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" f 1 ■«; 1 i . WGC (--0 c - i ' A- v ' l, r - ' I ,!(. ' ' ■■ I I ii X ..-■ ' C i ki -JlitM 1971 CHIEFTAIN West Georgia College CarroUton, Ga. " For every action there is an op- posite and eq ual reaction. " Some- body said this; 1 can ' t remember who. But I suppose whoever he was, he was right. I mean to al- most everything there are two sides — there is a right and a wrong, a smile and a frown, a sigh of relief and cries of excitement, a tear and a laugh and so on. I ' m glad it ' s that way — I ' d hate to smile all the time. f, Hi " V ' li Sometimes I have been so happy that I have stood In the middle of the room and thrown all my books and papers into the air, not really caring where they came down or if they came down at all. Really, the mess is a very small price to pay for personal satisfaction. 10 I have been really depressed — I mean to the point of giving it all up. But as the tears fall, they seem to cleanse my mind and reveal a different feeling. Then v ith a brand new outlook, I ' m ready to re- enter the activities of life. M " :% -W ' i, .ZL-J ' lS:..k:..rz: ■- z. ,T « ., 1 .J 14 Sometimes I +ry to lock In my memory all the things that ever made me laugh, so that when I ' m depressed or lonely, I can recall them and lift myself from the depths of feeling sorry for myself. I often hear people say that you always remember the good times and for- get the bad. That ' s unfair; If I don ' t remember the bad times how can I judge what was good. b,,)wi»»« K-.4jl «.)Jw. ► 0 4 18 I can ' t remember the first time that I said I was fed up with college, but since then I know I must have repeated it hundreds of times. It ' s not the fact that I ' m completely fed up with college; basically col- lege is a lot of fun. It ' s going to classes that I ' m fed up with. 20 J 21 22 It ' s really odd how some people relax. My roommate prefers San- tana or Chicago. My next door neighbor goes to sleep right in mid- dle of Beethoven ' s Fifth; but I prefer silence, which, believe me, is very rare. 24 25 26 Some+lmes my emotions ge+ so bottled up inside me that I feel like I ' m going to burst. When I ' m really excited, it is all I can do to con- trol myself. And when I ' m angry, I ' m like a tiger in a cage. But since I ' m on the threshold of maturity, I have to tone down my high spirit and behave like an adult. II " m ■i . i«. ' i ..V. " 4uk. r i n .1 30 fj _ 31 TABLE Ol 32 I. ONTENTS % 5r V V: X ' iStt- ii i V- rv y ' } ¥ ' Jl ' Opening Section 1-31 Administrators 34 Features 38 Sports 80 Organizations 126 Greeks 186 Faculty 212 Students 240 Advertisements 308 33 President Boyd Dear Students: Through this medium I extend cordial greetings and hopes for success to all of you. Our institution has undergone exceptional growth and im- provement in the past ten years. We have made extraordinary efforts to provide college education of superior quality to great- ly increased numbers of students year-after-year throughout the decade. As a result enrollment has quintupled, and the numbers of faculty, supporting staff, programs of study and library books, as well as other educational resources, have grown correspondingly. Graduate programs have been added recently and the quality of the faculty has improved greatly. For these reasons and others, including the accomplishments of our students in intellectual competition and leadership beyond the campus. West Georgia College has been recognized as a pace-setter among the many developing state colleges and universities in America. I am confident that our College will continue to be a pace- maker in the Seventies, and that by the end of the decade it will be one of the truly outstanding state colleges in America. I be- lieve that you will be proud to be listed among West Georgia College ' s alumni and that you will continue to support enthusias- tically her drive toward excellence. With admiration, abiding faith and love. Sincerely, James E. Boyd President To Presidenf Boyd, Because of your leadership, West Georgia College stands today, an amalgam of the tradition of the past, the vitali- ty of the present, and the aspirations of the future. We re- gret your loss to the college but look forward to a con tinu- ing relationship as you assume our nevv duties as Vice- Chancellor for Academic Development. Thank you, The Students of WGC 35 Administrative Officers 36 Vice President — George W. Walker Dean of Academic Affairs — John M. Martin Dean of Student Affairs — Tracy P. S+allings Associate Dean of Student Affairs Georgia Mar+in Registrar — Elizabeth Parker 37 ,f9 - • £• ■« : 38 llts« Ile0t f corjta (ilalbje Picture Setting Features The Swann House 4Q Atlanta Historical Society ipman Atlanta, Georgia Sponsor: Delta Delta Delta JKiss Dtaiherine 3Ceni 2ncl Runner-up Tifton, Georgia Sponsor: Gunn Hall jKiss Deanna Jjenneii I st Runner-up Hogansville, Georgia Sponsor: Accolade Honor Society 41 -. ' ft 42 JKefa anie 2) eanna JCatfi. J 43 ■4 ■ t. .J : f j w It 1 ■ ' ' 1 i jRiss UicAi iep iens Finalist — Atlanta, Georgia Sponsor: Perry ' s Drug Store 44 jltiss Id on a iiOaf£er Finalist — Atlanta, Georgia Sponsor: Sophomore Class JlCiss JKarceffe iOeffs ' JKiss Gonqenialitt ' ' Atlanta, Georgia Sponsor: West Georgia Concert Choii 45 JKasier of Cjeremonies Don DLenneou ' jILiss Seo yia 1970 — JKiss OCancy Garr Ilom tummg (Bnun jKiss Jjonnie lepnens ' 48 9Kiss Jackie SluSSfefiefcf 2nd Runner-up 3rd Runner-up JKiss S ierri Jliompson 4th Runner-up 49 -p DeSSi le 6£. em 52 «- • j|||!inj!!nfj]jji|ip|j,it., R N 5 10 5 4 10 ix L li ' ♦ ' ' ' •i-o ' l +h.. 53 54 Greek Week 56 i 57 Fine Arts Week ! 1 11... ij iiiiii 58 I 59 Spring Fling 60 ' -C2 !piP . ' ' :e ? . 61 B. L Thomas The purpose of a song is to portray an idea; the purpose of an artist is to portray the idea of a song. An artist Is termed good if he can present the song as it is to be un- derstood. He is termed great if he can make the audience feel the song and understand the idea. Performing all his hits with such grace that the audience was held in the palm of his hand until the last note was played, B. J. Thom- as proved himself great. 64 A single performer works as a unit within hinnself. A duo works harder to perform as a unit. But when six single performers, each specialized in his own area, can combine, perform, and react as a unit, the results are fantastic. Such a sextet was Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, presenting each hit with such perfection of instrumental and vocal harmony that one is compelled to believe that he is hearing them on a tape or record. ■ R m 1 1 H B " F ' H H F P ?Q 4 F li H 1 w ' Q H I 1 1 i 1. ' ' JHI 1 Kenny Rogers The First Edition 65 ,J ,. The Chambers Brothers 66 Ferrante and Teicher Daniel Llords ' Llord ' s International 67 Skin of Our Teeth " 68 " The Measures Taken " We Bombed in New Haven " 69 70 " Why I Live at the P.O. Who ' s Who Exactly what is college? Four years of work, tireless efforts, tears, and laughter. A student that takes upon himself obligations and responsibilities can tell you the hours that must be spent for group and indi- vidual satisfaction. A student who is elected to an of- fice must fill the position to try and bring together student Ideas and tie them in with college administra- tion. After three or four years of this effort th le col lege recognizes the Individual for his or her achieve- ments. After the recognition Is made, the individuals are placed with their colleagues in one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on a college junior or senior. That is, being named to Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges an d U ' r niversities. A V. . " " 1 V ] Lawrence L. Bell, Junior, Ringgold, Georgia, V. Pres. of Circle K, Student Rep. for Math-Science Div. in S.G.A., Lettermen ' s Club, Mathematics Club Sheryl Allen, Senior, Thomaston, Georgia, Kappa Delta Sorority, Wesley Foundation, Accolade, S.G.A. Academic Comm. ' 1 1 1 « V " ' m David A. Bell, Senior, Atlanta, Georgia, Circle K. Goroon Watson Award, Board of Regents Scholarship y Jon Michael A+chely, Senior, Copper Hill, Tennessee, Circle K, Treasurer of S.G.A. , l appa Sigma Fraternity, Cheerleader 71 Lauren D. Carroll, Senior, Smyrna, Georgia, President — Women Executive House Council, Rep. to S.G.A. (executive council), Watson Award, Tom Herndon Award Eddy Crumbley, Senior. McDonough. Georgia, President of Lettermen s Club, four year member of track team, Sigma Nu Fraternity, Member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes Judy Eichenberger, Senior, Manchester, Georgia, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Delta Sorority, Accolade Margaret Hughes King, Se- c ' ac e- ■ " or . Gec " ' gia. V cm- en s Athletic and Recreation Associa- tion — Presloer ' Phss ' cal Educaricn Majors and Miners Wcr-e-s : " e ' cc- egiate Vche bali Team 73 Georgia Varsity Swimming Team, Listed in 1969 edition of Outstanding College Athletes, Lab As- sistant 74 John R. Rousselle, Senior, Thomas+on, Georgia, S.G.A. Senate, Faculty Evaluation Committee, West Georgia Censorship Investigation Committee Bernie Morrison, Senior. College Park, Georgia. usiness-Economics Rep. to S.G.A. . Kappa Phi Fraternity, Speak- er ' s Forum Finalist 1970, Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Steve Roberts, Senior, Thomaston, Georgia, Circle K Club President, Chairman S.G.A. Election Com- mittee, Gordon Watson Avsard, VV ' est Georgia General Scholarship 75 Linda Russell, Senior, Newman, Georgia, S.G.A. Senator, Copy Editor — WEST GEORGIAN, Chrm., Fr. Orientation - f h Si ' ' . - ' JBf ' -.-• f i ■IB Bonnie Stephens, Senior, Aus tell, « Georgia, Varsity Cheerleader, Pres. a " Phi Mu Sorority,. Member Homecom- •- " ml ing Co .4- S G A Ren wf ' x Xi ' w Cherry Smith, Senior, Thomaston, Georgia, Sec. S.G.A., Accolade, Sec. Alpha Phi Rhc Greg Wojcik, Senior, Conyers, Georgia, Grandmaster Kappa Sigma, S.G.A., Circle K, Tom Herndon Award Beverly Smith, Senior, Carrollton, Georgia 76 Mary Walker, Senior, Rome. Georgia Bob Sullivan, Senior, Carrollton, Georgia, v ircie n. vc or- don Watson Award. Tom Herndon Award. PI Gamma Mu — President 77 78 ■ " « ' " , .,:-.; " •■«, ' ; Vi 80 82 83 Row I: Boyd Steele, Ray Butler, Joey Godwin, Skeet Crigler, Bobby York Row 2: Greg Farmer, Glenn Andrew, Darrell Wise, Milt Moss, Charles Hamilton Row 3: Danny Standridge, Harley Stewart, Billy Cook, Stanley Horton, Coach Roger Kaiser West Georgia Basketball 84 85 ' £A ' JfZ , vj fsm W ' .,iS9jm g % " CI 89 90 91 - ' rt2l[i ,.?iAWjiJ% fi f A ' - ' M. Infield and Catchers est Georgia Braves Wl» " ? v. ... " . ' ' Managers — Ben Holloway and Al Volk 92 Pitchers 93 - ' - 94 - " ♦ • S i»v«3Nh)4» ' . ' bt ' jr » hT- «»M«ik-«j », - wiesaLK«? ' ii ito.» v ■ Keith Meyer Waxne Baroer 95 Mike Mosely Al Oxford Ron Williams Jim Brittain Jim Collins 96 George Bradfield - »»« ijafe ipr Ben Temple Doug Simmons 97 I Wayne Baxter iMr ' ' Phil Bowen Blair Lacey Terry LIndsey 98 Clyde Mresick f £r-i Terry Ellington Ed Renehan 99 Cross Country Front Row: Coach Paul Jones, Julian Dooley, Chris Mullis, Ernie Raney, Rick Wheeler, Ron Barnard, Jim Shepherd, Coach Grant Knox. Back Row: David hiarris, Jerry Arnold, Chuck Moody, Ralph Johnson, Charles Fuller, Dennis Fifield, Tyre Williamson. Tyre Williamson Ernie Raney Jerry Arnold Chris Mulli t M . 