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c w-w wmsDM - " ;nv -vCv ' rY i-zJ ' ' t I EC NESDlf I y.4 " v ISUND:AY.:I :?i ■ ' ».. V : ' ' ■ ' •■■ ' ' ■■ ' ' !■ ' ■ ' ■■ ■ ' ■ ' ' ■• ' ' i ' ■ ' • ' ▲ • .■;.»■ no Mr? ■ ;1 i- V f ;, At CHIEFTAIN 74 West Georgia College CarroUton, Georgia Volume XL r H -dM ' rf.,- l» ■■■ ' ■ ' JV ji l ? ' : ;: ' ■3fSP ' ' ' ' V CONTENTS MONDAY FEATURES 32 TUESDAY ACADEM CS 64 WEDNESDAY CLASSES 80 THURSDAY SPORTS 106 PR DAY GREEKS 150 SATURDAY ORGAN ZAT ONS 182 SUNDAY ADVERTISEMENTS 228 mam Children of Time In a temporary land, j With minutes and days And weeks and years. Flashes of color, a snatch of song. And the long stretch of time Playing out like a childhood rhyme: Monday ' s child, Wednesday ' s woe The span of the week, The arc of the door. The measure by which you trace Your moods, your graces. What you are, what you know. m-. ■:; ' C. ' ;i,i -, ' i mi n r-- Jt ' ms " y;i ' V V -.• ' Special Photography: Andy Bowen «¥% ,, ' " ' ;.;J|SfKfW?frS l ' r if " « 5 ? »• „ 1 f iV - PC ' ' ' ' ' ' Monday ' s Child Is Fair of Face: One thing we do have at West Georgia is an abundance of fair faces. And hands. And bodies. There are fair faces for the guys . . . and fair faces for the girls. There are a lot of not-so-fair faces too. But maybe these are the best of all. They have character. ■ I Even the week seems to put on a fair face on Mondays. Everything is new and fresh; maybe the sun shines a little brighter. i Tuesdays Child Is Full of Grace: Just like fair faces, there are a lot of graces. Not all of us have the bodily grace of a dancer or an acrobat. Some of us have academic grace, or social grace, or good old down-to-earth human grace. Maybe even Amazing Grace. 11 Wednesdays Child Is Full of Woe: Whether you look at life through the cloudy eyes of a pessimist or the rose-tinted glasses of an optimist, there ' s a lot of woe to be found between Monday morning and Friday afternoon. Many of these hard times seem to center on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday have taken their toll and the weekend seems a thousand miles away. 13 W always concerts or • " baoVies, but what ' s the point when you ' ve gotThursday and Friday dashes staring yoii in the face? I I ' 2 . : i «- . - Thursdays Child Has Far To Go: Atlanta. New York. Even Bremen or Villa Rica. There are a lot of places to go to besides Carrollton. Some hitch-hike; some go in cars, or ride bicycles, or take various bizarre forms of transportation. Everyone seems to be going somewhere. 17 But how far can you go? As in a bad Italian movie plot, you can never really escape from yourself. Even a trip to the moon can ' t free you from what you are. The playwright once said that time is the greatest distance between two places. It ' s also the only one-way trip in the world. , The future looms big now. The danger lies in sweeping past your destination. hk tsAl ■Ga j J,: l?:g i?y 18 19 ■■TH waiWiW»Mm-W i« a " ™w«ai»ffM wmnnw» a Fridays Child Is Loving and Giving: Charity. Sharing. Giving and taking. The flexing of body and mind and will. Poets praise it, psychologists define it. Some people run away from it, but all of us live in the circle of its influence. 21 imtimtaaaiBBSm Saturdays Child Works Hard for a Living: Some people here seem to work hard . . . drive maintenance trucks, type, put together yearbooks, cook hamburgers at Hardee ' s, or do anything else to get a little beer money. But students here don ' t work for money only. Some work for grades, for charity, or for recognition. A few even seem to work hard at goofing off. 25 And the Child That Is Born on the Sabbath Day Is Bonny and Blithe and Goodr and Gay. 27 Bn anBB»BinPMig«i On Sunday we ' re inclined to be reverential, good — or bonny, blithe, and gay. For whatever the purpose, on Sunday, like no other day, there ' s a stillness in the air that helps prepare for Monday ' s onslaught. 29 mETMBna I Time . . . Flowing down soft. Wending its way through the weary years Like an old fat river. Sifting down through a T-maze Of old hopes and dusty dreams And half-forgotten smiles. Flow-running through time. Gaining a little as you go. Grabbing for all the gusto you can. 31 1 i P»4 1 m v r sAJi ' P-. ' ' Be -- p:- -- R - ' " ? ' ?? H ' H l IHIHHHSS»«««l(nWIK!nV H««ftl7« ' i;T0»llllHK« MONDAY I TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY - FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY EATURE Com See Rwdv flGi t ' --- laicuN Help It Grow FlGlC 1- POETRY- ART -PHOTC . 5 m FOR ' BEST CONTRA H • XH CATEGORY Culture At West Georgia College Theatre Music Art Plays Concerts Exhibits 34 HRiHWiVWailUlHWUIlUtnTIS 35 Dorm Living of Companionship Mj:Jmsi:m 5ttB k 36 IT mffwiai MMflnmn m a mKSwavmaSESKa.mBivitf miHHURW vawtvn l T?lb i Tl!»». »- " ' %—. r 1 fl 11 If W I 37 38 39 Homecoming Parade 1974 40 ! ' ' ' ' kJx. " ' 41 Homecoming Queen 1974 Miss Stieila Hutctiins HOMECOMING COURT AT HALFTIME: (I to r) Cynthia Trammel, Babbie Cagle, Debbie Parkerson, Jeanne Riddle, Sheila Hutchins 42 5 ' ' J ' -l 5 T „ ■•■ .«.A s (l»« , 43 Braves Blast LaG range In 86-71 Homecoming Victory 44 Mother ' s Finest Entertains At Homecoming Bash 45 West Georgia hosts such groups as: 46 Don Fransisco Morriss and Dudley Magic Target Train Counterpoint A7 48 49 A Thurber Carnival West Georgia ' s First Student-Directed Major Production 50 Enzo Torcoletti Art Exhibit 51 ■jMJMHacBKiiMBaawwatMmiBaaBBMmmwwe m Brazilian Art Festival 52 Wassail And Carols 53 54 55 Snakes Come to West Georgia . . . First Time in H-I-S-S-tory 56 Delta Tau Delta 57 BHOUaiBBSHB Miss West Georgia College Pageant Miss West Georgia College Karen Friedline (l-r) First Runner-Up Lisa Lowron, Miss W.G.C. Karen Friedline, Second Runner-Up Jerri Johnson 58 59 61 m conclusion . . . 1 f H 1 l ftuROh m 62 Say I acted in a play. Say I won the pageant. Say I was in the parade. Or that I sang In a roclc and roll band . But say I did it well. 63 KKIOmVSMTS The purpose of West Georgia College is to provide an educational environment wherein each student nnay attain a disciplined and open mind, a capacity for self-development, and the knowledge and skills essential for living in a free society. In pursuit of these goals, the college environ- ment begins within the student and carries through the schools of Business, Education, Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate school. These schools stress creative teaching, encourage research, and enhance the exten- sive progress of knowledge through varied studies. The college also serves to promote the development of human and natural resources by providing continuing education and public service programs. In the western pines of Georgia standing strong and true. Our wise Alma Mater beckons to the red and blue We will all remember those days that we spent with you, We ' ll recall the moments that we laughed and loved and grew. Tho you be in learning founded, youthful yet you be While thus guided by tradition yet you still breathe free Dear West Georgia, dear West Georgia, standing strong and true. Our wise Alma Mater beckons to the red and the blue. 66 - ■f- • I ' SHKC " ' ' ' ' . jjpmr ' . J f Ht tn American s a It Universities y.K. Si ;T.-v ifc «t: i % y jpT fW - . P-e 1 ' T •jw-. ' ef y AnneAtkuTs Jennifer M. Bishop Debra Susan Brand Antoinette EIoiseBrownlee %i- i«ajf 5 Wendell Bryan rthur Duncan Campbell Jerry Steven Coker Nancy Elizabeth Craft Karen Anne Curtis Albert Warren Daubenspeck, III ■r . »,% Jimmy Oscar Davis . • 5 Linda Jean Dickson Wanda Joan Durham Caroline New Dunlap f Andrew Curtis Edison anna Kay Fortenberry w Karen Lynn Friedline inda Marie Hanson nice Faye Horney Judy Deloris Jones .ewis Frank Lee, Jr. Jack Randall Lindsey Rosemary Maddox rederick Watson Martin ia lean Mimbs inley Moss eborah Jean Parkersotj J Jf arles E aniel Proct P- -• NkncyElienR ' ' , ' ■ ' -Sitg .m. $ryiWayn Scott ' ' J kiL ' ' ' -f mtRapdolph Stgnf " 1 l - t Steven TlS mas Vinlmeombe , vj v V- Rhonda Jgsephine V Usf t • • J - ' Noram liams V • " .% : i ' id ■Nv-v MitMi nMnra w Dr. Ward B. Pafford, President -T " ) Administrative Divisions Dr. John Martin, Vice President and Dean of Faculties Mr. Tracey Stallings, Dean of College Relations Mr. Kenneth Batchelor, Dean of Fiscal Affairs Dr. Donald W. Adams, Dean of Student Services 69 School of Arts and Sciences Humanities Building Math-Physics Building Dr. Richard L. Dangle, Dean 70 Social Sciences Building Biology-Chemistry Building The School of Arts and Sciences, the largest school on campus, offers a variety of majors In fields ranging from the humanities to applied sciences. The excellent facilities of the school offer the Interested student the opportunity to grow and develop In various types of human endeavor. The Library 71 School of Education Education Center 72 F » m wwww T.V. Studio The School of Education, under the direction of Dean Thomas Sills, is composed of various departments such as Teacher Education, Spe- cialized School Personnel, Physical Education, and Psychology. These departments work together in order to train students for teaching and specialized areas in public schools. The school also provides education in the areas of -recreation and psychology. 73 School of Business The School of Business under the direction of Dean Mark Miller, offers degrees in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and office administration. Instruct- ing students in proper professional business techniques is the goal of the school of business. The Business Building Dr. J. Mark Miller, Dean 74 Graduate School Dr. Benjamin W. Griffith, Dean The Graduate School, under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Griffith, has grown tremendously over the past year. The School offers majors in numerous subjects. The graduate school offers five degree programs — Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Business Admin- istration, Master of Education, and a sixth year degree in education. 75 f Administrative Officials 76 Miss Elizabeth Parker, Registrar Dr. Doyle Mathis, Associate Dean of Faculties Dr. Stephen McCutcheon, Director of Public Services Dr. Georgia Martin, Associate Dean of Student Services 77 West Georgia College. i 78 President Pafford hard at work A Study In Academics )r. Esslinger makes a point at faculty meeting. 79 WEDN ■i West Georgia Makes Progress David K. Adair James Henry Adams Sylvia Adamson Arnold P. Adier g ' " ■r Donald Ahrens Letta Akers St Amelia Alewine . T J Elinor Allwine . ' 1 v John Anderson V Jerry Arnold b Alva Arrington Donna Bailey Michael Bailey Ronnie Bailey Rod G. Barber Alice Barge Ronald Barnard J. S. Barrow Patty Baugh Ronny Eugene Beck H. LaVorn Bentley Jeffery Bin ion Jennifer Bishop Stephen Boland Judy L. Brooks Martha Broughton Kathy Brown Antoinette Brownlee Sally Buchanan Edward Cagle Julia Ann Cagle Susan Garden 82 in Many Areas, but . . . 83 li The Cafeteria Stands Firm 84 in a Sea of Change ill Rhonda Cavender Steve Chapman Sandra Chatman Thersa Childers Janice Clegg Orestes Cobb Carl G. Cochran Marsha Collier Pat Collins Robert Commons Steve Commons Bob Conner Keith R. Cook Davis A. Cooper Lucy Gail Craft Nancy Craft Bruce A. Cromer Larry Crumbley Clayton Crump Karen Curtis Stephen Dashiell Kenneth L. Dodd Tim Doxsey Felton Dunn Denise Duvall Janice Duvall Winnie Dyer Kathleen Eaves Randall Eaves Curtis Edison Ken L. Ennis David Elliott Theresa Eppinger Debbie Estes Roy W. Fain Robin Earner Edith Earnest Martha Eidson Paulette Fields Mary Findley Denise Fish Love E. Flanagan 85 Chieftain Survives Daniel Fleming J. K. Fortenberry Larry F ountain David Wayne Fox Hiima Freeman James Frix Judy Gait Byron Gentry Patricia Giblin Teresa Glenn Cathy Godwin Dee C. Goodwin Terry Goodwin Robert Graves Debra J. Grant Frank Greer Carole Griffith Joseph B. Gunn Mark Gustafson Jesse T. Hall Rebecca Hallman Carolyn Mammons Barbra Hardaway Judith Hargrove David Harris Ricky Hartline Frank Hartmann Kent Hayes Jacquelyn Heflin Anne Heian Claudia Henderson Nancy C. Hereth Teresa Holladay Janice Horney Marcia E. Huff Angeline Hyatt Jenni Jackson Kenn W. Johnson Elizabeth Jones D. Margaret Jones 86 Despite Slashed Budget 87 mmmBiBae mBiaamaaBiismiBMBaaaxaKBaami Energy Crisis Threatens to Return 88 West Georgia to the Dark Ages Richard Jones Sandra Jones Warren Jones Kerry Kay Larry Kennedy Marty Kicklighter B. M. Laughlin Vivian D. Law Angela Candace Lee Horace Lee William Lindsey Timothy Loftin Janet Long E. Ledal Mangham Vicki Manus Emily Maples Ellen Martin Linda Mason Tamo Masuda James Matthews Grace Mayner Ann Marie McCain David J. McKamey Kathleen McNeal Charles McStay Alex Micacchione Larry G. Miles Martha Mitchum Pledger Moon Ronald L. Moore George Morris Martin Mosteller Carol Murphy Phyllis A. Muse Katherine Myers 89 Local Churches Fill Norma Nasser Sharon Niculetto Dale A. Nix MikeT. Nixon Elmira Nuckolls Martha Parris Donald Partridge Nina Partridge Nancy Patterson James Paxon Lloyd D. Payne Bernard Pennel Bonnie Phillips James Philpot Debra Phipps Joan E. Pinson Steve Planas Charles Popham Barbara Potter Gloria Pressley Rosalind Prince Rebecca Puckett Chrisie Pullian Teresa A, Quails Jay Queen ReginaG. Ray Margaret Ray Janice L. Reece Carolyn Reeves Nancy Reigel Guy Richards