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ffiS t ' :i ' ' Q; ' e " ( ' ■M 1972 CHIEFTAIN WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON, GEORGIA ii -, --- ' " FEATURES 34 SPORTS 74 ORGANIZATIONS 118 GREEKS 178 FACES 206 ADVERTISEMENTS 288 ;: v !4mk-- ' ;intr sia i ( »9ajt«- ' West Georgia College ... an average Southern state college nestled in the Georgia red clay of Carroll County . . . Populated with a motley assortment of human beings, a strange gathering of College Joes and Greeks and freaks and even a scattering of intellectuals. Some following the preachings of Billy Graham and worshipping Mom, the flag, apple pie, and George Wallace, others following the raised fists of Huey Newton and Gloria Steimem and the gentle preachings of Joan Baez and the brothers Berrigan. Some studying a little, an occasional glance into a textbook over after-supper beer, a few dili- gently spending Saturday afternoons and Sunday evenings in the sanctity of the li- brary, carefully researching matters of great or little importance. A lot of average Joes from small Georgia towns and Suzy Sorori- ties from Atlanta. All human beings, reach- ing out or fearing to, all searching for some- thing known or unknown, feeling afraid or confident in the West Georgia microcosm. . It ' s A Dog ' s World. f 4 UJSAGE BISCUm5d;0 DdAINS UPS 50$ EG S LAD GRILLED HASH TU Ee HIL DOG 25 GRAV 50 25REEFER25 GRA 50 35 30 LL ALA ACID 15 OT OG SPEED 20SMACK THCH5RASSia F E H LET BAG R GG LSD E 4 I H EN 45 MESCALINE 45 30 " 1 45 MARIJUANA ' 5 10 GLUE3 RE RS I GREA E BO T I BYM C0CAINEI5$30 BOB IS A T »W(» ' Wt»««»«f ' W i il ' jm ' i 49kSx»k jsv ' 49 ms . » ■«. £!jTn,rMj I iK-f in [ " r ' " r " ' III LIWIIII I W I.I M M i ! The " suitcase colle ge " syndrome takes ef- fect each weekend as soon as that last class is over — or even sooner. Corvettes hlaze off in a cloud of dust as thoughts turn to wiJd nights in Atlanta or wild nights in Ellijay, Ga. The campus is left deserted with only a few stranded individuals occupying nearly empty dorms. With Car- rollton as dead as dry leaves, those who re- main have l)een heard to curse wildly, eyes rolling, and vow never again to he stranded on the desert island of the West Georgia campus on the weekend. On the positive side, perhaps the he- leaguered campus profits from a much- needed respite from the collegiate rat race The fall came, crisp and exciting. The air Mas full of tensions as many realized the time of innocence was ending. The resulting search often leading to frustration as the oh- stacles and the contradictions hecome appar- ent . . . symbols that don ' t mean what they should, institutions that have become inflexi- ble and inadequate, human problems of lone- liness and isolation, human frailties of intol- erance, apathy, fear . . . " Too many mountains and not enough stairs to climb. Too many churches and not enough truth. Too many people and not enough eyes to see, Too many lives to lead and not enough time. " from " Undone " tmmi :--_ . ■ ..::9 r i 12 14 ■■ " JL " Lei ' 5 ' a naU)2e ' -Hke. - " a + ' 0 ' 16 17 The basic humanity shows through in the faces of individ- uals, people who defy categories simply because they are individ- uals and more or less unique. People who scream involvement : the byword of the 70 " s. All we ask is why war. pollution, and dis- crimination still exist . . . And yet there is unity in the music, in the styles of hair and dress, in the en- joyment of sex and booze. ■, ' :-.i A -. M 20 21 " " " V ... l fll T ' SJ " ; 22 Pomp and circumstance, and $5,000 to make it official that Ward B. Paiford is President of West Georgia College. Cameras click and professors look adequately ridiculous in clergy-like robes to mark the momentous occasion. Stu- dents, disaffected to say the least, head for parts unknown, having been given a day off to enjoy the fun and games of the Inauguration. A new infirmary, costing no telling how many thousands. is established for the express purpose of distributing mass doses of aspirin and coricidin. Meanwhile, back at the Ivory Tower, funds are slashed for salaries, travel, library books, and student assistants. What was that about priorities? 23 26 27 Photo bv: Artliur B. Tucker ' ,U fv ' - , ' ' - " • " — - Jf ' !»»• ' ■;___ — saijs -« »S!=- 2«i-.ii! - :i=«.._- .- ;; C£iii«liMSs? sr ? " ' ' -. 4.000 3.000 2.000 «. 30 E.. jiJ ..iiglllli 31 33 36 [ L oiie eae 9 Qaii iBJiocL—Ut Runner-up karon U arned — inaiiii 4 Aan dSeacham — 2nd Kiinncr-ujy ' i ir i? ♦» oncS I I ' liss Con a en la litij 37 38 Jan Sharon Judj 39 40 41 42 J omecowiina Q ueen OWld L afoi Cjoodt t v leianie i ncii. .J omecomina ( out ' i War., DoJJ 44 45 i a» A: J ■ ... r- 47 GREEK WEEK The Greeks at WGC participate in the activities that are put aside for them during Greek Week. IFC and Panhellenic work hard to put together a few days that the school as well as the Greeks can enjoy. Outdoor concerts and a carnival were opened to the school and the Chariot race and the outdoor concert at the Lambda Chi house were for the Greeks to enjoy. To climax the an- nual award banquet was held and recognized outstanding individuals and organizations for outstanding merit through out the year. 48 49 FINE ARTS WEEK 50 Not everything is rock and folk at WGC. Once a year West Georgia students enjoy the change of pace " Fine Arts Week. " The fine talent of the students and the instructors of WGC is demonstrated to the public during this week. Through concerts, recitals, and art displays the people that are not familiar with the art department can see the extraordinary talent that West Georgia can hoast. Those who participated in the week felt relaxed and enlightened, those who missed the fine performances let a great deal of pleasure slip by their hands. SPRING FLING 52 Spring and Spring Fling came again this year as always; students congregated outside to hear rock hands and enjoy the welcomed warm weather. .Alon- day through Saturday were highlighted with con- certs, talent shows, a soap box derby, and a dinner on the grounds. (Not to mention WGC ' s first Foot- ball championship. ) There Mas plenty to do and everybody seemed to have a good time. Everybody welcomed spring and the season for spring fever. 53 JERRY BUTLER 11 54 THE NEW SEEKERS BREAD The John Biggs Consort Ray Whitley Peter Nero Live Oak 57 DEATH OF A SALESMAN OH DAD, POOR DAD, MAMA ' S HUNG YOU IN THE CLOSET AND I ' M FEELING SO SAD J 60 mi J THE TRIAL OF THE CATONSVILLE NINE WHO ' S WHO Tommy Adair — Senior; Dallas, Ga. Larry Benton — Senior; Atlanta, Ga. ; Superintendent, U.P.C.; Circle K Club; Vice President, ATfi (1970-1971). 64 Chris Adair — Junior; Atlanta, Ga. Elaine Brock — Junior; Atlanta, Ga.; Social Chairman, U.P.C. ; Social Chairman, ' I ' M. Mary Burgin — Senior; Atlanta, Ga., Treasurer, KA; Var- sity Basketball; Varsity Volleyball. Diane Carlton — Senior; Carrollton, Ga. Robby Boulis — Senior; Atlanta. Ga.; Treasurer. ATH; President, Junior Class; Business Manager, W est Georgian. Bill Driver — Junior; CarroUton, Ga Secretariat; Treasurer, Debate Team. S.G.A. Executive Claude Dixon III — Senior; Chicago, 111.; President, Phi Sigma Mu; President, Black Student Alliance; winner of Hemdon Award ; Winner of Watson Award. Richard Collier — Senior; Marietta, Ga.; Entertainment Chairman, U.P.C. ; Fine Arts Committee Chairman. Jimmy Drake — Senior; Monroe, Ga.; President, Senior Class; Vice President, Junior Class; Vice President, Cir- cle K Club; Vice President, Pi Gamma Mu. 66 Tony CrifHn — Junior; CarrolUon, Ga.; Treasurer, TKE ; Judiciary Chairman, S.G.A.. ; S.G.A. Representative to Carrollton City Council. Steve Ford — Junior; Atlanta, Ga. Chuck Garrett — Senior; Barnesville, Ga. Barry Gibbs — Senior; Austell, Ga.; President, KZ ; Geor- gia State Senate Intern; S.G.A. Executive Council. Chuck Hill — Senior; Carrollton, Ga.; President. Sopho- more Class; Vice President, S.G.A.; President, S.G.A.; S.G.A. Ambassador Abroad. 67 Boyd Morley — Senior; Cedartown, Ga.; Treasurer, K2 ; Minister of Student Affairs; Secretary of Finance, S.G.A. Jimmy Hovanec — Senior; Atlanta, Ga. ; S.G.A. Secretar- iat; S.G.A. Judiciary Committee. Evelyn Owensby — Senior ; Commerce, Ga. ; President, Panhellenic Council ; Secretary, U.P.C. Donnie Miller — Senior; Atlanta, Ga.; President, Cavaliers. Sally Peil — Senior; Duluth, Ga.; Senate Secretary, S.G.A.; S.G.A. Ambassador Abroad; Miss West Georgia, 1970. Jan Robitaille — Senior; Marietta, Ga.; S.G.A. Senate; Judiciary Committee, S.G.A.; Herndon Award. •Vf i-r Alice Payne — Senior; Canton, Ga.; Editor CHIEFTAIN (1971, 1972); Assistant News Editor, West Georgian; Ac- tivities Editor, West Georgian. Steve Russell — Senior; Cedartown, Ga. ' ' ' V ■ 0 -ii ; ' . ' S ' 4 -A • -s: : ' V A y ,;W li - Ai . ■ - ,.p : ;v .;v; a ; ; v; f . z W ' " ?; ' Ki ' ■ : ' ' : .i; ;A vr i i ■? . vi ' ' ' , ' ■; ii ' ' " ; : ' ■ ' !