100 Jim Shepherd Charles Fuller Dennis Fifield Rick Wheeler Chuck Moody Julian Dooley Ron Barnard David Harris Ralph Johnson 101 Track Team Front Row: David Patterson, Robert Hmes, Gene Bready, Steve Commons, Julian Dooley, Jim Griffin, Rick Wheeler, Bob Commons, Jim Shepherd, Renard Williams, Charles Fuller. Middle Row: Doug Miller, John Mote, Jimmy Bailey, Larry Mashburn, Jerry Arnold, Roy Williams, Larry Wood, Martin Johnson, Ralph Johnson, Ron- nie Cook, Ernie Raney, Larry Darnnell, Frank Pinson, Coach Paul Jones. Back Row: David Harris, Eddie Smith, Randy Roberts, Ronald Barnard, Donald Brooks, Norris Williams, Milton Moss, Johnny Jackson, Jimmy Davis, Chuck Griffith, Rick Read, Steve Anthony. Captain Dennis Fifield, Coach Knox, Captain Eddie Crumbley 102 104 David Edwards, Ray Cheponis, Tommy Jacobs, Rick Read, Bob Cox, Jane Hamilton Sweetheart, Terry Williams, Jane Stewart Sweetheart, Chico Moss, Chris Berry Co-Captain, Rucker Clark, Mike Green, Chihiro Matsura. Not Pictured: Coach Tom Shem, Derroll McClendon Co-Captain, Fernando Uriste, Scott Lukens. Soccer Team FACULTY ADVISORS: David Weaver, L. H. Carter, Parke Renshav 105 T rr " ' ennis Team Front Row: Jeff Campbell, David MacKay, David Crosby, Jack Phipps, Joe Phelan, Ben McElreath, Sfeve Walker, Bruce Prince Back Row: Travis Massey, Toney Clower, Mike Ward, Billy Tonkin, Chuck Garrett, David Eberhart, Tim Mansfield 106 107 Intramural Football ii i. Intramural Softball i)a ' at . ' j ' ' ; H , ' - ' .t . i««to» Ql l 4 ,v i»i 8if ' ' ■ ' ■■ ' Xi 111 Intramural Basketball 113 Women ' s Varsity Basketball L +0 R: Barbara Wilhite, Judy Gait, Barbara Hardaway, Carol Walton, Carol Lynn Cameron, Ann Cronic, Janie Stegall, Vickl Davis, Dennie Doucher, Debbie Pender, Pam Bowen, Ginny Montgomery, Rosemary Maddox, Miss Brown. 114 V Women ' s Volleyball Kneeling (L. to R.) Mary Burgin, Barb ' Baer, Debbie Pender, Ginny Montgomery, Sheila Floyd Standing (L. to R.) Letta Akers, Jan Caldwell, Vicki Davis, Alice Grist, Janie Stegall, Debbie Atkins, Jane Lee, Dennie Doucher, Myra McGee, Miss McNabb 116 Women ' s Tennis Team L. to R,: Ginny Montgomery, Molly Shepard, Beverly Sessions, Miss Brown. Not Pictured: Marie Howard. 117 Cheerleaders Front Row: Mike Atchley, Gene Horn, Boyd Morley, Rodney Roland, Billy O ' Dell Top Row: Susan Bell, Karen Clevenger, Claudia Wilkes, Judy Gordon, Joan Oldknow 119 120 121 Majorettes y 122 Jeanne Mathews — Co-captain Samee Smith — Co-captain r Janet Christian Glenda Ouzt Betsy Beech A Karen Fuller Louann Sauceman 123 Bravettes ls+ Row: Jenny Bishop, Candy Toole, Julie Edmondson, Jennie Jackson, Binky Roos, Kathy Tabor, Dorothy Ball, Liz Ahern, Kay Mathias Gail Robinson 2nd Row Debby Strain, Patty Brooks, Debbie Nix, Kay Childress, Lona Walker, Barbara Fadden, Claudia Kitchens, Marsha Collier, Jane Hamilton, Vickie Stephens, Nancy Gresham — Mgr. 124 125 ; §0 WARA MEETING Student Government Student Government Association Ches Gwinn, President 128 Association Chuck Hill, Vice President Executive Council 129 Senate Mr. Steely, Advisor Cherry Smith, Secretary 130 Secretariate Lane Edwards, Judiciary Chairman The Student Government Association IS the governing body of West Geor- gia College. Its primary purposes are to promote a high standard of con- duct; to maintain a desirable atmo- sphere for intellectual growth and for social activity; to stimulate common understanding among students, faculty and administration; to protect the in- dividual rights of each student and to set forth the general principles that govern the student body. Through the efforts of the S.G.A. there have been many improvements in the policies of W.G.C. and an increased respect and understanding in the working relation- ships between the administration and students. 131 Richard Collier, Entertainment Chairman 132 Diane Benton, Secretary Linda Collier, House Chairman Ralph Reed, Recreation Chairman The College Union Program Council Is com- prised of the elected chairman of seven com- mittees: entertainment, fine arts, house, public- ity, recreation, secretarial and social. The Council ' s concern Is providing campus enter- tainment which Includes concerts, movies, lec- tures and various other activities: Mike A+chley, Publicity Chairman Bonnie Stephens, Social Chairman Cecil Knot+s, Advisor 133 Chieftain Chieftain General Staff Alice Payne, EJ Jeannie Snell, Associate Editor 134 Tony Cordell, Copy Editc Dallas Long, Business Manager Hugh Gregory, Features Editor Kathy Ginn, OrqanizaTions Ed ' t: 135 Mary Ann Leathers, Women s Sports Editor Johnny Krickel, Photographer Pat Waldrop, Men ' s Sports Editor Jeff hHIcks, Classes Editor Mrs. Ann Norrell, Advisor Cur+Is Eidson, News Editor Mr. Richard Hill, Advi sor The Chieftain is the West Georgia College yearbook and has received several national honors. The purpose of the Chieftain is to capture the history of the academic year and present it to the student body as a permanent record in pic- ture form. John Mote and Randy Pavlu, Photographs 137 West Georgian f IS not idlfhy General Staff PI Ai Irene Young, Editor Jeanne Mathews, Managing Editor 138 V Sharon Grimes, News Editor Susan Robinson, Activities Editor Audrey Bledsoe, Feaf res toiTor John Thomas, Assistant News Editor 139 David Payne and Rod Morrison, Photographers Dan Minish, Sports Editor ' ' k ■ ; 140 The West Georgian is the West Geor- gia College newspaper and is pub- lished weekly. It is essential in that It keeps students well informed on cur- rent campus happenings as well as on issues of a broader nature. 141 Eclectic The Eclectic Is a student literary magazine which appears quarterly. In it are published poems, short stories, essays, and art work. It is compiled by Kent Walton and Mr. Bryg. Mr. David Parkman is the Business Ad- visor for the Chieftain, West Geor- gian, and the Eclectic. Mr. Parkman is the Director of Student Activities for West Georgia College. 142 Phi Beta Lambda Is open to any student interested in the field of business. The chapter is affiliated with the state and national organizations. Its purposes are to create more understanding and interest in business education, to develop charac- ter, and to train for useful citizenship. Phi Beta Lambda Phi Sigma Mu Phi Sigma Mu is an honor society for men at West Georgia. Men who have shown high scholastic achievement during their freshman year are asked to join the club. They strive to encourage and stimulate scholarship and achievement among the men of West Georgia College. Carlton Burk, Vice President; Claude Dixon, President; Bobby Jones. Secretary-Treasurer 143 -f ' 9 r I A P O a m a s-n ' - i »» s 144 M Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity established with the purpose of promoting leadership, friendship, and service on the college campus. The organization affords its members a chance to serve the students and facul- ty, youth and community, members of the fraternity and the nation as partic- ipating citizens. Seated: Kandy Pavlu, Pledge Master; Linda Hilton, Sweetheart: PatVValdrop, Fresioenr Standing: Frank Tanner, Vice President; Mack Collins, Sergeant at Arms; Hugh Gregor Secret3r ; Mike Rooney, Treasurer; Neal Smith, Historian 145 Alpha Kappa Psi The purposes and ob|ectives of Alpha Kappa Psi aie: To ' fuithei the indi- vidual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research m the fields of commerce accounts and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance at West Georgia College courses leading to degrees in business adminis- tration. Bottom to Top: Lee Burdett, President; Jimmy Shuman, Secretary; Richard Baccus, Trea- surer; Ronnie Neal, Vice President 146 Pi Gamma Mu PI Gamma Mu is the national honorary fraternity for students of the social sciences. West Georgia College ' s Georgia Zeta Chapter requires that men and women selected for membership be |unior or senior, have an overall B average, and have a Bl average m social science courses. The purposes of Pi Gamma Mu are to promote interest in the social sciences and to recognize excellence of stu- dents pursuing these studies. Left +0 Rigtit: Dr. Griffin, Advisor: Susan bichenberger, Vice President Bob Sullivan, President 147 Circle K Circle K is an international service or- ganization through which college men can find a means of responsible stu- dent action on campus and throughout the community. Circle K concerns re- sult in very direct personal service. 148 Left to Right: Bob Sullivan, Treasurer; Don Smart, Secretary: Lamar Bell, Vice President; Steve Roberts, President; Tom Lightsey, Advisor David BelL left, a junior at West Georgia Col- lege majoring in business administration, as elected District Governor of Circle K in Geor- gia during Circle K ' s annual convention in Co- lumbus. Floyd Wirsing, a Carrollton Kiv anian and Circle K advisor at W.G.C., congratulates Bell while Tommy Farr looks on. M9 A 1 L P a h m a b e d 1 a t a Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman women ' s honor society. All women students who have obtained a 3.5 or better average in the freshman year are eligible. The purpose of the society is to promote intelligent livmg and a high standard of learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among women in their first year in institutions of higher learnmg. Left to Right: Nancy McDaniell, President; Sharon Swope, Treasurer; Jill Smith, Publicity; Maria BI Ings, Historian. (Not Pictured: Debbie Drummond, Vice President; Rebecca Martin, Secretary) 150 A c o 1 a Accolade is a women ' s service organi- zation for [unior women. The qualifica- tions for membership are service. scholarship, and leadership. The pur- pose of the Accolade is to promote college loyalty, to advance service, to encourage leadership on the campus, and to maintain a high standard of scholarship among college women. Bottom to Top: Kathy Smith, President; Loretta Carmichael, Vice President; Mary Ann Morris, Histori- an; Weylene Adams, Secretary 151 O. VJ. J_j. Lj. L-R: Laurie Frost, Treasurer; Jo Kendall, President and State Governor; Liz Wilson, State Treasurer; Gail Saunders, Secretary The Students ' Council for Exceptional Children has various activities which include the annual sponsoring of the Big Chief contest at West Georgia College and projects at Capps Ferry which is a home for mentally retarded children. This year ' s club has three state officers. ) 152 W.G.C. Physics The purpose of the Physics Socie- ty is the advancement and diffu- sion of knowledge of the science of physics. Membership is open to all students who are interested in physics. Left to Right: Dr. Keller, Advisor; Allen Acree, President; Roger Bell, Secretary; Bobbv Jones, Vice President Philosophy Club The Philosophy Club was established by philosophy ma- jors and minors mterested in promoting discussion and reflection on matters of human interest. It provides forum for such discussion and is open to anyone inter- ested m furthermg his enlightenment. Papers and talks are presented by students, faculty members, and spe- cial guest speakers from outside the college. The advi- sors are Mr. Wantland and Mr. Cox of the Philosophy Department. NEIRO 154 Psychology Club Left to Right: Carolyn Evans, Secretary; Jim de Jarnette, President; Dr. Horace Stewart, Mascot; Gary Nix, Vice President; Jim Groark, Treasurer; Dr. Don Gibbons, Advisor The purpose of the Psychology Club Is to provide opportunities for those interested m the field of psychology to discuss mutual in- terests and problems; to stimulate and fos- ter interest in the professional field of psy- chology; and to provide contacts with peo- ple in the field of psychology and experi- ences that contribute to the student s under- standing and growth. 