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RECEIVED JAN 1 1 197 7 WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE Carrollton, Georgia CONTENTS Faculty 34 Features 58 Organizations 82 Greeks 130 Sports 156 Classes 216 Ads 250 Copyrights 1976 by Nancy Badertscher and the Board of Publica- tions. Printed in the United States of America by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas. All rights reserved. No part of this publica " - tion may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the Editor or Board of Publications. West Georgia College, Carrollton, Georgia. " JlMlMlL » 4 ■ «•■¥ ' !• -■ ' ,. : A m ' l lSttWh 4H Our Forever Is Upon Us, Our Days Are Here ■z. ■ " If We Are To Be All That We Dream, MW- " fh5 •-te-if . Eg ,:- ' ' « . !f| ' ' " »■•« 5 jdpn V . Xi •» 4, •-. L y 1 ' • ' " " " ij ? P« Ik " K ' itjjfttl ' ii ' J fc v If There Are Answers, 1 J _ HI IL | J ki 1 ■■■tc y , i fl .|«_ i — — P- r ■r Ik. 1 i ! T M 4 ' ■ %• ' -■ ' " 1 1 » i k_ 9hi£ ■1 flj l iP ffl t If J ' M» 1 " car " i? If There Is Leisure, I Must Ramble If There Are Truths, I Must Accept 15 And I Must Always Laugh 18 I Must Doubt IV.. ' 5- - ' ■ r ?C- — ; - . 4r So As To Know I Must Understand 20 Underst anding That Faith in Myself Brings Faith to This Good That I Believe 22 25 I Will Know My Pain :- And Learn My Smiles 28 ....... • • ... , I i . , J, , ■ ' ..■• ' . ■ ■ ■■ s i ........ » V ' ■•■■•■ iSPV Y V v s - ' - . . . I ) y ■ , VyV v vY ■. ■ . ..... ' ■ y ■• » v : v v v J [ T ; r J[ GORD0H CAUK0 ..Mi ! President of West Georgia College Dr. Maurice Karlen Townsend 16 A new man moves into Sanford Hall July 1, 1975 Former Indiana State University administrator, Dr. Maurice Karlen Townsend, became the new president ot West Geor- gia College on July 1 , 1 975. During his tirst year in office, Dr. Townsend initiated several changes at the college. Within two months after his arrival on campus, he announced plans to open Z-6, the food services building which had remained vacant since its completion in 1972, by summer of 1976. However, acting on the advise of several committees he had set up to evaluate the present student center operations, he later announced that the new building would be opened during winter quarter Students, returning to the college in January, found that the new building was now open for use and that a bus serv- ice had been set up to transport them to the building, located on the west side of the campus. Along with his announcements of use of the food service center, Dr. Townsend announced his plans for the utilization of the Student Center. Besides housing several student activities offices and a snack bar, the President said that feasible plans had been made to move the post office and bookstore into the student center. John M Martin Vice President J. T. Ford Administrative Assistant 27 J. Mark Miller Dean of the School of Business Thomas Sills Dean of the School of Education Benjamin Griffith, Jr. Dean of the Graduate School Richard Dangle Dean of the School of Arts and Science 38 Georgia Martin Associate Dean of Student Services Elizabeth Parker Registrar Donald Adams Dean of Student Services Charles E Smith Assistant Dean of Student Services 39 Vicki Carrithers Director of Housing Kenneth Batchelor Director of Fiscal Affairs Skip Yow Director of Auxiliary Enterprises Phillip Cagle Assistant Director of Student Activities 40 Gerald Hall Assistant Dean of Student Development David Parkman Director of Public Relations k Dan Minish Director of Publications Ron Grizzle Assistant Director of Public Relations ■ George Archibald Education Dr. Myron Arons Psychology Dean Baugher Economics James Baum Education Dr. John Beall Business Administration Ernest Bjerkerot Sociology Dr. Floyd Blanton Education Dr. E. M. Blue Education Dr. Paul Bowdre English Dr. Ernest Boyd Fine Arts Dr. S. C. Brinkley Education i J x V 4l f Dr. J. G. Bryson Bus. Ed., chairman Dr. K. E. Bunting Foreign Languages Dr. J. S. Burbage Education Steve Busby Business Administration Henry Byars Sociology 4,2 Dexter Byrd Biology Dora Byron English Dr. Frances Chalfant English Dr. Donald Chandler Sociology Dr. Timothy Chowns Geology Dr. Robert Claxton History Mitchell Clifton Mathematics Buell Cobb, Jr. English George Colyer Education Francis Conner Sociology 43 1 I 1 Dr. Alex Cornere Foreign Languages Jean Courtemanche Foreign Languages Cameron Covert Art S: 1 Dr. Don Crawford Business Education Tom Crawford Geology Dr. James Crowell, Jr. Mathematics Mary Davidson Education Dr T J. Davidson Education Duane Davis Sociology Dr. James DelValle Mathematics Dr. Ben deMayo Physics 44 Dr. Harry Dennis Education Dr. J. L. DeVillier Accounting, chairman Mary DeVillier English Dr. Ara Dostourian History f k Dr. Edna Earl Edwards Education Dr. Eric Eslinger Geology Dr. Glen Esslmger Chemistry, chairman 45 Dr. John Ferling History Dr. Gerald Garmon English Dr. Lucille Garmon Physics Dr James Gay History Roberta Gibson Business Education Dr. Newt Gingrich Geography Dr. Cope Goodwin History Dr. Prentice Gott Education Sharon Gray Fine Arts Dr David Griffin History Dr Jack Grogan Chemistry 46 Dr. Ellen Gruber Education Dr. L V. Gustafson Economics Dr. Hwa Hahn Mathematics Dr. Michael Haltresht English I l-W { M •if ¥4 f 1 • ». v«. . ; r..« -v. Jf I SRI Brenda Hattaway Phillip Heard Mathematics Education Dr. Alan Hecht Geo ogy ti= A Dr David Higgins Philosophy, chairman ■A Kenneth Hill Economics Dr. Lynn Holmes History Helen Jackson History Robert Jobson Art Dale Johnson Education Fred Johnson Physical Education Dorothy Joiner Foreign Languages James Jones English ■j ' Roger Kaiser Physical Education Dr. George Keller Physics Carole Kennedy Foreign Languages Dr. W B. Kennedy History Dr. John Key Education Edward Lambert Physical Education Dr. Robert Lampton Biology Dr. Tom Lemming Physical Education Dr. Tom Lightsey Education Dr. J. Oliver Link Fine Arts Mildred Lipham Foreign Languages Dr. W. L. Lockhart Chemistry Dr. Sumner Long Geology, chairman Inge Lundeen Fine Arts George Mann Fine Arts Dorothy McNabb Physical Education 43 Dr. William Maples Biology Dr. James Mathews English, chairman Derrill Maxwell Art, chairman Dr. Edith Maxwell Mathematics Hugh Maxwell Education Dr. Virginia Meehan English Dr. Ross Miller Education Dr Henry Moore, Jr. Psychology m — ML 7 Jpp Owen Moore Foreign Languages Dr W Glenn Moore Economics, chairman Mar Mun 1 49 Dr. James Murphy English Robert Myers Geography Dr Ronald Mykkeltvedt Political Science Dr. Lucy Neblett Foreign Languages Dr. Pearl Nix Psychology Dr. Lemuel Norrell English Dr. George Oetlnger Sociology Dr. D. A. Offiong Sociology Dr. Roy Owen Education Dr Huey Owings English Dr. LeePaulk, Jr. Guidance, chairman 50 Dora Peete Business Education Dr. John Pershing Counseling Peter Pih Management Dr. Chatty Pittman Mathematics, chairman Dr. Hughlan Pope Chemistry Dr. Bobby Powell Physics Dr. Ransford Pyle Sociology Dr. Carl Quertemus Biology Arthur Reidel Fine Arts Dr. Robert Reynolds English Dr. Anne Richards Psychology Dr. Fred Richards Psychology Dr. James Rohrbach Guidance Dr. Ronald Roland Education W. L. Royals Marketing Dr. Gerald Sanders Geography 51 Naomi Satterfield Accounting Martha Saunders English Tiparet Schumrum Psychology Randall Seabolt English Dr. David Seiber Psychology Henry Setter Art Dianne Sharpe Foreign Languages Dr. Thomas Sharpe Mathematics Dr. Craig Sheldon Anthropology Dr. Verl Short Education, chairman Dr W T Simons Sociology, chairman 52 V » i N. r Dr. Richard Slaughter Political Science Virgil Snow, Jr. Biology Dr. M. T. Steely History Dr Waltraut Stein Psychology Michelle Stewart Psychology Dr. Jimmy Stokes Chemistry Robert Stone Marketing Frank Sylvester Physical Education Peter Vanderhoof English Dr. James Wash Education 53 Dr. Walter Woods Marketing Betty Youngblood Political Science It wasn ' t who you were, but where you were . . . We regret that we were unable to capture every faculty member in these few pages. However, an attempt was made to obtain as many faculty photos as possible here, acknowledging that . . . Faculty members — From instructor to Full professors — are essential pieces in the Education Puzzle 54 5 56 A working force at the college . . . the Library Staff Academic personnel — First row: Jane Hersch, Robert Simmons, Bill Foley. Second row: Sarah Rigg, Virginia Ruskell, Betty Jobson. Third row: Kathleen Hunt, Doris Bennett, LaFaye Cobb, Zenaida Fernandez, Hortensia Planas. General staff — First row: Ethel Carter, Christine Higginbotham, Jane Sapp. Second row: Debbie Dewberry, Cora Holloman. Wylly Bagby. Toni Azar. Third row: Sobhi Gabriel, June Aldridge, Suzanne McGuire, Mary Jane Davis, Genevieve Cooksey 5 " gar _ FEATURES Looking at the nation ' s problems, leaders speak at WGC Top, right: Senator Sam Nunn, Graduation; Bottom Charles Silberman, Educa tion Conference. 60 Homer Cronin, Energy-Environment Lectures Paref oot Jerry, Barnaby Bye team-up for fall concert am T - ' ' t- Contortionist Manzini . . . 62 . . . the crowd watches and wonders J 3 A college tradition . . . . . . Wassails and Carols 65 u HOMECOMING ' 76 ... a festive crowd gathers for a weekend of activities . . . 66 V ■J. j JK j rw vpflF NT 6 ' Homecoming Queen for 1976 . . . 68 . . . Students select Bremen sophomore Calamity Henderson, as this year ' s winner Homecoming court — Left to right: Susan Garrett, Ann Myrick, Queen Calamity Henderson, Sheila Barnes, Kim Eason. 