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4 ...-l - A ,7 J t-p y : i 4- t e M kf L ' 4 » . " . y N : r, (? .u » ' CHIEFTA IN 1977 and alone and without his nest shall the eagle fly across the sun ■ ; ' for the breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind -Ik. { m % i v S f V . - ■ . . the musician may sing to you of the rhythm which is in all space, but he cannot give you the ear which arrests the rhythm nor the voice that echoes it B i 1 1 mm ■HIIMF H P .f B i « B % ' , , f ' f. " i Hl lR ' .s3b B 1 AIM: $s « M,, for reason, ruling alone, is a force con- fining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction ■ ■• A : . ;■.» mT " :Wi X wmk among the hills, when you sit in the cool shade of the white poplars, sharing the peace and serenity of distant fields and meadows %:Ad. j j ? I i ' -t t ' »t- i . - v.- f A " j ff r. ' i t ,,1 , -.K •y-[ ' v ' 7 ' y- r ;-4r3 r s " .i« « ■ ' . ■Mi ' A ' i ij- ; 1- Hi. 1 W %5 j % «--- s I VSKFi ' 1 1 P 1 ' .witi t . i iM. y y •%f . " ' T ' X .X- A Dedication to . . . Dean Georgia Martin If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. ■A m P mm- ■ r H; ' M A I B B BUlIs •» .! • ' 9 s tSW u Dr. Maurice K. Townsend President 20 Jllcst feorgia (College (CarroUton, (georgia, 30117 Dear Graduates : Commencement represents one of those high points in your lives when tangible evidence of accomplishments is celebrated. It is a symbol only and, in itself, has relatively limited value. But the accomplishments that a commencement exercise portrays are of fundamental significance to you, your families and friends, and, equally important, your society. Educated men and women are the basis for this count ry ' s future. In a way, this fact is more true now than twenty or fifty years ago. Professional re- quirements in the business community, health services, government programs and bureaus, and communications industry increasingly are exemplified. Newpaper and television reports about people appointed to high indus- trial and governmental responsibilities rarely fail to mention educational accompl ishment s . Because you have achieved this goal which we cele- brate at commencement and because your futures are significantly brighter by this achievement, I wish to convey to you in this way my personal congratulations and best wishes for coming success. Sincerely , ' iiA i ' y ' ' hh - Maurice K. Townsend Pres ident Dr. John M. Martin Vice-President and Dean of Faculties a; 03 to LO 03 1— c o o u c o u o o _c U 22 J ' a 73 ■ n IT X OJ - i -- o, V- , 1— r r- a OJ D OQ rD c ? CD rD n 2J E 03 3 u u. O c a; n " D 0) 03 4— 03 C U O 1 1 Q to 24 m 2 iA ho ' s Who Among Students In A Emily Suzanne Adams Bonny L. Askew Barbara H. Auble Peer E. Baekgaarc Jr. Harold D. Balcom Jr. Fay Patricia Benjamin Robert William Bolding Jesse Samuel Burbage II Jill Ann Bybee Ann Townsend Collier Debbie Louise Cox Joseph O. Elliott Kathryn L. Entrekin Claudia Flowers joy Marsha Goldin Judith A. Graves Donna Jeanne Hipp Willie James Ingram Carole Sue Johnson Rowanne Joyner Cynthia Marie Kurtzhals Jessica A. Lee Sandra Smith Lukens Thomas Porter Maddox Judy Mardelle Malcom Karen J. McClanahan George Clark Mitchell Jr. Cheryl L, Nelson Michael Wayne Pendleton Linda F. Powell George A. Pugh Jr. Paula Noel Schuler George Gregory Shadrix Joyce Anne Steelmon Carol Yvonne Stramm Kathy Denise Swafford Ronald J. Taylor Mary Ellen Thompson Randall Fred Townsell Lizabeth Joanne Trewhitt William Terry Turner Mark Veljkov Cynthia L. Weaver Margie Gail Williams Terri Wilson Dana Woyce ajjisjaAmfi UBDuaiuv u| siuapnjs Su ■- • sss, 1 1; ||te Syndicated Cartoonist Visits WGC O«0fcW ' it-iWer M,;.N( ' Mind If I Join You? " From the hoopla that surrounds the American political scene, David Boyd pulls the humorous incidents and records them visually for the American public. This year he has had no lack of material. The elections of 1976 and their major characters, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, have provided Mr. Boyd with an abundance of material. The Chieftain Staff extends our thanks to Mr. Boyd for providing us with his political cartoons. David Boyd the SOVEREIGN STATE of AFFAIRS by Boyd Wo« AFieR U5TGNING TO THE PEBATCS AHO 0BSB lN6 gOTH CANDIDATES... V rtM DO You THINK (STMt MOST IMPoerANT [S6uE B FO( OUR COUMTW 1 WHO ' 6 GOING TO WIN THE WOeiD SERIES. ' 28 Washington Watch-Dog Checks Out Campus Jack Anderson Of all the investigative reporters on the scene today perhaps the most widely known is Jack Anderson. Although he personally dislikes the term ' muckraker ' , he reluctantly admits that he falls into that group. But through Mr. Anderson ' s persistence