155 Student Art The West Georgia College Student Art Association was formed in the fall of 1970. Membership is open to all art majors and minors. The Student Art Association ' s primary purpose is to promote art at West Georgia College and the surrounding community. Jim Watts is +he president and Mr. Rich- ard Hill IS the advisor. 156 RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION: PHILIP PEHRLSTEIN Association 157 Debate Team Left to Right: Tommy Greer, Vice President; Sue Balmes, Secretary; Barry Banther, President The Debate Team is composed of students interested in stan- dard debate and individual forensic activity. This year ' s De- bate Team had beaten such national powers as hlarvard, Emory, University of North Carolina, and the University of Santa Barbra on the way to winning a bid to the National Tournament of Champions in Chicago. lei 1 a 158 Drama Art Association rxp - Left +0 Right: Bob Gramath, I reasurer; Kathy Mohr, Activities Chairman; Wade Benson, Production Chairman; Judy Benson, Secretary; Amelia Cheek, hHistorian The purpose of the Theater Art Association IS to stimulate interest and promo e skiH in acting, directing, and stage management, as well as to further the know ledge of the in- dividual in drama. It also gives each member an overall concept of the idea ' s and crac- tices In all aspects of theatre. 159 Student Education Association The S.E.A. is an organization for those college students who are interested in teaching in any of the many fields. Through the pro- gram of S.E.A. the student has an opportunity for definite training in professional leadership. An S.E.A. chapter is the student ' s local education association. It offers the student opportunities to meet leaders and acguire professional experience. Miss Pennington, Advisor; Juanita Hove, President; Do nnie Carroll, Vice President; Veleta Conner, Sec.-Treas.; Mr. Herbert, Advisor 160 S.M.E.N.C. The Student Music Educators National Conference ushers for the Mutual Concert Association series. It also holds receptions for recitals and spe- cial events at West Georgia College. The programs of the S.M.E.N.C. are centered around music in public school education at all levels. The S.M.E.N.C. is in affiliation with the G.M.E.A. and the M.E.N.C. Seafed: Sheila Smith, President Left to Right: Yvonne de hHolliway, Secretary-Treasurer; Nancy Bethea, Vice President; Dan Brokaw, Historian 161 W.G.C. Choir fii(» ' ' ' U- ' Miimmammmmm«mmmm!m« m!m " mm. The Concert Choir of West Georgia College is the basic touring unit of the choral or- ganization on campus. It usual- ly numbers eighty members and is under the direction of Mr. Wayne Abercrombie, As- sistant Professor of Music. 162 W.G.C. Band The Concert Band is open to students from all departments of the col- lege. Performances in- clude a wide variety of music, mcluding contem- pory band literature and popular tunes. The choir, under the direction of Mr. Collins, gives con- certs both on and off campus. 163 Cameratta Club The Cameratta Club is a women ' s music major and minor club formed for the purpose of raising the standard of musicianship and scholarship among its members, and to promote music within the school and community. Left to Right: Regma Cochran, Treasurer: Yvonne de Holliway, Vice President; Sheila Smith, Secretary; Pam Bradley, S tary; Nan Randall, President (Not Pictured — Mrs. Tolbert, Mrs. Munn) y, iecre- 164 W.G.C. Chamber Singers The W.G.C. Cham- ber Singers perform music which is just a bit out of the ordi- nary. From music of 16th and 17th Po- land (sung in Polish) to an entire evening of music from the court of Henry VIII, our object is to find and perform inter- esting works which might not find their way into concert programs of other ensembles. The first annual " Wassail Carols " Celebration was initiated by the Chamber Singers (picture above). In its first year, the group has already appeared in concert and on television throughout the state. Phi Chi The Pentecostal Colle- gians organization was established bv the Life- liners of the Pentecos-al Hioliness Church To pro- vide Christian inspira- tion and fellowship for students. It is intended that the Pi Chi will pro- vide spiritual and social support for the student and encourage him to engage m Christian serv- ice during his ccHeoe years. 165 Baptist Student Union l1 ! NTCEN COllEG ONVENTfON MISSIONS ENT WORK LR Mr DdvJ t ntlii AJvisji Rev John Cc Baptist Campus Minister 166 The Baptist Student Union is open to all college students with an interest in peo- ple and a desire to serve Jesus Christ: there is no set membership. The purpose of the B.S.U. is to share Christian love and fellowship with the campus and the community through various activities as well as day to day encounters. L-R: Steve Russell, Devotional Chairman: Sue Wiggins, Social Chairman: Wayne Benetield, Editor of Soul Scroll: " Debbie Clay, Missions Chairman: Wanda Gibson, President: Libby Shirley, Enlistment Chairman: Frank Osburn, Music Chairman; Deanna Bennett, Publicity Chairman 167 Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation offers stu- dents the opportunity for studying, experiencing and applying Christi- anity in the college community. It gives students a focal point for any endeavors they would like to make while enjoying the Christian life. 168 L-R: Sylvia Hanson, Secretary: Rick Beard, Vice President; Don Harp, Advisor; Tommy Farr, President: Erskine Rivers, Treasurer; Judy Henderson, Vice President 169 W.G.C. Crisis Center •r-A Jay Orlin, Director The Crisis Center was organized in the fall of 1970 as an informative and counseling service to all W.G.C. students and the community at large. The Center carries on a twenty-four hour service dealing espe- cially with drug problems such as hysteria, extreme paranoia or over- dose. The Center also keeps material relative to drugs and provides much inforn-iation c6ncerning black market drugs on campus. The Center is run by a volunteer student staff and has gained the confi- dence of many. 171 Le Cercle Frangais Le Cercle Francais is composed of students interested in French life and culture. The purpose of the club is to help students be- come better acquainted with the language and customs of France. 172 Left to Right: Pat Johnson, Vice President; Sandra Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer: Mrs. Lipham, Advisor; Mr. O. Moore, Advisor El Circulo Espanol El Circulo Espanol is open to any student interested in the Spanish language and in the cultures of the people of Spain and of South and Central America. Dr. Lucv Neblett is the advisor. 173 P.E.M. The Physical Education Majors and Mi- nors Club was created for those whose interests lie in the area of physical education. 174 Lettermen ' s Club The W.G.C. Lettermen ' s Club is composed of men who have received a letter for superior performance in one of the varsity sports. The purpose of the club is to promote good sportsmanship and school spirit among the athletes and the student body. L-R: Eddy Crumbly, President: Dennis Fifield, Sec- Treas.; George Bradfield, Vice Pres.; Chris Muills. Par- liamentarian 175 Geology Club Rod Morrison, Publicity; Ken Windom, President: Randy Slater, Secretary-Treasurer The purpose of the Geology Club is to stimulate interest in and to ac- quire knowledge of the earth sciences. This can best be done by of- fering members opportunities for field studies and field trips, by visits from leaders in the earth sciences, and by social events at which both students and professors can exchange ideas. 176 W.G.C. Grotto The West Georgia Grotto of the National Speleological Society is an organization dedicated to the study and exploration, and conservation of cave environ- ments. This is the sixth year it has been organized on the campus. The officers include: Allan Padgett, President; Don Hunter, Vice Pres.: Lynn Coleman, Secre- tary; Richard Newell, Treasurer. Jh W .1 ■ - : , . ' -» 177 W.G.C. Barbell Club 5 1 178 Seated: Ken Turner, President Left fo Right: Lawson Johnson, Chaplain; Roy Vandersllce, Vice President; Randall Henley, Treasurer; Gary Oldknow, Sergeant at Arms (Not Pictured: Joe Szabo, Secretary) The purpose of the W.G.C. Barbell Club is to improve physical fit- ness, compete with other schools, clubs, etc. and to instruct stu- dents in all aspects of weight-liftmg. W.G.C. Karate Club The West Georgia College Kar- ate Club seeks to promote the development of high levels of sportsmanship and fairness In all phases of life and to promote a competitive spirit. The members are taught the various techniques of Karate under the direction of Dana Rhodes. 