69 70 . . . Atlanta Rhythm, Zigguarat help raise funds for March of Dimes - w§c drama depf. presents OF VIRGINIA WOOLF tiov. 17-21 ? Kuto.3J J?2f starring Phyllis Vinson and Michael Hughes 72 The curtain opens slowly . . . winter and spring productions receive warm receptions 73 74 " 5 Fiddler on the Roof STARRING 76 A CAST OF MANY TALENTED PERSONS " West Georgia College Day honors outstanding students and faculty with banquet and individual group gatherings 78 Another campus beauty crowned . . . judges select Willie Ingram as new Mr. WGC « After four years . . . sometimes longer . . . with perseverance . . . a milestone is reached . . . graduation 80 2UW (§ enrgta (College Division df the University System of Georgia (UarroUimi, (Seurgia, 30117 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Dear Graduates: 404-334-4411 This morning marks the culmination of serious and concentrated effort by more than four hundred men and women. You have conscientiously pursued undergraduate and graduate studies at West Georgia College, fulfilling academic requirements for the degrees established at this College. Your work has been significant, not only to yourselves but to society generally. It is with pride and congratulations that I turn now to the conferral ceremonies. Because you have earned your degrees, you also have our respect. In many ways the noblest and most exacting professional life lies before those of you receiving education degrees. For you have selected the teaching of children or the ministering to those who are troubled in our society. All people are pre- cious but infinitely more important to us all is the learning experience of our children for therein lies the future of our society and the health to those uncer- tain about the meaning of their lives for therein lies our social salvation. Be understanding but above all conduct yourselves in the highest professional sense: in your care will be our heritage. To the graduate students, you have now attained another mile-stone in your edu- cation. This experience will have added new dimensions to your understanding, clear insights, and hopefully a greater sense of your worth to society. Whatever your pro- fessional commitment, be aware that this society increasingly depends upon educated men and women to lead it. Be cognizant of that fact and know that all knowledge serves us best when it is accompanied by humility and love. To those of you who have studied in the arts, philosophy, the natural sciences, literature, or the social and behavioral sciences, these endeavors will have sharp- ened your social conscience and broadened your understanding. You have followed in the footsteps of many generations to know more about the human condition, how socie- ties have lived and died, how cultures have blossomed and developed. Be aware that you now have begun the lifelong adventure of learning and understanding some of the deepest and most complex concerns of mankind: the quest of us all to find our purpose or meaning in time and place. To the business graduates, you have chosen to prepare for responsibilities in the world of business or to teach others for those responsibilities. This Republic has always depended heavily upon commerce and industry for its strength and vision. Be aware that you must combine knowledge with moral and ethical conduct if you are to serve that world effectively. Best wishes to each of you in your endeavors. rincerely, - - " Maurice K. T owns end , President Bl Student Government gathers astonishing attendance records as students rally against sudden rash of campus drug busts B5 CAROL BELL LAMAR CHAMBERS PATRICIA HALEY WAYNE T. HEATH STEVE HESTER DEBRAHITLIN KENNETH D.JONES WILLIAM R. KRAUS JANEMANRY RALPH MAYFIELD RONALD C.McNEAL AUDREY ROBERTS JANET TEAGUE PHYLLIS VINSON JESSIE M.WOOD III CHERYL BOYKIN Who ' s Who in American Colleges 1975-76 FROM WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE DAVID A. BUCHANAN HELEN CLARK SANDRA COOK KRISTINACRADDOCK HELEN FOSTER EDWARD FOWLER CLARENCE L. GARREN PATRICIA HALEY WANDA HOGAN DANIEL D. KNABB SHIRLEY LANKFORD EVERETT L. McWHORTER LINDA POWELL DAVID T.SUTTON JOHN P. WRIGHT 86 The International Students Club is open to all toreign students, foreign faculty and all other interested students and faculty members. The for- eign students represent nineteen different coun- tries. Club members share expressions of their cultures through exhibits, talks and dinners. Foreign student members: Monika Amelsberg, Estela Calas, Victor Carew, Jose Cardona, Delores Caballero, Min Shin " Joe " Chou, Helen Costopoulos, Phodias Costopoulos, Usama Dadu, Ben Farbstein, FranK Franicevich, Sobhi Gabriel, Trevor Josephson, Beverly Kort, Vasilica Kostakis, Mohamed Lamrani, Hemant Maru, Tara- neh Motazedi, Manfred Mueller, Bassey Offing, Edet Offiong, Axel Pira, Kalim Rahman, Kyn Rhee, Raj Sing, Leslie Smith, Ping Suwannapat, Frank Strothers, Astri Vigen, Franklin Wai, John Werth, Murat Yucel. U.S. student members: Mar- sha Collins, Bunny Hubbell, Honey Hubbell, John Murch. Faculty advisors: Dr. Lucy Neblett, Dr. Georgia Martin, Dr. Peter Pih. Joining Foreign students from nineteen nations — International Students Club s H ' % I Presidential Scholars recognizing scholarly achievements among West Georgia students 88 Emily Adams Vickie Adams Dale Addington Terry Addington Mark Akin Susan Aldridge Diane Allgood Michael Ashmore James Ashworth Mark Askren Mona Autry Robin Avant Donald Bailey Harold Balcom Gary Baldy Amy Ballard Martha Bllard Allison Barrott Debra Bass Cynthia Bates Robert Batte, Jr. Carol Bell Jill Bennett Tony Boatright Robert Bolding Cheryl Boykin Elizabeth Brown George Brown Deborah Buchanan Jesse Burbage Jill By bee Lanny Carnes Susan Carorll Teresa Carter Garry Cash Brenda Chaplin Durinda Cheek Martha Childs Tisha Clark George Clark, Jr. David Cohen James Cooper Jerome Copeland David Cowan Jane Cox Kristine Craddock Raymond Crain Mary Crow Brenda Davison Patricia Deese Vickie Driver Leonard Durrence Ann Lawler Hellor Ledbetter Norman Ley Sandra Lukens Cynthia Lunsford Steve Lyle Judy Malcolm Jeanine Marsh Susan McClung Timothy McCreary Sheilah McDaniel Sheree McLeod Barbara Meeks Lisa Miller Robert Miller Darlis Mize Carolyn Morgan Gloria Morgan Jennifer Morris Cheryl Nelson Mary Nelson Robert Nicholson Allan Nix Mary Norris Evelyn Norton Kristine Olge Susan Osborne Lynne Ozier Barry Parker Debra Pearce Suzanne Pearson Janice Perkins Mary Perry Harlan Philpot Lenora Pou Linda Powell Evelyn Pysher Theresa Rawls David Reeves Karen Reinke Marcia Reynolds Thomas Roberds Barbara Robertson Kenny Robinson Richard Robinson Debra Rogers Martha Rowland Channing Ruskell Karen Secandy Richard Sarrell Ellen Schrader Martha Seale Karen Sewell George Shadrix Richard Shadrix Thomas Sills III Linda Sinclair Jan Sloan Phillip Smallwood Connie Smith Nelda Smith William Smith Lowell Sodeman Geoffrey Spellin Zan Stallings Joyce Steelmon Dianne Stevens Richard Stodghill Donna Stokes Kathy Swafford David Tatum Fredrick Thomas Nancy Thomas Michele Thompson Debbie Trenor Lizabeth Trewhitt Gregory Vick Phyllis Vinson Brenda Wasdin Nancy Wasserman Alicia Watts Elaine Weegar Stephen Wells Mark Werling Mark Westmoreland Brenda Whigham David Williams Debra Williams Margie Williams Elaine Wingo Gayle Worthy Dana Woyce Barbara Wylie Sandra York S9 Front row, left to right: Dave Yarborough, Charles Tiemon, Felicie Storgall, Bill Kraus (chairman), John Courtney. Back row, left to right: Randy Seabolt, Neil Cornwall, Lawanda Copeland, Bonny Askew, Debra Carlisle. CPB — Administration Squabble Stifles Fall Activities Members of the College Program Board work on a voluntary basis to help set up concerts, movies, and lec- tures on campus. The group also operates the game room facilities in the student center and sponsors the foosball and pool tournaments. According to Chairman Bill Kraus, the purpose of the activities sponsored by the board is to provide the students with a well-rounded education which includes the exposure to social and cultural functions of the college com- munity. 90 Left to right: Dr. Chester Gibson (Director of Forensics), Irwin Sperling, Mike Stribling, David Tatum, Lamar Garren, Harold Balcom, Karen Sacondy, John Wittig (coach), George Pugh, Not pictured: Jesse Burbage, Mark Akni, Buddy Oldfield, Debaters Qualify for National Tournament for Three Years Straight The West Georgia College Debate team, which has been in existence since 1934, has students who compete in tourna- ments throughout the United States. The debaters have qualified for the national tournament dur- ing the last three years. In addition to the normal competition, the debaters met a team of debaters from Oxford University in England to argue the importance of America ' s Declaration of Independence. The debate was presented as part of the Bicentennial Dialogue. - " Delta Mu, SMENC bring music students together The campus chapter of MENC is sponsored by the Music Educators National Conference, one of the largest educational groups in the country. MENC is for students who have chosen music as their profes- sion and gives them the opportunity to prepare for full participation in the music profession upon gradu- ation. Delta Mu is a fraternity of women students who are majoring in music. Delta Mu is a service organization supporting music activities in the community. Delta Mu members usher at recitals and concerts, prepare the receptions given afterwards and sponsor several music events each year. Front row: Don Bailey, Buddy Raper, Steve Rudy. Second row: Rise Ray, Jane Carl, Sally Elrod, Jane Bell. Third row: Joan Edwards, Barry Cook, Rhonda Johnson, Tisha Clark. First row: Rhonda Johnson, Debra Morris, Anne White, Tisha Clark, Jane Bell, Rise Ray Second row: Dawn Pruitt, Jane Carl, Debbie Parker, Kathy Entrekin, Sally Elrod, Joan Edwards, Terri Bowlick, Joy Burgess. 