and determination some of the best kept secrets that Washington politicians have to hide have become public knowledge. Mr. Anderson believes that since government officials no longer have a rubber stamp that says ' CENSORED ' they have turned instead to rubber stamps that say ' TOP SECRET ' . Jack Anderson devotes his syndicated column to publishing the errors and mistakes that politicians would rather see filed away from the public view forever. Mr. Anderson is committed to the idea that the American public is entitled to know what it is getting for its ' money and trust. Rosie Grier 30 Drama of WW II Presented On Campus " The Diary of Anne Frank " was presented by a student cast during Fall Quarter. It was just the beginning of a series of excellent student productions. % Collect T ir ( ' E present ■ The Diary of Anne Frank A oir. is-i M tjioo Sruoe rs vto euiTV ay Xa ' t a y CiJ U ue n A ers Oi-o ., Am. J f • Nov. t-19. A -de n S-6e . Students Provide Own Entertainment The students provided their own fun and entertainment at numerous dances and concerts. Z-6 was a favorite site for dances and many organizations took advantage of its facilities. Homecoming Concert and Dance ■W - ; •- ■ - . ' ' ' it8lfie " " " ' i m-j " ' ... ,. r WSl H WtKMm .hM m ■HtoJK H ' " " " " M B EQHli , P| M . M W ' ' - ■ rai , . ' W ■ ' ' ' ■■ " ■ " ■■ ' fe ' --. - After a vain attempt by old man winter to prevent homecoming, the festivities finally got underway with a bonfire sponsored by Sigma Nu. Later, a dance, featuring Shotgun, got the weekend off to a rousing start. Homecoming Parade 1st Place - Kappa Sigma 2nd Place - Delta Delta Delta 3rd Place - Phi Kappa Alpha !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES O BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! PARK m R£AR ?0THERSI0f3 ' BLD . ' !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES !! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO! ! !! GO BRA GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BRAVES GO!! !! GO BR omecoming Court Homecoming Queen Debra Mitchell 1st Runner-Up Renee Pitts 2ncl Runner-Up Cathi Cahalan 3rcl Runner-Up Brenda Gibson 4th Runner-Up Joy Willingham Beauty exist everywhere- in the sky; in the trees and flowers; and in people. Every year at homecoming the student body picks the girls they consider to be the most beautiful at West Georgia College. The following pages are devoted to these girls. ' " ' ' ««l»»AJI iij Homecoming Queen . . ■vl;-. ,g .-?g?- £ » ' «aw I ■ Miss Debra Mitchell 41 Second Runner-up Miss Kathi Cahalan Delta Delta Delta Homecoming First Runner-up Miss Renee Pitts Black Student Alliance 42 Court Fourth Runner-up Miss Joy Willingham Baptist Student Union Third Runner-up Miss Brenda Gibson Bovvdon Hall 43 Belonging . . . serving . . . having a place .1 . Clubs and Organizations supply a cause, goal and common interest for members to share. Students have an outlet to express their ideas Tp and at the same time have an opportunity to improve their school and community. Through working together with others, every individual reflects his own ideas upon everyone else. Bonds. of unity are formed in each club when striving for a certain goal. Many things would not have been possible if the students had not committed themselves to the institution of INVOLVEMENT ... n3 -4— ' 0) 03 _Q E 03 03 Carolyn Wayne, Ann Hughes, Connie Smith, Elaine Ratliff, Ann Godwin, Martha Childs, Patricia Hart, Dorothy M. Joiner, Sue Garner, Linda Doyal, Sandra York, Grier Hicks, Sandra Ennis, Phyllis Barber, Diane Allgood O U U Bunny Hubbell — President, Jan Perkins — Vice President, Tricia Van Horn — Sec. Treas., Ann Collier — Scrapbook, Nina Allison, Tisha Clark, Sally Eirod, Kathy Entrekin, Peggy Fields, judi Graves, Rowanne joyner, Jessica Lee, Sandra Lukens, Cindy Lunsford, Jan Martin, Cheryl Nelson, Patricia K. O ' Grady, Alma Stewart, Cynthia L. Weaver, Lillian C. Webb, Gail Williams, Gayle D. Worthy. 46 Zan Stallings — President Karen McClanahan — Secretary Dr. Claxton— Advisor Dr. Dostourian — Advisor Dr. Joe Sharp— Advisor Mr. Richard Ingle Randy Tovi ' nsell Larry Hitch Ben Hyatt ■ S SVa " . V.J ' . «. - ' ' " ,, " J ■a 7s z m o " 3 47 Donald May — Advisor Perry Holland — Whitesburg Greg Thomas — Villa Rica David Williams — College Park Georgia Clarke — Carrollton Troy Lawler — Bowden Jim Ashworth — Calhoun Mike Rikard — Smyrna John Collins — Mineral Bluff Jim Dahl — Advisor George Hale — Douglasville BobbyNew — Lithia Springs Cliff Durrence — Blackshear Ron Ownby — Dalton James Stinson — Dalton John Courtney — Atlanta Bob Boiling — Rome Bill Kraus — Carrollton Dean Channell — Greensboro 48 .WijKWMWaw lMM T . Dr. Noel Powell — Adv. Jessica Lee — Pres. Jenny Simpkins — Vice Pres. Kathy Saint — Sec. Linda Powell — Treas. Bunny Hubbell — Reporter Johnny Powell — Hist. Carol Simpkins — Pari. Carole Johnson Mary Clark Janet Bentley Jenny Moris Dianne Bishop Gail Williams Evelyn Hausler Cathy Black Annie Fitzpatrick Beth Hearn Marjory Dixon Mark Simpkins Donna Fennell Tina Ham Joan Gamble Janet Piper Dana Woyce Debbie Trenor Darlene Scott Larry Manry Anita Williams Danny Willis Lauri Levan Cathy Krews Venessa Turner Chris Webb Gary Spradlin 49 03 a re 03 •I— ' a; Q - ' I David Seiber Roberta Gibson Wilton Key Edwin Blue Joe Mann Jeff Lorentz 50 n 57 Chieftain Staff Lori LeVan - Features Editor Ike Hallman - Ads 52 Art Johnston - Greek Editor 1 HMj m l B u " HI H kI ' t , J |H M jM I BhP ' HMj B M w ' wsr w 1 wM Pan:i Hobbs Mary Hammal, Teesy Cassard Kerry Elliott - Ads Rebecca Lambert Not Pictured: Johnny Powell; Thurmond Tillman, Photographer; Fred Ledbetter, Photographer; Rita Ivey, Photographer. Doug Branan - Photographer 53 c o re u o c o a c D Jayne Warren Bob Bolding LaWanda Copeland Jesse Burbage - President Willie Ingram Finance Chairman Sheila Elliott Jim Blalock Johnny Powell George Pugh Buddy Oldfield Diane Dunn Monty Cagle Sammy Hudson Bonny Askew Gail Williams Cathy Dyer Cathy Stewart Marie Bjerkerot Lynn Davis Joy Taylor Channing Russell Jeff Dean Sammy Hudson Barbara Bailey 54 55 Chris Drummond Lisa Miller Lisa Taylor Debbie Godbee Mike Pendleton Jo Hodge Monty Cagle Cindi Lunsford Margaret Barrett Catherine Crouch Ricky Mchaffey Dr. Kennedy Sammy Hudson Tom Houghtaling Bob Foley Christine Austine Alan Walsh Mona Howell Tony Taryla Alan Gunter 56 »f ?t37 ' .r ' lakHETTC ■D CD NATIONAL SERVICE FRATERNITY Swain Harris, Pres.; John Steadham, Vice Pres.; Dennis Brooks, Vice Pres.; Steve Nunnally, Sec; Charles Cook, Honorary Adv.; Doug Troutman, Sect. Chairman; Linda o 3 CTQ ecomlng Nominee; W Sfs MKyehb |; haron Nunnally, Kathy Kenny, ] Sears " aria Hines - " ' • ' 57 OFFICERS Mark Witham - Summer Missions Chairman Nancy Keeney - Social Chairman Stephen Bassett - Publicity Chairman Jan Sloan - Devotion Chairman Judy Malcolm - President Allen Brooks - Missions Projects Chairman John Caylor - Campus Minister Teresa Atkinson - Soul Scroll Editor Jan Enterkin - Music Chairman 58 Jeanie Smith — President Lois O ' Donnell — Vice President Karen Reeves — Secretary Evelyn Lame — Treasurer Mike Cordle — Director ji o c Q_ O Susan Allen Joy Smith Jeanne New Marshall Neely Bonnie Neely Evelyn Lame Grier Hicks Jeanie Smith Cindy Brown Suellyn Hanson Marsha Wright George Wright Ralph Sanders Pam Hindman Jan Cochran Martha Childs Laura Herron 59 o u Kim Goodrum Art Johnston Rodney Ownbey Tamara Hoover Rex Hooker Steve Moore Mike Manion Sue Conrad Lou Anne Slye Dr. John Upchurch Dr. Robert Myers Pam Hobbs Rod Ownbey Vicki Myers Mike Moore Billy Wood Susan Hutcheson Dave Brackett Cindy Weaver 60 61 C c 03 C o n3 +-» C 62 Z V ■ rt) cy r-K Geor ' J Ly 0f ■ f OQ wf CU i 1 n 1 iL lJ hoir 63 03 Q Tisha Clark Nan Irwin Jane Bell Sally Elrod Rhonda Johnson Marianna Fuller Dawn Pruitt Jan Entrekin Joan Edwards Nina Allison Tisha Clark Bonnie BuFalo George Yates Cheryl Nelson Rhonda Johnson Beth Trewhett Sally Elrod Jay Burgess Jane Bell 64 Chester Gibson — Coach George Pugh Mike Stribling David Smith Terry Bork John Witling— Coach Irwin Sperling Randy Evans Tony Tant C 3 o 73 " fD rf n Q rea r+ I " 0 D m 70 n CD 65 c o U o to to £ 03 u 13 03 Demise DuBose, Billy Jones, Ralph Joynes, Michael " Too Tall " Johnson, S. W. Kelly, Virgil White, Larry B. Ramsey, Lee Ann Parrott, Micheal Exner, Terry Bagwell, William Brown 66 Hugh Burke — 1 David Granath ZT " Charles Hadley CO Cynthia Lunsford Kristi Ogle (— f Yslan Hicks CD Keith Scott Anthony Briscoe Dolly Berry Monty Cagle Sherry Gray — Advisor Ln n i • rD r 73 rD rD D O 67 Larry B. Ramsey Anne Walker Mark Miller Donna Schumaker Robin Avant Mac McCurdy Kirk Strickland Billy Dixon Johnny L. Po well Jimmy Blalock Bill Fite Jeff Dean Neil Cornwall John B. Porterfield James R. Dofano Daryl Wigley Larry Darby Dr. Frank Hunsicker 68 Tom Eubanks Dan Simpkins Karl Steimen Marlon Weaver Jack Pullen Harold Gersch Mavis Riding Lewis H. Larson Craig Sheldon — Advisor n CD (D o OQ n c cr Richard Sanders Rick Highsmith Rob Frost Steve Duncan Keith Kribbs Tim Chown Dean McCartney Charles Swann Eddie Joyce Summer Long Johnny Waters Yonnie Williams — Pres. Burt Carter — Vice Pres. Claire Crawford — Sec. Chari Williams — Treas. Peggie Fields — Hist. Mike Bohn — Bartender 69 " Bravettes Cathy Dyer— Captain Jill Bybee — Co-captain Mark Jacobson — Manager Coach Smith— Advisor 