179 Black Student Alliance The purpose of the Black Stu- dent Alliance is to promote dignity in the black people, in- crease understanding and the exchange of ideas between black and white students and promote the interests of the members at West Georgia College. Left to Right: Linda Baker, Secretary; Tyron Copeland, Parliamentarian; Deborah Burdette, Vice President- Mike Winston, President; Barbara Kirb, Treasurer 180 Flying Club The West Georgia Flying Club was organized in the fall of 1970 in conjunction with the West Georgia Aviation Association by John Barbee, Wayne Seabolt and Paul hHammond. The W.G.C. Flying Club flys out of the West Georgia Regional Airport in Carrollton, and seeks to promote the skills, education and safety of its members. It is hoped that the club will eventually evolve into an Airline Management Major here at W.G.C. Left to Right: Dan Elklns, Secretary-Treasurer; Paul Hammond, President; Dr. Horace Stewart, Advisor; Andy Anderson, Vice President 181 W.G.C. Sport-Parachuting Club ;( 182 L-R: Tommie Willard, Instructor; Kathy Sinn, Secretary-Treasurer;Woody Donalson President- Steve Kraft. Vice President The W.G.C. Parachute Team, organized in the fall of 1970. by Tommie Willard and Norwood Donalson, conducts weekly sport parachute ac- tivities under the auspices of the U. S. Para- chute Association and the Federal Aviation Agency. The primary goals of the team are to compete in the annual National Collegiate Par- achute Championships and efforts are beino made to include sport-parachuting in the W.G.C. physical education department as an elective. 183 W.G.C. Scuba Club 184 John Campbell, Instructor The purpose of the West Georgia Scuba Club Is to promote Scuba div- ing and to bring people together to familiarize and develop underwater ex- ploration. Certifications are through the National Association of Scuba Di- vers Schools. The Club makes various diving trips to Florida and offers courses In advanced diving, such as un- derwater photography, salvage and cave diving. Lane Edwards, President; John Henderson, Vice President: VIcki Bsrd, Secretar 185 y!tp ' = " 186 Panhellenic Council Panhellenic and IFC Advisor — Cecil Kno+ts 188 Officers — Evelyn Owensby — President, Laurie Frost — Rush Chairman, Jean Rog- ers — Treasurer, Carolyn Varnedoe — Vice President, Kay Shoemaker — Secretary IFC Officers — Cecil Knotts — Advisor, Tommy Carter — Vice President, John Henderson — President, Danny McBee — Secretary, Larry Walsh — Treasurer While Panhellenic Is the governing body of the sorority, IFC is the male counterpart. They are composed of representatives from each recog- nized fraternity or sorority. These organizations govern sorority and fraternity policies, rush, discipline, and other matters. They sometimes work jointly to Improve the Greek system and the West Georgia Cam- pus. 189 Alpha Gamma Delta Officers — Debby Berzsenyl — Corresponding Secretary, Mary Ann Leathers — President, Sandra Sims — Recording Secretary, Ann George — Vice President, Rebecca Martin — Chaplain, Jan Harden — Panhellenic Representative Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity was founded in 1904 at Syracuse University. Syr- acuse, N. Y. Gamma Upsilon Chapter, one of 104 installed chapters, was established on this Campus on December 2, 1970. The Fraternity colors of red, buff, and green are found n the Fraternity Flowers, red and buff roses. Member- ship in Alpha Gamma Delta is an experience in modern living with the added assets of lifelong friendship and happy memories. 191 Delta Delta Delta It ' s great to be a Tri Delta pledge and even greater to anticipate lifelong asso- ciations in Delta Delta Delta. There are three phases of membership in our Fra- ternity: pledgeship, collegiate chapter membership, and alumnae chapter mem- bership. The pledge period offers you an opportunity to fulfill Tri Delta ' s faith in you by developmg as an individual and as a contributmg member of the college community. 192 Big Brothers — Sidney Bryant, John Riordan, Randal Henle Beau - Don Moody Officers — Sally Plel — Trees., Jane Huckabee — Vice Pres., Judy Black — Rec. Sec, Denise Aura — Cor Sec, Susan Diol — Pres. 193 Kappa Delta On January 3, 1971 Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority was Installed as Delta Psi Col- ony of Kappa Delta. Membership now numbers about forty-five. The flower of Kappa Delta is the white rose, and the colors are green and white. The object of Kappa Delta is the formation and perpetuation of good fellowship, friendship, and sisterly love among its members; the encouragement of liter- ature and education; the promotion of social interest; and the furtherance of charitable and benevolent purposes. 194 , •% A I ■ ' " i i Officers — Mary Burgln — Treasurer, Jane Parham — President, Mary Jane Chandler — Editor, Paula Hoist — Membership Chairman, Wendy Rosenbalm — Vice President, Kathy Herbert — Asst. Treasurer, Linda Malone — Secretary 195 196 In January of 1968 twenty-one girls formed Alpha Phi Rho, the second local sorority on campus. Alpha Phi Rho was dedicated to service for the school and community, and has achieved many honors. They have won the School Spirit Contest for three years, and many sisters hold offices In various clubs and organizations. On November 24. 1970 Alpha Phi Rho became affiliated with a national sorority, when they became the Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu. Beau — Terrell McElhaney Officers — Pam Calloway — Secretary, Donna Hall — Treasurer, Bonnie Stephens — President, Terri Ellis — Vice President 197 Chi Omega Officers — Judy Eichenberger — Pledge Trainer, Teresa Cox — Vice President, Lynn Thomas — President, Ann Amis — Recording Secretary, Diane Boatwright — Treasurer 198 £ Beau — Jackie Collins Phi Delta was founded In March. 1968 by six charter members. Membership now numbers over forty active sisters. The sisters have a number of major goals for their group. These include the improvement of self, sorority, school and community. " Their motto is " forever friendship, sincerity, loyalty. and love. " Several community projects include helping the Joseph B. White- head Boys ' Club in Atlanta, making a donation to a cancer home, and par- ticipating in all campus drives. They became affiliated with a national so- rority, when they became a Chapter of Chi Omega. 199 Cavaliers The Cavalier Fraternity was founded in January of 1968 by twenty-seven men at WGC with similar aca- demic and social ambi- tions. It is a social fraterni- ty formed for male stu- dents with high moral character, good academic standing, and a mutual feeling of brotherhood. The Cavaliers were the first fraternity to have a house, which has proved to be a unifying tactor in the brotherhood of the fraternity. It provides a common point of interest -vhere the brothers can vork and party together. Officers — Al Oxford — Sec.-Treas., Donnle Miller — Pres., Greg Hartsook — Vice Pres., Danny McBee — IPC Rep. 200 Sweetheart — Jackie Stubblefield 201 Kappa Phi Officers — David Paymer — Secretary, William Ryder — President, Jackie Collins — Social Chairman, Jerry Stienchcomb — Rush Chairman, Robby Boulis — Treasurer, David McGinnis — Vice President 202 Sweetheart — Bonnie Stephens From its beginning in 1968, Kappa Phi Fraternity has grown each year in order to fill its place in the ever growing connplexity of West Georgia College. Each year is marked with traditional events, such as hlomecoming, Parent ' s Day, and the Spring Quarter Luau. HHowever, this year has seen the fraternity work toward a new goal, affi- liation with a national fraternity. In achieving this. Kappa Phi feels that all aspects of fraternity life will be improved, while each group will keep its strength through the Individuality upon which It was founded. I , r — " ■ - 1 1 1 " " 1 t „? f -J 1 ™— ' ,.„ i J, 203 Kappa Sigma Marshall Durbjn fRIED CHICKEN T HAMBURGERS Founded in Italy at the University of Bologna in 1400, the Kappa Sigs proudly boast that they Qf-Q " older than the United States " — a unique statement for a National fraternity. On December 10, 1869 the first American chapter was organized at the University of Virginia. The scarlet, white, and green of Kappa Sigma came to West Georgia on December 12, 1970, when the brothers of Sigma Alpha Omega were formally pledged into Kappa Sigma Fraternity. West Georgia ' s Kappa Sigma Colony enjoys a well-rounded social calendar each year with their Founders ' Day Banquet, Luau, Dogwood Ball and frequent house parties. 204 Officers — Greg Wojcik — Grand Master, Barry Gibbs — Grand Procurator, John Norton — Master of Ceremonies, Boyd Morley — Grand Treasurer, Wayne Benefield — Grand Scribe Sweetheart — Debbie Dowis 205 Pi Kappa Sigma Officers — Frank Holland — President, Steve Minor — Sergeant at Arms, Paul Davis — Treas., Morris Braswell — V. President 206 Sweetheart — Wilma Ozment Pi Kappa- Sigma was founded Fall Quarter of 1969 by twenty-five char- ter members. Besides participating in both social activities and community projects, it is one of the leading social fraternities academically on campus. Spring Quarter, 1970 it acguired a small lodge and fourteen acres with three lakes. 207 Sigma Nu Fall quarter of 1970 Delta Kappa local fraternity became a colony of Sigma Nu Fraterni- ty. The brothers of Delta Kappa received official word of colonization on Nov. 13, and v ere colonized on Dec. 13. Delta Kappa was the first fra- ternity at West Georgia to ac- cept a bid from a national so- cial fraternity. At Christmas the brothers, along with Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority assisted the Marine Corps Reserve in the Toys for Tots Campaign. At present, the brothers of Sigma Nu number well over forty, and membership con- tinues to grow in this group of three years. Sweetheart — Carol Davis 208 Officers — Bobby Harrington — Commander, Butch Murdock — Vice Commander, Pat DeBord — Secretary, Robert Schloemer — Treasurer ' ' W? ' ' 209 Sigma Tau Delta t " t ¥ f .