- 1 1 ' ' ' " : v: - ' - X . ' ' ' " s ■ ■ V:- ' -J k; ' ' V ' i i !Q;i TV;® ,-: • - c . -;; :;;:; : a ? r = = ; 4. -r- r -- ..v ,:;t tf ig: :1, % v j ' " :a- i ! iM W -v- W T ' ' ' ' . ' -. h ly: if:: P ' ' ■■ .v- ' -j " S S ' 69 Liz SomervUIe — Junior; Atlanta, Ga.; Debate Team; Fi- nance Committee, S.G.A. ; Co-chairman, Accolade. Don Smart — Senior; Baxley, Ga. ; President, S.G.A. ; Herndon Award; Watson Award; Scholarship Chairman, ATfl. Susan Schollenberger — Senior; Columbus, Ga.; Treas- urer, Alpha Gamma Delta; Secretary, Phi Gamma Mu; Herndon Award. Jane Stegall — Senior; Decatur, Ga. Kathy Smith — Senior; Bowden, Ga. 70 John Thomas — Junior; East Point, Ga. ; News Editor, West Georgian ; Features " Editor, West Georgian. Rick Waites — Junior; Douglasville, Ga.; Vice President; S.G.A. ; Minister of Student Affairs, S.G.A.; Vice Presi- dent, Freshman Class. Ronald Wright — Senior; Columbus, Ga Richard Trice — Junior; Marietta, Ga. ; S.G.A. Senator; President, TKE; Entertainment Committee. U.P.C. 71 Il x 74 BASKETBALL 1972 West Georgia won! These three words pretty well sum up Braves basketball 1972. Forging a fantastic 28-6 season record which included the capture of the District 25 Tournament for the first time ever for West Georgia and also an initial trip to the national NAIA Tournament in Kansas City, Missouri was all part of the achievements made by this best-ever basketball team at this institution. After posting a respectable 14-10 mark during the 1971 season, Coach Roger Kaiser teamed Mith new assistant Coach Jerry Reynolds to mold a highly talented team of junior college transfers and experi- enced returnees that reached the summit of West Georgia College athletic accomplishments. Although the conference title again evaded the hardwood pounder ' s grasp, so many other goals were grabbed. For the first time in eight years, a West Georgia basketball squad defeated Valdosta, the perennial GIAC champ. Another first was the Braves two big victories in the district tournahient that crowned them District 25 Champs and sent them on their way to Kansas City and the 1972 national NAIA tourney. In the initial national ' s bid, the West Georgians knocked off Northwest Iowa State 73-69 in an over- time thriller that saw West Georgia ' s All-American candidate Charlie Hamilton score 24 points and cap- ture 23 rebounds. In the second round of the nationals. West Georgia faced one of the best all-time small college basketball teams ever assembled, and for the first fifteen min- utes played on even terms with their Kentucky State opponent. Gradually the Kentucky State squad pulled away and rolled on to a 112-83 decision. Three nights later it was Kentucky State who went on to seize their third consecutive national title. Kentucky State was led by the offensive prowess of all-time collegiate scoring leader Travis Grant who tallied 60 points the first night and 43 points against the Braves in the second round of the tourney. Also significant of this year ' s team was that they virtually rewrote the record book of years gone by. Besides winning more games than any other West Georgia basketball squad ever, the Braves set 39 new team and individual marks. The previous record for most points in a single game — 123 against Piedmont College, most steals in a game — 33 against Piedmont, and most steals during a season by an individual team member — 120 by guard Greg Allen. One thing certain about the Braves squad is that their winning ways had a tremendous effect on West Georgia College. Never before had standing-room- only crowds jammed the gym with such an exuberant enthusiasm. Part of this fervor was generated by the simple fact that West Georgia was winning for a change, but perhaps more by the way in which they won. They won via a running-gunning offense, a fierce defense, and an undying desire. Each player played his part and played it well. From the first stunning steal of Greg Allen to the last aggressive rebound by Charlie Hamilton the West Georgia Braves were a team to watch and a team to forever respect as one of the best anywhere, because they could do one thing so well — they could win. 75 76 J West Georgia Braves basketball team 1971-72: (front row, left to right): Barry Allen, Whit Mathews, Greg Allen, Skeet Crigler. Milt Moss, Stan Horton. (back row, left to right): Willie Joe Lewis, Charlie Haniihon, Allen Gustland, Bobby York. Glen Andrews, Harley Stewart, Max Phifer. Left, lip off in Braves vs. Piedmont game. 77 Willie Joe Lewis, forward All-Tournament at Tennessee Temple Tourney (left to right) Charlie Hamilton, Greg Allen, Bobby York. 78 Milt Moss, forward Whit Mathews, guard Alan Gustavel. forward 79 Skeet Crigler, guard, captain Glen Andrews, forward Stan Horlon, forward Harley Stewart, forward Barry Allen, guard Joey Godwin, guard Coach Archie White WEST GEORGIA BRAVES INFIELDERS: FRONT ROW: Hulon Fields, Donald Dixon, Freddie Rice. BACK ROW: Butch Hinshaw, John Hulsey, Lynn Huffstickler, Benny Rob- erts. 82 h OUTFIELDERS: Bobby Can- ada, Terry Ellington, Pancho Warren, Joe Tippett. PITCHERS: FRONT ROW: Pancho Warren, Rodney Bankston, Bob John- son, Brad Byrd. BACK ROW: Butch Hinshaw, Lynn Huffstickler, Tyre Wil- Hamson, Jim Brittain, John Travis- 83 PITCHERS Rodnev Bankston Brad Byrd 84 John Travis Tyre Williamson Jim Brittain S5 Lynn Huffstickler ; First-base, pitcher Benny Roberts ; Second-base Terry Ellington ; Outfield, catcher 86 Joe Tippett; Outfielder .1 j: ' -fete«.i-i-f ' ft v-:;l Bobby Canada; Catcher, Outfielder Pancho Warren; Outfielder, Pitcher 87 JiaX ' y ? " ' .- SS- i iiA? .C i-.ik ' Kjjj :..«v g :i2:. ' -i-jiii iis-isl Freddie Rice; Infielder ' . r: ' " ' . . -. J5fr; ' , : ' Donald Dixon ; Shortstop Butch Hinshaw; Pitcher, Shortstop -if . .• r - . »j. «i; At the finish line aTTGr . . . . . . . Four and a half Miles of Truckin ' . 90 92 TRACK 1ST ROW: Asst. Coach: Ed Crumbley; Larry Hunter, Joe Brooks, Jerry Millsaps, Jim Griffin, Bob Hines, Renard Wil- liams, Asst. Coach: Lee Fiddler. 2ND ROW: Willie Edwards, Bill Vickery, Jerry Arnold, Kim Porter, Doug Miller, Roger Denny, Roger While. .SRD ROW: Coach Knox, John Arnold, Jimmy Davis, David Harris, Gary Smith, Bruce Godfrey, Wey- man Dunahoo, Steve Anthony, Ben Sathard, Eddie Smith. J Coach Grant Knox and Coach Paul Jones 93 «:P ' ' " $ . c- -xs ' — i ir ' ■■■ ' ■■ A ' ' -- .- ' : A CROSS COUNTRY CAKE RUN TWO GRUELING MULES FOR A COCONUT CAKE. Fraternity Race Independent Race WOMEN ' S VARSITY BASKETBALL 100 Roxanne Lucas Sandy Myrell Marcia Lester Betsy Alexander Brenda Smith Carolyn Cameron 102 t-; ' , Barbara Wilhite Barbara Hardaway Debbie McGarv 103 IM SPORTS MEN ' S INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL -,» In Desperate Quest Intramural Football — 1971 Fierce competition arose in the men ' s intramural foot- ball association this year. Most of the early contests were for mere fun, but towards the end of the season, huge crowds covered the ' football hill ' as the top contenders in each league fought for the coveted Men ' s Intramural Football championship. In the fraternity league. Lambda Chi rose to the top of the pack but only after a bold struggle with Kappa Sigma and Pi Kappa Alpha. In the independent football picture, the Farm and the Batracks were kingpins of their respective leagues. A playoif between these two independent winners saw the Farm capture a narrow 17-6 decision. The Farm then proceeded to the championship game with Lambda Chi and came out the victor by a 17-7 score, thus making the Farm the 1971 men ' s intramural foot- ball champion. According to coach Paul Jones, the men ' s intramural director, this year ' s football program was the largest ever in relation to student participation. Nineteen teams in three separate leagues took part in the sweat, the prac- tice, and the sheer enjoyment of this memorable year of men ' s intramurals. Of the Promised Land TENNI . iiiffii;iii ' imm iii™ i _[ ]M.l ; " T ' 7,v .r:v; iiilSIII TENNIS Jenny Montgomery, Brenrla Allans, Maggie Smith, Coach, Barbara Brown, Joy Francis, Letta Akers, Doren Duffer. , , Molly Mizell Brenda Allans Letta Akers Maggie Smith " K Doren Duffer L Jenny Montgomery Joy Francis CHEERLEADERS Rodney Roland, Billy O ' Dell, Jimmy McGuffie Claudia Wilkes, Captain I 12 Carol Hamilton Karen Clevenger Joan Oldknow Judy Cordon i 13 Luanne Saluzon MAJORETTES 14 Janet Christian, Co-Captain BRAVETTES I asT-- 1ST ROW: Cathy Tabor, Susan Bell, Robin Feb, Debbie Nix, Jenni Jackson, Liz Ahern, Olivia Hester. 2ND ROW: Candy Toole, Vickie Jones, Joann Granese, Julie Edmonson, Debbie Nelnis, Linda Gashain, Barbara Fadden, Jan Gaddy. ( 0 imm . .«» . wnHw»«%!miMia— an 1. Marilyn Chatman 2. Ricky Craig 3. Dan Ponipillio 4. Ricky Bowman 5. Danny Moseley 6. Larry Eng 7. Frank Wilson 8. Jimmy Drake 9. Arthur McMiirray 10. Frank Fenn 11. Steve Roberson 12. Pat Sherlock 13. Steve Ford 14. Lona Walker 15. Gawain Ploiiffe 17. Mary Williams 18. Don Smart 19. Bob Cautham 20. Richard Russell 21. Sally Peil 22. Chuck Moss 23. Mike Carr 24. Randy Turkey 25. Jeff Reid 26. Steven Coinche 27. Tom Pickman 28. Jim Hovarn 29. Bill Driver 30. Terry Williams 31. Jackson Hill 16. Richard Trice STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION i 120 The Student Government Association is the governing hody of West Georgia College. Its primary purposes are to promote a high standard of conduct; to maintain a desirable atmosphere for intellectual growth and for social activity; to stimulate com- mon understanding among students, faculty and administration to protect the individual rights of each student and to set forth the general principles that govern the student body. Through the efforts of the S.G.A. there have been many improvements in the policies of W.G.C. and an increased respect and understand- ing in the working relationships between the administration and students. Don Smart, President STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION SENATE 1. Rick Waites 2. Mark Stone 3. Frank Wilson 4. Ricky Bowman 5. Larry Eng 6. Art Campbell 7. Steve Coinche 8. Ricky Craig 9. Richard Trice 10. Mary Williams 11. Vick Traoncalli 12. Chris Butler 13. Frank Fenn 14. Arthur McMurray 15. Dan Pompillio 16. Sally Peil 17. Phil Baldwin 18. Terry Williams 19. Jackson Hill 20. Pat Sherlock 21. Billy O ' Dell !22 Sally Peii; Secretary 1. Mike Cam 2. Steve Ford 3. Don Smart 4. Jimmy Drake 5. Jeff Reid 6. Randy Lindsey 7. Rick Waites COLLEGE UNION PROGRAM COUNCIL The College Union Program Council is comprised of the elected chairman of seven committees : entertainment, fine arts, house, publicity, recreation, secretarial and social. The Council ' s concern is providing campus enter- tainment which includes concerts, movies, lectures and various other activities. 