70 Kay Peters Juanita Cooper Judy Turner Sandy Dixon Susan Chambers Deborah Watkins Caria Mines Terri King Cathy Jones Pat Mitchell Rhonda Thomas Patrice Robinson 71 CO Kirk McConnell Jesse W. Davis Phyllis Booker Brenda Gibson Alice Williams Mike Wilson Peggie Tyler Sam Christian Malanese Sterkins Amy Daniel Jim Penn Sammy Gambke Romano Roberson Ronnie Gibson Tammy Reynolds Jesse Arnold Sherri Tuggle Elizabeth Moore Penny Boykin Robert Williams Katrita Looney Willie Ingram — President Aaron Prater — Vice President Cheri Buffington — Treasurer Luwanda Copeland — Parliamentarian 72 -pip i ' l Iml ' , 73 ' ■--«l u o c o u UJ Dan Newhouse, Channing Ruskell — Pres., Chris Lingle — Advisor, Glen Franks, Andy Taylor. ( ) 03 U D UJ u o to C Mary Baker — President, Kathy Pass — Secretary, Mona Howell — Pub licity Chairman, Dolly Berry. Dr. Georgia Martin Satu M. Penttinen-Finland Shu-Mei Tien-Taiwan Harriet H. Tu-Taiwan Takako Tetsumi-Japan Dorral J. Weech-Bahamas Bassey Offiong-Nigeria Keiko Kawamura-Japan Por-Sheng Ghang-Taiwan Yoshimi-Japan Taraneh Alikhani-lran Julian Berezdivin-Cuba Victor Carew-Venezuela Photios Costopoulos-Greece Helen Costopoulos-Greece Usama Dadu-lsrael Joshua Deitas-Micronesia Ben Farbstein-Canada Frane Franicevich-Yugoslavia Dr. Peter Pih-Advisor Elizabeth Habie-Guatemala Trevor josephson-Canada Mohamed Lamrani-Morocco Paris K. Lefkopoulos-Greece Henrietta Nasser-Israel Edet Offiong-Nigeria Sing Pang-Hong Kong Axel P. Pira-Guatemala Julian Sanchez-Spain Ping Suwannapat-Thailand John Werth-Canada Stephen D. Wurtz-Canada Murat M. Yucel-Turkey John R. Cortez-Mexican American Lucy Finnie-Puerto Rico Estela Galas-Cuba Stephen Grant-Canada Bunny Hubbell-United States Sarah Mings-United States Bob Bolding-United States Barbara Bailey-United States 75 +-» (D • U O C o +-» 0) 03 C o 03 c a; c c D I 76 O) David Jackson — President Paul Bishop — Vice President David Ward — Vice President Barry Moore — Secretary Bruce Parham — Treasurer Tim Wiggins Steve Chester John Godwin Mac Mollis Danny Jones Ralph Joynes Brooks Lansing Kent Saxon Mark Sherill Rollins Keen Kim Weeks Matt Britz Rob Devaney Stan Smith Randy Dabbs Carl Doss Donnie Mathews Mlirat Yucel Kent Lovvorn Debbie Goff Jim Boyd 77 . ■ji- i ' 1 J¥«.l " i a Im According to Webster, a diversion is " the act or an instant of diverting from a course, activity, or use. " In this section we have tried to capture West Georgia students in the act of diverting from the course of study and class. m :i ' i f!! Ill ' mfi % 1 -J £? - flppff Hi ' Hi ' V mm Ku? u c OJ D z o u- 1— n: ™ dJ V UJ c 03 Q. o u CO ■D a o 5 u c D O u _ o 1 — U E oj -j; NO -- r ■- a ai o CD 03 t; E i i ;=,XLn;=, t o Lij_j_j C 89 ( fo E = -n Z OJ P OJ 0) 03 3 O. a; O) c 5O £ ' _ o ™ OJ S§2 u CO u 00 ,_ ly tn CL Q Z =«l 0) ro Iq-d -Q E 0) P Sib u C .Eij - 1_ 0) 0) ii E Ti ■£ :s ' E TO • — fc- - - 5 s " OJ ' R I 42 0) c — yj i_ 2 Q ™, c 1 m ■ OJ w 5 c oi — c u o o U U Qi ■i X CO Qi a iJS a t • -iz j£: BO D Q. Qi P U a; 2 z z c C OJ 3 90 2 O Qi c O I— u- a. 0) t_ tn QJ (X) _a) p -£ X -7 Q C C _ _ _ o U Qi Q 0 £ O r= O = t D Z O u 05 . T3 0) C (J ro c c c D. ro OJ ■qt) o Is -g O 01 Oa. ™ c a; Qi c £ 5J 2 -E -0 3 0) r- u i- I- m tU- 2 O C f u_ — . -J U T Qi o r Qi ly 1 -O .= " D I— ■ r n. li ' 00 .2 ™ ■ ■_ a; m .-i: JV D i: Cii U o 9 ™ a; I O _ OJ ™ CO £-E=Q - c E:y . o o c D Q. " 3 I ™ E ■= t. C 03 m q_j ; l 03 LO c O a; I- iT " rr! i a; = c E I o I J! 0 O 2 b 0 U • Sea Z U iS, ■o; " c 5 •- 9- O — - a " - ? - i: 2 cil m O ji = c: r •- sc 32£: 91 03 4- Q ro 03 a 03 o nz O OJ 0) Z o 1 - JO E o o 03 t- c £ o o _ J2 2 =° 2 u (J I I ' O " X O - ex: -z. Q .y o D JZ -- u c o; t t XO 5 z 2 " " O.E UJ ' i ' 2 ? m c t: c _9. 92 93 03 ite 03 Q 03 o Qi U lyi 01 _ OJ a; o 1 0) " 2 " S Q " 5 — -5 O m Ol OJ OJ —I IB c U U u U c Q .E o OJ CQ U ' - ' O ,._ = 1-1 1 -1- ns u t-i f i_ - r - fu fy ra C Qj a ' E , , ■ft: c ro n: O : i Qi o I I— Q. Ll_ T3 O C , t T) O 03 nj (J °- c -C 0) .= .t; c .: OJ 2 ' o : ( 5 a Qi 1- o a; - n: -:r 1J 0) C O f QJ re ( Q. CQ a. CX - ™ ° ET3 T- -C 1- OJ - -° ™ " = - 0) ns ™ TO : 94 E u 1- « Ol Si _ OJ u. Q c o E 0) -D c 03 N u q:: Q Z u uu ■D c o 01 c c u D -D c f -Q . ' (U u ■D 1 : 1 1 , ™ C ™ u u 0 2 U i- u ( I it u 1- c o c 1_ 5 3 J2 c Cd ll c Q if ■D - c TO n I o TO U a. - c c U — 1 c S . ■D D - TO 01 h- 1 c 1 OJ 1- TO 2 C u U U- TO u c 1 TO 1- u C 95 ?u ' «irjc., «. ' ' I— 03 o a: I— ?1 OJ O tr, L. U 1- m c u 00 a :: oj ra Z! :i: I O ■= o c U o 2 en: jz OJ . - —J -n -n, i r- . . S N OJ 1- ij •- i 0) U. , U- •— -k. a; j: -x-:5:?-Ec -£. . Oi ca id I— tn £ ' fS ' ' " n C U 13 CQ VI O 96 c LU 03 03 03 UJ 2 Q. op o f _Q o Oaja;£ooo j:i; t oT aJ £ U OJ . c i-o A ' .