92 Front row, left to right: Theresa Whitton, Janice Jones, Jane Hutchinson, Larry Jacobs, Anne White, Advisor Inge Lundeen, Betsey Cochran. Middle row, left to right: Bruce Borton, Ann Shockley, Cindy Lunsford, Christie Ogle, Debra Adamson, Nina Alison, Nan Irwin Back row. left to right: Diana Torrell, Sea McClendon, Sally Elrod, Steve Liner Jane Bell Sherrv Caldwell, Mananna Fuller, Jim Cornell, Nan Wilson After Six Years, Workshop Members Keep On Singing The Opera Workshop is now in its sixth year and. according to members, is " growing by leaps and bounds " The members learn how to produce a musical and are regu- larly chosen for leads in musi- cals. Several members have won scholarships in the performing arts. Projects include " The Medium. " " The Telephone. " and " Mikado in Swing Time. " The group is directed by Inge Manski Lundeen. 93 First row: Jane Carl, Melanie Vaughn, Rhonda Johnson, Melanie Prince, Cheryl Nelson, Cynthia Gresham, Ann Smith, Jeff McClendon, Mark Anderson. Second row: Joni Young, Kathy Carnes, Lori Collins, Julie Saeger, Alice Rowland, Bobby Duda, Cheryl Owens, Arthur Riedel, Tambre Collins, Jennifer Witt, Susan Mathews. Third row: Thomas Cooper, Jenny Moore, Ronnie McNeal, Julie Steele, Leslie Salyer, Holly Borders, Kim Gresham, Cathy Caldwell, Russell Clarke, Donna Jeter, George Yale, David Stewart. Fourth row: Geroge Fuller, Donald Strand, Lisa Denney, David Jeter, Richard Miller, Pal Padgett, Dan Bakos, Charles Bishop, George Clarke, Bill Crossen, Mike Watson, Ben Harrison, Jon Ellison, Mike Harrison, La Morris Page. Fifth row: Neil Reinwald, Chris Cunningham, Greg Moore, Ronnie McLendon, Jonh Cook, Glen McKibben. Providing experience For music majors — the Concert Band under the direction of James Collins The Concert Band was established to serve as an outlet tor musical expression for music majors. Participation is extended to non-music majors to help them expand their appreciation of music. The group performs concerts on campus and in the community. 94 EGfc tale The music and customs of Christmas in early America were the subject of this year ' s " Was- sail and Carols " presented by the Chamber singers. Well-known throughout the state for their annual December presentation, the 16- voice group is busy throughout the year pres- enting concerts on and off-campus. Above, left to right: Ann White, Joan Edwards, Mary Lee, Beverly McDow, Tisha Clark, Steve Rudy, Ivan Winslett, Barry Cook. Not pictured: Jim Winchester, Buddy Raper, Larry Mason. Chamber Singers continue a college tradition — Wassail and Carols ?5 Concert Choir highlights year with Bicentennial Music Programs A memorable performance of Handel ' s Messiah and a spring tour devoted to " Psalms and Songs in America 1 776 to 1976 were the highlights of the year for the members of the Concert Choir. The 40 voice ensemble tours each spring break over the Eastern United States. Members are selected by audition each fall. Members are: Donald Bailey, Jeff Barnes, Sarah Bell, Theresa Bowlick, Oscar Allen Brooks, Jr., Hugh Burke, Jane Carl, Tisha Clark, Jennifer Combes, James Cooper, Michael Driver, Dennis Duncan, Joan Edwards, Connie Egan, Sheila Elliott, Sarah Elrod, Craig Ferry, Belinda Garrett, Farris Goodrum, Gregory Granger, Sanford Holli- way, Larry Jacobs, Jarrett Jennings, Rhonda Johnson, Susan Johnson, Mary Lee, Cynthia Lunsford, Jeff McClendon, Ronald McNeal, Patricia Moss, Krisitne Ogle, Bryan Owensby, Felecia Pruitt, Robert Rudy, Ann Schockley, Jan Sloan, Eddie Thomas, Nancy Thomas, John Tyson. -. , Women ' s Ensemble perform variety of music from classical to pop The Women ' s Ensemble is a group of ten to twenty women who perform various types of music from classical to pop. This year the group joined forces with the Concert Choir to perform Handel ' s Messiah, in addition to its own solo appearances. Above, left to right: Jan Entrekin, Mary Ann Fid- dler, Mary West, Joy Burgess, Cynthia Hall, Karen Segel, Jean Duke. Not pictured: Donna Dean, Brenda Gibson, Janice Jones, Neal Coogler. Theater Company presents drama at its finest 98 +V +- Under the direction of Dr. J. Oliver Link, the Theater Company presents three or four dramatic productions each year. They also sponsor stu- dent one-act plays and dramatic presentations by the Ebony Players. (The pictures shown here are from the production of Spring, 1975, " Westside Story. " ) 99 Left to right, first row: Brian Bagwell, Sam Edwards, Zan Stallings, Ray Brown Second row: Dan Knabb, Mike Campbell, Steve Hester. Pursuing I social studies — Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu is a national fraternity for stu- dents involved in social studies. The organization was founded to promote interest in the social studies and to recognize excellence among stu- dents pursuing these fields. At left: Mike Camp- bell, secretary; Steve Hester, president. Not pic- tured: Debra Massey, vice president; Pam Davis, vice president; Dr. David Griffin, treasurer-advi- sor. 100 Accolade promotes loyalty among college women Accolade honors senior women. The purpose of the society is to promote college loyalty, to advan ce the spirit of service and fellowship among college women, to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship and to recognize and encourage leader- ship. Officers, Front row: Kris Craddock, Linda Powell. Back row: Nancy Grayson, Jenny Morris. Front row, left to right: Susan Osborne, Kim Eason, Nancy Grayson, Kris Craddock, Linda Powell, Jenny Morris Back row: Dean Georgia Martin. Eileen Dooley, Con- nie Burdette, Donna Fennell, Cheryl Boykin. 101 Nursing program continues to grow — students organize campus association 102 Alpha Lambda Delta Vickie L. Adams Debbie Ballenger Bonnie Bar Suzanne Barnett Karen Brown Deborah Buchanan Valerie Casey i Martha Cook Patricia Deese Mary Fidler Patsy Fields Judith Graves Mary Jo Griffin Jennifer Hampton Rita Harrison Donna Hipp Donna Hughes P Ingela Kretz Judy Latimer Dorothy Lundeen Judith Moran Kristine Ogle Johnnie Parmer Catherine Parrott Debra Pearce Janice Perkins Roxann Rilling Christine Semac Zan Stallings Kathy Swafford Terri Watson Margie Williams Terri Wilson recognizes Freshman scholastic achievemen (Photo unavailable) 103 mi:ki Gamma Theta Epsilon promotes interest in geography as a professional field Gamma Theta Epsilon is an international honor society in the field of geography. It was founded to promote interest in geography as a discipline and to advance the status of geogra- phy as a professional field. Some of the activi- ties planned Py the group are sponsoring geography field trips and inviting guest speak- ers to the campus. The group advisor is Dr. David Weaver. 104 Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time " — the Grotto Club The Grotto Club, a charter organization ot the National Speleological Society, is dedicated to the research, exploration and conservation ot caves. The group has been active on campus since 1 965 and has increased its membership yearly. The group is advised by Tom Crawford, professor of geology. 1 05 Left to right Mary Baker, president; Mona Howell, publication chairperson; Chuck Carter, state first vice-president; Hamie Hollinder, financial secretary; Elaine High, vice president. Not pictured: Laura Sands, historian. Student G.A.E. provides future professionals with a voice in education on state, local level The Student Georgia Association of Educators allows the education student to become involved in hi s profession while in college. The Tietje-Downs chapter, chartered in 1948, offers campus fellowship to future educators and provides legal protection, discount buying, employment, information, professional publica- tions, placement services, and a student voice in education on local and state levels. 106 Resident Advisors help initiate change to freshman housing I It F rsf row. Nan Graham, Ken Culberson, Sandra Shertield, Audrey Roberts, Pat Austin, Becky James, Tom Watkins Second row: Tricia Richards. Bob Campbell, Sue Panarelh, Tom Houghtaling, Willie Ingram, Dave Yarbrough, Jennifer Jones, Sue Konrad. 10 " Alpha Kappa Alpha Interest Group members strive to serve mankind The Alpha Kappa Alpha Interest Group has as its purpose to strive, cultivate and encour- age high scholastics among its members. The members work to promote unity and friendship among the group participants. They strive to maintain a progressive interest in education and to be a service to all mankind. The officers are: Sandra Sherfield, president; Sherri Tuggle, vice president; Mary Baker, secretary; Faye Washington, treasurer; Cheri Buffington, pro- gram chairman. Pictured above (left to right): Sue Ann Wright, Sandra Sherfield, Jimmie Davis, Valesic Dean, Patricia Colber, Yvonne Marchman, Cherie Buffington, Mary Baker, Sharon Dewberry, Brenda Rooshaw, Sherrie Tuggle. 108 Delta Sigma Theta Black women united Left to right: Audrey Roberts, vice president; Brenda Brown, secretary; Mar- garet Dennis, Sergeant at Arms; Annie Mynck, historian: Connie Burdette. treasurer : First row: Marracia Mitchell, Willie Ingram, Ann Patterson. Second row: Robert Lowe, Cherrie Buffington, Connie Betner. Third row: Geoffry Spellan, Jonathan Thomas, Brenda Russo, Bonny Askew. Fourth row: Patricia Colbert, Brenda Jarrett, Patricia Brewer, Caroline Prayer, Marcia Mitchell, Pamela Marshall, LaWanda Copeland, Robert Crane, Darah Hendrix, Elliott Spencer, Wanda Moore, Delilie Bartley, Rhonda Horton, Calamity Henderson, Debra Andrew, Gloria Wise, Brenda Gibson. Inspiring cultural awareness through drama — the Ebony Players Ebony Players is a drama organization provid- ing for the needs of black students interested in acting. The organization was established to inspire unity, self-respect, cultural awareness and appreciation. The group strives to motivate stu- dents to develop and utilize their dramatic abilities to the fullest capacity. The officers are: Ann Patterson, director; Joh- nathan Thomas, assistant director, Marricia Mitc- hell, treasurer; Kane Harper, stage manager. 