1. Evelya Owensby — Secretary 2. Jim Philpot — Recreation 3. Steve Chapman — Fine Arts 4. Kathy Jackson — Publicity 5. Cecil Knox — Advisor 6. Richard Collier — Entertainment 7. Susan Schollenberger — House !25 CHIEFTAIN The Chieftain is the West Georgia College Yearbook and has received several national honors. The purpose of the Chieftain is to capture the his- tory of the academic year and present it to the student body as a permanent record in picture form. I Alice Payne-Editor-in-Chief Tony Cordell-Associale Editor 126 John Travis-Sports Editor Laurie Cheek-Greek Editor 127 Caroline New-Organizations Editor Mark Velhkov-Photographer :: ' ; t ' . Lynn Jones-Business Manager 128 Martha Chappel — News Editor Cathy Couch — Faces Editor Lisa Hughes — Copy Editor 129 WEST GEORGIAN THE WEST GEORGIAN, the official student newspaper of West Georgia College, is published weekly during the school year except during exams and holidays. It attempts to be the main source of news for and about the campus, and also offers editorial comment on a wide variety of local, state, and national events. Lisa Hughes — Editor I The t Kr The CG720 Lee Howell — Editor ■4 30 Robbie Boulis — Business Manager 131 Mark Velhkov-Photographer Bob Nellans-Photographer 32 John Travis-Sports Editor rrk Ivelvn Puett-Typist Janie Hitlin-Copy Eklitor 133 DELTA OMEGA 1. Ronnie Jackson 9. Chuck Jarrette 2. Alan Boyer 10. John King 3. Bill Baldowski 11. Mel Evans 4. Pat Jabley 12. Phil Cook 5. Steve Boland 13. Steve Fulton 6. Ken Hatcher 14. David Herndon 7. Jimmy Williams 15. Bill Burns 8. Dennis Garmon 16. Chris Lynch Delta Omega, a greek social organization had its he- ginning in early Decemher 1971. The organization was recognized on Feh. 8, 1972 hy S.G.A. The goal of its 22 memhers is to huild onto their already strong hrother- hood. They have accomplished this growth by their par- ticipation in the homecoming festivities and intramural activities. A new goal is to become associated with a na- tional fraternity within the next school year. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB The International Student Club is open to foreign and American students to discuss means of improving harmony between the na- tionalities. 1. Norma Nasser — Israel 2. Amelia Chu — Hong Kong 3. Francoise Salle — France 4. Jose Rodriguez — Dominican Republic 5. Merete Franssen — Denmark 6. Kedar Shresta — Napel - -m I 1 11 f T ' - If - 1 :. ' i V ' i ' . I C ' 3 - ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappi Psi, national business fraternity, is to foster interest in the fiekl of business and economics through ac- tivities, professional meetings, and brotherhood. 1. Steven Chapman 2. Bill Evans 3. David Shaw 4. Jimmy Philpot 5. Bill Groover 6. John R. Cox 7. Robert Rape 8. Skip Charlton 9. Ronald Kirby 10. David Glidden 11. J. Mark Miller 12. Ronald A. Kidd 13. Tommy Allen 14. Gary Hicks 15. Tommy Jacobs 16. Lamar Shipley 17. Jimmy Massey 18. Steve Dunlap 19. Steve Sproul ' MV - ' -t " StJP-. ,sfc it % ' 137 ARCHAEOLOGY The purpose of the West Georgia Archaeology Club is to promote interest in archaeology with emphasis being placed on the archaeological significance of the West Georgia area. Club members are trained in archaeologi- cal method and theory and participate in actual field excavations. 1. Randy Slater — President 2. Dean Wood — Vice President 3. Karen Seay Hunter — Secretary-Treasurer 4. Karen Green 5. Janice Harden 6. Mr. Sheldon, Advisor - .£ «»r». • . a 138 i !i- ..w- - GEOLOGY The purpose of the Geology Club is to stimulate inter- est in and to acquire knowledge of the earth. This can best be done by offering its members opportunities for field studies and field trips, by visits from the leaders in the earth sciences, and by social event at which both students and faculty can exchange ideas. 1. Ken Windom 2. Mike Chambley 3. Randy Slater 4. Lynn Coleman 5. Jerry Word 6. Jerry West i J " ; CIRCLE K CLUB The Circle K Club was established by the Kiwanis Club of Carrollton to promote civic welfare of the college. The purpose of the club is to build the in- dividual and the college. The club promotes service projects for the local Kiwanis Club, Project Concern, and the American Red Cross. Ecology is also an important project. Members are selected on basis of scholarship, civic interest, and leadership. 140 CIRCLE K ANNUAL BLOOD DRIVE 141 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman women ' s honor society. All women students who have obtained a 3.5 or better average in the freshman year are eligible. The purpose of the Society is to promote intelligent liv- ing and a high standard of learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among the women in their first year in institutions of higher learning. 1. Dean Georgia Martin 2. Regina Ray 3. Debbie Russell 4. Janice Homey 5. Sylvia Adamson 6. Carol Cook 7. Antoinette Brownbe 8. Thea Stallings — V. Pres. 9. Lona Sitas — Pres. 10. Rosalind Prince — Treas. 11. Connie Stout — Editor 12. Melodic Child — Historian 13. Cathy Hughes — Sec. 14. Mrs. Anne Norrell 15. Sandy Smith 16. Patsy Baugh 17. Nina Swinson 18. Fran Roberts 19. Carol Yoe 20. Ann Baccus 142 ACCOLADE Accolade is a women ' s service organization for junior women. The qualifications for membership are service, scholarship, and leadership. The purpose of the Accolade is to promote college loyalty, to ad- vance service, to encourage leadership on the campus, and to maintain a high standard of scholarship among college women. 1. Judy Gordon — V. Pres. 2. Sue Balnier 3. Liz Somerville — Sec.-Treas. 4. Wanda Gibson 5. Rebecca Martin — Pres. 6. Chris Adair 7. Mrs. Phyllis Fountain 8. Dean Georgia Martin 143 DEBATE TEAM 1. Sue Balmer 2. Liz Suminerville 3. Kathy Sundberg 4. Bonnie Bunn 5. Bruce Rogers 6. Mark Rowe 7. Steve Roberson 8. Skip Coulter — Assistant Coach 9. Dr. Chester Gibson — Coach 10. Elliot Pood 11. Terry Maughon 12. Bill Driver 13. Tay McConnell The purpose of the West Georgia Debate Team is to provide students an opportunity to discuss and debate vital contemporary issues with students from other colleges and universities through- out the nation. : ' i DELTA PSI OMEGA Delta Psi Omega, the mathematics club, was founded in 1967. The purpose of the society is to promote interest in mathematics on campus by encouraging research and study in mathematics, by presenting opportunities for its members to explore the field of mathematics, and by recognizing outstanding achievements by stu- dents of mathematics. Membership is open to any student who is working toward a major or minor in the field of mathematics or anyone who has a special interest in mathematics. 1. Janice Homey 2. Norma Plunkett 3. Twinkle Boyd 4. Robert Menard 5. Lamar Bell — Pres. 6. Jim Deloach 7. Wayne Hall — V. Pres. 8. Dwain Kilgore — Sec.-Treas. 9. Madeline Thompson PHYSICS SOCIETY The purpose of the Physics Society is the advancement and diifusion of knowledge of the science of physics. Membership is open to all students who are interested in physics. 1. Dr. Lucille Garmon 2. Dr. Bobby PoweU 3. Bill Hosford 4. Marion Sanders 5. James Hogan 6. Larry Brown 7. Bob Mason 8. Roger Bell 9. Dr. Ben deMayo 10. Dr. George Keller 11. Byron Madden 12. Dr. Bobby Belt 146 I ACM The Association of Computing Maehinerj- is a national organization of students, professors and professionals in the field of Computer Science. The purpose of the student chapter on the West Georgia College campus is to hring the interested students closer to the faculty and to the profes- sion which they have chosen. The activities of the organization provide a way for the students to meet and exchange ideas with the leaders in the computer field. 1. Sally Peil 2. Jose Rodriguez 3. Caroline New 4. Bo Ballard 5. Mr. Wayne Smith 6. Danny Carter 7. Twinkie Boyd 8. John Stokes 9. Nancy Toney 10. Bob Bearden 11. Brian Abernathy 147 148 1. Hugh Cooksey 2. Sylvia Carter — Pres. 3. Rise Spearman — Sec. 4. Michael Paladino 5. Sylvia Hanson 6. Dedra Griggers — Treas. 7. Alan Stewart 8. Cosby Kingry STUDENT ART ASSOCIATION The West Georgia College Student Art Association as formed in the fall of 1970. Membership is open to all art majors and minors. The Stu- dent Art Association ' s primary purpose is to promote art at West Georgia College and the surrounding community. Mr. Derrell Maxwell and Dr. John Brewer are the advisors. 