.A. CLEMENS J. WOLFER. B.A. Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy Honour Philosophy 93 WATERLCDCD COT I FGF lil GYM 1' ,S Qqxv Q his 10" 6 Q 0 lp 'O 'aff 5 'POC' "Q, be QW o 4 5 09. OP M f 0 5 4. 22240 ' V1 -Q 394 ' sim 3f, veg: 1 af xx, ' ,iq .7-Z. P31904 bl bi ' 'gf Q Wm. bar M Q 'Os X- N. 5 Nqr , f , ---,-,--.- fi f" Zflgf - f ff , f LC ff! ICE , 'lo the Graduating Class of 1946: WE STARTED oUT TOGETHER, you as freshmen and I as dean. And here we are, having survived our share of mistakes and minor triumphs. No one surveying us now would guess how green or timid we were three years ago. Our sensitive minds detect the approach of the final blast of adviceg class-room experience prompts us to open our eyes and close our minds. We are so full of wise counsel that we suspect a Polonius at every turn. We are impatient to brush off his restraining hand--to go abroad, to sift our knowledge, to weigh it, and to testit. Little do we suspect what Poloniuses we may become. The atomic bomb, of course: it will have its place this year in all graduation messages. But you will write your owng this is your next assignment in English 21. The result will have to be better than anything I could do for you, or than you have ever done before. There remainsjthe matter of leave-taking. As the tempo of our social life has increased, I have seen some of you bidding farewell with a Hnesse entirely surpassing my own. But you will not outdo me in sincerity. God bless you. C. F. KLINCK, Dean. 96 PROFESSOR W. EVANS M. A. HONOURARY PRESIDENT CLASS '46 To THE CLASS OF 1946 I wish to extend congratulations and best Wishes. The happy experiences you have had and the warm friendships you have formed at VVaterloo College will always be, I am sure, among your happiest memories. The most important for you to remember is what your Alma Mater Stands for: careful, clear thinking, the purpose of which is TRUTH. Truth is at once the loftiest ideal, the most practical guide and the greatest single need of our day. Veritas omnia zvincit. VV. D. EVANS, Honomfary Pres. Class 46. Waterloo College Graduates MARGARET ARMSTRONG NIARY HUEHNERC.-KRD BAETZ HILDEC.-KRDE BERDUX LEILA BIER Waterloo, Ontario Kitchener, Ontario Waterloo, Ontario New Hamburg, Ontario General Arts General Arts General Arts General Arts College Cord Nominations Committee Acapella Choir Record Club 97 A UDRE Y BROCK Kitchener. Ontario General Arts St udents' Legislative Executive h .51 M CHARLES HAGEN, B.A. Kitchener. Ontario Honour French JANET LAIEJC, B.A. Kitchener. ntario General Arts and Latin Students' Lt-tgislative Editor College Cord Executive Athenaeum Itxeeutive Past President of Athenaeum Senior Class Executive College Cord KATHRYN LIPPERT, B.A. MXLDRED MOHR, B.A. GERTRUDE MOSIC, B.A Kitchener. Ontario General Arts Athenaeum Executive Elmira. Ontario New Hamburg, Ontario General Arts General Arts Senior Class Executive Record Club Acapella Choir ALEXANDER ORZY, B.A. RUSSEL PARKS, B.A. JOYCE POWEI.L, B.A. ALFRED SCHENK,B.A. JEAN SCIIWEIGERT, B.A Kitchener. Ontario Toronto, Ontario Kitchener.. Ontario Kitchener, Ontario Kitchener, Ontario General Arts General Arts General Arts General Arts Honour French President Athenaeum Basketball College Cord and Latin President Class '-lo FfCI'1Cl'l Club Students' Legislative Executive Occidentalia Rep, EILLEEN SCOTT, B.A. Kitchener, Ontario General Arts Students' Legislative Executive HELEN SEIIL, B.A. Waterloo. Ontario General Arts College Cord Athletic Directorate Students' Legislative Executive Athenaeum Executive MARY SHUPE, B.A. Kitchener, Ontario General Arts Students' Legislative Executive College Cord Athenaeum Executive 98 DORIS SMITH, B.A. JEAN THOMPSON, B.A New Ilanlhurg, Ontario Kitchener, Ontario General Arts General Arts Athletic Directorate Past President Acapella Choir Athenaeum The Athenaeum Executive Standing: GRANT ICAISER, REUBEN BAETZ. Sitting: MARGARET FAGKOURY, JEAN THOMPSON, CPast Presideiztj. Absent: ALEXANDER ORZY fP76.SidF7ZfD, PROFES- SOR RAYMOND and PROFESSOR SCOTT fFaczzZly Advisorsl. CA College Cord Staj Slaridirzg Cleft to riglztj: PROF. NICIVOR Ufaezzlfy Aclvisorh ROBERT DTER, CHARLES HAGEN CErii!o1fj, HARRY XVEAVER. Silfilzg Cleft fo riglzij: MARION HOLLINGER, MARGARET ARMSTRONG, PIELEN SEHL, MARGARET FACKOURY. Absenf: LOIS CARTER, ROBERT TARBUSH, ROY GROSZ, ERIC REBLE, WALTER DONOVAN. i A . i E ferr: 1 1 .1 Q , 2' 1 Q I Students' Legislative Executive Statndmg Cleft to rightjz JOHN SCHNEIDER, CARSON BOOK, CHARLES HAGEN, HARRY XVIEAVIER Wresffdentb Sitting: NAN XYILIQY, ADRIA KUNTZ, JANET LANG, EILLEEN SCOTT, DOROTHY MCEACHERN. -iz 5 100 Waterloo College Rugby' Team 1 ll 1 Front Row Cleft to riglztjz HARRY XVEAVER, GERRY IW.-XLLECK, LOUIS HINSCHBERGICR, FRIED JANKE, BILL GILLER, TONY XYILHELM, HAROLD GRAM, GEORGE HOPTON, BOB TARRESII, DON. SNIDIER. Back Row: XYIIIIAM G. SCOTT CFaczt!ty Managerj, REUBEN I'I.XLPl2RN fTI'UlllF7'j,J1M UFFELMAN, REIIREN BAETZ, BOB HAMBLIN, ED DEVITT CC0acIzD, CARL TOTZKIC CCaptazfrz5, ERIC RERLE, ROY ROBERTS, JONAS BINGICMAN CStua'ent Jllnnagerj, and R. C. MGIVOR CDz'rertor of ."1lIi!c"fZ'CSJ. QF Waterloo College Girls' Basketball Team Back Row Cleft to riglztj: DARLENE DUVAL, LOIS CARTER, ADRIA KUNTZ, PROP. MCIVOR CCoaclzD, DOROTHX' NICEACHERN, NAN XNILEY, HEDY ARMBRUSTER. Front Row: GLADYS FORAN, JANET LANG, MARION HOLLINGER CCaptainJ, MARGARET FACKOURY. 101 , I Y 6 1 I Y I MUSIC I k .5 ' 1.554 JI- x ' ' 1 V , - '96 EL c-,-?.....-- ,Y ,-, , rt... ..-i1-- i. , fi? 4, wg ,-,,-7, -4-1'1" :L-1. g .... - --- Q7 ,4, :Ez Tl - ,, ,, ,, ,, rn.- --,..- 102 6 fr awk We 15 kip ' ,312 Ml wi! 49' mwdiw b?fb95m'2ff NWN 4.-fi f: nw ..,. . ' . . A.o....X- 1' PROF. MAX PIRANI "" ., THE ESTABLISHMENT OF Music Teachers' College in September, 1945, will prove to be a land- mark in Canadian music. Vile have been fortunate enough to gather together a group of stu- dents who by their enthusiasm have made a definite impression on the campus. They are re- ciprocating the privilege of par- ticipating in the life of the Uni- versity with contributions of their own to extra-curricular activities. Music Teachers' College pro- mises to grow into a permanent and felicitous unit in its relations with the University. Music Teachers' College Graduates '46 JOAN BURRIS JANET MAXINE HARPER DIURRAY HOLMES JANICE TI-IORESON Kamloops, B.C. Munro, Ontario Toronto., Ontario Lethbridge, Alberta Sunday Nine O'Clock Front Row Cleft to rightlz MURIEL CLARKE, MARION VVINTERBOTTOM, BETTE COHN Back Row: NELSON GADD, JOHN HARRINGTON, BOB REID ,fzqlg visas Q. . 4 f mx? . NPN s rs, N S11 THE ADVENT OF MUSIC, a few years ago, into the curricular courses at our University was very humble, indeed. Each year has found its func- tion more impressive. Until recently, the De- partment has justified itself by winning its way through nominal support only. The Conservatory, in the first instance, gathered to itself young students who were in- terested in attaining basic facility in various branches of the art. Latterly, the successful launching of the Music Teacher's College pro- vides facilities for these same students to fit themselves for a professional career. The op- portunities afforded to students majoring in other courses who welcome the advantages of combining some musical leavening with their chosen profession, is of high importance. Our graduates are now beginning to go forth as missionaries in the cause, bringing joy and zest to the art of living and acting as ambassa- dors for their Alma Mater. If they have been given something that truly fits them for at least part of their progress up the road we will be proud and grateful. HARVEY ROBB, Director of the Department of MZtS1iC. 105 WESTERN SERENADE ggiispigikggiic-3, 'F 5-QC -1 'L' 'P PJ 1:5-ough. Q lu 'U ' Sept- Begg- :Er breeze the Stal:-y trees as hi.ekies of deep pur-ple 1 ef 1 e we T LP b ,, V+ a1,Q,:JF Fig? KF : " ka Ft- .- L I J UD A., -e"l- 1'l"' !5 x fn., Hiisziiafsfizg Qh- 12a f122st zWiRN 4 . - ..: - f"' Q e in-Exif' u' , : ,Q ' 1' :g"" gig!!-' e I 5 5- 1' Ti " :T Kash I VF ' .li -1 i..l r 1' .f.h-xii. D " J, .l. .PJ'g,Ej.f UUy-1j .XP WESTERN sm ADB. Daggizfglggg and 0025 romxzrnoes add a te'Hggl1fC12?f " : 5' 3 :em E , ' -- : 1 b b rw Z V 4 1U'l .1Fjl5 .,F JF xfqjf n ee Dfs ,' 6 Q .GENE XJ' el' -J g efkefgzyigxixifzzlfzg 'ii:!5ill 5 FE-EU if , e vs IU uynnpuw.. wana-Q. ... YFVITU 'ff' ws , N STUDENT GCDVERNMENT wig?-5uu.,wf1' RTS . s. iz y A cnous sau, romaut I ,E XXXVIII LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, MARCH 1: 1946 , ,I 0 A NUMBEE W V W few -- . , y ' ' Qawierd Mnusi' ' er Di Exiemd .nh N I q 0 L, - s I fv 3 ,y 7 . g I f , I 'V we Xxxvm - I , mrs, ams, o cc anne H KM,xy?fQN nf . ' ' X , X LONDON! O A - Lebert Harris popular 4th year Meds man was ehi . 4 L I' CANADA, 1 ' M' "" f acclatpgaiion this mfeek to the Presidency oi the Uziiversity N " - ' 2 f946,' """' and Www if Jihad the most important snide! V My X 1 ff w . 'f ' V f ' ' . h r fum Qprayxford at tkxgusg ' f j ! ff , " NUM31 ' , A I Y ,f V X ix ' ' V V , S Q M y ' SU Q ,' I S . roll-IE N5,.1, . . ' ECTKON RE ,Q A - f . E I , give5 SQ , A ff' 'I .M-ffrw'-vzrl-g31':':5 -".' 12: K Yeargxecu ' f M' ' ' f 4 ' 9 W V 'J'V 2 A 'A" " s '46 4?9'm"'en ' Hayifan ' ' "" -- --bfi .,.... , ' - ' ART M ,. .. .V "Agri Mawnmg ,. 'A"" '3 I - 1 V, - ' "'A" ., - 4 radshaw ff H n . . ,, 'Q Q X .N dei! , H K1 B f, x X Sgfiip,-eeideni ' .Q.V A A -SQL wrcww ,0 - f 3 0 VOt6I'S ' swam W Q., FM ' 1 V Elect F' Am' Don HL-vom f V . edacal School we To U S C - .A1---- "1PeggyC0Ll 9 y A - j ' f Q 0 0 , Pt ' - . - "4' ,,X.., . .- -Y -' 1 ve ' 3 61 ku " I 1 Vx Siigigiigidexxt .-4, , .4 ,,,L. cgreisent kAcc'xamatxon cgi: Ezaiawifggg jg Jim B! Lou Leonowens ker 360' I 5 J w g. 5ecref.arY. Dick Iveyjidon Futommission last week? 5 rad -Nhnston becarne ', 1 F' f vvey, 330, WI . . fgriafsfffepfegenxamxveg as bois Yffrfsa an 133 flevfgirgiaxinn gf Q ggu5er?Fsffef:eglglg3iisFs?gnU:wgg?:y 3'Vho?ripl:i?1mQ9f?5,02 Pu:1i:M . . . D Mary Buchan msn for the monrtaknn I Y when he def 1 es' halen 162 1 uc anw 3 . S A A gem-esentatives Q3 S159 ""'.', Emil gggiggfidwi Tied fmafmffggdigs E 531025 ggzosgglgegiggy 3:23 Cofilfia gegretary. Gaming NN , - - ' f D083 ' 5 2 1' cfm- f ecgions U1 e U53 12 21- Ma k ,1 5933 - Beth M555 ghccyamaf-You A f Q - Seven hunch. L- - Fm- M4 J 1' , 127.11 :Jw 73 5 mm A me Arts - 'ffl and - -mmf W1 V 5 x 1' c' Represemative - 4QA- 51:33 Nrgfifmation gsgggre sfatulfces that iihngnroghgmaggfg 2315335 sctgdtfms' fog,-Iixscottk 3335 Ygaligg A- X Awe? x We 'A ' "A ' f 0 U, , ' H bl I1 f -. 2353 P-imc RWSW 5' ms 'A' K mme A iggmaam 50, iff ffP5gse5m5vZ52ir9?11Z1??55S nge ggffed 05?01?l?gi0'ilZapf0f' A H , .. .Ken , upuuon Qlgd melcomfimfim' 5 C u mg D011 Scott wh -Qvf " in' b, S Gazette being ' r 4-dem A V W 4.V 14,,, . . .4 - -Mfifiitb MiddX2t013 kynqgng 'ihyea' which X Hg the n?'Wly 61-eazgd H me tgiffqeekly paper emi? Q WW Ad m , 4,,4 .Emma 4 her af emselves-P Sfer Wlthout P -post of mls GB World - L ff 'T , , 5 vicefagi? 9 V , A , .. ,-1-4 " nav: Rite! vggguizidirne ofriize 4 Elected were ortfoho' ifxiftgre Stories and ' -," 1 m1f,'- 1 -e -A A ,..,, . --V-f' - A' 4 , . : , , , N H , . gfiggsurgfepyegehiames K3 boysu .,,. .,.ggndvSE5?g npr mteresgflarickggsoi , Jim Johnston, Vice-ptmdem :Kumar goggebsgiz ml? 3 A, , - Q L X ' .Allan , , . . - a aw , HAYMPJT SA' Coina Dexmey L K' A I , , Fm Barker, Mzmsxer of Oi? he Wm attempt to I? ix PRESIDENT J?-EF""'f"'!wW! tauszes 13 55655 "g:?eaY1Of Scgendel f Z-lrgitgrhaglthe We Dann? Th , buoifrdegltagii' Western? 