Constance Riggins Frances Roberts Sally Roberts James Robinson Vicki Rogers Aaron Roquemore Julia Ruskell Walter Sammons Michael Scott 90 EVCVRWKHVZS as Finals Draw Near 91 Seniors Entering Job Marlcet 92 nnMINBniSSHlVtlSn aatlHIIUTVIRWKHKIlXMlB Discover Nixon ' s Phase 74 II William Shelley Paul Shoftner Jeffery Skaggs Deborah Skinner Brenda Smith Edward C. S mith Jerry D. Smith Judy D. Smith Roy Thomas Smith Sandra Smith Pat Spann Celeta Stephens Donna Street Barbara Summerour Wendall Tanks Debra Taunton Ronald Taylor Joetta Thomas Diane Timmerman Douglas B. Torbush Marcia Tripp Jack Waldrep Peggy Wake Thomas Watkins Melvin A. Webb Calvin Westmoreland Anne Marie White Jackie White Gerry Whiteman Martha Whitmire James Whitney Lois Clyde Whitted David Wiggins M. L. Williams Norris Williams P. Williams Gwen Willingham Julie Wood Ronald A. Wood Dana L, Wynn Ronald Zelliner 93 p Long Trips Home Become Even Longer Suzanne Adams Willie M.Adams Marguerite Akers Robert Allen Susan Allen Taryn Gail Allen Carol Anderson Otha Maria Angel Kattiy Askew Martha Arnold Betty A, Atkins Kattiy Auirey Melinda Ayers Leiand Baggett George Bagwell Floyd Bailey Gary D. Baldy Mark Barnett Susan Bass Norvis Beasley Carlene Beck Jenni Benefield TimG Bennett Elizabeth Blanton Daniel Blasczyk Debra Bishop Dianne Bishop Barbara Black Carol Bobo Beverly Bodder Patrica Bohannon Patti Bonner Phillip Bowers Dawn L Braddy Debbie Brandensburg Barry R Bray Melvin Brittian Claude Brooks David Brooks Nancy Jo Brooks Deborah Brown Martin Brown Henry Buckalew Linda Buford Irma Buttington Michael Burtin Bonnie J. Bunn Connie Burdette Jill Bybee George Campbell Mike Campbell William Carnes Brenda Carter Ronald Cadmer Myra J, Cash Elena Castro Farrell Chandler Michael Chandler Walter Channell Kim Chapman Margaret Cheney Helen Clarke Margaret Clarke Dixie Clements Loretta Clinton 94 as Speed Limits Drop to 50 95 Malnutrition Rages Unabated as 96 Housing Office Bans CooI ing in Dorms Kathy Cloyd Carol C. Cobb Brenda Cochran Barbara Cole Donna Cole Kristina Cole Dennis Collier Thelma Combs Jo Lynn Cook Michael E. Cook Russell Cook Sandra Cook Cara Cook Robin Cooke Neill Cornwall KalhrynL. Couch Gail W Cowart Barbara Cox Deborah D, Cox Debbie L. Cox D. Lynn Cox Linda J. Craft Julie A Craven Richard Crawford Glenn Creamer Robert Crowell Mary Cunningham Mark W Daniel Maria C. Daniel Jimmie Davis Linda Gail Davis Maurice Davison Patrica Dennis Janice Dewberry Juanita Dickens Kathy L. Dodson Greg Downs Mac Dominick Joyce Ann Doss Shelley Drake Dolores A. Duke Mary E Durant Scott K. Duvall Marcus Dye Jerry Edwards Preston Edwards Willie Edwards Neva Ellerson Janet Elliott Mildred Ellis Patti Ellis Sally EIrod Jesse English Lynda A. English Margie English Raymond English David English Chariot! Enlrekin Linda D Erchak Carol Evans Luther Ezzell Dwayne Flares Lee Ferguson Susan Ferris Susan Fields Crystal Foster 97 Judge Knight Delivers Justice Carrollton Teresa Foster James Fowler Donna Franklin Cheryl Frasure Janice Free Karen Lee Free Paul Fronek Barney Fuller Phillip Fuller Donald Garrett Patsy Gill Teresa Gillespie Bradley Gilstrap William Godfrey John P Goodson Debra Gordon David Gower James Graham Detxjrah Grant Sandra Grant Sarah Gravitt Kelvin Gray Dick Greene Gail Gudgel Vivian Gunn Tommy Hagler Ann Bell Hall Gary M. Hall Marilyn Hall David Halstead Teresa Harrison Sandra Haver Ronald Hayes Steven Hayes Janet Hart Donna Henderson Joan Hendricks Rebecca Henry Gwendolyn Hendrix Daniel Herbst Peggy Herren Lawrence Hicks Richard Hill David Hinton Sam Hodge K Mark Holder James Herren Randy Holland Theresa Holmes Chet Holt Cynthia Lunsford Richard Lundy Bnan Lockerbie G Lipford Barry Liner Carita Lindholm Fay Lyon Terry Lewis Robert Lewis Andrea Lewis Lynne Lee Becky T, Lee Andrew M. Lee Helen Layton Ronnie Langley Sue Lampkin Stanely Lester Martha Lacount Tommy Kyle Cynthia Kunehals 98 Style as He Cracks Rocking Chair Theft ' ■ 4 99 Health Services Promise Pie in the Slcy RHlaiBlnHIEHSiHMinnHmrRi by and by, but Students Still Get Aspirin Benjie Hyatt Mary Ingle Susan Inman Nancy Irwin Michael Jackson Ralph Jackson Susan Jassen Charles Jetton Caria Jewell Buddy Johnson Charles Johnson Denise Johnson Karen Johnson Beth Jones Melissa Jones Donna Jones Jeffery Jones MaryBeth Jones Nancy Jones Lynn Kagelmacher Lee D. Kaplan Carol A. Kaylor Karen Kelauver Terry KenHart Judith Kicklighter Allen Krieger Barbara Kimber Debora Kepp Robert Kidd Debbi Kown Willie Houghtaling Garland Howard Nancy Howell Bunny Hubbell Honey Hubtjell Eddie Hurley Garry Hutchison James Mahan Margret Malcom Sandra Mann Carol Maness Bruno Marlier Paula Martin Detxjrah Massey Patti Massey Gary Matthews Rodney Matthews Deborah Mattison Delores Mazwell Ralph Mayfield Thomas McBryar Bonnie McClure Malcom McCrary Geroge McCuroy Bruce McFarland Jan McGinnis Debby McGury Grace McKaig Rot)ert McKenzie Barbara McClendon Thomas McNeely Mary McPherson Nancy Middlebrooks Sharon Miller Lawrence Mink Richard Mixon Diane Monse Karen Morgan Vicki Morris Susan Morse 101 tmmmiEemimiiuamimataaamar HatKtaKmMifaaaaaam Pritchard Hall Forms Temperance League but Henrietta Nasser Eva Newman Mary Nettier James Newton Mohammed Nourollahi Dwayne O ' Barr Susan Osborne Sandra Painlef Edward Parks Cherie Parsons Susan Payne Hugh Payton Michael Pender Sandra Perry Debbie Peters Theresa Petty Julian Phillips Stephanie Phillips Jaana PIrhonen Joan Polk Johnny Polk Anita Porter Richard Portress Linda Powell Franklin Powers Ricky A. Queries Brenda Ray Ales Ridley Anthony Roberts Denise Roberts Mark Roberts Deborah Robinson Will Robinson Richard Rogers Douglas Roles Harold Ross Susan Rowe Robert Ruby Jennifer Russell Laura Scandsey Diane Saucier Hildeg Schroeder Glenda Scott Linda Sewell Lori Shadrix Janet Shaheen Deborah Shealy Remona Shepard Cella Shoppe Vickl Simpson Marjorle Sims Rhonda Slaughter Terry Slone Sally Smaw Elaine Smith Janice Smith Janis Kay Smith Rebecca Smith Hilda Spears Sandra Spradlin Shelia Stamps Judy Stancell GIna Stem Danny Stewart Janice Still 102 Organization Fails as Both Members Resign 103 Small Car Sales Rise 104 as Gas Supplies Decline Dianne Stinson Lynda Slitt Debra Stone James Stone Stephanie Stoky Carol Stramm Teresa Stynchcomtie Laurie Summers ■K Susan Taylor H Janet Teague B Brenda Tellis HT " ■r Milana Ttiames - W Gene Thomas H - F Christ Thompson J) Mary E Thompson Nathaniel Thurman - A Marshall Thurmond Dianne Tillman Kathryn Tolleson Samuel Tookes Candance Toole Randall Townsell John Trigg Connie Turner Debbie Turner Derrick Vann James Vaughan Janice Waddell Robin Waits Cathy Waldrop Deborah Wallace Cathee Walters Norris Warner Katherine Warren Kalhy Wascher Linda Weatherlord Johnny Weaver Zandra Webb Rhonda Wells Melinda West Richard Wetzel Dennis Wheelus Det orah Williams Victor Williams Yonnie Williams David Willingham Dorothy Wilson Patti Wilson Ruth Witcher Nancy A Withrow Mary Beth Womble Andrew Woods George Wright Dianna York Dennis Young Fred Zapico 105 WMomm WGC Cheerleaders and Fans The West Georgia College Cheerleaders are a group of twelve dedicated individuals who spend long hours after classes fall quarter practicing for their winter quarter job of cheer- ing for the Braves basketball team. The fact that WGC rarely loses a game on their home hardwood should be adequate proof that the cheerleaders are well-trained in their duty of; getting the students behind the ball team one-; hundred percent. Several times during the sea-i son the fans ' support has helped the team to come from behind in the waning moments to; edge out their opponent in a particularly tight game. above: Those faces tell the whole story. top Front Janet Sidey, Captain Second Row: (left to ngtit) Mike Brown, Gerry Katz, Mel Paris, Mike Whorton, Billy O ' Dell Third Row: (left to right) Glenda Harden, Sue Vernon, Denise Glanton (Captain), Debbie Parkerson, Shela Rossers 108 Help the Braves Through Close Games 109 110 " Basketball Jones, Basketball Jones " — Cheech Marin and Thomas Chong. Once again at West Georgia College, bas- ketball reigned supreme during winter quarter. All of the students ' activities in one way or another were related to basketball. Studying was performed at such strange times as 2:00 a.m. or 3:30 p.m. or disregarded completely. On nights of a scheduled basketball game, Curt ' s and all of the other Carroll County beer stores did a booming business. A few of the more dedicated even hoarded their spare change in an effort to obtain gasoline, in the face of a fuel crisis, to attend out-of-town games. This rabid student support has gained the college field house a reputation around the state as a terrifying place for opposing coaches and players. " Way to go. Foots! " " Come on, Ref, get off your backside and call one right! " " Awright; good shooting, Tom! " " Defense, Braves, Defense! " These are only a few of the cries that can be heard, either separately or simulta- neously, at West Georgia games. The Braves basketball fan is a strange creature, indeed. Invariably dressed in sneakers, blue jeans, and a Disneyland tee shirt, he sits in the east stands of the gym for two hours in a drunken stupor, proclaiming the Braves an equal match with any basketball team created by God, man, or John Wooden. When the game ends, unless he is restrained, he will run out onto the court, madly screaming. There is, of course, no par- ticular reason for doing this. It is just the thing to do. But above all a West Georgia fan stays with the team and has helped pull the Braves team through a lot of close home games. This year the Braves only lost four games — all four of these were on the road — and three were lost by five points or less. Columbus Col- lege thrashed the Braves in Muskogee County, but on the return bout our team stomped the Cougars into mud 1 06-68 in front of a capacity home crowd. The team is composed of ten outstanding individuals. Clarence " Foots " Walker is an Ail- American ball player from the word " GO, " whether he is sinking a twenty-foot jump shot or driving to the basket. Foots more than likely has a pro career ahead of him. Another Ail- American is Tom " Terrific " Turner, who toward the middle of the season became the most pro- lific scorer in West Georgia history, smashing the mark previously held by the great center Charlie Hamilton. " Jumpin ' " Jerry Faulkner is probably the only 5 ' 11 " center in college bas- ketball. His jumping ability is indeed demon- strated by the fact that Jerry was the leading rebounder on the 1973 team. " Steady " Dave Edmonds was another fine player this year. Without being flashy, Dave was always there when some hard points or a clutch play was needed. Late-bloomer Randy Rountree came on as a fine starting center during the season. His back-up, Pat Magley, also saw plenty of action. This year the Braves captured the first South Atlantic Crown ever, in a tournament held at the West Georgia Field House. The Braves took the tournament crown without too much trou- ble; however, their stiffest competition c ame from Valdosta State and Armstrong State Col- lege. Braves Capture I National Title Expectations for the Braves this year were set high and for the most part, fulfilled. This year the Braves ravaged arch-rival LaGrange three tinnes. However, once again, the Braves failed to defeat Valdosta State in the south Georgia city — a feat which has never been performed by West Georgia teams. The team advanced to the national NAIA tourney by virtue of their first-place finish in the NAIA 25th District. The nationals were held in Kansas City, where thirty-two teams competed for top honors. The tournament games were played every day for a full week. West Georgia was given little hope for winning until they defeated heavily favored Gardner-Webb. The Saturday night finale pitted West Geor- gia against Alcorn A. M. in a wild champion- ship affair won by our Braves. As a special honor to go with the national title, Clarence " Foots " Walker was named the tournament ' s Most Valuable Player. This was the first time ever a team from the great state of Georgia captured a national basketball title. The Braves are under the fine coaching of Roger Kaiser, former Georgia Tech Ail-Ameri- can, and Jerry Reynolds, who has one of the best minds for basketball in the state. It is these two men who master-mind the great teams consistently trotted out by the school. In addi- tion to coaching basketball. Coach Kaiser is athletic director for the school. One of the newer buildings on campus, the West Georgia College Health and Physical Education Building is the headquarters for intercollegiate and intramural sports. Through this maze of band-aids, resin, and sweaty ten- nis shoes, many fine athletes, men and women, have come forth to represent the school in athletic competition. Inside these hal- lowed portals, the basketball and volleyball teams play their matches, while the fans cheer their teams and jeer their rivals. But there are other things in this building, mainly the offices of Coaches Bill Webb and Archie White. Coach Webb ' s cross-country team won the first South Atlantic trophy awarded, and each year Coach White fields a baseball team any school could be very proud of. Because of the vast budget allocated