149 The West Georgia College Chamber Singers is a small ensemble of mixed voices which performs a great variety of music suitable for small choirs. They appear frequently on and off campus and in the past have made statevide television appearances as well. The group entertained the honored guests at a recep- tion at the President ' s home during Dr. Pafford ' s inauguration in October. The second annual " Was- sail and Carols " program, a Renaissance — English style Christmas celebration, was held for three nights on campus in December. Other on-campus perform- ances sche luled for the year include a program of Romantic and Contemporary music on March 2nd and an " Early Music " program on May 18th in con- junction with the West Georgia College Collegium Musicum, featuring choral and instrumental music of the Renaissance and early Baroque. Director of the group is Bruce Borton, instructor in music. 1. Anita Brown 10. Sarah Mitchell 2. David Iteming 11. Donna Bardwell 3. Marv BovH 12. Jim Cornell 4. Howard Flanoock 13. Anne While 5. Loiianno Stevens 14. Wayne Dodd 6. Donna Anderson 15. Donald Humphrevs 7. Wiiliani Boatman 16. Wanda Williams 8. Peggv Winchester 17. Lyle Gentry 9. Jim Tippins 18. Shirley Hicks 150 CHAMBER SINGERS 1. Alex Maech 2. Mary Wickam 3. Janet Dees 4. Don Skillman 5. John Wendelschafer 6. Judy Benson 7. Mike Blackwood 8. Stephen Voinche The purpose of the Theater Arts Association is to stimulate interest and promote skill in acting, di- recting, and stage management, as well as to further the knowledge of the individual in drama. It also gives each memher an overall concept of the ideals and practices in all aspects of theatre. THEATER ARTS ASSOCIATION 151 STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATORS The Student Association of Educators, chartered in 1948 for prospective teachers, offers campus fellowship in addition to statewide benefits such as insurance and placement services. The West Georgia chapter enjoys affiliation with both the Georgia Association of Educators and the National Educators Association. 1. Susan Breiner — Legislative Chairman 2. Joan Hachat — Sec.-Treas. 3. Donna Long — V. Pres. 4. Sylvia Hansen — Pres. 5. Mrs. Rachael Grogan — Advisor 152 S.M.E.N.C. The Student Music Educators National Conference ushers for the Mutual Concert Association series. It also holds receptions for recitals and special events at West Georgia College. The programs of the S.M.E.N.C. are centered around music in puhlic school education at all levels. The S.M.E.N.C. is in affiliation with the G.M.E.A. and the M.E.N.C. 1. Nancy Bethea 2. Regina Cochran 3. David Loehr 4. Regina Ray 5. Yvonne DeHolliway 6. Lvnn Wilkinson ■ " W M WW WJ M ii lWWim i WiWMMi l l T f mmmmmmm [ f ■iHltlWHHiiiMMHAak ,-■ ' i w i » w«?r4wwl M i(i ' Mi l M i 153 WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CHOIR 1 The Concert Choir of West Georgia College is the basic touring unit of the choral organization on campus. It usually numbers eighty members and is under the direction of Mr. Max Peterson. 1. Franny Hulsey 25. Jillyan Perkins 2. Anita Burke 26. Lynn Kagelmacher 3. Rene Mabry 27. John Faulk 4. Charlene Rakestraw 28. Charles Huff 5. Sherry Cauldwell 29. Rush Howard 6. Barbara Chandler 30. Jon Mitehum 7. Sue Gray 31. David Loehr 8. Kay Bowling 32. Buddy Raper 9. Kathv Newman 33. Fellon Dunn 10. Debbie Wilson 34. Waune Schock 11. Emily MoClendon 35. Thomas Cole 12. Lynn Wilkinson 36. Thomas Jordan 13. Day Albright 37. Mike Rhodes 14. Deborah Owens 38. Mike Driver 15. Anne Jordan 39. Frank Lee 16. Leigh Murray 40. David Dwelle 17. Jocelyn Moore 41. Gary Price 18. Barb Johnson 42. Ron Agnew 19. Judy Patton 43. David Jenkins 20. Carolyn Sills 44. Don McGukin 21. Henrietta Walls 45. Eric Walsh 22. Nancy Hereth 46. Ron Harris 23. Vicki Bird 47. Chuck Roberts 24. Regina Ray K A ' t ?♦ ' f : I t WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE BAND The concert band is open to students from all depart- ments of the college. Performances include a wide va- riety of music, including contemporary band literature and popular tunes. The choir, under the direction of Mr. Collins, gives concerts both on and off campus. 1. Chip Baggett 2. James Hagler 18. Alan Abemathy 3. Hugh Downey 19. David Leming 4. Emily McCIendon 20. Celia Shoppe 5. Nancy Bethea ' 21. David Quillian 6. Randy Jones 22. Larry Roach 7. Joe Flanders 23. Kristan Shelton 8. David Loehr 24. Charlotte Miller 9. Lyle Gentry 25. Eugene Posey 10. Dan Evans 26. Howard Hancock 11. Marcia Moore 27. Susan Lipford 12. Mike Rhoades 28. Deborah Long 13. Jose Rodriguez 29. Sharon Coker 14. Warren Jones 30. Tom Maley 15. Thomas Cole 31. James R. Collins, Director 16. David Greene 32. Barbara Potter 17. Dorothy Smyly 33. Tom Beggs (h I V ■ ; T jT - M " •Ite2 ' i DELTA MU The Delta Mu is a women ' s music major and minor club formed for the purpose of raising the standard of musicianship and scholarship among its members, and to promote music within the school and community. 1. Nancy Bethea 2. Mrs. Tolbert 3. Regina Ray 4. Mrs. Munn 5. Susan Lipford 6. Sherry Caiildwell 7. Anita Burke 8. Cathy Chandler 9. Yvonne DeHoUiway 156 The purpose of the S.C.E.C. is to promote an understanding of the exceptional child, as well as to encourage a professional attitude among future teachers. Our organization ' s involvement includes dealing with special programs of exceptionalities within the S est Georgia area. Our main project is the " Super Chief Contest " dur- ing Homecoming with proceeds going to the iMentally Retarded Children ' s Fund. 1. Donna Anthony 9. Debbie Stewart 2. Liz Wilson 10. Maria Payne 3. Bettv Thurnian 11. Sandra Shiflett 4. Carol Love 12. George Colyer 5. Diane Benton 13. Alice Colyer 6. Mike Jones 14. Laurie Frost 7. Darnell Stallings 15. Margie Mills 8. Jane Lay S. C. E. C. 157 N 1. Hugh Gregory 16. Buzz Payne 2. Carol Russell 17. Debbie Motter 3. Fred Jones 18. Gerald Hallman 4. Margaret McSwain 19. Mike Rooney 5. Billy Kays 20. Charles Cook 6. Donnie Newsom 21. Larry White 7. Ann Cleveland 22. Rod Romano 8. Jeflf Hicks 23. Craig Benson 9. Dennis Patron 24. Vicki Bird 10, Carol Barnes 25. Curtis Eidson 11. Pat Waldrop 26. Peggy Mozley 12. Janice Clegg 27. Kei th Cook 13. Doug Sims 28. Don Howell 14. Mack Collins 29. Randy Pavlu 15. Robbie Tapp Advisor — Mr. Edward Max Neal ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is the largest international service fra- ternity and is celebrating its 25th anniversary on the West Georgia campus. Many of the activities of the fraternity include sponsoring the V.D. Clinic, the Miss West Georgia Pageant, helping huild playgrounds in the Carrollton and Bremen area, and collecting money for the Equilizer cam- paign. 158 4iin - • - • ' « ' .J ;- •« ' , iJ ... Ijr -%:3i ..- iSA ' B . i H- ' 1 SP ' y hi- ■ V ' ' i K ■ H ■-V jMMr- -■■■■ ' ' ■ ■f , 5 . , • - t -- v . ' ; -■• v.: t A% ' ' -(A - ' ' " ' " ' ■■ ' ■A ' ■■ 159 WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation strives to project the image of Christian fellowship and wor- ship. There are events happening practically every night at the Methodist Student Center. The Wesley Foundation, to its members, stands for student involvement on campus. Activities are varied but the Wesley Founda- tion serves as a distinct nucleus for each member. 1. Jane Adams 12. Diana Porterfield 2. Dee Grain 13. Betsy Vernon 3. Karen Vaughan 14. Bonny Huckins 4. Ann Leard 15. Louise Shewfelt 5. Jean Smyly 16. Terry Goodwin 6. Debbie Blanton 17. Erskine Rivers 7. Peggy Orr 18. David Burgamy 8. Jane Barton 19. Mark Perry 9. Addie Sollenberger 20. Ernie Seekinger 10. Sharon Farnsworth 21. Rick Beard 11. Gail Kitchens 22. Don Harp — Advisor f?f]M- if ' ' f w Vi?. ;: ■ -irtirt- «?m 161 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is open to all college students who have a desire to serve Jesus Christ. The purpose of the B.S.U. is to share Christian love and fellowship with the campus and the community through various activities as well as day to day encounters. Some of these activities in- clude tutoring underprivileged children, visiting rest homes, and children ' s homes, Bible study prayer groups, and send- ing out singing groups and revival teams to witness verbally about Christ. Vickie Alervine — social chairman Wanda Williams — pianist for choir Loretta Carmichael — publicity Karen Curtis — Soul Scroll Editor Anne Kimbell — missions Wanda Gigson — choir director Dottie Clarke— —enlistment Jim Tippins — music Susan Owen — president Doug Couch — devotional 162 163 The WGC Judo Club organized during the sum- mer of 1971 with support of black belts from At- lanta. During Fall registration 20 students registered for P.E. credit; 85 registered for Winter, 1972. West Georgia is the only school in Georgia to integrate Judo into its regular academic program for credit although increasingly this is being done across the nation. The WGC Judo Club is committed to Judo as a contact sport, to living-out its philosophy, and to greater knowledge about the Japanese culture from which it developed in 1882. THE WGC JUDO CLUB 164 165 The Physical Education Majors and Minors Club was created for those whose interests lie in the area of physi- cal education. 1. Sonny Myrell 2. Brenda AUums 3. Janie Stegall 4. Brenda Smith 5. Jan Caldwell 6. Jane Lee 7. Phyllis Yates 8. Vicky Morris 9. Roxanne Lucas 10. Judy Gall 11. Mary Helen Granade 12. Letta Akers 13. Marsha Lester 14. Lynn Percy 15. Beth Vemer 16. Barbara Wilhite 166 LETTERMEN ' S CLUB The Letterman ' s Club is made up of men studentg who have received a letter awarded for superior per- formances on one of the varsity athletic teams of West Georgia College. 