1 A-"H" "" 'M SQAA, Repveseu Mary G96 es S xx if7fJi"LfN"xVa A ' pgbu ympsanf Minigge, f denfgl at e hands of tf4 2 'an HQUM f ggoni , H election . Caiwns. 0 Q an Q:-any .3 V L . . Represeoxatifve ,,..,,P3gf.,L Coombs QAccXa3Y19 ,decided is 31018 Gaxdiner, Secrets: Spring' a e w f If ' 'Gans' Ammfc Represeniaiwe --'- "" ' "Q f ?w2S1'8ement was p scoff, Minisxar f fha Minister Wm' ' Oi 'Numan W MHWH mf 'Z m McDona1d 4 2ff0H P,L2u1f Mat s 10"""'m 0 Mn ' ' ,H ' fm ,, ,. . X- 3 gurch - Q.,A f1U 7318, illcampaignj . - 11,33 'Z 'J , eau ' M YQ ,A .... Iuxv'-Jogpxnn , Mi, Ayylvufw Z 5 , tx gb V, V M, ng for Offiw, vNXNbL!,.,- ? 'ggi Dv M98 Sggilgiglidehm , ...,,,,A ..xqgnV,,.TgZQy5Sge?2gmy 'geSQsIiou1dW fQJ fp19'd"K 4,2-"iff 1 - ' 'r . v- - ,VA1 f a, ,. f '32 NTS? 3332311 pY0t?Si3:XY'f?iY?k:'hS Swemgr H an "" A" Q iAi56k33'M K "A E1?y??3ifem 1 fx .4-"' . 0' 9 ' ' dean 0 - teyest Tfeasur ----e5wx,iv0S A oy ed V ' x 'fgnyaf " , - ' Chohiigbfw as , 1 ded Qi m -5 SAQA. H9935 A Ann Kam Y , , ' 55' 1946 ' 1 , are aroW-:fs 'limi ' A Represenmtives C2 aww ..,.... .gggbgereggisgn ,, ggi, Xfyxxgu 14, NQ U12 On, heni 5 - wn SA- - - . 8 , ff" M! YT . " hexgbtenegggy 33 one Oi Qgdohex. at Represemaqve Nwpou - Q! may DSI S one W1-,Q vgcexQ3 and Gus? pgthgeuc M... Mflatwe . J V 5 A, ,A ,f , YN gifuegritfx WeSEFr:"""4"Av ex' 999' Bgyg kle ' Q V ' X Nl 'ygQar'M-A1 new A gf Q' , ,139 I rf-5,13 'JM 7 - K' I ff' calms no as an 9 h M n m5p.A.nx. A S X , , 0 . 1 mm0N S . Q O1 h , - " B, 1 , , ed The Bomue LKB -P.Qgec': D 2 COR ,W Nw, W oi mlfygesgfvgffj L ia A wwdwt oi USG- W 'W a mrf'-matm' ' 'rom Lwonihe vosmfmsdoexecriou of xt w we 1 a . Whig-QW' Cx, oi we ' f accewgd 1, wiovl, was ecwi 10 CQMBSYB QMS We' ,WPYCKVS 1 m - ol -ale. else - WN e 21 x Stud .. Sx , W Q V . Mgsstggg the wiiaeni ii anygxgaoa sigma M1529 gum mmm S01 9 mosm 'seegnfg E-rescxa the posmon fines A rife . , Gazeife K um for 5 Pin agcialna i,Kew,y55LZY1B , X 3 ,Ss Sciefme 9635312 im Omg' i0uf 18 CQmrxiI1Q'j , ,' Q - wound D0 'V fha feceiqed 3 eed mat , , Y K AI 1 gn, 3 C5 , 'b'g1u0x5 by V ,Ke Gg0X15 . de mgyi '48 95' 1 A 'vw Buchan - wed m are W ' f my 'M Q , . - The 919509 of M255 - ' - Gym Salk dsay dxf- , - one W by S A Aav ew V Q :MSS v uv 4 mm 5 I , - - Qi Lin . ,. Lmdsff-Y 1 out , Wednesv H T outa T,,i3?3 Cgixggglfa, 3.33, , mst l8geK9gt Waigpggoiiigin for 133523 ,gOsYg1gS2Mig'ig21x:gf3l, ggi-LXQEQKGQQS xvaxgd Z ,, , X or A .rmag 0 mwgn. Ewa 5102? , .6 81591110 X me has-,xx nominee , Nambe In-H,,.ff pu - Haymgxl S Q a- w w:?di'i5i-2 who ff G ygm A . , MM mx ,N Q X I, I ' 'A 4. of ifufiecutxxl 1 55' 4-1 in sud The University Students' Commission Tun UN1v12Rs1TY STUDENTS, COMMISSION is the senior student governing body in the university. The function of the organization is to concern itself with matters pertaining to the university student body as a whole, in contrast to the various or- ganizations within each faculty such as the S.A.A. or Hippocratic Society. The Commission at present consists of members from each of the three faculties, tive from Arts, three from Medicine, and one from Public Health. The presidency and vice-presidency alternate yearly between the faculties of Arts and Medicine. Publications, one of the chief concerns of the U.S.C., have enjoyed a successful year. The large iniiux of returning servicemen and the record enrollment have added a burden never before present. The Handbook had to be enlarged and the Gazette underwent a transformation resulting in a larger weekly edition. The Occidentalia has been brought out of debt and has been placed under the joint control of an editorial board. The two major school parties, the Rugby Dance and the New Year's Eve Party were a complete success. As well, the Canadian University Press Conference spon- sored by the Commission proved to be valuable in fostering friendship amongst uni- versities from coast to coast. Vtfe, of the U.S.C., feel especially proud of the Gazette which was judged to be the second best college newspaper in Canada. Under the Commissions direction the "Mustang" band was again on hand to support VVestern teams. Also, representatives were sent to the National Federation of Canadian Universities Conference at Montrealg the first annual follies took place and with the inauguration of the building program came an undergraduate drive to secure funds. In conclusion, I would like to thank the members of the Commission for their wholehearted support, the Editors and staffs of the various publications, and all others who aided the Commission in its undertakings. May I extend my best wishes to the incoming University Students' Commission, and hope that the new office of Arts Minister without Portfolio, set up this year, will give more diversification to the tasks of office. JOHN HAYMAN. lu Im Rui ixryxii JIM MILLER BETTY 0'NFU- GFORCF WWI? I FC , em Vicecprcgjdcm Secretary Mini ter of I mfmcc 4 1 3 ,Q V 6 TFD CXLPIN DON HATCHER BOB MARTIN JOHY IIAXIVI-VV 'x1iriister of Pullications Minister of External Affairs IN1ecls Representative AVIS RCDFCSCUTUIVC H ippocratic Council Front Row Cleft to riglztjz DOUGLAS MILLS, ALAN WOOLEVER, ROBERT NIARTIN, JOHN HARPER, LEBERT HARRIS. Back Row: JAMES PRESTON, WILLIAM VVALSH, CAROL VVHITLOW, WILLIAM BUTT, PAUL VVALDEN. Hip pocratic Council 5 IN THIS NEW' POST-VVAR era of expansion of the University of Western Ontario, the responsibilities of the governing body of the undergraduate medical students become increasingly greater. The students must do more than keep pace with new develop- ments, they must show the initiative. This can and must be done by wise election of candidates to the Council, greater organization of the student body, and working in full cooperation with the faculty administration. Now that elaborate plans for new buildings have been set in motion, a strong effort should be made by the students themselves to aid in the expansion of their Medical School, for an example of willingness by the students is necessary before others can be expected to participate. VVe on the Council consider it a great honour to have been given the opportunity to act on behalf of the undergraduate medical students. , R. H. MARTIN. 111 'rant '17-NAB, ,, t S. A. A., 1946 Back Row fleft to riglztl: CvLE.-XSON HEALEX', JACK NEILSON, BENSON VVILSON, JACK FOSTER, JIM JOHN- STON, DAVIQ XVELDON Second Row: BONNIE LINDSAY, PAULA DENNIZY, ARLENE LOGAN, BETII MCDONALD, JOAN GARDINER, MARY RIITLAND, NIARY HELEN BIEMAN. Front Row: ELSFISTH HIIESTON CCIerkJ, DAVE JACKSON fSpeakerD, PHYLLXS IVIANNING CSec'yl, JOHN HAYMAN fljrefectl, MADELINE Howss CSub-Pre.,l, JOHN MCLARTI' CMM. without Portfy, LUBA VoRsHI:K. A brent: JAC K VANCE . Students? Administrative Assembly TIIIs YEAR'S S.A.A. has been faced with the biggest enrollment in the history of our University, together with new problems. As the Students' Council for the University, the S.A.A. has attempted to Carry out its duties in the various iields of student life. The Frosh Vifelcoming Committee stressed social events instead of the "kow- tows" to mould together Western's largest Freshman class. The Frosh Hop, at Port Stanley Ballroom, saw over one thousand students in attendance. A Free Book Exchange was started this year and VVestern's bulletins were free from the hundreds of little notices of students wishing to sell their books. Sandwiches were served in the Common Room. A stenographic service was established under the direction of Luba Vorshuk and the Science boys' Common Room was redecorated. This year saw the study week revived after an elapse of several years due to the war. Through the cooperation of the Building Superintendent's Office, several ches- terfields and lounging chairs were procured. More are on order and we hope they will be installed by next year. The Annual Arts and Science Ball was held at the London Arena, on March 1. The dance was a huge success with over 1300 students and friends in attendance. It was nice to see so many of VVestern's Alumnae. The highlight of the dance was the crowning of Paula Denney as "Queen of the Ball" by Dean K. P. R. Neville. Under the direction of the S.A.A. a committee of six prominent Western students was set up with the power to establish an entirely new form of student government. They feel that the present government is inadequate and has outgrown its usefulness. The changes are still in the embryonic stages. VVith this new setup, I feel VVestern will be able to take the Iead in student government with a progressive Students' Council. I wish to thank my executive, Madeline Howse, Phyllis Manning, Dave Jack- son, Luba Vorshuk and John McLarty for the excellent cooperation that I have re- ceived from them. They are the students who have kept the Students' Council work- ing as smoothly and efficiently as it did this year. The students have made an excellent choice for their new S.A.A. But without cooperation of the whole student body the most brilliant leaders are helpless. So it's up to you-students of Western-w'hether or not next year is the success it could be. I hope it is-and to you, Tom and Bonnie-the best of luck! JOHN S. HAYMAN, Prefect, 1945-46. 112 '-r ..'-,g".,.: isizn. f '12 , "Aff: J IJ .4 B QS., ,A Meds Honour Society THE SIX STUDENTS OF Meds '46 Whose pictures appear below, are the pioneer members of the Medical School Honour Society, founded in the spring of 1946. Its purpose is to express tangible appreciation to the graduating medical students for their contributions to the school, and in many cases to acknowledge commendable work that may otherwise have gone without special recognition. The preliminary selection of members for the Honour Society is made by the Hippocratic Councilg the final choice resting with the president of the Council, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and the Alumni Director. Not more than QOZ of any graduating class may be chosen for the honour. Eligibility depends upon satis- factory academic standing combined with outstanding participation in various extra- curricular activities of the University as a whole, or the Medical School in particular. Athletic achievement is not considered, since other forms of recognition are provided for it. The badge of membership in the Honour Society consists of a gold ring, engraved with the Medical School crest. These will, in future, be presented at the annual Hippocratic Banquet. r RAYMOND BKINBOROUGH, M.D. JOHN HARPER, M.D. DONALD HATi HP R M D yy X . ,l ,- ROBERT MARTIN, M.D. EARL E. PLUNKETT, M.D. JOHN STPIWART M lxlM M D 113 The Arts Honour Society 1946 UADINIISSION TO Tllli Honour Society shall be reserved to the students in the second term of their final year who, maintaining a satisfactory academic standing during their entire undergraduate course, have rendered valuable service to the University in non-athletic extra-curricular activities, namely, the major offices of student govern- ment, university publications, debating, dramatics and music, and to such other students as may by unanimous decree of a special committee appointed for this specific purpose be recommended for the honour." 