110 Ebony Singers express themselves through music Ebony Singers is a branch of the Ebony Play- ers. It was organized for students whose main interests are singing and music. The purpose of Ebony Players is to allow individual self-expres- sion through singing. The group which has been newly established " strives for harmony in all aspects. " Left to right: Marracia Mitchell, Brenda Jarrett, Connie Betner, Johnathan Thomass, Elliott Spencer, Debbie Bartley, Robert Lowe, Ann Pat- terson, Debra Andrews, Brenda Gibson. 1 1 1 Working as the ministry of the United Methodist Church — the Wesley Foundation While the Wesley Foundation is the campus ministry of the United Methodist Church, the organization is open to students of all faiths. The group meets for weekly meetings where programs including films, student presenta- tions, guest speeches and devotions are pre- sented. Foundation members are also involved in gaining new members who need spiritual s upport and friendship. Reverend Mike Cordle leads the group in its campus activities. Pictured above, left to right: Marsha Wright, George Wright, Nan Graham, Jeanie Smith, Bonnie Neely, Lois O ' Donnell, Deborah Hart, Rev. Mike Cordle, Karen Reeves, Laura Her- ron, Tom Houtaling, Richard Warner. I 12 BSU Members Travel Across Country, World Promoting Christian Service The Baptist Student Union, a program for the students sponsored by the Baptist churches, participates in activities such as special mission projects, singing groups, dramagroups, puppet ministries, choir, revival teams, and intramural sports. Its purpose is to encourage church rela- tionships and to minister God ' s love to the campus and community. A small group of officers plan and direct the work of the BSU. They involve other stu- dents in leadership responsibility, these stu- dents in turn calling on still others to help. There are no membership requirements. Every student is invited to participate in all of its activities. Pictured below: BSU members gather for a typical Tuesday night meeting ' ' 3 Left to right, first row: Wallace McLaughlin, Bobby Harper, Kenneth Kool, Kenneth Reid, Michael Smith. Second row: Terry Scott, Terry Heard. Virgil White, Hughey White, Ricky Favors, Clarence Brown — " We shall strive to be one The Men ' s Association of Friends In Action (MAFIA) was founded in January by twelve students. The club ' s objectives are to in mind, body and soul p romote the nobie bond ° f brotherhood to J show an active interest in Student Govern- through this brotherhood. " — M.A.F.I.A. Motto ment affairs, and to help bring a higher cul- tural level in the community. I A Student Government Association Presidential Scholars College Program Board International Students Debate Club Delta Mu SMENC Opera Workshop Concert Band Chamber Singers Concert Choir Women ' s Ensemble Pi Gamma Mu Accolade Mafia Ebony Players Grotto Club and more . . . Campus Organizations ■ I . •. M Members Vanessa Roberts, Willie Mae Adams, Remonia Shepherd, Margie Simms, Loretta Clinton, Chuck Thomas, Pam Griffin, Chris Baldridge, Richard Hightower, Carolyn Enos, Kenneth Redding, Sanford Holliway, Raymond Horton, Mary Richards, Bobby Reese, Ann Crowder, Rudiene Freeland, Darlene Shackleford, Mrs. Ever- lee Shackleford, Mickey Pender, Donald Garrett, Gwen Hendrix, Angela Daniels, Linda Jackson, Jarrett Jennings. Outreach Members Work To Spread The Word of Christ Outreach is a non-denominational, evan- gelistic organization dedicated to spreading the love, joy, peace, and righteousness of Jesus Christ. Right, Officers: Remonia Shepherd (trea- surer), Willie Mae Adams (secretary), Chuck Thomas (overseer, editor), Marjorie Simms (vice president), Loretta Clinton (president), Gwendolyn Hendrix (business manager). 116 Promoting dignity, Friendship among all races — Black Student Alliance The purpose of the Black Student Alliance is to promote dignity among Black people, increase the understanding and exchange of ideas between people of all races, and to promote an interest in West Georgia College. The BSA is open to all West Georgia students. Pictured at right, executive officers: Sam Clonts, Ernest Stripling, Willie Ingram, Kirk McConnell, Cathy Jones, Thurmond Tillman, LaWandaCopeland. First row: Ernest Stripling, Virgil White, LaWanda Copeland, Thurmond Tillman, Cathy Jones, Debra Carlysle. Second row: Sam Clonts, Wanda Dumas, Sandy Dixon. Beverly Jones, Harriet Gilmore, Renee Peek, Virginia Tolbert, Mary Baker. Third row: Greta Gates, Willie Ingram, Malanese Sterkins, Cindy demons. Fourth row: Curtis Wilcox, Shelia Barnes, Bonny Askew, Kirk McConnell. 117 Kneeling, left to right: Gregory Snowden (Guideright chairman), Ralph Mayfield (Polemarch). Standing, left to right: Michael Gamble, Samuel Tooks (Strategus), Don- nie North (Assistant Keeper of Records), Larry Colbert (Reporter), Kirk McConnel (Exchequer), Leroy Hill ( Assistant Strategus), Darrah Turman (Vice Polemarch), Garland Howard (Dean ot Pleges). Newly Chartered Fraternity Works With Young, Old Within The Community Theta Kappa Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was founded by the interest group MIK in the fall, 1 974. The group received their national charter in October 1 975. The purposes of this organization are to encourage honorable achieve- ment in every field of human endeavor, to unite in a fraternal bond college men of culture, patriotism, and a high sense of honor, and to promote the social, intellectual and moral welfare of its members. The fraternity serves the community through the Guide Right Program which is their national service pro- gram. 118 - Kappa Kittens working for achievement as little sisters of Kappa Alpha Psi The main objective of the Kappa Kittens is to provide service for the college and community. The group also serves as the little sister organiza- tion for Kappa Alpha Psi. The group was organ- ized in November 1975 and now consists of 25 members. Officers are: Laneeda Brougchton, president; Cathy Cloud, vice president; Shela Florence, sec- retary; Robin Huff, treasurer; Rhonda Horton. par- liamentarian. 119 Front row, left to right: Donnie Mathews. Don Howell, David Ward, Brenda Plott (little sister), David Jackson, Dixie Dabbs, Larry Hunt, Tracy Dickerson, David Granath. Back row, left to right Paul Bishop, Rob Davaney, Bruce Parham, Carl Doss, Irving DeGaris, Tim Wiggins, Tommy Ricker, Steve Sanders, Barry Moore. Farm Brothers Sponsor Successful Nostalgical Concert With Vince Vance And The Valiants The Farm is an independent organi- zation with approximately twenty-five members, dedicated to the principle of creating close unity among its broth- ers. The Farm sponsors MIA sports and parties. This year the group was responsible for the campus appear- ance of Vince Vance and the Valiants. The Farm members also were involved in athletic events on the cam- pus, winning the intramural soccer and flag football championships. The group was awarded the All Sports Tro- phy. 120 Supporting the Braves through victory and defeat — WGC Cheerleaders 121 Left to right: Skip Allen, Dave Buchanan, Glenn Horner, Jesse Arnold, Larry Turner, Ricky Smith, Andy Middlebrooks, Dr. Dave Dugan, advisor. Not pictured: Westley Brown, Vickie Ward, Valarie Foster, Bob Giddens. Recreation Council Provides Practical Experience For Majors Students majoring in recreation at the college belong to a professional student organization known as the Recreation Council ot the HPER Club. The council exists to provide recreation majors with opportunities to gain experience which will benefit them when they enter their respective speciality concentrations in municipal, therapeutic, or social concerns recreation. Council officers serve in capacities similar to admin- istrative and supervisory personnel in a public recrea- tion department. The average number of majors during this year was eighty men and women who contributed hundreds of hours to community work. Special Olympics was the major service program. 122 Left to right: Dan Patterson, Paul Swanson, Ervin Baker, Tony Groswell, Joe Huff, Michael Johnson, Ralph Joynes, Donald Aiken. Enduring the pain, Hoping to gain Full physical strength the Barbell Club The purpose of the West Georgia Barbell Club is to improve physical fitness, to compete with others through club and college associations, and to instruct all students in the techniques of weight-lifting. 23 WWGC. . .92.3 providing the students with " Progressive Rock " WWGC is the campus radio station, operated by the students at the college. It provides music to the campus and surrounding area, catering to the students. The station also provides experi- ence to students in radio work who feel they may be interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting. Operation of the station is supervised by Jim Robertson and station program director, Scott Evans. In addition to a small salaried staff, the station is manned by over twenty student volunteers. 124 An outlet for literary expression — the " Eclectic The " Eclectic " is the literary magazine published yearly by the students of West Georgia College. Students on the publication staft select entries from poems and short sto- ries submitted by other students. Pictured above: Lamar Thomas, Lowell Sodeman, Don Boyle, Joe Chandler, Mike Handyside. Not pictured: Staff member Ellen Schraeder, Advisor Jamie Jones. 