1. Tom Kyle 2. Larry Darnell 3. Carl Doss 4. Steve Anthony 5. David Harris 6. Bennie Holloway 7. Bobby York 8. Glen Andrew 9. Chuck Moody 10. Jerry Arnold 11. Doug Miller 12. Jim Griffin 13. Jimmy Davis 14. Scott Puckett 15. Johnny Jackson 16. Ernie Raney 17. Chris Mullis 167 PHI BETA LAMBDA Phi Beta Lambda is open to any student interested in the field of business. The chapter is affiliated vith the state and national organizations. Its purposes are to create more understanding and interest in business edu- cation, to develop character, and to train for useful citizenship. 1. Miss Gibson 2. Daren Vaughan — President 3. Prof. Lentz 4. Gayle Murrow I I aZ . W.G.C GROTTO The West Georgia Grotto of the National Speleological So- ciety ig an organization dedi- cated to the study and explo- ration and conservation of cave environments. This is the seventh year it has heen or- ganized on the campus. The officers include Don Hunter, President; Dennis Holt, Vice President; Lynn Coleman, Sec- retary; John Reid, Treasurer. IM r 1. Reggie Smith 2. Betty Kelly 3. Karen Hunter 4. Lil Harper 5. Randy Slater 169 W.GC BARBELL CLUB The purpose of the Barbell Club is to provide a rele- vant atmosphere to participate in body building and weight training, to help an individual become, through physical exercise, a more outstanding person, to assist the college in purchases of materials for such exercise, and to support competition between colleges and univer- sities and intramurals in this field. 1. Doug Neal 2. Jim Mitchell 3. Rick Syobo 4. Bob Autrey 5. Carey Thompson 6. Bob Clark 7. R. C. Thompson 8. Roy Vanderslice, President 9. Steve Waldrop 10. Scolty Touchstone 11. Bob Frost 12. Steve Calloway " ' mm ptf.: KARATE CLUB The West Georgia Karate Club was started in 1967. This year the club has taken on a new aspect as members may receive P.E. credit for two quarters. The club learns street and tourna- ment fighting, the forms and breaking technixjues. The students also learn history, anatomy, courtesy, control of body and mind, plus much more. Though the physical exercises are important so is the mental exercises for control, speed and general ability. Therefore, courtesy and meditation are always stressed. The club attends clinics, gives demonstrations, participates in local, state, and national tournaments and hard weekly work- outs. 1. Ronnie Britt 2. Jessie Hall 3. Gene Bready 4. Davis Robinson 5. Bill Elphingstone 6. Gerald Hallman 7. Mark Moseley 8. Mike Fincher 9. Eric Simpson 10. Mike Curl 11. Mike Albright 12. William Brown 13. Hampton Boatwright 14. Tim IVun 15. Janet Zucker 16. Ken Romano 17. Wanda Perkins 18. Aubry Sheats 19. Charlie Wojcik 20. Greg Glenn 21. Walter Samnions Alan Reeves David Hargraves Paul Vogler Chip Gardner Thad Pirkel Lawrence Nichols 28. Jeff Weshner 29. John Stokes Robert Edwards Roy Williams 32. John Powell 33. Dana Rhodes 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 30. 31. BLACK STUDENT ALLIANCE The purpose of the Black Student Alliance here at West Georgia College is to promote dignity in the Black people, increase self-esteem and help the growth and development of self-assurance on the whole and as an organization. 1. Henritta Nails 21. Raymond Mosley — Pres. 2. Eddie Covers on 22. Jerome IValls 3. Fredrick Pace 23. Norris Williams 4. Jesse Hall — Acting V. Pres. 5. Sandra Grant 24. Karen Chapman 6. Elizabeth Butlerg — Sec 25. Alvin Bonner 7. Larry Hunter 26. Barbara Holloway — Sec. 8. Joann Conally 27. Helen McCoy 9. Pasteur Camp 28. Margaret Mitchum 10. Janice Durden 29. Yvonne de Holloway 11. Grace Manard 30. Essie Hill 12. Deborah Smith 31. Sanford Holloway 13. Ricky Lundy 32. Tyrone Copeland 14. Connie Burdett — Parlimentarian 15. Linda Bohannon 33. Donald Carmicheal 16. Kenneth Harden 34. Caroline Reeves — Corr. Sec 17. Alan Reeves 35. Robert Hines 18. M. C. Sanders 36. Charles Smith 19. Linda Baker 37. Tommy Johnson 20. Linda Buford 72 FLYING CLUB The West Georgia Flying Club was organized in the fall of 1970 in conjunction with the West Georgia Avia- tion Association by John Barbee, Wayne Seabolt and Paul Hammond. The W.G.C. Flying Club flys out of the West Georgia Regional Airport in Carrollton, and seeks to promote the skills, education and safety of its mem- bers. It is hoped that the club will eventually evolve into an Airline Management Major here at W.G.C. 1. Andy Anderson — Pres. 2. Rowland Green — Sec. 3. Chuck Bass 4. Bill Effingstone — Treas. 73 .G.C. SPORT PARACHUTE CLUB The purpose of the West Georgia College Sport Para- chute Club is enjoying the thrill of free-fall parachuting. Club members also participate in competition: style and accuracy events, and relative work, in addition to the weekend " fun Jumping " . The club is open to any student who would like to experience the unique sensation of free-fall . . . i.e. fly- ing without wings. 1. Bruce Edwards 2. Guy Richards 3. Art Campbell 4. Wayne Smith 5. John Bodiford 6. Mike Fallin 7. Bob Fry 8. Don Ahrents 174 175 76 W.G.C SCUBA DIVING The purpose of the West Georgia Scuba Club is to promote Scuba diving and to bring people together to familiarize and develop underwater exploration. Certifi- cations are through the National Association of Scuba Divers Schools. The Club makes various diving trips to Florida and offers courses in advanced diving, such as underwater photography, salvage and cave diving. 1. Mike Sollar 2. Don Gray 3. Cal Anderson 4. Dexter Ellerbee 5. William Gait — Advisor 6. David Adcock 7. Sheila McMurray 8. Phyllis Giles 9. Alice Copeland John T. Campbell — Instructor GREEKS 1 ' 1. Cecil Knolts 2. Leslie Perry 3. Karen Friedline 4. Beth Braekett 5. Jean Rogers 6. Penny Calhoun 7. Debbie Dowis 8. Marcia Hutchins 9. Mary Todd 10. Madeline Stewart 11. Beverly Goddard 12. Carol Goode Panhellic, meaning " all-Greek, " is the governing body to which all sorority women belong. This organization provides a unity among sorority chapters and fosters interfratemity co- operation and understanding on the part of individual mem- bers. It also realizes the importance and necessity of mutual understanding and co-operation between the sororities and col- lege administration and community. The Council is composed of two representatives from each of the five recognized sorori- ties. The Interfratemity Council is the unifying force for the fra- ternity system. The IFC is composed of two representatives and the president of each fraternity. The purpose of the organiza- tion is to be the governing body of all the fraternities and to give service. The IFC boosts the fraternity idea on campus. It accomplishes those things collectively that individual chapters cannot or should not be doing individually. 180 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ii INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 1. Kerry Thompson 2. Tommy Akers 3. Byron Greene 4. Ronnie Wright 5. Danny McBee 6. Richard Kolousek 7. Gray Stowers 8. Vic Troncalli 9. Eddy O ' Neal 10. Reed Freeman 11. Bill Hardman 12. Ray Noonan 13. Terry Ellington Cecil Knotts — Advisor to Panhellcnic and I.F.C. s ;§ s J:- ? J " 5 i -r J = = ' 5 c a -z ' Z ' ;i- ' 2 ■ . ' :- ' . •j E c K ,s cB a . c cB ™ ■■ " o ti; ■. T ra — ' w ._ .. V i, ._ — s UD fa b V r a (8 r •- Q ■2 X T s t: b r _S » J x s ;. a ■M X ;». C ' ' . ■» H r M i n i r ■ w w s 2 . ' -a u c c — c; s 5 t cs J CD BS CO CD 4 jt ss FHe4coTtiirivot oooN©rHe ifO ' i 5vo ooN©r ' C t) 4, • en 5:5 ■5 -c fe .-s ' J2 S . c - i = J= • — X — S3 i es S ID C fi ON 4) ce — C8 T • a. o -a 0) cc S 4j 05 J3 CO s t C8 05 c a - £ c 1 i % s 5 i o . = .S Q 5 C ; -5 « c .1 S c i ] ;« — c •2 i — n X c _ cc CS c - 1 - c c fT X S w 0) u Q a c 05 CB S e X u Sh H u s CT S5 -r ;. , n s. CO J 3 - OS S c- S S 05 c — s X 1 C 4 n :3 - re I C C3 , is t: -: if re -r T 1. X i; £ 4 X . re s 183 m Ww HkH W f ' f ! ' • t X. % ' ' i4 iM " S i-H CQ S o W ? a _ Z A Oj til a S cQ « £ s a S .Sf . .„ , . . - « « -T ' K ' ' ■ -Jj S C ' g .i 5 - ' - ' ■- - ' S .i 5 S ' ti« . — „ ■ " = .S ,- ; . " « - S • C ' - s- «» ' t £ " S -r J ' = -2 = " " •= X - fO ' iO at- ' OOo 0 rHNeflri ' ir5vCi ecCN© ' 5 M ' !j ' em b 1-5 N c s 5 £ « ■= S ' I ' s s c s ffi O H .c C - - = ; c " 3 c .Ji 5 i " « M n S CD — 1 2 " 4 IS = 1 . -» s J K -, a ca ' ■ ' — .- -■- -r t s ,, •= ;►. H I = t ■= I = 1 (NfC ' wvot-eoa O ' -HMcc ' wot--eooN© e i PHi-li-lFHr-l rHFH — F-iMMM en IJ r h FM OQ .a J H 05 re 9.) 3 re re 3 re re re V • 7 C h 0; s o re ' s pa cr _3 ; ' ] re X 2 re o o [» a) .- ] b re s o 0) 2 0.1 t X. c 1.1 JS a re s 3 re u " re re X ; re C re X Is u 3 iH S, OD g C ; s. Oi s o ja o en 3 re re 3 re " re ■| •—1 s s = H ? 3, c c La X re ■5 1 1 03 re H 3 re " re h b 3 re es .i2 C 00 c a; £ re I re X re • pH T) c V 3 I ja 0) . !;■ _3 CLn O T L. X T ■ " re , n 2 ti ac r- oc re On re 3. § re 3 T 2 oC 1) 3 3C re 1 s (N X re 3 i; 3 5. -3 g X ' i _ £ - = — 3 X re 3 3 X ,3 r .3 « re re M |1 3 ? " J! re _ ._ 3. r. 3 IS5 F ' ; ■ J — 1, T- " " « :, id ns) - r iU ' - fliBHflm J ! _-.■« ' ■aiF, . V 1 ' .: ' ' X-f- ' , v ■ - ' 4 ' » i fcv - ' S ' - -- V : y . 5 us .S 3 a al 03 ■r Ji ■= H ?• - ■- t sa « u ■ S:=H " c r - c 2 " J c5 u ' ' • ti " - ti. ijj " " » — Si -r Cu U U O ' J - 1= o e i; .M a c ij •. I, c .S S V n n n 8 (A -2 B 3 3 K K S T 0- O ? i 1 . .