basketball, these teams operate on, at times, somewhat limited funds. This is not to mention the lower allocation received by golf, tennis, or women ' s sports. And how about the Soccer Club which represented the school, but was not even recognized as an intercollegiate sport by the Athletic Department? Although the Athletic Department generally does a highly commendable job, it just might be wise to reex- amine our priorities. One element that belongs solely to basket- ball is the cheerleaders. It is the sight of these tarts in their little costumes that usually keep the drunken male fans in good spirits when the game gets slow. Even if the cheerleaders do mess up a routine, it is worth it to watch them wiggle out to the center of the court where they perform the cheers, gleefully shaking their nether regions to the delight of the fans, who applaud madly after each sporting " Rah, Rah, Rah! " But seriously, the cheerleaders are a great asset to the fans and players alike. It is their spirit, enthusiasm, and loud mouths that generate the kind of noise that the West Geor- gia fans are famous for. Ill above: The 1 973-74 West Georgia College Braves. Front Row: (I to r) Clarence " Foots " Walker, Terry Faulk- ner, Jerry Faulkner, Dave Edmonds, Tonn Turner Back Row: (I to r) Floyd Phoenix, Tom Houghtaling, Randy Rountree, Pat Magely, Rick Brown 112 enior Center Randy Rountree Braves ' Ail-Time Scoring leader Tom Turner gets two more. 113 114 Tree " Sets a Pick for " Foots 1 n B ' i. B B HI I Bj l 1 v J ' -. I A. _ JK alQi W « . I HSBk l feCr l l 116 1 973-74 West Georgia College Basketball December 5 Troy State University Home December 8 Tennessee Temple Home December 1 5 Hubbard Classic Bremen, Ga December 1 7 Troy State University There January 2 Carroll State (Wis.) Home January 5 North Georgia College Home January 9 Augusta College There January 1 1 Southern Tech Home January 1 2 Armstrong State College Home January 14 Lyndon State College Home January 1 7 Drury College There January 24 Columbus College There January 27 Valdosta State College Home January 31 Tennessee Temple There February 2 Augusta College (Homecoming) Home February 4 LaGrange College Home February 6 Southern Tech There February 9 Armstrong State College There February 1 1 LaGrange College There February 16 Valdosta State College There February 20 Columbus College Home February 21 North Georgia College There February 25 South Atlantic Conference Tournament Guard Dave Edmonds 117 HH West Georgia Brave •4mm ' Front Row {left to ngtit) Rick Payne, Ed Lewis, Jim Johnson, Henry Mays, Preston Edwards, Tucker Sinatro, Tim Dedmon, Steve Traylor, Jeff Bennet Back Row, (left to right) Asst. Coachi Bobby Canada, Barry Evans, Jim Jandi, Danny Rogers Rick Camp, Ricfiard Wood, Paul Newkirk, Brad Byrd, Bill Brown, Doui Furney, Chuck Paul, Coach White. Not Pictured: Willie Hayes, Bob Giddens The 1 973 edition of the West Georgia Braves was one of the college ' s best baseball teams. Led by Coach Archie White, the Braves com- piled a 23 and 9 record, and placed second in the Georgia Intercollegiate Athletic Confer- ence. The Braves fell just short of Shorter Col- lege for the crown. Our Braves placed five men on the All-Con- ference Team. They were catcher Phil Wil- liams, centerfielder Tim Dedmon, rightfielder Steve Traylor, pitcher Ricky Camp, and second baseman Rick Payne. In addition, Payne also received West Georgia ' s Scholastic Athlete Award for his 3.7 grade-point average. In the District 25 NAIA Tournament the Braves were without the services of leading hit- ters Dedmon and Traylor who collided in the Braves final conference game. However, the Braves had Valdosta State 2-1 for seven innings before finally dumping the game by leaving as many as eight men on base. The 1 974 edition of the Braves features many returning starters and a fine pitching staff. This team promises to be one of the finest ever fielded at West Georgia College. 118 Runners-Up in GIAC 119 left: Catcher Jim Landl fields a pop fly. below right: Richard Wood — outfielder below right: Jim Johnson — shortstop bottom: Steve Traylor, one of Braves ' leading hitters. 1 973 West Georgia Home Baseball Games March 17 Tennessee Temple March 18 Ohio University March 29 No. Cen. Michigan April 2 North Georgia April 4 Hope College April 7 Piedmont College April 12 UT Chattanooga April 14 Ga. Southwestern April 16 Shorter College April 17 Marion College April 20 Troy State April 21 Georgia College . April 22 Elm Hurst April 23 Shorter College April 27 Southern Tech April 28 Berry College May 1 Atlanta Baptist 121 II Intercollegiate Soccei West Georgia Soccer 1 973 October 27 Georgia Tecin Away October 28 Columbus College Home November 4 University of Georgia Away November 10 Georgia Tech Home November 1 7 University of Georgia Home November 25 Columbus College Away above: Coach Ed Lambert right: Action Against The University of Georgia 122 Returns to WGC After several years ' absence, soccer has returned to West Georgia on an intercollegiate basis. The sport is not funded by the school as are the school ' s major sports. The activity came about through the efforts of the West Georgia Soccer Club, The general manager of the club for fall quarter, 1973, was Dr. Dave Dugan, and the team was under the field direction of Coach Ed Lambert, When proposals to go ahead with the project were realized, Dr, Dugan hastily arranged a six-game schedule in which the team partici- pated. With more adequate planning and prac- tice next year, the team should be much improved. Hopefully, it will receive more sanc- tion from the school ' s athletic department. WGC Takes GIAC Crown Front Row: (I to r) Joey Phelan, Sam Stovall, Bill Kallenberg, Jeff Campbell, Jack Phipps, Kim Vining Back Row: (I to r) Dr. Tom Leaming, Steven Holmes, Larry Schnall, Harold Morris, Steve Smith, Peter Smith, Larry Masters Under the able direction of Coach Tom Leaming, the 1973 West Georgia tennis team captured the Georgia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference title for the third consecutive year. The WGC men met their toughest competition in the GIAC tournament from the Shorter Col- lege Hawks. The Braves captured seven of the nine matches in the tournament, with Shorter taking the remaining two. After winning the Conference title, the West Georgia netters advanced to the District Twenty-Five Playoffs of the National Associa- tion of Intercollegiate Athletics. The winner of this tournament advanced to the national com- petition in Kansas City. The Braves were edged in this tournament, placing second. Joey Phe- lan and Sam Stovall were selected as Most Val- uable Players for the year. The West Georgia Tennis Team will be much improved in the 1974 season with many of last year ' s starters returning and the addition of several talented freshmen. With this squad the Braves should have a fine chance for a trip to Kansas City. Joey Phelan: Most Valuable Player, Sr. 124 for Third Consecutive Year Jeff Campbell: Sr. Bill Kallenberg: Sr. 1973 Tennis Home Matches March 1 6 Western Kentucky March 1 7 Tennessee Temple April 1 1 Lagrange College April 1 7 Georgia State University April 25 Columbus College Apri 1 28 Valdosta State Col lege April 30 Berry College May 3 May 8 Emory University Western Carolina Sam Stovall: Most Valuable Player, Sr. 125 Larry Masters: Soph. KimVining:Sr. 126 Harold Morris: Jr Steven Holmes: Fresh. 127 Last Yearns Star Veteran is the word to describe the 1973- 1 974 West Georgia track and field teams. Nine individuals that participated in the NAIA out- door track and field competition will compose the nucleus of this fine team. They are led by Larry Turner in the 440 yard dash, Jessie Fields in the triple jump, and Joe LaBoone who finished fourth in the NAIA national tournament in the pole-vault, with a jump of 15 feet 2 inches. Gary Smith is the co-record holder in the 60 yard high hurdles with a time of 7.4 seconds for the school. He was joined this year in indoor and outdoor competition by Doug Miller. In addition to Turner, West Georgia had two strong quarter-milers in the sprints, Randy Houston and Wesley Brown, who also com- pose half of the mile relay team, which is sure to be a national contender. Brown is also a competitor in both the long and triple jumps. The Cross-Gountry team, which won the first South Atlantic Conference trophy in the sport, was led by Seniors David Harris and Ernie Rai- ney. right: Hurdler Gary Smith below: " Are you sure this only weighs sixteen pounds? " below right: Long distance runner David Harris 128 Return For Thinclads Front Row: (left to right) Assistant coacti Jerry Arnold, co-captain Jessie Fields, co-captain Joe LaBoone, Coach Bill Webb, assistant and manager Hugh Toro Second Row: (left to right) Roger Denney, Andy Middlebrooks, Randy Houston, Larry Turner, Jinn Finney, Wesley Brown Back Row: (left to right) David Harris, Ben jouthard, Jeff Crane, Nolan Wood, Ted Boemanns, Jim Gaines, Mike Marsh, Mel Pinson, Gary Smith, Doug Miller, Hank Berk, Mike Hooker, Chris Klos, Gary t lathews, Mac McClure, Willie Cox, Ernie Rainey 129 Championship pole-vaulter Joe LaBoone is flanked by Ted Boemanns and Jessie Fields right: Long-jumper Wesley Brown above: Co-captains Jessie Fields and Joe LaBoone right: " You mean we ' re really supposed to jump over these things? " 130 below: Many of these distance runners were members of the Braves ' Cross Country squad. below right: Gosh, that thing ' s higher than it looks! " v , V 1 Heroes Volley Their Way The West Georgia College women ' s volley- ball team carried the name of our school to the campus of Worster College in Worster, Ohio, for the national volleyball tournament in December, 1 973. This was the second straight year that the " Heroes " were participants in the national competition. They achieved this honor by placing second in the Southeastern Regional Tournament in November at WGC. They were defeated only by Florida State Uni- versity in the championship match. However, when tournament time rolled around, it seemed that there was not enough money in the till for the Heroes to make the trip. In order to fill the coffers, the women were forced to borrow money to cover expenses, the loan to be repayed winter quarter by the team. When a college team has a chance to represent its school in a national tournament, a sorry state of affairs has been reached when finances are insufficient for the trip. The Heroes, under the able direction of Miss Dot McNabb, placed ninth in the nation at the tournament, in which twenty-four schools par- ticipated. Front Row: (left to right) Betsy Alexander, Juanita Dickens, Judy Goebel, Vicki Morris, Lynn Percy Back Row: (left to right) Debby McGury, Dianne Benford, Sun Myrell, Coach Dot McNabb, Jinny Farmer, Myra Butler, Billie Banks Not Pictured: Kathy Gay 132 To Ninth In Nation »• • |r B " ' . ' ' ' 1 H L 1 :l i r ■ pPSi tt p ' ' - . » % West Georgia ' s Volleyball 1973 Home Schedule Tift College Berry Junior College Columbus College Auburn University Eastern Kentucky Middle Tennessee University of North Carolina Auburn University University of Tennessee Flagler College Athens College University of Montevello Florida State University Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. 9 9 9 9 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 30 30 30 1 133 West Georgia Fieldhouse Is Site for. . . right: Keep your eye on the ball, Lynn! 134 above: 1 974 Seniors with Coach McNabb WGC In vita tional And Southeastern Regional Tourneys 135 Women ' s Tennh Left to Right: Coach Barbara Brown, Pam Manley, Rose- mary Maddox, Bonnie McClure, Diane Benford, Kathy Washer Not Pictured: Nancy Middlebrooks and Susan Dalton This is not the entire tennis team. However, because of early deadlines the entire team cannot be pictured. We feel, however, that these women, along with their teammates, deserve recognition for the outstanding job they do in representing West Georgia. 136 137 Left to Right: Sunny Myrell, Roxane Lucas, Nancy Craft, Linda Nails, Debbie McGury, Diane Benford, Jinny Farnner, Faye Benjamin, Billie Lynne Banks, Juar Dickens, Linda Holnnes, Carol Bell, and Coach Barbara Brown. 1974 Lady Braves Basketball Schedule January 1 2 January 15 January 1 9 January 25 January 26 January 29 January 31 February 6 February 8 February 9 February 1 3 February 1 5 February 1 8 February 21 North Georgia Mercer Georgia Southern Mercer Georgia Southern University of Ga. Berry College University of Ga. Round Robin Round Robin Berry College Shorter College North Georgia Shorter College Away Home Home Away Away Away Home Home Home Home Away Away Home Home The Lady Braves, under the direction of Coach Barbara Brown, started off this year ' s season on a winning streak. The women ' s team receives little re cognition considering the outstanding job they do at West Georgia. ' Sink it, Carol. 138 139 Lady Braves ready for action 140 ady Brave on the move . Lady Braves take another rebound. 