1:41319 I 4:-....,, HERB BXLLANTYNE TED G.kLP!N JOHN IIAYMAN MADELINE HOWSE DXVE JACKSON PIIYL MANNING JOHN McLARTY N BETTY O'NEIL LUBA VORSHUK 114 ' Alpha Om ega. Alpha ON FEBRUARY 18, 1942, the Beta Chapter Of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical Society was installed at the University of Western Ontario. Admission to the Society is reserved for students who as undergraduates have given promise of becoming leaders in their profession and honourary members consisting Of physicians who have attained distinction in any line of human endeavour, and Of persons, Whether physi- cians Or not, who have attained unusual recognition in fields related to medicine. Since its installation at VVeStern, the following have been elected: GEORGE A. RAMSAYQ EARL M. WATSON, F. J. H. CAMPBELL, R. A. Y. JOHNSTON, FRANK S. KENNEDY, MAX J. NAREFF, HOXVARD C. AMACHER, ALAN S. DOUGLAS, SHIRLEY N. FITCH, LAWRENCE D. RUTTLEQ G. IQENNETH INGHAMQ FRED C. HEAGYQ NORVIXL W. H. SCRATCH, F. Ross HOWSON, DOUGLAS BOCKING, HAROLD FOCHNIE, JOHN H. DOUGLAS, CHARLES DYSON, DONALD L. OSTREICHERQ iX'lURRAY R. ABELLQ C. BORDEN SANDERS, KENNETH W. RUNNALSQ ALLEN C. JOHNSON, CHARLES G. DRAKE, JOIIN N. EYDTQ RUSSEL A. WAND, E. PERCY JOHNS Cdied March 31, 19445, EDXVARD A. BARTRAMQ ANGUS D. MCLACHLIN, IVAN H. SMITH, JOHN H. FISHER, iX'lURRAY C. MORRISON, RAMSAY GUNTON, BRUCE COLXVELLQ BRUCE BARTON, DOUGLEXS CRAM, GEORGE F. STEVENSON, JOHN D. LAWRENCE, JAMES A. 1X'lILLERQ WILLIAM D. WILKEY, B. CAMPBELL GRANT Cdied Jan. 2, 19465, JOHN F. HARPER, JAMES STEWART LOTTQ ROBERT H. MARTIN, JOSEPH F. WITTIG, ARCHIBALD J. GRACE, JOHN R. BARBER, PAUL H. KEPKAYQ CAROL K. WHITLONVQ AIARY A. iXlURPHYQ ROBERT C. BUCK. ,. "V I f ,, . S ifgl Su 2 S , GEORGE RKMSAY JOHN HARPER STEWART LOTT W. BRUCE BSRTON Counsellor Alpha Omega Alpha President Beta Chapter Alpha Omega Alpha ROBERT MARTIN JAMES MILLER WILLIAM WILKEY JOSEPH WIT1 IG 115 I . ., ' I -ny an-, Aris '47 ALLAN BARKER GWEN CARLSON JOHN MCNEE ELOISE TAMBLYN YEAR EXECUTIVES Afts ,46 HENRY RUSTON SHEILA ALEXANDER ELOISE ALLEN ROBERT STEEP , W .iwwii 1: 'rw 'Q Zi A MTM ,QM xrqiixgi av- ruff , I f 1,5 '15 ,w,I,.,'. nk-.-U . I 5 A718 '49 BILL IWCPIIILLIPS JEAN HAIIDIE PETE O'NEIL BETTY CALVIN EAR EXEC TIVES ATIS '48 ELIZAIQETH MIDDLETON Rox' LAFONTAINE ELEANOR SCI-IENDITL TIMER HEARD I I I I 5 5 II ,NM -an 49' so Undergraduate Women's Council Back Row Clefl to riglzij: SHIRLEY PAYNE, SHEILA ALEXANDER, EFFIE STANLEY, BLOSSOM BoYcE JOSEPHINE SPENCER. Serum! Row: FRANCES TWARK, GLORIA NIARTIN, GVVYN LEWIS, ELEANOR JONES, PHYLLIS TVIANNING. Fran! Raw: TERRY lNlclvER CSecremryJ, DR. TURVILLE qH0nourary Presiderztl, TVIADELINE Howsiz U'rex1'1le111J, CiXVliN CARLSON fClZll2'l'7llfl7Zl, LUBA YORSHUK fTre11snrerJ. To Under-Graduate Women's Organization: WITH THE ADVENT of peace, all university activities have once more assumed their prominent position in student life. Our crowded halls and class rooms and the increased student enrollment have placed emphasis on the need for expansion. This challenge has been accepted by the WomeI1's Council and every effort has been made to raise funds for a VVomen's Residence on the campus. VVith this purpose in view, the first of the school year saw the girls selling hot- dogs, flowers and Gazettes at rugby games. These activities were followed by the Co-Ed Prom in December, which was enthusiastically patronized by all members of the student body. Second term brought forth the bridge, fashion-show and tea held at the Catholic Culture Centre, at which many of WCSt6fI1,S Alumni were present. Social functions have included the traditional Freshette Tea, and a tea held in second term for the patronesses of the groups. The year has been a successful one, but this could not have been accomplished without the cooperation on the part of each member of the Women's Council. To these girls, and to all the girls of the student body, I offer my thanks, and to the new executive, my best wishes. MADELINE HOWSE, Y President of VVomen's Council. 118 Class Executives -- Pre Meds Front Row Cleft to ROBERT A. Back Row: MEDS N. ROY MCGREGOR, RUSSEL M. HALL riglztb: MEDS 50 B-GIEPYALD E. DUCK Cljresidefztj, HOWARD S HAGGAR, H. GERALD MACKIEHAN. 50 A-JAMES PRESTON CPresz'dentD, HOW.ARD E. VERNON, ROBERT X M . CAMERON R. AUSTIN Students' Court Front Row Cleft to rightjz JOHN MCNEE, JOHN MCLARTY, ART BROWN Back Row: SHEILA ALEXANDER, JOHN HAYMAN, JOHN HARRINGTON 119 W is I -XX flgfltx A 0 PUBLICATIQNS nf- Q LJ, ff mx 120 BALI. XXVI H' the MH' ,nAs...aAn...aA5...A hym the tones 111130 3. CCS W have he 5.1542 of Come Up Nmch re response ple only xiffh up it ity wie-fs x a time 9 we .nee mst mme that wus S ,aa is from up or 'rhaps the only gives any mk- is found in the Hill fWestern'-2 irzkcts now on il don't know IS, do you? mst as hzgh NIS than 1 'fuer 8 CU ' UTICE ,vitias FRIDAY ing--3.30 in Room Hugh Templm. Veekly Newspaper. W , in the Arena. Musiangs vs, Wayne: Ist game at L for QUEEN OF THE BALL until Monday, Feb. 25. zlfirxterest will be shown EVERY FRIDAY from 1 in Room 314 in the Science Building behind the Vnder the auspices of the Geology Dept., these f interest io every student who has the time free. vn and study group EVERY FRIDAY at 2.30 in IThe situation in India religiously and puliticaliy sideredh f SATURDAY FEBRUARY 28 ' mterbury Club banquet and dance begins Qviarch 55 SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 nm Sunday night at 8.00 pm. at St, Lukds Church lnear Evensong will be followed by a MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25 x for U'.S.C. electians--ballot bex Room at LU .YL-PU. bulb JUML' UJHL L0 13113 'BBB ' proce proceed xt xs no able that bv next fail twat wail have been I Physxcai Educatum Bu that work may 'ac-tm started upon it. It if therefore, that the maj of the buiiding might for occupancy by th4 19117. Careful consid. bemg given tn getting iect under way at a date as possible. ' . , i scart Bm -..-................. i For the benefitv of U dents who have not yew dates for the dance, tha. Science Ball Comm? sponsoring an escort U felt that, due toi and influx 'U 1 a cha M attend Pill-U The Oeeidentalia Editorial Board of 1946 TONY CH1TOv,xs Layout Edifor PROF1assoR LANDON Hmzozzrary Ediior BOB REID Photography Edilor GORD DOLLAR C077ZP7'1Z'77g Editor and Clzrzirmrzn nf H10 Edilorial Board MARY MCCORMICK LAsT JANUARY a mnaH group Ofstudents vvere assenibled for the ptnqnose of plaruihig the 1946 Chxidentaha. Fewfci thenn had any previous expedence with theCDxy,lN1t then boundkss 6HthUQ3SH1IHHd6 up for this deficiency. Soon Others Offered to help hianyxvaytheycxndd,anditxvasnotlong before an energetic staff was hard at work preparing arixvhat I beheve wdH conipare favouratdy with any prexdous Oxy. I wmndd Hke Untake dns opporunnty of extending rny wduiehearted thanks to aH those who have been in any way associated with the 1946 occhientaha. GORDON DOLLAR. 122 Secreirzry of the Editorial Board The Uccidentalia Board Nr FRANK BESSENT Business Manager NORMAN SANSBURN Ca mpus Editor The Occidentalia Staff Back Row Clfft to rightbz GRACE XYILKINSON, ALICE- BURBIDGE, HELEN CLARK. Front Row: JOYCE KITCHEN, JOHN MCGUGAN, BETTY COHN. Missing: JEAN CAMPBELL, BLAKE FEWSTER, DORIS GILLEN, MARY ALICE HEWER, JIM JOHNSTON, DOUG. KNOWLES, BILLIE KRANZER, JIM MAC GREGOR, JEAN MARTINI, BETTY MCKEEMAN, EVE MERRIAM, HARRIET MORSE, VERNON ROSS, PATRICIA STEEPE, TOM TEVLIN, ZETA VVHEABLE JOHN WHITE Sales and Cl'7'CllIllfl'07'1 BOB BUCK Meds Editor U.W.O. Medical Journal Stajj' Frmzt Row Cleft to riglztb: R. C. BUCK, CAROL VVHITLOVV, RAY BAINBOROUGH CEditorh, PETER PURDIIC. Bark Row: ALLEN VVOOLEVICR, GRANT CROZIER, HENRY CARD- WELL, MARG. NICQUADE, STEVVART LOTT. The Quarterly Review of Commerce Sfanding Clef! to riglzfjz BOB BEACOM, DAN THOMPSON. Sealed: PROF. R. B. TAYLOR, COL. E. E. REILLY, DR. M. K. INMAN. 124 Gazette Editorial Staj Front Raw Cleft to riglztbz ANN WELDON, SYLVIA PETTIERSON, AL BIQULE, NIARY GIQDDES. Back Row: BOB FREWIN, LOU LEONOWENS, JACK XY.XI,TliRS, TI'iD HESSENER, JOHN XYHITE. Gazette Reportorial Staff From? Row Cleft to riglztjz NIARILYN HOLMES, BOB REID, BETTE COHN, PETER JACOBSOHN, RUIH PRESANT. Back Row: JOHN MCNEE, JIM JOHNSON, ALAN RAE, NIEIL MACCARL, TONY CHITOVAS. Q ' f ig 2 MkidNK5M YX la The Gazette Awards Front Row Cleft Ia rigiztyz SIDNEY ROSEN, NIARY PURDY CAROL XYI1IT1,0XV CMeds Editorj, ARMANI? DI FRAN- CIZSCO. r Middle Row: ROBERT BVCK, NIARGARET MCQUADE, DWIGHT SMITH, LILLIAN FULLER. Back Row: XYILLIAM CHERNIAK, PAUL IQEPKAY, PETER RECHNITZER, ALBERT S-HILLING, DON TWCLEOD. The Gazette Salutes IH I :K ! ZH 'l""44K Back Row Cleft to riglttjz JIM GILLIES, TERRY HULBERT, JOHN WHITE, HERB BALLANTYNE, JOHN MC- LARTXK, GEORGE BOWIE, BUS COLE JOHN HARRINGTON, NELSON GADD, BOB REID. Front Row: AL BRULE, TED GALPIN, LUBA VORSHUK, PHYL MANNING, JOHNNY HAYMAN, MADDX"HOWSE, ELSPETH HOUSTON, DAVE JACK- SON, TONY CHITOVAS. Missing: ART BRADFORD, FRAN BRAD- SHAW, TED HESSENER, BETTY O'NEIL. Meds Gazette Staff Bark Row Cleft to riglztj: JIM JOHNSTON, BEN WILSON, ROGER SHIRLEY, BILL BEECROFT, JACK FOSTER. Front Row: DOUG IQNOWLES, MARY MCCORMICK, EVE MERRIAM, GWEN CARLSON, GORDON DOLLAR Missing: MARY BUCHANAN, DICK IVEY, LOU LEONONVENS, FRAN MARK 126 W? aww qw 'Q C.A.M.S.I. Executive Lefl to rigid: JACK PRINCE, JOHN DUEE, ROGER WIEUTMAN, CAROL WHITLOW Cljresidefztj, THOMAS SPEIDHL, LORNIE I-IARXETT. 'ff PAT BOURDEAU Ass1'sfantlEdi!or Handbook Centralized Adverlising Agency Standing: Cleff to rigl1!J: JIM GILLIIZS Cllrzzzrzgolw DON TRAQUAIR. Seated: JIM JOHNSTON, DAVE XYl:LDON. TERRY HULBERT Ediior of the Handbook C. U. P. Conference ct Western 127 QRGANIZATICDNS f? IB ' QQ, N1 m I I 'dmf' WWW' 9LAQ'f76il,?.2Qf J jf , 759 wig? JJ! 6M2LK 7d7771aiq2fm"J+m fiwwiffdgfm M, wg 2215055 Mwwggif ffwfy j'L041ca,,4, Zwffwfffwff MW ,ESQ Canterbury Club S1'f.'z'1zg.- Hoxxu-3 f.INDli.XY, DLxNAx DILLQN, FRAN Iixunsxmw. S111 nding .' ART FL ETC H ICR, JOHN M,xRcQR1zT'1', MAC THQ, Rlav. jour: Dolcl-1. Clio Club Sifling: CZ. to rj: PHYLL MANNING, DR. DOR- LAND, BERYL CAMP- BELL. Standing: TED GALPIN, AL BOGUE, DON ELDON. 'N Debating Team L. to R.: TED GALPIN, GEORGE GUTHRIE, JIM GILLIES, FRAZER EARLE Debating Club Sz'f!z'11g U. fa rfb: DQN SCOTT, GWEN CARESUN 1131 GILLIIQS. 5l'CllIll7l'IIQ.' TED CZALPIN, FRAZIQR EARLE, MAC T x' li . 1 Geology Club Executive Struzdttzg Cleft to rightb: JOHN DOIII12, BOB ROWE, ,IO ICALLIO. Sitting: CARL HALSTEAD, DR. MAC- DONALD. Hesperian Club Sitting Cleft to rtghtj: H.AROLD HALL MARION MORROW, PROF. SPENCE LEY, BETTY OYNEIL. Standing: GWEN GRIIQVE, HAL WILLIS PAT VVIIELAN. Home Economics Club Executive Back Row Cleft to 1'1'gl1tD: BETTY XYIN- TERMEYER, ELOISI3 TAMBLYN, AIAYNE MCPHILLIPS, NIARGIERY STEXVART, NIARGARET HAHN. Front Row: MISS MCCARTIIY, ICATH- BRINE JONES, ELOISE ALLEN, HELEN ANDREYVS. lg French Club Front Row Clcjft to figllffi DR. TORRENS, MIIRIEL CLARKE, HELEN DOWN, BOE NIYERS. Centre Row: SHIRLEY PAYNF, NICK NICHOLAS, SHIRLEY ROBINSON, FRAN LITTLE. Back Row: CATHERINE CAMPBELL, EFFIE STANLEY, LAVINKA MIIIOFF. 'RM' Commerce Club Executive N Front Row Uef! to Vlffllfji JCHN MCNER, JANE STRATII, AL IWCLOUGHLIN. Burk Raw: DON SCOTT, DAN THOINIPSON. Journalism Club Executive Buck Row Ciefi In riglzfhz LYNN I..xsHBROOK, BILL NTCICIENZIE, RON ROBERTSON. Bullnm Row: Swim' W1I.1,1a'1Q'r, Ii,xR1sARA If11a1.1J,LC.AxM MACDONALD. 134 v 1 ,... F. if xr: A iaL:x.:,.R .ix 5, . 4:4 Zim!- Science Club Executive Front Row Cleft to rfglztbz BETH MCDONIXLD, JOIIN INICLARTY. Centre Row: JOSEPHINIQ SPENSIER, JOHN DOISIIE, DON RUTIIIQRFORD, CWIQN CALVIQRT. Back Raw: JIM CAMPBELL, TIMER HEARD, XYIQRNIER PIQICIIIQRT. Newman Club Executive Front Row Cleft to rtglztjz CATIIY SMYTHE, TOM FLIQNINKIQN, FRANCES CARROLL. Back Row: ED LAWSON, MARY MCCORMICK, JOHN HARRINGTON. 