- .Z - -j: 03 w o u j . § -4 5j T _ -i; u a. U cTi C a :j 2 = 5 FHMcvoTjiirtvo( eoa ©r-iMf( ' irtv£r,ec v ' OD Ob 01 Id V ,h ■= -r 0.1 := s 3 s t: - Z ao X _;; a. S s J 3 — " re V- jj s® 05 biJ .•- -= « 1 Q « 3 I C » it " t T S a if it C r 3 S 3 X — 3 — CO . " ■ en Q •= ;.C cc ' C ._ . " 5 •■ " it c 03 C r c c - ?r 2 " Z Q •E • ;. pH t aj ON l-H re -£ c 2 « it " 3 I. c 2 ■= " ' — I. 3 ji re o £ .S OD 1 ill I re ; s. re c =— re jj re -= = c X Ti » I - lilt ■B ? E ._ ' ■« -re fi ' 8 § ? . 1. C s -z " — ' -z r- res - c J it - ? it ' E c 3 E l! X II - re re t. - - z s re I. X S E X 187 ■ . ■i:v;fv:: j -wrM s « Sid 0; Is t s K PS « B 0; G s -S •- N c ■B-S ' " 5 t. n ca a c = Q s O 5—1 9 B ' K . c: t. ! ' ■§ - ' " E K v!! - — 5 — — B B v — e E g a: B n s 1 S 1 tf Si 0) r " C8 s . CB « 03 HI S -2 u V) B S CS CS 01 B .5 cs x X c« ft. u c« Ti « « W H - tad J H J ■c -. fl (« fl ■ -. B 0 ti-j 4; -0 b _s s r B " 1 © « ' J B B fl • B u T n II " -4 -= S B S fft 1 ■. B rt fl u 3 1 • — 7 12 c ' i n « OJ III fl J fl b M 3 ■ »J U CQ " U 02 oa U U c " " -1 X McO ' iooi -eoav© ' -iN= ' wOt-eoav©rtNcc ' ir50t-©JONC w u C8 01 r, ■-■ re s - te 3 -. 3 ■ 3 r £ ii g :? r . 6t J £ 2 — .- 3 S g r .1 C8 it St t 3 u 3 " .4 01 IS C8 St C 3 re C w 4 3 S 3 c 3 0) I. r cc C8 L. it Q r, re it S5 SI CO t. S5 _re I re re " re re OD X St 3 I St 03 K i- " 1 • 01 - C8 — re — - H ac k - re T 5 u a 0 j M ■ ■ c 01 t .T " -. 3 _o ■ « Li T, u C s c 3 X C St I s U — 0 X t C8 £, 1 1. rr es - 3 -3 S. X a, c - _; . - re CS 1 -. s X re 7 k — ■S 3 E X « " • 3 s b re • r 3 u T c SI 1 L. St St _re " re • T 1 — re z 3 i; I re — ISO i lis C « a rji t m iJ B t CD c N 5 f hJ 4; •-I CD 1- 2- F c i; £ S Cd K M O . ■ ■ - „ .2 ■§ si W U Q - CQ : i ' 2 •Sic :« 1 = ' = 5 1 % ' ' i f- X. 0- ; ' ;J J a; o fO ' l vo ■eoo ©|-Hl fO ' lft0 eoo ©-HlM« ' 5 " i £ -sc I CQ « c3 « S W eft " 3 hJ Iri 03 ti 1 1 u is (11 CS ri d O c« ti i.2 J 1 -£ " « ■ ; lad u " S c _ ■ 0) © 2 y Mi 2 t, « 4J fe " -g t. U jj S E S w rs I ffl I § « I g c . . « ■c b n 4) -c -. 5B« ' J " Ba4; -• I. c I: E a s E «- E = ■ .5 d 2 ' 1 ' Hs M ' ic b ' Ooav©i eviw5Tjiw ot-eoav© ' NMTticct-- ' eca FHrHpHr-lr-ii-lFHi-lr- FHevIMNNINMNMMM K C 3 S « — O 2 «■ .2 -a s - CS a On « « C8 61 13 o ft 5 « JS ? « ft- . 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C9 03 Q c c o; H en a: 03 rH iMT in t eOOvO ' - ' MMri ' irt t ec 3V C 193 v A . ■ m •« . iT it - ,2 ' f ' t. m " f„ c K ' ■■ :■ 1 ». st! » ««K:vy ' :i r ■s-ssss - - ' ■ • -; ' ' ■ ' • ' » ' Q .1 _ _ o -a " i " 3 -« ,a 5 ft = cs e e ja Q H ca H - (A I is 3X2 C S (9 5 c« a ::;h ii ca S - £ ■C flj 3 " 2 Hi (-1 t: . £ .s e i! B a E c b CaSCOc«OQD2jS = W aSD5 e 5 a li B O „ m o = I ©l-HMClt ' S ' WsC J ft c c c c c f .S -O M - c« Is e CQ S .- S cs « Q CQ Q H S « c i» " B " 3 S in « ™ a -J : C ?• " T? — Sc , : | S S S c J s -- ffl 3 i S JS o tt Q O nJ DS ;3 " = g S I. •- fa H £ S 3 a ? p— ie lcO ' lC 0t--80Ov© 5 jci0T lrtvCt--00Ov 195 J f 5 .s « B 2 ™ ± « •= 2 M J? ? J i S - 5-= o £ c a C ft 1) s ::: S : « « C« CD hJ 1 ' AS S ■C ;.. c -c Si -c Q U c oa 4. 61. Ml -i " o B X 0 t 00 o X B B n - - B C ;, en 3 ca it) CQ J « S H Q ? ■= B S - I I: ' 7 -3 £ I ■§ I .= w _ .? 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' S -2 -5 H - S w S — ' cr-eoc O " (Nc t ' w 199 V u J3 -r «4H s o CS s CS a) 01 a S m a, r—l 0.1 S ' % 2 61) ft 2 CS i; OD (C fS 0) n CS u :3 Uh ,« (U s 0) c t J S C8 93 CS a -4 s h V S Ti N4 S s . ft a Z S CS e liJ C8 -a ,0 1 a CS s 0) S 0 1.1 T -c -H 1— 1 u A X ft 0) s s 9i u n i CS X JS CQ h ti s s i S CS S 1) X 4iri 0) 9 Q " r. i ' 3 CS u CS 0) C X 0) be 4 2 £ tt) ki s .2 t. ' a lb O U -r ft i 9J s O CS CS 3 t —I .5 Ml I; ■o d V b Oj it a 11 O " 2 £ fc s:- „ 5 .s a. a ■? H S CD Ui b 1 j3 ft g S M 1 1 C 15 n 61) . — e h - .2 C8 S 11 ca -C 1 I.S H = -o i ■o " D U g 5 o " S w — 2 ca o E c J! 5 r -s ■= - ft ii t . -5 - c , 1 « 1; e CS i fi CO H CO Q c« N CO T ic vc r ■ - 1 o IS o IT CD ca ;- ca ce 0; ca 3 CC 1 E c E 1 (T .5 12 K c -1 s I. _ c -5 — CC »_ :£ C ec © F-H N w} ' irt i sc av c 201 - ' .■.«iWW«, K.-;;. « f ' - ■ a- en - o 2 Si -, s 5 2 o S « « o O V i 2 - VO ■ " iJD a — s r « Oh - -2 u : c8 si) V o X a " 6-3 o a .« a " • « S e. " " W .a a 13 a -0 f bC a Tl X 4-t H H s .S 3 ' cfi X a 2 s § 5 H -3 ! ID « . a p-H C8 s s U a " 71 U a )j C 2 « 2 :S " iSJD a a 2 g « ® .2 a -r bt-S = I .ti a M O rt •- =- 5 o -£ ' S -a §•1 bij ? C8 ■a a ' Si -js a • a 4) Co •- a 4j SJD U o « n ,a o 13 a o m fa (U fa o a - -a " . fa o a X ' S o « — C8 2 «j 93 ••- JS 2 6D att a a 5 ? i fa o ' « fa " " OD a " 5 fa - s -JS -2 m IB 2 ft u fa n ft " a e J — OX 1i Sfi |a- iJs s J3 em 3 - - ,e i B til en a ' S s - ffl 3 i, U U SJ ri t- 2 e b 4) a. V -0 M ?;• !2 en ' E PS C8 4 u 3l X ■© S « Q i S « -3 e 12 u c a e " CO O JR :2 «3 S O § 3 _ h 0. ' CD s « S " 3 2 .£ em i: b =« A A 1, !: O i a, w - em e 3 s := ffl SO s 8 ■3 fl « a3 ■3 S 23 CT! = a S p lNMTfiW t eOO O.JlNM ift SS®; ?} 203 0) I— I u o ft-eo •p S (M 4) ft- - •2 Dm So S r 4J en D §-1 S = S 2 9 Si c fa 2 m JS o =« fa .A 2 -5 WD «ic d 9 - « -5 « fa 0 e C8 4) « 5 a n a a; - 5 a « g S -a a .- p J3 o 3 I l JS ON •- fri ' gag :g _ b 1 - 1 — I i " . ' S a a S o o ■w 4» 2 ' a • a « I _ C8 (C •-; fa « ? £ 03 fa I s a O « 4J ISC n ja -s JS " I» C8 bb o a s a T! n a .. a J2 a ® s a s Hi ? CQ O if - a jj § a § n JS px; a Scott Taylor Nick Mosgoody Randy Perkinson Gary Sharpe Mike Driver Mike Cole Keiidell Strickland Fig Newton © FHNMT ift»Ot -eO 0) Si Ti .Sis u S ts M -: « 0) e .a T-l U 4) " B -d £ DS O an Bri vid Ma il Huls ip Win ve Har o a 1 P s E .S s " Ji X « a U H oa Q Cl, U Q " -» ' - MfO ' lOvCh-eOCv !05 PRESIDENT DR. WARD B. PAFFORD ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Irvine S. Ingrain President Emeritus George W. Walker Vive-President 210 Elizabeth Parker Registrar John M. Martin Dean of Academic Affair 21 DIVISION CHAIRMEN Division of Social Sciences Eugene R. Huck Division of Business and Economics J. Mark Miller Division of Humanities James W. Mathews 212 Division of Graduate Studies L, Doyle Mathis Division of Science and Mathematics Charles Masters FACULTY Who are these people anyway? Emerging from their book lined cubicles for two or three hours a clay, they pass on their legacy of scholarship and wisdom to all their bright-eyed, inquisitive disciples, students thirsty for the cup of knowledge they offer. Are they machines, computers who compile exam scores and de- liver profound lectures entitled, " The Significance of Tea Leaves in the Psychological Development of 17th century Mongolia? " Or are they super fiends who spend hours contriving tortures for the inno- cent student? No, every indication would have it 80% or more are human, or at least semi-human. Most go home to families at night, and some are said to walk and talk without the benefit of electrical energy. They worry about taxes and losing their jobs. They even smoke and drink and do all the other naughty — but fun-things that the rest of us do. They include all the stereotypes from the pcrenial English professor who finds sex in every poem ever written, to the ever popular absent- minded professor who smokes the chalk and writes on the board in cigarette ashes. Some are liberal or even radical ! While others would feel quite at home in the Reichstag. A few retain the virtues of their former days as that ideal human being, the student. Some are friends and confidants, generous noble, selfless souls dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and humanity — Some are none of the above. Such is the faculty that we all know and love and hate! 214 217 2!8 219 sp ' " L- -J : ( jm i _ 220 221 !»- jjE- - mmif mmimDe l 0 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jimmy Drake Presidenl Frank Wilson Vice-president 222 Ronnie Wright Secretary-treasurer H E i mlF T S Y lag " U f 4 k I P I 1 w j Bt 1 1 ■L vfl k HI ■ SENIORS Margaret H. Abrams Shirley Adams Mickey Ahrens Carl Albright Kay Albright Dennis Alexander Jane Alexander Donna Allen James R. Allen Judy Gaulding Anderson Mike Anderson Susan Archer Pete Atkinson Denise Avra Joyce Avery Connie Aycock Richard S. Baccus Marilvn Badertsoher 223 SENIORS Donna Bain William J. Baldowsli Carol Barnes Pamela A. Barnwell Levis Beavers Lawrence Lamar Bell E. Wade Benson Chris Berry Nancy Bethea Carol June Biggs Rodney Blalock Daniel C. Blanton Deborah Mae Blanton Diane Boatwright Harold Boling Diane Bowden Janet Bradley Brent Bridges 224 le uj s Poor guy, h ._, I ualkiMo dotuN the I Sfreef ihe lutomo V OJAtJ . • . ' 4 = Police =- ' ' ' ♦ ONE -v N WAV Hiram Brock Sherry Brook Caria J. Brown Bill Bryanl Martha Bullare Jerry Bunting Mary Perry Burgin Jake Burrus Donna Byrani Jan Renne Caldwell Pamela Calloway John T. Campbell SENIORS 225 SENIORS James David Cantrell Jill Jordan Cantrell Dianne M. Carlton Loretta Camiiehael Larry Carpenter Valeria S. Carroll Sherill Carter Sylvia Carter Margie F. Chambers Mike Chapman Spencer Charlton Judy W. Clark Deborah Ann Clay Katherine Cloward Regina Cochran Donald D. Coggin Jane Susan Coleman Bobby Colvin 226 SENIORS Ann Cook Randall Cook Shirley B. Cooley Tyron Copeland Cynthia Cowart Dee Crain Martha Ann Cronic John M. Daniel Dianne S ' . Davis Marlene Davis Clyde Denipsey, Jr. Michael J. Devitt Margenia Dorsey David L. Dunn Felton Dunn - Jm ' jI William S. Durrett Gloria R. Dutton Garv Eadv 0?