- ' ; i A Officers — Mike Curl — President, Jim Talerico — Treasurer, Tim Curl — House Manager, Bert McDade — Vice President, Terrell McElhaney — Secretary, John Henderson — IPC President The STD Fraternity has been in existence since 1968, and has a brother- hood of about fifty members. All of the brothers feel a strong loyalty and honor about their fraternity, as reflected in their motto, " Strength through brotherhood. " The brothers have won two consecutive softball championships, two consecutive Circle K Blood Drives; and the First An- nual Sigma Tau Delta Sorority Sweepstakes was the largest competitive event to hit West Georgia since the Frisbee. H M SH H H H Bi It , ' , M m yPl l ■■11 l_l (L B lKi2£ Y flH ' " 1 ■ IHI B i ' Wj 210 Sweetheart — Karen Gray Advisor — Edwin Harnnan 211 212 Division Chairmen Division of Social Sciences — Eugene R. Huck Division of Humanities — James W. Mathews 214 Division of Science and Mathematics Charles Masters Division of Graduate Studies — L. Doyle Ma+his Division of Business and Economic Studies J. Mark Miller Division of Education — Thomas W. Sills 215 Humanities DIVISION OF HUMANITIES While the curricula of the Division of hlumanities are con- cerned with acquisition of basic skills in languages, literature, and the arts, their ultimate goal is to provide the student with a perspective for life. The Departments of English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy all emphasize the humanistic ends of knowledge and attempt to prepare stu- dents who are professionally competent and who can achieve their own identity In spite of the rapid change of contemporary society. Independent judgment and personal equilibrium, along with knowledge of and respect for differ- ing points of view, should characterize FHumanities students. Dr. James Ma+hews Peter Bryg Inst, of Eng. Frances Chalfant Asst, Prof, of Enc Buell Cobb Inst, of Eng. William Doxey Asst. Prof, of Eng. Mary Anne DeVIIIier Asst. Prof, of Eng. 216 C. Mines Edwards Asst. Prof, of Eng. Benjamin Griffith Prof, of Eng. Gerald Garmon Asst. Prof, of Eng. V. Michael Haltresht Asst. Prof, of Eng. • ' Jamie Jones Asst. Prof, of Eng. Virginia Meehan Asst. Prof, in Eng. Barbara McMichael Inst, of Eng. 217 Peter Vanderhoof Inst, of Eng. f pr y Steve W. Mullcey Asst. Prof, of Eng. " - 1 Huey Owings Asst. Prof, of Eng. k1 Lemuel Norrell Prof, of Eng. Anne Mackey Norrell Inst. In Eng. James Murphy Asst. Prof, of Eng. 218 :: Wayne Abercrombie Asst. Prof, of Music James Collins Asst. Prof, of Music Ernest Boyd Asst. Prof, of Speech Wallace Buice Asst. Prof, of Speech Michael hlarendia Asst. Prof, of Musii Jannes Chester Gibson Asst. Prof, of Speech 219 220 Mary Lou Munn Inst, in Music Arthur R!edel Inst, of Music Max Peterson Inst, of Music Nicholas Saionick Asst. Prof, of Art Vaughn Stewart Inst, of Art 221 Diane Harper Inst, of Language Warner Blumen+hal Prof, of Language Bet+y Sue Tolbert Inst, of Music William Gait Asst. Prof, of Language Alex Corriere Prof, of Language 222 Mildred LIpham Asst. Prof, of Language James Robertson Asst. Prof, of Language Joseph Parham Asst. Prof, of Language Robert Miller Asst. Prof, of Philosophy Nancy Stillerman Inst, of Language Burdett Wantland Prof, of Phi!cscc " Lucy Ann Nebiitt Asst. Prot. of Language 223 Education Rosalie Allison Assoc. Prof, of Teacher Ed. Cornelia Bisland Assoc. Prof, of Psychology The Division of Education consists of the Departments of Teacher Educa- tion, Specialized School Personnel, Physical Education, and Psychology. The role of the Division is to prepare people for careers in schools and other educational institutions and to func- tion themselves as fully adequate indi- viduals. Dr. Tom Sills Thomas Carrere Assoc. Prof, of Ed. E. M. Blue Assoc. Prof, of Teacher Ed. Homer Coker Assoc. Prof, of Ed. 224 Charles McKenny Asst. Prof, of Ed. James La Forest Assoc. Prof, of Ed. 225 John Hugh McTeer Assoc. Prof, of Ed. Zolman Newmark Asst. Prof, of Special Ed. Henry Moore Asst. Prof, of Psychology Leslie Sanders Assoc. Prof, of Special School Personnel Helen Pennington Inst, in Ed. Jan Bennett Inst, in P.E. 226 Patricia Gaston Inst, of P.E. fgg ' Anne Ingram Inst, of P.E. Paul Jones Inst, of P.E. Barbara Brown Inst, of P.E. Roger Kaiser Dlr. of Athletics Grant Knox Inst, of P.E. 227 Tom Learning Asst. Prof, of P.E, Robert Reeves Inst, of P.E. -Mi Laurence Smith Asst. Prof, of P.E. Dorothy McNabb Asst. Prof, of P.E. Betty McVaigh Asst. Prof, of P.E. «10 J Archie White Inst, of P.E. 228 Science and Mathematics Robert Eng land Asst. Prof, of Biology Hulon Madeley Asst. Prof, of Geology Donald Dickman Asst. Prof, of Biology Roger Aus+In Asst. Prof, of Geology William Maples Assoc. Prof, of Biology The Division of Science and Mathematics consists of the Department of Biology, Chemistrv, Geology. Mathematics and Physics. All Educated persons In a modern society need a fundamental understanding of science and mathematics. We strive to extend that understanding to scientists and non-scientists alike. Dr. Charles Masters 229 Jack Grogan Asst. Prof, of Chemistry Robert Welch Assoc. Prof, of Biolo gy Hughlan Pope Prof, of Chemistry James Berryman Asst. Prof, of Chemistry V Jon Poorf Asst. Prof, of Geology 230 Floyd Wirsing Assoc. Prof, of Chemistry Howard Hahn Asst. Prof, of Math David Hecht Asst. Prof, of Geolog, Sumner Long Assoc. Prof, of Geology Roy Bogue Asst. Prof, of Math 231 Alfred Duquette Prof, of Math Charles Gan+ner Prof, of Math Brenda Haftaway Inst, of Math Samuel McLeod Assoc. Prof, of Computer Science Earl Perry Asst. Prof, of Math 232 J. Allen Irby Asst. Prof. Computer Science Lucille Sarmon Asst. Prof, of Physics Wayne Snrii+h Asst. Prof. Computer Science Joseph Sharp Asst. Prof, of Math Babley Powell Asst. Prof, of Phvslcs Howard Taylor Prof, of Math 233 Social Sciences Teodore Fl+z-SImmons Assoc. Prof, of Histor Mitt Connerly Prof, of Histor « r- ■« The Division of Social Sciences consists of the Department of Geography, hlis- tory, Political Science, and Sociology and Anthropology. The Social Sciences are concerned with the problems. Ideas, and actions of social change, trying to select the best of the new while retaining the best of the old. The ■goal sought is to develop a sense of re- sponsibility for intelligent participation in the affairs of society. Dr. E. R. Huck Tony Lacavera Benjamin Kennedy Assoc. Prof, of History 234 , I...»™™.„ .I.,»J„.«„, , J., . " « " ¥• " ■ ' ■ " ' " ; Ara Dos+ourian Asst. Prof, of History Cope W. Goodwin Asst. Prof, of History Newton Gingrich Asst, Prof. History Roderick Conrad Asst. Prof, of History David Selber Asst. Prof, of Geography 235 Betty Jane Youngblood Asst. Prof. Political Science Ines Hoster Instructor in Sociology Lynn Holmes Asst. Prof, of Histc Charles Scudder Asst. Prof, of Political Scienc Floyd Hoskins Asst. Prof, of tHistory 236 Business and Economic Studies Stephen Busby Asst. Prof, of Bus. Adm. Stephen T. Barnett Asst. Prof. Bus. Adm. Richard Guynn Asst. Prof, of Economics Lincoln De Villier Assoc. Prof, of Bus. Adr The Division of Business and Economic Studies seeks to provide academic programs and exposure to business sit- uations which will enable the student to acquire a broad general and liberal education, to acquire a sound back- ground in basic business courses, to gain some technical competence In the operational and managerial functions of business, and to develop an under- standing of the responsibilities that business has to society. Dr. J. Mark Miller Willie Lanltford Asst. Prof, of Economics 237 Roberf Weir Prof, of Economics I. Lloyd Blackwell Asst, Prof, of Economics Peter Pih Assoc. Prof, of Bus. Adm. Juani+a Mclnnis Prof, of Bus. Adm. 238 James Over+on Asst. Prof, of Bus. Adr John Scott Prof, of Bus. Adm. Naomi Satterfield Asst. Prof. Bus. Adr Carole E. Scott Asst. Prof. Bus. Adr William Royals Prof, of Bus. Adr Robert Stone Asst. Prot. Bus. Adm. Warren Walker As st. Prof. Bus. Adm. 239 240 Graduates The Division of Graduate Studies is authorized to offer the Master of Arts degree, the Master of Business Administra- tion degree, the Master of Education degree, the Master of Science degree, and the Specialist In Education degree. The purposes of the graduate progrann are to provide well-quali- fied students with the opportunity to obtain a graduate de- gree, to provide members of the teaching profession with the opportunity to enhance their competencies and knowl- edge in areas associated with the profession, to equip supe- rior graduate students for study research at the doctoral level, and to provide college graduates who do not desire a graduate degree the opportunity to enhance their knowl- edge and skills. r. i r i i •■ • Dr. L Doyle Ma+his Don Anderson Jannes R. Barnett Linda J. Berg Robert Clifford Berg Tommy Bolin Frankie Brewer George W. Edwards Frances V. Ferguson Sammy R. Fields Susan Freeman Jerry Graham Daniel H. Grant 242 Patricia Hampton Joan J. Hill Steve Jennings Nancy P. McDuff Rosemary McHenry Herbert W. McMichael Dianne Moore Bonnie Reynolds Henry C. Shaddix, Jr. Robert Owen Shephard, Jr. Marie Swinson Doug Turnipseed •■ u Ruth M. Veal Lisa Wood 243 Senior Class Officers Pres. — John Riordan V-pres. — Emme+t Garmony Sec-Treas. — Jane Reeves 244 M ' M i David R. Abercromble Terry V. Abney Joy Adams Weylene Adams Richard E. Allen, Jr. Brends Ashworth Jon Michael A+chley 245 Debbie Atkins Kathy Babb Richard Baccus David Bader+scher James C. Bailey, Jr. Barbara Baker Jo Ann Ballew Walter Perry Banks Linda Barron Slenn Bartlett Joe S. Barton Ron L. Bass Dennis F. Bates Jack Beann Michael Beam Beverly Beck David A. Bell Alvin Wayne Benefield Deanna Bennett Michael Benson 246 James H. Berry Charlie Biggs Frank McNeel Bird Ka+hy Biron Judy Black Dennis Gene Blankenship Linda Barnet+e Blankenship Lynne Bohac Lynn Bolden Bronia H. Bolinger Richard Bracknell Barbara Brager .A Jerry Brager Harry F. Bridges Dan L. Brokaw Catherine Brooks 247 Danny Brown Therol R. Brown Rebecca L. Buchanan Larry E. Burch Angela Burdette Lee B. Burde+t Van H. Burgin III Barbara Burns Leon Butterworth William Floyd Bynum Gayle Callahan Sharon Carlisle Lauren D. Carrol Barbara J. Carver Leslie D. Caion Joanne Chaffin Sandra H. Chamlee Tommy Cobb Al Cofer Darlene Cole 248 " ■t a " i»« ei jmK:4 fji kisi3t ' i jLi ' ii ■ Howell Cone Gail Conlee Vele+a Conner Ronnie Cook Steve Cooper Danny R. Cox Marsha Cox Paula Craig Larry W. Cranford Kay Crawford Randall S. Crawford Eddy Crumbley Craig Culpepper Michael F. Curl Joanne Davaney Guy Davenport Joy Wyntonia Denney Thomas W. Diamond 249 Marilyn Dickey Carolyn W. Dickson Janet+e Dlllard Carol D. Dowling Harold W. Drennon L J " ' ■v - Patricia Kay Drennon Al Dunn David L. Dunn Derry T. Dunn Linda S. Dyer Joel I. Edge Becky Edwards Lane Edwards Terry Lane Edwards Judy Eichenberger Terri Ellis Harriet E. Emanuel Joyce S. Estep Thomas R. Estes Carolyn Evans m 250 Morris M. Evans Tommy W. Farr Frank S. Fenn Tommy Ferrell Dennis Fifield Jack Flanders David Ford David Fowler Marylin Frady Ed Gambrell Linda M. Gasaway Barbara Gordon Chris Franklin George W. Gantt, Jr Herff N. Gaiaway Barry Gordy Chris Fulmer Emmet+ L. Garmany, Jr. David C. Gilleland Robert Griffin 251 Saman+ha Anne Grogan Sandra Guffey Ches Gwinn Donna Hall Lynn Hall Denson B. Hamby Don Hamilton Becky Hammock Beth Haney Larry C. Hanson Irita Hardegree John Harris Lin Harris Louis Harris Dan Hatcher Leiand K. Hawks, Jr. Paul E. Hawks Jimmy Haynes |r i 252 Mary Jane Head Cynthia Henry Tom Hill Sue Hilley Michael Hi+chcocit Michael Hoffer Daniel Thomas Hooks Carol Hop+on John Hor+on Rus+y R. Hor+on Sue Huber Elaine Huddles+on Susan Huddles+on Diane Hudson Joyce Hudson Larry Hudson Garland Huff Rick Hughes Robert Humphries Jo Anne Hunt 253 Pa+ Johnson Ronnie Johnson Emmie Johnston Marvin F. Jones, Jr. Robert G. Jones III Henry Stanley Kazmierski, Jr. Wade F. Keller, Jr. Donald Owen Kelley Ronald D. Kelley Deborah Ketchum Laverne Kilgore Margaret Hughes King Marilyn J. King Alan D. Kolwaite Jim B. Lane Gary Jackson Jean Jacob Charles T. Johnson Janice Johnson 254 es Wayne E. Lankford