141 Bravettes Perform on NBA Game of the Weel Front Row: (left to right) Bobbin Dowell, Carol Worley, Patti Pope, Helen Owens, Jill Byler, Crystal Foster Back Row: (left to right) Teresa Barnes, Debbie Brander burg, Jan Lindluf , Terry White, Wanda Mitchell, Patti Wilson, Allison Reeves, Wren Gaston The Bravettes, the dance-drill team of West Georgia College, perform at the halftime of all the Braves ' basketball home games. The Bra- vettes are under the competent guiding hand of veteran performer Wren Gaston. This year, the WGC Bravettes received a special honor. On January 27, 1974, they trav- eled to the Omni in Atlanta and performed at halftime of the Atlanta Hawks basketball tilt with the New York Knickerbockers. This game was televised nationwide by the CBS television network ' s " NBA Game of the Week. " No matter how the game turns out on a bas- ketball night at WGC, one thing the crowds will be pleased with is the halftime show, as long as the Bravettes are featured. 142 WGC Pep Squad — Innovative Performers at Braves Games n The WGC Pep Squad is the newest perform- ing group on the Carrollton campus. The pep squad performs at time-outs during the Braves ' basketball games. Under able direction of Vir- ginia Render and Robbyn Mayes, the pep squad has added a new dimension to school spirit at West Georgia College. 143 WGC Golfers Really Know How to Swini The West Georgia College Golf Team, as a rule, receives little or no recognition during spring " quarter in Carrollton. They should, how- ever, for the Braves ' linksmen continue to rep- resent the college in fine fashion at Sunset Hills Country Club and other courses around the state. Last year the golf team lost only three matches during the regular season, each match by a mere one or two strokes. At the Georgia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament, the Braves led the field until the final nine holes of competition. They hung in there, however, and finished second in the conference. In 1974, the West Georgia Golf Team, under the guidance of a new coach, Mr. Skip Yow, was expecting another fine season. top. THE WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE GOLF TEAM: Front Row: (I to r) Coach Skip Yow, Ronny Pritchard, Pat Townshend, Bob Smith Back Row: (I to r) Gary Amrhein, Tony Farmer, David Hick- man, Randy Almon 144 Vest Georgia ' s Trio of Majorettes Performs at Braves Games This year, although the personnel was cut in half, the Majorettes performed at the halftinnes of the Braves basketball games. Composed of two veterans, Karen Friedline and Patti Willis, and one rookie, Patti Johnson, the girls con- tended with miscued records and often unsym- pathetic crowds. However, considering that the ovations were more than courteous, it would seem that the basketball fans did enjoy the Majorettes ' routines. left, Top to Bottom: Patti Willis, Patti Johnson, Karen Fried- line M5 aiiMiMkMmiffliwMaMafflWMmB Intramural Sports Action Goal Line Glory! The West Georgia College Student Intramu- ral Association is the governing body of the activities that are enjoyed by several hundred students annually. The complaints lodged against the intramurals are as numerous as the students. Up until this year, one of the most fre- quent complaints was about the ineptness of the students who officiated the games. In an attempt to improve this situation, a clinic was held to be attended by all student officials. The officiating improved somewhat; however, the officials remained the scapegoats for many lost games. One, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha! 146 Holds Interest of Many Students Pistol Pete gets two against strong Delta defense! Football, football; Who ' s got the football? 147 " There is no joy in Mudville. Mighty Casey has struck out. ' 148 i£j a iC « .. l ■ % Ibh iii A- A controversy arose in the fall of 1973, when attention was called to the fact that the unbridled consumption of alcoholic beverages had reached a new high at athletic events. In other words, people were drinking like fish, which is definitely against college regulations, when it occurs on school property. Although the practice was indeed a long-standing one, a furor was aroused not only in S.I.A. circles, but also in Mandeville Hall in the office of Charles E. Smith, Dean of Student Services. Calling a spe- cial meeting of intramural team managers. Dean Smith asked that the students work to curb the problem them- selves, rather than force college officials to take action. Although the drinking continued unabated, attention was not called to it again, perhaps unwisely. A hard night on the hardwood! 149 MKK iBstmmsmwm ismimessmsiBsmimm siissgi W ' ■ ' •■ ' ' ■ ' , MOND TUESD WEDNESD THURSDA Squirrels First In Scholastic Placemen 1 . Karen Friedline 2. Angle Dye 3. Paula Schuler 4. Bonnie Hudgin 5. Lynn Taylor 6. Susan Wilson 7. Debbie Murray 8. Suzanne Saunders 9. Susie Barrett 10. Roslland Prince 1 1 . Peggy Norton 1 2. Karen Abies 13. Joy Feagler 14. Nancy Jones 15. Kathy Wascher 1 6. Vivian Laws 17. CellaShoppe 1 8. Barbera Rosenberg 19. Laurie Fairfield 20. Elaine Kitchens 21. Suzle Gilpin 22. Mary Birmingham 23. Donna KInnard 24. Wanda Bullard 25. PattI Willis 26. Roger Rouark 27. Bob Foley 28. Tony Gresham 29. Kathy Waldrop 30. Carol Cobb 31. Donna Cole 32. Sue Gray 33. Laura Sands 34. Susan Dalton 35. Julia Turnlpseed 36. Debby Gordon 37. Karen Curtis 152 left: The 1 973 Alpha Gamma Delta football team. below left: Happiness is new pledges. below hgtit: Rush The Alpha Gamma Delta Squirrels have started the year off by adding to their treasures 1 5 new pledges. The sisters have greeted them by showing how the sorority participates in activities such as the " Toys for Tots " drive with the Sigma Nu ' s, Sweepstakes, which holds competition between the fraternities, and rais- ing money for cleft palate. The Squirrels have tucked away under their paws . . . first place in the Homecoming Float Competition, first place in the Scholastic placement, and the award for the most participants in the TKE Road Rally. The Alpha Gams, proud of their close sisterhood, have achieved friendliness and warmth. 153 tiaseitxKim iimKanm imnmwaiaKumiwussiXK.tMtmMa Alpha Tau Omega started the year off with a bang. Rush parties, pajama parties, Halloween costunne parties, hayrides, and an annual Luau party all add to the excitement surrounding the ATO ' s. With the addition of the " Dirty Dozen " pledges, the ATO ' s foresee a bright future. On the more serious side of the fraternity, the brothers actively support all student organiza- tions, the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, blood drives, and the Walk for Mankind. The ATO ' s have excelled in intramural sports and academics. The closeness and friendship of the brothers may be expressed in the words, " he ain ' t heavy, he ' s my brother. " -r y ssssisssp above: ' 73 officers led by Jackson Hill above right: Smile Judy! right: ATO Little Sisters 154 SiJ f VCl«««.«iVJt»»%wn tu n " He Ain ' t Heavy, He ' s my Brother ' ' 1 . Karen Friedline 2. Carol Worley 3. Jane Heagy 4. Linda Christian 5. Tina Dean 6. Judy Elliot 7. Cynthia McGraw 8. Jean Tuggle 9. Lisa Kelly 10. Lane Whipple 1 1 . Gail McCulloch 12. JoVerner 13. Jerry Hendrix 14. Gary Brown 15. Richard Smith 1 6. Richard Womacl 1 7. Gene Autrey 18. Mike Raburn 1 9. Bill Love 20. John Heagy 21.MikeGolightly 22. Jean Riddle 23. Jackson Hill 24. JoJo Kahlert 25. Kim Thompson 26. Wesley Cochran 27. JoJo Johnson 28. Billy O ' Dell 29. Phil Crofton 30. Charlie Clark 31 . Bill Womack 32. Bill Rice 33. Steve Ragsdale 34. Bob West 35. Mark Phelps 36. Glen Guthrie 37. Sam Seat 38. Skip Snyder 39. Keith Nesmith 40. Boyd Petit 41 . Steve Smith 42. Joe Key 43. John Butler 44. Rem Houser 45. Mike Jackson 46. Mike Morrow 47. Jimmy Williamson 48. Randy Crisp 49. Gary Horner 50. Dan Parmer 51 . Paul Miles 52. FredSchultz 53. Wayne Nesmith 54. Gary Elmore 55. Mike Butts 56. Hal Daly 155 MKMm KUM MattWlMIWK»M» » T Chi O ' s Win First Place in Softball Fall quarter the Chi Omega sisters spread their wings by adding 16 new pledges to their sorority. These pledges have many things to look forward to in sisterhood by participating in the Muscular Dystrophy campaign, the Sigma Nu all Sing, Greek Week, Sweepstakes, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt for faculty children, and the annual White Carnation Ball. From participating in vari- ous activities, the sisters have won first place in the Ciiariot Race, and first place in the Softball Intramurals. By caring, the Chi Omegas have shown that they do give a hoot. OUf $ l Xfi above right: Johnny Chi-O cast. right: Officers and Big Brothers led by Connie Daniels. above. Chi Omega till Idle!!! 156 1 . Jan Peterson 2. Sue Lampkin 3. Ann Hilgerson 4. Alice Williams 5. Terrie Treadwell 6. Rita Waller 7. Ann Amis 8. Judy Gaines 9. Susan Janssen 10. Teresa Stamps 1 1 . Janice Horney 12. Karen Key 13. Cindy Smith 14. Becki Elliot 1 5. Lee Ferguson 1 6. Janet league 17. Dedra Griggers 18. Betty Kays 19. Nancy Reigel 20. Louise Freeman 21 . Patti Haley 22. Debbie Bates 23. Tricia Dennis 24. Christie Pullin 25. Jan Boatright 26. Kathy Perkins 27. Jenni Bishop 28. Debra Bryson 29. Janice Clegg 30. Beverly Head 31 . Vicki Bird 32. Kathe Walker 33. Charlene Rakestraw 34. Robbie Allen 35. Teresa Foster 36. Nancy Griffiths 37. Tricia McMahan 38. Lynn Slocumb 39. Connie Daniel 40. Mandy Martin 41 . Terri Johnson 42. Shelley Drake 43. Jane Kinnard 44. Debbie Estes 45. Mary Ellen Thompson 46. Jean Swift 47. Cindy Kurtzhals 48. Nancy Brooks 49. Linda Wilson 157 IMamEKW!ilBlUEI «IBBfl«»BaAMBH»»lfiaUHiHMnH Scholastic Award for Fraternities 1 . Joyce Block 2. Tricia Roy 3. Sheila Lee 4. Jamye Tabor 5. Laura Brien 6. Elaine Thomas 7. Denise Nagel 8. Georgia Chatfen not pictured — Sue Lampkin 9. Brad Newhouse 10. James Willis 1 1 . Mark Eidson 12. Gerry Whiteman 13. Tony Allen 14. Joel Rhoades 15. Rusty Smith 1 6. Scott Taylor 17. Mike Brown 18. Kendall Strickland 1 9. Don McPherson 20. Gary Sharpe 21 . Chuck Pettman 22. Chet Holt 23. Clark Mitchell 24. Roddy McWhorter 25. Brian Bridges 26. Terry Kephart 27. Bret Rhoades 28. Tommy Gladfelter 29. Phil Hulsey 30. Collin Davison 31. Johnny McDaniel 32. Rick Florence 33. Donald Aiken 34. Ray Marsh 35. Scott Boylan 36. Chip McKinney ■ )A ' i: ' .jWu i: ' YMi 158 Goes to Chi PhVs The Chi Phi ' s received their Charter on May 18, 1973, which was an exciting day for the brothers and their parents. Besides having par- ties all year round, the Chi Phi ' s took time out to win the Scholastic Award for fraternities. The Chi Phi ' s participate in the Muscular Dystrophy campaign, and spend Easter with underprivi- leged children. One year was not good enough for the Chi Phi ' s to win the Blood Drive, but two years may have to hold them until next year. Chi Phi ' s are also known to put away a few kegs of beer, pick up hay in the middle of the night after hay rides, and have parties any- where, anytime. [mw ill }n ' ' ' ™ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' itKsmaamaaitgmTtaammxaHaammma 1 . Robbin Dowell 2. Pam Connor 3. Margaret McDaniel 4. Michelle Thompson 5. Janet Shaheen 6. Joyce Block 7. Kathy Davis 8. Kim Eason 9. Jane Lay 1 0. Rita Winfrey 1 1 . Janie Heagy 12. Nancy Davis 13. LisaKelley 14. DeniseNagel 1 5. Ann Bailey 1 6. Carol Worley 1 7. Babbie Cagle 18. Charlotte Cornish 1 9. Becky Brooks 20. Glenda Harden 21. Belinda Cockfield 22. Pam Hadded 23. Cynthis McGraw 24. Alice Copeland 25. Diane Lovein 26. Anna Faulkner 27. Jean Brown 28. Dawn Worthy 29. Randy Shaw 30. Debbie Stone 31 . Lynne Lee 32. Debbie Driggers 33. Terry White 34. Jan Lindlief 35. Tina Dean 36. Cynthia Trammel! 37. Chris Thomas 38. Becky Gable 39. Sheila Hutchins 40. Jane Stewart 41 . Donna Bailey 42. Mrs. Jane Jenkins 43. Tripp House 44. Doug Rolls 45. MikeGolightly 46. Bob Slocum 47. Whit Matthews 48. Kim Brincefield 49. Patsy Gill 50. Carolyn Crosby 51 . Barbara Young 52. Lisa Loworn 53. Susie Walker 54. Susan Nix 55. Libby Hudgins 56. Cindy Hurd 57. Nancy Newmarker 58. Deborah Houston 59. Debbie Parkerson 160 Delta Delta Delta Shows Enthusiasm The sisters of Delta Delta Delta are often Involved with activities on campus. Their par- ticipation is readily seen as they have shown enthusiasm for campus projects such as the Blood Drive, Intramural sports, and Greek Week. The Tri-Delts have been known for their concern for the community by raising money for Muscular Dystrophy, SGA Equalizer Fund, Cancer Drive and the K idney Foundation. 