135 Players' Guild Lqfl to right: PM BOURDIEAU, FRAZIZR EARLIQ, GWIQN CARLSON. Polycon Club Front Row Cleft to rightjs JOHN HAR- RINGTON, PHYLL MANNING, JIM GILLIES Back Row: JIM JoHNsToN, PROF. REILLY, PROF. INMAN. in S. C. M. Front Row Cleft to rightj: MARION MC- LENNAN, RUTH LAZENBY, ANN115 SNOBELIN fP7ESid67IfD, MARY Lols WILLIAMS. Back Row: HAROLD HALL, EVE MIZR- RIAM, LLOYD LAKE, LEN KEIGNLEY. I. S. S. Left to righi: FRAN BRADSHAVV, ALIQC NI2XVEI,I., NIARY BUCHANAN, ART PEACH. 7 Legion Executive Bottom Row Cleft to riglztbz ROBERT SHANNON, ETHEL YOLTNG, JOHN PARK, LLOYD SHERVILL Qfresidenlj, G. CAMPBELL MCDONALD, DOUGLAS KNOWLES, ART BRADFORD. Second Row: ROBERT THOMPSON, DUNCAN MCTAVISH, FRANCES VVHITIE, DON VVILSON, RON ROBERTSON, NEV. LE CAPIELAIN, NORAH BELL-IRVING. Top Row: DAVE I.OcK1NG, GICRRY PARENT, ROSS MACDONALD, IQIZITH CROUCH, ROSS BALLAN- TYNIE, CHARLES COLE. I. V. C. F. Executive Front Row Cleft to Tllgilfjl RICNIE ERWIN, MAX N11TClIlil.L QPresz'dentJ, ELLA XYUODSIIJIC. Burk Row: IAN NICLARICN, BOB MC- LAIQEN, Sm FARRIS, TERRY HUL- Hl-.RT, 'IDI-ID ROEINS. 138 Jazz Club Executive Standing Cleft to riglztjz JACK WILLIAMS, BOB RANKIN. Seated: JACK VVALTERS, HELEN MCCALLIIM. Absent: BILL FRENCH, KEN ROGERS. Psychology Club Seated Cleft to riglztb, BLOSSOM ROYCIZ, ELSPIQIH HQUSIIIN. Stnndifzg: TERRY HULBIQRT, GIQQRGIQ CUIHRII3 CPresz'dentJ. 139 Follies Sub-Committee Sealed: MAR O HAHN, FRAN VVHITE. Slonding: Bus COLE, ROGER SHIRLEY. Mz'.vsz'ng: KAY HARNDON, BOB NEIGHBOUR, JIM HALDANE, BRUCE PRITCHARD, JIM Mc- GRl'IGLDli, TOM TISVLIN. 140 Follies Administrative Committee Seated Cleft to riglztj : ANN-MAR1E KRANZER, FRAN MARK. Slanding: DOUG KNOWLES, TED HESSENER. Ski Club Executive Back Row Uef! 10 riglzlh: JUNE RALPH, DON MCIQILLOP, ICIEITH CROUCH, JOHN EVANS, FRAN BRADSHAW Front Row: BARBARA XYILSON, TOM LUTTON CPresiden!J, DORIS SHIRLEY. Fems Galore! 40 1 FRATERNITIES A PQ58 f 'V CD 412 f 0 r N X JW Y new 239' ffl Q 1 LS X Wi mx 64, - tw iw' Ba eff if sis X W ff V awk vu wwf gffgi A , 14, f W as 2 2 f 5 ' 'K , H an wwwaw sw Y . 5 I V FM RT'L'ffWf1f':' ' 'X 'ESX ,mm- 'Al "Q .erik flag! Front Row Clqff In riglzljz S. LOTT, J. DUFF F. ROmNsON, S. lXlORI'HY, D. XYILLSON, N. XYOOD, O. MIRE- IIOYSPI. Middle Row: J. HARPER, Y. YOAKES, M. EAGLES, J. lVlILLlER, E, PLUNKETT, J. BZORROW, J. XYITTEG W. WILKEY. Back Row: B. SANOERs, G. MCFADDEN, J. EARBER, VV. SAMBLE, D. FLETCHER, D. HITCH, A. CARTER Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity Founded: Dartmouth College, September 29, 1888. Active Chapters: 144 Total Membership: 16,000 Beta Kappa Chapter founded: April 15, 1924 Active Members: 30 Pledges: 16 Chapter House: Cheiron House, 16 Craig St. Honourary Members F. J. H. CAMPBELL, B.A., M.D., M.R.C.P., F.R.C.P.g SEPTIMUS THOMPSON, M.D., F.A.C.S., G. A. RAMsAY, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.R.C.S.g F. W. LUNEY, M.D., D.P.H., G. L. JEPSON, M.D., E. I. LOUGHLIN, M.D., C. C. Ross, M.D.,F.R.C.S.g M. C. MORRISON, M.D., H. A. SKINNER, M.D., F.R.C.S.g D. W. CROMBIE, M.D.C.M., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.g A. J. GRACE, B.A., B.M., B.Ch., M.A., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., F.R.C.S.., S. M. FISHER, M.D.g I. H. SMITH, M.D. Alumnae E. A. BARTRAM, MHD.g V. A. CALLAGHAN, M.D., F.A.C.S., C. A. CLINE, M.D., G. R. COLLYER, B.A. M.D., J. H. GEDDES, M.D., F. S. KENNEDY, B.A., M.D., M.S., F.A.C.P., H. J. LOUGHLIN,M .D., A. D. MCLACHLAN, M. D., Ph.D., M.S., F.R.C.S. CCD, F.R.CfS. CEng.D,g J. B. C. ROBINSON, M.D., M.Sc.g E. L. R, SCHRAM, B.A., M.D., G. H. STEVENSON, M.D., F.A.P.A., F.R.S.C. 144 Front Row Cleft to rightj: G. CROZIFR, J. MCKIM, P. KEPKJXY, C. XVALLACIZ, A. MCNAEE. Middle Row: P. XYALDEN, N. MCGRATH, D. SMITH, E. BIULLINS, A. GALHRAITH, F. LTFFELMAN. Back Row: P. PURDIE, P. RECHNITZER, R. NICHAIG, J. PRINCE, j. SULLIVAN. Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity Aclive Members J. NYITTIG, J. NIORROW, A. MCNABB, W. XNILKEY, W.WILLS, J. OyNI'1IL, S. LOTT, J. MCKIM, R. SUSSEX, G. NICFADDEN, V. VOAKES, M. EAGLES, D. HATCIIER, E. PLUNKIETT, -I. HARPER, F. ROBINSON, P. PURDIE, D. SMITH, J. BARBER, P. KEPKAY, J. SULLIVAN, S. BIORPHY, D. XYILLSON, O. BIIREHOUSE. J. TOMPKINS, B. MCGRATH, B. SANDERS, C. WALLACE, P. RECHNITZER. 1. COLES. Ojjicers Primarius-SEPTIMUS THOMPSON, M.D., District Deputy, G. R. COLLYER, BA. M.D.g President- JOHN SULLIVAN, X'7iCG-DI'6SidCIlf-PAUL KEPKAT1 Treasurer-PETER PURDIICQ Recording SC'Cl'Cfiil'Y'a-I. TOMPKINSQ Corresponding SeCretaryfSTEvE NIORPHY, Marshall-FRANK ROBINSON, XYZ1I'df?Il'xV. MCGRATHQ Historian-D. WILI.SONg Chaplain-JOHN COLESQ Steward-CAM WALLACE. Pledges A. CARTER, G. CROZIER, R. MCHARG, N. WOOD, J. PRINCE, J. DUEF, W. GAMBLE, E. GLASS, D. FLETCHER, P. WALDEN, A. GALBRAITH, D. HITCH, F. UFFELMAN, J. RAWLING, F. CURRY, E NIULLENS. 145 Bork Row Cleft to riglzfbz JOHN HARRINGTON, JIM GILLIES, CLENDON CLATWOIXTHY, KEITH SHALES, AL BICLOUGHLIN, TOM FLENNIKEN, GRAEME BIEMAN. Middle Row: RAI' MORNINGSTAR, MAC TYE, WILSON TIBBO, JACK NEILSON, JIM COTTRILL, BOB BLAKE, BILL OYBRIEN, ED LAXVSON, JOE FRAUMENI. Front Row: BOB STEEP, JIM HALDANE, CARL VVOODVVARD, BOB ALLEN, KEITH JONES, GEORGE RIVERS, GEORGE ASSALY. I I-A I I 3 1 A ' 1 51.114 , , ,A - ' vs .- ,., 5, 1 9... , Lg. .lii Alpha Kappa Founded October 5, 1904, New York University Active Chapters: 55 Total Membership: 12,6-18 BETA KAPPA CHAPTER 159 St. James Street Founded: 1931 Honorary Mem bers: J. J. MCHALE, COLONEL GORDON INORAM, J. H. STEVENS, DENTON MASSEY. Faculiy Members: C. C. CARROTHERS, B.A., L.L.B., LESTER IDAVIS, B.A., J. M. DOBSON, B.A., COLONEL E. E. REILLY, B.S.A., M.S., F.R.E.S., FRANK STILING, M.A., WALTER THOMPSON, M.B.A., GRAYDON JARMAIN, B.A., F. W. P. JONES, B.A., M. K. INMAN, Ph.D. President, Secretary, of Ritual, Historian Secretary 7 CUTCHEON. Local Chapter Ojicers: DAN THOMPSON, Vice-President, TOM LUTTON, DON SCOTT, Treasurer, BOB BEACOMQ Master AL BARKERQ House Manager, GORD DOLLAR: and Diary Editor, JIM JOHNSTON, Alumni FRANK BESSENTQ Social Convenor, JOHN Mc- 146 Vgm Back Row Cleft to riglztb: LLOYD NIELLOR, RUSS NIGHTINGALE, AL SCORGXIC, IQIEITII CROVCH, PHIL PI-QNSA, BRLCE MCKILLiJP, BCD MACDONNELL. Middle Row: CORD DOLLAR, JERRY CAMPBELL, ROD O'HARA, JOHN MCCUTCHEON, JIM JOHNSTON, AL BARKER, FRANK BESSENT, MLIRRAX' GEDDES, JACK BURGESS. Front Row: RON RHODES, JOHN MCNEE, BOB BEACOM, TOM LUTTON, DAN THOMPSON, DON G. SCO'r'I', FRASER THOMPSON. Psi F raternit Professional in Business and Economics A A4 Active Members: GEORGE ASSALY, BOB BLAKE ALEX MCLOUGHLIN, ED LAWSON, JACK NEILSON, GEORGE RIVERS, MAC TYE, JOHN MCNEE, JOHN HARRINGTON, DAN THOMPSON, AL BARKER, CLEN CLATWORTHY, TOM FLENNIKEN, BOB BEACOM, JIM JOHNSON, BILL O'BRIEN, PHIL PENSA,CARL XVOODVVARD, JIM GILLIES, JIM COTTRILL, GORD DOLLAR, RUSS NIGHTINGALE, AL SCORGIE, BOB STEEP, WILSON TIBBO, BOB ALLEN, TOM LUTTON, CARM HOLLINGSWORTH, FRANK BESSENT, GRAEME BIEMAN, JACK BURGESS JERRY CAMPBELL, JOHN MCCUTCHEON, BRUCE MCKILLOP, RAY TWORNINGSTAR, KEITH SHALES, DON, G. SCOTT, DON C. SCOTT, DON BONDY, JOE FRAUMENI, JIM HALDANE, KEITH JONES, LLOYD MELLOR,ROD O'HARA, RON RHODES. Pledges : KEITH CROUCH, MURRAX' GEDDES, KEITH MACDONNELL. "BKT: 51? Front Row: Cleft to rightb JOHN HIGGINS, JIM XVOOLNER, CAM LAMONT, DICK IVEY, ROSS EMMOTT, DON CAMERON, BLAKE FEVVSTER. Middle Row: JOHN HAYMAN, TOM SPEIDEI., BILL DAVIS, ELMER WAHBY, GLEASON HEALEY, DON MAC- IQENZIE, JACK IXCEELAN, ALAN VVOOLEVER. Back Row: DON NICFARLANE, GORDON MCLEAN, BUD NEEDLES, BOB BUCHANAN, BILL VVARDLE, HUGH ALLEN, AL h7EATES. X K JM' if!-if I l i Eff 1. , ,A g 3 3743, Delta Upsilon Fraternity Founded November 4, 1834, at Williams College Colors: Blue and Gold Active Chapters, 61 Total Membership: 25,000 Wlestern Ontario Chapter: Founded 1931 Faculty Members E. D. BITSBY, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S., F.R.C.S., CCJg J. W. BURNS, MSC., F.C.I.C.g J. H. FISHER, M.D., MSC., F.R.C.P. CCjg R. A. JOHNSTON, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.R.C.S. CCD, FRED LANDON, M.A., F.R.S.C.g S. F, MAINE, Ph.D., D. C. MCFARLANE, M.D., F. R. MILLER, B.A., M.B., M.A., M.D., F.R.S.C., F.R.C.P. CCD, F.R.S., E. G. PLEVA, Ph.D., M.I.G.U., R. SHER- VILLE, B.A., H. M. SIMPSON, M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.S.g J. J. TAYLOR, M.A., R. B. TAYLOR, B.A.g W. P. TEW, M.B., F.R.C.S., F.R.C.S. CCJ, M.R.C.O.G., F.R.C.O.G.g H. M. THOMAS, B.A., Ph.D., E. M. WATSON, M.D., MSC., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.P. CCD, R. B. WILLIS, M.A., A. WOODS, M.A. 148 Fran! Row Cleft to riglzibz AL RAMSEY, GEORGL BOWIF BINI MACDONALD, R XND AI L QASQON AL BRUII HERB BALLANTYNE, BOB WAUGII, Jor CICHOCKI Middle Row: JACK FAIRS, FRANK J. CONVERY DAVE VKELDON DON HANDEORD TID HI SSLNI R R xx BRULE, BILL BUTT, PAUL SLATER, MIKE DILLON DOUG IXNOWLES Back Row: CHARLES COLE, JOHN WHITE, BILL WALSH BOB MCFARLANI JOE IYOSKIL, DICK TRT LEAVEN, ELMER QUINTYN, MURRAY BOICE BILL CINNINGHAM Delta Upsilon Fraternit Ojicers President, RANDALL CASSONQ Vice-President, DOUG- LAS MILLS, Treasurer, RICHARD IVEYQ Recording Secretary, WILLIAM VVALSHQ Corresponding Secretary, ALLAN YEATES, Master-at-Arms, HUGH ALLEN, His- torian, DONALD CAMERON, Quarterly Editor, ELMER VVAHBYQ Social Committee, DAVID VVELDON QChair- many, GLEASON HEAI,IiX', THOMAS SPEIDEL, ALLAN VVOOLEVER. Active Chapter Members HUGH AI.LEN, HERB. BALLANTYNE, GEORGE BOWIE, AL BRULE, RAY BRULE, BOB BUCHANAN, BILL BUTT, DON CAMERON, DUNCAN CAMERON, RANDALL CASSON, JOE CICHOCKI, BUS COLE, FRANK CONVERY, GEORGE CRUICKSHANK, GLEN CRAWFORD, BILL CUNNINGHAM, ROSS EMMOTT JACK FAIRS, BLAKE FEWSTER, TED GALPIN, JOHNNY HAYMAN, GLEESON HEALEY, TED HESSENIIR, JOHN HIGGINS, MARTY HUMPHRYS, DICK IVEY, JOHN KEELAN, DOUG. KNOWLES, CAM LAMONT, BIM MACDONALD, JIM MACHAN, DON NICFARLANE, BOB MCFARLANE, DON MCKENZIE, JOHN MCLARTY, GORD. MCLEAN, DOUG. MILLS, BUD NEEDLES, ELMER QUINTYN, AL. RAMSAY, PAUL SLATER, TOM SPEIDEL, DOUG. STECKLEY, BOB TEASDALE, DICK TRELEAVFN, ELMER WAHBY, BILL WALSH, BOB WAUGH, DAVE WELDON, PAT YVHEALEN, JOHN WHITE, AL .WOOLEVER, JSIM YWOOLNER, BILL VVARDLE, MLTRRAX' WYATT, L. EATES. Pledges MURRAY BOYCE, GEORGE CURTIS, BILL DAVIS, AL. DEADMAN, MANDY DI FRANCESCO, MIKE DILLON, JOE KOSKIE, ANDY MORIARITY, BOB REID. 149 Sv Front Row Clef! to rightbz GEORGE BUSTARD, TOM PARKES, DR. K. W. HUNTEN, PROF. N. C. HART, BOB HUTCHINSON, DICK PEARCE. Second Ro-w: DON STRUTHERS, JOHN WRIGHT, VERNON SAUNDERS, KENNETH FRYER, DAVE JACKSON, DON HAY, ERIC VOGAN. Back Row: ANDY BUCHNER, JIM DOUGLAS, VVILBUR MCKEEN, HOWARD CLEMENS, ROSS CLARK, CHARLES CARMICHAEL. I Kappa Tau Sigma Fraternity CProfessional in Science and Mathematicsb Honourary Members PRO!-'. N. C. HART, DR. DETWILER, DR. K. W. HUNTEN, PROF. A. WALKER, DR. SIVERTZ. Grad Members DR. COLE, DR. MCLARTY, BOB BLOXAM, CHAS. CARMICHAEL, JIM DOUGLAS, XVILBERT MCKEENI VERNE SAUNDERS, JOHN WRIGHT, BILL ARCHER, KEITH FERGUSON, GRANT TAYLOR. 150 , . , W. if MH ,A , ' My, H icmrga, :1 Wfxsj. Front Row Qleft to righlbz MAURICE SIVERNS, VERNON ROSS, XYERNER TEICHERT, PROFESSOR XY.-XLKER, DONALD HUNTEN, GRANT TAYLOR, BOB BLOXAM. Second Row: WILSON V. SCOTT, CHARLES MCKERLIE, GORDON LINKLATER, BOB ROVVE, KI'INNETH O. KUTSCHKE, BRUCE SMITH. Back Row: BOB SNYDER, NELSON R. GADD, RON DAVIS, HERB JOHNSON, JOE KALLIOKOSKI, HAROLD ELLENTON. Absent: HENRY J. RUSTON, Vice-President. Kappa Tau igma Fraternit Members LLOYD AUCKLAND, HOWIE CLEMENS, JOHN CHAPMAN, HAROI,D ELLENTON, KEN FRYER, NELS CT.