125 Left to right. Gary Ward, Sammy Hudson, Dede Dennis, Mark Veljkov, Anne Bourne, Gary Willis, Nancy Badertscher, Tricia Van Horn, Susan Driskell, Bubba Hovis, Bob Foley, Ed Lorenz Covering the campus and community — THE WEST GEORGIAN BUBBA HOVIS BOB FOLEY Editor Managing Editor News Editor Gary Willis Business Manager Mark Dye Assistant News Editor Gary Ward Editorial Assistant Nancy Badertsche Feature Editor Susan Driskell Sports Editor Ed Lorenz Entertainment Sammy Hudson Copy Editor Dede Dennis Secretaries Tricia Van Horn Lee Anne Earley Photographer Mark Veljkov The West Georgian is published weekly except dur- ing final exams and quarter breaks. As the college newspaper, it attempts to inform students of happen- ings around the campus and community. The editor and managing editor are appointed by the Student Publication Board. Any member of the student body is eligible for a staff position. 126 ' The West Georgian presents items of interest each week I l l|U J j yl I 1 |1 1 I j J J j ]„| „ JL 127 Capturing college memories of 1976 — 128 BUELL COBB ADVISOR The Chieftain NANCY BADERTSCHER EDITOR Greek Editor Bob Foley Organizations Editor Jose Cardona Class Editor Debbie Baker Business Manager Dale Hartley Photographers Harvey Jackson Chris Drummond Mike Mason Larry Mack Additional yearbook photos by Mark Veljkov, Larry Naylor, Fred Ledbetter, Elena Castro, Bob Foley, and Nancy Badertscher. — the " Chieftain staff 129 m V Coordinating Greek activities . . . Panhellenic Panhellenic is the governing body in which all sorority women are members. The group provides unity among sorority chap- ters and tosters interfraternity cooperation and understanding among the individuals. The organization also tries to promote coop- eration and understanding between the sororities, college administration and the community. The council is composed of representatives from each of the five recog- nized campus sororities. Officers — Lett to right: Deborah Housfon, president; Mary Ellen Thompson, vice president; Sharon Inman, treasurer. Members — Lett to right Jeanie Smith, AGD; Carol Worley, DDD; Sharon Inman, AGD; Teresa Foster, Chi O; Mary Ellen Thompson, Cho O; Susan Kellett, KD; Diane Garden, KD, Deborah Houston, DDD 132 Members — Left to right: Glen Guthrie, ATO; Hal Thompson, Sigma Nu; Peer Bacggaard, DTD (president); Mark Dye, Kappa Sig (vice president); Mike Carney. TKE (treasurer); Shep Howell, ATO; Jim Quintrell, DTD. Intrafraternity council strives for social unity among Greeks The Interf raternity Council is the governing body for the fraternities on campus. The IFC is composed of rep- resentatives from each fraternity and meets when necessary to coordinate " all Greek " activities and service pro- jects. This year the group sponsored the Chug-A-Lug dance at the West Georgia Fairgrounds as a fund-raising project. 133 First row, left to right: Sherry Adamson, Lynn Taylor, Lee Little, Spencer Pittman, Bob Koenigramer, David Armour, Richard Peek, Bob Foley, Linda Massengell. Second row Barbara Wylie, Kathy Croom, Gayla Hudson, Debbie Roberts, Vicki Macamy, Lynette Simmons, Mickey Micacchione, Karen Gunter, Karne Abies, Cherly Boykin, Pat Rutledge, Margaret Barrett, Paula Schuler, Patricia Asinof. Third row Jeanie Smith, Kathy Mitchell, Sharon Inman, Faith Moore, Suzie Inman, Donna Hipp, Laura Sands Alpha | Gamma Delta . . . Ofticers: Kathy Mitchell, treasurer; Paula Schuler, tirst vice president; Lynn Taylor, corresponding secre- tary; Laura Sands, president; Suzie Inman, second vice president; Joy Feagler, recording secretary. 134 Tilley ' s sick again . . .Who wants to go collect Miller cans 9 . . . Let ' s play Killer . . . Oh God, Francis is coming . . . Maybe Everlee got it . . . Boom, boom, bang . . . Did I get any mail . . . Boy, Sharon, what a mess . . . Grunchen . . . We found ourselves a little beau Bob . . . Poot, Lou. Hipp, Chione, Grit, Mitch. S.S. . . . the eternal pledge. 135 Kappa Delta KA Lett to right, bottom row: Jerry Darnell, Dee Dee White, Cindy Wester, Brenda Floyd, Debra Fair, Suzanne Adams, Mary Shaw, Rebecca May, Susan Kellett, Linda Staley, Debbie Parker, Martha Childs, Denise Stevens, Betsy Ball. Second row: Deborah Weaver, Merrill Emlert, Resa Harmon, Jan Sheffield, Carol Willis, Leo Buchanan, Bunny Hubbell, Teri Worden, Sharon McQueen, Linda Weatherford, Lois O ' Donnell, Denise McCravey, Pat Grogan, Diane Gardner, Wanda Thomas. Third row: Keith Medford, Glen Guthtie. Kappa Delta Supports Foster Child In South America . . . tag 136 Way to go Ace . . . Don ' t I look like Dolly? . . . Where are the Wheeler Whoopees . . . Keep your legs crossed ... I would if I could find one . . . What time ' s our game? . . . You ole . . . My car ain ' t no taxi . . . Do you blame me . . . Snorky?. . . Space Queen . Peace, Baby . . Get it, Grace? . Watermelon . . Watermelon . . Hey, Ladies . . What ' s ATO?. That ' s the truth Earth to Lois Carol, don ' t sing Ya ' ll, I ' m engaged J In- ■ ' • ' [ . ' --1 £ ! } What can I say? 137 Chi Omega XQ Left to right, bottom row: Rene Bidez, Dene Channell, Tommy Davis, Greg Shadrix, Jerry Hudson. Second row: Joyce Steelmon, Janet Teague, Debtiie Duna- way, Marly Arnold, Cathy Crews, Allene Massey, Saraja ne Marbret, Kathy Entreken, Alice Williams, Kim Reeves, Carole Williams. Third row: Terri Johnson, Patti Haley, Mary Ellen Thompson, Jean Swift, Terri Wilson, Lynn Parris, Cindy Kurtzhals, Connie Mitchan, Karen Key, Frances Freeman, Karen McClanahan, Sherri Belleh, Teresa Foster, Wanda Mitchell, Melinda Jones. Chieftain Names W Chi Omega Most Cooperative Sorority 138 . . . Check it out . . . Am I the only one staying this week- end? . . . Is it my day to clean the lobby? . . . Damnittohell . . . Get serious . . .This is the third time today my room ' s been rolled . . . Who turned out the lights while I was in the shower? ... I had to park in East Isreal . . . N-l-Z-E sweater . . . Let ' s go to Atlanta . . . Kissey Face . . . Turn it up. that ' s my Favorite song . . . That ' s the grossest thing ... I wish it was spring quarter . . . That goodness it ' s the weekend . . . I ' m going to get so-o drunk. ■.•- First row, left to right Nan Purser, Robin Fryer, Holly Cannon, Nona Holland, Susan Norman, Holly Shadinger, Debbie Taylor, Sharon Allen, Vicki Perry. Second row: Madelyn Stocks, Kim Stanley, Cherisse Davitte, Wanda North, Karyn Johnston, Tricia Bartles, Marsha Taylor, Karen Knight, Denise House, Karen Green, Alma Stewart Third row: Steven Holmes, Beverly Keith, Kim Hudson, Patti Wilson, Judy Bond, Jo Verney, Mona Dixon, Jan Hambright, Mary Beth Varsant, Julie Rey- nolds, Donna Henderson, Cheryl Elliott, Scott Floyd. PhiMu 140 . . . Lady Bug Love You wanta play spades . . . Rub- berlegs . . . Which princess would you like to speak to? . . . Roller- coaster, say what? . . . I ' m so fat . . . Check it out . . . Phi Mu Cas- tle .. . What ' s the latest gossip? . . . Hey, I ' m impressed . . . What it is . . . Sisters, please be quiet. 141 Left to right: Susie Stewart, Robin Dowell, Carol Worley, Kathy Spota, Tina Shoemaker, Karen Matherson, Susan Aldridge, Sandra Smith, Michelle Thompson. Second row: Pam Conner, Patti Cochran, Phyllis Riley, Elena Castro. Third row: Tripp House, Ray Kilgore, Pam Jones, Honey Hubbell, Paula Stowers, Bonita Hopkins, Kathy Barrett, Randy Paynter, Deborah Houston, Dean Ragsdale, Jane Riddick, Kim Eason, Marcy Gable, Pam Simmons, Marilyn Stafford, Becky Bradford, Jan Barlow, Randy Crest. Delta Delta Delta . . . 142 Delta love makes the world go round . . . Libby quits again . . . NGB . . . Yea. Kappa Sig ... Is anyone going to class? . . . You ' re Fired . . . Michelle ' s on her way . . . Can you keep a secret? Wedding bells for Susie . . . Now the coach quit . . . ackalackachee . . . Way to go. ■-i: First row, left to right: Jimmy Wilcox, Bob Foley, John Bray, Jerry Musicano, Mike Carney, Mark White. Second row: Bill Jackson, Cheryl Boykin, June Bridges, Karen Johnston, Patti Wilson, Cee Bradford, Joel Auble, advisor Third row: Jimmy Brewton, Porter Maddox, Randy Breedlove, Tom Findley, Marty Schinn, Wayne Tunripseed, Pern Williams, Dennis Albright, Roger Ruark, Randy Chappell, Scott Leyk, Skip Allen. Tau Kappa Epsilon Your royal shortness . . . Car- ney ' s Pie-ln-The-Face Award . . . John in the lake . . .I ' ve got to work . . . You wanna buy a dozen doughnuts? . . . Every- body get a date ... A real bomb scare . . . What barbed wire fence . . . Seed, Moose, Wall, Runt, Ace, Woltman, Boogie . . . The Artful Dodger? . . . The committee reports nothing . . . TKE is together. 144 Delta Tau Delta . . . . . . Dilbert Brothers ... Fox $ $ $ . . . Hootie and L.C. . . . Key West . . . Can you drive me home? . . . Old Mill ... The Wall . . . Renee Rabbit . . . Can I u se the room tonight? . . . Orange Juice . . . And, it ' s a good thing, too . . . Spaghetti Suppers . . . Charter 1974 . . . Pic- nic at Tanners . . . Did we score? . . . Fine Fellow. Officers — Left to right: Jim Quinfrell, vice president; David Sutton, treasurer, Tom West, second vice president; David Ramos, president; Alan Jones, recording secretary; Peer Baekggaard, cor- responding secretary. .. - ::j itj 9EKUa£aaBatxl, i2 k .V fe 2M ? ' First row, left to right. Robert Shepard, Scott Woodall, Alan Jones, Jim Quintrell. Second row Vick: McCoy, Leo Buchannan, Melissa McPhearson. Jeanme Kuh- nen, Peer Baekggaard, Lawton Garland, David Sutherland, Mike Mashburn, Jeanie Smith, Connie Mitchell, Teresa Foster Third row: Wanda Mitchell. John Gray. David Ramos, Don Purdie, David Sutton, Frank Davis, John Marshall, Pete Fronek, Tom West, Leigh Ann Carter 145 Left to right, first row: Bo Hamil, Donna Henderson, Vicki Perry, Laura Massey, Bill Chaffin, Susie Stewart, Kathy Wascher, Susan Norman. Second row: Buddy Barnes, Mark Andrews, Mike Whorton, Bruce McKenzie, Bruce McFarland, Bill Campbell, Mike Bowers, Lee Little, Hal Thompson, Terry Turner. Third row: Nan Purser, Jerry Harmon, Gary Brown, Jerry Hudson, Greg Shedrix, Jim Yarborough, Ken Shelton, Robert Smith, Bill Adams, Tom Davis, Sammy Harman, Randy Cress, Steve Holmes, Mike Cahalan, Mike Haddon, Rick Heard, Susan Hillard, Eddie Hurley. Fourth row: Lloyd Kaylor, Tim Langston, Kevin Barton, Freddy Dunn, Tripp House, Larry Powell, Dave Reynolds, Lee McCullough. Sigma Nu . . 