161 anaHMagwgwmwMHMJtianat agm wHMBmwnmBmmn MiMiiiaawi Delta Sigma Theta Delta Sigma Theta is a public service organization, dedicated to a program ot sharing membership skills and services in the public interest. Kappa Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was established May 26, 1973, at West Georgia. The Delta Five-Point Service Program calls for its membership to conduct projects in the areas of Educational Development, Economic Develop- ment, Community and International Involvement, Hous- ing and Urban Development, and Mental Health. Kappa Delta Chapter has adopted two area Headstart Centers. Plans for the Center included a Halloween party, pres- enting toys for the children at Christmas, a clothing drive, and other activities centered around the kids. Delta will also sponsor games and planned activities at the community recreation center once a week. above left: Annual Halloween Party above right: Delta sisters above: Working with other Greeks right: Elaine Smith with otficers 162 rawniviminnBtMMiv Dedicated to a Program of Sharing ' , r ' i 1 . Shirley Everhart 2. Elaine Smith 3. Stephanie Phillips 4. Linda Sewell 5. Sandra Jones 6. Juanita Barron 7. Glenda Scott 8. Jo Ann Lowery 9. Carolyn Reeves 1 0. Germaine Thrash 1 1 . Teresa Glenn 12. Barbara Hardaway 13. Gloria Woods 163 HaBJiUUV«l!li«lVUljm!IUUHHHaiB RgraB Deltas Hold First Annual Rainbow Banquet opposite: WGC famous Dill- bert Brothers below: Fox receiving Fox below right: Officers and lit- tle sisters toof om; Annual Banquet As a new Fraternity, Delta Tau Delta has swung into full participation of both on-campus and off-campus activit ies. During Greek Week, the Delts won the award for the best looking chariot. The fraternity held a Halloween party for underprivileged children, and gave a sur- prise birthday party for Dr. Pafford. The Delts ended the quarter by having their first annual formal Rainbow Banquet. The fraternity holds an average of 2.6 scholastically and is now open for new leaders and new ideas in the fra- ternal system. Truth, Faith, Courage, and Power are the four fundamental principles of Deltism. 164 1 . Harold Turner 21 . Darrell Brinkley 2. Robert Shephard 22. Frank Pitts 3. Alan Boyer 23. Jim Quintrell 4. Steve Boland 24. David Morgan 5. Joe Tuell 25. Steve Commons 6. Mark Rowe 26. Bob Commons 7. Buddy Gay 27. Dwaine Hutchison 8. Pat Jabaley 28. Bob Hatch 9. Bill Shad 29. Lawton Garland 1 0. Rene BIdez 30. Vernon Eaves 1 1 . Sheila Turner 31 . Lou Barrow 12. Judy Jones 32. Bill Groover 13. Debbie Cox 33. Alan Jones 14. Kathy Askew 34. Tom West 1 5. Debbie Gordon 35. Bill Bevins 16. Louise Freeman 36. Paul Fronek 17. Margaret Jabaley 37. Mitch Levy 1 8. Caria Thornton 38. Frank Davis 1 9. Jan Boatright 39. Ben Wesson 20. Bruce Cromer 40. Dennis Patron 165 l smssmamsimimiiSBimBSSSBBimsBsmmnnmimmm 1 . Debbie Louise Cox 2. Debra Tauton 3. Terri Cole 4. Boo Jones 5. Bonnie McClure 6. Cindy Robinson 7. Lynda Stitt 8 Susan Rowe 9. Jennie Jackson 1 0. Louann Sauceman 1 1 . Nancy Johnson 12. Rhonda Wells 13. Marlene Porter 14. Gloria Mimbs 15. Elise Rossi 16. BethTolbert 17. Debbie Lynn Cox 18. Teresa Quails 19. Carol Nicholson 20. Betty Bagley 21 . Rebecca May 22. Dawna Morrow 23. Beth Barbee 24. Bobbie Sitas 25. Martha Lynn Whitmire 26. Linda Staley 27 Pam Hester 28. Sunny Myrell 29 Ben England 30. GeneAutry 31 . Eddie Hurley 32.ThieAutry 33. Gail Reed 34. Cathy Carter 35. Lisa Newman 36. VIcki Kidd 37. Pam Stacy 38. Rebecca Hallman 39. Susan Willoughby 40. Roxann Lucas 41 . Terri Goodman Kappa Delta ' s Prove Their Athletic Ability Being the athletic sorority, the Kappa Delta sisters have proven that they can be more than just KD Ladies. The sisters also actively sup- port the athletic activities of WGC. Participation in activities and fund-raising campaigns include the Blood Drive, the sale of " buddy poppies " for Veterans, the Equalizer Fund and Socials. The sisters are also known to be KD Ladies at their annual KD Formal. 167 liiiffll l-WymSiP ' JWM " ™ » ' ' w v ' »™ 1 r r " .- !:i .. ir: ,i ' i ' -sr 2- Ka!, ' ' Jpi- ' , iK.! ' .•- . ' " .»- -, ,»-»- 168 1 . Donnie Smith 2. Tim Langford 3. David Wood 4. Steve Waldrop 5. Doug Neal 6. Wayne Davis 7. Bob Frost 8. Frank Wilson 9. Jeff Staples 10. Robin Farner 1 1 . Jim Lanier 12. Larry Eng 13. David Rone 14. Ken Thomas 1 5. Lee McWhorter 1 6. Sammy Harkness 17. Buddy Gore 18. Tom Isom 19. BobSlocum 20. Bobby Swafford 21 . Mark Dye 22. Bobby Suttles 23. Randy Greene 24. Stan Parrot 25. Randy Pate 26. Tommy Russell 27. Charlie Sheffield 28. Blake Ward 29. Tim Doxey 30. Anne Dunn 31 . Pam Hester 32. Cynthia Trammel 33. Randy Lindsey 34. Joan Bennet 35. Anna Faulkner Kappa Sigs Are Active at WGC 1 . Randy Lindsey 2. Anna Faulkner 3. Pam Hester 4. Cynthia Trammel 5. Joan Bennett 6. Anne Dunn 7. Wayne Davis 8. Buddy Gore 9. Sammy Harkness The Lambda Delta Chapter ot Kappa Sigma fraternity received its charter on April 2, 1971 , making it the first national fraternity on the campus of West Georgia College. Since that time, the Kappa Sigs have savored the glory of winning first place in Homecoming Float Com- petition, and being semi-finalists in football, basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming. The members of the brotherhood are outstanding in all phases of student life at WGC, holding numerous positions in a variety of student organizations. In academics, a large number of brothers have been named to Who ' s Who. Combining their efforts into one force, the Kappa Sigs have aided in the March of Dimes, the Blood Drive and the Cancer Drive. The Kappa Sigs continue to accomplish many outstanding goals, made possible through their friendship and cooperation. 169 Lambda Chi ' s Have Great Hopes for the Future Lambda Chi Alpha began this year on a fresh note. A reorganization with the elections of all new officers brought new, exciting lead- ership to this fraternity. With Mark Crawford as President and Gene Johnson as Vice-Presi- dent, the Lambda Chi ' s have great hopes for the future. Participating in the Circle K Blood Drive, Alpha Gamma Delta Sweepstakes, Clean up Carrollton Day, and all intramural sports, the Lambda Chi ' s are seen all over campus. Lambda Chi is the sponsor for an annual Sweepstakes, sparking competition between sorority girls. Always seeking action, the Lambda Chi ' s are out to excel in all they do. 170 ' ' " .. ' .. ' ' P»5 ' IW 4 ! 1 . Kim Brincefield 13. KimVining 2. Chris Thomas 14. Steve Bohannon 3. Susie Walker 1 5. Ray Maxwell 4. Donna Kinard 1 6. Frank Deems 5. Nelson Fonville 1 7. Andy Aderhold 6. Dave Crawford 18. Billy Spink 7. Mark Crawford 19. Robin Price 8. Gene Johnson 20. Terry Lawrence 9. Tate Wallace 21.PatSpann 10. JoeSheppard 22. Warren Daubenspeck 1 1 . Mike Dobbs 23. Ronnie Marks 12. JohnPlageman THE COAT OF ARMS OF LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 171 Phi Mu ' s Contribute to Muscular Dystrophy Drive bottom: Intramural football team right center: Bang! You ' re Dead! right bottom: President Diane Forehand The Phi Mu Ladybugs are known for partici- pating in many activities, on and off campus. The National service project, S. S. Hope is aided by the ladybugs, and the Pikes are thankful to them for contributing the most money in the Muscular Dystrophy Drive. Sing- ing in the Phi Mu Washboard band, the sisters have performed in Underground Atlanta, and the Dogwood Festival. The Phi Mu Ladybugs are not planning to fly away from the WGC campus anytime soon. 172 1 . Al Oxford 2. Donna Appling 3. Cherry Brown 4. Vicki Ward 5. Mary Botts 6. Lucy Wykoff 7. Shirley Steed 8. Lane Whipple 9. Mary Lu Thomas 10. Charlie Clark 1 1 . Diane Tabor 1 2. Martha Smith 13. Debbie Wallace 14. Blanche Forehand 15. Terri Hicks 16. Janet Hart 17. GailMcCulloch 18. Cindy Howard 1 9. Jo Verner 20. Kim Hudson 21. Kathy Lloyd 22. Chris Shockley 23. Debbie Irwin 24. Karyn Johnston 25. Beth Jones 26. Diane Forehand 27. Patti Wilson 28. Laura Brien 29. Holly Cannon 30. Elaine Thomas 31 . Barbara Slater 32. Caria Thornton 33. Beverly Roper 34. Georgia Chaffen 35. Judy Bond 36. Jeanne Riddle 37. Pat Steed 38. Jean Tuggle 39. Carolyn Hatchett 40. Sharon Harris 41. Marsha Collier 173 rauoRmnDBHin 1 . Leah Crunkleton 2. Melanie Mitchell 3. Debbie Parkerson 4. Glenda Harden 5. Debbie Kown 6. Holly Cannon 7. Vicki Ward 8. CindyHurd 9. Jerry Coker 10. Larry Finch 1 1 . Rusty Ogletree 12. Butch Cline 13. David Landrum 14. Tim Toole 15. George Waites 16. Bryant Martin 17. Randy Poynter 18. Barry James 19. Phil Hart 20. Jim Pennebaker 21 . Doug Roles 22. Gary Brock 23. Mike Ward 24. Gary McDaniel 25. Johnny Howard 26. Tyre Williamson 27. David Bohannon 28. Johnny Newberry 29. Coleman Jackson 30. Whit Matthews 31 . Mel Paris 32. Bob Hopkins 33. Bill Fargason 34. Blake Lewis 35. Doug Hepinstall 36. Mark Fenlon Pi Kappa Alpha Wins All-Sports Trophy left: Butch and Mike enjoy their com- pany eft center Smiling Pikes below right: Pike cheering crowd below: Happy to serve on any occa- sion The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha can be seen participating in almost every activity on campus. Their enthusiasm is reflected in all intra- mural sports as they won the All- Sports trophy for 1972-73. Helping others is the goal of the Pikes as they have participated in the Red Cross Blood Drive, Muscular Dys- trophy Drive, and many other civic services. The Pikes are active in many other phases of campus life such as sponsoring the Pike Bike Race, having members on the West Georgia basketball team, and being big brothers and beaus for sorori- ties. Pikes are known for the estab- lishment of " friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis. " 175 KBBisnBaBBnaBaam ■ R ' ' Fraternity Spirit Award ' ' Won by Sigma Nu ' fi 1 . Susan Willoughby 2. Louann Sauceman 3. Debbie Brown 4. Lucy Wykoff 5. Belinda Cockfield 6. Pam Poss 7. Denise Clanton 8. Judy Bond 9. Hal Thompson 10. Jenni Jackson 1 1 . Becky Gable 12. Sheila Hutchins 13. Janet Sidey 14. Cherry Brown 15. Ricky Camp 16. David Clark 17. Harry Holmes 18. Jimmy Bryan 19. Jim Knerr 20. Eddie Smith 21 . Steven Holmes 22. Mike Cook 23. Sonny York 24. Jerry Harmon 25. Willis Jones 26. Randy Shaw 27. John Stagmeler 28. Dave Reynolds 29. Jerry Faulkner 30. Richard Wilbanks 31 . JimPrucell 32. Max Pfiefer 33. Wright Wheeler 34. John Weaver 35. Danny Flemming 36. Phil Goode 37. Freddie Dunn 38. Darren White 39. Fred Jones 40. Eddie Hurley 41 . Bubba Ramey 42. Brad Perren 43. Bruce McFarland 44. Rick Heard 45. Mike Eppley 46. Steve Hayes 47. Calvin Burger 48. Steve Brown 49. Dr. Tom Lightsey 50. Tripp House 176 :i«iW«M»in£i« The Sigma Nu ' s help the community by holding a " clean up " day at a Day-Care Center and spon- soring the " Toys for Tots " with the Alpha Gams. In addition, they have won first place for two years in the Red Cross Blood Drive. The Sigma Nu ' s sponsor the annual " Sigma Nu All Sing " each winter quarter which features choral competition between the Greeks. The Sigma Nu ' s are out- standing in athletics, with first-place wins in intra- murals, basketball. Tug of War, Hamburger eat- ing, and Cake-Runs. As the best fraternity on campus for another year, the Sigma Nu ' s cap- tured first place in the Homecoming float competi- tion, and won the " Fraternity Spirit " award pres- ented bv the cheerleaders. above left: Tommy and Al rebounding above: Sheila Hutchins with little sisters left: Sigma Nu QB Gary Scott 177 There is nothing like a house to bring a brotherhood even closer together. With the acquisition of their new house on Bowen Street, the Brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon have surely proven as much; for along with a new house they also acquired an outstanding group of new pledges and new TEKI ' s. Their activities include an annual Red Carnation Ball and senni-annual TKE Road-Rally. Public Serv- ice Projects include lightbulb sales for the Lions Club and the Blood Drive. The TKE ' s have received recognition by placing second in the Georgia Tech TKE Spring Rest, winning first place in the Public Service Weekend, and receiving a certificate of recognition from the Optimist Club. The spirit of Tau Kappa Epsilon is one of growing enthusiasm. They are contin- ually showing that the TKE stands not for wealth, rank, or honor but for personal worth and character. 178 iwmvHifnna Tau Kappa Epsilon Acquires a New House ' W fpi £. -% 1 . Frank Greer 15. Mike Scott 2. ThieAutrey 16. DanTownsend 3. Lon Williams 17. Gary Lee 4. Dave Herbert 18. Dan Evans 5. Frank Loe 19. Porter Maddox 6. Terry Vaughan 20. Lynn Bass 7. Wayne Stanford 21 . LynnSlocumb 8. Jerry Kyzer 22. Cathy Reece 9. Tim Reeves 23. Judy Patton 10. John Grooms 24. Nancy Brooks 1 1 . Mike Carney 25. Carol Bobo 12. Keith Ellarbee 26. Alice Morrison 13. Norman Jackson 27. Karen Evans 14. David Johnson 28. Joy Gravitt 179 laiMftlkllMIMIHMJJimtiWHMIhVftWtflHi " ' " 180 181 MmimsmmmmiiismmisgamismmwimmiKBx as SATURDAY ORGANIZATIONS mmdmmimmnmmmmMmmmiMiai Bm Chieftain Survives in Spite of Itself Hampered by a low budget, apathetic stu- dent body, and a deranged editor and staff, the Chieftain has survived another year at West Georgia College. The constantly missed dead- lines, over-exposed photographs, and uncoop- erative organizations have led us all to the brink of insanity and hopefully produced a rea- sonably good yearbook. Our special thanks go to the SGA for not totally destroying our mea- ger budget. Staff member of the year award goes to Martin Mosteller for his frequent fits of rage which kept us all entertained. top: Nancy Wilhrow, Assistant Features Editor, Kelvin Grey, Classes; Jackie White, Gary Baldy, Features Editor bottom left: Connie Turner, Organizations Editor, Nancy Baderscher, Sports Assistant; Paula Martin, Organizations Editor bottom right: Mark Stone, Business Manager. 184 top: Twinky Janssen, Greeks Edi- tor; David Willingham, Editor; Mar- tin Mosteller, Sports Editor bottom right: Buell Cobb, Advisor bottom left: Jackie White, Associ- ate Editor; Scott Duval! , Photogra- pher 185 Judo Club Offers Philosophy and Sport The Judo Club at WGC meets twice a week for competition and self-defense. This is one way that college students learn that some of the ancient ideas are not out-dated. right: OOOF . bottom: Judo clubbers ready for action! 