-ADD DICK GRAHAM, DON HAY, DON HLJNTEN, BOB HUTCHINSON, DAVE JACKSON, JORMA ICALLIOKOSKI KEN KUTSCHKIE, GORD LINKLATER, VERN ROSS, BRUCE SMITH, DON STOTHERS, BOB ROWE, VVERNER TEICHERT, ROSS CLARK, ERIC VOGAN, HENRY RUSTON, DICK PEARCE, JOHN BITTNER, ANDY BUCHNERY JIM BRYANT, GEORGE BUSTARD, RON DAVIS, HERB JOHNSON, CHARLIE MCKERLII2, TOM PARKS, BILL ROUSOM, XVILSON SCOTT, MAURICE SIVERNS, BOB SNYDER, BOB GLOVER, BOB JONES. Pledges BRUCE AITKENHEAD, PARKER ALFORD, WILLIAM BARRIE, TED BEST, DAVE VVHETHEY, FRED SOCCY LAURENCE KAIL, ED STOCK, DON GILLIES, ART DODGE, INNES MACKENZIE, BILL CHILTON, JOHN LEWIS, VIC MARTIN, BILL LUTTON, GEORGE COX, CHARLIE JACKSON, KEITH SMILLIE, DOUG GARDINER, PETE OMOND, JIM SNELL, NORRIS HOBBS, DOUG SOPER, TOM SPETTIGUE, SAM YAMADA, DON LEHOCZ, JOHN BATZOLD, DON GRAHAM, HARRY MCGEE, ALBERT MCRITCHIE, HUGH LINDSAY, AL HILES, BILL JERRARD, BILL PIERCE, GEORGE HARVEY, DON GALPIN, DALE RUMBLE, RAY PRINGLE, DAVE ERB, CLARE HUNT, DOUG EDMONDS, IVAN TAYLOR. 151 Buck Row Cie-fi in rightbz MARY PURDY, BARBARA SCHENDEL, NIAXENNE BROOKER, HELEN DOWN, JEAN NIURNINGSTAR, NIADELINE HOWSE, MURrEL CLARKE. Miriflle Raw: GRrXCI'2 XYARNER, ELIZABETH MIDDLETON, MARGARET NIACLACHLAN, ELOISE TAMBLYN, PIIQLIEN ANDRIENVS, NIARIAN lWORROXV, LENA BAILEY. Front Raw: GWEN CARLSON, ELSPETH HOUSTON CPresz'de1ztj, MISS FAUKES CHouse Motherj, JOAN BODDY, BETH BICDONALD. Gamma Phi Sorority Alpha Omega Chapter Instialledz October 24, 1936 Founded: Syrz1cuSe University, Syracuse, N.Y. Active Chapters: 52 Colours: Double Brown Flower: Pink Carnation Honourary and Faculty Members MRS. R. E. CROUCH, MRS. H. O. FOUCAR, MRS. R. B. LIDDY, MRS. W. F. TAMBLYN, MRS. E. K. ALI3RIGliT, DR. I.. NIEAI., MRS. J. SPROULE, MRS. C. THOMAS. Executive President, ELSPIETH HOUSTON, Vice-President, JOAN Bonnvg Recording Secretary, BETTY O'NE.1Lg Corresponflingf Secretary, GWITN GRIEVEQ Treasurer, NORMA NICCREERYQ Rushing Chairman, PEGGY COI,'LTIiRQ Pledge Trainer, CQWEN CARLSON, House President, BETH MACDONALD. 152 Back Row Qleft io riglzh: LENORIE BATTERS, XYILMA HAY, CATHERINE CAMPBELL, DJORMA RAFUSE, PHYLLIS CALBECK, NIARIAN PIOLMICS, FLEANOR SCIIIENDICL, PAT NIliLLli'I', NIT-XRIAN CRIQIC. Middle Row: NIARGIERY STEWART, BETTY NICIQIHCMAN, PAT XYICBSTER, HIZLICN NICIQIENZIIE, GERALDINE SHILLINGION, MARGARET IJAY, PEGGY ASKIN. Front Row: NORBII-X JNTCCRIEIZRY, BETTY CTNEIL, PEGGY CUl'l.'I'IiR, CQXVIIN CLRIEYE. Absent: DONN.-X MCKIM, NKBRBI.-A COOK, ILMA DVFE. Gamma Phi Sororit Active Members HELEN ANDREXVS, PEGGY ASKIN, I,ENA BAILEY, LENORI2 BATTERS, BT.-XXIQNNIE BROOKER, JOAN BODDY, CATHERINE CAMPBELL, GWEN CARLSON, PHYLLIS CALBICCK, MURIE1. CLARKE, MARION CREE, NORMA COOKE, PEGGY CCULTER, MARGARET D.KY, HIZ1,I'1N IJUXNN, ILMA DUEF, GVVIQN CQRIEVIE, XVILMA HAY, MARIAN HOLMES, ELSPETII HOUSTON, BI.-XDELINIE HOXVSIE, BETH BIACIJONALD, MARGARET MAC- LACHLAN, NORMA MCCREERY, BETTY MCKEEMAN, HELEN MCIQIENZIE, ELIZABETH MIDDLETON, JEAN MORNINGSTARI, MAR,IAN MORROW, BETTY O'NIilL, MARY PURDY, NClIiBI.fX RAFUSIC, ELIEANOR SCHENDEL, BARBARA SCHENDEL, GERALDINE SHILLINGTON, NIARJURIIT STICXVART, EL0ISlifl1AMBl,YN, GRACE XYARNER, PATRICIA VVEBSTER. Pledges BETTY ANDREWS, BARBARA BETHUNE, NIARIAN BIRKS, BRENDA BRUCE, FRAN. BUCHANAN, BETH COTTRILL, PAMELA CURTIS, RUTH CRAIG, RUTII DALTON, ANN HAGMIRE, JEAN HARDY, PAT HENDER- SON, MARILYN HOLBIES, JOCELYN KOCH, MARGARET LAING, ISABEI, NICLARTY, MARGARET MANN, HELEN PARDO, NANCY ROSE, MARIAN SPRY, BIEATRICIE TOMLIN, HELEN TVRNBULI., JOYCE VANDER- HEIDIEN, BETTY WRIGHT. 153 Front Row Clqff in riglzllz NIARY GOSNELL, YERNA LINDSTROM, LFBA VORSHLK, CAROL XYHITLOVV, JEAN DOISIZINS. Middle Row: IWARION CLUGSTON, NORBIIX DIEAN, RUTH NICNIULLIN, AD SMILLIE, MARGARET CODE, JOAN CQOV.-KN, GWYNICDD LEWIS. Bark Row: HELEN ROBERTS, SHIRLEY PAYNE, MARJORY BIEMAN, NIARJORY MACDONAI,D, HELEN THOMSON, JUNE DAY, FAITH ROGERS. Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity Gamma Epsilon Chapter Installed: September 27, 1937 Founded: January 27, l870 Active Chapters: 68 Colours: Black and Gold Flower: Black and Gold Pansy Ojjicers President, LUBA VORSHUKQ Vice-President, VERNA LINDSTROM, Treasurer, JEAN DOBBINS, Cor- responding Secretary, CAROL VVHITLOWQ Recording Secretary, GWYN LEWISQ House Manager, FAITH ROGERS, Editor, JOAN GOVAN, Social Chairman, AD SMILLIE, Scholarship Chairman, JUNE DAY. 154 Front Row Cleft to riglztjz RUTH LAZENBY, DOROTHY GRIEYE, JOYCE IQITCHHN, NIIERLE NICPHERSON, JEAN GLOVER. Middle Row: JEAN MACLEAN, IRIS VYHEIELER, THELMA BLANEY, GLORIA MCCALLUM,TERRY MCIVER, BONNIE LINDSAY, ANN NICNABB, MARION NICLIZNNAN. Back Row: JOSEPHINE SPENCER, LAVINKA RIIHOFF, SHIRLEY DEMERLING, JEAN CAMPBELL, EVE DAX'IIES, EFFIE STANLEY, DOROTHX' DULMAGIE, RUBY RAIKOY, Missing: PEGGY DICKSON, MRS. STEWART CH0use Motlzerj. Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternit Active Members MARJORIE BIEMAN, THELMA BLANEY, JEAN CAMPBELL, MARION CLUGSTON, MARGARET CODE, EVE DAVIES, JUNE DAY, NORLIA DEAN, SHIRLEY DEMERLING, PEGGY DICHKSLUN, JEAN DOBBINS, DOROTHY DULMAGE, JEAN GLOVER, MARX' GOSNELL, JOAN GOVAN, DOROTHY GRIEVE, JOYCE KITCHEN, RUTH LAZENBY, GWYN LEWIS, BONNIE LINDSAY, VERNA LINDSTROM, MARJOIIIE NIACIDONALD, JEAN MCLEAN, GLORIA IVICCALLUM, TERRY MCIVER, MARION MCLENNAN, RUTH MCMULLIN, ANN MCNABB, NI!-IRLIC MCPHERSCJN, LAVINKA MIHOFF, SHIRLEY PAYNE, RUBY RAIKOY, HELEN ROBERTS, FAITH ROGERS, AD SMILLIE, JOSEPHINE SPENCER, EFFIE STANLEY, HELEN THOMSON, LUBA VORSHUK, IRIS WHEELER, CAROL VVHITLOYV. Pledges MARGARET ARCHIBALD, MARY DAVIDSON, DONNA GRAHAM, HELEN HILES, ELMA JOHNSTON, MARIE RANNEY, CONNIE SPRACKLIN, YVONNE VVEMP, FRAN, WHITE. A 155 '27 rf! R V '07 v-R AY 5 vw -' w S iw- tt Fnmt Raw tid! to riglztlz 111.-XRION BROWNE, 1YiARY RUTLAND,lViRS.1qENNEDY CHouse Motizerj, PAULINE STR1'CRIsT'I, MARION VVINTERBOTTOM. Middle Raw: JOYCE JEBSON, BIARGARET NIOWAT, AUDREY DLITTON, PIIYLLIS MANNING, KAY JONES. Burk Raw: ANN SCOTT, PAULA DENNEY, ANN V1vIiLDON, BERYL CAMPBELL, NANCX' PURDOM, FRANCES BRADSIIAW. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Ontario Beta Chapter Installed: October 29, 1934 Founded: Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, April 28, 1867 Active Chapters: 91 Total Membership: 42,081 COlourS: VX'ine and Blue Flower: VVine Carnation Active Members: 35 Pledges: 11 Chapter House: 293 Central Avenue Active Chapter Officers First Term: President, PIIYI,I,IS MANNINGQ Vice-President, BARBARA SHOOK, Treasurer, SHIELA ALEXANDER: Recording St-cn-tary, IQATHERINIQ JONES, Corresponding Secretary, JOYCE PORTER, Rushing Chairman, ROBIN NIYIERICKQ HiStorian, BERYL CAMPBELL, Pledge Supervisor, KATHLEEN BRADDOCK, House President, FRANCES BRADSHAW. Second Term: ' Pu-Siflt-Iit, NIARGIERY ANDRFVVSQ Vice-President, KATHERINE JONES, Treasurer, MARION WINTER- BOTTOM, Recording Secretary, PAULA DENNEX', Corresponding Secretary, MARY GEDDESQ Rushing Chairmzin, PAIILINE STRUCKIQTT, Historian, ANN SCOTT, Pledge Supervisor, DORIS SHIRLEY, House President, FRANCES BRADSHAVV. 156 I 4 A G?" WN? 'CQ H 3 I Front Row Cleft to rightjz ZAIDA WHEABLE, PAT XYESTLAND, NIARJORY IXNDRIQVVS, CIELIA XYATSON, NIARY GEDDES. Middle Row: MARY BLANDFORD, JOAN GARDINIER, JOYCE PORTER, LL'CILI,E JWCIYIEIE, RIARION MC- CALLUM, DORIS SHIRLEY. Bark Row: MARGARET JENKINS, FRANCES HICKS,Sl1IIEI,4X ALEXAINDIER, BARBARA XYILSUN, ICAY BRADDUCK Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Active Members SHIELA ALEXANDER, MARGERY ANDREWS, MARY BLANDEORD, FRANCES BRADSHAW, IQATHLEIEN BRADDOCK, MARION BROWNE, BERYL CAMPBELL, PAULA DENNEY, AUDREY DLTTTON, RVTH GOLDEN. JOAN GARDINER, MARY GEDDIES, JOYCE JEBSON, NI.-XRGARET JENKINS, IQATHERINE JONES, FRANCES HICKS, PHYLLIS MANNING, MARION IWCCALLUM, LUCILLE MCKEE, MARGARET MOWAT, ROBIN MYERICK, JOYCE PORTER, NANCY PURDOM, MARY RUTLAND, ANN SCOTT, BARBARA SHOOK, DORIS SHIRLEY, PAULINE STRUCKETT, CELIA WATSON ANN XVELDON PATRICIA XYESTLAND ZAIDA XYHEABLF BARBARA VVILSON, MARION VVINTERBOTTOM. Y I Y 'Y Pledges RUTH BROWN, JO ANN BURCH, IRIS BURNHAM, SYLVIA GIENGENBACH, BARBARA FIELD, ANNE KENNEDY, HELEN MARCELLUS, MARILYN NICHOL, JEAN ROLLO, JOYCE VINE, NI.-XRCIA XYELDON. 157 any 'gs- Top Row Cleft to riglztb: ALBERT SCHILLING, XYILLI.-XM GOLDBIERG, SAMUEL REID, .lliddle Row: NIAURICE SIEGEL, NIERVIN GOLL.ABI, SIDNEY ROSEN, HYMIE IQIRSCHENBAUM. Barium Row: WILLIAM CHERNIAK, LEBERI' HARRIS, ARTHUR EGIER. Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity Founded: 1910, Cornell University Iota Chapter, founded U. WY .O, 1945, installed March 17, 1945 Honourary Members A. B. SISKIND, 1X'1EYER LERNER, DR. H. M. VVILENSKY, DR. H. B. GRACE. Active Members C H I I' RSCHENBAUNI VVILLIANICQOLDBERG NIERVIN GOLLABI, WILLIAM CHERNIAK, ALAN OHICN, VMI 2 xl - ,I , . . , ALAN ' ' I ' ' f 4 M AE ZALTZ, IRVING SHAPIRO LAIKAN, ARTHUR LAMPROVIIZ, ALAN ROSRNTHAL, Sx DNIA RosEN, MAURICL SIEGEL, AURIQ Chapter Ojjicers Chancellor, LEIIERI' HARRIS, Vice-Chancellor, ALBERT SCHILLINGQ Secretary, ARTHUR EGIER, Treasurer, SAMUEL REID. 158 'Cm fills, ...Z Business Administration, 1946 Back Row Cleft to rz'gl1tD:JIAI COTTRIL, BOB BLAKE, BUD NEEDLES, AL 1XICI.UL'GHLIN,f1LIEN CL.X'1NYUR'lHY, TOM FLIENNIKIEN, JIM GRIVIEN, JACK CRAM. Centre Row: BOB STEER, CAROL XYOODXVARD, XYILSON TIBBO, CQIEORGIE ASSALT, MAC TIE, AIR. JARIIAIN, CHARLIE HOARE, BOB WAIIGH. Front Row: GEORGE RIVERS, ED LAWSON, GEORGE BOWIE, LI'HA YORSHVK, ROSS EMMOT, HERB BAL- LANTYNE, JACK NI7,II,SON. Intensive Business Back Ro-w Cleft to rightjz JOHN HENDERSON, STENV VVILLMOT, BOB DAMMAN, JOHN AIACICAY, PAT BOTLE, ANDY SVVAN, ED GROOVER, JACK MUIR. Centre Row: JIM MCELROY, HAROLD MARCHAND, LLOYD STUART, RIEK HICPBURN, LIARVICX' LEWIS, ERNIE ROBERTSON, CHARLIE BREKELMANS, FRANK KEATING. Front Row: BEV. PEARSON, JOHN FERGUSON, BERT ADAMS, BCS COLE, AL NIOSHER, CHARLIE CROWDIS, AL BRULE. 159 ff V x., Q 9- University Museum E M3 hiv-4 :Y fy X Q Te il: Ji THE MUSEUM OF INDIAN Archaeology and Pioneer Canadian Life entered upon a new era during 1945-46 with the appointment as full-time curator of Mr. VVilfrid jury who had for a number of years acted as honourary curator of the collections. At the same time a Museums Board was established of which Mr. Arthur Ford, managing editor of the London Free Press, is chairman. The University has already one of the best collections of Indian archaeology in Canada and is interested in the scientihc exploration of the prehistoric sites which are to be found throughout this part of the province. It is hoped that the time is not far distant when these collections, at present housed in the Lawson Memorial Library, will have larger and more adequate provision for their proper display. In the mean- time the museum is performing useful service in preserving the relics of earlier life in Western Qntario and through its bulletins and other publications presenting the results of investigations by Mr. jury. 160 1 1 4 1 P' r 'f .. ,1+ .,N,f.g:x ., ,W ft' 10211 Q 13 :+A-L57 4' J " K1 48.545 M ' 1' .. I "U" 'Ni x M "ws W-5 -2 ln24.,'5fZ1.f, 'g ,.Iv'liLS:LeiB-aiu 1 ..,., 'X -I BSE . K ! ' x "vi W 0!!2'LG'3lK"'J AQTYIXE' 9. K P 5 J! ATHLETICS W if K , If vs -4.4. nw vw L4 ,N v ,wwx VA .u ,W ,M ,.+ ,mx 1 I 11, Q QQ-104.69 sys wx ,IL WN , :' , z f X 1 X W f f W ,f ' K ,, K x wwf . f, 1,f:"s,wrx g W f , M q J ,, , A ,L Y. 5 N M 1 A ' .MM Q w'w5.hifu1'sWfc' " ' ' w, ,,,?X,,,4, , . 5 xx R -. N f.f Q A 5 gl: i If - .. .51 J 'EW x' me P' R fg T' Women's Athletic Committee, 194546 .Sft1?IdI'IIgfJOAN BUDDY, I,IaN.x H.xII,EY, NIIRMN R.YFI'5E, DORIS SHIRLEY, ANNE CQILLEN, ju.xN GUVAN, QQXVYNIYIH 'l'HoMP5oN, DORIS JACKSON, AD. SMILLIE. Scaled: BONNIE LINDSAY, MISS M. GILLIi5PIl'I, SHIRLEY PAYNE, PEGGY COULTER, PHYLLIS AIANNINU. Absent: DR. NIARY XVONG, ANN SCOTT. 