™ c O o 0) 1! £ [- UJ 1 ' Q C -o c — O .2 c 3 03 Q Q Zi U c 0) i i OJ c u QJ ? ffl 2 z 97 03 .5P In 03 u - Q OJ n3 O c n: 3-0 = •£ li: n - -A — -— c " .i -Q U i CQ a: U CO o = o u j U Q ,Q a: $ U i-n ra CD O Q I ?- o CO U O ■ - oj 1 1 .i: dJ O o C t ra U Oi CO _. l; ra £ ra u c ra-. ■ ; ra CD ra - ' - LU OJO -Q 2 C -o • T, O " JJ 3 Q i CO 700 03 £ In 1 o ■§ LL. n r " 3 O o 1 5 u UJ ._ £ 2 .- nj n: 0) g == o I, Oq c i:i £ C ™ 3 a2:3 o 5 a; Qj Z u = D OJ " 5 TT lyi I- : -a O a-5 -a i S nj ro ra O I Cx ' - ' - 2 ' " c o; oj 01 t E 2 - - - OJ nj TO ' ■_ ;r ' tt H- c«: X CD S a o Q E != s ■£ £:5 I— u i C O 03 I. O B Ll_ CQ - C := :p o E O J -r DC ™ 3 C o c - E — o oj 5 1 i- m Z - c ?- = TO I: =: iicQ 707 as 03 Cl OJ o h- z O -Q £ E ™ i: -£ " 3o™aj™Ora;?0_ o Q Z O u O) 1 • 3 P O dJ n3 CO i- m " tr X 1- OJ OJ 1 •- ■— m - ■ — j — c c _ _Q.— X r: - - . o " £ ™ ; : :| S Q ° E T3 ro 03 (L ' - TT ,0: Q. a: I— S Si S - - T — n (jj 0) - .:«: nj o I 4- " D 1; . ,T3 a O J = o GO LL. 01 O TJ ™ _] X t " OCX! n: O 03 OS i: S O -u - I- ■ r--D n ° ' S 57 c -D 2 J C -o p. jn O 03 , -_ u a CO o ™ a ™ q: Q QQ 702 03 £ Dp O 13 - i a; (u QJ Q. .y o u Q ™ -a " :3 C 0) IS I O 01 u C OJ o I -Q 01 7= 0) -J r ™ j; c la C 01 J ::J ii Q ; ; 703 03 CD 03 Q E -£ A - .5P In Williams 1 Stalls Myrick Alice Sm a Thoma Holmes ret Denn Bennett D y Q. a Brown lie Stewa Boxili - J flj Tj H- ■? , 03 r-Wr-rOCc " ' ' - u z Brer Mic Nan ' o; Q 104 03 f« o n3 c E o Q Z O U " ° 01 Q - I o 01 Q 01 01 Q c o = " - -C 03 . mil ' 705 CO 03 DO Q LU UJ 0™CI-J — D§ 5 cSlSii z SI 106 a. c c 0 " 2 = Q. Q. o o o 5 ° - o a; o Q. ■D i 107 SPORTS -SSk . » ■.iv ' ' . ■ ' - ' ' , 1 i - wr i-nawiff MiTw I ' ll. 1 . SUSji SSlllS f -r 1 5 J 5 -2S,«JP?5 , ' L 1 ■■- ' • ' j mfefi ' --■ 1 ■■-t- : Km - 1 ' ■■ i- ' - ' S- ' - l ' -- ' 1 ; . ' - ' x ! " ■ H H A P (l v» ' 977 Braves 770 Assistant Coach Bob Lamphier (Captain Teri Lawrence iCaptain Sam Christian Head Coach Roger Kaiser 711 kSil .»TA ■ ' " I So 1 ( 33 N. Aff 5 sz i% ' ' V, y ' .f. V .■A 55 r X 42 ' rrm ■,mi m M " - L m 11 i ▼ 1 1 || i S !S » » » 8 ' f ■ Si ' ' i ■ mMW i B K ■ » l y iiwn " la .iMM m U - wpMWMBatBEM M K 1 sV 1 ► i ' .• ' fstina. Lady Braves 118 WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CHEERLEADERS " Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar, all for West Georgia, stand up and holler. " This was only one of the many yells that express the hopes and devotion of the 1976-77 cheerleaders. From the beginning of the basketball season until the very end, WGC cheerleaders proved to be the most loyal and concerned group of fans on campus. Although spirit was lagging at times throughout the season, team support became greater when the Braves went up against some of their toughest competitors. Some of the activities of the cheerleaders include leading cheers at both home and away games, and promoting the games through posters and announcements. New cheerleaders are selected annually on the basis of coordination, voice, appearance, personality, poise, and eye contact. 720 727 Golf U2 123 I . Baseball The team members are: Brad Campbell, Sid Sprewell, Leonard Hartsfield, Bubba Dubose, Phil Taylor, Bruce Atwater, Benny McElroy, Jimmy Blalock, Jeff Bennett, Chris Chriswell, Mike Hamer, Bill Fite, Barry Evans, Dave Carlisle, Dan Logan, Lynn Ayers, Bill Taylor, Tim Snipes, Mike Cash, Tony Nix, David Detzer, Deland Cochran, Mark Camp and Kent Hatterick. 124 125 The Volleyball Heroes 726 n7 Tennis West Georgia Soccer Club Since the club ' s orgin, 1968-69 through 1973-74, soccer season was primarily held in the Fall. However, during the past four years, the club has developed its activities through Spring Quarter. Reasons underlying this developement have been: (1) increased monetary support by the Intramural Program, (2) in- creased student-faculty par- ticipation. According to a 1977 Sports Par- ticipation Survey, by the National Federation of High School As- sociations, Soccer rated tenth most popular high school sport and second fastest growing boys sport during the last two years. The club ' s annual activities range from inter-Collegiate matches during the Fall and Spring season to active participation in the Soccer Intramural Program in the Winter. Due to a late start this past fall, the Soccer Club participated in six inter-collegiate matches end- ing its 1976 Fall Season with a disappointing 3-3 win loss record. Among the opposition were: Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Taccoa Falls and Columbus College. Under the guidance of Dr. Dave Dugan — Faculty Advisor, Robert " Chico " Moss — Acting Coach and active members, John Green, Doug Del and Robert Batte, the