Dwain H. Lee Duane Lester Samuel S. Lewis JimiTiy Little Margaret Little Linda Long Wayne J. Long, Jr. Randy Lett lorn Lumpkin Gil Maddox Ric Maher John H. Mann James M. Markham Susie Martin Stanley McCain Bert McDade Terrell D. McElh eney David McGInnis Judy Ann McGInnis 255 James A. McGuffey Fulton McKenzie III Penny McMIchen William R. Meigs Pamela Mercer Elizabeth Merrlft Donnie Miller Iris Miller Charles David Mixon Jerome T. Mock Jenny Moore Marcia Moore 256 Mary Ann Morris Bernie Morrison Rodney Morrison Lynn Moser Constance Mueller Walter Elliott Muther Robert Lawson Myatt George H. Myers Susan Nalley Ronnie Neal JImnny M. Needham Susanne Svegaard Nielsen Windy Norred Karen Orr Frank Osburn Melinda Overton Diane Owenby Patricia Evelyn Pafford Deborah Parker Lamar B. Parker, Jr. s David Parr Linda Parrish Bill Pate Becky Patrick 257 Wes Patton Charles Pendley John Penny Creigh+on I. Perry, Jr. Mary Lou Perry William C. Perry Charla Pickle George Pope, Jr. Julie Power Dean Price Martin J. Pruner Lynn Purdom Steve M. Quick P. Marlene Ratledge Hazel H. Ratliff Richard G. Read, Jr. Frankie Reagin William Ralph Reed, Jr. Nancy Riccardi Patti Ridley 258 i Jtt Ersltlne Rivers Latain Roberts Steve Roberts Sharon Delores Roebuck V Mickey Rogers Irish Rogers John Rohde Raymond C. Rollins Aaron W. Roquemore Anne Roquemore Richard G. Ross Jere E. Rosser John R. Rousselle Sheila Ann Salisbury Richard Sapp Robert T. Schloemer Hank Segars Diane Sharps 259 Howard Shealy, Jr. Stephen L. Shelton Eric S. Sherman Kay Shoemaker Joann Skinner Cherry A. Smith Larry Smith Paula Smith Sheila B. Smith Richard C. Spahos Linda Sprayberry Steve Sprayberry David L. Stacy Mark D. Stamps Bonnie Stephens Stan Stephens L. Gregory Stewart Carol Stovall Abrenda Stover Joyce Streetman k rmknk 260 ! Steve Strickland Lynn Strong Bob Sullivan Kay Swanson Joseph Szabo Jim Talerico Ben A. Tallnnan Frank Tanner June M. Taylor R. Harold Taylor Dan Thomason Jimmy Thomason Belinda Thompson SherrI Thompson Robert C. Tiffin Sarah Todd Galen Tritt Delaine Turner Kenny Turner Linda Vaughn Roy Vreeland Jeannie Wade Lloyd Wages Jeannine Walker Marilyn Walker Mary P. Walker Teresa K. Wallace Deena L. Wallis Sylvia D. Walston Andy Pharr Ward Susan L. Waters Larry Wa+kins James W. Wat+s, Jr. Waymond N. Watts Glenn Wear Myra Sue Westmoreland Mary Chunn Whatley Sherri Whiddon Cathy White Deborah Whitehead IP ' - V b k Gail Whi+locit N. Susan Wiggins Beth Williams Mary S. Willianns Margie Wills Carole Ann Wilson Faye Wilson Michael Winston Robert Wofford Greg Wojcilt Larry C. Wood Dwain E. Word Wayne E. Workmaster Mary O. Wright Laura Young 263 Underclassmen Junior Class Officers Jim Byrd — Secretary-Treasurer Jimmy Drake — Vice President Robby Boulis — President ■ Sophomore Class Officers Claude Dixon III — President Sarah Thomas — Secretary- Treasurer Ginny Blake — Vice President Freshman Class Officers Sue Tanksley — Secretary-Treasurer Tom Cyphers — Vice President Ronnie Bailey — President 264 Carolyn Abadie David Abbott Linda Abercrombie Brian Abernathy Rana Abernathy Jane Abney Allen Acree Chris Adair Thomas R. Adair Connie Adams Dale Adams Dexter Adams Doug Adams Jane Adams Jannie Adams Melba Adams Patsy Adams S. Lynette Adams Sylvia Adamson David Adcock % 265 Liz Ahern Donald S. Ahrens Mickey Ahrens Letta Akers Tommy Akers Scott Akm Lamar N. Akms Kay Albright Mike Albright Woody Alderman Linda Aldredge Vickie Alewine Fred Alexander Mike Alexander Dana S. Allen Donna Allen James R. Allen Jan Allen Jenny Allen Jim Allen Louis A. Allen Robbie Allen Thomas R. Allen Debra Allgood Sherry Ann Allgood Chuck Allison Brenda Lea Allums Ann Amis hHarvey Amis Gary Amrhein Andrea Anderson V - 266 Ann Anderson Cal Anderson Donna Anderson Fletcher Anderson Tisha Anderson Sharon Andrews Susan Archer Janice Arnold Debbie Atkins Lynn Austin Thie Autrey Gene H. Autry Con Aycock Roy Ayers Terry C. Ayers Charles A. Azar Ann Baccus Marilyn Badertscher Mike Bailey Randall Bailey Donna Bain Nancv Baird V. Gav Bankston M a ry 3. Barbee Jimmy Barham Carol 5arnes Gloria Barnes Pamela A. Barn we Lew S. Barrow Kay Bartlett 267 Serge Bernstein hHuqh Berrier Chris Berry Nancy Bethea Susan Bewling Carol Biggs Raymond E. Bilbc Jeff Binion Debbl Birchfield hlarnet Black Rodney Blalock Denlse Blanklnship Jane Barton Debbie Bates Patsy Baugh Richard M. Baxte Donna Beall Rick Beard Deborah Beatenbo Lewis Beavers Ronny E. Beck Nancy Beckemeyer Betsy Beech Lawrence Lamar Be Susan Clara Craig Ann Bell Lynn Bennett S. Benson Lavonne Kathleen Nell Bern Bentley Benton hard 268 1 M f ' yT y H Marlene Blanltenship Dan Blanton Debbie Blanton Rita Blaylock Audrey Bledsoe Lee Blevins Debby Boatright Jan Boatright Diane Boatwrlght John Bodiford Lynn Boggs Sheila Bohanan Chris Bojo Steve Boland John hiarrison Boli hiarold Boling Cynthia Bomar Frank Booth Lynn Boswell Diane Bowden Pamela Bowen Janie E. Bowen Mark Bowman Ricky Bowman Stephen Bowman Twinkie Bovd Siisar Bo ko John Boyle Beth Brackett Janet Bradle 269 Judy Bradley Debra Brand Bill Brannon Dawn Brantley Morris Braswell Brenda Braunbeck Mike Brawner tSarry tiray Smiff Brazzeal Ann Breeden Susan Bremer Buck Brinson Douglas Briscoe Eddie Dominique Britt Randy Brittain Gail Bnzendine Hiram Brock Anne Brogdon Sherry Brook Jack L. Brooker, Jr. Patti Jean Brooks Gary Broster Gerrie Brown Jan Brown Jimmy H. Brown Mike Brown Nanci Brown Ronnie Brown Shirlene Brown Wanda D. Brown Antoinette Brownlee Bob Bruemmer Elaine Brunson Keith Bryant 270 » ' it r - ' . William F. Bryant Debbie Buchanan Steve Buchanan Wanda Buchheit Ken Buffington Debbie Buford David Bullard Martha Bullard Gail Bullock Debo Burchette Deborah E. Burdette Donnie E. Burgess riiiiii Mary P. Burgin Anita Burk Debbie Burke Danny Burnette Mark Burns Stanley Burrage Barbara Burt Bill Butler Elizabeth Butler Mike Butts Donna Byram Teresa Byram VIcki Byrd Terrie Cagle Charles R. Caldwell Jan Caldwell Merlin Caldwell Mike Caldwell 271 Sharon Caldwell Corky Callaway Pam Calloway Alvin Camp Bob H. Camp Joey Camp John P. Camp Reda Camp Ricky Camp Arthur D. Campbel Christine Campbell Jeff Campbell 272 James David Cantre Josh Cantre Sara Ann Cantre Jackie Cantrelle Claudia Carglle Anita Carlson Loretta Carmichael Walter Carmichael Larinda Carnes Donnie Carro Lynn Carruth Pam Carson Cathy Carter Darlene Carter Glenda P. Carter Kaye Carter Marsha Carter Rebecca Carter Sylvia Carter Mary Donna C Marcie Cate Karan B. Cathey Jacquelin Cavender Margaret Chafin Margie Chambers Sue Chambless Vicki Chambless Michael Chambley Mike Chapman Rita Charles Skip Charlton Allan O. Chastain Sandra Faye Cha+man Connie Cheatham Kathy Cheek Lauree Cheek Jeannie Cheney Ray Cheponis Rosa Maria Chevremont Martha Ruth Chew Pam Chewning Wayne Chewning Melodie Child Kay Childress Bo Childs Janet Christian Nancy Christian Butch Clark Das id Clark Donald Clark Vicky Clark Debbie A. Clarke Richard Clarke Debbie Clay Don Clements 273 Ann Cleveland Regina Cochran Theresa Cochran Cindy Cody Carol Coker Mary A. Coker Mike Cole Susan Cole Philip Coley Marsha Collier Artie Collins Mack Collins Susie Colombo Mary Conley Ronnie Conner Al Cook Carol Cook Charles A. Cook Jackie Cook Randy Cook Stanley Cook Tommy Cook ll Alice Copeland «nM WB Tyron Copeland ♦JTr Wayne Copeland T . Lann Cordle w mt Tony Cordell |C inHfan Sherry Corn yiHi HBBhEI SHHHH 274 Carl L. Cornelius Charlie Cornell Susie Corrington Joyc e Cosby Rebecca Wade Costner Cathy Couch Mike Couch Linda Cowart Bill Cown Milton Charles Cox Robert Cox Lucy Craft Mike Craig Dee Starr Crain Candy Crawford Vickl Cromartie Martha Ann Cronic Joanne Crosby Andy N. Crossfleld Martha S. Crouthers Vicki Crowder Leah Crunkleton Maggie Culberson Carole Culbreth Allen Culpepper Susan Culpepper Tim Cummings Karen Curtis Tom Cyphers Rand Dabbs 275 Harold W. Dally Billy Daniel Pattl Darnell Gulll Davenport Barbara Davis Debbie Davis Greg Davis Jan Davis Jan Davis Lindsay Davis Marlene Davis Mary Davis oM Rodney Davis Suzie Davis William Robert Davis John Steven Dean Patrick H. DeBord Janet Dees Larry Deese Jorge Enrique DeFord Jan DeUe Anne Denney Debbie Dennis Melinda Dennis Nancy Dewberry Linda Deyton John W. DeSimone Rhonda Dickens Kathy Dickson Michael Dixon 276 Marl Eaton Randall F. Eaves Judith D. Eblen Joe Edens Laura Edgerton BetsN Edmondson Marsha Dobbs Walter P. Dodd. Jr. Al Donahue Marianna Donald Tom Donls Julian Dooley Lynn Dooley Dennie Doucher Tim Doxey Jimi Drennon Bonnie Drew Debbie Dubransky David R. Dukes Lance O brion Duncan Felton Dunn Janice Elaine Durden Nancy Duren Cheri Durham Barbara A. Dutton Gloria R. Dutton Mary Dykes Gary Eady Roy Dean Earnest Eddie Easterwood 277 Julie Edmonson Pat Edmund Denise Edwards Mi+zi Edwards Curtis Eidson Elizabeth Eidson Geni Eidson Martha Ann Eidson Mary Eidson Sheila Eidson Debbie Elder Dan C. Elkins thy Ell Dexter Ellerbee Bonner Timothy Sammy Ellison Larry Eng Ben England Di. Enns jiiiiii Patricia Estes Stan Estes Joy Ethridge Beverly Evans Sara Evans Sue Evans Jeannine Ewlng Barbard J. Fadden Barbara Faires Deborah Faith Robin Earner Anna Faulkner Raymond E. Fauscett Sandy Feagler David Feltman Pat Fendley Annelle Ferguson Lulu Ferguson 278 k Gina Fetzer Marvin Fields Larry Eugene Finch John Findley Denise Fish Linda Floyd Sue Foley Steve Ford Deborah Forrester Jeana Fortenberry Paula Christine Foster Marcia Fountain Lesley Fowler David W. Fox Deborah Franklin Rick Fraser Richard Frann Dale Freeman Louise Freeman Stan F ' -eer an Robert Fres Dott -e Friddle Tony Prix Jane Frostrom Pat Fulgham Karen Fuller 279 Steve Fuller Amy Fulmer Jan Gadd Joyce Galloway Judy Gait James Gamble Martha Gamble Jan Gardner Allan Garland Betsy B. Germany Charlotte Garmon Travis Garmon Susan Garner Gail Gentle Jacquelyn Gentry Lyie Gentry Andrea Gernazlan Ricky D. Geter Jag Gholson hHugh Barry Gibbs Martha Gibson Wanda Gibson Dianne Gilder Phyllis Giles Richard Gillespie Kathy Joy Gilley Martha J. Gillham Larry P. Gilliland Kathy Ginn Kathy Gipson _ " T il ' .L , i.:-2Z. ' . -- 280 Teresa Gladder Jan Gladne I Gl, imanuel tolanron Debbls Glasgow Beverly Goddard Tony Godfrey Carol Goode Steve Goode W.A.Goodrich III Jean Gordon Judy Gordon Robert Gordon Bob Granath Becky Grant Connie V. Grant Susan Grant Danny Gravitt Janet Gray Jerri Gray Roger Gray R. S+e e 3 Steve Gra Danny Green Emma Lou Green Karen G ' een Doroth Greene Nanc G ' -eer ci-i, e vcT ' eeso- Julia G ' " eesor Alan B. Gregg Hugh Gregory Nanc G-es ' ar Jim,m G " " " " Susan G ' -- --S 281 Dedra A. Griggers Ca+hy Grimes Ronnie Grimes Alice Grist Mike Grizzard Julia Grohoski Bill Groover Michael Guilfoyle David Gulllebeau Joe Gunn Pat+e Gunsten Meg Guy Joe Hale Wayne A. Hale Debby Hall Jesse Thomasson Hal Paul Hall Phyllis A. Hall Sylvia L. Hall Rebecca Hallman Faith