1945-46 Athletic Directorate Standing: G. CRAWFORD, R. NIGHTINGALE, L. SOMERS, W. A. DEXNAR, J. H. CROCKER, PRDF. N. C. HART. .5'i!fz'ng: J. MCKIM, P. NIANNING, DR. J. H. FISHER,Pl'6S1:l1167ZfQ MRS. F. G. BALDWIN, W. L. DUFFIIQLD. . 9 ,I flaws- ' DOUGLAS A. C0014 1945-6 VVim1er of the lVIcCullagh Trophy "The Mcffullagh Trophy" for the Mustangs "Most Valuable Player 3 U 4 X lz Q5 f 12? K if VARSITY AT WESTERN 165 pam? 4x m - r M Q- "H aj . .- ' . ', 5' Q. ,- ms , "f' 3, W A 5 17 51 3 , an Q "' 1 T 1 1 5 N 9- fj 1' J M34 in 1 1, if 3 M , j SS A S?'Nf 2 4 'K'ff. 'Q,- f l: M I V ' -3 21' -mtg In Ex iff YS.. X Q. J 5 "R V ,Sf A gr, U . . W, . ff ,al-A W? Q . Lf X ri I if 5 1,2 , V 2-5685 955. Q. cy, 'L ,9A'Zi,2'? M . F31 W in M Q s if 'fs x-N wg 7 x C' d,, Q iw H' Z X M' ,Z Q- 1 X A 755 ,...,,,A in an sr, an gs J 5 5 i S gm ,, , an :- V ' .-.N ,Ag Nw x Q ,V xv., . Wx . x E , ,L Q. J x' y f 'W' ,ff"'f R R Q sr Eli 3 s w 'li A J an , .fgrg5NxAi?g" m xm JA M A A A .2 .W SWQW EE 22 42 S Ss - ' f ff, 36 3 z I xg Wil -will ,vm A ' fu . ff M , , ., 9 'A 3 li -f sg zz , Q ,S f N pg ' "' X V NQ lik Z Q ii ws N' A- ' 1- i F 2 mm.. wizxig haw., Intermediate Soccer Team 194546 Back Row Clefl Io riglzib: PROF. H. E JENKIN, Hon. Coaclzg A. CARTER D. HITCH, H. HALL, J. GIRVIN. Second Row: J. MURRAY, R. RAM, H. BLADES, F. SUNAHARA, S. GENTLE. Frmzt Row: D. STITT, F. SKELTON, Cup!.,' A. BLADES, Mgr. C. I. A. U. Senior Soccer Team 1945446 Back Row Cleft io righlj: PROF. H. E JIQNKIN, Hon. Coczclzg R. DOWN, A MACPHERSON, H. H.-ALL, MIl7II1.Q6f D. ZARZOUR. Second Row: T. SPIEIDEL, L. SZAI30 G. BOUSFIIELD, E. EATON. Fran! Row: H. Cox, W. GRAHAM, D SMITH, Capt., BASIL DIACKSUN, W TOMLINSON. - S f f ' N 'V TLD, ' A . ' . .wx ' Senior C. I. A. U. 1945-46 Basketball S1fznf1z'ng Clefi Io riglzibz A. YEATIQS, Mgr.,- W. CUNNINGHAM, R. PHIBBS, C. MCN.AIR, Capt.,-W. GAULD F. CFRRY, NI. NIIETRAS, Coaflz. Kneeling: R. FA1u.EY, A. ScoRG11f:, D. HUYCK, M. HUMPHRYS. Senior "A" Baskeiballee NC.I.A. U.-e--1945446 Smndirzg Cleff In riglzijz G. HARTWELI., Coarhg M. YUHASZ, Rf NIGHTINGALE, J. COLES, D. HORNE I. SHAPIRO, j. MIYTRAS, Chief Coach. Kneel1'ng: R. KROL, VV. XNYARDLE, D. SCOTT, Capt.,' J. MARGRETT, E. GROOVER. 168 x A 1945-46 C. I. A. U. Intermediate Basketball Standing Cleft to rightbz J. PAIRS, H. BALLANTYNI2, R. ALLEN, D. CQOK. Kneeling: G. CURTIS, H. SZUMLTNSKI, Captg G. RISK KWH 1945-46 Intercollegiate Swim Team Back Row Cleft to rightjz P. RECHNITZER, R. XYHITSIDF, T. STEWART, A GALBRATTH. Front Row: H. JOHNSON, W. VVALSH, MR. L. LATCHFORD, Caachg N. MELNECHUK, G. WOODHOLBE Absent: D. HORNE, M. NEEDLES. 1945416 Intercollegiate Track and Field Back Row Cleft to riglztj: D. FLETCHER, R. MCFARLANIE, F. M. MCNTE, Coachg R. ALLEN, H. BALLAN TYNE. Centre: G. STEVENS, D. COOMBS, L. LEONOWENS, G. DATZEFF, R. KROL. Fran! Row: J. MCKILI, D. CHALMERS, W. BURNES. Frmzl Row Cleft to rightbz L. LEONOWENS, G. STEVENS, D. CHALMERS, W. BURNES, D. Comms. Back Row: F. M MCNII2, Coach 1 T l 1945-46 Intercollegiate Harrier 170 R v.-W -1 - H. 1 C. I. A. U. Intermediate Boxing 1945-46 Back Row Ueft to rightb: M. MCNIE, Coaclzg C. MAGNOTICH, E. NIULLENS, P. XYRIGIIT J. COLBY, T. HODGINS, K. CRISP, Asst. Coach. Front Row:J KEELAN, F. UFFELMANN, G. RISK, R. DEGATEAU. Standing Cleft to rightjz A. C. TURNER, Cnachg G. CRUIKSHANK, E. QUINTYN, W. HRWITT D. THOMPSON, G. SAVATSKY. Sitting: A. DADD W. BURNIES, P. NELSON, E. BIERTRAM. C. I. A. U. Intermediate Wrestling Team 1945. 46 f JWPFK Q51 " W xggntj, ,I ,gQ, I A I V ' ' ' 41 I r - .fl . -I lx 4. . 57 f 'ff 1... Q "wa . I . A t I J, .3 1 L J Q H 1. -1. . . . i , V ' Y' 1 W: Q, 4 "" SAID W I AMW' Q 'I 3355? Hockey fArts '46fInterfaculty Champions Bark Row Uqft lo riglzhz J. MCLARIY, J. J. MCKAY, C. Coma, G. Bowllc, J. CRAM, IDAVID A. CLARKI41. Fran! Row E. GRIIVNIQR, J. PAIRS, A. BRIII2, H. BAI-LAN'1'x'NI2, R. I3I.oxAM. If Men's Badminton , in Lefl fo riglzf: BRVCIQ: PRITCHARD, Caplainq JACK MI'IR, PAUL CROPP, VIC KNOX Abxeni: JACK BARBER. Mixed Badminton Left to riglzf: PAVI. CRIIRP, SHIQILA ALEXANDER, JACK MVIR, FR.-AN NIARK, BRUCIQ PRITCIIARD, ALF. MI'r1uN. W' KQEQV3 . T1 Inter- Western Tennis Team 1945-46 Left to right: DIANA DILLON, DORIS SHIRLEY, NIARGARET MCINTOSH. 173 Intercollegiate Badminton Team 1945-46 Left to right: SIIlRLl'.Y l'.xx'Nl-3, FRANCES BRAD- srmw, SHEILA ALEX- .x N D I2 R, M A R 1 0 N HULMES. 1945-46 Fencing Class Burl? Row Cleft to rz'g.71i,J: ,IIQAN SM1'r1-1,C0N- snr,-xNCIc TUCKIQR, R. H. H.x5K1Ns, Coaclzq RUTH l'R12s.xNT, ELEANOR I-IIQNRY. Cezztrc: Dulzofux' Dlx, 'I,1z1x1cT1x SLOMAN, AUDRIQX' EVERITT, FRANCES HOBSON, IJIELICN IJONG. Franz: M.xR1r.x'N HOLMES, -Im'ClaY1N1c, I2L1Z.xB1i'1l1 Rum. 1945-46 M en's Fencing Class Back Row Cleft to righljz JORMA KALLIOKOSKI, NIAURICE TESTART, DA.VID ERB, RONALD DAVIS. Front Row: DENNIS MOFEY, R. H. HAS- KINS, CCoachD, KAYE HARNDEN. Intercollegiate Basketball Team Left ia right: BIARGARICT NIACKLIN, AUDREY DL'TTON, AD. SMILIII-3, DORIS SHIRLEX, jI'NE RALIDII NIARGARET MACINTOSH, NIABFL GILLEN, SIIIRLI-xx' ROE, NORBI.X RAFUSIC, ANNIE GII.I,IfN GWYNETH THOMPSON, Coach. Inter- Western Basketball Team Back Row Cleft to riglztjz ROSA- MOND DUFFIIEI,D, GRACE FOS- TER, GWYNETH THOMPSON, RUTH CRAIG, PEG DICKSON. Centre: MARILYN SISSON, HELIEN MCCALLUM. Front: MARY HELEN BIEMAN, DORIS JACKSON, BERYLE SCHOOLEY. 175 ' Swimming Team, 1945-46 J Buck Row Cleft to righljz ANN MCNABB, ANNE HARDY, MARION BROWNE, DORIS SHIRLEY, Centre: ELIZABETH JEPSON, BETTY BOYLE, MARION VVINTERBOTTOM. Frvni: AILEEN JOHNSTON, JOAN GOVAN, INA GOVAN. Abserzl: Blzv IYIACQUEEN. 1945-46 Archery Team Leff to righl: ARLIQNE LOGAN, LUBA VORSIIUK, BETTY O'NE1I,, SHEILA ALEXANDER, PIIGGY COGHILL, ANNE GILLEN, JOAN BODDY, Manager. Absezzf: NIRRCIA HUGHES, ELEANOR SCHENDEL. Q 'kv' A, 3? ' in Q is yas. PM if N. W Q , 'mai EIA MM"N WHS MSN? l!! Q 5 6 Q, i G wk , Q 3 s xl D' If A v-, If 9" mx-13 'Z ik g".g 1. ivy 1113441 ij E Q ' - W 'x ' n 'Va , J 1 v in . F 'i in ,J v, SW! 0 D ' - 'Q " Q ' ' S, g r xf A I, uv- :A 4 V -, Q-A 4 4 ifiifew-ffffa fi .. Q i is si 5 Wg' A 'W ,ff 5 ,,w'5'A'."" '. N A f W 5' W- , f M 1--,.. 1 M- , .., .- ' f at' M fi? V, ,4 l ' I 9 " ,f s ' A ?" , 'W A yan 1 , 1' A M' sk ' M, :B 1 . 1 M , A 4: ,-wg . 4 I :Q . ,pm 4' ,Ng ,At X ' 15,15 .K W1 Q fxim I X ,Lf .-f'f"" ' , Ns S Aww mf Q f I I H Q 5 I QQ we 5 S! E B 1 2 -L w 3 E , X xv ,W ,gym , W, X ,,. WF , , , - V- 3 f -was J- . W. ,,f,,,A:, , w .QE ,:!zZ21,"'f'W Z vf A ff Fx-fY'ZEi?3.3WARii7?'b'1:3?ZfW?W2f?WZ3L,fxAQe 5"4'?3LSS'1JE,' L 'SRNS f f NAL fu.. :XJ , -Kwai: WF' A f' .,.. X fn. ,f A 1 .Y be , 1 ,J Q saggy .. Pspivav? 1 I 1 I 'f f 19 ul ' 9 -5 - I ',a ff I ff' 44' ,,,Iif,: l 2? llvzfgggl E at 4 .. w nv- 'mann Hg, .Ax ' r , N "3 . " is xfww. , V ,- , . . we fe, -w Si U3 hw Bm if X 1 " f ft ' 'PAH 1 ' nk 5 ., . A ,- J. uf, fu W, . - ',-vE3iQ'f,.' 51. I ly. K Ae fy Q ' Bw, ff' WU' 44" JH w Qf! if ng" Q W' H f N, .ff Tiki ' fl 1 'pg Ks QW 'ix 'Q , Q xi b .3 1 i If , f I 'M ,al R .. i 4 if M? . W Nw , if fm' . V, . 'aug Af Il E! 1 ' 62 'Q A mul wax. . mf ' "Hi -' MQGH' w ' s 3 ' 'ff was .,-' " lx, s 4 f-,. X sw f ? X X 3 X wv - E 1+ gk. . SX, ig Apnsggf X r N 0 fi' fm-MYNAK X ,K . W 1 . Wi . L,,, 4,-f,5,.?,N 1 XHVQMZW Q 'M ,XKZQLLK X , . X ., f X W2 J. 4 1. , 1, . A. ' . F. K fi NN xx 5 1 X " X Q 2 fc, K X S50 v ,. K V, A ,mg :'. . f cw , I-,Q s 1 if J mf 1-gr' 13, X Q - 4, W 31 ,Q rf- ' ,M 4, X X , f ,, , 5' Q ' XX f n -X - ,E ' L Wi . , 5 f ii ,E5 X , 4 ,V - gn. X. A M . , I X 1 2 . . - Q i X I, ' 'f' sf, 5 3 5 Q33 -X 4 M 2 N X Q 1: , rf , . ':+,'Xa, w -. 14,-5. E4 X ' Z-uf. ' ,, 7. M X ?' ' 'www I :J-3. - . ,, XX! VA , ' f f' -f4'fQ..1.Sg3.L'1vl:5'32:51-:Sh 'S ' N A X lv' 4114 r '1 any R Q I f is f X 9, , , 4 , X ' Q ' -. sz 15.5 .f'fH..fl.LgIN2?v.,j f " Q1K',i M1155 ' , ,' U . ,Q X , 'MI Y X512 xg 1. X2 -fx X . X I fi fr 4 Elm H 4 A z- ,, if ,Q .1 1 'As , Q ' .4 , y ' vi N X9 K! X 2 Q, 'Q Q Sf X QW .X 0 if X X K X: XX in 'X N FW 5: I X Z 2 ff wymif sw i ' ,Q fi N X ,.. X XX 1 Via 5 9. J' X X , 5 ig' f' X323-Sf awfffxf 41" fun ' fl X' -iigwwrx-. ,. , Arie. W , X ,X 1 W NR 1 X AMM,,,.XwXM. , 0, -Y X 4 X X 'X- Qf PX X X 'A x., .., K A V ,,.. H ' W. A M-,li a f -,,w,2??f:4.lf.-5 'I-ms if yfw Q K 2, WX H NXRYC' 52" 'rw' Sm PK aw 1.3-'5r?1y1 si We X4 if iff' X X X X . x 351555 , ff' , N633 Q I J' A, X X3 ,kb Xi ,X wk , My ' f G2 1 w"""""" f :,?X..e?5iX. Uv ' ' M N' , 'X--wr. f ' 6 , .ZX ,r " , 'er 53 at - h wg ,M .Q HE. , , f ' -, m V 3, 33525 A 5 2 a 3 ,X , X N 5 Q rf , 5 f . E -X iff.-X,, ,M 530' A .X-M5 'U' QW ff V CAMPUS S IW X T , 31 1 :5 1553 V . V Iv V X " Q' A, Z W J. Ss,-Ai is ,WAN an V ww, ff. I K. mg X! 5 I , .5 ,,,,Q,' 1 40 Wy, ,fag N5z1.1:i,,, N. , of H., YQIVA ,wx N V-. ar IX ff fs a ff' ,,.,. t ,:-- - Vi X' fig? ,. . 'Q W. " Q w . ' W ' x Q A ' . Z 1 1 - f ,Li M3 71 , 5 , 5 ,353 x S Avi ,W 'mf' If v Q ff ,Snr - ' if U 4 Qf'f1"wQ,.gd'x2gm , if 4 W -, '55 fi Q K N 02 Wwiu' N Neff! 5 S' 3.1 -2 HA - ' ' U , 'W Q s rf, W is , ., v1.,,..V, -' I i 3, .' . . ,Q I N . 7 If: 'U ,gba 45" ,J I , L .WX 42 15 , -x oi J I. , ! 5 x J r 1 ,gn . ,-vgfm if R151 wif? 4 .,, 2 ' W 45 ' , ' ' , 1 v I 5 1 . . V Qxgjf , If P 4 , ,if . X a, ' ,Q ' f' " f -, .,., 5 N.,--1 I . 5, ll i 5 by 1 I ff' ,, ., , , 5 ! 1 - 2 573 ' 1- ,V x Ka' 5' ' E z i f V f ww MM-f 'I 1 5 'Q :fr m,,.,,,.M-A-"""' ,Y , .W , WW f' I? 2 - --'g N . sg Q -, 2 S 1 Q V :S , Y gm . . 1 ff. wff' . Q f ' Q A- ..s-,xg W. f f a 1 1' '1 ' 20.9, 3, 4 - 5, K g, Ae, l. A 'S TE asf 1. f 'W , , ' AK ,f m 'ff' , 2 ' '- ' , ' Q . ' Jai?" Z' 'I 1:-3'1-"'.45,gl.:.4: 3,56-, . - f 3 17' L I' X ' ' " X fs?Z:.:f"'. ' 7' ' .. " 1l41,-1 1 53" 7 1- , -fs' J' x A 15. 'Af W4 1' 1 , xgitgf 22325 fr' x, . ,A H Th .if M' f 3 Q., I , .' .,K,.,fgz'.,', 1 ,yd B dm, , 1 S . M 92 ,ws , if 1,5 L K Ein: A - U , 6-74 J" . Q5 , 1. 2 - f S , M wk Ajfgzp, 1 ,W -Je , a , .Z A I . , .4,f,'.,i31!0 H 3- "5 , ' rn-',:'?:'Tk aff 1 r 1' ' Q U- All 5 , . 1, 1 is .X 7 4- ' Q5 ' . Q5 . . n X .. H I X X Q , 4 X35 , ' ki N :R 3? 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E3 ' iw 1 ' 'fi J 5: "I -mfg 52 ? , I 5 5 s 5 5 V M: Still' fx Lf 'gsxxx r 11 as f f'ff4""u 'ff XJXYX 2' x. wx VZ K sg iff ix xxx W gf :xx .N ,Y xx N If Mix, W , f f x 'JK K 5 i 6 4 I 5 n 1 E rr, I ., - 1 I 47 V 'L The motto of the University of Western Ontario VERITAS ET UTILITAS TRUTH AND SERVICE connects the institution to the service of ll h a t e interests, social scientific, academic, of the fourteen co t' f un les o Southwestern Ontario, named in the University charter. For details about admission, scholarship, courses of study, write THE REGISTRAR. 187 5 X Zan Ihgrna 188 1- """'w.-.1-in-."""'m .. ,. ' I T Tn '?'N., .-"V . 1 f vxxk. ,ff 1 is ll COSIS it T ' 1 ZH' ' -an 'IN Q ' Q J,--L--lf' NO MORE c , ff . I .- -fy! -' ' 'X . 'Q -f ji- X TO 91-IOP we f L , L, ' " V . ff i g Al rf .priii I A . ,A :Z AT ' f T O 1 Y ' ' C " Q , C sz sf u - J. 'EE 55.1 2 as . it i J ' fl 1, 'K lf, I rf ,-p H' xx 3 ' 5 ,, . 5 ,W p 1 gif HN ffl. 