- Julie Edmonson E. Larry Edwards Janel Lee Ellis Bill Elphingstone Diane Enns Stan Estes Deborah L. Faith John William Falk, Jr. Donna Ferebee Lulu Ferguson Richard W. Fields Michael M. Fleming n y " TW r ' tL I?l|[ U mjR ■I! SENIORS Ben A. Fleury Becky Foote Patt Ford Charles E. Fountain Frederiea T. Freeman Mary Ann Freeman Michael W. Freeman Dottye Friddle Jan Cadd Martha Gamble Phil Gambral Weyman Steve Garner Mike Garrison Ricky Darryl Geter Barbara L. Gaston H. Barry Gibbs Martha J. Gillham Jan Gladnev 229 SENIORS Debbie Glasgow Meredith Glover Beverly Goddard Bob Granath Danny Green Nancy Greer Hugh Gregory Nancy Gresham Theresa Joan Griffin Martha J. Guy Molly Ham Jennifer Hambrighl 230 ! SENIORS Terry Hamrick Sylvia A. Hanson Tom Hanson Janice Harden Johnny Harding James S. Harper S. Lynette Harper Charles M. Harrell Chervl Hatcher Thomas H. Hattaway Paul E. Hawks Laurine Havnes 23 SENIORS Regina Haynes Byron Hays Michael R. Head Wayne Henderson Pam Henley Bobby J. Herring Elayne Hill Lory Hill Be-Bop Hobel Beth Hogg Linda Holeomb Sharon HoIcomb Rocky Holland Benny W. Holloway Holly Suzanne Hoist Donna Home Marshall Adams Home Jerry Huckabee 232 r Mf SENIORS Susan C. Huddleston James Huff Lowell C. Huffman Jane Hunter Debbie Ivey Elaine Cowart Jackson Stephen A. Jackson Howard Johnsa Sidney Johnson Lynn Jones Robert G. Jones, HI Opal G. Kee 233 SENIORS Deb Kelley Katrina N. Kendig Karen A. Kendrick Kathy Kenimer Louis Kennedy Joel E. Kerr Roland A. Kidd Dwain N. Kilgore Ronald E. Kirby Steve Kiser Tracy Kiser Jane Kuglar 234 SENIORS Jean LaBoon Evelyn Lane Larry Lanning Celeste Lavender Sandy Lawrence Ann Leard Patricia Ledford Duane Lester Pat Lipham R. Scott Loftin Donna R. Long Barry Lunsford Judith R. McAniis Bill McBroom Rcida McClain Frances McClendon Deborah McClung Charlotte A. McCord 235 SENIORS Nancy P. McDuff Virginia McEver Michael Maddox Tim Maley Linda Malone Judy Manuel Nicholas Edwin Manuel Jack Martin Kathy L. Martin Donald L. Mason Robert L. Mason Nancy Massengale Dee Mayson Sheila Meeks Thomas Herschel Meunier Carolyn D. Miller Randall C. Miller Terri E. Minish H . 236 Chuck Moody James Mooney Boyd Morley Jonathon Moss Susan E. Mozley Lillian Mull Pam Mull Chris Mullis Wiayne L. Murphy Gayle Murrow Johnn W. Muse Doug Neely 237 SENIORS Richard M. North Sandra O ' Brien Joan Oldknow il Gail Oliver W. C. Orrell Diane Owenby Evelyn Owensby Michele Paladino Bill Palmer Beverly A. Parham Jane Parham Larry C. Parham Elaine Parker Vivian Parker Sammy Pate David Patterson Alice Payne Maria Payne 238 w SENIORS Tom Payne Claire Pearson Ken Peckham, Jr. Mark Perry Melvin Perry Parker B. Pierce, Jr. Lois Pog e Virginia L. Porch Jackie Potts Ken Puokett K. Scott Puchett Ivelvn Puett 239 NIORS Johnny Purcell Nan Randall Jeffrey C. Rasberry Verrill G. Ray Susan Reed Frank Rhodes Ted Richardson Ethel Riden Janice Marie Robertson Cathy Robinson Susan Robinson Jan Robitaille 240 IT-TT SENIORS Marsha Joan Rodbell Jose R. Rodriguez Jean Rogers Judy Rogers Wayne Douglas Rogers C. Eugene Rominger Michael V. Rooney Majorie Ann Roos Kenneth D. Ross Sharon Ross Rhonda Rush Carol Russell M! NIORS Christy Rutledge Jane Samples Joel Sanders Randy Sanders Sandra S. Sanders Tommy Sanders Tommy Sapp Susan Schollenberger ErnestW. Seekinger, Jr. Michael W. Settles Patricia F. Settles Joan Ellen Shallenberger Greg Sharp Molly Shepard Sandra Jeanne Shiflett Lewis L. Shipley Libby Shirley Carolyn J. Sills 242 Steve Sligar Don Smart Charles Danny Smith Mike G. Smith Vickie S. Smith Jeannie Snell SENIORS John Snyder Dale Spivey Stephen L. Sproul Deborah Stacks Sharon Stafford Linda Anne Stallworth 243 Debra Stanfield Alan Steed John B. Stogner Lester Stokes Ben A. Tallman Robbie Tapp Lynn Thomas Elizabeth Ann Thompson Sherry D. Thompson Tommy Thompson Patti Thornton Terri Thrasher 244 Ronnie Thurmond Kathy Tidwell James D. Timmons Susanne Tipps Joseph Raymond Tipton, Jr. Mary Tipton Jimmy Touchberry Denise Turner Nick Vanderslice Linda Verner Betsy Vernon Richard W. Waldrep NIORS Phyllis Walker Vickie L. Walker Jerry Weatherby Marcelle Wells Beverly West Cheryl L. West Linda West Peggy A. West Philip West David G. Whisenant Jeannie Wilcox Claudia M. Wilkes 246 Hope Williams Mary Williams Ron Williams Frances Willis Charlotte Ray Wilson Liz Wilson Kenneth Withers Steve L. Wright Edgar Wynn, Jr. Mary Alice Yancey Linda Sue Yates 247 Junior Officers Pat O ' Neal — President Arvid Johnson — Sec.-Treas. Billv O ' Dell — Vice-President Sophomore Officers Jackson Hill — Vice-President Mike Carr — President Freshman Officers Phil Baldwin — Vice-President Marilyn Chatham — Sec.-Treas. Randv Lindsay — President ?48 UNDERCLASSMEN Linda Brown Abbitt Allan Abemathjr Carolyn Ackerman Chris Adair Charlain Adams Connie Adams Jane Adams Marlene Adams Mary Adams Beth Adamson Sylvia Adamson Da id Adcock Donald S. Ahrens Frazier M. Aiken Letta Akers Tommy Akers Lamar " Turk " Akins Woody Alderman Alan Aldridge Vickie Alewine Betsy Alexander Paulette Allen Ginny Allison Debbie Almond Debbie Anderson Ann Anderson Cal Anderson Donna J. Anderson UNDERCLASSMEN 250 Susan Anderson Sharon Andrews Paul L. Arceneaux Evelyn Askew Marcia Atherton Betty Atkins Cecil Randy Atkins Rebecca Ausmus Kathy Autrey , Hugh Autry Kay Avery Ann Baccus Chip Baggett George Dilmus Bagwell Michael L. Bagwell Tish Baker Cay Bankston Beth Barbbe Christine Barfield Randy Barker Carol Barnes Sharon Barnes Sloan Barrow Debra Bass Mike Bass Patsy Baugh Robbie Baughn Jan Beacham MM«i UNDERCLASSMEN Donna Beall Rick Beard Norvis Louise Beasley Ronny E. Beck Nancy Beckemeyer Celissa Jo Bell Jim E. Bell Susan Ann Bell Jennifer Benefield George Rick Bennett John Albert Bennett, Jr. Judy Benson Serge Bernstein Sandy Berry Jeff Binion Dianne Bishop Jennie Bishop Cindy Bizzell Kathy Black William Tate Blalock Lee Blevins Mary Linda Boatwright Carol Bobo Doug Bode John Bodifmrd Steve Boland John Harrison Bolin BiUy H. Borger, Jr. 251 UNDERCLASSMEN Shelia Borom Debbie Boston Faith Bpurguignon Richard L. Bowen Alice Boyd Liz Boyle Beth Brackett Debra Bracknell Vicki Braddy Dianne Bramlett Phil Branson Nannette Brass Timothy Braswell Brain Bridges Laura Brien Douglas Briscoe 252 UNDERCLASSMEN Bradley Bristol Ronny Britt Gail Brizendinie Alice Brooks Danny Brooks Mike Brooks Sandra Broome Ann Brown Cathie Brown Ronnie Brown Cherry Brown Daniel W. Brown Edward Reynolds Brown Hallie Brown Kathy Lynn Brown Margaret Ann Brown Michael Curtis Brown Patricia L. Brown Rickie Brown Elaine Branson Angelique Bryan Jimmy Bryan Deborah Bryson u Jerry Wayne Buchanan Wanda Buchheit Ken Buffingtott. ii. Patti Bullard ' ' Bonnie Bunn !53 UNDERCLASSMEN Deborah E. Burdette Kaye Burnham William Burns Deborah Jean Burrell Keith Burton Pam Bush Chris Butler Elizabeth Butler Elaine Byars Jan Bybee Carol Cagle Don Caldwell Michael A. Callahan Corky Callaway Jeif. Campbell Margy Cannon 254 UNDERCLASSMEN 255 UNDERCLASSMEN Teresa Childers Beverly Elaine Chitty Larry S.° Christpphersori Donald R. Clark Sheila Clark Don Clements Ann Cleveland Jon W. Cline Theresa Cochran Karen Coffee Mary A. Coker Donna Cole Kristina R. Cole Pam Cole Philip Coley Crawford V. Collins Harold Collins Mack Collins Pamela J. Collins Peter Comento Rebecca Conner Ronald Conner Thomas D. Conkling Carol Cook, Charles Cook Frances Cook Keith R. Cook Linda Cook 2B6 UNDERCLASSMEN Tommy Cook Robin Cooke ' , Elizabeth Coolcy Connie Cope Alice Copeland Michael F. Cordell Lann Cordel Rita Corn John Cortese Debbie D. Cox Bob Cox Betty Coyle Lucy Craft James Craig Suzie Crain Chloe Crawford Jane E. Crawford Otis Criswcll , Tina Crocker Beth Cross David Crowd r David F. Crnmhiri r !irr l-iiluard. f riimMr Di ' bbv ( ritnip Rarrn ' nrti«- lanIo« f h- [ Hillv navi UNDERCLASSMEN Lindsay Davis Mary Davis Nancy Davis Wayne Davis Janet Dees Nathan D. Defoor Pam Dempsey Roger Denney Jim Dickey Linda J. Dickson Scott D. Dickson Marianna Donald Julian Dooley Lynn Dooley Debbie Doty Tim Doxsey Sonay Doyal Linda Duchaine Connie M. Dugan Dolores Duke Lance Duncan Ricky Duncan Janice Dunlap Donna Durden Janice Elaine Durden Wanda Durham David Dye Roy D- Earnest 258 ii i liiilt?; ! ' UNDERCLASSMEN Moses Ector Darel Edwards Marie Edwards Curtis Eidson Gail Elder Dan Elkins Susan Ennis Debbie Estes Carol Evans Dan Evans Melvin Evans Jeannine Ewing Faye Faircloth Mike Fallin Katie Farley L T v ' - X - Clenda Farmer SISiiS 4%ii s — " ■ .. 