Ham Jennifer Hambright Carol Hamilton Jane Hamilton Joe Hamilton Peggy Hamling Karen Hammett Larry Wayne Hammond Mike Hancock Charlene Haney 282 Barbara Jeanne Hanson Sylvia Hanson Tom Hanson Carol Janice Harden Jana Hardin Bill Hardman Dianne Hardy Sammy Harkness Ka+hy Jean Harn-ian Marsha Kay Harper Brenda Harris Carol L. Harris David W. Harris Joe Harris Linda Harris Ronnie Harris Terry Harris Margaret Harrcd Carol Harvill Jennie Harvill Thomas Ha+tawav Jane Hatton Sue Hayes Jack Havnes Laurine HaNnes Regina Haynes Blanche Dwan Healy Hank H. Heard 283 Edward Heatherington Jackie Heflin Deborah Lea Heidle Alan L. Henderson Deborah Henderson John Henderson Judy Henderson Pattie Henderson Wayne Henderson Lynne Hendon Jerry Hendrix Mark B. Hendrix Pam Henley Jane Henslee Chris Henson John M. Henson III Mane Herbert Nancy Hereth Olivia Hester Paul D. Hibbets Jeff Hicks Mary Helen Hicks Nancy Higgins Kathy Hightower Anna Hill Chuck Hill J.Jackson Hill III Linda Hilton Robert L. Hines Theresa Hines 284 John L. Hinton Bop Hobel Debbie Hodges Margot Hoelzer Gay Holbrook Fran Holcomb Linda Holcomb Noel Holcomb Sharon Holcombe Rosemary Holder Debbie Holder Teresa Holladay Garry Holllday Robert Holllngsworth Paula Hoist Dennis M. Holt Bob Hopkins Janice Horney Cindy Horton Mark Houck Jimmy Ho anec Juanita Hove Gary Howard Conner Howard Gloria Howard Rush A. Howard Wallace Harris Hc-sard Don Howell Nora Be h Huckabs Debbie Hudsor Vlckle Hues Jim Hutf Mike Hutt Jimm E. H a ' " es 285 Joyce Hughes Lisa Hughes Gary Hughey Carol Hughey Georgia Anne Huie Pam Hulsey Phil Hulsey Jane Hunter Nancy Hutcherson Jimmy Hutchins Stanley Hutchings Bob Ingle Jill Irvin John S. Ivey Carol Jackson Debbie Jackson Elaine C. Jackson James H. Jackson Jenni Jackson John C. Jackson Kathy Jackson Mike Jackson Nancy Jackson Patti Jackson Walter L. Jackson Barbara James Barry H. James Caria Marie James Larry Jarrett Wanda Jarrett J. Wayne Jenkins ( 286 Keith Edward Jenkins Michael Jenkins Pam Jenkins Danny W. Jett Suzanne Jetton Arvid Johnson Buster Johnson Dale Johnson David Johnson Ernest Johnson Jennifer Johnson John W. Johnson Loujean Johnson Martin Johnson Michael P. Johnson Nancy C. Johnson Nancy E. Johnson Pat Johnson Ralph Johnson Randall Johnson Stan Johnson Susan K. Johnson Tommy L. Johnson Brenda Johnston S,- - Jerry J. Johnston Shaw Johnston Judith A. Jola Susan Jolly Bobby Jones Elizabeth Jones Ellen Jones Henry Michael Jones Lynda Jones Lynn Jones Richard Jones Sandra R. Jones 287 Dwain Kilgore Rebecca Kilgore Anne Kimbell Hugh T. King Karen King Michelle King Peggy King Jo Ann Kinzalov Ronald Kirby Gail Kitchens Sarah Knighten Janice Knowles Sara Jones Tom Jones Jill Jordan Larry Kagelmacher Kerry J. Kay Bobby Kaylor Betty J. Kays Opal Kee Nathaniel Keel Darrell S. Keith Carolyn Kelley Elizabeth Kelly Karen Kendrick Louis L. Kennedy Eula S. Key Bob Kidd Diane Kidd Roland A. Kidd 288 Kathy Knox Patsy Kramer Ken Kribbs Johnny Krickel Margaret LaBoon Martha J. Laird Debra Lake Stephanie Land Susan Land W. Davis Landrum Denise Lane Evelyn Lane David M. Langley Reed Langley Linda Langston Elaine Lankford Larry Lanning Celeste Lavender Larry Lawrence Sandra L. Lawrence Vivian Laws Jane E. Lay Barb Layburn Marv Ann Leathers Cands Lee Frank Lee Ginaer L n Lee L nn Lee Sue Lee Da id Lem!ng 289 Marcla Lester Randaiyn LeVert Mitchell Levy Sharon Lewis Bill Lindsey Lesley Ling Elaine Lingerfelt Susan Lipford Pat Lipham Linda Lister Nathan Little Susan M. Little Cathy L. Littlepage Frank G. Lloyd Deborah Long Donna Long Ava Lovins Sherry Lovvorn Sue Lowry Janice Luke W illiam C. Lumpkin, Jr. Gail Lunceford Barry Lunsford David R. Lyie Sandy LyIe Jennifer Lynch David M. Mackay Lonnie W. Maddox Rosemary Maddox Thomas L. Maddox Vicki B. Maddox Vince Makar Marlene Mallov ay Margaret Maner 290 Ray M. Maner Ledale Mangham James C. Mann, Jr. Patricia J. Mann Deborah Manning Phil Mansell Marilyn Marsh Charles Martin Charlotte Martin Jack Martin Rebecca Martin Virginia Anne Matheny ii 4 Chihiro Matsura Bill Maxwell Deborah Mayfield Leonard Mayfield Steve Mayo Dee Mayson J. L. McAlpin James McArthur Mike McBrayer Rebecca McBrayer Renee McBrayer Lebron McBride Frances McClendon John McClendon Deborah McClung Charlotte A. McCord Patrick B. McCord Mar A. McCoy 291 Connie L. McCrary Ann McCullough Nancy McDanlell Angela McDannel Mary Smiley McDavid Deborah McDougald Ben McElreath Meredith McEver Cynthia Jean McGrav Don R. McGukin Pam Mclntyre David McKamey V. Jan McLendon Patricia McMahan P. W. McPeake Margaret McSwain Mark R. McQueen Mary Jane McWhorter Sheila Meeks Marilyn Meredith Teri Milam Tracy Miles Carolyn D. Miller Connie Miller Doug Miller Michael Miller Randall C. Miller Liz Mllner i fj -. Jl 292 ' ...idte ' ' m Joan Miltlades Teresa Minge Stephen D. Minor Michael Patton Mitcham Debbie Mitchell Tommy Mixon Dale Mize Kathy Mohr Chuck Moody Irene Moody William R. Moody, Jr. Beth Moon Denny Mooradian Beth Moore Jane Moore Keith Moore Lynn Moore Ronald L. Moore Stoney C. Moore Vance G. Moore Tommy Moran Joan Morgan Boyd Morley Susan Morone Bob Morris Cheryl Morris Judy Morrison Denise Moseley Beverly A. Mosley Bob Moss 293 fiu Kappy Mote Debbie Motter Jennifer Mount Peggy Mozley Susan E. Mozley Brent R. Muedder Jerry Dean Mulkey Lillian Mull Donna Muller Al Mullins Jane Murdock Mike D. Murphy Rogenia Murphy Wayne L. Murphy Johnny W. Muse Phyllis Muse Ellen Myers Nancy Myers Teresa Nagy Skip Nalley Janet Nash Jimmy Neal Lucinda B. Neal Susan Neely Sharon Neighbors Wm. Keith NeSmith Robert Nethery Caroline New Charles S. Newman Melisa Newman Thomas Newman Melvin J. Nicholson Dale A. Nix Donald Nix Charlotte Nixon Krista K. Noland 294 Glenda Norred Sallie Northcutt Anthony Norton Eddie Norton Gail Oliver Shirley Oliver Edward H. O ' Neal Patrick L. O ' Neal Peggy O ' Neal John O ' Neill Kitty O Nelll Peggy Orr Glenda Ouzts Susan Owen Deborah 0 sens Dimitrlus Ovsens Terry Owens Evelyn Ow-ensby Wilma Oiment Frederick Hcse Pace Michele S. Paladino Beverly Parham Jane Parham Larry Parham Henry Paris Elaine Parker Ra ' ds Parker C ' at-oia Parrish Sa-j ' -a Parrish Annette Parson Phil Partridge 295 Donna Pass J. Danny Pate Sammy Pate David Patterson Nancy Sue Patterson Carol Paul I ' Alice F. Payne Buzz Payne Maria Payne Mary Elizabeth Pearman Merle S. Pearman Ken Peckham Melinda Peffer Paul Penland Jillyn Perkins Lee C. Perkins Mark Perry Steve Perry Lynne Peters Tommy Peters Boyd Pettit Kathy Petty Chris Phelps Elaine Phillips Janet Phillips Jackie Phillips Mike Phillips Jimmy Philpot Debbie Philyaw Walt Pierce 296 ' ■ N ' tf - ' John F. Pilcher Vickie M. Pippin Sandy Pittard Sebastian M. Planas Lois Pogue Lisa Pope 0S% Marcla Pope Tommy Pope Diana Porterfield Barbara Posey Raymond L. Poteat Jackie Potts Debbie Pouncey William M. Powell Gloria Pressley Barry R. Price Elizabeth Price Rosalind Prmce Cathy Pruitt Sheila Pruitt K. Scott Puckett Ivelyn Puett Johnny Purcell Danny E. Puryear Teresa Quails Sally Quinn Sinqer Rainer Ka hx Ra ' -es Tommy Rainwater Charlene Rakes ' a v 297 Ronald Ralston Gene Ramey Jane Ramey Nan Randall Debbie Randolph Robbie Rape Charles Wayne Raper Regina Ray Pat Read Sandy Readllng Connie Reagan Mike Reagan Susan Reed Anthony Wayne Reeves Carolyn E. Reeves Deborah Kathi Reeves Gail Reeves Jami Jo Reeves Perry Reid Nancy Reilhan Theresa Remillard Jack T. Reynolds Debbie Rheindt Sally Rice Ted Richardson Cindy Richie Louise M. Rigg Constance Merinda Riggins Gail Robbins Nancy W. Roberson Chuck Roberts Randy Roberts Janice Robertson David T. Robinson 298 Richard Robinson Susan Robinson Marsha Rodbell Kenny Roddenberry Alan Rogers Audrey Rogers Jean Rogers Judy Rogers Nolan Bruce Rogers Rodney E. Roland Barry L. Rooks Carol Rooks Rhonda Rooks Michael V. Rooney Marjorie Rocs Wendy Rosenbalm Deborah Ross Sharon Ross Alison Rowe Daniel Rowe Laura Royston Rhonda Rush Carol Russell Debbie Russell Thomas Russell Gail Ryckelev Mar lee S3lle Mike Samples Melvin Samuels Billy S. Sanders 299 Bobby Sanders Joel Sanders Tommy Sanders Yvonne Sanders Peggy Sanford Tommy Sapp Suzy Sappenfield Jenna Sargent Louann Sauceman Jimmy Sauls Kathy Scanlon Jack E. Schiveree Susan Schollenberger Gary Scott Karen Scott Leigh Scott Stan T, Seals Hilda Seay Gary Self Sue Self Daryl Sellers Soapy Sessions Mike Settles Melissa Sewell Wylene D. Schackleford Lee Shanks Betty Gail Shaw Dianne Sheffield Jessica Sheffield John Sheffield i 300 : vv Ann Schelfer James Joseph Sfiepard Jr. Michael G. Sherrer Libby Schirley Nelson Shiver Betty Shook Debbie Short- Patsy Short Debbie Shumake Ginger Siddali Kathleen Gail Sikes Carolyn Sills Eric P. Simpson Charles Sims Debby Sims Douglas W. Sims James Skeham Randy Slater Judy Slayton Steve Sligar Debora Ann Smith Glen Smith Jane Smith Jill Smith Judy Deborah S Kathy Smith Laura Smith Linda Smith Margaret L. Smith NancN C. Smith th 301 Ronald Smith Samee Smith Sandra Smith Sandra G. Smith Shelley Smith Steve Smith Susan Smith Smith Tom " Slick Tom Smith Jeannie Snell Michael Sollar Samuel Sprewel June Spruill Deborah Stacks Jeff Stafford Sharon Stafford Daniel L. Stallings Thea Stallings Linda Stallworth Cindy Stanford Wayne Stanford 302 Bonnie Stanley John Stanley Bonnie Starr Dianne Starr Janie Stegall Carol Stephens Jan Stephens Alan G. Stewart Beverly Stewart Carol Stewart I _: Jane Stev art Madeline Stev art Bill Still Catherine Stillv ell Joeann Stinson Charles Stitcher N. Lester Stokes Diane Stone Connie Stout Donna Street Becky Strickland Diane Strickland Sylvia Kay Strlngfellow Debbie Stump William Jay Suggs Joseph C, Sullivan Barbara Ann Summerour Rick Swanson Tim Sweatman Nina Swinson Sharon L. Swope Pat Tally Sue Tanksley Tim Tanner " nt-. @ i v t ' ' s Robbie Tapp Jan Tarpley Mary Tartaglia Richard Tartaglia Debra Taunton Jerry Taylor Billy J. Terry Linda Theune Blanche Thor as Carol Thomas Debb ' e T c as 303 Judy Thomas Beth Thompson Pam Thompson Sally Thompson Sherry D. Thompson Susan Thompson Tommy Thompson Ann Thornton Mary Lou Thornton Tina Thurman Mildred L. Thurman Ronnie Thurmond Karen Tidwell Kathy Tidwell Vycki Tigner Diane Timmerman Jerry Tingle James M. Tippins Kiwp Tolbert William P. Tonkin Candy Toole Douglas B. Torbush Randall Eugene Touchstone Dan Townsend Paige Townsend Vic Troncalli Denise Turner hiarold Turner Marilyn Tyson Debbie Upshaw 304 Roy Vanderslice Phyllis Ann Van Horn Randy Vansant D. Allen Vaughn Karen L. Vaughan Betsy Vernon Nancy L. Vernon Sandy Vess Carlton Vines Cindy Waddell Kathy Wages Rick Waites Dick Waldrep James M. Walo ' ec Pat V ' aldrop Sherry Waldroup Brent ' Walker Lona Walker Marcia Lee Walker Ginger Walls Michele ' V aiders Bill Walton Carol Walton Becky Warren Chip Warren Teresa W ' arren Victor Joe Warren Alan R. Watts 305 Jerry W. Weatherby James L. Weathers, Jr. Cindy Weaver Dianne Weaver Janet L. Webb Janet Webb Susan Webb Wanda M. Webb Antha West Cheryl West Peggy West Philip West Calvin Westmoreland Johnny L. Whatley Karen Wheeler Kim Wheeler Richard H. Wheeler Jan Whelchel hlorace Whitaker Anne White Larry S. White Mike L. Whitehead Gerry B. Whlteman Denny Whitesel Mike Whiteside Martha Lynn Whitmire Sandy Wilbanks Barbara Wllhlte Cathy Wilkinson Belinda Ann Williams Candy Williams hlope Williams 306 Kathy Williams Marcia Williams Teresa Williams Sam Williamson Betty Willis Frank J. Wilson Ghent W. Wilson Liz Wilson Ruth Wilson Kenneth Withers hHelen Wojcik Anthony Wood Becky Wood Dean Wood Dianne Wood Gwen Wood Gwendolyn C. Wood S. 