Club looks for a suc- cessful 1977 Spring Season. Other established members re- turning are: Tom Sola, Mark Roland, Tom Callahan, Mark " Bait " Graham, Bill O ' Brien, Ronnie Alkire, Steve Thurman, Charles " Woody " Wojcik, Curtis Wright, Robert Roemer, Jim Jandl, and Mike Michelson. Among prospective members to participate this spring: Mike Coloumbe, Tim Allen, Joshua Deltas, David Holton, Lee Mor- ris, Earl Morris, Rex Rooker, Mike Boyd, Tim Duggan, Ricky Smith, Chris Wilson and Richard Gay. h » Track aLt S! ,- JViW S liW David Bevins, Bennie Gilstrap, Willie Cox, Brent Wilson, Trent Wilson, Donald Ferguson, Terry Heard, Randy Houston, Robert Watley, Hugh Toro, Virgil White, Nolan Wood, Ahton Sheppard, Ricky Silver, Mike Hooker, David Warren, Earl Morris, Allan Moon, Gil O ' Neal, Howard Langston, Tim Christopher, Head Coach Phillips, Jim Gaines — Assistant Coach, Joe LaBoon — Assistant Coach 732 134 -«?? 135 Intramurals . iXs m ' V r sl ' 1 V ' Bniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sel Suzanne Adams Patsy Allen Bonny Askew Patricia Austin Wanda Austin Charles Bagwell Mary Baker Betsy Ball James Barber Stephen Bassett Janet Bentley Xavier Berezdivin Teresa Biilingsly Marie Bjerkerot i Cookie Boddie Phyllis Booker David Brackett James Brantley Martin Brown U4 LH Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Senior Marvin Brown Shan Bucek Douglas Buckalew Daniel Byers Judson Byler Victor Carew Lewis Carr kath Carrol Donna Carter 145 Search For New Vic Jerry Carter Susan Chree Sam Clonts Marsha Collins Cindy Cox Marshall Cowart Kay Crain Mark Crawford Angela Daniels Donna Dean 146 President Underwa Chervl Delance Jackie Dothard Diane Dunn SalK EIrod William Exner Dua ne Fears Susan Fields Martha Fletcher Angela Fuller Melissa Fuller 147 Jobs, Jobs, Ha Peter George Brenda Gibson Fred Gilbreath Farris Goodrum Judith Graves Kelvin Gray Angela Griffith Ken FHaase Ike FHallman Lee Harris Cynthia Haygood Michael Hefner Gwendolyn Hendrix Anybody Seen A Job? Mary High Michael Hooker William Houghtalin Mona Howell Bunny Hubbell Joe Huff P i Kevin Humphrey Nanc Irwin Janice lones Ralph ]o nes Mike kinne Ted kitchens C nthia kurtzhals 7- 9 It Snows In Katherine Limberis Dan Lowry Paula Lowry Lori Lusso Lamar McBryar Dean McCartney Wallace McLaughlin Dale McMichael Yvonne Marchman Jane Meadows ' I 750 Carrollton! Frank Molock William Moore Freddy Newman Lois O ' Donnell Harden Oldfield Rodney Ownbey Susan Panarelli David Parr Kathy Pass lim Pearce 757 Energy Crisis Forces Campusi Suzanne Pearson Eddie Peterson John Porterfield Patrick Pruner Thomas Ramseur Karen Reeves June Richardsi Rex Rooker Darlene Scott 752 Closing - Big Oil Strikes Again Christie Silvers Mariorie Sims James Smith Jeanie Smith Joan Smith Car Spradlin Zan Stallings Kim Stanle John Steadham 753 First Georgian Is Elected President Paul Steed Gerald Stokes Phiengkarn-Suwannapat ■( m - x Hugh Tao i - k i Rufus Terriil t ' -WlK ' Chuck Thomas Lloyd Tipton Sherri Tuggle Randall Townseli William Turner 154 Southern Drawl In The White House James Vaughan, Jr. Susan Vied Karen Walker Cynthia Weaver Virgil White Tim Wiggins Gail Williams Ken Wilson Terri Wilson Charles Wojcik Sue Ann Wright 755 f -i-- le m nderclassmen Underclassmen Underclassmen Underclass Christine Adams James Adams Steve Alfrey Rebecca Allen Ronald Amey Jack Amos Richard Anderson Deborah Andrews Van Anthony Cynthia Arnold Jeanette Arnold James Ashworth Vanessa Atcheson Stephen Atchley Robin Avant Gregory Mark Ayers Suzanne Ayers Patricia Dale Baker Gregory Bailey n Underclassmen Underclassmen Underclassmen Under Brian Baldwin Patricia Balentine Marvin Ball Debra Bankhead Lawrence Barber Jim Barlow Harmon Barnard III Sheila Barnes Tanya Barringer Debbie Bartley Ginger Barton Walt Bellisle, Jr. Cynthia Berrong Audrey Bauer Matt Bauerkemper Dolly Berry Brenda Beugnot Patti Binford Vicki Black Jessie Boddie Vanessa Boyd Gerald Boykin Penny Boykin Douglas Branan Julie Britz Wanda Brock Laneeda Broughton Brenda Brown Don Brown Michael Brovvn Sheena Brov n Susan Brown Randv Brvant Darry Burden Robert Butler B. Keith Bsrd Cathv Cagle Melinda Cain Janet Campbell Deborah Carlisle Mar CarKon Cind Carter Loraine Carter Zeke Carter Priscilla Cash Theres Cassard Sharon Chambers Susan Chambers Brenda Chaplin 759 Joann Charping William Childers Tisha Clark George Clarke, ]r. Janet Cochran Pamela Cochran Helen Colevins Joel Collis Martha Cook Lawanda Copeland Alice Cosby General H. Couch, Jr. Michael Coulombe David Cowan Chieftaini 760 Continues Dana Cramer Danell Cramer Lisa Crawford Cathy Crews Deanna Crider Bill Crosson Reginald Culbreth Connie Cushway Amy Daniel