146 Joe Henry ... No Poker . . . Friday . . . White Star . . . Best Fraternity . . . " Damn a Bear " . . . The Golden Toe . . . Braves like Sigma Nu are Number One . . . Beat the rat-trap . . . Party Lard . . . 342 Maple Street . . .A way of life. . . Sigma Nu. ■-- MEMBERS: Merrill Emmert, Herbert McNeely, Greg Tatum, Mike Raburn, Mark Williams, Tim Johnson, Mike Mason, David Hudson, Randy Haynes, Jack- son Hill, Scott Floyd, Mark Denney, Shepherd Howell, Tony Vaughn, Danny Vaughn, Robert Bat- tle, Mike Niedrach, Gene Autry, Tim Allen, Rob Rob- inson, Keith Aspin wall, Steve Truitt, Bill Rice, Tommy Tidwell. a Tau Omega Tear it up, it ' s paid tor . . . The blonde-headed shadow . . . You bet- ter come up with the coins . . . Elviro El Zero . . . Who drove you home last night, Shep? . . . Hod-o-bee . . . Where did that cowhead get oft? . . . Whiskey ' s pregnant . . . Suzanne came crawling back . . .Where ' s the moon room? . . . Dude country bird . . . You ain ' t drinking, Cheryl? . . . Who believes in big foot? . . . Feed her a Schiltz sandwich . . . Let ' s go to the barn ... He ain ' t heavy . . . ATO. I 4 P. 149 Left to right, first row: Randy Poynter, George, Dan Knob, Holly Cannon. Pam Simmons, Robin Clive, Margie Bryant, Deborah Houston, Michele Thompson, Libby Hudgins, Tommy Smith, Rex Rooker. Second row Mark Edison, George Patrick, Richard Peek, Mike Boyd, Dene Smith, Victor Long, Robert Newman, Jim Mastram, Keith Byrd, Carl Nebel, Third row: Joe LaBoon, Larry Pease, Mike Hetner, Bo Ryner, David Chandler, Sid Braswell, David Armor, Spencer Pittman, Terry Kimbrell, Jerry Carter, Fourth row: Gary Yates, Mike Lively, Mike Hansard, Art Johnson, Doug Boles, Blake Lewis, Glen Michleboro, Dale Byers, Mike Phiefer Pi Kappa Alpha . . . 150 Alle-ve-vo . . .Boogie. . . We have the best little Sisters . . . Gary Lewis and the Playboys . . .It ' s a trick. . . Babydoll . . . Do the hustle. . . . Where did you sleep last night? . . . Let ' s get drunk . . . All sports trophy . . . Do you have a date yet, Art? . . . Get your guns out . . . Pike Bike Race . . . All I want for Christ- mas is my two tront teeth . . .Dynamite. •f ■ S agfS ' Sg ftg Energetic Kappa Sigs build new Frat house 152 153 Chi Phi. . . Come on down . . . Move, pledge . . . Who ' s got a ciga- rette? . . . Are you snaking my date? . . . Wanna cruise? . . . He looks dead . . . BRUTSCHE . . . What is the mother ' s club? ... Is walker working? What are you drinking? . . . Did you give blood? When ' s our next mixer? . . . POV ... Do they still deliver? Left to right, first row. Lyndia Purcell, Wendy Weckerling, Darrick Taylor, Schlitzman, Jill Sailor, Frank Beaullieu, Bill Walter, Joy Gravitt, Wayne Heath, Bruce Patterson, Marty Arnold, Clark Mitchell. Second row: Joel Rhodes, Tommy Johnson, Steve Barbaree, Rick Florence, Don Akin, Kent McDaniel, Mike Miller, Mike Driver, Dave Nave, Ricky Guthmann, Scott Brutsche. IS 4 Greeks ■55 •f I 1 - j ■ - " ir •- 4 - - ■-- .. r, { " - - .■ ■■ c Cross u n t r y From bottom left, clockwise: Jim Gaines, Hugh Toro, David Warren, Coach Fred Johnson, Scott Farr, Mike Hooker, Larry Turner. 158 A lonely sport requiring mans greatest virtue . . . . . . patience 159 The Volleyball Heroes: Another Great Year Under the direction ot Coach Dot McNabb, (right), the Volleyball Heroes entertained thoughts of yet another championship year. Seven first place trophies plus the state crown were awarded the ladies regionally. A tough regional tournament, in Gainesville, Florida, garnered the team a third place finish, marking the first time in five years that West Georgia was not represented in the nationals. It was, nevertheless, another outstanding season ' s performance from the Heroes. 160 i Karen Clark Melody Van Volkenburg Rowanne Joyner Diane Benford (below left, left ro right) Trainers — Lisa Tuggle, Linda Nails, Fave Beniamin ' fit r T ' !k : ' fjw ' Mnim! Claudia Flowers ) Debby McGury Juanita Dickens I 162 B-Team Shows Promise For Future B-team members: (top, l-r) Clema Bill- ingsley, Gail Jackson, Carolyn Almond, (bottom, l-r) Mary Ann Lukacs, Barb Pease, Tricia Callahan. (not pictured) Billie Banks. t i i 1 163 Young, yet experienced players will be heard from in the future 16 A 165 Head Coach Roger Kaiser WGC Braves Basketball 1976 Assistant Coach Frank Sylvester First row: Danny O ' Brien, Terry Lawrence, Scott Langtord, Reggie Tyler, Kenny Hardy, Ken Wilson. Second row: Kevin Terry Lawrence Jett LaCava Reggie Tyler 166 Price, Bob Brill, Tim Reynolds, Sam Christian, Tom Houghtaling, Kevin Humphrey, Jeff LaCava. Scott Langford Ken Wilson Tim Reynolds Kevin Price 167 Turnovers mar early season play, 168 but Braves gather for mid-season six-game winning streak I 69 170 ■ -■■ Practice . . . hated more than almost anything except losing . . . which is hated more than anything 172 . . . which is why there is practice . . . 1-3 Lady Braves challenge the state ' s strongest and prove that West Georgia is still one of the best Linda Nails Linda Gillece Gail Jackson Clema Billingsly 174 Carolyn Almond Joy Goldin 175 A team working toward one goal . . . victory 176 177 Head Coach Dot McNabb (left), Debbie McGury Assistant Coach. 179 • £ . br. ?■ ' ..• v , ;-- . - ' 4 S: F rsf row, eft to right: Ken Skelton, Mark Fenlon, Norm Patterson. Second row: Tom Boiling, Larry Beem, Randy Almon, Bob Smith, Coach Skip Yow. 180 Golf. 1 ™ ■ " .« ■ k • ,■■■ mi , $ li d» ' , ! , . . . . the slice of life 181 M 182 - Lady ' s golf . . . one-woman 183 i j awwirwgp Tennis The Best Fall Practice Ever With Hopes Of Regaining The Conference Crown . . . Tom Learning, Coach 184 Richard Diment Judson Adamson Rick Highsmith Larry Schnall Steven Holmes Mike Crysler Tommy Dansby John Grogan David Smith ' S5 Netters get in the swing . . . duo selected as first ail-Americans from WGC aS ■ i A J ftsA ' 41 iV . . •ampr 186 187 TAT ' I ' • Women s I ennis Back row, left to right Coach Susan Dalton, Rowanne Joyner, Lyn Scott, Joy Clark, Vicki McGahee, Carolyn Wayne. Front row: Billie Banks, Priscilla Irving, Karen Reinke, Mary Baker 188 189 Tracksters prove self-discipline brings team victories 190 ft 4 v s Above. Coach Dave Phillips. Below: Beth Trewhitt. manager. •c ' J 192 — •_. ' • ' » ' . Distance runners — Left to right: Hugh Toro, Scott Farr, Mike Hooker, Jim Gaines, David Warren. 193 omen ' s Track Above, First row. Susan Willaims, Faye Benjamin, Pam Mar- shall Second row Angela Ross, Lisa Tuggle, Carolyn Almond, Geraldine Phillips, Brenda Gibson, Third row. Coach Pat Gaslon, Joy Goldin, Marcia Mitchell, Karen Buesing, Gail Jackson. At right: Field events participants; Opposite page, above. Hurdlers; Opposite page, below: distance runners. 194 i 95 Soccer Club ■ It . % - « . " ] Back row, left to right Tom Callahan, Bill O ' Brien, Mark Durham, Mike Born, Mark Roland, Rick Little Front row Rick Smith Strother, Stan Lester. Andrew Simon, Hal Fales. ■ ■ ' •■ ' - raS k «3 h, ■ 2 . J - ' At ' ' ., , -- ' .V- ; B Mark Gra ham, Juan C ruz, Fra nk . . . springing into the game in the fall, 196 falling back into the game in the spring - ' ' ! J ! ? i?j l l 197 198 Braves Baseball WEST OA. BRAVES First row: Ray Davis, Bubba Dubose, Bruce Atwater, Dave Carligle. Second row Jim Blalock, Gary Hall, Barry Evans, Bob Giddens, Brad Campbell, Vernon Ethndge, Jeff Bennett, Leonard Hartsfield. Third row: Coach Archie White, Sid Sprewell, Cris Cnswell, Mike Hamer, Dan Dalton, Don Logan, Benny McElroy, Tom Moss, Phil Taylor, Captain Bill Frite. 199 Top, left Manager " Hoss " Vaughn Top, right First row: Brad Campbell, Bubba Dubose. Second row: Dan Logan. Jimmy Blalock, Barry Evans Outfielders: Bruce Atwater, Mike Hamer, Dan Dalton, Tom Moss, Cris Criswell, Phil Taylor, Leonard Hartsfield, Dave Carligle. 200 Braves prove powerful hitting pays off . . . 201 rife 202 203 The other side of athletics — Intramurals Providing some with " my team ' some with " our team 7 and still others with organized mayhem to break the boredom 1 -STa : 204 - m 206 207 208 209 i W » ■•«jK8i« « » «r t-. g ■■ ' -■- . ■ • S 21 1 T N - •i,. . 