186 ■ ■■mmKHCMMUlUMNUluutuinaiinBins Karate Club Cultivates Mind and Body The Karate Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday evening trom 6:30 to 9:00 with one goal in mind — to develop in mind and body an integrated person with) interests in the develop- ment of a sound body and in the cultivation of higher levels of mind and spirit. The instructor is Dan Withrow. left: Kiss my foot! below: Karate stalwarts take a stand. 187 mwrnsmsmmsBaEoassa saiBmnmB nsaaaism Thirty-seven Fridays yearly, the West Geor- gian is published and distributed at West Geor- gia College, serving as a means ot communi- cating the news, of entertaining the reader, and of bringing about desired changes through the voicing of editorial opinions. The West Georgian is a faithful recorder of the every day history written on campus. In addition, journalism students have the oppor- tunity to watch text-book lessons turn into practical, valuable experience. Nerves thin as the twilight sinks to darkness, then to dawn, but all are rewarded when the final piece yearly continues to win state and national awards. top right: Liz Matthews and Barbara Fairchield, Secretaries bottom left: L, M. Hanson, Edi- tor, Nancy Withrow, Teclinical Assistant; Jenna Sarrgent, Features and Sports Editor. opposite page top left: Carey Smith, Assistant News Editor; Gary Price, News Editor. top right: Bob Foley, Assistant Sports Editor bottom left: Mark Veljkov, Pho- tographer. bottom right: Helen Owen, Business Manager; Steve Liner, Managing Editor; L. M. Hanson 188 ' S i " " « ■■■»a»MM«IHIMMmilMI »«lli Mlinm MKHgimHimMIlMMlIIllIl»M SGA Seeks to Improve Campus Affairs SGA consists of twenty members of West Georgia ' s student body. This year SGA has sponsored a referendum to get a new doctor. Their other activities include rental of refrigera- tors to the students and the Housing Task Force. This organization consists of members who are trying to change West Georgia for the future. OFFICERS: (l-r) Lamar Chambers, Minister of Student Affairs; Ray McConnell, Minister of Fiscal Affairs; Mark Rowe, Vice-President; Michele Stiellum, President; Roger Ruark, Minister of Academic Affairs. 190 191 ■■MiH»;aTOIVttBi!tiaM«»a »aUWMnMinHMTHI»MMniUUMMlRH Ebony Players Present Double Feature This fall, the Ebony Players presented two plays — " Happy Ending " and " Soul Gone Home. " Members of the cast were: Sanford Holloway, Ricky Brown, Samuel Clonts, Shirley McClure, Artie Askew, Henrietta Malls, Patricia Askew, Arinthia Martin, Sharon Miller, Sher- maine Betner, Jonathan Daniels, Glenda Scott, Willis Boddie. 1 . » V 192 BSA. . . Promoting Black Unity The Black Student Alliance of West Geor- gia consists of black students trying to pro- mote the dignity of the black man and better relationships between black and white on campus. The activities of BSA include par- ties, sports, and public services. OFFICERS. Henrietta Nails, Secretary; Jessie Arnold, Vice President; Linda Sewell, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Norris Williams, President. 1:,. , I ' 1, ' W ' ' f i " 193 mmiimMwmmifiBaimBaimim BSU . . . Bringing Students Together To share Christ in a meaningful way and to provide fellowship for interested students is the aim of the Baptist Student Union. This is the first year that the center has been open on campus and the students enjoyed it by meeting every Tuesday night. The center Is also open from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily. The BSU had a number of activities including visiting Pine Knoll Rest Home and Palmetto Children ' s Home. They also had Bible studies, weekly programs, recreational opportunities, share groups, work days, socials, and a choir. OFFICERS: Back Row: Louis Briscoe, Bill Pope, Julia Turnipseed, Buddy Raper, Wanda Durham,! Wanda Williams Front Row: Beth Rushton, Steve Parker, Debbie Gordon. Jeana Fortenberry 194 mi ' OFFICERS: Addie Sollenberger, Debra Hart, Bonnie Huchins, Fay Lyon, Rev. Mike Cordle. not pictured: Ralph Sanders, Jean Smyly, Jackie ThomDson, and Marc Stewart Wesley Foundation . . . Fellowship and Love The Wesley Foundation, sponsored by the Methodist Church and directed by Rev. Mike Cordle, is open to all people and tries to develop and broaden the religious, educa- tional, and social interests of the students. Some of the activities of the group included a Halloween party for the underprivileged, the Wesley Singers, food bank can collection and others. The Wesley Foundation meets Tuesday night at 7:00 with programs led by speakers such as Rev. Phil Barnhart, Dr. Ward Pafford, Rev. Edgar Padgett, artist Jack Ashmore, and others. PICTURED BELOW: Back Row: Bob Allen Marshall Neely, Jerry Goodwin, George Wright, Rev. Mike Cordle. FRONT ROW: Dee Goodwin, Chris Probst, Kathy Sauer, Addie Sol- lenberger, Fay Lyon. 195 opera Workshop Presents ' The Fantdstics ' ' and ' ' The Old Maid, and the Thief The West Georgia Opera Workshop, directed by Mrs. Inge Lundeen, is a very big part ot West Georgia. As can be seen in the picture, they enjoy their work and we enjoy their performances. 196 197 imMumwmmiiaamsiRihmimmmiwimwaaw P.U.G.: Serving God On Campm People United For God is one of West Geor- gia ' s newest organizations. The purpose of this organization is to promote religious activities on campus and to instill in the student a clearer and deeper understanding of what serving God is. Their services consist of rap sessions and also church services. During the quarter there are conventions to attend. OFFICERS: (I to r) Jennifer Russell, Gwendolyn Hendrix, Rev. Orestes Cobb, President, Andrea Lewis, Deborah Grant. Kneeling: BrendaTellis 198 SMENC Sponsors State-Wide Composition Competition The West Georgia Student Music Educators National Conference serves the cause of music by learning more about the music profession and preparing its members to function as pro- fessional music educators. They meet the first Tuesday night of every month and sponsor such activities as seminars with guest speakers and contests to involve and inform Its mem- bers. (I to r) Eric Walsh, Bonnie Kent, Jeanine Cully, Regina Ray. Not Pictured: David Loehr, Sally EIrod, Joan Lunkin, Mari- anna Hay Delta Mu: Making Beautiful Music Together The purpose of Delta Mu is to provide educational programs pertaining to music and to promote interest and scholastic achievement among its members. Delta Mu is open only to music majors or minors maintaining a 3.0 average in music courses. It is sponsored by Mrs. Betty Tolbert and Mrs. Mary Lou Munn. Back Row: Nancy Irwin, Janice Jones, Donna Dawmar- row, Mary Lee, Kay Bowlin, Saley Eliod, Jaana Pirho- nen, Regina Ray. Front Row: Linda Wade, Anne White, Bonnie Kent, Jea- nine Cully, Emily McClendon, Mananna Hay. 199 mss m mimsEs sm ssssBiBiHssiB SBBaasEBBEiBBXsaBaiBiBm Accolade — An Organization of Outstanding Women Accolade is a junior and senior women ' s honor society whose membership is based upon recommendations from faculty and present members. Accolade has been active in many pro- jects of value to the campus and commu- nity. One of the projects was a Bean Count with all the proceeds going to Carroll County Day Care Center. Accolade also sponsored a Women ' s Conference at West Georgia, the first of four to be held through- out the state of Georgia. OFFICERS: (ltor)V ck Bird, President; Sue Fowler, Secretary; Jackie White, Vice-Presi- dent; Gloria Mimbs, Treasurer; Rita Pruitt, Historian. (I to r) Fran Roberts; Rosalind Prince; Rita Pruit; Dean Georgia Martin; Sue Fowler; Jeana Fortenberry; Jackie White; Phyllis Fountain, Advisor; Sandra Jenkins; Jennie Bishop; and Vicki Bird. 200 nternational Students: Learning About American Life The International Students ' Club was organized to give foreign students a chance to meet other foreign students and learn about their countries. These students also learn about the United States together. Back Row: Peter Pih, China; Jose R. Rodri- guez, Donninican Republic; Henrietta Nas- ser, Israel; Spencer Char, Taiwan. Chairs: Carita Lindholm, Finland, President; Dean Georgia Martin, Phiengkarn Suwanna- pat, Thailand. Floor: Frank Hatmann, Germany, Vice-Pres- ident; Jaana Pirhonen, Finland, Publicity Chairwoman Future Teachers . . Involved Now The Student Association of Educators offers to the Education major involvement in his profession while in college. It acquaints the student with the different opportunities for employment with a degree in education. This organization is also involved in the state educators program and helps to acquaint future teachers with their profession. (I to r) Richard Wetcel, Vice-President; Nan Allwine, State Recording Secretary; Nancy Vanhouse, President; Debbie Smith, Secre- tary-Treasurer 201 Farm . . . Providing Brotherhood Farm Brotherhood tries to promote friend- ship among its members and develop win- ners in the game of life. The activities that they sponsor are MIA sports, parties, and an annual Farm Day every spring. In 1971, the Farm was the MIA Football Champion and won All Sports in 1 972. top. OFFICERS: Ron Campbell; Red Ewing; Steve Sam- pler, President; and Barry Bannusto, Vice President. bottom: 1st Row: Don Howell, Mike Anderson, David Bannister, Red Ewing, Don Cockran, Steve Sampler. 2nd Row: Gary Sampler, Donnie Mathews, Ron Camp- bell, Bill Robbins, R. Hunt, D. McGill, and T. Tucker. 3rcl Row: Buddy Redmond, Barry Banister, Kerry Allen, and Darell Barns. 202 WGC Students in. . . Romania? Even the Atlantic ocean doesn ' t stop the WGC choir. This summer it traveled to Romania and sang its way across the coun- try. Other performances were Christmas music at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Carrollton and Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. They also sang tor the Georgia Music Educators in Atlanta and in a concert with Robert Shaw in the WGC gym. The choir is directed by Mr. Max Peterson. OFFICERS: David Dwelle, Cindy Jackson, David Loehr, Debbie Wallace, Lamar Potts, Reglna Ray. Not Pic- tured: Eric Walsh — President. 203 tmmiiam iamiwjimswmMtattMi »Mmxigmmw«uitu!aumttmfratl T Chamber Singers . . . A Touch of Merry Old England top: The Chamber Singers of WGC are a group who specialize in 16th cen- tury music. Their major performance is the Christmas showing of " Wassails and Carols. " During Christmas break, the Chamber Singers went on a tour which included Disney World. They also performed with the choir and Wom- en ' s Ensemble in the Robert Shaw concert at West Georgia during winter quarter. Back Row: Steve Rudy, Robert Lewis, Eric Walsh, Jim Cornell, Jimmy Win- chester, Barry Cook, and Larry Mason Front Row: Anne White, Peggy Estes, Renee Mabry, Jane Manry, Bonnie Kent, and Betty Atkinson Band . . . Leading in Spirit The WGC Band, directed by James Collins, strives to develop the perform- ance of all its members. It practices for the music education students and is an activity for non-music majors who are interested in music. The band also plays for graduation exercises. MEMBERS: Carlton Daniel, Hugh Downey, Michael Edwards, George Fuller, David Gower, Mark Green, David Harrison, Ann Heian, Sue Hiers, Jarrett Jennings, Dennis Kirkland, David Loehr, Joan Lumpkin, Emily McClendon, Jeff McClendon, George McCurdy, Glenn McKibben, Cheryl Nelson, Bar- bara Oliver, Robert Rudy, Wesley Toole, and Roy Williams. 