Bobb Daniel Kath Davidson Ellis Davis Frances Davis Staniev Davis 767 Bookstore Finds Newi Home In Student Center Jeffery Dean Dennis Dehil Joshua Deltas Eurtia Demos Margaret Dennis David Detzer Sandra Dickerson Tommie Dix Marjory Dixon Sandy Dixon Brenda Dorough Linda Doval James Dugger Kay Duncan 763 Chieftai Randall Duncan Cliff Durrence Steve Dysart Sandra Edwards George Elerson Sandra Ennis Carolyn Enos Jan Entrekin Denise Ethrldge Janice Evans Ruby Farley Paul Farris Rickey Favors John Rincher Thomas Findley Annie Fitzpatrick Gary Floyd FHelen Foster Patterson Frazier Mary Frances Freeman Robin Freeman Peter Fronek Laura Fuller Cathleen Dyes Joanne Dyer Samuel Gamble Belinda Garrett Lyies Gay 164 Continues!! John Gellerstedt Brenda George Jeffrey Geter Rita Gibson Ronnie Gibson Edith Giles Anita Gilleland Britt Gilmer Harriette Gilmore Thomas Godfrey Deborah Golden William Goodlett III Kim Goodrum Kenneth Gordon Carol Gray Jeff Greb Lynne Greene Betty Grizzard Timothy Grizzard George Haberman Catherine Hall Thermostats Are Turned Down Ronnie Hall Robert Names Thomas Hamilton Linda Hammett Milton Hancock Jeffery Hannan Suellyn Hanson Keith Hardin HB cl Kim Hardin HHHlkni Tina Har degree H BHH Janic Hargrove H| Beulah Harris Linda Harris Mark Harris Swain Harris Diane Harrison Bobby Hayes Mary Heard Danny Helton Alan Hembree Kenny Henderson Laura Herndon Bill Hicken Grier Hicks Duane Higdon Dillia Hill Judy Hill Leroy Hill Caria Hines Pamela Hobbs Christi Holbrook 766 Dorm Residents ' Tempers Rise 767 Jack Anderson Sheds New Gary Hollin Cindy Honeycutt Thomas Hook Tamara Hoover Rhonda Horton Patricia Houston Rita Hudson Virginia Hudson Richard Huff Alicia Hunt Ginger Husky Paulette Irving Claruth Jackson George Jackson, Jr. Tim Jackson Adolphus James Brenda Jarrett Tricia Jeanes George Johnson Judy Johnson Karia Johnson Peggy Johnson Shirley Johnson Art Johnston Beverly Jones Brenda Jones Cathy Jones Pan Jones Stan Jones Tony Jones Beverly Keith Emily Kelley Stephen Kelly 768 Light On Code Of Ethics Denise Kemp Lona Kenneybrew Kim Kendrick Victoria Ketcham Wendelin Kilgore Barbara King Andrew Kirby Carissa Kitchens Hugh Knowles Cynthia Lakes Evelyn Lamb Lanny Langley Mark Larson Jim Lorraine Ste e Lvie Susan Mc Burnett Le Gree McCame Denise McCaw Tommie McCommon ChersI McClure George McCurdv III 769 Beer And Wine Approved Mary McKinnis James McKown Merri McLeroy Robert McNabb, Jr Yvetter Mc Namara Mike Manion Diane Mann Denise Martin Steve Martin Daven Mashburn Margaret Mason Tim Mathis Kim Matthews Kathy Meadows Jim Melotte Marcia Mitchell Elizabeth Montgomery fc Davis Morgan Laura Morgan Marvin Morton t Wyolene Murphy Sammy Musick Anne Myrick Linda Nails I 170 For Consumption In Z-6 Mark Newberry Samuel Newton Robin Nicholes Lisa Nix Sally Nort Mary Ann North J Edet Otfiong Debra Olive V Bill O ' Brien Carol ODonnel Donna Owens James Page Phyllis Paige Sandra Palmore Michael Parker Gloria Parks Sherr Parks Johnnie Parmer C nthia Parrish Hugh Patterson, Lisa Patton Linda Pas ne Mar Pavne ■Mien Pauon 177 Four New Administratorsi Debbie Pearce Larry Pease Tim Penn Elaine Penny Satu Penttinew Larry Perry Tere Perry Rick Peters Thea Peters Donald Phibbs Jennifer Pickens Mark Petstick Wayne Pittman Renee Pitts Natalia Porch Marilyn Porter Laura Powell Aaron Prater Karia Prewitt Shelia Price Kaye Prince Dawn Pruitt George Pugh Josette Putz Beth Rakestraw Kathy Rakestraw Gary Rampley Lynn Rawls Abby Read Annette Reed Eva Reed Ellen Reeps Mary Ann Reese Stanley Rich 772 Are Selected Victor Riddle Lawanna Ringer Gina Rizzo Derek Roach David Robertson Henry Robinson Charlene Rogers Travis Rogers Lisa Rowe Iris Sampson Nyetta Sanders Clint Sanderson Danny Satterfield Linda Scarbrough Linda Schmidt Donna Schumacher William Scott, Jr. Carol Seabolt Stanle Sear Susan Shipps Stanles Shorter Carmen Shuler Nanc Simmons Caria Simpson ickie Slaughter Karen Smiles Douglas Smith Mar Mice Smith Pat Smith Melba Smothers Timoths Snipes Gar Snov Malanese Sterkins 173 u Six WGC Athletes Laura Stephenson Susie Stone Kirk Strickland Felicie Sturghall Pamela Summerlin Timothy Summerour Jody Talley Cathy Tally Sharon Tate Lisa Taylor Melba Taylor Mark Taylor Mary Taylor Cheryl Thomas Oneida Thomas Nancy Thomas Rhonda Thomas Susan Thompson Vickie Tibbitts Ken Topham, Jr. Andrea Townsend Melanie Trammell Lizabeth Trewhitt Anthony Truitt Ronald Truett Susan Tucker Jane Tuggle Maggie Turlington Darrah Turman Albert Turner Judy Turner Victoria Turner Diana Underwood Bobby Vaugh 174 Named Ail-American Sally Verner Ronnie Veronneau Kristi Wade Anne Walker Robin Walker Gayla Walls Mark Warner Ronald Warner Martha Washington Eugene Weatherup Donna West Janice West Sheila Westmoreland Elizabeth Wetzel Al Whatley Deborah Wheeler Dewey White Hughey White John Wichman Clara Wilkins Alice Williams Anita Williams Edwin Williams James Williams Joy Willingham Linda Willis Debi Wilson Nancy Windom Nolen Wood Tammie Wood Willie Woolfolk Teri Worden Melinda Worthy Angela Yance ' Phil oung Marian Noungblood CaroKn Zacher 775 MiX -X: rn ' i. •Bji fite .,, I I I ' III ! 