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" --.,.,q V- an V! v .C - .Le f . at f yawn Pierce in the 791146-Mlm Lltawd The University of Western Ontario and its graduates have made a commendable contribution to Canada9s war effort and of this the Citizens of London are justly proud. In the peace that follows it is certain that the university trained men and women will be needed in the less spectacular task of solving the problems of the post-war years. We wish every success to the Graduates of 1946. THE CORPORATION of the CITY of LONDON 189 EFFICIENCY QLOOIYK X QL, 'mls 'c 'nan +I Z- if 45 sttl S A A O . F A 1 X M 1 'I ' 'ff 2, 3 V Yha Conlon lnl gnca sho-In hell hu un uhh M.. ..n. im, al W l.n,.s... ...un ::::u:l'uuJ such m nluu gn gnls 1 1: I X s.... . S x X uhh! 1 I I 1 c L 311 , - Inman- usd thru -1 nconul nun LHQ ll O lou mu- ur nm- hom, your nllwu Q- ,gg hmm C I 'IFE A SUPERIOR STORES Sell the Best for Less PURE FOODS LOW PRICES GOOD SERVICE LAMP COMPANY LTD. ' gnc Canadlarl GPHOIBICEKCJIACSQ -' I ' J -' All Superior Stores are DURABILITY Home-Owned Best Wishes to the Class of '46 and to the Staff and Undergraduates of the University of Western Ontario. Silverwood Dairies Ltd. METCALF 6100 LESLIE R. GRAY - Arts '25 E. G. SILVERVVOOD - Arts '25 TOM SCARSBROOK - Arts '30 191 192 18 6 . . . George Westinghouse Centennial . . . 1946 :F ,ffj Harnessing 15,000 Horses' M half century ago saw the beginning of the electric age . . . when George Westinghouse successfully completed the installation of three 5,000 horse-power alternating current generators at Niagara Falls on Nov- ember 16, IB96. This historic event was to secure for all time the benefit of cheap electric power such as we enjoy today. These sanle generators, built under the ilnmediate supervision of George Westinghouse are still in operation. Today, Westinghouse is carrying on that proud tradition of progress coupled with a reputation for unfailing de- pendability, in great industrial developments and fine products for the home. e tin house CANADIAN WESTINGHOUSE COMPANY LIMITED - HAMILTON, CANADA 193 w 194 Walter A. Dixon Takes this opportunity of thanking the Graduates of 1946 for their kind patronage, and wishes them all success. Uhr illittlr Stuhin Compliments of M CC O R M I C K ' S LONDON CQAT a APRON SUPPLY UNIFORMS C 0 A T S A P R 0 N S Manufacturers of T 0 W E L Q FINE BISCUITS . A N D A Complete C 0 N F E C T I 0 N E R Y Laundry Rental Service o 0 Q "It Pays to Keep Clean ' London, Ontario 93 Carling Street Diet. 2485 195 1, L SEE! 3 ggi? X X 331-. 2. X X T C ' d S LEWIS' BAKING CO. f W t U lj d G d t Makers of ,, ,, 6GSn0wflake" Bread 200 ALBERT STREET IONYDON Co. Complete Home Furnishing 349 351 TAI BOT STREET Bt Kg dykst Sppl tthU tyCft Compliments and Best Wishes W-P2 BERRY SUPPLY 81 YUIVIBER CUIVIPI-YNY, LIMITED 21-23 York Street London, Cntario 19 If 1 ww .ff .. , AM W . ,Q ,LM . 'ff S' ', N, ,Q x ww 5 M 6' N A W ' ' , Q ,. w- , 4 3 , . , , Q Q. ' - X V Q - . Q . ,, ,E , fn-' - W., ,, . .,,, L gi X .1 , - - ' . ' - ' 'W . A " '.""'x.. . N" "1 ' , .. 'r' " ' i Q., ,A W M. I ,I Q 1 D 5 r ww ' 1, W W' an . ,- 4 vw . , , -rp 'Q-,aw . P .., may 2-1 Q m , ,Y 1 N .2-ve 4. ax, wi .ul 2 J - ffm,-. ., .41 . . ,JM '. X ,- - P 5 I1 " ', , L X - N ' ,z V , , ,Ik .,,k.,,.,2v.. , , , x f H L, xf.J.5,'f'K,4 . , M .., . N ' ,f l.5rLf'v1?'f ,M ' 'V -QLTQQ-Q , - ' I , . A f's1 'x '- 1: -' fiQ'fx'g4" Q, ,,.- . U 'ax "5 1 b, 1 , f , 4 Y :Y iff QM W ,Y W V Q qi K X l x ' ' - .1.- ., iff, 1 nib, , ,I Af' ' li' 1 ' -- , V . X1 - nf -. J , - 4' ' af L -- Q . 4 mb Ak 5 wr x U Y In . ,.vi+iW L N M A, W Q E 3 ' Z- . fiW 1 . gx ,, ,,,..2fQf--,..,.w' 4 5 M 7 wif wk Qflf ' ' ' : uf V , e S , ly ,.-. Y iligifjlwf A 2 5 iiigfzf 1 - ' 'N I gm: five' ' X3 . , Au, f ' - ,iii- Ei ,f, 4 Skvfw' 'Nz' .ff gn., V' ""'Z E yj. 'YN ,xx A . sw S A f,y.Q,:, f:,,Qk,,.,hvx A s RX A -. pr .wrt yn lin' wus ,, , A 1 .JR 'Wk ,ggi I 1 f. '- 59?-E ni" . '- sn.. VN ' as 4, Q I , r .4 A1 - 0 as lk ' ,, gg 2Q.2" qgfta ' ' ' W8 X sagfflfllifw -.4 1 .Yr "-'46 nv, wi Aw- .1 ways ,Wy Q. ff . .eww ,Vg 2- ilsi W5 1 , yggtyw . , -813,51 'fgxA..Lf' Wg , f Z1J'F:L,:5l t f . 1 ,, 1. X, ,Z .ff jf - X fm ,V . Yff 1 521' mi if J , 1, V .. VR! u fl ' sir 1,2 .' 'M f 'Z 'l Q X . I 2 ,f . . x ff X ,z 1 4 , ff wifi 15: if , 517 . nw if iff' K 1 ag I," 'ff ,4 M, 'Jew 'R THIS TRADE- MARK VALVE DEPENIJABILITV RELV UN VALVES WITH old Through Reliable Distrihut ,,,n fix X W . fx li is Q, . Wa 2.11 9 1 .- , ,ip A S Gbrth iiimiivh "THE HALLMARKN 'Ir For Quality Clothes and abesrdashefry ir MILITARY - CIVILIAN TAILORS ,2 -. - ' g.5.JQf:fZff.g:if-: ' -.-,:,.-3.3.4 xg.-' ffiff: " ,,.s5s3s2gf:5s5sf'1' f fsf t.. 5: :f'?5f5:5fEff:- 'fi' Zi, .,,. 525?f,5:.',f3f' ff? -.iffrffif 'fff?5.f: 55553 ..sf5l2f5f sg.. -:f2,5gg.j5':f:: xg.. N jgrgfzfz? 'g:f:, 51" Jf.5:':? -:fri Q25-3 -'49, .5:f:5:IgI-,A g:g:,.5:j' - ,:f:f:f5' f:f:,4lf:f fi'f:f' :1f5f157" .3:fff5'5' . 4'5:?:f' 251: 'flf' 1. X +:5:3:3f '5:3" fe' X f was l.", . ..,., Vg if 3 , g f 3 2 st f-:- - :sf rf:-ff 2 rsfif' ' fFfff5isf11:fi:sSfi ' fi 554' ,'f1:"ffE g:1f5f5f1j 5 ' :' ,r .-fffkfffz' g.gjf"4 ff' :,4Tri:5:f.jf:f:3f:f:fg:5.:' f 4,0431 3:51 'fiif'5.-55:15-Erqffii -:-: ,:- . :-: .- gag,-, 1.5.-M41 gf-14:-:-J-:Q.-1 ::3: .-.f:5:':Ff7-' ":1,fg2f:f:7:1. 2f:f:2:f:I-7 "i: '5: :Zf:5:f:F:1:5:. ':-4552512 :izfffwgz ' . Z- .-.g.-21:31:39 3.355 '35-5155.1 5: 8 'ff Ag . 4. MW- '-:-:f::, 5- -: 5- E:5r 1Ez:q-f?f5r5f. grE fs: 5'y5:r:z?9-22' ,-fF:5:-:' 15-. .-:1:r:- 1:I-I5I- ft' ,Q-Z ':f:5f- 'Eel' :Z5If:f:f:I:"' ':ff5f5f- :1fr5:I '-2f- 5557515155255 -ga - . .- -gg.-.'.. I-Ig?-, zz., -g-3.34 45- 'gp'-1-:-C 3. 'ikififffi' sf: 165552 15, ..r:::E:, ' ' ' - -1-2: ,: 5:15, - .5::., 71- 22:79 T4 251511 Z :g.. f':- I--1-f 4- I, .g i:5 :1:?5r5:-: fx- 'Z. 2" g:5 'g:Xg:5:f'5:2, '-:: 3.7: :5, 5.5.5-g.,. -:- : :-:-:-. x- .I , ,... 1 ... - Q-X . 5'f31:.?: 'if' -5' S A Let' d the icebox Have .. .a way to make a part an added success J' Have a Coke are words that make the kitchen the centre of attraction for the teen-age set. For Coca-Cola never loses the freshness of its appeal, nor its unfailing refreshment. No wonder Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes from Halifax to Vancouver-has become a symbol of happy, refreshing times together everywhere. n COCA-COLA LTD. a Coca-Cola "Coca-CoIa"and its abbreviation "Coke' are the registered trade marks which distinguish the product of Coca-Cola Ltd 201 ff. W 3 A . qw , ,m......,....,....., ' ,Qqw'.n'f9f"'x 5 .,,5,, x " V YI, 5' 1523 'ffifi -fs J 4 A- , X V , ,,,, W , , .- 1 .X ..g fv ,fa ' -1' L, .KZ wg. VZ, .1 iii 5' 712 4 , . A M V, . 1 11:1 4' I . f it lffk "H ' ri' 74,:':'. ' 7. fw. , q 1,0 lf QW? .fk ,,j A ', "w ,, ,i ijsj "lei .fm Q, , :pg , ar, N: 857424 ,,-WI lc .. 'Q Compliments COWAN HARDWARE LIMITED "The Store with the Stock" COW-OW-03 CITY-WIDE DELIVERY 109402000 Phones: Metcalf 3461 - 3462 Que Bitmatuuze and :ELOJz.a'z,g. fmuulae We have available our own publications on concrete informationg also those issued by the Portland Cement Association. These books contain valuable advice on construc- tion where concrete is used. They are yours for the asking. In addition, our up-to-date file of technical magazines, and outstanding books on con- crete and reinforced concrete. published in Canada. Great Britain and the United States are at your disposal. Contents include technical information by engineers, architects. contractors and home builders. We invite you to make full use of this reference library. Write Our Service Department Today. CANADA CEMENT CO. LIMITED Canada Cement Company Building PHILLIPS SQUARE MONTREAL Sales Offices at: QUEBEC - MONTREAL - TORONTO - WINNIPEG CALGARY Tnomfat, Cfowtfeo-out .':P,efw-ice . . . . . combined with efficient supervision by Graduate Pharmacists, characterize our Qzfwndallie Qtug Yiwu! irncros ' 0' Chemists Experts in Kodak Photography ef 'E ' 94" Hx., 'Maki iff :x r2:1' if ' gf I -as' - 8 f ff, I, , Q ga , f asf' p 8 iv RFK? 'WEP CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of AND OUR BEST WISHES London Pure Milk Company Limited Dez Laborzbus Omnza Vendunt 561 DUNDAS STREET LONDON - ONTARIO GC G0 , I1 Cdfefefifl a es, o on a . oa s, moc s, nernes n"orms an oc ors oa s n ow s, e c fQ ! , TG THE 'QRADS OF 46 O O CO1 , ospfrm E M Loivo l?HfNf.f CDND Q L 1 M 1 r E 0 Suppliers to the University Manufacturing Nurses' Uniforms Woollc Cp CttLbCtS klt UI. dDt'CtadGn t at 340 Wellington St. fat the corner of Yorkl Compliments of lgittnhurg Qlnal Glnmpang ifiimiirh Ojices: WINDSOR - LONDON - HAMILTON -TORONTO 205 V x Sig gg 'D 'Wig V J N w ll 1 ,, -A. F. ,iw X ' if , G ' L' f' :1 e ' rw .r ,A ,Xi x' ' ff, , ' ' '! A W P Rf, 1 azkffsgzf f 2 xg Y 47 x Xa P6 f X R X M . COMPLIMENTSI' OF ENNISTEE SINCE 1868 Manufaclurers of STEEL LOCKERS, PARTITIONS, SHELVING, CABINETS, All Types ORNAMENTAL IRON, RAILINGS, FIRE ESCAPES, LADDERS, BALCONIES, Etc. WIRE GUARDS, CAGES, Etc. Phone or Write ENNISTEE SPALDING "The Choice of Champions" CO'-H Colnplete Line of Sporting Goods TENNIS GOLF BASKETBALL BASEBALL FOOTBALL BADMINTON 009 Sold in London Exclusizvely By WM. GURD 81 C0. TORONTO LONDON MONTREAL Bloor Bldg. mmaas sf. 1434 sn. canwrf, 135 Dundas 511-get MI. 9242 M 84-20 lm. 3953 O. ROY MOORE 6: CO. C09 ARCHITECTS f-0? 260 DUNDAS STREET LONDON, ONTARIO HOSPITAL and PHYSICIAN SUPPLIES INSTRUMENTS and PHARMACEUTICALS W. E. SAUNDERS LONDON - ONTARIO 2 .X ww-xx 1 2 1 i 944.11- S , z E E I 1 4 Whether you plan to be an artist or architect, doctor or dietitian, physicist or physiologist . . . money nzafzagenzem' will play a big part in the achievement of your ambition. Add "Practical Eco- . l nomics" to your knowledge by handling a bank account of your own. Even though you deal in only small amounts, the experience of handling your own account, of learning the funda- mentals of banking procedure, will pay dividends in later years. You can open an account with a dollar at your nearest B of M branch. ANK OF MONTREAL NMYHANHU working with Cmzadimzr in every walk of life since 1817 'N 'HW' mmm BRANCHES IN LONDON: Main OH-ice: 446 Richmond Street London East Branch W. JAMES, Manager W. DOW, Manager CMH Hall Branch Market Square Branch M. W. EIVE, Manager W. C. MITCHELL, Manager G. C. HIBBERT, Assistant ,Mi MW by X XA -a we Frequent departures . . . liberal stopover and return privileges . . . comfort . . . scenic routes . . . all these are yours in addition to low fares when you go by Greyhound. Whether .19 -e- . . I - fr' trip IS short or long, '- ,I ,I 5 X your -. you'll enjoy the big blue fC:,iLL-',,,1 A an w ite coac es 4577775 ,egg 1 d h . W fig? -' Next time go GREYHOUND and see the dzfference. 209 72u,0-ZLca,6io.n6 Iian 45" PN.. f r A fl nn ' nn' N 2 " I , xl "gk g zm mlnfil 'I ' fi1'yf"' Aff' WILSON TROPHIES se A A FOR CHAMPIONS A A La?.2p'i,il'f'ay ,L W, io S"fZ2,,'i.2Z!'e eve yildl N Trophy? Cups . Ein' IIE IIT E"l'5 T'0PhY Shields 0 Medals Charms O w I pnoiectw on Gan' Write for copy of our new Trophy Folder. '.:T"unEnr'l'Es The Harold A. Wilson Co. Limited PETROLEUM OORPORATION, Luvureo 299 Y S T 1 O 'CanaJa's All-Canadian Company' onge t'EshbIished 1895oronto ' nt' .QHIC 9 446 fo A Q 2 O D :o LLL C5 z L 2, 4' 'TVDLLGQ f 1 Compliments A and Best Wishes CHARLES R. WILL Sl COMPANY LIMITED LONDON - CANADA 211 43' iv , . 4 a 4 S ag . LK, ms. .N ,, V As k, ,A .95 -, gen ome ir V: f- 1' A'-f ffifyf' X' vm, g wa,z,.A7'Qil ' " 1 ff' ,iff 'ff ' 2 Q fm, f "w 4 Ms 'V , 4 - ,N 'gk ., gg , P 33 z My f.z',,My 41, Q gf W w eff -' .gr 4 ,Q Vx' f f !+ ff xi wif. X Having. OB 'awk xy X z a H x 4 LX X X X LET US SOLVE YOUR Wi Paodlema WIILOW WALL co: London's Gift Centre Since 1921 - q4, .. LM.,-U., . :fi I. I ieee . -wa 'IL-2 - , TIN CTIJII .fi Q-prsffgvsigg ZW Canada's 7-out-of-T0 Typewriter choice Buill in Canada by Underwood Limited Joseph L. Seiiz, President HEAD OFFICE: 135 VICTORIA STREET, TORONTO 1 Branches in ull Canadian Cilies 50 years of UNDERWOOD leadership 1896 - 1946 PUTI-IERBOUGI-I CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED xN'. 