259 UNDERCLASSMEN Sharon K, Famsworth Krista Faulk ; ; Robin Feb Susan E. Fedder Annelle Ferguson Arthur Fessenden Susan Fields Amy Fincher Karen Fisher Elaine Flanagan Joe Flanders Ronnie L. Ford jeana Forlenberry Carole Foster Steve Foster Karen Foster Deborah Fowler ■ Joanne Fowler Joy Francis Deborah Franklin Merete Fransson Richard Fraser Danny W, Freeman Louise Freeman William M Friedel Karen Friedline Kathleen M. Fris L :nn Funk 260 UNDERCLASSMEN Karen L. Furr Becky Gable Connie Kaye Gallant Chipper Gardner Dennis Garmon Donald Garrett HoH-ard H. Garrett Wanda J. Garrett David Geist Renee Gentle Steve Geoffrey Jag Gholson Martha Gibson W. Scott Gibson Pat Giles Phyllis Giles Paula GiU Sheila Gilland William Gillespie Denise Gilpatrick Mike Gladden Gennette Glanton Bobby Glenn Bruce A. Godfrey Tony Godfrey Jeannette Goldin Debra E. Gordon Judy Gordon 261 UNDERCLASSMEN Linda Gorham Peggy Jean Graham Connie Grant Sue Gray David Greene Nancy Jo Greenway Bill Green vood Ann E. Gregg Janice Gremillion Cynthia Griffin Mary Anne Griffith Theresa Guess Frank (Doodle) Guest Sandy Guhl Brenda Guider Joe Gunn 262 UNDERCLASSMEN Vivian Cunn Cail Gunnell Barbara D. Custavson Teri Haag Mike Had don Barbara Hardoway Carl H. Hagelin, Jr. Tommy Hagler Debby Hall Jesse Hall Susan Hall Sylvia Hall Gerald Hallman Jane Lynnette Hamilton Scott Hamilton Lonnie R. Hammond Terry L, Hammond Danny L. Hammontrep Cody Hampton Dana Hampton Betsey Haney Johnnie Lynn Harbourt Barbara Hardegree Debbie Hardman David Alan Hargraves Sharon Harrington Brenda Harris Randy M. Harris 26: UNDERCLASSMEN Ronnie Harris Suzanne Harrison Dieborah Hart Janet Hart Carol Harvijl Jennie Harvills Otis Hatcher Dianne Hayes j Linda K. Head Janice Hearne Edward Heatherington Jacquelyn T. Heflih Steven Henderson Janice G. Hendrix Jane Henslee Marie Herbert . David Herndon Pajm Hester Patricia A. Hester Sharon Hester Paul Hibbits Shirley Hicks WajTtie Hicks L Essie Hill Jan Hill Jo Ann Hill Virginia Hill Margie Hilley 264 UNDERCLASSMEN Jayne Lee Hitlin Dennis Hodges Owen P. " Skip " Hoffman, Jr. Gail Hogg Bert Hoggard Dennis Holbrook Gay Holbrook Edwill Holcomb Patty HoUaday Randy Holland Garry HoUiday Lilly Holloway Theresa Holmes Chel J. Holt Scott William Holway Deborah Jane Honea Bob Hopkins Gene Home Janice Horney Don Howell Baxter Howell Joseph R. Hnckabee Debbie Hudgins Joanne Hudon P. Lynn Huffstickler Dotti Hughes Lisa Hughes John E. Httlsey t UNDERCLASSMEN Phil Hulsey Crystal Humphrey Eddie Hurley Kathy Hutcherson Joe Hutchins Angeline Hyatt Michelle Jabaley Carol Jackson Jane Jackson James M. Jackson Nancy Jackson Lane Jackson Bill James Susan Janssen David Hutchinson Jenkins Michael W. Jennings 266 UNDERCLASSMEN Karl V. Jeter Charles D. Jetton Mary Johnsa David R. Johnson Eric Johnson Randall Johnson Len Johnson Robert F. Johnson Shirley Johnson Stan Johnson Jolly Jola Judy Jones Karen Jones Nancy Jones Patricia Ann Jones Patsy J. Jones Randy Jones Susan Jones Vicki A. Jones Doyal A. Jordan Lynn Dagelmacher Carla Kay Kerry J. Kay Nathaniel Keel Brenda Kelley Isaac H. Kelley Leslie Kelly Cheri Kemp 0 UNDERCLASSMEN Anne Keyser Bob Kidd Diane Kidd Larry Kilgore Rachel Kilgore Vicki kilgore Ponna Kinard Dick King Andrea Kinney Gary Kitch Elaine Kitchens David Knight : Alan P. Krieger Tommy Lynn Kyle Patricia Lamb Davida Lambeth Sally Lampkin Sue Ellen Lampkin Gary Laster Vivian Laws Jane Lay Lindk Francis Lay ton Frank Lee Michael Edward Lee Hank Lemmon Sharon Leonard Marcia Lester 268 UNDERCLASSMEN Alecia D. Lewis Randy Lindsey Lesley Ling Hudson Britt Lipscomb IV Cathy Lynn Littlepage Gay Livingston Kathy Lloyd William Lloyd Alan Lockett David Hardy Loehr Dan Loftin DeLane Loftis Debra M. Long Dietrich Prethenthia Long Leonard K. Looper Russell Lovins Kent Lovvorn Cindy Lynn Lowe James H. Lowe Fran Lowery Joanne Lowery- Margie Lowry Roxann Lucas Cappy Luce Bill Lumpkin Bill Lundeen Linda Lurwig Sandv Lvle 2c9 UNDERCLASSMEN Becky McBrayer Nancy A. McBroom Steve McCarty Arvell MeClendon, Jr. Emily MeClendon Jann McClearen Joyce McConnell Debbie McCormick Helen McCoy Coochee McCranie Sam McDaniel Mary Smiley McDavid Barry McDonald Deborah McDougald Cathy G. Elroy Myra McGee Shelia A. McGinnis Mabel McGlaun Thia McGraw John McGukin Sue McGukin Cindy McKinney Donna A. McLendon Jackie R. McLendon Jan McLendon Kathie McLendon Thomas Ryan McMillan Mary Ellen McPherson 270 UNDERCLASSMEN 271 UNDERCLASSMEN Philip Mayes Luann Melton Rick Melville Marilyn Meredith Margaret Anne Merriman Bernice Miller Charlotte Miller Doug Miller Susan R. Miller Jerry D. MiHsaps Gloria Mimbs Mike Mitcham George C. Mitchell James Mitchell Jim Mitchell Margaret D. Mitchell Ronald Mitchell Sara Mitchell Russell Mobley Doug S. Moore Linda C. Moore Ronald L. Moore S. Lynn Moore Rick Moorhead Barry Morgan Karen Morgan Walter D. Morgan Anthony H. Morris 272 UNDERCLASSMEN Brad Morris Cliff Morris Margaret Morris Alice Morrison Vickie Morrow M. Ann Mosley Denise Moseley Mark Moseley Martin L. Mosteller Debbie Motter Peggy Mozley Jerry Mulkey Pamela Mullinax Roger C. Murdock Bruce Murphy Norma Nasser j t m ■ ' " r ;n....Z- ■• T . 7 1 i t I t ' UNDERCLASSMEN Kathy Ncal Deborah Nelms Jon Nesbilt Caroline New Patsy Joy IVichoIas Alice R. Nix Marsha A. Nolen Lamar Norton Paula Nunnally Sandy Odoni James L, O ' Gwin Ronnie O ' Neal Peggy Orr Susan Owen Wilma Ozment Alice L. Palmer Kenny Palmer Bruce Parham Patty Park Claudia Parrish Milah Pass Nancy Sue Patterson Judy Patton Buzz Payne Jatkspn M. Payne Robin Pelham, Jillyn Perkins . Philip Perkins 274 UNDERCLASSMEN Sarah A. Perry Susan Perry Boyd Pettit Charles H. Petty III Chris Phelps ' Dennis Phillips Elaine Phillips James C. Phillips, Jr. Jody Pippinger Raunda S. Pitney Pam Pittard Sebastian M. Planas Dan Ponipilio Bill H. Pope Edward Pope Ray Popham 275 UNDERCLASSMEN Barbara Posey Connie Bryant Posey Barbara Potter Gary W. Price George Dwight Prince Rosalind Prince Terry G. Pritchett C. Fran Pruett Rita B. Pruitt Larry Pruitte Judy Kay Puckett Kent Puckett Teresa Quails David Quillian Kathy Raasch Gayle Rackley James A. Ralston Gene Ramey Ellen Rios Ramos Charles Raper Debbie Reddin Ann Reeves .Carolyn E. Reeves : Gail Reeves Nancy Reigcl Theresa Reynillard Dave Reynolds Michael Bret Rhpad ss 276 UNDERCLASSMEN Steven A. Rhoades Carleen Rhodes Guy Richards Beth Richardson Cindy Richie Margaret Rickenbaker Cathy Rittiner Larry Roach Bill Robbins Becky Roberts Bennie Ray Roberts Chuck Roberts Lee Roberts Sally Roberts Kay Robinson Will Robinson Butch Rogers James Annette Rogers Linda Rogers DaVid Rone Barry L. Rooks Carol Rooks Rhonda Rooks Deborah D. Ross Donna Ross Jo Rowland Nancy J. Rowland Ashler Roval 277 UNDERCLASSMEN Sandra Kay Royal Gene Sanders Jill Sanders Yvonne Sanders Peggy Sanford Jcnna Sargent Donnie R. Saxon Randv Saxon . Susan D. Saxon Kat Scalon Jaek Schiveree Leigh Scott Karen Scott Linda Scott Marv M. Scullv Stan T. Seals 278 UNDERCLASSMEN Hilda Scay Debbie Shaddix Janet Shaheen Gary E, Sharpe Deborah Arlcne Shealy Larry Shelly Kristin Shelton Sandy Shelton Robert W. Shepard Louise J. Shewfell Dennis Shields Debbie Shiver :,::ify. ' a f-yj; Chris Shockley Celia Shoppe Phylis E. Shumake John M. Sibley Lynette Sibley Janet Sidney Terry Silver Eric P. Simpson Kay Sims Scott Sims Lena Sitas Richard V. Sizcmore Terry W. Slone Rod Smalley Brenda Joreen Smith Carol L. Smith 279 UNDERCLASSMEN Denise Smith Danny Lee Smith Debbie Smith Deborah Ann Smith Danny W. Smith Eddie Smith Lyn Smith Linda Smith Nancy Smith Neal A. Smith, Jr. Sandra Smith Shelley Smith Sherran Smith Susan Smith Tony Smith Jean Smyly Gary Sosebee Rise Spearman Sandra P. Spradlin Pamela Stacy V Thea Stallings Wayne Stanford Sherrie Lynn Stark Celeta Joy Stephens Danny Stewart . Deborah Stewart Vicki K. Stiles Rita Still 280 UNDERCLASSMEN Earl Stine Joeann Stinson Charles Stitcher Janet Stogner Mary Anne Stokes Teresa A. Stokley Connie Stout Donna Street Diane Strickland Eleanor Strickland Kendall Strickland Debbie Sullivan Barbara Ann Sunnerour Kathy Sundberg Nina Swinson Sharon L. Swope Karen Tallini Don S. Tallman Alice Tanner Jan Tarpley Madolyn Taylor Patricia A. Taylor Terry Teel Margie Thacker Garry Thames Gary Thomas Greg B. Thomas Judy Tliomas 281 UNDERCLASSMEN Kenneth J. Thomas Carey Thompson Betty Thiirman Marshall Thurmond Mildred L. Thurman Kiwp Tolbert Candy Toole Trina M. Topshe Randall E. Touchstone Dan Townsend Cynthia Trammell Ann Turner Billy Turner Nancy VanHorn Mary Beth Vansant Brcnda Diane Varner 282 UNDERCLASSMEN Marcia D. Varnum Heath Vaughn Karen Vaughn Lisa Venable Beth Verner Connie Vickery William A. Vied III Phyllis Vinson Cherry B. Waddell Nancy Waddy Debbie Waits Jack Waldrep, Jr. Cathy Lynn Waldrop Steve J. Waldrop Craig Walker Jan Walker C. Nat WaUace Connie Wallander Greg Waller Vicky Walls Eric Walsh Carol E. Walton Gene Ward Hope Ward Chip Warren Lonnie Warren Teresa Warren Wesley Warren 283 UNDERCLASSMEN Jimmy Washington Joe Watkins Cindy Weaver Kenneth L. Webb Steve Webb Wanda Jean Webster Deborah K. Welden Rhonda Wells Antha West Barbara Ann West Diamah Y. West Calvin Westmoreland Cheryl V. Whaley Eddie Whaley John Whaley William D. Whaley Richard H. Wheeler Rita Wheeler Jackie White Frances Whitlock Cathy L. Whittle Walt Whitton Mary L. Wickham Kathy Wigington Roll Wiley Barbara Wilhite F. Lynn Wilkinson Beverly Williams 284 1 UNDERCLASSMEN Candy Williams David E. WiUiams Kathy Williams Linda R. Williams Theresa Williams 285 Kurt Witter Cheryl Dianne Wood Gwen Wood Jane Wood Susan Woodyard Christopher C. Wortham Ginger Worthy Cathy Wright Dana Wynn Randy Wynn Rick Wynn Dean Yancey 286 287 eiiRT» « 5 CARROLL PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of . . • CARROLL COUNTY GEORGIAN and TIMES-FREE PRESS 832-2441 Newnan St. Carrollton, Ga. 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' Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground, ' -Stephen Stills- 312 J what if cohabitation is against the law in Georgia? the time tunnel . ■r ■ . . .I ' ve been shaving for two years, cut myself both times. . . 314 We don ' t know, use your imagination. 315 ' Eat your heart out, Dylan! " ••r.-ju . " . . .and the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply. . . " " Signs " 9 3(9 p SPECIAL CDLLECTiaWi IRVIME SULLIVAN INGRAM LIBRARY WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE CARROLLTON. GEORGIA IV (f

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