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" - r ? k- PF r -a long were the da- ys of pain i have spent within its walls and long were the nights of vv 70 can depart from his p his a loneness wi- thout regreti i U f .iliJ i ' " JB X. sa)( nbt " i have found the truth, " but rather, " i; have found a truth ' ' ; : ; BUS STOP ™m»« ' » ' " iII ■■ " m nwmxx- . i iHi ■ . 1 t illMltfilllillliiHTiffi " ' - - " - " - ' - ' ' " ' " t: V ' o:,-i ' 1,1 m, , »::,i,:«iff «f ' ■ p» » much in you is still man, and much in you is not yet man r • » • n-i forto b stranger unto the seasons, d life ' s procession, ihatrri rches m proud submission owaMs tBe mfihite «tirii!:.- ' at-;7yri ' .- m litmmitmtk Western Sizzlin Steak House OUR SPECIALTY TOP CHOICE 834-6328 Compliments of TERRY ' S COUNTRY KITCHEN 328 Bankhead Highway Carrollton, Georgia 834-3400 Lady " O " Kirk ' S OLD FASHION Donut Ice Cream Shop 404-834-1736 MARILYN J. KIRK Box l - 022 Maple St. Carrollton, Ga. 30117 Compliments of DOUGLAS LOMASON CO. Alabama St. Carrollton, Ga. 834-6681 2? American Parts WEST GEORGIA AUTO PARTS INC. 904 Maple St. Carrollton, Georgia 30117 792 Compliments of ARA Food Services Company iv t. Make tomorrow everything You want it to be . . . With a Savings Account at Carrollton Federal r CARROLLTON • BOWDON • BREMEN • VILLA RICA 793 WALKER OLDSMOBILE — CADILLAC. INC, WALKER TOYOTA MOTORS Bremen Road Telephone 832-9602-4 P.O. Box 649 Carroliton, Georgia 30 II 7 ADDISON SMITH Mechanical Contractor ADDISON SMITH, Owner Bremen Road Carroliton, Ga. Bus. 832-9006 STfje Squire DRESS SPORTS FORMAL CASUAL WEAR DISTINCTIVE MENS WEAR MEN ' S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS Oulslanding SELECTION OF • SLACKS • SHIRTS • SUITS • SHOES AND ACCESSORIES WE RENT FORMAL WEAR 832-9673 109 NEWNAN ST. VUFFBY MEATS CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 794 Compliments of THE PEOPLES BANK Carrollton. Georgia We Believe In You CARROLL PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of . . . CARROLL COUNTY GEORGIAN and TIMES-FREE PRESS 834-6631 Newnan St. Carrollton Compliments of STEWART SALES Compliments of 795 THE Skoe PLACE " First with the latest In footwear for the family " WEST GEORGIA SHOPPING CENTER CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 30117 834-4745 MOTHER ' S BISCUIT HOUSE Home cooked foods - Buffet style Breakfast Served Anytime Four Lane Bypass 834-8467 WAREHOUSE GROCERY U.S. 11 South Open 7 A.M.-!:J P.M. (Midnight) Seven Days a Week Buffet Size Cans For College Students LOVVORN JEWELRY COMPANY MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Carrollton, Georgia 832-8546 796 WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK P. O. BOX 280 CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 30117 MAIN OFFICE MILES PHARMACY 832-7033 24 Hour Film Developing Drive-ln Window Carrollton. Georgia 797 MACK ' S .SPORTS SHOP The Finest In Athletic Equipment and Supplies First Tuesday Mall 1004 Bankhead Hwy. Carrollton, Ga. 30117 834-1068 Merle Norman COSMETICS COURTESY DEMONSTRATION BY APPOINTMENT Telephone:832-8268 101 3 Newnan Street SHIRLEY STALLINGS Carrollton. Georgia 30117 TiWrifiuA c:c i i A " i AREA COOK »0 1 IKl.KI ' UO.N E 537 23 11 Manufacturers of Slacks, Suits, and Sports Clothing For Men BREMEN. GEORGIA Compliments of DENIMS % DUDS The First Tuesday Mall With the latest fashions for college wear. 198 eM czi—CD r Mxrsi o- Quality Choice Clothing for the Macks-i-mum in Mens Wear One Thirteen Newnan Street Tuxedo Rentals Compliments of CARROLLTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 799 i iiagi ■■ ' :::ii5iiSSi ttdw(m ' mMii l-e I ! 1 There has been a lot of controversy over the 1977 Chieftain, but it is done now. We did our best, and we are proud of the book. We hope you will find some meaning in it for yourself. Good luck to the 1978 staff, and thanks a hundred times to this year ' s staff, especially the photographers. -Yours, Gail- and Art Credits: Sudlow Photographer, Brad Williams Very Special Thanks to Ross Henderson, Walswortli Publishing Company. j Specifications: 200 pages 24 pages of 4-color process 9 ' X 12 " trimmed page size Four color cover : l

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