4 x 45. Af. x"fT,.'5 " . v -P 1. X . H43 9 'f , Qu? bg' , .?H'.:' 'Y' Z7 1' f' QT ' ' my- ff, , , Q M .V ff W 1 A ,f-,r K -' , ,- -Q 'wr QW' 'X 'S Q fe v fu ' X R V M, K a 5 95 E 3 'Q fu , 5 r .V -gg . ,f L ,. . , - 5 Asiffgft, - ri ' We 1.22 -M Z5 gf , fi Ee: Q ff Wh 'ff' "ffl Will, 5 m 'Ls 2 .. ff" " ' "W J fy f . f--5'72.,' vf 5 s .- , ,figs t g f I WQMWY X ,ff , '1 i -3 ' QQ x, 4 5 . ' ' - hx " A I ' x - , ' W' W 1 L' W,M..:f+"' ' 'fi' ' X 3 x -MW" - ' - K A W4 -, ,Q NRSV t M . V 4,-ms-Y WM- L X A X- W 2 Jai -X YL: .5 ' 7 f 'X N X' ' L. W. in if ff f 4 5 ' awk Y :5ik,.K: Lf x Aw, 5 i A 2 Q ? 'N ' x .1 'Q 'Aw 1 " l k - ' ,,.,., ,im X4 , j,-.XL 21 N 1 3 I' s'-ff. : 5 X 1 1 ' , 40551 251 ' 2 2 -2 ,V Q N 1- E' .1 H' s 'Qt , ' X4 T in Q XQV- 5 ' f , u Y - ' ' iffy , . ' 15 ' ff, , , X ,dh ' - A t VM 1 VI X w, . 99, xx 3 , "xxx mga- N J, Wfifm-, ' ' x - ,aff ,f X 0 Q 4" -W., 1 - : i' A fini ,"1 ' 3 3 X ' X. I 5 - ' --lv 4 13 fx . pw .Q Q - 4 1 2 . I g , E if 1 1 . K ' f. ' , f an 4' 9325. ,. 'ff ' 1:1-14. :Z 1 'I gig 1 My U ' - - . , a " KWH - Y A , gm ,- ' 'f 51", . P' me 1, ' f w .x , ' J . ' '.,,.,w ff X 'f' lf fffffirz X . ., A kg f W 2 -M . W V ' 1 X " Q . A Y W. J 'NX SS ." + 3' ,, f ' QW. - ' W, Q X .9 Gr - ' f q x fm E52 ' www no , 1 4 . ' 1 W 3, . , I A Q W 1 V' , X Ailffq, YN- , li" M ,Q vi" qi gf Wim. ,. , ,U K, 42" . . , . ,, Q ,f ,. 1 - wg- v . ,- xv fx ' , xx- ,f Eg w"'1'2? 2 5 lff. iff jr, . ag ff ff W, I Y! , 1 'H S 'Rv , as 5 1 'r wx-' ' , - " fin ia 53 Q - 'N--Q ' iv ,W 1 , . ,L+ gf-H ,. ', Y' 1, T if 11 W' Tiff' M M 'f fl u ! f 'K H' M fm SK Q, ' , f N -V 4 I J! K , .aw-wk, sri: -Ml? U , N, 5 if ag as Q 1 , 435 4 A 1 M ,, Xfisg A' x V 'sfaw 'N ,, ww Wsmgg . ' F x. 4,464 .Q , , EA - 2 , . , f W-W0-QSM ' R ,, ' -RBS, V- ' 1 X ' fs. 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W' X -gi LL , ' ' 5,355-ff 'I 4 jf H 1 kgs' WSJ, ' ' - fra' , , ff M, S 5- .- "'g3vw W, an ,X gpg f '- V "jv,,,Q,, yy, . , :-4' cf, I5 W I H -fx ' xxx- 'bf 'WZ,"""' Ififi -H.f1,1:fr. - "Q 4 'W P ,f 'A 44.18, f Q, W . ' W. 1' dxf? "-'3"- f .. , Q' ' ' J'-A. BEST WISHES TO ALL AND OUR THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE OF THE PAST YEAR Staff of NIVERSITY CAFETERI Form a :Bilge .Qnawaanae Pafitnewhip Life Insurance will guarantee the financial fulfillment of the plans you will be making for yourself and those who may be dependent upon you. The London Life Insurance Company Head Office - London, Canada 215 , 2 wi' -.0 . K Wits.-y ' 4 . 'mf ' ' ,, M.-M an c' , . , x -...W ,f ,, 11 X eq fu Qfi5'Q,:5 fx ff' . 4 'wi ei -rw 'WW Xa 9553141 25? ff, S' .' XM 1 . , C 35:51 fl .Qi 1 K, Q ,jj ,V ,rf Q , ,Q b Q.. 1 ' 11,5 , .iyh 5.. lk Vi 4' in VU- NL .,. arf' f ' NSW? 2, W . , ,Q 1 .4 5ii'iaw'4 55 5 G5-J 21 4 iff 3? GLW, W5 xg . A N' . 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CORPORATION LIMITED MANUFACTURERS OF CANADA'S FINEST HOSIERY CREATIONS LONDON - CANADA PARISIAN LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS LID. 71-75 DUNDAS STREET -k -k Busy Since 1873 Met. 8282 HREVITALIZEDM CLEANING Rug Cleaners Dyers Dry Cleaners 'ki' LET OUR TELEPHONE LINE BE YOUR CLOTHES LINE I 9 5 ...gnu-, my .E -,-fv 41 x 1 . . -:Mu , -Q A Q s ,I 'xg I X J ilflxlfxubqiy ' Q 'x ........- .Wi A., - ' M 19, -pm, .W af M wh Hs ' J, X v I xf"'1lY"'12w41'gN!S,JHf, , f+77Zf lv X ,,l 1, WLM A " " vhpv 'px if ,,,, W ?H2i,w:.a '. ,Q -,M 1 qw The LONDON 81 WESTERN TRUSTS COMPANY Limited 'lf i' EXECUTORS ADMINISTRATORS TRUSTEES, ETC. -lr ir Established 1896 ir 'A' Offices at LONDON TORONTO - WINDSOR - WINNIPEC1 SASKATOON VANCOUVER VICTORIA .-42 , 'Q 0 ! f 5, ,X lfl7fff 7 CHRISTlE'S RITZ goes with everything and with everybody! There's no other cracker quite like Christie's Ritz That unique nut-like flavour and slightly-salty tang makes a hit with everybody. These crisp little crackers are delicious with soups, salads, spread and beverages . . . grand as a 'tween-meal snack At your grocer's always ask for - Clpristiek Biscuits Compliments of The Hunt Milling Corporation Limited Ji, Compliments of W Q,ackd,o.n Since 1854 Makers of Humrs Cleaner S1 Dyer "Ki'ng,' and "Diamond,' I Flowrs 650 RICHMOND STREET LONDON CONOJ London - Canada ,f 1 :V 11 f .. if ,' S .. 5.9 Af A, sw' ISF AQ x 44 M ,,4,A , Mf f W f . Q W, ,..,,, N h,' gi A:.,. . 1 V f '1' ',' E-juzwp V ' K ',,g5 gWxg ,Qm ' x M i: . Rgjgi' ' H fW'? 536 5 ,. 25 sas -A li, - so f X 4' , ' 7A MU. ,f 1 . Egiw - A '-Ama 5 is Q if W jk., 1,1 J H vs. . 3. .X if 4 ., . ,. if 1- 5 J Q, Vqiffx E ff. . Q5 ,, if 1. 1' if 2' X2 1.1. A Maw A W 1 2. '45 ff Q, 8 ' f l' px , uw ew ffwfgw wi U U LONDON CANADA THE RING Compliments of your S OMERVILLE Sf'-203-A wufengggegfggfigg :alle sllnslpla allay collectzorl' to LIM I TE D .'i':':z'g'a,.':':,"x., ,:,.:': 5.11513 couples our modern settings- outstanding in quality, style CO, and workmanship--and we wel- come a comparison of values!' -,:"""' -, . A COMPLETE PACKAGING . -axe SERVICE 5.223 Y X CO, , London - Toronto - Windsor C' B-' K Montreal '-'WTED The Reliable Jewellers 192 RICHMOND ST. MET. 5819 LONDON ONT 223 Pggys 54 jf5'v"s.. 'U wh n zi'.'f!'f?W1' 2 . Q91 new ' :ff My 7' gp 1 1 fi us .- ,, W9 5 wks' ru. se 4 'S ' , V V W. Q , ,, TX,-'ig xi' .,1 - 1 1 5 8 ! .f-, x M ffg 3 leaf 4 " I 3 ' i X A 0 LW X 2 Y f cy 1 2 M f 3 ,, 'P A 'Q' Y ' , ,V A, n, f A .f 3 M. 1 in V WW e y , " iff ,, , 1 N.!X', 'F f Wh' ' ir Y. A ,W -W 0 , 4' 2 if .QSQI T !W2if, BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS IDL D SECURITIES L I M IT E D HURON 81 ERIE BUILDING LONDON - CANADA gniibleii The X O I 50046 X xl ! 0 Studios 'Wif i' Care-Full Service! Our vans, our store rooms, indicate the character of service you may expect when you engage us for Moving or Storage. We care for your Furniture and Furnish- ing in the same manner you do -- with regard of cleanliness. Get our rates. F. B. DIXON CO. 438 TALBOT ST. MET. 3170 Say: Inanics Kindly To University Graduates for your patronage this year Hand may the best of good luck be yoursn 225 , gg, 4 4 H ', 1- .1 ' . ., ,. M, K A 033'-353 ' " - i '- ' -v z 33-95", nw Univ! 1 i x , P2 A. x 1, .1 . 3. ,P js., . , -3. - ' -ma mp, , . . . 1? , X 'Y' of f O Q , g Z 1 Q 'E WWI 1 .. Y, ww . 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N'-211 : , 1 ' ix ,, , of, ' wif- fa' Zif f: gf - W Q'f?'1 ,J w . ff . ww Tw M, T 4 A ' 'briefs ' 52? , Jyqx., 'z cfilisgkgbv 3: ' 'A X i f 637 Va J ig, -if f 5 , . f ,ff ,ff I vs- ' :ny JU u II AI? dia 'f vi, we MM R, M , c +A 1, . 1 if' 5 N 3 'f ' 5 ' 2 fr nr f " 745 1 :N Ig , ' fi 5 l ,,.-vw A5 ., .. 'ff Yuan' 1 ' -an F IW-1 Q MN A W . . . wi? h M2 , A gg! , f ' 2 ,G ' 'if 1' A f vi 5 4 ' if A . -fi 4w,af,' :ww Mfr mx 2 ,. v f 'wx , . Q L 1 ,f 3 x 7 Q C Vi YQ X Vx Q . A4 3, , nf? rf , 3 'N W, .- - I fx Q X 3 xx X z """ hs L M., fi X, Q. u 1 Q x sf . 3. 4 4 I 4' 3 SA , ,M 1 2 xLe11:f-+iQf2,ii ,fm- VE , , . 1. 1-?'j.,x',5 Tiff? .- L52 . F4 vgxawhx ,Ry ,I 1, 5-if-gg - 'u-ppb, yi, 5 ,ff 4,451-5 ral is-442 E' 5' I 'uf' - . Nw Um -f- '-5 NC .. -ni: 'D ' fl 1 , ,ei """'fL. 5 Ma Q 5' A 'S -3 .rf Vw K 1 , N ,N fgfpiqbyi ' 1, 1 fr V Hi 5, A ' .. F N, fv " ,A YV: lf " ,wf-A V 'W W, . 1 i ' , . , v F' N Y 53? 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RUTH LAZENBY, St. Thomas French and German ..,. .... ...,.. . . .. ......JOAN GOVAN, London French and Latin ............ .......CHARLES HAGEN, Kitchener Geology... ............................. ........... . .. .... ROBERT HUTCHINSON, London History .............,........,. ..,...... .,....... . . . ...EDWARD GALPIN, Sarnia Physics and Chemistry. ..,......... . ...... DONALD HUNTEN, London Physics and Mathematics .......... . .. . .DAVID JACKSON, London Psychology and Philosophy... .,.. .. . ...GEORGE GUTHRIE, Paris Zoology. .................... .,..........,.. . .. .................. .. .............. . ...HOWARD CLEMENS, London The Joseph J. and Annie R. Kingston Gold Medal for Mathematics ......... ...... ...... .......... . . . .. .. .. ....... .... K ENNETH FRYER, St. Thomas Governor General's Medal for Proficiency in the Third and Fourth Years of the General Course ..................................... .............. ..... . ........... ...CARSON JOHNSON, Aylmer Ursuline College of Arts Gold Medal for Fourth Year Home Economics ...... .. ..... ............ ........... ...... . . . .-.HELEN ANDREWS, London Scholarships and Prizes- Wilhelmina and J. Gordon Mclntosh Scholar- ship for Public Speaking CMen, 2ndj ........... .... FRAZER EARLE, Belleville Wilhelmina and J. Gordon Mclntosh Scholar- ship for Public Speaking CWomen, lstl. .... ELSPETH HOUSTON, London Sir VVilfrid Laurier Memorial Scholarship CAdvancedj for Proficiency in French Con- versation ............................... ................ ...................... .................... J O A N GOVAN, London Prize in Fourth Year English ....... ...... .... ..... . . . .DOROTHY HAVILAND, Stratford Prize in Third Year History. ................ . ...... JOHN M. HARRINGTON, London Prize in Second Year Psychology ............ ..... ANN SCOTT, London 237 , , fl ...nw , , sm A W' i9 W gm X 14 "sigma if ' F, Y, ,gun Wg S535 16" gwzgwg' ,it 'A ' ?-- MEM, W ., 1 -1 x A ,M , :M A ,wx X539 ' if ? " Q ' 19 , . A Wk, , B! Q Zin L ,MJ H46 if qw, MQJL in if? Y M , - 2 ,. 'N W V , lfi,2f0E,C Zygixxy sv vp mm M I + , ,. QQ, ,K f , IEE?" A N: .b . '5- WESTERN ONTARIO REPRESENTATIVE STEWART MUIR London Commercial Art Studio LONDON OFFICE 310 RICHMOND BUILDING, LONDON, ONTARIO TELEPHONE METCALF 5170 9 I ii .7ZUf0-gJLC149pL6, Q .Q KMJSMB 416- 42 Vw40 ' , 5 3. .I'-fu-' Vw. ,IQ ,1 . ,QI ,I . 4.10 : V V-. 1 1717- V . iv 5 . rg., . V'. 3 aw!-. ' 'T 1..- V HW' ' Dir ' -ph If V'I QI' Vw '-lJ'l'.g?,fV QU V' VIII., NIV- -, V.,, ,N r LV' 1 1 -1 . VV. V f sy' VV 2. 1: , r. 'Y'2i?- V" .I ., f'-Q ...I II.I 'fl IV .-.I.... f ,.V 'Ll' 0'-1 ,.V ' 'TH vs V ,.v. V V ' , 4' 1 X V NI. J V, 'i.-,- V fl .P 71 5 . I, , ,II V '-VV- - ,-I-.5 Vv V I I lc.V V I 4 i e ' an '4 v KJV!-'lv' ' ' -1 .- ..P we , . V . , VI ,, .iff 'VW . F' V ' E' -.- :V 'I .. .x V .V , V, I ,II VI. ,..,g II3,II I,, I ffm ' I VY' Vw YV' H- Ia .,.I J.. I I at 7, ' 1 1 ' I -I... IV V, If ,VI "-VuV1"',a 1- ' . ' Z . . ,V fu f ., V . V., J VV I... I, 7 J '-V V f 11--III II, V .,v,.'-y:V V VV V. :TWQ ' ' ,J .I .I -II ,I . . . I 6 y lv ,II ' I '. 4 , . AI eg., VI. ' .4 e II. I V, I . T-1-II I. II 'I I I II ' .I 3'-. .1 . ' Q' ' 'A " ' - . 's .- .q.I'V 'I,g, -" - V -Iv:-..'V.V V V , 'V -V . . - 'F WN, .1 ' ."' 1 ". ' 7 I -.Iv VIII Vf V ' ' 'V I I. V' -: I wi .L .I I .L -, I . -' III 1,I , V V., I I 4' .kI V .."'V. ' . ,.I, I , . .I':I,' .. V - L ' ' " .' .1 4' - Q ' I I ,I ' ,V 5 -V I V, V I I, II I- .I-V1 I I-I . P '- 1 I' I. ' I .ff V " I 1. . , . - V' ' . V, I3 . , , I I I I I V..IIIII V V "I. Vh I Yi- II 'C , I ra"I ' V ' "I. ', f - ' lf: I' Li 11, u -I -I . .gh V. I. Vg, - 1 I " V r '. VV V - ' 0' - N V,ff . 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X4 X f X - '- ,xi 4 2 .- 'fi ,J x ni A y 1 . ' hw '- Q y ' ff XO' N. SV ,w '- V' AM' 1 1 ' f , dh. K' f Z' I . Q U A ' IV F. i .rg-yr, f l ip I,-s Q' xx H , Y, ' 1: 4

Suggestions in the University of Western Ontario - Occidentalia Yearbook (London, Ontario Canada) collection:

University of Western Ontario - Occidentalia Yearbook (London, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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