2 V m 212 »-W «• - ■ Iwmi 213 ' ■ K Athletics at West Georgia . . Good sports winning and losing. Cross country ot endurance ourse, Six men in a gruelling test Volleyball Heroes — a strong season but not as long as expected. A good job nevertheless. The basketball team gains momentum atter an erratic start. The home win streak is broken. Another is begun. Lady Braves are rewarded for another outstanding year. Paced by a freshman — more outstanding years are in the making. Cindermen find a coach and a frustrating year becomes bearable. Three all-American candidates lead a determined squad. Men ' s and women ' s tennis . . . After six months of practice they net their just desserts, challenging again, for the con- ference crown. It ' s a rebuilding year for the duffers; in style and class they stroke through a tough season. Swinging into action with one of the greatest potential teams in ten years, baseball tags its mark in school accom- plishments. The ever-popular intramurals . . . kicking, passing, screaming, hitting, driving, rolling, jumping, running, swim- ming, ad infinitum. Just for the competition . . .? Oh yeah! Wait till next year! Sports . . . Someone is always telling you what to do with them. . . But what would you do without them? Athletics at West Georgia . . Good sports and bad sports winning and losing. It was a good year . . . -• - ■ " ■ • i m: •• TaJ$£ ! ■ jfi V • . .: , -W .? f " W AS 7 DV re) 219 Enrollment Jumps To 5,803, Showing Pete Chambers Edgar Chancellor III Michael Chandler Tricia Chandler DeneChannell Jackie Chapman Faye Clark Don Clements Loretta Clinton Thelma Combs Susan Cowart Kris Craddock Jessie Davis Pamela Davis Parks Davis William Davis Roy Dawkins Sandra Daws Thomas DeLoach 220 5.1 Per Cent Increase Over ' 74 Figures Annette Dennis Marc Dewood William Dillard Elizabeth Dooley Joyce Doss John Dunaway James Elliot Sheila Elliot Linda Erchak Rita Ezzell ::: Barefoot Jerry, Barnaby Bye Bomb Debra Fair Terry Faulkner Donna Fennell Wanda Fennell Susan Ferris Ann Fields Joseph Fitts Keith Floyd Edward Lee Fowler Bill Fraser Rebecca Garmon Lynn Gault Ginger Goforth Farris Goodrum Hoyt Grant Jackie Hargrave 222 Out As Fall Major Concert Debby Harrison Becky Hasty Ronald Hayes Pam Heatherington Gwendolyn Hendrix Debra Hernandez Steve Hester Elaine High Debbie Hitlin Pamela Hodge Jane Hutchinson Don Hewell Paulette Irving Robert Jackson Bill James Jarrett Jennings Russell Johnson Janice Jones Ken Jones Tony Jones 223 Professors Initiate Request for Virginia Jones Thomas Johnson Carol Kaylor Karen Key Vicki Kidd Ellen Krepper Keith Kretzer Walter Langston Mike Lankford Keith Lawery Lynn Lee Hilton Lewis Robert Lewis Evans Long Richard Lundy Fay Lyon Pamela Manley Sandra Mann Patsy Marlow 224 Bicentennial Program Endowment Jeanine Marsh Peggy Martin Richard Matthews Ralph Mayfield Elaine McCombs Kirk McConnell Sharon McCreery Jane McEver Robert McKenzie Dale McMichael Arthur McMurray Melissa McPherson Mark McQuary Keith Medtord Andrew Middlebrooks William Mitchell ::f Local AAUP Supports State Suit Faith Montgomery Hilda Moon Diane Morse Clever Nails Linda Nails Larry Navarre Cathy Nix Cynthia Nelson Susan Osborne Cecilia Padgett Lois Palmer Stanley Parrott Frances Patterson Steve Peace Lynn Peel 226 for Faculty Raise Reinstatement Cynthia Penn Phillip Perkins Beverly Petty John Pitts Doug Poles Frankie Powers Debbie Presley Rita Pruitt Richard Ralston Sarah Beth Reed Clint Reeves Michael Render Dave Reynolds Marcia Reynolds Tim Reynolds Frank Rice Alex Ridley Constance Riggins Mark Roberts 227 Debaters Receive Fifth Place Romano Robertson Will Robinson Dee Roddenberry Charlene Rogers Carl Roland Nan Ryals Shirley Solomon Laura Sands Susan Sauls Dorothy Sayer Aubrey Sheets Ramonia Shepherd Phillip Shumny Elaine Smith Nelah Smith Jean Smyley Elaine Sneed Cosetta Stattord Linda Stephens Susie Stewart DianneStinson 228 Award for 1974-75 Season Carol Stramm Laurie Summers Jeffrey Sutfon Jean Swiff Linda Kay Talley Fredrick Thomas Mary Ellen Thompson PafriceTibbefs Samuel Toakes Rosalind Underwood Chris Van Horn Nancy Van Horn Jo Ann Veljkov Charles Wagner David Ware Norris Warner Kathy Wascher Glenda Washington Carolyn Waters Penny Wheat Hughey Whete Beverly Wilding Alice Williams Stephen Wiseman Sue Anne Wright 229 the students 230 Dunaway Replaces Hayes as Judiciary Brenda Brown Cindy Brown Deborah Brown Jeanne Brown Martin Brown Paula Bunch Susan Brown Joey Bryant Patricia Butfey Chen Buftington Sharon Burks Anise Burns Sandy Butler Debbie Burtley Don Buxton Galvin Byoune Keith Byrd James Byrd Brad Cagle Brian Callahan Steve Campbell Teresa Cannon Debra Carlisle Mary Carlyon Kathy Carroll Zeke Carter Victor Carew Lewis Carr Jeannie Carter Ed Catter David Chandler Greg Chapman Susan Chree Samuel Clants Bonnie Clark Karen Clark Sharon Clark Cathy Claud Christine Clements Cindy Clemons Ladonna Cochran James Cooper Juanila Cooper Mike Coter Marsha Collins Marcus Cone Billy Cordell Neil Cornwall John Courtney John Cox Danell Cramer Robert Crane Ginny Cravens Wyona Crawder Claire Crawford Lisa Crawford Mark Crawford Cathy Crews Chris Culberson Scott Curiel Sydney Cutis Robin Dacket 232 Chairman, Following Surprise Resignation 233 Proposal for the Consumption of Clara Daniels Retha Daniels Shirley Dalton Ned Daughter Elaine Davidson Frances Davis Jimmie Davis Lynn Davis Russel Davis Robert Dayton Jeffrey Dean Velesia Dean Cheryl DeLance Kenneth Denney Ma rgaret Dennis Janet Dewell Sandra Dickerson Sandy Dixon Jackie Dothard Linda Doyal Ed Dunagan Wanda Dumas Randall Duncan Diane Dunn David Durham Cliff Durrence Dan Dysart Rose Mary Eason Mark Easter Janet Eaves Charles Echols Mary Echols Sandy Edwards Judy Ehlers Mike Elledge David Ellis Keith Ellison Sally Elrod Sandra Ennis Carolyn Enos Jan Entrekin Janice Evans Scott Evans Matt Ewing Scott Farr Ricky Favors Dwyane Fears Laura Ferguson 234 Beer and Wine Receives Presidential Approval 235 Problems Plague CPB; Controversy Craig Ferrey Kevin Fiefield George Fields Thomas Finaley Michelle Fleetwood Larry Flelcher Sheila Florence Leslie Foster Teresa Foster Brenda Freeman Latricia Freeman Robin Freyer Angela Fuller Laura Fuller Peter Gaffrey Anne Garby Brenda George Harold Gersch Brenda Gibson Ron Gibson Darlene Gilkey Anita Gilleland Michael Gilleland Harriet Gilmore Thomas Godfrey William Godfrey Anne Godwin Kim Goodwin Dondra Gordon Judy Graves Carol Gray James Gray Nurren Green Dianne Green Jacki Griffin Linda Grish Betty Gnzzard Patricia Grogan John Grouger Joel Grubb Reginald Gulbreth Ricky Guthmann Marisa Hachutl Larry Hackney George Hale Cathy Hall Donna Hall Denise Halpman George Hamilton Felicia Hamm Cathy Hannah Mike Hansard Suellyn Hanson Carol Hargrave Yvonne Harkins Julian Harris Pat Harris Evelyn Hausler Temekia Houston Cynthia Haygood Randy Haynes Marcella Heyward Mary Ann Heard Elizabeth Hearn Stephanie Henderson Michael Hickman Grier Hicks 236 Arises Over Cheech and Chong Appearance 237 APO Fraternity Starts Dating DilliaHill Leroy Hill Donna Hipp Larry Hitch Lee Holland Santord Holhway Patricia Hollis Fletcher Holt Martha Holt Mark Hopkins Rhonda Horton Bubba Hovis Garland Howard Michelle Howard Ronald Howard Mona Howell Margaret Huckabee Gary Hudson Gayla Hudson Ann Hughes Beatrice Hutchmgs Willie Ingram Sharon Inman Susie Inman Nancy Irwin Earlene Jackson George Jackson Bruce Jackson Lana Jackson Linda Jackson Nathelma Jackson Brenda Jarrett Ralph Jaynes Manbeth Jobson Brad Johnson Dutfy Johnson George Johnson Julie Johnson Lee Johnson Michael Johnson Wallace Johnson Beverly Jones Kathy Jones Lauretia Jones Donna Jordon Rawanne Joyner Janet Kaye Alicia Key Bill Kidney Wendelm Kilgore Barbara King Bob King Ray Kirbie Randy Knowles Jan Knox Lloyd Koonty III Bill Kraus Jeanne Kuhhen Tim Lamb Derek Lawd Ten Lawrence Billy Leavell Randy Lee Suzanne Lee Robin Levitt John Lindsey Gilbert Little Steve Logan Dan Logen Betsy Loupe Penny Lovelace Dotty Lundeen Lorl Lusso Cyndi Lunstord Alan Maddox Linda Maquire Judy Malcom Pamela Marshall 238 Service, With Good Response From Students 239 Following Reports of Crime Increase, Jan Martin Steve Martin Lawrence Mashburn Randy Masley Gloria Matheson Mary Matthews Tony Mance Gordon Maupin Sherry McCain Tommie McCommon Vickie McCamy Warren McClendon Paul McCreery Beverle McDow Thomas McFarlin Doug McKenzie Wendell McLendon Karl McMicheal Carol McMillan Herb McNeeley Sharon McQueen LoraineMiacchione JoAnn Melton Jimmy Meaney Angela Merritt James Millar Susan Millican Kathy Mitchell Marcia Mitchell Marracia Mitchell Wanda Mitchell Roosevelt Montgomery Faith Moore Richard Moore Robert Moore Wanda Moore Carolyn Morgan Melinda Morgan Susie Morgan Lisa Muchiano Mitch Muller Yucel Murat Luann Murray Anne Myrick Leandre Nails Hennette Nasser Karl Nebel Bunny Newman Mary Newman Robert Newman Zachary Nicholas Wendy Norton David Nunn Steven Nunnally Lory Nye Bill O ' Brien Lois Dawn O ' Donnell Edet Otfiong Cheryl Oliver Debbie Oliver Pam Oliver John Packman Jim Page Phyllis Paige Laura Parma Sandra Palmore Natalie Parch Jan Parham Martha Parks Faith Palmer Johnnie Parmer Kathy Pass Bruce Patterson Ricky Paul Linda Payne Debbie Pearce Jim Pearce Mike Pearce Larry Pease Yolanda Peek 240 Regents Allocate $8000 for Outside Lighting 241 Barklev Forum Names Gibson Michael Pender Mike Pendleton Tim Penn Wayne Pitlman Renee Pitts Vicki Pitts William Pool Marilyn Porter John Porterfield Gary Posey Diane Potter Linda Powell Laurie Powell Joan Presley Caroline Preyor Cindy Prince Kay Prince Melanie Prince George Raines Ken Rakestraw Tom Ramseur Sammy Ramsey Kay Rawls Lynn Rawls Brenda Ray Randy Royston Cathy Reed Eva Reed Sandra Reed Maryann Reese Kim Reeves Mark Reeves Stanley Rich June Richards Michael Rikard Roxanne Rilling Wayne Roberson Anthony Roberts Clemon Roberts Gwendolyn Roberts Venetia Roberts Angela Ross Sandra Royal Channing Ruskel Brenda Russeau Bryant Russell Vicki Sanders Russ Sasser Robin Saucier Cynthia Schoewe Donna Schumaker Herberl Scott Mark Scott Susan Scott Betsy Seale Charles Sealock Stanley Searcy Sandra Sherfield Tom Shideler Randy Siebolt Chnsti Silvers Cynthia Simmons Deborah Simmons Marione Simms Nan Simms Vicki Slaughter Elaine Smith Jeanie Smith Les Smith Mary Smith Michelle Smith Nick Smith Pat Smith Patty Smith Raymond Smith Tim Smith Celia Snellings Melvin Snow Greg Snowden Stanley Stackhouse Zan Stallings Kim Stanley 242 Debate Coach of the Year 243 Z-6 Opens Winter With Ricky Stephens