204 Geology Club Takes Western Field Trip The purpose of the West Georgia Geol- ogy Club is to stimulate interest in the earth sciences. Some of the activities this year were a trip to the West between summer and fall quarters and panning for rubies in North Georgia. Back Row: Bill Ellwanger, Joe Sullivan, Jerry West, Bar- bara Roberson, C. T. Williams, and David Henton. Front Row: Lil Harper, John Hinton, Danny Young, and Roger Auston, Advisor. Gamma Theta Upsilon Participates in AAG Gamma Theta Upsilon is an international honor society in the field of geography. It aims to prompte interest in geography as a discipline and to advance the status of geography as a professional field. Some of its activities are sponsoring geography field trips and speakers to the campus. It also helped in the National Convention of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) in Atlanta last April and in the meet- ing of the Southeastern Division of AAG in Boone, North Carolina, in November. The group is advised by Dr. David Weaver and other professors. standing: John Upchurch, Advisor; Jim Skinner, Advi- sor; Don Ahrens; Philip McPeake; William B. Carter; Rick Hartline, Secretary; James O ' Mally, Advisor; David Weaver, Advisor. Sitting: Tony Matthews; Mary Scully; Edwill Holcomb; Twinkle Janssen, Treasurer; and Buddy Gay. 205 ■■itamajamtimii TOaaMBma miimwvimiwaattiimMWMWHWWIill T Alpha Lamba Delta Promotes Superior Scholarship Attainment Alpha Lamba Delta, directed by Mrs. Mary Helen Ford, is the National Honor Society for women. It strives to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning. The activities of the group are helping with vari- ous programs such as the Women ' s Confer- ence and tutoring services. At graduation, the club presents the Maria Leonard Brood Award and senior certificates to honor stu- dents. bottom: Back: Susan Osborne, Rebecca Allen, Julie Craven, Jackie Hargrove, Peggy Herren, Kay Vaughan, Becl y Barton, and Marie Cranberry. Front: Luanne Jones, Elaine Weegar, Debbie Wallace, Mary Helen Ford, Rhonda Slaughter, and Laura Payne. OFFICERS: Elain Weegar, Secretary; Mary Helen Ford, Advisor; Peggy Herren, Vice President; Laura: Payne, President, Rhonda Slaughter, Histonan 206 ottom: Alan Krieger, President; Tom Fitts, Vice President; Vance Moore, Secretary; Bob Cox, Treasurer; Gloria Mimbs and Celia Shoppe, Sweethearts Circle K. . . Being and Malcing Friends Circle K, directed by Dr. Tom Lightsey, is a college-level Kiwanis service club. Its purpose is to better state, town, college, and individu- als. Some of Circle K ' s activities are an annual blood drive, the Whitesburg Recreational Pro- gram, and multiple sclerosis funding. upper picture: (I to r) Dr. Tom Lightsey, Tom Fitts, Vance Moore, Bob Cox, Celia Shoppe, Alan Krieger, Gloria Mimbs, John Sherr, Steve Cash, Lewis Adams, and Lamar Bell. 207 UPC . . • Helping You to Get Away From Your Studies The Union Program Council offers responsibility and leadership in the organi- zation of student activities. Among its func- tions are the selection of entertainment, sponsorship of lectures, and the quarterly scheduling of movies. The UPC office is located on the bottom floor of the student center. right: Cecil Knotts, Advisor. bottom right: Jim Philpol, Superintendent; Mary Staley, Chairman of the Recreation Committee; and Steve Chapman, Entertainment and Fine Arts Committee. ' f ,2 ;; 209 wmxmaiaKiKcmwmtMiimmmxi mvKiMm amiHiiaimtmiMmiaiiiK Chemical Society . . .Absorbed in Chemistry The West Georgia Chemical Society is open to all persons interested in Chemistry, chemi- cal engineering, and related fields. Its purpose is to foster a professional spirit in the members and give them professional pride in chemistry. Back Row: Dennis Hodges; Edna Richardson; Horace Whitter; Mary Elizabeth Durant; Marty Kicklighter; Dr. Lockhart, advisor; Greg Bowers, President; Scott Bowers; Dr. Eslinger, advisor; Jack Grogan. Front Row: Kathy Martin; David Proctor; Lee Fulghum, Vice President; Larry G. Miles; Chip Robertson; Dan Proc- tor; Elbert Fuller. Not Pictured: Teresa Harrison, Treasurer. 210 « ' »t;. •-.-.-» • k " ft-. vi :::-::-:-? ;;: r. William Foley, Mrs. Kathleen Hunt, Miss Zemaida Fernandez, Mrs. Sara Rigg, Miss Doris Bennett, ilrs. Betty Jobson, and Mr. Robert H. Simmons. Library Staff . . . Adding to the Learning Experience Winding through rows of baffling shelves, pulling out the exact book you want or telling you that it is at the bindery, the librarians at WGC are always glad to help. If they weren ' t there, most students would be in real trouble. anding: Ruth Rogers, Fredalyn Reeves, Margaret Richards. " ting: June Aldredge, Jane Hersch, Katherine Gwynn, Hortensia Planas, Jan Ruskell, and Jean Cooksey. •aye Cobb, Jackie Davis, Judy DeMayo, Wyllie Bagby, Ginny Govi n, Gora Holloman, Christine HIgginbotham, and Ethel Carter 211 ormuimvaxaBn miuaHBtvH imimaiaaamaimittiiaffflfffH fgfglll Theater Company Provides WGC With Dramatic Productions The Theater Company of West Georgia Col- lege, formerly the Theater Art Association, presents three or four dramatic productions a year. They sponsor activities such as student one-act plays and the Ebony Players. The group is directed by Dr. James Link and employs acting, technical aspects, publicity, and costumes as part of the company. 212 Jm»J nifc K«¥«lT ami H»3mM M »ami W MMWM. below: (l-r): Paul Butterbough, Bill Lundeen, Jerri Jaudon, Warren Jones, Gary Baldy, Brian Norman, Herbert Giles, Nelah Smith, Tommy Moran, Carlton Thomas, Janice Still, and Scott Evans. 213 Blue Key Recognizing Junior and Senior Men The WGC Blue Key Honor Society is a char- ter membership recognizing junior and senior men for scholastic attainment, service to school and community, and ability tor leader- ship. Blue Key has 1 39 chapters across the nation with over 75,000 alumni. The fraternity ' s pro- gram is designed to honor the advanced stu- dent leaders who have the ability to plan and work with college administration as well as other concerned organizations and to help improve the present and future status of the institution. Back Row: Norris Williams, Treasurer; Mark Stone, President; Alan Boxer, Secretary Front Row: Cecil Knotts and Jerry Nix, Advisors Back Row: Cecil Knotts, Robert England, Norris Williams, Mark Stone, Charles Wilson, and Jerry Nix Front Row: David Parlman, Floyd Hoskins, Dr. Edward Pafford, and Dr. Jack Grogan 214 FACULTY HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Back Row: Mr. Cecil Knotts, Mr. Robert England, Mr. Charles Wilson, Mr. Jerry Nix Front Row: Mr. David Parkman, Mr. Floyd Hoskins, President Ward Pafford, and Dr. JackGrogan Back Row: Mr. Jerry Nix, Jackson Hill, Ray McConnell, Mike Butts, Hubert Marsh, Lamar Chambers, Jerry Coker, Randy Lindsey, Pledger Moon, and Mr. Cecil Knotts Front Row: Thomas Gladtelter, Kendall Strickland, Mark Rowe, James Philpot, Jesse Hall, Wesley Cochran, Randy Shaw, Alan Shaw, Mark Stone, and Norris Williams Not Pictured: Tripp House and Terry Williams 215 . . .Finding Beauty Beneath the Earth The West Georgia Grotto is a chapter of the National Speleological Society, which is dedi- cated to the conservation, exploration, and sci- entific study of caves and caverns. The Grotto has been an active club on campus since 1 966 and has introduced many WGC students to the underground beauty in Georgia ' s caves. The Grotto provides instruction in horizontal and vertical caving which includes instruction in rapelling and prussiking. The members of the Grotto Club include; Jill Davis, Jan Wood, Phieng Karn Suwanna- patma, John Reid, Lil Harper, Randy Slater, George Yater, Marilyn Hall, Bill Ellwanger, Mary Cunningham, Ginger Davis, Ricky Sha- drix, Dennis Holt, Secretary-Treasurer; Linda Mealar, Pledger Moon, Jimmy Davis, Terry Reynolds, Dwight Wallace, Vice Chairman; and Larry Smith, Chairman. 216 V Jl Wtlpmm mwmmii Ll TtN To ■ ' ( abroulton WWGC. . . Voice of West Georgia WWGC, the WGC radio station, serves the college in two ways. The most important serv- ice is providing the students with entertain- ment, information and educational program- ming. WWGC also provides experience to stu- dents in radio who feel they might be interested in broadcasting. The General Manager is Jerry Mock, who is also coordinator of instructional TV and radio for WGC. bottom: Standing: Eric Simpson, Scott Evans, Mark Veljkov, Public Relations Director; Dave Calloway, Student Manager and Chief Engi- neer; Mike Ellis, Program Director; and Carlton Thomas Sitting: Jennifer Simpson, Cindy McLerunan, Michael Booth, Music Director; Janice Still, and Vanessa Brown, News Director Not Pictured: Allan Abernathy, Chief Announcer; Dave Reynolds, Sports Announcer; and Bob Jones, Production Man- ager i ' M } ' 217 Alpha Phi Omega @i ® Providing Services for Students and the Community " Alpha Phi Omega is an organization at West Georgia which provides services for the school, student body, and the community. This year they have sponsored the Miss West Geor- gia pageant, organized an annual Boy Scout camp trip, and participated in several fund- raising campaigns. MEMBERS: Sitting: Carol Stranam, Ron McNeil, Letta Akers, Andy Morris, Debbie Smith, Jim Cornell, Marty Fish Standing: Fred Jones, Dennis Brooks, Tommy Bacon, Jim Mann, Charles Cook, Douglas Sims, Rod Roland, Ben Cash OFFICERS: Standing: Ben Cash, Treasurer; Marty Fish, Secretary; Douglas Sims, Sergeant-at-Armsfj Sitting: Fred Jones, President; Jim Cornell, Vice-President; Tommy Bacon, 2nd Vice-President 218 below: Dr. David Griffin, Advisor; Teresa Glenn, Historian; Jennie Bishop, Vice-President; Sylvia Adamson, Secretary; and Vance Moore, President. Phi Gamma Mu . . » Pursuing Interest in the Social Sciences Phi Gamma Mu is the national honorary fra- ternity tor students of social sciences. Its pur- pose is to promote interest in the social sci- ences and to recognize excellence of students pursuing these studies. Back Row: W. H. Lankford, Allan Moore, Mike latum, Linda Dickson. Jamye Tabor, Vance Moore, Hellen Jack- son Middle Row: Dr. Glenn Moore, Rita Pruit, Bonnie Huckins, Amelia Alewine, Shari Estes, Laura Hawkins, Jennie Bishop, Glenda Scott, and Richard Glenn Front Row: Wesley Cochran, Sylvia Adamson, Teresa Ghilders, Gloria Mimbs, and Dr. David Griffin 219 Infirmary Staff . . . Keeping Students in Good Health The infirmary staff at West Georgia helps stu- dents by giving them medication and band- ages. The services of the infirmary are free and available to all students. Although the facilities are limited, the staff fries to help the student in any way possible. 220 Phi Beta Lambda Ready to Challenge the Business World Phi Beta Lambda is a business organization for business students and majors. The purpose of the club is to develop leadership and ability in the business world. Back Row: Miss Gibson, Advisor; Miss Peete, Advisor; Joan Pinson, Jennifer Benefield, Dianne Bishop, Karen Curtis, Treasurer; Con- nie Posey, President; Miss Lentz, Avisor; and Paula Lowery, Secretary Front Row: Linda Powell, Mary Raeside, Jan Phillips, Elizabeth Jones, Nancy Force, Vice President; and Mary Adams Phi Sigma Mu is Now Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma, formerly Phi Sigma Mu, is the WGC honor society for freshman men. It strives to develop achievement and scholar- ship among men on campus. Back Row: Dene Channell, Paul Arceneaux, David Ware, and ( eorge Bagwell Front Row: Randy Redd, Martin Mosteller, Terry Stone, Mr. James Dahl, and Ken Wilker- son 221 wmiatmm Alpha Kappa Psi . . . Improving the Business World Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity at West Georgia, gives the members a chance to see how the real business world operates. This Fraternity attempts to further the brotherhood of its members, to do research in the various business fields, and to make members strive for higher ideals in their profession. MEMBERS: George McCurdy, Johnny Weaver, Bob Cox, Jerry Gilbert, Mike Jennings, Tom Watkins, Jimmy Philpot, Grady Vance, Dwayne Fears, Steve Chapman, Susan Panarelli, Carita Lindholm, Willene Cooper, Janna Pirho- nen Not Pictured: C harly Azar, Rick Melville, Art DeThomas, Faculty Advisor; Dean Baugher, Faculty Member ALPHA KAPPA PS 222 223 msmmmims mimimi mf»amiimii § Can terbury Clu b . . . Extending Religious Life The Canterbury Club, sponsored by St. Mar- garet ' s Episcopal Church, tries to establish understanding and a working relationship between the Episcopal Church and the stu- dents ot West Georgia. Their activities include folk mass, discussions on religion led by Ara Dostourian, collecting for the March of Dimes, and attending the Youth Ministry Task Force Workshop. Back Row: Herb McNeely, Dave Halstead, and Wayne Schock Front Row: Sally Smaw and Linda Dickson Debate. . . Exhibiting Talents in Public Speaking The WGC Debate Club follows the tradition of West Georgia in producing quality debates. They speak in intercollegiate debate tourna- ments, on-campus debates, and demonstra- tions in the community. Back Row: Lamar Garren, Larry Bridges, Jean-Pierre Sakey, and Steve Beck Front Row: Farrell Chandler, Ray McConnell, George Knapp, and Dr. Chester Gibson Not Pictured: Scott Pritchard, Jesse Hall, Norris Williams, Andy Almy, and Gary Price 224 Barbell Club. . . Building the Body The Barbell Club gives male students a chance to work out with weights and to exercise. It is open to any male student who wishes to join. Back Row: David Thomason, Ben Southard, President; Alan Motter Front Row: Ernest Stripling, Randy Crisp, Supervisor 225 Eclectic . . . Giving Students A Chance to Express Themselves The Eclectic is a literary magazine published quarterly. The magazine is contributed to by students and is published by the Eclectic staff. Nancy DeLoach, Assoc. Editor; Jamie Jones, Advisor; Jil- lyn Perkins, Editor. West Georgia Post Office Moving Campus Mail The Post Office provides postal services for on-and-off-campus students. They provide all United States mail services and free mail serv- ice on campus. 226 J Computer Club " ' . . . Working with Machines The Association of Computing Machinery at West Georgia is a group of students whose interest lies in computer machines and other machines connected with computer science. The computer club provides services for West Georgia in the way of class schedules, grades, and data processing. 