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In Memoriam " This dedication is made to the memory of an individual who dreamed of a new idea and made it possible for others to enjoy the benefits of his idea. Ronald Puckett dreamed of a fraternity system at West Georgia and pursued this dream wiih such ardor that he was able to realize in his own time this dream. Ronald E. Puckett came to West Georgia College from Smyrna, Georgia in 1964. From the beginning of his college career he followed a course of giving to and doing for oth- ers. In 1964, he was elected Vice President of the Freshman Class and served on the Student Organization Council. He also was a member of the Circle K during this time. In 1967 he was elected Vice President of the Junior Class. From 1965 through 1968 he served as a member of the Student Government Association. In realization of his dream of the fraternity system, Ronald Puckett founded and served as the first President of the Cavalier Fraternity in January of 1968. In addition to the founding of the fraternity, he was co-founder of the Interfraternity Council. This dedication is made to the fond memory of Ronald Puckett by the Interfraternity Council. In this the inaugural year of national affiliation for the fraternities and sorori- ties, it seems fitting that a moment of reflection be made to the individual whose fore- sight and efforts in the beginning made this possible. This section and the brotherhood it represents is therefore, dedicated with admiration and affection to Ronald E. Puck- ett, who died in a tragic accident while serving as a Green Beret in the Army of his country. FRATERNAL O R G A N I Z A T I O N S 327 Gamma Rho Colony Becomes Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity $M Charter Members Alumnae Initiates New Initiates K. Cannon M. Crouthers J. Eichenburger D.Gri L. Haney S. Johnson PHI KAPPA COLONY OF CHI OMEGA FRATERNITY 1971 V. Conner S. O ' Brien L. Sand. G. Eidson F. Ferguerscn C. Love A. Matheny M. Stewart K. Swanson i it i iiMitM mkiSkitMi iter K l!3?? , 71 ,€ ' » § ' F ' Mesh ©t ' orma Cf allege ' ' • " BICHARlj 5 SMO. ' J JOHBa ALTOK STEVE Sl.WoNARo " " " " OWE WOYNER OEORGE PRINCE .--. ■ OTIS A. GLAZEBROOK, FOUNDER, 1 880 TO BIND MEN together in a brotherhood based upon eternal and immutable principles, with a bond as strong as right it- self and as lasting as humanity; to know no North, no South, no East, no West, but to know man as man, to teach that true men the world over should stand together and contend for supremacy of good over evil; to teach, not politics, but mor- als; to foster, not partisanship, but the recognition of true merit wherever found; to have no narrower limits within which to work together for the elevation of man than the outlines of the world; these were the thoughts and hopes up- permost in the minds of the founders of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. • • • And This Is Why Kappa Phi Fraternity Is Now Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity! TTKE ' -fej, FOR MEN NOT FOR WEALTH, RANK OR HONOR BUT FOR PERSONAL WORTH AND CHARACTER GO TKE Jj Farm MEMBERS: Left to Right: Jim Johnson, Joe Johnson, Steve Sampler, Ricky Jones, Steve Roper, Skip Nalley, Bev McElroy, Joe White, Steve Kidd, Virgil Carter, John Dun- can, Frankie Shelly, Lee Roberts, Mike Casey, Richard Duncan, John Rumrill, Bruce Caldwell, Barry Bray, Stan hlutchings, Jack Smith, Jimmy McGuffey, Jim Kent, Ralph Bethea, Bill Lumpkin, Tommy Jordan, Jerry Carr, Wayne Whorsham, Tommy Rucker, Bob Jordan. NOT PICTURED: Jeff Hitchcock, Bill Waller, Terry Rogers, Parks Hardy, Howard Hayden, Don White, Ronnie Green. OFFICERS Bob Jordan — President Jim Kent — Vice President Richard Duncan — Treasurer Joe Johnson — Secretary SWEETHEARTS Gail Reeves Jane Reeves Tribute to a Georgian To eulogize the late Senator Russell Is a monumental task. Recorded In the Congressional Record of the 92nd Congress on Monday, January 25, 1971 , is a speech delivered by Senator hHerman E. Talmadge commemorating Senator Russell. No other man is more qualified to accept the challenge of appropriately remembering his close personal friend, advisor and confidant. Below are excerpts from Senator Talmadge ' s speech: RICHARD BREVARD RUSSELL: A GEORGIA GIANT AND GREAT AMERICAN " We mourn the passing of Richard Brevard RusselL We have lost a great leader. Dick Rus- sell was one of the most outstanding Senators ever to sit in this Chamber in all the history of our Republic. He was our friend and beloved colleague. The Senate rises today to honor his memory in a manner befitting the sterling statesmanlike character of Senator Russell, and the wisdom, courage, and dignity of this g reat man whom we all loved so dearly. President Nixon called Senator Russell " one of the most magnificent Americans of all time. " When life passed from Senator Russell, that marked the end of an era in the U.S. Senate. He was the only Senator in history to serve more than half his life — 38 years — in this body. He was truly a man of the Senate. No man more than he symbolized the greatness of the Senate as a unique American institution. The place he occupied in the U.S. Senate is now empty. There has been created a void that can never really be filled. There will never be another U.S. Senator of the stature and indeed the grandeur of Dick Russell. Senator Russell attained great heights. He earned immense respect and prestige. Over half a century, in various high positions of State and national leadership, power and authority were his constant companions. But it must be said of Dick Russell that he was a humble man, even to the point almost of being shy and retiring. He was a modest man. He could sometimes be even self-effacing. Yet, Dick Russell knew he was a Senator of considerable power and authority. But he re- garded as most important, not the mere posses- sion of power, but how it was used. He never abused authority that was accorded him. He merged the exercise of power with his innate humility. There resulted a rare blend that was worthy of the man, the office he held, and the Nation he served. He was a jealous guardian in the Senate of what he held to be right and good. He was an indispensable ally and a resourceful foe. But through it all, in all the legislative and forensic engagements on and off the floor of the Senate, Senator Russell was above all a gentleman. To fully assess the greatness of Senator Rus- sell, one need only to examine the 50 years of his life that he gave to public service. All the things that he did, all the advancements and material progress that he brought to the Nation and his beloved home State, and the national security that Americans and the free world now enjoy, stand as evidence of the greatness of Dick Russell. Such was his public record, power and pres- tige, that President Harry Truman wrote in his memoirs: If Russell had been from Indiana, or Missouri or Kentucky he may very well have been the President of the United States. He had the abil- ity, integrity, and honesty. Richard Brevard Russell, Jr., who went on to walk with Presidents and sit on the highest and most important councils of the U.S. Govern- ment, was born — the fourth of 15 children — before the turn of the century, in 1897. When he was in the fourth grade, young Richard Rus- sell likened himself to a star for a composition assignment. He wrote in his book: I cannot do much to make the dark world bright. My silver beams cannot pierce far into the gleam of night. Yet I am part of God ' s plan, and I will do the best I can. When he was pained by what he regarded as legalistic, unjustified tampering with the spirit and letter of the Constitution, regardless of whether it came from the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of our Government, Sena- tor Russell never hesitated to let it be known far and wide. This was to his everlasting credit. Before com- ing to Washington in 1933 as a young, new Sen- ator, he memorized the U.S. Constitution. He took a solemn oath every 6 years since that time to uphold that Constitution. And that was what he did to the very best of his ability until his last breath. The freedom of all Americans, their individual liberty and privacy, are more secure today be- cause of Senator Russell. I must say in recent years we have seen encroachments on some of these freedoms and liberties. This was a great source of sorrow, and sometimes anger, to Sen- ator Russell. But it can accurately be said that whatever erosions of strict constitutional gov- ernment as have occurred came over the strong and vigorous opposition of Senator Russell. He provided brilliant and inspiring leadership for many other Senators who shared his concern for preserving the Constitution as it was written and intended by the Founding Fathers. I know of no better way to portray my feel- ings about my departed beloved friend and col- league than to recall the words of Senator Rus- sell himself in this Chamber some years ago. Senator Russell rose to rightfully express the deep sense of honor that he possessed. He told the Senate: When the time comes for me to go out of this chamber, whether I go voluntarily, whether my commission is revoked by the electorate of Georgia, or whether I am carried out in a box, I hope it will at least be possible to say of me that I was an honorable man. I do not know of anything that might be said that would better please me. I know of no other man who has ever served his State and Nation with more honor than Dick Russell. I am confident that I can speak for the Sen- ate when I say that Senator Russell was an hon- orable man. It is my prayer to the Almighty that the United States of America will always con- tinue to produce such leaders, such men of iron will and devotion to duty, as the late senior Sen- ator from Georgia. " 334 . H. jl - . " ■». . " We took a lot of pictures, We wrote a lot of copy, We had a lot of space. The hours were long. " ... I did it my way. " L--. Vv « .

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