Laura Stephenson Malanese Sterkins James Stinson Donna Stokes Rick Strauss Ernest Stripley David Stripling Frank Strothers Steve Struble FelicieSturghall Terry Stynchcombe Pam Summerlin Jane Summey David Sutherland Robed Suttles Ping Suwannapat Myell Swanson Yvonne Swanson Dorothea Tallsey Lynn Taylor Marcia Taylor Sharon Taylor Lamar Temples Bill Thomas Chuck Thomas Johnny Thompson Kenneth Thompson Pam Thompson Sharon Thompson Steve Thompson Susan Thompson Patty Thornton Nathaniel Thurman Vickie Tibbitts Virginia Tolbert Teresa Toole Ken Topham Hubert Toro Randall Townsell Ann Townsend Melanie.Trammell Lizabeth Trewhitt Deborah Truitt Steve Truitt Willie Tucker Deborah Tuggle Sherri Tuggle Darrah Turman Lisa Turner 244 Bus Service During Meal Hours 245 Thanksgiving Day Blaze William Terry Turner Susie Tweed Reggie Tyler Richard Vaughn Tony Vaughn Melody Van Volkenburg Knsti Wade Julia Anne Waggoner TinaWald Anne Walker Jerry Walker Ray Wallace Robin Walls Bill Walton Wesley Wansley Lynn Ward Theresa Worden Mary Washburn Martha Washington Phyllis Washington Mark Watson Jill Watts Cindy Weaver Deborah Weaver Gaye Weaver Charlene Wessinger Jana Whesenont Brenda Whigham Edward White Mark White Virgil White MarkWhitlock Teresa Whittle Darrell Wigley Debra Wilborn Curtis Wilcox Patricia Wiley Jane Wilkes Anita Williams David Williams Jeri Lynn Williams Brenda Willis Carol Willis Linda Willis Deborah Edmondson David Wilson Dorothy Wilson Patti Wilson Tern Wilson Cliff Winter Gloria Wise Millie Wollen Ray Woodall Theresa Worden Donna Jean Wood Frances Wright Pamela Wright Vivian Wynne Dennis Young Priscilla Zachery Pattie Zakett Janice Zellner 246 Destroys Popular Student Club 247 Students display their need . . . 248 PERRY ' S WESTSIDE PHARMACY Everything for the Prescription Needs of WSC Students Headquarters for School Supplies Gifts and Cards for Every Occasion 832-2488 905 Maple Street m Compliments of DOUGLAS LOMASON CO. Alabama St. Carrollton, Ga. 834 6681 252 •e mmmmmmm €»-■■- ' 1 r II , : l i CARROLLTON WAREHOUSE GROCERY US South By-Pass 27 Open 7 a.m.- 1 2 a.m. (Midnight) Seven Days a Week ♦BUFFET SIZE CANS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS Compliments of RICHARDS ASSOCIATES Carrollton, Ga. Helping Carrollton and Georgia grow. FOUNTAIN OIL CO, Texaco Products 1 039 Dixie St. Carrollton, Ga. 832-6353 Compliments of LAMAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturers — Men ' s and Young Men ' s Clothing Bowdon, Georgia 30108 253 Best Wishes to all WGC Students From BALLEW ' S MUSIC CO. All Musical Instruments and Accessories Complete Repairs — Lessons Owner and Proprietor NEAL BALLEW I 14 Ala. St. Carrollton, Sa. 834-2381 Compliments of ASK US OFFICE SUPPLIES Compliments of DENIMS DUDS The First Tuesday Mall With the latest fashions for college wear. 254 1 1 1 JaI r 1 1 I J .1. ppl 1 ] I — f • f 4- A J ,1 ,j.„ - .; ,.L r pjjij JKiM @omm tcicU S 4t t BOWDON -GEORGIA 30108 ORGANIZED IN 1926 CARROLL PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of . . . CARROLL COUNTY GEORGIAN and TIMES-FREE PRESS Newnaw St. 834-6631 Carrollton ■ - • i . fair MILES PHARMACY 24 Hour Film Developing Drive-In Window 832-7033 Carrollton Georgia 255 Compliments of Serving Quality Food and Refreshments {DFFEEKAOT VENDING AND CATERING INC. 622 Fertilla St. — Carrollton, Georgia 30 1 1 7 Fred A. Bennett, Jr. President Area Code 404 834-0066 WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK P. O. BOX 280 CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 30117 MOTOR BANK ROY ' S DISCOUNT TIRE CENTER 320 Rome Street Carrollton, Georgia ROY RIGGS JOHNNY SANDERS Owner Service Manager First Tuesday Mall Flowers for All Occasions Day 834 0932 Wedding Specialists Night 834-68 1 9 - " . Make tomorrow everything You want it to be . . . With a Savings Account at Carrollton Federal ar, -• ' . . , GS AMD LOAN AbbOC - ' • ' ' . CARROLLTON • BOWDON • BREMEN • VILLA RICA 257 __ West Georgians Harvested a Payroll of Over $26 Million From That ' s quite a bumper crop for a county -- which had a total payroll of less Our Carrollton Plants Last Year. $5™ ° n9 50 w hen h fields where our plants now sit were supporting a different variety of plants . . . cotton, corn, and pasture grass. Today, Southwire operations have branched out into virtually every continent of the world . . . with sales in 1975 of over $350 million. And, the efforts of thousands of diligent Georgians are bearing fruit . . .Southwire is now the largest independently owned manufacturer of copper and aluminum rod, wire, and cable in the United States. But despite our 30% average annual growth rate, our roots still lie in Carroll County. Southwire is resolved to strengthen these bonds with West Georgia, so that the future holds even more bountiful harvests for every- one. SOUTHWIRE Carrollton, Georgia 30117 404 832-631 1 • Telex 54-2799 Southwire Corporate Office Building, Carrollton, Georgia 258 Compliments of Compliments of FROCKS ' N FRILLS Wedgewood Drive 834-2890 THE Skoe PLACE " First with the latest in footwear for the family " WEST GEORGIA SHOPPING CENTER CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 30117 834-4745 Compliments of ROBBINS DEPARTMENT STORE I I 8 Bradley Street Featuring Lady Wrangler SPORTSWEAR (Levis, Lee Rider, Other Brands) Use Your Chci Card Wat Squire DISTINCTIVE MEN ' S WEAR MEN ' S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS Outstanding SELECTION OF • SLACKS • SHIRTS • SUITS • SHOES AND ACCESSORIES WE RENT FORMAL WEAR 832-9673 109 NEWNAN ST. Compliments of STEWART SALES Compliments o f ARA FOOD SERVICES COMPANY TiWrim : ■ IM V AREA COOK tO I TKI.KPHONE 537 2341 Manufacturers of Slacks, Suits, and Sports Clothing For Men BREMEN, GEORGIA : m THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 834-3383 and 834-3384 905 South Park U.S. 27, By Pass Carrollton, Ga. 30117 Compliments of JOHNSON BAIT AND TACKLE SHOP Everything You Need at Two Handy Locations Phone 832-7014 Bremen Road Phone 832-9862 Bankhead Hwy. Carrollton WALKER OLDSMOBILE — CADILLAC, INC. WALKER TOYOTA MOTORS Bremen Road Telephone 832-9602-4 P.O. Box 649 Carrollton, Georgia 301 17 J2 American Parts WEST GEORGIA AUTO PARTS INC. 904 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia 301 17 262 Compliments of the COCA- COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 263 LOVVORN JEWELRY COMPANY Watches — Diamonds — Towle Sterling Bremen Carrollton Georgia 264 Infatuation It takes three to make a marriage. Columbia Cook ' s Jewelry Company West Georgia Shopping Center Best Wishes From GRIFFIN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 101 Maple Street Carrollton, Ga. 832-7081 Established in 1899 265 The Wise One Says: START A " KITTY " AT FIRST FEDERAL. . .get those " kitty " savings rolling in and watch that interest grow and grow like your backyard garden! West Georgia folks all around you are getting that good ol ' First Federal Feelin ' . . .Why not you?? FIRST FEDERAL Bremen Carrollton Tallapoosa J crtcns Books, Gifts, Stationery Adamson Square WILLARD MOORE CHEVROLET INC. Congratulates Graduates " Stop by and see the latest in Chevrolet cars and trucks. " Breman Road We offer full service. 832 2436 Compliments of MERCURY — FORD — FOR TRUCKS HEATH MOTOR COMPANY Ford Tractor and Equipment New Holland Hay Equipment Bush Hog Cutter Carrollton Phone 832 2457 J. S. Heath 305 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia 30117 266 TASTY GRILL Curb Service — Regular Dinners Open 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. Except Monday Dial 832-9183 1012 Dixie St. Carrollton, Ga. ADDISON SMITH Mechanical Contractor ADDISON SMITH, Owner Bremen Road Carrollton, Ga. Bus. 832-900 CARROLLTON ACE HARDWARE 204 Adamson Square Carrollton, Georgia Phone 832 6371 VV fVVVVV fVVVVVS V VVVVVVVVV fWWWWWWS l S WVStS AJ W V AAAAf AA IA mAAAAAAAAAA f AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA maple stReet mansion " A Unique expemence " Enjoy the company of good friends in the worm atmosphere of our lounge parlors. Featuring Homemade Deep-Dish Pizza, Sandwiches Steaks Ale Complemented by a Fine Selection of Wines HAPPY HOURS AAon. -Sat. 2-5 P.M. New Lunch Menu Now Available ©I PhOfie: 834-3904 401 Maple Street 267 ■ ' :y . m I m% 1 COMPLIMENTS OF DUFFEY ' S SAUSAGE Carrollton, Georgia tapes £ records MILES PHARMACY 24-Hour Film Developing Drive-ln Window Carrollton 832-7033 Georgia SPECIAL SPONSORS ONE HOUR MARTINIZING MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS MARTIN HIGHTOWER FUNERAL HOME iniiiniii! THt WIST CEOtCIAN. NHUAIV 4. It74 Nothin Beatsa Pizza Compliments of 271 The long and tedious job of putting together a yearbook is finished for another year. No doubt, this yearbook will have its short- comings and not everyone will like it. We, ourselves, even now see things we could have done to make this a better book. However, an honest effort was made by the people involved in the book ' s creation. Even with its shortcomings, we are proud of the work we have done here because fac- ing many dilemmas, we have tried our best. Our special thanks to Buell Cobb, advisor; Dean Charles Smith, assistant dean of Stu- dent Services; and Larry Naylor, representa- tive for Taylor Publishing Company. Respectfully yours, Nancy Badertscher, editor i 272 SPECIAL ■ " TIB i h . M . ' °VIKE SULLIVAN INGRAMUBR ST GEORGIA COLLEGE -ARROLLTON, GEORGIA

Suggestions in the University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) collection:

University of West Georgia - Chieftain Yearbook (Carrollton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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