227 wmmammMm ' ■y- ■ V , ' % V immmimm Chieftain " Special Sponsors Club " Southwire Miscellany Dr. J. S. Ingram Burson Feed and Seed, Inc. Mabry Electric Connpany Kelley Springfield Auto Service West Georgia Mobile Home Park Judge Lamar Knight Tisinger and Tisinger Martin and Hightower Funeral Home Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Martin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Richards SGA Refrigerator Rental Service Dr. and Mrs. T. E. Reeve, Jr. Jack ' s Hamburgers One Hour Martinizing The Green Front Young ' s Drive Inn 230 ■THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE THAT HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY " Required Textbooks General Reading Books Cards and Stationery Imprinting Machine Art Supplies Posters WGC Sportswear Xerox Copy Service Fraternity and Sorority Jewelry — Mugs Paper Supplies — Pens — Ring Binders Josten College Rings — Balfour Jewelry Etc. miMEi BOOK CENTER Cr p. 0. BOX 297 PHONE 404-834-6324 CARROLLTON, GEORGIA 30117 231 mwmmmmi mw3i mmmMmmimm3 mmMmM mmiBim Bustotis X. Jacciueline THE SHOE PLACE " First with the latest in footwear for the family " West Georgia Shopping Center Carrollton, Georgia 30 II 7 834-4745 mn J 4«»j«, » ' 3 " " ' fi 1 T PERRY ' S WESTSIDE PHARMACY Everything for the Prescription Needs of WGC Students Headquarters for School Supplies Gifts and Cards for Every Occasion 832-2488 905 Maple Street 232 A diamond that shines as much as you do. eepsake Cook ' s Jewelry Company West Georgia Shopping Center CARROLL MATTRESS FURNITURE CO. Sea . 222 Newnnan St. Carrollton, Ga. 30117 Compliments of COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY TRI-COUNTY INSURANCE CO. Auto • Fire • Life Bonds Casualty COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Corner of College and Cedar Streets 832-9676 Carrollton, Georgia 233 imBimammmijsmtaswRisisissB miSBiss Km CASWELL PROPERTIES COLLEGE ARMS APARTMENTS Now under new ownership. Adjacent to the college, catering to the students with a special 3 month lease. " Before you decide where to reside, come see what we have to offer. " 832-2732 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of BREMEN WHERE HUNDREDS SAVE THOUSANDS " 211 Hamilton Avenue Bremen Carrollton Office 205 Alabama Street WLBB Phone (404) 832-7041 I 100 On Your Dial Carrollton, Georgia 30 1 1 7 " Listen to Braves Basketball and Baseball " ■■■■M lgfgQ rojfd pbcK ccnditai, 3339a x: i7 roy 85-9033 I 1 wi W Af M fit mm SCORPIO LEATHER Located behind Headquarters on Maple Street 235 mBmmms Ki mmma mt NEEDLECRAFT JUNCTION 404 834-4775 1 06 Rome Street Carrollton, Georgia 301 17 FABRIC OUTLET Your complete one stop fabric shop. West Georgia Shopping Center Carrollton, Georgia 834-4307 EASYLIVINGLADRAGS 236 Fashions For Men and Wonnen 1 07 Rome Street 834-348! BankAmericahd 1 i i 1 [ 1 I ACME MEAT CO.. INC. " Meats Cut To Your bpecitication 700 Edgewood Ave., N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30307 522-9146 237 mimmmmsmmmmsmmmmssmsimmBimmmmm THQ ASSON l9nc. Potttujiue 401 iWaple i treet 834-6049 ' ■.». - ' -:-.iSN -s ' ' ' .? Ni: ' -ff ' ■ ' " t l b „jfl R- 1 Fountain Oil Co. TEXACO PRODUCTS 1039 Dixie St. Carroll+on, Ga. 832-6353 DOYLE H. GARRETT PRODUCE 320 Sunset Blvd. Carrollton, Ga. 834-2953 Compliments of DOUGLAS LOMASON CO. Alabama St. Carrollton, Ga, 834 668! 239 mimimmimmmmmiiVm]immmm MmmMimm )imt)m mmmm " I ready dig this -Freshman chick. 3uih be candid... she has not been digging me. Then la ' sked her io cp uJ :h rm ouer io Hsrdeet ham hungers -For dinner ( joiJ lAJe ' re both in (oi e. I 1 01 her... and she loues Herdee ' b. " You ' ll loue. 1004 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia ® H rd»c , Food ' Sijstai i.lfic. i972- 240 ,. CARROLL PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of . . . CARROLL COUNTY GEORGIAN and TIMES-FREE PRESS 834-6631 Newnan St. Carrollton, Ga. We are Proud to Support the Student Body and Faculty of WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CURT ' S SHOPPETTE " The Friendliest Store In Town " Wishes All Students and Faculty Success In The Future BHnFflffiiix wBEosm WAREHOUSE GROCERIES GUARANTEE " Lowest Food Bill In Georgia " Open 7:00 a.m. Close 12:00 midnight Seven days a week If you can produce a cash register tape from a competitor showing a lower total (at regular retail prices) for an average family grocery order of $15.00 or more, which compares the same items purchased on the same day at Warehouse Groceries, we will pay you the difference plus 10%. R sisii THE PRESCRIPTION SHOP Wheelchairs and Hospital Beds 832-3523 618 Dixie Street Carrollton ' ' W LAMAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturers — Men ' s and Young Men ' s Clothing Bowdon, Georgia 30108 242 834-7386 Charbrolled Steaks — Seafood — Italian Food Special Discounts to Sororities and Fraternities ADDISON SMITH PRINTED FABRICS CORP Mechanical Contractor Lovvorn Road Carroll+on, Georgia ADDISON SMITH Owner Bremen Road Carrollton, Ga. Bus. 832-9006 243 MIBM smmmmmms MmMmmMmmmmmmmNmmmmm nr LE CHATEAU APARTMENTS One — Two — Three Bedrooms Featuring Modern Appliances and Full Clubhouse Facilities Comfort Convenience Class i I 244 ■II Cheese ' N Cheer 8 19 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia 834-3434 Griffin-New Pharmacy " Your Downtown Drug Store " Drive-In Window Alabama at Maple 832-633! Carrollton I oworn jewelry Kjompanif ( Jaicnes - Jjiamonas • c owU SUrlituj Mremtn CarrolUon Cfeorqia 245 maM mmmmmmmmBmsm 9m miammEBBi TBOBm J- J Tropical Fish Pet Supplies Dog Grooming CARROLLTON PET SHOP Ph: 834-6336 - 146 Newnan Rd. - Carrollton, Ga. 301 17 ' S !t WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Newman and Maple Streets TASTY GRILL Curb Service — Regular Dinners )en 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. Except Monday DIAL 832-9183 1012 Dixie St. Carrollton, Ga. GREEN LANTERN FRAME SHOP Art Supplies Custonn Frames Decoupage Needle Craft On the Square over the Bakery 246 liWrifiu AREA CODE 404 TELEPHOINE 537-2341 Manufacturers of Slacks, Suits, and Spor+s Clo+hing For Men BREMEN. GEORGIA mm msMmsmmmmmimmmsm THOMAS HILL ' S GRIFFIN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Maple Street 832-7081 VILLAGE BIKE SHOP Complete Sales — Service — Parts Authorized Rollfast Dealer Good Selection of Imported Racing Bikes — 3 Speeds and Standards Also Available 834-7093 Easy Terms Available Located Behind the Jodann Inn on Maple Street 248 ..r 1 UjT ' fn ' rr hi ' f ILDCAT POWER OPEL NEW SOUTH MOTORS. INC 725 Bankhead Avenue Carrollton, Georgia 301 17 832-6394 BUICK NEW SOUTH MOTORS ' sp .j ZiIM Compllmen+s of Roush-Banks Oil Company Gulf Oil Products MORTON ' S Books, Gifts, Stationery Adamson Square it ' s the real thing 70-40 Carrollton Coca-Cola Bottling Connpany " If your shopping becomes a bore . . Come shop at " . . . HESTER ' S ARMY STORE Hunting and Camping Equipment Foot Lockers — Luggage — Rainwear Tank Tops — Novelty Items Also a Complete Line of Men ' s Coats and Pants Featuring Navy Bell-Bottoms Check our Quality and Price Before You Buy!! 1 8 Rome Street 832-6065 249 mmmmmmmm mM m i]mammumm,mv wKiiammMmm!m mm mimm}ammm I MATEOH USED CARS Walker Oldsmobile-Cadillac, Inc, OIL.OSMOOBILS Walker Toyota Mo+ors Bremen Road P.O. Box 64V Carroll+on, Georgia 301 17 Telephone 832-9602-4 S WARREN 11 CLOTHING COMPANY PHON E LE 7-2391 250 THE PEOPLES BANK Drive- In Service at Both Offices BRANCH OFFICE CORNER MAPLE SOUTH Free checking accounts to all College Students MAIN OFFICE 401 ADAMSON SO- 832-6346 251 mmMBimma iiammii[ im,mm! jmsimmmmi mami Bm FQLSOM ' S DRES ' lOPpr 105 Newnan St. ' ■832-216 Located Next to West Georgia College 4 THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Complete Line of Painting Supplies Grunnbacher Art Supplies Decorative Hardware Carpet and Vinyl Floor Covering Wall Coverings Unfinished Furniture 834-3383 and 834-3384 905 South Park U.S. 27, By Pass Carrollton, Ga. 30117 252 BURNETT VOLKSWAGEN Authorized VW Dealer Carroll+on, Ga. ® 834-4455 ' ■rSss JOHNSON BAIT AND TACKLE SHOP Everything You Need a+ Two Handy Locations ' hone 832-7014 iremen Road Phone 832-9862 Bankhead Highway Carrollton, Georgia LAMAR ' S SHOES " Happiness is Shopping at Lannar ' s " Adannson Square Phone: 832-3207 AMERICAN PARTS Wkst OKoiuiiA Aino FA ins. inc. 904 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia 301 17 253 wmmmmmmm msmmmmmsimmsmmmmmmmm ammsmmmmmmmmimBm COMPLIMENTS OF DUFFEY ' S SAUSAGE Carrollfoii Georgia 254 118 LUCILE AVENUE CARROLLTON. GEORGIA 30117 PHONE: 832-2412 SCHOOL SUPPLIES GIFTS - NOVELTIES EDUCATIONAL AIDS PARTY ART SUPPLIES WEST GEORGIA ' S LARGEST SCHOOL AND PARTY SUPPLIER gagtw RiiMMJiJPi ' .mi i m- WBa! W. C. ROOP, President The Commercial Bank Bowdon, Georgia Serving the West Georgia Area Since 1926 117 HOSPITAL DRIVE CARROLLTON. OCOROtA son? 24 Hour Film Developing Drive-ln Window Phone: 832-7033 Steverino ' s SUB SANDWICH SHOP I 122 Maple Street (West Ga. Mall) STEVERINO ' S SUB SANDWICH STEVERINO ' S SUBS: A DELIGHTFUL MEAL IN ITSELF. . . Once you try a Steverino ' s SUB you will be back again and again. We use fresh good meat, produce and cheese with Steverino ' s Italian seasoning and dressing. We blend them all together to make a succulent one-pound meal. Party Platters Our Specialty Fraternities, Clubs, Etc. — Ask About Special Rates Retail Cold-Cuts At Reasonable Prices Eat it Here, Take It Out, or Call and We ' ll Deliver YES — WE DELIVER (PH. 834-3686) 255 mmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmfmmmmmmmmimsBmmmmBsmmm ARA-Siatsr s piiiiosoprsy is s unjcjuG, sys iSiTiSuC sppi ' oscn ossignsu to sc.iifiVQ our snosx irnpor ' iisrit gosi: STUDENT SATISFACTION. This concept is a resuit of our expersersce with minions of students. We have the f ' axibiflty to understand your needs and the capabili ' iry to satisfy thern. At Clemson, ARA derrjonstrates practical, new nriethods for providing ■ nourishing, well-balanced meais to athletes, students and staff. Our corporate and regionai specie. ijts give ARA ' s dining service rnanec er expert advice in pianning menus, purchasing goods, controlling waste, utilizing labor. The support of this team effort is carried out daily in SchiHetter Hall and Harcomba Commons, and at the Clemson House Buffeteria. It is our desire to serve students v hat they want and to accomumodate them by providing this same efficient service for special events or festive holiday meais. We ' re here to provide the type of service that wiH benefit the entire schoo ' and community. THA T ' S WHA T WE THINK A DINING SERVICE IS ALL ABOUT. ig service T-i mim§ S J PhUadelplUa. Pennsylvania Pun ' r ' i ' ; ' ' ' Square, S.W. 256 gi ,U Li. - .. l . I i.iMM . i . il iiy J i l ji J ) l UjiU? . B |jU , U|E :cij " l:j±r All services for men and women. Specializing in blow cu+s and all hair styling. 488 Bankhead Avenue Carrollton, Georgia Phone:834-8415 Compliments of BttS? BUTLER ' S WEST MART Congratulates All Graduating Seniors Lovvorn Road 834-6032 mmMMmmmmmmimimmmmmmMajiiimviwmMmwmmsmmmmMS SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION " Where Your Savings Grow Faster " Branch Office: 435 W. Bankhead Villa Rica, Georgia Home Office: 1 1 Dixie Street Carrollton, Georgia Branch Office: 21 OW. Bowdon Bowdon, Georgia HOUSE 10PM PLATE BREAKFAST THE PALACE HOUSE AND THE PIZZA PALACE — Serving a variety of food to please the taste of the West Georgia Student. Both located conveniently to the WGC cannpus. 258 PI%ZA r r Li ii tZ ji " Food Fun for Everyone " serving all USDA inspected products ADAMSON SQUARE Carroll+on, Georgia 834-3755 " Dine With Us — or Have Your Food Specially Prepared to Carry Out " Phone and your order will be ready in minutes! LEVEN ' S, INC. uni n Distributor " Congratulations to the Seniors of 1974. " I 133 Alabama Street 832-7762 UNIVERSAL DISCOUNT FURNITURE CO.. INC. " . . . Where discounts mean lower prices. " Nationally known brands of furniture. We have the furniture you will be interested in. U.S. 27 By-Pass 834-3646 Open Monday — Saturday Free Delivery and Setup HEATH MOTOR COMPANY 305 Maple Street Phone 832—2457-8-9 Carroll+on, Ga. 30117 Our Goal: No Unhappy Customers i mM ' iPini? ' mkmmmmmmmmmmmimmimm mmasBBmBmamagm M M H SURF TURF RESTAURANT Corner Lovvorn Rd. Bfumbelow Sandwiches- Cold And Hot Steaks And Sea Food Breakfast served until 10 A.M. Large Dining Room For Parties Phone 834-6983 Bill And Sue Moore New Owners OPEN 6A.M. - 11P.M. Weekdays 6A.M. - 12P.M. Weekends n H N M M M H H « M J « iT - ■toiLLiV , ., WALKER OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. Complete Line of Office Supplies, Equipment, Furniture, and Printing. Route 1 0, Box 597A Carrollton. Georgia 30 1 1 7 Phone: 832-2448 A+lan+a Phone:681-3494 260 Congratulations to the Class of 74 from ome maP ' C BUILDING CENTERS Highway 27 By-Pass Phone: 832-2407 building with imagination THE SQUIRE SHOP Dis+inctive Men ' s Wear Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings Dress Sports Formal Casual Outstanding Selection of Slacks • Shirts • Suits • Shoes and Accessories We Rent Formal Wear 109 Newnan Street 832-9673 We ' ve Opened With a New Look! Inside Dining Facilities for Your Convenience! II 19 Maple Street 832-7966 CARROLLTON OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Royal Typewriter Dealers — Olivetti Underwood Agents A.B. Dick Dealer — Office Furniture — Office Supplies Victor — Instant Printing — Dictating Machines 1 04 Pine Knoll Drive Carrollton, Georgia 30117 Phone 832-64 1 6 or 834-4436 261 PjybU ' migMMMttmiM.MMiiia These pages dedicated to birds ttiat don ' t sing, bells | that don ' t ring, and the 1974 Chieftain Staff. 3i :{ ' I ., ii This page concludes the efforts ot the Chieftain Staff for another ear. A special thank you goes to all conc e ned. David Willingham Jackie White I . A % .iv. . i «!i«: .v4 ' MIMmiykMMlH UilWMIUUblUlffiAkHAaaiyMimUUMIWIllWWlllMI W

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